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NBC’s series The Blacklist created by: Jon Bokenkamp


Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington – James Spader
Elizabeth Keen – Megan Boone
Donald Ressler – Diego Klattenhoff
Harold Cooper – Harry Lennix
Tom Keen – Ryan Eggold
Aram Mojtabai – Amir Arison
Samar Navabi – Mozhan MarnΓ²
Dembe Zuma – Hisham Tawfiq

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πŸ”΄ 2:1 Lord Baltimore

πŸ”΄ Script: 2:1 Lord Baltimore

Last updated: 8/8/2015
Program air date: 9/22/2014 in the US
Permalink: http://wp.me/pDKwi-1e2
Source: Raw Scripts from Springfield [UK]: http://bit.ly/1Do56Zu
NBC Episode Plot Summary: http://bit.ly/1ImyyUA

Created by: Jon Bokenkamp
Director: Michael W Watkins
Writers: Jon Bokenkamp, John Eisendrath


Script: 2:1 Lord Baltimore

Blurb Red starts out in Cameroon trying to get the name of the bounty hunter Berlin has hired to find him. It is Lord Baltimore, a notorious cyber-sleuth.

[β™« music ZZ Top’s “La Grange” plays ]
Man: Whoo!
[ Indistinct shouting ]
β™« Haw, haw, haw, haw Well, I hear it’s fine –
If you’ve got the time – Ha! –
And the 10 to get yourself in –

[ Gunfire, shouting ]
A-hmm, hmm
And I hear it’s tight ‘Most every night
Man: Yeah! But now I might be mistaken
A-hmm, hmm, hmm [ Guitar solo ]

[ Cheering ] [ Indistinct conversations ]
Red: [ Chuckling ] Oh, my stars. Is that how you cope with this insufferable humidity? I couldn’t do it.
Yaabari: We had an agreement.
Red: We did.
Yaabari: I told you if I ever found you in my territory again, I’d kill you.
Red: Tell the boy not to pull on the brim of the hat.
Yaabari: What’s in the box?
Red: I’ve come to propose a business transaction.
Yaabari: No, we have no business. The box.
[ Men shouting in Bantu ]
Red: Typically, I steer clear of tin-pot dictators who employ boy soldiers, but I’m afraid this situation is unique.
[ Speaking Bantu ] [ Man holds gun to Red’s head ]
Red: Well, now you’re being shortsighted.
[ Speaking Bantu ]
Red: Tell him to put the gun down.
[ Shouting in Bantu ] [ Yaabari shoots man ]
Red: I’m glad to know you’re a man of decisive action. You see, Yaabari, you didn’t actually find me. I found you. And while your prepubescent ruffians may not know it, they brought me here to strike a deal that could benefit all of us.
Yaabari: What kind of deal?
Red: A man calling himself Berlin hired a bounty hunter to find me and my associates. That bounty hunter worked for you. I’ve since dispatched of him, but if Berlin hired one bounty hunter, he hired five. I want their names. I’m willing to pay $3 million. We do need to move quickly, though.You have –
Yaabari: Or what?
Red: Or you give me the names for free. [ Laughs ] We really should act swiftly.
Yaabari: We really should kill you and keep your money.
Red: Now, there’s a point of view that I can relate to. [ Laughs ] Yaabari, look at me. Give me what I want, or so help me God, I’ll make it rain fire on you.
Yaabari: Kill him.
[ Whooshing ] [πŸ’₯ExplosionπŸ’₯] [ Indistinct shouting ]
Red: Funny thing I recently acquired three hellfire missiles at a considerable discount. If you give me what I want, I can still call off the other two. But I’ll need to borrow your phone.
Yaabari: I know nothing.
Red: Mm. I think you do, Yaabari. I think you’ve heard things. Who else has Berlin hired to hunt me?
Yaabari: The Cuban.
Red: Orci. I’ve dealt with Orci. Who else?
Yaabari: I told you I don’t know! [ Whooshing ] [πŸ’₯ExplosionπŸ’₯] Okay.
Red: It’s okay.
Yaabari: There was someone. I-I can’t remember his name. They call him something the, The Prince, The Lord.
Red: Lord Baltimore.
[β™« ZZ Top’s “La Grange” plays ]
Yaabari: Fetch the water! What are you doing? Go, go!

Reven Wright: He burned it? Are you kidding me? $3 million?
Martin: We understand he has a lead.
Wright: Reddington has had lots of “leads” in the past two months. That was supposed to help us in our search for this… We still don’t even know what this Berlin’s real name is. One thing we do know is that the FBI has allowed its #4 to hand out $12 million in untraceable black-bag cash to his friends.
Martin: That money was used for local intel, – and I’m confident that Redding–
Wright: That money has people on the Intelligence Committee asking questions.
Martin: The actions that concern you were approved by my predecessor. Now, I don’t want to criticize Harold Cooper, and God knows I wish him a speedy recovery, but as Interim Director of this task force, I can assure you the situation is under control.
Wright: I am the Deputy Attorney General. If I say I want to talk to Reddington, I talk to Reddington.
Ressler: That’s great, but we have a thing here – Reddington only talks with Elizabeth Keen.

[β™« Caught a Ghost’s “No Sugar In My Coffee” plays ]
Don’t want no sugar in my coffee
It makes me mean,
Lord, it makes me mean
(Don’t want no)

β™« Well, you can trace
Lines in your face
But that’s the way that your spirit makes you walk
Though you hate
To see it gone
This old world’s just put days on your floor

β™« And all I’ve seen
And all you’ve done
All it means, we’ll be sorry when you’re gone

Red: [ Chuckles ] Did you take a different route?
Liz: Justice is freaking out.
Red: Change your hotel?
Liz: Hellfire missiles? – Seriously?
Red: Life is far too important a thing ever to talk seriously about.♀
Liz: Martin won’t protect the task force. He doesn’t care that Berlin is still targeting us. And without Cooper to defend our actions –
Red: People love to decry big brother, the NSA, the government listening in on their most private lives, yet they all willingly go online and hand over the most intimate details of those lives – to big data.
Liz: Most people don’t care that Google knows their search history.
Red: They know more than that. They know your habits, the banks you use, the pills you pop, the men or women you sleep with. Every piece of information is worth something to somebody. And in the hands of the wrong person, that could be deadly.
Liz: You have a lead.
Red: Lord Baltimore is in town.
Liz: Lord Baltimore?
Red: He’s a tracker by trade, but his methods are thoroughly modern. He’s made an art of combing through cyberspace, finding the status updates, financial records, and location blips that virtually everyone leaves behind in the modern age.
Liz: And he has a new target?
Red: Yes. Me. Follow this, Lizzie. It’s our first lead. If we find Lord Baltimore, he may very well point us to Berlin.

Liz: Berlin has hired a skip tracer who calls himself Lord Baltimore.
Martin: Two months, and Reddington brings you a bounty hunter?
Liz: He’s more than a bounty hunter. He’s a statistician.
Martin: Even less impressive. What does he do, find them with a slide ruler?
Aram: No. With data analytics.
Ressler: You’ve heard of this guy?
Aram: Yeah. Lord Baltimore is an urban legend. They say he roams the deep web, hunting those who don’t wish to be found. Uses some sort of collection algorithms to build a dossier based on the information that people give away online.
Liz: He’s a data miner. Aram, can you pull up that file you showed me? β‹˜β‹™ Rowan Mills. She works as a data engineer at Quancord Analytics.
Aram: Agent Keen asked me to look for any irregularities in the accounts of employees at the six big data firms.I found several, but this was especially odd: a $250,000 payment that went into Mills’ I.R.A. out to an offshore account.

Rowan Mills: Yes, $250,000 was deposited into my I.R.A., but as soon as I saw that, I changed my passwords and I reported it. I’m telling you, I’m the victim here.
Liz: And you said this wasn’t the first time you were targeted?
Rowan: There was an incident in August.
Ressler: What kind of an incident?
Rowan: Someone accessed my systems.
Liz: Looking for what? Bank accounts? Credit-card numbers?
Rowan: It would be impossible to know what they were looking for because the data we gather has no limits.
Liz: They were looking for someone who doesn’t want to be found.
Ressler: Could the data that was taken help them do that?
Rowan: Yes. That’s what we do.

Liz: Did you hear what she said?
Ressler: You’re being paranoid.
Liz: How easy it is to track someone? I mean, I just feel like – I don’t know – someone is watching me.
Ressler: Is that why you’re living out of your trunk? Those motels? The aliases? You got to stop doing that, Keen. Tom’s dead.
Liz: You talk to Dr. Friedman yet?
Ressler: Don’t change the subject.
Liz: The visits are mandatory.
Ressler: Look, the Bureau isn’t interested in our mental health. They’ve assigned a shrink to talk to us to cover their asses in case one of us wigs out, but that ain’t gonna be me.
Liz: You’re too healthy to talk to a shrink?
Ressler: I talk to you all the time. Aren’t you board certified?
Liz: Yeah. And in my professional opinion, I think you need to talk to Dr. Friedman.

Man: He here? β‹˜β‹™ Lord Baltimore has found Reddington. The extraction will take place tomorrow. But the Feds are involved now. That complicates things. There will be additional expenses.
Berlin: [ Muttering ] What?
Man: Aah! [ Gurgling ] [ Gasping ]
Berlin: I said no additional expenses. You deliver Reddington to me within 24 hours, or we take another bath.

[ Cellphone chimes ] You have one new message.
Computerized voice: Hello, Rowan. I know about that little chat you had today with the FBI. So, I’m going to make this real simple for you. I’m warning you, do not talk to them again. I know where you live.

Liz: This person calls you by name.
Rowan: [ Sighs ] I don’t know. It could be anyone.
Ressler: It’s as if they know you, though.
Liz: What about the apartment? Any reason to believe there might be something missing, – out of place?
Rowan: You think someone’s been in here?
[ Cellphone vibrates ]
Liz: Hey, perfect timing. I’m gonna need you to trace a call.
Aram: Okay. Great. But I have something. Our suspect, Mills, she’s telling the truth. Security at Quancord Analytics confirm her terminal was hacked from the outside.
Liz: Any idea what was taken?
Aram: Uh, yeah, like, a gajillion bytes of online data, – which makes no sense.
Liz: Why?
Because Mr. Reddington’s a Luddite. No e-mail, no computer, no digital communication of any kind. I mean, Dembe uses disposable flip phones for God’s sakes. Why would Berlin hire Lord Baltimore to track him? Unless –
Liz: You think they might be looking for one of us?
Aram: Not a day goes by where I don’t think about Agent Malik.
Liz: Me too.
Aram. What number do you need me to trace?
Liz: Rowan Mills received a message last night. I need a location.

[ Tires screech ]
Agent: FBI!
[ Indistinct shouting. SWAT team enters apartment ]
Liz: Ressler. Let’s get Mills in here. I want to see how she reacts to this.
Rowan: [ Sighs ] What is this place?
Liz. This way.
[ Police radio chatter ]
Ressler: So, what aren’t you telling us?
[ Sighs ] Nothing.
Ressler: Your name is on the lease. We know you were using the screen handle Lord Baltimore.
Rowan: Who?
Liz: The same data that was hacked from your work terminal is on the laptop we found here. You stealing data for Berlin to find Raymond Reddington?
Rowan: I don’t know any Raymond Reddington. I have never set foot in this place before in my life.

Red: Hello, Harold. Please apologize to Charlene, your side gate may need a new lock. A get-well present. It looks so soft. Shea butter? [ Gives Harold flash drive ]
Cooper: Is this what I think it is?
Red: When are you coming back to work?
Cooper: I’m not.
Red: Things are at a tipping point, Harold. Your replacement has the unfortunate distinction of being both untrustworthy and incompetent.
Cooper: I’ve informed the Bureau. It’s time to be with my family. Charlene’s from the Dominican. I’ve always promised we’d spend more time there.
Red: I hate sand.
Cooper: If this is some kind of threat?
Red: It’s not a threat, Harold. It’s a bribe. That is my only copy of Our Little Adventure in Kuwait. I’m giving it to you only to underscore the urgency of our situation.
Cooper: I’m not coming back.
Red: You need to get back on your feet. There’s no shame in being a cripple.
Cooper: I’ll remember you to Charlene.
Red: I know what they found while you were at the hospital. I know about the diagnosis. Let’s get the job done.

Liz: I mean, you got to do better than that.
Rowan: It’s the only possible explanation.
Liz: And this Nora – She died?
Rowan: In Mosul, seven years ago. But if what you’re saying is true, if all of this is real, then it’s the only explanation. My twin sister is alive.

Concierge: It’s nice to have you back, Mr. Howe. Your rib eye is on its way to your room along with a complimentary bottle of ’82 Margaux.
Red: Thank you, Steven.
Concierge: Are you sure you want to take the stairs?
Red: Doctor’s orders. We’ll be fine. β‹˜β‹™ I don’t remember him. Find out who he is and put two more men on detail downstairs.
[ Helicopter blades whirring ]
Red: You hear that? [ Indistinct shouting ] [ Screaming, gunshots ]
[ They take Red, leave in helicopter ]
Man: Let’s go! Take him to the roof.

Red: Lord Baltimore. Aren’t you a surprisingly saucy minx.
Samar Navabi: [ Speaking Hebrew ] Unbelievable. I’m sorry. Who is it exactly that you think I am?
Red: You’re Mossad. Please don’t tell me this is about that little dust-up in Haifa.
Samar: That “dust-up” claimed the lives of two agents and a Turkish diplomat.
Red: [ Laughs ] A diplomat? I had nothing to do with it.
Samar: Then you have nothing to worry about.
Red: Oh, you have no idea how I wish that were true. I have tens of thousands of things to worry about. Fortunately, you, my dear, are not one of them.
Samar: And why is that?
Red: Because the person you just informed of my capture is going to release me within the hour.
Samar: Aren’t we confident today?
Red: I’m confident every day.
Samar: And I thought we had nothing in common.

Rowan: I have no idea what that goes to.
Ressler: It was found in your apartment.
Rowan: I’ve told you I’ve never set foot in that place before.
Liz: Let’s talk about your sister. Now, this is Rowan, and Nora’s on the left.
Lois (their mother): Rowan was my first child by three minutes. [ Lois Mills ]
Liz: How could you tell them apart?
Lois: [ Laughs ] Rowan was a silly heart, always smiling. [ Chuckles ] She was a happy child.
Liz: And Nora?
Lois: She was complicated.
Rowan: She was molested by our Uncle Rick from the time we were – I didn’t believe her.
Nobody did. Everybody just went on like nothing happened, – for everybody but – Nora. Nora had problems. She hated me, hated our mom. She hated everybody.
Lois: After that, she was lost, didn’t fit in. I thought her getting that job with that company, that security firm, it really was the best thing she could do.

Gossling: Nora. Ah, that girl, she was fearless. First one in, last one out. Hell, if half the boys on my crew had a pair like her, well, you could crown me king and take the afternoon off.
Liz: She pressured you? How?
Rowan: She wanted me to use my position at work to try to get information on people at a competing security firm. Stuff that she could use to get the upper hand.
Liz: And when you refused, she hit you?
Rowan: She flew out the next morning, and three weeks later, she was killed.
Gossling: Her team was tasked with clearing hostiles out of a neighborhood in Ad-Dawr. Lead truck got taken out by an I.E.D., they came under heavy insurgent fire. We lost all four operatives that day.
Ressler: It says here her body was never recovered.
Gosling: That’s true. She was taken.
Ressler: Taken?
Gossling: Well, they took her and did God knows what with that girl.
Ressler: So you never recovered her body?
Gossling: Uh, I don’t believe she’s still alive.
Ressler: But there is a chance she is.
Rowan: But that’s why you’re releasing me, because you think she’s still out there.
Liz: Yes.
Rowan: But what if she comes after me? What if she comes after our mother?
Liz: Rowan, we can’t hold you. We have no probable cause.

Red: Your younger brother, Shahin, was killed in the 2009 Pishin Bombing. In Farsi, Shahin, means – Falcon.
Samar: How did you know?
Red: I know everything about the people who are tasked with finding me. Your turn. How did you do it?
Samar: You possess an affinity for Zegna ties.
Red: So do millions of other men.
Samar: Thousands, actually at least in the Northeast Corridor.
Red: Nonetheless, this sample was far too broad to be of any practical use.
Samar: However, we couldn’t help but notice that you lean toward a darker, earth-tone palate – chocolate and oxblood – geometric shapes, rarely stripes. We introduced a diblock copolymer nanoparticle marker into the brown dye in their factory in Novara, which supplies all the vendors on the Eastern seaboard.
Red: Effectively turning every earth-toned Zegna tie into a homing device. Brilliant. Just like a bloodhound.

Dr. Friedman: Agent Ressler.
Ressler: [ Sighs ] Sorry, Dr. Friedman, but we’re in the middle of an investigation.
Friedman: You do know I could suspend you pending assessment.

Tech: We identified the key you found in Mills’ apartment. The lab says it belongs to a van, a ’77 G-series van.
Ressler: Tell Keen I went to pay the mother another visit.

Liz: Agent Ressler.
Aram: Hey, I got something! I got something. Okay, so, the collection algorithms – that Lord Baltimore uses?
Liz: Yeah.
I applied them to the data he hacked, and, uh, I think I see how he does it. It’s amazing. He’s using personal details about his target’s life to create markers to narrow his search. So he’s looking for someone who lived in D.C. before 1990, has a prescription for Lipitor through Medco, downloads World War II documentaries on Netflix not Amazon and has a digital subscription to both the Wall Street Journal and CatFanatic.
Liz: Reddington has a subscription to Cat Fanatic?
Aram: No. Turns out Lord Baltimore’s not looking for Mr. Reddington.

Martin: Your suspect’s been remanded into my custody.
Samar: This references a task force. What task force?
Martin: It’s a matter of national security.
Red: Perhaps next time.
Martin: Keen wants you to take a look at these.
Red: Ms. Navabi. Jundallah claimed responsibility for the bomb that killed your brother.
They had nothing to do with it. I can give you the name of the man who did.
Samar: Walid Abu Sitta. Disappeared from his hotel room in Jiyeh last May. Police are baffled.
Red: Are they?

Liz: What the hell is going on? Martin said you were extracted by Mossad.
Red: We’ll discuss it later. What am I looking at?
Liz: Targets. Turns out Berlin didn’t contract Lord Baltimore to find you. He’s looking for a woman.
Red: What woman?
Liz: We’re not sure. We only know her profile. Aram was able to narrow the search, but that still leaves us with over 200 potential targets.
Red: Naomi Hyland.
Liz: Who? W-who is Naomi Hyland?
Red: You need to get a unit to her right now.
Liz: She’s in protective custody. Wait. I don’t understand. Uh, how do you know?
Red: Listen, Lizzie. Berlin is coming for this woman. You have to move now.
Liz: Why? Who the hell is Naomi Hyland?
Red: She was my wife.

[ Several couples talking over wine ]
[ Laughter ] I never said that
You said you don’t believe in God.
You said you don’t believe in God, – then you’re an atheist.
You’re an atheist.
Well, you can be an atheist and believe in a higher power.
For me, that higher power is shopping.
[ Laughter ] Yeah, my credit-card bills prove that.
Frank [ Naomi’s husband ]: You know what I believe in? Naomi.
I’ll drink to that.
[ Chuckles ] Think we need more wine?
Yes, please.
[ Chuckles ] [ Sighs ]

[β™« Soft jazz music playing ]

[ Metal clanks ] [ Indistinct conversation ]
Frank: Honey, what was the name of the lodge in the Alleghenies? You remember, the one with the fireplace and the moose head?
[ Laughter ]
Woman: [ Gasps ]
Frank: What’s going on?
Naomi: I’m sorry.
What are you talking about?
Agent: U.S. Marshals. Everyone stay calm.
Frank: What is this? What are you doing in my house?
Agent: Naomi! Mrs. Hyland, I need you to come with me now. We have a credible threat.
Naomi: He’s back, isn’t he?

[ Door opens ]
Hey, it’s me. It’s Marcus. You know why I’m here.
Rowan: Don’t come any closer.
Marcus: I’m not here to hurt you. Just relax. I want you to hear this.
[ He turns on phonograph ]

[β™« The Ink Spots’ “We Three” plays ]
We three We’re all alone Take your time.
Living in a memory – You’re okay.
My echo, my shadow – And me

Marcus: You know who you are who I am.

β™« We three We’re not a crowd

[ Ressler is investigating grounds of Lois’ house ]
Lois: You shouldn’t be here! You can’t come here like this! No! N-N-No!

Marcus: It’s starting to come back now, isn’t it?

Lois: You need a warrant! [ Motor whirring ] My daughter, she told me not to let anyone back here! No! If she finds out – Oh, my God! No, no!

Marcus: I hate to remind you of what happened on Fullerton, but you know, don’t you?

β™« moonlight that shines above

Marcus: You remember.

β™« I walk with my shadow

[ Motor whirring ]

β™« I talk with my echo –
But where is the one I love? –
We three – We’ll wait for you –

Nora/Rowan: [ Inhales sharply ] How long was I gone?

[ Answering machine beeps ]
Ressler: Keen. I just found Nora Mills’ body. I don’t know. Either Rowan is the greatest liar in the world, or some kind of split happened. Give me a call back.

Agent: Mrs. Hyland, it’s important we move quickly.
Naomi: You think I’m gonna run, just just walk away and and start over again? ‘Cause you and I both know that’s where this is going.
Agent: Mrs. Hyland.
Naomi: I’m – I’m not going anywhere.

Man: Who said anything about cops?
Marcus: It’s fine.
Man: Well, it don’t look fine.
Marcus: I said it’s fine.
Nora/Rowan: Hey, look at me. We’ve been over this. Do your damn job. Move on my signal.

Naomi: I had a life, you know? [ Voice breaking ] My daughter had a life with a house and a dog. And then I woke up one day. You can’t imagine what it’s like to have a man like Raymond Reddington turn your life upside down. They accused me of being a part of it? Somehow, I was a suspect. Put my life under a-a microscope every call, e-every charge. My assets were – [ Sighs ] I finally convinced them I was innocent. They said I had to go, give up everything. I remember it was a Wednesday afternoon. My daughter wasn’t even out of school yet. And by Thursday, we were in Philadelphia, fending for ourselves.
[ Indistinct conversation ]
Agent: [ In background conversation ] You need to talk to your wife.
Liz: You’re gonna have to tell him.

[ At Lois’ house, where agents are investigating ]
[ Nora/Rowan shoots ] [Silenced gunshot: agent down ] [ Silenced gunshot: agent down ]

Naomi: We can be ready in 20 minutes.
Liz: Okay, I’ll let them know.
[ Door opens, silenced gunshots ] [ Women screaming ]
Liz: Get down!
[ Indistinct shouting ] [ Taser crackling ]
Liz: I need backup! –
[ Taser crackling ]
– Aah!
[ Gunshot ] [ Grunting ] [ Grunts ] [ Grunts ] [ Sirens wailing ] [ Tires screech ]
What are you doing?!
Ow! Aah!
[ Naomi is taken ]
[ Whimpering ]
[ Liz subdues Nora/Rowan ]

Liz: Dembe, put him on. I found Lord Baltimore.

[ Naomi crying loudly, panting ] [ Breathing heavily ]
Berlin: Hello Mrs. Reddington.
[ Breathing heavily ]

Liz: Where is she?
Nora/Rowan: I have already told you I don’t know what you’re talking about!
Liz: You are Lord Baltimore. You were paid by a man who calls himself Berlin to extract Naomi Hyland. I need to know! Where was she taken?

Ressler: I’m gonna ask you again – Naomi Hyland?
Marcus: I don’t know why you’re talking to me. Nora put this together.

Liz: A woman’s life is in jeopardy here. I need Nora to tell me where she is.
Nora/Rowan: Then find her! Ask Nora!
Liz: I am asking her!

Ressler: You’re the expert, but from where I sit, this is the perfect setup. One personality hiding behind the other, able to commit a crime and yet have no memory of it.
Liz: Well, that’s not exactly how it works.
Ressler: Rowan passed the lie-detector test.
Liz: That’s because Rowan’s unaware of Nora and Nora’s unaware of Rowan. That’s how dissociative identity disorder works. The two can’t conspire.
Ressler: [ Chuckles ] Well, then we’re screwed because we have Rowan and we need Nora. Liz: What we need to do is identify the trigger the image, sound, memory that flips her switch. Of course. It’s him.
[ Liz takes photo of Nora/Rowan and Marcus from evidence board ]
Liz: You were at her apartment. You’re in her photos. What are you, some kind of handler?
Marcus: I’m nobody.
[ Grunts, inhales sharply ] [ Breathing heavily ]
Marcus: She runs everything.
With your help. You’re manipulating her. You’re looking at life in prison. Cooperate, and maybe we can make a deal. Tell me about her trigger.

[ Door opens ]
Liz: You know I think you were right. I think Nora survived that incident in Mosul.
I think she escaped, came home, and killed Rowan.
Nora/Rowan: What?

[β™« The Ink Spots’ “We Three” plays ]

Nora/Rowan: Th-That’s impossible.
Liz: Nora killed Rowan because she envied her. She wanted to become her. She wanted to be the good sister, the sister who didn’t get abused by her uncle.
Nora/Rowan: You’re lying. Nobody murdered Rowan! I’m Rowan!
Liz: No, Rowan is dead. You murdered your sister, didn’t you, Nora? That’s what caused the split – the trauma and guilt of the murder.
Nora/Rowan: No, I- I’m Rowan Mills!

β™« We three We’re not a crowd We’re not even company

Liz: It was playing that night, wasn’t it?

β™« My echo My shadow And me

Liz: Do you remember how it felt that night? Do you remember what you were feeling, Nora, when you killed your sister? It’s over, Nora. Marcus cut a deal. Tell me where you took Naomi Hyland.

[ Police radio chatter, siren wailing ]
Liz: We got here too late.
Red: Describe the scene.
It’s [ Sighs ] bloody. Lord Baltimore’s men, they’re all dead, – all but one, and I don’t think he’s –
Red: Let me speak with him.
What? Why?
Red: Because he didn’t survive. He was left alive to deliver a message, and it won’t be to you. It’s for me.
Liz: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! [ Breathing raggedly ] The man with one hand, what did he instruct you to say?
Man: [ Weakly ] The Blue Jay on Benning Road. N-Number 604.

[ Cellphone snaps shut ] [ Door opens ] [ Clears throat ]
Naomi: If you’re looking for him, I can’t help you. You have to listen to me. Reddington, – I haven’t I haven’t seen him in 20 years.
Berlin: [ Chuckles ] I need you to lay down.
Naomi: [ Voice breaking ] No, please. Please, I’m begging you. I– I can’t help you.
Berlin: I don’t want your help! [ Mutters ] That’s nice. Hold still. [ Camera shutter clicks ]

Dembe: You should let me go in first.
[ Television playing ] [ Indistinct shouting ] [ Shouting in Spanish, pounding on door ]
Voice: Sucio!
[ Dembe and Red search apartment. Red finds pocket watch placed on pillow with picture of Naomi inside ]

Liz: I talked to Reddington. He couldn’t find her.
Ressler: A win’s a win. Lord Baltimore’s off the street. Did I hear right? Was Reddington detained by some, uh, Mossad agent?
Liz: Yeah, apparently Martin had to negotiate his release.
Ressler: Well, any agent who can track down Reddington, I’m buying them a beer.
[ Knock on door ]
Dr Friedman: Congratulations. I heard you captured the man you were after. I thought maybe now we could [ sighs ] go over a couple things, maybe take stock. [ Sternly ] Agent Ressler. I will recommend you for suspension.
Ressler: Look, I don’t mean to be a prick here, but I’m not sure what you think you’re gonna fix.
Friedman: Yeah, I’m not sure either – Until we talk.
Ressler: About what? Those agents who died today? About the fact that we lost a woman that we were supposed to protect? How do I feel about that? I feel like crap. But I know the good we do here, why it matters. And am I worried that someday it’s not gonna be enough? Yeah. And when that day comes, you’ll be the first to know.

Man: Elizabeth? The judge signed it. May be of little solace, but he granted your application for the annulment. As far as the District of Columbia is concerned, you were never married to Thomas Keen. It’s none of my business, but I noticed you’re keeping his name.
Liz: My husband –

β™« Do the right thing, do the right thing

Liz: – was an impostor, a fake. Keen was never his name.

β™« Diversionary (Do the Right Thing)
Sung by Ages and Ages
Written by Tim Michael Perry

β™« [Do the right thing do the right thing
do it all the time do it all the time
make yourself right, never mind them]
don’t you know you’re not the only one suffering

β™« I see you up again wandering so diligently
crossing your t’s as though it weren’t irrelevant
they say formality, this is what they really meant:
they can be the walk and we can be the pavement

β™« Do the right thing do the right thing
do it all the time do it all the time
make yourself right, never mind them
don’t you know you’re not the only one suffering

β™« So what you’re up against all the disingenuous
They wave you along and say there’s always room for us
But we know better than that to take ’em serious.
Still don’t let ’em make you bitter in the process

β™« And when the light is up, this is how oughta be
We’ll make it alright, they’ll come around eventually …
[They say it’s nothing but that ain’t the reality
They may take us on but they can never take us easy

β™« Cuz they ain’t moving, they’re just moving around
So if you love yourself, you better get out now

β™« I hear a higher calling
Better here than there I guess
so long]

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/1GGzYUi
YouTube: https://youtu.be/opguVZJiDN8

Liz: Why are you all smiles?
Aram: Guess who’s no longer Interim Director.
Liz: What? Martin – he’s gone? Well, who do we answer to now?
Cooper [ Comes up behInd them ]: That would be me.

β™« Get out, get out, get out, get out now

Cooper: What are you waiting on, Agent Keen? Tell me where we are with Berlin.
[ Staff in Post Office applaud Cooper’s return ]

β™« Do it all the time
Make yourself right, never mind them
Do it all the time
Don’t you know you’re not the only one sufferin’?

Concierge: This was left at the front desk for Mr. Hirschfeld.
Dembe: Raymond. You want me to open it?
Red: No, I got it.
[ Phone dialing ]
Berlin: Ah, Mr. Reddington, I presume.
Red: Where is she?
Berlin: Oh, here and there, out and about. You know women. I can only imagine how dearly you must be missing her after all these years, huh? So I made you a little something to remember her by. You see I’m gonna do to your wife what you did to my daughter. I’m gonna send her back to you piece by piece by piece.
[ Red opens box containing a finger ]

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❌❌❌ END 2:1

༺✦ ⌘ ✦༻

πŸ”΄ 2:2 Monarch Douglas Bank

πŸ”΄ Script: 2:2 Monarch Douglas Bank

Last updated: 8/8/2015
Program air date: 9/29/2014 in the US
Script with extras: http://wp.me/pDKwi-1e0
Source: Raw Scripts from Springfield [UK]: http://bit.ly/1Do56Zu
NBC Episode Summary: http://bit.ly/1Js7a9f

Created by: Jon Bokenkamp
Director: Paul A Edwards
Writers: Jon Bokenkamp, Kristen Reidel, Amanda Kate Shuman, Daniel Knauf


Script: 2:2 Monarch Douglas Bank


Blurb: Monarch Douglas Bank, the preferred bank of the criminal elite, has been robbed – but no money was taken. Red’s ex-wife, Naomi Hyland, has been captured by Berlin who promises to send her back “piece by piece.”

Red: You’re late.
Mr Kaplan: How many?
Red: Three.
Mr Kaplan: This is the second time in as many weeks.
Red: Everything was very polite, a few questions, a few answers. Then things got contentious.♀
Mr Kaplan: This business with your wife, this pursuit, it’s pushing you in ways that I don’t like.
Red: Don’t start with me, Kate. I’ll handle my business, you handle yours.

[ Below conversation occurs over scene of a bank heist ]
Dembe: It’s Worboliski. [ Hands phone to Red ]
Red: Henryk.
Worboliski: It’s Warsaw.
Red: What happened?
Worboliski: They were hit 20 minutes ago.
Red: What do we know?
Worboliski: Professional crew. Military precision. Six minutes in and out.
Red: We have an inventory?
Worboliski: Safe-deposit boxes popped, some cash missing. They’re running numbers now.
Red: But you and I both know what they were after.
[ People scream ]
Red: Notify Dubicki. See if he knows anything about the team. I want a report within the hour. [ Cellphone beeps ] Interesting.

Red: Mr. Kaplan, I’m sorry. You’re right. I’m out on the far end of the limb.
Mr Kaplan: Take a moment. Read a book. You will find your wife. [ Sees man on floor moving ] Oh, dear.
[ Man groans ]
Red: Aw, hell.
[ Shoots him ]

[ Door closes ]
Berlin: Hello, darling.
Naomi: Listen, you’ve got it all wrong. Hurting me won’t – Reddington doesn’t care about me. It– it’s why I’m in hiding, is to protect my ch– my child.
Berlin: You know what? You have such beautiful mouth. It’s perfect.

[ β™« Soft Latin music plays ]

[ Door opens ]
Red: Lizzie! I’d like to introduce you to my manicurist, Rosa Heredia. She’s the one I was telling you about, who was dating that nine-fingered bullfighter from Juarez. This woman is an artist, trained at the Latin-American school of medicine in Havana.
Liz: Medical school?
Red: Trauma surgeon. Dropped out in the last year of her residency. Discpanos por un momen, por favor.
Liz: Your ex-wife –
Red: Have you found her?
Liz: Jennifer.
Red: What have you learned about Jennifer?
Liz: I confirmed your daughter was placed in protective custody with her mother in @1990. The Marshal service lost contact @seven years ago. She is unaccounted for.

Red: Monarch Douglas bank.
Liz: What?
Red: The preferred bank of international criminals, dictators, terrorists, hedge-fund managers. They’re headquartered here in the U.S., deposits insured by the FDIC, which places them firmly within your Agency’s jurisdictional bailiwick. They have branches in 63 countries, but their criminal operation is run out of an unassuming little branch in Warsaw. And it is the last place on earth that anyone would ever want to rob. Well, less than two hours ago, Monarch’s Warsaw branch was assaulted.
Liz: What was stolen?
Red: According to the official statement, nothing.
Liz: And according to you?
Red: Everything.

Liz: Dante Stewart, the notorious arms dealer, the Juarez Cartel, the entire Marbella Crime Syndicate. Reddington claims these are just a few of the criminals who funnel money through Monarch Douglas. Our contacts at Treasury say Monarch’s records are spotless. They’re in full compliance. Despite that, according to Reddington, they’re legendary for laundering the money of the criminal elite without any traceable accounting. There has to be some kind of record. That must be what they’re looking for.
Cooper: The ledger.
Liz: Which is apparently more valuable than the millions in assets they left lying in that Vault.
Ressler: Well, the bank can’t cooperate without implicating itself. We take down Monarch, we get the names of every criminal who funnels money through them.
Cooper: I’ll contact our legal attachΓ© in Poland. I want you and Ressler on the next flight to Warsaw.
Ressler: Yes, sir.
Cooper: Aram.
Liz: Everything okay?
Ressler: Yeah, I’m fine. Just missed my train. What?

[ Camera shutter clicking ] [ Engine turns over ]

Red: What is it?
Dembe: It was at the front desk.

Salerno: Agent Paul Salerno.
Liz: Agents Ressler and Keen.
Salerno: We’ve established joint cooperation with the locals, as well as standing extradition orders for any suspects charged, but while you are in-country, you do not have the power to make arrests, and you will, of course, be unarmed.
Ressler: We had a thorough briefing before we left.
Salerno: Hear you guys are part of some, uh, elite task force?
Liz: Where’s the Vault?
Salerno: The scene’s still being processed.
Liz: We’re just in time, then.
Ressler: Our sources said that nothing was reported stolen.
Strickland: Your sources were wrong. Matt Strickland, E.V.P. of branch operations.
Liz: Agents Ressler and Keen, FBI. We understand you’re headquartered in Manhattan.
Strickland: I flew out the minute I got the news. Our fault – snafu in corporate communications. The first press release was wrong. They got away with over $400,000 in bearer bonds. We’re releasing a corrected statement first thing in the morning.
Salerno: We need access to your data. Operating procedures, your employees.
Strickland: Of course. I’ll make arrangements. Anything you need I can assure you you’ll have our complete cooperation.
Salerno: Thank you, Mr. Strickland.
Strickland: If you’ll excuse me.

Strickland: [ To another bank administrator ] The formula is missing. That means the money is missing. Clients are calling.They’re concerned. If we don’t fix this now we’re all dead.

Berlin: Okay. Make me one. Huh? –
Assistant: Colonel Yusuf. [ Door opens, closes ] Yusuf?

Liz: No inconsistencies in my witness statements. They hacked the system, shut it down, deleted everything back to a half-hour before they hit. What?
Aram: Traffic-police services forwarded their feeds.
Liz: You got picture?
Aram: Yep. But lousy angle, though. Can’t see what went down inside. But they caught the bad guys coming in and going out. I’m mirroring the feed now. You seeing this?
Liz: Yeah. Got it. Go.
Ressler: We got five unsubs.
Aram: Not so fast. Check this out.
Ressler: Six. I got six. Is that right?
Aram: Yep. Five went in, six came out.
Liz: Uh, Aram, can you zoom in on number 4?
Aram: Copy that.
Liz: That’s a woman. She looks scared. This wasn’t a robbery. It was a kidnapping.

Ressler: There was only one employee who swiped into the Warsaw branch the day of the incident who didn’t swipe out – Kaja Tomczak.
Liz: What can you tell us about her?
Strickland: Nothing, I’m afraid. As E.V.P., I typically have little contact with branches of this size and no contact with junior account managers.
Polish Bank Admin: Before robbery, she went home sick. She must have forgotten to swipe her card on way out.
Salerno: [ Chuckles ] Oh. Johnny-on-the-spot. Had that one locked and chambered, did we?
Polish Bank Admin: I’m sorry I do not understand this “Johnny-on-the-spot.”
Strickland: That’ll do, Kloza.
Polish Bank Admin: This is your American comedy?
Strickland: I’m sorry, Agent Keen. Tensions are running high. We’ve never been robbed before.
Liz: We’re gonna need a copy of Kaja Tomczak’s employee file.
Strickland: Of course.

Liz: The apartment is owned by Monarch?
Doorman: Yes. This one, five, six more. Employees here on long business trips. Better than hotel.
Liz: Did you know Miss Tomczak well?
Doorman: No. Was nice, very nice, but never spoke to her alone. Men are always with her.
Ressler: Men?
Doorman: Walk her to the door, pick her up. Bring food, take her to work like guards. [ Cellphone rings ] Always guards.
Ressler: [ Answers cell ] Ressler. Yeah. We’ll be right in. [ Cellphone beeps ] They found the getaway van.

Salerno: Unsubs tried to torch it with some kind of accelerant. Fire burned itself out.
Ressler: They should’ve cracked a window.
Liz: Hey, you guys see this up here?
Ressler: Is that blood?
Liz: I don’t think so.
Ressler: You know that’s where people sit, right?
Liz: Smells like roses.
Red: [ On cell ] Set a match to it See if it burns. Check if it’s flammable.
Liz: What? Why?
Ressler: You got a light? [ Speaking Polish ] Yeah. It’s flammable.
Red: Jam. From the heart of the rum-soaked, rose-petal Paczki.♀
Liz: I’m sorry, I don’t know what a rum-soaked, rose –
Red: It’s a jelly doughnut.
Liz: Lovely. Now what?
Red: Now? Nothing. Just get some rest. I’ll be there in less than three hours. Then something. The copper mine will have to wait. We’re going to Warsaw.

Strickland: Your assets are safe. It’s a minor systems problem.
Berlin: I was told Warsaw was hit.
Strickland: Completely unrelated. This is an I.T. issue that will be resolved within the next few hours.
Berlin: I’m waiting to take possession of vital cargo that’s now sitting in a container ship just off the coast of Mogadishu. I can’t get the cargo until I have a confirmation of a wire transfer I made 36 hours ago.
Strickland: And we would be more than happy to advance funds. You talking about a loan?
Interest-free, of course.
Berlin: Mr. Strickland, I think you will come to New York and I will talk to you face-to-face, you will answer all my questions to my satisfaction, all right?

Berlin’s Assistant: [ To Naomi ] Hey! No more food, Suka.

[ Door opens ] [ Door closes ]
Apolonia: Raymond!
Red:[ Chuckles ] Apolonia.
Apolonia: Oh! [ Smooches ] Oh.
Red: My darling.
Apolonia: Ohh! [ Chuckles ] And Dembe. How is my sweet, gentle boy? [ Laughing ] Oh.
Red: I’ve been dreaming of Paczki. I tried to curb my cravings in this little shop in the West Village in New York, but they fill them with prune jelly. Can you imagine?
Apolonia: Idiota.
Red: [ Laughs ] Ahhhhh. Mmm! Tastes just like Patty Sutton.♀ I must admit, madroja, I have ulterior motives. Little business.
Apolonia: Sales up, business good. I finish inventory. Then you have something nice to pick from. And maybe something for my little favorite, too.
Red: My grandmother used to keep flour in the refrigerator. Why is that?
Apolonia: To keep the weevils out.
Red: Oh, of course Weevils.♀ It’s come to my attention that the Monarch Douglas bank was robbed yesterday by some of your customers. And if your customers come under scrutiny, Apolonia, your business comes under scrutiny.
Apolonia: Majboja.
Red: God can’t protect you. But I can.♀

Officer: Rece do góry! Hands in the air!
Ressler: Kaja Tomczak. FBI.
Kaja: What are you doing here?
Ressler: Wow. Good to see you, too.
Liz: You’re safe now.
Kaja: I was safe before you got here. I was trying to escape.

Liz: What’s the rendezvous point?
Cooper: The safe house just across the river. We’re sending you the address now. Agent Salerno’s on his way. Head toward the Vistula River.
Liz: And her associates? Have you identified them?
Cooper: A Warsaw gang called the Mayerchak Group, known for armed robbery and money laundering.
Liz: Rough trade for a bank clerk.
Cooper: Get her statement I want to know everything she knows before this extradition deal blows up.
Kaja: If the police know where I am, so does Strickland.

Strickland: We’re doing a threat assessment.
Berlin: [ Laughs ] You money men, you love military terms. Your tactics, strategies, your campaigns and hostile takeovers, huh? [ Chuckles ] Now, you promised me that this would all be resolved by now, and it isn’t.
Strickland: Do you think I would have flown to New York, met with you personally if I wasn’t confident in our handling of the situation?
Berlin: Uh-huh.
Strickland: The situation is fluid. You need to be patient.
Berlin: I like you, Mr. Strickland. I like the way you and your people do business. But I need you to understand. If you bungle this, the people I’m working with, they expect me to set an example. To peel you like a grape.
Strickland: And I can assure you, as your banker, that your assets are protected by the formula.
Berlin: Oh, yeah. The formula. Tell me How does she do it? [ … ]

Kaja: It’s called hyperthymesia. Highly superior autobiographical memory
Ressler: Like a photographic memory.
Kaja: It’s why the bank hired me so there wouldn’t be any paper trail. Pick a day: Any day, any year.
Ressler: Um, December 21, 2001.
Kaja: It was a Tuesday. I had dry toast for breakfast, bigos for lunch. I picked up a copy of the Fakt. Two earthquakes One in Japan, Bonin Islands, another in Iran, 6.5. There was a lunar eclipse.
Liz: That’s incredible.
It could not be seen here, but.
Salerno: Anything interesting?
Liz: She drained the accounts of every criminal who had money at that bank. She keeps it all in her head. That’s how the bank does it. She can give us account numbers, amounts. [ Sees armed person on video feed ] Who are our friends?
Salerno: I’m not taking any chances until she’s safely turned over to the local police.
Liz: Out of the question. She’s coming back to the States.
Salerno: You don’t make that call.
Liz: Agent Harold Cooper already did. Perhaps you’d like to spe– [ Salerno punches her. They begin a viscious fist fight ]
Kaja: A sheet of paper, I- I don’t just look at it and remember every word. I relive it the temperature of the room, the light.
Ressler: The cameras in your apartment, the guards. They were watching you.
Kaja; For my protection.
Ressler: Then [ sighs ] you became the prisoner.
[ Window between observation room and interview room is shattered ]
Liz: Ressler!!
Kaja: I staged it at the bank to ensure there’d be an investigation.
Liz: Aah! [ Gunshot ] [ Gasps ] Ressler!
[ Ressler finally reacts ] [ Groans ]
Ressler: It’s over, pal.
Liz: Who do you work for?
Salerno: You don’t understand the national-security implications of what that woman knows and the damage she can do.
Samar Navabi: They’re coming! [ Grunts, groaning ]
Samar: Who the hell are you? Samar Navabi – Mossad. You’re outgunned. Go. I’ll cover you.
How do we know we can trust you? [ Door thuds ] Go!

[ In cab. Kaja has been hit ]
Liz: What was that back there?! You almost got me killed!
Ressler: Sorry wasn’t expecting the mirror to explode 3 feet from my face. Guess it took me a few seconds to regroup.
Liz: More than a few. Your reaction time was crap.
Ressler: Bullet fragment. Must have passed through the house on our way out. [ To Kaja ] Okay, I know, I know, I know. Just stay still. Stay still.
Liz: It’s bad?
Ressler: Yeah, it’s bad.
Kaja: You know I can hear everything you’re saying?!
Ressler: Okay. [ Breathing heavily ] Okay. Good, good, good, good, good. You’re not going to – I need you to stay still, okay? On the count of three, all right? One [ He injects Kaja; she screams ]

Guard: What is it?
Naomi: [ Groans ] It’s my stomach. I’m– I’m so sick.
Guard: Bathroom?
Naomi: Please.
[ Groans, sputters ] [ Guard returns; Naomi stabs him in the face with a sharpened chicken bone ] [ Screaming ] [ Screaming continues ]

[ Kaja groaning ]
Ressler: What’s going on? Why are we stopping?
Liz: They’re watching every move.
Ressler: We got to get out of here.
Liz: Uh, w– where do we go? How do we get out of here if they’re monitoring the streets, the sidewalks? –
[ Horn honking ] [ Panting ] [ Lock engages ] [ Window rattling ]
Cooper: What do you mean you’re in a stolen car?
Liz: We had to! Salerno’s dirty. The safe house was assaulted by a TAC team. And why the hell are we being trailed by Mossad?!
Cooper: Say again? – Samar Navabi?
Liz: She took down Salerno, covered our escape. But Kaja’s been shot.
Cooper: Listen to me: You two need to ditch the car, dump your phones, and get off the grid right now. [ To Aram: ] Where’s the nearest landline to their current location?
Aram: Um okay, uh, four blocks ahead, corner of Stalowa and Srodkowa.
Cooper: Find it. I’ll call you there in 10.
Liz: Got it.
Cooper: Who the hell is Samar Navabi?

Berlin: Mrs. Reddington! Enough is enough! There’s no escape! And the more time we waste, the harder it’s gonna be for you when we find you!

[ Telephone rings ]
Liz: Cooper?
Red: Harold tells me the local police may not be your greatest ally.
Liz: Get us out of here.
Red: I’ve reached out to an old friend for assistance. Kaspar Dubicki’s my man in Warsaw. He’s waiting for you under the Swietokrzyski Bridge of your current position.
Liz: There are a million dirty cops between here and there, and they’re all after her.
Red: I’ve arranged for a small diversion. Just get to Dubicki.
[ Groans ]
Liz: Can we trust him?
Red: No. You can trust me.♀
[ Cellphone closes ]

[ Car is blown up as diversion ]
Man: Tell Reddington it is done.
Man 2: Yeah – Big boom.

[ Sirens wailing ] [ Ressler and Liz enter railroad box car with Kaja ]
Ressler: It’s clear.
[ Groans ]
Kaja: The tracks run all the way to the bridge.
Ressler: All right. Hang on.
[ Groans ]

Berlin: Mrs. Reddington! [ Pounding on door ] [ Door closes ] [ Berlin comes up behind Naomi and grabs her ] [ Gasps ] Shh. You’re a clever girl.

Ressler: Keep that down.
[ Groans ] [ Pills rattle ]
Ressler: Take these. It’ll help with the pain.
Kaja: Thank you. Account number 924386. Shell company is Gonzalez Cargo.
Ressler: What are you doing?
Kaja: Dying declaration.
Ressler: No. You’re not dying. Not today.
Kaja: I wasn’t always a prisoner. In the beginning, the bank paid me. Gave me apartment, a car. I knew what they were doing. Terrorist cartels, organized crime. But I looked the other way. I helped them stay in business. I’m no better than they are.
[ Brakes squeal ]
Liz: What the hell?
Ressler: We’ve got to be 10 minutes out.
[ Door opens ] [ Men shouting in Polish ] [ Armed men enter. Ressler realizes they’re outgunned. Red enters ]
Liz: Reddington. How did you–?
Red: Enough with the guns. I love trains. My grandfather rode the rails. Have you ever seen “The General”? Buster Keaton? Oh, my goodness.
Liz: What are you doing?
Red: Dubicki said the bridge was swarming with police. [ A man picks up Laja and carries her away ] We need to move quickly.
Liz: And Kaja?
Red: Quite safe, I assure you. On her way to my Gulfstream. I’ll arrange for an onboard medic to tend to her wounds. We’ll be wheels-up in 20. I’ve also booked the two of you first-class tickets home.
Ressler: No, you can’t take her! No! Y–
Red: Guys, guys. Enough with the pointing. Don’t worry, Donald. They won’t shoot you. But they will restrain you rigorously if necessary.♀ Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have business to attend to. Be sure they make their flight.

[ Berlin humming ] [ Clattering ]
Naomi: Ooh!
[ Naomi whimpers ]
Berlin: Ah? [ He has pliers ]
Naomi: No. No, no.
Berlin: Come on. Let’s make some music, huh?
[ Knock on door ]
Berlin: Yes?
Man: It’s him.
Berlin: Yeah, hello?
Red: I think it’s time we met.♀

[ Bench on Coney Island ]
Berlin: Well, well. This has been a long time coming.
Red: I hope it’s been worth it. What a terrible waste. Time, blood, money. And in the end, for what?
Berlin: Revenge. That’s my passion.
Red: Revenge isn’t a passion it’s a disease that eats at your mind and poisons your soul.♀ I attended summer camp with this little stick of a girl Twila Stansberry. Hell of an athlete capture the flag. Had an unrelenting passion for fitness. Never skinny enough A pound here, a pound there. Ran like a deer. Until she couldn’t could barely walk. Turns out she was anorexic. The disease caused her to lose her sight. I’ve never known anyone more obsessed with their body than Twila. Spent her entire life chasing something that destroyed her. Make sure your passion isn’t your sickness.♀
Berlin: Your wife is coming apart nicely.
Red: We have a common enemy.
Berlin: Who?
Red: Whoever told you that I killed your daughter. You are finished with my wife.♀
Berlin: Think so?
Red: Yes, you are. I have something I suspect you value far more than revenge. Your money.♀

Cooper: What you’re telling me is we have totally lost control of the situation. Reddington and the witness are gone. Berlin gone. Red’s wife gone. Can any of you tell me one thing that we’ve got going for us at this point?!
Aram: Coffee machine still works.
Ressler: Uh. At least it’s finally clear now who our perpetrator really is.
Cooper: Is it? Illuminate me.
Ressler: Reddington. He’s the one who put the spotlight on Monarch Douglas. My guess is, because he had significant funds on deposit.
Cooper: And once he identified Kaja as their human hard drive, he put us on her trail, had us deliver her into his custody. Reddington double-crossed us.
Liz: No. He’s up to something else.
Ressler: We need to find that girl, find out where she’s being held.
Cooper: She’s wounded. Reddington’s going to need to find her a doctor, someone he can trust.
Liz: Rosa Heredia.
Cooper: Who?
Liz: His manicurist.
Cooper: Manicurist?
Liz: Well, she was trained as a surgeon.
Cooper: Of course she was. Find her now.

Red: I have the girl. And because I have her, I have control of all your assets at Monarch Douglas. I’ve transferred every penny into a numbered, thoroughly untraceable escrow account. You’re broke. Shh. Listen. Hear that? That’s the sound of your checks bouncing.♀ From here to St Petersburg, from Bangkok to Mozambique. So, my proposal: your money for my wife. You can give her back and we can continue this war, or you can kill my wife and I keep your money.
Berlin: [ Chuckles ] I almost gave up looking for you. You were like a ghost for 12 years. Heard rumors. And I followed them. From Barcelona to Melbourne to Stockholm. But always nothing. Until one day I made a connection. Elizabeth Keen.♀ That’s why we’re sitting here today. Because of Keen. I know you care for her as much as you care for your wife.♀ I think underneath it all, under that hat of yours, you’re not much different from, uh, Twila Stansberry. [ Chuckles ] You have the power to destroy me, but you’re offering me a way out because you’re blinded by passion.♀ Guess we both are. Have your associates set up the meeting. Okay?

Liz: Hey, Rosa. We know you’re treating Kaja. Where’s your patient?
Rosa: I– I don’t know. I came alone.
Liz: I don’t want to have to call for backup.

[ Red is firing at shooting arcade ] [ Cellphone rings ] [ Cellphone beeps ]
Red: Lizzie. How was your flight?
Liz: I know what you’re trying to pull, and it’s not gonna happen.
Red: What I’m trying to pull? Is that how we speak to each other now. As if I’m some kind of cheap, dime-store confidence man?♀
Liz: Bank robber, embezzler, thief. You put us on this case so you could get to the girl so you could steal Berlin’s money.
Red: Once she left the bank, the girl was vulnerable. I simply took advantage of an opportunity.♀
Liz: You’re gonna use her to get your wife back.
Red: Storybook ending.♀
Liz: Not for the thousands of people who are gonna lose their lives because of his actions. This man is a psychopath! That money is going to fund terror all over the world, and I’m not gonna let that happen for the sake of one woman.
Red: You don’t have a vote.♀
Liz: I found Kaja.
Red: She gave you the routing numbers.
Liz: We froze the escrow accounts where you parked Berlin’s cash.
Red: My wife will die.
Liz: I’m sorry.
Red: No, you’re not. Not yet. Maybe someday, if you’re very lucky, you might wonder, “at exactly what point did I become this thing?”♀ But not now. Right now, you’re just doing your job. Don’t go through with it.
Liz: We can find another way.
Red: The deal is moving forward.
Liz: You can’t hold up your end. He’ll kill you.
Red: Wish me luck.
[ Cellphone beeps ]

[ Vehicle doors close ]
Red: My wife. Give him the codes.
[ Berlin’s man checks to see that money has returned to Berlin’s accounts ]

[ β™« Tom Odell’s “Long way down” plays ]
Walking on the rooftops
talking of times
with our eyes a-glowing
like the city lights
she stands on the ledge she says,
“it looks so high”

β™« it’s a long way down
looks like a long way down
It feels like a long way down –

[ Red watches as Naomi, blindfolded, is led from car. He is obviously very moved ]
Dembe: Raymond.

β™« Like a long way down
oh, honey, don’t leave, don’t leave
please don’t leave me now ‘
cause I can feel the rivers winding
through the lands two lines
and a poet $6.

Cooper: Seven million on deposit from the FBI Wichita field office. It’s linked to Agent Salerno. He was laundering money through that bank.
Wright: There is no such person. The bureau uses Monarch to finance sanctioned operations, including this one. We’re funded through Monarch.♀ You will purge all records of his role in this matter.
Cooper: You’re not protecting the bank. You’re protecting the Bureau.♀

β™« Long way down
you know it’s a long way
down it feels like a long way

[ Knock on door ]
Liz: I’m sorry.
Ressler: For what?
Liz: In the taxi in Warsaw. I came at you pretty hot.
Ressler: Fog of battle.
Liz: When Kaja was down, you talked her through the worst of it. We could have lost her. You did good.
Ressler: You’re right. I was amazing.♀ [ Laughs ]
[ Liz leaves. Ressler takes Rx bottle from desk drawer and takes some ]

β™« Long way down
you know it’s a long way down
it feels like a long way down
ohh, it feels like a long way down
oh, honey, don’t leave,
don’t leave please don’t leave me now

Cooper: This is very thorough. I don’t suppose you’d be willing to share your sources. How you came by this information?
Samar Navabi: I followed leads, exploited a few hairline fractures in the wall that surrounds your operation. Most of it, I gathered myself.
Cooper: And the rest?

[ Door opens ]
Liz: Your door was open.
Red: Yes. Thank you. ♀
Liz: You’re an asset I’m charged with protecting. I transferred the money to keep you safe. I was just doing my job. As far as I’m concerned, every life that that psycho takes from this point forward is on you. I hope she’s worth it.
Red: It’s funny. When I was standing there wondering if you had decided to let me die, a thought struck me. How did you know that Berlin had his money in that bank? At first, I thought it was the girl that she told you. But the accounts would be coded, moved through shell corporations. Layers of protection. And then I realized, “No. Somebody has a secret Santa.♀ A source.” Bravo, Lizzie. When you’re ready to share, I’d love to hear.

[β™« Tom Odell’s “Heal” plays ]
Take my mind and take my pain

Liz: How do we know Kaja gave up all the accounts at Monarch?
Red: What would possibly motivate her to do otherwise?
Liz: A new identity when this is all over. A sizeable contribution to her pension in exchange for protecting you and your friends.
Red: Lizzie, don’t be absurd. I don’t have any friends.♀
[ Door opens, closes ]

β™« Take my past and take my sins
like an empty sail takes the wind and heal

[ Cellphone ringing ] [ Cellphone beeps ]
Red: Hello. How did it go?
Samar: I’m in. I look forward to working with you.
Red: Well, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.♀

⬆ go to top

β™« And tell me some things last
and tell me some things last
and tell me some things last

β™« Long Way Down
By Tom Odell

Walking on the rooftops
Talking of times
With our eyes a glowing
Like the city lights
She stands on the ledge,
She says, ‘it looks so high’

You know it’s a…

Long way down
Feels like a long way down
Feels like a long way down
Like a long way down
So honey don’t leave, don’t leave,
Please don’t leave me now

Cuz I can feel the rivers
Winding through the lands
Two lines, and a poet
Like a kind old rye
You know we could talk in that language
Only we understand

But you know..

It’s a long way down
You know it’s a long way down
Feels like a long way down
Love it feels like a long way down
So honey don’t leave, don’t leave,
Please don’t leave me now

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/1LwrPIA
YouTube: http://bit.ly/1FIL3mY

β™« Heal
By Tom Odell

Take my mind and take my pain
Like an empty bottle takes the rain
And heal.

Take my past and take my sins
Like an empty sail takes the wind
And heal.

And tell me some things last
And tell me some things last

Take my heart and take my hand
Like an ocean takes the dirty sands
And heal

Take my mind and take my pain
Like an empty bottle takes the rain
And heal

And tell me some things last
And tell me some things last

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/1BOyN9x
YouTube: http://bit.ly/1KnVQuR

❌❌❌ END 2:2


༺✦ ⌘ ✦༻

πŸ”΄ 2:3 Dr James Covington

πŸ”΄ Script: 2:3 Dr James Covington

Last updated: 8/9/2015
Program air date: 10/6/2014 in the US
Script with extras: http://wp.me/pDKwi-1cY
Source: Raw Scripts from Springfield [UK]: http://bit.ly/1Do56Zu
NBC Episode Summary: http://bit.ly/1frAiQX

Created by: Jon Bokenkamp
Director: Karen Gaviola
Writers: Jon Bokenkamp, Lukas Reiter, JR Orci


Script: 2:3 Dr James Covington

Blurb: Illegal organ transplantation is keeping children – and criminals – alive. Red faces disloyalty in his ranks. Samar Navabi joins the Task Force. Liz has a dream. Red and Naomi Hyland reconnect after 20 years.

[Indistinct conversations] [Laughter]
Man: You had to know we would find you.
Paul Wyatt: I didn’t run.
Man: Yes.
Wyatt: I could have gone to the police.
Man: And we would have gone to see your beautiful family.
Wyatt: Please. There must be another way.
Man: I wasn’t sent to negotiate.
[ Wyatt upends table, runs off ] [ People gasp ] [ Grunts ] [ Gasps ] [ Tires screech]
Wyatt: Please!
Driver: Are you crazy?! I almost killed you, man!
Wyatt: You’ve got to help me! Please!
Driver: Calm down, man. Calm down.
Wyatt:There’s a man. He’s over there.
[ Wyatt collapses ]
He’s out.

Woman: Pulse, blood pressure steady.
Man: He’s waking up. Let’s get him into surgery.
Wyatt: Please.
Man: We have a drop site at southeast. Fielding is standing by for the corpse.
Someone: How long will you need?
Man. Tell him no more than 40 minutes. The doctor is scrubbing down.
[ Wyatt groans ]
Dr James Covington: I need 0.05 of lorazepam. Let’s get a 12-lead EKG, – CBC, BMP.
Wyatt: No! No! Aah!
Covington: Sorry, Mr. Wyatt. You are out of time.
[ Monitor beeping ]

[ Police radio chatter ]
Police: Okay! Everybody up! It’s 5:00 A.M.
Man: Yo, let’s get up.
Police: Sir, don’t forget your shoes. Hey, you! Let’s go! What happened to your clothes?
Man: Yeah, let’s go.
[ Flips him over ]
Police: Oh, my God.

[Crickets chirping] [Gasping]
Tom: Looking for this?
Liz: I’ll scream.
Tom: Don’t. Listen to me. Reddington knows where I am. He found me, and he is coming here, but you need to know that you can’t trust him. He is using you. And when Berlin is dead, he will kill you.
Liz: If you’re trying to help me, why don’t you put the gun down?
[ Tom carefully puts down gun ]
Tom: Has he told you? Has he told you anything about that night, about the fire? You need to ask him, Liz, for the truth about why he turned himself in to the FBI. No. It’s not what you think.
Red: You should have killed him when you had the chance.
Tom: Go ahead and ask him, Liz.
Red: You should have finished it.
Tom: Make him answer. You deserve to know the truth. Your father, Naomi Hyland. Red doesn’t want you to know that that night, the night of the fire…
[ Red shoots Tom ]

Red: What do you want, Agent Keen? What do you really want? [ Birds chirping ]
[ Liz wakes up ]

Ezra: Hey, hey. Hey, hey, hey! Hey!
Liz: Who are you?! I’ve seen you following me.
Ezra: You’ve seen me at the Millbrook. I’m staying there, too. I was just – I was just going to the gym.
Liz: Open up your bag. Open up your bag. Open it up.
Ezra: What the hell are you doing? Who are you?
[ Liz goes through his bag. Takes out gun ]
Liz: I’m sorry.

Red: The Indonesian government has finally agreed to turn over all day-to-day operations at the port to a private company. I’d like that company to be operated by the syndicate.
Niko: That’s unlikely. Our logistics company in the region is too small.
Red: I agree. So I’ve taken steps to change that. I’m tripling our investment.
Niko: And what if we don’t get the contract? You’re fighting a war with Berlin that drags all of us into the trenches with you. This is a time for caution, not risk.
Red: The fruit is ripe. Niko, I’ve made my decision. The men behind you will take you to your car.

Liz: Where’s Naomi Hyland?
Red: You know, it’s hard to say. I’ve never been great at reading that woman’s emotions.
Liz: I need to talk to her.
Red: You want to talk to her perhaps – some lingering personal questions you think my ex-wife can answer.
Liz: You’re hiding her from me.
Red: What do you know about Paul Wyatt?
Liz: Same as everyone else, I guess. He ran an investment firm but was being investigated by the S.E.C. for fraud. He was stealing life savings and pensions. Only to turn up with his heart ripped from his chest. Probably by one of his clients. Police say that whoever did it was trying to make a point.
Red: [Chuckling] Oh, well, as much as I admire the police for their wonderful sense of irony, I’m afraid they’ve got this one wrong. The man who killed Paul Wyatt wasn’t trying to make a point. He was trying to make a sale. His name is Dr. James Covington. A few years ago, he was considered one of the top cardiothoracic surgeons in the country. Now he runs an illegal organ-transplant ring. His operation, if you’ll indulge the term, is one-stop shopping for anyone who needs a life-saving organ transplant but who can’t or doesn’t want to go through conventional channels.

Fleck: My name is Oliver Fleck. I represent Dr. James Covington.
[Red: [ Voiceover ] … that includes criminals and wealthy clients who don’t happen to be first in line on the recipient list. ]
Babbitt: So, where do the organs come from?
Fleck: Oh, that’s not your concern. What matters is that we do our very best to ensure their quality. If there are complications within the first 10 years, we make every effort to rectify them.

Liz: He’s harvesting organs killing innocent people to sell off their parts?
Red: Lizzie, some of the worst of the worst are still alive because Dr. Covington is saving them.
Liz: And you know how to find him?
Red: No. Slushie?
Liz: Pass.
Red: Oh, my gosh. You have no idea what you’re missing. Try a grapefruit gusher. It’s just like you today, a little sour.♀ Two grapefruit.

Aram: Mr. Reddington was right. Covington was once a respected surgeon got his M.D. at Yale, fellowship in cardiothoracic surgery at Vanderbilt.
Ressler: So what went wrong?
Aram: He had some kind of meltdown. According to this, he falsified a document and stole a set of lungs from the donor pool. Did some kind of experimental operation on a 10-year-old child.
Ressler: Geez.
Aram: A few weeks later, the guy who was supposed to receive the transplant died. The D.A. considered charging Covington, but he was already off the grid.

Cooper: I want to introduce you to Samar Navabi.
Aram: Whoa. You’re tall.
Cooper Agent Ressler. Keen. I believe you two have already met.
Samar: In Warsaw. Glad to see you made it out.
Cooper: Agent Navabi is on loan to our task force indefinitely.
Ressler: You’re the one who found Reddington.
Samar: I’m sorry. Are those real-time NSA feeds?
Ressler: I hunted the guy for five years. How long did it take you?
Samar: Well, it was uh, 74 days. We were lucky. They would kill to see these in Tehran.
Liz: How does an Iranian end up working for Mossad?♀
Samar: How did the FBI end up working for Raymond Reddington?
Liz: How did you find us in Warsaw? Who told you we were there?

Cooper: Medical examiner just called. He needs to see you, stat.

[Telephone rings in background ]
Liz: How do we know we can trust her?
Ressler: We don’t. But she did save our lives. That buys her some good will, don’t you think?
Liz: You know Reddington sent her to Warsaw. There has to be something going on there.
Ressler: Sounds like someone’s a little jealous. Uncle Red’s got a new crush.♀

[Door opens] [Coughing]
Liz: Dr. Ryerson, what did you find?
Ryerson: Well [clears throat] I, uh, just completed my autopsy on Mr. Wyatt here. I was told that that your theory was that the – [Clears throat] the the heart was harvested. It is. [Coughs] Yeah, well, buy a hat and hang onto it, because, um, that theory may have a little wrinkle. The incision in his chest was made over a prior midline incision. [Sniffs] Tox screen was positive for immunosuppressive drugs, and, um, I am seeing scarring of the aorta.
Liz: All of which means what?
Ryerson: Well, t- there’s there’s residual foreign tissue left behind from when the heart was removed. [Sighs] This guy had a a a previous heart transplant. The heart that was taken from his chest – wasn’t his to begin with.

[Siren wails]

Mrs Wyatt: [Voice breaking] Look, I wish I could help, but my life it’s in disarray. We file for bankruptcy, and now this?
Liz: Mrs. Wyatt, we really need you to look at the reports.
Ressler: We’ve been over your husband’s medical files. There’s no reference to a heart transplant.
Mrs Wyatt: I don’t know what to say.
Liz: We checked. There’s no record of your husband ever receiving a donor organ.
Mrs Wyatt: They’ll kill me if I talk.
Liz: Unless you talk, there’s nothing we can do to protect you.
Mrs Wyatt: Dr. James Covington. [Sniffles]
Liz: Your husband was one of his clients?
Mrs Wyatt: Paul suffered from congestive heart failure. He needed a transplant. H– he could have waited, put his name on the donor list like everyone else, but not Paul. We had the money, so he found a way to get the transplant immediately.
Ressler: He bought a heart from Covington.
Mrs Wyatt: Yes and no. The organs that Dr. Covington provides they’re not available for purchase. You rent them $500,000 for every year you use the product. When Paul’s business was thriving, that wasn’t a problem. But after the S.E.C. investigation, we couldn’t afford to pay. And if you can’t pay, you have to return the product.
Liz: Excuse me?
Mrs Wyatt: My husband’s heart wasn’t harvested. It was repossessed.

Associate 1: He’ll never convince them to put us in charge of the port. I don’t care what Reddington says. It’s reckless.
Associate 2: Agreed. The Directorate General may be an ally. But we all know who makes the decision Garong Sundri, the Deputy Minister of Transportation.
Niko: He’s against us. And Reddington’s investing a fortune in new equipment to change his mind.
Associate 1: This could bankrupt us.
Associate 2: It’s a desperate move.
[Door opens]
Mr Vargas: Gentlemen.
Niko: I’m afraid you’ve made a mistake, friend. Do you know where you are?
Vargas: Yes, Niko, I know exactly where I am. And I know who you work with. And unfortunately for you, I work with the one man in the world who doesn’t care.
Niko: You work for Berlin? What do you want?
Vargas: Berlin sent me with an offer. If I were you, I would think of it as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Cooper: Repossessed for nonpayment like a house or a car.
Liz: Exactly, he killed Paul Wyatt because he didn’t get his 500 grand in the annual rental fee.
Cooper: How does that work, anyway? Once a heart’s been transplanted, can it be reused?
Liz: Covington didn’t kill him to reuse the heart. He did it to send a message.
Samar: Where I come from, fear is the only deterrent.
Aram: I’m from Delaware. No, I– I’m just saying I’m actually half-Jewish. Well, a quarter, really.
Half-Muslim, too, so but, um– Who’s counting?♀
Ressler: I’ve been tracking the info we got from Mrs. Wyatt. According to her, they paid the annual rental fee by making donations to a charity called the WellbrightFund. It’s a registered 501(C)(3) nonprofit.
Cooper: Did you pull a tax return, get a list of company expenses?
Ressler: Yeah, and get this the fund paid over 200 grand to a Dr. Gordon Albee for consulting services.
Liz: Consulting on what? –

Ressler: Dr. Albee. FBI.
Dr Albee: Sorry. No crime to fight. Poor Norman committed suicide.
Liz: You’re the medical examiner? The licensing board has you listed as a general surgeon. Albee: Yeah, well, I wear several hats.
Ressler: One of those involve consulting for a charity called the Wellbright Fund?
Liz: What exactly do you do for the fund?
Albee: Listen, I’d be happy to help, but, uh, I have an autopsy waiting. You know, um, if you’d call my office –
Liz: They paid you over $200,000 last year.
Albee: Call my office.
Ressler: We’ve got nothing to charge him with. And until we do, he’s never gonna tell us what we need to know.

Red: Mr. Vargas. Sounds like some shady character in a Humphrey Bogart film. I like him already.
Niko: He said he worked for Berlin.
Red: And his offer?
Niko: He said Berlin’s opening up a short window. If we break with you, he’ll let us operate under his name.
Red: And you think some of the others were receptive.
Niko: The others are supporting you at great risk. If the port deal goes south, it could bankrupt us. It’s a very fragile proposition.
Red: Thank you, Niko. I appreciate you coming to me with your opinion. But I’m feeling bullish. Keep an eye on the others. If someone intends to defect, I want to be standing right in front of them.

[Cellphone ringing, vibrating] [Beep]
Liz: Hello? I need to talk to him. I’d like to borrow Mr. Kaplan.

Red: Oh, my God. He wouldn’t stop talking. But I was able to buy us another hour. We need to wrap this up quickly, though. He has bowling league at 6:00.
Liz: Maybe this was a mistake.
Red: It’s not.
Liz: You said yourself it would take weeks to secure the necessary court orders, and how many more victims will there be by then?
Mr Kaplan: It’s the same as the other three heart and lungs are missing. This one still has a liver, but I see signs of cirrhosis probably wasn’t healthy enough to be sold.
Red: Remember the time we made barley stew with that coroner from Des Moines?
Kaplan: It was Reuben soup. [Chuckles] How can I forget? I was sleeping with his sister.♀
Red: [Laughing] That’s right.
Kaplan: Your Dr. Albee’s in a lot of trouble, sweetie. This should be all you need.
[Camera shutter clicks]

Liz: Four bodies, Dr. Albee. You performed an autopsy on all four in the last year.
Ressler: None of the four were registered organ donors, but all four were missing vital organs.
How do you explain that?…
Liz: Fine. I’ll answer for you. You’re a supplier for Dr. James Covington. You provide him with vital organs for him to sell, and he pays you through the Wellbright Fund.
Albee: [Sighs] I don’t know Covington. I was approached by an associate – I don’t know his name – about providing him with viable material.
Ressler: You deal with bodies. I thought donor organs had to be fresh.
Albee: They do. It only works in very specific circumstances once I get control of the body as M.E.
Liz: How much time do you have?
Albee: Depends on the organ I need. Anywhere between 30 to 90 minutes.
Liz; You transport them. How?
Albee: I call a number. They send a courier to pick it up. Look, I’ll cooperate. I’ll do whatever you need. But you have to protect me.
Liz: Fine. But first, you need to make a phone call.

Ressler: What are the odds that Covington’s courier – will inspect the organ?
Albee: Count on it. He’s gonna have to make sure the size and weight are a match for their patient.
Ressler: You don’t think that he’s gonna notice that he’s staring at the heart of a 300-pound hog?
Albee: Human and porcine hearts are nearly identical. Unless he’s got some expertise, he won’t be able to tell the difference.

[Door opens]
Liz: Aram just finished the mockup for the medical file on our fictitious donor.
Ressler: Old Porko’s got a name. [ Reading: ]Gustavo Mosquera, 35, no history of heart disease. Killed in a hit-and-run. Time of death –
Liz: 30 minutes ago. Aram even generated a social and W-2 in case they run a background check. What’s our E.T.A. for delivery?
Albee: Within the hour.

Niko: My men captured this two hours ago.
Red: Titillating. But what Laskin and Russo do with or to one another in their spare time is none of my concern.
Niko: Right, except a minute later–
Red: A threesome? Interesting. Based on his sartorial splendor, I gather this is Mr. Vargas. Does that even look like real hair?
Niko: We have to assume they accepted his offer and cut the deal with Berlin.
Red: Why assume, Niko, when I can ask them myself?

[Camera shutter clicks]
Liz: I just sent you an image of a man who matches our suspect’s description.
Aram: Got it. I am processing him through the database now.

Cassell: How much time do we have?
Albee: Two hours viability max. Here’s his file.

Samar: Ronald Cassell. Check fraud, theft, battery.
Aram: But he does have some medical training. Former army combat medic out of Fort Drum.

Cassell: Everything checks out here. It’s a match for our client.
Covington: Excellent. I’ll see you in 20 minutes.

Covington: Good news, Mr. Babbitt. We’re ready to begin.

Liz: Heads up, everybody. Target’s on the move. Ressler, he’s headed towards the front door.
[ Engine turns over ] [ Engine revving ] [ Engine turns over ] [ Liz gets in ]
Ressler: Of course it’s a motorcycle.
[ Tires squeal ] [ Engine revs ]
Ressler: He made me. –
Liz: Ohh!
[ Tires screech ]
Ressler: I’m gonna head him off. Hang on.
[ Tires screech ] [ Beep ] [ Monitor beeping ]

Aide: [ Shows him cellphone ] Doctor, we have a problem.

[ Tires screech ] [ Engine revs ] [ Tires screech ]
Ressler: Go, go, go. Go, go, go, go.
[ Tires screech ] [ SUV hits motorcycle ][ Woman gasps ] [ Indistinct shouting ] [ Engine shuts off ]

Red: Gentlemen, thank you for meeting me on such short notice. I know you two have had a very busy day.
Associate 2: Nothing out of the ordinary.
Red: I hear you boys engaged in a little tryst downtown this morning.
Associate 1: We had a meeting at the Corgate. This an interrogation?
Red: Yes. I understand an offer was made by Berlin’s representative.
Associate 2: Red, look –
Red: What I don’t understand is why only one of my associates thought to bring that to my attention.
Associate 2: We didn’t tell because there’s nothing to tell.
Red: J.P., I’m delighted you were able to hold dear Teddy’s hand and help him overcome all his anxieties about me bankrupting our operation.
Associate 1: I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t concerned about this deal.
Red: If I were you, Teddy, I’d be more concerned about the plans these gentlemen have for your immediate future.
Both: What? What? What are you doing? Wait a minute. Stop! Red, Red! – What’s going on? – Ow! – Come on! What the hell? Don’t do this. Don’t Aah! Let me go!

[Police radio chatter]
Liz: We just lost our only lead to Covington.
Ressler: Maybe there’s another way. I just found this on Cassell. It’s a medical file of Covington’s next client.
Liz: The one who’s getting the pig’s heart? Who is it?
Ressler: His name is Bernard Babbitt.

Aram: Bernard Babbitt, known as “B.B.,” runs the Desobry Syndicate out of New Orleans moving drugs and weapons through the Fourchon.
Cooper: Bureau’s been trying to indict him on racketeering and murder charges for years.

Liz: So, you know him?
Red: Know him? [Chuckling] Oh, my gosh. I once shared a ride with the man on a twin-engine prop from Port Au Prince to Baracoa. We had to counterweight the plane with three containers of Russian R.P.G.s just to accommodate his girth.
Liz: I would have thought he’d be more cautious about where he chooses to hang out.
Red: Well, B.B.’s an indulgent man. He loves to be surrounded with what he loves the most.

Red: [Soft music plays] B.B. Just like a bear at a campsite. You poor thing. Honestly, I don’t know how you do it. It boggles the imagination.
Babbitt: Red.
Red: I suppose it isn’t any wonder you can justify cramming all this grease-drenched gristle into your face given that you’ve already paid to replace that rotted nub you call a heart. How’s that going, by the way? I heard you had a setback a problem with the donor not coming through?
Babbitt: Give us a moment, mouche Γƒ miel. What do you want, Reddington?
Red: The good Dr. Covington, he and I need to have a conversation. And since you happen to be in touch, I thought you could connect us.
[ Babbitt slurping ]
Red: B.B Surely you have some way to get ahold of the man. You’re in his care.
Babbitt: I have a number. But strictly for emergencies.So I sure as hell ain’t giving it to you. Last thing I need to do is piss this guy off before he cuts my chest open – [ Chuckles ] Talk to me after my surgery.
[ Gasping ]
Red: B.B., you don’t look well. Are you all right? Let me guess: irregular heartbeat, shortness of breath, perhaps a little tingling in your nether regions?
Babbitt: What the hell are you doing?
Red: Those drinks you’ve been enjoying on the house? They weren’t from the house. They were from me. I hope you don’t mind. I took the liberty of adding a special surprise ingredient something to treat any localized dysfunction you may be suffering. Has the little man been falling down on the job? It’s a miracle drug, not so much for a glutton with a bum heart, however. But look on the bright side, you’ll die with a marvelous erection.
Babbitt: I can’t I can’t breathe.
Red: Well, the two gentlemen behind me happen to be paramedics. Put me in touch with Covington, they’ll be happy to assist you. What do you think, B.B.? Does this feel like an emergency?

[Knock on door]
Liz: You wanted to see me?
Cooper: Close the door. – [Door closes] – I got the psych evals back from Dr. Friedman.
She has some concerns.
Liz: Oh, Ressler. Yeah. She wanted to suspend him because he was –
Cooper: She has no problem with Ressler. It’s you she’s concerned about.
Liz: Well, that’s ridiculous. I’m fine.
Cooper: That’s what she’s concerned about. And frankly, I am, too.
Liz: You’re concerned that I’m fine.
Cooper: That you didn’t mourn or take time off to grieve – not for your marriage, but for yourself, for what Keen [ husband ] put you through.
Liz: I will mourn when we get Berlin.
Cooper: Dr. Friedman recommended a one-month paid leave.
Liz: Fine. It will give me more time to hunt Berlin.
Cooper: I’m not taking the doctor’s recommendation. But I am concerned. The investigation’s ongoing, and you and I both know there’s a good chance Tom Keen is alive. What that’s done to you, how you’ve coped, the hotel rooms, your paranoia is understandable, but I’m worried it could become a problem.
Liz: Well, I appreciate your concern, but I am doing the best I can to handle this.
Cooper: Elizabeth I’m not criticizing you. If I were in your shoes – I only want you to know that if you feel like you’re under water, if you need to talk, my door is open.
Liz: Thank you.

Liz: [Cellphone vibrates] It’s Reddington. [Sighs] Hey. Did you get a lead on Covington? What are we looking at?
Liz: We’ve got a number on Covington. Aram’s working a trace.
Aram: It’s a digital VoIP line. Uh, man, this thing is getting bounced all over the globe to mask its origin. [Beeping] The line just went active. Covington’s making a call.
[Beep] Covington: What the hell happened to Cassell? – He called in, said he –
Aram: Okay, hold on. If he stays on the line just a few more seconds, I’ll have an address.
Covington: I need you here. We have a removal at 5:00.
Fleck: All right. I’m on my way in now.
Aram: Oh, no, no, no, no. Damn it. I was only able to narrow his location down – to this five-block area.
Liz: He said he had a removal. He’s gonna repossess another organ.
Ressler: Well, we got to move. If we don’t find Covington in 43 minutes, we’re gonna find another body.

Vargas: Is that the 5-7 you’ve been raving about?
Man: Indeed. See for yourself. Polymer over steel, ambidextrous controls.
Vargas: [ Calls over to Niko ] Be right with you. We’ve been through this: Berlin prefers firearms manufactured in Russia or Eastern Europe. Just give me the same shipment as last time.
[ To Niko ] My apologies. I expected to have that all wrapped up before you arrived. Where are we?
Niko: It’s done.
Vargas: Reddington bought the photo op?
Niko: I didn’t even need to present real evidence his men had betrayed him. He has become reckless, unstable. It seems our arrangement is off to a promising start. Regarding that arrangement, I think we need to revisit the terms. I betrayed Raymond Reddington. He is not gonna just absorb that blow and move on. I need him taken care of.
Vargas: If Berlin wanted Reddington dead, he would have done that already.♀
Niko: Yeah, well, things have changed. You’re doing business with me now. I know everything about Reddington’s operation, and I’m willing to hand over all of that to your employer, but I need Reddington gone. I can’t be an effective partner to Berlin if I’m always looking over my shoulder.
Vargas: Set a meeting with Reddington. My people will take care of the rest.

Ressler: Landlord’s still not answering.
Liz: This has to be the place. We’ve been to every retail store, office park, and restaurant in the area. We got 20 minutes till Covington kills his next victim. What are you doing?
Ressler: I like to keep a spare key in the trunk.

[Grunts] [Crowbar clangs] [Cellphone beeps]
Aram: Hey. Anything?
Liz: A whole lot of nothing.
Ressler: Hey, Keen. Look at this. We got a stairway to the lower level.
Aram: Lower level?
Liz: Yeah. There’s some kind of access stairway.
Aram: The building plans filed with the city don’t say anything about a lower level.
[TV chatter in distance] [Monitor beeping] [TV chatter]

Ressler: Hands. Hands. Let me see your hands.
Man: You can’t be in here. Aah!
Ressler: I got this.
Man: [Grunts] Wait, sir. Look, don’t go in there.
Ressler: Sit down.
Man: Please. I’m begging you.
Ressler: I said, “sit.”
[ Indistinct conversation ] [ Monitor beeping ]
Liz: Back away from the table.
Covington: I don’t know who the hell you are –
Liz: Hands in the air! Step away from the table now!
Covington: You don’t know what you’re doing.
Liz: It’s over, Dr. Covington. We know about your business. You lost your license for performing an experimental operation on a child. Well, not this one. Not today.
Covington: I’m not trying to hurt the boy. I’m trying to save him. His name is Daniel. If he doesn’t get these lungs in the next 24 hours, he won’t survive.
Liz: He needs to be in a hospital.
Covington: It’s too late for that. I’m performing this operation. If you want to stop me, you’ll have to shoot me.
[Gun cocks]
Ressler: Won’t be a problem.
Covington: There are strict rules controlling who gets access to donor organs and when. In the present system, they offer adult donor lungs to adults, even if there are children with a more urgent need.
Liz: I’m not discussing this with you.
Covington: I took adult lungs and transplanted them into a little girl. That’s why I lost my license β€” for saving her life.
Liz: So you know better?
Covington: Okay, putting adult lungs into children is a risk. But I believe, in many cases, we have an obligation to try. And I’m not the only one. Times are changing. There’s even an official appeals process for these cases now.
Liz: Then his parents can request an exception to the rule.
Covington: And risk being turned down. At least here, I guarantee him a chance.
Liz: You killed Paul Wyatt. You ripped the heart out of his chest.
Covington: Look, you can think whatever you want about me, but every dime I’ve made on criminals like Paul Wyatt has been spent to build and operate this place. All that matters today is that there will be no tomorrow for this boy if I don’t do this transplant. The donor material is already here. If we don’t use it, it will die, just like he will.

Liz: If we take him in now, that kid won’t make it. Can you live with that?
Ressler: Covington’s not just a surgeon, Keen. He’s a killer.
Liz: Yeah, and right now, he’s that boy’s only chance. Look at his parents. What if that were your kid?
Ressler: And what if something goes wrong? What if he dies on the table? How do we explain that?
Liz: Can you cover with Cooper and Aram? Just buy us some time.
Ressler: Liz, this is way over the line.
Liz: We have to let him do this.

[Door opens]
Red: Niko, you’re all in a sweat. What’s so important that it couldn’t wait?
Niko: We’ve been partners a long time, and we’ve had more than our share of success, so I wanted to pay you the courtesy of looking you in the eye when I tell you you’re out.
Red: I see. And you’re speaking for…?
Niko: Everybody. We’re united. You’ve become a liability.
Red: Don’t forget who you’re talking to.
Niko: How could I? Especially since it’s our last conversation. Raymond Reddington, Mr. Vargas. [Gun cocks] I may have misled you. Someone did take Berlin up on his offer, but it wasn’t Laskin and Russo. It was me.
Red: Well played, Niko. I didn’t think you had it in you.
Niko: [ To Vargas ] Kill him.
[ Red calmly walks over to Mr Vargas ]
Red: I find chrome to be a bit ostentatious. [ Takes gun from Vargas ]
Vargas: I’m sorry, Mr. Demakis. The truth is I’m the one who misled you.
Red: [Chuckles] You know, when I was 15, I had a summer job installing carpets for Albert Kodagolian on Lake Charlevoix. Horrible job, hot, indoors, forced to listen to “The Gambler” on 8-track while the rest of the world was at the beach. Three days into the job, I knew I had to quit. I asked my father for advice. All he wanted to know was whether I’d given my word to Mr. Kodagolian that I’d work the summer. I told him I had. My father suggested I stick it out. I’d given my word. Worst eight weeks of my life. Until the last day. Mr. Kodagolian shows up at the jobsite, pulls me aside, and tells me that in 27 years, no kid has ever made it through the summer, gives me a bonus $40. The most valuable money I’ve ever made. A priceless lesson about life. Value loyalty above all else.♀ Oh! I buried the lead. Turns out the Indonesian government has chosen to contract our company to run the Port Of Tan Kulu. The Deputy Minister of Transportation was not a fan. Fortunately, he was also gravely ill and in desperate need of a heart transplant. He died this morning. Apparently, the arrangements he’d made to secure a donor heart didn’t pan out.♀ The new deputy minister sees things our way. Lucky, I guess.
Niko: I don’t believe luck had anything to do with it.
Red: You’re right. Luck rarely has anything to do with it.♀ [shoots him]
Vargas: Honestly, how many times have we discussed this?
Red: What?
Vargas: You you know I don’t like being around the bloody st– Oh. I need to be allowed to leave the room before the blood. You know I don’t have a strong constitution.
Red: Give him his seat. He’s gonna faint. Oh, my.
[Breathing shakily] [Monitor beeping] [Police radio chatter]
Vargas: Thank you.

Liz: Hey, you think Reddington knew that Covington was trying to save kids?
Ressler: For every child Covington saved, there were three killers like B.B. he kept alive to victimize innocent people.
Liz: It’s a trade-off I’d make.♀
Ressler: [Scoffs] The fact that you’re even thinking about what trade-offs you’d make, what rules you’d ignore – the Agent Keen I met a year ago would have never done that.

[β™« Fink’s “Pilgrim” plays]

Samar: You caught Covington, and the child is in recovery. It sounds like a victory.
Liz: Yeah.
Samar: You guys don’t celebrate when you close a big case? Come on. Let me buy you a drink.
Liz: Thanks, but I think I’m just gonna head out.

β™« Come a long way

Samar: All you know about me is that I found Reddington – and whatever you might have read in a slim dossier.

β™« Come a long way

Samar: And now we’re working together with all that that implies.

β™« Come a long way
not to work it out

Samar: I’m sure you don’t know what to think.
Liz: You’re wrong.
Samar: I’m not wrong. You’re right not to trust me.

β™« As cold comfort

Liz: Oh, you’re right about that.

β™« Wraps around you in the dark

Liz: You’re wrong if you think you found Reddington.

β™« Come a long way

Liz: If he was found, it’s because he wanted to be and he wanted you to find him.
Samar: Or maybe I’m just good at what I do. Is that so difficult to believe?
Liz: If he wanted you here, he has a reason.

β™« Come a long way

Liz: That’s why I don’t trust you – because I don’t know what the reason is – and I’m guessing neither do you.

β™« Come a long way
not to ask the question
that’s been on your lips
all the way
spit it out the words
come out yeah

Liz: [Sighs] Hey, sir? Look, I’m sorry about that incident – with the, um, frisking.

β™« from small beginnings

Ezra: Don’t worry about it. So, is that your thing, unprovoked frisking?

β™« Come a long way

Liz: [Laughs] Yeah. That’s my thing. I’m a federal agent.
Ezra: Figured it would be something like that.
Ezra: Better safe than sorry, right? Have a good night.
Liz: You, too.

β™« From small beginnings
come big endings
from small beginnings
come big endings
from small beginnings
come big endings
from small beginnings
come big endings

Red: You look so different.
Naomi: Not as different as you.

[ Red and Naomi meets. She lands a powerful slap on his cheek ]

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Pilgrim by Fink

β™« Come a long way, come a long way
Come a long way
Not to work it out
As cold comfort
wraps around you in the dark
Come a long way

β™« Come a long way
not to ask the question that’s been on your lips all the way
Spit it out
The words come out, yeah
it’s already
not as heavy as before



β™« Come a long way
Come a long way
Come a long way

β™« Come a long way
Just to say
Doesn’t matter when it mattered yesterday
And tomorrow ain’t too far

β™« Come a long way
From small beginnings
Come a long way

β™« From small beginnings
Come big endings

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/1GBkunK
YouTube: http://bit.ly/1FvmgTt

❌❌❌ END 2:3


༺✦ ⌘ ✦༻

πŸ”΄ 2:4 Dr Linus Creel

πŸ”΄ Script: 2:4 Dr Linus Creel

Last updated: 8/8/2015
Program air date: 10/13/2014 in the US
Script with extras: http://wp.me/pDKwi-1cj
Source: Raw Scripts from Springfield [UK]: http://bit.ly/1Do56Zu
NBC Episode Summary: http://bit.ly/1Ga5Hhh

Created by: Jon Bokenkamp
Director: Michael W Watkins
Writers: Jon Bokenkamp, Mike Ostrowski


Script: 2:4 Dr Linus Creel

Blurb: Red calls Liz’s attention to a spate of unusual killings and suggests the government may still be doing mind control experiments. Liz may have a rare genetic marker. Red offers to protect Naomi and her husband Frank from Berlin.

[Sirens wailing] [Siren blares] [Engine revs] [Horn honks] [Gulps] [Baby crying] [Jackhammer rumbling] [Heartbeat pounding, deep breathing]
Bank officer: Proceedings close Tuesday.
Woman: That’s in six days.
Bank officer: We submitted a delinquency letter three weeks ago. Reports had been failed.
Woman: I know I’m behind, but I-I’m owed unemployment, and my sister said that she can help make the difference up.
Bank officer: Yeah, I wish there was something more I could do.
Woman: You can’t kick us out! [Sighs] I have a second job interview tomorrow –
Bank officer: It’s out of my hands.
[ Woman leaves, but returns. She has gun, shoots loan officer. People screaming ]
Dr Linus Creel: [ Outside, in car. Speaks into recorder ] Shots fired, colon, multiple, period. Final phase successful, period. Activation of ar105 complete, period. End of entry.

Naomi: The answer is no. I gave up one life. Do you think I’m gonna start over, do it all again?! You’re crazier than I imagined!
Red: You can’t go back to Philadelphia. It’s too dangerous.
Naomi: What do you think I’m gonna do? Stay here in in this? I can’t believe you brought me here. I’ll tell you where I’m gonna go home, with my husband. Frank has two daughters. You think he’s just gonna walk out on them?
Red: I need to know where Jennifer is.
Naomi: I kept my end of the bargain, didn’t say anything about you or Elizabeth.
Red: How much does she know?
Naomi: Very little. A- are the [Sighs] Are the two of you, what, working together? I don’t even want to know how you pulled that off.
Red: Listen to me about Jennifer, I can protect her.
Naomi: I’m never going to tell you where my daughter is. Because of you, I’m forced to finally tell Frank, a man who’s never kept a secret from me not only that I was married before, but that I was married to β€” He sits me down, tells me he’s sorry for me. Try and wrap your warped mind around that. The man’s entire life is upended. All he can think about is me.
Red: The arrangements have been made passports, identities, a new life. Talk it over with Frank. If you love him, you’ll let me help.

[Door opens]
Liz: Where’s Naomi Hyland?
Red: In safe hands.
Liz: What does that mean – you’ve already set her up with a cozy new life in Saint Kitts or Solvang?
Red: Solvang? I never send anyone I care about to Solvang.
Liz: She spent nine days with Berlin. We have to debrief her. She could know something his real name, his location.
Red: Did you read about that housewife in Reston? She shot a bank manager.
Liz: You’re not hiding her from the FBI. You’re hiding her from me.
Red: Violent crime in D.C. is at a 20-year low, and yet in the last four months, there have been seven random acts of violence by individuals with no prior criminal record. Lizzie, what do you know about social psychology? It’s the study of how our behavior is influenced by the world around us. Not influenced manipulated. In what little time I devote to the judgment your government has made about my character and how I treat my fellow man, I can’t help but think about how many of their own citizens they’ve treated like lab rats in the name of science. I believe this murder in Reston is part of an underground social-psychology experiment. Conducted by our government. Strap on your tinfoil hat, Lizzie.

Liz: According to Reddington, three recent incidents prove the U.S.government is still conducting mind-control experiments. Terry Cho, a middle-school teacher who killed seven of his coworkers during his lunch break. Construction worker Henry Lee Bryce used a hammer and a box cutter. Killed by police. The third, Maddie Thornhill, single mom who opened fire at a bank in Reston. Reddington has alleged that these crimes weren’t random, but orchestrated by spooks the government continues to finance through their black-ops budget.
Ressler: Look, to be honest, I think this is a big distraction to keep us busy while Reddington spirits away his ex.
Cooper: Interview the shooters and their families. Then we’ll worry about the wife.

Aram: Hey.
Liz: What would you say if I told you to pull Frank and Naomi Hyland’s phone records for the past five years?
Aram: I’d, uh, ask if you had a warrant.
Liz: Would you ask me to show it to you?
Aram: Why would I do that? I trust you implicitly, Agent Keen.

Ressler: Special Agents Ressler and Keen, FBI, here to interview Madeline Thornhill.
Nurse: I’m sorry she’s on a 48-hour hold. Suicide watch, no visitors.
Liz: She’s talking to someone right now.
Nurse: Her psychiatrist. I’ll pass along your contact info, if you’d like.

Maddie: I really don’t know when things just started to fall apart. First, it was my job.
Her former boss: [ To Liz and Ressler ] Maddie was getting a ton of bad reviews on Yelp by name. People said she was unhelpful, even rude.
Maddie: [ To her psychiatrist ] I don’t know why they give so much weight to those stupid things. No one seemed dissatisfied in the office, but the things they were saying about me.
Former boss: I tried to work with her on it, but she kept making excuses crazy stuff, paranoid.
Liz: Like what?
Former Boss: Like somebody was out to get her, posting fake reviews. She was argumentative. Finally, I just had to let her go.
Maddie: [ To psychiatrist ]Then things fell apart with Charlie.
Charlie (Maddie’s former boyfriend): I really had no choice. I’m in the middle of a custody battle, and the court’s got me under a microscope. It came down to her or my kids.
Ressler: Did you ever see her mistreat them?
Maddie: I loved his kids. I would never hurt any child. But social services started getting anonymous calls that when I was over there, they were crying or whatever. I actually thought about getting one of those spycams, you know? But then I’m thinking – If it’s come to that, what’s the point? He just dumped me after almost two years. One minute, I’ve got a great job, a boyfriend, and the next –
Loan Officer: She started making late payments on her mortgage. We tried to help, but she was three months behind. Without any income, we had to foreclose.
Maddie: They just took it. Like it was just a house.
But it wasn’t just a house. Was it?
Maddie: No. It was me.

Liz: Maddie Thornhill told us her life fell apart after a series of anonymous accusations.
Samar: The shooter I spoke to said the same thing. In his case, it was accusations of pedophilia. There were no witnesses, no victims ever came forward, but the school didn’t want to take chances, so they fired him.
Liz: Their problems metastasized like a cancer, striking to the heart of these victims’ identities.
Ressler: Victims? These aren’t the victims, Keen, these are the perps. The people they killed are the victims.
Liz: All I’m saying is that some people aren’t wired to handle stress, and someone took advantage of that.

Aram: Agent Keen had me expedite DNA profiles. All three perpetrators possess the MAO-A 2R gene.
Liz: The extreme-warrior gene.
Aram: Clinical studies have proven people who possess this gene are prone to aggressive, antisocial behavior.
Ressler: Are you suggesting the government has identified people with mild genetic abnormality and is turning them into killers?
That’s exactly what we’re suggesting.

Female reporter: Police have not yet commented on how the chase started, but sources say the driver shot three clerks this morning inside of a convenience store.

Creel: Phase 2 concluded, period. Ar106 showing signs of deterioration, comma, accelerating to Final break.

Male reporter: Vehicle with a weapon.
Oh, no.
Male reporter: O-okay, officers have just opened fire.

Creel: We are going to Final phase successful, period. [Clears throat] Activation of subject ar106 concluded, period. End of entry.

[Beep] Woman: Senator’s office. How may I help you?
Creel: Hello, yes. This is Dr. Linus Creel. I’m calling for Senator Sheridan.

[ Knock on door ]
Cooper: The perp in the freeway shooting I hear he had this warrior gene.
Liz: Yeah. Agent Navabi has identified 11 other cases in the last 18 months. No connection other than –
Cooper: They share this gene.
Liz; And it’s not just some statistical anomaly. I- it’s as if they’re being triggered.
Cooper: Close the door.
Liz: Sir? You know something?
Cooper: Every word Reddington said about this program is true. In the army, officers sit in bars, and they talk sideways “a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy.” MKUltra was just the start. There were others quietly run in military bases and universities all across the country psychopharmaceuticals, electromagnetic pulses, microwaves that broadcast words and phrases into the brain. I love this country, but every once in awhile, you hear about something like this, some bone-evil crap that’s almost inconceivable. That’s what I hate most about this detail – Reddington pulling up the carpet and shoving your nose deep into the filth. After a while, it’s all you can see.♀ [ Pause ] Subproject 7.I
Liz: Don’t know what that is.
Cooper: It’s a black-budget program. It’s funded out of the D.I.A. The goal was to use genetic predispositions to train and trigger assets.
Liz: If it’s black-budget, how am I supposed to gain access?

Senator Sheraton: I am a dear friend of Harold Cooper. He was a pallbearer in my daddy’s funeral. But I told him when he called only yahoos are interested in Subproject 7.
Ressler: So you’re saying it doesn’t exist?
Sheraton: You’re asking about mind control. This government can’t make up its own mind, let alone control one.
Liz: Senator, is that a yes or a no?
Sheraton: It’s a yes and a no. Have we studied mind control? Yes. Does it work? About as often as a blind squirrel finds an acorn.
Liz: We’ve been tracking a spike in violent crimes, mass shootings.
Sheraton: I’m gonna pay you the courtesy of being blunt. You’re wasting your time. If there’s been an increase in the incidence of violent crime, you’re not gonna find the answer to why in the black budget of the U.S.government.
Sheraton: Understood. But I also understand that you do oversee that black budget, and Harold Cooper would appreciate it if you could provide us with any information you have on Subproject 7.
Sheraton: Of course. My office will deliver all pertinent documents. Now, if you will excuse me, I am late for my next meeting.

[Cellphone beeps, dialing]
Woman: Yes, Sir, how can I help you?
Creel: Uh, hi. Dr. Linus Creel. I’m here to see Senator Sheridan.

Frank: Honey, we have talked and talked about this. I thought we were in complete agreement – we decided not to run.
Naomi: Now, I’ve talked to the FBI. The FBI can’t protect us.
Frank: And he can? Are you honestly suggesting we upend our lives? Based on what a criminal’s promise that he can help us?
Naomi: Yes. Yes, that is what I’m saying. And I know how crazy it sounds.
Frank: He did this to you.
Naomi: I’m not defending him, but I do know him.
Frank: How do you [scoffs] [Sighs] I’m sorry I’m still trying to process the fact that you were married to him. And now you want to put our lives in the hands of this lunatic? I’m not going anywhere.

Red: This is a mistake. I can’t help you in Philadelphia.
Naomi: We’ve made up our mind.
Red: You know I would stop at nothing to protect you.
Frank: We don’t need your protection.
Red: Yes, you do. I understand it may be difficult for you to accept my help, given the history that Carla and I share.
Don’t flatter yourself. Carla Reddington was a miserable housewife married to a miserable man. That woman no longer exists. We’re not going anywhere.

Liz: Everything the Senator sent is redacted entire pages.
Ressler: Dollar amounts are omitted. Project names are code.
Liz: Yeah, “Elegant Lady,” “Forest Green.” I mean, if any of these are Subproject 7, it’d be impossible to tell.
Samar: The Polyglot.
Liz: What?
Samar: In Mossad, we have a contact. He’s like a code breaker. You give him your black-ops budget, the redacted pages, he’ll tell us what they mean.
Ressler: You have our black-ops budget?
Liz: The Polyglot how do we find him?
Samar: He was cleared level 4. I don’t have that kind of access.
Red: [Laughing] Oh, my God. Is that what they call him in Tel Aviv? I haven’t spoken to Haskell in years.
Liz: But you know where to find him?
Red: I do. But it’s a sticky situation. Old Haskell and I had somewhat of a falling-out at the craps table.

Red: [Knock on door] Hask –
Haskel: I have no interest in seeing you. Go away. You’re not welcome here.
Red: Haskell, I told you I’m sorry. What more can I say?
Haskel: You knew I was in recovery.
Red: I didn’t. Okay. Yes, I did. But you were having such a great time. And after everything that happened with Sheryl and that Cuban, the boxer – what was his name?
Haskel: I’m not talking to you about this.
Red: Yasiel! God, that hair. Beautiful hair. I thought you could use a little distraction. You forget we won $25,000 on one roll.
Haskel: Yes, and I lost twice that much after you left. I woke up in that Hotel. I still don’t even know how I got to mesquite. That kind of money means nothing to you, but to me …
Red: [Shows him a suit are filled with $$$] It’s an olive branch, with interest. … My friend Miss Watkins is a blogger looking for her first scoop.
Liz: I write mostly about social-science experiments. Researching one right now, actually the black-ops project Subproject7.
Haskel: Why don’t we take this into my office? It’s V2K-shielded. Here she is – government white paper on Subproject 7.
Liz: I’ve seen the white paper. It’s heavily redacted. Wha– [Chuckles] How did you?
Red: Haskell’s quite a puzzle man. Spends his days combing through thousands of pages of redacted government documents, comparing them to defense-authorization reports, executive orders. He’s found a way to read between the lines. I wouldn’t have the patience.
Haskel: Subproject 7 was born out of the human genome project. Some genius in government figured that if DNA could be used to identify people who were predisposed to cancer, it could be used to identify people who were predisposed to become assassins.
Liz: Who are these people?
Haskel: The Team. They used the brains of mass murderers and reverse-engineered from there, fine-tuned a three-phase activation process. First phase disruption of schedule, routine, daily life. Second destabilize sense of self-worth. Final phase was to sever the primary emotional bond. Get all three: jackpot.
Liz: This man here who is he? I’ve seen his face before.
Haskel: Oh, yes. He was their lab assistant, Dr. Linus Creel.

Liz: Dr.Linus Creel PHD in clinical psychology from N.Y.U. After Subproject 7 disbanded, he opened a private practice.
Ressler: It appears he supplements his income working as a locum tenens at six area hospitals.
Navabi: I cross-referenced Creel’s name with the 11 warrior gene killers in the last 18 months.
At some point, he was on staff at each of the hospitals where the killers were receiving counseling, including our friend Maddie Thornhill.
Cooper: That’s how he’s recruiting them.
Samar: Can we access his network?
Aram: Already checked that. I can’t break through his firewall. If I could somehow gain physical access, I could upload a program to deactivate it long enough to hack his patient list.
Ressler: Come here. Take a look at this. Creel has this posted on his website, calls it an intake questionnaire.
Samar: Some kind of I.Q. test?
Liz: No, it’s a modified MMPI-2 the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory but it’s heavily modified. He reconfigured the test questions to flag aggression and low impulse control.
Ressler: That’s how he finds the subjects with the warrior gene.

Monica: [ On phone ] What do you mean you won’t tell Naomi? Where are you? I’m gonna call her. What’s her number? No, Frank. You said you were leaving your wife. Well, I don’t care if it’s a bad time. Either you tell her about us or I will. [ Cellphone beeps ] [ Sighs. To dog: ] Hey. Aww
[ Dog Barks ]
Vargas: That dog’s been here all day. You leave your dog inside all day? Who does that? What kind of monster leaves their dog with no water, no food?!
Monica: Who the hell are you?
Vargas: He’s done his business inside twice! Do you have any idea the psychological damage that can do to a dog?
Monica: I don’t know how you got in here … I spent the last 20 minutes cleaning up after him. Where’s his leash? I’m taking him for a walk.
Monica: You are not taking my dog for a walk … who are you? I’m I’m calling the police right now.
Vargas: Calm yourself down. We have a few things to talk about. Sit.

Red: She’s exhausted. Why don’t you and I go for a walk? This may be hard to understand, Frank, but after all these years, your wife has become more like an estranged sister to me. We can’t really bear each other’s company. But I’ve become somewhat concerned about her general well-being and sense of security.
[ Vehicle approaches ]
Frank: [ Scoffs ] Are you threatening me?
Red: She loves you. [ Brakes squeal ] You’ve made her happy. Given her a life, stability [ Vehicle door opens ] The one thing I could never provide. Come closer, Frank. Frank. Come here.

Liz: Aram, if I asked you to create an E.M.R., could you feed it into their database?
Aram: You want a fake medical record?
Liz: Yeah family history, immunization records, billing addresses, but most importantly, we’ll need a full psychiatric history.
Aram: Like what?

Red: Come on.
Frank: That’s Monica’s dog. What the hell have you done?
Red: You’re finished with Monica.
Frank: Where is she?
Red: We had a few words, and, thanks to my friend’s rather judicious rescue, we also have a dog.
Frank: Monica – what did you do to β€”
Red: She’s fine. But from this point forward there is only Naomi. She believes you to be an honest man, Frank – faithful, and that is what you will become. You’re going to accept my protection and leave Philadelphia.
Frank: No. I’m gonna call the cops, turn you in. You’re not gonna get away with this.
[Groans] [Breathing heavily]
Red: You make her happy. That is the only reason you’re still here. [ Tosses stick ] Go get it, boy. [ Dog doesn’t move ] [ Chuckles] City dog.

Duncan: Why would you do that?
Creel: It’s essential for you to take responsibility for your actions.
Duncan: I was expelled.
Creel: I understand. And I have given this a lot of thought. I concluded the reason you told me you cheated on your final was a cry for help. I believed telling your school was in your best interest.
Duncan: But I mean, the things we talk about they’re secret!
Creel: Duncan, the only way that you are going to begin to get better is if you take responsibility for your actions. You want to move forward in your life, right? With your parents? With Amber?
Duncan: Amber doesn’t want to meet. We’ve only talked online.
Creel: But you’re getting healthier. She’s gonna want to meet soon. It’s time. Trust me. I won’t let anything bad happen to you.
[ Scoffs ] [ Telephone rings ] [ Door opens ]

[Knock on door]
Nurse: Dr.Creel, on-call nurse in the E.R. just paged you for a psych consult. Girl’s husband left her, put her hand through a window. Attending wants you to take a look. She’s got a chart a mile long.
Creel: Hello. You must be Angela. My name is Dr. Creel. Says here you’ve been having some troubles with your husband.
Liz: [ Scoffs ] That’s an understatement.
Creel: Now, I see that you’ve been treated for depression and anxiety before.
Liz: In college, postgrad. I had, you know. A rough patch.
Creel: You were hospitalized. I know this must be difficult for you.
Liz: I took some pills. They had to pump my stomach.
Creel: Was this deliberate or an accident?
Liz: Kind of both. It’s not what you think. I- it’s not like I ever wanted to commit suicide.I took them in front of someone.
Aram: Who? I’ll bet you $100 she’s telling the truth.
Samar: No way.
Aram: $200?
Samar: It’s your money.

Liz: I had this boyfriend Ronnie. I was so young, – and he – Was cheating. I was such an idiot.
[ Chuckles lightly ]
Creel: Feel that you want to hurt yourself now? Now that your husband has left?
Liz: Maybe, yeah.
Creel: But you’re angry at him.
Liz: I’d kill him. I- I- I mean, I would never kill him. That’s not what I meant. It’s just a figure of speech.
Creel: I understand. [ Chuckles ] What’s his name?
Liz: Tom. His name was Tom.
Creel: And if you caught Tom cheating, if you walked in on him, – and you could – Kill him?
Liz: I’d never.
Creel: But if you could do anything and get away with it, what would it be? No chance of ever getting caught? You’re above the law.
Liz: Have at him. I’d chain him up.
Creel: Yeah?
Liz: And I’d force him to tell me about all of the lies, the secrets he kept. I’d make him my prisoner. It’s pretty messed up, huh?
Creel: You know. We don’t put people in prison for how they feel. You can’t control it. You are who you are. It’s biology. We never argue about height or eye color. But try telling someone their reaction to anger or love or violence is baked in. Now It says here that your parents died when you were 4. What do you remember about them?
Liz: Nothing, really.
Creel: Perhaps if you did, it would be easier for you to accept who you are.
Liz: Like the Sins of the Father. That it?
Creel: Absolutely. The more time you spend with your parents, the more of yourself you see in them. For better or for worse, they’re a glimpse into your future.♀

Naomi: Oh, he must belong to someone. Maybe we can see if he has a chip or something, see who his owners are. If he doesn’t have any, we could bring him back to Philadelphia.
Frank: We can’t go back.
Naomi: What? We- we already decided.
Frank: No, uh, If there’s any chance you’re in danger, I couldn’t live with myself if something were to happen to you.
Naomi to Red: You did this. You threatened him. You threatened his girls.
Frank: No, this had nothing to do with him. This is about us what’s best for us, for you. That’s all that matters.

Liz: My father died in a fire. I was 4.
Creel: Is that how you got the scar on your hand? Yeah. I guess.
Liz: I don’t remember, actually.
Creel: Early trauma scars us in ways we don’t often recognize or admit.
Liz: You think I don’t want to remember?
Creel: Look, Angela, I am here to determine whether you are a danger to yourself or others. I know that you don’t want to spend the night here. So, I am going to see if I can expedite the blood tests. Meanwhile, I would like you to take a simple personality test I developed for my patients. It’s a standardized psychometric test that’s gonna give me a deeper understanding into issues you may or may not have.
Liz: When the nurse drew my blood, she said that you ordered a genetic screening.
Creel: Too many of my colleagues focus on the nurture side of the equation. And sure how your parents treated you is important, but the genes they passed on matter more.There are no wrong answers. Just – Whatever comes to mind. [ Chuckles lightly ]
Okay, got it.
Liz: Go.
Aram: Hold down power, shift, “s.”
Liz: Okay. I see white letters on a black screen.
Aram: Perfect. Okay. Type forward slash b-n. It’s running a dictionary attack. Should take a few seconds.
Liz: Got it.
Aram: Okay, it’s gonna give you a password. I need you to write it down.
[ Computer beeping ]
Liz: “7” “3” (A few more characters.)
Creel: The blood panels won’t be done – for another 20 minutes.
Liz: Okay.
Creel: [Sighs heavily] Did you really think you could just come in here lie to me? That’s no good.
I know why you’re here.
Liz: I told you I-I need your help.
Creel: You are a junkie. You’re trying to forge scrips.
Liz: Maybe my father was an addict, too.
Creel: Hand them over! Now! Let’s go.
Liz: They’re under here somewhere. Okay, got them. Are you calling the cops or something?
[ Breathing heavily ]
Creel: No. Now I’m only more interested in your test results. Please continue.

Liz: [ Breathing heavily ] Oh, my God.
Aram: You okay? You didn’t get the password.
Liz: I mean, what do you expect? [ Exhales sharply ] ‘Course I got it. Magic.

Young man: Oh!
[β™« The Chain Gang of 1974’s “Make My Body” plays]
[ Breathing heavily ]
Aram: Okay, there has got to be 70. He was documenting them, searching for the perfect candidates. Hold on. Wait. I have got a hidden subdirectory here.
Liz: The killers. Everyone in this file has murdered someone.
Aram: Except one: Duncan Prince.
Ressler: He must be next. Where do we find him?
Aram: I got an address in College Park.

[β™« Rock music playing]
[ Liz and Ressler barge in, guns drawn ]
College student: Hey! Hey! What? What the hell?
Liz: Duncan Prince – where is he?!

Outdoor presentation is about to begin:
Announcer: Okay, folks, the community forum will be starting in 15 minutes. Everyone who would like to make a comment will have an opportunity to do so. Microphones are at either end of the aisles. Why don’t we go ahead and start forming two lines? [Camera shutter clicks]

Liz: We’ve looked at every conceivable database. There’s nothing on an Amber Deveraux.
Ressler: Well, I don’t know who the hell he’s been talking to, but this Amber Deveraux just crushed the kid an hour ago.
Navabi: Ressler.
Ressler: Listen to me this kid’s gacked up and gone. The Stoner roommates have no idea where. The girl’s in trouble. You got to find her.

Liz: Amber Deveraux doesn’t exist. That’s how he’s triggering his clients. Anonymous allegations that can never be verified. Poor reviews online, blind accusations at work. And by girlfriends who don’t exist.
Cooper: You think he’s catfishing, that he invented the girl to trigger Duncan Prince, push him over the edge?
Liz: Yeah.
Cooper: Find out where he thinks she is.

Creel: Many of the random acts of violence we’re here to discuss today are perpetrated by people with the warrior gene. I believe the solution to the issue of violent crime in this country begins with genetic screening.
Dr. Creel, we have a packed schedule today, so if you have a question?
People with the warrior gene can be triggered. I have identified what those triggers are, and when they occur, it’s not their fault. My research shows β€”
Announcer: Dr Creel, we have a very packed schedule. A question, please.

Aram: Hold on. Prince’s fake girlfriend posted a very real photo from a community forum on gun violence.
Liz: Duncan must have seen this. Senator Sheridan. That’s where our shooter’s going.
To the gun rally. Creel posted the photo. He’s gonna be there. Observing his experiment.

Duncan: I want the world to know that what happens today, what I do, is because of Amber. Because she lied to me. Because she’s a cheat. Goodbye, Amber.

Creel: Senator, it is all right here – seven years of research. These killings can be prevented. In my system, it will require children to be screened for the MAO-A 2R gene. Kids will be labeled. We’ll target them. It will cost β€”
Sheraton: I promise you, Dr. Creel, your research will be reviewed.
Creel: Reviewed. Studied. You don’t return my calls. You refuse to see me when I come up to your office. And when one of these incidents happens, you do nothing! I have been the leading voice in Congress on mental health for 20 years. How many more of these mass killings do we have now than we did then? I’m telling you we have the science. I can stop these killings, and you want to reject me? You want to reject the science?

[Gunshots, people screaming] [Gunshot]
Duncan: Get out of here!
Duncan: Where is she?!
Creel: She’s not here, Duncan. Amber’s not here.
Duncan: What are you –
Creel: I’m the one you’re looking for.
Duncan: Amber she led me on.
Creel: Amber didn’t do anything, because she doesn’t exist. I created her.
[ Siren wails, tires screech ]
Creel: You’re here to kill me, Duncan.
Duncan: What the hell are you talking about?
Creel: “I didn’t mean to hurt you.” “Whatever.” “Here to talk.” “With Paul?” “He’s a great guy, really.” “I.D.G.A.S.” Why do you think you never met her? Because she’s not real! The picture she posted, the one that brought you here, I posted it.
[Gun cocks]
Creel: That’s right. Pull the trigger.
Liz: Duncan, no! Listen to me. You. Put the gun down. You don’t want to do this. He lied to you, manipulated you. It’s not your fault.
Creel: Pull the trigger, Duncan. It’s what you came to do. You’re all part of my experiment.
Read my research! We can save them!
Liz: Duncan, listen to me. He’s making you believe that you don’t have a choice!
Creel: Do you think that I want to die? I don’t. But I have run out of ways to get people to pay attention. Do this, and the world will listen. They’ll examine my life, my research. That can’t happen unless you pull the trigger.

Creel: Ah! [Groans]
Liz: Medic! I need a medic!

[ Creel pulls gun on Liz ]
Ressler: Take it easy, pal. Creel, listen to me. You have to understand. If I have a shot, I’m gonna take it.
Samar: Put your weapon down!
Creel: I shoot her, you shoot me! That’s how this works, right?
Ressler: Make you a martyr? Not today.
Creel [To Liz ] You should know I saw your test results.♀You know what they said? [Gunshot kills him]
Ressler: Where did it come from? Where the hell did that shot come from?!
Samar: There on the roof. Go!

Samar: I received everything Creel had on file at the hospital patient records, test results Including yours. We logged everything else into evidence, but I thought perhaps you would want that. It’s probably meaningless, right? Do you think Reddington could have known, when he gave you this case, that you’d find out?♀

[ Liz shrugs ]
Samar: What do I know?

Samar: [ Gives money to Aram ] You were right about Keen. She was making it all up.♀
Aram: I knew it. Walt’s favorite shrimp is calling my name. Winner buys? See you tomorrow.

Aram: Hey.
Liz: Hey.
Aram: I followed up on Frank and Naomi Hyland, like you asked. Both phones are dead.
Liz: Mm-hmm.
Aram: So I identified the five numbers they called the most to see if any of those people were getting calls from new numbers. People that Frank and Naomi might have reached out to.
Liz: And?
Aram: There’s a woman Monica Lyons. She got six calls today, all unanswered. All came from a pay phone at a gas station in rural Maryland. Only a handful of homes in that area.
Liz: What gas station?

[Knock on door]
Liz: Hello, Mrs. Hyland.
Naomi: Does Raymond know you’re here?
Liz: No. He doesn’t want us to talk.

[β™« Junip’s “Tide” plays] [Car door closes] Along the quiet

Liz: I’m sorry. I just I have a ton of questions in this notebook about the case, but the truth is, I didn’t come here just to ask you about Berlin.
Naomi: You have questions you think I can answer about the past.
Liz: Yes.

β™« Whatever needs to be will be

Liz: The day Raymond Reddington walked into my life, everything changed – everything I believed about – [Sighs] You were married to the man. You had a life, a child.
Naomi: Jennifer.
Liz: Yeah.
Liz: W- why doesn’t he want me to see you?
Naomi: You tell me.
Liz: I think it might be because you know something about how the two of us might be connected.
Naomi: He wants something from you. It’s a game. It’s a manipulation. He’s made you feel a connection that makes you feel like you matter somehow. And there’s no one on earth who can make a woman feel like the center of his universe more than Raymond Reddington. I’ll tell you this, though. He’s not who you think he is.♀
Liz: What does he want from me?

β™« A crater left as a divide

Red: [ Has been listening outside the door ] Well. Look at the two of you. I should have brought a bottle of Chardonnay. I have your papers. Dembe’s outside. He’ll need your signature on some of the documents. Frank is gonna pack the car.

β™« Time to meet them all again For once at eye level

Red: Agent Keen. [Chuckles lightly] I hope you had an illuminating conversation.

β™« Along the quiet, narrow streets
Canals are still in high tide
Whatever needs to be will be

Naomi: I don’t know where Jennifer is. She knew you – Would come for her one day, and she left. I don’t know where she is.

A crater left as a divide

Red: If you need anything… Ever …

β™« There will soon be time to meet them all again For once at eye level

Naomi: β‹™ When are you gonna tell her?♀

β™« And for once as friends There will be time

[Vehicle door closes, engine turns over]

Red: So, how’d your case go?
Liz: I think you know the answer to that. Who is he?
Red: Who is who?
Liz: The gunman, the sniper. He works for you, doesn’t he?
Red: Yes.
Liz: How long has he been following me?
Red: Since the day Agent Malik died.
Liz: I want him gone.
Red: [Chuckles] My associate saves your life, and instead of saying “thank you,” you try to get him fired. If I knew better, I’d say you were hiding something.

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β™« Tide by Junip

β™« Along the quiet, narrow streets
Canals are still in high tide
Whatever needs to be will be
When there is nothing left to hide
Whatever remains will set you free
A crater left as a divide

β™« All of the memories will return
In the sleep like shallow scars
Whatever remains will set you free
A crater left as a divide

β™« There will soon be time
To meet them all again
For once at eye level
And for once as friends

There will be time
Time to return

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/1Lnli0D
YouTube: http://bit.ly/1RfE4Zy

❌❌❌ END 2:4


༺✦ ⌘ ✦༻

πŸ”΄ 2:5 The Front

πŸ”΄ Script: 2:5 The Front

Last updated: 8/9/2015
Program air date: 10/20/2014 in the US
Script with extras: http://wp.me/pDKwi-1c3
Source: Raw Scripts from Springfield [UK]: http://bit.ly/1Do56Zu
NBC Episode Summary: http://bit.ly/1Sl6bsJ

Created by: Jon Bokenkamp
Director: Stephen A Adelson
Writers: Jon Bokenkamp, Jim Campalongo, Adam Sussman


Script 2:5 The Front

Blurb: Virology, art history and environmentalism converge as a radical cult revives an ancient plague to rescue the earth from humanity. Red repairs an old film projector and tracks a young woman the “help” of the DMV.

Carrie Ann: I had to take it. I mean, have you really thought about what he’s gonna do? Everyone is gonna die. Everyone.
Pepper: You did the right thing.
I’m gonna go to the police. I have to go to the police. I’m gonna give it to them. [key?]
If I don’t, if he goes through with it. …
Pepper: If he finds you, he might hurt you again. Ju– I’ll come with you. Just Tell me where you are.
Carrie Ann: [ Horn honks ] Just promise me you’ll come alone.
Pepper: I promise.

Pepper: I’m sorry.
Beck: Where is it?
Carrie Ann: You get away from me.
Beck: You can’t stop us now. Everything is in place. It’s too late.
Carrie Ann: You get away from me.
Beck: I always thought you were different. But you’re just like the rest. You’re selfish. Give it to me.
Carrie Ann: No.
[ Both grunting ] [ Horn blares ] [ Gasps ] [ Tires screech ]
Man: Hey! Woman: Ohh! [ Indistinct conversations ]
– Help! Somebody call an ambulance!
– That’s crazy, man.
– I’m just like, “whoa.” She just stepped out.
– She jumped in front of that car.

Liz: I told you to get rid of him.
Red: Lizzie, I’m not getting rid of him. Your safety is of great concern to me.
Liz: Yeah, I can handle myself. I just I don’t want him watching me. What is all this? [ Siren wails in distance ]
Red: There was an incident this morning in Dupont Circle. A woman was struck by a taxi Carrie Ann Beck.
Liz: Maddox Beck’s wife?
Red: Yes. The leaders of The Front.
Liz: Well, how is that possible? They died trying to bomb BP’s London Office in response to the Gulf Oil Spill.
Red: So the world believes. In truth, they took their work underground. Personally, I once admired Carrie Ann. However, since going underground, they’ve become too radical for my blood, advocates for a level of destruction that I find chilling.
Liz: So who killed her?
Red: I believe her husband is responsible.
Liz: I don’t understand. Weren’t they partners? Didn’t they found the Front together?
Red: Yes, but their partnership was a tenuous one. She was always the more moderate voice, only interested in operations that related directly to the environment. Beck, on the other hand, views himself as a chosen one, a messianic figure who sees humanity as a virus that needs to be eradicated in order to save the planet. I fear he got rid of his wife because she was trying to stop him from implementing a plan to do just that.

Liz: These are the last known photographs of Maddox Beck and his wife. They’re the founders of the Front.
Aram: 2012 Firebomb strikes a Biotechpark in Boston, conducting genomics research, causing $64 million in damage. Four staff members were killed and 16 hospitalized. Ricin was mailed to the Fairbanks BLM Office, which manages Transatlantic Pipeline.
Ressler: Just got off with the M.E. He’ll have a tox work-up on Beck’s wife within the hour.
Cooper: We can’t assume Beck killed her just because Reddington says so. Get to the morgue. I want a cause of death.
Ressler: Her body’s not at the morgue. She’s at City Memorial. Labor and delivery.

Liz: She was pregnant?
Pathologist [?]: Yeah, 30 weeks. From what they can tell, the baby’s fine.
Liz: And the mother?
Phil Ryerson, Pathologist: The doctors declared her brain dead. They put her on life support until they can safely deliver the child. Most of the injuries were sustained, uh, during the accident, but she suffered some injuries beforehand, as well lacerations to the head and the hands and, um, defensive bruises on the forearms.
Liz: Think he beat her?
Pathologist: I think she was in one hell of a fight.
Ressler: You say in your notes – she had clay under her fingernails? –
Liz: Clay? From where? That’s odd, isn’t it?
Pathologist: The really odd part is that the– The clay is 700 years old.

Aram: The soil found under the nails of Carrie Ann Beck dates back to the 14th century. It’s called Raw Sienna.
Cooper: Okay, so, what’s it doing there?
Aram: Raw Sienna was used by painters at the time, painters who belonged to what’s known as the Sienese School. The Prado in Madrid has an exhibit going on right now featuring paintings from the Sienese School. Last week, one of those paintings was stolen.
Ressler: That’s what she and Beck were fighting over, this painting.
Samar; Maybe they were trying to sell it on the black market, fund their operation.
Aram: There were 22 paintings at the exhibit. The one that was stolen had been on loan from the Santa Caterina Church in Pisa, and it was, by far, the least valuable.
Liz: Then why did they steal it?
[ Maddox Beck is hanging painting on wall. Uses blue light to illuminate map under painting. ]

[β™«] His crusade was a search for God
and they say it’s been a long way to carry.
Anybody hear of plague in this town?
– [ Printer whirs ] –
The town I’ve left behind
was burned to the ground
a young girl on a stake
her face framed in flames cried,
“I’m not a witch God knows my name”

[DMV] [ Telephones ringing ] [ Pounding ]
Man: Come on! [ Buzzer ]
Woman: Number 76. Number 76!
Glen: I’ve been busting my ass! And now you fire me because I’m not, what, fast enough?!
Red: I’ll need all your research.
Glen: No!
Red: And any leads as to her whereabouts.
Glen: You want me to find the girl? I’ll find the girl. But these things take time!
Red: You don’t have any leads. You know what? I don’t have time! And yet you’ve had me waiting out there for over 45 minutes! Do you know the vending machine is broken? It’s as if you enjoy making people miserable!
Glen: I work at the DMV!
Red: If you can’t do this, I need to find someone who can. Everything rests on finding the girl.
Glen: I understand, and I’m trying my best. But you didn’t give me much to go on, and I’ve had some [ Wheezes, sighs ]
Red: Is something wrong?
Glen: You know what? [ Grunts ] Just forget it!
Red: Talk to me.
Glen: It’s mom.
Red: Ohh, Glen.
Glen: Three months ago, she was in the shower, noticed this Lump.
Red: How bad?
Glen: Got into her bones. They bombarded her with chemo. We’ve tried everything. The pills and the diets, biofeedback, music therapy, the Flaxseed diet.
Red: Flax seed?
Glen: Part of the Budwig Protocol.
Red: I don’t have time for this.
Glen: Oh, I’m sorry! Has mom’s illness cramped your busy schedule?!
Red: Every time you can’t deliver, you do this. These cockamamie stories! – My mother is dying! Yes, and your brother-in-law had Legionnaires’ disease, and your house was flooded, and I’m still no closer to finding the girl.
Glen: Get out!
Red: You’re the most gifted tracker I know, Glen, but your mouth runs like a scalded dog. I don’t know why you’re mad at me. You’re the one who came up short.
[ Door opens, closes ]

Cooper: Codes.What kind of codes?
Ressler: You mean written on the back of the painting?
Aram: Not on the back. Under the paint.
Samar: The museum sent us everything they had on the stolen painting. When it was acquired last year, they ran a series of tests to determine its authenticity.
Aram: Yeah, they used thermal imaging to do microscopic and spectroscopic analysis and found this.
Cooper: What’s it mean?
Aram: Museum doesn’t know. I spoke with the curator.
Cooper: Call the National Gallery. Get Lillian Sharp in here. If anyone can make heads or tails of this, she can.

Ressler: Hey. Keen. Where is she?
Cooper: She had an appointment.

[ Doorbell buzzes ] [ Buzzer ] [ Ezra (Red’s man) is sitting on stoop across street ]
Woman (looks just like Liz): Look, when I agreed to do this, I –
Liz: It’s just taking longer than I thought.
Woman: Is he out there?
Liz: Yeah. I’m going out back. [ Holds out wad of bills ] This is for last week. Do it one more week, and I’ll pay you double. I’ll be back in one hour.

Sharp: It’s a map.
Cooper: A map to what?
Sharp: A bedtime story. It’s a legend about the Apophis Strain, an ancient plague weaponized in the 14th century by both the Byzantines and the Ottomans that was mistakenly released and believed to be the real origin of the black death.
Ressler: You’re talking about the Bubonic Plague.
Sharp: No Pneumonic Plague, which is airborne and far more fatal. Scientists now believe that was the plague that killed 200 million people, one of the largest pandemics in history. That’s why, to prevent Armageddon, the sworn enemies agreed to task four priests to take the strain to the end of the world.
Cooper: And this map indicates in which end of the world it’s hidden.
Sharp: [ Chuckling ] Agent Cooper, you’re not taking this seriously, are you?
Cooper: Maddox Beck is. He killed his wife to get this map. These symbols …
Sharp: Trust me. This map is worthless.

Liz: [ To her double ] Thursday. Same time?

[ Cellphone vibrates ] [ Beep ]
Keen: Keen.
Red: Lizzie, I need to see you. There’s been a development.

Sharp: This map is priceless. You need to move on this now. If the Apophis Strain is out there –
Liz: You didn’t tell this to the FBI?
Red: Lillian is paid to embargo certain key details from your colleagues if she believes they may be of interest to me.
Sharp: You sure she can be trusted?
Liz: I could say the same thing about you.
Red: Ladies, please. I’m surprised the two of you haven’t met at a conference or company retreat. Does the FBI do a Christmas party?
Sharp: One of the priests sent to guard the strain got sick. And to protect it, the dying man swallowed it whole, taking it to his grave. We know this because the others survived and created the map.
Liz: And the markings? What do they mean?
Sharp: They’re archetypal alignments. When you connect them, they create lay lines linking a network of historically significant sites.
Liz: You said the priests were sent to the end of the world. Where?
Sharp: Well, I said it was the end of the world. Not anymore. If I’m reading this correctly, the strain is buried here in America.

Liz: Red’s source says the map points to Burial Ridge in Staten Island. [where else?!] It’s the largest native American burial ground in New York.
Ressler: We’ve contacted local authorities. We’re on our way now.
Aram: I-I don’t know how to break this to you, but, uh, Beck beat you there.
Liz: What are you talking about?
Aram: New York Field Office got called in on a grave robbery. According to park police, our guy, Beck, he knew exactly where to look.
Liz: The bones contain the DNA of the plague. Once he has it, he can replicate it.
Ressler: That’s why he took the bones.
Samar: No, he wanted to take them, but according to park police, whoever was buried there was moved.
Aram: Hundreds of years ago. I’m sending you an image of what was left in its place.
Liz: Got it.
Aram: We think it’s a marker, some sort of addendum to the map.
Sharp: It’s Cyrillic.
Aram: It’s ancient Cyrillic. It looks like some sort of equation. “P” equals 100. “O” that sort of looks like a ribbon equals 9. Those dash symbols in between denotes that the number to the right should be multiplied by 1,000. It totals 109,120.
Samar: Probably a measurement. Is there a standard form?
Aram: Cubits. Uh, one cubit is half a yard. 109,120 cubits is 54,560 yards. [ Samar gives him a look ] What? I was good at math.
Liz: There’s another engraving here. Looks like, what, a moon?
Samar. Or a sun, which rises in the east.
Liz: The strain’s final resting place.
Aram: 54,560 yards. Or exactly 31 miles.
Red: Hello, Aram. Agent Navabi. You certainly look radiant.
Aram: Mr. Reddington. Um. Hey, uh If you’re looking for, uh, A-Agent Keen –
Red: I’m not. I’m looking for you.
Liz: [ On phone ] Aram, are you there? What is it? What’s 31 miles east of Burial Ridge?

Priest: This is the oldest church in the city. The graves in the church, they’re sacrosanct.
Liz: Is there another way in here?
Priest: The southeast stairwell, behind the –
Liz: Show me.

Aram: You want me to find a girl. You can’t tell me her name, and none of the other people who work for you were able to find her.
Red: Yes.
Aram: That’s not much to go on.
Red: It’s not.
Aram: Out of curiosity, the other people who couldn’t find her, this girl, um – W-what What did you do to them?
Red: Aram, this woman is critical in my war with Berlin.

[ Clink ]
Liz: FBI! Don’t move!
Maddox Beck: You know what I have in here. You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t.
Liz: Put it down.
Beck: It’s incredible, isn’t it? Finding America a century before Columbus, surviving, protecting the secret. His life had one purpose. The plague.
Liz: You’re not walking out of here.
Maddox: Do you know how contagious this is? Shoot me, I drop it, and then we’re both infected.
Liz: I said put it down.
Maddox: Either you let me go, or we both die. The choice is yours… You’re just like everybody else. You’re gonna save your life at the expense of millions of others.
Liz: Is that why you killed your wife?
Maddox: Carrie Ann killed herself. She wasn’t able to go through with it, but somebody needs to have the courage to do what’s necessary.

[ Groans ] [ Clatter ]
Radio Foster. Tell him we’re on our way.
Liz: [ Groans ] They have it. It’s gone. The plague, it’s gone. [ Breathing heavily ]

Cooper: Call state and local police. Tell them we want lookouts and checkpoints at every highway leading out of the city. Find Maddox Beck!

Samar: You had him.
Liz: He was in possession of the strain.
Samar: Did you hesitate or not?
Liz: He threatened to release it.
Samar; And now a mad man is out there with the ability to start a pandemic.
Cooper: Enough. If it’s the pneumonic plague, there are antibiotics, protocols.
Samar: For the strain that exists today, not the one that’s 700 years old. We have to assume that there is no cure for whatever Beck got his hands on.
Cooper: I said that’s enough.
Samar: This is unbelievable. [ Stomps off ]
Cooper: Alert the CDC. Tell them that a potential category 5 threat has just been identified with no cure and a high probability of exposure.

Aram: Agent Keen. Whatever decision you made, I’m sure it was the right one. I’ve seen you under pressure in the moment.
Liz: Thank you.
Aram: I mean it. The way you handle – take Mr. Reddington, for example. He asked me to do one thing, and I freeze up, – but you’re always able to –
Liz: What? What? What are you talking about?
Aram: Oh, wait. Uh, no, just, um. You’re solid.
Liz: Reddington asked you to do – ?
Aram: No, forget that. Bad example.
Liz: What did Reddington ask you to do?
Aram: Um [ Breathes deeply ]

Maddox: 200. That is the exact number of species that grows extinct every year. That is 10,000 times the natural rate of extinction, and one species is responsible. Ours. The reason that we are making the ultimate sacrifice Is because earth is literally dying. Everybody knows it, and no one will do anything about it. To preserve life on earth, we need to become Extinct. Sharon. [ Sighs ] It’s time.

Liz: Your wife made it perfectly clear your daughter has no interest in seeing you.
Red: Oh, dear.
Liz: The FBI is not in the business of handling your personal affairs.
Red:[ Laughs ] The FBI is in the business of my business. Why else would I be in business with the FBI?
Liz: If she is in danger, we will protect her, either from Berlin or you.
Red: Who told you she’s my daughter?❗
Liz: You have no right to have anything to do with that girl, not since the night you abandoned her.
Red: I’m touched.
Liz: You just upended your ex-wife’s entire life. I’m not gonna let you do the same thing to her.
Red: As a rule, I consider jealousy to be a base emotion. But in this case, it’s quite endearing.♀
Liz: [ Sighs ] Oh, God. I am not jealous.
Red: I assure you, Lizzie, my quest to find this young woman will in no way compromise our relationship.
Liz: “Our relationship”?
Red: Where are we on the case?
Liz: No, no, no. We’re not doing that.
Red: I understand you lost Beck. It must be disheartening.
Liz: Let me be perfectly clear. Aram is not going to help you find your daughter. And the guy you have following me. Either you get rid of him, or I will.

[ β™« Beck’s “Go It Alone” plays ] [ Dog barks in distance ]
I’m coming over
See me down at the station
By the lane
With my hands in my pocket
Jingling a wish coin
That I stole from a fountain
That was drownin’
All the cares in the world
When I get older
Climbing up on the back porch fence
Just to see the dogs runnin’
With a ring and a question
And my shivering voice is singing
Through a crack in the window
Na na na na na …
– [ TV chatter ] –
… with a ring and a question
and my shivering voice
is singing through a crack in the window
– na, na-na, na na – I better go it alone

[ Cellphone rings ] [ Beep ]
Red: It’s about Agent Keen.

Na, na-na, na na

Ezra: Sir.
Red: She seems unusually agitated. I’m not sure why, but I believe she’s hiding something from me.

Down on the corner
see me standing
on a makeshift road
with the dust storm blowing
na, na-na, na na
in a long black shadow

Ezra: Hiding what?
Red: I’m not sure.

Pull a hammer from a coal mine

[as Liz’s double undresses …]
Red: But I think she’s worried you may expose her.

Comb my hair back

Red: She’s made it clear she wants you gone.

Where my number was written

Red: I told her that’s not an option.

Driving on the sidewalk

Red: I think she may try to manipulate the situation.

Na, na-na, na na
in my rearview mirror
I better go it alone

Red: [ Chuckles ] Don’t worry. I’ve got eyes on her as we speak. She’s not going anywhere.

Go it alone na, na-na, na na It’s all well.

Ezra: I’ll be handling, sir.
Red: Don’t.

Na, na-na, na na na, na-na, na na

[ Door opens ]

I’m coming over
See me down at the station
By the lane
With my hands in my pocket
Jingling a wish coin
That I stole from a fountain
That was drownin’
All the cares in the world

Samuel Aleko (Samoan): You think it’s a good idea you being here this time of night?
Liz: I need to go inside.
Aleko: Girl, you’re pushing it.
Liz: Can I go inside?

With a ring and a question
And my shivering voice is singing
Through a crack in the window
Na na na na na, I better go it alone
Na na na na na, I better go it alone
Na na na na na

Wish Coin by Beck:
Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/1JTfbnv
YouTube: http://bit.ly/1R7Zdou

[ Beck’s people have gathered to take the toxin, which Pepper is distributing ]
Beck: Can you feel it?
Woman: Yes. I can feel it inside me. I can feel it growing.
Beck: Amen.

[ Horn blares ] [ Coughing ]

On TV: Unconfirmed reports indicate hundreds have been infected as a result of the outbreak. The Capitol and the Supreme Court have been evacuated. Metro police have quarantined a 15-block area, reaching from Constitution to Pennsylvania Avenue.

Liz: Patient Zero has been I.D.’d as Sharon McManus. Prelim autopsy confirms we are dealing with a genetically modified strain of pneumonic plague.
Cooper: Modified how?
Liz: We have no idea, but it is working at an accelerated rate.
Ressler: People in the quarantine, none of them look sick yet.
Liz: From what the CDC can tell, the contagion works in three phases, the first of which is incubation. Right now, it is dormant in their immune systems. It is not airborne yet, but that is only going to last for the first few hours.
Cooper: Then what?
Liz: It turns the victim symptomatic, then infectious. Based on what we can tell from the time of death and the rapid depletion of Patient Zero’s target cells, those healthy-looking people will be dead in nine hours.
Cooper: How many people are we talking about?
Ressler: Roughly 2,300 in quarantine, sir.
Cooper: Talk to me about the treatment protocols.
Samar: There are none. In order to understand how the disease was altered, to find a cure, we need a sample of the original strain.
Ressler: And Beck has the only one.
Aram: Hey. Full ERT report on Patient Zero’s effects just came in. They found this on the victim’s shirt hair from a rodent, a rat species specifically bred for scientific purposes. Rattus norvegicus. There are only two licensed suppliers for clinical trials. And in the last month, they’ve only had one shipment that didn’t go to a university or research facility.
Ressler: You got Beck’s shipping address.
Aram: Two story property in Thurmont.
Cooper: Send the Biohazard team at Quantico.

Man: Clear! [ Biohazard team goes through Beck’s lab ] [ Indistinct shouting ] [ Sighs ] [ Beep ] [ Receiver clicks ] [ Telephone dialing ]

Glen at DMV: [ Sighs ] [ Ringing ] I need you to come in. I found your girl.
[ Telephones ringing ] [ Indistinct conversations ] [ Buzzer ] Woman: Number 84.
Glen; The picture you gave me, the one of the girl I had it aged up in the system and marked as an FBI inquiry five weeks ago.
Red: The vending machine is still not working.
Glen: Then Dolly goes in for hair plugs. She’s the only one in the Southwest Service Center with access, so I’m frozen out.
Red: The woman grading the written tests needs to shower.
Glen; But this morning, Dolly comes back, and guess what. Old Dolly got a hit A 97% match on your girl.
Red: Zoe Dantonio.
Glen: As I said, these things take time. What the hell is that?
Red: It’s a new vending machine. Yours is broken. Consider it a bonus.

[ Door opens, closes ]
Ressler: Site’s decontaminated. The equipment looks like it’s been used recently.
Liz: My God. D.C. was just the beginning. [ Dialing, ringing ] They’re gonna be on planes. Aram, get me the FAA.

Maddox: When an organism is ill, it develops antibodies to combat the illness. Nature creates the instruments to eradicate deadly disease. In this case, the disease is humanity.We’re the antidotes. Climate change, water shortages, a population approaching eight billion We won’t live to see it. And there will be no one left to remember. But our sacrifice will usher in the dawn of a new earth. Sharon began our crusade, and now the rest of us must see it through.To a new day.
All: To a new day.
[ Inhales deeply ]

Samar: CDC quarantined a vehicle found at Dulles. There was an inhaler mask discovered outside of the car. We won’t have the official results for a few hours, but the toxins inside appear to match those found in Beck’s lab.
Aram: Vehicle’s owner was one Ron Crocker, boarded a plane to Panama City two hours ago. Liz: Every passenger on that flight will be infected.
Cooper: We have Crocker’s travel profile?
Aram: Yeah. [ Keyboard clacks ] Okay. Uh, one-way ticket, traveling alone, no checked baggage. Ticket purchased within the last eight hours.
Ressler: Can you apply the same criteria to passengers on flights from Dulles to the other target cities?
Liz: Every matching profile is a potential follower infected with the plague.
Aram: Okay, 31 matches. Of those, seven are business travelers who made last-minute reservations using corporate cards.
Cooper: Are they already in flight?
Aram: All but one, Chris Perez. Leaves Dulles for Toronto within one hour.
Ressler: Probably still in the incubation period.
Liz: We can take him down, isolate him before he boards.
Cooper: You work with Aram. Notify the FAA of those infected flights. You get to Dulles, make sure Perez does not get on that flight.

Woman: Final boarding for flight 428, service to Toronto, please proceed to gate A.

Aram: We’ve located four of the suspects. Two land in 45 minutes: Moscow and SaoPaulo.
Cooper: Get word to the air marshals on board. Have teams on the tarmacs ready to quarantine those planes. Contact the TSA and have them patch us into the airport security feeds.
Aram: We have to assume the passengers are all infected. Quarantine won’t help them, only the cure.
Ressler: Which we don’t have.

[ Sirens wailing ] [ Tires screech ]
Man: Follow me, please.
[ Police radio chatter ] [ Indistinct conversations ] Coming through! Make way! Federal agents coming through! Stand aside, please! Coming through here! Federal agents!
Liz:[ Sighs ] He’s not at the gate. Aram, you got eyes?
Aram: Looking. Looking now.
Liz: I’m gonna double back.
Aram: Okay. Come on.
Ressler: Go back. There.
Aram: That’s him. There he is. A black jacket with a gray hoodie, a green shoulder bag. Near gate C-13.
[ Samar sees him & takes off after him. She catches up with him. They struggle. He sprays her w atomizer with virus, grabs her weapon and shoots her in the abdomen before Liz takes him out. ] [ Indistinct conversations ]
Woman: What’s going on?
[ Samar closes door to protect others from virus. Grunts ]
[ People screaming ]
Liz: Officer down! I need a medic!
Samar [To Liz]: You can’t come in here!
Liz: Samar, you’re gonna bleed out! You’ve got to open this door! It’s out.
Samar: I’m infected. If you come in here, you will be, too.
[ Liz comes in anyway ] [ Breathing heavily ] [ Liz stems Samar’s bleeding ]
Liz: You’ll be okay.
[ Samar groans ]
Liz: Shh, shh.

Ressler: Eighteen of the flights are now in quarantine and the suspects have been arrested.
Cooper: The others.
Ressler: Diverted with military escorts.
Cooper: What about the infected? Liz and Samar How much time do they have?
Ressler: Worst-case scenario Eight hours.
Aram: I was able to trace a credit card tied to the plane tickets Beck purchased, but he created a VPN. The computer he used accessed the Internet within a 50-mile radius of Abingdon.
Cooper: Get our people in Virginia the coordinates have them start a canvass.
And the radius. Narrow it down.
[ Cooper walks off ]
Aram: [ Mumbling ] Yeah, uh [ Dialing ] … Mr. Reddington, I-I’m calling about Agent Keen.
Red: Circumstances have changed, Aram. I found what I was looking for.
Aram: You have? I mean, uh, you have. That’s so – That’s fantastic. But, uh, that’s actually – That’s not why I’m calling. Uh, Agent Keen, she and Agent Navabi, they’ve been infected.
Red: When?
Aram: Just over an hour ago.
Red: Where are you on Beck?
Aram: He’s somewhere outside Abingdon, but I don’t know where. I’ve searched the public record. Uh, tax bills, power, phone. It’s like – It’s like he lives off the grid.
Red: Well, there you have it.
Aram: Have what? [ Beep ]

[ Liz & Samar ]
[ Indistinct conversations ] [ Breathing heavily ] [ Chuckles ]
Samar: What?
Liz: Mm, nothing.
Samar: What made you smile?
Liz: Nipple guards. A year ago, I, uh Tom and I, we were going to adopt a newborn, and we were having a baby shower. And one of the guests, this teacher, she brought nipple guards.
Samar: Did she know you were adopting?
Liz: Uh, exactly, yes, she [ Sighs ] It was like she was reminding me that I wasn’t pregnant. I was just so pissed. I didn’t even thank her. [ Sighs ] God, I wish I could just go back and thank her. I had it all figured out. I was gonna have a baby. And a husband. And then he showed up.
Samar: You know everyone talks about it, right? They don’t want to bring it up with you. Why you? Who is he to you?♀
Liz: [ Inhales sharply ] Reddington is. The bane of my existence. And yet, here he is, trying to reconnect with his daughter? Trying to find her? And I find myself feeling possessive.…
Samar: Mm.
Liz: … Possessive of him, jealous of the girl he’s trying to protect. And if that’s not embarrassing enough, that’s exactly how he predicted I’d feel.♀
Samar: You think they’ve delivered that baby yet? [ Sighs ]
Liz: Carrie Ann Beck’s? That’s probably why she backed out, right? – Because of that baby.
Samar: Mm-hmm.
Liz: And when they find a cure, when we walk out of here, it’ll all be because of that baby.

Aram: [ Breathing heavily ] Hey. Uh, I figured it out. Technically, Mr. Reddington figured it out, but I think I know where Beck is. He’s a radical environmentalist, so any electricity would be solar. We have a 50-mile search area.
Cooper: That could be dozens of houses.
Aram: Using grid-tied power. But people who want to sever ties with the government, they would use off-grid systems, which are very uncommon.
Cooper: How uncommon?
Aram: I could only find one with the capability to support a compound large enough for Beck and his followers. Um, I should mention I’m pretty sure Mr. Reddington has a head start.

Beck: Pepper, what’s –
[ Pepper shows him she’s cuffed ]
Red: [ Red chuckles ] You two out here playing grab-ass in the woods just smacks of something biblical.
Beck: Who the hell are you?
Red: I’m the snake in the grass. ♀ I was a big fan of yours at one time. I remember you in that little, inflatable boat in the North Sea, going up against that oil platform, huge waves tossing you up against the pilings, fire hoses and steel oil drums raining down from above. My God, it gives me goose bumps just thinking about it. Then I had the good fortune of sharing a cell in a prison outside Sochi with an associate of yours, Yevgeny Bushkin. Big bear of a man, 150 kilos on an empty belly. As I remember it, Yevgeny went on hunger strike to protest some oil pipeline that threatened a vital something-or-other. You probably remember better than I.
But the point is the old boy didn’t eat for 74 days. Imagine that. I wouldn’t have the discipline.
My weakness is sausage and peppers. But Yevgeny – He did it. Wasted away like Christ on the cross, dying for a cause. Your cause. And I remember thinking that the only men I’ve known that have people who are willing to die for their cause are either saints or megalomaniacs.❗And you. Are no Saint. Which is why I’m not surprised to find you and Pepper waiting out Armageddon here in Eden.You and I both know you’re not gonna die for your cause.
[Dembe has antidote in vials]
Beck: Put that down!
Red: You dig up a plague, hatch a plan to spread it around the world, but before you do, you synthesize a cure. For yourself and your Eve. Ironic, isn’t it. If you were half as dedicated to your cause as Yevgeny was, there would be no vaccine, I wouldn’t be here, and you and Pepper would be free to romp like bunnies until the convulsing and hemorrhaging started.
Beck: You’re wrong. My actions are about our crimes against the earth.
Red: I’ll be frank, Mr. Beck, because I’m in a bit of a hurry. I’m not here for you. I think you know what I’m about to ask for.
Beck: What’s he talking about?
Red: Red: You never told him?
Told me what?
Red: Where is it?
Pepper: Please. don’t.
Beck: Never told me what?
Red: We don’t have much time.
[ She glances at bottle hanging from tree. Red takes skeleton key from bottle,]
Red:[ Laughs ] [ Sirens wailing in distance ] Ah. [ Key jingles ] [ Sighs ] My business is finished here. I’ll leave the two of you. I’m sure you have plenty to discuss.
[ Wailing continues ] [ Beeping ]

[ Red finds & watches ‘the girl’ (ZoΓ«) from a distance working in a food van. ]

[ Hospital: Red w Lizzie. Liz sleeping, Red puts earbuds in her ears & plays the music below, takes Liz’s hand and holds it. Aram sits at Samar’s bedside, she wakes & smiles at him ]

β™«“The Baby – You Were Born”
By Cloud Cult

β™« You were born into a strange world.
Like a candle, you were meant to share the fire.
I don’t know where we come from, and I don’t know where we go.
But my arms were made to hold you, so I will never let you go.
Cuz you were born to change this life.
You were born to chase the light.
You were born…

β™« Love your mother, yeah she’s a good one.
She’ll build you armor; keep you warm as a hen.
The stars may fall and the rains may pour,
But I will love you evermore.
You were born to make this right.
You were born to chase the light.
You were born…

Cooper: Just got off with the CDC. They’ve started vaccine protocol. All quarantined victims have been treated, along with the passengers from those flights. Carrie Anne Beck was taken off life support. Notify her next of kin. Tell them about the child.

[ Scene changes to Red laughing while watching home movies of a little girl 4-6 playing with super-bubbles. Then his face changes from joyful to pensive to horror … ]

β™« Oh my precious, oh my love, when they come to take me,
I will hold you from above.
I don’t know why we’re here, and I don’t know how,
But I’m here with you now, I am here with you now.
Cuz you were born to change this life.
Cuz you were born to make this right.
Cuz you were born to chase the light.

β™« Oh my precious, oh my love, when they come to take me,
I will hold you from above.
I don’t know why we’re here, and I don’t know how,
But I’m here with you now, I am here with you now.
Cuz you were born to change this life.
Cuz you were born to make this right.
Cuz you were born to chase the light.

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/1tGNSUL
YouTube: http://bit.ly/1MKyT2z

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❌❌❌ END 2:5

༺✦ ⌘ ✦༻

πŸ”΄ 2:6 The Mombasa Cartel

πŸ”΄ Script: 2:6 The Mombasa Cartel

Last updated: 8/8/2015
Program air date: 10/27/2014 in the US
Script with extras: http://wp.me/pDKwi-1bj
Source: Raw Scripts from Springfield [UK]: http://bit.ly/1Do56Zu
NBC Episode Summary: http://bit.ly/1FhMloQ

Created by: Jon Bokenkamp
Director: David Platt
Writers: Jon Bokenkamp, Daniel Knauf


Script 2:6 The Mombasa Cartel

Blurb: A ghoulish family in rural Alaska turns animal trafficking on its head in this Halloween edition of The Blacklist. Red finally connects with the young woman he has been seeking. Dembe’s backstory is revealed.

[ Chickens clucking ] [ Goats bleating ] [ Bleating continues ] [ Vehicle approaching ]
You are Samwel Zuma?
I am.
I heard you have a big mouth.
No! [ All shout ] Oh! Oh! [ Gunshot ] [ Crying ] [ Gunshot ]

[ β™« Poirier’s “Bang Bang” plays ] [ Indistinct singing ] Bang, bang bang, bang, yeah bang, bang, bang, bang bang, bang, bang, bang bang, bang bang, bang [ Indistinct singing ]

[ Knock on door ]
Man: Service de chambre.

β™« bang, bang [ Singing continues ]

Good morning, Mr. Batouala.
Will you be dining at the table this morning?
In bed, I think.
Very good, sir.

[ β™« Singing continues ]

[ Grunts ]

β™« Bang, bang bang, bang bang, bang bang, bang [ Indistinct singing ]
[ Breathing heavily ]
[ Dog whines ]

Man on TV: “Tigers in India have become less abundant in recent years due to excessive hunting. The remaining big cats are now concentrated in tiny, isolated groups, leading to inbreeding, which weakens their resistane to disease.”
[ Television clicks off ]

Red: So nostalgic. The charming and yet tragic naΓ―vetΓ©, as if these creatures will somehow flourish if Harlan and Jack can [ Chuckling ] just manage to relocate a breeding female.
Liz: Poachers?
Red: Not poachers, Lizzie – traffickers. The poor devils who do the killing are the smallest of cogs in a very large machine. And the Mombasa Cartel is the worst of the lot. They operate behind an impenetrable veil of secrecy, enforced by brute terror and a rat’s nest of corporate fronts. Subsidiaries of shells inside numbered accounts.
Liz: This is going to take some convincing. The FBI’s job is to protect people.
Red: Granted. Let’s forget about the animals for a moment The wholesale extinctions, the impact on the environment. Let’s just consider the human toll. The thorough corruption of local authorities, political assassinations, the massacres of entire villages and wildlife compounds. Eradicated for the most base of all possible motives: Profit. Hundreds of billions of dollars a year in blood money – human blood money.
Liz: This is important to you.
Red: Someday the creatures on that program will be akin to unicorns and griffins – A fairy-tale bestiary written in past tense, and no one is lifting a finger to stop it. Why not, Lizzie? Why not us?♀

Pharmacist: I’m sorry, this is a controlled class medication. I can’t refill it without a prescription.
Ressler: And I told you, you’re – You’re not refilling it. You’re replacing it. The pills were stolen from my car.
Pharmacist: You file a police report?
Ressler: Yeah.
Pharmacist: Yeah.
Ressler: Of course I did. Look – I’ll get in touch with my doctor. I’ll, uh, I’ll be right back.
Pharmacist: Next.

Liz: Over the last few years, high-ranking poachers have disappeared without a trace from the Jalloh and Yeboah clans, the Bholas in India, and the Rocha Cartel in Bolivia. Now, no one’s taken credit yet, but according to Reddington, the Mombasa Cartel is working to corner the illegal wildlife trade.
Ressler: [ Arriving late ] Sorry.
Liz: Four days ago, a dead body washed up south of Petropavlovsk on the Kamchatka Peninsula. Flayed and skinned with surgical precision, according to the local medical examiner.
Cooper: Does the victim have a name?
Liz: Joseph Batouala – Kenyan, part of the Wanjiku Cartel, the alleged mastermind behind the 2013 elephant massacre at Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe. The park’s watering holes were dosed with cyanide, killing 300 elephants and thousands of other animals.
Cooper: And this is the work of our victim?
Samar: Victims. High-ranking officials from half a dozen other cartels have also disappeared.
Liz: According to Reddington, these gangs are just small fish in a very big pond. By far, the most destructive is the Mombasa Cartel. [ Cellphone vibrates ] Reddington. I have to take this.
Samar: They are ruthless, secretive, and highly organized. It’s estimated that the Mombasa Cartel smuggles about a billion dollars in contraband per year, from ivory and hides to the illegal import of exotic pets to traditional folk remedies.
Cooper: Remedies. For what?
Samar: Anything from blindness to erectile dysfunction. For instance, in Vietnam, the horn of a rhinoceros is believed to cure cancer, so it commands a price of about $9,000 per gram.
Ressler: Where was Batouala last seen alive?
Samar: Hotel d’Argent, Paris.
Ressler: Paris. And yet his body washes ashore on the Russian coast?

[ Door hinges creak ] [ Beeping ] [ Motor whirs ] [ Door opens ] [ Door closes ]
Ezra: [ To Liz ] Do you want to tell Reddington, or should I?
[β™« ] Run from me, darlin’
Run, my good wife
Run from me, darlin’ you
better run for your life

[ Door opens, closes ]

β™« And each time I see you
I contemplate

Skye Kincaid: Oh, Matthew. That’s the best one yet.

β™« What I love most of all

Skye: He’s – he’s beautiful.

β™« Your swingin’ gaze
run from me, baby

Red: I’ve arranged drinks for you with Geoff Perl.
Liz: Who will be joining us? Bill Gates, Warren Buffett?
Red: No, just you and Geoff. Despite being the 33rd richest man on the planet and the C.E.O of Deckard Capital, Geoff is a passionate advocate for wildlife protection. He’s also an expert on the illegal-animal trade. If anyone knows anything about the Mombasa Cartel, it’ll be Geoff.
Liz: I’m sorry. I’m still getting past the whole “you’re buddies with Geoff Perl” thing.
Red: We’re not buddies. I don’t have buddies. Geoff and I simply share a number of interests. Among them, the protection of endangered animals. I act as a bundler for his charities.
Liz: And what does he do in return?
Red: Nothing nefarious, I assure you. Advice, information, the occasional stock tip. One hand washes the other.

Red: There we go. Queen to B4. Check.

Red: Your name is Judy Trierweiler. You’re an activist, investigative reporter, researching an exposΓ© on the Mombasa Cartel. You post under the screen name “Elsa.”
Liz: And when is this happening?
Red: Tonight at La Porte Rouge, Dress down. What is it?
Liz: Uh, Trierweiler, right? Judy Trierweiler, aka “Elsa.”
Red: You all right?

[β™« Rock music plays ] [ Rock music continues ] [ Music ends ] [ Cheers and applause ]
Geoff: Geoff Perl. You must be Elsa. Seen your posts. Like your style. A friend tells me you want some inside dope on the Mombasa Cartel.
Liz: I’ve had a hard time getting a toehold.
Geoff: Welcome to the party. My foundation’s had the Mombasas in our sights since our inception. Public enemy number one, the worst of the worst and very smart. The crafty bastards at the top keep their hands clean by financing their wet work through a hundred shells and offshores. Never been able to crack that firewall. If you want to give it a try
Liz: Mm.
Geoff: Got to warn you, though – It could be very dangerous.
Liz: I can handle myself.
Geoff: I’m sure you can. I wager you can handle just about anything.

Red: I knew Geoff would adore you. You’re a dead ringer for the last two of his three wives.
Liz: Oh? What did his first one look like?
Red: More like me than you, I’m afraid. Geoff is a savant of sorts. Married into a small fortune, built it into Deckard. Sits on the boards of half a dozen tech companies, owns a big piece of all of them. Then plows millions into animal-related causes.
What did he have on the Mombasas?
Liz: Just one access point Lee Chung, Emerson-Concorde Imports.

[ Siren wails ] [ Tires screech ]
Man: Who are you? Why you do this?
Liz: FBI. We were wondering if you wouldn’t mind assisting us in an investigation we’re conducting.
Man: What kind of investigation?
Ressler: The kind of investigation where, if you don’t help us out, I just yell, “gun!” And we beat your ass to the curb.
Man: I’m unarmed.
Ressler: You gonna cooperate? Please say “no.”
Liz: Nothing. You were late to work again. You seem a little edgy.
Ressler: I’m fine. Thanks, Mom.

Liz: Chung’s business specializes in the importation of game meats and animal parts from endangered species. He’s willing to roll over on everyone else but claims he doesn’t know anything about the Mombasa Cartel.
Cooper: You show him the contraband customs had tagged in his warehouse?
Liz: Yeah. And the estimated fees Aram worked up.
Aram: It’s a lot.
Ressler: Plus 112 charges pending.
Cooper: And that didn’t rattle him?
Aram: [ Beeping ] Whoa, oh, flag up. Looks like we got another one. Pulled up this morning in a fisherman’s net in Hokkaido, Japan. – same M.O, skinned. A local M.E. I.D.’d him from the serial numbers found on an artificial hip Alejandro Gomez, Bolivian.
Liz: Rocha Cartel?
Aram: According to Bolivian police and WCS, rumors are that Gomez worked for –
Samar: The Mombasa Cartel. Chung broke. It turns out our original victim was not with the Wanjiku Cartel. He defected a year ago to the Mombasas.
Liz: Somebody’s poaching the poachers.

[ Ezra is watching TV or video ]
– Tell him what you said.
– I said you wouldn’t be alone.
– [ Cellphone rings ] Like they care.
– She say anything? Yeah, she’s waiting now.
– Do you want me to go get her and let her tell you herself?
– Yep.

Liz: Thanks for the 24-hour reprieve. I met with Reddington yesterday.
Ezra: You told him?
Liz: I started to, but no, I didn’t.
Ezra: That’s too bad. It would’ve been better coming from you.
Liz: I hope you understand I don’t have a choice.
Ezra: Neither do I.
Police: Freeze! On the ground! [ They subdue Ezra. Handcuffs click ]

Skye Kincaid (mother): Your father called. He found another “friend” for Matthew.
[ Sighs ] [ Tailgate slams ]
Peter Kincaid (son): I just got back.
Skye: Oh, dear lord. Listen to you go on.
Peter: I’m the one who does all the abductions. I’m the one who takes all the risks while the two of you sit around and –
Skye: We’re a family. Everyone does his part. The poachers your father identifies deserve what they get. You should be proud to help him. And to help your brother, too. I know it’s hard. But you know I love you. Peter, my rock.

Zoe: Hey! Hey, mister! You forgot –
Red: [ Chuckling ] My hat. Oh, my gosh. I can’t believe I forgot it. It’s my favorite. Thank you. I’m sorry. What’s your name?
Zoe: Zoe.
Red: Zoe. Thank you so much, Zoe. [Offers some bills]
Zoe: Oh, no, really. I can’t. No, no, no.
Red: Please. I insist.
Zoe: No, I’m good. All right, then.
Red: I’m Kenneth, by the way Kenneth Rathers.
Zoe: Hello, Kenneth.
Red: Thank you again, Zoe. I am quite fond of this hat.
Zoe: Let me see. Very snappy, Kenneth.
Red: Later!

Aram: Taking into account estimated time of death, I– I’ve programmed a simulation illustrating point of origin by running the tidal and ocean-current data for the dates our two floaters washed up in Japan and Russia. Check it out. [ Awesome graphics ] The orange one is Gomez. And as you can see, both bodies were dumped somewhere off the coast of Sitka, Alaska.
Samar: Sitka was the location of the Animal Underground network, a militant animal-rights group.
Cooper: “Was”?
Samar: Yes. In 1971, their leader, Timothy Carlyle, along with six others, were tried and convicted on five counts of homicide for stalking and killing grizzly poachers up at Katmai National Park.
Cooper: I remember that case. Became a bit of a cause célèbre, as I recall.
Samar: Yes, the Sitka Seven.
Ressler: Seven why’s it always seven?
Liz: After the bust, the whole thing imploded. By all accounts, the rest of the group were more or less hangers-on – Flakes, useful idiots.
Cooper: Go deep on Animal Underground. See what became of every member of the group. Arrests, activities, associates. Especially those still in Sitka.
Samar: What about Chung?
Cooper: Cut him loose. Put a tail on him and see where he leads us. Ressler, get packed. I want you in Sitka for face-time with anyone Samar turns up.

[TV]: “He’s been on the FBI’s ten most wanted list for years, but authorities may be finally closing in on notorious international criminal Raymond “Red” Reddington. Acting on an anonymous tip, police arrested a man they say is a close associate of Reddington’s and who may be able to lead them to the elusive concierge of crime.” [ Television clicks off ]

Red: Was all this really necessary?
Liz: Tell you what. How about I find someone to follow you around 24/7 and see how you like it?
Red: You know as well as I this has nothing to do with being followed. This is about being found out. You’re hiding something. Why else risk my capture?
Liz: Ezra’s not gonna talk.
Red: I know that, but you didn’t. And now you’re holding him in a cement box under a no-contact order. Congratulations, Lizzie. You’ve plugged the hole, but the dam will fail. It’s only a matter of time.
[ Insects chirping ]
[ Skye is giving her grown son Matthew a bubble bath ]

[ β™« ] Run from me, baby Rosemary:
Come on, buttercup.

Skye: You just know we’re gonna wear this old thing out if we keep playing it. How about “Wheels on the bus”?
Matthew: Okay.
Skye: Peter’s coming tomorrow. He’s bringing a new friend for you to play with. isn’t that great?
Matthew: Ho-ho-ho!
[ Laughs ] Look at you, Kris Kringle! Time to get out now, before you shrivel up like a raisin.

β™« Your swingin’ gaze

My, my. Look at my big boy!
[ Pill bottle opens ] [ Breathing heavily ] [ Breathes deeply ] [ Grunts ]
Ressler: Aah! [ Breathes sharply, grunts ] [ Pills rattling ]
[ Cellphone ringing ]
Ressler: Ressler.
Liz: Chung disappeared this morning. Somebody shot the agent surveilling him with a tranquilizer dart.
Ressler: Do you think he might have been abducted?
Liz: Possibly. We’re not sure. He might have fled. We flagged his passport. We’re tracking all international flights. We’ll keep you posted. At this point, the closest former Animal Underground members that we could find are in Anchorage.
Ressler: Any prospects?
Liz: Outside of one arrest for possession 15 years ago, they look clean.
Samar: The Ranch.
Liz: Oh, yeah. And make a run out to Igaluk Ranch. It’s the former location of their commune. Property was picked up at auction after the big bust by Wendigo, LLC.
Ressler: I’ll check it out. [ Hangs up ]
Samar: The two vics were skinned antemortem. Presuming Sitka is the dumping site –
Liz: They were transported alive.
Samar: You think sedated?
Liz: No doubt, but, still, customs, security – Someone would have – But, plus, how did they get onto a commercial flight without proper documentation?
Samar: Unless you don’t fly commercial. Homeland Security is loathe to inconvenience the rich and powerful.
Liz: Pull information on private jets departing the same days our victims were abducted. Crosscheck tail numbers. See if you can find a pattern.

[ Engine shuts off ] [ Clinking ]
Ressler: [ Knocks ] Hello?
[ Rumbling in distance ]
Skye: Private property.
Ressler: I’m sorry. I didn’t know anyone was here.
Skye: Well, now you do. There’s signs posted along the road. You’d best leave.
Ressler: Donald Ressler. FBI. You mind if I ask you some questions?
Skye: What kind of questions?
Ressler: About the former owners, the Animal Underground. You heard of them?
Skye: Yeah, a little. They’re gone now. Been gone a long time. Now it’s just us up here.
Ressler: Us?
Skye: Me. My son Peter.
Ressler: Anyone else?
Skye: No.
[ Engine shuts off ]
Peter: Howdy.
Ressler: You must be Peter.
Peter Kincaid. And you are?
Ressler: Donald Ressler.
Skye: He’s with the FBI.
Peter: Oh.
Ressler: Anything you can tell me about the former owners?
Peter: [ Sighs ] [ Chuckling ] Never met them.
Ressler: A bunch of them went to jail. Right?
Peter: A long time ago. Sorry you came all the way out here for nothing.
Ressler: [ Chuckles ] That’s okay. Thanks for the cooperation.
Peter: Yep.
Ressler: What do you have there?
Peter: Goat.
Ressler: Didn’t the people who used to be here have a bunch of goats?
Peter: [ Chuckles ] Lots of people got goats.
Ressler: You mind if I take a look?
Peter: Just watch your fingers. He bites.
Ressler: Aah! [sees Chung in cage. Ressler is taken]

Aram: Paris two hours after Batouala disappears, a chartered Citation [small jet], CJ3S, leaves a private airstrip outside the city. Sao Paulo another Citation departs 45 minutes – after Alejandro Gomez is abducted.
Liz: Same pilots?
Aram: Well, I got two different names here, but both check out as bogus, so I’d say yes.
Samar: He’s comfortable behind the stick of a Citation. Why change horses?
Aram: Right. So I checked local airports and got a third hit. [ Keys clacking ] Another citation, which departed yesterday from Westchester at 5:12 p.m.
Samar: Chung. Did they file a flight plan?
Aram: Bogus. Uh, all over the map – Uh, Tokyo, Dubai, Paris.
Liz: Who chartered the planes?
Aram: Three separate jets, three separate companies. One domiciled in Oslo, uh, the second in Belgium, uh, the third in South Africa. But they all share a common corporate parent Or should I say a common corporate “second uncle cousin sister once removed”?

Liz: What do you know about a company called Wendigo, LLC?
Red: Wendigo. What have you found that connects him the cartel?
Liz: Not sure. All we know is Wendigo controls chartered jets used in the abductions and they own a piece of property in the same area where the bodies were dumped in the ocean Sitka, Alaska. Used to be a commune for a group called Animal Underground. Ressler went up there to ask some questions. He’s fallen out of contact. Anchorage division’s scrambling HRT, and Samar and I are set to rendezvous with them in Juneau.
Red: In the meantime, if you can dig up any names behind Wendigo, Lizzie, be careful up there. [ Cellphone beeps ] [To Dembe] There’s been a change of plans.

[ β™« ] [ Dramatic music plays ]

[ Grunting ]
Chung: Did you call in? What is happening? Is anybody gonna come?
Ressler: What the hell is that music?

[β™« Music continues ]

Chung: No one’s here. They left us to die.

Peter: Remember, Matty, only the animals that are tagged. Happy hunting. I’ll be at the house with Mom.
[ Music stops ] [ Insects chirping ]
[ Clicks, door hinges creak ] [ Grunts ]

Ressler: Hey! Stop! Stop! Where the hell are you running?! [ Panting ] Where are we? What do you know?
Chung: Nothing. I don’t know anything. Like you, I just [ Howl in distance ]
Ressler: How long did it take? To get here from the Ranch – How long did it take?
Chung. Ten, fifteen minutes, no more.
Ressler: I passed a gas station on the highway east of here? If we can get back to it Ohh. [ Ressler’s hands are shaking ]
Chung:!What’s the matter with you?
Ressler: I’m fine. Nothing.
Chung: You looking for your pills? They took them. They took everything. [ Coughs ] [ Breathing heavily ] What are you a junkie? You’re a cop.
Ressler: [ Grunts ] [ Grunts ] I’m not a junkie.
Chung: That what all junkies say.
[ Arrow fires, strikes Chung ] [ Coughs ] [ Howls ]

Skye: I’ve been trying to reach you for six hours.
Geoff: You know this is when I meditate.
Skye: A man from the FBI showed up asking questions. Peter had to take him out.
Geoff: What?
Skye: He had no choice. He saw Chung.
Geoff: Is he dead?
Skye: Well, he will be. We gave him to Matthew.
Geoff: Okay, listen to me. This time can’t be like the others – No skinning, no stuffing, no evidence. Tell Peter. He’ll know what to do.
Skye: Matthew won’t like that.
Geoff: I don’t care if Matthew likes it. I should have tipped off the police when he began his little hobby.
Skye: And have him locked up in some hellhole? He wouldn’t have lasted a month, and you know it. He’s a child. He’s your child.
Geoff: I know that. [ Breathes sharply ] Tell Peter to call me when it’s done.
Skye: Namaste, Geoff.

Liz: Any intelligence on who’s up there?
Search team guy: Two confirmed: Rosemary, aka “Skye,” Kincaid and her son, Peter.
Guy 2: The woman checks out as an associate of Animal Underground.
Guy: Yeah, a local girl got knocked up by one of their members, a fella they called ” Ace.” Her son Pete is an expert guide and tracker.
Liz: Anybody else?
Guy: There could be. Word is, Rosie was pregnant again 40 years ago and insisted on giving birth up at the Ranch – refused to come in town. Social services paid her a visit about eight months in, tried to convince her to change her mind and reported that she was no longer with child. People have talked hunters and whatnot. And there’s been sightings of somebody or “something” else.
Liz: “Something?”
Guy: The rumor is it’s Rosie’s younger son.

[ Insects chirping ]

[ β™« ] [ The Jody Brian Quartet’s “Drifting Home To You” play ]

[ Ressler approaches group of people sitting around fire ]
Ressler: FBI. I need to use your phone. Someone’s after me.
[ Sees people are “stuffed” ]
Ressler: Hey.

Drifting on beneath the silver moon What is this? To the aisle of gold

Red: There you are – Sean Salter. You went by the name “Ace” back then. You left Animal Underground two years before the Sitka Seven killings and subsequent trials. Lucky, that. But, then, you’ve always had a talent for well-timed exits. Well, it seems, Ace, there’s still some freaks up there living in the woods, skinning people and dumping them in the Bay.
Geoff: Poachers, not people, responsible for the decimation of hundreds of wild and endangered species.
Red: Yes. Horrific. And if that was your endgame, I’d be writing you another sizable contribution to keep up the good work. But that isn’t the endgame, is it, Geoff? You see, before I got involved with your Foundation, I ran a comprehensive background check. All your business interests, corporations. Among them, a rather innocuous shell called “Wendigo, LLC.” Everything looked fine. Shame on me.♀ Turns out Wendigo holds controlling stock in a small but lucrative concern called Emerson-Concorde Imports that you recently identified to a lovely young friend of mine as a front for the Mombasa Cartel.
Geoff: Why would I kill my own people?
Red: You’re a businessman. As long as you were killing off the competition, you took the opportunity to clear out deadwood in your own operation. The evidence of your guilt is convoluted but irrefutable. I simply cannot fathom the journey, the moral detours necessary to change a man who cherished all creatures great and small into one who profits from their slaughter.♀
Geoff: My motives have never been about profits. I have more money than I’ll ever need. And there’s been no journey, no detours. I’m the same guy I’ve always been – I’m a conservationist. And as you pointed out, I’m a businessman. I understand the law of supply and demand. As long as the market exists – and it will always exist – there will be people willing to meet the demand. It can’t be stopped. It can be controlled.
Red: A natural monopoly.
Geoff: Exactly. These cartels are completely out of control. But through a natural monopoly, the supply curve can be managed. The short-term demand can be met without threatening the long-term survival of the species.
Red: Geoff, that was breathtaking – an operatic perversion of righteous intent. But your strategy, no matter how noble the rhetoric, is betrayed and, inevitably, defined by your actions.
This isn’t about conservation. It’s about consolidation. We are what we do, Ace.♀
Geoff: What do you want?
Red: A list identifying every member and operative in the Mombasa Cartel, their business entities, and distribution networks.
Geoff: Or?
Red: Or I shoot you here, now.

[ β™« ] He’s big, he’s bad, he’s an y and he’s not gonna take it anymore

Matthew Kincaid: Hey, Alejandro. That’s a real sweet song.

β™« head for the do this guy’s got a bone to pick with you and I think he means

Matthew: What do you think, Joe? Don’t expect him to let you off. Yeah. Me, too.

From now on, you’d better watch your back [ Humming ] and protect yourself from ha –
don’t ever let your guard down –

[ Clattering ] [ Ressler has been sitting in group. Matthew notices him moving. They engage and struggle. Ressler stabs Matthew and runs off into the woods ]

β™« While you’re going by the pont –

[ Grunts ] [ Growling ] [ Wheezing ]
Man: Status?
Man 2: Male subject downstairs. Female upstairs bathroom.

.β™« Run from me, baby you better run for your life

[ HRT squad surrounds house ]

β™« What I love most of all

[ Skye is preparing bubble bath. She tests water temperature with her elbow ]
Skye: [ Hears footsteps ] Already? I wasn’t expecting
Matthew: Mama.
[ Skye turns around and sees Matthew bleeding ]

β™« your swinging

[ Skye screams ]

Man: [ Entering house ] FBI! [ Gunfire ] [ Indistinct shouting ] Get that window!
[ Liz pushes open bathroom door. Skye and Matthew are together in tub, clothed ]
Liz: Freeze!
Skye: Don’t cry, buttercup. Everything’s gonna be all right.
[ Skye pulls phonograph player into tub ]
Liz: No! [ Electricity crackles ] [ Skye and Matthew are electrocuted ]

Geoff: There it is. That’s everything – the whole cartel.

Young Dembe.

Young Dembe.



Red: You know, 29 years ago in Sierra Leone, there was a farmer named Samwel Zuma who had the audacity to identify several low-level Mombasa operatives to local authorities. The cartel massacred the entire family. All but the youngest son. He was sold to a local ring of flesh peddlers. The majority of children in those circumstances don’t last more than nine months. He survived eight years. He was 14 when I found him. Too old, too tall, too angry and dangerous to be of any further value.♀ He was left to die, chained to a standpipe in the basement of a squalid brothel in Nairobi. Branded, burned, barely alive. So I took him. Made him well, saw to his education. He graduated university with a bachelor’s degree in English Literature. He speaks four languages fluently and can get by in a half a dozen more. He is splendid. His name is Dembe – Dembe Zuma.♀
Dembe: Raymond, don’t. That was then. It serves no purpose to kill him now.
Red: You see that, Geoff? That is what a good man does. That is what separates men like him from men like you and me. ♀
[Red shoots Geoff]

Liz: To tell you the truth, I haven’t made a decision yet. [ Sighing ] The other day was close. I thought about telling Reddington. He’d know what to do. But the truth is, this is my responsibility – One way or the other.
Tom: I’ve answered all your questions, Liz. You can’t hide me forever.

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⊰ ♀ ⊱

β™« Proud as We Are
By Daniel Martin Moore

β™« Proud as we are
Wonderful though it may be
Would you believe
This was never be

β™« Chase them out
Shovel their footsteps from the way
Turn a blind eye
You do whatever it takes

β™« And when the fields come calling me
And the feeling takes hold
We’ll spend our time on weightless things
And turn the lead in our gold

β™« Turn around and track yourself down
Bring it all to the light
I can still remember
How you colour the empty night

β™« You speak to me
Of the clouds and of the sun
But you never know, you never know
What should be left undone
No you never know, you never know
What should be left undone

β™« No you never know, you don’t know
You never know
You never know, you never know
You never know, you never know

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/1dFJaBv
YouTube: http://bit.ly/1L9vsVI

❌❌❌ END 2:6

༺✦ ⌘ ✦༻

πŸ”΄ 2:7 The Scimitar

πŸ”΄ Script: 2:7 The Scimitar

Last updated: 8/9/2015
Program air date: 11/3/2014 in the US
Script with extras: http://wp.me/pDKwi-19T
Source: Raw Scripts from Springfield [UK]: http://bit.ly/1Do56Zu
NBC Episode Summary: http://bit.ly/1GA5XKl

Created by: Jon Bokenkamp
Director:Karen Gaviola
Writers: Jon Bokenkamp, JR Orci, Lucas Reiter


Script: 2:7 The Scimitar

Blurb: Samar killed one of Iran’s nuclear scientists and the Iranians are now out to kill one from the U.S. Liz is interrogating Tom on a rusty ship, and Berlin is about to receive a delivery which may alter his war with Red.

[Middle-Eastern music playing] [Indistinct conversations] [Music continues]
[ Conversation in Farsi – subtitles ]
Kian: I believe you were staring at me.
Samar: Was I?
Kian: Kian.
Samar: Ava. So … Were you going to keep staring or are you going to buy me a drink?
Man: Cumbernauld, ’55.
[ Outside hotel room ]
Kian: Keys. Where?
Samar: Right pocket.
[ End Farsi ]
[Both breathing heavily] [Laughing] [Both breathing heavily] [Both laugh]

[ Outside. Thud, glass shatters: man dead on car top ]

Tom: [Screams] I’ve told you everything I know.
Liz: You’ve given me pieces. You’ve helped around the margins, but I need more. I need Berlin!
Tom: How much do you think I can do from in here, Liz, chained to the floor? You need to let me go, and then I can –
Liz: The arms supplier – I want a name.
Tom: I can try to reach out to Berlin, but as long as I am in here, I can’t.
Liz: I want a name!
Tom: [Sighs] What month is it?
Liz: November.
Tom: Well, happy anniversary, Liz. You go to Passionfish to celebrate? I’m gonna freeze to death down here. You know that, right? [Sighs] Sevan. Sevan Volkov. He runs arms for Berlin. He’d be able to set a meeting.
Liz: That wasn’t so hard, was it?

Samar Navabi: So, what exactly did Reddington say?
Liz: Uh, it was Dembe. He said Red had another case but he specifically asked that you come along.
Samar: Does that bother you?
Liz: Why would it?
Samar: I thought he only spoke to you. Don’t want to step on your toes.
Liz: I’m fine. My toes are fine.
[ They enter record shop ]

Red: [Bell dings: Record shop] Ah, ladies, thank God you showed up. I took a left turn in the Rostropovich. I’ve ended up completely lost in the Chico Hamilton. This is an addiction.
I just can’t decide between – Please pour some cold water on me, will you?
Liz: Why did you want both of us here?
Red: Both, you’re right. Thank you. Great idea. Anyway, funny story – stop me if you’ve heard it. Persian man walks into a bar, meets a beautiful woman, has a few drinks. Next thing you know, he’s falling from a 12-story balcony.
Liz: I don’t get it.
Red: I imagine Agent Navabi does.
Samar: You’re referring to Kian Nouri, the Iranian businessman who committed suicide in Dubai.
Red: I am, except he wasn’t a mere businessman. He was one of Iran’s top nuclear scientists in Dubai to supervise purchase of several borehole gamma something-or-others. And he didn’t commit suicide. He was assassinated in a joint C.I.A./Mossad venture to undermine Iran’s nuclear program, but, then, you know this already. My understanding is, she took a little detour to Dubai for a rendezvous with Mr. Nouri so she could toss him off a building.
Liz to Samar: You killed him?
Samar: If you’re asking me to comment on a Mossad operation, you know I can’t do that.
Red: I wasn’t asking. But I’m hardly one to judge. George Orwell wrote, “Those who abjure violence can do so “only because others are committing violence on their behalf. ” What a visionary, but, Good Lord, his books are a downer. In any case, the bad news is, I was sharing a bowl of shisha with a Misiri minister, and they plan to retaliate. You kill their top scientist, they intend to kill yours, and they’ve dispatched a man known as “The Scimitar” to do it.
Liz: The Scimitar?
Red: This is not your average killer, Agent Keen. He’s one part hit man, two parts con man.
Navabi: I’m familiar with his work.
Red: In 2009, his target was a Sunni tribal leader named Majeed Abd Bawi. The Scimitar gained access by joining his militia. [Laughing] Oh, that’s right! Fought for the man for seven months until the day he got close enough to aerate Bawi’s carotid with a fork. He’s dedicated, resilient, cunning, responsible for the murder of dozens of high-value targets, and, according to my sources, he’s already on U.S. soil.

Assistant Director: Harold, I’m the Assistant Secretary of NCB. I run point on all international nuclear matters. If this guy was the threat you claim, he’d be on my radar. Who’s your source on this threat?
Cooper:A confidential informant with an extremely reliable track record. I’m afraid that’s as specific as I can get. If I’m right, what’s our exposure on this?
Assistant Director: Cloud Top. It’s the classified designation for a warhead project design. It’s staffed by our top three scientists. If any of them fell into the hands of a rogue nation, that country’s nuclear program would advance decades overnight.
Cooper: What kind of security protocols do you have in place?
Assistant Director: The DSS provides them with false identities, social security numbers, even cover professions. We hide them in plain sight, sort of a Witness Protection for high-value assets.
Cooper: That’s not gonna cut it. You need to pull these people off the streets and into protective custody.
Assistant Director: All right, Harold. I’ll put two of them on lock-down. I can do that without drawing too much scrutiny.
Cooper: And the third?
Assistant Director: That’s gonna be a problem. The D.O.D. asset is Amalia Collins Senior Engineer of our Warhead Design Team. When she’s not on active status, she serves as a professor of astrophysics at Duke.
Cooper: It says here she’s scheduled to deliver a talk tonight at a symposium at the Granville Hotel.
Assistant Director: D.O.D.’s reluctant to call it off at the last minute because of the scrutiny it would draw. They feel it could put her in further danger.
Cooper: You mean they’re not gonna pull her?
Assistant Director: There’s no indications the Iranians have any idea of her real value.
Cooper: Let’s make sure it stays that way. In the meantime, we need to track this Scimitar before he’s able to I.D. our team.

Liz: Uh, we need to talk.
Ressler: I got things under control.
Liz: Uh-huh. When’s the last time you used?
Ressler: Sitka, almost a week.
Liz: This happens all the time – agents taking meds to get over injuries and then they get hooked. It’s no big deal.
Ressler: What are you gonna do, Keen? – Tell Cooper I’m an addict?
Liz: I want you to get help.
Ressler: And I’m telling you, I can kick this on my own, and if I can’t, hell, I’ll walk into Cooper’s office myself.
Liz: I got no problems with that.
[ Cellphone vibrates ]

Liz: I got your text. What’s the problem?
Samuel Aleko: Zebra mussels. Fish and game are running random inspections for invasive species.
Liz: Zebra mussels. Did they go inside?
Aleko: They tried to, but I held them off, but I don’t know for how long. We’re gonna either have to move the boat or him.
[Lock disengages] [Door thuds]
Tom: Talk to Volkov?
Liz: We have a meeting this afternoon. I brought you some warmer clothes.
Tom: Well, that’s nice. Now you care about me.
Liz: Is that it now you’re, uh, concerned for my well-being?
Tom:You can try and make yourself feel better about what you’re doing, but I told you the truth. I delivered on my word. So, when are you gonna deliver on yours?
Liz: We’ve been over this. You help me eliminate Berlin, and as far as I’m concerned, this whole thing is over. Until then, enjoy the view.
Tom: Liz you can’t keep me in here! Liz! You can’t keep me in here! Damn it, Liz!

Liz: Sevan Volkov! Thank you for meeting with me.
Volkov: And what choice did I have?
Liz: Berlin. I know you supply him with arms shipments.
Volkov: And how do you know this?
Liz: Tell me where to find him.
Volkov: If you know anything about Berlin, you know I can’t do that.
Liz: Thought you might say that, which is why I nominated you for our “Most Wanted” list. C.I.D.
has approved it. We’re just waiting for the Director’s signature.
Volkov: Eh, if you’re gonna arrest me, arrest me.
Liz: So you can sit silent in a cell with an expensive attorney? Mm, I’d rather leave you out there, let the world know we’re looking for you. Once news of this hits the streets, Berlin will know the U.S. government is spending limitless resources and time looking for you a man who has intimate details about him and his business affairs. You have two options either you lead me to Berlin or I lead Berlin to you.

Red: How exactly did you come upon this information?
Liz: A C.I., someone the Bureau trusts.
Red: I don’t believe you. If the Bureau had a lead, they’d follow it. You came to this on your own, and you’re hiding it from them, coming to me instead. You’d rather see Berlin dead than arrested.
Liz: Berlin killed Meera. He nearly killed Cooper. He put Tom into my life. So if you’re asking if I’m okay with a lethal outcome, damn right I am. Yeah.
Red: If you hadn’t told me you’d killed Tom, I might think he was your source.
Liz: But I did kill him.
Red: Of course you did.
Liz: Let me know when Volkov gets a time and location on Berlin.
Red: I’ll be there with bells on.

Samar: What’s going on?
Aram: D.O.D. discovered a hidden surveillance camera at their Annapolis field office during a routine sweep.
Samar: How is that relevant to us?
Aram: Technology was Iranian.
Samar: What were they recording?
Aram: Okay, uh, the camera was placed outside the building with eyes to the front entrance. It was relaying a live stream to some off-site location. If I reactivate it, I should be able to triangulate the location where the feed’s being transmitted. Um. Oh, man. I almost forgot. [ covers camera aperture on computer ] In case someone’s watching on the other end. [ Whistles ] Okay. Camera is live. Okay, RDF is up. Signal strength looks good. Oh, accounting for time lag. [ Beeping ] And we have a lock. It’s a property just outside New Carrollton, and it looks like it’s a construction site.

Man: FBI! Clear! Clear! Trailer’s secure.
Ressler: Lock it down. I want eyes on all access points. So, where the hell is everyone?
Liz: No idea. But could this be the man they were surveilling? Jonathan Reese.
Agent Jonathan Everett Reese, Defense Security Services.
They’ve got everything on this guy – addresses, phone numbers, employment history. DSS is the division tasked with protecting our nuclear scientists. They’re logging his movements. Probably trying to find the most vulnerable point of attack.
It’s the DSS shuttle stop. He takes the train back from Annapolis every afternoon. He’ll be at the park-n-ride off Route50. We got to get there before they do.

[ Siren wailing, car alarm chirps ] [ Tires screech ]
Liz or Res: Jonathan Reese FBI!
Reese: What’s this about?
We need to move quickly. I’ll explain in the car.
[ Gunshots ] [ Air hisses ]
Ressler: Shooter’s on the ridge! I don’t have eyes!
[ Gunshots ] [ Tires squealing, engine revving ] [ Tires screech ]
Reese: I got threat assessments this morning of a possible Iranian Misiri action. They want the names and locations of cloud top personnel. You need to notify your people, activate all security protocols.

[ Engine revving ] [ Tires screeching ] [ Distorted voices ]
Aram: Sir, I think we have a problem. I can’t reach Agents Keen or Ressler.
Cooper: Send a team to their last location. Find out what the hell is going on.

[ Liz wakes up in a hospital room, her arm in a cast. Ressler is in a bed across the room, asleep ]
[ Ringing ] [ Monitor beeping ] [ Groans ]
Scimitar: Take it easy, Agent Keen. [ Breathes deeply ] You’re at Bethesda. I’m Dr. Rivera. You and your partner were in an accident.
Liz: Is he okay?
Scimitar: Agent Ressler suffered significant head trauma in the crash. He’s had a C.T. scan. Radiology will take him for an M.R.I. shortly.
Liz: My arm?
Scimitar: Fractured in three places. We set it for now, but to be honest, you may need surgery to restore full mobility.
Liz: John Reese. The man who was in the car with us.
Scimitar: I’m sorry? Nobody else was transported from the scene.
Liz: No, no, no, no, but he was in the car.
Scimitar: I’m the attending on duty. No one else was brought in.
Liz: [Sighs] I need a phone. [Groans] Listen –
Scimitar: Easy.
Liz: – That crash was no accident.
Scimitar: Understood. I’ll have one brought in right away.
[Sighs] [Beeping continues]

Aram: We’re seeing multiple 911 calls within the last hour. They all report a black S.U.V. overturned just under a mile from where they picked up Reese. Cross-reference with local police activity. Two passengers were pulled from the wreck and evac’d by ambulance to Bethesda National.
Only two?
A man and a woman.
We have to assume that’s Agent Keen and either Ressler or the D.O.D. employee.
Meaning what one of them didn’t survive the crash?
Cooper: Agent Navabi, I want you there as soon as possible. I’ll update Mullen at D.O.D.
Here you go.
Thank you.
[Breathes deeply]

[Dialing] [Ringing]
Cooper: Assistant Director Cooper.
Liz: It’s me.
Cooper: Agent Keen. You have no idea how good it is to hear your voice. Are you okay?
Liz: Yeah, I’m fine, but, uh Ressler he’s hurt. The Iranians have John Reese. I heard some men’s voices before I passed out. They were speaking Farsi. Someone needs to find Professor Collins. The D.O.D. needs to cancel that speech and put her in protective custody now.
Cooper: I’ve already alerted the D.O.D. I’m heading to the event site myself to make sure she’s on lockdown. Agent Keen, the Neurology team at Bethesda’s one of the best. They’ll take good care of Ressler. Agent Navabi’s on her way to you. Get some rest.

[Breathes deeply]
Cooper: Thanks for coming.
Assistant Director: I got your message.
Cooper: John Reese was abducted by the Iranians a little over an hour ago. We need to pull Professor Collins, and I need anything you can give me on Reese – so we can get to him –
Assistant Director: Harold, I checked. There is no D.O.D. employee named John Reese not in DSS, not in any sector.
Cooper: Our people spoke to Reese directly. The Iranians have his profile, his DSS security badge.
Assistant Director: Thought it might be an alias, but it’s not. He doesn’t exist.

Aram: Uh, sir? Just got off the phone with Bethesda National. Uh, the hospital has no record of Agents Keen or Ressler being brought in.
Cooper: I just spoke to her.

Nurse: How’s everything in here?
Liz: Okay.
Nurse: You’re doing okay, hon?
Liz: [Sighs] Yeah. What happened to Radiology? They were gonna take him for another scan.
Nurse: Oh, well, I’m sure someone will be down soon. He’s your partner, isn’t he? I understand. I’ll call them right now.

[ When nurse leaves, Liz gets up to check Ressler, sees his chart is just blank paper ]

Nurse: Ma’am, A-Agent Keen, you can’t be up.
Liz: [ Acting groggy ] No we need to get the radiologist now!
Nurse: Oh, o-okay. [Sighs] Okay, you’re fine. You’re all right. Oh, I’m sorry. We need to get Radiology in. Let’s get you back in bed. You’re fine.
Liz: Okay. Oh, my gosh, I’m so sorry! I’m so sorry.
Nurse: It’s all right. You just relax.
Liz: We need to get Radiology.
Nurse: Okay, take it easy. Take it easy.
Liz: Thank you.

ZoΓ« [ Exhales sharply ]: I never eat anchovies unless I don’t know I’m eating them. [ Both chuckle ] But I have to say, this is pretty delicious.
Red: Anchovies get a bad rap. Try the wine.
ZoΓ«: It would be better with beer.
Red:[Laughs] It might very well be better with beer.
ZoΓ«: Mm. Do you have kids, Kenneth?
Red: I do, a daughter.
ZoΓ«: The two of you close?
Red: It’s complicated.
ZoΓ«: She doesn’t like anchovies?
Red:[ Chuckles ] You know, I don’t know about that. [ Sniffs ] I wish it were that simple.
ZoΓ«: My father – he and I – My father did things I hated him for. Things that were unforgivable. [ Sniffles ]
Red: Have you told him?
ZoΓ«: I haven’t seen my father in a long long time.
[ Zoe breathes deeply, realizes something is wrong, searches Red’s eyes ]
ZoΓ«: What have you done?
Red: It’s okay. [ She groans softly ] It’s okay.
[ Breathing deeply ] [ She whimpers ]
Red: I’m not gonna hurt you.
[ Gasping ] [ Whimpers ] [ Dembe pulls up. They lift her in. Car door closes ]

Cooper: We got played. The Scimitar created John Reese. Which means we didn’t find that construction trailer. We were led there. Everything in that trailer was designed to make us think John Reese was DSS.
Cooper: So when we lost him, we would think the identity of our scientist was in jeopardy.
This was all done to trigger a reaction. They isolated Keen and Ressler, made them believe that losing Reese was a threat to national security. This was all a con done to expose Amalia Collins.
So, where the heck is Agents Keen and Ressler?

Liz [ on phone to Cooper ]: Someone needs to find Professor Collins. The D.O.D. needs to cancel that speech and put her in protective custody now.
We ran the name as soon as we heard it.
There’s an astrophysics professor named Amalia Collins.
She’s speaking today Granville Hotel, downtown D.C. You need to move quickly, sir.

[ Conversation in Farsi, with footnotes ]
Scimitar: I’m looking forward to meeting Professor Collins
Man: You need to move quickly, sir.
Scimitar: I’m leaving now. Make sure to clean things up here.
Man: And the agents?
Scimitar: We’re finished with them.

[Grunting] [Breathes deeply] [Exhales sharply] [Door closes] [Sighs]
Nurse: Good news.
Liz: Hmm?
Nurse: Radiology called. They’ll be down for your partner in the next 20 minutes. Oh, that’s great.
Liz: Thank you. What’s that? [ in the syringe ]
Nurse: It’s just a little something so that arm of yours doesn’t get infected.
Liz: [Grunts] [Grunts] You tell me what’s in the syringe [Grunting] or I will stick it in you and find out for myself.
Nurse: It’s a sedative. Please don’t.
Liz: What’s in his I.V.? [Grunts]
Nurse: Same thing.
Liz: Okay, who are you? Where is this hospital?
Nurse: Doctor!
Liz: Aah! [Gasping] Ressler? Ressler? Ressler? Ressler? Ressler? Can you hear me? We got to get the hell out of here!

Samar: They’re definitely not at Bethesda.

Aram: Cooper went to secure Professor Collins. Uh, I traced the call Liz made to Cooper’s cell.
Their rerouting and encryption are incredibly sophisticated. This is gonna take hours to untangle.
Samar: Okay, so, what’s next?
Aram: Cooper’s pulled six teams from other assignments. He sent them –
Red: [Beep] Hello? Dembe, it’s Agent Navabi. We have a situation. [Radio chatter] [Grunts] Come on. We got to go now.

[ Red and Samar in car ]
Samar: It’s been over two hours. I don’t need to tell you his reputation. Once he has the intelligence he needs –
Red: Yes, I know, Agent Navabi. Tell me about this lead of yours.
Samar: He’s not my lead. His name is Ali Hassan. He’s the target of a major Mossad initiative.
Red: I have a slight but memorable acquaintance with Mr. Hassan.
Samar: Mossad has been tracking his movements for months. My superiors believe he’s the key to unraveling a dozen covert Iranian opts. But you think he knows where to find The Scimitar.
Red: Perhaps. Mossad has no tolerance for any agenda except Mossad’s. You’ll be sanctioned for this indiscretion.
Samar: So be it. I can’t work with this task force unless my partners are my highest priority. So this has become quite personal.
Red: I understand. But you may have an even more personal stake in this case – than perhaps you realize.
Samar: And why is that?
Red: Because one of The Scimitar’s little-known aliases is Walid Abu Sitta.
Samar: Walid Abu Sitta is the man who ordered the bombing that killed my brother.
Red: Yes. That’s why I brought this case to you.

Hassan: [ Groans softly ] There. [ Indistinct talking in distance ] [ Classical music playing ] [ Glass shatters in distance ] What was that? You hear that? [ Thud ] Fareed, what’s going on?! [ Thud ] Fareed?! [ Golf club strikes ball ]
Red: Hassan! I love this club!
Hassan: Son of a bitch!
Red: Carbon fiber?
Hassan: Reddington, stop! – Ooh! – Stop! [Glass shatters] Damn it! What have you done with my guard?!
Red: Fareed is taking a rest.
Red: Keep your plum covered. We’re not alone.
Samar: [Gun cocks] I’ll take your weapon.
Red: I’ve always regretted sparing your life that night in the Strait Of Hormuz. But I see pity has its rewards. Live and learn. You’ve been very careless, Ali.

Samar: My unit has been surveilling you for months, and the intelligence we’ve gathered has been very helpful – so helpful that I fully expect to be disciplined for coming here without authorization. Just by being here, I have everything and, therefore, nothing to lose.
Hassan: What do you want?
Red: The Scimitar. My friend here thinks you may know where to find him. He would’ve needed support when he got to the States. I’m guessing that support came from you.I know what you must be thinking, Ali. Imagine your future, the rest of your life spent in a dismal Israeli prison, some dark hole they put you in, bending your fingers and pulling your toes until they forget you ever existed. Think carefully, Ali, because, as you are my witness, that future will seem very bright, indeed, if you don’t tell us what we want to know.
Hassan: [Sighs] He did make contact. Asked to use one of my warehouses. Said he needed building supplies. For what, I don’t know.
Red: Tell me about this warehouse.

[Grunts softly] [Indistinct talking] Keen! [Grunts] [Gunshot]
Samar: Reddington, I have them.

[Indistinct conversations]
Doherty: Director Cooper? Owen Doherty. We spoke on the phone.
Cooper: Where are we?
Doherty: Well, we went ahead and canceled the event, initiated evac protocol. We’ve placed Collins in a holding room.
Cooper: Does she have a security detail?
Doherty: Yes, sir – two on the door.
Cooper: Take me to her.

[ Knock on door ] Who is it?
Man: Ms. Collins? FBI. I need you to open the door, please.
[ Muffled breathing ] [ Squeals ]
Scimitar: Professor Collins. You are going to pay the price for the crimes committed by your government. But first you’re gonna help us create the weapon that will be used to bring this country to its knees.

Cooper: You said there were two men posted outside the door.
Doherty: There were.
Cooper: On my ready. Clear.
Doherty: Not here, sir.
Cooper: [Sighs] Let’s just hope she’s still in the building. Nobody leaves until we find Collins.

[Indistinct conversations]
Liz: Collins is missing. Cooper thinks she’s still on site.
Ressler: Okay, listen up, folks! We have a situation here! We need everyone to move inside!
Now! Let’s go! Please.
Move into the lobby!
Liz: Sir?! Sir? Sir, don’t move! Hands where I can see them! Slowly!
Scimitar: [ Turns around ] Hello, Agent Keen. I see you’ve made a spectacular recovery.
[ Tires screech, gunfire ] [ Crowd screaming ] [ Gunfire continues ] [ Gunshots ] [ Muffled shouting ]

Scimitar: We’ve suffered a setback. No, no, no, no, no. I’ll need the full package – new credentials, a safe house, and 50,000 No. I’ll need it within the hour.
Red: All this running around. Really? I’m so relieved when the people I’m chasing come to me.♀
[Door closes]
Red: Agent Navabi, you got my message. We were just admiring the view. [ Exhales sharply ] How did you know? Mr. Hassan provided for our friend before, and most criminals return to the same trough time and time again. Indolence, I suppose. Personally, I make it a habit to avoid habits.♀
Samar: I can call it in.
Red: Yes, I suppose you can. The question is, do you want to? I offer him to you as a gift.
Samar: What am I supposed to do with him?
Red: Whatever you like. Nobody else knows he’s here.
Dembe: Agent Keen just called. Her source provided Berlin’s location.
Red: Forgive me. I have an appointment that can’t be rescheduled. – Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.♀

[Door opens, closes]
[ Conversation in Farsi, with footnotes ]
Shahin Navabi. He was my brother. One of the many nameless, faceless men you killed in Pishin.
Pishin was the work of a suicide bomber.
Acting under your direction.
You’re wrong. I know the name Shahin Navabi. I saw him, spoke to him the day he died.
[ Enc Farsi ]
Samar: You’re lying.
Scimitar: If you think your beloved brother was just another faceless young man in that crowd you know nothing.
Samar: I will kill you.
Scimitar: Like Kian Nouri? The scientist you murdered last week in Dubai?
Samar: What do you know about my brother?
Scimitar: [Chuckles softly] There’s no country insisting you do your duty. If you kill me, it’ll be cold-blooded murder. So, call the Mossad or the C.I.A. or whoever’s coming and be done with it.

Liz: I thought for a second we might lose you back there.
Ressler: Prospect of having to live without me must’ve been terrifying.
Liz: It was.
Ressler: The irony is with all the drugs they pumped in me, this is the best I’ve felt all week.
Liz: What about that? Is that gonna be a problem?
Cooper: I just got a call from MPD Harbor Patrol. They fished a man’s body out of the Anacostia.
Matches your description of The Scimitar. Get there.
Yes, sir.
Hmm? I’ll catch up.

[β™« Mark Lanegan’s “Bleeding Muddy Water” plays]
Lord, now the rain done come
Lord, now the rain done come

Liz: That’s him. Shot point-blank to the head. This was an execution. (β™« Rising up) Who would have done this?

β™« You know I feel you In my iron lung
Muddy water Celestial flood
You know I feel you In my iron I feel you
Feel you In my iron lung
Muddy water

[Door thuds]
Tom: Talk to Volkov?
Liz: He gave us a location on Berlin. (β™« Oh, now the rain done come) We’ll see how that pans out.
Tom: The information I gave you (Oh) is good. Volkov will lead to Berlin. (β™« Baby, don’t it feel so bad?) Reddington will kill Berlin. (β™« Oh, baby) And my value to you (β™« Baby, don’t it feel so bad?) will end. And then what? (β™« Oh, baby) You gonna turn me in, Liz? (β™« Baby, don’t it feel so bad?) Lose your job, go to jail? (β™« Muddy water ) [Scoffs] The only way to get me out of your life, Liz is to let me go – because if you kill me, if you go through with it, then we’ll be linked forever. Even if you get away with it, even if nobody ever finds out, you’re always gonna have to live with it.

β™« Lord, now the rain done come
Muddy water Pillar to post

Liz: Yeah, well ( β™« How do I bleed you?) when I make my decision, you’ll be the first to know.
Tom: Oh, I knew the second you brought me down here that you had no intention of letting me live. (β™« Muddy water Heaven’s son) So, here’s the deal. [Chains rattle] (β™« You are the bullet) Liz, you’re gonna do whatever the hell you’re gonna do. (β™« You are the gun) You always have. (β™« You’re the bullet) Just do me a favor. (β™« Bullet, bullet and the gun) Look me in the eyes when you do it.

β™« Muddy water You’re heaven’s son
Oh Baby, don’t it feel so bad?
Oh, baby Baby, don’t it feel so bad?
Oh, baby Baby, don’t it feel so bad?
Muddy water Drowning in the rain
Now the rain done come
Muddy water Drowning in the rain
Now the rain done come

Red: I know you were expecting Volkov, but as luck would have it, he sold you out to Agent Keen. It’s surprising she came to me instead of the Bureau with the hope that I would kill you. I have other plans.
Red: First, understand I didn’t have to come here alone. In fact, I didn’t have to come here at all. I could’ve sent seven men and put an end to this war.
Berlin: Why didn’t you?
Red: Because this entire affair, every ounce of pain and suffering that all of us have endured has been the result of a tragic and, frankly, mysterious misunderstanding – one I intend to correct. There’s not much left I truly cherish in this world, but I swear on those few things I still hold dear, I did not kill your daughter.
Berlin: Words, words. The greater the words, the larger the lie. My daughter is dead. But yours – my men tell me you’ve been spending a lot of time together. Maybe, when I’ve done to your daughter what you did to mine, we can finally be even.
Red: I’m sorry. Is this the daughter you’re referring to? Because she’s not my daughter. She’s yours.

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⊰ ♀ ⊱

β™« Bleeding Muddy Water
By Mark Lanegan

β™« Lord now the rain done come

β™« Muddy water
Rising up
You know I feel you
In my iron lung
Muddy water
Celestial flood
You know I feel you
In my iron lung

β™« Oh baby don’t it feel so bad
Muddy water
Drowning in the rain
Now the rain done come

β™« Muddy water
Pillar to post
How do I bleed you?
Just like a ghost
Muddy water
Heaven’s son
You are the bullet
You are the gun

β™« Oh baby don’t it feel so bad
Muddy water
Drowning in the rain
Now the rain done come

β™« Muddy water
Be my grave
You are the master
I’ve been the slave
Muddy water
Come rising up
You know I feel you
In my iron lung

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/1B9hQqp
YouTube: http://bit.ly/1IAZu12

❌❌❌ END 2:7

༺✦ ⌘ ✦༻

πŸ”΄ 2:8 The Decembrist

πŸ”΄ Script: 2:8 The Decembrist

Last updated: 8/9/2015
Program air date: 11/10/2014 in the US
Script with extras: http://wp.me/pDKwi-13k
Source: Raw Scripts from Springfield [UK]: http://bit.ly/1Do56Zu
NBC Episode Summary: http://bit.ly/1PPGfHI

Created by: Jon Bokenkamp
Director: Michael Watkins
Writers: Jon Bokenkamp, John Eisendrath


Script: 2:8 The Decembrist

Blurb: Red and Berlin head to Moscow looking for The Decembrist, who falsely blamed Red for murdering Berlin’s daughter. Alan Fitch tells Red he will be in trouble with his alliance (later called “The Cabal”) if he does not possess The Fulcrum. Red confronts Liz about Tom.

Voiceover: Previously on The Blacklist

[Two gunshots]
Liz: No.
Red: We can’t leave him alive.
Liz: Please go. I’ll finish it. This is between us.
Red: Do it quickly. I’ll be waiting outside.
Liz: Hey! What happened to you? I went out front, and you were gone.
Red: There were police. Is it done?
Liz: Yes. He’s dead.
Liz: Call Ellie.
Ellie: Hello? Hey, it’s me.
Liz: It’s about Tom. It’s urgent.
Ellie: Ugh! I could lose my license for this, go to jail.
Liz: You owe me.
Ellie: Why aren’t we at a hospital? He could die!
Liz: He cannot die.
Tom: Aah!
Ellie: I’m gonna need supplies, proper tools.
Tom: [Groans] Aah!
Liz: Steven, hey. It’s me. Uh, listen, uh your boat. Is it still sitting empty or did you find a buyer?
Ellie: He’s lost too much blood.
Tom: Aah! Ugh! Gah!
Samoan: You’re a fed.
Liz: And he is responsible for Meera’s death. You were her C.I., and you told me – that if I found the man responsible –
Samoan: I thought you were gonna arrest him.
Liz: I will. I just need you to babysit for a little while until I get some info.
Liz: Let’s get this straight. I did not save you because I care. I saved you because you have intel on Berlin. I want a name.
Tom: Oh, you bitch.
Liz: Oh, I don’t know, Tom. From where I’m sitting, you look like the bitch to me.
Liz: Why you? Have you spied on others? Is this what you do?
Tom: Yes. No. I don’t remember.
Liz: I want a name. What bank?
Tom: Monarch Douglas in Warsaw. It’s where Berlin keeps his money.
Liz: What about accounts, names of shell companies?
Liz: Did you murder Jolene Parker?
Liz: What do you know about Reddington?
Tom: I don’t know.
Liz: What do you know about Reddington?
Tom: I told you I don’t know!
Liz: What do you know about Reddington?!
Tom: Stop asking me! I don’t know!
Tom: When is this all over, when you are convinced that I have nothing left to offer, what then?
Liz: I asked you a question: Gina Zanetakos!
Tom: Because you know when this is over, you’re gonna have to kill me, right?
Liz: How often did you communicate with Berlin, his associates?
Liz: Tell me about the guests at our wedding.
Liz: If you want Ellie to look at that infection, you’re gonna have to answer my question.
Tom: I need a doctor!
Liz: I need a name!
Liz: What about the adoption?
Tom: We were married. Isn’t that what married people do?
Tom: You know, all this time, you never asked me if I ever really loved you.
Liz: Because I know the answer.
Tom: I don’t think you do.
Tom: You told me if I gave you Berlin that you would let me go. But I knew the second that you brought me down here that you had no intention of letting me leave. So here’s the deal, Liz. You’re gonna do whatever you’re gonna do. You always have. Just do me one favor. Look me in the eyes when you do it.

Red: Your daughter told me your name is Milosz Kirchhoff. All these years, Mr. Kirchhoff, you’ve believed with the blackest of hearts that I murdered your daughter. And yet here she is. The story was wrong, Milosz. Please enlighten me. What were you told and who did the telling?
Berlin/Kirchhoff: It was in ’91. The Soviet union was falling apart. A small group of us. Members of the Politburo, the military, KGB, Stasi. Had a plan to push back the progressives, to stem the tide. We were meeting and discussing strategy when a bomb.
Red: The Kursk Bombing.
Berlin/Kirchhoff: Fifteen died. And with them, our resistance. Rumors began that the Americans were involved. One name emerged. Yours. You came after my daughter. You exposed her as a dissident. She went to jail. After that, my loyalty was questioned. I was exiled to the Gulag, where, one by one, her bones were sent to me. [he says, looking at ZoΓ«]
Red: You fled. You must have had help. Who?
ZoΓ«: There was a man. He said he could protect me from. From you.
Red: What was his name?
ZoΓ«: I never met him. I don’t know. His people. They called him “The Decembrist.” Please. That’s all I know.
ZoΓ« [to Berlin]: You killed my friends. You destroyed my life once. Isn’t that enough?
Red [to Berlin]: At some point, I may call, ask for your assistance.
Berlin/Kirchhoff: About what?
Red: The Decembrist.

Samoan: We can’t let him walk out of here.
Liz: We agreed when this was over, I’d arrest him.
Samoan: That was four months ago. If you turn him in now, you’re gonna go to jail. We both will.
Liz: I am not a murderer.
Samoan: Neither am I. Look, you don’t have to be the one to do it. There are people. But he can’t walk out of here alive.
[Rustling outside]
Liz: Close that door. Keep him quiet.

Harbormaster: Whoa! Easy! Harbormaster. Put the gun down.
Liz: All right.
Harbormaster: I’m gonna need to see some kind of I.D. Put the gun down! We got a call. Reports that someone’s been trespassing.
Liz: Yeah. That’s why I’m here. FBI. We’re searching for two fugitives escaped from Cumberland last night. I cleared the boat, but they’re said to be in the area and armed.
Harbormaster: My office wasn’t contacted.
Liz: Bureau would have reached out, but Homeland’s running point. Go figure. If you do see anything –
Harbormaster: Be careful.
Liz: Yeah, you, too.

[Cellphone buzzes] [Beep]
Liz: Dembe. Where is he?

[Heavy-metal music plays]
Liz: You’re working with Berlin?
Red: I need to talk to you about a bombing in the Soviet union Kursk, 1991.
[Music continues]
Brimley: Fella won’t talk!
Red: Keep pushing him.
Brimley: I’m telling you! He’s more scared of talking than he is of dying!
Red: Keep pushing.
Brimley: I’m gonna need lunch! Tuna on Rye! Coleslaw if they have it!
Liz: What the hell is going on?!
Red: We’re shaking a few trees. There’s been a development. It seems Berlin is merely a pawn who’s been tragically manipulated.
Liz: Manipulated by who?
Red: That’s what Brimley’s trying to ascertain.
Liz: Berlin killed Meera, he put Tom in my life, and every time you have a chance to stop him, you let him go.
Red: Berlin will be held accountable for his actions after I acquire the name of the man who set him against me, a man they call The Decembrist. If you want to find the one ultimately responsible for gutting Harold Cooper and killing Meera Malik, I suggest you help me find him.

Liz: The man we’re looking for is known as The Decembrist. His acts are said to have contributed to the end of communism in Eastern Europe.
Samar: How is he connected to Berlin?
Liz: He tried to assassinate him during a meeting in Kursk and faked his daughter’s death.
Ressler: Berlin’s been hunting Reddington, hunting us, and now Reddington wants to help Berlin get revenge?
Cooper: Kursk – that bombing. The men who were killed that day were leaders of the Soviet Old Guard.
Ressler: You really think we should be helping these two settle scores?
Cooper: Our goal is to take down Berlin. If that means solving a terrorism case along the way, I’m fine with that.
Aram: I’ll contact the FSB.
Cooper: They won’t help. The bombing was considered an act of patriotism. That’s why they never pursued it. Pull the Russian reports, the crime-lab data. I want our own analysis.

[ Harbormaster descends stairs of boat ]

Cooper: They have the bomber’s DNA?
Aram: Yes. The Russian crime lab reported finding epithelial cells on the lip of a coffee tin found in the debris.
Samar: How do you know it was the bomber’s DNA? Didn’t anyone else like coffee?
Aram: Uh, the reports I.D.’d the explosive device as Semtex. Same explosives a bomber used to down Pan Am 103 by hiding the explosives
Liz: In a coffee tin. Our guy copied that?
Cooper: They have a name?
Aram: Only a DNA profile, which was useless 20 years ago before they had a database to run it against. But today.
Liz: You found The Decembrist.
Cooper: Kiryl Morozov. He was a low-level KGB operative.
Navabi: And today?
Cooper: One of the most powerful men in Russia.

Tom: Hey! Someone there? [Door rattling] Okay.
[ Harbormaster pries open door ]
Tom: Oh, thank God. Please.

Wright: Kiryl Morozov is one of Putin’s most trusted advisers. The man runs the finance ministry.
Cooper And we have reason to believe he’s responsible for the 1991 bombing in Kursk that left –
Wright: Twelve people dead. [ <- Not in Springfield script ] The FBI investigates crimes that happen in America or against Americans.
Liz: Reddington won't give us Berlin until we give him Morozov. At the very least, we should go there and question the man.
Wright: I'm not sending you to Moscow to interrogate a high-ranking Russian official about an act of terror he may or may not have committed.
Cooper: If Reddington gets to Morozov first. God knows –
Wright: Harold, that's an order.

[ Door opens, Wright leaves ]
Liz: That's it? You're just gonna stand down on this?
Cooper: You heard her. My hands are tied. But Reddington has anonymous sources. I'm sure he'll get that name somehow. Won't he, Agent Keen?
Liz:Yes, sir. I'm sure he will.

[Cellphone rings]
Red: Tell me you have a name.
Liz: I do, but this can’t come back on the task force. Are we clear? [Beep] Hold on. I’ll be right back.
Red: What? Everything okay?
Samoan [on phone]: No, everything’s not okay. We got a situation here.
Liz [to Red]: Uh, hey. I’m sorry. I got to go.
Red: Lizzie, what’s going on?
Liz: The Decembrist. His real name is Kiryl Morozov.
Red: Something’s wrong.
Liz:Kiryl Morozov.

Red: I got a name.
Berlin: So it’s done?
Red: No.
Berlin: What are you proposing?
Red: A trip to Moscow.

Samoan: Guard: I went out for a smoke, and he was here.
Liz: What the hell?!
Samoan: Homeboy had a gun.
Liz: Are you out of your mind?!
[ Cellphone ringing]
Samoan: It was him or me.
Liz: He’s got blood on him. What did you do? How are we supposed to –
[ Harbormaster’s phone beeping ]
Tom: If he doesn’t answer that, someone is gonna come looking for him.
Liz: Okay. Here’s what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna let him go. We’re gonna move Tom.
Samoan: Let him go? He’s gonna talk.
Liz: So let him talk. He says anything, it’s his word against mine. And he’s an informant.
Harbormaster: Look, lady. This is obviously official business. I can look the other way.
Tom: You got to kill him.
Harbormaster: No! Please!
Tom: Listen. Listen. Look, if you let this guy go, he’s going to the cops. When he does, we are all going to jail, starting with you [to Liz], for torture, kidnapping, wrongful imprisonment – Take your pick, sweetheart. You got to kill him.
Liz: No. I can fix this. I have a storage unit. We’ll wait till it gets dark. We’ll keep him here temporarily until we can find ano – no!
[Tom leaps on guy, strangling him with his chains] [Man gagging]
Guard: It’s better this way. Let him do it!
Harbormaster: Get off me! Get your hands off me! [Gagging]
Liz: Tom, no! Tom, stop!
[ Gunshot – Liz shoots Samoan in foot ]
Samoan: Aah!
Liz: Next one goes in your chest! Tom, let him go!
Tom: I think maybe you should call Mr. Kaplan.

Red [to Berlin]: Kiryl Morozov is paranoid and well-protected. He has no clear weakness for women or drink. However, like any politician, he does have an unending need to hide his ill-gotten gains. The diamonds. Which he buys and sells through your broker at Mercury City Tower in Moscow. There was a friendly and rather convenient diamond heist this morning. When Morozov learns the broker has been hit, he’ll insist on a meeting to assess his exposure. When he does, we’ll be there waiting. Milosz, focus.
Berlin/Kirchoff: I’ve made Morozov millions, and he’s the one who set all this in motion?
Red: Milosz, the meeting at Mercury Tower. When it happens, it’ll happen fast before the M.U.R. arrives.
Berlin/Kirchoff: My people will be ready.

[Gunfire] [Elevator bell dings]
Berlin/Kirchoff [to Morozov]: I am retribution!♀
Morozov: I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Berlin/Kirchoff: Kursk.
Morozov: Milosz?
Berlin/Kirchoff: The bombing, my daughter – all of it brings us here.
Morozov: I did what I was told. Aah!
Red: You’re not The Decembrist.
Morozov: It was the American. It was him. Aah! They gave the order!
Red: What people?
Morozov: I can’t say. Aah!
Red: Who is The Decembrist?
Morozov: Fitch. His name is Alan Fitch.
[ Gunshot ]
Red: Milos, this you cannot do.
Berlin/Kirchoff: Give me one reason.
Red: Because he’s mine.
Berlin/Kirchoff: Yours? He gave the orders, discredited you, and you want to protect him?
Red: This is not for you to do.
Berlin/Kirchoff: But I will. Alan Fitch is dead.

Red: [To Dembe] Call The Florist.

Man: The joint chiefs want another forward base. That will only happen if we can convince Islamabad, which is unlikely. It will happen if we tether it to foreign military investment. Alan? Sir, will you make the call?
[Man with bouquet appears; Fitch exits abruptly]

Fitch: A little early in the day, don’t you think, Ray?
Red: I’m still on Moscow time. Just got back from calling on an old friend of yours, Kiryl Morozov.
Fitch: You met with the Russian finance minister? To what end?
Red: To his end, as it turned out. Drink?♀

Wright: The finance minister of Russia is dead. If a single word. A whisper of this gets out, if anyone even suspects we sanctioned it –
Cooper: I didn’t sanction anything.
Wright: Damn it, Harold. Your team discovers Morozov was behind the Kursk bombing, and 18 hours later, he’s dead? Reddington is behind this!
Liz: Reddington called an hour ago. He believes Alan Fitch’s life is in danger.
Wright: Did Reddington bother to tell you why Berlin is suddenly interested in killing Alan Fitch?
Liz: He believes he’s the one who orchestrated the Kursk bombing.
Wright: Are you accusing the Assistant Director of National Intelligence of being a terrorist?
Cooper: We need to bring him in.
Wright: Alan Fitch is not your concern. I’ll contact the Secretary of Homeland Security and have the situation handled.

Fitch: Ray, will you listen?
Red: We had an agreement.♀
Fitch: Yes.
Red: I don’t go after you, you don’t come after me.
Fitch: I’m
Red: You ordered the bombing in Kursk. Then you pinned it on me. You blamed me for killing his daughter. Some years ago, a copy of this photo was left on the corpse of an associate of mine. Taking it as a warning, I traced the girl to a man they call The Stewmaker. He told me a story about the girl. She was sent to him by a man she’d never met. She was in trouble, needed to disappear, so he took her photo, put it in a locket, and sent it to her father. All those years spent searching for the man who supposedly murdered his daughter, and it was you. You sat here in this very room and pretended you had no idea who Berlin was or why he was coming for me.
He was coming, Alan, because you sent him.♀
Fitch: I sent a lot of guys. You and I were not on the best of terms at the time. And since you’re playing the innocent victim in all this, let me remind you. You stole some very damaging information about us when you disappeared.
Red: You violated our agreement.
Fitch: No. I honored it. I got the others to hold off, but Milosz Kirchhoff, Berlin, whatever the hell name he’s using. He chewed through the leash. I couldn’t stop him.
Red: Well, now your dog is tracking a new scent. You. And there’s nothing I can do about that, Alan. I have my people looking for him, but Berlin has gone into the wind. And he’s coming for you.♀
Fitch: You have no allies in my group. Without me to protect you, they’ll take you down and they’ll let the chips fall where they may. So this is as much your problem as it is mine.

Man: Sir, ODNI has credible intel that there might be an attempt on your life.
Fitch: What did they say?
Man: Still waiting to hear. They want to move you to fort McNair to do a full briefing.

Man: Deputy Fitch, Homeland Security. We need you to come with us.
Driver: Guardian’s en route. Delivery on schedule. Our office has notified the University [ Gunshot ] [ Speaking Russian ]

Cooper: Contact the D.C. field office. Get me an update on any eyewitnesses, satellite footage.
Alan Fitch’s abduction must be on Mossad’s radar. Reach out to your people in Tel Aviv. And you talk to him.

Red: Elizabeth, we need to talk. Now.
Red: Tom.
Liz: What?
Red: You told me Tom is dead. He’s not.
Liz: Who told you he’s alive?
Red: I’m disappointed you haven’t felt that you could trust me enough to tell me this.
Liz: [ Sighs ] Look, okay, I lied. But I only kept it a secret because I know you want him dead.
Red: No, you kept it a secret because you didn’t want to admit to yourself that you still love him, that even after everything he has done, after how horribly he treated you, you still can’t let him go. So you’re playing house.♀
Liz: I’ve been using him as a source, and he’s been incredibly valuable.
Red: Normally, any intelligence you could gather from Tom Keen would be yesterday’s news, but Berlin has gone to ground and is likely dependent on former assets he used when your husband was in his employ. So it seems Tom may be of some value after all. I need to know everything he can tell you about Berlin’s former safe houses, former contacts.
All that matters is finding Alan Fitch.

[Door opens and closes]
Tom: This ends now. I already gave you Berlin. I told you where to find him.
Liz: Yes. And he disappeared.
Tom: I did everything I could from in here.
Liz: Forget it.
Tom: I already told you. And I told you it’s the only way. [ Cellphone ringing ] Take a look, Liz. This is a problem. And time is not on your side.
[Ringing stops]
Liz: I need information, not advice.
Tom: We both know that you are in over your head. You are not equipped for this, Liz, because you are not a killer.♀ It’s why I’m still alive and why you’ve got a corpse lying there that you have done nothing with. And your bodyguard, the one that you shot. Where do you think he is right now? He’s getting a gun, Liz, so he can come back here and kill me and then probably kill you, too. Now, I told you there is a way out of this. I can give you Berlin, and all you have to do is let me go. [ Cellphone rings again ] Gosh, he’s a popular guy. I bet somebody’s gonna miss him.
[ Ringing stops ]

Tom [ At payphone ]: Berlin.
Woman: Orenburg six.
Tom: Scorpio.
Woman: That function is no longer valid.
Tom: Wait, wait, listen. Tell him Tom Keen wants to talk.

Ressler [w Liz in cop car]: Liz, why would you do this? I mean, you’re risking everything.
Liz: To find Berlin.
Ressler: You’re a federal agent harboring a fugitive. I mean, worse than that. You’re keeping him captive.
Liz: We’re looking for Fitch right now, and we’re gonna find him because of this.

[Cellphone rings]
Berlin/Kirchoff: I thought you were dead.
Tom: I need you to bring me in.
Berlin/Kirchoff: No.
Tom: Listen to me. I can help you.
Berlin/Kirchoff: Well, time has passed. Plans have changed.
Tom: I know you have Fitch. I know everything they know about you and your operation, and you’re gonna want to hear it, but I’m not telling you anything until you bring me in.

Ressler: Whether he leads us to Fitch or not, I got to take him in. Are you hearing me? You had to know when you told me that this is where it was gonna go. I – Liz, I can’t be part of this.
Liz: He’s an informant, like Reddington.
Ressler: The difference is you’re not in love with Reddington.♀
Tom: I got an address.
Liz: Where? Where?
Ressler: What difference does it make where? What? You’re gonna follow his lead to someplace he says Berlin is hiding? No. There could be 50 guys waiting. That’s stupid.
Tom: Hey, shut up.
Ressler [ shoves him ]: I wasn’t asking you.
[Tom shoves him back ]
Tom: You want Berlin or not?
Ressler: There’s no way I’m gonna let you go in there. This is a setup, an ambush.
Tom: What are you, her boyfriend?
Ressler: Hey! [Gun cocks]
Liz: What address?
Tom: [ Gives address ]
Ressler: Hey, pal. I’m coming for you.
Tom [ walking off ]: Good luck with that.

[Man speaking Russian in distance] [Explosion] [Gunfire]
Fitch: I think we have a problem.
Soldier: Clear it out. Let’s go. Clear out. Clear out.

Captain: Looks like we’re dealing with a plastic explosive C4, approximately 2 kilos. Sir, the blasting cap’s wired to a receiver. We found our detonator. This thing can be detonated remotely. We need to jam the frequencies in case this nut job tries to set it off and blow us to hell.
Ressler: Then you’re gonna disarm it?
Captain: We have a vehicle for controlled detonation. It should be big enough to accommodate Mr. Fitch and one of my men. Once he’s contained, then we can attempt to disassemble and disarm the device.
Ressler: Well, how long is that thing gonna take to get here?
Captain: Half-hour minimum, unless you’ve got another R.F.-resistant armored box that fits two.
Liz: Actually, I think it fits four.

[ Whirring, alarm sounding: Fitch is moved into orange containment box ] [ Blaring stops ]
Captain: We managed to gain access to the internals, trying to circumvent the keypad. Here’s what we got so far. The Semtex runs along the circumference of the collar, as you can see. Encased within that, approximately 14 inches of solid core wire connected to a microprocessor which, among other things, creates a closed circuit.
Aram: So if you cut the collar off, you interrupt the circuit and bang?
Cooper: Then how do we disable it?
Captain: Cautiously. We need to chip through the Semtex to see exactly what’s underneath, make sure there aren’t any redundant circuits or backups.
Cooper: And you can do that without triggering that thing?
Captain: We’ll find out, won’t we?

Cooper: Look, I know I disobeyed a direct –
Wright: You found him. That’s all that matters. Fill me in.
Ressler: Well played, Keen. I mean, look at it. Berlin’s gone. Tom’s free.
Liz: He brought us Fitch.
Ressler: Berlin handed us Fitch on a silver platter after he had a bomb strapped to his neck.
[Sighs] Look, I’ve been thinking about what I said in the car, and –
Liz: Don’t worry about it, Ressler. I’ll tell Cooper.

Wright: I understand you’re responsible for finding Fitch. About the source –
Liz: Yes.
Wright: Does he have information about Berlin?
Liz: Yes, we believe he does.
Wright: I don’t care if your source is confidential or what promises you’ve made him. I want him here, I want him interrogated, and I want his name.
Ressler: You must be kidding.
Wright: Do I sound like I’m kidding?
[Liz is about to speak βž” to name Tom will incriminate her]
Ressler: It’s Reddington. Her source is Reddington. [He’s going to cover for her,]

[Red gets in car, surprising ZoΓ«]
Red: Please excuse my intrusion. I’m curious. Your father I assume he’s been trying to reach you… Has he called?… I thought as much.

Bomb Tech: Sir, the device has a secondary detonator built in as a safeguard.
Captain: What kind of safeguard?
Bomb Tech: A timer. We think it was activated when the receiver broke radio contact.
Captain: How long do you have?
Bomb Tech: It’s unclear. We can see the timing circuit, but there’s no display. It could be a minute. It could be an hour.

Berlin/Kirchoff: You’re not hungry?
ZoΓ«: It’s fine.
Berlin/Kirchoff: Let’s get you something else.
ZoΓ«: Huh?
Berlin/Kirchoff: Whatever you like. I can tell them to go.
ZoΓ«: No. I’m the one who should go. I –
Berlin/Kirchoff: No, no. They make you uncomfortable, eh? I’m glad you called. You’re scared. I am, too. I don’t know how to talk to someone. Like you.
ZoΓ«: I really should go.
Berlin/Kirchoff: No. Please don’t. I know you have your life. I have no place there. I know. But I just want you to stay a little longer.
[ Red enters, grabs chair, sits down, says to Berlin ]
Red: Hello, Milosz. [to ZoΓ«]: Thank you, my dear. Passports, tickets, – and my eternal gratitude. [She leaves]
Red [to Berlin]: The bomb. I need to know how to stop the bomb.
Berlin/Kirchoff: I don’t know.
Red: [Pulls gun] That’s the wrong answer.
Berlin/Kirchoff:[Chuckles] I’m telling you I don’t –
Red: [Gun to cheek] Think harder.

Fitch: What’s your name, son?
Bomb squad tech Mike: What?
Fitch: Your name. What– what is it?
Mike: Sir, I need you to be as still as possible. Any movement, the vibrations of your voice…
Fitch: Do you have a wife, kids? That’s what makes it the hardest. A wife and kids. I’ve been in the intelligence field a long time now. On my orders, 763 men and women have died in service to their country. And there wasn’t a grieving wife or mother or husband I didn’t either call or visit personally. Thank them for their sacrifice. That’s what makes it the hardest. The families… You can’t disarm it, can you?
Mike: Sir, I asked you to be as still as possible.
Fitch: That’s more than enough. I’m not gonna make it 764. What’s your name?
Mike: Mike. My name’s Mike.
Fitch: Go home, Mike. You’ve done everything you can.
[ Containment door opens: Whirring, alarm sounding] [ Blaring stops ]
Fitch: Harold, I know you’re listening. Tell Ray I need to see him.

[ Static ] [ Footsteps approaching ]
Red: What a long, strange trip it’s been, Alan.♀
Fitch: Listen to me, Ray. I don’t know how much time we have, so you need to pay attention.
I’ve been able to hold everyone off, convince them that it’s in their best interests to let you live. But people aren’t as scared as they once were. Some aren’t so sure you even have it. Do you have it, Ray? Do you have the Fulcrum? They’re gonna demand proof.
Red [ pained ]: I can’t stop this thing, Alan. I tried. I can’t.
Fitch: My death will trigger a series of events. The moderates are already outnumbered. The closer we get to 2017, the more radicalized they’ll become. Talk to Mitchum and Hobbs. They might be persuaded. Jasper sides with the Chinese.
Red: All right.
Fitch: Listen to me, Ray. This is critical. I have a safe. Get to it. The combination 8-30-44. Remember that. Say it back.
Red: 8-30-44
Fitch: Margaret’s birthday.
Red: You’ve had a wonderful life together, Alan… The safe…
Fitch: The safe. It’s in St. Petersburg in the wall on the second floor of – πŸ’₯ [Explosion]πŸ’₯

Red: Untie him.
[Red opens a bottle of vodka]
Berlin/Kirchoff: Ah. Thank you.
Red: Na zdorov’e.
Berlin/Kirchoff: Na zdorov’e… I remember the parades from when I was a young boy, standing by my father, seeing those trucks that went by with the rockets and cannons. Beautiful. [ Chuckles ] [ Sighs ] And all those men marching as one, saluting at me as one. [ Chuckles ] Our soldiers, our nation. Yuri Gargarin was the first man in space.
[ Both chuckle ]
Berlin/Kirchoff: We were so proud.
[ Red pours him the final draft of vodka. After he drinks it, they look at each other. Red draws his pistol and shoots Berlin four times. ]♀

Red: Your gentleman friend with the earring said he moved the body. Mr. Kaplan is with him now. We’re trying to contain the situation. You should have come to me.
Liz: I didn’t need to.
Red: Look around you, Lizzie!♀
Liz: We found Fitch because of Tom.
Red: It wasn’t worth it. Not if the cost was you, here in this. Filth.
Liz: [ Sighs ] I couldn’t do it. I told you I could kill Tom, but after you left, I just –

[ β™« ] Look up to the sky and leave this world behind you

Liz: After all the lies and everything he did to me, I told myself I! was using him! β€” that I was finally in control. [ Sniffles ]
Red: [ Sighs ] When you love someone, you have no control.
That’s what love is. Being powerless.♀
Liz: I don’t know what’s wrong with me.
Red: There’s nothing wrong with you.
[ Kisses her forehead, cheek ]
There’s nothing wrong with you.♀
[ Sniffles ]
[ Sighs. Hug. ]

[ β™« ] But can you move and shake? Are you a dead man or a fake? Are you a dead man or a fake? Are you a dead man or a fake?

Tom [ sits down across from Red ]: Do you have it?
[ Red hands him an envelope; Tom checks contents, seems satisfied, gets up to leave ]

[ β™« ] See this world around you there will be no hesitation ohh there will be no hesitation but can you move and shake?

Red: You are never to see her again.

Are you a dead man or a fake?

Tom: Yeah. I got it.
[Red grabs Tom’s wrist; angrily:] I don’t think you do. Look at me: You are never to see her again!
Tom [casually]: You know, for what it’s worth, I spent four months on that ship chained up. And I never told her about us. Not one word.♀

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Great Sky
By Other Lives

I’ll look up to the sky,
And leave this world behind you
And run for cover.
I’ll look to higher ground
And see this world around you,
There’ll be no hesitation.
But can you move and shake?
Are you a dead man or a fake?
I’ll look up to the sky,
And leave this world behind you
And run for cover.
I’ll look to higher ground
And see this world around you,
There’ll be no hesitation.
But can you move and shake?
Are you a dead man or a fake?

Lyrics: http://bit.ly/1KYEpSh
YouTube: http://bit.ly/1KYEBRp

❌❌❌ END 2:8

༺✦ ⌘ ✦༻

πŸ”΄ 2:9 Luther Braxton

πŸ”΄ Script: 2:9 Luther Braxton

Last updated: 8/8/2015
Program originally aired 2/1/2015 in the US
Script with extras: http://wp.me/pDKwi-15r
Raw Scripts from Springfield [UK]: http://bit.ly/1Do56Zu
NBC Episode Summary: http://bit.ly/1LPYyH9

Created by: Jon Bokenkamp
Director: Joe Carnahan
Writers: Jon Bokenkamp, John Eisendrath, JR Orci, Lukas Reiter


Script 2:9 Luther Braxton Part 1


Blurb: Red allows himself to be captured so he will be “disappeared” to a secret U.S. prison in the Bering Sea where a thief named Luther Braxton is planning to break into secret government computers containing information on the Fulcrum. First part of two.


Several TV news people: We are just now getting word of a story developing out of Hong Kong. Sources say authorities there have apprehended legendary criminal Raymond Reddington. He’s been on the FBI’s Most Wanted list longer than any other fugitive, but tonight, sources are confirming Reddington was arrested in Hong Kong just hours ago. Reddington was once a rising star at the Pentagon. Sources say he was being groomed for admiral when, on Christmas Eve, 1990, while on his way home to visit his wife and daughter, Reddington vanished.
Reporter: Four years later, Reddington resurfaced and was charged with treason in absentia for selling top-secret American intelligence to foreign states.

Prison guard: From this point forward, you don’t exist.
Red: [ Chuckling ] Oh, that’s a load off.
[ Tires squeal ]

Reporter #2: Just hours ago, the US State Department confirmed Reddington has been remanded into US custody, but officials will not comment on his current location.

[ β™« thruppence and sixpence each day too much, magic bus
’cause I drive my baby every way too much, magic bus [ Song ends ]

Cooper: Reddington’s off the radar.
Liz: What do you mean?
Cooper: We don’t know where Reddington is? CIA’s not saying.
Liz: Why not? Reddington’s our asset.
Cooper: Only 41 people in the US government know that. I’ve talked to all of them. Nobody knows where he is.
Samar: He’s been on the run for 25 years. His arrest was bound to happen.
Ressler: No, Reddington moves too fluidly to get caught up in something as obvious as a public assassination in Hong Kong. No, he wanted this to happen.
Liz: What if he didn’t?
Aram: Why would Mr. Reddington want to get captured?
Navabi: His arrest happened overseas. We have to assume he wanted proximity to something.
Ressler: Well, if he’s grabbed, it’s either by the CIA ground branch or JSOC.
Liz: You think it’s an intelligence apparatus that’s holding him?
Cooper: Scrub our sources at Langley, and do it fast. Once they drop him in whatever hole he’s headed for he’s not coming back.

[ Door shuts ]
Guard: You speak when you’re spoken to.
Red: Call the number. Ask for a houseman. Call the number. $50,000 will be transferred into the account of your choice. $50,000. All I want is two minutes with your warden.
[ Door opens ]

Ressler: All right. We found him.
Man: Hey.
Ressler: Hey. We got him. CIA analyst at Langley confirmed they’re holding Reddington at an off-book lockdown called The Factory.
Samar: That’s bad news. That’s really bad news.
Aram: That place is real?
Liz: The Factory? Wait, what’s The Factory?
Cooper: It’s a level-10 detention facility specifically designed to process detainees who’ve been trained to withstand interrogation and torture. Assets are brought in, information is squeezed out – data, intel, anything that may be of value.
Aram: This place is a slaughterhouse for spies.
Cooper: They reduce them to ones and zeroes. What’s left is a husk that either rots away behind bars or is executed outright.
Liz: We’ve got to get him out of there.
Ressler: You think the CIA’s gonna let us talk to him, just walk right in there? No.
Liz: He’s our asset.
Samar: No, they’re gonna keep him all to themselves.
Cooper: If he went to this factory on purpose, I suspect it was to make contact with somebody he couldn’t get to on the outside. Reddington gave up 25 years of freedom to see this guy. I want to know who he is and what intel he’s got that’s so damned important.

Warden: Mast Sergeant Desmond says you offered him a bribe. Care to explain?
Red: Within 12 hours, inmate Luther Todd Braxton will break out of his cell. When he does, he will steal a classified intelligence packet that contains secrets vital to your National Security. The means for his escape and his team are already in place.
Warden: This story feels like a desperate last gasp from a dying man.
Red: Could be. Regardless, if you don’t move quickly, the prison will be overrun and the dozens of innocent men and women who operate this facility will be subdued and executed, beginning with you.
Warden: Luther Braxton is in solitary.
Red: Not for long.

[ Machinery whirring ] [ Electricity crackling ] [ Whirring and crackling stop ]
Man: He’s not cooperating. Take him back to his cell. We go again in two hours.
[ Joints cracking. Guard slips a wire component into Braxton’s mouth ]

Goodson: Agent Cooper, Kat Goodson. As you know, the Director has brought me here to liaison with your task force.
Cooper: Of course. We’ve met – the correspondents’ dinner.
Goodson: Ah. You were the scotch – neat? Please, tell us what you know.
Cooper: I’m not at liberty to say.
Goodson: The clandestine service is aware of the arrangement your task force has with Reddington. It’s why we’re running point through your office.
Cooper: Well, then perhaps the Director should’ve notified me before sending Reddington to The Factory.
The Director: The section chief sent a cable from the warden. Said that Raymond Reddington claims that a detainee, one Luther Braxton, poses a National Security threat, and we’re hoping that you can tell us something about their connection.
Cooper: I don’t know. Who’s Luther Braxton?

Liz: Braxton is a thief. Interpol’s been hunting him for years. He plans his heists to occur in the midst of chaos. He is organized, meticulous, and he is bloody.
Aram: He stole $282 million from Baghdad in the middle of Operation Shock And Awe, abducted a CIA asset out of Iran during the ’09 election protests. Later, he sold his secrets to Beijing.
Ressler: The CIA announced his death two months ago.
Goodson: We say that about a lot of the inmates at The Factory. Truth is Braxton’s being interrogated for secrets he stole from the Chinese, from the Iranians, us.
Ressler: Well, my money’s on the fact that these two have a history together. Reddington, Braxton – they’re planning something.
Cooper: Whatever it is, you’re going to find out.
Liz: Oh, we don’t have authorization.
Goodson: You do now. Get to Reddington. Find out what he’s up to.

Guard: Hey, Braxton, chow! [ Alarm blaring ]

Guard 2: We have a Code Oscar, block “B,” dorm six! Activate critical response! We need an emergency response team in block “B” now!

Guard 3: [ Indistinct shouting ] Get away from the door! Fire one! Hands– hands up! Get on the ground! [ Gunfire ] Aah!!

[ Handcuffs clicking ]
Warden [ Rushing in ]: Tell me what you know.
Red: I tried. It’s too late. You’ve lost your facility.
warden: No, you tell me I’m gonna have an escape before it happens. Now you’re getting evac’d out?
Red: Why the hell am I getting evac’d out?
Warden: Orders from up top. Bureau’s been cleared to send a team, incoming now.
Red: Radio that chopper. Tell them to turn around.
Warden: Why? What’s happening here?
Guards: We got a problem. ERF failed.
Red: Radio the chopper.
Guard: They’re sending in the riot squad.
Warden: Get him to the evac team!
Red: Radio the chopper!
[ Blaring continues ] [ Beeping ]
Guard: Back up, back up!
[ Beeping, heavy clang ]

[ In helicopter ]
Ressler: Inmate number 2532, Xavier Chavez. I know this name. He was a court-martialed special operator out of Fort Carson. We got Kun Phan, AKA “Cambodian Carl.” Did 10 years in USP Florence for hacking US Missile Defense Agency.
Liz: What are you thinking?
Ressler: I’m counting three, five, maybe more guys who’ve all been processed into this facility within the last three months. Got a munitions expert, special forces. I’m counting eight guys here – Khalid Sankar, Yemeni medic; Jonah Rodriguez, ex-Marine; and Cyrus Choy– he’s a Red Pole enforcer out of Taiwan.
Liz: He’s got an entire team in place.

Guard: What the hell is he doing? [ Blaring continues ]

Braxton: Go! Go!

Guard: Sir?
Guard: Nest Command to ACR; block “B” has been breached! We need tactical reinforcement to the Nest!
[ Radio whines ]
Guard: Sir, we just lost video! Camera two is down!
[ Beeping ] [ Muffled explosion, gas hissing ] [ Indistinct shouting, coughing ] [ Electricity crackles ]

[ On deck ]
Guard: Got to turn you back! We’re in a full-facility lockdown! We’ve had a breach! Detainee has taken –
Navabi [ Shot in foot ]: Aah!! Aah!! [ Groaning ]
Ressler: Easy!
[ Alarm blaring ] [ Beeping ]

Desmond: Desmond to Deck Command, prisoner for transport, come back.
Red: That $50,000 is still on the table, Desmond. It’s yours for the taking. All you got to do is help me to help you stay alive.

[ Beeping ]
Man: You sure about this?
Braxton: Do it.
[ Keyboard clacking ] [ Click and thud, blaring stops ]
Guard [ Intercom ]: Eagle, Eagle, this is Major. We have a breach alert. Please authenticate. Eagle, Eagle, this is Major.We have a breach alert. Please authenticate.
Braxton [ Picks up phone ]: The Eagle’s dead.
Guard: Identify yourself.
Braxton: I’m the man who just took over your gulag, and you’re a desk jockey that’s gonna put me in touch with somebody who matters – clear?

[ Grunting ]
Ressler: Samar?
Samar: Ressler, I can’t put any weight on my foot.

Man: Horrible, isn’t it– this room– this is where all the prisoners come to die. After you break their minds. They’re led here like cattle for you to slaughter.
Ressler: When they put down your little rebellion, pal, you’re gonna take my place up here, I swear.
[ Coughing, choking ] [ Laughing ]
Man: Hey! Get on your feet! Get your feet! Get on your feet! Get on your feet! Stay! Get on your feet! [ Laughing continues ]

Aram: Sir! Uh, sir, we have a situation. Uh, we’ve lost contact with Agent Keen.
Cooper: What about Ressler? Navabi?
Aram: Uh, nothing since after they touched down. I reached out to Langley. The entire facility is dark.
Goodson: We’ve got Braxton. The CIA’s patching him through.

Goodson: This is Agent Rosenberg. He’s our hostage negotiator.
Cooper: Tread lightly, Agent Rosenberg. Those are my people inside there.
Rosenberg: Understood, and they’re gonna be fine. We’re gonna take our time, hear what he has to say, and get everyone out alive.
You ready? [ Beeping ] Mr. Braxton, this is Agent Phillip Rosenberg. The Director of NCS has instructed me to open a dialogue with you.
Braxton: We’re not having a dialogue.
Rosenberg: I’m here to listen, but first, I just need to talk to the warden. I just need to make sure that he’s okay and can confirm the hostages are okay.
Braxton: No, you are a water boy, a bureaucrat with a stack of cue cards.
Rosenberg: Just need to talk to the warden.
Braxton: Of course you do – protocol. I have him right here.
Warden: This is Warden Mills.
Rosenberg: Mr. Mills, everyone’s okay?
Warden: Some casualties, but all accounted for.
Rosenberg: That’s terrific. Glad to hear your voice. See that, Mr. Braxton? I just wanted to talk to the warden.
[ Braxton shoots him ]
Rosenberg: Mr. Mills? Warden? Mr. Mills?
Braxton: I’m done talking to you, Mr. Rosenberg. I want to speak to somebody with real authority.
Cooper: This is Harold Cooper, Assistant Director for the FBI.
Braxton: Hello, Harold Cooper. I’m pretty sure you see how this works. I get what I need, or somebody dies. From here on forward I am the warden.

[ Someone approaches Liz, grabs her from behind ]
Liz: [ Gasps ]
Red: What the hell are you doing here?
Liz. I came to help get you out.
Red: You came out of curiosity.
Liz: Or maybe I actually care about what happens to you.
Red: Your government is being robbed.
Liz: From here? How? What’s he after?
Red: The Fulcrum.
Liz: I don’t know what that is. The Fulcrum– What is that?
Red: It’s a blackmail file– proof of the existence of an extraordinarily powerful clandestine organization. If their activities were made public, some of the most powerful and influential men would go to prison or be executed.
Liz: And it’s here, this Fulcrum?
Red: No, the Fulcrum isn’t here, but I believe information critical to finding it is, and that’s what Braxton wants.I’m here to stop it.
Liz: I can help you.
Red: No, you need to leave.
Liz: Ressler and Samar have been taken hostage.
Red: They shouldn’t even be here. You never should’ve come here.
Liz: Why didn’t you come to us? What aren’t you telling me? Why don’t you want me here?
Red: I’ll get to Ressler and Samar as soon as I can, but you need to get back on that chopper.
Liz; Not without Ressler and Samar or you. Now, how are we gonna stop Braxton? He has an entire team.
Red: Well, sadly, there isn’t a prison on Earth where I don’t know a few guys.

Man [ British accent ]: If Braxton wants to access the secrets they beat out of us, he’s gonna need to get into the server, which is only accessible from the Nest.
Red: How about during a lockdown?
Man: This facility’s like a submarine. It’s compartmentalized. It can only be shut down by sections. The security protocols render the entire server room completely inaccessible.
Desmond: How the hell do you know that? I didn’t know that.
Red: Khan has broken out of seven prisons. This will be eight.
Liz: This server room – where is it?
Man: Northwest quadrant, basement.mWe can’t get you inside, but the German – he has an idea.
German: [ German accent ] Who is she? Who is this girl?
Red: She’s with me. Your idea?
German: The boiler room. It’s located next to the server room. If you could get there, you could reprogram it to overload. The pressure would cause an explosion.
Liz: That would blow up the server room?
German: If you’re lucky, you’ll take out the server room. If you’re unlucky, the whole prison craters.
Red: You said, “If you could get there.”
British: Yes, the only way into the boiler room undetected is through a single air duct that’s less than 24 inches square.
Liz: [ Sighs ] Looks like I’m the tunnel rat.
Red: All right. Khan will guide you to the boiler room. Gernert and I will be waiting for you to let us in, then you’ll reprogram the system.
German: Good.
Man on couch: What about me? What’s my job?
Red: You don’t have a job. You’re here because of what your cartel did to Felix Moralez and my people in Reynosa. [ Shoots him ] Okay. Shall we go to work?

Man: [ Beeping ] Braxton, you need to see this.

[ Telephone ringing ]
Red: I’m sorry. The warden can’t get to the phone right now. May I please take a message? Nothing? Not a “Hello, how are you?” Say something, Luther.
Braxton: Reddington.
Red: That’s me.
Braxton: You’re locked out, Red. I have complete control over this hellhole.
Red: I’m confident you’ve got a plan for every imaginable scenario, but it’s the scenarios you can’t imagine that bite you in the ass, Luther, like me here.
Braxton: Do you think this is something that snuck up on me? After Belgrade?
Red: Ah. Belgrade. Boy, things got nasty in Belgrade, didn’t they?
Braxton: It’s funny– up until then, I was aimless, just an ordinary thief, but after Belgrade, I became known as the man who bested the great Ray Reddington.
Red: You didn’t best me, Luther. You butchered and clawed your way into my pockets, and innocent people died in the process.
Braxton: You’re such a snob, Red. Always considered yourself above the fray with your handmade suits and your fancy wine, your private jets. Do you even drive? You got everybody convinced you’re so hard, Red, but I know better. You’re soft.
Red:You’re not getting the Fulcrum.
Braxton: And how you gonna stop me, Red? Bore me to death with Beethoven? Put me to sleep quoting Nietzsche? Come on. We both know that in order to stop me, you got to have balls. You got to run the gauntlet. And after Belgrade, well that’s just not gonna happen. So, tell me – how are you gonna stop me, Red?
Red: “A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer.”
Braxton: Was that Nietzsche?
Red: No. Bruce Lee.

Samar: This man has an abdominal wound. He’s going to die.
Ressler: Let him down. Damn it, let him down!

[ Door opens ]
Braxton: Okay, Harold, let’s test your reflexes. This entire facility has been put into lockdown meaning that all existing codes that ran this prison have been invalidated.
Cooper: We’re aware of that.
Braxton: Good, then you must also be aware that one single code has been generated by the mainframe – a master code giving the CIA and any rescue units all access. I want it.
Cooper: Understood. I can get my people working on that right away.
Braxton: Okay. Your reflexes, Harold– shabby. Mine, however– lightning quick. [ Shoots woman ] You just cost an innocent woman her life, which means we’ll just have to go get ourselves another one. Let me set the scene for you, just like them old radio dramas your granny used to listen to. I’m standing in front of a tall, fit very attractive Persian girl by the name of Samar Navabi. Maybe you’re familiar with her. Anyway, Miss Navabi has a noose around her neck– her very long, lovely neck, which is about to get a lot longer unless you give me the code. I’ll give you 10 minutes.
Aram: We’re gonna give the code, right? Sir, I’m sorry, but you have to give the code. It’s a black site. Nobody will know we’re negotiating.
Cooper: I’m sorry, but–
Aram: We’re gonna give the code!

Cooper: I am not allowing that maniac to lynch one of my agents.
Goodson: You can’t give him the code. You know the protocol.
Cooper: The minute that that negotiator got here, he gave me all the relevant details on the factory, including the master code. Why wouldn’t I give it to him?
Goodson: Braxton doesn’t want the code to break out of prison. He wants it to break into our network.
Cooper: What network?
Goodson: The factory isn’t just a black site. It’s a level-six intelligence node. It communicates directly with Langley, the Pentagon, the White House sit room. The intel being squeezed out of these targets, our highest-level targets, is mission-critical. We needed our interrogators and our operatives in the field working together in real time, so we removed any latency between the time we received a lead and our ability to act on it.
Cooper: You put an access point to the country’s most sensitive data in a prison with the country’s most dangerous enemies?
Goodson: Yes. Which is why I am asking you– do not release that code.
[ Knock on door ]
Aram: Sir, Braxton’s back online.
Cooper: Cooper.
Braxton: The code.
Cooper: If I give it to you, what assurance do I have that no hostages will be harmed?
Braxton: None. The code.
[ Machinery whirring ] [ Choking and gasping ]
Braxton: You hear that sound, Harold?
[ Choking and gasping continue ]
Braxton: That’s the sound of Agent Navabi’s neck being broken.
Samar: Please. Stop.
Braxton: The code!
[ Choking and gasping continue ]
Cooper: Dallas, Foxtrot, one, Charlie, three, seven, two. Now let– [ Click ] Braxton? Braxton, respond!
[ Gasps, breathing heavily ]
Samar: [ Subtitle ] Allah is ever-pardoning, ever-forgiving.
[ Machinery whirring; prisoners chains are lowered; guard exits ]

Man: We’re ready here.
Braxton: Good. Get to the server room. I’ll radio you once the system’s back online.

Cooper: Where are we?
Aram: I have attacked this from every angle. Once Braxton reboots the servers on his end, he’ll have full access to the intelligence network.
Cooper: How do we lock him out?
We can’t, not without flipping the switch on the entire network, and Braxton knows we won’t do that.
Cooper: What would that entail?
Aram: Our DOD satellites shutting down A temporary loss of real-time field communications.
Cooper: So, CENTCOM would go dark.
Aram: And assuming we could even get authorization to do that, it would take hours to shut it down.

British: Hey, once you make that last turn, it’s gonna be about 10 more feet. Gonna see a vent there going down.
Liz: Yeah, I think I see it. I’m here.
British: Follow that, and you’re in.

Phan: Braxton, we’re in.
Man: [ Keys in code ] Dallas, Foxtrot, one, Charlie, three, seven, two.

[ Device whirring ] [ Liz coughing ]
Red: You all right?
Liz: Yeah.
Red: Are you sure?
Liz: Uh-huh.
Red: Have you ever heard of Bruno Ashmanskis? The most skilled cat burglar I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Bruno mostly did jobs on commission, but he always wanted to do something for himself, something special, so he got it into his head that he was gonna break into the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge to steal an imperial vase from the Qing Dynasty worth millions – the single biggest trophy of his career.
Liz: What happened?
Red: I never heard from him again. I’d always assumed he’d succeeded, that he was sipping some umbrella-clad cocktail on a beach in Tahiti, until five years later during a remodel of the Fitzwilliam, they removed a wall. There was poor Bruno– what was left of him, anyway – stuck inside a heating duct, still clutching that vase. I prefer to think of old Bruno on that beach in Tahiti.
Gernert: We have a problem.
Red: Mm. What?

[ The Alliance/Cabal meets: various accents ]
[ Indian accent ]: Our asset is tracking the extent of the breach.
[ Other accent ]: It appears that Braxton’s team has penetrated your country’s network.
[ Chinese accent ]: Do we have confirmation on what it is they’re looking for?
The Director: Yes, we do. The Fulcrum.
[ German accent ] So Reddington does not have it.
Director: I never believed he did, actually, and his efforts to stop Braxton only confirmed my suspicions.
What’s our collateral exposure?
The Director: Honestly? None. We are mirroring Braxton’s search algorithms, and if the Fulcrum comes into play, we will find it.
So, Mr. Braxton is a liability?
Director: Oh, yes, and Mr. Reddington may no longer be a threat. We haven’t touched him for fear that he’d use the Fulcrum as a– Well, to expose us, but he’s bluffing.
You can’t be sure of that. Alan Fitch did not think so.
The Director: Whether he is or not, it’s a moot point. He needs to be eliminated.
German woman: This prison of yours, The Factory, I understand the American public is unaware of its existence. Perhaps they would not notice if it were to disappear.

Man: How much longer?
Red: We’ve had a setback. Gernert is working on alternatives.
Gernert: I’m telling you– There are no other options. This model has redundant computerized safeguards. If I attempt to over-pressurize the boiler tank, those safeguards kick in automatically.
Liz: There’s nothing you can do to override it?
Gernert: It would have to be done manually. That means someone standing here, resetting those pressure-relief valves every 90 seconds, while someone else mans the temperature controls until this pressure cooker hits 700 PSI, and that is not gonna be me.
Red: You’re not going anywhere.
Gernert: Yeah, I am. Because whoever stays here to do this manually is gonna be blown into a million pieces.
Red: Or just one.
Wait. You shoot him, they’ll hear. They’ll be here within 60 seconds – We can do this, you and I. After the pressure reaches 700, how long do we have until it explodes?
Gernert: Anywhere from 10 to 20 seconds, but there’s no way to know for sure. You’re better off walking away now.
Other man: [ Chuckles softly ] Look, Red, you know that after Delhi, I’d do anything for you, but the truth is, you’d be lucky to get off this rig, and whatever your plan is, I’m not a part of it. I’ve helped you. I’ve done my piece. Way I see it, we’re even for Delhi.
Liz: We can do this.

Director: If we don’t stop this, the death toll isn’t going to be in the dozens, it’s gonna be in the thousands, and the world is gonna look quite different with Braxton in control of all our servers.
Every operative, every analyst, every case officer in his pocket. And Mr. Cooper has given him the keys to our kingdom. We have to make sure he never has the chance to use them.
Goodson: We have federal agents on site. Buy me more time. Let me activate an extraction team.
The Director: No. No, just order the strike.
Goodson: Yes, sir. I’ll have planes in the air within the hour. The target will be destroyed.

[ Two F-22s taking off ]

Aram: Sir, you got to see this. I just got confirmation that two F-22s were scrambled out of Wright-Patterson. They seem to headed toward The Factory.
Cooper: ETA to target?
Aram: Twenty-four minutes.
Cooper: Get Kat Goodson now.

Man: [ Dialing ] [ Beeping ] Braxton, accessing information now.

Red: [ Air hissing ] One. [ Air hissing ] Two. [ Air hissing ] Three. [ Beeping ]
Liz: 650 PSI. A few more, and the boiler blows. So, when are you gonna tell me the truth?
Red: What truth?
Liz: About why you came here– the blackmail file, the Fulcrum.
Red: I can’t allow Braxton to get it.
Liz: Why? What difference does it make to you if he gets it and exposes this–
Red: Cabal? The Group believes I have it. It’s one of the reasons I’m still alive.
Liz: So, if Braxton gets it, they’ll know you don’t have it, and they’ll kill you – is that it?
[ Rapid beeping ]
Red: What’s the number?
Liz: 680. So that’s what this is about – this whole thing? Protecting yourself?
Red: It may be hard for you to imagine, but I once had a relatively normal life– bills to pay, playdates, family, some friends, people to care about. Lost all that.
Liz: Lost how?
Red: In Mexico, there are these fish that have colonized the freshwater caves along Sierra del Abra.They were lost. They found themselves living in complete darkness. But they didn’t die.
Instead, they thrived. They adapted. They lost their pigmentation, their sight, eventually even their eyes. With survival, they became hideous.♀ I’ve rarely thought about what I once was.
But I wonder if a ray of light were to make it into the cave, would I be able to see it? Or feel it? Would I gravitate to its warmth? And if I did, would I become less hideous?♀ I didn’t want you to come here, follow me here.♀ Because the truth is if I don’t stop Braxton, what he’ll discover is that he can’t get the Fulcrum without you.
[ Beeping ] [ Pounding ]
Liz: What does that mean, “Without me”?

[ Alarm blaring ] [ Commandos barge in, shooting. Gunfight ]

Red: Get out of here! [ Blaring continues ] [ πŸ’₯ExplosionπŸ’₯ ]

Braxton: What the hell is that?
Man: We’re offline.
Braxton: Get down to the server room, see what’s going on.

[ Liz coughing ] [ Sighs ] [ Red is out ]
Liz: Red? Reddington?! Breathe!
[ Exhales sharply ]
Oh, my God. Red, breathe.
[ Sniffling, breathing heavily ]
Breathe, you son of a bitch! [ Exhaling sharply ]

Man: Down here– the boiler room!
[ Captures Liz. They don’t see Red ]
Man: Take her to Braxton.

Pilot: Paper-Dog, we are 10-zero minutes from primary target. Requesting authorization to arm and engage.

Cooper: You can’t let this happen.
Goodson: Don’t put this on me. You gave up that code.
Cooper: You have three federal agents and at least 40 innocent hostages in that facility.
Inmates included, over a hundred lives will be lost.
Goodson: I don’t agree with this course of action, but I understand it. We’re doing damage control because you couldn’t make the tough call.
Cooper: We don’t even know what Braxton’s after. What the hell is so important in that database that someone wants to kill all those people on the chance that he might get it? If you think I’m just gonna roll with this, you’re wrong.
Goodson: What are you gonna do? Go to the Post? The Times? This whole operation is deep black. It doesn’t exist. Every trace will be incinerated the moment Reddington’s a confirmed kill.
You know what happens to whistle-blowers– kooks, paranoid freaks. You’ll be a keynote speaker in their next woo-woo convention, and your people will be just as dead.

Man: Reddington, get up. You got to get up! Red!
Red: [ gasps, coughing ] Where is she? Where is she?

[β™« The Wright Brothers’ “Blood on My Name” plays:
There’s a reckoning a-coming and it burns beyond the grave
lead inside my belly…]

Braxton: Who the hell are you?
Man: The server’s gone. She blew it up. Carl is dead and so are the others.
Braxton: Get Beck and Wolcott on it.
Man: You don’t understand. The prisoners are loose. And if they find out we have a chopper en route, we’re gonna have a real problem. We need to go now.

[ β™« why you so afraid? when the fires, when the fires have surrounded you ]

Braxton: Where’s Reddington?
Liz: He’s dead.

[ β™« I’ve got blood on my name ]

Desmond: I count at least a dozen cells destroyed. We’ve got inmates in the southeast quad.
Red: You seem like a decent guy, Desmond. You should do something else for a living.
Desmond: I just told you the animals are loose. You can’t get to the Nest without going through them. They’re gonna kill you out there! What are you gonna do?
Red: I’m gonna get her back.
[ Shotgun cocks ] [ Indistinct shouting ] [ Alarm blaring ]

[ β™« not a spell gonna be broken with a potion or a priest ]

Guard: Hey! I’m talking to you! I’m gonna need that shotgun.

[ β™« how did your debts get paid? oh, Lazarus, why you so afraid? ]

Liz: It’s over. The server’s destroyed.
Man: Sir, we got reports of gunfire in the north hall. Now I can’t raise anyone on the comms.
Braxton: Reddington. Head him off. Get the chopper. Let Yousef handle the hostages.

[ β™« and your sacred stars won’t be guiding you
I’ve got blood I’ve got blo-o-o-o-od blood on my name ]

Pilot: Paper-Dog, ETA two minutes. Making final approach to target.

[ β™« mm-mmmm mm-mmmm it won’t be lo-o-o-ng till I’m dead and go-o-ne
it won’t be lo-o-o-ng ]

[ Gunfight. Red enters. Shotgun cocks. Liz points pistol at Braxton ]

[ β™« and the whole wide world coming after you
I’ve got blood I’ve got blo-o-o-o-od blood on my name ]

Red: All this, Luther, and you don’t even know what the hell you’re looking for.
Braxton: I know what it’s worth.
Red: It’s not what you think. It’s not a golden ticket. It’s a target on your back.
Braxton: I know all the stories, Red. [ Sighs ] I know where it was and I know when it disappeared. I know about the house, the fire, the girl.

Aram: [ Beeping ] Sir, I just got word. The missiles have been launched. Impact in 30 seconds.

Braxton: No wonder you came for her. She was there that night, wasn’t she? She’s the one?
Red: Shoot him. Shoot him!
[ Air rushing and whistling – πŸ’₯ Explosion πŸ’₯ ]

β‹™ Look Ahead:

Cooper: Reddington? Where is Keen?
Red: Braxton took her.
Red: You will make a mistake and when you do, I will be there.
Red: I want her back.
Dr Orchard: I need to take you back to that fire. Three two one.
Liz: [Gasps] My father! My father was there.

⬆ go to top

β™« “Blood on My Name”

β™« There’s a reckon’n a-coming
And it burns beyond the grave
Its lead inside my belly
Cause my soul has lost its way
Oh, Lazarus
How did your debts get paid?
Oh, Lazarus
Why your so afraid?

β™« When the fires, when the fires have surrounded you
With the hounds of hell coming after you
I’ve got Blood, I’ve got Blood On My Name
When the fires, when the fires are consuming you
And your sacred stars won’t be guiding you
I’ve got Blood, I’ve got Blood
Blood On My Name

β™« Not a spell gonna be broken
With a potion or a priest
When you’re cursed you’re always hoping
That a prophet would be grieved
Oh, Lazarus
How did your debts get paid?
Oh, Lazarus
Why your so afraid?

β™« Can’t you see I’m sorry
I will make it worth your while
Made a dead mans money
You can see it in my smile
Oh, Lazarus
How did your debts get paid?
Oh, Lazarus
Why your so afraid?

β™« When the fires, when the fires have surrounded you
And the whole wide world coming after you
I’ve got Blood, I’ve got Blood On My Name
When the fires, when the fires are consuming you
And your sacred stars won’t be guiding you
I’ve got Blood, I’ve got Blood
Blood On My Name

β™« Mmm-mmm
It wont be long
Til I’m dead and gone
It wont be long
Til I’m dead and gone

β™« Watch the fires rise under my skin
Down to the bone
Scorching my soul
Nowhere to run
Nowhere to run
Nowhere to run

β™« When the fires, when the fires have surrounded you
With the hounds of hell coming after you
I’ve got Blood, I’ve got Blood On My Name
When the fires, when the fires are consuming you
And your sacred stars won’t be guiding you
I’ve got Blood, I’ve got Blood On My Name

β™« When the fires, when the fires have surrounded you
And the whole wide world coming after you
I’ve got Blood, I’ve got Blood
Blood On My Name

Lyrics: “Blood On My Name” by The Wright Brothers http://bit.ly/1LQ1bIS
YouTube: Blood on my name – The Brothers Bright http://bit.ly/1PUWSSw

❌❌❌ END 2:9

༺✦ ⌘ ✦༻

πŸ”΄ 2:10 Luther Braxton – Conclusion

πŸ”΄ Script: 2:10 Luther Braxton – Conclusion

Last updated: 8/8/2015
Program originally aired 2/5/2015 in the US
Script with extras: http://wp.me/pDKwi-15A
Raw Scripts from Springfield [UK]: http://bit.ly/1Do56Zu
NBC Episode Summary: http://bit.ly/1LUu4TN

Created by: Jon Bokenkamp
Director: Michael Watkins
Writers: Jon Bokenkamp, Michael Ostrowski, Jim Campalongo, Kristen Reidel, VincentAngell


Script 2:10 Luther Braxton – Conclusion

Blurb: Convinced she can lead him to the Fulcrum, Luther Braxton has captured Liz and is going to use a doctor to retrieve her memories. Red is hot on his trail. He too wants to know what she remembers about a fire when she was 4 years old. Second part of two.

[The black site has been hit by a missile]
[ Air rushing and whistling ] [ Breathing heavily ] [ Gunshots ] [ Metal clanging ] [ Grunting ]
Ressler: Hang on, hang on! You’re not gonna die today. Hang on.
[ Gasps ] [ Panting ] [ Groans ]
Ressler: Okay, okay. Come here.
[ Coughs ]
Ressler: Okay? All right. Let’s get the hell out of here. Come on, come on.
[ Cellphone beeps ] [ Radio static ]

Cooper: What do we have?
Aram: Satellite imagery confirms The Factory’s been hit and is burning. All communications are down. No audio or video in or out.
Cooper: Where are you on Search and Rescue?
Goodson: I have no authorization to dispatch the Coast Guard.
Cooper: My people are on that rig.
Goodson: That rig was a level-10 detention facility. It does not exist. It never existed.
Cooper: If you think I’m gonna let you and The Director cover your asses at the expense of the lives of my people, then you’ve got another –
Goodson: Off the record – The Factory was bombed to prevent those terrorists from getting their hands on vital national secrets. On the record – this incident never occurred.
Cooper: Look, if you’re not interested in the detainees, fine. But there are over 75 people who work for you who are gonna drown and burn if you do nothing. If you don’t contact Search and Rescue, I will.
Goodson: Do that, Agent Cooper, and you will be relieved of duty. Without confirmation of survivors, is it really worth making that call?

Ressler: Reddington! Where’s Keen?
Red: Braxton took her.
Ressler: Are any of these comms working?
Samar: That walkie has a range of a thousand yards at the most.
Ressler: Unassisted, yeah, but a dipole antenna array will boost the signal.
Red: This rig is sinking. If we can’t make contact, anyone here who doesn’t burn is gonna drown.
Ressler: You said Braxton took Keen. Why?

Liz: Where am I? Where are Agents Ressler and Navabi? Did they make it?
Braxton: Don’t know. Don’t care. How does it feel to have something people are willing to die for locked up in that pretty little head of yours?
Liz: I don’t know anything.
Braxton: We’ll see.

[ Elevator bell dings ]
Nurse: Look, I don’t know who gave you clearance to land, but we’re closed to traum –
Voice: [ Muffled ] He’s got a g –

Aram: Sir, I’ve been monitoring flights in and around the Norton Sound with proximity to The Factory. The FAA picked up an aircraft entering Juneau airspace ID’d as a private medevac chopper. The FAA doesn’t require flight plans or passenger manifests for medevac choppers.
I think that’s how Braxton plans to disappear.
Cooper: Where did they land?
Aram: Grace River Hospital.
Cooper: Get a tac unit there and notify the hospital. Make sure they have Braxton’s mug shot.
[to Goodson] That incident you insist didn’t occur, it just came to shore.
Cooper: Okay, listen up. Juneau PD was unable to apprehend Braxton, but he was positively ID’d. I want surveillance feeds from every camera within 10 blocks of that hospital.

Aram: Sir, the Coast Guard– they’re picking up a signal from The Factory. That’s some kind of SOS.
Cooper: Survivors. [ To Goodson ] I’m making that call whether you like it or not.

Voice from helicopter: We’re on final approach. We need a head count on survivors.
Ressler: Helo Two. Helo Two. Emergency message, plus three.
[ Bad guy ‘s gun cocks, to Red: ] You’re not going anywhere.
[ Desmond shoots bad guy ]
Desmond: Let’s go.

[ Liz is being waterboarded; whimpers ]
Interrogator: I’m hitting a wall.
Braxton: She’ll talk.
Interrogator: Oh, no. She’s talking. Told me everything she remembered, which is nothing.
Braxton: You saying she wasn’t there?
Liz: [ Grunting loudly ]
Interrogator: I’m saying if she was there, she’s repressed her memory – buried it so deep that I can’t even get her to talk about it.
Liz: [ Gagging ]
Braxton [to Liz]: The Fulcrum. Where is it?
Liz: [ Coughing ]
Braxton: I envy you – your ability to block a horrible memory. I needed help to do that. Lucky for me, the person who helped me forget is gonna help you remember.

Dr Selma Orchard to son: Max, I’m not gonna tell you to pick up your dominoes again. Come on. We got to go. We’re late. Max? Max?
Braxton: Hey, Doc. Remember me?
Orchard: Braxton. [ Gasps ] Max, it’s gonna be okay. It’s gonna be okay.
Braxton: I don’t know, Doc. Depends on you.
[ Muffled whimpers, screams ]

Orchard: What do you want?
Braxton: Let’s go for a ride.

Braxton: The princess here has something in her head that I want. It’s a memory. Now, you helped make all my memories go away. You made Khafji disappear. Boom! [ Gasps ] Just like a magic trick. I’m thinking, if you were able to bury one of my memories, then you can retrieve some of hers.
Orchard: No. It’s not that simple.
[ Cellphone beeps ] Max: Mom, they- they said they won’t hurt me if you do what they say, so please, mom, plea–
Orchard: Max. Don’t hurt him. Don’t you hurt him.

Liz: Guys, there are people looking for me. If they find me, they’ll find you.
[ Gagging ] [ Moaning ]
Braxton [to Dr Orchard]: Now you are going to go into her head, and you’re going to retrieve a memory.
If you do that, if you help me, you’ll be helping Max. Do I make myself clear?
[ Gasps ] [ Cellphone ringing ]
Give him a list of everything you’re gonna need.
Braxton: Sebastian, brother. I didn’t think you made it out.
Red: He didn’t. I did.
Braxton: [ Laughs ] Oh, man. This is just like Belgrade, huh, boyo? Whatever you want, I get.
Red: This is nothing like Belgrade.
Braxton: What was the name of that kid? You know, the one you had running point? I wish I could have been there when you opened that closet door and found him hanging by your necktie.
His name was Henkel.
Henkel! That’s right. Kid was a talker.
Red: You’re out of your depth, Luther. You don’t know the people you’re dealing with. You’re a fine thief – meticulous and careful – but this is different. You’re improvising, and you and I both know thinking on your feet is not your strong suit, Luther. You will make a mistake, and when you do, I will be there to indulge in the undeniable pleasure and sweet satisfaction of “I told you so.”
Braxton: Well, you better hurry. ‘Cause your girlfriend, the princess, she’s got the answers in her head that I’m looking for, and I found a way to get them out.

[ Cellphone beeps, car door opens ]
Samar: I spoke with Cooper. The Coast Guard pilots who transported us are being debriefed. As far as the rest of the world is concerned, you are presumed missing.
Red: You need to look for any known associates of Braxton’s with psychiatric medical training – neurologists, psychiatrists, pharmacologists –
Samar: Wait. Slow down.
Red: Braxton is trying to extract a memory from Agent Keen. He will do so by any means necessary. He’s likely contacted someone for that purpose already. Find out who that someone is.
Samar: What memory?
Red: A memory she has no memory of.

[ Meeting of shady alliance (The Cabal). Various persons w different accents ]
You said you had the situation under control.
Director: I do.
The strike on the factory was unsuccessful.
And now we have survivors to contend with.
Not to mention the incident at the public hospital.
Director: The missile strike will be made public. It will be blamed on, uh, inmate uprising, which got out of hand. Enemy combatants took the facility, executed staff, and were preparing to escape. We unfortunately had no other choice but to act aggressively. Loss of life, although tragic, was unavoidable.
Director, is there any accounting for Reddington? Or the Fulcrum?
Director: We will have the Fulcrum in our hands very shortly.
Director: I have a team working on it as we speak.

Cooper: Welcome back.
Aram: Sir, sir, I think I found a doctor with a connection to Braxton. [ To Samar, hugs ] You’re safe.
Aram: Uh, w– uh, what about Mr. Reddington?
Samar: He’s, uh, pursuing his own leads.
Cooper: Aram, the doctor?
Aram: Yes, right. Uh, sorry. Okay. Her name is Dr Selma Orchard. She’s an attending in neurology at Walter Reed and was part of a team that discovered a gene that makes it possible to erase memories.
Cooper: I’m sorry. Erase memories?
Aram: Yeah, the gene is known as TET1, and it’s critical to a process called memory extinction, where painful events are replaced with more positive associations. She was at Walter Reed.
Ressler: Was Braxton a soldier there?
Aram: First Gulf War. He was part of a friendly fire incident with multiple casualties in Khafji. I assume he brought this home with him. Orchard must have treated him at some point for this.
Cooper: Selma Orchard – Find her now.

Dr Orchard: [ To Liz ] It’s called recovered memory therapy. I’m going to use a combination of hypnotherapy and pharmaceuticals to put you into a lucid, waking dream state. My field is in blocking trauma. Extracting it, there are probable risks.
Liz: You don’t have to do this.
Orchard: I’m going to give you a sedative. The mind turns things off for a reason. I found that what the mind fights, the body tries to fight, too. I need you relaxed. This is for your own safety. He told me I need to take you back to a fire 26 years ago.
[ Whimpering ] [ Sobbing ]
Liz [ Sobbing ]: I don’t want to go back.
Orchard: I’m sorry.

[ Police radio chatter ]
Ressler: PD says there’s no sign of forced entry or foul play, but Orchard never showed up for work.
Samar: I just got off the phone with the boy’s school. He never showed up, either.
Ressler: Braxton has them.
[ Dialing ]

Dr. Orchard: Elizabeth, I want you to close your eyes. Now I want you to relax all of the muscles in your body. Pretend that you can float. As you float, all of the tension leaves your body.
Tension floats, too, but it floats away from you. Now I want you to breathe in …
[ Inhales ]
… and out.
[ Exhales ]
Orchard: Good. All of the tension is floating away. You can’t even feel it anymore. All you can feel is yourself, making the image of yourself clearer and clearer. Focus on that image of yourself. Only it’s not you today. It’s you 26 years ago. You can almost picture her, that little girl. I’m gonna ask the little girl to open her eyes. Are you ready? Three two one. … What do you see?
Liz: A little girl hiding.
β‹˜ Voices from past will be italicized β‹™
Man: Okay, stay here, sweetie. No matter what happens, you need to stay here and not come out until I come get you. Understand?
Orchard: Are you with her?
Liz: Yes.
Woman: Where is she? Hey, what’s your bunny’s name?
I’m not leaving without Masha.
Man: She’s not going back with you. I know you’re scared, but it’s okay. Lizzie? Can you hear me?
[ Indistinct shouting ]

Red [to group of people gathered]: Thank you for coming on such short notice. Time is of the essence, so I’ll skip introductions. I’ve asked you all here because you all have one thing in common – you all have business with Luther Braxton. As rewarding as those relationships may have been, they’ve come to an end. Mr. Braxton has started something he cannot finish. He’ll likely reach out to one of you for help. When he does, you will contact me at the number I have provided. Questions? Good.
Man: What’s in it for us?
Red [turning around]: Life.

Cooper: Where are we on Dr Orchard?
Aram: Nowhere. Uh, if Braxton did abduct her, he didn’t leave a trace.
Cooper: And Reddington?
Samar: I’m pretty sure if he had a lead we would have heard from him.
Ressler: Metro PD just called in a possible visual on Braxton near Anacostia. He saw him get into a van with a couple of men an hour after Orchard’s abduction.
Cooper: Did they track it?
Ressler: No, the patrolman was on foot. The van left before he could flag the plate.
Cooper: Get to Anacostia and canvass the neighborhood. Knock on every door. If Braxton was there to meet with someone, I want to know who.
[ Cellphone ringing ]
Cooper: Cooper. … Hello, Dr. Levin. … Did you get the results? … At your office?

[ Liz Grunting ]
Dr Orchard: This is not gonna work like this. These drugs, she could become hypertensive, develop an arrhythmia.
Braxton: I gave you everything you asked for.
Well, we should have an anesthesiologist or an ER doc here to titrate her meds. I told you there are risks.
Braxton: Well, then take the risks. It’s either her or your boy.
[ Liz gasping ] [ Liz Sighs deeply ]
Orchard: What’s happening, Elizabeth? Tell me.
[ Liz Slurring ]
Liz: They’re shouting.
Who? What are they saying?
Where is she?!
Woman: Listen, you’re in trouble.
Man: Because of you!
Don’t be afraid.
You told her.
Woman: Yes, I did. I told her.
Come on! Wait! Come on! Lizzie. Come on.
β™« dashing through the snow in a one-horse open sleigh – o’er the fields we go
Come on!
laughing all the way [ Both laugh ]
Wh-where’d he go? Where’d he go?
I don’t know.
[ Laughs ]

Braxton: What’s happening?
Dr. Orchard: She might be having a tangent memory. Her brain is trying to replace a bad memory with a good one.
Over there! Here!
Woman: Catch me.
β™« jingle bells, jingle bells – jingle all the way
β™« oh, what fun it is to ride
Lizzie, wait!
β™« in a one-horse open sleigh

Dr Orchard: What is it? What do you see?
Stay here. Don’t go anywhere.
[ Indistinct shouting ]
What are they fighting about?
It’s a secret.
Who’s Masha?
You are.
Woman: Instead they framed Masha.
Don’t go out there.
You can’t go out there.
Young Liz: [ Echoing ] Turn around, Lizzie! Go back!
Young Liz: No! No! Don’t! Daddy said not to come out!
[ Young Liz turns around, runs screaming ]
[ Liz gasps, hyperventilates, grunting loudly ]

[ Monitor beeping rapidly ]
Orchard: Okay, we’re done. Her blood pressure’s through the roof. She’s in v-tach. She needs lidocaine.
[ Grunting continues ]
Braxton: What do you think you’re doing?
Orchard: You won’t find what you’re looking for if she’s dead.
Liz: [ Gasps ] My father. My father was there!

Red: What have you got?
Man: Braxton contacted me right after you left.
Red: What’s this?
Man: Wiring instructions to an offshore account. I’m not giving you this information. I’m selling it.
Red: Let me clarify the situation. Braxton is holding a hostage. I want her back. Every second you waste reduces the chances of that happening.
Man: I appreciate your urgency.
Red: I don’t think you do.
Man: But I’m not telling you anything until we agree on a price.

Samar: I have units covering the southwest sector, so start at the north end of the 700 block and work your way back. Anything?
Ressler: Two eyewitnesses confirm Braxton met with a Wilson Bishop. I had Aram run his profile. Turns out he’s a third-year med student at Johns Hopkins.
Samar: What does Braxton want with a med student?

Liz: Your son, what’s his name?
Dr Orchard: His name is Max. He’s nine years old.
Liz: I’m sorry. I’m sorry you got dragged into this.
Dr Orchard In the dream, your father – you said he was there?
Liz: The girl, she called him “Daddy.”
Dr Orchard: Did you see anything else or hear anything else?
Liz: The little girl stopped me. It’s like she has some kind of a secret. But I’m the girl.
Dr Orchard: The girl’s a piece of your subconscious is trying to prevent you from becoming aware of what happened that night.
Liz: I have no recollection of my mother or my father – not their faces, nothing. [ Sighs ] All I know – or think I know – is that my father gave me this. [ shows her scar ]

Man: You can relax. An extra 15 seconds won’t make a difference either way.
[ Tablet chirps ] It’s done.
Red: Speak.
He needed a place to meet someone, someplace out of the way.
Red: The address?
Man: [ Grunts. Red hits his face savagely with his fist. ]
Woman: [ Gasps ] [ Exhales ] No, no.
Red: He’s right. An extra 15 seconds probably won’t change anything, hmm? [ hits him once more.]
[ Woman gasps ]

[ Cellphone ringing ]
Orchard: Yes?
Max: Mom? Mommy?
Orchard: Max!
Max: Mom?
Orchard: Max, hi. Are you okay, baby? Where are you? Everything’s gonna be okay. I love you.
Max: I love you.
Braxton: You have till 9:00. If I don’t find out what the agent knows by then, you’ll never see your boy again.
Orchard: Wait. Wait! Damn it!
Liz: It’s gonna be fine.
Orchard: It’s too dangerous.
Liz: Something happened that night, something people are willing to kill to find out, and whatever it was involved my father. I’m not doing this for Braxton or for you. I’m doing it for me. I need to know the truth.

The Director: [ Sighs ] Where is it?
Braxton: I’ll have it to you by 9:00.
Director: I thought you said you had it already.
And I do. I wanted that Fulcrum in my hands before I negotiated with you.
Need I remind you that the price had already been set?
That was before you volleyed missiles at me and my men. Now the price has gone up.
Director: Mr. Braxton, I don’t think you fully appreciate the power of the people who have engaged your services.
Braxton: Well, if they’re that powerful, then I’m sure they can afford an extra 10%. Go find the money, chief. You do that, and I’ll have what you want by 9:00. Hey, I want you to call me just as soon as you get confirmation of funds.

Braxton: [ On phone ] Nah, we’re gonna get the intel out of that girl’s head, even if I got to drill a hole in her skull and hang her upside down. All right. Will do.
[ Gun cocks ]
Red: If you’re looking for your driver, he’s napping in the trunk.
Braxton: Son of a bitch.
Red: Luther, I never thought I’d enjoy having anything in my mouth as much as Petty Officer Virginia Sherman, but this [Laughing] My God! It tastes so good! I hesitate to swallow, and I certainly don’t want to spit it out. Oh, what the hell. I told you so. Elizabeth Keen. Where is she?
Braxton: I don’t know. Maybe she’s dead. Maybe you’re too late, boyo. Just like you were for, uh, Henkel in Belgrade.
Red: Can I let you in on a little secret about Belgrade? I barely remember it. I’d forgotten all about the Deutsche marks, and I don’t think I ever even met Henkel. Tell you the truth – I don’t think his name was Henkel. I don’t know who the hell he was, but this – this, I can promise you, I will always remember. Now get in the damn car.

Dr Orchard: Elizabeth, can you hear me? Nod if you can hear me. Good. Now follow my voice and tell me where you are.
Liz: The closet.
Orchard: What’s happening?
Woman: They’ll kill you if you don’t give it back to them.
Man: They’ll kill me if I do.

Liz: They’re arguing.
Orchard: What are they arguing about?
Woman: Did you really think I’d let it happen and I wouldn’t come for her?
Man: Hey, you know what? … The Fulcrum.

[ Cellphone beeps ]
Man: It’s the only thing keeping me alive.

[ Police radio chatter ] [ Doorbell chimes ]
Samar: Wilson Bishop, FBI.
Ressler: Come here. Come here!
Bishop: Hey, hey, hey, hey. What are you doing, man? What are you doing?
[ Both grunt ]
Ressler: Luther Braxton. We know you met with him.
Bishop: I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Ressler: You’re a resident at a hospital with access to all kinds of psychopharmaceuticals. We know you sold to him. He kidnapped an FBI agent.
Bishop: I don’t know anything about a kidnapping.
Ressler: He’s gonna use your drugs on that agent. She dies …
Bishop: He wanted diazoxide. Naloxone–
Samar: Where is he?
Bishop: He had me deliver equipment …
Samar: An address?!
Bishop: … for sedations.

Man: [ On phone ] Braxton, call me back. Where the hell are you?
[ Red and Dembe enter, subdue man. Gunfire erupts. They rush into place Liz is being “treated.” Red fires shot, taking down orderly. People scream in room ]
Red: Is she okay? I’m not gonna hurt you. Is she okay?

Samar: Aram, we found Wilson Bishop. We’re en route, and we need you to send units to Coal Chute and Spring.

[ Cellphone ringing ]
Red: Donald. I have information regarding Agent Keen’s abductor.
Ressler: We’re on her way to her now. We’re 10 minutes out.
Red: Well, Braxton was holding a young boy. His name is Max Orchard. My people have secured the boy, but you need to send a unit. Dembe will give you the address.
Dr Orchard: Max is my son.
Red: The FBI are on their way to him now.
Orchard: She’s still heavily sedated.
Red: What happened?
Orchard: But my son – Max.
Red: Your son is gonna be fine. Tell me about Agent Keen.
Orchard: She was undergoing a procedure called RM Therapy. Braxton was searching for a memory.
Red: Does she remember the past?
Orchard: Pieces.
Red: What pieces?
Orchard: A fire, an argument. She remembers something called the Fulcrum.
Red: Does she know where it is – the Fulcrum?
Orchard: No. But we were close.
Red: If she continued, would it be dangerous for her? Could she be harmed in any way?
Orchard: It’s hard to say. She’s been through a lot. But typically, if the therapy is done properly and with great care, then no.
[ Indistinct shouting ]
Red: Can you see it? Can you hear me, Lizzie?
Woman: Take her to– I need you to tell me where it is.
Red: Where is the Fulcrum, Lizzie?
Liz: Let me go! Get away from me!
Red: Shh, shh, shh! You don’t want to see this.
[ Breathing heavily ]
Red: What you want to see, what you need to find is the Fulcrum. Where is it, Lizzie? Can you see it?
[ Gasping ]
Lizzie, turn around. Go back.
Woman: Stop! You don’t want to go in there.
Get away! Lizzie, turn around and go back.
Go back, go back.
[ Screams ]
Let go!
[ Gunshot ] [ Gasping ] [ Gasps ]

Red: What happened? What’d she see?
[ Haunting Russian lullaby plays ]
Liz to young Liz: : Listen to me. You have to say something. There’s a fire.
Liz to Young Liz: I know you saw something out there and you don’t want to go out there [Voice breaking] but you can’t stay here! You have to scream! Do you hear me? As loud as you can, you have to scream! You have to– [ Screams ] [ Both scream ] [ Wails ] [ Lullaby continues ]

Ressler: Hey! Hey. What the hell are you doing to her? What are you doing? Get her up. Wake her up now.
Orchard: Not now.
Ressler: Reddington. Reddington!
Orchard: It’s not safe.
Ressler: Wake her up now.
Orchard: Wait. Not now.
Ressler: You do what you have to do. You do it now!
Orchard: Wait.

[ Man shown trying to get up from floor amidst fire ]
Young Liz : Daddy! No!
[ Man shown taking Liz by hand, leading her. Liz reaches out arm. Burn appears. Three or four men shown leaving burning house ]

Liz: [ Opens eyes, says to Red ] You were there. You were there, weren’t you?
Red: Yes.
Liz: There were people with the woman, looking for it. The Fulcrum. You were one of them.
Red: It’s not that simple.
Liz: But that’s why you were there. That’s why you came into my life then. And that’s why you’re here now. Not because of me or who I am to you, whatever connection we might have, but because of some object. Some thing.♀
Red: Whatever you remember –
Liz: What I remember is leaving my father dying on the floor of a burning house. [ Sniffles ] There’s no way he could have survived that.
Red: Lizzie, the memories of a four-year-old are unreliable.
Liz: My father was killed because of the Fulcrum, because you and your people came for it that night. Well, I want you to know something. This charade of you pretending to care about me was a waste of your time because I don’t know where it is.♀ [ Echoing ] Don’t!

Max: Mommy.
Dr. Orchard: Max! Ahh! [ Gasps ] Oh. [ Sobbing ] [ Smooching ] Are you okay? Are you okay? Are you okay? Look at you. Oh, thank God.

Director [on cell phone ]: Mm-hmm. I’m meeting with Braxton within the hour. Yes, of course I’ve discussed contingencies regarding Reddington with all of our colleagues. [Sees Braxton’s body hanging overhead] I’m going to have to call you back.
Red: You wouldn’t believe how much he weighs. Sit.
Director: Do you have any idea who I am?
Red: [ Chuckles ] Yes. I know just what you are. Sit the hell down.
Director: I’ve alerted security.
Red: You seem younger in person than you appear to be when lurking in the background on television. Are you a swimmer? [ Chuckles ]
Director: I’m someone not to be trifled with.
Red: Mm. Then we have something in common. You hire a simple thief to find the Fulcrum because you believe I don’t have it. So I return him to you, defects and all, to make it abundantly clear that you should never again doubt who I am and what I have.
Director: I know exactly who you are. A thug. You may have convinced some of my colleagues that you are a force to be reckoned with, but I do not share that assessment. So consider yourself warned. We will not hesitate to use every resource at our disposal. Whatever it takes we will cripple you.
Red: I don’t think you have any real comprehension of the depth and breadth of your vulnerability. But only the one who possesses the Fulcrum could possibly fathom that.
Director: I think you’re bluffing. I don’t think you have it. I don’t think you ever did.
Red: Try me. Call my bluff. Please. Call my bluff. [ Chuckling ] Oh, my God. I don’t know what the hell you’re gonna do with him. Honestly, he’s like a damn side of beef.

[ β™« “Baptisms” playing ] … back when I used to wander I was always out looking for signs …

Ressler: You’re not gonna believe this.
Samar: What is it?

Goodson [on TV]: This morning, there was an attempted takeover of a US detention camp in the Norton Sound. We believe that the timing of this uprising was set to coincide with the transfer of international fugitive Raymond Reddington.
[On TV] Woman: Are you saying that he was responsible for the breach? Man: How did he orchestrate an attack if he was in custody? Woman #2: Did he succeed? Man #2: Is Reddington in your custody now?
Goodson: I-I’m not going to be taking any questions right now, but I can confirm that the whereabouts of Raymond Reddington are unknown.

β™« Hold me to light, let me shine
Come hold me to the floor and say it’s alright
Come hold me ‘neath the water’s skin until I’m new again
And I said what I was thinking: now you can’t see what’s good ’til it’s gone
Then there’s something to be said for a place to lay your head…

Dr. Orchard: Thank you for meeting me.
Liz: You said it was urgent?
Orchard: I didn’t mean to alarm you, but I thought you should know that during the RM Therapy, when you were under, I saw something.
Liz: So, what? What does that mean?
Orchard: Based on how you responded Liz, I don’t think I’m the first one who’s looked into your memory.
Liz: No. I’ve never been treated.
Orchard: You may not remember. You may have been very young. But I think someone may have tried to block your memory of that fire.
Liz: [ Scoffs ] I didn’t make it up.
Orchard: The people and the events may have been there, but in different roles.I know this is difficult to comprehend.
Liz: Are you telling me I may never know what really happened that night?
Orchard: I’m telling you that the only people who could tell you what really happened are the people who want you to forget.♀

β™« And, they’ll come clean us, we’ll both live again
These days I barely wander, and I don’t need no more of them signs
I’ll just breathe in all that air and be happy that it’s there.
and they’ll come clean us we’ll both live again

[ Fabric ripping ] [ Liz takes her stuffed bunny and begins ripping at it, instinctively. She finds a small box (the Fulcrum?), opens it. To me it looks like a computer chip, but could be a micro-recording device, or even microfiche. (The box looks like a tiny version of the Sorrento music box that Red built.) A look of childlike happiness takes over Liz’s face… ]

⬆ go to top

“Baptisms” By Radical Face

β™« Back when I used to wander, I was always out looking for signs
But they were never there, so I’d pull ’em from the air
We all believed in something, but like you I can’t say why
It’s just a whisper in our ear, or a bottle for our fears

β™« Hold me to light, let me shine
Come hold me to the floor and say it’s alright
Come hold me ‘neath the water’s skin until I’m new again

β™« And I said what I was thinking: now you can’t see what’s good ’til it’s gone
Then there’s something to be said for a place to lay your head
You told me I was simple, and you injured me with that piece of my mind
And I listened to the creek and it did much more for me

β™« I’ll hold you to the light, let you shine
I’ll hold you against the floor and say it’s alright
’cause down beneath the water’s skin where we will swim
And there’s diamonds on the surface then
And, they’ll come clean us, we’ll both live again

β™« These days I barely wander, and I don’t need no more of them signs
I’ll just breathe in all that air and be happy that it’s there.

Song: Baptisms by Radical Face
YouTube: http://bit.ly/1zHPSgY
Lyrics: http://bit.ly/1C6ee4W

❌❌❌ END 2:10

༺✦ ⌘ ✦༻

πŸ”΄ 2:11 Ruslan Denisov

πŸ”΄ Script: 2:11 Ruslan Denisov

Last updated: 8/8/2015
Program air date: 2/12/2014 in the US
Script with extras: http://wp.me/pDKwi-DM
Source: Raw Scripts from Springfield [UK]: http://bit.ly/1Do56Zu
NBC Episode Summary: http://bit.ly/1JexgMm

Created by: Jon Bokenkamp
Director: Andrew McCarthy
Writers: Jonathan Shapiro, Lukas Reiter, Jon Bokenkamp


Script 2:11 Ruslan Denisov

Blurb: Red, Liz and Ressler travel to Uzbekistan, where the CIA has spies masquerading as clergy and is covering up the crimes of a U.S.-based oil company. The man Liz hired to guard Tom is questioned by a detective.

[ Men chanting in native language ] [ Church bell tolls ] [ Indistinct shouting ]
Denisov: You lie.
[ Breathing heavily ]
Denisov: Would a simple servant of God have this? You’re no more a priest than I am. Here’s your burning bush. So talk to your God.
[ Keypad beeps ] [ Ringing ]
Burke: This is Burke. OP-SEC 3828. We have a situation.

[ Knock on door ]
Mrs Susan Ames: Officer Collins.
Wilcox: Martin Wilcox. We spoke on the phone.
Mrs Ames: Of course. Detective, thanks for coming.
Collins: Susan, this is Detective Wilcox with Metro PD. I’ve brought him up to speed.
Wilcox: Mrs. Ames, we’ll do whatever we can to find your husband.
Mrs Ames: Thanks. Eugene disappears sometimes to Atlantic City, once to Vegas, but he always calls, and he’s never gone for more than a few days.
Wilcox: And I understand there’s some incident that happened before his absence –
Mrs Ames: Eugene came home. He said he got an anonymous tip about trespassers over by one of the marina docks. The Lieutenant went to check it out, came back about an hour later, said he got the scare of his life. He ran into an FBI agent on one of the old ships, said she pulled out a gun as he was boarding.
Wilcox: An FBI agent?
Mrs Ames: Said the FBI was looking for two fugitives who escaped Cumberland the night before. If something happened to Eugene, it’s got to be one of them. Don’t you think? This agent he spoke with –
Wilcox: Is there any chance your husband got a name?
Mrs Ames: He did better than that. She gave him a card.
Wilcox: [ Reading ] Special Agent Elizabeth Keen.

Aram [holds the tiny wooden box]: I’ve never seen anything like it.
Liz: What is it?
Aram: I don’t know. It was –
Liz: I think it contains some kind of message.
Aram: Where’d you get it?
Liz: I need you to see if you can figure out what it is, how it works.
Aram: There are people who are far more qualified at this kind of thing than me.
Liz: But none that I know and trust.
[ Footsteps approaching ]
Red: I hope I’m interrupting.
Liz: Yes.
Aram: No. No.
Red: You’re not answering your phone.
Liz: So leave a message.
Red: Dembe did. Two, in fact. We have a new case, Agent Keen.
Liz: Then tell Cooper.
Red: That’s not how this works.
Aram: I think I left my soup in the microwave. Lobster bisque. [leaves]
Liz: I know exactly how this works. You lie, say what you need to say to make me believe you actually care –
Red: That’s not true.
Liz: You’re after the Fulcrum. It’s why you’re here. Not to help me or protect me or whatever spin you’re selling today. Well, I’m not buying it. From this point on, there’s no reason for us to talk unless it’s about the work.
Red: Fine. Then let’s work. I think you’ll find today’s most intriguing story on page 20, bottom-left corner.
Liz: [ Reading ] “According to Uzbek authorities, Father Aleksandr Nabiyev, a local priest in the Tashkent Region of Uzbekistan”– You’re intrigued because a priest was kidnapped?
Red: No. I’m intrigued because the priest is not a priest. From what I hear, the good Father Nabiyev is an agent of the CIA. That’s a crime, Agent Keen. Going back to the Cold War, the CIA has a long and controversial history of using religious figures as spies in violation of executive orders, internal CIA policy, and promises made by every president since Ford.
Liz: And you know who kidnapped this agent?
Red: I do. Unfortunately, he’s an associate of mine. His name is Ruslan Denisov. He commands a nasty, little band of separatists known as SRU. Translated, they are the supreme republic of a free, righteous, and independent Uzbekistan. I told Ruslan it was a bit much, but he can be quite melodramatic, not to mention violent and entirely unreasonable. Politics are his passion, and to fund his separatist agenda, he’s become something of an abduction mogul, specializing in senior executives of foreign corporations working in or passing through the region. He holds them for ransom at prices far above market standard.
Man: [ Flashover ] Your company has made it clear it has no interest in paying for your release. [bang]
Liz: And you do business with this man?
Red: Don’t underestimate the usefulness of a nasty band of armed separatists. But lately, Ruslan’s been breaking promises. His temper has cost me and my partners considerably more than he’s worth.
Liz: So everybody wins. You help us rescue the agent, we eliminate a thorn in your side.
Red: Careful on this one, Lizzie. You have more than just a blacklister to worry about this time. The CIA will do whatever it takes to keep this quiet.

Aram: Richard Gagnon, Executive VP for a French video-component manufacturer. Here he is before he was taken [ Keyboard clacking ] and here he is the day SRU released him in exchange for $2 million cash.
Liz: We have a list of over 30 victims.
Samar: I don’t understand. This guy makes a fortune taking corporate execs. Now he takes a CIA agent. Why change the business model?
Let’s find him and ask.
Aram: I’m sorry, but people’s faith is sacred. Religion should be off-limits to spies. Wouldn’t work in my country.
Yeah, well, the Agency knows the law, so they’ve gone this far, something big is going on in that area.

Wright: It’s a simple question, Mr. Heyworth. Is Father Nabiyev an operative of the CIA or not? Heyworth: We all know that would be illegal.
Wright: That’s not an answer to my question.
Heyworth: Not to my knowledge.
Cooper: Look, I didn’t call this meeting to make a case against the Agency. We’re here because I have an informant who I think can help get your man back safely.
Heyworth: If he were our man – and I’m saying “If” – the Agency would prefer to handle this on its own.
Wright: If an American citizen’s been kidnapped overseas, that’s FBI jurisdiction. If he’s your asset, I can keep you involved. If not, you’re out. Agent Cooper, your task force will run point on the investigation and any hostage negotiations.
Cooper: My people can leave tonight.

Liz: Commander Kushan. I’m Agent Keen. This is Agent Ressler. On behalf of the Bureau, we appreciate your help.
Kushan: Let me be very clear, Agent Keen. It is you who are here to help me. This is an Uzbek military operation.
Liz: All due respect, sir, an American citizen has been abducted.
Which is why we have extended the courtesy of our invitation. But you will not be negotiating with Ruslan Denisov, and you will not be negotiating with me. And you will turn over your firearms. If that’s a problem and you wish to return to your country –
No. No problem.
My men will escort you to your hotel.
Liz: We’re being watched.
Ressler: I didn’t notice him. I was too busy checking out Hugo Boss on the corner. Whoever he is, he isn’t a fed. That suit wasn’t bought on a government salary.
[They enter restaurant]
Red: The other one, the watercolorist, she – legs like a shot-putter. She gets me in this headlock. I black out. Next thing I know, I wake up, no sheets, vaseline everywhere. The lipstick on the mirror overhead reads, “Same time next year?” I haven’t missed an art expo in Basel since. Lizzie! Please excuse me.
Liz: What are you doing here?
Red: I promised to help. I can’t be an effective resource if I’m thousands of miles from the action.
Liz: It’s not safe. We just saw the CIA at the airport. They see you –
Red: I’ll be sure to say hello. Uzbekistan has no extradition treaty with the United States.
Who are your friends over there?
Go get cleaned up. We’ll have dinner. I know a wonderful little hole in the wall that’s actually in a hole in the wall.

[ Elevator bell dings ]
Ressler: What’s going on with you and Reddington? You two have a little lovers’ quarrel?
Liz: I don’t trust him.
Ressler: Reddington’s untrustworthy? Hmm.
[ Elevator creaks, thuds ]
Aah! Welcome to my country.
Denisov: The FBI in Uzbekistan – for a year, I tried to get your attention. Now here you are because the only thing Americans understand is violence.
Liz: If you know so much about Americans, you’d know that our government doesn’t pay ransoms to terrorists.
Denisov: One man’s terrorist, another man’s freedom fighter. I don’t want your money – not for myself, anyway. As you can see, business is good. I took your Agent Burke for another reason completely.
Burke – that’s his name?
Denisov: Almost 25 years ago, my country sold an American company, Anneca Oil, the rights to build a pipeline through Tashkent to Andijan Region. The price was absurd. The Uzbek people received a fraction of the value. Corruption – well, you know. These things happen, and I don’t care. But now, the pipeline is leaking.
Hundreds of villagers have been killed, hundreds more are sick, and the company does nothing. Our lawyers are no match for your wealthy attorneys. The American embassy looks away. The CIA is here, watching, doing nothing, reporting on any threats to your American interests.
Mr. Denisov –
Denisov: I took one of theirs. A vice president of Anneca Oil. I tell him that there are chemicals in the water that we drink, that our children bathe in. But he says no. The company did tests. The water is safe. So I did a test of my own. I give him back to you now to show you my good faith so you can show the others the truth. The negotiations for your Agent Burke begin tomorrow.

Liz [on phone]: We saw hostages, at least four. I don’t think Agent Burke was one, but he’s probably there.
We have got to find that compound.
That won’t be easy. The local army can’t even find them.
Well, we got your photo of the guy Denisov released – the Anneca VP – compared it to known company execs and got a match – Jeffrey Hanover.
How long ago was he taken?
That’s the thing. I don’t know. From what I can tell, Anneca never reported him missing.
You’re kidding.
They tried to handle it privately. If that pipeline is leaking, the last thing they want is attention.
Liz: Yeah, well, I’ll tell you one thing. Whatever it was eating at Hanover’s flesh, it wasn’t just water.

Female doctor: He should survive. His skin has been burned, corroded.
Ressler: And the chemicals?
Doctor: It’s certainly consistent with prolonged exposure to benzene and polycyclic hydrocarbons commonly associated with oil development.
Thank you, Doctor.

Agent Ressler. Dean Walker, EVP at Anneca. Just wanted to say thanks for bringing Jeff home.
It’s all part of the job.
Walker: I just flew in. Company sent me straightaway.
If there’s anything you need, I’m here to help.
Yeah, I doubt that. We saw you this morning watching us at the airport. How long have you really been here?
Three weeks. The company sent me to deal with Denisov, see if we could work something out.
Privately? Jeff’s family wanted it that way. They were afraid if the FBI got involved –
Maybe you’re the ones who were afraid.
Anneca’s got nothing to hide.
This leak Denisov keeps talking about –
He the one responsible. It’s a scam. His men sabotage the pipeline and then demand a fortune because the locals are getting sick.

Kushan: So this is how you respect my operation? I told you, you have no authority here.
Denisov contacted us.
Commander, I know this is your case, but if Denisov wants to talk to the FBI –
Not an option.
It’s an option if Denisov says it’s an option. He’s the one who’s holding an American hostage. Yes, a Frenchman, a German, and many others.
I’m sorry. You can’t order us not to talk to him.
I could arrest you and your partner for interfering in my investigation.
Ressler: What investigation? You’ve been tracking this guy and his group for over a year. He’s still abducting innocent people, holding them for ransom –
You and your partner will remain at the Tashlan Hotel under military guard.
If you try to leave, your stay in Uzbekistan will be a lot longer than you bargained for, hmm?

Red: Well, you certainly make friends fast. [ Ice cube clinks ] Truth is, I’m impressed. Not with you – with Ruslan.He never really struck me as a man of the people.
Ressler. The guy’s a psychopath. He’s in over his head. He doesn’t know anything about pipelines.
Red: Agent Keen is late.
Ressler: She’s having room service. What, are you in the doghouse?
Red: Oh, that’s a shame. She’s gonna miss the most tantalizingly delicious khorem baklava.
Ressler: Ruslan’s a criminal. Even if Anneca comes to the table, Denisov would have no idea what to ask for. The guy doesn’t even know enough to know what he wants. The lawyers would eat him for lunch.
Red: You may be right. When’s the next sit-down?
Ressler: Tomorrow morning.
Red: Well, given your new entourage, I gather you may need my help to attend.
Ressler: Actually, I think we’ve got that covered.

[ Elevator bell dings ] [ Elevator creaks, thuds ]
Liz: Mr. Denisov, thank you for your willingness to talk to us. The Bureau spoke with Anneca Oil, and the good news is, they want to fix this.
Denisov: That is good news. To be honest, I was a little worried. [ Parroting Donald talking to Red ] I mean, who am I? I’m just a criminal. I don’t even know enough to know what I want. I will not be negotiating this deal myself. I’ve decided to bring in a professional, someone to make sure that the company lawyers don’t eat me for lunch.
Red: Mr. Denisov, it is my pleasure to be here.
Denisov: Hello.
Red: My name is Raymond Reddington. [ To Liz & Ressler ] And you are?

Cooper: I’ve spoken to my agents. They assure me Agent Burke is alive.
Wright: So, where are we?
Cooper: My people are concerned. They were driven to a village less than 40 miles from the SRU compound. They saw the damage being done by the pipeline firsthand.
Heyworth (CIA): Wait. Your people know where the compound is located?
Cooper: They don’t know the exact location, but based on drive time and the terrain they encountered, we think the compound is somewhere near the southeast base of the Zarafshan Range.
Heyworth: We can have a black-ops team on the ground tonight.
Cooper: That would be a mistake. We don’t know with certainty if Agent Burke is even there.
Heyworth: I’m willing to take that chance.
Cooper: And destroy the trust they’re trying to build with Denisov as well as endanger the lives of those still on the ground?
Wright: I agree. At this point, a raid is premature. Agent Cooper, I’m assuming your informant can be of assistance on this one?
Cooper: From what I hear, he’s right at the center of this.
Wright: Then we stay the course for now.

Red: [ To Denisov ] I will see to it that every one of your interests and expectations are met or exceeded.

Liz: What the hell are you doing?
Red: I’m sorry. It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. Did I screw up already?
Liz: You’re not really gonna negotiate for Denisov, are you? You’re the one who insisted that our interaction be strictly professional. You gave us this case to help us get the agent back, not represent the other side.
Red: Agent Keen, in this world, there are no sides, only players.♀
Are we really supposed to sit here and hammer out a deal?
Red: Absolutely not. I was thinking we might get out for a bit. The first day of negotiation is rather like the first day of school.
Get out? Where?
Red: Let’s go on a field trip, shall we? [ Goat bleats ]

Denisov: What you’re smelling is benzene, a common pollutant in oil production. It’s in the air we breathe and the food we eat. This way. We boil all our water for drinking and add andrographis to counteract the toxins.
Does that work?
No. Carcinogens are ingested and cause melanomas, damage internal organs– lung, liver, and kidney failure.
Red: Somewhere, 6,000 miles away, a group of bean counters in a boardroom did a cost-benefit analysis and concluded that these people aren’t worth the cost of responsibly maintaining their pipeline.♀
Ressler: The exec I talked to, he said your men were sabotaging the pipeline. Said it was a scam.
Denison: My youngest brother died of benzene poisoning last year.
Red: So, who’s the hostage here, Agent Burke or these poor devils?
Ressler: Look, I don’t care what math they did. No company can ignore this. It’s bad for business.
Liz: Only if someone can prove the truth. Anneca spends a fortune on lobbyists to make sure that doesn’t happen. Maybe we can contact the State Department, see if they can apply some pressure, try and clean up this mess.
Red: And I can see to it that Agent Burke is released unharmed. See? No sides. Only players.

[ Cellphone rings ]
Wilcox: Agent Keen. I’m glad I caught you. You know, you’re not an easy woman to reach.
Liz: I’m sorry. Who is this?
Detective Martin Wilcox, Metro PD. Assistant Director Cooper’s office gave me your number. I hope I caught you at an okay time.
What’s up, Detective?
I’m looking into this missing-persons case. The vic actually works for the PD. It’s a Lieutenant Ames, DC harbormaster.
How can I help?
I heard that you two ran into each other up on one of the harbor rigs. It looks like you gave him one of your business cards.
Wilcox: Right. I think you said something about the FBI searching for fugitives out of Cumberland. Thing is, I-I’ve made a few calls, and nobody seems to know anything about it.
Well, that’s because it didn’t happen. It was a cover. I couldn’t share why with the Lieutenant at the time.
Is there any chance you can share it with me now? Might help me clear this case.
I’m sorry.
Wilcox: Well, you’re gonna have to tell me something. I mean, you being out there alone, drawing your weapon, giving a false story – it raises some questions.
Liz: I’ve already said more than I can say. May I ask – Lieutenant Ames – who reported him missing?
His wife. Married 32 years. :-(
Oh. Well, I hope you find him, Detective. Good luck.

[ Uzbek folk music plays ]
Liz: You told Ruslan the State Department was open to the idea of an inquiry.
Red: You haven’t touched your baklava.
Liz: You told him, and he’s not interested?
Red: Just one bite.
Liz: I didn’t come here for the baklava. I came here to talk about the negotiation.
[ Tango music plays ] [ Applause ]
Red: Ah. A Russian milonga. Watch closely, Lizzie. Everything you need to know about negotiation is there in the tango milonga.♀

We’ve got eyes on the SRU compound.
Heyworth: You spoke to Commander Kushan?
Yes, sir.
Heyworth: He understands we want this resolved tonight. I want full deniability for the Agency. Get out in public, far away when this happens. We’ve been ordered to stand down, but local authorities dealing with local issues – nothing we can do about that.

[ Tango music continues ]
Red: At the outset, they are opponents. Each has something the other wants. They size one another up, assessing risk, setting boundaries, challenging each other to breach them. A sensuous battle – violence and sex balanced on the blade of a knife. Nothing given that is not earned – nothing taken that is not given. This is the pure essence of negotiation. Not a poker game, but a milonga. A tango. A seduction.♀
Liz: What’s wrong?
Red: [ Sees CIA ] Everything.

[ CIA commandos attack compound, killing many of Denisov’s men ]
Commander, we have searched all the buildings. There is no sign of the hostages, including the American.

Liz: When exactly did this happen?
Cooper [on phone]: Last night around 2100 hours. Uzbek Special Forces are reporting a full-scale raid of the compound.
It was the CIA – the man in the restaurant, he wanted to be seen in public.
What about Burke? They went this damn far, they better have found him alive.
Samar: According to the official report, they haven’t found him at all.
It was an all-out assault. At least a dozen SRU fighters were killed by an army unit led by – Commander Kushan.
How the hell did he know how to find the compound?
Cooper: Heyworth. That son of a bitch was ordered to stand down.
[ Knock on door ]
Red: Who’s on the phone?
Red: Harold! Good. I want you to hear this.
Cooper: Reddington, you know this wasn’t our move.
Red: The CIA – The CIA did what the CIA does. I expected as much, which is why Agent Burke and the other hostages were moved from that compound. The question is why on earth you would share the compound’s location with the very people I advised you not to trust.
Cooper: I’ll deal with Heyworth.
Red: Oh, Heyworth is the least of your troubles now. I warned you about Denisov. I told you he was violent and unstable. How do you think he’ll react to losing a dozen of his men?
Cooper: You think he’ll kill Burke?
Red: I have no idea. But now I’m afraid Denisov may not trust me, and I certainly don’t trust you. The negotiations are over.

Denisov: I was stupid to trust you!
Red: Ruslan.
Denisov: I was stupid to think that they respected us or would deal with us fairly!
Red: Take a breath. I told you to move the hostages. You did. Your assets are intact.
Denisov: He [ prisoner ] was left behind at the compound, abandoned by his commander.
Red: Ruslan, he’s more valuable alive than dead.
Denisov: Not to me. [ Shoots him ]
Red: I hope that made you feel better.♀ Apparently not.
Burke [ Breathing heavily ]: Aah!
Denisov: The CIA killed you, you understand? They did this!
Red [ trying to distract Denisov ]: Sacrifice the bishop. ReykjaviΒ­k, ’72. God, I can remember it like it was yesterday. I was in Steven Bash’s rec room down in the basement, eating fried egg and bologna sandwich when he did it.
Denisov: Did what? Who did?!
Red: Bobby Fischer. It was game 13, move 50– rook takes bishop, B5. He sacrificed his bishop. [ Slaps leg ] That’s when Russia lost the Cold War.♀ It was staggering. Spasky had no answer because he had no endgame, and neither do you. When you capture and kill a CEO, you incur the wrath of a company. When you capture and kill a CIA agent, you incur the wrath of the US government. That’s boots on the ground, drones overhead. What will be your answer to that?♀
Denisov: My men were murdered. A message has to be sent.
[ Burke grunts ]
Red: You’re only seeing the next move. People have been pillaging your country’s resources since time began. Someone has to offer a better alternative. That someone could be you. Ruslan, there is an endgame here that you don’t yet see. But you see it, don’t you, Agent Burke?
Burke: I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Red: Denisov here is so blinded by anger, he thinks this problem started when he became aware of it.♀ But you and I both know that’s not true. Why don’t you tell us about Zhabin?
Burke: I don’t know anything.
Red: The CIA put you here for a reason. They violated their own policy and federal law to hide you among locals because there’s a secret they want to protect. Now tell us about Zhabin.
Burke: No.
Red: Make no mistake, Mr. Burke. My friend here is still making the bed he’ll have to lie in for the rest of his life. But my bed is made, and I assure you my bed accommodates a broad spectrum of behavior.♀ So you tell us what little you know about Zhabin, or I’ll put you in the ground myself. Give me the gun.
Burke: Leonid Zhabin – he’s the former cabinet minister, part of the old Soviet regime. Ran this whole region from the late ’70s to the early ’90s. A ruthless, corrupt, evil man. He gave Anneca the right to build the pipeline. And in return, he got a massive kickback and piece of the ownership interest. Possibly insane, very religious now, as if that can save him. All these sick people are his fault.

[ In confessional Zhabin mutters, asking God’s forgiveness ]
Red [in priest’s place]: Maybe he doesn’t like you. For you, I’m afraid absolution won’t be quite so easy to obtain. I need all the details of exactly how the Anneca Oil rights were sold – for how much, including gratuities, contingencies, and all the participants.
Zhabin: I want absolution in the next world, not a life in prison in this one.
Red: Understandable. But it’s the confession, not the priest, that gives us absolution.♀
[ Denisov holds Zhabin’s head under water in baptismal font ]
[ Gurgling, muffled shouting ] [ Gasping ]
Red: The US government says this isn’t torture. What do you think?♀
[ Gurgling ]
Zhabin: Let me talk, please.
Red: Look at yourself. Rich as Croesus, and you let Anneca Oil poison your own countrymen.
Zhabin: We didn’t just poison our countrymen. We killed them, hundreds of them.

Ressler: Looks like we’re hostages now, too.
Liz: Ressler, I think I’m in trouble.
Ressler: You think you –
Liz: I got a call from Metro PD. They’ve got a missing-persons case, the DC harbormaster. He showed up where I was holding Tom.
Ressler: Whoa, whoa. Whatever you’re about to confess, Keen, don’t.
Liz: I didn’t kill him. I didn’t. It was Tom.
Ressler: Tom? Why would Tom kill the one person in a position to rescue him?
Liz: To protect me. I realize how insane that sounds. I met the harbormaster the first time he showed up and gave him my card, told him I was there searching for two fugitives.
Ressler: You lied to him.
Liz: To explain why I was there I had no idea Tom would kill him. I tried to stop it.
Ressler: Was there witnesses? Somebody must have been watching Tom while you weren’t there.
Liz: There was someone.

Wilcox: Thanks for coming down.
Aleko [ guy who guarded Tom ]: Look, I don’t think I can help you. You can’t keep me here.
Take it easy. Nobody’s keeping you here.
Wilcox: Just want to ask you a few questions, then you’re free to go. Tell me about Elizabeth Keen.

[ Cellphone ringing ]
Liz: Where have you been?
Red: Good news. I’ve reconsidered our position. Negotiations will resume immediately.
Liz: Did you talk to Denisov?
?No questions.?
Liz: Burke’s dead, isn’t he?
Red: No. We have new evidence to present. There is one proviso, however. That mouthpiece from Anneca, the one you spoke to? Bring him along.
Liz: Wait, wait. We can’t leave. Kushan’s doubled the guards outside. It’s too risky.
Red: I may need to have a chat with this Commander Kushan. We’ll come to you. See you in an hour.

Aleko: We’ve been through this. I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Wilcox: Well you are Samuel Aleko, the same Samuel Aleko who was the custodian for an abandoned vessel docked in DC harbor, a rig called the Phoenix. Zebra mussels. Yeah, I got to say, Sam, I’ve seen guys tripped up by a lot of things, but zebra mussels? Yeah, that’s a first.
[ Papers rustling ]
Wilcox: Ah, there it is. Yeah, see? Y-y-you– you spoke to the shellfish inspector, and y-you refused to let him board, and you promised to vacate the slip. See? I know you were there.

You gentleman are doing a wonderful job.
Red: Traffic coming into the city. Price of progress. This is Dean Walker from Anneca.
Who’s this?
Red: The smoking gun. Ugh! That sounded dramatic. Leonid Zhabin.
This is the new evidence that you were talking about. Ex-minister Zhabin hasn’t been in power for 20 years, and with all due respect, sir, the man is not mentally well.
Red: Perhaps not, but “In a mad world, only the mad are sane.” Kurosawa. ♀
Walker: What the hell is he talking about?
Red: History, Mr. Walker. My new friend knows a great deal about the history of your company’s pipeline.
Walker: History is not new evidence.
Red: Or maybe it is. As it turns out, we do agree on one key detail. Your company’s current pipeline is not the worst thing on earth.
Then what is?
Red: The first pipeline– the one Anneca built in 1988, four years before the current one.
Walker: Is that what he told you? The man is delusional.
Walker: There was only one pipeline. We broke ground to build it in ’92. Read the contracts.
Red: You’re right. The contracts do say that.
Zhabin: It started before the Wall fell. Uzbekistan was still a constituent republic of the Soviet Union. Mr. Gorbachev was changing our future. I was allowed to secretly open our markets for an American pipeline.
Walker: This is fiction.
Zhabin: I sold the rights to them that year, and they built the first pipeline right away. You couldn’t even wait to do it right! We were all so greedy. The first line was an unmitigated disaster. Hundreds were killed. Whole villages became ill.
I still see their faces.
Red: Then the Soviet Union collapsed, and all hell broke loose. Anneca paid Mr. Zhabin to orchestrate a cover-up. Bury the dead, destroy any record that the first pipeline ever existed.
It wasn’t the only disaster cloaked by those momentous events, hidden from view in the fog of a new world order.♀
Walker: It’s a good story. But that’s all it is– a story from a crazy old man.
Red: Who happened to keep a complete set of the original documents in the hope that, one day, he might find the courage to set things right. Your engineers did better the second time around.
At least this one took 20 years to start leaking.
Liz: If this is true and Anneca is responsible for hundreds of people’s deaths, then you and the other high-level executives will be prosecuted.
Walker: Reparations can be paid to the alleged victims. We can fix this.
Red: Reparations are all well and good, but the people I represent don’t want you to fix it.
Walker: They don’t?
Red: No. The Uzbek people have had quite enough of Anneca’s promises. They want you to leave. Pack up your pipeline and leave.
Walker: [ Scoffs ] That won’t happen.
Red: Mr. Denisov thought you might need some additional incentive, so Mr. Zhabin was kind enough to direct him to one of the mass graves where victims of the first pipeline are buried. His men are on their way there now. I can stop them if we have a deal.
Walker: [ Clears throat ] Can I get some water, please?
Red: Oh! Yes! Of course. This is the water they drink in the villages, the ones directly above your pipeline. Drink up. Talk to your board. You have 24 hours until we go public.
[ Camera shutter clicks ]
TV: Effective immediately, Anneca Oil has elected to cease operation of its local pipeline.
And we are thrilled to announce some exciting and highly profitable new initiatives on the horizon…
We got to go. SRU just confirmed – Agent Burke’s being released.
Drop point outside the city.
TV: … construction of three new schools for the people of this great country.
Thank you. And now I’ll take a few questions.

Red: Commander Kushan. It’s good to meet you. I’ve heard nothing but terrible things.♀

What kind of deal are we talking about?
Wilcox: It all depends on what you got to say, how valuable it is to the case.
I can take you to the body. Is that valuable enough?

They should be here any time now.
Director Heyworth, the agents are on site. Please advise.
Heyworth [ on phone ]: Do not move until they take possession of the asset.
SOG team is standing by in the perimeter, awaiting your go.
Heyworth: Once the exchange is complete, I want Reddington taken into custody. If Denisov shows, kill him.
Car’s arriving now, sir.
Team Leader, stand by.
Heyworth.: Can you confirm Reddington is in the vehicle?
Liz: Agent Burke. Welcome back.
Man: We have eyes on target.
Reddington’s out of the car, sir.
Heyworth: Nobody moves until I give the order.
Cooper [barges in]: Hey, Arnold.
Secretary: Sir, I tried to stop him –
Cooper: You and I have a problem.
Heyworth: Take a step back, Harold.
You ignored a Justice Department directive. You told Kushan how to find that compound.
You can’t prove that.
You and I both know my people are there to protect an asset of yours.
I can neither confirm nor deny –
Cooper: If anything happens to those agents, the next time your phone rings, it’ll be the Attorney General calling.
Man [on phone]: Sir, standing by for your order. Sir, our window’s closing. Requesting authorization to take immediate action.
Heyworth: Stand down. [ Receiver slams ]

[A crate marked UN Humanitarian Aid has arrived]
Denisov: I need your help. Commander Kushan and his men are at my compound.
Red: His men are. [ ie Kushan is in box ]
If you can get me out of the country –
Red. I can. But I won’t.
They will arrest me.
Red: Perhaps. Sooner or later, we all must pay for our crimes.♀
[ Knock on box ]
Denisov: Is Kushan – ?
Red: You still don’t see it, do you? The endgame. You could run this country, Ruslan. What you’ve done is that important. You brought a multinational corporation to its knees, saved countless lives. You’ll make this country billions. You may go to prison for a bit. But you will emerge a hero. One of the few standing in your way is Commander Kushan. [ Knock on box ] Well, not standing.

[ β™« Mavis Staples “Every Step” plays ] every step of the way I found grace if I lead …

Red: Commander Kushan? – [ Knock on box ]

TV: Woman: More on this breaking story. Just hours after Anneca Oil’s announcement that the company is shutting down its pipeline comes this surprising development. The government and French oil conglomerate Savillion have reached a deal to nationalize a brand-new pipeline.
The deal, said to be worth billions, should gain easy approval and will be finalized within days.

β™« … of the way I found grace I never saw it coming.

Liz: I knew you had to have an angle.
Red: Elizabeth Keen, this is Claude Hippeau, Senior Vice President of Savillion.
Hippeau: EnchantΓ©.
Liz: You were having drinks together the day we arrived. You knew exactly what was gonna happen.
Red: I had an inkling.
Hippeau: Au revoir, mon ami.
[ Smooches ] [ Pats back ]
Red: Give my regards to the wife – and the mistress.♀
Liz: That’s why you wanted Anneca to abandon the pipeline, to clear the way for another company to get the contract?
Red: You say that as if it’s a bad thing. Anneca shuts down operations, the victims are well compensated, maybe get a little justice, a new firm is poised to deliver a state-of-the-art pipeline – everybody wins.
Liz: You get a payday from Savillion for making it happen.
Red: Vive la France. [ Smacks lips ]

β™« every step every step [ Knock on door ] of the way of the way

Aram: Hey.
[ Door closes ]
Liz: Did you find anything?
Aram: No. I mean, uh, yes. Looks like some kind of beta technology. A recording device.
I’m thinking it’s late ’80s, early ’90s. But how it works, what it does I don’t have the faintest idea.

β™« lonely and lonely [ Door opens ] lose my way

Aram: Have you spoken to Mr. Reddington about this?
Liz: No.
Aram: But he might have some insights.
Liz: You have to tell me – promise me you will not talk to Reddington about this.
Aram: Mum’s the word.

[ Door closes ]
Aleko: We got a deal, right? No jail time if I testify? You’re not gonna believe what I have to say.
Wilcox: Tell me about Elizabeth Keen.

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❌❌❌ END 2:11

༺✦ ⌘ ✦༻

πŸ”΄ 2:12 The Kenyon Family

πŸ”΄ Script: 2:12 The Kenyon Family

Last updated: 8/8/2015
Program originally aired 2/19/2015 in the US
Script with extras: http://wp.me/pDKwi-Fd
Raw Scripts from Springfield [UK]: http://bit.ly/1Do56Zu
NBC Episode Summary: http://bit.ly/1AOHsIM

Created by: Jon Bokenkamp
Director: David Platt
Writers: Jon Bokenkamp, Daniel Knauf, Vincent Angell


Script 2:12 The Kenyon Family

Blurb: A religious survivalist sect which favors child marriage and polygamy, stores contraband on its grounds for criminals. Red follows up on the instructions Alan Fitch gave him to find a safe in St Peterburg. Red buys Liz an apartment.

Kenyon: “Since Lot was afraid to stay in Zoar, he and his two daughters settled in the hill country, where he lived in a cave. The firstborn said to the younger ‘Our father is getting old, and there is not a man in the land to have intercourse with us as is the custom everywhere. Come. Let us ply our father with wine and then lie with him, that we may ensure posterity by our father.
‘So that night, they plied their father with wine.” And the firstborn went in and lay with her father.
[ Insects chirping ]
Kenyon: “The next day, the firstborn said to the younger, ‘Let us ply him with wine again tonight. And then you go in and lie with him.’ So that night, too, they plied their father with wine. And then the younger one went in and lay with her father. And so it was that the two daughters of Lot became pregnant by their father. And thus, Lord, we maketh your word our command!”

All: β™« Amen! down to the river to pray
studying about that good old way
and who shall wear that starry crown good Lord,
show me the way oh, sisters,
let’s go down let’s go down come on down
oh, sisters, let’s go down down to the river to pray
as I went down in the river to pray … “

Woman: Dearly beloved, we are gathered here in the sight of God and in the face of this family to join together this –
[ Woman gasps, people murmuring ] [ Glass breaking ] [ Women screaming ] [ Screaming intensifies ]

Cooper: What do you feel like – Italian, Thai?
Charlene: Are we really gonna do this?
Cooper: Do what? I’m hungry.
Charlene: Not talk about it.
Cooper: I’ll probably get turned down. The trial – nobody gets in this thing. It’s false hope.
Charlene: Did you hear what the doctor said? I mean, were you even listening? I mean, he said the prognosis is –
Cooper: He said he couldn’t predict.
Charlene: No, he said that the trial was your best shot. You don’t want to do it, fine. Then do it for me. I can live with that.
Cooper: Just want to think about it.
Charlene: There’s nothing to think about. I don’t care if you get fat. I don’t care if you lose your hair. You’re applying for this trial. You’re gonna be accepted. Do you understand me? I am not losing you.
Cooper: Soon as I get to the office I’ll make the call.

Liz: DMV? Really? I’ve never even seen you drive.
Red: That little fella, the one through the glass, his name is Glen Carter. His mother calls him “Jelly Bean.” A loathsome individual who, sad to say, possesses an uncanny ability to locate anything.
Woman behind him: Achoo! [ Coughs ]
Red: [ Sighs ] I presume you’ve heard of Justin Kenyon?
Liz: The smiling public face of the militia movement. Who hasn’t? Yes.
Red: The very voice of reason, the rebel darling of the fringe right – charming, rustic, camera-ready, the perfect spokesman to spin vile hatred and prejudice into treacly dross that passes for plainspoken common sense.
Liz: Forget it.
Red: Excuse me?
Liz: Justice knows exactly who Justin Kenyon is. We know what he is. The Church of the Shield is a cesspool of polygamy, doomsday paranoia, ritualized elder and child abuse, but he also has four of the most prominent civil rights attorneys in the country on retainer – we can’t touch him.
Red: How do you suppose he pays for those high-priced lawyers – charitable contributions?
Liz: His church has been audited by the IRS every year for the past decade. His books are impeccable.
Red: So are mine.

Liz: Justin Kenyon – head of the Church of the Shield, a polygamist cult located on a 15,000-acre reserve in the Smoky Mountains.
Aram: Kenyon declared it a nation-state and petitioned to secede in US District Court three decades ago.
Liz: According to Reddington, Kenyon has dozens of shipping containers buried on his property. Terrorists, cartels, and criminals contract with him to store cargo, no questions asked. Reddington compiled a partial inventory from his sources. It includes all manner of contraband, from drugs and hot merchandise to military ordnance, antiaircraft guns, missiles, RPGs, Semtex.
Ressler: Sounds like a one-stop storage facility for the criminal underworld.
Liz: In 1982, Kenyon published a book entitled “The Silver Bear Prophecies,” which he purported were delivered to him by the spirit of an ancient Druid elder. In it, he claims to be the latter-day incarnation of an entity the Silver Bear called “The Ken’yon.”
Samar Navabi: How convenient.
Liz: Ken’yon and his followers will ascend into Heaven for six days and return to – and I quote – “Rain fire upon the New Babylon, the defiled States of America, and our children shall cleanse
her streets with the blood of her founder’s enemies.” According to Reddington, Ken’yon has fallen off the radar. His clients have been unable to reach him or anyone on the compound since last Saturday. Which means they don’t have access to their stored goods. As you can imagine, this makes a number of very dangerous people very, very nervous.

Glen: [ Laughs ] Not interested. Can’t be done.
Red: Glen, you have found things for me with far less to go on.
Glen: Ernie’s retirement party’s tonight. I got to pick up the shrimp platter.
Red: You found Jerry Minkie’s wife after she ran off with the uber driver, the one with the Subaru.
Glen: I don’t even like shrimp.
Red: You found, uh, the other guy – who was that? – That mobster who was hiding out in Needles. Glen, look, you and I we’ve had our differences, but I have enormous respect for your abilities. You know that. If anyone can help me, it’s you.
Glen: It’s not the shrimp. It’s the dip, that sauce. I don’t like sauces.
[ Paper rustles ]
Red: You know what? Forget it. I don’t need this.
Glen: What are you so upset about?
Red: There isn’t a retirement party, is there?! You’re making it up! That’s what this is about! This is what you want– to see me get all lathered up! You’re pathological. You realize that, right? Ernie’s shrimp platter?! You can’t be serious! Do you even see the irony in that? [ Groans ]
Glen: [ Sighs ] Tell me about the safe.
Red: Glen, I’m upset!
Glen: Your spook friend – he said it was critical.
Red: [ Sighs ] As I’ve already told you, he said there is a safe in St. Petersburg on the second floor of I don’t know where – a bank, an apartment. He died before he could tell me more.
Glen: The spook – What was his name?
Red: Alan Fitch.
Glenn: Alan …
Red: Fitch!!!

Cooper: Kenyon’s been off the grid for three days. According to his own words, that gives us 72 hours before he delivers his version of Armageddon.
Wright; His counsel has assured us nothing is amiss, and under no circumstances are we to attempt direct contact. They’ve already won two civil judgments on Kenyon’s behalf for harassment.
Cooper: That was before we knew he was sitting on enough ordnance to arm a third-world country.
Wright: This could all go south fast and end up looking very badly.
Cooper: I don’t give a damn how it looks.
Wright: Well, that’s a luxury we cannot afford, not after Waco and Ruby Ridge. We’re looking at a tactical nightmare – of virgin forest, a mountain stronghold with enough food and potable water to withstand an armed siege for months. And even if by some miracle we manage to put down resistance and seize that compound without loss of life, without harm coming to the – what if Reddington is wrong?

[On phone]
Red: Lizzie, exactly when have I been wrong?
Liz: I told you – there are political considerations. If we raid Kenyon’s compound and come up empty-handed –
Red: You will not come up empty-handed.
Liz: But if we do, then we’ll have validated Kenyon’s allegations that the federal government are a pack of jackbooted thugs. We’ll have raised him up as a martyr for the Constitution. That’s exactly what he wants.
Red: Lizzie, I have gone to considerable lengths to point you and your team in the right direction, and now, due to political considerations, people will die. And when they do and the bureaucrats decide that the loss of innocent lives trumps their career prospects, you be sure to give me a call.

Police: Unit B61 to Dispatch, run a check on a late-model Chevy van, Tennessee plate number Delta-Oscar-Charlie-7-7-1.
Woman: Unit B261, that tag number is 10-40 stolen, registered to a 2005 Jeep Cherokee.
Copy that.
Police: [ Gun cocks ] Show us your hands! Hands outside the window now! What the – Hold your fire! It’s just a – πŸ’₯ Explosion πŸ’₯

Liz: ATF estimates there was enough Semtex in that van to level five square blocks.
Ressler: Anything on the victims?
Samar Navabi: Vaporized. The presumed dead include two Alabama State troopers and the occupant of the van.
[ Cellphone rings ]
Yeah? We just got footage of the explosion.
Recording: “Hold your fire! It’s just a – πŸ’₯ Explosion! πŸ’₯ “
Samar: It’s ‘just a’ – what?

Aram: The VIN numbers on the van’s differential match a vehicle registered to Kenyon’s Church of the Shield.
Cooper: Judge is signing the search warrant as we speak.
Aram: Also, the plates were swapped out for one stolen off a Cherokee at a truck stop five miles down the road from the Kenyon compound. I got a hit on another set of plates stolen from the same location. Another van passed through a tollbooth on the MD 200 headed into DC.
Ressler: Reddington was right. If we’d listened to him, we wouldn’t have a gang of fanatics joyriding with enough ordnance to level a small city.
Cooper: Ressler and Keen, get to that compound. The warrant should be sealed and delivered by the time you arrive. Navabi, the van – find out everything you can.
[ Cellphone rings ]
Harold Cooper. Dr. Levin, hello. W- was I accepted? I see. You know, Jeff, you don’t owe me an apology. I know you did everything you could. Thank you.
[ Beeps, dialing ]
Cooper [to wife]: Hey, I just got off the phone with the doctor. I’m afraid it’s bad news.

Red: I am not taking you to St. Petersburg.
Glen: You are if you want to know where the safe is.
Red: How do I even know you’ve found it?
Glen: You don’t. But I got two weeks of vacation I got to take before the end of the year or I lose it.
Red: It’s February!
Glen: We could take your jet, have a few laughs on the way, some of those nuts – the honey-roasted ones.
Red: I want what I paid for – the location of the safe.
Glen: Can I be honest with you?
Red: I doubt it.
Glen: I’ve never been out of the country. My dad, our vacations as a kid, we drove everywhere – South Dakota, Florida. But you – I look at you and all the places you go and I’d just like to do that once. Plus, I think it’d be fun. I feel like we might have a good time.
Red: [ Sighs ]
Glen: [ Scoffs ] I’m screwing with you! I was born in London, but I’ve never been on a private jet.
[ Clears throat ] Anyway, I clock out at 5:30. I’ll need to stop by the house, grab a shower, feed the turtle. I can have a bag packed and be wheels up by 9:00.
Red: [ Sighs ]

Liz: Sheriff, have you met Kenyon?
Sheriff: He makes a habit of coming into town for breakfast. He’s a bit of a blowhard but always friendly, cooperative. Plus, the church has provided volunteers for community events, search-and-rescue operations.
Liz: So, what are you suggesting – we collar this guy at the next rotary club pancake breakfast?
Sheriff: I’m suggesting he can be talked to. He’s reasonable, and I’m suggesting you let my boys handle this instead of lighting this whole mountain up and starting World War III.
Liz: What are the odds we’ll be met with armed resistance?
Sheriff: It’s a dead certainty. You step one foot on Kenyon’s land without his express consent, he’ll put a bullet in you, badge or no badge.

Man: Now, we’ve cleared the estimated kill zone, and we’ve evacuated the surrounding areas. We’re waiting on a sniper team now.
Samar: Hold your fire. It’s just a kid. It’s just a kid.
Excuse me, miss?
Samar: Take this.
Loudspeaker: Hey, h-hold on! Hey, halt! No! Return to the firing line! Do not approach the suspect! Return to the firing line! Do not approach the suspect!
Samar: Hi. I’m Samar. What’s your name? Do you know what that [ trigger to bomb ] does? You planned on killing a lot of people today. Was that your mission? It’s not going to happen. Do you see? They’re all too far away. There’s no point now. It’s just the two of us out here. If you push that button only two of us are going to die. Do you understand? Just you and me, and I don’t want to die today. Do you? Come on out. Come on. [ Breathing heavily ] Come here, give me your hand. It’s gonna be okay.

[ lovely gospel music♀ plays as FBI discovers slaughter at Kenyon compound ]

β™« … show me the way
oh, brothers, let’s go down,
let’s go down, come on down
down in the river to pray
as I went down in the river to pray
studying about that good old way
and who shall wear the robe and crown?
good lord, show me the way
oh, brothers, let’s go down …

Ressler: Go, go!

β™« … let’s go down, come on down
come on, brothers, let’s go down,
down in the river to pray
oh, mothers, let’s go down, come on down,
don’t you want to go down?
come on, mothers, let’s go down,
down in the river to pray …

Liz: Kenyon’s unaccounted for. … Slaughtered. … No sign of him.
Red: That’s puzzling.
Liz: It appears all the adults were murdered and the children are gone.
Red: Kenyon’s ideology has always been about vanquishing the infidels and rising to power, not about killing their own. This is a group of survivalists.
Liz: They might have been attacked by a rival militia. We found a number of dead bodies surrounding the perimeter.
Red: And the storage containers?
Liz: Located, secured, and searched – about a dozen of them so far. They’ve been pretty much cleaned out – no weapons, no ordnance. According to an inventory list, we’re missing small arms, RPGs, three Hellfire missiles, plus over a ton of Semtex, C4, Demex, and plastite.
[ Crash! “Jelly Bean” Glen is rooting around … ]
Liz: What was that?
Red: That was a vase. What about the vehicles?
Liz: All the church’s vehicles are accounted for, except for one.
Red: Another bomb. Something’s gone sideways, Lizzie. [ Object rattles ] Kenyon is the devil we know, but now either others are involved or there’s been a complete breakdown in the organization. Either way, be careful out there.

[ Toilet flushes ]
Red: You’re sure this is the apartment?
Glen: This is the apartment.
Red: You’re positive?
Glen: Your tone is insulting.
Red: My tone?! I endured 13 hours with you on my jet, 12 of which you had your shoes off. You snored. You insulted my flight attendant!
Glen: I thought she was pregnant.
Red: Glen, the safe! We haven’t found it yet, have we?!
Glen: I know everything one can possibly know about Alan Fitch. I worked on this ’round the clock, and you know how irritable I can be if I don’t get my 10 hours. I’ve reviewed six years of bank records, and I traced the cash payment he made to purchase an apartment in this very building on this very floor. Trust me, the safe is here.
Red: I don’t trust you. What the hell is this?
Glen: The title to apartment 221. Apology accepted.
Red: What? We’re in apartment 212.
Glen: You don’t know the cross that I bear, the things I’ve had to overcome – my dyslexia.
Red: You’re not dyslexic!
Dembe: Raymond.
Glen [sarcastically]: Oh, really, “doctor”? Is that your professional opinion? Forgot to pack my medication. I was shocked when you told me I could come along. It threw me. I left my dyslexia pills on the counter.
Red: There are no pills for dyslexia! [ To Dembe ] Get this to Sorenson for a trace on the number.

Cooper: How old is he?
Samar: He’s 10.
Cooper: 10? What the hell are we dealing with here?
Samar: I’ve seen this before in fanatical sects. The children are indoctrinated from the time they’re born, force-fed by rod and rote –
Cooper: In this case, the gospel according to Justin Kenyon. To rain fire upon the New Babylon.

Aram: Oh, my God. l– coroner’s preliminary report on the massacre at the compound.
What do you got?
Aram: Not a shot was fired. Every single one of those people was stabbed, strangled, stomped, or bludgeoned to death.
Dear God.
Aram: And something else. A field office in Richmond just got a call from a former cult member – Dawn Weston. Swears our truck bomber is her son.

Liz [ refering to little girl, Amy ]: She’s our only surviving witness.
Sheriff Starkweather: Of a crime committed in my jurisdiction. That makes her my responsibility.
Ressler: Look, these are dangerous people. We have an entire unit tasked with providing protective custody. There’s no point in hashing this out now. No matter how this shakes down, the first thing we need to do is get that girl safely off this mountain – agreed? [ Camera shutter clicking ]

Ressler: What are you looking at?
Amy: Watchers.
Ressler: “Watchers”?
Amy: Shh, it’s a secret.

Finn’s Mom: I thought he was dead.
Samar: Your son, Finnian.
Mom: Finn, we always called him. [ Sobs ] Finn. [ Sobbing ] There are some things that you need to understand about Justin, about the way that things were. You see, h-his word was not just the law. It was the word of God himself. Justin was our oracle. He was our burning bush.
Samar: I understand.
You don’t. You can’t, not unless you were there. You– God, what have I done? –
Tell me –
According to Justin each man was to take unto himself three wives. Which wasn’t a problem in the early days, but as we began to have children he must’ve seen the flaw in his plan.
What flaw?
There were too many boys, of course. More than half the children were, you know, male, and so he began the walkabout.
“The walkabout”?
Finn’s Mom: The first new moon in January, lots would be drawn among the boys. We would have a great feast in celebration, and the chosen one would be the guest of honor. He was treated as a man.
How old were the chosen?
Just before the onset of puberty. After the feast, the boy would be awakened and taken deep into the woods, and then –
Samar: You left him there in the middle of nowhere, in the bitter cold.
Mom: He said there were too many.

[ Gunshot, tires screeching. SUV with Liz, Ressler, Sheriff, Amy runs off road ]
You’re hurt.
[ Sighs ] I’m okay.
Ressler’s pinned. Ressler, talk to me! You injured?
I don’t think anything’s broke, but I’m stuck. I can’t– I can’t budge this thing.
[ Grunts ] The radio’s shot.
Anybody got cell reception? Mine’s busted.
[ Sighs ] Somebody live back there?
Not that I know of.
You wait by the car with Amy. I’m gonna see if I can go get us some help, check out that smoke. Keep an eye on that girl.

Cooper: Shouldn’t you be prepping for your confirmation hearing?
Tom Connolly: [ Laughs ] It’s a no-brainer. You’re looking at the next Attorney General.
Cooper: I’m happy for you, Tom.
For us, Harold, for us. I want you to consider taking the Director’s chair.
Tom, I don’t know.
It’s what we’ve always talked about. A rising tide lifts all boats.
I’m flattered, Tom. But I can’t.
I’m not leaving here with a “No.”
Cooper: I’d love to take you up on this, Tom. You know I would. But I’m dealing with some health issues.
Tom: What, Harold? Is it serious?
Cooper: To be honest with you, yeah. It’s very serious. There was a clinical trial that held out some hope, but, uh – Look, you didn’t come here to talk about my health. I’m happy for you. I really am.

Amy [little grl]: Are you in the FBI?
Ressler: Yes, I am.
Amy: My daddy says all the people who work for the FBI are gonna go to Hell.
Ressler: Some days it feels like that, sweetheart.♀
Amy: He says they’re gonna burn in a lake of fire.
Ressler: Who’s there?! [ Rustling ] What is it?
Hey, Starkweather!
Amy: It’s them.
Ressler: Who?
Amy: The watchers.
[ Thudding ]
Ressler: Sweetie, come here. Get down, get down!

β‹™ maybe I’ll try and make it all about the weather maybe I’ll try and make it β‹˜

Finn: The only cure for corruption is disruption
The only cure for corruption is disruption.
The only cure for corruption is disruption.
The only cure for corruption is disruption.
The only cure for corruption is disruption.
The only cure for corruption is disruption.
The only cure for corruption is disruption.
The only cure –
Finn’s Mom: Finn.

β‹™ The father said to his servants, “Quick, put a ring on his finger and sandals on his feet.” β‹˜

Do you r-remember me?
Yes, Finn. [ Crying ]

You’re telling me that this attack was masterminded by a bunch of kids?
Not just kids – a tribe, militarily instructed by their elders from the time they could walk in tracking, evasion techniques, hand-to-hand combat, firearm training.
And left to die in the woods?
Starting with Kenyon’s own son, David.
Come on, keep going.
Samar Navabi: The gospel according to Kenyon – “And each man shall have unto himself three wives.” There were too many boys. It was the only way to maintain the ratio. The mountain was supposed to kill the boys, but it didn’t. It was a crucible. The weak died – injuries, disease, exposure …

β‹™ Get out of here! Come on, get out! β‹˜

… but the strong survived, perfectly adapted, with their own laws, their own society, their own gods, chief among which was Justin Kenyon.
David is their leader. A few weeks ago, he declared his father an apostate. He said that Justin had abandoned his calling and that it was up to them to fulfill the prophecies of Ken’yon.
Did he tell you where this final truck bomb was headed?
The only people who know are the other drivers and David.

Aram: I can’t raise Liz or Ressler.

Red: Samar, my dear, bump in the road I can help smooth over, or have the clouds finally parted and this is a social call?
Samar Navabi: She’s missing.
Red: Agent Keen?
Samar: And Ressler. They were supposed to deliver a witness two hours ago. They haven’t been seen since they left Kenyon’s compound.
Red: Have you mounted a search?
Samar: I’m on my way out to assist HRT, but there are [Sighs] hundreds of square miles of rugged terrain. It could take days.
Red: The weapons.
Samar: Agent Keen said there was a complete inventory list.
Red: You have it?
Samar: Well, we have a manifest. Why?
Red: Send it to me.

β™« is that all there is? anyone anyone can you give me somebody?
someone someone – is that all there is?


β™« anyone anyone can you give me somebody

[ Breathing heavily ] [ Engine revving in distance ] [ Revving continues ] [ Screaming ]

Ruth [in middle of torture procedure]: Raymond! Ohh. [blood gets on flowers]
Red: Oh, that’s a shame. Dendrobium?
Ruth: My own hybrid. I call them “Snows of Everest.”
Red: Lovely. Friend of yours?
Ruth: A small accounting problem.
Red: Ruth. Ruth! I’m afraid I’ll need your undivided attention.
Ruth: Put on his parka. Tie him from the back of the snowmobile. I’ll be out in a minute. β‹˜β‹™ Very well. You have my attention.
Red: Ruth I will be forever indebted to you if you could be so kind as to provide me with the activation codes for the Hellfire missiles you have stored at Justin Kenyon’s compound.

[ Beep ]
Are you Navabi?
It’s for you.
Navabi: This is Samar.
Red: Agent Navabi, what do you know about Hellfire missiles?
Navabi: What does that have to do with anything? Quite a lot, actually.
Red: There were three of them stolen from the compound. I’ve since acquired their activation codes.
Navabi: You’re going to launch three Hellfire missiles?
Red: [ Chuckles ] Don’t be silly. We just activated the cameras in their nose cones. I’ve seen quite a lot of activity, but, then, boys will be boys.
Navabi: Liz and Ressler?
Red: Not sure. I have two other views, only one of any tactical value. It looks like they’re in some sort of large hand-built structure.
Navabi: Where?
Red: Funny you should ask – in standby mode, the guidance systems ping GPS coordinates every 30 seconds.

You ready? – Go.
[ Insects chirping ] Hey.
Who are you? My name’s Elizabeth.
[ Branches cracking ]

David [ haranging his father who’s tied to a chair (and may be dead already) ]: This isn’t about me or the others, father. This is about you – your legacy, not mine! You think I haven’t seen it? Read it? Prevarications and betrayals.

Liz: Tell me who you are. Who’s in charge?
Liz: I want to talk to him.
Only David talks to Ken’yon.
β‹™ You disgust me. β‹˜
Caleb: David! David!
David: What? What?!
The prisoner wants to talk to you.
David: Caleb, watch the road. Make sure nobody else comes.
Liz: Where are the others?
Caleb: Amy’s safe, along with the others. She’s gonna be one of my wives. We’re all gonna get married – all of us. As prescribed by Ken’yon.
Liz: And the man? Ressler? What have you done with him?
[ Ressler grunts as he’s being dragged out ]
Caleb: See? He’s alive.
[ FBI Tactical Unit barges in ]
Freeze! Move away from him! Step away from him! I said freeze!
Man: Federal agents!
Man #2: Get on the ground!
[ Indistinct shouting ] Let’s go! Get on the ground! Don’t move! Show us your hands! Back off!
Are you okay?
Kenyon’s upstairs.
Get this guy right here.
Get him out of here.
He’s gone.

[ Kenyon (the head of the compound) is dead, tied to chair and … gyechh!!! gruesome) ]

Stand down!
We found the –
The third van.
Get these kids out of here! See if you can locate those missing girls.
They’ve got to be around here somewhere.
Call for backup.
No backup! Just round up these kids with the personnel we’ve got and clear out.
Yes, ma’am.

David (Kenyon’s son): Don’t come any closer! I’ve got 300 pounds of explosives in this van!
Liz: Go ahead. It’s what he wanted, isn’t it?
David: What do you know?
Liz: I know your father wanted you dead.
David: He sent us out here to make us stronger, to be warriors, to fulfill his prophecy!
Liz: All those boys – they wouldn’t have made it if it weren’t for you, taking them in, teaching them how to survive. Your father never wanted them. He never wanted you. But you’re not your father, David. You’re better than him.
David: You’re right. I am.
[Shouts] Coward! [ Gunfire; David is killed ]

Liz: ATF’s been over the grounds. They’ve searched the buried containers. If you’re wondering about what you stored there, it’s long gone. [ Drawer closes ] What’s this?
Red: A key. I bought you an apartment at the Audrey, top floor, splendid view of the Potomac.
Liz: Why?
Red: It’s time to leave the motel behind.
Liz: [ Sighs ] I’m happy where I am. Thank you.
Red: You’ve been many things lately, Lizzie, but happy is not one of them.♀ That motor lodge you call home crushes the spirit, smothers the soul.♀
Liz: And you think a view is gonna change that?
Red: I once stayed at a villa in Bali with a view of the Indian Ocean. Every morning, all I saw before me was possibility. That and a gorgeous housekeeper named Putu, who used to –
Liz: Thanks, but, no, thanks. I wish you’d stop.
Red: Stop what?
Liz: Trying. Stop hoping things are gonna get better between us. You and me, it’s just business. That’s all it’s ever gonna be.♀

[ Crickets chirping ] [ Red and Dembe arrive at the Kenyon compound. Red enters the church, now abandoned, tips over pulpit and opens a trap door. They descend a ladder into shipping container. Red flips on the lights. There is a car covered with a tarp. Red removes the tarp. It’s a black limo, flying two flags one on either side of the hood: one, the U.S. flag, the other the flag of the President of the United States. On the side of the limo is the Seal of the President of the United States. Red takes out a key, opens the driver’s seat door and gets in. He flips on the cassette player, which plays “Beyond the Sea,” which makes him laugh happily. He goes to the trunk of the limo, opens it and takes out a briefcase-sized impact-resistant piece of luggage, closes hood. ]

β™« Somewhere beyond the sea somewhere waiting for me
my lover stands on golden sands and watches the ships

Tom Connolly: Single malt.

β™« that go sailing …

Tom: Highland, if memory serves. I got you in.

β™« beyond the sea

Cooper: Tom, I thought I was clear. I appreciate you thinking I’d be a good Director, but –
Tom: Screw the Director. I got you into the trial. At Georgetown.
Cooper: What? How?
Tom: [ Chuckles ] Good questions. I know a guy who knows a guy.♀

β™« it’s far beyond the stars – it’s near beyond the moon –

Cooper: [ Exhales lightly ] Wait. Am I taking another patient’s spot? Because I couldn’t accept that. That wouldn’t be right.
Tom: [ Laughs ] Righteous to the end. Relax. It was going to be 35 patients, and now it’ll be 36.

β™« we’ll meet beyond the shore we’ll kiss just as before

Cooper: Thank you, Tom.
[ Cork pops ]

β™« happy we’ll be beyond the sea

Tom: “There are good ships and there are wood ships.
The ships that sail the sea.”
Cooper: “But the best ships are friendships.”
Tom: “And may they always be.”

β™« no more sailin’

Dembe: The number from the safe traces to a blind exchange. We can’t identify the party you’ll be speaking to.
[ Dialing, line ringing ]
Man: Yes.
Red: I’m calling on behalf of Alan Fitch…
Man: A safe. You found the safe?
Red: Who the hell is this?♀

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⊰ ♀ ⊱

β™« Down to the River to Pray
By Alison Krauss

β™« As I went down in the river to pray
Studying about that good ol’ way
And who shall wear the starry crown?
Good Lord show me the way!

β™« O sisters let’s go down
Let’s go down, come on down
O sisters let’s go down
Down in the river to pray

β™« As I went down in the river to pray
Studying about that good ol’ way
And who shall wear the robe & crown?
Good Lord show me the way

β™« O brothers let’s go down
Let’s go down, come on down
Come on brothers, let’s go down
Down in the river to pray

β™« As I went down in the river to pray
Studying about that good ol’ way
And who shall wear the starry crown?
Good Lord show me the way

β™« O fathers let’s go down
Let’s go down, come on down
O fathers let’s go down
Down in the river to pray

β™« As I went down in the river to pray
Studying about that good ol’ way
And who shall wear the robe and crown?
Good Lord show me the way

β™« O mothers let’s go down
Come on down, don’t you wanna go down?
Come on mothers, let’s go down
Down in the river to pray

β™« As I went down in the river to pray
Studying about that good ol’ way
And who shall wear the starry crown?
Good Lord show me the way

β™« O sinners, let’s go down
Let’s go down, come on down
O sinners, let’s go down
Down in the river to pray

β™« As I went down in the river to pray
Studying about that good ol’ way
And who shall wear the robe and crown?
Good Lord show me the way
Lyrics & Credits: http://bit.ly/1AQPMYD
YouTube: http://bit.ly/1Gqq27q Arr. by Philip Lawson


⊰ ♀ ⊱

β™« Beyond The Sea
sung by Bobby Darin

β™« Somewhere beyond the sea
Somewhere waiting for me
My lover stands on golden sands
And watches the ships that go sailing

β™« Somewhere beyond the sea
She’s there watching for me
If I could fly like birds on high
Then straight to her arms
I’d go sailing

β™« It’s far beyond the stars
It’s near beyond the moon
I know beyond a doubt
My heart will lead me there soon

β™« We’ll meet beyond the shore
We’ll kiss just as before
Happy we’ll be beyond the sea
And never again I’ll go sailing

β™« I know beyond a doubt
My heart will lead me there soon
We’ll meet (I know we’ll meet) beyond the shore
We’ll kiss just as before
Happy we’ll be beyond the sea
And never again I’ll go sailing

β™« No more sailing
So long sailing
Bye, bye sailing
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❌❌❌ END 2:12

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πŸ”΄ Script: 2:13 The Deer Hunter

Last updated: 8/9/2015
Program originally aired 2/26/2015 in the US
Script with extras: http://wp.me/pDKwi-Fs
Raw Scripts from Springfield [UK]: http://bit.ly/1Do56Zu
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Created by: Jon Bokenkamp
Director: Andrew McCarthy
Writers: Jon Bokenkamp, Amanda Kate Shuman


Script 2:13 The Deer Hunter

Blurb: A serial killer appears be a man – and a woman. Red tries to reach the man whose number was in the safe in St Petersburg. Red scolds Liz for taking too many risks. She tell him she has the Fulcrum. Aram worries about his hair.

Voiceover: Previously on The Blacklist …
Aleko: I went out for a smoke and he was here.
Liz: What the hell?
Tom: You let this guy go, he’s going to the cops. We are all going to jail, starting with you.
[ Telephone rings ] Keen.
Detective Martin Wilcox, Metro PD. I’m looking into this missing-persons case. Lieutenant Ames, DC Harbormaster.
Liz: I had no idea Tom would kill him.
Ressler: What about witnesses?
Wilcox: Just want to ask you a few questions, then you’re free to go. You are Samuel Aleko. I know you were there.
Liz: My father was killed because of the Fulcrum, because you and your people came for it that night. … This charade of you pretending to care about me was a waste of your time because I don’t know where it is.
Fitch: I have a safe. It’s in St. Petersburg.
Dembe: The number from the safe traces to a blind exchange. We can’t identify the party you’ll be speaking to.
Red (on phone): Who the hell is this?

[ Siren wailing in distance ]
Liz [to class in auditorium]: Our suspect is patient, calm. He likely spends hours scouting the prey. He’s only interested in big men, the ones who are hard to take down, like the big bucks in the wild. Now, you’re looking for an incredibly smart offender, highly organized. White male, likely 35 to 40. It is the sport that he’s seduced by, the ritual of the hunt. When he does finally make his move, it happens fast, striking in a blitz-style attack most never see coming. His heart-shot prey rarely make it over 100 feet before bleeding out. – That moment is everything to him – the rush of control.

The typical mutilation killer focuses on a specific area of the anatomy that suits their interest – the face, the eyes or mouth, the extremities, hands, breasts, genitalia. But this one’s different– he’s interested in total domination of the body. He guts them, removing the organs with surgical precision, but then leaving them in a pile.

But these aren’t sex crimes, which indicates they are instead crimes of domination, an effort on his part to gain control over men who, based on their physical similarities, represent a man who once had dominance over him – a father, an older brother. It is my belief that “The Deer Hunter” is, in fact, a very slight, rather weak man.

Yes – blue shirt.

Man in audience: They say he takes a souvenir.
Liz: It’s not a souvenir, it’s a final act of domination. While his prey’s body is still warm, he carves out the liver and takes a single ceremonial bite.

Aleko: Man, we had a deal. I testify against Keen and her husband, I tell you how they killed the harbormaster, and I walk.
Wilcox: Yeah, you will walk, when the trial’s over. Until then, you’re being charged as an accessory.
Aleko: I told you everything.
Wilcox: Yeah. And because of that, you’re gonna be the star witness in the murder trial of FBI Agent Elizabeth Keen. You’re gonna testify in open court. You’re gonna testify before the grand jury. You’re gonna be deposed until you’re blue in the face. And if you change your story by so much as a comma, your immunity deal will be voided and you’re gonna go to prison for the rest of your life. Am I clear?
Aleko: Yeah.

[ Public telephone rings ]
Red: Yes?
Man: Sorry I cut our previous call short. I was not confident the line was secure.
Red: Tell me your name.
Man: Not yet.
Red: Then you have me at a disadvantage.
Man: Yes.
Red: Alan Fitch directed me to that safe. Your number was inside. He wanted us to talk. Why? What does he want me to know?
Man: It is happening.♀
Red: What is? What’s happening?
Man: No, not like this – in person. Broadway and 92nd.Center island, south side.
[ Receiver clicks ]

Red: A graduate seminar. Was there a slide show? β‹˜β‹™ We need to talk about the Fulcrum.
Liz: I told you, I don’t know anything about it.
Red: Elizabeth, one of the reasons I’m still alive is due to my love of reading, whether it be words on a page that reveal the author’s thoughts, emotions, imagination, or whether it be people in conversation, – to ignore what they say and instead read their expression, posture, their gestures. Lizzie, you’re lying.♀
Liz: I’m not.
Red: What if we made a deal? I help you find your serial killer, and you tell me about the Fulcrum.
Liz: You’re not even interested in serial killers.
Red: True. I find them unimaginative and woefully predictable. But I am interested in the cases that you and the FBI have wrong.
Liz: Wrong?
Red: The most critical assumption you’re making about The Deer Hunter is wrong. Do we have a deal or not?

Red [at FBI]: This brute they call The Deer Hunter isn’t a buck at all, but instead a delicate doe.
Liz: A woman? I disagree with you.
Red: Okay. But your killer attacks from a distance, indicating the predator’s smaller, perhaps unable to overpower their prey. Men tend to kill in close proximity – strangulation, blunt instrument, a knife. By contrast, women tend to favor weapons that can be used from further away – poison, a gun, a crossbow.
Liz: Richard Kuklinski was 6’5″, 300 pounds, and one of his favorite weapons of choice was cyanide.
Red: Yes, but male serial killers are predominantly, overwhelmingly sexually sadistic. In this case, there is not the slightest indication of a sexual motive.
Liz: Aileen Wuornos was a prostitute who lured her victims in with the promise of sex.
Red: The Deer Hunter has been active for over a decade, from the truck driver in Des Moines in 2003 to the doorman in Adams Morgan last night. That’s 12 years. The average length of a killing spree for a man is two, perhaps three. Yes, Agent Keen, for every rule there is an exception. Each factor, taken separately, is not conclusive, but put them together and it’s clear – you haven’t found your man because he’s a woman.

Aram: Uh, Agent Keen, uh, the ME called. He just finished his autopsy on the latest victim.
Red [tossling Aram’s hair as he passes by]: I used to have a teeming mane just like that.
Aram: Oh. Uh – Thank you.

Ryerson [Medical Examiner]: Every kill is identical. Same clean incisions at the stomach and the liver, same knots binding the anus.
Ressler: No variations?
Ryerson: When field dressing’s done well, it’s like an autopsy. The way he opens subjects, I want to show you–
Liz: What is it?
Ryerson: I left that body covered.
Ressler: The hallway.
Liz: That was him! He was at my lecture!
Ressler: Hey, you! Brown coat, stop! Hands where I can see them!
Kruse: Okay, okay, okay!
Ressler: Don’t move!
Kruse: It’s just my phone!
Liz or Ressler: Hands!
Kruse: Okay. It’s just my phone, okay?

β™« say nighty-night and kiss me [ Sighs ] just hold me tight and tell me you’ll miss me while I’m alone and blue as can be

Tracy [to her pet canary]: Stop looking at me like that. I’m fine. I’ll be fine. It’s not – I don’t like it any more than you do. … But someone has to do this! … This is Chad Henning. … Mommy has to go across town to see him. [Sniffles] To see Chad Henning. I won’t be long.

Ressler: What the hell were you doing in the ME’s office?
Kruse: I told you, I write Metro Crime Diary. That’s why I was at your lecture – research.
Ressler: There’s no research in that rag sheet. It’s gossip and innuendo. So, what were you really doing there? You used fake credentials to get into the ME’s office.
Kruse: You took my phone. You know all I was doing was taking pictures.
Liz: You’re obsessed with serial killers. You write about them all the time. How do we know you’re not The Deer Hunter?
Kruse: You’re not looking for The Deer Hunter.
Liz: What’s that supposed to mean?
Kruse: The first six victims, Mark Rodgers through Perry Holloman, he was experimenting. The field dressing became cleaner, he switched from a folder to a field blade
Liz: We didn’t overlook that. He was learning, evolving.
Kruse: Evolving implies that he wanted to improve.
Liz or Ressler: Are you saying he didn’t?
Kruse: The techniques and incisions used on the last six victims are all identical. The Deer Hunter loved to explore. There’s no way he would repeat himself.
Liz or Ressler: You think we’re dealing with a copycat.
Kruse: The Deer Hunter is an artist. The guy you’re looking for is a forger.

[ Cellphone buzzes ]
Liz: Keen.
Wilcox: Agent Keen? It’s Detective Wilcox. I-I don’t know if you remember me. We- we spoke some time ago.
Liz: Yes, Detective. I remember you were looking into the disappearance of the DC harbormaster.
Wilcox: Yeah. It’s- it’s not a missing-persons case anymore. We recovered the body.
Liz: I’m sorry to hear that. I was hoping for better news.
Wilcox: Yeah. [ Clears throat ] Well I-I need you to tell me what you know.
Liz: I would like to, Detective, but as I told you, the reason I came into contact with the harbormaster- t-the case I was working on at the time – it’s classified.
Wilcox: That’s not gonna fly anymore. See, the thing is, recovering the body is not the only development in the case. I also found Samuel Aleko. He places you at the scene, Agent Keen – you and your ex-husband. He tells quite a story. Says the two of you are stone-cold killers.
Liz: Even if I wanted to answer your questions, before I could talk, you would need to get – A federal judge to rule that my investigation supercedes your case.
Wilcox: It’s – it’s in the works. An AUSA’s gonna sit down with Mr. Aleko, hear what he has to say. And I-I have no doubt that, as a result of that conversation, a petition’s gonna be filed in federal court requesting that I have complete access to any of your allegedly classified information.
Liz: This conversation is over.
Wilcox: Well, I-I-I think it’s just beginning.♀

Red: Hello, Edgar.
Edgar (police officer): Mr. Reddington. Samuel Aleko will be transferred tomorrow afternoon.
Red: That’s not gonna work.
Edgar: Look, he has to talk to the guy. This is the window. He leaves the V Street station between 2:00 and 4:00.
Red: You have to reschedule the transfer. There’s somewhere else I need to be.
Edgar: Look, you know I’d do anything for you, Mr. Reddington, but, I mean, this thing’s in motion. This is the window. It is what it is.
Red: Cinnamon-nut crumble?
Edgar: Brown-sugar pecan.
Red: [ Laughing ] Oh, my.
Edgar: Lucinda knows how you love her coffee cake.♀
Red: [ Laughing ] Oh, I do. [ Sniffs ] Mmm! Be well, Edgar, and tell Lucinda if she ever leaves you, I’d like to marry her.
Edgar: Just remember, tomorrow between 2:00 and 4:00.

[ Car door closes ] [ Sighs ] [ Telephone rings ]
Ressler: I’ve been through every case file, and I’ll be damned if Kruse doesn’t have a point. I mean, the last six kills are identical.
Liz (?): We assumed that was because he’d perfected his craft, that there was no room for improvement.
Ressler: But the more I look at it, the more I think we’re wrong, that there really is a copycat. I just can’t prove it. What is it?
Liz: What? Nothing.
Ressler: Come on, Keen. What is it? I know you better than that. Where’s your head?
Liz: That cop, the one investigating the harbormaster? He’s got evidence. He found the body. And the witness.
Ressler: Did he talk?
Liz: I think he did, yes.
Ressler: It’s your word against his.
Liz: I’ve hidden behind the task force for as long as I can, told him I couldn’t talk because it was classified, but he’s taking the case to a federal judge.
Ressler: Tom is the one who killed this guy.
Liz: But I was there. I should have –
Ressler: What, stopped him? Liz, you tried.
Liz: They’ll have enough to arrest me.
Ressler: Then go to Cooper, ask him to talk to the AUSA. The last thing he wants is some cop poking around asking questions about what we do. Liz, listen to me. Tom may have killed this guy, but “FBI Agent Goes To Prison” is the headline. All they’re gonna care about is taking a bite out of y– That’s it!
Liz: What?
Ressler: Kruse was right about the copycat. I can prove it.

[ Door closes ]
Mary: I’m sorry. I don’t mean to second-guess you.
Tracy: Oh, Mary, please. You have nothing to apologize for.
Mary: It’s just – my son. If anything were to happen to me–
Tracy: Nothing’s going to happen to you or your son. It’s entirely natural for you to feel this way, to have second thoughts. If you didn’t, I’d be very concerned.
Mary: If there was any other way–
Tracy: You’ve tried every other way. You’ve been reasonable, worked within the system, begged, pleaded.
Mary: I know, but–
Tracy: Mary, look at me. Is there evil in your life?
Mary: Yes.
Tracy: Is it not just and right to eliminate evil? Say it.
Mary: Yes.
Tracy: So are you in, or are you out? I need to know, because if this comes back on me, it’s going to come back on us both. Do you understand?
Mary: I’m in.
Tracy: Well, that’s good. Then it’s done.

Aram: I pulled the forensics like you asked and had the lab compare the bite marks left on each liver for the first six kills with those from the last six.
What are you doing?
Um, nothing.
I’m updating the team.
Ressler: Aram? The bite marks.
Aram: Right. Uh, turns out, the, uh, distance measurements on the upper arch are 2.8% wider in the first six victims than in the second six.
Liz: Two different bites at the proverbial apple. Nice work, Ressler. So, it’s official– We’re looking for a copycat.

Megan: Okay, are you sure you have your glasses?
Elsa: Yes.
Okay, well Mrs. Jost called me again about you squinting at the blackboard all day. It’s why you keep getting those headaches.
Mom, it’s not the glasses. Mrs. Jost just has crappy handwriting.
Megan: Language. Okay, now, don’t forget, your father is gonna pick you up after – Elsa, honey, what is it? The bus is here. β‹˜ Sees body hanging from tree β‹™ Oh, my Oh.

Ressler: We’re very sorry for your loss.
Liz: How long were the two of you married?
Mary: Five years, together almost nine. – I just This can’t be happening. The Deer Hunter, right? The killer on the news?
Ressler or Liz: Yes. Of course, we’re limited in what we can disclose, but The Deer Hunter has a very specific method of operation. The manner of death, the treatment of the body– it’s consistent with his profile.
Mary: I knew something was wrong. Chad works in construction, and he didn’t come home after work. We have a son. He’s only 4. What am I supposed to tell him?
Liz: You tell him we’re gonna find whoever did this.
Mary: How? According to the papers, you don’t even have a suspect.
Ressler: We have some promising new theories.
Liz: Actually, one in particular – we believe this may not be the work of the actual Deer Hunter. We think it’s a copycat.
Ressler: We really shouldn’t–
Liz: No, it’s okay. She deserves to know. We’re getting closer to the truth.
Mary: That’s – Thank you.
Liz: No, thank you. We appreciate your time. I can only imagine how difficult this must be for you.

[ Door opens ]
Ressler: What the hell was that?
Liz: She was covering. I don’t know what, but that woman knows something.
Ressler: Yeah, I picked up on that, Keen, but since when do you hand a person of interest your profile?
Liz: My profile is wrong. There was nothing specific connecting the original Deer Hunter’s victims other than the physical, but the copycat, his victims–
Ressler: You think the copycat’s targeting a specific type of victim? What if he is?
Liz: I had assumed he was operating like the original killer, but what if he chose those victims based on a different unifying reason? He could be masking his agenda by making it look like the work of a different serial killer. Well, maybe there’s something in the victims’ histories we missed.
Ressler: But how does Mary Henning fit in?
Liz: Don’t know yet. But I rattled her. We should let her stew and take another run at her tomorrow.

[ Telephone ringing ] [ Ringing continues ]
Dembe: Yes?
Man: Who the hell are you?
Dembe: Mr. Reddington asked me to –
Man: Why are you wearing a sidearm?
Dembe: He needs to reschedule.
Man: No, no. That’s not how it works. I told him to come alone. I gave very specific instructions.
Dembe: Mr. Reddington’s a man of his word. If it were possible, he would be here.
Man: Wherever he is, whatever the hell he’s doing, I hope it’s important.

[ Telephone beeps ] [ Siren wailing ]
Aleko: What the hell’s going on?
[ Sighs ]
Edgar: Hang tight, pal.
[ Red enters police transfer vehicle; Door closes ] [ Sighs ]
Red: When I was young, I wanted to be able to dance just like Gary Goddard. I still remember going to the Snowflake Dance and watching him for the first time. That kid, man, he could move. Won the eighth-grade talent show. He was on the Yell Squad. Gary even danced his way into Helen Hummer’s pants, and let me tell you something, that was like breaking into Fort Knox♀ …
Aleko: Pops, who the hell are you?
Red: … Then in the summer of ’88, I saw Gary in the diaper aisle at Safeway. He looked like hell. Gray. Out of breath, fatigued. Turns out Gary had a bicuspid valve [disorder], needed a heart transplant. He was on the wait list until the day he died. How long has Isaac been on the list now?
Aleko: How do you know about my brother?
Red: Six months? A year? Two? How long is he gonna have to wait?
Aleko: They won’t say.
Red: I can get your brother a heart within the week. Best surgeons, best post-op care, and it won’t cost you a dime.
Aleko: Why would you do that for me?
Red: Because you’re gonna do something for me.

Ressler: We found the link, or at least what could be the link. We have seven victims, so we started over with the most basic question. “Do they know each other?” Right, but that theory died quickly. There are seven victims all from different states, different ages, no schools in common, no family relations.
Liz: So, they’re not connected, but something about them is?
Ressler: Makes sense, but everything we tried was a bust. And then it hit me – maybe the one thing we know about the victims is the one thing holding us back. Maybe the victims aren’t victims – not entirely. Joseph Riggs, the copycat’s second target. The guy had a rap sheet, including a conviction for misdemeanor menacing. He pointed a knife at his girlfriend, said he’d kill her if she left him. Which brings us to target four, Andrew Cosgrove. Divorced from his second wife, Diane. The transcript for a family court proceeding makes reference to a restraining order.
Liz: Okay, so that’s two. What about the others?
Ressler: Number five, Judd Liggett. No criminal record, but a year before he was murdered, he was disciplined by the graduate school program he was attending …
Liz: Let me guess –
Ressler: … after complaints were made by a female student. Aggravated harassment. Nonstop phone calls, stalking her in class. The girl was terrified, but no criminal charges were filed. That’s why it wasn’t on our radar. Stalkers, obsessive types, men who get violent when the women they want reject them.That’s what Mary Henning was hiding – she was afraid of her husband. Whoever killed him might have been protecting her. If we’re right, these seven men had dangerous fixations on seven women. The copycat killer was protecting those women.
Liz: Yeah, but those women were in five different states. How did the killer even know they were in danger?
Ressler: Hang on a sec. Diane Cosgrove got legal help with her divorce from a local nonprofit called Docket One. Uh, the student advocacy group that went after Judd Liggett – was called – Bright Voice.
Liz: Bright – Bright Voice.
Ressler: They’re both affiliates of a national organization called Whitehaven Shelters.

Dobbins: We are the largest nonprofit victims’ assistance association in the US. Every year, there are 7 million victims of harassment and stalking. We help to provide those people with legal, medical, and social services.
Ressler or Liz: Do you keep records of the people you provide assistance to?
Dobbins: Of course. Why?
It’s our understanding that these seven women obtained aid from your Whitehaven affiliates. We’d like to know everything we could about your interaction with them.
Dobbins As you can imagine, we take privacy very seriously here. I assume you have a court order.
Ressler: We’ll get one if necessary.
Dobbins: Unless there’s some kind of danger of imminent threat or harm, I don’t feel comfortable–
Res or Liz: Are you familiar with Chad Henning?
Dobbins: Name sounds familiar.
Res or Liz: It should. His body was found hanging from a tree this morning in Takoma Park.
Dobbins: You’re talking about the serial murders.
Ressler: Chad Henning was the husband of Mary Henning, a woman who received legal counsel from a free clinic provided by Whitehaven. In fact, all the names on that list were in relationships with victims of The Deer Hunter.
Liz: The only other thing those seven women have in common is your organization. It’s quite possible that the person committing these murders interacted with these women through Whitehaven. We’re gonna need a full list of your employees and volunteers of the last five years.
Dobbins: I’ll get you everything I can. Just give me a few hours to put it together.
Res or Liz: Thank you.
[ Bird chirping ] [ Cats meowing ]

Tracy: I know, I’m – I’m overreacting, right? I mean, I don’t know if she talked with the FBI. But if Mary did talk, she’d expose everyone. And I don’t care about myself. But the other women – I have to do something, right?
You’re right.
I’m overreacting. I should just relax. She’d never betray me. None of them would.

Aram: The last victim’s wife, the one you let stew, apparently you did a really great job, because she is boiling over.
Liz: She called?
Aram: Just got off the phone with her. She wants to talk.
Ressler: Let’s go, Keen.
[ Red arrives ]
Liz: Look, if you’re here because you want to give me more unsolicited advice about my case – Red: Tempting as that may be, I’m here to speak to Agent Mojtabai.
Aram: Oh. [ Chuckles ] No one ever calls me that.
[ Others leave ]
Red: Aram, I need your assistance locating the source of a call that was placed to a pay phone – at 92nd and Broadway.
Aram: I need a warrant.
Red: You won’t need a warrant.
Aram: Of course I won’t need a warrant.
Red: This is the number. The call was placed at exactly – Aram?
Aram: Yes.
Red: I can’t stress enough the urgency of this matter.

[ Knock on door ]

β™« me and you and you and me

Mary: Thank you for coming. I – Tracy, hello. I was expecting someone else.
Tracy: We have a situation.

β™« so happy together

Mary: What is it? What happened?
Tracy: The FBI found the connection. They came to Whitehaven asking for the names of every employee.
Mary: The FBI, they came, but I didn’t say anything, I promise.

β™« for all my life when you’re with me, baby, the skies will be blue

Tracy: Who were you expecting?
Mary: Friends for book club.
Tracy: Oh, you’re lying. It’s you. You’re the weak link.
Mary: After what you’ve done for me, for us? Tracy, honestly, before you, I was in a desperate situation. You saw the marks. He threatened to kill me. I tried the police, all the right channels, and no one lifted a finger …

β™« ba-ba-ba-ba ba-ba-ba-ba ba-ba-ba – ba-ba-ba-ba

Mary: … I’m grateful to you. I would never betray you.

β™« ba-ba-ba-ba ba-ba-ba-ba ba-ba-ba – ba-ba-ba-ba

Ressler: Hello, Miss Henning?

β™« no matter how they toss the dice, it had to be

[ Doorbell rings ]
Ressler: Miss Henning?
[ Dog barking ]
Liz: I’ll take the back.

β™« … so happy together
ooh ooh ooh ooh so happy together
ooh ooh ooh ooh and how is the weather?
ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba so happy together
ba-ba-ba-ba ba-ba-ba-ba we’re happy together
ba-ba-ba-ba ba-ba-ba-ba so happy together
ba-ba-ba-ba ba-ba-ba-ba happy together
ba-ba-ba-ba ba-ba-ba-ba happy together

Miss Henning?

ba-ba-ba-ba ba-ba-ba-ba we’re happy together
ba-ba-ba-ba ba-ba-ba-ba so happy together
ba-ba-ba-ba ba-ba-ba-ba happy together
ba-ba-ba-ba ba-ba-ba-ba we’re happy together


β™« ba-ba-ba-ba ba-ba-ba-ba so happy together

Tracy: [ Breathing heavily ] It’s gonna be okay. It’s gonna be okay. [ Sighs ] Think.
[ Grunts ] [ Grunts ] Oh! [ Groans ]

Cooper: Did Ressler get a visual from the witness?
Samar: No. She’s still unconscious.
Aram: I’ve been screening service providers – uh, therapists, lawyers, doctors, anyone who’s worked with the wives of our copycat’s victims.
Cooper: Someone connecting the women.
Aram: Right, but I got nothing. Then I took a look at Whitehaven’s employees and volunteers. At one time or another, all of the victims’ wives reached out to one of Whitehaven’s affiliates for assistance.
Samar: Legal, medical, financial – that’s how he’s finding his victims.
Aram: All but one. In every case, their husbands were murdered by the copycat after they sought help, except her – Tracy Solobotkin. Her husband was the first victim of our copycat, and she was hired over three months after his death.
Samar: Why after? Her problem was already solved.
Aram: Maybe she wanted to help women who were still in bad relationships.
Samar: Maybe she wanted to help other women end them.
Aram: Says here she works in accounting, which would give her access to the names of every woman who got assistance from Whitehaven.
Cooper: Perfect opportunity for her to identify violent spouses. Talk about a target-rich environment.
Samar: I’m on my way.
Cooper: Get a BOLO out on all vehicles registered to Tracy Solobotkin. We got a Code Nine. Deploy every available unit to her address.

Tracy: I don’t want to do this, but I have to. Nobody can connect me to Mary but you.
Liz: ME won’t buy it. Victimology’s all wrong. The Deer Hunter killed men.
Tracy: [ Laughs ] Is that what you call them? Men? This wasn’t supposed to happen this way.
I didn’t want to hurt Mary or anybody else, anybody but them!
Liz: I understand. Maybe a jury will.
Tracy: That’s what I said. To The Deer Hunter, the real one. He was my husband.
Liz: My God.
Tracy: His father, a bastard, pushing him, pushing him, picking on him, cutting him down. He didn’t want to face what he was, so he overcompensated. Always pretending macho, tough [ Chuckles ] trying too hard with the ladies, but I knew. After we got married, there’s – you know, there’s nothing that can hide that. You’d think that after his father died, that he’d come to grips with it.
Liz: Mnh-mnh.
Tracy: He got angry, mean, isolated. Every weekend on hunting trips – that’s what he called them. You had no idea.
Liz: Mnh-mnh.
Tracy: After the separation, I was staying at my sister’s. I came by the house one night to get my things. I thought he was gone, but he was in here, in the garage. He had blood on his mouth, on his clothes. The Deer Hunter had been all over the news. So, in that moment, I knew what he’d done. And I tried to leave, but but he came towards me. He knew I knew, so he couldn’t let me go. And I’d never held a weapon. I-I-I-I I’d fended him off with a knife before, but that? I never held a bow. Before I knew it, the arrow went straight through his heart. And I thought about calling the police, turning myself in, but then I realized You could continue. You could Well, yeah.
All those women Whitehaven had helped, just like me – I could give them their lives back by becoming him. [ Voice breaking ] And it’s not easy. It’s hard work. It’s filthy work, but it’s worth it Just to he – just to see them scared for a change, to hear them whimper and and – and beg. All the things after – you know, with the cutting, the mess – I hated it. But I-I didn’t have a choice.
I’m sick. [ Chuckles ] I know. Disgusting, but that’s the way Ron did it, so I have no choice. I mean, from – f-from beyond the grave, he still pulls the strings.
Liz: Okay.
Tracy: You got to do what you got to do.
Liz: But can you please, please just do me one favor?
Tracy: Yes?
Liz: Shut the hell up and get it over with.
Tracy: What?
Liz: You think I don’t know why you’re really doing this? You think I’m buying this whole “justice for victims” crap?
Tracy: Well, it’s true.
Liz: [ Chuckles ] You’re just like your husband.
Tracy: I’m nothing like my husband!
Liz: You’re exactly like him, like all the sick, psychopathic animals we lock up.
Tracy: Oh, you haven’t heard a word that I’ve been saying.
Liz: I’ve heard every word [ Mockingly ] “I could give them back their lives.” [ Normal voice ] Why don’t you just admit it? You get off on killing people. It doesn’t matter if the victim’s a scumbag or a saint – you get off just the same, just like your husband.
[ Tool clatters ] [ Shouts ] [ Grunts ]
[ Flashback: ] Tom, no! Let me go!
[ Struggling ]
Ressler: Keen! Keen! Stop. Keen, don’t.
[ Gasping ]

[ Police radio chatter ]
Ressler: You okay?
Liz: Yeah. Fine. Back there, uh I can’t do this.
Ressler: Maybe you need some time, a couple weeks. When’s the last time you took a vacation?
Liz: You’re kidding, right? I would have killed her if you hadn’t shown up.
Ressler: You would have done what you had to do to survive.
Liz: Same as on the boat.
Ressler: No, that was different. That was Tom. You tried to stop him. Liz: But I didn’t. I hesitated.
And maybe I thought for just one second it would be better for me if he were dead.
Ressler: Liz –
Liz: No. That man had a family. He had a life. I’m gonna go to Wilcox. I’m gonna tell him everything.
Ressler: How many people do you think are alive today that wouldn’t be if it wasn’t for the work that we do?
Liz: [ Sighs ] Please.
Ressler: 50? 100? How many, Liz? How many families haven’t buried a mother, a father, brother, sister? Children?
Liz: That doesn’t make it right.
Ressler: No. It’s never gonna be right. See, the only question is the body count. So, you go ahead and you nail yourself to a cross, and while you’re up there feeling sanctified, you consider how many people are gonna die because this task force gets shut down and the rest of those animals on Reddington’s list are still out there feeding.♀
Ressler: No. Don’t. Don’t ask me to feel your pain, Liz. I got more than enough of my own.

[ β™« Hozier’s “Angel Of Small Death & The Codeine Scene” plays ]

Wilcox: Do you, Samuel Aleko, swear under penalty of perjury that the following is true and correct?
Aleko: Yeah.
Wilcox: Please tell the US attorney exactly what you told me about Agent Elizabeth Keen’s involvement in the murder of DC Harbormaster Eugene Ames.
Aleko: [ silence]

β™« calling to join them, the wretched and joyful shaking the wings of their terrible youths

Wilcox: Mr. Aleko let me remind you, you’re under oath.
Aleko: I don’t remember.
Wilcox: [ Sighs ] You confessed that Agent Keen was present when the harbormaster was killed and that she deliberately covered up his death.
Aleko: That’s what you want me to say. That’s not how it was.

β™« she’s the angel of small death and the codeine scene

Aram: Dembe … Uh, yes … Uh, Mr. Reddington said I should call as soon as I traced the call … Uh, yes, I have an address. Uh, 3130 Sheridan Road, Park Slope.

Samar: I figured it out.
Aram: What?
Samar: What you’re doing. The hairline. Guys don’t get it – most women don’t care if men go bald.
Aram: [ Chuckles ] No. Did you think I–
Samar: You’re sexy no matter what.
Aram: I’m not going bald. I just – I have a high hairline. Wait, what? Did you just say that –
Samar: Yep. Just don’t get fat.♀

β™« with her sweetened breath and her tongue so mean she’s the angel of small death and the codeine scene

Do you have a phone?
[ Beep ] [ Dialing ] [ Ringing ] [ Cellphone vibrating ]

β™« with her sweetened breath and her tongue so mean she’s the angel of small death and the codeine scene

Man: Spare change?
Wilcox: There you go.
Man: God bless you, sir. Thanks.
Wilcox: Hey. It’s gonna be a freeze tonight. There’s a place about, uh, two blocks up called The Grant. Give this to the guy in the cage. His name’s Ronnie. He’ll, uh, cut you a rate.
Man: Thank you, Officer.
Wilcox: Go get a shower. Get yourself cleaned up.
Man: For sure.

β™« she’s the angel of small death and the codeine scene

Red: You all right?
Liz: Yeah. Fine.
Red: What were you thinking running after a killer alone without backup?
Liz: Are you scolding me?
Red: Yes. Yes, I’m scolding you. That was foolish, Lizzie. You could have been –
Liz: Killed.
Red: Exactly that. Killed.
Liz: What are you gonna do? Ground me? Take away my phone privileges?
Red: [ Chuckles ] You were right about The Deer Hunter – he was a man.
Liz: And a woman. We were both half right.
Red: Together, we were right.
Liz: I have the Fulcrum. Tell me what it is, and I’ll tell you where to find it.
Red: I’ve already told you what I can. To elaborate would place you in grave danger.
Liz: I don’t need your protection.
Red: Oh, I think you do. If it weren’t for me, you would have been indicted today. As it is, you needn’t worry about the harbormaster any more.
Liz: What did you do?
Red: Nobody was hurt, if that’s what you’re concerned about. In fact, a young man’s life was saved.
Liz: I don’t want to hear any more. I’m leaving.
Red: I believe I know the real reason you don’t want me to have the Fulcrum.
Liz: That is?
Red: Because you’re afraid that once you give it to me, you’ll be of no further use to me and you’ll never see me again.

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❌❌❌ END 2:13

༺✦ ⌘ ✦༻

πŸ”΄ 2:14 T Earl King VI

πŸ”΄ Script: 2:14 T Earl King VI

Last updated: 8/8/2015
Program originally aired 3/5/2015 in US
Script with extras: http://wp.me/pDKwi-HB
Raw Scripts from Springfield [UK]: http://bit.ly/1Do56Zu
NBC Episode Summary: http://bit.ly/1FC0Bdp

Created by: Jon Bokenkamp
Director: Stephen A Adelson
Writers: Jon Bokenkamp, Brandon Sonnier, Brandon Margolis


Script 2:14 T Earl King VI

Blurb: Red becomes the special guest of an eccentric billionaire family that makes its money holding underground auctions of exotic merchandise for those willing to pay.

Francis: Ah, good evening, father. You’re looking sharp.
Earl (Father): [ Voice box ] Mr. Valmont, the tally.
Valmont: Moments away. Gentlemen. [ Clock ticking ] [ Clock chiming ]
Earl: What are the standing totals?
Valmont: Master Tyler King, $67,800,000. All bids paid in full. Master Francis King, $67,400,000 with one account pending for $1.8 million.
Francis: You haven’t won yet.
Tyler: I have, and you know it.
Valmont: The contractual deadline has passed. The last tally stands. Mr. Cardini failed to wire funds for his lot. I’m sorry.
Earl: Well, boys, get on with it.
[ Francis hold pistol to head, pulls trigger. Gun clicks. It’s Russian roulette! ]
Tyler: Next time.

Handler: I’m sorry. I’ve got nothing right for you.
Tom: If something comes in– I just need to go back in, okay? I don’t care what it is. I’ll take anything.
Handler: You don’t want to do that. Sit down. [ Sighs ] You got class. You’re the boyfriend. You’re the hip, young executive. That’s where the top dollar is. Anything else, for you, is a sinful waste.
Tom: But I don’t care. I don’t care about top dollar. I just need to go back under. Bud, please.
It’s me. I can play anything.
Handler: Don’t tell me that girl got to you. If you need a palate-cleansing so bad, I may have something. How’s your German?

[ Knock on door ]
Red: I hope you’re considering the apartment at the Audrey. You must stop living like this.
Liz: By all means, come right in. Make yourself at home.
Red: Madeline Pratt has been abducted.
Liz: What do you care? She almost got us both killed.
Red: Foreplay. β‹˜β‹™ My relationship with Madeline is nuanced. Confounding, yet captivating, she’s a singular woman, and the world is far more interesting with her in it. What’s more, her abductors meet every requisite that defines inclusion on the Blacklist. The Kings.
Liz: The kings? Of what?
Red: Not “king” as in “king and castle.” Earl King and his two sons, Tyler and Francis, descendents of a Senescent Dynasty. Their forefathers built a fortune on the backs of British undesirables, forcing them into decades of indentured servitude– a tradition that has been passed from generation to generation that still continues today.
Liz: So, what does this have to do with Madeline Pratt?
Red: Madeline has made a number of well-heeled enemies over the years, many of whom would pay a handsome price for her head. If merely saving a woman’s life isn’t enough to warrant the Bureau’s interest, consider what taking down a dynasty like the King family would mean. Every transaction meticulously recorded for posterity in the family ledger. Sometimes, years pass between auctions. They’re never held in the same place twice. The guest lists are constantly changing. This is your chance to solve a century and a half’s worth of abductions and thefts from the Davidoff Morini Stradivarius to the disappearance of Raoul Wallenberg. This phone belonged to a boy in the port of Lisbon, where Madeline was abducted.
Liz: Pictures of the kidnapping.
Red: Find the jackals who took Madeline and they’ll inevitably lead you to the Kings.

Ressler: So, we’re going after one blacklister to save another. Tell me how that makes sense.
Liz: Earl King and his two sons, Tyler and Francis – from available intel, they appear to be an eccentric family of trust-fund billionaires. According to Reddington, they supplement their family fortune with profits from their illegal auctions. Six months ago, seized by MI5 disappeared from their evidence vault in Leeds. The painting – stolen from the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. Reddington claims both these items will fall under the gavel at the Kings’ next auction.

Aram: I think I might have something. I isolated this image from the pics, ran it against our known-tattoo database, and got a hit. Silvio Haratz, a Brazilian-born kidnapper working the world’s K&R hotspots. If the auction’s gonna be held on US soil, Haratz is headed here.
Ressler: We’re gonna need local intel.
Aram: The DOJ has an active file on Haratz, but it’s restricted access. I can’t open it without throwing up red flags in the Attorney General’s office.
Cooper. I may know someone who can help. The rest of you, dig up anything you can on the Kings.

[ Telephone ringing ]
Cooper: What do you have on Haratz?
Tom Connolly [AG]: Enough to haul him in, but not enough to make it stick. That’s all I can say. We’re building a case. β‹˜β‹™ I have a good friend, CEO of a med-tech company. Got himself mixed up in a fraud scheme. The grand jury convened, and it’s looking like there’s going to be an indictment. They’ll seize his assets. It would be nice if he had a chance to shield a little something in a blind trust for his kids.
Cooper: You want me to tip him off?
Tom: He’s a good friend, close friend. And I take care of my friends. β‹˜β‹™ How’s that clinical trial? The one I got you into? You look well.

[ Cellphone rings ]
Liz: Agent Keen.
Red: Hello.
Liz: The suspect’s name is Silvio Haratz. He’s using a safe house called The Palace. We’re on our way.
Red: No. I know The Palace, You people get within a mile of that place, he’ll be made. I’ll handle it.
Liz: Forget it, Reddington. We’re not on your payroll, and you can’t call us off. We’re on it.

[ Red and Dembe are going through darkened rooms at hotel, guns drawn. Others, including many with guns, enter. Madeline Pratt and Francis are among them. ]
Red: How much do you want for her?
Francis: You can have her.
[ Electricity crackles ]
Madeline: Sorry, Dembe. [ She tases him ]
[ Body thuds ]
Red: Well-played, Madeline. Payback for my little gambit last year, I presume.
Maddie: Consider us even.
Francis: Raymond “Red” Reddington. Lot number 11. [ Chuckles ] Beautiful.
Red: Careful there, boys. You don’t want to bruise the merchandise.♀

[ Door opens ] [ Camera shutter clicks ]
Ressler: We intercepted Dembe.
Liz: He informed us they used Pratt as bait, faked the kidnapping in order to bring Red into the Kings’ custody.
Samar: King family auctions are all about providing criminals with items of value. What’s more valuable than Reddington?
Cooper: Where are we on potential auction locations?
Aram: The Kings have real-estate holdings all over the world. You’d have to be invited to know where this thing is.
Liz: Let’s not focus on the Kings. Let’s focus on the Kings’ guests. Try and match the items we know they have for sale with the people who might be interested in buying them.
Cooper: We’ll put together a list. Alert Immigration and the TSA on major points of entry.
Identify and report only. Do not detain.

Red: Your insistence on not speaking, sir, is making a tedious exercise ever so much worse.
Tyler: Over here, gentlemen.
Boy in cage: Please. Someone help me.
Tyler: Raymond Reddington in the flesh.
Red: You must be Tyler. I hope you’re not as short-sighted as your brother. I could be one of your most valued customers.
Tyler: As I recall, you’re one of the few prospects who rejected an invitation to our auction. Nice try, though.
Red: I haven’t even begun to try. There is one thing about your family that’s always intrigued me. Statistically, [ Added: 65% of family fortunes] are frittered away by the second generation. [ Added: By the third generation, it’s 90%]. How is it that the Kings have successfully defied that trend? You must tell me your secret.♀
Tyler: Winner takes all.
Red: And the loser?
Tyler: None of your business.
Red: [ To tailor ] Really, I’m all for being thorough, but at this point, you’re just taking the nickel tour.

[ Keyboard clacking ]
Liz: Alexi Koskov, a Russian oligarch with an extensive collection of stolen masterpieces. The Art Crime Division says he’s been trying to acquire the Van Gogh since it disappeared in 2002. Samar: Koskov’s on the no-fly list. How can he get into the country?
Aram: He can’t. But his new acquisitions emissary, Josephine Sullivan, flew in from LA this morning. She just checked in to The Vanguard.
Cooper: Bring her in.

Francis: I presume you’ve been downstairs.
Tyler: I have.
Francis: Reddington’s a game changer. You can’t win.
Tyler: I have no intention of quitting now. Even if you win, I only have a 16% chance of losing– one in six.

Samar: We know you’re working as a representative for Alexi Koskov to authenticate and purchase a stolen painting from an illegal auction. As such, we can charge you as an accessory after the fact, not only for the Van Gogh, but for every crime the King family has committed to acquire the rest of their stock, including kidnapping and false imprisonment.
Liz: This is the Bureau’s file on you and your boss.
[ Papers thud ]
Liz: Koskov is untouchable. But you’re right here.

Samar: Her instructions were to introduce herself to the concierge at The Harleston Read Hotel. Owned by the King family trust.
Liz: Everyone there is on their payroll.
Cooper: That’s it?
Samar: She’s supposed to ask for a room with a view of the Capitol.
Cooper: Then what?
Samar: She’d get a room number. After that, no idea. She’s never attended the auction. Beyond the hotel and the password, we have nothing.
Liz: That’s not necessarily true. They’re expecting an American named Josephine Sullivan. We can give them that.
Cooper: Undercover? Forget it.
Samar [to Liz]: I know you want him back, but there has to be another way.♀
Liz: If you can think of one, I’m all ears.
Cooper: Okay. We do it. But only as far as the hotel. Go there. Get what you can. I’ll have a tac team standing by to hit the auction as soon as you give us a location.

[ Cellphone vibrates ]
Liz: Keen.
Tom Keen: It’s me.
Liz: What the hell are you doing calling me?
Tom: Got a new assignment. I’m going away for a while.
Liz: What’s her name?
Tom: It’s not like that. It’s not –
Liz: Me?
Tom: Yeah. I mean, no. I mean, it’s – it’s, uh How you been?
Liz: What do you think? I’m in a lot of trouble because of you.
Tom: So, what? That’s it?
Liz: Berlin is out of commission, and you just get another gig?
Tom: Going away for a long time, and I thought I’d– I don’t know. I just wanted to say–
Liz: I think the word you’re looking for is goodbye. Look, I got to go. It seems like the only thing we have in common anymore is pretending to be someone else.
Tom: Wait. You’re going undercover? For how long?
Liz: Just a few hours.
Tom: Just keep your ears open. Try not to talk too much. Somebody asks you something, like some little thing that you don’t know, and you think it’s gonna trip you up, just sneeze.
Liz: Sneeze?
Tom: [ Chuckling ] Yeah. They’ll say “Gesundheit” or “God bless you” or whatever, and 10 out of 10 times, they’ll forget what they asked you.
Liz: I always thought you just had allergies.
Tom: Goodbye, Liz.

Receptionist: You’ll need this for the elevator. Enjoy your stay.
Ressler: Thank you.
Ressler: She should have a tracker, coms at least. She’s going in blind.
Samar: She can handle it.
Res: She’s in.

Liz: I have a reservation. Sullivan. Josephine Sullivan.
Receptionist: Of course, Ms. Sullivan.
[ Keyboard clacking ] We have you in a one-bedroom suite.
Liz: With a view.
Receptionist: Excuse me?
Liz: I requested a view of the Capitol.
Receptionist: That can be arranged. [ Keyboard clacking ] Last elevator on the left.
[ Sighs ]
[ Elevator bell dings ]
Ressler: She’s in elevator one.
[ Elevator bell dings ]
Ressler: I repeat – elevator one.
Guy [ steps in elevator; to Liz ]: Phone, purse, jewelry.

Samar: She’s going down. I repeat – she’s going down. Get a visual!
Man: Welcome, Ms. Sullivan.

Liz [ to Man at parking site with her number ]: Thank you. [ He opens car door for her ]

Ressler: It wasn’t a hotel room. It was a parking space.

Guy in Car: Drink.
Liz: What is it?
Guy: Drink.
[ Liz takes a sip and passes out ]

[ Tom is in a bathroom, cutting his hair skinhead-short. Transition to: Tom getting tattoos: SS insignia on both sides of his neck. Across his back, arched in old style German lettering: “Deutschland fΓΌr die Deutschen” or “Germany for the Germans.” ] ::

[ β™« Peter Schilling’s “Major Tom (Voellig Losgeloest)” Plays ] [Tom is cutting hair very close ]
gruendlich durchgecheckt steht sie da und wartet auf den start alles experten streiten sich um ein paar da die crew hat da noch ein paar fragen do der countdown lauft effektivitat bestimmt das hande man verlasst sich blind doch major to macht einen sch [ Clippers clatter ] er schwebt wei voellig losgelo von der erd schwebt das raumschif voellig schwerelos die erde schimmert blau sein letzter funk kom gruesst mir meiner fr – [ Song ends ]

[ Red is being given a shave ] [ Wheelchair motor whirring ]
Red: Good heavens, Earl. You’ve never had any feeling in your heart, but now it looks like there isn’t much going on below the waist.
Earl: I do all right. The wheelchair is just a little memento of our time together in Bolivia.
Red: No hard feelings, I trust.
Earl: Just a few. But this is only business, Red. Besides, you warned me. ‘Pigs eat – ‘
Red: ‘Hogs get slaughtered.’ [ Laughs ] All you had to do was listen. But that’s always been your problem – all that money clogging your ears. I told you to come with me that night out on the Altiplano.♀
Earl: I had millions invested. I couldn’t just walk away like you.
Red: Poor choice of words given what those soldiers did to you.[ Chuckles ] I’d hate to see you play the hog yet again, Earl.
Earl: No, no, Red. You taught me an invaluable lesson. Dispassion is the businessman’s best friend. One mustn’t get emotionally involved in business. You have to listen to the market. You hear that? That’s the market telling me you are in demand. What kind of a commodity are you? A wealth of secrets and information? Or are you an impulse purchase for a buyer to settle a score? You scare people, Red. How much would you pay to be rid of your deepest fear?
Red: I’ve always found fear to be my most valuable sense.♀ But then again, you Kings demonstrate a propensity for having more dollars than sense. [ Chuckles ] Your son Tyler was telling me– “Winner takes all,” I believe he said. I’m curious strictly from an estate-planning perspective. What exactly does that mean?
[ Earl turns his wheelchair around and quickly leaves ]

[ Liz wakes up in bed in a strange room, wearing only her slip ]
[ Lock disengages ]
Woman: Good evening, Ms. Sullivan.
[ Door closes ]
Earl: Take what you want from the family collection [ of jewelry] – anything you need. We want you to feel beautiful.
Liz: How thoughtful.

[ Classical music plays ] [ Indistinct conversations ]
Earl: Ladies and gentlemen.
[ Music stops ]
Earl: Welcome to The Vicarage. I would like to thank you for traveling many a weary mile to join us on this very special evening. As is customary, you will have 30 minutes to spend among the lots– a taste to whet your appetite and loosen your purse strings.
[ Light laughter ]
Earl: It begins.
[ Music resumes ] [ Indistinct conversations ]
Liz [ to boy 10-13 ] Hello Vincent.
Tyler: See something you like? Little Vincent Peretti, Ms. Sullivan, of the Peretti family. Big Vince has turned state’s evidence. There are half a dozen Serbians and Sicilians willing to pay dearly for the leverage to insure his silence.
Tyler: So, I understand you’re here on behalf of Mr Koskov.
Liz: Yes, I am. It’s rumored Van Gogh actually painted it at the beach, and up close, you can see the grains of sand bonded to the canvas.
Tyler: Remarkable. So, which Ivy League did you attend? It’s no secret Alexi fancies a certain breed.
Liz: [ Chuckles ] Columbia, then Princeton.
Tyler: [ Chuckles ] Really? I’m a Princeton man. Mm! [ Chuckles ] The Dinky was such fun, wasn’t it? [ Chuckles ]
Liz: [ Sneezes ]
Tyler: Bless you.
Liz: [ Sniffles ]
Red: Oh, the Dinky. No matter the time of day, that damn train is always full of hungover frat boys and co-eds in the throes of morning-after regret.
Liz: Is that who I think it is?
Tyler: Well, I can see that you are a woman of good taste.
Francis: Tyler, I believe the Sheikh has questions about your guidance chips.
Liz: The Raymond Reddington. Impossible.
Red: You’ve changed your hair.
Tyler: You know each other.
Liz: Unfortunately.
Francis: Perhaps you’d like to make a bid.
Liz: I’ve heard he’s far more trouble than he’s worth. It’s probably easier to let someone else buy him. Let him be their problem. I’m here for the Van Gogh. He’s probably out of my price range, anyway.♀
Yaabari: Not mine.
Red: Yaabari. β‹˜β‹™ How are the boys?
Yaabari: They still tell tales of the man in the hat who burned down our compound.
Red: I must say, you’ve come up in the world, depending on how you look at it. How did you manage to wrangle an invitation? Who’s backing you?
Yaabari: I’ll see you after the auction.

FBI: Just give us the location.
Man: I don’t know anything. I’m a hotel employee. I arrange transportation. I was doing my job.
Samar: Your job is to shuttle people back and forth to the King family auction. That woman you sent off in the limo? She’s a federal agent who was investigating a crime to which you are now as an accessory. If anything happens to her, you’ll be facing felony charges.
Man: I told you. I don’t know anything.

Cooper: The indictment – it’s coming down tonight. You and I never had this conversation.
[ Receiver clicks ]
Aram: Sir, uh, we may have a problem. I was checking with DOC on Josephine’s transfer to Hazelton.
They allowed her to make a call to her lawyer.
Cooper: I gave an order. If she gets word to her people, Keen’s cover is blown. Get DOC on the line now!

Auctioneer: Anybody to bid? Now three. Who’ll give me three? I’ve got three here. Who will give me four? Give me four? I got four here. For the bid now 4. $4 million going once, going twice. Sold for $4 million to the gentleman from Maldives.
[ Applause ]
Auctioneer: And now, ladies and gentlemen, one of the most exciting items of the night, a mainstay on the FBI’s most wanted list, this gentleman has been on the list longer than any other criminal! A former naval intelligence officer, he possesses a wealth of classified information and presides over one of the world’s most prosperous extralegal empires. You may know him as the concierge of crime. I present Raymond Reddington. [ Crowd murmuring ] I will commence the bidding at $2 million. Able to bid now two. Who will give me two? I’ve got two right here. Who will give me 2.5? Able to bid now 2.5.
[ Liz joins in bidding ] Thank you, ma’am. Able to bid now three.
Francis: Well, that’s unexpected, but welcome.
Tyler: What is she doing? She’s supposed to be here for my Van Gogh.
Auctioneer: Thank you, sir. Give me five. Able to bid now five. Thank you in the back. I got five. Give me six. Able to bid now six. Thank you, sir. Able to bid now seven? Able to bid now seven It’s only money, folks. Able to bid now seven. I’ll take it, ma’am. Thank you. Able to bid now eight.
Man: Sir, Mr. Koskov called. The woman who says she’s his emissary – Mr. Koskov said she’s an impostor.
Earl: I knew it.
Auctioneer: Able to bid now nine.
Earl: ‘Bring her to me. Yes, sir.
Auctioneer: It’s only money, folks.
[ Red suspects Liz’s cover has been blown. Mouths ‘Go’ to her. ]
Auctioneer: Who will give me nine?
Red: Nine. [ Spectators murmur ]
Auctioneer: I beg your pardon?
Red: $9 million. I assume my money’s good here.
Yaabari: Ten!
Red: Certainly as good as his.16. Come on. I got to be worth as much as that fake Xuande Ming vessel was.♀
Yaabari: 18.
Red: Sorry, Santos, but those cat’s eye Chrysoberyls are brown, not green. An expensive forgery, but a forgery nonetheless. 20!
Tyler: Ignore that bid!
Red: That hardly seems fair.
Tyler: Get him off the stage now!
Auctioneer: Does the gentlemen maintain his previous bid of $18 million?
Red: [ Angrily ] You’re leaving money on the table. What kind of business are you running here, Earl?♀
Auctioneer: $18 million going once, going twice, sold for $18 million to the gentleman from Cameroon! [ Applause ] [ Laughs ]

Cooper: Give us the room.
Ressler. Sir?
Cooper: Now, Agent Ressler.
[ Door slams ]
Cooper: [ To parking man ]: I don’t think you quite understand the situation. You’re assuming that you’re a material witness in federal custody and are entitled to certain rights. And while these things are true, what you don’t know is you don’t know me My doctors recently detected a mass within the left hemisphere of my brain – an inoperable tumor. Within a matter of weeks, it will kill me. And this has clarified a number of priorities for me. Among those priorities, nothing is more important to me than the safety of my colleagues. I’m committed that no one under my command dies during the remainder of my watch. And I will do anything within my power to honor that commitment. And since I quite literally have nothing to lose I suggest you think long and hard before answering my question: Where is Elizabeth Keen?

Liz: to young Vincent: Come on. Let’s go.
[ Keypad beeping ] [Man enters]
Liz: Excuse me. I’m looking for the Van Gogh. I paid a fortune for it.
Man: All items are held till the end of the auction. You need to [ Liz lands a punch ] – Aah!
Liz [ to boy ] Come on. I’m getting you out of here. Come on. Stay with me. Okay. Stay right here, okay?
Man in another box: Take me with you Please!
[ Buzzer ]
Liz: We have to get these people out of here.
[ Liz finds Red in box ]
[ Buzzer ]
Liz: How do you open this thing?
[ Buzzer ]
Red: Lizzie, you need to go.
Liz. Damn it! What’s the code?
Red: Listen to me. I was brought in through a series of tunnels that way. If you hurry, you’ll be miles away before they ever realize you’re gone. Take the boy and go.
Liz: You could be killed.♀

Man: She’s off the main floor. Split up. Check every room.
Person in another box: Help me!
Red: Lizzie, you did everything you could. It’s time to go. Go!
[ Liz leaves with young Vincent ] [ Door opens ]
Man: Spread out! We need to find that girl immediately. Okay, get in here. Get in here. Where the hell’s the Peretti boy?
Red: I’m sure your friend with the glass jaw will enlighten you when he comes to. β‹˜β‹™ What’s in this for you?
Francis: You wouldn’t understand. You’re not a King.
Red: [ Laughs ] Funny. Your father used to say that exact phrase as if it somehow excused him from the use of logic.♀
Francis: What’s in it for me? Hmm. Legacy and the King family fortune.
Red: If this is just about the money, that would be so banal. I bet your father would trade it all for one more walk in the park with a good friend.♀
[ Keypad beeps ]
Francis: Tell me Where are all your good friends now, huh? If you think there’s a soul in this world loyal to anything but your pocketbook, then you’re the one who’s excused himself from the use of logic. [ To Yaabari ] Your prize. Let’s find that kid!

[ Breathing heavily ]
Liz: Vincent, I need you to run through that door. See it? Go as far as you can, okay?
Vincent: You’re not coming with me? You can’t go back!
Liz: Run. Go! Go!

Red: Yaabari, before you exact your vengeance, consider this – I could easily provide you with enough influence and firepower to crown yourself king. Isn’t it time you stopped running through the forest playing army with a bunch of kids?
Yaabari: A generous offer, but I’m here for more than just my vengeance.
Red: I knew it. Who’s backing you?
Yaabari: A man in Johannesburg has put a $40 million bounty on your head. I plan to collect it.
Red: Good luck. A lot can happen between here and Johannesburg.
Yaabari: You will not be traveling to Johannesburg. You are not listening. I said the bounty is on your head. [ He holds up small travel case. Red is visibly shaken ] ♀

Tyler: We shouldn’t be doing this with that FBI agent loose on the property. She is clearly working with Reddington. Why else would she bid so high?
Francis: To apprehend him. Who wants Reddington more than the FBI? Either way, she’ll be found, so stop making excuses. You know I’ve got you beaten. You’re getting too emotionally invested. You realize who you sound like. Do you remember the first time I beat you at tennis? Tyler: That was a long time ago.
Francis: I had you at match point three times, and all three times, I lost in an unforced error. Then you opened your mouth about how father would never entrust the estate to a loser. I aced you on the next serve.

[ Sirens wailing ]
Yaabari: Right here. [ Forces Red to his knees ]
[ Grunts ] [ Gun cocks ]
Yaabari: Try not to take it personally. Business is business. In fact, Raymond, I’ve always been quite fond of you.
Red: Can’t tell you what a comfort that is to me.♀ [ Yaabari holds gun to back Red’s head. Red closes his eye and says one word: ] Lizzie.♀
[ Gunshot ] [ Yaabari’s gun clatters; Yaabari collapses. Red looks back, astonished ]
Red: Lizzie! The handcuff key’s in his back pocket.
Liz: Okay.
Red: Someone’s gonna come back. We got to get out of here.
[ Handcuffs clatter ]

[ Clock chiming ]
Tyler: This is a fiasco. That impostor took the place of my invited guest, she ignored the Van Gogh, drove up the price for Reddington, and stole the Peretti boy.
Francis: How is this any different from Dubai – that smuggler from the Orient who had to be ejected? Cost me $3 million at the deadline, and I still beat you.
Valmont: The contractual deadline has passed. [ Chiming stops ] The last tally stands. Master Francis is the winner.
Tyler: Father, this is ridiculous. You must call this off.
Francis: You know as well as I do. There is no calling it off.
Earl: Get on with it.
[ Tyler holds gun to his head. Gun cocks. Red looks over, sees Red, aiming at him ]
Red: If that hammer falls on an empty chamber, you’ll be dead before you hit the ground. Put it down.♀
[ Gun thuds ]
Red: Earl. [Picks up Tyler’s gun] Someone should have put you out of your misery generations ago.♀ [ Pulls trigger. Gun goes off, killing Earl ]
Red: [ Chuckling ] Oh, my God.What are the odds? [ Laughs ] [ Gun clatters ] I’ll leave the three of you to your own misery. β‹˜β‹™ [ Casually: ] Avoid the yard, be nice to your cell mate, and whatever you do, don’t eat the franks and beans.♀
[ Sirens wailing ]
Red: Oh, and I don’t need your lousy tux. I want my clothes back.

β™« boy, I was ready boy, I was ready for spring its beauty changes, changes everything done hibernating we animals roam out of our holes looking for the next one to go down among the living among the living again out in the light of day’s warm embrace again one, two, three, four …

Cooper: Agent Keen says we recovered a ledger full of names and dates from the King family estate – bills of sale are being traced back 200 years.
Wright: I’m glad something went well today.
Cooper: What do you mean?
Wright: I’d been overseeing a fraud case built against a med-tech CEO. I got word this morning he fled. It’s like he knew the indictment was coming. Nothing that should rain on your parade. [ Glass thuds ] Congratulate your team for me.

[ Police radio chatter. Liz enters car. Red is already in passenger seat ]
Red: You can never do that again.
Liz: You’re welcome.
Red: I’m serious. You can never do that again. Promise me.
Liz: We took down dozens of wanted criminals, recovered millions of dollars in stolen property, and saved innocent lives.
Red: I’m not talking about that.
Liz: You. You’re talking about you. Wow. You are so damaged. You can’t accept help from anyone. Has anyone ever helped you? Is that why you are the way you are? Because you don’t feel deserving of it? Is that why you can’t be vulnerable for a second? I risked my life for you because I care about you.♀ Deal with that. [ Pause, then: ] And when someone does something nice, you’re supposed to say, “Thank you.” [[ You too, Lizzie ]]
Red: Thank you.
Liz: You’re welcome.
Red: But never do it again.♀

[ Bell tolling ] [ Heavy-metal music plays ] [ Indistinct talking ] [ Glass thuds ] [ In German ]
Tom: One beer. [ … ]

β‹™ Special Note: The Springfield script ends here. The show did not. What’s missing: Tom shows up at a tough bar in Dresden, Germany. He orders a beer and bumps into a tough-looking guy. Tom insults him. They get into a fist fight. The other guy is bigger, but Tom is viscious. Others try to pull him off. Tom only calms down when an small. older-looking guy with white hair offers to buy him a beer, which he does. He asks Tom his name. Tom replies, “Christof Mannheim.” I believe the white-haired man is a guy Tom’s handler showed him a picture of back in the States. End of Episode.

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Spring (Among The Living)
By My Morning Jacket

[Verse 1:]
Boy, I was ready
Boy, I was ready for spring
It’s beauty changes
Changes everything
Done hibernating
We animals roam
Out of our holes
Then we spend all Spring
Looking for the next one to go down

Among the living
Among the living again
Out in the light of day’s warm embrace again
(One, two, three, four)


Among the living
Among the living again
I didn’t think I’d make it



[Verse 1]


[Chorus x2]

Ooh yeah
Among the living again, yeah
Again, oh yeah

Lyrics & Credits: http://bit.ly/1BSLevG
YouTube: http://bit.ly/1AYn2gj

❌❌❌ END 2:14

༺✦ ⌘ ✦༻

πŸ”΄ 2:15 The Major

πŸ”΄ Script: 2:15 The Major

Last updated: 8/8/2015
Program originally aired 3/12/2015 in the US
Script with extras: http://wp.me/pDKwi-It
Raw Scripts from Springfield [UK]: http://bit.ly/1Do56Zu
NBC Episode Summary: http://bit.ly/1Fb1w7m

Created by: Jon Bokenkamp
Director: Michael Watkins
Writers: Jon Bokenkamp, John Eisendrath, Lukas Reiter


Script 2:15 The Major

Blurb: Red wants compensation from The Major, the man who provided Tom for him to keep an eye on Liz – but not to get involved. Liz testifies in chambers about the Harbormaster’s murder. Dembe cautions Red that it’s time to tell Liz.

Man: Hey! Stop! Somebody stop that kid! Hey, get back here!
[ Tires screech ]
The Major: Get in. Get back!
Jake/Tom [ as kid ]: Guy’s nuts. Tried to steal my sister’s purse.
[ Panting ]
The Major: You stole the purse, Jacob. Like the credit cards and the Pontiac.
Jake/Tom: How do you know my name?
The Major: I’m surprised you haven’t stolen more, considering the situation with your foster home. You know, we’ve been watching you, Jacob. We may have an opportunity for you.
Jake/Tom:Who are you? W- what is this?
The Major: According to our research, you have some remarkable talents.
Jake/Tom: You want the purse? Take the purse.
The Major: You ever stop to think that the reason you have trouble relating to other people is because you’re special? That it’s not you, it’s everyone else that’s the problem?
Jake/Tom.d That’s not what social services says.
The Major: Good old social services. Bureaucrats trained in missing the point. We believe that your delinquent inclinations are exactly what makes you invaluable. It takes a certain kind of courage –
Jake/Tom: What are you talking about – A job, a school? What is all this stuff?
The Major: I told you, we have an opportunity, if you’re willing to take it. If you’re smart enough to take it. It’s your choice, Jacob. You can get out and go back to the life you’ve always known, or you can take a ride with me, and I can tell you how to leave this life behind. I can help you become anything.

Liz: Hey. Aram said you were looking for me.
Cooper.: Come in. Close the door.
Liz: What’s going on?
Wright: An assistant U.S. attorney here in D.C. has impaneled a grand jury. He’s looking into the death of lieutenant Eugene Ames. A former harbormaster.
Cooper: I just got off the phone with Detective Wilcox. We discussed the target of his investigation. You. Apparently, you encountered the victim the day he disappeared Drew down on the man, fed him some story about searching for fugitives out of Cumberland Prison.
Wright: There were no fugitives. No. When Wilcox confronted you, you changed your story. Said you were there on official business. They even had a witness, but the guy recanted. Now Agent Cooper’s been subpoenaed to corroborate your story. They want to ask him under oath if you’re lying.
Cooper: We all know that you weren’t at that marina in your official capacity as a member of this task force. So, you want to tell me why the hell you were there?
Liz: I can’t.
Cooper: You’re the target of a federal murder investigation. You really think the best choice at this point is to shut me out?
Liz: You’re right. I didn’t tell Wilcox the truth. But I am telling you the truth when I say I didn’t kill anyone. Look, Meera was dead. You were in the hospital. I did what I thought was necessary to stop Berlin. That’s all I’m willing to say.
Wright: You’ll say far less than that, Agent Keen. I’ve filed a motion to quash the subpoena. Only 41 people know this task force exists. I will not risk further exposure, not by this.
Cooper: You’d better hope this motion works, Agent Keen, ’cause I’m telling you now, if they put me under oath, I will not commit perjury to protect you.

[ Elevator bell dings ]
Oh, sorry, man.
Markin: Martin! Martin. Come on. I told you Denner sits at 9:00.
Wilcox: I know. I know. I got everything.
Markin: Okay, look. I don’t know what we’re walking into here. It’s no small thing to indict an active federal agent.
Wilcox. I’m on to something. She’s guilty.
Markin: Denner is the perfect guy to hear this, okay? He’s former criminal defense attorney, former Berkeley law professor.
Wilcox: Huh.
Markin: And he’s a staunch proponent of government transparency.
Wilcox: Well, that’s promising. We’re going to five?
Markin:! Yeah. They switched the courtroom.
[ Elevator bell dings ]
Security: Mr. Markin, Detective. Step over to the checkpoint, please.
Wilcox: Where the hell is everybody? What– What is this?
Security: I’ll need you to surrender your mobile devices, anything that you have that can be used to record today’s proceedings. Laptops, pens, tablets.
Wilcox: You– You want my pens? This is crazy.
Security: This will only take a moment.
Judge Denner: I’m afraid I’ve been doing this for a while, but this is certainly a first. Not only did you switch my courtroom, you closed it. And then you closed the entire floor.
Wright; My apologies, Your Honor, but I trust the measures we’ve taken will indicate how seriously we take this proceeding and the threat it poses to our national security.
Denner: So indicated. That said, I fail to understand how a routine grand jury investigation into a local homicide justifies a dog-and-pony show of such dramatic proportions.
Wright: There’s nothing routine about this matter, Your Honor. On behalf of the Justice Department, I’m here to ask the court to quash the subpoena issued to Assistant Director Cooper without delay.
Denner: For national security reasons –
Wright: Yes.
Denner: Such as? Oh, come on, Ms. Wright. Don’t I even get a ballpark? “To insulate covert intelligence capacities”? “To protect an informant in an active operational zone”?
Wright: With respect, I don’t appreciate your sarcasm, Your Honor.
Denner: Really? Well, here’s what I don’t appreciate, counsel. I don’t appreciate being instructed as to what will or will not happen in my courtroom.
Markin: Your Honor, if I may– A citizen of this district has been brutally murdered Not just a citizen, but a public servant, a lieutenant for the Metro P.D. And the people have a right to access and evaluate all evidence–
Wright: No, they don’t.
Markin: We have a fundamental right to seek justice. Look, we are here as a courtesy. And we shouldn’t have to take the government’s word for the fact that national security might be involved. It’s our call to make. We’re not asking for a second opinion. You’re protecting a federal agent.
Mr. Markin, control your witness.
Wilcox: I have a good-faith basis to believe that Agent Keen is involved –
Markin: Marty.
[ Gavel bangs ]
Wilcox: It’s a cover-up.
Denner: Enough. Okay, Ms. Wright. I take your point. Somebody has to make the call as to what does or does not rise to the level of a national security concern.
Wright: And we agree.
Denny: That call should not be made by the people or Detective Wilcox or even a grand jury.
Wright: Thank you, Your Honor.
Denner: It’s my job. I will hear the Justice Department’s argument – in chambers.
Wright: Objection!
Denner: And if I agree that national security is endangered, I will quash the subpoena, and the investigation along with it. You have no authority. Haven’t we had enough government suppression, counsel? Haven’t we seen what happens when government’s actions go unchecked? Now, you decide. I can hold you and your agents in contempt and have my officers take you into custody, or you can comply with my ruling. Choose. Right now.
[ Approaches the bench ]
Wright: You’ve made a mistake, Richard.
Denner: I agree, Reven. I should’ve been a dermatologist. I will see Agent Keen in chambers in five minutes. We’re adjourned.
[ Gavel bangs ]
Liz: Thank you.

[ Door opens ]
Judge Denner: Agent Keen, you have the right to an attorney, but if you do request counsel or refuse to answer my questions, this hearing is over, and I will determine if your case should proceed in open court based on the facts already in evidence. Are we clear to proceed?
Liz: Yes, Your Honor.
Denner: Raise your right hand and repeat after me. I, Elizabeth Keen –

Red: I understand we have a problem.
Ressler: Agent Keen’s testifying in camera about the investigation as we speak. Judge’s chambers. Eugene Ames was a cop. The judge will want his murder avenged. Best case, she’ll be charged as an accessory. And this task force will be shut down.
Red: The Major.
Ressler: Major? What major?
Red: Not a what, Donald, a who – the next name on the Blacklist.
Cooper: Have you not been paying attention to a word we’ve been saying? Agent Keen will be charged –
Red: The Major runs a finishing school of sorts – The most reputable of its kind. He recruits wayward children, orphans, delinquents, outcasts, but only boys and girls of superior intelligence who exhibit very specific sociopathic tendencies. He then cultivates them into charming, well-educated, cultured, attractive adults who are capable of dangerous and horrible things.
Cooper: All that matters is Agent Keen.
Red: Which is why we must find the Major. He and I had a rather significant falling out, and I can’t locate him, which is why you need to put me in a room with the Malaysian Deputy Minister to the U.N.
Ressler: You want the FBI to invite a U.N. diplomat – to meet with you?
Red: Of course not. Inviting him for a chat with one of your most wanted criminals would be ludicrous. You’ll need to a http://pic.twitteruct him.
Cooper: Okay, hold on. That’s not gonna happen. Why on earth would –
Red: Because he has secrets I can exploit. Listen, I’d snatch him myself, but time is short, so, I’m sorry, you’re going to have to do it for me.
Cooper: You’re asking us to commit a felony.
Red: Call it what you will, Harold. But if you want to prevent Agent Keen from going to prison, you need to abduct Deputy Minister Mamat Krishnan.

Samar: Minister Krishnan! Minister Krishnan!
Krishnan: Aah! Aah! Aah! Aah!
[ Vehicle door slams ] [ Tires squeal ]

Denner: Can you please state your full name and occupation for the record?
Liz: Elizabeth Scott Keen. I’m a special agent for the FBI.
Denner: And your assignment?
Liz: My assignment is classified.
Denner: Classified how?
Liz: I’m part of a black-book task force that investigates cases brought forward by a criminal informant.
Denner: What informant?
Liz: Your Honor, with all respect, I can’t divulge the name –
Denner: Agent Keen, I’m here to determine whether the work you do should remain secret. The burden is on you to convince me that it should. If you choose to not even try, we will be having this conversation in open court, – so I need to know –
Liz: Raymond Reddington.
Denner: Your source is Raymond Reddington?
Liz: Yes.
Denner: I thought Reddington recently escaped from a black site and his whereabouts are unknown.
Liz: It was a cover.
Denner: He was never captured?
Liz: He was captured. We helped him escape.
Denner: Are you telling me a fugitive on the FBI’s most-wanted list is actually an informant for the FBI?
Liz: Which is why what we do must remain a secret. If criminals knew Reddington was working with the FBI, then he would be of no value.
Denner: How old are you, Agent Keen?
Liz: [Thirty.]
Denner: And how long have you been with the Bureau?
Liz: I – I’ve been a profiler for 18 months.
Denner: So, tell me, if the work of this task force really does affect national security, why would the FBI pick someone with as little experience as you to be on it?
Liz: The FBI didn’t pick me, and I didn’t want to have anything to do with it.
Denner: You didn’t want any part of it, the FBI didn’t pick you. So how did you come to be on it? Liz: Reddington chose me.
Denner: Why would he choose you? Why you?
Liz: I thought we were here to talk about Eugene Ames.
Denner: What, he just knocked on your door one day?
Liz: No. He sent a helicopter.
[Flashback: ] [ Helicopter blades whirring ] [ Sirens wail ] [ End Flashback ]
Liz: I had a very simple life. A husband I loved, a dog. It was my first day on the job. And suddenly, I was flying over restricted airspace. They sat me down with Deputy Director Harold Cooper.
[ Flashback :] Do you find it odd Reddington surrendered himself the day you started working as a profiler? [ End Flashback ]
Liz: I’m sorry, what does this have to do with what happened with Mr. Ames?
Denner: Well, as I understand it, the death of the harbormaster came in connection with your work on this task force.
Liz: That is true, but you don’t need all these details to determine –
Denner: Tell me about the first meeting.
Liz: With Ames?
Denner: With Reddington.
Liz: [ Machinery whirs ] I’d never been so terrified. We’d studied him at Quantico His crimes, his profile. But when we sat down, he spoke as if he knew me.
[ Flashback: ] Red: Agent Keen, what a pleasure. [ End Flashback ]
Denner: But you said you didn’t know him, you’d never met him. Did he, what, just expect you to believe him?
[ Flashback: ] Red: [ Laughing ] No, of course not. [ End Flashback ]
Liz: I had no idea what he expected.
[ Flashback: ] Red: I’m a criminal. Criminals are notorious liars. Everything about me is a lie. [ End Flashback ]
Denner: You must have known how strange all of this was.
Liz: Of course I did.
Denner: And yet you agreed to work with him.
Liz: Well, he had intel. He said a girl was going to be taken, a general’s daughter. We had to act. And since he would only talk to me –
Denner: Only you?
Liz: He insists upon it.
Denner: A woman he’d never met.
Liz: Like I said, no one believed me.
Denner: And this intel about the girl. Was it accurate? Was she taken?
[ Flashback: ] [ Tires screech. Collision ] [ Screams ] [ End Flashback ]
Liz: Yes.
[ Flashback: ] [ Screams ] Liz: These men are gonna come, and they’re gonna take you.
Beth: Are they gonna hurt me?
Liz: They’re not gonna hurt you, honey. I’m gonna find you. [ End Flashback ]
Liz: With Reddington’s help, we were able to save her and prevent an attack on D.C. But the cost was Tom. All I wanted was my life back, but Reddington had other plans. He told the deputy director that he had a list of criminals he could help us find, and that was only the first.
Judge Denner: The first what?
[ Flashback: ] Red: Name on the list. [ End Flashback ]
Liz: He told us, if we cut him a deal, that he could help us capture the kinds of criminals the FBI can’t find because we don’t know they exist.
[ Flashback: ] Diane Fowler: [ Sighs ] One day, you and I will be talking about this moment in front of a Senate hearing. [ End Flashback ]
Denner: Were you ordered to work with Reddington?
Liz: No.
Denner: And he couldn’t force you. So I’m curious: If he knew nothing about you, if his implications of some shared connection were false, why did you continue?
Liz: Because it turns out, they weren’t. They weren’t false. He knew things about me – Things I didn’t even know. About my husband at the time. Whatever connection he thought we had, whatever history he was implying we shared, I didn’t care.
[ Flashback: ] Red: You’ve discovered something curious about your husband, haven’t you, Lizzie? [ End Flashback ]
Liz: He wanted me for a reason And I wanted to know why.

Ressler: That man has diplomatic immunity. If anyone finds out –
Red: They won’t.
Ressler: How can you be so sure?
Red: You need to leave, Donald.
Ressler: You’d better have a damned good reason for –
Red: You need to leave.

[ Door closes ]
Red: Let’s have a little chat.

[ β™« German metal music playing ] [ Conversing in German, w subtitles, not included: Christof/Jake/Tom offers info: is rebuffed ] [ Laughter ]

Krishnan: I don’t know what you want, but you won’t get away with this.
Red: I’ve always been leery of the United Nations. The very concept is comically dichotomous Nations putting their self-interests aside in the hopes of building a global community, holding hands and Kumbaya? [ Laughing ] I mean, honestly, it’s like kindergarten. Do [Did] you have rug time? I did love rug time.
Krishnan: Who are you?
Red: It doesn’t matter who I am. What matters is who you are – A secret agent trained by the Major, working away as a dedicated public servant, when, in fact, you’re an asset inserted into your country’s diplomatic corps by the Sinaloa Cartel to help them get a foothold in Asia.
Krishnan: What do you want?
Red: The man who created you. The Major. Tell me his location, or I’ll tip the cartel you’ve been outed. Tell me, does Hernandez remove the tongues before the executions or after? Please I’m not interested in your business. I’m not here to expose you. I’m only interested in the Major. Where is he?

Judge Denner: Let’s talk about Tom Keen. You said that Reddington knew things about him. What kind of things?
Liz: Tom Keen – The man I married, he was a fiction. He didn’t exist.
Denner: But Detective Wilcox says that you and this fiction killed Eugene Ames.
Liz: That’s impossible.
Denner: And why is that?
Liz: Because Tom Keen died four months before Mr. Ames was killed.
Denner: Wilcox is under the impression that your husband is very much alive. Did you report his death?
Liz: No.
Denner: Why not?
Liz: Because I killed him.
Denner: You killed your husband?
Liz: My ex-husband. Yes. I shot him in self defense.
Denner: “He didn’t exist. ” What does that mean?
Liz: The man that I married He was perfect.
[ Flashback: ] Tom: When I’m with you, Liz, I feel like I don’t need to pretend.I know that you accept me for who I really am, and that is a gift that I thank God for every day. [ End Flashback ]
Liz: He [was] kind, smart, a teacher.
[ Flashback to baby party: ] Ha! Ha! [ Cheering, laughter, applause ] [ End Flashback ]
Liz: Or so I thought. They say love is blind. I certainly was.
Denner: Blind to what?
Liz: To the fact that our entire relationship was a lie, that my husband was a spy. The only reason he was with me was because of my connection to Reddington.
Denner: The connection you say didn’t exist.
Liz: I didn’t know about it, but others did.
Denner: And you learned your husband was a spy from Reddington?
Liz: Sort of. I had to find out for myself.
Denner: And when you did find out, what did you do then?
Liz: I spied on him. Interrogated the people in his life, tried to find out who he worked for.
Denner: And did you find out?
Liz: Not before he realized that I knew.
Denner: How did that conversation go?
Liz: It was heated. [ Flashback to their fight ]
Denner: Is that when you murdered him?
[ Flashback: Gunshots; Tom slumps to floor ]
Liz: I didn’t murder him. His boss, Berlin, he ordered Tom to abduct me. Use me as leverage to get to Reddington. I had a gun to my head. That’s why I shot him.
Denner: That’s convenient.
Liz: What is?
Denner: Using your job to justify shooting your lying husband. Did Reddington want you to shoot him?
Liz: What difference does it make?
Denner: I’m simply pointing out that shooting your husband must have been a relief to both you and Reddington.
Liz: No, you’re calling me a murderer.
Denner: I’m simply gathering the facts.
Liz: You’re implying that my allegiance is as much with Reddington than with the task force.
Denner: Agent Keen, what exactly is your relationship, then, with Raymond Reddington?
Liz: He’s my C.I., and if you want to air that out in open court, go right ahead, but do not question where my loyalties lie!
Denner: Tell me about this task force How it works.
Liz: [ Sighs ] I told you. He has a list.
Denner: Of criminals you don’t know exist. That sounds like an empty promise.
Liz: You’d be surprised.
Denner: Humor me.
Liz: There was a man named Milton Bobbit who devised an ingenious way to turn terminally ill patients into assassins, all while working as an unassuming insurance adjuster. The Courier moves high-value commodities under his skin. The Alchemist makes people disappear by changing their DNA.
Denner: None of this is possible.
Liz: That’s what we thought.
Denner: How many of these cases has Reddington given to you?
[ Multiple Flashbacks: ] Man: Yeah! [ Machine buzzes ] [ Tires screech ] [ Gunfire ] [ Explosion ]

β™« Like a man on the run
I ain’t got no place to hide
Got one hand on my weapon
Pray that God is on my side

β™« Your skin looks so cold
Your eyes they rob me blind
But your spell takes its hold on me
I got mischief on my mind

β™« Your Hocus Pocus
So mysterious with all
Your Hocus Pocus
First she’s there and now she’s gone
It’s the heist

β™« She stole my heart like a thief in the night
It’s the heist
Better watch your back
Might take your life
It’s the heist

β™« Straight up luck in the role of the dice
It’s the heist
Better watch your back
Might take your life
It’s the heist

“Heist” by X Ambassadors http://bit.ly/1JeiUdg

Liz: He keeps us busy.
[ Multiple Flashbacks: ] [ Over stereo ] dancin’ in the moonlight everybody’s feelin’ warm and bright [ Tires screech ] [ Vehicle departs ] [ End Flashbacks ]

Samuel Aleko [ The Samoan ]: I got nothing to say to you.
Wilcox: You know Agent Keen is in court today? She’s telling the whole story. Well, her version of the story, anyway. She says she never saw you on the boat and that if the harbormaster turned up dead, it’s because you must have killed him.
Aleko: You’re lying.
Wilcox: No, she’s lying. We both know it. But you’re the one who’s gonna pay the price. Look, this is the last chance I’m gonna give you.
Aleko: I told you my story already.
Wilcox: Then you recanted. You could get the death penalty, Sam.
Aleko: Man, I already took a bullet for my troubles. Ain’t no way that I’m gonna get the death penalty, too. Nice try, but you don’t have the evidence.
Wilcox: Hold on, hold, on, hold on. Who shot you?
Aleko: What?
Wilcox: Your story was, you caught a stray walking through Ellwood Park. But, now, that’s not true, is it? Not if you “took a bullet for your troubles.” It was Agent Keen, wasn’t it?
Aleko: Yo, I never said that.
Wilcox: Mm-hmm. [ To assistant ] Get a forensic unit to comb over every inch of that ship. Tell them to tear up the floor until they hit water if they have to. If there’s a shell casing or a stray bullet, I want it found.

β™« [Off-key] We get it almost every night
When that moon is big and bright
It’s a supernatural delight
Everybody’s dancing in the moonlight

β™« Everybody here is out of sight
They don’t bark and they don’t bite
They keep things loose they keep it tight
Everybody’s dancing in the moonlight

β™« Dancing in the moonlight
Everybody’s feeling warm and bright
It’s such a fine and natural sight
Everybody’s dancing in the moonlight

β™« We like our fun and we never fight
You can’t dance and stay uptight
It’s a supernatural delight
Everybody was dancing in the…

“Dancing in the Moonlight” by Toploader http://bit.ly/1BwagRh

Judge Denner: You know, I’ve never been in a situation like this. I’m being asked to prevent a murder investigation from moving forward. The murder of a cop, no less. Based on the grounds that what you do is so important it needs to be kept secret in the name of national security. Tell me why you think I should do that. Why will our democracy crumble if the world knows about the inner workings of this task force?
Liz: It won’t, but people will die. They already have. The black site where we operate from – There was an incursion. [ Flashbacks: ] [ Explosion ] [ Gunfire ] A mole leaked the information about what we do, and as a result, an extraction team was sent to abduct Reddington. He barricaded himself in. He wouldn’t come out, and the team made good on their threat to kill innocents until he did.
[ Gunshot ] [ End Flashbacks ]
Denner: He just let people die? He didn’t care who was killed?
Liz: Except one.
Denner: Who?
Liz: Me. He agreed to come out when they put a gun to my head. After that, Reddington vanished. He wouldn’t come back into the headquarters – until the mole was found.
Denner: And who was it?
Liz: We don’t know for sure, but Reddington only returned after the disappearance of Diane Fowler.
[ Flashback: ] [ Gunshots: Red shoots Fowler ] [ End Flashback ]
Denner: Are you suggesting that the former head of the Criminal Division at Main Justice was a mole? For whom?
Liz: I don’t know for sure.
Denner: He let agents die, but not you. This man you’re not in league with, who’s not your friend. You said before that Reddington had answers to questions you hadn’t even thought of. Has he given you any?
Liz: Well There was a time early on when I thought, because of his implications, that he might be my father.
Denner: You didn’t know your father?
Liz: No. He died in a fire.
Denner: And your mother?
Liz: She died when I was young. The man who raised me, my adoptive father, his name was Sam Milhoan.
Denner: Does he have a connection to Reddington?
Liz: Yes.
Denner: What connection?
Liz: I- I don’t know.
Denner: But they knew each other? [ Flashback: Muffled shouting as Red suffocates Sam // End ]
Liz: Yes, Reddington was there when my father died.
Denner: You’ve sat here and told me you had no relationship with Reddington before he turned himself in, and now you’re telling me he was close enough to your father to be with him when he died?
Liz: I didn’t say they were close.
Denner: We’re taking a break.
Liz: Wait, why?
Denner: You need to think long and hard about this story that you’re telling.
Liz: It’s not a story. This is the truth.
Denner: That the man you said you’d never met, a notorious criminal, had a mysterious relationship with the man who raised you?
Liz: Yes.
Denner: Your dead husband was a spy, and you never knew your parents, and no one’s heard of the criminals you hunt, and for some reason, you claim not to know why you were chosen to be at the center of it all.
Liz: Wait! Wa- I don’t I don’t want to take a break. I would like to finish and go home.
[ Door closes ]
Court Recorder: You want something from the vending machine?

The Major: This better be important. You know the rules. Once you’re in, no contact. You said on the phone that this was mission-critical. What’s wrong? Oh.
[ Guns cocking ]
Dembe: Hands.
[ Door opens ]
The Major: Reddington. What is this? What do you want?
Red: I want Tom Keen.

Denner: You said Reddington had a list.
Liz: He calls it the Blacklist.
Denner: And who maintains it? Does Harold Cooper keep track of –
Liz: There is no physical list. The names are all in Reddington’s head.
Denner: So they’re all random.
Liz: No, I- I don’t believe so. I believe that each case, each criminal is somehow part of a larger agenda.
Denner: What agenda?
Liz: I can’t be sure, but he always has an angle for every case. I know that.
Denner: So Reddington is using you to expand his criminal empire.
Liz: No. W-well, yes.
Denner: And you’re okay with all this?
Liz: I wasn’t at first, but as it turns out, the cases he brings us are far more valuable to national security than what he gets in return.
Denner: But Reddington still tailors individual cases for his personal gain?
Liz. They’re not individual. Some of them are connected.
Denner: Connected how?
[ Flashback: ] Liz: Reddington got a number from Wujing, a code that he entered into VICAP after helping us stop General Ludd in order to identify Lucy Brooks, also known as Jolene Parker, who he then tracked down using the Alchemist’s client list. Gina Zanetakos, the Courier I believe they all trace back to one entity. [ End Flashback ]
Liz: At first, I thought the cases were all about getting Berlin.
Denner: The man your husband worked for.
Liz: And most of them were. And, yes, he’s using us. It’s true. But in the process, we’ve been able to capture and kill a number of high-value targets, including Berlin. And I thought that was the end game, but as it turns out, Reddington has other agendas.
Denner: And all of those are connected somehow?
Liz: I can’t know for sure, but, yes, I imagine they’re connected. Like his recent arrest in Hong Kong.
Denner: The cover story.
Liz: He wanted to be captured. It’s all a part of his quest to find something he calls “The Fulcrum.”
The Fulcrum.
Liz: It’s a blackmail file. And before you decide whether or not to discuss what we know in open court, you should know that, according to Reddington, the Fulcrum is proof of the existence of a clandestine organization, and if its activities were made public, a number of very powerful people would go to prison or be executed.
Denner: You say that like it’s a bad thing.
Liz: We don’t know if what Reddington alleges is true, and until we can confirm his allegations, until we find the proof, the only people who would benefit from the Fulcrum being publicized are the criminals it identifies.
Denner: So, Hong Kong – Did Reddington find this Fulcrum?
Liz: No.
Denner: And does he have some other ideas about how to locate it?
Liz: Yes. Through me.
Denner: You?
Liz: That’s what I’ve come to believe is the real reason he surrendered in the first place, – asked for me.
Denner: And let me guess This comes as a complete surprise to you.
Liz: Absolutely.
Denner: The same way you were completely surprised when he asked for you.
Denner:And the way you found out that your husband was a spy.
Liz: I’m sorry. You’re right. You’re absolutely right. [ Emotionally ] I should have known that when my husband and I were planning family that he was, in fact, a traitor who had installed surveillance cameras in my bedroom! Of course I should have been aware that the number four on the FBI’s most wanted list would turn himself in and demand to speak only to me! God, what a horrible profiler I must be to have missed the fact that I am central to the discovery of a blackmail file that will tilt the balance of power in – Let me phrase this right – The entire world! Wow! I suck!
[ Drawer opens, closes ]
Judge Denner: I think we’ve gotten a little off topic. Regarding Mr. Ames, – according to Detective Wilcox, you said that you were on official business when you encountered Mr.
Ames on the ship the Phoenix.
As I told the detective, I was there looking for a fugitive.
Denner: Fugitives From Cumberland.
[ Flashback: ] Liz: FBI. We’re searching for two fugitives escaped from Cumberland last night. [ End Flashback ]
Liz: I never said Cumberland, and I was only looking for one man Samuel Aleko. He had a warrant out for his arrest, and I had reason to believe that he was hiding out on the Phoenix.
In what way is Mr. Aleko connected to the business of your task force? He had been an informant for a colleague of mine who was killed in the line of duty, Meera Malik. I was hoping I could cut a deal with Aleko and have him inform for me.
Denner: Mr. Aleko says you’re lying.
Liz: In his statement – Which he recanted.
Denner: He says that you kept your ex-husband hostage on the Phoenix for four months – and that you interrogated him there.
Liz: That’s not true.
[ Flashback: ] Liz: How often did you communicate with Berlin? I want a name. – My name is Jacob Phelps. – Did you murder Jolene Parker? – Why you? – Have you spied on others? – Is this – What do you know about Reddington? What do you know about Reddington? [ End Flashback – some of this info is new to viewers ]
Judge Denner: And when Mr. Ames found out what you were doing, you and your husband conspired to kill him.
[ Flashback: ] [ Chains clanking ] No! [ Man gagging ]
Tom: It’s better this way.
Let him do it.
Get off me! Get your hands off me!
Liz: Tom, stop! [ End Flashback ]

Liz: As I told you, my ex-husband is dead.
Denner: Perhaps I should remind you that you’re under oath.
Liz: Perhaps I should remind you that the only evidence against me is circumstantial.
Denner: So it’s your word against his?
Liz: If I were holding my ex-husband hostage and Mr. Ames found him, the last thing Tom would do is kill him, the one man who could alert the authorities and set him free. It makes no sense. Yes, it’s my word against his.
Denner: Not entirely. Okay. Send him in. I’m going to check your story out with your boss.
Liz: Good. I have no doubt that Deputy Director Cooper will confirm my accounts.
Denner: Well, we should know soon enough. Mr. Cooper is right outside. For the moment, Agent Keen, I think we’re finished.
Denner: Director Cooper, if you will.

The Major: Look, I told you what happened with Tom Keen. This is not my fault.
Red: You vouched for him personally, Bill. I hired him on your recommendation. The merchandise was defective.
The Major: No. Keen was perfect – Test scores, aptitude. There was no indication he would become emotionally involved.
Red: But he did.
Bill/The Major: He hasn’t been in contact.
Red: Cut the crap, Bill. You acquired Tom Keen when he was a boy. You trained him to be a deep-cover operative. It’s all he’s ever done. It’s all he knows. When one operation ends, he comes back to you for another.
Bill: Not this time.
Red: Mamat and I have come to something of an understanding. He gets to remain alive and well, still Deputy Minister, and I get you. I’m equally hopeful you and I can arrive at a mutually beneficial solution.
Bill: Even if I knew where he was, I wouldn’t tell you.
Red: Keen’s betrayal cost me dearly in time, money, lives. Some of the people closest to me are now dead because of Tom Keen.
Bill: If I gave you his location, I’d have to betray a client.
Red: That shouldn’t be hard, Bill. You betrayed me. You sold me an asset and then allowed him to turn when Berlin offered you twice as much. You’re in debt to me. Recognize this rather fortuitous opportunity for you to begin to make things even. Where can I find Tom Keen?

Denner: I have been listening to Elizabeth Keen describe the work of your task force, and I have many questions, but it’s safe to say there’s only one I need to put to you, and that question is, as her boss, can you tell me if Agent Keen was on that boat, the Phoenix, in her official capacity as an FBI agent, or was she there, as appears far more likely to me, for personal reasons that had nothing to do with the work of your task force and the FBI?
Cooper: I understand you need to ask me the question, but I assume it’s only to confirm what Agent Keen has already told you. That she has addressed this and eliminated any need for me to testify under oath.
Denner; No. Agent Keen put you directly on the hot seat. She not only said that she was there on official business, she specifically said on the record that you would confirm this. Now, I know this must be difficult for you. Agent Keen is one of your own, and your instinct is to be loyal to her. But she put herself in this position, and I strongly advise you to not commit perjury – to protect her from –
Cooper: Yes.
Denner: Yes, what?
Cooper: Yes, Agent Keen was on that ship, the Phoenix, as part of the official duties of our task force.
Denner: You’re walking down a very dangerous road here, Director. You understand that if you perjure yourself –
Cooper: You asked me a question, and I answered it. Are we finished?
Denner: I can push you for specifics.
Cooper: As I understand it, your job is to determine whether a grand jury should go forward on this issue. Now, if you want to put me before them, have me answer their questions, fine. But I have answered the one question you said you wanted me to answer.
Denner: So if there’s nothing else Director Cooper. Something tells me we will be speaking again soon.

[ Knock on door ]
Wilcox: What do you got? Let me see it.
Assistant: Found it lodged in the ship’s hull. There it is.
Wilcox: Have ballistics run it against Agent Keen’s service weapon. She surrendered it when she entered the courthouse.
Assistant: Got it.
Denner: Have the lab process the blood to look for a DNA match to Aleko. I’m gonna need results fast.
Assistant: Yes, sir.

[ β™« German metal music playing ] [ Tom’s target approaches him for gun sales ]

Red: Well, that went as well as could be expected. We got a lead on Keen and an invitation to sit in the Minister’s box at next year’s Slasher Cup. Cultural peculiarities notwithstanding, I find cockfighting to be abominable. However, truth be told, I do love fried chicken.
Dembe: You need to tell her, Raymond.♀
Red: Tell her what?
Dembe: About Tom. You should have told her some time ago.
Red: I don’t know how do that, Dembe.
Dembe: Yes, you do. You tell her the truth by telling her everything.♀
Red: I don’t think I can do that.
Dembe: Maybe you should stop thinking about it and do it.♀

Wilcox: Sorry to interrupt, Your Honor. This couldn’t wait.
Judge Denner: What am I looking at?
Wilcox: A discharged bullet found at the scene. It’s a match to Agent Keen’s firearm.
Trace amounts of Samuel Aleko’s blood were found on the casing.
Denner: When did you find this?
Wilcox: Five hours ago. Your Honor, this is – This is direct physical evidence that Agent Keen lied to the court. She says that she never saw Mr. Aleko on that ship, but that can’t be reconciled with the fact that a bullet fired from her gun passed through Mr. Aleko’s body and was found on the ship with his blood on it. It’s proof that she’s trying to cover up the truth, Your Honor, and the truth is that Elizabeth Keen killed Eugene Ames.

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❌❌❌ END 2:15

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πŸ”΄ 2:16 Tom Keen

πŸ”΄ Script: 2:16 Tom Keen

Last updated: 8/8/2015
Program air date: 3/19/2015 in the US
Script with extras: http://wp.me/pDKwi-JP
Source: Raw Scripts from Springfield [UK]: http://bit.ly/1Do56Zu
NBC Episode Summary: http://bit.ly/1FJyV9C

Created by: Jon Bokenkamp
Director: Andrew McCarthy
Writers: JR Orci, Lukas Reiter, Jon Bokenkamp, John Eisendrath


Script 2:16 Tom Keen

Blurb: Liz is in court to learn if she will go to trial for the murder of the Harbormaster when an unexpected witness appears. Liz sells the apartment Red gave her in the Audrey Hotel. Cooper meets with Tom Connolly.

Previously on The Blacklist …
Denner: You said that you were on official business when you encountered Mr. Ames on the ship the Phoenix.
Cooper: You’re the target of a federal murder investigation. Do you really think the best choice at this point is to shut me out?
Denner: I strongly advise you: do not commit perjury to protect her.
Cooper: You ask me a question and I answer it. Are we finished?
Prosecutor: A discharged bullet found at the scene, it’s a match to Agent Keen’s firearm.
Denner: Let’s talk about Tom Keen.
Liz: My ex-husband is dead.
Tom: I just need to go back in, okay? – I don’t care what it is. I’ll take anything.
The Major: How’s your German?
Red: You trained him to be deep-cover operative. It’s all he’s ever done. When one operation ends, he comes back to you for another.
[ Grunts ] The Major: What do you want?
Red: I want Tom Keen.
[ Grunts ] [ Screams ] [ Crying ]

[ Dresden, Germany: A guy is running from a band of guys, trying to escape through an alley. They catch up to him & hit & kick him. A short, white-haired man (Tom’s target/sponsor?) speaks: ]

[ In German: ]
White-hair: Give me your cash and your supply. It’s bad enough you people have to live in my country, you have to cut into my business, too. You don’t sell in this neighborhood. Alright? Arkan knows that.
[ Tom arrives, goes to guy who’s being beaten ]
Tom/Christof: You have 30 seconds to give up your stash before he kills you.
Guy: He’s going to kill me anyway.
Tom: Give it up and you have my word that you’ll leave here with your life. Understand?
White-hair: Alright?
Others: Where is it?
[ He leads them to it. Tom searches him, finds cash, takes that too ]
Guy: [To Tom ] You said that I could walk if I gave you what you wanted.
Tom: I told you that you’d live. I didn’t say that you’d walk.
[Tom wrecks his leg, leaving him screaming. ]

Judge Denner: You know what that is?
Liz: Looks like a bullet.
Denner: It’s your bullet. A forensics team pried it from the floorboards of the Phoenix. Ballistics matched it to your FBI-issued 9mm. There’s more. The crime lab found trace amounts of blood belonging to Samuel Aleko. Here’s the report. See for yourself.
Liz: Why are you showing me this?
Denner: Because it contradicts every word that’s come out of your mouth since you walked in here. Because, at a minimum, it is direct evidence of your perjury, and I’m trying to decide if it should be exhibit A in your murder trial. You made it very clear you never saw Samuel Aleko on the Phoenix. I suppose shooting the man must have slipped your mind.
Liz: I sat right here and told you exactly what happened. Maybe Wilcox is fabricating evidence to support his case.
Denner: You know my record, Agent Keen. There’s no love lost between me and the federal government. That said, I do recognize that exceptional measures are sometimes required to preserve our security. Talk to me. Enough lies. [ Liz is silent ] I see. Well, in that case, you really leave me no alternative. I can’t shield your actions in the name of national security if you insist on concealing the truth of those actions.
Liz: I did not kill Eugene Ames. That’s the only truth you need to know.
Denner: Well, a jury may feel differently. And something tells me we’re about to find out. We’re done. I’ll issue my ruling in the morning.

Red: Die Entrechteten. Really, Aram. These misanthropes have been on my radar for years.
The FBI must have some kind of file.
Aram: No. We do. I’m just finalizing some of the translations. Just a few more seconds.
Samar: I’m sorry. I admit I don’t quite follow this plan.
Red: Agent Keen is facing an indictment for a murder she didn’t commit. I’ve found us a lead on the whereabouts of the one man who can exonerate her – Tom Keen.
Samar: Wait – what? Tom Keen is dead. He was shot and killed months ago.
Ressler: No. Agent Keen shot him, but she didn’t kill him.
Red: In what may be Agent Keen’s single greatest lapse in judgment, she saved the imposter pretending to be her devoted husband, opting, instead, to hold him captive in the rusty hull of an abandoned ship.
Aram: Please tell me you made that up.♀
Ressler: The harbormaster found Tom. He was gonna go to the police, so Tom killed him to keep Liz from going to prison.
Samar: That is –
Ressler: Insane?
Samar: I was going to say “extremely romantic.”♀
Ressler: If we can bring Tom back and get Denner to realize that Tom killed Eugene Ames, then maybe we can still stop Liz from being indicted.
Aram: Okay. Here we go. According to our assets in Dresden, you are looking at the leadership structure of Die Entrechteten.
Samar: What the hell does that mean?
Red: “The Disenfranchised.” They may look like common street thugs, but don’t underestimate their authority. They’re racists masquerading as patriots. “Germany for Germans.” On the surface, they’re all about anti-immigration and preservation of the Aryan race, but look a little deeper, and you’ll find they care far less about white power than they do about white powder.
Samar: They’re drug dealers?
Red: Among the most ruthless in Europe. Somewhere along the line, they realized that keeping German neighborhoods white is more than politics. It’s economics.
Aram: These guys are fighting a street war. Interpol estimates at least a dozen drug-related homicides in the last year alone.
Ressler: You’re telling me that Tom Keen, the four-eyes who taught third grade, is walking into that?
Samar: How do we find him?
Aram: I can check, but I don’t think we have any friends on the inside.
Red: I do.

Ressler: I’m coming with you.
Red: No, you’re not.
Ressler: She’s my partner, and you might need a hand from this side of the law to clear her name.
Red: You open your mouth, Donald, and hay flies out. You look and feel and smell like cop. You are what you are. It’s admirable. But this is my world, and you’re a tourist. You blink wrong, we are both dead and your partner goes to prison.♀
Ressler: I’ll keep my mouth shut and stay out of the way.
Liz: [gets off elevator, sees Red & Res] What’s going on?
Red: Agent Ressler and I were just discussing travel arrangements.
What are you doing here?
Ressler: We found Tom. We’re gonna make him come back, tell the judge that you’re innocent.

Liz: Can we talk? β‹˜β‹™ What are you doing?
Red: Whatever it takes to keep you safe.
Liz: Finding Tom will not keep me safe. I lied to the court.
Red: We can handle the perjury count. It’s the murder charge I’d like to avoid.
Liz: How? Judge Denner’s right. I covered it up. At the very least, I’m an accessory after the fact.
Red: Listen to me. Juries care about intent. You didn’t intend to kill the harbormaster. That was Tom’s decision. Right now, that judge may think you’re guilty, and it’s not easy to let a cold-blooded killer go free, even in the name of national security. But a cold-blooded killer you are not.♀ If we can prove Tom is responsible, it might just tip the scales.
Liz: It’s my fault. I never should have put him there. He’ll go to prison for the rest of his life because of me.
Red: One step at a time, Lizzie.
Liz: He’s not gonna come back.
Red: He will. This journey we’re on isn’t over just yet. You may have given up on us, but I haven’t.♀

Ruddiger! [ Both laugh ]
Red: I heard the good news!
Ruddiger: Good news? I’m in rehab.
Red: [ Laughs ] Precisely. It requires a great deal of courage and intestinal fortitude for a man to take that first step toward sobriety. I couldn’t do it myself.
Ruddiger: It was court-ordered. I got drunk and crashed my daughter’s Passat. She’ll never speak to me again.
Red: What’s the ninth step, again? Make amends to those you harmed?
Ruddiger: What do you want?
Red: You do any business with Die Entrechteten?
Ruddiger: No. But I do know others who have. Arms dealer name of Kohl.
Red: Splendid. Perhaps you could put me in touch with him.
Ruddiger: You best try a ouija board.
Red: He was assassinated – shot dead in his car.
Ruddiger: They do business now with an Austrian – Becker, I think.
Red: Since when did a pack of stΓΌmpers like Die Entrechteten get access to military hardware?
Ruddiger: Word is they recruited a new boy. They’re looking for F2000 machine guns.
Red: You know where or when?
Ruddiger: No. But if you wire some cash into my patient account, they’ll let me use the phone.
I’ll ask around.
Red: Thank you, Max.
Ruddiger: Yeah.
Red: And remember– one day at a time, pal.

Red: [ Chuckles ] So, the man we’re looking for is a Franz Becker? The holiest man I’ve ever seen.
Ressler: What church?
Red: [ Laughing ] God, no. I mean he is literally covered in holes. Every square inch of the man is pierced. It’s impressive.
Ressler: That’s who you think Tom reached out to?
Red: That’s who I would reach out to. Unfortunately, Tom and I share some propensities.

[ β™« Rock music plays ]

Red: Whatever you think you know about Tom Keen, forget it. The bookish elementary-school teacher was a masterful illusion. The man is an extremely talented covert operative. I’m not surprised he convinced you that his persona was real. Once he takes on a new identity, he convinces himself.

[ Munich, Germany ] [ In German: ]
Police: Down! On the ground! This order is being seized by order of the BMI on suspicion of trafficking in illegal weapons. What’s in the shipping containers? Answer me!
Guy: Wool gowns.
[ Low-pitched tapping ] [ Low-pitched tapping, hollow tapping ] [Ressler finds guns under the dresses ]
Ressler: Women’s dresses, huh?

Liz: Yes, Jeff, I understand you’re my financial planner, but I’m not asking for your advice on this.
I just need you to do it … Jeff, of course I know it’s a lot of money … Thank you … You have the routing number? … No, I want the account closed and the money transferred today.
[ Knock on door ] Thanks again.
Liz: Sir, I was just coming …
[ Door slams ]
Cooper: [ Angry ] I perjured myself. I told the judge that you were on that ship for official business, under oath. I’ve crossed my share of lines in this job, but I always told myself that wouldn’t be one of them. Of course you know that. You were counting on it.
Liz: Sir –
Cooper: I made it clear that I would not lie to the court, I ordered you not to put me in that position, and you intentionally did exactly that.
Liz: I’m sorry, sir. I never wanted –
Cooper: That is exactly what you wanted! Damn it, Keen! Grow up! You want to play the angles? You want to leverage your friends and colleagues, at least have the decency to admit it.
Liz: I’m not sorry for what I did, but I am sorry that it had to be done. I wanted Berlin dead. I wanted him to pay for what he did to Meera, to you, to all of us. I brought Tom to that ship for us.
I don’t regret it, and I’m not gonna lay down and quietly go to prison for it.
Cooper: Can you even hear yourself, Agent Keen? You held another human being captive. You set in motion a chain of events that cost an innocent man his life. What you did wasn’t right. It wasn’t necessary. It was a crime – way outside the lines of what we stand for. I came in here to say that I don’t recognize you anymore. But after what I did today, the truth is, I don’t recognize myself.
Liz: Sir, you’re bleeding.
Are you all right?
Cooper: I- I’m fine. [ Collapses ]
Liz: Oh! Sir! I need help in here!

[ Needle buzzing ]
Red: So, it’s ink now. My goodness, Franz. As if you hadn’t found enough ways to decorate that pink hide of yours.
Franz: [ Accented Englisg ] Hello, Red.
Red: You know, Freud hypothesized that tattoos are a defense mechanism, a way of externalizing some internal trauma. So tell me – what secret pain are you hiding beneath that already crowded exterior?
Franz: Dude, I just like tattoos.
Red: [ Laughs ] I thought perhaps it had something to do with that recent snafu at the airport. I heard about what happened with your shipment.
Franz: What do you want, Red?
Red: A quiet place next to a lovely stream where I can watch things float by – someday.♀ But I do have a certain sway with the appropriate German authorities.mI can get your shipment released from customs.
Franz: This is very kind of you. What’s the catch?
Red: In exchange for getting your weapons released, I keep 35% of the shipment – a transaction fee.
Franz: Red, those weapons aren’t mine. They’re earmarked for a client. I’m about to close with another broker to replace the shipment.
Red: That’ll cost you dearly.
Franz: I’m supposed to make delivery tonight. And those aren’t the kind of guys you want to piss off.
Red: My evening’s wide open. And there’s nothing I appreciate more than customer service. It appears we’re partners, Franz. So, just sit back and let that tattoo dry or set or whatever the hell it is tattoos do, and I’ll handle the negotiations on our behalf.

Liz: [ At hospital ] Dr. Harper. I’m Agent Keen. I was with Director Cooper when he was brought in.
Doctor: You were present for the seizure?
Liz: Yes, is that what that was? He seemed fine, – and then all of a sudden, his nose,–
Charlene: Liz.
Liz: Oh, my God.
Charlene: Where is he? W-what are they saying?
Liz: This is Dr. Harper. This is Mrs. Cooper.
Doctor: Mrs. Cooper, your husband’s being evaluated as we speak.
Charlene: Is he conscious?
Doctor: I’m afraid not, but it’s still early. It appears your husband experienced a rather significant seizure that may be due to his condition, or his condition exacerbated by a high level of stress.
Liz: He was with me. We were arguing.
Charlene: But he’s okay? I mean, he will be okay?
Doctor: Mrs.
Cooper, I wish I could be more specific. But, as I said, it’s still early.

[ Munich. At Receiving Deck.] [In German:]
White-hair guy: Where’s the Austrian? He’s late.
Tom/Christof: Relax. He’ll be here.
White-hair: If this goes wrong, neither of us will live to regret it.
[ SUV pulls in slowly ]
Tom: See. You worry too much.
White-hair: I’ll get Elias [ walks off ]
[ Engine shuts off, garage door whirring ]
[ Tom walks over to SUV, sees Red and Ressler: ]
Red: Guten Abend. [ Good evening ]
[ In English: ]
Tom/Jake/Christof: What the hell are you doing here?
Red: I know you were expecting Franz Becker. But Franz and his men ran into some unexpected turbulence at the airport.
Tom: Turn your car around and get out of here.
Red: I can’t do that. Elizabeth is in trouble.
Tom: Are you listening? You’re gonna get us all killed.
Red: She’s about to be indicted for the harbormaster’s murder. You need to come back with us.
Tom: That’s not happening.Tell her she’s on her own.
Elias: [ in German ] Is there a problem?
Red: You’re damn right there’s a problem. Elias, my name is Raymond Reddington. At the risk of sounding immodest, perhaps my reputation precedes me.
Elias: Reddington. I know who you are.
Red: Wonderful! Here’s the problem as I see it. You were expecting a shipment of weapons from an Austrian dealer named Franz Becker. Unfortunately, that shipment was recently seized by the Bundespolizei. If you’d like to have your men confirm that before we proceed, I won’t be offended.
Elias: Let’s assume I believe you. Let’s assume also you’re going somewhere with this.
Red: I am. It turns out, dear Franzie’s the subject of a BMI investigation.
Tom: [In German ] Franz is clean.
Red: You ordered guns from a trafficker who has been under heavy surveillance for the last two months. I’m offering the same goods for the same price.
Tom: [ in German ] I don’t like this …
Elias: I’m listening.
Red: There is, however, one small matter to tidy up first. This one – he brokered the deal with Franzie. That means either, one, he has exceptionally poor judgment or, two, he’s working with the German authorities. I’m not enamored with either scenario.
Tom: [in German ] He’s lying. And him? He looks like a cop. [ referring to Ressler ]
Ressler: Elias. That’s because I am a cop. [[ Ressler understands German? ]]
Red: He’s not just a cop. He’s with the FBI’s Counterterrorism Task Force, and he’s on my payroll. How do you think we know your guy’s under investigation? Elias. Give him to me.
I’ll bleed him for whatever intelligence he has and then eliminate the problem.
Elias: Or maybe I just take him out back and shoot him.
Red: Fine! That works for me.
Tom: [ in German ] If Franz is under investigation, it’s because he put him there, so he can get a cut of that deal.
[ Shoot-out. Red, Ressler and Dembe prevail, but Tom has fled ]
Ressler.: We got to go after him.
Red: No. We came to deliver a message, and we have. β‹˜β‹™ See? [ Indicating blasted out window on SUV ] That’s why we got the insurance. Dembe!

Detective Marty Wilcox: Brad! Brad! I told you she was guilty. She’s getting ready to run.
Brad (prosecuting attorney): What is this?
Wilcox: Agent Keen just closed one of her accounts. She moved all the money to an offshore account an hour ago.
Brad: It’s not illegal to close an account, Detective. What’s illegal is monitoring her financials – without a warrant.
Wilcox: Please. Main Justice wants to shut down our murder investigation – and we have to play by the rules?
Brad: Yes, we do. I know you want to solve this, Marty, but you’re taking it way too personally.
Wilcox: Look, she knows she’s gonna be indicted. That money is on its way out of country, and Agent Keen is leaving right behind it.

[ Cellphone rings ]
Ressler: Ressler.
Tom: [ on phone ] Give me Reddington.
Ressler: It’s him.
Red: [ to Tom ] You know, they say you can judge a man by the company he keeps.
Tom: Do you have any idea what you just did? I was in.
Red: Yes. And now you’re out. You didn’t seem inclined to leave your new friends willingly, so I had to improvise.
Tom: I was on assignment. I had a contract.
Red: Circumstances change. Think, Tom. I’m the one who told you to go and never come back, so for me to be responsible for your return, you must know I don’t have a comparable option.
Tom: No. I am not going back.
Red: She’ll be indicted. Not just for perjury, not just for obstruction – for murder. The local authorities think she killed the harbormaster. She’s going to prison.
Tom: I’m the only reason she’s not in prison already. That harbormaster was gonna call the cops.
Red: Yes, but that’s all beside the point. You know what to do, Tom. Are you gonna let a crime you committed to protect Elizabeth be the reason she goes to jail?
Tom: Like you care.
Red: What does that mean?
Tom: You are using her. You have been using her from the very beginning. You need her on the outside so you can keep your little task force up and running.
Red: I’m glad we had this talk. I know you’ll do the right thing.
Tom: Listen to me. I am gone. Lizzie did this to herself the second she threw me in that hole.
I am not going down. Not for her. And sure as hell not for you.

Liz: Any word?
Charlene: You really don’t have to stay.
Liz: Well Charlene, the last thing I want to do is pry, but Dr. Harper mentioned his “condition.” Charlene: Harold’s a private man. … Harold has a brain tumor. Glioblastoma, it’s called. Doctors found it last year when he was admitted after being attacked. They suggested that he leave the Bureau. Any undue stress could exacerbate his illness. But – but Harold, that– that job It means everything to him.
Liz: I’m so sorry. I had no idea.
Charlene: The original prognosis was less than a year. But we found this experimental trial program. By some miracle, Harold was accepted. They were giving him some new chemotherapy drug. [ Sighs ] We thought it might be working, but after today I’m not so sure. Liz, you can’t say anything. Please promise me. Harold is so proud, the idea that [Chuckles] you and the others feeling sorry for him –
Liz: No, I understand. This stays between us. You have my word.
Charlene: Thank you.

Aram: I’m collecting signatures for a get-well card for Mr. Cooper.
Samar: “Get well, bitch. We’ve got some partying to do”?
Aram: Too much? I just thought – I mean, I wanted to make him laugh, you know? I mean, if it’s serious.
Samar: Liz called from the hospital.
Aram: She did? And is it bad? It’s bad, isn’t it?
Samar: Apparently, he’s hypoglycemic.
Aram: Low blood sugar?
Samar: Worst-case scenario, he’s pre-diabetic. He’ll be fine.
Aram: Wow. Guess I don’t need the card anymore.

Did you find Tom?
Ressler: Yeah, we found him. Told him what was at stake. He wasn’t moved.
Samar: Didn’t realize you were interested in his opinion.
Ressler: We were interested in his confession. He made it clear we weren’t gonna get it.
[ Keys thud, drawer closes ]
Samar: So you went all that way and you didn’t bring him back?

Court officer: All rise.
Judge Denner: I will make this quick. This whole business started because the Justice Department sought to quash a lawful subpoena issued to Harold Cooper, Assistant FBI Director.
Ms. Wright?
Wright: Mr. Cooper had a medical issue, Your Honor. He’s unable to be with us.
Denner: Is that right? Well, do send him my best. Let him know he’s not the only one sickened by this proceeding. For the record, I have completed my in camera assessment of the Justice Department’s position.
Wright: Your Honor, before you continue, may I have a word?
Denner: You’ve made yourself amply clear, Counsel.
Wright: Sidebar, Your Honor?
Denner: Denied.
Wright: On behalf of the Attorney General himself, I must insist.
Denner: The Attorney General? Get up here – both of you. If the Attorney General is so interested in what goes on in my courtroom, – he can come down here and tell me himself.
Wright: He will. Maybe not in person, but I’ve been informed a representative will be here shortly.
Denner: Too little, too late.
Wright: I’m asking the court to withhold any ruling until the AG’s rep has been afforded –
Denner: Denied. Look at my face, Ms. Wright. Get as close as you feel is necessary to understand what I’m saying. Denied.
Court officer: Your Honor.
Denner: What is it?
CO: We have a situation in the corridor.
Denner: “A situation”? What the hell does that mean?
CO: There’s someone out there demanding that he speak with you. He says he’s the killer.
Denner: I see. Well, then, I guess you should bring him in. [ Tom is led in ] The officer informs me that you have confessed to the murder of Eugene Ames. Tom?
Tom: Yes.
Denner: And you are?
Tom: My name is Tom Keen.
Denner: Mr. Keen. I’m so relieved. Somebody told me you were dead. Your ex-wife said you were dead. She said she shot you in self-defense when you abducted her for Berlin.
Tom: She saved me.
Denner: She held you captive on the boat the Phoenix to squeeze you for intelligence about your employer.
Tom: Yeah, look. None of that matters. All right, the only thing that matters is that I killed that man. The guy walked on the wrong ship at the wrong time.
Denner: So you snapped his neck, just like that.
Tom: No. It took a few seconds.
Denner: Why are you telling me all this? You do realize what’s going to happen to you as a result of your confession today?
Tom: I don’t care what happens to me. I came here for her. All right, I need you to know that Elizabeth Keen would never have hurt– I don’t even remember his name.
Denner: His name was Eugene Ames.
Tom: I killed Eugene Ames without Liz’s help. In fact, she tried to stop me. She begged me not to do it.

Liz: [ Knock on door ] Hey. I just saw Charlene. She said it was okay.
Cooper: Come in. [ re: large bouquet of flowers ] From Agent Mojtabai. Apparently, Aram thought I died.
Liz: [ Laughs ] You might have if you hadn’t missed the corner of my desk on your way down.
Now, about what you were saying, our conversation
Cooper: Agent Keen – No. I told you I wouldn’t put you in the position where you had to lie for me, and I did, and I am ashamed of that. I know you believe you were acting in the interests of the task force. Doesn’t justify it.
Liz: I wouldn’t even be here if it weren’t for you. I mean, I certainly couldn’t have survived the last year and a half without you. You’re the only person in the world I completely trust.♀mAnd to hear you say that you don’t even recognize me –
Cooper: I’m not upset at you for changing. After what you’ve been pulled into, I- it would be impossible for you not to. I’m just I’m upset because I don’t want to see the person that I first met, that good person – I don’t want to see her get lost in all of it.
Charlene: The doctor is ready to discuss the test results.

Judge Denner: You know, before today, I would have said I had seen everything. Now I know I haven’t seen a damn thing. Even if what you’re saying is true, Elizabeth Keen still has a lot to answer for.
Tom: Doesn’t matter now.
Denner: Well, we’ll see if your wife agrees when she’s serving felony time for perjury, not to mention facing an indictment for kidnapping, witness tampering, obstruction.
Tom: You can make all that go away.
Denner: Prosecution could still charge her with murder.
Tom: I told you she didn’t kill anyone.
Denner: They will argue that she acted in concert. She didn’t stop you. She knew that the harbormaster would contact the police. She wanted him to die. At a minimum, she was an accessory after the fact.
Tom: She had no intent. I was the one who made the decision to act.
Denner: Yeah, so you say. The harbormaster would have saved you. Why kill him?
Tom: To protect her.
Denner: The woman you spent the last two years of your life betraying? Someone you lied to, spied on, sold out, and betrayed? A woman you married as a job? She held you prisoner!
Tom: She wasn’t thinking clearly. I needed to do something, or she would have gone to prison.
Denner: You’re in love with her. I won’t even try to express how twisted that is.♀ Okay, Mr. Keen, or whatever the hell your name is. You want to fall on your sword for this woman, so be it. I will recommend that Agent Keen not be charged with the murder of Eugene Ames. But as to the other potential charges, I’m allowing the grand jury to proceed. Officers! Find a seat for Mr.
Keen in the pens until further notice.
Tom: Wait! Listen! I will make a confession. I will give you a full deal. But you have to promise me that you leave Liz out of this.
Denner: That deal won’t happen.
CO: I’m sorry, Your Honor. I told Mr. Connolly you were –
Denner: It’s fine, Rosemary. Get him [ Tom ]out of here.
[ In Chambers ]
Denner: Well, well, well. Reven Wright said that Main Justice would be sending an attack dog.
Connolly: You’re out of your mind. I mean, the Beltway’s been saying it for years, but you really are out of your mind.
Denner: Well, in 30 years on the bench, I’ve learned their bark is far worse than their bite.
Connolly: Not this time. What did you do, Richard? What the hell did you do?
Denner: I conducted an in camera hearing, which I have every right to do.
Connolly: You have no right, and you damn well know it. You’re not cleared to hear national security cases. We have a FISA court for that, and you’re not on it – period. You compelled two federal agents to divulge national secrets under threat of imminent incarceration.
Denner: They violated my order.
Connolly: To hell with your order! Your order was a per se violation of the Espionage Act, the Patriot Act.
Denner: Intimidation, threats – this is the way our government works. I’m supposed to just take your word for the fact that this case involves national security?
Connolly: That’s right. You’re a Superior Court judge, Richard. This case is so far over your head, it’d make your nose bleed. You intentionally accessed classified intelligence without authority. I should have you arrested right here and now.
Denner: Smiling Tommy Connolly. You always were a smug bastard.
Connolly: And you were always a paranoid, self-righteous prick – Your Honor.♀ Here’s what we’re gonna do. You’re gonna quash this subpoena.
Denner: And if I don’t?
Connolly: You will. In everyone’s career, there’s a crossroads, Richard – a moment where what they’ll say next will define their lives, decide their future.
Denner: Is this task force really that important to you?
Connolly: I don’t know what that is. And neither do you. You crossed the line. I’m willing to move past it. And who knows? Maybe one day, when I’m AG, we’ll get you on a real court. [ Laughs ]

Dr. Levin: It appears as if the treatment you were receiving in the clinical trial has slowed the growth of the glioblastoma.
Cooper: But the seizure?
Doctor: Chemo drugs are powerful. They have side effects. That can include damaged neurons.
My guess is that’s what caused the seizure.
Cooper: You think it was a side effect from the medication?
Doctor: Yes.mAnd no reflection on your overall health.
Charlene: Which you’re saying is improving. This is one test, and your husband has a very aggressive illness. But it does appear as if we should stay the course. And you’ll be discharged this afternoon. Now, we’ll continue to monitor these side effects.

Court officer: All rise.
Judge Denner: Oh, sit down. The government has shown nothing but disrespect for this court’s authority, so spare me the hollow reverence. Let me be clear. Government secrecy – the idea that the federal government can act, can surveil, can detail, can interrogate, and even kill American citizens with no oversight or accountability, with no obligation to present the people with the evidence that led to their actions – that, in my view, is the gravest threat to our national security. It erodes the very foundation of our great democracy.
[ Connolly enters ]
Denner: This is a system of checks and balances founded on a separation of powers. The fact that any federal prosecutor who utters the magic words, who invokes national security, can suppress cases, can quash subpoenas, can avoid grand juries… That offends me!
And so I’m very glad that in this matter, the government has done the responsible thing and complied with my request to review the evidence supporting its claim. Having done so I am satisfied that if Assistant Director Cooper or Agent Keen were compelled to testify, it would expose national secrets and have the potential to do material damage to the national interest.
Prosecutor: Your Honor!
Denner: Let me save you the trouble, Mr. Markin. You and I, for all of our accomplishments, remain rather small fish in this deep and dark federal pool. If that point hasn’t already been made clear to your boss, I’m sure it will be very shortly.
Wilcox: You can’t do this!! A man is dead, a lieutenant in the Metro PD!
Denner: And his death is a tragedy, sir. Agent Keen, his name was Lieutenant Eugene Ames. Never forget it. And let the good work you do from this day forward in some way be a tribute to his memory.
Wilcox [ to Liz ]: That’s it. You have to live with that. You know what you did.
Prosecutor: Marty, let’s go.
Wilcox: So, so, t-that’s how it is now, right? T-the feds are just above the law. [ To Liz ] You know, he was a good man. And now I have to go out in that hallway, and I’ve got to explain to his wife and daughter how there’s no justice for a guy who gave most of his life in service to this city.
Connolly: That’s enough.
[ Wilcox exits ]
Connolly: [ to Liz ] Can’t really blame him. He’s playing a game with less than half the pieces.
Liz: Maybe it should have ended. Maybe he’s right.
Liz: [ to Connolly ] What’s gonna happen to Tom?
Connolly: Who?
Liz: My ex-husband, Tom Keen?
Connolly: I never met him. There’s no Tom Keen in federal custody. [ iow, he’s free to go ]

Wilcox: [ in hallway! to Ames’ widow & daughter ] I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. It’s just – we tried.

[ Door opens ]
Connolly: Missed you in court today, Harold.
Cooper: I hope everything’s all right. You made it all disappear– just like that.
Connolly: Hey, think of it this way. Most Americans would kill for that kind of job security.
Cooper: I didn’t think you knew everything about our little task force.
Connolly: [ Chuckles ] Learn something every day. I was serious when I said I’d be the next AG.
I’ve been briefed on Reddington and a handful of other things I instantly wished I didn’t know. But that’s the gig.
Cooper: I’m starting to think maybe the gig is getting old. So am I.
Connolly: [ Laughing ] No. You don’t mean that. Maybe you’re a little dinged up. But you’re still at the top of your game. You perjured yourself for one of your team. I admit I didn’t expect that. But I sure as hell do respect it.♀
Cooper: Guess my principles aren’t what they used to be. Neither are yours.
Connolly: That’s where you’re wrong, buddy. I never had any principles. That’s why I’m on a rocket to the top. This thing with Reddington – it’s important. You’ve done more since you started than most of our best covert units do in a lifetime. We’d do worse than we did today to protect it.

β™« But I’m gonna be here until I’m nothing but bones in the ground
And hey. so quiet down

Connolly [ Leaving, looks back ]: Now I have something to hold over your head. Just kidding, buddy. You have a good night.

Jeff: The paperwork is complete. The account has been established for Mr. Ames’ daughter.
You sure you want to do this?
Liz: Yes. And the scholarship, it’s anonymous, correct?
Jeff: Yes. The bank will reach out and they’ll explain everything.
Liz: Thank you.

β™« no one worried ’cause they knew just where I’d be …

Red: Now I understand why you sold the apartment I gave you.
Liz: Eugene Ames was 67 years old. The only reason he was still working was to get his daughter through college.
Red: Be careful, Lizzie. Because the truth of it is, once you start down this road there’s no logical place to stop. You can see to her education, health insurance, housing.
[ Chuckles ] You can watch her or have her watched, keep her safe, try to ascertain her hopes, dreams, desires.

β™« but I am fine with where I am now …

Red: Pull strings, call in favors to discreetly smooth the path. And for the first few years, it may work. You’ll draw some measure of virtue from being her invisible benefactor.

β™« but you can blame me when there’s no one left to blame …
oh I don’t mind…

Red: But that won’t last. It’s all a fraud. That it’s really not about her at all. That it’s all about you. And you’re just going through the motions to salve your own guilt. Look, all the money, all the time and effort, all the favors in the world cannot possibly equal what you took away from her. Everything else is just a nice gesture.

β™« all my life

Liz: You knew about Tom – that if he came back they’d exonerate him to protect the task force.
He’d get his life back. You saved a man you hate to save me.

β™« does everything go away? yeah, everything goes away
but I’m gonna be here till forever …

[ Cellphone buzzing ]
Liz: Keen.
Tom: Hey, it’s me. You okay? Where are you? Are you okay?

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⊰ ♀ ⊱

By Radical Face

β™« We were tight knit boys
Brothers in more than name
You would kill for me
And knew that I’d do the same
And it cut me sharp
Hearing you’d gone away

But everything goes away
Yeah everything goes away

But I’m going to be here until I’m nothing
But bones in the ground

And I was there, when you grew restless
Left in the dead of night
And I was there, when three months later
You were standing in the door all beat and tired
And I stepped aside

Everything goes away
Yeah everything goes away
But I’m gonna be here until I’m nothing
But bones in the ground
So quiet down

We were opposites at birth
I was steady as a hammer
No one worried cause they knew just where I’d be
And they said you were the crooked kind
And that you’d never have no worth
But you were always gold to me

And back when we were kids
We swore we knew the future
And our words would take us half way ’round the world
But I never left this town
And you never saw New York
And we ain’t ever cross the sea

But I am fine with where I am now
This home is home, and all that I need
But for you, this place is shame
But you can blame me when there’s no one left to blame

Oh I don’t mind

All my life
I’ve never known where you’ve been
There were holes in you
The kind that I could not mend

And I heard you say
Right when you left that day
Does everything go away?
Yeah, everything goes away.

But I’m going to be here till forever
So just call when you’re around…

By Radical Face

❌❌❌ END 2:16

༺✦ ⌘ ✦༻

πŸ”΄ 2:17 The Longevity Initiative

πŸ”΄ Script: 2:17 The Longevity Initiative

Last updated: 8/9/2015
Program air date: 3/26/2015 in the US
Script with extras: http://wp.me/pDKwi-LE
Source: Raw Scripts from Springfield [UK]: http://bit.ly/1Do56Zu
NBC Episode Summary: http://bit.ly/1CUXCzd

Created by: Jon Bokenkamp
Director: Donald Thorin, Jr
Writers: JR Orci, Lukas Reiter, Jon Bokenkamp


Script 2:17 The Longevity Initiative

Blurb: A billionaire is funding research to lengthen human life, but the doctor in charge is taking the research in a very different direction. Tom is faced with threats to his life and seeks refuge.

Lloyd: This is the third one this month.
Dr. Powell: I’m well aware of that.
Lloyd: I wasn’t brought on for this. I thought we agreed we’re just supposed to find them.
Powell: Things change, Lloyd.
Lloyd: I need you to be more careful.
Powell: Are you telling me how to do my job?
Lloyd: I’m warning you. One or two more of these experiments goes south, and someone’s gonna get wind of what we’re doing here.
Powell: And you’re being well compensated to take on that risk, Lloyd, but if you’re telling me that you’d rather not continue, we will find somebody else. Is that what you’d prefer?

[ Police radio chatter ]
Officer: License and registration, please.
Lloyd: Evening, Officer.
Officer: Evening.
Lloyd: Sure. No problem.
Officer: What are you hauling here?
Lloyd: Produce.
Officer: And, uh, where to?
Lloyd: Sanborn.
Officer: Sanborn, huh? Are you aware that this highway’s a drug-smuggling route into Ontario?
Lloyd: I wouldn’t know anything about that.
Officer: Good, then you wouldn’t mind me taking a look in the back of the vehicle, would you? You want to remove the sheet, please?
[ Lloyd pulls back sheet revealing woman w a craniotomy ]
Officer: What the–
[ Lloyd hits him; struggle; Loyd gets Officer’s gun, points it at him ]
Officer: Don’t–
[ Lloyd shoots Officer several times, leaps into his police car and takes off ]
[ Siren wailing ] [ Alarm blaring ] [ Blaring stops ]

Charlene: Honey, what’s wrong? You left your cane.
Cooper: I didn’t need it. For the first time in I don’t know how long, Char, I just got up and walked. [ Both chuckle ] Just a few steps. Hurt like hell.
Charlene: [ Sighs ] Well, the treatment?
Cooper: It’s working. After the attack, I didn’t think I’d ever be the same, and after the diagnosis–
Charlene: And you heard what the doctor said– tumor’s shrinking. And it’s working. Mm.

Tom: Hey, don’t hang up. I’m in trouble.
Liz: The judge cleared you of everything.
Tom: It’s not about the harbormaster.
Liz: I can’t.
Tom: Look, when Reddington blew my cover, he exposed me to some very dangerous people, and now they’re looking for me. And the guy who places me, I can’t get in touch with him.
Liz: [ Sternly ] Tom–
Tom: And these people, these Germans–
[ Car pulls up with The Major in back seat ]
Tom: Hold on.
The Major: Get in.
Tom: Where the hell you been? How’d you find me?
The Major: If I can, they can. They flagged you leaving Dresden. Your passports are burned.
Throw me the bag! Get in!
Tom: [ To Liz ] All right, look, I got to go, – but I’ll be all right.
The Major: We got to leave!
Tom: I know! Give me a second!
The Major: Now!
Tom: I know what today is. Have fun at Wing Yee’s tonight.
Liz: Goodbye, Tom.

[ Red enters, pulls out bottle of wine ]
Liz: What’s this?
Red: You don’t remember, do you?
Liz: What?
Red: The grapevines. The ones you and Sam harvested.
Liz: Of course. I- I remember. Along the garden fence, we would pick– Is this from–
Red: A bottle of wine you made with Sam when you were a child. Happy birthday, Lizzie. You’ve become everything Sam dreamed you would and more. Share it with someone special. That said, it’s probably undrinkable by now, so I also brought you an ’82 Brunello as a backup.
Liz: [ Sighs ] 31! No offense, but that’s old.
Red: My yogi tells me that time doesn’t exist. He fully intends to live forever, and tragically, he’s not the only one. Tell me, what do you know about the Longevity Initiative?
Liz: I haven’t heard of it.
Red: It’s a private company dedicated to extending human life indefinitely, funded by none other than Roger Hobbs.
Liz: The tech billionaire?
Red: Yes. He started years ago. I know because he offered me the opportunity to invest as a founding partner in the project. I passed.
Liz: You know Roger Hobbs personally?
Red: Roger is considerably smarter than the above-average bear, and now it appears he may also be as deadly. You’re aware of the New York state trooper who was gunned down last night in the line of duty?
Liz: The suspect’s still missing, but they found mutilated bodies in the back of the truck.
Red: Not mutilated. Experimented on. The Longevity Initiative has entered the human-trial phase. If they’ve made a breakthrough, they need to test it.
Liz: On innocent victims.
Red: With any luck, I’ll be dead-wrong. Perhaps you’ll have a better sense once you’ve spoken with Roger Hobbs.

Ressler: Sorry to bother you at home.
Hobbs: Actually, the Longevity Initiative does not have any dedicated office space. We fund research all over the world.
Liz: How many employees?
About a thousand.
Liz: All doing research on immortality?
Hobbs: Sounds like science-fiction, I know, but it’s all grounded work. We have a goal– to solve the death riddle. To do that, we target the issue from every angle. We support unproven advanced genetic technologies that the mainstream establishment won’t even touch. Simply put, we are trying to extend the life of the human body as long as possible.
Ressler: How about we talk about the three dead bodies, all with craniotomies, found being smuggled in the back of a truck? What are the chances that we connect those dead bodies back to you and your, uh, experiment?
Hobbs: You can’t possibly think one of my scientists was responsible.
Liz: There is speculation that some of your employees might have thought it was time for human trials.
Hobbs: I mean, look, I have enough lawyers on speed dial to fill a stadium. I’m here talking to you because this project means everything to me. We have nothing to hide.
Liz: We’ll need a list of all of your researchers.
Done. You have my full cooperation.

Ressler: That was the ME’s office. We have to go. Thank you.
Liz: Thank you for your time.
Hobbs: Mm-hmm.

Maynard: You were right– these people were experimented on. All three victims died during a neurosurgical procedure.
Ressler: For what purpose?
Maynard: Unclear. But foreign cells were introduced into their brain tissue.
Liz: What kinds of cells?
Maynard: Well, some of them were fetal stem cells, but some were, well not human.
Liz: Bizarre
Maynard: When the bodies came in, they all had catastrophic damage to the frontal lobe of the brain. Naturally, I thought that damage was caused by whatever experiment led to their death, but then, I got an ID of one of the victims, and [ Exhales sharply ]
Ressler: So, the experiments didn’t cause the brain damage.
Maynard: No. You’re looking at William Eckhoff. He was in a skiing accident, suffered multiple bone fractures, but most importantly, a traumatic brain injury– couldn’t speak. In fact, he was reported missing three days ago from a care facility in Hagerstown.
Liz: Who would abduct a defenseless, disabled man and subject him to such cruelty?

Dr Powell: What did you do? Why am I looking at my patients on every newscast?!
Lloyd: I could care less about your patients. I murdered a cop.
Powell: [ Inhales sharply ] I don’t believe this.
Lloyd: I told you if we kept going, we’d attract unwanted attention. I’m gone. I’m leaving the country. You do the same.
Powell: I can’t do that. I have to go. I’m with a patient.
[ Monitor beeping ]
Powell: Well, then [ Sighs ] Let’s continue. Tell me your name, please. [ Machine beeping ] There we go. Let’s try that again. Tell me your name. Tell me your name. Come on, you can try harder. Tell me your name, please. [ Shouts ] Tell me your name!
[ Monitor beeping rapidly ]
Powell: That’s it. Tell me your name.
[ Patient has seizure ]
Powell: Get in here! She’s seizing!
[ Flatline ]

[ Knock on door ]
Connolly: Is this a bad time?
Cooper: Of course not. Have a seat.
You look good, Harold. How have you been feeling?
Cooper: Much better, actually, thanks in part to you. Thank you, Tom.
Connolly: You’re welcome.
Cooper: So, what is it that brings you by?
Connolly: It came to my attention that a couple of your people paid a visit to Roger Hobbs.
Cooper: Came to your attention. Are you monitoring our investigations now?
Connolly: Easy, Harold. It’s not like that.
Cooper: This Hobbs a friend of yours, then?
Connolly: He’s a friend of ours. His companies hold multiple defense contracts. He’s one of the good guys.
Cooper: Why do I need to know this?
Connolly: I’m sensing some defensiveness.
Cooper: It sounds like you’re suggesting that all of this information should somehow impact my investigation, which can’t be true because we’ve known each other too long for you to cross that line.
Connolly: I’m not crossing any lines. I’m just passing along some background. That said, all things being equal, I’d like to see this guy given the benefit of the doubt.
Cooper: All things are never equal.♀
Connolly: Listen, Harold, you should do what you think is right. I certainly hope that nothing I’ve said would imply otherwise.

Cruz: We were all heartbroken when we heard about what happened to William. We were mortified when we thought he might have wandered away under our supervision.
Liz: Are you saying he was abducted?
Ressler: We think so, yes.
Liz: I imagine you must have some security measures in place. Would you be able to provide us with a list of people who had access to the facility the day he disappeared?
Cruz: I’ll get that for you right away.
Liz: And where was William last seen?
Cruz: The south yard. Diane, one of our best caretakers, was taking the patients out for some air. William was sitting with John Paul. Diane said she turned away for just a few moments and when she looked back, he was gone.
Liz: May I talk to John Paul?
Cruz: You can try, but he’s not very communicative.
Liz: Looks like a good hand you’ve got there. I’m Elizabeth. I’m with the FBI. I was wondering if I could ask you some questions about William Eckhoff? You were with him when he disappeared, am I right? The people I work with– we’re looking for him. Is there anything you can tell us? Did you see anything? [ he shoves King of Diamonds card at her ] Was there anyone else there with you that we could speak to? [ shoves King of Diamonds closer to her ] Thank you for your time.
Ressler: Any luck?
Liz: No. You?
Ressler: Security log the day of the disappearance. Everyone on site was authorized to be here.
Liz: [ Looks at log ] Hmm. “Gold Crown Pharmaceuticals.” Lloyd Munroe.
Cruz: He’s one of their reps. He visited one of our physicians that afternoon.
Ressler: Does that mean something to you?
[ Liz returns to John Paul ]
Gold Crown Pharmaceuticals? Is that what you’re trying to tell me?

Liz: [ On phone ] Hey, guys, what you got?
Aram: A birthday card and 31 red-velvet cupcakes. Uh, well, uh, 30. I couldn’t resist. When are you coming back?
Liz: Aram, the suspect.
Aram: Work. Right.
Okay, Lloyd Munroe– 37 years old, of North Beach, Maryland. No criminal history. I just called Gold Crown. They said he didn’t report for work today. I’m running his phone and financials now.
Samar Navabi: I’ve got something. One of the other victims was a patient at Landover Hills. Guess which pharmaceutical rep was there the morning he disappeared.
Liz: Lloyd Munroe. That’s got to be our guy. That can’t be a coincidence.
Ressler: Let’s bring him in.
Aram: That might actually be a problem. According to his recent credit-card activity, Lloyd Munroe just bought a bus ticket out of Buffalo on the Silver Line.
Liz: Get the local PD on the line. Tell them they need to stop that bus.
Ressler: You know, not everyone’s so anxious to leave. Put a flag on Tom, all his known aliases– he hasn’t left.
Liz: You don’t know that for sure.
Ressler: Has he reached out to you?
Liz: No.
Ressler: He’s a murderer, Keen. Just ’cause he got off doesn’t change that.
Liz: I don’t even know where he is.

The Major: I’ll drop you off at Hilltop Lanes. There’s a locker there– B-15. Tickets are in a go bag. Take the first flight you can to London. Mr. Pitts will be waiting.
Tom: Reddington just showed up. I don’t know how.
The Major: It’s not on Reddington.
Tom: [ Sighs ] I didn’t have a choice, bud. I’m sorry. Where’s my gun? I’m not going to London, am I?
The Major: [ Sighs, pointing gun at him ] My uncle was a farmer. He had a beautiful border collie– smart, well-trained, loyal as hell– but one summer, that dog, he got into the hen house, killed half the chickens. My uncle loved that dog, but he knew he had to be put down.
Tom: I can go someplace far away from here.
The Major: You burned Reddington for the girl, and I looked the other way. And then there’s Dresden.
Tom: This is me!
The Major: You went to the feds for the girl, Jacob.
Tom/Jake: You’re gonna put a bullet in my head? After Cape Town?
The Major: Roll down the window.
Tom: I’m not just some operative, all right? You know me. You raised me.
The Major: You knew the rules, kid. I warned you about the girl, and she’s cost you your life.
[ Tires screech; crash! German guys get out and grab Tom and The Major ]

Liz: [ To Lloyd Munroe ] You know what this is? It’s the ballistics report that proves the gun you had on you was the same one used to murder that cop. Killing a police officer is a capital offense. That makes you eligible for the death penalty.
Lloyd: I don’t know anything.
Ressler: Right, which is why we found you on a bus fleeing the country.
Liz: We want the people you work for. Give them to us, and we’ll talk to the US Attorney, recommend a life sentence. You do enough, you might even get the possibility of parole.
Lloyd: Julian Powell. That’s who paid me– a doctor named Julian Powell.
Ressler: Paid you to do what?
Lloyd: He needed test subjects, ones that fit very specific requirements.
Liz. People with frontal-lobe damage.
Lloyd: And I was able to locate them because, as a drug rep, I had access to care facilities.
Ressler: Tell us about Roger Hobbs. What’s his connection to all of this?
Lloyd: I don’t know who that is.
Liz: If you’re lying–
Lloyd: I’m not lying. I can help you. I always deliver and pick up the test subjects from the same place.

Townsend: Clinic’s secure. Upon entry, our team encountered two unknown subs– white males, mid-30s. They appeared to be med techs of some kind. They’re in custody.
Ressler: What about Powell?
Townsend: Not a sign of him, but what we did find, you got to see for yourself.
Liz: Dr. Maynard.
Maynard: Meet victim number four. Same profile as the others, unfortunately, but at least now we know what we’re looking at.
Ressler: We do?
Maynard: Powell’s been experimenting on patients with a very specific and severe form of brain damage. He’s been injecting their brains with a collection of cells– a combination of fetal stem cells and some kind of foreign matter.

Ressler: So, he’s injecting their brains with jellyfish cells.
Maynard: Yes. He’s been keeping meticulous records, and jellyfish are at the center of all his experiments.
Liz: We should get those files over to Aram as quickly as possible.
Maynard: According to his notes, Powell’s focused on transgenic research, which is the transferring of genes from one species into the genome of another. Look. These two rabbits are sisters. Now, before their mother gave birth, Powell removed the embryos that made them and injected one with jellyfish DNA. He then inserted the embryos back into the mother. Do you see the difference?
Liz: They look identical.
[ Maynard turns off lights and one rabbit is glowing ]
Maynard: Legitimate researchers around the world are doing this. They’ve made glowing cats, monkeys, cockroaches. I mean, this is very impressive, but the new work he’s doing that’s in here.
Maynard: Behold– turritopsis dohrnii, known to modern science as the immortal jellyfish. As far as we know, it’s the only living creature on Earth that never dies. Well, I mean, it’s born and grows old like we do, but then, when it encounters environmental stress or assault, it reverses the aging process until it’s just a little polyp again.
Ressler: How is that even possible?
Maynard: It has the amazing ability to change its own cells. Some say it’s like a butterfly that turns into a caterpillar that grows back into a butterfly or a chicken that becomes an egg that hatches a new chicken.
Liz: So Powell is using these jellyfish to conduct experiments on human brains.
Maynard: He must be trying to regenerate the damaged brain tissue. He wants our cells to learn from the turritopsis dohrnii. I mean, look, Julian Powell, clearly insane, if this ever worked, it would be a concrete first step toward human immortality.

Cooper: So, what do we know about this guy?
Aram: He joined Sadovo Solutions in 2005. It was a biotech company in Chapel Hill. Mostly worked on the research side. He was an endocrinologist.
Ressler: Why do you keep saying “Was” like he died or something?
Aram: Because it’s kind of like he did. The guy’s a ghost.
Samar Navabi: After he left the company in 2007, he stopped paying taxes. No residence on file, no active credit lines, and no medical or driver’s-license renewals in the last eight years.
Liz: He dropped off the face of the Earth.
Aram: Wait a sec. Get this– Sadovo Solutions, the biotech company that Powell worked for before he disappeared, guess who owned it.
Cooper: Roger Hobbs. That’s not enough of a link to secure an arrest warrant, but it’s certainly enough to bring him in for another chat.

Ressler: Hey, big day. Plans to celebrate?
Liz: Oh, uh, yeah, I’m gonna go to Wing Yee’s with a few friends. [ Laughs ] No big deal.
Ressler: Wow. Restrain yourself, Keen. Come on, smile. It’s your birthday. You got plenty to celebrate.
Liz: Thanks. You’re sweet.

Powell: [ On phone ] You’re not listening. My lab was raided. The FBI took everything.
Hobbs: I am aware of that, Julian, which is why you need to come in.
Powell: You authorized my research. You knew what I was doing.
Hobbs: I authorized you to begin preliminary trials for the purposes of second-stage research.
Powell: I’m on the verge of a breakthrough. You’ve seen the data.
Hobbs: You’ve jeopardized the entire Longevity Initiative, not to mention putting me and everything that I have worked for at risk. Julian, you need to come in.
Powell: No. This is bigger than you, Roger. This is bigger than any of us.
[ Call ends ]
Hobbs: This has become a serious problem.
Red: [ Who has been in room ] It’s not easy being God.
Hobbs: You got any idea how much this guy’s cost me? Not just his work, but the security.
There’s people out there that would pay a fortune just to know his name and steal his research away.
Red: What’s it worth?
Hobbs: Hard to say. A foot in the door to human immortality on the open market? [ Chuckles ] Now I got to get rid of him. I’m not gonna lie to you, it hurts. [ Sighs ]
Red: You know my feeling. Humans as a species are untrustworthy creatures. We don’t deserve to live forever.♀ What the hell were you thinking, Roger, even to consider authorizing this Powell to conduct human trials?
Hobbs: It was necessary for the research to reach the next level. I didn’t know he was gonna be so reckless.
Red: You had to know there was a risk innocent people would die.
Hobbs: How many innocents died in the search for the smallpox vaccine? All in the name of the advancement of science.
Red: This isn’t about science, Roger. This is about you actually believing that death is beneath you.♀
Hobbs: No, this is what it takes. Louis Pasteur– he wasn’t even a physician. The day that he injected that first small boy with the rabies vaccine, he was risking criminal prosecution. Jonas Salk injected the flu virus into men in an insane asylum in Michigan. Decade later, he’s being hailed as the genius who cured polio.
Red: I know of a doctor who agreed with you, a relatively young man also fascinated by genetics, a man who didn’t concern himself with morality, humanity. That was Josef Mengele.
Hobbs: I don’t need you to agree with what I’ve already done, Red. But I would like to know if you’re willing to help me now.
Woman: Sir, there are two agents from the FBI at the front door, and they’re insisting on seeing you right away.
Hobbs: I’ll be right down. [ She leaves; Hobbs gives folder to Red ] The identity of my scientist– everything you need to know to take care of the problem.
Red: If it were anyone else, I’d decline, but for you, Roger, I’ll see what I can do.

Hobbs: [At front door ] Agent Keen, Ressler, come on in.

Gerst [ older German guy ]: You are going to tell me! You are going to talk! You know that, right? Is it Reddington? You work for him? Because you are not cops.
The Major: If you’re gonna do it, do it. Two bullets. Get it over with.
Gerst : No, no, no, that’s not how we do things, not with boys like you.
[ Grunts, breathes heavily ]
Elias: Everything ready?
Man: Ja.
Elias: Him first.
[ Groaning ] [ Grunts ]
Elias: [ German with eagle tattoo on his neck ] Have you heard of the blood eagle?
[ Groans ] [ Breathing heavily ]
Elias, cont: We cut the skin along the spine –
[ Groaning loudly ]
– pull the lungs out through the ribs watch them flutter like bloodstained wings. It’s actually quite beautiful.
Tom: That’s a cute story. [ Chuckles ] I’m not gonna talk.
Elias: [ Looks through Tom’s wallet, finds ultrasound of baby w Liz’s name on it ] Okay! “Elizabeth Keen.” You still not gonna talk?

Cooper: Dr. Levin, you have excellent timing. I was intending to call you today.
Levin: Well, I hope it’s not because you’re feeling worse.
Cooper: No, actually, it’s the opposite. For the first time in a while, I feel like myself again.
This new drug you’re testing– I think we’re really on to something … Dr. Levin?
Levin: I’m here. I’m so pleased we’re having success, Harold, but to be honest, it makes this call all the more difficult. The study is evolving, as these things do. They’re always looking at the results and the funding and making adjustments.
Cooper: What kind of adjustments?
Levin: I heard today that they’re lowering the age parameters as we move into this next round of treatment. No final decisions have been made, but I need to let you know It’s possible we won’t be able to continue with the trial.
Cooper: So, they’re removing me from the program?
Levin: No. We’re still waiting on a decision, and I promise to do what I can to avoid any change. I really am sorry, Harold. You know how I feel about you and Charlene.

The Major: Keep your mouth shut!
Elias: Cut him open.
Tom: [ Grunts ] Sarah Hastings.
The Major: You son of a bitch.
German guy: And what about her?
The Major: Don’t say a word.
Tom: I’m not gonna say anything until you guarantee me that you don’t touch Elizabeth Keen.
Elias: What I can guarantee about Elizabeth Keen is, I’m gonna find her [Laughing] and I’m gonna kill her.
Tom: She’s FBI.
German: You a cop?
Tom: No. I was married to one.
Elias: But not now. Why do you care?
The Major: Jacob, no!
Tom: Someone in your group murdered Sarah Hastings.
The Major: Oh, God.
Tom: I was hired to find out who. Powerful people are looking for you, Elias. If you want to know who, then you promise me you never, ever touch Elizabeth Keen.
The Major: You sell me out for that bitch, and I swear I’ll hunt you down.
Gerst: [ in German ] We can’t afford to have the whole FBI looking for us. We don’t need that.
Tom: You need to let me go. I can help you.
[ Knife clicks ] [ Groans ]
The Major: Don’t say another word.
[ Groans ]
Tom [ to The Major ] You know that girl you said cost me my life? She just saved it.
Gerst: [ Chuckles ]

Liz: [ To Hobbs ] We don’t see a lot of billionaires suspected of murder.
Lawyer: And you’d be wise to remember that my client hasn’t been charged with anything, Agent Keen.
Ressler: Earlier today, we raided a clinic being used to conduct experimental transgenic research on human test subjects. That research was being conducted by a Dr. Julian Powell, and you failed to mentioned your connection with Powell the last time we spoke.
Hobbs: What connection?
Ressler: He worked for you at a biotech company called Sadovo Solutions. And now he surfaces, abducting disabled patients, doing illegal experiments, – killing people.
Hobbs: Have you any idea how many people I’ve employed over the last 20 years?
Liz: This is one hell of a coincidence, Mr. Hobbs. We come around asking about human experiments, and when we find the man responsible, he has a direct connection to you.
Hobbs: He may have been an employee of mine many years ago, but I’m sorry, I’ve absolutely no recollection of him.
Lawyer: And I’m gonna guess you’ve got nothing to suggest otherwise.
Ressler: We’re looking into every phone call, every correspondence, every shred of data that we can pull on Julian Powell and that clinic. If you’re funding him, we will prove it.

Cooper: What do you have?
Liz: We’ve got straight denial. He’s pretty much calling our bluff.
Cooper: He say anything we could use to connect him to Powell?
Ressler: Nothing of value, but it’s early. We’ll keep at him.
Cooper: If that’s all we have, it’s not enough to arrest him.
Ressler: Look, he’s lying to us about Powell. We can make a circumstantial argument that he’s involved.
Liz: If he is directly connected to Powell and we let him go, the first thing he’s gonna do is destroy the evidence. We should hold him.
Cooper: You see that lawyer in there? He can afford that suit and the beach house he owns because he’ll never let that happen.
Liz: Let him file. By the time he gets heard, we’ll probably have what we need.
Ressler: What’s going on, boss?
Cooper: I’m just saying– not all suspects are created equal.
Ressler: Look, if somebody told me that you were gonna say that, I’d have bet every damn dime that they were wrong. So, he’s got friends in high places. Since when do you care?
Cooper: Hey, if we don’t have enough, go get enough. But in the meantime, kick him loose.

Liz: Maybe we can’t connect Hobbs directly with the victims, but I have a feeling Dr. Powell can. All we have to do is find him.
Aram: I think I can help with that. Been going over the files we recovered from Powell’s facility, and check this out–
Ressler: These are the test subjects?
Aram: Yes and no. All of them are deceased except for one, the woman on the bottom right.
Leann McGrath– 34 years old, currently a resident of Twin Pines Assisted-Living Center in Springdale. Powell’s collected all of her medical files. He’s been tracking her condition for years. Liz: She has the same frontal-lobe condition as the others. I have a feeling we just found Dr. Powell’s next test subject.

[ Indistinct PA announcement ]
Dr Julian Powell: Sweetheart, I’m so sorry but I failed you. [ Sighs ] We need to go away from here. Don’t worry. I haven’t forgot your things.
Nurse: Julian? I wasn’t expecting you today. What’s going on? A- are you taking her somewhere?
Powell: Todd, I don’t have time to explain, but I need you to understand that that this isn’t personal. [ He knocks him out ]

Liz: We need you to escort us to Leann McGrath’s room immediately.
Yes, of course, Agent.
Ressler: ‘What happened? You okay?
Nurse: He took Ms McGrath toward client pickup.
[ Powell has pushed Ms McGrath to client pickup ]
Red: Dr. Powell. Let’s go for a ride.
[ Powell gets in car; they drive off ]
Liz: Reddington!
Powell: [ In car ] I’m sorry, but I don’t know who the hell you are.
Red: My name is Raymond Reddington. I’m the man who was sent by Roger Hobbs to get rid of you. Relax, Doctor. I have no intention of killing you. You are a potential solution to a problem.
Powell: How so? A young woman I know and care for had a distant memory quite literally taken away from her when she was a little girl– erased.
Powell: So, you want to apply my work to the field of memory extraction.
Red: Not your work, Doctor– your research. If you’ve been able to prove that brain cells can regenerate, with time, would your breakthrough relate in any way to the restoration of this young woman’s memory?
Powell: No, my work will not help the woman remember. In theory, transgenics can help rebuild damaged memory synapses, but there’s a more– There’s a more fundamental problem.
Red: And that is?
Powell:’Let me show you.

Ressler: You know Julian Powell?
Todd: Of course. She’s his fiancΓ©. Ms. McGrath was in a car accident. She suffered catastrophic damage to the frontal lobe of her brain. There’s an article here about the accident. I think it might have more of the story.
Liz: “The car Ms. McGrath was riding in jumped a center divide and hit an oncoming tractor trailer. Officers at the scene said Ms. McGrath’s car was being driven by her fiancΓ©, Julian Powell.”

Powell: This is where she lived. It’s all I have left of who she was. I proposed in this room. Wasn’t supposed to happen like that. I had a more romantic plan, but once I had the ring, I couldn’t help it. Six weeks later, she was gone. We were in the hospital – St. Michael’s – and a good friend of mine and his wife were having a baby, and Leann and I were in the maternity ward until 4:00 AM. It was one of the happiest nights of my life. And then, in the car on the way home, we were both so tired.
Red: Yeah. You fell asleep at the wheel.

Ressler: So this is why he’s been experimenting on patients with frontal-lobe damage.
Liz: He’s not looking for immortality. He’s trying to bring back the woman he loves.

Red: I suppose Roger Hobbs doesn’t care about your motives or practices, as long as he profits from your findings.
Powell: I needed money to fund my research, and it was the only way that I could fix what I’ve done and the only way that I could get Leann back.
Red: So, what did you say to him, Doctor?
Powell: Told him that my work would help him live forever. And he wrote a check that afternoon.
This is where I do most of my real work. Thousands of hours spent sitting here, just searching, planning, believing. And for what? Look– look at this. Look at– Useless.
Red: You never found anything.
Powell: I lied, falsified the data. I had to. Hobbs would have cut me off. But none of this works. My research is a failure. I am a failure. I can’t save her.
Red: You killed a lot of innocent people, Dr. Powell.
Powell: I wanted to help them. What life did they have? What kind of life can she have now? [ Powell takes gun from drawer, cocks gun, fires ] [ Body thuds ]

TV: Once again, police have identified the man who died earlier today. We can now confirm his name is Dr. Julian Powell. So far, we’ve been unable to locate–
Hobbs: Nicely done. Every station’s calling it a suicide.
Red: It’s done.
Hobbs: And the FBI?
Red: Nothing leads back to you. Why so dour, Roger?
Hobbs: I lost a lot of money on this, Red. Tens of millions.
Red: This has nothing to do with the money. You wanted it to work. For all you’ve achieved, you actually thought this might be your legacy.
Hobbs: If it wasn’t for you, my legacy would be life without parole.
Red: Well, maybe you didn’t save mankind from an untimely death, but someday, you may be able to spare me from one.♀
[ Glasses clink ]

Liz: Care to tell me what the hell happened today?
Red: I suppose I should.
Liz: You stole Powell out from under us, and then an hour later, he ends up dead? Did you kill that man?!
Red: I’m happy to discuss the day’s events, but not if you insist on doing so at this volume.
Liz: You gave us this case because you wanted Powell, and then you used us to flush him out.
Red: Yes.
Liz: “Yes.” You wanted the science.
Red: The science didn’t work. Powell was falsifying his results. He was never interested in immortality, but you know that.
Liz: He wanted to get his fiancΓ© back.
Red: He knew it was over, so he ended it. That’s the truth.
Liz: That’s half the truth. I don’t take anything you say at face value.♀
Red: Fair enough. My interest in Powell’s research was only half the picture. This was always about Roger Hobbs. I used the FBI to create a problem for Roger. I needed the man to be in my debt, and now he is.
Liz: Roger Hobbs is a murderer. He may not have conducted those experiments, but according to the law, he is just as guilty, and now without Powell, we can’t prove it.
Red: Don’t be so quick to make an enemy of Roger Hobbs. You don’t see it yet, Lizzie, but a dark cloud is approaching, and when it arrives, Roger Hobbs will be a very good friend at exactly the moment he needs to be.

Connolly: Harold, sorry to pull you away.
Cooper: Looking sharp.
Connolly: [ Chuckles ] I’m on my way to some fundraiser– another $5 piece of chicken for $50,000 a plate.
Cooper: I have a feeling you’ll be seeing a lot more of those in the future. Heard things worked out for Roger Hobbs.
Connolly: I’m glad to hear it. Hey, I just came by to clear the air about our conversation earlier.
I hope you didn’t misconstrue my intent.
Cooper: Not a problem.
Connolly: Good. I wouldn’t want anything to come between us.
Cooper: Let me ask you a question– I got a call earlier from Dr. Levin. He said I might get cut from the trial. You know anything about that?
Connolly: How would I know anything about that? But I wouldn’t sweat it. I’ll make a call. That’s what friends do.

Ressler: Hey.
Liz: Hey. What are you still doing here?
Ressler: I could ask you the same thing. What happened to dinner?
Liz: I just didn’t feel like going out.
Ressler: What’s going on, Keen?
Liz: You said earlier that I had so much to celebrate. You know that isn’t true. I mean, I thought by the time I was in my 30s, I’d have something to show for it. I would at least be a prestigious profiler. I mean, I was the top in my class. I thought I’d have a loving relationship with someone, maybe we would be raising a family together.
Ressler: At least you’ve got a dog. That’s one up on me.
Liz: I don’t know who I am. I don’t know if this is my birthday. I don’t even know my own name. No, I know who I am. I am the puppet of some high-functioning sociopath. I don’t even know what I’m doing here.
Ressler: What you’re doing here is celebrating your birthday with me.
Liz: [ Laughing ] What did you–
Ressler: See, I called the restaurant. I thought I’d send you and your friends a bottle of wine.
Turns out, there wasn’t a reservation, so I figured since you weren’t going to Wing Yee, I was bringing Wing Yee to you.

β™« tonight we’ll fly a while just give me the word and hold on to me

[ Liz takes bottle of wine out of her drawer ]
Ressler: Oh, look at you!
Liz: I’ve been saving this for a special occasion.

β™« like I hold on to you

Ressler: Well I’m honored.

β™« a steeple holds a bell
the night sky holds the moon

[ Red is looking through old pictures of Lizzie on her birthdays ]

β™« coverlets and down
will catch you when you fall

The Major: [ on phone ] I don’t care how long it takes or what expense you have to go to. I want Jacob Phelps found.

[ Tom is burning passports ]

[ Beeping as Liz unlocks her room ] [ Gasps as someone grabs her ]
Shh! Shh!
Liz: What are you doing?!
Tom: I didn’t know where else to go.

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❌❌❌ END 2:17


༺✦ ⌘ ✦༻

πŸ”΄ 2:18 Vanessa Cruz

πŸ”΄ Script: 2:18 Vanessa Cruz

Last updated: 8/8/2015
Program originally aired 4/2/2015 in the US
Script with extras: http://wp.me/pDKwi-MT
Source: Raw Scripts from Springfield [UK]: http://bit.ly/1Do56Zu
NBC Episode Summary: http://bit.ly/1DLkwtn

Created by: Jon Bokenkamp
Director: Guy Ferland
Writers: Vincent Angell, Daniel Knauf


Script 2:18 Vanessa Cruz

Blurb: A serial killer is framing members of the one percent. Tom and Liz toy with rekindling a relationship. Red attempts to convince members of the Cabal (formerly known as the alliance) to undergo a restructuring.

[ Grunts ]
Salinger: What the hell?
Vanessa Cruz: Just something to help you relax.
[ He gasps ]
Cruz: You really don’t have any idea who I am, do you, Mr. Salinger?
[ Gasping shallowly ]
Cruz: Save your breath, sweetheart. You’re gonna need it.
[ Gasping continues ]

[ Door opens ]
Cruz: It’s me. I’m back.
Abby Issa: How was Chicago?
Cruz: Oh, God, you know. All these conferences are such a waste of time. You – How was your day? How was work?
Issa: Fine. Except for Carlton.
Cruz: Again?
Issa: He keeps leering at me – Gives me the creeps.
Cruz: Well, he’s your boss. Sooner or later, you have to report him to H.R.
Issa: I’m so glad you’re back. [ Chuckles ] I have a surprise for you.
Cruz: You’re giving me a drawer?
Issa: Only if you want it. I mean, if it’s too soon I just thought it might be nice.
Cruz: Su casa es mi casa.

Liz: What you’re asking me to do – I appreciate that you turned yourself in. You came back for me.
Tom: Liz, I’m in danger. I need the passports.
Liz: I can’t. I just can’t.
Tom: Liz, please! Turning myself in to save you saved me. And not because the Judge let me go. I’ve been running since I was 14. It’s all I’ve known. And in that moment, when the Judge let me go, I thought, “maybe there’s a world where I don’t have to run, where I could just – ” These Germans want me dead. My handler, too. So, please, I need your help. I need the passports.
Liz: They’re not just passports. You put them in a box under the floor in our home. They represent everything I’m trying to forget.
Tom: I know. I wouldn’t ask unless it was important.
Liz: They’re locked up in evidence.
Tom: That’s exactly why they should still be clean.
Liz: I’m not gonna walk into evidence and steal them for you. Why would I do that?
Tom: You want me gone? Do this, and you’ll never see me again.
Liz: You need to leave. Go. Now.
Tom: No.
[ Liz opens door: Red and Dembe are there. They point guns at Tom ]
Red: Get out.
Tom: [ Scoffs ] I was out, remember? You’re the one who brought me back in.
Red: Get out.
[ Tom leaves ]
Red: Perhaps I haven’t made myself clear.
Liz: I came home, and Tom was here.
Red: He’s back in your life.
Liz: He is not in my life.
Red: I understand what it’s like to be drawn to something that is unhealthy, to a part of yourself that you are afraid of. But I want you to remember what your life really was with him, and imagine all that it could be without him.
Liz: I don’t have to imagine.
Red: Good. Because I have a case.

Liz: Toshiro Osaka – A Japanese entrepreneur indicted in 2009 and knifed to death by an aggrieved business partner. Miles Chapman – He was gunned down in Algiers while avoiding extradition for insider trading. Lester Charles Conway – His Ponzi scheme was so massive, he’s now serving up to 30 years.
Ressler: Their crimes cost hundreds of people their life savings. Pensions gone, homes in foreclosure, families torn apart. Why would I feel bad for them? They’re criminals.
Liz: According to Reddington, they’re innocent – Framed after months, sometimes years of planning by a woman with a deep-seated hatred for the 1%. She doesn’t just take their money, she takes their reputations, their freedom, sometimes their lives. Her latest mark was Declan Salinger, a flamboyant venture capitalist who specialized in biotech. He was found last night in a hotel bathtub, needle on the floor, dead from an apparent overdose. His personal laptop was taken into evidence. CSI uncovered corporate withdrawals in excess of $27 million.
Cooper: Navabi, go see Salinger’s wife. Ressler, Keen, the man in prison – Talk to him. If he was framed, I want to know how.

Liz: We spoke to your attorneys, Mr. Conway. You claim to have been framed by a woman named Claudia Sanchez.
Conway: Or whatever her name really was. She made everything up.
Ressler: She make up the Ponzi scheme? The $128 million you stole from your clients to fund your lifestyle? The ranch, the private jets –
Conway: Look, I’ve told this story a hundred times. We were sleeping together. She had access to everything. My phone, computer, passwords. If you don’t believe me –
Liz: We want to believe you. We do. Tell us what happened.
Conway: She was a seasonal worker at the ranch. Undocumented, one of many. My wife had no idea. The affair lasted exactly six months. Then one day, she just disappears. Three days later, I’m arrested.
Ressler: Well, they also found a packed bag in your car, and your passport, and a plane ticket to Beijing.
Conway: She planted it all. That woman – She was diabolical. From the fingerprints on the suitcase to the airline ticket she purchased using my computer – She got into my life.

β‹™ Gun Salesman: Abby Issa.β‹˜

Conway: But that was nothing. The way she moved the money, her knowledge of how it worked, issuing false statements, creating shell companies. I hired the best defense money could buy, and after they looked at the evidence against me, they recommended I cop a plea.

β‹™ Gun Salesman: Beretta 21A Bobcat. Packs a nasty bite.
Issa: If I ever have to use it, that’s exactly what I want it to do.β‹˜

Conway: I pled guilty to a crime I didn’t commit. That’s how good she was. And the money she took, most of it belonged to my clients – Teachers, doctors, pension plans. Over 278 people lost everything because of some ghost.
Ressler: Never went to trial, but your lawyers – You said that they gathered a lot of evidence. We need to see it.

Red: Hello, Roger.
Hobbs: The Director called for a vote.
Red: When?
Hobbs: Tomorrow. I’ve been quietly lobbying on your behalf.
Red: I appreciate that.
Hobbs: No, you don’t. You expect it.
Red: Where do things stand?
Hobbs: I’ve spoken to Mitchum. He’s with us. That means Brazil and South Korea are, as well.
That likely positions Jasper as the deciding vote. If we can’t secure his vote, the Director will have a majority to act against you.
Red: Then Jasper will have to be persuaded.
Hobbs: These are powerful men. They don’t respond to threats.
Red: No. With powerful men, one must appeal to their vanity.
Hobbs: Listen to me, Red. The Fulcrum – If you have it, if you can prove you have it, do it now. Your life depends on it.
Red: Set the meeting.

Samar Navabi: Mrs. Salinger had a private detective follow her husband and his assorted mistresses for two months, but he found nothing on this particular woman. Partial prints, burner phones, inconclusive selfies taken from the victim’s phone.
Ressler: Conway’s lawyers did three months of discovery before copping a plea, and all they got were payroll records from his ranch and a lot of fake green cards and social security numbers.
Liz: The lawyers interviewed as much staff they could find, but no one could or would positively I.D. the woman Conway alleges framed him. Two different cases, two sets of professional investigators, and this woman didn’t leave a trace.
Aram: Guys, check it out. The detectives and the lawyers may not have found anything conclusive on their own, but if you put the photos they found together – Our ghost has a face.

[ Computer chimes ] [ Keys clacking ] [ Cruz sexting with next target ]

Aram: Okay, so, I have this friend, Osborne, in the forensics lab – Freaking Osborne.
Cooper: Aram.
Aram: Right. So, I scanned over 40 partial prints Conway’s investigators found at his ranch, another 53 partials found by Mrs. Salinger’s private detective. I fired them off to Osborne. He is a wizard with whorls, loops, and arches. He managed to stitch together three partials into a gorgeous, crystal-clear left thumbprint. Ran it through AFIS, and bang. Her name is Vanessa Anne Cruz – 36 years old. Last known address – Her mother’s place in Edison, New Jersey.
Cooper: Get there. Now.

[ β™« Bitter Sweet’s “Drink You Sober” plays ]

Cruz: Shh. Drink it.

β™« Oh, dear look what you’ve done
Cruz: Take off your clothes.
β™« You’ve made a mess of me
[ Handcuffs click ]
β™« and I don’t want to clean up I’m dangerously high
[ Grunts ]
β™« You’ve seemed to quench my appetite
β™« I want to feel you
[ Groans ] [ Exhales sharply ]
β™« Be my lover
[ Door opens, closes ]
β™« Why don’t you be my lover?

Abby? Abby! [ Grunts ] [ Door opens ] [ Grunts ] Oh! Who the hell are you?!
Andy: Andy, from the front desk. Uh, she gave me 20 bucks and told me this key belongs to you.

[ Door opens ] [ Coughs ]
Ressler: Aida Hernandez? Special Agent Donald Ressler, Special Agent Keen. We’re trying to locate your daughter, Vanessa Cruz.
Hernandez: My daughter? She’s dead.
Hernandez: It’s my fault. Vanessa never really had a good male role model. Her father was a creep, so I wasn’t surprised when she married one. Wash, rinse, repeat.
Liz: Excuse me?
Hernandez: Some women make the same mistakes with men over and over again. Hernando was a young broker. Worked at a big firm. Turns out, he was a real crook. He was doing insider trading, and when they caught him, he jumped off the George Washington Bridge.
Liz: And what happened to Vanessa?
Hernandez: Oh, she thought they set him up. She adored him till the end. Never questioned his innocence. I tried to reason with her, but [ Coughs loudly ] –
Liz: Take your time.
Hernandez: They found her folded clothing at Rockaway Beach. They never found a body, but I know she was dead. She’d never abandon me.
Ressler: She looked after you?
Hernandez: She was such a beautiful person Never a thought of herself, always of others.
Ressler: And since she’s been gone?
Hernandez: Vanessa made sure I’d be well taken care of.
Liz: How did she do that?
Hernandez: She had an insurance policy. I kept up with the mortgage and made ends meet.
Ressler: Do you still have the policy?
Hernandez: I never saw the policy. But I have a letter that came with the check. I’m sure I can find that.

Samar: It turns out it’s a fake.
Liz: What is?
Samar: The entire company. Minnetonka Bankers Health & Life was incorporated in 2006. In nine years, the only policy it issued was to Cruz’s mother.
Samar: It’s a shelf corporation.
Liz: You mean “shell” corporation?
Samar: No. “Shelf,” with an “f.” Criminals file incorporation papers. They pay all the fees. It’s totally legitimate. Then then they put them on the shelf for years, sometimes decades. They pay the minimum corporate tax, build up a credit rating, comply with filings to create an established, creditworthy business that can be used to launder all kinds of transactions.
Ressler: Including phony insurance payments.
Aram: Guys? It looks like this isn’t the only way Vanessa Cruz has used shelf companies. At least six other victims were all accused of funneling money through shelf corporations they say they didn’t know existed.
Liz: Samar, you said these corps are being sold to criminals. If we could find the person who sold them to Cruz –
Ressler: Then we might find Cruz.

[ On phone ]
Liz: I need you to put me in touch with someone who brokers shelf corporations.
Red: Good. I need the Fulcrum.
Liz: Our ghost has a name Vanessa Cruz. If I can find the person who brokered her–
Red: Agent Keen, I’m loathe to play “tit for tat,” but unfortunately, due to present circumstances, I must insist on the Fulcrum. I’m afraid it’s become an immediate matter of life and death.
Liz: I know how much it means to you.
Red: I don’t think you do.
Liz: And you know how much it means to me to know what part I play in all of this. But you told me it’s a blackmail file, and I’m a federal agent. I can’t just hand over information to you that might give you leverage over people who, for all I know, run our government.
Red: Those people launched a missile strike on the factory to kill us in order to keep their secret a secret.
Liz: This is about Tom, isn’t it?
Red: [ Chuckling ] No. This is simply about me trying to survive. I’m perfectly happy to put you in touch with someone who deals in shelf corporations, but I need the Fulcrum. Think about it, Lizzie.

Tom: [ Bumps into guy, lifts wallet ] Sorry, man. Sorry.
[ Cellphone rings ] [ Beeps ]
Tom: Yeah?
Liz: It’s me. I need your help.

Liz: The case I’m working on – Our perp funneled money through a shelf corporation called Minnetonka Bankers Health & Life. Now, I’m sure you must know people who provide these types of services to people like –
Tom: To people like me?
Liz: Yes, to people like you.
Tom: Isn’t Reddington your C.I.? Why isn’t he here? Is he still upset about last night?
Liz: I told you, if you help me with this case, I would get you those passports. My relationship with Reddington is not up for discussion. What we need to talk about is the case.
Liz: Now, these are two other shelf corps our unsub set up.
Tom: [ Inhales deeply ]
Liz: Andrusia Industries, Middle Leaf Properties
Tom: Are these supposed to mean something to me?
Liz: All three of those shelf corps are named after Minnesota lakes. When I was sifting through your lies, I found the shelf corp where you had the money parked Berlin was paying you Owasso Inc, also a Minnesota lake.
Tom: All right, I’ll talk to my contact, see what I can come up with.
Liz: No, I’ll talk to your contact.
Tom: How about we go together?

Jasper: What’s so urgent?
Hobbs: I wanted to talk to you about Raymond Reddington.
Jasper: The vote’s not until tomorrow afternoon.
Hobbs: The vote’s all but taken – Not officially, but I’ve spent the last six hours speaking with all the major players.
Jasper: You’re back-channeling?
Hobbs: You’re damn right. If Reddington has the Fulcrum, his death triggers a protocol for release. We will be exposed.
Jasper: And why am I here?
Hobbs: You’re the swing vote, Kenneth. You’re the one that will make this decision.
Jasper: You know I lean towards the Director. Why should I change that position now?
[ Red steps into view ]
Red: Because, Mr. Jasper, you strike me as a man who would prefer to pitch rather than catch.
Jasper: What the hell have you done?
Hobbs: Just hear him out. That’s all I ask.
Red: Roger is quite right. The Director’s latest stratagem is hubris. It has very little to do with me and everything to do with the consolidation of his power. If he succeeds, you’ll become nothing more than his trusted servant. He needs to go. He will go. Tomorrow, after the meeting, after you win this vote with everything that your head and your heart tell you are true.
Jasper: You’re talking about assassination.
Red: Yes, Mr. Jasper. “Ambition’s debt must be paid.”
Jasper: Julius Caesar?
Red: One of my favorites – The play, not so much the man. The man was a bit full of himself. He did have a brilliant military mind, but he couldn’t smell a plot to save his life. Intentional pun.
Jasper: And why is that?
Red: Pride. The subtlest and yet most deadly of the seven sins. Like the Director, he couldn’t be saved.
Jasper: And which part do you play in all this? Cassius?
Red: Oh, no. I’m the Rubicon.♀ You simply need to determine which side of history you want to end up on. Who are you, Mr. Jasper? A subordinate who remained slavishly obedient to his master, or the presumptive leader of an organization that will be far more powerful than it has ever been?

[ Telephone rings ]
Ziggy: Diamond Drive Properties. Oh, my God. [ Chuckles ] Billy! [ (Another alias for Tom!)]
Tom: Hey.
Ziggy: [ Laughs ] Come here, you. [ hugs ]
Tom: How you doing? Ziggy, this is Liz. Liz, this is Ziggy.
Ziggy: What brings you two here?
Tom: Big favor. My friend here was a gull in a con game, and she lost a lot of money.
Ziggy: Oh, that’s too bad, baby.
Tom: Turns out, she was hustled by one of your clients.
Ziggy: You know better than this.
Tom: I know. I know. But I need an address. Look, the people we work for are serious, and if we don’t get that money back –
Ziggy: You his woman?
Liz: I’m more like his ball and chain.
Tom: [ Chuckles ] Yeah. So, what do you say? Can you help us? Please?
Tom: Hey. How about a thank you?
Liz: [ On phone ] Ressler, I’ve got a mailing address for Cruz.

[ Loud bang; armed agents enter Cruz’s “shop” ] Clear
Man: Clear.
Man #2: Clear.
[ Drawer rattles ]
Man: Agent Ressler? [ Calls Ressler over to show him what he’s found ]

Ressler: I’ve got dozens of files, photos, dossiers. I mean, she’s going through their trash, hacking their networks. I mean, listen to this. Copies of Declan Salinger’s bank statements, medical records. There’s even surveillance photos and every book and video he’s ordered for three years.
Aram: Hang on. Did you say dozens of files? This goes way beyond the names Mr. Reddington gave us.
Ressler: I’m looking at people she’s framed, people she’s thinking of framing. Aram, you wouldn’t believe this place. Hair, threads, lint, bits of carpet, cigarette butts. All collected, categorized, and filed under each victim’s name.
Aram: Trace evidence to be planted at crime scenes.
Ressler: Huh. Drew Roberts. He was one of Cruz’s victims. He worked at Oakside Investments.
Aram: And?
Ressler: That was the firm that employed Cruz’s dead husband. Aram, I might have an idea what this is all about.

Tom: You know, I’m no worse than your buddy Reddington.
Liz: He’s not my buddy. And you are worse.
Tom: You don’t get it. Even after all this time, Reddington Is dangerous, and he is playing you.
Liz: I think he’s more dangerous than you give him credit for. But he has a moral code. I don’t like it, but at least I know what it is, and it does not include lying to me.
Tom: Whatever you say.You want to know what I’m gonna do?
Liz: No.
Tom: I’m gonna buy a boat.
Liz: A boat?
Tom: Mm-hmm. A diving boat. Gonna run it down to Micronesia, open up a charter business. You ever heard of Chuuk Lagoon? It’s an old Japanese naval base down in the South Pacific. February 7, 1944, sank 12 warships, and now they’re just lying at the bottom of the ocean. It’s a diver’s paradise.
Liz: You don’t even know how to swim.
Tom: I know. But I can learn.

Cruz: Hi.
Issa: Hi. Sorry I’m late. I did it. I talked to an attorney.
Cruz: About Carlton?
Issa: Yes. And I think I have a case, that I should file a claim with H.R. for sexual harassment.
Cruz: You did the right thing.
Issa: Well, this only happened because you gave me the courage.
Cruz: [ Chuckles ] Thank you. We’re gonna celebrate. I’ll book a room at the Wolverton, and we’re just gonna order room service and watch movies all night.
Issa: I love you.
Cruz: [ Chuckles ] Abby –
Issa: No. I mean it. [ Chuckles ] I know that we said we weren’t gonna get super serious, but I can’t help it. I love you. What is it?
Cruz: I love you, too.

Tom: Well, I’m assuming you don’t want me to walk you to your door.
Liz: Thank you.
[ Car door closes ]
Tom: Hey, can I ask you something? Do you think it’s possible For, uh – Someone like me to start over, to become something else?
Liz: Isn’t that what you do for a living?
Tom: Yeah. [ Chuckles ] But, uh – You know what I mean.
Liz: Can you be honest? You have to be honest. Tom. Our entire marriage, everything that happened – Our fights, the baby – Your laugh. It couldn’t have all been pretend. You’re not that good an actor. [ Tom chuckles ] That’s why I didn’t see it, because so much of it was real.♀ You are my greatest failure as a profiler.
Tom: You’re my greatest success. You made me feel – For a moment – Like I had a life – And that somebody cared. So, this is me being honest.
Liz: Can you be honest about the passports?
Tom: The passports?
Liz: They’re real – Government issue. Where’d you get them?
Tom: Berlin had a guy.
Liz: I guess not.
Tom: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. I can’t. Not about this.
Liz: That’s not how the truth works. You don’t get to pick and choose.♀ Not if you want to learn how to swim.
Tom: It’s gonna be a nice boat.
[ She kisses him; he kisses back ]
Tom: What was that?
Liz: That was goodbye.

The Director: [ To Security guy ] Uh, that won’t be necessary. Mr. Hobbs here is one of the good guys. How are Faye and the boys? You know, I don’t think I’ve seen them since Dylan’s wedding.
Hobbs: They’re fine. Mark and his wife just had a baby girl.
The Director: Oh, grandfather. Well, it suits you well. [ Chuckles ] Wisdom of the ages and all.
[ Jasper enters ]
Hobbs: Where is everybody? I thought I was late.
Jasper: The vote’s already been taken.
The Director: Roger. Roger, Roger, Roger. I always treated you with respect. We may not have seen eye to eye, but I always heard you out.
Hobbs: Look, I don’t know what he’s been telling you –
The Director: I brought you in.
Hobbs: I know.
The Director: I was your sponsor.
Hobbs: Yes. Look, I told him that Reddington –
The Director: Reddington did not make you! We made you! Have you forgotten what this organization has done for you? Government contracts? Silverstone? R&D grants? We put you in the game, and you betray us? You betray me? I treated you like family. I supported you.
Hobbs: Just hear me out.
The Director: Shh, shh, shh. There is a car waiting for you outside. You are going to the airport.♀
Hobbs: Please.
The Director: Zzt! You are leaving the country tonight. You are not to call your family, and you are never coming back.

Ressler: It’s not about money. It’s about revenge. Aram, can you put up all the files? Hernando Cruz jumped off that bridge after being accused of insider trading. He purchased 10,000 shares of stock in Rudman Pharmaceuticals one day before it got approval from the FDA to market a new cancer drug. That stock doubled overnight. Toshiro Osaka, our Japanese entrepreneur When Hernando Cruz made the trade, Osaka was the CFO at Rudman Pharmaceuticals. Miles Chapman – He was the regulator who approved the drug. And Drew Roberts was Cruz’s co-worker who oversaw all of the trades.
Cooper: You think they were in on it with the husband?
Ressler: I’m saying maybe the husband wasn’t in on it at all. Maybe they set him up.
Samar: It makes sense. Vanessa Cruz is a frame-up artist. Maybe she got the idea from seeing how easy it was for these people to frame her husband.
Aram: Wait. The evidence you found in Cruz’s loft suggests she’s been targeting dozens of victims.
Ressler: All one-percenters – People who personify the same greed that cost her husband his life.
Cooper: Assuming that she’s going after everyone who was involved in framing her husband, the question is, who’s left?
Ressler: I don’t know, but I do know someone who can tell us.

Liz: Before you made your fortune in the private sector, you worked in the division of corporate finance at the S.E.C.
Conway: Yeah, so? Did you look at the research I gave you?
Ressler: Tell us about Hernando Cruz.
Conway: Did you find anything?
Ressler: Hernando Cruz. He was a trader for Oakside Investments in 2008. He killed himself after you were about to open an investigation into him for insider trading.
Conway: So? What does that have to do with – I thought you were looking for the woman who set me up.
Ressler: It was his wife who set you up, and now we know why – Along with Toshiro Osaka, Miles Chapman, and Drew Roberts.
Liz: Tell us about Hernando Cruz.
Ressler: He didn’t jump off that bridge, did he, Lester?♀
Liz: Don’t look so depressed. Today’s your lucky day. We found out who framed you.
Conway: Cruz. It was his wife?
Ressler: Maybe we can help you. Maybe you can talk to us, and maybe we can make a deal.
Conway: It was 2007, before the crash – Height of subprime mortgages, bundling, things that really hurt people. But this – It was a victimless crime. We had every angle covered – The trading floor, the regulatory agencies.
Ressler: You made the S.E.C. look the other way.
Conway: I want a lawyer.
Ressler: No, no, no. What you want is a deal, and the only way you’re gonna get that is if you keep talking. So – Talk.♀
Conway: Everyone was going to look the other way, except that kid, Cruz. He found out, went to his boss. We tried to keep him quiet, but he refused. He was too idealistic.
Liz: So you were a part of a conspiracy, and when Cruz tried to go against you, he was murdered – Thrown off a bridge to keep him from blowing the whistle. That’s when you framed him, which is why she framed you.
Conway: When I knew her, she was nobody, a ranch hand. How did she –
Liz: If Cruz went to his boss, like you said, why was it never reported?
Conway: Because his boss was in on it.
Ressler: What was his name?

Ressler: Mason Carlton, Thundridge Capital. Cruz has taken revenge on everyone but this guy. Find him, Aram.

[ Computer chimes ] [ Cruz and Carlton texting ]

Aram: I called Carlton’s office, and nobody’s picking up. His cell is going straight to voicemail.
But get this – I accessed his cell records, and I found a ton of inappropriate messages with his assistant. Her name is Abby Issa. Either this girl is having an affair with her boss –
Liz: – Or he’s being catfished. You said she was his assistant?
Aram: Which means she’d have the keys to the kingdom – Passwords, financials, credit cards. There’s a hit on Mason Carlton’s Amex. He reserved a room for tonight at the Wolverton Hotel.

Carlton: Hello? Abby? How long have you been here?
Cruz: [ Wearing wig to look like Abby Issa ] Hello, Mr. Carlton.
Carlton: Who the hell are you?
Cruz: Hernando Cruz. Surely you remember him – The young day trader you and your colleagues framed and murdered. There were six of you – Pigs. Too good to work, too refined and elegant to sweat. So you and all the other useless, greedy pigs instead gorge yourselves, grow fat on the sweat of the other 99%. So – Little piggy – I will tell you how this is going to work. You and Abby have been having an affair. There’s a digital paper trail of texts and pictures. Your fingerprints and DNA are in her apartment. You reserved this room. I’ve arranged it so the police will believe you’ve been to her apartment, just like I’ve arranged for them to believe Abby discovered you were embezzling from your firm and was gonna blackmail you – unless you pay her to keep quiet. They’ll confirm she’d gone to a lawyer, prepared a sexual-harassment lawsuit, which she threatened you with, so you shot her with the gun she bought to protect herself before turning it on yourself. Abby – She has such a big heart. She’s so innocent, so unsuspecting – Just like – But this is the only way. You have to pay for what you did.
[ Door beeps ]
Issa: Hey. I’m here. Sorry I’m late. What is this?
[ Telephone rings ] [ Ringing ]
Front Desk: Hello, this is security calling. I have a gentleman and a lady from the FBI here who’d like to have a word with Mr. Carlton.
Cruz: I’m sorry, Abby. [ Crying ] I’m so sorry.

Security: [ to Ressler and Liz ] Follow me, please.
Ressler: [ Beeps ] Hands where I can see them. Hands in the air!
Issa: [ Crying ] She said she made a mistake. She said she made a horrible mistake.
Liz: Radio security! Have them lock down the hotel! And call an ambulance! Ressler!

Liz: You wanted to see me?
Cooper: I thought you should know [ Door closes ] Mason Carlton’s gonna be charged in the murder of Hernando Cruz.
Liz: [ Sighs ] We lost her.
Cooper: Yes. And we will find her. What matters now is that the innocent people she framed are gonna be set free.
Liz: [ Pointing to his cane ] This here – And you there? You have no idea how happy that makes me.
Cooper: [ Chuckles ] I wonder what his angle is.
Liz: Sir?
Cooper: Reddington. Why give us this case? Thank you. What’s his interest in this Cruz woman?

Mr Kaplan: Mrs. Cruz, my employer is a longtime admirer of yours.
Cruz: Who are you?
Kaplan: He understands your gambit has run its course. The FBI knows what you’re up to. They’re looking for you now, which means you have one of two choices Run and hide, or accept his help.
Cruz: What help? And who’s this Employer?

[ Knock on door ]
Liz: I got your message. What is this place?
Tom: Reddington.
Liz: Tom, what are you still doing here?
Tom: I’ve been thinking about what you said – About needing to tell you the truth. So I’m gonna tell you the truth.
Liz: I don’t understand.
Tom: The passports – The passports came from Reddington. Liz, there’s more.

Jasper: It’s me. It’s done.
Red: I’m listening.
Jasper: The vote went your way. The Director wasn’t very happy, but a vote’s a vote.
Red: And Hobbs?
Jasper: He wants to meet.
Red: Yes, I’m quite sure he would have. But he can’t, can he?
Jasper: What are you talking about?
Red: Hobbs was to contact me after the vote was cast. He didn’t, which means he’s dead, which means you betrayed him. Betrayed me.
Jasper: That’s not true. He specifically asked that the three of us should meet so that we can discuss the future.
Red: You need to run, Jasper. Run like the prairie wind, because I’m coming for you. And when I find you, I’m going to cut out that forked tongue of yours and deliver it to the Director myself.♀ β‹˜β‹™ It’s time to go away, Dembe.
Dembe: Agent Keen wants to meet regarding the Fulcrum.

Red: What’s wrong?
Liz: I just spent the last 42 hours dealing with a man who is a lifelong habitual, pathological liar.
Red: Tom.
Liz: Yes. Tom.
Red: Lizzie –
Liz: Don’t give me advice. This man, this liar, he told me something – Something that I need you to confirm. Now, before I ask, I want you to understand that I expect you to give me the dignity of a yes or a no. Do you understand?
Red: Yes. I’m the one who hired Tom Keen to enter your life. Can I explain?
Liz: No. No, you cannot explain. Here. [ Gives him the Fulcrum ] This is all you wanted. Now you have it.
Red: Lizzie, when I hired Tom –
Liz: I said please do not attempt to explain why. I don’t care why. I just want this to stop. I want it all to stop, right now. Take it!
Red: Lizzie. Lizzie!
[ Gunshot: Red is hit ]
Liz: No!♀
Dembe: Raymond!
Liz: Dembe!
[ Gunshots ] [ Dembe gets case with Fulcrum ]
Liz: Reddington!

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❌❌❌ END 2:18


༺✦ ⌘ ✦༻

πŸ”΄ 2:19 Leonard Caul

πŸ”΄ Script: 2:19 Leonard Caul
Date last updated: 8/8/2015
Program air date: 4/23/2015 in the US
Script with extras: http://wp.me/pDKwi-Ps
Source: Raw Scripts from Springfield [UK]: http://bit.ly/1Do56Zu
NBC Episode Summary: http://bit.ly/1DI2HGQ

Created by: Jon Bokenkamp
Director: Michael Waxman
Writers: Brandon Margolis, Brandon Sonnier, Kirsten Reidel, James Campalongo


Script 2:19 Leonard Caul

Blurb: Red has been shot and cannot risk going to an emergency room where his enemies can find him. He tells Liz to find Leonard Caul. Dembe instructs Liz to go to a flat to get the suitcase Red retrieved from the trunk of the Presidential limo.

Voice-over: Previously on The Blacklist:
Red: Alan Fitch directed me to that safe. What does he want me to know?
Leonard Caul (formerly known as Mystery Man): It is happening.
Red: What is? What’s happening?
Red: Aram, I need your assistance locating the source of a call that was placed to a pay phone. I can’t stress enough the urgency of this matter.
Red: I don’t think you have any real comprehension of the depth and breadth of your vulnerability. But only the one who possesses the Fulcrum could possibly fathom that.
The Director: I don’t think you have it. Don’t think you ever did.
Hobbs: The Fulcrum – if you have it, if you can prove you have it, do it now. Your life depends on it.
Liz: I have the Fulcrum. Tell me what it is, and I’ll tell you where to find it.
Red: Yes. I’m the one who hired Tom Keen to enter your life.
Liz: Here. [ Gives him the Fulcrum ] This is all you wanted.
Red: Lizzie. Lizzie! [ Gunshot ]
Dembe: Raymond!
Liz: Dembe!

[ Leonard Caul, a surveillance expert, is working in a red-lit room with photographs of Red, Liz and Tom which cover recent events in the series. At the same time he is listening to recordings of such recent events: ]

Liz: What you’re asking me to do – I appreciate that you turned yourself in. You came back for me.
Tom: Liz, I’m in danger. I need the passports.
Liz: I can’t. I just can’t.
Tom: Liz, please!
Liz: They’re not just passports. You hid them in a box under the floor in our home! They represent everything I’m trying to forget.
Tom: I know. I wouldn’t ask you unless it was important.
Liz: They’re locked up in Evidence.
Tom: That’s exactly why they should still be clean.
Liz: I’m not gonna walk into Evidence and steal them for you – Why would I do that?
Tom: You want me gone? Do this, and you’ll never see me again.
[ Static ]
Liz: You need to leave. Go. Now.

[ Beep ]
[ Sound switches to Police Chatter with Leonard Caul listening in real-time ]

All units, shots fired at Euclid and Drake.
Officer: Echo 23 en route.
Officer #2: Echo 28 en route.
FBI-issued plate – 7-4-3-6-Uniform-Sierra – under fire.
Possible officer involved in shooting.
One male confirmed down.
Repeat – plate 7-4-3-6-Uniform-Sierra.
Officer under fire.

[ Liz and Dembe are engaged in gunfight with shooters ]
[ Gunshots ]
Dembe: Stay down!
Liz: You have eyes?
Dembe: Fourth floor. East side.
[ Gunshots continue ]
Look out! Down. [ Shoots man approaching on sidewalk ]
[ Gunshots ]
Liz: We got to get him out of here.
Dembe: Get in!
[ They get Red into car. He is conscious but coughing and choking on blood ]
Let’s go!
[ Engine turns over ] [ Tires squeal ]
Liz: [ On phone ] Cooper, this is Keen. Reddington is down. I repeat, he is down – shot and critical.
Cooper: Shot? Where? Where are you?
Liz: Euclid and Drake, headed southwest.
Red: Lizzie, don’t.
Liz: Reddington, stay still. He’s shot in the chest. I’m gonna lose him if I don’t get him to an ER.
Cooper [ to Aram ]: Reddington’s shot – Euclid and Drake. Providence?
Liz: No, University.
Cooper [to Aram ]: University.
Aram: I’m trying to ping Agent Keen’s phone now.
Cooper: Are you secure? Unfriendlies?
Liz: Unknown, but I’m gonna need an escort and backup.
[ Dembe grabs her phone away, disconnecting call ]
Liz: What are you doing?
Cooper: Keen? Agent Keen?
[ Monitor beeps – Aram’s monitor indicates call is disconnected ]
Dembe: Dial “star, seven, seven.”
Liz: What?
Dembe: Star, seven, seven.
[ Red coughs ]
Mr Kaplan: What is your location?
Liz: Who is this?
Mr Kaplan: What is your location?
Liz: Mr Kaplan?
Mr Kaplan: What is your location?♀
Liz: Capitol and M. [ To Dembe ] I don’t know what Mr Kaplan has planned, but we need to get him to a hospital right away.
Dembe: No hospitals.
Liz: I’m sorry, but we don’t have a choice. I’m not gonna let him die, and it can’t wait.
[ Coughing, wheezing ]
[ Cellphone rings ]
Liz: Mr. Kaplan?
Mr Kaplan: There’s a warehouse 5312 Mass Avenue. Say it back. Get there now. We’ll be waiting.
Liz: 5312 Mass Avenue. Who will?
[ Red exhales sharply ]
Liz: Hold on. Please. Just hold on.

[ β™« Hanni El Khatib’s “Save Me” plays β™« as people (doctors, nurses, techs) take calls, drop what they’re doing and deploy to makeshift hospital in warehouse βž” beautifully choreographed and edited ]

β™« Save me. I’m down man, I’m dying to meet you, no.
With the pen brushing in my thumbs now. I’m thinking, don’t let me go.
Don’t let me go, don’t let me go, don’t let me go

Assistant: One of our men on Euclid is dead.
The Director: And the target?
Assistant: Hit. Wounded. Still in play.
The Director. They’ll want to take our man to the ME. That cannot happen.
[ Man leaves ]
The Director: [ On phone ] Still alive. I want eyes on any and all medical resources he has. Get someone to the crime scene and find out how he got away and where he is hiding.

[ β™« Music continues as activity is taking place at warehouse hospital ]

β™« Poisoned in the desert, stranded in the sand.
The time press against my hopes now, liquid it fills my mouth.
Spit it out, we’ll spit it out, we’ll spit it out, we’ll spit it out

β™« Baby, oh precious baby, keep moving, show me some light.
Keep breathing, don’t want you leaving, won’t be the same without you.
It’ll be alright, it’ll be alright, it’ll be alright

Dembe: He’s shot in the chest, right side.
Paramedic: Entered the intercostal in the eighth rib. Absent breath sound in the right lung.
Nurse: BP is 60 over palp.
[ Medical voices: ]
Pulse is thready.
Abdomen’s distended.
I need six units now. X-rays now.
Give me a tube. Give me a scope.
He dropped a lung – stat chest tube.
[ Gagging ]
Red: [ To Liz ] You need– you need to find Leonard Caul.
Liz: Caul?
Red: Leonard Caul. T-t-talk to Dembe. [ Groaning ] You need to find him, Lizzie.
[ Gagging, coughing ]
[ Medical voices: ]
Get that line in.
Stay with us.

Wright: Gone? What do you mean, gone?
Cooper: We instructed Keen to go to the ER at University. Our people cleared the floor. They never showed.
Wright: There’s been an attempted assassination in broad daylight. You know Reddington was hit, – and yet he and Keen have disappeared?
[ Door opens ]
Connolly: Well, that was certainly trial by fire.
Wright: Mr. Attorney General.
Connolly: Not for another week. Not ever if the press has anything to say about it. I’m up there spinning gold about all the great things Justice will do under my leadership when I’ve got an aide whispering in my ear about–
Cooper: We just found out ourselves.
Connolly: Harold, I was caught with my pants down, and as three ex-wives can attest to, it’s not a pretty sight.♀
Wright: Keen’s gone AWOL.
Connolly: Why were they meeting in the first place? Were they working a case?
Cooper: I’m not aware of the nature of the meeting.
Connolly: Harold, I don’t need to tell you what’s at stake here. You need to contain this– whatever it takes, whatever you need. The full resources of my office are at your disposal.
Cooper: [ Cellphone ringing ] Thanks, Tom. Excuse me for a moment.
[ Ringing continues ] [ Beep ]

Cooper: [ Answers ] Cooper.
Liz: Reddington’s in surgery.
Cooper: Surgery? Where? We’ve checked every ER in the city.
Liz: We’re in a warehouse – 5312 Mass Avenue. He has some sort of mobile crash team.
Cooper: Dispatch units now.
Liz: Reddington gave me a name.
Cooper: Who?
Liz: Leonard Caul.
Cooper: Who is Leonard Caul?
Liz: He must know something about the people who organized the hit.
Ressler: So Reddington knows who’s behind this.
Liz: Whoever they are came after Reddington because they thought he had this device, the Fulcrum. It’s a blackmail file on a group, this cabal. He told them he had it, and he didn’t. And they finally called his bluff and tried to kill him, and they will not stop until they do.
Cooper: Unless we find Leonard Caul.
Aram: There’s nothing on him in the system.
[ Monitor beeping ]
Liz: According to Dembe, before Fitch died, he told Reddington to find Caul, that he would have information about the Fulcrum, the cabal. Reddington asked Aram to trace a call to an apartment, but when they got there, Caul was gone. All they found was blood – no body.
Aram: Well, he didn’t tell me what it was for, and I, uh, definitely didn’t ask, but I could probably still pull up the location.
Cooper: All right, Keen. We got a team on the way. Stay safe for 15 minutes, and you’re home.

[ Medical voices: ]
We need to find the tear.
What are his vitals?
Nurse: BP is 90 over 60, pulse 140. I’m giving pressors and more fluids. I need another unit of blood.
[ Monitor beeping ]

Ressler: So, Aram traced that call to an apartment at 3130 Sheridan Road.
Samar: The name on the lease was an alias, but there was a police report filed by the apartment manager who found blood in the home.
Ressler: So we pulled the admission logs at the nearby ERs.
Samar: Three gunshot wounds, six cases of domestic violence–
Ressler: And one guy who comes in with his two fingers in a ziplock bag.
Cooper: Leonard Caul?
Samar: He didn’t leave a name. There were cops in the ER, and when he saw them, he left.
Cooper: How can you be sure it’s the man we’re looking for?
Samar: We can’t. But he left his fingers behind.
Cooper: I want any surveillance from that ER. Interview the doctors on call. Contact Metro PD, see if they ran the prints.

[ Monitor beeping ]
Dembe: We’ve got company!
Liz: Protective detail.
[ Camera shutter outside clicking ]
[ Two men in uniform enter ]
Uniformed Man: We’ve got units securing the perimeter and a chopper inbound to evac the patient.
Liz: No, we’re not –
[ Gunshots. Mr Kaplan shoots both men dead ]
Liz: What the hell?!
Mr Kaplan: The Bureau issues Glocks or Sigs. Whoever these gentlemen are, they’re not FBI.
Dembe: There will be more.
[ Liz enters the makeshift operating room. The surgeon is on the floor, dead of a gunshot wound ]
Liz: How long before we can– What’s his status?
Nurse: What?
Liz: His status, what is it? Can he be moved?
Nurse: No. M-maybe. I don’t know.
Liz: I need a definitive answer. We have to go now.
MD or [ or maybe an OR nurse]: Go? We can’t go: If we move him, he’ll bleed to death.
Other male medical: We just now found the compromised artery. We still have to cauterize it before we can close him.
Liz: So do it.
Doctor/Nurse: That was his job. [ Indicating dead surgeon on floor ]
Liz: Does anyone here have surgical training?
Female medical: Two years, Fresno State.
Liz: You’re up, Fresno.
[ Mr Kaplan enters, shows Liz screen of cell phone ]
Liz: They’re coming.
Mr Kaplan: Yes, I responded to their message, but we don’t have more than 15 or 20 minutes.
Doctor: 20? No, we need at least 30 minutes to close this tear.
Liz: You have 15.

Nick: No. Absolutely not.
Liz: Nick, please.
Nick: Liz, I haven’t heard from you for three years.
Liz: I wouldn’t ask if I had any other choice.
Nick: Find another doctor.
Liz: I had another doctor.
Nick: Great. Use him.
Liz: I can’t.
Nick: Why? Did you turn down his marriage proposal, too?
Liz: Listen to me– a man is going to die if you don’t help us. I’m begging you.
Nick: Where do you want me to go?
[[ I usually try to ignore the time-warp issues on this show but, srsly: she doesn’t have 30mins, only 15, so she calls up an old boyfriend who just happens to live in DC, makes up w him, and he can be at the warehouse in time to get his loans paid for and perform two separate surgeries βž” all in 15mins. A bit much…]]

[ Tom’s warehouse. Gun drawn, Liz enters. Gun drawn, Tom answers. ]
Liz: What are you doing here?
Tom: I live here.
Liz: I didn’t know where else to go.
[ Gurney w Red on it is wheeled in ]
Tom: Over here.
Medical Woman: BP is 70 palp. Pulse is critical but stable.
Tom: This is for you, Liz, not for him.

Samar: The protective detail is at the warehouse. There’s no sign of Keen or Reddington.
Aram: The shooter at the first crime scene, the EMTs who were taking him to the ME, they never showed.
Samar: There were three bodies found at the warehouse – two men posing as FBI and Dr. Mark Child, Chief of Surgery at Georgetown.
[ Cellphone rings ]
Cooper: Agent Keen. Are you safe?
[ Gun cocks ]
Liz; Who’s with you?
Cooper: Just us – Ressler, Navabi, Mojtabai.
Liz: And who dispatched the detail?
Cooper: The DC field office.
Liz: That must be where the leak came from.
Cooper: Where are you?
Liz: A safe house.
Cooper: Give me an address. We’ll send our own men now.
Liz: Reddington’s team is here. We’re secure.
Samar: How is he?
Liz: He’s– I don’t know for sure, but it’s bad.
Cooper: What do you need? Tell us, and we’ll do it.
Liz: I need you to find Leonard Caul. β‹˜β‹™ I thought you’d be gone.
Tom: That was the plan. Then I thought maybe if I stayed, I’d have a shot at a normal life. Does Nick have any idea what you’ve gotten him into?
Liz: He’s not a part of this. He’s just a doctor.
Tom: Reddington’s a bad man, Liz. He’s bad for anyone who comes in contact with him. He’s bad for you. His world, this right here, unless you get out, this will devour you.♀
Liz: It doesn’t matter if he’s bad. What matters is he has answers about me, and I’m staying until I get them.
Tom: Well, maybe I could help you get those answers.
Liz: I doubt that.
Tom: Liz, I know a lot more about Reddington than you think.

Nick: The bullet nicked the right lung. I was able to reinflate it with a chest tube, and we’ll start him on a prophylactic antibiotic.
Liz: What about the bullet?
Nick: That’s the problem. It has a percussion cap, which causes it to essentially explode. By some miracle, it didn’t. If I try to remove it, if I touch it the wrong way It’s like there’s a land mine inside him and you’re asking me to dig it up.
Liz: Can you do it or not?
Nick: [ To Tom ] We were never formally introduced. I believe the only time we met you were in her kitchen, making coffee in your underwear.♀
Tom: Well, if it’s any consolation, she dumped me, too.
Liz: Can you do it?
Nick: You may not remember, but I worked my way through school– nights, weekends, and I still had to take out loans. I busted my hump, and I am still $376,422 in debt. Can I do it? Absolutely. For $376,422. I know who he is. I don’t why he’s here or what you have to do with him, but I know.
Mr Kaplan [ Opens suitcase to reveal: ] $500,000– unmarked, untraceable. Mr. Reddington insists on being prepared for all contingencies. Shall we continue?

Samar Navabi: We checked with NCIC. The prints they ran on our eight-fingered mystery man were a dead end.
Ressler: No criminal record, no background check.
Aram: He wasn’t in their system.
Samar: But he was in Mossad’s. Leonard Caul’s real name is Joseph McCray. He’s former CIA.
Aram: Last-known photograph dates back to 1981.
Ressler: He was part of Operation Harwood, a covert surveillance unit run out of Managua to keep tabs on the Sandinistas.
Samar: The Agency knows who he is, but they won’t say. Classified.
Ressler: We can’t find him because his job is to blend in. He’s basically eyes and ears – nothing else.
Aram: He may as well have been a ghost.
Cooper: Harwood was run by a woman named Helen Jubal. Senate Intelligence Committee shut it down in the wake of Iran-Contra. Tom Connolly was legal counsel.
Ressler: You think Connolly can get her to talk?
Cooper: I’ll ask him. We’ve been trading a few favors lately.

Helen Jubal: I could be arrested for even acknowledging Mr. McCray exists.
Cooper: As luck would have it, I know a few people in law enforcement.
Jubal: [ Chuckles ] Tommy said you were a smooth operator.
Cooper: He says you can help me find Leonard Caul, or the man you know as Mr. McCray.
Jubal: Haven’t spoken to him in years.
Cooper: Is that a fact?
Jubal: Well, the unit broke up. He didn’t take it well, became–
Cooper: Ms. Jubal, let’s cut to it, shall we? McCray was an agent of yours. He’s in trouble, on the run. The next Attorney General has given me carte blanche to inquire as to his whereabouts. Anyone obstructing that inquiry will have to answer to him.
Jubal: He came to me recently, said he’d gotten himself wrapped up in some kind of business with Raymond Reddington.
Cooper: Hmm.
Jubal: That’s what this is about– your hunt for Reddington.
Cooper; Ms. Jubal, tell me where he is.
Jubal: He’s scared, hurt, had no place to go– I’m assuming because of Reddington. If I tell you where he is, do you promise to use that information only as a means to find Reddington?
Cooper; You have my word.

[ Sighs ] [ Monitor beeping ] [ Surgical team removes bullet ]
Dembe: Elizabeth. In Bethesda, there’s a small second-story flat. In the flat, you will find a desk.
The middle drawer has a false front. Remove it, and you will find a silver case along with a key.
Liz: This is about the Fulcrum.
Dembe: Yes. You still have it.
Liz: I do.
Dembe: This case, the key I need you to bring them here to Raymond, to Leonard Caul.
Liz: That’s why Reddington wanted us to find Caul, because he can decipher the Fulcrum.
[ Monitors beeping ]
Liz: He’s gonna be okay…?
Dembe: This flat– Raymond can never know you were there. Do you understand, Elizabeth?– I would go if I could, but I can’t. [ Lock disengages – looking ahead to scene showing Liz entering flat ] I can’t leave him alone. Raymond must never know you were there.♀
[ Liz is shown entering a modest, old-fashioned flat ]

Connolly: Where are we with this thing?
Cooper: According to Agent Keen, Reddington is in surgery. It’s touch and go.
Connolly: In surgery?
Wright: Where? What’s their location?
Cooper: I’m not at liberty to say.
Wright: I suggest you take the liberty.
Cooper: We have a lead on Leonard Caul. Helen Jubal tipped us to a safe house in Alexandria. My people are looking into it.
Wright: That’s not what I asked. I asked for the location of Reddington.
Connolly: He’s right to keep us out of the loop, Reven. You know the protocol. If there’s even the slightest suspicion of a leak, information is need-to-know.
Cooper: I trust Agent Keen.
Wright: After the Harbormaster? I’m beginning to regret sweeping that under the rug. She kept this Fulcrum secret, a blackmail file on some nefarious group, and then she gave this file to Reddington?
Cooper: I don’t know that she gave it to him.
Connolly: I appreciate your loyalty to Agent Keen, Harold, but you have to admit there’s a possibility she’s being completely manipulated by Reddington. What if the reason he chose her in the first place is because he wanted to get his hands on this thing? What if that’s the real reason he turned himself in?
Cooper: I don’t believe that.
Connolly: All this talk about some personal connection between Reddington and Keen, why he chose her, some shared history– What if Reddington doesn’t care about Agent Keen and it’s all been a manipulation?♀

[ Liz explores flat… Cat meows. Liz gasps, then sighs, relieved ]
Liz: Hey, sweetheart. Hi, kitty.
[ Cat meows, purring; kitty looks exactly like my kitty! ]

[ Camera shutter clicks outside safe house ]

[ Monitor beeping. Red awakens. ]
Dembe: The doctor says you did well.
Red: Elizabeth?
Dembe: She’s fine.
Red: You need to go to my flat.
Dembe: I’m taking care of it.
Red: You were right, Dembe. I should’ve told her.
Dembe: I understand why you didn’t.
Red: [ Scoffs ] No, you don’t. [ Chuckles ] The blessing of an honest man.♀
Dembe: She still hasn’t found Caul.
Red: She won’t. But if she looks for him, he’ll find her.♀

[ Liz explores flat, sees photos on mantle, some old, some newer. A photo of Liz 8-10yo and Sam that we’ve seen before is among them. A photo of a man in a military uniform, a square-faced woman smiling in a graduation gown and cap. Liz show surprise at one photo of an adult, face mostly obscured by sun glare, in a swing with a young girl, 3-5yo. Though dressed in a plaid shirt w muscular arms, the adult now appears to be a woman, shoulder-length, page-boy style hair, with a broad smile. The girl has dark hair. Liz uses her phone to capture an image of the photo, puts it back on the mantle. Liz collects the things she came for and prepares to leave… ]

[ Door opens. It is the man with the photo and surveillance lab we saw earlier – the same man who has been snapping surveillance shots since Red was shot. It is … ]
Leonard Caul [ gun drawn ]: Hello, Agent Keen. Why don’t we go back inside and have a little chat?

Tom: Don’t take it. You take that money, and he’ll have his hooks in you.♀ Trust me, it’s the last thing you want.
Nick: I’m not a criminal. I’ve never even gotten a speeding ticket.
Tom: Don’t take it.
Nick: When I heard you two were getting married, I was happy for her. People said you were okay, a teacher. Later on, they told me you were planning to adopt a child and start a family. Guess you two decided to go another route.

Liz: I won’t take you to Reddington.
Caul: Yes, you will.
Liz: You tried to kill him in the street today, at the warehouse.
Caul: The cabal tried to kill him. It’s what they do – eliminate their enemies.
[ He shows her bandage covering wound on his neck. ]
Liz: You’re Leonard Caul.
Caul: Reddington sent you to find me.
Liz: What’s your connection to Reddington?
Caul: Alan Fitch. I believe he wanted us to meet. Shortly after Reddington contacted me, there was an attempt on my life. That’s when I knew I could trust him.♀
Liz: When someone tried to kill you?
Caul: Yes, the cabal [ ie “alliance” ] – to keep us apart. I’ve been in hiding ever since, watching, waiting for a signal from Reddington that it was safe to meet. He sent word earlier today.
Liz: He was shot earlier today.
Caul: I know. He sent word after – through you.♀
Liz: He knew you’d be watching.
Caul: I don’t like having the FBI running my prints, accessing my covert files, talking with my former CO. When I saw that happening, I knew it meant one of two things. You either want to arrest me or talk to me. Which is it, Agent Keen? [ Places gun on desk ]
Liz: [ Sighs ] Tell me what you know about the Fulcrum.
Caul [ referring to metal impact-resistant case, the one Ted had retrieved from the Presidential limo, the one Dembe had sent her to get: ] Is that the Interface? You don’t know how it works. If you trust him, Agent Keen, you will show it to me. It’s what he wants.
[ Latches click, Liz opens case to reveal – a complex apparatus, knobs, counters, a keyboard of sorts ]
Caul: He gave you a key.
[ Liz hands him the key. It is Pepper’s key, which looks like a skeleton key ]

Tom [ to Red, who is awake but remains silent ]: You know, that day at the hospital, the day Sam died, I think about that day a lot. I worked for you two years– we never met. You were always this shadow, moving from place to place, talked about, but never seen. And then there you were. To see you sitting there after I’d betrayed your trust, gone to work for Berlin, I was terrified. I sat there listening to you threaten me, threaten anyone who could hurt Liz. And all I could think was you– You are the one who hurts Liz the most.♀ She’s here in this right now because of you. And I know I played a part in that, and I’m not saying I didn’t, but– Trying to fix that. So I told her the truth about us. I’m telling you this because I don’t want you to be confused about my part in any of this– you, Liz [ Sighs ] All of it. I’m out. I’m done.

Caul: There’s a device – it’s called a “bubble module.” It’s the size of a quarter.♀
[ Rustling ]
[ Liz hands him the small box we – and all the characters – have been calling “The Fulcrum” ]
Liz: Smartest person I know couldn’t figure out how to read this.
Caul: That’s because he didn’t have the ciphertext.
[ Beeping. He removes tip of key, plugs it into the “interface,” plugs “Fulcrum” unit in as well ]
Liz: How did you get it?
Caul: I didn’t get it. [ Keypad clacking ] I wrote it.♀
[ Machine comes alive. It includes a projector which shines with a blue light. Liz looks on in astonishment ]
[ Whirring ]

[ Liz and Caul are in car; he is driving ]
Caul: First time I saw it, I was speechless, too.
Liz: Some of the names on that list, people, they’re CEOs, Defense contractors, intelligence officers from China, India, all over the world.♀
Caul: Those names you saw, those are just the beginning.
Liz: You worked for Fitch.
Caul: He was part of it. He’d been cut out of the loop. Director didn’t trust him. That’s why Fitch reached out to me.
Liz: The Director?
Caul: Yes. Clandestine Services.
Liz: Wait– are you telling me the director of Clandestine Serv–
Caul: Yes.♀
[ They’ve come to the safe house. Men in dark clothing are working outside. ]
Liz: Keep driving.
Caul: But we’re here.
Liz: Keep driving.

[ β™« Glass Animals’ “Exxus” plays ]

Liz: [ On phone ] We’re compromised.

β™« when see you him, look him in the eye

Liz: You’re surrounded.
Tom: Where are you?
Liz: We’re close. I don’t know how many, but they’re coming, and you need to be ready. Reddington– what’s his condition?
Tom. He’s better. But he’s gonna get us all killed.♀
Liz: I’m calling for backup.

Red’s guy: I got hostiles at Crescent to the north, more to the west.
Tom: [ To Red’s guy ] Give me a gun. You don’t want the help, I’m happy to leave.

β™« ballpoint pen and makes nunchaku

Dembe: [ To Red’s guy ] It’s okay.

you wake up with a hatchet over your head

[ Guns cock ]

Cooper: Keen, where the hell are you? Talk to me. What’s going on?
Liz: 3295 Thompson. Our site’s been compromised. I don’t know by who, and right now I don’t care, but Reddington’s inside, and he can’t be moved. I need you to send units now.
Cooper: Agent Ressler, notify HRT. I want Hopkins and his team only.
Ressler: Copy that.
Liz: We need to go back.
Caul: You’re outnumbered.
Liz: We have to go back and help.
Caul: There’s nothing you can do.
Liz: They’re going to kill Reddington. They’re gonna kill everyone. I-I can’t just walk away.
Caul: Yes, you can, and if you know what’s good, you’re going to keep walking.♀
Liz: What does that mean?
Caul: The Director never believed that Reddington had the Fulcrum. The moment Fitch died, it was only a matter of time before the Director called his bluff.
Liz: That’s it.
Caul: What? Agent Keen, what are you thinking?

Director: [ On phone ] Make it quick. I’ve got the National Security Council waiting. How much resistance? I don’t care what it takes. I want the target eliminated.

[ Monitor beeping, footsteps approach. It’s Mr Kaplan ]
Mr Kaplan: [ to guard ] Go.

β™« open your eyes, chokin’ on his bed choking on his bed

Mr Kaplan: [ To Red ]We have a situation.

β™« take a toke of his wet cigarette he picks your brains,
you stub it on his chest slit his tongue with one fast hand
and you stuff his mouth with the salty sand
tie his arms with hair from his head

Red: What are you doing, Kate?
Red: Keeping you alive.

β™« like a rusty can

Red: There’s nothing you can do here.
Mr Kaplan: I’m not leaving you, Raymond.
Red: You need to go. Find a way out. I’ll be fine. And if I’m not, you know what to do. But you won’t be able to do it unless you leave.♀
[ Reluctantly, Mr Kaplan kisses Red sweetly on his forehead and leaves ]

β™« I can see you runnin’ I can see you runnin’
and you’re gone in the blink of my eye
gone, gone, gone, in the blink of my eye
I can see you runnin’ I can see you runnin’
and you’re gone in the blink of my eye
gone, gone, gone, in the blink of my blink of my, blink of my –

[ Shouts ] [ Explosion ] [ Groans ] [ Gun clicking ] [ Gunfire in distance ]

Man: President approved it, as well.
The Director: Yes, I-I understand that.
Assistant: Excuse me. I’m sorry, but there’s an agent here to see you.
The Director: Oh, not now.
Assistant: It’s Elizabeth Keen. She says she has information about something called the Fulcrum.
The Director: Thank you. We are going to have to postpone.
Man: The President is expecting us to get back –
The Director: The President will have to wait.♀ If you’ll excuse us. That will be all.
The Director: I admire your nerve, Agent Keen, barging in here like this. But I’m afraid it’s too late.
Liz: Well, then you’re gonna have to read about this in tomorrow’s New York Times.♀
[ Device whirring ]
Liz: The Fulcrum. You didn’t think Reddington had it. Well, here it is, and it tells quite a story – political assassinations, terrorism. We know who you are, what you’ve done.♀ You called Reddington’s bluff, and you lost. Call it off.
The Director: I told you it’s too late.
Liz: Pick up the phone right now and call it off.♀

[ Red has been shooting attackers, runs out of bullets, crawls out of bed to try to get a gun from a dead guy. He’s surrounded ] [ Grunts, breathing heavily ] [ Guns aimed at him, but instead of killing him, they leave, one by one. The operation has been called off ]

[ Receiver clicks ]
The Director: You have no idea the enemies you just made.
Liz: I’m afraid I do.♀ You can keep that. We have copies. [ Turns to leave ]
The Director: I never saw it before.
Liz: Saw what?
The Director: How much you look like your mother.♀

[ Liz arrives at Red’s bedside ]
Red: Lizzie.
Liz: We’ve cleared a wing at Sibley Memorial for you and your medical team. Cooper will oversee your security personally.
Red: Lizzie. When I hired Tom Keen–
Liz: Don’t. There’s nothing you can say.
Red: [ Persisting ] When I hired Tom Keen, it was at a time of profound transition in your life. You’d already left behind the relative safety and innocence of youth. Sam’s care as a father had served you well, but you’d outgrown him. A-and I knew that [Inhales sharply] eventually my life would jeopardize yours. So, in an admittedly presumptuous and ultimately futile effort to keep you safe, I hired Tom simply to be there as a friend of a friend to look after you from an arm’s length. When I learned that your relationship had become intimate, I fired him. I should’ve removed him, but you were already in love with him. And Tom, he shifted his allegiance to Berlin in part to protect himself from me, but also because it allowed for an inextricable intimacy and commitment to you.♀ And so you were married. And I couldn’t stay away any longer. A confluence of peril had entered your life, and I wanted to be within reach, to have influence. I turned myself in to the FBI to point you toward a truth that inevitably you would have to discover for yourself.♀
Liz: Is that all of it?
Red: Some of it.♀
Liz: Why couldn’t you just have said yes? It wouldn’t kill you to lie just once to make someone feel good.♀

Director: I understand you’re conflicted. Lives were lost today. But the work we do is important. [ Liquid pouring ] We help provide peace, stability. Children can go to school, families to church without fear – or certainly with less of it because of us. And you wanted to be a part of that. It’s a solemn responsibility and, on days like today, a heavy one. And few people are capable of honoring that responsibility. You are– we know that, and we believe in you. We also know that we asked you to betray a friend. Well, you want a seat at the table. Now you have one.♀
[ The Director has been talking to soon-to-be Attorney General Tommy Connolly ]

Tom Keen: Came as soon as I could.
Liz: [ Breathes deeply ] I think you’re right. [ Voice breaking ] Reddington – What happened today I think it’s gonna devour me.♀
Tom: What I said– [ Sniffles ] What I meant was that it would devour most people. It’s not gonna devour you.
Liz: You said you could help me find answers.
Tom: Yeah. I think I can.
Liz: Tell me what you know about Reddington.

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❌❌❌ END 2:19

༺✦ ⌘ ✦༻

πŸ”΄ 2:20 Quon Zhang

πŸ”΄ Script: 2:20 Quon Zhang

Last updated: 8/8/2015
Program air date: 4/30/2015 in the US
Script with extras: http://wp.me/pDKwi-RL
Source: Raw Scripts from Springfield [UK]: http://bit.ly/1Do56Zu
NBC Episode Summary: http://bit.ly/1FCxquK

Created by: Jon Bokenkamp
Director: Karen Gaviola
Writers: J.R. Orci, Lukas Reiter


Script 2:20 Quon Zhang

Blurb: Liz prevails on Red for information about the photo of the woman with the small girl she found in Red’s secret flat. Red captures a cabal member to get information on an upcoming attack and a smuggler of dead bodies reveals he’s just smuggled in one very much alive.

[ Two men enter cemetery. One is Chinese with severe burn scars on the back of his head: Quon Zhang ]
Quon Zhang: Plot 332. This is it.
[ Begins digging ] [ Speaking Chinese ]
[ Worker with flashlight comes across Quon Zhang ]
Worker: Hey, what’s going on here? Lose the shovel. Keep your hands where I can see them.
What are you doing here?
[ The other man approaches worker from behind. Together they disable him ]

[ Conversing in Chinese ]
Quon Zhang: Mr Liao, pleasure to see you.
Broker: What do we have today?
Quon Zhang: Marjorie Lin, 24, unmarried. She was going for her PhD.
Broker: Cause of death?
Quon Zhang: [ Hands him folder ] Heart attack. No history of illness. Or STDS. As requested.
Broker: How much?
Quon Zhang: $37,000.
Broker: I’ll take it.
[ Broker leaves ]
Quon Zhang: [ In English, to corpse ] You’re going to be so pretty.

Liz: I had the photo enhanced. It’s a rough extrapolation of features since the face was almost entirely blown out. I ran it through every FBI database from facial recognition, mug shots, surveillance feeds –
Tom: Or I could just buy this boat, and we could disappear.
Liz: Do you know how many images are in the NGI database? –
Tom: If we go away, none of that matters
Liz: – and not a single one of her.
Tom: Reddington knows who she is.
Liz: I know who she is. That girl – That’s me. And the woman I believe that may be my mother.
Tom: That mean Reddington’s your dad?
Liz: No. My father died when I was 4, in a fire. Reddington was there. I think she may have been, too.
Tom: Why don’t you just ask him?
Liz: If Reddington wanted me to know the truth, he would have told me by now. He wants to keep me from knowing, and he will bully anyone who might help me into silence.
Tom: Well, that’s his tell – The silence. Berlin had me keep tabs on him, or try to. The mere mention of his name was like I’d asked for their first born. He thinks the fear protects him, but the fear he instills – Silence can’t hide it. You can see it in their eyes. Whenever I did, I knew Reddington had been there.
Liz: What?
Tom: That stamp. The ring – I’ve seen it before.
Liz: Where?
Tom: Berlin. He wore a ring with that exact hallmark. It’s a Russian inspection stamp.
Liz: You know people who worked with Berlin. You could reach out.

Red: My apologies, Leonard. I intended to be earlier.
Leonard Caul: You had a bullet removed from your chest five days ago. It’s a wonder you’re here at all. I’ve configured an optical character recognition program to create hard copies of the data of the Fulcrum.
Red: That data’s over 25 years old. Much of it must be obsolete.
Caul: Most of the key delegations are run by the same players.
Red: The Director believes there are too many players on the board. He thinks a bipolar world is inherently more stable.
Caul: Whatever they’re planning to accomplish, it won’t commence until 2017.
Red: Well, he’s advancing the time-line. And with Hobbs gone, I’ve lost my man on the inside. We need to find Kenneth Jasper. He’s one of the Director’s closest allies. He’ll know what they’re planning. I threatened to kill him when he betrayed Roger Hobbs. More specifically, I threatened to cut out his tongue and deliver it to the Director personally. He won’t be easy to find. But he’s the best play.
Liz: [ Walking up lawn ] Swanky digs.
Red: Seeing as how you recently paid a visit to my apartment in Bethesda, you know I have a fondness for the old and somewhat decrepit.
Liz: Dembe asked me to go to get the interface for the Fulcrum.
Red: He needed you to get the Fulcrum. He wanted you to discover secrets. Did you discover any secrets, Lizzie?
Liz: [ Indicating folder on table ] What’s that?
Red; Please, help yourself.
Liz: [ Groans ] Identification documents for Lien Mah. Fake birth certificate. Fake passport. Death certificate. Proof of embalming.
Red: Everything necessary to convince the U.S. State Department that Lien Mah was a Chinese national who died while visiting the United States and to arrange for her body’s return to her homeland.
Liz: Who would ship a fictitious Chinese corpse to China?
Red: A rather clever smuggler, I imagine.
Liz: So, if Lien Mah is fake, then whose body are they shipping overseas? [ Reading ] “Marjorie Lin, 24, was laid to rest Monday afternoon. Not 10 hours later, her body was stolen in a brazen midnight grave robbery.” You think the smuggler is using Marjorie Lin’s body?
Red: Compare the photo on Lien Mah’s false passport to the photo of Marjorie Lin in the paper.
Liz: Same woman. But why this case? What’s your angle?
Red: This smuggler also has business with the Cabal.
Liz: The Cabal?
Red: The Taiwan Festival Bombing in 2011. The I.E.D. that took out the convoy headed to the Chinese Consulate in Jakarta last year. Another 17 dead. Both were engineered by the Cabal. And this same smuggler was used to transport those explosives to their final destinations.
Liz: You want to target one of their assets? I went to the Director, showed him the Fulcrum, restored the dΓ©tente.
Red: The dΓ©tente is over, Lizzie. What you know about the Fulcrum – What the Director now knows you know. By saving me, you revealed yourself to be a potent enemy, a target they will try to discredit or destroy. The smuggler. We need to find the smuggler.

Samar: So, we obtained a list from State of all the foreign nationals who died on U.S. soil and were repatriated back to their home countries. Of these, seven in particular stood out.
Cooper: How so?
Aram: Their passports were forged using fictitious names just like the documentation that Mr. Reddington provided on Marjorie Lin.
Ressler: And who were these women, really?
Samar: Marjorie Lin, A.K.A. Lien Mah, wasn’t the only body that was stolen. We were able to match the seven forged photographs with seven grave robberies in which the bodies were Asian females under 35 – Chinese, to be specific.
Aram: And all of them were shipped back to various cities in China.
Cooper: Do we know who received the shipments on the other end?
Samar: I contacted the Chinese authorities. They’re launching an investigation.
Ressler: I doubt they’ll come up with much. I mean, given the elaborately forged paper trails, my bet is these funeral parlors don’t even exist.
Liz: Based on this guy’s track record, there’s a good chance he was moving explosives in those caskets.
Aram: And we’ll find out. As soon as our suspect files the paperwork authorizing the transportation of Lien Mah back to China, we’ll know the flight number, and we can go seize the casket and see for ourselves.

Red: [ Sighs ] That’s enough for today.
Dembe: Just one more lap, Raymond. This is an important part of your therapy.
Red: You should have let me die, Dembe. Nobody told me about this aimless walking.♀
Caul: [ Approching ] Jasper’s gone.
Red: How gone?
Caul: Canceled all meetings and fled in his gulf-stream four days ago. Bogus flight plan. No record of any visas issued. Not as much as a passport swiped.
Red: Dembe, call Alex and Barton. Book them a flight to Key West. Jasper’s yacht is docked at the Admiral’s Club Marina A Benetti Romanza. Arrivederci Bella. Barton can pass for Jasper from a distance. Go aboard, take her out a mile or two, blow her up. Dembe will make it appear to be a death by misadventure. Tip off Frasier at The Journal and Brenda Short at Holford Capital. Stock in Jasper’s conglomerate, Century View Media, will start hemorrhaging as soon as news of his tragic disappearance goes viral.

β™« Hey, big spender hey, big spender β™«

Red: Within hours, he’ll have to hold a press conference to stem the bleeding. And then we’ll have his location, or at least a starting point.
Caul: And if he decides to ride it out?
Red: He has two viciously rapacious ex-wives, a Brazilian bull shark of a mistress, and a thoroughbred ranch south of Ocala that’s a bottomless money pit. He’ll turn up.♀

Cooper: If you’re gonna keep stopping by like this, perhaps we should consider getting you an office.
Connolly: I’m getting sworn in tomorrow, Harold.
Cooper: I’m aware. Big day.
Connolly: You’re damn right. And I’ve been getting calls from The Times, from The Post. There were witnesses. People think it was Reddington who was shot. People know it was him.
Cooper: We can deal with rumors. What’s harder to deal with is proof, and there isn’t any.
Connolly: The press believes a fugitive from the FBI’s most wanted list was here in D.C. And it looks like I don’t know anything about it. It gives the impression I’m more focused on transitioning into the job than doing the job. I want this handled.
Cooper: How do you suggest I do that?
Connolly; There’s a reporter at The Post. His name is Josh Mandell. I want you to leak him something – Anything. A redacted operational report to Reven Wright. Just enough to convey that my office and the FBI are all over the Reddington case.
Cooper: You’re asking me to fabricate and then leak a classified document.
Connolly: Yes. It’s public relations, Harold.

Aram: Lien Mah’s body was just delivered to Dulles. The casket’s scheduled to be on Flight 241 to Beijing.
Cooper: Contact airport authority. Stop that flight. Make sure the casket doesn’t make it to the cargo hold.
Ressler: Get an E.O.D. team to meet us on site.
Liz: I just heard from Reddington. Uh, he wants to meet.
Ressler: About what?
Liz: He won’t say. He’s still worried about leaks. I’ll have to catch up with you later.

Agent: Our preliminary x-rays didn’t reveal any explosive material or objects with a density common to C-4 or other incendiary plastics. We won’t know what we got for sure till we get inside. To be safe, we’re gonna let the robot crack it.
[ Monitor beeping ]
Samar: That’s definitely Marjorie Lin.
Agent: Interior looks clear.
Ressler: That’s not possible. Our intel says that something’s being smuggled out of the country in that casket.
Samar: What if what we’re looking for isn’t in the casket? What if he’s brazen enough to hide the contraband in the body itself?
Agent: We’re not gonna open that body.
Samar: No one here wants to put this woman through anything more than she’s already endured, but I’m afraid we’re going to have to insist.

Doctor: You know, when I was a, uh – When I was a kid, I wanted to race motorcycles, and my mom said, “no, Jeffrey. Go into medicine. It’s safe.” Thanks a lot, Mom.
Agent: All right. Here we go. Helmet on.
Doctor: Okay, yeah. Whew! [ Breathing rapidly ] Okay. Okay. Definitely should not have had tuna for lunch. Wish me luck. β‹˜β‹™ Okay. Here we go. Nice and easy. Nice and easy. All right. Okay, I’m gonna open her up by cutting along the path of the previous incision. Here we go.[ Sighs ] I’m in. All of the internal organs appear normal, post-embalming. Nothing here appears to be out of the ordinary. She’s clean. In fact, she’s immaculate. This is one of the most impeccably preserved bodies I have ever seen. We’re clear.

[ Shower running, toilet flushes ]
Tom: Did the same thing last month. It’s probably why you don’t recognize me. Konstantin. Berlin, man, he’s tough. I had to get away for a while, go to Germany, figure a few things out.
Konstantin: I come here for the peace and quiet.
Tom: Sure. Sorry. Gosh, you know, I just thought maybe you could help me.
Man: He said to piss off, pal.
Tom: Just take a minute.
Konstantin: I don’t know who that is.
Tom: I think you do. Why don’t you take another look?
[ Fight breaks out ]
Attendant: We got a problem.
Liz: Let him go!
Man: Ugh!
Liz: You okay?
Tom: Yeah.
Liz: I believe he was asking for a name.
Konstantin: I can’t. I swore on my life I wouldn’t.
Liz: You swore to whom?
[ Liz looks at sign-in sheet, sees a name she knows ]
Liz: Son of a bitch.
Tom: Who’s Bill Kershaw?

Liz: [ Scrounging around Red’s secret flat ] Where is it? I know it’s here. That’s how you knew I was here, how you knew I saw the picture. It’s why you threatened people.

Jasper: [On Red’s computer screen] The important thing is for our stockholders to understand that I am alive and well.
[ Red is watching, laughs ]
Reporter: And we understand that you’ve lined up a series of interviews so that you can reassure –
Red: Call Hollenbeck in Boston. I want a surveillance team outside that station when Jasper leaves. I suppose we should find out from Dr. Rentovitch if I’m cleared to fly.
Liz: [ In Red’s flat. ] Where are you? Where are you? Where are you?
Dembe: Raymond. [ Hands Red tablet computer showing Liz in apartment ]
Reporter: [ On computer screen ] … want to be assured that this company is stable.
Liz: [ Speaks into camera ] Hello, Mr. Kershaw.
Red: [ Groans ]
Liz: I saw your name on the mailbox. I know you’re listening. You know how I know? Because this is where you keep all of your secrets. And you don’t want anyone finding those out, do you? Well, unless you answer my questions, I’m gonna find every last one.
Red: Let me have your phone.
[ Liz’s cellphone vibrates ]
Red: You’ve made your point, Agent Keen. It’s time we discuss the photograph.

Red: The girl is you. And the woman is your mother.♀
Liz: What was her name?
Red: I knew her as Katarina Rostova. One of her many names. She was a KGB agent.
Liz: The girl – The night of the fire, they called her Masha.
Red: You were born in Moscow. Your parents – Uh, father and – They were both in foreign intelligence.
Liz: You said she died of weakness and shame.
Red: Yeah.
Liz: You were there that night. I need to know what happened.
Red: You want to know. There’s a difference.♀

Liz: Dr. Orchard told me someone blocked my memory of that night. Was it you?
Red: Yes.
Liz: Why?
Red: I’m not going to tell you.
Liz: You have a picture of my mother in your weird, little apartment. Why? Were you in love with her? Is that why my father died? You killed him because you were in love with my mother ♀ Tell me what happened. Please.
Red: I’m not gonna tell you what happened, Lizzie.
Liz: Then I’ll find out for myself.

[ Door opens and closes ]
Charlene: What’s on your mind?
Cooper: Tom Connolly wants me to leak intel to the press.
Charlene: What kind of intel?
Cooper: Classified. I should have said no, but I get the distinct impression that my position in this clinical trial is contingent on doing him favors.
Charlene: So, do them. I mean, don’t people leak information all the time?
Cooper: You hear what I said? He’s leveraging my health, my life.
Charlene: Harold, you’re a decent man. [Sighs] The man I fell in love with, and now you’re asked to do something indecent. But if you are telling me that your life depends on whether Tom Connolly gets what he wants, you know my opinion.
Cooper: I do. And you know mine.

Liz: Reddington said that the smugglers facilitated several terrorist incidents in the past. He had to have been transporting something in that casket.
Ressler; Well, it wasn’t drugs or explosives.
Samar: Maybe it was the stolen bodies themselves.
Aram: Guys, come here. Check this out. The photo on the left was taken by the coroner who pronounced Marjorie Lin dead five days ago. The one on the right was taken at the airport yesterday. Notice anything?
Liz: Their teeth are different.
Aram: Bingo. When she died, Marjorie Lin didn’t have veneers.
Her teeth were fixed postmortem?
Aram: That is not easy to pull off, given the time frame. Process normally takes weeks. Ms. Lin’s body was only taken two days ago. According to Danover Labs, the order was delivered to a Dr.
Henry McGlasson. Now, I dug a little deeper into this guy and contacted the Medical Board. They did have an address.

Ressler: How’d it go with Reddington? Did he have any insights?
Liz: No. But I did.

Jasper: My face is out there. I’ve done five interviews in the last four hours. The reporting has been corrected. It’ll just take time for the share price to recover.
Aide: The front desk called. The radio people are here.
Jasper: Put Theelan on it. Tell him to flog his boy from the S.E.C. and get it done!
[ Knock on door ]
Jasper: We’ll be wheels up again in two hours. I’ll do the video up-link in the air.
Red: Hello, Kenneth! Regrettably, your interview has been canceled, but don’t fret. I’m quite certain my questions will be much more provocative.

Liz: FBI. Hands where I can see them.
Aram: You’re standing in front of a ghost bride.
Ressler: Come again. A what?
Aram: It’s an outlawed folk custom. A Chinese form of ancestor worship. When a family member dies, the surviving relatives are obligated to tend to that person’s needs in the afterlife. And if they die unmarried, they’ll find themselves alone on the other side. And unhappy spirits tend to come back and haunt their living relatives.
Liz: Well, what are the paper dolls for?
Aram: The ceremony. The family crafts a doll for the deceased groom, as well. After which, the female’s remains are buried alongside the deceased male. Believe it or not, even with all the women in China, young, attractive, unmarried female corpses are rare, which would explain why our suspect was exporting bodies from the U.S.
Ressler: I’m sorry, but this guy digs up bodies in America, and then he sends them back to China to be re-buried?
Aram: Mail-order corpse brides.
Samar: Selected based on age, lineage, education, attractiveness.
Liz: And that explains the veneers.
Ressler: This one was clearly crafted to resemble Marjorie Lin. Same general features, but it begs the question – Who’s this one?
Liz: They’re gonna steal another body.

[ Cellphone ringing ]
Red: Agent Navabi, I imagine you’re knee-deep in pilfered corpses at the moment, but right now I require a woman with your particular experience and training.

Liz: What? [ Gasps ] There must be over $100,000 in this case.

Red: Heads up, Kenneth. I’m afraid I mean quite literally. I’m gonna need you to keep your head up for this next part. It’s bad news, old boy. I know. A few days ago, I offered to crown you king, and now here you sit. Well, the road not taken. This is Agent Navabi. She was trained by Mossad in enhanced interrogation techniques. I thought you two should have a little visit.
Samar: Why don’t we get started?

[ Ressler and Liz find briefcase full of money ]
Aram: I analyzed the money you found in the ceiling tile and found a couple of anomalies. Turns out the cash is worth a lot more than the 100 grand the bills represent.
How is that even possible?
Aram: All the serial numbers start with a888, and none of them include the number 4. In, uh, Cantonese and most regional Chinese dialects, the word for “four” sounds like the Chinese word for “death.”
Ressler: So, fours are unlucky. What does that have to do with the bills?
Aram: It is statistically impossible to have this many bills and not have any fours, unless, of course, the bills were printed specifically without any fours.
Ressler: So you’re saying that they’re counterfeit.
Aram: I’m saying they’re prosperity notes, worth about 5 bucks to every dollar. And there’s only one place you can buy an entire batch of currency with this sort of customized detail.
Cooper: Whoever paid the suspect bought the prosperity notes from the U.S. Treasury. If we can trace who bought the bills, we might be able to I.D. the next client.
Aram: I already contacted the Treasury. The buyer was one Mr. ChaoXiang Han. Uh, Kenda. Uh, I looked into this guy, and – Thanks so much – And we found this article published last February.
Liz.: “Mr.and Mrs. ChaoXiang Han mourn the loss of only son Jin, the heir apparent to the Han tech empire, worth billions.” Says he committed suicide after he was left at the altar by his fiancΓ©, An Bai, after which she emigrated to D.C. to live with her father. He works at the Embassy. She’s currently attending Georgetown.
Cooper: An Bai is the next victim.
Aram: Uh, wait, but isn’t she supposed to already be dead? Isn’t that how this works?
Liz: Uh, the parents must blame her for Jin’s suicide. They’re determined to make An Bai his bride, if not in life, then in death.
Cooper: You two head to An Bai’s. Get me the security office at Georgetown.

Red: Oh, my goodness. [ Chuckles ] Remember that fantastic film from the ’70s – Marathon Man? Oh, my God, what a film. Laurence Olivier as the ex-Nazi super-bad guy/dentist.
[ Grunting ]
Red: And Dustin Hoffman as – Uh, I think he was a graduate student, wasn’t he? Anyway, that interrogation scene [ Laughing ] Oh, my gosh. Olivier drilling into Hoffman’s teeth right down into the nerve. [ Laughing ] Oh, God, I can just feel it! The screaming and writhing, the sound of the drill. And of course, Hoffman delirious with pain, saying anything, true or not, just to stop the excruciating nightmare. “Is it safe?” “Yes, it’s safe.” “Is it safe?” “No, no, it’s not safe!” [ Laughing ] You know, he’d say anything. And then that, uh, uh, guy comes in – What’s his name? The – With the great teeth and that hair – Uh Anyway, nothing much comes of it. Hoffman doesn’t know anything, but what a scene. Unfortunately, nothing quite so dramatic today. We’re gonna be a little more businesslike. That novocaine Agent Navabi just gave you should be starting to kick in right about now. So, here’s our plan. You’re gonna tell us what sort of mass-casualty event or events the Director is planning. Either you answer our questions, or we’re gonna yank out all your teeth today.
Jasper: I told you. I don’t know – The Director never spoke of his plans with me. I’m not in the loop on operational details.
Red: I don’t believe that. I offered you an opportunity to elevate your position within the Cabal, Kenneth. You declined and instead remained loyal to the Director. I assumed you had greater aspirations, but you don’t, do you, Kenneth? You rejected my offer because, as it turns out, you’re quite satisfied with your station. That’s how I know you’re one of the primary decision makers. Clearly, you are very much in the loop.
Jasper: You don’t understand my loyalty, do you? Because you have nothing in your life worth staying loyal to.
Red: William Devane! It was William Devane with those marvelous teeth and that great hair! Ohh, I love William Devane. Anyway, that said, dentistry makes me a little queasy, so I’ll leave you and my lovely associate to the business at hand.
[ Door closes ]
Samar: Look at me. Sir, we don’t have much time. We need to move quickly before he comes back. I have orders from the Director to get you out of here. Stay behind me and keep quiet. Dembe: Stop!
[ Samar shoots. Dembe falls ]
Samar: Get in the car. Go.[ Engine turns over ] [ Tires squealing ]

Aram: I’ve scrambled the local P.D. to An Bai’s house. They should get there before you do.
Were you able to reach her?
Aram: No answer on her cell. I’m gonna try her on her home line now.

Jasper: “For Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.”
Samar: Corinthians. ♀
Jasper: Where are we going?
Samar: I have orders to take you to the Director.
Jasper: I was aware we had someone on the inside, but I just didn’t know who.
Samar: Well, I’m not on the inside anymore. I just blew my cover to save you. It took me nine months to get Reddington and that damn task force to trust me.
Jasper: Look, the Director won’t take any chances. If he thinks I’ve divulged any information in their plans, I am done. I need you to make it clear that I didn’t break.
Samar: I wasn’t there the entire time. I don’t know what you said before Reddington brought me in.
Jasper: Nothing.
Samar: That’s why Reddington brought you in. He knows the Director is advancing the time-line.
He knows that the plan is to trigger a series of events that will bring us to the brink of another world war.
Jasper: I didn’t tell him that. It was Leonard Caul.
Samar: Reddington has the Fulcrum, which means he has a blueprint outlining our entire infrastructure. If you leaked operational details, we’re done.
Jasper: I didn’t. I don’t even have those details. I know we’re targeting a defense installation, but I don’t know which one. I’m serious! [ Scoffs ] The Director won’t finalize his choice until next week.
Samar: Then you have nothing to worry about.
Jasper: Why are we? Where are you taking me?
Samar: This isn’t In Corinthians, Satan wasn’t transformed into an angel of light. He was disguised as one.♀
Red: Don’t look so glum, Kenneth. You just spent 10 minutes being ridden hard by Agent Navabi. I’d die for five.♀

[ Telephone ringing ]
Bai: Hello?
Aram: Ms. Bai? My name is Aram Mojtabai, and I’m an agent with the FBI. We have reason to believe you’re in danger.
Bai: What are you talking about?
Aram: I’ll explain, but first, I need you to find a secure room in your house. Make sure all the doors and windows are locked. The police are on their way, and I’m gonna stay on the line until they arrive.
[ Quon Zhang emerges from shadows, grabs her ] [ Muffled screaming ] [ Screaming continues ]
Aram: Ms. Bai. Hello? Ms. Bai? Hello? Hello, are you still there? Ms. Bai?
[ Police arrive. Knock on door ] [ Doorbell rings ]
Police: We’re here at the location. Doesn’t seem to be anyone home.
[ Car bursts through garage door, tossing one policeman to side. Ressler and Liz approach in SUV ]
Ressler: Hang on.
[ Ressler Rams SUV into car, stopping it ]
Hands! Show me hands! Step out of the car.
[ Door closes ]

[ Quon Zhang is being questioned by Liz, Samar and Ressler ]
Zhang: You don’t have any idea what you’ve done, do you?
You’re the one charged with a dozen felonies, Mr. Zhang. You’re the one who almost took a woman’s life today.
Zhang: And how many lives did you take? This tradition in Chinese culture that you think is just some ghost story with no basis in the real world. But this – This is the real world.
Liz: You were in a fire?
Zhang: My older brother died when he was only 27.
I’m sorry.
Zhang: My brother – He was unmarried. And in the years to follow, he haunted my family from the grave. My father worked for the same factory for 32 years. They closed down four months after my brother’s death. And the bad luck that followed was Our home was destroyed by a catastrophic fire.nMy mother and father did not survive. I sat with my mother in the hospital the day she passed. Saw the fear in her eyes. She said, “You know why this happened. It will never stop until you appease your brother.” So that night, I stole the body of a young woman from our village, buried her alongside my brother. A wife for him, a husband for her in the next life. And from that day on, the bad luck was gone. Just like my brother haunted me, Jin Han haunts his parents now. Because of you, he’s not appeased. And now he will bring bad luck to those who have denied his happiness in the next life. That includes you and your fellow agents.
Samar: We know you don’t work exclusively as an independent operator. Your skill as an international smuggler has made you quite valuable.
Zhang: Valuable? To who?
Liz: To an organization some call the Cabal.
Zhang: I don’t know what that is.
Samar: You may not know the name, but you know who hired you to procure the weapon used in the Taiwanese Festival Bombing. Or the convoy hit in Jakarta.
Zhang: I’m listening.
Samar: There’s going to be an attack on U.S. soil next week. You were contracted to bring an item into the country, something we believe will be instrumental in that attack. We need to know what it is and when it’s coming.
Zhang: [ Chuckles ] You’re wrong.
Liz: We’re not wrong. We know you were contracted.
Zhang: Not about that. I was called to arrange a delivery. But not for an item. It was an agent – The one they call Karakurt.♀
Liz: Karakurt? Who is that?
Zhang: And he’s not arriving next week. He’s already here. You see, Agent Keen, your bad luck is already beginning.

Cooper: I need a minute. I’m out. I’m not leaking classified data, not for you, not for anybody.
Connolly: You’re out? Out of what?
Cooper: Whatever the hell kind of game it is you and I are playing. You know I’m ill. I came to you for help, as a friend. And I thought that you offered that help as a friend.
Connolly: I did.
Cooper: Enough games, Tom. You used it to leverage me, to hold it over my head as a way to guarantee my assistance whenever you decide you need it.
Connolly: You think I pulled strings trying to save your life for my own personal benefit?
Cooper: Look me in the eye and tell me I’m wrong.
Connolly: Oh, I’ll do better than that, Harold. I’ll look you in the eye and tell you you’re not even close. The situation is much, much worse than you think.♀ You’re absolutely right. I helped you to get close, to get leverage, but not for me. Buddy, come on.
Cooper: We’re done with the games.
Connolly: I’m sure a smart guy like you can guess who’s calling my plays.
Cooper: The Cabal.
Connolly: [ Chuckles ] A quaint term that no one actually involved would ever use.
Cooper: Why me? If you guys are as powerful as I’m told, what the hell do you need me for?
Connolly: All in good time, Harold. What matters now is that you realize one key thing – That you understand it and internalize it with every fiber of your being.
Cooper: And that is?
Connolly: We own you. You perjured yourself to protect Agent Keen. You broke federal law by disclosing the time-line of a pending indictment. If that weren’t enough, a classified document was leaked today to The Post.
Cooper: I told you I won’t do it.
Connolly: You’re not understanding me, Harold. It’s already done. It seems your wife doesn’t share your ethical principles. You wouldn’t do it, so Charlene made the hard decision for you. [ Sighs ] That’s how much she loves you. God knows my wife wouldn’t commit any felonies for my behalf. I’m sure you’re thinking up all of the moves you have left. Careful. The people I speak for won’t hesitate to hurt you or her if they need to.♀
Cooper: So, what now?
Connolly: Like I said, all will soon be revealed. Come on. I think they’re, uh, almost ready to start.

[ Door to The Director’s office opens ]
Aide: A package arrived for you. It was flagged by security. I think you need to see it for yourself.
[ Cellphone ringing ]
Red: I had a little chat with Jasper today. Turns out he wasn’t very good at holding his tongue, so I thought I’d give you a shot at it.♀
[ The Director opens box. A tongue is inside. ]

[ β™« Don Brownrigg’s “How are you supposed to know?” plays ]
A picture of yourself armed with all you know

[ Montage follows ]
Connolly: “I, Thomas P. Connolly, solemnly swear”

β™« Stabbing through the dark

Connolly: I, Thomas P. Connolly, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the constitution of the United States of America.

β™« It’s the pages, it’s the past

Connolly: of the United States of America.

β™« It’s the roots that trip that grow

[ Ringing ] [ Cellphone vibrates ]

β™« Search yourself for something
for something you’ve not done

[ Red is trying to call Liz. She sees call but will not pick up ]
Recording: You’ve reached Elizabeth Keen. Please leave your message at the tone.
[ Beep ]

β™« bothered off and living a life of your own
in the city where convenience
is the throw of a stone
how are you supposed to know
how you are supposed to go

[ Breathing ] [ Knock on door. Tom answers. It’s Liz, sobbing, wet in the rain. ]
Tom: Come in. You want to talk about it?
[ She shakes her head. They embrace in the rain ]

β™« So you take to living
living is all you’ve got
dodge the fake and fiending
and all the things you’re not

[ Workers remove top of shipping coffin. A man is inside, connected to an oxygen tank. His eyes blink open ]

Worker: [ In Russian (?) ] Welcome to America, sir.

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⊰ ♀ ⊱

β™« How are you supposed to know? β™«
– Don Brownrigg

A picture of yourself
Armed with all you’ll know
Stabbing through the dark
For a place to go
It’s the pages it’s the past
It’s the roots that trip that grow

Search yourself for something
For something you’ve not done
Bothered off and living
A life of your own
In the city where convenience
Is the throw of a stone

How are you supposed to know
How you are supposed to go

So you take to living
Living is all you`ve got
Dodge the fake and fiending
And all the things you’re not

All the love you’d give
But your heart’s still un-caught
How are you supposed to know
How you are supposed to go

If you’d take the time to cut once you measure twice
To find out the best things to know
A dream in rewind like you’re a man of the mice
To find out the best way to go
Wouldn’t that be nice if you could cut once you measured twice?
How are you supposed to know how you are supposed to go

Lyrics: http://bit.ly/1I4tZP2
Music: http://bit.ly/1GPcB0B

❌❌❌ END 2:20

༺✦ ⌘ ✦༻

πŸ”΄ 2:21 Karakurt

πŸ”΄ Script: 2:21 Karakurt

Last updated: 8/8/2015
Program air date: 5/7/2015 in the US
Script with extras: http://wp.me/pDKwi-Ub
Source: Raw Scripts from Springfield [UK]: http://bit.ly/1Do56Zu
NBC Episode Summary: http://bit.ly/1KpSiEF

Created by: Jon Bokenkamp
Director: Steven A Adelson
Writers: Daniel Knauf


Script 2:21 Karakurt

Blurb: A notorious saboteur, Karakurt, is in country to carry out an attack on a high-value target that will then be blamed on Russia. Red refuses to give Liz more information on her mother, so she turns to other sources.

Andropov: [ Handing out leaflets ] It’s time to bring NSA surveillance state to an end. FISA courts are a rubber stamp to trample on your Fourth Amendment right to privacy.
[ Student bumps into him, ]
Student: Sorry. You all right?
Andropov: Oh. No, no, no. My fault.
[ Chuckles, clears throat ] [ Indistinct conversations ]
Andropov: “Kill The Patriot Act.”
Student: It’s never gonna happen. The best we can hope for is–
Andropov: Fix Section 2-1-5. I know. Hyperbole piques their interest, then you go in for the kill.
Student: We could use more petitions like this.
Andropov: Oh, [Chuckles] thank you. Your involvement means more than you know.
[ Ticking ] [ Distortion ] [ Student walks away, collapses. Echoing thuds ]
Andropov: [ On phone ] Yes. We’ve achieved customization. Initiate Phase 2.

β™« it seems like a mighty long time [ Door bells jingle ]
oh, oh, I’m, I’m, I’m, I’m, I’m so glad
ooh you stopped by to say hello to me

Tom: Did you know that this diner claims to have the third-best cup of coffee in D.C.
Liz: Look, last night, me coming by your place like that and –
Tom: Liz, I want to say something.
Liz: Don’t, please. I mean, can’t you just tell me about your boat? I mean, whatever the other thing is, I’m sure that it’s probably best for both of us if you just keep it to yourself.
Tom: I’m sorry. I just want to say I’m sorry.
Liz: Tom, we’re way past that.
Tom: I know, but I’m not asking for your forgiveness. I just want to apologize because I should have done it a long time ago.
Liz: What’s the catch?
Tom: There’s no catch. It’s just a little hope.
Liz: Hope?
Tom: Mm-hmm.
Liz: That what, we’ll just work through this screwed-up situation we’re in and go back to playing house?
Tom: All right, dream scenario.
Liz: Uh-huh.
Tom: We finish our coffee, we hop on my boat, we leave, okay, we never look back. Preferably, we take our clothes off at some point.
Liz: [ Scoffs ] Be serious.
Tom: I am trying to be.
Liz: That’s insane. I don’t know you – not the real you. And the fact that you think I’m gonna run away with whoever you are means that you don’t know me at all, either.
Waitress: You must be the toast, bacon extra crispy, tea, 2%.
Liz: Thank you.
Tom: I thought you’d be hungry.
Liz: Just because I’m eating this–
Tom: All right, look, I know the whole naked boat thing is a little unrealistic, but we both need to start over, right? You and me.The real me, not–
Liz: The Neo-Nazi? ‘Cause that doesn’t really do it for me.
Tom: [ Crunches ] That’s fair.
Liz: [ Cellphone vibrating, Liz looks at screen ] Reddington.
Tom: Don’t.
Liz: Tom.
Tom: Try calling me Jacob.
Liz: I have to go.

[ Man screaming ] [ Red is asleep in chair, snoring ] [ Wheels of oxygen cart squeaking. Brimley wheezing ]
Brimley: I know you think he knows something, but I wouldn’t bet the double-wide. [ Gasping ] My guess? The boy don’t know doodle.
Red: Oh, the boy knows more than doodle, Brimley.
[ Wheels of cart squeaking ]
Red: I’ve received information from my sources confirming that Karakurt is in-country.
Brimley: I’m gonna need a bag of dry ice and five feet of vinyl garden hose!♀
[ Door slams ]
Red: That poor fellow’s an aide at the Russian consulate and a loyal errand boy for the Cabal. [ Door opens ] I believe he’s the one who provided Karakurt with a go-bag upon his arrival in the States.
Liz: There’s something I want to make clear with you.
Red: Karakurt is known in the intelligence community as the left hand of the SVR.
Liz: It’s not enough for you to tell me that my mother was KGB and that I was born in Russia.
Red: In truth, he works for the Cabal. They smuggled him into America because they know if he commits an act of terror here, your government will blame Moscow. – ♀
Liz: My mother and my father, who they are, what happened in the fire– I’m gonna find out the truth.
Red: I’m sure you will, Lizzie. But listen to me. The Cabal is orchestrati–
Liz: I get it. The Cabal is trying to start another Cold War, and an act of terror committed here is step one in making that happen. I am listening to what you are saying, and I know that it’s important, but it is no more important than what I am telling you, and I need you to listen to that!♀
Red: There will be an attack on an American defense installation within a matter of days. If I’m right, it’ll be the first of many acts of terror here and overseas designed by the Cabal to further their agenda. We have to stop this man, Lizzie.

[ At FBI Post Office dark site ]
Liz: January, 2009– Stanislav Markelov, a celebrated human-rights lawyer known for his criticism of the regime is gunned down in Moscow. The Russians blamed Neo-Nazi youth. But German intelligence suggests it was Karakurt acting on orders from the SVR. Four years later, Boris Berezovsky, another vocal critic of the regime, was found dead of an alleged suicide. Again, intelligence sources indicate the death was staged by the Kremlin.
Samar Navabi: Is Reddington saying that the SVR has sent a terrorist to America?
Liz: No, that’s what the Cabal wants us to think. Whatever Karakurt was sent here to do, the American government will believe that it was on behalf of Russia. It’s a false-flag operation meant to strain relations.♀
Ressler: Reddington said that Karakurt’s target was a defense installation. Did he identify which one?
Liz: No. But I think he might have a lead. He’s just being tight-lipped about it.
Samar: Why? We’re trying to help him.
Liz: Reddington doesn’t trust our security. He thinks we’ve been bleeding information since before the attempt on his life.
Cooper: Well, we’re not waiting on Reddington. I’ve already reached out to Langley, set up a consult with the CIA’s Office of Russian and European Analysis. This Karakurt must be on their radar. Find out what they know.

[ Introductions: ]
Mr. Masik.
[ Receiver clicks ]
Masik: How’s it going? Marshall.
Ressler: Donald Ressler. Elizabeth Keen.
Masik: That was Kilpatrick. He’s on his way down. Man, you guys certainly got his attention.
The whole team’s coming down to hear this. Piece of advice – Kilpatrick’s tough. Do not take anything he says personal. All right, let’s go.
[ Group enters ]
Kilpatrick: Everyone stop what you’re doing. It’s our lucky day, apparently. The good people of the FBI have decided to enlighten us. Kilpatrick. I spoke to Harold Cooper just now. And he sent over a situation brief.
Ressler: Ressler. Keen. We appreciate you guys extending yourself–
Kilpatrick: You want to tell us where you got your information?
Liz: A high-level informant. One who’s proven very reliable.
Kilpatrick: Karakurt. You sure that’s what he said? ‘Cause you’re talking to people who run Russian counterintelligence, and we don’t have one shred of credible information that he’s in-country.
Ressler: Well, that’s why we’re here– to share our credible information with you. We were hoping you guys would do the same.
Liz: Look, you have your hooks in the Russian community.
Kilpatrick: That’s right. And if their top assassin is on US soil, you can bet your badge we’d know it.
Liz: He’s here. And we have reason to believe he’s planning an attack on American defense installations soon. If civilians die because you’re bent out of shape whether the source was FBI or CIA–
Kilpatrick: You asked for our assessment.
Liz: No. We asked for your help. If he’s here, where does he go? Who does he meet with? He needs a place to stay, a vehicle.
CIA guy: We’ll ask around.
Ressler: You’ll ask around? That’s it?
Kilpatrick: There are stars carved in the marble at Langley that represent colleagues of ours who died drawing intel on Karakurt. Nobody wants him more than we do.We’ll look into your lead and let you know.
Masik: Hey, guys, wait up.[ Door closes ] Like I said, the guy’s not exactly the warm-and-fuzzy type, huh?
Ressler: The guy’s a prick.
Masik: He’s actually not. CIA: Overworked, yeah. Under-appreciated, definitely. Alcoholic, probably. But Killy’s been working the Russians ever since they were Soviets. What he doesn’t know, somebody he knows does. The truth is we reviewed what you sent on Karakurt, and it’s as much as we’ve gathered since he came on the radar in ’03.
Ressler: You guys really have nothing suggesting that he’s in the US?
Masik: Nothing solid. Kilpatrick has a CI here in Washington. Part of the Old Guard, hard-liner. Owns a restaurant now popular with some of his ex-pat spy colleagues. He recorded a conversation for us last night. Cryptic stuff. We’re not sure what it means yet.
Ressler: You think it might be Karakurt?
Masik: Well, it fits in with some of what you’re looking for.
[ Hands him flash drive ]
Masik: Now, if you take this, it didn’t come from me.
Ressler: Thank you. We’ll be in touch.
Liz: Hey. Can you help me with something? [ Shows him photo ] Katarina Rostova – you heard of her?
Masik: I don’t know who that is, but I doubt very seriously that that is Katarina Rostova. I don’t think there are any photographs of Katarina Rostova.♀
Liz: Why do you say that?
Masik: She’s a myth. Tall tales late at night over vodka shots. Probably an amalgamation of a half-a-dozen unknown female Soviet operatives – the Pinko Mata Hari.♀
Liz: You said your CI works with the Old Guard. Could you ask him about her for me?
Masik: If anybody knows anything about Katarina Rostova, he will. Send me a copy of your photo. I’ll see what I can do.

Brimley: You were right to keep on him. The boy was tighter than my first wife. But I got an address.

[ Siren wails in distance ] [ Red and Dembe enter apartment, pistols drawn ]
Dembe: All clear.
Red: Ammonium nitrate. He’s constructed some kind of ANFO IED.
Dembe: He’ll need a vehicle.
[ Knock on door ]
Woman: Hello?
Red: Hello.
Dembe: Hi.
Woman: Is he still here? [ Baby fusses ] The man who was in the room? I wanted to apologize before he moved. My baby has colic and was fussing all night.
Red: Oh, dear. You must be exhausted.
Woman: Yeah, you have no idea.
Red: Ah, you’d be surprised. The man, did you talk to him?
Woman: Yeah, we passed in the hall, said hello. I feel terrible.
Red: Oh, no. Don’t be silly. [ Baby whines ] If you could give me a call the next time you see him, I would be ever so grateful.
Woman: [ Reading ] “Bill Houston.” Y-you’re a private investigator? He in some kind of trouble.
Red: According to the missus, always. Gambling. He lost his daughter’s college fund playing Caribbean Stud, left home in embarrassment, Helen’s worried sick. It’s a mess [ Breathes deeply ] You said he was moving?
Woman: People here don’t stay long. I mean, I saw him with a truck in the alley.
What kind of truck?

Liz: Reddington didn’t give it to me. I found it in one of the places he stays.
Ressler: And you think this is a photo of your mother?
Liz: I don’t know. That’s what Reddington told me. But that girl, that is definitely me. The agent back there, the CI he mentioned? That could be my chance to find out something about the woman holding me in that photo.
Ressler: Why would a Russian CI have information about your mother? [ Cellphone ringing ] Ressler.
Samar: Where are you?
Ressler: Just leaving the Orea. Why?
Samar: Reddington called. Karakurt is in possession of an ANFO IED. We’ve identified the vehicle. It’s a white moving truck rented out of Annapolis, plate number Delta-Kilo-5-8-2-7. We’re trying to ping the location now.
Ressler: They think Karakurt has a white moving truck with explosives.
Aram: Oh, my God.
Samar: The truck is parked right outside of Orea – Orea is the target.
Ressler: Liz! Liz, look out! The truck!
[ πŸ’₯ Explosion πŸ’₯ ]

News: Crews continue the grim work of sifting through the rubble. The death toll stands at 14, although the identities–
Senator Hawkins: This was an act of terror, plain and simple. As Chairman of the Select Committee on Intelligence, mark my words. We will find the people who are responsible. And when we do, we will respond with all appropriate force.

Samar: It’s official. No survivors.
Aram: I got something. Security cam from a loading dock on 20th and Independence.
Ressler: It’s not much, but let’s send it wide, see if we can’t get lucky, get an ID.
[ Cellphone vibrates ]
Liz: Keen.
Red: You’re okay. I was afraid you were inside.
Liz: No, but those agents– their entire section. Every agent on that desk was wiped out. If this gets traced back to Russia–
Red: Not “If,” Lizzie. Senator Hawkins has taken the bait like a bluegill to a cricket. And where he goes, the warmongers are sure to follow.♀ Where are you on Karakurt?
Liz: Where? Nowhere. The Cabal just took out an entire substation of the CIA. They put a bullet in your chest, and you have no idea how. You’re the most cautious person I know. The FBI couldn’t find you for 20 years, but they did.♀ They’re three steps ahead, and that’s exactly what I’m gonna tell the AG.
Red: Tom Connolly is there?
Liz: No, he’s on his way. I assume he’s expecting to be briefed.
Red: Connolly made the Harbormaster investigation go away.
Liz: All we have on Karakurt is a recording and a grainy photo that’s gotten us nowhere.
Red: You have far more than that.
Liz: Like what?
Red: I’m glad you’re safe, Lizzie. I’ll be in touch.

[ Siren wails in distance ]
Karakurt: [ Russian subtitles ] You want confirmation. Turned on your damned television. The place is a crater. Give me 30 minutes to change my location, then we discuss the next step.
[ Door opens, closes ] [ Dialing ] [ Ringing ]
Woman from apartment building: Mr. Houston? The man with the truck, he’s back.

[ Telephone ringing ]
Liz: Reddington has a location for Karakurt–
Cooper: Coordinate with HRT. Roll out now.
[ Cooper walks toward elevator. Connolly has just gotten off ]
Cooper: We have a lead.
Connolly: We need to talk – in your office.
Cooper: Tom.
Connolly: You will ignore Reddington’s lead.
Cooper: Why? I’m sure it’s solid.
Connolly: Harold, call your team. Tell them intel indicates the Russian is at Union Station.
Cooper: You expect me to let Karakurt get away? The man murdered–
Connolly: And that is a national tragedy, but finding him will not bring them back.
Cooper: What about his next target? How many more lives does he have to take before you let me do my job?
Connolly: Your job today is to divert your team to Union Station, or, God forbid, your wife will pay the price. Charlene is a lovely woman who violated the Espionage Act for you. Prison will not be kind to her. Harold, let him go. This is bigger than both of us.♀

[ Cellphone rings ] [ Beep ]
Ressler: Ressler.
Cooper: We received actionable intel that conflicts with Reddington’s.
Ressler: Yeah, but Keen said that he had an eyewitness.
Cooper: Local PD got a hit off the credit card Karakurt used to rent the truck. Same card was used to purchase a train ticket at Union Station. Redirect there now.
Ressler: Copy that.
Connolly:I knew you’d make the right play. Give Charlene my regards.
[ Door opens, closes ]

[ At Union Station. Indistinct conversations ]
Ressler: Check the platforms.
Liz: I’ve got eyes. Going through Gate D.
[ Guy in hoodie smashes into her, then pummels her ] [ Gasps ]
Ressler: Keen, what’s your 20? Hey, hang on. You okay?
Liz: [ Dazed ] Yeah. I’m okay.
Ressler: What happened?
Liz: He blind-sided me.
Ressler: Okay. Where did he go?
Liz: I didn’t see.

The Intelligence Committee is receiving live updates on the progress of the investigation from the Justice Department. All evidence points to a deliberate, sanctioned attack from Russia’s SVR.

Cooper: It was Karakurt. He was there. You’re certain?
Liz: I don’t know. He came around the corner. I-I just got a glimpse of him. I was calling Ressler for backup when he knocked me down.
Aram: Hey, guys. Listen to this. From the recording Agent Masik gave you.

Karakurt: Tell me it worked.
Andropov: The proof of concept succeeded as projected.
Prepare to initiate Phase Two.
I’ve identified the markers for targeting and customization.

Aram: Whatever’s happening, it is happening soon.
Liz: What does he mean by “Markers”?
Aram: Could be referencing map coordinates, some kind of radio beacon. We don’t know.
Samar: But based on what Agent Masik told you, we think we’ve figured out who the CI is. He told you that the owner runs a restaurant in DC that caters to the Soviet Old Guard.
Aram: We reviewed ownership records for all the Russian restaurants in DC and found one. Samar: Ninoshka’s. The owner is former Spetsnaz. His name is Anton Velov. My belief is he’s the CI.
Aram: The conversation was recorded last night, so we pulled all the receipts and found a late dinner for two paid for by a Leo Andropov.
Samar: Dr. Leo Andropov.
Liz: And you think he was meeting with Karakurt?
Aram: I’d say yes. Andropov worked for the Soviet Defense Ministry in the final months before Glasnost. [ Indistinct shouting; lab being stormed ] Whiz kid. When he was 16, he published his first and last paper in an open-source microbiology journal before he got snapped up by the Weapons Ministry.

Man: Closet’s clear!
Liz: I’ve seen equipment like this at the lab at Quantico. This is a genotyping unit.
Samar: It looks like Andropov fled. No passport, no ID, no prescription drugs.
Ressler: Building fertilizer bombs is way below this guy’s pay grade. This can’t be Karakurt’s endgame.
Samar: Biological weapons?
Liz: This guy’s a virologist. If these are biological weapons, then we may be looking at a pandemic.

Red: It always starts with a favor.♀
Cooper: I’ve known Tom Connolly for two decades. He’s had dinners at my house. And when he offered to help me get into that drug trial, it was my only hope.
Red: It wasn’t just your hope, Harold. It was your wife’s hope, you children’s. You were given a terminal diagnosis, and Connolly ends up offering you a choice– your life or your ethics, and you picked your life. What good are ethics if you aren’t alive to live by them?
Cooper: If it was just me, my health, my life, I would have told him to pound sand a long time ago. When he dragged Charlene into it– now this– deliberately misdirecting my own agents to facilitate the escape of a terrorist!
Red: Now, that’s what’s interesting. He orders you to send them to Union Station, ostensibly to throw them off Karakurt’s trail. And there he is.
Cooper: Perhaps Agent Keen was mistaken.
Red: And assaulted by a total stranger? That makes even less sense.
Cooper: It was some kind of ambush. And I sent my people right into it.
Red: And a good thing you did.
Cooper: What the hell does that mean?
Red: Thanks to your desire to protect Charlene, we’re presented with a unique opportunity to find out what the Cabal is up to.
Cooper: How?
Red: By continuing to follow Connolly’s orders without question. The last thing you should do is confront him. Gather evidence. Build a case. Tom Connolly’s been leaking information to the Cabal about everything that goes on in this place ever since he walked through that door and offered to save your life. You want to wipe that debt clean? Keep your eyes open and your mouth shut.
[ Liz enters ]
Liz: We found a fully outfitted virology lab in Andropov’s apartment. Think he’s building a bio-weapon. We seized his notebooks, but we’re gonna need an expert in microbiology who can also translate Russian.

Dr Kimberly: Reddy Bear!♀ Oh, I could eat you alive!
[ Smooches ] Mm. Mwah.
Red: Ginger, this is Dr. Lauren Kimberly. Lauren, my executive assistant, Ginger Lumiere.
Kimberly: Hmm. Interesting look. Purposeful, but still feminine. You should try a darker shade of lipstick.
[ Gasps ]
Kimberly: I bet you could get away with a gloss.
Red: Lauren, we’re going to have to forgo the makeover today. We’re in a bit of a pinch.
Kimberly: Understood. Let me see what I can do.
Liz: I’ve got a lead on my mom. An Orea agent, he has a CI who might know something about Katarina Rostova.
Red: Dr. Kimberly was a tenured professor doing genome research at Stanford when she was recruited by the private sector.
Liz: I’m gonna find out the truth.
Red: She makes her real money consulting. Costs a fortune. She did, however, let me name a lipstick color – “Fire In The Hole.”♀

[ Cellphone vibrating ] [ Beep ] Liz: [ Recording ] You’ve reached Elizabeth Keen. Please leave your message at the tone.
Tom/Jacob: Hi, Liz. This is, uh, Jacob. [ Horn blares ] Jacob Phelps. Look, I know things are complicated. I know you’re going through a bad breakup. But from what I heard, the guy’s a total loser. Couldn’t cook, made crappy pancakes.♀ So I wanted to see if you would join me for dinner tomorrow. Uh, I made a reservation at 7:00 at this great little place on the corner of 32nd and M, and I hope that you will come. Or not. But, uh, either way, I’ll be there. [ Beep ]

Dr Kimberly: You’re right. It is a weapon.
Liz: A WMD?
Kimberly: No. A WID– a weapon of individual destruction. This is a customized virus, synthesized with the sole intent of killing one specific individual.
Red: How is that possible?
Kimberly: He’s created a supercharged rotavirus. These are very common. By the age of 5, most of us have been infected multiple times. And with each infection, we build up an immunity. Liz: So it’s harmless to most people.
Kimberly: All people. Precisely. But this rotavirus has been customized, keyed to infect one individual with a unique genetic sequence, and to devastating effect. According to the animal trials logged in these notes, it attacks the central nervous system within minutes of exposure.
Red: One person.
Liz: But who?
Kimberly: I can only tell you what they’re doing. I’m sorry, but I can’t tell you who they’re doing it to. [ Goodbye smooches ] [ Sighs ]

Liz: So, we know Karakurt is targeting one person and it’s keyed to his or her DNA.
Red: Think. He bombed the CIA’s Russian section. That took time, money and no small amount of risk. What happens when the United States is attacked, suffers grievous loss of life? Liz: We go into lock-down. The bombing bumped the NTAS level to red. But why put the mission at risk by triggering a high-level terrorist alert?
Red: Well, that’s the downside. The upside is exposure, public attention.♀ Remember, the people behind this went to immense trouble and expense. What does that say about their target?
Liz: He’s high-value. Someone important.♀ [ Gasps ] Oh, my God, that’s why he did it. The Memorial Service. The victims will be memorialized at a service at Ascension and Saint Agnes Church. Politicians and military personnel, intelligence officers from overseas will all be there to pay their respects. One of them is the target.

Police security: [ Looking at grainy surveillance photo ] So, this is the guy?
Ressler: That’s the best we can do. He’s our prime suspect in the Orea bombing, and we have good reason to believe that he’s not done yet.
Liz: We need your people to be on high alert.
Police: We’re looking for a bomb?
Liz: No, we’ll be prepared for that possibility, but our intel says he’s after a specific target. We just don’t know who yet.
Security: We’ll do our best, but with this many people around, I can’t promise anything. Safest play is to cancel the event.
Ressler: Believe me, we’re working on it.

Cooper: Just spoke to Reven Wright. Calling off the memorial service is a nonstarter.
Samar: That’s a mistake. We have hard evidence of a clear threat.
Cooper: Main Justice is aware. But the public’s rattled by this bombing, and they want a show of strength. If they cancel, it suggests we can’t protect our own people on our own turf.
Samar: Maybe we can’t – at this point, we still don’t know exactly what we’re dealing with.
Aram: I can tell you what I’m dealing with– an impossible problem. So if you’re counting on me cracking this virus, don’t.
Samar: Well, what do you have?
Aram: We found the formula for the virus in Karakurt’s apartment. So my plan was to reverse engineer the process. We are trying millions of DNA combinations. If I could figure out the profile it was engineered to destroy–
Samar: You could run the profile through the DNA database. If you get a match, that’s Karakurt’s target.
Aram: Except it won’t work – not in time, at least. I need hours – days, maybe – and the memorial will be over long before we can ID the target sequence.
Cooper: Whatever his plan, we have to assume Karakurt’s already infected himself with the contagion and is a live carrier. Civilian and military security assets have been marshalled for the service. However, the assassin in this case is not armed with something that we can flag with a metal detector. The virus is transmitted through touch. It penetrates the skin. Even brushing up against the target is enough to infect and kill him. It is critical that we nail Karakurt before he can get anywhere near that church. Find him, people! Whatever it takes!

Caul: What are you thinking?
Red: Not me, Leonard. The Director. What is he thinking? His objective is to exacerbate tensions with Russia. He chose to send Karakurt, an assassin known to work for the regime so people will assume Russia is responsible.♀
Caul: So–
Red: So whoever he’s targeting next will be an enemy of Russia, an outspoken critic. Someone people will believe the Russians would want to silence.♀

[ Indistinct shouting, chanting. Anti-Russian signs ]
Ressler: Hey, Keen! Keen! have been cleared to attend.
Liz: There’s Defense, Homeland, CIA, the Bureau on this list. It’s gonna be hard to narrow it down.
Ressler: Yeah, so much for the good old days where you could just look for the glint of a sniper-rifle scope in a nearby window.

Red What does it do, this virus, to the body?
The CDC’s still breaking it down. But they’re saying it attacks the central nervous system.
A victim would start shaking within seconds of infection. Disorientation, then labored breathing, convulsions.
Red: Incapacitation within moments of contact. It’s quite a remarkable feat of engineering. In my experience, such accomplishments don’t happen overnight.
Caul: You’re saying they tested it first.
Red: A customized virus deadly to such a small fraction of the population – What kind of trial and error would prove useful?
[ Telephone rings ]
Aram: This is Aram.
Red: Agent Mojtabai, I need a list of people admitted to an Emergency Room in the last few days displaying symptoms consistent with the virus you’re tracking.
Aram: Okay, that’s not gonna be so easy to put together.
Red: Aram, that kind of catastrophic trauma would certainly have gotten someone’s attention. It’s on an autopsy chart somewhere.
Aram: Okay, I hear you, but you have to– Whoa. Whoa. Bethesda General sent tissue samples to the CDC a few days ago. A suspicious death of a college student. The Center’s just starting an investigation.
Red: I need that student’s home address, and I need to speak to Agent Navabi.

Samar: Mrs. Jennings, thank you for seeing me. I know this is an extremely difficult time.
Jennings: I got a message from the CDC about the investigation. But I didn’t think they’d be sending someone over so quickly.
Samar: Can you tell me about Connor? What you know so far?
Jennings: [ Sighs ] Not much. Connor was a law student. I was told he was walking across campus when he just started shaking, and then convulsing. One of the doctors suggested he may have contracted a rare form of rotavirus?
Samar: No, you’re right to be thinking this could be something else entirely. – Perhaps malicious.
Jennings: Malicious?
Samar: To be honest, Mrs. Jennings, your son may have been intentionally infected.
Jennings: Is this because
Samar: Is this because?
Jennings: If Connor was targeted by someone capable of this kind of attack, it has to be connected to his father.
Samar: His father?
Jennings: When I was a young staffer on the Hill, I had an affair with the man I was working for.
We were stupid, and I got pregnant. Even then, he had his eyes set on a big political future, so I agreed to go away. I made a deal to receive ongoing support from him.

Samar: Senator Hawkins– he’s the target. They tested the virus on his son, the closest possible genetic match. You need to find the Senator before Karakurt does.
[ Indistinct shouting ]
Ressler: Hey, Keen! Samar’s reaching out to Hawkins’ office. He’s not inside, so we still got a shot of keeping him clear.
Liz: I’ll check the drive-ups. Any word from Metro?
Ressler: Negative. If Karakurt’s inside, nobody’s spotted him yet.

Security: Step up, please. Name?
Karakurt: Flemming, European Wire.
Security: Flemming, press badge 6362. We’re gonna need to check the case. We’re good [ Zipper closes ] He’s on the Main Justice press list.

Red: It’s time, Harold. Call Tom Connolly. Tell him you need to see him immediately. I’m assuming at the moment he has no idea you’ve identified Karakurt’s intended victim, which is why you need to tell him.
Cooper: Why would I do that?
Red: Because he’ll be caught off guard. And in addition to enhancing your credibility with him, it’ll make him doubt whether or not to move forward.
Cooper: You think he’ll call off the attack?
Red: I think it’s worth the attempt. What’s the latest from Agents Keen and Ressler?
Cooper: Still no sign of Karakurt. Agent Navabi’s on the line now with one of Hawkins’ aides.
Samar: Listen to me. It’s not a potential threat. The Bureau has confirmed that a direct attack on the Senator is imminent. No, I cannot confirm my source. Then you need to find whoever is with him and deliver the message. It’s not safe to attend the service. You need to find him.

[ Senator Hawkins is talking to aide in car ]
Aide: You’ll be third to the podium, Senator. After the minister and the family representative, they’ll have a moment of silence, and then–
Hawkins: We’ll be sitting here forever. This is fine, Patrick. I’ll walk.

[ Indistinct shouting ]
Senator Hawkins, how are you?
Man: Welcome, sir.
Hawkins: Thank you.
[ Police radio chatter ] [ Camera shutter clicks ]

Connolly: Harold, your cooperation was instrumental in Karakurt’s escape. Everything’s on track, thanks to you.
Cooper: Don’t thank me yet.
Connolly: Why? Is there a problem?
Cooper: My people are closing in on him now. They know the Orea bombing was just the first in a series of attacks. They know about the virus.
Connolly: I see. Well, thank you for letting me know. But why are you letting me know? And don’t tell me you want to help because I know you’d like nothing better than to strangle me right now.
Cooper: You’re right. I’m letting you know because I want you to call it off. I can’t control Reddington, and I can’t misdirect my people again without drawing suspicion. It’s only a matter of time until they stop Karakurt.
Connolly: Stop him from what? They don’t even know his target.
Cooper: Clifford Hawkins. Call it off, Tom. If the Director really wants him dead, he can find another way on another day.
Connolly: No. Today is the day. I appreciate your concern, but everything should be fine. Strange days, don’t you think? Assassins don’t need knives or guns or bombs. All you have to do is answer a few questions and shake the wrong man’s hand.♀

[ Cellphone rings ]
Cooper: The press corps. Get over there now. I think Karakurt may be posing as a reporter.
Woman: Hey, he’s just pulling into the service now.
Karakurt: [ Reaches out hand ] Senator Hawkins.
[ Liz tackles him ]
Liz: Get him away! Get him away from us! Come with us, sir!
[ Engine turns over ] [ Tires squeal ]
Hawkins: What the hell’s going on?
The man responsible for the Orea bombing– Karakurt?
Hawkins: I was briefed. Was that him?
Liz: We’ll explain everything, sir. Right now, we need to get you to a secure location.
Hawkins: Thank you. Please, call my wife, tell her I’m okay?
Liz: Sir?
[ Choking ]
Liz: Sir! We need to get him to a hospital now! He’s been infected! Sir!

Samar: Bethesda says Hawkins is critical. They’ve called in the hospital chaplain.
Cooper: He didn’t touch Karakurt?
Ressler: No, sir.
Cooper: Then what the hell happened?
Ressler: Karakurt’s in holding. We’re gonna take a run at him and find out. Best I could tell, Hawkins just melted down next to Keen.

Liz: Karakurt. That means “Spider,” right?♀
Karakurt: Kara-what? Huh? Look, I don’t know what that is. My name is Jonas Flemming. I’m a reporter for the European Wire. I live in Rotterdam.
Ressler: We’re gonna try this again. We know who you are. That’s you outside the Orea. You exited a rental truck less than a minute before it exploded and destroyed the building.
Liz: We have a recording of you and Andropov. We know he engineered a drug designed to kill the Senator. We know you’re infected.
Karakurt: No, no, no, no. My credentials were taken from me when I arrived, but they were vetted by your Department Of Justice. Please, call.
Liz: You didn’t touch the Senator. How was the virus delivered?
Ressler: You can rig your little story, but you can’t rig your blood. We’re running it right now. And when it comes back positive for that virus that killed Hawkins, we got you.

Red: Hello, Anton. Relax. If I had bad intentions for this visit, you’d know by now.
Velov: [ Russian accent ] You’re Raymond Reddington.
Red: I am. And if I’m right, you’re the same Anton Velov who once led a Spetsnaz Special Forces Unit called The Zarubin Group.
Velov: I’m surprised we never met. For many years, while you were still with US Counterintelligence, I considered you the KGB’s greatest enemy.♀
Red: [ Laughing ] Oh, my God. That feels like ages ago. For what it’s worth, I was young. I had no concept of what a real enemy looked like. [ Inhales deeply ] But I do now.♀ Which is why I’m hoping you and I might prove to be fast friends.
Velov: What can I do?
Red: I know you’re working with the CIA as an informant for the Office of Russian and European Analysis. Since those agents are tragically no longer with us, I was thinking perhaps you might become an asset for me.
Velov: The American government. They may not be done with me yet. I got a phone call from FBI. An agent named Elizabeth Keen.
Red: Really? What about?
Velov: She wants to meet. She was asking about Katarina Rostova.
Red: Did you know Katarina Rostova?
Velov: No, not personally. All I know are the same old ghost stories we all share.
Red: Well, if you were in my employ, I would have to insist you not speak to anyone from the FBI or any other US intelligence agency.
Velov: Of course. And Agent Keen, she wasn’t the first. Sometime back, two men from Justice Department come and ask me about Katarina. I suppose they think I am one of the few people left who still remember the old stories.
Red: What sort of stories?
Velov:They were asking about her KGB contacts, where she lived, and about a child.♀
Red: They asked about a child?
Velov: Yes, many times.”Tell me about her child.” I said, “All I know is they say she had a daughter.”♀
Red: Dembe, the phone.

Karakurt: How many times are we gonna go through this? That picture isn’t me. Call my office.
Check my visa, check my identity.
Ressler: We know you’re working for the Cabal. We know what they’re capable of.
Liz: Was this the plan all along, to protect you with this identity? The Cabal has people in the government all over the world. It wouldn’t be hard for them to create a Jonas Flemming, give him a history.
Aram: The Crime Lab just called. They’re saying his blood tested negative for the virus.
Ressler: Negative? That’s not possible.♀

[ Cellphone vibrates ]
Liz: Hey, I got to call you right back.
Red: Lizzie, you need to get out of there now.♀
Liz: Why? Where are you? What’s going on?
Red: You’ve been set up. The Cabal’s been asking about you, Lizzie. They know who your mother was. You’ve been set up. You were there when the Orea building was bombed. They wanted you to save Clifford Hawkins. They sent Karakurt to the memorial to make you think he was the threat so you would secure the Senator and infect him in the process.
Liz: I don’t have the virus.♀
Red: You do, Lizzie. I don’t need a test to know that you do.♀ Your mother was a Russian spy, and now they’ve made it look like you are, too. You have the virus. You infected the Senator, and now they will come for you. You need to get out of there now.♀

[ Elevator opens. Connolly walks out with two armed guards. Liz eludes them ]

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❌❌❌ END 2:21

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πŸ”΄ 2:22 Tom Connolly

πŸ”΄ Script: 2:22 Tom Connolly

Last updated: 8/8/2015
Program air date: 5/14/2015 in the US
Script with extras: http://wp.me/pDKwi-Wi
Source: Raw scripts from Springfield [UK]: http://bit.ly/1Do56Zu (captions)
NBC Episode Summary: http://bit.ly/1Fibq7X

Created by: Jon Bokenkamp
Director: Michael Watkins
Writers: John Eisendrath, Jon Bokenkamp

Blurb: Liz is being framed for the murder of a U.S. Senator as The Cabal tries to stir up trouble with Russia. Red does what he has threatened for 20 years and Cooper gets a new prognosis. The Season 2 Finale.

Previously on The Blacklist:
Navabi: The owner is Anton Velov. My belief is he’s the CI.
Aram: We pulled all the receipts and found a late dinner for two paid for by a Leo Andropov.
Velov: I got a phone call from an agent named Elizabeth Keen. She was asking about Katarina Rostova.
Red: Tom Connolly’s been leaking information to The Cabal about everything that goes on in this place.
Connolly: You will ignore Reddington’s lead. Tell them intel indicates the Russian is at Union Station.
Red: You’ve been set up. You infected the Senator. You need to get out of the now.

News: Senator Hawkins remains in critical condition Officials are trying to determine whether this incident is government-sanctioned. After being infected by what authorities describe as a biological agent. Or the act of a re element within Russia. The Senator was attending a memorial service A staggering development as it appears connected to te deaths of the 14 CIA agents.

Liz: I’m being framed.
Red: Yes, and by the end of the day, they’ll identify you by name.
Liz: Anyone could have infected Hawkins. He must have shaken dozens of hands at that memorial.
Red: Within hours, they will all have tested negative for the virus.
Liz: You can’t know that. This is insane.
Red: Lizzie, you walked into the Director’s office and played him the Fulcrum. You are the enemy. They’re crawling over every place you’ve ever lived and worked, every file and hard drive like fire ants on a grasshopper.
Liz: They won’t find anything.
Red: That’ll suit their purposes just fine. Anything they do find, they’ll erase so they can say you destroyed evidence to hide your involvement in the plot. And when they eventually restore what few pieces they do want to be found, they will not be kind to you. You need to get out.
Liz: If I run, it’ll only make me look guilty. I’ll be playing right into their hands.
Red: You’re already in their hands. The only thing they haven’t done is closed their fist. Go. Now. I’ll be there in three minutes.
Liz: No. They can’t prove I did anything wrong. They can call me a criminal, but I’m not gonna act like one.

[ Beep ]
Connolly: Where is Elizabeth Keen? Harold, a warrant has been issued for her arrest. Anyone hiding her will be charged with aiding and abetting a terrorist, including you.
Cooper: You used me. You wanted me to know Karakurt was posing as a reporter. You wanted me to tell Keen where to intercept Hawkins. I don’t know how this helps you, framing an FBI agent. Nobody will believe she’s an assassin.
Connolly: She was at Orea when it blew up.
Cooper: So were dozens of others.
Connolly: Yes, but I’ll bet that only her prints are found on the truck bomb. She’ll also test positive for the virus that killed Senator Hawkins.
Cooper: He’s not dead.
Connolly: Yet.
Cooper: You won’t get away with it. Keen is a distinguished agent.
Connolly: Yes, and the daughter of a Russian KGB asset. She failed to mention that, did she? Agent Keen’s been hiding secrets from you– secrets that clearly implicate her as an enemy of this country. She was handpicked by a notorious fugitive to assist in expanding his criminal empire. The two of them have been using this task force to do Reddington’s bidding. And before you tell me that’s crazy, can you really tell me that isn’t true? I will never help you do this. I don’t need your help, Harold. A simple blood test from Agent Keen will be as compelling as a signed confession.
[ Liz has been listening ]

News: The entire area around St. Agnes has been quarantined, and individuals who might have been exposed, as well, have been detained inside the church.

[ Door opens ]
Senator: You have no legal authority to hold us here.
Ressler: Senator, I understand you’re upset, but we need everyone’s full cooperation. People are saying Hawkins was infected with some sort of virus.
Senator: You think we’re infected?
Ressler: Probably not, but that’s why we set up a mobile lab.
Senator: You don’t have probable cause to hold us. You really want a US senator claiming wrongful arrest and imprisonment?
Ressler: Hey, someone just tried to assassinate a colleague of yours. Nobody’s going anywhere. But when we’re done here, if you want to file a complaint or a lawsuit, be my guest. Until then, get back in the line.

Ressler: What have you found on the feeds?
Samar: We’ve been looking at surveillance feeds from the moment he arrived until the moment he collapsed. We’ve rounded up everyone he came into contact with.
Ressler: Which means the killer’s in this room.

Connolly: I’ve assigned Reven Wright to oversee the investigation of Agent Keen. I’m confident she’ll follow the facts.
Cooper: Those facts are not proven.
Connolly: If you don’t want to help us, that’s fine, but I’m sure I don’t need to remind you what will happen if you actively stand in our way. You’ll be charged with perjury in the Harbormaster case and leaking privileged grand-jury proceedings. And then there’s Charlene.
Cooper: You need to leave now.
Connolly: As for the clinical trial, I can’t imagine that will continue.
Cooper: Did you hear what I said? You can take your pills and your clinical trial. [ Throws pills on floor ] I would rather die than be part of this.
Connolly: Escort Director Cooper to his car. I’m placing him on administrative leave until we’re finished here. And find Elizabeth Keen.

Ressler: There must be some mistake.
Lab person: That’s what I thought. We ran the samples twice. Everyone here tested negative for the virus.
Ressler: We missed something.
Samar: I have Hawkins on camera from the moment he stepped out of the car to the moment he collapsed. Every single person he came into contact with tested negative.
Ressler: All except one.

Liz: [ On phone ] You were right. [ Sighs ] It’s all set up. Cooper and Connolly – I heard them arguing. He’s got it all figured out. He’s presenting evidence, using my mother, making it seem like all I’ve been doing is helping you commit crimes.
Red: Lizzie, are you out?
Liz: I’m leaving now.
Red: Dembe’s on his way. As soon as you’re out, find your way to Illinois and Ridge. He’ll be there waiting.
Liz: Yeah.
[ Elevator opens. Connolly and armed men step out ]
Connolly: Hello, Agent Keen. We’ve been looking for you.

[ Interrogration room w two interrogators ]
Liz: I want the chain of custody for that sample fully accounted for, and I want someone from my task force to oversee the process and confirm the results.
Interrogator: Suspects don’t get to dictate process, Agent Keen.
Liz: You need to listen to me. I’m being framed.
Interrogator: You left the Orea building minutes before it was bombed.
Liz: Yes, and so did my partner! At no point was I ever anywhere near that truck!
Interrogator: Maybe not that morning, but your partial prints were on the device.
Liz: That’s not possible.
Interrogator: We’ll get you the report.
Liz: I’m sure that’s what the report says, because, as I told you, I’m being framed.
Interrogator: Okay, Agent Keen, who exactly is setting you up? ‘Cause from where I sit, they’re doing a damn good job of it.
Liz: There’s an organization known as The Cabal– a conspiracy formed by world leaders from the government to the private sector.
Interrogator: Conspiracy? Really?
Liz: It’s Tom Connolly – that’s who you should be questioning.
Interrogator: Cut the crap. We know who you are. Where were you born?
Liz: I was raised in Nebraska.
Interrogator: That’s not what I asked. You were born in Moscow. Your mother was a KGB agent named Katarina Rostova. Your adopted father had a criminal past you failed to mention. What is your birth name?
Liz: What?
Interrogator: Your birth name? For most people, that’s a pretty simple question.
Liz: I never knew my biological parents, and my memories were blocked.
Interrogator: You expect us to believe that?
Liz: I don’t care what you believe.
Interrogator: Intel indicates the existence of a Russian sleeper agent within the FBI.
Liz: Then maybe you should go out and look for him.
Interrogator: We know the truth, Masha. That’s your real name, isn’t it? Masha Rostova. Answer the question, Agent Keen.

[ Knock on door ]
Ressler: You wanted to see me?
Wright: We know – I just received word. Senator Hawkins is dead.
Ressler: [ Sighs ] There’s no evidence the man we’re holding is Karakurt. Main Justice verified his credentials. He’s just a reporter. Maybe Cooper could –
Wright: Agent Cooper was relieved of duty by the Attorney General until my inquiry is complete.
Ressler: This is unbelievable. So they’re taking him out, too.
[ Door closes ]
Wright: Look, I don’t know Agent Keen well at all. Maybe she is what they’re saying she is. But Harold Cooper – you remove a man like that, and you get me wondering. Which is why I’m naming you as Acting Director of this task force. I need a right hand on this, one I can trust.
Ressler: So you want me to investigate my partner?
Wright: You’re an agent who puts a premium on doing what’s right. You want to give Keen the benefit of the doubt? Good. But if she is guilty, I know you’ll do what it takes to hold her accountable and make the case.
[ Knock on door ] [ Door opens ]
Aram: Sorry to interrupt. Agent Keen’s blood test just came in. She tested positive for the virus that killed Senator Hawkins.

[ Footsteps ] [ In a church. Organ plays in distance ]
Cooper: I’ve been relieved of duty.
Red: I’m not surprised. And Connolly’s minions are questioning Agent Keen.
Cooper: The man has the weight of the entire DOJ behind him if he wants to indict her.
Red: There won’t be an indictment. They’ll rig the evidence against her, parade her in front of the cameras so America can see the face of the enemy, and then they’ll put her away someplace where she has no chance to mount a defense.
Cooper: I have to go back.
Red: You won’t be allowed in the building.
Cooper: We can’t just leave her there.
Red: Of course not. We’re gonna walk her right out the door.
Cooper: You have someone on the inside?
Red: Yes. Fortunately, I also have a man at the power company. [ Door closes ] The lines will be cut to both the main and emergency power supplies.
Cooper: Battery boot protocol will recycle within 60 seconds. It will take another 30 seconds for the cameras to cycle.
Red: That’s 90 seconds for Agent Keen to get out. With your guidance, Harold, that’s all the time she’ll need.
Cooper: I’ll check it out.
Red: Stay put.
Cooper: You want me to guide her out in the dark?
Red: In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.

Man: Let me guess – Reddington’s coming to break you out.
[ Indistinct shouting ]
Guard: Agent Keen, I’m to escort you to lock–
[ Up-tempo music playing ] [ Scatting ] [ Scuffle. Grunting ] [ Cellphone ringing ]
Man: Wait! Reddington sent me! Clock is ticking!
[ Hands her phone ]
Man: It’s for you! – Take it!
Liz: Yes!
Cooper: Keen, listen closely. You have 45 seconds before the power is up. I need you to do exactly as I say.

Aram: Team, our power supply’s not responding.
Ressler: Reddington.

Cooper: There’s a door by the south stairwell. My emergency access is 5-Tango-293. Head to the end of the hallway and make a right, then an immediate left.
Samar: Damn it.
Cooper: From the maintenance room, there’s a utility ladder that dumps into an emergency passageway. The stairwell opens to a service corridor connected to the loading dock. Go one block west. Reddington will meet you there.
Ressler: Don’t do this, Keen.
Liz: They won’t listen to me.
Ressler: We’ll make them listen.
Liz: Did you get my blood test back?
Ressler: Positive for the virus.
Liz: You see? They can make anything look like the truth.
Ressler: And if you run, what does that look like? If someone’s setting you up, you’re giving them exactly what they want. You can fight this, but if you’ve got to do it from inside the system.
Liz: In about 20 seconds, that camera’s gonna turn back on. If you’re gonna let me go, you’ve got to do it now, before people see you standing here with me.
[ Generator whirring ] [ Beep ] [ Lights back on ]
Ressler: We just missed her. Got her burner.

[ Tires screech ] [ At Red’s lake house ]
Liz: How could I possibly be carrying the virus that killed Hawkins?
Red: Infecting you is not something they’d leave to chance. They want you alone, isolated. In the last 24 hours, what was out of the ordinary? When did you change your plans, make a diversion?
Cooper: Union Station.
Liz: Coming out of the tunnel, I was chasing Karakurt. He blindsided me.
Cooper: To infect you.
Liz: We need to pull the security tapes at Union Station. If we can find footage of Karakurt, maybe we can prove they infected me.
Dembe: He’s insisting.
Red: Yes?
Tom: [ On phone ] Where’s Liz? I can’t reach her.
Red: I can’t help you with that.
Tom: I can keep her safe. I can help her disappear.
Red: Your assistance is not necessary. [ Hangs up ]
Liz: Who was that?
Red: Tom. Tom is calling to take you away, start a new life with a new identity. But if you run now, before clearing your name, there is no place you can go where they won’t find you.♀
[ Cellphone vibrating ] Face this now, fight it, and you’ll be free to make any choice you want.
[ Ringing ] [ Beep ] I’ll meet you back here after you get the tapes.
Liz: What are you doing?
Red: I have an appointment. This is a war that must be fought on many fronts. You have yours. I have mine. [ Sighs ] Be safe.

[ Door opens ] [ Door closes ]
Mr Kaplan: We have three broad-spectrum frequency jammers being off-loaded now.
Red: You want to run them from the catwalks?
Mr Kaplan: Yes, space this size – no communications will get in or out. I’m confident of that.
Red: I don’t need to tell you there is no margin for error.
Kaplan: That’s correct. You do not.
Red: What’s the word from Baz?
Dembe: He’s trying.
Red: Trying?
Dembe: Some of the targets you selected are thousands of miles away. They have to be secured and transported.
Red: I was very clear– whatever it takes, whatever resources are required.
Dembe: Of course.
Red: We get one chance to strike first. We will not get another.

Cooper: I’m dying, Agent Keen.
Liz: Charlene told me. She swore me to secrecy.
Cooper: I let Tom Connolly take advantage of that. He offered me hope. But in exchange, I did things for him. You once told me that I was the one person you completely trusted. I violated that trust. I’m sorry, Elizabeth.
Liz: This thing you’re going through, ever since Charlene told me, I’ve had a pit in my stomach. I just [ Voice breaking ] I can’t imagine [ Sniffles ]
Cooper: Pull yourself together, Keen. What little time I have left, I don’t want to spend it sitting in a car, blubbering with you.♀
Liz: Okay. [ Sniffles ]

[ Indistinct conversations ]
Liz: I’m with the FBI. We’re chasing down a lead on the recent Orea bombing. We have reason to believe the perp fled through Union Station as recently as this morning. We’re gonna need to take a look at your feeds.
Salestrom (Attendant): You got legal paper. Uh, subpoena? I can’t release the footage without one.
Liz: You’ve got to be joking. What? A subpoena? We’ve got a terrorist out there – who just killed 14 CIA agents. [ Telephone ringing ] He murdered a sitting US senator. And you want to talk about paperwork?
Salestrom: Salestrom.
Simpson: This is Simpson. I want to give you a heads-up. You’re gonna have somebody from the Bureau stopping by. They need to have a look at surveillance.
Salestrom: I have someone here right now.
Simpson: They need to move quickly. Give her whatever she needs.
Cooper: I appreciate the help.
Salestrom. Of course. [ To Liz ] The drives are uploaded to archive after midnight. Anything from earlier today is gonna have to be accessed from here. Good luck.
Liz: [ Sighs ] [ Keyboard clacking ] Andropov.

Reporter: Authorities have released this photo of the suspect, FBI Agent Elizabeth Keen. Sources are confirming she is also wanted in connection with the truck bombing at the CIA’s Orea facility.

Liz: It was Andropov.
Cooper: The virologist? He infected you?
Liz: He was there. We have to find Andropov and get him to talk.
Cooper: I can’t. I just got a call from our lawyer. Charlene’s been taken in for questioning.
Liz: Questioning for what?
Cooper: Tom Connolly. He got her to– She leaked a classified document to the press. But what it means is I can’t. You’re gonna have to find Andropov on your own.

Liz: Anton Velov? Agent Keen, FBI. We spoke briefly on the phone a few days ago.
Velov: Keen. You were looking for information about Katarina Rostova. Is that why you’re here
Liz: Not entirely, no.
Velov: Good. Because if you were, you have wasted your time. As I told you, I never knew Katarina.
Liz: I need you to tell me where I can find Leo Andropov.
Velov: How should I know where he is?
Liz: You were a CI for one of the Orea agents that died in the bombing. You recorded a conversation for him that took place here in this restaurant, and we know Andropov was a part of that conversation. So I’m gonna ask you again, where can I find him?
Velov: There is a safe house in Ivy City.
Liz: A safe house. An address?
Velov: L Street, across from Olive’s Diner. Now, if there’s nothing else –
Liz: That’s not what you told me on the phone. You said you could help me with Katarina Rostova.
Velov: I don’t know anything. I told you how to find Andropov.
Liz: And now I want you to tell me about her.
Velov: I can’t say.
Liz: First, you don’t know. Now you can’t say. Which is it?

Liz: You got to him.
Red: I retained his services.
Liz: In exchange for his silence about my mother.
Red: Harold told me the man who infected you was the virologist Andropov.
Liz: You got me out of the post office. You gave me a chance to prove my innocence. I know you think you care about me. But every time you do something that makes me think you really do, you do something else that reminds me that you simply aren’t capable of it.
Red: I’m a sin eater.♀ I absorb the misdeeds of others, darkening my soul to keep theirs pure. That is what I’m capable of. ♀
Liz: What sin of mine could you possibly have absorbed?
Red: Andropov – do you have a lead?
Liz: I do, and I’ll handle it on my own, because that’s what I’m capable of.♀
[ Door closes ]

[ Clatter ]
Tom: Liz, I’ve been looking everywhere for you.
Liz: I have a lead, something that could clear all of this up, but I need your help.
Tom: I went to your motel. There were cops everywhere. It’s on the TV, news reports. There is no clearing it up, all right? – There is only leaving it behind.
Liz: I can’t. If I run now, then I’ll be looking over my shoulder for the rest of my life.
Tom: That’s Reddington talking.
Liz: Yes, it is. And he’s right. I can’t leave now.
Tom: Then I can’t stay.
Liz: This lead I have – Leo Andropov –
Tom: Never heard of him.
Liz: He created the virus that killed Hawkins. He infected me. If we can find him, then maybe I can prove I was set up. But I don’t think I can do it on my own. I’ve got an address.

[ Metal rattling ]
Tom: He’s on the street!
Andropov: [ On phone ] It’s me. I’ve been made. I’m on my way to the extraction point.
[ Engine turns over ] [ Engine revs ] [ Engine revs ]
Liz: Turn! Up there on the right!
Tom: Yeah, I see him.
Liz: You’re losing him!
Tom: Are you honestly telling me how to drive right now?
Liz: Yes! I’m not the one who hit a deer on the turnpike.
Tom: That was not deer blood on the windshield.
Liz: Just don’t lose him.
[ Tires screeching ] [ Engine revs ] [ Tires screech ]
Liz: He turned down the alley. Circle back.
[ Tires screech ]
Andropov: Where the hell have you been? We have to go now! [ People he was to meet open fire on him ] What are you doing?! Aah! No!
Liz: That’s everything!
[ Tires screeching ]
Liz: No! Oh, God! Stay with me! Come on! [ Groans, sobs ] My mother – he’s the only one who knew about her.
Tom: Liz – Liz, he’s gone.
[ Breathing heavily ] [ Sirens wailing in distance ]

[ Red’s associates are rounding up people in various cities ]
[ Car alarm chirps ]
Associate: Hello, Mr. Hastings. I’m here on behalf of Raymond Reddington.
Associate: Mr. Chin, Raymond Reddington sends his regards.
Associate: Last target secured, sir. Traveling to location.

Tom: [ Inhales sharply ] What? What?
Liz: Today. In the alley.
Tom: What about the alley?
Liz: It’s the weirdest thing. In that moment with the bullets flying and the glass – one thing kept running through my head. [ Sighs ] “The boat, the boat. Why didn’t you just get on his boat?” Tell me what to do.
Tom: You’re still bleeding.
Liz: [ Winces ] I’m fine. Tom, I said I was fine.
Tom: I know you did. [ Blows softly ] That hurt? What is it? What’s wrong?
Liz: I don’t want to regret anything.
Tom: What could you possibly regret?
Liz: Not saying yes.
Tom: Yes to what?
Liz: You. Take me with you.
Tom: Don’t say that.
Liz: I’m here. All we have to do is go.
Tom: Liz, if you go away with me, you’ll never get answers. You’ll never find out who you really are.
Liz: I don’t need to know who I am to know what I want.
Tom: What do you want, Liz?
Liz: You.
[ They make love ]

Reporter: At this hour, police continue their search for FBI Agent Elizabeth Keen, who authorities have named a person of interest in the death of Senator Clifford Hawk.

[ Chatter continues in distance ] [ Keyboard clacking ]
Tom: You have a gun or are you just happy to see me?
Liz: The flash drive that we found in Andropov’s safe house – it’s full of records, including documents about Cooper.
Tom: Cooper.
Liz: Yeah. His medical records, test results, medications, the – the Senator, – the bombing.
Tom: Liz, slow down.
Liz: Cooper’s doctor works for The Cabal. [ Sighs ] I’ll be back. [ Dialing ]
Tom: [ Scoffs ] No, you won’t.
Liz: I got to – Tom
Tom: Mm-hmm Go.
Cooper: Agent Cooper.
Liz: Agent Cooper, it’s Keen. I need to see you. It’s about your doctor.

Doctor: The dye we inserted highlighted –
Cooper: Who do you work for? Get out!
Doctor: Harold, I’m in the middle of a – Harold –
Cooper: I know about Andropov. That the drugs you gave me came from him.
[ Doctor groans ]
Cooper: There never was a clinical trial, was there?
Doctor: No, no.
Cooper: It was all a lie.
Doctor: Please, please, please! Please, they – they threatened my family.
Cooper: Your family? And what about my family? You made me believe I was getting cured!
Doctor: No, no, no. [ Choking ] I made you believe you were sick.
Cooper: Say that again?
Doctor: You’re not sick.
Cooper: The test results, the brain scans – I saw the tumor.
Doctor: No, you saw a tumor, but it wasn’t yours. The MRIs, the CAT scans, the blood tests – It was all fake!
Cooper: You’re lying to me.
Doctor: No, no, no! I’m not! I’m not!
Cooper: But I felt sick. I needed a cane.
Doctor: Y-yes. And – and then you didn’t. It was the medicine. [ Groans ] Andropov– he– he designed it so that you’d manifest the symptoms of a glioblastoma. Then he altered your dosage to make you think the trial was working. I don’t know why he did it, but he did. You have to believe me. [ Breathing heavily ] There’s nothing wrong with you.

[ Indistinct conversations ]
Red: My name is Raymond Reddington. The United States government has placed me atop the country’s list of most-wanted fugitives for a colorful and not uninteresting assortment of crimes, most of which I have committed. That’s who I am.♀ You, in turn, are by my estimation eleven of the best investigative journalists in the world. I’m here to tell you a story. I’m sure you recognize many of the faces behind me. They are among the most powerful men and women on the planet. They are also part of a global conspiracy, a shadow organization that spans across every continent and has for the last three decades, consisting of leaders in world government and the private sector. Some call this group “The Cabal.” The world you live in is the world they want you to think you live in. They start wars, create chaos. And when it suits them, they resolve it. Cabal members will move more money in the next quarter than the World Bank will in the next year. Their alliance effects sea change in every aspect of human life – the value and distribution of commodities, money, weapons, water, fuel, the food we eat to live, the information we rely on to tell us who we are. What exactly do you expect us to do with this information? Study it, investigate it to determine the truth, and then report it. Let me be clear. Investigating this group will immediately position you as a threat. If you do what I’m asking, you’ll be putting your lives and the lives of those you love at grave risk. In the end, “The truth will out.” Not all of us will live to see that day, but the truth will out.♀

Cooper: Tom, we need to talk.
Connolly: I don’t think we have anything to say to each other.
Cooper: I spoke with Dr. Levin. He recorded your conversations.
Connolly: You got a lot of chutzpah coming here.
Liz: Oh, he’s got much more than that.
Cooper: I have my health. What a miracle – cancer free. But then, you know that, don’t you, Tom? How quickly fortunes can turn.
Liz: I wouldn’t call your security. Not until you’ve heard what we have to say.
Cooper: We have the tapes – recordings that prove you blackmailed Dr. Levin into falsifying my medical records.
Liz: So here’s what you’re gonna do. You’re gonna make this go away, all of it. You’re gonna exonerate me by prosecuting Karakurt, the real killer of 14 agents and Senator Hawkins. You’re going to agree not to press charges against Charlene. You’re going to reinstate Agent Cooper, and you’re going to convey to the Director that he is not to touch Raymond Reddington.
Connolly: Why would I agree to any of that?
Cooper: Because if you refuse, we’ll take the evidence to the Bureau.
Connolly: I own the Bureau.
Cooper: Then we’ll go to a federal judge.
Connolly: Good luck. A river of influence runs deep, or have you forgotten how easily we made Judge Denner suppress first-degree murder charges against you, Agent Keen. Look around. Why do you think I’m here? There’s a banquet tonight, fraternal order of police. I’m the keynote speaker. Four hours from now, I’m going to be on that stage, announcing that my office has secured an indictment against the members of a rogue task force.
Cooper: This task force was authorized by the FBI and the DOJ.
Connolly: By my predecessor at the DOJ. You’re going to prison, Agent Keen. Donald Ressler – his little oxy addiction will get him drummed out of the Bureau. Samar Navabi will be extradited to Iran, where she will stand trial for the murder of one of their top nuclear scientists. Charlene, Harold, even Agent Mojtabai. We have a little something in mind for all of you, including treason charges and the death penalty for Reddington.♀ So are we finished here? Because I think it’s cocktail hour. [ Liz draws her gun ] Oh. [ Chuckles ] What are you gonna do, Agent Keen – arrest me?
Cooper: Keen, put it down.
Connolly: I am nothing. I am a cog in a very large wheel. Shoot me, and somebody at least as powerful will take my place. You just won’t know who.
Cooper: Agent Keen, you do this, you become everything they say you are.
Liz: I can’t let him.
Cooper: Elizabeth, listen to me.
Cooper: That conversation we had in my hospital room, the good person I told you I didn’t want to lose [ Distorted ] The agent you were before all of this – you do this, and she’s gone.
[ Liz fires. Connolly falls, dead. Liz recalls, on the night of the fire, shooting her father ]
Cooper: Keen – Run.

[ Screams ] [ Horn blares ] [ Cellphone ringing ]
Liz: Excuse me.
[ Beep ]
Liz: [ On phone ] Ressler?
Ressler: Where the hell are you? Listen to me.
Liz: Harold Cooper – he had nothing to do with this.
Ressler: You need to turn yourself in.
Liz: Did you hear me? He’s innocent.
Ressler: You are a wanted fugitive. You murdered the Attorney General of the United States. You have to come in.
Liz: I can’t.
Ressler: Damn it, Liz, wake up. You keep running, you will be hunted down.
Liz: I know.
Ressler: By me. Don’t make me do this. Please, Liz, tell me where you are. [ Beep ] Tell me, and I can get – [ Beeping ]
[ Dialing ] [ Cellphone rings ]
Red: [ On phone ] Lizzie.
Liz: I need your help.
Red: Where are you?
Liz: I killed Tom Connolly.
Red: I know. Where are you?
Liz: I’m on, uh, 7th and L, Northeast.
Red: I’m gonna call you back in two minutes with an address. I need you to get there. I’m gonna get you out.
[ Beep ] [ Dialing ] [ Ringing ]
Red: [ On phone ] It’s me. I need to travel.

Liz: I remember.
[ Car door closes ] [ Engine turns over ]
Liz: I remember everything.
Red: Remember what?
Liz: The night of the fire. I know what happened, and I understand why you didn’t want me to find out. When I pulled the trigger – When I shot Connolly, I It came back to me. It was like I was there. I could hear them arguing. [ Flashback. Distorted shouting ] He was hurting her. And I know why my father died that night.♀
Woman: [ Distorted ] Masha?
Liz: I shot him. That’s why you blocked my memory – not to protect yourself. To protect me.
Red: Yeah.

[ β™« Elton John’s Rocket Man plays. Ressler pins up Liz’s on the display board. A man pins up a “Ten Most Wanted Poster” of Elizabeth Keen next to that of Raymond “Red” Reddington ]

β™« She packed my bags last night, preflight
zero hour, 9:00 AM
and I’m gonna be high
as a kite by then
I miss the earth so much I miss my wife
it’s lonely out in space on such a timeless flight

Liz: You’re my sin eater.♀
Red: Tried to be. But I failed. I never wanted you to be –
Liz: What?
Red: Like me.♀
[ They clasp hands ]

[ Van pulls up ]
Red: This is us.
[ They get into the van and it drives away ]

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β™« And I think it’s gonna be a long, long, time
‘Til touchdown brings me ’round again to find
I’m not the man they think I am at home
Ah, no no no
I’m a rocket man
Rocket man
Burnin’ out this fuse
Up here alone

[ Ressler pins up Liz’s mug shot on the Task Force’s display window … A man pins up a “Ten Most Wanted Poster” of Liz next to that for Raymond “Red” Reddington … In the van, Liz rests her head on Red’s shoulder and closes her eyes ]

β™« Mars ain’t the kind of place
To raise your kids
In fact, it’s cold as hell
And there’s no one there to raise them
If you did

β™« And all this science
I don’t understand
It’s just my job
Five days a week
A rocket man
Rocket Man

β™« And I think it’s gonna be a long, long, time
‘Til touchdown brings me ’round again to find
I’m not the man they think I am at home
Ah, no no no

β™« And I think it’s gonna be a long, long, time
‘Til touchdown brings me ’round again to find
I’m not the man they think I am at home
Ah, no no no…
I’m a rocket man
Rocket man
Burnin’ out this fuse
Up here alone

β™« And I think it’s gonna be a long, long, time
And I think it’s gonna be a long, long, time
And I think it’s gonna be a long, long, time

β™« Long, long, time
Long, long, time

β™« Ah, no, no, no…
Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no…

Rocket Man lyrics Β© Universal Music Publishing Group
YouTube (Concert recording): http://bit.ly/1IBh03r

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❌❌❌ END 2:22




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