Storybook 5:22 Sutton Ross draft
[ Men dressed in FBI uniforms, led by Sutton Ross, enter the offices of Veritable Robotics in Richmond VA. They march right past the receptionist ]
Secretary: Can I help you?
[ The men get into an elevator ]
Sutton Ross: Walter Reardon?
Reardon: Who are you?
Ross: I’m Special Agent Vernon Duquesne, FBI. You’re under arrest. [ To his men ] Take everything! Internal audits, SEC filings, corporate minutes. I want it all vouchered as evidence.
Reardon: Evidence of what?
Ross: Market manipulation in violation of U.S. Code 7 Section 13 wire fraud, money laundering. You and your lawyer have all the time in the world to read the indictment before the arraignment.
Holt Campbell: His lawyer’s right here. Holt Campbell. Veritable’s general counsel. You want to tell me what the hell is going on?
[ Ross hands him papers ]
Ross: Arrest and search warrants signed by the U.S. Duty Magistrate.
Campbell: Where’s the affidavits in support of the warrants?
Ross: Sealed.
[ The men push past with boxes ]
Campbell: Those documents contain trade secrets we’ve spent millions to acquire and protect.
[ DIALING ] Call Judge Kerr’s chambers. Get his clerk on the line. This is Holt Campbell at Veritable Robotics. Well, you should know the name. Your boss signed warrants to search our offices and arrest our CFO. Really? Well, if he didn’t sign them, why am I holding the paperwork?

[ Campbell rushes out onto a loading dock. Walter Reardon is cuffed to a pole. Bankers boxes are stacked nearby ]
Campbell: Walter?! Walter?!
Reardon: Hey, call the FBI, the real FBI.
Campbell: What happened?
Reardon: Nothing. Whoever they were, they left everything behind. I want to know why.

[ The hospital where Samar is being treated. She is unconscious, hooked up to a ventilator ]
Nurse: What are you doing?
Aram: She’s shivering.
Nurse: She’s supposed to be cold. โ€ฆ She is suffering from cerebral ischemia. Cooling her protects her brain while she heals.
Aram: Right. By decreasing the brain’s demand for oxygen, you reduce neurotransmitter production like glutamate. โ€ฆ
Nurse: I’m just following protocol. Are you her husband? โ€ฆ
Aram: I’m her fiancรฉ. Granted, I proposed while she was unconscious.
Nurse: Do you have power of attorney?
Aram: No, butโ€“
Nurse: Then I’m gonna have to ask you to step aside. โ€ฆ

Liz: The man we’re looking for is Sutton Ross. In the ’80s, when a company or a country wanted to steal R&D rather than develop it, Ross and his team stole it for them.
Ressler: Didn’t he steal R&D on a stealth fighter for China?
Liz: A defective stealth fighter called the Grayscape Seventeen. The Navy knew Ross was working for China, so they made sure he stole plans for a plane that couldn’t fly, and when it crashed, China blamed Ross, turned him over to the feds, who issued an arrest warrant, and Ross disappeared.
Cooper: Until showing up in Costa Rica under the alias “Max Birmingham.”
Ressler: So, why would Garvey give him the bag?
Liz: Because when Ross went AWOL, Garvey was the Marshal assigned to arrest him, and instead of bringing him in, Garvey ended up protecting him.
Ressler: Yeah, but these two haven’t met in weeks. Any idea where Ross is now?
Liz: Yes. Doing business, as usual. Ross and a dozen suspects posing as FBI agents showed up to a robotics company yesterday, waving phony warrants.
Cooper: So the guy holding Reddington’s secret is stealing tech from a robotics company?
Liz: Yes and no. The police report says he stole it, and then left it all behind.
Cooper: Nobody robs a company for kicks. Get there. If we find out what he was really after, we’ll find him and the bag before Reddington.

[ BELL CHIMES ] [ Red and Dembe enter a tailor shop where a man is being fitted for a suit ]
Red: Ah, what a lovely shop. You certainly look busy as a beaver.
Lundgren: I’m with a client.
Red: Yes, and I’m terribly sorry for the intrusion, but I need a moment of your time. It’s about a customer.
Lundgren: Remind me, were we doing side tabs or traditional belt loops?
Red: Oh, go for the side tabs. They keep you honest in the midsection.
Lundgren: I’m sorry, sir, but as you can see, we are in the middle of a fitting.
Red: Yes, I understand. Oh, my gosh! You’reโ€“ [ LAUGHING ] Oh, dear. I am such a fan.
John Waters [ Playing himself ]: Why, thank you. Thank you.
Red: Your films, your writing, your artwork. I can’t believe this. โ€ฆ You probably get this all the time, but I must tell you, I absolutely adoreโ€“
Waters: “Pink Flamingos”?
Red: Well, yes, but your Christmas show. โ€ฆ I have to tell you, it was one of the most surprisingly warm, incredibly nostalgic, funny evenings in my memory.
Waters: Well, look at you. What a sweet man.
Red: [ LAUGHING ] That story about the squirrel โ€“ the one with the tiny nuts. Oh, my God.
Waters: [ CHUCKLES ] Yeah, yeah. You look awfully comfy. What kind of fabric is that?
Red: Oh. A lightweight merino. Super 120, natural stretch. I swear by it.
Waters: Marty, do you think you can do that same multi-colored puppy tooth in that collection?
Lundgren: Erm, is that British?
Red: I’ll tell you if you tell me. [ Shows a photo ] Your client, Sutton Ross โ€“ I’ve fallen out of touch with him over the years, but I do need to find him right away.

Campbell: Every document taken from Reardon’s office was returned.
Liz: That means they targeted Reardon as a way of getting into the office.
Campbell: Not just the office. โ€ฆ Three of the hard drives are missing. They contain Ravi [Desai]’s personal research on something called the Rafferty Project.
Liz: Have you spoken to Mr. Desai?
Campbell: We’ve called and left messages, but we haven’t been able to reach him. His kids are off from school, so he took vacation time. โ€ฆ
Ressler: All right, well, we’re going to need access to your backup servers.

Aram: [ On phone ] First of all, I want to thank you.
Liz: Thank us? We feel awful for imposing.
Aram: No. No, no, no. Not at all. You distracted me. Right now, that is exactly what I need โ€“ the doctors, too. It keeps me from telling them what to do.
Liz: Are you telling them what to do?
Aram: Only when I think what they’re doing is wrong, so, like, all the time. Except now. Right now, I’m thinking about Ravi Desai.
Ressler: So you’ve heard of him?
Aram: Are you kidding me? I’ve been a huge fan ever since he won the I-EEE Robotics and Automation Award as a PhD student at Brown. โ€ฆ
Ressler: So does that mean that you know what the Rafferty Project is?
Aram: Well, the backup files indicate that it’s some kind of exoskeleton, a manned robot designed to help people go into hazardous areas.
Ressler: That’s an idea that Ross could sell for a fortune on the open market.
Aram: Well, maybe, but the idea is all he’d be selling. Whoever buys these drives will not be able to build one.
Ressler: Why not?
Aram: Well, the files are all snippets of ideas and partial equations. I mean, Desai could build a robot from them, but no one else could, not without him to explain what they mean.
Ressler: Well, we need to get to Desai and lock him down before Ross grabs him.
Aram: Oh, well, that shouldn’t be hard. He’s at a matinee with his kids. โ€ฆ I follow him on Instagram, and he just posted a picture with them on his way to a show at the Kittredge Theater.

[ Outside the Kittredge Theatre ]
Ross: I want all three.
Rossโ€™s Guy: The kids, too?
Ross: Insurance, in case Mr. Desai is not in the mood to cooperate. โ€ฆ

Lundgren: I’ve never seen him before.
Red: Mr Lundgren, take a closer look. The suit he’s wearing has your label stitched into the lining of the jacket.
Lundgren: Please, Mr Ross is very powerful. If I tell you how to find him, if he knew that I told you, he would come for me.
Red: Hm. No matter how powerful you think Sutton Ross might be, if you don’t help meโ€“
Waters: Oh, my God. That’s it! You’re the guy! The one with the name. I-It’s not a palindrome or or a rhyme. It’s that lovely last name with the alliteration.
Red: [ LAUGHS ]
Waters: It’sโ€“ No, no. Don’t say it. Don’t say it out loud. It’s P- Paddington. Uh, Raddington. Or Rafael. Rayburn. Or Rufus- Rufus- Reddington.
Lundgren: You’re Raymond Reddington?
Waters: Yes! Raymond Reddington! I told you not to say it. Raymond Reddington. Wow. What a name. What a man. And people think I’m weird.
Red: [ LAUGHS ]
Lundgren: Please, all I know is where I send the invoices for my work.
Red: Well? โ€ฆ

[ Ravi Desai is at the matinee movie at the Kittredge Theater with his kids ]
[ Sutton Ross comes up to Desai ]
Ross: There’s a sniper in the balcony ready to execute your children. If you want them to live, you need to leave with me right now.
Desai: [ To his kids ] I’ll be right back.

Ressler: All right, you secure the entrance. I’ll get in touch with security. โ€ฆ
Ressler: Keen! โ€ฆ
[ Sutton Ross has Desai at gunpoint. He sees Liz and does an about-face, heads back into the theater with Ressler in pursuit ]
[ In the theater ]
Rossโ€™s guy: Hey, kids. Your dad needs you to come with me.
Ross: [ Into comms ] New plan โ€“ I need vehicles at the rear.
[ Ross emerges from the theater with Desai ]
Ross: Cover me. Someone’s on my tail. [ He forces Desai into a vehicle ]
[ ๐Ÿ’ฅ๐Ÿ’ฅ๐Ÿ’ฅ Gunfight ๐Ÿ’ฅ๐Ÿ’ฅ๐Ÿ’ฅ ]
Ressler: Keen, they’re coming your way! Got a black SUV.
[ Red walks up shooting ๐Ÿ’ฅ๐Ÿ’ฅ๐Ÿ’ฅ ]
[ CAR ENGINE STARTS, TIRES SCREECH ] [ Ross takes off with Liz in pursuit ]
Red: Where’s Elizabeth?
Ressler: She’s just ahead of you.
[ TIRES SCREECH ] [ CAR ENGINE STARTS, TIRES SCREECH ] [ Redโ€™s car takes off ]
[ โšก๏ธโ€ผ๏ธ Car Chase โ€ผ๏ธโšก๏ธ]

[ In Sutton Rossโ€™s car ]
Desai: Please, my children.
Ross: Tell me what I need to know, and your children will be fine.

Liz: [ On phone ] What?!
Red: You need to leave Ross to me.
Liz: Is that a threat?
Red: Advice.
Liz: As soon as I get the duffel bag, he’s all yours.
Red: You need to pull over.
Liz: You’re a fugitive. I’m a cop. You get in my way, I swear to God, I’ll arrest you.
[ Lizโ€™s vehicle ๐Ÿ’ฅโ€ผ๏ธ Crashes โ€ผ๏ธ๐Ÿ’ฅ into a dumpster ] [ HORN BLARES ]
Red: Turn around.
Dembe: We’ll lose Ross.
Red: Dembe, turn around.

[ Red runs up to Liz in her vehicle. She has a gash on her forehead and is dazed ]
Red: Let me look at you. Come here.
Liz: [ Groggily ] Raymond Reddington, you’re under arrest.
Red: Ah, that’s a deep cut. You’ll need stitches.
Liz: You have the right to an attorney.
Red: Yeah.
Liz: You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say will be used against you.
[ Red gives Liz a handkerchief for her forehead ]
Red: Keep pressure on it. I’ll call you an ambulance.
Liz: I’ll get you for this.
Red: You’ll try, but there’s a fine line between fishing and standing on the shore, looking like an idiot.

Ressler: [ On phone ] You arrested Reddington?
Liz: I was too dazed to actually arrest him. And he let Ross go to make sure I was okay.
Ressler: Hit me, hug me. Reddington’s moral code in a nutshell.
Liz: Ross got away, and Reddington has his driver.
Ressler: Well, Reddington shot a couple of Ross’s guys. I mean, we got a cellphone, but it’s locked. We need the access code. Maybe there’s another way.
[ Ressler presses the dead manโ€™s finger to the home button on his cellphone ]

[ Ressler calls in to the Post Office ] [ BEEPS ] [ Liz is at the Post Office, all patched up ]
Ressler: It’s a burner. No e-mails, call logs, or contacts. Just one text sent to an international number.
Cooper: “Winchester. 1500. AM.”
Liz: “1500” is p.m., so it’s not a time. And if it’s a place, there is 1500 Winchester in 20 states.
[ Aram shows up ]
Cooper: Aram, how is she?
Aram: The same. Uh, at least she was when her doctors kicked me out. โ€ฆ [W]ork is a distraction, so, please, say you have some for me.
Cooper: As a matter of fact, we do.

[ Red and Dembe wait outside the room while Brimley plies his trade ]
Brimleyโ€™s Voice: I know you work for Ross, Hey, look at me!
Dembe: The truth always comes out.
Red: It better, or we’re not gonna find Sutton Ross.
Dembe: I’m talking about your truth. It was bound to surface. Ross wants blood. He thinks you ruined his life.
Red: I didn’t give Sutton Ross bogus plans for the [ CHUCKLES ] Grayscape Seventeen.
Dembe: But he thinks you did, and because of that, he wants the world to know what’s inside the duffel.
[ Brimley emerges wearing some kind of a metallic gas mask ]
Brimley: This guy’s lips are sealed tighter than a bull’s ass in fly season. I’m gonna need another couple of bags of hickory briquettes and a squirt gun. โ€ฆ

Aram: All right, the message was sent to a cell with an international number. 0-1-1 is the U.S. exit code and 3-8-1 is the country code for Serbia.
Ressler: So?
Aram: So โ€“ after Ravi Desai got his PhD, two robotics companies wanted to hire him. One was Veritable, the other AXG Robotics.
Ressler: A Serbian company?
Aram: And Homeland says two of their execs landed in Dulles this morning.
Ressler: Assuming they’re the clients, how does that get you the where and when Ross is giving them Desai?
Aram: It doesn’t, but the message does. “AM” isn’t a time โ€“ it’s a place. A neighborhood in D.C., Adams Morgan. And in Adams Morgan is the old Winchester Pharmaceutical Plant.
Liz: So, 1500 is the time โ€“ 3:00 p.m.
Cooper: Did the Serbians list the hotel where they’re staying while in town?
Aram: Uh, yes. The Metro Suites downtown. Why?
Cooper: This whole mess started with a bunch of criminals pretending to be FBI agents. Maybe we should return the favor.

: It’s done.
Red: Did he talk?
Brimley: Like Whoopi on “The View.” Yaketty-yak, all about the Rafferty Project.
Red: And the duffel bag?
Brimley: Never heard of it.
Red: What about Ross?
Brimley: Meeting a client at the old Winchester Pharmaceutical Plant at 3:00.
Dembe: What is the Rafferty Project?
Red: I don’t know what it is, but I know what it means. Ross is on to the next job, and the duffel may already be gone.
[ Red goes into the interrogation room ] [ GUNSHOTS ๐Ÿ’ฅ๐Ÿ’ฅ ] [ He comes back out ]
Dembe: Brimley said he knew nothing about the duffel.
Red: I’ll call the Twins in for cleanup. You alert Morgan. I want him on-site at the pharmaceutical plant.

[ Red looks through binoculars outside the Winchester Pharmaceutical Plant. His guy Morgan with his driver are in a separate vehicle ]
Red: We got eyes from about 200 yards southwest.
Morgan: We’re in position.
Red: I want Ross and his hostage.
Morgan: Ready on your signal.
[ Sutton Ross walks with a metal briefcase up to a man waiting ]
Ross: The drives were useless without the engineer who programmed them. Getting him doubles the price. Of course, I can only deliver the actual mind. Accessing what’s inside it is your job.
[ Desai walks over with his kids ]
[ Red, through the binoculars, suddenly sees that the man talking to Ross is Ressler ]
Red: [ Over his phone to Morgan ] Wait. Hold, hold, hold, hold.
Ravi Desai: Please, I’m begging you. Let my children go.
Red: Stand down. Abort.
[ Ressler walks toward an SUV with Desai and his kids ]
Ressler: [ Low voice, to Desai and his kids ] Don’t stop. Just keep walking. Everything’s gonna be fine. When that door opens, you get in and you stay down.
[ As soon as they are safe inside the SUV, the FBI attack ]
Ressler: [ Loudly ] Get on the ground! FBI! Hands on your head! On the ground now.
[ Ross and his men obey. Liz helps with the arrests ]
[ Liz looks up to see Redโ€™s Mercedes slowly driving by. Liz and Red exchange cold looks ]

[ Sutton Ross is in an interrogation room at the Post Office. Liz and Ressler enter ]
Liz: Kidnapping, impersonating an officer, theft of trade secrets.
Ressler: And that’s even before we talk about the plans for the stealth fighter that you sold to China. Now, last time I checked, we still execute people for treason.
Liz: Ian Garvey gave you a duffel bag.
Sutton Ross: I know who you are.
Liz: The bag. Where is it?
Ross: You’re Elizabeth Keen.
Liz: You help us, we’ll help you.
Ross: Oh, you’ll help me, all right. And I have demands.
Liz: We’re listening. โ€ฆ
Ross: [N]o cameras. No audio recordings. Just you and me.
Liz: Why are you doing this?
Ross: Because I’ve looked in the bag.
Liz: Five minutes.
Ressler: Lizโ€“
Liz: I’ll be fine.
[ Ressler flips off the video recorder; BEEPS ]
Ressler: Five minutes. Not a second more.
[ Ressler leaves. Liz flips off the audio recording ]
Liz: So?
Ross: You may want to sit, Agent Keen.

[ Cooperโ€™s office ]
Red: I want Ross.
Cooper: I know. I’m not giving him to you.
Red: It was a clever ruse, detaining the Serbians and inserting Ressler in their place.
Cooper: I’m on Elizabeth’s side on this.
Red: Yes, clearly. So allow me to put a fine point on the cost of that decision. The duffel bag is mine. Its contents are personal. I want my privacy respected. You and Agent Keen are not honoring that, so I see no reason to honor our agreement.
Cooper: What agreement is that?
Red: Mine with the Task Force. It’s a simple ultimatum. I get Ross or the Blacklist ends.
Cooper: You really want to force my hand this way?
Red: I told you what I want.
Cooper: And I told you that you can’t have him โ€“ ultimatum or no ultimatum.

[ Ressler is watching Liz and Sutton Ross through the one-way glass when suddenly, Ross upends the table on her ]
Liz: Aaaah! Ressler!
Ressler: All teams, we have a level-four breach. East interrogation. We need emergency assistance now.
[ ALARM BLARING; it can be heard in Cooperโ€™s office ]
Cooper: [ To Red ] Stay here.

Cooper: What the hell happened?
Ressler: Ross has Keen hostage, doors locked โ€ฆ
Cooper: Contact HRT. Get an emergency-response team in here.
Cooper: Cooper.
Aram: Okay, we are officially in full lockdown.
Cooper: It’s him. Calling on Keen’s cell.
Ross: Okay. Here’s how this works. Do as I say or Agent Keen dies.
Liz: Aah! Don’t listen to him! If you breach from the observation โ€“ โ€ฆ
Cooper: Mr Ross, you’re locked in an FBI blacksite. You’re in no position to make demands.
Ross: And yet, I am confident you will meet them. I want two CZ 75s and a police caravan to escort me and Agent Keen in 15 minutes.
Ressler: Escort you where?
Ross: That’s the fun part. You’ll have to wait to find out.
[ Red has joined them ]
Red: You need to breach that room, right now.
Cooper: HRT is trying to make contact with Keen’s cell as we speak.
Red: “Trying” is the operative word. He’s not gonna make contact. He’s not interested in negotiating.
Cooper: What do you suggest we do?
Red: Cut the power, blow the door, stun grenades followed by CS gas, and extract.
Ressler: How can you be sure that he doesn’t kill Keen before we get to him?
Cooper: You can’t. It’s a calculated risk.

[ They breach the room, only to find it empty ]
[ Liz and Ross crawl through the ductwork ]
Ressler: The demands were a ruse. They’re in the plenum cavity.
Aram: I’m searching our security feeds now, and there’s no sign of anyone in corridors L2, three, or five.
Cooper They’re still overhead.
[ Ressler is with a team in a corridor. He comes upon a guy down ]
Ressler: [ On phone ] Guys, I got something. Man down. Side arm and security badge are missing.
Cooper: So, Ross is now armed?
Ressler: Last name’s Schay.
Aram: All right, Schay, Schay. Come on. Okay, Schay. Charlie, interim security. His badge was swiped two minutes ago at door 32C.
Cooper: South wing, first floor.
Ressler: On my way.
Ross: Move! Move!
[ Ross and Liz come to a door with a keypad and canโ€™t card out ] [ BEEPS ]
Cooper: [ Over ] That’s far enough. That badge belongs to an employee with interim security. You need a passcode to get out.
Ross: Then give me one.
[ Red clicks the phone off; they can still see and hear Ross and Liz over surveillance ]
Red: You can’t do that.
Ross: You don’t think I’ll shoot her? Give me a code. Now!
Liz: Don’t listen to him. He’s bluffing.
Red: She’s right. He’s bluffing.
Cooper: Maybe, but if you’re wrong, Keen is dead. [ BEEP; phone on ] I’m not going to open that door. I have men on their way to you right now. Stand down.
Ross: Three โ€“
Red: I’m not wrong. He’s bluffing.
Cooper: You don’t know that!
Ross: Two โ€“
Red: Harold, if you give him that code, it’s unlikely you’ll ever see Agent Keen again.
Ross: One!
Aram: 83-724. That’s the code. 83-724. That’s the code.
[ Red shakes his head in disgust and turns away ]
[ Ressler gets to the door Ross and Liz left through but is stopped by the keypad. He slams the door ] [ ELECTRICITY CRACKLING ]

Ressler: BOLO’s gone out with their IDs and a description of the stolen vehicle.
Red: The car’s a dead end. By now, he’s ditched it and stolen another one.
Aram: Look, I’m sorry. He was going to shoot her.
Cooper: Agent Mojtabi is not the reason she’s in danger. [ To Red: ] You are. You’re the only reason she’s ever been in danger. If you’re as interested in her safety as you profess, the best thing you can do is stay away from her.
[ Dembeโ€™s CELLPHONE VIBRATING; he hands it to Red ]
Dembe: Agent Keen.
Cooper: On speaker.
Red: Yeah. [ CELLPHONE BEEPS ] Elizabeth?
Sutton Ross: Your life for hers.
Red: Done.
Ross: There’s a pay phone at Third and Summit.
Red: Let me speak with her.
Ross: Be there in an hour to receive instructions. Come alone.
Red: I want to talk to her.
Cooper: You’re not going alone.
Red: That’s exactly what I’m going to do, Harold.
Cooper: What I’m going to do is make sure that we blanket that meeting with surveillance. We’re not letting you out of our sight.
Red: Now who’s putting her life in danger?

Ressler: Heads up, people. Here we go. Team Bravo, you have eyes?
โ€” Copy that, on your go.
Ressler: Charlie, you in place?
โ€” Affirmative.
Ressler: Hey, Aram?
Aram: I’m up on the phone. As soon as I get a hard trace, I’ll call it in. [ BEEPS ]
Dembe: Top 10 is on the move.
[ RINGING CONTINUES ] [ Red walks past the pay phone and takes a paper bag out of a waste
receptacle ] [ CELLPHONE BEEPS ]
Red: Yeah?
Ross: Mr. Reddington, is that a tail I see watching you?
Ressler: Hey, Aram, you getting this?
Aram: I’ve got the pay phone tapped, not the burner. I have no way to access that line.
Red: You knew I couldn’t get here without the feds keeping a close watch. They’re rather protective of Agent Keen. But if you’re half as smart as you think you are, I’m sure you have a plan as to how we can lose them.
[ Red tosses the burner phone and enters a building ]
Ressler: Where the hell’s he going?
Aram: Okay, pulling CCTV feeds now.
Dembe: Raymond is letting them take him.
Aram: What do you mean “letting”?
Dembe: For Elizabeth. โ€ฆ
[ Dembe gets out of his vehicle and goes on foot ]
Ressler: Dembe, what are you doing? โ€ฆ
[ A gray van speeds by Dembe ] [ TIRES SCREECH ] [ BRAKES SQUEAL ]
Dembe: The van โ€ฆ the gray liquor van, the one that left through the street side. It’s how Raymond was taken.

[ A hood is pulled off Red, leaving him face to face with a badly beaten Liz ]

Cooper: What the hell happened?
Ressler: Ross had it all gamed out. Reddington wasn’t much help. He all but surrendered himself. โ€ฆ

[ DOOR CLOSES ] [ Liz and Red are bound to the straight-back chairs they sit in ]
Liz: This is my fault.
Red: No.
Liz: I should’ve just let it go.
Red: Doesn’t matter.
Liz: Mr Kaplan, Tom โ€“ We all should’ve just left it alone. They didn’t because they thought I deserved to know, but I don’t. [ SIGHS ] Whatever this is, it’s yours. I should have respected that. The only reason we’re here is because I didn’t. [ VOICE BREAKING ] And I’m so sorry.
Red: You have nothing to apologize for. Not to me, ever.
[ Sutton Ross enters ]
Red: My life for hers. That was the agreement. Let her go.
Ross: Take her in the back.
Liz: No, no, no. No, no, no, no! [ SOBBING ] Aah!
[ Sheโ€™s taken away ]
Red: You don’t need to hurt her anymore.
Ross: Whether or not she suffers is entirely up to you. Or I should say, how much she suffers. I should warn you, my men are somewhat indelicate, so the quicker you tell me what I want to know, the less damage they will do to her. Let’s start with this DNA report. โ€ฆ

[ Dembe drives with Aram alongside him ]
Aram: We’re never gonna find them.
Dembe: Of course we will.
Aram: How can you be so sure?
Dembe: God only gives you burdens you can carry. Losing Raymond and Elizabeth โ€“ I couldn’t carry that.
Aram: I feel the same way about Samar, too.
Dembe: Then you have nothing to worry about.

Sutton Ross: For 30 years, I’ve wanted to be in the same room as Raymond Reddington, the bastard who tricked me into selling the Chinese a dodo bird when they were looking for an eagle. And here we are.
Ross: So, the DNA report โ€“ tell me what it means.

Dembe: There! On the left! That’s the van.
Aram: [ Typing ] Okay, Delaware plate “8LV235.” Running it now.
Dembe: We found it. 424 North Roslyn.
Cooper: 424 North Roslyn.
Ressler: We’re eight blocks away.
Cooper: Stay put. We’re two minutes out.

Red: If I tell, what guarantee do I have that you’ll let her go?
Ross: The only guarantee you have is that, if you don’t tell me, she will die. Of course, perhaps you don’t care about that. Perhaps her life isn’t worth your revealing your precious secret for. After all, what is she to you, really?
Red: Enough.
Ross: Tell me the truth.
Red: The truth? The truth is that I am notโ€“
[ EXPLOSION ๐Ÿ’ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ’ฅ ] [ GUNSHOTS ๐Ÿ’ฅ๐Ÿ’ฅ๐Ÿ’ฅ ]
Ressler: Ohh! On the ground! FBI.
Dembe: Raymond, are you okay?
Red: Yeah. There are more of them in the back. They have Elizabeth.
[ Red shoots ๐Ÿ’ฅ๐Ÿ’ฅ ๐Ÿ’ฅ๐Ÿ’ฅ๐Ÿ’ฅ ๐Ÿ’ฅ ]
Man: Ohh!
Red: Elizabeth. It’s over.
[ Red hugs her, stroking her hair ]
Cooper: [ To Red ] SWAT is on the way. You can’t be here.
Dembe: Raymondโ€“
Cooper: I’ve got her. Go.
Ressler: Now that I’ve advised you of your rights, do you understand them?
Ross: [ SIGHS ] Yes, I do.
[ Red ZIPS up the duffel and starts to leave ]
Ross: You can play all the magic tricks you like. I know the truthโ€“
[ Red shoots him ๐Ÿ’ฅ๐Ÿ’ฅ ]
Ross: [ SCREAMS ] [ THUDS ]

[ Red walks away with the duffel bag ]

[ Aram gets a text message ]
Aram: Oh, my God. I, uh, I have to go. I-I have to go.
[ He hurries away ]

[ Aram arrives at the hospital. Hospital personnel are lined up. Aram walks past them ]
[ Samar is awake. She is radiant ]
Aram: I didn’t know ifโ€“ And when you didn’t wake up, I thought, umโ€“
Aram: I don’t know what I thought.
Samar: Yes.
Aram: What?
Samar: I said, “Yes.”
Aram: “Yes,” what?
Samar: Yes, I will marry you.
[ They kiss ]

[ Tomโ€™s grave ]
Liz: [ Voice-over ] The whole thing ended just like it always does โ€“ with the bad guy dead on the floor, with the Bureau confused and upset, but satisfied another scumbag’s wiped from the earth, with Reddington gone, his precious duffel bag still a secret like he wanted all alongโ€“
[ Red arrives at Domโ€™s place in the country. Dom opens the door ]
Liz: โ€“Except it’s not a secret. Not to me. Because this time, I have a secret, too. I learned that from you, how to prey on the emotions of those that love you most.
[ Tom steps out ]
Tom: And it worked?
Liz: Like a charm.
Tom: How’d you do it?
Liz: I told a few lies.
Tom: [ CHUCKLES ] God, I miss you. Well, go on. I’m dying to hear how you pulled this off.
Liz: I was with Ross. He told me.

Ross: And that’s the truth. And I can prove it.
Liz: [ VOICE BREAKING ] But it can’t be.
Ross: But it is. I have the bag, the bones, and the DNA report. Get me out of here, and I can show it to you.
Liz: Okay. Here’s what I need you to do.

Liz: Ressler!
Ressler: All teams, we have a level-four breach. East interrogation. We need emergency assistance now.

Liz: After that, I made a few demands to buy us enough time to get out.

Liz: [ To Ross ] Aram will have those feeds up any minute. I need you to listen to me. You have to make a demand.

Liz: A few theatrics โ€“

Liz: [ Acting ] Don’t listen to him! If you breach from the observationโ€“
Ross: Shut up!
Ressler: The demands were a ruse. They’re in the plenum cavity.

Tom: So, once you were out, Ross took you to the bones?
Liz: Not just Ross. He had help.

Ross: Garvey didn’t reach out to me because I hate Reddington. He did it because he wanted me to help me get the truth to the person he cares about most.
[ Jennifer enters with the duffel bag ]
Liz: You. Of course it’s you.
Ross: Garvey gave me the bag in Costa Rica, so I could get it to your sister.
Jennifer: Did he tell you?
Liz: Yes. He said there’s proof.
[ Jennifer unzips the bag, takes out the DNA report and gives it to Liz, who reads it ]

Tom: Yeah, the DNA test. It was in the bag. I saw it.
Liz: Yes.

Jennifer: You and I can get to the truth, but if this is going to work, we need to gain Reddington’s trust.
Liz: I can help with that.
Ross: Your life for hers.
Red: Done.
Ross: There’s a pay phone at Third and Summit. Be there in an hour to receive instructions. Come alone.
Red: I want to talk to her.
[ Ross slugs Lizโ€™s face ]
Liz: Again.
Ross: That’s enough.
Liz: If you’re gonna tell him you hurt me, he’s got to believe you. Again.
[ Ross slugs her again ]

Tom: You knew Reddington would come for you โ€“ anything for you.

Red: Let her go.
Ross: Take her in the back.
Liz: [ Acting ] No, no, no. No, no, no, no! [ SOBBING ] Aah!
Ross: Perhaps her life isn’t worth your revealing your precious secret for.
[ Liz: (Acting) SCREAMS ] [ SCREAMS ]
Ross: He’s not talking.
Liz: He will. You have to keep pushing. Tell him you’re gonna kill me.

Liz: While it didn’t work like I planned โ€“ it worked even better. I got to the truth that you and so many people have died trying to expose.

Deep (Series) Flashbacks:
[1:13] Diane Fowler: I know the truth, Red about that night. (โ€ฆ)
[ Red shoots her ๐Ÿ’ฅ๐Ÿ’ฅ๐Ÿ’ฅ ]
[1:8] Sam: Before I go, I have to tell her.
Red: I can’t let you do that.
Sam: She deserves the truth. (โ€ฆ)
[ Red smothers Sam with a pillow ]
[2:4] Naomi Hyland: [ To Liz ] He’s not who you think he is. (โ€ฆ)
[ Naomiโ€™s gravestone ]
[4:22] Mr Kaplan: I have it, Raymond. I went there and I dug it up, and I’m gonna give it to her. (โ€ฆ)
[ Mr Kaplan jumps off the bridge ]
[5:8] Tom: [ On phone ] I figured it out. The whole thing. Why Nik was killed, all of it. (โ€ฆ)
[ Garvey stabs Tom ]
Tom: [ GRUNTS ]
Liz: No!!

Liz: And Reddington nearly found out about Jennifer. And I think he would have killed her, too.

[ Red storms into the back room looking for Liz ]
Liz: [ To Jennifer ] Go. Now. Go!

Liz: Instead, he got to do what he always does โ€“ try and save meโ€“

Red: Elizabeth. It’s over. [ Hugging her and stroking her hair ]

Liz: โ€“and bury his secret.

[ Red lights a match and drops it into an outdoor incinerator barrel ]
[ Autograf’s โ™ช “Nobody Knows” plays ]
[ Red is at Domโ€™s rickety place in the country. Red and Dom look on as the fire begins to burn ]
Dom: She may not know your secret, but she knows you’ve got one. She’s never gonna let it go.

Tom: So now you know why he was willing to let so many people dieโ€“
Liz: Let you die.
Tom: โ€“to hide the truth.
Liz: I know now that those bones in that bag are Raymond Reddington’s โ€“ the real Raymond Reddington. My father.
[ Red puts the skull from the duffel bag into the fire ]
Liz: I know that this man is an impostor. Why he came into my life, why he took your life, why he spent the last 30 years pretending to be Raymond Reddington.
[ Red puts the other bones into the fire as Dom looks on ]
Liz: I’m gonna figure all that out, and then I’m going to destroy him.
Tom: Be careful, Liz. This man โ€“ whoever he is โ€“ he’s dangerous.
Liz: I know he is. But I’m not alone. I have help.
[ Jennifer walks up ]
Jennifer: You ready?

โ™ช For too long
‘Cause no one really knows me

Liz: Oh, yeah.

โ™ช At all

Liz: I’m ready.
[ Liz leaves a red rose on Tomโ€™s gravestone and walks away with Jennifer ]

โ™ช ‘Cause I’m feeling lost and afraid
You better not be too far gone
Oh, have I been so wrong
Missed the song

[ Red stares into the flames ]

โ™ช Still I don’t know where I belong
No, I don’t know
Because no one really knows me at all

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