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NBC’s series The Blacklist created by: Jon Bokenkamp


Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington – James Spader
Elizabeth Keen – Megan Boone
Donald Ressler – Diego Klattenhoff
Harold Cooper – Harry Lennix
Tom Keen – Ryan Eggold
Aram Mojtabai – Amir Arison
Samar Navabi – Mozhan Marnò
Dembe Zuma – Hisham Tawfiq

This is all one “page” meaning you can use your browser’s page search to find a quote you remember from Season 5 without knowing which episode it’s in. I use this a lot. Also includes full lyrics to main songs (at end of each episode). To find beginning of major songs, search for ♫

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🔴 Episode 5:1 – Smokey Putnam
🔴 Episode 5:2 – Greyson Blaise
🔴 Episode 5:3 – Miss Rebecca Thrall
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🔴 Script: 5:1 Smokey Putnam (№ 30)

Program air date: 9/27/2017 in the US
Full Script Permalink: http://wp.me/pDKwi-5EK
Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/2yvxNab

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Director: Bill Roe
Written by: Jon Bokenkamp, John Eisendrath



⭕ Script 5:1 Smokey Putnam (№ 30)

Brief: Mr Kaplan and Baz appear to be gone (though who ever knows with this series?) Special Agent Julian Gale has been foiled in his attempt to bring down the task force but is likely to be a thorn in Ressler’s side, especially since Ressler accidentally caused the death of national security advisor Laurel Hitchen. Tom has a suitcase full of bones and Liz has test results showing that Red is her father (though – lol – who ever knows with this series?)

[ Ace Frehley’s ♪ “New York Groove” plays ]
[ Outside a small restaurant in New York City, Red is sitting at a table outside a restaurant ] [ A man in a vintage red Corvette convertible pulls up to the Valet Parking and revs his engine ]

♪ many years since I was here

[ Red grabs a ticket from the valet stand unnoticed and approaches the Lead Valet. He shows the ticket to him ]
Red: It’s not here yet?
Lead Valet: Sir?
Red: I had the maitre d’ call for my car about 20 minutes ago. I’m gonna be late, pal.

♪ I was passin’ my time away

[ impatiently, the man in the Corvette honks his horn ]
Lead Valet: [ Over phone ] We got a 0-1-2-0-6.
[ Horn honks ]

♪ to the left and to the right

[ Horn honks ]
Lead Valet: Sir, so sorry. We don’t seem to have this vehicle in the lot. The car’s been picked up.
Red: [ Scoffs ] The hell it has!
Lead Valet: My guy says the car’s not here.
Red: Now, wait a minute. I haven’t picked my car up. I’ve been in your restaurant eating lunch. A lemon-verbena iced tea and salmon salad, – which was overcooked, for what it’s worth.
[ Horn honks ]
Red: And I’m certainly not one of these meatheads who tells you to keep it close. But if my Range Rover is gone–
Lead Valet: Sir, the ticket–
Red: The ticket is collateral for my $100,000 vehicle, and if it’s not– This is a waste of my time. I need to speak to your manager, okay?
[ The Lead Valet goes into the restaurant to get the manager ]
[ Engine revving ]

♪ sayin’ “Where are we?”
stop at 3rd and 43

[ Red walks up to the man in the Corvette ]
Red: I am so sorry. We’re having a little employee situation.
Man in Corvette: I don’t want to hear it, boss. Just do your job and park the car. And, boss? Keep it close.

♪ ooh feels so good tonight

[ Red gets in the Corvette. Engine revs. He takes off, tossing the ticket ]

♪ ooh who cares about tomorrow
so, baby, you’d better believe

[ Red happily speeds up a back street in the red convertible ]

♪ I’m back

[ Tires screech ]

♪ back in the New York groove I’m back ooh, yeah
back in the New York groove

[ Siren wails as a police cruiser begins trailing Red ]

♪ I’m back – back in the New York groove

[ Cellphone rings ]
Red: Elizabeth. How are you today?
Liz: Oh. I’m good. Where are you? I thought we were meeting up.
Red: Just bumped into a few old friends, just catching up.
[ Siren wailing ]
Liz: Are those sirens?
Red: Yes. [ Chuckles ] We’re outside. It’s very noisy here. Perhaps I could call you back.
Liz: Wait. Reddington, are you okay?
Red: Never been better. Hey, why don’t you drop by my new place. You’ll love the pool. I’ll send you the address. Sorry, sweetheart. I need to get off.

♪ so, baby, you better believe

[ Engine revs ]

♪ I’m back – back in the New York groove

[ Another police cruiser takes chase. Tires screech ]

♪ ooh I’m back back in the New York groove
ooh I’m back back in the New York groove

[ Engine revs ]

♪ ooh I’m back back in the New York groove

[ Siren wailing. Red swerves. The two police cars 💥crash💥, one flipping over the other – glass shattering – and doing a couple somersaults before landing rightside up ]

♪ I’m back back in the New York groove
♪ ooh I’m back – back in the New York groove

[ Engine revs ] [ Red tosses his baseball cap to the floor and speeds away ]

♪ I’m back New York groove
New York groove
New York groove I’m back

[ Red is selling the stolen vehicle to an associate ]
Red’s car guy: My God, Raymond. She’s a beauty.
Red: Yes. Yes, she is.
Car guy: How’d she do?
Red: Like Bergita Olofson in her parents’ rumpus room on a Saturday night.

[ At the Terrace Vista Motor Lodge, Red settles up ]
Red: [ Laughs ] This should cover my outstanding debt, along with the rest of the month. And, Dariush, if it’s not too presumptuous, I’d like pay for drinks at tonight’s social hour.
I’m feeling flush.
[ James Brown‘s ♪ “The Boss” playing ]

♪ (one, two, get down)
paid the cost to be the boss
paid the cost to be the boss
I paid the cost to be the boss

♪ look at me,
you know what you see
you see a bad mutha
look at me,
you know what you see
you see a bad mutha

[ Red has settled in at the motel. Poolside, wearing a shirt over swim trunks, he greets his fellow travelers. He high-fives a young boy, nods to a muscle-man, smiles at the lifeguard and a middle-aged woman reading a book and greets a mother with her young daughter with swim goggles who has come to swim. Red grabs a towel and slips his shoes off. He steps into the pool, sits hip deep in the water, and begins tossing quarters to the little girl in swim goggles, who eagerly retrieves them from the bottom as the pool. Red has been here a while and, newly recharged with the cash from his ‘car trick,’ feels no apparent urgency to abandon this newfound free-style ‘vacation’ mode ]

♪ paid the cost to be the boss
paid the cost to be the boss
look at me,
you know what you see
you see a bad mutha

[ Aram and Samar are kissing in the Post Office’s elevator ]
Aram: Hold up. Agent Navabi.
Samar: “Agent Navabi”? I think we’re a little bit beyond “Agent Navabi,” aren’t we?
Aram: Yeah, um, 100%, but, um, we agreed to keep it professional at work.
[ Elevator clanks ]
Samar: It’s not like we broke any laws.
[ Ressler approaches ]
Aram: Oh, my God. I forgot my bike.
Ressler: Your bike. Where is it?
Aram: In the shop. I cracked the hub on the Rolf wheel, so, uh, took a taxi.
Ressler: Well, you’re late. Cooper’s been looking for you.
Samar: What’s going on?

Cooper: The new FBI director got sworn in today. And his first order of business is a Bureau-wide review of all special operations.
Aram: They’re gonna find out that Mr. Reddington’s empire has been decimated.
Samar: What they’ll find is that Reddington gives us more high-level targets than anyone else in the Bureau.
Cooper: I’m not worried about his ability to provide us cases. I’m worried we may have a perception problem.
Aram: What does that mean?
Ressler: “Perception,” sir?
Cooper: There was a DNA test between Reddington and Keen. And it’s only a matter of time before I have to disclose the results of that test.
Ressler: Which were?
Cooper: Raymond Reddington’s her father.

[ At the motel ] [ Muzak playing ] [ Footsteps approach ]
Liz: Reddington?
Red: Elizabeth. You’ve just missed the Ludeman family. I must’ve thrown quarters for that little girl to fetch for over two hours. Soda pop?
Liz: You’re living here.
Red: I make my bed where I lay my head.
Liz: At the Terrace Vista Motor Lodge?
Red: I got to tell you, I’m thinking about making it permanent. Dariush, the owner and I, are somewhat the same size, which has been a Godsend. I think you’d quite like it here. They host a social hour at sunset– music and cocktails. It’s a lovely crowd, really. Eclectic, to say the least.
Liz: I thought you’d be a little bit more proactive, trying to find ways to rebuild, crawl your way back to the top. Where’s Dembe?
Red: Dip your toes in. I swear Dariush keeps the pool at body temperature. You can’t even feel the water.
Liz: [ Chuckles ] I’m glad you’re having a nice time. But Cooper actually sent me to see if you might have a case.
Red: Oh. I didn’t realize you were here on official business.
Liz: Well, you are my father and– Oh, my God, that sentence and all that it means. But, to be honest, knowing who my father is at this point isn’t gonna change who I am or the fact that you’re my CI. And I need a case.
Red: Then I suppose I’ll need my pants.

[ Door bell jingles ]
Red: Good afternoon.
Maurice: Everybody be cool. I know who you are.
Red: I’ve always wanted to hunt for bounty.
Maurice: You’re Raymond Reddington.
Red: And you’re a bail bondsman, which means you’re likely looking for a fugitive. I believe I can help.
Liz: Are you asking for a job?
Red: Yes. Your biggest case. Who is it?
Liz: This isn’t happening.
Maurice: You’re offering to help me find a fugitive? You’re a fugitive.
Red: And as much as it pains me to hunt one of my own, it pains me more to admit I need the cash. So, a name.
Maurice: Smokey Putnum, wanted for embezzling over $2 million from Davis and Fox Entertainment.
Liz: The movie company?
Maurice: No, the carnival.
Red: How fun. Even better. I love a good carnival.
Liz: Um, could you excuse us for just one moment?
Maurice: Sure.
Liz: I’m sorry. What are you doing? We need a Blacklister.
Red: Harold needs a Blacklister. I need to pay the rent, and beggars can’t be choosers.
Liz: We need a name.
Red: And we have one. [ To Maurice: ] Smokey Putnum. Please, do tell.
Maurice: Putnum went dark about two days ago. He’s due in DC for a trial in 36 hours. Now, if he doesn’t show up, I forfeit my $80,000, all-cash bond.
Red: What do skip tracers usually get?
Maurice: About 10%. 20%?
Red: I couldn’t sleep right if I took a penny over 50%. $40,000, and I’ll have Smokey to court on time. Elizabeth, you’ll need to pack a bag. We’re taking a road trip.
Liz: “We”?
Red: Yes, please. I don’t have a car.
Liz: [ Scoffs ] [ Footsteps depart ]
Red: See you in 36.
[ Door bell jingles ]
[ Cellphone rings ]
Red: Tell me you have news.
[ Indistinct announcement over PA ] [ Dembe is at the bank of public storage lockers where Mr Kaplan had kept the suitcase until Tom picked it up after her death ]
Dembe: [ On phone ] I was able to trace the suitcase to a bus station in Columbia Heights. But it’s gone. No witnesses, no surveillance.
Red: Dembe, one of Kaplan’s associates has to have it. We need to find that suitcase before it finds its way to Elizabeth.
Dembe: Yes, sir.
[ Tom is home. He looks in the suitcase at the mangled bones inside ]

[ Country music playing ] [ Red and Liz enter the back entrance of a carnival near Russell Spring, Kentucky ]
Liz: [ On phone ] Yes, sir, I told him the situation. [ Sighs ] No, he doesn’t seem to care.
[ Liz hands the phone to Red ]
Liz: It’s Cooper. He’s been happier.
Red: Hello, Harold.
Cooper: You’re a bounty hunter now?
Red: Have you ever had deep-fried butter?
Cooper: Bringing a fugitive carnival manager back to stand trial for embezzlement?
Red: Clogs more arteries than a car accident during rush hour, and, yet, people out here can’t get enough of it.
Cooper: Keen told you we’re under review. We have a new director. I need Blacklisters.
Red: And you’ll have one soon, after we do a little rebuilding.
Cooper: You expect the FBI to help you rebuild a criminal empire?
Red: Perhaps you’re the one in need of some clarification. The Blacklist has value because it is based on the best possible intelligence – information that was not available yesterday and will be obsolete tomorrow. The criminal underworld is not static, Harold.
It consists of constantly shifting alliances and leadership which can only be discerned by a few key players. I was one of those players, and with your help, I intend to be one again. Because, like deep-fried butter, I am unhealthy and yet irresistible.
[ Cellphones beep ]

[ Aram approaches Cooper ]
Aram: Excuse me, um, sir? I’m wondering if, uh, you decided to tell the new director about Agent Keen and Mr. Reddington’s relationship.
Cooper: Not yet, but as a rule, I like to come down on the side of transparency.
Aram: So you think the Bureau should be kept informed about personal relationships?

[ Cellphones beep, vibrate ]
[ A text on Cooper’s cellphone: “Laurel Hitchin found dead” ]

Ressler: Hey. Just got word from Main Justice. Laurel Hitchin was found dead.
Aram: The National Security Advisor.
Ressler: Medical examiner and Mobile Crime are on scene now.
Cooper: You and Navabi, get there.
Ressler: Sir?
Cooper: We both know Reddington’s behind this. If it points back to him, it points to us. Go. Find out what’s going on.

[ Two carnies are seated on a sofa watching a Mr Magoo cartoon. Red and Liz enter ]

On the tv:
Settle down, boy.

Big Boy: Dog house is closed.
Red: We’re looking for Joe Putnum, or “Smokey,” as they call him.
Other Carny: US Marshals come and gone.
Big Boy: K-eaz-eep y-eaz-our m-eaz-outh sh-eaz-ut.
Other Carny: I w-eaz-ern’t go-eaz-nn-eaz-a s-eaz-ay n-eaz-oth-eaz-in’.
Y-eaz-ou al-eaz-ready s-eaz-aid t-eaz-oo m-eaz-uch.
Red: [ Laughs ] Ah. [ Grunts ] Wh-eaz-at, uh, d-eaz-id y-y-eaz-ou– Ah, the hell with it.
[ Red draws his gun ] The Marshals. What did you tell them? And preferably not in Cant.*
Liz: Cant?
Red: It’s a private language carnies use to keep outsiders from understanding what they’re talking about. I spent two summers operating the Whack-the-Cats at the Emmet County Fair. And to be honest, I had no idea what the hell any of them were saying. But I’m pretty sure this one was telling this one not to cooperate. Bad advice.
Big Boy: We’ll tell you same as we told them. Don’t know where he’s at. Wouldn’t say even if we did.
Red: Why not? Putnum stole from you.
Big Boy: [ Scoffs ] Says Hawkins. She handled the books. Always got first count. Total cake-cutter. Got caught, cut a deal to testify against Putnum. That’s why he skipped. Minute he sets foot in the court, he’s got a snitch waiting to finger him for a crime he didn’t commit.
[ Liz finds a photo of Smokey Putnam (smoking a cigar) and a young woman. Pinned to the bulletin board is another photo of the same couple with a red heart drawn in the white border around the initials “TL” ]
Liz: Who’s TL?
[ No answer. Red presses his gun against the chin of the second carny ]
Red: The lady asked you a question. TL? Who’s TL?
Carny: Tammy Lynn Thompson.
Red: And where might we find Tammy Lynn?

[ Samar and Ressler enter Laurel Hitchin’s home ] [ Police radio chatter ] [ Camera shutters clicking ] [ Indistinct conversations ] [ Hitchin’s body is still there ]
[ Ressler flashes back to having grabbed his badge from Hitchin, her grabbing his arm and him batting her away and causing her to fall ]
Ressler: You think it was an accident?
Investigator: No sign of forced entry.
Ressler: Any prints, signs of a struggle?
Investigator: Well, we’re still dusting. Good news is, turns out she has a surveillance system.
Ressler: And?
Investigator: We just got here. Give me a little time.
Ressler: We’re talking about the National Security Advisor dead in her own home. I want real-time intel on this. When you know, I know.
Samar: [ Looking at Hitchin’s body ] This was no accident.

[ Birds chirping ]
[ Tammy Lynn Thompson’s living room ]
Tammy Lynn Thompson: Didn’t know Smokey had no sister.
Red: I’m sure you didn’t. Smokey still doesn’t know. Loretta spent her last five years trying to find him.
Tammy Lynn: And when’d she die?
Red: Just under a year ago, which is why we must find Mr. Putnum soon. If I can’t conclude the paperwork by week’s end, the entire inheritance will be forfeited to the state. Tammy Lynn, I’ve worked with Jacobson and Orr for 36 years. I have never seen an estate payout this big. We’re talking life-changing money.
[ Liz finds a half-smoked cigar ]
Liz: Putnum smokes Hartswicks. We saw a picture of him at Russell Springs. This one’s still warm.
Red: Oh, dear. [ Stands up ] Where is he? [ Gun cocks ]
Tammy Lynn: What the hell are you doing?
Red: [ Loudly ] Mr. Putnum, you need to come out right now, or we’re gonna make a mess in Tammy Lynn’s living room.
Tammy Lynn: Get out! Get out of my house!
Red: Mr. Putnum? I’m gonna count to three. 1, 2, 3. [ Gunshot 💥 Red shoots into the ceiling ]
Tammy Lynn: What the hell?!
Red: [ Gun cocks ] No? Let’s try again, shall we? [ Gunshot 💥 ]
[ Ceiling rumbling ]
Red: Smokey? [ Chuckles ] Funny. The janitor at my elementary school was called “Smokey.” No idea why. He never smoked a day in his life. But I tell you what– If you don’t come down here right now, they’re gonna be calling you–
[ Ceiling creaks ] [ Suddenly 💥CRASH💥 Smokey falls through the ceiling ]
Smokey: Oh!
[ Rattling ] [ Grunts ]
Red: Now, there’s an entrance.
Smokey: [ Coughs ]

[ Smokey is cuffed and sitting with Red in the back of Liz’s car ]
Smokey: You can’t take me back. They got Hawkins. She cut a deal. That greedy, craven, little coward is gonna testify, and when she does, they’re gonna lock me up.
Liz: Maybe you should’ve thought of that before you stole the money.
Red: Tell me it’s true. The file says you were a gaffer with the Ringling Brothers. I’ve always been fascinated by your line of work.
Liz: His “work”? Running the bumper cars?
Red: Elizabeth, this man was responsible for moving the greatest show on earth from city to city. The Pentagon sent its top people to study his logistical legerdemain to learn how to move troops in and out of battle. Imagine the trains, all the performers, their equipment, the crew, roustabouts, the animal wranglers, veterinarians. An entire city moved at night. Not to mention the lions and tigers and bears, oh, my. What a showman. What a mind.
Smokey: I forgot my insulin at the house. We got to– We– We– We got to turn around.
Liz: We’re not turning around.
Smokey: But my insulin.
Liz: I sincerely doubt you have–
Smokey: What do you want? You want money? You can have the money. It’s yours if you let me go.
Red: How do I know you still have it?
Liz: You’re not seriously considering–
Smokey: It’s in Richmond. 5052 West Graham Road. It’s yours.
Red: Fine. I’ll take it.
Liz: No, no deal!
Smokey: Yes! Thank you.
Red: After I surrender you to the court and collect my bounty. Now, it’s just over 600 miles to DC, so if we push on, we should be there in 10, 12 hours. That said, if time permits, I would love to stop along the Bourbon Trail and try a Honey Ginger Buck.
Liz: I think we might be stopping a little earlier than you’d like.
Red: Must be US Marshals.
Man in car: US Marshals! Pull over!
Smokey: Oh, God. Don’t stop. No, no, you– you can’t pull over.
Liz: They’re US Marshals. If I don’t stop–
Red: If you do stop, they’ll search this car, and while it may be Mr. Putnum they’re after, they’ll be thrilled at their unexpected discovery.
Liz: Let me handle it.
Red: Elizabeth, no.
[ Tires screech ]
Liz: Just let me get rid of ’em.
[ Liz walks up to the vehicle, showing her badge ]
FBI. I’m transporting a fugitive.
[ More vehicles pull up ]
Smokey: What is it?
Red: Trouble. These aren’t Marshals. [ Gets out of car ] Elizabeth!
[ 💥💥💥 Gunfire 💥💥💥 ] [ Man shouting indistinctly ] [ Glass shatters ] [ Red and Liz 💥💥💥 return fire 💥💥💥 ]
Liz: Reddington!
[ Gunfire continues ] [ Tires screech, metal twisting ]
[ Liz takes out a guy about to shoot Red 💥💥 ] [ Groans ]
Red: [ To Liz ] Get in!
[ Car door shuts ] [ Tires screech ] [ 💥💥💥 Gunfire continues 💥💥💥 ] [ Man screams in fury and 💥💥💥 unleashes his automatic rifle 💥💥💥 💥💥💥 at Liz’s car as Red guns it ]
Liz: [ To Smokey ] I got a lot of questions! But first, who the hell were those guys?

Red: They’re skinheads? What the hell do you mean, skinheads? Other than the fact that they happen to have skinheads?
Smokey: They run a massive drug cartel that launders profits through Davis and Fox Entertainment.
Red: The carnival?
Smokey: It’s a cash-heavy business. The profits are Smurfed and worked into the proceeds of each city.
Red: So, your brilliant criminal enterprise was founded on the concept that you steal money from the most ruthless, bass-ackwards groups of racists you could possibly find?
Smokey: You’re dragging me halfway across the country for 40 grand. That’s a business plan?
Liz: [ Coughs ] This car’s shot. I’ll call Cooper.
Red: No.
Liz: What? Why not?
Red: If the Feds take Putnum in, I don’t get my 40 grand.
Liz: Are you kidding me? I’m an FBI agent. He’s in my custody. I’ll make sure you get your money.
Red: If I give him to you, you’re gonna take him to the nearest FBI field office, where he’ll demand an identity hearing or fight extradition. In either case– He’ll miss his court date, and you won’t get your money.
Smokey: Hey. Talk fast. [ Handcuffs rattle ] Your smoking car’s like the Bat-Signal. Those goons’ll find us any minute.
[ Red shoots 💥 in Smokey’s direction ]
Red: Next one goes in your leg.
Smokey: I’m not afraid of you, Bub. Do you even know why you’re turning me in, hmm? To stand trial for embezzling from my employer– not the cartel– from the carnival. The Feds have no clue the cartel’s even involved. Only reason they know anything about the missing money is because of some random IRS audit, but the truth is gonna come out in court, and I’m gonna be killed in jail. So how about you let me go, I stay alive, and when I’m home safe, I’ll write you a check for the 40 grand? Think that’s a lot smarter than whatever you two geniuses have planned.
Red: “Planned”? [ Laughs ] I don’t have the foggiest idea how to get you back. That’s what makes it fun– the surprises. Your carnival people, your skinheads, your mouth that won’t stop running. So buckle up, Smokey, because before this is over, you and I are gonna get to know each other better than either of us would like. And my 40 grand– I’m gonna enjoy earning every damn penny. Uncuff him.

[ Engine humming ] [ On a tour bus, Red is chilling next to an old woman, who is asleep. Smokey and Liz are on the two seats behind them ]
Putnum: I’m– I’m– I’m getting dizzy. I need to get my blood sugar up. I need– I need to get– get some air.
Liz: [ To Red, whispering ] Mind telling me what’s going on?
Red: I don’t know. I feel pretty good.
Liz: Knock it off. Rent money and an adventure? What are you up to?
Red: I feel alive. Zipping off in that car, bullets flying. What a thrill. [ Chuckles ] And the driving. Dembe’s always driving. I should do more driving. I am sorry about your car, however.
Liz: You can pretend to be loving this all you want, but I know the truth. The truth is you’re scared. Scared because you’ve lost everything and you don’t know how to get it back.
[ The lady next to Red wakes up, groggy ]
Red: Good morning.
Old Woman: Hmm. Cincinnati?
Red: No, not yet. I do have a funny joke about Cincinnati, though. A priest, a rabbi, and Pete Rose walk into a casino and–
Smokey: [ Standing up, waving ] Orange juice! I-I-I-I need a glass of orange juice!
Liz: Oh, stop it.
Smokey: Anybody? My- My- My- My- My blood sugar!
Liz: Stop it!
Smokey: I need it, I need it! I’m– I’m gonna be sick!

[ A seedy restaurant in Sparta, Kentucky. Country music playing. Smokey is devouring a piece of pie ]
Red: How is it?
Smokey: Mmm. It’s delicious. I’m sorry I don’t have any money. I would’ve paid.
Red: I’m just happy you’re happy.
Smokey: I tried to tell you I’m a diabetic.
Red: Just eat your pie.
Smokey: Please don’t do this. The cartel, those skinheads, they have people on the inside. You know what will happen to me.
Red: Yes.
Smokey: I’m serious about the money. It’s yours if you– if you–
Red: [ Cellphone rings ] Oh, it’s my boss. Well, that’s a sentence I never expected to say.
[ Cellphone beeps ]
Red: Maurice, great news. We have Putnum is custody.
Maurice: Fantastic. Where are you?
Red: Well, there was a slight hiccup in our plans. We’ll be taking the 2:00 PM Cardinal out of Cincinnati. Should arrive with plenty of time before the trial.
[ Cellphone beeps ]
[ The skinheads have been listening in )
[ Cellphone speed-dialing ]
Tad: Just got a location on Putnum. Cincinnati Amtrak, next train to Union Station, DC.
[ Cellphone beeps ]
Odin: Tad got a location.

[ Knock on door, door opens ]
Ressler: You wanted to see me?
Cooper: Shut the door. Sit down.
[ Door closes ]
Ressler: Something wrong?
Cooper: You were at Laurel Hitchin’s home the day she passed.
Ressler: Yeah, which I included in my report.
Cooper: I saw that. But I noticed you omitted the fact that there was bad blood between the two of you.
Ressler: Well, I didn’t see how that was relevant.
Cooper: In the weeks before she died, you stormed into Hitchin’s home, shot one of her guards, and accused her of murder. In turn, she had your badge taken away, and now you’re one of the last people to see her alive.
Ressler: And?
Cooper: And you have nothing to say about that? No intel on how she died?
Ressler: I’m sorry, but what exactly are you getting at?
Cooper: I’m asking if it’s a coincidence that the woman you despised ended up dead shortly after you paid her a visit?
Ressler: Well, it sounds like it. Either that or, uh, karma.
Cooper: I see. I had to ask. That’s all, Agent Ressler.
[ Door opens, closes ]
[ Cellphone speed-dialing ] [ Door bangs ]
Henry Prescott: Yes?
Ressler: Hey, it’s me. I think you and I need to talk.

[ A railway station waiting room in Cincinnati. Train whistle blowing ]
Red: Train’s delayed again.
Liz: Again? How long?
Red: Another hour. We’re gonna miss the cut-off. I’m gonna find us a car.
Liz: To steal? No. No, you’re not.
Red: I’m sorry, my dear, were you about to suggest something else?
Liz: Don’t speak to me like I’m a child.
Red: Elizabeth, please keep an eye on our fugitive.

Announcer: [ Over PA ]
Second train to arrive on Track 5. Next is service to San Antonio. All passengers …

Smokey: He’s your dad. That’s why you’re helping him, because he’s your father.
Liz: Drink your coffee.
Smokey: I saw you badging our bus driver. I couldn’t figure it out– A cop with him? Why?
Liz: I’m not helping him. I’m bringing a fugitive to justice.
Smokey: I see. You won’t steal a car, but you’ll take me to prison, where I’m gonna get killed?
Liz: I’m just doing this by the book.
Smokey: Hmm.
[ Cellphone speed-dialing ]
Smokey: I got to use the can.
Liz: No.
Smokey: You think I’m gonna try and run? I’m not stupid. I– I just got to take a leak.
Liz: Okay. I’ll hold it for you.

[ Liz enters the Men’s Room with Smokey ]
[ Door handles rattles ] [ Door bangs ]
[ Reluctantly, Liz gives Smokey a moment of privacy ]
[ Toilet flushes ] [ Water running ]
[ When Liz goes looking for him, Smokey is gone. A man lies on the floor, with Smokey’s shirt over his head. Liz removes it. The man’s face is bright red ]
[ Liz rushes out ] [ Door handle rattles ]

[ Smokey tries to disappear into the crowd but the skinheads grab him ]
[ Engine revs ] [ Tires screech ]
Liz: Hey! FBI!
[ Doors close, tires screech ] [ Indistinct conversations ]

[ Liz finds Red, who has broken into a car ]
Liz: They got him! He’s gone! Putnum’s gone!
Liz: [ On cellphone ] The truck had Texas plates.
Aram: I’m sending you everything I got from the database matching that criteria– 6’1″, tattooed neck, white supremacist with known ties to the Lone Star State.
Liz: He has a “warrior rune” tattoo. That could indicate he did some time – in federal prison.
Aram: Okay, got it. By the way, Mr. Cooper told us about you and Mr. Reddington. Most people are really happy to have a lawyer in the family. You’ve got a master criminal. How cool is that?
[ Red is working with the car’s wiring, grunts ]
Liz: Wait, this is the guy.
Aram: Okay. Odin Neiland. He did five years at FCI Lewisburg for distribution of methamphetamines. Wait, Liz, hang on a second. Okay, this guy has ties to Roman LeMarc. Okay, LeMarc runs a neo-Nazi outfit called the Friedrich Brigade. They are a ruthless, Mafia-style crime syndicate that smuggles drugs through the federal prison system.
Liz: Reach out to FBI headquarters. Have them run their contacts and sources and see if they can’t get a location on this scumbag.
Aram: [ Keyboard clacking ]
Liz: LeMarc had to have his people listening in on us. To the bondsman, maybe? It’s the only way they could have found us. And as for Putnum, if he’s not dead yet, he will be soon.
[ Red gets the engine started, revs ]
Red: Let’s go.
Liz: Go where? What about Putnum?
Red: I doubt he’s dead, and I think I know where to find him. Get in.

[ Ressler gives Prescott the money he owes him in a paper bag ]
Henry Prescott: It’s been a pleasure.
Ressler: You’re not going anywhere, not until you tell me what’s going on. You left Hitchin’s body at the scene. There’s cops crawling all over that place.
Prescott: They’ll discover she slipped and fell and hit her head.
Ressler: You’re supposed to be a fixer! You were supposed to make this go away!
Prescott: Calm down, Mr. Sturgeon.
Ressler: [ Sighs ] Laurel Hitchin was the National Security Advisor. She had enemies, she had lots of them. And because of your brilliant plan, you just triggered a multi-agency investigation into her death!
Prescott: Mr. Sturgeon, I don’t care what kind of scrutiny it draws, because I’m very good at what I do. The evidence is gone, every trace, which means you were never there. So unless you go home and suddenly grow a conscience, this thing is over. You’re welcome. Now, goodbye.

[ Richmond, Virginia (likely at 5052 West Graham Road, the address Smokey told Red his money was at) ] [ The skinheads enter a large room with Smokey. Liz comes up behind the leader Roman LeMarc and holds a gun to his neck ]
[ Guns cock ]
LeMarc: Boys.
[ The gang members lower their guns ]
Red: Mr. Putnum, go find your money. [ To LeMarc ] You, sit.
Red: Mr. LeMarc, I understand you’re upset. You trusted a man to launder your criminal nastiness, and instead, he absconded with it. I’m here to make things right– a proposal. You get your money, and I get the man who took your money.
LeMarc: [ Laughing ] Now, why would I agree to that?
Red: Because I have the guns.
[ Footsteps approach. Smokey returns with a heavy satchel ]
Red: [ To LeMarc ] Take your money and go.
Liz: What? No. No, no, no, no, no.
Red: I don’t want to get involved in your affairs, so if you take your money and leave, you’ll never see me again. And Mr. Putnum will not be telling anyone – the courts or otherwise – about the intricacies of your business operations. I’m his rabbi now. You’re free to go.
Liz: No, you’re not.
Smokey: Whoa, whoa. What the hell’s going on?
Red: Mr. LeMarc was just leaving.
LeMarc: And what if I tell you I’m not leaving here without both him and my money?
Red: I put a bullet in your head and keep your money.
Liz: I said no.
Red: Mr. LeMarc, she won’t shoot you, but trust that I will. On three. 1, 2–
Liz: Don’t touch that money!
Red: [ Chuckles ] Now, that’s a nasty look that takes practice. You must have sisters.
Liz: You walk out that door, I fire.
[ The skinheads walk out of the door, but Liz can’t bring herself to fire )
Liz: [ Frustrated ] Uhh!

[ Liz is driving at night with Smokey in the passenger seat. Red is in the back, nodding off ]
[ Redeye’s ♪ “The Edge Of The World” playing ]

♪ I remember you were a charmer, laughing as though

Smokey: Want to know why I took the money?
Liz: No.
Smokey: It’s in my nature. Back when I traveled with the bigtop, I liked to get a little card game going after rap. You know, stud, hi/lo, Texas Hold ‘Em. My daddy, he was a gambler like his daddy, so, um, I had to be careful. It was four years ago, I-I got into a game with a few of LeMarc’s boys. Lost a lot of money that night. Lot of money. That’s how they got me. LeMarc wanted me to pay off my note, asked me to find a way to launder his money for him, so I– I did it, but I wasn’t never gonna get out from under him. That’s why I was skimming from his cartel. To get out. I should’ve known all those years ago, but just like my daddy, I was a gambler. No way to avoid the family curse. It’s nature vs. nurture. And nature wins every time. Our DNA is what it is.
[ Red has been listening ]

♪ ah-ah-ah-ah, ah-ah-ah-ah-ah

[ Red pulls up to the courthouse in DC, shifts gear and stops ]
Smokey: [ Chuckles nervously ] I’ll– I’ll– I’ll die in there. Don’t do this.
Red: Mr. Putnum, I believe turning you in is the right thing, the legal thing. Do you agree, Elizabeth?
Liz: Yes, it’s the right thing to do.
Smokey: You have 45 minutes before I have to be at the courthouse. C-Can you at least let me call Tammy Lynn and say goodbye?
[ Red hands Smokey Liz’s cell phone and points to where he wants Smokey to make the call from ]
Red: Right there.
[ Smokey gets out, dialing ]

Red: For a moment there, I didn’t think we were gonna make it.
Liz: I never should’ve let LeMarc go.
Red: You weren’t willing to shoot an unarmed man in the back. I think that’s something to admire, not regret.
Liz: LeMarc’s the real bad guy in this. If we had him, Putnum could agree to testify against LeMarc, get leniency, stand a chance. I’m not defending what he did, but he’s only in this situation because–
Red: Because of his father? Perhaps. Or perhaps it’s the dumb luck of a gambler.
Liz: He just wanted to get away from the criminal in his life. Can’t blame him for that.
Red: [ Laughs ]
[ Outside, indistinct conversations. People stream by. Smokey is gone. Red and Liz jump out ]
Red: What the hell? What happened? What’s going on?
Woman: A bomb– They’re saying there’s a bomb in the building.
[ Liz runs through the crowd, sees Smokey going down a concrete staircase ]
Liz: FBI! FBI! Federal agent!
[ Liz catches up to Smokey at the bottom of the stairs and tackles him ]
[ Two policemen come up to Liz ]
Liz: There’s no threat. This genius here called in a 10-89 as a diversion – to avoid a court hearing.
[ Handcuffs click ]
Liz: I need you to escort him. He’s got an appointment with a judge in 40 minutes.
[ Red looks on, makes eye contact with Liz, who sighs. Red smiles slightly ]

[ Cooper’s office ]
Cooper: So that’s it? Reddington takes you on a grand adventure to bring a carnival barker to justice?
Liz: I know it sounds crazy he would do something like this to make ends meet, but Putnum is now in the US Marshals’ custody, and he is at trial as we speak. He did it for the money.
Cooper: I owe you an apology.
Liz: Sir?
Cooper: I’ve decided to disclose your relationship with Reddington.
Liz: It’s the right thing to do. I want to do the right thing.
Cooper: I’m sorry for the personal scrutiny that will likely result from this– the doubts, suspicions of your loyalty, which may rise again. I’m not going to sugarcoat it. This is gonna be a struggle. But I have great confidence in you, confidence you’ll make the right decisions, if you just stay true to yourself.

[ Red and Liz in Red’s “new” car ]
[ ChinChin’s. ♪ “Run Run Run” playing ]
Liz: Got your bail money?
Red: I did. Thank you.
Liz: There’s something you should know. You may be my father, and I am going to help you rebuild your empire, because it will enable us to catch criminals. But I’m not gonna lose sight of who I am in the process.
Red: Please don’t make me return the car. I’ve always secretly wanted a Wagoneer. It smells like Dad’s car. Like peanut shells, gasoline. [ Laughs ] Elizabeth, if it helps to salve the wound, we did bring a fugitive to justice.
Liz: And a neo-Nazi is walking free, and his cartel is thriving. And as for Putnum, the only way he could get leniency is if he returned the money he embezzled, but thanks to us, he can’t do that. And his former partner, Hawkins, is being transported from jail to the courthouse and is going to testify against Putnum, and he will be found guilty, and he will go to prison. And there is no guarantee LeMarc won’t have him killed.

♪ I know you’re scared, but that’s all right Oh.
when you’re living out here in the wild

[ Tires hiss ] [ A Bureau of Prisons transport van pulls up ] [ Red gets out of the car ]

♪ when you’re living out here in the wild

Red: Hey, Morgan. Chuck. You have the package? Any trouble?
Morgan: Close call. We passed the real transport van on the highway.
[ Chuck peels the “Bureau of Prisons” label from the side of the van ]
Red: Make sure the guard gets his money. And thank you, guys. I’m in your debt.

♪ instinct’s the only thing that keeps us alive
take my hand and every step

[ Hawkins, the woman who was going to testify against Smokey, gets out of the van ]
Hawkins: Who are you?
Red: Your Fairy Godmother.
[ Van door closes ]
Red: Your deal with the prosecutor got your sentence reduced to four years. With me, it’s reduced to none. [ Handcuffs rattling ] Care to hear more?
Hawkins: [ Happily ] Yeah.

[ Smokey is at his court appearance ]
Judge: I’ve given the prosecution several continuances. And now your star witness is nowhere to be found–
Lead Prosecutor: Your Honor, if I may, it was contin–
Judge: No, you have no witness. The charges against the defendant are dismissed. Mr.
Putnum, you are free to go.
[ Gavel bangs ] [ Smokey, amazed and happy, hops up and leaves ]

♪ when you’re living out here in the wild

Liz: That’s what this whole thing was about? You had to get Putnum back in order to draw Hawkins out, which could only happen if Putnum showed up to trial. This whole thing was about getting to the accountant.
Red: That’s half of it. I’d be happy to explain, but there is something I need you to do for me first.

[ Aram is in Cooper’s office, seated and nervous ]
Aram: Agent Navabi and I we’re, um – [ hesitates ]
Cooper: Dating?
Aram: Yes. And if, uh, that’s gonna be a problem, you know, with the higher-ups, then, uh, I’d be willing to–
[ Knock on door. Ressler and Samar enter ]
Ressler: Hey. You wanted to see us?
Cooper: Aram, it’s not a problem.
Samar: What’s going on?
Cooper: I heard from the medical examiner. He’s concluded Laurel Hitchin’s death was an accident. Forensics pulled nothing off the surveillance. Evidently, it was as simple as it sounds– slipped and hit her head.
Ressler: So that’s it. Case closed.
Cooper: Case closed.

Red: You may think you want to be off the pool, believe me, up and ba– Smokey! Hawkins: What the hell is he doing here?
Smokey: Nope. No way in hell. No way. Eaz-I t-eaz-old y-eaz-ou i-eaz-f I-eaz e-eaz-ver s-eaz-aw y-eaz-ou–
Hawkins: B-eaz-ack o-eaz-ff, p-eal. I-eaz’m i-eaz-n n-eaz-o m-eaz-ood.
Red: Okay, take a breath. Let’s celebrate. Can a diabetic drink wine? – Dariush.
Hawkins: Who has diabetes?
Smokey: Well, you can’t blame a guy for trying.
Red: Earlier today, you two were both on your way to trial, to prison, and now, thanks to us, you’re both free. Free to greet opportunity knocking at your door.
Hawkins: What?
Smokey: Opportunity?
Red: Imagine owning 2% in a multi-national conglomerate with interests in travel, beverage, technology, cyber, defense, revolution, with gross profits that would be the envy of most companies in the Fortune 500.
Smokey: Which– Which– Which conglomerate is that?
Red: Mine.
Hawkins: You live in a motel.
Smokey: And LeMarc is still out there.
Red: I have every confidence that the FBI is in the process of finding whatever rock LeMarc and his men are hiding under.
Smokey: Well, We We– We– We– We don’t know anything about your line of work.
Red: Hawkins here knows money laundering like the Pope knows the Bible. And you, Smokey– You know everything there is to know about logistics and tactics. It wasn’t your fault the greatest show on earth went out of business. That says more about lack of vision than anything else. And sure, you’re down on your luck and you made some poor choices that put a wedge between you, but I removed that wedge today. And if you’re as smart as I know you two are, you’ll agree to this proposal. And together, we’ll take a wild ride.
[ Paul Stone’s ♪ “Don’t You Forget About Me” playing ]
Red: Yes? More wine! Help yourself to the pretzels and the cheeses. We’re all family here. [ Chuckles ]

♪ won’t you come see about me

Liz: I was wrong. You’re not at all scared of the future.
Red: Oh, my gosh.

♪ giving me everything, inside and out
don’t you forget about me

Liz: You’re actually loving this.
[ Red laughs, takes Liz’s drink and puts it down. They dance to the swing music ]

♪ don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t don’t you forget about me
as you walk on by…

[ Red twirls Liz around. She beams. He laughs ]

♪ …will you call my name?

[ Ressler gets into his car. Henry Prescott gets in on the other side ]
Ressler: What are you doing here? You shouldn’t be here.
Henry Prescott: I was careful not to be followed.
Ressler: [ Sighs ] The official report came back. ME ruled the death an accident.
Henry Prescott: Which is why I’m here. Yeah, I couldn’t help but wonder how Reddington’s security man, Mr. Sturgeon, knew details only the police should know. So I did a little police work myself. I ran your prints. Turns out you’re not Mr. Sturgeon after all, but rather Special Agent Donald Ressler with the FBI.
Ressler: What do you want?
Henry Prescott: I want you to know you’re gonna be doing me some favors in the very near future.
Ressler: Did you forget that you got rid of the evidence that I was even at that crime scene?
Henry Prescott: I didn’t get rid of it, Agent Ressler. I hid it. Do what I ask, when I ask, and it’ll stay hidden. We’ll be in touch.
[ Car door opens ]

♪ lala, la-la, lala, la-la la, la, la la, la, la-la-la

[ Laughter ] [ Speaking indistinctly ]
Liz: That was Cooper. He’s got a beat on LeMarc and his crew, and they should be in custody within the hour.
Red: So you get your bad guys, and I get mine.
[ Door opens ]
Liz: Dembe. Where have you been? Do you want a drink?
Dembe: Yes. Thank you, Elizabeth.
[ Liz leaves ]
Red: How’d you do?
Dembe: I couldn’t find it.
Red: Dembe, that suitcase We need to find that suitcase.

[ Hinges creak ] [ Keys rattle ] [ Lock clicks ]
[ Liz enters her apartment, senses someone’s presence and spins around, pointing her gun ]
Tom: Hey. Don’t shoot.
Liz: [ Gasps ] You’re back! [ Laughs ] Oh!
[ Liz runs to Tom, leaps into a hug ]
Tom: [ Grunts as he catches her ]
Liz: How you doing? Are you really here?
Tom: I really am. God, I missed you. I have some news.
Liz: You’ve got news? I’ve got news. It’s about Reddington.
Tom: What about him?
Liz: He’s my father.
Tom: He’s your father?
Liz: I know, it’s crazy. Uh, but it explains so much. I mean, of course, I’m confused about why he took so long to tell me and how I feel about everything, but–
[ Tom discretely slides the suitcase out of Liz’s sight ]
Liz: Wait a minute. You’re here. [ Laughs ] So, do you have something to tell me?
Tom: I – wanted to tell you that I love you, Liz, and that I’m never gonna leave you, ever again.
[ As they embrace, a surrealistic scene of horror flashes in glimpses as loud music pounds ~ a preview, a premonition, a vision? ~ In it, Red breaks through a door 💥💥💥 Gunfire 💥💥💥 A pink doll lies on the floor; a shell casing clinks next to it. Tom lies on the floor, his face white but battered and slashed. He holds his bloody hand up to stop the assault. Red points his gun and blasts 💥💥 Tom’s blue eyes stare ]
Liz: [ Smiling happily ] You better not leave. I’ll kill you.

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Episode Songs


♫ New York Groove
By Ace Frehley

♪ Many years since I was here
On the street I was passin’ my time away
To the left and to the right, buildings towering to the sky
It’s outta sight in the dead of night

♪ (Ooh) Here I am, and in this city
(Ooh) With a fistful of dollars
And baby, you’d better believe

♪ I’m back, back in the New York Groove (3X)
Back in the New York Groove, in the New York Groove

♪ In the back of my Cadillac
A wicked lady, sittin’ by my side, sayin’ “Where are we?”
Stop at Third and Forty-three, exit to the night
It’s gonna be ecstacy, this place was meant for me

♪ (Ooh) I feel so good tonight
(Ooh) Who cares about tomorrow
So baby, you’d better believe

♪ I’m back, back in the New York Groove (3X)
Back in the New York Groove, in the New York Groove

♪ I’m back, back in the New York Groove (10X)

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2xAACK1
YouTube: https://youtu.be/LKdHy18rZcI


♫ The Boss
By James Brown

(1-2-get down)
♪ Paid the cost to be the boss
Paid the cost to be the boss
Paid the cost to be the boss

♪ Look at me
you know what you see,
you see a bad mutha
Look at me
you know what you see,
you see a bad mutha

♪ Paid the cost to be the boss
Paid the cost to be the boss
heh! told you so!
told you so!

♪ Havin fun, fooling around
Havin fun, got money to boot

♪ Cause I paid the cost to be the boss
Paid the cost to be the boss
Paid the cost to be the boss
Caught, tracked
turned my back uhh!

♪ Paid the cost to be the boss
Im a bad mutha
Im a bad mutha

♪ Head for the turn around
Head for the turn around
told you so!
Paid the cost to be the boss…

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2fVqEJo
YouTube: https://youtu.be/jC2ZY2loo74


♫ Edge Of The World
By Redeye

(lyrics unavailable as of 9/30/2017)

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/^
YouTube: https://youtu.be/jdUdigpPkVs


♫ Run Run Run
By ChinChin

(unavailable as of 9/29/2017)

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/^
YouTube: https://youtu.be/^


♫ Don’t You Forget About Me
By Simple Minds [ sung by Paul Stone ]

♪ Hey, hey, hey, hey
Ooh woh

♪ Won’t you come see about me?
I’ll be alone, dancing you know it baby

♪ Tell me your troubles and doubts
Giving me everything inside and out and
Love’s strange so real in the dark
Think of the tender things that we were working on

♪ Slow change may pull us apart
When the light gets into your heart, baby

♪ Don’t you, forget about me
Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t
Don’t you, forget about me

♪ Will you stand above me?
Look my way, never love me
Rain keeps falling, rain keeps falling
Down, down, down

♪ Will you recognize me?
Call my name or walk on by
Rain keeps falling, rain keeps falling
Down, down, down, down

♪ Hey, hey, hey, hey
Ooh woh

♪ Don’t you try and pretend
It’s my feeling we’ll win in the end
I won’t harm you or touch your defenses
Vanity and security

♪ Don’t you forget about me
I’ll be alone, dancing you know it baby
Going to take you apart
I’ll put us back together at heart, baby

♪ Don’t you, forget about me
Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t
Don’t you, forget about me

♪ As you walk on by
Will you call my name?
As you walk on by
Will you call my name?
When you walk away

♪ Or will you walk away?
Will you walk on by?
Come on, call my name
Will you call my name?

♪ I say
(Lala la la lala la la)
Will you call my name?
As you walk on by

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2ywSQJq
YouTube: https://youtu.be/NJC4wJOWFQY

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🔴 Script: 5:2 Greyson Blaise (№ 37)

Program air date: 10/4/2017 in the US
Full Script Permalink: http://wp.me/pDKwi-5LM
Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/2yJcHF9

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Don Thorin
Written by: Lukas Reiter, Jon Bokenkamp



⭕ Script 5:2 Greyson Blaise (№ 37)

Brief: Red has been having a blast, relaxing poolside, collecting colorful new associates and pursuing the occasional criminal to keep Cooper happy. He and Liz are hitting it off as a father/daughter act. Aram and Samar are now a couple. Ressler is in debt to fixer Henry Prescott for helping him hide his involvement in Laurel Hitchin’s death. Tom has returned from his adventures and holds the key to Red and Liz’s future relationship – a suitcase full of bones, left to him at the suicide of Mr Kaplan – a suitcase Red is desperate to recover.

[ New York City ]
[ Sophie Tukker’s ♪ “Awoo” plays ]

♪ I know I did not raise a wrist
I know I did not capture it
It came, it went
It conquered quick
I was there and then I quit

♪ Awoo

♪ I know I did not raise a wrist
I know I did not capture it
It came, it went
It conquered quick
I was there and then I quit

♪ Awoo

[ A masked man dressed in black enters a room containing an museum collection. At the center is a glass display case housing a brilliant diamond necklace. He cuts through the case with a laser torch and removes the necklace, slipping it into a woman’s clutch. He leaves, shedding his black jacket, gloves and mask ]

♪ I know I did not raise a wrist
I know I did not capture it
It came, it went
It conquered quick
I was there and then I quit

♪ Awoo

[ A woman, Phoebe, addresses a group of finely dressed socialites ]
Phoebe: Truly a labor of love, to be able to bring this magnificent collection to our city.
[ Greyson Blaise enters ]
Anna Cartwright: Where have you been? They’re about to start.
Greyson Blaise: Well, you left your clutch in the car there.
Phoebe: Mr. Greyson Blaise.

♪ I know I did not raise a wrist

Greyson: Thank you, Phoebe. You are truly a patron of the arts. Speaking of patrons of the arts – Napoleon. His first wife was unable to bear him a child, so he dumped the Empress of France for the Archduchess of Austria. He got a child, and she got a magnificent gold and silver necklace consisting of 234 diamonds, and what is widely considered to be the most spectacular jewelry piece of the age. It’s here, and on loan from the Smithsonian. Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great pleasure that I give to you the Napoleon Diamond Necklace.

I know I did not raise a wrist
I know I did not capture it
It came It came

[ The door of the room to the art display is opened, revealing that the necklace is gone ]
Guard: [ Into Walkie-Talkie ] Lock everything down. The necklace has been stolen.

♪ I was there and then I quit

[ CHATTER ] [ Anna looks into her clutch. The necklace is there ]
Anna: You’ve been a naughty boy.
Greyson: You said you had to have it.

♪ Awoo

[ Small Forward’s ♪ “Afternoon Take-Off” plays ]
[ Liz and Tom’s apartment. They are kissing passionately and tearing at each other’s clothing ]

♪ Elevators in your eyes

Liz: I can’t believe you’re back. I have so many questions for you, like where you’ve been.
Tom: I’ll tell you later.

♪ And you look me down
Now I run the risk

[ They fall to the floor ]
Liz: But it’s done? You’re back?
Tom: Yeah. I’m never gonna leave you again.

♪ You told me that you’re anxious
You seem to let it go

[ They head toward the couch ]
Tom: Ow, my foot.
Liz: Oh. [ SQUEALS ] So sorry. Oh, I’m out of practice.
Tom: It’s okay. Come here.
Liz: Oh, my God!
Tom: [ CHUCKLES ] When did she get so big? Was I really gone that long?
Liz: [ SIGHS ] Oh, it happens fast.
Tom: You know what we need?
Liz: To have sex?
Tom: We need to get married. We never got married.
Liz: Yeah. Great. [ CHUCKLES ] First, let’s have sex.
Tom: Okay.
Liz: Mm.

Liz: I’m so sorry I’m late. Um, last night was crazy.
Cooper: No time, Keen. No more excuses from anybody. I gotta answer to the DOJ and Panabaker and a new FBI Director who likes results. And Reddington’s acting like it’s summer vacation.
Liz: Well, I don’t wanna make excuses for Reddington, but–
Cooper: Then don’t–
Liz: –if his contacts are compromised like he says they are
Cooper: I don’t buy that for one minute. The man knows people. Criminals. He’s plugged in to an entire ecosystem of deviants. I have a hard time believing he’s suddenly so compromised he can’t be of help to us. No, he’s playing grab-ass by the pool between naps and happy hour.
Liz: Where are you going?
Cooper: We are going to find Reddington. I’ve had a teenage son, and the best way to handle a man with no aim in his life is to confront him directly.

[ At the Terrace Vista Motor Lodge where Red is staying, by the pool ]
Red: Myron, I’m in your debt.
Myron: Lotta good that’ll do me if the boys find out I was here.
Red: Your associates are buzzards. But you, my friend, will always be welcome at my table.
[ Red hands Dembe a post-it ]
Red:This man gets us to a man named Dennison, and Dennison gets us to the suitcase.
[ Liz enters with Cooper ]
Dembe: Elizabeth. Mr. Cooper.
Red: Harold, Elizabeth, please sit. Have a siu mai.
Cooper: Is there somewhere we can talk privately?
Red: Greyson Blaise.
Cooper: Your room, an office?
Red: You want a Blacklister, I’m giving you one. Or are you here to play ColorKu? An absolutely infuriating game. Although, I do love the way it looks.
Liz: Greyson Blaise? Isn’t he the one who circumnavigated the globe in a hot-air balloon?
Red: And raced at Le Mans and trekked across the Sahara and stole Van Gogh’s “Poppy Flowers” from a museum in Cairo.
Liz: He’s an art thief.
Red: A thrill-seeker. A Van Gogh in Cairo. A Picasso in Rio. And last night in New York, a necklace – The Napoleon necklace. Blaise is a rising star, and he’s using dark money in politics to spread his influence, buying loyalty for the inevitable day when the next thrill ride he chooses to go on is to run for something. King, perhaps.
Cooper: So how do we get to him?
Red: There’s an auction in Zagreb 36 hours from now. I’m told Blaise will be there.
Cooper: Taking down someone with Blaise’s profile is exactly what we need right now.
Red: Yes. Unfortunately for you, Harold, I’m not telling you about Blaise so you can take him down.
Cooper: What?
Red: I’m telling you about him so you can help me go into business with him.
Cooper: And why would I help you do that?
Red: Because you need a powerful CI, someone people fear. And if my world learns I’m aligned with Blaise, people will be terrified.
Liz: Blaise isn’t gonna align with you if he knows you’re broke.
Red: Which is why we must convince him that I’m not.
Cooper: Fine. But you’re not going to that auction alone. Keen, Ressler, and Navabi are going with you, and I don’t want any arguments.
Red: Who’s arguing? I need a ride, you’ve got a jet.

[ DOOR BEEPS ] [ Miles Cho unlocks, then enters his restaurant. Dembe sits up ]
Cho: What the? We’re closed today. How did you get in here?
Dembe: We need to talk.

Cooper: Okay, give me the rundown. What do we know about this auction?
Aram: Uh, not much, and according to Mr. Reddington, that is the appeal. Apparently, it’s an upscale affair run by Juric and Bauer, the boutique auction house which is hosting the event in Zagreb.
Ressler: According to their website, their auction features rare and exotic coins, stamps, decorative arts. You know the international one-percenters are gonna be crawling all over the place.
Liz: Which means high security.
Aram: Fortunately, the company uses a computer system to log guests. I was able to locate their servers and add a new profile.
[ KEYBOARD CLACKING ] [ A picture of Samar pops up ]
Samar: Lovely. Who am I going to be this time?
Aram: Yasmin Shahidi, the only daughter of an Iranian textile manufacturer who made a fortune selling private estates in Beverly Hills.
Liz: What about Reddington? With all that security, it’ll be too risky to bring him in the front.
Cooper: Once you’re inside, you’re gonna have to find an alternate entry.
[ At the auction site ]
Samar: South stairwell. 30 seconds.
[ Samar subdues the man and zaps him ]
Man: [ GRUNTS ]
[ Samar lets the others in ]
Liz: Nice work.
Ressler: All right. Look, don’t touch. Or bid.
Red: I know the rules, Donald.
Ressler: Well, humor us and try to follow them.

[ At the auction in Zagreb, Croatia ] [ CLASSICAL MUSIC PLAYING ]
Red: This is fun. Out and about, a glass of bubbles
Liz: Just try to keep a low profile. The last thing we need is someone to recognize you.
Red: Truth be told, being stuck stateside has left me feeling somewhat smothered as of late. Oh, my goodness. Look at those Guan vases. And that flatware. Did you know Nancy Reagan – She could dress a table specifically for that night’s guest at a moment’s notice.
Russian Silver for a tea with Gorbachev, Italian silver stag-head stirrup cups for a last-minute supper with Sinatra. Can you imagine?
Liz: Sinatra? I can’t imagine.
Red: Let’s find a paddle card and a catalogue. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy dickering over an heirloom now and then.

[ Nik Korpal, an ER MD who was once engaged to Liz, enters a parking garage ]
Nik Korpal: [ On phone ] I just finished my shift. I’ll be home in 31 minutes. Yep, I use Waze to find my way home. Don’t let the scrubs fool you. You’re engaged to a moron. I’ll be home soon.
[ Tom approaches ]
Nik: Whatever it is, the answer is no.
Tom: Two minutes. Okay, less. Please.

Auctioneer: We move on, then, to lot 348. Might I remind you that this rare collection…
Liz: [ Whispers To Red ] I don’t see him. Do you?
Auctioneer: Includes the finest known bronze cent from each mint, including the unique 1943-D bronze penny, which PCGS has certified at 68 out of 70. Shall we open the bidding, then, at $1.8 million?
Liz: Did you hear me? He isn’t here.
Auctioneer: $1. 8 million now. $1.8 million.
[ Red flips his paddle to bid ]
Liz: What are you doing?
Red: I can’t resist.
Liz: Are you insane?
Red: Elizabeth, we’re at an auction. I have to bid on something.
[ Red flips his paddle again ]
Liz: You don’t have any money.
Red: Harold does, and it’s important for me to keep up appearances. I can’t go around looking like a party pooper.
Auctioneer: $2.4 million.
Red: Anything under 3 for the bronze Lincoln penny is highway robbery. It’s a steal.
Liz: Knock it off.
[ Liz takes the paddle from Red ]
Auctioneer: All through? At $2.4 million?
Man: 3.
Auctioneer: $3 million. Gentleman’s bid now of $3 million. Sold to you, sir at $3 million, paddle 143.
[ Greyson Blaise looks back at Red, acknowledges him ]
Red: Well, at least we got his attention.

Nik: Reddington’s her father? I can’t say I’m surprised. I’m sad for her. That sucks, but what does this have to do with me?
Tom: Nothing. That mystery has been solved. But this one hasn’t.
[ Opens suitcase with bones ]
Nik: Who is that?
Tom: I don’t know. That’s why I’m here.
Nik: I can’t help you.
Tom: Whoever is in here, this is the dying wish of a good woman, all right? Mr. Kaplan died so that Liz could find this skeleton and identify the remains.
Nik: Liz is an FBI agent. Why can’t she have the Bureau ID them?
Tom: Because she doesn’t know about them yet.
Nik: Your two minutes are up.
Tom: If I tell her now, she will tell Reddington. If he finds out before we ID the remains–
Nik: We?
Tom: –He will find a way to make sure she never learns the truth.
Nik: There is no “we.” The last time I helped you guys keep a secret from Reddington, he almost killed me.
Tom: I get it.
Nik: Kaplan didn’t leave instructions?
Tom: No, just a number to call when I picked up the suitcase.
Nik: She has a confederate. Maybe he has the answers you need.
Tom: I was really hoping to get them from you.
Nik: I really should go.

Auctioneer: Ladies and gentlemen, we come now to our next item up for bid, a lovely work of craftsmanship …
[ Greyson Blaise approaches Red ]
Greyson: Raymond Reddington. I didn’t know you were a collector.
Red: Yes! But $3 million for a book of coins is a bit rich even for my blood.
Greyson: [ To Liz ] I’m sorry. I don’t believe we’ve had the pleasure. Greyson Blaise.
Liz: Colleen Williams.
Anna: Anna Cartwright.
Greyson: I’m surprised to see you here, Raymond. I heard you were, uh, struggling.
Red: If you’re struggling, you’re alive.
Greyson: They say that your associate, the woman– She, uh, she tried to destroy you.
Red: Anna, those are lovely earrings.
Anna: Mm, they were a gift from Greyson.
Red: Cheers!
[ Red and Greyson walk off together ]
Liz: Wow. Those are just exquisite. Uh, may I?
Anna: Yeah.
[ Liz touches one of Anna’s earrings, attaching a tiny tracking device ]

Red: Rumor has it you may be in the mood to unload a certain waterway in the Aegean Sea.
Greyson: Oh, I suspect you know surprisingly little about my business dealings.
Red: Perhaps, or perhaps there’s a leak in the boat, Greyson– One we’d need to plug before hopping into the canoe together.
Greyson: I don’t think I should be seen with you here.
Red: Yet you understand that running an enterprise such as mine requires a network of trade routes which could prove quite profitable to a man with your resources.
Greyson: Go on.

[ Frank Shelley & Adam Saunders ♪ “Taking a Gamble” plays ]
Miles Cho: I- I don’t know where Dennison is, honestly. I’d tell you if I did.

♪ I’m taking my chances
With all the odds in my favor

Dembe: Do you like carrots?
Cho: Yeah, sure. Why?
Dembe: Good.
Cho: Are you making us a meal?

♪ If I could fix that fortune wheel
I wouldn’t have to think twice
Don’t wanna risk that sort of deal
If I’m in control when I roll the dice

♪ I’m placing my bets
I’m playing my aces
Laying my cards on the table
What more can I do?
I’m taking a gamble on you

(Spoken:) Take it!

Dembe: We should give thanks. All praise is due to Allah, who gave us food and drink, and whose wisdom may guide us toward a resolution of our conflict that doesn’t involve hospitalization.
Cho: This is how you’re gonna get me to tell you where to find Dennison?
Dembe: I believe one gets more flies with honey than vinegar. I have also studied the Behavioral Change Stairway Model developed by the FBI’s hostage-negotiation unit. If the goal is to get one to tell something they don’t want to tell, empathy and rapport are vital.

♪ With all the odds in my favor
I’m shootin’ for the moon
And takin’ a gamble on you

Cho: This tastes amazing.

♪ I’m shootin’ for the moon

Dembe: Red or white?
Cho: Red, please.
[ Dembe pours, red wine for Miles Cho, cranberry juice for himself ]

♪ And takin’ a gamble on you
It’s a gamble on you
Takin’ a gamble on you

Dembe: [ Toasts ] To finding Mr. Dennison.

Red: What am I thinking? This is neither the time nor the place to talk business. Let’s go somewhere, have a drink.
Greyson: I don’t think so. It’s getting late.
Red: A nightcap – Amaro, perhaps?
Greyson: Anna? I have an early morning.
Red: Well, if you change your mind or care to see the Rembrandt, give me a call.
Greyson: Wait. The Rembrandt?
Red: “Storm on the Sea of Galilee.”
Greyson: That painting’s been missing for nearly 30 years.
Red: [ Chuckles ] Missing? The thing’s hanging on the wall of my house on Lake Como. Oh, my gosh. That’s it. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it earlier. We’re having a get-together at the house Saturday. You should come.
Greyson: You have a house on Lake Como? That’s not far from me. Why didn’t I know that?
Red: It’s a fairly recent acquisition, papered, of course to ensure my privacy. I’m throwing a birthday party for a friend. Drinks in the garden. We can talk a little shop, and you can experience “Sea of Galilee” in the flesh.
Greyson: I’m busy Saturday. Mm. But if my plans change, I might try and swing by – for the Rembrandt. [ Chuckles ] Cheers, Raymond.
Liz: I thought you were broke. I didn’t know you had a house – on Lake Como.
Red: I don’t.
Liz: Then why did you tell him you’re throwing a party there?
Red: It was the first thing that came to mind. I hope Harold’s still in the office. Can you call him?
Liz: And say what?
Red: That we need his checkbook. We’re throwing a party.

[ Conference call between Cooper in DC and team in Zagreb ]
Cooper: You want the FBI to throw you a party? Why on God’s green earth would I agree to that?
Red: Because I told Greyson Blaise I was throwing a party. I-I’m sorry, I’m just so confused, Harold. Do you not like parties?
Cooper: I’m trying to figure out why you promised Blaise he could see a painting you don’t own at a party you’re not throwing at a home on Lake Como which you don’t have.
Red: I had to say something.
Ressler: And what if Blaise doesn’t show?
Red: The man is an art collector who has an opportunity to see a magnificent painting that’s been missing for 27 years. He’ll show.
Ressler: The FBI isn’t exactly in the business of, uh, throwing criminals parties.
Red: Let me worry about the house and the party. I only need your assistance acquiring the painting.
Samar: “The Sea of Galilee” was stolen in 1990. No one has seen it since.
Red: Amalia Hammett sees it every day. It’s sitting on an easel in the living room of her apartment in Paris.
Liz: How do you know that?
Red: I brokered the sale.
Cooper: And you want us to steal it back.
Red: The woman is in possession of a stolen work of art. The FBI can’t seize it in Europe, and while you could request a joint operation with the French, I’m not sure they’ll let you lend it to my estate on Lake Como. So yes, you should steal it.

[ Ressler is in a surveillance van viewing a live feed of the street outside Amalia Hammett’s flat in Paris, France. Samar is on the street ]
Ressler: Hey, Navabi, you got eyes?
Samar: Not yet. Any minute. Aram says her calendar indicates that she and Marius have a manicure every Thursday at 11:00.
Ressler: He sounds like a real heartthrob. Who is this guy, her boyfriend?
Samar: More like her bitch.
Samar: I’m on the move.
Ressler: You gotta be kidding me.
[ Samar enters the apartment building ]
Speaking of loyal companions, uh, how are things with you and Aram?
Samar: Lovely. Thank you for asking.
Ressler: You and I got a problem.
Samar: I’m touched. You’re jealous.
Ressler: Not quite. The old lady’s coming back with her hamster.
[ Samar finds the living room with the easel – but a different painting ]
Samar: The painting– It’s not where Reddington said it would be.
Ressler: What are you talking about?
Samar: “The Sea of Galilee” It’s not here. It’s gone.
Ressler: Well, Hammett’s on her way up.
[ Ressler exits the van ]

Ressler: Oh, I’m so sorry. Do you speak English? I just need some directions.
Amalia Hammett: I’m sorry, young man. I’m very late.
[ She pushes past him ]
Ressler: All right, Navabi. You gotta go. She’s on her way up now.

[ Samar is still there when Amalia Hammett enters her apartment ]
Samar: The Rembrandt– Where is it?
Amalia Hammett: Excuse me! What are you doing in my flat? I have no earthly idea what you’re talking about. Out! Get out! I’m calling the police.
[ Samar takes her phone ]
Samar: You’re not calling anyone.
[ Ressler steps up behind Samar ]

[ Lake Como, Italy ] [ BIRDS CHIRPING ] [ Red and Liz get out of a taxi at a large estate ]
Liz: It’s amazing. How’d you convince the owner to let you use it?
Red: I haven’t, but I will. Sometimes being notorious has its perks.

Red: I know I’ve thrown a lot at you, so please, take time to discuss.
Analia Beneventi: So, you want to take our house.
Red: Ah, not take. Borrow.
Analia: Ah.

Italian (with subtitles)
Analia Beneventi: He wants to have a party.
Paulo Beneventi: I understand, but you do know who he is. The cowboy– The American–
Analia: He’s a criminal. Not a cowboy, and I don’t see what other choice we have.

Red: We’ll let you two talk.
[ Red and Liz step aside ]
Liz: Maybe you could just rent a different house.
Red: One doesn’t simply rent the kind of estate I would have on Lake Como. Besides, I told Blaise we had a garden. They’ll come around.
Analia: [ Loudly ] No.
Red: What?
Analia: My husband, Paolo – He says no.
Red: Analia, who plays the piano?
Analia: Paolo.
Red: I see. Please tell Paolo he’s hosting a party tomorrow afternoon. He can either drink champagne and tickle the ivories or spend the rest of the night locked in the wine cellar.
Analia: [ Italian (no subtitles) ]
Paulo: Hmm
Analia: [ Smiles; To Red ] What kind of music would you like?
Paulo: Hmm. [ Smiles nervously ]
Red: [ Laughs ]

Ressler: We know that you bought “The Sea of Galilee” – That Reddington brokered the sale. Now, you either tell us where it is right now, Or I sw–
Amalia Hammett: Or what?! Who are you anyway? You’re not French Police. You have no right to come into my home.
Samar: You’re right, we have no right to be here, which should tell you that we’re very serious people with a serious need for the information that we are requesting. And since we’re willing to break into your house, [ Draws her gun ] there’s no telling what we’d be willing to do to you or Marius.
Amalia: How did you know my dog’s name?
Samar: Where is the painting?

Red: What do you mean she sold it?
Ressler: It’s gone, out of the country.
Red: That back-stabbing old bird. She promised that if she ever decided to let that painting go, she’d allow me to broker the sale. Donald, we need that painting.
Ressler: It’s not here and we can’t get it, so I hope you have a plan B.

Dale Pettigrew: I’m out of the game!
Red: Dale, hear me out. I’ll double your highest fee.
Dale: Raymond, I like you, I do. But this isn’t about the money. The thrill is gone.
Red: Right. You know what, never mind. It would’ve been impossible.
Dale: What’s impossible?
Red: No, I get it. I’ll go.
Dale: What are you trying to duplicate?
Red: “Galilee.”
Dale: Impossible! Nobody can recreate Rembrandt. You’d have to be a fool to try!
Red: Uh, forget I asked. It was a mistake. You’re on to other things.
Dale: How long until you need it?
Red: 24 hours.
Dale: You’ll have it in 20.

[ Georges Bizet’s “Carmen: L’Amour Est Un Oiseau Rebelle” from “Carmen” (Maria Callas) Plays ]
Red: [ On phone ] Christoforo. [ CHUCKLES ] Hello, old friend! Yes, a party [ LAUGHING ] Yes, yes. Why would I not invite you?

L’amour! L’amour!

Red: No, no no. Where are you? Yes, a party. Yes, yes!

L’amour! L’amour!

Red: No, no no! No, no, bring Basillo and his wife. No, no no. Yes, and the sister, too.

L’amour! L’amour!

Red: Yes. Grazie mille.

[ Red descends a marble staircase at the “borrowed” mansion ]
Red: You look nice.
Liz: Thank you, you look– What is that?
Red: I only brought one suit. I had to borrow something from Paolo.
Liz: What color is that, pumpkin? It looks like a pumpkin.
Red: His wife says it’s Tuscan Sunset.
Liz: Ah.
Red: Where’s Ressler?
Liz: On his way, which is more than I can say for Blaise. According to the tracker I put on his girlfriend, they’re still at their house.
Red: Ah, yes, the tracker. About that.

[ At Greyson Blaise’s house ]
Security Guard: The men just finished a security sweep. Found this.
[ He shows Greyson the tracking device Liz put on the back of Anna Cartwright’s earring ]

Liz: What do you mean, you intended for the tracking device to be found?
Red: To gain his trust. I told Blaise he had a mole. The tracking device confirms it.
Anna: Reporting what? I don’t ev–
Greyson: Get her out.
Anna: No, Greyson, baby, please! Greyson! [ To guards: ] Get off! Greyson!
Liz: Anna Cartwright is not a spy.
Red: No, she’s a con artist and a thief.
Liz: But she’s innocent of this, and by framing her, she could be killed.
Red: She won’t be killed. She’ll be banished. To rebuild, I need Blaise. And to get to him, I need his trust. Where the bloody hell is Ressler?

Security Guard: How’d you know about Anna?
Greyson: I didn’t. Raymond Reddington did. Perhaps I should attend his little party after all.

[ People speaking Italian ]
Liz: Okay. The good news is Ressler is en route and the painting will be here in 20 minutes.
Red: And the bad news?
Liz: Blaise just walked in.
Red: Of course he did.
[ Red leaves Liz holding two handfuls of Champaign glasses he was holding ]
Red: Greyson! – Welcome.
Greyson: Raymond. It seems like the rumors of your demise have been exaggerated.
Red: Fake news, curse of our times. [ CHUCKLES ]
Greyson: So, where’s this painting?
Red: I have absolutely no idea. So many rooms, so many masterpieces. Let’s wander. I’m sure we’ll stumble upon it eventually.
[ Click glasses ]
Greyson: Cheers.

Calvin: Welcome to Geo. Can I help you?
Tom: Yeah. I just need to change the, uh, billing address on my account.
Calvin: Sure, I can help you with that. You all right, man?
Tom: Uh, yeah.
Calvin: Let me get your number.
Tom: It’s 202-555-0105.
Calvin: Mr Dennison?
Tom: You don’t have to call me Mr. I’m sorry, man. My wife just, uh, [ CHUCKLES ] just left me.
Calvin: Oh, no, no. That’s fine, uh – Albert. No worries. I’ll get that billing address changed for you. Just, uh, let me get the last four of your social.
Tom: Seven years we’ve been together, you know?
Calvin: Sorry.
Tom: And she’s sleeping with her boss?
Calvin: What?
Tom: And now I’m the one who has to move out. And I found that apartment, you know? I remodeled it myself, and now I’m sleeping on my buddy’s couch. And she’s banging a guy named Phil!
Calvin: That’s messed up.
Tom: You know, the guy wears a bowling shirt, all right? The kind with his His nickname embroidered right on the front, and it’s– It’s “Chesty,” all right? She picked a guy named Chesty over me.
Calvin: If I could just get that new address where you want the bill sent, I’ll fix you right up.
Tom: I’m sorry, I’m sorry. It’s, uh, it’s 618, uh, Hillgrove.
Calvin: Great. So, uh, you want me to discontinue the copy being sent to the Kinsey Street address?
Tom: That’s fine. I don’t even, uh, get it. I just pay it online.
Calvin: Nah, it says here you still get a copy sent to 319 Kinsey Street.

Red: I’d be a completely silent partner. Harold Lloyd hanging from the clock tower, risking all, saying nothing.
Greyson: It’s an interesting proposal.
Red: My goods run through your ports. If I’m caught, you disavow; If I’m not, you get 5% of the profits.
Greyson: 10% and you have a deal – if you show me the painting.
Red: Yes. Of course, it looks even better if you’ve got a glass of champagne in your hand. Where is that young girl? Don’t move a muscle.

[ Nick Waterhouse’s ♪ “Say I Wanna Know” plays ]
[ Liz runs up to van from which Ressler and Dale are unloading the painting ]
Liz: Finally!
Ressler: Apparently, genius can’t be rushed.
Dale: Careful! It’s still wet.
Samar: There’s an entrance on the south side leading into the study.


♪ Have you ever …

Red: Analia, just in the nick of time.
Greyson: No, enough with the champagne and the stalling. Do you have the painting or not?
Red: As a matter of fact, I don’t. Truth be told, I’m broke.
Greyson: I knew it. And thi – all of this, the estate?
Red: It belongs to Analia here.
Greyson: The caterer.
Red: A-And the pianist, Paolo. They lent it to me under duress.
Greyson: Is that true?
Analia: Si.

Liz: Leaving so soon?
Greyson: As far as I’m concerned, sugar, it can’t be soon enough.
Liz: Oh, but you haven’t seen the painting yet.
[ Liz takes him by the arm and guides him. Red follows behind ]

Greyson: What’s this?
Ressler: We were just, uh, taking it down to–
Greyson: I don’t understand. Y-You said you didn’t have it.
Red: I don’t. You do. That’s why my men were taking it down. A gift to commemorate our new partnership.
Greyson: It’s beautiful. So much more vivid than any photograph. The colors jump out, almost as if the oils on the canvas were still wet.
[ Greyson reaches to touch it. Red intervenes ]
Red: Dale has spent two long years restoring it. And now it’s yours.
Greyson: No. I’m sorry, but I-I couldn’t.
Red: You could, and you will. Wrap it up and load it into his vehicle.

♪ She’s trying and she wanna know

Greyson: I don’t know what to say.
Red: Go. Enjoy. We’ll talk tomorrow, set things in motion.
Greyson: Thank you, Raymond.

♪ We trying and we wanna know
We trying and we wanna know

Liz: I can’t believe it worked.
Red: Almost.
Red: Inspector Scutari? Yes, hello. I’m calling about the stolen painting. Si­, the Rembrandt.

Cooper: [ Over phone ] He did what?!
Ressler: It worked. The entire plan. Blaise agreed to align his operation with Reddington’s, and then, Reddington turned him in to the Italian police.
Samar: Apparently, it was all pre-planned. There was an art-crime inspector waiting for Reddington’s call.
[ Greyson Blaise and driver run into a police road block near his mansion ]
Driver: Sir, you seeing this?
[ The car stops and they are immediately arrested ] [ CHATTER ]
Aram: So Mr. Reddington gave the forgery to Blaise as a gift, then set him up to get arrested with it?
Cooper: This makes no sense. The whole reason to go there was to convince Blaise to do business with Reddington.
Samar: So he played us, but why?

Red: I told you. The reason we’re here is to rebuild my empire.
Liz: By partnering with Blaise, by getting him to vouch for your financial situation.
Red: That is a lily I may have gilded, but it’s a lovely evening on Lake Como. Let’s not spoil it picking the sense from the nonsense.
Liz: Where are you going?
Red: Blaise’s mansion is about 15 minutes from here, and inside it is the cornerstone on which I can begin to rebuild.
Liz: Are you telling me that this entire thing– The forgery, the mansion, the 150 bottles of wine and Blaise’s arrest– Were all an extremely expensive and elaborate ruse so that you could rob him?
Red: Yes.
Liz: [ Enthusiastically ] Cool!
Red: Cool?
Liz: Maybe the wine or the fact that I have no legal jurisdiction in Italy or that Blaise called me “sugar” earlier, but yeah I think it’s really cool.

[ ENGINE REVS ] [ Red and Liz pull up to Greyson Blaise’s mansion ]
Security Officer: Help you with something?
Red: What are you doing? Why aren’t you destroying everything?
Security Officer: Destroying? I’m sorry, who are you?
Red: They haven’t notified you? We’re on the brink of a Level 4 breach!
Security Officer: What is your name?
Red: My name? Caden Gard, Chief International Council for your employer.
Security Officer: [ On phone ] I have some attorney out here, Caden somebody.
Red: I don’t have time for this. I-I’m only here because Blaise has been arrested less than 20 minutes ago, and within another 20, this place is going to be crawling with Carabinieri.
I called ahead, gave explicit instructions that everything was to be destroyed.
Security Officer: We just got a tip from our man in Interpol. They said that–
Red: That Blaise was arrested. What do you think I’m standing here for? Miss Chloe and I are only here because this is a Single Scope SCI sweep.
Security Officer: I- I d-don’t know what that is.
Red: Oh, my God. Where is Peniford?
Security Officer: Peniford?
Red: All right. Radio your team – Everyone! Tell them I’m on site and we’re at Tier 3, okay? Miss Chloe, contact our man in Interpol. Find out how much time we have. If anyone shows up, the alert word is “pumpkin.” You, inside.
Man: [ Into phone ] We’re Tier 3.
Another Man: Huh?
Red: Cellphones, pagers, anything with a chip needs to go in the microwave right now!
Liz: Egidio says the police are on their way 15 minutes, maybe less.
Red: You. Can you access the security feeds?
Man: Yes, sir.
Red: Get there and destroy them. Okay people, listen up – Sugarfoot has been arrested, and time is of the essence. We’re Tier 3, but this is what we prepared for. You all know the protocol. This is now officially a Single Scope Operation. You and you, I need you to find anything with a hard drive, get it in the bathtub. You two, you’re on paperwork. Anything with numbers gets burned. Somebody show Miss Chloe the financials. And you, show me Yankee Bob White.
Man: Sir?
Red: The safe! Where’s the safe?

[ Red flips through a bunch of papers ]
Red: Oh, my God. He’s keeping financials on the entire staff. This could implicate all of us. Take it downstairs and burn it. You, get me the combination to that safe.
Liz: [ To a man ] Take these.
[ The man takes the papers and leaves ]
Liz: [ Whispers, To Red: ] Before we get killed, you mind telling me what we’re looking for?
[ A woman runs in ]
Red: Blaise’s passports – Find them, shred them.
[ The woman keys in the combination to the safe, takes out a thrumb drive ]
Red: Miss Chloe, time?
Liz: Six minutes and counting.
Woman: Some of the records are on paper, but Mr. Blaise – He keeps the important docs on this thumb drive.
[ She gives the thumb drive to Liz ]
Red: The passports! Go, now!
Woman: What about the painting? “Dance”?
Liz: The Picasso?
Red: Get it out of here, anywhere. H-Have them put it in my car.
[ The woman hurries out. Liz takes a small box from the safe and opens it ]
Liz: [ GASPS ] [ It’s the Napoleon necklace ]
Red: Take it.
Liz: What?
Red: Take it.
[ Red is paging through a collection book of coins. He takes one out ]
Liz: Uh– The Lincoln Penny? That’s what we’re here to steal, a coin?
Red: Do you have the thumb drive?
[ Red and Liz exit the mansion. Breathlessly, the Security Officer runs up ]
Security Officer: Threw both of Mr. Blaise’s desktops in the lake. Uh, the police may find them, but the drives are toast.
[ Red takes the man’s face in his hands ]
Red: [ Earnestly ] Listen to me. Good God, man, listen. If you make it out, there’s a small hotel in Paris – 3241 Rue de la Mare. Say it back.
Security Officer: 3241 Rue de la Mare.
Red: Go there. Get a room under the name Mr. DeLacey. Say it!
Security Officer: Mr. DeLacey.
Red: Right. I’ll make contact when it’s safe. Until then, talk to no one. Do you understand? Good luck, mate, and Godspeed!

[ Red and Liz get in Red’s car ]
Liz: [ CHUCKLES ] Is that really a Picasso in the back seat?
Red: Yes. That was a nice surprise.

[ Back in DC ]
Red: Harold, you’re obviously upset.
Cooper: No, I’m not upset. “Upset” is an emotional word. My reaction isn’t about emotion. It’s about my job. It’s about you consistently keeping me in the dark and refusing to respect my role as the head of this task force. And you know what else it’s about? Your ego and your obvious failure to understand that this entire operation, everything we’re trying to do here, is hanging by a thread!
Red: My mistake. I thought you might be upset.
Cooper: You lured us in, acted like the only thing you needed from us was a ride to that auction. The next thing I know, my people are stealing paintings–
Red: To be fair, stealing back a painting. Or trying, at least.
Cooper: Not to mention half-a-dozen invoices for a party at a house on Lake Como!
Red: Right. Please don’t forget to pay the catering bill. Those folks were very, very nice.
Cooper: After all of that, what do we have to show for it? Nothing. You handed Blaise over to the Italian police, so we don’t even get credit for the arrest.
Red: True, the Italians will get credit for arresting Blaise with “The Sea of Galilee.” Of course, it’s not “The Sea of Galilee,” which they will undoubtedly realize shortly, at which point they will be forced to release Blaise with apologies.
Cooper: So nobody gets him.
Red: Wrong. You get him, Harold. You and this Task Force.
[ Red gives Cooper the Napoleon necklace ]
Red: Because while the Carabinieri have bogus evidence, you have the genuine article. Fast, hard proof of Blaise’s criminal activities all over the globe. Art heists, missing masterpieces. That necklace alone should be enough to put him away and get your new Director off your back for a long weekend, at least.
Cooper: What was in that house that was so important?

[ At the motel, Red and Liz are poolside. Liz plays with the Lincoln penny ]
Red: Penny for your thoughts.
Liz: Why’d you do it?
Red: Why’d you let me? It wasn’t the wine.
Liz: I’m scared of you. Now more than ever. Of who you are, because you might be who I am, too. I let you do it because it felt like the right thing to do. It wasn’t. But it certainly felt that way because–
Red: Because you’re my daughter?
Liz: In more ways than I care to admit.

[ DOOR CREAKS ] [ Tom enter warily. A man is tied to a chair and gagged. He has been badly beaten, but is conscious ]
Tom: Are you Dennison? Who did this to you?
[ Tom pulls down the gag ]
Dennison: [ COUGHS ]
Tom: What happened? You okay? Who did this to you?
[ Tom pulls Dennison’s gag back up ]
Tom: I’m sorry.
[ Tom goes into the closet, pulling shut the louvered doors ]
[ DOOR CREAKS ] [ Red and Dembe enter ]
Red: Albert? Albert, look at me. Do you know who I am?
[ Dennison nods ]
Red: You’re a tough son of a bitch. Your loyalty to Kate is admirable. But you will die, Albert here and now, if you don’t tell me where that suitcase is. Who has it? I won’t ask you again.
Dennson: [ LAUGHS ] [ CRYING ]
[ Red shoots Dennison in the chest 💥💥💥 ]
[ After Red and Dembe leave, Tom comes out, pulls down Dennison’s gag ]
Dennison: [ GRUNTS ]
Tom: Hey, hey. Who– Why did I pick up the suitcase?
Dennison: Ole–
Tom: What?!
Dennison: Oleander. Find him.
Tom: Who’s Oleander? Who is he? What is– What is Oleander?
[ Dennison loses consciousness ]

[ Tom is home cooking ] [ CELLPHONE RINGING ] [ CELLPHONE BEEPS ]
Nik: Hey, it’s me.
Tom: Nik, what’s up?
Nik: I’ve been thinking about this, what you said. I have no interest in getting involved with Reddington, but if what you said If you think Liz is in some kind of danger, just tell me what you need me to do, okay?
Tom: Thank you. Nik, that’s, uh– Thanks. Look, I don’t feel comfortable talking on the phone.
Can we meet?
Nik: Yeah. Text me an address.

[ Tom is at home, cooking ] [ Liz enters, wearing a little red dress ]
Liz: Wow, smells amazing!
Tom: Yeah, well, hold your judgment until you’ve tried it, because I might end up killing us all. [ CHUCKLES ]
Liz: “Us all”? What’s going on?
[ DOORBELL RINGS ] [ Liz runs to the door and opens it ]
Red: Elizabeth, good evening.
[ Red hands Liz a bottle of Champagne ]
Liz: Hello! What’s going on?
Red: Tom didn’t tell you? I was invited to dinner.
Tom: I set four place settings. Every time I see you, you’re with Dembe, so I just thought the two of you, you know. I don’t know what I thought.
Red: Thank you, Tom. I regret I can’t stay. I have another engagement. Sorry to have inconvenienced you, but at least you’ll have plenty of leftovers. Before I go, let’s have a toast.
[ Tom opens the bottle of Champagne and pours it ]
Liz: What exactly are we celebrating?
Red: Tom’s return, of course! Your family must be very happy to have you back. I remember warning you not to embark on that silly adventure. But nothing ventured, nothing gained. Welcome home.
Tom: Cheers.
[ They sip ]
Tom: So, what have you been up to? [ Smiles ]
[ Liz glances sideways at Red. Red smiles awkwardly ]

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Episode Songs


♫ Awoo
By Sophie Tukker (feat. Betta Lemme)

♪ I know I did not raise a wrist
I know I did not capture it
It came, it went
It conquered quick
I was there and then I quit

♪ Awoo

♪ I know I did not raise a wrist
I know I did not capture it
It came, it went
It conquered quick
I was there and then I quit

♪ Awoo

♪ I know I did not raise a wrist
I know I did not capture it
It came, it went
It conquered quick
I was there and then I quit

♪ Aaah

♪ I know I did not raise a wrist
I know I did not capture it
It came, it went
It conquered quick
I was there and then I quit

♪ I know I did not raise a wrist
I know I did not capture it
It came, it went
It conquered quick
I was there and then I quit

♪ Awoo
Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2xiGGY9
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♫ Afternoon Take-Off
By Small Forward

(lyrics unavailable as of 10/5/2017)

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/^
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♫ Taking a Gamble
By Frank Shelley and Adam Saunders

(lyrics/video unavailable as of 10/6/2017)

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/^
YouTube: https://youtu.be/^


♫ “L’Amour Est Un Oiseau Rebelle” from “Carmen”
By Georges Bizet (sung by Maria Callas)

( Translated from French: )

♪ Love is a rebel bird
That no one can domesticate
And it’s in vain that we call for it
It’s the one we’ve just been denied
♪ Nothing does it, threats or prayers
One talks well, the other one doesn’t talk
And that’s the other one I prefer
He didn’t say anything but I like him
♪ Love, love, love, love
Love is Bohemia’s child
It has never known any law
If you don’t love me I love you
If I love you beware
If you don’t love me
If you don’t love me I love you
But if I love you, if I love you
♪ The bird you thought you surprised
Flapped it’s wings and flew away
Love is far, you can wait for it
You don’t wait for it anymore, it’s here
♪ All around you, fast, fast
It comes, leaves and then comes back
You think you hold it, it avoids you
You think you avoid it, it holds you
♪ Love, love, love, love
Love is Bohemia’s child
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But if I love you, if I love you

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2ysb034
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♫ Say I Wanna Know
By Nick Waterhouse

♪ Have you ever
Made the best of a bad situation
Maybe, gone and takin’
Somethin’ yours for the takin’
Have you ever… Felt trapped
Like you… wanted to stop
Like you… not even gonna make it
Past the corner of the block

♪ Say, I wanna know
Say, I wanna know
Say, I wanna know
Say, I wanna know

♪ Oh there’ll be times
That this ol’ world can be so demanding
It get hard to find
A little truth ‘n understanding
Have you ever… Felt trapped
Like you wanted to stop
Like you…

♪ Not even gonna make
Past the next city cop

♪ Say, I wanna know
Say, I wanna know
Say, I wanna know
Say, I wanna know

♪ I trying and I wanna know
That I’m trying and I wanna know
We trying and I wanna know
We trying and we wanna know
He trying and he wanna know
She’s trying and she wanna know
We trying and we wanna know
We trying and we wanna know
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♪ Say, I wanna know
Say, I wanna know
Say, I wanna know
Say, I wanna know

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2y3We1m
YouTube: https://youtu.be/ioRU8ZgGj1U

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🔴 Script: 5:3 Miss Rebecca Thrall (№ 76)

Program air date: 10/11/2017 in the US
Full Script Permalink: http://wp.me/pDKwi-5T1
Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/bit.ly/2yhZuGf

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Adam Weisinger
Written by: Jonathan Shapiro, Taylor Martin



⭕ Script 5:3 Miss Rebecca Thrall (№ 76)

Brief: Red has been winning, then losing, then winning Cooper over again with his madcap approach to restoring his empire. Liz has decidedly mixed feelings, having enjoyed the fun of taking down Greyson Blaise while knowing it was crazy and wrong. Tom, in the meantime, has witnessed a murder in which Red’s ruthlessness was evident – ruthlessness that it certain to be visited on Tom if Red finds out he is the one in possession of the mysterious suitcase containing a skeleton.

[ Two policemen break down the door of Scottie Stansbury’s apartment ]
Officer McGinnis: Baltimore PD. Come out, Stansbury. We got a warrant.
Officer Parker: We know you’re here, Scottie. Why don’t you come on out, make this easier?
[ The two officers separate. McGinnis comes upon Scottie Stansbury in the kitchen, at the sink. Scottie turns around ]
Scottie: Ah, please. I-If you take me in and my parole officer finds out I’ve been using–
[ Officer McGinnis is training his gun directly at Stansbury ]
Scottie: W- what’s going on?
McGinnis: I’m sorry, Scottie.
[ 💥💥 ] [ Blood splatters. Scottie falls ]
Officer Parker: [ From elsewhere in the apartment ] McGinnis!
[ McGinnis goes over to Scottie, who lies motionless, fires 💥💥 two shots from a different gun he has brought, toward the entry to the kitchen, then places the gun in Scottie’s hand ]
[ Officer Parker appears ]
Parker: McGinnis! What the hell happened?
McGinnis: I-I just– He drew. He fired. Is he–
[ Parker feels for a pulse ]
Parker: He’s dead. You came in– What? You had no choice. You had to fire, right?
McGinnis He had a gun. Yeah, I had to fire.

Police chief: McGinnis. Hey. Can you hear me?
McGinnis: Yes. Chief, look, I got nothing to hide. I’ll wave my Garrity rights. I-I was following protocol.
Chief: And I’m sure IA will confirm that, but right now, I want you to go home and call a lawyer. You need a lawyer.

[ A woman in red shoes with spike heels walks ]
[ Car door opens ] [ Car door closes ]
[ The woman gets in the car with Officer McGinnis, hands him a slip of paper ]
McGinnis: You sure nobody followed you?
Miss Rebecca Thrall: Password to the account. Funds are now available.
McGinnis: [ Sighs ] I didn’t think it’d be this bad.
Thrall: You’re alive, Officer McGinnis. Which is more than we can say for Scottie Stansbury. You’ve done your job. Now let me do mine.

[ Red is at the Terrace Vista Motor Lodge where he has been staying. He is dressed in a fleece robe with a hoodie, baseball cap, t-shirt and shorts, trying to get ice out of the ice machine. One ice cube drops out. He bangs the machine and shakes it fruitlessly, then heads back toward his room. He sees the door has been broken open. He turns around ]
[ Red knocks on the door of another room ] [ A perky young woman with a Southern accent answers ]
Piper: What’s up, buttercup? You finally change your mind, decide to join me and Gary tonight in the hot tub?
Red: Yeah. Uh, tonight? Maybe.
Piper: Is it the scab on his leg?
Red: Oh, no, no, no! No, no, no! Gary’s – Gary. I’m just distracted. I locked myself out of my room. I certainly don’t want to go down to the lobby. I was hoping I might use your phone.
Piper: Oh, yes, of course, silly. Get in here.
[ Both chuckle ]
Piper: You coming to social hour tonight? Gonna bring Daddy’s favorite little pickle-bites.
Red: Piper, I have no idea what that means.
Piper: I spread cream cheese on a slice of dried beef, wrap it up real good around a dill. Put a little toothpick in ’em, real good.
Red: [ On Piper’s phone ] Dariush! It’s Bruno. I’m sorry. I- I somehow locked myself out of my room.
[ The windows of the motor lodge look down on the central court with the pool. Red sees three thuggish-looking men, including one in a cowboy hat, walking around the pool ]
Red: I was hoping– Oh right. No. Oh, no, that’s fine. That would be gre– Wait. [ Chuckling ] I found it now! Never mind. I- Yeah, right here, in my pocket of all places. [ Chuckles ] Okay. I’m sorry. Thank you.
[ Red hangs up ]
Piper: I’ll tell Gary we’ll hot tub at 8:00.
[ Opens Door ]
Red: Don’t forget the pickle-bites.

[ Red returns to his room, enters cautiously. On the mirror in the bathroom is written in soap “RIVERA WANTS YOU” ]
[ Cellphone beeps, dialing ]
Red: Dembe. Yeah. Did you get a plate number? Okay.

[ Tom and Nik (Liz’s ex-boyfriend who is an ER MD) sit on a bench next to a medical or academic building ]
Tom: Who is this guy anyways? I mean, what kind of “medical expert” agrees to help covertly identify human remains?
Nik: I’m sorry. I didn’t realize he needed a résumé and a urine sample to get the job. You asked me for help, I’m getting you help, and I’m breaking the law in the process.
Tom: Yeah, for Liz.
Nik: Right. For Liz. That worked out well last time.
Tom: He’s a friend of yours, this Pete?
Nik: He has access to the kinds of medical equipment you need.
[ A thin, scruffy-looking guy comes out of the building ]
Tom: That guy? Did he even go to medical school?
Nik: He was the smartest kid at Harvard during my residency. Then he sort of dropped out. Today he’s plugged in to some kind of network of criminal drug activities. You two should get along swimmingly.
Pete: What up, Nikky? [ Sniffles ] You got gray as Grandma. You must be –
Tom: Tom.
Pete: Cool fake name. You a cop?
Tom: All right, you know what? Forget it.
Nik: This isn’t a joke, Pete.
Pete: Yeah, well, I don’t know your friend.
[ Talking over each other: ]
Tom: You know what? It’s my mistake–
Pete: I barely know you–
Tom: I never should’ve come to you–
Pete: I’m not going jail for someone I haven’t seen–
Tom: for help in the first place–
Pete: since med school–
Tom: because this guy is not–
Nik: Shut the hell up, both of you. He is not a cop. And you are the smartest guy I’ve ever met – destroyed me in boards so I know you’re smart enough to run this DNA test, take the money you clearly need, and keep your mouth shut.
Pete: Look, those remains, if they’re damaged like you say – exposed to air, natural elements – then pulling DNA might be difficult. I can do it maybe but it’s gonna take time.
Tom: Then I guess you should stop talking and get to work.

[ Red is seated at the counter of a run-down restaurant, looking through apartment ads in a newspaper. He circles one. Liz enters and sits next to him ]
Liz: Dembe told me you moved out of your hotel?
Red: Sadly, my time at the Terrace Vista has run out.
Liz: So, what, you’re apartment hunting?
Red: Yes. While you go on a hunt for some dirty cops.
[ Red shows Liz a newspaper account on the killing of Scottie Stansbury ]
Red: I believe the unfortunate incident with Officer McGinnis was far more than the stuff of headlines. I believe it was premeditated murder.
Liz: [ Reading ] Says here the victim shot first.
Red: I still have a few friends among the men in blue. They’re whispering that the scene was staged by a well-compensated mercenary.
Liz: McGinnis a paid-for killer. But according to this article, he has a clean record.
Red: The perfect alibi – an officer well-respected by his peers, paid by your government to carry a weapon to protect and serve the citizenry. But I’m telling you, Officer McGinnis is a killer, and he’s not the only one.
Liz: Killer cops for hire? Who’s hiring them?
Red: Whoever it is, this isn’t the first police shooting they’re responsible for – and unless you find them, it won’t be the last.

[ The Post Office ]
Liz: Andrew McGinnis. He’s a rookie officer without a blemish on his record. The victim was Scott Stansbury who spent 20 years bouncing between prison cells, parole hearings, and rehab.
Samar: What about the pistol? The one Reddington said was planted?
Aram: It was registered to another owner who reported it stolen three weeks ago, Stansbury was never a suspect.
Ressler: There’s already an internal investigation under way. Why not let it play out?
Liz: IA could spend months filing those reports. More people could die by then.
Ressler: Look [ Sighs ] I know it’s not politically correct right now to say this, but, uh cops don’t kill people, they protect them.
Cooper: Most of them do. But the ones who let anger and emotion, prejudice and carelessness affect their behavior are every good cop’s worst nightmare. Keen, talk to McGinnis, see if something feels off. Ressler, pay a visit to the partner. I want to get to the bottom of this.

Liz: You kicked the door down even though you got no response?
Officer McGinnis: No, ma’am, we went in because we had a warrant. The guy violated parole on a drug conviction.
Ressler: And when you got inside?
Officer Parker: Nothing. It was quiet. Noise on the TV, I guess – We split up.
McGinnis: Parker went one way. I went the other.
Liz: And that’s where you saw him?
McGinnis: Right. He was dumpin’ evidence – dope probably – down the drain. He saw me, pulled a gun.
Parker: … and next thing I hear, four shots.
McGinnis: He fired first. Two shots. So I returned.
Ressler: But his shots both missed.
Parker: Luckiest rookie son-of-a-bitch I ever seen.
Liz: Which shot hit him?
McGinnis: Which shot?
Liz: He was hit once. You said you fired twice. I assume you remember which missed and which didn’t.

Liz: He’s dirty.
Ressler: Why do you say that?
Liz: Said he shot twice and the second shot hit him.
Ressler: Well, that’s odd, it’s always the second shot that goes high, off the kick of the first.
Liz: Like I said – he’s dirty.

[ Descending into a basement room, Rebecca Thrall’s spike heels. Against a backdrop of a spider web, a man completely covered in a black rubber-like suit is splayed upright. She approaches him, undoing her long blond hair from its tight bun ]
Rebecca Thrall: Did you miss me, sweetheart?
[ The man nods, his body tenses, lurching forward against the restraints ]
Thrall: Aw, that’s nice. So nice.
Man: [ Breathing heavily ]
[ She removes her blouse, revealing her bra ]
Thrall: I missed you, too.
[ She pushes him back ]

[ Three men in boots, one wearing a cowboy hat, enter ] [ Red is sitting at a table with a pistol pointing ]
Red: Word to the not-so-wise–
[ One man begins to draw, but Dembe flanks them ] [ Shotgun cocks ]
Red: When you come for someone, don’t show up in a rental car under your own name with a local address.
Chief Thug: [ Spanish accent ] You never delivered the guns. Two months Rivera is fighting BLO without them.
Red: Well, he won’t get them if I’m dead. By the by, what’s with the boots? You guys do a lot of riding?
Thug: Our brothers are dying – because of you. They cannot defend themselves.
Red: How many has Rivera sent for me?
Thug: Enough to get the job done.
Red: Tell him that won’t be necessary. He’ll have his guns within 36 hours.

Dembe: A shipment of guns? You have no guns.
Red: Or money to buy them.
Dembe: Or a plane to deliver them in. This is impossible.
Red: No, Dembe – that periodontist from Tarkio? She was impossible. This is simply improbable.

Miss Rebecca Thrall: I want to make my clients’ position clear – their son was unarmed when he was shot.
Ressler: Tell that to the cop that he shot at.
Mr Stansbury: A cop murdered our son!
Liz: If that’s what our investigation determines that officer may well go to prison.
[ Ressler’s cellphone vibrates. Text: “Chrysler lhs at metro impound lot. Need you to pick up” ]
Mrs Stansbury: I’m sorry, Ms Thrall, – but there’s something I need to say.
Thrall: We discussed this.
Mrs Stansbury: This was our fault.
Liz: What was?
Mrs Stansbury: All of it. When Scottie was a little boy, we didn’t have money. We moved to this dump of a place– We didn’t know about the lead paint. It made him so sick.
Thrall: The Stansburys lived in public housing.
[ Ressler’s cellphone vibrates again. Text: “I need it NOW.” ]
Thrall: The lead paint in their unit left Scott cognitively impaired. We sued and were awarded a structured settlement worth a little under half a million dollars.
Liz: Structured settlement?
Thrall: Yes. The money was supposed to be disbursed over decades, almost like a paycheck that would show up every month for Scott.
Mrs Stansbury: But then Waterday showed up, waving $100,000 in front of Scottie.
Liz: They offered a lump sum.
Mrs Stansbury: Yeah, 20 cents on the dollar. Of course, he didn’t see that. He just saw a check for more money than he ever dreamed of. There ain’t no way that my boy shot at that officer.
[ Ressler’s cellphone vibrates: “You got 5 seconds to call me or I call your boss…” ]
Mrs Stansbury: But for him to even be in a position where that is a question? Mnh-mnh. No. I blame Waterday for that.
Ressler: I-I got to make a phone call.
Liz: Waterday – tell me more about them.
[ Cellphone beeps. Ringing ]
Prescott: Took you long enough.
Ressler: I’m not your errand boy.
Prescott: No. You’re my indentured servant. And you will be until you repay the debt you owe me for hiding your little mishap with the National Security Advisor’s skull.
Ressler: You got no play here. You can’t sell me out without implicating yourself.
Prescott: That’s true. And maybe I’m not willing to do that. Or maybe I’m bluffing. Are you gonna call my bluff, Agent Ressler, or are you gonna go fetch me that car before the cops process it?
Ressler: Text me the, uh, license and registration.
Liz: [ Whispers ] Hey. What’s going on?
Ressler: Look, a friend of mine, uh– he did something, and instead of coming clean, he’s just digging himself a deeper hole.
Liz: And he needs you to dig himself out?
Ressler: Something like that.
Liz: [ Sighs ] Okay, go. I got this.
Ressler: Thanks, Keen.

[ At the DMV, Red takes a number and sits ]

[ Woman over PA: ]
G2-8 to window R.G2-8 to window R.–

[ Red is seated between a man coughing and sniffling and a woman eating barbecued chicken from a greasy plastic container ]

[ Man over PA: ]
Attention Registration and insurance is at room 443. Room 443. Registration and insurance 443.

[ Glen Carter looks through the blinds of his office and sees Red, chuckles ]
Glen: [ Calls put ] 83? Number 83? Let’s go, lamb chop. You’re not gettin’ any younger.
Red: I think this is the first time you’ve made it a priority to see me, and I appreciate that. Thank you, Glen.
Glen: Truth is, you look sort of blue sitting out there all alone in that stew of humanity. Made my heart squeeze.
Red: Your heart?
Glen: I like pokin’ you in the nose and watching you bristle, but after all you been through – it don’t feel right. The thrill is gone.
Red: It’s been – unpredictable.
Glen: How are the mighty fallen in the midst of battle! I knew you would show up sooner or later, hat in hand, begging for help from ol’ Jellybean. What do you need?
Red: A million dollars.
Glen: Whoa! Are you dickin’ with me? I’m a government employee. I make 44 grand a year.
Red: Of which you don’t spend a cent. You live with your mother, and I’m confident you’ve amassed quite a nice nest egg from all your various extracurricular activities.
Glen: Go ahead. Kiss the ring, sport. I’m gonna need to hear the details.
Red: I need a million cash. Not to keep, to borrow. For two days. Glen, please, this is important.
Glen: [ Pause ] Hey! Who loves ya, baby?

[ Post Office ]
Liz: Waterday Financial buys a ton of these structured settlements, mostly from people like Scott Stansbury.
Aram: Yeah, people without the cognitive ability to know they’re being duped.
Cooper: The lump sum Waterday offers may be unseemly, but it isn’t a crime. Other companies do this all the time.
Samar: Reddington said someone is paying cops to commit murder. Does the financial settlement support that theory?
Aram: Well, maybe. Or uh, maybe it’s just a really odd coincidence. But Waterday doesn’t just buy structured settlements, they also make loans. And some of the loans they make are to cops. And just last month, one of the cops who had gotten a loan is Officer McGinnis.
Liz: The same cop who shot Scott Stansbury.
Cooper: Are you telling me the same company that bought the victim’s settlement loaned money to the cop who shot him? That cannot be a coincidence.

Mr Johnson: Of course it’s a coincidence. Look, we’re a nationwide company. We made over 1,400 home loans in the past fiscal year. 174 of them to cops.
Liz: And so this was bound to happen. Is that what you’re saying, Mr. Johnson?
Johnson: Look, what we do matters. To the officers who are looking to buy a home, and to the victims like Scottie Stansbury who, thanks to us, don’t have to wait for this money to slowly drip in. With the lump sum that we offer, they can pay for college, start a business.
Liz: We’re gonna need to see the documents pertaining to your structured settlements and the loans you made to the members of the Baltimore Police Department.
Johnson: Do you have a warrant?
Liz: We can get one if you insist.
Johnson: I do insist, and you won’t get one.
Samar: And why is that?
Johnson: Well, because to get one, you’ll need to convince a judge what you think is going on here, which is as obvious as it is offensive – a payoff to a cop to get him to commit murder?
Samar: Is that what it was?
Johnson: [ Scoffs ] Okay. See, the structured settlements that we buy only pay out as long as the victim is alive. Now, we paid Mr. Stansbury $100,000 for his settlement. At the time of his death, we had recouped $62,000. So, sure, someone may have wanted him dead, but not us. His death cost us a fortune.

Rebecca Thrall: Jennifer, of course you’re conflicted.
Officer Jennifer Serry: I mean, it’s just my sister is sick, but this really crosses a line.
Thrall: No. I-It isn’t only about the money or paying for an operation or even about saving your sister’s life. It’s- It’s also about the victim. His name is Robert Urwiller, and he’s suffering. Robert is cognitively impaired and no settlement amount will ever make him whole. His pain aside, look at his record. The assaults, the prison time. Jennifer, when I vet these candidates, I carefully consider everyone involved. Statistics show it’s unlikely Robert will even ever make his 45th birthday. But you can let him go. You can end his suffering, and save your sister’s life in the process.

Smokey Putnam: You busted me out to help you strategize. And I’m telling you, we need a covert landing strip where these boys can belly down a Gulfstream, and that means a minimum of 500 meters of well-camouflaged pavement that ain’t monitored by- by- by- by radar or FAA.
Heddie Hawkins: He doesn’t have the capital for a covert runway–
Smokey: Was I talking to you, gumdrop?
Red: Smokey. Please.
Heddie: Raymond. You’re broke. Now, I can promise you that this moron will run his mouth with harebrained ideas as long as there’s air in the room, but none of those ideas are gonna float if you can’t pay for them. And as your financial planner, I have a fiduciary obligation to point out that–
Smokey: Oh, oh, oh, oh! Oh, so- so the racketeer who cut a deal with the Feds for embezzling has a fiduciary obligation?
Heddie: Why don’t you button your lip and figure out where to park the plane?
Smokey: Oh, I got a place.
Heddie: Is that fact? Where?
Smokey: Why don’t you bend over and I’ll show you?
Heddie: Bend over?!
Red: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! Listen, you two need to find a covert runway. I don’t care if you have to build it yourselves, just find it and try not to kill each other in the process.
[ Door opens ]
Red: Tom. Right on cue.
Tom: Liz said you wanted to see me?
Red: Yes. About a certain business venture I’m pursuing. I think you’d fit right in.

Liz: The AUSA agreed we don’t have enough to get a warrant.
Aram: Yeah, a cop who had gotten a loan from Waterday shot a man who had gotten his settlement bought by them.
Liz: And they lost money on the deal plus, we only have one example, but, granted, that seems like one more than anyone would need.
Aram: But since it wasn’t, we reviewed the class-action lawsuit that Stansbury was a part of. Now, out of 179 plaintiffs, four sold their settlements to Waterday. Stansbury and these three
[ Aram brings up photos of three people shot to death ]
Cooper: My God.
Aram: Two were shot by police after high-speed chases. The other charged an officer with a knife. Suicide by cop.
Samar: And the cops they all got loans from Waterday?
Aram: Loans that, as far as we can tell, they’ve never paid back.
Liz: We don’t know why, but Waterday appears to be financing assassinations.
Cooper: Get this to the AUSA. Have them pull search and arrest warrants. And find Ressler. We need all hands on deck.

Liz: FBI. Step away from your desk.
Samar: Who’s in charge of your cybersecurity?
Secretary: I am. Mr. Johnson’s secretary.
Samar: Where’s your boss?
[ Cellphone ringing ]
[ The basement room with the spider web and the man in the black rubber-like suit, restrained as before – now with his face revealed. It’s Mr Johnson ]
Rebecca Thrall: It’s your office.
Johnson: Rhona knows not to call me unless it’s an emergency.
[ Rebecca holds up the phone for him ] [ Cellphone beeps ]
Johnson: Hey, what’s up? A-And they showed you a warrant? And what did they take? Um, you know what? Forget it. I’m on my way in.
[ Cellphone beeps ]
Johnson: The FBI just raided the office. Did you hear what I said? The Feds know. They’re pulling the files, Rebecca. What? Rebecca. Come on! Let me up. We’re in trouble.
Thrall: We? They’re pulling your files from your office.
Johnson: Wha- Wait. Wait. Wait, wait, wait! Come on! What are you– Rebecca! Rebecca!
[ Rebecca pulls the rubber mask over his face ]
Johnson: Please! [ Breathing heavily ]
[ Rebecca compresses the tube which allows him to breathe ]

[ Door opens, closes ]
Adika Buhari: Raymond Reddington. They said that you were out of the game. Taken down by an old lady, no less.
Red: Yes. And to think I’ve always had such good fortune with older women.
Adika: Who’s the boy?
Red: Levi Edwards. My munitions man. He’ll be inspecting the merchandise.
Adika: Why should I make a deal with you, hmm? Until today, you dismissed me as a thick-necked sea lion.
Red: I believe I said walrus. I don’t remember, I was drunk at the time.
Tom: We’re here for some guns. .50 caliber, G3s, as discussed.
Adika: You brought money as discussed?
Red: The money won’t be a problem.
Adika: Money’s always a problem. I hear it may be your biggest problem.
Red: Adika, I didn’t come here to waste my time or watch you eat. You’ve been trying to get me to kiss you into the business for years, I’m here at your table to do just that, so put down the fork–
Adika: Where’s the money?
Red: I said it won’t be a problem.
Adika: This doesn’t feel right. You don’t feel right.
Red: On the contrary, I’ve never felt better. Now put away the gun before you do something you’ll regret.
Adika: This feels like a setup. No?
Glen: Okay, okay, I’m here. I know I’m late. Traffic was a bitch.
[ Adika’s man pats Glen down ]
Glen: Ohh! Easy! I’m ticklish!
Adika: Who the hell is this?
Glen: Geynor Collins, TG&L Lending. I’m the moneyman. The one who makes the magic happen. [ Sniffs ] Ugh. What are you eating? Smells like duck.
[ Red opens the briefcase Glen brought the money in ]
Red: A million reasons for you to have faith in my financial fortitude. We’ll need the merchandise delivered by the end of day.
Adika: Leave the money. I will make some calls.
Red: Forgive the overt mistrust, but I’m not going to hand you a penny until Mr.
Edwards has had a chance to inspect the shipment.
Adika: No deal, then. I need collateral.
Red: Then take Edwards. If there’s a bump in the road, do with him as you wish. Now get your merchandise in order. I’ll call you with a rendezvous site shortly.
Adika: We can make this work.
Red: I’ll take your word for it.
Adika: Take him.
Tom: [ Back at Red ] Really?
[ Door opens, closes ]

Smokey: [ On phone ] Yes. I-I’m on my way – 45 minutes tops.
Red: Smokey, Buhari’s plane is supposed to land here in four hours. If I were throwing a picnic, it’d be lovely, but there are trees.
Smokey: The runway will be ready.
Heddie: Tell that wizard the McClintock boys are here! Where the hell is he? We need the shovels and chainsaws!
Red: Shovels and chainsaws.
Smokey: Tell her to button her lip. I- I- I- got shovels and chainsaws.
Red: Smokey, if this doesn’t work–
Smokey: Mr. Reddington, I need you to trust me on this. We are going to belly that gunrunner’s plane in that field, so help me God, I just need 45 minutes to get Leroy and Quackers there. We’ll jive then, my friend.
[ Two elephants lumber in behind Smokey ]
Red: [ Hanging up ] Who the hell are Leroy and Quackers?

Aram: [ On phone ] Based on the insurance records, I think maybe I figured out who the next target is.
Liz: Insurance records? Waterday’s in the insurance business, too?
Aram: Oh, no, but they take out a ton of it. Life-insurance policies on the lives of the people whose settlements they buy.
Samar: Johnson said the company paid Stansbury $100,000, but they had only received $62,000 when Stansbury died and the settlement payment stopped.
Aram: That’s true, Waterday lost a few thousand on the settlement payouts, but they took out a $5 million policy on Stansbury’s life. So when he died, they made a fortune.
Liz: Let me guess they had policies on the other victims, too.
Samar: Isn’t that a little obvious?
Aram: Uh, yes and no. First, Waterday had policies on all of the people whose structured settlements they bought, not just the victims. And second the victims. It looks like they pick ones who are living on “borrowed time.” Cancer victims, addicts, people whose illnesses may explain the type of erratic behavior that could result in a deadly altercation with the police.
Liz: And the next target you said you might know who that is.
Aram: Yes. Based on the three knowns – the recipient of a structured settlement, a preexisting medical condition, and a large insurance policy on their life – I found one name in the Waterday database – Robert Urwiller.
[ Robert Urwiller walks into a convenience store. Outside, Officer Jennifer Serry sits in her squad car ]
Urwiller: Let me get two of them scratchers. Might be my lucky day.

[ Elephant trumpets ]
[ At the remote construction site, Smokey has a crew of surveyors, site preppers – and Leroy and Quackers (the elephants) are clearing brush, leveling the ground, and marking off the strip with white chalk ]
Smokey: Let’s get that last maple to the south pulled! That oak, too! Mikey and John, run a string line and mow me some threshold markings. Humberto, check our compaction in the touchdown zone! Chip-chop! Chip-chop-chip, folks! Show time in 20!
Red: [ Chuckles ] My land! They don’t make men like that anymore, do they?
Heddie Hawkins: Thank the Lord.

[ Robert Urwiller leaves the convenience store ] [ Cellphone ringing ]
[ Urwiller gets into his car, tosses his cellphone on the seat, with his duffle on top of it ]
[ Engine starts. Urwiller drives off. Officer Serry follows in her police car ]

[ At the police metro car pound, Ressler finds the car Prescott told him to retrieve. It has a flat ]
Ressler: That’s it, huh?
Impound clerk: Yep.
Ressler: Was it brought in like that?
Impound clerk: No idea. Sign here.
[ Ressler signs and the clerk gives him the keys ]
Ressler: Thanks.
[ Ressler opens the trunk of the car and retrieves the spare ]
[ Cellphone ringing, beeps ]
Ressler: Ressler.
Cooper: Whatever you’re doing has to wait.
Ressler: Sir. This situation has been handled.
Cooper: Good, because we got a location on the blacklister’s next target.
[ Ressler opens the compartment looking for the jack and finds – a body, wrapped in plastic ]
Cooper: Ressler? Ressler, you there?
Ressler: I’m on my way.

Red: Smokey, you were born a century too late. You’re a miracle worker. Heddie, I can’t thank you enough for keeping us on budget.
[ Red gives Heddie a hug ]
Heddie: Oh, you had no budget.
Red: [ Chuckles ] Well, there you are.
[ Smokey gets in a pickup truck, his crew climbs in the back, engine revs and they leave ]

[ Marc Scibilia’s ♫ “My Time Is Comin'” Plays ]

♪ I’ve been waitin’ for the longest time

[ Jet engine whirs above as Adika Buhari’s jet appears ]
Dembe: It’s him.
Red: This ought to be interesting.

Aram: [ On phone ] Agent Keen, I’ve got Urwiller’s car heading east on Irving Street.
Liz: Do you have a vehicle description?
Aram: You are looking for a 1994 tan Toyota Tercel which just made a left on Georgia.
Samar: You still can’t get him on his cell?
Aram: I tried at least a dozen times Trying again now.
[ Cellphone ringing on car seat as Urwiller drives ]

♪ Can’t nobody save me

[ Siren of Officer Serry’s police car chirps ]
[ Urwiller’s phone keeps ringing ]

♪ Devil, please don’t take me alive
Ah, ooh

Aram: Mr. Cooper, I just spoke with Agent Ressler and gave him Agent Keen’s 10-20. He’s en route as we speak.
Cooper: And Urwiller? You make contact?
Aram: Uh, not yet, but we’re still trying.

♪ … coming
Ah, ooh, yeah
Ah, ooh, yeah
My time is coming, coming

[ Urwiller’s phone keeps ringing ]
[ Officer Jennifer Serry pulls Urwiller over. She looks up at a photo of her sister clipped to her visor, gets out and walks over ]
Urwiller: On my damn cellphone. Sorry.

♪ My time is coming, coming soon

Serry: License and registration, please.
Urwiller: I’m sorry.
Serry: License and registration.
[ Urwiller leans over to reach the glove compartment. Officer Serry points her gun ]
Samar: Aram, we have eyes. There’s a unit on scene now. Notify Annapolis Police and get cars there right away.
Aram: Copy that.
[ Urwiller turns to see Officer Serry pointing her gun at him ]
Urwiller: Whoa! What are you doing?!
[ Siren wailing, Samar and Liz’s pulls up ]

♪ Ah, ooh, yeah
Ah, ooh, yeah

Liz: FBI! Drop your weapon! Put the gun down. I’m not gonna warn you again.

My time is coming, coming
My time is coming, coming soon

Red: Adika! How was your flight in?
Adika: Bumpy as hell. Are you trying to kill us all?
Red: Well, I picked the site for its magnificent views. Levi, you look well.
Tom: Any chance we can untie me?
[ Adika’s man releases him ]
Red: Adika, I appreciate the good faith. And if your merchandise is as good as I hear, there’s no end to what you and I could–
[ Birds chirping, including one call with a clear bell-like tone ]
Adika: What is it?
Red: Shh.
[ The unusual bell-like bird call repeats ]
Red: You hear that? There it is again.
Adika: I don’t hear anything.
[ Bird call repeats ]
Red: A piping plover. Their breeding grounds are along coastal beaches and alkali marshes, so to hear that bell-like call from a shorebird this far inland – my gosh, poor little fella must be lost.
Adika: Do you want to talk birds or guns?
[ Tom opens crate of guns, takes out a rifle and slaps in a clip ]
[ Plover calls ] [ Tom tests the rifle 💥💥 💥💥 ] [ Chirping stops ]
Tom: Impressive.
Red: Not if you’re a lonely little plover.
Adika: The other five crates are in the jet. .50 caliber and 3Gs, as discussed.
Red: Dembe, if you could please grab Mr. Buhari’s payment. Levi, you look fit. You can help me load the merchandise.
[ Sirens wail as vehicles approach ]
Red: Adika, what the hell have you done?
— ATF! Everybody on the ground!
— ATF! Get on the ground!
— Let me see your hands! I said hands!
— Get on the ground now! I said don’t move!
[ Along with Adika and his men, Red and Tom kneel, hands behind their heads ]
Tom: [ To Red ] Nice work, Chief.
— Hands!

[ Indistinct conversation ] [ Police radio chatter ]
[ Ressler pulls up in the Chrysler from the pound ]
Liz: Nice ride.
Ressler: Guy I was helping out – it belongs to him.
Liz: Okay. Why are you driving it?
Ressler: Turns out he killed a guy, stuck him in the trunk. I’m dumping the body for him.
Samar: Officer Serry won’t talk.
Ressler: Aram told me that the Waterday CEO is dead. But, more than likely, he had an accomplice.
Samar: And, for all we know, is soliciting more cops. If we can get to Serry, we might be able to put an end to this.
Ressler: Mind if I take a run at her?
Liz: Why not – one crooked cop to the next? Maybe you can bond over the body in your trunk.
Samar: There’s a body in the trunk?
Liz: Hurry up before it gets ripe!

[ Ressler walks over to Officer Serry, leans against a car ]
Serry: I told her I wanted a lawyer. I’m not answering any questions.
Ressler: A Mongolian peasant gets brought into an office, where an important man offers him a million dollars on one condition that he press the red button on his desk. And he tells the poor man that if he presses the button, an old man in Mongolia drops dead. Now, he won’t tell him why, only that his death is good for the people. So he pushes the button, takes the money, and goes home. But he’s haunted by what he did. He can’t spend any of the money, and eventually, he commits suicide. A man recently told me that story. Said we all have a Mongolian peasant in our lives – something we’ve done that we’re ashamed of and that the minute someone finds out what that is, well, he can make you do anything. Say anything. Confess to anything. Either to cover it up or to atone.
Officer Serry: She said the target was sick–
Ressler: She? Your contact was a woman?
Serry: –that he didn’t have long to live – that if I did it, I’d have money to take care of my sister. So I pushed the red button.
Ressler: Do you have a name? Some way to contact her?

[ Cellphone ringing ]
Rebecca Thrall: Yes?
Officer Serry: I didn’t do it.
Thrall: We had an agreement.
Serry: I know. I just I couldn’t.
Thrall: Couldn’t or wouldn’t? You know what? There’s still time. I’m just not comfortable talking on the phone. Can we meet somewhere?
Serry: You want to meet? Okay. Where?

[ Tom and Red are loaded into the back of an ATF wagon. Adika and his men are loaded into another. Adika and Red exchange glances ]
Tom: You know, I told Liz that I didn’t want to do this – that I wanted no part of it. But she insisted that we work things out.
Red: Women.
Tom: And now we’re going to prison. I’m going away to prison because of you. And the only saving grace is that you will be even further away, buried in the hold of a ship somewhere in the Indian Ocean. And Liz will finally be rid of you.
Red: And here I was thinking she had finally made peace with me.
Tom: She had – because she’s kind and decent and she sees the best in people – even when she’s being lied to.
Red: You’re certainly living proof of that.
Tom: I’m an open book compared to you. I know you swear you never lie to her, but I know better.
Red: Do you now?
Tom: Yeah. I do.

[ Rebecca Thrall pulls into a garage where a police vehicle is parked. Her engine shuts off ]
Liz: It’s her. SWAT Commander, target is on site. We move on my go.
[ Thrall walks over to the police car, a gun to her side. She aims through the glass at the driver ]
[ 💥💥💥 💥💥] [ The shots crack the glass but do not pierce it ]
Ressler: Ah. Bulletproof glass. Good to see you again, Ms Thrall.

[ Smokey, dressed in ATF gear, lets Red and Tom out of the wagon ]
Red: If you’re gonna leave me locked up with someone, perhaps it could be a redhead with a nice smile and a friendly demeanor.
Tom: Who the hell is this guy?
Smokey: Sorry it took so long. Once I knew Humberto had your African friend and his chums in transpo, I stopped for some Bengay ointment. Think I overdid it with my back.
Red: I use Epsom salt baths.
Tom: These guys work for you? I thought I was going to jail – that I was never gonna see my family again. You’re telling me this whole thing was about getting some guns?
Red: Not just guns. [ Indicates the parked plane ] A man needs to travel, and when traveling, I like to stretch out a little.
Tom: That Buhari thug could’ve killed me if this had gone wrong.
Red: Tom, if I wanted to get rid of you, I’d put the bullet in your head myself. However, you are important to Elizabeth, so, like it or not, you’re important to me.
[ Red pats Tom on the cheek ]
Red: There’s a piping plover out here somewhere. Have either of you heard it?

[ Brand New’s ♫ “Lit Me Up” plays ]
Cooper: I understand you stumbled your way into a new jet.
Red: Yes! I can’t wait to get airborne. This is the longest I’ve been grounded in some time. But not to worry, Harold, it’s a two-for-one special this week – You not only get Miss Rebecca Thrall, you also get that despicable African gunrunner your agency has been hunting for years. I need you to arrange for him to be taken into FBI custody directly from my people.
Cooper: You still have people?
Red: I make friends easily.
Cooper: And this gunrunner. Buhari. Did he happen to have any guns?
[ Dembe uncrates the shipment of guns in the presence of the Rivera Gang ]
Red: Not this time. We mustn’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

♪ It’s where you live, but you don’t know how it’s built

Liz: I know he can be terrible sometimes, but come on – elephants?
Tom: [ Sighs ]
Liz: That sounds at least amusing.
Tom: Yeah, for him, maybe. I- [ Scoffs ] I was taken hostage, all right? He could’ve gotten me killed. I cannot believe that you are related to him. [ Whispering ] Because he’s a nutjob.
Liz: Nutjob or not, he is my father. And I I appreciate you offering to help him. Means the world to me. Thanks. [ Cellphone ringing ] Okay. They need me. Um – I’ll see you in a bit.
Tom: Okay.
[ Liz leaves ]

♪ It lit me up

[ Tom’s Cellphone beeps ]
Tom: Nik.
Nik: McGee just called. Said he was able to extract DNA from a tooth.
Tom: Well, that’s great. Nik –

♪ It lit me up

Tom: Thank you. Look, just, uh let me know the minute you know more.

♪ Something’s stirring in a deep Atlantic trench
Doesn’t forget the thousand years
Before it slept
It’s the beast, it’s my heart, it’s open

[ Ressler is watching through the soundproof glass at Officer McGillis being interrogated ]
[ Red walks up ]
Red: You know, Donald, before I turned myself in to the FBI, I held people like you in extremely low regard.
Ressler: Right back at you.
Red: But I’ve found your determination to do the right thing, your genuine commitment to the thin blue line that separates order and innocence from the likes of me to be quite admirable.
Ressler: Why are you telling me this?
Red: I want you to know you can count on me if you ever find yourself in as difficult position as Officer McGinnis has put himself in.
Ressler: Never gonna happen.
Red: Nevertheless, my offer stands.

♪ It lit me up

Red: For the day I hope will never come.

♪ … It lit me up

♪ It lit me up like a rag soaked in gasoline
In the neck of a bottle breaking right at my feet
It lit me up and I burn from the inside out …

[ Prescott walks up to Ressler in a parking garage ]
Ressler: Who was he?
Prescott: Who was who? All you did was get a car out of impound. And you’ll be getting your next assignment real soon.

♪ It was a good dream

[ Engine starts ]

[ Insects chirping ]
[ Red and Dembe are camping out drinking beers near the plane by the improvised landing strip. Hot dogs are on the grill ]
Dembe: She’s a nice plane, Raymond.
Red: No fuel and no pilot, but a plane of our own.
Dembe: [ Sighs ] I like it out here. It’s peaceful.
[ Michael Kiwanuke’s ♫ “Home Again” plays ]
[ Glen appears ]
Glen: [ Loudly ] I’m telling you the mosquitos out here are the size of birds! Agh!
Red: Glen, you came for your money, which has been returned in full and while I’m deeply grateful for what you’ve done, you’re perfectly welcome to go.
Glen: Nah, I know what it’s like to feel alone, partner. Ahh. Denbee. Want another dog?
Dembe: No, thank you.
Glen: Well, I don’t mind if I do.

♪ Moving on
Moving on

[ Glen takes a hot dog, farts, groans ]
Glen: Excuse me. That’s right mosquitos or not, I’m afraid we’ll be sleeping with the door to the jet open tonight, boys.
[ Glen sits next to Red ]
[ Red smiles wanly, gives Glen a beer. They lift their drinks to each other ]

♪ Many times I’ve been told
All this talk will make you old

♪ So I close my eyes
Look behind
Moving on
Moving on

[ Red pats Glen on the back ]

♪ So I close my eyes
Look behind
Moving on

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Episode Songs


♫ My Time Is Comin’
By Marc Scibilia

(unavailable as of 10/13/2017)

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/^
YouTube: https://youtu.be/^


♫ Lit Me Up
By Brand New

♪ It’s where you live, but you don’t know how it’s built
If we’re just dust, then it doesn’t matter who you kill
Don’t cut me up and tell me that it’s okay
Just turn it off ’cause I don’t care anyway

♪ It lit me up
It lit me up
It lit me up
It lit me up

♪ Something’s stirring in a deep Atlantic trench
Doesn’t forget the thousand years before it slipped
It’s the beast, it’s my heart, it’s so brave
Dive down into its unit in its head

♪ It lit me up
It lit me up
It lit me up
It lit me up

♪ It lit me up like a torch on a pitch black night
Like an ember in the needles of a dried out pine
It lit me up and I burn from the inside out
Yeah, I burn like a witch in a Puritan town
It lit me
It lit me

♪ When I grow up I want to be a heretic
I want to climb over the wall ’cause I’m not on the list
I want to put my hands to work ’til the work’s done
I want to open up my heart like the ocean

♪ It lit me up
It lit me up
It lit me up
It lit me up

♪ It lit me up like a rag soaked in gasoline
In the neck of the bottle breaking right at my feet
It lit me up and I burned from the inside out
Yeah, I burned like a witch in a Puritan town
It lit me
It was a good dream

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2gCb0ml
YouTube: https://youtu.be/U95Ed4dmZn4


♫ Home Again
By Michael Kiwanuka

♪ Home again, home again
One day I know I’ll feel home again
Born again, born again
One day I know I’ll feel strong again

♪ I left my head
Many times I’ve been told
All this talk will make you old

♪ So I close my eyes, look behind
Moving on, moving on
So I close my eyes, look behind
Moving on

♪ Lost again, lost again
One day I know our paths will cross again
Smile again, smile again
One day I hope to make you smile again
I won’t hide

♪ Many times I’ve been told
Speak your mind, just be bold

♪ So I close my eyes, look behind
Moving on, moving on
So I close my eyes

♪ All the tears will clear
Then I feel no fear
Then I’d feel no way
My paths will remain straight

♪ Home again, home again
One day I know I’ll feel home again
Born again, born again
One day I know I’ll feel strong again

♪ I left my head
Many times I’ve been told
All this talk will make you old

♪ So I close my eyes, look behind
Moving on, moving on
So I close my eyes, look behind
Moving on

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2hEoGwJ
YouTube: https://youtu.be/kJ4s3G7hgR4

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