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⭕ 5:14 Mr Raleigh Sinclair III

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Blurb: Liz and Red are on a race against time – and each other – to locate the suitcase containing a skeleton. Liz knows it only as an “item” which will reveal to her “the truth” – a secret of Red’s – that Tom wanted her to know. Red knows that Mr Kaplan left the suitcase for Liz but Tom purloined it. Determined to identify it himself before telling Liz, Tom got killed for his trouble. It is now in the hands of Tom’s murderer, Ian Garvey, who knows its value to Red. In the search for Tom’s killer, Liz found among Tom’s things a reference to an “Oleander” who Cooper has told her was a Russian operative during the Cold War. Following the tip from Cooper leads Liz to Dominic Wilkerson. This turns out to be “Dom,” Liz’s own grandfather (and Red’s gruff, reclusive, occasional antagonist). Dom claims only a passing familiarity with former Soviet agents, but recognizes Liz when she tells him Katarina Rostova (his own daughter) was her mother. He does not tell Liz he is her grandfather – or that he himself is Oleander. He says he does not know if Katarina is still alive. Meanwhile, Red is tracking the suitcase through the Nash Syndicate, a drug operation which Red has learned is protected or run by cops. The final scene of Episode 5:13 shows that, not only does Ian Garvey himself wear a badge, but Detective Singleton, the cop working Tom’s case, is in cahoots with him.

The next episode of The Blacklist airs at 7pm ET on February 28, 2017.


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🔴 5:13 The Invisible Hand (№ 63)

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🔴 Episode 5:13 The Invisible Hand 🎯 EW recap ¤ 🌅 Photo Gallery ¤ 📒 Script


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Blurb: Red, with Dembe’s encouragement, has finally confessed to Liz that he was somehow implicated in Tom’s death: “I have a secret, and I need to keep it even from you.” Liz knows the secret involves an “item” but not what the item may be (i.e. a suitcase with a skeleton inside, the identity of which Tom had discovered). Red says Tom died because he disregarded Red’s warning not to pursue it. Liz has vowed to unearth “the truth” because Tom wanted her to know what he found out. She will work with Red but they are at cross-purposes. Meanwhile, Red helped the task force in order to obtain parole for a convicted arsonist whose help he plans to use in the future.

[ first line ]
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[ last line ]

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🔴 Episode 5:13 The Invisible Hand 🎯 EW recap ¤ 🌅 Photo Gallery ¤ 📒 Script

❌❌❌ End 4:13 Invisible Hand


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🔴 5:12 The Cook (№ 56)

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🔴 Episode 5:12 The Cook 🎯 EW recap ¤ 🌅 Photo Gallery ¤ 📒 Script


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Blurb: Liz hoodwinked both Red and the Cooper by using material evidence (a valuable penny) associated with Blacklister Abraham Stern to steal material evidence (a bloody rag) from police evidence files linking her to the death of Bobby Navarro, a man she believes worked for the man who killed Tom, Blacklister Ian Garvey, who she knows only as the ‘man with the Damascus knife.’ Before she killed Navarro in an altercation, Navarro told her that her ex-fiancé, ER MD Nik Korpal, was helping Tom, not the other way around. She still does not know (though Red does) that Nik was helping Tom ID bones left for Liz by Mr Kaplan, Red’s deceased long-time cleaner, to reveal a buried secret of Red’s. Tom learned whose bones they were from DNA analysis but died before he could tell Liz. Ian Garvey now has the bones, unbeknowst to either Red or Liz. To dispose of Navarro’s body, Liz used the methods employed by S1 Blacklister Stanley Kornish (The Stewmaker) ~ using chemicals to dissolve his body and flush it down a motel room’s bathtub drain. In this process, Liz discovered that Navarro had a glass eye equipped with “next gen” electronics, whose existence she has shared with Red.

[ A man with a bald head and scarred back turns on burners in a kitchen. He soaks his clothes and puts them on wet. He hangs jars of liquid from rope strung across a living room. The man sits down in a comfortable chair, cracks open a beer and lights one end of the rope with a lighter. The flame moves along
the rope,🔥igniting the liquid in the jars which fall and
set the room ablaze🔥The man smiles ]
[ A woman is heard outside the door ]
Woman: Is someone there? I’m going to call the cops.
[ The woman opens the door and is engulfed in flames ] [ Screams ]
[ The man lifts his bottle to the woman ]
[ The man gathers up his ladder and bag and leaves ]


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Liz: I got your message. You found someone who can analyze Navarro’s glass eye?
Red: He can see us this afternoon. …
Liz: … [A]ll that matters is we find out who put that in Navarro’s head and whether it can lead us to Tom’s killers – and the truth.
Red: The truth?
Liz: The last time I spoke to Tom, he told me, “I figured it out – Why Nik died, everything.” That’s why I went home – to find the truth. But they got to him first.
Red: My contact lives with his mother. She’s not particularly fond of me. … I believe she feels I’m a bad influence on her son. I thought a gesture of goodwill might smooth things over.

Liz: You think an empty terrarium is goodwill? Whoa!
Red: [ Laughs ] The mother’s family operates a pet café in Kyoto. You can enjoy the most savory tsukemen ramen in and around a variety of animals native to Japan – cormorants, katydids, the occasional tanuki.
Liz: And you thought spiders would be a welcome addition?
Red: Joro spiders. In Japanese folklore, the joro is said to be able to change its appearance to that of a beautiful woman who seduces men, binding them in her web before devouring them. Hence its name “joro-gumo,” or “whore spider.”
Liz: Oh.
Red: Here’s the mother’s work address and a note. If you could please drop them off?
Liz: No! Me?
Red: I have a time-sensitive case for the Task Force. …
Liz: Do you know what Tom was talking about? When he said he figured it out?
Red: Tom was a man of many truths. Which of those he was going to divulge, I can’t say.

༺ ♤ ༻
Red: My sincere apologies. I hope Paris has taken good care of you. …
Samar: He made me an egg dish I can’t even pronounce. It was divine. As is your suite, which is why in the future, I think we should meet elsewhere.
Red: And why is that?
Samar: Because being here gives me the impression that crime pays.
Red: [ Laughs ] What are the most expensive crimes in America?
Samar: Expensive?
Red: Top three.
Samar: Theft, armed robbery–
Red: Arson. 500,000 arson fires occur each year, costing over $2 billion in property loss.
Samar: [ Reading ] “Husband and wife die in house fire.”
Red: In those 500,000 fires, about 500 people die – one per thousand. Arsonists are many things, but rarely premeditating murderers.
Samar: [Reading] “An accelerant was found, but no motive or suspect.”
Red: Because they’re looking at the case the wrong way. This wasn’t arson that resulted in murder. This was a murder committed by arson.
Samar: But you said arsonists are rarely murderers.
Red: A fact which makes The Cook both rare and dangerous and the next name on the Blacklist. …
༺ ♤ ༻
Ressler: [H]e says this “Cook” is a serial killer posing as an arsonist.
Cooper: And yet he can’t I.D. The Cook, and the only fire he told us about is one that arson investigators don’t believe was a homicide.
Ressler: I suppose Reddington knows better.

Samar: No, but he knows someone who does. Earl Fagen.
Aram: The arson investigator slash arsonist?
Cooper: Fagen hid in plain sight for years, was lead investigator on a dozen fires that he set. No one knows more about fire or the men and women who set them. …
Ressler: What’s the catch?
Samar: Fagen is up for parole – he helps us, Reddington
would like us to help him.
Cooper: I don’t like it. But if there’s a serial killer out there– …
Ressler: Less than 15% of all arson cases are ever solved. Maybe we need the help.
Cooper: … If he helps us get The Cook, maybe, maybe, we’ll put in a good word. If not, we’ll make sure he stays put.

༺ ♤ ༻
[ Earl Fagen inhales and exhales deeply ]
Earl Fagen: Irregular burn patterns, use of accelerants…. Multiple points of origin. He wanted it to burn hot.
Samar: And why is that?
Fagen: He wanted to see the flashover? Stand back and watch?
Ressler: We’re gonna need a little more than “maybe he wanted to watch.” So, what floated your boat?
Fagen: I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t an element of arousal to the whole thing – a certain gratification. But for me – fire filled the vacuum within me. It gave me a sense of relief.
Ressler: What is it? …
Fagen: Might you be able to get me a blacklight?


༺ ♤ ༻
[ The blacklight buzzes and hums, lighting up a pattern on the wall – An upside-down star – underneath which is written – ]
Ressler: [ Reading ] “Discipline not faith.” What the hell does that mean?
Samar: Why would he leave a message we wouldn’t be able to find?
Fagen: [ Scoffs ] Boy, oh, boy. Boy, oh, boy, oh, boy. Y’all got a real humdinger of a firebug on your hands.
༺ ♤ ༻
Aram: All right. … [S]o far we’ve found four fires under investigation with the same inverted pentagram and inscription. …
Samar: How many deaths are we up to?
Aram: Seven. And if you’re looking for a common denominator among the victims, good luck. …
Ressler: Are there any survivors, anyone who can tell us why they were targeted?
Aram: It seems that he’s only missed once, when he burned down a small ranch house in Tenleytown. The owner is an ER doctor – Corrine Egan. …
༺ ♤ ༻
Red: You left them. Spiders.
Liz: She wasn’t in her office. What did you expect me to do, drive around with them? Besides, what difference does it make if his mother likes you or not? I mean, it’s not like he’s 16.
Red: No, he is not 16. [ Knocking at gate ] He’s 15.
Tadashi: And a half. Just got my learner’s permit.
Red: Elizabeth, this is Tadashi. Is your mom home? Has she said anything about the gift I sent?
Liz: I need to speak with you for a minute. [ Aside, whispering ] He’s a child.
Red: Who turned down Harvard a year ago, and a job at Face– whatever.
Liz: Face-whatever? Really?
Red: Look, I’m a technological moron. I just don’t get it, which is why I surround myself with people who do. Tadashi gets it!
Tadashi: What is thy bidding, my Master?
Liz: [ Sighs ] Apparently, he also gets “Star Wars.”
༺ ♤ ༻
Samar: Dr. Egan, I understand this is an unsettling development.
Dr Corrine Egan: You’re saying someone was intentionally trying to kill me? No. The investigator I spoke with said that the fire was arson – that it was set to cover up for something he stole.
Samar: Concealment is a common motive for arson. Unfortunately, there’s nothing common about this.
Dr Egan: What is that?
Religious Expert: The pentagram represents the five limbs of man – his five senses.
Samar: It was hidden on a wall in your house. Does it mean anything to you?
Dr Egan: “Discipline not faith”?
Expert: An inverted pentagram is associated with evil. It depicts the natural order turned on its head.
Ressler: The department chair said that you wrote the book on Satanism. Is there anything in there on why this would be left behind? …
Expert: I’d say the symbol is an expression of the killer’s belief
that his victims deserve to be punished. Purified by fire.
Samar: Maybe you were not the intended victim. Do you live alone?
Dr Egan: Not that night. My brother was with me. …
Talked me into going for a run at 11:15. We came back, and the place was in flames.
Ressler: You said punished. What for?
Expert: Some perceived sin. Maybe he’s saying just having faith isn’t enough. You have to live that faith every day, and that requires great discipline. …
༺ ♤ ༻
[ Keyboards clacking ]
Red: I sometimes feel as if I should pay more attention to pop culture. Then I see this “Star Wars,” featuring this giant in a bear costume piloting an aircraft and a little green guy swordfighting. And I say a silent prayer of thanks for Tolstoy’s moral crisis.
Liz: Oh, if he can’t figure this out–
Red: This green fellow is considerably too short to be effective in a swordfight.
Tadashi: I assumed since it was an eye it would record video, but there’s no camera. And I can’t find a mic.
Liz: So, what does it do?
Tadashi: No clue. It’s using encrypted firmware. Even the boot loader is tamper-resistant. This is gonna take a while, assuming I can crack it at all. …
༺ ♤ ༻
Liz: Do you not know, or you can’t say? – The truth Tom discovered. … Does that mean you don’t know, or is “can’t say” some clever turn of phrase that makes it possible for you to be honest and secretive?
Red: What is this about?
Liz: You’ve asked me to trust. All I do is trust. I trusted Tom – forgave every lie, believed every promise that he would stop keeping things from me. And then he
went off on some secret quest and got himself killed. And now I have killed someone trying to figure out what it was he was keeping from me. And you have kept so many things from me, I would have to be an idiot to believe that this is not one of them. [ Pause ] Thank you.
Red: For what?
Liz: For not pulling some Jedi mind trick.
Red: I don’t know what that is.
Liz: And yet, you’ve mastered it.
༺ ♤ ༻
Aram: … A neighbor told a first responder after the Chicago fire that he noticed a red Honda parked across the street from the victim’s house, which got me thinking. … I checked, and there are only two rental companies in that city using Hondas, and only one with a model in candy apple red on the streets
that night rented to a William Seavers, Baltimore address.
Samar: You’re so cute. Isn’t he so cute?
Cooper: Adorable. Now get to Baltimore and let’s put an end to this thing.
༺ ♤ ༻
[ Samar and Ressler enter the suspect’s apartment, finding pots and jars, a large sack of ammonium nitrate and jugs of flammable liquids ]
Samar: Seavers, federal agents!
[ Ressler flicks on a switch; it is for a blacklight. Words appear on the walls ~ ‘evil deeds ensnare’ … ‘when lust’ … ‘and our sins sweep’ … ]
Ressler: Navabi.
[ The bald man dashes across the room and flips a switch ] [ Humming ] [ Crash ] [ 🔥Fires burst around the room🔥 ]
Samar: You okay?
Ressler: Go!
Samar: Ressler! [ Coughing ] Ressler, I’m coming around the back.
[ Ressler uses a chair to break a window ]
Samar: Ressler! Ressler, grab my hand.
[ Ressler and Samar escape the flames ] …
༺ ♤ ༻
Ressler: Seavers or whatever his real name is had this place rigged with glass jars with some kind of an accelerant suspended by these strings.
Samar: There were also phrases written on the wall, like in the first crime scene, only visible by blacklight.
Fagen: Maybe he’s not talking to his victims. Maybe he’s also talking to himself.
Samar: What was it like, lying to everyone you worked with, acting like a hero when you were a criminal?
Fagen: You want an honest answer, or are you just trying to make a point?
Samar: Little bit of both.
Fagen: Living a lie was worse than prison. The day I confessed was the day I went to jail. That was also the day I was set free. …
[ Fagen drips liquid from a beaker onto a slip of paper on the table ]
Fagen: Narrow, rectangular, possibly thermal paper the kind commonly used for–
Ressler: Receipts.
Samar: [ Reading ] Havershim Hardware, two days ago. Ammonium nitrate, saltpeter. Looks like he paid cash, 9:17 p.m.
Fagen: Don’t say anything. Really. My freedom’s the only thanks that I need. …
༺ ♤ ༻

Cooper: That’s him. 9:17 was on the receipt, right, Agent Navabi?
Samar: Yes. And that’s the right height and build.
Ressler: Come on, buddy. Turn around.
Cooper: Holy Mary. Mother of God.
Ressler: A priest. You gotta be kidding me. This guy’s a
Samar: What’s that on his pocket?
Cooper: Is that some sort of cross?
Aram: It looks like the letter “T.”
Cooper: Agent Ressler, talk to someone in semiotics. Let’s see if we can figure out what that pin represents before someone else gets killed. …
༺ ♤ ༻

[ A bar in an airport ] [ A young woman sees a man wearing a clerical collar and approaches him ]
Claire Homan: Where you going?
Tommy Wattles: Hunh? Um, oh work trip.
Claire: But you don’t like to fly. You’re nervous, I can tell.
Wattles: No, no. Not nervous. Just praying for a friend.
Claire: Can I ask you something?
Wattles: Of course.
Claire: I’m not a church person, but my fiancé well, he is, and we’re getting married. [ Voice breaking ] And I did this thing with another guy. It only happened once and– … But now, seeing you– maybe it’s the alcohol talking or maybe it’s a sign, but I don’t wanna tell him and lose him. [ Tearfully ] If I lost him, I would just–

Wattles: Sweetheart, what’s your name?
Claire: Claire. Claire Homan.
Wattles: Claire. The lust of the flesh, the fervor of the eyes, and the pride of skin comes not from the Father, but from the world. Forgive yourself. Be honest with this man you love. His faith will help him forgive.
Claire: You really believe that?
Wattles: Not me, Claire. God.
[ They stand and hug ]
Claire: Thank you. [ Sniffles ] Oh, I am so sorry, how selfish. What about your friend? What about him? What are you gonna tell him to do?
Wattles: I’m going to tell him to find his faith …. I’m going to tell him to stay and do what, in his heart, he knows he must.
Claire: I’ll pray for him.
Wattles: Please do. [ Laughs nervously ]

༺ ♤ ༻
Aram: … To see what else might be written behind those walls, I had the lab run thermographic scans and found this. It’s the cross from the Traditum Church.
Samar: The “T” on his lapel.
Aram: Yep. Traditum Primarius “Tradition First.” It is an extremely fringe order. … [T]heir Temple is in Cromwell, just a few miles outside of Arlington.
Cooper: Ressler, Navabi, get there. …
༺ ♤ ༻
Liz: You found something?
Tadashi: A serial number on one of the chips. If I find out who makes it, I figure out what it does.
Dembe: This means everything to her.
Red: And to me.
Dembe: For a different reason. She doesn’t know what, but she knows. “Clever turn of phrase” is a polite way of saying you’re being dishonest.

Tadashi: It’s made by Wandtech.
Liz: And what does that tell you?
Tadashi: Wandtech, Wandtech, Wandtech. Yikes.
Liz: Yikes? Why yikes?
Tadashi: They make GPS devices. [ Beeping ] Oh, crap. Uh, guys?! Mr. Reddington? I think we have a situation. This thing’s transmitting.
Red: What is it transmitting?
Tadashi: Our location!
[ Door opens ] [ They point their guns at the door. It is Tadashi’s mother ]
Mrs Mariko Ito: You!
Red: Mrs Ito.
Mrs Ito: Get out!
Red: Did you get my gift?
Mrs Ito: Four spiders no gift.
Tadashi: You gave her four spiders?
Red: Venomous members of the golden orb-weaver genus. For your sister’s pet cafe.
Tadashi: In Japanese, four is a homonym for death.
Mrs Ito: First you turn down Harvard. Now you work with a criminal. I am through with you. Finished!
[ Thud, glass breaking ]
Red: Out the back …
Liz: Tom’s killer?
Red: Yes, and he could have the advantage.
Liz: We don’t know that.
Red: Which is why we have to go. Because we don’t know.
[ Footsteps nearing ] [ They leave. Ian Garvey and goons enter but no one is left ]
༺ ♤ ༻

[ Bells tolling ]
Ressler: Excuse me. Father? Agents Ressler and Navabi, FBI. …
Spiritual Director: FBI? What’s this about?
Samar: We’re looking for this man. This is from three days ago.
Spiritual Director: No. That’s not possible.
Ressler: So you know him? …
Spiritual Director: His name is Thomas Wattles. He goes by Tommy. He was a priest in our Order, but he was stripped of his clerical title about a year ago.
Ressler: You mind telling us why?
Spiritual Director: Mr. Wattles violated his oath of celibacy. Our leadership felt he wasn’t worthy of such an exalted position in the eyes of our Lord. …
Ressler: We believe he’s setting fires, burning men and women alive.
Spiritual Director: Men? He’s killing men, not just women?
Samar: Why would you say that? If there’s something that you know–
Spiritual Director: I can’t. I’m sorry.
Ressler: As Spiritual Director, it’s your responsibility to hear the confessions of your priests.
Spiritual Director: Yes, but anything Tommy says would be privileged. …
Samar: He’s murdering people. … The privilege can be violated if you believe he intends to commit future acts of violence. Look at these.
[ Shows photos ]
Spiritual Director: My God! They were just fantasies. Visions – That’s what he said. Tommy was having visions of hurting women women he found attractive. … He believed he had a calling as a priest. And yet, he found himself having these lustful urges he couldn’t suppress.
He was consumed with self-loathing. These women were temptresses, he said, sent by the Devil himself. He said he had dreams of destroying them – burning them. Purification by fire.
Samar: They weren’t dreams, Father. You should’ve said something. I wonder if your God will forgive you for not doing that.
༺ ♤ ༻
Ressler: [ On phone ] Aram, we got a name – Tommy Wattles. … The church thinks he’s got some kind of a vendetta out against women he believes are out to “tempt” him.
Samar: Which means he’s had personal encounters with his victims.
Aram: All right. Oh, okay. I’ve got a Thomas Owen Wattles on Fisher Drive in Pimmit Hills.
Cooper: That’s him. Aram, notify
Virginia State Police. …
Ressler: Look, this guy was willing to torch his own safe house to keep us one step behind. If he hasn’t fled, he will. He knows we’re onto him.
Cooper: Check out the address in Pimmit Hills. Reach out to the two survivors you interviewed – the ER doctor and her brother. Show them Wattles’ photo. Let’s hope that shakes something loose before this guy finds another victim.
༺ ♤ ༻
Red: I feel terrible, Mariko. I know it’s a small consolation, but I’ve made arrangements for you and Tadashi to stay in the hotel. …
Red: [ To Tadashi ] She terrifies me.
Tadashi: She has that effect on people.
Liz: Can they still track us?
Tadashi: I disabled the locator signal. They were using the signal to find us. If I can reverse it, figure out where it came from, I could use it to find them.
Red: What makes her happy? Does she like a good foot massage?
Liz: We should have stayed.

Red: I do know, by the way. … What Tom figured out. The truth he uncovered has to do with me.
Liz: I knew it. I knew you were lying.
Red: I told Tom not to pursue it.
Liz: What? Pursue what? What is it?
Red: An item Mr. Kaplan unearthed that I wish to keep
Liz: An item? What item?
Red: I can’t say.
Liz: Tom died because of it.
Red: Tom ignored my warning. That is why he died.
Liz: And this item – Did Tom have it?
Red: Yes.
Liz: And now his killers do. That’s why you’re here. That’s– Not to help me, not to avenge Tom’s death, but to help yourself and get your precious secret back.
Red: We want the same thing.
Liz: I gave Agnes up until this is over. If I miss even one more day with her than is absolutely necessary because you’re not being completely honest with–
Red: But I am being honest. I do know, but I can’t say. I’m not trying to be clever. It’s not an ambiguity. It’s the truth. I have a secret, and I need to keep it even from you.

༺ ♤ ༻
Ressler: His name’s Tommy Wattles. He purchased an airline ticket to Heathrow, and he never boarded. His last credit card charge was a purchase here last night.
Bartender: Yeah, the priest. He was here.
Dr Corrine Egan: Corner booth. … That’s where he sits at the deli on Riverside. I see him at lunch there all the
time. …
Bartender: No, he was with a woman. She moved over, joined him at the table. I assumed they knew each other.
Ressler: Tell me about her. …
Bartender: Young, pretty, maybe 30. …
Dr Egan: I’d seen him place a to-go order a few days earlier. He walked out and gave it to a man living on the street. The next time I saw him, I told him I’d seen what he did, that I thought it was nice, that I wanted to pay it forward, so I paid for his lunch. …
Ressler: All right. I’m gonna need to see your receipts, surveillance footage, anything that might help identify
Bartender: You really think she’s in trouble?
Dr Egan: Why?! Because I paid for his lunch? Because I-I somehow “tempted” him? He tried to kill me for that? …
༺ ♤ ༻
Ressler: And far as we can tell, none of the victims have had a relationship with Wattles, let alone a sexual one. … We are still working on an ID for her.
Aram: Wait a second. Hang on here. I think the Bureau’s
facial recog- nition software may have just found a match with the CCTV footage from the airport hotel. Okay, Claire Anne Homan, 26, graphic designer at a boutique firm in Arlington.
Ressler: If he’s still in the city, she’s the reason why. …
༺ ♤ ༻

[Claire Homan’s home. She is wearing only a bra and panties] [Phone ringing]
[Tommy Wattles appears and grabs Claire. Claire gasps] [Ringing stops]

Tommy Wattles: Hello, Claire. … I need you to come
with me, love.
Claire: [Screams]
Wattles: Come on, Claire! Claire, Claire, Claire, please. Sweetheart oh, why do you dress like this, hmm? Let’s find you some clothes, okay?

༺ ♤ ༻
Aram: So, I’ve been trying the woman from the hotel bar, Claire Homan.
Cooper: You told her what’s going on?
Aram: I can’t get through. Sir, I, uh I have a bad feeling about this. I think Wattles may already be there.
༺ ♤ ༻
Wattles has Claire wrapped to a chair with plastic wrap.
Wattles: It’s ironic you found me the way you did, in that bar, in a moment of weakness. Trying to offer your flesh. It felt more like a sign than a test, really. Through
you, I could feel my calling to God was solidified.
Claire: [ Muffled speech ] I don’t– Why are you doing this? What did I do to you?
[ He kisses her then slaps her ] [ Sobs ]
༺ ♤ ༻

Ressler: We’re five minutes out. Talk to me.
Aram: Trying to make contact. Still no answer on her cell. VSP and Fire are en route. …
༺ ♤ ༻
[ Samar and Ressler arrive at Claire Homan’s home ]
Ressler: Take the girl. I got him. He’s outside!
Samar: [ To Claire ] Are you okay? I’ll come back.
Ressler: Tommy, stop! Stop! Put it down, Tommy.
Wattles: That woman inside, Claire, she taunted me with her sex! Do you know about the ritual of
the auto-da-fé?
Ressler: Put that down and we can talk about it.
Wattles: The burning of the fallible human form, cleansing those that may yet achieve salvation, giving the irredeemable sinner their first foretaste of Hell. And, for the observer, the chance to confront one’s own transgressions.
Ressler: Tommy, I know you’re hurting. I know you think you’re
doing the right thing, but this doesn’t end well. Trust me! …
Samar: Tommy, no.
Wattles: It’s the road to salvation.
[ Glass shatters ] [ The flammable liquid pours over him ]
Wattles: To redemption and purity, and I’m not afraid! Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned! – [ Lighter clicks. 🔥He bursts into flames 🔥 ]
Ressler: Tommy, no!
[ Gasps ]
Ressler: Jesus Christ.
༺ ♤ ༻
[ Doorbell rings ] [ Knock on door ]
Red: Samar, any news?
Samar: We caught the Blacklister. …
Red: And Fagen?
Samar: He’s having his parole hearing later today. Why
is that woman staring at you?
Red: Apparently the number four is bad luck in Japan. Who knew?
[ Beeping ]
Tadashi: Yes, yes, yes!
Liz: You traced the signal.
Tadashi: Not only that, I Waze’d the location …
Samar: Do I even want to know what’s happening here?
Liz: It’s about Tom. We think we found who killed him.
Samar: That’s great. …
[ Doorbell rings ]
Liz: We gotta go.
Samar: Liz, you shouldn’t do this on your own.
[ Door opens ]
Woman: You called for a spa treatment?
Red: Ah, yes! Please, do come in. I ordered an avocado/cucumber scrub. [ To Mrs Ito ] I guarantee you’ll feel like a new woman.
[ Mrs Ito’s scowl softens slightly ]
Red: Or not.
Tadashi: May the force be with you.
Red: I have no idea what you’re talking about.
༺ ♤ ༻
[ Red, Dembe and Liz break in a door ]
Liz: This place is staged. This is my fault. We had him. Damascus was right outside the door. We had him and we let him go. That eye was our last lead.
[ They enter a room with wires cut, machine racks empty ]
Red: We need to get this thing analyzed.We need the person who built
it. It’s … custom-built by someone who does business with Damascus. I want a name and a–
Liz: What? What is it?
[ On a white table top is written: “WE KNOW THE TRUTH” ]
༺ ♤ ༻
Ressler: Mr. Fagen’s help was instrumental in helping us close the case. Because of his cooperation, we took a very dangerous criminal off the streets, saved a lot of lives in the process. … I don’t know Mr. Fagen or whether he’s remorseful for what he’s done. …
Parole Board Member: Thank you, Agent Ressler. We’ll take your testimony int–
Ressler: I-I used to think in terms of black and white. You were either a bad guy or you weren’t. I’m not sure about that anymore. Under the right circumstances, I’ve come to believe that even the best of us are capable of – almost anything. I only mention that because, well, I figure everyone deserves a second chance.
༺ ♤ ༻
[ Fagen is released. He exits. Red’s Mercedes pulls up to him ]
Red: Hello, Mr. Fagen.
Fagen: Reddington. How did you know I was getting out?
Red: You owe me your freedom. …
Fagen: Look, if this is about that fire at Fritzles, I had no idea you were–
Red: I expect two things in return. First, you won’t so much as light a match. Second, when you do, it’ll be at my instruction.
Fagen: You want me to set a fire?
Red: I’ll be in touch.
༺ ♤ ༻
[ Liz and Red are watching Agnes at her daycare ]
Red: I know how hard this is.
Liz: I need your help to find Tom’s killer. I need it, but I don’t know if I can trust it.
Red: You won’t miss a day more with her than is absolutely necessary. You have my word.
Liz: And you have mine. That I’m gonna honor Tom’s dying wish.
Red: Which was?
Liz: For me to know your truth. Before this is over, I’m going to find out what it is.

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❌❌❌ End 4:12 Cook


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🔴 5:11 Abraham Stern (№ 💯)

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Episode 5:11 Abraham Stern 🎯 EW recap ¤ 🌅 Photo Gallery ¤ 📒 Script


༺ ♤ ༻

Brief: With a new sense of self-confidence, Liz is driven by the single-minded determination to find Tom’s killers. Working outside of the Task Force, she has none-the-less gained access to the case files on the attack and, also relying on her memories of the attack, has set up her apartment as a crime scene with an ad hoc evidence board. Following a tip given her by a police detective assigned to the case, she found her way to Bobby Navarro, Ian Garvey’s lead henchman, who refused to identify Garvey whom Liz has dubbed “Damascus” based on her memory of the type of knife Garvey used to kill Tom. Navarro did tell Liz “Your man wasn’t helping Nik. Nik was helping your man.” When Liz asked “With what?” Navarro attacked her and Liz ended up killing him. Meanwhile, Red has freed Ressler from Henry Prescott, the dirty “fixer” who had blackmailed Ressler over his knowledge that Ressler was involved in the altercation that led to the death of former National Security Advisor Laurel Hitchin. Ressler tried to turn over a signed confession to Cooper about the incident, but Cooper refused to read it. Instead, he put it in a drawer and handed a similar envelope to Ressler, declaring they should pass on their contents to The Powers That Be – but only after the work of the Task Force was completed: “None of us ­are the people that we were before this task force started – before Reddington.”

[ As Dembe drives, Red holds the rare 1943 Lincoln penny he got from Greyson Blaise ]
Red: I haven’t felt this giddy since Herbie Hunnicutt and I pooled our box tops and sent away for the decoder ring and periscope. Why is that? What is this feeling?
Dembe: You love treasures, Raymond.
Red: … Everyone loves hidden treasures … Edgar Allan Poe. “The Gold Bug.” Oh, what a story. It has everything – a delirious search for treasure, the descent into madness, along with ciphers and bugs, a skull nailed to a tree. What a yarn! If he actually has the locations of the other coins, this could be a massive discovery.
[ Tires screech 💥‼️💥 ] [ Abraham Stern gets out. He retrieves the penny from the pavement ]

Abraham Stern: Thank you, gentlemen. You may go. We got what I came for.
[ He tosses the penny up in the air, catches it ]

༺ ♤ ༻
[ Liz is at Bobby Navarro’s apartment. She groans, removes a shard of glass from her abdomen, stanching the blood with a rag. She zips Navarro’s body into a black bag, sweeps up broken glass, scrubs the blood from the carpet ]
[ Pounding on door ]
Officer: Robert Navarro, MPD. We need you to open the door, please. …
[ Liz stuffs the bloody rag into the sink, then ducks into a closet ] [ Police enter ]
Officer: Apartment’s clear. 8637 to Central. Domestic disturbance on Fernwick. Mark it unfounded. …
༺ ♤ ༻
Cooper: You were robbed? [ Laughs ] You?
Red: I’m glad my misfortune amuses you.
Copper: It’s just the, uh – irony caught me by surprise. Okay. So –
Red: The very rare 1943 Lincoln penny that I liberated from Grayson Blaise was stolen. The thief knew where to find me. … Now he has it.
And I need a little help to get it back.
Cooper: You fooled us once into helping you acquire that penny. …
Red: The man we’re looking for – this man is on a quest. … He has killed in service of it, and unless we stop him, he will kill again. Care to hear more? …
༺ ♤ ༻
Ressler: [ Reads from bill projected above ] “The United States of America will pay to the bearer on demand $100,000”! How many of these notes are floating around?
Red: None, according to your government. It denies issuing any such notes and insists the few that have turned up are counterfeit.
Samar: I thought this was about your penny.
Red: It is because without the pennies, we will never find the notes or the man who’s killing to get them.
Aram: “Pennies” – wasn’t there only one?

Red: No, there are four. Bronze, minted in 1943.
Cooper: Before stealing it, you were willing to spend $3 million of our money to buy one of the pennies at auction.
Red: Collectors value them because they believe they were minted in error – bronze one-offs when every other penny was made of copper. But what collectors don’t know, what makes them truly valuable, is not that they were a mistake, but that there is a code put there by the man who minted them – a map to a vast fortune.
Aram: The lost Federal Reserve Notes that Treasury claims it never made.

༺ ♤ ༻
Red: Finding the long-lost notes is a quest for the financial holy grail. Hundreds of millions of dollars, redeemable upon request.
Ressler: And the man who attacked you knew this?
Red: Aram, if you would.
Aram: Three security guards murdered at the Sharjah Museum in Dubai, an Italian art collector dies when his home is consumed by a fire set by an unknown arsonist,
and just last night, an antiques dealer murdered in Georgetown.
Red: After informing our Blacklister that I’d arranged to meet with him. … [H]e used that intel to ambush me.
Cooper: Three incidents, presumably only three pennies That leaves him one short.
Samar: Any indication he knows where this last penny
Red: No, and if he gets it, he gets the code and the treasure, which means we need to locate that penny before he does.
Cooper: Our only interest is in stopping this guy. The treasure’s not our concern.
Red: Oh, don’t be such a spoilsport. This could be such fun! Where’s your sense of adventure?
༺ ♤ ༻

Abraham Stern: This is never easy but your P&L statements are not promising. I’m afraid we have no choice but to foreclose.
Frank Dobbs: Please. I’ll do anything.
Abraham Stern: You were once an insurance investigator. Funny I have a personal situation involving a rare coin. Perhaps we could help each other.

༺ ♤ ༻
[ The Gabor Museum ]
Woman: Mr Church, these are the men I was telling you about from the insurance company.
Frank Dobbs: We underwrite rare collectibles. And, uh, this is our num uh, numis- numistatic–
Abraham Stern: [ British accent ] Numismatic expert, Ben Farber. … It’s about the Lincoln penny you have on display. …
Abraham Stern: … We have reason to believe that [a] forger duplicated the 1943 coin you have on loan. …
Church: If what you’re saying is true, should we be filing a fraud claim?
Stern: Let’s take this one step at a time. Is the coin here? Might I be able to see it? …
༺ ♤ ༻

Aram: … I think I may have located the fourth penny. All right, after the coins were minted, they disappeared for about 30 years. … But then, in 1975, they started to appear at auctions. The missing penny was last sold in 1984 … [T]wo
years ago … it was included in an extensive art collection … left to the University of Pennsylvania. … [T]he coin is on loan at the Gabor Museum.
Cooper: Ressler and Navabi, get to the museum. Find out what they know.
༺ ♤ ༻
Officer: Like I said, we got the call, … no sign of any problems.
Detective Singleton: And it was clean? Just like this? … It’s too clean. [ Cellphone dialing ] [ Ringing ] Wyman, hey. … I need a team here now. I want you to tear this
place apart.
Singleton: … If this place was cleaned, I wanna know how. … [S]omeone was here and I wanna know who. … Hey, what’s that?
[ A tech holds up a bloody rag ]
༺ ♤ ༻
Aram: Agent Keen. Please, uh– Please tell me you’re back. Obviously, you’re here, so you’re back, but are you back or just here?
Liz: I’ve missed you, too.
Aram: Mr. Reddington has us working on this insane treasure hunt … [D]o you remember that penny that he got in that elaborate scheme–
Liz: I’m actually just here to get something out of the files.
༺ ♤ ༻
[ Liz goes through the case files, pulls out the file for Stanley Kornish “The Stewmaker” and begins photographing pages from the file, including those describing the chemicals he used to dissolve bodies ]
[ Aram startles Liz ]
Aram: You need to come back.
Liz: [ Gasps ] [ Drops the file ] I got it.
Aram: I, uh– Okay. You know, it’d be a distraction.
Liz: Distraction?
Aram: From looking for Tom’s killers.
Liz: I don’t really see hunting Blacklisters lightening my emotional load. … I’m here. Not back.
[ Liz’s cellphone vibrates ]
Liz: Detective Singleton. What do I owe the pleasure?
༺ ♤ ༻
Singleton: … There was a report of a domestic disturbance at Navarro’s place. By the time we got there, his apartment was cleaned, Navarro was gone. … Last we spoke, I was under the distinct impression that you were looking for him.
Liz: You think I murdered the one person who could ID my husband’s killer?
Singleton: Did you?
Liz: I’m the last person in the world who would want Navarro dead. Now if there is nothing more–
Singleton: There isn’t. Not until we receive results back from the lab.
Liz: Results?
Singleton: From the bloody rag we found in Navarro’s apartment. …

༺ ♤ ༻
Church: … You don’t think it’s a fake?
Stern: I’d want Chandler at the INA to look at this, run some tests.
Church: So, it’s a fake. Amber, have security take the piece to the safe. …
[ Museum officials leave ] [ Sirens wailing ]
[ Police vehicles converge outside ]
༺ ♤ ༻
Ressler: Excuse me. Agents Ressler and Navabi, FBI. What’s going on?
Amber: Well, it seems we have a situation – about a piece in our collection.
Samar: The Lincoln penny? …
Church: We were notified by our insurance company, their investigator. His numismatic expert is in my office. …
Samar: [C]an you take us to him?
[ Abraham Stern pulls an Emergency Alarm ] [ Alarm ringing ]
[ People begin to leave the building. Stern and Dobbs blend into the crowd and escape ]
༺ ♤ ༻

[ Liz evokes her inner Stewmaker and preps a motel room as Stanley Kornish had done. She drags the body inside, covers the motel room with plastic sheeting, washes in Betadine. She loads Navarro’s body into a heart-shaped tub then, wearing a gas mask, pours gallons of chemicals into the tub ]


༺ ♤ ༻
Red: [ On phone ] You don’t have the penny?
Cooper: Nor the Blacklister.
Red: But it was there?
Cooper: MPD booked the penny into evidence. They won’t let us check it out without a court order.
Red: MPD was there before you?
Cooper: They received a tip that the coin was going to be stolen.
Red: A tip from whom?
Cooper: Anonymous. MPD pulled a print off the coin book. With luck, it will help us get an ID on the thief.
Red: The thief is your concern, Harold. Retrieving that penny is mine.
Cooper: The FBI is not going to help you break into a police evidence vault.
Red: No, I wouldn’t think so, Harold. [ Hangs up. To Dembe: ] Let’s go to Elizabeth’s.
༺ ♤ ༻
[ Liz’s phone vibrates ]
Red: I’ve been looking for you.
Liz: Aram told me the penny from Lake Como is actually a treasure map. …
Red: As a result of an anonymous tip, the MPD has the penny. I could use your help to get it back.
Liz: Well, if it’s evidence from a crime scene, they keep it downtown in the evidence vault.
Red: Which Harold has shown no inclination to access
on my behalf.
Liz: They also keep evidence from class 3 felonies – rape, robbery, and homicide.
Red: Tom’s evidence.
Liz: Yes. Now, I don’t have my badge anymore, so maybe the best way to get your penny out is for me to put evidence from that case in.
Red: Do you have any?
Liz: No, but I can make some.
༺ ♤ ༻
Liz: Any word from the lab? …
Singleton: The rag wasn’t booked into evidence until after the morning pickup. Lab won’t get it until tomorrow.
Liz: I, uh, found this in [ Tom’s ] jacket
pocket. [ Liz hands Singleton a digital phone ] It’s locked, and I don’t have the passcode, but maybe one of your techs can pull the records …
༺ ♤ ༻

Red: Remind me again what it is that we think we’re doing here.
Liz: The phone acts as a passive packet sniffer. It’s a trick Tom taught me.
Red: Packet sniffer? Ugh.
Liz: … It can intercept and log traffic that passes over a digital network.
Red: It is an absolute mystery to me how these gadgets work – the Dick Tracey phones, these blueteeth connections. Quite frankly, I miss the rotary phone. Except for that zero. Watching that zero crawl back. Oh, my God. It was painful.
Dembe: We have the code.
Liz: Great. Now all we have to do is figure out how to get inside.
༺ ♤ ༻
Cooper: The lab got an ID from the print on the coin book. Abraham Stern.
Aram: Stern, Abraham J. He’s a loan officer at the Republic Commerce Bank in Manhattan. If you’re upside down on your loan, Stern tries to
work out a new payment schedule. The linen truck that hit Mr. Reddington’s car that company is a client of Stern’s bank, and the insurance investigator that paid a visit to the Gabor Museum, he’s also a client risking foreclosure.
Samar: So, he threatens bankruptcy unless you help him commit crimes? …
༺ ♤ ༻
Frank Dobbs: I don’t understand. I did everything you asked.
Stern: Yes, and you did marvelously. But sadly, now the police are involved.
Dobbs: I won’t say anything.
Stern: I’m terribly sorry. I couldn’t possibly take that chance.
[ Stern shoots 💥 Dobbs ]
༺ ♤ ༻
[ Metro Police Station ] …
Glen Carter: Okay, let’s just be clear about one thing. This is no favor. This is a J-O-B. The check, as they say, better be in the mail.
Liz: Yes, I told you twice already. Why are you stalling?
Glen: I don’t like pills. [ He takes a pill ]
Liz: You’ll be fine. You got your ID on you, right? Okay, I will meet you at the hospital.
Glen: Tell you the truth, I’m sort of looking forward to getting out of the house. I need some time away from Mom. That hospital’s gonna be like a five-star
resort – three squares and a remote, juice with a bendy straw. Between you, me, and the vending machine, I’ve also had a fantasy about a nurse handling my – [ Groans ]
Liz: Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Something’s wrong! He came up to me at the vending machine. He said he was short of breath. Is he gonna be okay?
— He’s having a heart attack. Call an ambulance.
— You have any aspirin? Isn’t he supposed to take aspirin?
Liz: [ Stammers ] Maybe in my purse!
[ Liz ducks out ] [ Keypad beeping ] [ Keypad chirps ]
[ Liz gets into the evidence rooms, finds the right box and takes out the
plastic envelope with the penny. She stuffs it in her pocket ]
[ Glen groans ]
— You’re gonna be all right.
[ Liz reappears ]
Liz: I found the aspirin. Does he need it? Is he gonna be okay?
༺ ♤ ༻
Cooper: [ On phone ] You stole the penny.
Red: We discussed this. Your interest is in Stern. My interest is in this treasure.
Cooper: Which you can’t get to without the pennies in his possession, which means you’re looking for him, too. … Stern’s in the wind, but he’ll come out for that penny. …
༺ ♤ ༻

[ Red and Dembe arrive at a large garage. Abraham Stern is there with several armed guards ]
Red: Okay. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.
Stern: Mr. Reddington. Once the Professor decodes the cipher, what guarantee do I have you won’t double-
cross me?
Red: … Sentiment. This is your inheritance. I wouldn’t dream of taking more than 50%.
Stern: You have one penny. I have three. 75%/25%. … So, how do you know about my father? …
༺ ♤ ༻

Red: Other than secreting away a fortune and hiding its whereabouts in the pennies he minted, I know curiously little about your father. Usually the person who creates a legend becomes legendary. Why not him?
Stern: My father was a little man with big dreams. He worked for the Treasury Department in Denver, started out as an apprentice. His goal was to become a master engraver. But then–
Red: Then the Federal Reserve Notes went missing.
Stern: He had access, so he was a suspect, but was never charged. They punished him anyway. Demoted him to the maintenance staff, gave him a little office in the boiler room. … Then, in ’43, the Mint made security upgrades.

Red: The same year he put the cipher on the coins.
Stern: Within the year, he was let go. … He died a broken man. Penniless. …
Red: If the pennies hold the secret to your inheritance, why didn’t your father give them to you?
Stern: He did, in his will. But at the time, I was a snot-nosed 16-year-old, and to me, he was a failure who’d been accused of a crime he had nothing to show for. So I spent them on candy – four fireballs.
Red: – Whoops.
Stern: The next month, his executor gave me a letter my father had left for me. That’s when I learned that the
pennies were the key to a great treasure.
Red: And you spent the past 40 years looking for it.
Stern: I’ve lied, I’ve cheated. I’ve killed in pursuit of it. I believe my father was a criminal, and I assume he left me the pennies so I wouldn’t become one.
Red: And yet, here you are.
Stern: The apple never falls very far. Does it?

༺ ♤ ༻
[ Liz uses a plunger to force the remnants of Bobby Navarro down the bathtub drain. She encounters a solid object which she removes
and examines – an artificial eye. She finds a way to open it. Inside are blinking electronics ]
༺ ♤ ༻

[ Stern has brought an expert with him. He shows projected images of the four coins ]
Professor: Coins are a topographical map depicting a specific set of geoinformatics. Look at this. Lincoln’s face isn’t a face at all, but a topographical representation of a mountain range. … The front range of the Rocky Mountains. … And these cross-hatchings they’re not random imperfections, but intentionally placed etchings. One set is meaningless, but when you begin to layer the images, the map begins to depict a grid system.
Stern: [ Rises to his feet ] Denver.
Professor: Circa 1943. And look at this. The motto of the United States.
Red: “E pluribus unum” Out of many, one.
Professor: The letters on each coin have imperfections, but when you layer them–
Stern: The “Boiler Room,” where he used
to work. He did steal the money. He just couldn’t get it out. So he hid it right under their noses.
Red: I’ve imagined robbing the Mint of the money they make, but never of a fortune they don’t even know they have. … What do you know about the Denver Mint?
༺ ♤ ༻
Stern: The Mint was built in 1897. The boiler room’s in the basement. It hasn’t been used since renovations were done in ’43, abandoning the old boiler room.
Professor: … A new vault blocks the only entrance.
Red: What about the air-duct system?
Stern: The ducts could give us access if we were pencil
thin and weighed under 50 pounds. We’re not getting in through the ducting. …
Professor: … [T]he only thing they let in there is cash.
Red: Not just any cash. Random, untraceable – the kind you find in a money-laundering operation. [ Dialing, Ringing ] Hey. I need a tally of our current cash reserves.
༺ ♤ ༻
Heddie Hawkins: Are you frickin’ nuts? That’s everything we have. …
Stern: My old client at the bank says IDs are in the works. …
Red: My associate thinks you might betray me. What do you think?
Stern: I think you’re the reason I’m finally going to realize my lifelong dream. I would never betray you. On my father’s grave. …
Hawkins: Don’t do this.
Red: Heddie, please, just get the cash.
༺ ♤ ༻
Guard at Mint: You’re not on the list.
Red: We just drove straight from the Reserve Bank. … Run the badge. We’re on the list.
Stern: He thinks we’re here to rob the place. [ Chuckling ] Hey, you got us. We’re here to rob you. That’s why we’re bringing 8 million bucks into the Mint. …
[ Badge reader beeps ]
Guard: There it is. Yeah.
༺ ♤ ༻
[ Red is unloading bags of cash. Stern comes up behind him, gun drawn ]
Stern: I’m afraid your associate was right.
Red: So much for your father’s grave.
Stern: Your gun belt, please. I’m sorry, Raymond. I’ve come to like you. I really have. But this is my birthright, not yours. … [P]lease, get in the truck.
[ Red uses a screwdriver to remove a panel from inside the truck ] …
Red: Morning, boys.
[ Red’s crew loads ventilation tubing and air pumps into vans ]
༺ ♤ ༻
[ Stern uses a forged ID to let the Professor and his other crew, dressed as guards, into the command center of the Mint ]
— Don’t move!
[ Stern’s fake guards commandeer the real guards ]
[ One of Stern’s men unzips a large duffel, pushes aside some of Red’s laundered cash, and takes out a large drill. Stern pats a spot on the wall ] [ Whirring ] [ Stern’s man drills through the wall ]
༺ ♤ ༻
[ Stern’s men have opened a large square hole in the wall to the boiler room. They enter with flashlights. Inside is the old boiler. One of the men opens the door and out pour the hidden $100,000 bills ]
Stern: Get the bags.


༺ ♤ ༻
[ Red’s men hook up the HVAC tubing to the air pumps. They have run the tubing into the Mint’s ventilation system ]
Morgan: You should’ve seen the look on the boys’ faces at the shop when I told them I was gonna run two of
these jacked into the V8 of this bad boy.
Red: I’m sure it’ll work.
Morgan: Oh, it’s gonna suck.
Stern’s men start loading the banknotes into duffel bags.
Red’s men turn on the air pump [ WHIRRING ]
Inside, the bills starts to blow around.
Stern’s man: What is that? What’s happening? Ugh!
Morgan: I don’t know, Red.
Red: It’ll work. Turn it up.
[ The bills are being sucked out of the vault room, through the HVAC tubing and into Red’s van ]
Red: [ Laughs ] We’re in business.


༺ ♤ ༻
[ On phone ] Hello, Harold. Excuse the rush. I’m on a clock. But I wanted to let you know, I discovered what our friend Abraham Stern is up to.
Cooper: Oh, and what is that?
Red: He’s robbing the Denver Mint. …
Cooper: Are you telling me that Stern’s father’s treasure – is in the Mint?
Red: He’s certainly convinced so. But the more I think about it, I’m not so sure there’s any treasure at all. … I’m afraid I can’t chat. I’ve got my hands full with a bit of a plumbing problem. Good luck with Stern. I have faith in you, Harold. You always get your man.
[ Red’s van is filling up with bills ]
༺ ♤ ༻
Cooper: Reddington says Stern’s robbing the Denver Mint.
Ressler: The Mint?
Cooper: And something tells me Reddington’s not far behind. Notify the Denver field office and get there. Find out what the hell’s going on. …
༺ ♤ ༻
[ Stern jumps up against the vent, vainly trying to retrieve some bills, then slumps against the wall ]
Red: Morgan, how long?
Morgan: I have no idea. But I think we’re gonna need more vans.
Red: We’re out of time. Shut it down. …
[ Inside the Mint, the door of the new vault closes, trapping Stern inside ]
༺ ♤ ༻
Red: Congratulations, Harold. You got your man.
Cooper: And you got your treasure. I don’t know how, but I know you did.
Red: And the pennies?
Cooper: Returned to their rightful owners. All except the one that you lifted from Grayson Blaise.
[ Cooper holds out the penny ]
Red: Name your price, Harold.
Cooper: It’s too high for you.
Red: Try me.
Cooper: The truth.
Red: Abraham Stern’s father committed the crime of
the 20th century. I just committed the crime of the 21st. Except it isn’t a crime. Hundreds of millions in Federal Reserve Notes payable on demand, which the Treasury says don’t exist.
Cooper: The Mint said nothing was stolen.
Red: And so the treasure myth lives on.
[ Red reaches for the penny. Cooper pulls it back ]
Cooper: I appreciate you telling me that truth but it isn’t the one I was looking for. The evidence locker.
Red: What about it?
Cooper: What you took, aside from the penny.
Red: I didn’t take anything else.
Cooper: Evidence was logged in material to the
disappearance of Robert Navarro a person of interest in the death of Tom Keen. You didn’t take it?
Red: No, I did not.
Cooper holds out the penny. Red snatches it and leaves.

༺ ♤ ༻

༺ ♤ ༻
[ Liz arrives at Red’s suite ]
Liz: Is everything okay? Dembe said it was urgent.
Red: You’re to be congratulated. I may be old, but I’m not an old fool, and you completely hoodwinked me and Harold. He thinks I stole a bloody rag from evidence.
Liz: Right. About that–
Red: You were the anonymous tip. You told the MPD that the penny was about to be stolen. You knew if they stopped the robbery in progress, they’d book the penny into evidence. … You called me to help me help you retrieve a rag covered in your blood
evidence that might have convicted you of murdering Robert Navarro.
Liz: I did not intend to kill him. I intended to get him to identify Tom’s killer. He got the upper hand. There was a fight.
Red: … Cooper says it’s a missing-persons case, but if they find that corpse–
Liz: That’s not gonna happen.
Red: I’d like to make sure of that.
Liz: I already have. And in the process, I discovered
Navarro had a glass eye.
Red: Look at that.
Liz: Wait till you see this. Some kind of next-gen technology. I’m sorry I tricked you. …
[ Red squints and reaches behind Liz’s ear ]
Liz: What? Your penny! Wait. Does this mean you found your treasure or no? …


༺ ♤ ༻
Red: Oh, Bernard!
Bernard: You look – incomplete.
Red: [ Chuckles ] [ Laughs ] I just can’t believe that’s it.
Bernard: Found in a trunk gathering dust in Surrey.
Red: Hidden treasure, indeed.
Bernard: Authentication papers are inside.
Red: Ah. [ Hands Bernard the penny ] As promised.
Liz: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. You’re gonna use your penny to buy that?
Red: A bargain at twice the price.
Liz: [ Whispers ] That penny’s worth $3 million.
Bernard: And this is Winston Churchill’s hat.
Red: [ Solemnly ] The Homburg he wore during The Blitz. Under its brim, he beat back Hitler with style and
grace and unwavering confidence. I’m an eager, if unworthy, heir.
[ Red puts on the hat ]
Red: What do you think? Be brutal.
Liz: It’s kind of amazing.
Red: [ Laughs ] I’ll take amazing.


༺ ♤ ༻
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❌❌❌ End 5:11 Abraham Stern


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🔴 5:10 The Informant (№ 118)

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༺ ♤ ༻

Brief: Liz has returned from self-imposed exile in remote Alaska, where she single-handedly eliminated a group of criminals working for the Carlucci Crime Family who had been sent there to track down a former member who had ratted on the Family and had been placed in Alaska under witness protection. On her return from Alaska, Red finds her looking “strong” but cautions her against her expressed lack of remorse. Her sole aim now: to seek revenge against the people who killed Tom and who put her into a 10-month-long coma and through a painful stint in rehab. She has acquired the case files for the attack against her and Tom. During her time in Alaska she left Agnes in the care of Tom’s mother, Susan (“Scottie”) Hargrave, a move which disappointed Red. In keeping with her request, Red agreed not to follow her and, for the first time, she was able to step outside of his protection, which she has found liberating.


[ Toronto, Ontario (Canada) ] [ People dance at a night spot ]
[ Air hisses. Sprays of vapor descend on the dancers ] [ Cheering ]
[ A young man groans, throws up and collapses ]
[ Throughout the venue dozens of people are sick, dying or dead ]

༺ ♤ ༻
[ Red’s fancy new digs indicate he’s been doing well financially ]
Liz: The police are wrong. They think some ex-con named Navarro killed Tom. He didn’t. …
Red: I wish I knew more. All I know for certain is that the men who died in your home were members of the
Nash drug syndicate. …
[ Dembe escorts Samar inside ]
Samar: Liz. I didn’t know you were back. It’s good to see you.
Liz: It’s good to be seen. … I should go.
Samar: Wait. I’m- I’m here about a case. You don’t want to hear it? …
Liz: I’ll let you handle the case.
[ Liz leaves ]
༺ ♤ ༻
Red: What do you know about the nerve-gas attack in Toronto?
Samar: 57 people died. Members of the terrorist cell claiming responsibility have been taken into custody.
Red: On Monday, the US Treasury will most likely attempt to freeze the bank accounts which financed the attack.
Samar: Liz isn’t coming back, is she?
Red: 12 hours ago, a man known as The Informant accessed a list of those accounts on the classified computers used by the Senate Intelligence Committee.
༺ ♤ ༻
Cooper: And the list of bank accounts he stole?
Samar: Reddington believes he plans to ransom them back to the account holders themselves, giving them a chance to transfer their assets before the Treasury freeze goes into effect. …
Aram: [T]he list was apparently on the classified computers at the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Now, Senator Cooligan insists he was at dinner last night when his badge and password were used to access the classified computers.
Ressler: So, we’re looking for someone who had access to the senator’s credentials.
Cooper: What do we know about his staff?

༺ ♤ ༻
Aram: All right. 11 members. All with some level of restricted access. Two are out of the country, and six others have solid alibis with Capitol Police.
Cooper: And the remaining three?
Aram: Two of them are waiting to be cleared for questioning because they are also working for the
Ressler: And this guy Bishop.
Aram: Right. Howard Ray Bishop. Political aide who has held positions with State, Treasury, FDA–
Samar: All of which have suffered leaks from The Informant. …
༺ ♤ ༻

[ Howard Ray Bishop walks down a sidewalk. Samar and Ressler have been watching from their vehicle ] [ Samar gets out ]
Ressler: [ Over comms ] Hey, Navabi. What makes you so certain Keen’s not coming back?
Samar: Just a feeling. … If I were her, I’d do whatever it takes to find my husband’s killer.
Ressler: What do you mean, “whatever it takes”?
Samar: I mean breaking the rules, ignoring the law – whatever it takes.
Aram: To find your husband’s killer? That’s actually sort of sweet.
Ressler: There’s nothing sweet about a cop who breaks the rules.
Samar: Says the man who never jaywalked.
Aram: Or had a hair out of place or even a wrinkle in his suit. Agent Ressler, you know you’d make an amazing criminal. If you were a crooked cop, no one would ever know.
Ressler: I would. …
༺ ♤ ༻

[ Howard Bishop enters a police station ]
Bishop: Excuse me. I need to talk to somebody. I have information about a crime. …
༺ ♤ ༻
[ Samar and Ressler question Bishop ]
Samar: You’re lying.
Bishop: No, I’m bearing witness.
Samar: To a hit-and-run that happened just as the sanctions list was being stolen. It’s convenient. …
Ressler: If you did see this hit-and-run, why wait 24 hours to report it?
Bishop: Because I was with a married woman when I saw it, and my coming forward would expose her.
Samar: Does your friend have a name?
Bishop: Sonia Fisher. Judge Sonia Fisher.
Judge Sonia Fisher: I reported the crime, just not who I was with when I saw it. …
Bishop: She told the truth about the crime. She lied about the affair. We lied. … I’m not proud of the affair, but it proves that I’m not a thief. I did not steal the sanctions list.
༺ ♤ ༻
[ Cooper enters Red’s suite ]
Cooper: The Informant’s name is Howard Bishop – a staffer in Senator Cooligan’s office.
Red: Quick work, Harold. …
Cooper: We didn’t catch Bishop. He turned himself in, claiming to be a witness to a hit-and-run.
Red: Do you know if he’s sold the list yet?
Cooper: No. Nor who the buyer may be. We think he’s selling it to an account holder, but we can’t ID them. I’m hoping you can.

[ Cooper gives Red the list ]
Red: Elizabeth is back.
Cooper: So I hear. How is she?
Red: Determined to find Tom’s killers.
Cooper: That’s understandable.
Red: I’m the devil on one shoulder, and you’re the angel on her other. She’s in troubled waters, Harold. Please help her to navigate them.

༺ ♤ ༻
[ Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands ]
Red: Herman! … Oh, my God! [ Hugs him ] I’ve missed your tightly wound officiousness all clenched and pink and puckered. … It’s true I had a setback. But I’m flush now, and my assets are seeking shelter from the storm.
Herman: Nine figures? … It will be a pleasure doing business with you again. …
[ Red hands him the list Cooper gave him ]
Herman: What’s this?
Red: Account numbers. I need the names behind the numbers.
Herman: Th-These are not our accounts. I couldn’t possibly–
Red: This is an opportunity. The US government is about to freeze those funds. … If you can help me identify those account holders, I’d be only too happy to refer them to you. You must have some means of identifying such promising new clientele.
༺ ♤ ༻

Liz: Detective Singleton, right?
Detective Singleton: You remember. Last time we spoke, you were just getting out of the hospital. … Then you vanished …
Liz: I went away. I just got back. … Would you like a cup of coffee?
Singleton: Read my mind. …
[ Steps inside ]
[ Liz shows Detective Singleton the wall in her almost
empty living room on which she has set up an ad hoc evidence board of photos with notes and the relationships of the intruders who had attacked her and Tom ]
Liz: [ Pointing ] He stabbed my husband.
Singleton: The man with the Damascus knife?
Liz: Navarro worked for him.
Singleton: These three worked for Navarro. Part of the Nash syndicate. Used to run drugs outside of the Kaufman Food and Liquor.
Liz: And Damascus. Who is he?
Singleton: I have no idea. Look we questioned Navarro. Nothing stuck, so we had to kick him loose. … The bullets pulled from these bodies didn’t match any of the weapons found at the scene. Someone killed your attackers. Any idea who?
Liz: I was unconscious at that point. …
Singleton: How’d you and your husband get to the hospital? …
Liz: I don’t know.
Singleton: I know you already know this so consider this a friendly reminder. You’re an accessory if you help someone get away with a crime. … If you think of anything, give me a call.
[ Singleton leaves ]
[ Liz adds a Post-It to Navarro’s profile on the wall: “Kaufman Food and Liquor” ]
༺ ♤ ༻

Herman: … The Monetary Authority caught Miss Isaacson trying to hack into our accounts.
A judge reduced her sentence to nine months in exchange for her agreeing to help identify vulnerabilities in our own system. … If anyone can put names to the numbers you gave me, it’s Miss Isaacson.
Isaacson: I’m not going to.
Red: Name your price.
Isaacson: I don’t want your money.
Red: What do you want?
Isaacson: Bite me.
Red: Hmm. A woman after my own heart. … Oh well, Herman. We tried. Perhaps next time. Wait a minute. What about Sogi-san?
Isaacson: The tattoo artist?
Red: I helped him secure a very rare dye several years ago.
Herman: I’m sorry – a tattoo artist?
Red: A reclusive but visionary artist, which is all the more impressive considering he does his best work after drinking himself half-blind. Otaru, Hokkaido Prefecture. You get me those names, I’ll get you an appointment within the week. … Perhaps Tweety Bird or Yosemite Sam. Or a lady riding a monkey wrench.
༺ ♤ ༻
Samar: Reddington identified the names on the list.
Aram: We believe the buyer is Rosmin Hamzah, a Bruneian national with extremist ties in SE Asia. …
TSA flagged Hamzah 12 hours ago at Dulles under an assumed name, and Bureau agents have since tracked him to a hotel in Dupont Circle.
Cooper: Have Ressler stay with Bishop. Take a team and follow Hamzah. If Reddington’s right, we walk away with The Informant and a major sponsor of terrorism.
༺ ♤ ༻
[ Liz pulls up to a group of guys outside Kaufman Food and Liquor. One man, Vasilis, approaches her vehicle ]
Liz: I’m looking for Navarro. … This corner is run by the Nash Syndicate. Navarro’s your boss, and I need to speak with him.
Vasilis: You in the wrong place, lady. … Now start to
drive off, and we gonna–
[ Liz slaps a handcuff on Vasilis. The other cuff is anchored inside the car ]
Liz: You want me to drive? [ Hitting the gas ] Okay.
Vasilis: Whoa, whoa! Hey, hey! Stop! … Stop! Stop, please! … Crisanto! He’ll know who you’re looking for.
༺ ♤ ༻
[ Crisanto gets in the car. Liz throws a thin chain around Crisanto’s neck, tightens it ]
Liz: If you panic, you’ll run out of air. If you run out of air, you’ll pass out. And if you pass out, you can’t answer my questions. And if you don’t answer my questions, I’ll kill you. Got it? Navarro. Where is he?
Crisanto: Never met him, but I know a guy. Pee-Wee. Runs things for Navarro. He’ll know. Pee-Wee will know. …
༺ ♤ ༻
[ Ressler is trailing Bishop, who is carrying a briefcase, on foot ]
Samar: Hamzah’s driver dropped him off at Union Station.
Ressler: [ Over comms ] Bishop’s heading south on 6th. … If Bishop’s The Informant, his alibi with the judge was a lie, which means she’s in on it, too. …
[ Ressler’s cellphone rings ]
Ressler: I’m busy.
Henry Prescott: Mr Sturgeon. The man you’re tailing is a client. … Tell your team to back off. … Bishop’s the informant. He stole the list. You nudged in, and then I gave him an alibi.
Ressler: The hit-and-run.
Prescott: … The hit-and-run was a murder.
Ressler: The judge swore it was an accident because the judge does what you tell her to do.
Prescott: Yep, just like you. Which is why when I told her to say that Bishop was with her when she saw it, that’s what she did. How’s that for power? I got a judge to admit to an affair she wasn’t having.
Ressler: There’s nothing I can do. We already got teams on the buyer.
Prescott: … Tell you team to stand down, or I will leak the dirt I have on you and you will be put away for life.
Ressler: [ On comms ] Something’s wrong. Bishop’s turning away from the station.
Samar: What do you mean? His buyer is here.
Ressler: He’s made you. If you don’t reposition, we risk
losing him. I need you to divert all units to the west parking lot. Suspect moving south, southwest.
[ Hamzah remains still seated on the bench in Union Station. He checks his watch ]
Samar: Reposition. Target’s on the move. Cover all southerly entrances. …
[ Bishop enters Union Station. When he passes Hamzah, Hamzah gets up and follows him ] [ Ressler watches as Bishop gets in line at a food stand. Bishop puts down his briefcase. Hamzah gets in line behind Bishop. He puts down his briefcase, picks up Bishop’s and walks away ] [ Bishop picks up the briefcase Hamzah left and leaves the line. Ressler follows him ]
༺ ♤ ༻


 [ Ressler walks up to Bishop, gun drawn ]
Ressler: Howard Bishop? FBI. You’re under arrest. Hands in the air. Navabi, I got Bishop in custody. Hamzah’s headed your way now.
Bishop: You’ve just made a horrible mistake.
༺ ♤ ༻
[ Ressler is in a large room. A file envelope lies on a table ] [ Henry Prescott enters ]
Prescott: You’re not my first client to grow a conscience. Go on. Open it.
Ressler: I paid my debt. I’m done.
Prescott: You disobeyed me.
[ Prescott slaps him ] [ Ressler draws his gun, sticks it under Prescott’s chin ]
Ressler: I said I’m through.
Prescott: What are you gonna do? Arrest me? On what charge? Murder? Of who? A cover-up? Of what? You have no evidence against me. You don’t even know my name.
But I know everything about you–
[ Prescott opens the envelope, takes out a set of incriminating photos and slaps them on the table ]
Prescott: –Starting with you pretending to be Frank Sturgeon and hiring me to dispose of the National Security Advisor. You’re a crooked cop, Agent Ressler. You know what they do to crooked cops in prison? One with such a pretty face?
Ressler: You’re right. I can’t arrest you but I can kill you. Which is what I’m gonna do if you ever ever get in touch with me again.
Prescott: Oh, I’ll be in touch.
Ressler: It’s your funeral.

༺ ♤ ༻
[ The Post Office ] [ Elevator door opens ] [ Samar enters ]
Samar: Do you remember Henry Prescott?
Ressler: Prescott?
Samar: The guy responsible for covering up Reven Wright’s murder.
Ressler: Yeah, I know who he is. I just, uh– Why
are you asking me?
Samar: Bishop is his client.
Ressler: Who told you that?
Samar: Bishop. I’ve been interrogating him for the last hour. …
༺ ♤ ༻
Cooper: Because of your arrest, Bishop and Hamzah are in custody, the sanctions list was recovered, and assets that would have been in the hands of terrorists have been frozen.
Samar: Bishop wasn’t across town when the list was stolen. The judge said they were together because Prescott told her to.
Ressler: Why would she do that?
Samar: Bishop doesn’t know, but the hit-and-run was planned. Prescott planted the judge there in advance as a witness, so it wasn’t an accident.
Ressler: It was murder.
Aram: The victim was Jasmine Perez, an MPDC Internal Affairs Investigator. …
༺ ♤ ༻
[ Pee-Wee is grilling meat in the kitchen on a restaurant. Liz enters ]
Liz: Pee-Wee. … Crisanto told me you could bring me to Navarro.
Pee-Wee: I just work the grill.
Liz: And launder money for Navarro.
[ Pee-Wee makes a move for his gun – Liz shoots 💥 him in the leg ]
Pee-Wee: Ah! Ahh.
Liz: Where’s he keep the money?
[ Another employee signals Liz. A cabinet contains bundles of bills ]
Pee-Wee: Who the hell are you?
Liz: I’m the woman you’re taking to Navarro. Now, you can either bring him a stranger–
[ Liz takes a bundle of bills and sticks it into the flame of the grill setting it ablaze ]
Liz: –Or you can bring him a stranger who you let burn all his money. What’s it gonna be? …
༺ ♤ ༻
Detective Farwell: Past month, Detective Perez had a few investigations go south on her. Evidence went missing, cops walked back testimony. … I think she was on to a dirty cop,
and he killed her to keep her quiet. … I told the investigating officers about them, but they showed no interest, which is why
I’m relieved to see you guys. Someone’s got to police the police.
Samar: We’d appreciate you letting us into her apartment so we can access her personal server.
Farwell: I’ll do one better. I’ll tell you her password. She shared it with me so I could keep up to date. It’s “Frank Sturgeon”.
Samar: Who’s Frank Sturgeon?
Farwell: She never said. Maybe the one who got away.
༺ ♤ ༻
[ Ressler and Samar are in their vehicle ]
Samar: There’s no record of a Frank Sturgeon on file. Do you think it’s an alias? Ressler? …


༺ ♤ ༻
[ At Detective Perez’s Apartment ]
Samar: Ressler. … What’s going on? You didn’t say a word on the way over here.
Ressler: We’re looking for a cop-killer. … Can you check the bedroom? Please?
[ Samar leaves ]
[ Ressler opens Perez’s desk. He finds a tablet and keys in the password ]
[ There are a number of file names listed, including “Donald Ressler.” He selects the file, then selects a recording ]

Audio recording:
Look, this is Detective Perez with Internal Affairs.
Whoever this is–
Ressler: I can’t arrest you, but I can kill you. Which is what I’m gonna do if you ever ever get in touch with me again.

[ Cellphone rings ]
Ressler: Yeah?
Red: Hello, Donald. I think it’s time for us to have a little chat.

༺ ♤ ༻
Ressler: How did you know about Prescott?
Red: I made it my business to know.
Ressler: Did you make it your business to know his real name? ‘Cause that would come in real handy right about now.
Red: Why, so you can kill him?
Ressler: How does The Informant fit into this?
Red: The Informant is a client of Prescott’s. You’re
Prescott’s fixer. I put you on to The Informant so Prescott would ask you to get off.
Ressler: Why would you do that?
Red: As a test. See how far down the rabbit hole you’d fallen. Good news is, you passed. Prescott asked you to look the other way, and you didn’t.
Ressler: Because of that, he’s going to destroy me.
Thanks for nothing.
Red: I thought we’d pay Bishop’s make-believe girlfriend a visit.
Ressler: The judge? Well, she knows I’m an agent. We can’t go in together.
Red: As long as you play dirty cop, we’ll be fine. Under the circumstances, I think you can manage that, can’t you?
༺ ♤ ༻

[ Knock on door ]
Judge Sonia Fisher: Who is it?
Ressler: Agent Donald Ressler. …
Judge Fisher: I have nothing else to say to you.
Red: Judge Fisher, I’m Raymond Reddington. Let me begin by saying I’m a great fan. You incarcerated three of my fiercest competitors. …
Judge Fisher: What is this all about, Agent Ressler?
Ressler: Well, Reddington and I, we, uh have an arrangement, like you and Prescott.
Judge Fisher: I-I don’t know anything about– …
Ressler: We know Detective Perez was murdered to cover up police corruption and that Prescott got you to lie about what you saw in order to protect her killer.
Judge Fisher: That’s ridiculous.
Ressler: The FBI is on its way right now to arrest you as an accessory after the fact of the murder of a cop. … Bishop’s already in custody. See, he
confessed. Cut a deal to testify against you.
Red: Speaking of deals, here’s mine. I need to talk to Prescott, and given my relationship with Donald, he’s no longer taking my calls. Tell me how to find him, and I’ll arrange safe passage for you out of the country to the city of your choosing. …
Judge Fisher: Were you honest once?
Red: I’m almost always honest.
Judge Fisher: Decent, then? Moral? I was all of those things once. Then, my 17-year-old son assaulted a
woman and suddenly, I wasn’t. A parent from his class – he was an attorney – called to say my son was in custody,
and the young woman was on the way to the hospital
to have a rape kit administered, and – did I want the whole thing to disappear?
Ressler: The attorney said that?
Judge Fisher: The next day, the rape kit vanished. I
didn’t ask him to do it, but I didn’t make him put it back. Without it, the charges were withdrawn.
Ressler: And you were in his debt.
Judge Fisher: Six months alter, he made his first request.
Ressler: The attorney did? What’s his name?
Judge Fisher: Mitchell Hatley. I suppressed evidence, I let the guilty walk free. How can I forgive myself?
Ressler: I don’t know.
Judge Fisher: I’m gonna get my coat.

Red: Forgiveness doesn’t mean accepting what you’ve done, Donald. It means understanding that the line dividing good and evil cuts through the hearts of all of us.

[ Woman screams at a distance ]
[ Ressler runs into the bedroom. The window is open. Stories below, Judge Fisher’s body is splayed out on the concrete ]

༺ ♤ ༻
[ A group of parents and kids are playing touch football. Henry Prescott (real name Mitchell Hatley) is among them. Red is in his car with Ressler, parked some distance away ]
Ressler: I never thanked you for what you did after Audrey died.
Red: You were preoccupied.
Ressler: I was crazed. And convinced I should kill the man who shot her. Do you remember what you told me to do? … You
said that once you cross over, there are things in the darkness that can keep your heart from ever feeling the light again. I didn’t go home, but I never crossed over. I never thanked you for that.
Red: Nor should you. Your circumspection afforded me the opportunity to take care of Audrey’s killer myself. It
was a win-win.
Ressler: I didn’t want Prescott’s real name so that I could kill him. I wanted it so I could arrest him.
Red: He goes to prison, so will you.
Ressler: I know, but I’m in the darkness, and doing the right thing is the only way I’ll ever feel the light again.
[ Ressler gets out ]
༺ ♤ ༻

Ressler: [ Walking up ] Hey, there. Wow. Looks like a fun time. Sorry to interrupt. …
Henry Prescott (Mitchell Hatley): What are you doing here, Frank? …
Janet: Do you know this man, Mitchell? …
Ressler: Special Agent Donald Ressler, FBI. Mitchell Hatley, I’m here to place you under arrest.
Prescott/Hatley: Arrest for what? This is insane. That is
a terrible, terrible idea.
Ressler: I know it is.
[ Prescott/Hatley pushes Ressler down, then runs. Ressler chases after him, dodging cars ] [ Tires screech ] [ Red’s car drives up; Red opens the back door knocking Prescott/Hatley down. Red & Dembe get out. Prescott/Hatley is on his back on the street. Ressler
stands over him with his gun pointing ]
Prescott/Hatley: [ Panting ] Go ahead, Agent Ressler. Pull the trigger. If you don’t, we both go to jail. Come on! [ Taunting ] Do it! [ Laughing ]
Red: [ Sternly ] Donald.
[ Donald puts away his gun and handcuffs Prescott/Hatley ] [ Red gets in the car with Dembe and it leaves the scene ]
༺ ♤ ༻
[ Bobby Navarro sits at a table drinking beer and running bills through a bundling machine ]
[ Knock on door ] [ Navarro looks out, sees Pee-Wee ]
Navarro: What the hell are you doing here?
Pee-Wee: Open up.
[ Lock clicks ] [ Door opens. Liz was holding up her cell phone with a video of Pee-Wee to the peephole ] [ Liz points her gun at Navarro ]
Liz: Remember me? Pee-Wee sends his regards. …
༺ ♤ ༻
[ Cooper’s Office ] [ Ressler taps on the door, then enters ]
Ressler: Got a minute?
Cooper: Agent Ressler, please sit.
Ressler: There’s something I need to talk to you about.
Cooper: It’ll have to wait. … There’s been an incident. I got a call from the Bureau of Prisons. There was an accident involving the transport vehicle moving Prescott. The transport was struck by an unknown assailant. We assume one of Prescott’s many friends felt he’d been compromised and didn’t want to see him make it to court. …

[ Prescott is chained inside an overturned prison transport vehicle. Gasoline is dripping on him ]
[ Red peers inside the the vehicle ]
Red: My good friend Donald Ressler sends his regards.
[ Red lights a match, tosses it into the van ~ 💥🔥💥 EXPLOSION 💥🔥💥 ]
Prescott/Hatley: Aah, aah! [ SCREAMING ]


༺ ♤ ༻

Cooper: As much as it pains me that Prescott won’t have his day in court, the records we’ve recovered will help us prosecute dozens of his clients.
[ Ressler hands Cooper an envelope ]
Cooper: What’s this?
Ressler: A signed confession.
Cooper: I don’t accept.
Ressler: Why not?
Cooper: When Prescott’s files came in, I thought maybe your name would be inside. It wasn’t.
Ressler: Well, it should have been. What happened with Prescott, the missing file – Reddington did that to protect me. … I think that you deserve truth.
Cooper: I know what’s inside this letter. Maybe not all the details, but I can guess. … I’m not interested in your feelings, Agent Ressler. I’m not interested in what you want. None of us ­are the people that we were before this task force started – before Reddington. …
[ Cooper puts Ressler’s envelope inside his suit pocket ]
Cooper: So, I’m going to hold on to this letter with the expectation that I’ll find you at your desk ­first thing tomorrow morning and every morning after that, ready to do your job until the work of this task force is finished. Then, and only then, will I send this letter through the proper channels.
[ Cooper reaches into a drawer and pulls out an envelope which he hands to Ressler ]
Cooper: And I expect you to do the same for me.


༺ ♤ ༻

[ Elevator door dings ] [ Dembe escorts Ressler inside ]
Red: I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, Donald, but we’ve been seeing an awful lot of each other.
Ressler: I made it perfectly clear I wanted Prescott to go to jail. You had him killed! ­
Red: I did.
Ressler: I never asked for your help.
Red: With all due respect, I didn’t kill Henry Prescott to protect you. I killed him to protect myself. The man knew the nature of my relationship with the FBI, and I couldn’t risk that information coming to light in a public trial.
Ressler: And my file? You had it removed from Prescott’s records before they were taken into custody. Well, I won’t trade being under his thumb for being under yours.
Red: Sins should be buried like the dead. Not that they may be forgotten, but that we may remember them and find our way forward nonetheless. I hope this will help you do just that. Besides, after today, I’d have no reason to think you’d respond to threats, and blackmail is such a nasty business, particularly among friends, don’t you think?
[ Ressler leaves, grabbing a large full bottle of Scotch from the bar as he walks by ]

Episode 5:10 Highlight: Sins should be buried (1min 25secs)


༺ ♤ ༻
Liz: There was a man at my house the night you killed my husband. He had a Damascus knife. Who was he?
Navarro: I can’t remember. …
Liz: [ Shows a photo of Nik ] What about him? His name was Nik Korpal. My husband was helping
him – helping him with something that got them both killed. …
Navarro: You don’t get it. That guy Nik –
Liz: What about him?
Navarro: Your man wasn’t helping Nik. Nik was helping your man.
Liz: Nik was helping Tom. With what?
Navarro: I can’t – If they ever found out, I would –
[ Liz leans in. Navarro jumps her. They fight. Navarro gets
Liz in a choke hold ]

[ Liz flashes back to the fight in her home and clasping hands with Tom ]

[ Liz makes choking sounds, then slumps. Navarro
loosens his grip on her. But Liz was only feigning unconsciousness. She punches his chin, grabs his hair and slams Navarro against the glass-topped coffee table ⚡️⚡️shattering it. Navarro becomes still. Liz stands up slowly. Blood pours out of Navarro’s jugular where his neck has been stabbed with a stiletto blade ]
Liz: [ Panting ] Okay. This is okay.


༺ ♤ ༻
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❌❌❌ End 5:10 Informant


༺ ✿⊰ ♤ ⊱✿༻


🔴 5:9 Ruin

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Episode 5:9 Ruin 🎯 EW recap ¤ 🌅 Photo Gallery ¤ 📒 Script


༺ ♤ ༻

Brief: Tom Keen is dead – of blood loss after being stabbed multiple times by Blacklister Ian Garvey, who took possession of the mysterious suitcase full of bones in the belief that they would give him power over Red. Tom took the suitcase from Garvey long enough to read the DNA results report (that Garvey had somehow acquired from the DNA database CODIS). Tom intended to share the identity of the bones with Liz when Garvey and his henchman jumped the couple in their home. Red intervened in time to save Liz’s life but Tom died in the hospital. Liz suffered a severe concussion and when she awoke, Red had to inform her not only of Tom’s death but that she has been a coma for ten months.


[ Liz visits Tom’s grave ]
Liz: Hey, you.
[ Liz places a single red rose on the gravestone ]
Liz: [ Crying softly, she sits on the ground ] [ Voice breaking ] I’m not doing very well. I told myself I wasn’t gonna tell you that. [ Sniffles ] That’s the last thing you need to hear, right [ Sniffles ] [ Sighs ] I’m thinking about going away.

༺ ♤ ༻

[ Liz runs through a wooded, mountainous area. She is dressed for cold weather ]
[ Wings flutter ] [ Liz goes to a bear trap, uses a branch to spring the trap ]
[ Liz goes up to a cabin and enters. A dog, Kate, welcomes her ]
Liz: [ To dog ] Hi. Hi. I know, I know.
[ Water running; faucet turns off ]
[ Garbage disposal whirs, then overloads the generator ]
༺ ♤ ༻
[ Liz goes outside to fix the stand-alone generator ]
[ The generator starts, but quits after a few seconds ]
༺ ♤ ༻
[ Liz enters a store stocked with machine parts, some processed food ]
Early: … Genny out again?
Liz: Oh, Early, if anything worked up at that place, I’d get bored.
Early: [ Chuckles ] Storm’s coming. Did you see the
Liz: Yeah, they say ice.
Early: It’s early for ice. Leaves are still on the trees, but that’s what they say. Few inches. …
[ Liz pays for the generator part ]
Liz: [ Leaving ] Stay warm.
Early: Stay warm, Grace.

༺ ♤ ༻
[ Liz starts the generator with the new part ] [ Kate barks ]
༺ ♤ ༻
[ Knock on door. Liz peers out, then opens it. Colin Knox, wearing a hat saying “Alaska State Ranger”, enters with a package ]
Colin Knox: Surprise delivery. It was orphaned at the post office. …
Liz: That’s sweet. You didn’t have to drive out here in this weather.
Colin: Believe me, I know that. Colder than an Alaskan outhouse right now. …
Liz: You headed to the station? … I’ll send you with some coffee. … Be careful out there.
Colin: Okay, then. Bye, Kate.
[ Kate barks ] [ Liz closes the door ]
༺ ♤ ༻
[ Kate is up on her hind legs, front paws on the window sill, insistently barking ]
[ Liz lets Kate out. She follows the dog past the generator. A man is lying on his back on the ground. She reaches for the man’s neck to check his pulse. The man’s eyes open and he grabs her arm ]


༺ ♤ ༻
[ Inside the cabin, Liz pulls back the man’s bloody coat and shirt. Both have been slashed through. The man has an angry gash across his abdomen ]
[ Liz dresses the man’s wound, then bundles him up in blankets ]
༺ ♤ ༻
[ Liz is in an outdoor shed, trying to reach help by radio ] [ Radio static ]
Liz: Broadcasting in the blind. Hello? … Can anyone read me? Is anyone hearing this? Hello?
༺ ♤ ༻

[ Liz tries to start her truck ] [ Engine sputtering ]
Liz: Oh, come on.
[ Engine sputtering ] [ Sighs ] [ She pounds the steering wheel ]
༺ ♤ ༻
[ Through the worsening ice storm, Liz walks to the Alaska State Ranger Station with Kate. No one is there ]
Liz: Colin?
[ Liz looks at the photos on Colin’s desk ]

[ Liz looks at family photos. She is packing ]
Liz: I need you to promise me something.
Red: Of course.
Liz: The Blacklist. I need you to promise me you’ll keep working on it with the Task Force.
Red: Doesn’t work without you.
Liz: It has to.
Red: I think we’ve done enough.
Liz: What you’ve done – [ Sighs ] What you’ve made it possible for the Task Force to do– You know, I’ve never thanked you for that. Why you do it, what you get out of it at the end of the day, it
doesn’t matter. But I need you to promise me you’re gonna keep doing it.
Red: I promise.
Liz: Thank you. I have one more favor to ask you. And it’s not gonna be easy for you, but it’s important to me.
Red: Okay.
Liz: I don’t want you to follow me. You’re gonna let go. Can you do that?
Red: What about Agnes?

༺ ♤ ༻
[ Liz scribbles a note for Colin across a message pad: “There’s been an Emergency. Come when you can X Grace” ]
[ Wind howling ] [ Liz and Kate arrive back at the cabin. The lights in the cabin are on ] [ Kate barks ] [ Liz draws her gun and cocks it before entering the cabin ]
[ There are three men standing around the bed
with the wounded man (Ellis, Orson, Fifield) ]
Liz: What the hell is going on here?
[ A fourth man, Billy, enters. Liz points her gun at him ]
Billy: Whoa. Oh. Hey. Take it easy, lady.
Liz: Who the hell are you people?
༺ ♤ ༻
[ In the cabin’s living room ]
Billy: Sorry if we scared you, I just I don’t know if we’d have lasted much longer out there in that wind.
Liz: You said your plane went down?
Billy: Uh, no, not my plane. Charter. Ellis read about these, uh, fishing trips outta Lake Hood. [ Chuckling ] I mean, seemed like a good idea at the time. …
Ellis: We hit weather.
Orson: What we hit was ice.
Billy: Yeah, I could, uh, see it freezing up on the wing. Couple inches. Before we knew it, it started breaking off. … [T]he pilot was saying he lost an engine.
Liz: And you went down where?
Ellis: A mile back, maybe two.
Liz: I didn’t hear anything.
Orson: Hell, it was further than that.
Billy: I-It must have been 6, uh, 10 miles. I-I don’t know, the weather, we got turned around.
Liz: And you were all able to just walk away?
Billy: Well, we got lucky. … Pilot didn’t, uh didn’t make it, we had to leave him. Mike the guy in your bedroom was cut up pretty bad on the way down. He knew he was
bleeding, but he didn’t want to wait for help, so he started walking. Dumb son of a bitch.
Ellis: We couldn’t talk sense into him.
Orson: Temperature dropped. Thought we were gonna die out there, so–
Billy: So, we just started walking. We never found Mike, but we saw the smoke from your chimney. No lights, no locks– We thought the place was empty. …
༺ ♤ ༻
[ They walk into the bedroom ]
Billy: Is he gonna be okay?
Liz: Not if we don’t get him to a hospital. I closed up his wounds, but he’s bleeding internally. You can tell by his breathing. There’s blood in his airways. He’s got a few hours, maybe.
Billy: What about the roads?
Liz: Good luck out there. It’s an ice rink. Block’s
frozen on my truck. Even if I had a phone, the lines are down. Look, bottom line is, we got to get your friend out of here fast, and I have no idea how. …
Billy: I never asked your name.
Liz: Grace. It’s Grace.
Billy: Grace. That’s nice.
Liz: You’re bleeding.
༺ ♤ ༻
[ Liz is suturing the cut in Billy’s upper arm ]
Billy: So, what’s your story, anyway? Up here, all alone. [ Winces ]
Liz: You know the story – a girl in a cabin with a gun and a dog.
Billy: [ Ice crunches ] I don’t think I’ve heard that one.
Liz: … Trust me, it’s not that interesting.
Billy: [ Scoffs ] Well, I doubt that. I don’t know many peop- people who, uh, could diagnose internal bleeding by the sound of somebody’s breathing. You a doctor or something? … Come on. There has to be a halfway decent story. No Mr. Mysterious? Out there on his way home right now?
Lz: There was once. Didn’t work out.

[ On the couch in her home, Liz talks to Susan (“Scottie”) Hargrave, Tom’s Mom. Agnes is sitting on a rug in front of them, scribbling on a piece of paper ] …
Liz: This is hardest thing I’ve ever done. I’m just so angry, and she knows it. And I can’t make it go away.
Scottie: Agnes will be fine.
Liz: [ Sniffles ] And what about you? What about the pain you’re feeling, the anger? Can you protect her from that?
Scottie: I spent 30 years mourning Tom’s loss. Where you are now I was there the day he disappeared from that beach when he was a little boy. Yes, I’m sad and angry.
But Tom coming back to me after all these years was a gift. … The boy I’d given up for dead came back to life to save me. And to give me his beautiful baby girl, who I’m gonna spoil rotten. … Liz. She’s gonna be fine. She is. Okay. I’m gonna take good care of her. She’ll be healthy and happy. And when you are – and that will happen – you’ll take her back. …


༺ ♤ ༻
[ Wind howling ]
Liz: I need to go check the radio.
Billy: There’s a- There’s a radio?
Liz: An old one in the barn. Used for calling in
weather reports. It hasn’t worked in years, but if I could get it running–
Billy: Well, uh, you want a hand? I’ll- I’ll help.
Liz: I’m a big girl.
༺ ♤ ༻

[ In the out building ]
Liz: If anyone can hear me, acknowledge this transmission. Copy? [ Static ] Anybody? Hello?
[ Man speaking Russian on radio ]
Liz: [ To Kate, scratching her neck ] Hey. What do you think of these guys, huh? Yeah, I’m not buying it, either.
༺ ♤ ༻
[ Door opens. Liz enters the cabin. Colin is there ]
Colin: Oh, there you are. I got your note, came as soon as I could.
Billy: The cavalry showed up.
Colin: … Where were you fellas flying out of?
Billy: Lake Hood. Fishing charter.
Ellis: Yeah, we are lucky to be alive.
Billy: Our friend Mike, in the bedroom, he’s not so lucky. We got to get him to a doctor.
Colin: The roads are impossible. It’s only getting worse. Radio’s down at the station. I had to walk here.
Liz: There’s a radio on the plane. … [I]f we could get it to work, or at least get the locator working on the black box, then Search & Rescue could get a Snowcat down here and medevac your friend out.
Orson: I can help. I have a decent sense of direction. I can get us back to that wreckage, I know it.
Colin: What about you? You gonna be okay here?
Liz: No, I’m not okay. There’s a stranger bleeding to death in my bed and you could use me out there.
Billy: Yeah, but if you go, who looks after Mike? ‘Cause I can’t. Please, don’t make me tell his wife he died on my watch.
༺ ♤ ༻
[ Liz gets Colin alone ]
Liz: Hey, I got a question for you. These guys, their story anything seem off to you?
Colin: What do you mean “off”?
Liz: They walked 10 miles in this weather? From a
crash I never heard.
Colin: Don’t be silly.
Liz: [ Scoffs ] Not a broken bone on one of them. I think I should go with you.
Colin: You’re being paranoid. Come on. Everything will be fine. We’ll be back before you know it.
༺ ♤ ༻

[ Colin has left with Orson ] [ Door to bedroom closes ]
Liz: It’s all right. You’re gonna be okay. We’re gonna get you some help. Your friends are in the other room.
Mike: [ Labored ] Not friends.
Liz: Then who the hell are they?
Mike: [ Hoarsely ] … Ratted Carlucci family.
Liz: The Carlucci crime family? What are you doing up here?
Mike: Witness protection.
Liz: WitSec dumped you up here, but your old friends found you just the same.
Mike: Please th-they’ll kill me … They’ll kill you, too.
[ Billy enters. Ice crunching ]
Billy: Everything okay in here?
Liz: Yeah. He’s good. He’ll push through a few more hours. He’s a fighter.
༺ ♤ ༻

[ Wind howling ]
Billy: That crash – I never thought our little hunting adventure would turn out like this.
Liz: Hunting? I thought you said you were fishing?
Billy: What?
[ Glass shatters ]
Liz: Oh, damn it. Sorry.
Billy: Here, let me help.
Liz: No, no. You stay put. There’s glass everywhere.
[ Ellis is eating peanut butter from a jar ]
Billy: … [ Clears throat ] Bears.
Liz: What?
Billy: What I wanted to hunt – bears. I had, uh grand vision of bagging a grizzly. Orson and the others, they wanted to fish. We were gonna split up the trip. They didn’t get their fish, I didn’t get my bear. …

༺ ♤ ༻
Billy: Why do you still wear your ring?
Liz: Excuse me?
Billy: Wedding ring on your finger.
Liz: My husband gave it to me.
Billy: I thought you said that didn’t work out. What happened?
Liz: I lost him. …
༺ ♤ ༻
[ Door opens ] [ Orson enters ]
Orson: You were right about that weather. I was not dressed warm enough.
Liz: Where’s Colin?
Orson: We got about a mile down the trail, bumped into another ranger on a three-wheeler. He only had room for one, so they headed back to town, said they’d call for help. Told me to get back here before I froze.
Liz: Have you seen my dog?
Orson: What? No.
Liz: Kate? Kate? … Think I’ll brave the weather. She’s probably outside.
[ Liz starts the garbage disposal. As before, it trips the generator. The lights go out ]
Billy: The hell was that?
Liz: Damn generator. It happens all the time.
Billy: So what do we do?
Liz: You do nothing. I’m gonna go fix it.
Billy: It’s bad out. You’ll need help.
Liz: You know the one that I have learned all my time out here alone?
Billy: What’s that?
Liz: Men just get in my way. I’ll be right back.
༺ ♤ ༻
[ Wind howling ] [ Liz enters the out building with the radio setup ] [ Radio whirs ] [ Liz picks up the microphone. The cord has been severed ]

[ Liz uses her flashlight to look around. She finds Kate and, under a blanket, Colin. Both are dead, their throats cut ]

༺ ♤ ༻

Red: … I want you to promise me something.
Liz: What?
Red: That you’ll grieve.
Liz: Of course I’ll grieve. What is this that you think I’m doing?
Red: I think you’re running away from your problems when you should be facing them. I’m sure it feels like you’re staring into an abyss, but until you mourn, you won’t be able to cross it.
Liz: What’s so great about crossing it? What’s on
the other side? Peace? Tranquility?
Red: Some.
Liz: [ Scoffs ] I prefer revenge.
Red: That’s what I’m afraid of.
Liz: Really? ‘Cause imagining what I’m gonna do to Tom’s killers it’s the only thing that gets me out of bed in the morning.
Red: Don’t just go off and hide in the dark. Wherever you go, look for some light.

༺ ♤ ༻
Liz: [ On walkie-talkie ] Hey, Billy, you there?
Billy: [ Ice crunching ] Grace? What’s going on out there? [ Coughs ] Why haven’t the lights come back?
Liz: Because you killed my dog and you killed my friend Colin.
Billy: Don’t make this any harder than it has to be. We haven’t killed you yet.
Liz: And I haven’t killed you yet. I know that man in my room is not your friend, just like there was no plane crash.
Billy: Car accident, actually. [ Coughs ] Trying to get out of this weather. Our trunk popped open. Damn cargo ran off into the woods. [ Coughs ] We chased the son of a bitch for hours. I’m not leaving here without him.
Liz: Why not just kill him? Why not kill me?
Billy: We needed you to keep him breathing. Boss wants him back alive so he can tell us what he told the Feds. Only then can he die. Slowly. That’s my specialty. [ Ice clatters ] [ Ice crunching ] And now you can, too.
Liz: That’s a nasty habit you’ve got there. I noticed.
Billy: Enough, you’re one woman in the middle of a storm against the four of us. It doesn’t end well for you, Grace. [ Coughs ]
Liz: What’s that, Billy? Billy, you okay? That’s a stupid question. You’re not okay because my name’s not Grace. It’s Elizabeth. You wanted to know about my past?
I was an FBI agent. A profiler. And I smelled you out the minute you walked in my door. That’s why I froze broken glass into those ice cubes you love to chew.
Billy: [ Coughs ]
Liz: So now every time you breathe, you’re inhaling those little shards deeper into your throat and lungs.
[ Billy sticks his finger in his mouth. It’s bloody ]
Billy: [ Coughs ] You’re dead.
Liz: No, Bill. For the first time, I’m feeling pretty alive. So if you want to come for me, you better come ready for a fight, because you know what the four of you against me in the woods is gonna be? Practice.

NBC: 5:9 Episode Highlight: Don’t mess with Liz (3mins 48secs)


༺ ♤ ༻
Billy: She’s one person.
Orson: She was an FBI agent.
Billy: She’s alone.
Orson: She fed you glass.
[ Ellis wheels, gurgling; he falls to the ground, mouth foaming ]
Billy: It was her.
Orson: How? She’s not even in here.
Billy: She drugged him. She drugged the food.
Orson: With what?
Billy: Does it matter? It worked. …
༺ ♤ ༻

[ Wind howling ]
[ Billy, Orson and Fifield enter the out building looking for Liz ]
[ Suddenly, Billy screams and falls, his foot caught in a bear trap ]
Orson: What the hell? What’s going on?
Billy: Fi-Field, get over here! Get this thing off me! Come on. …


༺ ♤ ༻
[ The three men return to the cabin. Billy is limping now ]
Billy: She can’t get far. [ Coughs ] Whole damn mountain’s frozen solid.
Orson: Guys, we got a problem.

[ The bed where Mike had been is now empty ]
Fifield: Even better. Now she’s got cargo.
Billy: She’ll be twice as slow.

༺ ♤ ༻
[ Wind howling ]
[ Orson searches outdoors with a rifle and flashlight. He sees a small shed half dug into the ground with one of its twin doors open. He steps down the stairs. The single room is empty except for some propane in the corner ]
[ Suddenly, liquid pours from above around Orson. The door to the shed shuts. Liz locks the bolt from the outside ]
[ Liz flicks a lighter and drops it into the ventilator shaft ]

Orson: [ Screaming ] [ Grunts ] [ Grunts ] Ah!

༺ ♤ ༻

[ Liz pulls Mike on the toboggan through the woods. She is jumped from the side by Fifield ]
[ After a brief skirmish, Liz takes an axe from the toboggan and buries its blade into Fifield’s chest ]
Fifield: Ah! [ Gasps, coughs ]


༺ ♤ ༻
[ Liz pulls Mike to the Ranger Station ]
Liz: [ To Mike ] It’s okay. We’re gonna get you out of here. We’re gonna get you some help.
[ Liz turns on a battery-powered light. She gathers some flares, a flare gun and other items ] [ Someone shoots 💥 the lock open ] [ Thud ] [ Clatter ] [ Billy enters ]
Billy: [ Breathing heavily ] From one professional to another, you’re pretty good. I told my guys tonight’d be easy.
Hunker down, wait out the storm, lie to the lady. [ Coughs ] … But you’re all out of tricks now. You’re all out of traps. I promised them I’d
kill you. Slow.
[ Liz splashes alcohol or kerosene in Billy’s face and on his clothing ]
Billy: Aah! [ Groaning ] [ Screaming ]
[ Liz runs out, pulling the toboggan ]
༺ ♤ ༻
[ Liz trips. She opens her backpack, scrummages. Billy limps up to Liz in the darkness ]
Billy: It’s over. There’s nowhere left to run.
Liz: Who’s running? I told you I’m here to fight.
[ Liz shoots at Billy with a flare gun. Still wet with flammable liquid, he ignites in a fireball 🔥💥 🔥 ]
Billy: Aah! [ Groaning ]
[ Liz looks on, a slight sadistic smile on her face ]

༺ ♤ ༻

[ The expansive crime scene is being surveyed as law enforcement questions the locals ]
FBI Agent McKenna: [ Voice over ] I don’t know how to explain any of this– The carnage, the death. I mean, what happened up there at that house – It’s bizarre. We have bodies, men murdered – drugged, burned alive. All known criminals with extensive records. And the woman, the one we believe is responsible–
Agent McKenna: You have no idea who she was? …
Early: Nice woman, kind of quiet. Kept to herself. Paid cash.
༺ ♤ ༻

Agent McKenna: Did this Grace have a last name?
Postal Worker (male): Talbot. At least that’s how it said it on the side of the packages.
FBI Agent Hobbs: Which she picked up here?
Postal Worker (female): Sure. One every few weeks. Now and then, off and on. I mean, she didn’t get none too excited about it, but she got them all eventually. …
Agent McKenna: Let’s pivot. I’d like to talk about Mr. Elroy.
Local Officer (white): The federal witness?
Agent Hobbs: He said he was dropped off at the ER “like a Christmas gift.”
Local Officer (black): That’s right. I mean, that’s what the head nurse said. Left him there on the doorstep of the medical center in Delta Junction. Said she saved his life.
Local Officer (white): She knew he was someone important.
I don’t know how, but–
Agent McKenna: You know this woman … made sure not to leave any trace evidence behind.
Agent Hobbs: Not a Kleenex in the trash or a fingerprint in the barn or a hair in a drain. …
Agent McKenna: Place was wiped clean.
Agent Hobbs: So clean, in fact, that we believe she may have learned how to clean a crime scene from a professional.
༺ ♤ ༻
Early: I don’t understand the question.
Agent Hobbs: You saw her. You spoke to her. You tell me who you think she was.
Postal Worker (male): I don’t know.
Local Officer (white): I wish I could say.
Local Officer (black): I think, uh, she was–
Early: A ghost. Life’s full of ’em.
༺ ♤ ༻

[ Liz walks along a narrow highway with a backpack, trying to hitch a ride ]
༺ ♤ ༻

[ On the floor of her old home, Liz opens boxes, laying out folders and papers. The files include crime scene photos from the shootout that took Tom’s life ]
༺ ♤ ༻

[ Knock on door ]
Dembe: [ Surprised ] Elizabeth. Please, come in.
Red: You look strong.
Liz: I’m healed. I want to thank you.
Red: What for?
Liz: For honoring your promise. I know it wasn’t easy for you.
Red: It was what you wanted.
Liz: I also want to apologize.
Red: Why?
Liz: I couldn’t honor mine.
Red: Oh.
Liz: I tried. I really did. I didn’t go looking for trouble. But it found me. And I’m glad it did.
Red: What happened?
Liz: I killed some men. Doesn’t matter that they were bad. That it was them or me. What matters is that I did it and I was good at it. And I didn’t lose any sleep over it.
Red: You will. One of these nights you will. It’s just a matter of when.
Liz: Maybe. Later. After I’ve crossed the abyss. But from the side I’m on now, all that matters is that I’m healed and – I’m back. And I’m coming for Tom’s killers. Like I said, I couldn’t keep my promise. Can you forgive me?
[ Red walks up to Liz, takes her head in his hands, kisses her temple ]

Red: Yes. [ Pause ] Will you be able to forgive yourself?


༺ ♤ ༻
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❌❌❌ End 5:9 Ruin


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🔴 5:8 Ian Garvey (№ 13)

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༺ ♤ ༻

Brief: Tom has been taken hostage by a sinister man (Ian Garvey) and has promised to lead him to Red to save his own life, after Garvey ruthlessly killed both Lena Mercer and Pete McGee when they proved useless to him in helping him get to Red. Garvey now has the mysterious suitcase full of bones. Crespin, the man who was following Lena (who it turns out was working for Red all along), has reported this news to Red – to Red’s genuine alarm. Liz still knows not a thing about the existence of the suitcase left for her by Mr Kaplan to reveal a dark secret of Red’s, or of the fact that it had anything to do with Nik’s death – not to mention anything of the game of cat-and-mouse Tom and Red have been playing as Tom has tried to determine the identity of the skeleton the suitcase contains, which Red has warned Tom must remain forever a secret.

[ Liz steps off the elevator at the Post Office ]
Liz: [ On phone ] I’m sure you’re fine and I’m overreacting … but something is wrong. And
something– …
Cooper: What is it? …
Liz: Tom. He’s missing.

༺ ♤ ༻
[ Tom is still bound at the barn where he is being held. The bodies of Lena Mercer and Pete McGee are next to him. He crawls over to Lena and sees a chain with a thin metal pendant she is wearing. He reaches to remove the pendant ]
Tom: I’m sorry.
[ Tom closes Lena’s eyes ]
[ Ian Garvey enters ]
Tom: She didn’t even know anything. Neither did he.
Garvey: He had the bones. She was looking for them. They knew enough. The question is, what you know. Reddington sent you after the suitcase. Did he tell you
Tom: He didn’t tell me anything.
Garvey: No, I don’t think he did. The last thing he’d want is for you to ID these bones. But you couldn’t resist, could you, Tom? So you and your friends ran a DNA search through CODIS. Thank you for that, by the way. Curiosity killed these cats, but for me, it’s a gift that’s gonna keep on giving. Whatever you imagine the answer might be, it’s better than that. Reddington’s power is
legendary. With this, I control that power. You’re going to set up a meeting between us so I can tell him the good news. But in case you’ve had a change of heart–
[ Switch snaps, machine whirs ]
[ Men load Lena’s body into a chute. It is emulsified, gore splashing against against a vinyl screen and splattering onto Tom ] …
༺ ♤ ༻
Red: Yes?
Tom: It’s me. I did what you hired me to do. I got the package.
Red: Any problems?
Tom: Nope. Piece of cake.
Red: Where are you now?
Tom: Motel in Stone Ridge, 546 Roscoe Lane, Room 16.
Red: I can be there in half-an-hour.
Garvey: You three with me. The rest, deal with him.
[ Bobby Navarro, Garvey’s lead henchman, holds up a large yellow envelope ]
Navarro: Hey, what about this?
Garvey: That stays. The last thing I want is that thing anywhere near Reddington.
[ Navarro puts the envelope inside the suitcase with the bones ]
Tom: I did what you asked, now let me go.
[ Garvey slugs⚡️Tom, knocking him off his chair ] …
༺ ♤ ༻

Samar: We issued a BOLO. Sent a message to every field office.
Liz: I’m sorry to put you guys through this. I’m sure I’m overreacting.
Samar: Don’t take this the wrong way, but are you sure you know everything Tom is up to?
Liz: I thought I did. I don’t know.
༺ ♤ ༻
[ Cellphone beeps ] [ Cellphone ringing ]
Liz: Reddington, anything?
Red: I just spoke to you 20 minutes ago.
Liz: You said you had a lead. …
Red: Elizabeth, I’m doing what I can. I’m sure Harold is, as well.
Liz: I know. I’m trying to convince myself everything’s fine, but I’m doing a terrible job.
Red: Tom is capable of getting himself both into and out of trouble. If he’s in harm’s way, I am quite certain he’s put in motion an escape plan, about which the people holding him are completely unaware.
[ Tom relocates the small metal pendant among the gore ]

Liz: But who would be holding him and why? Did he take a job he didn’t tell me about?
Red: It appears so. I’m sorry. I know that’s not the answer you want to hear. …

༺ ♤ ༻
Ressler: Got a hit on Tom’s car. Impound lot towed it in last night.
Liz: Towed from where?
༺ ♤ ༻

[ The Red Birch Motel ]
Ressler: Agents Ressler and Keen, FBI.
Liz: [ Shows Tom’s photo ] We have reason to believe
this man was here last night. Have you seen him?
Clerk: Can’t say. … I mind my own business.
Liz: Room 11. Can we get the key?
Clerk: Sure. Soon as you get a warrant.
Liz: You know what? Forget the key.
༺ ♤ ༻

[ Ressler kicks in⚡️the door of Room 11. There are signs of violence – blood on a pillow, a cracked mirror also bloody ]
Ressler: We don’t know Tom was here.
Liz: His car was parked outside!
Ressler: All right, he came to the motel.
Liz: In front of this room!
Ressler: Maybe this was the only space, Liz.
Liz: [ Dialing ] I’ve called Tom so many times, his mailbox is full. It’s pointless. But hearing his voice is the only thing that calms me down.
Ressler: I’m gonna call CSI. If Tom was here, they’ll know.
[ Cellphone ringing ] [ Under a pile of covers, they find a phone indicating calls from “Liz.” Tom’s phone ]
༺ ♤ ༻
[ Tom saws at his plastic wrist binding with the pendant from Lena’s necklace ]
Tom: Hey, mind if I sit?
Navarro: Knock yourself out.
Tom: Yeah, well, can I get a hand?
Navarro: [ Laughs ] Gosh, anything else I can do for you?
Tom: Yeah, you could give me your gun.
Navarro: [ Laughs ] Looks like we’ve got ourselves a comedian.
[ Navarro reaches down to help Tom to his feet. Tom has cut his bindings free. He grabs the chair and smashes it over Navarro’s head, then takes his gun ]
[ 💥💥💥 Gunfight 💥💥💥 ] [ Several goons fall ]
Tom: Not that funny, is it?
[ Tom runs out ]
༺ ♤ ༻
[ Cellphone rings ]
Garvey: What?
Navarro: He got away.
Garvey: The suitcase?
[Navarro looks. The suitcase is gone – Tom has it]
Garvey: You need to get it back.
Navarro: What about Reddington?
Garvey: Reddington’s not coming. He was never coming.
༺ ♤ ༻

[ Tom runs through the forest with two goons following, exchanging 💥💥💥 Gunshots 💥💥💥 ] [ Tom comes upon a highway. A Mercedes appears, slows. Tom aims his gun at it ]
[ Tires screech ] [ Red throws open the door. Tom freezes ]
Red: Get in! Tom!
[ GUNSHOT 💥Tom is hit, he falls down ]
Red: Ah, hell.
[ Tom gets up and gets in the car ]
[ Tires squeal, engine revs ]
[ 💥💥 Gunshots 💥💥 ~ The goons shoot at the car ]
Red: I warned you about this damn suitcase. Now look at you.
༺ ♤ ༻

[ Red’s car has pulled over in a wooded area. Dembe is working under the hood ]
Dembe: They hit the radiator and oil pan.
Red: They’ll be here soon.
Tom: Who will? Who are they?
Red: I was hoping you could tell us.
Tom: Nik had a friend, took DNA off the bones, ran a match, and got killed for his trouble, so did Nik.
Red: And Lena?
Tom: How do you know about her?

[ Red is using his tie to hold in place a compress for the wound in Tom’s shoulder. He tightens it ]
Tom: Aah!
Red: We have to move. I warned you and your friends.
Tom: My friends. The guy who threatened Lena, told her to
stop looking – he worked for you.
Red: You need to keep that compressed.
[ Red takes the suitcase out of the car ]
Dembe: Which way?
Red: Away from the road. West. Can you walk?
Tom: Guess we’ll find out. [ Groans ]
༺ ♤ ༻

Ressler: According to this manager, Room 11 was rented to a Steven Smith. But the license he used was a fake, and he paid cash for the room.
Aram: [ Walking over ] I don’t know where Tom went after the motel, but I do know where he was before he
went there. A gas station on Highway 211, east of Warrenton.
Liz: How do you know that?
Aram: I hacked the navigation system on his car. Uh, so, now it may be a coincidence, but based on the time log, it looks as if he was there at the same time the station was being vandalized. …
༺ ♤ ༻
[ Tom, Dembe and Red make their way through the woods ]
Tom: Ah, maybe you were right. If I’d left well enough alone, none of this would’ve happened.
Red: Please spare me your regret.
Tom: Ah. I only did it, because you lied.
[ They see a large ranch house ]
Red: We need water, first aid.
Dembe: Stay here. I’ll see if it’s safe.
Red: Come on.
[ Tom sits on the ground, Red on the suitcase ]
Red: [ Tapping suitcase ] This is a secret, not a lie.
Tom: A secret you’ve been keeping from Liz, like you always do. Like you have from the very beginning.

Bill McCready (“The Major”): The assignment’s deep cover. No timeline, no price tag. This may seem like a cake walk, but it’s the kind of assignment that makes me nervous. Our contractor has deep pockets. Demands the best, insists on anonymity.
[ Tom looks at the portfolio on Liz ]
Tom: She’s cute.
McCready: That’s one more thing he insists on. Your job’s to be the friend of a friend, get to know this Milhoan, not to get involved with her. Just be a friend of a friend. You get that?

Red: You couldn’t leave well enough alone. Not then,
not now.
Tom: You hired me to spy on Liz.
Red: I hired you to protect her.
[ Dembe returns ]
Dembe: No one is home.
Red: We go in, get fixed up, and get out. They can’t be far behind.

༺ ♤ ༻

[ Garvey and goons have found the abandoned Mercedes ]
Garvey: They wouldn’t backtrack towards the compound. The highway runs north and south, too risky. Notify the others. They’re headed west.
༺ ♤ ༻
[ The gas station near Warrenton ]
Officer: Between 4:30 and 5:00, a man and a woman entered the store. The woman distracted the clerk while her accomplice went into the back room unnoticed.
Liz: Have you identified either suspect?
Officer: Got a surveillance shot of the woman, ID’d as Lena Mercer. …
Liz: And her accomplice?
Officer: Caucasian, 30s. …
Ressler: You said he went in the back. Why?
Officer: Employee on duty says he was looking at surveillance tapes.
༺ ♤ ༻
[ Back room of the gas station ]
Ressler: Police report said Tom pulled surveillance off two cameras. Station manager’s best guess is he was looking at this.
Liz: Okay. And the other camera? There. Stop the tape. Can you zoom in on that car? What is that, a hotel key?
Ressler: The Red Birch.
Liz: That must be Steve Smith.
Ressler: Tom and this Lena, clearly they came here looking for this guy. They see the room key, and go to the motel where there’s a fight, and the three of them are now in the wind. They’re on the run. But why? …
༺ ♤ ༻
[ The ranch house in the woods ]
[ Tom rinses his shoulder in the kitchen sink ]

[ Dembe flips back the tarp covering a ‘70s-ish model sedan in the garage. He gets inside ] [ Engine turns, sputters ]
[ Red searches for things to assist in First Aid – a bottle of spirits, sewing items ]
[ Tom eyes the suitcase on the floor sitting next to Red’s black duffel ]
Red: Your curiosity is understandable. A mysterious suitcase bequeathed to you by a dying woman who insists that Elizabeth must be apprised of its contents. But what if instead of happiness or closure, giving it to her has the opposite effect?
Tom: It won’t.
Red: How can you be so sure?
Tom: Because you don’t want her to know about it.
[ Red pours the spirits over the gunshot wound in Tom’s shoulder ]
Tom: [ Inhales sharply, groans lightly ]
[ Red begins suturing Tom’s wound ]
Red: You’ve always seen my relationship with Elizabeth as a zero-sum game. You think what’s good for me is bad for her and what’s good for her is bad for me.
Tom: Only when it comes to things she cares about.
Red: Like you?
Tom: Ah, you made it clear from the beginning how you felt about me.


McCready: The contractor is livid. You weren’t supposed to get involved with the mark.
Tom: Her name is Elizabeth.
McCready: I don’t care if she’s Queen Elizabeth and screwing her made you king. Get out. He will kill you if you don’t.

Red: You’ll need clothes.
Tom: Ah, admit it, ­you’re kind of enjoying this.
Red: It would’ve been so much easier if the bullet had hit you just another foot to the northeast. [ Taps Tom’s head ]

༺ ♤ ༻
[ Dembe is working under the hood of the car. He hears distant footsteps, draws his firearm. Red, too, has heard something, looks out the front door then closes it and moves away ]

Red: We stayed too long.
[ Tom is in the kitchen, putting his shirt into the duffel. Red points at the duffel ]
Red: Put it back.
Tom: You can trust me.
Red: No, I can’t. I hired you to do a job. The rules were
explicit and you violated them.
[ Both are monitoring the arrival of the Garvey’s goons in the
sprawling yard ]
Tom: Let it go already.
Red: You’re unreliable.
Tom: Yeah, well, I fell in love.
Red: That’s no excuse.
Tom: I wasn’t making one.
Red: Shh. [ Red ducks ] If we’re not surrounded, we will be soon.
[ Red grabs the suitcase and walks out of the room ]

༺ ♤ ༻
Aram: We got a match on the VIN number from Mr. Smith’s car. His real name is Peter Alan McGee, resident of Largo, Maryland. … [H]e’s wanted for questioning in the murder of one – Nik Korpal.
Liz: Wanted why?

Aram: Well, according to police records, McGee received a call from Nik on the night of his death, just two hours before his body was found.
Ressler: And he’s been MIA ever since.
Liz: That’s was Tom was up to. He was trying to find out who killed Nik. …

༺ ♤ ༻
Ian Garvey’s man kicks open the door of the house.
Garvey: Check the property! They’re here.
Garvey enters a room where a brown-haired doll lies
on top of a bureau. He picks it up, smells its hair and puts it down. [ The camera flips the doll upside-down ]
The garage door opens. A man enters and searches, but fails to see Dembe hiding on the floor of the front passenger compartment.
In the attic, Tom lifts a ventilator shaft so he and Red can watch the goons below. A few drops of blood from Tom’s arm fall through the vent, startling a man below. He looks up. Red blasts💥the man through the vent.
[ Engine starts, revs ] [ Tires squeal ] Dembe rams the car⚡️into the man who is searching the garage, sending him flying.
Red and Tom hurry down the attic stairs. A man
blindsides Red, hitting⚡️him in the temple with a rifle barrel. Red shoots💥him. Red goes outside, gun blasting. Tom finds a bar. He tears strips of cloth from napkins and stuffs the strips into two full bottles of
The man Dembe hit with the car blasts💥out the rear window of the car with his shotgun. Dembe puts it in
reverse, floors the gas pedal and runs him over⚡️He gets out of the car to assist Red. Red puts the suitcase in the car.
Garvey and one of his men run toward their vehicles.
Tom runs out of the house with the two lit Molotov cocktails and tosses them into the goons’ two cars. The cars erupt in flames 🔥🔥

Red and Dembe continue shooting 💥💥💥 against the backdrop of flaming cars. They all get in the car when Tom shows up. The car speeds away.

༺ ♤ ༻
[ At a gas station ]

Tom: Well, that was fun. Oh, man. If you don’t trust me by now… This whole father-in-law hates his son-in-law thing, it’s a cliché. Could we just put a stake in it? You go first. Who’s in the suitcase?
Red: I was in the Andes when I heard you and Elizabeth were engaged. … I was unable to return until the day of your wedding. Seeing her that day–
Tom: Wait a minute. You were at our wedding?
Red: She was incandescent. I’d come out of the mountains, blinded by rage, flown 2300 miles, absolutely certain that you must die. And then – I saw