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NBC’s series The Blacklist created by: Jon Bokenkamp


Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington – James Spader
Elizabeth Keen – Megan Boone
Donald Ressler – Diego Klattenhoff
Harold Cooper – Harry Lennix
Tom Keen – Ryan Eggold
Aram Mojtabai – Amir Arison
Samar Navabi – Mozhan Marnò
Dembe Zuma – Hisham Tawfiq

This is all one “page” (though it’s 400✛ pages long!) meaning you can use your browser’s page search to find a quote you remember from Season 4 without knowing which episode it’s in. I use this a lot. Also includes full lyrics to main songs (at end of each episode). To find beginning of major songs, search for ♫

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🔴 Script: 4:1 Esteban (№ 79)

Program air date: 9/22/2016 in the US
Permalink: http://wp.me/pDKwi-3ip
Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/2d4Z8sp

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Michael Watkins
Written by: Jon Bokenkamp, John Eisendrath

⭕ Script 4:1 Esteban (№ 79)

Blurb: Alexander Kirk (aka Constantin Rostov) is holding Liz (aka Masha Rostova) captive in Cuba. Baby Agnes is missing. Red must find them before Kirk leaves the island with them.

[ Red, Dembe and Kate are in the villa where Liz, Agnes and Tom were taken. Red is distressed, conjuring up dark images of what happened with each splash of blood, shard of glass or abandoned toy he sees. Ominous music plays … ]

♪ pulsing my senses weak ♪

[ Tom is bound in the trunk of a late ’50s blue Dodge sedan ]

[ Ominous music continues … ]
[ Red, Dembe and Kate (“Mr Kaplan”) are investigating the site where Liz, Tom and Baby Agnes were taken ]
Kate: [ Referring to splash of blood on wall ] Critical hit. He couldn’t have gone far.
Dembe: He wouldn’t go to a hospital.

♪ now time has run its course ♪
♪ there is no other way ♪

Mr Kaplan (Kate): The bleeder works for Kirk. He’ll know where to find them.
Dembe: I have a location.
Kate: I was trying to help. He has to know that.
Dembe: I’m not on your side here, Kate.

♪ pulsing my senses weak ♪
♪ I was hunting, I went running ♪
♪ now time has run its course ♪
♪ there is no other way ♪

Tunefind: http://bit.ly/2cBUkd2

[ Silenced gunshot (💥) ] [ Silenced gunshot (💥) ] [ Grunts ]
Red: I need to speak with the patient.
Doctor: He’s gone.
Red: As you well know, one of the keys to my success is a clear and consistent understanding of my own limitations. So often people overestimate themselves, misapply their gifts. The cleaner suddenly fancies herself the strategist. Wisdom is learning the boundaries of one’s designated lane. For instance, this, I will do poorly. Clumsily, with more mess than necessary. It’ll take longer and be considerably more unpleasant to boot. [ To Kate ] But I can’t very well have you do it, can I?
[ Red proceeds to cut the head off the dead man ] [ Flesh cutting and squishing ] [ Click and thud ]

Manny Soto: Raymond Reddington, my favorite rubio. Ay carajo, I haven’t seen you since you snuck off at Carnival.
[ Red takes severed head from bag ]
Manny Soto: Red, Jesus. What’s wrong with you?
Red: We’re looking for a name. Take a close look, Manny. He worked for a man who abducted someone I care about.
Manny Soto: He’s a cop.
Red: Who’s his rabbi?
Manny Soto: I don’t know, but I know who might.

Aram: Is it true? She’s alive?
Samar: Apparently.
Aram: Wait, wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. How is that… there were complications during labor. And the doctor, he declared her dead.
Samar: He lied.
Aram: But there was a funeral. I-I was a pallbearer.
Samar: Yes, and who knows what was in that casket? It was a charade, Aram.
Aram: So Agent Keen is alive? Uh, but her funeral and her death… She faked her death.
Why would she do that?
Ressler: To get away from Reddington. So that her and Tom and Agnes could have a normal life.
Aram: Away from us?
Samar: Yes, after everything we did for her.
Ressler: Best we could tell, Liz and Tom’s plan was to go into hiding in Cuba. Alexander Kirk found them.
Aram: Why? What does he want with Agent Keen?
Ressler: Look, all we know right now is that when Reddington got there, Liz and Tom were gone.
Cooper: I just got off the phone with the embassy in Havana. Briefed them on Kirk, gave them the tail number to his plane. If that was how he was planning to get off the island, that’s not gonna happen.
Aram: And, uh, what about Agnes?
Ressler: At this point, we don’t know.
Cooper: Notify FBI headquarters. Elizabeth Keen is alive.

Balzan: The plane is ready.
Alexander Kirk (aka Constantin Rostov): Mato and the baby?
Balzan: Not yet.
Kirk: Notify me as soon as they’re here.
Liz Keen: My baby.
Kirk: She’s on her way.
Liz: That’s what you said before.
Kirk: Masha–
Liz: My name is Elizabeth.
Kirk: I understand that you have questions, that you’re upset.
[ Liz punches Kirk in the face, bloodies his nose ] [ Grunts ] [ Guard cocks his gun ]
Kirk: I’m sorry it has to be like this.
Liz: You’re not my father.
Kirk: Well, I am, Masha. I am. And I intend to prove that to you. Agnes will be brought here, but the person doing that has a job to do first.
Liz: What job? With Tom? What are you doing to Tom?

[ Salsa music on the radio ] [ Engine rumbling ] [ Agnes wailing ] [ Tom is banging in the trunk ]
Tom: Let me out!
[ Tom punches out a tail light and waves his fingers out the ragged opening. A young girl notices Tom’s fingers and alerts her father. Her father calls the police ]
[ Agnes continues wailing ]

[ Red approaches a table of cops playing poker ] [ Laughter ]
Red: There’s nothing more depressing than a failed Communist state. It doesn’t even really pay to be corrupt. When dirty cops play poker in America, they’re able to play for real money.
Cop: [ Spanish w English subtitles ] What’s up, Manny? Who is this guy?
Manny Soto: He’s a friend. He’s just looking for a name.
[ Red tosses a thick wad of bills on the table ] [ Red removes the severed head from the bag and sets it on the table by an empty chair ]
Red: Let’s raise the stakes. A new game. You tell me who the head worked for, you keep the money, a 5-way split.
Cop: [ Places his gun on the wad of bills ] Oh, we’re keeping the money.
Red: A young woman and her child were taken. A Russian has entered the country. I have it on good authority your friend here was assisting him.
Cop: I think it’s time for you to leave.
[ Gunshot 💥 – Red shoots him ] [ Cop Grunts]
Red: Make that a 4-way split.
Cop: [ in Spanish ] Guys, just tell him what he wants.
[ Another gunshot 💥 ] [ More gunshots 💥💥💥 as the cops go for their guns and Red takes them out, until just one cop remains ]
Last cop alive: I’ll give you a name.
Red: Well, isn’t this your lucky day?

[ Door opens ]
Red: The head worked for a Joseph Balzan? I’ve never heard of him.
Manny Soto: Yeah, he’s a supplier of all manner of contraband on the island. If the people you’re looking for are still in Cuba, Balzan is protecting them.
Kate: Should I assemble a team?
Red: [ Ignoring her ] Dembe, call Silvio in San Cristobal. Tell him to put a team together. We’re going after Elizabeth.

[ Kirk offers Liz a glass of water; she refuses ]
Kirk: Here. [ He sets glass down ] You think I’d drug you?
Liz: You kidnapped my infant daughter, my husband, and me. I’d say you’re capable of anything.
Kirk: Listen… you were my entire life. You were all your mother and I ever cared about. Now you don’t know any of that because Reddington took you away from us when you were just a little girl. He and your mother had an affair. For a time, I thought maybe he was the father, but I have proof that he’s not. He’s just a spiteful, evil man. Couldn’t accept it when Katarina broke off the affair. One day I came home, and you were gone. He’d taken you. I never thought I’d ever see you again… until there you were in the news, you… and Reddington, – the most wanted fugitives in the world.
Liz: If you cared so much about me, you wouldn’t hold me hostage.
Kirk: He’d taken my beautiful child and turned her into a criminal.
Liz: Attack my wedding, everyone I love.
Kirk: Everything I did was to get my child away from Reddington. Who understands that more than you? You did the exact same thing, faked your own death to get your child away from him. [Door opens ]
Balzan: [ Lowered voice, to Kirk ] We have a problem. The PNR [Policía Nacional Revolucionaria], have surrounded the plane.
Kirk: Then find another plane. Agnes will be here shortly.
Liz: And Tom?

[ Siren whoops, Agnes crying ] [ Siren wailing ] [ Police car stops blue Dodge sedan with Mato and Romina holding Agnes in the front seat. [ Tom in the trunk ] [ Crying continues ]
Mato: Shh!
Tom: Hey, they have my baby! Please!
Mato: Keen, you breathe a word, I’m gonna fire two bullets– one in the cop and the other between the eyes of that screaming kid. You got it?
[ Agnes’ crying continues ]
Romina: [ Spanish ] What do we do? What the hell are you doing, Bobo?
Officer: [ Spanish ] Out of the car.
[ Mato gets out ]
Officer: [ Spanish ] Open the trunk. [ To Romina ] You, out of the car.
[ Romina gets out with Agnes ]
Officer: [ Spanish ] Move it.
Romina: [ Spanish ] Sir, my baby. Please, she’s upset. Let me take my baby with –
Officer: Shut up.
[ Romina lays Agnes on the car seat ]
[ Mato opens the car trunk ]
Tom: He’s got a gun! [ Gunshot 💥 ]
[ Mato gets the PNR officer in a strangle hold ] [ Grunts ] [ Grunting ]
Tom: No, don’t– please!
[ Bones crack. The PNR officer’s neck is broken ] [ Body thuds ] [ Agnes fusses ] [ Mato punches Tom, knocking him out ] [ Groans ] [ Mato loads the body of the dead PNR officer into the trunk with Tom ] [ Agnes continues crying ]

Cooper: Where are we on Kirk?
Ressler: PNR grounded his plane. There’s no sign of him or Keen.
Samar: I informed the Bureau that Elizabeth Keen has risen from the dead. They said three Hail Mary’s and they’re on the lookout for the zombie apocalypse.
Cooper: I understand. You feel played.
Aram: Don’t you, sir?
Ressler: Look, we should be halfway to Havana by now.
Samar: Why? She obviously doesn’t want our help.
Ressler: Maybe or maybe not, but she needs it.
Samar: You’re willing to risk your life after what she did?
Cooper: All right, let’s just have this conversation. Keen lied to us, took advantage of all of us, and no one is more upset about that than I. Or… relieved. Truth be told, I didn’t think it was possible to be this joyous and livid at the same time. But I have a job to do– find Keen and her family and bring them home safely. And I know that no matter how I feel, I can do that job. I need to know if each of you can say the same.

[ ♪ Car radio plays Sr. Ortegon: ]
♪ desde que te fuiste ♪
♪ las cosas no andan mal ♪
♪ pero si quieres volver ♪
♪ con gusto sere tu man ♪
♪ la muchacha se fue ♪

[ Tom struggles to get at the dead officer’s keys ] [ Grunts ]

♪ se fue ♪
♪ esa muchacha se fue ♪
♪ se fue, se fue ♪

[ Exhales deeply ] [ Speaker crackles ] ♪♪ [ Grunting ] ♪♪ [ Cocks gun ] [ Dialing ] [ Click ] [ Switch clicks ]

[ Red, Dembe and guards enter a house. They subdue men working in the garage ]
Guard: [ Spanish ] Somebody’s here. In the building.
Dembe: [ Spanish ] Contact the FAR.
Guard: [ Spanish ] Already on their way.

Red: [ Threatens a worker with a gun ] [ Spanish ] El Russo. Donde está? [ Where is he? ]

[ Guns drawn, Red and Dembe enter room with a large one-way mirror: Kirk and Liz can see Red and Dembe – Red and Dembe see only their own reflections ]

Kirk: Hello, Raymond.
Red: Elizabeth, are you okay?
Kirk: Of course she is. Unlike you, I would never hurt my own daughter.
Red: Elizabeth? Elizabeth.
Liz: I’m on your left.
[ Red rapidly fires multiple gunshots 💥💥💥💥💥 through the right side of the mirror, but Kirk is unscathed ] [ Tires screech ]
Red: Constantin. What do you want? Name it. You bring her out unharmed, you’ll have it.
Kirk: Of course, the Concierge of Crime wants to cut a deal. You’ll give me whatever I want? Red: Yes.
Kirk: In exchange for Masha?
Red: Whatever you desire.
Kirk: What I desire is to raise my child, to watch her grow, and to have back the 26 years of being a father that you took from me. But you can’t give me that, can you?
Red: No, – because she was never yours to raise.
Dembe: [ Quietly, to Red ] Patrol unit incoming. Military patrol. Armored military.
Red: Agnes. Do you have Agnes?
Liz: I don’t have her. Go. Find Agnes and Tom.
Red: I’m not leaving here without you.
Kirk: You just don’t get it, do you, Raymond? She doesn’t want to be with you. That’s why she faked her own death– to get away from you.
Dembe: Raymond, we have to go now.
Liz: If they get you, they’ll kill you.
Dembe: Raymond.
Elizabeth: Did you hear me? You have to go. Go!
Red: Elizabeth, I will come for you.
[ They leave ]

Red: [ In car, on phone ] Harold, gather your team.
Cooper: Reddington. Where are you? Tell me you have Agent Keen.
Red: No, but she’s still on the island. Kirk’s preparing her exit plan. I don’t know what the preparations are, but I know who can find out– Manuel Esteban.
Cooper: The Chilean Spymaster?
Samar: Who’s Esteban?
Red: Our next Blacklister.
Aram: Manuel Orentez Esteban. Leader of Pinochet’s Caravan of Death that institutionalized a state-sponsored system of terror through abuse, abduction, and murder.
Ressler: According to our database, he died in 1989.
Red: Except he didn’t. Esteban is alive and well and a legendary enforcer for a series of authoritarian regimes.
Samar: Assuming what you say is true and Esteban is alive, what makes you think he can help locate Keen?
Red: Kirk’s man in Cuba is protected by the military. If the military is involved, Esteban will know about it.
Cooper: We’ll never find Esteban in time. We have no assets in Cuba.
Red: [ Laughs ] Of course you do, Harold. Esteban. He works for your government. Castro took him in, and the CIA immediately put him on the payroll as a double agent. What little you know about the inner workings of the Cuban government is courtesy of Manuel Esteban. The CIA knows where to find him, and he knows where to find Elizabeth.

[ A young woman, Ivelisse, crying, is being interrogated by Manuel Esteban. He wears sunglasses. He speaks with an ominous, raspy voice ]
Esteban: [ Spanish subtitles ] Ivelisse, dear, don’t cry, my love. You know who I am.
[ Gasps, nods, continues crying ]
Esteban: [ Spanish ] And you know what it means to see my face.
[ Esteban removes his sunglasses. His eyes are hideous, dull, the skin around them disfigured ]
[ Click ] [ He touches her chin ] [ Continues gasping and crying ]
Esteban: [ Spanish ] Most people fear the dark. I don’t know anything else. I see with my ears.
[ Exhales deeply ] [ Continues crying ]
Esteban: [ Spanish ] Every environment has its own acoustical signature.
[ Esteban slips his fingers under the strap of Ivelisse’s blouse ]
Esteban: [ Spanish ] But your father. And your brother – whether they survive depends on you.
[ Squishing sound as Esteban removes his artificial eyeballs to reveal empty sockets. He places the eyes in her palms ]
[ Whimpering ]
Esteban: [ Spanish ] Tell me what you see.
[ Gasping ] [ Crying ]
Esteban: [ Spanish ] What is the plan for getting off the island?

Cynthia Panabaker: What are you talking to Reddington for? I thought your task force was disbanded after Agent Keen’s death.
Cooper: It turns out she’s not dead. She’s been kidnapped. And if we have any hope for finding her, it rests in finding Esteban. I need to know where to find him.
Panabaker: [ Sighs ] I hate getting into bed with Reddington. I… hate needing him and his list. If you find Agent Keen, will he continue to give you names?
Cooper: He just did– Esteban. According to him, Esteban works for the Agency.
Panabaker: [ Sighs ] Good Lord. Is there anything that man doesn’t know?
Cooper: How can we contact him?
Panabaker: The Agency reaches out to him through the State Department’s weekly travel advisory. Set a meeting, a message is encoded in the advisory, detailing where and when.

Cooper: [ To Ressler and Samar ] The meeting is set for the National Museum. You’ll be going to Cuba undercover, as tourists.
Samar: He’ll be going. Not me. You may be fine with doing this job, no matter how you feel. I can’t.
Ressler: How you feel? How about how Keen feels? Forget about what she did and try to figure out why she did it.
Samar: I have, and someday, maybe I’ll be okay with it. But right now I’m not.
Ressler: What? [ To Cooper ] You’re okay with this?
Cooper: No. But for now, I accept it. You’ll be going alone. Here’s how it’s gonna work.
Panabaker: Your agent will be detailed with the Dallas/Fort Worth Arts and Cultural Committee. Esteban will expect to meet at the Cafe Aventura across from the National Museum. Once inside, take a table in the back, order an egg coffee.
Cooper: I appreciate you burning a source for this.
Panabaker: You knowing he exists is the least of Esteban’s problems. Now that we’re all chummy with the Cubanos, his relationship with the Agency is, uh, something of a liability.
Cooper: You’re gonna scrub him?
Panabaker: Let’s just say, if you wanna reach out to Esteban, you should do it quickly.

[ Ressler is seated in café. A man is singing in Spanish. A man sits down at Ressler’s table ]
Ressler: Jesus. Hot as balls in here. You guys actually drink this stuff?
♪♪ [ Door bell jingles ] ♪♪ [ Someone puts a black sack over Ressler’s head ]

[ Speaks indistinctly in Spanish ] [ Mato and Angel approach car. Mato opens trunk. Tom is startled awake ]
Mato: [ Points at Tom ] Kill him first. Come back for the cop. Meet you at that place.
[ Angel lifts the dead cop out of the trunk ] [ Tom has freed himself and has the cop’s gun ]
[ Tom attacks, shoots. 💥 Angel falls back but the gunshot missed him ] [ Grunting ] [ Whack ] [ Grunting ]
Tom: Hey! Get out of the car! Get out of the car!
[ Mato shoots into driver’s side of car 💥 ]
Mato: Romina. Move it.
Tom: Hey. [ Panting ] Hey. Let her go. Look, you can take me, all right? Do whatever you want. Just give me my little girl! Hey! I’m begging you! Give me my little girl! Please!
[ Car door closes, engine starts ] [ Engine revs ] [ Mato and Romina leave with Agnes ]
Angel: You and I are gonna have some fun, man.

[ Ressler is in a dark prison cell, a dungeon, really ] [ Door clanks, keys jingle ] [ Indistinct whispering ]
Ressler: Hey.
Ivelisse: Shh. [ Whispers ] Don’t talk. They’ll kill us.
Ressler: Where are we? How many people does he have down there?
Ivelisse: My family. They have a way out. He wants me to tell him how. He’s going to kill me. I’ve seen his face. Anyone who sees–
[ Light clicking ] [ Gasps ]
Ivelisse: It’s him.
[ Clicking continues ] [ Door unlocks and opens ] [ Ressler is escorted from cell ]

[ Ressler is sitting at an interrogation table. Esteban sits across from him ]
Esteban: Right. Upright.
[ Cocks gun ]
Esteban: So the rumors are true. They sent you to finish me.
Ressler: Not quite, no.
Esteban: The Americans want me dead, so our relationship dies with me, so I get embarrassed.
Ressler: Look, I’m not here to kill you, pal, I’m here to tell you that Raymond Reddington wants to see you.
Esteban: Oh, so now the US government is Reddington’s messenger.
Ressler: Oh, you know how it works. The American government has deals with all kinds of scumbags. [ Scoffs ]
[ Smack ] [ Grunting ] [ Clicking ]
Ressler: Look, I’ll tell you how it works. You’re gonna give me your phone. [ Click ] I’m gonna dial a number.
Esteban: Okay, cowboy. I like this one.
[ Dials ] [ Line rings ]
Esteban: Reddington? Manuel Esteban.
Red: My heavens, you’re a devil to get ahold of. I’m surprised we’ve never met. I’d like to have a little chitchat. How would you feel about a blind date?

[ Later, Red and Esteban are walking along a busy wooded walkway ]
Red: I’m looking for a woman.
Esteban: Aren’t we all?
Red: Her name is Elizabeth Keen, and the man holding her has the protection of the FAR [ Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias. Cuban Armed Forces ]. They know where she is, which means you know where she is, or you could certainly find out.
Esteban: Why would I help you? You’re an anarchist.
Red: [ Laughs ] Probably. Maybe more of an opportunist. And I have the opportunity to help you. You spent a lifetime bouncing from one authoritarian regime to the next. But this is the last stop. You’re a relic. The détente between America and Cuba makes you a man without a country. Sooner or later, both sides will want you dead. My money’s on sooner. I can take care of myself. [ Clicking ] Clicking like a hairless fruit bat is impressive, Manuel, but you and I both know avoiding a lamppost is very different from avoiding an assassin’s bullet. Echo location can’t help you with that, but I can.
Esteban: What do you propose?
Red: I know what it’s like to be hunted. I’ve protected myself for 30 years. And I can protect you… after you locate Elizabeth Keen.

[ Man whistling ♪♪ ]
Tom: All right, listen to me, please. The baby– I can pay you.
Angel: Quiet.
Tom: Not me. I have a friend. Whatever you want, he’ll help you. We’ll get you off the island, he’ll protect you.
Angel: I said quiet, man.
Tom: Look, just let her go! All right, you can kill me. I don’t care. Just let my baby go.
Angel: [ Laughs ] Let’s go and dig. [ Resumes whistling ♪♪ ]

[ Door bell jingles ] [ Kate sits down at small table across from Red ]
Kate: I know you don’t want to talk to me. Fine. Then listen. It was excruciating to watch you mourn Elizabeth’s death, to know that I was making you endure that. Yes, I betrayed you, but only after you had betrayed her. Raymond, you have to change. I took Elizabeth from you, and now I need your help to get her back. But when you do, as I’m sure you will, you have to let her go.
[ Clicking – Esteban approaches ]
Red: [ To Kate ] Why don’t you wait in the car?
[ Esteban’s clicking continues ]
Esteban: I have a location for the girl.
Red: And the child?
Esteban: I asked, but people know nothing about a child.
Red: Tell me about the location.
[ Door bell jingles ]
Esteban: It is heavily protected. 20, maybe more.
[ Door bells jingle, door closes ]
Red: I’ll need more men.
Esteban: That won’t be necessary.
[ Clicking ] [ Engine rumbling ]

[ Sniffles ]
Kirk: I have a blood disorder.
Liz: Good.
Kirk: I’m dying.
Liz: Even better.
Kirk: They’re here.
[ Door opens. Mato and Romina, holding Agnes, enter ]
Liz: Oh, baby. Are you okay, sweetheart? [ Exhales sharply ] Let me look at you. [ Cries ] Oh, you’re okay. Oh, my God. [ Sniffles ] It’s okay. You’re a strong girl. Everything’s gonna be okay. You’re with Mommy now. Shh.
Kirk: She’s beautiful.
[ Cellphone rings ] [ Cellphone beeps ]
Balzan: Yes? Yes, it’s good to hear from you.
Esteban: [ On phone ] You disappoint me, Balzan.
Balzan: Yes, yes, of… course. [ To Kirk ] It’s the pilot. Everything is on schedule. I’ll notify the men.
Kirk: [ To Mato ] I assume the husband’s been taken care of.

[ Shovel thudding: Tom is being forced to dig a grave for the dead PNR Officer – and himself ] [ Cellphone rings ] [ Ring, beep ]
Angel: [ Spanish ] Hello?
Mato: Is it done?
Angel: [ Spanish ] I told you. Chico ain’t gonna be a problem.
Mato: What’s taking so long?
Angel: [ Spanish ] Nothing is. What’s wrong with you? You want to listen? Hang on.
[ Tom heaves a rock at Angel, causing Angel’s gun to discharge 💥 ] [ Tom and Angel duke it out. Tom beats Angel’s face to a pulp, knocks him out, then shoots 💥 him in the head ]
Mato: Angel. Angel? Angel. [ Pause, then, to Kirk: ] He wants to talk to you.
Kirk: Hello. Who’s this?
Tom: All that matters is that you have a little girl, and you have her mother.
Liz: Tom.
Tom: I’m coming for them, for you. And not just me, an army. You hear me? An army is coming for you.
[ Exhales deeply ]

[ Agnes fussing ] [ Door creaks open ]
Liz: You lost Tom.
Kirk: We’ll be going soon.
Liz: Where?
Kirk: Home.
[ Agnes fussing ]
Liz: I’m not going anywhere with you. I faked my death to have a normal life. There’s nothing normal about being held prisoner.
Kirk: A temporary inconvenience. You’ll see in time that the normal life you want, I’m the only one who can give that to you.
[ Agnes crying ] [ Keys jingle ]
Liz: She’s hungry, which means I need to feed her, which means you need to leave.
Kirk: Of course.

[ Door creaks ]
Esteban: I’ve done what I can, but you must hurry. Kirk has chartered a float plane. There isn’t much time.
Red: For either of us. A stevedore will meet you on Pier 36. I’ve arranged for a berth on a container ship bound for Caracas. Adios.
Ressler: We have an ETA on that plane?
Red: Your job here is done, Donald.
Ressler: Like hell it is. I came here to get Keen. I’m not leaving without her.
Red: You think I’m gonna let you tag along so you can inform the people who kidnapped Elizabeth they have the right to remain silent? I appreciate your assistance, but I’m not interested in having an ethical debate with you about whether they have the right to consult with an attorney before I put a bullet in their head. Excuse me.
[ Door bell jingles ]
Ressler: What about that dirtball? I suppose you think, uh, I should be okay with letting him walk.
Red: It’s entirely up to you.
Ressler: You made a deal with him.
Red: Yes, in order to save Elizabeth, I made a deal with the devil of the day. I did. You didn’t. If you have a problem with that, you’ve got 12 hours before his ship leaves to do something about it. Otherwise, safe travels home, Donald.

[ Door opens, door bell jingles ] [ Knock on door ]
Kirk: Elizabeth? Ready to go? [ Knocks ] [ He enters room and sees that Liz is gone ] Balzan! Balzan!
Mato: He’s gone. Your guards, your security, they’re all gone.
Kirk: The child and the girl– find them.
[ Liz used a bandaid to keep the door from locking ]

[ Telephone rings ]
Aram: This is Agent Mojtabai.
Tom: Aram, it’s Tom.
Aram: Tom? Hey. Tell me you’re with Agent Keen.
Tom: The man who took Agnes– he’s driving a blue Dodge sedan, late ’50s. He’s taking her straight to Liz. If we can follow the car–
Aram: We can find them. Okay, let me think. Let me think. Okay, what I’m thinking is, um, did you help Agent Keen fake her death?
Tom: Aram!
Aram: Not helpful, I know. Okay. But did you? At the funeral, when you put a flower on her casket–
Tom: The car– it has an old tube radio. Local oscillator.
Aram: The oscillator. Right. Of course. Okay, if you could rewire it, you might be able to turn the PLL receiver into this–
Tom: …into a low power mono FM transmitter that produces a signal that you can trace. Yeah. I know.
Aram: You do? Then, uh, why are you…
Tom: To get you to trace the signal, Aram.
Aram: Oh. Oh, you already… uh… Wow, that’s, uh, that is impressive. [ Beep, typing on keyboard ] Okay. Hang on. I’m on it.
Tom: Thank you.
Aram: Did you know? At the christening, when you made me a godfather to Agnes–
Tom: Look, man, I know you’re upset, all right? But right now is not the time.
Aram: I’m trying to ping the signal. Waiting for a reply… from both of you.
Tom: Aram… of course I knew.
Aram: I’ll let you know when, uh, I find the signal.
Tom: Thank you.

[ Liz is running through a wooded area. Agnes is crying ]
Liz: Shh, shh, shh. Shh. Shh. [ Crying continues ] Please, Agnes, stop crying. Mommy’s here. Shh, shh, shh. [ Agnes continues crying ]
[ Romina appears wielding a knife and swipes at Liz ]
Liz: Think about what you’re doing. What are you gonna do? Hurt me? Hurt my baby? Kirk will kill you if you do. Are you a mother? Do you have children? Look at her…
[ Blade whooshes, Romina goes down ] [ Liz throws the baby blanket aside – she has a piece of firewood and is about to attack Romina with it ]
[ Mato appears and points the gun at Agnes, who is lying on the ground ]
Mato: Hey! [ Gun clicks ]
Liz: No! [ She holds her hands up. Agnes resumes crying ]
Mato: Little mama, you got spirit. Get up. [ To Romina ] Get the baby.
[ The float boat circles in for a water landing ]

Kirk: You’ll learn to trust me. Get the baby and the things. We’re leaving.
Liz: Like hell we are. No!
Kirk: I wish there was another way, I do, but Reddington’s on his way.
Liz: Agnes!
Kirk: [ To his men ] Come on. Get her onboard.
[ They muscle Liz into the float plane, leaving Agnes behind with Romina ]

[ Cellphone rings ]
Red: Yeah.
Aram: Mr. Reddington. It’s Aram.
Red: It’s not a good time.
Aram: I have information on Agent Keen. A location. She’s being held near this–
Red: A small fishing port in Playa Larga. We’re on our way.
Aram: Oh. Magic. How’d you do that?
Red: We’ll have Elizabeth shortly. And Agnes.
Aram: Agnes? Right. Tom called. Thanks to him, I was able to track the vehicle where he had last seen Agnes, a blue Dodge sedan.
Red: Thank you, Aram. Agnes is here. [ Car doors open ] Luis, you and your men take the perimeters to the north and the west. Dembe, secure the house. Silvio, you’re with me to the south. [ To Kate ] You stay put.

[ ♪ Losers’ “This is a War” playing ]
♪ I think you know ♪
♪ what the game is ♪
♪ I hope you’ve brought ♪
♪ all your players ♪
♪ ’cause this is a war ♪
♪ oh ♪

[ Screaming ]

♪ this is a war ♪

[ Grunting ]

♪ pick up the gun ♪
♪ with his name on ♪
♪ you’ll never know ♪
♪ where it came from ♪
♪ this is a war ♪

[ Grunts ] [ Yells ] [ Grunting ]
[ Kate sees Romina with Agnes, she draws her gun ]
Kate: That’s not your child.

♪ this is a war ♪
♪ ooh ♪

[ Engine droning. Red runs to the beach and sees the float plane rising from its takeoff. He looks up, defeated. He must feel his life’s mission – to protect Elizabeth from this man – has ended in failure. Liz looks down tearfully through the plane’s window. It’s not clear if they see each other ]

♪ ooh ♪

[ Door squeaks ]
Red: They’re gone.
[ Exhales ] [ Red helps Dembe up ] [ Grunts ]
Dembe: I’m sorry, Raymond.
[ Red spins around gun cocked, but it is Kate – with Agnes ]
[ Agnes fusses ] [ Red takes her, smiles, plays with her. She gives him a little high-five! ]
Red: We have her.

Panabaker: You told them he worked for us? Do you have any idea what kind of blowback I’m dealing with here? And it doesn’t take long to find out who told the Cubans.
Ressler: I heard it was an anonymous tip.
Cooper: Agent Ressler…
Panabaker: Are you a traitor or– or just a moron?
Ressler: Look, the Agency was gonna assassinate Esteban…
Panabaker: I have no direct knowledge–
Ressler: …so the Cubans wouldn’t find out who was feeding secrets to the CIA.
Cooper: Whoever this anonymous source is, he just saved a lot of lives.
Panabaker: What are you talking about?
Ressler: Now that America knows about Esteban’s little torture chamber, the Cubans are going to want plausible deniability.
[ Flash to two officials at the prison: ]
Junior Official: [ Spanish ] What to you want to do with the prisoners?
Senior Official: [ Spanish ] Let them out. They weren’t here. This never happened.
[ As Panabaker continues talking, prisoners are shown being released from their cells ]
Panabaker: Let’s not mince words. You took it upon yourself to tell the Cubans about our–
Ressler: No, I took it upon myself to stop what Esteban was doing. Do you have any idea what that was? No, because all you care about is what Esteban was doing for you.
Panabaker: There are bigger issues, Agent Ressler.
Ressler: Torture, abuse, murder. I don’t see any bigger issues than that. Excuse me.

Samar: Have you heard from Reddington?
Aram: No. Uh, last time I spoke to him, he was on his way to the location where Agent Keen was being held.
Samar: I’m sure he’ll call. I’m sure they’re okay.
Aram: I think you were wrong not going to Cuba. I’m not saying what Agent Keen did was right, but as long as her life is in danger, as long as Agnes’s life is in danger, I think we have to put our feelings aside.
Samar: What’s happening to Liz is her own fault. I know that sounds harsh, but it’s true. She made decisions that have consequences, and now she has to live with them. She’s in trouble. I know, and I’m angry about that. because if she’d behaved differently, she wouldn’t be in this position.
Aram: But she is. And no matter how we feel, I think we have to do something about it.
Samar: I don’t.
Aram: If you don’t help, and something happens to Agent Keen or Agnes, I know you. You won’t be able to live with yourself.

[ Red, Kate and Dembe depart. Dembe drives. Red and Kate in the back seat with the baby in a car seat ]
[ Cellphone rings ]
Dembe: Yes? [ To Red ] It’s Tom.
Red: Tell him we were too late. Kirk has Elizabeth.
Tom: What about Agnes?
Dembe: She’s with us. Safe. Your daughter is safe.

[ Tom gets into Angel’s red Ford pickup truck. The ignition sputters, then catches and revs and he departs ]

[ In the back seat as Dembe drives, Red plays with Agnes who grasps his fingers & coos. Red smiles. So does Kate ]
Kate: Raymond, I’ve been thinking about where we go from here–
[ Sound of engine revving ] [ The blue Dodge sedan accelerates and❗💥 crashes 💥❗into the car with Red, Dembe, Kate and Agnes ]

[ Red’s car is flipped on its side, its wheel spinning ]

[ Agnes is crying ]
[ Mato approaches the wrecked car, reaches in through the window and takes Agnes. Mato kisses his finger and touches Kate’s lips as she loses consciousness. Red is crunched over motionless ]
[ Agnes’ crying continues ]

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༺✦ ♤ ✦༻



♫ Predator
by Gadi Sassoon (feat. Elenna Canlas)

TuneFind: http://bit.ly/2cBUkd2


♫ This is a War
by Losers

♪ I think you know what the game is

♪ I hope you’ve brought all your players
‘Cause this is a war
This is a war

♪ Pick up the gun with his name on
You’ll never know where it came from
This is a war
This is a war

♪ You think you’re God in a place where
There is no God to replace us

♪ This is a war
This is a war

♪ Say goodnight to your body
The day has won
The day has won

♪ Wake from the chaos
Open your arms 

♪ I’m your neighbour
This is a war
This is a war

♪ Say goodnight to your body
The day has won
The day has won

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2d80124
YouTube Play: http://youtu.be/8Da14w5FrM4

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🔴 Script: 4:2 Mato (№ 66)

Program air date: 9/29/2016 in the US
Permalink: http://wp.me/pDKwi-3l6
Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/2cFvwCA
Last updated: 10/2/2016 at 3:45pm CT [ Central/Chicago time ]

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Andrew McCarthy
Written by: JonBokenkamp, Michael Cerone

⭕ Script 4:2 Mato (№ 66)

Blurb: Liz has been separated from her infant daughter Agnes, forced by Alexander Kirk (aka Constantin Rostov), a man claiming to be her father, to leave Cuba headed “home.” Red and Mr Kaplan rescue Agnes, only to have her taken again by the mysterious shamanic Mato.

[ Kirk, who claims to be Liz’s father Constantin Rostov, has forced Liz to accompany him on a float plane to a place he tells her is “home.” ]
Kirk: He won’t find you– Reddington– if that’s what you’re hoping for or worried about.
Liz: Tom’s alive. You don’t have Agnes. I’m not worried about anything.
Kirk: I won’t apologize for trying to restore my family.
Liz: Even if it means destroying mine.
Kirk: Reddington– He took you from me.
Liz: And you hate him for it, for stealing your child. I know how that feels.
Kirk: You would’ve been with Agnes now if you hadn’t tried to escape.
Liz: Yes. But then again, so would you.
[ Cellphone rings, beeps ]
Kirk: Tell me.
Mato: I got the girl.
Kirk’s Find a way across the Straits, then contact my office in the Keys. Do it quickly. Agnes has been away from her mother too long.

[ Suddenly, Liz lunges at the pilot. The plane nosedives ] [ Gunshot 💥 ]
Pilot: She’s gonna kill us! Aah!
[ Wind whistling ] [ Grunts ] [ Gunshot 💥 – The pilot is fatally shot. Liz leans over the pilot to grab the controls of the plane tries to level it. The plane is about to hit the water … ]

[ The car with Dembe, Red, Mr Kaplan (“Kate”) and baby Agnes was rammed by Mato, who has taken Agnes. Tom drives up in a red pickup truck ]
Red: The child…
[ Truck stops ]
Red: No.
[ Grunts, groans ] [ Groans ] [ Sighs ]
Tom: Liz and Agnes.
Red: No. Please assist Mr. Kaplan.
Tom: You all right?
[ Red clears throat ] [ Dembe grunts ]
Tom: Where are they?
Red: In danger. How did you find us?
Tom: I had Aram tracking that car. I spent the better part of the day stuck in the trunk.
Red: Who was the driver?
Tom: Had to be one of Kirk’s hired hands. 6-foot, rough trade, dark skin. Likes Western wear.
Kate: Mato. I saw his face.
Tom: Who’s Mato?
Kate: A finder. A tracker. Killer when necessary.
Tom: How do we find him?
Kate: I don’t know.
Red: You don’t know or you won’t say?
Kate: We had a mutual friend. He gave Mato his start as a skip tracer. It was years ago.
Red: Little Nikos.
Kate: I can talk to him. If he knows anything, he’ll tell me.
Red: West Texas’ favorite bail bondsman. An Amarillo institution for 25 years to life. Dembe, call Edward. Tell him to ready the jet. We’re gonna pay a visit to Little Nikos.

[ Liz wakes in the crashed plane. Kirk is unconscious ] [ Water lapping ] [ Gasps ] [ Grunts ] [ Metal creaking ] [ Object thuds, water pouring ]

[ Aram runs up metal stairs still the Post Office ]
Aram: Excuse me. Sorry. It’s Mr. Reddington.
Red: [ On phone ] We have two targets– Elizabeth Keen and Agnes Keen– traveling separate paths to an unknown location. Constantin Rostov, also know as Alexander Kirk, fled with Elizabeth in a private seaplane that departed from Playa Larga… mm, less than an hour ago, due west.
Aram: What about Agnes?
Red: I have a lead on Agnes. She was abducted by one of Kirk’s private contractors, a high-priced tracker known only as Mato. He missed the flight off the island.
Samar: Then he’s trapped in Cuba. There’s no way he’ll make it past the PNR after the international incident you just caused there.
Red: Ordinarily I would agree with you, Agent Navabi, but Mato isn’t your garden-variety mercenary. From what I’m told, he’s an Indian– part Sioux, part I don’t know what, son of a Shaman. Mato could sneak up on a deer in a glade and smack it on the rump. He’ll find his way off the island.
Cooper: We’ll notify the seaports just in case. Good luck. And let us know what you turn up. [ Receiver beeps ] Contact Customs and Border Patrol. They work with the Coast Guard to monitor the air and waters around Cuba.
Samar: Sir, I don’t understand why we’re going to such extremes–
Cooper: Agent Ressler is on a return flight from Cuba. It’s time to set aside your personal feelings and help out this investigation.

Kate: This is my fault. If anything happens to Elizabeth or the baby…
Tom: You have nothing to apologize for. You tried to help us find a normal life. I’d take that risk again. [ To Red ] I don’t regret trying to get away from you.
Red: Of course you don’t. Regret requires age or wisdom.
Tom: We were trying to protect Agnes.
Red: I guess that didn’t work out. When we get to Amarillo, I think it would be best to do as I say, both of you.

Liz: Mayday, mayday, mayday. Plane down off the coast of Havana. 23 degrees, 52 minutes north.
[ Water pouring ]
Liz: 82 degrees, 49 minutes south. Mayday, mayday, mayday. Can anyone hear me?
Kirk: My sat phone.
Liz: Gone.
[ Static crackling ]
Kirk: You need to untie me, Masha.
Liz: Mayday, mayday, mayday, is anyone there?
[ Loud clank ]
Kirk: What was that? You need to know that Agnes is safe. She’ll be cared for.
[ Metal creaking ]
Kirk: You see anything?
Liz: One of the pontoons is taking on water. We don’t have long.
Kirk: Untie me! Masha, I’m your father. You can’t let me drown.
Liz: Watch me.
[ Static ]

Captain Daly: We’ve got every sonar operator in the Miami district working on this. We launched the search as soon as I received your call.
Samar: Any chance the plane is still in range?
Daly: A light aircraft, flying low and slow? We’ll find it. We monitor 2 million square miles of ocean from Miami.
Samar: Agent Ressler, welcome back. This is Captain Daly. He’s our liaison with the US Coast Guard.
Daly: I’m authorized to give you full access to our radar screens.
Ressler: If that seaplane is flying low, won’t it avoid detection?
Daly: Most radar transmitters are on the ground, aimed at the sky. Ours float in the sky on balloons, looking down. They’re designed to detect small aircraft, like the one you described. If you don’t mind me asking, who’s on the plane?
Ressler: Friend.
Samar: [ At the same time as Ressler ] A fugitive.
Daly: Sounds complicated.

[ Red and Kate get out of the car ]
Kate: When we get inside, let me talk to him. He and I have history.
Red: He and I don’t. I’ll be more persuasive.
Kate: Is that what this has come to? The chance for you to punish me by hurting someone I care about?
Red: You are not my concern. Agnes is. If someone you care about is hurt in the process of finding her, so be it.
Kate: Do you remember what I looked like that night? Lying in the street, my head torn open… Annie’s body in front of me.
Red: You know I don’t know what you looked like. I was away.
Kate: Right, but he does. Little Nikos sat by my bed in the hospital. When I healed, he gave me work, a reason to push on. He’s a decent man. I’m only here to serve you today because of his kindness.
Red: You may speak to him first. Briefly.
[ Door bell jingles ]
Maisie: Afternoon. Can I help you?
[ Door closes ]
Kate: Little Nikos, please.
Maisie: Oh, wish I could oblige, Miss…
Kate: Mr. Kaplan, an old friend.
Maisie: Mr. Kaplan, I wish I could oblige, but Nikos is takin’ a little nap.
Red: Perhaps it’s time for a wake-up call.
Maisie: Uh, I’m afraid that’s not possible. He’s in surgery.
Red: Where?
Maisie: His stomach.
Red: And where might we find his stomach?

[ Red and Kate burst into an operating room where a laparoscopic surgery is underway ]
Ellen: I told him he couldn’t come in.
Red: Oh, my. Me and my timing.
Surgeon: What the hell is going on?
Red: Is this a lap band? I knew all those desserts would catch up with Little Nikos one day. I think I see some baklava in there.
Surgeon: Put that down. Helen, get him out of here. Call building security.
Red: I need your capable team here to wake up your patient.
Surgeon: What? Call security right now.
Red: Wake him up.
Surgeon: I can’t. We’re in the middle of a procedure. I’d be putting his life in danger.
Red: His life’s already in danger. [ Draws gun ] How ’bout yours?
[ Monitor beeping steadily ]

Kirk: There are no life vests, no inflatable rafts. We’re gonna flip. Our only chance is out there, holding onto the pontoons.
Liz: You mean my only chance. [ Unzips pocket ] You’re not going anywhere. [ Seat belt clicks ] [ Exhales sharply ] [ Gunshot (flare) 💥 ]
Kirk: We’re not gonna survive unless we trust each other.
Liz: I’ll never trust you.
[ Kirk has gotten the gun when Liz was distracted with the flare. He points it at her ]
Kirk: We’re a family. Not Reddington. Us. If you wanna hold your child in your arms again, we need to trust each other.
[ Kirk hands the gun to Liz ]

Ressler: The Coast Guard just picked up a brief ELT signal from a light aircraft west of Havana, somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico.
Cooper: An ELT signal? Are you telling me their plane went down?
Samar: It appears that way, sir.
Cooper: But we have a location for them.
Ressler: It’s not that simple. This ELT signal’s an older model. Analog frequency.
Aram: No digital signal to carry GPS coordinates.
Samar: ELTs are notoriously unreliable, especially if they’re… submerged underwater.
Captain Daly: We’ve narrowed the search field to 220 square miles. SAR teams are gearing up now.
Aram: I know this is not about me, it is about Agent Keen, but I don’t know if I have the strength to lose her again.
Samar: None of us do.
Cooper: Stay on it. Say a prayer. And notify me the minute you have an update.

Surgeon: He’s awake and in excruciating pain. I gave him a self-administering morphine drip to manage his discomfort. Even that won’t be enough unless you get what you want quickly and leave.
Red: [ To Kate ] Remember… we’re getting what we need, one way or another.
[ Monitor beeping steadily ] [ Nikos groans softly ]
Little Nikos: Kate. What are you… What’s happening?
Kate: We only have a minute. Raymond Reddington is here. [ Nikos grunts ] He wants Mato.
[ Breathing heavily ] [ Groans ] [ Click ] [ Groans ]
Kate: Tell me how to find Mato.
Little Nikos: No.
Kate: He’ll kill you if you don’t.
Little Nikos: He’ll kill Mato if I do.
Red: I’m not gonna hurt you, Nikos. You’re a good man. Loyal. Protective of those who are protective of you. I admire that in a person. Unfortunately for you, I’m surrounded by people who don’t. Tom, I’d like to introduce you to Little Nikos, the man who’s protecting the sociopath who stole your baby. Good luck with that surgery, Nick.

[ Kirk and Liz are clinging to the pontoons of the overturned float plane ]
Kirk: Don’t let go. No matter what, don’t let go.
Liz: They’re looking. The FBI, the Coast Guard. They’ll find us.
Kirk: They’ll find you… [ Gasps ] …which is enough.
[ Kirk exhales sharply, then loses his grip and slips under the water ]
Liz: No. No!
[ Liz dives down and saves Kirk ]
[ Grunts ] [ Inhales deeply ] [ Gasps ] [ Grunts ] [ Exhales sharply ]
Kirk: I told you not to let go.
Liz: I can help you.
Kirk: It’s too much.
Liz: You said we have to trust each other. Do you trust me?
Kirk: Yes.
Liz: Then hold on. They will find us. They will find us.

[ Tom shows Little Nikos a small photo of baby Agnes ]
Tom: Here’s my little girl. That’s Agnes. I’m gonna put this right… here, because she is the reason I am doing this. Remember that.
[ Tom puts the photo on the adjustable surgical light where Little Nikos can see it ]
[ Little Nikos reathing heavily ]
Tom: I’ll just take this. That’s enough, yeah.
[ Grunts, exhales sharply ]
Tom: Tell me how to find Mato.
Little Nikos: I… I can’t do that.
Tom: Well, you do have guts.
[ Nikos breathing shakily ] [ Instrument whirs ]
Tom: What do you think this does? [ Whirring ]

[ Red and Kate are sitting in the waiting room ]
[ In the next room, Nikos screams, cries ]
Red: I’m sorry it had to be Nikos.
Kate: If there’s no sincerity behind your words, don’t waste them.
[ Nikos screaming ]
Red: What would you have me say, Kate?
Kate: Say that you understand. I didn’t just give you my friend as an act of contrition. I’m not sorry for what I did. I betrayed you for the same reason I just betrayed Nikos– to keep Elizabeth safe, just like you asked me to all those years ago, when you first put her in my arms as a baby girl, only now she has a baby girl of her own, and your existence in their lives puts them in constant danger. ⋘⋙ Say that you understand or don’t say anything at all.
[ Nikos screaming ]

Liz: Hey, stay awake. Stay with me. Talk to me. Tell me, uh, about your parents. What were their names?
[ Ship horn blows ]
Liz: Help! Over here! Help!
[ Horn blows ] [ Liz waves to get the boat’s attention ]

[ Door opens ]
Tom: I got a phone number and a password.
Red: Nakaidoklini?
Tom: It’s a famous medicine man. I don’t know. You text that name to that number using Nikos’ cellphone, and Mato will show up in person at the bail office. It’s how they do it.
[ Kate goes to Nikos’ bedside. Monitor beeping steadily ]
Kate: I’m so sorry, Nikos.
Red: [ Beckoning her: ] Kate.

Liz: Oh, thank you. Thank you. Uh, he needs medical attention. First aid? Uh, do you understand? Medicina.
Boat Captain: ¿Medicina? Sí. I have a first aid kid–
Liz: Good, good. Show me. He needs it right now. Right now.
Kirk: Why did you save me? Why?
Liz: Because you know where Agnes is.
Kirk: Is that the only reason?
Liz:You need to keep pressure on that leg. You’ve lost a lot of blood.
[ Groaning ]
Liz: I saved you because of Agnes, but… also maybe because you might be telling the truth.
[ Liz talks to the boat captain alone ]
Liz: Me llamo Elizabeth Keen. I’m with the FBI. That man was in my custody when our plane crashed.
Captain: ¿Medicina?
Liz: No, no, no, no. Uh… Señor… terrorist. Muy malo. Muy malo.
Captain: ¿Terrorista?
Liz: [ Whispers ] Shh, shh, shh, yes. Uh, necesito un radio.
Captain: ¿Radio? Sí, sí.
[ Switch clicks ]
Liz: [ Speaking Spanish ] Do you have a gun? ¿Pistola?
Captain: ¿Pistola? The gun is in the toolbox. [ Speaks in Spanish ]
Liz: Uh, I don’t– No comprendo.
[ Switch clicks ]
Captain: [ Speaks in Spanish; no subtitles ]
Liz: No, slow down. Please slow down…
[ Gunshot 💥 – the captain is hit ] [ Groans ]
Kirk: I believe he said the pistol is in the toolbox.

[ Ressler knocks on door ]
Cooper: Come in.
Ressler: Coast Guard just intercepted a distress call on the Gulf. Some Cuban fishing vessel. Keen was on board.
Aram: So she’s alive?
Cooper: You can come in, Aram.
Aram: Sorry, I just wanted to hear the update, which is… the greatest update ever.
Cooper: Did you talk to her?
Ressler: No, but we heard her voice. The pilot was in the middle of giving the coordinates when the transmission cut out.
Cooper: The signal cut out? Why? Could you get it back?
Ressler: All that matters is that the search teams have a target now. They’re gonna find that boat.
Cooper: Agent Ressler… the signal. What aren’t you telling me?
Ressler: Keen’s voice. The last thing we heard was her asking if there was a gun on board.

[ A wooded site. Agnes lies on a blanket on the ground. Mato performs a Native American ritual over her as Romina watches ]
Mato: Honor the sacred, Honor the Earth, and everyone who shares it. Honor the elders… ♪ …the 4-legged, the 2-legged, the winged ones, the plant and animal people. Walk in beauty and balance. Oy, kak krasivo!
[ Two men with Russian accents walk in on the scene ]
Russian: I take photo for Facebook, yeah? [ Chuckles ] You don’t want your money?
[ Russian tosses black leather bag to Mato ]
Mato: I need to know that you’re gonna safely deliver that baby to Kirk.
Russian: His jet is waiting at MIA.
[ Velcro rips: Mato checks contents of satchel ]
Mato: [ To Romina ] Put the girl into Kirk’s hands only.
Romina: I understand.
[ Cellphone chimes. Mato checks the text message. It’s from Nikos ]

[ Motor whirring ]
Liz: If this man dies–
Kirk: It’ll be your fault. You got him involved. [ Click: Kirk speaks into phone ] I need an ETA.
Man: Intercept team should reach your position in 20 minutes. They want to know how many passengers, over.
Liz: Three passengers, and make sure there’s a medical team standing by.
Kirk: [ Click ] Two passengers. Over.
[ Static hisses ]
Kirk: I know you were lying about believing in me. But I promise, once we reach our destination, you’ll know that everything I’ve told you is true.
Liz: Of course you believe that. You’re a classic narcissist. You were, what, abused as a child? Abandoned? Made to feel powerless? You must’ve suffered some sick, traumatic, dark event to believe that the sick, traumatic dark things you’ve done to me and everyone I care about could ever result in me loving you.

[ In the bail office, Maisy sighs, is sweaty, appears stressed ]
Red: You’re doing fine, Maisy.
Dembe: He should be here any minute.
[ In the car, waiting outside for Mato ]
Tom: Sorry about Nikos.
Kate: You did your job.
Tom: I know, but… I didn’t mean to… He knew where my baby was, all right? That’s the only reason I pushed so hard.
Kate: Why are you telling me this?
Tom: Because he’s your friend.
Kate: So you want me to make you feel better? Everyone wants me to make things easier for them. Cleaner. That’s what I am, after all, the Cleaner.
Tom: Just forget I brought it up.
Kate: In my desire to make life easier for your baby, I betrayed Raymond, and now he doesn’t know what to do with me. Well, he knows what he has to do, and he wants me to make it easier for him. But I won’t. I’m not here to make him feel better, and I’m not here to make you feel better, Tom.
[ Footsteps approaching. Mato pauses at door of office ]
Kate: I need some air. [ She gets out of the car ]
[ Maisy humming ]
[ Mato walks up to door of Nikos’ office. Kaplan sees him. He sees Kaplan and takes off running. Tom takes off after him. Dembe soon follows ]
[ Chase scene ]
Man: Watch yourself!
[ Door bangs opens ] [ Tires screech as Kate drives the car into Mato⚡️] [ Grunts ]
Tom: Where’s my daughter?! Where’s my daughter? [ Punches Mato ]
Mato: Uhh!
Tom: Huh? Where is she?! Where– where’s my daughter? Huh? Where is she?
Red: Tom!
[ Mato grunts ]
Red: Let’s get out of the heat. [ To Kaplan: ] Thank you.
Kate: Of course, Raymond.

Captain Daly: Found your boat near Madeira Bay, a few miles offshore. It’s being escorted to a nearby marina.
Ressler: Was there anyone on board?
[ Ressler and Samar are at the marina ] [ Indistinct conversations ]
Samar: Where’s the survivor?
[ The boat captain is receving medical attention on the pier for his gunshot wound ]
Ressler: Excuse me. FBI. We need a minute. [ To the boat captain ] Sir, the woman, the one who was with you, where is she?
Captain: I don’t understand.
Samar: [ In Spanish, no subtitles ] Where is the woman?
Captain: [ In Spanish ” ” ] He took her. On a speedboat. They took her away in a speedboat.
Samar: Who took her away? Quien se la llevo?
Captain: The terrorist.
Ressler: Where the hell are they?

Kirk: Put Romina on the phone. I want Agnes to see her mother.
Liz: Where is she?
Kirk: We’ll all be together soon.
[ Kirk gives Liz his cellphone ]
[ Agnes appears on cellphone, coos ]
Liz: Hi, Agnes. Hi.
[ Agnes babbling ]
Liz: Did you hear that? We’re gonna be together soon.
[ Agnes coos ]
Liz: I love you.

Red: This’ll be quick, as I have no time and less patience. Tell me where Alexander Kirk took Elizabeth Keen and her daughter. [ Silence ] The strong silent type. You’re not doing much to break down stereotypes here.
Mato: I’m not afraid of pain.
Red: Mm. Or dying, I’m sure. You know, some years back, I was hiking Devils Tower for a bracing dip in the spiritual vortex, when who did I run into but the tribal leader of the Lakota Nation, a man of vast responsibility. He invited me to witness the extreme version of the Sun Dance ritual.
Mato: Not just anyone can attend the Sun Dance.
Red: True, and you can’t get a table at The Fat Duck without a reservation. But I find in either case, a generous donation gets you in the teepee. I watched a tribal member, much like yourself, suspend himself from a cottonwood tree with flesh hooks through his chest. Three hours he dangled, skin stretched like salt water taffy, while he left his body to communicate with the Great Spirit. Like you, the man on that tree didn’t fear death. But you know what terrified him? The thought of eternity on earth, trapped in a dark box, surrounded by rotting flesh, forever. I hear that’s why some Native people leave spirit holes in their caskets, to allow their souls to pass on to the next great hunting ground in the sky.
[ Cuckoo clock chiming ]
Red: After I shoot you, sir, you will be locked in an airtight, concrete crypt, unless you tell me what I need to know before those figures stop dancing.
[ Music playing ]
Mato: Kirk said they’re going to the Summer Palace. That’s all I know.
Red: Yes. I know the Summer Palace.
[ Music continues playing ]
[ Heard from next room where Tom and Kate wait: Gunshot 💥 ] [ Thud ]

[ Turns off engine ]
Liz: What is this place?
Kirk: It’s yours. It belongs to you and Agnes, of course. It’s a lovely location to raise a little girl, don’t you think?
Liz: The armed goons don’t do much for the landscape.
Kirk: Well, the coercion was necessary and temporary. All I ever intended to do was show you, prove to you who you are, who I am. And then you can choose for yourself.
Liz: Like a Russian fairy tale.
Kirk: That’s right. Excuse me, Elizabeth. I have much more to show you, but my physician is waiting for me.
Katya: Hello, Elizabeth. My name is Katja. You can think of me as the Palace Keeper.
Liz: Palace? The Summer Palace. It’s what Mr. Kirk calls the cottage. Anything you need during your stay, let me know.

[ Telephone rings, beeps ]
Cooper: Director Cooper.
Red: I know where Elizabeth is, Harold, where Kirk is taking Agnes. Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. Kirk owns a cottage there where he would go to escape the dreary summers in Novosibirsk.
Cooper: Are they hurt? Injured?
Red: I don’t know and I can’t find out. I’m deep in the heart of Amarillo, Texas. How quickly can your people get there?
Cooper: Agents Ressler and Navabi are flying back from Miami. I can redirect their plane.
Red: I’ll send you a location.
Kate: [ Referring to cleaning up the death scene: ] I’ll handle this quickly.
Red: You always do, Kate.

[ Door closes ]
Katya: Can I get you something else?
Liz: Yes. My daughter.
Katya: I understand, Elizabeth. I know some of what you’ve been through, but little Agnes will be here soon. And when she’s here, you will need your strength.
Liz: Tell me about Kirk. How long have you known him?
Katya: I have worked here for nine years. I took over from my mother. She worked my entire childhood maintaining the Summer Palace.
Liz: So you know him well?
Katya: No, actually, I don’t. He hasn’t visited here in years. It’s been… too painful for him. Until now.

[ Liz investigates the cottage. She finds a Russian children’s book on a table in a library ] [ Floorboards creak ] [ She walks past the room where Kirk is receiving medical care ]
[ Doorknob squeaks ]
[ Liz enters a room for a young girl. On a child-sized table with dolls seated on small chairs, she finds a drawing of a little girl holding hands with her parents. It is the same painting seen in her memories of the fire evoked during the memory recall session and in flashbacks. But it is whole, unscorched, pristine ]
[ Footsteps approach. It is Kirk ]
Liz: This was my bedroom.
Kirk: Welcome home, Masha.
Kirk: I promised you the truth.
Liz: But… there was a fire. I… I shot my father. I remember.
Kirk: What’s the memory of a small child? You didn’t remember me or your mother or this room. Reddington lied to you, Masha. He told you your father was dead, but thanks to you– what you did on the water– I’m very much alive. All the stories Reddington’s told you about who he is and his connection to you– he knew you were looking for answers and he took advantage of that to re-enter your life. But the answers you’ve been looking for are here.

Reddington, he was in love with your mother and he’s obsessed with you.

Liz: But it can’t be true.
Kirk: [ Whispers ] But you know it is. [ Normal voice ] I’m sorry. I said too much. You must be feeling overwhelmed. I’ll go and check on your daughter’s arrival. Do you know why I call this cottage the Summer Palace? We came here for a vacation one July, and my little princess loved it. It’s been a palace ever since.

[ ♪ Jono McCleery’s “Where Are You” playing ]
♪ can you ♪
♪ or me ♪
♪ save anyone ♪
♪ from disappearing? ♪

♪ the shape ♪
♪ of time ♪
♪ a shade of light ♪
♪ receding ♪

[ Liz finds a copy of the photo of herself as a child on a swing with her mother. She flashes to: A small, dark-haired girl peering out the window to see the very swing in the photo. Liz goes outside and the swing is there. She walks up to it. She recalls her mother telling her (in Russian) that she is burying a “time machine” (in a coffee tin) in the garden near the swing. Young Liz has brought “treasures” including a Russian nesting doll. Her mother adds her own yarn bracelet to the tin, puts the cover on, and buries it. In the present time, Liz digs and finds the tin. She takes our her mother’s yarn bracelet and puts it on. ]

[ Russian dialog with subtitles: ]
Katarina: There you are. Did you bring some treasures? – Oh, these are beautiful! This is a time machine. One day you will come back here, open it, and remember me.
Masha: Yes, Mommy.

♪ where I sleep ♪
♪ in your arms ♪
♪ what I see ♪
♪ shut all paths ♪

♪ where they lead ♪
♪ where you are ♪
♪ all I need ♪
♪ home ♪

[ Suddenly, an FBI helicopter appears overhead ]
[ Shouting ] [ Tires screech, car doors close ]
[ Ressler and other agents run toward the front of the cottage ]
Ressler: Spread out! Come on, let’s go!
[ Man shouts indistinctly ] [ Gunshots 💥💥💥]
Ressler: Return fire!
[ Gunshots 💥💥💥]
Guard: Aah! [ One of Kirk’s guards tumbles off a balcony ]
FBI: [ Shouts indistinctly ] Move in! Move in!
[ An armed agent encounters Liz in the house, points his rifle at her ]
FBI: Hands in the air! In the air!
Ressler: Stand down! Stand down, she’s one of ours. Secure the house. Find Kirk. Find that child.
[ Liz and Ressler stare at each other for an endless second ]
Man: [ Speaks indistinctly ] I got hot.
[ Birds chirping ] [ Men speak indistinctly ] [ Radio beeps ]
Samar: He’s gone, and if Agnes is with him, she’s gone, too.
[ Radio beeps ] [ Men shouting indistinctly ]
[ Liz is being led toward a police vehicle when she sees Ressler ] [ They hug ] [ Liz sobs ]

[ A black SUV pulls up in front of an industrial-looking building. Liz and Ressler get out. Baz is there ]
Baz: He’s waiting for you inside.
Liz: Where are we?
Baz: Home. Your home.
[ Red has been observing Liz’s arrival from his car. Briefly, Red and Liz make eye contact. He offers a faint hint of a smile. Her look is chilly ]
Red: [ Turns away ] [ To Dembe ] Let’s go.
[ Red rolls up his window ]
[ Baz escorts Liz through the almost-empty building ]
Liz: What is this place?
[ A warm light appears, an apartment in a remote part of the facility ]
[ Tom is there ] [ They embrace ]
[ Exhales sharply ] [ Crying ] [ Exhales sharply ]
Tom: I’m gonna find her.
[ Sniffles ]

[ Dembe drives Red and Kate through a deeply wooded area ]

[ ♪ Gordon Lightfoot’s “If You Could Read My Mind” playing ]
♪ if you could read my mind, love ♪
♪ what a tale my thoughts could tell ♪
♪ just like an old-time movie ♪
♪ ’bout a ghost from a wishin’ well ♪
♪ in a castle dark ♪
♪ or a fortress strong ♪
♪ with chains upon my feet ♪
♪ you know that ghost is me ♪
♪ and I will never be set free ♪
♪ as long as I’m a ghost that you can’t see ♪

♪ if I could read your mind, love ♪
♪ what a tale your thoughts could tell ♪

Red: [ To Dembe ] Stay with the car.
[ Red and Kate walk into the woods ]

♪ just like a paperback novel ♪
♪ the kind the drugstores sell ♪
♪ when you reach the part where the heartaches come ♪
♪ the hero would… ♪

Red: There are places back here that have never borne a human footprint. 53,000 acres of virgin wilderness, all but one owned by the Bureau of Land Management. One acre, a jewel. A single buildable acre. Like a flawless diamond set in a sea of emeralds. The real estate equivalent of a unicorn. I acquired it some years ago from a family who had held it in trust for over a century and a half.
Kate: Beautiful.
Red: Yes. [ He stops ] You understand, Kate, that I–
Kate: Have no choice? Isn’t that the speech, Raymond? That I know too much? Every single one of your weaknesses, all your faults, all your secrets. I dedicated my life to you. You entrusted me with everything you value– your freedom, your life, a child. I have never failed you. What you see as a betrayal of trust was actually a fulfillment of your wishes, to protect your interests. No more, no less.
Red: You presumed to decide what was best for me. Even if I resolve the anger, the pain you caused… I can’t trust you. Ever. I’m standing before a stranger. And yet, I know you believe what you did was best for Elizabeth, which is why I brought you here. You’ve told me you’ve always wanted a pristine, unspoiled place to live out your days in peace. So the acre is yours. For all eternity.
[ Red cocks gun ] [ Gunshot 💥 ] [ Kate spins and collapses, face first, arm outstretched ] [ Red turns around and walks away ]

♪ if you could read my mind, love ♪
♪ what a tale my thoughts could tell ♪
♪ just like an old-time movie ♪
♪ ’bout a ghost from a wishin’ well ♪
♪ in a castle dark ♪
♪ or a fortress strong ♪
♪ with chains upon my feet ♪
♪ you know that ghost is me ♪
♪ and I will never be set free ♪
♪ as long as I’m a ghost that you can’t see ♪

[ Kate’s right hand moves, grasping a handful of grass ]

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♫ Where Are You?
By Jono McCleery

♪ can you?
or me?
save anyone?
from disappearing?

♪ the shape
of time
a shade of light

♪ i… i…see
in your eyes
i… i…see
shine all bright
i… i…see
in your eyes
i… i’ll be

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2cVgwPm
YouTube link: http://youtu.be/LaTlb-bDFOk


♫ If You Could Read My Mind
By Gordon Lightfoot

♪ If you could read my mind, love
What a tale my thoughts could tell
Just like an old-time movie
‘Bout a ghost from a wishin’ well
In a castle dark or a fortress strong
With chains upon my feet
You know that ghost is me
And I will never be set free
As long as I’m a ghost that you can’t see

♪ If I could read your mind, love
What a tale your thoughts could tell
Just like a paperback novel
The kind the drugstores sell
When you reach the part where the heartaches come
The hero would be me
But heroes often fail
And you won’t read that book again
Because the ending’s just too hard to take

♪ I’d walk away like a movie star
Who gets burned in a three-way script
Enter number two
A movie queen to play the scene
Of bringing all the good things out in me
But for now love, let’s be real
I never thought I could act this way
And I’ve got to say that I just don’t get it
I don’t know where we went wrong
But the feeling’s gone and I just can’t get it back

♪ If you could read my mind, love
What a tale my thoughts could tell
Just like an old-time movie
‘Bout a ghost from a wishin’ well
In a castle dark or a fortress strong
With chains upon my feet
But stories always end
And if you read between the lines
You’ll know that I’m just tryin’ to understand
The feelings that you lack
I never thought I could feel this way
And I’ve got to say that I just don’t get it
I don’t know where we went wrong
But the feeling’s gone and I just can’t get it back

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2dyut48
YouTube link: http://youtu.be/v5tr_L31StI

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༺ ✿⊰ ♤ ⊱✿༻


🔴 Script: 4:3 Miles McGrath (№ 65)

Program air date: 10/6/2016 in the US
Permalink: http://wp.me/pDKwi-3qe
Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/2cYrCjo
Last updated: 9/25/2016 at 6:00pm CT [ Central/Chicago time ]

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Michael Watkins
Written by: Jon Bokenkamp, John Eisendrath

⭕ Script 4:3 Miles McGrath (№ 65)

Blurb: Baby Agnes is missing. Kirk/Rostov escaped the FBI assault on the “Summer Palace.” Was Kirk telling the truth: Is he really Liz’s father? Plus: What was Mr Kaplan’s fate?

[ Three or four men emerge from dark water on a sabotage mission ]
[ Gun cocks ]
Team Leader: Cameras online. Requesting permission to proceed.
Miles McGrath: [ Viewing a bank of videos monitors ] Permission granted, Team Leader.

[ ♪ Chk Chk Chk by Yadnus plays ]

♪ ah-ah, ah ♪
♪ ah-ah, ah ♪
♪ ah-ah, ah ♪ etc ♪

Power Utility Security Commander: Unit two, routine northern perimeter check.

♪ New York to London ♪
♪ they say brave men run ♪
♪ to the sound of fun ♪
♪ I’m fixing to hit you ♪

[ Siren chirps ] [ A man gets out of a security vehicle ]
Unit Two: Command, we’ve got movement on the south–
[💥 Gunshots 💥] [ Unit Two Security man is shot, falls ]
Commander: Say again? Unit three? Unit three, come back. Unit two, respond. Unit two. Unit two, respond.
[ The Commander goes to investigate ] [ Knife slices, Commander falls grunts ]
Team Leader: That’s the last one. Set the charges. We’re out in 90.

♪ I’ll take any one ♪
♪ New York to London ♪
♪ they said brave men run ♪
♪ to the sound of fun ♪

Team Leader: 30 seconds.

♪ you’d better make ♪
♪ you’d better make your bed tonight ♪

McGrath: In the beginning, there was light.

♪ you better take ♪

McGrath: Then I said, let there be darkness.

♪ you better take ♪
♪ you better take your breath tonight ♪

[ 💥 Explosions ¸„💥º°¨¨¨* ]
[ Section by section, the lights of a large city go out ]

Tom: We have no idea where she is or what he’s doing with her.
Liz: Kirk thinks Agnes is his granddaughter, so he won’t hurt her.
Ressler: You really think that Alexander Kirk is your biological father?
Liz: I don’t know what to believe, but after what happened, it’s possible.
Tom: She had a vision–
Liz: A memory, of being at that house.
Tom: When you were 4. I don’t know how reliable a memory that is.
Ressler: Alexander Kirk shot up a church full of federal agents to get to you. You almost died because of him. Not exactly Father of the Year.
Tom: I agree. He had a reason for going that far, and I don’t think it was a family reunion.
Liz: According to Kirk, he was just doing whatever it took to get his daughter away from Reddington. Look how far we went to do the same thing.
Tom: Where are you on finding him?
Ressler: We’re searching, believe me. But Kirk’s got properties all over the world– private houses, commercial real estate, planes, boats…
Tom: Is this the evidence you seized from his place?
Ressler: Some of it.
Liz: “Some”? This is our case.
Ressler: Not anymore. We’re trying to coordinate a search with over a dozen foreign governments. Main Justice is running point now.
Tom: Well, we need to see everything.
Ressler: Yeah, not gonna happen.
Liz: Ressler, why not?
Ressler: Because you lost your security clearance, Keen. And technically, both of you guys are victims in this case. [ Pause, reconsiders ] If you want, dig in. As it is, I’m violating federal code. I could go to jail for even showing you what I have.
Aram: You’re back. [ Hugs Liz, dutifully ] I’m so glad you’re okay.
Liz: Look… I’m sorry. I never wanted to hurt anybody.
Samar: I think you didn’t care who you hurt.
Aram: Samar.
Liz: No. It’s okay. We knew what pain it would cause, and we did it anyway to protect our daughter. I know you may not accept it, but I hope you can at least understand.
[ Cellphone vibrating ]
Liz: Reddington.
Samar: You should know, I’m requesting a transfer. I won’t be staying.

[ Red and Liz meet at the grave of “Elizabeth Keen”
Liz: This is where you wanted to meet?
Red: I wonder what poor soul Mr. Kaplan buried down there.
Liz: Where is Mr. Kaplan?
Red: I understand why you ran. You believe your family’s in danger because of who I am. But what you don’t seem to grasp is you’re also in danger because of who you are.
Liz: Alexander Kirk says he’s my father.
Red: I’m doing everything in my power to find Agnes and bring her home safely to you.
Liz: Do you have any leads?
Red: Yes.
Liz: What? Who?
Red: I’ll be handling it on my own.
Liz: [ Sighs ] I know you feel betrayed. Samar and Aram feel betrayed. Everyone feels betrayed. But… my daughter is missing, and if you have any idea how to find her, you’ve got to tell me. Red: No, I don’t. I expected Kirk to go underground after the FBI’s raid at his estate. He didn’t. I have it on good authority he reached out to a… uniquely inventive young man named Miles McGrath.
Liz: Who is that?
Red: He’s a venture capitalist of sorts, for criminals. What those in the tech industry might call an “incubator.”
Liz: And you really believe that if we find McGrath, he’ll lead us to Kirk?
Liz: Not us. Me.

[ Liz briefs the Task Force ]
Liz: Miles McGrath was a child prodigy. He wrote the code for OnScreen when he was at Princeton.
Ressler: OnScreen? That’s a multi-billion-dollar social-media platform.
Liz: He founded it. Within a couple of years, the board of directors concluded he was a high-functioning sociopath and pushed him out. He sued them, won the suit for over $100 million. He turned his back on legitimate business. He invested his money in a new business– incubating crimes.
Aram: What, you mean, like… an Angel Investor?
Liz: Criminals come to him, pitch their business plan. If he likes it, he invests his money in exchange for a cut of the profits.
Aram: That’s an amazing idea. I mean, um, it’s horrible, but, uh, it’s amazing.
Samar: Okay. So what’s McGrath’s connection to Alexander Kirk?
Liz: I don’t know. All Reddington told me was that he was staying at the Sovereign Royale tonight on business in London. Reddington is currently flying over, hopes to drop in on him in the morning.
Ressler: So that’s it? We just… wait? I mean, what if the guy checks out of the hotel before Reddington gets there?
Cooper: Get me the Bureau’s attache in London. I want eyes on McGrath– now.

[ Dance music playing, colored lights, people dancing. In a lounge nearby ]
Saboteur: We destroyed the place. The city won’t have full power restored for at least five days. All we needed was three.
McGrath: Construction?
Sabateur: Completed. Halbeck thinks we can keep casualties under a dozen.
McGrath: Sweet! Think we’re ready to roll into Phase Two.

[ Two men exit hotel into parking rank, talking. Two Scotland Yard agents observe them from a parked car ]
Scotland Yard agent: Rear entrance.
[ Camera shutter clicking ]
Scotland Yard agent: He’s not our target.
[ Engine starts ]
Scotland Yard agent: I’ll have these sent to the FBI. Maybe there’s a connection. [ Beeps, begins download ]
[ Knock on car window ] [ Silenced gunshots. Both agents are shot ]

♪ you always give me ♪

[ A Security Guard shows up ]
Guard: Hey!

♪ such tenderness ♪

[ Silenced gunshot. Guard is shot ]

[ Groaning ] [ Grunts ]
[ Kate (“Mr Kaplan”) wakes face down where she fell after Red shot her. She lifts her head and sees a lake 100 meters or so away. She sees her glasses in the dirt and manages to retrieve them ]

Red: What did you do, Harold?
Cooper: I asked New Scotland Yard to keep eyes on McGrath. Nothing more.
Red: And now three families will have to bury their loved ones.
Cooper: Hey, I’m aware of what happened. I feel bad enough without you making it worse. Maybe if you were more communicative, we could’ve avoided this whole thing.
Red: I was very clear with Elizabeth you were not to get involved.
Cooper: Where’s McGrath?
Red: Who knows? He checked out of the Sovereign Grand after those detectives were killed. Thanks to you, Harold, he’s on high alert, and we just lost my best lead on Kirk and Agnes.
Cooper: Maybe not. When he was killed, one of the detectives was in the process of uploading a photo to NSY London.
Red: Who’s the photo of?
Cooper: We don’t know yet. The upload was interrupted mid-stream by the killer. Data was incomplete. Aram’s looking at it now. Looks like we’re involved, whether you like it or not.

[ Cellphone beeps ]
Samar: How’s it going with the photo?
Aram: Uh, it’s, uh– it’s not. I tried to re-create it using a hex editor and a customized bit of forensic software to carve it off the drive…
Samar: Of course you did.
Aram: But, uh, there wasn’t enough data to run, so I tried a new LSM algorithm. This is all I got. Oh, my God. That’s it.
Samar: What’s it?
Aram: Symmetry. Some people’s faces are symmetrical. Yours isn’t, but…
Samar: Thank you.
Aram: No. Uh, no. No, no. I just mean your right eye is a twinch larger than your left, which is… it’s adorable. Plus, your chin kind of does this thing–
Samar: Your idea?
Aram: Right. Uh, symmetry. Just– here. Watch this.

[ Liz and Tom are in the FBI Director’s office ]
Tom: Look, all we’re asking for is an update here, okay? We’re in the dark. Surely there is something that you can tell us.
Director: I know it’s hard to hear, but the Bureau doesn’t have any actionable intel on the whereabouts of Kirk or your daughter.
Tom: Then why don’t you get some?
Liz: Tom, please.
Tom: No, she works for the Bureau.
Director: And the Bureau is doing everything we can. Agent Savino is leading a team of agents and combing through every piece of evidence we confiscated from Kirk’s residence.
Tom: Would that be the residence in Cape Breton where you lost him?
Director: I’m not sure that’s fair. The FBI failed to locate Mr. Kirk, as did the regional police–
Tom: Do you have any idea what this is like for us?
Liz: Tom!
Tom: No. She was targeted, accused of being a Russian sleeper agent, forced to go on the run, only to be victimized– again!
Liz: [ Voice breaking ] I’m sorry. I just need a minute.
Tom: Liz. Liz…
Liz: It’s okay.
[ Liz leaves the office without Tom ]
[ Liz makes a phone call. She changes her voice, pretending to be a secretary ]
Liz: Mark Savino’s office, please.
[ Telephone rings ]
Savino: Savino.
Liz: Mark, hi. This is Diane up in Gerald Walker’s office. Listen, Gerry just got a surprise visit from Tom and Elizabeth Keen, and, well, they’re very interested to know where we are with the whole case.
Savino: I’m kind of in the weeds here.
Liz: Look, it can’t wait. They’re very upset, and she asked to speak with you directly. I told them to wait in Conference Room 9.
Savino: Fine. Tell Gerry I’m on my way.
[ After she sees Savino leaves his office, Liz enters with a key card she got from Tom ] [ Beeps ] [ Liz uses her phone to photograph the Rostov/Rostova papers on Savino’s desk ] [ Camera shutter clicking ] [ Liz finds a packet labeled “Journal” and sees that it is embossed with “KR.” She slips the journal into her purse and leaves ]
[ Savino found no one in the conference room ] [ He returns to his office and enters ] [ Beeps ] [ He notices nothing amiss ]
[ Liz returns to the Director’s office ]
Liz: [ Whispers to Tom ] Let’s just go.
Tom: Liz, we came here for answers.
Liz: I know, and I’m sure he’s given us all he can. Thank you so much for your time. I’m sorry.
Tom: [ To the Director, as he leaves ] You and I aren’t done here.
Tom: Find anything?
Liz: About Agnes? Maybe. About my mother? Definitely.

Ressler: Got your message. You cracked it?
Aram: Uh, we cracked it. Symmetry. That was the key here. Look. Okay, this is everything I could recover from the original data– about half a face and with lousy resolution. But if we mirror the image, then make a few tweaks to connect the halves…
Ressler: You get one complete face.
Aram: A completely symmetrical face, which nobody actually has, but it gave us enough points of comparison to run a search.
Samar: Now we just have to hope that one of the hits that came back is actually our suspect.
Ressler: How many?
Samar: Uh, 14. Three are dead, five are in prison so…
Ressler: Our guy’s one of the remaining six.

McGrath: You ever play Call Of Duty? You should. It’s cool.
Halbeck: I assume you didn’t come all the way here with good news.
McGrath: Well, it depends. Would you consider two Scotland Yard detectives watching my hotel in London to be good news? Well, two dead detectives now.
Halbeck: They were watching you?
McGrath: Don’t know. But I can tell you that one of them snapped a few photos of your man Bradley outside.
Halbeck: You think they got enough to make an ID? Let them. I did two tours in Fallujah with Bradley. He’s as loyal as they come. Even if they find him, he won’t talk.
McGrath: You understand why I can’t take that chance.
[ Bradley jogging in a park. Another runner comes up behind him] [ Silenced gunshot 💥 ]
Halbeck: Now, hang on here. Dean Bradley’s like a brother to me, and we need him for this job.
[ McGrath tosses a canister to him ]
McGrath: Nice catch. Those are quick reflexes. I was never very athletic.
Halbeck: I don’t want him hurt.
McGrath: My point is that there’s a reason why your reflexes are so good. See, you’re a technician. You’re an operative. An instrument of a larger plan. I, on the other hand, I’m a strategist. You whip that can at me, and I’ll catch it but only because I calculated the risk that someone might throw it in advance. So why don’t you leave the risk assessment to me?
Halbeck: And where am I supposed to find a replacement so late in the game?
McGrath: Not my problem. But you’d better think of something. I don’t intend to lose my investment.

[ Groaning ] [ Kate has dragged herself to the side of the lake. She tries to drink but the rock shelf she is on is too high ] [ Gasps ]

[ Police radio chatter ] [ Ressler and Samar are on speaker as they walk from the scene of Bradley’s murder ]
Ressler: Reddington, we hit a dead end.
Red: I gather Aram couldn’t identify the person in the photo.
Ressler: Actually, he did.
Samar: Someone got to him before we could interview him. His name is Dean Bradley.
Ressler: He’s an ex-SEAL, two tours in Iraq, highly decorated. He was shot while jogging.
[ Red turns his head as Brimley raises his voice. Brimley is interrogating a man who is hanging upside down, his mouth taped shut, twisting and turning ]
Brimley: I told you, I need long-reach matches.
[ Muffled shouting ]
Brimley: The black guy, where is he?
Red: Dembe.
Brimley: Yeah, “Denbee.” Where is he?
[ Red motions for Dembe to come over and help ]
Ressler: Get this– we searched his car. Found a helmet camera and dive gear.
Red: Not entirely unusual. He was a SEAL.
Ressler: Yeah, well, maybe he wasn’t as retired as he let on. Few nights ago, near Savannah, a power station was hit by a four-man attack team wearing the same kind of equipment.
Red: Were there any witnesses left alive?
Ressler: None. The guards never saw it coming. My guess is, they came out of the water.
Red: Four frog men.
Ressler: Yeah.
Red: Interesting.
Ressler: How so?
Red: I know an ex-SEAL commander, recruited some former colleagues, formed an elite heist crew. I hired them once to get back a shamefully expensive Patek Philippe [ $$$ watch ] I foolishly left on the nightstand in Ras Al Khaimah [ in the UAE ] after a dalliance with a lovely but very… Oh, never mind.
[ Ends call ]
Red: [ To Brimley ] Where are we at?

[ Red stops by to visit Johan Halbeck, who leads McGrath’s hired ex-SEAL team ]
Halbeck: Don’t tell me you lost that damn watch again.
[ Laughing. Man-Hug ]
Red: Johan. Truth be told, I traded it for a bowl of pongal and a slightly used Ruger [ pistol ] after a particularly rough night in Bengaluru [ in India, aka Bangalore ]. But I will forever be grateful to you for retrieving it. Listen, pal, I have a job.
Halbeck: Can it wait a day? I got a deal going down tomorrow.
Red: No, it can’t. I’ll double whatever you’re being paid. Come on, Johan. Burn the deal, help out an old friend.
Halbeck: Would if I could, Red. But I got a partner in this one. Biggest mistake I ever made.
Red: Sounds like Martin and Lewis.
Halbeck: Who?
Red: “3 Ring Circus,” “The Stooge,” “Sailor Beware”? Martin and Lewis.
Halbeck: The hell are you talking about?
[ They sit down. Halbeck pours Red a shot ]
Red: Partnerships. They can be very rough. Mmm. Ah! [ Swallows the spirits ] [ Chuckles ] You know, BJ Simpson and I started a lawn-mowing business in the summer of ’72– bagging, hedging, the whole ball of wax. One day, I’m out rototilling Pat Hunt’s garden. I go in for a bottle of pop– must have been 110– and there’s BJ in the sunken living room, shoes off, feet up on the couch, eating a fried-bologna sandwich, watching Mike Douglas. Mike Douglas! Can you imagine? I quit that day.
Halbeck: Who are Martin and Lewis?
Red: [ Coughs ] Point is, I haven’t had a partner since.
Halbeck: Lucky man. Guy I’m in bed with is nuts. Killed one of my best men.
Red: [ Seriously ] Oh. Johan, you should walk away. I’d help you out if I could, offer a man, but… this sounds like a mess, a real mess. I am so sorry. Anyway, I’ve taken too much of your time already. Call me when you get things sorted out.
[ Back-slap hug ]
Halbeck: Hey, uh… you seriously think you can get a man on such short notice?
Red: Depends on my cut.

[ Knock. Door opens. Red enters, guard behind him ]
Tom: Time for our feeding?
Red: Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. He’s here for your protection.
Liz: Agnes…
Red: We’re making progress. I told you Miles McGrath is an incubator, that he’s our link to Alexander Kirk. Turns out, he’s been incubating a crime with a man named Johan Halbeck.
[ Red slaps a stuffed Manila envelope on the table in front of Tom ]
Tom: What’s that?
Red: That’s you. Halbeck’s running a mission tomorrow. He needs a man with your… expertise.
Tom: And you volunteered me?
Red: Desperate times. Staying close to Halbeck will lead to McGrath, and as a bonus, the FBI can stop whatever crime they’re planning.
[ Red sees Liz is reading something ]
Red: Study date?
Tom: This is what the FBI confiscated from Kirk’s estate.
Red: Mm. Anything interesting?
Liz: Yeah. My mother’s journal. She talks about you. About the affair. I’m up to the part where she writes about you pressuring her to leave her husband.
Red: [ To Tom ] Halbeck will have questions. If he senses you’re not who you say you are, he’ll dispose of you.
Tom: Yeah, I know the drill.

[ Tom shows up at Halbeck’s place ] [ He is wired, with Ressler and Liz listening in on site. Aram is listening from the Post Office ]
[ Tom bangs on the garage door ]
Tom: [ Low voice ] Check, check. Can you hear me?
Aram: Okay, here we go.
Halbeck: Willem Eckervelt. Reddington says you were MARSOF. [ Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Force ]
Tom: Six years. Started off in Mazar-e Sharif as part of the ’05 ISAF, sent to provide security during the Afghan elections. Went to Pol-e Khumri–
Halbeck: With the, uh, Reconstruction Team?
Tom: Yeah. Four months. Then a few of us were shipped off to Deh Rashan.
Halbeck: Mm-hmm. What province is that?
Tom: Uruzgan.
Ressler: [ To Liz ] He’s good. [ Liz smiles ]
Tom: Turn-ons include redheads and long walks on the beach. Are you guys looking for a soldier or a date?
[ Halbeck laughs ]
Halbeck: Fair enough. What are you, 180 soaking wet? Hmm? How do I know you can handle yourself?
Tom: Because Reddington says so.
Aram: Uh-oh.
Halbeck: Maybe. But Reddington wouldn’t mind if Janowski here kicks the tires.
[ Janowski punches Tom. ⚡️Fight ⚡️] [ Static ]
[ Task force talk: ]
Aram: Okay. I got nothing. Signal is down. Signal is down.
Ressler: What do you want to do?
Liz: I promised to trust him. He made me swear not to interfere.
Ressler: Right. Aram, roll backup. We can’t sit here and let him get beat to death.
[⚡️Fight ⚡️continues] [ Grunting ] [ Tom turns tables on the larger Janowki ]
[ Gasps, chokes ] [ Coughing ]
Halbeck: [ Chuckles ] Clever boy.
[ Coughing continues ]
[ Audio comes back ]
Liz: Oh, thank God. Aram, hold backup.
Halbeck: Well, Mr. Eckervelt, you got yourself a job. Tomorrow, 7:00 AM.

[ Kate lies exhausted near the lake ] [ A large dog comes through the brush, detects her ] [ Dog barks ]
Man: [ Whistles ] Heel!
[ The man sees Kate. With great effort, she lifts her head to acknowledge him ]
[ Dog whimpers ]

[ Liz reads. A phantasm of Katarina Rostova – Liz’s mother – speaks ]

Katarina: Seeing Masha with Constantin makes me think of my own father. I wonder what he would say now about the choices I’ve made.

“Look at me– in love with the man I was sent to seduce and betray. An American.”

– Katarina’s journal

Raymond wants me to run, take Masha and disappear with him, but how could I do that to her? She’s my entire life. She’s everything.

[ Liz rises and approaches Katarina ]
[ Tom has been sleeping. He wakes and interrupts Liz’s reverie ]
Tom: Was I asleep? Liz, you okay?
[ Liz joins Tom on the bed ]
Liz: Reddington didn’t just have an affair with my mother. She was assigned to him, to be in his life… the way you were assigned to be in mine.
Tom: For which I am forever grateful.
Liz: Be careful, okay? I lost Agnes. I can’t lose you, too.
Tom: You haven’t lost her. When this is over, you’re gonna have both of us back.

Cooper: Heads up, people. 7:00 AM. Our asset’s in play.
Aram: Sir, we have six vehicles in floating-box formation. Agents Ressler and Navabi are to the southeast.
Cooper: Any visual? Still no movement. Standing by.

Liz: Thank you for doing this, Samar. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.
Samar: Come on, Liz. We’re not gonna do this now.
Liz: She hates me.
Aram: Uh, yes. For now. She needs time. We all do.
Liz: We all do? You hate me, too?
Aram: I don’t hate you, Liz. But I do hate what you did.

Ressler: Target on the move.
Cooper: Charlie Team is the trigger. They have command.
Samar: They’re making a left towards Mason.

[ Halbeck, Janowski and Tom are headed to the operation site ]
[ Tires screech ]
Tom: And what are we walking into?
Halbeck: When I point at something, destroy it. That’s all you need to know. [ Guns cock ] There’s your target. Four armed guards– two in the back, two in the front. You and Janowski take the ones in the back.

Samar: What are they doing?
Cooper: Anybody see anything?
Ressler: No, no vehicles approaching.
[ Train horn blares ]
Samar: They’re getting out.
[ Four men throw ropes over the bridge and land on the train ]
Ressler: Train! They’re on the train!
[ Train horn blares ]

Cooper: Aram, we need to know what’s on that train.
Aram: I am way ahead of you, sir. Except there is no train. I mean, there’s no train officially scheduled on the track at this time.
Cooper: Well, it’s there. Keen, get on the damn phone and figure out why. Agent Ressler, you and the other surveillance units get there now. Call HRT, let them know they might be boarding a hijacked train.

[ Tom and Janowski are attacked by guards.⚡️Fight.⚡️ Tom wins ] [ Groaning ]
I wouldn’t.
[ Tom looks through a grill and sees cases marked CDC ]
Tom: CDC? Are you guys crazy?

Liz: [ On phone ] Well, then who does have the authority?
Aram: Agent Keen. [ Trying to get her attention ]
Liz: [ On phone ] Then get him on the phone.
Aram: Liz. Uh, it’s a CDC shipment. They must be transporting some kind of biohazardous materials.

Tom: What are we coming for?
[ Tom watches as Halbeck and one of his team remove containers from the CDC cabinet ]

Liz: [ Hangs up ] That was CDC’s Washington Director.
Cooper: What are they moving?
Liz: Six containers holding samples of every Class A infectious substance– Ebola, dengue, polio, HIV, and maybe 50 others.
Aram: [ Reading ] “Class A– substances capable of causing permanent disability, life-threatening or fatal disease in humans or animals.”
Cooper: My God.
Liz: That’s why McGrath had Halbeck shut down the substations near Savannah.
They triggered the CDC’s transfer protocol. They won’t keep Class A substances in a facility using only backup generators for more than 72 hours. They’re moving the samples to a secure satellite lab outside Philadelphia.

[ Keys clacking ] [ Beeping ] [ Beeping ]
Liz: What’s wrong?
Aram: Uh… I was tracking the train using Central Traffic Control’s rail monitoring system, but the signal just went dark.
Cooper: How’s that possible?
Aram: I… do not know. Let me see if I can access the CTC’s video grid.
Liz: [ Phone ]Tom, if can you hear us, say something.
Aram: I’m sorry, but the train should be visible on this camera by now. It should be right there.
Cooper: That train– you’re telling me it just disappeared?
Liz: Tom, Tom! If you can hear us, say something. Tom?

Ressler: Singleton Freight Station, mile marker 272. That’s where you said and we’re here, but, look, nothing’s come through.
Aram: That’s not possible. There’s only one rail line in the area. The train was going at least 40. It should’ve passed you two minutes ago.
Samar: No, it didn’t.
Liz: That was HRT on the line. They’re sending a Blackhawk with HRT operatives out of Quantico. They can jump down onto the roof of the train.
Cooper: That won’t do us much good if we don’t know where it is. Aram, I want the exact coordinates of its last known location.
Aram: Right here, Sir.
Cooper: Send it to Agents Ressler and Navabi. That train didn’t just vanish into thin air. Get out there and figure out what’s going on. [ Brakes squealing ]
Tom: [ Over wire ] Aram, if you can you hear me, the train’s coming to a stop. I’ll try to get you new coordinates if I can.
Halbeck: Eckervelt, it’s time to go.
Tom: Where are we?
Halbeck: Clear the area. 10 minutes, then we roll.

Halbeck: Mr. McGrath, this concludes our broadcast day.
McGrath: What’d I tell you, Halbeck? Leave the strategy to the scrawny kids. Tell Vincent I’ll meet him at the Lodge in 20.
Halbeck: Nice working with you, sir. [ Hangs up ] Patronizing son of a bitch.

Samar: Aram, are you sure about those coordinates?
Aram: I think so. Why?
Samar: Because I’m standing at the point where the train went missing, and… you said there was only one track in this area.
Aram: Yeah, that’s true.
Ressler: Then why am I looking at another one? Some kind of a split-off line going west.
Aram: West? No.
Ressler: By the looks of this material, it’s been put in recently.
Liz: Wait. Halbeck and McGrath built a second rail line?
Cooper: Going where?
Samar: We’re about to find out.

[ Inside the building, forklift beeping ] [ Tom is inside the building watching men in orange biohazard suits move cases of material ]
[ Outside ]
Ressler: I think we found our train.
Liz: Where?
Ressler: About 200 yards from the split-off. The second set of tracks leads to some kind of hangar.
Aram: Okay, satellite mapping in the area done three weeks ago doesn’t show a hangar or a split-off.
Ressler: Maybe not, but we’re looking at both of them.
Samar: They must be unloading the CDC containers. We’ll take a look.
Cooper: Negative. You two aren’t going anywhere. Sit tight.

Halbeck: That’s it. We’re clear. Let’s roll.
[ One of the orange-suited men hands him a case. He, in turn, hands it to a tall, thin man, Vincent ]
Vincent: You sure you got the right one?
Halbeck: Sample number 17. That was our deal. The rest is mine.
[ Red’s car pulls up. Tires screech as Vincent’s car leaves in a hurry ]
[ Ressler and Samar see Red enter the hangar ]
Ressler: Got to be kidding me.

Red: Johan, where the hell was that guy going? The guy with the case. Please do not tell me that you parted with the best samples.
Halbeck: Just one. Take it easy. I told you I had a partner.
Red: I’m your partner now, Johan, and I’ve been out promising prospective buyers the full complement of Class A weaponry. Do you have any idea what was in that sample?
Halbeck: Sorry, Raymond. I don’t know what to tell you.
Red: Well, I insist on speaking with this so-called partner. At least let me try to buy it back. Halbeck: [ Chuckles ] Be my guest. Miles McGrath. His man went to meet him at the Lodge. It’s a bar. Find him, talk to him. Hell, I hope you shoot the bastard. [ Laughs ]

Aram: [ To Cooper ] Sir, HRT is on site. They’re moving in now.
HRT/SWAT: Drop your weapons!
[ Machine-gun fire 💥💥💥💥💥 ] [ Indistinct shouting ] [ Tom surrenders; the others are shot or arrested ]
Man in background: Drop it!
[ Ressler arrests Halbeck ]
Ressler: [ To Samar ] Reddington?
Samar: He’s gone.

[ At the bar named The Lodge ] [ McGrath is there with Vincent ]
McGrath: The Feds are Halbeck’s problem. All that matters to me is that we are right on schedule.
[ Red appears, sits next to Vincent ]
Red: Gentlemen, mind if I join you?
McGrath: Yeah. We do.
Red: Raymond Reddington.
McGrath: The Raymond Reddington? Concierge of Crime? Man In The Hat? The Spy Who Stayed Out in the Cold?
Red: Haven’t heard that last one. Never read the Le Carré novel. Dembe, we should see if we can get the audiobook on cassette for the car. Now, about that sample…
McGrath: Screw you. I’ll– [ Gunshot 💥 Red shoots Vincent. Vincent slumps over ]
Red: You were saying?

[ Tom is cuffed like Halbeck’s other men. Ressler escorts him outside the facility ]
Ressler: Tell me what the hell’s going on.
Tom: Take it easy.
Ressler: So your comms just conveniently go dark the moment that train goes off our radar?
Tom: It’s this place, man. Look around. They got to be running some kind of broad-spectrum signal jamming.
Ressler: Where’s Reddington?
Tom: I had no idea he’d be here. Listen to me– they opened one of the containers.
Ressler: What are you talking about?
Tom: They took out one of the samples, and they gave it to one of McGrath’s men. You don’t have everything.
Ressler: What sample?
Tom: I don’t know. But right now, it’s on its way to McGrath at some place called the Lodge. Reddington and Dembe went after it.
Ressler: Get in.

McGrath: I don’t know where he is. I’m supposed to call to arrange delivery. [ Dialing ] Mr. Kirk. I have it. Yeah. Fine. I’ll have it sent right away. [ Cellphone beeps ] Bench outside Dan’s Tavern. Bar on Sedgwick. Half-hour.
Red: Thank you for your cooperation, Mr. McGrath.
McGrath: Just calculating my odds. I’d say my only chance of leaving this room is by giving you exactly what you want.
Red: You’re a good strategist, Miles. But your odds are longer than you think. The FBI found that missing train, along with Halbeck and his team and the CDC samples. In fact, I’d imagine they’d be on their way here by now.
[ Red deftly handcuffs McGrath to the dead man Vincent ]
McGrath: Wait. Don’t. Reddington! Look, Reddington, we can make a deal! Look, I know people! What do you want?! Look, don’t walk away from me! Reddington!
[ Red and Dembe leave the bar ]

[ Cellphone rings ] [ Cellphone beeps ]
Red: Not an ideal time, Harold.
Cooper: You knew about that train hangar and you didn’t tell us.
Red: Yes. As I said, I’m working on my own for the moment.
Cooper: Ressler and Samar just called. They found McGrath handcuffed to a corpse.
Red: Wonderful. I have to go.
Cooper: Wait. McGrath– Did he tell you how to find Kirk?
Aram: We just heard from the CDC. The missing sample, number 17? It’s cultures taken from the Ribowski virus.
Liz: I know that name. One of the most deadly viral pathogens we know of– killed tens of thousands in Europe and Asia in the early 1900s.
[ Red hangs up. Click ]
Cooper: Reddington? Reddington?

[ They arrive at the meetup point ]
Dembe: Raymond, there’s no one.
[ Pay phone ringing. Red answers it ]
Red: Well done, Constantin.
Kirk: I was about to say the same to you, Raymond. So close and yet so far. Still as tenacious as ever.
Red: How’d you know I’d be here? Even I didn’t know a half-hour ago.
Kirk: Well, I knew because I’m the better man. Always have been.
Red: I have what you want. And I know why you want it. So it’s true, then. After all these years, everything you feared has happened.
Kirk: It isn’t over yet.
Red: It doesn’t have to be. You can have your virus. All I want is Agnes in return.
Kirk: I don’t think so, old boy. I’ll die before you ever hold my granddaughter again.

[ Samar is working late ]
[ Keys clacking ] [ Cellphone beeps ]
[ Aram’s cellphone ring ]
Samar: Hey.
Aram: Hey.
Samar: What’s going on?
Aram: Nothing much. Just hanging out, making a little dinner.
Samar: Oh, yeah? What are you making?
Aram: Just some pasta. Nothing big.
Samar: Impressive. I never cook. Plus, cooking for one is so hard. You always have leftovers, and then you get tired of eating the same thing.
Aram: Right. So I’ll just bring you some tomorrow.
Samar: Uh, look. I was going to ask you for coffee, but since you’re deep in marinara sauce… I need your help. About the transfer. I don’t know what to do.
Elise: So, should I, uh, shower, or what time’s dinner gonna be ready? [ She undresses ]
Samar: Oh, is someone there?
Aram: Uh, yes, but, uh, it– it’s fine. We were, uh–
Samar: Oh, I didn’t mean to interrupt.
Aram: Uh, you’re– you’re not interrupting.
Samar: No, it’s fine. I-I have to go. I-I’ll see you tomorrow. [ Cellphone beeps ]

[ Vision of Katarina writing in her journal ]
Today, the doctor confirmed our worst fears. Constantin is going to need blood transfusions to raise his blood count. He’s known his whole life this day might come, but still it’s– it’s terrifying. The only blessing is that this accursed disease that has afflicted his family for generations is passed from father to son and that Masha is safe.

[ Katarina gazes across space and time. Liz reaches for her hand. Tearfully, Katarina says: ] Masha.

[ Knock on door ]
Tom: I got it.
Liz: You lost him.
Red: Yeah.
Tom: And our best shot at finding Agnes.
Liz: I think I know why Kirk wanted that virus. I saw him getting a blood transfusion at Cape Breton. My mother wrote about his family’s history. Generations of Rostovs had the same disease– a rare blood disorder that’s been killing them for centuries.
Red: Kirk is dying. And the Ribowski virus is a temporary antidote to what afflicts him.
Tom: Ribowski virus? That’s what– Sample 17? Isn’t that a Class A toxin? How’s it gonna help him?
He has aplastic anemia – a systemic failure to produce viable bone-marrow cells. It’s been a death sentence for generations of men in his family, except a distant uncle, who had contracted the Ribowski virus. After getting the virus, the uncle lived longer than any other Rostov with the blood disease.
Tom: So Kirk wanted the virus to re-create what happened to his uncle?
Red: Yes. It’s a simple math problem, really. Kirk’s disease prevents his body from producing enough blood cells. The Ribowski virus results in a rare form of leukemia which creates the opposite problem– too many blood cells.
Tom: So he’s gonna give himself leukemia? Isn’t that gonna kill him?
Red: Eventually. But by offsetting his blood disease, he buys himself a few more precious years.
Liz: No one could be that desperate.
Red: But he is that desperate, Elizabeth. Because he no longer has you. You wanted to know why he went so far to find you, why there seemed to be nothing he wouldn’t do to physically get hold of you. Now you know. He needs a biological descendant to save his life– a genetic donation from the woman he believes to be his long-lost daughter. That’s what you are to him– a collection of cells. This isn’t about saving you from me. This is about saving you for him.
Liz: Well, he doesn’t have me.
Tom: No. But he has Agnes.

[ Dog barking ] [ Kate is on a tarp being pulled, roughly, through the forest ] [ Barking continues ]

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♪ you’d better make
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♪ i’ll take every one
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♪ you’d better make
you’d better make your bed tonight
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♪ i’m fixing to kiss you

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Written by: Peter Noah

⭕Script 4:4 Gaia (№ 81)

Blurb: Liz has learned from Katarina’s journal that her mother had been “assigned” to Red by the KGB but had fallen in love with him. She also learned that the reason Kirk has searched for her is that he needs her to save him from a deadly form of hereditary anemia passed only from father to son. Now Agnes may provide him with what he needs.

(CLASSICAL MUSIC PLAYS) [ Owen Ayers aka ‘Gaia’ is watering plants at his make-shift homestead deep in the forest. The place consists of two old school buses and some makeshift outbuildings. He goes into a bus and uses a forceps to pull a bloody wad out of his nose. Makes a call ]
Owen Ayers aka ‘Gaia’: [ On phone ] Look, Maya… you need to listen. I have a new target. You need to leave, both of you. You need to pack the car and get away… as far away from here as possible.

[ Going-away party ] (APPLAUSE)
Warren: All right, easy there, easy there. Seriously! Throttle back! Or I might get the impression you’re really gonna miss me. (LAUGHTER) You know, I’ve been flying choppers for 40 years from Air America to Hudson Sky Tours, and I got to admit… I hated every minute of it. (LAUGHTER) Listening to Marty defending his pathetic Cubs…
Marty: Cubbies! (LAUGHTER)
Warren: The only reason I ever put up with the guy was because he’s the best damn mechanic in the business. (APPLAUSE)
Yeah, yeah.
[ Gaia drops a pill into a drink, gives it to Marty ]
Gaia: [ To Marty, low voice ] Grew up in Wrigleyville.
Warren: Truthfully, I could say the same about every one of you, so it’s been a pleasure working with you, and if you ever get to Palm Desert, please, promise me you won’t call!
Warren: Cheers!
All: Cheers. Cheers. Cheers.
[ Marty is in bathroom, looking into the mirror ] (DOOR OPENS, CLOSES) [ Gaia enters ]
Marty: Wrigleyville. How you know Warren?
Gaia: Charter service. Shuttling the 1%. I’m a mechanic, too.
Marty: Can’t fly without us.
Gaia: Hold on. Won’t be long.

[ Liz opens her laptop ]
Kirk/Rostov: [ On Liz’s computer screen ] Hello, Masha. I know it’s late, but I wanted to speak to you alone.
Liz: Where is she?
Kirk: I never wanted you to be apart from her.
Liz: Where’s my daughter?!
Kirk: Right here, safe.
Baby Agnes: (COOING) (CRYING)
Liz: (SNIFFLES, SIGHS) If you so much as… If you hurt her… I know the truth. The only reason you came for me… the only reason you want Agnes is because what’s killing you, it’s a genetic disease, and you think we can cure you, that our blood can…
Kirk: Yes, the blood is what I need, but it’s not what I want. What I want is for us to be together, but that can’t happen until Reddington’s out of your life. Only you can make that happen. I see you’re wearing your mother’s bracelet. I’m glad. I want you to know that your baby is safe. This link is open day or night any time you want to see Agnes.
Liz: Hi, baby.

Tom: What do you mean, you don’t want to trace the link?
Liz: You don’t think he’s thought of that? The second he discovers we traced it, he’ll take it away, take her away.
Tom: Liz, the only way we’re gonna get her is by finding where that link is coming from.
Liz: I don’t think he’ll hurt her.
Tom: Of course he will. She’s his last chance of survival.
Liz: If he hurts her, he loses me.
Tom: Yeah, and lives.
Liz: What does Kirk want more than anything in the world? For me to trust him… to care for him. And because it’s what he desires most, it’s the easiest way to deceive him. He’ll see what he wants to see… my affection. He won’t see what’s real… my deception. This link is an opportunity for me to get close to Kirk. And I can’t do anything to jeopardize that.
Tom: Liz, I think you’re being naive.
Liz: I know you think that. And I’m asking you to trust me.

[ Red and Liz are sitting at a table outside under sun umbrellas next to a river ]
Liz: Dembe said you had a lead on Agnes.
Red: Some years ago, I had a rather awkward encounter with a bull shark while diving off the Great Barrier Reef. I actually think it was trying to be affectionate, even a little forward. (LAUGHS) But the net result was excruciating. But I did spend a glorious month submitting to the healing hands of an utterly divine lighthouse keeper on Bramble Cay… a low-lying island that’s rapidly being submerged by rise in the sea levels due to climate change.
Liz: Climate change?
Red: Our next blacklister is devoted to protecting the Earth from the greatest threat to its existence as we know it… us. He’s a stealth eco-terrorist known only as Gaia… Earth Mother in Greek mythology.
Liz: Okay, so, the connection between this Earth Mother and Agnes is what?
Red: What is not relevant. Only where. We must find this man… unless you have a better lead on Kirk. Has he reached out to you?
Liz: No, he hasn’t.
Red: Gaia then.
Liz: A stealth eco-terrorist? Isn’t that an oxymoron?
Red: Nine times out of 10, the public reacts to an act of eco-terror by getting angry at the terrorist rather than the environmental offense he seeks to draw attention to. By disguising his sabotage in accidents, Gaia succeeds in focusing the public’s rage on the actual danger, not the criminal who exposes it. Shall I go on?

[ Liz debriefs the task force ]
Liz: 2011, 10,000 gallons of MCHM, a toxic chemical used to wash coal, was leaked from the Fullerton Chemical Plant. Now, this spill made it into the drinking water in the local towns. A few hundred people were poisoned, including two children and three elderly victims who later died. Environmentalists had warned of the danger of a spill for years, but no one listened until this leak, and then the EPA finally mandated changes.
Aram: So it worked. In Gaia’s mind, he protected people.
Ressler: Yeah, well, tell that to the parents who lost their kids.
Cooper: So, he kills innocent people to make a point that innocent people are in danger.
Samar: How does taking down this lunatic get us closer to Kirk and Agnes?
Liz: Reddington won’t say.
Ressler: Even though this is allegedly about finding your daughter. Prick.
Cooper: I want this guy found. Go over every detail of that spill. If it was sabotage, Gaia left a trail. Find it.

Aram: Hey. So, about last night… Sorry we couldn’t talk. But if you want to grab lunch today and chat…
Samar: It’s okay. I figured it out.
Aram: Figured what out?
Samar: Whether or not to submit my transfer request. I decided I should, so I did.
Aram: So it’s official? Uh… I mean, I-I knew you were thinking about it, but you actually…
Samar: It’s not a big deal. It’s for the best.
Aram: Right, sure. That is, you… you’ve given it a lot of thought, so… …congratulations.
Samar: I shouldn’t keep Ressler waiting.

[ On site at the Fullerton Chemical Plant, going through evidence from the chemical spill ]
Ressler: This is crazy. An entire team of Chemical Safety Board investigators looked into this after the spill. Nothing was flagged.
Samar: This is box 7. There are 43 more evidence boxes. (SIGHS)
Ressler: Googled Aram’s new girlfriend.
Samar: Why?
Ressler: Why do guys do anything? To see if she was hot, which she is.
[ Man pushes in cart with additional boxes of evidence ]
Ressler: I thought we had everything.
Man: Everything from CSB. These are from the internal investigation. I told you folks you’re wasting your time. That spill was an accident. Two days before the leak, a veteran DEP inspector looked over the storage tanks. He didn’t see anything wrong, and neither did the other guy about two weeks earlier.
Ressler: What other guy? I just looked at the list of scheduled inspections, and there was only one in the month prior.
Man: Scheduled, yeah, but we get spot inspections from time to time.
Ressler: We’re gonna need to see everything you have on that spot inspector… now.

[ At a gas station coffee self-service table ]
Gaia: Borron Energy Services. That’s fracking, right?
Field Inspector: Well, I’m a field inspector.
Gaia: That’s bad stuff, man… fracking. Messing up the water table. There’s places where you can light a fire with what’s coming out of the tap. You’re making people sick.
Field Inspector: You want to know what’s in your sweetener? The chemicals in that creamer?
[ Gaia drops a pill in the Field Inspector’s coffee ]
Field Inspector: [ Continues ] What about the plastic bottles in that watering cooler? Look around. Everything’s killing us. So spare me the guilt trip… and the righteous lecture. I earn my living… same as you.
[ Gaia follows the Field Inspector out to his truck ]
Gaia: You were right… The world is just filled with things that are gonna kill us.
[ Gaia takes the Field Inspector’s helmet and his laptop ]

[ Kate is lying on a bed in a dark, rough room, a ragged bandage on her right cheek. The right side of her face is matted with blood ]
[ A grizzled old man – the Hunter – enters with his dog ]

Aram: Okay, ladies and gentlemen, I think we have a suspect. Okay, check this out. The Kentucky chemical plant wasn’t the only facility that received a visit from a spot inspector. Three of the other accident sites also received spot inspections within a few weeks of their failing.
Liz: So that’s this guy’s M.O. He’s not breaking into these facilities. He’s walking through the front door.
Samar: You said you had a suspect.
Aram: Right. I got surveillance video from three of the facilities on this particular spot inspector.
[ Photos of Gaia come up from each of the three sites ]
Liz: That’s our guy.
Cooper: Alert the DHS and circulate the photo. Put a name to that face.
Ressler: Hey. You okay?
Samar: Yeah, I’m fine.
Ressler: Because Aram told me you put in for a transfer. Navabi, trust me, I understand how angry you are with Keen for doing what she did…
Samar: Yes, and that is part of why I’m leaving, but it’s not just that. It… It’s this place. You never know where you stand with anyone… whether they’ll be there for you when you need them.
Ressler: If there’s anything I can do to get you to reconsider, you let me know. I’ll do it. You’re a good partner.
Samar: I wish there was. I really do.

Kirk: Six months?
Dr. Reifler: Maybe. Maybe less. But we both knew this day was coming. Your body would start rejecting the transfusions. It’s remarkable it’s lasted this long.
Odette: There is a solution.
Kirk: We’ve already discussed this.
Dr. Reifler: It’s unacceptable.
Odette: Easy for you to say. You’re not the one that’s gonna die.
Kirk: No, I am, and I agree with Sebastian.
Odette: The girl is your only option.
Kirk: We’re exploring other cures.
Odette: We were… before we lost the Ribowski virus, before the U.S. government froze your assets.
Dr. Reifler: If the girl is a genetic match… and there’s no guarantee that she is… extracting stem cells from such a young child is extremely dangerous and could prove fatal.
Odette: Hippocrates bounds the doc to do no harm. He’s giving you coulds, mights. I am under no such obligation. I am giving you facts. We are out of time, and we are out of resources. The only way to save your life [ she touches his hand ] is if we put that child’s in jeopardy.

Liz: I think we’ve got something. We put out a general alert to all government and private facilities… oil and gas, chemical plants.
Ressler: And?
Liz: A gas pipeline inspector in Newark was found dead in his car this morning. Heart attack.
Samar: Could be a coincidence.
Liz: Maybe, but he had an appointment to evaluate a gas pipeline in Westchester County.
Aram: He’s there.
Cooper: Was there a positive I.D.?
Aram: No, but…
Samar: So it’s a supposition.
Aram: Uh, no, actually. According to security at the facility, a guy showed up less than an hour ago claiming to be filling in for the usual inspector.
Cooper: Ressler, Navabi, get there. Keen, call the plant manager and the county sheriff. See if they can evacuate the area without tipping off Gaia that we’re on our way.

Samar: Agents Navabi and Ressler. Where is he?
Plant Security: Sector 7. Said he had to check the pressure gauges.
[ Gaia takes off running ]
Ressler: Stop! Federal agent!
Samar: He’s got a gun! Ressler!
[ Gaia jumps in his truck, guns it. Ressler and Samar follow in pursuit. Ahead are two police cruisers. Gaia slams on his brakes and tries to reverse, but Ressler’s car blocks the way ]
Officer: Get out of the vehicle!
[ Gaia hits the gas, smashes through the police cars and is gone ]
Ressler: Damn it.

[ At a laundromat ] (DOOR OPENS, BELL DINGS) (BELL DINGS)
Krantz: Long time, Martell… or whatever you’re calling yourself now.
Tom: Martell will be fine. You?
Krantz: There’s a bunch to choose from. England, France, Malta… your basic NATO alliance.
Tom: Malta’s not in NATO.
Krantz: (CHUCKLES) Always were a stickler.
Tom: Why don’t we just stick with Krantz?
Krantz: So, what’s on your mind, Martell?
Tom: I got a job for you and your crew… digital trace… break-in.
Krantz: I’m all ears.

Aram: The pipeline targeted by Gaia carries fracked gas… a process that environmentalists oppose.
Samar: Why? Because fracking creates jobs and energy independence?
Aram: Maybe. Or maybe because of this. San Bruno, 2010. A ruptured natural-gas pipeline caused a 72-foot-long crater and killed 8 people. Last year in Allentown, another one exploded underneath a city street, killing five.
Cooper: So it fits the M.O. He was gonna cause an accident to provoke public outrage.
Liz: Yeah, but how? We didn’t find any explosives. What was he doing?
Aram: Research. Look at where Gaia’s tools and fake I.D. badge were found… the spot of the highest gas pressure. I think he was trying to identify the most vulnerable point, the perfect place to hit.
Samar: If it’s that dangerous, then why hasn’t it already been shut down?
Aram: Because there are safety rules in place for new pipelines, but they don’t always apply for existing lines.
Cooper: Which is probably the point he’s trying to make.
Aram: It gets worse, actually. I had an expert over at PHMSA do a blast-radius projection just to see what kind of damage an explosion at this spot would cause. In an urban area like this, we’re talking hundreds of homes, schools, a city hospital… and this… Stone Park, the largest nuclear power plant on the eastern seaboard of the United States.
Cooper: Where are we on the fake I.D. badge you recovered?
Liz: Nowhere. But Reddington says he’s got a guy who might be able to help.
Cooper: Reddington’s guy. Who is he?

Red: Forgive the intrusion, keglers.
Glen: Aw. What do you want?
Red: I have a job for you, Glen.
Glen: News flash… I’m off the clock, Reddington.
Red: It’s a matter of some urgency.
Glen: No, it’s a matter of some me time, boundaries, work-life balance, the pause that refreshes.
Red: We need to know who made this I.D.
Dembe: [ To Glen ] Your release point is off.
Glen: Yeah, but I’m a charming conversationalist, so the ladies don’t mind.
Dembe: Keep your elbows in.
Red: Some haste would be appreciated. A child’s life is in the balance.
Glen: Hologram. RFID chip. Ji Ming’s your man. Chinese expat. Loves all things Americano. Last time we had dinner, he ordered bull fries. Ugh. You ever had bull…
Glen: [ On phone ] Ji Ming? Jellybean here.

(Glen and Ji Ming are SPEAKING MANDARIN)
Red: All I need is an address, Glen.
Red: Glen, an address.
Glen: Hey, I don’t see you jumping in here, pal. I’m doing the best I can. A night course in Mandarin doesn’t get you much past reading the menu and “Hey, honey, your caboose looks tasty in those slacks.”
Red: What the hell is he saying?
Glen: Honestly, he says he doesn’t like you. He says you look like his third wife and that…
Red: What?
Glen: Right. That you have no appreciation for the fact that bowling is like s*x. It’s about rhythm and flow. You can’t just stop in the middle and go back to pick up the spare you missed because some jerk shouted out during the middle of your roll.
Red: He’s already given you the address, hasn’t he?
Glen: Yeah, but it’s a little off the grid. (CLEARS THROAT) I’d ditch the wingtips.
Red: Dembe, call Elizabeth.

[ Red and Liz are at Gaia’s place. They enter Gaia’s living quarters ]]
Red: What do you see?
Liz: Um… he’s withdrawn, a loner, and yet he’s committed to making the world a cleaner place. Photo of a pregnant woman. But no child. Maybe the child was taken or… or died.
Red: We’re going to get her back, Lizzie.
Liz: Tidal charts for the Hudson.
Red: Stone Park is on the Hudson.

[ Gaia barges into his ex-wife Maya’s home. A child (age 2 or 3) is sitting in a stroller, facing away ]
Maya: If you don’t leave, I’m gonna call the police!
Gaia: The only reason I’m here is because you didn’t return my calls. It’s not safe.
Maya: You’re violating the restraining order.
Gaia: I’m the least of your problems! You have to leave. And going to your mother’s isn’t far enough.
Maya: What are you planning?
Gaia: You need to leave the state.
[ Gaia goes to his son, Skyler. The right side of Skyler’s face and head are horribly disfigured ]
Gaia: Hey, Sky. How’s my little man? You’re going on a car trip with Mommy. Someplace pretty with trees turning all kinds of colors. Won’t that be nice? [ To Maya: ] You need to get on the road now.

[ Inside the Hunter’s rustic cabin ] (Kate GROANING) (FOOTSTEPS APPROACH)
Hunter: Hey, there.
Hunter: [ Kindly ] Hmm. What happened out there, young lady? You’re not dressed for the woods. Can you talk? That’s all right. You don’t need to say nothing. We’re gonna get you fed. Build your strength up. Plenty of time to talk later.

[ Liz is watching Agnes on the video feed ]
Tom: [ On phone ] Hey.
Liz: I’m looking at our little girl. It’s almost like a baby monitor, like she’s in the next room.
Tom: Only she’s not. Kirk has her.
Liz: I know. I asked you this morning to trust me, not to trace the link. I want you to know it means everything to me that you are okay with that. Thank you.
Tom: Everything’s gonna be all right, Liz. Blow her a kiss for me.
Liz: Okay. I love you.
Tom: I love you, too.
[ But Tom is already at Kirk’s place, outside, with Krantz and a team of men ]
Krantz: I know you. It’s your daughter. You’re gonna want to be first one through the door. Let us take the lead. No use rescuing your daughter if Daddy winds up dead.
Tom: Your guys are sure about this?
Krantz: They traced the server. This island, that house. Your baby’s inside. Let’s do it.
[ As the raid is taking place, Liz sings: ]

♪ Rock-a-bye baby ♪
♪ On the treetop ♪
♪ When the wind blows ♪
♪ The cradle will rock ♪
♪ When the bough breaks ♪
♪ The cradle will fall ♪
♪ And down will come baby ♪
♪ Cradle and… ♪ ♪

Kirk: [ To Liz, over video ] I’m disappointed in you.
Liz: But wait. Don’t…
Kirk: I thought we had an understanding.
Liz: About what? What are you talking about?
Kirk: You traced this feed.
Liz: No. No, I didn’t. There must be some mistake. Wait. That had nothing to do with me.
[ Kirk switches the video to show her that Tom and crew are in the server room ]
Kirk: I’m sorry, Masha.
Liz: No, I told Tom. I specifically said…
[ Kirk shuts off the video feed ]
Liz: No! Please bring her back! I’m begging you! Bring her back!

The Hunter: Okay, sweetheart. We got to get you upright. You’ve been down too long. I’m gonna put my hand behind your neck, just like a dance.
Hunter: Here we go, nice and easy. 1…2…
Hunter: Okay. There we go. No big thing. You got a lot of grit for such a little girl.
Hunter: You hungry? You understand me? Can you nod?
[ Kate nods slightly ]
Hunter: That’s good. (CHUCKLES) You in some kind of trouble, sweetheart?
[ Kate moves her head back and forth, painfully ]
Hunter: The men that did this… …they, uh, coming back for you?
[ Kate shakes her head ‘no’ ]
[ The Hunter feeds Kate some soup from a spoon ]
Hunter: What is it? What are you trying to say?
Kate: [ Weakly ] Thank you.

(At the bowling alley PINS CLATTER)
[ Red has shown Glen the photo of pregnant Maya ]
Glen: I’m not into pregnant chicks.
Red: I need you to find her.
Glen: What are you… a comedian? Here once a night, twice on Sunday? I already bailed you out.
Red: I need you to find this woman and her child, if there is one.
Glen: (SIGHS) You don’t get it. We lost. This tournament’s a bitch to get into. We made it here. This close, and we lost… because of me, because I missed a baby split.
Red: I don’t understand bowling.
Glen: Of course you don’t.
Red: [ Sits down ] I’m sorry, Glen. I’m sorry.
Glen: (LAUGHS) Come on. I’m squeezing your cheese. Thanks to your better half, we swept the tourney. Elbow in, release point. Phew! Sweet as a sister’s kiss. You’re talking to the team captain of the newly crowned Mid-Atlantic champs. This prego chick… Tell me about her. I’m feeling good!

[ Liz is trying to reach Tom ]
Tom: [ On recording ] Hey, I’m not here right now. Leave a message, and I’ll call you back.
Liz: [ Picks up phone ] Tom, what the hell did you… No, n-no, no, no, no, no. Excuse me, Doctor. Um… I was just, uh… Doesn’t matter. The tidal charts… Were you able to review them?

[ At the Post Office, Gaia’s photo and bio are up on the big screen ]
Ressler: Owen Ayers, former officer in the Navy. Found his name on bills and receipts we seized from Gaia’s trailer.
Aram: Ayers was a helicopter pilot, and before that, an enlisted aircraft mechanic. Three tours in Iraq, decorated. This guy’s a war hero. Medical discharge in 2011 after participating in Operation Tomodachi.
Cooper: The U.S. military relief effort at Fukushima.
Aram: Flew into an unscheduled emergency venting of radioactive gas. He and several members of his crew got radiation poisoning.
Samar: He was the victim of a nuclear meltdown, so now he wants to cause one.
Liz: [ Rushing in ] It’s worse than we thought. The tidal charts… Can you pull them up?
Liz: He wasn’t just tracking the tides in the Hudson. He was calculating the exact time of the supermoon. It happens only every couple of decades.
Aram: Causing unusually high and low tides.
Liz: These charts identify exactly when the Hudson will be at its lowest.
Ressler: Stone Park sits on the Hudson, though. I mean, they cool their nuclear reactors by drawing water from the river.
Liz: Over 2 billion gallons per day. Now, we know that an explosion on the pipeline will cause damage to the reactor at Stone Park, but what if, on top of that damage, the reactor couldn’t get enough water to cool the core?
Cooper: Ayers wasn’t trying to send a message about the danger of nuclear power. He’s trying to re-create Fukushima on the Hudson.
Samar: How? The pipeline is in lockdown. He can’t get close.
Ressler: On the ground anyway. Hudson Sky Tours. We found this brochure in his trailer. He knows the maintenance and the flight schedules.
Cooper: Aram, do they operate in that area?
Aram: Uh, guys. Look at this. Martin Powell, one of their mechanics, had a heart attack in a bar a few days ago.
Cooper: How long before the tides are at their lowest?
Liz: Any time within the next hour and a half.
Cooper: Get me Homeland! Keen, notify NRC. Aram, have security at the pipeline and at Stone Park and make sure the NYPD and Harbor Patrol get everybody out of that area immediately. Call the heli-tours company and get out there. Make sure Ayers never gets one of those choppers off the ground.

Gelber: Arnie Gelber, agents. Here to cooperate any way I can.
Samar: What’s the status of your fleet?
Gelber: We’re secure. Only got three choppers. Two of them are in the air with my best pilots. One’s on a 30. The other’s on a full-hour tour.
Ressler: What about the third?
Gelber: Grounded. Had to cancel half a dozen trips today smack in the heart of the season. The third chopper…
Ressler: Where’s it now?
Gelber: Being repaired. One of my veteran mechanics passed away a couple nights ago. We’re all dealing with the loss. I got a new man working on it now.
Ressler: We’re gonna need to talk to him now.
[ A helicopter takes off ]
Gelber: What the hell?
[ Ressler and Samar shoot at the helicopter ] ( 💥 GUNSHOTS 💥 )

[ Gaia is piloting the helicopter. Ressler and Samar are at the heliport in contact with Gaia by radio. At the Post Office, Cooper, Liz and Aram can hear the conversation ]
Gelber: Sky 3, please respond. Sky 3, please respond.
Ressler: Owen Ayers, this is Special Agent Ressler of the FBI ordering you to return to home base immediately. Mr. Ayers, this is FBI Agent…
Gaia: I heard you the first time. I won’t be doing that.
[ Conversation can be heard at the Post Office ]
Cooper: Alert the White House and the FAA to authorize an intercept.
Ressler: Mr. Ayers, we will shoot you down if you do not return immediately.
Gaia: You can’t scramble fighters fast enough. I’ve gamed this out to the last detail. Give me some credit, Agent Ressler of the FBI.
Cooper: How long before he reaches the pipeline?
Liz: Two minutes. Maybe less.
Gaia: Oh, and if your next bright idea is to have them shut the pipeline down, sorry. That takes three whole days.
Cooper: Notify local authorities to immediately activate evacuation protocols. Aram, we need options.
Aram: Yeah, I can, uh… I can try and hack into the onboard avionics, try and take control.
Ressler: [ To Gaia ] Don’t do this.
Gaia: Someone has to.
Ressler: There are other ways.
Gaia: What? Protests? Hearings? They’ve had them. No one listens. They’ll listen to this.
Cooper: Aram.
Aram: No luck. I-I can’t access the AFCS directly, and even if I could, there’s an automatic fail-safe.
Ressler: Ayers, you can’t go through with this. Millions of innocent people are gonna die.
Gaia: That’s an interesting formulation. Innocent people. Innocent of what? Wanting their houses warm, their cars fueled with no regard for how any of that fouls our air, our water, our planet? I’m a dead man walking thanks to Fukushima. It poisoned my innocent unborn son into someone people look at as if he’s a monster! Now, whoever dies from this, they’ve got it coming.
Liz: One minute.
Aram: Okay, I may have something. Okay, I’ve hacked into something called the stability augmentation system. And I think I can feed data into the heading reference system centers, override the controls.
Cooper: Can’t you just shut down the rotor?
Aram: You mean?
Cooper: I mean turn the damn thing off.
Aram: Right, right.
Aram: I got it. I got it.
Cooper: Then do it.
Aram: Yeah, um…
Cooper: What’s wrong?
Aram: If I click on this, he’ll die. I’ve killed somebody once. I can’t take another life again.
[ Cooper reaches over and hits the key ]

[ The helicopter’s rotors slow. The copter begins to descend rapidly ]
Gaia: Come on! No!

[ Children are playing soccer when the flailing copter comes into view. They run to escape. The helicopters crashes in a huge fireball ¸„💥💥º°¨¨¨* ]

Aram: (SIGHS) I’m sorry.
Cooper: For what? You did your job. And then I did mine.

[ Red enters a diner and sits down across from Maya and Skyler ]
Red: Hello, Maya. You’re a difficult woman to find.
Maya: Who are you?
Red: And you must be Skyler. My name is Raymond. I’ve been looking forward to meeting you, Skyler.
Maya: Did Owen send you? Is that why you’re here?
Red: No. But from what I understand, your ex-husband poses no further threat. You have nothing to fear and no reason to run anymore.
Maya: I don’t… Are you with the police?
Red: (LAUGHING) Oh, my goodness, no. I’m simply an interested third party who needs your assistance.
[ A waitress brings three large sundaes ]
Waitress: Here we go. Ah. One chocolate, one strawberry, and one caramel.
Red: Forgive me. I took the liberty. In my experience, caramel sauce is an excellent lubricant when it comes to awkward introductions. Skyler, any chance I could convince you to go thirds with us on these?
Maya: That’s all you want? To meet with Sky’s doctor?
Red: His hematologist, yes.
Maya: Do you have a child with special needs?
Red: Picasso said it took four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child. They live in a delightful space somewhere between dreams and reality. They taste color, hear shapes, see sounds.

“We should all have such special needs.”

Red: [ To Maya ] There is a child. Her life hangs in the balance. I believe Skyler’s doctor could save her.

(KNOCK ON DOOR) [ Aram enters Samar’s office ]
Aram: Hey, hey. Nice work today. It is, uh, no small thing to prevent Manhattan from being unlivable… as opposed to unaffordable.
Samar: You made the wrong call today.
Aram: I’m sorry you think so.
Samar: Is there anything else?
Aram: No, that… That’s it. Mr. Cooper understood.
Samar: He was just trying to make you feel better. I’m sure your girlfriend will, too, Aram.
Aram: Oh, is that what this is all about? The fact that I have a girlfriend.
Samar: You put people’s lives at risk. It’s a little more important to me than whether or not you have a girlfriend.
Aram: You know what? Forget it.
Samar: Do you mind closing the door on your way out?
Aram: You know when I congratulated you on submitting your transfer request? I didn’t mean it. I was trying to make you feel better, because that’s the polite thing to do. And I like being polite. What I wanted to say was that… …I’m glad you’re going. As far as I’m concerned, you can’t go fast enough.
[ Aram leaves ] (DOOR SLAMS)

Liz: We talked about this! We agreed!
Tom: Yeah, on how you felt. I told you I disagreed.
Liz: What you didn’t tell me was that you were gonna do something about it. Instead, you went behind my back and did exactly what I told you not to do. And with Reddington’s help, no doubt. Tom: It wasn’t Reddington.
Liz: Then who?
Tom: A guy I used to work with.
Liz: When was this? When you were a skinhead? One of Berlin’s thugs? ‘Cause I’m guessing it wasn’t an elementary-school teacher.
Tom: I’m not gonna fight with you about this, Liz! I did what I thought was best! And nobody is sorrier than me that it didn’t work!
Liz: Oh, no. I know someone who’s sorrier.

♪ We all just fade away ♪

Liz: Our daughter… who now, because of you, is God knows where.

♪ The writing’s on the wall ♪
♪ The stories I’ve been told ♪
♪ Crying ’cause I know you won’t be here too long ♪
♪ The writing’s on the wall ♪

[ Kirk is holding Agnes who is fussing ]
Odette: I know you don’t want to.

♪ I’m bracing for the fall ♪

Odette: But you need to use the child.

♪ So now if it’s not too late to ask for more ♪
♪ I hope that you will find what you are looking for ♪

[ Red and Liz are talking in the back of Red’s Mercedes ]
Red: You asked me how this case is connected to finding Agnes. Owen Ayers and his son Skyler share a rare blood disorder. But Dr. Sebastian Reifler is one with a particularly relevant distinction. He treats both Skyler Ayers and Alexander Kirk. If we can get to his doctor, we can get to Kirk. We’re getting close, Lizzie.

♪ The writing’s on the wall ♪

Red: It won’t be long now.

♪ The stories I’ve been told ♪

Liz: I lied to you. You asked if Kirk had reached out, and I told you he hadn’t. That wasn’t true.

♪ The writing’s on the wall ♪
♪ I’m bracing for the fall ♪

Liz: He set up a link… a video feed so I could see Agnes.
Red: How incredibly cruel.
Liz: Tom tried to trace the link, tried to find Agnes, but Kirk found out, and now, uh…
Red: She’s gone.
Liz: I thought I could make it better, that I could protect my baby.

♪ I try to forget ♪

Liz: I mean, that’s my one job… to protect my child. Make her feel safe at any cost. To hold her. (VOICE BREAKING) To tell her everything’s gonna be okay. (SNIFFLES) But now because of me, because of what I’ve done, I can’t even do that.
(SIGHS) [ Red, in his awkward way, takes Liz’s hand to comfort her ]

♪ How does this happen to us all? ♪

[ Red pays a visit to Dr Riefler, the hematologist shared by Skyler Ayers and Kirk ]
Red: Forgive the Shanghai summons, Dr. Reifler, but I have a matter of some urgency we must discuss.
Reifler: You… I don’t… I don’t understand. Uh, Skyler Ayers…
Red: Is doing fine. It’s another patient of yours I’m interested in.
Reifler: I-I-I… I don’t… I can’t help.
Red: Oh, yes, you can. And you will… by allowing me to accompany you on your next house call to… Alexander Kirk.

[ Kate Kaplan is feeling slightly better ]
[ Kate struggles to sit up, rises to her feet – only to find her left foot is chained ]
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༺✦ ♤ ✦༻

♫ Writing’s on the Wall
By Bob Moses

♪ Used to be so innocent,
thought I’d never change.
Victim of the feeling then,
fighting everything.
Nothing here is permanent;
we all just fade away.

♪ The writings on the wall,
the stories I’ve been told,
crying cause I know you won’t be too long.
The writings on the wall,
I’m bracing for the fall.
So now if it’s not too late to ask for more,
I hope that you will find what you are looking for.

♪ You and I were dreaming like
we could see the other side.
With all the mess of ignorance,
dreaming never hides.
But nothing here is permanent,
we’re running out of time.

♪ The writings on the wall,
the stories I’ve been told,
crying cause I know you won’t be too long.
The writings on the wall,
I’m bracing for the fall.
So now if it’s not too late to ask for more,
I hope that you will find what you are looking for.

♪ I try to forget
but the memory takes its toll.
Can’t control it,
how does this happen to us all?
How do I go on
in a world where you are gone?
Cold and heartless,
find the will to carry on.

♪ The writings on the wall,
the stories I’ve been told,
crying cause I know you won’t be too long.
The writings on the wall,
I’m bracing for the fall.
So now if it’s not too late to ask for more,
I hope that you will find what you are looking for.

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2e13RKW
YouTube: https://youtu.be/tWNmbIouXTw

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🔴 Script: 4:5 The Lindquist Concern (№ 105)

Program air date: 10/20/2016 in the US
Permalink: http://wp.me/pDKwi-3wR
Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/2ezx1yS

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Kurt Kuenne
Written by: Dawn DeNoon

⭕ Script 4:5 The Lindquist Concern (№ 105)

Blurb: Red has identified a doctor who is treating Alexander Kirk aka Constantin Rostov. Kirk has been persuaded that his sole chance for survival is a bone marrow transplant from baby Agnes, a procedure that puts the infant in grave danger. Liz presents Red with a DNA report. Kate has discovered that the kind hunter who saved her life is now keeping her captive.

[ Two men enter a garage space housing a complex device ] [⚡️Electricity crackling⚡️]
Omar Rajjar: In here. It’s just the prototype, but it’s fully functional. It can be scaled up for any population into the millions.
[ Beeping ] [ Beeps ]
Silas Gouldsberry: This is gonna make you an incredibly rich man. For your own protection, I’m gonna need anyone intimately familiar with this to sign a nondisclosure.
Omar: I’ve only shown my wife.
Silas: Well, then. I guess there’s nothing left to do… [ Cork pops ] …but celebrate. Here’s to a better future.
[ Glasses clink ] [ Omar falls to the floor, shaking ]
Silas: The paralytic you’ve just consumed is proprietary, as well. It was discovered accidentally during development of an ADD medication. Paralysis was an unwanted side effect.
[ Silas unplugs a cord from the device end, leaving the live cord on the floor ] [⚡️Electricity crackling⚡️]
Silas: Must feel amazing– Dying, knowing you’ve invented something that will change the world.
[ Omar breathing heavily ] [ Silas disconnects a water tube and water runs along the floor ] [ Silas leaves, closing the garage door ] [ 💥Explosion💥 ]

[ ♫ Stone Poneys’ “Different Drum” plays ]
♪ you and I travel to the beat of a different drum ♪
♪ oh, can’t you tell by the way I run? ♪
♪ every time you make eyes at me ♪
♪ whoa-oh ♪
♪ you cry and moan and say it… ♪

[ Silas arrives late to work ]
Silas’ Boss: Honest to God, third time this month? My fifth grader’s more punctual than you. And don’t think it’ll go unnoticed by HR. This is gonna be reflected in your performance review. 1 to 10, please. Nobody’s ever gotten a minus before, but they broke the mold with you. And dust off your shoulders. You got dandruff everywhere.

Tom: There’s got to be something I can do.
Ressler: I told you there isn’t.
Tom: It’s not just Agnes. It’s Liz, it’s Kirk. He’s telling her things– things about her past, you know, and I think– I think she’s starting to trust him.
Ressler: Look, we’re doing everything that we can. You got to understand that.
Tom: I do, and I appreciate it, but there’s got to be a lead that I can run down.
Ressler: I told you–
Tom: Or a dead end I can revisit. Please, Ressler. Please.
Ressler: [ Sighs ] The Kremlin hates Kirk just as much as we do. I reached out to the DC Station Chief to take a look at their intel. Got a big fat nyet. Look, you want to revisit that dead end, be my guest. Maybe your, uh… methods will be a bit more persuasive.
Tom: The Station Chief, who is he?
Ressler: Vasily Komarov– A cultural attaché at the Russian Embassy. It’s just a cover that allows him… [ Camera shutter clicking ] …to run the US operations for the SVR under their diplomatic immunity.
Tom: Vices?
Ressler: None that we know of. Trust me, we looked.
Tom: Thank you.
Ressler: For what? [ Door opens ] [ In low voice: ] This conversation never happened.
[ Liz enters ]
Liz: Conversation about what?
Tom: He sicced me on the SVR for intel on Kirk. Not behind your back. I was gonna tell you.
Liz: You don’t have to apologize for trying to find our daughter.
Tom: Look, I know that you think he won’t hurt her, or that you can draw him out, but–
Liz: Agnes is missing because of Kirk’s obsession with me.
[ Cellphone vibrates: Nick’s Pizza ]
Liz: Look, if I were you and our daughter were missing because of something that had nothing to do with me… What I believe is that we should do everything we can to bring our daughter home.
Tom: Call you if I get anywhere.
Liz: Not if. When.
[ Door opens, closes ] [ Sighs ]

[ In a church ] [ Organ music playing ]
Brimley: [ To Red ] The doctor has been baptized and is ready to make his confession.
[ Music stops ]
Brimley: I’m getting hitched on the 16th. Wee Chapel of the Casino. Extend the invite to Mr. Kaplan. [ Door closes ]

[ Dr Sebastian Reifler is sitting in a tub of water ]
Red: As Alexander Kirk’s hematologist, I assume you oversee his transfusions and coordinate with his specialist. I want to know how it works– where you meet, with whom, and when.
Dr Reifler: Please. He’s a sick man.
Red: Perhaps another go with the candiru fish. I understand they burrow into the most impossible nooks and crannies.
Reifler: All right, I– I give him blood transfusions once a month. And, uh… weekly erythropoietin injections.
Red: When did you last see him?
Reifler: I– Six days ago.
Red: Then you’ll be seeing him within the next 24 hours. Where?
Reifler: I don’t know. No, I-I-I don’t. I don’t know until they call me with the next location. Please. Red: Fish him out of the tub. And, Dembe, while you’re at it, you should have him take a look at that mole.
Dembe: It’s a freckle.

[ Liz arrives at the church ]
Liz: Let me guess. You and the pastor are dear friends.
Red: Never met the man. I am, however, a benefactor for the artists they hired to lead the restoration. As luck would have it, sprucing up the old apse hole will take months.
Liz: You’re squatting in a church.
Red: I usually have a devil of a time getting to sleep, but here I sleep like a babe in the manger.
Liz: Did you get Kirk’s doctor?
Red: Yes, and he’s going to lead me to Kirk.
Liz: I want to be there when he does.
Red: The Lindquist Concern–
Liz: Don’t change the subject.
Red: I’m not. The doctor gets us Kirk. The Lindquist Concern gets Kirk to give us Agnes.
Liz: Why? Who are they?
Red: A group that corporations pay to suppress inventions that would undercut them if brought to market.
Liz: Companies do that all the time– buy up patents just to shelve them. Big oil did it to the NiMH battery in the ’90s.
Red: Well, when they can’t kill the invention, they have the Lindquist Concern kill the inventor. Like Omar Najjar. He was working on revolutionary technology with the potential to save millions of lives. Now that it’s in the hands of the Lindquist Concern, it will save none.
Liz: I’ll call it in, but if you have a line on Kirk, I’m staying with you.
Red: [ Dialing ] Agent Navabi. I have your next case.

[ Samar is briefing the task force ]
Samar: Ian Pugachevsky worked on a cold-fusion device in his basement for 20 years. Two weeks after claiming he had a breakthrough, he vanished while hiking in the Sierras. This is Karen Rose. She developed an alternative to opiate-based painkillers that was just as strong, non-addictive, and had fewer side effects. But before reaching clinical trials, she died of an apparent overdose. According to Reddington, these people were murdered, their ideas suppressed, and their research never found.
Ressler: Well, did he say how any of this relates to Kirk?
Samar: No, but he did say that a number of accidental deaths of amateur scientists and inventors are actually homicides committed by the Lindquist Concern.
Cooper: Who is the most recent?
Samar: Omar Najjar.
Aram: Married, no children– chemical engineer in R&D at Bethesda Plastics.
Cooper: Start there. If someone hired this Lindquist Concern to kill Najjar, I want to know what revolutionary technology they got their hands on.

[ Cellphone ringing ] [ Cellphone beeps ]
Ressler: Make it quick.
Tom: Komarov gets massages twice a week from a woman who moonlights as an FBI informant.
Ressler: He does?
Tom: He does now. I need you to get me informant contracts and a payment history documenting her work with the Bureau.
Ressler: And by “get,” you mean fabricate.
Tom: Name’s Annabelle Dixon. I’m asking you to help me get intel on Alexander Kirk. I am asking you to help me get my daughter back.
Ressler: Let me see what I can do.

Plant Manager: We do high-volume, injection-molded plastic components. Not to speak ill of the dead, but Omar wasn’t exactly a rock star.
Ressler: What does that mean?
Theo: I don’t know. He was quiet, kept to himself. Hard to get to know.
Samar: And you worked together how long?
Plant Manager: Three years. You know how many times we saw him at the Christmas party, company picnic? Zero.
Theo: But the guy was smart, and recently super excited. He’d had some kind of breakthrough.
Ressler: On what?
Theo: I don’t know. Wasn’t anything he was doing here. We all have IP clauses in our contracts that allow us to pursue projects outside the company.
[ A young woman enters ]
Lydia: Theo, these need your signature.
Samar: Excuse me. Omar Najjar– did you know him?
Lydia: Not really. I-I wish I could help. Sorry to interrupt.
Theo: I don’t know what Omar was working on, but it was big. And if you’re here because you think it got him killed, you need to talk to his wife. If anyone knew what he was up to, it was her.

[ Mona Najjar, Omar’s wife, is holding a photo of him and crying ] [ She hears noise from the basement and descends the stairs ]
Mona: Somebody down here?
[ Printer whirring ] [ A sheet of paper comes off the printer. She glances at it: ” … my life. I can’t go on … … must end my life … ”
[ Silas grabs her from behind ] [ Mona screams ]

Ressler: [ Reads out loud from suicide note: ] “My husband, Omar, was my life. I can’t go on without him. To end this pain, I must end my life. Please understand, suicide was my only option. – Mona Najjar”
[ Camera shuttering clicking ]
Samar: ME says no criminality. No defensive wounds, no bruises, and the body wasn’t moved postmortem.
Ressler: And if he’s wrong, and she really was killed? I mean, look at all that blood. That tells me that someone cut her wrists while she was still alive.
Samar: And look at this. Fun summer reading?
[ Samar opens a large volume. A strip of photos from a photo booth is inside. It shows Omar and Lydia together, hugging and laughing ]
Samar: Hidden inside– Omar and one of the co-workers that I spoke with.
Ressler: What about it?
Samar: She said she didn’t know him.

[ Red and Dembe are seated in a pew in the church ] [ Dembe’s head is bowed ]
Dembe: It won’t come.
Red: What?
Dembe: Forgiveness. For Kate. For what I did.
Red: You did nothing.
Dembe: Exactly.

Dr Reifler: Your daughter is safe.
Liz: You’ve seen Agnes?
Dr Reifler: Alexander’s taking excellent care of her.
Liz: Where is she?
Dr Reifler: I don’t know. He moves so Reddington can’t find her. He’s protecting her from him. Do you know what he did to me– With your daughter being with a man capable of that kind of cruelty?
Liz: You could be asking me that about either of them.
Reifler: I can’t defend everything that Alexander has done. I can defend why he did it. Alexander’s a good man.

[ Red has been listening, walks up ]
[ Cellphone ringing ]
Red: Mind your bedside manners.
[ Cellphone beeps ]
Dr Reifler: Hello? Yes. I understand. Go ahead. [ Writing ] Tell Mr. Kirk I’ll be there. Goodbye.
[ Cellphone beeps ]
[ Red looks at the slip of paper ]
Red: Dembe, please inform Edward we’re going to Geneva. Elizabeth, I need all the satellite intel the task force can get their hands on for this address, as well as schematics for the building.
Liz: Listen to me, this doesn’t need to be another one of your scorched-earth raids.
Red: What a curious concern for a mama grizzly going after her cub.

Samar: In my experience, when people lie about knowing the victim, they were involved in the murder.
Lydia: I wasn’t involved in Omar’s murder. I was involved with him.
Samar: So you lied to keep the affair a secret.
Lydia: Nobody at work knew about us or about what he was working on.
Samar: Which was?
Lydia: A desalination process. 600 million people don’t have access to clean water, and Omar invented a way to extract it from seawater that’s efficient and cheap and can be scaled to service entire cities.
Samar: Who else did Omar talk to about this?
Lydia: No one… until last weekend. He met this amazing guy. He knew everything about bringing an idea to market.

[ Silas listens as he dresses ]

Selfhelp tape: For a surefire self-confidence booster, groom yourself, dress nicely, stand tall, prepare.

Samar: Where did they meet?
Lydia: Where we took this photo– at the Inventors Expo in Trenton. He gave Omar hours of free advice, and Omar walked him through every step of the invention. If this guy, whoever he is, if he killed Omar and his wife… I could be next.

♪ ’cause we’re long gone, baby ♪

Lydia: I’m the only other person who knew what he was working on. You got to find this attorney.

Riley: Magnesium is more abundant, less reactive… and cheaper to produce than lithium.

♪ lay it on me ♪
♪ rock it to me ♪

[ At a convention, a young woman bumps into Silas, spilling her papers ]
Silas: Oh. I’m so sorry. Sorry about that. [ Picks up the papers ] There you go.
Riley Emerson: Thank you.
Silas: Hold on. This doesn’t say “patent pending.” You’re not pitching your invention without intellectual property protection?
Riley: Oh, no. I mean… yeah, I was. I know, I’m a huge moron, right?
Silas: Well, not if your idea sucks. If it’s brilliant, then, yeah, you’re a moron. Find good patent counsel. VCs won’t invest unless they know your technology’s protected.
Riley: Then protect me. You’re an attorney, right? I stood behind you in the lunch line, eavesdropped.
Silas: What’s your name?
Riley: Riley Emerson.
Silas: You have a working prototype, Riley Emerson?
Riley: Like you said, show no one until it’s patented.
Silas: Let me know if you want me to take a look. Maybe I can file the patent application pro bono. Here’s my cell. You’ll never get past my assistant. She’s there to protect me from people like you.

[ Vasily Komarov is sitting at a table in a park ] [ Tom sits down across from him ]
Vasily: What is this? Who are you?
Tom: Who I am doesn’t matter, Vasily. What matters is that you’re passing state secrets to the FBI through Annabelle Dixon.
Vasily: Please.
Tom: She works for the FBI, and she is your handler. Now, that is a fact that I’m prepared to keep secret if, and only if, you give me the SVR file on Alexander Kirk.
Vasily: I have no time for this.
Tom: Surveillance photos, signed confession witnessed by Special Agent Donald Ressler. Go ahead and ask her, and she’ll deny it. But by then, your reputation’s gonna be destroyed. All I’m asking for is intel on a man that your own government detests. So, I’ll give you one hour to decide whether you want to ruin his life or yours.

[ Keyboard keys clacking ] [ Computer chimes ]
Aram: Elise, hey. I, uh… I’m not really allowed to FaceTime at work.
Elise: Yeah, I know, well, but it’s kind of an emergency. Um… the dishwasher.
Aram: Whoa.
Elise: I know– disaster. I-I was trying to clean up– not– not that you’re a slob or anything. I’m not great with appliances, so if you don’t want your apartment to turn into a bubble bath, maybe you could help me out here.
Samar: Bad time?
Aram: Uh… no. Uh… Maybe.
Samar: The surveillance footage of Omar meeting our suspect– were you able to enhance the video?
Aram: Uh, yes, but not enough to run the image through a database. What I did find… was… this.
Samar: Business card– “Goodwin, Benham & Yates, LLP.”
Aram: It’s a DC law firm specializing in IP and patent law.
Samar: Charles T. Gellner. Okay. Looks like I will be paying Mr. Gellner a visit.
Aram: My dishwasher, it’s, um… super finicky. I, uh, almost always dry by hand.
Samar: I’m gonna go.
Aram: Right, I’m just saying it wasn’t her fault– the bubbles. FYI.

[ Door opens ]
Ressler: Charles Gellner? Agents Navabi and Ressler, FBI. We’re going to need you to come with us.
Gellner: Why? What’s the problem?
Ressler: This doesn’t concern you.
Gellner: I think it might.
Ressler: And why is that?
Gellner: Because I’m Charles Gellner.
Ressler: Well, Mr. Gellner, I’m afraid to tell you that someone’s stolen your identity.
Gellner: Well, what makes you think that?
Ressler: Uh, well, sir…
Samar: Because you’re black.
Gellner: Not a crime.

[ Silas’ workshop. On a long table are arranged the files of his past and future victims. Each pile has a separate cellphone on top. Silas is at his desk, using a syringe to inject poison into bottles of champaign ]
[ Cellphone ringing ]
Silas: Hello?
Riley: Mr. Wellington? Hey. This is Riley Emerson. We met in Boston.
Silas: Riley! Funny, I was just talking about you with my managing partner.
Riley: About whether I was brilliant or a moron?
Silas: About your idea. We think it’s very interesting. We’d like to talk about helping you out.
Riley: Oh, my God. That’s so great. Do you want to get together, let me show you the prototype?Silas: I’d like nothing more.

Ressler: Law firm checks out. Seems like Lindquist agents assume the identities of patent experts to lure inventors into revealing their ideas and their research.
Cooper: Cell number on the business card. Where are we on that?
Aram: Right, three of the numbers were hidden, so I had to run down a few hundred possible combinations– 246 to be exact. And in addition to two PTA presidents and an amazing doggy daycare, I found… this burner phone, and I had the cell carrier triangulate its location to this apartment building in Oak Hill.
Cooper: And how many people live in the building?
Aram: 112. But our suspect’s name is… Silas Gouldsberry.
Cooper: And how do you know that?
Aram: He is the only tenant who works for the US Patent Office.
Cooper: Get there now.

[ Cellphone ringing ] [ Cellphone beeps ]
Samar: Navabi.
Elise: Samar? Hi. Uh, I hope this isn’t weird, me calling you. Uh, my name is Elise. I’m a friend of Aram’s, and–
Samar: Elise. Hello. I hope you didn’t flood the apartment again.
Elise: He told you about that. [ Chuckles ] Why– Why wouldn’t he? He tells you everything. I’m a little jealous.
Samar: Is there something I can help you with?
Elise: From what I can tell, you know him so well, and point is, why I called, Aram, uh, his perfect date– what would that be?
Samar: Is that why you’re calling me? For dating advice?
Elise: Yeah, I mean, you’re his best friend. And after nearly destroying his place today, I… want to give him a night he’ll never forget. How would you do that?

[ In Red’s jet, on way to Geneva ]
Liz: He admires Kirk, says he’s a good man.
Red: He shouldn’t. And he’s not.
Liz: I’m in the middle. Between you and Kirk, between Tom and Kirk. Can you at least admit how difficult that is?
Red: No. It’s only difficult if you accept the premise that Kirk is your father. I don’t.
Liz: At the church, what was Dembe praying for?
Red: Salvation… that will never come.

[ Ressler leads a raid on Silas’ apartment ]
Ressler: FBI! Federal agents!
Man: Kitchen’s clear. Bathroom’s clear.
Ressler: Clear.
Man: Bedroom’s clear. Down that hall.
Ressler: Some kind of a directory of registered patent attorneys and patent agents. He’s got half a dozen doctored IDs with matching business cards– patent agents, angel investor, patent attorney. Charles Gellner. What’s that?
Samar: His next victim.

Riley: A magnesium battery is the holy grail of energy storage. Everyone and their mother is working on one. But no one could find a magnesium-friendly electrolyte. Yeah, that’s the stuff that–
Silas: The material that allows the ions to flow between electrodes.
Riley: Hey, you know your stuff.
Silas: [ Chuckles ] And you, all of 24, have cracked it. That is pretty young to be a billionaire.
[ Samar and Ressler in SUV. Samar is trying to reach Riley ]
[ Cellphone rings ] [ Cellphone beeps ]
Recording: This is Riley. Leave a message.
Samar: Riley, this is Special Agent Samar Navabi with the FBI. We have reason to believe you may be in danger.

Silas: I am gonna file for expedited status on the patent application. Now, anyone who knows anything about this is gonna have to sign a nondisclosure, and that includes me.
Riley: I haven’t really had anyone else to tell.
[ Silas pours champaign. Riley drinks ]
Riley: You know, you’re the first person to ever really believe in me. Thank… [ Coughing ]
Silas: You okay there?
Riley: Yeah. No, I’m getting sick– [ Coughing ]
Silas: I don’t think you are. [ Gasping ]
[ Silas starts car engine ]
Silas: So stupid. You should never use a car engine to power anything in a garage with no ventilation.

[ Ressler and Samar’s vehicle approaches ] [ Tires screech ] [ Silas takes off running ]
Samar: There’s a car running.
[ Samar discovers Riley in the garage coughing and breathing heavily ]
Ressler: I got it.
Samar: Ressler! [ To Riley: ] It’s okay. [ Shouts: ] Ressler! Got her!
Riley: [ Coughing ]
Samar: The car.
[ Ressler shuts engine off ]
Ressler: [ Calls ] I need an ambulance, 310 North View Drive.
[ Samar is giving Riley CPR ]

Red: During World War II, the Oeuvre de Secours aux Enfants smuggled Jewish children out of France to Switzerland. This was one of their staging areas. Now it’s mine.
[ Guns clicking ]
Liz: Are you planning an extraction or a land war in Asia?
Red: My plan is to make contact with you as soon as Alexander Kirk is in my possession.
Liz: What do you mean? I’m going with you.
Red: Given your conflicted feelings for Kirk, I believe that would be unwise.
Liz: I gave you the satellite intel on Kirk’s location. I’m the reason you’re able to get him.
Red: Which I appreciate, but as you said, you’re in the middle. Given our mission, that’s not a point of view we can indulge.
Liz: I’m not going anywhere.
Red: My point exactly.

[ At the Patent Office ]
Samar: I have a subpoena here for Silas Gouldsberry’s phone, computer, and employment records. And I need you to revoke his employee access card.
HR manager: I can revoke the card, but it won’t do you much good.
Samar: Why is that?
HR manager: He’s in the building.
[ Telephone rings ]
Cooper: Agent Navabi, what do you know?
Samar: He’s here– Gouldsberry. He swiped in two minutes ago.
Cooper: You have a visual?
Samar: No, but the security has been alerted and the building is in lockdown.
Cooper: We’ll set a perimeter. Agent Ressler, get there now.

[ Security guard recognizes Silas ]
Guard: [ On phone ] I have a visual– basement, sector 5. Sir–
[ Silas shoots the guard 💥 ] [ People screaming ]
[ Card reader beeps ] [ Silas enters server room. His boss is there ]
Silas’ Boss: Hey, buttercup. Glad you could make it. Now we–
[ Silas shoots him 💥 ] [ People screaming ] [ Silas shoots at ceiling 💥💥💥 ]
Silas: Everyone on the ground!
[ Another guard accompanying Samar unlocks the door with card reader ] [ Beeps ] [ A trail of blood leads to a glassed in room ]
Samar: What’s on the other side of that glass?
Guard: Server room.
Samar: Call for backup.
[ Silas gets on the computer ] [ Beeps ] [ Silas begins transferring files ]
Samar: Silas Gouldsberry? FBI. You’ve gotten yourself cornered in there, Silas, and you’re looking for a way out. Let me help you.
Silas: I don’t need your help.
Samar: Sure, you do. What do you want?
Silas: I want money. $20 million in unmarked bills. Nonconsecutive serial numbers. In 30 minutes, or I start shooting the hostages.
[ People whimpering ]

[ Red is pointing out his plan on a map. Baz looks on ]
Red: Kirk’s medical suite is being set up off the Rue Baulacre. He’ll have a man stationed on the perimeter here…
[ At that location a guard is shot 💥]
Guard: Aah! .
Red: ..here…
[ And another💥] Ugh!
Red: …and at least two covering the south entrance here
[ Men shown being wrestled to the ground ]
Red: I want everyone to memorize the layout of the interior. I don’t want any missteps.
Reifler: Excuse me. There are three medical personnel in there, all good men and women. You can’t hurt them.
Red: I’m sorry, Dr. Reifler, but you’re not part of the planning committee.

[ At the garage where the sting is taking place ]
[ Rapid gunfire 💥💥💥 💥💥💥 ]
[ Red and Reifler enter ]
Red: As requested, Doctor, your medical team, safe and sound. Bravo.
[ Cellphone ringing ]
Kirk: [ On phone ] Dr. Reifler?
Dr. Reifler: Yes, Alexander.
Kirk: I’m here. We just passed Rue du Clos. We’ll be right there.
Reifler: Very good. [ Cellphone beeps ] He’s five minutes out.
Red: In five.

Vasily: I need assurances that your evidence will be destroyed, and your word as an agent is definitely not satisfactory.
Tom: Well, that’s good because I’m not an agent or a spook, and SVR did not ask me to find out whether or not you’re compromised, which we both know you’re not.
Vasily: What then? Who are you?
Tom: I’m a dad. Alexander Kirk took my little girl. And I’ll do anything to get her back. So, if you pick up your hand and that is your intel on Kirk, then on the life of my daughter, you have my word that my intel on you will be destroyed.

Liz: [ On phone ] You’re never gonna believe what I’m doing.
Tom: The lead Ressler gave me?
Liz: Nothing– We found Kirk. He’s in Geneva. Our first lead and Reddington literally leaves me behind with a couple of armed guards.
Tom: What do you mean Geneva?
Liz: That’s where Kirk’s meeting his doctor. He’s headed there now.
Tom: No, he’s not. He’s in Russia.
Liz: What are you talking about?
Tom: The lead Ressler gave me. It panned out. I got the SVR file on Kirk. They had actionable intel–
Liz: That Kirk’s in Russia?
Tom: This morning. They raided a safe house, but he was gone.
Liz: I need to call you back.
[ A car enters the garage ] [ Dembe’s cellphone rings ]
Liz: Put him on.
Dembe: [ To Red ] Elizabeth.
Liz: Tell him it’s a trap. You’re walking into a trap
Dembe: [ To Red ] She says this is a setup.
[ Red and Dembe pause and Red takes a few steps back. Red takes the phone, flips it shut and hands it to Dembe ]
[ 💥🔥💥Explosion 💥🔥💥 ]
[ Red and Dembe are thrown back by the force of the explosion ]

Cooper: Laurel, now is not a good time.
Laurel Hitchin: Yeah, I know. That’s why I’m here. The patent office– I want an update.
Cooper: 20 hostages– 1 wounded, 1 dead– barricaded into a server room. The demand is $20 million. We have 22 minutes before he starts shooting again.
Hitchin: And the inventions, the ones he kills for, where are they?
Cooper: How do you know about that?
Laurel: I’m the National Security Advisor, Harold. It’s my job to know about anything that impacts national security, and it’s my understanding they do.

[ Red, Dembe and Dr Reifler survived the blast with only minor cuts ]
Red: How did he know? How did Kirk know?
Dr Reifler: I don’t know. It wasn’t me, okay? I-I was with you the whole time.
Red: Attend to my men.
[ Cellphone ringing. Dembe holds out phone for Red ]
Dembe: Raymond.
[ Cellphone beeps ]
Red: Yeah.
Liz: What happened? Is everyone okay?
Red: No. Men are dead, others gravely injured… because someone warned Kirk.
Liz: You don’t think… I called to warn you.
Red: I know that.
Liz: You don’t sound convinced.
Red: We’re at cross purposes, Elizabeth. Not about Agnes. About Agnes, we’re in lock step. But about Kirk– about who he is and what he wants– we’re… at odds.
Liz: But that’s because you can’t seem to accept that Kirk has answers to questions I’ve been asking my entire life.
Red: Your call saved my life. Thank you.
[ Cellphone beeps ]

Samar: Silas… what condition is your wounded hostage in?
Silas: Better than he deserves.
Samar: I see a lot of blood loss out here, Silas. Why don’t you send him out?
Silas: Where’s my money?
Samar: I’m working on it, but that amount of money takes time. “Better than he deserves.” What did you mean by that?
Silas: You ever invented anything? You ever experience that moment of discovery? It’s a revelation.
Samar: And the man you shot?
Silas: Will never know what that feels like. But I do. I’ve come up with an idea that doesn’t need a patent. An idea that is going to change the world.
Samar: I don’t see anything world-altering about what you’re doing, Silas.
Silas: Oh, you will do. In 19 minutes.

Cooper: What are we looking at?
Aram: I’ve got access to the Patent Office’s server’s infrastructure, and there is a major alert from the TCP retries counter, meaning someone is uploading data. Like– like, a ton of it.
Hitchin: Why do you think it’s Gouldsberry? Can you see what’s being uploaded?
Aram: Uh, no, but I can– I can see how long it’s gonna take. Another 14 minutes– same timetable he gave Agent Navabi to get the money.
Cooper: Money he could’ve made 10 times over by selling the invention he has on the open market.
Hitchin: So, the demand is a smokescreen. For what?
Cooper: Aram, if he had enough schematics, could uploading them possibly take this long?
Aram: Sure, maybe, but if he did that, then they’d become available… to the many at the expense of the few. He’s open-sourcing them.
Cooper: Is HRT in place?
Aram: Yes.
Hitchin: Send it in now.
Cooper: If I do that, hostages will die.
Hitchin: If you don’t, national security will be compromised.
Cooper: We can’t be sure of that.
Hitchin: Harold, the ideas he has are revolutionary, right– in medicine and in energy, and, for all you know, in computers and next-gen weaponry. You really want to open-source that to Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea?
Cooper: What I want is to let this play out for another 13 minutes, see if it can be resolved without a bloodbath.
Hitchin: That’s not a risk I’m willing to take. Send in the breach order or I will.

Silas: I was 23 when I sold my first invention– was gonna be a star. Company that bought it, they had a plan. We were gonna save lives and change the world. Three weeks after signing it over, they killed it, shelved my idea for the sake of their bottom line. After that, I’d tell anyone who cared to listen what happened to me. I warned them, but they didn’t see the censorship. All they saw was the payday, the money.
Ressler: Teams in position?
HRT man: Perimeters are set. We enter from the south on your ready.
Silas: People start out with a pure idea. It gets corrupted. So that’s why I came to work here, so I could be exposed to breakthrough technologies and prevent them falling victim to corporate greed. You think I’m trying to suppress inventions? I’m doing the exact opposite. That’s my great idea. I’m gonna set them free.
Samar: I can’t let you do that, Silas.
Silas: In eight minutes, it’ll be done. You enter before that… [ Gun cocks ] …the hostages die.
[ Whimpering, crying ]

Hitchin: Call in the order, Harold, or that countdown represents what’s left of your career.
Cooper: I’m not sending my men in guns blazing.
Aram: Sir, I think I have another way.
[ Ressler, who is on-site, has been listening in ]
Ressler: Fire-suppression system?
Aram: Yes, if you manually set it off, the safety override should automatically open the doors. You should be able to access the system from a utility module in the fire panel.
Ressler: All right, Aram. Talk to me.
Aram: There should be a circuit board on the lower right corner.
Samar: Aram, what the hell is going on?
Aram: Uh, yeah, hold on. W-We’re working on it.
Samar: Hold on? We have less than a minute.
Ressler: All right, I found the circuit board. What do I do?
Aram: Agent Navabi. We’re gonna kill the power to the fire system. Doing so will release a fire-suppression agent. It’s an inert gas, so it’s safe, but you might have a problem with …
Ressler: Aram!
Aram: Oh! Uh, the plug with two red wires just below the green blinking light, pull that– pull it now!
Samar: A problem with what, Aram?
Aram: … Visibility.
[ Alarm wailing ] [ Gas fills the server room ] [ Screaming ]
Samar: Drop it!
[ Samar and Silas draw firearms ] [ Gunshot 💥 ] [ Silas falls ]
Aram: Okay, don’t pull out the flash drive. To corrupt the entire zipped file, hit “Abort” on the data-transfer dialogue.
[ Coughing ]
Samar: Yes!
Ressler: Phew.

[ Door opens ]
Liz: We didn’t get Agnes.
Tom: I know. I talked to Ressler. This, um, SVR report, when I talked to you earlier, I hadn’t finished reading it.
Liz: Did you find something about Agnes?
Tom: No.
Liz: Then what difference does it make?
Tom: It’s about you. And your father.
Liz: What’s this?
Tom: It’s a DNA report.

[ Ressler and Samar enter Cooper’s office ]
Cooper: Here they are.
Hitchin: Hey, you did great work today.
Ressler: What’s she doing here?
Cooper: You have the data file?
Samar: I wish I could meet all the people who dreamed up what’s on here. Every one of them killed for no other reason than the power of their imagination.
[ Cooper gives flash drive to Hitchin ]
Ressler: You know who she is and you’re gonna give her that?
Hitchin: Yes, Agent Ressler, he does. But apparently you’ve forgotten. “She” is your boss’s boss’s boss’s boss.
Ressler: Well, my boss’s boss’s boss’s boss is a killer. See, I know you murdered Reven Wright, and one day, I’m gonna prove it.
Hitchin: Harold, I’ll give the President your regards. [ To Ressler: ] Excuse me. Thank you.

[ In Red’s Mercedes ]
Hitchin: You sure that’s the only invention you’re interested in?
Red: Yes.
Hitchin: ‘Cause I’ve seen the rest and they’re incredible.
Red: Mm. Good afternoon, Laurel.
Hitchin: All right.
Red: Per our agreement, no friends and family discount. Our compatriots on the Cabal pay full market value. My cut is 50%. That sounds greedy. 45%.

[ Stu Larsen’s ♫ “By the River” plays ]
♪ ooh ♪
♪ hey ♪

[ Door closes ]
Odette: [ To Kirk ] Our asset made contact. Reddington survived.

♪ ooh ♪

Ressler: Seen Aram? I need his report.
Samar: He left early.
Ressler: Right. Date night. Did she order takeout from Pacos Tacos?
Samar: Oh, yeah, and a ginger beer and crispy beef from Ho Kow… and chicken from that disgusting Italian place he likes. That place got a “B.”
Ressler: [ Chuckles ] She’s really working it.
Samar: If he likes her, I’m happy for him… but there’s something about her that bugs me.
Ressler: Yeah, it’s terrible. She’s actually nice to him. I mean, personally, I hate it when cute girls buy me crispy beef.
Samar: She may be cute, but trust me, she’ll age badly.
Ressler: I’ve been to that Italian place. They dump garlic on everything. You know, that was kind of a genius move, you telling her to go there.
Samar: It wasn’t a move.
Ressler: He’s never gonna want to kiss her with chicken garlic breath.
Samar: Okay, that’s just gross, Ressler.
Ressler: That’s what I’m saying. You got nothing to worry about.
Samar: I’m not worried.

♪ hey ♪
♪ ooh, something fell apart in me ♪
♪ ooh, as I watched my soul depart from me ♪

[ Red is seated, having dinner and drinking wine. Liz walks in. She is angry ]
Liz: You lied to me about everything.
Red: May I pour you a glass of this delicious Aglianico?

♪ ooh, now I fade into eternity ♪

[ Liz gives Red a sheet of paper ]
Red: What’s this?
Liz: A DNA report. Proof that Alexander Kirk is my father. You told me my father was dead, that I killed him. Everything you’ve said from the start, from the very beginning… all lies.
[ Liz scoffs. She takes the report and stomps out ]
[ Red’s left eye twitches ]

♪ hey ♪

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༺✦ ♤ ✦༻


♫ Different Drum
By Linda Ronstad and Stone Poneys

♪ You and I travel to the beat of a different drum
Oh can’t you tell by the way I run
Every time you make eyes at me

♪ You cry and moan and say it will work out
But honey child I’ve got my doubts
You can’t see the forest for the trees

♪ Oh don’t get me wrong
It’s not that I knock it
It’s just that I am not in the market
For a boy who wants to love only me

♪ Yes, and I ain’t saying you ain’t pretty
All I’m saying is I’m not ready
For any person place or thing
To try and pull the reins in on me

♪ So good-bye I’ll be leaving
I see no sense in this crying and grieving
We’ll both live a lot longer
If you live without me

♪ Oh don’t get me wrong
It’s not that I knock it
It’s just that I am not in the market
For a boy who wants to love only me

♪ Yes, and I ain’t saying you ain’t pretty
All I’m saying is I’m not ready
For any person place or thing
To try and pull the reins in on me

♪ So good-bye I’ll be leaving
I see no sense in this crying and grieving
We’ll both live a lot longer
If you live without me

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2eaZkVS
YouTube: http://youtu.be/66PZkYgqi9s


♫ By the River
By Stu Larsen

“BY THE RIVER was written after spending some time on my own, in a little cottage on the Whanganui River in New Zealand, in perfect solitude. I can’t remember a time where I felt so calm or thought more clearly. No television reception, no phone service, no internet connection, no distractions. I went to sleep when the sun disappeared and I woke up to the hum of nature each morning. It was truly magical and it felt like this was how life should be.” – Stu Larsen

♪ By the river, through the summer
I waited patiently
You would promise, with all your power
To come and rescue me
To come and set me free

♪ And you were running through the valley
Heading straight for me
My mind was shaking, but I was ready
For you to rescue me
For you to set me free

♪ Hooooo oohhh
Hooooo oohhh
Hooooo oohhh

♪ I found a letter, floating in a bottle
Being washed away to the sea
Penned by freedom, addressed to no one
For who now could it be

♪ Hooooo oohhh
Hooooo oohhh
Hooooo oohhh

♪ A saw a vision, some kind of apparition
But it felt so real so free
I had conversation, a faint deliberation
For who now could it be
For anyone but me

♪ Hooooo oohhh
Hooooo oohhh
Hooooo oohhh
Hooooo oohhh
Hooooo oohhh
Hooooo oohhh

♪ Something fell apart
As I watched my soul depart from me
As I fade into the …

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2hQVnbz
YouTube: https://youtu.be/mca150TC4yE

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🔴 Script 4:6 The Thrushes (№ 53)

Program air date: 10/27/2016 in the US
Permalink: http://wp.me/pDKwi-3Af
Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/2eCb5Go

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Terrence O’Hara
Written by: Daniel Knauf, Dave Metzger

⭕ Script 4:6 The Thrushes (№ 53)

Blurb: Red has a plan to draw out Alexander Kirk (aka Constantin Rostov), who Red and Liz have discovered has hacked into the task force’s computers. Red suspects a group named the Thrushes performed the difficult technical feat. Liz remains torn between Kirk and Red. Liz and Tom’s baby, Agnes, becomes a pawn in game of charades in which no one but Liz knows her true intentions.

[ Minsk, Belarus ]
René Le Bron: The President of the United States is not God, gentlemen. His judgment is not final. He has judged you to be human rights violators, drug traffickers, impediments to democracy, and he has signed Executive Order 13405, freezing 760 million Euros of your money. My judgment is that you are sanctioned businessmen with no cash to run your business. So… 600 million Euros, secured on a tarmac a plane less than 14 kilometers from this room. Your money, gentlemen. To do with as you please. Infrastructure, weapons, medicine, sex, drugs, rock and roll… It matters not to me. All I ask in return is a market rate on the loan until your assets are unfrozen. At which point, you will transfer them to me.
Man: You offer 600 million and expect 760 million when sanctions are lifted?
Le Bron: Yes. 160 million… plus interest. For substituting my judgment for the president’s. You can keep the plane.

[ Elevator bell dings ] [ Muzak plays ] [ Elevator bell dings ] [ Laughter ] [ Speaking native language ] [ Elevator door closes ] [ The group that just boarded quickly put down Le Bron’s group, leaving only Le Bron standing ]
Le Bron: I have three-quarters of a billion in cash parked at MSQ. If you let me go now, it’s yours.
Oscar: Do you, now? My team seized that money 30 seconds after you cut the feed to the conference room. Can we keep the plane?
[ Oscar’s men put a white sack over Le Bron’s head and lead him off the elevator ]
[ Red in his Mercedes ]
[ Cellphone beeps ]
Red: Hello, Oscar. I trust you secured the package.
Oscar: And his cargo. Shall I deduct the balance of my fee from the cash at hand?
Red: Yes. And direct a generous contribution in Le Bron’s name to the Belarusian Refugee Fund.
Oscar: All of it?
Red: Don’t be absurd. Oh, and, Oscar, that plane is mine.

[ Red briefs the task force ]
Red: Iranian mullahs, Mexican cartels, radical despots… Your government declares them enemies and freezes their assets to influence their behavior. Economic sanctions are relatively easy to implement and historically effective. Until now. Agent Navabi, would you be so kind? [ Mouse clicking ] René Le Bron… Financier of terrorist states and criminal organizations. When your government freezes their assets, Le Bron offers them sizable loans, rendering the sanctions toothless and affording the bad actors the ability to continue conducting business as usual. When the sanctions are lifted, Le Bron makes a hefty profit by pocketing the frozen assets he insisted his borrowers put up as collateral.
Ressler: Brilliant idea. Sick, but brilliant.
Red: Yes, Donald. Truth be told, I’m disappointed I didn’t think of it.
Liz: Why bother when you can have us arrest him and then take his place?
Red: Good point.
Aram: Sorry. Did I miss something? I-Is this about going after Kirk and…
Liz: Finding my daughter? No, it isn’t. Apparently, empire building takes precedence.
Red: Alexander Kirk is a client of Le Bron’s. After your government froze Kirk’s assets, he turned to Le Bron for a loan.
Liz: You’re always giving us someone’s six degrees of separation from Kirk.
Red: I intercepted Le Bron in Minsk closing a deal. He’s willing to cooperate, but on a condition I am powerless to fulfill… Immunity from prosecution.
Ressler: So you think that he’ll cooperate in exchange for witness protection?
Red: Well, one can hardly expect unconditional virtue from creatures like René Le Bron.
Liz. So I’ve learned.
Cooper: I’ll have to clear immunity with Cynthia Panabaker. Ressler, Navabi, Aram, clear the logistics for transfer of custody. Keen, a word.
Cooper: I can’t pretend to know the stress you’re under. But from where I sit, he’s doing everything in his power to find Agnes.
Liz: And kill Kirk.
Cooper: You have a problem with that?
Liz: Alexander Kirk is my father.
Cooper: You have proof?
Liz: Yes. DNA evidence of who my father is and who’s been lying to me for the past three years.
Cooper: As I said, I don’t know how you bear it, but we have a job to do, and we can’t do it unless you can work with Reddington.
Liz: I’ll do my job, but I am done cozying up to that snake.
[ Door slams ]

Samar: Tough morning.
Aram: Here. This should lift the mood. I got some… leftover lemon chicken, Ho Kow crispy beef. We are gonna have it for lunch.
Samar: Uh, thanks, but I’m good.
Aram: I’ve also got Paco’s Tacos.
Samar: She really went all out.
Aram: It’s why I’m late. I, uh… Wait. How’d you know?
Samar: Obviously no one would buy all that for themselves. She clearly wants to make a good impression.
Aram: Yeah. Yeah, I guess.
Samar: Is that a problem?
Aram: No, uh… [ Chuckles ] She’s beautiful and smart. She’s an 11. I mean, I’m a 6, 4 on most days. Don’t get me wrong. I am going to enjoy it, but… something is up. Maybe I’m her rebound guy, or she’s got three months to live or…
Samar: Or maybe she thinks you’re a handsome, smart, incredibly nice guy who’s easy to be around.
Aram: Really? You think so?
Samar: No. But she might.

Cooper: Cynthia Panabaker.
Panabaker: Harold, do tell me you can still sit in for poker night. I simply cannot afford another empty chair.
Harold: Still on as far as I know. I’ve got some good news. Major break in the Kirk case, but I’m gonna need immunity for the informant.
Panabaker: Name?
Cooper: René Le Bron.

[ In front of a vast computer array, a tech guy has been listening in on Cooper’s discussion with
Panabaker ]
[ Dialing ]
Odette: Yes, what is it?
Kirk tech guy: Yeah, we got a problem.

[ Odette enters sauna room where Kirk is shrouded in a white terry robe ]
Odette: I just received confirmation from the Farm. Reddington was behind the Le Bron abduction. If the FBI manages to turn him, they can track and seize all of your remaining assets. Shall I deal with it? I’ve already acquired the details of his transport.
Kirk: Yeah. Anything else?
Odette: It appears the seeds of doubt you sowed in Masha have taken root.
Kirk: It’s time to reach out. Take adequate precautions.
Odette: Adequate precautions? She’s a key consultant for the FBI.
Kirk: Yes. And she’s my daughter.

[ ♪ Wand’s “Fire on the Mountain” plays ]
♪ Fire burns on the mountain top ♪
♪ West Coast fallen in the ocean ♪
♪ In a capsule underground ♪
♪ I sit trying to forget ♪
♪ Stop sending open threats ♪

[ Baz and another of Red’s men release Le Bron from his restraints. The white sack goes back on his head ]
[ A cavalcade of FBI and police vehicles speed toward the rendezvous point.
[ Tires screech ]
[ Atop a building, a sniper assembles his weapon ]
[ Le Bron and captors as well as Ressler, Samar and FBI unit arrive at the rendezvous point for the prisoner exchange ]

♪ Throw them in the lake ♪
♪ Where the mountain sits ♪
♪ Burning everyone ♪
♪ Oh-oh ♪ (music slows)
♪ Oh ♪ …

[ A single shot 💥 from the high powered rifle hits Le Bron in the head, killing him instantly ]
Man: Get down!
[ Everyone ducks for cover. The sniper on the rooftop disappears ]
[ Music resumes ]

♪ She can see deep inside of you ♪ …

[ Red in Mercedes, answers phone ]
Red: Yes?
Cooper: We lost the asset. Single shot. Fatal. It appears as if the shooter gave us the slip.
Red: Thank you, Harold.
[ Red clicks phone shut ]

♪ Throw yourself from the mountain ♪

Red: [ To Dembe ] Le Bron is dead. Right on schedule. Time to send out the invitations.

♪ Let your mind meet sky ♪

[ Elise wakes in Aram’s bed ]
Aram: Good morning.
Elise: How long were you staring at me?
Aram: All night.
[ Both chuckle ] [ Kisses ]
[ Doorbell buzzes ] [ Aram goes to door, looks through peephole ]

[ ♪ Oingo Boingo’s “Dead Man’s Party” plays ]
♪ I’m all dressed up with nowhere to go ♪

Pizza Delivery Boy: Nick’s Pizzas.

♪ Walkin’ with a dead man over my shoulder ♪
♪ I’m all dressed up with nowhere to go ♪

[ Aram, Ressler, Samar and Cooper each receive an early morning pizza with a card attached to the inside of the cover reading: ]

Your car will arrive at 7:30 a.m. sharp.
Your discretion is required. – R

♪ Waitin’ for an invitation to arrive ♪
♪ It’s a dead man’s party ♪

[ Red’s tech guy, Chester, greets Cooper, Ressler, Samar and Aram, takes their invitation cards and guides them through security ]
Chester: And welcome. Hi. Uh, okay.

♪ Who could ask for more? ♪

Chester: So, um, electronics, all electronics.

♪ Everybody’s comin’ ♪

Chester: Phones. This is like airport security.

♪ Leave your body at the door ♪

Chester: One at a time, put your arms up for me.

♪ Leave your body and soul ♪

Chester: Okay, next.

♪ At the door ♪

Chester: You’re good, miss. Thank you. Just close the door behind you, sir. Next.

♪ Ow ♪

Red: Welcome to the past. This space is impregnable to every frequency of wireless transmission, including microwaves. Every piece of equipment you see is analog. Our sole concession to the digital revolution is a Ms. Pac-Man machine in the break room.
Cooper: But why?
Red: Because I like Ms. Pac-Man.
Cooper: No. Why this… museum?
[ Liz enters ]
Liz: We’ve been breached.
Cooper: Wait a minute. You two have been working together on this?
Liz: Yes. Our public disagreement was staged for Kirk’s benefit.
Aram: You think he’s got a tap into the Post Office?
Red: I know it. René Le Bron’s death was proof.
Ressler: You sicced us on Le Bron as a test. You knew that if Kirk was listening and he heard that we were going after Le Bron, he’d try to get to him first.
Red: We set the bait. He took it.
Cooper: A human sacrifice.
Red: I prefer the term “tethered goat.” Besides, Harold, the man was a degenerate, and his death denies pariah states access to ready cash, putting teeth back in the sanctions your country imposes with such tumescence.
Samar: So we have a mole. Who?
Liz: Not who.
Samar: What.
Liz: Our system. It’s been hacked.
Aram: Impossible. We’ve got more firewalls than the NSA’s Utah Data Center. And I personally turn it inside-out every morning. It is a bit-banger’s nightmare. Unhackable.
Red: Which tells us exactly who the culprits are… The Thrushes, a crew that hacks the unhackable. Created in 1982 by a charismatic Bulgarian genius… [ To Samar, stepping behind her ] Excuse me, sweetheart… Plemen Radkov. He was arrested in 1986 by the KGB and died seven months later in a Siberian gulag.
Liz: After that, The Thrushes went underground. Their specialty is not only cracking systems, but doing so without leaving a trace of their intrusion.
Red: The Thrushes choose their clientele based on two criteria… Cash and the technical challenge of the hack.
Liz: 2009… The Ankara-Istanbul high-speed railway system. Faulty ultrasound software failed to detect stress fractures, leading to a disastrous test run, costing the Turkish government billions.
[ The old manual slide projector jams ]
Red: Chester.
Chester: Oh, crap. Crappers. Sorry. I got it. Crap, crap. I got it.
Liz: Last year… a top-secret nuclear fuel enrichment plant outside of Jaipur, India. Motor-speed variations destroyed 1,200 industrial centrifuges.
Samar: A colleague at the British Embassy was lead on that case. 38 people died, thousands were exposed to radiation, but they never found evidence of a hack.
Red: In both cases, powerful interests stood to gain. And now Alexander Kirk. Full access to all voice and digital transmissions generated by the very people dedicated to taking him down.
Cooper: I’ve heard enough. Shut down the system.
Red: No, Harold, this presents a unique opportunity to feed Kirk disinformation.
Liz: Like the conversation we had in your office. If Kirk thinks I’m done with Reddington, he might reach out.
Cooper: Or he might not. And in the meantime, you’re asking me to allow a terrorist organization continued access to classified data.
Ressler: Look, this goes way beyond our operation. Our system’s connected to the NSA, the CIA, State, the White House.
Cooper: If we were to do this, I’d have to clear it with Panabaker. Samar, reach out to your contact at the embassy. Review the Jaipur incident top to bottom. Aram, go to the Post Office. Call the NSA and tear our system apart. Discreetly. We don’t want them to think that we’re onto them, but put every line of code under a microscope. We have to find these hackers now.

Ressler: You know, that little act of yours between you and Reddington had me going.
Liz: Oh, it wasn’t an act. I’m only putting up with Reddington and his lies until we get Agnes back.

Cynthia Panabaker: Harold, you are one bubble off plumb if you think I’m gonna sit back while heaven knows how many horses run out of the barn.
Cooper: It’s the best chance we have of apprehending Alexander Kirk.
Panabaker: This represents a five-alarm fire to national security.
Cooper: Which is why we can’t shut down our system. The only hope we have of learning how deeply we’ve been penetrated is to identify The Thrushes. We shut down our system now, they’ll know we’re onto them and rabbit.
Panabaker: Okay, Harold. Let them run out some line. But you best keep your thumb tight on the drag, or you’re like to find a bird’s nest on your reel. Understand?
Cooper: Not a word. Absolute gibberish.
Panabaker: Well, let me translate. Don’t screw up.

[ In The Hunter’s cabin ]
[ Dog barking ] [ Shivering ] [ Kate Kaplan groans ] [ Chain rattles ]
[ Door opens ] [ Door closes ] [ The Hunter pulls up a chair to talk to Kate ]
Hunter: I been thinking. You and I, we, uh… We got a problem. Way I see it, whoever shot you is gonna shoot somebody else and dump them where they dumped you and see you’re not there. And he’s gonna come a-lookin’. Or… somebody reports you missing. And the cops come a-lookin’. Or… I just let you go, and you talk about what happened here, and… whoever you talk to comes a-lookin’. And I don’t like visitors. So, what I’m trying to figure out is, what exactly am I gonna do with you?
Kate: [ Raspy whisper ] No one… is coming….
Hunter: Is that a fact?
Kate: I tried to kill myself.
Hunter: Well, where’s the gun?
Kate: Somewhere back in the woods.
Hunter: Well, I don’t suppose you could lead me to it.
Kate: [ Exhales sharply ] I can’t remember. I… crawled away.
Hunter: Well, you left a trail. I’m a tracker. We’ll see.

[ Red and Chester are adjusting the video monitors at Tom and Liz’s apartment in the back of a warehouse ]
Red: I think camera two a smidge to the left.
[ Door opens. Liz enters ]
Chester: Juicy Deucey.
Red: [ To Liz: ] Hello.
Chester: A hair to the left, please. No, your other left. Genius. No.
Red: He’s still not…
Chester: I… I got it. I got it. Got it, got it, got it, got it. Hey…
Red: [ To Liz: ] Chester’s made some significant upgrades to your security. He’s an absolute marvel.
Liz: How nice. All I need now is a barbed-wire fence and guard towers.
Red: Any word from Kirk?
Liz: You mean my father?
Red: Honestly, Elizabeth, it astounds me that you could be hornswoggled by something as simple to fabricate as a DNA profile.
Liz: Not just the DNA. It’s memories… Places I recognize, things we did together. A time capsule we buried in the yard that no one else would know about.
Red: Just because he was your mother’s husband doesn’t make him your father.
Liz: You know what you sound like? Desperate. Just a suspect caught in a lie.
Red: I have never lied to you.
[ Cellphone vibrates ]
Liz: Yes? This is she. I’ll be along shortly. Thanks.
[ Hangs up ]
Liz: [ To Red ] That was a shoe-repair shop in Georgetown I’ve never even heard of. He says I left my phone there.
Red: Kirk.

[ Liz emerges from the shoe repair shop and jumps into the Mercedes next to Red ]
Liz: There’s only one number saved. International prefix 40.
[ Dialing ]
Red: Romania. No doubt untraceable.
[ Liz dials as Red listens in ]
[ Cellphone rings ]
[ Cellphone beeps ] [ Odette hands phone to Kirk ]
Kirk: Masha.
Liz: Tell me about Agnes.
Kirk: She’s healthy. She’s happy. Can’t wait to see her mother.
Liz: You could make that happen.
Kirk: I want to. But as long as you refuse to shield her from Reddington, I can’t.
Liz: I got your SVR file. Your DNA profile was in it. I know you’re my father.
Kirk: Then you know Reddington lied to you from the beginning.
Liz: Yes.
Kirk: There’s no reason why we shouldn’t be together.
Liz: What are you suggesting?
Kirk: A meeting. Just the two of us and Agnes.
Liz: That won’t be easy. Reddington has his goons guarding me 24/7.
Kirk: Because he doesn’t trust you. I’ll work something out, contact you.
Liz: [ Speaks Russian ]
Kirk: [ Speaks Russian ]
[ Hangs up ]
Red: You were very convincing.
Liz: That’s because I meant every word.

Odette: I don’t trust her.
Kirk; You trust no one. That’s why you’re so valuable to me. But in this matter, I do urge you to trust me and my judgment.

[ The Hunter and his dog are at the end of the road in the forest where Red, Kaplan and Dembe had stepped out of the Mercedes. The Hunter uses a long stick to lower an old camera from a tree ]

[ Samar and her contact at the British Embassy are reviewing photos of the devastation caused by a computer virus at the top-secret nuclear fuel enrichment plant outside of Jaipur, India ]
British Embassy Security Expert: Our case file on Jaipur. Everything we have on The Thrushes… which is nothing.
Samar: No source code? No traceable malware?
Security Expert: Quite the opposite. The cheeky bastards actually debugged the system before uploading the virus. Of that, of course, there wasn’t a trace.
Samar: How does a computer virus do this?
Security Expert: By taking operational control of the plant, causing speed variations in the centrifuges, leading to catastrophic failure and the release of pressurized uranium hexafluoride gas.
Samar: They were all engineers?
Security Expert: 38 murders that are impossible to solve.
[ Samar notices that one of the photos is of Elise, Aram’s new girlfriend ]
Samar: Unless only 37 were killed.
Security Expert: What do you mean?
Samar: This victim is not an engineer, and she is most certainly not dead.

[ Cooper, Ressler and Samar are meeting in an interrogation room ]
Ressler: I knew she was too hot for him.
Samar: When Aram finds out, he’s going to be crushed.
Ressler: Yeah, and then he’s gonna wear his heart on his sleeve, and his little girlfriend here is gonna know that we’re onto her.
Samar: We can’t keep this from him.
Cooper: That’s exactly what we’re gonna do. Our objective is to feed The Thrushes disinformation in order to draw out Kirk. The only way we can do that is by keeping Aram in the dark so he doesn’t tip our hand.
Samar: Or you can let me interrogate her. Five minutes, and I’ll have Kirk on a platter.
Cooper: Maybe, but it would only take Kirk two minutes to find out that we’re onto him and then we lose him and The Thrushes and any hope that we have of assessing how badly the breach of the Post Office has damaged national security.
[ Aram appears, disheveled and distraught ]
Cooper: Aram.
Samar: Are you all right? What’s wrong?
Aram: Everything. Everything’s wrong. Sir, I did as you ordered and isolated all the malicious code… Or remnants of it, buried deep in our operating system. At first, I was confused. Our firewalls should have bounced it. But then… I realized the only way we could have been breached was through social engineering, or physical access with a Rubber Ducky.
Ressler: A what?
Aram: A keystroke injection attack platform disguised as a thumb drive. It would bypass all standard countermeasures by emulating a plug-in keyboard, reprogramming our host computer as if the hacker was manually typing in the code.
Cooper: Still, the culprit would have to plug in a thumb drive.
Aram: Yes. Someone had to dupe an FBI employee with level 4 clearance. I spent the last 18 hours collating log-ins with the first appearance of the malicious code in order to figure out who got punk’d so we could interview the employee and nail that hacker.
Samar: And it was you.
Aram: You knew.
Samar: She was a key player in the Jaipur centrifuge hack.
[ Samar shows Aram the photos ]
Aram: [ Voice breaking ] Why didn’t you tell… Oh, God.
Samar: We wanted to, but we thought if you knew, she might pick it up.
Ressler: Look, you didn’t tell her anything, did you?
Aram: [ Sits down ] No. I may be dumb, but I’m not stupid. I just don’t… I don’t know how I’m gonna pull this off.
Cooper: Pull what off?
Aram: She’s coming over to my place for dinner tonight.
Cooper: I don’t think that’s a good idea.
Aram: No. It is a horrible idea. But I have to if we’re gonna have any chance of accessing The Thrushes’ servers.
Cooper: What do you mean?
[ Aram pulls out a device that looks like a thumb drive ]
Aram: I’ve got my own Rubber Ducky.

[ Samar and Aram are in a van preparing him to hack Elise’s laptop ]
Samar: What if she doesn’t have her laptop with her?
Aram: Oh, she’ll have it. Trust me. We’re, uh… We’re binge-watching “Stranger Things.” Talk about life imitating art, huh?
Samar: How long to upload the worm?
Aram: A few minutes. I, uh, designed it to ping the main servers and to e-mail us GPS coordinates.
Samar: Which wire would you like to wear?
Aram: Well, not the fob. I hate the fob. It’s too much clanking with the key ring.
Samar: Okay. The pen.
Aram: [ Chuckles nervously ] I’ve never been on the, um… The sending side of one of these deals. Yeah, I don’t know if I can do this.
[ Samar offers Aram a pistol ]
Samar: This is an LCR .357. It’s light, reliable…
Aram: No, no. What, am I gonna shoot my girlfriend?
Samar: She’s not your girlfriend. She’s a hostile operative, and you are a trained federal agent. I’m not sending you in there without a piece. Do you understand me?
Aram: I’m not like you. I’m really scared.
Samar: I know, but I promise you’ll be fine. I’ll have your back. No safety catch to worry about. You just draw, point, and shoot. Five shots, fully loaded. If anything goes wrong, the safety word is “banana.”
Aram: Banana?
Samar: Use it, and in come the Marines. But they better get there before I do because I will mess that bitch up.
Aram: Really?
Samar: Oh, yeah. Really.
Aram: Okay.
Samar: Good luck.
[ Samar kisses Aram’s cheek ]
[ Aram pauses ]
Aram: That dream date… The crispy beef, ginger beer… That was all you, wasn’t it? I knew it was too good to be true.

Red: When I turned myself in, I never imagined things could’ve turned out this… badly.
Cooper: What did you expect?
Red: [ Scoffs ] I knew it’d be hard, but I… never expected that it would get… harder with every day.
Cooper: It shouldn’t be a surprise. You must have known there was a chance she’d discover Kirk was her father when you put him on your list.
Red: He was never on it. He never would’ve been if he hadn’t come after her first.
Cooper: If anyone belongs on that cursed list, it’s Alexander Kirk. Why the hell wouldn’t you put him there?

Liz: He’s my father.
Tom: She’s our daughter.
Liz: You know what’s gonna happen if I make that call. He’s the only one who can give me answers about my past, my mother. They’ll put him in a hole. I’ll never see him again.
Tom: If you don’t, we may never see Agnes again.

Red: I knew it would complicate things. I’d be forced to take security measures… Things she’d hate. Now all I see is the resentment in her eyes. I’m suffocating her, Harold.

Tom: You sure?
Liz: She’s our daughter.
[ Dialing ] [ Cellphone rings ]
Kirk: You’ve decided.
Liz: You abducted me once. What assurances do I have you won’t do it again?
Kirk: Things have changed. The DNA test.
Liz: I want this to be real.
Kirk: I’ll contact you with instructions.

Elise: I’m sorry. I couldn’t wait. I know, I-I have no self-control. But I watched the last three episodes. I know you’re probably gonna hate me, but [ laughs ] you’ll never believe what happens. It’s amazing.
Aram; What?
Elise: The last three episodes, “Stranger Things.”
Aram: Yeah. Can’t wait.
Elise: Aram, what’s, uh… What’s going on? You… You seem preoccupied.
[ … Ressler and Samar listen in the van … ]
Aram: Me? No. I, um… I’m just, um… Oh, I forgot, I got wine.
Elise: You don’t drink.
Aram: It is for you. It is, um, supposed to go great with, um…
Elise: Puttanesca.
Aram: Yes! Yum. [ Chuckles ] Putta-nesca. Puttanesca.
Elise: You never told me about your day.
Aram: Oh, you know, the usual. FBI stuff. You know, good guys, bad guys. Oh! They got Cheese Nibs for the snack machine downstairs. So, so awesome.
Ressler: Cheese Nibs?
Samar: He’s doing fine.
Ressler: Sounds like a gerbil on meth.
Aram: I know, right? I love Cheese Nibs. I mean, I don’t love them as much as Goldfish…
Elise: Goldfish?
Aram: … but, you know, it’s a huge… it’s a huge…
[ Aram pops cork but spills wine on his shirt ]
Aram: Oh, no.
Elise: Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, God.
Aram: I’m such a klutz.
Elise: [ Chuckling ] No, no, no, no. That’s what I love about you.
Aram: You know what? Uh, just… just give me a… give me a second to go change.
[ Aram goes into the bedroom, pulls Elise’s laptop out of her bag and plugs in the
Rubber Ducky. He covers the laptop with his wet shirt ]
Samar: He’s uploading now.
Elise: Aram? You okay?
[ Elise enters the bedroom ]
Aram: Yeah! Yeah, everything’s, um… Everything is, uh, great. Um, are you hungry? ‘Cause I sure am hu…
Elise: I am hungry.
Aram: Oh. [ Laughs nervously ]
[ Elise kisses Aram, pushes him back on the bed ]
Aram: No, uh… We… We shouldn’t. Um… Your sauce, I think it’s burning.
Elise: We can order takeout.
Aram: [ Laughs nervously ] No, I’m serious. We’re gonna… We’re gonna set this place on fire.
Elise: Mm. Sounds good.
Aram: No, no. Elise, no, no. I’m serious.
[ Aram pushes Elise away ]
Aram: God! Just not now, okay?
Elise: Are you gonna tell me what’s going on?
Aram: I don’t want to cause a fire is all.
Elise: I know you, Aram. You’re lying to me. There’s something that you’re hiding, and, you know, we’re not going anywhere until you tell me what it is. Tell me, Aram. Now. The truth.
Aram: Nothing’s wrong.
Ressler: He’s in trouble.
Elise: You’re lying to me. I can tell.
Aram: Okay, you’re right. There’s something. There’s, um… someone else.
Elise: Someone else? What? Who? What are you talking about?
Aram: I am in love with someone else.
Elise: It’s Samar, isn’t it?
Aram: What? No. No.
Elise: Mm-hmm. Yeah, that girl from your office.
Aram: Of course not. Not… Not her.
Elise: God, I feel so stupid.
Aram: No. No. Don’t. I don’t want you to feel stupid. This is all my fault. I-I-I should have told you about, um… not Samar. I don’t want you to feel really…
[ Elise’s cellphone is beeping ]
Elise: What?
Odette: Do you have any reason to believe our tap has been compromised?
Elise: [ To Aram: ] One minute. It’s work.
[ Elise goes into the hallway ]
Elise: No. Everything’s fine.
Odette: Are you quite certain?
Elise: Absolutely. Why?
Odette: Because your client is about to expose himself on the basis of your intel. If you’re wrong and he is harmed in any way, I will personally see to it that you and The Thrushes are exterminated. Now, are you certain?
Elise: Fine. I’ll run another system check.
Odette: Good. You do that. I’ll call back in 10 minutes.
[ Elise looks for her laptop, finds it under Aram’s shirt ]
Elise: [ Gasps ]
[ Aram points his pistol at Elise ]
Aram: Quack, quack, bitch.
[ ‼️Aram and Elise fight over the gun, then just fight‼️ ]
[ Ressler and Samar run to assist Aram ]
Aram: Banana! I could use a banana!
[ ‼️Both grunting. Furniture and equipment get smashed‼️ ]
Aram: Hey. Okay. Banana. Okay, okay, okay. Oh! Jesus! No!
[ Elise is on top of Aram, about to smash him in the head with a piece of wood ]
Ressler: Drop it!
[ Elise drops it ]
[ Radio chatter ]
[ Samar trains her handgun on Elise as Ressler cuffs her ]
Ressler: Hey. I got this.
Radio: Notify when you have the asset.
[ Samar helps Aram up ]
Samar: Are you okay?
Aram: [ Panting ] Yeah. Yeah. What part of “banana” did you not understand?

Samar: We have the target in custody. We have a tap on her computer, and, thanks to Aram, we will find The Thrushes.
Cooper: We busted Kirk’s mole. You don’t think that’s gonna make him suspicious?
Aram: No. I mean, uh, yes, of course, but… he was already suspicious. Uh, when we were together, she got a call.
Samar: Kirk’s people. They wanted final verification that the tap into the War Room had not been compromised. Once she was in custody, we had her notify them that the tap was clear.
Liz: By phone?
Samar: Yes. At gunpoint.
Liz: So what you’re saying is you heard her say the tap was clean, but, for all you know, she could have been sending some kind of message, a signal that everything was not okay.
Red: Are you suggesting we call it off?
Liz: What I’m suggesting is Kirk’s supposed to be the one walking into a trap here, not me. Cooper: We’ll have safeguards in place. Your security won’t be compromised.
Red: I don’t believe Elizabeth’s concern is about her security or her daughter’s.
Liz: That is my only concern. Clearly your only concern is that it might actually bother me that I’m about to entrap my biological father, that because of me, he’s gonna go to prison for the rest of his life. If I go through with this, you will be my only link to my past. I lost Sam. I lost my mother. And I’ll lose Kirk. And whatever you want to call him, he was married to my mother. He raised me as a child. And he’s willing to do what you are not… Tell me about who I am.
Tom: Liz. We got word from Kirk. He texted the burner phone. [ Paper crinkles ]
Liz: [ Sighs ] The meeting’s set. 5:30 a.m.
Cooper: Manhattan. BMT Nassau Street Line. Delancey Street and Bowery. Of course. That station’s been abandoned for years.
Ressler: I’ll call FBI S.W.A.T. New York.
Red: I’ll be handling Kirk on my own, Harold.
Cooper: If you expect us to stand down…
Red: I do. If you expect this relationship to continue.
Tom: You sure about this?
Liz: No. I’m not sure about any of this.

[ The Hunter’s cabin. Door closes ]
Hunter: You lied to me.
Kate: I didn’t.
Hunter: Shooting yourself isn’t a spectator sport.
[ The Hunter shows Kate photos taken in the forest of Red, Dembe and Kate ]
Hunter: Motion-activated. Three come in. Two go out. Are you gonna get straight with me, or we gonna keep playing games?

[ Cellphone ringing ]
Odette: It’s her.
Kirk: Masha.
Liz: It’s off. We can’t meet. It’s not safe.
Kirk: No, no, no. I-I secured the location. You have my word you’ll be safe.
Liz: The FBI knows about your mole. They’ve got her in custody. [ Beep ] Reddington must have tipped them. They know about our meeting… The time, the location. I’m telling you, it’s a trap.
Kirk: Are you still willing to meet? You and me and Agnes?
Liz: It’s not just the FBI. Reddington knows.
Kirk: Doesn’t matter. I have an alternate location.
Odette: What are you doing?
Kirk: Masha, listen to me very closely. Here’s what I want you to do.

[ Red is pointing out subterranean tunnels on an infrastructure map ]
Red: Maintenance tunnels here, here, and here give us access to the rendezvous point. Elizabeth left 10 minutes before us. We need to breach in five. [ Guns cocking ]

[ On a rooftop in Manhattan, high above street level, Freedom Tower in view ]
Liz: Where’s Agnes?
Kirk: Masha.
Liz: You said three of us. Where is she?
Kirk: Close. I’ll bring her to you as soon as Reddington has been dealt with.
Liz: What are you talking about?
Kirk: Smile, solnishko. In less than 5 minutes, he will be dead. I have a small army awaiting his arrival at the Delancey Street Station.
Liz: That wasn’t our agreement.
Kirk: No. But you know as well as I do, it needs to be done.
Liz: I picked you… over him. I lied to everyone for you. Now you want to kill him? You can’t do that.
Kirk: I’m doing this for us.
Liz: I know you’re sick. I know that Agnes and I are nothing more than possible donors for you.
Kirk: Oh, come now. You know if that were true, all of this would have been resolved long ago with your abduction. True… it’s a consideration. But the only circumstances under which I’ll accept your help… is if it’s given freely.
Liz: We had a deal.
Kirk: Patience, dove.
[ Liz draws her firearm, cocks it ]
Kirk: Romina.
[ Romina emerges with Agnes, who hands the baby to Kirk ]
Liz: [ Gasps ] You’ll see, solnishko. Soon, you will be free.
[ Red’s forces attack 💥💥💥 ]
Liz: Don’t shoot! He’s got Agnes!
[ 💥💥💥 Gunshots 💥💥💥 ] [ Kirk runs around a corner, out of sight ] [ Agnes crying ]
Red: [ To Romina: ] Down.
[ Liz runs toward the sound of Agnes crying. Red and Baz follow ] [ They find Kirk standing on a ledge – still holding Agnes ]
Kirk: Don’t! You may lack the courage to do what must be done, but I do not. I will take her with me. One way or the other.
Red: This is madness, Constantin. Because you cannot have that child, you’re gonna take her forever from her mother? It’s madness. Constantin, this needs to end now.
Kirk: Yes. You’re right. It needs to end.
[ Kirk fires a wild shot 💥 in the direction of Red ] [ Agnes cries ]
[ Red’s men train their rifles on Kirk ]
Red: [ To his men: ] Stand down. Stand down!
Liz: [ Speaks Russian ] Don’t do this.
Kirk: There is no other way, solnishko. This man, that took your mother away from us, took you from me, he will not have my granddaughter.
Liz: And I hate him as much as you do for it. But if you love me, if you ever loved me, just give her to me. Please. Otets. Please, father.
[ Liz reaches up her arms, imploring. At last, Kirk lets his gun clatter to the concrete, leans over and lets Liz take her child ]
[ Liz gasps, takes Agnes from Kirk, holds her close and hurries away ]
[ Kirk is captured as Red looks on ]

Aram: I was an idiot.
Samar: No. You were human. You wanted something, and she was trained to exploit that.
Aram: Trained, or born?
Samar: You tell me. You did a pretty good job in there playing the “I’m in love with another woman” card. Nicely done.

[ Harry Nilsson’s ♪ “One” plays ]

Samar: I thought you’d like to know that I’m rescinding my transfer request.

♪ One is the loneliest number ♪

Aram: That’s… That’s great.

♪ That you’ll ever do ♪

Aram: I mean, for real? Because if that’s true, we have to celebrate, right?

♪ Two can be as bad as one ♪

Samar: Do you like Paco’s Tacos?

♪ It’s the loneliest number ♪

Samar: Because I was told that there was some leftovers…

♪ Since the number one ♪

Samar: … upstairs in the fridge.
Aram: I love them.

[ Kirk is walked through the Post Office by armed guards ]

♪ No is the saddest experience you’ll ever know ♪
♪ Yes, it’s the saddest experience you’ll ever know ♪

[ The Hunter and Kate eat together. She is sitting up now.… Samar and Aram eat the leftover Paco’s Tacos, laughing.… Liz and Tom smile at Agnes in her crib ]

♪ Because one is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do ♪
♪ It’s just no good anymore since you went away ♪
♪ Now I spend my time just making rhymes of yesterday ♪

[ Alarm blaring ] [ Kirk is walked to the high value prisoner containment unit – the notorious ‘red box’ – in the darkened Post Office ]

♪ Because one is the loneliest number ♪
♪ That you’ll ever do ♪

[ Red, Baz and another of Red’s men appear at Liz and Tom’s apartment ]
Red: I just wanted to thank you for trusting me, trusting the plan. I understand what a…

♪ One is the loneliest number ♪

Red: … a leap of faith it must have been.
Liz: Not really. Considering what was at stake.

♪ One is the loneliest number ♪

Red: May I? [ Asking permission to enter ]

♪ One is the loneliest number ♪
♪ One is the loneliest number ♪

[ Door closes ]

♪ That you’ll ever do ♪
♪ One is the loneliest ♪

[ Red, Tom and Liz admire the baby who is bright-eyed and smiling ]
Red: She’s a beautiful girl.

♪ Much, much worse than two ♪

Liz: Yeah, she is.

♪ One is a number divided by two ♪

Liz: So… now that Kirk has been captured, we’re no longer gonna live under your guard. We’re gonna find a place of our own.
Red: I know.

♪ [ … Vocalizing … ] ♪

Red: Good night, Elizabeth, Tom.

♪ One is the loneliest number ♪

[ Clanging, banging ]
[ Alexander Kirk is seated on the chair in the red box as the door closes ]
[ Clanging. The door thwams shut ]
[ A guard locks the door ]

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♫ Fire on the Mountain
By Wand

♪ [ Lyrics: Could not find online on 10/30/2016 ]

Purchase: http://amzn.to/2f269ZJ
YouTube: http://youtu.be/gyODysymgdI


♫ Dead Man’s Party
By Oingo Boingo

♪ I’m all dressed up with nowhere to go
Walkin’ with a dead man over my shoulder
I’m all dressed up with nowhere to go
Walkin’ with a dead man over my shoulder

♪ Waiting for an invitation to arrive
Goin’ to a party where no one’s still alive
Waiting for an invitation to arrive
Goin’ to a party where no one’s still alive

♪ I was struck by lightning
Walkin’ down the street
I was hit by something last night in my sleep

♪ It’s a dead man’s party
Who could ask for more?
Everybody’s comin’; leave your body at the door
Leave your body and soul at the door…

♪ Don’t run away; it’s only me (only me)

♪ All dressed up with nowhere to go
Walkin’ with a dead man (dead man)
Waitin’ for an invitation to arrive
Walkin’ with a dead man…Dead man…

♪ Got my best suit and my tie
Shiny silver dollar on either eye
I hear the chauffer comin’ to my door
Says there’s room for maybe just one more…

[ ♪ I was struck by lightning
Walkin’ down the street
I was hit by something last night in my sleep

♪ It’s a dead man’s party
Who could ask for more?
Everybody’s comin’; leave your body at the door
Leave your body and soul at the door…

♪ Don’t run away; it’s only me
Don’t be afraid of what you can’t see
Don’t run away; it’s only me
Don’t be afraid of what you can’t see ] ➔ repeat

♪ it’s only me
it’s only me
it’s only me
it’s only me

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2enSPOl
YouTube: http://youtu.be/mdBiKCoT7d8


♫ One
By Harry Nilsson

♪ One is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do
Two can be as bad as one
It’s the loneliest number since the number one

♪ No is the saddest experience you’ll ever know
Yes, it’s the saddest experience you’ll ever know
Because one is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do
One is the loneliest number that you’ll ever know

♪ It’s just no good anymore since you went away
Now I spend my time just making rhymes of yesterday

♪ Because one is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do
One is the loneliest number that you’ll ever know
One is the loneliest number
One is the loneliest number
One is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do

♪ One is the loneliest number, much, much worse than two
One is the number divided by two
One is the loneliest number

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2f2akEI
YouTube: http://youtu.be/haT8g7oKnns

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🔴 Script: 4:7 Dr Adrian Shaw (№ 98)

Program air date: 11/3/2016 in the US
Permalink: http://wp.me/pDKwi-3CK
Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/2f0D3fd

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Andrew McCarthy
Written by: Chap Taylor

⭕ Script 4:7 Dr Adriane Shaw (№ 98)

Blurb: At last Liz and Tom have been reunited with baby Agnes. Alexander Kirk aka Constantin Rostov, who may well be Liz’s biological father, is in custody, held in the notorious “red box.” Will Liz and Tom finally be free of Red? Will Liz be able to find out more about her own past from Kirk?

[ A man is in an observation room, his face inflamed and his skin erupting in pustules ]
[ Coughing ] [ Retches ]
[ Two doctors observe from behind a window ]
Mr Blake: What’s happening to me?
[ Continues coughing ]
Dr Adrian Shaw: It’s called Stevens-Johnson Syndrome. A rare, but serious reaction to the medicine you’ve been taking.
Blake: Ow, ow, ow! You said you could help.
Shaw: We’ve done everything we can, Mr. Blake. Our goal now is to make you as comfortable as possible. Can you describe what you’re feeling?
Blake: What do you mean, “Everything we can?” I can’t– I can’t…
Shaw: I’m sorry you haven’t responded to our treatment. I hope it’s some small consolation that what we’ve learned from treating you will help others in your situation.
[ Groaning ] [ Coughing ] [ Gasping ]
Second Doctor: He’s the second one this week.
[ Groaning ]
Shaw: He knew the odds.
Second Doctor: The morgue is filled to capacity.
Blake: Please… [ Gasps ] Please, God. Please… [ Exhales ] [ Groaning ] [ Gasps ] [ Body thuds ]
Shaw: Use the bone saw.

[ Alexander Kirk (aka Constantin Rostov) is seated in the high value prisoner containment unit, the “red box.” FBI Assistant Director Harold Cooper is reading the charges against him ]
Cooper: Mr. Kirk, you’re being charged under Title 18, Chapter 113B of the United States Code– Acts of Terrorism Transcending National Boundaries. Whomsoever kills, maims, or creates a substantial risk of harm to any agent of the United States government is guilty of violating this statute. That’s a fancy way of saying you killed a lot of good men. Anything you want to say?
⋘ No response ⋙
Cooper: Then we’re done here.

[ Liz is above, observing by video feed. Kirk, knowing she must be watching, addresses her ]
Alexander Kirk: You know the truth, Masha. If this is what it took for you to call me “Father,” it was worth it.
[ Liz’s cellphone vibrates. It is Red ]

[ In a park. Birds chirping ]
Red: Have you ever been spearfishing? You should go spearfishing. I love spearfishing. On the Ambergris Caye, there is a reef–
Liz: If there’s a reason you felt this story couldn’t wait, I’d love to hear it, but quickly if possible.
Red: I have a Blacklister for you. They call him The Coroner.
Liz: [ Sighs ] I just got my baby back, my husband, my family. This can wait.
Red: Lionfish.
Liz: Lionfish?
Red: An aggressive, invasive species threatens the local habitat, leaves destruction in its wake. Sound like anyone we know?
Liz: Whatever destruction Kirk has caused is over.
Red: Hmm. I took aim and released. In the water, it sounded like a dull thud, but the spear passed clear through. I’d already bagged six of them with glancing blows, tail shots. So I knew this last predator was mine. And the destruction it had caused was over. And then… it wriggled free.
Liz: Kirk isn’t wriggling anywhere.
Red: But he will, Lizzie, with the help of someone on the inside.
Liz: We caught the Thrushes, arrested his mole. Who else is there?
Red: You.
Liz: You think I’m gonna help Kirk escape?
Red: I think you’re compassionate. You believe he’s your father. When push comes to shove, your impulse will be to save him.
Liz: Fine. I’ll bite. Tell me more.

[ Liz briefs the task force ]
Liz: According to Reddington, The Coroner runs a witness protection program for criminals. He provides them with new lives, fully documented from cradle to present. Then he takes the identities of the dead and somehow manages to keep them alive on paper– elementary school report cards, marriage licenses, confirmation certificates. He then takes these meticulously crafted identities and sells them to the world’s most dangerous criminals.
Cooper: And how does this relate to Kirk?
Liz: Reddington believes Kirk is going to escape and that when he does, the Coroner will help him vanish.
Ressler: So did Reddington tell you how Kirk was going to escape?
Samar: Of course not, because he’s not going to.
Cooper: And this Coroner– how does Reddington even know this guy exists?
Aram: [ Typing ] Well, apparently, he lost a job to The Coroner. Her name was Giza Barerra.
Ressler: I know that name.
Aram: Barerra’s father was a Mexican drug trafficker who forced her to marry a dangerous rival when she was 14 years old. 20 years later, she got her revenge by murdering her father and his rival, uniting their cartels under her leadership.
Ressler: The other cartels felt threatened. So 6 years later, 60,000 people were dead. Giza Barerra disappeared.
Samar: Thanks to an identity sold to her by The Coroner.
Aram: Now Barerra was raised in a convent. Apparently, her father also was a devout Catholic who insisted his child learn Latin.
Cooper: Latin. That’s your lead.
Liz: People are creatures of habit. They gravitate to what they know. Barerra may have gotten a new life, a new identity, but she’s still the same person with the same skill set. And we figured she’d use one of them to make a living.
Aram: So I wrote an algorithm to search for schools that still require Latin and cross-indexed it with a web search of tutoring services that teach Latin and, well… [ Typing ] …this woman works at a private school in Brooklyn Heights. Think it could be her?
Cooper: Let’s ask her. Ressler, Navabi, check it out. If it is Barerra, I want to know how she made contact with this Coroner.
[ Telephone ringing in distance ]
Cooper: It’s okay to talk with him.
Liz: He said he won’t talk to anyone without a lawyer present.
Cooper: Not about the case, no. I’m sure he would talk about you, your past. You’re his daughter, Elizabeth. It’s a lot to process. The only way to start is by talking with him.

Liz: I feel like you deserve some clarity on what’s about to happen. They’re transferring you to Fort McNair, where you’ll be held until your initial hearing. You’ll have access to your lawyers–
Kirk: Did you mean what you said when you called me “Father”?
Liz: Yes.
Kirk: And yet you picked Reddington.
Liz: I picked myself. You said you were trying to protect Agnes from Reddington, and that’s my decision to make– and Tom’s. But no one else’s. Not even my father’s.
Kirk: You remind me so much of her. Your mother. She was an amazing woman. I’ve been wanting to tell you about her. I thought we had more time.
Liz: Whatever stories you have–
Kirk: Not stories. Truths. About her and about Reddington.
Liz: I’m not helping you escape.
Kirk: I know. You just don’t see it.
[ Breathing heavily ] [ Blood begins to seep from his nostril ]
Liz: Alexander?
Kirk: That you’ve helped… already.
[ Breathing heavily ]
Kirk: More than you could ever poss…
Liz: Kirk?
[ Kirk mutters, then collapses ]
Liz: Enter the code! Open the door right now!
[ Keypad beeps ] [ Door whirring ]
[ Liz performs chest compressions ]
Liz: He’s not breathing! Get a medic in here now!

[ Walter Reed Medical Center, Bethesda, Maryland ]
[ Monitor beeping steadily ] [ Elevator bell dings ]
Cooper: We’ll be taking the whole wing. Everyone in and out will get a full body scan.
Security: This guy’s that important?
Ressler: He is to us.
Colonel Wright: Your prisoner’s in the end stages of aplastic anemia.
Cooper: What does that mean?
Wright: An average person has between 150 to 400,000 platelets per microliter of blood. Mr. Kirk’s is under 10,000. I’d expect to see intracranial bleeding within hours.
Cooper: Treatment?
Liz: He’s been receiving transfusions for many years.
Wright: If I give him another at this point, he’s liable to suffer autoimmune shock.
Liz: And if you don’t?
Wright: He bleeds to death. Once we get the test results back, I’ll formulate a treatment plan. But my guess is, all this firepower is wasted.
Cooper: How’s that?
Wright: Unless he has a blood relative willing to donate stem cells his body won’t reject, your prisoner will be dead by morning.

Odette: Kirk is being held under guard in a US Army hospital in Bethesda. I want a full workup of all medical requirements for his transport and a list of potential destinations, both overt and covert. Get me a breakdown on the legalities of extradition. And find me an airfield in close proximity that will take his jet– preferably one on the flight paths of international flights out of Dulles.
Man: Don’t we need to get him out of the hospital first?
Odette: Leave that to me.

[ Brooklyn Heights ]
Principal Brezinski: Renata has been tutoring our students in Latin for a decade. She’s an inspiration. Somehow makes a dead language come alive.
Renata: Oh, you wanted to see me?
Principal: Yes, these are Agents Ressler and Navabi from the FBI.
Ressler: Can we see some identification, please?
Renata: Yes. Of course. Something wrong?
Ressler: So how long have you been in the country for?
Renata: [ Chuckles ] 11 years. I don’t understand what’s going on.
Ressler: That’s a nice tattoo.
Renata: Oh. Where I come from, a tattoo is a dream made flesh. A rose is a sign of beauty.
Ressler: Except when laid on a grave.
[ Renata sprays mace or red pepper in Ressler’s face ]
Ressler: Aah! [ Grunts ]
[ Renata runs. Samar chases after her. After a few moments, rubbing his eyes, Ressler follows ]
[ Children playing soccer on a green, shouting playfully ]
Child: Over here!
[ Playful shouting continues ] [ Renata runs into the field, the children move back ]
[ Samar catches up with Renata and tackles her ] [ Grunting ]
[ The children stop playing and watch ]
[ Ressler catches up, cocks gun, points it at Renata ] [ Samar gets to her feet, cocks gun ]
Boy: You’re not supposed to have guns in school.

[ Ressler and Samar interrogate Renata, who is wearing a red bra ]
Ressler: Santa Muerte? I hear the Mexican cartels pray to her for protection.
Renata: Can I have my shirt back now?
Samar: Your DNA is going to come back ID’ing you as Giza Barerra. I
Renata: I don’t know who that is.
Ressler: Well, I bet you know who Alejandro Medina is. See, we know that you killed his father when you took over his cartel. I wonder what kind of a tattoo he’s gonna give you when he finds out that you’re alive.
Renata: I don’t know who that is.
Samar: You were 14 years old when your father married you to a man 40 years older than you. I can’t imagine what that was like. Fathers are supposed to protect their daughters. Yours didn’t. But we can – if you tell us how to contact The Coroner.
Renata aka Giza Barrera: [ Exhales sharply ] Every week there’s a standing ad in the “Lexington Herald” asking for volunteers for a blood drive. Tell them you’re a phlebotomist with Cardinal Hill, and you’ll get a text with the time and place for the next drive. They’ll take prints, DNA swabs, anything needed to verify you’re not a cop. Before he turns you into someone new, The Coroner likes to know who you’ve been.

[ Cellphone vibrates ]
Aram: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Won’t your fingerprints and DNA ID you as an agent of the FBI?
Samar: No, they’ll ID me as an alias the Mossad set up before I joined the task force. [ On phone ] Hello? Yes, it is. I understand. [ Beeps ] Dinner at Isobel’s. Clinch, party of two. I’m in.

[ Liz is sitting in a hospital waiting room ]
[ Monitor beeping steadily ]
Liz: [ On phone ] How’s Agnes?
[ Agnes crying in background ]
Tom: She’s fine. Screaming. I know we’re supposed to let her cry herself to sleep, but talk about cruel and unusual. She missed you tonight. We both did. I thought you’d be home earlier.
Liz: I know. I’m sorry I didn’t call. Kirk collapsed in the Post Office.
Tom: Oh, well, that’s good.
Liz: His only hope is for a blood relative to donate stem cells.
Tom: Are you thinking about it?
Liz: I just wanted to talk to you about it.
Tom: Liz, what is there to talk about? [ Agnes continues crying ] He attacked our wedding, kidnapped you, and threatened to throw our child from a rooftop.
Liz: And for that, he’ll spend the rest of his life in prison. I’m not talking about freeing him. I’m talking about saving his life.
Tom: Why would you do that?
Liz: Because he’s my father.
Tom: No, he’s a stranger.
Liz: It’s not that simple.
Tom: It is that simple.
Liz: What if we were talking about your father? What if you suddenly found him? Would you be able to walk away?
[ Agnes fussing ]
Tom: Yeah.
Liz: I don’t believe that for a second.
Tom: Well, you should, ’cause I did… from my mother. I met her while you were in Cuba.
Liz: Wait, wait, wait. You met your mother?
Tom: Yeah. Her name is Susan Hargrave.
Liz: Why didn’t you tell me?
Tom: I was gonna tell you when things settled down, but… they never did.
Liz: How did it happen? What was she like? You must have a million questions.
Tom: I do, and that’s my point, Liz. I have a million questions, and I am letting them go unanswered, and I think you should, too.
Liz: You’re telling me you met your mother whom you’ve never known and you were able to just… walk away?
Tom: Yeah, from someone who abandoned me as a kid and has nothing to do with who I am or what I’ve become. Same as Kirk– your father, my mother, they’re part of our past. But you’re my future. Liz, that’s all I’m interested in. And I think it’s what you should be interested in, too.

[ At a bar ] [ Samar is wired. Ressler is also at the bar nearby ]
[ A server gives Samar her drink ]
Samar: [ To server ] Thank you. [ to Ressler ] Listen up, boys. This is him.
Ressler: No one wonder they call him The Coroner. Our teams are in place.
[ The Coroner sits down across from Samar ]
Samar: Thank you for agreeing to meet. Would you like me to start by explaining my situation? The Coroner: Your name is Victoria Cronin. You have a Master’s in health care administration from Smith College.
[ Red’s voice is heard from from a booth a short distance away, talking to a man (Willie Adair) ]
Reddington: …so Rory says, “In Boston, a shot of whiskey and a pint of stout is an Irish Car Bomb. In Belfast, it’s breakfast.” [ Both laugh ] Excuse me.
[ Red gets up and sits down next to a surprised Samar ]
Ressler: [ Over the wire ]: The hell is he doing here?
Red: You must be The Coroner.
Samar: Were you followed?
Red: [ Laughs ] Samar, darling, please. Save it for Mossad summer theater. I used her to lure you here. She doesn’t need an identity. I do.
The Coroner: You are Raymond Reddington.
Red: And you’re on the wrong side of 80, sitting on a donut pillow. My sympathies to your significant other. And if your flag is flying at half mast, rest assured, I find in the privacy of one’s boudoir, pleasing others is the key to pleasing oneself.
The Coroner: Do you expect me to make you disappear?
Red: I’ve been disappearing for over 25 years. I don’t need your help to disappear. I need an identity, specifically the one you created for Sonia Bloom– the research scientist. 15 years ago, she arrived in her lab to find her life’s work stolen and her partner dead of an apparent suicide. Except it wasn’t a suicide, and she knew it. Fearing for her life, she contacted you and became someone else. I need to know who.
The Coroner: That’s impossible. My clients expect absolute confidentiality.
Red: Hmm. Few things in life are truly impossible. Talking an Irishman out of vengeance for his brother’s death is one of them. You see that ruddy-faced fellow in my booth? Willie Adair. Back home they call him “Barking Mad Willie.” He has this pack of absolutely voracious wolf hounds.
The Coroner: I don’t know who that is.
Red: But you gave the man who killed his brother a new identity. Perhaps I should call him over so you can explain your policy on confidentiality.
The Coroner: That won’t be necessary.
Red: Hmm. Sonia Bloom.
The Coroner: Adrian Shaw.
Red: Cheers.
[ Glass thuds ] [ Indistinct conversations ]
Ressler: What the hell was that all about? Who’s Sonia Bloom?
Red: Apparently, Adrian Shaw.
Samar: You didn’t care about The Coroner.
Red: No, I didn’t.
Ressler: You used us to find him for you so he could tell you about Bloom.
Red: I don’t know what the two of you are so indignant about. I told you about a criminal you had no idea existed, and now he’s in your custody. The Coroner gives you dozens of criminals you thought were dead or missing. Take the win, Donald. You could use one.
[ Door creaks open ]
[ Red leaves ]
[ Door closes ]
Ressler: [ To Samar ] I don’t care who we have to reach out to– ICE, DEA, CIA, NSA– any of them, all of them. We’re gonna find this Sonia Bloom and figure out what Reddington wants with her.

[ Siren wailing ]
Liz: Colonel Wright–
Wright: I’m afraid it’s gonna have to wait.
Liz: What happened?
Wright: Freeway accident. Multiple trauma victims. More on their way. What did you need to discuss?
Liz: I’m Alexander Kirk’s daughter.
[ Monitors beeping erratically ]
Wright: Why didn’t you say so before?
Liz: I wasn’t sure I wanted to help.
Wright: And now you are?
Liz: If I am, what do I need to do?

Cooper: Harvest stem cells?
Liz: It sounds worse than it is.
Cooper: I certainly hope so.
Liz: They put me on dialysis and collect the cells. And if they get enough, they transfuse them to Kirk.
Cooper: And that would save him?
Liz: It could if we’re compatible.
Cooper: You’re his daughter.
Liz: Apparently, that’s no guarantee. They test for 16 genetic markers, and that’s after they check to see that our blood types are a match.
[ Monitor beeping steadily ]
Liz: [ Sighs ] Reddington said I’d save him. Tom will never forgive me if I do.
Cooper: Kirk hurt the two people Tom loves. You can’t be surprised if he doesn’t want you to help him.
Liz: What do you think I should do?
Cooper: Doesn’t matter what I think. Or Reddington… or Tom, for that matter. None of can possibly know how it feels to be in your position, and none of us have to live with the consequences of your decision. All I will say is this– given what he’s done, no one would fault you for walking away.
Liz: Maybe not. But I’m afraid I would.

[ Red and Dembe are seated in a doctors clinic waiting room. Red is looking at a copy of “Highlights for Children” ]
Red: Found the teacup. Oh! And the banana. Mm. That’s 11. One more. Don’t tell me.
Office attendant: The doctor will see you now.
Red: Mm.
Dembe: Raymond.
Red: One second. The sailboat.
[ Dembe points to the sailboat ]
Red: Oh! Why’d you– Oh! [ Inhales sharply ] Show-off.

Aram: Mr. Reddington’s a genius. Could be an evil genius, but still.
Ressler: So you figured out his connection to Sonia Bloom.
Aram: Yes. Sonia Bloom. Worked on next-gen genome research, re-sequencing DNA to help the body fight off disease. In 2001, she and her partner applied for a patent. A week later, her partner was murdered, and she went underground.
Ressler: We already knew that.
Aram: Yeah. But you didn’t know this. [ Typing, beep ] Her partner was Matthew Hadj.
Samar: One of the inventors murdered by the Lindquist Concern.
Ressler: So Reddington only gave us that case just to get to the partner.
Samar: And then when he couldn’t, when he found out Sonia Bloom had disappeared, he gave us The Coroner to find where she went.
Ressler: So what is it about her research that connects to Kirk?
Aram: Okay. Sonia Bloom is hiding as Adrian Shaw. Now based on what we know about The Coroner, it’s safe to assume that almost every personal detail about her life is false. The only detail we know to be true is that she’s a doctor. Was then. Is now. And while I can’t connect her past research to Kirk, current AMA records indicate that now, as Shaw, she has a new partner who specializes in… Wait for it. [ Telephone ringing in distance ] Hematology.
Ressler: So Kirk’s dying of anemia, and Reddington’s suddenly looking for a mysterious blood doctor who’s doing cutting-edge research into gene sequencing.
Aram: Dr. Shaw may be Kirk’s last best hope for finding a cure.
Samar: Reddington wants Kirk dead. One way of guaranteeing that is to kill the one doctor capable of keeping him alive.
Ressler: The partner. What’s the new partner’s name?

[ Knock on door ] [ Red enters and sits down across from Dr Rayburn ]
Dr Rayburn: Hmm?
Red: Thank you. Dr Rayburn, thank you for seeing me without an appointment.
[ Door closes ]
Dr Rayburn: What seems to be the trouble?
Red: I have a pain right here. [ Reaches back to his hip, pulls out his gun out, cocks it ]
Dr Rayburn: We don’t keep drugs in the office.
Red: If I want narcotics, Doctor, I’ll call the guy with the briefcase like everybody else. I’m looking for Dr. Adrian Shaw.

Samar: Units are rolling to Rayburn’s clinic now.
Ressler: Who owns it? Is it incorporated?
Aram: [ Typing ] Yeah, looks like the clinic is owned by an LLC based in Delaware.
Ressler: Well, if the genome research Reddington’s after is worth killing over, it’s not being done at a clinic. What else does the LLC own?
Aram; Uh, checking. Hang on.
Ressler: A warehouse, a building, somewhere no one would look.
[ Taps keys ]
Samar: What is it? Did you find something?
Aram: Yeah. And it’s definitely not somewhere anyone would look.

Dr Adrian Shaw: Mr. Fox, might I remind you of the condition you were in when you arrived?
Fox: I’m dying, not poor. I won’t live like this. I’m leaving.
Shaw: You were dying when you arrived. But based on the treatment you’ve received, you’ve shown remarkable progress.
Fox: I haven’t been outside for two weeks!
Shaw: You signed up for me to save your life, and that is what I’m doing. For you and the two dozen former patients who are leading normal, healthy lives because of this program.
Fox: You mean the ones whose skin hasn’t melted off? I know what’s happening. Blake. Zion. Kearney. Oates. This trial is a death sentence.
Shaw: What we’re doing here is illegal, not immoral. When you came aboard, you knew the risks.
Fox: If I say I’m leaving, sweetheart, pack my bags. [ Inhales deeply ]
Shaw: If you won’t honor your commitment to the trial, how can I rely on your commitment to confidentiality?
Fox: I agreed to keep quiet about science, not murder.
Shaw: There’s simply nowhere for you to go.
[ Groans ]
[ Door opens, closes ]
[ A rusty ship plows through the waves. (Dr Shaw’s clinic is on that ship)]

[ Liz enters ] [ Kirk exhales deeply ]
Liz: How you feeling?
Kirk: Great. [ Door closes ] I’m going to die, but I feel great. [ Monitor beeping steadily ] What would you do if you had more money than you could ever spend?
Liz: Travel the world with my family… twice.
Kirk: You could get away from him. Somewhere safe where he couldn’t find you.
Liz: Sure. But like my dad always said, if wishes were horses, beggars would ride. My adopted dad, Sam Milhoan.
Kirk: My entire life, all I ever wanted was to make you safe, protect you. And in the end, the only way I’m able to do that is by dying.
Liz: I don’t understand.
Kirk: It’s yours. Everything I have. I’m leaving you my fortune.
Liz: Which you’ll have plenty of time to spend, because you’re not dying. Not now, anyway. I told your doctor that I’ve decided to be your donor. They’re running the tests now to confirm we’re a match.
Kirk: Why did you decide to help me?
Liz: Because you didn’t ask.
[ Door opens ] [ Cooper ushers Odette inside ]
Cooper: Your lawyer’s here to see you.
Odette: If I could have a moment alone with my client…
Cooper: Of course. For now.
[ Liz and Cooper leave ]
[ Odette speaking Russian ]
Kirk: Out, but not cured. Only she can do that.
Odette: An FBI agent and a life saver. You must be so proud.
Kirk: She’s agreed to be my donor. I need a day, maybe two. And I need you to watch your mouth.
Odette: We had everything before her. And now look at us. I am not apologizing for disliking her. [ She kisses him languorously ] The extraction plan is in place. We move on your signal.

On waiting room TV:

Announcer: We’re told dozens have been injured in this bus accident. And they’ve been transferred to the Walter Reed facility for further… [ Indistinct conversations ]

[ Siren wailing in distance ]
Tom: Excuse me. I’m here to see Elizabeth Keen.
Desk Attendant: She was on the bus?
Tim: What bus?
Desk Attendant: The accident. Is she a patient?
Tom: No, no, no. She’s visiting a family member, Alexander Kirk. She said he was in a locked ward.
Desk Attendant: You say her name is Elizabeth Keen?
Tom: That’s right. She’s my wife.
Desk Attendant: Sir, your wife is a patient. She was admitted an hour ago.
Tom: Admitted for what?

[ Waiting room door closes ] [ Sighs ]
Liz: Don’t say it.
Tom: What is there to say? I gave you my opinion. You ignored it.
Liz: I didn’t ignore it. I just… didn’t agree.
Tom: Okay, what are the risks?
Liz: Risks for me? None.
Tom: None? Are you sure?
Liz: All I have to do is give blood. [ Sighs ] I should’ve told you sooner. I’m sorry. Just everything is happening so fast.
Tom: I get it. Fine. Help him if you have to. But promise me you’re not gonna hurt yourself in the process.
Liz: I promise.

Aram: [ On phone ] Harbor Patrol and Customs will meet you on site.
Ressler: What’s the ETA?
Aram: Red Hook Harbor Master has the ship docking in 45 minutes.
Ressler: Is there a manifest?
Aram: Yeah, already e-mailed it to you. 16 crew members and the licensed cargo is medical equipment.
Ressler: How convenient.
Aram: Not just any equipment– thermal cyclers, centrifuges, incubators. Yeah, these are products used in genome research.
Ressler: Okay, thanks. [ Cellphone beeps ]
Samar: That was the unit I dispatched to get Dr. Rayburn. He left the clinic an hour ago, accompanied by a large black man and a middle-aged white guy. In a hat.

Dr Shaw: [ On phone ] We’re about to dock. What’s the emergency?
[ Red is in the Mercedes with Dr Rayburn ]
Red: Dr. Shaw! Or should I call you, Dr. Bloom? Either way, I’ll skip the pleasantries. We haven’t much time.
Shaw: Who is this?
Red: I’m here with your colleague, Dr. Rayburn, who can confirm we have a situation. As we speak, the FBI is raiding his medical clinic.
Rayburn: Sonia, he knows everything about the research, The Coroner.
Red: I’m like the Ghost of Christmas Past… and Future, which is how I know the FBI will board your ship the moment it docks.
Shaw: Whoever you are, why should I believe you?
Red: Belief is such a relative concept. Is there a God? Are we alone in the universe? What the hell have they found out there in Area 51 anyway? I prefer to think of your decision as judicious risk assessment. I have considerable resources to put at your disposal. I’m here to help you, Dr. Shaw. If you don’t want to go to jail, listen to me carefully. Firstly, is there a helipad on your ship?

Wright: We got your results back.
Liz: How’d I do?
Wright: We couldn’t harvest enough stem cells to justify a transfusion.
Liz: So what happens now?
Wright: With a compatible donor, we could do a surgical procedure to harvest marrow directly from the cavity of your hip bone.
Tom: No. Surgical procedure carries risks, right? For Liz?
Wright: While it’s a minor procedure, an infection could cause necrosis of the hip, which could impact mobility. Or a fat embolism that could affect multiple organ systems.
Liz: And if those are risks I’m willing to take?
Tom: Which you’re not. We talked about this.
Wright: What risks you are or not willing to take are irrelevant. Even if the dialysis had worked, the hospital won’t transfuse your stem cells into Mr. Kirk unless and until we receive confirmation that you’re a genetic match.
Liz: You sent my blood out for testing hours ago.
Wright: And you know about the bus accident. You saw the incoming. The system is overwhelmed.
Liz: And if he dies before the tests come back confirming I’m a match?
Wright: I understand you feel he has nothing to lose, but that is not how we make hospital policy. Liz: The tests could come back five minutes late. Two. You’re okay with that?
Wright: Of course not. I made it clear. Your blood work should be the lab’s top priority. They’ll get your results as fast as possible. And I’ll be in touch as soon as they do.

[ Siren wailing, tires screech ]
[ Ressler and Samar arrive at the dock, where a rusty old freighter ship has just docked. The name of the ship: Madame Curie ]
Ressler: Special Agent Donald Ressler, Samar Navabi, FBI.
Captain Lasko: Is there a problem?
Ressler: There won’t be if you direct us to Dr. Adrian Shaw.
Lasko: I don’t know who that is.
Ressler: Maybe a warrant to board your ship will jog your memory.
Lasko: There’s no Adrian Shaw on this ship.
Samar: We’ll see about that.

[ Monitor beeping steadily ]
Liz: He’s gonna die because a bus accident delayed some lab work, and all the answers I’m looking for are gonna die with him.
Tom: Some answers about who you were. But none about who you are or who you will be. Certainly none that affect your happiness, which is all I care about.
Pre-op nurse: Ms. Keen, I need you to come with me, please.
Liz: Do you have the lab results?
Pre-op nurse: Dr. Wright told me she should have them in a few minutes. I’ve been instructed to prep you for surgery in anticipation of a positive result.
Liz: I know I’m breaking my promise. But I have to do this.
Tom: You want to. There’s a difference.

[ Indistinct radio chatter ]
FBI Man: Searched the entire ship. No sign of Dr. Shaw.
Lasko: I told you. This isn’t a passenger ship. There is no Dr. Shaw.
Ressler: I know you’re hiding something.
Lasko: You searched the ship. You delayed my off-load. I got 6 tons of cargo, signed, sealed, and inspected. So if there’s nothing else…
Samar: [ Calling from deck above ] Ressler.
[ Indistinct conversations ] [ An FBI man pulls back a tarp to reveal a shiney new piece of medical equipment ]
Samar: Does this look odd to you?
Ressler: [ Pointing to Lasko ] Arrest him.
[ Ressler opens a rusted door ]
Ressler: And where does this lead?
[ Door clanks ]

[ Samar and Ressler do a search of the hidden compartment of the ship. They separate. Samar points her flashlight at fresh blood splattered on he wall ]

[ ♪ “The Road To Nowhere” by Radical Face playing ]
♪ The lightning climbing up the walls ♪
♪ The finger drawings on the glass ♪
♪ The map of those who used to live here ♪
♪ Until the gilded hand was broken ♪

[ At Walter Reed, Liz is pushed in a wheelchair to the OR where she will have the planned procedure. Doctors prepare their sterile instruments ]

♪ Often there’s a voice in my sleeping mind ♪
♪ The words inside my skull at night ♪
♪ But once I wake, I cannot read them ♪
♪ My bloody hands remain a question mark ♪

[ On the docked ship, Samar opens a door to find a long, narrow room with two levels of narrow cots with patients lining one wall. Many patients are emaciated, their faces are inflamed and pustulent. A few look up at her as she passes ]

♪ And our eyes ♪
♪ They were always pointed at the sky looking for an answer ♪
♪ And our hands … ♪

[ Liz is prepped for surgery. The phone in the OR rings ]
Pre-op nurse: [ On phone ] Yes.
[ Hangs up phone ]
Pre-op nurse: That was the lab. They’ve got the results

♪ they were stained in black and grey busy solving problems ♪
♪ all along the road to nowhere ♪

[ Someone jumps Samar ]
[ Grunting ] [ Grunting ] [ Grunts ] [ Panting ]
[ The man gains the upper hand and is about to cut Samar’s throat just as Ressler kicks him off her and subdues him ]
Ressler: You okay?
Samar: Yeah. [ Exhales ]
Ressler: What the hell is this place?

[ Liz enters Kirk’s room ]
[ Monitor beeping steadily ]
Kirk: I thought you were in surgery.
Liz: I was.
Kirk: You just saved my life.
Liz: I tried to.
Kirk: What, you weren’t a match?
Liz: No.
Kirk: Well… you did what you could.
Liz: The test results–
Kirk: No, I’ll just– Forget about them.
Liz: You don’t understand. I…
Kirk: Yes, we weren’t compatible. Not every father and daughter are.
Liz: It’s not just that we weren’t compatible. The test results showed something else. I’m not your daughter.

[ Red’s Mercedes is waiting behind a large brick building as a second car pulls up. Dr Rayburn gets out of Red’s car and Dr Shaw emerges from the second car ]
Shaw: How did the FBI find us?
Rayburn: I don’t know. All that matters is Reddington was able to chopper you off the ship.
Shaw: What does he want? Why are we here?
[ Cellphone rings ]
Dembe: [ Handing phone to Red ] Agent Navabi.
[ Cellphone beeps ]
Red: Yes?
Samar: We know what you’re doing.
Red: I sincerely doubt that.
Samar: Dr. Adrian Shaw– You abducted her.
Red: I kept her from you. There’s a difference.
Samar: Yes, we would’ve arrested her. You’re going to kill her.
Red: You looked absolutely ravishing the other night.
Samar: We’ve seen her research–
Red: What do you do to stay in such incredible shape? Calisthenics? Or Jazzercise?
Samar: The gene-sequencing technology she’s trying to perfect– it’s called CRISPR. It’s supposed to teach your DNA to repair itself.
Red: Maybe we should be workout partners.
Samar: Adrian Shaw was using human experimentation to cure people like Alexander Kirk. He either financed her research, or wanted to use it to cure himself, so you got to her first. Adrian Shaw deserves to go to prison for what she’s done, not to be murdered for it.
Red: I’ll see you in dance class, Samar.
Samar: Hello? Hello?

Rayburn: He knows everything. I don’t know how, but he does– about you being Sonia Bloom, going on the run after Matthew was murdered. He found Matthew’s killer. He avenged his death after all these years.
Shaw: Why would he do that?
Red: Dr. Shaw, fresh off the boat, as it were. Dr. Rayburn, I’m sure someone is sick somewhere who could use your assistance.
Rayburn: What?
Red: Goodbye. Please.
Shaw: You’re Raymond Reddington.
[ Dr Rayburn gets in the car Dr Shaw came in. Car door closes ]
Red: And you’re in my debt, which can be a complicated place to be. Shall we?
[ They get into Red’s Mercedes ] [ Car door closes ] [ Engine starts ]

Liz: It doesn’t make any sense. I saw the DNA test.
Tom: From 30 years ago. Clearly, it was flawed.
Liz: And the things he knows about me, he wasn’t pretending. He believed he was my father. So did I.
Tom: I didn’t want you to do it in the first place. But I admire you for wanting to.
Liz: This whole time, Reddington was right.
Tom: Yeah, but he was wrong about one thing. Kirk is never getting out of here alive.

[ Monitor beeps ] [ Steady beeping ] [ Static crackles, beep ]
[ Kirk gets up out of the hospital bed and walks over to the large window. He raises the blinds and crosses himself ]
[ Across the street, a man in a van is looking at the hospital window through binoculars ]
The Man: [ In Russian, into a phone ] We just got the sign.
Odette: All teams ready. We move in five.

[ Red, Dr Shaw and Dembe walk through a long darkened room, cluttered with cast-off items ]
[ At the far end of the room is a door. It opens into a modern, brightly-lit room with tables of shiny glass tubes and flasks, as well a computer printer and other equipment ]
Dr Shaw: What is this?
Red: This was a thriving business that manufactured counterfeit cigarette tax stamps until a little over two weeks ago. There’s a hefty profit in tax stamps, and they’re a lovely way to launder money– a story I can share another time. Right now I have a pressing matter which requires your assistance.
Shaw: Are you sick?
Red: You have no idea.

[ Kirk is sitting on the edge of his bed. Sweat has broken out on his brow and he is breathing heavily. He shudders ]
[ Liz enters ]
Liz: What are you doing?
Kirk: Well, I came here for treatment. Now since I’m not getting any…
Liz: You’d rather go back to the Box? They can make you comfortable here.
Kirk: That DNA test was altered.
Liz: I thought it was a mistake, too.
Kirk: Mistake? It wasn’t a mistake. No. It was altered by Reddington.
Liz: I had the lab rerun the test. It came back the same way.
Kirk: Yes. To make it look like you’re not my daughter. He knew you’d want to save me. So he did everything in his power to prevent that from happening! But he’s not going to prevent it. Do you hear me?! I will not die in here!
[ A guard enters and restrains Kirk ]
Kirk: You are going to save me, Masha! You’re going to save me… Masha. Save me, Masha!
Man: [ Subdues Kirk ] Give me a hand.

[ Dialing ] [ Cellphone rings ]
Red: Yes?
Liz: Did you manipulate the test?
Red: What are you talking about?
Liz: I just showed Kirk DNA proof he’s not my father, and he blames you for faking the test.
Red: Get out of the hospital.
Liz: Don’t change the subject.
Red: The only subject that interests me, Elizabeth, is your safety– a safety that has been guaranteed thus far because Alexander Kirk believed you to be his daughter. He now knows you’re not.
Liz: He’s under federal guard. There are marshals with tactical gear watching every entrance. What’s he gonna do?
Red: I’ll tell you what he won’t do. He won’t die alone in that hospital. I promise you, the plan is already in motion. All of Kirk’s resources will be brought to bear.
[ Men are shown preparing for action ]
Red: Every angle has been calculated. Every obstacle considered and accounted for. Men are coming, Elizabeth– men who kill every living thing that gets in their way. Tell Harold, and then you get out of that hospital.
Man: [ Russian accent ] We’re in place. On your ready.
[ Beep ]

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༺✦ ♤ ✦༻


♫ Road to Nowhere
By Radical Face
♪ The lightning climbing up the walls
The finger drawings on the glass
The map of those who used to live here
Until the gilded hand was broken
♪ Often there’s a voice in my sleeping mind
The words inside my skull at night
But once I wake, I cannot read them
My bloody hands remain a question mark
♪ Sifting through the hiccups of time
We’ll hide in the bones of the city
The engines sing along with their cries
This song, it spells disaster
But it’s buried beneath the laughter
♪ The words that fall from out their mouths
Can change in your hands and split the skin
So I will keep myself apart
from shining eyes and privileged boredom
♪ The thing that I’ve learned from unusual blood
Is never touch a person’s comfort
The voice of change is often heard
But fear itself has come to visit
♪ Sifting through the hiccups of time
We’ll hide in the bones of the city
The engines sing along with their cries
This song, it spells disaster
But we drown it out with laughter
♪ And our eyes
They were always pointed at the sky looking for an answer
And our hands
They were stained in black and grey busy solving problems
And our backs all bear the load of all the things we’ll never know until it breaks us
And in the comfort of the Earth we will not wonder what we’re worth
No, we will sleep soundly
All along the Road to Nowhere
Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2ftybfL
YouTube: http://youtu.be/L0vnvmjo6rk

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🔴 Script 4:8 Dr Adrian Shaw (№ 98) – Conclusion

Program air date: 11/10/2016 in the US
Permalink: http://wp.me/pDKwi-3Dm
Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/2enHmSP

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Michael Watkins
Written by: Daniel Cerone

⭕ Script 4:8 Dr Adrian Shaw (№ 98)

Blurb: Fall Finale. Kirk is under guard in a high security hospital as Odette plans to extract him. Red holds the key to possibly curing Kirk. Who is Liz’s real father? Did Red falsify the DNA evidence that says Kirk is not Liz’s father? Did Katarina? Will Liz ever learn the truth about her heritage, her childhood, her mother – the mysterious Katarina Rostova?

Voice-Over: Previously on “The Blacklist”…
Liz: Enter the code!
Ressler: And Reddington is suddenly looking for a mysterious blood doctor who’s doing cutting-edge research into gene sequencing.
Dr Adrian Shaw: You’re Raymond Reddington.
Red: And you’re in my debt.
Red: [ On phone ] The plan is already in motion. Men are coming, Elizabeth. Men who kill every living thing who gets in their way. Tell Harold and then you get out of that hospital.

[ ♪ Voodoo In My Blood (feat. Young Fathers) plays ]
♪ Voodoo in my blood is living ♪
♪ Blood take I’m chillin’ ♪
♪ Chill me got the soul of a mimic ♪
♪ It’s not quite right, you must be silly ♪
♪ Sign of the wars is my grinning ♪

Odette: [ Remotely ] Okay, cameras up. When you engage, you have a 4-minute window for extraction.

♪ I’m yours, I’m yours ♪

Viktor: Colonel Wright ordered a dialysis.
Guard: Can’t let you in without a scan.
Odette: Okay, Viktor, someone’s coming.
[ Hospital manager comes up ]
Hospital Manager: Can I help you?
[ Viktor shoots him💥Silenced gunshots (💥)(💥) ] [ Drill whirring. Victor drills into a vent ]
Odette: Four minutes and counting.

Cooper: Is it true? The DNA test? You’re not Kirk’s daughter.
Liz: Tell your team to expect a full military assault.
Cooper: What are you talking about?
Liz: I just got off the phone with Reddington. He has reason to believe Kirk’s men are coming to break him out.

Liz: Call it off.
Kirk: You talked to Reddington. He’s the only one who gets you worked up like this.
Liz: If you try to escape, innocent people will die.

[ Typing ]
Odette: Secure area on the left.

♪ Keep the front door open ♪
♪ Wipe that cheeky grin and come on down ♪

[ Viktor drops object into ventilation system ] [Thud ]
Viktor: [ Russian accent ] Incendiaries are live.
Liz: Even if you could get out, what’s the point? You are sick.
Kirk: You can help me, Masha.
Liz: I know you don’t wanna believe this, but those test results…
Kirk: They were altered by Reddington.
Liz: No, they’re real. I’m not your daughter.
Kirk: Reddington wants me dead, Masha. He always has.
Liz: Maybe. I don’t know. But I do know that I can’t save your life. And you aren’t going anywhere.
[ Faint hissing ] [ Smoke starts to come out of the wall vent ]
Kirk: You’re wrong. We’re leaving here together, solnishko. No arguments.

♪ Mama, stop giving me grief ♪

[ Alarm ringing ]

♪ Why does the blood always stick… ♪

Woman over P.A.:

May I have …

Cooper: [ Walks in on Liz and Kirk ] Agent Keen.
[ Cooper sees smoke now pouring out of the vent ]

… your attention, please? There has been a fire emergency reported in the building. [ Speaking indistinctly ]

[ Coughing ]
[ Doctors and nurses are hurrying patients out of the unit ]
Odette: Our people are inside.
Man: Copy that.
[ Kirk’s men are walking through halls toward Kirk’s unit ]

♪ Wipe that cheeky… ♪

Woman over P.A.:

… your attention, please? There has been a fire emergency report. May I have your attention, please? There has been…

Cooper: We believe the fire’s a false flag to help Kirk break out. Tell your people no one in or out of this room until I say otherwise. What’s hospital protocol?
Unit Head: Evacuation and/or containment. This ward is specifically designed to go into emergency lockdown.
Liz: Has anyone seen Tom?
[ Tom is outside the unit ]
Tom: Come on, man. Let me in. My wife’s in there.
Guard: Can’t do it.
Tom: You know me. I’ve been in and out all day. I just went to get a cup of coffee.
Guard: Sorry, we have orders.
[ Kirk’s goons arrive, are waved through ]
[ Team of Kirk’s men walks up ]
Tom: Well, you’re letting these guys in, right?
[ Alarm ringing ]
Woman on P.A.:

May I have your attention, please? There has been…

Cooper: Doesn’t make sense.
Liz: What doesn’t?
Cooper: Why start a fire? It only initiates hospital protocol, making it even harder to get inside .
[ Liz’s cellphone vibrates ]
Liz: Reddington.
Red: You’re still at the hospital. I told you, you need to get out now.
Cooper: They’re already inside.
Odette: Blow it. Now. Go.
Tom: Get down!
[ 💥🔥💥 Explosion 💥🔥💥 ]

♪ Uh-huh ♪
♪ Uh-huh ♪

[ Kirk’s men prepare weapons; Tom recovers from blast and follows ]
[ Continuous ringing tone, echoing footsteps ]
Guard: Ready? One, two, three.
[ 💥🔥💥 Explosion 💥🔥💥 ] [ 💥🔥💥 Explosion 💥🔥💥 ]
[[ … And that’s all before the title sequence! ]]

[ Screams, clamoring ] [ 💥 Gunfire 💥 ] [ (💥) Silenced gunshots ( 💥) ]
Guard: Move, move, down! Out, out. Come on! [ Grunting ] Go!
[ 💥 Gunfire 💥 ]
Odette: Get Kirk out. Go now.
[ Grunting ]
Kirk’s man: Drop your weapon. Put it down.
Cooper: You put it down. Drop…
[ Cooper is pushed down ]
Kirk: Leave him. We’re only here for Masha.
[ He sees Liz. He fights with Dmitri. ]
Tom: Liz!
Liz: Tom!
Tom: Liz.
Liz: Tom!
[ Dmitri is strangling Tom ] [ Grunting ]
Dmitri: She cannot hear you, my friend! [ Groaning ] Are you saying something? I still cannot hear you! [ Grunts ]
[ Tom reaches for gun on the floor ] [ Tom shoots Dmitri in the head 💥 ]
[ Coughing, gasping ]
Odette: [ Remote Location ] Keep moving, keep moving.
Kirk’s man: Inside. Go, go, go. Go.
[ Kirk and Liz are hustled into the back of an ambulance ]
[ 💥 Gunfire sprays crowd 💥 💥 💥 ]
[ Tom runs toward ambulance, shoots Kirk’s man who blasted the crowd ]
Odette: Leave him. Go now.
[ Siren wailing ]

[ Nearby, a man is about to get into his car. Car alarm chirps ]
[ Tom runs ups, points gun ]
Tom: Hey, hey. Give me the keys. Give me the keys.
[ The man gives Tom his keys. Tom gets in the car ]
Tom: [ To the man ] Sorry.
[ Siren continues wailing ] [ Tires screech ]

[ Kate is dreaming ]

Red: You’ve told me you’ve always wanted a… pristine, unspoiled place to live out your days in peace. So the acre is yours – for all eternity. [ Gunshot 💥 ]

Kate: [ Gasps ] [ Aloud: ] Raymond.
[ Kate wakes up ]
Hunter: Fever broke. Think we beat that infection. So, who’s Raymond? He the one that shot you? Or the other guy? [ He shows Kate the photo ] Which one? I don’t know why you’re protecting these people. Truth is, I don’t care. You’re not leaving me a lot of options here, sweetheart. Can’t hold you prisoner forever.
Kate: So let me go.
Hunter: This here is a squat. Public land. Rangers would run me off if they knew. Nobody knows I’m here but you. You don’t trust me. So how am I supposed to trust you with my whole world? This would’ve been a whole lot easier if you had been considerate enough to die on your own.
[ Door opens ] [ Door closes ]
[ Kate twists metal object… ]

Ressler: We’re 10 minutes out. You got eyes on Kirk?
Cooper: Aram’s trying to locate the escape vehicle. Where are you on Dr. Shaw?
Samar: Nowhere. Reddington got to her.
Cooper: If we’re right and Shaw knows how to cure Kirk, Reddington has just made sure that’s not going to happen.
Ressler: Which means Liz is his only hope. Kirk’s not gonna hurt her as long as he needs her stem cells to survive.
Cooper: But he doesn’t. The hospital ran DNA tests. They’re not related.

Dembe: It was Kirk’s men at the hospital.
Red: Did Elizabeth get out?
Dembe: She was taken by Kirk.
Red: Well, she’ll be safe with him until Kirk’s doctors confirm she’s not his daughter, but we don’t have much time. We need to find patient zero. How long, Dr. Shaw?
Dr Shaw: It might help if I knew what you needed the patient for.
Red: My agenda has no bearing on your task. You know what you’re looking for. I need it now.
Dr Shaw: I’ve treated hundreds of patients over the years. This is going to take some time.
Red: I’m out of time, Doctor, which means you’re out of time. Find the patient.

[ Siren wailing ] [ Kirk and Liz are in back of ambulance ]
Kirk: You’re angry, and I accept that.
Liz: Tom better not be dead.
Kirk: In time, you’ll understand I did this to hold my family together.
Liz: He better not be dead.
Kirk: The test… Reddington falsified it. He’ll do anything to keep us apart.
Driver: We’re approaching the switch site. Medical teams are prepped and waiting.
Kirk: [ To his men ] Tom Keen, make sure he’s not hurt.
Liz: I’m not giving you my blood.
Kirk: You will help me, Masha, one way or another.
[ Tom chases Kirk ]
[ Siren wailing ] [ Tires squeal ] [ Engine roaring ] [ Horns blare ]
[ At Post Office, phone rings ]
Aram: Agent Mojtabai.
Tom: Aram! I’m following Liz. She’s in an ambulance heading north on Bristoll. Hang on!
[ Honk blares ]
Tom: Aram, the ambulance.
Aram: I’m tracking it now. Agents Ressler and Navabi are closing in from the west. I’m vectoring you in.

[ Siren continues wailing ]
Kirk: Why are we slowing?
Odette: [ On phone ] You can’t stop. You need to get to the switch car.
Kirk’s driver: Hold on.
[ Horn honking ] [ Tires screech ] [ Ambulance slams into back of a car ] [ Tom’s car catches up ]
Kirk’s man: Everybody out! Let’s go!
[ Tom attacks.💥 Gunfire 💥 ]
Kirk’s man: Out! Get out of the way!
[ A woman is forced out of her car. Some of Kirk’s force and Liz and Kirk take off in it ]
[ Tires squeal ]
[ 💥 Gunfire 💥 continues between Tom and one of Kirk’s goons ] [ Gun cocks ] [ Grunts ] [ Gun cocks ]
[ Tom runs out of ammo. He crawls under a van, but Kirk’s man sees him ]
Kirk’s man: Hey. How’s it going under there? My boss ordered me not to kill you, but he didn’t say anything about messing up that pretty face.
Tom: Whoo! Okay, okay, okay.
[ Tires squeal, Car doors open ] [ 💥 Gunfire 💥 ] [ Thud ]
[ Footsteps approach ]
[ Ressler bends down to look at Tom under the car ]
Ressler: You owe me.

[ Clinking ]
[ Gasps ]
Kate: What are you doing?
[ Kate has freed herself, holds self-fashioned knife to the Hunter’s neck ]
Hunter: Can’t keep you. Can’t kill you. I was gonna cut you loose and… pray you don’t tell anybody I’m up here.
[ Kate releases her grip ]
Kate: You could’ve left me in the woods.
Hunter: No, I couldn’t do that.

[ Door closes ]
[ Interrogation room ]
Samar: Police found the sedan abandoned under a bridge about a mile away.
Kirk’s man, Viktor: Where is this place?
Ressler: That bridge was well chosen. No surveillance cameras, a complete dead zone.
Samar: You had a switch vehicle stashed there. You were supposed to be in it.
Ressler: We need a make and tag number. Where were they headed?
Viktor: Prisoners are legally guaranteed medical care. And… [ Huffs ] I’ve been shot.
Samar: You were treated by paramedics.
Viktor: I need a doctor. You are showing deliberate indifference to my injuries, and that is against the law.
[ Ressler takes a pen-like object and presses it into the bullet hole ]
Ressler: Hmm. So… this where the bullet went in?
[ Viktor inhales sharply ] [ Groans ]
Ressler: This building doesn’t exist. That means you’re not here and you never were.
Samar: Where is Alexander Kirk?
[ Ressler presses harder ] [ Grunts ] [ Groans ]
Ressler: Come on.
Viktor: [ Strained voice ] They had a van waiting under the bridge. [ Inhales sharply ] A silver panel van. The safe house was 10 minutes away, but they hadn’t told me where in case of something like this.
Ressler: I don’t believe you. You’re lying.
Viktor: I’m not!
Ressler: Tell me.
Viktor: I don’t… know… where.

Ressler: Keen was taken from the drop site in a silver panel van. Safe house is less than 10 minutes away.
Cooper: Contact Montgomery County Police. Tell them to pull all surveillance from in and around that area… local businesses, traffic cams.
Aram: I’ll start a search for properties in the area associated with Kirk or his shell companies.
Cooper: Knock on doors, interview street vendors. Talk to anyone who might’ve seen that van. Let’s find Agent Keen.

Tom: [ On phone ] I talked to Ressler.
Red: Tell me everything.
Tom: They think they’ve nailed a location where she’s being held, somewhere in Silver Spring.
Dr Shaw: I think I found something.
Tim: Hey. Hello, did you hear me? I need to find her, and I need your help.
Red: No. The FBI needs to find her. We need to focus on keeping Elizabeth alive once they do.
Tom: What are you talking about?
Red: I’ll call you on this number when I know more. [ Cellphone closes ]
Shaw: I found patient zero.
Red: Call Baz. Tell him to get Dr. Reifler here right away. Go on.
Shaw: Mr. Reddington, I was on the verge of patenting cutting-edge research that would’ve saved countless lives. I had to restore my credentials as a doctor, and thanks to you, I’ve lost it all again.
Red: Patient zero. I need a name.
Shaw: I want you to bankroll my work. I want my future back. My research is illegal, not immoral.
Red: A distinction I’m comfortable drawing. But human experimentation in the hull of a ship is a bit too Draconian even for me.
Shaw: I need your word that you will not kill her.
Red: Her name.

Doctor: The HLA proteins aren’t a match. We’re not meeting the criteria.
Kirk: You’re a liar.
Doctor: I’ve reviewed the results three times.
Kirk: How much did he pay you?
[ Kirk fires gun 💥 over his head ]
Kirk: How much did he pay you?
Doctor: Sir, please. It… it’s not a match.
[ Gun cocks, Kirk points it at him ]
Kirk: You look into my eyes and you tell me Elizabeth Keen is not my daughter.
Odette: [ Stepping up, lowers his arm ] She’s not.

Red: Dr. Reifler, I don’t know about you, but I’m experiencing the strongest sense of déjà vu.
Dr Reifler: Why are you doing this? I’ve told you everything I know about Kirk, and I have been locked in a sweaty motel room with your goons for weeks.
Red:?Goons. That… that’s not fair. Well, Carlton is a bit goonish, but Matthew is actually quite erudite and a world-class chess player to boot. In any case, there’s someone I’d like to introduce you to. Dr. Adrian Shaw, meet Dr. Sebastian Reifler. Dr. Reifler is a hematologist. Dr. Shaw is a research scientist who worked with a patient you also treated, Lucille Bockes.
Reifler: Lucille Bockes is dead.
Shaw: Actually, she’s not.
Reifler: No, I-I put her into hospice care over four years ago.
Red: I won’t pretend to understand how it all works, but I must say, Dr. Shaw really is something of a wizard.
Shaw: Lucille responded to my treatment and went into full remission.
Reifler: It’s… it’s not possible.
Red: Lucille Bockes is alive and well… [ Cellphone rings ] and working as a prosecuting attorney.
Dembe: It’s Kirk.
Red: Constantin.
Kirk: She’s not my daughter.
Red: No, she’s not.
Kirk: And yet, she’s here.
Red: She’s nothing to you. A distant, confused memory. I’m the one you want.
Kirk: What I want is to put a bullet in your head before I die.
Red: Then do that. An even trade.
Kirk: With the FBI wanting to ambush me the moment I give her up, I don’t think so.
Red: You set the terms. However you want, I’ll do it. My life for hers.
Kirk: Rollins Park. 20 minutes. I’ll send a car. [ Cellphone closes ]
Dembe: We can find her.
Red: There’s no more time.
Dembe: He’ll kill you, no matter what you do or say. You can’t go.
Red: It’s Elizabeth.

[ Red and Dembe are sitting on a park bench ]

[ Elliott Smith’s ♪ “Between the Bars” playing ]

Dembe: If we can get the woman…
Red: It’s too late for her to save Elizabeth.
Dembe: But perhaps she can save you.

♪ The potential you’ll be ♪
♪ That you’ll never see ♪
♪ The promises you’ll only make ♪
♪ Drink up with me now ♪
♪ And forget all about ♪
♪ The pressure of days, do what I say ♪
♪ And I’ll make you okay and drive them away ♪
♪ People you’ve been before that you ♪

Red: [ To Dembe ] Forgive me. For Kate. For everything.

♪ And won’t bend to your will ♪
♪ Drink up, baby, look at the stars ♪

[ Red gets in car as Dembe watches ] [ Door closes ]

♪ I’ll kiss you again, between the bars ♪
♪ Where I’m seeing you there ♪
♪ With your hands in the air ♪

[ In the hunter’s cabin, Kate is sitting at the table ] [ The Hunter and his dog enter ]

♪ Waiting to finally be caught ♪
♪ Drink up one more time ♪
♪ And I’ll make you mine ♪
♪ Keep you apart ♪

Kate: The man you saw in the picture was my employer. He lost his way. At least, that’s how I saw it.

♪ And keep the things ♪

Kate: He placed a lovely young woman and her baby girl in terrible danger… not deliberately, mind you. He loves them deeply. Enough to blind him to the reality that his very presence in their lives constitutes a threat. Not just to them, but to himself as well. I tried to help her. All I managed to do was to place her and the child in even greater danger. My efforts earned me a bullet in the head. This man, he is very dangerous and absolutely relentless. If he even suspects I survived, there will be no place I can be safe. The reason I didn’t tell you the truth was not to protect him, but to protect you. It’s a shame you have no crackers.

Kirk: I’m not ready to die… just yet.
Odette: Reddington. He’s arriving.
Liz: You shouldn’t have come.
Red: The ripe apple falls. Doesn’t know what else to do. So here I am. Time to let her go.
Kirk: I bear Masha no grudges. I promise her safe passage. I understand now how you see me… dangerous man… dying, polluted by his money.
Liz: Let him go.
Kirk: Love did it, if you can believe it. It doesn’t make much sense, but sometimes you can feel too much, hold on too long… it poisons you. I should have let go of you… years ago, but you were my child. I’m gonna be dead soon, and my biggest regret is that… you will remember me like this and not the young father who cradled you in his arms. A lifetime in front of us.
Liz: You want me to remember you that way? Let Reddington go.
Kirk: [ To Odette ] Hold her for an hour. Take her somewhere remote. Leave her safe. Safe, Odette.
Liz: I’ll come for you. I’ll come for you.
Kirk: [ To Red ] You and I have much to talk about.

Miss Bockes: Excuse me, what are you doing?
Tom: I locked my keys in the car, you believe it? Yeah, I stopped to get something and then… never mind.
Bockes: You’re blocking my car.
Tom: Yeah, I took care of it. There’s a locksmith… be here in 45 minutes.
Bockes: I’m late for court. This can’t be happening!
Tom: I called a, uh, car service. Yeah, they’re almost here. So I’m gonna have my assistant come down and deal…
Bockes: You can’t just leave. I am a lawyer. I have a trial.
Tom: Why don’t we do this? Why don’t you just take my ride?
Bockes: That, uh, would be very helpful.
Bockes: Great. Thank you.
Tom: Sure, no problem. Yeah, I’ll just, um… it’s a black Town Car. And, uh, the driver’s name is unpronounceable. Ha! I can’t even say…
Dembe: Hey, you called for a ride?
Tom: Yes, thank you. Would you be so kind as to drive this young woman wherever she would like to go?
Woman: I’m going to the county courthouse. Chestnut and Jefferson.
[ Tom gets in too and pulls his gun ]
Tom: I’m not gonna hurt you.

Kirk: I don’t really know how we got here, Raymond. I remember being an honest businessman in a happy marriage until you came along.
Red: Constantin, I can save your life.
Kirk: Seduced my wife. To her credit, Katarina broke it off, but you couldn’t let go.
Red: I have a cure.
Kirk: I came home one night and they were gone… my wife, my child.
Red: 202-555-0198.
Kirk: My girl who’s not even my girl.
Red: If you wanna live, call the number.
Kirk: As you can imagine, I have many questions.
Red: There’s a science. Some sort of genetics. It’s called CRISPR.
Kirk: [ Chuckles ] Your magic bullet to save my life is some experimental treatment they’re not even testing on humans.
Red: CRISPR is not just experimental.
Kirk: Gene re-sequencing may work someday, but I won’t live that long.
Red: There was a breakthrough 19 years ago by a scientist who was murdered. His partner carried on his work on humans, not animals, with remarkable success. I have a doctor who can apply that science today. I can make her available to you.
Kirk: And why would you save my life?
Red: Because I want you to save mine. Call the number.
Kirk: Because of my chronic illness, I’ve become something of an expert in pain management… what causes it, and what prevents it. Naturally occurring toxins, bacterial proteins, mutagens. I’m confident Mr. Kleeb can encourage you to answer some of my questions, Raymond. As I said, I have many. Now, let’s start at the beginning.
[ Kirk injects Red’s hand ]

Dembe: We’ll deliver them in one hour. [ Cellphone beeps ] The meeting is set. The same bus stop. Just the doctor and Miss Bockes.
Bockes: Where are you taking me?
Tom: Just need a little blood work.

FBI guy: Okay. All right.
Ressler: That was Aram. No dice. There’s no business, no shell companies, nothing that links to Kirk.
Samar: Anything on that silver panel van?
Ressler: No, we gotta keep knocking.
Samar: We’re never gonna find Kirk’s safe house this way.

Ressler: They’ve been driving a silver panel van. You see anything like that around here today?
Cashier: No. Who are they?
Samar: Did anyone enter the club in the last hour or so?
Cashier: Sure, but I wouldn’t have let them inside without a membership card.
Ressler: You mind if we take a look around just in case?
[ Cellphone rings ]
Cashier: No, fine with me.
Ressler: Excuse me. [ Answers phone ] Ressler.
Aram: All right, I’m looking at CCTV feeds of a silver panel van that crossed through the intersection of Newmarket and Maiden less than five minutes ago.
Ressler: [ To Samar ] Aram’s got eyes on the van. All right, talk to me.

[ Cashier pulls out drawer with phone ] [ Beep, speed-dialing ]
Kirk: What is it?
Cashier: Two cops asking questions. They’re gone now, but I can’t say they won’t be coming back.
[ Cellphone beeps ]
Kirk: I had proof that she was my daughter. A DNA test.
Red: You saw what Katarina wanted you to see. She lied to you about everything. KGB trained her to seduce… foreign diplomats, intel… intelligence personnel… into… believ… revealing secrets. You always thought I was the interloper. The truth is that I was an assignment. I’m… I’m sure you were, too.
Kirk: That’s a lie.
Red: A cover then. You were wealthy and powerful. [ Breathes sharply ] Gave her access.
Kirk: All that matters is that we had a family, and you destroyed it. We had a daughter, and you took her from us. Why?
Mr. Kleeb: If I dose him again, it could induce an Adrenergic storm. We could lose him.
Kirk: Are you her father?
[ Kirk injects Red in the neck ]
Kirk: Are you her father? Answer me.

[ Odette and Liz are walking along a pier. Odette has a gun pointed at Liz. One of Kirk’s men follows behind ]
Odette: Let’s go.
Liz: What good is killing me gonna do? It won’t bring him back. He’s gonna die. He can’t be saved.
Odette: Well, he wouldn’t need to be saved if it wasn’t for you. Come on. Up, up.
Liz: He’s dying because he’s sick.
Odette: I’m not talking about his death. That was inevitable. I’m talking about who he’s become because of his obsession with you. He was a good man when I met him. And then he saw you, a fugitive on television. Finding you, that changed him. He did things that I didn’t think he was capable of. Terrible things. Awful. I blame you for that.
[ Ressler appears and 💥 shoots Kirk’s guy ]
[ Liz turns and attacks Odette, gets the gun. Samar arrives and also points her gun at Odette ]
Liz: You’re going to jail.
Odette: No. I’m not.
[ Leaps off the edge of the building hitting the water far below ]

Mr. Kleeb: His heart rate is 122. BP is 180 over 110. We’ve made him tachycardic.
Kirk: The antidote.
[ Ragged breathing ]
[ Kirk holds up two syringes ]
Kirk: Pain. Relief. Which I administer next is completely up to you.
⋘ No response ⋙
Kirk: So be it.
[ Tires squeal; A black SUV pulls up. Dr Reifler and Miss Bockes get out ]
Miss Bockes: I don’t know what this is. I don’t know why I’m here, but I am a district attorney and people will be looking for me.
Kirk: Who is she?
Dr Reifler: She is a miracle. Lucille was a patient of mine. Lucille Bockes.
Kirk: That’s not possible.
Reifler: I know.
Kirk: What trick are you playing?
Red: It’s not a trick. It’s a proof of concept. NYT
Red: It can save you.
Kirk: If I let you go.
Red: We both die… or we both live. It’s up to you.
Kirk: Run every test on her you can think of. I don’t believe in miracles.

Ressler: You’re telling me that Reddington was there with Kirk.
Liz: Yeah. He traded himself for me.
Ressler: They were in some kind of an underground parking lot?
Liz: There were no signs, no markers. They had my head covered going in and out.
Ressler: Any idea how close it is?
Liz: I’d say we drove 15, maybe 20 minutes.
Ressler: 10 mile radius to search. We’re right back to where we started.
Liz: No, we’re not. I have an idea.

[ Phone rings at the Post Office ]
Aram: Yeah.
Liz: Aram, I have a question. If the van Kirk’s guys were using has a GPS system, could you use that to retrace where it’s been?
Aram: If the van has a telematics system, it may have a two-way link to a service provider that relays GPS data.
Liz: Okay, I’m standing at the van. What do you need to make that happen?

Kirk: Maybe she’s a miracle. Maybe she’s not a miracle. Either way, you’re gonna have to answer my question.
Red: No.
Kirk: You’re not her father?
Red: No, I’m not gonna answer your question.
[ Ragged breathing ]
Red: It doesn’t matter. She lived at… at your house as your daughter… on and off for… four years. Sometimes you were there, sometimes you weren’t. What difference does it make?
Kirk: Are you her father?
Red: Sam Milhoan raised her after that.
Kirk: Are you her father?
Red: It doesn’t matter.
Mr Kleeb: I can’t. If I inject him again…
Kirk: I’m gonna ask you one more time. Is Masha your daughter?
[ Breathing heavily ]
Red: [ Murmurs indistinctly ] What do you want me to say? Yes… [ Murmurs indistinctly ] Is that what you want me to say? Yes, Elizabeth is my daughter.

Kirk: It’s true?
Reifler: Yes. I did a full work up. She’s cured.
Red: My proposition still stands.
Bockes: How? What does it matter how? Dr. Shaw saved my life.
Red: Dr. Shaw is standing by in a fully assembled lab waiting for you.
Kirk: I want everybody out. Clear the area. Miss Bockes, you’re free to go. All of you, go. Out! [ Tires squeal ]
Kirk: So… you can cure me. How ironic. You, of all people. But if the price for my life is sharing the Earth with you, I’m gonna have to turn you down.

Aram: All right, stay on Hampden unless you cross 188, then take your next right.
Ressler: Aram, we don’t have time to retrace the entire route.
Liz: The site had an underground parking structure. Does that help you filter the search?
Aram: Yeah, well, it would, except that van covered over 40 miles of road today.
Ressler: Aram, Keen said she was on the road for 15, maybe 20 minutes. Can you narrow the route pattern to a specific window of time?
Aram: Determine the speed and the number of stops. The van made eight stops in the last 96 minutes. An apartment complex in Friendship Heights, a gym in Bethesda, what looks like a strip mall…
Ressler: Wait, wait. Did you say gym?
Aram: Uh, right. Bodhi Fitness.
Ressler: That’s the place.

Kirk: Since we have a history together, I’ll give you the choice. Would you prefer to suffocate or to have a heart attack?
Red: You’re not gonna kill me.
Kirk: And why is that? Because that means I’ll die, too?
Red: Dying isn’t so bad. I did it once in Marrakesh.
Kirk: Suffocation. You talk too much.
Red: Perhaps I should listen more. Tell me about Katarina.
Kirk: And why would I do that?
Red: Because we both miss her. Because… after all these years… I have forgotten what she was… really like.
Kirk: You remember what she did, and not who she was.
Red: Remind me.
Kirk: When… when we… when we first met, there was this house near where she lived, a case study house built by this famous mid-century architect. Over dinner one night, she said she wanted to look at it. I thought she meant look from the street. But when we got there, she jumped the fence. The lights were on. People lived there. She didn’t care. I stood there… frozen, angry, nervous. Then I felt… this rush of exhilaration. I climbed up, looked into the yard… and she was just…
Red: … Dancing.
Kirk: … unafraid. Daring. Being. I’d never seen anything like it. She had…
Red: … A joy for living.
Kirk: She was more alive than anyone I knew. When I heard she killed herself… I didn’t believe it. I still don’t. You’re wrong. I didn’t see what she wanted me to see of her, I saw her. And despite what happened, I know she loved me.
Red: You don’t have to do this.
Kirk: Raymond, there’s nothing in this world you can tell me to change my mind.
[ Kirk stabs Red in the neck with another long needle ]
[ Red whispers something to Kirk ] [ Kirk appears shocked. He does not complete the injection ]
[ Red looks at Kirk, with grave seriousness ]

[ ♪ Say Goodbye by Beck ]
♪ See the sleet ♪
♪ That rests upon ♪
♪ The quiet street we’re standing on ♪
♪ Is it time to go away ♪
♪ And try again some other day? ♪
♪ ‘Cause these are words we use ♪
♪ To say goodbye ♪

[ Liz and Ressler search the parking structure of the Gym. They find the ad hoc lab, the chair Red had sat on, Red’s hat on the floor ]

♪ Bones crack, curtains drawn ♪
♪ On my back and she is gone ♪
♪ Somewhere else I do not know ♪
♪ Time will tell and I will go ♪
♪ These are the words ♪

Cooper: Reddington did what?
Ressler: We thought he kidnapped Dr. Shaw in order to make sure that Kirk died. But the truth is, he kidnapped her hoping to keep Kirk alive.
Samar: The data recovered from Kirk’s lab indicates that Reddington was trying to prove to Kirk that Shaw could save him.
Cooper: Why the hell would he do that?
Samar: Why does Reddington do any of the things he does?
Cooper: And where’s Kirk?
Ressler: We don’t know.
Cooper: We’re sure as hell gonna find out.

♪ I will wait and take a turn ♪
♪ Sort it out ♪
♪ Let it burn ♪

[ The Hunter brings in wood. He sits down, alone, for dinner ]
[ Kate walks along a highway. A truck slows down, picks her up ]

♪ Empty out empty drawer ♪
♪ In my pockets, there’s nothing more ♪
♪ These are the words you use ♪
♪ To say goodbye ♪
♪ These are the words ♪
♪ We use ♪

[ Knock on door ]
Tom: So it worked?
Red: Yes.
Tom: I’ll take that as a thank you.
[ Door closes ]
Liz: Oh, my God. How did you…
[ Liz hugs Red ]
Liz: Kirk?
Red: Gone.
Liz: Dead?
Red: Gone.
Liz: I don’t… I don’t understand. How did you…
Red: It’s over. May I?
Liz: Mm. Come here. Come here. Yes. [ Sighs ] Here you go.
[ Liz hands the baby to Red. He makes an “Aha!” face and smiles ]
[ Cooing ] [ Both laugh ] [ Chuckles ]
Liz: You know, I really believed he was my father.
Red: You had every reason to.
Liz: Except for one. You. You told me my father died when I was a little girl. I just… I guess I didn’t want to believe it. I really wanted my dad here to see her grow up.
Red: He would’ve wanted that, too.

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♫ Voodoo In My Blood
(feat. Young Fathers)

[Young Fathers:]
♪ Voodoo in my blood is living
Blood take I’m chillin’
Chill me got the soul of a mimic
It’s not quite right, you must be silly
Sign of the wars is my grinning
Come in to my time and see me
Suck it to me suck it to me timid

♪ I’m yours I’m yours
Why does the blood never stick to your teeth
Momma stop giving me grief
Why does the blood always stick to your teeth
Momma stop giving me grief

[Massive Attack:]
♪ Barely barely grieving
Keep the front door open
Wipe that cheeky grin and come on down
Barely barely grieving
Keep the front door open
Wipe that cheeky grin and come on down

[Young Fathers:]
♪ Voodoo in my blood is living
Blood take I’m chillin’
Chill me got the soul of a mimic
It’s not quite right, you must be silly
Sign of the wars is my grinning
Come in to my time and see me
Suck it to me suck it to me timid

[Chorus – Young Fathers:]
♪ I’m yours I’m yours
Why does the blood never stick to your teeth
Momma stop giving me grief
Why does the blood always stick to your teeth
Momma stop giving me grief
Why does the blood always stick to your teeth
Momma stop giving me grief
Why does the blood always stick to your teeth
Momma stop giving me grief

[Massive Attack:]
♪ Barely barely grieving
Keep the front door open
Wipe that cheeky grin and come on down
Barely barely grieving
Keep the front door open
Wipe that cheeky grin and come on down

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2g7n2Gv
YouTube: https://youtu.be/ElvLZMsYXlo


♫ “Between The Bars”
By Elliott Smith

♪ Drink up baby, stay up all night
With the things you could do
You won’t but you might
The potential you’ll be
That you’ll never see
The promises you’ll only make

♪ Drink up with me now
And forget all about
The pressure of days
Do what I say
And I’ll make you okay
And drive them away
The images stuck in your head

♪ People you’ve been before
That you don’t want around anymore
That push and shove and won’t bend to your will
I’ll keep them still

♪ Drink up baby, look at the stars
I’ll kiss you again between the bars
Where I’m seeing you there
With your hands in the air
Waiting to finally be caught

♪ Drink up one more time
And I’ll make you mine
Keep you apart,
Deep in my heart
Separate from the rest,
Where I like you the best
And keep the things you forgot

♪ The people you’ve been before
That you don’t want around anymore
That push and shove and won’t bend to your will
I’ll keep them still

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2fhCj2s
YouTube: https://youtu.be/n5g-91mwiNs


♫ Say Goodbye
By Beck
♪ See the sleet that rests upon
The quiet street we’re standing on
Is it time to go away
And try again some other day?
‘Cause these are words we use to say goodbye
These are the words you use to say goodbye

♪ Bones crack, curtains drawn
On my back and she is gone
Somewhere else I do not know
Time will tell and I will go
These are the words we use to say goodbye
These are the words we use to say goodbye

♪ I will wait and take a turn
Sort it out, let it burn
Empty out empty drawer
In my pockets, there’s nothing more
These are the words you use to say goodbye
These are the words we use to say goodbye

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2fRhs7J
YouTube: https://youtu.be/Jrtqsw6AK_I

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🔴 Script: 4:9 Lipet’s Seafood Company (№ 111)

Program air date: 1/5/2017 in the US
Permalink: http://wp.me/pDKwi-3Rf
Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/2iWI4Fl

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Don Thorin
Teleplay by: Dawn DeNoon
Story by: Lukas Reiter, Dave Metzger

⭕ Script 4:9 Lipet’s Seafood Company (№ 111)

Blurb: Winter Premiere. Two groups of competing dark ops thieves clash over high tech gadgetry on US soil. Cooper excoriates Red over having brought Elizabeth Keen “nothing but pain, grief, and regret” – and cost her her status as a federal agent.

[ A truck backs into Lipet’s Seafood Company. Frozen fish move down a ramp and tumble into a plastic receptacle filled with ice ]

♪ well, I went up on the hill about 12:00 ♪
♪ I ran right back and I got me a pole ♪
♪ I was going down to the fishin’ hole ♪
♪ and you could come a-fishin’ all the time ♪
♪ says you’ve been a-fishin’ all the time ♪
♪ I’m a-goin’ fishin’ too ♪

[ An employee sorts through the fish. Finding one with a bloodied head he removes it from the rest and places on top of ice in a plastic cart which he pushes into an adjoining room. Andrew Wyatt, the factory manager, nods ]

♪ well, you bet your life, your lovin’ wife ♪
♪ can catch more fish than you ♪
♪ any fish bite if you’ve got good bait ♪
♪ here’s a little somethin’ I would like to relate ♪

[ The fat fish is placed on a steel table in the midst of a setting of complex-looking high tech instruments. A microprocessor in a plastic bag, removed from the fish’s mouth, tumbles to the floor. The tech slits the fish’s gut and removes another microprocessor. Over this operation looms a middle eastern-looking male ]

♪ so, come on, baby, come on down ♪
♪ I’m a-goin’ a-fishin’, yes, I’m goin’ a-fishin’ ♪
♪ you could come fishin’, too ♪

[ Suddenly, this bucolic setting is interrupted by an assault by black-uniformed commandos, their faces sheathed ]
[ Rapid gunfire 💥💥💥 ] [ Object thuds ]
Commando: We got him!
Commando: Get it out of here now. Go! Go! Go! Go!
[ Gunfire continues 💥💥💥]
[ The commandos quickly halt the operation, killing nearly everyone ]

♪ come on, baby, come on down ♪
♪ you could come a-fishin’, yeah, come a-fishin’ ♪
♪ you could come fishin’, too ♪

[ The commandos gather up all the complex gadgetry they deem important ]
Voices: Go! Move! Move, move, move, move! Go! Go, go!
– You and you, that way!
– Get out of here or I’ll shoot you!
– Fire in the hole❗
[ Explosion 💥🔥💥 ] [ Explosion 💥🔥💥 ] [ Camera beeps ]
[ In under a minute the intruders are gone. Whatever they were after, they believe they now have ]

[ Liz is walking baby Agnes through their home while recording, selfie-style ]
Liz: [ Sweetly ] When you were a little baby, you lived in a warehouse. And we had bodyguards. Say hi, Baz. [ Baz walks up, smiles, waves ]
[ Chuckles ]
Liz: And inside the warehouse was… a fake apartment! Oh, look! It’s your daddy in your fake living room.
Tom: Hey, here’s Daddy wondering how much damage we’ve done to our sweet little girl.
Liz: Well, it’ll make for an intriguing college essay.
[ Chuckles ]
Tom: Yeah. So, I know we’re moving out, but just a quick gut check here. Kirk is gone. But according to Reddington, he’s, what, dead? Not dead? He’s definitely not in jail.
Liz: I don’t know. With Reddington, I don’t assume anything.
Tom: He kept you from getting answers about who your father is.
Liz: You’re the one that told me that’s in my past.
Tom: I know, and it is. But I don’t know. Maybe now that I’m a dad, I’d… be lying if I said I didn’t wonder who my father is.
Liz: That’s totally understandable. And another day, I might feel differently, but this is our present and our future. That’s all that matters.
Tom: Yeah. That and getting her into a good college.
[ Chuckles ]
Liz: Yeah.
[ Chuckles ]
Liz: Let’s start by finding her a place to live. She needs to be able to open up her living room windows and see the sun.
Tom: Hmm.
Liz: [ Sighs ] We all do.

Cooper: We spent months hunting for Alexander Kirk at your insistance. The man is responsible for the deaths of FBI agents, the abduction of Elizabeth and her daughter–
Red: You’re upset.
Cooper: You’re damn right I’m upset. You let him go. And worse, it’s clear to me now that was your intent all along. You played us.
Red: Harold, my objective was to keep Elizabeth and her child safe. I’ve done that. We’ve done that. Alexander Kirk is gone, and he won’t be back. It’s time to move on. Last night, a seafood processing plant in Maryland was attacked by armed commandos. Local authorities suspect rogue employees were secretly using the facility to package and distribute narcotics.
Cooper: But you know better.
Red: Now that you mention it, I do. Seven supposed employees were killed in the attack. Photos were circulated to law enforcement trying to connect them to the drug trade.
Cooper: How did you get this?
Red: You’re not looking at a seafood processing plant employee, nor a drug dealer. That is Hassan Arkani.
Cooper: The terrorist? From Algeria? You’re telling me one of the most wanted terrorists on the planet was conducting a secret operation out of the back room of a Maryland fish factory?
Red: You see? No time to dwell on the past. If my people hear anything, I’ll contact Agent Keen.
Cooper: Agent Keen. Did you forget her agent status was revoked?
Red: I did not forget that, or the plea agreement I worked out with Laurel Hitchin that kept her out of jail after she shot your Attorney General.
Cooper: You don’t want to dwell on the past, then dwell on this– the loss of her badge was a stain on Elizabeth’s name and reputation, which you are ultimately responsible for. Your presence in her life has turned it into what it is today. You’ve brought her nothing but pain, grief, and regret, which you seem utterly oblivious to, and surprisingly powerless to rectify.
Red: Good talk, Harold.
[ Door opens, shuts ]

Cooper: Hassan Arkani. Algerian born. He was a munitions expert linked to the New Martyrs Brigade. The NMB is deadly enough to rank number six on the Group Threat Index. Based in Libya, they have loyal supporters in countries throughout the region. I have documentation of attacks in 17 different countries.
Ressler: Yeah, but none on US soil. So what was Arkani doing in Maryland?
Samar: And whatever it was, he’s not doing it anymore.
Liz: So is Reddington saying the New Martyrs were building some kind of mass casualty weapon to use here?
Cooper: It’s possible. We don’t know what they were building or who took it or where it is now. I’ve notified Homeland, the CIA, and NSA. Ressler, Navabi, get to that factory. Keen, let the locals know we’re taking over.
Samar: Uh, wait, where’s Aram?

Samar: Hey. Cooper told me. You have nothing to worry about.
Aram: Really? I’m being questioned in connection to a Justice Department investigation into whether my girlfriend committed espionage.
Samar: You didn’t know.
Aram: So I’m either a traitor or a moron.
Samar: A moron. Definitely.
Aram: Ah, you always know just what to say.
Samar: Aram, you’re a trusting person who assumes the best in people. Be yourself and they will see that. Everyone does.

Woman over radio: What is your ETA, please?

Man: Agent Ressler? This is Andrew Wyatt, the factory manager.
Andrew Wyatt: Thank you, Detective.
Ressler: Mr. Wyatt, thanks for your cooperation.
Wyatt: Yeah, of course. Whatever I can do to help.
Ressler: You’ve seen the images of the people who died last night?
Wyatt: Yeah, like I told them, two of the guys, they’ve worked here for about a year. The other guys I’ve never seen.
Ressler: And this man, have you seen him before?
Wyatt: No idea. Hey, if it wasn’t drugs, what do you think they were doing?
Samar: We’re going to need to see the footage from these cameras.
Wyatt: I wish. The cops had me check first thing. Looks like they turned off the whole system right around 9:00.
Forensic Tech: You need to see this.
Ressler: Excuse us. Thank you.
Samar: You got something?
Tech: Nothing good. Whoever ran this place had it wiped down before they ran. Between that and the fire, they wasn’t much left. We found shavings from some kind of titanium alloy, and this. It’s definitely an integrated circuit timing chip, but I haven’t seen one quite like this before. Ressler: Timing chip, that’s used in–
Tech: Everything from traffic lights to railway switches–
Ressler: To bombs.

[ Tripoli, Libya ]
[ Arabic, with subtitles: ]
NMB Leader: [ Subtitles ] Arkani is dead. The Amtar Hamida Project may be finished. The technology was stolen. Those responsible must be found and exterminated. The work must be reacquired.
Farook Al-Thani: Consider it done.

Liz: What’s up with Aram?
Ressler: I don’t know, but he said it was urgent.
Cooper: Is this about the deposition?
Aram: Uh, no, actually, this is about a different nightmare scenario. I’ve been running diagnostics on the timer chip you recovered from Arkani’s factory, and it is far more impressive than anything we’ve seen from the NMB or any extremist group for that matter. In fact, it is as good as anything the United States can make because… we did make it.
Cooper: Good Lord.
Aram: More specifically, the defense contractor Blackthorn Kincaid made it.
Ressler: Well, they make everything from our own ICBMs to Israel’s Iron Dome.
Samar: So how’d Arkani get it?
Liz: Our national security threat just became a national security leak.
Cooper: Get to Blackthorn. Tell them we expect full cooperation. Aram, let’s move. The deposition starts at 2:00.
Cooper: Panabaker’s gonna be at the deposition. I’m gonna push her to get you reinstated as an agent.
Liz: That would be… amazing. But do you think that’s even possible?
Cooper: After all you’ve been through and all you’ve done, I think it’s crazy they haven’t done it already.

[ At Blackthorn Kincaid ]
Blackthorn CEO: I resent any implication that we would be less than forthcoming.
Ressler: Your classified technology was found in a facility being run by a known terrorist. Now someone in your position might be inclined to close ranks.
CEO: Well, that won’t happen. Everyone here has dedicated his or her life to protecting the American people.
Samar: Tell us about the timing chip.
Blackthorn Administrator: It was manufactured within the last four months as part of a surface-to-air missile teleguidance system.
Samar: Can you tell us who manufactured it? Specifically which employees?
Admin: Well, a chip like that would travel across several of our divisions. We’re talking 60, maybe 80 people.
Ressler: We’re gonna need to see a list.
CEO: Of course, but maybe we could suggest a more targeted approach.
Mr Deavers: James Maddox. At one time, he was one of our best programmers.
Ressler: Was?
Deavers: He had a drinking problem along with anger issues. We tried to help, but, uh, in the end, we– we had to part ways. Given what we perceived to be financial problems, he might be a person of interest.
Samar: He had access to the chip?
Deavers: Yes. I knew Jim. I find it hard to believe that he would betray his country.
Ressler: Well, we’ll get on that right away. In the meantime, we’re gonna need to see that list.

Dispatch: Just make some calls. Yeah.

[ Dialing ] [ Dog barking ]

Response: All right, I’m gonna check the pier.

Red: Wendy, dear, your ears must be burning. Dembe and I were just talking about you.
Wendy: Yeah? You figure out how I’m-a get my 13-year-old to soccer at the same time as Liam’s piano lesson?
Red: How are the boys?
Wendy: Another day in paradise. Leo took up the baritone, the Supernovas won the regional championship, and Lionel started dating some college freshman with a nipple ring.
Red: Almost enough to make a woman hope Larry gets early parole.
Wendy: Mnh, not on your life, sugar. Let him rot. The boys are happy, I’m happy.
Red: To what do I owe the pleasure, my love?
Wendy: I got word that you’re looking for the 411 on the New Martyrs Brigade.
Red: You got something?
Wendy: A little chatter. You know I’m always tracking the buzz on who’s moving what and where. I hear the NMB’s America bound.
Red: How many?
Wendy: I’m hearing six. Coming in scattershot.
Red: Their papers will be flawless. Who’s running it? Al-Hambri?
Wendy: Ha! You wish. They sent Farook.

[ Farook Al-Thani is shown clearing customs ]
Customs Agent: Welcome back to the United States.
Al-Thani: You have a nice day now.

Red: Thank you, my love. You’re like a human divining rod. You always know just where to look and just what to look for. Oh, and for what it’s worth, I dropped a little extra something in the mail this month. Thought it might help with the orthodontist bills.
Wendy: You wanna help? Come and fold some laundry. [ Dog retches ] I gotta go. Lazy Bones just barfed in the kitchen.
[ Phone beeps ]

Samar: James Maddox– born August 1970. I don’t know. What do you think? Does this look like the face of a traitor to you?
Ressler: Anybody’s capable of anything. You know that.
Samar: Yeah, well, there’s a special level in hell for people who provide arms to terrorists.
[ Samar sees Maddox. To Ressler: ] Heads up.
[ They get out of car ]
Samar: James Maddox?
[ Maddox takes off running ]
Ressler: Move!
[ Tires screech ] [ Maddox bumps into a stopped car ]
[ Ressler catches Maddox ]
Ressler: FBI.
Maddox: FBI?
[ Handcuffs click ]
Ressler: Yeah.

Aram: [ On phone ] Yeah, I understand. [ Click ] [ To Cooper: ] Uh, that was Agent Keen. Mr. Reddington says NMB leadership sent six operatives to reclaim that bomb or, um, uh, whatever it is they lost at that factory.
[ Door opens ]
Panabaker: It’s time.
Cooper: Does Reddington have a name?
Aram: Oh, yeah, one. Farook Al-Thani.

Cynthia Panabaker: Agent Mojtabi, walk us through this again. Tell us exactly how you met Elise Nickerson.
Aram: Okay, I was at the gym, and she had been waiting for a friend and asked to borrow my phone. Uh, she said hers was lost. And then, you know, one thing led to another and…
Panabaker: And the next thing you knew, she was using your personal laptop to access classified data.
Aram: Well, when you put it like that–
Panabaker: You expect us to believe you knew nothing about this?
Aram: Yes, because I didn’t. I love this country. I take my job very, very seriously. If I’m guilty of anything, it’s– it– I have bad taste in women. A sort of blindness to– Shauna Boyd was a kleptomaniac. Julia Hernandez was legally married. April Roderhorst had a little bit of a secret porn addiction. Um, that’s a funny story, actually.
Panabaker: This is a deposition, not a memoir. Let’s keep the focus on how your computer was used to breach national security.
Aram: Yes, ma’am.

[ Chair scraping ]
Guard: As-salamu alaykum. Farook.
Andrew Wyatt: We didn’t know our location was exposed. I had no idea an attack was coming.
Farook Al-Thani: Yes. That’s the problem.
Wyatt: Look, I’m handling it. I’ll find them. I… I have security camera footage from the attack. I convinced the police there wasn’t any. Look, I know they sent you to warn me. Just… tell them, warning received.
Farook: They didn’t send me to warn you. They sent me to replace you.
[ Gunshot 💥 ] [ Shell casing clatters ]
Farook: [ On phone ] It’s Farook. We need to talk.

Red: Mmm.
Dembe: He’s here.
Marlin Heiden: I’m not here.
Red: [ Laughs ]
Heiden: This meeting never took place. And you will never be in the same room with the President-elect.
[ Utensil clatters ]
Red: You really should try Ginny’s Cheeseburger Chowder. The ground chuck and spices, the melted cheese. I highly recommend it for the inaugural balls.
Heiden: If you think you can maintain your immunity agreement by blackmailing the President-elect for allegedly taking illegal campaign contributions from Alexander Kirk, you’re not as smart as everyone says you are.
Red: Marlin, your boss made a campaign promise to me, and I intend to make sure he keeps it.
[ Taps tabletop ]
Red: Tell Robert I’ll be in touch.

[ Typing ]
Samar: How was the deposition?
Aram: Terrifying.
Samar: I’m sure you were great.
Aram: [ Scoffs ] In your eyes. In theirs, I look a lot like this guy.
Samar: Yusuf Tillisi?
Aram: Mr. Reddington said six NMB members were dispatched to the US in the last 24 hours. He gave us one name, but not the other five. Do you have any idea how many people fly into the country every day? So I had to customize an algorithm to search for– Five needles in a huge haystack.
Samar: What makes you think Tillisi is one?
Aram: Well, he’s the right age. He works for a Middle Eastern trade organization that I’m not sure actually exists. He lives in Lebanon, but flew into Libya last month, and I am not seeing a return ticket out. Thing is, he flew into JFK almost 72 hours ago, so that doesn’t fit Mr. Reddington’s intel.
Samar: He’s probably legit, but it’s probably worth tracking him down, verifying his reason for being in the country. Let me do it. Based on the places he flew, I have channels that might be a bit more comprehensive. You’re going to be cleared. And when you are, we will celebrate.

[ Door rattling ]
Mr Deavers: You want to tell me what the hell happened?
Farook: Our facility was attacked.
Deavers: I know that. How?
Farook: That’s what I’m here to find out. Our people know the penalty for disloyalty. So I thought perhaps, I would ask you–
Deavers: Now you listen! I did my part. I provided the necessary technology. I’m not going to lose everything because you people are too stupid to secure your own operation.
Farook: Look around, Mr. Deavers. You would be wise to remember where you are. You made an agreement to see our project through to its completion.
Deavers: That’s not possible now.
Farook: Let me finish. If you expect to get paid, you will help us find whoever did this and recover our system.
Deavers: You have surveillance?
Farook: It won’t do any good. The attackers were all wearing balaclavas.
Deavers: We have proprietary mapping software that can recognize sufficient facial contours through a soft fabric mask.
Farook: Ah. Remarkable.
Deavers: Another trade secret. You tell your leadership I’ll be adding it to my bill. I have to get back. The FBI’s investigating how our chip ended up in Arkani’s hands. I was forced to make certain arrangements.

James Maddox: I told you, I don’t know anything about a missing timer chip.
Liz: Here’s a tip, Mr. Maddox. Next time you wanna appear innocent, don’t run from the FBI.
Maddox: It was stupid, okay? I thought they were process servers sent by my wife. We’re in the middle of a nasty divorce. I was trying to avoid going back to court.
Liz: It’s been a tough few months for you, James. You lost your family, you lost your job, started drinking again.
Maddox: I wouldn’t betray my country.
Liz: We talked to Blackthorn. You had access to that chip.
Maddox: [ Rolls up sleeve to show tattoo ] My brother was a Marine. He died in Kandahar. You really think I’d put this on my arm and dishonor his sacrifice by giving terrorists classified intelligence?
Liz: I don’t think you gave it to them. I think you sold it to them. Look, tell me the truth now, and maybe I can still help you.
Ressler: Too late.
Ressler: Mr. Maddox, we just executed a search warrant at your apartment and found a bank passbook hidden in a bathroom vent traceable to an account in Madrid.
Maddox: That’s a lie.
Ressler: Oh. And we also found a burner phone taped underneath your kitchen table, one with a string of international calls– to Libya.
Maddox: Okay, what the hell’s going on? I’m being framed. I swear, none of that is mine.

[ Door closes ]
Jack Kinross: What are you doing here? I heard the FBI–
Mr Deavers: That is under control. I need your assistance.
Kinross: No. No, no, no, forget it. I knew it was a mistake letting you talk me into configuring that chip.
Deavers: A $200,000 mistake. Look, like it or not, we are in this together. If I go down, we both go down.
Kinross: What do you need me to do? This is the, uh, surveillance footage from last night’s attack. I want you to run the facial tomography software on the attackers.
Kinross: If they had masks, it’s gonna take a minute.
Deavers: Can you just do it?
[ Door opens, closes ]

Ressler: Forget it, Keen. I know that look. Don’t tell me you believe him.
Liz: Something’s off. It’s just a read, but his denial seems genuine.
Cooper: [ Walks up ] I might take that bet. Blackthorn called. Another programmer came forward. Says he saw Maddox handling that timer chip a month ago, just before it dropped out of inventory.
Ressler: What about an eyewitness, Keen? Does that change your mind?
Cooper: Take Navabi and get a statement. Where is Agent Navabi?

[ Samar is walking up an inclining sidewalk, followed by a menacing-looking man around 30. He gets closer and closer. She stops at a door, slides her card through the reader ] [ Keypad beeps ] [ Samar senses the man behind her, spins around … ]
Samar: Ezra. [ They hug ] We’ve got a problem.
[ Samar, her former boyfriend Levi Shur, Ezra, and other Mossad meet ]
Samar: One of my colleagues at the Bureau flagged Ezra.
Agent Levi Shur: What does he know?
Samar: Nothing yet. I volunteered to verify that he’s in the country for a legitimate reason.
Ezra: Defending our homeland from extremist savages? Doesn’t get more legitimate than that.
Samar: Mossad carried out a black op on American soil. If the FBI finds out about it, it will be an international incident. Where’s the system?
Levi: It’s here. Safe. For now.
Samar: Reddington says the NMB sent Farook with a team to get it back. You need to take the system and go. You all need to leave the country.
Levi Shur: What about you?
Samar: I will do what I can to keep the Bureau’s attention elsewhere. Besides, I don’t think Alma would appreciate me tagging along.
Ezra: Alma? Yesterday’s news.
Levi Shur: You’re– you’re right. Better get moving. Be safe.
[ Door opens, closes ]

Deavers: You did it?
Kinross: Wasn’t easy. Most of the footage was too remote. But I did find an image that was close enough to scan. Our program creates a computed tomography map, which I had to convert into a 3-D image. [ Typing ] Based on the data, we got a 96% match.
[ Laters of cloth peel away from the face in the image – it’s Samar! ]
Deavers: My God.
Kinross: Do you know her?
Deavers: She’s FBI. [ Typing ]
Kinross: According to our profile, she’s Mossad.

Farook al-Thani: [ On phone ] Mr. Deavers. Tell me you found our system.
Deavers: Not yet. But don’t worry, Farook. I know just where to look.

[ Marlin Heiden is fuming in the back of a parked police car. The officer is seated in the front ]
Marlin: You can’t do this. I wasn’t driving recklessly, and my navigation system will prove that I wasn’t speeding. What’s your name, anyway? Hey, are you listening to me? You’re about to make a very big mistake. Pick up the phone and call my–
[ Officer gets out ] [ Car door closes ] [ Heiden huffs ] [ Car door opens ] [ Heiden groans ] [ Red sits down next to him ]
Red: Oh, boy. [ Clears throat ] Isn’t this a sticky wicket?
Heiden: You son of a bitch.
Red: As I mentioned, Senator Diaz made a campaign promise that I intend to hold him to.
Heiden: You what, uh, bribe them?
Red: I’ve been known to make the occasional charitable contribution. In exchange, my back is scratched by the good men in blue. Yours, not so much. You blew a .12. I
Heiden: What? Blood alcohol content. Next time, call a cab.
Heiden: [ Laughs ] Are you out of your mind? I’ve been sober for 12 years.
Red: Which is what makes your relapse that much more tragic. The President can’t have a dipsomaniac serving as legal counsel. Happily, there is a way to avoid the drunk tank.
Heiden: The inauguration is in two weeks. How the hell do you expect me to get you a private meeting?
Red: I have no idea. Let’s hope you’re smarter than everyone says you are, Marlin. Marlin– that’s not a very common name. I knew a Marlin when I was young. Marlin Trout. One boy, two fish names. Funny. Set the meeting, Marlin.
[ Red gets out ] [ Door thuds ]

[ Samar steps off the elevator at the Post Office ]
Samar: I got your text. What’s up?
Ressler: We’re rolling out. Gotta take a witness statement.
Samar: Someone from Blackthorn?
Cooper: A programmer who claims he saw Maddox with the timer chip.
Liz: A month ago, but for some reason didn’t bother coming forward until after the company had already served up Maddox on a silver platter. I’m telling you, something’s off about this.
Samar: There’s only one way to find out. Will you give me a second?
[ Samar and Ressler leave, in different directions ]

Cooper: I spoke with Panabaker about your reinstatement. She said there’s nothing she can do.
Liz: Nothing she can do now or ever? Sir, what’d she say?
Cooper: She said the Attorney General would need to okay your reinstatement. Since you pled guilty to killing his predecessor, that’s… not going to happen. I’m so sorry.
Liz: Yeah, so am I.

Samar: Hey, I ran down Yusuf Tillisi. The trade company he works for, it’s real. The CEO put me in touch with him directly. He’s here for a few meetings then flies out at the end of the week. I’m sorry, but he checks out.
Aram: Mr. Cooper got word from Main Justice. I am officially… not a person of interest.
Samar: That’s great news.
Aram: Um… Yeah, right? Um… Hey, I’ve never been so relieved to be told I am not interesting. Uh, I thought we could, um, could maybe celebrate over… dinner.
Samar: It’s a date. You pick. And make it somewhere amazing.

[ Knock on door ] [ Door opens; a nervous-looking man appears ]
Ressler: Mr. Atwell? FBI. Agent Ressler, this is Agent Navabi.
Christopher Atwell: That was fast.
Samar: We understand you have information regarding a James Maddox and a theft at Blackthorn Kincaid.
Atwell: Uh, yes, please come in. I’d prefer the neighbors didn’t know anything about this.
Samar: Is everything okay, Mr. Atwell?
[ Ressler and Samar are attacked ❗]
[ Grunting ] [ Gunshot 💥] [ 💥💥Gunshots💥💥]
[ A man subdues Samar, puts a bag over her head, drags her off ]
[ Fight continues ]
[ Farook Al-Thani points his gun at Atwell ]
Atwell: No, no, no, please. I did what you asked. You said all I had to do was get them– [ Gunshot 💥 ] [ 💥💥Gunshots💥💥 ] [ Hammer clicks ]
[ Engine starts ] [ Farook runs outside and jumps into a black SUV ]
Farook: Go. Leave him.
[ Tires screeching ]
[ Ressler shoots at the car 💥 ] [ The rear window is blown out ]

[ Cellphone beeps ] [ Ring, beep ]
Aram: [ Answers ] Agent Ressler.
Ressler: [ Breathless ] We were set up. There was no witness. It was an ambush. They were inside the house. The NMB took Samar.
Aram: The NMB?
Ressler: Look, they wanted to kill me and abduct her.
Cooper: That makes no sense. Why would the NMB single out Agent Navabi?
Ressler: They’re in a black SUV, no rear plate, shattered rear window.
Aram: All right, sending an alert to local law enforcement now, rolling all backup units to your location.
[ Liz dials Red ] [ He picks up in back seat of his car ]
Liz: Reddington, we need your help. Samar’s been abducted. The NMB just took her.
Red: Slow down.
Liz: I’m putting you on a speaker. [ Beep ] We’re sending you everything, all the search results for possible NMB members coming into the country, all the flights and profiles we’ve ruled out. Maybe we missed something.
Red: Have you identified anyone other than Farook?
Aram: No. My program’s vetted tens of thousands of possible candidates but only one real suspect so far, and Agent Navabi cleared him.
Red: Who?
Aram: His name is Yusuf Tillisi. His photo was part of the file we just sent you. But Samar spoke to him– said it was nothing. Yusuf Tillisi isn’t a terrorist.
Red: He also isn’t Yusuf Tillisi. His real name is Ezra Mandell, an operative for the Mossad. Samar knows him. She’s worked with him.
Cooper: Why would she lie about that?
Red: To protect her fellow countrymen. To prevent you from linking the Mossad to the attack on Arkani’s operation.
Cooper: A Mossad strike team was operating here? Without permission?
Red: At least we know why the NMB took her. The question is where and how long they’ll keep her alive.

[ Farook removes the hood from Samar’s head. She is standing, hands cuffed behind her back, against a pillar ]
Farook: Tell me where the system is. Save yourself an immense amount of pain.
Samar: I’m good.

[ Samar now has her arms tied with ropes from overhead. She has been roughed up ]
Farook: I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t fighting Israel. As a boy in Gaza, I threw rocks at soldiers. As I grew, so did the weapons. The rocks became guns, the guns became rockets. For me, life is war. And that war changed with the creation of the Iron Dome, the most advanced missile defense system in history. Over 1,200 of our rockets were intercepted. The NMB realized that the best way to defeat a superior technology is to turn an engineering designer.
Samar: James Maddox.
Mr Deavers: Mr. Maddox was just convenient. The NMB’s money bought them someone much higher up the food chain. I promised them a teleguidance system capable of getting past the Iron Dome. After six months of work, I do not intend to start over.
Farook: So… where is it? Don’t make me ask again.

Levi Shur: We’re all set. There’s a Hawker 900 on the tarmac at BWI. Take the system. Use one of those SKB cases. Put this in the car.
[ Door thuds open ]
Ressler: FBI! Hands in the air now! Levi Shur. You don’t call, you don’t write.
Levi: How’d you find us?
Ressler: Mossad opened this safe house with the Bureau’s assistance. I know because our agencies share intel. At least I thought they did. The NMB has Samar. We know you hit Arkani’s factories, and so do they.
Levi: How?
Ressler: I don’t know, but she was taken by Farook Al-Thani almost an hour ago. She– She lied to us. Tried to protect you when she found out Mossad was behind the raid.
Levi: I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Ressler: No?
Levi: No. Samar didn’t find out about the raid. Samar planned the raid.

[ Farook is using a knife to cut a shallow wavy line down Samar’s arm ]
[ Samar smashes Farook in the face with her head ] [ Grunts ] [ His nose and mouth are bleeding ]
Deavers: Enough. We need to escalate this.
Farook: [ Laughs ]
Deavers: What the hell is so funny?
Farook: She won’t talk. We’re both the same. Both true believers willing to die for what we love.
NMB operative: Farook, we may have something. There’s an entry for someone only under the letter “L.” The number’s on the list we have for possible Mossad operatives.
Farook: Call it.
Deavers: Now hang on, if it’s the Mossad, they might be able to trace the call back. There’s no strategic reason to contact them.
Farook: Unless they are willing to trade their agent for our system.
Deavers: That wasn’t the plan. She’s seen my face. She can’t be traded for anything, understand? She’s never leaving this room.
Farook: You are not my concern.
Deavers: We had a deal. I’m not signing off on this.
Farook:Then it seems you are the one never leaving this room.
[ Farook shoots Deaver 💥, shell casing clatters ] [ Body thuds ]

Levi: What about the CIA? Homeland? Nobody in your government has intel as to where they may have taken her?
Ressler: What about Mossad? You guys know Arkani’s building a bomb, but you don’t know whether he’s got a safe house nearby?
Levi: No. [ Sighs ] And it’s not a bomb. It’s a missile guidance system designed to defeat the Iron Dome. In the wrong hands, it could jeopardize the lives of thousands.
Ressler: Then I’ll feel better when it’s in my hands. Get it.
Levi: Fine.
[ Levi hands the SKB case to Levi ]
Levi: Take it. All I care about is finding Samar.
[ Cellphone rings ]
Ezra: Levi. It’s her. [ Rings ] [ Beep ] [ On speaker ]
Levi: Samar.
Farook: I’m afraid Agent Navabi can’t come to the phone. I’m speaking with one of her Mossad associates, yes?
Levi: Is this Farook Al-Thani?
Farook: Names are unimportant now. What matters is that we both have what the other wants. So I propose a trade. If you want to see your colleague alive again, bring our system to Cornerstone Park, east entrance, in the next 30 minutes. And take care to bring it all, or for every piece missing, I will extract a piece of Agent Navabi.
Levi: Let me speak to her.
[ Line clicks, dial tone ]
Levi: Can we trace the call?
Ressler: I’m sure they’re already on the move.
Levi: We gotta do something. Gotta get her back.
Ezra: She’s an operative, Levi. She knew the risks.
Levi: I’m not letting her die.
Ezra: You said it yourself– the wrong step now could jeopardize the lives of thousands of innocent civilians.
Ressler: Hey, neither of you is gonna do anything. This is an FBI matter now. Are we clear?
Levi: I’m still going to that park.
[ Cellphone ringing ]
Ressler: Get him back here. Now.
[ A SWAT guy follows Levi out ]
[ Beep ]
Cooper: Agent Ressler, no word on Agent Navabi. You have the system?
Ressler: Yeah, we have it right here. But look–
[ Ressler opens the SKB case – It’s empty ]
Ressler: Levi!
[ Ressler rushes after Levi ]
Ressler: [ To another SWAT guy as he rushes past: ] Move.
[ Ressler chases after Levi, heading down a stopped elevator. The first SWAT guy is crunched at the bottom, shot ]

Aram: Okay, satellite images of Cornerstone Park are coming online, uh, now.
Cooper: Al-Thani said the east entrance.
Aram: SWAT units are taking positions around the park.
Ressler: Careful. If Al-Thani sees anything that screams FBI, Navabi’s dead.

[ Levi walks into park ]
Levi: [ On phone] I’m here.
Farook: Take the jogging path to your right until you reach a pushcart vendor.
Levi: Before you get anything, I need proof of life, do you hear me?
Samar: [ Over the phone ] Levi, destroy it. You can’t give it to them.
Farook: You have your proof.
[ Line beeps ]

[ Brakes screech ]
[ Ressler in his vehicle sees Levi walking some distance away ]
Ressler: I’ve got him. Do I stop him?
Cooper: It’s our careers if this goes wrong, but… No, let him make the drop. Just make damn sure that system doesn’t get out of the park.

[ Levi walks up to the vendor’s cart as instructed. He passes the device to the man behind the cart ]
Levi: This goes nowhere until Samar is brought here.
[ Computer beeping ]
NMB “Vendor”: It’s been authenticated.
Levi: Where is she?
[ Tires squeal ]
[ A white van pulls up beneath the knoll they are on, a door opens, and Samar gets out ]
Aram: That’s her. [ Jumps up, pointing ] That’s her! Uh, South Drive.
Cooper: All units move in. Stop that van! Ressler, move your team in now.
[ Levi heads down the knoll to meet her ]

[ Ressler’s team rushes up to the cart ]
Ressler: Hands! Hands where I can see ’em.
[ The Vendor obliges, but as he raises his arms, he releases a small drone ]
[ Drone whirring ] [ It hovers for a moment by his head before speeding away with its small cargo ]
Ressler: Bring it down!
[ It takes a split-second for the SWAT team to realize what is happening and their few 💥 rifleshots 💥💥💥 fail to bring it down ]
Vendor: I’m not the one controlling it.
Ressler: Cover him!

[ Sirens wailing ]
Ressler: Aram, I lost visual. What do you got?
Aram: Nothing. It just– it disappeared.
Ressler: Well, whoever was controlling it had line of sight to this park.
Cooper: Somebody saw it. We’re monitoring for reports or complaints.
Aram: Oh, oh, I got one. I got one. Reports of someone flying a drone from the roof of the Mazelon Hostel. All right, the address–
Ressler: I got it. Call in security!

Ressler: Aram. I gather we have a picture of Farook. I might have him leaving the hostel on 92nd.
[ The man has his back turned to Ressler. He starts to leave the counter ]
Ressler: On the ground! On the ground!
[ It is Farook. He takes off, grabs a woman and backs through a revolving glass door using her as a shield ] [ Screams ] [ People stop to gawk. Ressler yells for them to move away ]
Ressler: Move. Move! Move! Look out! … Hey! Drop the bag!
[ Ressler catches up with Farook and they fight ] [ Grunting ] [ Farook bites Ressler’s hand and Ressler screams ] [ The fight rages until Farook who has the device is thrown over Ressler’s back under a moving vehicle ] [ Tires squeal ] [ The vehicle stops ]
[ Ressler straightens up, picks up the bag and walks past Farook’s dead body ]

Pres-Elect Robert Diaz: We’re ready for you this time, Jonathan. Been working on my Paso Doble. Fred Astaire, look out!
[ Chuckles ]
Miriam: Bobby’s lost six pounds.
Diaz: Ah, now, two million people may watch the inauguration, but the dance floor’s all Miriam cares about. And my girl and I are gonna tear it up.
Marlin Heiden: Uh, sir, sir.
Diaz: Huh? Huh? [ Laughs ] What’s wrong with him?
Heiden: Sir, there’s a… situation. I’m so sorry. I would’ve told you about it earlier, but–
[ Red enters ]
Red: There you are. Dance lessons. What fun!
Diaz: What the hell is he doing here?
Miriam: Oh, my God. You’re–
Red: Just hoping the jackals and mongers will give you the time and space you need to settle in before they start feasting at your doorstep.
Diaz: What the hell are you doing here?
Red: Robert, I know your dance card is full, but we have an appointment that I must insist you keep. The mustache is an interesting choice, sort of a Grover Cleveland look, I suppose.
Miriam: Marlin, call security.
Diaz: No, just… give us a moment.
[ Diaz and Red move 20 or so feet away ]
Diaz: You and I are even.
Red: Not quite.
Diaz: The hell we’re not. I halted my presidential campaign and launched a Senate hearing into Alexander Kirk’s links to terrorism.
Red: And in exchange, you received a generous donation and an appreciable bump in the polls, and now look what’s happened. Robert, the man you’re replacing as the leader of the free world has a legacy he’ll want you to help burnish by keeping certain people and policies in place. He’ll want favors. To get them, this is one of the things he’ll have to do for you.
Diaz: This is over. You and I are done.
Red: Then perhaps I should speak to Miriam. I’m sure she’s dying to know what kind of business you and I have been conducting. It’s up to you, Robert. Would you prefer to be in the White House or the doghouse?
Miriam: [ Sharply ] Robert?

[ Early Winters’ ♪ “Vanishing Act” playing ] [ Radio chatter ]
[ Samar is sitting in a white van. Levi joins her ]
Samar: You put our country at risk to get me back. I don’t know whether to hit you or hug you.
Levi: [ Chuckles ] Well, you know what Ezra said about Alma– I broke off our engagement.
Samar: I’m sorry.
Levi: Don’t be sorry. Be happy.

♪ and insatiable ♪
♪ video game ♪

Cooper: You obstructed our investigation, put lives at risk, lied to us.
Samar: Yes, to protect my country.
Cooper: Your country? While you’re on this task force, the country you’re protecting is the United States.
Samar: And today, I protected both.
Aram: Almost died in the process.

♪ where do you go to… ♪

Cooper: You need to think about where your allegiance lies.
Samar: No, I don’t.
Cooper: Fine. You’re clear about that. Let me be clear about this– You can’t lie to me. You can’t operate without my authority, ever. I feel I’ve earned your trust and respect. Now go home, get some rest, and think about whether you agree with that. If you do, I’ll see you in the morning. If not, I won’t.
[ Cooper leaves ]

Aram: He’s right. You should, uh, get some rest. Dinner can wait.
Samar: You sure?
Aram: Totally.
Samar: Thank you for the rain check.
Aram: Actually, uh… I don’t, uh, want a rain check. I mean… I do. Obviously, I do, but… I don’t. You know how I told you that deposition was terrifying? Yeah, it was worse terrifying. It was… embarrassing. There I was on the record, testifying to what horrible taste I have in women, my, uh, habit of falling for people who aren’t what they appear to be, what I make them out to be. What happened with Elise was kind of soul crushing. To find out that the person that you love…

♪ say we were abducted… ♪

…the person that you can see yourself marrying and having a family with and– and growing old with, to find out that person…
Samar: Is a spy. Someone whose allegiances you can’t trust.
Aram: I can’t be with a person like that.

♪ vanishing act ♪

Tom: I thought Panabaker told Cooper you’d never be reinstated.
Liz: She did, why?

Woman: …the precedent for commuting sentences in the final hours of an administration. But the full presidential pardon of Elizabeth Keen for the murder of Attorney General Tom Connolly is certainly the most surprising in recent memory…

Liz: Did she just say…
Tom: You’ve been pardoned. Oh, my God. Liz, you’ve been pardoned.
[ Gasps ] [ Laughs ] [ Gasps ] [ Hugs, kisses ]

[ Yo La Tengo’s ♪ “All Your Secrets” playing ]
♪ all of the thoughts we thought ♪

[ Red is sitting in the back of his car as Dembe drives him through the darkness to his next destination. The radio is on ]

…continue to speculate on what was behind the President’s controversial decision to pardon Elizabeth Keen. The White House issued a statement that the President will not be commenting.

[ Red’s mouth shows only the faintest wisp of a smile. His eyes are moist ]

♪ before the riot ♪
♪ as the days ahead become behind ♪
♪ replace the tape as we rewind ♪
♪ before the riot ♪

Samar: Hey.
Levi: Hey.
Samar: Look, I was thinking about what you told me.
Levi: Well, like I said, I hope you’re happy about it.
Samar: There’s someone else. I’ve been waiting a long time for this, for us, for you. But… I am in love with someone else.

♪ and if we can stop a restless night ♪

Liz: It was Reddington. He got the President of the United States to pardon me. How does he do that?
Cooper: I don’t know. And right now, I don’t care. [ Drawer opens. Cooper hands back Liz’s FBI ID and badge ] I’m just glad I can finally say… it’s good to have you back, Agent Keen.

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♫ Fishin’ Blues
By The Lovin’ Spoonful

♪ Went up on the hill about twelve o’clock.
Reached right back and got me a pole.
Went to the hardware and got me a hook.
Attached that line right on that hook.
Says you’ve been a-fishin’ all the time.
I’m a-goin’ fishin’ too.
I bet your life, your lovin’wife.
Can catch more fish than you.
Any fish bite if you’ve got good bait.
Here’s a little somethin’ I would like to relate.
Any fish bite, you’ve got good bait.
I’m a-goin’ a-fishin’, yes, I’m a-goin’ a-fishin’,
I’m a-goin’ a-fishin’ too.

♪ Looked down the river about one o’clock.
Spied this catfish swimmin’ around.
I’ve got so hungry, didn’t know what to do.
I’m gonna get me a catfish too.
Yes, you’ve been fishin’ all the time.
I’m a-goin’ a-fishin’ too.
I bet your life your lovin’ wife.
Catch more fish than you.
Any fish bite, got good bait.
Here’s a little somethin’ I would like to relate.
Any fish bite, you’ve got good bait.
I’m a-goin’ a-fishin’, yes, I’m goin’ a-fishin’,
I’m a-goin’ a-fishin’ too.

♪ Put on your skillet, don’t never mind your lead.
Mama gonna cook ’em with the short’nin’ bread.
Says you been fishin’ all the time.
I’m a-goin a-fishin’ too.
I bet your life, your lovin’ wife.
Can catch more fish than you.
Any fish bite, if you’ve got good bait.
Here’s a little somethin’ I would like to relate.
Any fish bite, you’ve got good bait.
I’m a-goin’ a-fishin’, yes, I’m goin’ a-fishin’,
I’m a-goin’ a-fishin’ too

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2ipIbbz
YouTube: https://youtu.be/o_h96aVE8b4


♫ Vanishing Act
By Early Winters

♪ Walk
People at the station
Wired and insatiable
Video game

♪ Where do you go to
Hear what’s in your head?
Where do you go to hear yourself?

♪ Hear yourself think
Showed up in a spacesuit
Full of electricity
Looking for a golden key
Key to it all

♪ Where do you go to
Hear what’s in your head?
Where do you go to hear yourself?

♪ Hear yourself think

♪ Where do you go to
Hear what’s in your head?
Where do you go to hear yourself?

♪ Where do you go to
Hear what’s in your head?
Where do you go to hear yourself?

♪ Say
Say we were abducted
High over the trees and lakes?

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2iPdijV
YouTube: https://youtu.be/wZ6b3v9ih_M


♫ All Your Secrets
By Yo La Tengo

♪ All of the thoughts we thought would stay unsaid,
Have made their way here instead, before the riot,
As the days ahead become behind,
Replace the tape as we rewind, before the riot.

♪ Tell me all your secrets,
Say it slowly and clear so you don’t have to speak twice.

♪ And if there’s things that I’m afraid to know,
I should have learned them years ago, before the riot.

♪ I don’t believe we’re hopeless as we fear,
Or as good as we appear, before the riot,
I could be strong inside your sleeping eyes,
Unafraid of truth, unafraid of lies, before the riot.

♪ Think of what we’re missing,
Well take that thought and put it out of your head.

♪ And if we can stop a restless night,
Won’t give up without a fight, before the riot.

♪ I can feel the time is coming, sure it’s coming soon
Do what we do, hiding out from view, Sure it’s coming,
Say the worst should happen,
Would we plan for that, even if we could [?]
And if we can stop a restless night,
Won’t give up without a fight, before the riot,
Here it comes, before the riot.

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2iPdijV
YouTube: https://youtu.be/wZ6b3v9ih_M


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🔴 Script: 4:10 The Forecaster (№ 163)

Program air date: 1/12/2017 in the US
Permalink: http://wp.me/pDKwi-3YR
Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/2jaLEhK

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Edward Ornelas
Written by: Kim Newton

⭕ Script 4:10 The Forecaster (№ 163)

Blurb: Someone is baiting Liz by sending her dioramas of crimes that are about to be committed. Worse, these “forecasts” are being brought to her new home address.

[ Static, distorted voice ]
[ A hazel-colored eye flashes in extreme closeup ] [ Someone working with cardboard, colored paper, glue, dollhouse furniture and clay is constructing a diorama. The style is childlike, but the scene is not. It depicts a woman lying face down in a pool of water ]
[ Static crackling ] [ Distorted voice ]

[ Liz pours coffee ]
Liz: I hate to leave you here with all this.
Tom: No. I’m kind of looking forward to it. Me and Agnes hanging out in our new place, listen to some tunes, unpack a few boxes. Maybe even eat some strained pears.
Liz: [ Laughs ] Everything’s coming together for us.
Tom: Yeah.
Liz: We’ve got Agnes back. We’ve got each other. I’m an agent again.
Tom: Yeah, we got out of Reddington’s safe house. No more bodyguards. We have windows that we can look out of and actually see the sky. Not bad. It’s a new beginning.

[ Tom opens a package with his dozen or so fake passports ]
Liz: It’s a lot to give up.
Tom: No. [ Tom tosses the passports in the trash ] Believe me, it’s not.
[ Agnes giggling ]
Tom: Oh, sounds like someone’s ready to get her groove on. You know, I think we’re gonna go old school. I’m thinkin’… The Romantics.
Liz: Oh! [ Chuckles ] Okay, now I’m jealous. [ Chuckles ]

[ Liz grabs her coat and opens the front door then halts. On the floor is a diorama of a woman face down in a pool of water. A sign on a small piece of white paper on the diorama reads “PLEASE SAVE HER” ]
Liz: Tom.

[ A middle-aged woman drinking a green health concoction walks to the side of a swimming pool. She is alone. She puts down her drink, takes off her robe, and dives into the pool. She swims about half way across the pool, then she seizes up. Gasping, she struggles for air, clenching her chest. She is unable to gain control and drowns, face down in the pool ]

[ Door thuds ] [ Liz arrives at work with the diorama ]
Aram: Oh, oh. Agent Keen, that is so cool. I had no idea you were so artsy-craftsy.
Liz: I just found this outside my front door.
Aram: What? Like a gift?
Liz: No, like a warning– or a cry for help.
Aram: This is ghoulish. A drowning superwoman?
Liz: That’s not a cape. That’s a judge’s robe. Federal Judge Trisha Culpepper drowned in her country club pool this morning. The guard at the club saw her enter around 8 AM and then, 30 minutes later, 9-1-1 received a call from an employee saying she drowned.
Cooper: Someone made this diorama after learning about what happened and put it on your doorstep?
Liz: No, the guard saw her at 8 AM. I found this around 7 AM– an hour before she drowned.
Samar: Or was murdered by a killer who left this at your doorstep.
Ressler: Well, do you think it might be somebody from your days at the Mobile Psych Unit?
Liz: I already contacted the New York field office. They’re sending me my files now.
Cooper: Get this to the lab for processing. Maybe we’ll get trace evidence or a print. Ressler, Navabi, get to the crime scene. Agent Keen, talk to Reddington. See if he can shed some light on this.

[ Pamela, a real estate agent is showing Red around an apartment. The apartment is decorated in white – rugs, furniture, walls. A bowl of cream-colored roses is on the white marble-topped table and the pieces of a white – all white – zigsaw puzzle are spread out ]
Pamela: Everything’s included. The last tenant left the furnishings behind. Just disappeared.
Red: I’d have to stick to champagnes and white Burgundies. One spill of a red varietal and this heavenly sanctuary would look like a crime scene.
Pamela: White wines are good. I drink white.
Red: But would I be capable? Let’s say somebody stops by with a Domaine de la Romanée-Conti, and it’s a ’78! [ Laughs ]
Pamela: [ Lowered voice, to Dembe ] Couldn’t he just drink it in the kitchen?
Red: I just had a revelation. I could drink it in the kitchen! [ Laughs ]
Pamela: So I’ll draw up the paperwork. Month to month, right, Mr. Homan?
[ Knock on door. Liz enters ]
Red: Thank you, Pamela.
[ Door closes ]

Liz: I don’t want to know how you did it or what it says about the fate of our country that you were able to, but I wanna thank you for getting the President of the United States to pardon me.
Red: As my grandmother used to say, it’s good to have friends in low places. When Dembe said you had a case, I thought, how quaint. It’s not.
Liz: You looked at the photos I sent.
Red: Yes. Judge Culpepper was above reproach, which means many people would like her dead, but none I could connect to you in any way.
Liz: I’ve looked at every case file from my time at the Mobile Psych Unit, and no suspect’s an obvious match.
Red: Any leads off the diorama?
Liz: A partial print, but inconclusive.
Red: I’ll have a team outside your apartment within the hour.
Liz: No, that’s not necessary. Whoever’s doing this does not want to hurt me. They wanna match wits with me, see if I can catch them.
Red: Do not take this lightly. This is your next Blacklister.
Liz: But you don’t even know who this is.
Red: He’s killed a federal judge, which means he goes after high profile targets. He left clues at your doorstep, which means it’s a game to him, one he’ll keep playing until you stop him. You’re being baited, Elizabeth, taunted by a killer who knows where you live.

[ Tom is unpacking, while Agnes giggles and wiggles in her bouncer swing ]

[ The Romantics’ ♪ “What I Like About You” playing ]
♪ hey! ♪

[ Tom sings along, pretending a broom is a standing mic ]

♪ what I like about you ♪
♪ you hold me tight ♪

[ Agnes wiggles and giggles ]

♪ keep on whisperin’ in my ear ♪
♪ tell me all the things that I wanna hear ♪
♪ ’cause it’s true ♪
♪ what I like ♪
♪ that’s what I like about you ♪

[ Giggles ]

♪ what I like about you ♪

Tom: Oh, come on. You don’t think I can sing? I see you laughing at me.
[ Footsteps approach ]

♪ that’s what I like about you ♪
♪ that’s what I like about you ♪
♪ hey! ♪
♪ uh, huh, huh, hey, hey, hey, hey ♪

[ Tom sees shadows and hears a rustling outside the door. He grabs a box cutter and opens the door. There is another diorama on the floor with a sign “PLEASE STOP THIS.” This diorama shows a man in a park slain by someone on a cycle. Tom hears a door close and runs down the stairs of the building and out onto the street ]
[ Horn honks ] [ Tom glimpses a figure in a hoodie hurrying away. He runs after the figure ]
Tom: Hey! Stop! Stop!
[ Horn honks ] [ Rather than pursue the person further, Tom turns around and rushes back inside the apartment building ]

Agnes: [ Whining ]
Tom: Hey. Hi. [ Giggles ] Hi! What you doin’? Hi! Come here, come here, come here.
[ Agnes fussing ] [ Tom picks her up ]
Tom: I know. I got you. I got you.

Samar: We’ve been going through the judge’s docket. Six months back, six months ahead. There’s a total of 53 cases.
Ressler: Seems like revenge killing, retaliation for a ruling. The next one could be a witness, a lawyer.
Samar: First a drowning, then a shooting. What’s the pattern? The victims can’t be random.
Aram: The clock tower. I’ve been thinking about it. It’s, uh, it’s familiar. And then I realized I remembered it from Mr. Mathiesen’s seventh grade civics class. We studied all the great DC buildings in that class–
Cooper: Aram, the building.
Aram: I think it’s the old Post Office tower.
Ressler: Well, this clock [ in the diorama ] says 12:30. If that’s PM, we’re in trouble.
Cooper: Alert the MPD. Tell them we have actionable intel that a homicide is about to be attempted.
Ressler: Right, I’ll mobilize surveillance. We’re gonna take this guy down. [ To Liz: ] He’s not getting anywhere near your place this time.

[ In the white apartment, Red receives a visitor ]
Red: Geoffroy! Thank you for coming.
Geoffroy Keino: I was surprised you called me, Mr. Reddington. What can I do for you?
Red: [ Chuckles ] Tell me about cobalt.
Geoffroy: Every cellphone battery requires at least 3 grams of it. Laptops, even more.
Red: I’m told Iniko’s investing in cobalt mines. I want in.
Geoffroy: You’re gonna have to talk to Iniko about that. Shall I set a meeting?
Red: Do you recognize this apartment?
Geoffroy: No. Should I?
Red: Belonged to a dear friend of mine, a former acquaintance of Iniko’s. I say “former” because Iniko had him killed right where you’re standing. Imagine all that blood on this very carpet. Amazing. It’s like it never happened, as if he never existed.
Geoffroy: Why are you telling me this?
Red: I’m interested in the mines, but not in doing business with Iniko.
Geoffroy: [ Chuckles ] You’re asking me to betray my boss.
Red: Yes, I’m prepared to make a substantial contribution to the venture.
Geoffroy: He would kill me if he found out.
Red: If he were still alive.
Geoffroy: Look, Mr. Reddington, I don’t know what you’re suggesting–
Red: I’m suggesting that this is your moment if you’re smart enough to seize it. Iniko’s loyal only to himself. He suffers you because your uncle has the ear of the President. You’re a patronage hire who buys Iniko good will with the powers that be. But when they go, and they will, you’ll go. Like my dear friend who bled all over this white carpet.

[ In the park by the old Post Office tower, Aram is seated on a park bench with his laptop. Ressler, Samar and Liz scan the crowd and traffic. A grey-haired square-jawed businessman walks hurriedly through the park ]
Aram: All right, I’m tapped into every camera in the area, and I am not seeing anything.
Ressler: I hate bikes.
Samar: They’re good for the environment.
Ressler: Well, there’s no way to tell which one’s our perp.
Liz: I just got word from the lab. They were able to pull a print from a handrail outside my apartment. It matches a partial we pulled from the first model. Suspect’s name is Fiona Driscoll.

[ Clock tower chimes 12:30 ] [ Horn honks in distance ]
Aram: Uh, guys? We’re looking for a guy on a bike, right?
[ Motorcycle engine revs ]
Aram: I think that bike might be a motorcycle.
[ The motorcycle hones in on the businessman ] [ Liz tackles the businessman to the ground and covers him ]
Liz: Down! Get down!
[ 💥 The motorcyclist fires off several shots 💥💥 but misses ] [ The motorcycle’s engine revs and it speeds away ]
Liz: You okay?
Businessman: Yeah. Who the hell are you?
Liz: FBI.

[ Iniko is enjoying lunch in a restaurant. Red sits down ]
Red: Iniko. I understand you’re in town to bribe a congressman. Tell me, what’s the going rate to get someone to ignore rape, slave labor, child soldiers, child brides?
Iniko: I was told you had a business proposition, not a lecture.
Red: The cobalt mines. I want in.
Iniko: Not interested.
Red: So lecture then. You’ve been betrayed by a trusted employee. I recently experienced a similar betrayal. So I know that it’s a bitter pill, especially since in our line of work, betrayal requires swift and decisive retribution.
Iniko: And you will give me the name in exchange for a cut of the mines.
Red: Twenty-five percent. Assuming you can verify what I tell you is true.
Iniko: Twenty.
Red: Geoffroy Keino. He approached me about investing in the mines if I agreed to kill you. His terms were very generous, so you can imagine how tempted I was. But as I mentioned, I have recently felt the sting of duplicity. And I simply couldn’t bring myself to facilitate such a betrayal of someone else, even someone so loathsome.
Iniko: [ Chuckles ] And people say there is no honor among thieves. Stay. Have some foie gras.
Red: No, thank you. I find it difficult to enjoy foie gras. All those poor geese, all those painfully engorged livers.
Iniko: [ Chuckles ] In my opinion, some lives are inconsequential, and delicious.
Red: We’ll be in touch with any further developments.
[ Red and Dembe leave ]
Dembe: You shouldn’t use her like that.
Red: Not here.
As a story to get what you want. It’s disrespectful. Kate doesn’t deserve that.

[ Engine revs ] [ Tires screech ] [ Panting ] [ Cellphone beeps, speed dials ]
Motorcyclist: Hey, it’s me. We have a problem. It’s about Milch. The feds were waiting when I got there. I don’t know how, but they knew it was gonna happen.
Older Man: All right, calm down. Don’t talk to anybody. I’ll call my source downtown, see what he knows.

[ Cellphone beeps ] [ Door opens ]
Liz: Hello, Ms. Driscoll.
Fiona Driscoll: Agent Keen, I think there’s been a terrible mistake.
[ Door closes ]
Liz: We have your fingerprints on the renderings of crime scenes you left outside my home.
Fiona: I know what you must be thinking. I know how this looks.
Ressler: Well, it looks like you were taunting Agent Keen, giving her details of the murders you were about to commit, seeing if she could stop you.
Liz: We found traces of aconitine in the judge’s system. You poisoned her and then tried to murder Marlon Milch.
Fiona: Marlon Milch? Is that his name?
Ressler: Come on. You’re trying to say that you don’t know the name of the man that you tried to kill?
Fiona: You’ve got it all wrong. I wasn’t trying to kill these people. I was trying to save them. I left the models for you because I wasn’t sure what else to do.
Liz: Models of crime scenes made before the crimes were committed.
Ressler: So how do you explain that? Unless you’re the killer.
Fiona: They’re premonitions.
Ressler: All right, tell us about the victims. A respected judge, a controversial businessman. Why target them? Why are they connected?
Fiona: I only know what I see in the dioramas.
Liz: Why haven’t you taken these premonitions to the police?
Fiona: I have. They looked at me like I’m crazy. That’s why I came to you, Agent Keen. I saw you at the grocery store, recognized you from the news. I followed you home because I thought you’d understand. The pardon. You know what it’s like to be judged harshly, how it feels not to be believed.
Liz: When did these premonitions start?
Fiona: Just over two years ago.
Liz: So there are more dioramas.

[ A key unlocks a padlock on a door ]
Fiona: At first, it was butterflies with glitter, and things like that. Then they turned into… these.
[ In the room there are shelves and shelves of dioramas ]
Fiona: There are 42 in all, each forecasting some horrible tragedy– murders, accidents, catastrophes. This is Flight 361. It crashed in the Andes last year. Sometimes they come with vivid detail. Others are more… impressionistic.
Liz: How do you get these visions?
Fiona: Oh, no. They’re not mine. I don’t see them.
[ Door creaking ]
Fiona: Her name’s Maggie. She’s 9.

Fiona: Maggie’s mind is… different. She suffers from what doctors call a constellation of birth defects, the result of fetal rubella. Heart problems, hearing impairment, any number of developmental issues. But I feel like she understands more than they think. Just because she can’t talk doesn’t mean she has nothing to say.
Liz: Maggie’s visions, when did they start?
Fiona: February, two years ago. She drew me a picture, this terrible image. A train and a bus crashing. Bodies everywhere. The next day, a bus was struck by a train in the Ukraine. 13 people were killed, another 6 injured, and she knew. Somehow, Maggie knew.
Liz: Were they any changes in your life at the time? Had you moved? Did she change schools?
Fiona: No. Nothing. We’ve always been around the same close circle of friends. Our world is very small.
Liz: What is she working on now?
Fiona: The next one.

Aram: I cross-checked the dioramas against verifiable incidents, and in each case, the incident and the diorama were a match. This July, a sailboat washes ashore south of Naples. Both the owner and his wife are lost a sea. [ Beep ] Two months earlier, a Jaipur factory fire kills 18. [ Beeping ] A bus accident in Miami. A mass shooting in Madrid.
Liz: These aren’t just crimes, these are catastrophic events happening all around the world.
Cooper: You say the mother claims the child predicted all this?
Ressler: That’s what she says.
Cooper: I don’t believe in premonitions. So prior knowledge of these events has to have come from somewhere.
Samar: We’re running down a list of everyone who interacts with the child, but the list is not promising.
Cooper: You said she can’t speak.
Liz: Her mother says she has an undiagnosed cognitive disorder.
Cooper: Pull her medical file. I want to know exactly what we can and cannot expect her to be able to tell us about these premonitions.

[ Cellphone vibrates ]
Liz: Tom.
Tom: Hey. Is everything okay? Three agents from the Bureau are camped outside.
Liz: Cooper insisted, but the person who delivered the dioramas wasn’t the killer. It was a mom whose daughter somehow knows about crimes that haven’t been committed yet.
Tom: Okay, well, that’s a little weird. [ Agnes fussing ] And creepy. And if the mom knows where we live, maybe the killer does, too.
Liz: Tell me about Agnes.
Tom: She is blissfully unaware that her parents are talking about a serial killer. Liz, what can I do? How can I help?
Liz: You are helping.
Tom: You know what I mean.
Liz: I do. And I appreciate that. But for now, we’re good. I’ll call you if anything changes.
Tom: Sure. Okay. Go– go do your thing.
[ Phone beep, thuds ] [ Fussing ]

Geoffroy: The mining deal is closed.
Red: You sound surprised. [ Door closes ] And you look scared.
Geoffroy: Iniko completed financing without consulting me. And now he’s not returning my calls.
Red: Perhaps he has a new acolyte. Or grew wary of your ambition.
Geoffroy: I’ve given him no reason to be.
Red: Others might have. People hoping to gain his trust by betraying you.
Geoffroy: I haven’t done anything.
Red: [ Laughs ] But you’re here. So you want to.
Geoffroy: If he suspects me…
Red: Oh, please. Spare me the wide-eyed innocence. You’re the top aide to a man who pays your salary with the lives of women and children. You’re every bit as responsible for committing atrocities as he is. Cheer up, Geoffroy. This isn’t the end. It’s the beginning. Your beginning. One you need to announce loudly enough to scare off other pretenders to the throne. Might I suggest something in broad daylight? Perhaps a nice car bombing. A cliché, I know, but clichés work. That’s how they get to be clichés.

Aram: Hey. [ Knocks ] I think we found something in Maggie Driscoll’s medical records.
Cooper: A way for us to communicate?
Aram: Us? Maybe. Or a killer. She wears a hearing aid, a very tiny high-frequency model.
Cooper: So? –
Samar: We’ve run down everyone she knows, no suspects. So maybe the killer or killers are people she doesn’t know.
Aram: I think the hearing aid might be picking up nearby conversations via radio frequency interference.
Cooper: Conversations?
Samar: Phone calls transmitted over a frequency that bleeds onto the one her hearing aid operates on.
Aram: Which means at least one of our suspects is close. A neighboring building, uh, someone in the apartment complex.
Cooper: Get there. Interview everyone in the building.
Ressler: There could be hundreds of people.
Cooper: You have a better idea?
Aram: Actually, yeah, I might. I think I can get us a step closer yet.

[ Cartoon music playing on TV ] [ Thuds softly ]
Aram: I’m still getting interference.
Ressler: Is this really gonna help?
Aram: We, uh, we need to unplug anything that might cause RF interference– lights, appliances… [ Whispers ] Sorry. Okay. Uh, cellphones. And, uh, turn off your coms. We gotta go with walkies.
Ressler: Aram, we listening for bad guys or are we holding a séance?
Aram: That is… not funny. When I was in college, Matt Skrdell had a Ouija board, and we actually made contact with my pet rabbit, Dash, God rest her soul, and it turns out she did not escape from her cage like I was told.
[ Switch clicks ] [ Static hissing, adjusting levels ] [ Switch clicks ] [ Static crackling ] [ Static ]

[ Distorted voices ] [ Man speaking indistinctly ] [ Static, distorted voice ]
Man: That should solve it.
[ Static ] [ Distorted voice ] [ Static, distorted voice ] [ Static continues ] [ Distorted voices ]
Motorcycle Man: [ Distorted ] Hey, it’s me. We have a problem.
[ Man speaks indistinctly ] [ Distorted conversation continues ]
Man: …has to happen sooner… in the tower as discussed.

Liz: Aram, where are they?

Motorcycle Man: We couldn’t finish Milch, and you’re talking about the next job? What have you found out?
Older Man: I said I’d get back to you when I know more. Stick to the plan.

Ressler: Did we lose them?
[ Static crackling ]
Aram: For now. But they’re out there, very close. [ Static continues ] The next time they call, we’re gonna find them.

Fiona: I don’t know whether to be relieved or terrified. Thanks to you, I know how it’s happening, but it’s only happening because these people, these killers live nearby.
[ Static crackling ]
Liz: How much of it do you think she actually understands?
Fiona: Too much, I’m afraid. That’s why she does it. She knows they have to be stopped.
[ Static ]

Motorcycle Man: …a kid? That’s ridiculous.

Aram: We’re live.

Older Man: Not according to my source downtown. Her mother told the cops about us six months ago. They ignored her, so she must’ve gone to the FBI. That little kid was able to give them the time and the location of the Milch assignment.
Motorcycle Man: You’re saying she’s listening, watching. How is that possible?
Older Man: I don’t know. The investors are upset. If we lose another offer– Look, she’s a threat that needs to be dealt with.

Signal strength is S3. We are very close. [ Static crackles ]

Motorcycle Man: Get me a name. I’ll handle the kid.

Liz: Fifth floor, fourth apartment from the end. The east wing.
[ Beep ] [ Crackling ]
[ Ressler and Liz head out ]
[ Motorcycle Man sees he is being watched through the blinds. He disconnects his computers, grabs some papers from wall, puts his cell phone in the microwave, turns it on and leaves ] [ The microwave smokes and flares ]
Aram: [ To Maggie ] It’s okay. It’s okay. You are gonna be okay, all right? Officers are gonna be here any minute.

[ Ressler and Liz enter Motorcycle Man’s apartment ]
Ressler: FBI! Clear.
Liz: How did we miss him?
[ Motorcycle Man climbs a staircase, exits through the door at the top. Door creaks ]
Ressler: Aram, issue an alert. White male, dark hair, about 5’10”. We need units covering every way in and out of this building. Aram?
[ Ressler looks through window at Fiona’s and Maggie’s apartment. Aram is stretched out on the floor. Motorcycle Man is in the apartment ]
Ressler: Aram’s down! We’re gonna need an ambulance!

Woman over radio: All units, please be advised, we have a federal agent down at the fol–

[ Armed police storm Motocycle Man’s building. He encounters two officers in the hallway ]
[ 💥💥 Gunshots 💥💥 – Policemen fall ]
[ Speaks indistinctly ] [ Man speaks indistinctly ]

[ Geoffroy arrives at the white apartment ]
Dembe: I had to disarm him.
Geoffroy: Are you playing me? Is this some kind of sick joke to you?
Red: Okay, calm down and tell me what happened.
Geoffroy: He found it. The car bomb. [ Door closes ] It was as if his security detail knew where to look.
Red: And you think I told him?
Geoffroy: No one else knew.
Red: Except the munitions expert who made the bomb, the mechanic who installed it. You were sloppy, and you’re looking for someone to blame. Blame yourself.
Geoffroy: If I go home, I’m a dead man.
Red: Then don’t go home. Iniko may not be taking your calls, but he will certainly take mine.
Geoffroy: I told you, the deal on the mine is closed.
Red: There’s always another deal. I have one in mind that I know he will find especially hard to resist. Relax. Have a drink. Help me finish this infuriating puzzle. And when Iniko does come, you’ll be waiting with a magic bullet.

[ Radio beeps ]
Ressler: Aram, talk to me. Are you sure you didn’t see which way they went?
[ Radio chatter ]
[ Aram received a superficial wound on the side of his neck. Maggie is gone. A female officer is calming Fiona ]
Aram: I didn’t, no. But MPD says we had two officers down in the building. One was stripped, missing his gun, his badge.
Ressler: The guy’s in uniform. Great.
[ Beep ] [ Beep ]
[ Motorcycle Man is outside in crowd with Maggie, dressed in the officer’s MPD uniform. They get into a parked school bus ]
Ressler: Well, she’s gotta be close. We could call out to her if she could only hear us.
[ Beep ]
Aram: Maybe she can.
Liz: How?
Aram: Police radios operate on an RF frequency just like Maggie’s hearing device, which can cause interference. All right, go to frequency 154.400 and turn it up. [ Beep ] Turn it all the way up. [ Static crackles loudly ]
[ Maggie groans ] [ They exit parked bus. Maggie is agitated; she falls to her knees and flings her head back and forth ]
Motorcycle Man: What is wrong with you? Get up!
[ Maggie screams ] [ Screaming ]
[ Motorcycle Man panics and leaves her ]
[ Screaming loudly ] [ Ressler and Liz follow the sound of Maggie’s screaming and find her ]
Liz: [ To Aram: ] Turn it down.
Ressler: [ To the crowd: ] The officer that was with her, has anybody seen him?
[ Indistinct conversations ]

[ Geoffroy breathes unevenly. He and Dembe are outside the white apartment ]
Geoffroy: I can hear. He’s in there.
[ Dembe gives Geoffroy a handgun with a silencer ]
Dembe: Use this. It’s untraceable.
Geoffroy: Would you ever do this? Betray your own boss?
Dembe: I don’t know.
[ Geoffroy and Dembe enter the white apartment ]
Iniko: Geoffroy, what are you doing here?
[ Door closes ]
Red: Unfinished business, I’m afraid.
[ Geoffroy points his gun at Iniko and pulls the trigger. Trigger clicking ]
Geoffroy: What the hell? You set me up. Reddington– it was his idea.
Iniko: Actually, it was ours. [ (💥) Silenced gunshots (💥💥) ] [ Gun clatters. Geoffroy falls. Blood is splattered on the white wall and carpet ]

[ Beep, speed dials ]
Iniko: I’m texting you an address. [ To Red: ] My clean-up crew.
[ Touchscreen clicking ]

Red: I once bankrolled a diamond mine outside Tshikapa. One day, a man showed up alone, unarmed, started to talk to me about the mine. I had guns and guards and an enterprise worth… I don’t know, $50, $150 million dollars. He had nothing but a story about greed driving atrocities and conflict, about armed groups using mass rape and mutilation as a means to control people in the villages around the mines.

“I had bullets, he had words. But when he was done talking,

for the first time, I truly understood which of those was more


Red: [ Continues ] I abandoned the mine, agreed to finance his campaign of protection and protest, and did so until two months ago when you had him murdered.
Iniko: Cyrus Choi.
Red: Yeah.
[ Red walks over and picks up the gun Dembe gave Geoffoy. The empty clip thuds ] He was a good man… and my friend.
[ A full clip clicks into place, gun cocks ]
Red: And somehow, your cleaners removed even the memory of his blood from this carpet.
Iniko: They are the best in the business.
Red: They better be. They’re gonna have a lot to clean up.

[ Ressler, Liz and Aram are in Motorcycle Man’s apartment, going through the evidence left behind ]
Ressler: The girl’s with the paramedics now. She’s gonna be fine. What do we know about our runner?
[ At the Post Office, Cooper and Samar talk to the others over speaker phone ]
Samar: Benjamin Allen Charnquist, 35. [ “Motorcycle Man” ] He went to Berkeley. He was kicked out his junior year after being convicted of rape. He was shipped off to San Quentin.
Liz: When did he get out?
Cooper: 2002. He’s been off the radar ever since. Now we know why.
[ Aram is looking though a bunch of papers ]
Aram: Guys, um, check this out. We couldn’t see it from Maggie’s dioramas, but, uh, there is a pattern. All right, the factory fire in Jaipur, it tanked the stock of the Zardozi Imports company. The man and his wife, who vanished off the coast of Naples in their sailboat, he was the CEO of a Silicon Valley tech firm. The company lost a quarter of its value after he disappeared. Judge Culpepper was set to rule against OJN Global in a patent infringement case. And Marlon Milch is the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Each of these catastrophes involved someone who was invaluable to the company they worked for, and their deaths dramatically affected the stock prices of those companies.
Cooper: So maybe the motive is profit. Maybe Charnquist was shorting the stocks.
Liz: He’s a college dropout with a felony record. I doubt he came up with this on his own.
Ressler: The partner, the guy he was talking to? At his parole hearing, three people testified on his behalf – his parents, and the CEO of the private equities firm he interned at in college. Chris Farnsworth. CEO of Jasek Financial. [ “Older Man” ]
Cooper: Just because Farnsworth testified at Charnquist’s parole hearing, what makes you think he was involved?
Samar: According to SEC filings, Farnsworth’s company made a fortune after each and every one of the people Aram mentioned were murdered. Once or twice is luck. This many times is a conspiracy.
Cooper: Get a tact team to Jasek Financial now.
Ressler: Look, we heard them talking about pulling another job, but we don’t know where and we don’t know when.
Liz: No, but we know someone who does.

Benjamin Charnquist [ Earlier AKA “Motorcycle Man” ] [ On phone ]: They know everything. I’ve got feds swarming my place.
Chris Farnsworth [ Earlier AKA “Older Man” ]: Calm down. Stick to the plan.
Charnquist: Calm down? They have my files, every trade. I’m going to jail.
Farnsworth: Ben, you and I have forecasted how many transactions? We knew this day would eventually come, that it would eventually end. Now the plan is–
Charnquist: They have the girl.
Farnsworth: Yes, and they know about you. How long before they connect us, the company? When they do, my face will be on every network and screen within the hour, shares of Jasek Financial will crater and we’ll have our golden parachute. It’s the escape we’ve discussed since day one.
Charnquist: And Beckner?
Farnsworth: Beckner is the only loose end. I just hung up with him. He placed the short against Jasek through the shell 20 minutes ago. We’ve got to see this through.
Charnquist: Why don’t we just put a bullet in Beckner’s head?
Farnsworth: Because a bullet brings unwanted attention, ends up with FinCEN looking through each and every one of Beckner’s transactions, which could point to us. No. It has to look like an accident. He’s the only one who knows where our funds are routed. If he’s dead, we’re ghosts– rich ghosts. Finish him, and I’ll see you at the plane.
[ The tact team enters Jasek Financial’s Offices ]
Woman: Wait! You can’t go in there.
[ Farnsworth leaves, a wheeled overnight bag trailing behind ]

Fiona: No. No, no, you can’t ask for her help. Not after what happened.
Ressler: I wish we didn’t have to.
Fiona: This is exactly what I wanted to avoid. I brought you her dioramas anonymously to prevent her being involved.
Ressler: Look, if we’re gonna catch the person that did this, we’re gonna need Maggie’s help.
Fiona: Just because she can’t express her feelings doesn’t mean she doesn’t have them. She’s terrified.
[ Maggie gets up and sits down at her art table ]
Liz: And determined.

Iniko: Cobalt. Cassiterite. Wolframite. They are the diamonds of tomorrow. Let me go, and you can have a piece of all of them.
Red: A piece of the mines.
Iniko: Think of the money you will make.
Red: On the backs of children. Given enough money to eat, but not enough to ever leave. Cyrus would be disappointed.
Iniko: I worked in the mines. I got out.
Red: And instead of helping those who suffer as you once did, you profit off them. I’m a bad man, Iniko, but not that bad.
[ Knock on door ]
Red: Ah, your cleaners. What are their names?
Iniko: Sakiya and Fudo. Why?
Red: I want to hire them.
Iniko: They work for me.
Red: Not anymore.
[ Silenced gunshot 💥 – more blood splatters across the white room ]
Dembe: That’s what this was all about, replacing Kate.
Red: Kate is irreplaceable.
Dembe: To me, she is.
[ Knock on door. Dembe opens it. Iniko’s cleaners are there ]
Sakiya: We’re meeting Iniko.
Red: Iniko just met his maker.
Sakiya: You done did him?
Red: I did done… do.
Sakiya: Sweet. Guy was a straight up tool.
Fudo: This place looks familiar.
Red: It should. You cleaned it two months ago. Friend of mine, shot six times, 5 liters of his blood on this carpet. After you were done, not a drop.
Sakiya: You’re Raymond Reddington.
Red: Yes. And this is my associate Dembe Zuma.
Fudo: Well, aren’t you a tall drink of chocolate milk?
Red: I’d like you to work for me. Whatever Iniko was paying you, I’ll double it.
Sakiya: So you know, we only moonlight.
Red: A day job. How old-fashioned.
Sakiya: Not really. We’re crime scene cleaners for Metro PD.
Red: Well, won’t this be fun.

[ Maggie is working on her latest diorama. It features a building with a crashed elevator. She writes “Jasek” on a paper sign ]
Ressler: “Jasek.” Keen.
Fiona: What’s that? What does that mean? Jasek?
Ressler: I think we know what his next target’s gonna be. Aram, Farnsworth’s gonna hit his own company.

[ Dark Horses’ ♪ “Alone” playing ] [ Maggie’s eye darts ]
David Beckner: Yes, the trade was clear. Funds will be wired to the Panama account.

Aram: Agent Ressler, I think I have something, a way Charnquist may be planning to access the building. Surveillance imagery shows an engine room on the roof, and it is connected to a–
Ressler: An elevator.
Aram: How’d you know that?
Ressler: Because of the girl. Her diorama’s focused on how the crime’s going to be committed. This one featured an elevator.
[ Maggie sits at her table. Her diorama shows a crashed elevator. She is placing crumpled pieces of aluminum foil at the base of the elevator shaft ]
Aram: Okay, the one in this building is a Westbrook freight built in 1922. That’s before pneumatic fail-safes.
Ressler: They’re gonna crash the elevator.
Samar: I’ve got him.

Bobby: Security. This is Bobby.
Cooper: This is FBI Assistant Director Cooper. We have credible intel that one of your employees in the building may be in danger. I need you to shut down everything. Nobody in or out. Metro PD and FBI agents are on our way to you now.
[ Charnquist enters the room Bobby is in and shoots him 💥💥] [ Maggie’s eye darts and flashes ]
Cooper: Hello? Hello? Charnquist is in the building. Get Con Ed on the line. Cut the power, lock up that elevator.
[ Charnquist begins sawing through the elevator cables ]
Aram: Sir, I know have a lot of bad news today, but the security system in the building shows there’s a backup generator.
[ Becker gets on the elevator in the building ]

♪ he gripped the wall, he gripped the wire ♪
♪ so alone ♪
♪ so alone ♪
♪ so alone ♪

[ Maggie adds a man lying on his back at the base of the elevator shaft to her diorama ]
[ Saw whirring ] [ Clank ]
[ FBI and MPD vehicles arrive at Jasek ] [ Tires screech ]

♪ there’s always time enough to heal, moral to reveal ♪
♪ I’ll bet you all you got ♪

[ Saw whirring ]
[ Ressler and Liz exit their vehicle. Liz goes into the Jasek building. Ressler heads across the street, enters a building and runs up the stairs ]

♪ that you’ll never miss a thing ♪
♪ never miss a thing ♪

[ Man shouts indistinctly ]

♪ and no matter how you feel, nobody wants to kill ♪

Cooper: What the hell is goin’ on? Get Ressler on the horn now.
Samar: He’s not answering.
[ Saw continues whirring ]

♪ but watch ♪

[ Gun cocks ] [ Ressler gets Charnquist in his sights from across the street and shoots him 💥 ]
[ The final cable Charnquist failed to cut snaps and the elevator begins to plummet ]
[ Whooshes ] [ Uselessly, Becker tries to push the elevator buttons ]

♪ he stopped to feel ♪
♪ now he’s not alone ♪
♪ Not alone ♪
♪ not alone ♪

Liz: The stop! Where’s the emergency stop?
[ Liz finds the crank and pulls it back. The elevator stops. Becker falls to the elevator floor, but is unhurt ]
[ Maggie has completed her diorama ]

♪ there’s always time enough to heal, moral to reveal ♪
♪ I’ll bet you all you got that you’ll never miss a thing ♪
♪ never miss a thing ♪

[ Red is examining the cleaners’ work with a small flashlight ]
Red: [ From across the room ] Incredible. Truly incredible.
Fudo: What happened to your last cleaner?
Dembe: She was murdered.
Fudo: I’m so sorry. Were you close?
Dembe: Yes.
Red: Not a speck to be found.
Fudo: Have you caught the killer?
Dembe: No.
Red: Clean as a whistle. Clean as a whistle.
Fudo: Do you know who he is?
Dembe: Yes, I do.
Fudo: That’s good. Then it’s only a matter of time.
Red: Well, this seems like a good fit.
Sakiya: For now. Last two years haven’t been kind to people we work for.
Fudo: You take care… [ Door opens ] .. or we’ll be mopping you up with club soda.
Red: [ Laughs ] So you do use club soda. Fascinating.
[ Liz enters ]
Liz: Uh, what was that about?
[ Door closes ]
Red: I spoke with Harold. He tells me you’ve had a… pyrrhic victory.
Liz: We lost one of the killers.
Red: Chris Farnsworth.
Liz: Who were those two?
Red: For years, colleagues have crowed about his rates of return, urging me to invest with them. Called him “The Forecaster.” But as I don’t believe in investing in anything I can’t control, I declined.
Liz: I know you’ve been concerned about me, about a killer knowing where I live. I just wanted you to know you’ve got nothing to worry about anymore.
Red: May I see your new apartment?
Liz: Not yet. [ Chuckles softly ] Maybe someday.
[ Red snaps the final white piece into the white puzzle ]

[ Lighter clicks as Tom lights a candle ]
Liz: [ Sighs ] I’ve been working on this, so let me know what you think.
Tom: [ Chuckles ] Yeah? Smells pretty good.
Liz: All right, bon appétit.
[ Tim hands Liz a small bundle ]
Liz: What is this?
[ Liz opens the bundle. It’s Tim’s fake passports ]
Tom: It’s a promise. I lied when I said it wasn’t a lot to give up.
Liz: Yeah. It wasn’t a lie, it was a hope.
Tom: Yeah, I… I want this to work.
Liz: And wondering whether or not that’s possible is totally natural.
Tom: Right. But what isn’t natural for me, anyway, is talking about that, so… [ Inhales deeply ] it’s my promise, to share this doubt with you.
Liz: Thank you.
Tom: I threw those out this morning, yet here they are.
Liz: Good. This is exactly where they belong. David… Lucas, and… Kaya. I used to be scared of those guys. Not anymore.
Tom: [ Chuckles ]

[ Knock on door ]
Tom: You got it?
Liz: We could use a little peace and quiet in our lives. [ Door creaks ] Dembe. Is everything okay?
Dembe: No.
Liz: Please come in.
[ Dembe signals that he wants to speak privately with Liz ] [ Door creaks ]
Dembe: I’m worried about Raymond. I don’t think he cares about anything or anyone in the world right now other than you or Agnes. I don’t recognize him. I can’t reach him.
Liz: And you think I can.
Dembe: The people at the apartment…
Liz: He wouldn’t tell me who they were.
Dembe: They’re cleaners.
Liz: Cleaners? What about Mr. Kaplan? It’s because she helped me fake my death, isn’t it? He’s punishing her.
Dembe: He saw it as a betrayal.
Liz: So he’s replacing her.
Dembe: No. He didn’t replace Kate. He killed her.

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༺✦ ♤ ✦༻



♫ What I Like About You
By The Romantics

♪ Hey
Uh huh huh
Uh huh huh

♪ What I like about you
You hold me tight
Tell me I’m the only one
Wanna come over tonight, yeah

♪ Keep on whispering in my ear
Tell me all the things that I wanna hear
‘Cause it’s true
That’s what I like about you

♪ What I like about you
You really know how to dance
When you go up, down, jump around
Think about true romance, yeah

♪ Keep on whispering in my ear
Tell me all the things that I wanna hear
‘Cause it’s true
That’s what I like about you
That’s what I like about you
That’s what I like about you

♪ Hey
What I like about you
You keep me warm at night
Never wanna let you go
Know you make me feel all right, yeah

♪ Keep on whispering in my ear
Tell me all the things that I wanna hear
‘Cause it’s true
That’s what I like about you
That’s what I like about you
That’s what I like about you
That’s what I like about you
That’s what I like about you
That’s what I like about you
That’s what I like about you

♪ Hey
Uh huh huh
Hey, hey, hey, hey
Uh huh huh, brr
Uh huh huh

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2jtFDKB
YouTube: https://youtu.be/Rqnw5IfbZOU


♫ Alone
By Dark Horses

♪ He called the shots, he called the angry shots
He lost his nerve, he lost his whole world
He could not speak for he might fail her
He’s so alone, so alone, so alone.

♪ He asked for help, he could not help himself
He asked for hope, he made his own wealth
He gripped the wall, he gripped the wire
He’s so alone, so alone, so alone.

♪ There’s always time enough to heal, moral to reveal
I’ll bet you all you got that you’ll never miss a thing
Never miss a thing

♪ And no matter how you feel, nobody wants to kill
It’s okay to let it go, you’ll never miss a thing
Never miss a thing

♪ Oh but watch, he stopped to feel
He broke the code, he torn the seal
He took command, he would not fail her
Now he’s not alone, not alone, not alone.

♪ There’s always time enough to heal, moral to reveal
I’ll bet you all you got that you’ll never miss a thing
Never miss a thing

♪ And no matter how you feel, nobody wants to kill
It’s okay to let it go, you’ll never miss a thing
Never miss a thing

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2jOHRHE
YouTube: https://youtu.be/erY-cZESeQc

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🔴 Script: 4:11 The Harem (№ 102)

Program air date: 1/19/2017 in the US
Permalink: http://wp.me/pDKwi-461
Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/2jcujSE

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Bill Roe
Written by: Marisa Tam

⭕ Script 4:10 The Forecaster (№ 163)

Blurb: The US witness protection list has been stolen by a group of female thieves called The Harem. Dembe has confided in Liz that Red murdered Kate (“Mr Kaplan”).


[ Note: There are four members of The Harem:
Margot is The Leader. Light brown hair, attractive, the oldest of the group (mid-thirties).
Sasha is Oriental in appearance. She is the tech genius. She plans the heists.
Jessica is African American, stunningly beautiful, colorfully dressed, gung ho, hyperactive and cheerful.
Emma speaks with a British accent. She is blonde, plain and subdued compared to the others ]

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
[ Two black SUVs pull up to large white marble mansion. Four guards get out ]
Guard #1: [ To on-site security ] It’s fine where it is.
[ Car alarm chirps ]
[ One guard remains outside (dubbed “Lurch” by Margot); the others enter the mansion ] [ A black woman (Jessica) is talking on her cell phone outside the door of the mansion. Sasha removes a rifle from a bass violin case and mounts it from a perch looking down on the driveway ]

[ A blonde woman, very pregnant (Emma), walks inside the mansion ]
[ Suddenly, when she is directly in front of Guard #1, Emma groans ]
Emma: Oh!
[ Emma bends over in ‘pain.’ Guard #1 tries to assist her ]
Guard #1: Call a doctor! Are you all right?
Emma: Ooh, I’ll muddle through. I’m okay. Braxton-Hicks. I’ll be okay, really.
[ Emma deftly retrieves Guard #1’s keys from his coat pocket ]

[ Margot is watching a live video of the events ]
Margot: Okay, Jess, easy. Lurch’s hackles are up.
[ Emma pulls a gun from under her faux pregnant abdomen ]
[ Lurch pulls his gun, but Sasha has him in her sights ] [ Silenced gunshot (💥) ] [ “Lurch” falls ]
Margot: Let’s go, ladies.
[ Emma tosses the keys to Jessica. Jessica and Emma get into one of the guards’ SUVs ]
[ Keys jangle ] [ Engine starts ] [ Tires peal ]
[ In the mansion, Guard #1 discovers the keys to his SUV are missing. The guards run outside. The first SUV with Jessica and Emma is speeding away. The guards pile into the second black SUV ]
Guard: We can’t lose that car! Go! Go! Hold up!
[ Tires screeching ]
Emma: They’re half a block back.
Jessica: Not for long.
[ Engine roaring ] [ Tires screech ] [ Tires screech ] [ Horn blares ] [ Tires screeching ] [ Reverse signal beeping ] [ Brakes screech ]
[ Jessica evades the guards’ SUV and eventually turns into a garage. A few moments later, a blue van joins them ]
Sasha: Shame. It was a nice ride.
[ Margot takes a knife and slices into one of the neck rests in the guards’ car. A stream of tiny glittering objects spills out. Margot grabs a handful of the objects and let’s them cascade in front of the other women’s faces. The tiny objects are diamonds. The women smile at each other ]
[ Diamonds clatter ]

[ Eddie Rabbitt’s ♫ I Love a Rainy Night ]
♪ well, I love a rainy night ♪
♪ I love a rainy night ♪
♪ I love to hear the thunder, watch the lightning ♪
♪ when it lights up the sky ♪
♪ you know it makes me feel good ♪
♪ well, I love a rainy night ♪
♪ it’s such a beautiful sight ♪
♪ I love to feel the rain on my face ♪
♪ taste the rain on my lips ♪
♪ in the moonlight shadows ♪

[ Zack Smoll pulls up to a pleasant brick house and enters. Machines are whirring as several men process thousands of bills of United States currency ]
Red: Zack! We’ve spent the last 40 minutes being regaled with stories of Abe’s latest visit to Phoenix. Fascinating as it is to hear about the new culinary options at Sky Harbor Airport, I don’t come here to talk to Abe. No offense, Abe.
Zack: I had some trouble with the missus. [ Sighs ] You know how it is. But end of business, your money’s gonna be cleaner than a nun’s browser history.
Red: While you’re redistributing, an investment opportunity has come up. I need funds in that amount.
Zack: What are you buying this time? Another herd of Akhal-Teke horses?
Red: Oh, God no. Although, one could never have enough of those beautiful animals. There is, however, a floundering cruise line in urgent need of a bailout.
[ Liz enters ]
Red: Elizabeth! I’d like to introduce you to one of my accountants, Zack Smoll.
Liz: [ Sternly ] I’m an FBI agent. Mr. Reddington is my CI, which forces me to ignore his crimes, which will no doubt include murdering you if either of you ever tell anyone. On the other hand, I am under no obligation to ignore your crimes. So before you commit any while I’m here, I suggest you all run along.
Zack: Hey. [ Snaps his fingers ] [ Men speaking indistinctly ] [ The men leave ]
Red: Someone over-caffeinated this morning.
Liz: You said you had a case.
Red: Your government’s Witness Protection list has been stolen.
Liz. You know who stole it?
Red: No, but I know who’s going to steal it next. A stolen luxury vehicle in Atlanta being pursued by the private security contractors hired to protect it.
Liz: A car with its own security guards?
Red: This was a jewel heist that netted over $10 million in diamonds perpetrated by a heist crew known as The Harem.
Liz: Ew.
Red: Well, this Harem is an elite group of female thieves who steal only from other criminals. And with the Witness Protection list out in the open, the timing is no coincidence.
Liz: Every one of those witnesses would be in danger if their identities get out.
Red: Which makes the list extraordinarily valuable. And irresistible to the Harem. Catch them in the act of stealing it, and you’ll save the lives of everyone on that list.
Liz: How exactly are we supposed to catch them in the act? –
Red: You can’t. And if you can’t beat them, as the saying goes…

Ressler: Join them? That’s Reddington’s plan to put you undercover in a heist crew?
Liz: The Harem is responsible for a number of high-line thefts. The disappearance of half a dozen paintings from the Ostergard Museum in Denmark in 2012.
Cooper: Those thieves were arrested in Luxembourg a year later, weren’t they?
Liz: Not before the Harem stole the paintings from them. Lowry Fool’s Gold, a Mexican drug lord’s prized race horse, went missing in 2014. Reddington says The Harem auctioned it for $6 million. And when they hit the National Bank of Belize, they emptied out the top-secret safety deposit box of a French arms dealer. The leader of The Harem is a woman named Margot Rochet. She’s staying at The Fairborne under the alias Kate Morgan.
Samar: How do we get her to believe that you’re some kind of elite thief?
Liz: Reddington says he knows someone she worked with in the past who can vouch for me.

Craig Gaynier: What makes you think I know Margot Rochet?
Ressler: Little birdie told us. It’s the same little birdie who, uh, told us that you have a brother doing six years for armed robbery. You vouch for Agent Keen here and, uh, maybe Jimmy will get out in time for the Super Bowl.
Gaynier: I knew Margot. She likes to know the people she works with. Control. She’ll smell a lie on me a mile away.
Liz: We’ll go over our story until we forget it’s a lie.
Gaynier: You’re still gonna have to prove yourself.

[ Margot opens the door to her hotel room. Liz’s hair is swept tightly back and secured in a bun. She is wearing black-rimmed glasses ]
Liz: Sorry to disturb you, ma’am. I need to check the mini bar.
Margot: Oh, I didn’t drink anything.
Liz: I’m so sorry. Hotel policy. I can come back later, but I would have to come back.
Margot: Oh. Go ahead. [ Resuming phone call: ] Okay, I will be down in about 10 minutes. Okay. Yes, I know. Then call him and tell him we’ll be back out. The deal’s non-negotiable.
[ As Margot is on the phone, Liz checks her bag and quickly finds the pouch of diamonds and pockets them ]
Margot: Do nuts count? Because I had a small bag of salted almonds. Whatever. I couldn’t resist. Sue me.
[ Liz has already left. Where the diamonds were, Margot finds a note: “I will be waiting in the bar” ]

[ Liz is sitting at the bar. Margot joins her ]
Margot: Give me one good reason I shouldn’t take you upstairs right now and kick your ass.
Liz: I’ll give you 73.
[ Liz gives Margot the pouch of diamonds ]
Liz: My name’s Liz Crawford. I wanna join The Harem.
Margot: And what do you do, Liz Crawford?
Liz: I read people. I tell people exactly what they need to hear in order to do exactly what I need them to do. I got oil men in North Dakota to invest in a bogus casino deal. Did a couple runaway bride gigs. Worked with Craig Gaynier. He could vouch for me.
Margot: You’re either very good, Liz, or you’re very bad news. You’re not going anywhere till I find out which.

[ Samar and Ressler follow the car Liz is in to a warehouse. Samar takes photos ] [ Camera shutter clicking ]
[ Liz and Gaynier enter. Gaynier is restrained in a wheelchair ]
Craig Gaynier: Margot, what the hell?
Margot: I’m sorry about the restraints, but as I recall, you never seemed to mind being tied up. This pretty little thing says you two worked together. True?
Gaynier: Yeah. Liz Crawford. Real estate con in Tallahassee. Read the mark like she was his childhood friend.
Ressler: [ Outside in vehicle ] Wish we had eyes in there.
Liz: Take was $2 million.
Gaynier: $2.1. ‘Accuracy is everything in this business.’
Liz: [ Echoes him ] ‘…everything in this business.’ I remember.
Margot: There is one boss here. You do as I say. And no questions asked.
Liz: I understand.
Margot: Good. Shoot him.
Gaynier: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!
Margot: I’m told the feds are kicking your baby brother for “good behavior.” And since his behavior is never good, that means he cut a deal or… [ Gasps ] …or you cut one for him.
Gaynier: That’s crazy. I’d never do that–
Margot: Never sell me out to save your own flesh and blood? [ To Liz: ] I told you to shoot him.
Liz: Shoot him yourself.
Margot: I gave you an order.
Liz: No, you gave me a test, and I’m gonna tell you why I passed. You don’t need blind followers. What you’re interested in is loyalty. I worked with Craig. I’m loyal to him. Take me on, I’ll be equally loyal to you.
Margot: You are good. [ Chuckles ] And you’re right. Loyalty is everything. [ To Gaynier: ] But I still haven’t forgotten Majorca.
[ Margot shoots Gaynier 💥 ]
Margot: [ To Liz: ] Welcome to The Harem!

Ressler: So we dangled Gaynier out there, and now he’s dead.
Cooper: And after we get that WITSEC list, Margot will pay for that.
Samar: We have intel on the rest of The Harem. Aram.
Aram: Right, uh, okay, you already know Margot Rochet. [ Typing ] She’s a former federal corrections administrator. Has a network of prisoners and guards trading anything for intel into the criminal world.
Samar: That must be how she learned about our deal with Gaynier. Sasha Lau. She graduated from Smith in ’08. Couldn’t find a job, so she put her degree in actuarial science to work planning crimes. She designs the heists. Jessica Piha is a chameleon. She can blend into any crowd, but she is impulsive, an adrenaline junkie.
Aram: I can’t ID Emma Knightly. [ Typing ] We know from the audio on Agent Keen’s wire that she sounds like she’s from England, but other than that, I’m drawing a big blank.
Cooper: A rackets informant in Witness Protection was just murdered in Dubuque– Jordan Pomaville.
Ressler: Here we go. It’s starting.
Cooper: Tell Reddington. See if he can find who did it. That person has the list– or knows where to find it.

[ Sydney, Australia ]
[ Door opens ]
Wilson: I am sorry I’m late. Gentlemen. I’m Carter Wilson. I spoke with your associate on the phone. I’m not entirely certain what I can do for you, Mr. Lockhart.
Red: I’ll be blunt, Mr. Wilson. Whistler Cruise Line is sinking. The band is on deck and warming up “Nearer My God to Thee.”
Wilson: [ Chuckles ] We’re having some difficulties, but–
Red: Running aground on endangered coral reefs, E. coli at the buffet, sailing half-empty ships. Your difficulties are about to land you in bankruptcy court.
Wilson: How on earth did you hear about that?
Red: Have you ever been to Mont Saint Michel? Tidal island in Normandy. The only way in or out used to be a causeway that disappeared at high tide. To reach the other side was a matter of knowing when the tide came in and seizing the opportunity before it arrived.
Wilson: I’m afraid I don’t follow.
Red: I’m offering you a causeway, Carter. I bail you out, you transport my cargo.
Wilson: What kind of cargo?
Red: Could be Dutch tulip bulbs to New York, ghost guns from Danao. But instead of hypotheticals, allow me to assure you that plausible deniability’s the best option. I save your business, you don’t look too closely at mine.

[ Liz wakes up in the night ] [ Sighs, sniffles ] [ Exhales ] [ She walks to the kitchen and notices several pill bottles. Emma comes up behind her ]
Emma: This job is hard.
Liz: I’m sorry. I-I didn’t mean to…
Emma: It’s for anxiety… depression, pain. Mental, physical. Definitely spiritual.
[ Emma pours Liz and herself a third a shot of clear spirits ]
Emma: Well, this should help. Hair of the dog.
Liz: Oh, that wasn’t a dog. That was a wooly mammoth.
Emma: You’re a funny drunk. Chatty.
Liz: Chatty?
Emma: Couldn’t shut you up.
Liz: That’s embarrassing. I mean, how embarrassing was it?
Emma: Not embarrassing at all.
Liz: Good. That’s a relief.
Emma: It was more… revealing.
Liz: How revealing was it, exactly?
Emma: Enough for me to know what you’re really about. Now get some sleep. We’ve got a big day tomorrow.

Red: The guy your government was protecting was murdered by Tony Giannusa.
Ressler: Giannusa’s New Jersey mob. Justice has a pending racketeering case against him.
Cooper: Not if their star witness is dead.
Samar: If Giannusa gets us to the WITSEC list, why don’t we go after him ourselves?
Red: Because you don’t know if he has it or where to procure it. If you arrest him, you’ll never find out. Only Agent Keen can ascertain that.
Cooper: Keen’s gone dark. No contact.
Red: You have protocols in place for when she does make contact.
Ressler: And an understanding that she’d reach out day one. She didn’t.
Red: She will. But only after she’s won their trust. Keep me informed, Harold. I want to know when Elizabeth checks in.
Red: Smoll?
Dembe: I’ve tried him twice.
Red: Try again. I want to know the minute the transfer is complete.

Sasha: To get the WITSEC list, we need to get Giannusa alone. We’ve got leverage over him once we do.
Liz: What kind of leverage?
Emma: Giannusa had a courier transporting diamonds through Atlanta.
Jessica: We stole them. He wants them back.
Margot: Yeah, the robbery spooked him. Now he’s hiding behind his security team at the Vegas Strip.
Liz: We’re going to Nevada?
Sasha: No. Giannusa’s strip club downtown. Armed guards here. And here. Closed circuit cameras with motion sensors and night vision. All we gotta do is figure out a way to get past them.
Liz: Or maybe we don’t.

[ At the strip club, music plays as pole dancers do their moves and lights and projected images complete the scene ] [ A dancer slides across the table to address Liz ]
Dancer #1: Looking for something special?
[ Instead on replying, Liz hands her a diamond. The dancer shows the gem to the other dancers ]
Dancer #2: Oh, my God. She gave her a diamond.
Tony Giannusa: [ Very mobster-like. Think: Sopranos ] What’s all the racket? I pay you girls to dance, not stand in the back clucking like a bunch of hens in hair extensions. What do you got there, Lexie?
[ Lexie shows him the diamond ]

[ Liz is tossed unceremoniously to the floor in a separate room ]
Liz: Whoo.
Giannusa: You know who I am?
Liz: I know you’re missing 72 stones just like that one. You want ’em back? Be at the Menchaca Produce warehouse tomorrow morning at 10:00.
[ Giannusa is furious. Gun clicks ]
Liz: I don’t walk out of here in 30 seconds, you’ll never see your diamonds again.

[ Margot, Sasha, Jessica and Emma are lounging in the garage of the Menchaca Produce warehouse. Several large black SUVs drive up. Men pile out of them and all train their rifles on The Harem. They are unperturbed. ]
Jessica: Giannusa’s not with them. Pay up.
Emma: Bollocks.
Jessica: [ To the men: ] You may wanna call your boss.
[ At the strip club ]
Giannusa: [ On phone ] What the hell are you saying? Okay– What? Slow do– hey.
[ Giannusa sees Liz ]
Giannusa: Hey, you said the diamonds would be at the warehouse.
Liz: No, I didn’t. I said you’d get them back if you went to the warehouse. You didn’t. Now we get to talk in private.
[ Margot appears and takes out the single guard of Giannusa’s not diverted to the warehouse 💥]
Margot: This one says she reads people. Like those, uh, FBI mindhunters who predict behavior. That’s nonsense, right? But I will be damned if she didn’t just predict yours. Now the diamonds are in a locker at the bus depot downtown. You get the locker number and a key on two conditions.
Giannusa: I’m listenin’.
Margot: One, tell us who’s got the WITSEC list. Two, burn this place down.

[ Ressler is sitting on a park bench. Liz sits on a bench back to back with Ressler’s ]
Ressler: Did you figure out who’s got the list?
Liz: Ever heard of the hacker Helldritch?
Ressler: Of course. The guy’s hit political candidates, government servers. He’s released thousands of classified documents online. The guy’s a national security nightmare.
Ressler: Where is he?
Liz: I don’t know. Giannusa’s contact with him was digital. As soon as we get a location, we move.
Ressler: So how’s that cover holding up?
Liz: Margot’s on board. Emma… something’s off. Has Aram had any luck with her background?
Ressler: No. It’s like her ID was professionally scrubbed.
Liz: Tell him to keep looking. I’ll do some digging of my own. I wanna figure out who this woman is. Something feels off about her.

[ It’s raining ] [ Emma walks through the rain and enters a restaurant ] [ Liz is tracking Emma. She follows her to the restaurant and peers through the window. Emma is seated across from Red❗They are talking ]

[ Liz parks her car. Red’s Mercedes pulls up. Liz gets in ]
Liz: She works for you?
Red: I placed Emma Knightly in The Harem so she could keep me posted as to their criminal activities.
Liz: So, what? She could tell you what they were planning to steal so you could steal it first?
Red: Something like that.
Liz: If you already had someone inside, then why add me?
Red: Because Emma went silent.
Liz: You’re telling me she turned. Who is she anyway? Aram says her records have all been scrubbed.
Red: Yes. By MI-6.
Liz: So she’s a British agent?
Red: You can’t think the FBI is the only law enforcement agency I have a relationship with. Elizabeth, none of this changes the fact that the WITSEC list is still in play.
Liz: She knows who I am.
Red: Emma Knightly can be trusted. I wouldn’t have put you in otherwise.
Liz: You wouldn’t have put me in if she had been reporting back to you. So whether or not she can be trusted remains to be seen.
[ Liz gets out of the car, closes door ]

Liz: What’s so urgent?
Margot: I found our in.
Liz: To Helldritch? That was fast.
Margot: I do a lot of favors. This, uh, cute little chola I had a fling with who leased server space to Helldritch for a ransomware scam. She’ll know where Helldritch is. Why don’t you bring on your social engineer with you? She’s proving to be quite an asset.

[ Emma is driving with Liz in the front seat ]
Emma: [ Inhales sharply, sighs ] When I said the job was hard, I meant working for Reddington. Don’t worry. The others don’t know.
Liz: How long has it been?
Emma: Almost eight years. I was working as an analyst on low level immigration cases when he cut a deal.
Liz: Reddington works for MI-6?
Emma: I don’t know. I left. I went to work for him full-time.
Liz: Why would you ever do that?
Emma: [ Chuckles ] [ Inhales deeply ] I was star-struck. He made me feel like I was the center of his universe. It was exciting and captivating and… it consumed me. My work, my marriage. I had no idea how many lines I was crossing until it was too late.
Liz: It’s never too late.
Emma: Spoken like someone who’s still in the honeymoon phase. Trust me, that ends. You should get out before it does.

Ressler: She knows you’re FBI? Keen, we gotta pull you out.
Liz: Margot’s contact says Helldritch is in Hong Kong.
Ressler: We have no jurisdiction there.
Liz: Our only shot at recovering the WITSEC list is to have The Harem steal it, and I’ve got to be there.
Ressler: If Emma rolls on you?
Liz: She won’t.
Ressler: Why? Because Reddington’s got his hooks in her?
Liz: We can’t let The Harem steal the WITSEC list and run with it.
Ressler: She’s with Margot. You said so yourself.
Liz: I know you’re worried about me, and I appreciate it. But I trust her. I’ll make contact from Hong Kong.

[ Cellphone closes ]
Dembe: That’s the fourth message I’ve left. Should I send someone?
Red: We’ll know soon enough. Carter! I’d stand, but after all these years, I still get aroused when I close a deal.
Carter Wilson: [ Laughs ] I closed a deal, you didn’t.
Red: What are you talking about?
Wilson: Your Bitcoin transfer never arrived.
Red: Ah. Something’s come up, and my accountant’s unreachable. It’ll soon be remedied. You’ll have your money before close of business.
Wilson: I already have it. I made a deal with someone else.
Red: With whom, may I ask?
Wilson: Baldur Magnusson. You know him?
Red: Mr. Wilson, good day. And happy sailing.
Dembe: Baldur Magnusson. That’s a coincidence.
Red: I don’t believe in coincidences.

[ Liz and The Harem are celebrating their victory ]

♪ time to find my way back ♪
♪ oh ♪
♪ those were the days I always remember ♪
♪ those were the days have come and gone ♪

[ Margot proposes a toast ]
Margot: To stealing from thieves.
[ They all raise their glasses and empty them ]
[ Laughter ]
– Whoo!
[ Glasses clink ] [ Cheering, trilling ]
– Mm. Oh, my God.
[ Laughter ]

♪ I lived it and loved it ♪

– Oh. [ Speaks indistinctly ] Mmm. Mmm.

♪ those were the days… ♪

[ Liz is a bit woozy from the last drink. She leaves for the ladies room ]
Liz: Ooh. [ Exhales slowly ] [ Sighs ]
[ Margot enters, looking for Liz. Margot approaches and tries to kiss Liz ]
Liz: Whoa.
[ Margot tries again ]
Liz: Listen, uh…
Margot: Hey. It’s about loyalty, remember?
Liz: To the group.
Margot: No, to me. You’re either in or you’re out. So what’s it gonna be?
[ Liz considers what to do. She is about to engage in a kiss with Margot when Emma enters ]
Emma: Am I interrupting?
Margot: This doesn’t concern you.
Emma: It doesn’t? [To Liz: ] Run along, little girl.
[ Margot and Emma leave, hand in hand ]

[ In Hong Kong ]
Sasha: Helldritch’s home is a fortress. Hong Kong’s premier hotel for the rich and paranoid. Helldritch’s is the only permanent resident, and he was just granted asylum, so he’s ready to celebrate. He’s retrofitted the penthouse with top-of-the-line security measures. Guards at every door, cameras in every room. Everything’s controlled by an RFID transmitter. Radio frequencies emitted by the chip communicate with every system in the suite. This thing is top shelf. It includes a gig of storage, which is where he keeps the WITSEC list. Problem is, the chip’s implanted in his hand.
Jessica: So? Shoot him. Or– Ooh. Cut off his hand.
Margot: No, there’s a micro-processor in the chip tied to his heart rate. If he dies, so does the chip, and everything on it.
[ Sasha produces a hand-sized device ]
Sasha: Artificial heartbeat. The chip needs to be plugged into the device within 20 seconds of being removed from Helldritch’s hand.
Margot: Security is state-of-the-art. Break a window, touch a statue, the whole suite locks down.
Emma: So how do we get inside?
Margot: We’ll have one in the basement. En route. 90 seconds out. One in the van spotting. And you three in the bar. Now, wait for Sasha’s go-ahead, and then…
Jessica: We crash the party. Can’t wait.

[ Indistinct conversations ]
Liz: About last night.
Emma: It was nothing.
Liz: You protected me.
Emma: I have a son. A junior at boarding school. He plays soccer. I go to visit him sometimes– or at least I try. I usually just end up sitting in the car, watching him practice. I want to talk to him, but I don’t know what I’d say. About what I have become.
Liz: You act like it’s too late. It isn’t. You could still get out.
Emma: I dream about that, the life I had, wishing I could get it back.
Liz: [ Whispers ] I can help you. The WITSEC list, when we get it back, I can get you on it. Testify against Margot. Start over.

[ Static crackles ] [ Margot directs the operation over the phone, observing events on live video ]
Sasha: Ladies, target is on site. It’s go time.
[ Sasha clips wires ]
Sasha: You have officially RSVP’d. [ Indistinct conversations ] Bedroom is down the hall, east side of the suite. Take a left.
Jessica: Making our way to the bedroom, Margot.
Emma: Sasha, clear to breach?
Sasha: Looping footage now. Security’s blind for five minutes.
[ Emma and Jessica remove the weapons they hid in discreet places and ready them ]
Liz: I’ve got eyes on the target.
Margot: Yeah, the girls should have the bedroom ready by now. You are clear for approach.

Liz: Congratulations on your citizenship.
Helldritch: Thanks. Hong Kong recognizes talent when they see it.
Liz: I heard you’re a man of many talents.
Helldritch: Oh. Please… elaborate.
Liz: You’re able to find certain people.
Helldritch: I don’t know what you mean.
Liz: I think you do. The WITSEC list. Tony Giannusa and I are friends. Got anywhere we can talk business?
Margot: Target is on the move.
[ Door opens ] [ A half-dressed man and woman emerge ]
Man: Who are you?
Emma: We were waiting for the loo.
You’ve been ages.
[ Silenced dart gun (💥) ]
[ Woman screams ]
Emma: What are you do–
[ Silenced dart gun (💥) ]
Emma: We only have two… darts.
[ Helldritch and Liz enter ] [ Helldritch sees the two people passed out on the floor ]
Helldritch: What the hell?
[ Liz kicks him ]
Helldritch: Oh, hell no!
[❗⚡❗Fight ❗⚡❗]
Liz: Get something to restrain him!
Sasha: Somebody wanna tell me what the hell’s going on?
Liz: Jessica, find something!
Jessica: I’m looking!
[ Grunting ]
Helldritch: Help! Security!
Jessica: Here, use this belt.
[ Grunting continues ] [ Gasping, grunting ]
[ Emma wraps the belt around Helldritch’s neck ]
[ Liz hits Helldritch again, knocking him out ]
Jessica: Is he still alive?
Sasha: 90 seconds until system reset. I’m locked out after that.
[ Handcuffs click ] [ Clattering ]
[ Liz uses a small knife to excise the chip from Helldritch’s palm ]
Liz: Got it. Hey, we gotta go. You’re good.
Emma: Oh, God.
[ Emma stumbles, gasps ] [ Liz steadied her ]
Liz: Hey, are you okay?
Emma: Ooh. I’ll muddle through. [ Chuckles weakly ] You’ve got blood on your face.
Liz: Uh, go. We’ll be right behind you.
Margot: Where the hell is Emma going? What’s going on? She’s on the move.
[ Alarm blaring ]
Liz: She took the chip.
[ Alarm continues ]
Liz: She’s using our exit strategy. We gotta get out of here.
[ Alarm continues ] [ Beeps ]
[ A guard shoots Jessica 💥💥 ]
Liz: Jessica’s down!
Margot: You know the protocol. Split up. We rendezvous when the heat’s off.
Liz: Screw protocol! Jessica’s dead! Emma’s got the list.
Margot: See you in 72 hours.
Liz: Wait, wait. What about Emma? Margot! Margot!
[ 💥 Gunfire 💥 as two guards enter. They see Helldritch on floor ]
Guard: [ Subtitles ] Call an ambulance! And the cops.
[ One guard leaves. Liz holds her gun to the back of second guard’s head ]
Liz: I’m gonna need your security badge and your phone.

[ Ship horn blows ]
Liz: [ On phone ] The whole thing went sideways. Jessica’s dead. The rest of the Harem, I don’t know. They split up. Margot and Sasha are leaving the country under aliases– Eva Taylor and Lily Hum. Aram, can you–
Aram: Tracking them as we speak.
Ressler: Look, what about the list?
Liz: Emma took it. You were right.
Cooper: Elizabeth, you know her.
Liz: Clearly, I don’t.
Cooper: You do. More than any of us. What did she tell you? Think.
Liz: She burned MI-6. Burned Reddington, The Harem. She has nowhere to go. Oh, my God. That’s it.
[ Cellphone beeps ]

[ Emma is leaning against a tree watching her son Will play soccer ] [ Red appears alongside her ]
[ Soccer referee’s whistle blows ]
Red: Hello, Emma.
Emma: How did you find me?
[ Whistle blows ]
Red: He looks just like you.
Emma: I’ve missed so much. I don’t want to miss anymore.
Red: I can’t let you sell the list. I can’t let you fund a life on the run by exposing innocent people on that list.
Emma: I don’t think you understand me. I’m done. I know the consequences. I have to stop. I’m out, Raymond.
[ Red gives Emma a brown folding file ]
Red: There’s a cabin in Vermont on Lake Champlain. Remote. Simple. Once you’re settled, you’ll open a bank account. Money will be transferred into it to cover expenses, Will’s education.
Emma: Why are you doing this?
Red: If you wanted out, Emma, you should’ve come to me.
Emma: I didn’t think that was an option.
[ Whistle blows ]
Red: I’m sorry.
Emma: So I’m out. [ Exhales ]
Red: The list.
[ Emma reaches into her pocket, gives Red the device with the chip containing the list ]
[ Red turns and walks toward his car ]
Emma: [ Calls after Red: ] You need to let her go.
[ Emma’s son Will sees Emma and waves. She smiles and waves back ]
[ Red’s car door opens ] [ Car door closes ] [ Engine starts ]

[ Liz is sitting in the restaurant where Red and Emma had met earlier. Red joins Liz. Dembe stands a short distance away ]
Liz: Emma’s disappeared.

♪ I am amazed ♪

Liz: You got to her before we could?
Red: Yes. The list. [ He gives Liz the device with the list ]

♪ how many days… ♪

Liz: She betrayed you, so you… killed her just like you killed Mr. Kaplan?
[ Red looks at Dembe ]

♪ …to watch it all unfold ♪

Red: Elizabeth…
Liz: And I’m just supposed to look the other way, right? Just like I looked the other way from all the terrible things you do because they’re for the greater good, just like this list. You wanna kill someone the government’s protecting, but you can’t find them, so you had us… find this list for you.
Red: [ Inhales ] Years ago, a Wisconsin housewife named Maureen Rowan was outside in the wee hours with the family dog, Dodger. It was absolutely frigid. No one in their right mind would’ve been out in that kind of bitter cold, and if not for Dodger’s aging bladder, I imagine Maureen would have been fast asleep. But as fate would have it, her neighbor, Alexei Lagunov… [ Sighs ] …the avtoritet of a Russian bratva, felt given the late hour and windchill, he and his boyeviks could move a body from his basement to the trunk of an associate’s car without being observed. They didn’t count on Dodger’s call to nature. So Maureen had a choice between remaining silent or doing the right thing. She chose to testify. And while she helped to bring Alexei Lagunov to justice, she also forfeited the rest of her life in doing so. She’s on that list.
Liz: Who is she to you?
Red: Maureen Rowan is Kate’s sister– uh, Mr. Kaplan’s sister. I didn’t need to find her. I just needed to… make sure no one else can.
Liz: This doesn’t excuse what you’ve done.
Red: No. No, it doesn’t.

♪ when everyone’s changing ♪
♪ arranging, they’re let down ♪

[ Liz gets up and leaves ]
Dembe: Raymond. I told her because I felt it was important for her to know.
Red: I understand.

♪ this world ♪
♪ is twisting ♪

[ Tires screech ] [ Ressler gets out of his SUV and approaches Margot. A second police car blocks her escape ]
Ressler: Margot Rochet, you’re under arrest for the murder of Craig Gaynier. Come with me. [ She mutters angrily ]

Samar: Margot Rochet is in custody, and Sasha Lau was just picked up at SeaTac passport control.
Cooper: Helldritch is facing charges in Hong Kong in connection with Jessica Piha’s death.
Samar: And what about Emma Knightly?
Cooper: Agent Keen recovered the WITSEC list from Reddington. What that means for Emma Knightly, I can’t say.

Red: Where is he?
Abe: He’s gone.
Red: How much did he take?
Abe: Oh. He’s gone, Mr. Reddington. Missus said it was a heart attack.
Red: And the money? Where’s the money?
Abe: I don’t know. Nobody knows except Mr. Smoll. He would’ve transferred it to an untraceable account, then arranged for the Bitcoin wire to pay for the ships. If the wire wasn’t made, all that money is still just sitting there in some anonymous account. That could be anywhere in the world.
Red: Thank you, Abe.
[ Red and Dembe leave ]
Red: Smoll didn’t have a heart attack. Someone killed him. Someone determined to start a war.

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༺✦ ♤ ✦༻



♫ I Love A Rainy Night
By Eddie Rabbitt

♪ Well, I love a rainy night
I love a rainy night
I love to hear the thunder
Watch the lightning
When it lights up the sky
You know it makes me feel good

♪ Well, I love a rainy night
It’s such a beautiful sight
I love to feel the rain on my face
Taste the rain on my lips
In the moonlight shadow

♪ Showers wash all my cares away
I wake up to a sunny day

♪ ‘Cause I love a rainy night
Yeah, I love a rainy night
Well, I love a rainy night
Well, I love a rainy night, ooh ooh

♪ I love a rainy night
I love a rainy night
I love to hear the thunder
Watch the lightning
When it lights up the sky
You know it makes me feel good

♪ Well, I love a rainy night
It’s such a beautiful sight
I love to feel the rain on my face
Taste the rain on my lips
In the moonlight shadow

♪ Puts a song in this heart of mine
Puts a smile on my face every time

♪ ‘Cause I love a rainy night
Yeah, I love a rainy night
Ooh, I love a rainy night
Yeah, I love a rainy night, ooh ooh

♪ Showers wash all my cares away
I wake up to a sunny day

♪ ‘Cause I love a rainy night
Yeah, I love a rainy night
Well, I love a rainy night
I love a rainy night

♪ Well, I love a rainy night
You can see it in my eyes
Yeah, I love a rainy night
‘Cause it makes me high
Ooh, I love a rainy night
You know I do
Yeah yeah, I love a rainy night

♪ I love a rainy night
You can see it in my eyes
I love a rainy night
It makes me high
Well, I love a rainy night
And I love you, too
Yeah, I love a rainy night

♪ Well, I love a rainy night
Well, I love a rainy night
I love a rainy night

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2jIBUfe
YouTube: https://youtu.be/mMZ4amjbqhU


♫ “Everybody’s Changing”
By Keane

♪ You say you wander your own land
But when I think about it
I don’t see how you can
You’re aching, you’re breaking
And I can see the pain in your eyes
Says everybody’s changing
And I don’t know why

♪ So little time
Try to understand that I’m
Trying to make a move just to stay in the game
I try to stay awake and remember my name
But everybody’s changing
And I don’t feel the same

♪ You’re gone from here
And soon you will disappear
Fading into beautiful light
Cause everybody’s changing
And I don’t feel right

♪ So little time
Try to understand that I’m
Trying to make a move just to stay in the game
I try to stay awake and remember my name
But everybody’s changing
And I don’t feel the same

♪ So little time
Try to understand that I’m
Trying to make a move just to stay in the game
I try to stay awake and remember my name
But everybody’s changing
And I don’t feel the same

♪ Oh, everybody’s changing
And I don’t feel the same

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2jIQaod
YouTube: https://youtu.be/5KiuXwYMqOI

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🔴 Script: 4:12 Natalie Luca (№ 184)

Program air date: 2/2/2017 in the US
Permalink: http://wp.me/pDKwi-4b4
Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/2k4RfGK

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Michael Watkins
Written by: Noah Schechter


⭕ Script 4:12 Natalie Luca (№ 184)

Blurb: One of Red’s accountants is disappeared or dead – along with a huge cache of cash (Red’s cash). The Task Force confronts an assassin who uses disease to kill.

[ Moldova, 14 years ago ]
[ A little girl, five or so years old with long blonde hair, wakes up in a hospital room. She gets out of bed and leaves her room and calls for her Mama. Outside her door, a man is slouched against the wall, dead. She runs down the hall. Other people are dead, some covered with blood and vomit, lying here and there. She climbs halfway up a staircase and stops, peering down through the railings. Men enter in HAZMAT suits, looking like aliens. One sees the little girl and walks up to the staircase. They stare at one another ]

[ Eight days ago ]
[ A woman in her early 20s with long blonde hair pushes aside a bead curtain and enters a massage room. Red’s accountant Zach Smoll, who is the client, looks up from his prone position on the table ]
Zach: You’re new.
[ The woman coats her hands with massage gel. She pulls back his towel, then gets up on the table and sits astride him ]
Zach: Oh!
Woman: [ Whispers ] Roll over.
Zach: Okay. [ Giggles ]
Woman: What’s your name?
Zach: Zach.
Woman: [ Repeats, softly ] Zach.
[ She kisses him then leaves ]

[ A second female masseuse enters and begins to coat her hands with gel ]
Masseuse: I see you’re ready.
Zach: What happened to the new girl?
Masseuse: What new girl?
[ Suddenly Zach’s back and hands break out in an angry, rapidly blistering purple red rash ]
[ The Masseuse gasps ] [ Zach vomits ] [ In less than a minute Zach is dead ]

[ At Red’s accountants’ basement operations site ]
Red: How much? Smoll was cleaning over two hundred million. How much was lost?
Abe: All of it.
Red: Thank you, Abe.
[ Liz enters ]
Liz: Problems?
Red: Yes. [ Clears throat ] Transactions vital to my interests failed to be tendered.
Liz: What kinds of transactions?
Red: It seems that a bid I made on the Whistler Cruise Line wasn’t tendered because my accountant dropped dead before he could transfer the funds. In addition, millions are missing that the same accountant was in the process of laundering.
Liz: I think I’ve heard enough.
Red: It appears my operation is under seige.
Liz: And this affects the fate of the free world how?
Red: Not at all. However, in order for me to be useful to your task force, I have to maintain a certain stature in the criminal underworld. From time to time, I am compelled to rely on your Bureau’s support in that endeavor. This is one of those times. The interest I hoped to acquire from Whistler Cruise Lines was sold to a long-standing rival, Baldur Magnusson. Rumors have circulated that he assassinated my accountant to secure the deal.
Liz: What do you need from us?
Red: Some help to determine who murdered my man Jack Smoll. If I can’t staunch the bleeding Smoll’s death has precipitated, all of our work could come to a grinding and permanent halt. I’m under attack, Elizabeth, and I need to find out by whom.

Liz: Roughly 14 hours ago, Zack Smoll was found dead in the Gentle Bliss Massage Parlor. ME’s initial report describes symptoms consistent with acute meningitis.
Cooper: How does Reddington know Smoll didn’t contract meningitis naturally?
Liz: He didn’t say. But if he’s coming to us with this, it means he’s desperate.
Samar: You may think you’re paid enough to serve the public’s interest and Reddington’s. Personally, I don’t.
Ressler: If someone killed Reddington’s accountant, you think he’s gonna want us to just put him in jail? I mean, the second we find him, he’s gonna insist we turn him over so he can make an example by murdering him.
Cooper: I agree. Agent Keen, tell Reddington he’s on his own.
[ Aram’s computer 🦆*quacks* 🦆 ]
Aram: Uh, guys, Smoll’s body has just been flagged by the CDC. They’ve rerouted it to a level four biocontainment lab.
Ressler: What does that mean?
Liz: It means whatever killed Smoll is a lot more dangerous than meningitis.
Cooper: Get to the CDC. See what you can find out.

Liz: Any idea what we’re dealing with?
Doctor Nina: Luschen’s disease. It’s a form of viral meningitis. Symptoms include sudden high fever, stiffened neck, reddish purple rash, seizure, respiratory failure and death.
Ressler: How contagious is it?
Doctor Nina: This strain’s mutated such that it’s transmitted via physical contact. Sweat, saliva, even the lightest touch can be lethal. Good news is it doesn’t survive outside a host. Symptoms present almost immediately after exposure, followed by death in only minutes, which is, ironically, the one saving grace of the disease.
Ressler: How so?
Dr Nina: It can’t travel. The victim’s incapacitated before he can transmit it.
Liz: So how did Smoll get infected?
Dr Nina: Lipstick. We found traces of it around the victim’s mouth. Based on the sample, whoever left it behind should have been dead long before she had the chance to even kiss our victim.
Ressler: So, who is she? Why isn’t she dead?
Dr Nina: Well, for the moment, Agent Ressler, that remains a mystery.

[ Aram laughs in excitement ]
Aram: Oh ho ho! I found our suspect.
Samar: Good for you.
Aram: Okay, uh, what’s going on?
Samar: Nothing. I’m fine.
Aram: Really? Because you seems upset. And before, uh, with Mr Cooper, about not getting paid enough …
Samar: I just lost it with the ladies in payroll. They gave me your check instead of mine, because, you know, we both have brown faces.
Aram: I’m sure that was a mistake.
Samar: You make 32% more than I do.
Aram: Oh, you opened my check.
Samar: I have a PhD from the London School of Economics–
Aram: Maybe it’s because you’re on loan from Mossad–
Samar: I have the same clearances and responsibilities–
Aram: Actually, technically–
Samar: And people actually shoot at me.
Aram: That is true. Okay. you should probably say something to Mr Cooper.
[ Cooper appears ]
Cooper: Say what?
Samar: Aram has a suspect.
Aram: Yes. Uh, the suspect. Uh, the suspect. Yes. So I found a partial angle from the security camera behind the massage parlor. Check it out. Okay, the CDC has only one other recorded outbreak of Luschen’s in the U.S. A pawn broker in Maryland. The local coroner wrote it off as natural causes. But the weird thing is his pawn shop was robbed the day he died. And so, I dug up some security feeds and look who was there.
Cooper: The same woman at both outbreaks. One a robbery, the other an assassination.
Aram: And in a bad disguise at both.
Samar: What if it’s not a disguise. Look at the time code. It’s July. In Maryland it must have been 90 degrees. So either she’s sick, she has fevers, chills, or she doesn’t want anyone else to get sick, so she’s using a protective covering to mitigate contagion.
Aram: So she’s not trying to start a pandemic.
Cooper: Well, whatever she’s doing, if we don’t find her soon, someone else is going to die in the process.

[ Natalie Luca is lying on her side, in preparation for a spinal tap which will be administered by her boyfriend, Malik Roumain ]
Malik: I wish there was another way.
Natalie: It’s okay.
Malik: But we need it for the next stage.
Natalie: You don’t have to explain. This is what we both want. Just do it.
[ Malik injects her with a long needle. Natalie’s face contorts in pain ]

[ Boston, MA ]
[ Baldur Magnusson’s phone rings ]
Baldur: What do you want?
Red: Are the rumors true that you’re responsible for the death of my accountant, Zack Smoll?
Baldur: The truth doesn’t matter. It’s about appearances. And at the moment it appears to virtually anyone who gives a damn that I killed Smoll, and your failure to retaliate is proof of your weakness. Whether I killed him or not is immaterial. You have no choice but to come for me.
Red: And you for me.
Baldur: Which begs the question, why bother with a phone call?
Red: Because we’ve known each other for a long time. We understand each other’s organizations, if Cristobal acted without your authority or someone forced your hand, tell me. We can try and sort it out. After all, you’re a bit long in the tooth for a street brawl.
Baldur: You think so?
[ Beeps ] [ Hangs up ]

[ Red’s cell phone beeps ]
Red: I’ve reviewed the case file you sent.
Liz: And you’ve got something?
Red: You know, many ancient cultures shares a common figure, a god or demon who brought disease to humanity. The Finns called her Loviatar, the Yoruba people knew her as Shapona. The Greeks of course immortalized Pandora. Odd that they’re always women. Have you ever heard of Mary Mallon?
Liz: Should I have?
Red: She was a cook for the New York elite in the late 19th Century. When an alarming number of high society swells came down with typhoid fever, a research scientist traced the outbreak to a woman with the rare ability to carry the disease without suffering its effects or exhibiting any outward symptoms. Earning her the name–
Liz: Typhoid Mary.
Red: Correct. You’re looking for an asymptomatic carrier of Luschen’s Disease. To find your suspect, you need to know when and where was the outbreak that she survived. And, hurry. There’s a reason the plague-bringers were the most feared among the ancient deities.

[ Natalie and Malik are eating a meal. They are seated alongside each other but separated by the vinyl panel of a bio-containment unit ]
Natalie: You’ve got that little crease between your brow. Right here. [ She points to her own brow ] It always happens when you’re upset.
Malik: The spinal tap didn’t yield the results that I was expecting. And we still need specialized equipment, which means that…
Natalie: More money. More people.
Malik: I found another opportunity, that we- we can handle, that you can handle, I’m sure of it. Please look at me. I’m gonna figure this out. I swear it. I just need a little more time. [ He puts his hand against the vinyl ] We’re so close.
[ Natalie places her hand against his, separated by the impermeable barrier. She smiles ]

[ Tom is arriving home with Agnes in a stroller ]
Tom: All right, home sweet home, baby. All right, c’mon you.
[ Tom succeeds in unlocking the door, but quickly he senses something is off. He leaves Agnes at the door’s threshhold and, gun drawn, surveys the room. It is only Red ]
Red: Please excuse the intrusion.
Tom: She’s not here.
Red: I’m not here to see Elizabeth.

Red: What do you know about Edgar Legate?
Tom: When it comes to assassins, he’s the gold standard. Nobody’s ever seen the guy.
Red: Precisely. Because he doesn’t exist. Legate is an elaborate fiction, a bogeyman I created.
[ Dembe entertains Agnes. Agnes giggles ]
Tom: No. no, Legate is real, all right. I know at least six jobs the guy’s done.
Red: Or so you believe. Edgar Legate is nothing more than a name I employ to take credit for various killings for which I or my associates are responsible. One of my competitors, Baldur Magnusson, is actively seeking a reliable independent contractor to kill me, someone I won’t see coming. I think Legate would fit the bill nicely.
Tom: And you want me to become Legate.
Red: I thought maybe.
Tom: Forget it. I’m not gonna play dress-up assassin so you can kill someone I never met.
Red: I don’t need you to become Legate to kill Magnusson. I need you to become Legate so Magnusson will hire you to kill me.
Tom: You want me to deliver him to me.
Red: Yes. If you can find a sitter. [ Red smiles merrily at Agnes ]

[ At the Post Office ]
[ Telephone rings in the distance ]
Cooper: I wanna talk to you after this.
Samar: Yeah, sure.
Aram: So I looked into Reddington’s Typhoid Mary angle and I found something. The first recorded outbreak of Luschen’s in human beings occurred in rural Moldova in 2002. A family of nine wiped out except for one daughter Natalie Luca. She was taken to a local clinic, but the outbreak was deemed too much for them to handle.
Cooper: How did she get out of Moldova?
Aram: The World Health Organization called in Hawthorne Biologics, a company that specializes in infectious disease response. They brought the girl back to their research clinic outside Alexandria for further treatment.

Hawthorne Biologics MD: I had no idea Natalie was capable of anything like this. We care for dozens of patients who are too infectious to live outside of strict quarantine. Out of all of them, Natalie was the sweetest, the kindest.
Ressler: If she was so infectious, how come she’s at large?
MD: We did our best to give her a normal life. But she was young, determined to be independent. We did everything we could to dissuade her from leaving. But eventually, we had no choice but to comply with her wishes.
Samar: How is that possible? She was infected with a deadly contagion.
MD: We had no legal right to hold her. She was young. She was in love.
Ressler: In love? With who?
MD: Malik Roumain. He was a promising young bio research tech.
[ Malik’s reflection appears in a van’s rearview mirror ]
Malik: They’re here.
[ Natalie prepares to get out of the van ]
Samar: But they couldn’t touch each other?
MD: No. It’s hard to imagine in the absence of physical contact, but certainly not impossible. He advocated for her, agreed to take responsibility for her quarantine, see to her needs. We agreed to a year-long break from testing in exchange for Malik submitting regular reports. Until you called, we had no idea they were gone. The reports kept coming in, so we assumed they were still at the house we’d provided. It turns out, they moved out months ago.
Ressler: You didn’t check on them?
MD: We wanted to respect their privacy. If you need anything further from me, please don’t hesitate to call. If anything were to happen to this child, I don’t know that I’ll be able to forgive myself.
Ressler: If I were you, I’d be more worried about what might happen to everyone else.

[ Natalie emerges from the van and approaches a guard for an armored car ]
Natalie: Hi. I’m so sorry, but we’re doing this scavenger hunt for my sorority, and I need to kiss two guys with a gun
Guard: Seriously?
Natalie: I know. It’s stupid.
Guard: Do your worst.
Natalie: So does your friend have a gun, too?
[ Guard #2 emerges with two heavy leather bags to load into their vehicle. He opens the door to see the first guard dead inside. Immediately, Guard #2 is also overtaken. Vomiting he falls to the ground. ] [ Grunts softly ] [ Coughs ] [ Gurgling ]
[ Malik walks over and retrieves the two leather bags ]
[ Van door opens, closes ] [ Driver door opens, closes ]

Volker Graves: If you had allowed me secure the facility as I requested, Malik never could’ve broken her out in the first place.
Hawthorne Biologics MD: We agreed your men would’ve drawn unnecessary attention.
Hawthorne Biologics Exec: Enough. What did you tell the FBI?
MD: That Natalie voluntarily chose to leave with Malik. They have no reason to suspect the true nature of our research.
Volker Graves: It’s only a matter of time before the FBI find them.
Exec: Then make sure you’re there when they do.
MD: Perhaps it would be best to temporarily suspend our research.
Exec: Out of the question. Our top priority at this point is recovering Natalie alive. Understand?
Volker: Yep.

[ At the Post Office ]
Liz: Malik Roumain born to immigrant parents. Full-boat to Berkeley at 17. The American dream. By 23, he had his PhD in biochemistry from Johns Hopkins and turned down a number of highly paid offers to accept a post-doc at Hawthorne.
Ressler: Hawthorne claims that he and Natalie fell for each other while he was working there.
Liz: Talk about forbidden love.
Cooper: There was another attack. An armored truck was taken down in Bethesda. The CDC’s already on site. They should have something for us soon.

Samar: Aram. Cooper called me in. Apparently the ladies in accounting were not too thrilled with my freakout.
Aram: Did you tell him why you freaked out?
Samar: Yeah, he offered me a raise. 16%.
Aram: That’s fantastic.
Samar: I’d still make less than you.
Aram: Okay, but, you know, it’s a start.
Samar: No, it isn’t. It’s an insult. I turned it down.

[ In lobby of a hotel ] [ Indistinct conversations ] [ Cellphone chirps ]
Tom: [ Quietly ] He’s here.

[ Outside a room in the same hotel, two goons check the area ]
[ Elevator bell dings ] [ Lock beeps ]
Goon: All clear.
[ Elevator door closes ] [ Elevator bell dings, door opens ] [ Tom gets out, appearing to be very drunk, stumbles toward the guarded door ]
Goon: Excuse me.
Tom: Huh?
Goon: Wrong door, sir.
Tom: [ Laughs ] You’re the ugliest chambermaid I’ve ever seen.
[ Tom springs into action ] [ Groans ] [ Grunts ] [ Tom dispatches both guards ]
[ Lock beeps ] [ Wolf whistle ]
[ Red appears ]
Red: Myron, my sincere condolences.
Myron: Who died?
Red: You did. I need Baldur Magnusson to believe Edgar Legate is in town. And what better way to announce that than by making him believe Legate killed a larcenist of your stature. And what better place for the deadly deed to occur than the flagship hotel Magnusson owns and operates.
[ Dembe and Tom rough up the room, breaking a lamp, pouring blood on the couch and floor, dropping rifle shells on the floor ]
Red: [ Continues ] By the time our little charade is finished, Magnusson will be scouring the town desperate to hire your killer. Not to worry, Myron, we’ll have you out of there in a jiffy.
[ Myron is shown being zipped into a body bag on a gurney, and wheeled out. He is unharmed ]
Red: [ Continues ] You’ll be ordering room service and watching the game with my associates before you know it. You’ll provide the body, we’ll provide the evidence.
[ As the gurney is rolled through the hotel lobby, Tom is reading a newspaper. He rises and leaves, making sure the attentive concierge notices him ]

Ressler: The CDC confirmed the victims of the armored truck robbery died of Luschen’s.
Witnesses saw a 2006 dark red Ford van, partial plate 7-Mike-Echo-6.
[ Typing on keyboard ]
Aram: Okay, the vehicle is registered under a– Alec Moore.
Liz: That’s him. He must’ve registered the car under an alias.
Aram: Okay, pulling up his address–
Cooper: Samar, Ressler, get over there. Liz, pull together a Hazmat team. Have them meet them at the location.

[ In the hotel lobby ]
Concierge: Can I help you, sir?
Red: As a matter of fact, you can. [ Red shows the Concierge a photo of Tom ] I believe this man checked out of your hotel earlier today. He’s an old friend, and I completely lost my head and forgot our appointment. I was wondering if you could tell me where he was headed. The airport, perhaps? Train station? Or was he driving himself?
Concierge: I’m afraid I don’t know. And even if I did, I would not be at liberty to say. I’m sorry.
[ Red pushes some bills toward the Concierge ]
Red: Keep it. Discretion is a rare and tragically undervalued quality.

[ Telephone beeps ] [ Cellphone rings ]
Baldur Magnusson: Yes?
Concierge: Reddington was here looking for one of the guests, Michel Badot. He was there when they removed the body, watching.
Baldur: It’s Legate.
Concierge: What do you want me to do?
Baldur: Secure Legate. I want a word.

[ At Malik and Natalie’s house ] [ Dog barking in distance ]
Policeman: Police! Open up!
[ Door pounds open ] [ Man shouts indistinctly ] [ Guns cock ]
[ The police find Natalie’s vinyl enclosure and the medical equipment used by Malik ]
Policeman: Agent Ressler!
Ressler: What the hell is this place?

Natalie: You got it
Malik: Yeah. It cost everything that we got. But if I can isolate the enzymes, we’ll be able to [ Phone beeping ] [ Looking at his phone, Malik sees the police in their house ]
Natalie: What is it? What’s wrong?
Malik: They found the house.
Natalie: Who?
Malik: The cops. They have all of our equipment and our research.
Natalie: Well, what should we do?
Malik: What can we do? Natalie, we have to start all over again.
Natalie: Malik, I’m sure there’s something we can–
Malik: Natalie, just –
[ Malik almost touches Natalie ]
Natalie: Don’t!
Malik: I’m sorry. [ Breathing heavily ] I love you, Natalie. There’s nothing that I wouldn’t do for you. You know that. We’ll- we’ll start again.
Natalie: How?
Malik: Another job. One that I heard about from Hawthorne, and I wouldn’t be asking if I knew that it wasn’t absolutely necessary, and it is. But it’s the only way.
Natalie: [ Breathes sharply ] But after this, I won’t have to hurt anyone else?
Malik: No. Never again. I promise. I’ll take your hand in mine.
Natalie: [ Inhales sharply ] And I’ll pull you closer.
Malik: I’ll feel your breath against my skin.
Natalie: And I kiss you.
Malik: The two of us.
Both: Forever.

[ One of Magnusson’s goons comes up behind Tom as he is walking and sticks a gun in his back ]
Goon: Monsieur Legate. My employer would like a word with you.

Dr Nina: It appears he was trying to isolate the enzyme in her blood that shields her from Luschen’s. He was trying to replicate her immunity.
Ressler: A cure?
Dr Nina: No, the opposite. The boyfriend was trying to infect himself so he could be immune like her.
Samar: He was willing to give himself an incurable disease so they could touch and kiss and be together.
Ressler: Typhoid Mary, meet Typhoid Larry.
Samar: The pawnshop in Maryland, the armored car driver. They were robbing people to pay for their research.
Ressler: I get that, but what I don’t get is what any of this has to do with Reddington’s man, Smoll.

Cooper: What are we looking at?
Aram: Okay, I pulled these from from one of Malik’s hard drives. They’re blueprints for a compound in Sag Harbor, New York, owned by an offshore trust. Now, he also had a number of dossiers, including these. All right, Francois Troyet, owner of the world’s largest private collection of Post-Impressionist art. William Lawsover, a billionaire corporate debt restructurer. Caitlin Montag, gajillionaire author of the Buddy Chanticleer novels. The writing is atrocious, but I can’t put them down.
Cooper: Other than being rich, what do these three have in common?
Red: [ On the phone ] Xavier Holcombe’s annual poker bash. An all cash, no limit marathon with positively obscene stakes.
Liz: How obscene?
Red: Buy-in is half a million, quite the research grant for our starcrossed outlaws. I bought in on a lark three years ago. Lost my– well, no one has a shirt that expensive. Nevertheless, I had a ball. It’s a weekend of delicious isolation and degenerate risk heaven.
Liz: Just like everything else is to you. A game. Where’s Tom?
Red: Belgium.
Liz: You know, Tom and I were just starting to find some semblance of normalcy. And you had to just sweep in, drag him back down your rabbit hole. There must be dozens of contract operatives just like him. Why him?
Red: Tom is very good at what he does. It defines him. He can no sooner choose to stop than a great white shark can choose to stop swimming and eating. He will do what he does. But at least if he’s doing it for me, he won’t risk a double-cross, unlike with the vast majority of his prospective employers. Because unlike them, I genuinely care for him. Or rather you, and your daughter. Holcombe’s game commences precisely at 6:00. You don’t have much time.

[ Two goons escort Tom aka “Edgar Legate” to a table where Baldur Magnusson is seated, eating lobster ]
Baldur: Care for a claw? Hmm.
Tom: No, thanks. As I told your goons.
Baldur: Oh, tut, tut. Don’t be uncharitable. These gentlemen are seasoned professionals like yourself, Monsieur Edgar Legate.
Tom: I don’t insist on the Monsieur.
[ Tom eyes the forks and other things he can use as weapons ]
Baldur: [ Chuckling ] That Saudi oil minister in Kuala Lumpur How on earth did you manage that one?
Tom: I don’t discuss the details of my work.
Baldur: I appreciate that, particularly as I wish to engage your services.
Tom: You know, I usually require a referral for a new client, but, uh, I might be able to make an exception.
[ Suddenly, Tom springs into action, quickly disarming the two goons ]
[ Red and Dembe enter ] [ Chair scrapes as Red seats himself ]
Baldur: So Legate works for you.
Red: In a manner of speaking.
Baldur: Well, I suppose it was inevitable, one way or the other. Looks like it’s “the other.” Kill me and restore your reputation.
Red: [ Dismissing the others ] Give us a moment.

Red: You said something before: ‘The truth doesn’t matter.’

That the only thing in this world that matters

is just the appearance of truth.

I fear you might be right about that.

Lately I find that the truth has become so elusive.

Often imaginary.

But in the end, it’s all that we’re left with, isn’t it?

What is real, what you can taste and touch and feel.

The words that pass between us

as we look each other in the eye

are all we have to hold on to.

The truth. I hold it dear.

Baldur: I didn’t kill your accountant. Your deal was falling apart. I stepped in and took it.
Red: I would’ve done exactly the same. Keep the ships, Baldur. As Rat said to Mole, “There is nothing, absolutely nothing half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.”
[ Baldur Chuckling ]
Red: It’s funny. For the longest time, I’ve been perfectly comfortable knowing I could die at any moment. I could walk out of this room and be shot in the street. I’ve always been fine with that. But lately, I can smell it in the air around me. Like death is slouching towards me from the corners of the room. And I cannot tell if it is here for me. Just an echo of the past. I wish it had been you. Would’ve been so much easier.

[ Elsewhere, the high stakes poker game is beginning ]
[ Indistinct conversations ] [ Chips clatter ]
– Raise. Three red.
[ At a back entrance ]
Malik: [ Knocking ] Uh, oyster delivery for Mr. Holcombe.
Holcombe: About time. You’re an hour late.
[ Malik unloads boxes of oysters from the back of a van. There is a corpse inside the truck displaying the tell-tale signs of Luschen’s Disease ]
[ Natalie gets out of the van dressed in a white server uniform ]

[ Engine roaring ] [ Tires screech ]
Ressler: We’re two minutes out.
Cooper: How soon until Hazmat is on site?
Aram: 10 minutes.

[ Chips clatter ]
– Raise. Three red, three black, three red.
[ Natalie is in the kitchen. Along with other servers, she takes a tray of oysters and heads to where the guests are playing poker ]
Samar: [ To Holcombe ] FBI. We have reason to believe that your compound is under threat of biological attack. We need you to start evacuating immediately.
Ressler: [ On phone ] Samar, what do you got?
Samar: There’s no sign of Malik. I’m going in.
[ Indistinct conversations ] [ Cards shuffle ]
[ Natalie sees Ressler and gasps. She drops her tray and runs ]
Ressler: [ To bystanders ] On the ground. Get on the ground! Move! Stop, Natalie, stop!
[ Shrieking ] [ Speaks indistinctly ]
[ Natalie runs up a staircase, but Samar is waiting at the top for her, gun drawn ]
Samar: Stop, Natalie! Stop! Don’t move. No one else has to die today.
Natalie: [ Screams ] Malik!
Samar: You need to come with us now.
Natalie: If you wanna stop me, you’re gonna have to kill me.
Samar: Please don’t make me do that.
Natalie: I can’t be locked up again.
[ Ressler catches up. Taser clicking. Natalie falls ]
Ressler: [ On phone ] Suspect’s in custody.

Samar: There’s no sign of Malik.
Ressler: Aram, check that local PD has shut down the roads 10 miles in every direction.
Aram: On it. And that Hazmat team we sent earlier, they should be there any minute.
Ressler: No, Hazmat’s already transported her. What are you talking about?
Aram: The Hazmat team.
Samar: The Hazmat team is already en route. [ Suddenly: ] Oh, my God.
[ Samar and Ressler run and jump into their SUV ]
[ Engine starts ] [ Tires screech ]

[ Inside Hawthorne Biologics’ HAZMAT van ]
Volker Graves: We have gone through quite a lot of trouble to find you, young lady.You’re the most valuable asset in our portfolio. Fortunately, the FBI was kind enough to lend an assist and lead us straight to you.
Natalie: I won’t go back there.

[ Engine roaring ] [ Ressler and Samar are attempting to catch up with the van with Natalie ]
Samar: Aram.
Aram: Okay, yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay. Come on now. All right, uh, satellite’s coming around now. Okay, they’re heading southeast on Holly Knoll Drive. They’re about 200 yards past mile marker 46. Okay, weird.
[ Vans squealing, crashing ]
Aram: There’s another vehicle trying to push them off the road. Uh, okay, now both vehicles are off the roadway. They’re about 1/4 mile before marker 45.

[ Malik has forced Hawthorne’s HAZMAT van off the road. Both Malik and Natalie get out the vans ]
Malik: I thought I lost you.
Natalie: Are you okay?
Malik: Yes.
Natalie: What do we do now?
Malik: We’ll go in the woods. We’ll find a car.
[ Gunshot 💥 ➔ Malik is shot in the abdomen by Volker Graves ] [ Gasps ]
[ Tires screech. Ressler and Samar arrive and jump out of their SUV ]
Ressler: Don’t move!
Natalie: Aah!
[ 💥💥 Gunfire 💥 💥 In a brief gunfight, Volker and his driver are shot ]
Malik: Natalie.
Natalie: Oh, God.
[ Malik gasping ]
Ressler: Don’t!
Natalie: [ Screams ] We need help!
Malik: I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I was wrong.
[ Malik sinks to the ground ]
Natalie: No.
Malik: I was so wrong.
Natalie: No.
Malik: No. I never should’ve made you [ Panting ]
Natalie: I would’ve done anything to be with you.
Malik: Oh, I take your hand in mine.
[ Malik is dying, so at last Natalie is free to touch him. She takes his hand. He smiles ]
Malik: So soft.
Natalie: And I pull you close.
Malik: I feel your breath against my skin.
Natalie: And I kiss you.
Malik: [ Whispers ] The two of us.
Natalie: [ Whispers ] Forever.
Samar: [ To the others: ] Give her a minute.
[ Crying ] [ Sobbing ] [ Sobbing continues ]

[ Radio chatter ]
[ Later, still at the scene, in the midst of police cars’ flashing lights and people mulling about, Natalie talks with Samar and Ressler ]
Natalie: I can describe every tile in the room they kept me in. For 13 years, I was just a medical curiosity. But then, there was Malik. He was the only one who really saw me, not the subject, but me, Natalie.
Samar: What made you leave?
Natalie: At first, we thought the research they were doing was our best chance at being together. But when Malik learned what Whitehall was doing–
Ressler: Whitehall?
Natalie: Hawthorne’s weapons lab. They weren’t trying to cure me. They were using me, my cells, to develop a biological weapon.
Ressler: So why didn’t you go to the authorities?
Natalie: Hawthorne had contracts with the government. We didn’t know who we could trust. I’m sorry. [ Crying ] We– We’re really sorry for all those people. [ Crying ]
Samar: I know.
[ Sniffling ]

[ José González’s ♪ “Heartbeats” playing ]
♪ One night to be confused ♪
♪ One night to speed up truth ♪
♪ We had a promise made ♪
♪ Four hands and then away ♪

♪ Both under influence ♪
♪ We had divine scent ♪
♪ To know what to say ♪
♪ Mind is a razor blade ♪

[ At the Post Office ]
Samar: It was one of the most romantic things I’ve ever seen. He died in her arms. It was like an episode of– I don’t know. Some show. But the point is, it made me feel a little sorry for myself, that I didn’t have someone like that.
Aram: What, to die in your arms?
Samar: And then I started thinking about my raise. 16%. That’s an odd number. And then I thought it’s exactly half of the difference between what you and I make. I went down to the ladies in accounting, and they never talked to Cooper. You did. You gave me half of your 32%.
Aram: Now we get paid equally.
Samar: I don’t want your money.
Aram: Why not? You were right. We do the same thing.
Samar: No, we don’t.
Aram: I-I know. You put your life on the line.
Samar: What you do–
Aram: No, I’m sure you deserve more. It’s just I have this this student loan and this online poker debt.
Samar: What you did, no one else would do for me.
Aram: I’d do anything for you.
Samar: I know. Which is why I have no reason to feel sorry for myself.
[ Samar leaves, touching his hand as she goes by ]

♪ You knew the hands of the Devil ♪
♪ And you kept us awake… ♪

Liz: How’d it go?
Tom: Honestly, it was great. I was thinking about what you said, about why I needed that.
[ Agnes fussing ]
Tom: Truth is, I still don’t know. But what I do know is that this family’s the most important thing in my life. I don’t wanna lose it.
Liz: We just arrested a woman who would’ve done anything to stay with the person she loved, but she lost him anyway.
Tom: I’m not going anywhere.
Liz: That’s not what I meant.
[ Agnes fussing ]
Liz: From the beginning, we’ve been fighting secrets and agendas and psychotic homicidal killers coming between us. And for the first time, we’re together, and we’ve got no one to fight.
But it still feels–
Tom: Like we’re coming apart?
Liz: I know this family is the most important thing to you. But it’s not gonna work if you can’t be who you are. I guess I’m just scared.
Tom: Of what?
Liz: [ Voice breaks ] I’m not gonna love that person.
Tom: Do you love me?
Liz: Yes.
Tom: Then you love that person. Because that’s who I am.

Cooper: I understand that the work we do depends on you. So I’m going to allow this, but understand this – We are sworn officers of the law. Do not expect us again to carry your water. You work for us, not the other way around. Is that clear?
Red: I’m sorry to have put you in such a difficult position, Harold.
[ Red enters the area where Natalie is being held in a biohazard containment room ] [ She is seated at a desk in the blue-lit, sterile room, her head resting on the desk. She is wearing a hospital gown ]
Natalie: Who are you?
Red: [ Exhales ] Losing someone we love is painful. Agonizing even unto death. The Japanese call it tako-tsubo – a grieving surge of abnormal electrical waves that causes the heart to deflate and contort until it resembles a a fishing pot. Hollow and cold, an empty vessel at the bottom of a fathomless sea. I’m sorry for your loss. You have suffered enough of that in your life.
Natalie: What do you want?
Red: The man you killed at the massage parlor was an associate of mine. You didn’t know him, you didn’t rob him. Someone hired you to assassinate him.
Natalie: She knew who I was. We had no choice. She said if I didn’t kill him, she would tell
Hawthorne where to find us.
Red: Who?
Natalie: Isabella Stone.
Red: [ Pause ] Thank you. Natalie, do you mind if I sit here for a moment? For the life of me, I don’t think I could get up right now.

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༺✦ ♤ ✦༻



♫ Heartbeats
By José González

♪ One night to be confused
One night to speed up truth
We had a promise made
Four hands and then away

♪ Both under influence
We had divine scent
To know what to say
Mind is a razor blade

♪ To call for hands of above
To lean on
Wouldn’t be good enough
For me, no

♪ One night of magic rush
The start a simple touch
One night to push and scream
And then relief

♪ Ten days of perfect tunes
The colors red and blue
We had a promise made
We were in love

♪ To call for hands of above
To lean on
Wouldn’t be good enough
For me, no

♪ To call for hands of above
To lean on
Wouldn’t be good enough

♪ And you, you knew the hands of the devil
And you, kept us awake with wolf teeth
Sharing different heartbeats
In one night

♪ To call for hands of above
To lean on
Wouldn’t be good enough
For me, no

♪ To call for hands of above
To lean on
Wouldn’t be good enough
For me, no

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2l7Evwn
YouTube: https://youtu.be/TOsRkcV8pCk

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🔴 Script: 4:13 Isabella Stone (№ 34)

Program air date: 2/9/2017 in the US
Permalink: http://wp.me/pDKwi-4hP
Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/2kRmw0w

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Andrew McCarthy
Written by: Taylor Martin

⭕ Script 4:13 Isabella Stone(№ 34)

Blurb: Isabella Stone destroys reputations – and she’s coming for Red’s. Meanwhile, Tom discovers things about his past that Red assures him can come to no good.

[ Paris, France ]
[ The scene of a car crash. A body lies across the hood of the car, having crashed through the windshield. A man and a woman walk up ]
Woman: Whoa. You got him good.
[ The man reaches into the front seat and pulls out an artificial leg. He shakes it to dislodge some wadding. The woman reaches inside and pulls out a rolled package, bonds of some sort ]
Woman: I get a kick out of this job.

Liz: [ Quietly ] Tom. Tom, honey, wake up. I was feeding Agnes–
Tom: She okay? What’s wrong with–
Liz: No, no, she’s fine. I was watching the news and there was a plane crash. Honey, it was your father’s plane. He died.

TV Announcer: Authories have confirmed the plane belonged to Howard Hargrave, a sometimes controversial figure in the field of private military contracting. His firm, Halcyon Aegis, is among the largest – [ *click* ]

Liz: I’m sorry.
Tom: For what? I’m not gonna pretend I feel something when I don’t.
[ Agnes cooing ]
Liz: Honey, he was your father.
Tom: I guess. I never really knew him. I know it sounds cold, but my father, my mother, that family, whoever they are. I’m not really that interested.
Liz: Come on, honey. You must have some questions.
Tom: You know, when I met my mother, she offered me a job.
Liz: As an operative, which seems like it would be your dream job.
Tom: I meant what I said when I turned her down. They’re my past. You and Agnes are my future and that’s what I care about.
Liz: You can care about us and still look for the answers you need.
Tom: We’ll, that’s the thing. I’m not really looking for answers. Except for one. When did I become the old guy who falls asleep on the couch?

[ At a small restaurant in D.C. ]
Stratos: Is it true about the courier?
Red: Yes.
Stratos: I’m sorry, Red.
Red: Stratos, we have to take the bitter with the sweet.
Stratos: Unfortunately, it’s not just one courier. People are talking about other setbacks.
Red: I have a lead on three cargo ships in Marseilles. If they are as advertised, we should purchase them. Your travel itinerary. I booked a room for you and Corina at La Madison de Mon Ami. A very quiet, lovely villa on the outskirts of Monte Carlo. I put $25,000 on account in their private casino. An anniversary present. Chin up, old friend. Drink some champagne, kiss on the balcony, tip well at the tables. We’ve been through worse.
[ Liz enters the restaurant ]
Stratos: I’ll report back once I’ve seen the ships. And for this, thank you so much, Red.
[ Stratos leaves ]

Liz: Where in your empire does he fit in?
Red: Mediterranean shipping operations.
Liz: You have multiple shipping operations?
Red: A courier of mine was murdered in Paris last night. A man named, killed by our next Blacklister.
Liz: Thank you.
Red: For what?
Liz: Admitting upfront why you’re giving us this case. It’s a refreshing change.
Red: I heard about Tom’s father. How did Tom react?
Liz: Disinterested.
Red: Good.
Liz: Why do you say that?
Red: The woman you’ll be looking for is quite literally a character assassin. Her objective is to utterly obliterate her target by any means necessary. Scandal, public humiliation, extortion, theft, murder.
Liz: And her next target is you.
Red: Yes. She’s ruthless and will go to any length to vanquish her victim with no regard for collateral damage.
Liz: Me.
Red: I’m concerned.
Liz: What’s her name?
Red: I only know an alias. Isabella Stone.

[ At the Post Office ]
Liz: Dr Eric Bannon, a world-renowned cardiologist, was charged in a series of angel-of-mercy killings, due to lethal prescription drug interactions that were in fact engineered by Isabella Stone.
Cooper: How?
Liz: She hacked Bannon’s passwords in order to access the inpatient dispensary and changed the patients’ prescription drug regimens. Twelve died. Now, according to Reddington’s sources, one of the victims had a brother, Ryuu Fujimoto, who engaged Isabella Stone to orchestrate Bannon’s downfall.
Aram: 2011, Bangladesh. Fire broke out in a Dhaka ghetto sweatshop. Sixty-eight perished, 27 were children. Subsequent news coverage exposed horrific working conditions which were blamed by activists on the factory’s primary contractor, Fit Thread Jeans, and their CEO, haute couture designer, Cynthia Brooks. Now, the scandal rocked the industry.
Ressler: [ To the side, on phone ] Has he been admitted yet? … Has the doctor said anything? … Okay, let me see if I can come out. … No. I wanna be there. Bye.
Samar: You said Stone went after one of Reddington’s couriers.
Liz: Yes, and one of his accountants. According to our last Blacklister, Natalie Luca …
Aram: Typhoid Mary.
Liz: Stone used her to kill Reddington’s accountant and money-launderer, Zack Smoll.
Cooper: Ressler, Navabi, get with DGSE. See what they can tell us about the murdered courier.
Ressler: With all due respect, sir. It seemsthat Reddington gave us this case to protect himself.
Liz: Against someone we should be interested in taking down anyway.
Ressler: We’ll, can we at least put a clock on it?
Cooper: Why? Is there somewhere else you have to be?
Ressler: Look, I’m just saying. If it turns out we end up doing all the heavy lifting for him, maybe we shouldn’t devote too much time to it.
Cooper: I understand there’s a line, Agent Ressler, and that you think he’s crossed it, but I disagree. Reddington insists his courier’s death was part of a larger threat and we’re going to investigate it.
Samar: Everything okay? With the phone call?
Ressler: Yeah. It’s just stuff.
Samar: “Stuff”?
Ressler: Yeah, stuff. Everything’s fine.

Samar: Thank you for coming, Director. We were hoping the DGSE could tell us about the hit-and-run in Paris.
Director: We actually know very little. No identification. No cell phone.
Ressler: We understand he had more than $30,000 on US bills on him.
Director: Counterfeit bills. Untraceable.
Samar: We’d like to review any eyewitness reports.
Director: We’ll, I’ll forward them from the police prefecture – if you tell me why you are so interested in a random hit-and-run.
Ressler: We believe the victim was a courier.
Director: For whom?
Samar: We’re not at liberty to say–
Ressler: Raymond Reddington. Your intel could help us with him.
Director: You will have the eyewitness reports within the hour, as well as surveillance footage.
Samar: You have video from the hit-and-run?
Director: Of a nearby bar where the victim had been moments before the incident. If it helps you find Raymond Reddington after all these years, I’ll be happy to help.

[ Tom is watching TV coverage of the plane crash that took his father’s life ]

TV Announcer: Officials have confirmed that there were no survivors in the recent crash of the private plane owned by CEO of Halcyon Aegis, Howard Hargrave. Investigators are still on the scene and will continue …

Tom: [ On phone ] Dembe. Tell him it’s me. We need to talk.

[ Monte Carlo, Monaco ]
Corina: I love this place.
Stratos: I know you don’t like him, but Mr Reddington, he takes care of his people. Come on. I want to go to the tables.
Corina: Darling, I’m basking. And I’m dying to bask in that beautiful bathtub.
Stratos: Bask away but hurry. I need my good luck charm. Mmmm.
[ They kiss. She swats his butt lightheartedly as he leaves ]

[ Corina steps into the bathroom, shedding her white terry robe to reveal a black bra and panties. She turns on the water in the tub, takes a red gown from the closet and steps back into the bedroom. Two women, dressed in black are standing there. Isabella Stone is middle-aged and has short-cropped blondish hair. Her assistant, Charlotte Hart, the woman from the site of the hit-and-run, has long black hair. ]
[ Corina Gasps ]
Corina: Please don’t shoot.
Isabella Stone: Oh, honey, I’m not going to shoot you. The gun is only to make sure you stay quiet while Charlotte strangles you.
[ Choking sounds ]
Corina: We need the dress.

[ Washington D.C. ]
Ressler: Bypass surgery? Did you get a second opinion? … Well, when is he scheduled to go under? … Yeah. I’m gonna get there as soon as I can. … You too, Mom.
[ Hangs up ]
[ Aram walks up ]
Aram: Hey. Extra large cherry Slurpee says I can get Mr Cooper to say “You’re going to Fredericksburg.”
Ressler: What are you talking about?

[ The team gathers around Aram’s desk ]
Cooper: What do we know?
Aram: Okay, so, I think I found something. I’ve been combing through the security footage that the Paris police sent us from the bar, and watch this. Do you see it?
Cooper: See what?
Aram: Hideous sweater. The coffee cup in the corner.
Samar: What about him?
Aram: I think he’s watching Mr Reddington’s courier.
Ressler: How can you tell?
Aram: Okay, check it out. At 42 minutes and 11 seconds in, the courier gets up to go. Now, watch the sweater.
Liz: So what? He’s thirsty.
Aram: No, no, no. Watch, watch. See how long he’s holding the cup in front of his mouth? How he is trying to be discreet?
Liz: He’s talking into a mike.
Aram: And following Mr Reddington’s courier out the door.
Cooper: Can you get a better image?
Aram: I can, and I did. Courtesy of new software I downloaded from FAVIAU. FAVIAU: Forensic Audio and Video Image Analysis Unit. The chief engineer and I are in a hacky sack circle.
Samar: Hacky sack?
Aram: Oh, yeah. They are making a huge comeback. Footbag workouts are actually a great cardiovascular exercise. It’s good for balance–
Cooper: Sounds great. How about that image?
Aram: Right. [ Keyboard clacking ] Boom.
Ressler: That’s a pretty picture. You get an ID.
Aram: Yes. Charles “Chip” Murphy. Former NCIS agent. Delaware driver’s license.
Cooper: Address.
Aram: No fixed address since his discharge five years ago. But he does own a storage unit in Fredericksburg, Virginia.
Cooper: You’re going to Fredericksburg.
[ Aram grins at Ressler ]

[ Red is in a backlit workshop, tinkering with a tiny, intricate piece of machinery ]
[ Tom has come to see him ]
Tom: My father is dead. She’s the only one left who knows who I am.
Red: You’re Elizabeth’s husband and Agnes’ father.
Tom: Who I was.
Red: You need to stay away from Scottie Hargrave.
Tom: Yeah, I know. You said that. My question is why?
Red: My question is “why not?” You have a wife and a child and a life. Leave well enough alone.
Tom: I told Liz I would, that it doesn’t matter. And it doesn’t. It wouldn’t, except that you told me not to let Scottie Hargrave know that I am her son, that if I did I would never find the truth I’ve been looking for. What does that mean?
Red: He’s dead, Tom.
Tom: What truth? You knew my father.
Red: I had a brief professional relationship with your father, a man who wrestled with significant demons. I know his wife, your mother, is a manipulative creature whose own husband didn’t trust her, whose answers to the questions you want to answer could never be trusted. All that really matters is that you vanished off the face of the earth nearly 30 years ago, and yet here you are. Leave the past in the past, Tom. Nothing good will come from digging up secrets.

[ At Murphy’s storage facility in Fredericksburg ]
Attendant: Sorry, sport. I can’t let you guys in a unit unless you guys have a warrant.
Liz: Can you at least confirm the name of the lessee?
Attendant: No. Now if you’ll excuse me, I gotta get back to the front office.
Liz: Give us a minute, okay? We gotta make a few calls.
[ Attendant leaves ]
Ressler: Let me call the U.S. Attorney’s office in Richmond, see if I can’t get an ETA on that warrant.
Liz: We don’t have time for that. For all we know, Murphy’s on his way back from Paris right now. If there is something incriminating in here, then he might come back and get it before we can get a warrant.
[ Liz fishes for something to break the lock ]
Ressler: Jesus, Keen, you just got your badge back.
Liz: Because of Reddington. He needs our help.
Ressler: So what? We just drop everything? We put off everything to help this guy? No, it’s too much, Keen. The guy demands too much. I’m not going in there without a warrant, and neither should you.
[ Lock clicks ] [ Liz enters the storage locker. The room has a computer and file cabinets. She defeats the lock on a file cabinet, takes out files and begins going through them ]

[ Cellphone rings; Dembe hands phone to Reddington ]
Dembe: Raymond.
[ Ring, beep ]
Red: Elizabeth.
Liz: We found a pop-up safe house used by one of Stone’s operatives, Charles Murphy. He has dossiers and photographs of Zack Smoll, your courier, and the man you were meeting with the other day.
Red: Stratos?
Liz: Sarantos, yeah. And there’s a file on a woman with the same last name, Corina Sarantos? Is that his wife? His sister?
Red: I have to go. [ Hangs up ]
Liz: Reddington, wait [ Groans ]

[ In the casino at the hotel outside Monte Carlo ]
[ Indistinct conversations ] [ Cheering ]
[ Murphy slips a vial of something into Stratos’ drink ]
Stratos: [ Blows air ] 7 or 11. 7 or 11.
[ Cheering ]
Stratos: Yes!
[ Stratos downs the rest of his drink ]
Murphy: [ Into small handheld mike ] He just took the sedative. Cue the wife in 30 seconds.
[ Cellphone rings ]
Stratos: Raymond. I’m at the tables.
Red: Stratos, listen to me. You’re in danger.
Stratos: I can’t hear you.
Man at table: [ Speaking French ]
Stratos: I gotta hang up.
Red: Stratos.
Stratos: I’ll call you right back.
[ Phone snaps shut ] [ Blows air ] [ Cheering ]
Stratos: Yes!
Isabella Stone, dressed as Corina: You son of a bitch.
Stratos: Corina, what are you–
Isabella/”Corina”: You are drunk!
Stratos: What the–
[ Isabella slaps Stratos ]
Isabella: How dare you! We talked about this. Talked about you, Reddington.
Stratos: Lower your voice.
Isabella: You should be ashamed of yourself.
Stratos: What the hell is wrong? What did I do?
Isabella: Not here.
[ They head up the staircase. Cellphone rings ]
Isabella: Don’t you dare pick that up!
[ Stratos and Isabella/”Corina” enter the hotel room where Corina’s body is propped against the bed ]
[ Ring ] [ Ring ] [ Ring ]
Stratos: [ Groggy ] Hello?
Red: Stratos, listen to me. You and Corina, you’re in danger.
Stratos: Red, I can’t [ Gasps, collapses ]
Red: Stratos? Are you there? If you can hear me, get out of the hotel. Stratos? Stratos? Are you there?
[ Isabella peels off her wig ]
Isabella: Let’s move.

[ Minutes later, Corina’s body is wearing the red dress. Murphy presses Stratos’ fingers against Corina’s neck ]
Isabella: Perfect. Although I do think I wore it better. On my signal. Set.
[ Phone beeps ]
Isabella: Hotel security, please. Y-yes, the- the- The people in the room next door are having a terrible row. Hurry! I think he’s killing her!
Charlotte Hart: [ Screams, from the adjoining room ]

Samar: I’m excited. This is my first time in Monte Carlo. A lifetime of traveling the world, and I finally make it to the Côte D’Azur. My favorite number is 36. So if we get the chance, we’re going to the roulette table, and we’re placing a hundred on red 36.
[ Ressler is non-responsive ]
Samar: [ Teasingly ] What? You don’t like 36? You don’t like red? Hey.
Ressler: My brother’s going in for surgery.
Samar: Oh, God. Is it serious? What’s wrong?
Ressler: What’s wrong is I’m here in Monaco when my brother’s going in for surgery. I mean, maybe if it was for the right reason, I-I wouldn’t have a problem, but it’s not. It’s for Reddington. He might as well sign our checks. We work for him.
Samar: What’s wrong with your brother?
Ressler: It’s his heart. They found a blockage. He’s gonna go in for a bypass in the morning.
Samar: I’m sure he’ll be fine. A bypass is very common these days. It’s good they caught it.
Ressler: So this guy Stratos, what do we know?

Red: He was framed.
Cooper: Judging by the preliminary crime scene analysis, I’d have to disagree.
Red: I can count the things I envy in this life. Their relationship was one. Corina was his soul mate.

[ Stratos is being interrogated by Etienne Chiras. Ressler and Samar are observing ]
Stratos: I didn’t kill my wife.
Chiras: Hmm. Tell me about Raymond Reddington.
Stratos: There’s nothing to tell.
Chiras: She didn’t like him, did she? Is that why you killed her? Because she didn’t want you working with Reddington?
Stratos: I didn’t kill my wife.
Chiras: She pushed you
Stratos: No!
Chiras: And slapped you.
Stratos: That was not her!
Chiras: She taunted you in public and five minutes later, a witness reported hearing her scream for her life.
Stratos: That woman, whoever she was, she was not Corina.

Cooper: First, your courier and the bearer bonds. Now Stratos. How are they connected?
Red: They’re not. But those bonds are traceable back to a shell company I own. A fact which I’m confident Isabella Stone will use to my disadvantage.

[ At an airport ]
MD on phone: Nigeria. Yeah, one week. Because they need doctors, Albert. You should come next time.
[ Murphy exchanges the doctor’s rolling suitcase for his own and walks away ]

Chiras: We have witnesses in the casino, in the stairwell, the next room.
Stratos: Listen to me, please, believe me When I went back to the room, Corina was already dead.
Chiras: We have your fingerprints on her neck.
Stratos: Because they put them there.
Chiras: Ah.
Stratos: Somebody drugged me. My hands, they put my hands on her neck.
Chiras: “They” did? The people who framed you? A mild-mannered leasing agent for cargo ships, here to celebrate your wedding anniversary.
Stratos: [ Smacks lips ] [ Breathes unevenly ] Our 23rd.
Chiras: Tell me about Raymond Reddington.

Cooper: How much does Stratos know about your operations?
Red: I first met Stratos Sarantos when he was running guns to Cypriot resistance fighters in 1987. For more than 20 years, he’s overseen my shipping concerns from the Bosphorus to the Suez Canal. He knows enough.
Cooper: So you are afraid he’ll talk.
Red: Stratos is very loyal. I’m not afraid he’ll talk. I’m afraid of what they’ll do to him when he won’t.
Chiras: You know who they are? FBI.
Red: Your people are on site?
Cooper: Yes. With all the necessary extradition documents. That won’t be enough.
Chiras: They want me to give you over. But you’re up on a murder charge. So you’re not going anywhere.
Red: Isabella Stone is like Stratos to me. Baited the hook. Until he helps them reel me in, the only place he’s going is a very deep, dark hole.

[ At the hotel room, Chiras, Ressler, Samar and investigators ]
Gautier: We reviewed the hotel security footage from the corridor. One way in, one way out.
[ Camera shutter clicking ]
Gautier: The only two people to enter this room in the 27 hours preceding the murder, besides the maids, were Monsieur Sarantos and the victim.
Ressler: Who found the body?
Gautier: Hotel security. There was a call from a guest complaining about a loud commotion.
Samar: A guest? Is this an adjoining room?
Gautier: Yes. Room 21.
Ressler: Did you interview them?
Chiras: Her. No. Unfortunately, she checked out soon after the incident. Quite shaken, according to the clerk.
Samar: We’ll need access to the room.
Gautier: Mm-hmm.
Ressler: [ Breathes sharply ] So much for one way in.

[ At the Post Office ]
Aram: All right, the hotel takes photocopies of every guest’s passport. This is the person registered in room 21 the day of the murder.
Cooper: Hallie Johnson?
Aram: Oh, no. It’s a fake. A very good one, but FACE Facial Recognition gave us another hit.
Her real name is Charlotte Hart.
Cooper: Did you find a connection between her and Murphy?
Aram: They both worked for this woman, Murphy as a private investigator, and Hart as an event planner.
Liz: Isn’t that Judith Pruitt, the one whose husband was arrested?
Aram: Yeah, Gavin Pruitt, CEO of Pruitt Securities, one of the first big Wall Street pyramid schemes to go down in the late ’90s. Pruitt insisted he was innocent, but in the end, he was convicted on 11 felony counts Perjury, money laundering, securities fraud. Sentenced to 10 years at FCI Petersburg. In the end, he was stabbed to death by a fellow convict.
Liz: What if he was innocent? Or Judith thought he was innocent?
Cooper: She stood by him. Through the trial, the sentencing. Her support was unflagging.
Liz: Look at the victimology. Dr. Eric Bannon, an esteemed cardiologist, butchering his patients for fat fees. Cynthia Brooks, an international fashion icon, exploiting Third World child labor–
Cooper: Red Reddington, crime kingpin.
Liz: Powerful and guilty as sin, all of them. What better way for the bereaved wife of an innocent man – a powerful man, destroyed, humiliated, imprisoned, and murdered – What better way for her to strike back than to inflict the same fate on the guilty?
Cooper: I’ve heard that she’s very active around town. Political fundraisers, charity events.
Aram: Oh, yeah, you’re right. Uh, from what I’ve been able to find, she’s been keeping up social appearances ever since her husband died. I did some digging on social media and found this.
[ A video pops up of a kitten mewing with a carton of Chinese noodles on its head ]
Aram: Sorry. It’s not that. [ Chuckles ] All right, this is it. According to their event page, she is a major donor and will be at their fundraiser this afternoon at the Mandarin Oriental hotel.
[ Taps key ]

[ Tom is going through old newspaper clippings about his parents, Halcyon Aegis (“Private Military Group, Halcyon Aegis, Wins Pentagon Contract,” “Halcyon Aegis Company Announces Third QT Profits Up 24%”), and his own disappearance (“Hargraves Double Reward for Information on Son’s Disappearance”). He then searches “Christopher Hargrave disappearance” on his computer ]

[ Knock on door ]
Tom: Um, Detective Kotchwar?
Kotchwar: Nope, he’s retired.
Tom: Uh, sir. Sir? Please, just one- one minute. 30 years ago, you were the lead detective in the disappearance of a boy who vanished from a rental home in Ocean City. His name was Christopher Hargrave.
Kotchwar: Yeah, he didn’t vanish.
Tom: Can you tell me what happened?
Kotchwar: He died.
Tom: Sir, that’s not possible.
Kotchwar: What makes you think that?
Tom: Because I’m Christopher Hargrave.

Policeman: Monsieur Leroy Bloom?
Red/”Leroy Bloom”: 25 years in Chicago parking on the street, and my car gets taken in Monte Carlo. I’m telling you, my mother used to say, a driver’s license is nothing but an invitation to injury and heartache. She was agoraphobic–
Policeman: Monsieur, did you see the person who took your vehicle?
Red: Yes, absolutely I saw them. They took the damn thing right in front of me. They had the audacity to wave as they went away.
Policeman: A description?
Red: Uh, well, the one, the- The white one had a ponytail. The other, the black one, very worked out. He must drink a ton of those muscle shakes.
Policeman: The car?
Red: Gray Mercedes. CLS-550. License plate “B” as in boy. “A” as in apple–
Policeman: Please, just say the letters.
Red/: Right, okay. Uh, BA 204 T R. God knows where they are now and what they’ve done to my car.

[ At the charity event ]
MC: Ladies and gentlemen, our fundraising efforts have once again exceeded our goals, allowing us to continue to help needy people in every country on earth. [ Applause ] I now have the distinct pleasure to introduce the man behind all this good work. Our chairman, Dr. Justin Sperry.
[ Applause ]
Dr Justin Sperry: Thank you, Joy. Good afternoon, friends. Isn’t this a glorious day? I’m sure you all feel terrific. You know why? Because it feels good to do good. [ Applause ] We’ve saved thousands and thousands of lives by delivering everything from basic medical care and immunizations, to advanced prosthetics and sophisticated surgical procedures. [ Beeping ] Facial reconstruction. Spinal fusions.
Isabella: [ Quietly, into mike ] Right on schedule.

Aram: One of the physician volunteers for the Sperry Medical Foundation was just arrested by Nigerian Customs for trying to smuggle $22 million in bonds held by one of Mr. Reddington’s shell corporations. Oh, man. It is all over the news. Sources allege that the charity’s a front to bypass inspections and move contraband between borders. The chairman of the foundation is Dr. Justin Sperry. And he is the keynote speaker at today’s charity gala.
[ Crowd murmuring ] [ The MC comes up and whispers something to him ]
Dr Sperry: I- Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen.
[ Dr Sperry abruptly leaves the stage ]
Liz: This is part of Isabella Stone’s campaign against Reddington. She’s killed others because they worked for Reddington. If Sperry does, too, discrediting him may not be all she has planned.
Cooper: Get a SWAT team and get to that event now.
[ Crowd murmuring, shouting ]
Isabella Stone: [ Whispering into mike ] And he’s on the move. It’s time.
[ Murmuring continues ]

[ At a police lineup ]
Red: That’s them. 100%. Ponytail. Muscle shake.
Policeman: D’accord, Monsieur Bloom. We’ll need your passport again for some paperwork. And you should have your car right away.
Red: I can’t thank you enough. And I apologize in advance.
[ Red punches the policeman, points gun at him ]
Red: Drop it, please. And would you do me the courtesy of sliding it over? [ Gun slides ] Lovely.
Unlock it. [ Lock clicks ]
Chiras: [ About to enter ] Reddington.
Red: Ah, ah, ah, ah.
[ Chiras joins the policeman and guard in the cell, which is locked behind them ]

[ Red, Dembe and Baz come to the cell holding Stratos ]
Red: Stratos.
Stratos: I knew you’d come.
Red: Time to go, my friend.
[ Lock clicks ]

[ At the now empty room in which the charity event had been held ]
Liz: Agent Keen, FBI.
MC: Great. You’re here to arrest him now? You’re too late. He’s gone.
Liz: I’m not looking for Dr. Sperry. I’m looking for this woman. Judith Pruitt.
MC: I don’t understand. Judy’s the only one that was nice. Everyone else walked out. Some people stormed. They said the most horrible things about Justin after all the good work he’s done.
Liz: Do you know where she went? Did she say?
MC: She’s with him. She insisted. Said he shouldn’t be alone, so she followed him home.
Liz: He can drive?
MC: Of course not. He uses a service. It picks him up and takes him where he needs to go.

[ At the jail ]
[ Alarm blaring ]
[ Red, Stratos, Dembe and Baz are making their way through a labyrinth of corridors. Guards show up and a 💥💥gunfight 💥💥 ensures. Stratos is shot in the back. Red grabs him, and spins him around, shooting 💥💥 ] [ Stratos sinks against a wall ]
Stratos: I can’t.
[ Red pulls back Stratos suit coat and sees he is bleeding heavily, shot through his right lung ]
Red: Oh, we gotta get you out of here.
Stratos: [ Gasping ] I can’t make it.
Red: Yes, you can.
Stratos: Go. You have to go now.
Red: No. No, no, I’m not leaving you.
Dembe: We need to move. He won’t survive the escape.
Stratos: He’s right. Red, I won’t make it. Just give me a gun. It’s okay.
Dembe: We go now, we can make it.
Stratos: Please go. It’s okay. Go.
[ 💥💥 Gunfire 💥💥 and alarm continue ]
Red: Whatever happens, whatever you do, just know your children will be cared for and your honor is intact.
[ 💥💥 Gunfire 💥💥 and alarm continue ]
[ Gasping ] [ Red hugs Stratos and kisses him, then reluctantly leaves ]
[ 💥💥 Gunfire 💥💥 and alarm continue ] [ At last, the three climb a staircase toward sunlight ][ 💥Gunshot ] [ Red hesitates ]
Dembe: Raymond, no.
[ Dembe grabs Red by the arm to get him to leave ]

[ In D.C. ]
Samar: Aram, we just touched down. We’re heading to you now. Where are we on the case?
Aram: Okay, we have a lead on Isabella Stone and the man we believe to be her next target, the chairman of the Sperry Medical Foundation. They’re on their way to his home in Falls Church right now.
Ressler: Okay, well, what did the doctor say?
Samar: Can you text me an address?
Aram: Yeah, sending now, along with satellite imagery of the property.
Cooper: Agent Keen and a team are en route.
Ressler: All right, well, please call me when he gets out then.
Samar: Have you called ahead?
Aram: Yes. Oh, and Sperry’s a paraplegic with a live-in nurse. I’ve tried calling a bunch of times, but, uh, no one’s picking up.
Samar: Keep trying. What’s her name?

Dr Sperry: Gretchen! Gretchen!
Isabella: I don’t think she’s in any condition to hear you now. She has quite the drinking problem.
My friend, Mr. Murphy, took the liberty of letting himself in when she was at the dry cleaners picking up your suit today. Slipped a little something into her brandy.
Sperry: I don’t understand. What do you people want?
Isabella: Oh, nothing’s that not well within your skill set, Dr. Sperry. All we want is for you to tell the truth. Charlotte.
[ Charlotte has set up a video camera ]

[ Red and Dembe are flying back in Red’s private plane ]
Cooper: [ On phone ] I told you, we’d handle Stratos.
Red: Yes, but you failed.
Cooper: Breaking him out was never our intention.
Red: I did what I thought was necessary.
Cooper: And now he’s dead, a man you said would do anything to protect you.
Red: Isabella Stone.
Cooper: She used the bonds to expose your involvement in the Sperry Medical Foundation.
Red: I’m told you have the location.
Cooper: Correct. Keen, Ressler, and Navabi are in pursuit.
Red: I need to speak with her the moment she’s detained.
Cooper: Oh, that’s not gonna happen.
Red: I wasn’t asking permission.
Cooper: Hey. I stood by you. Signed off on cases that are increasingly personal to you. I have done that. Over the objections of both agents I respect and superiors I answer to. So before you start telling me what it is you wa–
[ Red hangs up on Cooper ]
Red: [ Sighs ]
Dembe: Maybe we shouldn’t have gone there, Raymond. You keep putting yourself in more and more danger every year, every day. And people are dying all around you.
Red: I don’t know how to respond to that.

Dr Sperry: I’m not going to read this. Th-This is nonsense.
Isabella: Is it? Because my source was quite certain that Reddington has donated millions to your foundation.
Sperry: You have no proof.
Isabella: Ah, but we do. Our source has provided us with a boringly large number of financial documents detailing wire transfers between Reddington’s shell companies and the Sperry Medical Foundation.
Sperry: And the rest? This allegation that we’ve acted as some sort of personal courier for him to-to move contraband? That’s a disgusting lie. And you know as well as I do that those bonds were planted in my doctor’s suitcase.
Isabella: Which is why I am so glad that I can count on people buying into appearances. Cubic zirconia. But the bonds, they’re just not damning enough. I so need your cooperation.
Sperry: Forget it. I-I won’t do it.
Isabella: Oh, you will. And I urge you to be convincing. After all, your life depends on it. To enter the water strapped into that wheelchair, a last tragic act of a desperate man, his charity exposed as being part of an underground shipping cartel for a notorious criminal.
Sperry: Nobody’s gonna believe this.
Isabella: Oh, I think they will. Trust me, Dr. Sperry, no matter how sterling your reputation, people will believe the most awful things.
[ Isabella pushes Sperry’s wheelchair right up to the edge of the pool ]
Sperry: All right, all right, all right! All right.
Isabella: All right. I’m glad we’re on the same page. Let’s get started.
Sperry: [ Reading ] Ladies and gentlemen, those of you who have been kind enough to support the Sperry Medical Foundation in the past with your contributions, and especially the brave and skilled physicians who have selflessly volunteered their services, I owe you all a heartfelt apology and a confession. For decades, I have not only accepted millions of dollars from Raymond Reddington, a known criminal, but have deliberately subverted our stated mission using our access to various host-nations
[ FBI storm the scene ]
Dr Sperry: Oh! Help! Help!
[ Murphy pushes the wheelchair into the swimming pool ]
– FBI!
– Hands! Let me see.
[ 💥💥 Gunfire 💥💥 ]
– Show me your hands now! Up! Now!
[ Liz dives into the pool, unstraps Sperry and pulls him to the surface ]
[ Gasps ] [ Coughs ]

[ Police radio chatter ] [ Man speaking indistinctly over radio ]
[ Liz sits in the back of a van, wrapped in a blanket ]
[ Isabella Stone is led out and put in a police car ] [ Car doors close ]

[ Samar and Ressler are interrogating Isabella Stone ]
Samar: Who were you working for? Who contracted you to go after the people working for Reddington?
Isabella: You should be thanking me.
Ressler: For what?
Isabella: For targeting him, hurting him.
Samar: The name.
Isabella: Unless I’m mistaken, Reddington is on your most-wanted list.
Samar: And to get him, we need to get the people close to him. The person who hired you knows who those people are.
Ressler: See, you wanna hurt Reddington. We wanna capture him. It seems like we both want the same things.
Isabella: I can assure you, we do not.
Ressler: Hmm. Well, you’re looking at life in prison, so maybe you help us and we’ll help you.
Isabella: Oh, I can help you. But I’m never gonna do that.

Red: I was relieved to hear about Justin. He’s a good man.
Liz: Is there any truth to Stone’s allegations?
Red: Only in so far as I’ve made substantial anonymous contributions to his foundation. But there have never been any strings attached. I consider Justin to be a saint. Or as close to a saint as one can be in this world.
Liz: You know him?
Red: I met him a decade ago in West Africa. The WHO and the Gabonese Ministry of Health had declared a hemorrhagic fever outbreak in the Ogooué-Ivindo Province. I happened to be in the area transporting materials to the Congolese border when we ran into an improvised roadblock of broken crates and rusty barrels. And I ordered my men to clear the road, when out steps this young, skinny kid, fresh out of Harvard Medical School. Justin hadn’t yet lost the use of his limbs. Although, even then, he was showing early signs of the ALS that would eventually claim his mobility. But he was fearless. A lion. He demanded to commandeer our convoy in order to transport refugees to Ekata. He was unarmed. I had a security detail of a dozen international battle-hardened mercenaries.
Liz: What did you do?
Red: In the face of that kind of will, I re-organized my cargo and complied with his demands. What progress have you made with Isabella Stone?
Liz: None. She won’t cooperate. If someone hired her to come after you, she won’t say who.
Red: The truth will out. It always does.
Liz: What is this?
Red: For Agnes.
[ Marika Hackman’s ♪ “Before I Sleep” playing ] Oh, it’s beautiful.
Red: You’ll find your time with her goes by too quickly. That’s why cuckoo clocks are perfect. I don’t really care what time it is. I just want to hear the birds sing.

♪ So drink your holy water soon
And I’ll wash my loving hands
I’m through

♪ For I am of the sun
And this night is getting on
When the dawn breaks warm I’m gone

Samar: Your brother?
Ressler: [ Exhales slowly ] He’s fine. [ Voice breaks ] But he might not have been. I should’ve been there.
Samar: You were working. Whether Reddington is involved or not, it’s your job.
Ressler: He’s my brother. I should’ve been there.

[ Police vehicles transporting Isabella Stone are caught in a trap laid by Red’s men. Vehicles careen and 💥🔥 crash 🔥💥 in a fiery melee. The vehicle containing Isabella Stone is rolled over. She is hurt but conscious ]

♪ … Well, I hope you find
The peace you seek …

♪ For we exist at night
And a silent strip of light
Unfurls against the mountain side

[ Tom is sitting on the floor surrounded by papers listening to a video of a man ]

Richard Game: When I went into his room, there was a little light on. Like a night-light. Enough to get around.
Man: And you had a knife at that time?
Game: Yeah. When I came in through the kitchen, there was a thing there, holds knives, by the oven. I grabbed one.
Man: And did you put the knife in your pocket?
Game: Yeah. Didn’t need it. When I walked up to him, he was sleeping there. Like a doll or something.

[ Liz arrives home ]
Liz: Hey, babe. You know, I was thinking about your dad, and you’re right. [ Door closes ] We should just let it lie. I don’t think that there’s any reason for us to look into your past.
Tom: Yeah, about that.
Liz: Honey, these are police reports. What do those have to do with your dad?
Tom: They don’t. They’re about me.
Liz: [ Referring to the video ] Who’s that?
Tom: That’s Richard Game. The man who murdered me.

Game: When I picked him up, he sorta looked at me a minute. Like maybe he knew me. Then he started slapping, or hitting. So I put my hand over his mouth. Guess he was trying to fight.

[ In a frozen storage locker, a hood is removed from Isabella’s head ]
Red: Isabella, we have much to talk about.

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༺✦ ♤ ✦༻




♫ Before I Sleep
By Marika Hackman

♪ Burning, the roads through my mind are on fire
For the light you shed was blinding
A rabbit, caught in your glow, I am frozen
In the yielding tar, sticky and golden

♪ I foresee this ending in a shower of flame
So drink your holy water soon
And I’ll wash my loving hands
I’m through

♪ For I am of the sun
And this night is getting on
When the dawn breaks warm I’m gone

♪ Standing, at the edge of your forest, I’m standing
And the milky bed reminds me of the miles I have yet to tread

♪ And the heart-stained sheets I used to wrap around my waist
Well I hope you find the peace you seek
Wake me up in five, six weeks

♪ For we exist at night
And a silent strip of light
Unfurls against the mountain side

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2kVx1xh
YouTube: https://youtu.be/On8ZtIQkaIQ

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❌❌❌ End 4:13 Isabella Stone


🔴 Script: 4:14 The Architect (№ 107)

Program air date: 2/16/2017 in the US
Permalink: http://wp.me/pDKwi-4ne
Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/2lk0h3u

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Christine Gee
Written by: Chap Taylor, Dave Metzger

⭕ Script: 4:14 The Architect (№ 107)

Blurb: The ties between Red and the FBI are becoming increasingly frayed as Red takes things into his own hands to find out who is behind the death of his accountant.


♪ the first thing I remember knowing ♪
♪ was a lonesome whistle blowing ♪
♪ and a young’un’s dream of growing up ♪

[ Inside a prison, Lonnie Perkins eats his last meal ]
Minister Dawkins: Brought you a Bible, Lonnie.
Lonnie Perkins: A little late for saving souls, ain’t it, Preacher?
Dawkins: I’d suggest Luke 21:36. “Pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things.”

♪ one and only rebel child ♪
♪ from a family, meek and mild ♪
♪ my Mama seemed to know what lay in store ♪
♪ despite my Sunday learning ♪

[ Lonnie flips through the pages of the Bible and finds a detailed map of the prison facility. He smiles, chuckles ]

♪ towards the bad, I kept on turning ♪
♪ till Mama couldn’t hold me anymore ♪
♪ dear old Daddy, rest his soul ♪
♪ left my Mom a heavy load ♪
♪ she tried so very hard to fill his shoes ♪
♪ working hours without rest ♪

[ A caravan of black SUVs heads out. Inside one of the SUVs are several guards and a large box marked “DANGER High Magnetic Field” ]
Guard 1: What do you think is in there?
Guard 2: What’s say you open it up, stick your head in, and take a gander?

♪ she tried to raise me right ♪

[ Tires screech ] [ Vehicle stops ]

♪ I turned 21 in prison ♪

[ 💥💥 Gunshots 💥💥 blast through the SUV ] [ The driver’s brains are splayed across the window between the cab and the back ]

♪ doing life without parole ♪

[ Grunting, groaning ]
Guard: Charliehorse, we’re under attack!
[ The guards are all wounded or killed ]

♪ but her pleading, I denied ♪

[ Whirring ] [ Fog seeps through the bulletholes. The back door is 💥 blasted off. A masked figure can be seen through the fog pointing a gun inside the SUV ]
[ Engine revving ]

♪ ’cause Mama tried ♪

[ Inside an ice storage facility, Isabella Stone sits tied to a chair. She is lightly dressed in short sleeves while Red and Dembe are wearing heavy winter overcoats ]
Red: You’ve murdered my friends and colleagues. You blackmailed a man I hold in the highest esteem. You seem to have a comprehensive knowledge of my life that you could only realize through an association with someone close to me.
Isabella Stone/Judith Pruitt: You don’t recognize me, do you?
Red: I want to know who hired you.
Isabella: Gavin Pruitt was my husband.
Red: Most people think the danger in a situation like this is the cold. The more immediate danger is the oxygen supply. Answer my question, or you will suffocate long before you freeze to death.
Isabella: Gavin set up your tax havens in Mauritius. And when the Feds got to him, you thought he would talk. So you had him killed.
Red: I want a name.
[ Cellphone rings ]
Dembe: Raymond, it’s Cooper.
[ Red steps outside ]
Red: Harold, what can I do for you?
Cooper: Give me back my prisoner.
Red: [ Innocently ] Which prisoner?
Cooper: You know exactly who I’m talking about, Reddington. Isabella Stone.
Red: She’s perfectly safe. I have every intention of returning her to your custody as soon as she’s given me the information I need.
Cooper: You’ve gone too far. I just came from Main Justice. They threatened to shut us down.
Red: They’re bluffing.
Cooper: Are they? From their point of view, you’ve become a bigger liability than an asset.
Red: Harold, what’s happening here? You sound desperate.
Cooper: From the beginning, this has been all about serving your agenda. And I’ve rolled with that because I genuinely believe this task force makes the world a safer place.
Red: You aren’t being naive–
Cooper: You’re damn right! Not anymore. Now I want a name. I want a big one, not some independent contractor like Stone.
Red: You can’t just order up super-criminals like Chinese takeout, Harold.
Cooper: I want it now.
Red: The Architect.

Cooper: London, 2014. A tanker loading diesel fuel explodes. 10 minutes later, a water main fails, flooding Covent Garden. Only after authorities pumped out the water did they realize $100 million in diamonds had been stolen from a nearby vault. According to Reddington, this was the work of The Architect, who, for a price, will design, construct, and execute the perfect crime.
Cortina, Italy, 2011– A safety canon malfunctions, setting off a devastating avalanche. Two weeks earlier, a Brazilian art collector’s home was broken into. Nothing of value was stolen, but, panicked by the break-in, the collector shipped a Caravaggio to a secure facility in Geneva, whose director would be killed in the avalanche. The man who signed for the old master was an imposter, and the Caravaggio disappeared.
Reddington says The Architect is in Philadelphia recruiting hackers at an underground gathering called Black Mass 13.
Liz: Sounds like a slasher movie.
Aram: More like a ghost story. Black Mass is where the worst of the worst compete to see who can hack a set of security measures. The winner is supposed to be hired for the type of gig that you don’t come back from with a soul– CP, industrial sabotage– real horror show stuff. Multiple hits on a hexadecimal embedded in postings containing the words “black,” “mass,” and “13.” And we have– [ Taps key ] We have a GPS coordinate in Philadelphia.
Liz: The location of the convention?
Aram: No. This is just the first step down the rabbit hole.

[ Philadelphia ]
[ Ressler and Liz are walking on a sidewalk ]
Aram: All right, guys, look for anything out of the ordinary.
[ Ressler sees a code on the side of a waste receptical ]
Ressler: Hey, Keen!
[ Liz photographs the code ]
Liz: “If foo equals first object oriented.”
Aram: Enter “then bar,” then an equal sign, then the words “binary arbitrary reason.”
Liz: Totally what I was gonna say. [ Taps key ]
Aram: 1955 South Hartford, Havertown.
Ressler: What are we gonna do when we get there?
Aram: It’s all about pattern recognition. Just– Just keep your eyes open.

[ Cellphone vibrates ] [ Beeps ]
Liz: Hey. Did you talk to Richard Game?
Tom: No, but I think I was wrong.
Liz: About what? Game confessed to killing you.
Tom: He’s dead. Turns out his mother’s still alive, so I’m gonna see her. Maybe she has some answers.
Liz: But wait. What were you wrong about?
Tom: I didn’t really care what Richard Game had to tell me until I find out he was dead, and now it’s all I want to know. Who my father was, who I was, why somebody wanted the world to believe I was dead. That’s what I was wrong about, saying it didn’t matter to me. But you were right. It does. I’ll call you if I find anything out.

Ressler: We’re here.
Aram: Do you see anything weird?
Ressler: I’m not loving the idea of a rabbit food smoothie, but other than that, no.
Aram: Can you send me a photo?
[ Door closes ] [ Shutter clicks ] [ Monitor beeps ]
Aram: Okay, I got it.
[ Liz is at the nearby food vendor ]
Liz: I’ll have a penny candy, please.
[ The woman behind the counter gives her a white plastic box with a keypad lock on it ]
Liz: Thank you. [ To Ressler: ] Oh, my God, there are so many combinations. This is gonna take hours.
Ressler: Here, let me see that.
[ Ressler drops the box and stomps on it. He picks up a computer chip ]
Ressler: How long did that take?

Cooper: Agent Ressler, a word.
Liz: I’ll give this to Aram.
Ressler: We found an SD chip. Aram should be able to use it to locate the Black Mass.
Cooper: Reven Wright was my superior and my friend, so I don’t like this any more than you, but the inquiry into her disappearance–
Ressler: Reven Wright didn’t disappear. She was murdered by Laurel Hitchin. We know that.
Cooper: The inquiry’s being shut down.
Ressler: [ Scoffs ] The president’s National Security Advisor is a murderer.
Cooper: There is no evidence of that, no witnesses, no prints, no case.
Ressler: The head of the justice division doesn’t just disappear.
Cooper: But until we can prove it, the case is closed.

Aram: Okay, I got something. It’s a pickup point, I think. 248 Garfield. 3:20 PM. It says, “Come alone and wear a yellow hat.”
Liz: We need to get an agent to that pickup point to get into Black Mass to ID The Architect.
Aram: Yeah, but whoever we send in would have to really know their stuff. Not just the programming, but the buzzwords, the culture. It’s gonna–
[ Liz and Samar both look at Aram ]
Aram: No. I can’t, not after last time.
Samar: You were amazing last time.
Aram: Which part, getting beaten to a pulp by my psycho girlfriend, or screaming our safe word like a baby who needs his diaper changed?
Cooper: The Architect is a mass murderer. This is our only chance to catch him. We need you to do this.

[ High-pitched whirring ]
[ A man loads a rocket launcher from the back of a truck and points it at an isolated, delapidated house in the countryside ]
Shooter: We’re hot.
[ Gunshot, explosion ] [ Rumbling ]
The Architect: Well, I believe that will do the job – quite nicely.

Aram: Are you getting the CCTV feeds?
Samar: Okay, we have eyes. Yellow hat, gray blazer. Very handsome.
Aram: And the, um, TAC team is standing by?
Samar: They’ll be in place as soon as you give us a location for the Black Mass site.
Aram: So when I ID The Architect, they’re gonna breach, right?
[ A plain white van stops. Aram gets in the back door, with rough assistance from a man inside ]
Ressler: All right, here we go.
[ Speaks indistinctly ] [ Doors close ]
[ There are three men inside ] [ One man gives Aram a black hood ]
Man: Put this on. Now. Let’s go.
Samar: [ Over comm ] We’re right here with you. We’re not going anywhere.

Red: There’s a man I know who works as a docent in a small museum in the Northwest. He recently remarried. Rotary Tuesdays. Euchre Fridays. A modest but happy life.
Isabella: Gavin and I played Euchre. Before you killed him.
Red: Gavin was a brilliant accountant. And an even better man. Who worshiped you. When the Feds came asking questions about the nature of his relationship with me, his only thoughts were about whether you and your children would be safe and well provided for.
Isabella: This person you described–
Red: I didn’t kill your husband. I helped him walk away from everything he loved to protect you and your innocence. Ironic.
Isabella: Where is he?
Red: Who hired you?
Isabella: I got an anonymous package [ Shivering ] detailing files a-about every aspect of your operations, and–
Red: And your payment?
Isabella: I received a credit stick. It’s in my apartment. It’s in the– the lining of a red silk dress. Now, my husband– where is he?
Red: He’s married.
[ Isabella breathes unevenly ]
Red: He remembers you as you were. To show him what you’ve become would be devastating. I’m not gonna tell you where he is. But I will turn the heat up. You must be chilled to the bone.

Samar: Aram, we’re tracking you through Lexington Park. You’re going northeast on Algon Avenue.
[ Suddenly the display screen goes staticy white ]
Ressler: What’s going on?
Cooper: Bring up another camera. [ It also displays white ]
Ressler: It must be some sort of jamming software.
Samar: Aram. [ Static hissing ] Aram, can you hear me? Aram? Cough twice if you can hear me.
[ Aram is being closely watched and cannot respond ]
Cooper: Contact Tactical Aviation. Give them specs on the van and a radius to work with. I want surveillance images within 10 minutes.

[ Birds chirping ] [ Vehicles passing ]
[ Tom knocks on the door of a house ] [ An elderly woman leans out of an upstairs window ]
Lucy Game: Who are you?
Tom: Uh, Ms. Lucy Game? My name is Frank Carraro. If I could bother just have a moment of your time. It’s about your son.
Lucy: My son is dead. Have some respect.
Tom: I’m with the Innocence Project, and we believe that your son spent time in prison for a crime he did not commit.
[ Inside the house ]
Tom: His name was Christopher Hargrave.
Lucy: Yeah, I remember.
Tom: Before he confessed, did he talk to anyone? A lawyer or his cellmate? Did anyone approach him?
Lucy: You obviously didn’t know my boy. Richard killed a lot of people. Took ’em apart in the garage out back. Did things to them– I’ll never forget.
Tom: Finding out what really happened to this boy would make a huge difference to the people who cared about Christopher Hargrave.
Lucy: Your services had better be used for someone who didn’t belong in prison. Richard never belonged anywhere else.

[ Aram arrives at the Black Mass site. He is scanned and checked through several stages. Loud music plays ]
Man: Just wait right here.[ Beeping ] All right, move. [ Beeping ] Wait right here. [ Crunches ] [ Beeping ]
[ Aram enters a large room filled with scores of computer monitors. Colorfully dressed young men and women hack away or congregate at a bar at one end of the room. Two super-sized displays are high on the wall at the other end display psychedelic images. Loud rock music screams, dominating the sound of voices. Everything is fast, sinister and wild ]

♪ all I’ve known all my life ♪

[ Indistinct conversations ]

♪ ’cause if not, I’m already dead ♪

[ A man comes up to Aram ]
Man: You looking for work?
Aram: Uh, you know, if, um, the job’s right.
Man: What do you know about batch credit card spoofing?
Aram: I’ve done, uh, some, you know. Uh, for cartels mostly. Not that you look like you work for a cartel. Maybe you do. Uh, how– how would I know? I’m–
[ Across the room at the bar, Aram recognizes “Elise”! – his former girlfriend, who was actually a one of a group of hackers called The Thrushes. She has changed her hair color from blonde to brown ]
Aram: Uh, excuse me. I think I see an old friend.

Aram: Elise, Excuse me. Um. Aren’t you supposed to be in jail?
[ Man speaking Russian ]
Elise: Now’s not a good time.
Aram: Oh, really? I’m sorry. Am– Am I inconveniencing you?
Elise: I said not now.
[ Cheering ]
– Yeah!
Bigsie Patel: Five minutes to HackStar! Nut up and get your hack on!
[ Crowd cheering ]
Bigsie: Whoa! Not a piggy-backed SQL injection like a rank amateur! Gettin’ tense, gettin’ tense, gettin’ tense! Come on, wizards! Second prize is a set of steak knives. Third prize is your picture on a milk carton!
[ Aram and Elise get into the contest, hacking away ]
Bigsie: Come on, come on, come on.
[ Error sounds, 💥🔥💥 explosion ] [ Aram has won! ]
Aram: Yes! Take that, biatch!
Bigsie: All right, all right, all right! We have a new heavyweight champion of the world!
[ Applause ]
[ Explosion 💥🔥💥 ] [ Gunfire 💥💥 Screaming ]
Elise: They find out that we work for the government, we’re dead.
Aram: What do you mean “we”?
[ They run to a stairwell ]
[ The Architect enters with his mercenaries ]
Architect: 51.3 seconds. Excellent.

Elise: Do you really think that the Feds are gonna let a prodigy like me rot in a jail cell?
[ Elise removes her glasses and pulls out a device ]
Aram: Is that a remote code cypher? Are you trying to steal proprietary ideas?
Elise: Why do you think that I’m here? I had three agencies fighting a cage match to cut a deal with me before your girlfriend even finished reading me my rights.
Aram: She is not my girlfriend.
Elise: Oh, you’re pathetic.
Aram: Wait, wait, wait, wait. Wait. Who won that cage match?
Elise: The NSA. Who do you think I’m stealing for?
Aram: The NSA? Are you kidding me?
Elise: Come on!

The Architect: 3.7 seconds ahead of schedule.
Bigsie Patel: Who– Who the hell are you?
Architect: Doesn’t matter who I am, Mr. Patel. What matters is I would very much like to speak to the young man who won your contest.
Bigsie: Uh, I-I don’t know where he is.
[ The Architect draws a pistol ] [ Bigsie breathes sharply ]
Architect: How tragic.
[💥Gunshot. Bigsie falls ] [ Grunts ]
Architect: [ To his mercs ] Find him. [ Amplified ] On the odd chance I don’t have it already, may I have your attention, please? Everyone, find a terminal. There’s something I need you to do.

Cooper: That’s all we’re getting?
[ Phone hangs up ]
Liz: Our techs can’t figure out how their encrypted feeds are being hacked.
Ressler: And The Architect’s got us flying blind.
Samar: Not quite. The blackout is specific to this six-square block area where The Architect doesn’t want us to look. Which means Black Mass is in there somewhere, and so is Aram.
Cooper: Keen, find out what he wants. Ressler, Navabi, get a team on site. We breach on Agent Mojtabi’s signal.
[ Red enters ]
Red: I need to speak with Aram.
Liz: Do you know where they’re holding Black Mass?
Red: It’s urgent, Lizzie.
Liz: Because we don’t, and that’s where he is.
Cooper: What do you want?
Red: To direct you to a warehouse in Annapolis operated by Newcastle Ice.
Cooper: Are you offering me free ice?
Red: An ice queen– Isabella Stone– returned as promised.
Cooper: Did she tell you who paid her to attack you?
Red: Only that we share the same bank. One that guarantees its depositors absolute privacy. I was hoping Aram could pull aside that veil of secrecy.
Liz: Help us locate Black Mass, and he can.
Red: As I told Harold when he browbeat me for a Blacklister, I’m otherwise occupied and in no position to assist. Sending Aram after The Architect was reckless. His absence complicates matters for me.
Cooper: I’ll inform Main Justice the minute we have Stone in custody. We’ll find out if that appeases them.
Red: And why do you want to appease them so badly? Will we ever find that out?

Elise: Who is that guy?
Aram: I don’t know. My job was to ID him.
Elise: Okay, and then what?
Ara: The cavalry was supposed to come.
Elise: Tell me you have a plan “B.”
Aram: Yeah, I’m working on it, Elise. Or whatever you’re calling yourself this week.

The Architect: [ Amplified ] A US power grid has never been compromised by hackers, for one reason– It requires the combined skills of people who are unwilling to work together. Today, you will work together – unwillingly.

Aram: The Architect is gonna have the exits covered. But the mercs have radios, and if I can get one and I can get to the roof, I can notify the FBI.
Elise: The roof? Please tell me you just said that to impress me.
Aram: If you think you’re that hot– Well, you are, but I don’t care. What I do care about is the lives of the people out there, so just– Okay. I need– I need something that burns. Oh, crap, come on. [ Speaks indistinctly ] Come on. [ Sighs ] This damn scarf.
[ Elise helps Aram adjust his scarf ]
Aram: Was any of it real?
Elise: It wasn’t personal.
Aram: What we did at night with the lights off? That was personal. The way you let me feel about you– I can’t think of anything more personal.
[ Clattering ]
Elise: Hey. Aram, whatever it is that you’re planning– I’ve personally kicked your ass. You’re gonna get yourself killed.
Aram: So help. Or don’t. I don’t care. Just, get out of my way.
[ Door opens, closes ]

Architect: [Amplified ] Groups one and three, commence your DDoS attack – now. Groups two and four, 10 seconds. [ To merc ] Without the contest winner, our plan fails. Find him.
Merc Leader: Sierra 2, sit-rep?
Merc: Negative contact, Leader.
Architect: [Amplified ] Group two and four – now.

[ Aram creeps up on a merc with a fire hydrant, but he sees Aram’s sneaker ]
Merc: Let me guess. You were gonna clock me from behind.
Aram: No. She was.
[ Fistfight between merc and Elise until Aram clobbers him with the fire hydrant ]
Merc: [ Grunting ] Ahh! [ Grunts ]
Aram: Whoa. [ He takes the merc’s radio ]
Elise: There’s gotta be sewer access in the sub-basement. You know, it’s not too late to join me.
Aram: To run? I’m not gonna do that.
Elise: You do you, man.
[ Elise leaves ]

Architect: Prepare to run your rootkit scripts. 3. 2. 1. Execute.

Warden: Ready for your big day, Lonnie?
[ Lights power down ]
Lonnie: I do believe I am, Warden.

[ Aram has made it to the rooftop ]
Aram: Break emergency. I’m requesting an emergency autopatch relay to 9-1-1.

Liz: [ On phone ] Did you see the mother?
Tom: Dead end. She thinks her son got what he deserved.
Cooper: Emergency patch from switching control. It’s Aram.
Liz: [ On phone ] Look, I have to go, but I’m gonna make a few calls, see what I can find out. This isn’t over.
Cooper: Aram?
Aram: The Architect has control of the convention. I count six mercs, heavily armed.
Liz: Where are you?
Aram: I don’t know exactly, but, um, gonna switch this radio to tone so you can trace my signal.
Cooper: Aram, Agents Ressler and Navabi are in the area. We’re on our way.
Aram: Okay, they’re here, they’re here.
Merc: Hands! Keep ’em up! Keep ’em up!

Find where he’s transmitting from. Get the location to Ressler. Tell him to breach.

Architect: Well, you’re a many of many skills, Mister– Well, whoever you are, I need those skills.
Aram: Count me out.
Architect: Like him? [ Motion’s toward Patel’s dead body ]
[ Aram walks over to the dead man. Lying next to him are Elise’s glasses. Aram picks them up and puts them in his pocket ]
Aram: [ To The Architect ] I know who you are, and that you’re willing to kill me if you have to. But you don’t know who I am. And I am not someone who’s gonna help you commit a crime.
[ Hammer clicks ]
Aram: I’m not gonna help you.
[ The Architect holds his gun closer ]
[ 💥 Gunshot, screaming ] [ FBI, including Ressler and Samar, storm the scene ]
[ 💥💥Gunfire 💥💥 ]
Aram: Samar!
[ The Architect throws a small canister ]
Woman: Get down! Grenade! 💥
[ The room fills with smoke. When it lifts, The Architect and Aram are gone ]

[ Rings, beeps ]
Tom: Liz, hey, what’d you find?
Liz: When Richard Game confessed to your murder, he had been sick for years. He had a virus called Jenkins-Fowler.
Tom: So? What?
Liz: So it’s incredibly contagious. He lived under constant quarantine.
Tom: Well, somebody talked Game into taking the fall for my murder.
Liz: His phone calls were monitored. His letters were screened. Every interaction was supervised by prison doctors.
Tom: So maybe it’s one of them.
Liz: Or maybe it was the one person allowed unsupervised visitation with Game– his mother.
Tom: She lied to me.

Cooper: The team breached. There’s been an explosion.
Ressler: Thanks. No sign of Aram. He must have been taken hostage.
Samar: Which means he’s still alive.
Ressler: But for how long? We have no leads on The Architect’s plan.
Elise: Aram is the plan.
Samar: Where is he?
Elise (aka Janet): Case number 91170086. The US Government vs. Janet Sutherland. You might wanna look that up before pulling the trigger.

[ Radio chatter ]
Ressler: You gotta be kidding me. All right.
Samar: She cut a deal?
Ressler: Full immunity. Cooper just sent over the plea agreement. She’s now an asset for the NSA.
Samar: You said Aram is the plan. What did you mean by that?
Elise: He won a contest. It was an audition to hack a tranche of softwares. I couldn’t crack it.
Ressler: A software for what?
Elise: A control panel, for some sort of facility. You know, center systems, RFID tracking, security doors.
Samar: Do you know where?
Elise: The Architect– he made them launch a cyber attack on a power grid in Southern Virginia.
Ressler: Where in Southern Virginia?
Elise: I don’t know. Look around though. This– This guy kills people. Once he gets what he needs from Aram, he’s gonna kill him, too.

[ Classical music playing ] [ David Levine is having his portrait painted ]
Randolf: [ Whispers ] I know you said you didn’t want to be disturbed, but you have a guest.
David Levine: Not now.
Randolf: He said it’s urgent.
[ Red enters ]
Red: I wouldn’t have come if the circumstances weren’t extraordinary.
Polpetto: [ Italian ]
Red: David, I need you to help me identify a depositor at the bank.
Levine: You know the rules.
Red; Yes, and I have great respect for them.
Levine: Then you know I can’t help you. Besides, I’m busy.
Red: David, an account holder at your bank has stolen my money, damaged my businesses, and killed my associates. I have the credit stick the depositor used to finance this bit of nastiness, but the data is encrypted and I can’t access it. I need your help. I need a name.
Levine: Is my jacket puckering?
Polpetto: Puckering. Come si dice “puckering”?
Red: I need a name.
Polpetto: [ Italian, subtitles ] Come on, move over.
Levine: You know who the depositors are. Complete privacy.
Red: David, please.
Levine: Perhaps you don’t recognize Polpetto. The man is one of the great living artists. He rarely does portraits. He’s very selective in who he portrays with his brush.
Red: David, it’s a painting. What I’m talking about is life and death.
Levine: The last three paintings he’s done– one is hanging in the Whitney, one is in the Tate Modern, one is in the Pompidou. I could be hanging in the Pompidou if you would just get the hell out of my house. Now go, please.
[ Red leaves ]

Tom: I owe you an apology.
Lucy Game: Oh! You can’t come in here!
Tom: I lied to you.
Lucy: Get out.
Tom: I’m not Frank Carraro with Project Innocence. I’m Christopher Hargrave– the boy you convinced your son to say he killed.
Lucy: I’ll call the police.
Tom: I know about the quarantine, his illness. You were the only one who had unsupervised visitation.
Lucy: I am warning you–
Tom: How much were you paid, and by who?
[ Tom draws a gun ]
Lucy: Ahh! Ahh!
Tom: You had a sick son who committed unspeakable crimes.
Lucy: Letter come. Special delivery. Return address was a PO box in New York. $100,000 if Richard said he did something he didn’t.
Tom: Your son gave the cops details about what happened to me, things that weren’t in the papers.
Lucy: I got a script. It– What Richard was supposed to say.
Tom: Do you still have it?
[ Switch clicks ] [ Paper rustles ] [ Lucy fetches the script from a canister ]

[ Ressler knocks on Cooper’s door, then enters ]
Ressler: The Architect– according to Reddington, he designs, constructs and executes the perfect crime.
Cooper: You figured out what he’s after in Southern Virginia.
Ressler: Greenville Correctional Facility– one of the most secure prisons in America. Home to Virginia’s Death Row, which is why they sent Lonnie Perkins there.
Cooper: The cop killer.
Ressler: And president of the Aryan Revolutionary Council. Right now, they’re the biggest white supremacist gang in the prison system. Perkins is scheduled to be executed tonight.
Cooper: You think this is all about breaking out Perkins?
Ressler: The ARC is exactly the kind of organization that would have the resources to hire The Architect.
Cooper: Even if he took control of the prison’s internal systems, they’re not just gonna let Perkins walk out. What’s the ace up his sleeve?

The Architect: On my signal, you will execute a remote takeover of the software controlling the internal operations of the prison.
Aram: Do you have any idea how many firewalls are built into a system like that?
Architect: Twenty-six. All disabled– thanks to a statewide blackout we created.
Aram: Even if that’s true, the prison’s operating system is physically segregated from the Internet. Only way anyone could communicate with the software–
Architect: Is if someone inside the prison installed a back door.

[ Door closes ]
[ At the execution site, Lonnie is strapped to a gurney as a doctor checks his heart rate ]
Warden: I’d like the door open, please, in case any of our visitors feel the need to step out for air.
[ Knob rattles ]
Guard: It’s locked.
Architect: [ Over intercom ] Warden McCaslin, honored guests of the state, pleased direct your attention to guard tower 5.
[ High-pitched whirring ]
Architect: 3. 2. 1.
[ 💥 Gunshot ] [ 💥🔥💥 Explosion 💥🔥💥 ] [ Men shout indistinctly ]
Man: It’s gone. The tower is– it’s gone.
[ Rumbling ]

[ Ressler and Samar are heading down a country road toward the prison ]
Samar: The breakout– it’s started.
Ressler: What did Cooper say?
Samar: A guard tower in Greenville has just been destroyed.
Ressler: Any news about Aram?

[ 💥🔥💥 Explosion 💥🔥💥 ]
Architect: That was your second guard tower, Warden. For the sake of those in the third, I do hope I have your attention.
[ As The Architect is speaking, Aram removes the remote code cypher from the glasses he pocketed earlier and plugs it into the UBS port on the laptop ]

[ Polpetto is in his car, ready to leave. Red and Dembe get in the car with him ]
Red: Ah. Oh, God, I love the smell of oil paint. Ahh. Almost more than gasoline. Why are there certain toxic smells that just grab you that way?
Polpetto: [ In Italian, w subtitles ] What is this? What do you want? Come si dice–
Red: Uh, “kidnapping”?
Dembe: “Rapimento.”
Red: You speak Italian?
Dembe: There was a girl.
Red: Of course there was. Tell Polpetto I’m a great admirer of his work. Mm, not so much his nudes. They’re a hair splayed for my tastes. And that I do apologize, but I require his services.
Dembe: [ To Polpetto, simply: ] Rapimento.

Architect: What you are witnessing, Warden, are solid titanium rods traveling at Mach 7–
Warden: Who are you?
Architect: It’s not important who I am. What’s important is that I have control of your prison. Once you release Lonnie Perkins, I will return that control to you.
Warden: That isn’t gonna happen!
The Architect: The next rod will strike the room where you and your guests are standing. You have 30 seconds, Warden, to release Perkins.
[ Pounding ] [ Door clatters ]
Guard: The whole prison’s locked down, sir. All personnel.
Lonnie: Sounds like you don’t have much of a choice, Warden.
Warden: I could still have that man put a needle in your arm.
Lonnie: But if I go down, you’re going down with me.
Shooter: Target acquired.
Architect: Prepare to fire on my mark.
Aram: Please. You can’t do this.
Architect: Last chance, Warden. Mach 7 leaves very little time for equivocation.
[ Women crying ]
Warden: Let him go.

[ Phone rings, beeps ]
Samar: It’s Cooper.
Cooper: Intersection of Mesa and Ridgeline Road. Get there now.
Ressler: We have a location for The Architect?
Cooper: And Aram. He’s reached out using a device he got from Janet Sutherland.
Samar: That bitch?
Cooper: She’s sitting right here.
Elise/Janet: Hey, Samar. It turns out your boyfriend picked up the remote code cypher during the attack. It’s meant to transmit data, which it’s doing now.
Cooper: The data is meaningless, but the signal is traceable.
Samar: He’s sending an SOS.

[ The Architect is giving Lonnie Perkins exact instructions for getting out of the prison ]
Architect: At the end of the hall is a door. Once you pass through, turn left at the 1A yard. Cycle gate 13.
[ Aram typing ] [ Beep ] [ Prison door clanks, whirs ]
Architect: Turn left and proceed 20 feet. Two doors later, you’ll see inprocessing. Turn right. [ To Aram ] Open the gate.
Aram: If– If I set him free, more innocent people are gonna die.
Architect: Just open the gate.
Aram: Please, don’t–
[ The Architect notices there is something in the USB port ]
Architect: What is that?
Aram: Oh, that’s– I-I don’t– I-I– No. No, please–
Architect: Well, what do you think you’re doing?
Aram: Nothing– I just– If you shoot me, you’ll never be able to open the gate.
[ Hammer clicks ]
Architect: Just do it– now!
[ Aram complies and the prison gates open ]
[ Lonnie runs and gets into a blue van ]
Aram: You can’t do this.
Architect: I already have.

[ Samar and Ressler arrive ] [ 💥💥Gunfire 💥💥 ]
[ The Architect’s mercs are shot by Ressler and Samar ]
[ The Architect gets in his SUV and takes off ]
Aram: No, no, no, no! Watch him! He’s getting away! Don’t let him get away! No!
Samar: Alert local authorities– a black Suburban is going up Ridgeline Avenue southwest.
Ressler: Look, if he leaves now, we lose him for good.
[ Aram gets in the back of the pickup truck with the rocket-launcher ]
Ressler: What are you doing?
[ High-pitched whirring ] [ Aram aims the rocket launcher ]
Aram: He escapes, more people die.
[ Whirring continues ] [ Gunshot 💥 Explosion 💥🔥💥 ]
[ Aram exhales ]

[ Classical music playing ]
David Levine: Polpetto. [ Italian, subtitles ] What are you doing? Did Randolf let you in?
Polpetto: Shh!
[ Red is seated and Polpetto is painting his portrait ]
Levine: Reddington.
Red: Oh, my goodness. This is tedious. I’d give almost anything to have a scratch. But seeing as how, given your profession, David, you might be more inclined to squeeze them rather than scratch them, I won’t impose. I’ll just wait for the next break.
Levine: What– What’s he– Why is he painting your portrait?
Red: I only brought him here to leverage you to kill him unless you give me the name of the depositor who has declared war, but once I properly introduced myself, the little fellow just lit right up.
Levine: I didn’t fly him all the way here to paint your– Where is my portrait?
Red: He needed the canvas. Turns out he’s a huge fan of spaghetti Westerns– the antihero, the outlaw, you know.
Levine: That’s quite enough. Out.
Polpetto: Shh!
[ Polpetto puts down his brushes and walks over to Levine ]
Polpetto: [ Italian, subtitles ] Please, my boy. Just a few hours with the man. He’s a legend. [ Kisses Levine’s cheek ]
Red: [ Laughs ] He is the sweetest man. It’s gonna break my heart to put a bullet in his head, but that’s what will happen unless you tell me who at your bank is coming after me.
Levine: You wouldn’t.
Red: I would. In fact, what better way to assure my place in history? The last portrait by a master, unfinished, killed by his subject. And you without a portrait at all. It’s a shame.
Levine: My business is based on– on absolute privacy. Okay, okay, okay. Just stop. [ Exhales ] Give me the stick, and I’ll look into it. But you have to promise, please – spare the man’s life.
Red: We’ll see how the portrait turns out.

Delivery man: For Agent Ressler.
Ressler: Hey. Case files. Reven Wright’s disappearance.
Liz: I thought Cooper said that inquiry was closed.
Ressler: Not to me it isn’t.

Samar: I just got off with the DC field office. Perkins and the driver were stopped on I-274. They’re in custody now. I told you you would be amazing.
Aram: You don’t have to say that.
Samar: It’s true.
Aram: I killed a man today. And by killing him, I prevented us from interrogating him. From getting information on his other cases and clients, victims.
Samar: Aram, you did the right thing. She’s the reason we were able to find you.
Aram: Hey, uh, Janet. Um. Uh, I’m probably only alive because of you, so thank you for that. It doesn’t make up for– you know. [ Pause ] You should go.
[ Elise begins to walk away then hesitates ]
Elise: Hey, Aram? I am sorry.

[ Hayley Ross’ ♪ “Barracuda” playing ]
Tom: [ Sighs ] Don’t.

♪ I went swimming ♪

Liz: The mother?
Tom: She was paid $100,000 to convince her son to confess.
Liz: She admitted it. That’s great. Who paid her?
Tom: She doesn’t know.
Liz: How is that possible?
Tom: She was paid in cash. Half came in the script, and half came after Game was convicted.
Liz: A script?
Tom: It has every detail. The color of the beach house, the, uh, tear in the screen door, the knife block where the murder weapon was found.
Liz: [ Reading ] The pajamas you were wearing.
Tom: Yeah.
Liz: The night light in the hall.

♪ battle scarred ♪

Liz: Is any of this accurate?
Tom: It has to be, right? I mean, I don’t remember any of it.
Liz: You should show this to your mother. She probably knows something.
Tom: No. Her pain about losing her son seems real, but– Reddington says I can’t trust her. That if I tell her I’m her son, I’ll never get the answers I’m looking for.
Liz: Based on this, it seems like the only way you will is if you do.
Tom: I just want to know, what was there to gain from me disappearing? And why was it so important that someone confess to my murder? And whoever wrote this, what could they possibly want?

[ Knocks ]
Cooper: Yeah?
Red: Harold, it troubles me that you’re dissatisfied with the results of our efforts.
Cooper: Doing good for selfish reasons doesn’t make you good. It just makes you good at being selfish.
Red: I’m sorry about your daughter. You’ve never spoken of her around me, which of course I understand, but you’ve seemed anxious of late. When someone you love is sick, you don’t need to shoulder that burden alone.
Cooper: My daughter isn’t a burden. She’s my greatest blessing.
Red: [ Stammers ]
Cooper: I appreciate your concern, but she’s none of your business.
[ Folder rustles ]
Cooper: You want to know why those closest to you betray you? Why you’re alone and hunted? It’s because even when you try to do something good, you cannot seem to understand where your selfishness ends and other people’s lives begin. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going home to people who love me.
Dembe: Raymond. It’s Levine.
Red: David.
Levine: Is this some kind of test? See if I would violate client confidentiality?
Red: What’d you find?
Levine: You know what I found.
Red: David, the name of the account holder who paid Isabella Stone– who is it?
Levine: It’s you, Raymond. The money came from one of your accounts.
Red: That’s not possible.
Levine: You have been catastrophically compromised. Forget having your testicles scratched. You’ve been castrated.

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༺✦ ♤ ✦༻




♫ Mama Tried
By Merle Haggard

“Mama Tried”

♪ The first thing I remember knowing
Was a lonesome whistle blowing
And a young’un’s dream of growing up to ride
On a freight train leaving town
Not knowing where I’m bound
And no one could change my mind but Mama tried

♪ One and only rebel child
From a family meek and mild
My mama seemed to know what lay in store
Despite all my Sunday learning
Towards the bad I kept on turning
Till Mama couldn’t hold me anymore

♪ And I turned twenty-one in prison doing life without parole
No one could steer me right but Mama tried, Mama tried
Mama tried to raise me better, but her pleading I denied
That leaves only me to blame ’cause Mama tried

♪ Dear old Daddy, rest his soul
Left my mom a heavy load
She tried so very hard to fill his shoes
Working hours without rest
Wanted me to have the best
She tried to raise me right but I refused

♪ And I turned twenty-one in prison doing life without parole
No one could steer me right but Mama tried, Mama tried
Mama tried to raise me better, but her pleading I denied
That leaves only me to blame ’cause Mama tried

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2kwPOlP
YouTube: https://youtu.be/0GYfjMMHEY0


♫ Barracuda

By Hayley Ross

Lyrics and Credits: [ Unavailable ]
YouTube: https://youtu.be/MxKAtrf-u0g

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❌❌❌ End 4:14 Architect


🔴 Script: 4:15 The Apothecary (№ 49)

Program air date: 2/23/2017 in the US
Permalink: http://wp.me/pDKwi-4sT
Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/2lflFDF

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Michael Caracciolo
Teleplay by: Marisa Tam; Story by Brian Studler

⭕ Script 4:15 The Apothecary (№ 49)

Blurb: Red needs to find out who in his organization has seized control of his accounts and threatens his life.

[ Red’s secret flat ]
[ Tropical music playing ] [ Dembe uncorks a bottle of Scotch ]
Dembe: Raymond. Are you sure about this? Bringing them all together in one location. It’s dangerous. [ Scotch pours ]
Red: One of our most trusted confidantes intends to do irrevocable damage to the organization. Needs to be confronted swiftly.
Dembe: It’s dangerous.
Red: [ Swallows, exhales ] There’s a traitor in the family. I intend to find them.
Dembe: And if something goes wrong?

[ Red is in a hospital bed in a mobile surgical unit struggling for breath as a doctor holds a ventilator mask to his face ]
Red: [ Gasps, coughing loudly ]
Dr Haverkamp: Hold on. Hold on. No, just– hold on.
Red: Where am I?
Haverkamp: Keep breathing. Keep– Slow. Good.
Red: [ Groans ] What’s going on?
Haverkamp: Mr. Reddington, my name is Dr. Haverkamp. I’m an on-call specialist on your code 77 team, and you had an emergency.
Red: [ Gasping ] Why can’t– why can’t I breathe?
Haverkamp: Give the medication a minute. Just give it a minute.
Red: [ Gasping ]
Haverkamp: I need you to listen. Do you know where you are? What do you remember?
Red: [ Gasps ] Dinner, restaurant. [ Gasping ] What’s wrong with me?
Haverkamp: We’re not quite sure. We thought, at first, you may have had a series of mini strokes. But the MRIs, the EEGs, they ruled that out.
Red: Where’s Dembe? Dembe will know.
Haverkamp: I don’t know who that is, but the man who drove you here left as soon as you stabilized.
Red: I don’t remember.
Haverkamp: Mr. Reddington, I was told that you insist on a frank, unvarnished assessment of the situation. So here it is. You’re dying.
Red: [ Exhales sharply ] How?
Haverkamp: We believe you’ve been poisoned. We’re not sure how. But your symptoms are severe and they’re progressing at an alarming rate. The cocktail of steroids will stave off the symptoms for a short time, but unless we know how you were poisoned–
Red: How long can you keep me alive?
Haverkamp: It’s hard to say. Uh, a day? Maybe two.
Red: [ Exhales sharply ]
[ Red begins ripping off the blood pressure cuff ]
Haverkamp: What– what– No. No. What are you doing? You can’t–
Red: Your cellphone. Do you have a cellphone?

[ Red has his suit on, walking away from the medical setup ]
Dr Haverkamp: Please, Mr. Reddington. You need medical attention. Your condition is critical. [ Pills rattle ] Where– are you going?
Red: [ On phone ] Elizabeth. Gather the task force. I need your help – to solve a murder.

[ The Post Office ] [ Elevator door scrapes, slams ]
Red: [ Coughs ]
Ressler: Uh, what’s going on?
Red: Your prayers have been answered, Donald. [ Takes pills, swallows ] Ah. Apparently, I’m dying.
Liz: Aram, could you get him a chair, please?
Red: No, no, no. I’m fine. I’ve been poisoned.
Cooper: Poisoned? By whom?
Red: Someone within my organization. Someone with access to an offshore account that was used to fund recent attacks against me. 11 people had access to that account. Last evening, I called those 11 to a dinner to confront them. What happened next, I only remember pieces. The restaurant, what it looked like, not where it was. I remember holding a glass of wine, but not drinking it, although I’m sure I must have.
Ressler: The poison–
Samar: Where is Dembe?
Red: Missing. I assume searching for or in the hands of the person who wants me dead.
Cooper: You should be with your doctors.
Red: They can’t identify the toxin.
Cooper: A hospital, then.
Red: I’ve been told I have a day, two at most.
Aram: No. That– that can’t be true.
Red: I need you to find the pharmaco-toxicologist who, I believe, crafted the deadly cocktail and get the antidote from him.
Ressler: What do you know about him?
Red: Well– [ Coughs ]
Liz: There’s a man. He told me he’s known as–
Red: [ Grunts ] The Apothecary.
Liz: A druggist whose potions hijack the immune system, causing any number of allergic reactions, each one impossible to identify unless you know what you’re looking for. An exotic venom might replicate a drug overdose. A personally tailored allergic reaction might trigger cardiovascular collapse.
Red: The Apothecary can create embolisms, aneurysms, inhibit respiration, induce paralysis. All of the assassins you know about share one common disadvantage when it comes to avoiding apprehension – they leave behind a corpse. And yet, there are times when a prolonged coma or a protracted illness – will get the job done just as well.
Cooper: So this Apothecary, how do we find him, find the antidote?
Red: Ilario Panetti.
Ressler: Head of the Panetti syndicate.
Red: He’s about to go up on RICO charges. The government’s star witness against him has rather conveniently fallen into a coma. I believe Panetti has availed himself of the Apothecary’s services. Be quick. I don’t have the luxury of time.
Liz: Hold on. Where are you going?
Red: To find Dembe. While you try to save my life, I’ll spend what time I have saving his.

FBI Director: Let me tell you about Ilario Panetti. He takes organized crime to a whole new level. Everything he does is meticulously planned. I’ve never seen anybody more cautious in avoiding surveillance.
Ressler: Then it must’ve been hard to make a case against him.
Director: Almost impossible. From the outside, he looks completely legit. But you don’t get a stranglehold on the commercial construction industry in this city without strangling a few enemies along the way. I just couldn’t prove it.
Liz: So what happened?
Director: He got greedy. His largest competitor got firebombed. Their offices completely destroyed. Two days later, Panetti paid 200 grand to an associate – we still don’t know who – for services rendered. Competition over.
Ressler: How do you know?
Director: We flipped his accountant. A woman named Helen Dahle. She was the one who cut the check and she was prepared to testify that Panetti ordered her to make payment for the arson hit. A few days before trial, she goes to dinner, has a mysterious allergic reaction to the food, and wham. She’s on life support, and so is my case.
Liz: We think we know how Panetti got to her.
Director: Fantastic. How do I help?
Ressler: We’re gonna need you to put us in touch with Helen Dahle’s doctors.

Red: [ On phone ] 11 people had access to that account. I don’t know where they are. [ Dialing ] Hideki, where the hell are you? I need to speak with you right away. Call me as soon as you possibly can. He never showed up. Can you– [ Phone beeps ] Right. Can you reach him? No, no, no. Put Sidney on the line. Do you know where he went? Yes, yes, yes. As soon as you hear. [ Inhales deeply ] [ Coughs, exhales ]

[ The Mamas & The Papas’ ♪ “My Girl” playing ]
[ Asa Hightower is working in a lab. He prepares a vial of liquid which he then places in a refrigerator alongside other vials containing fluids of various hues ]

♪ I’ve got sunshine ♪
♪ on a cloudy day ♪
♪ and when it’s cold outside ♪
♪ I’ve got the month of May ♪
♪ I guess you say ♪
♪ what can make me feel this way ♪
♪ my girl ♪
♪ I’m talkin’ ’bout my girl ♪

[ Asa leaves the lab and enters a bedroom. His wife, Ruby, a sad, tired-looking woman, is lying motionless on the bed ]

♪ I don’t need money ♪
♪ fortune or fame ♪
♪ I got all the riches ♪

[ Asa removes his shirt and gets into the bed alongside Ruby ]
Asa Hightower: Don’t worry, sweetheart. It’ll be okay. I will never give up on you. I promise. It’ll be just fine.

♪ … you say ♪
♪ what can make me feel this way ♪

[ Ruby’s face is wet with tears. Asa wipes her cheek with his thumb and looks at his thumb while another tear runs down her face ]

♪ my girl (my girl) (my girl) ♪
♪ talkin’ ’bout my girl ♪

[ At a hospital, Red walks up on Dr Haverkamp ]
Red: Doctor.
Haverkamp: What are you doing here?
Red: The night I-I was poisoned, last night. I can’t remember–
Haverkamp: People will see you. Us. Together. Uh– I was promised discretion.
[ They duck into a patient room ] [ Door closes ]
Haverkamp: My help was to be in the strictest confidence.
Red: The night I was poisoned, I was with people. I don’t know where they are. I have called. I-I can’t reach them– except you.
Haverkamp: But I don’t know anything.
Red: You know how I was brought in.
Haverkamp: I got a code text. I was given a location, we gathered, prepped.
Red: How ’bout the– a man who brought me in?
Haverkamp: Well, I didn’t get his name.
Red: Black. African accent.
Haverkamp: You need to be hospitalized.
Red: Was it him?
Haverkamp: Yes, I believe it was.
Red: How did we get there?
Haverkamp: He drove you. It was in a green station wagon. It was parked outside the triage cube.

[ Red breaks into the parked green station wagon ]
[ Glass shatters ] [ Coughs ] [ Grunts, exhales ]
[ Red finds an address on the registration ]
[ Engine starts ]

[ Outside Helen Dahle’s hospital room ]
Liz: How long has she been like this?
Dr Lydia Ralston: She was barely responsive when admitted two weeks ago. Comatose within a day.
Ressler: What happened?
Ralston: Well, it presented as an acute allergic reaction. We treated her for anaphylaxis, but her symptoms didn’t respond to treatment. In fact, they got worse.
Ressler: And you didn’t suspect that she might’ve been poisoned?
Ralston: Mrs. Dahle had been treated for a severe tree nut allergy twice in the past. Our diagnosis was in line with her history.
Liz: What if someone designed a poison to mimic the symptoms of an allergic reaction?
Ralston: It would mean whoever created the poison knew we would treat the allergy and lose precious time.
Ressler: So what are the chances she pulls through?
Ralston: I can’t answer that. We haven’t found antigenic foreign substances, but the full tox report could take weeks. And she’s not improving.
Ressler: Is that her husband?
Ralston: Yeah. Robert Dahle. He and Helen’s parents haven’t left her side.

Robert Dahle: One minute she’s heading to a client dinner and everything is fine, and the next she’s– like this.
Ressler: This client dinner – who was there?
Robert: A friend of Helen’s from college. The police have already cleared her.
Ressler: What did Helen tell you about the case against Panetti?
Robert: Nothing. The attorneys instructed her not to. She knew how dangerous this was, but she agreed to testify anyway.
Liz: I can’t imagine how difficult this must be for you. And you’ve been with her the entire time she’s been comatose?
Robert: No, I– I went to Sarasota Springs this past weekend.
Helen’s father (John Tadsen): Go on, Robert. Tell them where you went.
Robert: There’s a little hotel in Sarasota. A sort of a getaway for us– birthdays, anniversaries, and– We would’ve been married 10 years next month. Last weekend, I went there to be alone. Think about what to do.
Helen’s father: With Helen. In case she doesn’t–
Robert: Please, I’m begging you. Find out what happened to my wife.

Lawyer: No, I got it. I got it.
Arnold Blanton: Agent Navabi. Thank you for meeting me.
Samar: Oh, what an unpleasant surprise.
Blanton: Mr. Panetti insisted on being present for this conversation.
Samar: It’s fine with me. I fully intend on being present the day your client is sentenced for poisoning Helen Dahle.
Ilario Panetti: We never touched Helen. Not me or anyone who works for me.
Blanton: You asked for this meeting, and we agreed. Please tell me it wasn’t so you could hurl baseless claims that you can’t prove at my client.
Samar: We know about the Apothecary. We know that he specializes in untraceable toxins and that you hired him to create that “allergic” reaction.
Panetti: What is she talkin’ about?
Samar: You can play dumb, Mr. Panetti. From what I hear, you’ve made quite a profession out of skirting responsibility for your actions.
Panetti: Now, hang on.
Samar: We can find him on our own. And when we do, you’ll realize that this trial you’re facing is a small matter when compared to what happens when the full force of the FBI comes down on you and your organization. Or you can help us. This is about more than Helen Dahle. There are other people we are trying to save. Lead us to the Apothecary now, and we will be very grateful.
Panetti: Honey, I don’t know what the hell you’re going on about.
Blanton: I think what my client means to say–
Panetti: What your client means is I’ve never heard of this “Apothecary.” And for your information, Helen Dahle’s testimony wouldn’t have hurt me or my case one bit.
Samar: Is that right?
Panetti: That’s exactly right, sweetheart. The US Attorney’s got it wrong. I didn’t pay anyone to firebomb my competition. I’m the victim here. Tell her, Arnold.
Blanton: It’s true. Whoever took out Mr. Panetti’s competitor contacted us the next day, threatened to destroy our business if we didn’t pay their extortion fee. Now my client did instruct Helen to make that phantom payment, but not for taking out a rival. To avoid becoming a victim as well.
Samar: I assume you can prove this.
Panetti: We can, and we would have at trial. So, you see, I had no motive to hurt Helen. Truth is, I liked her, and if you don’t find the bastard who did this to her, I will. [ Scoffs ] And then you will have something to charge me with. Arnold, give Agent Navabi copies of whatever she needs. I think we’re done here.

[ The Mamas & The Papas’ ♪ “No Salt on Her Tail” ]
♪ but not in my arms ♪
♪ time passes by ♪

[ Asa Hightower has installed bell over a doorway. It is connected to string which he has tied to his wife Ruby’s finger ]
Asa: Give it a go, sweetheart. Come on. You can do it.

♪ and I watch her fly ♪

[ Ruby moves her finger. Bell dings ]
Asa: Perfect.

♪ yes, I watch her fly ♪
♪ and time passes by ♪

[ Asa has Ruby hooked up to an IV to which he adds medicine ]
[ Bell ringing ]
Asa: I know, dear. I don’t want to, but what choice do I have? I can’t trust you to stay if you’re not sedated. You might try and run off again.
[ Bell rings ]
Asa: We’re not there yet, but we will be. I know we will.
[ Bell ringing ]

♪ so I feel that to be real that ♪
♪ and it’s something ♪
♪ this little bird ♪

Asa: It’s gonna happen. I can feel it. [ He kisses her ]

♪ fly away ♪
♪ no salt on her tail ♪
♪ no salt on her tail ♪
♪ no cage ♪
♪ because that would be the best philosophy ♪

[ Red drives up to a house and parks ] [ Inhales from his bronchodilator ]
[ Door creaking ] [ Lock clicks ]
Red: Hello? [ Red sees signs of a struggle ]
[ Clattering, rumbling ]
[ Red follows the sound to the back of a Mercedes and opens the trunk ] [ A young black woman, Lou Lou McLellan, is in the trunk. Red removes the duct tape from her mouth ]
[ Whimpering ] [ Panting ]
Red: Who are you? Who put you in there?
Lou Lou: Is this a sick joke? You did!

Aram: All right, the forensic accountant examined Panetti’s financials. And according to him, the $200,000 was paid to the Atlantic Coast Lepidopterology Research Institute.
Cooper: Lepidopterology?
Aram: Yeah, its website advertises it as a non-profit dedicated to the research of butterflies. But it’s not a 501(c)(3) and it’s not listed in any directory of non-profits that I can find. In fact, their entire board of directors is made up of stock photo models.
Ressler: So the charity’s a fake.
Aram: The 200K went into a Swiss bank account and has since been wired through dozens of other banks. The money has basically just disappeared into the ether by now.
Liz: Aram, I sent you a video.
Samar: The lead on Panetti didn’t pan out.
Aram: Yeah, we’ve got nothing.
Liz: Take a look at this. Helen Dahle’s husband said he had to get away to clear his head and think about his wife’s future. Well, Robert Dahle did go to Sarasota Springs, and he did stay in the hotel he mentioned, but he did not stay alone.
[ On the security footage are Robert Dahle and a young woman ]
Cooper: Dahle was cheating on his wife.
Ressler: Are you saying that the husband hired the Apothecary to kill his wife?
Liz: I’m just saying he definitely had a motive.

Red: [ Coughing ] When did I meet you?
Lou Lou: Are you serious?
Red: Humor me.
Lou Lou: Last night.
Red: [ Coughs ]
Lou Lou: Before you threw me in the car and drove here.
Red: Here? I-I, uh– Who lives here?
Lou Lou: How would I know? I got here in a trunk.
Red: Right. I know this is – [ Clears throat ] – an unusual, frightening predicament. But I assure you, I mean you no harm.
Lou Lou: Says the man with the gun.
Red: [ Coughing ] What is your name?
Lou Lou: Lou Lou.
Red: [ Coughing ]
Lou Lou: Lou Lou McLellan. Hey, hey. Can you be careful with that thing?
Red: [ Exhales ] Was I alone last night, or was I accompanied by – anybody – my associate? Uh, Dembe.
[ Red’s gun falls to the floor. Lou Lou jumps up and goes to the door and tries to unlock it ]
Red: [ Coughing violently ] No.
[ Red gets up and and stops Lou Lou from leaving. Red continues coughing violently ]
Lou Lou: What is wrong with you?
Red: I don’t know.
Lou Lou: You need a doctor.
Red: [ Coughing continues ]

[ Glass shatters as Red smashes the glass door of a pharmacy ]
Red: We’re looking for corticosteroids, bronchodilator. [ Coughing ]
[ Red is unsteady and bumps against the shelves in an aisle ] [ Bottles thud ]
Red: Oh– Go, go, go. I’m fine. [ Panting, gasping ] [ Exhales, breathing heavily ]
[ Lou Lou looks through rows of medicine bottles behind the counter. Pills rattle. She finds a bottle of corticosteroids ]
Lou Lou: Corticosteroids.
Red: Oh. I’ve lived my entire adult life surrounded by – a corona of death. Some days I’ve even longed for it. [ Cap pops open ] But lately, I– I find I’m– [ Pills rattle ] I’m unwilling to go gentle into that good night.
Lou Lou: Bronchodilator.
[ Red collapses against the counter and loses consciousness ]

Helen Dahle’s father (John Tadsen): We were told Ilario Panetti poisoned her.
Liz: That’s what we thought, too, but the situation has taken a turn. We found surveillance footage.
Ressler: Do either of you recognize this woman?
Helen Dahle’s mother (Diane Tadsen): When was this?
Ressler: Last weekend.
John Tadsen: That’s impossible. Helen and Robert have a very happy marriage.
Diane Tadsen: He’s a model husband. They’ve been head over heels for each other from the day they met. He’d never dream of straying.
John Tadsen: We had to bully her into getting the prenup, for God’s sake.
Liz: There’s a prenup?

Liz: Helen’s father, John Tadsen, was a hedge fund titan. His New York firm was worth $4.7 billion. His children and his children’s children are set for life.
Ressler: To protect his daughter from gold diggers, Tadsen made Robert sign a prenup. Now, according to the agreement, there’s no payout for death or divorce before 10 years.
Cooper: How long have they been married?
Liz: They’re two weeks shy of their 10-year anniversary.
Aram: So that’s either a really, really bad coincidence or–
Ressler: Or Helen found out about the mistress, and Robert put her in the penalty box so she couldn’t divorce him before the prenup expired.
Aram: What’s the payout after 10 years?
Liz: Close to $15 million.
Ressler: I think we could bring this guy in and take a run at him.
Cooper: No. Take a shot at the girlfriend first. Let’s see just how much she really loves this guy.

[ Red wakes in a bed. Lou Lou is sitting in a chair a few feet away ]
Red: [ Coughs ] So are the police on their way?
Lou Lou: Who’s Elizabeth? After I got some of those pills in you, you came to. Well, sort of. Kept saying her name.
Red: [ Coughs ] Elizabeth.
Lou Lou: Someone who’d miss you if you died?
Red: I don’t know. Maybe. Tell me your name again.
Lou Lou: Lou Lou.
Red: Lou Lou. You saved my life, Lou Lou. Thank you.
Lou Lou: Like I needed a dead body on my conscience. [ Chuckles ] You were in bad shape. Well, worse shape. You try to hide it, but you’re scared. I wasn’t just gonna leave you.
Red: [ Inhales sharply ] Well, it was remarkably generous given that I locked you in the trunk of a car.
Lou Lou: Well, you were pretty polite about it, all things considered.
Red: [ Coughing ] [ Lou Lou hands Red the bronchodilator. He inhales deeply ] [ Exhales ] I’ve been poisoned– by someone close to me. I need to figure out by who. What happened last night? I can’t remember.
Lou Lou: You and your friend broke into the apartment across the hall. I called the cops and then I went over to peek through the door. It was all busted in, and there you were. I said the police are on their way, and you said, “My sincerest apologies, but if that’s the case, then you’re coming with us.” Then you put me in the trunk.
Red: Why?
Lou Lou: Damned if I know. But while you were asleep, I found out the name of the guy that lives in that apartment. Marvin Gerard. You know him?
Red: He’s my attorney.

Ressler: It’s over, Brooklyn. Robert told us everything.
Brooklyn Martinez: I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Liz: You’ve been on the hook, what, two, three years waiting for him to leave Helen for you?
Ressler: You finally figured out that the only way that you’d ever be with him is over Helen’s dead body.
Liz: And so you made a plan. Poisoned her.
Brooklyn: I’m not saying anything until I have a lawyer.
Liz: She’s in a coma. Robert hasn’t left her side. Guess he changed his mind.
Brooklyn: That’s not true.
Ressler: Well, he told us that you poisoned his wife. Now if that’s not true, you better tell us what really happened.
Brooklyn: You know that woman treats him like a servant, right? He’s carried that princess’s baggage for nine years, and he couldn’t take it anymore!
Liz: So you planned it together?
Brooklyn: No, I told him I didn’t want anything to do with it.
Ressler: But you knew what he was doing. See, that makes you a co-conspirator. Now if you wanna reduce your jail time, you’re gonna tell us exactly how he did. How did he put her in a coma?
Brooklyn: I don’t know how it works.
Liz: You’re gonna need to tell us what you do know.
Brooklyn: It’s a liquid. Some sort of drop. I’ve never seen him actually use it. I just know that he gives it to her twice a week.
Liz: Who did he get the poison from?
Brooklyn: He never said. But I can tell you where he keeps it.

[ Door slams open, gun cocks ] [ Ressler and Liz barge into Robert Dahle’s bathroom where he is taking a bath ]
Robert Dahle: What the hell? Hey! Hey, you have no right to come into my–
Ressler: No knock search warrant.
[ Ressler tosses the warrant at him ]
Robert: I have no idea what you’re looking for. But I guarantee you’re not gonna find it.
[ Robert stands up in the tub ]
Liz: Unless you wanna parade that on your perp walk, I suggest you get dressed.
Robert: You think you’re arresting me?
Ressler: As a matter of fact, I do – [ Ressler finds the vial of poison and holds it up ] for the attempted murder of Helen Dahle.
Liz: And if you want even a sliver off your sentence, you’re gonna tell us who made that poison for you.
[ Robert wraps a towel around his waist ]
Robert: I have no idea what that is.
Ressler: Hmm. Let’s get this to the lab, ID was kind of a poison it is. Maybe it’ll tell us something about whoever created it.

Asa Hightower: Everything we’ve gone through has finally paid off. [ Holds up a pregnancy test ] We’re pregnant.
[ Asa wheels Ruby into a newly set up nursery ]
Asa: I wanted so badly to show you, but I didn’t wanna jinx us. I know. Believe me, I’m just as excited as you.
[ Bell rings ]
Asa: What’s wrong?
[ Rings ]
Asa: The mobile. You don’t love it. You know what? You’re right. I’ll fix it. I want you to be happy. [ Bell rings ]
Asa: Everything’s gonna be perfect.
[ Bell ringing ]

[ Door creaking ] [ Coughs ] [ Door closes ]
Red: What were we doing here? [ Coughs ] [ Pills rattle ] [ Cap pops open ] Becky. I took you to Marvin’s fiancée’s house.
Lou Lou: Looks like he left in a hurry.
[ Red checks the answering machine. Machine beeps ]

Red’s voice on answering machine: Marvin. It’s Raymond. We’re all here at John’s. Where are you?

Red: [ Groans ] John’s.
Lou Lou: I know that place. It’s not very far. I could take you.
Red: You’ve been– kind to an extraordinary degree considering how we began our acquaintance. But I won’t drag you any further into this. You don’t deserve that. I’ll take it from here. [ Inhales deeply from the bronchodilator ]
Lou Lou: Well, I hope you get better. And I hope you find the answers you’re looking for. I hope you get to see Elizabeth again.
[ Red smiles at Lou Lou and leaves ]

Aram: Guys? This Apothecary, this guy is good.
Cooper: You got the toxicology report?
Aram: He knew Helen Dahle. I’m sorry. Not know, know like he met her. He knew her medical history and he used it against her. Helen’s doctors think she went into a coma because of a reaction to a tree nut allergy, but the truth is, this Apothecary used some sort of complex, weaponized allergen to trigger the same reaction. Meaning her doctors–
Liz: Were treating the symptoms, but not the cause.
Cooper: How does this help us with Reddington?
Ressler: We have to find out if Reddington has any pre-existing conditions, which one was targeted.
Samar: And find an antidote to reverse the effects all in the next several hours.
Aram: Right, that– that is the bad news.
Samar: There’s good news?
Aram: The lab did find one distinct element in the molecular structure of the drops taken from Robert Dahle’s apartment. A peptide unique to the venom of Bungarus flaviceps, also known as the red-headed krait [ a snake ] – Incredibly rare.
Liz: So it’s easy to trace.
Aram: Only four suppliers in the world, and only one in America. A defunct reptile farm outside of Scranton, PA. Hightower Serpentarium. Owned by – Asa Hightower, who, according to his license, still lives in an apartment on site.
Cooper: Get there now.

[ Liz and Ressler arrive at the Hightower Serpentarium ]
[ Door slams open ]
Ressler: FBI!
[ Door closes ] [ Door creaks ]
[ Liz and Ressler find Asa Hightower’s collection of venomous snakes and other poisonous reptiles, as well as files ]
Ressler: Clear.
Liz: Clear.
[ Bell ringing ]
[ Ressler and Liz follow the sound of the ringing bell – and discover Ruby Hightower ]

[ Red enters John’s restaurant ] [ Suspenseful music ]
[ Door creaking ] [ Coughing ] [ Panting ]
[ A long table is set for a dozen or so. Most plates have remnants of a dinner, except one. A double door is jammed shut with a coat rack. Red pulls out the coat rack and opens the doors. Inside are a dozen or so people, including Abe, one of his accountants, and David Levine, one of his bankers ]

Liz: I’m sending these files to Aram to cross-reference them with any unexplained poisoning deaths. Oh, there are dozens of victims here. Here’s Helen Dahle.
Ressler: Helen Dahle. Hey. Get these to the lab. Hopefully that file will help the antidote for her.
Agent: The wife’s coming around.
Liz: It’s gonna be okay, Mrs. Hightower.
Ruby Hightower: [ Weakly ] I have to tell you where. . .
Liz: Are you trying to tell us where your husband is?

Red: [ Exhales ] What happened here?
David Levine: What happened? What happened is you summoned us here to dinner and locked us in the kitchen without an explanation. Feel free to give us one now.
Red: Three of my accountants, a couple of money launderers, a handful of – investment advisors and bankers. Believe me, David, no one wants an explanation more than I. Please. Accept my apologies. Just take me back to the dinner and– tell me what happened.
Abe: Mr. Reddington, you invited us to dinner. We’re sitting here. You– you get up, you make a speech.

Red: Thank you all for coming on such short notice. I must admit, I’ve never had the pleasure of dining in this particular establishment before. I do wish we could enjoy it under more auspicious circumstances, but so be it.

Red: [ Coughs ]
Maura: It was about the attack on your assets.
Red: [ Coughing ]
Maura: By whoever killed Zack Smoll?

I’ve always found stories of betrayal to be so compelling, so tragic for all those involved. Judas, Iago, men who were beloved by those they’d betrayed.

David Levine: You were telling one of those stories you love.

David Levine: If you’re even thinking about another parable, I may strangle you myself.
Red: Ironic, isn’t it? That the ones in whom we place our greatest trust are best positioned to put the knife in our backs.

Abe: You said you had Levine follow the money. The funds came from one of your own accounts.

Red: The 11 people to whom I extended invitations tonight were the only ones who could have accessed that particular account. One of those 11 is a traitor, and only 10 of you are here. Perhaps our Judas didn’t have the nerve to attend this last supper. Well, I can assure you, I will find the guilty party, and he or she will be held accountable. Cheers.

Abe: You sent the chef and his staff home, you took our phones, you locked us in the kitchen.
Levine: I prefer something stronger. [ Sighs ] This’ll do for the moment.
[ Glass shatters ]
Levine: What the hell is wrong with you?
Red: The wine. I had a glass of wine at the dinner. Was it from one of these bottles?
Maura: No. The waiter poured it from a bottle that was set aside.
Red: What bottle? [ Coughs ]
[ Maura fetches the bottle ]

Note on bottle: “Sorry I can’t be there old friend – Marvin”

Red: [ Reads: ] Marvin Gerard.

[ Liz and Ressler in SUV ]
Liz: Aram, we need a list of all the stores that sell baby products in a 10-mile radius of the Serpentarium.
Samar: Baby stores?
Cooper: What about Reddington? Did you find an antidote?
Liz: There were no medical records, nothing about Reddington on file.
Samar: But wait, why are we looking for baby stores?
Ressler: Hightower’s wife thinks he’s out buying nursery supplies. She’s pregnant.
Cooper: I thought she was comatose?
Ressler: That’s when he assaulted her.
Cooper: My God.
Aram: The closest one is Albee Baby in Harding. I’m sending you an address now.

[ At Albee Baby Store ]
Clerk: Looking for a mobile?
Asa Hightower: I thought perhaps the planets, but I think we’ll go with the dinosaurs. Reptiles have a special place in our hearts.
Clerk: Well, congratulations. You must be thrilled. How far along is she?
Asa: Almost 7 weeks. It’s our first. Mom’s on bed rest, so the shopping is all up to me.
[ FBI storm in ]
Liz: Asa Hightower, FBI. Hands where I can see them.
[ Asa grabs the clerk from behind and holds a sharp pen to her throat ] [Shrieks, gasping ]
Asa: Look around, Agent. You really wanna start shooting here?
Liz: We have your files, your wife. She’s eager to testify against you. Now put it down.
[ Asa pushes the clerk toward Liz ] [ Gasps ] [ Asa tries to run but Liz picks up a wooden stool and hits him over the head with it ] [ Grunting ]
Ressler: Get down! On the ground. [ To Liz: ] How’d you know that was gonna work?
Liz: You ever trip over one of those things in the dark? They’re lethal.

[ Cellphone vibrates ] [ Liz sighs ] [ Vibrating continues ]
Liz: Reddington.
Red: Elizabeth, where are you?
Liz: Asa Hightower, the Apothecary – we have him in custody and we found his lab.
Red: Have you i-identified the toxin?
Liz: The lab’s working on it. Not yet, but they will.
Red: [ Coughs ] [ Groans ] Elizabeth, I found the wine that was used to administer the poison. One of my men is bringing it to you now. If the Apothecary doesn’t tell you what you need to know, the bottle will.
Liz: Okay. You’re gonna be okay, Reddington.
Red: [ Coughing ]
Liz: Reddington?
Red: [ Coughing continues ]
Liz: Reddington!
Red: [ Coughing violently ] Oh!
[ Red collapses ]

[ Ressler and Samar are interrogating Asa Hightower ]
Ressler: All right. Let’s keep this simple. We have two questions – who paid you to poison Reddington, and how do we cure him?
Asa: My clients contact me anonymously over the dark web. They don’t want me to know who they are and I don’t want to know. Clean.
Ressler: The antidote for the poison you gave Reddington.
Asa: First of all, I did not poison him. I merely provided the means for someone else to do so. I’ve never poisoned anyone.
Samar: I’m sure your wife would disagree.
Asa: My wife was running around with Clive Hollis. I’m just sure about it. She needed to be– subdued. She’s a very confused woman, but she’ll come around.
Samar: Come around to what? The fact that you repeatedly raped her?
Asa: Having raided my facility, you’re in possession of information that will help you solve well over 20 cold cases and bring others out of various altered states. You will return them to their lives and families. Really, you should be thanking me.
Samar: You’re delusional.
Asa: I’m not crazy. I know you’re gonna charge me regardless of my innocence. But I have something you want and vice versa.
Samar: What’s that?
Asa: Simple. You take the death penalty off the table, and I’ll tell you how to cure Raymond Reddington.
Ressler: All that bravado. You’re afraid of the needle.
Asa: I’m not afraid to die, but it turns out I have something to live for. I’m gonna be a father. We wished for a child for so long. Even from a jail cell, we’ll be a family.

[ Aram arrives at the warehouse where Red’s mobile hospital room is set up. Aram is carrying a large gift basket of fruit ]
Aram: Hey. I, uh– Oh, uh, I didn’t think he was the flowers and balloons kind of guy. I was gonna go with wine, but then I remembered Mr. Reddington said he may have been poisoned with wine, so I, uh– And besides, who doesn’t like papaya?
Liz: It’s perfect. He’ll love it. Mr. Cooper, you came.
Cooper: What do we know?
Liz: The Apothecary gave us all the antidotes.
Ressler: It’s been given to Reddington?
Liz: But last we checked, he was still in critical condition.
Cooper: Do we think the Apothecary lied?
Liz: [ Emotional ] I don’t know.
Aram: You know, he has to be okay.
Cooper: There’s no shame in hoping for the best, even for the worst of us.
[ Dr Haverkamp steps outside the vinyl-enclosed hospital room ]
Dr Haverkamp: I want to caution you against unwarranted optimism, but he’s stable for the moment.
Liz: Do you think he’ll recover?
Haverkamp: Too early to say. Uh, it’ll be a while before we know the extent of the damage already done, but the antidote does seem to be working.
Cooper: Is there anything else you can tell us?
Haverkamp: Well, just that whoever poisoned him knew his medical history – intimately. The toxins were uniquely designed to target his body chemistry.
Liz: Can we see him?
Haverkamp: Well, he’s just coming to. You should give him a few minutes.

[ Inside the vinyl enclosure ] [ Monitor beeping steadily ]
Baz: Welcome back.
Red: Did you find Marvin?
Glen: [ Clears throat ] Oh, yeah. I found the weasel.
Red: Tell me what happened.
Glen: I put the word out. We found him at Dulles. He was with his broad, the big girl. Bags packed, headed for the South Pacific.
Red: Thank you, Glen. Good work. And Dembe?
[ Baz and Glen do not respond ]
[ Red writes something on a the edge of a medical record. Paper rips. Red gives the slip to Baz ]
Red: Have Marvin taken to that address. [ Exhales ]

[ Liz’s cellphone vibrates ]
Liz: It’s the tox lab. Yes? What? I don’t under–
Cooper: What is it?
Liz: That can’t be right. Are you sure?
[ Liz goes into the vinyl hospital room enclosure ]
Liz: Reddington, the result–
[ Red is gone ]

[ At Red’s secret flat ]
[ Door creaking. Red enters. Marvin Gerard is tied to a chair ]
Marvin: Red. What the hell is this about?
Red: Where’s Dembe?
Marvin: Dembe? How would I know? I don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t know what any of this is about.
Red: [ To the guards: ] Please wait outside.
[ Door opens ] [ Door closes ] [ Red sits in a chair across from Marvin ]
Red: Unfortunately, for this grand pantomime of innocence, I know a great deal about all of it. I know about the wine. I know about you hiring Isabella Stone. About Zack Smoll, Stratos and his wife. I know that you were one of very few people who had access to the account that financed the attacks against me. I know that’s why you didn’t come to dinner. The only thing I don’t know is what you’ve done with Dembe.
Marvin: I didn’t show up to dinner because Becky and I were on our way to a yoga retreat in Tahiti. It’s a place we found when you sent us down there last year, you remember?
Red: Tell me where Dembe is.
Marvin: Red, I swear to you. I don’t know any of what you’re talking about.
Red: [ Inhales sharply ] I shouldn’t be surprised. We’re criminals, after all. It’s in our nature to betray.
Marvin: I didn’t do whatever it is you think I did.
Red: Remember that wretched bit of business on the Malay Peninsula? I was positive I would rot alone in that holding cell in Surat Thani. Slowly eaten alive by mosquitos to the constant refrain of body blows and screaming. 47 interminable days of near-constant rain. I couldn’t be sure any of my messages had been dispatched. And then, on the 48th day, they swung the cell door wide and handed me a package. Half a dozen tins of chilled Beluga caviar and a note. “Love, Marvin.” When I think of it – guards on two continents – the bribes alone must have cost you a fortune. I still cannot fathom how you managed to pull it off from inside a federal prison. But you had my undying gratitude, so when the opportunity arose, I facilitated your freedom.
Marvin: Exactly. Why would I betray you?
Red: We’ll get to why soon enough. But first, I need to know about Dembe.
Marvin: Jesus, Red, I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.
[ Door opens ]
Guard: It’s Elizabeth Keen. She says it’s important.
Red: Yes?
Liz: The wine was clean. The tox lab said there was nothing in it.
Red: That’s not possible. Check again.
Liz: They said the poison had to have been administered by something with a higher alcohol content, like gin or–
Red: Scotch.
Liz: Yes. Did you drink Scotch?
Red: I did. [ Uncorks and sniffs the Scotch bottle, recalls drinking it ] But there were only two people who had access to the bottle. And I’m one of them.
Liz: Who was the other?
Red: [ Inhales ] No, it can’t be.
Marvin: Raymond, are you okay?
Liz: Reddington, talk to me. Who poisoned you?
[ Red clicks the phone shut ]
Red: That can’t be.

[ Bob Dylan’s ♪ “All Along The Watchtower” playing ]
♪ “There must be some kind of way outta here” ♪
♪ said the joker to the thief ♪

[ Dembe walks down a crowded city street at night. He pulls over the hood of his jacket and heads down the steps to a subway station ]

♪ “There’s too much confusion ♪
♪ I can’t get no relief ♪
♪ Businessmen – they drink my wine ♪
♪ Plowmen dig my earth ♪
♪ None will level on the line ♪
♪ Nobody of it is worth.” ♪

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༺✦ ♤ ✦༻




♫ My Girl
By The Temptations

♪ I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day.
When it’s cold outside I’ve got the month of May.

♪ I guess you’d say
What can make me feel this way?
My girl (my girl, my girl)
Talkin’ ’bout my girl (my girl).

♪ I’ve got so much honey the bees envy me.
I’ve got a sweeter song than the birds in the trees.

♪ Well, I guess you’d say
What can make me feel this way?
My girl (my girl, my girl)
Talkin’ ’bout my girl (my girl).

♪ Hey hey hey
Hey hey hey

♪ I don’t need no money, fortune or fame.
I’ve got all the riches, baby, one man can claim.

♪ Well, I guess you’d say
What can make me feel this way?
My girl (my girl, my girl)
Talkin’ ’bout my girl (my girl).

♪ I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day
With my girl.
I’ve even got the month of May
With my girl
Talkin’ ’bout
Talkin’ ’bout
Talkin’ ’bout
My girl
My girl
As long as I can talk about my girl…

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2lMyzfR
YouTube: https://youtu.be/swSytFVMHuU


♫ No Salt On Her Tail
By The Mamas and The Papas

♪ Not in my arms, but on my mind –
Yes, on my mind, but not in my arms.
Time passes by
And I watch her fly –
Yes, I watch her fly,
And time passes by.

♪ Though it’s hard for me,
I’m going to leave her free
‘Cause that would be the best philosophy.
Then she’ll come to me.
So I feel that to be real that…

♪ This little bird, she can fly away;
No salt on her tail –
No cage to make her stay.

♪ Though it’s hard for me,
I’m going to leave her free
Because that would be the best philosophy.
She’ll come to me.
So I feel that to be real…

♪ This little bird she can fly away;
No salt on her tail.
No, she can fly away…
(No cage to make her stay)
No cage to make her stay…
(No cage to make her stay)
This little bird can fly away…
(No cage to make her stay)
(No cage to make her stay)

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2mk0PUN
YouTube: https://youtu.be/UhHMwE250zg


♫ All Along The Watchtower
By Bob Dylan

♪ “There must be some kind of way out of here,”
Said the joker to the thief,
“There’s too much confusion, I can’t get no relief.
Businessmen – they drink my wine
Plowmen dig my earth
None will level on the line
Nobody of it is worth.”

♪ “No reason to get excited,”
The thief – he kindly spoke,
“There are many here among us
Who feel that life is but a joke
But you and I we’ve been through that
And this is not our fate
So let us not talk falsely now
The hour’s getting late.”

♪ All along the watchtower
Princes kept the view
While all the women came and went
Barefoot servants too
Outside in the cold distance
A wildcat did growl
Two riders were approaching
And the wind began to howl, hey.

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2mrYlmp
Purchase on Google: http://bit.ly/2kTHT1Y ($1.29)
Purchase on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2l6NrS6 ($1.29)

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🔴 Script: 4:16 Dembe Zuma (№ 10)

Program air date: 4/20/2017 8pm CT in the US
Permalink: http://wp.me/pDKwi-4W0
Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/2pSm7cV

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Jean de Segonzac
Written by: Brandon Margolis, Brandon Sonnier

⭕ Script 4:16 Dembe Zuma (№ 10)

Blurb: Red seeks out his bodyguard, Dembe Zuma, who is missing and may be responsible for poisoning him.

[ Washington DC ]
[ Aram is showering. Janet (formerly “Elise”) startles him, then joins him in the shower ]
Aram: Oh, my God. [ Laughs ] Don’t do that.
Janet: What? This?
Aram: Mmm No, that’s– that’s fine. Wait, how’d you get in?
Janet: You left the front door unlocked, silly.
Aram: I did?
Janet: Mm-hmm.
Aram: I swear I locked it. Wait, I know I locked it.
[ Aram grabs a towel ]
Janet: Really? You’re– Hold on. You’re so paranoid.
Ara: Just, uh, I’ll be right back.
Janet: [ Groans ]

[ Aram checks the door ] [Lock clicks ] [ Keys jangling ]
[ Someone grabs Aram from behind ] [ Janet hears muffled shouting ] [ Thud ]
Janet: Aram? Aram? Aram, you okay?
[ Muffled shouting ]
[ Janet wraps herself in a towel and goes to the living room. Aram is bound on the floor, his mouth duct-taped. He is trying to warn Janet when she sees Dembe. He has a gun ]
Janet: Oh, my God.
[ Muffled shouting ]
Dembe: Be still.
[ Muffled shouting ]
Dembe: Don’t make a sound.

[ Police radio chatter ]
[ Ressler and police are at Aram’s apartment when Samar arrives ]
Samar: What happened? Where’s Aram?
[ Dog barking in distance ]
Ressler: We’re still piecing it together. We’ve got a 9-1-1 call. Neighbors reported a pounding on the walls.
Samar: Pounding?
Ressler: Yeah, we found her bound and gagged in the closet.
Samar: Found who?
[ Ressler avoids answering. Radio chatter continues. Samar sees Janet and angrily grabs her ]
Samar: What have you done with him?
Ressler: Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Janet: Is she nuts?
Ressler: Easy. She’s not a suspect here. She’s a victim. One of the victims. They were together. Here.

[ At the Post Office ]
Cooper: Tell me everything you’ve dug up on Dembe Zuma since he vanished.
Red: Why? What’s happened?
Cooper: His movements, actions, intent. You’ve been hunting Dembe for over a month. I want to know everything you’ve found because now Agent Mojtabai is in danger. And from what I can tell, you’re no closer to finding Dembe.
Red: Aram?
Liz: He was abducted by Dembe last night.

Samar: Can you describe what happened?
Janet: Not really. I was in the shower.
Ressler: You were in the shower when Dembe came to the apartment?
Janet: I think so.
Samar: Where was Aram?
Janet: In the shower with me. Thought that he had left the front door unlocked and he went to check, and that’s when it happened.

Red: Dembe has taken a calculated risk abducting Agent Mojtabai. He wouldn’t have done that to harm him, but to use him. For the time being, Aram is perfectly safe.
Cooper: You’ll forgive me if I don’t take comfort in any of your assurances about Dembe– a man you’ve so profoundly misjudged.
Liz: Are you closer to finding him or not?
Red: I am now. Aram’s abduction presents a rare opportunity.
Cooper: How so?
Red: Few can truly comprehend the fierce tenacity of a man like Dembe Zuma. I taught Dembe everything I knew regarding the tactics of evasion and survival. And now, despite dedicating every resource at my disposal to finding him, he has completely eluded detection.
[ Dembe has Aram in the trunk of a car. He parks and has Aram get into the trunk of a different car ]
Red: [ Continues ] Dembe’s timing is impeccable. And his most deadly attribute is patience. Which is why Aram’s abduction presents two trails. And clearly, two very motivated parties to follow them. You focus on locating Aram and leave me free to find Dembe. With any luck, we’ll meet where the paths converge.
Cooper: No chance. I’ve let you play it your way, and Aram paid the price. Agent Keen goes with you, and she reports to me.

[ Keys jangle ]
Janet: It’s a key hunter. Aram has one just like it.
Samar: What does it do?
Janet: You attach it to things that you don’t wanna lose– You know, car keys, laptops, pets.
Samar: GPS?
Janet: No. It uses cellphones as a location array. Once you activate it, it transmits a signal that is relayed by any live cellular device in its proximity.
Ressler: Aram’s keys weren’t at his apartment.
Janet: Right. Which means he probably still has them with him. And if he does, we’ve got a shot. I can activate that using Aram’s workstation here.

[ Red and Liz are in Red’s car. Baz is driving ]
Liz: Where are we going?
Red: To find the Sanctum Corporation. A refuge, an enterprise that specializes in relocating criminals who are on the verge of being arrested or being dispatched by an adversary. An underground railroad for miscreants.
Liz: And you think that’s how Dembe disappeared? He hired them?
Red: Not for himself. Last year, Matias Solomon used Dembe’s family as leverage against him to get to me. Afterward, I told him to hide his daughter and granddaughter.
Liz: Why couldn’t you hide them?
Red: I wanted Dembe to pick a vendor I knew nothing about to keep his family as far from my world as possible. He did as I instructed– so well, in fact, that I haven’t been able to identify the vendor he contracted. Sanctum is the last on my list.
Liz: Where is this Sanctum Corporation?
Red: [ Scoffs ] I have no idea. But I’ve tracked down someone who’s used them. Richard Fickman. A fence known for moving uncut diamonds. Disappeared after botching a shipment for a Yakuza Oyabun. We share a podiatrist. Chatty fellow. Apparently, Sanctum set him up selling discount men’s suits.

[ Red and Liz arrive at an office. There is fresh blood everywhere ]
[ Door squeaks, bangs ]
Liz: Looks like whoever he was hiding from finally caught up with him.
Red: I don’t believe in coincidence. Someone wants to obstruct my path. Baz. Phone. [ Click ] [ Speed dialing ] Glen. I need an appointment. Today.

[ Groaning ] [ Groans ] [ Breathing heavily ]
[ A man drags a body in a bloody tarp to a grave dug in the woods. He pushes the body in the grave ]
[ Speed dialing ]
Man: Fickman’s dead. It’s done.
Woman: Then we’re done.
[ The man breaks the phone and tosses it into the grave ]

[ Bees buzzing ] [ A woman enters a room filled with box bee hives and swarming with tens of thousands on buzzing bees. She removes her shirt and smears something over her upper body. She reaches out her arms and the bees accumulate on her ]

[ Behind a building ]
Aram: Dembe, please. Please, don’t–
Dembe: Move.
[ Dog barking in distance ]
Aram: Okay, uh what is this?
[ Blade clicks ]
Dembe: Raymond’s. He has lockers like this all around the globe.
[ Dog barking in distance ]
Aram: You want me to hack it so you can steal from Mr. Reddington. No. I’m not gonna do that.
[ Electronic trills, beeps ] [ Dembe opens the locker. It is empty ]
Dembe: I did not bring you here to steal from Raymond. I brought you here to find out who already did.
Aram: You’re trying to help him. Uh, then why not just tell him? He– he thinks you poisoned him.
Dembe: Yes. I handed him the drink that nearly killed him, but I did not poison it.
Aram: So tell him.
Dembe: Not without proof.
Aram: That’s why you’re here. You think whoever accessed this locker is the person who tried to kill Mr. Reddington?
Dembe: Yes.
Aram: Okay, uh, fine. Uh– Okay, okay, these scanners usually use a syslog-d. That’s a-a program that stores a list of previous users. I’ll try to access that log, but I, uh, really don’t think we should be doing this behind Mr. Reddington’s back. Uh– Do you really need to still point that at me? I’m– I’m gonna help.
[ Dembe points the gun more deliberately ]

Cooper: Absolutely not.
Ressler: We just collared her three months ago for hacking our system and now you want to let her do it again?
Samar: She doesn’t want to hack our system. She wants to hack Aram’s password in order to activate the key hunter. I can’t believe I’m the one saying this, but she is on our side. And right now, she is the only chance we have at finding him.
Cooper: Agent Navabi, sit on her, and don’t blink. You understand?

[ Aram’s workstation ]
Janet: [ Typing ] Come on, Aram. Password only has 44 bits of entropy. It’s too easy. [ Typing continues ] Got it.
Samar: You found him?
Janet: Not until someone with a live cellphone or tablet happens to come into range of the key hunter.
Samar: What can we do in the meantime?
Janet: We could be mature and talk about the fact that we’re both into the same guy. Or, you know, we could just stew in silence about it.

[ At the DMV ]
Glen: So Dembe finally went off the deep end, huh? I can’t say I’m surprised, what with the whole package. You know, strong, silent type, all stoic with the eyes and the phony African accent. I, for one, never bought it. Good riddance, you ask me. Besides, I didn’t want to say anything before, but a big black fellow waiting on you hand and foot, very Edgar Rice Burroughs.
Red: I’m in no mood, Glen. Did you access the footage I asked for?
Glen: Yeah. I rolled back the DOT camera you called about.
Liz: Those cameras are live feeds. You can’t rewind them.
Glen: Maybe you can’t rewind them, toots, but I’ve got a team of Hindus running a server farm in Adams Morgan recording every second of every traffic cam in this burg. You’d be surprised how often that comes in handy. Only one other car was at that warehouse before you guys showed up. Registered to Chuck Shaw. Info’s all there.
[ Glen hands Red a folder ]

[ Chuck Shaw is doing bench presses ]
[ Exhales sharply ] [ Exhales sharply ]
[ Red and Baz enter ] [ Gun cocks ] [ Exhaling continues ] [ Thud ]
Red: Good afternoon, Chuck.
Chuck: Yo. Who the hell are you?
[ Clattering ]
Red: Someone with a schedule that leaves demonstrably less time to hit the gym than you. Let’s see if it’s been worth it.
Chuck: What do you want?
Red: Richard Fickman.
Chuck: He’s dead.
Red: That’s unfortunate. Who put you up to it?
[ Baz is controlling the dumbbells, applying pressure ] [ Thuds loudly ] [ Groans ]
Chuck: [ Strained voice ] It wasn’t my idea.
Red: Was it the Sanctum Corporation?
Chuck: What is Sanctum?
Red: How did you find him?
Chuck: [ Strained voice ] Over there. The folder. [ Grunting ]
Liz: It’s a full dossier on Fickman. His movements, past addresses.
Red: Who hired you to kill him?
Chuck: [ Groaning ] We made a deal.
Red: Who?
Chuck: Dr Sofia Gallup. [ Groaning ]
[ Baz lifts the dumbbells off Chuck ] [ Coughing ]
Red: Please go on.
Chuck: [ Exhales ] I was locked up. She was my therapist. She got me paroled. Dr. Gallup said all I had to do was kill a guy she wanted dead. She gave me that folder when I was leaving Otisville.
Red: She must’ve given you a way to contact her to confirm the job was done.
Chuck: A burner. I destroyed it.
Red: We’re done here.
Liz: Wait a minute. He’s a murderer.
Red: We don’t have time for this. Baz.
[ Baz slugs Chuck, knocking him out ]
Liz: [ Dialing ] Yeah, this is Agent Elizabeth Keen. I got a case for DCPD. I’m gonna give you an address.
[ Liz leaves the folder on top of Chuck ]

Aram: I did it, okay? Uh– Here’s the data you wanted. But–
Dembe: Who was it?
Aram: I don’t know. The scanner uses proprietary encryption. I’m sorry, but it would take me days to crack this and figure out who, uh, accessed the– this locker. I’m so sorry.
[ Dembe lowers his gun, sits down on a curb ]
Dembe: You can go.
Aram: I can go? Just like that?
Dembe: Please, forgive me.
[ Dog barking in distance ]
Aram: Well, uh, there might be one way to get past the proprietary encryption. Are you really trying to help Mr. Reddington?
Dembe: I have three people in my life. My daughter, my granddaughter, and Raymond.
Aram: I have an idea.

Liz: Thank you. [ Phone beeps ] Bureau of Prisons confirmed Dr. Sofia Gallup consults for them. She covers the entire Northeast. No home office is listed and her license is registered at a PO box.
Red: How about the last parolee for whom the good doctor testified?
Liz: A felon named Dennis Cauley.
Red: And he was released?
Liz: To an address in Richmond.

[ Denis Cauley’s apartment ]
[ Light clicks ] [ Clattering ]
Liz: This looks like a dossier on Dr. Gallup’s next victim. Alex Sato.
[ Red looks at the man’s photo ]
Red: Except his name isn’t Alex Sato. It’s Daniel Nakamoto, a master forger of antiquities. 13 years ago, he was paid a pile of money for a cuneiform tablet by the boss of the Sacriponti crime family. Daniel claimed the tablet was part of the Sippar Library. What Daniel didn’t know and what Mr. Sacriponti was rather upset to learn, was that two weeks earlier, looters had broken into Iraq’s Museum of Antiquities and destroyed the entire collection.
Liz: Oops.
Red: Daniel Nakamoto disappeared shortly after.
Liz: So the Sanctum Corporation helped him vanish. And now they want him dead. Why?
Red: I don’t know. But if Sanctum helped him disappear, only they can make him reappear.
Liz: And Dr. Gallup– how is she connected?
Red: I have no idea. But she certainly understands the dynamics of leverage. She gives these prisoners freedom in exchange for murder. I’m sure many of them would feel it’s a small price to pay.
Liz: This guy’s been tracking Nakamoto. Tracing his movements.
Red: Circling his prey.
Liz: Looks like Nakamoto is at the Gabor Museum every afternoon.

[ At the Gabor Museum ]
Red: Afternoon, Daniel.
Nakamoto: I think you’ve mistaken me for someone else.
Red: Oh, I assure you, I have not. In fact, I’m something of a fan of your work. I saw a Xuande Ming urn you fabricated fetch quite a price at the King Family’s final auction. It was near perfect.
Nakamoto: Raymond Reddington?
Red: Now that we’re speaking plainly, I’m afraid your cover has been blown. I suppose that’s fairly obvious at this point. But nonetheless, I’m here to tell you that an assassin is coming to kill you.
[ Liz has taken a second floor perch overlooking the busy lobby ]
Liz: No sign of Cauley. Why would he pick such a crowded place?
Baz: It’s like a prison yard.
Red: The Sanctum Corporation has given you up. But I’m willing to help you vanish again in exchange for–
Nakamoto: You’re lying. There’s no way Sanctum could betray me. Impossible.
Liz: Baz, I’ve got eyes on him. Bald, brown leather jacket. Baz, tell me you see him. He’s getting close.
Red: I’m warning you, Daniel. Your life is in grave danger.
Nakamoto: If you’re right, and the Sanctum Corporation has failed me, then no one can keep me safe. Not even you.
[ The man in the brown jacket approaches Nakamoto. Blade clicks ]
Nakamoto: Aah!
[ Baz attacks the man, kicks away his knife ]
Liz: FBI!
Denis Cauley: Aah! Aah!
Liz: Hands on your head.

Nakamoto: What do you want to know?
Red: Everything you can tell me about the Sanctum Corporation.
Nakamoto: It was run by Tony and Maria Lopez. They owned a honey company in Ohio. They used bee colonies around the world as safe houses and way stations. But when I said it was impossible for them to give me up, I meant it. The Lopezes died months ago.
Red: Thank you, Daniel. I suggest you return home and pack your things. I’ll be in touch.
[ Window whirs ] [ Door closes ] [ Exhales deeply ]
[ Red calls Glen ]
Red: Glen. I need information on a deceased couple. Tony and Maria Lopez of Ohio. They were apiarists.
Glen: What? Ape fairies?
Red: Apiarists. Bees.

Janet: When I first met Aram, oh, he was so uptight. I mean, with the strict Muslim upbringing with a healthy dose of Jewish guilt. He hadn’t had a sip of alcohol until he was post-grad at MIT. He really needed to cut loose.
Samar: And you helped him.
Janet: You say that like I’m some sort of enabler or something. Yeah, okay, fine. I enable him to have fun. I enable him to blow off steam. I enable him to laugh. Do you have a problem with that?
Samar: I do if it interferes with the work that he does here.
Janet: Right.
Samar: What is that supposed to mean?
Janet: You know exactly what that’s supposed to mean. You’re upset because I know Aram and you don’t.
[ Beeping ]
Janet: Got him. RBM Digital Security Bureau Data Site.

[ Aram and Dembe approach a security check station at the RBM Digital Security Bureau Data Site ]
Aram: Agents Mojtabai and Zuma, FBI. We got a warrant to run a confiscated device through your proprietary decryption.
Security Guard: We don’t allow access to this facility for outside requests.
Aram: Yeah, we’re on a time crunch. It’s a matter of national security.
Security Guard: [ Sighs ] The warrant?
Aram: Zuma. Give the man the warrant. Don’t tell me you didn’t grab it off the desk. Oh, Zuma, you’re killin’ me.
Dembe: I am sorry.
Aram: Oh, you’re sorry. He’s sorry. Sorry, “sir. ”
Dembe: Sorry, sir.
Aram: It’s all right. That’s all right. Okay. You got somewhere we can sit and call this in? Court should be able to messenger a new one ASAP.
[ The guard leads them to a glass-walled conference room ]
Aram: Oh, this is, uh, this is great. An agent will have a warrant here in– in no time. Thank you. Thanks so much.
[ The guard leaves ]
Aram: All right, okay, that bought us maybe, like,– 15 minutes. If I’m lucky, I can find the encryption key before he gets back.
Dembe: Thank you, Aram.
Aram: Well, it’s, uh, for Mr. Reddington. [ Tapping keys ] Right? Right. Okay. All right, here we go.

[ Tires screech, horn honks ] [ Horn honks ]
[ Glen is in a car marked “Student Driver” that pulls up to Red and Liz ]
Red: You got to be kidding me.
Glen: You’re the one in such a damn rush. Get in.
Red: This lacks even a modicum of discretion.
[ Tires screech. The car swerves. The student driver is ‘still learning’ ]
Glen: We can speak freely. Señora Vazquez doesn’t know a lick of English.
Glen: [ Spanish: ] Turn right on the next light.
Red: What did you find?
[ Seatbelt clicks ]
Glen: The Lopezes ran Sanctum for decades. But nine months ago, they got burnt to a crisp. Fire started in the middle of the night. Police report says arson, no suspects, though.
[ Tires screech ]
Glen: It’s a car, sweet cheeks, not a roller coaster. They had a daughter named Vanessa. Apple fell far from the tree. She was on the up and up. A therapist.
Liz: A therapist? Like Dr. Gallup? Gallup and Lopez could be one and the same.
Glen: I don’t know no Gallup, but Vanessa was there during the fire. Got burnt pretty bad, but survived.
Liz: Says here all the Lopez family bee farms were foreclosed by the bank, all but the one that burned down. It’s still owned by Vanessa Lopez.
Red: Then that’s where we’re headed. [ Spanish: ] Please, stop at the corner.
[ Brakes screech. Car slams to a stop ]
Red: ] [ Laughs ] [ Spanish ] Good luck with your test.
Señora Vasquez: [ Spanish ] Thank you.

Dembe: Okay, uh, about 10 seconds.
Aram: Crap. Samar and Ressler are here.
Dembe: Hurry.
Aram: Okay, come on. Downloading. All right, here we are. [ Typing ] [ Beeps ] Kathryn Nemec. Who is who is Kathryn Nemec?
[ Dembe looks “like he’s seen a ghost” ]
Aram: Oh, is this bad? Oh, this seems bad.
Dembe: I cannot go back yet. I need proof. There’s one last thing I must do.
Aram: Okay, uh, go. You better go. Do what you gotta do to help Mr. Reddington, but do it fast.
[ Dembe leaves as Ressler and Samar are arriving. Ressler takes chase while Samar approaches the all-glass conference room ]
Aram: Locking down. [ Locks click ]
Samar: Aram. Open the door.
Aram: Sorry, uh, I can’t.
Samar: Can’t or won’t?
[ Aram watches on his laptop as Ressler chases Dembe. He locks and unlocks doors as needed to assist Dembe’s escape ]
Ressler: Dembe, stop!
Aram: [ Tapping key ] Okay. Got to open that door. Yes, okay. Closing now.
[ Ressler points his gun at Dembe through the glass window of a locked door ]
Ressler: Dembe! Don’t make me shoot you!
Dembe: I didn’t do anything.
Ressler: Then come in. Prove it.
Dembe: That’s my plan. But I need the proof.
[ Aram becomes alarmed that Ressler might shoot Dembe ]
Aram: Dembe. No. No, no. Ressler, no.
[ Aram kills the power ] [ Clank ] [ Dembe escapes ]

[ Bees buzzing ]
[ Red and Liz enter the room with the bees. Vanessa Vasquez turns around slowly ]
Red: Fascinating. I hope you don’t mind me diving right in. I’ve been looking for you for quite a while, and time is of the essence.

Cooper: What were you thinking?
Aram: He needed my help.
Ressler: Well, you didn’t have to help him escape. If he’s on the level, we all could’ve helped.
Aram: We’re on the Reddington task force, and the one person Dembe can’t get near right now is Mr. Reddington.
Cooper: I don’t believe Reddington would ever hurt Dembe.
Aram: He might if he felt Dembe betrayed him. I don’t think Dembe did, but everything is pointing towards that, so you know, there’s no telling what Mr. Reddington might do.
Cooper: Did you find anything that would exonerate Dembe?
Aram: Honestly, I don’t know. We found a name– Kathryn Nemec.
Cooper: Run her down and find out what you can. And, Aram, you better be right about Dembe, because whatever happens next is on you.

[ At the Post Office ]
[ Phone ringing in distance ]
Aram: Hey. Are you okay? Are you hurt?
Janet: No. You?
Aram: No.
[ They hug ] [ Aram sees that Samar has noticed them ]
Aram: I, uh– I can’t leave right now. Can we talk later?
Janet: Yeah. Of course.
Aram: Come on. I’ll walk you out.

[ Bees buzzing ]
Red: It’s hypnotic.
Vanessa Vasquez: I suppose it was only a matter of time before one of you figured it out and showed up.
Red: You knew I’d get to you eventually. I’m not one of your parents’ clients.
Liz: But we know what you’re doing to them. Richard Fickman. Daniel Nakamoto. We know you made deals with some of your prison therapy patients.
Red: We just don’t know why.
Vanessa: When I was a child, this place was a backbone of our honey business. My father knew a guy that needed a hideout. And he helped. And then another showed up. And another one. And soon, my parents were making more money from their Sanctum Corporation than they were from the bees. The fortune my parents made hiding criminals was in a Vulcan safe in our basement. The only people that knew that were the criminals that passed through. Someone came back and tried to steal the money. But while cutting through the lock with an acetylene torch, they set the house on fire. I was the only one that survived. Apitherapy is the only thing I’ve found effective in fighting the infection. Pheromones from the queen attract the swarm, and their stings and enzymes heal the scars.
Liz: You have no idea which client did this, so you’re killing them all.
Vanessa: If their file is in my parents’ ledger, they deserve punishment for one thing or the other.
Red: There’s an entry in that ledger I need to see. For your sake, I hope it’s not crossed off.

[ Red searches through the ledger. He tears out a page ]

Cooper: Kathryn Nemec is missing?
Aram: Yeah, she disappeared in 1991, just dropped off the grid. Lived at a few addresses in the Midwest in her 30s. Worked at an exclusive domestic staffing agency, but then one day she’s just gone. And there is no more record.
Cooper: You say this Nemec, she’s the one who was attacking Reddington?
Aram: Dembe seemed to think so.
Cooper: But she’s been missing for 25 years.
Aram: Yeah, I cannot explain it, but had you seen Dembe’s face when he saw her name – It was like he’d seen a ghost.

[ In Red’s car ]
Liz: Cooper’s sending a team to pick up Dr. Gallup. He says Aram is safe. Aram insists Dembe is innocent.
Red: I need to be the judge of that.
Liz: He’s not the one hurting you. He was using Aram to find that person.
Red: People run when they’re scared and when they’re guilty. You can afford to hope for the best, but to survive in my world, I assume the worst.

[ Door opens ]
Isabella Zuma: Mr. Reddington. How did you find me?
Red: Hello, Isabella.
Isabella: I’m sorry. Please come in.
[ Child (about 2 years old) giggling ] [ Door closes ]
Isabella: Please sit.
[ Isabella puts the child in a playpen ]
Child: Mommy?
Red: I need to speak with your father, Isabella.
Isabella: Speak with him? What do you mean? Where is he?
Red: I don’t know.
Isabella: Is he safe?
Liz: We don’t know.
Isabella: But something’s happened?
Red: I hope not, but I won’t know until I find him.
Isabella: Does he want you to find him?
Red: He does not, but I have to. And I must insist on your help to do so.
Isabella: Sometimes he sends me packages. Pre-paid cellphones with one number saved for emergencies. When my father told me he moved us here to protect us, I never dreamed he meant to keep us safe from you.
Red: He didn’t. [ Dialing ]
[ Cellphone ringing ] [ Dembe is in a wooded area ]
Dembe: Are you okay, Isabella?
Red: Yes, she’s okay.
Dembe: What are you doing there, Raymond?
Red: Trying to find you.
Dembe: Isabella and Elle?
Red: They’re perfectly safe. What are you doing, Dembe? Because everything you seem to be doing is making you look guilty.
Dembe: We’re both guilty, Raymond. I came here to see for myself. She’s not here.
Red: Who– who’s not? What are you saying?
[ An arrow hits Dembe in the leg ]
Dembe: Ah! Ah!
[ Dembe drops the phone and stumbles off ]
Red: Dembe? Dembe? Dembe?
[ The Hunter is tracking Dembe with a crossbow. He walks over to the mobile phone and crushes it ]

[ The Hunter catches up with Dembe ]
The Hunter: I know who you are. You and that fella in the hat brought Kate out here. Two men against an unarmed woman. That was cowardly. And you still couldn’t get the job done. You didn’t know she survived, did you? Ol’ Kate flat out refused to die. She warned me about you. The muscle. Said the man in the hat never goes anywhere without you by his side.
[ Dembe grunts ]
Hunter: Kate told me you’d be back. I’ve been waiting. I’m gonna kill you both for what you did to her. Now, where is your slick-suited friend?
[ Dembe mumbles. The Hunter moves closer and leans over him ]
Hunter: What?
[ Dembe pulls the arrow out of his own leg and stabs The Hunter’s leg with it ]
Hunter: Aah! [ Groaning ]
[ Dembe hurries away, limping ]

[ Telephone rings ]
[ Ring, beep ]
Aram: Agent Mojtabai.
Red: What did you and Dembe find, Aram?
Aram: Mr. Reddington.
Red: I spoke to him. He began to tell me something. But he was attacked.
Aram: Attacked?
Isabella: What’s going on? What is he talking about?
Liz: I don’t know.
Red: The person he thinks is coming for me, it may be a woman.
Aram: Is Dembe gonna be okay?
Red: He released you. Why? Did you discover something?
Aram: We did. We found a name. Kathryn Nemec.
Red: [ Shocked ] S-Say that again.
Aram: Kathryn Nemec. But she’s been missing since 1991.
[ Phone beeps off ]
Isabella: What? Please, tell me, is he okay?
Liz: Reddington, what’s going on? What’s happened to Dembe?
Red: I’ll find him. I’ll find him.

[ The Hunter has tied a tourniquet on his leg ] [ Grunts ] [ Exhales ] [ Beeps, speed dials ]
The Hunter: It’s me. Hate to leave this on your machine, but there’s something you ought to know…

[ Red and Liz are in his car, driving through the woods ]
Red: A man’s greatest enemy is the dark forces pent up within himself. But not for me. My dark forces had a name. A person I entrusted with the most heinous offenses of my life. Every trespass I committed, expunged. Cleansed as if it had never happened. My confessor who doth now condemn me.
Liz: What are you talking about?
Red: [ Clicks tongue ] Kathryn Nemec.
Liz: Now who is Kathryn Nemec?
Red: A name that came to represent my darkest hours. My friend. [ Smacks lips ] Mr. Kaplan.
Liz: Mr. Kaplan? She’s alive. [ Tears ]
Red: When I pulled the trigger, I– I left without checking. I would never have been so careless if there wasn’t a part of me that wished I hadn’t done what I had just done. It’s been her all along. Retribution for what I did to her.
Liz: Can the score be even now? Can this be over?
Red: All I know is I need to find Dembe.

[ The Hunter continues to stalk Dembe ]

[ Baz drives Red and Liz to the place in the woods where Red had shot Kate ]
[ They park behind the car Dembe had driven ] [ Dembe stumbles out of the woods ]
Liz: Dembe!
Dembe: [ Groaning ] She’s alive. Kate is alive.
Red: I’m sorry, Dembe.
Liz: Who did this to you?
Dembe: A man. He found Kate. He’s injured in his left knee.
Red: Where did you last see him?
Dembe: West of here. [ Panting ]
[ Red ties a tourniquet on Dembe’s leg ]
Dembe: Aah!
Red: You need a doctor. Keep that tight.
Dembe: [ Groaning ]
Liz: Okay, we go. You’re not going after him.
Red: I am. He’ll lead me to Kate. Get Dembe to a hospital, please.
Dembe: [ Groans ]

Red: We should double back, find another path. This is all too exposed.
[ Dart hits ]
Baz: [ Gasps ] Oh!
[ The Hunter approaches. He sees a figure crumpled on the forest floor and Red’s hat behind a log. He is taking aim at the hat when he is shot from the side by Red ]
The Hunter: [ Groans ] Ohh! Ow, ow.
[ Baz was wearing Red’s hat. He is uninjured. It was a trap ]
[ Red approaches The Hunter who is not critical ]
Red: You must know my friend Kate.

[ The Post Office ] [ Phone ringing in distance ]
Aram: Should’ve told you about Janet.
Samar: It doesn’t matter.
Aram: It does to me. I-I’m sorry that I’m– Hey. Can I tell you something I admire about you?
Samar: I would rather you didn’t.
Aram: Your intensity. The way you talk and think. The way you do the job.
Samar: Stop it.
Aram: I don’t just admire it. I’m also terrified by it. And by what it would do to me if we got too close.
Samar: How’s this for terrifying? I couldn’t care less what you admire.
[ Samar gets in the elevator. The elevator doors creak and clang shut ]

[ Inside his cabin, The Hunter is tied to a chair ]
Red: I can appreciate the kindness you showed to an injured woman in need. It’s commendable, as is your loyalty to her. Even under the threat of death. But you do need to call her.
The Hunter: She was right about you. Said you were very dangerous and absolutely relentless. Could’ve used a few like you in Quang Tri. Back then, we used to say if you’re gonna take a shot at ol’ Victor Charlie, you better hit him. ‘Cause if you don’t, Victor, his brother, and three cousins shoot back. Kate’s also very dangerous and absolutely relentless. Guess she learned that from you. If I’d been in your shoes, I’d have made damn sure I didn’t miss.
Red: Yes, that was a mistake I won’t make again. Call her.
The Hunter: Seems to me I’m not gonna survive this either way.
Red: This may seem ironic considering the circumstances, but I abhor violence. I only resort to it in times of extreme necessity. So believe me when I say, this is both extreme and necessary.
[ Gun cocks. Red holds his pistol to The Hunter’s forehead ]
Red: Call her.
The Hunter: [ Dialing ] She said you’d do this. [ Chuckles ]
Red: She said I’d do what exactly?
The Hunter: Underestimate her.
[ Line ringing ] [ Buzzing sound ]
[ Through the floor boards, Red sees an apparatus with a flashing red light ]
Red: Baz!
[ Both Red and Baz run for their lives as a huge 💥🔥 explosion 🔥💥 engulfs the cabin ]

[ Kate is walking along the catwalk of a motel. She listens to a message on her answering machine ]
The Hunter: [ Recorded voice ] It’s me. Hate to leave this on your machine, but there’s something you ought to know. Your friends, uhm– the black fella and the man in the hat, Reddington– they’re here. You said they’d kill me to get you. If this is the last time you hear my voice, know that I didn’t give you up. And I didn’t go down without a fight. You told me, if he ever figured out you’re still alive, he’d come at you full bore. Well, lock and load, Katie. Your war has come.

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❌❌❌ End 4:16 Dembe Zuma


🔴 Script: 4:17 Requiem

Program air date: 4/20/2017 at 9:00pm CT in the US
Permalink: http://wp.me/pDKwi-4WC
Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/2pSm7cV

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Terrence O’Hara
Written by: Daniel Cerone
Note: For Mr Kaplan’s lines, “Kate” is used for the present. “Kathryn” is used for the past (dreams and flashbacks).

⭕ Script 4:17 Requiem

Blurb: Red and Kaplan’s past is explored.

[ Organ playing “Rock of Ages” ]
[ A father and daughter peer into the casket of the child’s mother ]
Child: Is she in there? I don’t see her.
Child’s father: No, baby. That’s just a skin sack full of bones.
Child: Why didn’t she take her body?
Father: On account of all the pain and sorrow it soaked up. What happens in life writes a story in our flesh.
Child: What’s gonna happen to her body?
Father: When we’re done here, they’ll take this box and bury it deep.
Child: Can I go with?
Father: No, baby. Now dry your eyes and say your peace to your mother.
[ Gloria Gaynor’s ♪ “I Will Survive” plays ]

♪ But then I spent so many nights thinking how you did me wrong,
And I grew strong and I learned how to get along

Child: Goodbye, Mama.

♪ And so you’re back from outer space.
I just walked in to find you here with that sad look upon your face
I should have changed that stupid lock
I should have made you leave your key
If I had known for just one second you’d be back to bother me

♪ Go on now, go. Walk out the door
Just turn around now ’cause you’re not welcome anymore

[ Kate Kaplan is driving a pick-up truck pulling a metal-sheathed camper/trailer. She sighs and pulls over to the side of the road. She takes some pills, washing them down with an energy drink ]

Weren’t you the one who tried to hurt me with goodbye?
Did you think I’d crumble?
Did you think I’d lay down and die? Oh, no, not I!
I will survive. Just turn around now …

[ Cellphone beeps ]
[ Line rings ] [ A man at an ice rink answers ]
Kate: There’s been a complication.
Ice Rink Man: Anything serious?
Kate: I’ll fill you in when I get back. I’m cutting this trip short. I just have one more.

Did you think I’d crumble?
Did you think I’d lay down and die? Oh no, not I!
I will survive …

Kate: One more stop to make.
Ice Rink Man: Migraines again?
Kate: I’ll be all right.
[ Cellphone beeps ]
[ Kate pulls back the hair in the back of her head to reveal a huge wound, the result of a past trauma ]

♪ Oh, as long as I know how to love I know I’ll stay alive.
I’ve got all my life to live.
I’ve got all my love to give.
And I’ll survive,
I will survive …

Katarina Rostova: Kathryn Nemec. Your references are outstanding. Fluent in Italian, French, German, and Russian. Most of your charges appear to have been in various diplomatic corps.
Kathryn: I enjoy travel.
Katarina: You attended medical school at Northwestern, yet you decided not to continue. May I ask why?
Kathryn: Human anatomy was my Waterloo. The cadavers–
Katarina: Yes. Gruesome.
Kathryn: No. I found them compelling. Much more interesting than our living patients. I decided it will be healthier to reorient my efforts from the end of life to its beginning.
Katarina: Thus a Master’s degree in Child Development.
Kathryn: There’s no vocation more critical than raising a child. It’s my belief one can’t be overqualified.
Katarina: This job will not be without its challenges. I have no interest in abdicating my role as a mother. While I’m in this house, I will be responsible for tending to Masha’s needs. You and Masha will join me whenever you can. There will be times I need to be unencumbered.
Kathryn: So my primary duty will be to care for the child.
Katarina: When I’m gone, yes.
Kathryn: And while you’re here?
Katarina: You will have one job, and that is to discreetly observe our interactions. During my absences, I will expect you to provide a continuity of care. The way I dress her, hold her, change her, bathe her. You will be what I am to her – with one exception.
Kathryn: Yes?
Katarina: You will not love her.

[ Three months later, at the “The Summer Palace,” in Masha’s bedroom ]
Kathryn: [ To Baby ] You are safe. You are loved. [ Whispers ] You are wise.
[ Katarina enters ]
Katarina: How many children have you raised?
Kathryn: I’ve seen seven children through their elementary years. Some of them siblings, of course.
Katarina: What do you feel toward them now?
Kathryn: Pride, mostly. You wanna know if I loved them? They were never mine to love. But I would’ve died for each and every one of them.
Katarina: What must a child do to earn this eternal devotion of yours?
Kathryn: Not much. Take Masha, for instance. We have a pact, she and I. Every time she takes a bottle from me or falls asleep in my arms, she’s telling me that she trusts me completely. That is a profound gift. I would do anything to protect your baby.

[ Kate pulls into the parking lot of a motel ]

Man on radio: The forecast, windy and cold this morning. Warming up a bit this afternoon with a few sunny breaks and diminishing winds. Today’s high here is 33 degrees. Clear tonight with the temperature dropping to a cold 19. Sunshine though …

[ Engine turns off ]

Kate: I have a reservation for room 8.
[ Keys jangle ]
Motel Manager: Here you go.
[ Keys clatter. The room number on the key is 12 ]
Kate: I reserved room 8.
Manager: The young couple in there extended their stay. What can you do?
Kate: Is the adjacent room empty?

[ Kate enters motel room 7. A man and woman can be heard arguing in room 8 through the thin walls of the motel ]

Man: For godsakes, what in the hell are you crying about?! [ Thud ] Huh? Why?!
Woman: Just stop yelling at me! You’re making it worse.
Man: I cannot have these girl episodes with the nagging and the crying!

[ This argument fades into a different argument long ago … ]

[ Man and woman shouting in Russian ] [ Kathryn witnesses a brutal fight between Katarina and a dark-haired man. Objects crash and clatter. Katarina attempts to strangle the man with a lamp cord. Katarina sees Kathryn and nods toward a knife lying on the floor. Kathryn slides the knife to Katarina. Katarina slices the man’s throat with it. He falls to the floor face down, a pool of blood spreading out around him. Katarina is breathing heavily, a wild look on her face ]
Kathryn: Are you hurt?
Katarina: I’m fine. Alexander will be home soon. He can’t see this.
Kathryn: Go upstairs. Take a shower.
Katarina: While you do what?
Kathryn: Clean the mess. Go.
[ Kathryn puts on a pair of yellow rubber gloves ]

[ The scene returns to the present. The man and woman in motel room 8 adjacent to Kate’s continue arguing ]

Woman: All the time! Stop! All right?
Man: I don’t know when I’ll be back. How’s never?
Woman: Jason!

[ The man (Jason) leaves the motel room and walks to the motel office ]
[ Door rattles ]
Jason: Oh! [ Rattles ] You gotta be– Oh. Come on! I just wanna buy some cigarettes! [ Pounds on the door ] Come on!
[ Kate approaches Jason ]
Kate: I have a pack in my trailer.
Jason: Okay. Sure, lady. Thanks.
Jason: Sweet ride.
[ Jason gets in Kate’s camper/trailer. She follows him in, then slams the door shut decisively ]

[ In the past again, the morning after Katarina has killed the dark-haired man ]
[ Switch clicks ]
Kathryn: Good morning. Any problems?
Katarina: I considered killing you last night.
Kathryn: Why didn’t you?
Katarina: What you saw, it’s more than Alexander or anyone knows about me, except the people I work for.
Kathryn: Soviet Intelligence? There were some documents on the man–
Katarina: Where’s the body?
Kathryn: In the woods.
Katarina: Kate, there are specific ways–
Kathryn: Sealed him in plastic wrap after I exsanguinated the corpse in the tulip garden to speed the rate of decay. I buried the rest below the frost line so that the grave won’t heave open during the freeze and thaw cycles.
Katarina: Never expected to have this conversation with you. What you saw last night– You might see other things, too.
Kathryn: I told you. I have a pact with your daughter. I will do everything in my power to keep her safe. And her mother.

[ The present ] [ Knocking on Kate’s motel door ] [ Kate unlocks the door ]
[ The woman from the room next door, Jason’s girlfriend, is outside smoking. She exhales the smoke when Kate answers the door ]
Jason’s girlfriend: Have you seen my boyfriend? He went for smokes last night. He didn’t come back.
Kate: Maybe he ran out on you.
Jason’s girlfriend: No, he left his car.
Kate: Did he leave his keys?
Jason’s girlfriend: Yes.
Kate: Maybe he left them for you.
Jason’s girlfriend: No, he’s a total dick. He would never leave me his car. Oh, Christ, what the hell is he up to? Now I gotta go find him.
Kate: You do that, dearie.

[ Birds chirping ] [ Kathryn is pushing Masha in a stroller along a path in a secluded part of a wooded area. A car in parked there. Inside is Katarina with a man with light-colored hair. They are having sex in the front seat ] [ Moaning ] [ Breathing heavily ] [ Katarina and Kathryn make eye contact. Kathryn quickly turns the stroller around and heads back in the direction they came from ]

[ Kathryn is in the kitchen. Katarina comes in. She runs the tap and fills a glass with water ]
Katarina: Do you wanna ask me something, Kate?
Kathryn: None of my business.
Katarina: I’m sorry to put you in that uncomfortable position, especially with Masha.
Kathryn: Is he American?
Katarina: He’s an assignment. Was an assignment. I don’t know what he is. He’s married.
Kathryn: Is it serious?
Katarina: Yes. It’s frivolous… exciting… dangerous.
Kathryn: Do you love him?
Katarina: I don’t know about love, Kate. In my job the only one I know I love is Masha.
Kathryn: Then you should end it with the American.

[ The present ] [ At last, Kate is allowed into Room 8 ] [ The motel cleaning woman exits the room, smiles at Kate ]
Kate: Thank you.
[ Kate closes the door, puts down a large black canvas suitcase, unzips it. She pulls a dresser away and takes a picture off the plaster wall ]

[ Indistinct radio chatter ] [ Kathryn arrives at Katarina’s house. Police cars are outside. Kathryn runs inside ]
Officer: Miss, excuse me. M–
[ Kathryn runs past the officer ]
Kathryn: What happened?
Katarina: Masha was abducted.
Kathryn: What?!
Katarina: A man was seen carrying her off the campus. A blonde man.
Kathryn: The American?
Katarina: I started pulling away. We couldn’t continue the way we were. He didn’t take it well.
Kathryn: So what he– he– he stole Masha to hurt you?
Katarina: No, that’s not it. He thinks she’s his.
Kathryn: Is she?
Kathryn: I don’t know, Kate. I never found out. I didn’t want to. It didn’t matter. I was never gonna end up with Raymond.
Kathryn: Did you give the police his name?
Katarina: Never. It’d put Masha in danger– even more danger. I know where he’s taking her. Home to America. I’m gonna have to find her on my own.
Kathryn: Not on your own.

[ The present. Inside motel room 8, Kate gets to work ]
[ ♪ “I Will Survive” plays – version sung by John McCrea of Cake ]

♪ At first I was afraid, I was petrified,
Kept thinking I could never live without you by my side
And I spent, oh, so many nights just feeling sorry for myself.
I used to cry but now I hold my head up high
I will survive.
Oh, as long as I know how to love I know I’ll stay alive.
I’ve got all my life to live.
I’ve got all my love to give.
And I’ll survive,
I will survive … yeah, yeah

[ Cartoon plays indistinctly on TV ] [ Kate begins to saw through the plaster walls of the motel room with an electric saw ] [ Whirs ] [ Whirring ]

[ The past ]

On the television:
Man: Firefighters are gathering and continue to battle a 3-alarm blaze that occurred at a residence downtown.

[ Knock on door ]

The cause is unknown at this time, and we’ll keep you updated as the story unfolds.

[ Kathryn opens the door. Katarina enters holding Masha. Both are streaked with smoke and Masha’s clothing is singed ]
Kathryn: Oh! Oh, my God! Are you okay? You two okay?
Katarina: There was a fire. [ Breathing heavily ] Too many people. There was shouting and fighting. And Masha. [ Breathing heavily ]
Kathryn: What?
[ Katarina kisses Masha and sniffles ]
Katarina: Listen, carefully, you stay here with Masha. Speak to no one. Do not answer the door or the telephone. Don’t go out unless you absolutely have to.
Kathryn: You’re hurt–
Katarina: Listen. When it’s safe, I’ll call with instructions. I’ll ring once, hang up, and call back. Understand?
Kathryn: You’ll ring once, call back.
Katarina: [ To Masha, in Russian with subtitles ] Be good, little one. It wasn’t your fault. He was a bad man. I love you.
Katarina: [ Sniffles ] Oh. Lock the door behind me. [ Kisses Masha ]
[ Kathryn locks the door ]

[ A week or so later ] [ Kathryn and Masha are playing cards ]
Kathryn: Do you have any 4s?
Masha: [ Speaks Russian ]
Kathryn: In English, please.
Masha: Go fish.
Kathryn: I ask you if you had kings, and you said no! You little sneak!
[ Kathryn goes over to Masha and tickles her ]
Masha: No!
[ Both laughing ]
Masha: Do you love me, Nyanya?
Kathryn: [ Whispers ] Yes.
Masha: I miss Mama.
Kathryn: Me, too. She is working very hard to find us a new place to live. And then we’ll all be together again.

[ Telephone rings ] [ Inhales deeply ] [ Switch clicks ] [ Ring ]
Kathryn: [ Whispers ] Where are you?
Katarina: I don’t know. Pay phone.
Kathryn: You need to come back for your daughter. It’s been over a week.
Katarina: I can’t. The KGB uncovered my affair with Raymond, which means US Intelligence knows as well. Both sides are tracking me down. I have to leave the country. It’ll be weeks before I can come for Masha.
Kathryn: Masha can’t stay in a hotel that long. She needs a home. I can take her to my sister in Chicago.
Katarina: No. You’re the family nanny. You’re a person of interest. They’ll track you. You have to leave Masha with someone unconnected, who I can trust. I want you to get in touch with Sam Milhoan. He’s listed. Kearney, Nebraska.
Kathryn: Leave Masha?
Katarina: You must.

Sam Milhoan: I’m sorry you had to drive all this way. But I’m in no position to help here. I told Kat.
Kathryn: Katarina called you?
Sam: Sure did. And she sent you anyway.
Kathryn: She told me that you are the only person who knew both her and Raymond, the only one they both trusted.
Sam: Yeah, well, that may be.
Kathryn: Of all the people in the world, she chose you to protect her daughter–
Sam: All right, stop. Did Kat happen to mention that I’m a grifter? Now I scam people out of their hard-earned cash. Now I’m trying to go straight here. But I don’t have room in my life for a kid. I’m not able to be with Masha. I would just put her life at risk.
[ Masha has been overhearing ]
Masha: You’re not gonna stay with me? You said when we find someplace to live, we would all be together.
Kathryn: Oh. I want that more than anything in the world. It just can’t be now.
Masha: You promised.
Sam: Ah, crap. [ Claps ] Gordo!
[ A large black dog barks and comes in, tail wagging ] [ Gasps of excitement ]
Kathryn: Hi.
[ Kathryn and Masha laugh ]
Kathryn: Hey, hey.
Sam: The kid needs her mother. Until the heat’s off, she’s got me.

[ Kate zips shut a black canvas suitcase, which is now bulging. Another suitcase is nearby. Kate exits the motel room, lugging one of the suitcases. She opens the door of her camper/trailer. Inside the phone is ringing ]

[ In the past ]
[ Katarina is making a call from an outdoor phone booth. Behind her is a sandy beach and the ocean. A brown slatted wooden fence lining the beach evokes the beach at Cape May. The day is blustery and gray ]
[ Kathryn’s telephone rings ] [ Ring ]
Kathryn: Katarina.
Katarina: Kate, I’m so sorry.
Kathryn: I’m going crazy in this place.
Katarina: I know.
Kathryn: So when are you coming back for Masha?
Katarina: I can’t. I’m going away.
Kathryn: What? What about Masha? Masha’s still with Sam, and he’s not–
Katarina: Please.
Kathryn: Listen, I can go there. I can take care of her. I–
Katarina: No. She won’t be safe with you. You know that. You– you have to disappear yourself, Kate. There’s nothing more you can do for me or for Masha. I’m begging you Kate, walk away. You know how much I love her.
Kathryn: I do.
Katarina: You’ll walk away, then.
Kathryn: Yes.
[ Katarina looks out at the ocean, inhales sharply ]
Katarina: [ Tearfully ] I love you, Kate.
[ Receiver clatters ] [ Line disconnects ]

[ Kate gets in the pick-up truck, starts the engine and pulls away from the motel ]
[ A motel cleaning woman opens the door to Room 8. A large gaping hole has been cut in the wall ]
Cleaning woman: [ Gasps ]

[ Indistinct conversations ]
[ Kathryn is seated at a bar, reading the newspaper classifieds. She circles a posting for help in a mortuary. The ad notes applicants must be “unfazed by cadavers and blood” ]
[ A short distance away, a blonde woman with curly hair puts coins in a juke box. Three men leer at her ]
Man: Whoa. Look at this.
[ Coins clatter, click ]
[ Sophie B. Hawkins’ ♪ “Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover” plays ]
[ Kathryn sees an article in the newspaper headlined “Search Called Off for Missing Russian Woman” with a photo of Katarina ]

♪ Give you everything you need to live inside

[ Kathryn removes her glasses, shocked ]
[ The young blonde woman leaves the company of the men and walks over to Kathryn ]
Young blonde woman: You okay?

♪ Sleep beside an empty rage

Kathryn: [ Clears throat ] Yeah.
Annie Kaplan: Hope you don’t mind. I need saving from the wolves. If I had a hose, I’d spray ’em down. I’m just passing through to Texas. My name’s Annie Kaplan. What’s yours?
Kathryn: Kate.
Annie: You wanna dance, Kate?
Kathryn: What?
Annie: [ Laughs ] Come on.
[ Annie takes Kathryn’s hand and leads her to the dance floor ]

♪ this monkey can’t stand to see you black and blue
I give you somethin’ sweet each time

Annie: What’s wrong, Kate?
Kathryn: My friend just died.
Annie: Oh, honey. Come here.
[ They hug ]

♪ I wish I was your lover I’d rock you ’til the daylight comes

I think she was my best friend.

♪ I am your everything, tonight I’ll be your mother
I’ll do such things to ease your pain
Free your mind and you won’t feel ashamed
Shucks, for me there is …

Annie: So what’s next for you? You gonna find some more Russians to live with?
Kathryn: I don’t know. [ Bottle clatters ] I can’t think about it right now. Masha and her family were my whole world for so long.
Annie: Well, there are other worlds out there. My future’s in Amarillo. A lot of people sing about Amarillo, you know? George Strait, Neil Sedaka, Rob Zombie.
Kathryn: [ Laughs ] Is that what’s leading you there?
Annie: No, uh, that would be my Uncle Nikos. He’s a bail bondsman. Gonna teach me everything he knows about the business.
Kathryn: Hmm. Amarillo. What’s the job market like there?

[ Annie enters the morgue where Kathryn works. Kathryn is wiping blood and bits of flesh off a stainless steel autopsy table ]
Annie: Hey, I got off work early, and I thought I’d– Ugh, Kate. How do you do this?
Kathryn: Ah, it takes some work. You have wash down the area with bleach, and then you have to use this EPA-approved disinfectant.
Annie: There are a lot of jobs in Amarillo that don’t require being around blood and body organs all day long.
Kathryn: Doesn’t bother me.
Annie: I know. But that was before.
Kathryn: Before what?
Annie: Before me.
Kate: Oh.
Annie: Take those off.
[ Kathryn chuckles, takes off her rubber gloves ]
Annie: I wanna meet the woman who plays peek-a-boo, who reads fairy tales, who makes funny faces at babies.
Kathryn: I never make funny faces at babies ever.
Annie: Promise me you’ll think about a change in venue – for me. For you. Okay?
Kathryn: Okay.
[ They kiss ]

[ The present ]
[ Kate is in her camper/trailer. She speaks into a recorder, inventorying frozen body parts wrapped in plastic ]
Kate: Everett Oldfield. [ Plastic rustles ] August 11, 2006. Died of blunt force trauma to the right temple. Knee surgery scar a likely ACL reconstruction, left leg. Wedding ring, left hand. Simple gold band, inscription, “All my love.”

[ The past ]
[ Door bell jingles. Kathryn enters Little Nikos’ bail bond office ]
Annie: Hey, I thought you were working tonight.
Kathryn: The Pattersons canceled their dinner plans. They wanted a family night in with the kids instead. [ Jangles ] So I got the night off.
Annie: Is that chicken and black bean sauce I smell?
[ Kathryn gives Annie a bottle of wine ]
Kathryn: Here.
Annie: Mmm.
Kathryn: Open it.
Annie: You know, Little Nikos does not like it when employees eat at the office.
Kathryn: Well, Little Nikos can suck it.
Annie: [ Laughs ] Romantic and saucy. [ Inhales sharply ] I like it.
[ Giggling ]

[ Door bell jingles ] [ A man comes in with a gun ]
Ex-Con: Where’s Little Nikos?
Annie: I’m sorry, sir. We’re closed. You have to come back tomorrow.
Ex-Con: I missed my court appearance ’cause my daddy passed. I was at his funeral. There’s no reason for Nikos to send his dog Mato after me. That psychopath just broke my brother’s jaw lookin’ for me.
[ Annie grabs a handful of money and holds it out ]
Annie: Okay, just, um, just take this, all right, and go. All right, we don’t want any trouble.
[ The Ex-Con hits away the fistful of bills away ]
Ex-Con: I don’t want your money! Who are you?! What’s your name?!
Annie: Annie Kaplan.
Ex-Con: [ To Kathryn ] I guess that makes you Mr. Kaplan.
[ Annie tries to take the phone off the hook ]
Ex-con: Get your hand off that phone!
Kathryn: Don’t you point that gun at her!
[ Gunshot 💥– Annie is hit in the chest ]
Annie: Aah!
Kathryn: No!
Annie: Aah!
[ Another gunshot 💥 hits Kathryn in the back of the head ]
[ The Ex-Con leaves. The door bells jingle ]
[ Groans ]
Kathryn: Annie. [ Inhales sharply ] Annie.
Annie: Aah!
Kathryn: I know! Shh, shh. Here.
[ Kathryn, bleeding badly from the wound in her head, helps Annie up. They stumble to the door, looking for help. Door bells jingle. Once outside they collapse, facing each other ]
Annie: [ Muttering indistinctly ]
Kathryn: Oh! Oh, my God. [ Crying ] No. Annie, no! No, no, Annie! Annie, stay awake. Annie, don’t close– don’t close your eyes. Stay- stay awake.

Dr Soska: Kate? Hello, Kate? Can you hear me? I’m Dr. Soska. Do you remember the shooting?
Kathryn: [ Grunts, exhales ]
Dr Soska: Fortunately, the bullet caught you at an angle. It was a perforating wound, in and out, no vital tissue was damaged. It was quite a bit of swelling. We had to induce a coma to reduce it, give your brain time to heal.
Kathryn: How long?
Dr Soska: It’s been three weeks, Kate.
Little Nikos: They even installed an upgrade. Metal plate.
Kathryn: Nikos. [ Monitor beeping steadily ] Where’s Annie?
Dr Soska: I’ll let you two talk.
[ Dr Soska leaves ]
Kathryn: Nikos, where’s Annie?
Nikos: I’m sorry, Kate. She was gone before the ambulance even got there.
Kathryn: Oh [ Crying ] [ Wailing ]
Nikos: Listen to me. Annie was my family. I know how she felt about you, how you felt about each other. And that makes you family. I will be here for you, and we will get through this together.
Kathryn: How?

[ The present ]
[ Kate pulls the camper/trailer over to the side of the road, turns the engine off ]
[ Keys jangle ] [ Pill bottle rattles ] [ Bottle cap clicks ] [ Kate takes more pills ]
[ Kate goes inside the camper/trailer and lies down ]

[ In the past ] [ Kathryn in working at Niko’s bail bond business ]
[ Door bells jingle ]
Kathryn: Sam. What are you doing here? Is it Elizabeth? Did something happen?
Sam Milhoan: No, no, no.
Kathryn: Is she hurt?
Sam: Nothing happened.
Kathryn: Then what are you doing here?
Sam: Someone wants to see you. Asked me to come to you. Raymond Reddington.
Kathryn: That man set off a chain reaction that took everything I loved from me. And not just me. He turned his back on his family, his country. And for what? A life of crime? He’s a traitor. I have nothing to say to him, and I don’t wanna hear anything he has to say to me.
Sam: Yes, you do. Lizzie is fine, now. But Red says she’s in danger.
Kathryn: What kind of danger?
Sam: You’d have to ask him. And there’s something he wants to ask you.

Kathryn: Work for you? I don’t know you.
Red: I’m not as unknown as you might like to believe, Ms. Nemec. We shared the affection of Katarina. We have a common bond in Elizabeth. I presume your love for the child abides. After Katarina’s sudden departure, I felt a responsibility to watch over the girl from a distance. I’ve provided for her and Sam financially.
Kathryn: I’m surprised you found the time, between selling illegal services or ordering hits on anyone who got in your way.
Red: I make no apologies for who I am or what I do. Katarina was a traitor to two countries, both global superpowers. God willing, Katarina’s daughter will live a private life of quiet courage. But if anyone learns her identity, the only way I can stop the threats from rising is to rise up as a greater threat than all of them.
Kathryn: So you want me to join you in organized crime to protect Elizabeth.
Red: Yes, Kate. Help me protect the girl we love.
Kathryn: And what do I have that you could possibly want?
Red: A trusted voice. A cool head. Undaunted initiative in a messy situation. All the things that you gave to Elizabeth’s mother.
Kathryn: If you ever put me in a position where I have to choose between what’s best for you and what’s best for her, I will choose Elizabeth every time.
Red: Yes. I would insist on that.

[ A female highway patrol officer knocks at the door of Kate’s camper/trailer ]
Officer: Hello? Anyone in there?
[ Knock on door ]
Officer: Highway Patrol. Open up, please.
Kate: Just a second. [ Switch clicks ] Sorry, officer. I was asleep.
Officer: You been drinking, ma’am?
Kate: No. No, I get migraines, and they affect my vision.
Officer: But you’re parked illegally on a county road. License and registration, please.
[ Kate fumbles for an ID, hands it to the Officer. A second ID falls to the ground. The Officer picks it up. It has a different name on it from the first ID ]
Officer: Uh, Miss Snyder or Miss Phillips? Which is it?
Kate: It’s not what you think.
Officer: What I think is that showing a fake license is a class 4 felony in this state. Why don’t you go ahead and step outside for me, ma’am?
Kate: Officer, I can explain.
Officer: And you’ll have a chance to do that right after I search your vehicle.

Officer: Are you refusing my request to search your vehicle?
Kate: That is my right.
Officer: And it’s my right to detain you while I phone in a search warrant and radio for backup. I sure hope you slept ’cause this is gonna be a long night.
Kate: Wait. If you call this in, he’s gonna find me, hurt me. He’s done it before.
Officer: Who? Your husband?
Kate: He wants to be.
Officer: I sympathize. I do. But fake IDs– it’s not the way to handle it. You need to report the son of a bitch. Slap a restraining order on him.
Kate: It’s not that simple. He’s a state judge. Whenever something happens, it’s his word against mine, and he knows what to say and how to say it.
Officer: There are support groups or shelters you can go to. Your story checks out, I’ll even help you find one. But right now, I need to s–
[ Kate reveals the massive wound on the back of her head ]
Officer: Oh, my God. Did he do that?
Kate: Yes, officer. He did.
Officer: Do you have a gun?
Kate: I do.
Officer: You drive this rig straight to a state with Stand Your Ground laws– Kansas, Georgia, Florida. If he shows up, don’t you hesitate.

[ Cellphone rings ] [ Ring, beep ]
Ice Rink Man: Hello, Mr. Kaplan. How you feeling this morning?
Kate: Better. Thank you. I’m an hour out with the final shipment. Is there room on the ice?
Ice Rink Man: All organized and ready for you. Nothing to worry about.
[ Cellphone beeps ]

[ Fall 2013 ]
[ From a perch overlooking FBI Headquarters ]
Grey: Assistant Director Harold Cooper just arrived at headquarters. Now would be a good time to move.
Kate: You can’t just stroll into her life after all these years. This is a mistake.
Red: I’m aware of your feelings, Kate.
Kate: Raymond, stop. The instant you walk through that door, the damage will be done. You’ll destroy her innocence, everything we’ve been fighting to be preserved. You’ll never undo it.
Red: As I feared would happen, elements from Katarina’s past are circling Elizabeth like a pack of wolves in the night. I put Tom Keen in her life to keep an eye on her, and he married her.
Kate: This isn’t about Tom Keen. It’s about your need for control.
Red: Indeed, I need to control the danger to Elizabeth. I’ve built a vast criminal network predicated on that very principal. It’s time to live up to my mission statement.

[ Indistinct conversations ]
Grey: Must be good to be home again, sir.
Red: Yeah. Well, we’ll see about that. [ Chuckles ]
[ Grey turns and walks back to a vehicle with Kate and Dembe inside ]
Grey: He’ll be fine.
[ Alarm sounding ]
Grey: He’s in FBI custody. What’s the worst that could happen?
[ Flashbacks to Red shooting Kate 💥Gunshot… Spinning and falling… Grasping at the grass… Trying to drink water from the lake… The Hunter … ]
[ Alarm continues sounding ]

[ Kate is at the ice rink ]
[ Cellphone rings ] [ Ring ] [ Ring ]
[ Beep ]
Kate: Hello, Raymond.
Red: Hello, Kate. Took some searching. We found your friend’s phone buried in the rubble.
[ Red is in Dembe’s hospital room, where Dembe is asleep ]
Kate: I knew you’d survive the blast. I tried to warn him, but he was very proud of his bushcraft.
Red: He would’ve made you proud right to the end. You know how to engender loyalty in others, Kate. You always have.
Kate: I’ve been thinking about you.
Red: Happy thoughts?
Kate: I realize now I was so wrapped up in helping you build your empire, I lost sight of why I joined you in the first place. Somewhere along the way, I stopped serving Liz’s needs to enable yours.
Red: They’re one and the same. They always have been. What we’ve done, we’ve done for her.
Kate: I believed that, Raymond. Like a Pied Piper, you made me believe. But when I did what I thought was best for her–
Red: It wasn’t best. You almost got her killed, and you betrayed me.
Kate: No. I kept my word to you. When you hired me, you told me to choose Elizabeth over you. And so I tried to help her disappear to a safe place with her newborn daughter. And for that, you put me down like a mad dog. For the last two decades of my life, you had me convinced I was helping keep Elizabeth safe. But in reality, I was helping you become a monster.
Red: It’s time for us to meet and talk.
Kate: No, Raymond. I’m gonna do what I should’ve done years ago. I took a bullet to my head, but I remember what my father taught me. Our stories are written in flesh. And I’m gonna use that lesson to render you powerless.
Red: Are you familiar with Master James of St. George? Favored architect of Edward I. You know why? Concentric construction. He literally built castles within castles. Impossible to penetrate. You could breach the outer wall only to be faced with a heavily fortified gatehouse and barbican and a high inner wall lined with archers. Pity the poor foot soldier who made it that far. The architecture of my organization has risen stone by stone over decades. You can’t get inside to hurt me, Kate.
Kate: You forget I was by your side the whole time. I know what was required to amass your power, who you hurt, who you betrayed, who you killed. More importantly, as your cleaner, I know where the bodies are buried. Were buried, dearie. And I’m going to use them and the stories they tell to put you in the ground.
[ Nancy Sinatra’s ♪ “These Boots” plays ]
[ The large ice rink has been converted into a morgue. Dozens* of bodies, covered in blankets, are carefully laid out on the ice ]

♪ … something you call love but confess …

Red: You’ve been busy.

♪ these boots are made for walking

[ Cellphone beeps ]

and that’s just what they’ll do
one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you
[ Spoken: ] Start walkin’ …

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༺✦ ♤ ✦༻




♫ I Will Survive
By Gloria Gaynor
1st version by Gloria Gaynor (original)
2nd version as sung by John McCrea of Cake

♪ At first I was afraid, I was petrified,
Kept thinking I could never live without you by my side
But then I spent so many nights thinking how you did me wrong,
And I grew strong, and I learned how to get along.

♪ And so you’re back from outer space.
I just walked in to find you here with that sad look upon your face
I should have changed that stupid lock
I should have made you leave your key
If I had known for just one second you’d be back to ubother me

♪ Go on now, go. Walk out the door
Just turn around now ’cause you’re not welcome anymore
Weren’t you the one who tried to hurt me with goodbye?
Did you think I’d crumble?
Did you think I’d lay down and die?

♪ Oh, no, not I!
I will survive.
Oh, as long as I know how to love I know I’ll stay alive.
I’ve got all my life to live.
I’ve got all my love to give.
And I’ll survive,
I will survive, hey, hey.

♪ It took all the strength I had not to fall apart.
Kept trying hard to mend the pieces of my broken heart.
And I spent, oh, so many nights just feeling sorry for myself.
I used to cry but now I hold my head up high.

♪ And you see me somebody new.
I’m not that chained-up little person still in love with you.
And so you felt like dropping in,
And just expect me to be free.
And now I’m saving all my loving for someone who’s loving me.

♪ Go on now, go. Walk out the door.
Just turn around now ’cause you’re not welcome anymore.
Weren’t you the one who tried to break me with goodbye?
Did you think I’d crumble?
Did you think I’d lay down and die?
Oh, no, not I!
I will survive.
Oh, as long as I know how to love I know I’ll stay alive.
I’ve got all my life to live.
I’ve got all my love to give.
And I’ll survive,
I will survive.

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2oSf2vq
YouTube: https://youtu.be/gYkACVDFmeg
YouTube: https://youtu.be/1LrYBR2SXBg [ John McCrae (Cake) version ]


♫ Damn, I Wish I Was Your Lover
By Sadie B Hawkins

♪ That old dog has chained you up, alright
Give you everything you need to live inside a twisted cage
Sleep beside an empty rage
I had a dream I was your hero

♪ Damn, I wish I was your lover
I’d rock you ’til the daylight comes
Made sure you are smiling and warm
I am everything, tonight, I’ll be your mother
I’ll do such things to ease your pain
Free your mind, and you won’t feel ashamed

♪ Open up on the inside
Gonna fill you up, gonna make you cry

♪ This monkey can’t stand to see you black and blue
I give you something sweet each time you come inside my jungle book
Or is it just too good?
Don’t say you’ll stay, ’cause then you go away

♪ Damn, I wish I was your lover
I’d rock you ’til the daylight comes
Made sure you are smiling and warm
I am everything, tonight, I’ll be your mother
I’ll do such things to ease your pain
Free your mind, and you won’t feel ashamed
Shucks, for me there is no other
You’re the only shoe that fits
I can’t imagine I’ll grow out of it
Damn, I wish I was your lover (oh, yeah)

♪ If I was your girl, believe me
I’d turn on the Rolling Stones
We could groove along and feel much better (guess what)
Come, let me in, mm
I could do it forever and ever and ever and ever
Give me an hour to kiss you
Walk through Heaven’s door I’m sure
We don’t need no doctor to feel much better
Let me in, oh
Forever and ever and ever and ever and ever

♪ I sat on a mountainside with peace of mind
And I lay by the ocean making love to her with visions clear
Walked for days with no one near
And I return as chained and bound to you

♪ Damn, I wish I was your lover
I’d rock you ’til the daylight comes
Made sure you are smiling and warm
I am everything, tonight, I’ll be your mother
I’ll do such things to ease your pain
Free your mind, and you won’t feel ashamed
Shucks, for me there is no other
You’re the only shoe that fits
I can’t imagine I’ll grow out of it
Damn, I wish I was your lover

♪ I wanna open up, I’m gonna come inside
I wanna fill you up, I wanna make you cry

♪ Damn, I wish I was your lover
Gettin’ on a subway, and I’m comin’ uptown

♪ Damn, I wish I was your lover
Standing on the street corner, waiting for my love to change

♪ Damn, I wish I was your lover
And I’m feelin’ like a school boy, too shy and too young, oh

♪ Damn, I wish I was your lover
I wanna open up, I’m gonna come inside
I wanna fill you up, I wanna make you cry

♪ Damn, I wish I was your lover
I’m gettin’ on my camel, and I’ll ride it uptown, oo

♪ Damn, I wish I was your lover
Hanging around this jungle, wishing that this love would change

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2ovuX0f
YouTube: https://youtu.be/Lt6r-k9Bk6o


♫ These Boots Are Made for Walkin’
By Nancy Sinatra

♪ You keep saying you’ve got something for me
Something you call love, but confess
You’ve been a-messin’ where you shouldn’ta been a-messin’
And now someone else is gettin’ all your best

♪ These boots are made for walkin’
And that’s just what they’ll do
One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you
[ Spoken: ] Yeah

♪ You keep lying when you oughta be truthin’
And you keep losin’ when you oughta not bet
You keep samin’ when you oughta be a-changin’
Now what’s right is right, but you ain’t been right yet

♪ These boots are made for walkin’
And that’s just what they’ll do
One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you

♪ You keep playin’ where you shouldn’t be playin’
And you keep thinkin’ that you’ll never get burned, ha!
I just found me a brand new box of matches, yeah
And what he knows, you ain’t had time to learn

♪ These boots are made for walkin’
And that’s just what they’ll do
One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you

[ Spoken: ] Are you ready, boots?
Start walkin’!

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2ovowtT
YouTube: https://youtu.be/SbyAZQ45uww

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🔴 Script: 4:18 Philomena (№ 61)

Program air date: 4/27/2017 in the US
Permalink: http://wp.me/pDKwi-539
Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://goo.gl/j7qb0Y

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Michael Watkins
Written by: Peter Noah

⭕ Script 4:18 Philomena (№ 61)

Blurb: Mr Kaplan is on a mission – to destroy Red and all those who have protected him.


[ Ambient jazz music playing ]
[ A server gives Philomena a drink ]
Philomena: Thanks.
Joe Perrachio: Put that on my tab.
Bartender: Be right back.
Joe: [ To Philomena ] No strings attached. You just look like you’re having a tough night.
Philomena: Thank- thank you. Lippinger-Carter, right? [ Knocks on bar ]
Joe: I thought you looked familiar. I’ve seen you in the elevator.
Philomena: The elevator, yes. Marketing.
Joe: Portfolio management.
Philomena: Which is what exactly?
Joe: Boring.
Philomena: Mm.
Joe: Do you mind if I–
Philomena: No. I have to warn you, I am [ Sighs ] not very good company.
[ Joe sits down next to Philomena ]
Joe: No problem. And if you, uh, if you’re looking for a good bridge to jump off, I know all the best.
Philomena: [ Laughs ] Roosevelt’s closest.
Joe: Yeah, but Key Bridge is so much more picturesque. I’m Joe.
Philomena: I’m Philomena.

[ In parked car ] [ Kissing, moaning softly ]
Philomena: Wait, can anyone see us?
Joe: No. All good.
Philomena: [ Laughing ] Wait, wait, wait. Wait, I’m stuck.
Both: [ Laughing ]
Philomena: Ow!
Both: [ Laughing ]
Joe: What happened?
[⚡️Electricity crackles⚡️]

Joe: Kaplan. I thought–
Kate Kaplan: I was dead. I know. The reports were greatly exaggerated.

[ Birds chirping ]
[ Red is inspecting the remote site where he shot Kate Kaplan. He finds the motion-activated camera The Hunter had used to monitor people coming to the area. He flips through the images until he finds a photo of a grey pick-up truck ]

Liz: A Katai Fellowship. You do realize how prestigious that is? When’s the meeting?
Samar: This afternoon.
Aram: Ms. Panabaker’s here and she does not look happy.
Liz: Samar was nominated for a Katai Fellowship.
Aram: No kidding. That- that is so fantastic.
Samar: We should see what she wants.
[ Samar walks away ]
Aram: She can’t hate me forever, right?
Liz: Well, that depends. Define “forever”?
Panabaker: 86 bodies at an ice rink in Reston. An anonymous tipster claims every one of them’s a former associate or competitor of Raymond Reddington.
Ressler: Yeah? And?
Panabaker: 86 bodies, Agent Ressler. 86!
Cooper: Wasn’t our idea to paper a deal with the most dangerous criminal in the Western hemisphere. That decision was made by Diane Fowler at Main Justice.
Panabaker: Please, Harold. Is that the “just following orders” card I hear slapping the felt?
Cooper: Wasn’t my idea to be put in charge of the task force. Ressler was chasing after Reddington for years, trying to put him behind bars. Agent Keen has had her life turned inside out.
Panabaker: And I sympathize. Really, I do. But we’ve got a political hurricane on our hands, and everybody is headin’ to the storm cellar. And if they connect those bodies to you, Main Justice will cut ties and disavow. The AG has fast-tracked an investigation into the bodies.Way I hear it, man in charge on the case is as wild as a peach orchard hog.

[ At the ice rink in Reston ]
Officer Winchell: Oof. What a stink.
Julian Gale: Yeah, that stink- that stink is the smell of injustice.
Winchell: These people aren’t victims. They worked with Reddington.
Gale: Whoa, whoa. What’s that supposed to mean exactly? That their wives didn’t love ’em? That their kids don’t miss ’em? That their murders should go unsolved? Is that what you’re saying Officer Winchell? Hmm?
Winchell: [ Chuckles ] You’re messin’ with me, right?
[ Police radio chatter ]
Gale: No. I ain’t messin’ with you. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Officer Winchell. Special Agent Julian Gale. Now I’m gonna need some space. Everybody, I want this site clear! Yes, you. Let’s go. All of you. Come on. Hey! Let’s go. Everyone out. Thank you. And goodbye.
[ Fitz and The Tantrums’ ♪ “Dear Mr President” plays ]

♪ Broken man and his wife
With a child ain’t got no hope
Outta work, outta time
Old man winter’s comin’ on I’m sorry.
One meal ain’t enough for three

[ The area is cleared ]
[ Gale, emotional, sniffs ]
Gale: I’m sorry. This is all my fault.

♪ Is this the way it’s supposed to be?
Daddy just walked out Mama raisin’ family

Gale: [ Huffs loudly ]

♪ Hey
Put your foot down
And take a look round
Don’t like what you see

[ Red walks up to a man working on the engine of a grey pick-up truck ]
Red: Excuse me. Carl? Sorry to bother you at work. Ethan Begby. Sheriff gave me your name and address.
Begby: Sheriff?
Red: Oh, no, no, no. Nothing like that. I’m looking for my aunt Kate. I understand you picked her up along the highway a few months ago. Apparently, someone happened to spot her in your truck and mentioned it to the sheriff.
[ Red shows Begby a photo of Kate Kaplan ]
Begby: She said her name was Sheila.
Red: Ah, I was afraid of that. We think she was in an accident. We found her car in a ravine along with her medication. Sweet as pie, Kate. And still fairly sharp when she’s on her meds. But without those pills–
Begby: My ma had dementia before the cancer got her.
Red: Oh, I’m so sorry. It’s a terrible, terrible thing. The whole family’s been frantic since she disappeared.
Begby: She was okay last I saw her.
Red: Yes? Where was that exactly?

[ At a motel ] [ Clattering ] [ Door bell jingles ]
Red: Good afternoon. I’d like to inquire about one of your previous guests.
Motel Manager: And you are?
Red: Officer Simmons. State Police.
Manager: I can always tell. Must be something in the voice. So what can I do you for, sir?
Red: I’m looking for a woman traveling alone. She’s gone missing, and all evidence indicates she may have stayed here on the night of November 10th. I’m hoping you have some record.
[ The Motel Manager fingers a Braille registration list ]
Manager: Yeah. Ah, let’s see here. Yes, Sheila Barker. Five nights. She paid cash. Room 4.
Red: I need to look at that room.

Kate Kaplan: Your life as you know it is over, Joe. But I’m gonna give you the chance I was denied. All you have to do is walk away. Leave Raymond Reddington.
Joe Perrachio: I won’t betray him. The answer is no.

[ At the Post Office ]
Liz: The person who unearthed the bodies goes by the name of Mr. Kaplan. She’s Reddington’s cleaner and one of his closest confidants.
Cooper: Why is she at war with him?
[ Cellphone rings ] [ Ressler steps aside to answer ]
Ressler: Ressler.
Julian Gale: I got two questions for you. One, what are you working on? And two, can you get reassigned?
Ressler: Gale.
Gale: Donnie.
Ressler: Uh, what do you mean reassigned? I didn’t know you were still with the Bureau.
Gale: Yeah. I- I had to, uh, step away for a bit, but but I’m back. And I’m standing in the middle of a freezing cold ice skating rink surrounded by 86 corpses. Bureau called me up. They want me to connect them to Reddington, so I called you to see if you want to work together again.
Ressler: I don’t know.
Gale: What do you mean you don’t know? Do you not hear me? We’re talking about Reddington.
Ressler: Look, I heard what you said. I’m just, uh I’m just in the middle of something, all right?
Gale: Okay, well, does it involve bringing down Reddington?
Ressler: [ Sighs ] Not exactly.
Gale: Well, then it’s not important. Do me a favor. Think about it. Actually, no. Don’t think about it and get your ass down here so we can finally finish what we started.
[ Cellphone beeps ]

Cooper: Everything okay?
Ressler: No. It’s not. That was the peach orchard hog. Name’s Julian Gale. We worked together on that Reddington task force. He asked me to join him.
Cooper: Maybe you should. Keep up with the investigation. Stay a step ahead.
Ressler: You don’t need me to stay one step ahead of his investigation, ’cause I’ll tell you right now what he’s gonna find – the truth.
Cooper: What must be known eventually should be known immediately.

[ Red is investigating the motel room Kate stayed in ]
[ Door closes ] [ Traffic passing ]
[ Cellphone ringing ] [ Beep ]
Red: Yeah?
Marvin Gerard: Raymond? We have a problem. Peracchio’s been arrested.
Red: What? How?
Marvin: Trussed like a tom turkey and dumped in front of the 9th Precinct, a detailed financial statement tying him to you pinned to his chest.
Red: It would seem Kate has started her endgame. Pull the fire alarm, Marvin. Let the others know. Go to ground.
Marvin: Got it.
Red: That includes you. Wherever you are, leave. Assume you’ve been made.
Marvin: I didn’t just get born, Raymond. I’ve been at large for two years now.
Red: You’re not safe. Nobody is. I’ll be in touch.
[ Cellphone snaps closed ]

[ Red finds a recording device hidden in a vent ]

[ At the Motel Desk ]
Motel Manager: Uh, something else I can help you with?
Red: You’re entirely too helpful. I wanna hear those tapes.

Motel Manager: I’m not some type of sicko, you know? People fascinate me.
Red: I’m not here to judge. I just need to hear Sheila’s tape.
Motel Manager: She was a peculiar one. A real loner. Hardly a word from her all day and then she’d cry like a baby in her sleep. I-I get it all ’cause the recorders are voice-activated. If you’ll give me a minute, sir.

[ Red listens to the recording ]

Kate: Hello, I’m staying at the Pine Needle Motor Court. Do you deliver out this way? [ Clicks ] No. No service today. I only need a few clean towels, please. [ Clicks ] Thank you for coming, Miss Philomena.
Philomena: Please, call me Philomena.
[ Tape rewinds ]
Philomena: Please, call me Philomena.
[ Tape ejects ]

[ At the Post Office ]
Red: She uses a mononym Philomena. This woman has elevated the rickety practice of bounty hunting to a sort of performance art. One of the most effective ways to retrieve an unwilling target is to slip under their radar, get close, make a friend. That’s where Philomena shines.
Aram: Sorry to interrupt, but Agent Keen told us about Mr. Kaplan, and I need to ask. Is it true that you shot her because she tried to help Agent Keen and her family escape to a normal life?
Red: Yes. Unfortunately, Mr. Kaplan’s efforts ran counter to her intended consequence.
Liz: Mr. Kaplan has told the authorities about the ice rink. The bodies.
Cooper: They’ve ordered an investigation.
Red: I’m sure they have.
Cooper: This is a real problem. We’re talking about 86 bodies.
Red: Not an innocent bystander in the bunch, Harold. Still [ Inhales sharply ] 86. I suppose it’s lucky they haven’t started popping up overseas. Still in all, the problem we’re talking about, Harold, is a political one. Rest assured, your government will sweep this whole tawdry mess under a rug, providing we continue to deliver the goods on my list. So – Philomena. After studying her subject for weeks or even months and acquiring whatever skills she might need along the way, Philomena enters her target’s life
[ Car door closes, engine starts, car pulls out. Philomena mounts her bicycle ]
Red: … as if by mere coincidence or accident.
[ Rides rides her bike into the car which stops immediately ] [ Tires screech ] [ Philomena tumbles to the ground ] [ The driver gasps, gets out of the car and rushes to Philomena’s aid ]
Alexa Feist: Oh, my God! Are you all right?
Philomena: Yeah, I think so.
Alexa: No, don’t move.
Philomena: No, it’s okay. It’s okay. I’m fine. Ow.
Alexa: Oh, my God!
Philomena: I’m okay. I’m totally fine.
Alexa: At least let me pay for the damage to your bike. Let’s just exchange information, okay?
Red: Philomena’s patience and subtlety are what make her so credible.
Liz: And you think Mr. Kaplan hired her to kidnap your finance guy?
Red: Joe Peracchio, yes. And if my instincts are correct, she’s going after more of my people right now. I’m off to see an individual who I believe also employed her services. I suggest that you start at the bar where Peracchio was last seen.
Cooper: Navabi, see what you can find at the abduction site. Keen, go with Reddington.
Red: So I get a babysitter now? I haven’t had a babysitter since Brenda Gilroy. My God, pot pies, Lawrence Welk, bath time with Brenda. Still my perfect Saturday night.

[ Boy singing in Hebrew ] [ Red laughs, applauds ]
Red: Excellent, excellent.
Edelstein: Can I help you?
Red: Yes, congratulations, Congressman Edelstein. Aron’s going to make you and your wife very, very proud.
Edelstein: Do we know you?
Red: Howard Klein. The Swidlow bris. It’s okay. Just consider me a fellow traveler, one who understands and appreciates the importance of strong family bonds and the critical role these milestones play in forging them.
Edelstein: Yes, of course. It’s the small things, hmm? Like bricks in a fortress.
Red: And well worth defending, by the way. Or hiring someone to defend. Like, uh, ah, Philomena, for instance.
Edelstein: Can you give us a moment?
[ The others leave ]
Edelstein: Who the hell are you?
Red: You engaged Philomena to compromise a certain tennis instructor at the Town & Country Racquet Club who was carrying on a long-term fervid affair with your wife, thereby preserving your marriage for this happy occasion. I believe his name was Chip. What kind of name is that? Chip? Is that short for something? Chipper, Chipwick or–
Edelstein: What do you want? Money?
Red: All I want is to know the means by which you contacted Philomena. Consider it a mitzvah.
Edelstein: There’s a place on 29th – Randy’s Boot Emporium. Go to the repair counter in the back and ask for ticket 652. After you’ve been vetted, if you’re cleared [ Door bell jingles ] you’ll get a call.

[ Knock on door ]
Aram: Sir, Mr. Reddington was right. 20 seconds after he left, the owner of the boot store made a call. I’m tracing it now, but the root package is hidden within multiple layers of encryption.

Samar: DC Metro found Peracchio’s car abandoned in Adams Morgan. There’s not much to go on, but they did find traces of cement powder on the floor mat.
Cooper: Cement powder?
Samar: It was mixed with copper, which indicates that the powder was transferred from an active construction site.
Cooper: Dispatch ERT to gather samples from construction sites, starting where they recovered the car and fanning out from there.
Aram: I’ll do it. Agent Navabi has her interview for Katai Fellowship today.
Cooper: How could I forget? Good luck. They’d be lucky to have you.

Gale: Yeah – Ah. [ Clapping ] Special Agent Donald Ressler.
Ressler: Good to see you, too, Julian.
Gale: Get that hand out of here. [ Hugs him instead of shaking hands ] Mm! Good to see you, man. Uh, by the way, you’re welcome.
Ressler: For what? Inviting me to the morgue?
Gale: For what? For yanking you away from whatever’s the Bureau’s got you working on to do some real work. Come on, you remember the leads that we used to have on Reddington that would just evaporate every time some person of interest would magically, uh, vanish? Guess what? They’re all here. They’re no longer missing persons. 86 bodies. What do you think that means?
Ressler: 86 active homicide investigations.
Gale: You remember Tiger Branson, right? Hmm? Lou Capote? Junior mm–
Ressler: Wallace. Jesus, these are guys that we all tried to turn.
Gale: Guys that we got killed. Look, Don, this is our chance to wash the blood off our hands.
Ressler: We’re not gonna get Reddington with the Lou Capotes of the world. These are just scumbags nobody cares about.
Gale: Ladies, can I have a second? [ Women leave ] Thank you. Agent Ressler, I’d like for you to meet the former head of the Criminal Division of the United States Justice Department, Miss Diane–
Ressler: Fowler.
Gale: Miss Diane Fowler. This, these bodies, they’re like a big, wet kiss on the mouth. Now I don’t know who the kiss is from, but whoever it is, they obviously want Reddington’s head as badly as we do. And I didn’t think that was possible. Come here, I wanna show you something else.

[ Liz and Red in Red’s car ]
Red: Tell me, how’s Tom?
Liz: He’s having a hard time, actually.
Red: Is he?
Liz: Finding out truths about who you really are is never easy.
Red: How’s Agnes?
Liz: She’s amazing.
Red: May I come up and see her?
Liz: If you’ll do something for me.
Red: Name it.
Liz: When I thought you’d killed Mr. Kaplan, I felt responsible. Not just responsible. I felt complicit.
Red: It wasn’t about you. She made her choice. Her. Not you.
Liz: Yes, but she did it for me. Can’t you see that if you hurt her, you’re hurting me? I will help you stop her, but I will not let you hurt her. Now I need you to look me in the eye and tell me you won’t harm her.
Red: I can’t do that, Elizabeth.
Liz: Then you can’t come up.
[ Engine idling ] [ Car door closes ]

[ Liz enters her apartment. She hears a woman humming and draws her gun ] [ Agnes fussing ]
Kate: I haven’t laid eyes on Agnes since the night I helped you escape. So big. Whatever are you feeding her?

Liz: You risked your life for our family, and he shot you for it. [ Agnes fusses ] He shot you. I can never make that right, but I can protect you. I can keep you safe. But that would mean that I’d have to take you into custody.
Kate: [ To Agnes ] You are safe. You are loved. You are wise.
Liz: [ Mouths words ] Where’d did you hear those words? I- I know those words.
Kate: Yes, deary, you know them because I said them to you many times a day when you were a baby.
Liz: That can’t be true.
Kate: Regular affirmations build a child’s self-confidence. You’re proof of that. It’s no surprise you don’t remember with all you’ve been through. You and I were very close once. You know me as Katya. I was your nanny.
Liz: I don’t believe you.
Kate: Your mother hired me to care for you. I promised her that I would defend you with my life.
The reason I’m telling you this now is so that you’ll listen to me when I beg you – walk away. I gave the authorities enough to put him away forever. But you and your team must disavow any knowledge of the task force.
Liz: So you served Reddington up on a silver platter to the FBI. You did that for me.
Kate: Not you, Elizabeth. I’ve already failed you. I did it for Agnes.
Liz: I can protect my own daughter just fine, thank you.
Kate: Like you did today? What if I was one of Raymond’s enemies that would do anything to get at him? Please, do what your mother never had the courage to do until it was too late. Walk away from Raymond.

[ Door opens ] [ Cellphone ringing ] [ Sighs ] [ Ring ] [ Clears throat ] [ Ring ]
Philomena: Uh, hello?
Alexa: Bronwyn, hi. It’s Alexa. [ Chuckles ] I’m the one who hit you with my car.
Philomena: Oh, yeah. Right.
Alexa: I’m sure my insurance agent would kill me for calling you, but I just I need to know that you’re okay.
Philomena: I’m okay. Thanks.
Alexa: Did you see a doctor yet?
Philomena: I didn’t need to.
Alexa: No, you can’t be too careful with head injuries.
Philomena: No, I- really, I wasn’t hurt.
Alexa: Okay. Well, if it’s a matter of money, maybe I could help out.
Philomena: [ Sniffles, crying ]
Alexa: Hello?
Philomena: [ Crying continues ]
Alexa: Bronwyn?
Philomena: It’s just I’m sor–
Alexa: What’s wrong?
Philomena: My husband, um, my ex-husband, I, uh [ Sniffles ] I left him, and, um, we’re in a custody battle. He’s trying to steal my little girl, and if he found out that I caused an accident– Alexa: Honey! You were on a bicycle. I should’ve been more careful.
Philomena: No, I just need to keep my job and my head above water.
Alexa: What can I do? Just tell me.
Philomena: I mean, you can just [ Sighs ] just forget about me. Just forget about the accident. I’m [ Sniffles ] I’m so sorry. I have to go.
[ Line clicks, beeps ] [ Clears throat ] [ Coughs ] [ Breathes sharply ]

Samar: Is it true?
Liz: She was at my apartment.
Samar: What did she want?
Liz: A clear shot at Reddington.
Cooper: That’s not gonna happen.
Liz: She knows that. It’s more of a wish, a hope to protect Agnes.
Aram: Uh, I got a hit on the trace. It’s a pay phone near a construction site in Anacostia.
Cooper: There are vacant warehouses all around that area. Could be we’ve located our Blacklister.
Samar: I’m rolling out there now.
Liz: Let’s do it.

[ Grunts ] [ Indistinct conversations ]
Ressler: Hey. So what’s all this?
Gale: Diane Fowler’s living room. It was catalogued, crated, and stored in evidence.
Ressler: Seems the Bureau spares no expense for their leadership.
Gale: [ Chuckles ] We’re gonna reconstruct the whole scene, and we’re gonna dissect it until we find exactly what we need.
Ressler: This is extreme, even for you.
Gale: I’m just getting warmed up. Are you working on anything related to Reddington? Is anybody? Were you ever given a satisfactory answer as to why the task force was disbanded by the Bureau? Hmm? Why all of a sudden everyone just gave up from one minute to the next? You didn’t, did you?
Ressler: Well, he flipped. Nobody’s looking for Reddington because he already turned himself in.
Gale: [ Laughs ] Now, that right there, what you just said, is why I love you. ‘Cause you’re a crazy son of a bitch.
Ressler: [ Laughs ] Yeah, what can I say? I’m here to amuse.
Gale: He turned himself in. That- that’s good.

[ Red is in Dembe’s hospital room ]
Red: With you down for the count the last few days, I’ve felt the consequences of your absence on my soul.
Dembe: So you bought me shoes?
Red: No, no, no, not now. They’re not shoes. A parting gift.
Dembe: I don’t understand, Raymond.
Red: Most of my associates are under the impression that once I’ve granted them a favor, they’re indebted to me for life. But it’s a false assumption. They’re indebted to me because I make them a lot of money. They’re loyal to me because I’ve earned it. It’s good business.
But at the end of the day, it’s just business. In service of what? Safety, security the health and well-being of the ones we love? Well, I really only have one friend. You’re my friend. And I- I misjudged you in a way that no apology could suffice. I’m ashamed of that. I want you to keep that box, and on the day you decide to leave–
Dembe: I’m not going to leave.
Red: But you can. At any point of your own choosing, I’ll insist that you do. No questions asked, no debts accrued, with our friendship intact and flourishing. For we’ll have new lands to discover. Not as coworkers, but as cohorts. Whether that’s today or tomorrow or 10 years from now, that’s when you open the box.

[ FBI storm the warehouse where Philomena is staying ]
[ Door thuds ]
Agents: FBI! Move! All right.
Liz: I wonder how long she’s been staying here.
[ Samar finds a slip of paper on the bed, reads: ]
Samar: Alexa Feist. And who might you be?

Gale: We’re missing a brown leather wing-back chair. I mean, just like that one. They were sold as a pair.
Ressler: It’s clearly where Fowler was sitting when she was shot. It’s easier to throw out than to clean. They didn’t find any trace evidence?
Gale: No. And therein lies the tale. There was no unaccounted-for DNA anywhere. It all belonged to Fowler and to Teacup, her, uh, her dog. Watch out. Pomeranians have tiny bladders. Now this chair – no hairs, no fiber, no DNA, no nothing. I mean, we’re talking antiseptic.
Ressler: Obviously cleaned by a professional. So the killer sits here –
Gales: [ Sits down ] Directly across from the victim.

Red: You’re the dirty rat, Diane.

[ Ressler sees Gale pointing his gun toward him ]
Ressler: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hey.
Gale: Relax, Donnie. Come on. [ Holsters gun ] All right, now the turntable was scrubbed of DNA. So was the record that was on it. Gordon Lightfoot. Sundown.
[ Record needle pops ]
[ Gordon Lightfoot’s ♪ “Sundown” plays ]
Ressler: So what are you suggesting? That Reddington put on some music after killing a woman in cold blood?
Gale: No, the evidence suggests it. In addition, a path was cleared of DNA from the killer’s chair across the floor to that window.

♪ I can see her lying back in her satin dress
In a room where you do what you don’t confess

Gale: Now, that windowpane was cleaned at a center height of 5’10”. Reddington’s height.
Ressler: Take that to a judge.
Gale: I-I’m not saying we have enough to hang the guy. I’m saying that we’re we’re closing in.

♪ Sundown, you better take care
If I find you’ve been creeping round my back stairs
Diane: I know the truth, Red.
[ Gunshot 💥 ] [ Segments of the original scene from 1:13 The Cyprus Agency play ]
♪ Sometimes I think it’s a sin
When I feel like I’m winnin’ when I’m losin’ again

Ressler: You think she’s setting him up?
Gale: Who?
Ressler: His cleaner.
Gale: Why’d you just say “she”?
Ressler: Well, fits Reddington’s profile. He’s extremely comfortable in the company of women. Guy’s a gentleman. He’s old-fashioned.
Gale: Since when do you profile, Donnie? Hmm? I mean, you might be right, but– So he shoots Fowler, he comes over here, and he stares out the window.

♪ I can see her looking fast in her faded jeans
She’s a hard-lovin’ woman, got me feeling mean

Gale: He’s listening to “Sundown.” The strum of the guitar, the voice of a man who’s seen too much sorrow. You know, there is a chance this music was on before Reddington got here.

♪ Sometimes I think it’s a shame
When I get feeling better when I’m feeling no pain

Gale: And I think you’re right. I think the cleaner is a woman. She comes here, she cleans the turntable, she cleans the album.

♪ Sundown, you better take care
If I find you been creepin’ ’round my back stairs

Gale: But did she clean this?
Ressler: A record cleaning brush.

♪ Sometimes it feels like a sin
When it seems like I’m winnin’ when I feel like I’m losin’ again

Gale: It’s full of prints.
Ressler: Mm-hmm.
Gale: Well, partner, we’re finally gonna nail Reddington.

[ At a coffee shop ]
Philomena: A skinny mocha latte.
Alexa: I’m not stalking you, I swear. Well, I kinda am, but I need to talk to you just for a minute.
Philomena: How did you know where I work?
Alexa: You were wearing the shirt when I hit you. Listen–
Philomena: Mnh.
Alexa: I know how hard it is to be a young working mother.
Philomena: No, this is just temporary. I mean, you know, to show the courts that I have a stable job. I’m gonna go back to school.
Alexa: My point exactly. To be doing all that alone and fighting a spiteful husband in court, you need help. My brother’s a trial attorney. Like, born with a silver tongue. He said he’d consider helping you as a favor to me. Will you just meet with him?
Philomena: [ Exhales ] Yeah. That would be amazing.

Samar: What’s with the long face?
Ressler: We pulled a print off the Fowler crime scene.
Samar: Reddington’s?
Ressler: Possibly. If it is, it ties him to our murder. Haven’t run it yet.
Samar: And you don’t know if you should.
Ressler: Oh, I know I should, but if I do, this could all end and we might end up in jail.
Liz: Remember that number we found? Alexa Feist?
Samar: Did she finally answer?
Liz: No, but I looked into who she is – PTA, Rotary Club.
Samar: Pure vanilla. Why would Philomena have anything to do with her?
Liz: Well, she isn’t interested in her. She’s interested in her brother. Alexa Feist’s maiden name is Gerard.
Ressler: As in Marvin Gerard.
Samar: Reddington’s lawyer.
Ressler: Kaplan’s using Philomena to go after his closest allies.

[ Knock on door ]
Alexa: Boo! Marvin. This is Bronwyn, the woman I was telling you about. Open the door.
Marvin: Yeah. Okay.

[ Liz and Samar are in a vehicle. So is Red ]
Liz: Reddington.
Red: What’s going on?
Liz: Marvin Gerard is Philomena’s next target. She’s trying to pull him out of hiding by using his sister. We’re headed to her place now.
Red: No, first, secure Marvin. I’ll call to alert him you’re coming. Once he’s safe, you see to the sister. Write down this address.

Marvin: Look, I can’t represent you in court, but I can draft up some briefs that you can bring to any attorney and, uh, your ex-husband? He won’t know what hit him.
Philomena: [ Sighs ] Oh. Wow. I-I don’t– I can’t thank you enough. Both of you – I mean it’s the least I can do after what I put you through.
Marvin: Hmm. If you’re gonna get yourself hit by a car, you can’t do much better than my sister.
She’s been taking in wounded animals her whole life.
Philomena: [ Laughs ] Yeah, that’s what I hear.
[ Cellphone ringing ]
Marvin: I thought you two just met. [ Rings ] Hello?
Red: You’ve been targeted, Marvin. Our people are on their way.
[ Philomena pulls out a gun ]
Red: Until they arrive, don’t let anyone in. Marvin?
Marvin: Too late.
Philomena: Hang up.
[ Phone beeps ]
Alexa: I’m so sorry.
Marvin: Alexa, this is not your fault. She’s a professional. This is what she does. Look, I will do whatever you want. Just let my sister go.
Philomena: Well, that’s good, ’cause I’m only here for you.
[ Philomena hands Marvin a Taser while she holds her gun to Alexa’s neck ]
Philomena: Hold it to your neck.
[ Marvin Tases himself ] [⚡️Electricity crackles⚡️] [ Whimpers ]

[ Tires screech ] The FBI arrives at Marvin’s apartment. Samar and Liz run inside with other agents ]
Agent: FBI!
Agents: Clear. Clear! Clear!
[ Muffled shouting ]
Samar: Here.
[ Muffled shout ]
[ They find Alexa bound and gagged in a closet ]
[ Alexa whimpering ]
Alexa: My brother– she took him.
Liz: How long ago?
Alexa: 10 minutes.
Liz: Did you see the vehicle she was driving?
Alexa: She drove me here. A green SUV. Gray interior.
Samar: Did you see the license plate? Any identifying marks?
Alexa: No. Oh!
Liz: [ Calls ] Aram.
Alexa: Uh, there was a bar code sticker on my side window.

Aram: It’s a rental. The bar code’s used for scanning the vehicle in and out. We found a local company that rented a green SUV to a woman matching Philomena’s description.
Cooper: Does the vehicle have a GPS system we can track?
Aram: Actually, the rental company already enabled the stolen vehicle recovery feature for us. We’ve tracked the target heading south on 210. Agents Keen and Navabi are en route.

Samar: That’s her.
[ Siren wailing ] [ Engine roaring ] [ Tires screech ] [ Tires screech, crash ]
Liz: Don’t move!
[ Sirens wailing ]
Liz: Hands in the air!
Samar: There’s no one there.
Liz: On your knees. Gerard. Where’s Marvin Gerard?

Kate: Hello, Marvin. I wish I could say it was good to see you.

[ Interrogation room ] [ Door closes ]
Liz: Tell me how I can find Kaplan. You’re not leaving here until I know.
Philomena: Why are you so worried about her? I mean, she’s doing her job for you, going after Reddington.
Liz: I’m trying to protect her.
Philomena: Hmm. [ Sighs ] Sure you are.

Kaplan: Nothing? No stream of invectives? No mediation offers? Perhaps a lecture on criminal ethics?
Marvin: What’s the point? I’m looking at a dead woman.
Kate: I’ve been underestimated before.
Marvin: Why the hell didn’t you run? You survived a gunshot to the head. Lord knows how. That’s the mother-loving lottery right there. Take your ticket and board a jet plane, sister. Why come back to this cesspool?
Kate: To clean it up.
Marvin: You think maybe you’re taking this whole cleaner concept a bit too far?

[ Interrogation room ]
Liz: Look, it’s pretty simple. Either we find Kaplan first, or Reddington does. Who do you think she stands a better chance with?
Philomena: Put yourself in my shoes. How could I possibly believe that you want to protect Kaplan?
Liz: Because I just found out Kate Kaplan helped me as a baby.

Kate: [ Exhales ] I’m not cleaning Raymond’s mess. I’m taking responsibility for my own. I enabled him, Marvin. You did, too. He used us.
Marvin: That’s an alternative truth. I provide Reddington with a service for which I am very well compensated. He takes care of me.
Kate: Does he? He forced the FBI to release you from prison a week before your parole so that you could become his accomplice and help him escape during a police standoff. You had a new fiancé at the time, a whole life waiting. What do you have now, Marvin? Alone, on the run til you die? Unless you help yourself.
Marvin: I’m not turning state’s evidence against him. No way.
Kate: I’m sorry to hear that, Marvin.

Samar: I’m so honored that you could meet me here. Just to be considered for this is such–
Middleton: Katai Fellowships are designed to groom members of law enforcement to become policy leaders on a broader scale. Now you’ve written extensively about Islamaphobia in law enforcement. As a female and a Muslim, you’ve got a unique perspective on this perceived issue.
Samar: I do. Enough to know that it’s not a perception, it’s a reality.
Middleton: I’m sorry. You know what I mean.
Samar: No, I don’t.
Middleton: People are afraid.
Samar: Because their leaders tell them they should be. But since 9/11, 180,000 people have died from gun violence in this country. Only 94 have been killed by Muslim terrorists. That is what I would call a perceived issue. I won’t apologize for being passionate.
Middleton: Nor would I ask you to. Tell me about growing up in Iran.

Gale: And?
Ressler: It didn’t match.
Gale: [ Chuckles ] What?
Ressler: The print it’s not Reddington’s.
Gale: That’s impossible. Did they even run it through AFIS?
Ressler: Yeah, the unsub wasn’t in the system.
Gale: Well, there you have it. The system’s rigged.
Ressler: What are you talking about?
Gale: [ Chuckles ] The system’s rigged by Reddington, for Reddington. It’s the only explanation.
I mean, he’s he’s got somebody on the inside. You said so yourself.
Ressler: I was kidding.
Gale: Well, I’m not. What about that Fed he went on the run with, hmm? Hmm? The one you hunted? That’s our next move. We start with Elizabeth Keen.

Liz: She finally turned. Kaplan’s headed to Vienna.
Red: Ah! Springtime in Vienna. The market’s are a bit crowded, but the flowers – oh, my gosh. A simple walk to the U-Bahn is full of glory. I’ll let you two talk.
Cooper: Like hell. Stay put. I’m contacting Homeland Security. Then we’ll come up with an action plan. Together.
Red: Excellent work, Agent Keen.
Liz: How’d you do it? How’d you change the fingerprint?
Red: The fingerprint?
Liz: Don’t play dumb. The one Gale and Ressler found that connects you to the death of Diane Fowler.
Red: I assure you I know nothing of it.

[ Soulsavers’ ♪ “All The Way Down” plays ]
Samar: I heard about the fingerprints. You did the right thing.
Ressler: Yeah, I know. I sent the prints in. Your guess as good as mine as to why they came back negative.
Samar: You think Reddington has someone else at the Bureau in his pocket?
Ressler: I don’t know. Maybe. But what I do know is that working with Gale I mean, the guy’s an inspiration. He never lets anything slide. Ever. Kind of reminds me of the way I used to be.
Samar: The Reven Wright case.
Ressler: Laurel Hitchin murdered her. I know that in my bones, and I’m not gonna let this go until I can prove it.
[ Cellphone rings ] [ Cellphone beeps ] Navabi.
Scott Middleton: Congratulations, Agent Navabi. I’m pleased to inform you the board has selected you for the fellowship.
Samar: Uh, that’s Thank you so much. I- I don’t know what to say.
Middleton: No thanks necessary, except perhaps to Agent Mojtabai. He was the one who recommended you.
Samar: Agent Mojtabai?
Middleton: Yes. He sang your praises quite convincingly.

[ Samar confronts Aram ]
Samar: Is this your way of trying to appease me? With this fellowship? I know you nominated me.
Aram: Because you’d be perfect for
Samar: Well, I got it.
Aram: That’s amazing.
Samar: I turned it down. I have wanted this for years. You never nominated me before. And now I catch you in a lie, and all of a sudden you think I deserve it?
Aram: You do.
Samar: Well, I deserved it a year ago, and the year before that.

♪ The tide takes you under, you’re rolling alone

[ Siren wails ]

♪ Follow the tune that the siren would sing
Follow the moon, do you find anything?

[ Marvin, alive, is bound to a street post by plastic wrapped around him. Police arrive and cut him free ]

♪ The way down

FBI Agent: [ To Joe Perrachio ] Sir, as we’ve explained to your counsel, the Bureau will protect you and your family as long as you cooperate fully. Now let’s start from the beginning. Why don’t you tell us how you first met Raymond Reddington?

♪ All the way …

[ Kate Kaplan gets in a cab ]
Kaplan: [ Speaking Italian ]
Driver: [ Speaking Italian ]

♪ All the way down
All the way

[ Dembe arrives at the Post Office ]
Red: What are you doing here?
Dembe: Looking for you.
Red: You should be resting.
Dembe: I’m tired of resting. We should find Kate.
Red: Okay. Let’s get some supper first.
[ They get in the elevator ]

♪ All the way down

[ The elevator doors wham shut ]

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༺✦ ♤ ✦༻


♫ Dear Mr President
by Fitz and The Tantrums
♪ Hey, woo
Hey, woo

♪ Broken man and his wife with a child ain’t got no hope
Outta work outta time, old man winter’s comin’ on

♪ One meal ain’t enough for three
Is this the way its supposed to be
Daddy just walked out mamma raisin’ family

♪ Hey put your foot down and take a look round
Don’t like what you see
No no no no no no
Hey put your foot down and take a look round
Don’t like what you see
No no no no no no

♪ Hey, woo
Hey, woo

♪ Get in line there’s no jobs and the kids are shootin’ dope
Outta work outta time mamma’s startin’ to loose hope, hope

♪ It ain’t enough to pray
When you got no place to stay
Daddy just walked out mamma raisin’ family.

♪ Hey put your foot down and take a look round
Don’t like what you see
No no no no no no
Hey put your foot down and take a look round
Don’t like what you see

♪ No no no

♪ Put your foot down

♪ No no no

♪ Hey, woo
♪ Hey woo

Lyrics and Credits: http://goo.gl/GpTpWZ
YouTube: https://youtu.be/HrGq1Zmfnvc

♫ Sundown
by Gordon Lightfoot

♪ I can see her lying back in her satin dress
In a room where you do what you don’t confess

♪ Sundown, you better take care
If I find you been creeping ’round my back stairs
Sundown, you better take care
If I find you been creeping ’round my back stairs

♪ She’s been looking like a queen in a sailor’s dream
And she don’t always say what she really means

♪ Sometimes I think it’s a shame
When I get feeling better when I’m feeling no pain
Sometimes I think it’s a shame
When I get feeling better when I’m feeling no pain

♪ I can picture every move that a man could make
Getting lost in her loving is your first mistake

♪ Sundown, you better take care
If I find you been creeping ’round my back stairs
Sometimes I think it’s a sin
When I feel like I’m winning when I’m losing again

♪ I can see her looking fast in her faded jeans
She’s a hard loving woman, got me feeling mean

♪ Sometimes I think it’s a shame
When I get feeling better when I’m feeling no pain
Sundown, you better take care
If I find you been creeping ’round my back stairs

♪ Sundown, you better take care
If I find you been creeping ’round my back stairs
Sometimes I think it’s a sin
When I feel like I’m winning when I’m losing again

Lyrics and Credits: http://goo.gl/4OWm3n
YouTube: https://youtu.be/1IBdZ645S-o

♫ All The Way Down
by Soulsavers

♪ One more embrace
And to whisper your name
Stoned in the sunlight
I know it’s a shame
Fading away in the crystelline dawn
Pull six white horses and carriage’s drawn
All the way down
All the way down
[ Lyrics from: http://www.cloverlyrics.com/e97841-soulsavers~all_the_way_down_lyrics.html ]
♪ All the way, all the way down

♪ Seems like I can’t come up no more
Won’t be happy again
No, no, no, no, no…

♪ Cold morning stars
Seem to shimmer unknown
Tide takes you under
Rolling along
Follow the tomb that the Siren would sing
Follow the moon didn’t find anything
All the way, all the way down

♪ All, all the way, all the way down

♪ Pardon me for praying hard
For crying out loud

♪ One more embrace
And to whisper your name
Stoned in the sunlight
I know it’s a shame
Drifting away in the crystelline dawn
Pull six white horses and carriage’s drawn
All the way down

♪ Seems like I can’t come up no more
Won’t be happy again
No, no, no, no, no…

♪ All the way, all the way down
All the way down
[ All the way, all the way down ]
[ All the way, all the way down ]

Lyrics and Credits: http://goo.gl/4lLtQ9
YouTube: https://youtu.be/l3z3ODYCm7g


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🔴 Script: 4:19 Dr Bogdan Krilov(№ 29)

Program air date: 5/4/2017 in the US
Permalink: http://wp.me/pDKwi-58C
Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/2pEgksJ

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Don Thorin
Teleplay by: Lukas Reiter, John Eisendrath, Jon Bokenkamp
Story by: Brian Studler, Marisa Tam

⭕ Script 4:19 Dr Bogdan Krilov (№ 29)

Blurb: In an effort to disrupt the work of the Task Force, Mr Kaplan engages a specialist who can alter memories.

[ Morgan Brujo awakes in a panic to find himself strapped to a chair in a room filled with pulsating medical devices. On his head is a helmet of the type designed to transmit neurological signals. The small room is crowded. White-garmented personnel relay medical status information with staccato efficiency ]
Nurse: Neuromuscular block abating. Intercostals responding. Push 200mg Tramadol.
Nurse 2: SPOT normal.
Dr Bogdan Krilov: Morgan? Can you hear me, Morgan?
Morgan Brujo: Where-Where am I? What’s happening? Why am I tied up?
Dr Krilov: You’re okay, Morgan. You are safe. We are here to help. But to do that, I need to show you something. And I need you to tell me everything you know about it. Do you recognize this man? Think way back.
[ Supertramp’s’ ♪ “Dreamer” plays ]
[ Dr Krilov shows Morgan Brujo some photos of adult males ]
Dr Krilov: Think hard, Morgan. What about that one?
Morgan: I-I don’t know.
Dr Krilov: Who is–
Morgan: Wait, wait, wait. He’s, uh, Drunchi. No, Drucci, Drucci. I think his name is Drucci.
Dr Krilov: What happened to Mr. Drucci? What?
[ Dr Krilov shows Morgan a photo of a dead man with his throat cut ]

♪ I said “Far out, what a day, a year, a life it is!”

[ Morgan gasps softly ]

♪ You know, well you know you had it comin’ to you
Now there’s not a lot I can do

Morgan: The murder. The trial. You work for– Wait, I told you people I won’t testify. I gave you my word.
Dr Krilov: Mr. Brujo, I’ve been asked by some very important people to make sure you have no memory whatsoever of the events surrounding the death of Nicholas Drucci. And I will do that. Take him to the stage three.
Morgan: No, no. No, wait, wait.

[ Dr Krilov steps outside of the treatment room. A woman, Mr (Kate) Kaplan is there, silhouetted against a lighted doorway ]
Dr Krilov: Who are you? Who the hell are you? How did you get in here? You can’t be here.
Kate: Dr. Krilov, I’m a friend of a friend. I’d like to discuss a proposal with you. May I buy you lunch?

♪ I said dreamer, you’re nothing but a dreamer
Well, can you put your hands in your head, oh no!
Oh no!

Julian Gale: We were able to identify three more of Reddington’s victims. Milos Kirchoff, Alistair Pitt, and, uh, Geoff Perl. Those names mean anything to you?
Ressler: No.
Gale: Which is why I’m gonna pull the case files and see who the lead detectives were. I have a feeling they may know something that could help me prove that Keen was tipping off Reddington.
Ressler: [ Laughs ]
Gale: What?
Ressler: If Reddington’s being spoon-fed intel, it’s not gonna be from Elizabeth Keen.
Gale: She shot the Attorney General. She went on the run with Reddington.
Ressler: Because they both had a common enemy. Keen was being targeted by the Cabal, the same criminal organization that was going after Reddington.
Gale: Or maybe the Bureau zeroed in on these three ’cause they had intel on Reddington that he didn’t want us to find out about, so he disappeared them and, well, maybe Keen helped him do it, hmm?
[ Cellphone ringing ]
Gale: If she’s got nothing to hide, why is she ducking my calls? Huh? Answer that.

[ Ressler answers cellphone ]
Ressler: Ressler.
Detective Elijah Bell: It’s Detective Elijah Bell, Philly PD, Southwest division.
Ressler: How can I help you?
Bell: I got a case down here. During a neighborhood canvass, I interviewed a woman named Linda McFaden. Didn’t have squat on my case, but she had a hell of a story about a body being moved up in DC.
Ressler: Whose body?
Bell: She had no idea, but I looked into the dates and the location and I think it may relate to an investigation you were working – the disappearance of Reven Wright. If that’s still active, you may want to pay her a visit.
Ressler: All right. Text me the address.

[ At a music store ]
[ Mozart’s ♪ “Don Giovanni” plays ]
[ Door bell dings ]
Red: Ah, I hate Mozart.
Liz: I’ll adjust my Christmas list.
Red: Just heard too much of it. It’s like pop music to me. Kate, on the other hand, simply adores “Don Giovanni.”*
[ Red shows Liz a photo of Kate Kaplan at a restaurant with Dr Bogdan Krilov ]
Liz: You found her.
Red: That was taken 18 hours ago at the Café Grundstein in Vienna, where Mozart held one of his last public performances. In the end, we’re all creatures of habit.
Liz: And the man she’s with?
Red: Dr Bogdan Ivanovich Krilov. One of the few people who have mastered the science of memory manipulation.
Liz: Science or science fiction?
Red: You of all people should know the answer to that.
Liz: I understand suppressing memories, helping someone to mute out a traumatic experience, but manipulating them?
Red: The memory of an accident, a tragedy, a fire in which a 4-year-old girl killed her father.
Liz: This man, is he the one who erased my memory of that night?
Red: That’s how Kaplan knows him.
Liz: Why is she meeting with him now? Is it connected to the fire? To me?
Red: I don’t know. But we have to find out, which is why the next name on the Blacklist is Dr. Krilov.

[ At the Post Office ]
Liz: We’ve confirmed that after meeting with Kaplan, Krilov boarded a flight to New York. He landed in JFK four hours ago and told passport control he was staying at the Winthrop Grand Hotel.
Samar: Why is Kaplan interested in someone with Krilov’s peculiar skill set?
Liz: Reddington doesn’t know. And he couldn’t ask because Kaplan eluded the associate who took this photo. Reddington’s on his way to Vienna to pick up the trail.
Aram: Agent Keen, I think I speak for all of us when I say my recollection of the last memory specialist we dealt with was not a pleasant one.
Liz: It’s a brutal process.
Cooper: Ressler, Navabi, get to Krilov. Find out what Kaplan wants with him.
Ressler: Sir, a new witness just came forward in the Reven Wright case.
Liz: I’ll go with Samar.
Cooper: Fine. Roll out.
Ressler: Hey, Keen. Give us a second, would you? Gale thinks you’re Reddington’s informant.
Liz: All the more reason for me to avoid his calls.
Ressler: I don’t agree. He’s already ID’d the bodies of three Blacklisters-Geoff Perl, Alistair Pitt, Milos Kirchoff.
Liz: I’m not Reddington’s informant.
Ressler: So tell him. It’s not gonna be a lie. And it’ll also help hide the truth about the task force. We can’t let him find out about that.

Concierge: Mr. Krilov checked in shortly after 9:00. And the security logs indicate he left the hotel shortly after checking in and hasn’t returned.
Samar: I showed his photo to the bell service and the doorman. No luck.
Concierge: If it helps, I assume he’ll be returning. This letter arrived for him after he left.
[ The Concierge lays a white envelope on the counter. Liz takes it and puts it inside her jacket ]
Liz: We’re gonna need to take this.
Concierge: I’m afraid that won’t be possible.
Samar: Krilov is a person of interest in a criminal investigation.
Concierge: I want to be cooperative, but he’s a guest. And that letter is private property. I can’t let you take it without a warrant.
Liz: I understand.
Samar: I don’t.
Liz: Here you go.
[ Liz hands the Concierge a white envelope. Liz and Samar walk away ]
Liz: Walk fast.
Samar: Why?
Liz: Because any second he’s gonna realize he’s holding my rent check.

[ In their SUV ]
Samar: And here I thought you’d gone all pink and perfect on me.
Liz: The man who raised me was a grifter. Couldn’t be pink and perfect if I tried. It’s an invoice and arrival itinerary. Manilow Van Lines.
Samar: Krilov’s expecting a delivery. Does it say what for?
Liz: No. But it arrived last night.
Samar: Well, unless you can palm a cargo container, I think this time you really will need a warrant.

[ At Manilow Van Lines ]
Man: I just move ’em through. Customs deals with inspections.
Liz: You’re not responsible for what we find.
Man: Here we go. Whatever’s inside, nobody’s shown up to collect it.
[ Cutters snip. Cargo container door opens ]
Liz: This is what? A stash of medical equipment?
Samar: Looks like Krilov was here to manipulate some memories.
Liz: Yeah. But whose?

[ Krilov is watching from a distance away ]
[ On phone ]
Dr Krilov: It’s all over. The FBI just seized my equipment.
Kate Kaplan: The mission cannot be compromised.
Dr Krilov: Well, it has been. I need my equipment. And now they have it.
Kate: I’ll get you new equipment.
Dr Krilov: It’s not that easy. My equipment is specialized. You can’t just replace it. No one else does what I do.
Kate: That’s not exactly true. Take out a pen and paper. I’m gonna give you a name.

[ At a bakery shop in Vienna, Austria ] [ Door bell jingles ]
Red: Hello.
Woman behind counter: Hello. [ Speaks German: ] How can I help you?
Red: [ Speaks German: ] Two pieces of Sachertorte, please.
[ Coin clatters ]
Red: Keep the change.
Woman: Oh. This is too much.
Red: Perhaps I’ll add to the order. [ Shows a photo of Kate ] I’m looking for this woman. I represent the estate of a dear aunt who left her a sizable bequest. I was hoping you might have some information that would help me find her.
Woman: I don’t know where she’s staying, but she was here when we opened this morning. With a suitcase. Um, perhaps the train. It’d be only a few blocks from Wien Mitte.
Red: Thank you, my dear. We’ll take the Sachertorte to go.

Ressler: So you told Detective Bell that you saw some people moving a body.
Linda McFaden: I’m-I’m not sure. It was dark across the street. I probably shouldn’t have said anything.
Ressler: Coming forward’s hard. Most people don’t. You did the right thing.
Linda: You know who my neighbor was?
Ressler: Yes. Laurel Hitchin.
Linda: The President’s National Security Advisor. Whatever it was, it– It was coming out of her house.
Ressler: Well, I have reason to believe that it was a person. Reven Wright, the second highest ranking official in the Justice Department. I need you to tell me what you saw.
Linda: What I saw could get me killed. Why do you think I came here to stay with my sister? I did it to hide from what I saw to forget it.
Ressler: Can you forget it, though? Linda, tell me what you saw.

[ At the Post Office ]
Aram: Hey, you guys, okay, so after Krilov didn’t show up at the hotel, Mr. Cooper issued an APB, and it paid off.
Samar: You got a location for him?
Aram: Well, a transit cop spotted him on a subway platform, but lost him in a crowd. So I pulled the security feeds from the street outside the station.
[ Liz’s cellphone vibrates. She checks the caller but doesn’t answer ]
Liz: That was Gale again. Third time today.
Samar: You know my vote. Stay away.
Aram: I agree, and these days, we don’t really agree on anything so, you know, it’s gotta be good advice.
[ They watch the security feed ]
Samar: It looks like he’s watching someone. There. That woman.
[ Types on keyboard ]
Liz: Oh, my God. That’s Dr. Selma Orchard. The unpleasant recollection you had about the last specialist who was forced to look into my memory, that’s her.
Samar: Maybe they’re colleagues. Keep running the feed.
Aram: Yeah, I don’t think they’re colleagues. It looks like she’s his target.
Liz: The equipment she used on me was similar to what we confiscated. Krilov needs a new lab so maybe he’s going after someone who could supply him with one.
Samar: Aram, pull up Selma Orchard’s number. We need to get to her before Krilov does.
[ Cellphone ringing ] [ Beep ]
Dr Selma Orchard: This is Dr. Orchard.
Liz: Dr. Orchard, this is Elizabeth Keen. Listen carefully. There’s a man coming for you. His name is Bogdan Krilov.
[ Too late: someone enters and grabs Dr Orchard from behind ]
[ Gasps ] [ Shouting in muffled voice ]
Liz: Hello? [ Dial tone ] Dr. Orchard?

Dr Krilov: A forgetful memory specialist.
[ Dr Orchard grunts in muffled voice ]
Dr Krilov: Is that ironic? Or an oxymoron? [ Keys jangling ] I can never tell the difference.

[ A train speeds through an Alpen landscape outside Vienna ]
[ Train whistle blows ] [ Red is seated at a table in a compartment on the train, playing solitaire ]
[ Dembe enters with the Conductor ]
Red: You found him! Grand. Please, sit.
Conductor: Is everything okay, sir?
Red: Marvelous. I have such a fondness for the little snacks from the bar car, the crackers and cheeses, the sausages. It’s like camping. Try the peppered one there. It’s surprisingly good.
Conductor: Your friend has a gun.
Red: He does. But he’ll have little use for it so long as you assist me in locating a passenger. [ He shows the Conductor a photo of Kate ] Her name is unimportant, as her ticket was likely purchased under any number of aliases, which is why I’ll need to see all of the various passenger manifests leaving from Wien Mitte.
Conductor: I can’t do that.
Red: How long has it been since your rail line has had a robbery?
Conductor: What?
Red: A robbery, a stickup, like the Old West.
Conductor: Sir, what are you talking about?
Red: I’m talking about making you stop this train while my associate and I rob your passengers of their money and jewelry. I must admit, I’ve always been somewhat seduced by the idea. Bill Miner, the old gray fox. Butch Cassidy. But I’ve never really felt the itch until now. So you’re gonna walk back to wherever it is you walk to and get the manifests, or I’m gonna stop this train, take your money, and give this rail line the most ridiculous PR disaster since the Newton Boys robbed that mail train in Rondout.

[ Chair clangs ]
[ Dr Krilov loads a new magazine into his handgun ]
Dr Selma Orchard: I won’t say anything. I won’t. I won’t. I swear. Please, I have a son. I don’t care about the equipment. Keep it. Just keep it.
Man: It’s all packed up.
Dr Orchard: I know what you do, your work. It’s really incredible. If you had asked me, I would’ve given you my equipment.
Krilov: I wish I could have taken that chance. [ Hammer clicks ] I really do.
[ Siren wailing in distance ]
Dr Orchard: Please, I’m begging you.

[ The FBI raid the site where Dr Krilov is holding Dr Orchard ] [ Men shouting indistinctly ]
[ Dr Orchard is slumped over ]
Liz: Dr. Orchard? Selma?
[ Dr Orchard has a cut on her forehead, moans ]
Liz: It’s okay. You’re gonna be okay. It’s okay. He’s gone.
[ Liz makes a phone call ]
Liz: This is Agent Elizabeth Keen with the FBI. I need a medical team. Priority three.

Linda McFaden: There were three men. I didn’t see a body, at first. Just a a rug or a rolled up tarp. But when they put it in the back of the van, it–
Ressler: It’s okay. Take your time.
Linda: It unrolled, and I saw a foot.
Ressler: All right, I’m gonna need you to come to DC with me to make a statement.
Linda: No, I can’t.
[ Armed commandos storm the scene ]
[ Silenced gunshot (💥) ] [ Glass shatters ⚡️ ]
[ 💥 A concussion grenade knocks Ressler to the floor. The commandos grab Linda and drag her away ]
[ Ringing ] [ Man speaking indistinctly ] [ Ringing continues ]
Linda: No! [ Muffled screams ]
[ Ressler loses consciousness ]

[ Train whistle blows ] [ Austrian countryside ]
Conductor: Dispatch routed me through to the Vienna station agent. This is a list of all the paid passengers who boarded today.
[ Train whistle blows ]
[ Red scans the list ]
Red: Here. Susan Stahley.
Conductor: She wasn’t on the early morning train. That’s this train, one of our sleepers. B-12, four cars back.

[ Red opens the compartment where Kate (Susan Stahley) had stayed ]
Red: The woman – there was a woman.
Woman: Yes, she got off at the last stop. You must be Raymond. She said you might come. Said to give you this.
[ She hands Red a burner phone ]
Red: Thank you.
[ Cellphone ringing, beeps ]
Kate: Hello, Raymond.
Red: You can’t keep up this wild goose chase, Kate. I’m gonna find you.
Kate: I’ll save you the trouble. I’m heading to Lucerne.
Red: [ Aside, to Dembe ] We’re gonna need the jet. Call Edward. Tell him we’re getting off at the next station.
Kate: You remember what’s in Lucerne, don’t you?
Red: Kate.
Kate: I’m so sorry, Raymond. I can’t talk now. My car just arrived. I’ll call you when I get there.

[ On Red’s jet ]
[ Beep ]
Liz: You heard me. Selma Orchard.
Red: Kaplan sent Krilov to Orchard? I don’t like the connection.
Liz: To me? Now you do think this is about my memory?
Red: I don’t know. Not long ago, the idea that Kate would hurt you as a way to get to me was unthinkable. But the Kate I’m after now is difficult to recognize. The bodies, the ones Julian Gale is investigating, I need the list.
Liz: The list?
Red: The FBI’s forensic experts are trying to identify the remains. I need a list of the ones who’ve been identified so far. As quickly as you can and send it to Dembe.
[ Cellphone beeps ]

Dr Orchard: Why did he do this?
Liz: Krilov was hired to adjust someone’s memory. We confiscated his lab. So he stole yours.
Dr Orchard: But your memory, the night of the fire.
Liz: He stole it from me 25 years ago. That’s why we needed you to get it back.
Dr Orchard: Is this about that night?
Liz: We won’t know until we find him. Do you have any idea where he went?
Dr Orchard: No. But my equipment might.

[ The Post Office ]
Aram: Hey. Dr. Orchard was right. Her equipment may help us find Krilov.
Liz. How?
Aram: The EEG machine he stole from her is state-of-the-art. It’s designed to receive updates from a main server.
Samar: So it’s part of a wireless network.
Aram: Which we can use to locate the machine, and Krilov, once he turns it on.
Liz: Were you able to get a list of names Julian Gale ID’d?
Aram: Yeah, Mr. Cooper did. Um, what is Mr. Reddington going to do with it?

[ Ressler groans, wakes up. He gets up and goes outside ]
[ Horns honking ] [ An SUV pulls up, window whirs open ]
Laurel Hitchin: Agent Ressler, I think it’s time we had a heart to heart.

Dembe: Raymond. The list of victims from Agent Keen.
[ Red scans the list. It includes: Diane Fowler, Geoff Perl, Alistair Pitt, Milos Kirchoff (aka Berlin), Tiger Branson, Lou Capote, Hans Von Hauser, Junior Wallace and Everett Oldfield ]
Red: Hans.
[ Cellphone ringing ]
Red: Kate. You made good time.
Kate: I assume you know why I’m here. I told you the bodies I unearthed would destroy you, that each one would tell a story.
Red: You don’t need to do this.
Kate: We’re way past that point, dearie. You can’t change what you’ve done, and you can’t stop what’s coming. Your own sins, Raymond. You did this to yourself.

[ At a castle-like mansion near Lucerne, Switzerland ]
Werner Von Hauser: My word. So this is you. The Mr. Kaplan my people whisper about. Reddington’s hidden protector. The fairy tale come to life.
Kate: Mr. Von Hauser, thank you for seeing me. I’m quite real. Though you’re right. Raymond and I prefer to keep my role in his affairs to ourselves. He certainly doesn’t approve of my visit today.
Von Hauser: And yet you have chosen to defy his wishes. I don’t have to tell you how dangerous that can be.
Kate: No. But I’m here because I have something to tell you – a story that I’m sorry to say will cause you profound grief and anger.
Von Hauser: About?
Kate: Hans.
[ Red relates the same story to Dembe ]
Red: He was Werner’s son. A formidable young man, early 20s, already in the family business. Understand this was 25 years ago now. I was younger, myself. Intent on building an empire, intent on becoming the powerful criminal the world had been told I already was. Werner was very impressive to me then. International weapons dealer, a smuggler, a jack of almost every illicit trade one might imagine. I wanted an alliance – to become Werner’s most trusted associate.
Kate: Raymond crafted a plan based on an ancient principle. If you want your enemy to become your friend, create a problem for him, and then solve it.
Von Hauser: You are talking about Hans’s abduction. You are telling me Reddington was behind it?
Red: The idea was simple enough, to make it appear as if Hans had been kidnapped, to send Werner a ransom demand. $10 million or his son would be killed. At that point, I would intervene, talk to the brutal abductors, convince them they should release Hans unharmed. They would agree, of course, out of respect to me and my reputation as a man not to be crossed. Werner would be deeply grateful. And so, my enemy would become my friend.
Von Hauser: No, no, no. Hans was taken by the Taddicken Brothers, known around the world for their savagery.
Kate: Yes, that’s why Raymond chose them. They were given very clear instructions not to harm your son. Unfortunately, they didn’t follow those instructions. The Taddicken Brothers were callous, reckless. Hans was suffocated while in transit. Tragic, unforgivable. Raymond was–
Red: Horrified. Devastated. In a rage, I obliterated the Taddicken Brothers. And Mr. Kaplan saw to the disposal of Hans’s body. Werner was beyond bereft. But he was also very grateful to me – the man who had killed the animals responsible for murdering his only son. It remains one of my most profound regrets. But, of course, I never told Werner the truth. Instead, we began one of the most profitable alliances in modern criminal history. An alliance that has remained intact for decades.
Von Hauser: Can you prove what you have told me?
Kate: I can do better than that, Mr Von Hauser. I can return your son’s body so you can give him the burial he was so wrongly denied. At this moment, his remains are in the custody of the FBI.

[ In Laurel Hitchin’s SUV ]
Ressler: Where’s Linda McFaden? You tell me now or I swear–
Hitchin: Donald, enough with the Reven Wright thing. Come on.
Ressler: You have no power to interfere with my investigation. None.
Hitchin: No power? Really? I’m White House National Security Advisor. My “interference” is the least of your problems. See, if I choose to, I’ll simply remove you from the equation. Do I make myself clear? Let it go, Agent Ressler.
Ressler: I’m not going anywhere without my witness.
Hitchin: [ Sighs ] Damn it. I don’t want to hurt that girl, but you and your pursuit of another Boy Scout honor badge have forced my hand, and now I have no choice. [ Touchscreen clicking ] Get out. Shoo.
[ Ressler gets out, leaving his phone under the car seat ]
Hitchin: [ Voice warps ] Hey, remember. You did this to her. Not me.
[ The scene morphs into Dr Krilov’s lab, where Ressler is in an induced hypnotic state, hooked up to the neurological signaling hardware ]
Dr Krilov: [ To Ressler ] You did this to her. Not me. [ To his assistants ] He has accepted the fiction that he is in her car talking with Hitchin. We should have no problem uploading the remaining selected memories.

[ At the ice rink morgue where the bodies of Red’s victims are laid out. An FBI agent, George, approaches Julian Gale ]
George: Gale.
Gale: George, why do you have empty hands? Hmm? You know how much I don’t like empty hands.
George: Sorry, boss. I put in a request for those files you asked for.
Gale: Yeah?
George: Geoff Perl, Alistair Pitt, Milos Kirchoff. But those files are designated SCI7.
Gale: SCI –
George: 7.
Gale: Hmm. Never heard of that.
George: Pretty sure that’s the point.
Gale: I wonder what’s so special about those three cases.
George: Three? Try every case on the east wall of Main Records plus the annex. We’re talking hundreds and hundreds of legal boxes.
Gale: Hundreds, huh? And they’re all off-limits?
George: Mm-hmm.
Gale: Now we’re getting somewhere, Georgie.

Cooper: You found Krilov.
Aram: The equipment he’s using, Dr. Orchard’s EEG, it is pinging the manufacturer’s server. I am tracking the signal now.
Samar: Does getting the signal mean he’s using the EEG on someone?
Aram: Yeah. Unfortunately.
Liz: There. Where is that?
Aram: A clinic in Rockville, Maryland. Shut down nearly a decade ago.
Cooper: You two, get there now.

Dr Krilov: You’re arriving outside Laurel Hitchin’s estate. You believe the witness is inside. You know you need to make a move soon. Time is wasting.
[ As Krilov speaks, Ressler imagines/dreams this scene is taking place ]
Dr Krilov: It’s time. Unhook him. He’s ready for transport.

Dembe: You didn’t kill his son.
Red: No. But Werner won’t see it that way, will he?
Dembe: Then why are we driving to his home?
Red: I have no alternative.
Dembe: I believe this is a bad idea, Raymond.
Red: I’ll handle Werner. It’s Kate who has me on tenterhooks. We put out one fire, she starts another. The woman is an arsonist. She’s not gonna stop until she burns me to the ground.

[ Liz, Samar and other FBI agents storm Dr Krilov’s lab ]
[ Door opens in distance ] [ 💥💥 Gunfire 💥💥 ]
[ Dr Krilov raises his arms ]
Dr Krilov: I’m unarmed.
Liz: Who is here?!
Samar: Your patient, the person Kaplan hired you to work on.
Dr Krilov: You don’t remember me, do you?
Liz: I know who you are. The memories you took from me when I was a girl and trust me, we’re gonna talk about that, but first, your patient– where is he?
Samar: Liz.
[ Samar turns the computer screen so Liz can see the profile and photo of a patient: It is Ressler ]
Liz: [ Whispers ] Ressler.
Dr Krilov: He was an excellent patient. Very pliable, unlike you.
[ Liz slugs Krilov in the jaw ] [ Krilov grunts, exhales ]
Samar: Definitely not pink or perfect.

[ At Werner Von Hauser’s mansion ]
[ Engine turns off ]
Dembe: This isn’t right. Since when does he have so much security?
Red: Since today. [ To one of the guards ] Nikolaus, how are you, my friend?
Nikolaus: Very well, Mr. Reddington. Thank you. If you don’t mind, we need to wand you and your man.
[ Electronic beeps and whirs ]
Red: Change in protocol, I see.
[ Electronic beeps and whirs ]
[ Nikolaus confiscates Red’s firearm. Dembe is relieved of his by another guard ]
Nikolaus: Orders of Mr Von Hauser.

[ Inside the mansion ]
Red: Werner. Thank you for agreeing to hear me out.
Von Hauser: I promised to meet with you. I never said I would listen to you. Our relationship is built on a lie.
Red: A tragedy.
Von Hauser: The fact that you walked into this room confirms you know nothing about me. You severely underestimated my love for my son then and now. And for that, you will pay with your life.
[ Nikolaus and another guard cock their guns, pointing them at Red’s and Dembe’s heads ]
Red: I deserve to pay. But I can’t.
[ Nikolaus rapidly💥shoots💥the guard next to Dembe and another outside the door ]
[ Red takes the two dead guards’ guns, gives one to Dembe and points the other at Von Hauser ]
Red: I never underestimated you, Werner. I just hoped things could work out.
Von Hauser: [ Astonished ] Nikolaus?
Red: Nikolaus has been on my payroll since I introduced him to you 25 years ago. I knew one day we would have to look each other in the eye and face the truth. And I knew it would be an event that one of us would not recover from. Your abiding love for your son was always evident to me, Werner. The loss of Hans– There are no words to duly express my remorse. I’m sorry for that. And I’m– I’m sorry for this.
[ Red shoots Von Hauser 💥💥 ] [ Von Hauser grunts, falls back in a chair, dead ]
Nikolaus: His men outside will be pulling in any minute. Some will stand with me, but it’s a house divided. Unless you want to join a civil war, you need to exit out back into the woods.
Red: Thank you for your loyalty, Nikolaus. I’ll be in touch.

Liz: Where’s Agent Ressler?
Samar: We know you were contracted to, what, erase some kind of memory, embed one?
Dr Krilov: I want my lawyer.
[ Liz grabs Krilov’s chin, turns his face toward her ]
Liz: I’m not gonna ask again.
Dr Krilov: I already told you, Princess, I’m not talking to you until my lawyer’s present.
[ Liz takes a syringe and fills it with Propofol ]
Samar: What are you doing?
Liz: I told him I’m not gonna ask again.
Samar: Liz, hang on.
Dr Krilov: Are you serious? Come on. You are FBI. You think I actually believe you are going to inject that needle?
Liz: You know, unfortunately, I don’t know much about Propofol. [ Bottle clatters ] I think it’s a general anesthetic? Can you even inject this directly into the arm?
Dr Krilov: Stop it.
Liz: I don’t know. You tell me. You’re the doctor, Princess.
Samar: Agent Keen.
[ Liz jabs the needle into Krilov’s arm ]
Dr Krilov: Hey.
Liz: Would mainlining this cause long-term damage to the heart?
Samar: Liz.
Liz: The lungs, the kidneys – would it kill an old man?
Dr Krilov: Okay, okay, stop it. I tell you.
Liz: Keep talking.
Dr Krilov: There is a house on the Potomac.

Liz: Aram, I have texted you an address. Laurel Hitchin’s house on the river. We’re on our way now.
Cooper: Laurel Hitchin? What’s goin’ on? What happened with Krilov?
Liz: We have him in custody. His target? Kaplan’s target was Ressler.
Cooper: My God.
Aram: Wait, Agent Ressler? I thought he was in Philadelphia.
Samar: He was, that’s why he was abducted and pumped full of drugs.
Liz: We think Krilov somehow programmed Ressler to believe Hitchin abducted a witness that could connect her to Reven Wright’s murder.
Cooper: Ressler wasn’t with Krilov when you found him?
Samar: No. Krilov’s men had already moved him. They’re positioning him to go after Hitchin. We tried to call her to warn her, but we couldn’t reach her.
Cooper: If Kaplan is behind this and her goal is to hurt Reddington, how does using Ressler to take out Hitchin help?
Liz: Kaplan gave us the chance to abandon our relationship with Reddington, and we didn’t. Now she’ll take every step necessary to dismantle the task force, starting with Ressler.
Samar: Without the task force, Reddington would be completely exposed.
Aram: All right, I have the address. Routing backup to meet you there now.

[ Outside Laurel Hitchen’s house on the Potomac, Ressler is unconscious, propped up in the back seat of a car ]
Nurse: Everything set?
[ She injects Ressler ]
Nurse: Let’s go. He’ll wake up soon.
[ Beeping ]
[ Ressler wakens. Seeing the lake house and recognizing it, he runs in its direction, climbing over a fence. Confronted by a guard, he shoots 💥 ]
Guard: Aah! [ Grunts ]
Ressler: Don’t.
Guard: [ Groans ]
Ressler: Come on.
[ Grunts ] [ Handcuffs click ]

[ Ressler enters Hitchin’s house. He finds Hitchin who is talking with an Asian Ambassador ]
Ressler: Where is she? Where’s Linda?
Hitchin: Ressler, that shot–
Ressler: Where is she?!
Ambassador: What is the meaning of this? Who is he?
Ressler: Donald Ressler, FBI. Now Ms. Hitchin here is a prime suspect in Reven Wright’s murder.
Hitchin: Agent Ressler isn’t well, Mr. Ambassador. He needs help.
Ressler: Mr. Ambassador. Is he part of the Cabal as well?
Hitchin: Yes, Donald. He is. We all are. It’s all one big, global conspiracy. And you weren’t invited to the party. Sorry.
Ressler: [ To the Ambassador] Well, I think you should go.
Ambassador: I will do no such thing.
Ressler: Oh, I think you will. [ Points gun ] Now!
Hitchin: It’s okay. I’m fine. He’s delusional, not dangerous.
[ The Ambassador leaves ]
Ressler: The witness, Linda McFaden. Where are you keeping her?
Hitchin: Okay, first of all, I don’t know any Linda, but if you put the gun away, I’m sure we can work this out.
Ressler: No, there’s no way you let her out of your sight, not when she’s the only person that can tie you to Reven Wright’s murder. See, I think you’re keeping her here. That’s what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna go through this place room by room. Now let’s go.
Hitchin: Fine. Let’s go.

[ Red and Dembe make their way through the woods behind the Von Hauser mansion ]
Dembe: As soon as we hit the road, we’ll find a way to the jet.
Red: The jet is sitting on one of Werner’s air strips. No doubt his men are on it right now drinking my Scotch and seeing who fits in my suits.
Dembe: Then we’ll have to find another way out of here.
Red: Without Werner or his contacts, shipping lanes, airfields, I can’t do anything from Gibraltar to the Urals. Every piece of his machinery is up in the air now, and where they land is anybody’s guess. For the time being, we’ll have to be comfortable with chaos.

[ Tires screeching. Gears shift, engine turns off. Samar and Liz get out of their SUV at Laurel Hitchin’s house. They see the wounded guard ]
Liz: Stay with him.
Samar: [ To the guard ] Help is on the way.
[ Inside ]
Hitchin: Like I said, there’s nobody here.
Ressler: Then you’re gonna tell me– you’re gonna tell me where you’re holding her–
Liz: Ressler! Stand down.
Ressler: Keen. I found a witness who saw Hitchin’s men dispose of Reven’s body.
Liz: There is no witness.
Hitchin: Thank you.
Ressler: What are you talking about? I met her, okay? She told me everything.
Hitchin: Listen to your partner, Agent Ressler. You’re ill. You need help.
Liz: You’re not ill. Your memory was manipulated by Dr. Bogdan Krilov. We have him in custody.
Ressler: No. I know what I saw. Trust me.
Liz: No, you need to trust me. The Detective who reached out to you?
Ressler: Elijah Bell.
Liz: There is no Elijah Bell in the Philly PD. He works with Krilov. So does your witness.
Ressler: No. No. I was at her house, okay? I was there when she was taken.
Liz: By Krilov’s men. He staged the whole thing. Hitchin wasn’t involved. During the raid, you were knocked out, unconscious. That’s when Krilov started to work on you, implanting memories. Hitchin coming to pick you up.

[ Ressler remembers Hitchin’s SUV pulling up, the window rolling down ]
Hitchin: Agent Ressler.

Ressler: How do you know that?
Liz: Krilov made it up. Krilov staged the whole thing.
Ressler: No. No! We’re not gonna let her get away with this. No.
Liz: You’re right. We will find justice for Reven. Just not this way. Ressler, look at your hand.
[ Ressler sees the purple bruise on his hand at the injection site ]
Liz: You were drugged. Propofol, Tramadol. It’s not your fault. You’re the victim here.
Hitchin: He’s the victim? I’m–
Liz: Yes. And you’re a murderer. And one day, we’re gonna prove it.

[ Deeper in the woods in the Swiss foothills, Red talks to Kate ]
Red: [ Exhaling ] Every part of this little drama, Kate, is playing out as grand tragedy.
Kate: Family feuds always do.
Red: Werner’s dead.
Kate: Oh, Raymond. You may have bitten the hand that feeds you this time, dearie. Every one of Werner’s allies will be out hunting to put you down. Are you going to cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war, Raymond?
Red: Goodbye, Kate.
[ Cellphone beeps ]

Officer: Agent Ressler. Sorry, but I’m gonna need your sidearm.
Ressler: Is that necessary?
Officer: Yes, sir, it is.
Liz: What are you doing?
Officer: Will you just go ahead and turn around for me?
Samar: Agent Ressler is the victim here. He was manipulated and drugged.
Officer: I’m sure the investigation will bear that out. But in the meantime, he’s in our custody. Sir.[ The Officer leads Ressler away in handcuffs ]

Hitchin: I really wanna thank you, Agent Keen. I genuinely believe he would’ve shot me if you hadn’t shown up.
Liz: I didn’t do it for you. I did it for him.
Hitchin: Fair enough, but you did it, and for that, I’m grateful.
Liz: Donald Ressler represents what’s best about this country. He’s loyal and honest, and he believes that no one – no one – is above the law. And I believe that one day, you’ll be the one being dragged off in handcuffs. And he’ll be walking into his lake house to watch the sunset.
Hitchin: [ Laughs ] Yeah. [ Clicks tongue ] Never gonna happen.

Liz: I want every detail – what you did, how you did it, what memories you implanted in Agent Ressler’s consciousness, and what you took away. You’re going to give me everything we need to exonerate him.
Dr Krilov: I could do that, I suppose, if properly motivated. You don’t remember me, do you?
Liz: From 25 years ago? No. But then, you wouldn’t be very good at your job if I did.
Dr Krilov: No. Not 25 years ago. Just two.
Liz: What are you talking about?
Dr Krilov: You were brought to me by a mutual acquaintance of ours who wanted me to take certain memories away from you.
Liz: What memories?
Dr Krilov: Let us say, you had uncovered certain truth about Raymond Reddington. And he couldn’t have that.
Liz: You’re lying.
Dr Krilov: No. I’m not lying. And I think you know that. So let’s make a deal. Full immunity, I walk, in exchange for the memories I took from you.
Liz: That’s not gonna happen.
Dr Krilov: [ Scoffs ] That is a shame for all of us. But more so for you, than me, I suspect. And for the Agent Ressler, of course.

[ Liz on the phone with Red ] [ Liz is at home ]
Liz: Two years ago? Two, not 25. Two.
Red: Kaplan is using Krilov.
Liz: What was the secret you needed Krilov to take away?
Red: Nothing. She’s using him to pull at threads to continue to unravel my life. He sidelined Ressler. He’s trying to do the same to you.
Liz: You did it once.
Red: Yes. When you were a child, to protect you from the memory of killing your father. I hired Krilov once. Never again.
Liz: [ Cellphone vibrates ] That’s Julian Gale. I’ve been avoiding his calls, and I’m beginning to think that was a mistake.
Red: Bogdan Krilov and Julian Gale, directly or indirectly, they’re working for Kaplan against us.
Liz: Against you.
Red: I’d think that would be a difficult distinction for you to make. Speak with him if you must. All I ask is that you don’t do it in anger. I wouldn’t want you to say anything either of us would regret.
[ Bleating ] [ Red is with Dembe and others, including a boy about 8 years old, sitting on the floor of a truck transporting goats. The boy points towards Red’s hat. Red puts his hat on the boy’s head. The boy smiles. Red chuckles ] [ Bleating ]
[ Aerosmith’s ♪ “Dream On” plays ]
[ Liz is at the ice rink morgue, looking around. Julian Gale comes up behind her ]
Gale: Unfortunately, some of them were killed because they were trying to help us catch Reddington. I asked them to inform, I promised them protection, and, well, that failed. Here they are.
Liz: You must be Agent Gale.
Gale: Charmed, I’m sure. Speaking of charm, I hear Reddington can be very charming. What was it like going on the run with him? Did he charm you?
Liz: I was a fugitive. It was awful.
Gale: Hmm. September 23, 2013 – Does that date ring a bell?
Liz: Should it?
Gale: It should for you. You see, that’s the day that you went from being a rookie profiler to a classified assignment. I always remember it. How ’bout October 1, 2013? Nothin’? Really? [ Laughs ] See, that’s the date that the Reddington task force started to fall apart.
Liz: I-I don’t know anything about that.
Gale: No? How ’bout SCI7? You ever hear of that?
Liz: Never have.
Gale: Well, apparently, it’s a designation that the Bureau reserves for certain high profile cases. It’s classified, so I can’t look at the files or interview the great American heroes of law enforcement that are doing such important work. However, I was able to pinpoint the first time that, uh, the designation was used. Do you care for another date? See, I love dates.
Liz: Is there a question here?
Gale: No, but-but there’s a pattern. See, there was a rash of major cases that were solved, hundreds of them. Started in the weeks after you were plucked from, uh, obscurity. Reddington’s been feeding the Bureau intel. Hmm? Big names. SCI7 big. Names that the Bureau never knew existed. He’s feeding them through you. And in exchange, you’re allowing him to stay one step ahead of the law, ain’t that right?
Liz: Why did you wanna see me?
Gale: I didn’t wanna see you. I wanted you to see that. [ Referring to the ice rink morgue and the laid-out corpses ] See, I’ve already asked them for their forgiveness, for my part in their being– I wanted to give you a chance to do the same.

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♫ Dreamer
By Supertramp

♪ Dreamer, you know you are a dreamer
Well can you put your hands in your head, oh no!
I said dreamer, you’re nothing but a dreamer
Well can you put your hands in your head, oh no!
I said “Far out, what a day, a year, a life it is!”
You know, well you know you had it comin’ to you
Now there’s not a lot I can do

♪ Dreamer, you stupid little dreamer
So now you put your head in your hands, oh no!

♪ I said “Far out, what a day, a year, a life it is!”
You know, well you know you had it comin’ to you
Now there’s not a lot I can do

♪ Well, work it out someday

♪ If I could see something
You can see anything you want boy
If I could be someone
You can be anyone, celebrate boy
If I could do something
Well, you can do something
If I could do anything
Well, can you do something out of this world?

♪ Take a dream on a Sunday
Take a life, take a holiday
Take a lie, take a dreamer
Dream, dream, dream, dream, dream along

♪ Dreamer, you know you are a dreamer
Well can you put your hands in your head, oh no!
I said dreamer, you’re nothing but a dreamer
Well, can you put your hands in your head, oh no!
Oh no!

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2qHyutS
YouTube: https://youtu.be/pUdhaDCvPWY


♫ Dream On
By Aerosmith

♪ Every time I look in the mirror
All these lines on my face getting clearer
The past is gone
It went by like dusk to dawn

♪ Isn’t that the way?
Everybody’s got their dues in life to pay

♪ Yeah, I know nobody knows
Where it comes and where it goes
I know it’s everybody’s sin
You got to lose to know how to win

♪ Half my life’s in books’ written pages
Live and learn from fools and from sages
You know it’s true
All the things come back to you

♪ Sing with me, sing for the year
Sing for the laughter, sing for the tear
Sing with me if it’s just for today
Maybe tomorrow the good Lord will take you away

♪ Yeah, sing with me, sing for the year
Sing for the laughter, sing for the tear
Sing with me if it’s just for today
Maybe tomorrow the good Lord will take you away

♪ Dream on, dream on, dream on,
Dream yourself a dream come true
Dream on, dream on, dream on,
Dream until your dreams come true

♪ Dream on, dream on, dream on,
Dream on, dream on,
Dream on, dream on, ah

♪ Sing with me, sing for the year
Sing for the laughter, sing for the tear
Sing with me if it’s just for today
Maybe tomorrow, the good Lord will take you away

♪ Sing with me, sing for the year
Sing for the laughter, sing for the tear
Sing with me just for today
Maybe tomorrow, the good Lord will take you away…

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2p45LlN
YouTube: https://youtu.be/54BCLYNkFKg


♫ Commendatore from Don Giovanni
(Selected Lyrics)

By Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

My heart beats firmly.
I’m not afraid: I’ll come!

Give me your hand upon it!

Here it is!
(He gives the statue his hand.)
Oh me!

What is wrong?

What is this deadly chill?

Repent! Change your ways,
for this is your last hour!

DON GIOVANNI (trying to free himself)
No, no, I will not repent.
Let me be!

Repent, scoundrel!

No, you old fool!

Repent! etc.

No! etc. …

Yes! etc. …
… …

Ah, your time is up!
(The statue disappears. Flames appear on all
sides and the earth begins to tremble under Don
Giovanni’s feet.)

What strange fear
now assails my soul!
Where do those
flames of horror come from?

No horror is too dreadful for you!
Come, there is worse in store!

Who lacerates my soul?
Who torments my body?
What torment, oh me, what agony!
What a Hell! What a terror!

What a look of desperation!
The gestures of the damned!
What cries, what laments!
How he makes me afraid!

No horror is too dreadful, etc.

Who lacerates, etc.

What a look, etc.

(The flames engulf Don Giovanni. After his
disappearance everything returns to normal and
the other characters enter.)

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2p51sq6 (Italian and English)
YouTube: https://youtu.be/7cb1QmTkOAI

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🔴 Script 4:20 The Debt Collector (№ 46)

Program air date: 5/11/2017 in the US
Permalink: http://wp.me/pDKwi-5ev
Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/2r5HwAT

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Bill Roe
Teleplay by: Kim Newton, Daniel Cerone
Story by: Jon Bokenkamp, Lukas Reiter

⭕ Script 4:20 The Debt Collector (№ 46)

Blurb: Liz has been taken, forcing Red to seek an alliance with Mr Kaplan who promised to ‘put him in the ground.’

[ It’s 2002. Young people party on the beach at night ]
[ A boombox plays Jimmy Eat World’s ♪ “The Middle” ]
[ Indistinct conversations ]
[ Lisa Parker and Ty Obermeier are in the front seat of a car ]
Lisa: [ Laughs ] Hey–

♪ Don’t write yourself off yet
It’s only in your head

[ Laughter ]

♪ You feel left out
Or looked down on
Just try your best

[ Kissing ]
Lisa: Ouch. Hey, stop.

♪ Try everything you can

Lisa: It’s a clasp.
Ty Obermeir: Let’s go back to the house. My parents won’t be back from the club till after midnight.
Lisa: Mm, fine. But let me tell Jennifer. She’d kill me if I ditch.
[ Chuckles ] [ Kiss ]

Everything, everything will be just fine
Everything, everything

[ Car door closes ]

Will be all right, all right
Hey, you know they’re

[ Lighter clicks ]
[ Car door opens, closes. It is dark. Ty assumes it is Lisa ]
Ty: I was thinking, maybe later we should go to the– Joey Schoenberger’s cabin and– Who the hell are you? Stop!
[ A stranger sprays an aerosol in Ty’s face]

Takes some time, little girl
You’re in the middle of the ride
Everything, everything will be just fine
Everything, everything will be all right, all right

[ Engine revs, tires screech ]

It just takes some time

[ Lisa runs toward Ty’s car ]
Lisa: Ty? You bastard! [ Sighs ]

[ Ty is in a large steel barrel, breathing heavily ]
Edgar Grant: Do you remember Eileen Kropp?
Ty: What the– [ Panting ] Why can’t I move my legs? Get me out of here.
Edgar: You know, she’s- she’s dead now. Overdosed under the Long Beach pier on some cocktail of drugs you sold her. Body still, unable to move. Then, when the tide came in, all Eileen could do was lie there and listen to the waves lapping over her.
Ty: Look, whatever this is, I promise I can fix this.
Edgar: This is called recompense. Eileen Kropp’s father, you see, he tasked me with doling out your penance. And so, like Eileen, you will lie and listen and breathe until you’re still.
[ Grunting ]
Edgar: Recompense.
Ty: What? I can I can give you money.
Edgar: Say it with me. Recompense.
Ty: Okay. Recompense.
Edgar: That’s a good boy.
[ Edgar places the large cover on the barrel and begin pounding it shut ]
Ty: No, no, no, no, please, God. [ Muffled ] No! No, no, no, no! No, please! Oh, God! Please! Please, God! [ Whimpering ]
[ Hammering continues ]
[ Lighter flicks. Ty tries to see ] [ Grunts, gasps ] [ Whimpering ] [ Lighter flicking ] [ Ty pounds on the lid, sobbing ]
Ty: Oh, no! No, no! No! No!
[ Birds calling ] [ Muffled screaming ]
[ Edgar Grant, the Debt Collector, wades away from the barrel which is mostly submerged alongside a pier ]

[ Classical music playing ]
Red: Baldur!
Baldur Magnusson: What are you doing here?
Red: Admiring your tasteful decor. You don’t spend much time here, do you?
Baldur: Get out.
Red: You’re not still upset about our little misunderstanding, are you?
Baldur: You wanted to kill me.
Red: Prepared. I was prepared to kill you. Being prepared for something doesn’t necessarily speak to desire, and here we are. Congratulations. I’m told you’re opening offices in Paris and London. My accountant’s untimely demise left the door wide open for you to purchase that fleet of cruise ships for a song.
Baldur: Well, now I know what happened with Von Hauser. Everyone does. That’s why you’re here, isn’t it? For safe passage?
Red: Yes. Werner’s death has cost me my travel routes in and out of the continent. And I’m sure whoever has my jet at the moment is trying to decide whether to keep it or at what astronomical price they’ll sell it back to me. In the meantime, I have urgent business in the States and no way to get there.
Baldur: There was talk before Von Hauser, rumors that you were under siege. People are sharpening their knives.
Red: Are they? Baldur, you and I are deal-makers. We buy low and sell high. Getting that cruise line on the cheap was better than sex with your mistress. Either of them.
Baldur: [ Chuckles ]
Red: I’m a little down on my luck. A penny stock. Invest in me now and when I rise, you’ll be able to afford three mistresses.
Baldur: I may have something in steerage.
Red: Done. My goodness, I haven’t been in steerage since Li Yanping and I stowed away on a Chinese destroyer off the coast of Pulau Belitung.

Red: He’s known as the Debt Collector, a mercenary paid to exact revenge.
Liz: Exact revenge on me? For what?
Red: All I can tell you is he’s coming to Washington.
Liz: But who hired him? Mr. Kaplan?
Red: No. Kate may be targeting people around you, but not you. Someone else put him up to this. Unfortunately, I’m in no position to help.
Liz: Where are you?
Red: Not there. You need to take this to Cooper.
Liz: Are you sure?
Red: I’ve spent 30 years building an intelligence network of spies, informants, patriots, traitors. I’ve used it to build an empire that exists for only two reasons to keep me free and you safe. Elizabeth, I may not be there, but I have eyes and ears everywhere. And they tell me the Debt Collector is coming for you, which means he’s the next Blacklister.

[ At the Post Office ]
Liz: The Debt Collector is an avenging angel who’s hired to exact poetic revenge. His terms are simple – whatever the perceived crime, he exacts an equal measure of punishment.
Samar: A pound of flesh. An extra-legal way to even the score.
Cooper: I’ll assign a round-the-clock detail to your apartment. Does Reddington have a lead?
Liz: Just a 15-year-old murder story about a Senator’s daughter who bought cocaine laced with ketamine. Ultimately, she passed out on the beach and drowned when the tide came in.
Samar: Reddington says the Senator hired the Debt Collector to get revenge.
Liz: Against the kid who sold her the drugs, Tyler Obermeir. Story has it, the Senator wanted him to die exactly like his daughter did.
Cooper: You need to contact the Senator.
Liz: I already tried. He died last year.
Cooper: What about the dealer?
Liz: Tyler’s body was never found.
Aram: You said the Senator wanted the dealer to die exactly the way his daughter died.
Liz: Yeah. So?
Aram: So exactly where did she die? Long Beach, under the pier.
Liz: Alert local authorities.
Cooper: Tell them to start digging.
Samar: Any news on Ressler?
Cooper: Getting out on O.R. I’m going to pick him up right now.

Ressler: I shot a Secret Service agent.
Cooper: You’d been drugged, manipulated.
Ressler: [ Sighs ] Well, there’s a defense for you. I mean, “I’m sorry, Your Honor, but he was manipulated.”
Cooper: You were. And Dr. Krilov’s in custody negotiating an immunity deal in exchange for information about his patients. The truth will come out, and you won’t be charged. In the meantime, you’re off active duty, which is exactly what Kaplan intended. Picking off another Reddington loyalist.
Ressler: I’m loyal to the task force.
Cooper: I know, which is why this terrible situation may have a silver lining.
Ressler: Gale.
Cooper: You’re free to work with him full time. He thinks Reddington’s feeding Keen intel on criminals. That in exchange, she’s keeping him a step ahead of us. And you need to keep it that way.

[ Police radio chatter ]
Liz: What do we got?
Man: One hell of an informant is what you got. Whoever tipped you two had incredible specifics. 15 years later, it’s a miracle we found anything.
Liz: The body hasn’t decomposed.
Expert: Desiccation must’ve slowed the decay. Airtight. He mummified.
Man: [ Reads ID ] Tyler M. Obermeir, 140 Edgewood Avenue, Bridgehampton, New York.
Liz: After all this time, you think toxicology could give us anything on the killer?
Expert: I’m gonna be able to tell you what this guy ate for his last two meals, but it’s gonna take time.
Samar: How long?
Expert: Two weeks. 10 days if we throw everything we got at it.
[ Cellphone rings ]
[ Beep ]
Red: Elizabeth, tell me something good.
Liz: We found Tyler Obermeir, but even if toxicology can tell us something about the killer, this Debt Collector, it’s gonna take some time.
Red: We don’t have time.
Liz: Medical examiner said two weeks.
Red: Elizabeth, you can flip through every Rolodex at the Bureau, but when it comes to the matters of death and necropsy [ Cellphone ringing ] there is one technician who has gifts that simply cannot be matched.
Kate Kaplan: [ Answers phone ] How did you get this number?
Red: Kate, I need your services.
Kate: Said the spider to the fly.
Red: I wish I were that clever. This is for Elizabeth. I need you to look at a body.

Aram: Okay, Mr. Cooper, are you ready? [ Typing ] Okay, here we go.
[ Beep, static crackling ] [ Kate Kaplan appears on overhead screen ]
Kate: Raymond notified me that the Bureau may require my assistance.
Cooper: You’re wanted for crimes ranging from kidnapping to murder. We are not offering you a deal in exchange for your assistance.
Kate: Understood. You’re targeting me because I’m targeting Raymond.
Samar: You targeted Donald Ressler.
Kate: Collateral damage. To get to Raymond, I may need to get to his enablers, including you. Hello, Elizabeth. It’s good to see you.
Liz: I know you have good intentions, but you’ve got to stop. I don’t need your help.
Kate: If that were true, deary, we wouldn’t be having this conversation, would we? The body from the beach. Tell me about him.
Cooper: He was murdered by the man we believe is hunting Agent Keen.
Aram: We’re hoping the victim or some trace evidence on the victim may help lead to his capture.
Kate: I’ll examine the body under terms and conditions that guarantee my freedom. I can’t very well protect Elizabeth from prison.
Liz: I don’t need your protection.
Kate: You do know why you’re being hunted by the Debt Collector, don’t you?
Liz: No, do you?
Kate: It’s because you’re in Raymond’s life. As long as you are, killers will be in yours.
Cooper: What are your terms and conditions?
Kate: I need you to dead drop the body.
Samar: Dead drop a corpse?
Kate: Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Here’s what you’re gonna do.
[ Parquet Courts’ ♪ “One Man, No City” plays ]
Kate: The corpse will be transported to a warehouse near the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Once on site, it will be inspected by my people.
Cooper: You have people?
Kate: Once they’re confident we’re in good hands, they’ll transport the body and are not to be followed.

♪ Where I’m from, no one lived there
I look back now, nothing’s changed

Cooper: Stay with them. Get me HRT.

Where I’m from now, still no one lives there
Look back again and lock the door

Kate: If the transport goes as expected, the body will be delivered to me for examination.

♪ One man solitary
And no city
One man solitary
And no city
One man solitary, and no city

Samar: They stopped under the Brooklyn/Queens Expressway. Rodney and Meeker. They’re making some kind of a swap.
Cooper: Stay with that truck.
Kate: [ on the Post office overhead screen ] If I find something, when I find something, I will report back.

♪ “Cogito ergo sum” people say
But think again ’cause

[ Tires screech ]

♪ I have no faith
I find building blocks filled with nothin’
Seen an inkblot page

Aram: [ Typing ]
Cooper: Roll out HRT. We breach on my command.

♪ Outside? I’ll check it out, it’s just a mirror
Look back now, an empty page
Yet I maintain, I still remain

[ Brakes squeal ] [ Sirens wailing ]

♪ One man solitary
And no city

[ Tires screech ] [ Sirens stop, guns cocking ]

♪ One man solitary and no city
One man solitary and no city

[ Police radio chatter ]
[ Liz and Samar corner a car. A woman with a hairstyle like Kate’s gets out ]
Samar: It’s a decoy.
[ Distant sirens wailing ]
Liz: This coffin has a false bottom. That body never left the drop point.

[ Door slams ] [ Men roll in a mummified corpse and lift it onto a steel table ]
Kate Kaplan: Thank you. You can leave us.

[ Knocks ] [ Ressler enters ]
Ressler: New digs, nice. You get tired of the, uh, ice rink?
Julian Gale: The crime scene’s been officially processed. B-But these these bodies, they’re still talking to me. You want to know what they’re saying?
Ressler: You tell me. You’re the ghost whisperer.
Gale: They’re saying that Reddington is untouchable. I mean, these were powerful people, Donnie, yet they’re all here. Why? Hmm? Because they crossed Reddington. Because they informed on him. Because they- they actually thought that they could defy him. [ Laughs ] Now the living- the living are telling a whole different story.
Ressler: This is about Keen helping him. That’s not a story. I mean, that’s a fairy tale.
Gale: I know you don’t want that to be true about Keen or or any other agent. Neither do I, especially after everything that we did trying to bring down Reddington. But I’m not talking about Keen. I’m talking about Reddington’s cleaner. She unearthed 86 of his victims. 86. You know what that tells me? That she thinks he’s touchable. And if she thinks he’s touchable, I’m willing to bet that others do as well. Let’s find out, Donnie. Come on.
Ressler: Where are we going?
Gale: Hey, were you gone? I feel like you were gone.
Ressler: Things got crazy on another case.
Gale: Crazier than an ice skating rink full of dead bodies?
Ressler: I got brainwashed into thinking that the President’s national security advisor had kidnapped an eyewitness to the murder she committed.
Gale: Brainwashing, huh? [ Laughs ] Come on.
Ressler: Where are we going, Julian?
Gale: Federal Building. We have an appointment with Marvin Gerard.
Ressler: Reddington’s lawyer?
Gale: Yeah. How’d you know that?
Ressler: Come on, how many years did we track him for?

Aram: Line two. [ Presses button ]
Cooper: Were you able to find anything?
Kate: I was. The man you’re looking for is Edgar Grant.
Liz: Did you pull a print or find blood?
Kate: Grant was too careful for that. He left no trace evidence and did everything he could to make sure the body was never found, which is how I found him. Zeolite.
Cooper: Zeolite?
Kate: Mr. Obermeir died of suffocation, which tells us nothing. The tell is in how he was buried.
Zeolite absorbed the odors from the decaying body, which is why he wasn’t found. Zeolite is commonly used to control odors in hospitals and schools.
Cooper: Get a list of schools and medical facilities in the area.
Kate: You don’t need a list.
Cooper: Why is that?
Aram: Grant works at Horizon Middle School in Fairfax County.
Cooper: I suppose next you’re gonna tell us what he does there.
Kate: He’s a janitor.
Aram: On a hunch, I ran the Long Beach police logs the night Obermeir vanished, and it turns out a pickup truck was cited for a broken taillight four blocks from where Obermeir’s body was found.
Liz: Let me guess, the driver was a janitor from Horizon Middle School named Edgar Grant.
Cooper: Get a last known address. Navabi, Keen, get there.
Kate: Not Elizabeth. The Debt Collector’s looking for her.
Cooper: She’s right. It’s too dangerous.
Liz: I want to be in the field.
Cooper: I know. But you should be at the safe house with Agnes. We’ll notify you when we have Grant in custody.

[ At Edgar Grant’s home ]
Samar: We have agents at the school now. He’s not there, and he didn’t show up for work today. Do you have any idea where he might be, how we can reach him?
Mrs Grant: Edgar’s working late. There’s a dance at the school tonight. Is my husband in some kind of trouble?
Agent: Agent Navabi.
[ Samar tries a locked door ]
Samar: What’s in here, Mrs. Grant?
Mrs Grant: Edgar’s antiques.
Samar: Antiques?
Mrs Grant: He’s a collector– garage and estate sales. It’s where he dilly dallies, his workshop. Edgar says the collection’s quite valuable.

[ Switch clicks, lights humming ] [ Footsteps descend stairs ]
[ Shelves are stacked with bottles of liquid in various shades of yellow. In them appear to be fossils of some sort … or body parts ]

[ Line ringing ]
Samar: Hey, it’s me. Is everything okay?
Liz: Under control. Red’s people took Agnes and everything I need to the safe house. I’m headed there now. I just have to pack a bag. What’s going on?
Samar: We found his place. This guy, Liz, he’s a special kind of strange.
Liz: Take photos. I wanna see everything. Hey, let me call you back when I get to the safe house. Bye.
[ Phone beeps ] [ Floor creaks behind Liz ]
Edgar Grant: Don’t move. Just be still. I’d like to ask you to turn around very slowly. That’s it.
[ He sprays a mist in Liz’s face ]
Liz: Aah!

Cooper: Reddington.
Red: It’s true. Agnes is safe with my people, but it appears the Debt Collector grabbed Elizabeth before she made it to the safe house.
Cooper: We’re getting the word out now, local and federal. How did this happen? I thought your people were protecting her.
Red: So did I.
Cooper: It had to be Kaplan. She must’ve hired the Debt Collector and told him where to find Agent Keen, which makes no sense. She helped us to identify a suspect. His name is Edgar Grant, a janitor at a public middle school.
Red: Do you have him?
Cooper: No, but Navabi and a tech team are at a home as we speak.
Red: I don’t believe Kaplan is behind this. We’re not seeing the whole picture. Find your suspect and do it fast before he collects on whatever debt Elizabeth allegedly owes.
Cooper: Where are you?
Red: Traveling. I’ll do what I can from here, but my reach is limited. You need to find Elizabeth, Harold.
[ Cellphone beeps ]

Liz: Listen to me, Edgar. That’s your name, isn’t it? Edgar Grant?
Edgar: How do you know that?
Liz: The FBI raided your house this morning. So if you hurt me, you’ll only make it worse for yourself and your family when you’re arrested. Why are you doing this? You don’t know me.
Edgar: Oh, I’m a debt collector. My client wants what you owe him, and he hired me to make you pay.
Liz: Who?
Edgar: Your old friend, Tyson Pryor.
Liz: Tyson Pryor’s in prison. Why would you want to help him?
Edgar: Like I said, it’s my job. Things got a little rough for Mr. Pryor in prison. His face got disfigured because of a faulty deep fryer while he’s doing kitchen duty.
Liz: So that’s my fault? He wants to kill me ’cause he had a rough go inside?
Edgar: Kill you? Nobody’s saying anything about killing you. My instructions were not to harm a hair on your pretty little head until he’s present.

Cooper: So it’s him? Edgar Grant is the Debt Collector?
Samar: Definitely. He keeps the items he’s collected in his basement along with detailed specs on each object. A pair of hands taken from a man who physically abused his wife. An eye from a witness who supposedly made a false ID.
Cooper: It’s all body parts?
Samar: No. Paintings, cash. He doesn’t return what he’s taken to the person who’s hired him. He keeps them for himself. What they get is revenge. The satisfaction of knowing that their debt has been repaid.
Agent: Agent Navabi, you asked about anything relating to Elizabeth Keen?
Samar: Hang on, I think we might have something.
Cooper: Please tell me it’s something we can use to track this guy.
Samar: No, not him. But, um, maybe the psycho who hired him to grab Liz. What do we know about Tyson Pryor?

[ Post Office ]
Cooper: In 2012, eight handwritten envelopes were sent and delivered by the U.S. Postal Service to the president of eight universities around the country. Inside the envelopes were blank pages. And highly lethal doses of anthrax.
Aram: Yeah, I remember. It was a huge news story.
Cooper: Three of the presidents targeted were killed. Three more spent time in intensive care, but survived. The Bureau launched a manhunt for the individual or individuals responsible.
Ultimately, the case was solved by a young FBI profiler who was on the New York Mobile Psych Unit.
Samar: Liz.
Cooper: Keen’s profile led to the arrest of one Tyson Pryor, a sociology professor at one of the schools who was angry at his university president because he was denied tenure.
Aram: I thought he was sentenced to life.
Cooper: He was. But according to the Bureau of Prisons, he has terminal cancer. Pryor was granted compassionate release to a hospice in Baltimore two weeks ago.
Samar: So that’s why he hired the Debt Collector, to get revenge before he dies.
Cooper: Navabi, get to Pryor. He’s got to know a way to find this guy.

Gale: Mr. Gerard, I’m Special Agent Julian Gale. This is Special Agent Ressler.
Marvin Gerard: Yes, Agent Ressler.
Gale: W-Wait, you two know each other?
Marvin: Well, Donald was the public face of the manhunt for Raymond when he was on the run with Elizabeth Keen. Everyone in my world knows Donald Ressler.
Gale: We’re here to make a deal with you.
Marvin: If there’s a deal to make, I’ll make it with Agent Ressler.
Ressler: Yeah, that’s not happening.
Marvin: During the manhunt, I watched Agent Ressler’s press briefings. He was smug, arrogant, and professional. You, my friend, just seem smug and arrogant. You may go.
Ressler: Listen, pal, you don’t get to decide who stays, who goes.
Marvin: No, only whether to talk or not.
Gale: Well, I’ll just be right outside then. Have a nice chat, Mr. Gerard.
[ Door opens ]
Marvin: That seemed to go well.
Ressler: What the hell was that? He doesn’t know anything.
Marvin: Clearly you wanna keep it that way, which is why there is a deal to be made. You get me out, and I keep my mouth shut.
Ressler: A deal requires that you talk.
Marvin: No, a deal requires that I cooperate, which in this case means not to talk.
Ressler: So if we say no, what are you, gonna betray Reddington? No way.
Marvin: When it comes to self-preservation, there is only one person that I am more devoted to than Raymond, and you’re lookin’ at him. My freedom for my silence. Or I tell Agent Gale the truth about why you and I are such great pals.

Kate: [ On phone ] I did what you requested, Raymond. The FBI has my findings.
Red: She’s gone, Kate. Elizabeth’s been taken.
Kate: How?
Red: You tell me. Her home was breached. Whatever our issues, please tell me you didn’t–
Kate: If Elizabeth is in danger, you know it’s not because of me.
Red: You may not have ordered her taken, but because of you, I am here. If Elizabeth is harmed because of all this–
Kate: I gave the FBI a name.
Red: Yes, Edgar Grant. And the FBI is doing everything they can. But he’s already got her. Whatever it takes, whatever you need, this conflict of ours can wait.
Kate: Goodbye, Raymond.
[ Cellphone beeps ]

Woman at hospice: Please, I assure you none of this is necessary.
Samar: Tyson Pryor’s killed a number of people already. I need you to stay here.
[ Door creaks ]
Samar: FBI. Put your hands in the air and turn around slowly.
[ Tyson Pryor turns around. His face is disfigured from the accident he had with cooking oil ]

Dembe: You’re having doubts.
Red: I am. I haven’t loved many people in my life. Kate is one of them. You know, as much as her betrayal hurt, what really hurt was [ Breathes sharply ] knowing what I would have to do in response. She was wrong to think Elizabeth and her child were safer without me in their lives. But in the end, she was [ Inhales sharply ] she did what she did out of love for the little girl she swore to protect what seems like a lifetime ago.
Dembe: It broke my heart. That day in the woods. Hearing the gunshot. Leaving her behind. Right or wrong, it was between you and her. This war she started must stop. Kate must be stopped.
Red: I agree. I’m just not at all sure of the right way. And depending on the way, whether I’d be up to it. I need to look her in the face and see if I still recognize her.
Dembe: Raymond, she has gone too far all to prove that you have gone too far. She can’t see what she’s become.
Red: What if I’m the one who can’t see?
Dembe: No, Raymond. Remember why you surrendered yourself to the FBI in the first place. Remember what all of this was about. You can’t give up now. You can’t let Kate destroy everything that gives you purpose. Our work is not yet done. I loved Kate, too, but it’s time to end this. Stop it. Stop her.

[ Door opens ] [ Door closes ]
Ressler: I got nothin’.
Julian Gale: Did you tell him he could walk?
Ressler: Yeah. For the keys to the kingdom, and he says no deal. He won’t talk.
Gale: Is that a fact?
Ressler: You don’t believe me? You wanna go talk to him?
Gale: I’d love to. Except he insisted on talking to you alone.
Ressler: What what are you suggesting here, Julian?
Gale: I’m suggesting the two of you know each other.
Ressler: You’re nuts.
Gale: Nuts or am I just blind to what’s right in front of me?
Ressler: Don’t go there.
Gale: When I mentioned Reddington’s cleaner, you knew it was a woman. You were Keen’s partner. Let me ask you something. Where’d you disappear to for those three days, huh?
Ressler: Look, I was working a case.
Gale: Right, right, right, you were, uh, brainwashed, right? I mean, is that really your cover story? Because–
[ Ressler grabs Gale by the collar and forces him against a wall ]
Ressler: That’s the story. Okay, Julian? Yeah. And I shot a Secret Service agent because of it, and they’ve been holding me. That’s where I’ve been. Do not doubt me. Ever. You got that?
Gale: Loud and clear.

Samar: Elizabeth Keen where is she?
[ Monitor beeping steadily ]
Tyson Pryor: Burning in hell for all I care. Who are you?
Samar: Part of a team that doesn’t exist. Which makes you a very unlucky man, Mr. Pryor. Because I can do whatever I want in this room. [ Beeping continues, lock clicks ] And no one will stop me.
Pryor: Lady, I just got out of prison two weeks ago.
Samar: Where you were overheard swearing revenge on Elizabeth Keen.
Pryor: [ Breathes heavily ] Every day to anybody who would listen. They put me in maximum security prison. Do you know what they do to guys who look like me? I’m nothing but busted parts thanks to that woman.
Samar: Which explains why you had her abducted. Now where is she?
Pryor: Keen’s been taken? [ Chuckles softly ] I thought the sky looked a little bluer this morning.
Samar: You can drop the act, Tyson. We found this in the home of the man you hired. Detailed correspondence between you and a man known as the Debt Collector, proof that you paid him to abduct Keen.
Pryor: Well, I don’t know what that is, but it ain’t proof, because I didn’t do no– [ Thuds ] [ Gasping, groaning ]
Samar: Where’d he take her?
Pryor: I swear to God, lady, I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Samar: Where is she?
Pryor: Where would I get the money for a computer, much less a hit man? [ Groans, exhales sharply ]

[ Edgar Grant drives Liz through a wooded area ]
Edgar: I got a wife, you know. Joyce. She was a dancer till a drunk driver hit her, took her legs.
Six years for aggravated vehicular assault, out in four for good behavior. That don’t seem fair, now, does it?
Liz: Let me guess, you killed him.
[ Liz finds a sharp edge and begins working bindings against it ]
Edgar: No, no, no. When that trucker got paroled, I tied him up, pounded his legs into meat with a sledgehammer. Recompense.
Liz: So you see yourself as a crusader?
Edgar: Oh, heavens, no. I’m a sociopath, clearly. Turns out I-I enjoy inflicting pain, and I’m very good at it. But there’s not really a market for open sadism. Crimes of revenge, on the other hand? [ Chuckles ] Now there’s a gold mine. And Tyson Pryor he’s gonna get his money’s worth.
[ Liz has freed herself ]

[ Bell dings ]
Woman: [ On intercom ] Can I help you?
Kate: Miss Brady Boatright. I’m here to sub. Sixth grade, I believe.
Woman: [ On intercom ] Come on in. Sign in at the office.
[ Door buzzes and unlocks ] [ Indistinct conversations ]
[ Kate enters a room marked “Janitorial” ] [ Door closes ] [ Switch clicks ]
[ Kate looks around, finds a set of keys marked “Troop #14441” ]
[ Kate overhears an argument outside ]
Ike: Yeah, I posted it. And I’m not taking it down.
Jenna: Ike, she’s super upset.
Ike: What do I care? Not my problem.
Jenna: Please, delete the post!
[ Door opens, Kate comes out ]
Jenna: She said she’s not coming back to school.
Ike: You say that like it’s a bad thing.
[ Kate and Jenna bump into one another. Kate drops the keys. Jenna picks them up. She sees the number “#14441” ]
Jenna: I’m so sorry.
[ Ike begins to walk away ]
Kate: [ Calls out ] Young man? Young man! Cyberbullying is grounds for expulsion.
Ike: I didn’t do anything.
Kate: You’re gonna take that post down.
Ike: What are you gonna do? Send me to the principal’s office?
[ Kate draws her gun ]
Kate: No, son. I’m gonna send you to the morgue.
[ Gun cocks ]
Kate: Delete the post.
[ Cellphone clicks ]
Kate: Do it.

[ Edgar Grant drives up to a cabin in the woods ]
[ Engine turns off ] [ Edgar sprays Liz in the face ]
Edgar: Hey, looks like the gang’s all here. Come on!
[ Edgar grabs Liz by the hair and forces her toward the cabin ]
Liz: [ Grunting ] Ha! Ah.

Kate: I know where the Debt Collector’s taking Elizabeth.
Red: Have you called Harold Cooper?
Kate: To arrest me? No. They’ve already double-crossed me once today.
Red: Then call my people.
Kate: Your people will kill me on sight.

[ Door creaks ]
Edgar: [ Calls out ] Pryor? Where are you? I got a young lady here who’s dying to get reacquainted.
[ Sits Liz in a chair, ties her to it ]
Edgar: There you go.

Red: [ On phone ] We’re talking about Elizabeth. I guarantee you won’t be harmed.
Kate: I’m closer than your people and the FBI. I’m handling this myself.
Red: If something goes wrong–
Kate: You’ll what? Shoot me? Again?
Red: Please be careful, Kate.
[ Cellphone beeps ]

[ Door creaks ] [ Restraints tighten ]
Red: No need for alarm, Edgar.
Edgar: Who are you? Where’s Tyson Pryor?
Red: I’m sorry to have misled you, but Tyson Pryor didn’t hire you. I did. Hello, Elizabeth.
[ Liz is stunned ]

Aram: Sir, I could be wrong, but, uh, I think I might know where Agent Keen is. Some kids at Horizon Middle School reported seeing a woman matching Mr. Kaplan’s description, and she was holding a key ring that said “Troop 1-4-4-4-1.” And their old cabin is on Johnson Lake.
Cooper: Get me the local authorities on the line.

[ Bird calling in distance ]
Edgar: Who are you? What- what do you want?
Red: From you? Nothing.
Liz: This is all about getting to Kaplan.
Red: Yes. By taking advantage of her love for you. The only emotion powerful enough to get her to set aside the rage that consumes her. A rage that I’m not sure she’ll ever recover from.
Edgar: I didn’t hurt her.
Red: That must’ve been dissatisfying for you. You’re a glutton for vengeance. I understand. There’s almost nothing as satisfying as revenge, wanting someone to hurt because you hurt. An eye for an eye. Feels like God’s work, until you realize there is no God and you’ve committed sins for which there is no absolution.
Edgar: I just did what you asked. Heh. Nothing more.
Red: Word to the wise – before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.[ Gunshot 💥 ] [ Shell casing clatters ] [ Edgar falls ]
Red: Confucius. Stunningly applicable even after all these years.
Liz: Two graves? Is the other one for you or for Kaplan?
Red: Neither, I hope. That’s up to her.
[ Restraints stretching ]

Ressler: ID’d all but six of the John Doe’s. Nice work.
Gale: I guess being a monomaniacal prick has its benefits.
Ressler: You’re all that except for the monomaniacal part.
[ Cellphone ringing ] [ Cellphone beeps ]
Ressler: Ressler.
Samar: Liz is in trouble.
Ressler: Talk to me.
Samar: I know where she is and I’ve got backup. But you need to be there. Forget the suspension.
Ressler: Look, just text me the address, all right? [ Cellphone beeps ] It’s a– it’s another case.
Gale: You don’t have to explain Donnie, look, what I said before, I didn’t mean it. No one’s worked harder to find Reddington than you. And I’m– I’m sorry. I mean–
Ressler: Forget about it.
Gale: All right.
Ressler: It’s all good.

[ Cartridge clicking ]
Liz: You lied. You said you were trapped in steerage on a ship.
Red: I thought I was until I was able to trade one of my last supply routes in the Balkans for a ride on Prince Hajjar’s jet.
Liz: You had me kidnapped. You put Agnes at risk.
Red: Agnes was never at risk. And I gave explicit instructions you were not to be harmed in any way.
Liz: Untie me. I said untie me.
Red: I wish I could.
Liz: She’s on her way here now thinking she’s going to save me.
Red: I assume so, yes.
Liz: And you’re gonna kill her.
Red: As I said, that’s entirely up to her. I want to believe there’s another way.
Liz: After everything that’s happened? What could she possibly say to convince you?
Red: She doesn’t have to convince me. You already did that. But for a war to end, both sides have to be willing to find peace. And up until now, it seems Kate has believed the only satisfactory outcome would be if one of us dies. If that’s true, it has to be her.
Dembe: She’s here.
Liz: Reddington, don’t do this.

[ Vehicles pull up ]
Kate: Thank you for coming, Cliff. We believe Elizabeth’s inside. One unsub, likely armed.
Dembe: The men are in position.
Red: [ Beep ] Pascal, she brought a lot of backup. Is this gonna be a problem?
Pascal: No, sir. This will not be a problem. Over.
Liz: Reddington, there has to be another way. Please don’t do this.
Kate: We move quickly. Two men from the south. Two from the north.
Pascal: I count four body men plus our Betty. Betty’s on the move. I can take the two at Betty’s six and nine from my perch. Ricardo?
Ricardo: Copy that. I can take the big one at her one and three.
Red: [ Beep ] On my command, fire only if you have a clean shot. Remember, she is not to be harmed.
[ Static crackles ]
Liz: [ Cries out ] Kaplan! No! It’s a trap!
[ Dembe muffles Liz with his hand ]
[ Kate stops ]
Kate: Raymond. We’ve been set up.
Cliff: I got eyes on a grass man 60 yards out.
Kate’s man: There’s another on our wing to the south.
Kate: No, don’t shoot.
Pascal: I’m made. I can take one shot, maybe two on your ready.
Red: Hold.
Pascal: Repeat, I can take the Betty now. Right now. One shot.
Red: [ Beep ] No. Hold.
Cliff: They’ve got over-watch. I count three.
Kate: Everyone, hold your positions.
[ Beep, speed-dialing ] [ Cellphone rings ] [ Ring, beep ]
Kate: Hello, Raymond.
Red: Said the fly to the spider.

[ Door creaks ] [ Red steps outside the cabin. Liz stands in the doorway behind him ]
Red: [ On phone ] We go where our hearts take us. Yours took you to Elizabeth.
Kate: And yours kidnapped her. Thank you, Raymond, for proving my point better than I ever could.
Red: You underestimate yourself, Kate. The deaths you’ve caused in the name of crippling me have been more than adequate to prove what you’ve become.
Kate: I’ve watched you hold Elizabeth emotionally hostage. I never thought you’d hold her physically hostage as well.
Red: I wanted her here to bear witness. I regret any hardship it caused her, but I believe, in the end, she’ll agree it’s a small price to pay for the truth.
[ Kate walks forward ]
Kate: I was your friend. I protected you. I comforted you. I loved you. The truth? This is the truth. [ She turns her head to show her wound ] And it came at an excruciatingly high price.
Liz: [ Steps forward ] What he did is indefensible. But it’s done and it can’t be changed. What matters is now, the truth today, and that is Reddington has given me his word that he can coexist with you. Will you give me your word that you can coexist with him?
Kate: [ Pause ] No. Because I can’t.
[ FBI vehicles pull up ]
Ressler: FBI! Hands in the air!
Liz: There are snipers in the trees! I count at least two!
Samar: Bring them out. Do it! Both of you.
Red: I’ll show you mine if she’ll show you hers.

[ Through a binoculars, Julian Gale trains his sight first on Liz, then on Red ]
Kate: The Debt Collector –
Liz: Is dead. Reddington hired him to lure her out.
Kate: I gave you 86 victims and you’re arresting me?
Liz: I don’t know what to say.
Kate: Because you’ve already said it, deary. When you called out to warn me. To protect me from him.
[ JBM’s ♪ “On Fire On a Tightrope” plays ]
[ Julian Gale gets a high-powered rifle, aims it at Red and shoots 💥 – He misses, hitting the doorframe. Red ducks ]

♪ In the morning tide
In a role that I …

[ Mayhem ensues. 💥💥Shots ring out💥💥 Everyone takes cover. No one knows where the first shot came from ]
Liz: Stop! Don’t shoot!

♪ … had filed …

Liz: Stand down! Stand down!

♪ … long away
I resolved in the deeps
In the hope to find a way
Did I become …

[ Hours later, Red is in his car as Dembe drives ]
Red: [ On phone ] Any sign of Kate?
Liz: Nothing yet. A search party is still on site.
Red: You let her get away.
Liz: I couldn’t stop her.
Red: Well, you heard it yourself. Her truth. That we cannot coexist.
Liz: We ran the ballistics. Kaplan’s men didn’t take that shot.
Red: So we have a new actor in the mix.

[ Door opens. Ressler enters ]
Julian Gale: Hey, Donnie. So? Any luck on that case you mentioned?
Ressler: No. Two steps forward and three back.
Julian Gale: [ Chuckles ] I know exactly how that feels.

Liz: A new actor. How is that even possible? Nobody even knew you were at that cabin.
Red: No. That’s what makes our mystery guest so intriguing.
Liz: I know Mr. Kaplan said that the two of you can’t coexist, that that was her truth, but I still hope it can change.
Red: I have found in my experience people rarely change. And when they do, they’re not to be trusted.

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༺✦ ♤ ✦༻




♫ The Middle
By Jimmy Eat World

♪ Hey, don’t write yourself off yet
It’s only in your head you feel left out or looked down on.
Just try your best, try everything you can.
And don’t you worry what they tell themselves when you’re away.

♪ It just takes some time,
Little girl, you’re in the middle of the ride.
Everything, everything will be just fine,
Everything, everything will be alright, alright.

♪ Hey, you know they’re all the same.
You know you’re doing better on your own (on your own), so don’t buy in.
Live right now, yeah, just be yourself.
It doesn’t matter if it’s good enough (good enough) for someone else.

♪ It just takes some time,
Little girl, you’re in the middle of the ride.
Everything, everything will be just fine,
Everything, everything will be alright, alright.
It just takes some time,
Little girl, you’re in the middle of the ride.
Everything, everything will be just fine,
Everything, everything will be alright, alright.

♪ Hey, don’t write yourself off yet.
It’s only in your head you feel left out or looked down on.
Just do your best (just do your best), do everything you can (do everything you can).
And don’t you worry what the bitter hearts are gonna say.

♪ It just takes some time,
Little girl, you’re in the middle of the ride.
Everything, everything will be just fine,
Everything, everything will be alright, alright.
It just takes some time,
Little girl, you’re in the middle of the ride.
Everything, everything will be just fine,
Everything, everything will be alright.

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2psnJi8
YouTube: https://youtu.be/oKsxPW6i3pM
♫ One Man, No City
By Parquet Floors

♪ Where I ‘m from, no one lived
There. I look back now — nothin’s
Changed. Where I ‘m from now, still
No one lives there, look back again
And lock the door. I maintain, I still
Remain one man solitary and no

♪ “Cogito ergo sum” people say, but
Think again ’cause I have no faith
I find building blocks filled with
Nothin’. Seen an ink blot page and
I said nothin’. Outside? I’ll check
It out — it’s just a mirror. “Look
Back now!” an empty page. Yet I 
Maintain, I still remain, one man
Solitary and no city

♪ No town no city
No identity no city
No thoughts, no feelings no city
No you just me I think no city
No words I speak no city
No outside no city
Nothin’ at all no city
No way home no city
No relief no city
No sympathy no city
No understanding no city
There’s no one else and no city

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2prS3cr
YouTube: https://youtu.be/7UYm61bsM14
♫ On Fire On a Tightrope

♪ If you find your way
And get on your feet
One sunny day come walk with me
In lonely days
On fire on a tightrope
In dead ends I found a home

♪ One new day off a crowded street
Above the rain began to freeze
And I watched your face
Alive in the first snow
In your eyes the light of home

♪ In the morning tide
In a role that I had filed long away
I resolved in the deeps
In the hope to find a way
Did I become inane

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2r7YMoy
YouTube: https://youtu.be/9gsrretqL6I


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❌❌❌ End 4:20 Debt Collector


🔴 Script: 4:21 Mr Kaplan (№ 4)

Program air date: 5/18/2017 8pm CT (Central/Chicago Time) in the US
Permalink: http://wp.me/pDKwi-5lk
Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/2qEaUOQ

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Don Thorin
Teleplay by: John Eisendrath
Story by: Lukas Reiter, JR Orci

⭕ Script 4:21 Mr Kaplan (№ 4)

Blurb: Season Finale, Part 1. Red tries to track down Mr Kaplan to make a peace offering, even as Aram is called before a grand jury.

Salaam: [ Arabic with subtitles ] What the hell is going on? Is this fool going to deliver? It’s been an hour.
Rhinehart: [ Arabic ] Relax. It’s fine. [ Chuckles ] [ English ] It’s been an hour, Raymond. Your men coming or not?
Red: As I said, there’s been a slight delay at the border.
Rhinehart: Yes, you said that.
Salaam: [ Arabic ] I’ll kill him if he screws me on this. I’m taking a great risk here.
Red: Salaam seems grouchy. Perhaps he’s hungry. God knows I’m starving. What the hell are we doing, standing around in this warehouse? Let’s get a meal, break bread, drink some Arak. When the shipment gets here, we’ll finish our business.
Rhinehart: The truck isn’t coming, is it?
Red: What is that supposed to mean?
Rhinehart: [ Chuckles ] Oh, I’ve heard the rumors, Raymond. We all have. People are whispering.
Red: What are they whispering?
Salaam: [ Arabic ] Tell him I’m done waiting.
Rhinehart: He’s saying bills are not being paid. Yeah, suppliers are defecting. People are talking, Raymond. The– the rats are fleeing the ship.
Salaam: [ Arabic ] I’ll put a bullet in his head if he’s lying.
Rhinehart: Salaam– Salaam has men in the field, waiting for arms. If they’re not supplied as promised, they’ll die.
Salaam: [ Arabic ] We need these weapons.
Red: The truck will be here.
Salaam: [ Arabic ] My sons need arms. [ Draws gun ] The lives of my boys depend on you! Their blood is on your hands!
Rhinehart: [ Arabic ] Take it easy. Calm down.
Red: Rhinehart, assure your client, as much as I detest him and his dirty little war, his shipment is en route and will get here when it gets here. However, if he expects to take delivery, he needs to put his gun back in his pants.
Rhinehart: If that truck doesn’t show, we’re all dead. Understand? We’re dead.
Red: Tell him to put the gun down.
[ Garage door opens. Van pulls in ]
Red: And what do you know?
Driver: [ Gets out ] Ah. I got here as soon as I could, but the situation at the border is the least of our problems.
[ Van door slides open. It is empty ]
Red: What happened?
Driver: The supplier never showed. They sent a man to say your funds never arrived. There was a lot of yelling, then he said the Beck Family is done doing business with Mr. Reddington. Then he left.
Salaam: [ Arabic ] The blood of my sons is on your–
[ Dembe shoots 💥 Salaam before he can shoot Red then Dembe and Red 💥💥💥 unload their weapons 💥💥💥 taking out everyone except the driver ]
Red: Indeed, the rats are fleeing, Dembe. If the payment wasn’t made, it’s because Kaplan’s making a run on the bank. Get Abe on the phone. Let’s find out what deals are in play.

Red: [ On phone ] Livio, the deal will be fine. Things are nowhere near as bad as you’ve been led to believe. No. No. No, the Latvian route is defunct, which is fine. I-I’ve many other resources.
Abe: [ On phone, different line ] No, you should’ve received those funds. We sent them over 24 hours ago.
[ Dembe enters ]
Red: [ To Dembe ] Has she said anything? Call Brimley. [ To Livio on phone ] What? Yes, of course. I’m confirming that as we speak. [ Snaps fingers ] [ To Abe ] What the hell is going on with Bank Rheinfelden?

Bank Manager: Confirmation of the funds transfer. For what it’s worth, I can assure you there have been no security breaches on our end. In the event Mr Reddington would reconsider–
Kate: He won’t reconsider. Thank you.

Red: [ On phone ] Yes. Yes. Von Hauser is gone, which is unfortunate, but indicative of nothing. I can assure you the passage is safe and the documents are clean.
Dembe: I’ve got Rice on the line. He’s–
Red: Your only risk is if you step out now and your clients end up with inferior material or worse yet, end up in custody. Fine.
Dembe: He hung up.
Red: Well, what did he say?
[ Receiver clatters ]
Dembe: Cancel the order.
Abe: It appears the Frankfurt and Bagan accounts are both gone.
Red: I thought Kaplan was removed from the account.
Abe: She must be trading on your trust, saying she still represents you.

[ Aram and Janet Sutherland ( formerly “Elise”) are walking down a street in exercise clothes ]
Aram: [ Inhales deeply ] Oh, it’s exhilarating. I can actually feel my body releasing endorphins.
Janet: You were on the treadmill for 15 minutes. Walking.
Aram: Race walking.
Janet: Mm.
Aram: It’s an Olympic sport.
Janet: [ Laughs ]
Aram: See, this is why you’re so good for me. I never exercise this much. I feel amazing.
It’s like a total stress reducer.
[ A man walks up ]
Man: Aram Mojtabai?
Aram: Uh uh, yeah?
Man: You’ve been subpoenaed to appear in front of a federal grand jury. Tomorrow. Noon. Everything’s there in the envelope.
Aram: Is this about the task force? Did– did everyone get one of these?
Man: It’s illegal to tell a target of an investigation that you’ve been called to testify. Keep it to yourself.

Brimley: Knock, knock!
[ Brimley enters. There is a python (“Betsy”) draped around his neck ]
Red: Brimley. At last, a friendly face.
Brimley: Here. Here. [ Brimley groans ] Two rabbits.
Red: [ Laughs ]
[ Door closes and locks ]
Red: There’s a woman in the other room. I need you to get her to divulge the name and the address of Kaplan’s new driver.
Brimley: I’m skipping euchre with the Saltmans to tell you this face-to-face– I’m out.
Red: Please, we can discuss that later.
Brimley: I’m with you what, 19 years? There’s talk of bodies turning up, an investigation. I wanna help, but you’re hotter than a 4-peckered billy goat, and I can’t risk doing another stretch, not even for you.
Red: I need you, Teddy.
Brimley: Betsy’s the best I can do for you. You know what my time at Lompoc did. No dust mite covers. No hypoallergenic pillows. I barely made it, and that was before the hypoxemia. Whatever you need her to say, Betsy’ll squeeze it out of her.
Red: And then it’s rabbit stew for dinner.
Brimley: Not stewed. Live. She likes a little tickle in her throat.
[ Door opens, closes ]
Abe: Uh, Mr. Reddington, whatever this is I-I don’t wanna know. The accounts. I’ve gone over each one.
Red: And?
Abe: She’s cleaning you out.

[ Door closes ]
Ressler: That’s brutal.
Julian Gale: Yeah, the ME says the decapitation occurred postmortem. Why do you think Reddington would do something like that?
Ressler: Well, maybe he gave it to someone as proof. You know, a warning to an enemy.
Gale: See, I’m thinking he gave it to a friend as a– as a gift. Like an offering.

Red: [ Voice-over ] Donald, I want you to know that I do understand how you feel.
Dembe: From Mr. Reddington.

Ressler: You get an ID?
Gale: Oh, yeah. I ID’d the body and I was able to ID the friend.

[ Ressler opens box containing Mako Tanida’s head ]

Ressler: You know where to find them?
Gale: I already did. He’s standing right in front of me. This is Mako Tanida. He killed some of the Bureau’s best men and women. And then Reddington goes and kills him. Why would Reddington do that? In exchange for your protection. I followed you to the woods. I saw you and Keen with Reddington. I was wrong. Keen wasn’t informing Reddington. Reddington was informing you, the Bureau. After everything we did to try and hunt down Reddington. After everything that Reddington did. America’s most wanted man. You cut a deal with him.
Ressler: No. No, Julian. I didn’t make a deal, all right? Main Justice did, and– and when I found out, what you’re feelin’ right now, that’s exactly how I felt.
Gale: So then what? Reddington cuts Tanida’s head off, and you think, “Whoa, not so bad having an assassin on the payroll”?
Ressler: No. No, you went to records. You read SCI7. You know the good we do.
Gale: Are you trying to justify this to– to me?
Ressler: Four years, we’ve made more high-level arrests than every other division combined.
Gale: Yeah. Okay. [ Sighs ] Reddington’s a mass murderer. If I can prove that you or anybody else on the task force turned a blind eye when he killed any of these people, I’m gonna take you down. Yeah. I’m gonna take everybody down.
Ressler: Now is that a threat?
Gale: It’s a promise.

Red: Don Julio.
Don Julio: Raymond. How are you?
Red: I miss Alonnisos. No money, shack on the beach, dreams of infamy.
Don Julio: That was a lifetime ago.
Red: Ha!
Don Julio: Two, maybe. [ Chuckles ] You said you had a question. If so, I must ask you to be brief about it.
Red: Don Julio, I’ve never known you to be brusque, certainly not at mealtime.
Don Julio: I hear things, Raymond. And what I hear is that your associate, Mr Kaplan, is proving to be a formidable adversary.
Red: I have a name. Squeezed it out of a contractor in Kaplan’s employ. Phillip Roque. I understand he used to be your driver. If I get to him, I get to Kaplan.
Don Julio: Can’t help you.
Red: Can’t or won’t?
Don Julio: Seems this Mr Kaplan pays well. I’m told that Roque recently bought a Porsche.
Red: That’s all you know?
Don Julio: No. That’s all you need.
[ Red pours himself a glass of wine and gulps it down ]
[ Glass clatters ] [ Chair thuds ]
Red: Send my love to Chitra.
[ Footsteps depart ]

[ A car dealership ]
Man: Stainless steel. Set of six. You got your large and medium kitchen, your boning, your fruit, your paring, and your bread. End of the month, guy with the most sales takes home a set.
[ Red enters ]
Red: Incentive– the currency of politicians, dog trainers, and criminals.
Man: We’re in a meeting here. Who the hell do you think you are?
Red: I’m Raymond Reddington. I’m looking for a customer of yours– Phillip Roque. In the last four weeks, he purchased an automobile from one of you fine gentlemen, tricked out with all the bells and whistles. Anyone? No? Perhaps an incentive.
[ Clank. Red picks up the largest knife ]
Red: You get to keep all your fingers and toes.
Man: [ Typing ] Phillip Roque. [ Sighs ] No address or number. Everything ran through a business manager.
Red: And who was that exactly?

[ Door opens ]
Red: Hello, Abe.
[ Gunshot 💥 ]
Abe: Aah! [ Groaning ]
Red: You won’t be using that arm again. But it’s your left arm. I know you’re right-handed. I know that because we’ve worked together for 11 years. I know your wife has diabetes, that your daughter’s favorite animal is a hippo. I know you love Chinese food, that you eat it every Wednesday when you shack up with your girlfriend in her apartment above WuFat Noodle House. I know you skim an extra grand every week to help pay for that girlfriend.
Abe: [ Grunts ]
Red: Abe, you steal my money so you can get laid, which I’ve ignored because you’re an accounting wizard. What I cannot ignore is your betrayal. You are how Mr. Kaplan has drained my accounts.
Abe: Red, I can explain–
Red: Phillip Roque.
Abe: [ Grunts ]
Red: You wired money to buy him a car. Where is he?
Abe: [ Grunting ] Page 12.
Red: Mario Dixon?
Abe: I can’t help with Roque. I would if I knew where he was, but I don’t.
Red: Who’s Mario Dixon?
Abe: [ Panting ] No! [ Gunshot 💥 ]
Red: [ To Dembe ] We have a new target.

[ Speed-dials cellphone ]
Red: Elizabeth, I need you to find out what you can about a Mario Dixon. Kaplan wired him $300,000 two days ago. Whatever her next move is, Dixon is helping her make it.

[ Stone Island Storage Facility, Bethesda Maryland ]
[ A worker, Gorrell, walks down a corridor in the stacks of library-like building. He looks into a retinal scanner ] [ Beep ] [ He gets in an elevator; gets out ]
Gorrell: Grabbing lunch at Sol’s. Want anything?
Co-worker: Tuna salad on rye. Extra pickles!

[ Gorrell steps out onto the street ] [ Tires screech ] [ Two men come up; one slaps him hard ]
Gorrell: [ Grunting ] Ah!
[ The two men force force Gorrell into a van ]
[ Tires peal ]

[ Alarm chirps, doors lock ]
Kate: [ To driver ] Thank you, Mario.
Gorrell: Who are you? Where am I?
Kate: The good news is you’re going to live. The bad news is, your depth perception will never be the same.
Gorrell: There must be some mistake. Look, I don’t– I’m nobody.
Kate: Which is your dominant eye? [ Gloves snap ]

Judge Drucker: Agent Mojtabai, thank you for coming in.
Aram: Did I have a choice?
Drucker: Victims of Raymond Reddington were recently unearthed and turned over to the FBI. Based on the resulting investigation, I’ve convened a grand jury to hear testimony about whether the task force you are a part of enabled Raymond Reddington to continue committing crimes while working as a Bureau informant–
Aram: Yeah, I have nothing to say about that.
Drucker: –and whether members of that task force ignored or facilitated those crimes in exchange for information Reddington provided in pursuit of high-level targets.
Lawyer: If you insist on calling my client before the grand jury, he will invoke his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.
Drucker: I’m granting him immunity.
Aram: Immunity? To testify against my friends who, uh, may, uh, or may not work for a task force that may or may not even, uh, exist. Yeah, uh, I’m not doing that. I don’t have to do that, right?
Lawyer: Granting you immunity in exchange for your testimony takes away your right to plead the Fifth.
Aram: How- how can they do that, take away my Constitutional right by granting me something that I don’t want? I- I don’t want immunity. You can- Um, I refuse, uh, to let you grant it. Consider me ungranted.
Drucker: Counselor, I trust you will help your client to understand the gift he has been given.
Aram: Gift? To turn on my friends. My alleged friends.
Drucker: To stay out of prison. Unless you refuse to answer my questions, in which case, you could go to jail for being in contempt.

[ At the Post Office ]
Ressler: Look, Gale– he knows everything. He saw me with– with Keen and Reddington.
Aram: Yeah, but is, uh, that so terrible? I mean, um, it’s not good, but, uh, the task force is legal. He can’t get a grand jury to indict us for working on it.
Samar: Who said anything about a grand jury?
Ressler: Gale’s angle is Reddington and what we’ve let him do in exchange for cases.
Cooper: It’s a slippery moral slope we’ve navigated with care, as we do with any CI.
Samar: But our CI is responsible for 86 homicides in America.
Ressler: He’s ID’d most of them. He has a timeline. He knows we’ve let Reddington get away with murder.
Aram: Yeah, but he can’t prove it. Uh, not unless one of us testifies that it’s true, which– which, uh, none of us would ever do.
Cooper: Unless he can prove the existence of a deal, he has nothing.
Aram: Yeah, but whether Gale can prove it or not and, um, I’m not– I’m not– I’m not saying that he can because, I mean, if I have anything to do with it, he will not. Whatever. I’m just– I’m proud of the work that we’ve done here.
Ressler: Proud of facilitating a criminal empire?
Samar: A necessary evil.
Ressler: Maybe, but if we’re being honest, some of the blood he’s spilled is on our hands.
Liz: I agree with Ressler, and with Aram. I’m proud and I’m ashamed. And one day, when they teach a course on Reddington’s task force at Quantico, we can do a panel and debate the pros and cons. But right now, we need to get Kate Kaplan.
Cooper: Kaplan? I think you missed the part about Julian Gale. He’s steps away from indicting us.
Liz: The closer Gale gets, the faster we need to remove Kaplan as a threat to Reddington.
Samar: How are the two connected?
Liz: Because we need Reddington to deal with Gale.
Ressler: Are you suggesting killing him?
Liz: Of course not. I’m not suggesting anything other than what we already know to be true, which is that if we want to get out from Gale’s shadow, we’re gonna need Reddington’s help.
And if we don’t stop Kaplan now, he won’t be around to give it to us.
Cooper: Fine. Mr. Kaplan– what do we know?

[ Flash to Kate performing surgery on Gorrell’s eye ]
Kate: Westcott scissors.
[ The Post Office ]
Liz: Her real name is Kathryn Nemec. She’s a trained mortician turned crime scene cleaner, and one of Reddington’s oldest and most trusted confidantes.
Kate: Lacrimal dissector.
Liz: Kaplan spent 30 years tending to his messes while Reddington built his criminal empire, and it took her five months to surgically dismantle it. We believe she hired Natalie Luca to go after Reddington’s money launderer, Zack Smoll; Isabella Stone to murder Stratos Sarantos, cutting off Reddington’s Mediterranean shipping operations; Dr Bogdan Krilov to sideline Ressler; the Apothecary to poison Reddington. She put 86 skeletons in the hands of Julian Gale, shutting Reddington out of Europe completely and putting us at risk.
Samar: Does Reddington have any leads?
Liz: One. Mario Dixon.
Cooper: Who’s he?
[ Kate has finished the eye excision. She puts the eye in a small container ]
Kate: Put it on ice.
Liz: According to the NCIC database, Mario Brandon Dixon is a thief who specializes in high value targets– jewels, art, cars, nuts–
Cooper: Nuts?
Aram: Probably macadamias. When stolen, uh, by truckload, they’re actually quite lucrative, so Uh, fun fact.
Cooper: Any known associates?
Liz: He has a kid brother in prison. Mecklenburg Correctional.
Cooper: Why are you doing this?
Liz: I told you, we’re gonna need him–
Cooper: Reddington hired the Debt Collector to kidnap you.
Liz: Which is indefensible.
Cooper: Allowed you to be drugged by a deranged sociopath.
Liz: He did, and if he’s in trouble, then so are we. I’m convinced we either rise together or fall apart.
Cooper: Navabi, you and Keen get to Mecklenburg. See what the brother has to say.
[ Man speaking indistinctly over PA ]

[ Mecklenburg Correctional Center ]
Dino Dixon: If you’re here about Mario–
Liz: No, we’re here for you, Dino, what you threw away for him. You graduated high school with a 3.8 GPA and a soccer scholarship to Clemson.
Samar: Mario saw the life you wanted and he dragged you into his, into this. Believe me, I know what it’s like to have a criminal brother you love.
Liz: It’s been a rough haul, hasn’t it? If you’re not in the SHU, you’re in the infirmary.
Samar: We can get you moved.
Dino: [ Scoffs ]
Liz: If the information you provide leads us to your brother, we’re authorized to slice five years off your sentence.
Dino: Deal. But before you interrupted me, I was gonna rat out the prick for nothing. He’s got a place in Baltimore where he keeps his booty. Checks in on it regularly.

[ Cellphone rings ]
Dembe: Elizabeth. [ Hands phone to Red ]
[ Beep ]
Red: What do you know?
Liz: Mario Dixon works out of some high-end hipster boutique in Hampden. We’re working on a warrant now.
Red: A warrant won’t be necessary. Just the address.

Red: [ Laughs ] My land! Look at this, Dembe. Gaited trail saddle. Do we have any need for a saddle? Wouldn’t it go great with the chaps and the spurs? Look at that crescent wrench. How fun. What a handy little store.
Dembe: Perhaps this is the wrong place.
Clerk: Can I help you fellas find something?
Red: [ Laughs ] Look at you. [ Wrench clatters ] What might this old thing be worth? [ Gun cocks ] Perhaps a trip to the back room? I trust there’s a back room.
[ Door creaks ]
Red: Now this is more like it. [ Door creaks ] Where might we find Mr. Dixon?
Clerk: I don’t know. Honestly, I-I don’t know who that is.
Red: You ever have one of those days when nothing goes right? People give you the runaround, everything seems to take twice the effort. The kind of day you’d kill to get your mojo back. I’m having one of those days. So you can either be honest with me about Mario Dixon or I can get behind the wheel of this fine automobile and run you over.
Clerk: He’s in Philly. On a job. Picking up a package from a client.

Kate: You’re clear on the document and its location?
Mario Dixon: Good to go.
Kate: Keys inside?
Mario: Yes.
Kate: Please get the document. The document is all that matters.

[ Red and Dembe enter ] [ Gorrell groaning ] [ Door creaks ] [ Groaning ]
Dembe: It’s okay. They’re gone.
[ Gorrell turns his head, revealing his bloody, empty eye socket ]

[ Buzzer ] [ Mario Dixon holds up Gorrell’s employee ID to a scanner ] [ Door buzzes, door unlocks ] [ Door creaks ]
[ Mario Dixon enters with the brim of his baseball cap turned down ]
Man: Afternoon, Mr. Gorrell.
[ Mario shoots him and another worker: silenced gunshots (💥)(💥) ]
[ Sensor beeping ] [ Mario uses Gorrell’s excised eye to satisfy the biometric lock ] [ Beep ] [ Elevator bell dings. Mario gets in. Doors close ]

Julian Gale: Georgie.
George: Hey. Is it true? Did they finally issue a subpoena?
Gale: Yeah. An agent named Aram Mojtabai.
George: How great is that?
Gale: Oh, it’s great if he talks. Let’s hope he’s not the strong, silent type. Georgie, what’s that
George: Lunch. Your mom dropped it off. Homemade tuna salad. She seems like a real sweet lady.
[ Gale carefully opens the paper bag. Inside is a sandwich and a burner phone ]

Red: Dembe, call an ambulance. Why on earth would she do this?
Gorrell: My eye. My eye! [ Groans ] [ Grunts ]
Red: Why did she take your eye?
Gorrell: There’s a scanner at work. She needs my eye for access.
Red: To what? Where do you work?
Gorrell: Aah! Stone Canyon Storage Facility.
Red: I don’t know what that is. Stone Canyon. What’s stored there?
Gorrell: The government. Their secrets– everything.
[ Groans ]

[ Mario Dixon flips through a card Index, finds one for Raymond Reddington, takes the card out ]
Guard: Sir. ID and requisition, please.
[ Silenced gunshot (💥) ]
[ Mario uses the card to find a metal document box, removes a folder and replaces the box. He leaves, stepping over the guard ]

[ Cellphone rings, beeps ]
Gale: Who is this?
Kate: You can call me The Cleaner. Where are you on the case, Agent Gale?
Gale: You know I can’t tell you that.
Kate: Have you presented your findings to Main Justice?
Gale: How do I know you are who you say you are?
Kate: 86 bodies, 62 gunshots, 11 stabbings, nine blunt force traumas, four were poisoned. Where are you on the case?
Gale: A grand jury’s been convened. Without proof of a connection between Reddington and the task force, they’ll never hand up in indictment. The bodies just don’t give me that.
Kate: No, they don’t, but I can.
[ Line disconnects ]

[ Elevator bell dings, doors open ]
[ Mario Dixon walks out onto the street, gets in a van ] [ Liz and Samar are in an SUV nearby ]
Liz: There. The guy with the shoulder bag.
[ Mario Dixon gets in a van ]
[ Battle Tapes’ ♪ “Belgrade” playing ]
Liz: FBI! Hands where I can see them!
[ Motorcycle engine revving ] [ Motorcycle screeches out of the back of the van ]
Liz: We’re in pursuit. Suspect’s on a motorcycle, headed west on 6th, near Independence.

♪ … there’s a breach in the hull
Started going under …

Samar: It’s a dead end.
Liz: Aram, he went underground. Some kind of tunnel. Do you have eyes?
Aram: I do, and it is an absolute maze. Okay, if I’m reading this right, he could access half the city using these tunnel lines.
Liz: Could you narrow that down a little?
Cooper: [ Walking up ] We don’t have to. We’ve got support units from the Bureau, ATF, ICE, and DEA scrambling right now.
Samar: That’s great. How?
Cooper: Word got out that Stone Canyon was compromised. They insisted.

♪ I can’t let you, I can’t let you go
We pretend in the darkness

[ Engine revving ]

♪ We pretend in the darkness. we pretend the night won’t steal our youth.
Singing me the sweet songs of seduction.
Let me be the fool, fool, fool, who will live and die for you.

[ Tires screech ]
[ Mario is apprehended as he encounters a police blockade as he exits a tunnel ]
[ Siren whoops ] [ Radio chatter ]

FBI Agent: You Agent Keen? We found him carrying this.
Liz: Has anyone opened it yet?
FBI Agent: No, ma’am. On orders from Director Harold Cooper himself.
Liz: Thank you.
[ Liz takes out the file and opens it ]
Samar: What is it?
Liz: It’s Reddington’s signed immunity deal with the Department of Justice.

Mario Dixon: Let me get this straight. You think I’m going to jail? You two are smarter than that.
Liz: You shot three federal officers. You stole a classified document from a government facility you shouldn’t have even known existed.
Mario: You won’t charge me.
Liz: Is that right?
Mario: Oh, I guarantee it. See, I know what I stole back there– proof of an immunity agreement between the FBI and Raymond Reddington.
Samar: You want some advice, Mario? You should stop talking.
Mario: Stop? No, no, ladies, I’m just getting started. See, you charge me, I have a constitutional right to present a defense, and I promise you that immunity deal will be Exhibit A.
Liz: I wouldn’t celebrate. We’re not charging you, but we’re not exactly letting you go either.
Mario: Meaning what? You’re gonna shoot me? All due respect, you two don’t seem the type.

Mario: Reddington.
Liz: I’ll leave you two to talk.
Dembe: Sit.
Mario: Impressive. You got the FBI on your payroll? They deliver me right to you, no questions asked.
Red: I was thinking about that poor soul whose eye you stole. What a shame. [ Inhales sharply ] Disfigured for life, caught up in all this nastiness.
Mario: Wasn’t my decision. Take it up with the lady who hired me.
Red: Mr. Kaplan? I will, when you tell me where to find her.
Mario: Are you nuts? I know about your immunity deal. That means I’m dead no matter what I tell you. Ratting Kaplan out gets me nothing.
Red: She had you steal that agreement. Must’ve had a plan to bring it to her. You can tell me where and when, or you can tell him [ indicating Dembe ]. One way or another, the truth will come out.
Mario: We don’t know each other, so I’ll forgive you for not knowing that I don’t scare easily. I expect to die here today. That’s the end of your leverage. But–
Red: There’s a “but.” Please, do go on.
Mario: If you want to negotiate, I might be willing to help. I can deliver her to you.
Red: In exchange for what?

[ Cellphone rings, beep ] [ Red looks on ]
Mario: Yeah, I got it.
Kate Kaplan: Any problems?
Mario: Nothing unexpected. But anybody holding this thing is a target. I don’t wanna keep it any longer than I have to. I can meet you later today. [ Closes cellphone ] [ To Red ] We’re all set. I’ll serve her up on a silver platter if you hold up your end of the deal.

Liz: You got Dixon to talk. How? You know what? Don’t tell me. I honestly don’t wanna know.
Red: I didn’t touch him.
Liz: But he told you how to find Kaplan?
Red: Yes. Southwest Waterfront. 5:00 PM. She’ll be there personally to take possession of the agreement.
Liz: 5:00 doesn’t give us much time.
Red: Then you’ll just have to hurry, Elizabeth. I’ll be in touch as soon as I know more.
Liz: Wait. What about Dixon? Our people should wire him up.
Red: They’ll have time before the meet. I’m sorry. I have to go.
Liz: Go where? Reddington, there’s something wrong. I can hear it in your voice. Where are you going?
Red: I have to take care of something. 5:00. The war ends tonight.
[ Closes cellphone ]

[ Engine turns off ] [ Red and Dembe are at the home of Liz’s grandfather, Dom (Katarina’s father), deep in the woods ]
Dembe: This is a mistake.
Red: Perhaps.
Dembe: Your purpose is to protect Elizabeth, but mine is to protect you. If things get very bad, this will make that impossible.

Red: Hello, Dom.
Dom: What do you want?
[ Red uses a shovel and brush to remove dirt from the top of a metal box buried in the floor of an out-building ]
Dom: You told me never to open this.
Red: Yes, without me.
Dom: That’s not what you said. I’m old, but I’m not that old. You said this was for emergency only. The last resort. If you opened this, it would mean–
Red: I know what it means.
Dom: What is it, Raymond? What’s happened?
Red: I’m under attack, Dom. Most of my business has been destroyed, many of my people killed.
Dom: Mother of God. Fight back. That’s what you do, is that you fight.
Red: I’m trying. But regardless, this isn’t for me.
[ Red opens the cover of the box buried in the ground ]
Dom: I don’t understand. You’re just giving this away. Why would you do that?
Red: [ Grunts, exhales, pulls out a smaller metal box ] For Masha. She’s alive, Dom. I thought we lost her once. I won’t lose her again.

[ Dom enters his house in a rage, with Red following ]
Dom: Unbelievable!
Red: Dom, will you wait a second? You’re gonna give yourself a heart attack.
Dom: Like you care. Like you’re even capable of considering anyone else’s feelings but your own!
Red: That’s not fair.
Dom: Masha’s alive. My granddaughter is alive. How long have you known this? [ Voice breaks ] How long you let me sit here, thinking that she was– You told me she was dead! How could you lie to me like–
Red: I wasn’t lying when I told you Masha was gone, I believed she had died in childbirth. She deceived me, faked her own death. At the time, she wanted to get away from me.
Dom: Ha! Well, so do I.
Red: She had help from one of my people, a woman close to me who betrayed my trust. Dom, I know you’ve been conditioned to assume my selfishness. I’m sure that’s largely my fault. But this is different. This woman, she’s made it her mission to eliminate me, to remove me from Masha’s life, whatever the cost. And the truth is, she’s proven to be remarkably adept at killing the people closest to me. She knows everything about my operation. I kept her at my side for years. But the one thing she doesn’t know is you. I haven’t told you about Masha because I didn’t wanna risk coming here or making contact with you again until this fight was over.
Dom: So now I’m supposed to say thank you?
Red: You don’t have to say anything. You don’t have to believe me or help me or like me. You never have. I don’t know why you’d have to start now. But this isn’t about me, Dom. This is about Masha. If I don’t come back–
Dom: You always come back!
Red: If I don’t come back, you need to find her, Dom. Tell her who you are.
[ Door opens ]
Dembe: Raymond.
Red: I have to go. I’m sorry.
Dom: For what?
Red: All of it. I wish I’d been the person you wanted me to be.
[ Front door closes ]

Aram: Mr Cooper. Um, can I talk to you for a second?
Cooper: Not now.
Cooper: Tactical teams in place?
Samar: Waiting on our command.
Cooper: Where’s our asset? Reddington should be here by now.
Liz: I’ll call him.
[ Beep, cellphone rings ]
Red: Elizabeth.
Liz: What’s goin’ on? You’re supposed to be here with Dixon. Our meeting with Kaplan’s in less than an hour.
Red: I’ll be taking that meeting alone.
Liz: [ Lowered voice ] You lied about the location. You’re gonna kill her.
Red: I don’t know what the outcome will be.
Liz: [ Whispers ] I asked you not to do this.
Red: You asked if I could promise you that I wouldn’t. I said no.
[ Line disconnects ] [ Cellphone beeps ]
Liz: That was Dembe. He said he can’t find Reddington.
Cooper: What do you mean he can’t find him? If we don’t show up with Dixon, our whole operation’s blown. Where the hell is he?

[ Car door closes ] [ Car door opens, closes ]
Red: Where did Kaplan tell you to meet?
Mario Dixon: Where’s what you promised me? A box? I’m supposed to believe that my escape plan and my future survival fits into a box?
Red: This is no mere box. Inside, you’ll find travel vouchers, security codes, boat keys, and ownership papers for a private 96-acre island off the coast of Brunei. It’s a self-sufficient turnkey property with a desalination well, a solar and wind farm, full-time waitstaff, a grounds crew, security team, and a property manager, all paid for in perpetuity by a very healthy trust fund. Paradise with no extradition treaty.
Mario: And what’s to prevent you from kicking me off this island once I move in?
Red: Right now, the island’s owner is legend. Nobody on the island knows who it belongs to. [ Opens box ] All they know is that one day, someone will arrive with a key that fits into an old lock on the front door. [ Holds up key ] Whosoever opens that lock with this key, the staff will loyally serve and the guards will forever defend against all comers. [ Latches click box shut ] The location of the meeting.
Mario: [ Sighs ] Falstaff Theatre on M Street. Two miles from here. Kaplan expects me in 20 minutes.
[ Red leans forward as if to hand Mario the box, but instead throws his left arm around his neck as he shoots Mario’s two guards 💥💥 ]
Red: The box is actually intended for someone else.
[ Gunshot 💥 Red shoots Mario ] [ Body thuds ]

[ Knock on door ]
Cooper: Whatever it is, if it’s not about locating Reddington–
Aram: It’s not, but–
Cooper: Then it’ll have to wait.
Aram: Sir, I’ve been subpoenaed to testify in front of a grand jury. I’m not supposed to tell you because you’re a target of the investigation.
Cooper: Me?
Aram: Everyone. Julian Gale’s convinced the US Attorney that we’ve broken the law. Sir, he’s coming after us. All of us.

[ Door unlocks. Kate and two guards enter theatre ]
[ Under the ornate dome of the theatre ]
Kate: Mario? [ When Mario does not appear, Kate alerts her guards ] Weapons.
[ Silenced gunshots (💥)(💥) ] [ Both of Kate’s guards fall ]
Red: Hello, Kate.
Kate: Raymond.
Red: I have to hand it to you, you did it. My associates, my accounts, cash reserves– gone. About the only thing you left me is a hat on my head. And this. The way out.
Kate: The island.
Red: Too many killings, Kate, on all sides. I don’t want more death, and neither do you. I simply want this to end. You can have the island.
Kate: To be my prison.
Red: Yes. In paradise. Elizabeth is who she is, Kate. She’s not Masha anymore. With little to none of my presence or influence through the years, she has grown up to be Special Agent Elizabeth Keen. Her area of scholarship and expertise is the study of criminals. The habits and inclinations, the curiosities and proclivities, the psychiatry of criminals. That’s who she is. That may be the world she was born to, but it is most certainly the world she has chosen to live in. I can continue to give her more distance, but she is going to continue to be who she is. And I’m not going to stop watching out for her. So either you go and save yourself, or this ends right here. Now.
Kate: I’m not going anywhere, Raymond, so you better make sure you finish the job this time, for both our sakes.
Julian Gale: FBI! Drop your weapons!
[ 💥💥💥 Gunshots 💥💥💥 ] [ Red and Dembe cover their exit and escape to their car outside ]
Dembe: How did he find us?
Red: Kate must’ve made a deal.
[ Car doors close ] [ Engine revs, tires peal ] [ [ Red and Dembe escape amid 💥💥💥 gunfire 💥💥💥 ]
Gale: Reddington’s got the immunity agreement. Call this in.
George: What about Kaplan?

[ Gale re-enters the theatre ] [ Holsters gun ]
Gale: You didn’t run.
Kaplan: Run? Just standing here makes my hip flare. I’m sorry I failed to deliver on my promise to you. Raymond must’ve intercepted the immunity agreement, or perhaps the task force did. It doesn’t matter.
Gale: No, no, it does matter, lady. I needed that document to prove that Keen, Ressler, and I don’t know who else in the FBI enabled Reddington to grow and profit from a criminal empire. The date on that agreement, that was my smoking gun to bring them down. So, yeah, it does matter, because without it, I’ve got nothing.
Kate: Wrong. You have me. Raymond thinks he out maneuvered me today, but he underestimated my commitment. I’ve been his cleaner, keeper, and confessor for 30 years, and I’m prepared to tell you everything you need to know in open court.
Gale: In exchange for immunity.
Kate: Yes. So maybe we should get on with it, and you should arrest me.

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♫ Belgrade
By Battle Tapes

♪ I believe, I believe there’s a reason there’s a breach in the hull.
Started going under, loot and plunder.

♪ Honey bee, Honey bee don’t you sting me, don’t you sting me no more.
With a heart like yours, search and destroy.
You take what ever your owed.
I can’t let you, I cant let you go.

♪ We pretend in the darkness. we pretend the night won’t steal our youth.
Singing me the sweet songs of seduction.
Let me be the fool, fool, fool, who will live and die for you

♪ Seventeen wasn’t all the easy. It was all that she wrote.
Only nickel plated, edge serrated, oh.

♪ Cut em’ down, Cut em’ down at the knees, yeah. Cut em’ down to the bone.
Just a lesser evil, born unequal. You show them where they belong.
Tear right through them, Tear right through them all.

♪ We pretend in the darkness. we pretend the night won’t steal our youth.
Singing me the sweet songs of seduction.
Let me be the fool, fool, fool, who will live and die for you.

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2r1eINj
YouTube: https://youtu.be/d5Xeg8AUpv8

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🔴 Script: 4:22 Mr Kaplan – Conclusion (№ 4)

Program air date: 5/18/2017 9pm CT (Central/Chicago Time) in the US
Permalink: http://wp.me/pDKwi-5ln
Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/2qEaUOQ

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Michael Watkins
Teleplay by: Jon Bokenkamp, John Eisendrath, Daniel Knauf
Story by: Lukas Reiter, JR Orci

⭕ Script 4:22 Mr Kaplan – Conclusion (№ 4)

Blurb: Season Finale, Part 2. Mr Kaplan and Special Agent Julian Gale join forces to bring down Red and everyone on the Task Force.

[ Lou Reed’s ♪ “Vicious” playing ]
[ Red cuts up fake passports with his photo and other IDs into a metal wastebasket in a motel room ]
[ An escort of police cars arrives at a federal courthouse. Mr (Kate) Kaplan is escorted inside ]

♪ Vicious, you hit me with a flower
You do it every hour
Oh, baby, you’re so vicious
Vicious, vicious, vicious, vicious

[ Red lights the pile of documents on fire ]

[ Federal Courthouse ]
Stanton: My name is Alvin Stanton. I’m the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia.
Mr (Kate) Kaplan: You can spare me the introductions. I expect this will be a long day and I’m not getting any younger.
Stanton: You understand why you’re here.
Kate: To tell you what I know so you can judge if my truthful testimony merits immunity.
Stanton: There are allegations that the FBI allowed Raymond Reddington to continue to commit crimes while acting as a criminal informant.
Kate: That’s a fact. He has continued to commit crimes, including murder.
Stanton: And the task force led by Harold Cooper? They knew about this?
Kate: Yes, and I can prove it. I gave Agent Gale the bodies. I can give you locations and dates that the bodies were collected and buried.
[ Whispering indistinctly ]
Stanton: Okay, Ms. Nemec, we’ll offer you immunity.
Kate: I need a day to get my affairs in order without a protective detail.
Stanton: No.
Kate: It’s not a request. It’s my offer. If you think you can prove this case without me, feel free to pass. Anyone? Okay, gotta run. As I said, I’m not getting any younger.

Cooper: You’re asking me to protect Kaplan?
Panabaker: From Reddington. Wouldn’t do anyone any good if he got to her.
Cooper: When you authorized Reddington’s immunity deal, you knew that we would have to let him maintain his criminal empire. That’s what makes him valuable to us.
Panabaker: You’re a big boy, Harold. You knew we’d support you as long as you kept the deal hidden. You didn’t.
Cooper: My people could go to jail.
Panabaker: Well, you’ve done good work. Grand jury hands up an indictment, I’m sure the judge and jury will agree.
Cooper: If you’re right and we don’t go to jail, does the Bureau take us back? When it’s over, where do we go to get our reputations back?
Panabaker: I wish I knew.

Samar: Aram won’t testify against us.
Ressler: They gave him immunity.
Liz: But how did they know to do that? Gale only knew about us, not Aram.
Cooper: I can’t protect you. It’s my job to do that, and I can’t do it.
Ressler: We’re only here because of Reddington. Because he shot Kaplan for trying to help you.
Liz: And that’s indefensible, but he says he wants to protect us, and I believe him.
Cooper: Maybe I didn’t make myself clear. We’re going to be arrested. And there’s nothing Reddington can do to protect us against that. To be honest, that’s what makes me the angriest. That here we are at the end, and we still don’t know why he walked into your life that day.
Liz: Where are you going?
Cooper: To do something I should’ve done a long time ago.

[ Red’s motel room ]
Red: Once Kaplan testifies, an indictment is inevitable.
Liz: Cooper tried to shut it down.
Red: Harold has to work within the system. Henry Prescott does not.
Liz: Who’s Henry Prescott?
Red: A man who knows how to bury problems. If you find yourself up against impossible odds due to poor judgment, Henry Prescott’s the man you want on speed dial. He’s the courage you never had, cool head in a crisis.
[ A man lies on the floor in a pool of blood ]
Woman: [ Gasping ]
Henry Prescott: Like you said, you and your husband fought. When he left the apartment, he was drunk and depressed. You had no idea he was headed for the roof.
Woman: The roof?
[ A body falls from a roof and lands on the top of a car ] [ Thud ]
[ Screaming ] [ Car alarm blaring ]
Red: Finding him is the key to sweeping the grand jury under the rug.
Liz: Weren’t you squatting in a Congressman’s apartment?
Red: The House is back in session. Oh – and those are the charred remains of 16 false identities that Kate has somehow compromised. At the moment, my resources are scant, which is why I need your help in finding Prescott.
Liz: Why? How can a fixer for hire derail a grand jury?
Red: Four years ago, I surrendered to protect you. From Tom, Berlin, Cabal. And now you may go to jail because of me. It appears Kate may be right after all. Maybe I am the person you need protection from.
Liz: Prescott – Do you have any leads?

[ The Post Office ]
Samar: The lead on Prescott, Warren Casualty, it has no physical address. Only a P.O. Box. Reddington said it’s a front company Prescott uses to hide his clients and launder his funds.
Ressler: Well, the address was a bust, but corporate tax returns tell a different story. See, in the last three years, the company’s reported $17 million in earnings from various sources, including–
Samar: Banish Capital, an investment firm owned by one Jay-Jay Brickman.
Liz: The football player?
[ Beep, speed-dialing ]
Liz: Reddington, I think we found a way for you to get to Prescott.

Jay-Jay Brickman: All right, check it out, check it out, check it out. We’re gonna have an aquarium behind the bar. 7,000 gallons or something, just crazy big.
Drug dealer: For fish?
Jay-Jay: Nope, not for fish. For the ladies. [ Laughs ] We’re gonna have ’em done up like mermaids
Red: [ Walking in ] Mermaids!
Jay-Jay: –swimming around.
Red: Really? You’re not in Miami anymore.
[ Door closes ]
Jay-Jay: Now who the hell are you?
Red: Someone who knows better than to mix themes in an entertainment venue.
Jay-Jay: [ Scoffs ] Get this chump out of here, man.
[ Bodyguard makes a move. Dembe is faster. Thud ] [ Bodyguard groans ]
Jay-Jay: What do you want?
Red: Ooh, that’s a long list. But at the moment, I’ll settle for Henry Prescott.
Jay-Jay: Doesn’t ring a bell.
Red: Well, let me ring it for you. A few months ago, you were tweaking on whatever you were tweaking on at that nightclub in Vegas and inadvertently discharged your handgun in the general direction of a crowded dance floor, sending a Belgian tourist to the emergency room. Henry Prescott is the man who made that all go away.
Jay-Jay: Let go of my friend, please. Now if I knew the man you were talking about, and I’m not saying I do, I’d only call him if I had a problem. Like a real problem.
Red: [ Laughing ] Yes. Yes. [ Click, gunshot 💥 Drug dealer falls ]
Drug dealer: Aah!
Red: There. There’s a problem. Your drug dealer’s bleeding out on the floor in your VIP room of your new nightclub. With the morals clause in your new contract, you won’t collect a penny.
Drug dealer: [ Groans ]
Red: Henry Prescott. Call him.

[ Harold Cooper knocks ]
Attendant: A moment.
[ Knocking ] [ Chair wheels roll ]
[ Cooper enters. Attendant pulls down file ]
Attendant: Wow. This is pretty Jurassic.
Cooper: I was told it was still here.
Attendant: Guess it should be here then. Just go on right over there. 475-6826-B. Knock yourself out.
[ Door opens and closes ]
[ Knife clicks ] [ Cooper slices through the sealing tape of a confidential file box. He flips through the file on top, then digs down into the box to remove a blood-soaked shirt. He snips a small piece of the bloodied cloth and slips it into a small zip-locked bag ]

Jay-Jay: Look, I did the best I could. I don’t know how long he’s gonna last. I hear, like, these little gurgling noises when he breathes.
Prescott: You did fine, Jay-Jay.
[ Groaning ]
Prescott: I’m gonna transport your associate to a private clinic. But first, you need to tell me what happened here.
Red: I happened.
Prescott: Who’s this?
Jay-Jay: I don’t even know. He came here looking for you. Next thing I know, he’s shooting up the place.
Prescott: You confirmed you were my client to a stranger?
Jay-Jay: The man has a gun in his hand. Hell, yeah, I confirmed.
Red: My apologies for the forced introduction, Mr. Prescott, but I require some information. On November 19, 2015, your services were engaged to pick up a package in Dupont Circle. I need you to tell me the exact disposition of that package.
Prescott: I don’t need to tell you anything.
Red: Ah, come now. If you don’t give me the information I’ve requested, it’ll all be over.
Prescott: What are you gonna do? Shoot me?
Red: I don’t have to. To be effective, people like you must operate from the shadows. Anonymity and discretion are your stock and trade. And I’m about to make you famous. Once you, Jay-Jay, and gunshot wound here make the headlines tomorrow, your phone will never ring again. Or you can tell me what I need to know. Where’s the package?

[ Federal Courthouse ]
Aram: [ Breathing unevenly ] This is a mistake.
Janet: [ Lowered voice ] Hey, you’ll be fine. All you have to do is answer their questions.
Lawyer: If you don’t, you’ll be held in contempt. You’ll go to prison.
[ Agent Julian Gale steps out of the courtroom ]
Agent Gale: Agent Mojtabai. You’re up.
Aram: …Uh, I do.
Judge Drucker: Sir, please state your name and occupation for the grand jury.
Aram: Um, Aram Mojtabai, and I am an FBI agent.
Drucker: You’re an agent with a task force created to work with a criminal informant named Raymond Reddington?
Aram: Yeah I’m not really supposed to talk about my work, so–
Drucker: We’ve heard testimony that your task force has allowed Reddington to commit violent crimes and done nothing to stop it.
Aram: Stop Mr. Reddington? Well, if you knew him, you’d know that’s that’s basically impossible.
Drucker: I see. So you knew he was continuing to commit crimes while serving as your informant.
[ Talking over each other: ]
Aram: I-I–
Drucker: You just weren’t able
Aram: I-I didn’t say that. No, no–
Drucker: to control him.
Aram: That’s not accurate, what you’re saying.
Drucker: Newton Phillips. Alistair Pitt. Milos Pavel Kinsky, AKA Berlin. Diane Fowler. These are all people Reddington murdered while working with you, correct? Agent Mojtabai, the grand jury has subpoenaed your testimony. You have immunity. Nothing you say can incriminate you, so you can be compelled to answer!
Aram: Okay, you know what? Fine. I’m proud of the work we do with Mr. Reddington. Yeah, I’m proud of it. You heard me. Yes, his world is absolutely terrifying …
Drucker: Okay, we’re done here.
Aram: … but it exists.
Drucker: Agent Mojtabai, you are excused.
[ Talking over each other: ]
Aram: And the only reason we know that is because Reddington is the one who helps
Drucker: Agent Gale, please hold Agent Mojtabai in contempt,
Aram: us take down the very worst people in it!
Drucker: while I secure a warrant for his arrest.
Aram: You don’t– Okay.
Gale: Get up!
Aram: Okay, okay, fine. Do you know how we have to do that? [ Handcuffs click ] We have to make choices. Write that down. You wanna put us on trial? Give us a trial. Let us have a chance to present a defense. We’ll see what happens then.
[ Aram is forcefully escorted from the courtroom, past Janet ]
Aram: [ To Janet ] I-I told you this was a mistake.

[ Brakes squeal ] [ Engine turns off ]
Ressler: That Prescott?
Red: Yes. He has something I think you’ll find of particular interest. Mr. Prescott, my associate, Frank Sturgeon. I’ll need him to confirm the findings.
Prescott: It’s organized by date.
[ Door creaks open ] [ They enter a dark warehouse filled with vats and barrels ]
Ressler: What is this place?
Red: A depository of sorts. Prescott’s insurance policies.
[ Switch clicks, lights crackle ]
Red: We’re looking for 11-19-15. You’ll want these.
[ Ressler takes a pair of elbow-length rubber gloves ]
Red: A