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NBC’s series The Blacklist created by: Jon Bokenkamp


Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington – James Spader
Elizabeth Keen – Megan Boone
Donald Ressler – Diego Klattenhoff
Harold Cooper – Harry Lennix
Tom Keen – Ryan Eggold
Aram Mojtabai – Amir Arison
Samar Navabi – Mozhan Marnò
Dembe Zuma – Hisham Tawfiq

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🔴 Episode 3:1 The Troll Farmer

Last updated: 10/5/2015 7:10am CT, Program air date: 10/1/2015 in the US
Script Status = Final w music lyrics, Twitter photos
Permalink: http://wp.me/pDKwi-1Iy
Storybook: http://wp.me/PDKwi-1f3#troll
Source: Raw Scripts from Springfield [UK]: http://bit.ly/1VtXhJ6 (dump of captioning)
WSJ Episode Summary: http://on.wsj.com/1LY4cov
Blurb: Accused of having killed the Attorney General (which she did) and of being a Russian spy, (which she is not), Liz goes underground with Red. Liz changes her hair color to blonde, stirring in Red memories of her mother, the notorious Katarina Rostova.
Created by: Jon Bokenkamp
Director: Michael Watkins
Writers: Jon Bokenkamp, John Eisendrath

Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington – James Spader
Elizabeth Keen – Megan Boone
Donald Ressler – Diego Klattenhoff
Harold Cooper – Harry Lennix
Tom Keen – Ryan Eggold
Aram Mojtabai – Amir Arison
Samar Navabi – Mozhan Marnò
Dembe Zuma – Hisham Tawfiq

Martha – Sandra Berrios
Lyle Fischer – Joel Bissonnette
Matias Solomon – Edi Gathegi
Tiffany – Kelly Hutchinson
Isabella Zuma – Victoria Janicki
Asst AG Reven Wright – Adriane Lenox
Charlene Cooper – Valarie Pettiford
Peter Kotsiopulos (The Director) – David Strathairn
Bo Chang (The Troll Farmer) – Aaron Yoo



🔴 Script 3:1 The Troll Farmer (№ 38)

[ Red and Liz listen to police radio as they ride in back of white van trying to escape ]

Voice: All units, be advised. Possible sighting, eye witness report. Alleged suspects seem entering a silver Chevy minivan. DC plate number CR7–

[ Liz looks at Red, alarmed ]
Red: It’ll be fine.

[ FBI Agents talking outside ]
Ressler: When was the sighting?
Agent: 12 minutes ago.
Ressler: Perimeter?
Agent: Potomac to Eastern. Full lockdown. Airports, trains, buses. They’re not going anywhere.
Ressler: They?
Agent: Unconfirmed reports suggest the suspect’s with someone – a man. Is it true what they say?
Ressler: What?
Agent: That she was your partner?
[ Ressler stares at him ]

♪ she came blood in the streets in the town of Chicago ♪

Samar: What?
Aram: For the record, I believe Agent Keen is innocent.
Samar: What did you find? [ Computer beeps ]

Ressler: [ To group of agents assembled outside] Suspect’s name is Special Agent Elizabeth Keen. She was my partner, but as of today, she’s a fugitive wanted in connection with the murder of 14 CIA agents, a US senator, and the Attorney General of the United States.

Liz:They’ll set a perimeter.
Red: Yes.
Liz: Capitol Police, Park Police, MPDC. We’ll never make it out of the city.
Red: No. That’s why we’re not gonna even try.

Ressler: We believe she may have an accomplice. The most elusive fugitive in the history of the Bureau, Raymond Reddington. I want every camera in this city looking for these two. Every Twitter feed, every Instagram account, every Reddit thread. They get out of this city, we’re gonna be hunting ghosts. Let’s move now.

Samar: [ On phone ] We’ve identified a silver Chevy van moving north on 395.
Ressler: [ On phone ] You got a visual on the suspects?
Samar: No. The vehicle was picked up by the NSA satellite. They confirm the plates.
Ressler: Have they passed through the 3rd Street tunnel?
Samar: Two minutes out. I dispatched a chopper.
Ressler: [ To agents ] Okay, we got a sighting, 395 north. I want MPDC to run a traffic break and barricade all exits off the 3rd Street tunnel. Seal it up.

Red: [ Hands package to Liz ] You’ll need to put that on. [ Takes off his suit coat ]

Samar: Okay, chopper feed is live. We have a visual.
Ressler: [ On phone ] Confirm we have a tail team in place and that all exits are blocked south of 3rd.
Aram: You agree with me, right? About Agent Keen?
Samar: Notify HRT and get a negotiator on site in case they take hostages.

♪ blood in the streets

Man: This is Eagle 1. I’ve got a visual on the suspects entering the tunnel now.
Samar: Is the team in place?
Andreen: Unit 64 entering the tunnel.
[ Sirens wailing ] Eagle 1 coming around. We have eyes on the exit.
Ressler: What do you see?
Samar: Nothing yet. Where is my tail car? Andreen? Andreen, do you have a visual?
Andreen: Negative.
Ressler: [ Looking at rewind of van entering tunnel ] Something’s not right. Back it up to when they entered the tunnel.
Samar: They went in, they haven’t come out.
Andeen: I don’t know what to tell you. There’s no silver van in this tunnel.
Samar: They can’t just disappear.
Aram: Well, it is Mr. Reddington.
Ressler: Pull up the exit footage.

♪ blood in the streets, it’s up to my knees

Woman: There’s the exit footage.

♪ blood in the streets in the town of Chicago

Ressler: Hold on, back that up.

♪ blood on the rise, it’s following me

[ Closer look reveals van has driven up onto back of auto-transport semi, out of sight ]
Ressler: Stop. There. Son of a bitch.

[ Red and Liz, dressed as police, get out of van and climb into a car marked “Metropolitan
Police” ]
[ Van engine turns over ] [ Tires squeal ]
Red: Clean it and torch it. Give my regards to Chi-chi.
[ Siren wails ] [ Door slams ] [ Liz and Red take off in police car ]

Cooper: Where’s Charlene?
Ressler: [ Referring to cuffs ] I ordered them to take these off.
Cooper: Where is my wife?
Ressler: Read Charlene’s statement. Is it true what Tom Connolly did to you?
Cooper: He made me think I was dying. Ordered a phony clinical trial that made me believe he was my only hope so the Cabal could manipulate me.
Ressler: If I were you, I’d want him dead.
Cooper: You think I had something to do with it?
Ressler: It doesn’t matter what I think.
Cooper: That I helped Agent Keen kill the Attorney General. I begged her not to do it. I ordered her not to.
Ressler: Why?
Cooper: Because Connolly had a plan to bring down everyone. Not just Elizabeth, but Samar, Aram, you.
Ressler: All that matters is that Keen’s a fugitive, and I’m gonna bring her in.
Cooper: You’re not holding Charlene because she leaked classified information to a reporter.
You’re holding her because it gives you leverage with me.
Ressler: Does it?
Cooper: I told Agent Keen to run. You want to know if I’m complicit? I told her to run. You’re in charge now, Agent Ressler. And being in charge means you have to decide what to do with information like that. Now, let my wife go.

[ Doorbell rings ] [ Sirens wail in distance ] [ Door opens ] [ Gun cocks ]
Red: Who’s this?
Lyle: My sister Tiffany.
Red: Tiffany lives in Denver.
Tiffany: I did until last month.
Lyle: Her husband passed. She needed to get out. Red, you know me.
Red: I’m sorry for your loss, Tiffany.

[ Wood creaks ] [ They descend hidden stairs to large room that looks like a bomb shelter ]
Liz: What is this place?
Red: This is where we wait for the Troll Farmer.
[ Door slams ]
Liz: The who?
Red: We’re getting a little ahead of ourselves. He won’t be ready for at least a week.
Liz: Ready for what?
Red: Actually, a week may be nice. I’ll finally get the time to catch up on some back issues of Bass Master. [ That’s pronounced “Baaass” the fish, not “Bayse” the musical instrument ]
[ Sighs ]

[ A young mother, Isabella, is preparing baby food, with a baby monitor turned on when she hears: ]
[ Lullaby plays ] [ Baby cooing ]
Man [ Mr Matias Solomon ]: [ Sings ] bye, bye, baby bunting daddy’s gone a-hunting bye, bye ba– hunting to get a little rabbit skin to put his baby bunting …
[ Isabella grabs knife, goes to living room where baby is ]
Isabella: Put her down. Who are you?
Solomon: What a lovely child. She is the perfect little angel, aren’t we, Elle?
Isabella: Put her down.
Solomon: Hmm? Hmm? Such fragile creatures, these tiny humans. Skulls like eggshells. Who’s her favorite friend? Should we take along Mr Panda or Mr Dinosaur?
Isabella: What do you want?
Solomon: I want your father. I’ll text instructions. Mr Panda, I think. Hmm? [ Chuckles ]

[ On old black and white TV where Red and Liz are: ]

TV: Update now to our top story, even as authorities allege Agent Keen committed these acts of terror on behalf of Russia, various papers are reporting that Russia is not responsible. Now, according to leaked documents, one of the alleged leaders of this organization is the CIA’s Director.

Liz: You released the contents of the Fulcrum to the press.
[ TV again ]

Announcer: … just moments ago came forward to address these reports.
Director: Good afternoon. My name is Peter Kotsiopulos, and I am the CIA’s Director of National Clandestine Services. In the 65 years since this division has been created, the director’s identity has never been revealed during his tenure. But today, the President has agreed to let me speak openly to you so that I may address the irresponsible accusations that not only seek to defame me, but are harmful to our national security.

Liz: Did you expect him to just come forward?
Director: [ on TV ] … part of a conspiracy are preposterous …
Red: I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Director; They are based upon information provided by Raymond Reddington, a traitor to our country and a fugitive who is helping ex-FBI Special Agent Elizabeth Keen avoid arrest. The daughter of a notorious KGB spy, Keen is a wanted terrorist. My accusers are criminals, the subject of one of the largest manhunts ever conducted. Who are you going to believe is telling the truth?

Liz: If I didn’t know any better, I’d believe him.
Red: But you do know better.
Liz: They’re gonna believe I’m a Russian spy. My mother was a Russian spy. It doesn’t matter that I never knew her. It’s the perfect story. I’m the perfect patsy.
Red: We have to be patient.
Liz: Patient? Do you have any idea the kind of resources they’re throwing at us right now, the manpower? This city–
Red: This city is impossible to get out of now.We have no chance of crossing the perimeter they’ve established. But Washington DC, cannot sustain a siege. The economy, the government, one week, two at the most, and the city will be back to normal. That’s when we travel.
Liz: People will go on believing I’m a terrorist.

Ressler: Check the surveillance feeds from the hotel where Connolly was shot.
Samar: We already have.
Ressler: Check again. I want to know exactly what role Cooper played.
Aram: DCFD is responding to a vehicle fire in Columbia Heights. It looks like the transport vehicle used by Mr. Reddington’s people.
Ressler: Any signs of Keen or Reddington?
Aram: Nope. We’ll try and recover the VIN numbers on the transport and any vehicles it may have been carrying, but right now, the fire’s too hot, so it looks like they got away. Which is, you know, terrible news.
[ Telephone rings ] [ Clears throat ]
Ressler: None of us want to be in this position, but we are. Our job is to catch them. So, I need you to look me in the eye and tell me that you can do that.
Aram: I can. Yes. If you can look me in the eye and promise me Agent Keen will get a fair hearing if we do.
Ressler: I can try.
Aram: Come on, that’s not good enough.
Ressler: It’s the best I can do. Let me know as soon as you find out anything on Cooper.
[ Ressler leaves ]

Samar: Hey.
Aram: What a jerk.
Samar: Sorry. He’s simply gathering the facts.
Aram: Yeah, well, there’s only one fact about Mr. Cooper that matters– he’s a decent man.
Analyst: DC Field Office just called. They got a tip on Keen’s whereabouts.

Peter Kotsiopulos [ aka The Director ]: Matias, I didn’t expect to see you here.
Solomon: Peter. You said Mr. Reddington did not have the Fulcrum in his possession. You said it was a bluff.[ Drops papers ] A ploy. You were wrong. And now our plans have been sorely compromised.
Peter/Director: “Our” plans? They’re “my” plans.
Solomon: They were. Now they’re nothing.
Peter/Director: I would advise you to think very carefully before you use that tone with me ever again.
Solomon: [ Laughs ] I pine for the days when conquered generals had the sense and good taste to fall on their swords. Now they hold press conferences, negotiate advances for their memoirs while the rest of us clean up their messes.♤
Peter/Director: I’m not leaving this to others. I have every agency within Homeland working around the clock to find Reddington and Keen.
Solomon: I don’t think you understand, Peter. I’m here because people in our organization have lost confidence in you, in your methods. There’s a history here, so I take no joy in telling you that you’re dancing on the edge of a razor blade, and that every breath that you draw is at our discretion.♤
Red: This reminds me of Sok Pich. We were navigating the backwaters in western Cambodia hoping to steal some sapphires from a mine foreman. Got as far as Pailin when the monsoon struck. Took shelter in a root cellar of all places. I’ve never seen so much rain. Winds like a monarch gone mad.♤ All we could do was hunker down and wait it out. But Sok he just made a run for the village. So, there I was soaking wet, alone. Three days of absolute misery. And then on the fourth day, I was overcome by this incredible feeling of peace. Something about being hidden there underground while the rest of the world was being torn apart outside.
Liz: This isn’t making me feel better.
Red: You have every right to be afraid. Just don’t let it control you. Poor Sok learned that the hard way.
Liz: What happened to him?
Red: He died. Didn’t get six steps before the wind blew a blade of lemongrass into his skull. [ Banging ] [ Indistinct conversation ] You’re in a storm, Lizzie. You need to find the peace below the winds.♤

Tiffany: Do you know who that woman is?
Lyle: Told you it doesn’t matter.
Tiffany: She’s a terrorist!
Lyle: Tiff, listen! If you say a word, if you so much as whisper this to–
[ Door creaks ] [ Gun cocks ]
Red: What have you done?
Lyle: Red, I– I can control this.
Red: Your phone.
[ Cellphone beeps ] [ Telephone rings ]
Man’s voice: You’ve reached the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Major Case Contact Center.
Red: What did you tell them?
Tiffany: You can go screw yourself, pal, okay? My husband was a soldier. He died fighting for this country, trying to protect us from people like her!
Lyle: Tiff, shut the hell up!
Red: You and I are finished.
Liz: What’s going on?
Red: We’re leaving.
[ Footsteps ]
Red: Within seconds, agents are gonna breach this building. [ To Tiffany ] They’re gonna want to speak to you because you called in the tip. Get rid of them, or your brother dies. Downstairs.
[ Door opens ] [ Door slams ]
– Hands! Hands! Show me your hands.
Ressler: Raymond Reddington and Elizabeth Keen. You need to tell me where they are right now.
Tiffany: Fugitives? The ones– the one’s on TV?
Ressler: Tiffany Lepman, right?
Tiffany: Yeah.
Ressler: You think they’re here? We got an anonymous tip from your phone saying they were here.
Tiffany: I don’t know what you’re talking about. I haven’t called anyone.
Ressler: Harboring a fugitive is a felony. You lie to me again, you’re going to jail. Where are they?
Tiffany: I don’t know.
Agent: Second floor clear!
Tiffany: Look, if I knew something, I’d say. I’m not gonna lie to the FBI.
Agent: Sir, we’re all clear.
[ Door creaks ] [ Cellphone beeps ]
Ressler: [ On phone ] Aram. Tip call that came in, call her back. Double-check the information.
[ Starts to leave ] Thank you for your time.
[ Cellphone – which Red took – is heard ringing in the distance ]
Ressler: Look, I told you, if I knew anything, I– Cuff her! [ Door opens ] [ Handle creaks ] Look at the floor.
[ They pry up cover to shelter ]
Ressler: Keen, I know you’re down there. Look, there’s two ways this ends. You come up hands raised or we come down guns raised. Your call.
[ Grenade clatters ] [ SWAT Team descends. Lyle is on the floor, hurt ]
– Hands!
– Show me your hands!
– On the ground!
Ressler: Where are they? [ Sees vent with loose cover ]
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[ Red and Liz are perusing the key board at a car park. Red reaches for a key ]
Liz: No.
[ Horn honks in distance ] [ Alarm chirps ]
Red: Seems a bit indiscreet.
Liz: Porsche Carrera. Two-seater suggests no family. Price tag indicates he’s wealthy enough to live alone, maybe a girlfriend. If he’s here, it’s likely his apartment is empty.
Red: Ah.
Liz: The address will be on the registration in the glove compartment.

Isabella: [ Crying ] Daddy.
Dembe: What did he look like?
Isabella: Black, he was tall.
Dembe: What did he say he wants?
Isabella: You. He says he wants my father. Papi, he was holding her, and then he–
Dembe: Isabella, look at me. Isabella, I will find her. I will get her back.

Liz: You said the plan was to wait, that it was impossible to cross the perimeter.
Red: Waiting was an option when we had somewhere to wait. Now we don’t. We need to contact the Troll Farmer.
Liz: I don’t know who that is.
[ Hesitantly Liz walks in. She has dyed her hair golden blonde ]
Red: The Troll F– [ Red sees Liz and is speechless ]
Liz: [ Shyly ] What do you think?
Red: [ Chuckles, walks away, trying to regain his composure ] The Troll Farmer uses social media to conduct highly coordinated disinformation campaigns on behalf of governments, lobbyists, corporations, crime syndicates, and on occasion, a humble fugitive. He’s mastered the art of information warfare by creating events, virtual hoaxes designed to piggyback on real public anxiety. He activates hundreds of fake accounts to post thousands of tweets, creating the appearance of, say, a terrorist attack in Paris that served as cover for an art heist. He doctors screenshots from news outlets to report an ebola outbreak in Atlanta in order to drive up the stock of a drug company developing a cure. The Troll Farmer is much more than a rumor monger. The events he creates appear to be real and provoke a very real response. Smoke manufactured to draw the cameras away from the real fire.♤
Liz: [ Approaches Red ] She was blonde. My mother. That picture in your apartment– she was blonde. I look like her, don’t I?
Red: [ Grimaces. Nods slightly, then turns away from her ] We are out of time.
Liz: Is she alive?
[ Door opens ] [ Woman enters ] [ Gun cocks ] [ Door closes ]
Red: Hello. Raymond, Elizabeth, and you are?
Martha: Martha.
Red: Martha.
Martha: Please– please don’t hurt me.
Red: No, no, no, no. We’re not gonna hurt you, Martha. We are, however, going to take your cellphone and lock you in the bathroom, okay?
Martha: Okay.
Red: I must say, your hair, the way it frames your face is very becoming.
Martha: Gracias.
Red: De nada.

Samar Navabi: I reviewed every witness statement and the surveillance from the hotel. There’s nothing to indicate that Cooper was complicit in Connolly’s death or in Liz’s escape.
Ressler: Thank God.
Samar: He wasn’t complicit, but you were. ⋘⋙ You asked me to see if Cooper helped Liz. He had two opportunities to do that – in the hotel where Connolly was shot and here in the war room where she escaped. She got out by cutting the power. We found a traffic camera that shows her exiting the building at 11:22.
Ressler: Yeah, from the service corridor where I found her phone.
Samar: Cameras came back online in the war room at 11:23. That’s 60 seconds only you can account for.
Ressler: I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Samar: I think you let her go. I think this way that you’re acting, this anger, it’s because you think it’s your fault. You trusted her and she turned around and murdered the Attorney General.♤
Ressler: I’m angry because our country was attacked.
Samar: We’re all angry. But I know there’s something you’re not telling me, and whatever it is, whatever instinct is keeping you from admitting the truth, I don’t trust it.
[ Telephones ringing ]

[ Red and Liz show up at the house of the Troll Farmer, whose actual name is Bo Chang ]
Chang: What are you doing here? I’m not supposed to see you for another seven days.
Red: There’s been a change of plans.
Chang: I don’t change plans. Not for you, not for anybody.
[ Door closes ]
Liz: This is him? This is the Troll Farmer?
Red: Perhaps I should’ve told you he doesn’t like that name

[ Red knocks again ]
Chang: I need a week.

Red. You’ve got an hour. We’re out of time, Chang. You need to get us out of the city today.
Chang: The understanding was that you were going to stay underground for a week. That was the contract.
Red: I’ve had you on retainer for over three years. Your content providers have all my pertinent files.
Chang: You’re not the problem, Mr. Reddington. My programmers are scrambling to build content for your plus one. She’s the wrinkle here.
Red: Today.

Young woman: Oh, my God. You’re– They said I would be doubling. They were gonna take pictures, but I had no idea it was you.
Liz: Who are you?
Young woman: I guess I’m you. Elizabeth Keen, right? Is he here, too? Reddington? Are you with him now? I don’t mean to pry, but how does it feel?
Young woman: How does what feel?
To be a fugitive.
[ Camera shutter clicks ]

Man: 3rd Street tunnel is still shut down. News teams, camera crews, choppers overhead.
Man #2: Anywhere near Capitol Hill, The Mall, Union Station will be flooded with cameras, too.
[ Camera shutter clicking ] Capitol Hill is no fly.
[ Discussion: ]
– We might be able to use that to our advantage.
– What about tunnels under Dupont Circle? Be a good escape route.
– We don’t want to contend with Capitol Police.
– What do we know about the perimeter? How close can we get?
– City is blanketed with traffic cameras and CCTV.
– Very few blind spots.
Chang: Okay, okay. Talk to me about liabilities. Twitter, Snapchat, Reddit. I want addresses, hotspots where a sighting is most likely to blow up on social. [ To Red ]Give us about a 20% chance of pulling this off.
Red: Chin up, Chang. Believe in yourself and others will, too.
Chang: What is that, another one of your dumbass literary quotes?
Red: Fortune cookie.

Asst AG Reven Wright: You had them and they got away?
Ressler: Chased them out of hiding. Reddington had a plan, now he doesn’t. It’s a win.
Wright: Terror alert has been elevated to severe. There is no win in that.
Ressler: Perimeter’s 200 blocks. We’re turning over 10 blocks an hour. Won’t be long now.
Wright: I’ve had to brief the White House. They know you were Keen’s partner.
Ressler: That’s an advantage.
Wright: I agree. That’s why I’ve risked my career to back you. Don’t make me regret doing that.

[ Door opens, slams ]
Ressler: Spoke with Main Justice. [ Door closes ] Charlene’s being released. No charges are gonna be filed at this time.
Cooper: Thank you.
Ressler: And you’re being released, pending further investigation.
Cooper: Apparently Justice wasn’t informed that I advised Agent Keen to run.
Ressler: Apparently not.
Glad to know you don’t think I was complicit.
Ressler: I do think you were complicit.
Cooper: Why didn’t you say anything? ‘
Ressler: Cause they didn’t ask. Besides, I’m complicit, too. When Keen, uh– When she broke out of interrogation, I caught up to her.
I could’ve stopped her. I mean, I should’ve stopped her, but I didn’t. I let her go. Because I did, the Attorney General is dead.
Cooper: That’s a blessing.
Ressler: A blessing? Murder? That’s something Reddington would say, not you.
Cooper: You made a decision based on instinct. You should trust that.
Ressler: My job isn’t to trust my gut. My job is to uphold the law. I intend to do that.
Liz: When I was a little girl, I used to imagine that my mother was a prima ballerina who danced fr kings and queens in London and Paris. And she only left me with Sam until she could come home again and sweep me away. I never would’ve imagined. What happened to her? My mother.
Red: There was a time in my life when I was quite sure I knew exactly what happened to Katarina Rostova. But after all these years, I’m not sure I have any real sense of how or why she disappeared.
Liz: Everyone talks as if she was a terrible person. Was she?
[ Chang interrupts ]
Chang: Okay, we’re as ready as we’re gonna be. Either you’ll be free within the hour or you’ll be arrested and tried for treason.

Aram: I think we got something. Picked it up online. Twitter photo. Posted it two minutes ago, taken in the Shaw Neighborhood at 9th and Q.
Ressler: Area’s controlled by the 18th Street Gang.
Samar: If they’re there, it’s for protection.
Ressler: Call Vice. I want the location of all known safe houses. Roll all units. This ends now.

[ Rap music plays ]
– FBI! – FBI!
– Hey! Hey! Against the wall!
[ Indistinct yelling ]
Gangster: I got your girl. I swear I’ll kill her.
[ Man is holding a gun to Samar’s head ]
Gangster: I’m not playing with you.
Agent: All clear. They’re not here.
Gangster : You hear me, cop? I said I got your girl.
[ Ressler shoots, hits gangster, walks away ]

[ Keyboard clacking ]
Chang: Vans are here.
Liz: Vans? We’re splitting up?
Red: Yes.
Liz: Why?
Red: Because it doubles the odds that one of us will make it out to clear your name.
Chang: I’ll fulfill the contract, but after this, no more, you hear me? You, this, too much of a liability.
Liz: Yeah.
Chang: You’re crazy, old man.
Red: You have no idea.

Samar: You didn’t have a shot.You could have missed.
Ressler: Yeah, but I didn’t.
Samar: You were lucky. I was lucky you were lucky.
Samar: I said before I didn’t trust your instincts. Now they scare me.

[ Cellphone rings ] [ Cellphone beeps ]
Aram: Okay, I’ve got something. A call to the tip line. A CCTV feed and three tweets all indicating Mr. Reddington and Agent Keen are moving north/northwest on Foxhall Road past Reservoir.
Ressler: Roll a SWAT team over to Georgetown Foxhall Road.
Aram: Hang on, I have a sighting in Adams Morgan. Wait, wait, no.
What? Aram, talk to me.
Aram: Okay, MSNBC’s home page just uploaded video of them at Michigan Park. Hold on, this can’t be right.
Ressler: What?
Aram: All right, my screen– my screen’s blowing up here. I’ve got them in Brookmont, but the tip line has them in Palisades.
Wright: What the hell is going on?
Aram: I have no idea. I’ve got them in five different parts of the city all at the same time.
Wright: Well, that’s interesting because CNN is quoting the Head of the Criminal Division saying they’ve been captured in Kalorama Heights.
Aram: Wait, is that true?
Wright: Of course it’s not true. I’m the Head of the Criminal Division.♤
Ressler: Aram. Dispatch rolling units to all these sightings.
Aram: Uh, yes, rolling all available agencies. Uh, Mr. Reddington and Agent Keen can’t be in all of these places, but they must be in one of them.
Ressler: Or maybe they’re not. That’s what Reddington wants us to think. He wants us to divert all our manpower to the south. It’s a diversion. Redirect all the units to the checkpoints along the northern perimeter. That’s where they’re gonna be.

[ Sirens wail ]
Red’s driver: Thought I heard on the radio they caught the two you’re looking for.
Dispatcher: All units be advised, suspects are in custody.
Repeat, suspects are in custody.
All units please stand down.
[ Siren chirps ]
Driver: We got a problem.
[ Tires screech ]
Red: Give me your phone.
[ Police radio chatter ] [ Cellphone rings ]
Red: Lizzie. They know.
Liz: Where are you?
Red: I made it through, but you won’t. You have to turn back right now.
Liz: Turn back where? There’s nowhere – What are you doing?
Driver: Getting you out of here.
Liz: Where are you going?
Red: Lizzie, listen to me. Take a breath. You can do this.
Liz: What? What am I gonna do?
Red: I’m outside the perimeter, and I won’t be able to get back to you in time, so you’re on your own. You need to find a place to hide, someplace where they cannot get to you.
Liz: I can’t.
Red: Katarina Rostova was the cleverest, most resourceful woman I have ever known.
Liz: What are you saying?
Red: No matter how dark the moment, she could always find her way through.
Liz. She was a Russian spy who I never knew.
Red: No, you didn’t. But that doesn’t mean your mother is gone. I see her in you every day. She’s as much a part of you as the air you breathe.♤
Liz: I can’t do this.
Red: You can. You must.
Liz: [ To driver ]’2650 Wisconsin Avenue.
Red: No. Lizzie, no, no, no.♤
Liz: It’s the only chance I’ve got. [ To driver ] 2650 Wisconsin Avenue. Get there now.

[ Dembe forces his way into Solomon’s house, taking out the guards. Solomon is eating dinner, unperturbed. ]
Dembe: Where is she?
[ Silverware clatters ]

[ Cellphone rings ] [ Cellphone beeps ]
[ Liz’s driver is apprehended. Liz is gone ]
Red: Kudos, Donald. I’m impressed.
Ressler: What do you want?
Red: To give you a blacklister.
Ressler: I’ll pass.
Red: The diversion that allowed me to slip past your perimeter, the man who orchestrated that cooked it up in under an hour. He’s an illusionist essential to criminals such as myself, and I am giving him to you.
Ressler: Where’s Keen? You said you got past the perimeter. You wouldn’t be calling unless she didn’t.
Red: No, she didn’t. But I’m not telling you anything you don’t know already, Donald. I’m sure by now you found the vehicle that was transporting her.
Ressler: So, that’s what this is about? You knowing that I’ll find her and giving me a blacklister in exchange for when I do.
Red: No. It’s not a trade or a bribe or an offer of payment in kind to entice you to look away. I admire your probity too much for that.
Ressler: So, what do you want? ‘Cause you only give to get.
Red: All I want is your word as a man of honor.
Ressler: My word.
Red: You know Elizabeth. You know she’s not a Russian spy or a traitor or a terrorist. You know that’s not who she is.
Ressler: Doesn’t matter what I know.
Red: If you catch her, it will. It will matter a great deal.What you know about her, what you feel about her could make all the difference. So, my offer. One blacklister in exchange for your word that you will give her the benefit of every doubt. Can you do that, Donald? Can you give me your word?
Ressler: Yes.
Red: His name is Bo Chang. 65 East Goethe.
Ressler: Bo Chang. Got it. Hey, Reddington. I will find you.
Red: [ Chuckles ] You know, as my father used to say to me, just because you’ve been bumped up to first chair in the orchestra doesn’t mean you can compose a symphony.

[ Cellphone beeps ]
Dembe: Hello?
Solomon: Open the door. Dear, your daughter’s life depends on it.
[ Baby crying ]
Isabella: Oh, my God! No, no, no, no, no.
Solomon: Don’t touch her. Not yet.
Isabella: [ Gasps ]
Solomon: Take a picture of her with your phone.
Isabella: What?
Solomon: Take a picture of your daughter and send it to this number, please. Chop, chop.
[ Camera shutter clicks ] [ Cellphone chimes ]
Solomon: Very good, dear. Thank you for your cooperation.
[ Solomon shows photo of baby to Dembe ]
Dembe: You returned her. Why?
Solomon: Because your reputation precedes you, Mr. Zuma. There was no doubt you would do whatever was necessary to affect your granddaughter’s release. You are a man of your word.
Dembe: [ Chuckles ] Give me one reason why I should not kill you.
Solomon: Because if you do kill me, then your granddaughter will not receive the antidote to the time-released nerve agent we introduced into her digestive track. And inside of three weeks, will suffer an agonizing death.
Dembe: What do you want?
Solomon: I want you to breathe very deeply. [ Gives Dembe an aerosol mask with some kind of medicine – the same nerve agent perhaps ]
Dembe: [ Breathing deeply ]

♪ the system’s in red the room is inbred
I’m a go getter
Don’t hold no harm don’t hold …

Samar: All checkpoints just reported in. There’s no sign of her.
Ressler: She didn’t get out. She’s gonna need a place to stay. Who’s gonna harbor an international spy?
Samar: That’s it. A spy. Her mother was a Russian spy.
Ressler: Son of– [ Engine turns over, tires squeal ]

♪ don’t hold no harm

Charlene Cooper: Harold. Harold! Honey! You all right? Are you all right?
Cooper: I’m fine. Me. My health.
Charlene: You’re not sick?
Cooper: It’s a long story.
[ Sighs ] [ Laughs ]

♪ don’t hold no harm

[ Ressler chases Liz down street. At Russian embassy, she scales fence. Guards come to confront her ]
[ Sirens wailing ]

♪ don’t hold don’t hold no harm

Liz: [ To guards ] Help! My name is Masha Rostova. I’m a Russian agent. I work for the FSB, and I’m seeking diplomatic immunity.

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༺✦ ♤ ✦༻

♫ Peace Frog
By The Doors

♪ There’s blood in the streets, it’s up to my ankles
She came
Blood in the streets, it’s up to my knee
She came
Blood in the streets in the town of Chicago
She came
Blood on the rise, it’s following me
Think about the break of day

♪ She came and then she drove away
Sunlight in her hair

♪ She came
Blood in the streets runs a river of sadness
She came
Blood in the streets it’s up to my thigh
She came
Yeah the river runs red down the legs of a city
She came
The women are crying red rivers of weepin’

♪ She came into town and then she drove away
Sunlight in her hair

♪ Indians scattered on dawn’s highway bleeding
Ghosts crowd the young child’s fragile eggshell mind

♪ Blood in the streets in the town of New Haven
Blood stains the roofs and the palm trees of Venice
Blood in my love in the terrible summer
Bloody red sun of Phantastic L.A.

♪ Blood screams her brain as they chop off her fingers
Blood will be born in the birth of a nation
Blood is the rose of mysterious union

♪ There’s blood in the streets, it’s up to my ankles
Blood in the streets, it’s up to my knee
Blood in the streets in the town of Chicago
Blood on the rise, it’s following me

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/1FMT2qx
YouTube: https://youtu.be/MHDSnfHb5nc

༺ ♤ ༻

♫ No Harm
By the Editors

♪ I’ll oil easier than you
Crush my bones into glue
I’m a go-getter
The system’s in red
The room is inbred
I’m a go-getter

♪ Don’t hold no harm
Don’t hold no harm

♪ My children despise my wonderful lies
I’m a go-getter
I see through your walls
And your space down your halls
I’m a go-getter

♪ Don’t hold no harm
Don’t hold no harm

♪ The fever I feel, the fake and the real
I’m a go-getter
My world just expands
Things just break in my hands
I’m a go-getter

♪ Don’t hold no harm
Don’t hold no harm

♪ Don’t hold no harm
Don’t hold no harm

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/1JKE7Yu
YouTube: http://youtu.be/qM4joaqNxf0



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🔴 Episode 3:2 Marvin Gerard

Last updated: 10/18/2015 3:40am CT, Program air date: 10/8/2015 in the US
Script Status = FINAL with Twitter photo links (10/18/2015)
Permalink: http://wp.me/pDKwi-1LV
Storybook: http://wp.me/PDKwi-1f3#gerard
Slideshow: https://youtu.be/6_KcKez6r3I
Source: Raw Scripts from Springfield [UK]: http://bit.ly/1VtXhJ6 (dump of captioning)
WSJ Episode Summary:: http://on.wsj.com/1LY4k7r
Blurb: Unable to escape from Washington DC to join Red, Liz seeks asylum at the Russian Embassy, but the Cabal is hot on her heels. Events land her in the middle of a hostage situation.
Created by: Jon Bokenkamp
Director: Andrew McCarthy
Story by: JR Orci, Lukas Reiter
Teleplay: Daniel Knauf, Brandon Sonnier, Brandon Margolis

Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington – James Spader
Elizabeth Keen – Megan Boone
Donald Ressler – Diego Klattenhoff
Harold Cooper – Harry Lennix
Tom Keen – Ryan Eggold
Aram Mojtabai – Amir Arison
Samar Navabi – Mozhan Marnò
Dembe Zuma – Hisham Tawfiq

Clayton – Christopher James Baker
Alexander Rostovich – Sean Cullen
Matias Solomon – Edi Gathegi
“Connie” (Russian Ambassador) – Misha Kuznetsov
Asst AG Reven Wright – Adriane Lenox
Marvin Gerard – Fisher Stevens


🔴 Episode 3:2 Marvin Gerard


[ Siren wailing ] [ Door opens ] [ Door closes ]
Kozlov: I do apologize for keeping you waiting. Mikhail Kozlov.
Liz: Are you the Embassy Intelligence Chief?
Kozlov: We are not here to discuss my curriculum vitae, Agent Keen, only to ascertain why you are here and what you hope to accomplish now that the FBI has surrounded the embassy.
Liz: I am not here to speak to a pawn without adequate clearance.
Kozlov: Nor are we here to harbor foreign agents of the FBI, Agent Keen.
Liz: My name is Masha Rostova. I am a deep cover operative for the Federalnaya Sluzhba Bezopasnosti. I have successfully completed my mission and am hereby seeking asylum. I would appreciate an immediate and private audience with your Chief Intelligence Officer.
[ In observation room, man speaks Russian ]
[ Phone beeps ]

Ressler: I need to speak to whoever’s in command of security, and I need to do it now. You understand?
Samar Navabi: Ressler. I just got off the line with Reven Wright.
Ressler: Did we get the go-ahead?
Samar: The State Department has requested that the Russians bring her out.
Ressler: Requested? Nobody would be making a request if it was Bin Laden in there. On US soil? We’d be blasting our way in.
Samar: The Russian embassy isn’t US soil. That fence is a border. Crossing it is tantamount to armed invasion. It’s literally an act of war.
Ressler: I know, but look around. The war’s already started.

[ Beep ]
Raskovich: Agent Keen. [ Mic clatters ] Or do you prefer “Rostova”?

[ Rapid beeping ] [ Shower running, man and woman laughing ] [ Cell phone rings ] [ Woman giggles ]
Man: Oh.
Woman: Leave it.
[ Ring ]
Connie [ a guy ]: Patience, golubushka. Duty calls.
[ Chimes ] [ Exhales sharply ]
Red: Oh, Connie. What a delightful nod to tradition. I can’t tell you how nostalgic it is to see a Russian bureaucrat demonstrating such a time-honored absence of work ethic.
Woman: Connie? Is someone here?
Connie: No, darling. Keep the shower running. I’ll be right in.
[ Singsongy ] I bought us a toy.
[ Door creaks ]
Mm. [ Giggles ]
Red: She’s much prettier than she looks sitting behind the news anchor desk.
Connie: Get out.
Red: Plus, she’s married to a ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Only fair, I suppose, given the black book military aid he’s allocated to Crimea. Reciprocity’s a bitch, right Connie? Screw the Bear, the Bear screws back, batteries not included.
[ Connie starts to make call ]
Red: By all means, do call in the troops. What with your government’s implication in the Orea bombing and assassinations of the sitting Senator and the Attorney General of the United States, how much harm could a weekly game of water wiggle between their ambassador and a senator’s wife cause? Barely a blip in the news cycle. Though, I doubt the Kremlin will be nearly as jejune as I am.
[ Cell phone clatters ]
Connie: What do you want?
Red: That’s the spirit, Connie. Service with a smile. The reason your underlings are so rudely interrupting your weekly tryst is because Elizabeth Keen turned herself in to your embassy and has identified herself as a deep cover FSB agent in distress.
Connie: [ Scoffs ] That’s absurd.
Red: [ Laughs ] Yes, quite. Nevertheless, she’s currently demanding diplomatic immunity. And I want real-time reports of everything– everything that occurs inside that building, especially the names of every drone in the decision loop between here and Moscow. That won’t present a problem, will it, Connie?
[ Cell phone ringing ]
Red: Duty calls, comrade.

Liz: Who are you?
Raskovich: Alexander Raskovich, FSB Chief Intelligence Agent for Washington, DC, which makes me Senior Intelligence Agent for the entire Western hemisphere. I am intimately acquainted with every single Russian intelligence asset in North and South America, active and inactive. And you, dear, are not one of them. Which begs a question – why are you masquerading as such when you and I both know you are no such thing?
Liz: I came here to protect myself, to get your help because our interests are aligned. Your country and I have been blamed for crimes we did not commit. It was committed by a global consortium known in some quarters as the Cabal.
Raskovich: What are their objectives?
Liz: To reignite the Cold War between Russia and the United States.
Raskovich: And to what end?
Liz: I will tell you everything that I know after I’ve been guaranteed, in writing, diplomatic immunity.
Raskovich: How do I know that you’re not working for the Cabal? How do I know that you’re not here posing as a victim to gain safe passage away from the FBI?
Liz: The Russian assassin, the one known as Karakurt.
Raskovich: Never heard of him.
Liz: He’s been turned. The Cabal framed me. Who better than the daughter of a KGB agent? Raskovich: Hmm. Katarina Rostova.
Liz; A KGB agent was turned, but it wasn’t me. It was Karakurt. He’s gone. Check, and when you’ve confirmed he’s missing, draw up my immunity agreement.

[ Radio chatter ]
Ressler: Did we get the breach order?
Samar: Negative. The Russians are denying the State Department’s request. They’re not going to turn her in.
Ressler: Is the White House involved? Are they gonna make the call?
Samar: We’ve been ordered to stand down.
Ressler: They’re harboring a terrorist.
Samar: The State Department has been very clear. They want this handled diplomatically.
Ressler: Hold your positions.
[ Radio chatter continues ]

Raskovich: My superiors are willing to hear you out. If they believe you, they will do what they can to help. But not here. You’re being transferred to Moscow for debriefing.
Liz: Don’t you see that’s playing right into the Cabal’s narrative? The minute I leave US soil, my government will interpret that as a defection.
Raskovich: I have delivered a decision. Choose, Agent Keen– Moscow, or you can take your chances with your compatriots outside.

[ Speaking Russian ]
Connie’s lady friend: Where’s my wedding ring?
Red: Bedside table, behind the Ben Wa balls.
[ Ring scrapes table ]
Her: You.
Red: Me?
[ Door opens – she leaves ]
Red: And I was so riveted [ Door closes ] by her interview with those identical triplets from Milwaukee.
Connie: Spasiva.
[ Phone beeps ]
Connie: [ On phone ] Agent Keen is leaving the embassy.
Red: She’s been arrested?
Connie: The Kremlin has ordered her transfer to Moscow.
Red: Who in the Kremlin?
Connie: It was authorized by the Federal Tariff Service, of all things.
Red: Vitsin.

[ Radio chatter ] [ Helicopter whirring overhead, indistinct conversations ]
[ Car door closes ]
Driver. The package is in transit.
Mr Solomon: [ On phone ] Excellent. See Agent Keen to the airport. Our people on the plane will take it from there.
[ Car engine starts ] [ Buzzer ] [ Brakes squeal ]

[ Ressler is blocking car with Liz inside ]
Samar: Ressler. Ressler, don’t.
Ressler: If you’re gonna tell me that diplomatic vehicles have the same protection as the embassy–
Samar: You know they do. As long as she’s inside that car, she’s on Russian soil. You can’t touch her.
Ressler: I can’t let her go.
Brakes squeal ]
Samar: Ressler. I know you’re angry. So am I. But how we feel is not important.
Ressler: Taking her into custody is.
Samar: We are doing everything we can.
Ressler: Are we? Really?
Samar: Within the law, yes, really.

[ Indistinct conversations, radio chatter ] [ Cell phone rings, siren wailing in distance ] [ Ring ] Ressler: Ressler.
Red: Donald, you cannot let Agent Keen leave the embassy.
Ressler: Oh, you want a favor? How ’bout you come down here and ask him personally?
Red: Her life depends on it.
Ressler: ‘Cause I’d be more inclined to help if I had you in cuffs.
Red: You cannot let her leave.
Ressler: You’re preaching to the choir ’cause she’s already gone.
Red: I received direct confirmation from the Russian Ambassador that Agent Keen’s transfer was authorized by a high-level apparatchik in the Federal Tariff Service, a man named Vladimir Vitsin.
Ressler: Vitsin?
Red: Yes, the same man who signed the paperwork facilitating Karakurt’s entry into the United States. He’s an operative for the Cabal. Any move he makes is in service to their agenda. They’re not transporting Agent Keen to Moscow for debriefing.
The second she gets on that plane–
Ressler: She’s dead.
Red: You need to stop that convoy.

[ Car chase and crashes, shootout: ] [ Helicopter blades whirring ] [ Engine revving ] [ Glass shatters, tires screech ] [ Horn blares, tires screeching ] [ Metal scraping ] [ Gunshot ] [ Gunshot ] [ Tires screeching ] [ Gunshot ] [ Tires screech ] [ Gunshots ] [ Panting ] Keen! [ Thud ] [ Both grunting ] [ Breathing heavily ] [ Cell phone beeps ]
[ Liz shoots driver aiming at Ressler, then runs from accident scene. Stops and dials Red ] [ Line ringing ] [ Line clicks, phone beeps ] [ Keypad beeping ] [ Beep ]
Liz: [ Reading ]: “1-4-2-5 Peabody.”

Asst AG Reven Wright: It’s the best I could do.
Cooper: Full pension and benefits. If I resign.
Wright: Yes, effective immediately. In return, all charges against you will be dropped
Cooper: Agent Keen– have you found her?
Wright: I can’t discuss that with you.
Cooper: What about Karakurt? He’s the terrorist, not her.
Wright: I took your case as far as the White House. I talked to Laurel Hitchin. She’s a friend. She had to pull a lot of strings to get you this deal.
Cooper: I appreciate what you’ve done, Reven. I do. But–
Wright: These are serious charges, Harold. You could go to jail. Take the deal. For you and for Charlene. Take it and move on. If you accept the terms, Harold, they’ll drop the investigation. If you refuse to play ball, pending the outcome, you’ll be reassigned, paper pushing at the CJIS.
Cubicle, potted plant– a dead end, Harold. You’re better than that.
Cooper: Yes, I am.
Wright: You really want to do this?
Cooper: No. What I wanna do is help.

[ Indistinct conversations ]
[ Red is seated alone at table in a restaurant ]
Clayton: You think I’m stupid, Carly? You don’t think I know what’s going on?
[ Indistinct conversations continue ]
Clayton: [ Speaking to Red ] What are you looking at, old man?
[ Door bell jingles. Liz enters, sees Red ]
[ Indistinct conversations continue ] [ Liz sits across from Red ]
Liz: [ Exhales deeply ]
Red: You all right?
Liz: No, I’m not all right. [ Inhales deeply ] [ Whispers ] Ressler tried to kill me.
Red: Seeking asylum with the Russians was a dangerous decision.
Liz: I was out of options. At least I would’ve been secure in Moscow right now.
Red: If by “secure” you mean “dead,” then yes, absolutely. Ressler wasn’t trying to kill you. He was trying to save you. The convoy was compromised.
Chui: You want? We got a few specials.
Red: The best item on the menu is the pecan pie, right, Chui?
Chui: Family recipe
Liz: I’ll just have coffee, thanks. You know him? We’re safe here?
Red: You threw yourself in the hands of the Cabal the moment you got on that vehicle. The only question was whether they’d kill you before or after you entered Russian airspace.
Carly: Ow! Clayton, you’re hurting me. No.
[ Breathing heavily ]
Clayton: You deaf, old man? I told you to mind your own business. [ To Liz ] Turn around, bitch.
[ Red gets up and walks over to table ]
Carly: Clayton
Clayton: Oh, here we go.
Red: Carly.
Clayton: What the hell?
[ Red sits down next to Clayton ]
Clayton: You lookin’ to get yourself killed?
[ Red pulls gun and sticks it in Clayton’s abdomen. Carly gasps ]
Red: You haven’t the slightest clue how to speak to a woman, have you? Now, my friend there and I are having a very important discussion. So you just sit tight, enjoy your muffin, and if I hear you say anything other than “please” or “thank you” to Carly, I’m gonna drag you into the men’s room and wash your mouth out with soap. And if that doesn’t work, I’ll cut your filthy tongue out with that butter knife. Is that clear enough for you?
[ Indistinct conversations ]

Reven: Agent Ressler, what part of “stand down” don’t you understand?
Ressler: I was ordered to let Keen go and I did. I wasn’t ordered to let her die. The transport was compromised.
Wright: Says who?
Ressler: Reddington.
Wright: You spoke to him?
Ressler: Yeah, he called. [ Sighs ] Said the Cabal had hijacked Keen.
Wright: You countermanded a direct order and attacked a diplomatic transport on the word of one fugitive in order to save the life of another?
Ressler: And I’m willing to resign from the task force if the intel that Reddington gave us is wrong.
Samar: The driver has been hospitalized. As soon as he can be questioned, we can confirm Reddington’s information.
[ Computer beeps ]
Aram: Okay, we’ve got a sighting. Del Rio Diner, 1425 Peabody Street.
[ Water running ] [ Turns off faucet ] [ Exhales ] [ Exhales deeply ] [ Whispers ]
Liz: [ To herself ] Come on, pull it together.
[ Door squeaks open ] [ Indistinct conversations ]
Liz: An MPDC cruiser just pulled up out back.
[ Red unzips black duffle bag, pulls out shotgun ][ Click ]
Liz: What are you –
[ Man gasps ] [ Door bells jingle ]
[ Red blasts police car ] [ Officers shout indistinctly ]
Man: Behind the car! All right.
Red: [ To people in restaurant ] Ladies and gentlemen, please remain calm and take your seats.
Liz: Now what? [ Lowered voice ]
Red: [ To Liz ] Now I apologize. [ To everyone ] I am terribly sorry for the inconvenience, but it appears we’ll all be taking an extended lunch. However, if you remain calm and do exactly as I say, I promise you’ll leave here with a rip-roaring story to tell your friends and families. Bon appetít.
[ Siren wailing in distance ] [ Phone rings ]
Red: Dear, would you mind answering that phone? No doubt it’s for me.[ Ring ]

[ in hospital. Monitor beeping steadily, ventilator whooshing. Driver of Russian car Liz was in is in hospital bed, not quite asleep ]
Mr Solomon: Oh, I’m sorry. Did I disturb you? They said you were sedated. [ Chuckles ] Well, you know what they say? Can’t keep a good man down. Unfortunately, it’s only a matter of time before the FBI pays you a visit, and we can’t have that ’cause you are what is commonly referred to as a “loose end.” Now, you should take heart, because if the Russians are furious now, imagine how irate they’ll be when they learn that there’s been another fatality as a result of Agent Ressler’s attack on your convoy.
[ Solomon introduces a drug into the driver’s IV ]
Solomon: If it’s any consolation, your heroic devotion to our cause has earned you my most sincere respect. Godspeed, sir.
[ Gasping ] [ Thrashing ] [ Bed rattling ]
Solomon: Godspeed. [ Leaves ]
[ Grunting ] [ Monitor beeps rapidly ] [ Emits continuous tone ]

[ Radio chatter, indistinct conversations ] [ Radio chatter continues ] [ Siren wailing in distance ]
Ressler: What do you got?
Officer: Cut the power to the building, commandeered the phone lines. Both suspects are still inside.
Ressler: Both suspects?
Officer: Agent Keen and Raymond Reddington.
Ressler: Keen.
Officer: We believe so, but he’s got the hostages positioned as human shields. Can’t get a clear view inside.
Ressler: Well, then, let’s find out.
Officer: What are you doing?
[ Ressler holds up gun, places it on car hood, holds hands up and walks toward restaurant ]
[ Cell phone beeps ]
Officer: Hold fire.
Ressler: Keen! [ Siren continues wailing ] Keen!
Red: Ah. Agent Ressler, excellent. Do you have a pen? Because I’m ready to dictate a list of my demands.
Ressler: I owe you, Keen. You saved my life back at that convoy. Now let me return the favor. Come out before this gets bad.
Liz: It’s already gone bad, and you’re making it worse. If you wanna repay me, do what Reddington says before somebody else gets hurt.
Ressler: That’s not gonna happen, and you know it. The scene’s locked down. Nowhere to go, and you got zero leverage because I know you. I know what you’re capable of, and you’re not gonna hurt these people.
[ Red grabs one of the male hostages, points gun at his neck ]
Red: She won’t, but I will. Ready? My demands are as follows– One, I want the immediate restoration of power to this building. Two, an armored vehicle to transport us safely and unmolested from this door to a runway of my choosing. Three, bring me Marvin Gerard. You have 90 minutes.
Ressler: That’s it?
Red: After that, a hostage dies every half-hour. That’s it, Agent Ressler.
[ Indistinct conversations ]

Ressler: Marvin Gerard. Graduated magna cum laude from Harvard where, at the tender age of 31, he was appointed the third youngest full professor in the institution’s history. He served as a prosecutor for three years, State of New York. Later, he joined his father-in-law’s criminal defense firm as a full partner. He was on the short list for an appointment to the Federal Bench when his marriage to the boss’s daughter hit the skids. Serves a year for attempting to kidnap their son, gets disbarred. Currently, he’s incarcerated for 7 to 10 in the Cumberland FCI.
Although he’s been disbarred, Gerard acts as shadow counsel to some of the biggest players in the criminal underworld – politicians, CEOs and one Raymond Reddington.
Samar: Marvin Gerard?
Gerard: Who are you? What am I doing here?
Samar: I’m Special Agent Samar Navabi. You’ve been briefed?
Gerard: Rousted out of bed, cavity-searched, shackled, transported like livestock? Yes.
Briefed? No.
Samar: One of your former clients is holding 17 civilians hostage in that diner. He’s demanded that we bring you here.
Gerard: Which one?
Samar: Raymond Reddington.
Gerard: I have nothing to do with this. I don’t know what he wants from me. I am not going in there.
Samar: Well, you are going in.
Ressler: If you could please disrobe?
Gerard: Like hell! Call my lawyer. Who is your OIC?
Ressler: That would be me.
Samar: Gentlemen, help Mr. Gerard out of his, uh, jumpsuit.
Gerard: This will never work. If he asks me, I’m gonna have to tell him that I’m wearing a wire. It will be unethical for me to lie to my client. Let the record reflect that I am complying under duress and that my Fourth Amendment right to privacy is being violated.
Samar: As is my right not to be nauseated. Per Reddington’s demands.
Gerard: Unbelievable.

Red: I’ll get that, dear.
Waitress: The first table over there.
[ Liquid pouring ] [ Whispers ]
Liz: This is not working.
[ Lowered voice ]
Red: Lizzie, please. Take a seat. I’ll have Chui bring you a piece of pie. I promise you’ll thank me.
Liz: Cut it out. A lawyer? How is that gonna help us with this?
Red: Lawyers find and exploit loopholes. It’s what makes them so loathsome. And Marvin Gerard is the most loathsome of them all. That’s what makes him so invaluable.
[ Knock on door ]
Red: Speak of the devil. Hello, Marvin.
Gerard: My parole hearing is next week.
Red: Christmas came early.
[ Unlocks door ]
Gerard: You think this is a gift? They’ll probably tack on five more years just seeing you breathe in my direction.
Red: Are you wired?
Gerard: Of course I’m wired.
Red: [ Laughs ]
Gerard: I told them not to bother. [ Loudly, into microphone ] I told you not to bother.
Red: Elizabeth, Marvin Gerard, – criminal attorney – One down.
Red: Not necessarily in that order.
Gerard: Finally. I am in the presence of greatness. You’re the one. You’re the one who made him throw away his freedom.
Red: Good God, Marv, let it go.
Gerard: What? You asked for my advice.
Red: I was simply giving you, as a friend, a heads up regarding my plans. You were a wonderful attorney.
Gerard: And you were a terrible client.
[ Mic thuds ] [ Static hisses ]
Gerard: Not that you’re interested, but, uh I just got engaged. Becky Weinberg.
[ Bug clatters ] [ Static hisses ]
Red: Becky from the old firm? The paralegal. [ Laughing ] Oh, my God. You old dog. Oh!
Gerard: Getting older by the minute. You just extended my engagement about a decade with this stunt. Now I’m never gonna make parole. Becky and I– She’s not gonna wait around.
Red: All right, counselor, let’s get down to business. I have a situation that requires your undivided attention.
Gerard: No, it doesn’t. Turn yourselves in.
Red: Marvin, hear me out. You don’t have all the facts.
Gerard: No? But I have eyes. And I can see that you’re in here, and they are out there. And now you’re gonna start in with me about how, oh, with you, there’s always more than meets the eye.
[ Liz’s pistol is tucked in the back of her pants. Clayton tries to get it. They get into a fist fight. She is more than a match for him ]
Carly: No, stop!
Red: Elizabeth!
[ Grunting ]
Uhh! Uhh! – Stop! – Uhh!
Red: That’s enough! [ Panting ] [ Liz has her pistol, spins around and points it at Red. Close-ups of their faces. Their looks at each other are full of dark questions. Red reaches for the gun, takes it from her ]
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[ Gasps ] [ Woman panting and whimpering ] [ Patrons murmuring ] [ Mouthing words ] [ Clayton groaning and gasping ]
Red: You broke his ribs. Sounds like his lung is punctured.
[ Grunting ] [ Liz tries to provide medical assistance ]
Carly: You’re hurting him.
Liz: That’s the only way to stop the swelling.
Carly: What do you care?
Liz: I didn’t want anybody to get hurt.
Carly: Really? Seemed to me like you wanted to hurt him bad.
Red: She didn’t have a choice. What if he’d gotten her gun? What then, Carly? Do you think any of us would be safer if he were armed? You think you’d be safe?
Liz: What is he working on? A plea agreement? Why else bring a lawyer in here other than to cut a deal? If you think for one second that I am interested–
Red: There will be no deal.
Liz: Then why go to all the trouble to bring him in here? Doesn’t make any sense.
Red: Marvin Gerard was one of the most respected defense attorneys on the Eastern seaboard. Perfect wife, perfect job, perfect, all of it. Save for his son Timothy. Quiet boy. Fell in with some bad eggs, it seems. Disciplinary issues, troubles at school, drug abuse. Timothy was getting a steady supply of amphetamines from his mother’s shrink– Ritalin, Adderall. She constantly bullied the boy. Marvin and his wife separated. He fought for custody, contacted police, social services. But his wife was the princess in a very prominent and powerful legal dynasty, so no action was ever taken. Timothy remained in her sole custody. Her abuse worsened. Convinced he had no other option, Marvin kidnapped the boy. They tracked him down, of course. Returned the child to his mother. Marvin was disbarred, convicted, and incarcerated.
Liz: And what happened to his son?
Red: A year later, Timothy hung himself. He was 15.

Agent: Snipers in position for cover. Teams make simultaneous entries here and here. Flashbangs and smoke. Secure and contain the scenario. Counter minimal risk of collateral damage. We’re all set on my mark.
Aram: He can’t do that, can he? Can you do that?
Samar: No. We don’t have eyes inside. Even a minimal risk of collateral damage is too much.
Ressler: We wait. Reddington’s not gonna hurt anybody in that building. Keen won’t let him.
Agent: Same girl who shot the Attorney General?
Ressler: That was different.
Agent: She’s in over her head.
Samar: It’s probably why they got spotted.
Agent: It wasn’t her that was spotted.
Agent: Anonymous tip came in on Reddington, not Keen.
Ressler: Get me that 9-1-1 call.
Gerard:[ Typing ] Raymond. Did you read this?
Red: Yes. It’s the voice transcripts we recovered from the Fulcrum.
Gerard: No, I didn’t ask you if you recognize it. I asked you if you read it– specifically section 39C, pages 216 to 217, lines 5 through 19. Here. [ Taps key ]
Red: This can’t be right.
Gerard: God, no. It’s all kinds of wrong.
Red: This is a perilously fast run down a slippery road.
Gerard: Granted, you’d have to hit all green lights, but yeah, we could make it work.

Carly: He– he can’t breathe! Somebody help him! [ To Liz ] No, not you! Get away from him! [ Gasping ]
Red: His chest cavity is filling with blood.
Liz: [ Lowered voice ] His lungs are gonna collapse if we don’t get him medical attention in the next 20 to 30 minutes tops.
Red: Fine. He’ll be in Agent Ressler’s capable care by then. We’re leaving.
Liz: Leaving?
Red: Attention, everyone. We’re done here, so if you could all be so kind as to gather up your belongings and step into the kitchen. Except you two. [ Carly and Clayton – joke ] You stay right there. Lucinda? Chui, be a pal. Wrap up two slices of that delicious pecan pie.

Ressler: I spent five years tracking Reddington and can count on one hand the number of times we got a credible sighting.
Aram: I found the 9-1-1 call.
[ Cell phone rings ] [ Beep ] [ Whispers ]
Wait a second.
Red: I’m very disappointed, Donald. I would’ve expected you of all people would’ve understood that when I make a demand, it’s just that. Stalling is not tolerated.
Ressler: We’re doing the best we can, all right?
Red: Why isn’t the power back on? Where’s my armored vehicle?
Ressler: We’re working on it.
Red: Work harder. If the power isn’t back in 60 seconds, I’m gonna start shooting people. Your time starts now.
[ Receiver clatters ]
Agent: Give him the power.
Ressler: He’s bluffing.
Agent: I can’t take that chance. [ Beep ] Restore the power.
[ Static hisses ] [ Loud clank ] [ Electricity surges and whirs ]

Red: Counselor? [ Directs him into hallway ] [ Laughs ] The least of your many talents, my friend.
[ Keypad to secret escape beeping ] [ Whirring ]

Red: [ Red’s voice on 911 call ] He just looked right at me.
– It’s him.
– It’s Reddington.
– That’s Reddington.
Ressler: He called the tip in on himself. This whole thing, he wanted us to – Breach! Breach now!

[ Door whooshes ]
Chui: Okay, everyone, let’s pack it up.
Red: I’m sorry you have to burn this operation on our account, Chui. It was a beautiful thing.
Chui: If only it lasted. They’ll be packed and long gone before the FBI ever gets down here. This way.

[ Loud bang ]
– Let’s go!
– Go!
[ Men shouting indistinctly ]
– Kitchen!
– Kitchen!
[ Indistinct shouting continues ]
Samar: They’re not here.
Ressler: Hell.
[ Loud clank in distance ]
Agent: Get these people out of here.
Ressler: They didn’t just disappear. There’s gotta be a way out. Break down every wall if you have to. Find them.

Marvin: This is a bad situation, Red. They will hunt me, and they will find me. And when they do, do you know where I am going? – In a hole.
Red: Do you like Tahiti?
Marvin: Solitary. 23 hours a day. There will be no parole and no chance of seeing Becky again, that’s for sure.
Red: You’re a free man, Marvin. Instead of facing a notoriously unpredictable parole board and the showering with the boys, you’ll be unwinding on a small banana plantation I have outside of Papeete.
Marvin: [ Laughs ] Becky.♤ [ She’s in the car ]
Red: Get in the car, Marvin. Have a mai tai, soak up some sun because I’ll be contacting you soon, and when I do, I want this plan of yours to be thoroughly mapped out. We only have one shot at this. I’ll be in touch. Make sure you have Heia air dry your sheets! You’ll sleep like a baby!♤
Liz: This whole thing, the diner, it wasn’t a hostage situation. It was a jail break.♤
Red: Yes. We’re not gonna be able to fight our way out of this, Lizzie. We’re gonna have to think our way out.♤
Liz: You really think he can help?
Red: I do.
Liz: Where do we go from here?

[ Telephone rings ]
Ressler: The owner’s gone, the lawyer’s gone, and Red and Liz are gone.
Samar: Why would he go to all this trouble, risk everything, just to free Marvin Gerard?
Ressler: Put the word out. They’re in the wind, and we’re back to square one.

Red: Mmm. [ Chewing ] [ Light jazz playing ] You have no idea what I’ve offered Chui to divulge the secret of this recipe. [ Mouth full ] He won’t say. I suspect it has something to do with how he beats his eggs.
Liz. I cannot stop thinking about that man from the diner.
Red: I wonder if he uses a whisk.
Liz: His wife, the way she looked at me. No one’s ever looked at me like that before. How do you do it?
Red: Do what?
Liz: How do you deal with people looking at you that way? The fear? How do you go on knowing that people are terrified of you?
[ press 🔳 To go to Writers Room note re: borrowed content below ]
Red: From as early as I can remember, I dreamed of someday being captain of a ship. To be out there on the ocean in the middle of the night, navigating by the stars. I always thought it would be the greatest life on earth. The people you’re talking about [ Sighs ] – The ones who think they know you they really don’t know anything about you at all. I’ve never told anyone that before. [ Laughs ] About a life at sea.
Liz: Why didn’t you do it? You went into Naval Intelligence instead.
Red: It was the Cold War. There were spies to run.
Liz: The Cabal – they blamed you for something you hadn’t done.
Red: Sailors have been navigating by the stars for thousands of years. Odysseus spent a decade at war. [ Pouring liquor ] But his biggest battle was finding his way home.
[ Cap clinks ] [ Thud ]
Liz: I think you would’ve made a terrific captain.
Red: [ Laughs ] I don’t know. [ Chuckles ] You can’t do every silly thing you want to in life. You have to make your choices. You have to try to be happy with them. I think we’ve done pretty well. I’m not saying it’s easy to ignore the way people look at you. But I hope you can find some solace in the fact that when I look at you

♫ Our House
By Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

♪ I’ll light the fire you place
the flowers in the vase
that you bought today
staring at the fire for hours and hours –
while I listen to you –

[ Red goes over to a keypad on the wall and enters a code. Keypad beeps: A large double door to the outside opens ⋙ 🎇 Magic! 🎇 Red touches Liz’s elbow to guide her outside, Liz’s hair is blown about by the wind. ]

♪ play your love songs all night long oh,
such a cozy room such a cozy room
the windows are illuminated
by the evening sunshine

Red: [ Pointing ] That’s Polaris, the North Star.

♪ fiery gems

Red: That’s how sailors used to find their way home.

♪ only for you

Red: When I look at you, that’s what I see. I see my way home.

[ Camera looks ahead to show they are on a ship plowing forward into the waves. The stars shine above. Camera angle changes to in front of ship. We see it is a large cargo ship. Red and Liz have stepped out onto a second story platform. “Their house” – which we have only seen the elegant inner trappings before – is constructed of six shipping containers, with the doors open on the central, upper deck unit, warm light flooding out into the night ]

♪ our house is a very, very, very fine house
with two cats in the yard
life used to be so hard
now everything is easy ’cause of you and our –

♪ la la, la la la la la la la la la, la la
la la la la la la
la la la la la la, la la la

♪ la la, la la la la la la la la la, la la
la la la la la la
la la la la la la, la la la

♪ – our house – is a very, very, very fine house –
very fine house
with two cats in the yard
life used to be so hard
now everything is easy ’cause of you
and our I’ll light the fire
while you place the flowers in the vase
that you bought today

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/1JWrw4D
YouTube: http://youtu.be/n6PlzqALFzo

⊰ ♤ ⊱
Solomon: I’m a man of my word. Your granddaughter got the antidote. [ Gloves snapping ] Now it’s your turn. We lost your boss, and no one seems to know where he’s gone. [ Clatters ] But I have the sneaking suspicion that you do. So where is Raymond Reddington? [ Smacks him with weighted cloth tube ]

[ Ressler in hallway ][ Gun cocks ]
Tom: [ Hoodie pulled up ] We need to talk.

❌❌❌ END 3:2 Gerard
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🔴 Episode 3:3 Eli Matchett

Last updated: 10/17/2015 3:55 am CT, Program air date: 10/15/2015 in the US
Script Status = FINAL
Permalink: http://wp.me/pDKwi-1OC
Slideshow link: https://youtu.be/ygnbVIMQHhU “Good Person” (1:36)
Storybook: http://wp.me/PDKwi-1f3#matchett
Source: Raw Scripts from Springfield [UK]: http://bit.ly/1VtXhJ6 (dump of captioning)
WSJ Episode Summary: http://on.wsj.com/1LY4tHW
Blurb: Red and Liz travel to the Midwest to corner the Cabal’s money operation and unveil a plot to control the global grain supply.
Created by: Jon Bokenkamp
Director: Steven Adelson
Written by: Lukas Reiter, JR Orci

Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington – James Spader
Elizabeth Keen – Megan Boone
Donald Ressler – Diego Klattenhoff
Harold Cooper – Harry Lennix
Tom Keen – Ryan Eggold
Aram Mojtabai – Amir Arison
Samar Navabi – Mozhan Marnò
Dembe Zuma – Hisham Tawfiq

Lucius Kuhlmann – David Cale
Mason – Steve Cirbus
Matias Solomon – Edi Gathegi
Eli Matchett – Don Harvey
Undercover cop – Scott Johnsen
Susan Hanover – Cindy Katz
Glen Carter – Clark Middleton
Eduardo – Julio Peña
Mr Vargas – Paul Reubens
Gabriel Costa – Gabriel Sloyer
Verdiant boss – Robert Stanton
Desmond – John Tague


🔴 Script 3:3 Eli Matchett (№ 72)


♫ Creepin’
by Eric Chūrch

♪ bom, bom, bom, bo-om bom, bom, bom, bo-om

♪ Like a honeybee beating on my screen door,
I got a little buzz and my head is sore,
And from my bed I can feel the sun,
Lord I hear the morning come.

♪ Just a creepin’
Oh, creepin

♪ Head for the future,
Run from the past,
Hide from the mirror,
And live in a glass,
What dreams forget the whiskey remembers,
Kinda like molasses in late December.

♪ Just a creepin’
Oh, creepin

♪ Your cocaine kiss and caffeine love,
Got under my skin and into my blood,
That need you back comes over me,
Like ivy crawlin’ up a hickory tree.

♪ Just a creepin’
Oh, creepin

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/1GhVe9h
YouTube: http://youtu.be/8OZhw-aQTP8

[ A group of four workers is spraying in a field of tall corn. They wear yellow protective gear and gas masks, are using wands to spray. One of the group (Gabriel Costa) uncovers rifles in the field and kills the others. He leaves the field, keying in a combination to open the gate of a tall fence. Eli Matchett pulls up in a truck. He and two other men get out ]
Costa: Should be nine more workers inside. Just rotated on shift.
Matchett: Security?
Costa: Two in the lobby, one in the lab.

♪ run from the past

Matchett: Let’s get to work.
[ The group walks off into the field in the direction of a plant at the far side ]

♪ hide from the mirror and live in a glass just a-creepin’
bom, bom, bom, bo-om

Ressler: Forget it.
Tom: Liz needs all the help she can get.
Ressler: Since when are you interested in helping her? All you’ve ever done is betray her.
Tom: Says the guy who’s hunting her down. You really think Liz is a Russian agent, a terrorist?
Ressler: If you know where she is–
Tom: I don’t. That’s why I’m here. Look. I know you don’t trust me. If it’s any consolation, I don’t trust you, either.
Ressler: Like I said, forget it.
Tom: Don’t you want to know the truth? Don’t you want to know what happened?
Ressler: Easy. Your ex is a wanted killer. You want to help her, let me do my job.
Tom: I know you care about Liz. You can act like you don’t, but I know you do. Let me help. I can go places. I can do things. Break the law? Work around it.
Ressler: Next time, I break that arm.

Liz: We were out. You said the ship we were on was headed to Spain.
Red: Change of plans.
Liz: Because?
Red: Because after far too much time playing defense, today’s the day we switch to offense.
Liz: Take a look around. We are hardly in prime position to be fighting anyone right now.
Red: The Director needed permission to have me killed. And he only got it by convincing others that I didn’t have the Fulcrum. That was a costly mistake. And now members of the Cabal will be exposed as a result of investigations. His own people are questioning his leadership. We need to capitalize on that by wreaking such havoc on the Cabal that they will choose to exonerate you and sacrifice the Director.
Liz: How is that ever gonna happen?
Red: Our journey begins in the home of the double-bacon corn dog. ♤ Welcome to Iowa.

Red: What do you know about Verdiant Industries, Lizzie?
Liz: Nothing.
Red: They’re the world’s largest agribusiness. They sell seeds. More to the point, genetically engineered seeds. In fact, they’re the single largest manufacturer of genetically engineered seeds on Earth, and not just any seeds. Corn, soy, the crops at the very foundation of our food economy.
Liz: I’ve read about this. Modifying the DNA of the seed itself, teaching it to create a protein that kills common pests that would eat it.
Red: Yes, and those seeds are very expensive. Most small farmers can’t afford them. Many of them have been driven out of business. And when people feel their homes and livelihoods threatened, violence is never far behind. A few days ago, a Verdiant facility was attacked by a group of small farmers who call themselves Los Segadores [ “The Harvesters” ], men determined to kill Verdiant before it kills them.
Liz: Damaging one building will hardly kill Verdiant.
Red: They did more than damage a building, Lizzie. They stole data, a cache of proprietary files detailing how Verdiant modifies its corn genome. That’s a trade secret worth billions of dollars. You and I are gonna take those files from the men who stole them.
Liz: Assuming we could do that, why would we?
Red: Verdiant launders money for the Cabal. Hundreds of millions of dollars a year. If we get those files, we have leverage over Verdiant. We have leverage over Verdiant, we have leverage over the Cabal.

[ Door slams ]
Aram: I know how Mr Reddington and Agent Keen got out of the diner where the standoff happened. The tunnels, the ones they used to escape from the diner, they were built to sneak in contraband from the port of Baltimore.
Ressler: Coordinate with the MPA. I want a full accounting of all ships–
Aram: Already did. One particular freighter caught our attention.
Samar: The DMC Peña set sail 48 minutes after the siege of the diner ended en route to the Spanish port of Valencia, but 70 miles into their journey, they turned back to the US, citing engine trouble.
Ressler: Where’s the freighter now?
Samar: They docked at Norfolk late last night.
Aram: According to the cargo manifest, only one thing came off the ship. Container number 358202 was offloaded and placed on a westbound flatbed at 12:23 AM.
Ressler: Stowed away in a corrugated sardine can. The glamorous life of an international fugitive. I want to know where that truck’s headed. Find that crate.

Liz: What is it?
Red: Dembe. This is the rendezvous point. Something’s wrong. We’re gonna need transportation.
Liz: This’ll do. [ She breaks into a car ]

[ Glen’s cellphone beeps ] [ Grunts ] [ Tetris theme song playing ] [ Cellphone rings ] [ Cellphone beeps ] [ Dialing ]
[ Lock disengages ]
[ Cellphone rings ]
[ Tetris theme song playing ] [ Cellphone beeps ]
Glen: I’m not talking to you.
Red: Dembe’s missing.
Glen: They were here. The FBI.
Red: When?
Glen: When? What does it matter when? They were here. And when I refused to answer their questions, they took me in.
Red: Don’t try my patience, Glen. I’m sorry, Red. I’m hypoglycemic. My blood sugar crashed and I just lost it.
Red: Glen.
Glen: I must’ve spent six hours in the box. I nearly had a stroke.
Red: What did you tell them?
Glen: I didn’t have my crackers with me, I couldn’t get a juice box. I rolled, Red. I’m sorry.
I told them everything.
Red: Everything?
Glen: I’m yanking your crank. What do you think I am, a snitch? I’m clean as a whistle, which is more than I can say for your shorts.
[ Engine turns over ]
Glen: I can hear you dropping a steamer through the phone.
Liz: We got wheels.
Glen: Safety! Okay. Dembe. What’s the 911? [ Chuckles ]

Solomon: You’re a fool. You think because you would risk your life to save Reddington [ Dembe Coughs ] that he’s gonna do the same? [ Spits ] [ Laughing ]
Solomon: He won’t. [ Laughs ] Reddington won’t come for you. You are protecting a man that has left you for dead.
[ Man groans in adjacent room ] [ Groaning continues ] [ Knock on door ]
Solomon: We have a colleague of yours. He’s being prepared. Unless you tell me where I can find Reddington he will suffer. Nothing? So be it. What you hear next is a consequence of your misplaced loyalty.
[ Man in adjacent room ]: [ Grunts ] Please, no!

[ Latin music playing ]
Red: Gentlemen. A moment of your time. Eduardo!
Liz: I wouldn’t.
Red: You’re members of Los Segadores, am I right? A simple nod is acceptable. Excellent. I was hoping to have a word with your leader.
Eduardo [?]: That’s me.
Red: I don’t believe so. I was told to speak with a man named Eli Matchett.
Eduardo: What are you, cops? Goons working for Verdiant? Either way, I’m not telling you –
[ Liz shoots radio, music stops ] [ Dog barks in distance ]
Liz: The next one goes in your leg.
Red: Eli Matchett.
Eduardo: He’s gone.
Red: Gone where?
Eduardo: I don’t know. I don’t! Look, Verdiant has a warehouse up in Silver Ridge doing some top-secret research. We were working on how to take it out when Eli– he just snapped. Started saying how we were a joke, how none of us had the balls to make a real impact. So he walked. Next we hear, nine people are dead.
Liz: You think Matchett is responsible?
Man: We got a guy on the inside at Verdiant. Gabriel Costa. If Eli did this, he had Costa’s help.
Red: We’re gonna need Mr. Costa’s address. And maybe some directions. My associate prefers to steal cars made before the advent of GPS.

[ Keypad beeping ] [ Door buzzes ]
Gabriel Costa [?]: Were you able to crack the server files?
Mason: All 5 billion nucleotide pairs. Verdiant’s patented prize pig. I’m uploading the file to a couple dozen hosting sites.
Desmond: Look, I know we agreed to open source this, but this is Verdiant’s most guarded trade secret. It’s worth a fortune.
Mason: So what? You want to sell to the highest bidder?
Desmond: I want to get back what that seed cost me. My farm, my family.
Mason: Yeah. We sell and get back our losses, but no one else’s. This doesn’t belong to Verdiant, it doesn’t belong to us. We release to everyone.
[ Gunshots. Matchett shoots all three of them ] [ Coughing ]
Matchett: Sorry, friends. But I got something else in mind.

[ Ressler and Samar have located Red’s shipping container ]
Ressler: Sure is one hell of a sardine can.♤
Samar: The man does have style.
Ressler: Aram?
Aram: I found on the AP. A bombing in Fairfield at a facility owned by Verdiant Industries.
Ressler: Reddington comes to town a few days after a major attack? That’s not a coincidence.
Aram: I thought the same thing. So, I cross-referenced every senior-level employee with Mr Reddington’s file, and I came up with one name. Verdiant CTO Susan Hanover.
Ressler: Why do I know that name?
Aram: Because it was listed in the Fulcrum. 25 years ago, Hanover was a low-level staffer on the Hill.
Samar: A bombing with a direct link to the Cabal.
Ressler: That’s why Reddington’s in town.

[ Police radio chatter ]
Samar: How many employees were lost?
Verdiant Manager: We think 15. Nine are confirmed dead, the other six are officially listed as unaccounted for. They say some of the bodies are, uh, unidentifiable.
Samar: You’ve been hit before?
Manager: The company, yeah, but not this facility, and never like this. There’s a group, calls itself Los Segadores. Up to now, it’s only been property damage.
Ressler: So why the escalation?
Manager: Because certain secure terminals can only access the company mainframe during business hours. Whoever did this accessed our proprietary files. They downloaded information detailing how we modify our genomes. That’s a trade secret worth billions of dollars.
Samar: This was a robbery.
Manager: If that data is released publicly, it’s only a matter of time before our product is being mass produced on the black market. The price of our product will fall permanently. Our stock won’t recover.
FBI Agent: Sir. Uh, sorry to interrupt, but I just received a call from the medical examiner.
Manager: What is it?
Agent: They ran preliminary DNA tests on the remains recovered inside, and everyone was accounted for except for one employee. A, uh, Gabriel Costa.
Manager: That’s not possible. His badge was used to swipe in that morning. He was here.
Samar: Unless he walked out with the attackers.
Ressler: Maybe Gabriel Costa’s our inside man.
[ Sighs ]

[ Matchett enters virology lab ]
Matchett: How long do you need?
Lucius Kuhlmann [?]: Delivery system’s done. Now it’s just two more hours for the completion of the replication period, and you’ll have your virus.

Liz: Costa isn’t here.
Red: Then we look for anything that may reveal his whereabouts.
Liz: [ Sighs ] [ Computer chimes, mouse clicking ] I don’t know what happened. I used to consider myself lucky. I had a husband I loved, a job I always wanted. I was the kind of person good things happen to.
Red: Have you ever heard of Mugs Kalinowski? Lovely guy. Ugliest man I ever laid eyes on. That’s why everyone called him Mugs. Except his dear mother. She was an art professor at Bard. Lovingly referred to him as Picasso.
Liz: That’s kind of sweet, actually.
Red: [ Chuckling ] Well, it was an apt nickname. His face was all over the place. But perhaps as a result of that nickname, Mugs grew up with a great appreciation for art. He fenced some of the most extravagant pieces in the world. He only had one rule. Out of respect for dear mom, he’d never lift a Picasso. Felt it was bad luck. Then one day, he got a tip from a source about a piece sitting in a huge loft in Soho. So one evening, Mugs shimmied up the drain pipe, broke in, and lo and behold, there hung on the wall, Les Femmes D’Algier. A spectacular Picasso. One of a series of 15 and astronomically valuable.
Liz: Did he take it?
Red: [ Laughing ] No. And Mugs was convinced that was the single biggest stroke of bad luck he’d ever suffered. Well, what he didn’t know was the source who’d given him the tip was working with the feds. The painting had a tracking device on it. Sometimes, bad luck is the best luck you’ll ever have.♤
Liz: What ever happened to Mugs? Did he land on his feet?
Red: Unfortunately, no. Mugs had borrowed $500,000 from a loan shark against the value of the painting. When he didn’t steal it, he couldn’t pay it back. A few weeks later, the loan shark shot him dead.
Liz: There’s something going on with that vent.
[ Vent rattling ] [ Rattling stops ] [ Car alarm chirps ]
Time to go.
[ Gasps ] [ Elevator bell dings ]
Liz: I don’t understand. How did they find us?
Red: They didn’t, and they won’t. We need a drill.
Liz: Forget about the box. We need to leave. They’re one step behind us.
Red: This is the life, Lizzie. Someone’s always one step behind.♤
[ Sighs ]

[ Cellphone rings ] [ Cellphone beeps ]
Ressler: Aram, I’m sending you a photo. I want it sent wide.
Liz: It’s not Aram.
Ressler: Keen?
Liz: Why are you doing this?
Ressler: It’s my job.
Liz: You know me. You know I’ve been framed.
Ressler: If you’re innocent, come in. Let me help you. We know about the Verdiant attack.
That’s why you’re here, isn’t it?
Liz: I’m just trying to get my life back. Verdiant is connected to the Cabal. Reddington thinks that if we get enough leverage–
Ressler: Reddington’s not capable of telling the truth. You know that.
Liz: If you’re interested in the truth, back off. Let me do what I have to do to clear my name.
Ressler: No. You were at Costa’s apartment. I’m getting close, aren’t I, Keen? [ Dial tone ] Keen?

Samar: You were right. Reddington and Liz were here. We just missed them.
Ressler: Was there a surveillance camera?
Samar: No, but I pulled this off a responding officer’s dash cam. He was dispatched to meet us at the scene. It looks like he blew right past them.
Ressler: Run that plate. Find out who that vehicle belongs to. Put out an alert for the car.

Liz: Looks like Costa was copying Verdiant documents and feeding them to Matchett and his crew. He kept this ledger to keep track of the documents he stole.
Red: He’s got internal memos here tracking some development project called Genesis.
Liz: He was sending them to a feed store in Wilson Park? Wait, wait, look. We can’t just go charging in there. We had a hard enough time handling the Cabal when the FBI was backing us, let alone hunting us down.
Red: Don’t be anxious. We’re still a step ahead.
Liz: I’m not anxious. I’m scared.♤
[ Engine turns over ] [ Tires squeal ]

Matchett: Where are we?
Kuhlmann: 400 tiny viral vectors ready to be released into the wild.
Matchett: Imagine. You can hold in one hand everything you need to bring humanity to its knees.

[ Restaurant. French music playing ] [ Indistinct conversation ]
Waiter: Table for one? Or are you waiting on the rest of your party?
Glen: No, just me. And this order’s to go. [ Music continues ] Is the Chicken Gorgonzola gluten-free?
Waiter: I believe so.
Glen: You believe, or you know for sure? Because although that may just be a small lexical distinction for you, for me, it’ll determine whether I spend my entire evening on the can with two rolls of triple ply.
Waiter: Why don’t I ask the chef? [ Sighs ]

Liz: Rover keypad. Four-digit PIN. Could be thousands of combinations.
Red: Only if you don’t know the four digits. Now there’s only 24 combinations.
[ Door creaks. Red pull tarp off bodies ]
Red: Gabriel Costa.

[ Cellphone rings, beeps ]
Samar: Agent Navabi. Where? Copy that. Wilson Park. Have your officers secure the vehicle and stand down until we get there. Patrol found the car. 355 Mission.
[ Engine revs, tires screech ]

[ Red and Liz enter virology lab ]
Liz: What is this place? [ Door opens ] This is it. This is the genome data they stole from Verdiant.
Red: Let’s get what we need and go.
[ Liz begins to download data ]

Samar: That’s the car.
Liz: [ Computer beeping ] Is that Ressler and Samar?
Red: We’re fine. Keep working. [ Computer beeping ] [ Glass shatters ] They’re in the building. How much more time?
Liz: I don’t know. These files are massive. We should go. I saw a storm door on the side of the building.
Red: Not yet.
[ Computer beeping ]
Red: The desk.
Liz: We’re not gonna make it. Reddington! [ Computer beeping ]
Liz: Clear.

[ Samar and Ressler enter virology lab. Red and Liz are gone ]
[ Computer beeping ]
Samar: Ressler.
[ They look at what looks like a large fish tank with black splotches on the glass ]
[ Insects chirping ]

Waitress: Think if you stare long enough, it might ring? [ Chuckles ] What’s her name?
Tom: Elizabeth. She’s gone. I was hoping that– You know, when we met she was seeing this other guy, He worked, I didn’t. But we started seeing each other anyway. Anyway, we had this, uh signal, way of communicating so he wouldn’t know. She would call that phone at exactly 7:00 PM, and I’d pick up. We’d meet.
Waitress: How’d that work out?
Tom: Not so great. Hey, uh, sorry, would you do me a quick favor? Um [ Pen clicks ] Just if that phone rings, if she calls, would you give her my number?

Samar: I just spoke to the owner of the building. He said he leased the space to a man named Eli Matchett two months ago.
Ressler: Did you get a background?
Samar: I did. Matchett had a farm that adjoined one of Verdiant’s properties near Abingdon.
Apparently, some of their seed blew onto his farm. They claimed he illegally infringed on their patent and they sued him. The defense cost Matchett a fortune.
[ Cellphone rings ]
Ressler: Must’ve lost everything.
[ Cellphone beeps ]
Ressler: Aram, did you get those files?
Aram: You stumbled on a state-of-the-art virology shop. Matchett didn’t steal Verdiant’s genome blueprint so he could release it publicly. He needed it to identify its weaknesses and design a virus tailor-made to destroy it.
Samar: He wants to sabotage their GMO crop?
Aram: 90% of all corn grown in America is genetically modified, and Verdiant is the largest producer of it. In fact, this one strain is planted all over the world. If this virus gets out, it will spread fast.
Ressler: How fast?
Aram: It would cross state lines in weeks, maybe even days. Within months, it would migrate overseas. If Matchett unleashes this virus, we could have a global food crisis on our hands.

Liz: We’ve got around 90%, but I’m not sure it’s readable. We’ll probably need help accessing the data without a complete download.
Red: How the hell did Ressler–
Liz: I called him while you were in the store.
Red: Why would you do that?
Liz: I told him to back off because I thought if he was interested in the truth, maybe–
Red: Ressler is a law-enforcement robot. The FBI winds him up–♤
Liz: That’s not true. He’s a person. He’s a good person.
Red: Look at me. You need to let that go, Lizzie. I have survived for a very long time now, and I assure you, I didn’t do it by relying on the goodness in people.♤
Liz: We should go. I’ll check the parking lot, find us a new ride. Meet me out front in a minute.

Ressler: Yes, sir. [ Cellphone beeps ] That was Gordon Pierce at Verdiant. You know that lawsuit against Eli Matchett?
Samar: Yeah, what about it?
Ressler: Matchett didn’t just lose his farm because of it. After the bank foreclosed, Verdiant purchased his property in a short sale. In fact, they bought out several other places in that area and turned them into one large industrial farm. Verdiant’s growing GMO corn on the very land that Matchett grew up on.
Samar: You think that’s where he plans to unleash the virus?
Ressler: I think we just found ourselves ground zero.

Undercover policeman: [ Pulls gun ] Must be my lucky day.
Liz: Drop your gun!
Officer: Can’t do that. Raymond Reddington. You got any idea how many people want to see you dead?
Red: [ Scoffs ] Some idea, yes.
Officer: And you. You’re the girl on the news. The Russian.
Red: You seem like an intuitive guy. At least intuitive enough to know when you’re in over your head, so whichever lowlife you’re working for, he’s gonna have to wait to get his revenge. Set it down.
[ Officer turns around to confront Liz. She shoots; he falls ] [ Indistinct shouting ] [ Groans ] Dispatcher: 911, what’s your emergency? What’s your location?

Red: We have to leave.
Liz: We can’t.
Red; We’re in the middle of nowhere.
Liz: He’ll be dead by the time the ambulance gets here. I’m not leaving him.
Red: Pockets. [ He takes keys, etc ]
[ They pull up to ER. Tires screech ]
Liz: Help! We need help here! Single shot to the chest! He’s breathing, but barely any pulse.
About 15 minutes ago.
[ Hospital staff come and assist with the man Liz shot ]
[ After hospital personnel take victim into hospital, Liz stands looking after them. Liz having flashbacks? ]
[ Indistinct conversation ] [ Siren wails ]
Red: [ From car ] Hey. Hey!
[ Liz gets in car. Tires screech ]

Navabi: Yes, but send two more units to Ash and 3rd. We’re five minutes out.
[ Cellphone beeps ] No visual on Matchett yet, but State Police have locked up all roads leading into the Verdiant property.
Ressler: So, Reddington was on a ship bound for freedom, and he turns it around to come back here for Verdiant. Does he really think that taking these guys out is gonna get him closer to clearing Keen’s name?

[ Liz and Red in car ]
Liz: Do you think he has a family?
Red: Lizzie.
Liz: He’s gonna die.
Red: Don’t.
Liz: You saw that hospital. They wouldn’t have a thoracic surgeon on call. They’d have to medevac him to a different county.
Red: You’re right. Thoracic surgeons would be very rare in Fairfield, Iowa. What does that tell you? Focus. Who else would be rare in Fairfield?
Liz: A virologist who specializes in GMOs. So, where did Eli Matchett find one? The documents we got from Cost ld – the ones he stole from Verdiant. Liz: They were talking about a special development project –
Red: Genesis.
Liz: And Eduardo this morning at the Segadores farm. He said Verdiant was working on some top-secret R&D at a warehouse in Silver Ridge. What are you thinking?
Red: That Agent Ressler may be of some use after all.

[ Siren chirps ] [ Police radio chatter ]
Policeman: Possible suspect sighted. Stand by.
[ Engine revs, tires screech as Eli Matchett pulls out of queue and takes off ]
Suspect sighted! Headed north!
[ Tires screech ] [ Siren wailing ] [ Tires screech ] [ Siren continues ]
Ressler: Head him off!
[ Car door slams ] [ Panting ] [ Grunts ] [ Both grunting ] [ Fistfight ]
Samar: You boys about finished?
Ressler:[ Panting ] He’s all yours.
[ Police radio chatter ]
Samar: Hey.

[ Cellphone rings ] [ Cellphone beeps ]
Ressler: Ressler.
Aram: I just received a cache of internal research documents from Verdiant. Definitely not the kind of stuff they’d want out there.
Ressler: Got them how? Where’d they come from?
Aram: That’s the crazy part. They came in on the fax hard line. I think from Agent Keen. I think she wants us to search a Verdiant warehouse in Silver Ridge.
Ressler: Why?
Aram: Are you sitting down? Because you are not gonna believe this.

Hanover: [ On phone as she minds a boy, 5-7 years old, who is swinging on a swing set ] I don’t understand. What’s the delay? What exactly do you know? That’s unacceptable. Get me an update. [ Cellphone beeps ] [ Sighs ]
[ Red approaches ]
Hanover: My God. You’re Raymond Reddington.
Red: And you’re Susan Hanover. Chief Technology Officer at Verdiant Industries. And corporate shill for the Cabal. Come on. Why don’t we let the boy play?
[ They sit on chairs next to lawn table ]
Red: I have some bad news, Susan. The virus you helped Eli Matchett create has been contained.
Hanover: I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Red: [ Laughing ] Oh, I think you do. See, I thought Eli Matchett was Verdiant’s greatest enemy. I assumed he left Los Segadores because he wanted to be even more radical, but that’s not true, is it, Susan? The truth is he was co-opted by your company. You paid him to attack that facility. You wanted him to steal that data.
Hanover: That’s outrageous.
Red: [ Chuckling ] Oh, well, we certainly agree on that. You provided him with everything he needed, including the scientist who synthesized the virus.
Hanover: Okay. That’s enough.
Red: Sit down, Susan. Let’s not make a scene in front of the boy.
Hanover: This virus you’re talking about. Why would we do that? Why destroy our own product?
Red: Perhaps you were willing to create this disease because you already possess the cure. It’s ingenious. Hire a madman to unleash a catastrophic threat, and then wait just long enough for the world to panic.
Hanover: Why would we do that?
Red: For the money, Susan. So you and your company could come rushing in with a new product at the perfect time, a seed immune to the devastating scourge and available, of course, at a much higher price.
Hanover: You can’t prove that.
Red: Oh, but I can. I know about the Genesis project. By now, so do the FBI. At the risk of sounding immodest, I’m on their Most-Wanted list. Number one with a bullet. They came here looking for me. Unfortunately for you, what they found were dozens of internal Verdiant documents which will lead them to your warehouse in Silver Ridge, and I don’t need to tell you what they’ll find inside. A stockpile of new seed waiting to be sold to a desperate world on the verge of calamity. You would’ve made a fortune and looked like heroes in the process.
Hanover: I knew Matchett was a mistake.
Red: Never met the man. Wouldn’t judge him too harshly, though. He seized his chance to terrify the world, shine one glorious spotlight on the dangers of planting the same seed in fields all over the globe. Progress. It’s a bitch.
Hanover: What do you want?
Red: I came here to ask you to deliver a message to your friend, the Director. This is only the beginning, and I won’t stop until his own people realize that their only way forward is to exonerate Elizabeth Keen and to leave the Director to me. Please. Tell him I’m coming.

Samar: The Verdiant arrest warrants are coming through. They’re being executed now. There’s something else. We just got word Liz shot an undercover cop earlier today.
Aram: What? What happened?
Samar: I’m not sure. The details are still coming in. But it does look like the guy’s gonna make it.

[ ♫ Modest Mouse’s “Wicked Campaign” plays ]

Liz: I shot a cop.
Red: Yes, you did.
Liz: And killed the Attorney General of the United States.

♪ well, I just found the fence where I’m gonna lean

Red: Yes. And when you did that you crossed a threshold, leaving your world, entering mine. Bad things are gonna find you now, Lizzie. This life has a mind and a momentum of its own.♤ That’s a reality you need to accept.

♪ but try to think it my way and say oh, oh, oh

Red: Bad things happen to good people.
Liz: Am I a good person? I’m not so sure anymore.

♪ this was not my plan

Red: I’m sure.♤

Ressler: Reddington obviously thinks that he can take the fight to the Cabal. But look what happened. This time, Keen shot a cop. The next time, she’s gonna be the one getting hurt. You know, I’ve watched you run the task force all this time, I don’t think I ever appreciated how damn hard it was.
Cooper: I’ll deny it if you ever repeat it, but there wasn’t a day when I didn’t feel I was in over my head. You should trust your instincts, Agent Ressler.
Ressler: I do. Tom Keen came out of the woodwork.
Cooper: Keen? Does he know something? No.
Ressler: No, he just wants to help.
Cooper: And did you take it?
Ressler: What, are you kidding? That guy’s a liability.
Cooper: Yes. And a loose cannon who would shoot a guilty man in the back to prevent him from escaping, but in a case like this, there could be a place for a man like that.
Ressler: You tell me to trust my instincts? My instincts are telling me to stay as far away from Tom Keen as possible.
Cooper: You know what? You’re right. You should trust your gut, not mine. After all, look where my instincts got me. You’re a good agent, Donald. You made the right call.

♪ oh, oh, oh this was not my plan
oh, oh, oh things are not so bad
and we say, “Oh, oh, oh, it’s a wicked campaign”

[ Ringing ]
Glen: Red, yeah, hey, it’s me. It’s about Dembe. We got a problem. I think he’s been taken.

♪ we sing oh, oh, oh, our wicked campaign ohh

[ Groans ]
Solomon: The price of silence. [ Leaves ]
Vargas: [ Panting ] We’re gonna die in here.

Tom: Thank you.
Waitress: In case you get tired of waiting. [ Includes a phone number with the check ]
[ Cooper sits down next to Tom ]
Cooper: What would you do to help Elizabeth Keen?
Tom: How did you find–
Cooper What would you do to help her?
Tom: Anything.
Cooper: I don’t trust you. I certainly don’t like you. You’re a liar, a thief, and a murderer. Which is exactly why you’re perfect for the job.♤
Tom: What job?
[ Cooper lays a case file on the table. It is labeled “Karakurt.” ]

♫ Wicked Campaign
by Modest Mouse

♪ Well I just found the fence where I am going to lean
Take my handkerchief out and rub my eyeglasses clean
So I just learned my face, but I forgot my name
I’m gonna wear this smile like it’s some stupid toupee
And say “Oh, that’s too bad”
Oh, I just learned your face, but it is bound to change
You can say what you want but try to think it my way

♪ And say “Oh, this wicked campaign”
I said, “Oh, this was not my plan”

♪ You know I’m a bastard and we only just met
I guess I probably shouldn’t wear this big old sign around my neck
I’ve still got some opinions that I’m willing to claim
I’m gonna carry them around like they’re some wicked campaign
I started the debate, but now I’m sure I can’t win
I should, I probably should just exit the same way I came in
Well counted, calculator, you didn’t calculate this
That there’s a lot more nothing than you knew exists

♪ “Oh, this wicked campaign”
I said, “Oh, this was not my plan”
“Oh, this wicked campaign”
Every day is a wicked campaign

♪ Well I just found the fence where I am going to lean
Take my handkerchief out and rub my eyeglasses clean
And just wait, and just wait, and wait, wait, wait
I’m not dead but I misplaced the will
I’m gonna wear this smile like it’s a $100 bill and just wait
I’m not a doctor, but I’ll sell you an itch
I could apologize, but then a bit more nothing exists
The world’s got plenty of good and bad liars
But our lies should come with chariots and choirs

♪ Singing, “Oh, things are not so bad”
And we sing, “Oh, it’s our wicked campaign”
And they sing, “Oh, things are not so bad”
We sing, “Oh, what a wicked campaign”

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/1X9tW9x
YouTube: http://youtu.be/rMi_lTGkRWY


❌❌❌ END 3:3 Matchett
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🔴 Episode 3:4 The Djinn

Last updated: 10/24/2015 2:50 am CT, Program air date: 10/22/2015 in the US
Script Status = FINAL (additional minor edits)
Permalink: http://wp.me/pDKwi-1R8
Storybook: http://wp.me/PDKwi-1f3#djinn
Source: Raw Scripts from Springfield [UK]: http://bit.ly/1VtXhJ6 (dump of captioning)
WSJ Episode Summary: http://on.wsj.com/1LJKmOu
Blurb: The Djinn will grant one’s deepest desires. How can s/he help Red exonerate Elizabeth Keen?
Created by: Jon Bokenkamp
Director: Omar Madha
Written by: Daniel Cerone


Raymond ‘Red’ Reddingtosn – James Spader
Elizabeth Keen – Megan Boone
Donald Ressler – Diego Klattenhoff
Harold Cooper – Harry Lennix
Tom Keen – Ryan Eggold
Aram Mojtabai – Amir Arison
Samar Navabi – Mozhan Marnò
Dembe Zuma – Hisham Tawfiq

Alice – Christina Cole
Bahram Bakhash – David Diaan
Mr Solomon – Edi Gathegi
Hamid – Karan Oberoi
Mr Vargas – Paul Reubens
Nasim Bakhash – Christine Tawfiq
Asher Sutton – Peter Vack
Waitress – Danni <Wang
Leonard Caul – Ned Van Zandt


🔴 Script 3:4 The Djinn (№ 43)

Previously on The Blacklist
Liz: Karakurt. We know you’re working for the Cabal. How was the virus delivered?
Red: You’ve been set up. You infected the senator, and now they will come for you.
Ressler: Suspect’s name is Special Agent Elizabeth Keen. But as of today, she’s a fugitive.
Red: Dembe’s missing.
Mr Solomon: Where is Raymond Reddington? … So be it.
Mr Vargas: We’re gonna die in here.
Cooper: What would you do to help Elizabeth Keen?
Tom Keen: Anything.

Alice: I’m happy to report your funds have cleared, Gerald. You’ll have full use of the penthouse suite until 9:00 AM. That’s when the clean-up crew arrives.
Gerald: Thank you. I can’t tell you –
Alice: Oh, you don’t have to say anything. I’m terribly sorry for your loss.
Gerald: This man’s drugs ate my son alive.
Alice: And now you’ll deliver payment in kind. Shall we wake him? The hour of vengeance has arrived. The road to healing begins tonight. What happens next is up to you. Oh, and if you find that you can’t finish your meal, we’ve provided takeout bags in the kitchen.
[ Screams ]

Leonard Caul: [ Shows photo of Solomon ] You know him?
Red: No.
Caul. Neither did I. Had to dig out my Agency rolodex to find someone who recognized him.
Name’s Matias Solomon – a real lone wolf.
Red: He was CIA?
Caul: Asset only. In Ethiopia until he joined the Eritrean war. Solomon committed atrocities on the battlefield so vulgar even the CIA disavowed him.♤
Red: I need you to find him, Leonard.
Caul: I appreciate you wanting to help your associate, but Solomon’s been MIA for a decade.
Red: Dembe is more than an associate to me.♤ Please find him.
[ Keys jingle ] [ Footsteps approaching ] [ Caul leaves, passing Aram ]
Caul: Excuse me..
Aram: Who are–
Red: [ From inside ] Aram. [ Door closes ] Surprise.
Aram: [ Chuckles ] What are you doing in my apartment? And, uh, who was that guy?
Red: I’m sorry for the intrusion. I’m here because I need your help.
Aram: Where’s Agent Keen? Something’s happened to her, hasn’t it?
Liz: Yes, thank God. I got a shower for the first time in days.
[ They hug ]
Aram: [ Laughs ] I’m so happy to see you.
Liz: Not many people are these days.♤
Okay, I probably shouldn’t say this, – but you look fantastic. [ Laughs ]
Red: Aram. We’re looking for a woman who calls herself The Djinn. A matchmaker of sorts, who pairs clients with what they most desire– greed, lust, revenge. They say she can make any fantasy come true.
Liz: We have a web address. There are encryptions we can’t decipher. I know this is asking a lot, but we wouldn’t come to you if Reddington didn’t believe that this Djinn might be helpful in clearing my name.
Aram: If I agree to help I’ll have to let Agent Ressler know.
Red: We’re in a symbiotic relationship. By helping us, Agent Ressler keeps us close.
Liz: I have to believe Ressler wants the truth about who attacked our country just as much as we do. If that’s true, he’ll accept help anywhere he can get it.
Aram: He wouldn’t take it from Tom.
Liz: What? Tom? I-I don’t understand.
Aram: He knows you’re in trouble. He came and offered to help, and Agent Ressler turned him down.
Red: The Djinn– we need to find The Djinn.

Cooper: If you want to help Keen, this is how you do it. Find Karakurt. The Cabal hired him to do what she’s being framed for– the Orea bombing, the senator’s murder.
Tom: Yeah, I know Karakurt. He’s Russian garbage. Probably hitting some strip club in St. Petersburg right now.
Cooper: Karakurt betrayed his country. If he went back to Russia, the FSB would shoot him on sight. My intel says he’s had extensive plastic surgery. He’s trying to change his identity.
Tom: Says here you had him in custody and you let him go.
Cooper: It also says Karakurt’s sister is married to Charlie Volkens– violent, unstable. He runs a crime ring in the Rust Belt. Word is that’s where Karakurt’s laying low.
Tom: Why come to me? Hmm? Your boy Ressler told me to hit the highway.
Cooper: Donald Ressler’s a fine agent. Within the rules, he’ll do everything possible to find Elizabeth and the truth.
Tom: You don’t think that’ll be enough?
Cooper: Maybe. Given what we’re up against, I’m willing– Throw out the rulebook. Bend the bindings a little.
Tom: All right, so what’s the FBI doing about this?
Cooper: I assume their entire focus is on Reddington and Keen.
Tom: You “assume.” Don’t you know?
Cooper: I’m on leave from the task force while they investigate my part in the shooting of Tom Connolly.
Tom: So this isn’t a sanctioned op.
Cooper: No. I’m asking you to figure out a way to infiltrate the crime ring that may be protecting Karakurt. If you’re caught, something happens, you’re on your own.

Aram: I had no knowledge of this. I walked in, and they were just there.
Ressler: [ On phone ] We have a confirmed sighting.
Aram: I live at the Nottingham apartments.
Ressler: [ On phone ] Tell MPD to shut down a five-block radius around Adams Morgan. Reset the checkpoints. Notify all agencies. Run it into the ground. [ To Aram ] I know you think she’s innocent, but you did the right thing coming forward.
Aram: Uh, Mr. Reddington asked me to.♤
Ressler: Why would he do that?
Aram: Because he needs our help finding The Djinn.
Ressler: Who’s The Djinn?

Aram: [ To team ] The kidnap and rape of a British princess. The mauling death of a big-game poacher locked in a lion’s cage. The vivisection of a drug dealer while he was eaten alive. According to Mr. Reddington, these are not random acts of perverse cruelty. Each was a revenge fantasy, planned and providing by a woman known only as The Djinn.
Samar: The Djinn? You mean, like a genie?
Aram: All I know is, they believe she can help clear Agent Keen’s name. The Djinn apparently grants your deepest, darkest wish. If you can imagine it and pay for it she’ll make it happen.
Samar?: How do you contact this Djinn?
Aram: Right. At the early days of the web, a virtual fantasy world ♤ was created online to connect people of all ages from around the world. The technology was quickly obsolete, but the site was never taken down. Today, it is a hidden oasis for freaks and weirdos. No digital signatures. Tor-encrypted on the dark web. It offers anonymity for new clients to contact The Djinn. Once you locate her avatar, The Djinn invites you into a private room, where you give her your name and bank account. That’s it. You sign off. The Djinn verifies your financial resources. If she likes what she sees, she contacts you directly to set a meeting.
Ressler?: I don’t buy it. I mean, if they’re trying to prove Keen’s innocence, why go after some high-priced vigilante?
Samar: [ Looking at evidence board ] And if that’s not what they’re trying to prove, why risk everything asking for Aram’s help? Why do any of what they’ve done? A troll farmer, a counterfeiter, a company that launders money for the Cabal, now this Djinn– it doesn’t make sense. They’re fugitives, but they’re not running. They’re searching.♤ But if not for Keen’s innocence, then what for?
Ressler: Well, we know they’re trying to set up a meeting, but we have to find a where and when.
Samar: If we can find The Djinn first, maybe we can intercept them.
Ressler: Cross-reference all our known cases. Look for the IP addresses, how her clients communicated with her, anything that can provide a clue to her identity.

Alice: You did it.
Nasim: No. You did.
Alice: Your hour of vengeance has arrived. The road to healing begins now. What happens next is up to you.
[ Door closes ]
Nasim: Allah teaches us forgiveness, but some things– they’re unforgivable.

[ Metal scraping – Dembe is sharpening a spoon ]
Vargas: Do you have to torture me, too?
Dembe: I’m preparing for my next interrogation.
Vargas: With a spoon? [ Blows ] I counted four men. You might get two before they kill you.
Dembe: So be it. When Solomon figures out he can’t break me, he’ll go after my daughter, her little girl. Whatever it takes to find Raymond. [ Blows ] If I’m dead, they’re safe.

Navabi: I found a link. The revenge fantasies arranged by The Djinn occurred around the world, but two of them drove down the earnings of one company.
Ressler: How?
Navabi: Well, it seems cannibalism isn’t good for business. The victim’s body was found in a dumpster outside the hotel wrapped in hotel towels. Now no one wants to sleep there. Just like no one wants to fly a certain airline in South America. It went bankrupt after a hijacking planned by The Djinn. Azeri Financial is a majority shareholder in both the airline and the hotel. It’s a private holding company in New York.
Ressler: Two is hardly a pattern. Maybe it’s just a coincidence.
Samar: It could be, but it’s not. Aram?
Aram: That is Bahram Bakhash, owner and CEO of Azeri Financial.
Samar: The abduction took place two hours ago. So far, there have been no ransom demands.
Ressler: Well, if someone hired this Djinn to bankrupt Azeri Financial, we need a motive.
And– more importantly– what does any of this have to do with Keen?

Red: “I am not courageous. Only the poor have courage. Why? Because they are hopeless. To get up every morning to plow a potato field in wartime, to bring kids with no prospects into the world. To live poor – that takes courage.” Ugh. I forget the next line.
Liz: You’re a terrible actor.♤
Red: [ Laughs ] There’s nothing wrong with my performance. It’s the play. Bertolt Brecht uses the alienation effect to create emotional distance from the audience. I don’t know.
Liz: So, why did you produce his play?
Red: I was completely swept up in the idealism of the theatre owner – a pipe-smoking cream puff of a German named Gerta. She read “Mother Courage” to me aloud – the whole play in one sitting. A brilliant exploration of the politics of war and those who profit from it. Sadly, it was 1991, and audiences were going in droves to see “Cats.”♤ Gerta lost every penny of my investment, but she remains grateful to this day. Her theater is ours as long as we need it.
[ Cellphone beeping ]
Liz; The Djinn. We have a meeting point – a bench in Astoria Park tomorrow at 9:00 AM.
Red: When she arrives, keep her in the open until I move in.
Liz: This woman – The Djinn – you said she can help, but you haven’t said how.
Red: I have reason to believe that at least two of the people she’s catered to are powerful members of the Cabal. And if we get to her, we can get to them. In case we lose visual contact, you’ll be wearing a tracking device. ⋘⋙ If you’re thinking of reaching out to him, don’t.♤ Now that he’s on the FBI’s radar, they’re likely monitoring any communications. This is important, Lizzie. Promise me you won’t call him.
Liz: I promise.
Red: We should get some rest.

[ Indistinct conversations ]
Waitress: She hasn’t called yet. More tea?
Tom: Sure. ⋘⋙ [ looking through magnifier at photos ] Karakurt had extensive facial surgery.

Samar: Do you know anyone who would want to hurt your father?
Hamid: No. No one. He’s a devout man. Respected, with many friends.
Ressler: When did you see him last?
Hamid: Here. This morning. He called a board meeting to discuss a hostile takeover.
Ressler: How hostile?
Hamid: The Newcastle Venture Group is an investment firm. They made an aggressive buyout proposal.
Samar: Which your father opposed?
Hamid: Yes. He wants the company to stay in the family.
Samar: In his absence, would the board approve of the buyout?
Hamid: Buyout proposals happen all the time. No one gets kidnapped because of them. Look, my father raised my sister, Nasim, and me after our mother was killed by a bomb during the Iran-Iraq war. He’s everything to us. Please. Find our father, bring him back to us.

[ Indistinct conversations ] [ Dog barks ] [ Cellphone ringing ]
Alice: [ On phone ] Nice to make your acquaintance, Elizabeth. If you’ll be so kind as to follow my instructions, we’ll be having a lovely visit in no time. First, I’ll need you to leave your cellphone. Opposite you, there’s a gap in the fence. Follow the path until you find some portable restrooms. Walk there now, and enter the one on the right.
[ Police siren chirps ] [ Tires screech ]
Police: Freeze! You! Don’t move!
[ Indistinct shouting ]
Red: Get there now.
Red: Aah.
[ Breathing heavily ] [ Cellphone rings ]
Alice: You did well, Elizabeth. For my privacy and your safety, I’m turning off the lights.
Liz: Wait. W-where are we going?
Alice: Enjoy the ride. I’ll have a cup of hot tea waiting.

Hamid: I’ve called everyone. It’s as if he just vanished. There’s been no demand for a ransom or anything – just silence.
Nasim: What can I do, Hamid? I feel so helpless.
Hamid: I put out a reward for any information, and the FBI assures me they’re doing everything they can. They want to talk to you. I’ll text you their number.
Nasim: Yes, of course. Anything I can do to help. I’ll finish up what I’m doing here and then call them. Man az samime ghalbam.
[ Nasim enters room where her father is impaled on an X-shaped cross, gagged ]
Nasim: That was Hamid. He’s worried about you, father. He should be.
[ Bahram Bakhash, her father, groans ]
Nasim: I know this may seem barbaric to you, but no more so than what you did to me.
[ She drives a nail into his arm ] [ Screams ] [ Gasps ]

Alice: Elizabeth. Thank you for enduring my security measures. Please, take off your shoes. Get comfortable. It’s not often I’m contacted by an international fugitive. We do our homework. Why don’t you tell me your fantasy, and let’s see if we can help?
Liz: “If”?
Alice: Not all wishes are granted. We help at our discretion.
Liz: I want revenge.
Alice: You have my full attention.
Liz: I was framed. I want the people who did this to admit it and pay for what they’ve done.
Alice: I don’t believe that.
Liz: It’s what I want.
Alice: I’m sure it is. You wouldn’t be human if it wasn’t. But I’m not interested in what you want. I’m interested in what you deeply desire. I can sense that death and vengeance aren’t what drive you, Elizabeth. Or feed your soul.♤
Liz: What does?
Alice: A lost world, I suspect. Another life.♤ Why don’t you tell me about that fantasy, and maybe I can help you? If you can’t face your truths, I can’t be of service. My car will return you to Astoria Park.
Liz: [ Clatter ] I’m sorry. [ She pretends to stumble, puts tracking device on Alice’s shoe ]

[ China rattling ] [ Sighs ]
Nasim: Hamid’s right. I can’t think of anyone who would want to harm my father. He’s a good man.
Samar: Your father’s company–
Nasim: I have nothing to do with the company.
Samar. The Newcastle Venture Group– we understand they’re mounting a hostile takeover. Did your father ever mention them to you?
Nasim: No, I don’t think so.
Samar: We know that it’s a front, but we don’t know who’s behind it yet. Your father never mentioned them?
Nasim: My father never talks business with me. Surely you must know how that is, Samar Navabi.
Samar: I know how that is. But I took control of my life a long time ago.♤
Nasim: Hmm. Then you’re braver than I.

[ Knock on door ]
Hamid: Nasim?
[ Knocking continues ]
Hamid: Nasim? Forgive me for intruding. [ Screaming continues ]
Nasim: Hamid. There you are.
Nasim: Have you heard anything about father?
Hamid: No. It’s gonna be okay. [ Sighs ] The FBI are doing everything they can. I know nothing else matters right now, but I need your advice.
Nasim: You’re the only one who values it.
Hamid: The board members – they’re nervous. They were nervous even before father was abducted. Quarterly earnings, share value, and now with him gone, I’ve tried to convince them to wait, that to decide the fate of the company at a time like this is insane. They won’t listen. I want him to be proud of me.
Nasim; Father groomed you to be his successor because he trusts you. He has confidence in you. The board will listen to you. It’s a fair offer. Take it.
Hamid: It should have been you. Running the company. The bias, the prejudice. He should have seen past it.♤
Nasim: I just pray they find him.

[ Door opens ]
Guard: Your turn, chief. Not so fast. Lift your pant leg up. The right one. Let’s see what’s in the sock.
Vargas: I had to give them something. They made me.
[ Dembe attacks Vargas, Screams ]
Okay, that’s enough! Raise your hands! Face to the wall!
[ Groans ] [ Grunting ] [ Bone cracking ]
Vargas: You didn’t have to hit me that hard. That wasn’t part of the plan.
Dembe: Get his weapon.
[ Horn honks ] [ Engine turns over ]

[ Telephone rings ]
Waitress: Hello?
Liz: Hi. Uh, I’m sorry.
Waitress: Is– It’s you. Calling for the guy.
Liz: Y-yeah.
Waitress: I can’t believe it. He was hoping you’d call. He wanted me to give you this number.
Red: [ Entering room ] Lizzie?
Liz; What is it?
Waitress: 555-0123.
When he comes back, do you want me to– [ Dial tone ]
Red: What happened with The Djinn? We tracked you to the warehouse, but then you were gone and the tracking signal left the city.
Liz: She had guards, so I couldn’t ask her about the Cabal. I gave her the story, but she didn’t believe I was being honest. She wanted to know my real fantasy.♤
Red: So.
Liz: Well, I didn’t say anything. I put the bug on her shoe.
Red: What is your fantasy?
Liz: It’s been the same thing for as long as I can remember. I’m walking in a park with my husband. In between us is our little girl. I’m holding her hand in mine and I never let go.♤
[ Cellphone beeps ]
Red. Thanks to your shoe switcheroo, apparently we have an address for The Djinn.

[ Children shouting playfully in distance ] [ Dog barking in distance ] [ Knock on door ] [ Laughs ] Red: [ To little girl ] Hi, there. Is your mommy home?
[ Little girl slams door. Alice then opens it ]
Red: You’re not The Djinn.

[ Dembe and Vargas in car ] [ Breathing heavily ]
Vargas: What are you doing?
Dembe: Looking at the classifieds.
Vargas: “Tuba mouthpiece for sale”?
Dembe: The number will lead us to Reddington.
Vargas: Thanks. All I wanted to hear.
[ Vargas shoots Dembe in side ] [ Groans ] [ Horn honks ]

Alice: Oh, my God! Oh! [ Shouting playfully ] You followed me.
Red: What’s The Djinn’s name?
Alice: Is that why you came to me? So that I’d give up The Djinn? I won’t do that.
Red: Let’s forget about The Djinn for a moment. I’d be more intrigued to hear about you, Alice. I’m sure you have a story to tell. I love stories.♤
Alice: I used to work the convention circuit, standing next to supercars all day in heels and short shorts. As a brand ambassador, you’re trained to answer questions and push product. The Djinn found me through an agency I work with. Most of our clients are men. They enjoy a little eye candy. When I started, The Djinn scripted every word I said, but I guess I had a knack for reading people, knowing their desires. In time, I became the face of the operation.
Red: I imagine selling fantasies is a very profitable business, one you are clearly not profiting from.
Alice: You have no idea what you’re talking about.
Liz: The Range Rover in the driveway, those diamond earrings, your shoes– your aspirations clearly exceed your reality.
Alice: I’ve been preparing to quit. I have more than enough money.
Red: Oh. Lies on top of pretense, my dear. You haven’t quit because you enjoy the power. There’s no shame in that.♤
Alice: Do I look ashamed? [ Laughing ]
Red: No, you do not. It appears we’re all good at reading people. What fun.♤ But, Alice, I don’t think you see that we have an opportunity here to make both of our fantasies come true.♤ The Djinn is a middleman I believe you’ve outgrown. Tell me his name. Tell me all about him, and I’ll get him out of your way. You can launch your own operation. Maybe one that’s a little more optimistic and constructive than the present business model. I even have your first client all lined up.♤ So, this Djinn– tell me.

[ Panting ]
Nasim: That’s your chest collapsing. That feeling? Asphyxiation will be next. Your suffering is almost over. I wish the same could be said for mine.
Bahram Bakhash: I did what I had to to keep you alive.
Nasim: You did what you did because you couldn’t stand to look at me. Well, I am making you look at me now. Look at me, father! Your company is gone. Hamid and the board sold it to the Newcastle Venture Group.
Bahram: That’s not possible.
Nasim: Mm. You know, for years, I had dreamt of ways to get my revenge on you. So many fantasies swimming in my head. So many that they gave birth to a business. As The Djinn, I make people’s fantasies come true. You have no idea how much people will pay to experience their darkest desires. And I’ve been collecting that money so that one day I could live out my own fantasy. And guess what day it is, father. You said I was unfit to run a company.
Now I own one– yours. Newcastle Venture Group is mine.♤

Aram: I figured it out. I had to go through six pass-throughs and two loan-outs in The Caymans, but –
Samar: Aram.
Aram: Oh. Um You look nice today.
Ressler: Aram. What did you figure out?
Aram: Right. The Newcastle Venture Group– Nasim Bakhash controls it.
Samar: Bahram’s daughter.
Aram: And the board of Azeri Financial just approved the buyout offer.
Ressler: And that only happened because Bahram wasn’t there to oppose it.
Samar: That’s what this is– her revenge fantasy. She’s getting back at her father for cutting her out.♤ That’s why she kidnapped him.
Ressler: And the only question is, has she killed him yet? Aram, get an address, get units en route now.

Tom: Found my way into the crime ring.
Cooper: “New York’s hottest bachelors”?
Tom: Page 32.
Cooper: Asher Sutton? I don’t know who that is.
Tom: He’s my fast pass to finding Karakurt.
Cooper; How does the only child of a billionaire resort owner get you anywhere near the crime syndicate where Karakurt’s hiding?
Tom: Trust me. It does.
Cooper: I believe we’ve already established that I don’t trust you.
Tom: I believe we’ve also established that you need me.
Cooper: Look. If this world where Karakurt is hiding were easy to get to, I’d have gotten there myself. If this Asher kid somehow has access to it, what makes you think he’s gonna take you there?
Tom: Because he’s got a weakness. For street life, hustlers, players– anybody who has to fight for their money.
Cooper: Go on.
Tom: Asher spends most of his nights at an underground casino in New York. All I need is a good story.
Cooper: Graduated Princeton. Summers in the Hamptons. Maybe you should tell him how you learned to channel lady luck in college during a weekend bender in Sag Harbor.
Tom: Sag Harbor. Okay. Yeah. Yeah, you know what? I remember that weekend. You know, it was my junior ye– No, it was my sophomore year. And my roommate at Princeton, Sammy –
Cooper: Sammy? I don’t think so.
Tom: Right. Not Sammy. [ Montage, as Tom transforms into his new identity ] I once had a life, or rather – Samuel. His parents had a beach house in, uh, Sag Harbor that he said was flush with bikinis every summer. So, come July, we want to get lucky, right? So we hit the beach, you know, like Samuel said– scores of girls. But the problem is– they’re all high-school girls. Right? Jailbait. 15 will get you 10 to 20. You know what I’m saying? So forget it. We just drink every night. You know, make the most of our fleeting youth. And on the last day, we hit the beach one more time. And there lies the most beautiful college girl you’ve ever seen. I mean, ever. But it’s two guys, and there’s one girl. So I strike first. I sit down, I start talking to her, and she says she’s hungry. So I get up, I go to the Sag General to buy her a cappuccino muffin. But when I come back, there’s Samuel lying on top of her and their lips are locked like a jigsaw puzzle. You know what I mean? So I do the death march back to my towel. I’m just gonna sleep off the rest of my hangover, you know? “Forget about this day.” But I can’t sleep. Because I got something hard stuck under my head, right? So I reach under my towel, and you’re never gonna believe what I find lost in the sand. So I go back to school the next day with a $12,000 Bvlgari on my wrist, and Samuel – he goes back with a brand-new cold sore.♤
Man: Oh.
Tom: That’s the day that I learned that luck is just what you make of it.
[ Laughs. Leaves, encounters Asher ]
Man: That’s a dope watch, Mr. Wainright. You have a good evening, and, uh, good luck in there tonight. Can you get?
Tom: Hey, let’s hope.

[ Engine shuts off ]
Liz: Alice was right. No guards.
[ Door closes ]
Liz: What? What is it? You’ve been quiet ever since we left Alice. Is it Dembe?
Red: It’s your fantasy.
Liz: What about it?
Red: It’s as it should be.♤

Red: Look at that. Pinned like a swallowtail.♤
[ Gasps ]
Red: Oh, my. No, no, no. Let’s not fuss with that now. Our priority’s to find Nasim.
Liz: He won’t be alive. Look at him. He needs medical attention.
Red: I’m not sure we should start the party before the hostess arrives, but so be it. Yes. Hello. I need an ambulance. A man’s dying on a cross.♤

[ Cellphone rings, siren wailing ]
Ressler: Aram, we’re five minutes out.
Aram: That’s good, because a 911 call was just placed from Nasim’s home, and the caller was Mr. Reddington.
Ressler: Are you positive?
Aram: Voice analysis confirmed it.
Ressler: Reddington. He’s already there.

[ Door opens ]
Red: Nasim. There you are. Please, come in. We have much to discuss, and time is a factor.
Nasim: What do you want?
Red: To offer my sympathies.
Nasim: I know who you are.
Red: And I know who you are, Nasim. What a beautiful name. It means “breeze” in Farsi. But you weren’t born Nasim. You were born Nasir– “the victorious.” How ironic. But a boy. A perfectly healthy boy.♤
Nasim: I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Red: Alice told us the story. We know you’re The Djinn. And this must be your father. The butcher. Tell me, Bahram, was it so horrific to discover that your 19-year-old son, your eldest son, was gay? So horrific that you forced him against his will to go under the knife, change his gender, to give you a daughter instead of your son, who is gay?♤
Bantam: [ Shakily ] Clerics accept– People can get trapped in the body of the wrong sex. The law says–
Nasim: I wasn’t trapped. I liked my body. I liked men.
Bahram: I wanted to protect you, Nasim. They could have killed you.

Red: For being gay. They’re so homophobic that being gay is a hideous crime, but chopping off a man’s penis isn’t? Honestly, is it just me, or is the human race, armed with religion, poisoned by prejudice, and absolutely frantic with hatred and fear, galloping pell-mell back to the dark ages? Who on earth is hurt by a little girl going to school or a child being gay?♤ Let’s be frank, Bahram. You didn’t change your son to protect him. You changed him because he disgusted you.
Bahram: [ Breathing shakily ] That’s not true.
Nasim: You violated my body without consent. You sliced out my identity and discarded it as waste. You cursed me to live the rest of my life as a second-class citizen, despite being a firstborn son.♤
[ Tires screeching ]
Liz: We’re running out of time. Get what you came for, and let’s go.
Nasim; What did you come for?
Red: A leather journal – hand-written – with the names of all your clients and their adventures in wonderland, but I suggest you find it fast before the authorities outside break down your door.
Nasim: What did you do?
Red: As a general rule, I’m against the militarization of America’s police forces, but I needed an army, so there they are.♤ I’ve prepared an escape for Elizabeth and I, and there’s room for you, too, but the price for your freedom is one leather journal. Now who’s The Djinn?

[ Police radio chatter ]
Samar: Agents Navabi and Ressler. Where are we at?
Officer: We set the perimeter. Our fourth side is water, and we’re waiting for harbor units. No sign of the targets.
Ressler: They’re in there. I want a full layout of that property, and position teams to cover all the exits.
Officer: Yes, sir.
[ Safe beeping ]

Liz: I should have never agreed to this. Risking everything, for what? Another list of names. How valuable can they be?
Red: All part of the master plan to clear your name, I assure you.
Nasim: Helicopters. Not even you can get us out of this.
Red: You want to know my fantasy, Nasim? To escape a hopeless police standoff in style with two sensational women on my arms. Shall we?♤
Nasim: [ Scoffs, refuses ]
Red: Yeah. Well, we can’t have everything.♤
[ Helicopter blades whirring ]

Ressler: We’re gonna breach on my command. SWAT will follow. Reddington and Keen are inside. They’re armed– Lieutenant, are you listening?
Officer: That chopper.
Ressler: What about it?
Officer: It’s not mine.♤
Ressler: Reddington. Let’s go now. Move, move!
[ Indistinct shouting ]

[ Liz gets in copter ]
Alice: Welcome aboard, Elizabeth.
Red: Excellent.
Nasim: I gave you the journal. I kept my end of the deal.
Liz: [ Points gun at Nasim ] Your deal was with him.♤
Red: Women.♤
[ Copter takes off. Red tosses book on lawn in sight of Ressler ]

♫ Oh, here comes trouble
These people talk too much, need to shut ’em up
Yeah, I’d rather be alone
Can you, can you feel that rumble?
All this borrowed time, it’s been running out
It’s the ending of the show

♪ But I know now, yeah, yeah, I know now, yeah

[ Red is shown seated in the movie theatre drinking and eating popcorn with a chubby, middle-aged woman, likely the theatre owner. Suddenly, Red’s expression changes as he sees Leonard Caul and leaves the theatre seating to join him. ]

♪ Everything’s gonna be okay
Oh, I keep telling myself, “Don’t worry, be happy”
Oh, you keep telling yourself, “Everything’s gonna be okay”
Oh, I keep telling myself, “Don’t worry, be happy”
Oh, you keep telling yourself, “Everything’s gonna be okay”

[ Caul has found Solomon’s torture prison where Dembe was held with Vargas ]

Caul: It was empty when I found it.
Red: He was here.

♪ oh, I keep telling myself – “Don’t worry, be happy” –

[ Dialing, ringing ]

Vargas: Mr. Solomon

♪ oh, you keep telling yourself –

Vargas: I’m in New York City.

♪ “Everything’s gonna be okay” –

Vargas: I know how to locate Reddington.

♪ oh, I keep telling myself “Don’t worry, be happy” oh, you keep telling yourself

Navabi: We caught a predator. You should be proud. That journal had names, dates, locations. The DOJ’s going to close dozens of cases.
Ressler:There was one page torn out– the one that Reddington wanted. Whatever he’s doing, he’s gonna get her killed.
Samar: You can’t save her. You shouldn’t even try. Liz made a choice to kill the Attorney General.
Ressler: She said it was the only way that she could stop him.
Samar: I’ve stopped men the same way, and I’m ready to pay the price. Liz needs to be ready, too. Nobody made her pull that trigger.

♪ oh, here comes trouble
put your helmet on we’ll be heading for a fall

Tom: So, I go back to school the next day with a $12,000 Bvlgari on my wrist, and Samuel– he goes back with a brand-new cold sore, right? – [ Laughter ] – And that’s the day that I learned that luck is what you make of it. Blow on that for me. Thank you very much.

♪ “Don’t worry, be happy” – One more seven! – oh, you keep telling yourself – [ Cheering ] ♪”Everything’s gonna be okay”

Tom: [ Beep ] Have a good night.

♪ everything’s gonna be okay

Asher; Oh, you’re good.
Tom: What’s that?
Asher: You switched the dice while you were showing off your fake watch. That’s a clever misdirect, but the house dice are in your right pocket.
Tom: Have another drink, pal.
Asher: Oh, no, no, no. You won’t make it to the front door if I don’t want you to. The Sag General wasn’t selling cappuccino muffins when you were in college, if you even went to college.
Tom: What do you want?
Asher: Oh, I want to take you to dinner. You’re a fascinating character, Mr. Wainright. Or whatever your name actually is.
[ Cellphone vibrates ]
Tom: Yeah.
Liz: Tom.
Tom: You called Wing Yee’s. I was hoping you would.
Liz: I can’t believe you came back.
Tom: Of course I came back. As soon as I heard, I came back.
Are you all right?
Liz: You had a plan. The boat–
Tom: I wish you would have come with me.
Liz: I know you went to Ressler and offered to help.
Tom: Yeah, I did. And I’m gonna do everything I can.
Liz: Listen, Tom, you don’t have to do this.
Tom: I do have to do this.
Liz: You said you wanted out of this life– out of the secrets and the lies and the risk. I don’t want to be the one to drag you back into this.
Tom: You’re not. You haven’t.
Listen, Tom, you– you don’t understand. I have done so many terrible things. I have hurt so many people.♤
Tom: I don’t care what you’ve done. Liz, I know who you are. I took that for granted for a long time, but I don’t now. So you’re right. I do have plans. I’m coming to save you.♤
Liz: Tom. Listen–
Tom: It’s too late. ‘Cause I’m already in.
Liz: In where? Where are you? What have you done?
Tom: I got to go. I love you.
[ Cellphone beeps ]
Tom: [ To Asher ] So, what’s good around here?
Asher: Follow me.

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༺ ✿⊰ ♤ ⊱✿༻

♫ Trouble
by TV on the Radio

♪ Oh, here comes trouble
Put your helmet on, we’ll be heading for a fall
Yeah, the whole thing’s gonna blow
And the devil’s got my number
It’s long overdue, he’ll come looking soon
Yeah, the whole thing’s gonna blow

♪ Oh, here comes trouble
These people talk too much, need to shut ’em up
Yeah, I’d rather be alone
Can you, can you feel that rumble?
All this borrowed time, it’s been running out
It’s the ending of the show

♪ But I know now, yeah, yeah, I know now, yeah

♪ Everything’s gonna be okay
Oh, I keep telling myself, “Don’t worry, be happy”
Oh, you keep telling yourself, “Everything’s gonna be okay”
Oh, I keep telling myself, “Don’t worry, be happy”
Oh, you keep telling yourself, “Everything’s gonna be okay”

♪ Oh, I’ve changed my number
Wore disguises and went undercover just to
Just to hide away from you
Oh, my ghost came a-calling
Making noises ’bout a promise I had broken
Oh, I’m gonna be lonely soon

♪ Oh, here comes trouble
Put your helmet on, we’ll be heading for a fall
Yeah, the whole thing’s gonna blow
And the devil’s got my number
It’s long overdue, he’ll come looking soon
Yeah, the whole thing’s gonna blow

♪ Everything’s gonna be okay
Oh, I keep telling myself, “Don’t worry, be happy”
Oh, you keep telling yourself, “Everything’s gonna be okay”
Oh, I keep telling myself, “Don’t worry, be happy”
Oh, you keep telling yourself, “Everything’s gonna be okay”

♪ Everything’s gonna be okay [x6]

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/1MIvMXA
YouTube: http://youtu.be/bunJBFtlt-I

❌❌❌ END 3:4 Djinn
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👻🙀 🔴 Script: 3:5 Arioch Cain (№ 50) 🙀👻

Last updated: 10/31/2015 5:39 am CT, Program air date: 10/29/2015 in the US
Script Status: FINAL
Storybook: http://wp.me/PDKwi-1f3#cain
Source: Raw Scripts from Springfield [UK]: http://bit.ly/1VtXhJ6 (dump of captioning)
WSJ Episode Summary: http://on.wsj.com/1HfLFTp
Blurb: Someone on the “dark Internet” has put a bounty on Liz’s head. Ressler is told to share information with the CIA – though he knows the Director of NCS is in the Cabal.
Created by: Jon Bokenkamp
Director: Alex Zakrzewski
Writers: Dawn DeNoon


Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington – James Spader
Elizabeth Keen – Megan Boone
Donald Ressler – Diego Klattenhoff
Harold Cooper – Harry Lennix
Tom Keen – Ryan Eggold
Aram Mojtabai – Amir Arison
Samar Navabi – Mozhan Marnò
Dembe Zuma – Hisham Tawfiq

Mr Kaplan – Susan Blommaert
Gavin Delgado – Will Brill
Wendigo – Andy Dylan
Blair – Olivia Boreham-Wing
Zed – David Fiero
Matias Solomon – Edi Gathegi
Chair Laurel Hitchin – Christina Lahti
Asst AG Reven Wright – Adriane Lenox
Gwen Hollander – Conor Leslie
Arioch Cain – Alex Monsky
Mr Vargas – Paul Reubens
The Director (Kotsiopolus)– David Strathairn
Asher Sutton – Peter Vack



🔴 Script 3:5 Arioch Cain (№ 50)

Previously on The Blacklist
Red: Dembe is more than an associate to me. Please find him.
Cooper: Asher Sutton?
Tom: He’s my fast pass to finding Karakurt. He’s got a weakness for street life, hustlers.
Asher: You’re a fascinating character, Mr. Wainright.
Dembe: This number will lead us to Reddington.
Vargas: All I wanted to hear. [ Gunshot💥]
Dembe: [ Groans ]
Vargas: Mr. Solomon, I know how to locate Reddington.

[ Tires screech ]
Mr Kaplan: How long do I have?
Red: You have 30 minutes.
Kaplan: That’s not enough time.
Red: That’s all you’ve got to document it and clean it.

Blair: Dad! They got her.

And we are just now getting reports that former FBI Agent Elizabeth Keen has been shot and killed. No comment yet from the FBI, but moments ago, this photo appeared on the Washington Chronicle website. The paper, quoting anonymous sources, is saying Keen was one of several victims shot at an undisclosed location outside of New York City. Keen stands accused of committing the worst acts of terrorism on American soil in over a decade. She’s been a fugitive for the past five weeks, the subject of one of the largest manhunts in FBI history. The details are still coming in, and we are working to confirm them for you, but it appears, on day 37 …

Kaplan: Are you sure this is a good idea?
Red: Yes. Get the photos to Sandquist at the Chronicle. I want everyone to know what happened here today.
[ Camera shutter clicking ]

[ Subtitle: ] hours earlier

Asher: So, hi. My name is Asher Sutton. What’s yours? And, please, don’t tell me it’s Wainwright, ’cause that is about as phony as that watch you’re wearing.

Cooper: Your job was to get into his world, and within two minutes, he clocks you’re not who you say you are?
Tom: I wanted him to catch me.
Cooper: Why bother with him at all? You want to help Liz, you need to find Karakurt.
Tom: I can’t do that until I get access to the Russians that Karakurt is hiding out with. Asher Sutton is gonna give me that.
Cooper: Why would he do that?
Atom: Everybody needs a rush. For some, it’s drugs or sex or whatever. But a guy like Asher Sutton, he just wants to know how the other half lives.

Asher Sutton: No, seriously, who are you?
Tom.: Raised by a single mom. Used to clean dorms at Bronx College. Uh, I got a brother in prison. I’m nobody. I’m a townie.
Asher: [ Chuckles ] Hmm. My great-grandfather – he was a hustler, con man, a townie. The only person in my family worth a lick was, like, exactly like you.
Tom: Ah, so that’s why you didn’t bust me, huh?

Cooper: I tapped into his accounts. Sutton owes a lot of money. He withdraws $20,000 in cash once a month. Who he’s paying or why, I-I don’t know.
Tom: Take a wild guess.

Tom: That sounds nice, all right? I appreciate the offer, really, but listen, I don’t want to impose.
Asher: Listen, for saving your ass, I think I deserve one person at my engagement party who I actually want to talk to.
Tom: [ Laughs ] All right. My name is Matt Buckley.
Asher: Pleasure to meet you, Matt Buckley. Cheers.
Tom: Cheers.

Liz: [ Door opens ] Did you know a Presidential Commission was looking into the attacks?
Red: It’s time for us to move.
Liz: If they do their job, if they look for the truth, this could all end.
Red: Lizzie, we have to move now.
Liz: The Cabal– they found us.
Red: Worse.
Liz: What could be worse than that?
Red: Not what, who. Wendigo.
Liz: Wendigo? Who’s that?
Red: The myth of a nameless assassin. And he’s coming for you.
Liz: This Wendigo, if he doesn’t work for the Cabal, who does he work for?
Red: No one. He’s not for hire. Wendigo is the embodiment of vigilante justice. He identifies, hunts, and kills targets he deems unfit for society. Some believe he’s ex-special ops because his presence is felt but never seen. Whatever his history, apparently, you’ve caught his attention.
Liz: This vigilante believes I deserve to die?
Red: A transport team is en route. I’ll call you when they arrive.
Liz: Call me? Where are you going?
Red: To get help.
[ Door closes ]

All: … the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.
Ressler: Amen.
[ Indistinct conversations ] [ Gun cocks ]
Red: [ To Ressler ] Fold your hands in front of you. Walk. An assassin has targeted Agent Keen.
Ressler: If we haven’t found her, he won’t.
Red: He’s better than you. He’s better than me. That’s why I need your help to protect her.
Ressler: I thought that’s what your job was.
Red: Well, I failed at that. Turn around. I’m a little rusty in the 12 steps, but if I’m not mistaken, step 9 is making amends. I can’t do that without you.
Ressler: I suggest you start with step 4 and make a searching and fearless moral inventory of yourself.
Red: I admire the way you’re dealing with your addiction, Donald. I tried NA once after an opium den in Kuala Lumpur got the best of me. Didn’t stick. I couldn’t get past the requirement to believe in a power greater than myself.♤
Ressler:[ Chuckles ] [ Dialing, ringing ] Officer down. I repeat, officer down. 546 Hawthorne Place. Send all units. [ To Red ] You got four minutes.
Red: What I know about this assassin will take less than two.

Ressler: Several of Wendigo’s killings are cold cases on the Bureau’s radar. El Malo Grande headed the Mejia cartel out of Guatemala. He was killed while living under an alias in Madrid. Jose Perez, exiled Angolan dictator, was murdered while. –
Samar: Maybe they’re cold because no one mourns their loss. They’re despicable thugs.
Aram: Any known aliases?
Ressler: No.
Aram: The only hit on our forensics database is this.
Ressler: Both kills were made using a homemade projectile fired from some kind of improvised firearm.
Samar: Handcrafted weapons, homemade bullets used in homicides.The list can’t be that long.
Ressler: Have it compiled by the time I get back from getting my ass kicked at the Presidential Commission

Aram: Thank you for letting us protect Agent Keen.
Ressler: We’re not going after Wendigo to protect Keen. We’re going after him to find her. Those despicable thugs – they were wanted fugitives. Everyone was looking for them. Wendigo found them. If he can do that, he can find Keen. When he does, I’m gonna be there to arrest her.

Red: Lizzie, my transport team is on-site. You need to leave with them now.
Liz: Did Ressler agree to help?
Red: My people will take you to the jet. From there, you’ll fly to Quito.
[ Gunshot💥 ] [ One guard is hit in forehead ]
Liz: Oh! Gun!
Guard: Get into the car.
Red: Lizzie?
Lîz: Where is he?!
Guard: We go on my ready. One. Two.
Liz: No! Get down!
[ Gunshot💥 Second guard is hit ]
Red: Talk to me. Lizzie?
[ 💥Gunshots💥 ] [ Glass shattering ]
Liz: [ Runs, then finds a car, crouches near drivers seat ] [ Gunshot💥 ] [ Engine turns over ] [ 💥Gunshots💥 ] [ Tires screech ] [ Liz speeds away, using only detached rear view mirror to look ahead ]

Red: Aram, what happened?
Aram: Mr. Reddington?
Red: The shooting– what do you know?
Aram: Agent Navabi is en route. NYPD is confirming two fatalities.
Red: Agent Keen?
Aram: No. Oh, uh, God, no. Agent Keen stole a car, abandoned it 10 blocks from the scene.
Red: Where are you on Wendigo?
Aram: Uh, that, you know, I’m not really supposed to talk about.
Red: You have five seconds. Four. Three –
Aram: According to Mexican authorities, the gun he used in one of the cold cases was made by a master gunsmith named Zachary O’Toole, AKA Zed. Uh, we haven’t been able to locate him.
Red: [ Dialing ]
Aram. Please tell me you didn’t get to zero. Hello?

Ressler: Well, the President doesn’t need a commission to find out where the failure of intelligence happened.
Asst Atty Reven Wright: I agree, but the commission has a job to do.
Ressler: So this all just cover your ass?
Wright: [ Sighs ] I doubt Hitchin agrees with you. Answer her questions directly, and keep your opinions to yourself.
Hitchin: Reven.
Wright: [ Laughing ] Hey.
Hitchin: Aw! Hand to God, how amazing was Saturday? I know I’m his mom, but Philip’s Bar Mitzvah – cutest thing ever.
Wright: It was incredible.
Hitchin: Although my idiot husband did order 500 extra swag bags, so one for you, one for you –
Wright: Uh, Donald Ressler, the President’s National Security Adviser, Laurel Hitchin.
Hitchin: Reven speaks very highly of you. I look forward to your testimony.
Ressler: That makes one of us. Uh, truth be told, I’m a little, uh, nervous.
Hitchin: Don’t be. We’re not looking for a scapegoat. Just the truth. Can I give you a bit of advice?
Wright: Please.
Hitchin: The mint-chocolate candies are a little stale, but the red velvet cake pops – to die for.
[ Reven laughs ]

Chair Hitchin: Agent Ressler, are you withholding material evidence that could lead to the capture of Elizabeth Keen?
Ressler: Absolutely not, no.
Hitchin: Then you are sharing information with the CIA.
Ressler: Not at this time.
Hitchin: Are you aware of the fact that after 9/11, the US intelligence system was overhauled to make sure that information was shared?
Ressler: I’m not sharing information with the CIA. Because Mr. Kotsiopolus has been accused of heading the organization that may be responsible for these attacks.
Hitchin: Accusations which have yet to be substantiated. Until they are, he deserves the benefit of the doubt. [!]
Ressler: As does Elizabeth Keen.
Hitchin: Do you have evidence that the Cabal exists?
Ressler: Names of Cabal members have been published– I know about the Fulcrum.
Hitchin: I’ve seen the list. It’s 25 years old.
Ressler: Names on that list are in positions of power.
Ressler: Susan Hanover from Verdiant–
Hitchin: The Hanover arrest came out of your pursuit of Elizabeth Keen. Doesn’t that suggest the link is to her?
Ressler: No, no. I believe that Ms. Keen was there in an effort to clear her name.
Hitchin: She was your partner?
Ressler: Correct, yes.
Hitchin: Do you believe she’s innocent?
Ressler: My job isn’t to determine her guilt or innocence.
Hitchin: You didn’t answer my question.
Ressler: My job is to apprehend Ms. Keen, and I have no problem doing that.
Hitchin: I am not asking about your job. I’m asking what you believe.
Ressler: Elizabeth Keen is not a terrorist.
Hitchin: So you believe she’s innocent?
Ressler: Yes, I do. I believe that if she is given a fair trial by a jury of her peers, there aren’t 12 people in America who wouldn’t agree with me.
Hitchin: Thank you.

[ Siren wailing ] [ Dialing ] [ Cellphone rings ]
Samar: Navabi.
Liz: I’ve been thinking about the shooter.-
Samar: Where are you?
Liz: He had a clear line of sight and a secure location. On the other side of McDougal, there is a hotel, The Palace or Park something – It had to be from there. Contact hotel security. They’ll have footage. You might get an image. If you’re lucky, a print.
Samar: [ To CSI guy ] Over here.
Liz: Samar?
Samar: This guy’s good, Liz.
Guy: Nice catch.
Liz: What did you find?
Samar: He found you once. He’ll find you again. And this time, he may not miss.
Liz: Samar, what did you find?
Samar: Liz, you know I’m here, so you must be close. Turn yourself in. Take responsibility for what you’ve done.
Liz: I would. I do. But not for the things I haven’t.
Detective hands Samar a bullet he pried from a wall.
Samar: [ Reads etching on bullet ] Psalm 1:1.
Detective: What’s that?
Samar: “Blessed is he who walks not in the council of the wicked.”

[ Liz sees Red in car. Runs to it and gets in ]
Liz: The bullet was so close, I could hear it. I thought–
[ Sighs ] [ They hug ]

Red: Shh.
Red: I have good news. Dembe made contact.
Liz: You spoke to him?
Red: No. We have a protocol. He initiated it. I’ll meet him later today. In the meantime, Aram gave me a name – a gunsmith who makes Wendigo’s weapons. Feds don’t know how to find him. But I do.

Zed: What the– w-what is this?
Red: Hands. Sit. Wendigo, the assassin –
Zed: Who the hell are you?
Red: Tell me how to find him. How do I find Wendigo?
Zed: I don’t – I have no idea.
Red: [ Laughs ] Would you look at that? . 416 Rigby Mauser. [ Laughing ] And fully loaded, no less. Ah. An African bull elephant weighs 14,000 pounds, and this can bring one down.
I happened upon one of those magnificent creatures in the Zambezi Valley, and one of these came in quite handy.
Liz: You shot an elephant?
Red: Lord, no. I shot the poacher that was about to kill the elephant.
Zed: I know a place that he stayed at before. I-I’m not sure if that’s where he is now, but I can give you an address.
Red: Of course you can.

♪ I wouldn’t want to dance without you
without you, I would rather be alone
and unless my arms …

[ Picklock clatters ] [ 💥Gunshots💥 ]

Liz: Take the stairs!

[ Liz chases guy (Wendigo) across rooftop. He attempts to leap to nearby building, falls short and is hanging by his fingers, about 10 stories up ]
No! [ Grunting ]
Red: Grab my arm.
Wendigo: [ Grunting ] I’m not the only one. There are more, and they’re coming.
Red: Who’s coming?
Wendigo: You can’t stop them.
Red: Who? [ Wendigo laughs ] Who?! [ Red is angry, pulls his arms away, letting Wendigo fall ] [ Wendigo screams ] [ Body splats ]
Red: [ Breathing heavily ]
[ Red’s face is full of rage and disgust. He sees Liz looking at him. Their eyes lock ]
[ I took this moment as Liz realizing how truly dangerous a man Red is when angry and Red seeing that Liz has now witnessed that side of him. He doesn’t soften his look. – LizzieB ]

Aram: NYPD is still trying to confirm the victim was Wendigo, but traffic cameras in the area confirm that Mr. Reddington and Agent Keen were in the vicinity. Also, agents on scene forwarded a hard drive they found in the unsub’s apartment. Check this out.
Samar: What am I looking at?
Aram: An advertisement for a hit man.
Samar: Someone was going to pay Wendigo $700,000 to kill Liz. Who?
Aram: Not just Wendigo. They’ll be others. That’s the scary part. This isn’t a contract. It’s a bounty on the darknet. “Wanted – dead not alive.”
Samar: “deadnotalive.org”? That’s what it’s actually called?
Aram: Someone with the screen name “Arioch Cain” put a price on her head. Now any nutjob who kills Agent Keen will collect the money if he can prove he did it.
Samar: How does he do that?
Aram: By submitting the date, location, and method of execution, plus a unique identifier. Wendigo’s was Psalm 1:1.
Samar: Can you take down the site?
Aram: It is decentralized, cached on servers all over the world. I take one down, two pop up.
It is completely anonymous, so there’s no way to tell who this Arioch Cain really is. When NYPD forwarded me the hard drive, they told me they believe there’s a laptop that’s missing.
Samar: Reddington. If he took it, could he trace who put up the money?
Aram: No. See, the person who put her on the site didn’t put up the money.
Samar: Then who did?
Aram: Haters – people who believe what they read about Agent Keen. They make Bitcoin donations – the miracle of crowdsourcing turned on its head to crowd-fund murder. The more notorious the target, the bigger the fund, and the more people who will try it. We thought Wendigo was bad. This is way worse. There’s no limit to how many assassins could be coming after her.

[ Liz gasps, surprised as Red grabs her shoulder ]
Red: Dembe’s here.
[ Red looks for Dembe, but sees Vargas instead, moving toward him slowly, shaking his head slowly from side-to-side ]
Red: Where’s Dembe? What happened?

Gwen: You must be Asher’s newest BFF. [ Chuckles ] I’m Gwen, his other significant other.
Tom: Oh, yeah. Does he have a lot?
Gwen: Oh, yes. Asher’s quite the collector. He’s the chocolate inside the M&M. You’re the hard shell.
Tom: Melts in your mouth, does he?
Gwen: Or my hand. I’m good either way.
Tom: Lucky man.
[ Chuckles ] Tell me, mister, um Buckley –
Tom: Matt Buckley.
Gwen: Tell me, Mr. Buckley, do you believe in love at first sight?
Tom: I don’t know. I think love is, uh, more of an acquired taste.
Gwen: Have you ever acquired it – love?
Tom: Yeah. Once.
Gwen; You say that like it’s a bad thing. Love isn’t like an orgasm, Mr. Buckley. Once is quite enough.
Tom: Yeah, it should have been. Maybe it will be. Who knows, right?
Gwen: I’ve loved Asher Sutton since the moment I laid eyes on him. I love everything about him, including his peculiar affinity for collectibles, even at my engagement party. [ Both laugh ] On one condition – that they look me in the eye and promise me that they will never, ever do anything to harm the man that I love.
Tom: I promise.
Gwen: Well, then – Well, what are you waiting for? I need a refill.
Tom: [ Chuckles ] You got it.
Man: Maybe I wasn’t clear how this works, huh?
Asher: I told you I’ll have it to you by Friday.
Man: And I told you I’m not here to negotiate. It’s due today.
Tom: Excuse me. Is there a problem?
Asher; No, no. it-it’s okay. It’s fine.
Tom: You sure? – Yeah, it’s okay.
Man: He said it’s okay, huh? I heard him.
Tom: Maybe you should go.
We’re not through here, huh?
Tom: Looks like I made a new friend.
Asher: I really wish you hadn’t done that.

Vargas: I stayed with him until he was gone. I didn’t want to leave him behind. But they were coming, and if I had tried to bring him back with me, we would have both been killed.
Red: We will avenge this good man’s death, I promise you.
Red: We can’t stay here.
Liz: Oh, my God. This emblem – I’ve seen it before.

Liz: You were on the website.
Zed: No. T-t-that was just–
Red: We know what it is and why you have it. You want the bounty for yourself.
Liz: That’s why you gave us Wendigo – to knock out the competition.
Red: Who put her on the site?
Zed: I don’t know.
[ Gunshot💥 in Zed’s leg ]
Zed: Oh, my God! Ugh!
Red: Who put her on the site?
Zed: I-I only know the screen name of the site creator– Gavrilo Princip.
Red: Thank you for your time.
[ Gunshot💥 in Zed’s chest ]
Zed: Aah!

Delgado: You can’t just bust into my place, bring me here –
Samar: You saw the warrant, Princip.
Aram: This is the site creator? You’re Gavrilo Princip?
Real name Gavin Delgado.
You can’t take my Those computers are intellectual property!
Red: Elizabeth isn’t safe here. Better call Edward, tell him to get the jet ready.
[ Dialing ]
Vargas: Edward, Mr.Vargas. I’m with Reddington and Keen.
Solomon: Edward? I always liked the name Edward.
Vargas: I’ve been instructed to inform you to meet us at the Garden Avenue Airfield right away.
Red: Get the car.

Hitchin: Has the CIA shared intel regarding the acts of terror with the FBI?
Director: Yes.
Chair; In your opinion, why hasn’t the Bureau reciprocated?
Director: Because the person responsible is FBI Special Agent Elizabeth Keen.
Hitchin: So you don’t share Agent Ressler’s opinion that she’s innocent?
Director: Elizabeth Keen is a Russian sleeper agent. She said as much to Agent Ressler when she scaled the wall of the Russian embassy, admitted that her real name is Masha Rostova, and asked for asylum.
Hitchin: And the Fulcrum?
Director; The Fulcrum is an irrelevant relic, which, in case you haven’t read Cathcart’s piece in the Post, is being systematically debunked as we speak. He likens it to The Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion, uh, which has taken a few anomalous grains of truth and spun a mountain of lies, concocted by conspiracy theorists.
Hitchin: Forgive me, but I don’t draw my evidence from the popular press.
Director: Facts, then.The Fulcrum was released by Raymond Reddington, a man without morals, without conscience, and certainly without any credibility.
Hitchin: And the existence of a Cabal?
Director: State-sanctioned acts of terror by Russia. Threat Level Red.

[ Liz, Red and Vargas are in hangar near Red’s plane ]
Red: Where’s Edward?

Director: Specter of another Cold War. In times of chaos, I can understand the public’s need for a simple solution. Ergo a Cabal.

Red: [ To Vargas ] What have you done?

Hitchin: So you deny running any such organization? A shadow government that controls world events? I’m flattered, but, uh, yes, I deny running any such organizations. I can assure you there is no Cabal.

[ Solomon emerges from jet ]
Solomon: [ Laughs ] Oh! I think you know the outcome of this. Even if you shoot me and perhaps one of my associates, Even if your girlfriend gets off a shot or two, you’re both gonna die.
Red: Put down your gun, Elizabeth. Put down the gun.

Samar: You created the site. You can take Agent Keen off the site.
Gavin Belgado: No, I can’t.
Samar: I don’t believe you.
Belgado: You don’t believe me? Go try a layer four UDP/TCP in the OSI stacks.
Aram: Agent Navabi?
Samar: I don’t understand half of what he’s saying. I don’t even know what questions to ask him.
Aram: I thought you were great. Maybe I can talk to him.
Aram: Look, Gavin Mr. Delgado, we both know you can take that site down.
Delgado: I don’t choose who deserves to die. The masses do. No Capitol Hill, no committees, no debates. I’ve created the purest form of democracy. By dispersing power directly into the hands of the people, no single person possesses the ability to tip the scales. And I don’t choose targets. The people do.
Aram: If you don’t take Agent Keen off your site –
Delgado: You’ll what? Hit me with a denial of service attack?
Aram: Actually, I was thinking more like millions of repetitive requests.
Delgado: My mitigation capacity will frag any traffic you throw at.
Aram: I know your dark web P2P is cached on multiple servers, but I’ve got a virus concealed via rootkit. Delgado: [ Laughs ] Look, I’m way ahead of you. There’s a reason people trust me enough toput millions in my site.
Aram: Because they know you can’t take the money and run.
pnWhich means it’s a two-key system. You can’t take Agent Keen’s name down. Only the person who nominated her to be assassinated can do that. Good talk.
[ Door opens, closes ]

Solomon: What is the deal with you two anyways? It’s what everybody wants to know. Some say it’s a daddy/daughter thing. Others swear it’s May-September. I prefer to believe it’s a little of both.♤
Red: The fact that we’re still alive means you need something from me. Whatever it is, let her go. My resources are at your disposal. It’s a limited-time offer, Matias. You need to act now.
Solomon: Oh, you’ll give me what I need. I’m certain of that. Right there. That’s good.
Come here!
Liz: Let go! Stop!
Solomon: Get her up there! Grab her legs!
Liz. Get your hands off me.
Solomon: Pin her down! Stay there! You need to stay put.
Red: Call the Director. Tell him I’ll give him everything I’ve been collecting, all the evidence against him. Call him!
Solomon: You don’t need to concern yourself with the Director anymore. You’re in my care now, Reddington.

Asher: You don’t understand. They’re gonna come after me, after us.
Tom: Look, I know, but there has to be something you can do.
Who? Please, listen.
You’ve done enough.
Come on.
Tom You got yourself into something, right? Tell me what. Let me help you.
Asher: What do you know about underground boxing?
Tom; Human dog fighting. People die.You don’t want to bet on that.
Asher: No, no, no. I didn’t bet on it. I did it. I mean, I-I fought.
Tom: Let me guess. You lost.
Asher: No. I won. That’s the problem. These guys – they wanted me to throw a fight, but people lost a lot of money – the wrong kind of people.
Gwen: He paid them back, but these people, they – they found out about his family. They’re extorting him – 20 grand a month. They’ll kill him if he doesn’t pay.
Asher: That guy, the one you scared off, he’s low-level. But the guys he works for are, uh, Russians. You know, they’re organized.
Tom: Russians? I hired a private detective to see if I could cut a deal. They found pieces of him along the Allegheny. It’s never gonna end.
Tom: Yeah, it is, because I’m gonna fix it.
Asher: No, listen, please.
Tom.: I owe you this.
Asher: I can’t let you–
Gwen: Hey, let him talk.
Asher: Okay.
Gwen: What would you do, Matt?

Solomon: To do what I do well, I need my enemies to fear me. Every life that I take sends a message. What happens next [ Switchblade clicks ] will be international news. I’m gonna execute a terrorist and a crime lord. Style points count.
Red: Solomon!
Solomon: One Solomon! must work slowly, with great attention to detail, peeling flesh from bone like a butcher filleting a salmon.

[ Liz screaming ] [ Buzzing, beeping ] [ Action scene. Dembe comes in jeep and,💥 guns a-blazing 💥💥💥¸„💥º°¨¨¨, kills everyone except Solomon, who escapes ❗ ]
Red: Are you okay?
Liz: Yeah.
Red: Lizzie, where’d he go – Solomon?
Liz: He got away.
[ Vargas is hyperventilating. Red walks over to him and shuts 💥 him in the chest ]
[ Red goes to Dembe, whose gunshot wound from Vargas is bleeding fresh. They embrace, but then Dembe groans, collapsing against Red. Red eases him down. ]
Dembe: Ahh.
[ Red attends to Dembe ]
Red: [ To pAramedic ] I’ve secured a safe site less than a mile away – 5243 North Park. Call me as soon as you arrive.
Red: Dembe? Dembe!? We’re gonna get you well.
Liz: We’re going with him.
Red: What are you doing?
Liz: I’m going with Dembe.
Red: You’re not safe here.
[ Dialing ] [ Ringing ]
Red: Aram; Aram, tell me she’s off the site.
Aram: I thought I could. I thought, uh –
Red: We gave you the name of the man who created the site two hours ago. Have you found him?
Aram: Yes, but it is a two-key system. He is only one of the keys. The other key is this Arioch Cain, the person who put her on the site, and I can’t find him unless I can follow the money, and there is no money to follow until the bounty is put in escrow. Mr Reddington, I am so sorry, but the only way they’re taking Agent Keen’s name off the site is if she’s dead.
Red: Well, we’re just gonna have to kill her.
Aram: Uh, I’m sorry. Bad connection. Did you just say we’ll have to kill her?
Red: Aram, listen to me very carefully. This is what I need you to do.

Samar: Today is your lucky day. You’re going to cop a plea. All you have to do is enter your passkey and confirm that Wendigo killed Agent Keen. Date of death, cause of death, and unique identifier – Psalm 1:1.
Aram: When you do, Arioch Cain will enter his passkey to release the bounty.
Delgado: No one is releasing anything without independent verification that she’s dead.
Samar: We have someone working on that.

♪ mm mm mm, if I break your heart can you feel love any more?

Mr Kaplan: Open up a bit.

♪ do you feel love anymore?

Kaplan: There. Good.
[ Camera shutter clicking ]

♪ mm mm mm, if I break your heart

Kaplan: Are you sure this is a good idea?

♪ can you feel love anymore?

Red: Yes. Get the photos to Sandquist at the Chronicle. I want everyone to know what happened here today.
[ Camera shutter clicking ]

♪ freedom is a state of mind

Blair: Dad! They got her.

♪ you know I wanna help you out

TV: And we are just now getting reports that former FBI Agent Elizabeth Keen has been shot and killed. No comment yet from the FBI

♪ if I break your heart .

Aram: Agent Ressler knows what we’re doing, right? I mean, he knows about Agent Keen?
Samar: I called, but he’s still testifying before the commission.
Aram: He is not gonna like this.

♪ if I break your heart can you feel love anymore?
do you feel love anymore? mm mm mm,
if I break your heart can you feel love anymore?
do you feel love anymore?

Tom: The men you work for – Asher Sutton is done paying them. From now on, you deal with me.
Russian: They will come for you, huh?
Tom: I’m counting on it.
[ 💥Gunshots💥 ]

♪ don’t wanna see you struggle when

Mr Kaplan: Yes, worse than I thought. I’m gonna need the shop-vac and three tins of Buckner’s saddle soap.

Aram: Okay, tell me what you see.
Liz: Uh, the website says “Kill confirmed.”
Aram: Perfect. Okay, Delgado’s admin site should automatically release the funds into escrow. When they do, Wendigo should get an e-mail with a link to a routing number. Now, the actual funds won’t be available for 32 hours, but the routing number can be back-traced to give us an address.
Liz: Hang on. Here we go. I got an e-mail.
Aram: Read me the routing number.
Red: [ Takes phone from Liz ] Thank you, Aram. That will be all. [ Hangs up ]
Liz: What are you doing?
Red: [ Dialing ] I’d prefer to know who put you on that site before the FBI.
Liz: I can’t get a physical address from the routing number without Aram’s help.
Red: Borakove, wake and bake and grab a pen. I have a routing number I need you to track.

Liz: Arioch Cain?
Cain: You?
Red: You look like you’ve seen a ghost.
Cain: You’re supposed to be dead. I saw it on the news.
Liz: Take me off the site.
Cain: Site? What site? What are you talking about?
Red: Look at me and listen to what I’m saying to you, because I’m in no mood to repeat myself.
We know what you’ve done. We know you have the power to stop it.
Blair: No, he doesn’t. I’m the one you’re looking for. I’m the one who wants you dead.
Red: On the couch.
Liz: You need to take me off that site.
Blair: No!
Cain: What site?! What the hell is going on? What are you people doing here?
Blair: She ruined everything.
Liz: This isn’t a game! People are trying to kill me!
Cain: Blair, what are they talking about?
Blair: What you wanted. How many times have you said that you wanted her dead, that you wanted the person who killed mom to die? The Orea bombing.
Liz: Your mother died in the Orea bombing.
Blair: Look at her. Her name was Sharon. Did you know that before you blew her up?
Cain: Blair, honey, whatever they’re telling you to do –
Blair: No! Dad, no.
Liz: I am so sorry, but I had nothing to do –
Blair: You killed her!
Red: No, she didn’t. It’s understandable that you would think she did, – but she didn’t.
Blair: You’re wrong.
Liz: Take it down, Blair, before more innocent people die.
Blair; My mom was innocent.
Liz.: I lost my mom when I was a little girl. I know how you feel.
Blair: You don’t.
Liz: I still think about her every day – what we might talk about, what her voice might sound like. I promise you, I had nothing to do with your mother’s death. I will do whatever it takes to find the people responsible. But I can’t do anything until you take me off that site.
[ Keys clacking ] [ Computer beeps ]
Liz: Thank you. Blair, I’m gonna get the people that killed your mother.

Ressler : You made the right call. Not only is Keen safe, but the site’s down, and we have leads on four assassins we didn’t know existed.
Aram: I thought you’d be furious.
Ressler: You know what I am? I’m scared, because for a minute, I thought Keen was gone. I thought that, uh [ Sighs ]
[ Aram hugs him ]
Agent Ressler, when you have a moment.
Wright: [ Poking her head in door ]
Ressler: We got to do a better job. We got to go out there, and we got to find her and bring her in, because every day she’s out there is the day we could lose her. [ To Aram ] Don’t ever hug me like that again.

Ressler: Mrs. Hitchin, I assume you’re here to tell me that the Commission came to a sensible decision about how to handle the Director.
[ Hitchin steps aside to reveal The Director seated behind her ]
The Director: These red velvet cake pops are delicious.
Wright: The Commission’s work is ongoing, but Laurel and I think it’s prudent for us all to be on the same page.
Ressler: Yeah, that’s not gonna happen.
Hitchin: Yeah, it is, and here’s why. We’re not gonna repeat the intelligence failures of 9/11.
The FBI and the CIA must communicate, which means you two must work together.
Wright: From now on, you share intel – anything and everything relating to the whereabouts of Reddington and Keen.
The Director: I’m fine with that. Agency’s always been an open book on this topic.
Ressler: I think you’re making a big mistake here.
Hitchin: The President doesn’t agree.
Ressler: And if I’m not willing to cooperate?
Hitchin: Then you’ll be replaced by someone who is.
Wright: Agent Ressler, in the interests of national security, this is the best course of action.
The Director: Hmm. Seems you’ve upgraded this place. I’d love to have a tour.

Tom: [ Voiceover ] Everyone has a way they want to be perceived – a cover story, a lie. They tell you what they want you to believe.♤ But I think actions speak louder than words, especially the ones we take out of loyalty or our sense of duty or love or out of hope for a second chance.
Tom: That’s all I want for you, Liz – a second chance. I’ll do anything to make sure that you get it. I hope you’re okay. If you get this, I’ll be here.
Asher: Hey, where have you been?
Tom: Working on my tan.
Asher: How did it go? I tried calling you.
Tom: We had a very, uh, productive conversation.
Asher: Oh, my God. Is that – is that blood on your collar?
Gwen: What have you done?
Tom: Hey, look, I told you I would fix it, so I did.
Gwen: Open the trunk.
Tom: No, Gwen –
Gwen: Open the trunk!
Tom: You don’t want me to do that.
Asher: Do you have any idea who these people are? If you did something, if you –
Tom: They’re gonna think it was me, okay? They’ll come for me.
Asher: No, they’re not gonna come for you without going through me first.
[ Gwen snatches key from Tom, unlocks trunk. Body of Russian is inside ]
Gw-Gwen! [ Beeps ] Oh, my God.
Asher: Oh.
Tom: It’s fine. Don’t worry about it.

♪ ohh, feel like crying

Tom: It’s done.


༺ ♤ ༻

♫ Trouble
by Robots Don’t Sleep

♪ Don’t wanna see you struggle when
You know I wanna help you out
The trouble that you know you’re in
The leach between up and down
You came closen doors
So I can’t help you no more
Your thought so confined

♪ If I break your heart
Can you feel love any more,
Do you feel love anymore
If I break your heart
Can you feel love anymore
Do you feel love anymore

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/1ScXzEe
YouTube: http://youtu.be/f5TCakPHvd8

❌❌❌ END 3:5 Arioch Cain
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༺ ✿⊰ ♤ ⊱✿༻


🔴 Script: 3:6 Sir Crispin Crandall (№ 86)

Last updated: 11/9/2015 10:20am CT, Program air date: 11/5/2015 in the US
Script Status: Final
Permalink: http://wp.me/pDKwi-1We
Storybook: http://wp.me/pDKwi-1We#crispin
Source: Raw Scripts from Springfield [UK]: http://bit.ly/1VtXhJ6 (captions)
WSJ Episode Summary: http://on.wsj.com/1Q7TZwT
Blurb: A billionaire wants to live forever and to take the world’s best and brightest with him. Red and the Director are in a race to find him. Seeking Karakurt, Tom finds himself in a to-the-death fight club.
Created by: Jon Bokenkamp
Director: Ami Canaan Mann
Writers: Dave Thomas


Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington – James Spader
Elizabeth Keen – Megan Boone
Donald Ressler – Diego Klattenhoff
Harold Cooper – Harry Lennix
Tom Keen – Ryan Eggold
Aram Mojtabai – Amir Arison
Samar Navabi – Mozhan Marnò
Dembe Zuma – Hisham Tawfiq

Karakurt – Andrew Divoff
Anna Neehoff – Emily Dorsch
Matias Solomon – Edi Gathegi
Gwen Hollander – Conor Leslie
Lisa Thomopoulos – Amelia Pedlow
Inspector (Max) – Simon Poutras
Michael Carpus – Otto Sanchez
Marvin Gerard – Fisher Stevens
Director (Kotsiopolus)– David Strathairn
Asher Sutton – Peter Vack
Sir Crispin Crandall – Harris Yulin


🔴 Script 3:6 Sir Crispin Crandall (№ 86)

Previously on The Blacklist

Cooper: What would you do to help Elizabeth Keen?
Tom: Anything.
Cooper: Find Karakurt. The Cabal hired him to do what she’s being framed for. Figure out a way to infiltrate the crime ring thát may be protecting Karakurt.
Russian driver: They will come for you.
Tom: I’m counting on it. [ Shoots 💥 him ]
Ressler: Marvin Gerard. Acts as a “shadow counsel” to some of the biggest players in the criminal underworld.

Gerard: Yeah. We could make it work.
We only have one shot at this. I’ll be in touch.

Solomon: [ To the Director ] I’m here because people in our organization have lost confidence in you.
[ Presidential Commission investigating terror events including the Orea bombing ]
Chair Hitchin: The FBI and the CIA must communicate which means you two must work together.
Director (aka Kotsiopolus): I’m fine with that.

Sir Crispin Crandall: The brain is everything. Memory, consciousness, personality. Imagine if we could free the brain from the body. What then? Without that wretched carcass marching you toward death you might live forever. You’d like to live forever, wouldn’t you, Dr Kucera? I knòw I would. [ Laughing ]
[ Man is shown in wheelchair. He looks a lot like Stephen Hawking. He cannot speak ]
Despite the pain and isolation of being trapped in that skin, your paper on “Twin Prime Conjecture” set the world of number theory on fire. Hats off to you, Sir. Hats off! I am in awe of your intellect. And the seminal contributions you’ve made to the field of mathematics That’s why, uh, that’s why I’ve chosen you to join us on this wonderful voyage. Soon you will be free of that broken shell. You will be able to walk and talk with ease. You may even be able to sing and dance. Does that appeal to you, Dr Kucera? I should think it would. [ Rumbling ]. You and I, along with the others, will free ourselves. We shall “slip the surly bonds of Earth … And touch the face of God.”
[ Beèp ]
I see the captain has turned on the seatbelt sign.
[ Alarm beeping ]
Well, make sure that your seat back and folding tray are in their full upright position.
[ Rapid beeping ]
We’re in for a bumpy ride.
[ Rumbling, shaking ]

[ On Red’s jet ]
Liz: [ Sighs ] Okay. Drink. It’s Japanese matcha tea. It has 17 times the antioxidants of wild blueberries and seven more thank dark chocolate.
Dembe: You will be fine, Elizabeth. He will make sure of it.
Liz: I thought I was taking care of you.
Red: How’s the patient?
Liz: Stubborn. Sweet. Stubborn.
Red: Lizzie, what do you know about Andras Halmi?
Liz: The French economist?
Red: Belgian. He’s an econometrician. He develops economic models using regression analysis and game theory. One of the world’s greatest minds. And he’s been abducted.
Liz: What does that mean to us?
Red: Andras Halmi is the Director’s most trusted advisor. And has information that is critical to our plan. At first, I thought it might be a random abduction. But thát appears not to be the case as another elite econometrician went missing in Paris 10 days ago.
Liz: Another? How many are there?
Red: It’s a small group. Too small to be a coincidence. In the past six months, two acclaimed geneticists have gone missing, two prize-winning civil engineers. Always a man and a woman. Someone is building an ark, Lizzie, and populating it with some of the most brilliant minds of our time. But to clear your name we need to find Andras Halmi. And to find Andras Halmi, we need to find that ark.

[ On conference call with Red ]
Ressler: We know about the abductions.
Samar: The bureau believes that some kind of a brain drain. Whoever is responsible is organized and resourceful. Likely a foreign power.
Ressler: Why force your country to learn when you can just grab the world’s experts and advance decades overnight?
Red: It’s a novel theory, Donald. But like all novels, it’s fiction, We’re not dealing with a rogue nation state here. We’re dealing with the next name on the Blacklist.
Ressler: No, we’re not. Not unless you give me a good reason why.
Red: The Director. You’ve been ordered to work together, to share intelligence in the pursuit of Agent Keen. I imagine that’s a rather awkward and fraught relationship, one you’d be anxious to terminate.
Ressler: I’m listening.
Red: Andras Halmi, a confidante of the Director’s, is among the missing. He has valuable information I need.
Samar: You want us to find him.
Red: Yes. Without alerting the Director, of course.
Ressler: Well, good luck with that. His team is tapping into our systems.
Red: Be that as it may, he must not find out about this case.

[ The Director enters as Ressler hangs up ]
Ressler: So, getting settled in okay.
Director: You can dispense with the pleasantries. We’re not your house guests. My team has been reviewing the activities of this task force over the past few weeks, and it appears that you have not only been communicating with Reddington and Keen but have been assisting them in some investigative capacity.
Ressler: That’s right. That was him on the phone, giving us another case.
Director: So you admit then to servicing Reddington’s agenda instead of hunting him down.
Ressler: We talk to them to keep them close, increases the chancesof making an arrest.
Director: [ Scoffs ] You do more than talk.
Ressler: The Djinn, the Verdiant indictments, every case that Reddington has given us has taken down someone important to the Cabal. That okay with you?
Director: I don’t have time for conspiracy theories, Agent Ressler, neither do you. This next case, full debriefing in 30 minutes.

Cooper: You’re telling me you had no other choices but to kill this man.
Tom: I did what I had to do to get to Karakurt.
Cooper: They’ll be looking for you.
Tom: Yeah, I hope so.
Cooper: That was your plan. To kill a known associate of Charlie Volkens.
Tom: I don’t exactly remember you offering up a better plan.
Cooper: Do you have any idea who you’re dealing with? Let me remind you. [ Gives him the file ] Charlie Volkens isn’t just Karakurt’s brother-in-law. He’s a drug dealer, an extortionist, runs an underground fight club. He’s a sociopath, surrounded by people who fear him. The Bureau can pin three murders on Volkens but can’t get a conviction because no one in the community is willing to talk.
Tom: Which is why you couldn’t get to him. In fact, you couldn’t even find him. And now he is coming to find me.
Cooper: He’s coming to kill you. And once he has you, once you’re in his world, that’s exactly what he’s going to do.
Tom: I don’t care. He’s hiding Karakurt.
Cooper: I won’t be able to help you.
Tom: I’m going to find him. I’m going to drag Karakurt back here if I have to.
Cooper: They’ll also come for Asher Sutton. You’re going to let him die, too?
Tom: If that’s what it takes to exonerate Liz.

Ressler: A biophysicist goes missing in Berlin. Another is taken in Rome. A neurologist vanishes in Johannesburg, another goes missing in San Francisco. Always a man and a woman.
[ Beeps ]
Reddington identified six victims, three pairs. Using his theory, we’ve been able to identify 16 matches worldwide. Thirty-two victims. Anthropology. Computer science, This may sound random but it’s not. This is a list of the key graduate degree programs at Harvard. He’s collecting leaders in each field of study.
Samar: Once he chooses a discipline, he completes the pair before moving on. Two days afte an anthropologist was taken in Nepal, another was taken in Ankara.
Aram: Hang on. I think I may have a lead on his next victim. This is Dr. Richard Kucera, chair of Mathematics at a university in Bacelona. Dr Kucera disappeared two days ago.
Samar: You expect his next victim to be a woman in the same discipline?
Aram: Exactly. Thing is, there’s only one female Chair of Mathematics who’s at the same level as Dr Kucera, and she is here in America. Her name is Anna Neehoff. Currently on Sabbatical. Living in Arlington, 6234 Norwood Drive.
Ressler: Contact local PD. Send all units. Samar and I are headed there now.
Director: This is it? This is all you have? What’s Reddington’s agenda?
Ressler: Welcome to our world.
Director: There is something you’re not telling me. Who he’s after, for instance. I’d like a name.
Ressler: He didn’t give me a name. Listen, if you’ve got a problem, why don’t you go take it up with Reven Wright? We got a job to do.

[ Anna Neehoff is listening to music playing through earphones ] [ A man is watching her through binoculars from a nearby building ]
Man: Got her. First floor. Second window from the right.
2nd Man: Same play as the others?
Man in car: Yeah. Grab her. Bag her. Take her to the Cloud.

[ Operating room ] [ Crandall wheels Dr Kucera into room ]
Crandall: I wanted you to see this, Dr Kucera. [ Drill whirring ] This is the procedure we’ll be doing for you. Freeing that beautiful mind. Yeah.
Assistant: [ Whispering ] We’ve located Dr Neehoff.
Crandall: Good news. We’ve found you a mate. Like you, she’s a mathematician. And I think, in the utopia I’m preparing for all of us, you will see why I chose her for you.
[ Drilling sound. Operation ]

[ Indistinct conversations ] [ Evidence board with photos of abductees ]
Director: Bradley. Can you access the FBI files relating to these abductions.
Bradley: Everything in the system.
Director: Do it. I have a feeling there’s something they’re not telling us.
Bradley: Yes, sir.

[ Anna Neehoff”s home ] [ Listening to music through earphones ]
[ Cell phone buzzing. She does not pick up ]

[ Ressler and Samar in vehicle ] [ Siren wailing ]
Samar: No answer on her cell phone.
Ressler: Where’s your head at?
Samar: With the Director in the War Room– If we find Liz, he finds Liz. And if he finds Liz, he’ll kill her.
Ressler: We have protocols in place that will guarantee Keen’s safety.
Samar: You think he’ll follow the rules?
Ressler: Laurel Hitchin put him in here. If he goes off book it blows back in her face and the President’s. No way she’s gonna let that happen.

[ Anna Neehoff’s home ] [ Cell dings. She picks up ]

Automated voice: You have one new voicemail message.
Recording, Samar: Dr Neehoff, my name is Samar Navabi. I’m with the FBI. We believe you may be in danger. We’re on our way to you right now. Please lock all of your doors and do not let anyone in.

[ Van door closing ] [ Rustling, men approach ] [ She hides under buffet ]
[ Men break in door ]
Man: Back door and garage are clear.
Man: Clear.
[ Cell phone twitters, man turns around ]
Man: Tommy, radio Nolan and tell him to watch the front.
[ Cell phone buzzes ] [ Man reaches under buffet and drags Neehoff out ] [ Screaming ]
[ Men grunting ]
Man: Shut up.
[ Screaming continues ] [ Man answers Neehoff’s phone ]
Samar: Anna? Anna?
[ Samar and Ressler hear screaming ] [ Tires squealing ]
[ Neehoff is on floor of moving van, duct tape over her mouth. One man is crouching by her ]

Voice: [ Over radio ] Units in pursuit of blue Econoline van with three suspects, headed west on Lexington.

[ Tires squealing ] [ Siren wailing ]
[ Van stops, men jump out with guns and go after police cars pulling up ]
[ Sirens wailing ] [ Tires screech ] [ Police radio chatter ]
[ 💥 Gun fight 💥💥 ]
Man: Down!
[ Screaming ]
Man: [ Holding gun to Anna’s head ] Stay back!
Voice over loudspeaker: Get out of the vehicle. Put your weapon down.
[ Gunshot 💥 ] [ Man who has Anna has his brains blown up all over inside of car window ] [ Anna screams ] [ Samar gets in car with Anna ]
Navabi: Ressler, he took off toward the house.
[ Dog barking ]
[ Man breaks into house, sees Woman holding baby, empties her purse, takes car keys ]
[ Barking continues ]
[ Ressler enters house. Woman is now on floor groaning, child beside her ] [ Ressler sees purse contents missing car keys, heads to garage ]
[ Engine turns over. Ressler points gun at Man behind wheel ]
Ressler: You move, your next thought’s gonna be about a bullet.
[ Iow, Anna Neehoff is rescued ]

[ A construction site. Montreal, Canada ]
Cedric: The men are working as fast as they can.
Red: You built that awful grotto for that wedding in Tuscany in six days, complete with stalactites!
Cedric: Well, that was different.
Red: Yes, but infinitely more complicated. And you ripped it out in a day and a half!
Cedric: Yeah, and I didn’t have an inspector up my ass eight hours a day.
Red: Lives are at stake. The fate of nations. Bribe someone. Push someone around. I don’t care. Just get it done.
Cedric: [ Nods ]
Red: Where’s this inspector. I want to talk to this guy. Dembe, the pelican case. ⋘⋙ Marvin!
Marvin Gerard: Yelł me you found Andras Halmi.
Red: There’s been a small wrinkle.
Gerard: Halmi is all that matters.
Liz: The Director is working with the task force.
Gerard: Need I remind you that without Halmi, a crucial element of our plan vanishes faster than a fart in a fan factory?
Max: You wanted to see me?
Red: Ah … You must be …
Max: Busy keeping track of all your code violations.
Red: Portofino is lovely this time of year. Life’s too short to spend haggling over flex conduits and electrical chases.
Max: My son drowned in Portofino. [ Money thuds ]
Red: Well, who could have predicted that?
Gerard: Forget the inspector. What about Halmi?
Red: Leave Halmi to me. You – find out whatever you can about that inspector.

[ Pounding on door ]
Tom: Hey, Gwen. Asher around?
Gwen: We told you not to come back here, okay?
Tom: Where is he? Asher!
Asher: Hey. What are you doing here?
Tom: Pack your bags. Do you have a safe? Open it.
Asher: We called the police. We want nothing to do with you.
Tom: Get your passports and whatever cash you have in the house. Do it right now.
Gwen: The police–
Tom: The police aren’t gonna be here in time, Gwen.
Gwen: The others. They’re coming.
Asher: For you, okay? We didn’t kill anyone. We did what they asked.
Tom: Do you have a safe?
Gwen: We’ll tell them what happened. We’ll just– we’ll tell them the truth.
Tom: The truth is, they sent someone to get a debt, and he’s dead. Somebody has to pay.
Asher: So, they’re gonna kill us? Is that what you’re saying?
Tom. I’m trying to help you, all right? If you just do exactly what I say–
Gwen: You did this to us! You came into our lives. You targeted us.
Tom: Yeah.
Gwen: Why?
[ Horn blares ] [ Dog barks ]
Tom: Listen to me right now. These men– they are going to be armed, they are going to be very, very dangerous, and they are going to try to hurt you.
[ Keypad beeping ] [ Dog barks ]
Gwen: Who are you?
[ Alarm blaring ] [ Gasps ]
Tom: Listen to me– find a place to hide and do not come out, no matter what you hear. Do you understand?
[💥 Gunshots 💥] [ Dog whines ] [ Pounding ] [ Glass breaks ] [ Muffled shouting, scuffling ]

[ Ressler has been trying to question one of the men who tried to abduct Anna Neehoff ]
Suspect: I want my lawyer.
Ressler: He’s more afraid of whoever he’s working for than he’ll ever me of us. He’s not talking.
Director: He’ll talk to me.

Red: The inspector. What did you find?
Gerard: There’s not much. Ex loves him. Taxes paid. ChÅ«rch on Sunday. But, he does have one weakness. Lisa Themopoulos. Aspirations of becoming a pastry chef. Flunked out of Cordon Bleu. Seems she can’t tell a baklava from a balaclava.

Lisa Thermopoulos: Uh, I forgot the egg wash. [ Boss frowns at her ] Okay, I just need to clear my head, have a cigarette. Ten minutes. Can I just take 10 minutes?

Red: You must be Lisa. Max said your eyes were radiant, but my God! Mesmerizing. ⋘⋙ It’s very small space. We want to brighten. I love mauve, but a soft creamy yellow will just open up the entire room. We also need to land on cabinet options and millwork today. I’m already arguing with my supplier. Tell me if I’m going too fast–
Lisa: I’m sorry. I have no idea what any of this means.
Red: Oh, my goodness– Max didn’t tell you.
Lisa: Tell me what?
Red: About your restaurant.
Lisa: I don’t have a restaurant.
Red: I think we need to take a drive.

Director: Your birth name is Michael Karpos. I understand you’ve been employed by some of our sub-contractors. Welł, on behalf of our nation, thank you for your service. I also see that you have an ex-wife and daughter who attends St Bartholomew’s Academy in Scotch Plains, New Jersey. Hmmm, pretty. Are acquainted with the Bible, Mr Karpos? I am. At one point, I even considered the priesthood. Can you imagine? There’s a passage. Exodus 20:5-6. “For I, the Lord Thy God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquities of the fathers on the children.” We wouldn’t want that, would we, Mr Karpos?
cajoles v threatens
Director: The man you’re looking for is Sir Crispin Crandall.
Ressler: The reclusive billionaire? He’s behind the abductions?
Director: He takes them to a complex near the Boston-Manchester Regional Airport. What he does there, God only knows.

Crandall: Come now, Richard! Eat! Drink! It’s not as if you have to worry about putting on weight. [ Laughing ] Soon we’ll be relieving you of that crippled body to prepare you for a brave new world.
Assistant: Sir, it’s about Ms Neehoff. It appears we have a situation.
Crandall: Hmmm. Dear, dear, dear. Keep eating, Richard. I shall return.

Director: Matias. I don’t appreciate being summoned.
Matias Solomon: Tell me about Andras Halmi. You thought the task force was holding something back. They were. Who is he?
Director: How do you know what I was or was not thinking?
Solomon: I know everything, Peter. [ Chuckles ] Almost always before you. Your analyst discovered that they deleted Halmi’s name so you wouldn’t find it. Why?
Director: Andras Halmi is a trusted advisor,
Solomon: Then why haven’t I heard about him?
Director: He’s critical to this organization and he must be found.
Solomon: I think you’re lying.
Director: Fine, then, don’t help. But if you don’t and our friends in Bonn learn of your insubordination, I don’t think they’re going to be very pleased.
Solomon: Okay. Tell me what you know. [ Chuckles ]

Max: Plumbing leak, missing hand rails.
Marvin Gerard: Hand rails? Hand rails?!
Max: Exposed wiring. Unlicensed subcontractor. You’re shut down,
Gerard: Okay, fine. You shut us down. I’ll sue you for losses, you beer-swilling Frostback.
Max: Lisa?
Red: I know. I know. I ruined the whole damned thing. But there were too many decisions to make without her. After all, it is her restaurant.
Lisa: I can’t believe it.
Red: Max has been working night and day to get this place fixed up. Alł those classes, the hours you’ve spent perfecting your tarts, your crumpets. If he’s told me once, he’s told me a thousand times, you should be feeding all of Montreal in your own restaurant.
Lisa: I don’t know what to say.
Max: Neither do I.
Lisa: [ Sqeals, hugs Max around neck ] We could do puff pastries with a little Sunday brunch! And those little tea cakes that you loooove.
Red: [ Takes Max aside ] I need one day working around the clock without interruptions. After that, the place is yours.
Max: Who are you?
Red: The man who’s going to help you make her dreams come true.
Lisa: [ Sqealing ] [ Grabs Max’s hand and leads him off ]
Liz: [ Who has been in background all along, absorbing ] Clever. But none of it’s going to matter unless we get Andras Halmi.

[ Crandall Cryonics Warehouse. Boston, MA ]
Ressler: Crispin Crandall.
Security: Wait. You don’t have authority to go–
Ressler: Call your boss. Tell him the FBI needs to talk to Sir Crispin Crandall. ⋘⋙ What the hell is this place?
Samar: We’re not going to wait to find out.
[ HRT smashes lock with butt of rifle. They enter. Large room with glass-doored storage units stretching back on both sides. Air hissing, mist escaping from several units indicates cold. Ressler peers inside one unit. A frozen head. Samar discovers another etc ]
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[ Tom comes to, badly bruised and bloody, lying on concrete, chained and dog-leashed ]
Tom: [ Groggily ] I want to talk to Charlie Volkens.
Emcee: You got any idea where you are, sport? You know what we do here?
Tom: Asher Sutton. He has nothing to do with this.
Emcee: Oh, yeah, he does. Tonight he does. You two got ringside seats.
Tom: He’s innocent. You don’t have to hurt him.
Emcee: Oh, ain’t got to hurt anybody. That, I leave to you. You boys are top of the card tonight. No Queensbury rules. Unlimited rounds. Winner takes everything. [ Kicks Tom in face ]
[ Grunts ] [ Coughs ] [ Grunting ]
[ Tom pulls on long chain, discovers Asher at other end of it ]

Aram: Crandall Cryonics is a legitimate firm that specializes in cryogenic preservation. It’s more hope than science, but true believers think it’s possible to freeze the human body, suspend death and disease so that patients might be reanimated and cured when new technology is developed in the future.
Samar: According to the company’s records, none of the missing scientists are here. The Dewars contain patients with legally binding contracts.
Ressler: Well, if they’re not here, where are they?
Samar: If the employees know, they’re not saying. And we can’t question Crandall.
Ressler: Why? Because he’s a billionaire?
Samar: Because he lives on a plane. Which he refuels in the air.
Ressler: Wait. What? He doesn’t land?
Aram: According to the FAA, he’s landed 30 times in the last three years. Each time corresponded to the date of an abduction. He was scheduled to land today but scrubbed that less than an hour after we prevented Anna Neehoff from being taken,
Ressler: He was coming for her, like the others.
Aram: His plane is an ark.
Samar. Or a jail. It can’t be easy keeping 36 people against their will.
Ressler: It is if they’re frozen.
Aram: No it’s an A 380. Definitely big enough to contain a mobile lab and store multiple corpses.

Crandall: Doctor. It appears we have an issue with our fuel tanker. Small change of schedule, but fear not. Once everything is under control, we’ll move ahead with your procedure post haste. Don’t go anywhere. [ Chuckles ]

Ressler: [ Over phone ] We think we know what happened to the people who were abducted. Red: You found Halmi.
Ressler: The victims were cryogenically frozen by some nutjob billionaire named Crispin Crandall.
Red: Frozen?
Ressler: Yeah.
Red: Where is he keeping them?
Ressler: On his jet, some flying icebox that never touches down.
Red: He has a refueling tanker.
Ressler: Not anymore. We grounded it.
Red: Excellent. That’s all I need. ⋘⋙ [ To Dembe ] Ring Edward. Tell him we need the jet. We’re going to pay a little visit to Crispin Crandle.
Liz: Crispin Crandall. I thought he was dead.
Red: No, he’s very much alive and it seems he’s responsible for our international brain drain. He has Halmi. He also has a big problem I may be able to alleviate, the FBI.
Liz: You gave them this case.
Red: And now I’m taking it award. Crandall is flying into a trap. He needs somewhere to land his Spruce Goose.

Ressler: Okay, people. We have 67 minutes before that plane drops out of the sky. I need a location now.
[ Computer beeps ]
Analyst: Sir, take a look at this.
Aram: We found ’em. NSA satellite picked up an A380, descending, on course for a regional airstrip outside Halifax.
Samar: The plane’s waiting. I’ll notify the RCMP on the way.

[ Cellphone dialing ]
Director: The target is headed for Pittsburgh.
Solomon: And the FBI?
Director: Headed for Halifax, based on false satellite intel, when in fact Crandall’s plane should be touching down at a former military runway near Pittsburgh in about 40 minutes.
Solomon: Connellesville, I know it.
Director: I’m guessing Reddington redirected Crandall there since he wants Halmi. Probably cut a deal with him to get him. Which means Reddington will be there, as will Keen.
Solomon: This is fun.
Director: Terminate them both. Secure Halmi’s body.
Solomon: His body? if Halmi is dead, why does Reddington still want him?
Director: Just take care of Reddington and Keen, and we’ll be done with loose ends.

Indistinct shouting ]
Emcee: Gentlemen!
[ Shouting stops ]
Emcee: Gentlemen. Our final bout today is a no-holds-barred grudge match between two rank amateurs. There will be no rules. Sucker-punching, kicking, biting, and gouging is not only allowed but encouraged.
[ Cheers and applause ]
Emcee: The winner will be the last man breathing.
[ Laughter ] [ Chuckles ]
Emcee: Fight!
[ Indistinct shouting ]
Asher: Come on, man. Put your hands up. Come on, man. If you don’t fight, they’re gonna kill us both.,
Tom: I didn’t come here to fight! I came here for the Russian.
[ Shouting stops ]
Emcee: He doesn’t want to fight. [ Sighs ] What should we do about that, gentlemen? Hmm? [ Indistinct shouting ]
Tom: Don’t make me do this. ⋘⋙ I’m sorry.
[ Gagging ] [ Tom kills Asher ]

Ressler: The plane’s not going to Halifax.
Aram: Apparently not.
Ressler: But we’re going to Halifax.
Aram: NSA intel indicated that’s where the plane was heading, uh. It’s not. It’s landing near Pittsburgh.
Samar: The opposite direction. How is this possible?
Ressler: The Director set us up.
Samar: Aram, are you sure about this?
Aram: I set up an air traffic control alert for Crandall’s transponder, figuring when he moved through restricted airspace he’d have to turn it back on. The alert says Pittsburgh.
Samar: Where the Director will have a team waiting for them.
Ressler: And Reddington. When I talked to him, – I think he knows where the plane is headed,
Samar: If he does, he and Liz are walking into a trap. I’ll tell the pilot to change our heading to Pittsburgh.

[ Large plane being towed – Beeping ]
Crandall: [ Phone to ear ]
Technician: Refueling is done. We can be airborne as soon as you can complete your business with Mr Reddington.

Crandall: He’s here?
Red: Oh, there he is! Sir Crispin, I’m Raymond Reddington.
Crandall: What are you doing here? I wired payment for the fuel.
Red: And I voided it, Truth be told, I’ve decided on a different form of payment. Andras Halmi.
Crandall: [ Scoffs ] I’m not giving you Halmi.
Red: Of course you are. At least the part of him I’m interested in. But first, indulge my curiosity. An ice castle in the sky. he best and the brightest frozen solid. I’m intrigued.
[ Crandall points out the a large fish tank ]
Crandall: You know what these are?
Red: They’re horseshoe crabs.
Crandall: Hmmm. Decades ago, it was discovered that their plasma contained limulus amoebocyte lysate, which can be used to detect bacterial endotoxins. I found a way to synthesize it.
Red: That’s how you made your fortune.
Crandall: But more important, they were the inspiration for my vision. They have survived four mass extinctions. We are now on the cusp of the final mass extinction, caused by a species of clever but greedy primates knows as Homo sapiens.
Red: Everyone dies, Mr Crandall.
Crandall: Death is a process. No one is really dead until the information contained in the brain is lost. Cryonic preservation prevents that loss.
Red: Are you a gambling man, Crispin?
Crandall: [ Scoffs ] No, I abhor casinos.
Red: [ Laughing ] Ÿes. Well, I agree with you there. But perhaps you’re familiar with the old saw, “You can’t beat the house.” No matter how many how many poor souls you turn into Popsicles, the fix is in. The world in which you awaken will be one incapable of sustaining human life. And why, because at a critical turning point, one tragically quixotic megalomaniac cannibalized humanity of the very minds thát might have been its salvation. You see, if you were a betting man that you would see that “now” trumps “later” every time. The future is a sucker’s bet. A maybe, a contingency, a what-if. The only thing that is real is the present and you have plundered it. Robbed it of the very geniuses that might have averted the dystopia you so fear. Indeed, maybe even the very one who might have devised a means to revive your sad, tired frozen ass. Congratulations, Crispin. You’ve doubled down on extinction.
Crandall: Life on earth is going to end. Soon. Cryonics is our only hope.
Red: It won’t work.
Crandall: I’m betting it will.
Red: Ah! So you are a gambling man. Let’s place that bet, shall we? [ Shoots him💥]
Medical: What was that? I thought I heard–
Woman: What happened? Is he dead?
Red: [ Leaving ] Dead? Pishposh. What’s death? It’s just a process, right?
Medical: Notify the lab. Tell them to gather the team. Prepare for a full-body cut-down.
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[ ♫ Signaljacker’s “Feel Alive” plays ]
♪ feel alive

Come here. Open it.

♪ feel alive

[ Air hissing ] [ Keyboard clacking, computer beeps ]
Liz: [ Reads ] Andras Halmi – dewar UT-0027.

♪ you fall down

[ Keypad beeps ] [ Door opens ]
[ Red opens locker w Halmi’s frozen corpse, clips off thumbs ]

♪ I will pick you up
for all you need, yeah

Liz: Someone’s here.

♪ the greatest one
but I am by your side
don’t look back, keep running
keep running
I’m running for you

[💥 Gunshots 💥]

♪ you know I’m running for you
feel alive

[💥 Gunshots 💥]

♪ feel alive
I’m running for you

[ Cellphone beeps ]

♪ feel alive

[ Cellphone beeps ]
Director: You have Halmi?
Solomon: More or less. The thumbs appear to be missing.
Director: His thumbs?
Solomon: Peter, is this a problem?

♪ feel alive

[ Air hissing ] [ Radio chatter ]
Samar: Ressler. [ Beckons him to view a frozen head ]
Ressler: [ Reads ] Sir Crispin Crandall.

Director: [ On phone ] Banque Canadienne Du Nord. I’m with the United States Department Of Justice. Your courts have, uh, issued a warrant authorizing us to seize the safety-deposit box of a Mr. Andras Halmi. It is critical that no third party interfere and that the safety-deposit box be kept absolutely secure– by any means.

[ Pounding music ]

[ ♪ Golden Earring’s “Radar Love” plays ]

♪ I been drivin’ all night, my hands wet on the wheel
there’s a voice in my head that drives my heel
’cause my baby called and said, “I need you here”

♪ Come on, come on, come on…

♪ and it’s a half-past four, and I’m shifting gear
when she is lonely and the longing gets too much
she sends a cable coming in from above

♪ don’t need to talk at all
we’ve got a thing that’s called radar love
we’ve got a wave in the air
radar love

⇈ ⇈
[ Elaborate bank break-in using Red’s construction site in Montreal to get access to bank’s vault. Red comes in through the ceiling fixture, gets out a safe deposit box and uses the two thumbs he cut off of Andras Halmi’s corpse to release the biometric lock ( ❗Beep❗), revealing a large ‘cache of cash’ ]
[ Red laughs ]
[ Soon after, the Director enters the bank vault and accesses the same safe deposit box. When he opens it, however, he finds inside only Halmi’s two thumbs ]
⇊ ⇊

♪ when I get lonely and I’m sure I’ve had enough
she sends her comfort coming in from above
we don’t need no letter at all

♪ we’ve got a thing that’s called radar love
we’ve got a line in the sky
radar love

[ Door opens ]
Ressler: Close it. The Director gave his attack dogs the real address so they could get Halmi and kill Reddington and Keen.
Samar: Do you still think our protocols will keep them safe?
Ressler: They survived.
Samar; This time– but as long as he’s here, as long as we’re sharing information–
Ressler: I said he wouldn’t go off book. I was wrong. But thanks to these feeds that we got off of Crandall’s jet, I can prove it now, and when I do, Laurel Hitchin will have no choice but to boot him out. Today was a win, Navabi.
Samar: How do you figure?
Ressler: Reddington said Halmi had information he needed. My guess is he used his thumbs to get it– to get past some kind of a biometric lock or a safe.
Samar: What kind of information?
Ressler: I don’t know. But the Director didn’t want him to get it, and he did. Son of a bitch can’t be happy about that.

Red: Hello, Peter. I hope I’m not interrupting cocktails with Lynda.
Director: Congratulations on getting to Halmi before I did.
Red: Yes, it certainly is celebratory drinks here, so I’ll be brief. I think it’s about time to exonerate Elizabeth Keen.
Director: That is not going to happen.
Red: Oh, but it is. The only question is whether you’ll live to see the day. If I continue to dismantle the Cabal, they’ll put a bullet in your head just to mitigate their losses. Everything is working according to plan, Peter.
Director: You overestimate your influence, Raymond. Your plan is of no concern to us.
Red: Peter. You’ve been skimming from the company till, stealing millions in anticipation of running away. When you were linked to the Cabal, you reached out to Halmi – put your golden parachute in a secret account only he could access. Except now I’ve got it. You have no money to escape the inevitable. Your colleagues will abandon you. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but soon enough, because I’m not going to stop until they do.
Director: Unless I exonerate Keen.
Red: It’s one small chance to save your life.
Director; Such a generous offer. I’ll have to decline.
Red: I’m going to bring this whole damn thing down on you, Peter. And when I do, your own people will beg me to kill you to stop the bleeding.
[ Click ] [ Cellphone beeps ] [ Sighs ]

Volkens: Whew! Takes a hard heart to kill a man with a knife. So… you wanted to see me?
Tom: Not you. Him.
Karakurt: Who the hell are you?
Tom: I’m the guy who’s taking you back to DC to admit that you framed my wife for murder. Karakurt: [ Chuckles ]
Tom: [ Chuckles ] Here’s how it’s gonna play out. I’ll take Tiny Tim out first because he’s the biggest threat. Then Russian Guyavitch goes for his gun, right? But I’m betting that he shoots one of you instead of me. And Volkens is already pissing his pants, so I don’t think he’s gonna be a problem. And that would leave… me and you – Karakurt.
[💥 Gunshots 💥]
Karakurt: Don’t kill me.
Tom: Not yet.
Karakurt: Don’t kill me.
Tom: Not yet.
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༺ ♤ ༻

♫ “Radar Love”
by Golden Earring

♪ I’ve been drivin’ all night, my hand’s wet on the wheel
There’s a voice in my head that drives my heel
It’s my baby callin’, says I need you here
And it’s a half past four and I’m shiftin’ gear
When she is lonely and the longing gets too much
She sends a cable comin’ in from above
Don’t need no phone at all

♪ We’ve got a thing that’s called radar love
We’ve got a wave in the air, radar love
The radio is playing some forgotten song
Brenda Lee’s comin’ on strong

♪ The road has got me hypnotized
And I’m speedin’ into a new sunrise
When I get lonely and I’m sure I’ve had enough
She sends her comfort comin’ in from above

♪ We don’t need no letter at all
We’ve got a thing that’s called radar love
We’ve got a light in the sky, radar love

♪ No more speed, I’m almost there
Gotta keep cool now, gotta take care
Last car to pass, here I go

♪ And the line of cars drove down real slow
And the radio played that forgotten song
Brenda Lee’s comin’ on strong
And the newsman sang his same song
Oh one more radar lover gone

♪ When I get lonely and I’m sure I’ve had enough
She sends her comfort comin’ in from above
We don’t need no letter at all

♪ We’ve got a thing that’s called radar love
We’ve got a light in the sky

♪ We’ve got a thing that’s called radar love
We’ve got a thing that’s called radar love

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/1Mhpa2J
Youtube: http://youtu.be/Zf53Pg2AkdY

❌❌❌ END 3:6 Crispin Crandall
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༺ ✿⊰ ♤ ⊱✿༻


🍑 Script: 3:7 Zal Bin Hasaan (№ 31) 🍑

Last updated: 11/14/2015 2:25am CT, Program air date: 11/12/2015 in the US
Script Status: Final
Permalink: http://wp.me/pDKwi-1Yz
Storybook: http://wp.me/PDKwi-1f3#hasaan
Commentary: http://wp.me/pDKwi-1Yz#peach “Do I Dare to Eat a Peach?”
Source: Raw Scripts from Springfield [UK]: http://bit.ly/1VtXhJ6 (captions)
WSJ Episode Summary: http://on.wsj.com/1MbcXyE
Blurb: Samar’s tragic past breaks into the present as an Iranian terror cell is detected in the US. Tom delivers the goods to Cooper and reconnects with Liz. A garden gnome. An unexpected kiss …
Created by: Jon Bokenkamp
Director: Michael Watkins
Writers: Brandon Sonnier, Brandon Margolis


Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington – James Spader
Elizabeth Keen – Megan Boone
Donald Ressler – Diego Klattenhoff
Harold Cooper – Harry Lennix
Tom Keen – Ryan Eggold
Aram Mojtabai – Amir Arison
Samar Navabi – Mozhan Marnò
Dembe Zuma – Hisham Tawfiq

Farzin – Demosthenes Chrysan
Brimley – Teddy Coluca
Karakurt – Andrew Divoff
Agent Levi Shur – Oded Fehr
Matias Solomon – Edi Gathegi
Laurel Hitchin – Christine Lahti
Reven Wright – Adriane Lenox
Charlene Cooper – Valarie Pettiford
Shahin Navabi – Sammy Sheik
Director (Kotsiopolus) – David Strathairn
Waitress – Danni Wang


🔴 Script 3:7 Zal Bin Hasaan (№ 31)

Previously on “The Blacklist”:

Hitchin: You two must work together.
Samar: If he finds Liz, he’ll kill her.
Director: Terminate them both.
Red: You’ve been stealing millions in anticipation of running away. I’m going to bring this whole damn thing down on you, Peter.
Tom: I came here for the Russian.
Karakurt: Don’t kill me.
Tom: Not yet.

[ Tehran, Iran ] [ Spoken in Farsi with English subtitles: ]
Woman: [ To boy ] Be gentle.
[ Woman gasps ] [ Silenced gunshots ]
Girl: [ Age 13-14 ] Mother? Mother?
Boy: [ Age 8-10 ] What’s happened?
[ Man pushes past them and out of house ]
Girl: Don’t go in there. Look at me. Don’t go on there.
Boy: Where’s mother and father?
Girl: No, Shahin.
Shahin: Let go.
Girl: I’m right here. I’ll be here forever.
Shahin: Let me go! No, Samar, no!
[ End of Farsi ]

[ Doorbell rings ]
Charlene: [ From another room ] Harold?
Cooper: Got it.
[ Opens door ]
Tom: I got him.
Charlene: [ From another room ] Who is it?
Cooper: [ To Charlene: ] I’ve got it. [ To Tom: ] You cannot be here.
Tom: Karakurt’s in the trunk. If we get him to talk, we can exonerate Liz.
Charlene: Harold, honey, is the coffee ready?
Cooper: I’ll bring you a cup.
Tom: I’ll take a cup.
Cooper: Get that thing out of here. In the garage. Now.

[ In garage, Tom and Cooper have opened trunk of Tom’s car. Karakurt, the Russian, is in the trunk, bound and gagged, lying still ]
Cooper: Is he – ?
Tom: No, just knocked out. At least I think so. I hit him pretty hard.
Cooper; You think so?
Tom: I don’t know.
[ Karakurt grunting, coughing ] [ Karakurt grabs Tom. Cooper hits him ]
[ Charlene appears in garage ] [ Mug shatters ]
Tom: [ Smartassedly ] How you doing?

Man on TV : If you are just joining us, an update now on our top story. Six employees of Lazarum Systems Internatiol were abducted outside its Annapolis headquarters. Although no suspect has been named, federal authorities are treating this as an act of terror on American soil.

Red: So, the rumors were true.
Liz: You knew this would happen?
Red:🍑 Do I dare to eat a peach?” I may as well live dangerously.
Dembe: Raymond.
Man: What are you doing here?
Red: Drinking your bellinis.
Man: I told you on the phone, I can’t help you.
Red: And I told you I’m not willing to take no for an answer. Set the meeting, and I’ll consider your debt from Caracas as paid in full.
Man. [Sighs] I told you – Normally, I could work something out, but with all the heat on you two, it’s impossible.
Red: Zal Bin Hasaan. What if I could deliver him to you? A gift for your employer.
Man: The FBI, Interpol, Mossad. They can’t find him, but you can?
Red: Is that a yes or a no?
Man: Bring us Zal Bin Hasaan, and you’ll have your meeting.
Liz: Hasaan? That’s the rumor you heard? He’s responsible for the abduction of the Lazarum employees?
Red: [ Finishing orange juice ] Ahh. All we have to do now is find him.
Liz: How do you propose we do that?
Red: With a little help from our friends.

Red: [ On phone ] Agent Navabi. May I assume you’re aware of the recent abductions?
Samar: Me and every agent in the building.
Red: Perhaps. But they don’t share the same personal investment that you have in today’s events.
Samar: And why is that?
Red: Because you and I both know that Lazarum Systems International is providing technical expertise to Israel’s missile-defense shield. They’re encrypting software for the Iron Dome. Whoever took those contractors is an enemy of Israel.
Samar: That’s a long list.
Red: Let me shorten it – Zal Bin Hasaan. Imagine The man who’s killed more Mossad agents than any other assassin in history, right here on American soil.
Samar: That’s not possible.
Red: That’s what you thought in Cairo. He was right behind you, and you didn’t know it. That mistake cost your partner his life and put you in an Egyptian I.C.U. But back then, you were missing one critical element that would have made all the difference – me.
Samar: What exactly are you suggesting?
Red: That we combine our efforts. We both want Hasaan. I’ll be in touch.

[ At Wing Yee restaurant ] [ Bell dings ]
Waitress: How many in your party?
Solomon: Oh, no, it’s just – Wow. [Laughs] You are beautiful. Actually, I’m looking for somebody that I believe has been a customer of yours. [ Shows her photo of Tom and Liz ]
Waitress: They in some kind of trouble?
Solomon Oh, no, no, no. Quite the opposite. An uncle of hers passed and left her quite a sizeable bequest.
I work for the estate.
Waitress: You’re looking to give her money?
Solomon: The truth is, I’m one of many people tasked with finding her. And we’ve been chasing every lead for weeks. And one of them has led me here.
Waitress: I never met her. But him, the man? He left his number for me to give to her.
Solomon: Any chance that you still have that number?
Waitress: Yeah. I’ve got it right here.

[ The Director is looking at photo of Solomon in Sir Crispin Crandall’s airplane ]
Director: I’ve never seen this man before.
Ressler: He’s your agent, sent by you to murder Reddington and Keen.
Reven Wright: Can you prove that?
Director: No, because it’s not true.
Ressler: Reddington and Keen are building a case against his organization.
Director: My organization is the C.I.A. We protect this country against people like Reddington.
Hitchin: Okay, that’s enough.
Ressler: Look, I’m going to bring Keen in. But I need assurances that she’s going to be protected.
Hitchin: Your allegations have been heard, Agent Ressler. But right now, you two have one job. Find Elizabeth Keen. The President believes the best way to do that is to work together, but since clearly you’re incapable of that, work your leads separately. I’m not going to punish you for hating each other, but I will take my grandfather’s izmel to your private parts if I find out you’re misleading each other or failing to share intel. Got it?

Aram: I could hear you guys yelling from down here.
Ressler: I made our case.
Aram: So, is he in or out?
Ressler: I don’t know. But I think I bought us some time, – so let’s make the most out of it.
Aram: Already on it. Well, uh, agent Navabi is. Mr. Reddington called her, claiming to know who’s responsible for the Lazarum abductions.

Zal Bin Hasaan is an alias. His true identity and background are unknown. He’s supposedly Iranian-born, mid-30s.
Aram: This is the only photo of Hasaan. It was taken four years ago by an agent named Avi Lebov. Three minutes after this image was captured, the vehicle Hasaan exited detonated, killing Lebov and 12 civilian bystanders.
Samar: Mossad once had 24 agents devoted to killing Hasaan. For a period of time, I was one of them. In 2012, my partner and I flew to Egypt, hoping to pick up his trail. Unfortunately, he had picked up ours. He followed us to Cairo. I was still lying in a hospital bed when my partner’s body was flown home to his family.
Aram: We know Hasaan was involved in dozens of attacks, but there are others where his role has yet to be confirmed. Those include the Pishin bombing in Iran.
Ressler: Wasn’t that where your brother was killed? Maybe that’s why Reddington brought you the case.
Samar: The focus of this task force is to find Reddington and Keen, so I understand if you feel that this is something we can’t pursue.
Aram: Forget that. We are doing it for you, for your brother. We’re doing it, right? [ Cellphone rings ] Agent Mojtabai. When? Okay, got it. Thanks. [ To Samar and Ressler ] A video was just sent to several news outlets. It was turned over to the bureau a few minutes ago.

[Video]: [ Reads: ] My name is Michael Hastings, and I am a senior software engineer for Lazarum Systems. This morning, six of us were taken in retaliation for our company’s criminal collaboration with the state of Israel on the missile-defense system known as the Iron Dome.
Our captors send this message to all who aid their sworn enemy “We will find you and you will pay for your crimes. You will hear from us again in two hours.”
[ As soon as he is done reading, he is shot in the head 💥 ]

Ressler: Reach out to your contacts in Mossad. I want everything they have on Zal Bin Hasaan.

[ Samar is replaying video, looking for clues ]

Hastings: “And you will pay for your crimes. You will hear from us again in two hours. [Audio rewinding]

Aram: [ To Ressler ] Sir? Sir? That guy Sweatervest. [ The guy is with the Director ] A year ahead of me at M.I.T. Won the Sprowls Award for his thesis on default-deny firewall security. C.I.A. recruited him as a sophomore. Never gave me the time of day. Ever. Like, ever-ever.
Ressler: Was there something you wanted to show me?
Aram: A phone number. Sweatervest is running a tap on it, which I know, because I got around his firewall and accessed his computer. Which, despite being a felony, feels amazing. Maybe he got Liz’s new cell, or, you know, maybe Mr. Reddington’s?
Ressler: You up on the line?
Aram: Without a warrant, that would also be a felony. But yes, absolutely.
[ Samar has found something ]
[ Gunshot on video ]
Samar: The muzzle flash. I missed it before, but watch. The muzzle flash lit up his glasses.
That is a power plant and if you look closely –
Aram: Oh, my God. Brilliant. Nice one. [ Clicking on keyboard ] All right. That’s Sellinger Power. They operate at a facility outside of Bethesda.
Ressler: Notify S.W.A.T. Let’s get out there.
Samar: Ressler, Mossad has a task force that’s been working with the C.I.A. to find Hasaan. They deserve to be there when we take him down.

Charlene: I’m calling the police.
Cooper: I’ll handle this, Charlene. Agent Ressler is the one –
Tom; No, we got to handle this ourselves.
Charlene: Handle what? Are you out of your mind? He is in the trunk in our garage!
Tom: Hey, you got any power tools? [Thumping] What the hell is he doing?
[ They hurry to garage ]
Charlene: He’s dying, you idiot.
Tom: Suicide by soap?
Charlene: It’s biodegradable soy-based.
Cooper: He’s allergic. He put himself into anaphylactic shock. I’ve got his hands.
Tom: All right, spit it out.

[ Charlene knocks on door ]
Neighbor: Charlene?
Charlene: I’m sorry. You know I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t have to. But at the last potluck, did I hear you say that Wally has a peanut allergy?
Neighbor: Yeah.

Charlene: I got an epipen!
Karakurt: [Gasps]
Tom: Even if he is alive, he’s not gonna talk. Guy would rather die.
[Coughing, sputtering]
Tom: Duct tape, please? Duct tape.

Farrow: We’ve got the perimeter secure. Wide spectrum signal jammers online in case they got any detonators rigged up inside.
Ressler: Any estimate on the unfriendlies?
Farrow: Our thermal imaging is inconclusive. We’ve got a man in position to get a camera in for a closer look now.
Ressler: Looks like Mossad’s joined the party.
Mossad: [ Hebrew? ] If you caught him before I could …
Samar: [ same ] I told you I would. [ Big hug ]
Agent: Shalom.
Samar: Donald Ressler, Commander Farrow, Agents Shur and Singer.
Ressler: I heard most of what we know about Hasaan thanks to you guys.
Mossad: Well, we’ve been a lot less effective since Agent Navabi left us. You poached a good one.
Ressler: I know.
Farrow: Eyes are up.
Ressler: We’ve got hostages on site. I’m seeing five.
Samar: Four unfriendlies – Two on guard, two at the entry point. Hang on. There’s another one on the catwalk. He’s giving orders of some kind.
Agent: Hasaan.
Ressler: That side door your man’s on – Can you breach it?
Mossad: Breach it? By the time you get inside, they’d have moved on the hostages. You need a Static Simon.
Ressler: A breach grenade? I mean, that’s a military-grade weapon. We don’t have time to requisition one.
Mossad: What if we had one?
Ressler: You guys are in the country, gathering intelligence. Why would you know what? – Don’t tell me.

Ressler: All right. Let’s move in.
[All screaming] [ ❣🔆 ❗🔆❣ Rapid gunfire ❣🔆 ❗🔆❣]
Ressler: It’s Hasaan! He’s on the catwalk! 2:00! I got him!
[ Police radio chatter ]
Farrow: Looks like he set off a trip wire. We got nothing. No sign of him.
Ressler: How is that possible? I thought all the exits were secure.
Farrow:There was a secondary explosion on the south side of the building. That may have been Hasaan.
Ressler: All right. I want all these bodies I.D.’d, A.S.A.P.
Mossad: You guys need to see this. Hasaan has been keeping these men captive.
[ Indistinct conversations ] [ Chains rattling ]
Samar: Shahin?
Shahin: Sister?
Ressler: Agent Navabi? Agent Navabi? You okay?
Mossad: It’s Arash Ahmadi. He’s been on our radar for at least three years.
Ressler: So he’s not Hasaan?
Mossad: No. Neither are the other three.
Ressler: How can you be so sure?
Mossad: They’re too young. Hasaan is in the wind.
Samar: We need to get the hostages somewhere safe, start taking their statements. Right now, they’re our best chance of finding Hasaan.
Mossad: Well, our facility’s a few miles away. It’s a logical place.
Ressler: Sounds like a plan.

[ Phone dialing, cellphone ringing ]
Samar: Did you know he was alive?
Red: Hasaan?
Samar: My brother. Did you know he was being held prisoner.
Red: Shahin is alive?
Samar: I don’t understand how this is possible. He died in 2009 at the bombing in Pishin.
Red: Samar, listen to me. If I had known Hasaan was holding Shahin, I would have told you. How is he?
Samar: I don’t know. He’s still being treated.
Red: And Hasaan?
Samar: We lost him during the raid.
Red: If Hasaan is in the country, he was smuggled in like contraband. I’ll phone a friend, see if I can find the rum runner he hired.

Tom: So, the bad news – You’re still alive. But the good news is that all you have to do to get out of here is tell your story to the feds. That’s it. Exonerate Liz. And then I’ll personally fix you a nice soybean smoothie so you can croak yourself vegan style. [ Laughs ]
Karakurt: [ Speaking Russian ]
Tom: What’s that? [ Laughs ] [ Tom leans in to hear. Karakurt Rams him with his head ]
[ From kitchen banging is heard. In garage Karakurt is in turned-over chair, head now bruised and bloody ]
Tom: So, here’s the deal. Agent Keen and I were, uh, married, as, like, a job, you know. But you ever take one of those jobs just to pay the rent and you find out that you’re– You’re good at it?
Karakurt: You cannot excel at anything you do not love.
Tom: Well, yeah, I mean, where were you when I was married? [ Chuckles ] I didn’t figure that out till it was over.
Karakurt: That is the way these things go.
Tom: All right, look. We can tell the Russians that you framed them for killing C.I.A agents, a U.S. senator, dump you in front of their consulate, let the Russians do their thing, or – Or you could help yourself and help Liz.
Karakurt: [ Laughs weakly ]

[ Indistinct conversations ]
Liz: My old home.
Levi: Sammy. So, your brother’s back from medical. We put him in box one.
Ressler: And you thought he died in Pishin.
Samar: There was supposed to be a sit-down between opposition leaders and members of the army. It never happened. A suicide bomber detonated an explosive and 41 people were killed. A terrorist group assumed responsibility. One day, he was my brother. He was young and vibrant. And the next –

Shahin: I thought I’d never see you again.
Samar: I was told you died that day in Pishin. I saw the DNA report myself. If you were alive [Sighs] –
Shahin: It was supposed to be a great day. After all our protests, we were finally able to bring the government to the table. But it was a setup. Someone from the government planted an I.E.D.near our table.
Ressler: Why would the government plant a bomb? Why kill ranking members of your own army?
Shahin: Because they knew it would turn public opinion against us. We were no longer student activists fighting for justice. We were terrorists.
Samar: You were hurt that day. That’s why they found your blood at the scene?
Shahin: Um, I’m sorry I ran, but I had to. I wanted to tell you, but I knew it would only put you in danger. I went to England to start a new life. And I thought the regime stopped looking for me.
Until a few months ago, I realized i was still being watched. So I had to start over again, and this time in America. But Hasaan’s men must have followed me, because six months ago, they grabbed me from the apartment I was hiding in.

Farzin: Who are you? How did you get back here? What do you want?
Red: [Laughing] Oh, my. Three questions in not even as many seconds. Which should we answer first? Actually, how about this I’ll ask a few questions first, and then we can get to whatever’s on your mind.
Farzin: I’m sorry, but my name, it is somewhat common. Perhaps you are confusing me with –
Red: I knew a guy that happened to all the time. Best glass-smith in New England. Nobody could free-blow a vase like Theodore Bundy. Can you imagine? Ted Bundy, an amazing craftsman, couldn’t sell a vase.
Liz: We know who you are, Farzin.
Red: Is she right, Farzin? – I could blow off a kneecap.
Farzin: Wait, look – All I did was make the connection between Hasaan and a friend in the port in Charleston.
Liz: His men are dead. He needs a way out. He must have contacted you again.
Farzin: No.
[Gun cocks]
Farzin: Okay, okay, yes. I got a message. He needed a place to lay low for a few hours. I have the address.
[Cellphone buzzes]
Red: Don’t feel bad, Farzin. You’re a smuggler, not a fighter.

[ The Director is listening in on call, and so is Aram: ]
Tom: Tell me you’re okay.
Liz: Where have you– are you okay?
Tom: We need to meet.
Liz: What’s going on?
Tom: Wing Yee’s, one hour. I have good news. [ Beeps ]
Liz: [ To Red ] It’s Tom. He wants to meet.
Red: That’s not a good idea.

[ Cellphone ringing ] [ Cellphone beeps ]
Aram. The burner wasn’t Agent Keen’s or Mr. Reddington’s. It was Tom’s. And he just called Agent Keen.
Ressler: What did they say?
Aram: They set a meeting. One hour at a restaurant called Wing Yee.
Ressler: Does the Director know?
Aram: Yes. And it appears he is sending a team.
Ressler: Alert M.P.D.C. Send them the address.

Ressler: Aram’s got a line on Keen.
Samar: I can’t leave him. He’s my brother. I need to stay close.
Ressler: I understand. I’ll call.

[ Gun cocks ] [ Red and Dembe enter flat and search. In bathroom, a man jumps out of the shower at Dembe, but Dembe pins him down ] [ Man grunts ]
Red: Who are you?
Man: My name is Zal Bin Hasaan. Lieutenant in the Quds force of the Army of the Islamic Revolution of Iran.
Red: Four years ago, Hasaan bombed a synagogue in Buenos Aires, killed 31 people 14 women and children. Hasaan walked away with third-degree burns on his back.
Man: My name is Zal Bin Hasaan.
Red: Fine. I just wanted to talk, but listen, it’s your funeral.

[ “Hostage” sticks something on underside of table in room where others, including Samar, are seated ]
“Hostage”: Just just hang on a second, all right?
Mossad: We got statements from all the hostages. Let’s move to release them.
[ Coughing ] [ Clicks ] [ Indistinct conversation ] [ Coughing ]

[ Cellphone rings ] [ Cellphone beeps ]
Ressler: Hey, sir, good to hear from you.
Cooper: Do you have time to talk? Because there’s a situation.
Ressler: We got a lead on Keen’s whereabouts – hers and Tom’s.
Cooper: Tom?
Ressler: Yeah, we ran a tap on his phone. Heard him set up a meeting. It’s aiding and abetting. I told him to stay away. He’s gonna regret he didn’t.
Cooper: Donald, look, there’s something that I need to talk to you about.
Ressler: Look, sir, we’re gonna clear Keen’s name first and then yours and get things back to normal. I’ll call you when it’s done.

[ Air blows in distance ]
Brimley: You were right. He’s not Hasaan.
Red: Who is he?
Brimley: The way he’s singing, he could be Ethel Merman for all I care. He’s ready for you. I need some air. [ Breathing heavily ]

Samar Navabi: I just got off the phone with the State Department. You entered the country illegally, so the American government intends to deport you.
Shahin Navabi: The U.S. is not my home. If the Americans want to send me back to England –
Samar: No. The U.K. home office is denying your return. Your status there was also illegal, so – They’re filing papers to send you back to Iran.
Shahin: That’s– Samar, they will kill me.
Samar: I’ve already put in a request to grant you political asylum. I won’t lose you again.

Tom: Some operative I am. I barely recognize my own wife. Ex-wife. You look great. That? Having to hide, that’s gonna end. You’re gonna have a normal life, Liz – A family, kids, everything you always wanted.
Liz: I don’t see that happening anytime soon.
Tom: I found Karakurt.
Liz: Karakurt’s willing to confess?
Tom: To all of it – Killing the C.I.A. agents, the senator, the Cabal. Cooper is gonna call Ressler, and he’s gonna get started on a plea deal.
[ Liz exhales sharply; inhales deeply ]

Ressler: Stack up on me. We go in hard. On my count. 2, 1.
Tom: I should get back.
Ressler: Federal agents! Nobody move!
Liz: You told me that I should have stayed on the boat and never come back.
Tom: The truth is I never should have left. You were in trouble, and I walked away.
Liz: You had a dream. I wanted you to follow it. I still do.
Tom: That’s what I’m trying to tell you, Liz. I am following it.♤

Ressler: See what they all know. You.
Solomon; I read a review that said the wonton soup was so good, it should be illegal. [Laughs] I dismissed it as hyperbole. My mistake. [ Slurping ]
Ressler: I’m going to need to see your other hand.
[ Solomon lifts hand – just a napkin. But Ressler finds a gun in Solomon’s suit jacket ]
Solomon: That is a Meretta M9, for which I have a concealed carry permit.
Ressler: Go ahead and get that for me. … Number’s illegible. Looks like you’re gonna have to come with me until we get that sorted out.

I’m not him. I swear.
Red: Then why pretend?
[Cellphone rings] [Cellphone beeps]
Red: [ On phone ] Samar, you need to secure the hostages and clear the facility.
Samar: What are you talking about?
Red: Now. The man you lost is not Hasaan. The real Hasaan is there in the building. The Lazarum abduction was a Trojan Horse. You need to get out of there now.
[ Explosion ¸„💥º°¨¨¨* ]
[ All shouting in native language ] [ Shouting continues ]
Man: Let’s go! Move! Move!
[ All shouting in native language ]
Let’s go! Get up! Up! Move! Let’s go! Move! Go!
Rahal: Take the Lazarum employees outside! Move! Move! Move! Move! [ Indistinct shouting ] [ Woman screams, 💥 rapid gunfire 💥 ➔➔ mass execution ❣ ❣ ❣ ❣]
Rahal: Hasaan, we have less than 10 minutes – before the building is surrounded.
Hasaan/Shahin: That’s all we need. Where’s my sister?
[ Samar is hiding nearby and hears this ]

Ressler: Elizabeth Keen.
Solomon: Elizabeth K– Is that the one from the news?
Ressler: Who do you work for? Who’s paying you to find her?
Solomon: I’ve been contracted by the German consulate on an international matter that has nothing to do with Keen. I have diplomatic immunity. You may expel me or let me go, but you may not under any circumstance bore me.

Ressler: Is that true?
Wright: Yes. He’s private security.
Ressler: So why were you on Crandall’s jet?
Solomon: He abducted a German biophysicist. I was tasked with finding him.
Ressler: You were on that jet to find Elizabeth Keen, just like you were at Wing Yee this morning.
Solomon: Oh, no. I was at Wing Yee for their wonton soup. It is fantastic. You should try some. It will calm your nerves.

Aram: Sir, sorry to interrupt. It’s about Agent Navabi.
[ Director enters ]
Ressler. Hey. What the hell do you think you’re doing?
Director: [ To Solomon ] Agent Ressler seems to believe that we work together, that we are part of some sort of Cabal that has attacked America, and apparently he will not rest until he gets the answer that he is looking for. But he’s too polite to ask the question in a manner that will yield the truth. I thought I’d be of assistance.
Ressler; If you think that you’re gonna –
Aram: About Agent Navabi. It is urgent.
Ressler: [ To the Director ] I’m watching.
Reven Wright: [ In adjoining observation room ] I’m putting a stop to this.
Hitchin: Not yet.
Director: [ Holds out pronged fishhook ] Who told you Elizabeth Keen was going to be at that restaurant?
Solomon: Let me guess – You and I are going to play a game of catch-and-release.
Director: Nothing quite so humane.

Hasaan/Shahin: All this time and money and manpower spent to find and kill me. How many agents are assigned to this task force? I want their names and assignments. I want that list.
Man: I can’t help you.
[ Hasaan/Shahin shoots Man. 💥 Woman screams ]
Hasaan/Shahin: Now I think I need to find someone who can. You. Up. Up. Up! Up! Up! Up! Up! Yes.
Haasan/Shahin: Who is your O.I.C.? Your officer in charge, now!
Man: It’s me.

Red: [ On phone ] Tell me what’s happening.
Samar: It’s my brother. They’re calling him Hasaan.
Red: I’m sorry, Samar. I’m getting to the truth a little too late.
Samar: The Lazarum hostages have all been executed. I don’t understand. If my brother is Hasaan, why would he risk an attack like this?
Red: For the list – The list of Mossad agents and their informants working around the world to find and execute Hasaan.
Samar: That list is I.S.O.O. secure. It’s not available electronically. There’s only a hard copy.
Red: Where?
Samar: The covert source record room.
Red: If that’s where the list is, that’s where Hasaan is going. In a few minutes, half the federal agents in Washington will have that building surrounded. Your only job for now is to stay alive.
Samar: I have to stop him. [ She runs off ]

Danush: Keep your hands behind your head. We got the location from your men in Jordan. All we need is the code.
Agent: I’ll never give it to you. My people are prepared to die first.
Danush: So be it. Down. We’ll get into your precious safe with or without you.
[ Gunshot 💥 Samar shoots Danush ]
Samar: They’ll be coming. We have to go. What are you doing?
Levi: They got into the building. They’ll find a way into the safe. We have to destroy the list before they do.
[ They set fire to list ]
Samar: I thought you quit.
Levi: Yeah, I did, but then you left me, so [ They kiss ] [ Gunshot ➔ 🔆❣ ] Aah! [ He is shot in chest, still alive ]
Haasan/Shahin: She’s burned the documents. [ Groans ] There’s almost nothing left. Samar, what did you do?
Haasan/Shahin’s Man: Hasaan, we have to go. They have agents preparing to enter. [ All shouting indistinctly ] All our plans, and we’re left with nothing! Kill her and be done with it.
Hasaan/Shahin: No. She’s Mossad. The information we need is in her head. [ Re: Levi ] He will be dead within the hour.
FBI: Clear! Agents, move!
Hasaan/Shahin: We take her with us.

Ressler: We’re looking for Agent Samar Navabi, taken 22 minutes ago by Zal Bin Hasaan. We have his photo and a list of known associates. Stop every train, search every car. This woman’s one of ours. Bring her home.

Samar: There is nothing noble about what you’re doing, Shahin. Our parents would be ashamed.
Shahin: Our parents had no shame. They were cowards.
Samar: How can you say that? They died for speaking the truth.
Shahin: You’ve been fooled. You turned your back on Iran, joined Mossad –
Samar: Shahin, they killed our parents.
Shahin: Our parents brought death upon themselves, and we suffered for it. They betrayed us, betrayed our country.
[ All shouting indistinctly ]
Samar: The Pishin bombing. [ Indistinct shouting ] It was you.
Hasaan/Shahin: That was the day I became the righteous warrior Zal. [ 💥 Gunfire 💥 ]
Danush: Aah!
Red: According to legend, a great and wise bird raised the young warrior Zal in her nest atop the highest peak of Damavand. When he came of age, she gave him a plume of her radiant feathers to burn if he was ever in desperate need, and she would come to his aid. Pity. You seem to be fresh out of feathers.
Hasaan/Shahin: What do you want?
Red: Well, another spin of the bottle in Melanie Reichman’s basement, but I’ll settle for you.
Samar: What now?
Red: That’s your decision. You can turn him in. You know what will happen – Rendition, hunger strikes, eventually death in whatever hellhole he’s thrown into. Or you can give him to me. The best I can offer is death with a purpose.
Samar: Which is?
Red: Agent Keen’s freedom.
Hasaan/Shahin: Sister [ Gun cocks ] You swore to protect me.
Samar: [ Looks away ] I swore to protect my brother. He died in Pishin. [ Voice breaking ] [ To Red ] Hasaan is all yours.
[ Sighs heavily ]

Aram: Agent Navabi –
Ressler: What? What is it?
Aram: She’s– she’s okay. That was her. She’s okay. [ Sighs heavily ]

Ressler: You’re condoning what he did, forcing this guy Solomon to swallow a shank hook? All that shows is his callous disregard for the law.
Hitchin: Our national security is at risk. While I don’t approve of your methods, Peter, I am satisfied that there’s no connection between you and this Matias Solomon.
Wright: What I’m not satisfied by is the explanation for the raid that captured him.
Ressler: He tapped Tom Keen’s phone. He heard Tom Keen set up a meeting with Elizabeth Keen at Wing Yee.
Hitchin: And did he, um, share this intel with you?
Ressler: No, he did not. And when we found out, we ran a tap of our own.
Director: See what I’m dealing with here? This insubordination–
Hitchin: The only insubordination I see is yours, Peter. I really thought I was clear. Hating each other is fine. Not sharing intel is not. You and your team will vacate this facility by the end of the day.
Director: That’s a terrible mistake.
Hitchin: You have till 5:00 p.m.

[ Ressler knocks on Cooper’s door] [ Sighs ] [ Cooper answers ]
Ressler: Hey. Sorry about earlier. I had Keen. I mean, she was supposed to be there, and then this thing with Samar – What’s he doing here?
Tom: Trying to help Liz.
Ressler: You son of a – I’m – [ To Cooper ] We talked about this! We agreed not to work with him! I told you about their meeting, about that call between him and Keen – You tipped them off!
Cooper: If you will calm down for a second –
Ressler: What the hell is he doing here?
Tom: Trying to help Liz. [ To Cooper ] I told you he wouldn’t be on board.
Ressler: You are a lying scumbag, and I don’t trust you. [ To Cooper ] If you do, you’re a fool.
[ Ressler storms out of house, but Tom follows him ]
Tom: So, that’s it, huh? Just gonna walk away. Hey, I’m talking to you.
[ ⚡Fight⚡ ]
[ Car alarm blaring ]
Cooper: [ Separating them ] That’s enough! [ Car alarm continues ] Enough! Leave it! I have to live here.
[ Ressler kicks and destroys Cooper’s garden gnome; leaves ]

Man: [ Has Hasaan/Shahin in his car trunk ] You will have your meeting.
Red: I’ll be in touch when I’m ready.

[ Door lock beeps ] [ Cellphone beeps ] [Cellphone ringing]
Red: Harold, Agent Keen tells me – you have the man they call Karakurt.
Cooper: Yes. And I intend on turning him over to the bureau as soon as possible.
Red: Don’t. I have a better idea.

Director: About Karakurt, I’m told he’s with Harold Cooper.
Solomon: [ With bloody bandage on throat from surgery to remove fish hook ] Yeah, for now. I’ve arranged for an extraction team.
Director: Good. About earlier – I appreciate your understanding.
Solomon: Oh, no, Peter. I’ve been on the receiving end of far worse. As were you.

[ Liz at Wing Yee’s, in booth. Pudgy man in next booth smiles. Liz smiles back. But man is not smiling at her. He is smiling past her at his pudgy wife and pudgy baby. They sit down with him in booth ]

Samar: I know you don’t approve of what I did – Giving him to Reddington.
Ressler: Reddington saved your life. If giving him Hasaan was the price for that, I’d pay it twice over.
Samar: It took me years to mourn his loss. Now I have to do it all over again.
Ressler: I spoke to the E. R. Sounds like Levi’s gonna make it. Seems like a good guy.
Samar: He is.
Ressler. I mean, this place, this job, it’s – After Audrey died, I came to work the very next day. It’s so easy to lose perspective, forget what really matters.
Samar: Are you okay?
Ressler: I’m not so sure.
Samar: What really matters is this here now. Nothing else is guaranteed.

[ ♪ “Without You” plays ] [ Samar and Ressler exchange looks, then kiss, … ]

♪ Haunted by the forces that suck you in,
that pull you under, mm, tight

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༺ ♤ ༻

♫ “Without You”
by Lapalux

♪ Haunted by the forces that suck you in,
To pull you under tight
And your words are engraved in me
So long as guilt resides here.
Come to the walls and write
Without broken hearts imprinted beside me

♪ I do not want you to leave me
I do not want to leave you!
I do not want you to leave me
I do not want to leave you!

♪ None wants to do with me…
None wants to do with me…
As you don’t want me, you!

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/1SNjP7V
Youtube: http://youtu.be/_l6Uv52Mwx4

༺ ♤ ༻

Meaning of “Do I dare to eat a peach?” 🍑

Last Stanzas of “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock”
by T.S. Eliot (1920)

“I grow old … I grow old …
I shall wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled.

Shall I part my hair behind? Do I dare to eat a peach?
I shall wear white flannel trousers, and walk upon the beach.
I have heard the mermaids singing, each to each.

I do not think that they will sing to me.

I have seen them riding seaward on the waves
Combing the white hair of the waves blown back
When the wind blows the water white and black.

We have lingered in the chambers of the sea
By sea-girls wreathed with seaweed red and brown
Till human voices wake us, and we drown.”

Source: Bartleby[.]com: http://bit.ly/1Ybcdis


An Interpretation (not atypical):
“While Eliot’s main intent is to trivialize Prufrock’s anxieties – a simple piece of fruit confounds him – the peach has a few other possible meanings. First, it is the Chinese symbol for marriage and immortality, two things Prufrock desires. Moreover, the peach, through shape and texture, has long been a symbol for female genitalia. Prufrock’s anxiety about eating a peach, then, has much to do with his feelings of sexual inadequacy, his worry that his balding head and thin physique earn him the scorn of women.”
Wayne, Teddy. “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock Study Guide” 13 August 2002 http://bit.ly/1QnUQtm (Bio: Novelist, Harvard educated, contributor to The New Yorker, eg Oct 2015 http://bit.ly/1OKvnu5)

Other Sources:
● BritLitWiki: Imagery in “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” http://bit.ly/1HJMc5R
● JEduSci (2008): Objective Correlative in Eliot’s “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” http://bit.ly/1WSiylK pp 7,10
● NYSciJ (1988): T. S. Eliot’s Tragic Strategy in: “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” http://bit.ly/1YaQ5Vj pp 113-114
➔ Or … Google it.

Notably, Red does drink the peach juice, saying, “I may as well live dangerously.”

❌❌❌ END 3:7 Bin Hasaan
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🔴 Episode 3:8 Kings of the Highway (№108)

Last updated: 11/21/2015 9:45pm CT, Program air date: 11/19/2015 in the US
Script Status: Final
Permalink: http://wp.me/pDKwi-21f
Storybook: http://wp.me/PDKwi-1f3#highway
Source: Raw Scripts from Springfield [UK]: http://bit.ly/1VtXhJ6 (captions)
WSJ Episode Summary: http://on.wsj.com/1MqTomh
Blurb: Red is kidnapped by a group of backwoods highwaymen. Will a “care package,” needed to exonerate Liz, be needed to pay his ransom? Fall Finale.
Created by: Jon Bokenkamp
Director: Terrence O’Hara
Writers: Jon Bokenkamp, Brian Studler

Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington – James Spader
Elizabeth Keen – Megan Boone
Donald Ressler – Diego Klattenhoff
Harold Cooper – Harry Lennix
Tom Keen – Ryan Eggold
Aram Mojtabai – Amir Arison
Samar Navabi – Mozhan Marnò
Dembe Zuma – Hisham Tawfiq

Jilly – Danielle Burgess
Karakurt – Andrew Divoff
Matias Solomon – Edi Gathegi
Cash – Marcus Hester
Laurel Hitchin – Christine Lahti
Asst AG Reven Wright – Adriane Lenox (*sniff*)
T-Bone – Kieran Mulcare
Sheriff Cothran – Maceo Oliver
Charlene Cooper – Valarie Pettiford
Pablo – Luke Robertson
Jasper – Joe Tippett



🔴 Script 3:8 Kings of the Highway (№ 108)

Previously on The Blacklist:
Samar: What really matters is this. Nothing else is guaranteed.
Ressler: I mean, if they’re trying to prove Keen’s innocence, why go after some high-priced vigilante? Why do any of what they’ve done?
Samar: They’re searching. But if not for Keen’s innocence, then what for?
Red: This is a perilously fast run down a slippery road. You’d have to hit all green lights, but we could make it work.

Red: Does anything appear out of the ordinary?
Dembe: No, but I don’t like this, Raymond.
Red.: We’re less than an hour behind you, and Ian will be there any minute to open the store. The care package will be there soon after.
Dembe: I should be with you.
Red: You will be in less than an hour. Oh, and don’t forget that other matter we discussed. [ Hangs up]
Liz: Other matter?
Red: Ian has a first edition of Life On The Mississippi for me. Multitasking.
Liz: Oh.
caption id=”attachment_7860″ align=”aligncenter” width=”655″]Comparing the tea party scene in [3:8] Kings of the Highway with the bath scene in The Stickup Comparing the tea party scene in [3:8] Kings of the Highway with the bath scene in The Stickup[/caption]
Red: Have I ever told you the story about Ian Bartleby and his wife and the beekeeper they fell into bed with on the Isle of Skye? Fascinating, illuminating story.
Liz: Oh, it’s been a long drive. Any chance I can hear about Ian and the beekeeper after I clean up? [ Laughing ]
Red: Yes. Freshen up. I’ll fill the tank. Get us something to eat. Lizzie We’re very close. This’ll all be over soon.
[ Water running ] [ Water stops ]

[ Doorbell dings ]
Liz. Excuse me. My friend who was just here, um, brown coat, hat – you didn’t happen to see where he went?
Cashier: Who?
Liz: He was just here. He got gas at pump 5.
Cashier: Maybe he paid credit at the pump.
Liz: No, he would have paid cash.
Cashier: No, no cash customers for hours.
Liz: Okay, listen to me, this is very important. My friend – he wouldn’t have just left.
Officer: Excuse me, uh, ma’am, is there a problem?
Cashier: She thinks something might have happened to her friend. Your friend – can you describe him? I can ask my manager if you want, see if he can roll back the security cameras.
Liz: Thank you. No. I’m sure he’s here somewhere.Thanks for your concern, Officer.
[ Leaves gas station shop ]
[ Cellphone dialing ] [ Ringing ] Reddington, where are you?
[ Breathing heavily ]
Oh, God.
[ Liz looks for any sign of Reddington ]
[ Giggling children ]
[ Laughing ]
[ A tow truck pulls up ]
Jasper (Tow truck driver): [ Into his cell phone ] Got it.

Liz: Please tell me Reddington’s called you.
Dembe: No. Why, is something wrong?
Liz: He was here one minute. He was getting gas. And now he’s gone. I-I’ve called and called.
H-he hasn’t answered his phone.
Dembe: Elizabeth, where are you?
Liz: You can’t leave the store.
Dembe: – If Raymond is in trouble
Liz: I’m sure there’s an explanation, but you cannot leave until you’ve secured the care package.
Call me if you hear from Reddington.

[ Cellphone double beeps ] [ Cellphone ringing ]
Samar: [ Answers ] Navabi.
Liz: Reddington’s missing.
Samar: What do you mean, “missing”?
Liz: Samar, I need you to promise me something. If I give you his burner number– if ask you to trace his location, can you promise me you won’t tell Ressler?
[ Shower curtain scrapes ]
Samar: What’s the number?
Liz: 240-555-0146. Samar, I know what a difficult position I’m putting you in.
Samar: I don’t think you do.
Liz: But Reddington just vanished.
Samar: He’s at 2436 Bronson, outside Davis Creek. It looks like it’s a salvage yard.
Liz: A salvage yard.
Samar: Good luck.

Ressler: Hey.
Samar: Hi.
Ressler: You, uh, think we should go into work separately?
Samar: You don’t think they’d believe we carpooled?
Ressler: [ Chuckles ] No. Last night was nice.
Samar: Yes. It was.
Ressler: [ Grunts ] Don’t be late. I hear the boss is a – he’s a real prick.

Aram: Hey. Reven Wright’s waiting for you in Mr. Cooper’s office.
Ressler: Someone ran a search on this and then cleared the history. I want a list of every IP address visited in the last 24 hours.
Aram: Want me to log it into Evidence?
Ressler: No, no, just the, uh, search history.
Aram: You missed a button.
Ressler: Left in a hurry.

Ressler: Cooper sold us out.
Wright: You don’t know that.
Ressler: I heard Keen and her ex on the phone set a meeting. I told one person– Harold Cooper. I show up to arrest them, and they’re gone.
Wright: How could Cooper possibly warn Keen? How would he even reach her?
Ressler: He didn’t reach her, he [ Cooper ]!reached him. He’s working with Tom. They’re running some kind of an operation to exonerate Keen. He betrayed us.
Wright: Where are you on Solomon?
Ressler: Ex-CIA disavowed after the Eritrean war.
Wright: I’ll talk to Laurel Hitchin about him. She comes from that world. In the meantime, find out what the hell Harold Cooper is doing with Tom Keen.

Tom.: We don’t have to stand here and play “Mother, may I?” With Donald Ressler, all right? [ To Cooper ] You got a badge. Make the collar and walk him into DCPD.
Cooper: I spoke to Reddington. He has a plan, but we have to keep Karakurt secure until everything is set.
Tom: Great, so we do nothing.
Charlene: I want him out of here now.
Cooper: Soon.
Cooper: I promise.
Tom: We got company.
Charlene: Harold, what the hell is going on?
Tom: Tell me you got guns in this house.
Cooper: Just the one.
Tom; Get it.
[ Three armed men enter. 💥Shootout💥 ]
Man: I’m here! Don’t shoot! Aah!
Cooper: Everybody out now. Go!

Samar: Hey.
Aram: Yo.
Samar: What are you working on?
Aram Nothing.
Samar: Really? Because it looks like–
Aram: Actually, can I ask you something? Agent Ressler– this is his laptop. He asked me to run a search history.
Samar: And why would he do that?
Aram: Why wouldn’t he know what was searched on his own computer? He just said as soon as I figured it out, let him know.
Samar: You can’t do that.
Aram: Why can’t I do that?
Samar: Because I did the search. For Liz. She called and she said Reddington was missing, and she asked me to trace his burner number. She made me promise not to tell Ressler.
Aram: You know where they are, and you’re not gonna tell him.
Samar: I only know the truth about my brother because of Reddington. I owe him for that this once.
Aram: Why use Agent Ressler’s laptop?
Samar: When Liz called, I wasn’t thinking. His laptop he must have left it at my work station. I don’t know. It was just there. Aram, please.
Aram: I get it. I totally get it. Whatever you need. Mum’s the word.

[ Liz is dropped off at the salvage yard ]
Liz: Thank you. Thanks for the ride.
[ Liz sees Red’s car. She opens the door and sees a small amount of blood and a burner phone. She flips it open – all the calls are from “Lizzie” ]
[ Beeps ]

[ Red groans, opens his eyes. He is chained, lying on a dirty mattress on the floor of a camper. There is a gash on the side of his head. Four rough looking people are looking at him, three men and a woman. The woman is wearing a short mini-skirt and is fawning over one of the men, Cash ]
Jilly: Morning, sunshine.
Cash: You one badass dude, ain’t you? Some kind of James Bond silencer and everything? Jilly; What you want we should do with him, Cash?
Pablo: I say we tie him to the truck, drag him down the road till there’s nothing left but bloody wingtips.
Jilly: I think he’s cute. [ Laughs ]
Pablo: Don’t touch the merchandise, bitch!
Jilly: I didn’t mean nothing.
Cash; Leave her be. Jilly’s just playing.
Red: Let me see if I can guess how this works.You grab hapless motorists, drain their ATM accounts, max out their credit cards, and dump them by the side of the road. Money or your life.
[ Laughs ] You’re highwaymen. [ Sighs ] “KOTH” [ On Cash’s fingers ]. Knights? Kings! Of The Highway. [ Chuckles ] How romantic..
Cash: Something like that. But, uh, whether or not you’re, uh, breathing when we dump you– well, that entirely depends on how polite you are.
T-Bone: I like wearing your co-co-coat. Must have set you b-b-back a bundle.
Red: No doubt worth considerably less now. [ T-Bone lunges toward Red but is stopped by Cash, who is laughing ]
Cash: [ Laughs ] I like this one. Like his style. Like his gun. I like his watch. Rolex. That’s $10,000 easy.
Red: There’s more than that, if we can come to a mutually beneficial arrangement.
Cash: That right? ‘Cause all you got here is about, uh, 700 bucks and a Florida driver’s license.
So tell me, Kenneth Rathers, what’s a cat like you doing driving an old beater like that, hmm? [ Chuckles ] You some kind of eccentric, or are you on the lam?
Red: Yeah, that’s what I am, Cash. I’m on the lam.
[ Cash gets out a rifle ]
Red: I was wondering when we’d get to that.
Cash: Well, we’re getting to it now. [ Rams ❗ Red with the rifle butt ]
Red; Ohh! [ Coughing ]
Cash: You got some explaining to do, Jack! [ Red coughs ]

Ressler: So, figure it out?
Aram: I did.
Ressler: And? I have a question about, uh, protocols. When we find Agent Keen, are you positive we’ll be able to protect her?
Ressler: Aram, what did you find out?
Aram: Protocols– what are they?
Ressler: Keen will be held here under our supervision. I will handle her transportation to the federal courthouse with teams handpicked by me. No exceptions. Her travel will be overseen by a district court judge with a component level clearance, who has been vetted by Hitchin and Wright to make sure that they’re not involved with the, uh, Cabal. Okay?
Aram: They’re in West Virginia. The search traced Mr. Reddington’s burner to a location outside of Davis Creek.

[ Door opens ]
Ressler: We need to talk. So you’re protecting them– Keen and Reddington? Samar, I know about the search on my computer.
Samar: She called, he was missing.
Ressler: So you knew where they were, and you didn’t tell me.
Aram: She couldn’t, after Mr. Reddington helped with her brother.
Samar: That’s not why I did it.
Aram: It’s not? You said–
Samar: If we bring Liz in, she will die.
Ressler: First Cooper tipped them off about Wing Yee and now you’re protecting them.
Samar: Cooper didn’t tip them off. I did.
Ressler: So I told you where they were, and you warned them?
Samar: Yes.
Cooper: Jesus, I told Reven Wright that Cooper betrayed us– betrayed me. Boy, was I wrong. He didn’t. It was you. I want you gone by the end of the day.

T-bone: No ATM or c-c-credit cards?
Pablo: Hey, man, you didn’t complain when we were grabbing him. It was a solid snatch.
T-bone: Solid snatch, my ass. This g-g-guy stinks of the m-mob.
Pablo: Well, he smells like money to me.
Cash: There’s money in it, all right. Best grab what we’ve had since we rolled into town. He may not have much on him, but somebody will pay his bank to cut him loose.
T-bone: I say we cut on him till he t-talks.
Cash: You idiot. If somebody’s gonna pay to get him back, they ain’t gonna like it too much if he’s all cut up. Sweet thing. Why don’t you give it a go, huh?
Jilly: Yeah.
Cash: Maybe he’ll sing like a bird. [ He kisses her. She skips to the door of the camper ]
Cash: [ Chuckles ] That girl is nuttier than a bag of roasted cashews [ Door closes ] and twice as tasty.

[ Liz is looking at Red’s car ]
Salvage Yard Owner: Nice, huh? Just came in this morning. Belongs to a retired doctor and his wife. They was on their way up to visit their daughter in Baltimore when she broke down.
Liz: How’d it get here?
Owner: Tow truck. Boy named Jasper runs all the auto club alerts along 119.
Liz: Can you tell me where to find him?

[ Bar] [ Country music plays ] [ Laughter ] [ Liz goes up to Jasper and intentionally spills his drink ]
Liz: Ohh!
Jasper: What the hell?
Liz: I’m sorry. Let me get you another one. [ To bartender: ] Uh, two.
[ Jasper has tattoo of a broken heart on his forearm ]
Liz: Ohh. What’s her name? The one who broke it?
Jasper: Amber.
Liz: Amber’s a bitch.
Jasper: Yeah, she was. I’m Jasper.
Liz: I’m Kenya.
Jasper: That’s– that’s quite a name.
Liz: Well, I am quite a girl.

Tom: [ To Karakurt ] They weren’t coming to save you. They were coming to kill you.
You want to live? Tell me how they found you.
Charlene: So, where are we going?
Cooper: I don’t know. I’m sorry, Char. I wish I had a plan. I don’t.
Karakurt: They said they did it to protect me.
Tom: What was?
Karakurt: A tracking chip.
Charlene: Get on 95 south. Head towards Roanoke.
Cooper: What’s in Roanoke? There’s a cabin– Lake Yvonne. I know where the key is. [ Vehicle approaching ]
Karakurt. They’re on us. [ Engines rev ] We can’t outrun them. It’s a radio frequency.
Tom: All right, where is it?
Karakurt: It’s in my chest.
Tom: Well, that is gonna suck for you.♤ We need to get him underground, lose the signal.
Tom: They’re still here.
[ Tires squeal ]
Tom: Down now!
[ Motorcyclist❗shoots out❗driver’s side window ] [ Charlene screams ]
Cooper: Hold on!
[ Tires screech ] [💥both motorcycles crash💥]
Charlene: Oh, God.
Tom: Go! Go! Go now!
[ Tires squeal ] [ Horn blares ]

Man: Signal cut out here, but once we go in, Mr. Solomon, I can re-acquire it.
Solomon: Looks like we have some rats to catch.

[ Jilly has arranged a tea set on the mattress Red is on, complete with dolls. She speaks slowly in a silly, childlike voice ]
Jilly: It’s tea time.
Red: Oh, that’ll be fun, Jilly. Cucumber sandwiches?
Jilly: And scones.
Red: How delicious.
Jilly: Would you like one lump or two?
Red: Two, please.
Jilly: You simply must tell me your name. It’s dreadfully rude of me not to address you properly.
Red: Kenneth.
Jilly. Your real name.
Red: Kenneth. [ Jilly pulls the head off a doll and lunges onto Red, pressing a sharp letter opener to his jugular ]
Red: Now look what you’ve done. You spilled all the tea, dear.
Jilly: You have to tell me your real name. They’re gonna hurt me if you don’t.
Red: You like getting hurt, Jilly. You wouldn’t be here with them if you didn’t.
Jilly: You think so?
Red: I do.
Jilly: Huh. Well maybe you’re right.
[ She moves provocatively and runs her hand over him, heading south … ]
Jilly: Oh. [ Chuckles ] What’s this? [ Both laugh ]

Cash: Not bad, baby! Mm!
T-bone: There’s over 25 large here!
Cash: 25? That’s over 6 grand apiece.
Pablo; Nice work, Jilly! [ Laughs ] Ha-ha! ⋘⋙ Pablo: Hey, what about Jasper? Five ways.
Cash: Jasper ain’t one of us.
[ Red is listening attentively now through the window of the camper ]
Cash: He’s hired help, alright? He’ll take what we want to give him. ♤

[ Liz (aka Kenya) and Jasper are playing pool). He is reaching around her and guiding her shot ]
Jasper: Don’t hold too tight, darlin’. There.
Liz: Oh! [ Laughs ]
[ They hug and kiss. She lifts his phone ]
Liz: I’m gonna go tinkle.

[ Left alone, Red manages to get the dollhead with the knife using his feet and uses it to open his handcuffs ]
[ Liz sees a message to Jasper from Pablo saying “Hit the jackpot with this dude” ]

Liz: You couldn’t stay away.
Jasper: I’m an idiot. I didn’t realize how late it was. I-I got to go back to work.
Liz: I got a better idea. Your place.
[ They hug and kiss. She returns Jasper’s phone to his pocket ]

[ Tom, Karakurt, Cooper and Charlene are now in a large underground storm sewer ]
Tom. Keep an eye out! [ To Karakurt ] Sit.
[ Tom fashions a cutting edge from a soda can ]
Karakurt: What’s that for?
Tom: I’m gonna amputate your leg. What do you think it’s for? I’m taking the chip out.
Karakurt: Are you crazy?
Tom: We can’t stay down here. If we go up there, they will find us, and they will kill us. So I’m taking it out.

Solomon: Do we have a signal yet?
Man: It’s weak, but they’re ahead of us.

Charlene: What are we doing here, Harold?
Cooper: Let’s forget about where we are and think about where we’re going. This cabin– tell me about it.
Charlene: It’s not important right now.
Cooper: I know you’ve been wanting us to go away. Was this supposed to be a surprise? Char, I promise–
Charlene: The cabin belongs to Doug Koster.
Cooper: What are you doing with a key to our neighbor’s cabin?
Charlene: [ Cries ] It happened before you got sick. We were in such a different place. You were working all the time, and I was– I was lonely. Well, the truth is, like, I mean, just thinking about you getting sick, it was a blessing because it made me realize what a fool I had been and how lucky I am.

Ressler: So find out anything about Solomon?.
Wright: Not yet. I have– I’ve got a call into Laurel.
Ressler: I’ve got a lead on Keen. Agent Navabi talked to her. She was helping her.
Wright: Helping, so you could catch her?
Ressler: No, just helping her. So I fired her.
Wright: You fired Agent Navabi for aiding and abetting? Are you suggesting I prosecute her?
Ressler: That’s your call.
Wright: As is whether to prosecute Harold Cooper. Harold is one of the most decent men I know. Would it violate our principles to be a little flexible?
Ressler: Well, that’s exactly what Tommy Markin used to tell my dad. They were partners– Detroit PD. He’d sit around talking about how dirty the precinct was and how they were gonna clean it up. Did they?
Ressler: No. When my father refused to go on the payroll, a drug dealer put a bullet in him. It was a trap, set by the crookedest cop of all– good old Tommy Markin.
Wright: What happened to him?
Ressler: Nothing. They protected him. My father died for his principles. If I compromise mine, it’ll be as if he died for nothing.

T-bone: You really think we weren’t g-g-gonna find your money?
Red: You didn’t find anything. Jilly found it ’cause you’re too dense to even look for it. No wonder Cash doesn’t trust you with anything more important than babysitting.
T-bone: That’s big talk coming from a g-guy who’s– [ Red gets his gun, turns it on him ]
T-bone: Aah! [ 💥 Gunshot ] Aah! [ Screaming ]
Red: You are aware you need to clean and oil these from time to time, right?♤
[ Moaning ]
[ Red goes outside and attempts to get in a car; the side window shatters 💥]
Cash: Next one’s going in your head. Didn’t I tell you that whether or not you’re breathing when I dump you depends on how polite you are?

Ressler: [ Thanking the salvage company’s owner ] I think that should be it. Thank you for your time.
Cothran; Agent Ressler, I’m Vic Cothran, here to help in any way we can.
Ressler: According to the owner, the female fugitive was definitely here. Here’s the make, model, and license number of the vehicle that she’s in. We also need to track down a local tow-truck driver by the name of, uh, Jasper– Skeehan.
Cochran: We’ve had our eye on him. Suspect he’s a member of a gang– Kings Of The Highway.
Ressler: Where are we on local media?
Cochran: The TV, radio, and newspapers have all agreed to get the photos and descriptions out ASAP.
Ressler: All right, funnel any credible sightings directly to me.

T-Bone: [ Moans ] I g-g-gotta get to the hospital.
Cash: Suck it up, kid! Hold still. Let old Pablo here fix you up. You’re gonna be just fine.
Red: You sure it didn’t hit an organ? Looks pretty close to a kidney– ♤
Cash: Shut up! Don’t listen to him. He’s the one that shot you. He don’t know nothing.
Red: Then again, you bleed out, one less person who gets a cut of my money.
Cash: I said– shh!
Pablo: Seriously, man, maybe we should let him get to a hospital.
T-Bone: I’m freezing!
Red: You’ going into shock.You’ve lost too much blood. The body’s beginning to shut down.
[ Cash kicks Red ] [ Coughing ] [ Breathing heavily ]
Cash: Okay. Okay. You know the drill. Give him a fake name. Get in, get patched, get out. Got me?

Jilly: Cash. He’s on TV.[ Door closes ]

Newscaster: Authorities are concentrating their search on Kanawha and Roane counties.
Residents of those areas are advised to report any suspicious activity to local law enforcement.
… … … murder and domestic terror charges

Cash: Oh, yeah. We’re looking at a lot more than 25 grand.
Jilly: [ Giggles ]

[ Door opens, Liz laughs ]
Liz: Wow, I love what you’ve done with the place.♤
Jasper: Yeah, well, you know, I just– It’s just temporary. Come here.
Liz: You gonna offer me a beer? [ Both chuckle ] Wait right here.

[ Solomon and colleagues are searching for Karakurt in the storm sewer ]
[ Indistinct talking ]
Solomon’s associates:
– Man: No, go away.
– They’re further down.
– Wait, wait.
– They’re behind us moving fast.
Solomon: How’d that happen?
– I have no idea.
– Wait, wait, he’s right here.
[ They find the tracking chip attached to the collar of a dog ]
Solomon: [ Chuckles ] Very good.

[ Red is attempting to sow discontent among his abductors ]
Red: When’s the last time you got any of that, Pablo? Or have you?
Pablo: We share everything.
Red: But not with Jasper, apparently.
Pablo: That’s our business. It ain’t yours.
Red: Oh, it is very much my business. As a matter of fact, Pablo, our operations are remarkably similar, albeit mine functions on a somewhat grander scale, certainly more hygienic. But at the end of the day, it all boils down to the same basic principle. We steal from others, but not from each other.♤
Pablo: Shut your mouth, or I swear to God, I’m gonna–
Red: Kill me? That’ll fix things. At least until those two decide a two-way split makes more sense than four. Tell me something. Do you trust Cash? Do you trust him with your life? [ Cellphone ringing ]
Pablo: Hey, man, this ain’t a good time.

Cash: I just texted you a picture, all right? That fella we grabbed this morning– his name is Raymond Reddington, and he is number one on the FBI’s most wanted list. And that gal he’s with– she’s that Russian chick that blew up them CIA guys. Do you think we can still find her? They’re worth a fortune. Everything okay?
Jasper: Yeah. All good. Yeah, I got to call you back.
[ Cellphone thuds lightly ] [ Fight. Liz gets gun shoots him three times 💥💥💥 ]
Jasper: Aah! [ Groans ]
Liz: Where’s my friend?!

Cochran: Jasper Skeehan took a break for lunch and hasn’t returned.
Ressler: Incident report just came in on a walk-in at the ER With a GSW to the abdomen. Says it was a hunting accident, but doctors pulled out a .380 slug. Who hunts with a .380?
Cochran: Exactly.
Ressler: I don’t like this.

Cash: Get the motor home ready. If T-Bone makes it back, he can haul the trailer. Otherwise, screw it. I want to get out of here.
Jilly: What about Reddington?
[ Cash points index finger to head. Chuckles lightly ]

Aram: Hey. You okay?
Samar: I’ll be fine.
Aram: Anything I can do?
Samar: I’m good. I never would have said anything if I knew this was gonna happen. You said you weren’t going to say anything at all.
Aram: I know, and I am sorry, but you lied. You said Agent Ressler’s laptop was on your work station, and we both know that is not the truth. The IP address where your search originated– it was Agent Ressler’s apartment early this morning. Way early, so–
Samar: Aram, I’m sorry.
Aram: Yeah. Me too.

Doctor: Sir, you really should let us keep you overnight.
Ressler: Excuse me. Donald Ressler, FBI. What seems to be the problem?
T-bone: No problem at all, Officer. Just trying to be on my way.
Cothran: So, this was a hunting accident?
T-bone: That’s right.
Cothran: Funny outfit for hunting.
T-bone: Probably should get one of those orange v-v-vests, huh?
Ressler: Well, Doctor, if he wants to go, there’s nothing we can do to force him to stay.
T-bone: Why, thank you, Officer. I appreciate it.
Cothran: We’re letting him walk?
Ressler: That’s Raymond Reddington’s coat. Let’s see where he leads us.

Red: What do you think is actually going on here?
Cash: Piss off, man.
Red: You sure this is about me? I’m worth a lot more to them than you are. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if I were to walk out of these woods alive and I sincerely doubt you’ll be as lucky.
Where do you suppose [ we’re ] they’re gonna go with my money? I say Aruba. Maybe Cancún
[ Cellphone ringing ]
Cash: It’s Jasper. Where the hell you been?
Liz: You’re holding my friend. I want to make a deal.
Cash: It’s that Russian bitch. I’m listening. I’ve got your friend Jasper here.
Liz: Straight trade– him for Reddington.
Cash: And I thought you was gonna offer me something worth a damn, sister. Keep him.
Liz: I don’t think you understand the situation here.
Cash; The situation is that my man Reddington here is worth a fortune, and Jasper, God bless his heart, is, uh– well, he’s dead weight. Tell him it’s been real.
[ Cellphone beeps ] [ Cellphone beeps ]
Pablo: Dude, Jasper’s family.
Cash: Yeah, well, if that’s a fact, uh, he’s the idiot cousin. Forget him. Three of us is family. That’s what counts.
Pablo: Reddington is worth a fortune?
Cash: What?
Pablo: You just said Reddington is worth a fortune?
Cash: Yeah, and?
Pablo: You’re not gonna kill him, are you?
Cash: Of course we’re gonna kill him. What do you think we’re doing out here? [ Laughs ] [ Cellphone ringing ] [ Pablo points his gun at Cash.
Cash: What are you doing, son?
Jilly: Pablo, what the hell?
Pablo: Answer the phone. You tell her we gonna make a trade.
Jillia: What are you doing? You’re gonna ruin everything.
Red: See, this is why I don’t go to family reunions. Aunt Lucile is always arguing with Buddy, Uncle Scott is drunk by noon, and someone’s hand is always in the wrong cookie jar.
Cash: Well you ain’t got the stones to pull that trigger.
[ Gunshot 💥 ] [ Jilly screams ] [ Pablo shoots 💥 Cash again ]
Pablo: [ To Jilly ] Pick up the phone. Put it on speaker.
[ Phone beeps ]
Liz: Listen to me.
Pablo: We’re ready to deal Reddington’s worth a bundle. You know it. You and him are worth two mil to the feds. You can match that?
Liz: I can. Uh, it’ll take some time. I’ll call you back in two hours.
Red: Elizabeth, don’t!
Pablo: Shut up, man. You don’t get no vote. Two hours or Reddington here’s dead. And bring Jasper, or no deal.
[ Phone beeps ]
Jilly: Pablo.That was beautiful.

[ Door opens, bell chimes ] [ Door opens, bell chimes ]
Storekeeper: Dembe, I believe this is what you’ve been waiting for. Heavier than it looks.
[ Case closes, locks ]
Dembe: Raymond.
Liz: Reddington’s been abducted. I’m not exactly sure by who, and I don’t know why, but I think I have a plan to get him back.
Dembe: A prisoner exchange?
Liz; That and we have to give them the care package.
Dembe: Raymond will not allow that.
Liz: I’m not asking his permission.
Dembe: We need it to clear your name.
Liz: If we don’t do this, they’re gonna kill him.

Laurel Hitchin: Reven. I wasn’t expecting you.
Reven Wright: [ Chuckles ] Well, I need a minute. It’s important.
Hitchin: Of course. Come in.
Wright: What do you know about Operation Backslide?
Hitchin; Uh, it was a CIA operation to support Somalia against the Islamic Courts Union. Why do you ask?
Wright: Matias Solomon ran the operation. It was the last one he ran before the Agency fired him.
Hitchin: You asked me for information about Solomon. I’m sorry. The day just got away from me. That’s okay.
Wright: I did some digging on my own. So, at the time of the operation, you were Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs. According to the records, the operatives were given State Department cover. Solomon was listed as an attaché working out of your office.
Hitchin; Yeah, well, we gave cover to a lot of operatives, so And maybe some of them know Solomon.
Wright: If I could get a list –
Hitchin; Was this, uh, Agent Ressler’s idea or?
Wright: No, no, I haven’t told him yet. I came here as soon as I found out.
[ Hitchin shoots Wright ]
Wright: [ Gasping ]
Hitchin: [ Sweetly ] I’m so sorry, honey. I’m gonna miss you. I really am. Any last words or final prayer– anything? [ Breathing raggedly ]
Wright: Tommy Markin.
[ Breathing stops ]

Dembe: That is Raymond’s jacket.
Liz: Let’s just hope it’s not his blood.
[ Dembe and Liz face off with Pedro and T-bone ]
Liz: Where is he?
Pedro: Somewhere. I don’t know.
Pedro: Hand over Jasper and the cash, and we’ll release him.
Liz: Do you think we’re stupid?
Pedro: No, I do not.
[ Pedro shows Liz a phone showing Red, still handcuffed. Jilly is guarding him with a gun ]
Red: Elizabeth. Are you all right? Do not do this. Do not give it to them.
Pedro: All right. I showed you mine. Show me yours.
Jasper: Holy hell. Those what I think they are?
Liz: Yeah. And they’re worth far more than the reward the FBI is offering.
Pedro: All right, let him go.
Jilly: You can take Cash’s truck. He won’t be needing it.
[ Handcuffs unlock ]
[ Red fetches his hat and pauses before stepping out of the camper ]
Red: You are in desperate need of some help, Jilly.

[ ♫ George Ezra’s “Blame It On Me” plays ]

[ Siren wailing, police radio chatter ]

the garden was blessed by the gods of me and you

FBI! This way! – Get your hands up! Hey! – No! Police! Put your hands up! –

<what you're waiting for?

Keen! [ Siren wailing ]

♪ We counted all our reasons, excuses that we made
We found ourselves some treasure, and threw it all away, ooh
What you waiting for?
No, what you waiting for?

[ Police radio chatter ]

♪ what you’re waiting for? no, what you’re waiting for?

Red: Lizzie, where are you? Where are you? – They’re coming.

[ Dembe is taken down by two officers. The briefcase with the ransom – “the Care package” – also is taken by the police ] [ Liz takes off running through the woods with Ressler in hot pursuit ] [ Red has Cash’s pickup. Seeing that he can be of no help, he turns around are drives away from the raid ]

♪ When I dance alone, and the sun’s beating down,
Blame it on me
When I lose control and the veil’s overused,
Blame it on me
What you waiting for?
No, what you waiting for?

♪ Caught in the tide of blossom, caught in the carnival
Your confidence forgotten, I see the gypsies rule, ooh
What you waiting for?
No, what you waiting for?
What you waiting for?
No, what you waiting for?

♪ When I dance alone, and the sun’s beating down,
Blame it on me
When I lose control and the veil’s overused,
Blame it on me
What you waiting for?
No, what you waiting for?
What you waiting for?
No, what you waiting for?

♪ When I dance alone, and the sun’s beating down,
Blame it on me
When I lose control and the veil’s overused,
Blame it on me
When I dance alone, I know I’ll go
Blame it on me ooh
When I’ll lose control, I know I’ll go
Blame it on me ooh
Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/1I336qX
Youtube: http://youtu.be/H4ifSrE8iSg

Ressler: Stop! [ After a long chase Ressler finally catches up with Liz and they tumble to the ground ]
Liz: Aah!

♪ blame it on me

Ressler: Stop. [ Manages to pin Liz down and points his gun at her head ]
Liz: ohh. You wouldn’t.
Ressler: I would. You know I would.
[ Liz and Ressler look at each other for what seems like a long time – ]

♪ no, what you’re waiting for?

Ressler: Elizabeth Keen, you’re under arrest.

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༺ ✿⊰ ♤ ⊱✿༻
❌❌❌ End 3:8 Kings of the Highway


🔴 Episode 3:9 The Director, Part 1 (№ 24)

Last updated: 1/12/2016 5:45am CT, Program air date: 1/7/2016 in the US
Script Status: FINAL
Permalink: http://wp.me/pDKwi-2ho
Storybook: http://wp.me/PDKwi-1f3#director (2-3 days after script is done)
Source: Raw Scripts from Springfield [UK]: http://bit.ly/1VtXhJ6 (captions) (late this week)
WSJ Episode Summary: http://on.wsj.com/1P0KuKc
EW Episode Summary: http://bit.ly/1n8LkOR
Blurb: Liz is now in custody for the murders of the Attorney General, a sitting Senator, and for the bombing of the Orea building which decimated the US government’s Russian counter-intelligence unit. Can Ressler assure she has her day in court ? – Or will the Cabal get to her first?
Created by: Jon Bokenkamp
Director: Mary Lambert
Writers: Jon Bokenkamp, Daniel Cerone


Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington – James Spader
Elizabeth Keen – Megan Boone
Donald Ressler – Diego Klattenhoff
Harold Cooper – Harry Lennix
Tom Keen – Ryan Eggold
Aram Mojtabai – Amir Arison
Samar Navabi – Mozhan Marnò
Dembe Zuma – Hisham Tawfiq

Karakurt – Andrew Divoff
Matias Solomon – Edi Gathegi
Laurel Hitchin – Christine Lahti
Cynthia Panabaker – Deirdre Lovejoy
Charlene Cooper – Valarie Pettiford
Diaz (Venezuelan FM) – Tony Plana
The Director – David Strathairn


Note on Scripts: Springfield’s in the UK provides a raw version of The Blacklist scripts, usually between 3 to 6am CST the day after the episode airs. I add the speakers and formatting and limited descriptive material when needed.
Script Statuses: ● “Rough” is just the raw captions; ● “Preliminary” status is about 95% correct/complete; ● “Final” status is 99%✛ correct/complete. ♤ are my favorite lines

⭕ Episode Storybook, Eps 1-9 (2-3 days after script is completed)
༺✦ ♤ ✦༻


🔴 Script 3:9 The Director, Part 1 (№ 24)

Previously on The Blacklist …
Liz: Reddington’s missing. Samar, I need you to trace his location.
Aram: I search-traced Mr. Reddington’s burner to a location in West Virginia.
Ressler: [ to Samar ] You knew where they were. You didn’t tell me. I want you gone by the end of the day.
Ressler: My father died for his principles.… It was a trap, set by the crookedest cop of all. Tommy Markin.
[ Gunshot 💥 ]
Reven Wright: [ Strained voice ] Tommy Markin.
Tom: I found Karakurt.
Liz: Karakurt’s willing to confess?
Tom:To all of it.
Red: Agent Keen tells me you have Karakurt.
Cooper: Yes. And I intend on turning him over – as soon as possible.
Red: Don’t. I have a better idea.
⋘⋙ l
Samar: Sana’s all yours.
Venezuelan: You will have your meeting.
Red: I’ll be in touch when I’m ready.
Liz: We have to give him the care package.
: We need it to clear your name.
[ Siren wailing ]
Dembe: Elizabeth, no! [ Shouting indistinctly ]
Liz: [ After chase, panting ]
Ressler: Elizabeth Keen, you’re under arrest.

༺ ♤ ༻

[ Keys jingle, lock clicks ] [ Chains rattle ]
Liz: Just so you know, I’m not ashamed of what I did.
Ressler: You shot the Attorney General of the United States.
Liz: He was a terrorist.
Ressler: He was unarmed.
Liz: Well, I’m glad you have your convictions. I just don’t wanna die for them.♤

Laurel Hitchin: You said she’d never be caught. Mm.
The Director: I’ll arrange her transfer to CIA custody.
Hitchin: It won’t be that easy. Reven put safety measures in place.
Director: Wait, Laurel. Laurel. You said you took care of the Reven Wright situation.
Hitchin: I did, but certain protocols were set to activate – upon Keen’s arrest.
Director,What kind of protocols?
Hitchin: Cynthia Panabaker kind. Yeah. She’s White House Counsel, and a real pain in the ass. She’s drafted an executive order mandating Keen’s transport to the Federal Courthouse for a closed hearing – with Judge Trotter.
Director: How much time do we have?
Hitchin: Three hours, maybe less. Peter, If she tells her story in open court, then–
Director: She won’t.
Hitchin: You know, this entire airport novel started when you overplayed your hand with Raymond Reddington. It’s time for you to close the book on Elizabeth Keen. Permanently.
Director: Three hours to make one woman go away? We’ve collapsed entire governments in less time.

[ Dialing ]
Ressler: Ressler.
Red: Where is she?
Ressler: You don’t have to worry about Keen’s safety. I’ve taken measures to –
Red: Your measures will fail. Mine won’t.♡
Ressler: Oh, so now you’re gonna share your plan with me now that I’ve arrested your partner in crime? Face it, Reddington. I beat you.
Red: There are no beatings here, Donald. No winners or losers. There is only Agent Keen’s life. I have been working on a meticulous campaign to clear her name. But I need a day to put one final piece in place.
Ressler: Go for it. You know where we’ll be. I wish that were true.
Red: But you’re about to witness the full force of a shadow government working in concert to crush you. And now that they know you have Elizabeth, they will stop at nothing to steal her. You and Agents Navabi and Mojtabai must remain by her side and guard her with your lives – until you hear from me again.
Ressler: Thanks to you, Navabi’s no longer a member of this task force.
Red: Then it’s all on you, Donald. Keep them away from Agent Keen. And, Donald, I assume you have Dembe and are being hospitable.
[ Cell phone beeps ] [ Siren continues wailing ]
Ressler: You’ll get a fair hearing.
Liz: You and I both know I’m never making it to that hearing alive.

[ Birds chirping ]
Charlene: I mean, this place should be safe. You know, there’s–
Cooper: Yep. Perfect place to sneak away and be alone.
[ Rattling chains ]
Karakurt: What’s that for? I’m cooperating.
Tom: Well, I cut into your chest with an old bean can, my friend. So I’m not giving you the chance to return the favor.
[ Door closes ]
Tom: You got anything to eat around here? I’m starving.
Cooper: I’m sure Charlene knows her way around the kitchen.
Charlene: Really, Harold? We gonna do this right now?
Cooper: I’m driving you to your sister’s. It’s not safe around here. I wanna get you away from Karakurt. The Cabal will stop at nothing to kill him. [ To Tom ] Stay here. Guard the asset. I’ll get back as soon as I can.
Tom: Beans?
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[ Cell phone rings ] [ Ring ]
Aram: Agent Mojtabai.
Red: Have you heard about Agent Keen?
Aram: Mr.Reddington.
Red: Listen to me, Aram. The Cabal will come for her. If they reach her, it’ll be the last time you ever see Elizabeth again. At this point, only one person can keep her alive. You.
Aram: Me? Um, okay.
[ Telephone ringing in distance ]
Aram: How?
[ Gate thuds ]

[ The Kills’ 🎶Sour Cherry playing ]

♪ Shout when you wanna get off the ride
Shout when you wanna get off the ride
Shout when you wanna get off the ride
‘Cause you crossed my mind
You crossed my mind
Made my blood thump 7-8-9.
Make my heart beat double time
Now I’m only sour cherry on your fruit stand, right?
Am I the only sour cherry on the fruit stand?

Hitchin: Excellent work, Agent Ressler.

♪ only sour cherry on the fruit stand oh, oh, oh,
oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh oh, oh, oh, oh,
oh oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh oh, oh, oh, oh, oh,
oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh oh

Ressler: At 3:00 PM, US Marshals will arrive to escort you to a federal courthouse where you’ll be held pending your arraignment tomorrow.
Liz: Whatever happens, I don’t blame you.
Ressler: Until that time you’ll be held here under the authority and protection of Reven Wright.

♪ we could be movers –

[ Velcro rips ]

♪ oh, oh or we could be shakers

Ressler: I’ll keep you safe. I promise.

♪ If we could just shake something out of the blue
And get off the ride

♪ Now I’m the only sour cherry on your fruit stand, right?
Am I the only sour cherry on your fruit stand?
If I’m the only sour cherry on your fruit stand, right
Am I the only sour cherry on your fruit stand?

Ressler: I’ve called her four times. How is it possible that you haven’t gotten in touch with her?
Ressler: Listen, when you do, I want you to get her to call me as soon as possible, understand?[ Cell phone beeps ] Take him to holding.
[ Telephone ringing in distance ]
Hi, Dembe.
Nobody’s heard from Reven Wright since last night.
I don’t like this.
[ Door opens ] [ Door closes ]
Aram: You promised me that Agent Keen would receive a fair hearing.
Ressler: Something’s wrong. [ To Director ] Excuse me. What do you think you’re doing?
Director: Oh, Agent Ressler. Congratulations on your arrest. We’re moving your prisoner.
Ressler: You don’t have the authority.
Directly; Homeland has actionable Intel from inside Russian borders that a terrorist attack on US soil is imminent. Keen is a Russian agent. We need to question her.
Ressler: I’d like to see a copy of that Intel.
Direvtor : Well, I’m afraid you are not cleared.
Ressler: You know Reven Wright will never allow this.
Director: By the way, where is Mrs. Wright? I haven’t seen or heard from her all day.
Ressler: Excuse me. I won’t give you the codes.
Director: Oh, you don’t need to. The FBI Director can be very helpful during acts of war. Almost as if we are all on the same team.
[ Steady beep ]
Director: You changed the code.
Ressler: No.
Director: Find a way into this box.
[ Sea birds calling ] [ Cell phone ringing ]
Red: Agent Ressler. How’s our girl?
Ressler: You were right. I can’t protect her.
Red: Slow down and tell me what’s happening.
Ressler: Look, I can’t move Keen to the courthouse for another two hours, but the Director’s here with his own transfer order. It’s just luck that he hasn’t been able to break into that box yet.
Red: I’ve always believed luck to be a function of intent♤– in this case, mine. When these dark clouds were gathering, I took measures to keep Agent Keen safe to ride out the storm. Are you ready to do your part now?
Ressler: I won’t let him have her.
Red: I’ll take that as a yes. The best way you can help is by continuing to guard Elizabeth. And when the time comes, make sure Karakurt reaches the FBI safely.
Ressler: Karakurt. The Russian? What does he have to do with this?
Red: He’s agreed to confess his sins to the US government, including the ones he committed on behalf of the Cabal to frame Agent Keen. Cooper and Tom Keen are holding Karakurt in a cabin near Lake Yvonne. I can have him in the city within the hour.
Ressler: Cooper and Tom?
Red: He tried to tell you, Donald. You didn’t listen. Apparently, you have a disregard for Tom Keen that exceeds even my own. I have to meet someone. Remember, guard Elizabeth and keep Karakurt alive.
[ Phone snaps shut ]
Red: [To Samar ] Donald. I find him so stiff so much of the time. He doesn’t appreciate life’s trimmings. Take yourself, for example. It’s my understand he fired you for helping Elizabeth come to my rescue.
Samar: He had every right. I went behind his back. I’m willing to take responsibility for my actions.
Red: Watch out. That’s the kind of spirit that could save America.♤ Thank you for meeting me, Samar.
Samar: What do you want?
Red: We’re going to clear Elizabeth’s name. It’ll involve a sizable drug haul, an FBI heist in the US Treasury Department. But first, I need to make an appointment.
Samar: An appointment with whom?
Red: With the Foreign Minister of Venezuela.

Director: How long is this gonna take?
Tech working on the Orange Box: I’d say about 20 seconds and we should be there.
Director: Okay. Good.

[ Machine whirring ]
Hitchin: I’m– I’m going to have to call you back.
[ Door closes ]
Ressler: Where’s Reven Wright?
Hitchin: That’s what I’m trying to find out. This is not like her. I’m– I’m worried something’s happened.
Ressler: Wanna know what I think? I think the Director has – something to do with this, because–
Hitchin: You are talking about the Director of the National Clandestine Services here.
Ressler: You threw him out of here once. You gotta do it again before it’s too late.
Hitchin: If he has intelligence, I can’t just overrule him.
Ressler: [ Sighs ] Look, Reven said I could trust you. And without her here, it’s– I need your help. Do you remember Karakurt?
Hitchin: The Russian assassin.
Ressler: Harold Cooper’s holding him at a cabin near Lake Yvonne. He’s willing to talk, and when he does, it’ll clear Keen of all terrorist charges. But if the Director gets –
Hitchin: I’ve already asked my sources to confirm the Director’s Intel. If we can show that there’s no credible threat, I’ll make sure he backs down. As for Reven Wright, last time we talked, she mentioned an associate. Um, what was his name? Tommy Markin. Maybe he has something to do with her disappearance. Does that name mean anything to you?
Ressler: Tommy Markin. No. Never heard of him.

[ Phone ringing in distance ]
Ressler: Reven Wright’s not coming back.
Aram: How do you know?
Ressler: Tommy Markin. Was a guy I told Reven about, only Reven, and Hitchin just asked about him. Laurel Hitchin is in the Cabal. And I just told her where to find the only person who can save Keen. She just told the Director.
Aram: Okay, okay. Uh, glass half-full. There’s someone who can save Agent Keen?
Ressler: Karakurt. Cooper’s hiding him at a cabin near Lake Yvonne. He’s not answering. I gotta get him to move Karakurt before the Director’s goons get there.
Aram: Go. She’ll be fine. You know better than anyone, they can’t break in there.
Ressler: What if they figure out the code?
Aram: They won’t.
Ressler: How do you know?
Aram: I’m the one who changed it.
Ressler: US Marshals are gonna be here in three hours. If I’m not back, you let Keen out for them, only them.
Aram: Okay.
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[ Horns honking ] [ Gun clicks ]
Red: Rafael!
Rafael: Reddington, what are you doing here?
Red: [ Laughs ] Rafael
[ Camera shutter clicks ]
Red: Oh! [ Lowered voice ] It’s time to meet with your boss. I need to meet with him today.
Rafael: I can’t. It’s not possible.
Red: Oh. Ooh! This is for you. Happy birthday.
[ Camera shutter clicking ]
Rafael: My birthday was in August.
Red: My goodness. Well, time flies when you’re on the run.♤ Please, let’s get out of the open.
[ Laughs ]
Rafael: [ Sighs ] There’s nothing I can do for you. The Foreign Minister, he’s traveling today.
Red: You see that lovely woman there? The one with the camera?
[ Camera shutter clicking ]
Red: She’s a stringer for UPI. Dear, dear friend. Shoots my Christmas card every year. She has a wonderful eye for composition and detail. An intuitive sense of timing to capture the moment. A warm embrace between old friends. The exchange of a gift. The intimacy of a quiet conversation in the backseat of a car. But the curious thing is, pictures never tell the whole story. For instance, the only story here will be your friendly meeting with an international criminal wanted by the FBI, Interpol. I wonder how long you’ll survive once that story hits the Venezuelan press? [ Laughing ] I’m sorry. I can’t help myself. It’s a photo album for your press clippings. Rafael, the meeting with the Foreign Minister will happen today.

Samar: Is it set?
Red: The Foreign Minister will be making a fuel stop at Kirby heliport at 3:00 PM today. I’ll have 15 minutes with him.
Samar: What’s our next move?
Red: Rendezvous will be fruitless unless we can retrieve a certain care package. The FBI took it into custody this morning. That package is the ticket to Elizabeth’s freedom.
Samar: What’s in the package?
Red: El Dorado.
Samar: The lost city of gold?
Red: It was never a city. When Spanish explorers reached South America, they heard stories about a gold-dusted tribal chief dumping vast piles of treasure into Lake Guatavita as an offering. The Spaniards actually drained the lake. Of course, all they found was a handful of trinkets. So they killed all the natives, and El Dorado came to represent the fantasy of boundless wealth – and that is what’s inside the package.
Samar: I don’t understand.
Red: You will, once we steal it from the FBI.

Charlene: I mean, how many times do I have to tell you? It wasn’t about sex.
Cooper: If it wasn’t about the sex, then why’d you have sex?♤ Why not invite him to join your book club?
[ Cell phone ringing ]
Charlene: Because I hate my book club. And the only reason I joined that book club is because you were never home. Doug was just, you know, company. With a series of regrettable mistakes along the way. For god sake, Harold, would you please answer that phone?
[ Ringing continues ] [ Beep ]
Ressler: The cabin. Karakurt. You have to leave now.
Cooper: What? How do you know about Karakurt?
Ressler: It doesn’t matter. The bottom line is the Cabal knows you’re stashing Karakurt in the cabin near Lake Yvonne. Look, can they track it down?
Cooper: Yes. My neighbor owns the cabin. They’ll search our phone records. Take Karakurt out now. I’m not with him.Tom Keen is.
Ressler: So call him.
Cooper: You won’t get through. That’s the whole point of the cabin. It’s remote. No cell phone coverage.
Ressler: How far away are you?
Cooper: Hour. Minimum.
Ressler: All right, I’m closer. Look, just text me the address. I’m on my way now.
[ Phone beeps ]

Director: So when they determine the stress points on the box, then what?
Liz: Not having much luck?
Director: No, we’ll find a way in.
Liz: He’ll come for you.
Director: Reddington? Yes, I expect he will, now that his prima ballerina is trapped in a jewelry box.♤ Did you ever find out?
Liz: Find out what?
Director: His connection to you. It’s always been curious to me. Follows you around like a faithful bloodhound. But you still don’t know. Well, that’s too bad. It’s– it’s a very unsatisfying way to go out, don’t you think?

Red: How much time do we have?
Samar: The FBI in West Virginia would’ve taken the care package into their custody this morning when they arrested Keen. But there’s no FBI field office in West Virginia to store evidence, so they would’ve sent a team from their Pittsburgh field office to collect it. They should be on the road back to Pittsburgh by now.
Red: We need to intercept them before they reach their field office. The trick is to purloin the package without them knowing we’ve taken it. For that, we need more stolen evidence.

[ Door rattles ]
Samar: You keep a storage locker in West Virginia?
Red: I keep a storage locker filled with useful items – in most states.[ Switch clicks ] Two or three in the Red States.
Samar: Steaks?
Red: Bistecca alla Fiorentina, sourced from a breed of cattle in southern Tuscany. The ultimate expression of beef, with a bowl of fagioli, a ’96, ’97 Barolo. These need another month to cure.
[ Pounding ] [ Grunts ]
Samar: I never took you for a –
Red: Drug dealer? Absolutely not. Well, not really. I’ve made a rather healthy investment in a consortium that supplies medical marijuana to facilities in Colorado, Oregon, Washington, District of Columbia. But simply as an effort to diversify into more legitimate businesses.
As for consumption, I must admit to a fondness for any well-appointed opium den, and a bit of hashish goes well with just about anything. But stimulants, I have no taste for. I prefer that slight curve at the small of the back, the swell of a breast, the soft nape of the neck to quicken my heartbeat.♤
Nonetheless, after a rather contentious and messy negotiation in Cartagena, this was all that was left on the table, so I took it. Cocaine still remains a valid currency to some of my clients. Especially in England. The wealthy Brits? They are cocaine mad over there. Go figure. Why don’t you grab some kilos off the top and let’s go stage a crime scene?

[ Engine turns off ] [ Laughs ]
Red: This is fun. Who had the pleasure?
Workman.: That would be me. Head on.35 miles an hour.
Red: Just like my uncle Vic on a Saturday night.
[ Siren whoops ] [ Brakes squeal, engine turns off ]
Red: Sorry about the short notice, Morgan. [ Car doors close ] Chuck. Nice paint job. Thanks. Careful. It’s still wet.
Workman: Well, gang’s all here. Let’s get to work.
[ Workmen stage the “crime scene” further. They shoot a barrage of bullets into one side of the car. Samar puts up a yellow police barrier, etc. Samar makes a phone call using an American accent: ]
Samar: [ American accent ] poll My name is Agent Morrison in the West Virginia office. Yes, I called this in two hours ago. I need someone here from evidence recovery ASAP. [ Sighs ] That’s right. 30 bags of cocaine, exit 129A off the I-64. Can you get them here now, please? I’ve been babysitting this evidence all day.
[ Car door closes ]
Red: Thank you, guys. Time to run. [ To Samar ] As soon as you get the package, bring it straight to Kirby heliport. The plan hinges on that package.
Samar: I’ll be there.

Aram: Hey. You okay?
Liz: I’ve been better.
Aram: Okay, you’re almost there. In an hour, Ressler will move you to a holding cell at the courthouse. You’ll be safe there.
Liz: I’m having trouble breathing.
Director: Just the man I’m looking for. One of my technicians figured out why the, uh, code box does not work. Apparently it was changed. Coincidentally enough, just prior to our arrival.
Aram: That must be –
Director: What? A mistake? Yes, probably. But we can’t prove it. Technology being what it is and all.
Liz: [ Gasping ]
Director: And you are the tech guy.
Liz: Aram, I can’t – I can’t breathe. [ Exhales sharply ]
Aram: What’s happening to her?
Liz: [ Gasping ]
Director: I’m sure I don’t know. Losing oxygen in there? I’m sorry. We don’t have the door code. I’ll have one of my men look into it right away.
Liz: [ Breathing heavily ]
Director: That would be a tragedy.

Karakurt: She’d better be worth it.
Tom: Who’s that? Huh.
Karakurt: The girl. You know, the one who annulled your marriage. [ Chuckles ] I know about you two. I know you’re risking your life for someone who doesn’t want anything to do with– [ Door closes, footsteps ] [ Gun cocks ]
Ressler: Hey, don’t shoot. Don’t shoot. It’s Donald Ressler.
Tom: All right, open it.
[ Door opens ]
Tom: What are you doing here?
Ressler: Cooper sent me. Look, we gotta get him out of here.
[ Door closes ]
Tom: Like hell we do.
Ressler: The Director knows you have Karakurt. The Cabal is coming.
Tom: No offense, but I’ll wait for Cooper to tell me that.
Karakurt: Hey.
[ Engine rumbling ]
Karakurt: Hey. Hey! Someone’s out there!
[ Vehicle approaches ] [ Vehicle doors open and close ]
Ressler: The Cabal’s not coming. They’re already here.
[ Click ]

Aram: Okay, breathe slowly and steady.
Liz: It doesn’t make any sense. Even if they shut out the air, I should be able to breathe in here for hours, right?
Aram: Nitrogen. He’s pumping nitrogen in through the vents. It would– Oh, my God, it would strip the oxygen out in minutes. You wouldn’t be able to smell it either.
Liz: [ Wheezes and coughs ]
Aram: Oh What, are you guys just gonna watch this happen? She can’t breathe.
Tech: The Director said he’s working on the problem.
Aram: He is not, and you know that! Do something. Do something! Okay, right. Okay, Agent Keen. Okay, hang on. I’m just– I’m gonna see if I can access – the ventilation system from my terminal.
Liz: [ Breathing heavily ]
Aram: Okay? It’s, um, it’s gonna be okay. I’ll be right back.
⬆ go to top
Tom: How did the Director know that we had Karakurt?
Ressler: How about we focus on the problem at hand? We gotta put down these targets so that I can get back to Keen.
Tom: Where is she?
Ressler: FBI custody. The Cabal is trying to get at her.
Tom: You’re just a one-man justice league, aren’t you? You know you’re gonna get us all killed before this is over.
[ Glass shatters ]
Karakurt: Get me out of here!
[ Hissing ] [ Gunshot 💥s ]
Ressler: Keen!
[ Coughing ]
Ressler: Clear!
Tom: [ Coughs ] – You okay?
Karakurt: I’m not! Least you could give me a weapon so I can defend myself.
Tom: Not if it’s aimed at our backs, no way.
[ Gun clicks ]

[ Typing rapidly ] [ Beep ] [ Resumes rapid typing ] [ Beep ] I can’t access the air system, but I’m trying to override it with a Rombertik. It’s gonna take a little bit of time, Liz.
Aram: Oh, my god. Liz, I have to let you out.
Liz: [ Gasping ]
Aram: Please!
Liz: [ Coughs ]
Aram: To video monitor: Damn it, are you even listening? I- I’ll go to the press. I don’t care! There are witnesses here. I will tell the world what you’re doing here. Fix the air!

Hitchin: I don’t know about this, Peter.
Director: It’ll go down as an equipment malfunction. And there is no one to trace it to.
Hitchin: Yeah? And what if he opens the door?
Director: Well, we return to the original plan. We take Elizabeth Keen to an undisclosed location for questioning, from which she will try to escape. And then we’ll be forced to shoot her. In any case, you are looking at a ghost.

[ Engine turns off ]
Samar: Do you have any idea how long I’ve been standing out here?
Transport: Hey, tell it to Dispatch. We were halfway to Pittsburgh before we got the call to come all the way back. Okay, let’s just load up.
Transport: You know we can’t let you handle the evidence.
Samar: And I’d advise you to check your watch because I’ve been out in the sun on my feet all day without a bite to eat since 6:00 AM.
Officer: We offered her a doughnut.
[ Radio chatter ]
Red’s man; Hey, I’ve been meaning to ask one of you federal boys. What does it take to be a g-man? See, I got this lazy eye. It’s got a mind of its own. You suppose that would be an issue?
[ Samar goes to evidence transport vehicle truck, takes out Red’s “care package” and puts it in her car ]
Transport: No offense, but we’re short on time ourselves today.
Transport: Here. [ Samar signs ]
Samar: Are we good? What? Hey. I need your assurance that nothing in that van is going to go missing. Are we good?
Transport: Yeah. Relax. It’s as safe as can be.

[ Outside cabin ] [ Men shouting indistinctly ]
Let’s go!
[ Men shout indistinctly ]
Man: Take the left!
[ Inside cabin ]
Tom: Ah, this isn’t gonna be pretty.
Ressler: [ Breathes heavily ] I’m the one who tipped off the Cabal – about this hunting cabin.
[ Chamber whirs and clicks ]
Tom: Are you kidding me? Why would you do that?
[ Gun thuds ]
Ressler: Trusted the wrong person.
Tom: I mean, yes, you were just doing what you thought was right. Even if you were dead wrong.
[ Men shouting indistinctly in distance ]
Ressler: My father was a cop. He died because he wouldn’t go on the take. Was set up by his own partner, Tommy Markin. You know, I spent all these years wanting to believe that he died for the right thing. I’m not so sure now.
Tom: Principles are a bitch, man. I avoid them at all cost.♤
[ Rapid footsteps approach outside ]
Tom: I just hope your old man taught you how to shoot.♤

Liz: [ Wheezing ]
Aram: Hang on, Liz. Come on, you have to. Come on, a little longer. Come on. Liz? I, uh, I’m afraid we’re out of options. Can’t seem to figure out what’s wrong with this air system. Liz. Liz? [ Clatters ] Liz? Wake up! Liz! Navabi. [ Sobs ]
Director: What’s that, son? The pass code– it is “Navabi.
It’s “Navabi”! Open the door. N-A-V-A-B-I. Open the door. Open the door! Do it! Open the door. Come on. Come on. Open it! [ Keypad beeping ] [ Door whirring ] Oh oh Come on.Okay.
Aram: Come on, Liz. Come on, Liz.
[ Aram gives Liz mouth-to-mouth and chest compressions ]
Liz: [ Grunting ] [ Gasps ]
Aram: Yeah, yeah.You’re okay. Liz. I’m – I’m sorry. I’m sorry. So much sorry.

Red: Mr.Foreign Minister, thank you for altering your itinerary to meet me. And how is El Presidente?
Diaz: He has irritable bowels. [ Laughs ] But what can you expect? We just borrowed another $5 billion from China. So, what is this about, Reddington? I was told a matter of national interest.
Red: Indeed. I believe I can help your President’s stomach condition.
Diaz: Oh, you’re gonna erase my country’s debt?
Red: No, but I can give you some walking-around money.
Diaz: Please.

Solomon: Gentlemen! We can preserve the quiet tranquility of these woods if you just send Karakurt out now. You have 30 seconds before we begin shooting.
Ressler: There’s no way we’re sending him out.
Tom: Agreed.
Karakurt: Then how ’bout giving me a weapon? It’s not like I can run.
Ressler: Come on, give him a gun.
[ Inhales sharply, groans ]
Solomon: 15 seconds!
[ Chains rattle ] [ Grunts ]
Tom: The Cabal, the ones coming for Liz – They’re not gonna get her. [ Gun cocks ] Let’s just get it over with.
[ Gunshot 💥, casing clatters ] [ Gunshot 💥 ]
Uhh! [ Thud (bad guy) ]

[ ♫ Little Scream’s The Lamb playing ]
Once when you were young, pedaling through the sun,
the light steamed through your body like a glass.
But then the changes come, things are good undone,
and the things you lose they don’t come back again
But you want to go back again …

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/1ON7znY
YouTube: http://bit.ly/1IXHCBK

[ Gunshots 💥💥💥 continue ] ♪ Amahl [ Gunfire stops ]

Solomon: Check for survivors.

♪ Amahl listen Amahl

[ Gunshot 💥 ] [ Gunshots 💥💥💥, men grunting ] [ Grunting ] [ Gunfire continues 💥💥💥 ]
[ Gunshots💥💥💥 ] [ Breathing heavily ]
[ Karakurt train’s weapon on Tom.
Karakurt: Knees!
[ When Tom ducks, Karakurt shoots Cabal guy who was behind him ]
Tom: I’ll just, uh, take that.
[ Tom takes Karakurt’s gun ]
Tom.Let’s get out of here.
[ Cocks gun ]

Aram: [ Points gun at the Director ] I won’t let you take her.
Liz: Aram, put the gun down! They’ll shoot you without thinking twice.
Aram: [ Breathing raggedly ] I don’t care.
Liz: I do. You’ve done enough.
Aram: No, I didn’t. [ Breathing heavily ] I opened the door.
Director: Agent Mojtabai, stand down.
[ Hammer clicks ]
Liz: Aram. Aram, look at me. Look at me. I don’t blame you for letting me out. I don’t. Now please put the gun down.
Director: Let’s go.
[ Elevator doors open. It is Cynthia Panabaker ]
Panabaker: Excuse me! Where exactly do you think you’re taking this young lady?
Hitchin: Mrs. Panabaker, right on time.
Panabaker: I believe punctuality is a virtue, as is following orders. My orders are to make sure Elizabeth Keen is transported safely to the E. Barrett Prettyman Courthouse.
Director: And I have actionable Intel that requires us to move agent Keen to Fort McNair.
Panabaker: I am aware of the Intel. So is DNI, who’s reviewed it and upheld the original agreement.
Hitchin: As National Security Advisor, this is my call to make.
Panabaker: Not according to this. Oh, don’t take my word for it. Get the Director of National Intelligence on the line. Oh, well, then I guess I’ll call him myself.

Diaz: Why would Venezuela ever agree to such a ridiculous proposal?
Red: Why, to stick it to the United States, of course. They’ve been trying to topple your regime for years.
Diaz: If we do as you suggest, the United States would just impose more sanctions. Our shelves are already bare. This would hurt my people and my economy – for generations to come.
[ Vehicle approaching ] This meeting is over.
[ Engine turns off ]
Red: Diaz, I told you I could put money back in Venezuela’s Central Bank.
Diaz: And I’ve told you, you couldn’t possibly give us enough money to make what you’re asking worth the risk.
Red: Do you know the story of El Dorado?
[ Red gets out of car, takes “care package” from Samar ]
Red: Thank you, my dear.
[ Door closes ] [ Latch clicks ]
Red: Those are chromium-plated master-printing plates for the $100 bill, created using the US Treasury Department’s own software upgrades plate design, encoding techniques–
Diaz: Where did you get these?
Red: [ Laughing ] Oh, well There was this plane that fell out of the sky, a group of anti-capitalists. Terrorists in funny masks. But I digress. The point is I’m giving El Jefe the ability to print as much money as he’d like to print.
Diaz: You son of a gun.
Red: I’ve been called worse.
⬆ go to top
Tom: Found a ride.
[ Tom begins to break into vehicle, Solomon steps from behind, grabs Tom, holds gun yo his head ] [ Gun cocks ]
Solomon: Your weapons on the ground. Or I’ll kill him.
Tom: He’ll kill me anyway, so just drop him. Just drop the son of a bitch. Come on, man, you’re FBI. You never put your weapon down. Just second he shoots me, drop him. Drop him!
Ressler: [ To Solomon ] All right, you win. Okay? [ Gun thuds ]
Tom: Did you even go to the Academy?
Solomon: You should’ve listened to your friend.
Cooper appears and grabs Solomon.
[ Grunts ] [ Thud ]
Cooper: I I figured you two could use some backup.
[ Solomon falls to the ground and passes out for a commercial ]

Solomon: [ Exhales, wakes up ] Good morning. [ Laughs ]
Cooper: Agent Ressler, listen to me. Put the gun down.
Ressler: [ To Cooper ] You should leave. [ Gun cocks ]
Cooper: Stop.
Ressler: [ To Solomon ] Do you know the damage you’ve done? That your organization has done to this country, to my friends?
Solomon: I don’t care about your friends, and I hate this country. Well, “Hate’s” a strong word. I like the part where I make bail and catch the next plane to France.
Ressler: You’re not gonna live to see the inside of a courtroom.
Solomon.: [ Laughs ] Sure, I am. And not just any courtroom, but a courtroom of my choosing, with the judge of my choosing. God bless America.
Tom: Agent Ressler. You’re not gonna do this.
Ressler: [To Solomon ] You deserve to die.
Cooper: Put down the gun.
Tom: I know he does, but not by your hand.
Ressler: Since when did you grow a conscience?
Tom: I don’t know. Since I’ve been hanging out with you. I’m not happy about it either.
Ressler: Ah, he’s right. We bring him in, he walks. He doesn’t pay for any of this.
Tom: Your dad. You wanna know if he died for nothing. Whether he did or didn’t depends on whether you pull that trigger.
Ressler: Matias Solomon, you’re under arrest for the attempted murder of a federal agent, for the attempted murder of a material witness in a federal investigation, treason, espionage Conspiracy to– You know what? Why don’t I get you a penal code? It would be easier to figure out what you haven’t done.
Solomon: [ Grunts ]

Hitchin: Yes, sir. I understand.
[ Telephone ringing in distance ]
Hitchin: I stand corrected.
Panabaker: I have never seen two people so disappointed that the country isn’t under attack.
Director: Yeah, well, I’m not convinced.
Director: So let’s get Agent Keen transferred, shall we? My men are on site.
Panabaker: And they will stay on site. I consulted with Reven Wright before I drafted the order.
Keen isn’t going anywhere without one agent, Donald Ressler present, to oversee her transfer.
Director: Uh, Agent Ressler isn’t here.
[ Elevator door whirs, opens Ressler: steps out with Solomon ]
Ressler: Sorry I’m late. Bring him to holding. Elizabeth Keen, I’m here to escort you downtown, where you’ll be held safely pending your arraignment.
Liz:[ Whispers ] It’s about time.
[ Chains rattling ]
Ressler: [ Quietly, to Hitchin ] I know what you did. I know you killed Reven Wright.
[ Telephone ringing in distance ]
Ressler: This isn’t over.
Ressler: [ To the Director ] And you. I want you gone when I get back.
[ Liz pauses fo kiss Aram’s cheek, whispers: ] Thank you.
Panabaker: I need to come around here more often.
[ 🎶 Gamble Everything For Love by Ben Lee playing ]
[ Chains rattling ]

♪ Gamble everything for love
Gamble everything
Put it in a place you keep what you need
You can gamble everything for love if you’re free
You gotta gamble everything for love

♪ Baby are you cold?
Are you cold baby I could wrap you up
Wrap you up in my love
♪ If you wanna you can gamble everything for love
If you wanna you can gamble everything for love

Dembe: Am I free to go?
Agent Ressler’s orders.

♪ … Into places that you never knew to get through?
Tell me are you gonna cry all night?
Tell me the truth and ill tell you the truth
If you gamble everything for love
You’re gonna be alright

[ Just as Dembe is leaving his jail cell, Mr Solomon is brought in in cuffs. The two men look at one another coolly. Solomon is put into the cell Dembe had occupied ]
[ Door closes ]

♪ Make a list of things you need
Leave it empty
Except for number one – write love,
Gamble everything
Keep it under lock and key [ Lock clicking ]
If you wanna you can gamble everything for love

[ Cell phone chimes ]

♪… We can find a place to start to gamble everything
We can set this thing apart
Cos we’re gonna
Gonna gamble everything for love

Dembe: She still alive?

♪ Tell me the truth and I’ll tell you the truth
If you gamble everything for love
You’re gonna be alright

Ressler: For what it’s worth, I believe you were framed.

♪ … You can go your own way
You gotta go your own way
If you gamble everything for love
If you gamble everything for love

[ Aram rides his bike into a cemetery. Red is standing by an open grave. ]
Red: Come closer, Aram.
[ Crickets chirping ]
Aram: There’s nobody down there.
Red: Not at the moment.
Aram: So then why did you ask me to meet you at an empty grave?
Red: There are foundational elements in our lives. People that form the brick and mortar of who we are. People that are so deeply imbedded that we take their existence for granted until suddenly, they’re not there. And we collapse into rubble. I’ve stood over the open grave of someone I’ve loved too often. Once for my mother. And then the others. I needed to recall this feeling because I’d be staring at another body right now if not for you, Aram. It wasn’t weakness that prevented you from watching your friend die today. It was hope, and thank heavens you were in a hopeful mood.♤ You saved Elizabeth. I’m forever in your debt. Now gather your team. It’s time to take down the Cabal.♤

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻

[ ♫ Sour Cherry ]
By The Kills

♪ Shout when you wanna get off the ride
Shout when you wanna get off the ride
Shout when you wanna get off the ride
‘Cause you crossed my mind, you crossed my mind
Made my blood thump Saturday night
Make my heart beat double time
Now I’m only sour cherry on the fruit stand, right
Am I the only sour cherry on the fruit stand

♪ Shout when you wanna get off the ride
Shout when you wanna get off the ride
‘Cause you crossed my mind, you crossed my mind
I’m a penny in a diamond mine
We could be movers,
We could be shakers
If we could just shake somin’ outta the blue we could get off the ride
I’m the only sour cherry on the fruit stand, right
Am I the only sour cherry on the fruit stand
Am I the only sour cherry on the fruit stand, right
Am I the only sour cherry on your fruit stand?

♪ G-g-g-go home, go home it’s over
G-g-g-go home it’s over
G-g-g-go home, go home it’s over over
Go go home its over
G-g-g-go home, go home it’s over
Go go home it’s over
G-g-g-go home, go home it’s over over
Go go home its over

♪ I’m the only sour cherry on the fruit stand, right
Am I the only sour cherry on the fruit stand
Am I the only sour cherry on the fruit stand, right
Am I the only sour cherry on your fruit stand?

♪ G-g-g-go home, go home it’s over
G-g-g-go home it’s over
G-g-g-go home, go home it’s over over
Go go home its over
G-g-g-go home, go home it’s over
Go go home it’s over
G-g-g-go home, go home it’s over over
Go go home its over

Lyrics and credits: http://bit.ly/1SG8Ajp
YouTube: https://youtu.be/KLSXTGmTDtQ


♫ Gamble Everything For Love
By Ben Lee

♪ Gamble everything for love
Gamble everything
Put it in a place you keep what you need
You can gamble everything for love if you’re free
You gotta gamble everything for love

♪ Baby are you cold?
Are you cold baby I could wrap you up
Wrap you up in my love
If you wanna you can gamble everything for love
If you wanna you can gamble everything for love

♪ Tell me are you feeling lost? have you crossed
Into places that you never knew to get through?
Tell me are you gonna cry all night?
Tell me the truth and ill tell you the truth
If you gamble everything for love
You’re gonna be alright

♪ Make a list of things you need
Leave it empty
Except for number one – write love,
Gamble everything
Keep it under lock and key
If you wanna you can gamble everything for love

♪ Love me with an open heart
Tell me anything
We can find a place to start to gamble everything
We can set this thing apart
Cos were gonna
Gonna gamble everything for love

♪ Tell me do you lose your way each day?
Are there people you don’t recognize?
Do they lie?
Tell me do they make you feel too real?
Tell me the truth and ill tell you the truth
If you gamble everything for love
You’re gonna be alright

♪ You can go your own way
You can go your own way
You gotta go your own way
If you gamble everything for love
If you gamble everything for love

♪ Gamble everything for love
Gamble everything
Put it in a place you keep what you need
You can gamble everything for love if you’re free
You gotta gamble everything for love

♪ Tell me are you getting hurt?
Is it worth it?
Tell me are the people strange?
Do they change?
Tell me are you letting go?
Do you know?
If you gamble everything for love
If you gamble everything for love
If you gamble everything for love
You’re gonna be alright

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/1VXt5rE
YouTube: https://youtu.be/5jzWFcTko3s

❌❌❌ End 3:9 The Director, Part 1


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🔴 Episode 3:10 The Director, Part 2

Last updated: 1/17/2016 2:00pm CT, Program air date: 1/14/2016 in the US
Script Status: Final
Permalink: http://wp.me/pDKwi-2k0
Storybook: http://wp.me/PDKwi-1f3#director2 (2-3 days after script is done)
Source: Raw Scripts from Springfield [UK]: http://bit.ly/1VtXhJ6 (captions)
WSJ Episode Summary: http://on.wsj.com/1PfZjsD
Blurb: Red and lawyer Marvin Gerard have a plan to exonerate Elizabeth Keen. Red gathers his troops and leaves Ressler in charge of guarding Keen. The Cabal has plans of its own.
Created by: Jon Bokenkamp
Director: John Terlesky
Writers: Jon Bokenkamp, Lukas Reiter


Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington – James Spader
Elizabeth Keen – Megan Boone
Donald Ressler – Diego Klattenhoff
Harold Cooper – Harry Lennix
Tom Keen – Ryan Eggold
Aram Mojtabai – Amir Arison
Samar Navabi – Mozhan Marnò
Dembe Zuma – Hisham Tawfiq

Mr Kaplan – Susan Blommaert
Karakurt – Andrew Divoff
Laurel Hitchin – Christine Lahti
Lynda Kotsiopoulos – Kathleen McNenny
Mr Diaz (Venezuelan FM) – Tony Plana
Marvin Gerard – Fisher Stevens
The Director – David Strathairn
Dr Huffnagel – Andrew Weems
Langsfeld (reporter) – Emilea Wilson
Alison Gaines – Charlayne Woodard


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🔴 Script 3:10 The Director, Conclusion (№ 24)

Previously on The Blacklist …
Red: Guard Elizabeth and when the time comes, make sure Karakurt reaches the FBI safely.
Ressler: Where is Reven Wright? Last time we talked she mentioned Tommy Markin … Laurel Hitchin is in the Cabal.
Diaz: Why would Venezuela agree to such a ridiculous proposal?
Red: The ability to print as much money as he’d like to print.
Ressler: Elizabeth Keen, I’m here to escort you downtown, where you’ll be held safely pending your arraignment.
Red: Gather your team. It’s time to take down the Cabal.

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Mr Kaplan: You’re late.

[ ♪ “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” by Johnny Cash playing ]

Aram: Um, be careful with that. I’m not due for an upgrade–

♪ You can run on for a long time
Run on for a long time
Run on for a long time
Sooner or later God’ll cut you down
Sooner or later God’ll cut you down …

♪ I’ve been down on bended knee talkin’ to the man from Galilee
He spoke to me in the voice so sweet
I thought I heard the shuffle of the angel’s feet
He called my name and my heart stood still
When he said, “John go do My will!”

♪ Go tell that long tongue liar
Go and tell that midnight rider
Tell the rambler, the gambler, the back biter
Tell ’em that God’s gonna cut ’em down
Tell ’em that God’s gonna cut ’em down

♪ You can run on for a long time
Run on for a long time
Run on for a long time
Sooner or later God’ll cut you down
Sooner or later God’ll cut you down …

Mr Kaplan: My kinda girl.

♪ Go tell that long tongue liar
Go and tell that midnight rider
Tell the rambler, the gambler, the back biter
Tell ’em that God’s gonna cut you down …

Red: Hello, Harold. You look pretty well, considering. Thank you all for coming. I apologize for the security protocols, but my better half insists. Just the fact that you are all here is a testament to the deep concern we share for Elizabeth Keen’s safety and well-being.
🔺 The threat from forces within is proving to be more powerful and far-reaching than one could ever have imagined. I’ve asked you here because we have one chance to save Elizabeth. But to do that, we must work together.
🔺 So [ Laughs ] Oh, my God, this is why I’m a terrible bridge player. With anyone else, Steve Lyditt would have won the North American pairs. We didn’t even make it through regionals. I abhor working with a partner. Sharing my hand with anyone goes against every instinct I have. ♤
🔺 But such is life. Here we are.
🔺 So, five weeks ago, I called the Metro PD to report a sighting of Raymond Reddington at the Del Rio diner. I created a hostage crisis so you would be so kind as to release my attorney, Marvin Gerard, from prison. That day, Marvin and I conceived a plan to exonerate Elizabeth Keen by targeting the Cabal, and, in particular, the Director. Since that day, everything we’ve done has been in service of that plan.
🔺 The Verdiant case has resulted in catastrophic damage to the Cabal’s finances. The client list we took from The Djinn gave us leverage with key players in the Cabal to further isolate and weaken the Director’s influence. With Andras Halmi, or part of him, we cut a gaping hole – in the Director’s golden parachute – [ Beep, whir ] leaving him nothing to run with and causing even further distrust and divisions within the Cabal.
🔺 But the Zal Bin Haasan case has opened a window of opportunity we must slip through with great haste. To save Elizabeth, we must execute a specific attack, one so impactful, it will force the Cabal to completely abandon the Director and publicly exonerate Elizabeth Keen.
Cooper: What the hell do you have in mind?
Red: See, this is why I don’t play well with partners. Don’t fret, Harold. I’m holding all the trumps. I’ll be the declarer, you be the dummy, and we’ll win the hand. Anything else? Good. Let’s begin.

On radio:

Man: We are over the convoy now, as FBI vehicles speed Agent Keen – to the federal courthouse.
[ Sirens wailing ]
Woman: Sources say she’ll appear before a judge authorized to preside over matters of top national security.
Man: The name of that judge has not been released.
[ Siren wailing ]
Man: There is no record of the case on any official court docket.

Ressler: Local PD in West Virginia must’ve leaked the arrest. I’m counting four choppers.
Soldier (escort): We’re getting word of a crowd assembling at the courthouse, sir. Might get a little messy.
Liz: They were gonna kill me. The Director wasn’t taking me to any black site for questioning about actionable Intel. If you hadn’t shown up when you did, I’d be dead.
Ressler: I’m sorry, Keen. I expected the Director to try something, but I also expected Reven Wright to be there to intervene.
Liz: What happened?
Ressler: I think Laurel Hitchin killed her or had her killed.
Liz: My God. They’re in the White House.
Ressler: Hey, look, Reven may be gone, but the safeguards we put in place for your arrest are still intact. She arranged for your case to be heard by a judge she trusted completely.
Liz: As much as she trusted Laurel Hitchin?
Ressler: Pending trial, you’ll be housed under military guard at Fort Meade. We can keep you safe there, Liz. I wouldn’t have brought you in if I didn’t believe that.
Liz: I need a pen and paper.
Officer: Against protocol, ma’am.
Liz: I don’t have a will.
Ressler: Give her the damn pen and paper.
[ Siren continue wailing ] [ Pen clicks ] [ Sirens wailing, helicopter blades whirring ] [ Sirens continue wailing ] [ Camera shutters clicking, sirens whooping ] [ Paper rips ]
Ressler: Who do you want me to give this to?
Liz: Uh– [ Crowd shouting indistinctly ]
Ressler: Tell you what. I’ll hold on to it. Give it back to you when this is all over, okay?
[ Helicopter blades whirring, shouting continues ]
Ressler: You ready?
Liz: No.
[ Car doors open ] [ Indistinct shouting continues ]
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[ Tom and Karakurt are watching Liz’s arrival on TV ]
Karakurt: She’s already dead. The only way she gets out of that building is if they carry her out.
Tom: No. Place is a fortress – metal detectors, cameras, US Marshals. It’s not gonna be easy to get to her.
Karakurt: It wasn’t easy to kill the OREA agents or the Senator. It doesn’t have to be easy to get done.
Tom: Which is exactly what you’re gonna tell the US Attorney. Save her life, maybe yours in the process
Karakurt: Your whole plan, freeing the girl, it all depends on me. Me talking, telling the truth– which, if I do, is a death sentence. Makes me think I’m not getting enough out of the deal.
Tom: You agreed to talk.
Karakurt: Maybe I got cold feet.
Tom: [ Chuckles ] Cold feet.
[ Clatters ] [ Groans ] [ Mutters indistinctly ] [ Female reporter speaking indistinctly ]
Tom: Take a look. The woman I love is in there because of you. So let’s be clear. If you talk, there is a chance they will kill you. But if you don’t talk, I will definitely kill you very slowly. You should also know that I know where your sister is.
Karakurt: Mm-hmm.
Tom: Up in that hole where I found you. I’ve killed a lot of people to get this done. Don’t think I won’t do it again. When I get the call, I’m walking you into that federal building and you will talk.

Cooper: That’s it? That’s your plan? You want to abduct the Director of Clandestine Services.
Red: Yes.
Aram: Okay, I, uh, really, really do not like that guy, and I- I want to be a-a team player and all, but this sounds a little like–
Marvin Gerard: Treason? That’s because it is.
Cooper: Not to mention seditious conspiracy – and felony kidnapping.
Gerard: For which you could all spend the rest of your lives in prison.
Samar: What are you going to do? Ransom him back to the Cabal? They won’t exonerate Keen to get him back.
Red: Agreed. That’s why I have something in mind that’s infinitely more persuasive than ransom.
Gerard: We’ve been monitoring the man around the clock. He and his wife are in marital therapy.
Red: I’m actually a great proponent of marital therapy. Worked for me. Then again, I had sort of a thing for the therapist. Lovely voice.♤
Aram: You were in therapy?
Red: The Director’s wife is a pill popper – downers mainly, to deal with panic attacks and anxiety. They see a psychiatrist every Wednesday morning, Doctor Oren Huffnagel.
Gerard: His wife meets him at the Middleton building. A real creature of habit. She gets a latte every day at the same shop, and then, on Wednesdays, she walks over for the appointment.
Red: The Director takes a scaled-down security team– two agents, one of whom stays in the lobby.
Samar: Sounds great, except tomorrow’s not Wednesday.
Red: Yes, which is why we’ll need a ruse that prompts the Director to go see the good doctor tomorrow.
Cooper: And what do we do with him once we have him?
Red: [ smiles ]

[ Lock clicks ]
Ressler: Your arraignment’s tomorrow morning. We got authorization to keep you here overnight.
[ Door closes ]
Hey, don’t worry.
[ Lock clicks ]
I’m not going anywhere. Cooper reached out to Allison Gaines.
Liz: The criminal defense attorney?
Ressler: One of the best in the country. She’ll be here in the morning. One more thing
[ Cell phone beeps ] [ Line ringing ]
Yeah, it’s me.
[ Ressler hands phone to Liz ]
Red: Are you all right?
Liz: I’m here.
Red: Lizzie, you will make it through this. Everything happens tomorrow. Agent Ressler won’t let you out of his sight.
Liz: Thank you.

Director: I want her taken out tonight.
Hitchin: Calm down, Peter. The problem of Elizabeth Keen will be resolved by this time tomorrow.
Director: Listen, we could have her commit suicide in her cell.
Hitchin: Agent Ressler’s with her now, and he won’t leave her tonight. We’ll finish this tomorrow.
Director: How?
Hitchin: We’ve been developing some new assets at the courthouse. I’ve got someone in mind.
Director: Who?
Hitchin: Agent Keen will never make it to Fort Meade. I promise you that.
Director: You promise me that? You do?
Hitchin: We’re done, Peter.
[ Door closes ] [ Exhales ]

Liz: You look tired.
Ressler: [ Chuckles ] There’ll be plenty of time to sleep when this is over– for both of us.
Liz: When’s the lawyer coming?
Ressler: Courthouse opens in half an hour.
Liz: Thank you.

[ ♫ “The Payback” by James Brown playing ]
♪ hey got to, got to payback payback revenge payback revenge
I’m mad payback is a thing you got to see hell

Aram: Wait.Uh, wait, we must be on the wrong floor. I thought you said this is where the Director and his wife get therapy.
Red: It will be. ⋘⋙ The routine is always the same. The unhappy couple arrive separately and are escorted into the lobby by two agents. One agent remains downstairs watching the entrance, the other escorts them onto an elevator to ensure they ride alone in their misery. Dr. Huffnagel is on the sixth floor, suite 612, catty-corner to the elevators.
Aram: Yeah, I still don’t get it. If his office is on the sixth floor, why are we on the eighth?
Red: The layout of every floor in the building is identical. All we need to do is recreate the sixth floor on the eighth.

♪ carry on – carry on –

Aram: Whoa.
Red: Whoa, indeed. I need you to access the elevator system to make sure that when that agent presses 6, the elevator takes them to 8, where we’ll be waiting.
Aram: Oh, that is so cool. Sleight of hand. I love magic.

♪ let me hit him, hit him, hit him
Aram: But, uh, the real trick is going to be getting the Director here in the first place.
Red: Harold Cooper and Agent Navabi are working on that as we speak.

Mrs Lynda Kotsiopoulos (Director’s wife): [ Gasps ] – Oh, my God.
Samar: Oh, I’m so sorry.
Lynda: It’s all right. I’m fine.
Samar: Oh – no, it’s my fault. Let me get you another one.
Lynda: No, really. It’s all right.
Samar: Please, I insist.
Lynda: All right, thank you.
Samar: Hi. I just bumped into this nice lady and her coffee. I’d like to buy her another one. It was a latte.
[ Cooper comes to counter. Samar takes his drink. She takes his. ]
Samar: [ To Lynda ] Here you go. Again, I am so sorry.
Lynda: It’s okay. Thank you.

Mr Kaplan: The figurine on the sixth floor? The one under that mirror that’s opposite the elevators. We couldn’t find a duplicate. I can try to find something similar, but –
Gerard: Good night. It’s not the Hope Diamond. Steal the damn thing.
Mr Kaplan: And while I’m at it, shall I smile for the security cameras?
Red: Apples. Get a bowl. Something glass, crystal.
Mr Kaplan: What if he notices? Dearie, this could blow the whole thing.
Red: He won’t.
Gerard: She said, what if he does?
Red: I know what she said, Marvin. Why are you still here?♤ [ Gerard leaves ] Everybody likes apples.

[ Horns honking in distance ] [ Siren wailing in distance ] [ Tires screech ] [ Horn honks ] [ Honking echoes ] [ Honking continues ]
Cooper: Are you all right, ma’am?
Lynda: I don’t know what’s happening. I- I’m dizzy.
Cooper: Hang on. I got you. We’re gonna go right here.
Lynda: Thank you, I- I’m-
Cooper: I can call 9-1-1.
Lynda: No, my – my heart, it’s racing. I can’t get my breath.
Cooper: I’m calling an ambulance.
Lynda: No, no, I- I get panic attacks. I- I oh. [ Cell phone thuds ] Oh, my God. I’m –
Cooper: You’re okay.
Lynda: My- my doctor. Huffnagel. It’s in my contacts. If you could– please [ Cell phone dials, beep ] [ Ling rings ]
Cooper: Yes, hello. Is Dr. Huffnagel in? Yes, I’m- I’m here with, uh Lynda.
Lynda: Lynda Kotsiopulos.
Cooper: Lynda Kotsiopulos. She’s, uh, dizzy. Seems to be a panic attack of some sort. Yes, she’s right here. [ Exhales ]
Dr Huffnagel: Lynda? Is everything all right?
Lynda: I think something’s wrong. I think I’m having another episode.
Dr Huffnagel: Have you taken your medication?
Lynda: Yes, yes. Peter – you have to call Peter. Listen, you just– you have to get ahold–
Dr Huffnagel: I’m calling Peter right now. You’re gonna be fine.
Lynda: [ Weakly ] Okay.
Lynda: [ Gasping ] Could you help me get a cab, please?
Cooper: Of course.
Lynda: Thank you.
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Gaines: Elizabeth Keen. Allison Gaines.
Ressler: Marshals will clear the floor and give you two some privacy.
Gaines: Harold Cooper warned me. He said you wouldn’t look like much.
Liz: What does that mean?
Gaines: It means my business is monsters, Agent Keen. And I’ve met a lot of them. All charged with a lot less than you are, sweetie. You don’t look like a monster.
Liz: Is this how you start all your client consultations?
Gaines: I’ve read the complaint. The US government is formally charging you – with 16 counts of capital murder.
Liz: 16?
Gaines: 14 CIA agents killed in the OREA bombing, the Senator you infected – Hawkins – and, oh, yes, the Attorney General of the United States. There are other charges – the off-duty cop you shot on the run.
Liz: I’m innocent. I’m being framed.
Gaines: So the two witnesses who saw you execute Tom Connolly were mistaken? Listen to me. I won’t lie to you. I’ve been on this case 24 hours, and what I see looks bad.
Liz: They’re gonna kill me. Today.

[ Tires screech ] [ Brakes squeal, engine turns off ] [ Chamber clicks ]
Hitchin: Mr. Iverson, thank you for coming. So, you’re aware of what we’re asking? And you think you can get it done?
Iverson: It won’t happen in the pens. I work courthouse security, but not in that area, and you can’t have weapons around the cells. I can do it when they move her.
Hitchin: As long as it gets done. This is Assistant US Attorney Andrew Barrett. When you’re arrested, your case will go to him for prosecution. I assume you recognize Judge Sanborn? Sanborn: They can steer the case to me. I’ll order a psychiatric exam, which will be done by one of our people. With Mr. Barrett’s consent, you’ll be declared not guilty by reason of insanity or mental defect. You’ll spend a couple of years at a psychiatric facility of our choosing, then be released.
Hitchin: You’ll be a free man with some very powerful and grateful friends.
Iverson: If I don’t make it, I want the money to go to my kids, not my ex-wife.
Hitchin: Just get the job done.

Man: Oyez oyez. All rise. This court is now in session. The Honorable Judge Harrison Trotter presiding. Calling United States vs. Elizabeth Keen.
Gaines: Good morning, Your Honor. Allison Gaines for the defendant.
Young: Assistant US Attorney Douglas Young for the government As you know, Your Honor, this matter has national security implications. You’ve seen the complaint.
Gaines: So have I, Your Honor. And in the interest of time, we waive any formal reading – of the rights and charges.
Trotter: Denied.
Gaines: Excuse me?
Trotter: That may be the ordinary course of business, but there is nothing ordinary about the charges against your client. Ms. Keen, the United States government has charged you with 16 counts of capital murder. Each one exposes you to a death sentence. Do you understand that? – Liz: Yes.
Trotter: That’s aside from the treason and espionage charges, which are also capital offenses.
Mr. Young, please read the names of the victims.
Trotter: From the Office of Russian and European Analysis– Case Officer Daniel Allen, Case Officer Joanne Dobbs, Case Officer Rebecca Haft, Case Officer Marshall Masik. …

Female reporter (Langsfeld) : I can only hope you smuggled me in here for an exclusive.
Ressler: I need a favor.
Langsfeld:[ Chuckles ] I’m a reporter. I don’t do favors.
Ressler: There’s gonna be a new development in the Keen case.
Langsfeld: What development?
Ressler: It’s gonna break, and when it does, I need you and your friends to be there.
Langsfeld: [ Scoffs ] So much for the exclusive. Fine. But I get something in return. Your story. The story of the FBI agent who hunted down his own partner. Over dinner. And a really expensive bottle of wine.
Ressler: [ Chuckles ] You and your pals show up, I’ll take you to Teroni’s. I’ll call you when we’re ready.

[ Cell phone beeps ] [ Cell phone dialing ] [ Line rings ]
Ressler: She’s in with the judge now. You ready?
Tom: Waiting on you.
Ressler: Get Karakurt in position. As soon as I hear from Reddington, we go.
[ Beep ] [ Bang ]
Tom: You’re on. It’s your moment of truth.
[ Horns honking in distance ]

Cooper: He looks worried. Almost as if he got a call from his wife’s shrink telling him she’s having a panic attack. He’s on his way to you now.
[ Aram typing ]
Samar: Aram, he’s getting on elevator 22.
Aram: Okay.
Aram: Mr. Reddington, be advised [ Whirring ] Director arriving on the eighth floor in five, four, three, two [ Elevator bell dings ] [ Director notices bowl of apples ]
Red: Baz.
Dembe: He knows.
Red: Give it a second.
[ Director takes apple, taps it, takes two apples, tosses one to his guard. They go in. ]
Red: Everybody likes apples.

Director: Is my wife here?
Mr Kaplan (as receptionist): Dr. Huffnagel is with your wife now. I’ll take you back.
Director: Where’s Dorothy today?
Mr Kaplan: She’s out. Her daughter is sick. I’m Pamela.
[ The Director opens a door. Red is there. Baz grabs the Director. Dembe injects something into his neck.
Red: Don’t worry.[ Distorted voice ] Lynda’s fine.

Lynda: He’s not coming.
Dr Huffnagel: I’m sure he’s coming, Lynda. I’ll try his office again.
[ Cell phone rings ]
[ Beep ] – Director’s line.
Huffnagel: Doctor Huffnagel here. I’m sorry to call again, but I’m here with Lynda, and she’s wondering if Peter is on his way.
Voice on phone: What do you mean? The Director got to your office two minutes ago.
Huffnagel: No. He didn’t. If he had–
[ Elevator bell dings ] [ Doors close ]
Mr Kaplan: He’s under. Let’s move.
[ Velcro rips ] [ Gun cocks ] [ Elevator bell dings ]
Guard: I’m looking for the Director.
Receptionist: So are we. His wife is waiting– Hey! You can’t go in there.
Lynda: Where is he? Where is Peter?
Guard: What’s going on? Where the hell are you guys?
Guard2: We’re in the doctor’s office. I’m in the waiting room.
Guard: No, you’re not.
[ Door bangs ]
Guardx: The Director’s not here.
Guard: They took a freight elevator.
[ Wheels clacking ] [ Door closes ] [ Horn honks in distance ] [ Gurney clacking ] [ Horns honking in distance ] [ Sighs ] [ Exhales ] [ Red’s team loads the Director into an ambulance and they all climb in. By the time the Directors guards reach the street, there is nothing unusual to be seen ]

[ Man speaking indistinctly in Spanish ] [ Groans ] Oh [ Man continues in Spanish ] [ Continues in Spanish ] Okay.
Mr Diaz: Te llamo.
[ The Director opens his eyes. He is in a bed. His eyeglasses are on the nightstand next to the bed. He puts them on ]
Red: Peter! Welcome back. Boy, you were out! Like carrying a bag of boulders.
Director: What the hell have you done?
Red: I envy anyone who can sleep soundly on a plane. Then again, I’ve never been injected with propofol. [ To Diaz: ] You have the Post Toasties?
Director: Where the hell are we? What is this? I’m– I’m your hostage now?
Red: Heavens, no. Nothing nearly so pedestrian. The fact is, you’re not my prisoner at all. You’re officially in the custody of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. You must know Mr. Diaz, Foreign Minister and National Security Advisor to the Venezuelan President.
Diaz: Mr. Kotsiopulos. On behalf of my government, you are hereby under arrest for war crimes and crimes against humanity in violation of the Geneva Convention and international law, as established by the 1998 Rome Statutes.
The Director: [ Chuckles ] Oh, my God.
Red: Oh, your God can’t help you now, Peter. You’re traveling over the Atlantic, on the Venezuelan President’s Airbus, – on your way to The Hague.
The Director: You’re insane.
Red: I wouldn’t know. But you’re going to have the distinguished honor of becoming the first American official ever to be charged with even a single war crime, let alone the slew of them you will undoubtedly be accused of – before the week is out.
The Director: This won’t happen. United States isn’t party to the Rome Treaty. We don’t recognize its authority.
Diaz: But Venezuela does. And cases can be referred to the court by any country that is a signatory. You know as well as I do, even better given your position, the international court has been investigating the US government and the CIA for any number of alleged crimes. The drone program, the rendition of foreign citizens, torture as a means of interrogation.
Mr Diaz: The Chief Prosecutor has made it clear. He does not need American permission to move forward.
Red: He needs an American in the flesh. The court will not try anyone in absentia. So far, no country has had the courage to deliver one of your countrymen to the court until now. You’re a trendsetter, Peter. Who knew?
Director: I am the CIA Director of Clandestine Services. Do you have any idea what’s gonna happen to you? This is an act of war. My government will never let it stand.
Red: Precisely what I’m counting on.
[ Dial tone, dialing ] [ Line ringing ] [ Sighs ]
Woman: Laurel Hitchin’s office.
Red: Good afternoon. Raymond Reddington calling for Laurel. Peter, please, do sit.

Liz: That’s the judge Reven Wright selected? The personal friend she said we could trust?
Ressler: She said he would be fair, not go easy on you.
Cooper: [ Sighs ] He approved you going to Fort Meade, which he didn’t have to do. And he agreed to keep Ressler as your transport. Those are both wins.
Ressler: About time we introduce our Russian friend to the world.
Liz: He did it? They got the Director?
Ressler: I’ll be back soon. Be right downstairs, though, if you need anything.
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[ Gaggle of reporters ] [ Indistinct conversations ] [ Under breath ]
– Come on.
– Come on, come on.
[ Engine revving, tires screech ] [ Brakes squeal ]
[ Reporters clamoring ]
– Over here.
– Is he under arrest?
– Who is this?
– Does this have to do with Agent Keen?
[ Lowered voice ] I’ll tell your sister you say hello.
Langsfeld: Is he under arrest?
– Who is it?
– Come on.
– Tell us who it is!
[ Reporters shouting questions ]
Ressler: All right, I’ll make a statement, a brief statement. An alleged Cabal operative, known only as Karakurt, has been taken into custody in connection with the OREA bombing and the murder of Senator Hawkins.
Langsfeld: What does that mean? Is he an accomplice? Or are you saying Elizabeth Keen is innocent?
Ressler: The FBI now believes that Elizabeth Keen, Agent Elizabeth Keen, was not responsible for those crimes.
– What about the Attorney General?
Ressler: I can’t answer that at this time, but I will say this arrest has yielded new evidence, and our investigation into this so-called Cabal continues. That’ll be all for now.
[ Reporters shouting questions ]

Hitchin: I need to hear Peter’s voice to confirm that he’s alive.
The Director: I am here, Laurel. I was abducted. I appear to be on a Venezuelan jet somewhere over the Atlantic.
Hitchin: Mr. Diaz, do you have any concept of the wrath you are bringing down on the government – and people of your country?
Mr Diaz: Threats! This is how the US responds to conflict. Including a legitimate claim that your government’s actions have violated international law.
Red: Laurel, Raymond here. Here’s where we stand. In a handful of hours, this jet will land in Rotterdam, it will be met by the Dutch federal police, who will escort the Director to ‘S-Gravenhage, where the global spectacle of a high-ranking American official charged with war crimes will begin. Ah! The sound of acquiescence.
Hitchin: What do you want?
Red: What I’ve wanted since the beginning – for you to exonerate Elizabeth Keen.
Hitchin: No.
Red: Fine. But after you hang up with me, your next call had better be to your President. Tell him you refused to prevent your country from being humiliated, implicated, and probably convicted. This is quite a can of worms, Laurel. If you have any doubts about that, turn on your television.

Ressler: [ on tv ] … alleged Cabal operative known only as Karakurt has been taken into custody in connection with the OREA bombing …

Hitchin: What? This is supposed to scare me?
Red: Quite the opposite. Now you may be concerned that exonerating Agent Keen will make you and your government look, well, foolish, but I’m handing you the solution. Yes, you got it wrong, but thank heavens you finally found the real culprit. Of course, my offer will get considerably less generous if anything should happen to Elizabeth Keen. You’ll call me back.
Hitchin: [ Exhales sharply ]

Ressler: All set, Liz. The transport team is ready. Time to go.
Liz: How’s the Russian?
[ Lock clicks, door creaks ]
Ressler: A little tense.
Liz: [ Lowered voice ] Thank you.
Cooper: Be careful, both of you.
[ Door creaks shut ] [ Cell phone beeps ]
Ressler: We’re travelling.
[ Line ringing ]
Hitchin: Pick up the phone, damn it.
[ Cell phone vibrates ] [ Sighs ] [ Cell phone beeps ][ Cell phone rings ] [ Beep ]
Ressler: What the hell do you want?
Hitchin: Stop the transport. It’s not safe. Keep her in the cell. The corridors are not safe.
Ressler: What? What are you – what are you talking about?
Hitchin: The corridors are not safe.
Ressler: [ Sees gun ] Gun!
[ Gunshot 💥 ] [ Men shouting indistinctly ] [ Grunting ] [ Breathing heavily ]

Hitchin: Okay, your girl just got a temporary reprieve. Now, hy – [ Intercom beeps ] Hypothetically, if we agree to your terms, what kind of deal are you looking for?
Red: My attorney will explain everything. His name is Marvin Gerard.
Director: Gerard? The fugitive? The man you broke out of federal prison?
Red: [ Exhales ] The same.
[ Knock on door ]
Hitchin: Damn it, Diane! I told you. I’m not to be disturbed.
Diane: Sorry, Ms.Hitchin, but there’s a Marvin Gerard here to see you? He says you’re expecting him.
[ Door closes ]

Ressler: Aqua. I’m sealing off the entire floor. We’re not going anywhere with these Marshals. We sit tight until Reddington gets in touch with us.
Liz. What the hell happened out there?
Ressler: I don’t know. I got a call from Laurel Hitchin warning me that it wasn’t safe.
Liz: It was her hit. Why would she call it off?
Ressler: I don’t know. It’s Reddington. He must be negotiating a deal. Liz, it’s working.

Director: Laurel, I will not allow you to do this. We can fight The Hague. The Administration will never let –
Hitchin: No, the Administration won’t fight this, Peter, because they’re not gonna ever hear about it, you understand? None of this ever happened.

[ Papers rustle ]
Gerard: Raymond, I’m reviewing the deal they presented. And for the most part, it’s what you asked for. With one glaring exception. Keen will be exonerated for the OREA attack and the Hawkins murder. But they are insisting on a plea of guilty for the killing of Tom Connolly.
Red: That doesn’t work, Laurel.
Hitchin: It’s the best we can do. I just spoke with the Acting AG. She shot Connolly in front of witnesses.
Red: He was orchestrating a conspiracy to frame Agent Keen and implicate her colleagues.
Hitchin: She killed him, and not in self-defense. And Tom Connolly was well-liked. Look, I had to sell this deal. It’s not gonna get any better. It’s involuntary manslaughter. No jail time. That’s the offer.
Red: Then this plane will land.
Hitchin: We’ve bent as far as we can go.
If you pass on the this deal, then we’ll just take our chances at The Hague.
Red: Pick up the phone, Marvin.
Gerard: Can you excuse me?
Red: Marvin?
Gerard: It’s a good deal, Red. Bottom line, it keeps her safe and out of prison.
And frankly [ Lowered voice ] It’s much better than I thought you’d ever get.
Red: Get it done. Hand the phone to Laurel.
Gerard: Ms. Hitchin.
Hitchin: Yeah?
Red: Okay, Laurel, we have a deal. Onbce you’ve made a public announcement, I’ll drop the director somewhere safe.
Hitchin: Mmm, no. Uh, just a sec. [ Sighs ] – Look, um – [ Door closes ] Peter’s become a- a liability. If, uh, if we take care of this problem for you, we would ask that you take care of that problem for us.
Red: I expected as much.
Hitchin: So we’re done?
Red: Not quite. There’s one more thing, and it’s not negotiable.

Liz: This is official? They’re willing to say I’m innocent?
Gerard: Publicly, of every charge against you except the Connolly shooting. For that, you’d enter a plea of guilty to involuntary manslaughter.
Gaines: With three years of probation? I’ve never seen anything like it.
Liz: But I’d be pleading guilty to a homicide. They’re taking away my badge. If I sign this, I’ll never be an agent again.
Ressler: No. But the task force would continue. Cooper would be cleared, put back in charge, and you keep working with Reddington to assist the government as an asset we employ, not as an active agent. Here. [ Cell phone beeps ] This is for you.
[ Line ringing ]
Red: Lizzie. Have you seen the deal?
Liz: Yes.
Red: It’s not everything we wanted, but it’s close. You’ll be safe. You’ll be free.
Liz: But I won’t be an agent. I’ll be an asset like you.
Red: Yes.

I told you some time ago, when you pulled that trigger, you crossed a threshold.. You stepped from your world into mine.

Red: I wish I could deliver the perfect outcome, but I’m afraid –
Liz: This is fair.
Red: Fairness is overrated. And maybe there’s a way to get you all the way back. But for now, Lizzie, for today, sign the deal.
Liz:[ Sighs ] Got a pen? [ Exhales ]

Hitchen: The United States Government has confirmed that the alleged criminal conspiracy known as The Cabal is real.
🔹 This conspiracy has as its goal one key objective– to inflame tensions with Russia and return the world to a Cold War posture.
🔹 In an effort to accomplish this, members of the conspiracy framed FBI Agent Elizabeth Keen, making it appear as if she were a Russian sleeper agent.
🔹 These crimes were actually committed by an assassin known only by his code name, Karakurt.
🔹 And I am proud to announce that due to outstanding work by some of this country’s best and brightest, led by Special Agent Donald Ressler– Karakurt is now in federal custody.
Journalist: What about the Attorney General?
🔹 It saddens me greatly to say this, but the evidence overwhelmingly shows that Tom Connolly, the Former Attorney General, was a key member of this Cabal.
🔹 And while Ms. Keen did fire the shot that killed him, earlier today a judge accepted her plea to the charge of involuntary manslaughter, approved by us, along with mandatory probation.
And Tom Connolly wasn’t alone. We have to now face the hard truth there are enemies of America within our own ranks. In fact, just a short time ago, I learned that the Director of the Clandestine Services of the CIA, Mr. Peter Kotsiopulos, is also part of this conspiracy and has apparently fled the country.

Red: [ Chuckles ]
[ Reporters shouting questions ] [ TV turns off ]
Red: Hello, Peter.

Hitchin: Okay, that’s my statement.
[ Reporters shouting questions at once ]
Hitchin: But on a personal note – please. I just wanna say, when I think of the horrifying nightmare that Elizabeth Keen has endured– branded a traitor, hunted as a fugitive by the very law enforcement agency she swore an oath to serve– Well, there are no words. There is no apology I can give on behalf of the government that could ever be sufficient. I only hope that she can take some solace in the knowledge that in the end, the system worked. Thank you.

[ Reporters shouting questions, shutters clicking ]

Director: I know who you really are, Raymond. Who you are to her. And I know why you did this. Does she?
Red: I can’t think of even one set of circumstances in which that would be any of your business. [ Scoffs ]
Red: We’ve been descending for some time now. Looks like we’ll be able to drop you off in time for dinner.
[ Man speaking in Dutch ] [ Jet engine roars ] [ The Director’s body crashes through the ceiling of his house and thuds onto the floor ]

[♪ Rise Up by Andra Day plays ]

♪ you’re broken down and tired of living life –

Ressler: Keen.

♪ on a merry-go-round

Ressler: Paperwork’s all ready.

♪ and you can’t find the fighter

[ Keys jangle ]
Guard: Let’s go.

♪ but I see it in you so we gonna walk it out – and move –

… government has now said that Keen was framed for nearly all of her alleged crimes.
At a packed news conference, …

Discharge Officer: US One jacket, one pair of leather boots, one Montana State driver’s license, Samantha Evers. And $26 cash. Oh, and Agent Ressler left you something. [ It is her will. ]

♪ and I’ll rise up high like the waves

Liz: [ chuckles ] I won’t be needing this. [ rips it up ]

♪ I’ll rise up in spite of the ache I rise up

Cooper: You’re sure about this?
Ressler: I haven’t been sure about much lately, but, yeah, this one I know. I’m a field agent. I kick down doors. I’ll leave all the politics and bureaucracy to the pros.
Cooper: I’m proud of you, Agent Ressler. You’re the agent I always aspired to be.
Ressler: [ Chuckles ] Welcome back, sir. You know what gets me? Laurel Hitchin just walks away unscathed.
Cooper: That’s a fight for another day.

♪ feels like it’s getting hard to breathe
and I know you feel like dying

Hitchin: I don’t know why you want this. The organization’s in disarray. Weaker than it’s ever been. It occurred to me that maybe this was always part of your endgame – to tear us down so you could build us up and have a seat at the table.
[ The person Hitchin is talking to is Red ]

♪ … rise like the day
I’ll rise up
in spite of the ache
I will rise a thousand times again

[ The music grows louder. It’s nightime when Liz is released. She is escorted through the marbled halls of the almost empty Court House to freedom. She walks down the long marble staircase to the sidewalk below. Liz looks around. Few souls are awake. Liz is alone in the dark. A bus goes by. When it has passed, she sees Red across the street. His face is serene, benevolent. Liz gasps her surprise, then smiles, runs across the street to him, pauses, then throws her arms around his neck. He gathers her against himself and strokes her tangled hair. ]

♪ and we’ll rise up
high like the waves
we’ll rise up
in spite of the ache
we’ll rise up
and we’ll do it a thousand times again
for you you, ooh, ooh, ooh
you you, ooh, ooh, ooh oh oh oh

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༺✦ ♤ ✦༻


♫ Rise Up
By Andra Day

♪ You’re broken down and tired
Of living life on a merry-go-round
And you can’t find the fighter
But I see it in you so we gonna walk it out
And move mountains
We gonna walk it out
And move mountains

♪ And I’ll rise up
I’ll rise like the day
I’ll rise up
I’ll rise unafraid
I’ll rise up
And I’ll do it a thousand times again
And I’ll rise up
High like the waves
I’ll rise up
In spite of the ache
I’ll rise up
And I’ll do it a thousands times again
For you [x4]

♪ When the silence isn’t quiet
And it feels like it’s getting hard to breathe
And I know you feel like dying
But I promise we’ll take the world to it’s feet
And move mountains
Bring it to it’s feet
And move mountains
And I’ll rise up
I’ll rise like the day
I’ll rise up
I’ll rise unafraid
I’ll rise up
And I’ll do it a thousand times again
For you [x4]

♪ All we need, all we need is hope
And for doubt we have each other
And for doubt we have each other
We will rise
We will rise
We’ll rise, ohh ohhh
We’ll rise

♪ I’ll rise up
Rise like the day
I’ll rise up
In spite of the ache
I will rise a thousands times again
And we’ll rise up
High like the waves
We’ll rise up
In spite of the ache
We’ll rise up
And we’ll do it a thousands times again
For you ohhhh ohhh ohh ohhh ohh [x3]

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/1U2aauz
YouTube: http://bit.ly/1ZrdlNB

⊰ ♤ ⊱

♫ God’s Gonna Cut You Down
By Johnny Cash

♪ You can run on for a long time
Run on for a long time
Run on for a long time
Sooner or later God’ll cut you down
Sooner or later God’ll cut you down

♪ Go tell that long tongue liar
Go and tell that midnight rider
Tell the rambler, the gambler, the back biter
Tell ’em that God’s gonna cut ’em down
Tell ’em that God’s gonna cut ’em down

♪ Well my goodness gracious let me tell you the news
My head’s been wet with the midnight dew
I’ve been down on bended knee talkin’ to the man from Galilee
He spoke to me in the voice so sweet
I thought I heard the shuffle of the angel’s feet
He called my name and my heart stood still
When he said, “John go do My will!”

♪ Go tell that long tongue liar
Go and tell that midnight rider
Tell the rambler, the gambler, the back biter
Tell ’em that God’s gonna cut ’em down
Tell ’em that God’s gonna cut ’em down

♪ You can run on for a long time
Run on for a long time
Run on for a long time
Sooner or later God’ll cut you down
Sooner or later God’ll cut you down

♪ Well you may throw your rock and hide your hand
Workin’ in the dark against your fellow man
But as sure as God made black and white
What’s done in the dark will be brought to the light

♪ You can run on for a long time
Run on for a long time
Run on for a long time
Sooner or later God’ll cut you down
Sooner or later God’ll cut you down

♪ Go tell that long tongue liar
Go and tell that midnight rider
Tell the rambler, the gambler, the back biter
Tell ’em that God’s gonna cut you down
Tell ’em that God’s gonna cut you down
Tell ’em that God’s gonna cut you down

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/1Wh2VjL
YouTube: http://bit.ly/236nofO


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❌❌❌ 3:10 End The Director, Conclusion Part 2
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🔴 Episode 3:11 Mr Gregory Devry


NBC’s series The Blacklist starring James Spader and Megan Boone
Last updated: 1/25/2015 1:15 pm CT, Program air date: 1/21/2015 in the US
Script Status = FINAL
Permalink: http://wp.me/pDKwi-2mJ
WSJ Episode Summary: http://on.wsj.com/1nDKAld
Source: Raw Scripts from Springfield [UK]: http://bit.ly/1VtXhJ6 (dump of captioning)
Created by: Jon Bokenkamp

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Alex Zakrzewski
Written by: Daniel Knauf
Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington – James Spader
Elizabeth Keen – Megan Boone
Donald Ressler – Diego Klattenhoff
Harold Cooper – Harry Lennix
Tom Keen – Ryan Eggold
Aram Mojtabai – Amir Arison
Samar Navabi – Mozhan Marnò
Dembe Zuma – Hisham Tawfiq

Marcus Caligiuri– Vincenzo Amato
Janet Macnamara – Marsha Stephanie Blake
Mr Kaplan – Susan Blommaert
ER Doctor – Benjamin Eakeley
Dmitri Sarkovski – Kristian Nekrasov
Barbara – Lisa Tharps
Gregory Devry – Jake Weber

⭕ Episode Storybook, Eps 1-11 (2-3 days after script is completed)


"You were right, Marcus"

“You were right, Marcus”


🔴 Script 3:11 Mr Gregory Devry

Blurb: Two Reds? Which is the imposter? The “new Red” inexplicably knows intimate details of Red’s past and current dealings. He tells the task force they’re being fooled.

For S3 Episode 3:11 Gregory Devry: 🎯 WSJ recap ¤ 🌅 Photo Gallery ¤ 📚 ❣Storybook❣ ¤ 📒 Script

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Previously on The Blacklist:
Red: Sign the deal.
Liz: But I won’t be an agent. I’ll be an asset like you.
Hitchin: United States has confirmed the Cabal framed Elizabeth Keen.
Hitchin: Peter’s become a liability. We ask that you take care of that problem for us.
Red: I’ll drop the Director somewhere safe.

[ Knock on door ]
Mr Kaplan: We’ve got 20 minutes. There are three sleepers in this main room and one in the master bedroom. Time is short, so we won’t be doing cut-downs on site, I’ve got a carpet van en route. I want a full scrub. Cheyenne, windows. Haunani, floors. We have 18 minutes, ladies.
Let’s get to work.
[ Mr Kaplan clicks on the music on her phones ]

[ ♪ Maxine Nightingale’s “Right Back Where We Started From” playing ]
ooh, and it’s all right and it’s coming long
we gotta get right back to where we started from
love is good, love can be strong
we gotta get right back to where we started from

[ Men enter and shoot the three cleaning ladies ]
[ Silenced gunshots: ] Women: ah, ha
[ Only Mr Kaplan is left alive ]

♪ do you remember the day

Shooter: You’re a lucky one, sugar. We’re gonna leave you alive so you can deliver a message to Reddington personally. Tell him we know.
[ Thunder rumbles ]

♪ if you get hurt

[ Door closes ]

♪ by the little things I say ooh, and it’s all right
and it’s coming long

[ Two scenes overlaid ]
[ Cellphone rings ]

Red #2: Hello?

♪ love is good – love can be strong –

Red #2: Yes.

♪ we gotta get right back to where we started from

Red #2: Yes, I understand.

♪ all right and it’s coming long

Red #2: Please, not at all. I’ve been waiting for this day for a while. I’ll be in DC soon.

[ Closes cellphone ]

♪ all right, and it’s coming long we gotta get right back

[ Telephone rings in distance ]
Cooper: I feel terrible about this.
Liz: Don’t. I mean, if anything, feel relieved. A week ago, I was facing 16 counts of capital murder. Besides, I still got my personal piece and a CCP.
Cooper: Liz, you’re a convicted felon. They withdrew your concealed carry permit. I’m gonna have to confiscate any other firearms you have in your possession.
Liz: Will I at least be issued a weapon for field operations?
Cooper: You’re a consultant, not a sworn officer. You won’t be going on field operations.
[ Gun clatters ]
Cooper: What you are going to be is a phenomenal resource. Your ability as a profiler is–
Liz: I’m good. It’s okay. I appreciate the pep talk, but I’m good. I really am.
Cooper: That makes one of us.

[ Liz is talking to task force members ]
Liz: I told myself I wasn’t gonna cry so I’m gonna make this quick. [ Sighs, tears up ] [ Voice breaking ] Apparently not quick enough.
Aram: We love you, Agent Keen.
Liz: You see, that’s– I’m not an agent anymore. I put you all in an impossible situation, and for reasons I’ll never quite understand, you gave me the benefit of every doubt, even Mr. I’m-Just-Doing-My-Job. You did so much more than that.
Cooper: There’s nothing harder than hunting one of our own, especially when she’s innocent. Hey, in all my years with the Bureau, I’m proud of the jobs all of you did.
Samar: What have you heard from Reddington?

Mr Kaplan: I feel like you’re overreacting.
Red: Given the circumstances, I don’t believe that’s possible. About the ladies –
Mr Kaplan: Their families know they’ll be well provided for Thank you, dearie.
[ Door opens ]
Mr Kaplan: Hello, Elizabeth. Word of caution– he’s in a bad mood.
Red: What do you know about Shell Island?
Liz: Never heard of it.
Red: Please. The Shell Island retreat is the pet name for an assembly of affiliated criminal organizations.
Liz: I’m sorry, wait. Are you giving me a case?
Red: You look surprised.
Liz: I thought maybe after all we’ve been through the past three months that you might want to take a break. I mean, aren’t you exhausted?
Red: Your past three months have been what my life has been like for the past 25 years. I’m often exhausted. The Shell Island retreat is a ritual that dates back to the roaring ’20s. The de facto master of ceremonies is Marcus Caligiuri, next in line to Espen Van Der Merwe, but to assume leadership in the Pater Dei group, the world’s oldest and largest weapons dealer. The leaders of the Bratva, Yakuza, and assorted international cartels. They gather when they are presented with a problem so difficult, it can only be resolved by enemies working together.
Liz: And where is this Shell Island?
Red: There is no Shell Island. It’s just a name. The actual location of the meeting is always a closely guarded secret.
Liz: I’d have thought you would’ve been invited.
Red: Howard Jasnoch. He’s a competitor of mine. He’s arranged transport for the individual who called the meeting.
Liz: And who is that?
Red: I don’t know. What I do know is if he’s called a meeting and the members are gathering, he’s a very big fish. Whatever is troubling him, whatever has caught the attention of these men is critical. No less than an existential threat. These meetings are infrequent, Lizzie, making this a very rare opportunity. Follow this fish, and you can net the entire school.

Liz: Dmitri Sarkovski, the CEO of Vitus One bank, helped orchestrate and now profits from the Greek financial collapse. Espen Van Der Merwe –
Ressler: Wanted by The Hague on, uh, accessory charges for a slew of war crimes.
Liz: All of them are at large for charges, including narcotics trafficking, smuggling, cyber crimes, and assassination.
Cooper: And Reddington has confirmed that all of them will be in attendance at this meeting?
Liz: The Shell Island retreat provides a rare opportunity to capture the heads of some of the most lethal organized crime syndicates.
Samar: Does he know where this meeting will take place?
Liz: He knows someone who does – Howard Jasnoch. He’s an underworld travel agent of sorts.
According to Reddington, he’s preparing travel for one of the attendees.
Aram: Hang on. I got a flag on him. Georgetown address.
Cooper: Roll out, people. Keen.
Liz: Oh. Sorry. Instinct.
Aram; It’s not so bad. [ Lowered voice ] I downloaded the fourth series of Doctor Who on the mainframe. Tom Baker is amazing.

[ Sea birds calling ] [ Object clatters ]
[ Liz and Tom embrace, kiss ]
Liz: We need to go to your boat.
Tom: Yeah.
Liz: Now.
Tom: Okay.
[ Liz laughs ]
Tom: Wait. I gotta do one thing. [ Gets down on his knees ] Okay, uh – This is a washer. [ He slips it on her finger ]
Tom: But I promise you, I’m gonna replace it with something so much better. Elizabeth Keen will you marry me? I know I wasn’t the best husband. But I- I can be. I can be. I don’t wanna be anyone else.
Liz: [ Laughs ] I don’t know what to say.
Tom: “Yes.” You can say “Yes.”
Liz: [ Breathes heavily ] Tom If I’ve learned one thing from being on the run these past few months, it’s that I can’t tell you what I’m gonna want 10 years from now. Even a year from now.
I just know what I want right now.

[ Sex scene: ]
♪ Mypet: – tricky anaconda – [ Both moaning ] coming down the rabbit hole did you ever wonder So, this isn’t a no? – [ Laughing ] – how it’s gonna go? [ Both breathing heavily ] coming out from under round you go I got you where I want you never know never know oh, I got you where I want you where to go well, this one is gonna cost ya –

Ressler: Howard Jasnoch. We know you’re moving a client to the Shell Island retreat. I want a name and location now.
Jasnoch: I don’t have a name, I swear. Only an address.

FBI: FBI! Hands, hands! [ Men shouting indistinctly ]
Ressler: Who are you?
Man: Move, move!
[ Indistinct shouting continues ]
[ Samar discovers case files on many Blacklisters ]
Navabi: Ressler.
Ressler: Who are you? I said! I
Red #2: Reddington. [ Handcuffs click ] Raymond Reddington.

Samar: Where have you been?
Liz. I came as soon as I got the call. Who is this guy? He claims he’s Reddington?
Samar: Yes, and we can’t disprove it with DNA because there’s nothing on file from 1990 when Reddington disappeared.
Aram: Whoever he is, he has got Intel on nearly every blacklister Mr.
Reddington has brought us.
Cooper: There’s criminal histories, rap sheets, news clippings written when they were captured or killed.
Liz: He doesn’t even look like him.
Ressler: Well, in the five years I hunted Reddington, we had one photo of him. It only had a passing resemblance to the man we’ve been working with.
Cooper: He disappeared 25 years ago. Could’ve had surgery. Truth is nobody really knows what he might look like today. But whoever he is, he has too much classified data for us not to take him seriously. I wanna know what he knows and how he knows it.

[ Telephone rings in distance ]
[ Red #2 is in the orange box. Doors whirring, alarm wailing ]
[ Whirring, alarm stops ]
Liz: So you’re Raymond Reddington?
Red #2: Must make you wonder who you’ve been working with these past few years.
Liz: Why don’t you tell me about the case files?
Red #2: You know, for years, I couldn’t figure out why my colleagues were being targeted. I didn’t understand. And then I saw you on TV with him. You’re the fugitive.
Agent Keen, right?
Liz: You were in possession of classified data. How did you get it?
Red #2: I knew someone was helping the FBI. Imagine my surprise when I realized it was me. Ray Reddington.
Liz: The case files– how are they connected to Shell Island?
Red #2: You keep calling them “case files.” These were people. My friends.
Liz: They were criminals who were taken down by the Bureau.
Red #2: With the help of a man you call Raymond Reddington. He’s an imposter. He’s using you. You wanna know about the case files? About Shell Island? I’ll tell you, as soon as you give me 10 minutes with him, face to face.
Liz. The FBI has no relationship with Raymond Reddington.
Red #2: No, they don’t. But they think they do.

Ressler: The cases you’ve given us, he said that you’ve been targeting his colleagues.
Red: He’s a probe.
Cooper: When we brought him in, he was in possession of classified data.
Red: I’m not interested in the data he has. I’m interested in the data he’s looking for, about me and my relationship with this task force.
Samar: The manhunt exposed your relationship to Liz.
Red: Yes, people are talking about whether I’m cooperating with the FBI. Rumors are swirling. And whoever he is, he was sent to determine whether those rumors are true.
Red #2: Has our friend arrived yet? [ Telephone rings in distance ] I’m excited to speak with him. I know you’re there, and I know you told them about Shell Island. But since you’re not me, you didn’t receive an invitation, and you don’t know when and where the meeting is taking place. I do. Of course you need a taste. That’s how this works, right? He trades information on his friends to get what he wants. Taste this– an FBI executive is going to be taken. I can save her. In exchange, I want a meeting with him. Face to face.
Liz: He’s bluffing.
Samar: He has nothing to gain by gaming us and everything to lose.
Cooper; If you agree to talk to him, you’re acknowledging – we work together.
Ressler: Yeah, but if he doesn’t, an innocent person could die.
Cooper: Reddington, you cannot–
[ Button clicks ]
Red: Hello there. Are you enjoying the accommodations?
Red #2: Ah, there he is. Excellent. Let’s begin. In less than an hour, an FBI executive, Janet Macnamara, will be abducted by my friend and regular at Shell Island, Marcus Caligiuri.
Aram: Okay, Macnamara, Janet P. Uh, she runs the FBI’s Human Intelligence Unit.
Samar: She’s not an agent? Why would she be a target?
Ressler: She’s a high-level executive cleared to know all Bureau assets, including CIs like Reddington. Caligiuri needs confirmation about our relationship, – she can give it to him.
Aram: Okay, she’s not at work. She’s picking up her son at a piano lesson. 41st and Macaroy in Hyattsville.
Cooper: Ressler, Navabi, get there now.
Liz: Oh, sorry. No, it’s cool. I got somewhere I gotta be, so [ Sighs ]

Bldg Manager: It’s a secure building. There’s a 24-hour patrol officer. It’s the perfect apartment for a young woman like you.
Liz: I love it. Here’s my application. How soon can I move in?
Manager: Um, soon as possible, Miss Keen. Elizabeth Keen?
Liz: Yes. Is there a problem?
Manager: No. It’s just There are a number of other prospective tenants who’ve already submitted applications.
Liz: But I thought you said –
Manager: We’ll review your application and get right back to you.
Liz: I see. Okay. Thank you.

Samar: Excuse me. We’re looking for Janet Macnamara.
Receptionist: [ Piano playing ] I’ll need a minute to check.
Ressler: We good?
Samar: We’re fine.
Ressler: Because you didn’t say anything on the way over.
Samar: You didn’t just fire me. We slept together one day, and you fired me the next.
Ressler: [ To receptionist who had to overhear ] It’s a little more complicated than it, uh, sounds.
Receptionist: Room 5B.
Samar:Thank you.
[ Piano playing ]
Samar: Janet Macnamara?
Macnamara: Yes?
Ressler: Agent Ressler, FBI. This is Agent Navabi. For your safety, you need to come with us right now.
Macnamara: What’s happened?
Samar: We’ll explain it to you on the way.
Macnamara: No, I’m not going anywhere without my son. Whatever you’re here for, this must be some kind of mistake.
[ Ressler looks outside room, sees gunmen ]
Ressler: [ Lowered voice, to Samar ] We got a problem. Come here. [ Lowered voice ] Get back in your room. [ They lean against wall where gunmen won’t see them ]
[ Gunmen look in, see only boy playing piano ]
[ Samar and Ressler surprise gunmen, taking both down 💥 gunshots 💥 ]
Gunman: Oh!
Samar: Stay down!
Wounded gunman: Don’t shoot!

[ Gunman grunts ]
Ressler: Everybody back in your room! FBI.
[ But Macnamara and her son make a dash for it. Macnamara encounters third gunman entering building who recognizes her as his target ] [ Hammer clicks ]
[ Gunman grabs Macnamara ] [ Grunts ]
Gunman: Just the woman I was looking for.
Tyler: Mom, no! Let her go! Mom!
Macnamara: Tyler, stay there! [ Grunts ]
Ressler runs in: Janet! [ Seeing Tyler, he asks: ] Hey, where’s your mother? [ Tyler points to outside ] [ Ressler to Tyler: ] Stay there.
[ The gunman shoves Macnamara in the back of a white truck and starts away. Ressler runs and jumps on back of truck ] [ Tires screech ] [ 💥💥 Gunshots 💥💥 ] [ Tires squeal ] [ Gunshot 💥 ] [ Tires squeal, gunshot 💥 ] [ Tires screeching ] [ Horn honks ] [ Tires screech ] [ Gasps ] [ Grunts ] [ Driver finally ditches Ressler by ramming in reverse into following car. Ressler ends up on the hood ]

Cooper: You. Who are you?
Red #2: March 8, 1985, I ran point on an attack on the Beirut home of Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah. June 1989, I coordinated Operation Minesweep, which provided back office support and oversight for Naval Intelligence operations in Kuwait carried out by the 160th SOAR.
The op was off the books but can be confirmed by Assistant Director Harold Cooper.
Cooper: How the hell does he know that?
Red #2: If I’m not who I say I am, how would I know that Raymond Reddington held TS-SCI clearance from the office of Naval Intelligence? If I’m not Reddington, how would I know that four years ago he hosted the Shell Island retreat at a chateau in Ile-de-France?
Red: [ Laughs ] I must confess to feeling curiously flattered.
Red #2: Hook us up to a forensic polygraph and ask the only question that matters– are you an imposter? I’ll submit to the test. Will you?

Cooper: How’d he know about Fadlallah?
Ressler: Did you host a Shell Island retreat four years ago?
Red: I did.
Ressler: But you can’t tell us where it’s being held this year?
Samar: Why didn’t you take him up on the polygraph test?
Red: Because I can defeat a polygraph. So can he, or he wouldn’t have suggested it. If I were you, Harold, I’d concern myself with finding Janet Macnamara, who apparently knows all about our little arrangement here. You need to find Janet before she talks.

Red: I forgot how much it sickens me to come here.
Liz: Then why bother? Why give a guy like that the time of day?
Red: Because my life depends on it.
Liz: Not if you move on. We beat Berlin and the Cabal. Isn’t that enough for you? It is for me.
Red: Is it?
Liz: I- I know I’m lucky the way things turned out, but I can’t even rent an apartment because people think I’m a criminal. Tom thinks we should just go away and start over. Maybe he’s right.
Red: Tom.
Red: [ Door whirring ] There’s something you need to see.

[ Candlestick holder thuds; Red unrolls large map of the world with hundreds of green, red and blue dots marked on it ]
Red: The Cabal is in green. Their affiliates are in red. Their competition is in blue.
Red: Since I’ve been a fugitive, the pestilence on this map has only grown. This is what we’re up against – a multi-headed hydra. You cut off one head, it grows two others, you have to cut off every head and burn the rest of it. It’s a mythic battle, and it’s not anywhere close to being over.
Liz: It’s your battle, not mine.
Red: I wish that were true, Lizzie. But the manhunt revealed certain facts that had long been hidden about you.
Liz: Me?
Red: Katarina Rostova was a name that had been lost to history. Masha Rostova was never more than suspicion and rumor. The manhunt and the publicity it generated changed all of that.
Liz: But who would care that I’m Katarina Rostova’s daughter?
Red: The daughter of a legendary spymaster, the secret-keeper who disappeared–
Liz: Disappeared? You and Sam told me she’s dead.
Red: The secrets she took with her could compromise any number of players on that map. They’ll be coming. They’ll be coming for you.
Liz: But I don’t know anything.
Red: They don’t know that. You can’t walk away, Lizzie. They won’t let you.

[ Janet Macnamara is tied to a chair and is being interrogated ]
Macnamara: Who are you?
Interrogator: Knowing my name is no way to stay alive. So let’s forgo introductions, shall we, Janet?
Macnamara: What do you want?
Interrogator: Information. One of two men will die today. One is a killer– filth who deserves what he gets. The other one is a cabinetmaker.
Macnamara: No.
Interrogator: He’s very good with his hands. He has an eye for beautiful design and fine details. I’m sure that’s why you married him.
Macnamara: [ Gasps ] [ Lowered voice ]
Interrogator: If you tell me what I need to know, I’ll make certain the right man dies today. Hmm?
[ Breathes unevenly ]

Liz: Janet Macnamara’s been taken. To get her back, we have to find Caligiuri. I want the location of the Shell Island retreat.
Red #2: I’m not the FBI informant. Reddington doesn’t know where they’re meeting. Unless he knows exactly where it is because it’s the scene of his next command performance. That’s why he had me arrested– so I’d be here while he’s putting on his show. He’s using you to take my seat at the table.[ Chuckles ]
Liz: What do you want?
Red #2: Let me walk.
Liz: Not gonna happen.
Red #2: Hmm. If you do, I will tell you where the retreat is taking place. You said you weren’t an informant. I lied. I’m a criminal. He exploited me. He’s exploiting you, too. I get my freedom. You get a dozen major criminals.

Ressler: I mean, forget it. The guy’s unreliable.
Samar: Everything he has said has checked out. It’s our best chance at finding Macnamara.
Ressler: For all we know, he could’ve staged her abduction to increase his value.
Samar. A woman’s life hangs in the balance. Trusting him is a risk we have to take.
Ressler: I disagree.
Samar: Well, it’s not your decision to make anymore, is it?
Ressler: Sir?
Cooper: Make the deal. Put a wire on him. Don’t let him out of your sight.
Liz: We cut a deal– immunity in exchange for taking us to the meeting. We’re marshalling strike teams now.
Red: Harold is nothing if not predictable.
Liz: I know you said you don’t know where this meeting is, and I want to believe you, but if this is another one of your games, if you have some sort of hidden agenda, and you plan on going, don’t. If we show up and you’re there, it’ll only confirm their suspicions.
Red: Thank you for your concern, Lizzie.

Red: Borsheim.
[ Keypad beeps ] [ Elevator bell dings ] [ Indistinct conversations ]
Red: Thank you.
Marcus: Reddington. Fashionably late as always, huh?
Red: Marcus. Hello, everyone. It’s good to see so many friends and even more enemies. Welcome to Shell Island.
Man: Cheers.
[ Woman toasts indistinctly ]

Cooper: You’ll be recording evidence of a conspiracy which will be used in their prosecution and to justify your release.
Aram: If you could remove your jacket.
[ Latches click ] [ Groans ]
Red #2: [ As Red #2 describes the steps that will take place, Red #1 is shown stepping through them ] This isn’t the TSA. These people have real security. Before I’m allowed to even set foot in the penthouse dining room, I’ll be diverted into an adjoining suite. I’ll be asked to relinquish all weapons and personal items. [ Whirs, beeps ] I will then be relieved of electronic devices and asked for a password.
Red: Borsheim.
My clothes will be physically and electronically inspected before I step out onto the 22nd floor.
Aram: Which is why we’ll be deploying the latest surveillance tech from the CIA.
Red #2: What about transmitter intercepts?
Aram: The transmitters run on a delay. Once activated, they won’t come online for four minutes. And during that window, they can’t be detected by security.
Red #2: What if it takes longer than four minutes to get through security?
Cooper: Let’s hope it doesn’t.

Red: Comforting to see that everyone’s appetites for food, lies, and larceny have not diminished over the years. And although some of you might have room for yet another dessert or patience for one more hilarious story, I’m afraid I don’t. Earlier this week, the murder of three of my contractors was ordered by someone in this room to send a message that they believed I was working with the FBI. It was a vile, cowardly, unforgivable act, that quite frankly has resulted in very little impact on me when compared to the devastating loss felt by the children of those three dead women. Now, given the publicity surrounding the assistance I rendered to Special Agent Elizabeth Keen during her recent stint as a fugitive, I understand where one’s suspicion may come from, but it is unfounded. And before this dinner is over, I will not only prove that I have not betrayed us, I will identify the person who has.
Marcus: Save your breath, Reddington. Your grave’s already been dug.
Red: I’m sorry, but “been dug”? Is that correct? That doesn’t sound correct, Marcus. – I think it’s “digged.”
– It is “dug.”
Red: I’m fairly sure “digged” is the archaic past tense. I suppose they’re both grammatically correct. Sounds funny either way. I’m sorry. You were saying?
Marcus: Two years ago, 20 of us broke bread at this table. Now there are 12. We have lost Hector Lorca, Floriana Campo –
Red: And others. What’s your point, Marcus?
Marcus: [ Snaps fingers. Video plays on phone ]

My name is Janet Macnamara. I run the Human Intelligence Unit at FBI headquarters. We keep track of all the criminal informants employed by the Bureau. Over the past two years, our most valuable asset has been Raymond Reddington.

Red: I thought we weren’t supposed to have phones.

[ Horns honking ]
Aram: Okay, do we need to review? You have–
Red #2: Four minutes.
Liz: Status?
Ressler: Alpha teams have taken the northeast corner on Benson Place. Bravo’s covered the hotel. Charlie holds the south, and Delta’s waiting on my command.
Aram: 90 seconds.
Samar: One spotter at the door. I’ll take him on breach.
Liz: Has the target cleared the lobby?
Samar: Not yet. … Okay, he’s in the elevator.

Marcus: You allege you have nothing to do with the demise of our associates, and yet do you deny that you have benefited from their misfortune?
Red: No, I profited handsomely. I didn’t realize that was against the rules.
Marcus It’s not, but we know you weren’t just working with Agent Keen while she was a fugitive.
Aram: Okay, transmitter’s up.
Liz: [ Taps key ] Why am I not hearing anything? Aram, is he in or not?

Red: The only assistance I gave Agent Keen was after she shot the Attorney General.
Dmitri: They were on TV always working together.
Red: She was a fugitive, Dmitri. I was paid a significant fee by certain unnamed parties to aid in her escape. It’s what I do.
Marcus: That is true, but we are not just relying on the word of Janet Macnamara. She provided us with access to documentation confirming that in the last 28 months, significant resources have been directed to a top secret task force dedicated to the apprehension of key figures in the so-called criminal underworld based on information provided by a single high-level informant. You. And that is a fact. One you cannot deny.
Red: Take your seat, Marcus. Your information is incorrect, and you’re standing in my light.
Marcus: [ Grabs knife and holds it to Red’s throat ] You know what your problem is? You talk too much. That’s not gonna be a problem anymore.
[ Whispering indistinctly ]
Dmitri: It appears we have a late arrival.
Aram: Okay, he’s in.
[ Elevator bell dings ]
Red: How fortuitous. We were just talking about you. You.
How the hell did you get in here?
Liz: Wait, is it me or– That sounds like Reddington.
Aram: This can’t be good.
Red: May I present to you Raymond Reddington? [ All murmuring ] Pour the man a glass of this wonderful port. It appears this party’s just getting started.
[ Murmuring continues ]

Ressler: He lied to us. He knew that location the whole time.
Samar: Why? What’s his angle?
Ressler: I don’t know, and I don’t care, but I’m calling that breach.
Samar: The minute you do, it’ll prove Red’s with us. He’ll be killed.
Liz: Reddington knows our protocol. If he’s in there, it’s because he knew we’d find him. He knows we’re listening. If he’s willing to roll the dice, we should be, too.
Dmitri: Raymond, what is this?
Red #2: He’s not Raymond Reddington. He knew I called this meeting. He knew that I was going to accuse him of being an impostor, so he beat me here.
Red: I told you that before this dinner was done, I would prove my innocence and identify the person who’d betrayed us. Meet the fake Red. Faux Red. Fred.
Dmitri: Fred?
Red: I took Agent Elizabeth Keen on as a client when she was a fugitive to gain her trust in exchange for information as to who was responsible for decimating our ranks. Like you, I’d heard the rumors that I was the one who betrayed us. And sure enough, after gaining her trust, she confirmed that the Bureau’s confidential informant was a Raymond Reddington.
Aram: I am so totally confused.
Liz: Is it possible they know each other?
Aram: If that’s true, my head is definitely going to explode.

Red: By the way, very clever, Marcus.Abducting Janet Macnamara in your search for the truth. But you and I both know the confession you coerced from that poor woman you’re holding at Calabrese Fine Imports was simply to confirm your lie.
Liz: You got that?
Aram: Yeah. Calabrese Fine Imports. 2119 McWhorther Street.
Ressler: On my way. Dispatch tac teams.
[ Engine revs, tires screech ]
Marcus: I think we’re gonna kill both of you.
Red: You’ve been nipping at my heels ever since the incident at that awful karaoke bar in Mombasa.
Marcus: You’re a liar.
Dmitri: I would very much like to hear what he has to say.
Red: It’s simple. Marcus hired him.
Marcus: Hired?
Red: To surrender himself to the FBI, pretending to be me so he could use the feds to dismantle my business.
Red #2: [ Laughs ] This is absurd.
Marcus: Words, words, words. No proof.
Red: You want proof? The FBI would never fly blind into an operation like this. He’s wired.
[ Several men grab Red #2, push him onto table and begin looking for the wire ]
Red #2: Ahh! Aah! [ Grunts ]
Red: You can go after a man’s business, Marcus, even his associates, but other than family, the only thing off-limits is a man’s reputation. You have given false allegations against my good name, which will be whispered and repeated by those who envy my success no matter how thoroughly I repudiate them.
Marcus: “Repudiate them.” Words. That’s all you ever had.
Red: Gentlemen, gentlemen. I never wear cufflinks.
[ Thudding, clatter ] [ Someone cracks open a cuff link, revealing the wire ] [ Radio static whines ] [ Helicopter blades whirring ]
Aram: I lost the signal.
Liz: Go! Breach! Now!

[ Gun cocks ] [ Grunting ] [ Sound of helicopters ]
Man: The FBI.
Red: Actually, those belong to me.
Samar: Helicopters. They’ll be escaping on the roof.
Red: [ To Red #2 ] But I suspect the FBI is on its way because of you. So now we’re all in a bit of a hurry.
Man: Move! [ Men shouting indistinctly ]
Red: I need you to put to rest any question about who hired you. Now.
Red #2: It was Caligiuri.
Marcus: You lying bastard!
Red #2: He came to me, said he had a plan, said he knew about Elizabeth Keen.
Marcus: I’m gonna kill you.
[ Instead, Red stabs him ] [ Grunts ]
Red: [ Whispers in his ear ] You were right, Marcus. I am the informant. Tell all our friends in Hell to be patient. I’ll be along soon enough.
[ Grunts, Marcus thuds ]
Red: Perhaps we should all get our hats and coats.
Someone: What about him?
Red: Oh, yes. About him. [ 💥 Gunshot. Red shoots Red #2 in stomach ]
Dmitri: Fastest way to the roof is this express elevator.
Red: We’re not going up, Dmitri. We’re taking the service elevator down to the garage.
Someone: Then who are the choppers for?
[ Blades whirring, men shouting indistinctly ]
Navabi: Why aren’t they landing? The roof is clear. I repeat, the roof is clear. [ Sighs ] The choppers were just a diversion.

[ Gun cocks ] [ Explosion 🔥 ] [ 💥 Gunfire 💥💥 ] [ men shouting indistinctly ]
Ressler: Janet Macnamara?
Macnamara: Yeah.
Ressler: You okay?
Macnamara: Yeah. Yeah.
Ressler: Hang in there. I’m gonna get you out of here, all right?

Red: [ Later, in car, with Macnamara ] [ Indistinct radio chatter ] I know you’ve been through a terrible ordeal, Janet, and I’m sorry for that. But unfortunately your knowledge of my relationship with the Bureau is inherently dangerous to you, your family, and to me. So please listen carefully and follow my instructions to the letter. First thing tomorrow, you will inform your superiors that the trauma of today’s experience was such that you have re-ordered your priorities and wish to spend more time with Bob, Tyler, and the dogs. You are going to move to Santa Monica, California. I’ve purchased a beach house. The deed is in that envelope. Your property taxes will be paid for on a biannual bases, and I’ll be checking on you from time to time to make sure you’re still … safe. Travel safely, Janet. The sunset over the Pacific is magnificent.

[ Sitting on bench in cemetery ]
Liz: What was his name?
Red: Gregory Devry.
Liz: Were you close?
Red: Gregory was a dear friend and a brilliant grifter. He made a good living conning con men.
Short of George Sanders, I can think of no one I’d rather have pretend to be me.
Liz: But you killed him.
Red: Gregory had terminal stomach cancer. So at his request, I euthanized him.
Liz: You manufactured a doppelganger to reclaim your reputation.
Red: I have many contingency plans in place. This was one.
Liz: Why not tell us?
Red: The FBI would never permit me to do the very thing necessary to make the plan work. Let everyone escape.
Liz: So they could spread the word that we’re not working together.
Red: Are we working together? The way you were talking before, I wasn’t so sure.
[ Cellphone vibrating ] [ Sniffles ]
Red: Tom?
Liz: No. The woman who turned me down for the apartment.

[ At the apartment, Liz is unpacking, first the photo of her and Sam at the beach, then a picture of her at her graduation from Quantico ]
[ Voiceover: ]
Menninger: Elizabeth, this is Barbara Menninger. Look, I wanted to apologize. When I realized who you are, I just – I overreacted. Frankly, I thought you were a pretty terrible person, and that was wrong. You’ve been exonerated. You deserve a second chance, and so I want you to know, the apartment’s yours, if you still want it.

[ ♪ “It Works Itself Out” by Half Moon Run playing ]
♪ is it all that you need to get back and feel good satisfied
that you did what you could it works itself out works itself out

Mr Kaplan: Thank you for everything.

♪ just, is it time to take a look

[ Red and Mr Kaplan are sitting on couch. Music continues ]

Mr Kaplan: You won’t lose her, no matter what happens.

♪ bound by you put your thoughts into the shape of a weapon
all you did was learn a terrible lesson

[ Tom enters. Red is seated at table, playing solitaire ]

Tom: You wanted to see me? What is this place?

♪ sell me out again

Red: You will not marry her.
Tom: [ Scoffs ] Why? Because I didn’t ask daddy’s permission? Is that really why you called me here? Or did you just want someone to play go fish?

Red: You married her over my objection once. It will not happen again.

♪ by distractions

Man: Are you that woman? Elizabeth Keen? [ Car door closes ] [ Man begins savagely beating Liz, kicking her in the face and ribs ] [ Grunting ]
Liz: No!
[ Thud ] [ Grunting ]
Man: You’re a traitor!
[ Both grunting ]

[ Liz awakens in a hospital ]
Doctor: Ms. Keen. How you feeling?
Liz: [ Inhales sharply ] Well, all things considered [ Sighs ] Like crap.
Doctor: Well, we, uh, we got back your MRIs and, uh, looks like you sustained three broken ribs.
No other internal injuries or bleeding. There’s really nothing much we can do about those ribs, but just tough it out until they heal.
Liz: I’ve broken a few before.
Doctor: Yeah, we noticed that. But hey, uh, good news. The baby’s fine.
Liz: It is? The baby.
Doctor: Uh, yeah. But you really, uh, have to be more careful – now that you’re pregnant.
Liz: [ Exhales sharply ]

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༺ ♤ ༻

♫ Right back to where we started from
by Maxine Nightingale

♪ Ooh, and it’s alright an it’s coming on
We gotta get right back to where we started from
Love is good, love can be strong
We gotta get right back to where we started from

♪ Do you remember the day (that sunny day)
When you first came my way
I said, no one could take your place
And if you get hurt (if you get hurt)
By the little things I say
I can put that smile back on your face

♪ Ooh, and it’s alright and it’s coming on
We gotta get it right back to where we started from
Love is good, love can be strong
We gotta get it right back to where we started from

♪ A love like ours (a love like ours)
Can never fade away
You know it’s only just begun
You gave me your love (gave me your love)
I just can’t stay away, no, no
I know you are the only one

♪ Ooh, and it’s alright and it’s coming on
We gotta get it right back to where we started from
Love is good, love can be strong
We gotta get it right back to where we started from

♪ You gave me your love (gave me your love)
I just can’t stay away, no
I know you are the only one

♪ Ooh, you know it’s alright and it’s coming on
We gotta get it right back to where we started from
Love is good, love can be strong
We gotta get it right back to where we started from

♪ It’s alright and it’s coming on
We gotta get it right back to where we started from
Love is good, love can be strong
We gotta get it right back to where we started from

♪ It’s alright and it’s coming on
We gotta get it right back to where we started from
Love is good, love can be strong
We gotta get it right back to where we started from

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/1RJB6RR
YouTube: http://bit.ly/1OTADXG


♫ It Works Itself Out
By Half Moon Run

♪ Is it all that you need to get back and feel good, satisfied that you did what you could.
It works itself out, works itself out.
Just, is it time to take a look at what happened. Oh bound by…
When you made the mistake of reacting, to reaction.
You put your thoughts into the shape of a weapon
All you did was learn a terrible lesson
That you can sell me out again
Sell me out again

♪ There is a thought that drifts away and to let go. The memory replaced by distractions.
To distraction
You can sell me out again
Sell me out again

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/1SHlJJY
YouTube: http://bit.ly/1Un7nMy


༺ ✿⊰ ♤ ⊱✿༻
❌❌❌ 3:11 End Gregory DeVry
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🔴 Episode 3:12 The Vehm


NBC’s series The Blacklist starring James Spader and Megan Boone
Created by: Jon Bokenkamp
Program air date: 1/28/2016 in the US
Permalink: http://wp.me/pDKwi-2oA ¤ Storybook: http://wp.me/PDKwi-1f3#vehm
WSJ Summary: http://on.wsj.com/1UvqSmg
Source: Raw Scripts from Springfield [UK]: http://bit.ly/1VtXhJ6 (dump of captioning)
STATUS: ⭕️Pending ⭕️Rough ⭕️Preliminary 🔴FINAL
Last updated: 1/31/2016 5:00pm CST

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Michael Watkins
Written by: Vincent Angell
Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington – James Spader
Elizabeth Keen – Megan Boone
Donald Ressler – Diego Klattenhoff
Harold Cooper – Harry Lennix
Tom Keen – Ryan Eggold
Aram Mojtabai – Amir Arison
Samar Navabi – Mozhan Marnò
Dembe Zuma – Hisham Tawfiq

William Dowd (Clown) – Tim Barker
Harlan Holt – Anthony Carrigan
Cardinal Richards – Kevin Cullen
Gerald Sullivan – Andrew Dolan
Dr. Campbell Meyer – Maury Ginsberg
Lisa Neil / Amy Dowd – Caitlin Mehner
Meryl – Rachel Napoleon
James Wagner – David Pittu
Williams’ wife – Bernadette Quigley
Young Mom – Amy Russ
Principal Maxwell – Richard Toth
Dr. Jeffrey Maynard – Kevin Weisman


Note: Springfield’s in the UK provides a raw version of The Blacklist scripts. I add the speakers and formatting and descriptive material when called for. Red’s lines are bolded. I am sure there are mistakes. ♤ = my favorite lines

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🔴 Script 3:12 The Vehm

Blurb: Could a resurrected religious retributionist sect be covering up for some contemporary financial finagling? Plus, the big news is out: Liz is pregnant. How will Tom, Red and the Task Force react? What will Liz decide to do?

Woman: Hey! Hold up. Hold up. Something extra.
[ Man in clown costume ]: Oh. Thanks.
Woman: The boys had a blast.
Clown: Thanks. They’re good kids except yours. I think he needs more sugar. [ Chortles ] [ Chuckles ] Bye.
Boys: Hey, hey! Guys! Get on the street!
Clown: All righty, bye, bye, bye! [ Babbles, honks nose, laughs ]

[ ♪ Gary Lewis & The Playboys’ “Everybody Loves A Clown” plays ]

♪ Everybody loves a clown, so why don’t you?

Clown: [ To himself ] I know, come on! Kidding me.

[ Engine revs ]

♪ They all laugh when they see me comin’
But you don’t laugh, you just go home runnin’

[ Tires screech ]

♪ Everybody loves a clown, so why can’t you?

Clown: Wh– [ Rapping on window ]

♪ a clown has feelings, too

Clown: Oh, God! No! Ah! No! What?!

♪ I joke around at a party when you are there

[ Screaming ] What? What? What did I do?!

♪ but you don’t laugh, you don’t look, you just don’t care –

Clown: Help! Help! Help!

♪ If you wonder why this clown is cryin’
look a little closer, inside I’m dyin’
It’s not easy to be in love, you see
when you’re a clown like me

Clown: [ Screaming ]

♪ Yes, I’m a clown but I don’t wanna be
why can’t ya see the other side of me?
Guess I’ll be the guy who plays the part
of a clown with a broken heart

Clown: [ Screaming ]

[ Liz’s new apartment ]

♪ Never is a long time catch myself wondering
while those words keep spinning around

[ Knock on door ]

♪ feeling alone you’ve gotta try

Liz: Hey.
Tom: Hi. Breakfast is served. I got, uh, juice, coffee, apple turnovers from Pan Lourdes, and, uh, no pancakes.
Liz: [ Chuckles ] Okay, great.
Tom: Uh, let me help you with that. I got it. I got it. You shouldn’t be lifting things.
Liz: Well, my ribs feel better, so I’m fine.
Tom: Well, I’ll be the judge of that. Let me just take a peek at this –
Tom: Oh! Hey!
Liz: I prefer the bookish teacher.
Tom: Well, then you’re in luck, because, uh, I got a job – a real job – teaching history at, uh, Shorewood high school in Boston.
Liz: Boston? You’re gonna move to –
Tom: We’re gonna move to Boston. I know – I know you need, uh, time to think about everything, and I get that, but what happened to you was terrifying. Okay? It was like a giant flashing sign from God that you need to start over somewhere else. If you don’t want to do it for us, then do it for our kid.
Liz: Our– our kid?
Tom: Mm-hmm. Come here, buddy! [ Smooches ] Hey, there he is, Hudson! [ Talks baby talk ]
Liz: I– I hate to break up this family reunion, but I got to go.
Tom: I got to check out the campus in, uh, Boston. Liz: So I’ll clean this up before I go.
Liz: Okay. A teacher?
Tom: There was a lot about our old life that I really liked including you.
[ Chuckles weakly ]
Tom: Wait, wait. Oh, yes. Be safe.
[ Liz passes woman with baby in hallway. Baby coos. Tom arranges pile of papers Liz had left, turns over pro/con list about “Baby” she had been working on ]

Red: Edward Weston was an associate of mine. His murder remains unsolved – the cause of his burns, a mystery until now. William Dowd, found under the 14th Street bridge this morning sprinkled with burning lead.
Aram: Uh, the marks and use of lead are consistent with a medieval device subtly called a lead sprinkler. The device is used to shower victims with molten lead, or in the case of Mr.
Dowd, to pour it into his mouth, causing serious inner burns and eventual death.
Red: We boring you, Donald?
Cooper: Where’s Keen?
Ressler: You wouldn’t be here without her if she was okay.
Red: She’s recovering nicely.
Cooper: That’s a relief.
Red: I’m sure it is. You confiscated her firearm.
Ressler: Oh, so you think a convicted felon should be allowed to carry guns.
Red. All the ones I know do.♤
[ Elevator clangs: Liz emerges ]
Liz: I see you’ve started without me.
Red: You should be recuperating.n
Cooper: Take whatever time you need.
Liz: I appreciate that, and the cards and flowers and trashy novels– especially the trashy novels, Aram. Thank you. But I am good. Don’t let me interrupt. What’s the case?
Red: The Holy Vehm – a vigilante group that operated in the Germanic regions of Europe during the Middle Ages. The Vehmic Court was sanctioned by the Emperor and directed by the Archbishop to punish sinners.
Liz: What sins did these two commit?
Red: Well, in the 15th Century, the Vehm meted out justice for heresy and witchcraft. But today, who knows? During the height of their power, they killed thousands. If I’m correct and the Vehm has been resurrected, there’s no telling how many victims you’ll be looking at.
Cooper: Aram, see what cold cases you can find with even a remotely similar MO. Ressler, Navabi, find Dowd’s wife. See what she knows.
Liz: What is that? Some kind of metal?
Cooper: It’s lead.
Red: You should be resting.
Liz: I’ll have Aram order an analysis, see if we can trace that lead to a supplier.
Cooper: I’ve got agents working double time to find the perps who attacked her.
Red: That won’t be necessary.

[ Knock on door, Red enters. Door closes ]
Red: Here. [ Places gun wrapped in dark cloth on desk ] Careful, it’s loaded.
Liz: I’m pregnant.
Red: Yes. I’ve known for some time.
Liz: How?
Red: Everything. Your body, your skin, a look in your eyes, different tastes for different foods, nausea, distracted, moody.
Liz: [ Chuckles ] Yes. With everything that was happening, I just – I mean I guess I knew, but I just couldn’t – I bought a pregnancy test three weeks ago, and I threw it out before I took it.
I mean, I- I was okay facing the Cabal, but those two red lines– I just could not handle that.
Red: I assume Tom is the father.
Liz: I haven’t told him. Uh. He’s still figuring his life out. There’s a job in Boston.
Red: I know you want to believe that our work is done, but it’s not. The addition of a child will make that infinitely more difficult.

[ Door opens ]
Victim’s wife: What they did to him. Who would do such a thing?
Samar: Does your husband have any enemies? Any problems at work?
Wife: None. William was a kind man and a great father. He was involved in the community. When our daughter was in school –
How many kids do you have?
Wife: One. Amy.

[ Later ]
Ressler: There was something she’s not telling us. 20 pictures on their fridge and not one of their daughter?
Samar: You think something happened between them?
Ressler: We need to find her, see if she agrees with the wife about his parenting skills. I’m guessing the answer’s no.

Young man in confessional: Father, forgive me, for I have sinned. It’s been a week since my last confession. Since that time, I have killed two men.
Confessor (Priest): Well done, my son, for you are the tip of His spear. Through your hands, His judgment is witnessed. [ Paper rustles ] Let us pray. Our Father–

Liz: We’ve linked the Vehm’s MO to a dozen murders. Each victim was subjected to some form of medieval torture. Sam Archer was whipped until an artery burst and he bled to death.The bruising, fractures, and deep puncture wounds indicate that Joseph Gibson’s extremities were crushed with some device called “The Spanish Boot.”
Cooper: Why were they targeted?
Liz: We are not sure. We’re still going over case files.
Man: [ Comes in with large arrangement of white flowers ] Sir. From your wife.
Samar: Those are beautiful.
Cooper: My office. What else do we know?
Aram: They did find William Dowd’s daughter living as Lisa Neil– new name, new Social. She’s definitely hiding from something.
Ressler: Or someone. We’re on it.

[ Cooper’s office ]
Samar: Is this a bad time?
Cooper: I thought you’d rolled out.
Samar: That’s actually why I’m here. Ressler and I– are we partners?
Cooper: Would that be a problem?
Samar: He did fire me.
Cooper: Yes. An appropriate action given the circumstances, but one he deeply regrets and went to great lengths to rectify.
Samar: He did.
Ressler: In a status report submitted to me after I returned he was quite eloquent about your value to the task force. You’re welcome to read it after you question Lisa Neil.
Samar: It’s hard to forgive sometimes.
Cooper: Lisa Neil.

[ Horn honks ] [ Young man compares photo of man to man exiting a cab; a match ]
[ Phone dialing ]
Young man: Yes, is this Dr. Meyer’s office? I have an appointment next week for my son. I think he’s a threat to himself. It’s urgent that we see the doctor today.

Samar: Lisa Neil?
Lisa: Can I help you?
Samar: I’m Agent Navabi, FBI. This is Agent Ressler. We have some questions for you about your father.
Lisa: My father died years ago. You, uh, must be confusing me with somebody else.
Ressler: Someone like Amy Dowd?

[ Knock on door ]
Dr Meyer: Hello? Someone there? Ah.
Harris: Uh – There was no one out front.
Meyer: My secretary leaves at 5:00. You must be Mr. Harris.
Harris: Yes.
Meyer: Where’s your son? I was told the appointment is for him.
Harris: Oh, it should be, but, you know, my wife doesn’t really believe in therapy. You know, she thinks people like you do more harm than good. Uh [ Chuckles ] Do you, Dr. Meyer?
Meyer: I- I don’t believe so. [ Chuckles ] Why don’t you come in. Tell me what’s going on with your son.

Lisa: My father was murdered?
Ressler: Yes. By people who thought he had, uh, sinned. It might help us find his killer if we knew whether that was true or not. Was it?
Lisa: Yeah. That’s why I ran away.

Harris: So can I ask how you treat the children? You know, how it all works.
Meyer: Well, it’s important for me to get a sense of the child, so the first few sessions would be one-on-one.
Harris? Without a parent present?
Meyer: For me to gain their trust, it’s best to start out that way.

Lisa: I was 12. I came home from swimming at my friend’s house, and I went into the basement to put my suit in the dryer, and he was there.
Ressler: Your father.
Lisa: And someone else. A boy.

Harris: When you’re alone with my son, would you be touching him?
Meyer: [ Chuckles ] Absolutely not. I’m not even sure I understand your question.
Harris: I mean, would you think about touching him?
Meyer: I’m sorry your son is having a hard time, but I think you should leave.
[ Meyer moves to leave, but several of Harris’ group surround him ]
Harris: Oh no! No!
Harris: You hurt children.
Meyer: What are you doing? No!
Harris: You earn their trust and then you abuse them.

Lisa: They said I was crazy. That I was making it all up. That my father never raped that little boy. But I know the truth. My father was a monster. Whoever killed him did the world a favor.

Harris: Sooner or later, we all pay for our sins.
Meyer: No! No! What are you doing? What is this?! What are you doing?!
Harris: I paid for mine –
Meyer: What are you talking about!?
Harris: and it’s time you paid for yours.

[ Keys jingling ] [ Door opens. Liz encounters a young woman with an infant in a Snuglī ]
Liz: Oh, we meet again.
Zoe: You must be the new neighbor. I’m Zoe.
Liz: Who’s this?
Zoe: Stanley.
Liz: Hi, Stanley! [ Both laugh ] Hi, Stanley. He’s so cute!
Zoe: Oh, don’t let that fool you. He’s the devil child. He hasn’t slept the night through since ever.
Liz: Well, we can stay up together. I’m expecting a little devil of my own.
Zoe: Oh, really? That’s amazing. I mean, besides no sleep, no sex, and stretch marks the size of Kansas, there are really great things about it. I can’t think of any, but that’s what people say. [ Laughs ] Look, I’m sure you have a thousand questions. I’m here, anytime. I’m here all the time.
Liz: That’s very nice of you. I’ll probably take you up on that. Thanks.

[ Liz enters her apartment. Door closes. Tom is there ]
Liz: I thought you were going to Boston.
Tom: Rescheduled for tomorrow. Felt like hanging out.
[ Keys thud lightly. Tom takes something out of his wallet ]
Liz: What’s that?
Tom: Something I’ve kept in my wallet since the day you gave it to me. Is that a hope. A wish. The child that we were gonna adopt, and that, I hope is the one we’re gonna have.
Liz: You found my pro/con list.
Tom: [ Reads ] Pro– chance for a normal life, family, doting husband with rock-hard abs.
Liz: [ Laughs ] Really?
Tom.: [ Chuckles ] Liz we’re pregnant.
Liz: Yeah. We are. But before you get too excited –
Tom. It’s way too late for that.
Liz. – I’m thinking about giving the baby up for adoption.
Tom: Why? Why? Why would you do that?
Liz: Maybe you should take another look at the list. I mean, there are only three pros and, maybe, I can probably think of a hundred cons. I’m a felon. People hate me. I’m a pariah.
Tom: Here, in DC. That is why we have to move. And the rest? Dangerous job– fixable. Unmarried – totally fixable.
Liz: Uh, unmarried was never a part of my list.
Tom: Well, a guy can dream.
Liz: [ Chuckles ]
Tom: Can’t he?
Liz: Yeah. Yeah, they’re – they’re all fixable, Tom, except for one – Reddington.
Tom: We can get away from him.
Liz: His life, my life, is so filled with violence and anger and hatred and death. [ Voice breaking ] How can I bring a child into that world? My world.
Tom: Our world, Liz. Not his. Ours.
Liz: This is why I didn’t want to tell you. I knew you’d be so annoyingly positive.
Tom: What, you don’t want to be positive?
Liz: I don’t want to be naive!
Tom: Just promise me that you’ll keep an open mind. All right? About Boston and us and the little one.
Liz:[ Laughs ]
Tom: What?
Liz: I’m pretty sure I put question marks next to your name.
Tom: Did you?
Liz: Yeah.
Tom: That’s weird, ’cause it looks like you changed your mind. Huh. [ The question marks have been written over with exclamation marks ]
Liz: [ Laughs ] Oh, my God.

[ Red is seated in a straight-back chair in a room barren except for another chair to which a man is tied. The man is bruised and bloody. Tears stream down his face. Red’s face is wracked with pain, regret, sadness, loss. This episode reminds me of medieval paintings of purgatory – each person forced to bear the agony particular to their own taste in sin. Red is not the Christlike “sin-eater” here, rather Isaiah’s pariah, the ‘man of sorrows.’

Isaiah 53:3 (NLT) He was despised and rejected— a man of sorrows, acquainted with deepest grief. We turned our backs on him and looked the other way. He was despised, and we did not care.

No redemption, no hope. No forgiveness, only the slow agonizing repayment of debts over years, decades, centuries. –ed. ]

I’m a violent man. I’ve taken on a life that requires it. I hurt people. I kill people. And each time I do, in that moment, another part of me dies along with them.

Red: When I was young, I romanticized the life of an outlaw. Bad guys. That was a long time ago.
Dembe: Raymond.
Red: Yes.
[ Dembe hands the phone to Red ]
Liz: The Vehm are hunting pedophiles. William Dowd’s daughter confirmed that’s what her father was.
Red: You just won’t rest, will you?
Liz: I’m pregnant, not sick. Besides, you’re the one who said there’s a fight coming that can’t be avoided.
Red: Tell me about the other victims.
Liz: They were never charged with any crimes, but hidden in their backgrounds are whispered accusations – incidents that were swept under the rug.
Red: So your theory is that someone has reorganized a 15th-Century cult to hunt and kill pedophiles.
Liz: It fits the fact pattern.
Red: Not all of them. My associate, Mr. Weston, the man who started us down this road, was many things, but a pedophile was not one of them. I saw his dark side, and it did not involve children.
Liz: What did it involve? Maybe that’s where we should look.
Red: You’re right. Of course.
Liz: What? Of course what?
Red: Thank you, Lizzie.
[ Phone beeps ] [ Sighs ]
Red: You attacked a pregnant woman, broke three of her ribs, battered her so badly she was left lying unconscious in a grocery-store parking lot.
[ Shoots him💥💥💥 Shell casings rattle ]
Red: [ To Dembe ] Call Mr. Kaplan from the car. We need to find Gerald Sullivan.
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Aram: So, uh, our metallurgist broke down the lead that was found on William Dowd. A specific dye was added to deepen the gray scale.
Samar: Was it traceable?
Aram: To an online company. They made many sales, but only one stands out – the St. James shelter. It’s a halfway house for ex-cons in Philadelphia. They use the lead to make religious jewelry. Could be a location for the Vehm.
Samar: Ressler and I will check it out.
Aram: Right. You and Ressler.
Samar: I know. It’s strange. But he got me my job back.
Aram: Did he?
Samar: In the status report he submitted to Cooper, he lobbied for me. He didn’t have to, and he did.
Aram: Well, I can’t imagine it was difficult to write nice things. I’m glad he did.Someone needed to.

[ Crashing ]
Ressler: Where’d everybody go?
[ Distant screaming ]
Ressler: Holy–
[ Metallic clank ] [ 💥 Gunfire 💥 ] [ Knife clatters ]
Ressler: Damn it.
[ Samar fights with someone ] [ Grunting ] [ Grunting ]
[ Panting ]
Ressler: Navabi! Hey, Navabi!
[ Sighs ]
Ressler: You okay?
Samar: Yes. Thank you for asking.
[ Handcuffs click ] [ Door opens ]

Liz: Ressler’s running his prints. Should have an ID soon.
Samar: He’s a zealot, like my brother. A true believer who twists the gospel to justify murder. I don’t need to know his name to know who he is.
Liz: The files you found at St. James contain detailed accounts of the victims. The research they did was extensive. They found details local cops clearly missed.
Aram: ME finished the autopsies on the three Vehm found at the scene. Says he’s ready for a show-and-tell. Seemed pretty excited about it.

Medical Examiner (ME): Okay. Okay, okay, yes. I admit, three fully shaved dudes is kind of weird. It’s not something you see every day, but then [ yanks sheet away ] Well, then there’s something that you almost never see.
Samar: [ Unflummoxed ] You’ve never seen a eunuch?
ME: W-well, no. I- I’ve seen a eunuch before. In fact, I’ve seen more eunuchs than I care to admit.
Samar: Are they all eunuchs?
ME: Sliced and diced. But the beauty part – and I use that term advisedly, of course – is that it’s self-inflicted.
Samar: He did this to himself?
ME: They all did. [ Cellphone rings ] Ouch.
Samar: Yeah?
Ressler: Prints came back. The guy’s name is Harlan Holt. He served seven years at Cumberland for, uh– get this– sexual assault of a minor.
Samar: So he’s a pedophile.
Ressler: Who got early release by agreeing to castration to mitigate his deviant desires.
Samar: The Vehm at the morgue are castrated as well.
Ressler: So the Vehm are pedophiles, and their victims are pedophiles.
Samar: It’s monsters hunting monsters.

Ressler: Let’s talk about Bobby Sanders. He was 12. You were his teacher. He trusted you, and then you exploited that trust. We know who you are, Mr. Holt.
Holt: My brothers and I are defenders of the innocent. We subjected ourselves to mutilation in order to cleanse impure thoughts, allowing us to embody God’s will on Earth. We are the protectors of the children.
Ressler: [ Sighs ] Well, we got the case files that you kept on your victims. You should tell us about them, these sinners.
Holt: William Dowd. Hid behind the make-up of a clown. Always chose the weakest child, the one who was too scared to tell.
Ressler: What about Arthur Shepherd?
Holt: A counselor for children with special needs. The system did nothing despite an eyewitness.
Liz: What do you mean, did nothing? Was the case thrown out?
Holt: No charges were ever filed. There’s no justice in your justice system. So we provide it.

Liz: An eyewitness to the abuse of a child with special needs, and no charges were filed? That makes no sense.
Ressler: Case file on Shepherd includes the eyewitness account.
Liz: How do they have case files? They’re not cops. Where did they get them? Who did they get them from? Who took the eyewitness statement?
Ressler: ADA in Baltimore – Peter Levy.
Liz: We need to call him, see if it ever happened. I doubt it did.
Ressler: Where are you going with this?
Liz: The Vehm are zealots. They’ll kill anyone they’re told is a pedophile. What if someone’s telling them people are pedophiles that aren’t? Reddington says his friend wasn’t. What if the person bringing these case reports is someone with their own agenda and they’re using the Vehm to carry it out?
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[ Red in the woods where a couple are camping. The woman is tied up with tape over her mouth ]
Red: My, God. Gerald, burying your business in the dirt like a dog. How the mighty have fallen. What the hell is this? A terrible time of year to go camping, but I suppose we do what we must when we’re on the run. Brenda and I were just catching up. She’s not hungry, but I noticed you packed some bratwurst and couldn’t resist. I do love a good cookout.
Gerald Sullivan: Red it’s not what you think.
Red: I think you had Weston killed, and Locke, Bosker, Hundly. Someone is clearing the playing field, Gerald, and my money is on you.
Sullivan: Locke and Bosker? They laundered for the cartels. Hundly cleaned cash for the sex trade. I handled white-collar crime.
Red: I know how the market was divided. In fact, I was impressed by how well you co-existed with your competitor– until now. You got greedy, Gerald.
Sullivan: I’m not on the run because I killed my competitors. I’m on the run because I don’t want to be killed by the people who did. Red, you know me. You know Brenda. You really think we’d be living in the Bentley if we didn’t have to?
Red: If you’re not controlling the Vehm, then who is?
Sullivan: I’m a dead man if I say.
Red: I came here for one thing, but I’ve decided I’m gonna leave with two. The first is the name of the person who controls the Vehm.
Sullivan: And the second?
Red: [ Gleeful ] A song, Gerald. I so wanted to be a scout– tying knots, the Pinewood Derby, and the campfire songs. Oh, those songs. I keep trying to explain to Dembe, but I’m no singer. Just one song!
Sullivan: [ Sighs ] [ Clears throat ] [ Laughs ]
Red: Ah!
Sullivan: [ Strums guitar ] ♪ Michael, row your boat ashore
Red: Yes!
Sullivan and Brenda: ♪ Hallelujah Michael, row the boat ashore
Red: Right? [ Laughs ]
Sullivan; Hallelujah. ♪ Sister, help to trim the sails hallelujah. Sister, help to trim the sails–
Dembe: That’s enough.
Red: Okay, then. Just the name.

Harlan (one of Vehm): That’s impossible.
Liz: That file. Your file– it says the eyewitness in the Shepherd case gave his statement to a Baltimore ADA by the name of Peter Levy. We called the Baltimore District Attorney. There is no Peter Levy. Once we found out that case was false, we looked at the others. Jared Locke’s victim? Well, he doesn’t exist. You were given a screen grab of a model from a children’s clothing website. You killed William Bosker for molesting his nephew in Akron, Ohio, on June 23rd? Well, the State Department said that he was living in London at the time. You’re being manipulated. We need you to tell us by who.
Harlan: That’s a trust I can’t betray.
Ressler: He’s betrayed yours. Why don’t you tell us before someone else is murdered?
Harlan: You don’t understand. It’s too late.
Ressler: What do you mean? Too late?
Harlan. We received a new file yesterday.
There’s a benefit at Cleveland high school tonight.
[ Indistinct talking ]
Ressler: Okay, you need to tell me who the target is. Think back, Harlan. Think hard. I need a name.
Harlan: James Wagner.
[ Door opens, closes ]
Liz: I’m gonna ask you one last time. Who gave you these files?

Red: Stop me if you’ve heard this one. A priest, a eunuch, and a pedophile walk into a bar–
Cardinal: Excuse me? Who are you? What are you doing here?
Red: I’m here to offer you the sacrament of confession. I’ll be your Father Confessor. I know, the hypocrisy is staggering.

[ Tires screech ]
Ressler: This is James Wagner. We have reason to believe that there’s an imminent threat on his life.

Woman: The Principal is gonna speak first. He’s gonna talk about your charitable donations and the scholarship program before the big announcement that the auditorium is being named in your honor.
Wagner: I need a smoke. I’ll be back in five.
Woman: I don’t think you’re supposed to smoke on a school campus.
Wagner: Oh, what are they gonna do, suspend me?

Red:You know what my problem with religion is? Man. Like anything that has a potential to be beautiful, man will turn it into something ugly. For every saint, there are two million sinners.
Cardinal: Which are you?
Red: Like you, I’m a sinner– an envious one, I might add, as my transgressions are not nearly as divine as the ones you’ve been guilty of during the years you’ve been associated with the Vatican Bank.
Cardinal: I’m afraid you were misinformed. I did work with the Bank to bring an end to an unfortunate era of waste and corruption.
Red: Ah. [ Chuckles ] Generally speaking, I’m not a huge fan of the incorruptible, but your new pontiff? He is not your father’s holy father. He has an undeniable decency, which you sorely lack.♤ Yes. At his instruction, you helped to root out corruption so that the Vatican Bank would no longer be in the money-laundering business, but to paraphrase Aristotle, corruption abhors a vacuum. So you moved right in. You and your little band of eunuchs. Kudos on that, by the way. Gathering sick men, tricking them into thinking they’re killing pedophiles when, in fact, they’re killing money launderers whose business you covet?
Cardinal: The Vehm cleanse the world of God’s mistakes. Their other targets are necessary sacrifices for the good of the holy church.
Red: [ Laughs ] No sin in murder or money laundering, so long as it serves our Father here on Earth or you.

[ Door clangs ] [ Sighs ]
Ressler: Donald Ressler, FBI. I understand you’re James Wagner’s Assistant.
Assistant: I am. Is-is something wrong?
Ressler: I need to see him right now.
Assistant: Okay. He stepped out.
Ressler: Call him.
Assistant: He has me hold his phone. He says it messes up the lines in his suit.

Cardinal: I have nothing to confess to you.
Red: Oh, that. I wasn’t really interested in hearing it. Although I suppose life in the abbey must be full of intrigue. What I am interested in is a proposition. Care to hear it?

[ Wagner is walking through the corridors of the school at night ] [ Metallic clatter ] [ Chain rattles ] [ Thud in distance ] [ Wagner turns around ] [ More sounds ] [ Silhouette of Wagner met with that of a child looking at him ]

Cardinal: You have a job for the Vehm?
Red: I do. One that should appeal to you. It’s a money launderer– a formidable player who presents a significant obstacle to anyone interested in clearing the playing field.
Cardinal: Who is it?
Red: Contact the Vehm. Tell them to meet us here. I’ll explain everything then. Not before.
Cardinal: They’re busy.
Red: Mm. The FBI raided their chamber of horrors– killed one, captured some others. They’ll talk. And when they do, they’ll talk about you. So, my proposition is this. Do what I’m asking, do it now, and I’ll make sure you go someplace quiet where the FBI will never find you. [ Chuckles ]
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[ Wagner’s assistant running through school’s darkened halls, followed by Ressler ]
Wagner’s assistant: Up here! Around the corner!
[ Wagner is leaning back against a wall, hyperventilating ]
Ressler: What happened?
Wagner: I- I, I don’t know. I don’t know.
Young woman: We heard some kind of fight, but when we got here, he was alone.
[ Ressler notices Wagner’s still burning cigarette on the floor ]

Samar: Reddington?
Red: Ladies! What a pleasant surprise. Especially you, Agent Keen. I didn’t expect to see you in the field.
Liz: Well, I am a consultant. I came to consult with Cardinal Richards.
Samar: Are you drinking communion wine?
Red: Yes. God, it’s god-awful. If they’d only switch to a good Burgundy, people would be much more devout.♤
Liz: Where is the cardinal?
Red: Ugh! Meeting with congregants. Something about church finances.
[ Cardinal in car, metal mask on head, surrounded by the Vehm ]

[ Breathing heavily ]
Wagner: What, you’re arresting me for smoking?
Ressler: Smoking on school grounds is a public health law violation.
Wagner: I was attacked.
Ressler: We’re searching for the people who assaulted you.
Wagner: Exactly. Yes, those nutjobs assaulted me. I’m the victim.
Ressler: Today you are. But the people who victimized you? Those nutjobs? They go after two types of people– pedophiles and money launderers.
Wagner: I am not a pedophile!
Ressler: Then maybe you launder money. But thanks to you lighting up, I can hold you until we find out. Watch your head, pal.

Samar: The Vehm are the congregants the cardinal is meeting with. Do they know he deceived them?
Red: Yes. I’ve done business with a few of the people they were tricked into killing. So it was easy enough to provide the details necessary to show them they’d been terribly misled.
Liz: Where did they take him?
Red: I have no idea.
Liz: They’re gonna kill him.
Red: Probably. Hell hath no fury like a fundamentalist scorned.
Samar: How did you contact the Vehm?
Red: The cardinal did it for me. He was quite excited about it, actually. In exchange for the promise to keep the FBI from finding him, he agreed to sic the Vehm on one last money launderer. I omitted the fact that the cleaner he was inviting the Vehm to kill was, in fact, himself.♤
Liz: The cardinal took out the others in order to expand his business. Did you take him out to expand yours?
Red: Yes.♤ To raise capital in preparation for war.
Samar: What war?
Red: Ours.♤

Ressler: Holt just gave us a detailed list of every member of the Vehm. So it’ll just be a matter of time before we have them all in custody.
Liz: Anything on Cardinal Richards?
Ressler: Nothing yet, but Main Justice has confirmed that he used various charities to launder profits from offshore gambling, so All in all, I’d say it was a pretty good day.
Samar: Liz, could you give us a second? Yeah, of course.
Samar.: Listen, I know I’ve been prickly with you, and I’m sorry. I read what you wrote about me in the status report, and I just wanted to thank you.
Ressler: I didn’t write about you in the status report.
Samar: The report you submitted to Cooper. You lobbied to get my job back.
Ressler: I don’t know who told you that, but, uh, I didn’t lobby Cooper to get your job back, because I didn’t believe that you should’ve gotten it back.
Samar: I see.
Ressler: I mean, look, it’s nothing personal, but with Reddington being such a wild card, the rest of us need to know where we stand. I’m not so sure I know with you.
Samar: Okay, well, it’s nothing personal, but you sucked in bed.♤

Liz: So, how’d it go?
Tom: The job fell through.
Liz: I don’t understand. I thought you already had it.
Tom: [ Chuckles ] I did.
Liz: Reddington.
Tom: It doesn’t matter. I’ll figure something else out.
Liz: Which he’ll find out about and then sabotage, especially if it means me going away. I know you think I’m overreacting, – but I just want to know that my –
Tom: Our kid.
Liz: I want to know my kid is protected.
Tom: He or she will be, Liz, by me. By us. Look, I have something else lined up, all right? It’s just gonna take me some time to get it going. I do have some say in whether or not we put our child up for adoption. If what I’m gonna try falls through, if Reddington interferes, then maybe you’re right. Maybe I’ll be okay with it, but I’m not right now.
Tom: I’ll be back tomorrow. Can we talk about it then?
Liz: Sure.
Tom: I wish you didn’t have to go home to that empty apartment.
Liz: I don’t know. I’m kind of into empty. I get to take my time. Fill it with what I want. Make it my own. A new start.

[ Liz at hair salon ]
Man: Okay.You ready?
Liz: Yeah.
Man: What are we gonna do with you today?
Liz: Oh – ! [ Both chuckle ]

[ Door opens, closes. Liz has brunette hair again. Red is seated on new couch in Liz’s apartment ]
Liz: What are you doing here?
Red: I missed you. [ Referring to hair style ]
Liz: Yeah, I, uh, dyed my hair to hide. I don’t need to hide anymore.
Red: Lizzie, I misspoke earlier about your child. I said that having it would be inconvenient.
Liz: You got me a couch.
Red: [ Sighs ] When your mother was pregnant with you, it was terribly inconvenient. The Cold War was ending. Her country was falling apart. Everything she had ever known. She dreaded having a child. Almost aborted it. Not one day of her pregnancy did she ever think of you as anything but a curse. And then, from the second you were born there was never a day when she thought you were anything but a blessing. In my experience, there is never a convenient time to have a child. It certainly isn’t a convenient time for you. But if in saying that, I left you with the impression that I didn’t think you should have your baby, I’m sorry for that, because nothing could be further from the truth.
Liz: Tom.
Red: What I did was for your protection.
Liz: Taking his job away.
Red: I’m not a threat to your safety, Lizzie, or your child’s. On the contrary, I can guarantee it, but I cannot do that if you run away.
Liz: You’re the only reason I need protection.
Red: I wish it were that simple.
Liz: I think you should leave.
Red: Yeah. Oh, I should probably mention, I booked a pregnancy massage for you. She’ll be here at 9:00. Her name’s Edwina, she’s a registered nurse, and she smells absolutely divine. [ Referring to couch: ] I hope it goes with the rest of your stuff. I’m told it pulls out.

Samar: Thank you, Aram.
Aram: You’re welcome. Uh, what for, exactly?
Samar: I know it was you who wrote about me in Ressler’s report.
Aram: Oh. That. Too many gerunds?
Samar: He didn’t even know. What did you do, hack into his computer?
Aram: Look, I know it was the wrong thing to do, but this task force needs you.
Samar: I don’t deserve a friend like you.
Aram: Maybe not. Um You have one.
Cooper: Cardinal Richards. They found him.

♪ you know you didn’t understand me

[ Aram is alone, almost, in darkened Post Office, ready to leave. He notices light and activity in Cooper’s office, decides to drop by ]
[ Knock on door ]
Aram: Oh, uh, sir, I didn’t– I didn’t know that–
Cooper: It’s okay, Aram. It’s fine.
Aram: Are you, uh– Are you sleeping here?
Cooper: Charlene and I have separated. I’m looking for a place. Until I find one–
Aram: I am so sorry.
Cooper: Yeah. I am too. Want a drink? [ offering him drink of Scotch ]
Aram: Yeah, I don’t — But I do have some limeade in the fridge downstairs, along with these cherry turnovers that Agent Keen brought in that are amazing. Should I bring them up?
Cooper: Sure, why not? And Aram –
Aram: Yeah.
Cooper: If you could keep this between us.
Aram: Of course. Women.♤

[ Knock on door ]
Liz: Zoe, it’s your neighbor, Liz. Could use some company.
[ Door opens. It’s Baz, one of Red’s guys ]
Liz: Where’s Zoe?
Bas: Reddington moved her out. Got her a bigger apartment.
Liz: Why?
Bas: For your security. We’ll keep a man in this apartment 24 hours a day. Anybody who wants to get you will have to come past us. [ Pause ] Nice hair.

[ On phone ]
Liz: Hello, my name is Elizabeth Keen. I’m calling about my pregnancy. My child. If- if you could please call me at 202-555-0143. It’s about an adoption. Giving up my child.

❌❌❌ 3:12 End The Vehm
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🔴 Episode 3:13 Alistair Pitt

NBC’s series The Blacklist starring James Spader and Megan Boone
Series created by: Jon Bokenkamp
Program air date: 2/4//2016 in the US
Permalink: http://wp.me/pDKwi-2rb ¤ Storybook: http://wp.me/PDKwi-1f3#pitt
Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/1SHzvgi
WSJ Summary: http://on.wsj.com/1Kv98XE
Source: Raw Scripts from Springfield [UK]: http://bit.ly/1VtXhJ6 (dump of captioning)
Last updated: 2/10/2016 3:15 am CT (update note: changes to beating scene)
Director: Michael Watkins
Written by: Nicole Phillips

Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington – James Spader
Elizabeth Keen – Megan Boone
Donald Ressler – Diego Klattenhoff
Harold Cooper – Harry Lennix
Tom Keen – Ryan Eggold
Aram Mojtabai – Amir Arison
Samar Navabi – Mozhan Marnò
Dembe Zuma – Hisham Tawfiq

Danny Vacarro – Vincent Curatola
Mads Eriksson – Ronald Guttman
Agent Gavin Tucker – Joe Holt
Gina Zanetakos – Margarita Levieva
Kristopher Eriksson – Jake Robinson
Alistair Pitt – Tony Shalhoub
Josephine – Stephanie Szostak

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🔴 Script 3:13 Alistair Pitt (№ 103)

Blurb: Liz, Red and the Task Force find themselves in the middle of a war between two drug families. Can a matchmaker help? Tom reconnects with his “ex”, Gina Zanetakos.

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Previously on The Blacklist:
Tom: I got a job.
Liz: Boston? You’re gonna move to–
Tom: We’re gonna move to Boston.
Liz: I’m pregnant.
Red: I assume Tom is the father. I know you want to believe hat our work is done, but it’s not.
Liz: I’m thinking about giving he baby up for adoption.
Tom: Why would you do that?
Liz: My life is so filled with death, how can I bring a child into that world?
Tom: The job fell through.
Liz: Reddington.
Tom: It doesn’t matter. I’ll figure something else out.
I’m not a threat to your safety, Lizzie, or your child’s. … But I cannot do that if you run away.
Liz: You’re the only reason I need protection.
Liz: If-if you could please call me, it’s about giving up my child.

[ Setting: restaurant in NYC. ] [ Siren wails ] [ Light jazz music plays ]
Waiter: Mr. Eriksson, so sorry for the wait. If you’ll follow me.
Woman: Happy, baby, what’s wrong?
Happy: Wait outside.
Woman: No, Happy, let’s just go!
[ 💥💥 Gunfire 💥💥 Mr Eriksson is hit multiple times ]
[ Gasping ]
Woman with Rafael: No! No! No, Rafael, please!

[ In hospital, Eriksson is hooked to life support ] [ Woman sobbing ] [ Monitor beeping ]
[ Outside hospital room, Eriksson”s brothers bare plotting revenge ]
– That was Peter.
– The Vacarros are gathering.
– Listen to me. I don’t care if they see it coming.
– I don’t care if you send them engraved invitations to their own funerals.
– Dad wants them hit, and he wants Rafael Vacarro found– today.
[ Alistair Pitt walks up to them. He is carry with him his constant companions, two white Pomeranians. ]
Alistair Pitt: Gentlemen.
Dag Eriksson: You must be lost, friend.
Alistair Pitt: Oh, my, certainly not, Dag. May I call you Dag? And Gregor. Please accept my deepest condolences for the tragedy that has befallen your beloved brother.
– Who the hell are you?
Alistair Pitt: A friend– here to see your father.
– Our father’s not seeing anyone.
Alistair Pitt: Oh, he’ll see me.

Paterfamilias “Mads” Eriksson: This symbol– I saw it once. Said to be the mark of the man who can do the impossible.
Alistair Pitt: I was so very sorry to hear about your son. Perhaps I could be of some assistance.
Father: What kind of assistance?
Alistair Pitt: I fear this child may be lost. I’m here to help you save the others.

[ Red is in a restaurant with a stunning, lively brunette woman ]
Josephine: Raymond, I know that you’re always going to do what you believe is the right thing to do. But I don’t ever want you to think that you have to change your plans on my account.
Red: Plans change. Between Seoul, Moscow, then back to Beijing, then Shanghai, it would have been a month and a half. I canceled it. I wanted to bring you something.
[ He removes the wrapping from a delicate blown glass giraffe ]
Josephine: Oh, Raymond.
Red: What good is a collection if it doesn’t grow? [ Chuckles ]
Josephine: It’s beautiful.
Red: It’s German– pre-war. Survived the Allied bombing in ’45. Miracle.
[ Red notices a change in Josephine’s expression. His voice changes.]
Red: What is it?
Josephine: I’m getting married.
Red: Do you love him?
Joselph: I love you.
[ Red reaches over to her, touches her eye ]

Adoption Agency Lady: You don’t have to explain, Liz. Whatever reason you have for giving your child up for adoption, I’m sure it’s a good one.
Liz: When Tom and I were looking to start a family, you gave us all the information about the birth mother. Would you be giving prospective parents information about me?
Adoption Agency Lady: Couples looking to adopt know children often come from difficult backgrounds. And that’s okay. Even in an open adoption,
Liz: I mean, I would need to see the child.
Adoption lady: That makes it more difficult but not impossible. Whatever a mother’s issues, they’re rarely held against the child.You’ll fill out a questionnaire, which I’ll make available to prospective parents. At the same time, you’ll be able to look at their profiles online.
Liz: And if we both swipe right, we’re hooked up for life?
Lady; If you and Tom swipe right. He does have a say in this.
Liz: Yeah, of course. This is a decision that we have to make together, and I mean, he would be here if he didn’t have to be away for work right now.

Tom: Excuse me, where’s your restroom? –
[ Tom is washing hands. Looks up, sees Gina behind him. She slams him against the wall ] [ Grunts ]
Gina; Why are you doing this?
Tom: Gina. [ Sarcasrically, mimicking how Gina might have greeted him,: ] ‘Hey, Jacob. How you doing? It was nice to hear from you, too.’
Gina: It wasn’t nice hearing from you, and I want to know why you’re doing it– the real reason.

Red: I see your new home is a work in progress.
[ Door closes, keys thud ]
Red: What colors are you considering?
Liz: You know, I usually like people think to enter my apartment after I’m in it.
Red: Have you ever heard of the promnestria?
Liz: No, is he here, too?
Red: It’s a term the Ancient Greeks used to describe a matchmaker– a negotiator.
In this case, a man who brings together warring crime families nhrough mutual self-interest, leverage, or violence if necessary.
Liz: My mother– was she still alive when I was placed with Sam?
Red: Yes.
Liz; Why did she do it?
Red: I let myself in because the situation is urgent. On Wall Street, a well-planned merger can return a windfall profit. Criminal enterprises are no different. The promnestria convinces sworn enemies that there is more profit in friendship. In return, he gets a percentage of the new venture. He only surfaces when he sees an opportunity for enormous financial gain. And I’m afraid he has resurfaced to unite two very lethal enemies.
Liz: How did my mother die?
Red: As I said, the matter is urgent.

Liz: Mads Eriksson runs a criminal conglomerate with his three sons. Or at least he did. Hans Eriksson, AKA Happy, who later died, was shot in a New York restaurant by Rafael Vacarro, son of Daniel Vacarro.
Ressler: Patriarch of he Vacarro consortium.They transported the heroin processed by the Erikssons until 2003 when they had a falling out over a hijacked shipment.
Liz: Each family blamed the other. And Gregor Eriksson was shot, and Vacarro’s nephew was killed.
Ressler: If these organizations do merge, hey’d rival the Mexican cartels for the majority of the drugs trafficking on the East Coast.
Cooper: Start with the DEA. Find out what they know about a merger. Pull every tap, listen to every call. If either side has said so much as a hello to this promnestria, I want to know about it.
Samar: I’m gonna throw you a baby shower.
Liz; Oh, Samar, no–
Samar: All I need is a guest list and whether you want brunch or dinner, co-ed or single sex, and where you’re registered.
Liz: I’m not registered.
Samar: Okay. I’m gonna go talk to the DEA, and you are going to go to swag4mommy.com and hunt for some cute onesies.
Liz; swag4mommy.com? Who are you?
Samar: A Jewish mother. Part of my Mossad training.

[ Alistair Pitt is taking a bubble bath as his two Pomeranians watch. ]
Pitt: Darlings, wonderful news. Mr. Eriksson and Mr. Vacarro are open to hearing about our merger proposal.
[ Dog growls ]
Pitt: I agree. No, I’ve promised a solution, and we must deliver.
[ Growls ]
Pitt: Yes, we’ll need to be very creative.
[ Growls ]
Pitt: What’s that? No, no, no, no. Say again.
[ Growls ]
Pitt: [Chuckling] Oh my. That is a brilliant idea. Marilyn, you are a hopeless romantic. Here, that’s for you.[ Laughs. To other dog: ] You, you’ve been of no help whatsoever.

Gina Zanetakos: That’s why you want in on this? For her? Your phony wife?
Tom Keen: We’re not married.
Gina: The mark you dumped me for?
Tom: She’s pregnant. We’re having a kid, so, yeah, I’m doing this for Liz.
Gina: You expect me to hire you so you and the woman who sent me to prison can live happily ever after in the south of France?
Tom: You can think whatever you want, Gina, and I don’t blame you for thinking the worst, but I need the job. All right? I need the money.
Gina: [ Scoffs ] The Major has been looking for you ever since you left him for dead with those Neo-Nazis. This is his op. I work for him. You honestly expect me to bring you on and not tell the Major? You know what he’ll do to me if he finds out?
Tom: I get it. I never should have called. All right, I was desperate, and I thought–
Gina: “Gee, let me call the girl I dumped to see if she can help with the girl I knocked up.”
Tom: It was nice seeing you.
[ Tom leaves, but Gina catches up wirh him ]
Gina: The take is $22 million. Split six ways. You’ll have to split your share with the missus.

DEA Officer Tucker: Where are you getting your intel?
Ressler: A confidential source.
Tucker (DEA!: I see. So the DEA’s supposed to hand over all our surveillance, but you get to play it close to the vest?
Ressler: Look, we could be allies or enemies. We’re asking for help, not demanding it.
Samar: And we’re sharing what we know. Our information is that a merger of the families was proposed.
Tucker: Proposed by who?
Ressler: Well, that’s what we’re rying to figure out. I mean, you know these guys. Who could make the peace?
Tucker: Peace? With Happy getting popped? If you weren’t talking about peace, I’d be prepping for an escalation, which is what I should be doing.
[ Cellphone vibrates ]
Tucker: Tucker. You’re kidding me, right? When? Mads and Danny rolled in an hour ago. We also got a hit on Vacarro’s wire. We think they’re gonna meet.
Ressler: Guess that makes us allies.

Ressler: [ Surveillinng outside ] There’s a lot of people out here. You, uh, sure about your intel?
Tucker: You’re questioning my intel but didn’t know your own partner was a Russian spy?
Liz: Yeah, ’cause I’m not.
Tucker: You’re not an agent either, comrade. So I don’t know what you’re doing here.
Ressler: Oh, come on. She’s just a pregnant lady taking photos. There’s nothing wrong with that.

[ Camera shutter clicks ]
Navabi: I’ve got a 20 on Danny Vacarro. East side, walking to the corner.
Agent: Eriksson coming in from the south.
Agent: Yeah.
Liz: Say cheese.
[ Camera shutter clicks ]
Danny Vacarro: [ Over wire ] I didn’t think you’d come. The promnestria’s reputation precedes him. I’ve got men all around the park.
Mads Eriksson: Yeah, me too.
Ressler:[ Static ] – Jesus, Navabi.
[ Static stops ]
Eriksson: Seeing as how your boy made the first move, like father, like son.
Ressler: [ Tapping on recording equipment to get rid of static ] That’s him. Are you guys seeing this? Look, we need to hear what’s going on in there. [ Door opens ]
Alistair Pitt: [ Seated in restaurant with his two Pomeranians on chairs at the table ] Gentlemen, join us. Please.
Danny Vacarro: I’m not drinking with him.
Pitt: [ Chuckles ] [ Dog growls ] Please.
Mads Eriksson: You say you can save my children? You have five minutes to tell me how.
Ressler: Navabi, get ears in there now.
Pitt: Every successful merger is based on a recognition of mutual interest, yes?
Eriksson: Merger? That’s it? That’s your proposal? That we merge our businesses?
Samar: If I can get closer to the windows, I might be able to to catch something.
Ressler: If we don’t actually hear them conspiring, we’ve got nothing.
Pitt: Your organizations both value family. It’s your greatest strength and the source of your greatest friction. So remove the friction. Stop the bloodshed by joining the bloodlines.
Pitt: Your youngest son, your youngest daughter bound in marriage.
[ Both laugh ]
– Yes, you can do the impossible
– find something we can agree on.
– This marriage will never happen.
Pitt: This marriage must happen. Before your falling out, you controlled 65% of the drug trade on the Eastern seaboard. Now you control 22% You may not want to merge, but if you don’t, you’ll be out of business.
Danny Vacarro: Hey– my daughter’s not a commodity to use in a business negotiation.
Pitt: Studies show that love, satisfaction, and commitment are equally common in both arranged and love-based marriages. So I am confident that my proposal can result in happiness and financial reward.
Mads Eriksson: What you’re proposing requires trust. We have none.
Pitt: None of my clients do, which is why you, like all my clients, must swear to uphold and enforce not only this merger, but all mergers brokered with my assistance. Here is my client list. They are powerful and well-armed. Should either of you betray the other, they will destroy your families.
[ Sighs ] [ Camera shutter clicks ]
Pitt: You’ll want some time to think it over. I do hope you see the merit in my proposal. We do so love a wedding. [ To Pomeranians ] Yes, we do. Yes, we do. Yes, we do.

Tom: What you’re talking about isn’t a job. It’s a suicide mission. Only two crews have targeted Reinder-De Groot. Both were slaughtered.
Gina : Gina: By Geert Klerken, I know. But that was 12 years ago.
Tom: Which is why nobody has been crazy enough to try it since.
[ 💥 Gunshots 💥 ]
Gina: Well, almost nobody. Over the past four months, a crew of mine has been lifting a piece here, a piece there from their showroom, adding up to almost half a million dollars.
Tom: Why would you antagonize a psychopath for $500,000?
Gina: To get his attention. Reinder-De Groot uses only the finest stones. They’re transferred go a secure vault and basement work rooms, where they’re placed in settings and shipped to stores all around the world.
Tom. And you want to hit those work rooms?
Gina: I’m getting in. All I need is a pretty face to help me get there. Know where I can find one of those?

Red: Remember the jazz club you took me to in that little cave in St. Germain? We should go there right now.
Josephine: No, it closed.
Red: When did it close?
Josephine: Six months ago.
Red: [ Chuckles ] Oh, my gosh. It’s been that long. [ Red notices Josephine has bruises on her wrist. Sighs ] I can protect you. All you need to do is ask.
Josephine: You know what I need? I need you to take me to Amorino. Buy me a stracciatella. And then maybe I’ll give you a bite.
Dembe [ Interrupts Red’s sleeping ] Raymond. We have arrived.
Red: Oh. Hello, Lizzie. You have the photo?
Liz: Good luck getting an ID. The DEA had nothing. Facial recognition was a bust. CSU swept for prints, but it’s an active business. They pulled hundreds of latents. Running those will take time we don’t have.
Red: Your law enforcement agencies love their gadgets and their sweeps. The FBI admitted to spending, what, a billion dollars in facial-recognition software? Which means they spent at least $3 billion. Honestly, if I paid taxes, I’d be outraged.♤ Rogelio! Como esta?
Rogelio: Bien. Raymond! [ Chuckles ] Hey, hola, Dembe. What happened to your arm? Dembe: Dembe: Snowboarding.
Red: This man, I want him found.
Rogelio: For you, Raymond, claro que sí.
Red: Right now hotel maids, cooks, waiters, valets all over the city are receiving that photo and will be searching for our target. The people who do all he cooking, cleaning, washing, carrying, and parking, hey have access to everything. You may recall I once had he opportunity to broker the sale of Rembrandt’s “Storm On The Sea Of Galilee.”
Liz: You mean do I remember you being in possession of a stolen masterpiece? Yeah, I recall that.
Red: Well, the man who actually stole he painting– Rogelio’s cousin was his gardener. How is Tony?
Rogelio: Deported. Last month.
Red: Ohh. Dembe will give you the number of our man in Calexico. He just built a fabulous tunnel. We’ll have Tony back by this time next week.
Rogelio: Many thank yous, my friend.
Red: Your fee and a bonus to the first person to spot our man.

Ressler: How the hell did Reddington find this guy? He’s like a magician. I hate magicians. That and lap dogs. I mean, I really hate lap dogs.
Navabi: Aram, what have you got?
Aram: All right, the money for the room was wired from a phony overseas account, but I do have a cell number used to book the reservation. Mr. Cooper is expediting a warrant for a tap.
Also, according to the registry, his name is Maximiliano Cartier, which however awesome is obviously a fake.
Samar: Speaking of registries, Aram, do you want to go in on a baby gift for Liz?
Ressler: [ Chuckles ] She register for commonsense? ‘Cause if she’s down for having Tom’s kid, she needs some.
Aram: I think it’s romantic to forgive someone you love even if they had an insane error in judgment, which gives you night sweats and causes you to lose nine pounds in a month.
I mean, it could anyway, in in theory.

[Eriksson sits down with Pitt ]
Samar: He’s got company.
Alastair Pitt: Mr. Vacarro has agreed to move forward if you agree.
Danny Varcarro: What about he stumbling block?
Pitt: I have a solution. But I should warn you it will require you to mislead your son.
Aram: Hey, guys. Bad news– the cell number he used to book the room is a burner.
Who is this guy?
Eriksson: You’re asking me to hurt my son. But if I say no, his war will kill him. You have my permission.
Pitt:[ Sighs ] My people are standing by. It will be done today.
Ressler: All right, you stick with Eriksson. I’ll, uh, stay with Liberace and the pooches.

Mrs. Danny Vacarro: You want our daughter to marry an Eriksson?
No, it’s not what I want, but after two decades–
Mrs: This won’t change that!
Danny: We agree that it will. And this agreement is enforceable.
Mrs: By whom? This man you just met? He has the power to keep the peace?
Danny: The killing has to stop. And whatever price we have to pay to make that happen–
Alicia: I thought you were mad ’cause I scratched the car.
Mrs: Alicia. Baby, we’re not doing this.
Alicia: Mama, I’m not a child anymore. I know who we are. All the funerals, the sacrifices made for this family– I’ve always wondered what I would have to do to make a difference
Maybe now I know.

Ressler: Yeah, he’s still outside at City Memorial. He hasn’t moved in about, uh, 20 minutes.
Aram: Why?
Ressler: I don’t know, but maybe you can tell me. Why don’t you search patient records, staff, physicians, anyone with the last name Eriksson or Vacarro. Aram: I’m looking, but– Hold on. No, nothing. Oh, hang on, hang on He’s moving.
⋘ ⋙
Christopher Eriksson;[ Chuckles ] Hey.
Anna Gardner: [ Smooches ] So, I think I have an hour for lunch.
Christopher: You know you won’t have to work once we’re married.
Anna: – Really? – [ Chuckles ] What if I want to?
Aram: Hang on – Anna Gardner. She’s Christopher Eriksson’s fiancé and a nurse at City Memorial.
Ressler: Christopher– which one is that?
Aram: He’s the youngest son. That must be why the promnestria is there.
[ Engine rumbles ] [ Tires screech ] Get out of the way! Move! [ Tires screech ] [ 💥💥 Gunshots 💥💥 ] [ Anna is hit several times ]
Christopher: Anna! Baby
[ Gasping ]
Christopher: No, no. No, no.
Ressler: FBI, FBI! Hey, come here! Come here! You’re gonna be okay.

Gina: [ Intros Tom to her group ] This is Mr.Fox, our inside man. Communications, security, our gemologist, the driver.
Tom. Very friendly.
Gina: Gentlemen. We hit Reinder-De Groot at 5:45. 15 minutes before the security swing shift arrives.That’s the window. We get caught, we’re dead. Not arrested, dead. Okay, then. Let’s go to work.[ Gun clicks ] I
Gina: [ To Tom]: Got you a little something. Some might say it’s a disguise, but I guess it’s who you really are. [ Gina pits a pair of eyeglassss on Tom ]
Tom [ Chuckles ] Just my size.
Gina: Such a pretty face.

Mads: Christopher. [ They hug ]
Christopher: [ Voice breaking ] She’s dead.
Mads: I know.
Christopher: They came for me, and they got her. We have to go after them– hard.
Mads: What we have to do is make it stop.
Christopher: What does that mean? [ Notices Pitt ] Who are you? You were at the hospital.
Alistair Pitt: My dear boy, I simply cannot convey he depth of my condolences for your senseless loss. And killing a harmless girl, a true innocent– it’s proof that this conflict must end.
We have something to discuss.

Liz: [ On phone ] They said they’re interested? .
Adoption agency lady: They’re checking their schedule but they said they want to meet as soon as possible.
Liz: Oh, that’s perfect. Uh- Well, uh, as soon as you have a time, just give me a call back.

[Door opens ]
Samar: Okay, that’s great, Levi. I’ll see you tomorrow.
Liz: Levi? How is your impossibly gorgeous ex?
Samar: He asked me to dinner, so I’m going. It’s nothing. Have you decided
where to register?
Liz: Uh The burp rags can wait. Uh, what happened at the hospital? [ Sighs ]
Ressler: Her name was Anna Gardner She was a nurse at City Memorial and Christopher Eriksson’s fiance’s.
Liz; Why would the promnestria have Christopher killed? All it does is make his family hate the Vacarros even more, if that’s possible.
Red: [ On phone ] He wasn’t after the son. The fiancé was the target. He’s brokering a marriage.
Cooper: Between these two families? That’s absurd.
Liz: You really think it’s possible that he had Christopher’s fiancé killed so Christopher would be available to marry a Vacarro?
Samar: Arranged marriage has been a tool of peacekeeping and empire-building for centuries.
It’s still practiced in many parts of Asia, Africa, he Middle East.Thousands of children are forced into arranged marriages every year, often with judicial approval. The Erikssons and Vacarros are not just families, they’re businesses. This isn’t about love and marriage. This is about profit and loss.
Red: The promnestria will require a meeting of all family members to formalize the arrangement. Find that meeting, and you’ll find him.
Cooper: And how do you propose we do that?
Red: Funny you should ask, Harold.

Red: Hello, Mads.
Mads Eriksson: Raymond Reddington.
Red: Your contact at the port of New Orleans– call him. Confirm he received an anonymous ip about a DEA raid. Saved you about $10 million in lost inventory.
[ Dialing ]
Red: Do you have any cookies? [ Line ringing ] Ah.
Mads: It-it’s me. I’m told there was a raid.
And we’re good? [ Scoffs ]
Red: These are yummy. It’s the nutmeg, isn’t it? I’ll call you soon.
[ Phone claps shut ]
Mads: You tipped my people? Why?
Red: Wedding present.
Mads: You heard.
Red: I respect the decision, Mads. Difficult one, I’m sure, but good for business. Mazeltov!
Mads: My kid is not happy about it.
Red: What about you? Danny Vacarro for an in-law. Talk about a labor of love.
Mads: Thank you for the tip, Raymond. The families, theirs and ours, we’re getting together tomorrow. It’d be nice to have a friendly face.
Red:[ Laughs ]

Mrs. Vacarro: I’d rather die than have an Eriksson touch my little girl.
Danny Vacarro: So would I.
Mrs: But you’re giving her away. For what? A business deal hat will never hold? A war that will never end?
Danny: Oh, it will. The Erikssons are all coming to the celebration.
Mrs: What are you saying? Danny: We kill them tomorrow. All of them.

Cooper: We staged the DEA raid so Reddington could tip off he Erikssons. In exchange, he was supposed to give us intel on the families meeting. So where the hell is he?
Liz.:I can’t get him to call me back.
Aram: Okay, so, I’ve been monitoring he promnestria’s burner, and he just placed a call to some kind of personal assistant, I think. The call was made to a residence in London owned by a Mr. Alistair Pitt. So Scotland Yard pulled his taxes. He’s the right age for our suspect, claims he’s a corporate consultant. Here. And listen.

Alistair: There’s a dinner tonight at the Greenwald to formalize. I’ll need a car to take us there at 7:00, then directly to the airport..

Cooper: Notify Ressler and Samar. I want infiltration teams at the Greenwald hotel as soon as possible. Keen, if Reddington reaches out, don’t take his call.

Ressler: Mobile 1, we’ve accessed the hotel feeds. All units report.
[ Muzak plays ]
Samar: Eriksson is walking in now. Gregor and Dag are behind him.
Tucker: Davenport. Come back.
Davenport: Security’s tight. No weapons, no phones. On the Vacarro side, I’m seeing Danny, Mariana. No sign of Rafael.
Samar: He knows there’s an open warrant.
Ressler: Warrant or not, everybody who shows up tonight is getting brought in for questioning, no exceptions.
Tucker: You got approval for that?
Ressler: Pitt murdered an innocent woman. When he shows, we take them all.

Tucker (DEA): Whoa, look what the cat dragged in. Your fugitive-in-arms, comrade Rostova.
Liz: Don’t call me that.
Tucker: Davenport, we got a visual on Raymond Reddington. Moving your way. We’re gonna breach.
Ressler: Negative, I repeat, negative. Do not breach. This is our op. We breach now, we lose Pitt. Look, we’ll sweep him up when we grab the others, but only once we see our target.

Gina: Oh, I really do fancy his necklace. And that ring. Can I see?
Woman: Of course.
Gina: Where is the mirror?
Tom: It’s over there. It is very nice, but it’s about hree zeros out of my budget.
Gina: Oh, my God. I have to have it. [ Chuckles ] Oh, I left the keys in the car. Ugh. Colin would kill me if I got another one nicked. Be back.
Woman: All right.
[ Tom rakes down Gina b
Gina: [ Screams ] – Help! Somebody! –
Owner: Sir! Release that woman!
Tom: She’s a thief. Agent Brian Kelly, FBI. This woman is part of a gang hat my team has been investigating for six months.
Owner: I knew it! They owe me a half a million.
Tom: Her team is still somewhere in the area. Do you have somewhere I can take her, somewhere private? Let’s go. I need to call in the rest of my squad to secure the suspect. Do you have a back entrance we could use?
Owner: Meet the police at the loading dock. Let them in the back.
Tom: Suspect in custody. Come in through the back. Copy?
Driver: Copy that. On our way.

Server: Champagne?
Red: Thank you, my dear.
Mads: Mr. Reddington. I’m so honored you were able to join us.
Red: I’m a sucker for mob weddings.
Mrs Vacarro: [ Laughs ] What a night. Raymond, right? Mads tells me you two have business dealings?
Red: I didn’t know the two of you were on a first-name basis.
Mads[ Sighs ] We’re doing our best to forgive and forget.
Mrs Vacarro: Mm.There’s some good in the worst of us and some evil in the best of us. And when we discover this, we are less prone to hate our enemies.
Red: To our enemies.
[ Chuckles ] [ Glasses clink ]
Mrs Vacarro: Mm. Excuse me.
[ Whispers indistinctly ]
Mads: I’m sorry, Raymond, if you’ll excuse me.
Red: [ To Dembe ] All things considered, mom’s a little cheery. Keep an eye on her and Danny while I find the happy couple.

[ Door opens, closes ]
Pitt: You loved her, didn’t you? Let me tell you a secret. Love isn’t a feeling. It’s a choice.
[ Knock on door ] [ Door opens ] [ Vacarro daughter enters ]
Pitt: Ah! Darling, come in. Come, come, come. Come, come, come. I understand you two have had an opportunity to talk. That’s good. Then we’re agreed.

Davenport: I’ve got eyes on Reddington, Tucker.– Do I have the go or not? –
Ressler: Negative.
Tucker: I was told to give you guys carte blanche because you’re bringing down guys justice hasn’t even heard of. When I asked how you did it, I never got a straight answer. I think I know why.
Liz: You don’t know anything.
Tucker: I know we helped you when you were a fugitive. Now, what aren’t you telling me, comrade Rostova?
Liz: I told you not to call me that.

Gunman with trunk of weapons: [ Gun cocks ] It’s all here.
Danny Vacarro: Right after I finish the toast. When I raise my glass, that’s the signal.
[ Door squeaks ] [ Glass dings ]
Vacarro: Ladies and gentlemen as the father of the bride, I’d like to say a few words. So much of what has happened between our families has been wrong. And it’s enough. And if it takes my baby girl to show me the path to peace, so be it. Mads, you have my guarantee that no Vacarro will ever break the agreement that we’ve made here today.
Red: May they have the patience to endure one more toast. I am but a humble guest, but please permit me to raise a glass to what I think we all can agree is the most improbable yet consequential occasion.
Ressler: What’s he doing?
Liz: He’s trying to draw he promnestria out.
Red: Love is a funny, fickle thing. A slippery slope. Most weddings are fraught with it. This one, not so much. This is business. The brainchild of a brilliant opportunist– a broker of bonds, a procurer of peace. You would think, being singularly responsible for this evening’s prenuptials, he might take a bow. Where is he? Come now, don’t be modest. You do such astonishing, despicable work.
Mads: [ Clears throat ] Maybe I think it’s enough.
Red: I’m dying to hear how he did it. How he brought you two jackals together. How he got rid of Christopher’s fiancé, Anna. How he lied to the boy, let him believe she was slaughtered by the Vacarros, only to turn around and convince him to marry into the very family he despises. What a telenovela!
– What the hell are you–
– No, no, no, wait.
– I want to hear what he’s saying.
Red. I once spent three weeks cooped up in motel on Zihuatanejo just glued to the telenovela Amorcito Corazon– “My Darling Sweetheart.” This unlucky-in-love architect who lost the love of her life when she was 18 because of her controlling father. But perhaps I cut too close to the bone. It was you, Mads, who approved the hit. Isn’t that right?
Christopher: Dad, what is he talking about? –
Mads: He’s wrong. – Never would I have– deceive your son, killing the love of his life.
Christopher: They killed Anna– you said so.
Danny: No, no, no, no. We never touched that girl. You’re the animals who operate like that, not us.
Red: Oh, here we go. Better than TV.
Christopher: You killed her, didn’t you? For this? You knew I would never be able to let her go.
Mads: We did it to save you! For the good of the family!
Alistair Pitt: [ Comes out ] Gentlemen, everyone! – Please, please.
Ressler: That’s our target. All teams on site, breach, breach now!
Vacarro: Do it now.
[ Woman screams ] [ Screaming ]
[ Indistinct shouting ] [ 💥💥💥 Gunfire as sides engage 💥💥💥 ]
Red: [ To Dembe ] Grab the bride and groom. Meet us at the car.
DEA: DEA! Freeze! Drop your weapon.
[ Liz takes him out ]
[ Exhales sharply ]
Liz: [ To Red ] This was so you could get to him. That’s what this whole thing was about.
Red: Might I suggest we have this conversation on the move?
Tucker: She’s not going anywhere.
Red: Oh, for God’s sake.
Tucker: I knew it. He’s your informant. That’s why you have so much juice, why they let you off.
Isn’t that right, comrade Rostova?
Liz: I told you not to call me that.
Tucker: Comrade– [ Gunshot 💥 Red shoots him in the neck ]
Red: [ Laughs ] Mr. Pitt and I have a plane to catch.
Pitt: We most certainly do not.
Red:I’d be happy to drop you somewhere safe along the way.

Tom: You want to tell me how many are on your team?
Gina: I’ve told you here’s no team. It was a mistake. I was in a hurry, and I must have put the ring in my pocket– Would you mind turning those off?
Owner: I’d be delighted.
Tom: Hey, we know your gang is hitting jewelry stores all over the city. All right, I want names, and I want them right now. [ Whacks her ] You want to have a go?
Owner: I thought you would never ask.
[ Grunts ] [ Handcuffs clatter ]
Gina: [ Whacks Tom ] Ohh! That’s for hitting me harder than you were supposed to.
[ Gina kisses him ]
Tom: What was that for?
Gina: The hell of it. Come on, family man. We have work to do. Let’s go.

Liz: Samar, I just spoke to the DA, and he says he has enough evidence to put both families out of business.
Samar: Hey, what’s wrong?
Liz: Nothing.
Samar: Um, did you ever get registered? Because Aram is asking.
Liz: Samar, what’s wrong?
Samar: I had dinner with Levi. He’s engaged. To a woman he met a week after we broke up. [ Sighs ] And it’s fine. We were never gonna be– It’s just, um I don’t know what I’m doing. Forget it. Let’s just talk about the shower and how great it will be.
Liz: There’s not going to be a shower.
Samar: Why not?
Liz: Well I found this wonderful coupl …

[ Red is seated at table in restaurant, impatient, checking his watch. Cellphone rings ]
Red: Josephine.
[ Pounding on door ]
Man’s voice: [ Heard over phone, in background ] Josephine, open this door right now!
Josephine: [ Crying into phone ] He knows. He knows about us.
Red: Josephine! Where are you?
Josephine: Our apartment, place St. Pierre.
Man’s voice: Open this door right now!
Josephine: Hurry, please. He’s insane.
[ Pounding continues ]
[ Red forces entry⚡️ Gun drawn, he searches for Josephine. She lies on the floor, moaning, her face bruised and cut. Red rushes to her, drops to his knees. ]
Red: Josephine? Josephine? No. Josephine.
[ Josephine’s husband approaches, shouting ]
Husband: You! Get out! What are you gonna do?
[ Red blasts the husband.💥💥💥💥💥 Glass shatters ]
Husband: Ohh!
Red: Josephine. Josephine. [ Breathing heavily ] Josephine, no, no.

Red: I bought this flat four years ago. So that some day I could bring you here to the scene of your crime. Josephine Molire. Now, listen. Josephine’s father was the most prolific criminal arms dealer in Eastern Europe. But for all his success, he had a problem, an enemy. An aggressive and lethal competitor named Stockwell.
Alistair Pitt: I had nothing to do with what happened to that poor girl–
Red: Yes, you did. Perhaps not directly, but very much by your hand. You arranged a marriage. The youngest Molire daughter to the only Stockwell son– a burgeoning psychopath with a long and troubling history of violence. To guarantee peace and profit for all, you arranged her marriage to this man.
Pitt: Please. Don’t. Don’t do this.
Red: I held her in my arms and watched the life disappear from her eyes. You destroyed a creature more beautiful than you could ever comprehend.
[ 💥💥💥 Shell casings clatter ]

[ ♪ Robert Forster’s “Demon Days” plays ]

♪ in these demon days
we’re pulling our pay

Liz: They’re not coming.

♪ the lights on the hill

Adoption Agency lady: There’s been a bump.

♪ are freezing us still

Liz: They’re rejecting my baby?
Adoption Agency lady: No, not exactly. They still want the baby.

♪ stretch out and take
us to a night –

Liz: Oh, I see.

♪ but something’s not right

Liz: They’re rejecting me.

♪ something’s gone wrong

Liz: But I thought you said on the phone–

Adoption Agency lady: They hadn’t put it together that you were that Elizabeth Keen. I’m sorry, but they’ll only take the baby if it’s a closed adoption.
Liz: Meaning I would never know my child? My baby would never know who I am? [ Voice breaking ] I can’t do that.
Adoption Agency lady: I underestimated how difficult this was gonna be. But if you are intent on giving up your child, I think you have to accept that you’re not gonna be able to be in its life.
[ Exhales sharply ]

♪ something’s gone wrong
in these demon days
we’re pulling our pay
the lights on the hill
are freezing us still
the fingers of fate
stretch out and take
us to a night
but something’s not right

[ Josephine is seated upright in a wheelchair. She is mute, possibly paralyzed, her face scarred, her eyes blank. Red is standing next to her with his hand on her shoulder. He kneels down, looks into her eyes, presses an animal blown of glass into her hand for her collection. ]
Red: Josephine it’s done.
[ A single tear trickles down her cheek. ]
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♫ Before Today
by Everything but the Girl

♪ I don’t want excuses
I don’t want your smiles
I don’t want to feel like we’re apart a thousand miles
I don’t want your attitude
I don’t want your things
I don’t want a phone that never rings
I want your love, and I want it now
I want your love, and I want it now

♪ I don’t want your history
I don’t want that stuff
I want you to shut your mouth
That would be enough
I don’t care if you’ve been here before
You don’t understand
Tonight, I feel above the law, I’m coming in to land
I want your love, and I want it now
I want your love, and I want it now

♪ My heart is that much harder now
That’s what I thought before today
My heart is that much harder now
And I thought that it would stay that way, before today

♪ Before today
I don’t want a phone that never rings
I want your love, and I want it now
I want your love, and I want it now
I want your love
I want your love
I want your love
I want your love
I want your love
I want your love
I want your love

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/20nonEd
YouTube: http://bit.ly/1Xhf5cV
YouTube play: http://youtu.be/Nei8tPxN_l4


♫ Demon Days
by Robert Forster

♪ In these demon days
We’re pulling our pay
The lights on the hill
Are freezing us still
The fingers of fate
Stretch out and take
Us to a night
But something’s not right
Something’s gone wrong

♪ The half whispered hopes
The dreams that we smoked
Puffed up and ran
As only dreams can
Dreamt by the young
Sparks to be sung
In places so bright
But something’s not right
Something’s gone wrong

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/1Q2UxFw
YouTube: http://bit.ly/1W0yiOT
YouTube Play: http://youtu.be/6p1uZbzFk1s

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༺ ✿⊰ ♤ ⊱✿༻

❌❌❌ 3:13 End Alistair Pitt



🔴 Episode 3:14 Lady Ambrosia

NBC’s series The Blacklist starring James Spader and Megan Boone
Series created by: Jon Bokenkamp
Program air date: 2/11//2016 in the US
Permalink: http://wp.me/pDKwi-2tG ¤ Storybook: http://wp.me/PDKwi-1f3#lady

Blurb:Not a children’s tale” – A childhood nightmare of a woman living deep in the woods who abducts children.

Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/1TcxdE8
WSJ Summary: http://on.wsj.com/240Vcvm
Source: Raw Script from Forever Dreaming: http://bit.ly/1QciD0C (dump of captioning)
Director: Taylor Hunter
Written by: Tim Martin

Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington – James Spader
Elizabeth Keen – Megan Boone
Donald Ressler – Diego Klattenhoff
Harold Cooper – Harry Lennix
Tom Keen – Ryan Eggold
Aram Mojtabai – Amir Arison
Samar Navabi – Mozhan Marnò
Dembe Zuma – Hisham Tawfiq


Anya – Gracie Beardsley
Noah – Mark Blum
Rebecca – Christine Cartell
Brimley – Teddy Coluca
Jeanne Linley (Ethan’s mother) – Maria Dizzia
Theo – Gabriel Ebert
Mr Linley (Ethan’s father) – Neall Huff
Woman at DMV – Leslie Jones
Gina Zanetakos – Margarita Levieva
Glen Carter – Clark Middleton
Judy Sickler – Tonye Pitano
Vasilia Patinka – Jelena Stupljanin


🔴 Script 3:14 Lady Ambrosia (№ 77)


[ ♫ “Had You So Long” by Rick Coyne plays ]
♪ I know you too damn well ♪
♪ to let it go ♪

[ A white-haired woman is grocery shopping. She stops and gasps seeing a bloody bare footprint on the floor, followed by another – a whole set of them leading to the candy aisle. A boy 6-8 is sitting on the floor. He is dressed rustically and his face is painted in yellow and orange streaks and daubs. Candy bags are torn open and candy is spilled around him and he is stuffing marshmallows into his mouth. ]
Woman: You– you all right, son? Are you hurt? Son, do you need help?

♪ don’t tell me that you’re still in… ♪

Red: Hey.
Liz: Hey. What’s this?
Red: A trust account for your child.
Liz: I-I can’t take this. I’m sorry.
Red: When I was young, I loved fairy tales. I was always partial to shapeshifters, who seemed good and sweet, but they were full of unimaginable darkness.

Red: Once upon a time, there lived a woman in the woods.
She was neither purely evil, nor purely good.
She gathered unwanted children and gave them a home in which to stay.
She promised them they’d live forever and a day.
She changed them into colors, so beautiful, so bold.

Liz: She cared for them so sweetly, they never grew old.

Red: [ Laughs ] You know it.
Liz: Lady Ambrosia. Ugh. Always creeped me out. I’m more of a Wizard of Oz fan. You just can’t beat a farm girl in great shoes. [ Laughs ]
Red: Every culture has their version of a mythic creature who takes children. The Germans have Der Grossmann, the Mexicans– La Llorona. But there are whispers that Lady Ambrosia is not a myth, that there’s a real woman out there– takes unwanted children and raises them with the promise of eternal youth.
[ Newspaper rustling ]
Red: This little boy turned up out of nowhere yesterday, and I wonder if Lady Ambrosia played any part in his disappearance.
Liz: Missing children turn up.
Red: He wasn’t missing. He died four years ago. And he’s not the first.

Liz: I love Annapolis. I had a friend who went to the naval academy, and we used to go to this little Italian restaurant, Marias, on the water. Is it even still open?
Wife looking to adopt: I don’t think we know it.
Liz: Beside the point. Anyway, um, it seems like a lovely place to raise a child.
Husband: It really is. Um… We’ve got great schools, a lot of outdoor activities.
Wife: Oh, there’s this– this tall ship in– it looks like a pirate ship. It’s in the harbor. Uh, we take my niece. She is obsessed with it.
[ Chuckles ]
Liz: Can I be honest? I like you guys a lot, and you’re probably too polite to ask about it, but you do know about my past?
Husband: Yeah. We do.
Wife: All we want is a healthy baby. And we know that, with this process, there are compromises. I’m sure if we work together, we can come up with a plan.
Liz: But I have gotten my hopes up before, so I just want to make sure you’re completely comfortable with me being a part of my child– our child’s life.

Liz: Three children, all missing and presumed dead. Mary Jones died on a family camping trip in 2003. Jeffrey Childs disappeared from his backyard two years later. In 2012, Ethan Linley drowned on the Ohio River. All three were later found alive. All three had traces of these ritualistic patterns painted on their bodies.
Samar: Were they able to explain what had happened? Identify their captors?
Liz: No. Jones was also autistic, and Childs was blind.
Samar: Can you zoom in any closer on the pattern on Ethan’s body?
Aram: Hang on.
Samar: Okay. They don’t look like strokes from a paintbrush. It looks like finger painting. Cooper: Check with his doctor. If Navabi’s right, lift the prints from the finger paint in the photos and run them. Ressler, take Keen to that hospital. I want a psych eval on the kid.

Judy: Agent Ressler? Hi. Judy Sickler, Child Services.
Ressler: This is Elizabeth Keen. She’s a clinical psychologist. She’ll be assessing the child.
Judy: Well, that might be tricky. He’s a sweet boy, but nonverbal.
Liz: I understand he’s autistic. Is there any sign of abuse?
Ugly: Aside from a few bumps and bruises, being a little dehydrated, he got a perfect bill of health.
Liz: Hi, Ethan. I’m Liz. I’m here to help. Okay, how are you feeling? How do you feel?
[ Liz draws a happy face and a sad face with a ballpoint pen and hands the pen to Ethan. He begins clicking it ]
Judy: Don’t think you’re gonna get that back. First thing he’s been excited about all day.
[ Footsteps approaching ]
Ethan’s mother: Oh! [ Gasps ] I can’t believe that he’s here.
[ Pen clicking ]
Ethan’s father: Ethan. Hey. It’s me. It’s dad.
Mother: I just– I– I-I-I don’t understand. Where did you find him? The cops won’t tell us anything.
Ressler: They’re still investigating, but, uh, we’ll give you two a moment.
[ Clicking continues ]
Liz: [ Sighs ] I can’t imagine what it must have been like for them all these years, thinking their child was dead.
[ Cellphone rings ]
Liz: What is it? What’s wrong?
Ressler: It’s Aram. Apparently, two weeks before Ethan disappeared, the Linleys tried to give him up for adoption.

[ Lady Ambrosia is leading her troupe of children through the woods. It’s early winter, snowless, but the trees’ branches are bare. An older boy, perhaps even in his twenties, Theo, carries a large bundle, oblong, wrapped happily in ribbons, earthen greens and garlands ]
Lady Ambrosia: All right, children, who else is excited to celebrate Matthew today? Everybody?
Several: Yay!
Child: Yay!
[ The group arrives at a large circular well, with walls too high for the children to look over but not the adults ]
Lady: All right, children, let’s stop here. My little angels, this is where it begins. We’re going to celebrate who?
Children: Matthew!

♪ ’cause don’t you know it’s Matthew’s day? ♪
♪ he’ll be safe and always play ♪
♪ today’s the day he learns to… ♪ .. fly!
♪ he’ll be so happy in the… ♪ .. sky!

Lady: And then what’s he going to be in the sky?
Children. A butterfly! A beautiful butterfly.
All: Whoo, Matthew! Yay!
[ Theo slips the bundle into dry well. Thuds ]
All: Oh! Matthew! Bye-bye!
[ Thousands of butterflies arise out of the well, swirling into the sky ]
Lady: How beautiful! How many butterflies? How many? Can you count them?
[ All counting ]
Lady: So beautiful! There he goes! There he goes!
[ Children cheering. Children turn and run ahead leaving Lady with Theo, who is stooped over, submissive ]
Lady: [ To Theo ] I know what you’ve done, Theodore. I know what you’ve done.

Liz: Ethan Linley disappeared on May 20, 2012. In the six months before he “passed away,” his parents met with four different adoption agencies. Ethan apparently requires around-the-clock care– medical therapy, speech and language therapy. In fact, Jeanne quit her job to be Ethan’s full-time caregiver.
Samar: My cousin has special needs. The burden it places on his parents– the way they deal with it is incredible.
Ressler: I’m not saying it’s easy, but I’d never give up my kid for adoption.
Samar: People give their kids up for all kinds of reasons.
Cooper: Investigators may have talked to the Linleys about adopting out Ethan, but I doubt they spoke with adoption agencies. Question them. See what they know. Get warrants. There’s something these parents aren’t telling us.

[ Muzak plays ] [ Telephones ringing ]
DMV Woman: Number 48.
Woman Hey. How you doing? I’ve seen you before.
Red: I doubt it.
Woman: Yes, it’s you. I know I know you– from my spin class, right? Hot stuff.
Red: I think you have me mistaken for somebody else.
Woman: No, no. You are one kooky little white man. [ Chuckles ] I’m telling you, when Calvin plays Donna Summer– mnh-mnh-mnh-mnh-mnh– you just go. I’ll tell you. Now, you know all the girls in class got a crush on you, right? Especially me– I think you’re really sexy.
Red: Thank you.
Woman: So, you want to get some food after this, hot stuff?
Red: Like I said, I think you have me mistaken for somebody else.
Woman: ♪ lookin’ for some hot stuff, baby, this evening ♪ Come on. [ Chuckles ] ♪ I need some hot stuff, baby, tonight ♪ Come on. We could have some fun. [ Laughing ] I bet we could. ♪ I need some hot stuff, baby, this evenin’ ♪ Come on.
Red: 45 minutes, Glen? 45 minutes.
Glen: Make it quick. I’m meeting Trudy for a nooner at the Old Colony Inn.
Vasilia Patinka, former KGB– I need you to find her.
Glen: [ Sighs ] It’ll take time. I’m stacked up.
Red: Stacked up?
Glen: Employee training is always 1st of the month. We’re getting the parking lot re-striped. I got to get the cones. I got to book the deejay for the New Year’s party.
Red: It’s February.
Glen: Always thinking ahead, hot stuff.
Red: I do not wait for 45 minutes in that petri dish of humanity unless I absolutely have to. This is a matter of life and death, Glen.
Glen: So’s my nooner with Trudy. As the French say, la petite mort.
Red: If you find this woman, if you get it done fast, your tawdry liaisons at the no-tell motel will be a thing of the past, as I will personally introduce you to two young ladies you will never forget– soft, warm, blond, and willing.
Glen: Willing?
Red: Tell Trudy you have to cancel.

Ethan’s mother: [ Dialing ] [ Ringing ] Noah. It’s Jeanne Linley. Have you heard about Ethan? He’s back. You told me that he would never be found, and now he just… shows up?
Noah Shuster: Calm down. It-it’s gonna be fine.
Ethan’s mother: Calm down?

Gretchen: I didn’t work directly with the Linleys– Noah Shuster did.
Ressler: Could we speak with him?

Shuster: I have to go. We need to talk. You know where to meet me. One hour. We’ll figure this all out. [ Beeps ]

Gretchen: Noah finds homes for children who are difficult to place– kids with emotional disturbances, special needs, health issues. That’s strange. He was just here.
Ressler: Do you have a home address, contact information?
Gretchen: Yes, of course. Client information is privileged.
Samar: Not anymore. [ Shows her warrant ]

Liz: They said yes?
Adoption lady: Open adoption– you can have qualified contact– everything we wanted.
Liz: It’s great, and I can’t thank you enough. Wow. This is really gonna happen.
[ Cellphone beeps ] Um, I’m– I’m sorry. Um, hang on just a sec.
[ All cheering ]
Tom: Liz! Liz, it’s me!
Liz: Tom, where are you? Listen, it’s all good! I figured out another way to make some cash. [ Laughter, cheering ]
Gina: Boys, we’re here. You can celebrate later. We have work to do. Tell the ball and chain you’ll call her back.
Liz: What’s going on?
Tom: No, all you need to know right now is that everything is gonna be fine, all right? We are free.
Liz: From what?
To,: Reddington– all of it. And, look, don’t make any moves on the adoption.
Liz: Tom, what have you done?
Tom: I’ll meet you at your place tomorrow night. I’ll bring Wing Yee’s, and I’ll explain everything, all right?
[ Engine starts ]
Tom: I got a good feeling. I got to go.

Gina: I know you like to watch. [ Beeping ]
[ Gina throws switch and 🔥 explodes 🔥 the van they were using ]
Gina: You could have called anybody to do the job with, but you called me. You need me. We need each other. Come with me to Zurich, right now.
Tom: Gina… I can’t.
[ Fire crackling ]

Noah Shuster: [To Ethan’s mother from inside his pickup ] Freezing out there. Hop in.

♪ I still remember ♪

Shuster: I’m so sorry about all of this.
Ethan’s mother (Jeanne Linley): I don’t need an apology, Noah. I want to know how this happened.
Shuster: That does nothing to solve the issue at hand. What’s important is that we come up with a solution. Now–
Ethan’s mother: Now wha– [ Gasping ] [ Theo rises from behind and covers her mouth with plastic wrap, smothering her to death ]

♪ a few simple changes ♪
♪ and I needed no one but you

Shuster: Make her go to sleep. [ Groaning ]

♪ what can I do? ♪
♪ turned around, I’m alone ♪
♪ now the sun don’t shine ♪
♪ life’s a waste of time since you turned me away ♪
♪ oh, how I tried ♪
♪ to hold on to you ♪

Theo: I think Mother hurts the children. I don’t think she turns them into butterflies.
Shuster: Come up here. [ Pats seat ]

♪ it’s all I can do ♪
♪ life is no good without you ♪

Shuster: You need to stop questioning your mother. You let Ethan get away. Now you need to help us clean this mess up. Do you understand?
Theo: Sorry, Dad.

Ethan’s father: It’s me, again. Where are you? Please call me when you get this.
Ressler: Mr. Linley. This is Agent Navabi. You need to come with us.
Ethan’s father (Linley): Why? Is something wrong?
Ressler: Noah Shuster.
Ethan’s father (Linley): I don’t know who that is. What’s going on?
Ressler: He was the adoption agent that you and your wife met about Ethan. The day after he disappeared, $25,000 from one of your accounts was transferred to his.
Ethan’s father (Linley): That’s ridiculous. I never–
Samar: Sir, you’re gonna have to come with us.
Ethan’s father (Linley): I-I can’t. My wife is not here, all right? She said she was going out for coffee. She hasn’t come back. I don’t know what’s happened to her. Now you want me to leave Ethan alone?
Ressler: He’ll be taken care of.
Ethan’s father (Linley): By who?

[ Liz is taking care of Ethan ]
Liz: Come on. [ Sighs ] You hungry? How do you feel about waffles? Uh… Ugh. No toaster. No microwave. No problem. No problem. I know, the whole idea that Mozart will improve cognitive skills is a myth, but they say babies start learning in the womb, so, on the off chance it’ll get him into Harvard…
[ Classical music plays ]
[ A roll of paper towels too close to the gas stove catches fire ]
Liz: Oh!
[ Water running ] [ Grunting ] [ Fire alarm beeping ]
Liz: It’s okay, Ethan! It’s okay! It’s just a smoke alarm. It’s fine. [ Grunts ] Ethan?
[ Red’s security guy Baz bursts in gun held high ]
Baz: What happened? Is everything all right?
Liz: What are you doing?! Put that away! What are you doing?! Get out! Get out!
[ Music continues ] [ Exhales sharply ]

[ Brakes squeal ] [ Engine shuts off ]
Gina: One last chance– Zurich.
Tom: You know I can’t. [ Kiss ]
[ Van door closes ]
Gina: Thanks, boys.
[ Engine starts ] [ 💥💥💥 Gunshots 💥💥💥 as two gunmen with automatic rifles open the doors of the van and slaughter Gina’s crew from the jewelry heist. ]
Gina: Torch it. Call me when it’s done. [ Leaves ]
[ The shooters begin pouring gasoline over the bodies. But Tom is only wounded. He shoots them both 💥💥💥 ] [ Grunts ]

Liz: I want him gone.
Red: He’s here for your protection.
Liz: I don’t want his protection any more than I want your money.
Red: The money isn’t for you.
Liz It’s very generous. I can appreciate that it comes from a place of concern, but it’s dirty money, and I just don’t want it. I don’t need it.
Red: No, but your child does.
Liz: I’m giving my child up for adoption.
Red: Why would you do that?
Liz: How can you, of all people, ask me that question? The life I have because of you is no place for a child. I can’t even make a waffle without one of your people bursting into my home with a gun.
Red: You think your life is too dangerous for a child. But what is your life without one? I can tell you from personal experience– not much. What?
Liz: You and Tom agree on something.
Red: He wants you to keep the baby?
Liz: [ Sighing ] Oh, yeah. Oh, my God. That’s it.

Liz: The key to these abductions is parental consent. No child can be adopted out without both parents agreeing. So I had Aram look over Noah Shuster’s case files.
Aram: There were 93 cases, including Ethan’s, where parents considered adoption, then backed out. Of those, 16 kids died or went missing within a year of the visit– 16 kids with cognitive, physical, or psychological issues.
Liz: According to Ethan’s father, adoption was his mother’s idea. He was working extra shifts to pay for Ethan’s private school and therapies, leaving her alone with him. He was trying to appease his wife by meeting with Shuster, but he maintains that he never wanted to go through with it.
Ressler: Well, conveniently for him, she’s not around to challenge his side of things.
Samar: No, but she had access to a personal trust account from which she transferred money to Shuster. She could have paid him off, and he could have taken her to cover it up.
Liz: I think this Lady Ambrosia is using Shuster to identify mothers and fathers who want to get rid of their kids but can’t because their spouses won’t consent.
Aram: I searched the National Child Identification Program, and of the prints we lifted from the finger paint on Ethan’s body, seven of them belong to that group of missing children.
Cooper: We need to find this Noah Shuster and figure out where this city of lost kids is.

Glen: You lied to me!
Red: We had a deal. Two ladies for you, one address for me.
Glen: Ladies, the kind that walk on two legs, preferably hairless.
Red: I want the address.
Glen: You think it’s funny? Little dogs?
Red: I thought they’d be a nice gesture. I thought you’d like them.
Glen: I don’t like them.
Red: Or maybe you’re afraid they won’t like you. Dogs are very intuitive. They’ll know if you’re hiding something.
Glen: I am hiding something– I hate dogs.
Red: They’re homeless.
Glen: [ Sighs ] I’ll call you when I decide to race the Iditarod.
Red: Ah, you know what? Forget it. Just forget it. I’ll take them back.
Glen. Your friend Vasilia Patinka– she’s living under an alias in Gaithersburg, 1632 South Perry Drive.
Red: What about the dogs?
Glen: I love ’em. Taking an early lunch so we can hit the dog park. These little marshmallows are gonna get my wienie roasted.

Lady Ambrosia: Well, you are beautiful, Anya. [ Chuckles ] It’s magical work– magical! Isn’t Anya going to make the most gorgeous butterfly? Oh, well, it looks like someone’s coming through our door.
Shuster: We need to talk.
Lady: The grown-ups will be right back. Help your friends.
Shuster: It’s gone too far. The FBI came to the office. If they have Ethan, if he leads them here… Lady: Well, you can’t let that happen. You know, what we do matters. Unwanted children feel loved here. We keep them safe until… we have to let them go. Now, you took care of Ethan’s mother. You take care of him.
Shuster: Theo says you hurt them. He knows.
Lady: He doesn’t know. I can handle him. Can you handle Ethan?

[ Telephone ringing ]
Aram: Oh, no. Agent Ressler. 20 minutes ago, Noah Shuster logged into the DCFS website. Ressler: Why wasn’t his access denied?
Aram: He searched for Ethan, and in his file, his temporary emergency guardian is listed as– Jesus. Call Keen. Get units there now.
[ Ringing ] [ Cellphone vibrating ]
Liz: Hello?
Aram: Noah Shuster looked up Ethan in the foster system and found your address. We think he’s coming for the boy. Agent Ressler’s on his way. [ Beeps ]
Liz: Ethan, I just realized I don’t have an extra toothbrush. We’re gonna have to go back to the store, okay? Let’s go.
[ Liz opens her door. There is Noah Shuster pointing a gun at her, with Theo behind him ]
Noah Shuster: Drop it. [ She drops her purse ]
Liz: Okay.
Shuster: We’re taking the boy.
Liz: Ethan, run! Go now!
[ Theo tries to grab Ethan but he escapes as Liz wrestles for the gun with Shuster. It goes off 💥 Shuster gets the gun and points it at Liz but Baz tackles him from behind and subdues him ][ Grunting, groaning ]
[ Liz goes looking for Ethan ]
Liz: Ethan? Ethan? [ Breathing heavily ]
[ Liz hears Pen clicking ]
Liz: Oh, thank God. Ethan, you can come out now. Everything’s okay. You’re safe now. You’re safe.

[Door closes ]
Red: I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t important.
[ Red has found Vasilia Patinka who runs a school teaching signing to deaf children ]
Vasilia: How did you find me?
Red: What you endured, most people never recover from. I doubt I would have. But you’ve turned it into a calling. Nikolai would be proud.
Vasilia: I never blamed him for what happened. He blamed himself.
Red: The Glasnost files– there’s something in them I need to see.
Vasilia: That was another life.
Red: One of the bravest men I ever knew was deaf– Zeeb Pasha, a Communist I shared a cell with in a military prison outside Ankara. Zeeb and I were interrogated by the K Section– foot whipping, hung by our wrists, electric shock. [ Chuckles ] I was nothing more than a groaning heap in the corner. Every time our guard passed the cell, Zeeb would start signing. His fingers were a blur– pointing and tapping, twisting and swirling– the same thing over and over again and again. Lo and behold, one night, our cell was left unlocked. Turns out the guard’s daughter was deaf. And old Zeeb had been signing, “my wife, my daughter, my life.” Six words, unspoken, convinced that guard to let us go. [ Sighs ] Such a beautiful language. Like that girl just then– what did she say to you on her way out?
Vasilia: “I’m grateful for you.”
Red: [ Pause ] The Glasnost files.
Vasilia: I said no.
Red: What if I could give you answers about your daughter? Would that change your mind?
Vasilia: The only thing that could change my mind is you bringing her back. But since that’s not possible, the answer is no.

Judy Sickler (DCFS): I don’t care who you have approval from, I am not leaving Ethan in your care.
Liz: I feel like I’ve made a connection with him on some level and that he might tell me where he was being kept, where the other children are being held. You need to say goodbye. [ Pen clicking ] [ Sighs ] Hey, Ethan. You’re gonna go with Miss Sickler now, and she’s gonna take you to a place that is so safe. And you’re gonna be surrounded by people who care about you. And no one is ever gonna hurt you again. Okay? [ Clicking continues ]

Liz: You took Noah Shuster?
Red: Baz did, after he saved you.
Liz: What is your interest in this case?
Red: Same as yours– missing children. Brimley is in there, speaking to the only man who can tell us where to find Lady Ambrosia.
[ Brimley emerges leading a llama in pajamas, – a sweater, actually ]
Brimley: I need to take Butterscotch for a walk. When I get back, I’m gonna need some ground mineral salt and a corded dremel drill. Come on, Poopsie. Let’s go. That’s it. Very good.
Red: When I said that Baz saved you, I wasn’t looking for a “Thank you”. I’m just relieved.
Liz: I found a couple… to take the baby. Thinking about it is one thing, but actually doing it… How did she do it– my mother?
Red: Your parents loved each other very much. The Cold War was hard– too hard for your father. When the Soviet Union was collapsing, he took you from her. She gave up everything to follow him, to follow you.
Liz: The night of the fire– that’s what they were arguing about?
Red: Your mother, despite what he’d done, she wanted him back. She wanted them to be a family. As much as it pains me to say it, he was probably… the only man she ever really loved.
Liz: And I shot him.
Red: It was an accident.
Liz: Tell me. I need to know.
Red: Your mother was never the same after that. The man she loved killed by the child she adored– it was… just too much. Two months later, she went to Cape May and left her clothes on the beach, walked into the ocean, and was never seen again.
Liz: So, that night, I killed both my parents.
Red: You were a child. There should never have been a gun for you to grab.
Liz: [ Sniffles ]
Red: Looking back, I’m not sure I shouldn’t have raised you myself. I don’t want you looking back with that kind of regret.

Lady: Where are they?
Theo: They’re ugly, then they’re beautiful.
Lady: Answer me. Where– your father–
Theo: I’m ugly.
Lady: Where is he?
Theo: He took him– the man with the gun. A policeman? Oh, my God! [ Slaps him ] Why don’t you have answers for me?
Theo: I thought that you made them beautiful to keep them from being like me.
Lady: Look, we have to talk about this later. Your job is to prepare Anya.

Judy (DCFS): [ Sighs ] He refuses to leave. I didn’t want to force him and make things worse. I think he wants to speak with you.
Liz: Hey, Ethan. Can I come in? So you decided to stick around, huh? Ethan, what is this?
[ Ethan has decorated the bottom of the table holding up his fort with amazing ball-point pen drawings of butterflies ]

Cooper: Ethan drew this?
Liz: Isn’t it amazing? Look at the patterns on the wings. They remind me of…
Samar: The finger painting.
Ressler: That’s the same pattern that was painted on Ethan and the other two kids who escaped.
Liz: Same dark edges, same spotting.
Cooper: So whoever was holding these kids was painting them like butterflies. Some sort of ritual?
Aram: Feniseca tarquinius– also known as the harvester butterfly– highly localized, related to a species found in Africa and Asia. The only carnivorous butterfly in North America.
Samar: Carnivorous?
Cooper: If there is a ritual, maybe it involves this species.
Liz: Why would Ethan want me to know that?
Cooper: Track all sales of this species of larvae for the past 12 months– I want a location.
Ressler: We need Shuster, but Reddington has him.
Cooper: And, Keen… where the hell is Reddington?

Red: I believe you abducted Anya Patinka. Where is she?
Noah Shuster: [ Sighs ] If that’s who you’re looking for, you’re too late. It’s her birthday.
Red: I don’t know what that means.
Shuster: [ Sighs ] Lady Ambrosia– she– she means well.
Red: By abducting children?
Shuster: No. We always try to keep our process as humane as possible.
Red: What process? What process?
Shuster: Anya is turning 12… the end of adolescence. She’ll be… transformed. We use nitrous. And the children are happy, relaxed, euphoric f-for their rebirth. [ Both laugh ] And the other children? They help prepare for the celebration while the wrapping of the butterfly child continues.
Red: Where is she?
Shuster: We call it The Colony– an abandoned schoolhouse, Route 2 south of Richmond. After our son died… she wanted to save other children. She turns them into butterflies, sets them free s-so they can stay children forever.

[ Scene without dialogue. Tom, wounded in the shootout, climbs through a window into an apartment. He gathers makeshift surgical supplies, drinks from a bottle of spirits, and attempts to remove the bullet in his leg with a scissors. A young boy enters the bathroom where Tom is in the shower. He pulls back the shower curtain. Tom collapses. ]

Aram: Okay. This is amazing. Uh, well, maybe not amazing. I mean, how many people are in the market for carnivorous butterfly larvae?
Cooper: Aram.
Aram: Okay, I tracked nine shipments in the last six months– eight to sanctuaries, wildlife preserves, and zoos.
Cooper: And the ninth? [ Paper rustles ]
Aram: Exactly.

Lady Ambrosia: Oh, Anya. I know you can’t hear me, but you’re almost there. You’re almost home. Oh, bless you, child. Bless you.
[ Lady dons her coat, about to leave the house. Red is sitting in the living room ]
Red: Anya Patinka– where is she?
Lady: Who the hell are you?
Red: Her fairy godmother. I hear it’s her birthday. We’ve come to celebrate.
⋘ – break – ⋙
Red: It’s been some time since freshman English, but I seem to recall that fairy tales about abandonment, death, and witches are supposed to allow children to deal with their fears in symbolic terms, but there’s nothing symbolic about this place. You’re a real witch.
Lady: I don’t know who you are, but if you don’t get off my property right now, I’ll call the police.
Red: I believe they’re already on their way. While we’re waiting, how about I tell you a story? It’s about a mother, her two sons, and a canoeing accident.
Lady: You’ve talked to Noah.
Red: The family lived by a river. The boys often took a canoe out to fish. One day, the canoe tipped. Inexplicably, the elder son, the golden child, the champion swimmer, drowned, while the younger, the lesser child, survived. The way Noah tells it, you allowed Theo to believe it was his fault, that he was the reason his brother died, that he would have been better off dead.
Lady; They could have died together, beautiful and innocent. Theo would have been spared all this.
[ Theo is listening in ]
Red: By “this,” you mean the horror of being different. Is that why you kill them?
Lady: I save them.
Red: From what?
Lady: I make sure the damaged ones don’t grow up to be outcasts like Theo– hated, pitied. No one loves an outcast.
Red: Not even his mother?
Lady: I couldn’t send my son away, but when I look at him, I see what these children shouldn’t be and what they won’t be because I see the life I save them from.
Theo: I’m ugly.
Red: From where I sit, there’s only one ugly person in the room, and it’s certainly not you, Theo.
[ Footsteps approaching. It’s Dembe, carrying Anya ]
Dembe: She’s breathing. She’ll be okay.
Excellent. We must be going. Theo, you are entitled to as much as anyone– happiness, joy, a mother’s love.
Lady: Theo, stop him. [ Door opens ] Stop him. Theo, what are you doing? Stop him! [ Door closes ] Theo. Theo. Theo, what– Oh, my God! No! No, Theodore, what are you doing?! [ Grunts ] Let me g– Let me go! I’m not asking! Theodore James! Let me go! No! [ Screams ] [ Lady’s body thuds into dry well ] [ Butterflies rise up ]
[ Children cheering, applause at seeing the butterflies ]
[ Police radio chatter ]
[ Samar is gathering the children ]
[ Theo’s body thuds ]

Liz: [ To Ethan ] Follow me.
[ Ethan is reunited with his father. They hug ]

[ ♫ Don Brownrigg’s “Just Breathe” plays ]
♪ here’s another cold day ♪
♪ in that old November way ♪
♪ once again it’s begin ♪
♪ I’m stuck and out astray ♪
♪ and you came in like a wave ♪


[ Dialing ]
Liz: Hey, Tom. I’m just wondering where you are. Give me a call when you can.
[ Tom is shown being rushed on a gurney into surgery ]

♪ just breathe ♪

[ Red brings Anya to Vasilia ]
Vasilia: Anya? Anya! Ohh, Anya! Anya! [ Crying ] Oh, baby!

♪ there’s no use riding waves ♪
♪ crashed to the shore ♪
♪ through the same pale grin ♪
♪ I gave– ♪

Cooper: I still don’t understand it– Reddington’s interest in this case. What does he get?

♪ I can just breathe ♪
♪ just breathe ♪

[ Vasilia walks out to Red’s waiting car and hands him a large yellow envelope ]
Red: Thank you.

♪ I can just breathe ♪
♪ just breathe ♪

[ Red opens the envelope, takes out a file labeled “Rostova” in both Russian and English. He opens it ]
Red: It just keeps getting worse.

Liz: [ Liz is reading aloud under the table inside Ethan’s “fort” ] “‘How can I get there?’ Asked Dorothy. ‘You must walk. It is a long journey through a country that is sometimes dark and terrible. However, I will use all the magic arts I know to keep you from harm.’ She came close to Dorothy and kissed her gently on the forehead. ‘When you get to Oz… do not be afraid of him, but tell your story and ask him to help you. Goodbye, my dear.'”

♪ just breathe ♪

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༺ ♤ ༻

♫ Just Breathe
By Don Brownrigg

♪ Here’s another cold day
In that old november way
Once again it’s begin
I’m stuck and
Out astray
And you came in like a wave
Through the same paled grin, I gave
Just breathe
Just breathe

♪ And the gulp’s from the gut
I’m flat on the floor
There’s no use riding waves
Crashed to the shore
Disaster paths’ aftermaths
One splash
To the ground
And I’m at best an island
And you’re an ocean
You surround
And you came in like a wave
Through the same pale grin, I gave
I can just breathe
Just breathe
I can just breathe
Just breathe
Just breathe

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/1TgCHiB
YouTube: http://bit.ly/1TdrSww
YouTube play: http://youtu.be/t-PChkqLviw

❌❌❌ 3:14 End Lady Ambrosia
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༺ ✿⊰ ♤ ⊱✿༻


🔴 Episode 3:15 Drexel

NBC’s series The Blacklist starring James Spader and Megan Boone
Series created by: Jon Bokenkamp
Program air date: 2/18//2016 in the US
Permalink: http://wp.me/pDKwi-2w7 ¤ Storybook: http://wp.me/PDKwi-1f3#drexel

Blurb: Technology and artistic expression come together with murderous results. Tom hovers near death and Liz suspects Red.

Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/1XD7m97
WSJ Summary: http://on.wsj.com/1RTFRrF
Source: Raw Script from Forever Dreaming: http://bit.ly/1QciD0C (dump of captioning)
Director: Anton Cropper
Written by: Dave Metzger

Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington – James Spader
Elizabeth Keen – Megan Boone
Donald Ressler – Diego Klattenhoff
Harold Cooper – Harry Lennix
Tom Keen – Ryan Eggold
Aram Mojtabai – Amir Arison
Samar Navabi – Mozhan Marnò
Dembe Zuma – Hisham Tawfiq


David Adkins – Paul Allond
Aaron Mulgrew – John Cariani
Jon Adelson – Chris Chalk
Dr Briggs – Holly Chou
Randy Brenner – Quincy Dunn-Baker
Chef Hanzo – Tatzuo Ichikawa
Thomas McClosky (NSA) – Ben Livingston
Drexel – Daniel London
Nick/Nik – Piter Marek
Editor/Emilio – Andres Munar
Detective Savino – James Andrew O’Connor
Geert Klerken – Ray Proscia
Rachel Hobbs – Samantha Soule
Detective Quinn – David St Louis


🔴 Script 3:15 Drexel (№ 113)


Previously on The Blacklist…
Cooper: Reddington’s interest in this case. What does he get?
Red: It just keeps getting worse.
Liz: There’s not going to be a shower.
Samar: Why not?
Liz: I’m giving my child up for adoption.
Red: Why would you do that?
Liz: You and Tom agree on something.
Red: He wants you to keep the baby?
Liz: Yeah.
Gina: You expect me to hire you.
Tom: I need the job.
Tom: Only two crews have targeted Reinder-De Groot. Both were slaughtered.
Gina: By Geert Klerken. But that was years ago. [ Gunshots ]
Gina: Let’s go. Thanks, boys. [ Machine-gun fire ]

[ Door opens, alarm beeping ]
Randy Brenner: Yeah, I’m just walking in now. Hang on. I got to turn this thing off.
[ Beeping stops ]
Woman (automated): Disarmed. Not ready to arm.
Randy: Yeah, I know. It talks. Man, I’m telling you, this new place is state of the art. Yeah, I just got the last box out of storage, so as of tonight, we are officially moved in. Dude, relax, okay? We’re better than fine. We’re growing faster than 90% of the tech start-ups in the country.
[ Catches glimpse of movement in next room ]
Brenner: Yo, I got to go. Don’t worry so much, okay? We worked hard to get here. Let’s at least try to enjoy it.
[ Brenner grabs a kitchen knife and enters living room. He is jumped from behind. After a scuffle, the attacker breaks his neck in one swift move ]

♪ the killing season, it’s beginning ♪
♪ I feel your hands around my throat ♪

Drexel: I agree. It’s so important to enjoy your work.

[ Drexel drags Brenner to the couch, positions him sitting upright with his cellphone in his hand, knees crossed, and even pours him a glass of wine ]

♪ you either lose or come up winning ♪
♪ now, paint it, Mary, paint it black ♪
♪ tonight, they hang Jerry ♪
♪ tonight, they hang Jack ♪
♪ when this killing season’s over ♪
♪ I’ll never say your name again ♪

[ Drexel prepares to photograph the scene, framing the photo with his hands ]
Drexel: Say “Cheese.”

Dr. Briggs: We’re out of time. He’s going into hypervolemic shock.
Nik (Liz’s MD ex-boyfriend): What do we know?
Briggs: White male, approximately 30 years old. Two gunshot wounds. One to the left upper extremity. May have hit the brachial artery.
Nik: What the hell did he do?
Briggs: Genius dug one of the bullets out himself.
Nik: Tom?
Briggs: Tom? You know this guy?
Nik: Not really. Friend of a friend.
Briggs: Yeah, well, your friend’s friend is in a lot of trouble. Paramedic who brought him in notified the police. They’re sending detectives to question him.
Nik: It’s gonna be a short conversation if we don’t hurry. His pulse is dropping.

[ Thunder crashes in dramatic, ocean storm art exhibit Red is seated in the midst of. ]
Liz: Where is he? Do you know? He’s not answering his cell.
Red: I’m gonna take a shot in the dark and assume you mean Tom.
Liz: Did you hurt him?
Red: Why would you think that?
Liz: ‘Cause the last time I spoke to him, he told me we’d be free. Of you.
Red: I am not your Tom problem, Lizzie. Tom is your Tom problem.♤ [ Thunder crashes ] I’m sure he’ll turn up soon enough.
Liz: Why are we at an art exhibit?
Red: Because Roberta Smith at the Times said it was worth a look. And it seemed like a fitting spot to introduce our next adventure. You’re looking at a crime-scene photo. It appeared online a few hours ago, along with a breaking-news bulletin about the murder of Randy Brenner at his new home in Richmond. The local police are flummoxed. It obviously wasn’t your typical home invasion or burglary gone wrong. It wasn’t a crime of passion. It is, in fact, to one somewhat disturbed individual, quite literally a work of art. Those who know of his existence call him Drexel. Considers himself a performance artist. And like most performance artists, his work is a form of social commentary.
Liz: Most performance artists don’t kill people in service of their work.
Red: Last winter, he murdered the owner of one of the largest CAFOs in Europe.
Liz: CAFO?
Red: A Controlled Animal Feeding Operation. Hung the owner up on a hook like the cattle they butcher.
Liz: A little heavy-handed.
Red: [ Laughs ] Drexel does not employ subtlety to get his point across. His work shows up in unexpected locations… sometimes only for a few hours.
Liz: This man has fans? People support him?
Red: Yes. A small-but-rabid following. Death as entertainment. Drexel makes them feel part of something– an underground protest movement.
Liz: And how do you know Drexel killed Randy Brenner?
Red: Because he’s advertising it.

Liz: According to Reddington, this photo started circulating two hours before Randy Brenner’s body was discovered.
Samar: Which means the killer probably took the photo.
Ressler: So how did Reddington get his hands on it?
Liz: It was published online in an underground zine called Rigby. Apparently they post about all things underground. Someone using the handle “Rimona” wrote an article promoting Drexel’s next show.
Ressler: “Coming soon! The next masterpiece is already under way.”
Cooper: So Randy Brenner’s murder was one component in some kind of art exhibit? And this Drexel– nobody has any idea who he is?
Aram: Well, there are rumors online– an art professor, a political journalist. Some think he’s an urban myth.
Liz: Reddington’s looking for Rimona. Apparently she’s gonna have an exclusive interview with Drexel in next week’s edition.
Cooper: Fine. In the meantime, get out to the crime scene before that body is removed.
Liz: [ Sighs ]
Cooper: Something up?
Liz: Tom didn’t show up for dinner last night, and he’s not picking up his cell.
Cooper: Probably just a misunderstanding. He’ll turn up.
Liz: That’s what Reddington says.
Cooper: Look… I know your decision to give up your child for adoption probably wasn’t an easy one. But given everything you and Tom have been through, I get it. And I want you to know I’m here if you need anything.

Liz: Did you tell Cooper about the adoption?
Samar: You told me to cancel the baby shower. I told everyone.
Liz: Samar, why would you…
Samar: Are you upset?
Liz: No, I just hadn’t decided how I was gonna tell the others.
Samar: You feel guilty. You shouldn’t. Society has every woman feeling like her primary role is to have a child. It’s not. I don’t want children. I want a career. Men can have both, but for women, it’s like having two full-time jobs.♤ Liz, I’m… I’m sorry that I overstepped. I wasn’t thinking. But there’s no shame in your decision.
[ Door opens, closes ]

Ressler: Detective Quinn. Donald Ressler. Thanks for holding down the fort. You want to walk me through it?
[ Camera shutter clicks ]
Quinn: Been stewing in his own juices for a while. Would have had the body removed a while ago if you hadn’t called.
Ressler: Who found him?
Quinn: Guy’s name’s Adelson– Joseph P. Business partner in some kind of start-up. Said they had plans to work from here this morning.
Ressler: ME?
Quinn: Best guess on cause? Someone snapped our vic’s neck like a chicken last night around 10:00 PM, give or take.
Ressler: That phone. It was there when they found the body?
Quinn: As far as I know, no one touched it. [ Notices Drexel’s flyer that Ressler has pulled out ] What the hell is that? You got a line on the killer, don’t you? That’s why you guys are here. You know who did this.
Ressler: Something like that.
Drexel: Very good, agent whoever you are. Smile for the camera.

Ressler: Look, I’m just saying, in the end, women want babies.
Samar: A lot of women give up their children for adoption.
Ressler: Almost always under extraordinary circumstances, which I completely understand.
Samar: Is that a fact?
Ressler: It’s how women are wired. Keen’s gonna keep that kid.

Adelson: Sorry for the wait. Jon Adelson.
Ressler: Thanks for seeing us so quickly. We know you’ve had quite the morning.
Adelson: Randy and I weren’t just partners. We were best friends since college. What– whatever I can do.
Samar: We understand that you spoke with Randy last night.
Adelson: Yes.
Can you tell us what you talked about? Work. We started this company a year ago, and–
Ressler: You guys are a financial-services company?
Adelson: We provide our customers with one networked portal for all trading, financial news and commentary, research.
Ressler: Competitive field. Guess you guys built a better mousetrap, huh?
Adelson: Huh. We’d like to think so.
Samar: The house Randy bought was expensive. Business must be good.
Adelson: What exactly are you looking for? I mean, I spoke with one of the local detectives, and he seemed to think that Randy was killed by a burglar or…
Samar: With all due respect to the local police, we’re not operating under that theory.
Adelson: Because?
Ressler: Take your pick. The scuff marks on the hardwood floor indicate a struggle, which means that after the murder, Randy was placed on that couch. Not your average burglar move. Samar: Someone wanted us to find him like that, just like someone wanted us to speak with you.
Adelson: Now you lost me.
Ressler: The killer staged the scene. Brenner’s phone was placed in his hands. The killer knew that we’d trace his last call. He wanted us to have this conversation.
[ Heard over screen as Drexel listens: ]
Samar: Do you have any idea why that might be, Mr. Adelson? What do you think he hoped we’d discover?
Adelson: Okay, look, I-I don’t know what you think happened here. You want our books, our clients, be my guest. Randy was like a brother to me. You get that?

Ressler: Clearly, he’s hiding something, but I don’t think he has any idea who killed Brenner.
Samar: Seemed a little nervous. Maybe he thinks he’s next.
[ Cellphone rings ]
Ressler: Aram.
Aram: Okay, the computer you sent me from Randy Brenner– the webcam is definitely the source of the Rigby photo.
Ressler: So Drexel accessed the webcam remotely.
Aram: Correct. I just analyzed the hard drive and found a rat.
Ressler: A rat?
Aram: Remote Access Trojan. It takes over a system, accesses the webcam. But the thing is, this is not your average rodent. From what I can tell, it uses artificial intelligence to modify its payload, which is rare. Like, super-rare. In fact, I’ve seen this exact AI automation before– once. As part of a classified security briefing by the NSA.
Ressler: So, how did a performance artist get his hands on classified NSA technology? You know what? Call the Security Directorate. Tell them we need to set up a meeting now.

[ Speaking Japanese ]
Hostess: Unfortunately, we don’t open for another hour.
Red: Right. Which is why we’re here now. We’ve come for the fugu kimo.
Dembe: Fugu kimo?
Red: Blowfish liver. Contains a poison 1,200 times deadlier than cyanide– so lethal, a single fish can kill 30 grown men.
Dembe: People eat this? Not legally, no. But as with most dangerous endeavors, there are those who feel compelled. Tetrodotoxin first creates a tingling in the lips, then the hands. If you’re lucky and your chef is meticulous, you can survive with a story and an adrenaline rush. But if you’re not, the poison can kill you in minutes.
Hostess: This way, please.
Hanzo: What you are asking for, this is against the law to prepare.
Red: Ah, Chef Hanzo. And yet I hear you prepare it so brilliantly.
Hanzo: [ Scoffs ] Who told you this?
Red: My associate and I read about it. You were featured in an online publication called Rigby. A marvelous story. Relax, Hanzo-san. We’re not here to cause trouble. We just want a little information. I’m trying to get in touch with the woman who interviewed you.
Hanzo: Rimona.
Red: Perhaps you can find us a phone number.

[ Cellphone buzzes ]
Liz: Tom, is that you?
Nik: Liz, listen to me. You need to–
Liz: Nik? It’s– Wow. Hey.
Nik: Liz, listen to me. It’s about Tom. Paramedics brought him in here a few hours ago. He’s been shot.
Liz: Shot?! Is he okay? Where is he?
Nik: He’s still in surgery. He won’t be out for another couple of hours. But you need to know… the police are here. And one of them told a nurse he was here to question a robbery suspect. You still there?
Liz: Please tell me he’s okay.
Nik: He’s alive, but I can’t honestly promise you he’s gonna make it.
Liz: Oh, my God.

Samar: It’s a simple question. Is the program an NSA exploit or not?
Thomas McClosky: Hey, look, technically I’m not authorized to comment on any program–
Ressler: Cut the crap. That program was found on a home computer. Now it’s connected to a homicide. So I suggest you start commenting.♤
McClosky: [ Breathes deeply ] Yeah. It’s ours. And it’s highly classified. It’s a mega rodent, a rat on steroids. It– it lets us take remote control of any system on a network.
Samar: Including stealth access to webcams?
McClosky: Desktops, laptops, security feeds, hell, even baby monitors networked to Wi-Fi. It’s a premium-grade spy tool. [ Sighs ] If it’s out there in the wild, we have a national security issue.

[ Keyboard clacking ]
Aaron Mulgrew: Hey. What? What’s up?
Cubicle mate: I’m not sure. I think it’s about to be someone’s last day. Where are you going?
Mulgrew: I just– I got to hit the head.
Ressler: Aaron Mulgrew.
[ Mulgrew takes off running. Ressler takes off after him. Chase. A glass door slides shut before Ressler can clear it. Mulgrew smirks at him. Door to elevator opens. Samar knocks out Mulgrew ]
Mulgrew: Aah!
[ Beep ] [ Alarm beeping ]
Samar: Going somewhere?♤

[ Monitor beeping ] [ Door opens ]
Nik: It’s a miracle he survived the surgery. Most of us didn’t think he’d make it.
Liz: Will he?
Nik: It’s too early to say. We’ll know more when he’s conscious. Like I said, he lost a lot of blood– Whoa. You’re… I didn’t know. And Tom’s… Obviously. It’s just… when I saw you last, it didn’t seem like you were together.
Liz: It’s complicated.
Nik: The detectives left a number. We’re supposed to let them know when he’s awake.
Liz: Robbery? That’s all you heard?
Nik: All I know is, it sounded serious. You really have no idea what he was doing?
Liz: Nope. No idea. All I know is that he had the delusion that we could be a family… That we could get away from…
Nik: Reddington. And you think that’s impossible?
Liz: You have no idea what it’s like… To feel like you’re trapped… To feel like your life isn’t your own anymore.

Aaron Mulgrew: You can’t prove I leaked that program.
Ressler: I got to say, Aaron, you had a much better chance of us believing that before you ran like a scared little girl.
Samar: FBI and NSA techs are tearing apart every system you own. We have teams at your house, your office, your storage locker. What are they gonna find at your storage locker, Aaron?
Mulgrew: All right, if I talk…
Samar: We talk to the US Attorney. Maybe he skips the treason charge, sticks with espionage act violations.
Ressler: See, there’s a bigger picture here, Aaron. That program you leaked– it was found on a home computer at a murder scene.
Mulgrew: Okay, I don’t know anything about a murder, but… maybe I did upload the program.
Samar: To where?
Mulgrew: I built a site for it. I posted the raw code. But these things they make us develop, they are dangerous. Do you know what that’s like? Creating something, knowing that when you’re done, it’s gonna be used to victimize innocent people?
Ressler: So, what? What, this was like a political statement?
Mulgrew: I just don’t think that the government or anybody can be trusted with that kind of power. So I leaked it.
Samar: And it never occurred to you that criminals might use it? Or this country’s enemies?
Aaron: Yeah, it occurred to me. That’s why I modified the code to include a phone-home component. Whenever the program gets used, it makes contact with my server so I can track who’s downloaded it.
Samar: We’re going to need that data.
Mulgrew: Well, if you raided my storage locker, then you already have it.

Guard: As far as you go, pops. Whatever you’re looking for, this ain’t it.
Red: Pops. You know, I always liked that name. Louis Armstrong was called “Pops.” Willie Stargell, the legendary Pittsburgh Pirate. My lord, that man could smack a fastball. There was Pops Foster, Pops Fernandez…
[ Dembe goes at him, pins him to the wall ]
All right, let’s go, pop.
Red: [ Laughing ] Oh, my. And then there are different pops entirely. Like the pops you hear when your shoulder’s being dislocated. I need you to hop on that radio of yours and let whoever’s in charge know that I’m outside.

[ Camera shutter clicks ]
Emilio: Wow. Raymond Reddington. I mean, you’re actually him.
Red: Indeed.
Emilio: Can, uh, I ask how you found us?
Red: I read Rimona’s piece on torafugu kimo. Chef Hanzo and I just became friends. He said I could reach her here.
Emilio: Mr. Reddington, with only the greatest respect, I’m sure you can appreciate the people who write for Rigby prefer to keep their identities private.
Red: It’s not her identity I’m interested in. It’s the subject of her next profile– Drexel.
Emilio: Look… It’s bad business for a journalist to burn a source, but maybe I can make up for the indiscretion.
Red: What do you have in mind?
Emilio: An interview. With you.
Red: Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. First, I need to speak with Rimona.

Cooper: Where are we?
Samar: Cyber techs recovered the laptop Mulgrew used to upload the mega rodent to the web. And this is the phone-home log that Mulgrew created. The IP address of everyone who’s ever used the program is on that list.
Ressler: Which means one of those is probably Drexel.
Cooper: How many addresses are we talking about?
Aram: Too many.
Samar: It will take weeks to process.
Cooper: If Reddington’s right, Drexel’s not gonna wait for us to catch up. What about Adelson, the business partner? Anything out of line?
Ressler: TBD. We just got all of his company’s financial records.
Cooper: Let’s get on it. If we don’t find Drexel soon, we’re gonna have another body on our hands.
Aram: What about Agent Keen? I haven’t seen her since this morning.
Cooper: She just left word– on her way to see Reddington.

Liz: He’s in the hospital! He was shot!
Red: Not on the street. Let’s get in a car.
Liz: He was involved in some kind of robbery, and now the police want to question him!
Red: Lower your voice, Lizzie.
Liz: No. I am not your Lizzie… to control, to be told what to do. Don’t you get it? The only reason Tom did what he did is because he had to do something desperate to get away from this.
Red: You made yourself clear this morning, Elizabeth. You can blame me if you like.
Liz: Damn right, I blame you. If he dies…
Red: If he dies, it’s because he put himself in exactly the wrong place at exactly the wrong time. He did this, not me.♤ And that robbery the police want to ask him about– diamonds. He was part of a team that stole tens of millions of dollars’ worth of diamonds. A team I hear included his ex-girlfriend Gina Zanetakos. He’s reckless, dangerous. He’s not worthy of being your husband, and he sure as hell is not worthy of raising that child.♤

Samar: There’s nothing here. It’s a start-up. They have clients, but it’s nothing earth-shattering. Not enough to explain how Brenner could afford that house.
Ressler: He was into something– something that Drexel intended to expose in his next exhibit. But nothing in these books is going to tell us what that is.
Cooper: Maybe we can ask Drexel himself. Dembe just called. Reddington has reason to believe he’s operating out of New York City.
Aram: I’m on it. Okay, here we go. Of the 1,000-plus downloads of the NSA program, 13 are from the New York metropolitan area. Five trace back to apartments leased by women.
Ressler: It’s unlikely, given the way that Brenner’s neck was snapped.
Samar: Looks like four are public places– three libraries and one internet café.
Aram: And these last three were downloaded in the last few hours– after Brenner was murdered.
Ressler: Leaving… 2890 Central Avenue, Brooklyn.
Cooper: Contact the New York field office. Get up there as soon as possible. Bring him in.

[ 💥 Commandos force door. Indistinct shouting ]
Commando: All clear.
Ressler: Set up outside. Be ready in case he comes back.
[ The red photo of the Randy Brenner crime screen floats by on a computer monitor ]
Ressler: Hey. This is our guy.
Samar: Ressler. What the hell is this?
[ A large sketch on an easel includes the word “Reddington” ]

[ Monitor beeping ]
Liz: [ Breathes deeply ] [ Chuckles ] Hey. Tom, you’re okay. You’re in the ICU. Uh– Don’t try to talk. You need to save your strength so I can kill you.♤
Tom: [ Chuckles ] I didn’t know if I was ever gonna see you again. Either of you.♤ I’m sorry.
[ Door opens ]
Savino: Ma’am? Detective Savino, Metro PD. I’m gonna need you to step out of the room, please.
Liz: He’s barely conscious. You don’t need to do this right now.
Savino: Ma’am, I’m not gonna ask you again.
Liz: Is he under arrest? Tom, don’t say anything! He’s invoking his right to counsel.

Aram: Okay, here’s what I could find. The space was leased six months ago to a Reginald Turner, age 44. Paid all six months in advance and gave one character reference– a high-school art-history teacher in Virginia, who he listed as a former colleague.
Ressler: We should be able to run with that.
Aram: Already running. That’s him.
Cooper: “Reggie Turner, local teacher opens first solo gallery show.” Drexel’s real name is Reginald Turner.
Samar: So he is an artist.
Ressler: At least he was.
Aram: From what I can tell, he only had one show, a pop-up gallery in the East Village, and the reviews were not kind.
Ressler: Navabi.
[ Camera shutter clicks ]
Samar: It looks like Drexel has been watching these guys for a while.
Ressler: We’ve got two, three dozen photos here, half of Randy Brenner, half of Jon Adelson, the partner. I think it’s time we go at Adelson and rattle his cage.
Cooper: What do you need from us?
Aram, there’s a laptop here. We’re gonna need you to get remote access, see what you can find.
Aram: No problem. I know just the mega rodent for the job.♤

[ Hair dryer whirring ]
Red: Ah, the fair Rimona.
Rimona: Reddington. How did you get in here? How did you even find me?
Red: I know you suggested to your editor that we meet later in the week, but I’m afraid our business couldn’t wait.
Rimona: Our business? You mean your business. ‘Cause my work doesn’t involve burning sources.
Red: Your source is a serial killer.
Rimona: Look… Drexel obviously wants to remain anonymous. As a reporter, I have to honor that, regardless of what he’s suspected of.
Red: As a reporter. Amazing times, these, don’t you think? When any Tom, Dick, or Sally with a laptop and internet access can declare herself a journalist.♤ I mean, you don’t even use a last name.
Rimona: I would be thrilled to write a profile on you when all this is done, but I’m not gonna help you find Drexel.
Red: Oh, but I think you will, Rachel. That is your name, isn’t it? Rachel Hobbs. Daughter of Randall Hobbs, the patio-furniture king of Costa Mesa, California. I admire your respect for anonymity, Rachel, but your principles are a luxury I can no longer afford. So I’ll give you a choice– you can protect his anonymity or yours.

Adelson: I didn’t kill Randy.
Ressler: We believe you.
Adelson: Then why are you here?
Ressler: Well, you may not know who killed Brenner, but you definitely know why. And whatever he was into, whatever the two of you were into–
Adelson: This is crazy.
Ressler: Look, we can help you… Before whoever came after Randy comes after you.
Adelson: We’re done. [ Cellphone rings ] You want to talk to me again, I want a lawyer.
Ressler: Aram, I can’t talk. We’re right in the middle of–
Aram: Interviewing Adelson. I know. I am watching you right now.
Samar: Excuse me?
Aram: I’m looking at Drexel’s laptop. Randy Brenner’s computer isn’t the only one he ratted. He’s running another video feed from Adelson’s office. Look to your right. There must be a webcam.
Samar: On his desktop, yeah.
Aram: He’s recording everything, and not to the system– to some remote location. I don’t know where. Here, let me try something. [ Keyboard clacking ] [ Computer beeps ] Whoa. Whoa. Two more feeds just popped up. Okay, you guys should get back here.

[ Rimona is walking through an art exhibit. Red and Dembe are shadowing her. Cellphone rings ]
Rimona: I’m here.
Drexel: My voice is not to be recorded.
Rimona: Of course. I can take notes.
Drexel: Begin walking– now. Straight ahead, toward the exit. Keep walking. Keep walking. The staircase on your left– take it. Do it now.
Red: Dembe. [ Motions she’s on the catwalk and to follow her ]
[ They lose sight of her but enter through a door marked “Authorized Personnel Only.” Elevator bell dings. They get on. ]

Savino: We get a call– a crew hit Reinder-De Groot. Next thing we know, a guy matching the description of one of the perps stumbles in here all shot up, won’t say why.
Tom: That’s just a coincidence.
Savino: We got the head of corporate security coming over now. Name’s Klerken. Ring a bell? He’s gonna walk in here and identify you. Case open, case closed.
Nik: It’s gonna be okay.
Liz: No, it isn’t.
Nik: It is.
Nik: Everything will be okay.

[ Elevator bell dings ] [ Door closes ]
Drexel: I hope you’ll forgive the security precautions. As you know, my work is, uh, inflammatory. I rely on the support of the enlightened patrons who value my efforts… One of whom was kind enough to make this space available for our interview.
Rimona: It’s fine. Really.
Drexel: So, did… Did you have a question? You seem… uncomfortable.
Rimona: Oh. Uh, no. I– Sorry. Yes. Of course I have questions. [ Sighs ] Honestly, I’m familiar with your work, and it’s not every day that I find myself alone in a basement with a man who, um…
Drexel: Kills.
Rimona: Yes.
Drexel: Understandable. But I assure you, you have nothing to fear. Unless… that is, you’re hiding something. Raymond Reddington. I saw him. You brought him here.
Rimona: No, I…
Drexel: Does he know about me? What I’ve done?
Rimona: I-I-I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Drexel: [ Breathes shakily ] Does… he… know?

Cooper: Where the hell is Keen? No word from her. Or Reddington.
Aram: Sir, you’re gonna want to take a look at this. This is a continuous feed being run live from Adelson’s office.
Ressler: Drexel wasn’t just ratting Randy Brenner. He was recording footage from multiple cameras.
Cooper: Recording to where?
Samar: We’re still not sure.
Cooper: From how many sources?
Aram: So far, I’ve only seen four. One was from Randy Brenner’s house. The second, Adelson’s office. And these are the other two.
Cooper: Who is that?
Ressler: We don’t know yet, but that’s probably $100 grand, and that is definitely a semiautomatic.
Cooper: Drexel figured out what these guys are up to. Can you trace the feed?
Aram: Working on it.

[ Rimona screaming ] [ Red and Dembe follow the sounds. Gun cocks ]
Rimona: No! Wait! No, please! I didn’t have a choice. You’re hurting me! [ Red and Dembe throw open door ] [ Gasping ] [ Thud ] [ Coughing ] [ Drexel is unarmed, shows no resistance. Red motions to Drexel with his gun to get down ]
Red: [ To Dembe ] Get her out of here.

[ Door opens ]
Savino: Okay, Mr. Klerken. When we go inside, I’m gonna ask you only two questions– One, do you recognize anyone? When you answer yes, my next question will be “From where do you recognize him?”
Klerken: If it’s him, I’ll know right away. I spent a good amount of time with the scum who stole from us.

[ Door closes ]
Savino: Sir, do you recognize anyone?
Klerken: Well… I damn well better. I’m the one who trained him.
Savino: You want to say that again?
Klerken: He’s not your guy. Tom, thank God you’re okay.
Savino: Tom?
Klerken: Tom Keen. He’s one of ours. Followed after the crew that hit us. Risked his life in the process.
Savino: If that’s true, you want to tell me why you never said anything?
Klerken: I can answer. My men are under strict instructions not to speak to anybody but me, even the authorities. I hope I’ve been of help.

On-site security: East garage, this is Altmeir. I think we have a problem.
[ Gunshot 💥 ] [ Gunshot 💥 ]
Man: Breach!
Man: Whoa, whoa.
[ Gunshot 💥 ]
Woman: Whoa! Whoa!
[ Indistinct shouting ]
Adelson: Hey, hey, hey, hey. Hey, hey, hey! Whoa.
[ Indistinct conversations: ]
– Stay right in the chair for me, please.
– You can’t–
– Man: I don’t know. I don’t know.
Samar: What the hell is this place?
[ The cavernous room is lined with countless video displays, some with many per monitor. Some show single images, some multiple, dynamically changing and multiplying and seeming, in fact, very vermin-like ]

Red: You know, I’ve often considered my love of art, and I realized it’s not just the art– it’s the artist. I like art a lot, but I love artists. I love the stories behind their work… The characters. Lopping off ears… Rankling the establishment with paintings of soup cans… Often boldly revealing themselves to our keen observation and insight, our scrutiny. What a marvelous thing, the courage to create.♤ Though I must say, nothing about your work strikes me as courageous. It seems self-indulgent, petulant. Like a tantrum from a child who’s just realized that the world can be a dark and unfair place.
Drexel: I’m– I’m not interested in your opinions of my work. An artist’s job is to speak.
Red: And this latest manifesto? Beginning with the murder of Randy Brenner. What is it that you feel so compelled to say?
Drexel: You have no idea what he was doing, do you?

Adelson: We call it a rat farm.
Ressler: A what?
Adelson: Rat– remote access trojan.
Samar: We know what a rat is. We also know that you downloaded the NSA program that Aaron Mulgrew put online.
Ressler: So, why call it a farm?
Adelson: Because it’s a business. We collect ratted systems, grow them, maintain them, and ultimately sell them. You were right– as a start-up, Headwind was nothing special. Randy and I were struggling until we got lucky and he found that program.
Samar: You saw a golden opportunity.
Adelson: Gold? What you are looking at is worth a hell of a lot more than gold in today’s market. This is what people want– access. You want to spy on a sorority girl? Maybe you want to know what your local politician likes to do at home. Trade secrets of a Fortune 500 company. We commandeer their systems, then stream the feed like a broadcasting network. Cops, nannies, teachers.
Ressler: People pay to access the feeds?
Adelson: We offer a range of pricing options. Single fee, package of five, or unlimited streaming for those who prefer to browse. Look, I lied to protect this place, but I swear I told the truth about Randy. I didn’t kill him, and I don’t know who did.

Drexel: All those people… Stars of a show they don’t even know exists.♤
Red: An enemy of mine contacted you.
Drexel: Okay. Hang on.
Red: A work was commissioned.
Drexel: That was a job.
Red: I need to know how to find your benefactor– now.
Drexel: I don’t know. It-it was all done anonymously. I got meticulous instructions for what to paint and where to send it.
Red: Mm. An address. You can answer me, or I can turn that wall behind you into a Jackson Pollock.♤

Liz: You think it was Reddington?
Tom: It had to be. He got to Klerken. He intimidated him, or he paid him off. I don’t know. My question is, why? This was his chance to get rid of me.
Liz: When I confronted him, I didn’t know what you were being accused of. I just said you were part of some sort of robbery. He already knew. He told me about the diamonds.
Tom: How?
Nik: Because I told him.
Liz: I don’t understand. You told him? Since when do you talk to Reddington?
Nik: I do more than talk to him, Liz. I work for him. I have ever since the day he was shot. I’m part of his mobile surgical unit now. You warned me not to take his money. I should have listened.
Liz: Nik, I had no idea.
Nik: Three nights ago, I was standing in an abandoned garage, pulling a 9mm slug from the liver of a 32-year-old weapons dealer from Kuala Lumpur. So when you say he makes you feel trapped, like your life isn’t your own anymore, I know how that feels.

Liz: Why did you do it? You don’t want me to be with Tom, but you saved him.
Red: People say youth is wasted on the young. I disagree. I believe wisdom is wasted on the old.♤ All you can do is part with it, but very few will take it. Least of all, the people closest to you.♤ They want no part of it. No matter how often I warn you about Tom, you seem intent on discovering those perils for yourself.
Liz: Thank you.
[ Thunder crashes in the art exhibit ]
Red: I know… I say things that unsettle you about the dangers that lie ahead. I know I anger you with things I say about Tom. But if I’ve ever given you the impression that you won’t survive this, that you and your child aren’t going to have the simple life that I know you long for, I’m sorry. Because you are going to have that, Lizzie.♤
[ She kisses him on the side of the mouth. They hold hands, hug ]

[ ♪ Correatown’s “Dear Trouble” plays ]
Aram: So, now we know what Brenner and Adelson were up to. But what about Drexel? All the footage he’s been gathering– We still haven’t figured out where it’s being recorded or what he planned to do with it.

[ A square-jawed young woman with electric orange hair walks down the street with a Brenner murder flyer and arrives at an art exhibit featuring an array of video monitors showing various clips of the murder and its aftermath ]

♪ I wanted so much to need it ♪
♪ but I couldn’t feel it at all ♪
♪ ooh-ooh-ooh ♪
♪ ooh-ooh ♪
♪ ooh-ooh-ooh ♪
♪ ooh-ooh ♪

♪ given the hand that feeds you ♪
♪ do you feel hungry at all? ♪

[ Liz plays the taped interview of Tom made for the adoption agency in Season 1 ]

Woman: Tell us a little about Elizabeth.
Tom: I remember the first time she brought up adoption. She was so nervous. She tried to cook dinner, which was a complete disaster. I think it was around my third bite of cold spaghetti, she just started to cry. And I don’t know. I think she was afraid of disappointing me. But she told me she wanted to adopt. You know, with so many children in need of a loving family, as she put it. In that moment, I just… I don’t think I’ve ever loved her more. She’s gonna be a great mom. I mean, she really is.


♪ trouble again ♪
♪ troubled by time ♪
♪ trouble again ♪

[ Liz feels baby kicking. Look of joy on her face. ]

♪ oh, your troubling mind ♪

[ Later ]
Tom: I’m sorry. For what I did. Oh, it was stupid. Yeah. And I almost lost you because of it. And the idea of that… That I would never see you again…
Liz: I know. Wait.

♪ you’re wearing me down ♪
♪ you’re wearing me down ♪

Tom: [ Feels baby move ] Oh, my God. I felt it. Right there.

♪ you’re wearing me down ♪
♪ you’re wearing me down ♪

Liz: I want to keep the baby.

♪ you’re wearing me down ♪

Liz: Our baby.

Allond: Oh! [ Breaths heavily ]
Red: Where’s Rostova?
Allond: Who? I don’t know who–
Red: Nine days ago, a painting was commissioned. It was sent to this address, shipped to you– Mr. Paul Allond.
Allond: Yes. I… I’m a dealer. A private art broker. I received a call. No name was given. She said a piece had been acquired and was nearly finished. She asked that it be sent to me. For pickup. Yes. But not by her. By you. I assume you’re the one she spoke of. Reddington. She said you would come.

[ Red and Dembe rip open the large crate containing the painting. It shows Liz standing over a gravestone marked “Reddington” ]
Red: [ Scoffs ] You can send it back.
Dembe slams the crate shut.
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༺ ♤ ༻

♫ The Killing Season
By Mark Lanegan

The killing season it’s beginning
I feel your hands around my throat
You either lose, or come up winning
I wear my old grey overcoat
Now paint it mary, paint it black
Tonight they hang Jerry
Tonight they hang Jack
When this killing season’s over
I’ll never say your name again

And if I smell the perfume of, the perfume of your blood
I know it’s just the incense, incense of my drug
Do you hear the children speaking backwards?
Their bodies float above the bed
Who sings a song that isn’t sung
My soul’s in traction
Cops and criminals, and all that crawl get into action

Smelling the incense of, the perfume of your blood
Smelling the incense of, the perfume of my drug

The brick and mortar start to pound
A powder in the air like anthrax
Brought six white horses down
When this cold dark night is over
There ain’t nobody left around

Now paint it mary, paint it black
Tonight they hang Jerry
Tonight they hang Jack
And when this fever dream has ended
I’ll never come this way again

And if I smell the perfume of, the perfume of your blood
I know it’s just the incense, incense of my drug
The killing season, it’s beginning
Skeletal hands are on my throat
Somebody will lose somebody’s winnings
I wear my old grey overcoat
I wear my old grey overcoat

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/1TrEBfe
YouTube: http://bit.ly/1oRi5Bf


♫ Dear Trouble
By Correatown [ lyrics preliminary ]

All of the time I see you
But do I see you at all?
I wanted so much to need it
But I couldn’t feel it all all


Given the hand that feeds you
Do you feel hungry at all?
And what you expect will lead you
Does that really serve you at all?

Trouble again
Troubled by time
Trouble again
Oh your troubling mind

Shout it out to make it feel real
Blame yourself if you need to feel guilt
Tell yourself it’s falling apart
Tell yourself it’s breaking your heart
Letting go is never easy as holding out
Letting go is never easy as holding out

So all of the time I’ve seen you
Have I ever seen you at all?

Trouble again
Troubled by time
Trouble again
Oh your troubling mind
You ‘re wearing me down
You ‘re wearing me down
You ‘re wearing me down

c+p 2014 Angela Correa [ lyrics provided by ]
Winesong obo itself and Another Room Music

YouTube: http://bit.ly/1TrDAUl
YouTube play: http://youtu.be/sJgpgI7rgy4

❌❌❌ 3:15 End Drexel
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༺ ✿⊰ ♤ ⊱✿༻


🔴 Episode 3:16 The Caretaker

NBC’s series The Blacklist starring James Spader and Megan Boone
Series created by: Jon Bokenkamp
Program air date: 2/25//2016 in the US
Permalink: http://wp.me/pDKwi-2yJ ¤ Storybook: http://wp.me/PDKwi-1f3#caretaker

Blurb: A Blacklister who keeps secrets for criminals may be linked to the death of a State Department official in Beijing.

Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/1OzwCGh
WSJ Summary: http://on.wsj.com/1T0Alog
Source: Raw Script from Forever Dreaming: http://bit.ly/1QciD0C (dump of captioning)
Director: Don Thorin, Jr
Written by: Dave Thomas

Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington – James Spader
Elizabeth Keen – Megan Boone
Donald Ressler – Diego Klattenhoff
Harold Cooper – Harry Lennix
Tom Keen – Ryan Eggold
Aram Mojtabai – Amir Arison
Samar Navabi – Mozhan Marnò
Dembe Zuma – Hisham Tawfiq


Anton Velov – Madison Arnold
The Caretaker – Reg E Cathey
Irina Velov – Helen Coxe
Russell Pritchard – Steven Hauck
Rose Janus – Nikki M James
Hugo – Paul Lazar
Gina Zanetakos – Margarita Levieva
Cynthia Panabaker – Deirdre Lovejoy
Semo – Orville Mendoza
Charlene Cooper – Valarie Pettiford
Messenger – Andy Reinhardt
Justin Van Zandt – Ty Robinson
Addison Wen – Richard Shih
Darla – Kimberly Stern


🔴 Script 3:16 The Caretaker (№ 78)


Previously on The Blacklist…

Tom: Elizabeth Keen, will you marry me?
Red: You will not marry her.
Tom: Why? Because I didn’t ask daddy’s permission?
Gina Zanetakos: Thanks, boys. [ 💥 Gunfire 💥 ]
Red: He’s reckless. He’s not worthy of being your husband, and he sure as hell is not worthy of raising that child.
Liz: I want to keep the baby. Our baby.

News anchor: The online recording implicates the United States in the murder of a Chinese official. The recording appears to prove that Zhang Lau was poisoned as part of a plot orchestrated by this man, State Department Official Russell Pritchard.

Pritchard: [ On phone ] How– how the hell did this happen? My face is all over the news. Well, you better get me out of Beijing.
[ Tires screech ]
The Chinese are looking for me. It’s only a matter of time before–
[ Car doors close ]
Hey. Hey, wait. Please! Please! That recording isn’t real! It’s all some kind of frame-up! It was released by a man called The Caretaker! That’s who you have to find! The Caretaker! Help! Help!
[ Tires squeal ]

♪ people say a man is made outta mud ♪
♪ a poor man’s made outta muscle and blood ♪
♪ muscle and blood and skin and bones ♪
♪ a mind that’s weak and a back that’s strong ♪
♪ you load 16 tons, and what do you get? ♪
♪ another day older and deeper in debt ♪
♪ Saint Peter, don’t you call me ♪
♪ ’cause I can’t go ♪
♪ I owe my soul ♪

[ Dialing ] [ Ringing ]

♪ to the company store ♪

Caretaker: It’s me. The first secret has been released. The second one will come very soon.

Tom: Made you breakfast.
Liz: I’m the one who’s supposed to be taking care of you.
Tom: Come here for a minute.
Liz: Hm. Mm. Wow. You’re feeling better.
Tom: Much.
Liz: That’s good.
Tom: What is this?
[ Liz gets down on her knees ]
Liz: Yes.
Tom: Yes… what?
Liz: Yes, I want to marry you. [ Laughs ]
Tom. Are you for real?
Liz: Yes. I want to take care of you for the rest of our lives, for better and definitely for worse.
Tom: I don’t know what to say.
[ Cellphone chimes – it’s “Nick’s Pizza” ]
Tom: [ Groans ] Maybe he’ll be walking you down the aisle.
Liz: Not if you’re at the other end of it.
[ Knock on door ]
Tom: Good point.
[ Knocking ]
Delivery: Hey, I have a delivery for a Tom Keen from Safe Stop Pharmacy.
Liz: Oh, I can get it.
Delivery: Oh, it’s prescription medicine. I need a patient signature.
Tom: I-I got it. It’s fine. I’m good. I’m great.
Liz: Rest.
Tom: I will.
[ Door closes ]
Tom: You got everything?
Delivery: Yep– Percocet for the pain and a Glock 26 for your pleasure.

Red: How are you feeling?
Liz: We’ve decided to keep the baby.
Red: [ Chuckles ] We?
Liz: I’ve accepted Tom’s proposal. We’re gonna get married.
Red: Right.
Liz: I know how you feel about him. I hope you’ll keep an open mind. [ Chuckles ]
Red: Are you aware that a gentleman in your State Department has been murdered in Beijing
Liz: Yes. Fished out of the Hai river.
Red: His name was Russell Pritchard. Murdered by the Chinese as payback for the assassination of a Chinese official, Zhang Lau.
Liz: How?
Red: With the help of Addison Wen, an extremely powerful Chinese-American businessman. While Zhang Lau was in town visiting the UN, Mr. Wen invited him to a dinner party at his home. That night, Zhang Lau is poisoned by agents that Mr. Wen agreed to let the State Department place on his serving staff. That agreement, it seems, was recorded by Addison Wen himself. He knew once the murder was committed, he’d be considered a loose end by your government.
Liz: He wanted insurance that the government wouldn’t kill him.
Red: Precisely. Which brings us to our next blacklister. They call him The Caretaker, a secret keeper– documents, recordings, photos. The caretaker maintains an impenetrable safe-deposit vault for criminals, governments, captains of industry, and he only releases those secrets according to one’s specific instructions.
Liz: So, in Addison Wen’s case, that recording was leverage. He probably didn’t want in released unless he was murdered or arrested for the poisoning of Zhang Lau.
Red: I agree. And yet, my sources tell me Addison Wen is very much alive and was in no danger of prosecution, which means something has gone terribly wrong. The integrity of The Caretaker’s operation is the only thing preventing thousands of closely guarded secrets from being exposed, secrets that implicate powerful and dangerous people.

Woman: I’m begging you. I don’t know who you are. I’ve done nothing to you. Please. Please, you don’t have to do this. You can let me go. Please!

Red: If his system is failing, I assure you, Russell Pritchard’s death is only the beginning.

Liz: According to Reddington, the recording of Pritchard and Addison Wen is just one secret of thousands. He says The Caretaker has evidence of murder, corruption, blackmail, and not just from governments– from corporations, billionaires. This is the kind of information people kill to acquire.
Ressler: Kill to keep secret.
Liz: He wants us to find The Caretaker and contain the leaks.
Samar: Why? Isn’t it best for the truth to come out?
Ressler: That sounds a little naive.
Cooper: All right, morality aside, let’s just find this guy and deal with whatever secrets he’s keeping one at a time. Start with Addison Wen. If he deposited a recording with The Caretaker, maybe he knows what the hell is going on. And we better get to him fast. If he helped us kill Zhang Lau, the Chinese are gonna want a word with him.

Tom: [ Pointing gun ] Well, you don’t seem very surprised to see me.
Gina: [ Chuckles ] They say two things will survive a nuclear holocaust– cockroaches and twinkies. You’re a little of both. I’ll make this easy for you. And hard.
Tom: I’m here to make you an offer.
Gina: Mind if I change into some clothes before we negotiate?
[ Gina removes her towel, exposing her breasts to Tom; walks to the dresser and slips on a black short sleeved tee over her black panties ]
Tom: Be my guest.
[ Gina removes her towel, exposing her breasts to Tom; walks to the dresser and slips on a short sleeved tee over her panties ]
Gina: So, what’s the offer?
Tom: Peace. Despite the fact that you shot me and left me for dead. Uhp. That’s far enough.
[ Fight ensues ] [ Grunting ] [ Groaning ] [ Both grunting ]
[ Breathing heavily ] [ Breathless ]
Tom: Damn it, woman. Why does it always have to be like this with you? I came here for peace. Gina: Peace is boring.
Tom: Not if I have to put a hole in your head to get it. And you come at me again, that’s exactly what I’m gonna do. [ Sighs ]

[ Birds cawing ] [ The Caretaker sits in a grave-digging vehicle in a cemetery ]
The Caretaker: [ Sighs ] Hello, Jeanette.
[ Engine starts. The Caretaker begins to uncover a grave ]

Ressler: Tell us about The Caretaker.
Wen: I was told he could keep a secret. I was misinformed.
Navabi: Mr. Wen, tell us everything you know about him, and maybe we won’t give you to the Chinese.
Wen: I’m an American. You can’t extradite me.
Who said anything about extradition?

Liz: Tom and I are getting married.
Cooper: That’s great. After everything you’ve been through, I’m happy you found your way back to each other. I know from my own personal experience… That’s not an easy thing to do.
Liz: I’m so sorry about what’s happening with you and Charlene.
Cooper: Forget about that. You’re getting married!
Liz: [ Laughs ] It’s crazy. [ Sighs ] I just wish… Despite everything she’s put me through, I wish my mom could be there.
Cooper: Of course you do. That’s only natural.
Liz: I mean, everybody has something to say about her. I just wish I knew the truth for myself, you know?
Cooper: And you’re sure there’s no one who can help you find it?
Liz: I tracked down this one man– Anton Velov. He said he didn’t know much, but I think he was holding something back.
Cooper: Sounds like you should pay this Mr. Velov a visit.

Ressler: Could be you didn’t poison Zhang Lau, but the recording proves that you conspired to, so you’ve got no play here except to start talking.
Wen: I don’t have anything to say. I don’t know his name. We never met.
Samar: But you gave him the recording. How?
Wen: I put it in the tubes.
Ressler: Tubes? What tubes?

Aram: The US Post Office initiated pneumatic tube service in 1893. Soon, it had over 27 miles of tubes running beneath Manhattan, Brooklyn, and The Bronx, and that is just the post office. There were libraries, hospitals, department stores.
Samar: According to Wen, The Caretaker uses the system to transport documents and other hard media.
Cooper: Which one of these tubes leads to this Caretaker?
Aram: There are hundreds of tubes and thousands of terminal points.
Ressler: It’s a potential superhighway to transport drugs, cash, contraband right under our noses.
Aram: There is no way to untangle it. …
[ Screen shifts to Red and Liz in café ]
Red: … I know someone who can.
Liz: Who?
Red: He’s quite an eccentric, a recluse. But I’m a faithful client, and he’s agreed to meet with us. There is one thing that I can’t seem to… wrap my head around.
Liz: What?
Red: Tom. After all the lies, all the deception and humiliation, how you can just forgive and forget.
Liz: I haven’t forgotten. Forgiveness can’t change the past, but I believe it can change the future.
Red: That’s a charming sentiment. But as far as I’m concerned, some things are unforgivable. Shall we?
Liz: He’s here?
Red: He’s approximately 60 feet beneath our feet. ⋘⋙ He calls himself Hugo. He’s a hobbyist of sorts. Spent 20 years meticulously restoring and expanding the old BRT pneumatic tube system.
Liz: So it’s true. It really exists.
Red: Oh, yes. Fully functional and wonderfully reliable. Hugo runs it as a private service to a specialized clientele. I’ve been a client since his early days, and I’m wagering The Caretaker is, as well. Oh. Try not to stare.
[ Knock on door ]
Red: Hugo! I see you’re busy as ever.
[ Bell rings ]
Hugo: Raymond? You didn’t say you were bringing persons.
Red: Well, you know Dembe. And this is former FBI Agent Elizabeth Keen.
Hugo: FBI?
Liz: They employ me as a consultant. He employs me as an inside source.
Red: And in that capacity, she has alerted me to a troubling development… [ Bell rings ] …and may have grave repercussions for many of your clients and, well, you.
Hugo: Me?
Red: I need you to give me the location for one of those clients– The Caretaker.
Hugo: I can’t violate a client’s privacy. That– that’d be a violation.
Red: Normally, I would agree. But The Caretaker’s system has been compromised, and the FBI are looking for him. They will find him. And then…
Hugo: They’ll find me.
Red: No doubt. But if you can give us his location, Ms. Keen will steer the Bureau away from you, guaranteeing you will not be imprisoned. Now, wouldn’t that be nice?

The Caretaker: Hello, Jeanette. [ Grunts ]
[ He opens the casket and begins to cut into the body ]

Tom: I want out. [ Laughs ] Gina, I never thought I would, but I do. We don’t save people, Gina. We watch them drown. And I’m tired of hurting people. I want to start pulling people up instead of holding them down. And I can’t think of a better place to start than right here with you. So… I could end this right now. I could go find the Major, and I could end him, too. Or… we can just agree to just walk away. I don’t come after you, and you don’t come after me or my family.
Gina: [ Chuckles ] I should have said yes that night in Budapest.
Tom: No, Gina. Listen to me. I’m asking you to help me walk away. Please. Someday, maybe someone will do the same thing for you.
Gina: I’ll try.

[ The Caretaker sings ]
♪ up from the grave he arose ♪
♪ with mighty triumph o’er his foes ♪

Ressler: According to Reddington, one of the pneumatic tube lines leads to the basement of The Caretaker’s house.
Samar: In what world does that make any sense?
Ressler: [ Chuckles ] Only in Reddington’s.
Samar: The house should be just around this corner. ⋘⋙ Hold up. What’s that?
Ressler: It’s a little late for a burial.

♪ he arose the victor of his dark domain ♪
♪ and lives forever with his saints to reign ♪
♪ up from the grave he arose ♪
♪ with a mighty– ♪

Ressler: Drop the knife. Drop the knife! Hands where we can see them!
[ Flashes light into grave to show opened corpse with pneumatic capsule removed from it ]
Now we know where he keeps his secrets.

Samar: The video that was released– a man died because of it. We’re told other people will die when other secrets are released. Is this a deliberate leak or negligence– a flaw in your security? Ressler: Who penetrated your system?
Caretaker: No one. The system is perfect. I released the video.

[ Flashback: ]

[ Water running as Caretaker washes dirt from his hands. He listens to recording: ]
Rose: I’m begging you. I’ve done nothing to you. Please. Please, you don’t have to do this. You can let me go. Please! Please! You don’t have to–
Masked man: You have 24 hours to release ledger item number 2156– Luftreiber Airlines and the German government.
Rose: Please, daddy! Just do what they say! [ Breathing heavily ] [ Screams ]

Caretaker: They kidnapped my daughter. For three generations, my family has guarded the secrets of presidents, corporations, criminals. The traditions, the pride of my fathers is nothing compared to the love I hold for Rose. She’s all I have. They know that.
Ressler: Who? Who are they?
Caretaker: They took her and the ledger. They have the names of my clients and the locations of the secrets I keep for them. They’ve ordered me to betray a second secret by midnight… or Rose will die.
Samar: We can help you. We will do everything we can to help find Rose, but we can’t do that without knowing the secret the kidnappers wanted to know.
Caretaker: You confiscated it already from the grave– the canister.

Red: Luftreiber Air? What secret of theirs is he keeping?
Samar: A copy of a contract between an airline and the German government. 100 million euros up front, 50 million euros for every year thereafter– “For services rendered.” It’s dated March 4, 2007.
Aram. I got a hit. April 12, 2007. An A318 Airbus operated by Luftreiber crashed just after takeoff at Tripoli International. That was back in March. All 107 passengers and 6 crew dead. That’s when airline officials announced the crash was due to an avionic malfunction.
Red: All very cut-and-dried. Unless the rumors were true.
Samar: A terrorist attack. Then why would the airline assume liability?
Red: Perhaps to shift blame from another institution, one with an even great responsibility for the safety of German citizens.
Samar: The German government? You’re suggesting that the terrorists warned the government beforehand.
Red: And they failed to alert the airline to the threat. Luftreiber claims responsibility, shielding the bureaucrats from a scandal in exchange for remuneration for the inevitable blizzard of lawsuits. One hand washes the other.
Samar: So, the airline places the contract in escrow with The Caretaker as leverage against exposure.
Red: Have you got any leads on who abducted his daughter?
Samar: She was last seen at her office three days ago. Ressler’s there right now reviewing the security video.
Red: Forward me anything he finds. But under no circumstances can that contract become public knowledge.
Samar: If we do nothing, Rose Janus will die at midnight. We still have two hours.
Red: Very well. Make every minute count. But if you fail, I warn you, do not expose the Germans.

Darla: Anton. Your guest is here.
Velov: Thank you, Darla.
Liz: Thank you for meeting with me, Mr. Velov. About a year ago, I came to visit you in your restaurant.
Velov: I remember. You were asking about Katarina Rostova.
Liz: That’s right. I was hoping you could answer a few more questions for me.
Velov: She was just a name. One of many I heard when I was with Spetsnaz. Beyond that, I know nothing.
Liz: Please. She was my mother.
Velov: Dear, I cannot help you. I would if I could, believe me. I, too, have daughter. The life I led, the things I had to do, she won’t talk to me. I try to explain, but there are some– some things which can never be forgiven.
Liz: I’m sorry, um… Why did you agree to meet with me if you can’t help me?
Velov: My daughter. I don’t know where she is. I am dying. I have written her this letter. You are with FBI, no? You can find her. Give it to her. Please. It explains everything.

[ Dialing ] [ Ringing ]
Darla: He told her nothing.
Red: You’re certain?
Darla: He spent most of the time talking about his own daughter.
Red: Thank you, Darla.
Dembe: She deserves the truth.
Red: Watch the road, Dembe.

[ Viewing video of kidnapping ]
Ressler: That’s Rose Janus. And this is the license plate of the kidnapper’s van.
Cooper: Run it. Find it. We’ve got 90 minutes before they execute her.
Samar: That’s not enough time. We have to release the Luftreiber contract.
Ressler: Germany is one of our closest allies. I mean, you really want to embarrass them like that?
Samar: Yes. And you should, too. They were warned by terrorists, did nothing, and covered it up.
Ressler: If Reddington’s theory is true. But the contract is for services rendered. There was no mention of terrorism or the crash. I mean, the date is circumstantial. We have no hard evidence–
Samar: But a hell of a smoking gun.
Aram: Nothing on the van. It’s a late-model Chevy Express. There are thousands registered in the Tri-State area. And the plates were stolen from a Honda Accord on the day of the abduction. Cooper: Do it. Leak the contract.
Ressler: That’s a mistake.
Cooper: You’re right. It will embarrass Germany, and it could damage diplomatic relations. No one will be killed because of that. If we do nothing, Rose Janus will die. The kidnapper’s instructions–
Samar: We know what they are.
Cooper: Follow them. To the letter.

Liz: What is it? What do you see?
Red: [ Sighs ] What you said about forgiveness changing the future– it comforts me to know you’re looking forward again. The future holds such promise. The past– so many regrets. The van is lined with Chobham ballistic armor. Virtually impregnable, heat resistant, most often deployed in tanks and APCs.
Liz: So it’s military. It’s an after-market job– very specialized. Only a few custom shops have the equipment necessary to install it. I can’t say which one, but I know someone who can.

[ Rock music plays ] [ Drill whirring ]
Red: Semo!
Semo: Hey! How you doing, sole?! Huh? [ Laughs ] You still got that sweet GTO?
Red: Oh, sadly no. I gave it to a North Korean general in exchange for a young woman’s freedom.
Semo: Ooh. I know a lot of women. I’d have kept the goat. [ Laughs ]
Red: As I recall, you’ve always carried a torch for oldsmobiles. I have a line on a low-mileage, pristine 1970 442 with a factory W-30 package. I can put you in touch in exchange for a small favor. You interested?
Semo: What do you think?

[ Footsteps approaching ]
Panabaker: Cynthia Panabaker. I drew the short straw.
Cooper: Harold Cooper.
Panabaker: You have any idea how much this place spooks Main Justice? Reven Wright and Diane Fowler were good people. They were patriots assigned to oversee this task force and now they are missing and presumed dead.
Cooper: No one wants to know what happened to them more than I.
Panabaker: I have no interest in disappearing or dying in the foreseeable future, so I will watch your back and you will watch mine. Are we clear?
Cooper: Your assistant said you had a matter of some urgency to discuss.
Panabaker: We have a major national security breach. Anybody with a tree to shake has been ordered to shake it, see if anything falls out. This is the Reddington tree.
Cooper: How can we help?
Panabaker: Two known terrorists penetrated the port of Tampa 14 hours ago. German BND had them hard on the radar, and we lost them.
Cooper: The terrorists?
Panabaker: No, the Germans. Seems someone leaked some documents implicating them in some kind of cover-up, and they think it was us.
Cooper: Why would they suspect–
Panabaker: I don’t know. They’re Germans. Now, they may end up sharing their intel, but for right now, they’re pissed, and we can’t afford to wait till they calm down, so find out what Reddington knows. Before anything blows up would be nice.

[ Cellphone rings ] [ Beeps ]
Cooper: Cooper.
Liz: The gunmen who took Rose Janus– I’ve got an address.
Cooper: How?
Liz: Reddington spotted some custom work on their van, traced it to a chop shop. We got a physical address on the customer. I want that address. Then I want you back here with Reddington.
Liz: Why? What happened?
Cooper: I just got paid a visit by the White House Counsel. We have bigger problems than saving The Caretaker’s daughter.

Cooper: Two known terrorists penetrated the border through the port of Tampa. Two hours ago, a cargo truck was stolen from a shipping company near the port, and whoever took it was smart enough to disable its satellite tracker.
Liz: And the White House is asking for Reddington’s help?
Cooper: At this point, I think they’ll take help from anybody.
Red: [ Laughs ]
Cooper: The German BND captured chatter indicating that an attack on a major domestic target is imminent. According to their intel, the terrorists have access to a metric ton of C-4, which was stolen from a Mexican armory. The Germans were tracking it, but…
Red: What? Oh, my God. You released the Luftreiber contract, and now the Germans are refusing to cooperate.
Cooper: I did it to save a woman’s life.
Red: And now many more may die. I don’t mean to gloat, but boy, did I tell you so.
Liz: You know everything there is to know about port security.
Red: Yes, but this isn’t about port security. It’s about cargo theft in Florida. Luckily for you, Harold, I poke my thumb in many pies. This one is particularly profitable, so I’ve associated myself with some of the players.
Cooper: Can your associates find the truck?
Red: Their methods are breathtakingly simple– place their own tracking devices on cargo containers, track them out of the port, and attack them when they’re most vulnerable. Yes, they can help find your truck. The question is– why on earth they would want to.
Cooper: Because it’s their patriotic duty.
Red: They’re Mexicans.
Cooper: Get them to help, and I’ll owe you.
Red: Yes, you will.

[ Door crashes ]
FBI! Don’t move! Come on!
FBI! Go! Go! Get on your knees. [ 💥 💥 ]
Samar: Put your hands behind your head.
Ressler: Donald Ressler, FBI. Everything’s okay. Are you all right? Is this your father’s ledger? Okay, come with me. Come on.

Ressler: Justin Van Zandt. USMC. Served with distinction in Afghanistan– a bronze star and a purple heart. And now kidnapping. Why?
Justin: I want a lawyer.
Ressler: Habeas corpus isn’t on the menu today, not when we’re dealing with matters of national security. So, who do you work for?

Samar: The men who took you were former Marines. Did you know that?
Rose: No, I-I didn’t.
Samar: Nothing in their file suggests that the men who took you had the ability to penetrate your father’s operation. Do you have any idea who they might be working for? Someone they met overseas?
Rose: [ Sighs ] I’m sorry. I can’t help you.
Samar: Rose, if we can’t find the person responsible for taking you, we cannot guarantee your safety.
Rose: Does my father know you found me?
Samar: Yes. He’s on his way here right now.
Ressler: Come on, Van Zandt. We know you and your partner were just the muscle. Who hired you?
Samar: We know how close the two of you were. What we don’t know is why you’re protecting the man responsible for his death.
Van Zandt: You shot him.
Ressler: Yeah. I’m angry about that. I’m angry that somebody turned a war hero into a kidnapper, put him into a position where I had to shoot him. I’m angry at his friend for not giving up the son of a bitch that made that happen.
Van Zandt: This wasn’t supposed to happen.
Samar: Why don’t you tell us what was supposed to happen?
Van Zandt: I told him we didn’t need guns. He thought it would help sell it.
Samar: Help sell what?
Van Zandt: That we were trying to hurt her, when all we were trying to do was help her.
Samar: Help who?
Van Zandt: Rose. She’s my sister.

Rose: Look, I’m grateful you guys found me, but I’m starting to feel a little bit like a suspect here. Ressler: How fitting.
Samar: Your brother came clean.
Ressler: You want to explain why you kidnapped yourself?

Cooper: Keen located the cargo truck. It’s headed for New York City. You need to roll out now.
Aram: Okay, we are go. I-95 is shut down, and the target is approaching our detour. Yes. He’s taking the off-ramp.
Ressler: We’re in front. We got a clean visual. Two targets in the cab.
Samar: What should I call you– my idiot boyfriend or my idiot husband?
Ressler: [ Chuckles ] You can’t stay angry at me forever.
Samar: Watch me.
[ Samar flips switch which causes smoke to flow from car, bringing traffic to a standstill ] [ Engine sputters ] [ Tires squeal ] [ Cough ]
[ Samar and Ressler slip into their roles ]
Ressler: I told you take it in.
Samar: I told you that we needed a new car!
Ressler: All you had to do was take it into the shop!
Samar: I’m sorry. Excuse me. Could you help us? My husband is a complete idiot.
Ressler: Freeze. Don’t move! [ 💥 Gunfire 💥 ]
Ressler: Targets are down. Cover! Nice job. Almost like being a bitch comes naturally.
Samar: Aram, are you there?
Aram: Uh, yeah. Hearing every word.
Soldier: Get these vehicles out of here. Sir, we have a serious situation. We got a problem.
Headquarters, expedite the bomb squad. We’re gonna need a perimeter set up, evacuation around our location.
Ressler: Oh, no. This is no good.
Aram: What? What is it? What’s wrong?
Samar: The bomb has been activated. We have less than two minutes.
Aram: Um, okay, well, uh, I’m told the bomb squad won’t be there for 12.
Ressler: Aram, I’m sending you a photo of the component parts now.
Aram: Two minutes isn’t nearly enough time to evacuate.
Ressler: We’re not going to evacuate. We’re gonna disarm this thing, and we need you to walk us through it.
Samar: We are looking at a timed detonator, about 20 barrels of accelerant– ammonium nitrate and fuel oil.
Ressler: We got about a minute and 45 seconds left.
Aram: Uh, okay. That’s not helping. All right, there are four batteries. We need to disable all four. Okay, first I need you to cut the green wire that leads to the switch on the bottom. But just make sure you don’t disturb the mercury.
Ressler: Okay, got it.
Aram: All right, trace the wires from the timing device and cut the… Okay, cut the orange and white ones. Orange and white.
Ressler: Done. Next? All right, there is one last battery connected to the green control box on the top left. Cut the wrong wire in the wrong sequence and the bomb detonates. All right, there are two wires there– blue and red. So, here’s what you do. Apologize to Agent Navabi.
Ressler: What?
Samar: Aram, we don’t have time for this. We have 30 seconds.
Aram: “I’m sorry” takes less than one. 28 seconds.
Ressler: Look, I’m not sorry for firing her.
Aram: You called her the “B” word.
Ressler: I didn’t call her a bitch.
Samar: Actually, you did.
Ressler: Okay, whatever. I’m real sorry for calling Agent Navabi a bitch.
Aram: Blue. Blue. Cut the blue wire.
Ressler: [ Sighs ]
Samar: Apology accepted.

[ Door opens ]
Caretaker: Is she okay?
Cooper: She’s alive and safe. But no, she’s not okay.
Caretaker: What do you mean? Let me see her. What did they do to her?
Cooper: Nothing. She kidnapped herself to get away from you. She knows what you did, Mr. Janus. She’s known for months. Imagine how she felt finding herself on a missing children’s website. Her real name is Jessica Van Zandt. Did you know? Did you ever bother to find out who she was?
Caretaker: My wife and unborn child died a few months before. I was out for a drive, and I saw her crossing the street. She tripped. Her father. Her father– mean. Drunk. He started beating on her. I got out, went over to him to explain, “She’s just a little girl.” A beautiful little girl. Words were exchanged. He took a swing at me. I moved in in self-defense. He went down… hard. As he lay there bleeding, I felt a little hand in mine. She just took it. Like she was saying, “Thank you.” We walked back to the car. She got in willingly. And we left. Left.
Cooper: You took her… like a thief. And by the time she realized what you’d done, sought out her real family, the only one left was her brother– a Marine. A Marine. Protecting his country in an effort to atone for failing to protect his sister. He wanted to go to the police, turn you in. But she had other plans.
Caretaker: If she’s released that ledger, she’s caused more damage than she knows.
Cooper: Oh, I think Rose knows exactly what she’s done. For generations, you and your ancestors kept other people’s secrets. But it was your secret– her– that put an end to it all.
Caretaker: Yes.

[ Knock on door ]
Liz: Irina Velov?
Irina: Yes.
Liz: This is for you. It’s from your father. He told me you’re estranged. And my name is Elizabeth, by the way. He couldn’t find you, so… Anyway, he says it explains everything.
Irina: Yes, it does. For you.
Liz: Me? I don’t understand.
Irina: My father and I aren’t estranged. We talk every day. He told me you’d be coming. He didn’t write that letter to me. He wrote it to you.

[ Liz opens the letter in her car and reads it tearfully. It also includes a photo of a little girl ]

Red: I’m curious, Harold. How do you think the White House is going to express their appreciation to me for foiling the terrorist plot? Maybe an embossed ashtray. Or one of those little American flag pins for my lapel.
Cooper: I think the best you can hope for is tolerance.
Red: [ Chuckles ] I’m here to call in your chit.
Cooper: Excuse me?
Red: Nobody uses the word “Chit” anymore, do they? Rhyming with a vulgarity didn’t do it any favors.
Cooper: A chit is– It’s a note for a debt incurred. All those lives at risk, and you only helped in order to force it down my throat. What do you want?
Red: The Caretaker’s ledger. I’d like to borrow it.
[ Cooper removes the ledger from his desk drawer and hands it to Reddington ]
Cooper: If it were up to me, I’d burn it. I’ve learned the hard way that some secrets are best kept in the dark.
Red: Mine certainly is. If you insist on sleeping in the office, I might suggest you forego the floor and get yourself a futon. Your chiropractor will thank you.
Cooper: How did you know?
Red: Harold, forgive Charlene. A friend told me recently that forgiveness won’t change the past but could very well change the future. Apparently, nothing is unforgivable. Go home, Harold.

Liz: My mother’s alive. You lied to me.
Red: Velov is the one who lied to you, Lizzie, not me. Katarina Rostova committed suicide in 1990.
Liz: Velov was the agent assigned to find her. He was getting close, she knew it. That’s why she allegedly walked into the ocean. She wanted the world to believe she drowned.
Red: But Velov knows differently.
Liz: He tracked her to a hotel in Prague. She had just left. But in such a hurry, she missed this… A photo of her little girl. Me.
Red: That could easily have been planted.
Liz: You said the name Masha Rostova had been lost to history until the manhunt. Now it’s out there, and someone’s looking for me. It’s my mother. Who else would care? Who? [ Sighs ] You were right. Some things can’t be forgiven.

[ ♪ Ray Lamontagne’s “In My Own Way” plays ]

[ Cooper drives up to his house. Charlene is seen making tea through a window. She walks to the window, but the car is gone ]

[ Liz arrives home ]
Liz: Hey.

♪ all the plans ♪

[ Door closes ]
Tom: Hey.

♪ that were made ♪

Liz: How was your day?
Tom: It was, uh, busy.

♪ let them die ♪

Tom: Spent it telling anyone who’d listen how much I love you.

♪ let them fade ♪
♪ I’ll spend the day ♪
♪ in my own way ♪

Gina: [On phone ] It’s me. He came. Just like you said he would.

♪ please understand ♪

Gina: How do you want me to handle it?

♪ I’m only human ♪

Red: [ To Dembe who is digging into a grave with a shovel ] This is above and beyond, my friend. Above and beyond.
[ Breathing heavily ] [ Dembe finds pneumatic capsule with red envelope inside ]
Dembe: Is that it?

♪ after all is said and done ♪

Red: If anything happened to me, this was to go to Elizabeth.

♪ only here a moment ♪

Red: So she would know.

♪ and the moment’s gone ♪

Red: Now I’m not sure I ever want her to know.
Dembe: Perhaps, Raymond, in this case, what you want is irrelevant.

♪ I’ll spend the day ♪

Dembe: If the universe wants her to know, she will find a way.
[ Red lights the envelope on fire and watches it burn ]

♪ in my own way ♪

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༺ ♤ ༻

♫ Sixteen Tons
By Tennessee Ernie Ford

Some people say a man is made outta mud
A poor man’s made outta muscle and blood
Muscle and blood and skin and bones
A mind that’s a-weak and a back that’s strong

You load sixteen tons, what do you get
Another day older and deeper in debt
Saint Peter don’t you call me ’cause I can’t go
I owe my soul to the company store

I was born one mornin’ when the sun didn’t shine
I picked up my shovel and I walked to the mine
I loaded sixteen tons of number nine coal
And the straw boss said “Well, a-bless my soul”

You load sixteen tons, what do you get
Another day older and deeper in debt
Saint Peter don’t you call me ’cause I can’t go
I owe my soul to the company store

I was born one mornin’, it was drizzlin’ rain
Fightin’ and trouble are my middle name
I was raised in the canebrake by an ol’ mama lion
Cain’t no-a high-toned woman make me walk the line

You load sixteen tons, what do you get
Another day older and deeper in debt
Saint Peter don’t you call me ’cause I can’t go
I owe my soul to the company store

If you see me comin’, better step aside
A lotta men didn’t, a lotta men died
One fist of iron, the other of steel
If the right one don’t a-get you
Then the left one will

You load sixteen tons, what do you get
Another day older and deeper in debt
Saint Peter don’t you call me ’cause I can’t go
I owe my soul to the company store

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/1KQHGEn
YouTube: http://bit.ly/1R7S8Us
YouTube play: http://youtu.be/1K0l-xPhWzs


♫ Up from the Grave He Arose
By Robert Lowry

1. Low in the grave he lay, Jesus my Savior,
waiting the coming day, Jesus my Lord!
Up from the grave he arose;
with a mighty triumph o’er his foes;
he arose a victor from the dark domain,
and he lives forever, with his saints to reign.
He arose! He arose! Hallelujah! Christ arose!

2. Vainly they watch his bed, Jesus my Savior,
vainly they seal the dead, Jesus my Lord!

3. Death cannot keep its prey, Jesus my Savior;
he tore the bars away, Jesus my Lord!

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/1Q8CDOr
YouTube: http://bit.ly/1pcX0Be
YouTube play: http://youtu.be/Xw1voFMLIoU


♫ In My Own Way
By Ray LaMontagne

Lock the door
Draw the shades
Close my eyes
I’m miles away
I’ll spend the day in my own way

Count the hours
Lock the days
Underneath it all
The rise and swelling of the waves
I’ll spend the day in my own way

All the plans
That were made
Let them die
Let them fade
I’ll spend the day in my own way

Please understand I’m only human

After all’s said and done
Only here a moment
Then the moment’s gone
I’ll spend the day in my own way

Please understand I’m only human
The times are frail the times are fold
Don’t break your back trying to carry it
Wait ’till the world can’t please the moon

Lock the door
Draw the shades
Close my eyes
I’m miles away
I’ll spend the day in my own way

I’ll spend the day in my own way
I’ll spend the day in my own way

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/1n1X9pF
YouTube: http://bit.ly/1oN7R59
YouTube play: http://youtu.be/ASXriqyKQlk

❌❌❌ 3:16 End Caretaker
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🔴 Episode 3:17 Mr Solomon

NBC’s series The Blacklist starring James Spader and Megan Boone
Series created by: Jon Bokenkamp
Program air date: 4/7//2016 in the US
Permalink: http://wp.me/pDKwi-2JX ¤ Storybook: http://wp.me/PDKwi-1f3#solomon

Blurb: It’s Liz and Tom’s wedding day. What could possibly go wrong?

Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/1TFndEN
WSJ Summary: http://on.wsj.com/1VdslAU
Source: Raw Script from Forever Dreaming: http://bit.ly/1QciD0C (dump of captioning)
Director: Eagle Egilsson
Written by: Jon Bokenkamp, Brian Studler

Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington – James Spader
Elizabeth Keen – Megan Boone
Donald Ressler – Diego Klattenhoff
Harold Cooper – Harry Lennix
Tom Keen – Ryan Eggold
Aram Mojtabai – Amir Arison
Samar Navabi – Mozhan Marnò
Dembe Zuma – Hisham Tawfiq


Baz – Bazzel Baz
Nez Rowan – Tawny Cypress
Mr (Matias) Solomon – Edi Gathegi
Supervisor at Nuclear Facility – Leslie Hendrix
The Major (Bill McCready) – Lance Henriksen
Lead Guard – Jeremy Holm
Gina Zanetakos – Margarita Levieva
General Baxter – John Rue


🔴 Script 3:17 Mr Solomon (№ 32)

Previously on “The Blacklist”…
Liz: Yes, I want to marry you.
Red: Anything happened to me, this was to go to Elizabeth, just so she’d know.
Liz: You said the name Masha Rostova had been lost to history until the manhunt. Now it’s out there, and someone’s looking for me? It’s my mother!
Tom: I am asking you to help me. Walk away.
Gina: He came. How do you want me to handle it?

[ Mr Solomon is being taken to prison when the convoy pulls over ]
Solomon: I take it I’m not actually being transferred to Leavenworth.
Guard: Ms. Hitchin doesn’t like loose ends. You understand.
Solomon: Of course. Actually… I helped put those protocols in place.
Guard: She wanted me to be sure to thank you for your years of service.
Solomon: I suppose a gold watch would have been too much to hope for. ⋘⋙ Let me guess. You blew a tire, stopped the transport to change it, and shot me as I tried to escape?
Guard: Close. I pulled over to take a leak, you grabbed Joe’s gun, took you down after you shot him in the leg.
Guard Joe: Nobody’s shooting me in the leg.
[ The first guard shoots 💥 Guard Joe in the head ]
Guard: My bad. You shot him in the head. Run. You heard me. Run.
[ Defiantly, Solomon steps closer. Suddenly, Guard is shot 💥 and falls and one by one the other guards are taken out 💥💥💥💥 as well. Solomon looks around, puzzled. A black Rolls Royce pulls up and the back window rolls down ]
Solomon: [ Looks inside ] And who might you be?

Tom: Are you serious? What about the rings and the photographer?
Liz: And the dress and the flowers and all that stuff. We don’t need it. They had a cancelation at the church this afternoon. I say we go for it.
Tom: Hold on. I thought we were gonna try to do things right this time.
Liz: Doesn’t this feel right? To do it now, today, at St. Cecilia’s, where we wanted to do it the first time?
Tom: It feels kind of crazy. I mean, there’s other dates available.
Liz: April 25th. I’m due on the 22nd.
Tom: All right, so let’s say we could get this done today, which I… I really don’t know if we can. It’s not gonna be perfect.
Liz: But it will be a lot better than waiting a week or two and having you roll me down the aisle.
Tom: If that’s what it takes, I will roll you wherever you need to go. But are you absolutely sure about this?
Liz: Come on. It’s me and you. We usually do like six impossible things before breakfast.
Tom: I love it when you misquote Lewis Carroll.
Liz: I know. That’s why I do it.
Tom: [ Tries to kiss her. She draws back ] What?
Liz: Wait until the wedding night.

Red: 72 hours ago, Matias Solomon escaped from custody while being transferred to a holding facility.
Liz: How does that happen?
Red: The official story is he overpowered a guard, wrestled away his gun, and managed to kill the entire transport team before vanishing like the proverbial will-of-the-wisp.
Liz: And the unofficial story? The Cabal?
Red: Apparently not, considering all of the dead men were assets of the Cabal. Yesterday, Solomon reached out to an associate of mine… a man with a very specialized field of expertise. Solomon was inquiring about the storage and transport of tactical nuclear weapons, which would be troubling enough on its own, but coupled with the fact that your Air Force is scheduled to transport just such a weapon down the New Jersey Turnpike, I’m afraid your wedding plans will have to wait, Lizzie.
Liz: Is that what this is really about? Getting me to delay my wedding?
Red: This is about preventing Matias Solomon from getting his hands on a nuclear weapon.
Liz: I’ll take it to the task force.
Red: I was hoping you’d say that.
Liz: But I’m not going to get involved. What I am going to do is get married. And I hope you can be there. [ To Dembe: ] Both of you.
Dembe: Thank you, Elizabeth.

Cooper: I just got off the phone with Justice. Reddington was right about Solomon. He escaped from a transport vehicle three days ago. He left a pile of bodies behind him.
Ressler: Why didn’t we hear about this?
Cooper: Looks like a covert Cabal operation, an execution gone wrong.
Samar: And the nuke?
Ressler: Ran into a brick wall with the Office of Secure Transportation. They refused to acknowledge whether they had any weapons in transit.
Aram: The weapon Mr. Reddington was talking about is the latest generation of so-called “Gravity bombs.” It is completely maneuverable and has an adjustable yield, so you can choose whether to destroy a small city or just a couple of blocks.
Liz: That’s convenient.
Samar: [ Sees playlist on Aram’s computer ] Did you get your information from Beyoncé herself
Aram: Uh, sorry. Playlist for the wedding reception. Which I really need to discuss with you.
Liz: Um, about the wedding – Uh, it’s this afternoon.
Samar: Uh, I thought you and Tom hadn’t set a date.
Liz: Which is what I came to talk to you about.
Ressler: Let me guess – soon as you told Reddington, he gave you the case.
Liz: Yes. Which I’m not taking, but I think that you should, even if it means you can’t make it. Aram: Hang on. No, no, no, no. I’m not even done with the playlist. I don’t have your wedding gift. I was gonna lose a few pounds to fit in my new slim-fit suit, which is houndstooth, by the way…
Liz: Look, it’s very small. Just a few friends. I would love it if you could be there, but preventing Solomon from getting this weapon is much more important than coming to watch me remarry my ex-husband.
Cooper: I’ve got a meeting with General Baxter at the Pentagon. I’ll find out if there’s actually a threat here. In the meantime, reach out to Homeland and Nuclear Security at the D.O.E. See if Solomon’s on anyone’s radar.
Liz: [ To Cooper ] Look, I meant what I said about you taking this case, but if you happen to be done in time, I would love it if you could perform the ceremony.
Cooper: Liz, I’m flattered, but I’m not qualified.
Liz: You can get ordained online. It takes like 10 minutes. Uh, look, there’s a minister, but we don’t know him, and I’d just much rather you say a few words.
Cooper: Assuming I can get away, I’d be honored.
Liz: Great. The service is at 4:00. No pressure.

[ At the Hunt Valley Nuclear Research Facility. Employees are kneeling with their hands behind their heads. A cart with a barrel marked nuclear material is pushed up by Nez Rowan ]
Solomon: This is everything?
Nez: We load it in here, we’re good to go.
Solomon: All right, then. Let’s go steal ourselves a nuclear warhead.

Tom: Hey, you.
Liz: How we doing?
Tom: Good. We got the rings, and I got a place to hold the ceremony. You know, it turns out I am amazing at impromptu wedding planning. I had no idea. How you doing on your end?
Liz: I picked up your suit from the cleaners, and I dropped it at the apartment.
Tom: And Reddington, how’d he take the news?
Liz: Today is not about him. It’s about you marrying a woman who is eight months pregnant.
Tom: You’re right. We’re screwed. Should I downgrade your bouquet of roses to daisies?
Liz: I told you peonies. And don’t forget the candles.
Tom: Candles, peonies – my first honey-do list. I’ll, uh, call you in an hour.

General Baxter: Let me be clear, Harold. I’m not gonna confirm or deny any mission details about the movements of our nuclear arsenal.
Cooper: Rolly, my CI is reliable. If he says your convoy’s gonna be hit on the Jersey Turnpike, it’s gonna be hit.
Baxter: Duly noted.
Cooper: If you were gonna ignore me, you could have had the courtesy to do it over the phone.
Baxter: I had you come here because I want to make it abundantly clear – this is a military operation. You and your team need to stand down.
Cooper: General Baxter, you have a problem. I can help.
Baxter: It’s not a request, Harold. Tell your people to stand down.

Ressler: [ On cell phone ] Yeah, look, that’s just not gonna happen.
Cooper: No. It’s not. We can’t protect the convoy directly, so let’s focus on Solomon.
Ressler: He’s burned with the Cabal, so he’s gonna need a team.
Samar: I can check with Mossad. See what mercs they’re tracking in the area.
Cooper: And have Aram put together a list of equipment they might need to pull this off.
Aram: [ Aside ] Liz.
Liz: Yeah.
Aram: [ Hands Liz recording of playlist ] Uh, playlist for the wedding. It’s definitely a work in progress, so…
Ressler: You heard Cooper. We got a lot of work to do, guys.
Samar: [ To Liz ] If there’s any way that we can get there, we will.
Liz: We good?
Ressler: Yeah. Fine. It’s, uh, your big day.
[ Liz picks up that Ressler is uncomfortable ]
Liz: This is about you and Tom. Look, I know the two of you have –
Ressler: It’s not about him and me. It’s about him. I mean, he laid a hand on you. As far as I’m concerned, there’s no coming back from that.
Liz: I get where you’re coming from, and I love you for saying it. But I kept him prisoner in the hull of a ship and tortured him for two months, so in my book we’re even.
Ressler: [ Laughs ] Hey, I said my piece. If I can be there for you today, I will.
Aram: Mr. Cooper, genius.
Ressler: What? What is it?
Aram: No wonder he is the Assistant Director. The way his mind works, his attention to detail, I can’t believe he’s living in his office.
Ressler: I’m sorry. What?
Aram: Did I just say that or think that?
Samar: He’s living in his office?
Aram: No. I mean, not living living. He’s – he’s working living. He’s here all the time. Point is, he was right. Uh, to handle a nuclear weapon, Solomon and his men will need something to shield themselves from the radiation. The Hunt Valley Nuclear Research Facility. Right outside of Baltimore. They were robbed an hour ago by a group of armed men who took an isotope transfer cask.
Ressler: All right, let’s go.

[ At the The Hunt Valley Nuclear Research Facility ]
Supervisor: You guys are a little late to the party. We’ve already got Homeland, DOE, and the FBI interviewing the staff, but I was told to help you with whatever you need.
Ressler: We’re part of a special task force.
Supervisor: Yeah, you seem pretty special.
Samar: It must have been very traumatic this morning.
Supervisor: Well, it wasn’t fun. About the worst we had before that was a bunch of anti-nuke yahoos climbing the fences and spray-painting the joint. Show them what we got.
Samar: That’s definitely Solomon.
Supervisor: Yeah, he’s the one. Said something about stealing a nuke. The other, she was talking about payloads and guidance systems.
Ressler: Let’s see if Aram can I.D. her. Look, if I give you a secure e-mail, can you forward this footage?
Supervisor: Yeah, no problem.

[ Tom arrives at Liz’s apartment. In the bedroom he finds his dry cleaned suit and a note from Liz saying his boutonniere is in the refrigerator. Tom hears the outside door open and close ]
Tom: I thought you said it was bad luck to see each other before the wedding. Liz.
[ Liz doesn’t answer so Tom grabs his gun and enters the living room ]
Gina: Even worse luck to see me before the wedding.
Tom: I thought we had an agreement. We’re done. Gina, what are you doing here?
Gina: Just doing a favor for a friend.
[ The Major steps in from the shadows, points gun with silencer at Tom ]
The Major: Hello, Jacob. Long time no see.

Ressler: Tell me you got something, Aram.
Aram: What about the B-52s?
Ressler: The planes?
Aram: The band. Total crowd pleaser, right? The B-52s “Rock Lobster.”
Samar: Aram, please focus.
Aram: Uh, yeah, right. I’ve I.D.’d the woman in the video as Nez Rowan. Sending you her info now. She is ex-Navy, where she was a nuclear weapons specialist.
Ressler: I guess we now know why she’s on the team.
Aram: Yeah, she also goes by about a half-dozen other aliases. Been a freelancer for the past eight years.
Ressler: Do you have anything to trace her?
Aram: Actually, one of her preferred aliases – Harper Waters – is currently checked into a motel in Baltimore.
Ressler: All right, send us the details and have a TAC team meet us there.

TAC Team Leader: Desk clerk confirmed our target’s in room five. We were able to snake a camera through the air duct from the adjoining room. There’s another door, opens to the parking lot outside. I’ve got a second team there.
Ressler: All right, we’re gonna breach from the hallway. Don’t let her get out that other door.
[ They advance down the motel corridor ]
Ressler: Navabi, you in place?
Samar: Affirmative.
[ Gunfight 💥💥💥💥 – many casualties ]
– Two.
– South corridor, clear.
– Command six, do you have eyes on the target?
– Go, go, go!
– We’ve got a silver S.U.V. en route.
– Copy. En route.
[ Nez Rowan runs out of motel room and down corridor ]
– Move. We have a runner.
– Move, move! Female suspect on the move.
– Team one, move up.
[ A long white station wagon escaped. Nez Rowan tries to get away in a second car. Samar shoots two bullets through the car’s back window ]
Samar: Stop! Next one’s in your head. Hands where I can see them now!

[ Ressler is interrogating Nez Rowan
Ressler: See, we’ve got you on video at the Hunt Valley robbery. We got a motel room filled with classified documents and two wounded agents, one in critical care who may never walk again. The only thing you’ve got going for you at this point is that he’s not dead.
Nez Rowan: I was unarmed.
Ressler: Oh, that doesn’t matter. You’re an accessory. And if your crew succeeds in its attempt to hit that convoy and steal the nuclear device, you’re gonna get a needle in your arm, just like your boss, Mr. Solomon.
Nez: The only reason I mentioned I was unarmed was because it might factor into the deal you’re gonna offer.
Ressler: You’ve got nothing to bargain with.
Nez: I’m a professional. I pledge allegiance to the highest bidder. I have no loyalty to Mr. Solomon or anyone else beyond the terms of our business arrangement. Once they left me in that motel, our contract was null and void. But if you make me an offer, I will tell you what you wanna know.
Ressler: No deal.
Nez: Yes. Deal. Full immunity. No jail time. And witness protection. Solomon and his friends are very motivated and very powerful. And if their plan goes south, they’ll know who talked and they’ll be very, very peeved.
[ Ressler gets up to leave ]
Nez: Before you throw me in the hole, tell the geniuses at the Pentagon we know the convoy on the Turnpike is a decoy. Then let’s see how fast they want to cut a deal.

The Major: You are a genuine anomaly. The St. Regis Program has consistently produced reliable operatives, except for you.
Tom: Is there a question coming?
The Major: Where do you think we went wrong? When did you start to feel [ distainfully: ] love for Elizabeth Keen?
Tom: I don’t know. I just know that it happened. And I’m really glad that it did.
The Major: Even now?
Tom: Especially now.
[ The Major throws photo of Liz and Tom on the floor. The glass shatters ]
The Major: You were my finest accomplishment. And my biggest disappointment.
Gina: Mine too.
The Major: Get up. Get up. Turn around. Get on your knees. Goodbye, Jacob.
[ The Major is about to execute Tom when Gina shoots and kills the Major ]
Tom: Was that your plan? ‘Cause a little sooner would’ve been nice.
Gina: To tell you the truth, up until I pulled the trigger, I hadn’t made up my mind yet.
Tom: Well, have you made it up now?
Gina: Those last few weeks, when I thought you were dead… I actually missed you.
[ They kiss ]
Gina: But I meant what I said. You’re my greatest disappointment.

Cooper: [ On the phone ] I’ve acquired new intel regarding your convoy.
General Baxter: I thought I made myself abundantly clear on this issue.
Cooper: We have a suspect in custody, a nuclear weapons specialist. She claims the convoy on the Turnpike is a decoy. [ Pause ] Rolly?
Baxter: I’m here. Listen to me. We’ve got to find out everything this woman knows, immediately.
Ressler: Look, she’s asking for immunity.
Baxter: I don’t care. Give it to her. Give her whatever she wants.
Cooper: Rolly, the truth. Is the nuke vulnerable?
Baxter: A minute ago, I would have said no.

Nez: I thought you’d come around.
Ressler: Your deal is contingent upon your intel being valid. Start talking.
Nez: The real convoy is coming in on 95 at 1550 hours. There’s an abandoned van parked under the overpass at mile marker 22 packed with a 1,500-pound ANFO bomb. They’re gonna blow the bridge right before the real convoy gets there…
Ressler: Shutting down the traffic. Once the convoy’s stopped, they’re gonna hit it – hard. 26 seasoned mercs with enough firepower to retake Omaha Beach. [ Ressler heads out the door ] Hey, tell all your Feeb buddies to pack extra pairs of shorts! They’re gonna need them.

Aram: All right, I’ve got a satellite view of the overpass, but if there is a van, we can’t see it from the air.
Cooper: Who’s on site?
Cooper: Maryland State Police is coordinating with the Office of Special Transport. They’re shutting down the 95 and rerouting the convoy.
Samar: Explosive Ordinance Disposal is en route.
Ressler: No, I’ll take the call. I got plenty of backup. It’ll make a huge difference to Keen if neither of us is at that wedding. Go. I’ll be okay. Give her a hug for me, okay?
Samar: Yeah, I will. Be careful.

[ Liz is putting on makeup, preparing for her wedding ]
Liz: Yes? [ Red appears in her mirror ] What brings you here? You need an update on the Solomon case?
Red: I just got off the phone with Agent Navabi. She thoroughly briefed me on the situation.
Liz: Then you’re here for the wedding?
Red: No, Lizzie. I’m here to ask you, to implore you, please, don’t do this. I’m telling you, no matter what you believe, Tom is not the man you think he is.
Liz: You’re wrong. You don’t know him.
Red: He’s a criminal.
Liz: No. He’s changed.
Red: Men like Tom don’t change. You’re attempting to build a life with a man who is fundamentally dishonest.
Liz: No. I am attempting to build a life with the father of my child. [ Tom is shown burying The Major ] A normal life with two parents who love one another. With everything you know about me, can’t you see that? Can’t you see how important that is to me? To my child?
Red: You were wrong about him once. What makes you so sure you’re not wrong this time? Do you really want your child to pay the price for that mistake for the rest of his or her life?
Liz: Get out. I want you to go. Please? I don’t want you here.

[ ♪ Someone You Love by Tina Dickow plays ]
♪ You came to me in peace ♪
♪ I gave you what you wanted ♪
♪ But no more than just enough ♪
♪ And now I’m on my knees ♪
♪ Have mercy on my soul ♪

Cooper: Knock-knock. [ He sees that Liz is upset ] What is it?

♪ I am here to return your love ♪

Liz: I just… I didn’t expect to feel this nervous.

♪ Let anyone that trust in me ♪
♪ Be seen and be heard ♪
♪ And, Lord, if I had known ♪

Cooper: It’s okay to be scared. What you’re doing… it’s a huge step.
Liz: What am I doing?
Cooper: You’re trusting Tom. Taking a leap of faith, one you know could end in disappointment, but it’s because you love him.
Liz: Thank you. You are the closest thing I have to a real father.
Cooper: I’m also officially ordained as a minister of the FirstChurchofLifeandEnergy.com. And if this is what your heart is telling you to do, Liz, that’s all that matters.

♪ For someone you love ♪

Liz: I’m so glad you’re here.

♪ You do it all for someone you love ♪

Cooper: One less thing to worry about.

♪ Someone you love ♪
♪ You do it right for someone you love ♪

Ressler: Come on. Come on. We got to move.
[ On site on highway ]
Ressler: Commander, convoy’s already been diverted. What’s our status?
Commander: Traffic’s about to be shut down. The EOD just pulled up.
Ressler: All right, well, hurry it up. Get everybody back, set up a perimeter. Solomon and his team must be close.

[ Solomon’s men are shown gearing up ]

Dembe: Raymond, we should turn around. You’re upset. I’m sure Elizabeth didn’t mean –
Red: Why didn’t she escape with the others?
Dembe: Who?
Red: The mercenary Agents Ressler and Navabi arrested at the motel. She could have fled with Solomon, escaped in the S.U.V. with the others. Agent Navabi said she broke off on her own, tried to get away in a second vehicle. Hand me the phone, Dembe. I need to see that vehicle.

♪ Deep in my imagination ♪
♪ You’re wild with wanting me, too ♪

Aram: Tom. [ Aram is extremely nervous. They have not met before. ]

♪ When are you coming over ♪

Aram: It’s Aram. I mean, uh, Agent Mojtabai.

♪ Showing all me what you have to do ♪

Aram: Whatever. I recognize you from –
Tom: Mug shot?
Aram: Uh, no. Uh, from your description.
Tom: Thanks for coming. [ They shake hands ]
Aram: Whoa. Quite a grip. Sor– I was, uh…
Tom: Yeah, this car looks great, man.
Aram: I know. Right? It’s, uh… It’s my grandfather’s.

♪ When will you ask me over ♪
♪ Let me make your wishes come true ♪

Aram: Going to be a pretty sweet getaway car, right? Uh, not that you would know. Or ever, uh, like, uh, need one. A getaway, y-you know?
Tom: Aram.
Aram: Yeah.
Tom: Have you seen Liz?
Aram: Ah, right. Yes. Uh, she’s inside.
Tom: Thanks.
Aram: Sure. I’ll just – I’ll leave the keys in the visor.

Tom: I told myself no more secrets. And I promised you that I would be completely honest, no matter what. Today the Major found me. Gina told him where to find me, and he came into our apartment and tried to kill me. But he’s dead. And I, uh…
Liz: You killed him?
Tom: Uh, no. A-actually, Gina did, but that’s a long story. Look, what I want you to know is that it happened because I made it clear that I’m out. I’m done with those people and that life. But there are things that I did, and… and… and I might be done with those things, but I can’t promise you that those things are done with me. And I can’t promise you that it’s not gonna happen… tomorrow or next week or… or five years from now. And I would understand, frankly, if you didn’t want to deal with any of…
Liz: Stop. It’s me, remember? Your ex-wife who shot the Attorney General and was publicly branded a Russian sleeper agent. I know a little something about baggage. But I love you. And I am willing to help you carry yours if you can help me carry mine.

[ Heavily armored bomb expert approaches black van stopped on side of the road ]
TAC team guy: Not enough hazard pay in the world to convince me to open those doors.
[ Bomb expert carries radiation detection device ]

[ Red talks to man at impoundment facility holding Nez’s car ]
Car Man: There wasn’t anything inside.
Red: You’re sure?
Car Man: Look, I know who you are, and if there was something to tell I’d tell you, but there was nothing inside the car.

Bomb expert: Door’s unlocked. Doesn’t look rigged. Here we go. Cracking it open. What the…
Ressler: What is it?
Bomb expert: Nothing. It’s completely empty. The van’s completely empty.

[ Two heavily armed guards enter the interrogation room where Nez is being held ]
Nez: Something wrong, boys?

Red: Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe the car means nothing. Maybe she was just unlucky. Why didn’t it start?
Car Man: What do you mean? Starts just fine. Drove it up onto the flatbed myself.
[ Red and Dembe walk to Red’s Mercedes ]
Red: She’s a sacrifice. Solomon isn’t after that weapon. It’s a distraction to keep us looking one way while they go another. He’s after Elizabeth.
[ Red and Dembe get in Red’s Mercedes and speed off ]

Ressler: Listen, give me two two-man teams going north and south. All right? Thank you. [Cell phone beeps ] Reddington, the suspect lied about the location of the attack on the convoy.
Red: There is no attack. There never was. The target is Agent Keen. You need to get to the church, Donald.
Ressler: What are you talking about?
Red: Ever since Elizabeth went public as Masha Rostova, still waters have been stirred up and old grudges have surfaced. And now someone out there is singularly focused on coming for her.
Ressler: Coming to kill her?
Red: No. To abduct her.
Ressler: They’re sending Solomon.
Red: In retrospect, that’s a perfect choice. He knows us intimately. He knows about the task force. They gave us a false trail, and we followed the scent. Donald, if I’m right and this was all an elaborate feint, all that matters is that you get to that church now.
Ressler: On my way.

Cooper: We are gathered here today in celebration of Elizabeth and Tom. In my years on this Earth, I’ve been blessed with some truly remarkable friendships. And I’ve come to believe that friends are indeed the family we choose. We are here today to witness the beginning of a new family, inspired by the love of a man and a woman who have found, in each other, their truest friend. Two people who choose each other. Now, each choice brings with it blessings as well as hardships. Choosing a partner means choosing that person’s life to become your life. Their joy becomes your joy, as do their burdens.

[ Red and his crew arrive at the church ]
Red: Nobody gets in.
[ Red’s men fan out ]

Cooper: The sum of our choices are a weight that each individual carries alone. But as man and wife, as partners, you choose to shoulder that weight together. And all of us here today… we celebrate the choice you’ve made.
[ Red enters the church. He is carrying his rifle. Everyone turns to look ]
Red: Elizabeth, I’m sorry, but we need to go.
Liz: What are you doing here?
Red: Men are coming for you. We need to leave now. ⋘⋙ Solomon never intended to take that weapon. He was contracted by an employer to take you.
[ Two large silver SUVs pull up. Solomon and his team emerge. Dembe bursts into the church ]
Dembe: They’re here.
Cooper: Tom. Keep clear of the windows. Everybody, stay low.
Red: Aram, get these people out of here now.
Cooper: Stay down, stay down. Stay down, stay down.
Red: I’m sorry, Lizzie.
Tom: You have a team in position?
Red: We have a perimeter. Agent Ressler’s en route. In the meantime, we’ll have to hold the fort.
[ Baz enters, wounded ]
Red: The others?
[ Baz motions to show the church is surrounded ]
Tom: Great. We’re surrounded.
[ Cooper’s phone rings ]
Cooper: Cooper. [ Hands phone to Red ]
Red: Yeah.
Solomon: You know why I’m here. Send her out.
Red: It’s curious. I thought you were the Cabal’s most loyal soldier. And yet here you are, under the patronage of a new benefactor.
Solomon: I was loyal to the Cabal. Right up until they tried to kill me. I’m totally violating my non-compete agreement, but… what the hell?
Red: So where do we go from here?
Solomon: I was instructed to deliver Masha Rostova to my employer and that’s what I intend to do. Send her out, and this can all be over.
Red: So, this is your big plan – an assault on a building filled with armed FBI agents? Honestly, Matias, I expect better from you.
Solomon: First of all, you and I both know that you are outmanned and outgunned. The plan was to grab her today, no matter where she was. Grocery store or house of God, it makes little difference to me. And for the record, I take no offense that I wasn’t invited.
Red: Came together rather nicely. They went with ruby fringe tulips and pink peonies. You’d be impressed.
Solomon: I’ll tell you what, then. I’ll call you back in a couple of minutes. Give you some time to consider my offer. And then I’m coming in to check out the flowers myself.
[ Window behind Red is shot out 💥; he flinches ]

Solomon: [ More men have joined Solomon. To all his men; ] Your target is Elizabeth Keen. She’s to be taken alive and unharmed, but please… feel free to kill anybody else.

[ Aram is trying to comfort the organist, who is terrified ]
Aram: All right, don’t worry – My friends, they are the best at what they do.
Samar: There’s no signal.
Red: They’re jamming it. When Solomon calls back, they’ll have to stop. You’ll have a few seconds to get a message out.
Liz: Reddington. It’s her, isn’t it? Solomon’s employer. It’s my mother. Who else would call me Masha Rostova?
Red: Lizzie, your mother is dead.
Liz: Then who is it? Who? You owe me this.
Red: I’ll tell you what I know as soon as I know you’re safe.
Liz: We’re not all out of options here. Nobody has to get hurt.
Red: Lizzie, you are not going out there – under any circumstances.
Tom: Agreed.
Liz: You want me to ask those poor, terrified people what they think?
Red: No. [ Cellphone rings ] Hello, Matias.
Solomon: What’s it gonna be? Is she coming out, or am I coming in?
Liz: I’m coming out!
Tom: No.
Red: There seems to be some disagreement on that score. We’ll need a little more time to sort this out.
Solomon: You’ve had all the time that you’re gonna get.
Red: Brace yourselves. They’re coming.
Liz: This is on you.
Red: Yes. All of this, indeed, is on me.
Cooper: Your S.O.S. get through?
Samar: Let’s hope so.
Solomon: Okay. Concentrate your fire up front. Drive them toward the back of the room.
Red: They’ll attack the front first. Try and drive us out the back. Most of his men will be there.
Solomon: Once you breach the front doors, it’ll be quick. Pin them down, and we’ll come in through the back and put it to bed.
Red: Harold, we need to barricade that back door.
Cooper: Aram.
Aram: Yeah.
Cooper: Give me a hand.
[ Aram is trying to comfort the organist who is panicking. He does not leave her ]
Samar: It’s our only way out.
Red: If we get out at all, it’ll be through the front. Most importantly, you need to keep Elizabeth out of sight.
Liz: No one’s keeping me anywhere.
Tom: Liz, if anything happens to you, if you get hurt or taken, none of this means anything.
Liz: Don’t you get it? I’m the only one in this building they’re not gonna shoot.
Samar: Exactly. So if they don’t know where you are, they’re going to be a lot more careful about where they point their weapons.
Baz: Feels familiar, eh?
Dembe: Kinshasa.
Baz: Let’s hope this ends better than that did.
Solomon: Light ’em up.
[ Semi-automatic gunfire erupts 💥💥💥💥 ¤ 💥💥💥💥 ¤ 💥💥💥💥 ¤ 💥💥💥💥 ]
Liz: The baby.
Tom: Like you said, you’re the only one they’re not gonna hurt. The baby is safe.
Solomon: Hold.
Red: Baz. Harold, some cover.
[ Cooper, Baz and Dembe provide cover 💥💥💥💥 Gunfire exchanged 💥💥💥💥 ¤ 💥💥💥💥 ¤ 💥💥💥💥 ]
Cooper: I’m out. [ of ammunition ]
Red: Dembe. The bag.
[ Dembe attempts to reach the ammo bag, but is thrown back. Liz gets up and walks toward the ammo bag, about halfway to the the front door ]
Tom: Liz. Liz.
Red: Elizabeth.
[ Liz continues to walk. The red lasers of Solomon’s men’s rifles dance across Liz’s white wedding dress but no shots are fired at her. She retrieves the ammo bag ]
Red: [ To Liz ] We will get you out of this.
Tom: Please don’t ever do that again.
Liz: No promises.
Solomon: We just heard from Operator 46. The police have been alerted and are three minutes out. Take the doors. [ Gunfire 💥💥💥💥 ¤ 💥💥💥💥 ¤ 💥💥💥💥 ¤ 💥💥💥💥 ]
[ One of Solomon’s men comes in front door. Fistfight between him and Dembe. Dembe prevails ]
[ A Bible is shot through 💥. The organist Aram has been comforting is hit in the middle of her back. Aram sees she is shot through and is bleeding from the middle of her chest. In dismay, he tried to stanch the bleeding: ]
Aram: It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s okay. No. Oh, God. What? Okay, hold on, hold on. Hold on. Hold on. Hold on, hold on. Hold on. You’re okay. You’re okay. Right there. Stay with me. Stay with me. It’s gonna stop. No. No. Oh, God. [ She dies ]
[ Ressler arrives. Red nods at him in relief ]
Red: Tom, get her out of here.
[ Liz and Tom make their way down the church aisle as Red as the others continue to pick off Solomon’s men who are still coming in from the rear entrance 💥💥💥💥 ]
Tom: You ready for this?
Liz: Yeah.
[ Under cover of fire 💥💥💥💥, Tom (also shooting) and Liz make their way out of the church to the wedding car, climb in and take off, passing police cars with sirens blaring heading toward the church. In slow motion the gunfight continues 💥💥💥💥 ¤💥💥💥💥 ]

[ ♪ Safe and Sound by Electric President plays ]
♪ You took your hits with the bruises ♪
♪ On the soles of your feet ♪
♪ Well, who’s to say if they’re deserved? ♪
♪ But you’re turning reckless now ♪
♪ I hear you saying through your teeth ♪
♪ That you’ll take them down first ♪
♪ But I saw you flinch ♪

[ The painting of Jesus hanging over the altar is shot 💥 off the wall ]

[ 💥💥💥💥 ]
♪ When the doctors got their claws in you ♪
♪ I saw your smile start to crack ♪
♪ It’s not so funny when you’re sunk ♪
♪ And there ain’t nothing you can do ♪
♪ And your options are all dead ends ♪
[ 💥💥💥💥 ]
♪ But there’s no way out ♪
♪ I’ll let you build your home with me ♪
♪ Till the clocks run down ♪
♪ When your looks run out ♪
♪ Call me and I will come and fix you ♪
♪ Get your feet on the ground ♪
♪ When there’s no way out ♪
♪ Call me and I will come and bury you ♪
♪ All safe and sound ♪
[ 💥💥💥💥 ]
♪ When there’s no way out ♪
♪ I’ll let you build your home with me ♪
♪ Till the clocks run down ♪
♪ When your looks run out ♪
♪ Call me and I will come and fix you ♪
♪ Get your feet on the ground ♪
♪ When there’s no way out ♪
♪ Call me and I will come and bury you ♪
♪ All safe and sound ♪
[ 💥💥💥💥 ]

[ Liz looks back ]

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༺ ♤ ༻

♫ Someone You Love
by Tina Dico

♪ You came to me in peace
I gave you what you wanted but no more
than just enough
And now i’m on my knees
Have mercy on my soul
I am here to return your love

♪ I’m reaching to be found
Let anyone that trust in me be seen and be heard
and Lord if I had known
That love would be your punishment
I would’ve kept my word
cause that’s what you do

♪ For someone you love
You’ll do it all for someone you love
Someone you love
You’ll do it right for someone you love

♪ You came to me out of nothing
Your beauty almost killed me
and the notion left me cold
I saw only your reflection
As always in this life
I never saw the image whole
and now the little I can give
Is all my love into a song
I’ll never stop to sing
You’ve shown the will to live
And someday we’ll meet face to face
And I’ll be born again
Yes you’ll be born again

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/1S21wMH
YouTube Play: http://youtu.be/m-PqQNdh-Dk


♫ Safe and Sound
By Electric President

♪ you took your hits with the bruises on the soles of your feet
well, who’s to say if they’re deserved? but you’re turning reckless now
i hear you saying through your teeth that you’ll take them down first

♪ but i saw you flinch when the doctors got their claws in you
i saw your smile start to crack
it’s not so funny when you’re sunk and there ain’t nothing you can do
and your options are all dead ends

♪ but there’s no way out
i’ll let you build your home with me till the clocks run down
when your looks run out
call me and i will come and fix you, get your feet on the ground
when there’s no way out
call me and i will come and bury you, all safe and sound

♪ and all this time you’ve been drifting out with the tide, my friend
but you can have what’s mine if it helps you stay afloat
if i close my eyes i can’t watch you drown anymore, my friend
but i’ll tell you lies if it helps you sleep at night
and the more we fight, the more we don’t get right, my friend
and the more we fight, the more we don’t get right

♪ heard they broke you
that you gave in
that you dropped
and the fight had left you

♪ but don’t you worry
makes no difference
from the start
your options were all dead ends

♪ when there’s no way out
i’ll let you build your home with me till the clocks run down
when your looks run out
call me and i will come and fix you, get your feet on the ground
when there’s no way out
call me and i will come and bury you, all safe and sound

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/23iStiT
YouTube Play: http://youtu.be/27bESHiJ9cU

❌❌❌ 3:17 End Solomon
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༺ ✿⊰ ♤ ⊱✿༻

🔴 Script: 3:18 Mr Solomon – Conclusion (№ 32)

NBC’s series The Blacklist starring James Spader and Megan Boone
Series created by: Jon Bokenkamp
Program air date: 4/14/2016 in the US
Permalink: http://wp.me/pDKwi-2Oe Storybook: http://wp.me/PDKwi-i#solomon2

Blurb: Due to a car crash, Liz must undergo an emergency c-section

Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/1Se8nTv
WSJ Summary: http://on.wsj.com/22AIUGz
Source: Raw Script from Forever Dreaming: http://bit.ly/1QciD0C (dump of captioning)
Director: John Terlesky
Written by: Daniel Cerone

Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington – James Spader
Elizabeth Keen – Megan Boone
Donald Ressler – Diego Klattenhoff
Harold Cooper – Harry Lennix
Tom Keen – Ryan Eggold
Aram Mojtabai – Amir Arison
Samar Navabi – Mozhan Marnò
Dembe Zuma – Hisham Tawfiq


Dr Collins – Will Blomker
Mr Kaplan – Susan Blommaert
Mr (Matias) Solomon – Edi Gathegi
Operator 4-6 – Murphy Guyer
Nik – Piter Marek


🔴 Script 3:18 Mr Solomon – Conclusion (№ 32)

Previously on “The Blacklist”…
Liz: I want to keep the baby. Our baby. [ Sniffles ]
Liz: They had a cancellation at the church this afternoon, I say we go for it. We do it now, today.
Red: I’m afraid your wedding plans will have to wait, Lizzie.
Samar: Solomon and his friends are very motivated and very powerful.
[ Gunshots ]
Solomon: And who might you be?
Red: Solomon was contracted by an employer to take you.
Solomon: Your target is Elizabeth Keen.
Red: Brace yourselves. They’re coming.
Solomon. She’s to be taken alive and unharmed.
Red: Get her out of here.

Tom: Is there any sign of them?
Liz: No, but don’t slow down now.
Tom: Did you get hurt back there? Either of you?
Liz: I don’t think so. I avoided the bullets, anyway.
Tom: Well, you always wanted a shotgun wedding. [ Groans, laughs ]
[ Liz grimaces; she is in pain ]
Tom: Hey. It’s okay. It’s all right. We’re gonna get through this, all right? All they did was stop a wedding. They can’t touch what we have.
Liz: Reddington’s lying to me. I know it. If my mother wasn’t trying to abduct me, why’d Solomon ask for Masha?
Tom: Do you really think this woman is gonna hire a team of mercenaries to kidnap her own daughter?
Liz: If that woman knew Reddington, she would. She’d know it’s the only way to pry me out of his grip. But where’s she been all this time? And why’d Reddington say she’s dead?
Tom: Well, I got a more pressing question for you– Where the hell are we going?

[ Beeping ]
Operator 4-6: Team Leader, this is Operator 4-6. I have eyes on tango, moving south on Brightwood Avenue.
[ 💥 Gunfire 💥 ]
Operator 4-6: Copy?
Solomon: I beg to differ. We’ve got Masha contained inside the church.
Operator 4-6: That’s a big negative, Team Leader. Target is southbound in a festive black sedan. Suggest you break off current engagement.
Solomon: All teams, continuous fire for 15 seconds, and then full withdrawal.

[ Inside the church, 💥💥 gunfight 💥💥 ]
Cooper: What are they doing?!
Red; They just realized she’s gone. They’re keeping us pinned so they can launch a chase team.
Cooper: You need to get out of here.
Man: Baz!
[ Sirens wailing ] [ Tires screech ]
Police Officer: Down! [ 💥 Gunfire 💥 ]
Samar: They’re pulling back.
Aram: They heard the sirens. Half of Metro PD must be out there by now.
[ Wailing continues ] [ 💥 Gunfire 💥 ] [ Engine starts ]
Ressler: We got to get out there. Let’s go.
[ Tires squealing ] [ Gun clicks ]

Operator 4-6: Aah! Well, thanks to construction delays in Columbia Heights, I have a fixed position for tango. Sending the nav… now. [ Beeping ]

[ Horns blaring, indistinct shouting ]
Bystander: Ohh! Hi! Congratulations.
Bystander: Best wishes.
Liz: [ Sighs ] [ Cellphone vibrates ] Yeah. Okay, you promised to tell me what’s going on. Who sent the army?
Red: Are you okay?
[ Honking continues ]
Liz: What do you think? That was supposed to be our wedding?
Red: Who’s honking?
Liz: Everyone.
Red: Tell Tom to drive you to the Mill Shop on L Street. I’ll send you the address and meet you there. It’s owned by a friend– Yong-Sun Hopgood. He’ll provide safe haven. We need to get you off the street quickly before Solomon finds you.
Liz: I’ll take it under advisement.

[ Tires screech ]
Tom: Son of a bitch. Are you okay?
Liz: I wish people would stop asking me that.
Tom: Liz, what are you doing?
[ Liz leans out the window and shoots at Solomon and his henchmen following her and Tom ]
Liz: Don’t worry. They’re not gonna shoot me.
[ Tires squealing ]
Tom: They’re gonna get the tires. Hang on.
[ 💥 Gunfire 💥 ]
Tom: Liz, what the hell is wrong with you? Give me that.
Liz: Aah!
[ 💥 Gunfire 💥 ]
Tom: Get down!
[ Tom and Liz’s car crashes into the back of a truck ]
[ Solomon walks up to crashed car with several of his men. No one is inside ]
Solomon’s Man: Where’d they go?
Solomon: There.

Tom: We’ve got to keep moving.
Liz: No, Tom, I can’t run.
Tom: All right, all right, all right, I know.
Liz: [ Sighs ]
[ Tom helps her toward a room in the nursing home they’ve entered ]
Tom: In here.
Liz: [ Breathing heavily ]
Tom: Shh. Okay, I’m sorry. I know you told me to stop asking if you’re okay.
Liz: Yeah, I know. I’m not okay. The car wreck. Something hurts inside.
Tom: Okay, hold on. Let me find something for the pain. [ Tom opens drawer ] Demerol.
Liz: What about the baby?
Tom: I don’t know. I’m not trained for this.
Liz: [ Sighs ] Oh, my God. We’re terrible parents.
[ Moments later, Solomon appears at the door of the room. Tom is on the other side of the door ]
[ Door creaks. Solomon peers inside but sees only an elderly woman in one bed and another woman in another (Liz), her face obscured ]
Operator 4-6: Team Leader, police are approaching the area.
[ Solomon turns away. Door closes ]
[ Solomon has left. Liz is in pain ]
Tom: What is it?
[ Liz notices blood trickling down her leg ]
Liz: [ Gasps ] Oh, my God, the baby! [ Breathing heavily ]

Ressler: No. No word on the escape vehicles yet. We got federal, state, and local agencies in on the search, but media outlets have been alerted.
Cooper: Stay on it. Armor-plated SUVs don’t just vanish.
Ressler: Look, I wouldn’t count on it. Whoever gave Solomon soldiers– They gave him good ones. I mean, they wore flexion gloves. There’s no fingerprints on anything, not even these.
Cooper: Green-tipped. Armor-piercing.
Ressler: And that’s all they left behind. They even dragged away their dead. Any word on Keen?
Cooper: Reddington’s getting her to a safe house. He’ll notify us when she’s landed.
Samar: I have something. When Dembe fought off one of the men, his helmet came off. I found this EarCom in one of the nearby pews. It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen.
Cooper: Good work. See if Aram can track down the manufacturer. Our priority is to identify that attack team.

[ Tom carries Liz down a hospital corridor and through double doors ]
Tom: [ Breathing heavily ] I need a little help here!
Medical: Let’s get her on a gurney.
Doctor: What happened?
Tom: Oh, she was, uh, in a car accident and she said she was fine and then she started bleeding.
Doctor: How many months?
Tom: Uh, eight. Is the baby okay?
Doctor: We’re gonna check her out. Get an IV started. Send off a trauma panel. Get her on a fetal monitor.
Liz: [ Exhales deeply ]

Operator 4-6: Team Leader, incoming from the north. Two Metro PD cruisers. 40 seconds out.
Solomon: Operator 4-6, you got eyes on the target yet?
Operator 4-6: Negative. Too many points of exit. Metro PD now 20 seconds out. May I suggest you implement an exit strategy?
[ Solomon sees blood on the seat of the car where Liz was sitting ]
Solomon: She’s hurt. Operator 4-6, where’s the nearest hospital?
Operator 4-6: Vectoring you to Mary Margaret on Central Avenue, two blocks north of 27th.

Doctor: [ Monitor beeping ] Your bleeding seems to have stopped on its own. Did the painkiller help?
Liz: Is the baby okay? That’s all I care about.
Tom: That’s all she cares about, but I need them both healthy.
Doctor: Well, the heartbeat looks okay, and baby’s moving around. All good signs. But the OB’s heading down now just to make sure. Now, in the meantime, we’re gonna run some more tests, see if there was any other trauma from the accident.
Tom: Thank you. [ Cellphone vibrating; Tom holds phone so Liz can see it’s “Nick’s Pizza ” ]
Liz: [ Sighs ] I don’t want to talk to him.
Tom: What do you want?
Red: Elizabeth. Here. Now. I’m right in front of the place. Where is she?
Tom: There was an accident.
Red: Is she hurt?
Tom: We don’t know. I mean, we don’t know how bad she– She was bleeding. We’re at Mary Margaret Hospital.
Red: Can you put her on?
Liz: What?
Red: You need to leave. Mr. Kaplan will be there in five minutes to pick you up out back.
Liz: [ Sighs ] Did you hear a word Tom just said?
Red: I can’t protect you in a hospital.
Liz: You can’t protect me in a church, either.
Red: Let me rephrase that. I cannot safeguard you and the dozens of innocent patients and medical personnel who’ll be caught in the crossfire when Solomon and his storm troopers put together where you are. I know how desperately you want to protect your baby, Lizzie. So think.
Liz: [ Exhales deeply ]

[ Solomon enters the hospital and makes his way to an examination area. He sees Liz’s white shoes under one of the draped partitions and throws back the curtain. Liz and Tom are gone ]

[ In Mr Kaplan’s car ]
Kaplan: You’ll be fine, sweetie. Nothing to be afraid of. I’m taking you to a private ICU with the county’s top emergency-care team.
Liz: I know what that means.
Tom: I’m right here.
Liz: [ Groans ]
Tom: I’m right here.
Liz: [ Gasps ]
Tom: What?
Liz: My water just broke.
Tom: Oh, wow. This is– This is happening. Um, w-w-what is our ETA?
Kaplan: Three minutes out.
Liz: Ohh! From where? Three minutes out from where? An abandoned warehouse? Because I let a fugitive, a killer, a sociopath into my life…
Tom: I know.
Liz: …now I am being hunted by God knows who’s chasing me, but they’ve got body armor and assault rifles, and I have to give birth to my child– to a baby!– in a filthy warehouse!
Kaplan: It’s a nightclub.
Liz: Is that supposed to make me feel better?
Kaplan: No, it’s not. Your baby deserves more than we can provide.

Medical: Welcome, Dr. Korpal.
Nik: What have we got?
Medical: A 31-year-old female 32 weeks pregnant status post MVA with abdominal pain and bleeding.
Nik: RH status?
Medical: Unknown, but her labs are cooking.
Mr Kaplan: Okay, he’s in.
Liz: I should have known it’d be you on call.
Nik: Liz, what happened?
Liz: Nothing good.
Nik: It’s okay. Let me take a look.
Tom: Uh, since when are you an OB?
Nik: As an ER physician, I’m trained in the emergency aspect of all the specialties. I saved your ass, didn’t I?

Cooper: [ On phone ] Damn it, Reddington. Where’s Liz?
Red: Circumstances prevent me from sharing more information at this time, Harold. Whoever employed Solomon’s services, they know too much. They’re breathing down our necks even now, listening, watching. I can feel it.
Cooper: Who attacked us at the church?
Red: I don’t know. I’m hoping your team finds something at the scene. We need to put down this threat quickly. I’ll be in touch when I can.
Cooper: Hey, Reddington, wait–
[ Red tosses his burner phone in a trash can ]

Kaplan: Of course, it’s a risk for all of us, but it’s possible, right?
Red: What’s possible?
Nik: Liz. She suffered a placental abruption, likely from the crash. It’s when the placenta rips away from the walls of the uterus. As a result, the baby’s not getting enough oxygen. The heart rate is plummeting. If I don’t perform an emergency C-section in the next 10 minutes, her baby’s going to die.

Aram: It’s pointless trying to identify a manufacturer. That EarCom is pure black market. Nitride transistor technology, a built-in terahertz radio.
Cooper: We’re back to square one– chasing shadow warriors.
Aram: Uh, not exactly. There were no prints on the outside of the EarCom, but I pulled partial fingerprints from the button battery inside.
Samar: Asa Jacobi. First Air Cavalry Brigade. Missing, presumed dead during the Iraq War. He left a wife behind.
Cooper: Track her down and pay her a visit. See if there’s anything there.

[ Door closes ] [ Footsteps approaching ]
Dembe: Perimeter defense is in place – exits, rooftops, and lookouts on all avenues of approach for a six-block radius. ⋘⋙ Everything will be fine, Raymond.
Red: [ Angrily ] Oh, for God’s sake, Dembe, spare me the mystical reassurance. Everything is not fine. Where the hell was the perimeter defense at that damn church? You should have deployed four teams, five teams. Look at her lying there in this barbaric situation with her child’s life at risk. Everything is not fine. She never should have been at that Godforsaken church.
Kaplan: Stop it, Raymond! This has little to do with Dembe and nothing to do with that poor girl in there. She’s been telling you for months that you’re a danger to her baby. This is on you, Raymond. Nobody else. You were wrong to make her believe you could keep her safe. You made us all believe.
[ Mr Kaplan turns and walks away ]

Solomon: Operator 4-6, this is Team Leader. We lost the target. Last seen at Mary Margaret Hospital. Do you have a visual? Over.
Operator 4-6: Negative. But fresh hospital intel just in. “Suspected placental abruption with vaginal bleeding. Variable fetal deceleration present.”
Solomon: Sounds like tango’s about to pop out a bun. Given her medical condition, she can’t be far away. Let’s canvass these areas.

Nik: As soon as I get this epidural in, you’re gonna feel a whole lot better.
Liz: [ Sighing ] Okay.
Nik: And we’ll be ready to go. And you get to stay awake the whole time.
Liz: Really? Wow. Okay.
Tom: Why is she in so much pain?
Nik: Her baby’s not receiving enough oxygen. It’s fighting to stay alive inside her womb. Trust me, that’s a good thing, but I need to work fast. [ To nurse: ] Push another five of morphine.
Liz: Nik, please just tell me nothing’s gonna happen to the baby.
Nik: The moment you hear your baby cry, you’ll know that everything’s going to be okay. Now, you’re gonna feel some pressure as I insert the needle. Take a deep breath.
Liz: [ Breathing heavily ]
Tom: Just stay with me, all right? I’m right here. It’s fine. We’re having a baby. Yay.
Liz: Ohh. I love you.
Tom: You’re gonna do great.
Liz: This just isn’t how I pictured the birth of our baby.
Tom: How’d you picture it?
Liz: Magical.
Tom: Okay, hold on.
[ Liz slips into a semi-conscious state. She sees Tom select an LP from a collection of LPs and begin to play it. A disco ball sends spots of light swirling. Liz gazes around watching the light show and smiling happily ]

♪ [ Paul Anka’s “You’re Having My Baby” plays ] ♪
♪ having my baby ♪
♪ what a lovely way of saying how much you love me ♪
♪ having my baby ♪
♪ what a lovely way of saying what you’re thinking of me ♪
♪ I can see it ♪
♪ (I can see it) ♪
♪ face is glowing ♪
♪ I can see it in your eyes ♪
♪ and I’m happy you know it ♪
♪ that you’re having my baby ♪

Nik: You ready?

♪ you’re the woman I love and I love what it’s doing to ya ♪

Nik: Starting a low transverse incision now.

♪ you’re having my baby ♪
♪ you’re the woman I love, and I love what’s going through ya ♪

Nik: She has some adhesions.

♪ the need inside you ♪

Nik: Hand me the bovie.
Liz: Adhesions? Is that bad?

♪ I see it showin’ ♪

Nik: It’s common. Let me guess. You had your appendix out.
Liz: Um, when I was 15.

♪ and do you feel it growin’? ♪

Tom: You’re doing fine, Liz.
Nik: Ready to open the peritoneum.

♪ are you happy you know it? ♪

Nik: Metzenbaum scissors. Adson pickups.

♪ that you’re having my baby ♪
♪ I’m a woman in love ♪
♪ and I love what it’s doing to me, yeah ♪
♪ having my baby ♪
♪ I’m a woman in love ♪
♪ and I love what’s going through me, yeah ♪
♪ didn’t have to keep it ♪
♪ oh, no ♪
♪ wouldn’t put you through it ♪

Nik: Uterine incision is complete.

♪ you could have swept it from your life ♪

Nik: You ready to meet your baby, Liz?

♪ but you wouldn’t do it ♪

Liz: Definitely. Please.

♪ said you wouldn’t do it ♪
♪ (no, no, no) ♪
♪ and you’re having my baby ♪
♪ (I’m a woman in love, and I love what it’s doing to me) ♪

Nik: Clamps.

♪ having my baby ♪

Nik: Almost there.
Tom: Why’s the baby so quiet?
Nurse: Dr. Korpal, there’s no respiratory effort.
Nik: Ambu bag.
Tom: What’s happening?
Tom: Nik? Nik, tell us what’s wrong.
Liz: Is everything okay?
[ Baby cries loudly ]
Nik: Sometimes they just need a reminder it’s time to breathe. All right. Congratulations. You have a healthy, beautiful baby girl.
[ Nick carefully hands the infant to Liz ]
Liz: Hi! A girl! Hi.
[ Mr Kaplan and Red have been watching through the plastic enclosure, awestruck ]

Liz: I still like Agnes.
Tom: [ Chuckles ] You know my feelings. Besides reliving childhood traumas, it’s an old lady name.
Liz: But with babies, everything that’s old is new again.♤ [ Chuckles ] Besides, it was Sam’s mother’s name. He’s the only family I ever knew.
Red: [ Peeks inside ] Congratulations, Elizabeth. May I see her?
Liz: [ Sharply ] No. Get out. Please, go away. [ To Tom: ] Make him go away.
Tom: It’s been a long day. She’s had a lot of drugs.
Liz: It’s not the drugs. This is my daughter. I’m begging you.
Mr Kaplan: [ To Red ] Just wait out here. Let me talk to her [ She enters ] Congratulations.
[ Red, hurt, turns away ]

Aram: Samar found Asa Jacobi’s wife. She’s living in Phoenix, and she has had no contact with her husband since he went missing.
Cooper: A dead end.
Aram: No. For the first few years after his disappearance, she got a series of unusual phone calls. She could hear breathing on the line, but the caller wouldn’t speak.
Cooper: Prank calls aren’t unusual.
Aram: They are when they always fall on your wedding anniversary. So I traced the wife’s phone records. Those calls were all made on pay phones, but they were paid for with calling cards.
Cooper: You find a billing address?
Aram: Yep, and the accounts used to pay those bills also paid for this mid-century Columbia Heights charmer. Been under single ownership for the past 20 years, only there is no owner. It’s an alias.
Cooper: Get Ressler and Samar there now.

Agent: We’re clear! Clear!
Ressler: Looks like no one’s home.
Agent: Downstairs! Go.
[ They find several rooms with computers and communications equipment ]
Ressler: What the hell is this place?

[ Footsteps approaching ]
Red: Keep an eye on things here. I’m gonna get some air.
[ Woman speaking indistinctly ] Liz, she’s beautiful.
Red: I’m sorry, Dembe.
Dembe: I know, Raymond.
[ Alarm beeping ]
Mr Kaplan: Doctor.
Tom: What is it?
[ Baby crying ]
Kaplan: Doctor!
Tom: Liz, what’s wrong?
Liz: My chest.
Tom: Hey, she can’t breathe.
[ Crying continues ] [ Beeping continues ]
Mr Kaplan: Give me the baby.
Tom: What’s wrong with her?
Nick: O2 levels are dropping. Get her some oxygen. I need a stat EKG, cardiac panel, and a VQ scan. EKG stat.
Red: What’s happening?
Nik: I have to get back to you on that.
[ Crying continues ]
Tom: Nik, do something.

Ressler: I checked with Aram. Those cables belong to a cross-country fiber-optic network. Whoever tapped them can intercept digital communications across half the eastern seaboard.
Samar: Hold on. Something’s happening. I think someone’s shutting it off.
[ Elsewhere: Keyboard keys clacking ] [ Whirring ]
Operator 4-6: [ Sighs ] Team Leader, one of your men was just compromised. His tactical error just led the FBI to one of our fiber taps. And due to inherent security risks, he cannot be allowed to remain in the field.
Solomon: What kind of error?
Operator 4-6: I believe he lost his EarCom.
Solomon: [ Turning to his men ] Which one of you lost his earpiece?
Man: That’d be me, sir.
Solomon: Well, it’s been found.
Man: Oh, good–
[ Solomon 💥 shoots him ]
Solomon: Yeah. [ Sighs ] When you fall prey to errors, you become prey. Somebody clean that up.

Nik: The scan confirmed my fear. The placental abruption caused amniotic fluid to leak into Liz’s blood, producing a severe inflammatory reaction. Are you with me, Liz? I’m gonna put you on a BiPAP machine. It forces your lungs to expand and helps you breathe, okay?
Tom: I’ll be right back.
[ Nik and Tom step outside of the operating enclosure to confer with Red and Mr Kaplan.
Nik: I need to be straightforward. The BiPAP is a Band-Aid. The amniotic fluid will cause Liz’s lungs to swell. The next stop is heart failure.
Tom: No.
Nik: She needs to be intubated and put on a ventilator as soon as possible.
Red: You mean induce a medical coma.
Nik: I know it sounds scary, but it’ll allow us to control her breathing and force oxygen into her system. I just don’t have that equipment here.
Red: Tell Mr. Kaplan whatever you need. We’ll have it here immediately.
[ Liz wheezing ]
Tom: Liz. It’s okay.
Nurse: We’re gonna need you to take slow, deep breaths. Breathe with the machine.
Tom: Just breathe, babe. Just breathe. [ Beeping ]

[ A medical van marked “Emergency Medical Services” backs up ] [ Mr Kaplan and Dembe arrive. Mr Kaplan opens the van’s back doors ]
Kaplan: That looks right. Okay, let’s go. We need it in OR now.

Nik: Pull up 20 of etomidate and 100 of sux.
[ Liz wheezing ]
Tom: Liz, you can do this. When you wake up, I’m gonna take you away from here. We’re gonna be lying on a beach under the sun. Just you, me, and our little baby girl. I promise you.
[ Wheezing ]
Liz: If things go sideways, you’re gonna take our baby to that beach, right?
Tom: Don’t say that. They won’t go sideways. We have too much to look forward to.
Nik: I need to put you under now. You’re about to get very sleepy. [ To nurse: ] Once she’s tubed, I’ll need a post chest intubation X-ray and ABG.
[ Red enters ]
Liz: I’m sorry I kicked you out. It wasn’t fair after all you’ve done for me.
Red: I’ve done nothing for you, Lizzie.
Liz: I’m scared for my little girl.
Nik: Push the meds.
Red: It’s the children whom the world almost breaks who grow up to save it.
Liz: I don’t want that for her.
Red: I wasn’t talking about her. I was talking about you, Elizabeth.

Liz: Oh, Raymond. I do love…

[ Monitor beeping ] [ Monitors beeping rapidly ] [ Baby crying ]
Tom: Do something!
Nik: We’ve maxed out the vent settings. Her lungs are too damaged. They’re shutting down. There’s nothing more I can do here.
Red: “Here.” What do you mean, “here”?
Nik: In the hospital, there’s a device called the ECMO. It allows us to oxygenate her blood out–
Red: Can we get one here?
Nik: There’s no time.
Red: Then we’re going to the hospital. Tell the paramedics we’ll need the ambulance.
Mr Kaplan: Solomon knows we haven’t left the city. We have to assume they’re monitoring the area. A convoy traveling at high speed– You’ll be intercepted and attacked before you can get there.
Red: I’ll handle that. I want a full protective detail to stay on site. I’ll ride in the ambulance, stay with Liz.
Tom: I still have the Browning, but I need clips.
Red: [ To Tom: ] No, you stay here.
Tom: Like hell I’m staying here. She’s my wife– will be my wife.
Red: And she’d insist you stay and protect her child. [ Gun cocks ] You’re a father now.
Red: Morgan, I have something for you and Danny.
Morgan: Whatever you need, boss.

[ Cellphone rings ]
Cooper: Cooper.
Red: We have a medical emergency. We’re at 1438 West Randall, laying a course for Mary Margaret Hospital. We’ll be duck hunting.
Cooper: I can have an escort there in six minutes. We don’t have six minutes. You’re gonna have to meet us on the way. We’re losing her, Harold. We’re losing Elizabeth.

Operator 4-6: Team Leader, I have eyes on a white ambulance heading south on Randall’s Lane at high speed. None have been officially dispatched in that grid.
Solomon: Solid copy, Operator 46. Are they taking the on-ramp to the highway?
Operator 4-6: Unclear. Without that data node, I have blind spots.
Solomon: All teams on Map Grid 32-V, tango in a white ambulance. Find them.

[ Monitor beeping rapidly ]
Red: What’s her status?
Nik: Blood pressure and heart rate are crashing. I’m giving her atropine now. I want a dopamine drip on standby.
Red: Keep her heart beating, Nik. Please, just keep her heart beating.
Nik: Recycle her blood pressure now and every five minutes. [ Sirens wailing ]

Ressler: Aram, where are we going, pal? We need eyes. Take us to Keen.
Aram: Yeah, hang on. I just got a visual on her ambulance. Charting intercept course. Okay, take your next left. I’m gonna route you around traffic. [ Wailing continues ]

Operator 4-6: Team Leader, the target location has been acquired. Pulling up coordinates now. Routing you south-southwest on Langford. Target in white Ford ambulance.
[ Tires screech ]

[ Monitor beeping rapidly ]
Nik: Dopamine.

[ Tires screech ]
Solomon’s men:
– Hands in the air!
– [ Indistinct shouting ]
– Hands in the air!
– Step out!
Ambulance driver: What’s going on? We’re just responding to a call.
⋘ ⋙
Solomon: What do you mean, the wrong ambulance? Use your Tinkertoys and find the right one. They’re making fools of us.
Operator 4-6: Patience is our ally, Team Leader. Searching for the precious cargo now. [ Sirens wailing ]

Samar: Cooper said something about duck hunting. What did he mean?
Ressler: A decoy. They’re using a decoy.

[ Tires screech ]
Nik: How much farther to the hospital?
Red: 2 1/2 miles. An ECMO team is standing by to receive her.
Nik: Her heart’s barely contracting. If she’s not on bypass within the next few minutes…
[ Tires screech ]
Red: Oh, my God.
[ The road ahead is completely blocked by Solomon and his men, with guns drawn and a cannon in the back of a pickup pointed at the ambulance ]
Solomon: Engage targets, but do not kill Elizabeth Keen. [ 💥💥 Gunfight 💥💥 ]
[ The ambulance driver is shot in the forehead, slumps over ]
Red: [ Coming to back of ambulance ] The driver’s been hit.
Nik: [ Gives Red the bulb for forcing air into Liz’s lungs ] Squeeze every five seconds.
[ 💥 Gunfire 💥 ]

♪ Lighthouse
By Patrick Watson

♪ leave a lighthouse in the wild ♪
♪ ’cause I’m coming in ♪
♪ a little blind ♪

Nik: I’m losing her.
Red: No, you’re not.
Nik: She’s not responding to medication.
Red: Then do something else.
[ Flatline ]
Nik: She’s in V-fib. Charge the paddles.
[ Paddles whine ]
Nik: Clear. [ Thud ] Charge again. [ Paddles whine ] Clear.

♪ shining a little light ♪

[ Thud ]

♪ to bring us back home ♪

[ Flatline ]

[ ♪ Piano solo ♪ ]

Nik: Clear. Charge again. Clear. [ Thud ]
Red: What’s happening? Why isn’t it working?
Nik: Clear. [ Thud ] [ Flatline ]

♪ ’cause I know I’ve seen you before ♪

[ Sighs ]

♪ won’t you shine ♪
♪ oh, oh, oh, oh-oh ♪

[ Sighs ]

♪ a little light ♪

Red: Come on, Lizzie. Please, don’t go.

♪ ah, ah-ah ♪

Red: Please, don’t go.

♪ ah, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪

[ Sirens wailing ] [ The FBI arrive ] [ 💥💥💥 Gunfight intensifies 💥💥💥 ]

[ Indistinct shouting ] [ Police radio chatter ]
Ressler: Check the bodies. Collect the guns.
[ Shouting continues. ]

[ Dembe and Ressler walk up to ambulance and peer inside. They stare at the sight of Red huddled over Liz
Nik: I had to call it. There was nothing else I could… [ Sighs ] I’m so sorry.
[ Ressler moves to keep others away from the ambulance ]
Ressler: Back up! Go on, back up! Keep everyone away!
[ Sirens wailing, helicopter blades whirring ]
Mr Kaplan: You need to leave, Raymond. The police are here. Raymond.
[ Red does not leave. He kisses her hand, lifts it to rest against his cheek, as if that is all he has lived for. He kisses her forehead, her eyelid, strokes her hair. At last, he rises to leave her in the van ]

Red: I don’t want Elizabeth in the morgue. I want our people to handle this.
Mr Kaplan: I’ll take care of everything.
[ Ressler wraps his FBI jacket around Red ]
Ressler: This way. Come on.
[ Sorrowful and in shock, Red is helped to the car. Dembe opens the car door, but Red collapses against Dembe ]
Dembe: I got you.
[ Red is helped into the car ]

♪ “Theme From Blinking Lights” by EELS playing ]
[ Door opens ]
♪ da-da-da da da da ♪
[ Engine starts ]
♪ da da da ♪
♪ da-da-da da da da ♪
♪ da da-da-da ♪

♪ da-da-da da da ♪
♪ da da da ♪
♪ da-da-da da da da da ♪

[ Cooper and Aram are shown reacting in pained silence to the news of Liz’s death ]

♪ da-da-da da da da ♪
♪ da da da ♪
♪ da-da-da da da da ♪
♪ da da-da-da ♪

♪ da-da-da da da ♪
♪ da da da ♪
♪ da-da-da da da da da ♪

[ Ressler approaches Samar, whispers to her. Samar doubles over, sobbing. She reaches for Ressler’s hand. They embrace ]

♪ da-da-da da da da ♪
♪ da da da ♪
♪ da-da-da da da da ♪
♪ da da da ♪

♪ da-da-da da da ♪
♪ da da da ♪
♪ da-da-da da da da da ♪

[ Baby fussing ]
Tom: It’s okay. Shh. [ Fussing continues ]
[ Red approaches ]
Tom: I should have stayed with her.
Red: There’s nothing you could have done.
Tom: Was she in pain? At the end?
Red: No. She never woke up.
Tom: [ Breathes shakily ] I can’t do this alone. Without her. [ Sniffles ] I don’t know what to do.
Red: You’ll learn fast.
[ Baby fussing ]
Tom: Shh.
Red: [ Offering to take the baby ] Do you mind?
[ Tom lets Red take the infant ]
Tom: Her name is Agnes.
Red: [ To the baby: ] That’s a good name.

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༺✦ ♤ ✦༻


♫ You’re Having My Baby
by Paul Anka (featuring Odia Coates)

♪ Havin’ my baby
What a lovely way of sayin’
How much you love me
Havin’ my baby
What a lovely way of sayin’
What you’re thinkin’ of me
I can see it, face is glowin’
I can see in your eyes
I’m happy you know it

♪ That you’re havin’ my baby

♪ You’re the woman I love
And I love what it’s doin’ to ya

♪ Havin’ my baby

♪ You’re a woman in love
And I love what’s goin’ through ya

♪ The need inside you
I see it showin’
Whoa, the seed inside ya
Baby, do you feel it growin’
Are you happy you know it
That you’re

♪ Havin’ my baby

♪ I’m a woman in love
And I love what it’s doin’ to me

♪ Havin’ my baby

♪ I’m a woman in love
And I love what’s goin’ through me

♪ Didn’t have to keep it
Wouldn’t put ya through it
You could have swept it from you life
But you wouldn’t do it
No, you wouldn’t do it

♪ And you’re havin’ my baby

♪ I’m a woman in love
And I love what it’s doin’ to me

♪ Havin’ my baby

♪ I’m a woman in love
And I love what’s goin’ through me

♪ Havin’ my baby (havin’ my baby)
What a lovely way of sayin’
How much you love me

♪ Havin’ my baby
(havin’ my baby)

♪ I’m a woman in love
And I love what’s goin’ through me

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/22DYb9x
YouTube Play: http://youtu.be/SFHWl-ZyRAg


♫ Lighthouse
by Patrick Watson

♪ Leave a lighthouse in the wild,
Cause I’m coming in
A little blind
Dreamer of a lighthouse in the woods
Shining a little light to bring us back home
OR To help us get back into the world

♪ When to find you in the backyard,
Hiding on the ceilings of our lives
OR Hiding behind all, all busy lives
Dreaming of a light house in the woods
To help us get back into the world

♪ Cause I know
I’ve seen you before
Won’t you shine
A little light
On us now

♪ Won’t you shine a little light
In your own backyard
Won’t you shine a little light
In your own backyard

♪ Dreaming of a lighthouse in the woods
Dreaming of a lighthouse in the woods

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/20MzKHE
YouTube Play: http://youtu.be/R23bifAbWWs


♫ Theme from Blinking Lights
by EELS (Mark Oliver Everett)

♪ Da da da da da
Da da da
Da da da da da da
Da da da

♪ Da da da da da
Da da da
Da da da da da da

♪ Da da da da da da
Da da da
Da da da da da da
Da da da

♪ Da da da da da
Da da da
Da da da da da da da

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/1W8z6n0
YouTube Play: http://youtu.be/seIeIqBW0Go

❌❌❌ 3:18 End Solomon2
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༺ ✿⊰ ♤ ⊱✿༻


🔴 Script: 3:19 Cape May

NBC’s series The Blacklist starring James Spader and Megan Boone
Series created by: Jon Bokenkamp
Program air date: 4/21/2016 in the US
Permalink: http://wp.me/pDKwi-2RN

Blurb: Grieving over the tragic death of Lizzie, Red is drawn to Cape May where he must come to terms with the past.

Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/1YK9E6l
WSJ Summary: http://on.wsj.com/1WhVg68
Source: Raw Script from Forever Dreaming: http://bit.ly/1QciD0C [ dump of captioning ]
Director: Michael Watkins
Written by: Daniel Knauf

Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington – James Spader
Elizabeth Keen – Megan Boone
Donald Ressler – Diego Klattenhoff
Harold Cooper – Harry Lennix
Tom Keen – Ryan Eggold
Aram Mojtabai – Amir Arison
Samar Navabi – Mozhan Marnò
Dembe Zuma – Hisham Tawfiq


Treasure Hunter – George Bartenieff
Officer Duncan – Reathel Bean
Mama Lu Chang – Norma Chu
Cab driver – Evander Duck, Jr
Nik Korpal – Piter Marek
Mysterious Woman – Lotte Verbeek


🔴 Script 3:19 Cape May

[ Red is interrogating Nik, Liz’s ER doctor (and her ex-boyfriend). Nik tried to save Liz’s life but failed. The interrogation room is the same as the one Red used in 3:12 The Vehm to execute the man who had attacked Liz in a supermarket parking lot ]
Nik: Given her abrupt drop in blood pressure and pulse, I diagnosed a placental abruption. We performed a successful emergency C-section. She was having chest pains, shortness of breath… classic symptoms of an amniotic fluid embolism. Her lungs were no longer functioning. I had to get her to a trauma unit. We were losing her. And she went into arrest.
Red: That’s enough.
Nik: I kept her alive long enough to become a mother.
Red: What a desperate thing to say.
Nik: I don’t want to die.
Red: Everyone dies someday.

[ An elderly Chinese woman opens a secret wall in a restaurant and descends the stairs to an opium den. Red is sleeping fully clothed on a thin mattress recessed into the wall ]
Elderly Chinese woman: Time to go, Mr. Red. Time to go.
Red: [ Mumbling ] No. No, no, not yet. I want another one. I want another one. I paid and I want another.
Chinese woman: No. You go. It’s Friday. It’s too long for you. You go.
[ Red gets up and heads out, leaving behind his pistol and fedora ]
Chinese woman: [ Calling him back: ] Mr. Red.
Red: Mm.
[ Red turns back and takes his hat but not the gun ]

[ Red seems to be in a stupor ] [ TIRES SCREECH, HORN HONKS as a car almost hits Red. The car has a sign “Taxi 4 hire” in the window.” The car has New York plates ]
Cabbie: [ Rolls down window and calls out ] You trying to get yourself killed?
[ Red gets in the cab ]
Red: Cape May. Cape May, New Jersey.
Cabbie: That’s 200 miles away.
[ Red counts out five $100 bills ]
Cabbie: Cape May it is.

[ Flashbacks: ]
Red: Don’t go, Lizzie. Please, don’t go.
Tom: Now go. And stay away from us.

Red: Everyone dies someday.
Cabbie: You say something?

[ Electric razor buzzes as Red shaves while leaving a message for his lawyer, Marvin Gerard ]
Red: Marvin, it’s Raymond. I’m taking a leave of indeterminate length. Suspend all transactions. Pay off all my outstanding debt. If you need additional funds to cover any shortfall, execute a wire transfer from Barbados. Dembe has a power of attorney letter on file should a signature be necessary.
Red: [ To the cabbie ] How much for the cab?
Cabbie: No, you’re good.
Red: No, no. How much do you want for the cab?
Cabbie: You’re kidding, right?
[ Red plops many thick stacks of bills on the car hood, hundreds of thousands of dollars, maybe millions ]
Cabbie: That’s plenty. Thank you.

[ Red stops for breakfast at a greasy spoon, orders bacon and eggs. He notices a woman seated in a booth by the window. She sees something and hurries out. A man comes into the restaurant and uses the rotary dial pay phone ]

[ Red arrives at an inn just behind the sand dunes. It is closed for the season. He pushes through the gate ]

[ The beach at Cape May is deserted. Red takes a folding lounge chair and opens it on the beach. He looks out to sea. The day is dull and cold. Red suddenly sees the same red-haired woman from the restaurant sitting on the beach. She takes off her coat and a necklace and walks into the water a ways, then dives in ]
Red: Hey! Hey! No! Stop!
[ Red runs, shedding his coat, suitcoat and hat along the way, then runs into the 40 degree water, looking for the woman. A large wave tumbles over him. He rescues the mysterious woman and drags her onto the beach ]

[ Red helps the woman walk to the white inn building, into an apartment, and helps her down onto a rug on the floor in front of a fireplace. He covers her with a sheet and places two decorator pillows under her head ]
Red: I’ll find a blanket.

Woman behind desk: May I help you?
[ Red has just taken a blanket and some matches from a closet in the lobby. He turns around. The woman is gone ]

[ Red starts a fire in the fireplace, then he lies down on the floor next to the woman, pulling the blanket over both of them and cradling her head on his arm, his other arm pulling her close to him ]
Red. You’re okay. Talk to me.
Woman: [ In a whisper ] It’s not that he died. It’s not even the way he died. It’s in the things I said to him… just before he died.

[ Red wakes. It’s lighter outside. Red is alone on the floor. He is wearing a tee-shirt and shorts. He pulls his pants on and climbs the stairs. He finds the woman peering out of a window ]
Red: Hello? You okay?
Woman: [ GASPS ] There’s someone here. Outside. He’s here to kill me. There. There he is. See his shadow?
Red: Stay away from the window.
[ Red grabs an ax and heads outdoors ]
Red: I found the intruder. He put up a fight. I had no choice but to kill him. [ He has a torn black kite ]
Woman: You must think I’m crazy.
Red: No.

[ Red comes to the kitchen, still holding the ax behind his back ]
Red: We’ll have hot water soon.
Woman: There’s wine. And I can make a risotto. ⋘⋙ Do you think we’ll have hot water tonight?
Red: By the time we finish dinner, it should be hot.

Red: This is superb. The rice is just right.
Woman: Canned mushrooms. Best I could do.
Red: It’s excellent. You aren’t hungry.
Red: Who’s trying to kill you? Does it have something to do with what you told me before?
Woman: I’m sorry?
Red: You said you lost someone. Harsh words were spoken. Words you regret.
Woman: I was out of my mind. There was no one. Just me.
Red: You don’t have to lie.
Woman: Neither do you. You’re no hungrier than I am. You’re not enjoying a single bite of that.
Red: I told you this is….
Woman: Superb. The quality of the cooking is wholly irrelevant in this case, isn’t it? Given the circumstances.
Red: And those are?
Woman: You tell me. Tell yourself. Say it out loud.
Red: [ Pause, then: ] It was a Hobson’s choice.* There was a woman and her child. Both were doomed. Both would die. I could either save one or lose both. I chose the child. It was… it was the worst thing I’ve ever had to do in my life. Worst thing by far.
Woman: You didn’t have a choice.
Red: There’s always a choice. I was arrogant. I presumed that there was an order to things, that there was… that if I nourished and protected and taught the child, she would be safe… …and happy.
Woman: And she was neither.
Red: No matter what I tried to do, all I brought her was misery and violence, and eventually…
Woman: Death.
Red: Yes.
Woman: And now you’re dead. You believe there’s nothing left for you.
Red: It’s that obvious?
Woman: Nothing about you is obvious. What brought you here?
Red: I honestly don’t know.
Woman: You’ve been here before.
Red: Once, a long time ago. I was a very different person then. You?

[ Red opens the door ]
Red: What can I do for you, Officer… Duncan?
Officer Duncan: We got a call from a neighbor. He noticed lights inside.
Red: Oh, Yeah. I was afraid that might happen. That’s why the candles… didn’t want to alarm anyone.
Duncan: I take it you’re not trespassing.
Red: Oh, good God, no. Jack and Ida are old family friends. Offered the place for the weekend.
Duncan: Mind showing some identification?
Red: No, no, no. No problem. I’ll be right back.
Duncan: If you don’t mind, I’d prefer waiting inside.
Red: Of course. My mistake. Please, please. It’s a bit chilly out. Wait here. I’ll get my I.D.
[ Red goes into another room and selects from a set of driver’s licenses under various names, then returns to the front room ]
Red: I’m sorry you had to come all the way out here on such a cold night.
[ The officer looks in the kitchen and sees the candles, food and wine from dinner ]
Duncan: Didn’t mention you had a friend.
Red: Yeah. My wife, Abigail. She’s feeling a little under the weather.
Duncan: Didn’t touch a bite, it looks like.
Red: No. I can go upstairs and wake her, if you’d like.
Duncan: No. No, that’s okay. Everything appears in order. You said you’re a friend of Jack and Ida’s.
Red: Yes, I said I was a friend. Poor Jack. Miss the hell out of that man.
Duncan: Yeah, yeah. It’s a crying shame. Ida just hadn’t been able to keep the place up since he passed. Enjoy your stay, Mr. Donnelly.
Red: Thank you, Officer.
[ Officer leaves ]
Woman: He knows.
Red: I don’t think so. He’d have to be very good at hiding it. We’ll see. Water should be hot.

[ The woman is bathing. Red is seated on a couch some distance away ]
Woman: [ SIGHS ] How did you know Jack was dead?
Red: I didn’t say he was dead. I said I missed him.
Woman: Still, why would you miss him?
Red: State of the place. Hasn’t been maintained. A man wouldn’t let that happen if he was around.
Woman: You said “Poor Jack”?
Red: “Jack’s Shack.” He took pride in that. Decorated it, carved his name on it. It’s falling apart. I figured he was either sick or dead.
Woman: Could have been Ida.
Red: I went with Jack. Men don’t usually last as long as women.
Woman: You sound like an actuary.
Red: I am, in a way.
Woman: Have you ever killed anyone?
Red: That’s an odd question.
Woman: Have you?
Red: Yes. Many. But never anyone who didn’t deserve it.
Woman: Me, too.
Red: I know.
Woman: How?
Red: There aren’t a lot of us. You learn to recognize it.
Woman: Yes.

[ GLASS SHATTERS ] [ Red looks for the perpetrator ]
Woman: Behind you.
[ GRUNTING ] [ Red and the man fight inside the bathroom ]
[ GRUNTING ] [ Woman grabs the man from behind and slams his head against a mirror, then the sink – several times. He collapses dead onto the bathroom floor ]
[ Red coughs ]
Woman: You all right?
Red: Yeah. Thank you. You know him?
Woman: It doesn’t matter. He’s one of them. Not the first, not the last.
[ They wrap the body in the plastic shower curtain and clean up the blood ]

[ The woman is playing études on the grand piano ]
Red: Why did you go into the water? What made you decide?
Woman: You’ve never killed anyone who didn’t deserve it.
Red: Yes.
Woman: That is a fine thing. A noble thing. But not terribly difficult.
Red: That’s true.
Woman: Have you ever spared someone who deserved to die?
Red: There was a woman I loved. She was… my life. My heart. And she died. She left behind a little girl. One last, precious piece of herself.

[ Flashback ( or Flashforward … )]
Red: She’ll need protection.
Tom: Only if you’re in her life. Go. Stay away. I won’t let you make the same mistake with her… …that you made with Liz.

Red: I would give anything to be a part of that child’s life, but a man made it clear I would never see her… hold her… watch her grow. And I knew in that moment, I would never be any part of that beautiful little girl’s life. Because…
Woman: He was her father.
Red: And to harm him would be to harm her. A mortal sin. Her mother is gone. The father is what she has left in the world.
Woman: Her father.
Red: Yes.

Man: [ On cellphone ] Gregory, do you copy? Did you copy that?

[ Woman breaks the phone in half ]
Woman: We don’t have much time. They’re coming.

Red: This’ll work. I’ll drive.
[ Red loads the man’s body into back of a black SUV in the garage. The mysterious woman turns to walk away. Red grabs her arm ]
Red: I’m not leaving without you.
Woman: Yes, you are.
Red: No. I’m not.
Woman: Those men are after me. It’s my problem, not yours.
Red: You made it my problem the moment you walked into the ocean.
Woman: I didn’t ask for your help. Let me go.
Red: No.
Why not? What difference does it make to you?
Red: Have you ever seen the aftermath of a suicide bombing…
Woman: We’re wasting time.
Red: I have. June 29, 2003. I was meeting two associates at the Marouche restaurant in Tel Aviv. As my car was pulling up, a 20-year-old Palestinian named Ghazi Safar entered the restaurant and detonated a vest wired with C4.
Woman: Let me go.
Red: The shock wave knocked me flat, blew out my eardrums. I couldn’t hear. The smoke… It was like being underwater. I went inside. A nightmare. Blood. Parts of people. You could tell where Safar was standing when the vest blew. It was like a perfect circle of death. There was almost nothing left of the people closest to him. 17 dead, 46 injured. Blown to pieces. The closer they were to the bomber, the more horrific the effect.
Woman: Stop.
Red: That’s every suicide. Every single one. An act of terror perpetrated against everyone who’s ever known you… Everyone who’s ever loved you. The people closest to you… the ones who cherish you… are the ones who suffer the most pain, the most damage. Why would you do that?
Woman: [ WHIMPERS ]
Red: Why would you do that to people who love you?
Woman: I have no choice.
Red: There’s always a choice.
Woman: Is there? That little girl. The one you told me about? The one whose father you spared? What would you do if you knew… knew… that as long as you drew breath, as long as you continued to exist, her life would be in danger? She would be hunted, and she would be killed. What would you do?
Red: What would you do?
Woman: My child is being raised by someone else. I am her mother… and I am death to her. [ Tears ] So this is what I’m doing. I never wanted this.
Red: I know.
Woman: Then go.
Red: I can’t.

[ Together, Red and Woman booby-trap the house. A bomb made from a propane tank. A live electric cable left in a sink with the water left to overflow. A mantrap made from cable and piano wire. Pounding music heightens the tension ]

[ VEHICLE APPROACHES ] [ There are six or seven men ]
Woman: You still have time to go.
Red: I don’t know your name.
Woman: Don’t be ridiculous, Raymond.

[ Action sequence. In brief, the interlocutors are all dispatched, some by the booby traps. The woman pushes one man off a balcony. There is a brief gunfight. Red slashes one man’s throat. The woman stabs one man in the chest. One man is hung in the mantrap. ]
[ AIR HISSING ] [ GROANS ] [ YELLS ] [ GRUNTS ] [ GRUNTS ] [ CHOKING ] [ GRUNTS ] [ ✛ All the while, suspenseful, pulsing music ]

Woman: You okay?
Red: We need to clean up and clear out.
Woman: You get the car.
Red: There’s something wro… [ Red sees that the kitchen and other rooms are immaculate, untouched, as though he had just arrived. He goes to the staircase and shouts up: ]
Red: Hello?
[ Red climbs the stairs, searching for the woman ]
Red: Where are you?
[ Red looks out the window. He sees the woman again walk into the ocean, exactly as before ]
Red: No. No, no, no. [ Red runs down the stairs, out of the inn and across the beach. He looks at the surf pouring in. This time, the woman is nowhere to be seen ]

[ An old man has been using a metal detector to look for treasure under the sand. He is now digging for something ]
Red: Hey! Did you see a woman walk into the water?
Treasure hunter: No. I didn’t see no woman.
Red: You sure?
Treasure hunter: Yeah. I’m sure. Mister, the only living soul I’ve seen on this stretch in over two weeks is just you.
Red: Just me.
Treasure hunter: Yep.
[ Red recalls moments he had with the woman, but this time he speaks woman’s words ]

Red: “Canned mushrooms. Best I could do.”
Red: “Behind you.”
[ Red plays études on the grand piano ]

[ Returning to the present, Red queries the treasure hunter ]
Red: Just me.
Treasure hunter: Yep. Just you.
[ The treasure hunter finds a necklace buried in the sand ]
Treasure hunter: Hello.
[ Though it is almost completely encased in sand, Red recognizes the necklace ]
Red: Could I, please? Please. I want to buy it. [ Brings out a thick wad of bills ]
Treasure hunter: Ain’t worth anywhere near that.
Red: It is to me.
Treasure hunter: Okay, then.

[ Red goes to the water’s edge and lets a wave wash over the necklace ]
[ Red reads aloud the Russian inscription on the back of the necklace: ]

Red: To Katarina, love Papa.

[ Suddenly, the mysterious woman appears at Red’s side ]
Woman: You had no choice. It was me or Masha.
Red: I’m sorry.
Woman: Raymond, you did save me. Through her. It was the only way. You chose well.
[ The woman reaches out and places her palm against Red’s cheek, stroking it ]
Treasure hunter: Hey, Mister!
[ Red turns around ]
Treasure hunter: You okay? Seem a little lost.
[ The mysterious woman is gone ]
Red: There’s someone I need to see. [ Red turns and walks away from the shore ]

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There were no songs in this episode, but the score is incredible. From the Entertainment Weekly recap:

This episode’s instrumental score composed by Dave Porter, which seemed to run through nearly the entire episode was so, so different but absolutely just as compelling as The Blacklist’s normally impeccable musical cues.

❌❌❌ 3:19 End Cape May
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༺ ✿⊰ ♤ ⊱✿༻


🔴 Episode 3:20 The Artax Network

NBC’s series The Blacklist starring James Spader and Megan Boone
Series created by: Jon Bokenkamp
Program air date: 4/28//2016 in the US
Permalink: http://wp.me/pDKwi-2UL ¤ Storybook: http://wp.me/PDKwi-1f3#artax

Blurb:Liz’s funeral. Each team member mourns in their own way. Meanwhile, Red visits a relative of Liz’s. The search for the killers begins.

Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/1SUBVZD
WSJ Summary: http://on.wsj.com/1VWJfVC
Source: Raw Script from Forever Dreaming: http://bit.ly/1QciD0C (dump of captioning)
Director: Donald E Thorin, Jr
Written by: Dawn DeNoon

Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington – James Spader
Elizabeth Keen – Megan Boone
Donald Ressler – Diego Klattenhoff
Harold Cooper – Harry Lennix
Tom Keen – Ryan Eggold
Aram Mojtabai – Amir Arison
Samar Navabi – Mozhan Marnò
Dembe Zuma – Hisham Tawfiq


Benjamin Stalder – Kelly AuCoin
Mr Kaplan – Susan Blommaert
Hotel Security Chief – Ray Crisara
Nez Rowan – Tawny Cypress
Dom – Brian Dennehy
Operator 4-6 – Murphy Guyer
Cynthia Panabaker – Deirdra Lovejoy
Charlene Cooper – Valarie Pettiford
Ellie – Susan Kelechi Watson

🔴 Script 3:20 The Artax Network (№ 41)

Previously on “The Blacklist”…
Mr Kaplan: This is on you, Raymond. You were wrong to make her believe you could keep her safe.
Red: She left behind a little girl ⋘⋙ She’ll need protection.
Tom: Only if you’re in her life. I won’t let you make the same mistake with her that you made with Liz.
Cooper: Who attacked us at the church?
Red: I don’t know. Whoever employed Solomon’s services, they know too much. They’re breathing down our necks even now, listening, watching. We need to put down the threat quickly.

Tom: Shh! (Baby WAILING) Oh, I know. I know.
[ Assistant Director Harold Cooper is delivering the eulogy at Liz’s funeral service ]
Cooper: I wish there was something I could say to stop your tears…
Tom: Shh. Shh. Shh.
Cooper: …to take away the pain of losing her, but I can’t.
What I can do is remind you of how lucky we were to have had Elizabeth in our lives.
[ Samar has come to visit the baby. A guard stops her ]
Guard: I need to see some ID.
[ Samar shows the FBI badge on her belt ]
Cooper: What does the Lord ask of us? To do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with our God.
Samar: Reddington’s guys?
Tom: Yeah. Not that I asked them to be here.
Samar: They’re here for her protection.
Tom: Yeah, well, I don’t want Reddington or his goons to be any part of her life.
Samar: I know.
Tom: Please tell me you know how to swaddle a baby.
Samar: (SCOFFS) I hear bourbon works.

Cooper: Did Elizabeth do justice? She came into our lives under extraordinary circumstances that few agents could hold up under. But she did more than hold up. She thrived.

[ Flashback ]
[ Charlene opens door to Cooper ]
Cooper: You look nice.
[ End flashback ]

♪ Low and mean ♪

Cooper: She withstood scrutiny from her peers, false accusations from her government, and helped take down some of the worst criminals this country has ever known.

Aram: Agent Ressler, it’s time.

♪ Years in the air ♪

[ Ressler is watching video of Liz being surveilled ]

Man: [ On video ] Code red! Code red! All units, please respond.
Man: We’re under heavy fire. Man: Bearcat, don’t dismount there. Shut it down.

Ressler: Wait, who the hell are these guys?
Aram: We can’t be late.
Ressler: We gotta find them.
Aram: Yeah, and we will, just not now. We have to go.

Cooper: Did she love mercy? I’ve never met anyone more forgiving. Elizabeth followed her heart, and against all odds, it led her back to the man she loved.

♪ Hillside flush with the sunrise ♪

Cooper: Did she walk humbly with her God? (CHUCKLES) I’ll never forget the day I met her. It was her first day on the job. She had been offered an opportunity that most agents wait a lifetime to get. “Why me?” she asked. (VOICE BREAKS) “I’m nobody special.”

♪ Show me the feathers you’ve found ♪
♪ The glass in the ground ♪
♪ A comforting sound ♪

Cooper: I think we all know different. She was humble, self-effacing, and very, very special. Like all of you, I’m sad and angry. Like you also, I’m also very blessed to have known Elizabeth. So as we leave here today, let’s celebrate. The last few days, many have come up to me and they’ve said, “We are so sorry for your loss.” But we haven’t lost Elizabeth. (VOICE BREAKS) We know exactly where she is. [ Places his hand on his heart ]

♪ Poor old granddad ♪
♪ I laughed at all his words ♪
♪ I thought he was a bitter man ♪
♪ He spoke of woman’s ways ♪
♪ They’ll trap you, then they use you ♪
♪ Before you even know ♪
♪ For love is blind and you’re far too kind ♪
♪ Don’t ever let it show ♪
♪ I wish that I knew what I know now ♪
♪ When I was younger ♪
♪ I wish that I knew what I know now ♪

[ Ressler, Samar and Aram are in car on the way to the graveside service. Ressler is driving. Aram lights up a joint ]
Samar: I can’t believe Reddington didn’t come.
Ressler: I can. He knows this is his fault. Hey, Aram, that download… how far along are you…? Aram: (VOICE BREAKS) Don’t judge. I’m just… (EXHALES SLOWLY) I’m just super stressed out.

♪ The dressing rooms are gray ♪

Ressler: Oh, you’re kidding me, right?
Samar: It’s legal in D.C.
[ Aram passes the joint to Samar, who takes a long drag ]

♪ Before they make you feel a man ♪
♪ But love is blind and you soon will find ♪


♪ You’re just a boy again ♪

Samar: I feel horrible.
Ressler: Well, you should. It’s a funeral.

Charlene: I feel so badly for Tom.
Cooper: I keep thinking maybe there’s something we should do for him.
Charlene: We?

♪ Ooh la la ♪
♪ Ooh la la, la la, yeah ♪

[ Red’s car pulls up to an old house deep in the woods. He gets out ] (CAR DOOR CLOSES)

[ At graveside ]
Minister: Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil, for thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory forever. Amen. All: Amen.
Aram: Wait. I need to… I need to say something.
Aram: “When she shall die… take her… and cut her out in little stars, and she will make the face of heaven so fine “that all the world will be in love with night and pay no worship to the garish sun.” “Romeo and Juliet.” Agent Keen loved Shakespeare. And Dr. Seuss. She loved dim sum and… and Beyoncé, and those little wooden, uh, foot massagers that go under your desk. (VOICE BREAKS) I know the things she loved because we were friends. Even though I called her “Agent Keen,” that was out of the respect I had for her. (BREATHING UNEVENLY) Her friends also called her Liz. (CRYING) I miss you, Liz. (SNIFFLES) Just… Okay. Thank you. (SPEAKING INAUDIBLY)

Dom: What are you doing here?
Red: Your granddaughter. She’s… I’m sorry.
(Dom turns and walks away; FOOTSTEPS DEPART)

Cooper: We are not standing down. And don’t give me protocol about investigating the death of a colleague.
Cynthia Panabaker: Then how about you’re too close, too emotional, and too raw to come within a country mile of doing a good job finding who attacked Agent Keen’s wedding?
Cooper: We have to do something.
Panabaker: Yes, you do. Find Reddington.
Cooper: He’ll turn up. He always does.
Panabaker: No, he always did because of Keen. Now his cooperation was predicated on her. Now that she’s gone, does he intend to continue?
Cooper: I don’t have a clue.
Panabaker: Well, then you need to get one. We made a deal with the most wanted man in America. It’d be nice to know if he’s planning to honor it.
Cooper: And Keen?
Panabaker: You worry about Reddington. We’ve assigned top agents to her case.
Cooper: Who?
Panabaker: Top… agents.

Ressler: Come on, they really expect us to stand down?
Cooper: Yeah, that’s not happening. Where are we?
Aram: All right, whoever was after Agent Keen hacked into a telecom hub. The servers in that basement were sifting data intercepted from the fiber optic cables.
Samar: Sifting it and sending it where?
Aram: I don’t know. Once they realized we’d figured out what they were doing, they pulled the plug and… and severed all communications.
Ressler: But we know what they were looking for… Keen. They were watching her.
Aram: Right. Yes. Watching and listening through private security cameras… (TAPPING KEY) traffic cams.
Cooper: Someone was watching the attack on the church, in real time.
Ressler: She never stood a chance. They were following her the whole time.
Cooper: And you have no idea where this information was being sent? Who was tracking her?
Aram: I’m tracing the packet routes, but it’s… it’s gonna take time. What I do know is that, uh, Agent Keen wasn’t the only person they were monitoring. Uh, they were intercepting cell and CCTV footage out of the Warwick Hotel in Midtown, along with voice and Internet traffic out of something called the, uh, Global Financial Council.
Cooper: How is that connected to Keen?
Aram: I don’t know. It’s… (SIGHS) There’s so many pieces to sort through. It’s… This is the sort of thing Mr. Reddington would just see without even blinking.

[ Dom serves Red some scrambled eggs ]
Red: Thank you.
Dom: Mm-hmm.
(Pepper mill GRINDING)
Red: As soon as the name “Masha Rostova” hit the 24-hour news cycle, they came for her. I thought I could… (SIGHS) protect her. I did protect her, all these years. I’ve anticipated almost every threat. (UTENSIL SCRAPING) But this one… …a medical complication in childbirth.
Dom: Masha had a child?
Red: A girl. She was born prematurely, but she’s expected to be fine.
Dom: Well, that’s wonderful. (UTENSIL CLINKS) Now I am a great-grandfather.
Red: I came here to tell you that.
Dom: Sure. I’m sure you did. Right there on your desk calendar.

Tom: Okay, so we… tuck, then we fold from the bottom. Uh… (SIGHS) Just tuck, fold…. (WHISPERS) Crap. I don’t know. (Baby FUSSES) Shh, shh. You know, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “Dad, you suck at this.” But I’m telling you… I can do this. (EXHALES SHARPLY) I think. (CHUCKLES)

Aram: Okay, I’ve got something. All right, one of the cellphones being tapped belongs to an executive assistant named Amanda Bigelow, the other to an Anthony Mayhew, a chauffeur. Both work for an executive who’s staying at our third point of reference, the Warwick Hotel, while in New York to speak at a conference held by reference point number four, the Global Financial Council. So the common denominator is the executive. Benjamin Stalder. (TYPING) President of the Energy Consortium Group.
Samar: If the same people who monitored Liz are monitoring him, he could be the key to finding Liz’s killers.
Cooper: Or he could be their next target.
[ Two men have cleared out Liz’s office and are about to walk out with boxes ]
Ressler: Hey. What the hell are you doing?
Young man: What?
Ressler: You’re clearing her out like she’s been evicted from a monthly rental. Have some respect.
Young man: Standard procedure is to secure the effects of a terminated party…
Ressler: Get out. Now. Hey! You two, out now.
Cooper: Donald.
Ressler:You believe this?
Cooper: They’re just doing their job. [ To the two men: ] Why don’t you take a break? I’m gonna collect Agent Keen’s effects myself.
Ressler: Vultures.

Red: (PLAYING LOW NOTES on piano) I’d imagine it to be a challenge, playing Rachmaninoff’s C-sharp minor “Prelude” without the benefit of C-sharp.
Dom: It would be… if I played anymore. Why are you still here?
Red: I’m not entirely sure I know.
Dom: Mm. Sympathy?
Red: Excuse me?
Dom: Are you waiting for my sympathy? Maybe a hug.
Red: God, no.
Dom: Good, because you wouldn’t find that here anyway.
Red: I just needed to be someplace… quiet.
Dom: Well, I wasn’t expecting you. I have to go to town for groceries.
Red: I’m sorry for the intrusion. Let me give you some money, please. Could you pick up a single malt? Preferably from the Highlands, but not Islay. The water there tastes like seaweed and iodine.
[ Red is in the garage, looking through boxes of things from Katarina’s childhood. A hand-made doll. A drawing of a little girl holding hands with her mother and father, very similar to that burned in the fire scene, and very similar to how Liz described to Red her “hidden desire” in the Djinn ➔ the dream of a normal life ]

♪ Traveling through the graveyard ♪
♪ With a suitcase full of sparks ♪
♪ Honey, I’m just trying to find my way to you ♪
♪ Lit up every campfire ♪
♪ I found out in the dark ♪
♪ All the countless days along the sea of blue ♪
♪ Learned the language of the Mockingbird ♪
♪ She took and twisted all my words ♪
♪ Yeah, I’m just trying to find my way to you ♪
♪ And I’ll meet you in the graveyard ♪
♪ With the winter trees and stars ♪

Medical history taker: What can you tell me about the mother’s family medical history?

♪ Open up this suitcase full of sparks ♪

Tom: Nothing. And neither could she. They died when she was young.
Medical: What about Elizabeth herself? Any cancer, heart disease, diabetes?
Tom: No. Look… (INHALES DEEPLY) Doctor, is something wrong with my baby?
Medical: Agnes is just fine. But the more genetic blanks I can fill in the charts, you know, the better I know what to screen for. What about your family?
Tom: More blanks. I never knew my parents either. I think that’s what made Liz and I work. You know, it was the first time either of us felt like… …family. (CELLPHONE RINGS, BEEPS) Excuse me.
Cooper: Cooper.
Tom: It’s Tom Keen.
Cooper: Tom, I’m glad you called. I just collected a box of personal things from Liz’s office.
Tom: All right. I’ll come pick ’em up now. Look, maybe I could… (DOOR CLOSES) …work on the case while I’m there, because I’m… I’m useless here.
Cooper: We have things under control.
Tom: No. See, that’s the problem, all right? The situation doesn’t call for control. The only way we’re gonna find the bastards who came after Liz is if we sink to their level.
Cooper: Tom, stop. Just be with your child. We have a solid lead, and we’re working it now.

Benjamin Stalder: I don’t care how well the stock was doing before. It’s imploding now. It’s a classic pump and dump. (TELEPHONE RINGS) We need to liquidate immediately. No… Wait, hang on. Front desk is calling. (RING) I think my driver’s here. I gotta head over to the conference. (RING) Dump that stock, Lawrence! (RING)
[ Stalder leaves without answering the room phone ]

Samar: Stalder’s not answering. Keep trying the room. We’re almost there, but I need hotel security to find him and secure him.
Desk/Security: Agent Navabi, I have eyes on Mr. Stalder approaching the elevator. He’s got two of his own men with him, and I see his driver down here in the lobby. He’s good.
Operator 4-6: Rolling Thunder, this is Operator 4-6. Unicorn is at the elevators.
Man in SUV: Roger that. We are 15 seconds from location. Asset is on site, ready for extraction. (ELEVATOR BELL DINGS)
Samar: Where’s Stalder?
Desk: Elevator 2, landing any second.
[ Nez Rowan is in the elevator. When the door closes, she and an assistant attack Stalder’s guards ]
Ressler: [ Impatiently, waiting for elevator with Stalder to arrive ] Come on. Come on. (COCKS GUN)
[ Elevator door opens. Stalder’s two guards are collapsed on the floor. Stalder is gone ]
Ressler: Gone. [ To Desk/Security ] What floor did it stop on?
Security/Desk: Seven.
And where do those stairs lead?
Security/Desk: West alley service entrance, end of that corridor.
Ressler: All right, let me take the alley.
Samar: Okay.
[ Samar finds Nez and Stalder in the stair well ( ‼️👊✽⚡️❕👊🏼🔪👊🏽 fist/knife/pistol-whipping 👊❕👊🏽🔪✽🔫 ‼️ fight ensues ]
Uhh! (GRUNTING) (🔪 BLADE ZINGS) ( 🔫 GUN 🔫 CLATTERS) (GRUNTING) Uhh! (EXHALES DEEPLY) [ Nez abandons Stalder, runs outside ]
Ressler: FBI! Freeze! On the ground! On the gro…
[ Ressler is knocked down by the get-away vehicle. Nez climbs in ]
(TIRES SCREECH) Nez: Abort! We got FBI! Go! Go! Go!

[ Red is seated in garage, playing with glitter ]
Dom: You have no right to go through her things.
(Grocery BAGS THUD)
Dom: And that’s my coat!
Red: I was just imagining young Katarina covered in glitter. As an adult, it’s easy to dismiss this stuff as girlish frivolity. You forget the wonder it creates, the light captured, secret wishes evoked. It renders even the darkest days sparkly. (BLOWS glitter into the AIR) Never underestimate the power of glitter.
Dom: Stop it.
Red: Stop what?
Dom: Stop… torturing me.
Red: That was never my intention.
Dom: (EXHALES) Then what are you doing out here? These boxes are all I have… all I have left of my daughter.
Red: I’m sorry, Dom. I understand.
Dom: No, you don’t. You don’t understand. You think because Masha’s dead, now you… you can understand me? (SIGHS) You can… you can share my misery?
Red: I feel bereft, just like you.
Dom: No, not just like me. She’s gone because of choices you made for both of them. First Katarina and then Masha. As far as I’m concerned, you killed my entire family! No, you’re not like me. (THUD)

Cooper: Nez Rowan? You’re sure it was her?
Samar: I had a pretty good angle on her face as she cracked me with the butt of her weapon. 🤕 It’s her.
Ressler: How is that even possible? We had her dead to rights for the armed robbery of a nuclear facility, conspiracy to kidnap, accessory to murder.
Cooper: I personally signed the paperwork for her transfer to Fort Meade to await trial.
Ressler: So why isn’t she rotting in a cell?
Cooper: I’ll have Aram look into it.
Samar: Aram is taking a personal day today. He’s not dealing with Liz’s death very well. (TELEPHONE RINGING IN DISTANCE)
Cooper: He’s not alone. I’ll look into the Rowan situation myself.
Ressler: Look, she’s definitely working with the same team of mercs who tried to abduct Keen. Rowan’s extraction team outside the hotel today… they wore the exact same equipment as they did.
Cooper: Okay, well, let’s find out from Mr. Stalder why they’re after him and how he connects to Liz. (TELEPHONE RINGS)

Benjamin Stalder: I run the Energy Consortium Group. We advise governments and private sector clients on energy and economic business models. I recommend who gets billion-dollar contracts and who doesn’t.
Samar: So… That’s why you travel with such a heavy security contingent.
Stalder: Yeah. That’s right. I’ve received plenty of death threats over the years.
Ressler: We’ll need any record you have of those, along with a complete client list.
Stalder: Of course.
Samar: Did anything unusual happen today, before the abduction?
Stalder: No. (SIGHS) I never left the suite. I was working on my speech for the Global Financial Council.
Ressler: Can you think of any reason why someone would want to stop that speech?
Stalder: No. It was just a general state of the industry address.
Ressler: Mr. Stalder, do you have any connection with Elizabeth Keen?
Stalder: The fugitive. Right? Uh, no, only what I hear in the news. Whatever happened to her, anyway?

[ Red is helping put groceries away ]
Dom: That’s not where the capers go.
Red: Dom…
Dom: Move.
Red: You still have family.
Dom: Who? The baby? I won’t live long enough to see her out of nappies. If I’m allowed to see her at all. I had to make do with photographs of Masha. Did you even tell her about me?
Red: I couldn’t. You know how complicated it was.
Dom: There was nothing complicated about it. We had to back out of Masha’s life to keep her safe, after you made a colossal mess of everything. Only you couldn’t stay well enough away, could you? Now you… you come to my house with this sorry tale of loss, like you’re the only one affected by this. You’re the only one whose feelings matter. Well, guess what, Raymond? Masha was my granddaughter, and now she’s dead without even knowing I existed! (SIGHS) All my sacrifices shot to hell. I could’ve spent the last 30 years just being her grandfather… You selfish prick. (EXHALES DEEPLY)
Red: She had your temper.
Dom: (SCOFFS) I loved that girl enough to let her go, which is more than you can say.

Stalder: Did my office send you what you wanted?
Ressler: Yes. We have your client list. We’re running them down now.
Samar: But we need to go over your abduction one more time.
Stalder: We’ve been over it six times. I can’t stay here. I have to fly to Dubai tonight.
Ressler: Listen, Mr. Stalder, leaving now would be a huge mistake. You’re in immediate danger. Stalder: (SIGHS) My firm contracts with the best security teams that money can buy. Now that we’re aware of the threat, I am confident in their ability to keep me safe. Now I’m sorry, but I have to go.

Cooper: Do you know who had Nez Rowan released from military custody three days ago?
Panabaker: Oh, honey, you’ve come to a goat’s house looking for wool. I warned you, Harold. Stand down.
Cooper: You know who did it.
Panabaker: Have you found Raymond Reddington?
Cooper: Damn it, Cynthia. Nez Rowan was part of a shadow army that left directly to the death of Agent Keen. Rowan was the best lead we have. Who let her go free?
Panabaker: (CLOSES FILE) I don’t know. It’s over my head. What I can tell you is that there are certain U.S. government missions. Covert. Dangerous. Necessary. And they require the expertise of an independent organization.
Cooper: Don’t patronize me. Those people got one of my best agents killed, and you expect me to walk away. How can I justify that?
Panabaker: I know full well you look the other way when you need to, because working with an international criminal enables you to bring good to the world.
Cooper: I can’t look the other way. Not this time. They took someone that I love.
Panabaker: Best thing you can do for all of us is locate Reddington and find a way to keep him on your team.

Tom: [ To infant: ] Hold on. Hold on. (Phone VIBRATES) Yeah.
Cooper: You ready to roll in the mud?
Tom: Thought you’d never ask.

[ Aram come to the door of Dom’s house ]
Aram: Surprise.
Red: Dembe…
Aram: Please don’t be mad at him. Dembe understood how important this is, and you weren’t answering his calls, or I-I never would have dropped by unannounced. It’s rude, and… I hate to be rude.
Red: What do you want, Aram?
Aram: You need to come back with me.
Red: Why?
Aram: We’re not getting anywhere. In the investigation of… Agent Keen’s death. We could use your help.
Red: Harold Cooper is a very capable leader. He’ll sort it out.
Aram: It’s more than that. I can’t work. The Post Office, without Agent Keen… Without you… it’s just a government building.
Red: I’m sorry you came all the way out here for nothing, Aram. I can’t help you. (DOOR CREAKS)
Aram: No. You gave me a speech over an empty grave, about the foundational elements in our lives. “People who form the brick and mortar of who we are.” How, when they’re suddenly not there, we… we collapse into rubble. Now it was after Agent Keen was almost killed by the Cabal. But I saved her. You looked into that empty grave back then and said you’d be staring at her if it weren’t for me. Now I understand why you have collapsed into rubble. I do, and I’m truly sorry. But I’m here to collect on your debt. You owe me. So let’s go.
Red: To pay… m-my debt to you would require more than I possess. I’m not coming back.
[ Red closes door ] (FOOTSTEPS DEPART)

Ressler: If Reddington’s not coming back for Keen, he’s not coming back, period.
Samar: Okay, so what’s our next move? Aram, did you have any luck with those servers from the basement?
Aram: I thought I’d be able to figure out where they routed their data, but I couldn’t find the end of the proxy chain.
Ressler: Well, they have to be bouncing it off some kind of hidden servers around the Earth.
Aram: Or hidden servers… over the Earth. I checked all the viable telecom satellites in GEO and LEO orbit, but I didn’t check the offline ones. (TYPING)
Cooper: Offline satellites?
Aram: Yeah, there are thousands of unused and decommissioned satellites circling our heads… space junk. It’s not enough that we litter the planet. Okay, the challenge is to figure out which ones they used.
Cooper: Agent Mojtabai. Agent Mojtabai… (STOPS TYPING) Welcome back. (RESUMES TYPING)

[ Red enters. There’s a glass of buttermilk for him on the counter. He takes a mouthful (GROANS) and heads to the sink to spit it out ]
Dom: Don’t you dare!
Red: (SWALLOWS) Ugh.
Red: (EXHALES DEEPLY) How do you drink this stuff?
Dom: We drank it with every meal on the farm when I was a boy. But we had cows, and we made our own. In the summers, we made buttermilk pops in the freezer. Kept us all from passing out.
Red: So buttermilk reminds you of home.
Dom: I overheard your conversation with the Arab boy.
Red: He’s from Delaware. You won’t be troubled again with unexpected visitors. I know how you value your privacy.
Dom: Why didn’t you go with him?
Red: What would be the point? There’s nothing I could do that would really matter.
Dom: Cry me a river. Hmm? What the hell are you really doing here? You… you gave me the news about Masha. What do you want from me?
Red: A way forward. I can’t live for long with what I feel inside. I don’t see how anyone can.
Dom: You said it, chum. Look around here. You call this living? (EXHALES SHARPLY) (VOICE BREAKS) After I lost my daughter… (BREATHING UNEVENLY) I crawled… crawled into the wilderness like a mortally wounded animal to get as far away from the pack as I could, to… to run out the clock. Run out the clock and die. And… If you came for a survival manual, you won’t find it here. But you… you’ve got one thing I haven’t had for a long time. You’ve got a reason… a reason to walk out that door. It sounds to me like there are honest people out there who are depending upon you to… (STAMMERS, LAUGHS) God help them. God help them. (LAUGHS)
Red: Dom, you’ve always had a good reason to walk out the door.

Aram: Okay, I think I’m getting somewhere.
Ressler: So you found the needle in the haystack?
Aram: I’m not looking for a needle. We need the whole haystack. (TAPS KEY) And if I’m right, it’s the Artax Network.
Cooper: What is that?
Aram: It’s an old telecom project to provide data coverage to every corner of the Earth through a network of 73 satellites. Anyway, the company went bankrupt and the project was abandoned.
Samar: But the 73 satellites are still out there.
Cooper: You think our target is using them?
Ressler: Is there any way to confirm that the network’s still active?
Aram: Well, I’ve just gained access to a relay station, and I am about to lock onto one of the satellites. If it’s in use, the data will be encrypted, but… we’ll know if it’s active. Okay. (EXHALES DEEPLY) Here we go. (BEEP)
Cooper: They have control of the Artax satellite network.
Samar: And they used it to kill Liz.
Ressler: All right. Can we use it to find them?
Aram: Okay, so I was able to get a location by examining the latency patterns in the satellite signal. They’re being fed to 2054 Pulaski Avenue.

[ SWAT team rolls up to building ] (TIRES SCREECH)
SWAT Leader: Concrete panels with granite faces. We’ve got no line-of-sight inside. Only one point of entry.
Ressler: Then only one point of egress. Lock it up tight after we breach.
Operator 4-6: HQ, this is Operator 4-6. We have poachers at the Eagle’s Nest. Initiating the protocol.
Operator 4-6: They’re in. (POPPING)

Aram: Other than Nez, we can’t put faces to any of the mercs. So I scrubbed through the Warwick’s security footage to try and find some.
Cooper: Good job. What’d you get us?
Aram: (TAPS KEY) Nothing. Um, at least no mercs. But I did find this… (TAPS KEYS)
Cooper: A shot of our victim. One hour before his abduction. Stalder told Ressler and Navabi he never left his suite. Was he lying or did he just forget?
Aram: Well, that doesn’t look like a woman… or a conversation… he’d have forgotten. (TAPS KEY)
Cooper: Who is she?
Aram: I don’t know. And we can’t ask Stalder. I checked. He just cleared U.S. airspace.

Operator 4-6: They’re onto the 11th floor. Go. 15 seconds and counting.
[ The men clear out ]
[ Ressler and the SWAT team come in to destroyed communications center ]
Ressler: All right, do a full vertical sweep. They’re somewhere in this building.
Samar: [ Looks in microwave ] So much for evidence.

[ Red is working on a project in Dom’s garage ]

[ Tom is at airport, secretly clicking photos of Cynthia Panabaker talking with a woman with long black hair ]

Dom: Raymond?
[ No answer, but: Red has fixed not only Dom’s metronome, but the damaged C-sharp key on the piano. Dom smiles broadly ]
Dom: Raymond! (PLAYS NOTE) (TICKING CONTINUES) [ Dom turns off the metronome ] (TICKING STOPS) (SIGHS) (Dom begins PLAYING SOMBER PIANO PIECE)

[ Red visits Liz’s grave ]

Cooper: Thank you for having dinner with me. It was nice.
Charlene: Mm-hmm. You’re welcome to come inside.
Cooper: No. Not tonight, but maybe we can have dinner again. Tomorrow?
Charlene: (WHISPERS) Yeah.

[ Samar is about to leave darkened Post Office. She noticed Ressler is in Liz’s office. She pauses, then departs. Ressler finds Liz’s wooden foot massager under her desk, smiles ]

Tom: Huh? Yeah, I know. (GASPS) Wait. Shh. (WHISPERING) It’s okay. Shh. (FUSSING CONTINUES) (GASPS) Shh. What did you say? Oh, come here. (FUSSES)
[ Tom finally succeeds in swaddling the baby ]
Tom: I did it. I did it, huh? I got you. I got you. We did it. Yeah, we did. (EXHALES DEEPLY)

(Elevator DOOR CLANKS)
Cooper: Tell me you found something useful.
Tom: Depends. I followed Panabaker to the airport, where she had a meeting on the tarmac with this woman.
Cooper: That’s the woman that Stalder met at the hotel just an hour before his attempted abduction.
Tom: Who’s Stalder?
Cooper: Benjamin Stalder. A high-powered executive at an energy consortium. Whoever was tracking Liz was also going after him.
Tom: Why?
Cooper: I don’t know. We let him go, but I’m getting the distinct feeling that was a mistake. Stalder’s obviously more involved than he was letting on.
Tom: So who is this woman? [ The woman with the long black hair ]
Cooper: We don’t know yet. The hotel photo wasn’t much to go on, but with these new images, Aram should be able to locate her in one of our databases.
Tom: Liz was convinced that her mother was the one who tried to kidnap her. Reddington said she died years ago, but Liz didn’t believe that, and neither do I. I think we’re staring at Katarina Rostova.

[ Aram is at his computer at home ]
Aram: Mr. Reddington.
Red: I’m here to pay my debt to you, Aram.
Aram: You’re back.
Red: Strap on your bike helmet. We’re going to work.

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༺✦ ♤ ✦༻

♫ NOTE: The piano piece is “Crime of Passion” from “Preston Tylk,” by Matt Kuenne. From a comment by composer Kurt Kuenne at TuneFind (4/29/2016 http://bit.ly/24tB9F8):

“Crime of Passion” should be available on CD Baby and iTunes within the week, I’ll post on my Facebook page (facebook.com/kurtkuennefilmmaker) and Twitter – @KurtKuenne – as soon as the link is live. The piece is a piano solo arrangement of the theme from my score for Jon Bokenkamp’s first feature “Preston Tylk” and is my own original composition. … Glad you enjoyed it! :)

You may also purchase at Amazon Music: http://amzn.to/1W0QDP8 (in addition to CD Baby, iTunes and Spotify)


༺ ✿⊰ ♤ ⊱✿༻

♫ Part One Homecoming
by Ray LaMontagne

♪ A Billboard, Back Road, Meadow
Sunset through the trees. I can’ t remember the faces I’ve seen.
Low and mean.

♪ High Rise, White light, Shadows
Years in the air.
I don’ t recall all the “why” or the “where” or “who was there”

♪ Show me the Feathers you’ve found
The glass in the ground
A comforting sound when the lights are down.

♪ Hillside flush with the Sunrise
Spring in the air
I cant remember a morning so fair, Not a care

♪ Show me the Feathers you’ve found
The glass in the ground
A comforting sound when the lights are down.

♪ The Birdsong, tugging on my slumber
Opens my eyes.
Slowly I am woken to find
Your hand in mine.

♪ Show me the Feathers you’ ve found,
The glass in the ground,
A comforting sound when the lights are down.

♪ A Billboard, a Back Road, a Meadow
Sunset through the trees.
I cant recall all the faces I’ ve seen
So low and mean.

♪ The Birdsong, tugging on my slumber
Opens my eyes.
Slowly I am woken to find,
Your hand in mine.

♪ Show me the Feathers you’ve found
The glass in the ground,
A comforting sound when the lights are down

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/1Tl8drb
YouTube Play: https://youtu.be/4Ub4ZgwEDrU


♫ Ooh La La
By The Faces

♪ Poor old granddad
I laughed at all his words
I thought he was a bitter man
He spoke of woman’s ways

♪ They’ll trap you, then they use you
Before you even know
For love is blind and you’re far too kind
Don’t ever let it show

♪ I wish that I knew what I know now
When I was younger
I wish that I knew what I know now
When I was stronger

♪ The can can’s such a pretty show
They’ll steal your heart away
But backstage, back on earth again
The dressing rooms are gray

♪ They come on strong and it ain’t too long
Before they make you feel a man
But love is blind and you soon will find
You’re just a boy again

♪ When you want her lips, you get a cheek
Makes you wonder where you are
If you want some more and she’s fast asleep
Then she’s twinkling with the stars

♪ Poor young grandson, there’s nothing I can say
You’ll have to learn, just like me
And that’s the hardest way
Ooh la la, ooh la la la yeh

♪ I wish that I knew what I know now
When I was younger
I wish that I knew what I know now
When I was stronger

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/1UnyutO
YouTube Play: https://youtu.be/1_xwnb3cymc


♫ Suitcase Full of Sparks
By Gregory Alan Isakov

♪ Traveling through the graveyard with a suitcase full of sparks
Honey, I’m just trying to find my way to you
Lit up every campfire I found out in the dark
Oh, I cut down all the cottonwoods

♪ I picked up all the arrowheads off buffalo trails of the Indians
The Oklahoma sky was cutting through
Along the tracks with the Runaway,
He just talks and talks and talks
Honey, I’m just trying to find my way to you

♪ I quit counting stars that night in the cold by the satellite field
And I quit panning gold,
Digging holes
Yeah, I’m just trying to find my way to you

♪ Swam across the Poncha
Took a train to Cataloo
Opened up my guitar case and all the songs were blue
I haunted all the alleys
Lord, I drifted down the valleys
Honey, I’m just trying to find my way to you

♪ And I quit casting hooks off the California coast we held so dear
And I quit flashing smiles, and running wild
Yeah, I’m just trying to find my way to you

♪ Threw my bottle to the ocean,
She never wrote me back
All the countless days along the sea of blue
Learned the language of the Mockingbird
She took and twisted all my words
Yeah, I’m just trying to find my way to you

♪ And I’ll meet you in the graveyard
With the winter trees and stars
Oh, we could open up this suitcase full of sparks

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/23guviX
YouTube Play: https://youtu.be/RTrYY5ycajY
❌❌❌ 3:20 Artax Network

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🔴 Episode 3:21 Susan Hargrave

NBC’s series The Blacklist starring James Spader and Megan Boone
Series created by: Jon Bokenkamp
Program air date: 5/5/2016 in the US
Permalink: http://wp.me/pDKwi-2Xw ¤ Storybook: http://wp.me/PDKwi-1f3#hargrave

Blurb: Who is the woman with the long black hair? The woman who set off the events that killed Liz Keen? “Susan Hargrave”? Or, as Tom believes, Katarina Rostova?

Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/1T0Yrgx
WSJ Summary: http://on.wsj.com/1QUqF8a
Source: Raw Script from Forever Dreaming: http://bit.ly/1QciD0C (dump of captioning)
Director: Andrew McCarthy
Written by:
(screenplay:) Vincent Angell, Daniel Cerone, Brian Studler
(story:) JR Orci, Lukas Reiter

Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington – James Spader
Elizabeth Keen – Megan Boone
Donald Ressler – Diego Klattenhoff
Harold Cooper – Harry Lennix
Tom Keen – Ryan Eggold
Aram Mojtabai – Amir Arison
Samar Navabi – Mozhan Marnò
Dembe Zuma – Hisham Tawfiq


Benjamin Stalder – Kelly AuCoin
Cynthia Rand – Alyssa Bresnahan
Nez Rowan – Tawny Cypress
Amanda Bigelow – Sarah Hunt
Bradley Clark – Kevin Isola
Susan “Scottie” Hargrave – Famke Janssen
Laurel Hitchin – Christine Lahti
Senator Diaz – Benito Martinez
SWAT Commander – Denver Milord
Rodney Blakely – Don Noble
Trey – Jeffrey Omura
Samuel Rand – Joe Urla
Officer Armstrong – Victor Williams


🔴 Script 3:21 Susan Hargrave (№ 18)

Previously on “The Blacklist”…

Aram: Mr. Reddington.
Red: We’re going to work.
Cooper: I can’t look the other way. Not this time.
Panabaker: Stand down.
Cooper: Nez Rowan…
[ Flashback: Nez: Go! ]
Cooper: …who let her go free?
Panabaker: There are certain U.S. government missions. They require the expertise of an independent organization.
Aram: The Artax Network.
Cooper: You think our target is using them?
Cooper: You ready to roll in the mud?
Tom: Thought you’d never ask.
Cooper: Stalder told Ressler and Navabi he never left his suite. Was he lying, or did he just forget?
Aram: That doesn’t look like a woman… or a conversation… he’d have forgotten.

༺ ♤ ༻
Samuel Rand: No, it’s not the money. You’re offering a fair price, Scottie. I just don’t have a place to hide the expenditures. I’m C.O.O. of a multinational corporation. There’s no line item for engaging the services of armed mercenaries. I’m beginning to think it would be better…
Susan “Scottie” Hargrave: Samuel. Shh. It’s okay. (BREATHES DEEPLY) Take a deep breath. (BREATHES DEEPLY) Let’s start over. Let’s start with what you want. You want to hire Halcyon for a covert operation to increase your corporate profits. Okay? And you’re a little apprehensive, am I right? Pretty much. How long you been married?
Samuel: 23 years.
[ She takes his hand and slips it through the front of her blouse ]
Scottie: Have you touched another woman’s breast in 23 years?
Samuel: Uh… no.
Scottie: How’s it feel? What are you feeling inside? Apprehensive?
Samuel: No. I’m actually feeling pretty confident right now.
Scottie: So many people live in fear of how they’ll feel if they step outside the lines. The surprise is, it usually feels just like this. Well, as long as the breast belongs to someone you can trust.
Scottie: Be right back. Why don’t you look over the contract? Might be some wiggle room in our fee.
Trey: I wouldn’t interrupt unless it was an emergency. It’s Operation Cobalt. There’s a problem.

[ Scottie Hargrave and Nez Rowan arrive at a site of slaughter. Five or six men, dressed in full military gear, lie awkwardly in a warehouse, all dead. Crates of military weapons have been opened but the weapons were not taken. Blood is splashed across stacks of unopened crates ]


♪ Woke up feeling lonely ♪
♪ There’s always something to be missed ♪
♪ I don’t know if he regrets ♪
♪ Breaking me with a kiss ♪

Susan: They didn’t steal the weapons.

♪ Devil comes knocking ♪

Nez: They didn’t come for the weapons.

♪ Don’t have the strength to resist ♪
♪ I wanna lay it all down ♪
♪ But the voice tells me this ain’t it ♪
♪ Said, “You gotta hold that fire ♪

[ Scottie closes the eyes of one of the victims ]
Scottie: What’s the point of this?
Nez: Scottie. [ Nez points to a white envelope stuck to one body with a knife ] Didn’t want to open it. It’s addressed to you.
[ Scottie removes the envelope from the body, opens it, takes out a neatly typed card that says: “We should talk. Call my exchange. R” ]

♪ Or you lay that burning down ♪
♪ Hold that fire ♪
♪ Or you lay that burning down ♪
♪ Yeah, carry it higher ♪
♪ Or you lay that burning down ♪
♪ Oh, believe it ♪
♪ Oh, oh ♪
♪ Oh, oh ♪

Aram: Mr. Reddington says her name is Susan Scott Hargrave.
Samar: Reddington told you this at your apartment?
Aram: Right. Okay, yeah. So… I’m sitting there eating a half gallon of ice cream… rum raisin… when he suddenly shows up. Mr. Reddington at my door in the middle of the night. I know. Kind of weird. Although, truth be told, we do sort of have a special relationship. Anyway, I showed him the picture, and he recognized her right away. Called her Scottie. Says she and her husband, Howard, own a corporation called Halcyon Aegis.
Cooper: Halcyon provides security services.
Aram: According to their website, yes. But Mr. Reddington says they are a private military-intelligence agency who specializes in operations too sophisticated or politically incorrect for anyone else, like working with Israel to sabotage Iran’s nuclear program or negotiating with terrorists for the release of hostages in direct violation of American foreign policy.
Tom: [ Walking up to group ] Or to abduct an FBI agent from her own wedding.
Ressler: So, what? You’re the, uh, new Agent Keen?
Cooper: He’s here at my invitation. We all want the same thing… Susan Hargrave.
Samar: Or whoever hired her to go after Liz.
Cooper: The White House Counsel specifically told me not to investigate Halcyon. After Panabaker did that, I tasked Tom to follow her.
Tom: She made a beeline for Hargrave, presumably to warn her that the FBI was about to investigate her.
Aram: So you’re saying that our government is protecting the people who took Agent Keen, hiding them from us? Please tell me that is not true.
Cooper: Solomon led the attack on the church, so we know he works for Halcyon. I don’t care what Panabaker said. That should be enough to get a warrant… which brings us to Benjamin Stalder. He lied to us about knowing Hargrave. Where are we on him?
Navabi: Nowhere. We don’t know why Halcyon was after him, and he has been off the grid since we let him go. But we do know that his assistant is Amanda Bigelow. If her boss can get us to Hargrave, we need to force her to get us to her boss.
Aram: Or we could try and get the intel without her knowing. If one of you could get close enough to her, I think I can get what we need.
Tom: I can.
Cooper: Done. Work with Aram. And Reddington… What’s his plan?

[ Laurel Hitchin is talking to Red in his Mercedes which is parked near a pier ]
Hitchin: Halcyon’s off limits.
Red: Elizabeth Keen is dead.
Hitchin: I heard. And after all you did to protect her, too. [ Slight smirk ]
Red: Boy, I can’t wait to hurt you someday.
Hitchin: (SIGHS) I’m sorry.
Red: Are you? A former Cabal operative led the assault that resulted in her death… Matias Solomon. You bungled his execution. He works for Halcyon now. I want him, and I want Scottie Hargrave.
Hitchin: I despise Halcyon. They’re powerful, arrogant, and unchecked, but our government depends on them.
Red: Your government. Not mine. Give Halcyon a call, Laurel. Inform them that you have a job that requires their immediate attention.
Hitchin: I’m a National Security Advisor to the President. I don’t have the authority nor the discretion to act on my own.
Red: [ Scoffs ] That’s nonsense. If Henry Kissinger taught us anything, it’s that the National Security Council has tremendous latitude in both advising the President and shielding him. You do many things he doesn’t want to know about. And I can tell you the President doesn’t want to know about what I have in store for Halcyon.
Hitchin: The Cabal disavowed Solomon and made peace with Keen. We had nothing to do with this.
Red: Elizabeth Keen was well hidden from the demons of her past until you went after her, until you told the world she was Masha Rostova. You put a target on her back and invited someone to take a shot. Do not try my patience, Laurel. On this topic, I have perilously little of it.
Hitchin: (SIGHS) What’s the job?

Aram: Amanda Bigelow is a creature of habit. She goes to the same coffee shop every day for lunch, laptop in hand. All you need to do is get close to her. You’ll have a device called a wireless packet sniffer. It has the ability to mirror her computer. The sniffer looks like a mobile hotspot, so just set it out on the table, and I’ll do the rest.

[ Tom takes a seat in the coffee shop. He opens a laptop and places the wireless packet sniffer next to him. ⋘⋙ Aram is not, however, able to pull up any data ]

♪ I still ♪
♪ Remember how we gave up ♪


♪ And I hate ♪
♪ The way you do… ♪

[ Tom answers his cellphone ]
Tom: Thanks a lot, man. You just alerted the target to my presence.
Aram: Are you set up? I’m not getting anything.
Tom: I’m set up.
Aram: How far away?
Tom: Maybe 20 feet.
Aram: Okay, get closer.

♪ Of telling you this story ♪
♪ It’s become stale ♪
♪ Like the nicotine we breath in ♪

Tom: [ Whispering ] All right, I’m sitting right next to her. I cannot get any closer.
Aram: Something’s wrong. I’m not getting any signal from her computer. Abort. Abort.
Tom: Did you say “abort”?
Aram: Uh, whatever. Just… We need a new plan.

♪ …those things that I ♪


♪ I force you to ♪

Amanda: They’re all drafty.
Tom: What’s that? I saw you switch tables.
Amanda: You’re trying to get away from the vents, this is the best spot. You’re welcome to join me.
Tom: Oh, that’s, uh… Oh, I’d love that, but it was work calling, so I should get back to the office.
Amanda: That’s unfortunate.
Tom: It is unfortunate. What’s your name? I’m Reggie.
Amanda: Amanda.

Bradley Clark: I was in with Scottie when you called. She wants you to know the company’s full resources are at your disposal. How can we help?
Hitchin: I’ve always liked you, Brad. It’s important to me that you know that.
Bradley: I’m glad to hear it. Always nice to have a fan in the White House.
Hitchin: You do. Unfortunately, my job at the White House has nothing to do with why you’re here.
Bradley: I don’t understand.
[ Red steps in ]
Red: You’re here at my invitation. No, no, no. Please, Bradley, stay seated. This is an informal meeting. You know who I am?
Bradley: Yes, of course. I didn’t realize you two were acquainted.
Red: (CHUCKLING) Oh, my, yes. Laurel’s as crooked as a dog’s hind leg.
Hitchin: I’m so sorry.
Bradley: About what? If this is about Agent Keen, what happened at the church, I had nothing to do with that.
Red: Friends and loved ones are dead. I need to speak with Scottie about the matter. I sent her a message. She ignored it. She’s scared. Can be a terrible thing for all when someone as ruthless as Scottie gets scared. I need you to reach her for me, Bradley. I trust you would get through to her. I need her to pay attention to this.
Bradley: I understand. Believe me, Mr. Reddington, there are very few people that Scottie pays better attention to than me.
Red: Yes, I’m counting on that.
[ Red takes a gun out of his vest and shoots 💥 Bradley in the chest. Bradley falls out of his chair ]
Red: God, I’m starving. What time is it?

Scottie: We’ll be hitting various facilities, but I want you to spearhead the main operation at the Port of Amsterdam tomorrow.
Nez: That’s not a lot of lead time. Is the oil on a tanker?
Scottie: Barrels loaded into cargo containers. Less conspicuous.
Nez: That’s too bad. I never got to sink a ship before.
Scottie: How big a team will you need?
Nez: I’d keep it small. Just me and a transport crew. Single charge, let the oil do the work for me.
[ Trey walks up with a white envelope ]
Scottie: How bad?
Trey: He killed Brad Clark. This was pinned to his body.
Scottie: You look frightened. You should be.
[ Scottie opens the envelope. The card says: “Shall we? R” ]
Trey: What do you want me to do?
Scottie: About this? Nothing.
Nez: Reddington’s not gonna stop, you know.
Scottie: Neither are we. You have your assignments. Go do them.

[ Cooper is talking to Rodney Blakely, an attorney ]
Cooper: Susan Hargrave has a wanted fugitive on her payroll.
Blakely: Rumor has it so do you. Nobody’s issuing a warrant for your arrest.
Cooper: Matias Solomon coordinated the assault on my team that resulted in the death of Elizabeth Keen.
Blakely: How do you know Solomon wasn’t working on his own?
Cooper: The man with Susan Hargrave is Benjamin Stalder. An hour after this photo was taken, Solomon and his team attempted to abduct him.
Blakely: She met with him, then tried to abduct him? Why?
Cooper: For the purposes of a warrant, all that matters is that she did.
Blakely: I’m simply trying to dot the “I’s” and cross the “T’s.”
Cooper: Spare me the scrupulous-lawyer routine, Rodney. We go back way too far for that.
Blakely: I’m just looking for probable cause.
Cooper: Who got to you? The A.G.? The White House? Who? My agent, my friend is dead because of Susan Hargrave.
Blakely: Then I suggest you get the evidence to prove it.
Cooper: I have the evidence!
Blakely: I’m sorry, Harold. But I disagree.

Cooper: The warrant was denied.
Ressler: On what grounds?
Cooper: Power, influence, fear. Where are we on Amanda Bigelow?
Aram: Nowhere yet. We tried hacking her laptop, but she was on a highly encrypted network, so Tom started talking with her, and seriously, this guy should write a book. Anyway, we are implementing plan “B” tonight… on their date.
Ressler: How come that doesn’t surprise me?
Cooper: So, no warrant, no Stalder, no Susan Hargrave.
Samar: No, but we do have this. Reddington got access to a secure cellphone from one of Halcyon’s account reps, Bradley Clark. Based on the bloodstains, I don’t think it was given voluntarily.
Aram: Mr. Clark made three calls today to another secure cell. Now, we can’t trace the owner of that cell, but believe it or not, it is on right now, so I have been triangulating its location. They are somewhere on this block near Eighth and King. I’m still running algorithms, but I should be able to vector it down within a few hundred square feet.
Cooper: Get there now. If we can’t get to Halcyon through the front door, we’ll have to kick down the back.

Samar: Aram, we’re on site.
Aram: Okay. Signal is on the move. Halfway up the block on your left. Target should be walking south.
Ressler: How do we know who the target is? It could be anybody.
Aram: Hang on. Let me lock onto both of your signals, guide you that way. Okay, you need to cross the street. They are heading towards you about 100 feet up the block. You should be able to see the target.
Ressler: Aram, I’m seeing a lot of people here.
Aram: You are right on top of them. What… What just happened? It’s gone.
Ressler: Gone? What do you mean, it’s gone?
Aram: Lost the signal.
Samar: Maybe they went into a building.
Aram: (KEYBOARD CLACKING) Target’s back. Okay, now look right behind you.
Ressler: Hey. Excuse me, sir.
Man: Wait. I’m on the phone.
Ressler: Hey, FBI. I need to see some identification.
Aram: Okay, that is him. You are on the dot, literally.
Man: Um, I got to go, Ted. I’ll call you back.
Samar: No, let me see your phone. This is not a secure phone. Do you have another one on you?
Man: No. What is this all about?
Aram: Guys, what is going on?
Aram: You are letting him get away. Okay, look for a car. Guys, look for a moving vehicle.
Ressler: [ Runs after car pointing gun ] Hey! Stop!
Aram: You are letting him get away.
Ressler: Did you get a plate?
Samar: Yes. And one better. [ Samar got a picture of a man getting into the vehicle ]

[ Aram has been able to use facial identity software to I.D. the man getting into the vehicle ]
Aram: Samuel Rand. Vice President of Vestant Petroleum, an oil and gas company.
Ressler: All right. Let’s bring him in, find out what their business is with Halcyon.
Cooper: We bring Rand in, he brings his five lawyers with him, and we get nothing. Just like we got nothing with the U.S. Attorney.
Ressler: Yes, maybe, but what? Because it’s not good enough, we’re just gonna do whatever it takes?
Cooper: As far as I’m concerned, Susan Hargrave has Liz’s blood on her hands. When I watched them lower her into the ground, I promised myself that people would be held accountable, that I would see to it. And by any means, that’s what I’m gonna do.

Cynthia Rand: You’re late.
Samuel Rand: I stopped to pick up your perfume.
Cynthia: There’s a man here who wants to buy our brownstone. A Lester McSomething-or-Other. He’s a friend of the Realtor.
Samuel: Our brownstone isn’t for sale.
Cynthia: It might be. You should hear the numbers he’s throwing around.
Samuel: Really? Okay. Guess it doesn’t hurt to listen. Lester, right?
[ Samuel steps outside into an enclosed garden ]
Samuel: Hello, Lester.
Red: You must be Samuel! What a pleasure. What a garden. I love daffodils.
Samuel: My wife tells me you’re interested in buying our house.
Red: They say gifting a bouquet of daffodils ensures happiness, while presenting just one means bad luck is on the horizon. [ Red gives Samuel a single daffodil ]
Cynthia: Okay, boys. I hope you’re hungry. I have a triple crème, some Jarlsberg, water biscuits, and my mother’s famous cucumber dip.
Red: That sounds delicious, Cynthia. Tragically, there’s no time for snacks. Well, maybe some of Mom’s famous cucumber dip. [ Red has his pistol in his hand. He dips a carrot in the dip and eats it ]
Samuel: Who are you? What do you want?
Red: Mmm. Mmm. You recently contracted Halcyon for a job on behalf of your company. I’d like to know the details.
Samuel: I have no idea what you’re talking about.
Red: Cynthia, is that a touch of Cayenne in there? What a nice little kick.
Cynthia: Samuel, just tell him.
Red: Tell me what?
Cynthia: It’s about oil.
Samuel: Shut up, Cynthia.
Cynthia: No, I will not shut up, Samuel. He has got a gun. A competitor of Vestant’s is buying oil from terrorists… the really bad ones. So Vestant hired Halcyon to get involved for some reason. I don’t know what. Tell him, Samuel. You’re doing nothing wrong. These people are evil.
Samuel: I can’t believe this.
Cynthia: I read his e-mails. Ever since I found him with the nanny, I look at everything.
Samuel: We don’t even have a nanny! It was a movie.
Red: A nanny movie?
Cynthia: Not just nannies. Schoolteachers, nurses, and a ridiculous threesome with two completely unbelievable policewomen.
Samuel: Cynthia, they’re just movies. I have never cheated on you. And besides, I don’t think he wants to hear about it.
Red: Yes, I want to hear about it. All about it. Unfortunately, I do need to hear about your contract with Halcyon. So business first, and then, Cynthia, I’ll be all ears.

Tom: So, if we couldn’t get into Amanda’s network today, what’s gonna be different tonight?
Aram: Tonight, you jump her air gap. Whoa. No. Oh, I’m not… No, what I’m suggesting is that you insert this thumb drive into, uh, her laptop. It… It’s got an exploit that will give us access to her computer and her company’s proprietary telecommunications infrastructure… e-mails, phone calls. Should lead us to her boss. Look, what you thought I was suggesting before, I would never, ever suggest… that.
Tom: What’s the catch?
Aram: No catch. It is just plug and play. Downloads automatically in one to two minutes.
Tom: Got it.

Red: Hello, Harold.
Cooper: Hello, Reddington, Dembe. Please, sit down.
Red: I had an enlightening meeting with Samuel Rand today. More to the point, with his wife, Cynthia.
Cooper: What’s the connection between Rand’s company and Halcyon?
Red: He contracted them to help tame a savage competitor, Kerogent Holdings, who’s been flooding the market with cheap oil and driving down prices… to which I would normally give a hearty free-market thumbs-up, but the oil in question is being purchased from radical jihadists, the proceeds being used to fund all manner of nastiness.
Cooper: You’re telling me Halcyon was hired to fight terrorism?
Red: (CHUCKLING) No. Given the recent glut on the market, oil companies around the globe are hemorrhaging. This is about profits. Halcyon will be attacking on multiple fronts. I’m only interested in one aspect of the operation. Kerogent is acquiring a large shipment of the offending petroleum at the Port of Amsterdam. Halcyon has plans to prevent the sale.
Cooper: And you want us to let it go through, even if it benefits terrorists?
Red: No, I want you to take the oil. The terrorists lose, we force Scottie Hargrave from the shadows, and turn a tidy profit in the process.
Cooper: Profit? If we do this, the government gets the oil, not you.
Red: Harold, smile. We’re this close.
Cooper: I’ll task a team to stake out the docks. As for a smile… how are you holding up?
Red: As long as we keep moving forward, I’ll endure.

[ Stake-out at the Port of Amsterdam, Netherlands. Cooper, Ressler, Samar and Aram are interacting remotely with the SWAT team ]
Dutch Soldier:Still no movement here.
Ressler: Here comes Headband again. Wave to Dreadlocks.
Samar: They’re nothing if not consistent.
Ressler: At this rate, it’s gonna take all night to finish loading. You would have thought that Kerogent would have just sent a tanker.
Samar: Too conspicuous. It’s illegal oil. They had to ship it in barrels and hide it in shipping containers.
Dutch Soldier: Anything you can feed me from the aerial view?
Aram: No, all quiet. Still no sign of Halcyon.
Ressler: Maybe they’re waiting for the convoy to get on the road before they hit it.
Samar: That’s what I’d do.
Aram: “Fast-and-Furious”-style. Get some street racers to board the trucks and overpower the drivers, right?
Samar: No.
Dutch Soldier: Headband back already? That was fast turnaround.
Samar: That’s not Headband. It’s one of Halcyon’s people.
Ressler: SWAT Command, move in now. Nobody gets in or out of that yard.
Samar: Where is she?
Dutch soldier: Eyes! Do you have eyes? ( 💥💥💥 MACHINE-GUN FIRE 💥💥💥 ) We’re under fire! ( 💥 GUNFIRE 💥 CONTINUES 💥 )
Nez: Talk to me, 3-8.
Operator 3-8 (Halcyon): Proceed to the end of your aisle, turn left, then down three more. That’s where you’ll deliver the package.
Aram: Guys, I’m getting reports of 🔥💥🔥 explosions 🔥💥🔥 at Kerogent facilities across Europe and the Middle East.
Ressler: They’re coordinating their attacks. We need to get to Rowan before she sets off that device.
Operator 3-8 (Halcyon): Keep moving north. Next container on your right. Whoa. There. Stop. You’re dead center. Maximum bang for your buck. You’re gonna want to move quickly.
Nez Rowan: Roger that. [ Nez activates device (BEEP) and sprints away]
Ressler: SWAT, you need to find that device.
Samar: There.
Dutch SWAT Commander: I’ve got it. Okay. Looks like a remote trigger.
Aram: If the detonator is built into that case, there will be no way to disarm the device in time.
Dutch SWAT Commander: If this thing goes off, every one of these containers goes off with it, one after the other.
Ressler: Okay, you need to evacuate as many people as possible.
SWAT Commander: Okay. I, uh… I’ll try to get it someplace where it can’t do much damage.
Samar: No. Are you crazy? Leave it. She could detonate it in your hands.
Ressler: Just get the people out.
Samar: Fall back. Move the civilians to safety.
SWAT Commander: I’ve got a container here. If nothing else, it will help contain the… [ sound of explosion 🔥💥🔥 then nothing but STATIC ]
[ A … long … minute. The mood in the Post Office control room becomes somber. Then Samar tries to hail the SWAT team: ]
Samar: SWAT Command. SWAT Command, come back.
SWAT: [ Comes back online ] …escaped. Do you copy? Strike team got away, but the detonation was contained.
[ At the Post Office, relief: ]
– Oh.
– Yeah.
– Okay.
– Oh.
Ressler: We’re gonna find these guys. Make no mistake. We’re gonna find them.

Amanda: Okay. I told you my whole long, boring life story. (CHUCKLES) Now it’s your turn.
Tom: All right. Well, uh, I also was a teenage beauty-pageant winner.
Amanda: (LAUGHS) You promised you wouldn’t make fun of that.
Tom: Sorry.
Amanda: Come on. What’s hidden in there? There’s got to be some sort of flaw, some deep, dark secret. Every guy I meet has one.
Tom: Shouldn’t you find out a man’s deep, dark secret before you invite him into your apartment?
Amanda: Where’s the fun in that?
Tom: I was married. She, uh… She died.
Amanda: I’m really sorry.
Tom: And I am dipping my toe back into the dating pool for the first time. And I have a daughter. Amanda: Do you expect that to scare me away?
Tom: I-I don’t know what to expect.
[ Amanda kisses him. He kisses back ]

♪ Boy ♪
♪ I think I’ve got a crush ♪
♪ Too many things are hopeless and rough ♪
♪ But I like the way you blush ♪

Both: Mm!
[ Tom takes a glass of wine and pours it down Amanda’s back ]
Tom: Oh! Did that spill?
Amanda: No, it’s fine.
Tom: Are you sure? I’m so sorry. Oh, my God, I feel so…
Amanda: Hold on.
Tom: Oh, no. Let me, uh…
Amanda: I… I’ll be right back.
Tom: Sorry. (CHUCKLING)
Amanda: That’s fine.
Tom: I feel like an idiot. (CHUCKLING)
Amanda. I’m okay.
[ Amanda leaves the room to change clothes. Tom goes to her laptop and sticks in the thumb drive ]

♪ And I know that things are tough ♪
♪ I … I feel like a sherbet ♪
♪ Oh, summer sky ♪
♪ Tilt-A – ♪

[ Amanda returns wearing a red sleeveless top ]
Amanda: Sorry it took so long.
Tom: It was totally worth the wait.

♪ Think about me while we’re young ♪
♪ Tilt, tilt, Tilt-A-Whirl ♪
♪ Tilt, tilt, Tilt-A-Whirl ♪
♪ Tilt, tilt, Tilt-A-Whirl ♪
♪ Tilt, tilt, Tilt-A-Whirl ♪

[ They kiss, etc. Tom lifts Amanda up onto her computer desk. He reaches over and pulls out the thumb drive and puts it in his pocket. Then he withdraws from her embrace ]
Amanda: What’s wrong?
Tom: Um… sorry. I-I thought I was, uh, ready for this.
Amanda: I’m probably moving too fast, huh?
Tom: No, no, you’re… you’re wonderful, but I think I might be moving… [SIGHS] too fast.

Tom: So, this is it? We’re in the system?
Aram: Yes. I don’t want to know how you did it, but… yes. Actually, I do want to know how. I don’t understand how you could do it. Agent Keen loved you. I know it’s none of my business, but…
Tom: I loved her, too.
Aram: Okay, good. (CHUCKLING) Excellent. (SIGHS) No, it probably shouldn’t matter, but it somehow does. So, uh, let us see what our Ms. Bigelow is up to.

[ Red is talking to Scottie from the cell phone in his Mercedes ]
Scottie: Hello, Raymond.
Red: Scottie, you got my messages.
Scottie: Well, Amsterdam was a little hard to ignore. Attacking my people is one thing, but you’re driving away my clients. So, let’s get this over with. What do you want to discuss?
Red: The death of Elizabeth Keen.
Scottie: A tragedy. By all accounts, she was a fine woman for whom we went to great lengths to deliver to a caring party. But then you felt the need to interfere. Might I suggest your anger isn’t with me, but with yourself?
Red: I want to discuss this in person.
Scottie: Fine. 5:00 p.m. today, BWI Airport, first-class lounge, Concourse F.
Red: That’s impossible. I’m on every apprehend list from here to Siberia. I cannot step foot in an international airport without being arrested. All that pesky security and facial-recognition software and whatnot.
Scottie: Oh, not to mention all those annoying metal detectors, all of which is exactly why I will feel safe to meet there. If you want to meet with me, you’ll figure out a way.
Red: I’ll be there.
Scottie: 5:00 p.m., Raymond. You know I don’t like to be kept waiting. (CELLPHONE BEEPS)

[ Tom and Aram are listening to recorded calls via Amanda’s computer ]

Amanda: I don’t have a return date yet for Mr. Stalder, but I know that he’s anxious to talk to you, so as soon as I do, I’ll get back to you.

Tom: I mean, this is going nowhere.
Aram: Patience. Patience.
[ But Tom has noticed how Aram glances as Samar ]
Tom: I think you might be a little too patient.
Aram: What? Oh. No. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Believe me. (CHUCKLES) You wouldn’t understand.
Tom: You know this is gonna end, right? Reddington was only here because of Liz. You, Samar, all of you… we’re only here because of her. So before it ends… just tell her. You’ll never know what she’s gonna say unless you do.

Voice on phone: Mr. Stalder’s office. How may I be of service to you today?
Scottie: It’s Susan Hargrave. Put him on.

Aram: Holy crap. Jackpot.

Amanda: I’m sorry to call, Mr. Stalder, but you said you wanted to know when Mrs. Hargrave contacted your office.
Stalder: Put her through. Turn it up.
Amanda: You’re on with Mrs. Hargrave.
Stalder: Wow. You got a lot of guts calling me.
Scottie: Hello, Benjamin. I have to imagine you are a little confused by recent events. Rest assured, we are not in the habit of kidnapping our own clients.
Stalder: Oh, no, no, no, no. No, I’m not confused. No, I understand perfectly. My employer paid you to kidnap Elizabeth Keen, and then you not only failed to deliver the target, but your people got her killed. So then you went after me so you’d have a bargaining chip against my boss, who wants you dead.
Scottie: Simmer down, Benjamin. I’m calling to offer your employer an olive branch, but if you don’t want it, I’m more than happy to shove the branch up your ass.
Stalder: Go ahead. I’m listening.
Scottie: Raymond Reddington. If I recall our original conversation, you want him dead. If I kill him, would that help make things right between our companies?
Stalder: Well, I’m sure it would help, but that’s impossible. No one’s been able to get to Reddington.
Scottie: And yet I’m on my way to meet with the man now. Will you be so dear as to convey my offer to your boss?
Stalder: Sure, that’s not a problem.

Man at airport: She’s here. Bring him in. Copy that.
Dembe: She’s inside, Raymond.
Red: Yes, Tom?
Tom: Stay out of the airport. Don’t go inside. We intercepted a call from Hargrave to Stalder. It’s a trap.
Red: Can’t say that I’m surprised. Disappointed, perhaps. Kill or capture?
Tom: Kill. Your head is a peace offering for them botching the job with Liz.
Red: Thank you, Tom. [ Hangs up ]
Dembe: Shall we turn around?
Red: No. Let’s keep our appointment. Scottie hates to be kept waiting.

[ Red is at the airport. He is wearing a dark flat cap and black glasses with very thick lenses ]
Man: All belts, cellphones, keys. Empty pockets. Please put them in the bin.
Man 2: Next.
Woman on P.A.: Thank you for your cooperation. Boarding pass and I.D., please.
Man 1: Belts, cellphones, keys. Put them in the bins, please.
Empty your pockets.
Next. Video cameras, cameras, cellphones.
Man 2: Next, please.
Man 3: [ To Red ] Sir. Sir. You’ve been randomly selected for a check.
[ Red’s face is scanned but the software concludes “No retinal match” and Red is allowed to pass ]
Man 3: Good, thanks.
[ On the tv in the waiting area, a political candidate, Senator Diaz, is heard: ]

Diaz: My campaign does not coordinate with any PACs. I’m honored they want me to be President, but I don’t tell them how to spend their money… although I like how they’re spending it. Have you seen the ads?

Woman on P.A.: Attention, travelers. You are not required to…

Diaz: As President, I will say no to amnesty, defend the Second Amendment, and return the job of educating our children to where it belongs… at the local level. I will stand firm with the American people whether Washington likes it or not.

[ Scottie Hargrave is in the lounge wearing a red dress and sipping a martini. She dials 911 on her cell phone. ]
Woman: 911. What’s your emergency?

[ Red has cleared security and is in the lounge typing his shoe laces. He then looks around, recognizes Scottie and begins to walk toward her. Suddenly, two armed police officers burst through the door and point their rifles at Red ]
Officer: Hands in the air… now!
Officer(s): Over your head! On the ground. Arms behind you. [ One officer looks at Red and concludes: ] It’s him.
[ Scottie Hargrave gets up and, leaving her martini behind, saunters past Red who is kneeling on the floor. She departs from the lounge ]

Officer Cousins: Raymond Reddington. Been staring at your “Wanted” photo in the break room for years. Can’t wait to see the captain’s face. We’re gonna get medals before this thing is over.
[ Officer Armstrong hits Cousins from behind, knocking him out ]
Officer Armstrong: Sorry, brother.
Red: (GRUNTS) [ Red drags unconscious Offiver Cousins out of sight of the stairs ] Whatever she’s paying you, I’ll triple it.
Armstrong: She told me you’d say something like that. All right, watch his head now.
Red: If you care so much for your partner, what are you gonna do when he wakes up? You just hit him on the head.
Armstrong: He got jumped from behind by your man, who kidnapped me and helped you to escape. That’s what will be in my report. There’s no cameras back here. Stairs.
Red: She’ll have me killed. You know that, right? You’re walking me to my execution.
Armstrong: All I know is, Mrs. Hargrave’s fully sanctioned by the U.S. government. Figure that makes me a defense contractor. I’m gonna buy my wife one of them candy-colored houses in Bermuda she loves… retire with the money from this job.
Red: I once spent part of a summer in Bermuda. The island. Certainly not the shorts. Not a lot to do there except ride motor scooters and play checkers with the locals. I’m more of a chess man myself. But one tactic that came naturally was the concept of forced capture… [ Red stops, enthusiastically gesticulating ] sacrificing a checker to force your enemy in one direction while your forces lie in wait for the exquisitely satisfying double jump.
[ Dembe appears and puts a pistol to Armstrong’s neck ]
Red: One quick look at the airport schematics revealed why Scottie chose the lounge on Concourse F. Conveniently located near a little-used loading dock. Shall we?
[ The officers’ police van is parked near the door ]
Armstrong: Please! Don’t kill me.
Red: I said “double jump.” You’re merely the first capture. Please, if you would.

[ Scottie and guards are in a large warehouse. Scottie is seated in a straight back chair across from another chair ]
Guard: Here he comes!
[ The police van rolls forward with Officer Armstrong at the wheel. As it gets closer, Scottie sees that Armstrong is oddly staring straight ahead. On closer examination, Armstrong’s hands and arms have been duct-taped to the steering wheel ]
Scottie: Close the door.
[ A guard presses the button to close the warehouse doors ] (GUNSHOT 💥, the guard is hit )
– Sniper!
– Where is he?
– I don’t see him!
[ 💥💥💥‼️ Gunfight ‼️💥💥💥 ] [ Dembe and Baz take out all the guards ] [ Officer Armstrong is hit repeatedly in the crossfire ]
Dembe: [ To Scottie ] Step out slowly.
(Garage DOOR OPENS, slowly. Red appears )
Red: God, that door is slow. I was hoping for a somewhat more dramatic entrance, but what the hell. Scottie. Aren’t you the challenging woman to pin down.

Aram: The FBI just received a call from Airports Authority. Mr. Reddington escaped police custody from a first-class lounge at BWI.
Cooper: That can’t be right. Tom called Reddington and warned him the airport was a setup.
Aram: All I know is that one officer’s missing, one’s injured, and I cannot reach Mr. Reddington.
Cooper: Get over there and find out what happened.

Scottie: I have to give you this, Raymond… It’s been years since a man worked this hard to gain my attention.
Red: Who hired you to go after Elizabeth Keen?
Scottie: Howard would be so happy to see you. He still tells that story at dinner parties about the night you two were jumped in Kuala Lumpur. Each time I hear it, there are five more machetes you two had to fight off.
Red: My fondness for your husband holds no currency here.
Scottie: I didn’t kill Masha. Elizabeth Keen, whatever you want to call her. She died in childbirth. Perhaps if she’d been in a proper hospital…
[ 💥 Red shoots Scottie in the arm ]
Scottie: Aah! Damn you! Oh! I couldn’t foresee what happened to that poor girl any more than you. I told you I was hired to abduct her, not take her life.
Red: Who hired you?
Scottie: You know exactly who hired me.
Red: I’d like to be sure.
Scottie: Alexander Kirk.

[ Ressler and Cooper are on the phone ]
Ressler: Talked to the guard. He says that his partner jumped him from behind.
Cooper: Why? To help Reddington?
Red: More than likely the guard was in on the abduction, which Reddington walked right into despite knowing it was a trap.
Cooper: I’m looking at a report that says the containers of oil we seized never made it into evidence. It seems the entire convoy was hijacked this morning.
Ressler: You think Reddington took it?
Cooper: Let’s just say I get the feeling he has an agenda here he’s not sharing with us.

Red: You know, I used to have such high hopes for your organization. High hopes for Howard. Halcyon was once such a promising company… like AOL. Put an entire generation online. Companies can so easily lose their way. Forget what it was that made them great to begin with. I remember a time when your husband never would have taken a job from a man like Alexander Kirk, if only out of respect for his friends.
Scottie: Howard didn’t take that job. We haven’t had sex in four years. We’re rarely in the same country, let alone the same bed.
Red: What bed have you been occupying?
Scottie: I’ve been assuming a larger role in a management position lately.
Red: You don’t say.
Scottie: We’ve never been more successful. Listen, Red… I regret what happened to Elizabeth Keen. But her kidnapping was simply a business decision. You of all people should recognize that. We all do what we have to in order to survive. I know Howard and I do.
Red: Survival is all relative. There are limits, even for people like us. Especially for people like us.
Scottie: When Kirk hired us to abduct Masha, he also wanted me to kill you. Sorry I didn’t take that job.
Red: Here’s where we stand. Elizabeth Keen is dead, which means you are, too. Alexander Kirk is coming to kill you. The only surprise is that I got to you first.
Scottie: You killed a lot of people trying to reach me. Well, here I am. Finish what you came to do.
Red: You have it all wrong, dear. I didn’t come to kill you. I came here because you and I are about to climb into bed together, just for a quickie. We now share a mutual enemy. So, let’s get you bandaged up, not that you aren’t even lovelier with a little blood trickling down your arm.

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༺ ✿⊰ ♤ ⊱✿༻

♫ Fire
By The Last Internationale

♪ gotta hold that fire
for you lay that burden down
carry it higher
for you lay that burden down
mhh believe it

♪ woke up feeling lonely
there’s always something to be missed
i don’t know if he regrets
picking me with that kiss
the devil come knocking
don’t have the strength to resist yeah
wanna lay it all down – for
voice tells me this ain’t it

♪ say you gotta hold that fire
for you lay that burden down
carry it higher
for you lay that burden down
well, hold that fire
for you lay that burden down
carry it higher
for you lay that burden down

♪ ohhh believe it

♪ oh-ho

♪ woke up feeling lonely
there’s always someone to be missed
i don’t know if he regrets
breaking me with that kiss
the devil come knocking
i have the strength to resist yeah
i don’t care if he regrets it
make him pay for what he did

♪ noh yeah

♪ hold that fire
for you lay that burden down
carry it higher
for you lay that burden down
well, hold that fire
for you lay that burden down
carry it higher
for you lay that burden down

♪ yeahh . ohh …

♪ hold that… hold that… hold that fire for you lay that burden down
well, carry it higher for you lay that burden down
well, hold that fire for you lay that burden down
yeah, carry it higher for you lay that burden down
oh believe it

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/1q5X4CH
YouTube Play: https://youtu.be/jVtODrYG-Zg

There are three other songs that I was unable to find lyrics for. They are:
♫ Basic Feel by Power Haunts; audio only: http://bit.ly/1ZrabKH (No YouTube as of 5/7/2016)

♫ Tilt-A-Whirl by Insane Clown Posse, YouTube Play: https://youtu.be/sEIxvawYg5s

♫ So Long by Alyeska, YouTube Play: https://youtu.be/-hP4tmMKlIg

❌❌❌ 3:21 Susan Hargrave
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🔴 Episode 3:22 Alexander Kirk

NBC’s series The Blacklist starring James Spader and Megan Boone
Series created by: Jon Bokenkamp
Program air date: 5/12/2016 in the US
Permalink: http://wp.me/pDKwi-2XE ¤ Storybook: http://wp.me/PDKwi-1f3#kirk

Blurb: Enemies unite as Red, the FBI Blacklist Team and Scottie Hargrave’s forces move in on Alexander Kirk, the man ultimately responsible for Elizabeth Keen’s death. Tom is shocked when Red reveals a secret from the past.

Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/1q29POD
WSJ Summary: http://on.wsj.com/1UYQXNw
Source: Raw Script from Forever Dreaming: http://bit.ly/1QciD0C (dump of captioning)
Director: Michael Dinner
Teleplay by: Jon Bokenkamp, John Eisendrath
Story by: Jon Bokenkamp, John Eisendrath, JR Orci, Lukas Reiter

Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington – James Spader
Elizabeth Keen – Megan Boone
Donald Ressler – Diego Klattenhoff
Harold Cooper – Harry Lennix
Tom Keen – Ryan Eggold
Aram Mojtabai – Amir Arison
Samar Navabi – Mozhan Marnò
Dembe Zuma – Hisham Tawfiq


Zack Loescher – Terence Archie
Operator 6-3 – Laura Campbell
Nez Rowan – Tawny Cypress
Matias Solomon – Edi Gathegi
Peter Pruitt – Sherman Howard
Susan “Scottie” Hargrave – Famke Janssen
Loan Officer – Dave T Koenig
Sadie Loescher – Anais Lee
Sadie Loescher – Mirabelle Lee
Dumont – Adrian Martinez
Senator Diaz – Benito Martinez
Trey – Jeffrey Omura
Alexander Kirk – Ulrich Thomsen
Karokaro – Perry Yung


🔴 Script 3:22 Alexander Kirk (№ 14)

Previously on “The Blacklist”…
Solomon: Your target is Elizabeth Keen.
Tom: This is about avenging what happened to Liz, and I’m gonna do whatever it takes.
Cooper: Nez Rowan… who let her go free?
Panabaker: There are certain U.S. government missions. They require the expertise of an independent organization.
Tom: So who is this woman?
Red: Scottie Hargrave.
Red: Who hired you?
Scottie: Alexander Kirk.
Red: We now share a mutual enemy.

༺ ♤ ༻
[ Scottie Hargrave is in a cab in Indonesia ]
Scottie Hargrave: [ Muttering ] Rubber baby buggy bumpers. Rubber baby buggy bumpers. Rubber baby buggy bumpers. Rubber baby buggy bumpers. Rubber baby buggy bumpers.
Cabbie: Lady, you sure this is the place?
Scottie: [ Out loud ] Rubber baby buggy bumpers.
[ Scottie gets out of the cab ]

Karokaro: This is my Bitcoin wallet address. As soon as a transaction is confirmed, she’ll be released.
Scottie: As you know, the American government refuses to negotiate with terrorists, which is why the Palmer family contracted my firm to negotiate on their behalf.
Karokaro: What is this?
Scottie: My Bitcoin wallet address.
Karokaro: (CHUCKLES) You don’t pay the ransom, she dies.
Scottie: You and I both know Miss Palmer isn’t here, Karokaro. You know it because you never had any intention of giving her to me, and I know it because I’ve already set her free. Call your man at the port. You have a situation. An hour ago, a strike team raided your holding site at Muara Angke. They took Miss Palmer, along with the other eight workers you were holding, so the kidnapping part of the story’s over, which leaves us with the business at hand. You’re not ransoming me. I’m ransoming you. And the amount is $3 million, not $1 million.


Scottie: I don’t know if it bothers you telling people things they don’t want to hear, but it makes me uncomfortable, which is ironic because most people think I’m a bully. They think I enjoy it, being blunt, making people feel small, but nothing could be further from the truth. Years ago, I-I suffered an unspeakable loss. And since then, I’ve been crippled by free-floating anxieties that attach to pretty much anything. Some days I-I can’t even get out of bed. I haven’t slept through the night in two years. 4:00 a.m., I’m up doing Sudoku. Normally, I-I delegate a meeting like this because, uh, conflict, it’s debilitating. But I’m working on the power of positive confrontation.


Scottie: I-I haven’t brushed up on my Indonesian in a while, but I’m going to guess he’s telling you your brother’s being held hostage by my people. True. If you want to see your brother alive again, you’re gonna transfer the money.


Scottie: The number’s $3 million.
Karokaro: Would you take cash?

[ Red is at Liz/Tom’s apartment. He’s found Liz’s bunny – the one that was scorched in the fire and in which she found a part of the Fulcrum ]
Tom: Put it down.
[ Red puts the stuffed animal down ] (DOOR CLOSES)
Red: Tom, I want to speak with you about your daughter.
Tom: What happened with Hargrave?
Red: Even if you don’t want me to have contact with Elizabeth’s child…
Tom: Hargrave. Did you get her?
Red: I have virtually unlimited resources. I want you to know that those resources are at your disposal in the raising of Agnes.
Tom: I don’t want your money. I don’t want your protection. I want answers. The woman who killed Liz, you walked right into her trap after I warned you. What happened?
Red: Alexander Kirk.
Tom: I don’t know who that is.
Red: The man who ordered the attack on your wedding. He’s ultimately responsible for Elizabeth’s death. I’m going to find him.
Tom: No, no, Susan Hargrave…
Red: Was a contractor. A hired hand. Tom, until I end this, your only concern is to keep Agnes safe.
Tom: I’m gonna help you find him.
Red: Absolutely not.
Tom: He’ll come for her, for Agnes.
Red: Yes.
Tom: I can’t stand by and watch that happen. You want me to accept your offer to help with Agnes, then you need to accept my help with this. So, tell me about Alexander Kirk.

[ Scene shifts to the Post Office ]
Red: Alexander Kirk is the alias of an oligarch who made a fortune after the fall of the Soviet Union buying mining operations for pennies on the dollar. In 2002, he went into hiding after falling out of favor with the Kremlin. He owes his survival to some of the world’s most powerful politicians whose careers he secretly bankrolls. But Alexander Kirk is the man responsible for Elizabeth’s death. He hired Susan Hargrave to abduct her, which is why we need to work with Hargrave to find him.
Cooper: Work with her?
Ressler: How about arrest her?
Aram: This sounds like a bad idea.
Red: Until it’s not. The aid workers who were abducted in Jakarta? Your government refused to pay the ransom, turned its back on three young people who were captured for doing nothing more than providing medical services to the poor. Today, they’re home because Susan Hargrave committed what your government considers to be a crime in order to get them back. She’s a brilliant strategist. And if we want to get Alexander Kirk, we’re going to need her help to do it.

Scottie: His finances are the way in.
Red: Kirk’s holdings are out of reach. The Caymans, Zurich.
Scottie: They were out of reach until Citizens United. Kirk has personally financed a 501(C)(4) super PAC in support of Senator Robert Diaz’s presidential bid.
Red: How much?
Scottie: lt’s hard to tell. It’s all dark money, but I believe it’s north of $300 million. Diaz is the front-runner. If he gets elected, Kirk’s reach will extend into the White House.
Red: I’m impressed.
Scottie: Like I care. If we steal Diaz’s money, Kirk won’t be far behind.
Red: Him and everyone else.
Scottie: It’s a presidential campaign. If that money goes missing, everyone on the planet will take notice.
Red: You make it sound so fun.
Scottie: What about the husband, Tom Keen?
Scottie: He thinks I’m responsible for the death of his wife.
Red: I think you’re responsible for her death. I’m looking past that because I want Alexander Kirk’s head. And so does Tom Keen. I must admit I’ve never liked you, Scottie. Looking at you makes my toes curl. But robbing the next President of the United States? This is gonna be a gas.

[ Scottie is in the nursery at the hospital rocking baby Agnes when Tom shows up ]
Scottie: Rubber baby buggy bumpers. Rubber baby buggy bumpers. Rubber baby… My, what a dear, sweet child.
Tom: How did you get in here?
Scottie: With a seven-figure donation that built this wing. (CHUCKLES) The grasp of these tiny fingers. I’d forgotten. I understand we’re gonna be working together to find the man who took Elizabeth from you.
Tom: You took her from me.
Scottie: No. Alexander Kirk did. He’s why I’m here, to tell you I’m putting the full resources of my company behind the effort to find Kirk and bring him to justice.
Tom: Give me my little girl. She’s all I care about.
Scottie: I remember my little one looking up at me, eyes full of wonder. They say losing a child is something one never recovers from. I hope you never experience that kind of loss.
Tom: For the moment, we have a common enemy, so… I’ll work with you.
Scottie: You have a lovely child. 10 minutes. I’ll send Solomon to pick you up. Got a lot of work to do.

Solomon: I hope you’re a chocoholic, my friend. We’re going to the chocolate factory.
Tom: Let me say one thing. I’m not your friend.

Tom: What the hell is this place?
Solomon: This is what happens when the government outsources 70% of its intelligence budget. You’re 150 feet below the largest privately owned tactical training center in the country, complete with R&D labs, ship-boarding simulators, and two airfields. We do threat assessment, port security, and diplomatic training, and those are just the services that the public knows about… the black-and-white divisions. Then… there’s Grey Matters. (WHIRRING) Grey Matters handles the cases that are legally questionable, yet morally justifiable.

Nez: You’re late. She’s not happy.
Solomon: Promise you won’t kick my ass. ‘Cause she could kick my ass.
Ressler: I’m sorry. I can’t. I thought I could, but I can’t.
Cooper: Remember, we’re doing this for Elizabeth.
Ressler: Yeah, but they’re the same people who killed her.
Cooper: You! Navabi!
Tom: Hey. If I can do this, so can you.
Scottie: Enough! We’re on the clock.

Alexander Kirk: (SPEAKING FRENCH) I don’t need your protection. After the U.S. election, approval will be a formality.
Female aide: I just spoke to D.C. We have a confirmed location of the child.
Kirk: I want this done today.

Scottie: The way to get Kirk’s attention is through his money, and the only money we can get to is sitting in Diaz’s war chest, which is unfortunate for the bloviating senator from Missouri because he cannot win the election without it, and we’re gonna steal it.
Cooper: The Bureau prevents bank robberies. We don’t commit them.
Nez: Senator Diaz’s success in November rests on winning three key swing states. To do that, Futures America, a PAC financed by Alexander Kirk, intends to purchase over $300 million in TV ads from now until election day. The money is wired to media outlets via a secure terminal from a single account at Key Atlantic Bank in Manhattan. To get the money, we need to access the terminal from the server room. The good news is we can take the bank in under two minutes. The bad news is the second we walk in, any teller can trip a silent alarm that will lock down the area of the bank where the secure terminal is located. So we won’t be able to access it before the police arrive.
Samar: That’s it? Your plan is awful.
Tom: It’s brilliant. The robbery is a show. You want the police to arrive, followed by the FBI. The heist gets you in, gives you time to access the terminal…
Ressler: We rob the bank while everyone else thinks that we are trying to find the robbers. Thanks, but no thanks.
Scottie: You work with the single most sought-after criminal in America. Thanks to you, he’s not only free, his criminal empire’s expanding. You, all of you, have proven quite capable of parking your selective morality when the moment serves. I suggest finding Elizabeth Keen’s killer is just such a moment. It’s “badges in the drawer” time, people. This is a revenge movie.

Loan Officer: Mr. Loescher, we sent out a foreclosure letter three weeks ago.
Zack Loescher: No, I have the paperwork in my car. Y-You never sent me a… Just hold on. I can show you. Sadie. Sadie, don’t move, okay? I’ll be right back.
[ Solomon and Tom pull up in front of the bank ]
Tom: Hope you don’t need my help in there ’cause you’re not getting it. (GUN COCKS)
Solomon: Party time.
[ They get out the front while Nez gets out the back the back of the SUV ]
[ Solomon, Nez and Tom enter the bank. Nez takes out 💥 two men 💥 near the entrance. Solomon 💥💥💥 blasts 💥💥💥 the ceiling with his automatic rifle ]
Solomon: On the floor! Ladies and gentlemen, we are your friendly neighborhood bank robbers, except we’re not friendly, and this sure as hell ain’t our neighborhood. I need everyone to slide their cellphones to the center of the room. Come on. Anyone wanting to know what happens if you ignore my instructions, come speak to me directly.
Tom: [ To Sadie ] Shh. It’s okay. It’s okay. Just stay down. Stay down.
Sadie: Daddy.

[ Zack Loescher (Sadie’s father) finds himself locked out of the bank. He calls on his cell phone: ]
Loescher: Yes, that’s right. A robbery right now. Key Atlantic Bank. My little girl’s in there.

Halcyon Operator 6-3 (through Tom’s earpiece): Call just came in to dispatch. One Police Plaza Path responding.
Solomon: Call’s in. Start your clocks.
Nez: [ To female teller ] Key card and vault combination. (BEEPING) Silent alarm was just tripped. (GUN COCKS) Let’s go.
Sadie: Daddy.
Tom: [ To Sadie ] It’s gonna be okay, okay?
[ An off-duty or plain clothes NYPD officer pulls a gun and points it at Tom. ] (GUN COCKS)
Officer: [ To Tom ] Put it down.
Solomon: [ Takes aim at the officer ] Don’t be a hero, baby. 60 seconds, and we’re ghosts.
Officer: NYPD. I said put your gun down.
Tom: No, no, no, no. You don’t want to do this.
Solomon: 55 seconds.
Officer: Put down your gun!
Solomon: No, you put your damn gun down! [ 💥💥 Guns go off 💥💥 ] (SCREAMING) [ The officer discharges his weapon, then is himself shot in the arm ] [ Tom checks him ]
Tom: It’s just a flesh wound. You’re gonna be fine.
Woman: Oh, my God, she’s bleeding.
[ The little girl, Sadie Loescher, has been hit and is bleeding from the abdomen ]
Sadie: It hurts.
Tom: Okay, hold on. Okay, we need a medic right now.
Halcyon’s operator 6-3: Patrol Response en route.
Solomon: Ambulances will be dispatched as part of the response.
Tom: No, they won’t enter until police secure the sight. She can’t wait that long.
Solomon: 40 seconds.
Tom: [ In Solomon’s face ] My wife is dead because of you. I’m not gonna let this little girl die, too.
Nez: We got to clear, now.
Solomon: 30 seconds.
Operator 6-3: Responding units on site.
[ Tom carries Sadie out of the bank ]
Tom: I need a paramedic ]
Operator 6-3: Nearest unit is on Fulton and Pearl heading south.
Tom: That’s too far.
[ Zack Loescher sees his daughter ]
Loescher: My God, my little girl!
Tom: No, no, no! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
Loescher: Are you okay?
Tom: That’s the father.
Loescher: Hold on, hold on.
Tom: Dad, with me. Now. [ Gets Loescher into the SUV ]
Loescher: Okay.
Tom: We got to keep pressure on the wound.
Loescher: All right. Yeah.
Tom: All right? Keep pressure on the wound. Can you do it?
Loescher: Yeah.

Solomon: This is a bad idea.
Tom: Give me the keys.
Solomon: What the hell is wrong with you?
Operator 6-3: Paramedics approaching John Street.
Tom: What’s her name?
Loescher: Sadie.
Tom: All right, Sadie, just listen to your dad. All right? Everything’s gonna be fine. We’re gonna get you to a doctor, and everything’s gonna be just fine. Hold on.
[ Tom drives in and out of the stalled traffic ]
Tom: Where’s my ambulance?
Operator 6-3: Pearl and Cedar, southbound.
[ The SUV brakes in from of the ambulance ] [ Tom gets out and Loescher hands Sadie to him ]
Tom: I got her. You’ll be okay. Come with me. [ To Paramedics ] I got a gunshot, lower left abdomen.
[ Nez deploys bomb to blow up their SUV ] (BEEPING)
Nez: In five!
[ Nez 💥 blows up 🔥 the SUV ] [ Ambulance speeds off ] (SIREN WAILING)
Tom: [ To Solomon and Nez ] Let’s go.

[ Ressler and Samar arrive at the bank ]
Ressler: Tell me you’re not okay with this.
Samar: I wouldn’t be if I had a better idea, but I don’t.
[ They introduce themselves to the bank manager ]
Ressler: Special Agents Ressler and Navabi. First responders indicated that the robbers knew exactly what they were looking for?
Manager: Yeah, it was a classified diplomatic pouch owned by the Saudi government.
Samar: Do you have any security feeds?
Manager: Of course. Um, this way. (SIGHS)
Ressler: So, nothing else was taken?
Manager: Stupid, right? You’d think they’d take something else to mislead us.
Samar: I’ll catch up with you.

Aram: Okay, uh, the server room is across from the CFO’s office, second door from the end of the hall, right-hand side.
Samar: I see servers.
Aram: I’m gonna need you to be a little more specific than that.
Samar: Okay. Many servers.
Aram: Are any of them connected to a modem or a screen?
Samar: There’s a keyboard.
Aram: Great. That’s the server the terminal’s connected to. Follow the cable and insert, uh, you know, the, uh…
Samar: Your dongle? (CHUCKLING)
Aram: Yes. Uh, well, it’s not mine, but, uh, yeah.
Samar: Okay. Your dongle has been inserted.
Aram: Now we have remote access.
Dumont: You’re brute-forcing this thing?
Aram: Yeah, how else am I gonna generate the bank president’s password? (KEYBOARD CLACKING)
Dumond: What, are you data-mining his social media?
Aram: You can’t generate enough personal details to create a useful password dictionary. (BEEPING) Whoa.
Dumont: Classic. Field gets the glory, support gets the job done.
Aram: Okay, as soon as I enter the password, we should have access to the funds.
[ The system accepts the password but then prompts for a retinal scan ]
Dumont: Or not. It’s requesting a retinal scan. Looks like we’ve got ourselves a two-key system. Tasty.

[ Tom arrives at the hospital nursery. There is chaos inside. One nurse lies bleeding on the floor ]
Tom: What happened?! Hey! Hold up! Stop! Where is she? Where’s my daughter? Where’s my daughter? Where’s my daughter?!

[ Tom arrives at the elegant building where Scottie Hargrave’s office is ]
Trey: Sir, you’re not allowed to go in there.
[ Tom walks past him and sprints up the stairs. Scottie is introducing Senator Diaz at a fund raiser. Diaz is running for President ]
Scottie: We take three types of contributions… big, dark, and anonymous. (LAUGHTER) Which if he loses, also describes Senator Diaz. (LAUGHTER) I’m screwing with you, Robert. Come on. We’re supposed to be having fun here tonight, and raising money for the next President of the United States, Senator Robert Diaz. (APPLAUSE)
Senator Diaz: Thank you. Oh, well, thank you, Scottie. I know I speak for everyone here when I say, good God, I wish Howard had given that introduction. (LAUGHTER) Well, I understand he’s off working on, well…
Trey: [ Whispering to Tom ] Mrs. Hargrave thinks you may be more comfortable waiting in her office.
[ Tom leaves ]
Voice in background: …if I knew what it was, you’d have to kill me. (LAUGHTER) (APPLAUSE IN DISTANCE) (INDISTINCT TALKING IN DISTANCE) (AIR HISSING)

[ Tom waits in Scottie’s large office. There are photos on the wall of Scottie with various world leaders including Hamid Karzai (Afgh) and Nelson Mandela (S Africa). Tom notices a photo of Scottie as a younger woman with a man and a little boy at the beach. Scottie walks in ]
Scottie: What the hell is wrong with you?
Tom: My daughter… where is she?
Scottie: Showing up uninvited. Do you have any idea who some of those people are?
Tom: I don’t care! They said you took her!
Scottie: Tonight is important to me.
Tom: A nurse is dead, a 7-year-old girl was shot in the robbery.
Scottie: Sadie Loescher, a second grader at PS-126, is resting comfortably in a private room at Mount Sinai thanks to the work of a renowned vascular surgeon whose schedule miraculously cleared up in time to remove six bullet fragments lodged in her sacrum. If you’re thinking of sending flowers, don’t… she’s allergic. But she loves dark chocolate.
[ Tom lunges at her, ready to choke her, but decides against it ]
Tom: What did you do with my little girl, huh?
[ A door opens. A nurse is there holding Agnes. Tom hurries over to her ]
Scottie: My people received word Kirk was on the move. I alerted the FBI, and because of it, more people weren’t hurt. Your daughter is safe, and she’s getting the medical attention she needs. Now, if you’re finished, the next President of the United States is waiting downstairs for me.

[ The combo FBI and Halcyon group is assembled ]
Scottie: Robbing Key Atlantic got us the first of two authentications we need to access Kirk’s funds. Peter Pruitt is the second. As president of Airborne Fidelity, Pruitt manages assets worth over $4 billion belonging to fugitives like Alexander Kirk. He’s also treasurer of Futures America.
Solomon: Ah, so he’s the good old boy that funnels Kirk’s millions into the PAC.
Scottie: Yes. No withdrawals over $250,000 can be made without a biometric scan of his eyes. Pruitt’s in Berlin staying at the Turkish Embassy as a guest of the Ambassador. He’ll attend a reception at the embassy for the G8 ministers. We need a biometric scan of Pruitt’s eyes, which are in that embassy.
Solomon: Getting in during the G8 summit means getting past an A-list security system and a small army. Good luck with that.
Tom: Eugene Pavlenko.
Scottie: I don’t know who that is.
Tom: Me.
[ Tom now outlines a plan to get access to Pruitt. As he explains, the actual events he describes are shown unfolding: ]
Tom: Pavlenko is a fugitive wanted in Turkey on money-laundering charges. When the ID gets flagged by INTERPOL, it will require my provisional arrest. (HANDCUFFS CLICK) Once that happens, officials in Ankara will immediately insist that I am transported to…
Solomon: To the Turkish Embassy.
Tom: Where they will file a formal request for extradition.
Scottie: Even if they do take you into the embassy, you’ll never get a retinal scanner inside.
Tom. I’m not bringing a scanner in. I’m bringing Pruitt out.
Scottie: How?

[ Flash to: Tom being interrogated at Turkish Embassy]
Interrogator: [ In Turkish with subtitle ] Your cigarettes.

Tom: [ To Scottie: ] I’m gonna poison him.

Interrogator: [ In Turkish with subtitle ] You’re coming out of Gdansk, is that right ?
[ Tom does not answer ]
Interrogator: [ In Turkish with subtitle ] What is the nature of your business in Germany?

Nez: Dumont, sending you feeds from the embassy security.
Dumont: Capturing video now, creating a loop and uploading. Guards should be blind in five, four…

Interrogator: [ In Turkish with subtitle ] We know about the funds.

Dumont: [ Over earpiece ] All clear.

[ Tom appears lethargic ]
Interrogator: Hey! [ In Turkish with subtitle: ] Answer me …
[ The interrogator leans over, grabs Tom by the chin. Tom springs to life, clobbers the interrogator, and escapes into the embassy ]

[ ♪ Papa was a Rolling Stone by the Temptations plays ]
♪ Papa was a rolling stone ♪
♪ Wherever he laid his hat was his home ♪

Tom: Smokes, key card.
Dumont: [ In earpiece ] When you exit, make two lefts, and the first door on your right should be a stairwell that takes you to a third floor.

♪ And when he died, all he left us was alone ♪

Tom: Almost there.

♪ Oh, oh, papa was a rolling stone ♪

Nez: You got two swallows overhead.

♪ My son, yeah ♪
♪ Wherever he laid his hat was his home ♪

Nez: On you in four, three, two…

♪ And when he died, all he left us was alone ♪
♪ Baby ♪

[ Tom grabs a waiters’ uniform, dons it and steps into the kitchen. He encounters a waiter with a tray of champagne ]
Tom: [ In another language, with subtitle ] The front bar is out of champagne.
[ Tom takes tray of champagne from him ]
Tom: Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!
Dumont: [ In earpiece ] The kitchen will give you access to the ballroom via the south door
Waitress: [ In another language, with subtitle ] Hurry it up. The woman from Commerzbank needs Champagne.
Tom: [ In another language, with subtitle ] They drink like fishes.
[ Tom sees Pruitt in group of people ]
(MATCH STRIKES) [ Pruitt lights cigarette ]
[ Tom walks up to Pruitt’s group ]
Tom: Champagne?
Pruitt: [ In (terrible) German, with subtitle ] Hey – Bring us some of those little toasts with the caviar. Danke.
Dumont: He’s the mark. Why are you walking away?
[ Tom goes to a side table with his tray of champagne and talks to a waitress ]
Tom: [ In another language, with subtitle ] Keep your distance from the dumkopf in the suit.
Waitress: [ In another language, with subtitle ] Why? He’s lovely.
Tom: [ In another language, with subtitle ] He just asked me how much you cost for the night.
Voice from group: I have to tell you. That is just the most amazing tie.
[ The waitress grabs the Champagne tray and heads toward the group surrounding Pruitt. She stumbles and sends the Champagne flying ]
Pruitt: Oh! What the hell is wrong with you, you clumsy idiot?! Look, do we… I… Can you talk to somebody about getting me another shirt, will you?
Tom: Okay. Jesus.
Pruitt: Pbht. Well, I yeah.

(GROANS) [ The Turkish interrogator that Tom beat up regains consciousness] (BREATHING HEAVILY)

[ Pruitt goes to the bar ]
Pruitt: Scotch.
Tom: (TURKISH ACCENT) Let me help you, sir.
Pruitt: You speak English? (GRUNTS)
[ Nez can see remotely that the interrogator is awake. He breaks down the door and exits ]
Nez: Okay, we got a situation. You’ve got to get out of there now.
Tom: My father was American. Two packs a day, unfiltered. Got to be careful. Those things can kill you.
Pruitt: So can mouthing off at guests. Know your place, kid.
Nez: [ In Tom’s earpiece ] They know. You need to get out. Now.
Tom: Uh-huh.
(Pruitt begins to walk away GROANS and looks back at Tom)
Pruitt: What is this?
Tom: (NORMAL VOICE) Told you those things would kill you.
(Pruitt GAGGING)
Tom: [ In another language, with subtitle ] Help please. Help please somebody.

Solomon: Time to go to work.
[ Solomon and Nez, in medical uniforms, wheel Pruitt to an ambulance ]

Tom: Just hold him still so I can get a scan.
Nez: Maybe if you dosed him properly.
Tom: I was trying to put him to sleep, not kill the poor b*st*rd. Just hold him still.
Operator 6-3: You have Landespolizei units approaching to your south. Proceed to Wilhelmstrasse and switch to frequency 126.420. (BEEPING)
Dumont: Okay, I’m transmitting the scan now. [ Screen still asks for retinal scan ]
Scottie: (SIGHS) Do it again.
Dumont: I can’t do it again. They got a lockout protocol in place.
Aram: Yes, Agent Mojtabai speaking.
Dumont: The retinal scan’s being rejected because of your connection, cheesecake.

Solomon: Get ready, kids. We’ve been spotted. We need to dump this vehicle.

Aram: Uh, Dumont, uh, I think I figured it out.
Tom: Aram!
Aram: Tom, hey. How cool is this? I didn’t expect to talk to you until Agnes’ baptism.
Dumont: Bless me, Father, for we need to get on with it.
Tom: Guys!
Aram: Right. Uh, sorry. They said you, uh, drugged Pruitt?
Tom: Yeah, 200 micrograms of fentanyl.
Aram: Exactly, an opiate narcotic will cause the pupils to be constricted to pinpoint size, and the scanner…
Dumont: Retinal scanner requires light to analyze the back of the eye. If not enough light passes into the constricted pupils…
Aram: The scanner’s unable to detect the retinal signature.
Tom: Okay, the bad news… I just dosed him again. I don’t even know if he’s got pupils right now. But if we wait…
Solomon: Waiting isn’t an option.
Nez: We need to counteract the meds. How do we do that?
Aram: Tropicamide. It’s what eye doctors use to dilate your pupils.
Solomon: 6-3, we’re taking a detour.

[ Solomon and Tom break into a pharmacy ]
Solomon: Tropicamide. Got it. This one’s on you, kid. We’re only in this situation because…
Tom: We are in this situation because you attacked my wedding.
Solomon: You’re right. But you and I both know that your wife is in a much better place.
[ Tom shoots Solomon in the stomach ] (Solomon GROANS)
Tom: That’s for my wife.
(THUD) [ Solomon hits the floor; Tom takes the medicine and exits ]
Tom: Drive!
Nez: Where’s Solomon?

Cooper: Aram. Get Keen on the line.
Tom: Little busy right now.
Cooper: Just got off the phone with FinCEN. Key Atlantic’s been notified of Pruitt’s abduction, and the bank president’s on his way there now. He’s gonna freeze the account, lock us out.
Tom: I don’t have the scan yet.
Cooper: Well, get it. He’s gonna be there any minute.
Nez: I got Dumont on the line.
Tom: Yeah, let me guess. The bank president’s on his way.
Dumont: According to the security feeds in the building, he’s already there. You got less than a minute to get that money, honey.
Tom: All right! All right! I’m doing it. (BEEPING) Uploading now. Are you getting it? Dumont?
Aram: He’s trying to lock us out.
Tom: Dumont!
Dumont: Got it. We’re in. Starting the transfer. Kirk’s money is on its way.
Aram: As soon as the scans verify, the funds are ours. It’s gonna be close, sweet cheeks.

Scottie: [ On phone ] Reddington. It’s time.

Senator Diaz: Get Pruitt on the phone. – Yes, I know he was attacked. – By the people who took our money! (BEEP)
Scottie: Hello, Robert. Tough day.
Diaz: Scottie? You heard… about the money. Please, please tell me you know what happened.
Scottie: Oh, I know exactly what happened. I took it.
Diaz: You did? You wrote me a $50,000 check.
Scottie: You have to give to get. I gave, now I got. Well, technically, we got.
Red: Senator! Having taken your money, I won’t take much of your time. Unlike Scottie, I have little use for politicians and even less for their politics. Who occupies the White House is of no interest to me. I tell you this so you know that taking your money has nothing to do with you or what you stand for. Truth be told, I haven’t the foggiest clue what you stand for, Senator.
Diaz: I’m calling the police.
Red: Might be more prudent to call Alexander Kirk. I’m sure you have a contributor of his stature on speed dial. Call him.
Assistant: [ To Alexander Kirk ] Senator Diaz.
Kirk: [ Takes phone ] Senator, what a pleasure.
Red: I have your money. I have your senator.
Kirk: Do you know what I’m thinking, Raymond? That house by the water, holding a gun in your mouth… I should have pulled the trigger. So, you have my money and my senator. You don’t have me. (BEEP) [ Throws down the phone ]
Diaz: Look, I did what you asked. Just…
Red: Tomorrow morning, you’re gonna hold a press conference to announce you’re taking a moment away from the campaign trail to compel billionaire Alexander Kirk to testify about some of his business activities before the Congressional committee you chair.
Diaz: Why are you doing this?
Scottie: Oh, spare us the moral outrage, Bob. We’re doing you a favor. If you get Kirk here, Reddington can have him. Once he has him, you get your illegal money back, laundered through anonymous contributions made to the PAC of your choice.
Diaz: I am not gonna be an accomplice to murder.
Red: You are if you want to be President.

Cooper: I know, the christening. We’re coming.
Aram: No, no. No, no, no. I-I mean… yes, totally, but… Diaz. He subpoenaed Kirk. He is forcing him to come to D.C. We’re gonna get him.
Ressler: Reddington must have got his hands on Kirk’s money. He’s gonna use it against him.
Cooper: When this started, Kirk was the criminal who was going to be controlling the next President. Now it’s Reddington.

[ People are assembled at a church for baby Agnes’ baptism ]
Samar: Oh, look at her.
Aram: She is so beautiful. (CHUCKLES) And that little dress.
Tom: You know, Liz and I never really had a family until we met you guys.

♪ They didn’t have you where I come from ♪

Tom: Albeit a slightly dysfunctional family, the kind where you try to kill each other occasionally.

♪ Never knew the best was yet to come ♪

Tom: But a family nonetheless. This year especially. You guys really came together for…

♪ Life began when I saw your face ♪

Tom: …for Liz. Just like I know you would for Agnes.

♪ And I hear your laugh like a serenade ♪

So, it didn’t take a genius to decide who Liz would want to godparent our little girl.

♪ How long ♪

She’d want all of you.

♪ Do you want to be loved? ♪
♪ Is forever enough? ♪
♪ Is forever enough? ♪

[ Red appears for a moment at the back of the church, then is gone ]

♪ How long do you want to be loved? ♪
♪ Is forever enough? ♪
♪ ‘Cause I’m never, never giving you up ♪


[ Tom drives to Scottie’s house. Dark music plays. He gets out of the car and sticks a gun under his belt behind his back ]
Trey: Mrs. Hargrave’s not here.
Tom: I’ll wait. [ Cell rings ] Yeah.
Red: Don’t do it.
Tom: There’s nothing left to do.
Red: Tom.
Tom: We needed the money to get to Kirk. We got it. We have no use for her anymore.
Red: If you kill her, the answers you’ve been looking for your entire life will die with her.
Tom: What are you talking about?

[ Flashback: ]
Scottie: I remember my little one looking up at me, eyes full of wonder.

Tom: My mother.
Red: Yes. Which is why I didn’t want you involved.
Tom: Why didn’t you tell me?
Red: You have a child to raise, Tom. If you start asking questions, it will put her at risk, it will put you at risk.
Tom: But her son is dead. She told me that herself.
Red: Christopher Hargrave went missing when he was only 3 years old.
Tom: Christopher… Hargrave. Is that my name?
Red: Susan Hargrave genuinely believes her son is dead.
Tom: So, she has no idea who I am? What, did somebody fake my death… and hide me from her all these years? W-why would anybody do that?
Red: Listen to me, Tom. Susan Hargrave has many secrets. Some of them concern you. If you want answers, you must conceal your true identity.
[ Scottie walks in. Tom is holding the photo of Scottie, her husband and her little boy ]
Scottie: My perfect baby boy. He loved the water. Found that necklace in a trinket shop during a trip to Ocean City. We had rented a house that summer, spent the whole week on the beach building sand castles with drawbridges and moats.That night, Howard and I had a… big fight. Too much to drink. Next morning, Christopher was gone. The police searched everywhere, but… nothing. He was just… gone. Like his castle. It’s been 28 years, and not a day goes by where I don’t walk into a room… hoping, praying he’ll be there. (SNIFFLES) Please tell me you’re not gonna try and kill me again.
Tom: That’s exactly what I came here to do. But for my daughter’s sake, I’m not gonna do that. [ Tom turns to leave ]
Scottie: You’re hired.
Tom: Sorry, what? You want me to work for you?
Scottie: In my experience, there’s a very fine line between love and hate. We could do incredible things together. [ She reaches up and touches his cheek with her palm ]
Tom: I’m sorry about your son. [ Tom turns and leaves ]

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♫ Papa Was A Rollin’ Stone
by The Temptations

♪ It was the third of September
That day I’ll always remember, yes I will
Cause that was the day, that my daddy died
I never got a chance to see him
Never heard nothin’ but bad things about him