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NBC’s series The Blacklist created by: Jon Bokenkamp


Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington – James Spader
Elizabeth Keen – Megan Boone
Donald Ressler – Diego Klattenhoff
Harold Cooper – Harry Lennix
Tom Keen – Ryan Eggold
Aram Mojtabai – Amir Arison
Samar Navabi – Mozhan Marnò
Dembe Zuma – Hisham Tawfiq

This is all one “page” meaning you can use your browser’s page search to find a quote you remember from Season 5 without knowing which episode it’s in. I use this a lot. Also includes full lyrics to main songs (at end of each episode). To find beginning of major songs, search for ♫. The final file turned out to be 454 pages long – single-spaced! That’s a lot of deliciousness!

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🔴 Episode 5:14 – Mr Raleigh Sinclair III
🔴 Episode 5:15 – Pattie Sue Edwards
🔴 Episode 5:16 – The Capricorn Killer
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🔴 Episode 5:18 – Zarak Mosadek
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🔴 Script: 5:1 Smokey Putnam (№ 30)

Program air date: 9/27/2017 in the US
Full Script Permalink: http://wp.me/pDKwi-5EK
Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/2yvxNab

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Director: Bill Roe
Written by: Jon Bokenkamp, John Eisendrath



⭕ Script 5:1 Smokey Putnam (№ 30)

Brief: Mr Kaplan and Baz appear to be gone (though who ever knows with this series?) Special Agent Julian Gale has been foiled in his attempt to bring down the task force but is likely to be a thorn in Ressler’s side, especially since Ressler accidentally caused the death of national security advisor Laurel Hitchen. Tom has a suitcase full of bones and Liz has test results showing that Red is her father (though – lol – who ever knows with this series?)

[ Ace Frehley’s ♪ “New York Groove” plays ]
[ Outside a small restaurant in New York City, Red is sitting at a table outside a restaurant ] [ A man in a vintage red Corvette convertible pulls up to the Valet Parking and revs his engine ]

♪ many years since I was here

[ Red grabs a ticket from the valet stand unnoticed and approaches the Lead Valet. He shows the ticket to him ]
Red: It’s not here yet?
Lead Valet: Sir?
Red: I had the maitre d’ call for my car about 20 minutes ago. I’m gonna be late, pal.

♪ I was passin’ my time away

[ impatiently, the man in the Corvette honks his horn ]
Lead Valet: [ Over phone ] We got a 0-1-2-0-6.
[ Horn honks ]

♪ to the left and to the right

[ Horn honks ]
Lead Valet: Sir, so sorry. We don’t seem to have this vehicle in the lot. The car’s been picked up.
Red: [ Scoffs ] The hell it has!
Lead Valet: My guy says the car’s not here.
Red: Now, wait a minute. I haven’t picked my car up. I’ve been in your restaurant eating lunch. A lemon-verbena iced tea and salmon salad, – which was overcooked, for what it’s worth.
[ Horn honks ]
Red: And I’m certainly not one of these meatheads who tells you to keep it close. But if my Range Rover is gone–
Lead Valet: Sir, the ticket–
Red: The ticket is collateral for my $100,000 vehicle, and if it’s not– This is a waste of my time. I need to speak to your manager, okay?
[ The Lead Valet goes into the restaurant to get the manager ]
[ Engine revving ]

♪ sayin’ “Where are we?”
stop at 3rd and 43

[ Red walks up to the man in the Corvette ]
Red: I am so sorry. We’re having a little employee situation.
Man in Corvette: I don’t want to hear it, boss. Just do your job and park the car. And, boss? Keep it close.

♪ ooh feels so good tonight

[ Red gets in the Corvette. Engine revs. He takes off, tossing the ticket ]

♪ ooh who cares about tomorrow
so, baby, you’d better believe

[ Red happily speeds up a back street in the red convertible ]

♪ I’m back

[ Tires screech ]

♪ back in the New York groove I’m back ooh, yeah
back in the New York groove

[ Siren wails as a police cruiser begins trailing Red ]

♪ I’m back – back in the New York groove

[ Cellphone rings ]
Red: Elizabeth. How are you today?
Liz: Oh. I’m good. Where are you? I thought we were meeting up.
Red: Just bumped into a few old friends, just catching up.
[ Siren wailing ]
Liz: Are those sirens?
Red: Yes. [ Chuckles ] We’re outside. It’s very noisy here. Perhaps I could call you back.
Liz: Wait. Reddington, are you okay?
Red: Never been better. Hey, why don’t you drop by my new place. You’ll love the pool. I’ll send you the address. Sorry, sweetheart. I need to get off.

♪ so, baby, you better believe

[ Engine revs ]

♪ I’m back – back in the New York groove

[ Another police cruiser takes chase. Tires screech ]

♪ ooh I’m back back in the New York groove
ooh I’m back back in the New York groove

[ Engine revs ]

♪ ooh I’m back back in the New York groove

[ Siren wailing. Red swerves. The two police cars 💥crash💥, one flipping over the other – glass shattering – and doing a couple somersaults before landing rightside up ]

♪ I’m back back in the New York groove
♪ ooh I’m back – back in the New York groove

[ Engine revs ] [ Red tosses his baseball cap to the floor and speeds away ]

♪ I’m back New York groove
New York groove
New York groove I’m back

[ Red is selling the stolen vehicle to an associate ]
Red’s car guy: My God, Raymond. She’s a beauty.
Red: Yes. Yes, she is.
Car guy: How’d she do?
Red: Like Bergita Olofson in her parents’ rumpus room on a Saturday night.

[ At the Terrace Vista Motor Lodge, Red settles up ]
Red: [ Laughs ] This should cover my outstanding debt, along with the rest of the month. And, Dariush, if it’s not too presumptuous, I’d like pay for drinks at tonight’s social hour.
I’m feeling flush.
[ James Brown‘s ♪ “The Boss” playing ]

♪ (one, two, get down)
paid the cost to be the boss
paid the cost to be the boss
I paid the cost to be the boss

♪ look at me,
you know what you see
you see a bad mutha
look at me,
you know what you see
you see a bad mutha

[ Red has settled in at the motel. Poolside, wearing a shirt over swim trunks, he greets his fellow travelers. He high-fives a young boy, nods to a muscle-man, smiles at the lifeguard and a middle-aged woman reading a book and greets a mother with her young daughter with swim goggles who has come to swim. Red grabs a towel and slips his shoes off. He steps into the pool, sits hip deep in the water, and begins tossing quarters to the little girl in swim goggles, who eagerly retrieves them from the bottom as the pool. Red has been here a while and, newly recharged with the cash from his ‘car trick,’ feels no apparent urgency to abandon this newfound free-style ‘vacation’ mode ]

♪ paid the cost to be the boss
paid the cost to be the boss
look at me,
you know what you see
you see a bad mutha

[ Aram and Samar are kissing in the Post Office’s elevator ]
Aram: Hold up. Agent Navabi.
Samar: “Agent Navabi”? I think we’re a little bit beyond “Agent Navabi,” aren’t we?
Aram: Yeah, um, 100%, but, um, we agreed to keep it professional at work.
[ Elevator clanks ]
Samar: It’s not like we broke any laws.
[ Ressler approaches ]
Aram: Oh, my God. I forgot my bike.
Ressler: Your bike. Where is it?
Aram: In the shop. I cracked the hub on the Rolf wheel, so, uh, took a taxi.
Ressler: Well, you’re late. Cooper’s been looking for you.
Samar: What’s going on?

Cooper: The new FBI director got sworn in today. And his first order of business is a Bureau-wide review of all special operations.
Aram: They’re gonna find out that Mr. Reddington’s empire has been decimated.
Samar: What they’ll find is that Reddington gives us more high-level targets than anyone else in the Bureau.
Cooper: I’m not worried about his ability to provide us cases. I’m worried we may have a perception problem.
Aram: What does that mean?
Ressler: “Perception,” sir?
Cooper: There was a DNA test between Reddington and Keen. And it’s only a matter of time before I have to disclose the results of that test.
Ressler: Which were?
Cooper: Raymond Reddington’s her father.

[ At the motel ] [ Muzak playing ] [ Footsteps approach ]
Liz: Reddington?
Red: Elizabeth. You’ve just missed the Ludeman family. I must’ve thrown quarters for that little girl to fetch for over two hours. Soda pop?
Liz: You’re living here.
Red: I make my bed where I lay my head.
Liz: At the Terrace Vista Motor Lodge?
Red: I got to tell you, I’m thinking about making it permanent. Dariush, the owner and I, are somewhat the same size, which has been a Godsend. I think you’d quite like it here. They host a social hour at sunset– music and cocktails. It’s a lovely crowd, really. Eclectic, to say the least.
Liz: I thought you’d be a little bit more proactive, trying to find ways to rebuild, crawl your way back to the top. Where’s Dembe?
Red: Dip your toes in. I swear Dariush keeps the pool at body temperature. You can’t even feel the water.
Liz: [ Chuckles ] I’m glad you’re having a nice time. But Cooper actually sent me to see if you might have a case.
Red: Oh. I didn’t realize you were here on official business.
Liz: Well, you are my father and– Oh, my God, that sentence and all that it means. But, to be honest, knowing who my father is at this point isn’t gonna change who I am or the fact that you’re my CI. And I need a case.
Red: Then I suppose I’ll need my pants.

[ Door bell jingles ]
Red: Good afternoon.
Maurice: Everybody be cool. I know who you are.
Red: I’ve always wanted to hunt for bounty.
Maurice: You’re Raymond Reddington.
Red: And you’re a bail bondsman, which means you’re likely looking for a fugitive. I believe I can help.
Liz: Are you asking for a job?
Red: Yes. Your biggest case. Who is it?
Liz: This isn’t happening.
Maurice: You’re offering to help me find a fugitive? You’re a fugitive.
Red: And as much as it pains me to hunt one of my own, it pains me more to admit I need the cash. So, a name.
Maurice: Smokey Putnum, wanted for embezzling over $2 million from Davis and Fox Entertainment.
Liz: The movie company?
Maurice: No, the carnival.
Red: How fun. Even better. I love a good carnival.
Liz: Um, could you excuse us for just one moment?
Maurice: Sure.
Liz: I’m sorry. What are you doing? We need a Blacklister.
Red: Harold needs a Blacklister. I need to pay the rent, and beggars can’t be choosers.
Liz: We need a name.
Red: And we have one. [ To Maurice: ] Smokey Putnum. Please, do tell.
Maurice: Putnum went dark about two days ago. He’s due in DC for a trial in 36 hours. Now, if he doesn’t show up, I forfeit my $80,000, all-cash bond.
Red: What do skip tracers usually get?
Maurice: About 10%. 20%?
Red: I couldn’t sleep right if I took a penny over 50%. $40,000, and I’ll have Smokey to court on time. Elizabeth, you’ll need to pack a bag. We’re taking a road trip.
Liz: “We”?
Red: Yes, please. I don’t have a car.
Liz: [ Scoffs ] [ Footsteps depart ]
Red: See you in 36.
[ Door bell jingles ]
[ Cellphone rings ]
Red: Tell me you have news.
[ Indistinct announcement over PA ] [ Dembe is at the bank of public storage lockers where Mr Kaplan had kept the suitcase until Tom picked it up after her death ]
Dembe: [ On phone ] I was able to trace the suitcase to a bus station in Columbia Heights. But it’s gone. No witnesses, no surveillance.
Red: Dembe, one of Kaplan’s associates has to have it. We need to find that suitcase before it finds its way to Elizabeth.
Dembe: Yes, sir.
[ Tom is home. He looks in the suitcase at the mangled bones inside ]

[ Country music playing ] [ Red and Liz enter the back entrance of a carnival near Russell Spring, Kentucky ]
Liz: [ On phone ] Yes, sir, I told him the situation. [ Sighs ] No, he doesn’t seem to care.
[ Liz hands the phone to Red ]
Liz: It’s Cooper. He’s been happier.
Red: Hello, Harold.
Cooper: You’re a bounty hunter now?
Red: Have you ever had deep-fried butter?
Cooper: Bringing a fugitive carnival manager back to stand trial for embezzlement?
Red: Clogs more arteries than a car accident during rush hour, and, yet, people out here can’t get enough of it.
Cooper: Keen told you we’re under review. We have a new director. I need Blacklisters.
Red: And you’ll have one soon, after we do a little rebuilding.
Cooper: You expect the FBI to help you rebuild a criminal empire?
Red: Perhaps you’re the one in need of some clarification. The Blacklist has value because it is based on the best possible intelligence – information that was not available yesterday and will be obsolete tomorrow. The criminal underworld is not static, Harold.
It consists of constantly shifting alliances and leadership which can only be discerned by a few key players. I was one of those players, and with your help, I intend to be one again. Because, like deep-fried butter, I am unhealthy and yet irresistible.
[ Cellphones beep ]

[ Aram approaches Cooper ]
Aram: Excuse me, um, sir? I’m wondering if, uh, you decided to tell the new director about Agent Keen and Mr. Reddington’s relationship.
Cooper: Not yet, but as a rule, I like to come down on the side of transparency.
Aram: So you think the Bureau should be kept informed about personal relationships?

[ Cellphones beep, vibrate ]
[ A text on Cooper’s cellphone: “Laurel Hitchin found dead” ]

Ressler: Hey. Just got word from Main Justice. Laurel Hitchin was found dead.
Aram: The National Security Advisor.
Ressler: Medical examiner and Mobile Crime are on scene now.
Cooper: You and Navabi, get there.
Ressler: Sir?
Cooper: We both know Reddington’s behind this. If it points back to him, it points to us. Go. Find out what’s going on.

[ Two carnies are seated on a sofa watching a Mr Magoo cartoon. Red and Liz enter ]

On the tv:
Settle down, boy.

Big Boy: Dog house is closed.
Red: We’re looking for Joe Putnum, or “Smokey,” as they call him.
Other Carny: US Marshals come and gone.
Big Boy: K-eaz-eep y-eaz-our m-eaz-outh sh-eaz-ut.
Other Carny: I w-eaz-ern’t go-eaz-nn-eaz-a s-eaz-ay n-eaz-oth-eaz-in’.
Y-eaz-ou al-eaz-ready s-eaz-aid t-eaz-oo m-eaz-uch.
Red: [ Laughs ] Ah. [ Grunts ] Wh-eaz-at, uh, d-eaz-id y-y-eaz-ou– Ah, the hell with it.
[ Red draws his gun ] The Marshals. What did you tell them? And preferably not in Cant.*
Liz: Cant?
Red: It’s a private language carnies use to keep outsiders from understanding what they’re talking about. I spent two summers operating the Whack-the-Cats at the Emmet County Fair. And to be honest, I had no idea what the hell any of them were saying. But I’m pretty sure this one was telling this one not to cooperate. Bad advice.
Big Boy: We’ll tell you same as we told them. Don’t know where he’s at. Wouldn’t say even if we did.
Red: Why not? Putnum stole from you.
Big Boy: [ Scoffs ] Says Hawkins. She handled the books. Always got first count. Total cake-cutter. Got caught, cut a deal to testify against Putnum. That’s why he skipped. Minute he sets foot in the court, he’s got a snitch waiting to finger him for a crime he didn’t commit.
[ Liz finds a photo of Smokey Putnam (smoking a cigar) and a young woman. Pinned to the bulletin board is another photo of the same couple with a red heart drawn in the white border around the initials “TL” ]
Liz: Who’s TL?
[ No answer. Red presses his gun against the chin of the second carny ]
Red: The lady asked you a question. TL? Who’s TL?
Carny: Tammy Lynn Thompson.
Red: And where might we find Tammy Lynn?

[ Samar and Ressler enter Laurel Hitchin’s home ] [ Police radio chatter ] [ Camera shutters clicking ] [ Indistinct conversations ] [ Hitchin’s body is still there ]
[ Ressler flashes back to having grabbed his badge from Hitchin, her grabbing his arm and him batting her away and causing her to fall ]
Ressler: You think it was an accident?
Investigator: No sign of forced entry.
Ressler: Any prints, signs of a struggle?
Investigator: Well, we’re still dusting. Good news is, turns out she has a surveillance system.
Ressler: And?
Investigator: We just got here. Give me a little time.
Ressler: We’re talking about the National Security Advisor dead in her own home. I want real-time intel on this. When you know, I know.
Samar: [ Looking at Hitchin’s body ] This was no accident.

[ Birds chirping ]
[ Tammy Lynn Thompson’s living room ]
Tammy Lynn Thompson: Didn’t know Smokey had no sister.
Red: I’m sure you didn’t. Smokey still doesn’t know. Loretta spent her last five years trying to find him.
Tammy Lynn: And when’d she die?
Red: Just under a year ago, which is why we must find Mr. Putnum soon. If I can’t conclude the paperwork by week’s end, the entire inheritance will be forfeited to the state. Tammy Lynn, I’ve worked with Jacobson and Orr for 36 years. I have never seen an estate payout this big. We’re talking life-changing money.
[ Liz finds a half-smoked cigar ]
Liz: Putnum smokes Hartswicks. We saw a picture of him at Russell Springs. This one’s still warm.
Red: Oh, dear. [ Stands up ] Where is he? [ Gun cocks ]
Tammy Lynn: What the hell are you doing?
Red: [ Loudly ] Mr. Putnum, you need to come out right now, or we’re gonna make a mess in Tammy Lynn’s living room.
Tammy Lynn: Get out! Get out of my house!
Red: Mr. Putnum? I’m gonna count to three. 1, 2, 3. [ Gunshot 💥 Red shoots into the ceiling ]
Tammy Lynn: What the hell?!
Red: [ Gun cocks ] No? Let’s try again, shall we? [ Gunshot 💥 ]
[ Ceiling rumbling ]
Red: Smokey? [ Chuckles ] Funny. The janitor at my elementary school was called “Smokey.” No idea why. He never smoked a day in his life. But I tell you what– If you don’t come down here right now, they’re gonna be calling you–
[ Ceiling creaks ] [ Suddenly 💥CRASH💥 Smokey falls through the ceiling ]
Smokey: Oh!
[ Rattling ] [ Grunts ]
Red: Now, there’s an entrance.
Smokey: [ Coughs ]

[ Smokey is cuffed and sitting with Red in the back of Liz’s car ]
Smokey: You can’t take me back. They got Hawkins. She cut a deal. That greedy, craven, little coward is gonna testify, and when she does, they’re gonna lock me up.
Liz: Maybe you should’ve thought of that before you stole the money.
Red: Tell me it’s true. The file says you were a gaffer with the Ringling Brothers. I’ve always been fascinated by your line of work.
Liz: His “work”? Running the bumper cars?
Red: Elizabeth, this man was responsible for moving the greatest show on earth from city to city. The Pentagon sent its top people to study his logistical legerdemain to learn how to move troops in and out of battle. Imagine the trains, all the performers, their equipment, the crew, roustabouts, the animal wranglers, veterinarians. An entire city moved at night. Not to mention the lions and tigers and bears, oh, my. What a showman. What a mind.
Smokey: I forgot my insulin at the house. We got to– We– We– We got to turn around.
Liz: We’re not turning around.
Smokey: But my insulin.
Liz: I sincerely doubt you have–
Smokey: What do you want? You want money? You can have the money. It’s yours if you let me go.
Red: How do I know you still have it?
Liz: You’re not seriously considering–
Smokey: It’s in Richmond. 5052 West Graham Road. It’s yours.
Red: Fine. I’ll take it.
Liz: No, no deal!
Smokey: Yes! Thank you.
Red: After I surrender you to the court and collect my bounty. Now, it’s just over 600 miles to DC, so if we push on, we should be there in 10, 12 hours. That said, if time permits, I would love to stop along the Bourbon Trail and try a Honey Ginger Buck.
Liz: I think we might be stopping a little earlier than you’d like.
Red: Must be US Marshals.
Man in car: US Marshals! Pull over!
Smokey: Oh, God. Don’t stop. No, no, you– you can’t pull over.
Liz: They’re US Marshals. If I don’t stop–
Red: If you do stop, they’ll search this car, and while it may be Mr. Putnum they’re after, they’ll be thrilled at their unexpected discovery.
Liz: Let me handle it.
Red: Elizabeth, no.
[ Tires screech ]
Liz: Just let me get rid of ’em.
[ Liz walks up to the vehicle, showing her badge ]
FBI. I’m transporting a fugitive.
[ More vehicles pull up ]
Smokey: What is it?
Red: Trouble. These aren’t Marshals. [ Gets out of car ] Elizabeth!
[ 💥💥💥 Gunfire 💥💥💥 ] [ Man shouting indistinctly ] [ Glass shatters ] [ Red and Liz 💥💥💥 return fire 💥💥💥 ]
Liz: Reddington!
[ Gunfire continues ] [ Tires screech, metal twisting ]
[ Liz takes out a guy about to shoot Red 💥💥 ] [ Groans ]
Red: [ To Liz ] Get in!
[ Car door shuts ] [ Tires screech ] [ 💥💥💥 Gunfire continues 💥💥💥 ] [ Man screams in fury and 💥💥💥 unleashes his automatic rifle 💥💥💥 💥💥💥 at Liz’s car as Red guns it ]
Liz: [ To Smokey ] I got a lot of questions! But first, who the hell were those guys?

Red: They’re skinheads? What the hell do you mean, skinheads? Other than the fact that they happen to have skinheads?
Smokey: They run a massive drug cartel that launders profits through Davis and Fox Entertainment.
Red: The carnival?
Smokey: It’s a cash-heavy business. The profits are Smurfed and worked into the proceeds of each city.
Red: So, your brilliant criminal enterprise was founded on the concept that you steal money from the most ruthless, bass-ackwards groups of racists you could possibly find?
Smokey: You’re dragging me halfway across the country for 40 grand. That’s a business plan?
Liz: [ Coughs ] This car’s shot. I’ll call Cooper.
Red: No.
Liz: What? Why not?
Red: If the Feds take Putnum in, I don’t get my 40 grand.
Liz: Are you kidding me? I’m an FBI agent. He’s in my custody. I’ll make sure you get your money.
Red: If I give him to you, you’re gonna take him to the nearest FBI field office, where he’ll demand an identity hearing or fight extradition. In either case– He’ll miss his court date, and you won’t get your money.
Smokey: Hey. Talk fast. [ Handcuffs rattle ] Your smoking car’s like the Bat-Signal. Those goons’ll find us any minute.
[ Red shoots 💥 in Smokey’s direction ]
Red: Next one goes in your leg.
Smokey: I’m not afraid of you, Bub. Do you even know why you’re turning me in, hmm? To stand trial for embezzling from my employer– not the cartel– from the carnival. The Feds have no clue the cartel’s even involved. Only reason they know anything about the missing money is because of some random IRS audit, but the truth is gonna come out in court, and I’m gonna be killed in jail. So how about you let me go, I stay alive, and when I’m home safe, I’ll write you a check for the 40 grand? Think that’s a lot smarter than whatever you two geniuses have planned.
Red: “Planned”? [ Laughs ] I don’t have the foggiest idea how to get you back. That’s what makes it fun– the surprises. Your carnival people, your skinheads, your mouth that won’t stop running. So buckle up, Smokey, because before this is over, you and I are gonna get to know each other better than either of us would like. And my 40 grand– I’m gonna enjoy earning every damn penny. Uncuff him.

[ Engine humming ] [ On a tour bus, Red is chilling next to an old woman, who is asleep. Smokey and Liz are on the two seats behind them ]
Putnum: I’m– I’m– I’m getting dizzy. I need to get my blood sugar up. I need– I need to get– get some air.
Liz: [ To Red, whispering ] Mind telling me what’s going on?
Red: I don’t know. I feel pretty good.
Liz: Knock it off. Rent money and an adventure? What are you up to?
Red: I feel alive. Zipping off in that car, bullets flying. What a thrill. [ Chuckles ] And the driving. Dembe’s always driving. I should do more driving. I am sorry about your car, however.
Liz: You can pretend to be loving this all you want, but I know the truth. The truth is you’re scared. Scared because you’ve lost everything and you don’t know how to get it back.
[ The lady next to Red wakes up, groggy ]
Red: Good morning.
Old Woman: Hmm. Cincinnati?
Red: No, not yet. I do have a funny joke about Cincinnati, though. A priest, a rabbi, and Pete Rose walk into a casino and–
Smokey: [ Standing up, waving ] Orange juice! I-I-I-I need a glass of orange juice!
Liz: Oh, stop it.
Smokey: Anybody? My- My- My- My- My blood sugar!
Liz: Stop it!
Smokey: I need it, I need it! I’m– I’m gonna be sick!

[ A seedy restaurant in Sparta, Kentucky. Country music playing. Smokey is devouring a piece of pie ]
Red: How is it?
Smokey: Mmm. It’s delicious. I’m sorry I don’t have any money. I would’ve paid.
Red: I’m just happy you’re happy.
Smokey: I tried to tell you I’m a diabetic.
Red: Just eat your pie.
Smokey: Please don’t do this. The cartel, those skinheads, they have people on the inside. You know what will happen to me.
Red: Yes.
Smokey: I’m serious about the money. It’s yours if you– if you–
Red: [ Cellphone rings ] Oh, it’s my boss. Well, that’s a sentence I never expected to say.
[ Cellphone beeps ]
Red: Maurice, great news. We have Putnum is custody.
Maurice: Fantastic. Where are you?
Red: Well, there was a slight hiccup in our plans. We’ll be taking the 2:00 PM Cardinal out of Cincinnati. Should arrive with plenty of time before the trial.
[ Cellphone beeps ]
[ The skinheads have been listening in )
[ Cellphone speed-dialing ]
Tad: Just got a location on Putnum. Cincinnati Amtrak, next train to Union Station, DC.
[ Cellphone beeps ]
Odin: Tad got a location.

[ Knock on door, door opens ]
Ressler: You wanted to see me?
Cooper: Shut the door. Sit down.
[ Door closes ]
Ressler: Something wrong?
Cooper: You were at Laurel Hitchin’s home the day she passed.
Ressler: Yeah, which I included in my report.
Cooper: I saw that. But I noticed you omitted the fact that there was bad blood between the two of you.
Ressler: Well, I didn’t see how that was relevant.
Cooper: In the weeks before she died, you stormed into Hitchin’s home, shot one of her guards, and accused her of murder. In turn, she had your badge taken away, and now you’re one of the last people to see her alive.
Ressler: And?
Cooper: And you have nothing to say about that? No intel on how she died?
Ressler: I’m sorry, but what exactly are you getting at?
Cooper: I’m asking if it’s a coincidence that the woman you despised ended up dead shortly after you paid her a visit?
Ressler: Well, it sounds like it. Either that or, uh, karma.
Cooper: I see. I had to ask. That’s all, Agent Ressler.
[ Door opens, closes ]
[ Cellphone speed-dialing ] [ Door bangs ]
Henry Prescott: Yes?
Ressler: Hey, it’s me. I think you and I need to talk.

[ A railway station waiting room in Cincinnati. Train whistle blowing ]
Red: Train’s delayed again.
Liz: Again? How long?
Red: Another hour. We’re gonna miss the cut-off. I’m gonna find us a car.
Liz: To steal? No. No, you’re not.
Red: I’m sorry, my dear, were you about to suggest something else?
Liz: Don’t speak to me like I’m a child.
Red: Elizabeth, please keep an eye on our fugitive.

Announcer: [ Over PA ]
Second train to arrive on Track 5. Next is service to San Antonio. All passengers …

Smokey: He’s your dad. That’s why you’re helping him, because he’s your father.
Liz: Drink your coffee.
Smokey: I saw you badging our bus driver. I couldn’t figure it out– A cop with him? Why?
Liz: I’m not helping him. I’m bringing a fugitive to justice.
Smokey: I see. You won’t steal a car, but you’ll take me to prison, where I’m gonna get killed?
Liz: I’m just doing this by the book.
Smokey: Hmm.
[ Cellphone speed-dialing ]
Smokey: I got to use the can.
Liz: No.
Smokey: You think I’m gonna try and run? I’m not stupid. I– I just got to take a leak.
Liz: Okay. I’ll hold it for you.

[ Liz enters the Men’s Room with Smokey ]
[ Door handles rattles ] [ Door bangs ]
[ Reluctantly, Liz gives Smokey a moment of privacy ]
[ Toilet flushes ] [ Water running ]
[ When Liz goes looking for him, Smokey is gone. A man lies on the floor, with Smokey’s shirt over his head. Liz removes it. The man’s face is bright red ]
[ Liz rushes out ] [ Door handle rattles ]

[ Smokey tries to disappear into the crowd but the skinheads grab him ]
[ Engine revs ] [ Tires screech ]
Liz: Hey! FBI!
[ Doors close, tires screech ] [ Indistinct conversations ]

[ Liz finds Red, who has broken into a car ]
Liz: They got him! He’s gone! Putnum’s gone!
Liz: [ On cellphone ] The truck had Texas plates.
Aram: I’m sending you everything I got from the database matching that criteria– 6’1″, tattooed neck, white supremacist with known ties to the Lone Star State.
Liz: He has a “warrior rune” tattoo. That could indicate he did some time – in federal prison.
Aram: Okay, got it. By the way, Mr. Cooper told us about you and Mr. Reddington. Most people are really happy to have a lawyer in the family. You’ve got a master criminal. How cool is that?
[ Red is working with the car’s wiring, grunts ]
Liz: Wait, this is the guy.
Aram: Okay. Odin Neiland. He did five years at FCI Lewisburg for distribution of methamphetamines. Wait, Liz, hang on a second. Okay, this guy has ties to Roman LeMarc. Okay, LeMarc runs a neo-Nazi outfit called the Friedrich Brigade. They are a ruthless, Mafia-style crime syndicate that smuggles drugs through the federal prison system.
Liz: Reach out to FBI headquarters. Have them run their contacts and sources and see if they can’t get a location on this scumbag.
Aram: [ Keyboard clacking ]
Liz: LeMarc had to have his people listening in on us. To the bondsman, maybe? It’s the only way they could have found us. And as for Putnum, if he’s not dead yet, he will be soon.
[ Red gets the engine started, revs ]
Red: Let’s go.
Liz: Go where? What about Putnum?
Red: I doubt he’s dead, and I think I know where to find him. Get in.

[ Ressler gives Prescott the money he owes him in a paper bag ]
Henry Prescott: It’s been a pleasure.
Ressler: You’re not going anywhere, not until you tell me what’s going on. You left Hitchin’s body at the scene. There’s cops crawling all over that place.
Prescott: They’ll discover she slipped and fell and hit her head.
Ressler: You’re supposed to be a fixer! You were supposed to make this go away!
Prescott: Calm down, Mr. Sturgeon.
Ressler: [ Sighs ] Laurel Hitchin was the National Security Advisor. She had enemies, she had lots of them. And because of your brilliant plan, you just triggered a multi-agency investigation into her death!
Prescott: Mr. Sturgeon, I don’t care what kind of scrutiny it draws, because I’m very good at what I do. The evidence is gone, every trace, which means you were never there. So unless you go home and suddenly grow a conscience, this thing is over. You’re welcome. Now, goodbye.

[ Richmond, Virginia (likely at 5052 West Graham Road, the address Smokey told Red his money was at) ] [ The skinheads enter a large room with Smokey. Liz comes up behind the leader Roman LeMarc and holds a gun to his neck ]
[ Guns cock ]
LeMarc: Boys.
[ The gang members lower their guns ]
Red: Mr. Putnum, go find your money. [ To LeMarc ] You, sit.
Red: Mr. LeMarc, I understand you’re upset. You trusted a man to launder your criminal nastiness, and instead, he absconded with it. I’m here to make things right– a proposal. You get your money, and I get the man who took your money.
LeMarc: [ Laughing ] Now, why would I agree to that?
Red: Because I have the guns.
[ Footsteps approach. Smokey returns with a heavy satchel ]
Red: [ To LeMarc ] Take your money and go.
Liz: What? No. No, no, no, no, no.
Red: I don’t want to get involved in your affairs, so if you take your money and leave, you’ll never see me again. And Mr. Putnum will not be telling anyone – the courts or otherwise – about the intricacies of your business operations. I’m his rabbi now. You’re free to go.
Liz: No, you’re not.
Smokey: Whoa, whoa. What the hell’s going on?
Red: Mr. LeMarc was just leaving.
LeMarc: And what if I tell you I’m not leaving here without both him and my money?
Red: I put a bullet in your head and keep your money.
Liz: I said no.
Red: Mr. LeMarc, she won’t shoot you, but trust that I will. On three. 1, 2–
Liz: Don’t touch that money!
Red: [ Chuckles ] Now, that’s a nasty look that takes practice. You must have sisters.
Liz: You walk out that door, I fire.
[ The skinheads walk out of the door, but Liz can’t bring herself to fire )
Liz: [ Frustrated ] Uhh!

[ Liz is driving at night with Smokey in the passenger seat. Red is in the back, nodding off ]
[ Redeye’s ♪ “The Edge Of The World” playing ]

♪ I remember you were a charmer, laughing as though

Smokey: Want to know why I took the money?
Liz: No.
Smokey: It’s in my nature. Back when I traveled with the bigtop, I liked to get a little card game going after rap. You know, stud, hi/lo, Texas Hold ‘Em. My daddy, he was a gambler like his daddy, so, um, I had to be careful. It was four years ago, I-I got into a game with a few of LeMarc’s boys. Lost a lot of money that night. Lot of money. That’s how they got me. LeMarc wanted me to pay off my note, asked me to find a way to launder his money for him, so I– I did it, but I wasn’t never gonna get out from under him. That’s why I was skimming from his cartel. To get out. I should’ve known all those years ago, but just like my daddy, I was a gambler. No way to avoid the family curse. It’s nature vs. nurture. And nature wins every time. Our DNA is what it is.
[ Red has been listening ]

♪ ah-ah-ah-ah, ah-ah-ah-ah-ah

[ Red pulls up to the courthouse in DC, shifts gear and stops ]
Smokey: [ Chuckles nervously ] I’ll– I’ll– I’ll die in there. Don’t do this.
Red: Mr. Putnum, I believe turning you in is the right thing, the legal thing. Do you agree, Elizabeth?
Liz: Yes, it’s the right thing to do.
Smokey: You have 45 minutes before I have to be at the courthouse. C-Can you at least let me call Tammy Lynn and say goodbye?
[ Red hands Smokey Liz’s cell phone and points to where he wants Smokey to make the call from ]
Red: Right there.
[ Smokey gets out, dialing ]

Red: For a moment there, I didn’t think we were gonna make it.
Liz: I never should’ve let LeMarc go.
Red: You weren’t willing to shoot an unarmed man in the back. I think that’s something to admire, not regret.
Liz: LeMarc’s the real bad guy in this. If we had him, Putnum could agree to testify against LeMarc, get leniency, stand a chance. I’m not defending what he did, but he’s only in this situation because–
Red: Because of his father? Perhaps. Or perhaps it’s the dumb luck of a gambler.
Liz: He just wanted to get away from the criminal in his life. Can’t blame him for that.
Red: [ Laughs ]
[ Outside, indistinct conversations. People stream by. Smokey is gone. Red and Liz jump out ]
Red: What the hell? What happened? What’s going on?
Woman: A bomb– They’re saying there’s a bomb in the building.
[ Liz runs through the crowd, sees Smokey going down a concrete staircase ]
Liz: FBI! FBI! Federal agent!
[ Liz catches up to Smokey at the bottom of the stairs and tackles him ]
[ Two policemen come up to Liz ]
Liz: There’s no threat. This genius here called in a 10-89 as a diversion – to avoid a court hearing.
[ Handcuffs click ]
Liz: I need you to escort him. He’s got an appointment with a judge in 40 minutes.
[ Red looks on, makes eye contact with Liz, who sighs. Red smiles slightly ]

[ Cooper’s office ]
Cooper: So that’s it? Reddington takes you on a grand adventure to bring a carnival barker to justice?
Liz: I know it sounds crazy he would do something like this to make ends meet, but Putnum is now in the US Marshals’ custody, and he is at trial as we speak. He did it for the money.
Cooper: I owe you an apology.
Liz: Sir?
Cooper: I’ve decided to disclose your relationship with Reddington.
Liz: It’s the right thing to do. I want to do the right thing.
Cooper: I’m sorry for the personal scrutiny that will likely result from this– the doubts, suspicions of your loyalty, which may rise again. I’m not going to sugarcoat it. This is gonna be a struggle. But I have great confidence in you, confidence you’ll make the right decisions, if you just stay true to yourself.

[ Red and Liz in Red’s “new” car ]
[ ChinChin’s. ♪ “Run Run Run” playing ]
Liz: Got your bail money?
Red: I did. Thank you.
Liz: There’s something you should know. You may be my father, and I am going to help you rebuild your empire, because it will enable us to catch criminals. But I’m not gonna lose sight of who I am in the process.
Red: Please don’t make me return the car. I’ve always secretly wanted a Wagoneer. It smells like Dad’s car. Like peanut shells, gasoline. [ Laughs ] Elizabeth, if it helps to salve the wound, we did bring a fugitive to justice.
Liz: And a neo-Nazi is walking free, and his cartel is thriving. And as for Putnum, the only way he could get leniency is if he returned the money he embezzled, but thanks to us, he can’t do that. And his former partner, Hawkins, is being transported from jail to the courthouse and is going to testify against Putnum, and he will be found guilty, and he will go to prison. And there is no guarantee LeMarc won’t have him killed.

♪ I know you’re scared, but that’s all right Oh.
when you’re living out here in the wild

[ Tires hiss ] [ A Bureau of Prisons transport van pulls up ] [ Red gets out of the car ]

♪ when you’re living out here in the wild

Red: Hey, Morgan. Chuck. You have the package? Any trouble?
Morgan: Close call. We passed the real transport van on the highway.
[ Chuck peels the “Bureau of Prisons” label from the side of the van ]
Red: Make sure the guard gets his money. And thank you, guys. I’m in your debt.

♪ instinct’s the only thing that keeps us alive
take my hand and every step

[ Hawkins, the woman who was going to testify against Smokey, gets out of the van ]
Hawkins: Who are you?
Red: Your Fairy Godmother.
[ Van door closes ]
Red: Your deal with the prosecutor got your sentence reduced to four years. With me, it’s reduced to none. [ Handcuffs rattling ] Care to hear more?
Hawkins: [ Happily ] Yeah.

[ Smokey is at his court appearance ]
Judge: I’ve given the prosecution several continuances. And now your star witness is nowhere to be found–
Lead Prosecutor: Your Honor, if I may, it was contin–
Judge: No, you have no witness. The charges against the defendant are dismissed. Mr.
Putnum, you are free to go.
[ Gavel bangs ] [ Smokey, amazed and happy, hops up and leaves ]

♪ when you’re living out here in the wild

Liz: That’s what this whole thing was about? You had to get Putnum back in order to draw Hawkins out, which could only happen if Putnum showed up to trial. This whole thing was about getting to the accountant.
Red: That’s half of it. I’d be happy to explain, but there is something I need you to do for me first.

[ Aram is in Cooper’s office, seated and nervous ]
Aram: Agent Navabi and I we’re, um – [ hesitates ]
Cooper: Dating?
Aram: Yes. And if, uh, that’s gonna be a problem, you know, with the higher-ups, then, uh, I’d be willing to–
[ Knock on door. Ressler and Samar enter ]
Ressler: Hey. You wanted to see us?
Cooper: Aram, it’s not a problem.
Samar: What’s going on?
Cooper: I heard from the medical examiner. He’s concluded Laurel Hitchin’s death was an accident. Forensics pulled nothing off the surveillance. Evidently, it was as simple as it sounds– slipped and hit her head.
Ressler: So that’s it. Case closed.
Cooper: Case closed.

Red: You may think you want to be off the pool, believe me, up and ba– Smokey! Hawkins: What the hell is he doing here?
Smokey: Nope. No way in hell. No way. Eaz-I t-eaz-old y-eaz-ou i-eaz-f I-eaz e-eaz-ver s-eaz-aw y-eaz-ou–
Hawkins: B-eaz-ack o-eaz-ff, p-eal. I-eaz’m i-eaz-n n-eaz-o m-eaz-ood.
Red: Okay, take a breath. Let’s celebrate. Can a diabetic drink wine? – Dariush.
Hawkins: Who has diabetes?
Smokey: Well, you can’t blame a guy for trying.
Red: Earlier today, you two were both on your way to trial, to prison, and now, thanks to us, you’re both free. Free to greet opportunity knocking at your door.
Hawkins: What?
Smokey: Opportunity?
Red: Imagine owning 2% in a multi-national conglomerate with interests in travel, beverage, technology, cyber, defense, revolution, with gross profits that would be the envy of most companies in the Fortune 500.
Smokey: Which– Which– Which conglomerate is that?
Red: Mine.
Hawkins: You live in a motel.
Smokey: And LeMarc is still out there.
Red: I have every confidence that the FBI is in the process of finding whatever rock LeMarc and his men are hiding under.
Smokey: Well, We We– We– We– We don’t know anything about your line of work.
Red: Hawkins here knows money laundering like the Pope knows the Bible. And you, Smokey– You know everything there is to know about logistics and tactics. It wasn’t your fault the greatest show on earth went out of business. That says more about lack of vision than anything else. And sure, you’re down on your luck and you made some poor choices that put a wedge between you, but I removed that wedge today. And if you’re as smart as I know you two are, you’ll agree to this proposal. And together, we’ll take a wild ride.
[ Paul Stone’s ♪ “Don’t You Forget About Me” playing ]
Red: Yes? More wine! Help yourself to the pretzels and the cheeses. We’re all family here. [ Chuckles ]

♪ won’t you come see about me

Liz: I was wrong. You’re not at all scared of the future.
Red: Oh, my gosh.

♪ giving me everything, inside and out
don’t you forget about me

Liz: You’re actually loving this.
[ Red laughs, takes Liz’s drink and puts it down. They dance to the swing music ]

♪ don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t don’t you forget about me
as you walk on by…

[ Red twirls Liz around. She beams. He laughs ]

♪ …will you call my name?

[ Ressler gets into his car. Henry Prescott gets in on the other side ]
Ressler: What are you doing here? You shouldn’t be here.
Henry Prescott: I was careful not to be followed.
Ressler: [ Sighs ] The official report came back. ME ruled the death an accident.
Henry Prescott: Which is why I’m here. Yeah, I couldn’t help but wonder how Reddington’s security man, Mr. Sturgeon, knew details only the police should know. So I did a little police work myself. I ran your prints. Turns out you’re not Mr. Sturgeon after all, but rather Special Agent Donald Ressler with the FBI.
Ressler: What do you want?
Henry Prescott: I want you to know you’re gonna be doing me some favors in the very near future.
Ressler: Did you forget that you got rid of the evidence that I was even at that crime scene?
Henry Prescott: I didn’t get rid of it, Agent Ressler. I hid it. Do what I ask, when I ask, and it’ll stay hidden. We’ll be in touch.
[ Car door opens ]

♪ lala, la-la, lala, la-la la, la, la la, la, la-la-la

[ Laughter ] [ Speaking indistinctly ]
Liz: That was Cooper. He’s got a beat on LeMarc and his crew, and they should be in custody within the hour.
Red: So you get your bad guys, and I get mine.
[ Door opens ]
Liz: Dembe. Where have you been? Do you want a drink?
Dembe: Yes. Thank you, Elizabeth.
[ Liz leaves ]
Red: How’d you do?
Dembe: I couldn’t find it.
Red: Dembe, that suitcase We need to find that suitcase.

[ Hinges creak ] [ Keys rattle ] [ Lock clicks ]
[ Liz enters her apartment, senses someone’s presence and spins around, pointing her gun ]
Tom: Hey. Don’t shoot.
Liz: [ Gasps ] You’re back! [ Laughs ] Oh!
[ Liz runs to Tom, leaps into a hug ]
Tom: [ Grunts as he catches her ]
Liz: How you doing? Are you really here?
Tom: I really am. God, I missed you. I have some news.
Liz: You’ve got news? I’ve got news. It’s about Reddington.
Tom: What about him?
Liz: He’s my father.
Tom: He’s your father?
Liz: I know, it’s crazy. Uh, but it explains so much. I mean, of course, I’m confused about why he took so long to tell me and how I feel about everything, but–
[ Tom discretely slides the suitcase out of Liz’s sight ]
Liz: Wait a minute. You’re here. [ Laughs ] So, do you have something to tell me?
Tom: I – wanted to tell you that I love you, Liz, and that I’m never gonna leave you, ever again.
[ As they embrace, a surrealistic scene of horror flashes in glimpses as loud music pounds ~ a preview, a premonition, a vision? ~ In it, Red breaks through a door 💥💥💥 Gunfire 💥💥💥 A pink doll lies on the floor; a shell casing clinks next to it. Tom lies on the floor, his face white but battered and slashed. He holds his bloody hand up to stop the assault. Red points his gun and blasts 💥💥 Tom’s blue eyes stare ]
Liz: [ Smiling happily ] You better not leave. I’ll kill you.

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Episode Songs


♫ New York Groove
By Ace Frehley

♪ Many years since I was here
On the street I was passin’ my time away
To the left and to the right, buildings towering to the sky
It’s outta sight in the dead of night

♪ (Ooh) Here I am, and in this city
(Ooh) With a fistful of dollars
And baby, you’d better believe

♪ I’m back, back in the New York Groove (3X)
Back in the New York Groove, in the New York Groove

♪ In the back of my Cadillac
A wicked lady, sittin’ by my side, sayin’ “Where are we?”
Stop at Third and Forty-three, exit to the night
It’s gonna be ecstacy, this place was meant for me

♪ (Ooh) I feel so good tonight
(Ooh) Who cares about tomorrow
So baby, you’d better believe

♪ I’m back, back in the New York Groove (3X)
Back in the New York Groove, in the New York Groove

♪ I’m back, back in the New York Groove (10X)

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2xAACK1
YouTube: https://youtu.be/LKdHy18rZcI


♫ The Boss
By James Brown

(1-2-get down)
♪ Paid the cost to be the boss
Paid the cost to be the boss
Paid the cost to be the boss

♪ Look at me
you know what you see,
you see a bad mutha
Look at me
you know what you see,
you see a bad mutha

♪ Paid the cost to be the boss
Paid the cost to be the boss
heh! told you so!
told you so!

♪ Havin fun, fooling around
Havin fun, got money to boot

♪ Cause I paid the cost to be the boss
Paid the cost to be the boss
Paid the cost to be the boss
Caught, tracked
turned my back uhh!

♪ Paid the cost to be the boss
Im a bad mutha
Im a bad mutha

♪ Head for the turn around
Head for the turn around
told you so!
Paid the cost to be the boss…

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2fVqEJo
YouTube: https://youtu.be/jC2ZY2loo74


♫ Edge Of The World
By Redeye

(lyrics unavailable as of 9/30/2017)

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/^
YouTube: https://youtu.be/jdUdigpPkVs


♫ Run Run Run
By ChinChin

(unavailable as of 9/29/2017)

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/^
YouTube: https://youtu.be/^


♫ Don’t You Forget About Me
By Simple Minds [ sung by Paul Stone ]

♪ Hey, hey, hey, hey
Ooh woh

♪ Won’t you come see about me?
I’ll be alone, dancing you know it baby

♪ Tell me your troubles and doubts
Giving me everything inside and out and
Love’s strange so real in the dark
Think of the tender things that we were working on

♪ Slow change may pull us apart
When the light gets into your heart, baby

♪ Don’t you, forget about me
Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t
Don’t you, forget about me

♪ Will you stand above me?
Look my way, never love me
Rain keeps falling, rain keeps falling
Down, down, down

♪ Will you recognize me?
Call my name or walk on by
Rain keeps falling, rain keeps falling
Down, down, down, down

♪ Hey, hey, hey, hey
Ooh woh

♪ Don’t you try and pretend
It’s my feeling we’ll win in the end
I won’t harm you or touch your defenses
Vanity and security

♪ Don’t you forget about me
I’ll be alone, dancing you know it baby
Going to take you apart
I’ll put us back together at heart, baby

♪ Don’t you, forget about me
Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t
Don’t you, forget about me

♪ As you walk on by
Will you call my name?
As you walk on by
Will you call my name?
When you walk away

♪ Or will you walk away?
Will you walk on by?
Come on, call my name
Will you call my name?

♪ I say
(Lala la la lala la la)
Will you call my name?
As you walk on by

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2ywSQJq
YouTube: https://youtu.be/NJC4wJOWFQY

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🔴 Script: 5:2 Greyson Blaise (№ 37)

Program air date: 10/4/2017 in the US
Full Script Permalink: http://wp.me/pDKwi-5LM
Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/2yJcHF9

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Don Thorin
Written by: Lukas Reiter, Jon Bokenkamp



⭕ Script 5:2 Greyson Blaise (№ 37)

Brief: Red has been having a blast, relaxing poolside, collecting colorful new associates and pursuing the occasional criminal to keep Cooper happy. He and Liz are hitting it off as a father/daughter act. Aram and Samar are now a couple. Ressler is in debt to fixer Henry Prescott for helping him hide his involvement in Laurel Hitchin’s death. Tom has returned from his adventures and holds the key to Red and Liz’s future relationship – a suitcase full of bones, left to him at the suicide of Mr Kaplan – a suitcase Red is desperate to recover.

[ New York City ]
[ Sophie Tukker’s ♪ “Awoo” plays ]

♪ I know I did not raise a wrist
I know I did not capture it
It came, it went
It conquered quick
I was there and then I quit

♪ Awoo

♪ I know I did not raise a wrist
I know I did not capture it
It came, it went
It conquered quick
I was there and then I quit

♪ Awoo

[ A masked man dressed in black enters a room containing an museum collection. At the center is a glass display case housing a brilliant diamond necklace. He cuts through the case with a laser torch and removes the necklace, slipping it into a woman’s clutch. He leaves, shedding his black jacket, gloves and mask ]

♪ I know I did not raise a wrist
I know I did not capture it
It came, it went
It conquered quick
I was there and then I quit

♪ Awoo

[ A woman, Phoebe, addresses a group of finely dressed socialites ]
Phoebe: Truly a labor of love, to be able to bring this magnificent collection to our city.
[ Greyson Blaise enters ]
Anna Cartwright: Where have you been? They’re about to start.
Greyson Blaise: Well, you left your clutch in the car there.
Phoebe: Mr. Greyson Blaise.

♪ I know I did not raise a wrist

Greyson: Thank you, Phoebe. You are truly a patron of the arts. Speaking of patrons of the arts – Napoleon. His first wife was unable to bear him a child, so he dumped the Empress of France for the Archduchess of Austria. He got a child, and she got a magnificent gold and silver necklace consisting of 234 diamonds, and what is widely considered to be the most spectacular jewelry piece of the age. It’s here, and on loan from the Smithsonian. Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great pleasure that I give to you the Napoleon Diamond Necklace.

I know I did not raise a wrist
I know I did not capture it
It came It came

[ The door of the room to the art display is opened, revealing that the necklace is gone ]
Guard: [ Into Walkie-Talkie ] Lock everything down. The necklace has been stolen.

♪ I was there and then I quit

[ CHATTER ] [ Anna looks into her clutch. The necklace is there ]
Anna: You’ve been a naughty boy.
Greyson: You said you had to have it.

♪ Awoo

[ Small Forward’s ♪ “Afternoon Take-Off” plays ]
[ Liz and Tom’s apartment. They are kissing passionately and tearing at each other’s clothing ]

♪ Elevators in your eyes

Liz: I can’t believe you’re back. I have so many questions for you, like where you’ve been.
Tom: I’ll tell you later.

♪ And you look me down
Now I run the risk

[ They fall to the floor ]
Liz: But it’s done? You’re back?
Tom: Yeah. I’m never gonna leave you again.

♪ You told me that you’re anxious
You seem to let it go

[ They head toward the couch ]
Tom: Ow, my foot.
Liz: Oh. [ SQUEALS ] So sorry. Oh, I’m out of practice.
Tom: It’s okay. Come here.
Liz: Oh, my God!
Tom: [ CHUCKLES ] When did she get so big? Was I really gone that long?
Liz: [ SIGHS ] Oh, it happens fast.
Tom: You know what we need?
Liz: To have sex?
Tom: We need to get married. We never got married.
Liz: Yeah. Great. [ CHUCKLES ] First, let’s have sex.
Tom: Okay.
Liz: Mm.

Liz: I’m so sorry I’m late. Um, last night was crazy.
Cooper: No time, Keen. No more excuses from anybody. I gotta answer to the DOJ and Panabaker and a new FBI Director who likes results. And Reddington’s acting like it’s summer vacation.
Liz: Well, I don’t wanna make excuses for Reddington, but–
Cooper: Then don’t–
Liz: –if his contacts are compromised like he says they are
Cooper: I don’t buy that for one minute. The man knows people. Criminals. He’s plugged in to an entire ecosystem of deviants. I have a hard time believing he’s suddenly so compromised he can’t be of help to us. No, he’s playing grab-ass by the pool between naps and happy hour.
Liz: Where are you going?
Cooper: We are going to find Reddington. I’ve had a teenage son, and the best way to handle a man with no aim in his life is to confront him directly.

[ At the Terrace Vista Motor Lodge where Red is staying, by the pool ]
Red: Myron, I’m in your debt.
Myron: Lotta good that’ll do me if the boys find out I was here.
Red: Your associates are buzzards. But you, my friend, will always be welcome at my table.
[ Red hands Dembe a post-it ]
Red:This man gets us to a man named Dennison, and Dennison gets us to the suitcase.
[ Liz enters with Cooper ]
Dembe: Elizabeth. Mr. Cooper.
Red: Harold, Elizabeth, please sit. Have a siu mai.
Cooper: Is there somewhere we can talk privately?
Red: Greyson Blaise.
Cooper: Your room, an office?
Red: You want a Blacklister, I’m giving you one. Or are you here to play ColorKu? An absolutely infuriating game. Although, I do love the way it looks.
Liz: Greyson Blaise? Isn’t he the one who circumnavigated the globe in a hot-air balloon?
Red: And raced at Le Mans and trekked across the Sahara and stole Van Gogh’s “Poppy Flowers” from a museum in Cairo.
Liz: He’s an art thief.
Red: A thrill-seeker. A Van Gogh in Cairo. A Picasso in Rio. And last night in New York, a necklace – The Napoleon necklace. Blaise is a rising star, and he’s using dark money in politics to spread his influence, buying loyalty for the inevitable day when the next thrill ride he chooses to go on is to run for something. King, perhaps.
Cooper: So how do we get to him?
Red: There’s an auction in Zagreb 36 hours from now. I’m told Blaise will be there.
Cooper: Taking down someone with Blaise’s profile is exactly what we need right now.
Red: Yes. Unfortunately for you, Harold, I’m not telling you about Blaise so you can take him down.
Cooper: What?
Red: I’m telling you about him so you can help me go into business with him.
Cooper: And why would I help you do that?
Red: Because you need a powerful CI, someone people fear. And if my world learns I’m aligned with Blaise, people will be terrified.
Liz: Blaise isn’t gonna align with you if he knows you’re broke.
Red: Which is why we must convince him that I’m not.
Cooper: Fine. But you’re not going to that auction alone. Keen, Ressler, and Navabi are going with you, and I don’t want any arguments.
Red: Who’s arguing? I need a ride, you’ve got a jet.

[ DOOR BEEPS ] [ Miles Cho unlocks, then enters his restaurant. Dembe sits up ]
Cho: What the? We’re closed today. How did you get in here?
Dembe: We need to talk.

Cooper: Okay, give me the rundown. What do we know about this auction?
Aram: Uh, not much, and according to Mr. Reddington, that is the appeal. Apparently, it’s an upscale affair run by Juric and Bauer, the boutique auction house which is hosting the event in Zagreb.
Ressler: According to their website, their auction features rare and exotic coins, stamps, decorative arts. You know the international one-percenters are gonna be crawling all over the place.
Liz: Which means high security.
Aram: Fortunately, the company uses a computer system to log guests. I was able to locate their servers and add a new profile.
[ KEYBOARD CLACKING ] [ A picture of Samar pops up ]
Samar: Lovely. Who am I going to be this time?
Aram: Yasmin Shahidi, the only daughter of an Iranian textile manufacturer who made a fortune selling private estates in Beverly Hills.
Liz: What about Reddington? With all that security, it’ll be too risky to bring him in the front.
Cooper: Once you’re inside, you’re gonna have to find an alternate entry.
[ At the auction site ]
Samar: South stairwell. 30 seconds.
[ Samar subdues the man and zaps him ]
Man: [ GRUNTS ]
[ Samar lets the others in ]
Liz: Nice work.
Ressler: All right. Look, don’t touch. Or bid.
Red: I know the rules, Donald.
Ressler: Well, humor us and try to follow them.

[ At the auction in Zagreb, Croatia ] [ CLASSICAL MUSIC PLAYING ]
Red: This is fun. Out and about, a glass of bubbles
Liz: Just try to keep a low profile. The last thing we need is someone to recognize you.
Red: Truth be told, being stuck stateside has left me feeling somewhat smothered as of late. Oh, my goodness. Look at those Guan vases. And that flatware. Did you know Nancy Reagan – She could dress a table specifically for that night’s guest at a moment’s notice.
Russian Silver for a tea with Gorbachev, Italian silver stag-head stirrup cups for a last-minute supper with Sinatra. Can you imagine?
Liz: Sinatra? I can’t imagine.
Red: Let’s find a paddle card and a catalogue. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy dickering over an heirloom now and then.

[ Nik Korpal, an ER MD who was once engaged to Liz, enters a parking garage ]
Nik Korpal: [ On phone ] I just finished my shift. I’ll be home in 31 minutes. Yep, I use Waze to find my way home. Don’t let the scrubs fool you. You’re engaged to a moron. I’ll be home soon.
[ Tom approaches ]
Nik: Whatever it is, the answer is no.
Tom: Two minutes. Okay, less. Please.

Auctioneer: We move on, then, to lot 348. Might I remind you that this rare collection…
Liz: [ Whispers To Red ] I don’t see him. Do you?
Auctioneer: Includes the finest known bronze cent from each mint, including the unique 1943-D bronze penny, which PCGS has certified at 68 out of 70. Shall we open the bidding, then, at $1.8 million?
Liz: Did you hear me? He isn’t here.
Auctioneer: $1. 8 million now. $1.8 million.
[ Red flips his paddle to bid ]
Liz: What are you doing?
Red: I can’t resist.
Liz: Are you insane?
Red: Elizabeth, we’re at an auction. I have to bid on something.
[ Red flips his paddle again ]
Liz: You don’t have any money.
Red: Harold does, and it’s important for me to keep up appearances. I can’t go around looking like a party pooper.
Auctioneer: $2.4 million.
Red: Anything under 3 for the bronze Lincoln penny is highway robbery. It’s a steal.
Liz: Knock it off.
[ Liz takes the paddle from Red ]
Auctioneer: All through? At $2.4 million?
Man: 3.
Auctioneer: $3 million. Gentleman’s bid now of $3 million. Sold to you, sir at $3 million, paddle 143.
[ Greyson Blaise looks back at Red, acknowledges him ]
Red: Well, at least we got his attention.

Nik: Reddington’s her father? I can’t say I’m surprised. I’m sad for her. That sucks, but what does this have to do with me?
Tom: Nothing. That mystery has been solved. But this one hasn’t.
[ Opens suitcase with bones ]
Nik: Who is that?
Tom: I don’t know. That’s why I’m here.
Nik: I can’t help you.
Tom: Whoever is in here, this is the dying wish of a good woman, all right? Mr. Kaplan died so that Liz could find this skeleton and identify the remains.
Nik: Liz is an FBI agent. Why can’t she have the Bureau ID them?
Tom: Because she doesn’t know about them yet.
Nik: Your two minutes are up.
Tom: If I tell her now, she will tell Reddington. If he finds out before we ID the remains–
Nik: We?
Tom: –He will find a way to make sure she never learns the truth.
Nik: There is no “we.” The last time I helped you guys keep a secret from Reddington, he almost killed me.
Tom: I get it.
Nik: Kaplan didn’t leave instructions?
Tom: No, just a number to call when I picked up the suitcase.
Nik: She has a confederate. Maybe he has the answers you need.
Tom: I was really hoping to get them from you.
Nik: I really should go.

Auctioneer: Ladies and gentlemen, we come now to our next item up for bid, a lovely work of craftsmanship …
[ Greyson Blaise approaches Red ]
Greyson: Raymond Reddington. I didn’t know you were a collector.
Red: Yes! But $3 million for a book of coins is a bit rich even for my blood.
Greyson: [ To Liz ] I’m sorry. I don’t believe we’ve had the pleasure. Greyson Blaise.
Liz: Colleen Williams.
Anna: Anna Cartwright.
Greyson: I’m surprised to see you here, Raymond. I heard you were, uh, struggling.
Red: If you’re struggling, you’re alive.
Greyson: They say that your associate, the woman– She, uh, she tried to destroy you.
Red: Anna, those are lovely earrings.
Anna: Mm, they were a gift from Greyson.
Red: Cheers!
[ Red and Greyson walk off together ]
Liz: Wow. Those are just exquisite. Uh, may I?
Anna: Yeah.
[ Liz touches one of Anna’s earrings, attaching a tiny tracking device ]

Red: Rumor has it you may be in the mood to unload a certain waterway in the Aegean Sea.
Greyson: Oh, I suspect you know surprisingly little about my business dealings.
Red: Perhaps, or perhaps there’s a leak in the boat, Greyson– One we’d need to plug before hopping into the canoe together.
Greyson: I don’t think I should be seen with you here.
Red: Yet you understand that running an enterprise such as mine requires a network of trade routes which could prove quite profitable to a man with your resources.
Greyson: Go on.

[ Frank Shelley & Adam Saunders ♪ “Taking a Gamble” plays ]
Miles Cho: I- I don’t know where Dennison is, honestly. I’d tell you if I did.

♪ I’m taking my chances
With all the odds in my favor

Dembe: Do you like carrots?
Cho: Yeah, sure. Why?
Dembe: Good.
Cho: Are you making us a meal?

♪ If I could fix that fortune wheel
I wouldn’t have to think twice
Don’t wanna risk that sort of deal
If I’m in control when I roll the dice

♪ I’m placing my bets
I’m playing my aces
Laying my cards on the table
What more can I do?
I’m taking a gamble on you

(Spoken:) Take it!

Dembe: We should give thanks. All praise is due to Allah, who gave us food and drink, and whose wisdom may guide us toward a resolution of our conflict that doesn’t involve hospitalization.
Cho: This is how you’re gonna get me to tell you where to find Dennison?
Dembe: I believe one gets more flies with honey than vinegar. I have also studied the Behavioral Change Stairway Model developed by the FBI’s hostage-negotiation unit. If the goal is to get one to tell something they don’t want to tell, empathy and rapport are vital.

♪ With all the odds in my favor
I’m shootin’ for the moon
And takin’ a gamble on you

Cho: This tastes amazing.

♪ I’m shootin’ for the moon

Dembe: Red or white?
Cho: Red, please.
[ Dembe pours, red wine for Miles Cho, cranberry juice for himself ]

♪ And takin’ a gamble on you
It’s a gamble on you
Takin’ a gamble on you

Dembe: [ Toasts ] To finding Mr. Dennison.

Red: What am I thinking? This is neither the time nor the place to talk business. Let’s go somewhere, have a drink.
Greyson: I don’t think so. It’s getting late.
Red: A nightcap – Amaro, perhaps?
Greyson: Anna? I have an early morning.
Red: Well, if you change your mind or care to see the Rembrandt, give me a call.
Greyson: Wait. The Rembrandt?
Red: “Storm on the Sea of Galilee.”
Greyson: That painting’s been missing for nearly 30 years.
Red: [ Chuckles ] Missing? The thing’s hanging on the wall of my house on Lake Como. Oh, my gosh. That’s it. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it earlier. We’re having a get-together at the house Saturday. You should come.
Greyson: You have a house on Lake Como? That’s not far from me. Why didn’t I know that?
Red: It’s a fairly recent acquisition, papered, of course to ensure my privacy. I’m throwing a birthday party for a friend. Drinks in the garden. We can talk a little shop, and you can experience “Sea of Galilee” in the flesh.
Greyson: I’m busy Saturday. Mm. But if my plans change, I might try and swing by – for the Rembrandt. [ Chuckles ] Cheers, Raymond.
Liz: I thought you were broke. I didn’t know you had a house – on Lake Como.
Red: I don’t.
Liz: Then why did you tell him you’re throwing a party there?
Red: It was the first thing that came to mind. I hope Harold’s still in the office. Can you call him?
Liz: And say what?
Red: That we need his checkbook. We’re throwing a party.

[ Conference call between Cooper in DC and team in Zagreb ]
Cooper: You want the FBI to throw you a party? Why on God’s green earth would I agree to that?
Red: Because I told Greyson Blaise I was throwing a party. I-I’m sorry, I’m just so confused, Harold. Do you not like parties?
Cooper: I’m trying to figure out why you promised Blaise he could see a painting you don’t own at a party you’re not throwing at a home on Lake Como which you don’t have.
Red: I had to say something.
Ressler: And what if Blaise doesn’t show?
Red: The man is an art collector who has an opportunity to see a magnificent painting that’s been missing for 27 years. He’ll show.
Ressler: The FBI isn’t exactly in the business of, uh, throwing criminals parties.
Red: Let me worry about the house and the party. I only need your assistance acquiring the painting.
Samar: “The Sea of Galilee” was stolen in 1990. No one has seen it since.
Red: Amalia Hammett sees it every day. It’s sitting on an easel in the living room of her apartment in Paris.
Liz: How do you know that?
Red: I brokered the sale.
Cooper: And you want us to steal it back.
Red: The woman is in possession of a stolen work of art. The FBI can’t seize it in Europe, and while you could request a joint operation with the French, I’m not sure they’ll let you lend it to my estate on Lake Como. So yes, you should steal it.

[ Ressler is in a surveillance van viewing a live feed of the street outside Amalia Hammett’s flat in Paris, France. Samar is on the street ]
Ressler: Hey, Navabi, you got eyes?
Samar: Not yet. Any minute. Aram says her calendar indicates that she and Marius have a manicure every Thursday at 11:00.
Ressler: He sounds like a real heartthrob. Who is this guy, her boyfriend?
Samar: More like her bitch.
Samar: I’m on the move.
Ressler: You gotta be kidding me.
[ Samar enters the apartment building ]
Speaking of loyal companions, uh, how are things with you and Aram?
Samar: Lovely. Thank you for asking.
Ressler: You and I got a problem.
Samar: I’m touched. You’re jealous.
Ressler: Not quite. The old lady’s coming back with her hamster.
[ Samar finds the living room with the easel – but a different painting ]
Samar: The painting– It’s not where Reddington said it would be.
Ressler: What are you talking about?
Samar: “The Sea of Galilee” It’s not here. It’s gone.
Ressler: Well, Hammett’s on her way up.
[ Ressler exits the van ]

Ressler: Oh, I’m so sorry. Do you speak English? I just need some directions.
Amalia Hammett: I’m sorry, young man. I’m very late.
[ She pushes past him ]
Ressler: All right, Navabi. You gotta go. She’s on her way up now.

[ Samar is still there when Amalia Hammett enters her apartment ]
Samar: The Rembrandt– Where is it?
Amalia Hammett: Excuse me! What are you doing in my flat? I have no earthly idea what you’re talking about. Out! Get out! I’m calling the police.
[ Samar takes her phone ]
Samar: You’re not calling anyone.
[ Ressler steps up behind Samar ]

[ Lake Como, Italy ] [ BIRDS CHIRPING ] [ Red and Liz get out of a taxi at a large estate ]
Liz: It’s amazing. How’d you convince the owner to let you use it?
Red: I haven’t, but I will. Sometimes being notorious has its perks.

Red: I know I’ve thrown a lot at you, so please, take time to discuss.
Analia Beneventi: So, you want to take our house.
Red: Ah, not take. Borrow.
Analia: Ah.

Italian (with subtitles)
Analia Beneventi: He wants to have a party.
Paulo Beneventi: I understand, but you do know who he is. The cowboy– The American–
Analia: He’s a criminal. Not a cowboy, and I don’t see what other choice we have.

Red: We’ll let you two talk.
[ Red and Liz step aside ]
Liz: Maybe you could just rent a different house.
Red: One doesn’t simply rent the kind of estate I would have on Lake Como. Besides, I told Blaise we had a garden. They’ll come around.
Analia: [ Loudly ] No.
Red: What?
Analia: My husband, Paolo – He says no.
Red: Analia, who plays the piano?
Analia: Paolo.
Red: I see. Please tell Paolo he’s hosting a party tomorrow afternoon. He can either drink champagne and tickle the ivories or spend the rest of the night locked in the wine cellar.
Analia: [ Italian (no subtitles) ]
Paulo: Hmm
Analia: [ Smiles; To Red ] What kind of music would you like?
Paulo: Hmm. [ Smiles nervously ]
Red: [ Laughs ]

Ressler: We know that you bought “The Sea of Galilee” – That Reddington brokered the sale. Now, you either tell us where it is right now, Or I sw–
Amalia Hammett: Or what?! Who are you anyway? You’re not French Police. You have no right to come into my home.
Samar: You’re right, we have no right to be here, which should tell you that we’re very serious people with a serious need for the information that we are requesting. And since we’re willing to break into your house, [ Draws her gun ] there’s no telling what we’d be willing to do to you or Marius.
Amalia: How did you know my dog’s name?
Samar: Where is the painting?

Red: What do you mean she sold it?
Ressler: It’s gone, out of the country.
Red: That back-stabbing old bird. She promised that if she ever decided to let that painting go, she’d allow me to broker the sale. Donald, we need that painting.
Ressler: It’s not here and we can’t get it, so I hope you have a plan B.

Dale Pettigrew: I’m out of the game!
Red: Dale, hear me out. I’ll double your highest fee.
Dale: Raymond, I like you, I do. But this isn’t about the money. The thrill is gone.
Red: Right. You know what, never mind. It would’ve been impossible.
Dale: What’s impossible?
Red: No, I get it. I’ll go.
Dale: What are you trying to duplicate?
Red: “Galilee.”
Dale: Impossible! Nobody can recreate Rembrandt. You’d have to be a fool to try!
Red: Uh, forget I asked. It was a mistake. You’re on to other things.
Dale: How long until you need it?
Red: 24 hours.
Dale: You’ll have it in 20.

[ Georges Bizet’s “Carmen: L’Amour Est Un Oiseau Rebelle” from “Carmen” (Maria Callas) Plays ]
Red: [ On phone ] Christoforo. [ CHUCKLES ] Hello, old friend! Yes, a party [ LAUGHING ] Yes, yes. Why would I not invite you?

L’amour! L’amour!

Red: No, no no. Where are you? Yes, a party. Yes, yes!

L’amour! L’amour!

Red: No, no no! No, no, bring Basillo and his wife. No, no no. Yes, and the sister, too.

L’amour! L’amour!

Red: Yes. Grazie mille.

[ Red descends a marble staircase at the “borrowed” mansion ]
Red: You look nice.
Liz: Thank you, you look– What is that?
Red: I only brought one suit. I had to borrow something from Paolo.
Liz: What color is that, pumpkin? It looks like a pumpkin.
Red: His wife says it’s Tuscan Sunset.
Liz: Ah.
Red: Where’s Ressler?
Liz: On his way, which is more than I can say for Blaise. According to the tracker I put on his girlfriend, they’re still at their house.
Red: Ah, yes, the tracker. About that.

[ At Greyson Blaise’s house ]
Security Guard: The men just finished a security sweep. Found this.
[ He shows Greyson the tracking device Liz put on the back of Anna Cartwright’s earring ]

Liz: What do you mean, you intended for the tracking device to be found?
Red: To gain his trust. I told Blaise he had a mole. The tracking device confirms it.
Anna: Reporting what? I don’t ev–
Greyson: Get her out.
Anna: No, Greyson, baby, please! Greyson! [ To guards: ] Get off! Greyson!
Liz: Anna Cartwright is not a spy.
Red: No, she’s a con artist and a thief.
Liz: But she’s innocent of this, and by framing her, she could be killed.
Red: She won’t be killed. She’ll be banished. To rebuild, I need Blaise. And to get to him, I need his trust. Where the bloody hell is Ressler?

Security Guard: How’d you know about Anna?
Greyson: I didn’t. Raymond Reddington did. Perhaps I should attend his little party after all.

[ People speaking Italian ]
Liz: Okay. The good news is Ressler is en route and the painting will be here in 20 minutes.
Red: And the bad news?
Liz: Blaise just walked in.
Red: Of course he did.
[ Red leaves Liz holding two handfuls of Champaign glasses he was holding ]
Red: Greyson! – Welcome.
Greyson: Raymond. It seems like the rumors of your demise have been exaggerated.
Red: Fake news, curse of our times. [ CHUCKLES ]
Greyson: So, where’s this painting?
Red: I have absolutely no idea. So many rooms, so many masterpieces. Let’s wander. I’m sure we’ll stumble upon it eventually.
[ Click glasses ]
Greyson: Cheers.

Calvin: Welcome to Geo. Can I help you?
Tom: Yeah. I just need to change the, uh, billing address on my account.
Calvin: Sure, I can help you with that. You all right, man?
Tom: Uh, yeah.
Calvin: Let me get your number.
Tom: It’s 202-555-0105.
Calvin: Mr Dennison?
Tom: You don’t have to call me Mr. I’m sorry, man. My wife just, uh, [ CHUCKLES ] just left me.
Calvin: Oh, no, no. That’s fine, uh – Albert. No worries. I’ll get that billing address changed for you. Just, uh, let me get the last four of your social.
Tom: Seven years we’ve been together, you know?
Calvin: Sorry.
Tom: And she’s sleeping with her boss?
Calvin: What?
Tom: And now I’m the one who has to move out. And I found that apartment, you know? I remodeled it myself, and now I’m sleeping on my buddy’s couch. And she’s banging a guy named Phil!
Calvin: That’s messed up.
Tom: You know, the guy wears a bowling shirt, all right? The kind with his His nickname embroidered right on the front, and it’s– It’s “Chesty,” all right? She picked a guy named Chesty over me.
Calvin: If I could just get that new address where you want the bill sent, I’ll fix you right up.
Tom: I’m sorry, I’m sorry. It’s, uh, it’s 618, uh, Hillgrove.
Calvin: Great. So, uh, you want me to discontinue the copy being sent to the Kinsey Street address?
Tom: That’s fine. I don’t even, uh, get it. I just pay it online.
Calvin: Nah, it says here you still get a copy sent to 319 Kinsey Street.

Red: I’d be a completely silent partner. Harold Lloyd hanging from the clock tower, risking all, saying nothing.
Greyson: It’s an interesting proposal.
Red: My goods run through your ports. If I’m caught, you disavow; If I’m not, you get 5% of the profits.
Greyson: 10% and you have a deal – if you show me the painting.
Red: Yes. Of course, it looks even better if you’ve got a glass of champagne in your hand. Where is that young girl? Don’t move a muscle.

[ Nick Waterhouse’s ♪ “Say I Wanna Know” plays ]
[ Liz runs up to van from which Ressler and Dale are unloading the painting ]
Liz: Finally!
Ressler: Apparently, genius can’t be rushed.
Dale: Careful! It’s still wet.
Samar: There’s an entrance on the south side leading into the study.


♪ Have you ever …

Red: Analia, just in the nick of time.
Greyson: No, enough with the champagne and the stalling. Do you have the painting or not?
Red: As a matter of fact, I don’t. Truth be told, I’m broke.
Greyson: I knew it. And thi – all of this, the estate?
Red: It belongs to Analia here.
Greyson: The caterer.
Red: A-And the pianist, Paolo. They lent it to me under duress.
Greyson: Is that true?
Analia: Si.

Liz: Leaving so soon?
Greyson: As far as I’m concerned, sugar, it can’t be soon enough.
Liz: Oh, but you haven’t seen the painting yet.
[ Liz takes him by the arm and guides him. Red follows behind ]

Greyson: What’s this?
Ressler: We were just, uh, taking it down to–
Greyson: I don’t understand. Y-You said you didn’t have it.
Red: I don’t. You do. That’s why my men were taking it down. A gift to commemorate our new partnership.
Greyson: It’s beautiful. So much more vivid than any photograph. The colors jump out, almost as if the oils on the canvas were still wet.
[ Greyson reaches to touch it. Red intervenes ]
Red: Dale has spent two long years restoring it. And now it’s yours.
Greyson: No. I’m sorry, but I-I couldn’t.
Red: You could, and you will. Wrap it up and load it into his vehicle.

♪ She’s trying and she wanna know

Greyson: I don’t know what to say.
Red: Go. Enjoy. We’ll talk tomorrow, set things in motion.
Greyson: Thank you, Raymond.

♪ We trying and we wanna know
We trying and we wanna know

Liz: I can’t believe it worked.
Red: Almost.
Red: Inspector Scutari? Yes, hello. I’m calling about the stolen painting. Si­, the Rembrandt.

Cooper: [ Over phone ] He did what?!
Ressler: It worked. The entire plan. Blaise agreed to align his operation with Reddington’s, and then, Reddington turned him in to the Italian police.
Samar: Apparently, it was all pre-planned. There was an art-crime inspector waiting for Reddington’s call.
[ Greyson Blaise and driver run into a police road block near his mansion ]
Driver: Sir, you seeing this?
[ The car stops and they are immediately arrested ] [ CHATTER ]
Aram: So Mr. Reddington gave the forgery to Blaise as a gift, then set him up to get arrested with it?
Cooper: This makes no sense. The whole reason to go there was to convince Blaise to do business with Reddington.
Samar: So he played us, but why?

Red: I told you. The reason we’re here is to rebuild my empire.
Liz: By partnering with Blaise, by getting him to vouch for your financial situation.
Red: That is a lily I may have gilded, but it’s a lovely evening on Lake Como. Let’s not spoil it picking the sense from the nonsense.
Liz: Where are you going?
Red: Blaise’s mansion is about 15 minutes from here, and inside it is the cornerstone on which I can begin to rebuild.
Liz: Are you telling me that this entire thing– The forgery, the mansion, the 150 bottles of wine and Blaise’s arrest– Were all an extremely expensive and elaborate ruse so that you could rob him?
Red: Yes.
Liz: [ Enthusiastically ] Cool!
Red: Cool?
Liz: Maybe the wine or the fact that I have no legal jurisdiction in Italy or that Blaise called me “sugar” earlier, but yeah I think it’s really cool.

[ ENGINE REVS ] [ Red and Liz pull up to Greyson Blaise’s mansion ]
Security Officer: Help you with something?
Red: What are you doing? Why aren’t you destroying everything?
Security Officer: Destroying? I’m sorry, who are you?
Red: They haven’t notified you? We’re on the brink of a Level 4 breach!
Security Officer: What is your name?
Red: My name? Caden Gard, Chief International Council for your employer.
Security Officer: [ On phone ] I have some attorney out here, Caden somebody.
Red: I don’t have time for this. I-I’m only here because Blaise has been arrested less than 20 minutes ago, and within another 20, this place is going to be crawling with Carabinieri.
I called ahead, gave explicit instructions that everything was to be destroyed.
Security Officer: We just got a tip from our man in Interpol. They said that–
Red: That Blaise was arrested. What do you think I’m standing here for? Miss Chloe and I are only here because this is a Single Scope SCI sweep.
Security Officer: I- I d-don’t know what that is.
Red: Oh, my God. Where is Peniford?
Security Officer: Peniford?
Red: All right. Radio your team – Everyone! Tell them I’m on site and we’re at Tier 3, okay? Miss Chloe, contact our man in Interpol. Find out how much time we have. If anyone shows up, the alert word is “pumpkin.” You, inside.
Man: [ Into phone ] We’re Tier 3.
Another Man: Huh?
Red: Cellphones, pagers, anything with a chip needs to go in the microwave right now!
Liz: Egidio says the police are on their way 15 minutes, maybe less.
Red: You. Can you access the security feeds?
Man: Yes, sir.
Red: Get there and destroy them. Okay people, listen up – Sugarfoot has been arrested, and time is of the essence. We’re Tier 3, but this is what we prepared for. You all know the protocol. This is now officially a Single Scope Operation. You and you, I need you to find anything with a hard drive, get it in the bathtub. You two, you’re on paperwork. Anything with numbers gets burned. Somebody show Miss Chloe the financials. And you, show me Yankee Bob White.
Man: Sir?
Red: The safe! Where’s the safe?

[ Red flips through a bunch of papers ]
Red: Oh, my God. He’s keeping financials on the entire staff. This could implicate all of us. Take it downstairs and burn it. You, get me the combination to that safe.
Liz: [ To a man ] Take these.
[ The man takes the papers and leaves ]
Liz: [ Whispers, To Red: ] Before we get killed, you mind telling me what we’re looking for?
[ A woman runs in ]
Red: Blaise’s passports – Find them, shred them.
[ The woman keys in the combination to the safe, takes out a thrumb drive ]
Red: Miss Chloe, time?
Liz: Six minutes and counting.
Woman: Some of the records are on paper, but Mr. Blaise – He keeps the important docs on this thumb drive.
[ She gives the thumb drive to Liz ]
Red: The passports! Go, now!
Woman: What about the painting? “Dance”?
Liz: The Picasso?
Red: Get it out of here, anywhere. H-Have them put it in my car.
[ The woman hurries out. Liz takes a small box from the safe and opens it ]
Liz: [ GASPS ] [ It’s the Napoleon necklace ]
Red: Take it.
Liz: What?
Red: Take it.
[ Red is paging through a collection book of coins. He takes one out ]
Liz: Uh– The Lincoln Penny? That’s what we’re here to steal, a coin?
Red: Do you have the thumb drive?
[ Red and Liz exit the mansion. Breathlessly, the Security Officer runs up ]
Security Officer: Threw both of Mr. Blaise’s desktops in the lake. Uh, the police may find them, but the drives are toast.
[ Red takes the man’s face in his hands ]
Red: [ Earnestly ] Listen to me. Good God, man, listen. If you make it out, there’s a small hotel in Paris – 3241 Rue de la Mare. Say it back.
Security Officer: 3241 Rue de la Mare.
Red: Go there. Get a room under the name Mr. DeLacey. Say it!
Security Officer: Mr. DeLacey.
Red: Right. I’ll make contact when it’s safe. Until then, talk to no one. Do you understand? Good luck, mate, and Godspeed!

[ Red and Liz get in Red’s car ]
Liz: [ CHUCKLES ] Is that really a Picasso in the back seat?
Red: Yes. That was a nice surprise.

[ Back in DC ]
Red: Harold, you’re obviously upset.
Cooper: No, I’m not upset. “Upset” is an emotional word. My reaction isn’t about emotion. It’s about my job. It’s about you consistently keeping me in the dark and refusing to respect my role as the head of this task force. And you know what else it’s about? Your ego and your obvious failure to understand that this entire operation, everything we’re trying to do here, is hanging by a thread!
Red: My mistake. I thought you might be upset.
Cooper: You lured us in, acted like the only thing you needed from us was a ride to that auction. The next thing I know, my people are stealing paintings–
Red: To be fair, stealing back a painting. Or trying, at least.
Cooper: Not to mention half-a-dozen invoices for a party at a house on Lake Como!
Red: Right. Please don’t forget to pay the catering bill. Those folks were very, very nice.
Cooper: After all of that, what do we have to show for it? Nothing. You handed Blaise over to the Italian police, so we don’t even get credit for the arrest.
Red: True, the Italians will get credit for arresting Blaise with “The Sea of Galilee.” Of course, it’s not “The Sea of Galilee,” which they will undoubtedly realize shortly, at which point they will be forced to release Blaise with apologies.
Cooper: So nobody gets him.
Red: Wrong. You get him, Harold. You and this Task Force.
[ Red gives Cooper the Napoleon necklace ]
Red: Because while the Carabinieri have bogus evidence, you have the genuine article. Fast, hard proof of Blaise’s criminal activities all over the globe. Art heists, missing masterpieces. That necklace alone should be enough to put him away and get your new Director off your back for a long weekend, at least.
Cooper: What was in that house that was so important?

[ At the motel, Red and Liz are poolside. Liz plays with the Lincoln penny ]
Red: Penny for your thoughts.
Liz: Why’d you do it?
Red: Why’d you let me? It wasn’t the wine.
Liz: I’m scared of you. Now more than ever. Of who you are, because you might be who I am, too. I let you do it because it felt like the right thing to do. It wasn’t. But it certainly felt that way because–
Red: Because you’re my daughter?
Liz: In more ways than I care to admit.

[ DOOR CREAKS ] [ Tom enter warily. A man is tied to a chair and gagged. He has been badly beaten, but is conscious ]
Tom: Are you Dennison? Who did this to you?
[ Tom pulls down the gag ]
Dennison: [ COUGHS ]
Tom: What happened? You okay? Who did this to you?
[ Tom pulls Dennison’s gag back up ]
Tom: I’m sorry.
[ Tom goes into the closet, pulling shut the louvered doors ]
[ DOOR CREAKS ] [ Red and Dembe enter ]
Red: Albert? Albert, look at me. Do you know who I am?
[ Dennison nods ]
Red: You’re a tough son of a bitch. Your loyalty to Kate is admirable. But you will die, Albert here and now, if you don’t tell me where that suitcase is. Who has it? I won’t ask you again.
Dennson: [ LAUGHS ] [ CRYING ]
[ Red shoots Dennison in the chest 💥💥💥 ]
[ After Red and Dembe leave, Tom comes out, pulls down Dennison’s gag ]
Dennison: [ GRUNTS ]
Tom: Hey, hey. Who– Why did I pick up the suitcase?
Dennison: Ole–
Tom: What?!
Dennison: Oleander. Find him.
Tom: Who’s Oleander? Who is he? What is– What is Oleander?
[ Dennison loses consciousness ]

[ Tom is home cooking ] [ CELLPHONE RINGING ] [ CELLPHONE BEEPS ]
Nik: Hey, it’s me.
Tom: Nik, what’s up?
Nik: I’ve been thinking about this, what you said. I have no interest in getting involved with Reddington, but if what you said If you think Liz is in some kind of danger, just tell me what you need me to do, okay?
Tom: Thank you. Nik, that’s, uh– Thanks. Look, I don’t feel comfortable talking on the phone.
Can we meet?
Nik: Yeah. Text me an address.

[ Tom is at home, cooking ] [ Liz enters, wearing a little red dress ]
Liz: Wow, smells amazing!
Tom: Yeah, well, hold your judgment until you’ve tried it, because I might end up killing us all. [ CHUCKLES ]
Liz: “Us all”? What’s going on?
[ DOORBELL RINGS ] [ Liz runs to the door and opens it ]
Red: Elizabeth, good evening.
[ Red hands Liz a bottle of Champagne ]
Liz: Hello! What’s going on?
Red: Tom didn’t tell you? I was invited to dinner.
Tom: I set four place settings. Every time I see you, you’re with Dembe, so I just thought the two of you, you know. I don’t know what I thought.
Red: Thank you, Tom. I regret I can’t stay. I have another engagement. Sorry to have inconvenienced you, but at least you’ll have plenty of leftovers. Before I go, let’s have a toast.
[ Tom opens the bottle of Champagne and pours it ]
Liz: What exactly are we celebrating?
Red: Tom’s return, of course! Your family must be very happy to have you back. I remember warning you not to embark on that silly adventure. But nothing ventured, nothing gained. Welcome home.
Tom: Cheers.
[ They sip ]
Tom: So, what have you been up to? [ Smiles ]
[ Liz glances sideways at Red. Red smiles awkwardly ]

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Episode Songs


♫ Awoo
By Sophie Tukker (feat. Betta Lemme)

♪ I know I did not raise a wrist
I know I did not capture it
It came, it went
It conquered quick
I was there and then I quit

♪ Awoo

♪ I know I did not raise a wrist
I know I did not capture it
It came, it went
It conquered quick
I was there and then I quit

♪ Awoo

♪ I know I did not raise a wrist
I know I did not capture it
It came, it went
It conquered quick
I was there and then I quit

♪ Aaah

♪ I know I did not raise a wrist
I know I did not capture it
It came, it went
It conquered quick
I was there and then I quit

♪ I know I did not raise a wrist
I know I did not capture it
It came, it went
It conquered quick
I was there and then I quit

♪ Awoo

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2xiGGY9
YouTube: https://youtu.be/x7g_SWE90O8


♫ Afternoon Take-Off
By Small Forward

(lyrics unavailable as of 10/5/2017)

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/^
YouTube: https://youtu.be/cCDiliBUL-0


♫ Taking a Gamble
By Frank Shelley and Adam Saunders

(lyrics/video unavailable as of 10/6/2017)

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/^
YouTube: https://youtu.be/^


♫ “L’Amour Est Un Oiseau Rebelle” from “Carmen”
By Georges Bizet (sung by Maria Callas)

( Translated from French: )

♪ Love is a rebel bird
That no one can domesticate
And it’s in vain that we call for it
It’s the one we’ve just been denied
♪ Nothing does it, threats or prayers
One talks well, the other one doesn’t talk
And that’s the other one I prefer
He didn’t say anything but I like him
♪ Love, love, love, love
Love is Bohemia’s child
It has never known any law
If you don’t love me I love you
If I love you beware
If you don’t love me
If you don’t love me I love you
But if I love you, if I love you
♪ The bird you thought you surprised
Flapped it’s wings and flew away
Love is far, you can wait for it
You don’t wait for it anymore, it’s here
♪ All around you, fast, fast
It comes, leaves and then comes back
You think you hold it, it avoids you
You think you avoid it, it holds you
♪ Love, love, love, love
Love is Bohemia’s child
It has never known any law
If you don’t love me I love you
If I love you beware
If you don’t love me
If you don’t love me I love you
But if I love you, if I love you

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2ysb034
YouTube: https://youtu.be/Za5V6NQDc2Y


♫ Say I Wanna Know
By Nick Waterhouse

♪ Have you ever
Made the best of a bad situation
Maybe, gone and takin’
Somethin’ yours for the takin’
Have you ever… Felt trapped
Like you… wanted to stop
Like you… not even gonna make it
Past the corner of the block

♪ Say, I wanna know
Say, I wanna know
Say, I wanna know
Say, I wanna know

♪ Oh there’ll be times
That this ol’ world can be so demanding
It get hard to find
A little truth ‘n understanding
Have you ever… Felt trapped
Like you wanted to stop
Like you…

♪ Not even gonna make
Past the next city cop

♪ Say, I wanna know
Say, I wanna know
Say, I wanna know
Say, I wanna know

♪ I trying and I wanna know
That I’m trying and I wanna know
We trying and I wanna know
We trying and we wanna know
He trying and he wanna know
She’s trying and she wanna know
We trying and we wanna know
We trying and we wanna know
We trying and we wanna know

♪ Say, I wanna know
Say, I wanna know
Say, I wanna know
Say, I wanna know

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2y3We1m
YouTube: https://youtu.be/ioRU8ZgGj1U

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🔴 Script: 5:3 Miss Rebecca Thrall (№ 76)

Program air date: 10/11/2017 in the US
Full Script Permalink: http://wp.me/pDKwi-5T1
Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/bit.ly/2yhZuGf

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Adam Weisinger
Written by: Jonathan Shapiro, Taylor Martin



⭕ Script 5:3 Miss Rebecca Thrall (№ 76)

Brief: Red has been winning, then losing, then winning Cooper over again with his madcap approach to restoring his empire. Liz has decidedly mixed feelings, having enjoyed the fun of taking down Greyson Blaise while knowing it was crazy and wrong. Tom, in the meantime, has witnessed a murder in which Red’s ruthlessness was evident – ruthlessness that it certain to be visited on Tom if Red finds out he is the one in possession of the mysterious suitcase containing a skeleton.

[ Two policemen break down the door of Scottie Stansbury’s apartment ]
Officer McGinnis: Baltimore PD. Come out, Stansbury. We got a warrant.
Officer Parker: We know you’re here, Scottie. Why don’t you come on out, make this easier?
[ The two officers separate. McGinnis comes upon Scottie Stansbury in the kitchen, at the sink. Scottie turns around ]
Scottie: Ah, please. I-If you take me in and my parole officer finds out I’ve been using–
[ Officer McGinnis is training his gun directly at Stansbury ]
Scottie: W- what’s going on?
McGinnis: I’m sorry, Scottie.
[ 💥💥 ] [ Blood splatters. Scottie falls ]
Officer Parker: [ From elsewhere in the apartment ] McGinnis!
[ McGinnis goes over to Scottie, who lies motionless, fires 💥💥 two shots from a different gun he has brought, toward the entry to the kitchen, then places the gun in Scottie’s hand ]
[ Officer Parker appears ]
Parker: McGinnis! What the hell happened?
McGinnis: I-I just– He drew. He fired. Is he–
[ Parker feels for a pulse ]
Parker: He’s dead. You came in– What? You had no choice. You had to fire, right?
McGinnis He had a gun. Yeah, I had to fire.

Police chief: McGinnis. Hey. Can you hear me?
McGinnis: Yes. Chief, look, I got nothing to hide. I’ll wave my Garrity rights. I-I was following protocol.
Chief: And I’m sure IA will confirm that, but right now, I want you to go home and call a lawyer. You need a lawyer.

[ A woman in red shoes with spike heels walks ]
[ Car door opens ] [ Car door closes ]
[ The woman gets in the car with Officer McGinnis, hands him a slip of paper ]
McGinnis: You sure nobody followed you?
Miss Rebecca Thrall: Password to the account. Funds are now available.
McGinnis: [ Sighs ] I didn’t think it’d be this bad.
Thrall: You’re alive, Officer McGinnis. Which is more than we can say for Scottie Stansbury. You’ve done your job. Now let me do mine.

[ Red is at the Terrace Vista Motor Lodge where he has been staying. He is dressed in a fleece robe with a hoodie, baseball cap, t-shirt and shorts, trying to get ice out of the ice machine. One ice cube drops out. He bangs the machine and shakes it fruitlessly, then heads back toward his room. He sees the door has been broken open. He turns around ]
[ Red knocks on the door of another room ] [ A perky young woman with a Southern accent answers ]
Piper: What’s up, buttercup? You finally change your mind, decide to join me and Gary tonight in the hot tub?
Red: Yeah. Uh, tonight? Maybe.
Piper: Is it the scab on his leg?
Red: Oh, no, no, no! No, no, no! Gary’s – Gary. I’m just distracted. I locked myself out of my room. I certainly don’t want to go down to the lobby. I was hoping I might use your phone.
Piper: Oh, yes, of course, silly. Get in here.
[ Both chuckle ]
Piper: You coming to social hour tonight? Gonna bring Daddy’s favorite little pickle-bites.
Red: Piper, I have no idea what that means.
Piper: I spread cream cheese on a slice of dried beef, wrap it up real good around a dill. Put a little toothpick in ’em, real good.
Red: [ On Piper’s phone ] Dariush! It’s Bruno. I’m sorry. I- I somehow locked myself out of my room.
[ The windows of the motor lodge look down on the central court with the pool. Red sees three thuggish-looking men, including one in a cowboy hat, walking around the pool ]
Red: I was hoping– Oh right. No. Oh, no, that’s fine. That would be gre– Wait. [ Chuckling ] I found it now! Never mind. I- Yeah, right here, in my pocket of all places. [ Chuckles ] Okay. I’m sorry. Thank you.
[ Red hangs up ]
Piper: I’ll tell Gary we’ll hot tub at 8:00.
[ Opens Door ]
Red: Don’t forget the pickle-bites.

[ Red returns to his room, enters cautiously. On the mirror in the bathroom is written in soap “RIVERA WANTS YOU” ]
[ Cellphone beeps, dialing ]
Red: Dembe. Yeah. Did you get a plate number? Okay.

[ Tom and Nik (Liz’s ex-boyfriend who is an ER MD) sit on a bench next to a medical or academic building ]
Tom: Who is this guy anyways? I mean, what kind of “medical expert” agrees to help covertly identify human remains?
Nik: I’m sorry. I didn’t realize he needed a résumé and a urine sample to get the job. You asked me for help, I’m getting you help, and I’m breaking the law in the process.
Tom: Yeah, for Liz.
Nik: Right. For Liz. That worked out well last time.
Tom: He’s a friend of yours, this Pete?
Nik: He has access to the kinds of medical equipment you need.
[ A thin, scruffy-looking guy comes out of the building ]
Tom: That guy? Did he even go to medical school?
Nik: He was the smartest kid at Harvard during my residency. Then he sort of dropped out. Today he’s plugged in to some kind of network of criminal drug activities. You two should get along swimmingly.
Pete: What up, Nikky? [ Sniffles ] You got gray as Grandma. You must be –
Tom: Tom.
Pete: Cool fake name. You a cop?
Tom: All right, you know what? Forget it.
Nik: This isn’t a joke, Pete.
Pete: Yeah, well, I don’t know your friend.
[ Talking over each other: ]
Tom: You know what? It’s my mistake–
Pete: I barely know you–
Tom: I never should’ve come to you–
Pete: I’m not going jail for someone I haven’t seen–
Tom: for help in the first place–
Pete: since med school–
Tom: because this guy is not–
Nik: Shut the hell up, both of you. He is not a cop. And you are the smartest guy I’ve ever met – destroyed me in boards so I know you’re smart enough to run this DNA test, take the money you clearly need, and keep your mouth shut.
Pete: Look, those remains, if they’re damaged like you say – exposed to air, natural elements – then pulling DNA might be difficult. I can do it maybe but it’s gonna take time.
Tom: Then I guess you should stop talking and get to work.

[ Red is seated at the counter of a run-down restaurant, looking through apartment ads in a newspaper. He circles one. Liz enters and sits next to him ]
Liz: Dembe told me you moved out of your hotel?
Red: Sadly, my time at the Terrace Vista has run out.
Liz: So, what, you’re apartment hunting?
Red: Yes. While you go on a hunt for some dirty cops.
[ Red shows Liz a newspaper account on the killing of Scottie Stansbury ]
Red: I believe the unfortunate incident with Officer McGinnis was far more than the stuff of headlines. I believe it was premeditated murder.
Liz: [ Reading ] Says here the victim shot first.
Red: I still have a few friends among the men in blue. They’re whispering that the scene was staged by a well-compensated mercenary.
Liz: McGinnis a paid-for killer. But according to this article, he has a clean record.
Red: The perfect alibi – an officer well-respected by his peers, paid by your government to carry a weapon to protect and serve the citizenry. But I’m telling you, Officer McGinnis is a killer, and he’s not the only one.
Liz: Killer cops for hire? Who’s hiring them?
Red: Whoever it is, this isn’t the first police shooting they’re responsible for – and unless you find them, it won’t be the last.

[ The Post Office ]
Liz: Andrew McGinnis. He’s a rookie officer without a blemish on his record. The victim was Scott Stansbury who spent 20 years bouncing between prison cells, parole hearings, and rehab.
Samar: What about the pistol? The one Reddington said was planted?
Aram: It was registered to another owner who reported it stolen three weeks ago, Stansbury was never a suspect.
Ressler: There’s already an internal investigation under way. Why not let it play out?
Liz: IA could spend months filing those reports. More people could die by then.
Ressler: Look [ Sighs ] I know it’s not politically correct right now to say this, but, uh cops don’t kill people, they protect them.
Cooper: Most of them do. But the ones who let anger and emotion, prejudice and carelessness affect their behavior are every good cop’s worst nightmare. Keen, talk to McGinnis, see if something feels off. Ressler, pay a visit to the partner. I want to get to the bottom of this.

Liz: You kicked the door down even though you got no response?
Officer McGinnis: No, ma’am, we went in because we had a warrant. The guy violated parole on a drug conviction.
Ressler: And when you got inside?
Officer Parker: Nothing. It was quiet. Noise on the TV, I guess – We split up.
McGinnis: Parker went one way. I went the other.
Liz: And that’s where you saw him?
McGinnis: Right. He was dumpin’ evidence – dope probably – down the drain. He saw me, pulled a gun.
Parker: … and next thing I hear, four shots.
McGinnis: He fired first. Two shots. So I returned.
Ressler: But his shots both missed.
Parker: Luckiest rookie son-of-a-bitch I ever seen.
Liz: Which shot hit him?
McGinnis: Which shot?
Liz: He was hit once. You said you fired twice. I assume you remember which missed and which didn’t.

Liz: He’s dirty.
Ressler: Why do you say that?
Liz: Said he shot twice and the second shot hit him.
Ressler: Well, that’s odd, it’s always the second shot that goes high, off the kick of the first.
Liz: Like I said – he’s dirty.

[ Descending into a basement room, Rebecca Thrall’s spike heels. Against a backdrop of a spider web, a man completely covered in a black rubber-like suit is splayed upright. She approaches him, undoing her long blond hair from its tight bun ]
Rebecca Thrall: Did you miss me, sweetheart?
[ The man nods, his body tenses, lurching forward against the restraints ]
Thrall: Aw, that’s nice. So nice.
Man: [ Breathing heavily ]
[ She removes her blouse, revealing her bra ]
Thrall: I missed you, too.
[ She pushes him back ]

[ Three men in boots, one wearing a cowboy hat, enter ] [ Red is sitting at a table with a pistol pointing ]
Red: Word to the not-so-wise–
[ One man begins to draw, but Dembe flanks them ] [ Shotgun cocks ]
Red: When you come for someone, don’t show up in a rental car under your own name with a local address.
Chief Thug: [ Spanish accent ] You never delivered the guns. Two months Rivera is fighting BLO without them.
Red: Well, he won’t get them if I’m dead. By the by, what’s with the boots? You guys do a lot of riding?
Thug: Our brothers are dying – because of you. They cannot defend themselves.
Red: How many has Rivera sent for me?
Thug: Enough to get the job done.
Red: Tell him that won’t be necessary. He’ll have his guns within 36 hours.

Dembe: A shipment of guns? You have no guns.
Red: Or money to buy them.
Dembe: Or a plane to deliver them in. This is impossible.
Red: No, Dembe – that periodontist from Tarkio? She was impossible. This is simply improbable.

Miss Rebecca Thrall: I want to make my clients’ position clear – their son was unarmed when he was shot.
Ressler: Tell that to the cop that he shot at.
Mr Stansbury: A cop murdered our son!
Liz: If that’s what our investigation determines that officer may well go to prison.
[ Ressler’s cellphone vibrates. Text: “Chrysler lhs at metro impound lot. Need you to pick up” ]
Mrs Stansbury: I’m sorry, Ms Thrall, – but there’s something I need to say.
Thrall: We discussed this.
Mrs Stansbury: This was our fault.
Liz: What was?
Mrs Stansbury: All of it. When Scottie was a little boy, we didn’t have money. We moved to this dump of a place– We didn’t know about the lead paint. It made him so sick.
Thrall: The Stansburys lived in public housing.
[ Ressler’s cellphone vibrates again. Text: “I need it NOW.” ]
Thrall: The lead paint in their unit left Scott cognitively impaired. We sued and were awarded a structured settlement worth a little under half a million dollars.
Liz: Structured settlement?
Thrall: Yes. The money was supposed to be disbursed over decades, almost like a paycheck that would show up every month for Scott.
Mrs Stansbury: But then Waterday showed up, waving $100,000 in front of Scottie.
Liz: They offered a lump sum.
Mrs Stansbury: Yeah, 20 cents on the dollar. Of course, he didn’t see that. He just saw a check for more money than he ever dreamed of. There ain’t no way that my boy shot at that officer.
[ Ressler’s cellphone vibrates: “You got 5 seconds to call me or I call your boss…” ]
Mrs Stansbury: But for him to even be in a position where that is a question? Mnh-mnh. No. I blame Waterday for that.
Ressler: I-I got to make a phone call.
Liz: Waterday – tell me more about them.
[ Cellphone beeps. Ringing ]
Prescott: Took you long enough.
Ressler: I’m not your errand boy.
Prescott: No. You’re my indentured servant. And you will be until you repay the debt you owe me for hiding your little mishap with the National Security Advisor’s skull.
Ressler: You got no play here. You can’t sell me out without implicating yourself.
Prescott: That’s true. And maybe I’m not willing to do that. Or maybe I’m bluffing. Are you gonna call my bluff, Agent Ressler, or are you gonna go fetch me that car before the cops process it?
Ressler: Text me the, uh, license and registration.
Liz: [ Whispers ] Hey. What’s going on?
Ressler: Look, a friend of mine, uh– he did something, and instead of coming clean, he’s just digging himself a deeper hole.
Liz: And he needs you to dig himself out?
Ressler: Something like that.
Liz: [ Sighs ] Okay, go. I got this.
Ressler: Thanks, Keen.

[ At the DMV, Red takes a number and sits ]

[ Woman over PA: ]
G2-8 to window R.G2-8 to window R.–

[ Red is seated between a man coughing and sniffling and a woman eating barbecued chicken from a greasy plastic container ]

[ Man over PA: ]
Attention Registration and insurance is at room 443. Room 443. Registration and insurance 443.

[ Glen Carter looks through the blinds of his office and sees Red, chuckles ]
Glen: [ Calls put ] 83? Number 83? Let’s go, lamb chop. You’re not gettin’ any younger.
Red: I think this is the first time you’ve made it a priority to see me, and I appreciate that. Thank you, Glen.
Glen: Truth is, you look sort of blue sitting out there all alone in that stew of humanity. Made my heart squeeze.
Red: Your heart?
Glen: I like pokin’ you in the nose and watching you bristle, but after all you been through – it don’t feel right. The thrill is gone.
Red: It’s been – unpredictable.
Glen: How are the mighty fallen in the midst of battle! I knew you would show up sooner or later, hat in hand, begging for help from ol’ Jellybean. What do you need?
Red: A million dollars.
Glen: Whoa! Are you dickin’ with me? I’m a government employee. I make 44 grand a year.
Red: Of which you don’t spend a cent. You live with your mother, and I’m confident you’ve amassed quite a nice nest egg from all your various extracurricular activities.
Glen: Go ahead. Kiss the ring, sport. I’m gonna need to hear the details.
Red: I need a million cash. Not to keep, to borrow. For two days. Glen, please, this is important.
Glen: [ Pause ] Hey! Who loves ya, baby?

[ Post Office ]
Liz: Waterday Financial buys a ton of these structured settlements, mostly from people like Scott Stansbury.
Aram: Yeah, people without the cognitive ability to know they’re being duped.
Cooper: The lump sum Waterday offers may be unseemly, but it isn’t a crime. Other companies do this all the time.
Samar: Reddington said someone is paying cops to commit murder. Does the financial settlement support that theory?
Aram: Well, maybe. Or uh, maybe it’s just a really odd coincidence. But Waterday doesn’t just buy structured settlements, they also make loans. And some of the loans they make are to cops. And just last month, one of the cops who had gotten a loan is Officer McGinnis.
Liz: The same cop who shot Scott Stansbury.
Cooper: Are you telling me the same company that bought the victim’s settlement loaned money to the cop who shot him? That cannot be a coincidence.

Mr Johnson: Of course it’s a coincidence. Look, we’re a nationwide company. We made over 1,400 home loans in the past fiscal year. 174 of them to cops.
Liz: And so this was bound to happen. Is that what you’re saying, Mr. Johnson?
Johnson: Look, what we do matters. To the officers who are looking to buy a home, and to the victims like Scottie Stansbury who, thanks to us, don’t have to wait for this money to slowly drip in. With the lump sum that we offer, they can pay for college, start a business.
Liz: We’re gonna need to see the documents pertaining to your structured settlements and the loans you made to the members of the Baltimore Police Department.
Johnson: Do you have a warrant?
Liz: We can get one if you insist.
Johnson: I do insist, and you won’t get one.
Samar: And why is that?
Johnson: Well, because to get one, you’ll need to convince a judge what you think is going on here, which is as obvious as it is offensive – a payoff to a cop to get him to commit murder?
Samar: Is that what it was?
Johnson: [ Scoffs ] Okay. See, the structured settlements that we buy only pay out as long as the victim is alive. Now, we paid Mr. Stansbury $100,000 for his settlement. At the time of his death, we had recouped $62,000. So, sure, someone may have wanted him dead, but not us. His death cost us a fortune.

Rebecca Thrall: Jennifer, of course you’re conflicted.
Officer Jennifer Serry: I mean, it’s just my sister is sick, but this really crosses a line.
Thrall: No. I-It isn’t only about the money or paying for an operation or even about saving your sister’s life. It’s- It’s also about the victim. His name is Robert Urwiller, and he’s suffering. Robert is cognitively impaired and no settlement amount will ever make him whole. His pain aside, look at his record. The assaults, the prison time. Jennifer, when I vet these candidates, I carefully consider everyone involved. Statistics show it’s unlikely Robert will even ever make his 45th birthday. But you can let him go. You can end his suffering, and save your sister’s life in the process.

Smokey Putnam: You busted me out to help you strategize. And I’m telling you, we need a covert landing strip where these boys can belly down a Gulfstream, and that means a minimum of 500 meters of well-camouflaged pavement that ain’t monitored by- by- by- by radar or FAA.
Heddie Hawkins: He doesn’t have the capital for a covert runway–
Smokey: Was I talking to you, gumdrop?
Red: Smokey. Please.
Heddie: Raymond. You’re broke. Now, I can promise you that this moron will run his mouth with harebrained ideas as long as there’s air in the room, but none of those ideas are gonna float if you can’t pay for them. And as your financial planner, I have a fiduciary obligation to point out that–
Smokey: Oh, oh, oh, oh! Oh, so- so the racketeer who cut a deal with the Feds for embezzling has a fiduciary obligation?
Heddie: Why don’t you button your lip and figure out where to park the plane?
Smokey: Oh, I got a place.
Heddie: Is that fact? Where?
Smokey: Why don’t you bend over and I’ll show you?
Heddie: Bend over?!
Red: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! Listen, you two need to find a covert runway. I don’t care if you have to build it yourselves, just find it and try not to kill each other in the process.
[ Door opens ]
Red: Tom. Right on cue.
Tom: Liz said you wanted to see me?
Red: Yes. About a certain business venture I’m pursuing. I think you’d fit right in.

Liz: The AUSA agreed we don’t have enough to get a warrant.
Aram: Yeah, a cop who had gotten a loan from Waterday shot a man who had gotten his settlement bought by them.
Liz: And they lost money on the deal plus, we only have one example, but, granted, that seems like one more than anyone would need.
Aram: But since it wasn’t, we reviewed the class-action lawsuit that Stansbury was a part of. Now, out of 179 plaintiffs, four sold their settlements to Waterday. Stansbury and these three
[ Aram brings up photos of three people shot to death ]
Cooper: My God.
Aram: Two were shot by police after high-speed chases. The other charged an officer with a knife. Suicide by cop.
Samar: And the cops they all got loans from Waterday?
Aram: Loans that, as far as we can tell, they’ve never paid back.
Liz: We don’t know why, but Waterday appears to be financing assassinations.
Cooper: Get this to the AUSA. Have them pull search and arrest warrants. And find Ressler. We need all hands on deck.

Liz: FBI. Step away from your desk.
Samar: Who’s in charge of your cybersecurity?
Secretary: I am. Mr. Johnson’s secretary.
Samar: Where’s your boss?
[ Cellphone ringing ]
[ The basement room with the spider web and the man in the black rubber-like suit, restrained as before – now with his face revealed. It’s Mr Johnson ]
Rebecca Thrall: It’s your office.
Johnson: Rhona knows not to call me unless it’s an emergency.
[ Rebecca holds up the phone for him ] [ Cellphone beeps ]
Johnson: Hey, what’s up? A-And they showed you a warrant? And what did they take? Um, you know what? Forget it. I’m on my way in.
[ Cellphone beeps ]
Johnson: The FBI just raided the office. Did you hear what I said? The Feds know. They’re pulling the files, Rebecca. What? Rebecca. Come on! Let me up. We’re in trouble.
Thrall: We? They’re pulling your files from your office.
Johnson: Wha- Wait. Wait. Wait, wait, wait! Come on! What are you– Rebecca! Rebecca!
[ Rebecca pulls the rubber mask over his face ]
Johnson: Please! [ Breathing heavily ]
[ Rebecca compresses the tube which allows him to breathe ]

[ Door opens, closes ]
Adika Buhari: Raymond Reddington. They said that you were out of the game. Taken down by an old lady, no less.
Red: Yes. And to think I’ve always had such good fortune with older women.
Adika: Who’s the boy?
Red: Levi Edwards. My munitions man. He’ll be inspecting the merchandise.
Adika: Why should I make a deal with you, hmm? Until today, you dismissed me as a thick-necked sea lion.
Red: I believe I said walrus. I don’t remember, I was drunk at the time.
Tom: We’re here for some guns. .50 caliber, G3s, as discussed.
Adika: You brought money as discussed?
Red: The money won’t be a problem.
Adika: Money’s always a problem. I hear it may be your biggest problem.
Red: Adika, I didn’t come here to waste my time or watch you eat. You’ve been trying to get me to kiss you into the business for years, I’m here at your table to do just that, so put down the fork–
Adika: Where’s the money?
Red: I said it won’t be a problem.
Adika: This doesn’t feel right. You don’t feel right.
Red: On the contrary, I’ve never felt better. Now put away the gun before you do something you’ll regret.
Adika: This feels like a setup. No?
Glen: Okay, okay, I’m here. I know I’m late. Traffic was a bitch.
[ Adika’s man pats Glen down ]
Glen: Ohh! Easy! I’m ticklish!
Adika: Who the hell is this?
Glen: Geynor Collins, TG&L Lending. I’m the moneyman. The one who makes the magic happen. [ Sniffs ] Ugh. What are you eating? Smells like duck.
[ Red opens the briefcase Glen brought the money in ]
Red: A million reasons for you to have faith in my financial fortitude. We’ll need the merchandise delivered by the end of day.
Adika: Leave the money. I will make some calls.
Red: Forgive the overt mistrust, but I’m not going to hand you a penny until Mr.
Edwards has had a chance to inspect the shipment.
Adika: No deal, then. I need collateral.
Red: Then take Edwards. If there’s a bump in the road, do with him as you wish. Now get your merchandise in order. I’ll call you with a rendezvous site shortly.
Adika: We can make this work.
Red: I’ll take your word for it.
Adika: Take him.
Tom: [ Back at Red ] Really?
[ Door opens, closes ]

Smokey: [ On phone ] Yes. I-I’m on my way – 45 minutes tops.
Red: Smokey, Buhari’s plane is supposed to land here in four hours. If I were throwing a picnic, it’d be lovely, but there are trees.
Smokey: The runway will be ready.
Heddie: Tell that wizard the McClintock boys are here! Where the hell is he? We need the shovels and chainsaws!
Red: Shovels and chainsaws.
Smokey: Tell her to button her lip. I- I- I- got shovels and chainsaws.
Red: Smokey, if this doesn’t work–
Smokey: Mr. Reddington, I need you to trust me on this. We are going to belly that gunrunner’s plane in that field, so help me God, I just need 45 minutes to get Leroy and Quackers there. We’ll jive then, my friend.
[ Two elephants lumber in behind Smokey ]
Red: [ Hanging up ] Who the hell are Leroy and Quackers?

Aram: [ On phone ] Based on the insurance records, I think maybe I figured out who the next target is.
Liz: Insurance records? Waterday’s in the insurance business, too?
Aram: Oh, no, but they take out a ton of it. Life-insurance policies on the lives of the people whose settlements they buy.
Samar: Johnson said the company paid Stansbury $100,000, but they had only received $62,000 when Stansbury died and the settlement payment stopped.
Aram: That’s true, Waterday lost a few thousand on the settlement payouts, but they took out a $5 million policy on Stansbury’s life. So when he died, they made a fortune.
Liz: Let me guess they had policies on the other victims, too.
Samar: Isn’t that a little obvious?
Aram: Uh, yes and no. First, Waterday had policies on all of the people whose structured settlements they bought, not just the victims. And second the victims. It looks like they pick ones who are living on “borrowed time.” Cancer victims, addicts, people whose illnesses may explain the type of erratic behavior that could result in a deadly altercation with the police.
Liz: And the next target you said you might know who that is.
Aram: Yes. Based on the three knowns – the recipient of a structured settlement, a preexisting medical condition, and a large insurance policy on their life – I found one name in the Waterday database – Robert Urwiller.
[ Robert Urwiller walks into a convenience store. Outside, Officer Jennifer Serry sits in her squad car ]
Urwiller: Let me get two of them scratchers. Might be my lucky day.

[ Elephant trumpets ]
[ At the remote construction site, Smokey has a crew of surveyors, site preppers – and Leroy and Quackers (the elephants) are clearing brush, leveling the ground, and marking off the strip with white chalk ]
Smokey: Let’s get that last maple to the south pulled! That oak, too! Mikey and John, run a string line and mow me some threshold markings. Humberto, check our compaction in the touchdown zone! Chip-chop! Chip-chop-chip, folks! Show time in 20!
Red: [ Chuckles ] My land! They don’t make men like that anymore, do they?
Heddie Hawkins: Thank the Lord.

[ Robert Urwiller leaves the convenience store ] [ Cellphone ringing ]
[ Urwiller gets into his car, tosses his cellphone on the seat, with his duffle on top of it ]
[ Engine starts. Urwiller drives off. Officer Serry follows in her police car ]

[ At the police metro car pound, Ressler finds the car Prescott told him to retrieve. It has a flat ]
Ressler: That’s it, huh?
Impound clerk: Yep.
Ressler: Was it brought in like that?
Impound clerk: No idea. Sign here.
[ Ressler signs and the clerk gives him the keys ]
Ressler: Thanks.
[ Ressler opens the trunk of the car and retrieves the spare ]
[ Cellphone ringing, beeps ]
Ressler: Ressler.
Cooper: Whatever you’re doing has to wait.
Ressler: Sir. This situation has been handled.
Cooper: Good, because we got a location on the blacklister’s next target.
[ Ressler opens the compartment looking for the jack and finds – a body, wrapped in plastic ]
Cooper: Ressler? Ressler, you there?
Ressler: I’m on my way.

Red: Smokey, you were born a century too late. You’re a miracle worker. Heddie, I can’t thank you enough for keeping us on budget.
[ Red gives Heddie a hug ]
Heddie: Oh, you had no budget.
Red: [ Chuckles ] Well, there you are.
[ Smokey gets in a pickup truck, his crew climbs in the back, engine revs and they leave ]

[ Marc Scibilia’s ♪ “My Time Is Comin'” Plays ]

♪ I’ve been waitin’ for the longest time

[ Jet engine whirs above as Adika Buhari’s jet appears ]
Dembe: It’s him.
Red: This ought to be interesting.

Aram: [ On phone ] Agent Keen, I’ve got Urwiller’s car heading east on Irving Street.
Liz: Do you have a vehicle description?
Aram: You are looking for a 1994 tan Toyota Tercel which just made a left on Georgia.
Samar: You still can’t get him on his cell?
Aram: I tried at least a dozen times Trying again now.
[ Cellphone ringing on car seat as Urwiller drives ]

♪ Can’t nobody save me

[ Siren of Officer Serry’s police car chirps ]
[ Urwiller’s phone keeps ringing ]

♪ Devil, please don’t take me alive
Ah, ooh

Aram: Mr. Cooper, I just spoke with Agent Ressler and gave him Agent Keen’s 10-20. He’s en route as we speak.
Cooper: And Urwiller? You make contact?
Aram: Uh, not yet, but we’re still trying.

♪ … coming
Ah, ooh, yeah
Ah, ooh, yeah
My time is coming, coming

[ Urwiller’s phone keeps ringing ]
[ Officer Jennifer Serry pulls Urwiller over. She looks up at a photo of her sister clipped to her visor, gets out and walks over ]
Urwiller: On my damn cellphone. Sorry.

♪ My time is coming, coming soon

Serry: License and registration, please.
Urwiller: I’m sorry.
Serry: License and registration.
[ Urwiller leans over to reach the glove compartment. Officer Serry points her gun ]
Samar: Aram, we have eyes. There’s a unit on scene now. Notify Annapolis Police and get cars there right away.
Aram: Copy that.
[ Urwiller turns to see Officer Serry pointing her gun at him ]
Urwiller: Whoa! What are you doing?!
[ Siren wailing, Samar and Liz’s pulls up ]

♪ Ah, ooh, yeah
Ah, ooh, yeah

Liz: FBI! Drop your weapon! Put the gun down. I’m not gonna warn you again.

My time is coming, coming
My time is coming, coming soon

Red: Adika! How was your flight in?
Adika: Bumpy as hell. Are you trying to kill us all?
Red: Well, I picked the site for its magnificent views. Levi, you look well.
Tom: Any chance we can untie me?
[ Adika’s man releases him ]
Red: Adika, I appreciate the good faith. And if your merchandise is as good as I hear, there’s no end to what you and I could–
[ Birds chirping, including one call with a clear bell-like tone ]
Adika: What is it?
Red: Shh.
[ The unusual bell-like bird call repeats ]
Red: You hear that? There it is again.
Adika: I don’t hear anything.
[ Bird call repeats ]
Red: A piping plover. Their breeding grounds are along coastal beaches and alkali marshes, so to hear that bell-like call from a shorebird this far inland – my gosh, poor little fella must be lost.
Adika: Do you want to talk birds or guns?
[ Tom opens crate of guns, takes out a rifle and slaps in a clip ]
[ Plover calls ] [ Tom tests the rifle 💥💥 💥💥 ] [ Chirping stops ]
Tom: Impressive.
Red: Not if you’re a lonely little plover.
Adika: The other five crates are in the jet. .50 caliber and 3Gs, as discussed.
Red: Dembe, if you could please grab Mr. Buhari’s payment. Levi, you look fit. You can help me load the merchandise.
[ Sirens wail as vehicles approach ]
Red: Adika, what the hell have you done?
— ATF! Everybody on the ground!
— ATF! Get on the ground!
— Let me see your hands! I said hands!
— Get on the ground now! I said don’t move!
[ Along with Adika and his men, Red and Tom kneel, hands behind their heads ]
Tom: [ To Red ] Nice work, Chief.
— Hands!

[ Indistinct conversation ] [ Police radio chatter ]
[ Ressler pulls up in the Chrysler from the pound ]
Liz: Nice ride.
Ressler: Guy I was helping out – it belongs to him.
Liz: Okay. Why are you driving it?
Ressler: Turns out he killed a guy, stuck him in the trunk. I’m dumping the body for him.
Samar: Officer Serry won’t talk.
Ressler: Aram told me that the Waterday CEO is dead. But, more than likely, he had an accomplice.
Samar: And, for all we know, is soliciting more cops. If we can get to Serry, we might be able to put an end to this.
Ressler: Mind if I take a run at her?
Liz: Why not – one crooked cop to the next? Maybe you can bond over the body in your trunk.
Samar: There’s a body in the trunk?
Liz: Hurry up before it gets ripe!

[ Ressler walks over to Officer Serry, leans against a car ]
Serry: I told her I wanted a lawyer. I’m not answering any questions.
Ressler: A Mongolian peasant gets brought into an office, where an important man offers him a million dollars on one condition that he press the red button on his desk. And he tells the poor man that if he presses the button, an old man in Mongolia drops dead. Now, he won’t tell him why, only that his death is good for the people. So he pushes the button, takes the money, and goes home. But he’s haunted by what he did. He can’t spend any of the money, and eventually, he commits suicide. A man recently told me that story. Said we all have a Mongolian peasant in our lives – something we’ve done that we’re ashamed of and that the minute someone finds out what that is, well, he can make you do anything. Say anything. Confess to anything. Either to cover it up or to atone.
Officer Serry: She said the target was sick–
Ressler: She? Your contact was a woman?
Serry: –that he didn’t have long to live – that if I did it, I’d have money to take care of my sister. So I pushed the red button.
Ressler: Do you have a name? Some way to contact her?

[ Cellphone ringing ]
Rebecca Thrall: Yes?
Officer Serry: I didn’t do it.
Thrall: We had an agreement.
Serry: I know. I just I couldn’t.
Thrall: Couldn’t or wouldn’t? You know what? There’s still time. I’m just not comfortable talking on the phone. Can we meet somewhere?
Serry: You want to meet? Okay. Where?

[ Tom and Red are loaded into the back of an ATF wagon. Adika and his men are loaded into another. Adika and Red exchange glances ]
Tom: You know, I told Liz that I didn’t want to do this – that I wanted no part of it. But she insisted that we work things out.
Red: Women.
Tom: And now we’re going to prison. I’m going away to prison because of you. And the only saving grace is that you will be even further away, buried in the hold of a ship somewhere in the Indian Ocean. And Liz will finally be rid of you.
Red: And here I was thinking she had finally made peace with me.
Tom: She had – because she’s kind and decent and she sees the best in people – even when she’s being lied to.
Red: You’re certainly living proof of that.
Tom: I’m an open book compared to you. I know you swear you never lie to her, but I know better.
Red: Do you now?
Tom: Yeah. I do.

[ Rebecca Thrall pulls into a garage where a police vehicle is parked. Her engine shuts off ]
Liz: It’s her. SWAT Commander, target is on site. We move on my go.
[ Thrall walks over to the police car, a gun to her side. She aims through the glass at the driver ]
[ 💥💥💥 💥💥] [ The shots crack the glass but do not pierce it ]
Ressler: Ah. Bulletproof glass. Good to see you again, Ms Thrall.

[ Smokey, dressed in ATF gear, lets Red and Tom out of the wagon ]
Red: If you’re gonna leave me locked up with someone, perhaps it could be a redhead with a nice smile and a friendly demeanor.
Tom: Who the hell is this guy?
Smokey: Sorry it took so long. Once I knew Humberto had your African friend and his chums in transpo, I stopped for some Bengay ointment. Think I overdid it with my back.
Red: I use Epsom salt baths.
Tom: These guys work for you? I thought I was going to jail – that I was never gonna see my family again. You’re telling me this whole thing was about getting some guns?
Red: Not just guns. [ Indicates the parked plane ] A man needs to travel, and when traveling, I like to stretch out a little.
Tom: That Buhari thug could’ve killed me if this had gone wrong.
Red: Tom, if I wanted to get rid of you, I’d put the bullet in your head myself. However, you are important to Elizabeth, so, like it or not, you’re important to me.
[ Red pats Tom on the cheek ]
Red: There’s a piping plover out here somewhere. Have either of you heard it?

[ Brand New’s ♪ “Lit Me Up” plays ]
Cooper: I understand you stumbled your way into a new jet.
Red: Yes! I can’t wait to get airborne. This is the longest I’ve been grounded in some time. But not to worry, Harold, it’s a two-for-one special this week – You not only get Miss Rebecca Thrall, you also get that despicable African gunrunner your agency has been hunting for years. I need you to arrange for him to be taken into FBI custody directly from my people.
Cooper: You still have people?
Red: I make friends easily.
Cooper: And this gunrunner. Buhari. Did he happen to have any guns?
[ Dembe uncrates the shipment of guns in the presence of the Rivera Gang ]
Red: Not this time. We mustn’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

♪ It’s where you live, but you don’t know how it’s built

Liz: I know he can be terrible sometimes, but come on – elephants?
Tom: [ Sighs ]
Liz: That sounds at least amusing.
Tom: Yeah, for him, maybe. I- [ Scoffs ] I was taken hostage, all right? He could’ve gotten me killed. I cannot believe that you are related to him. [ Whispering ] Because he’s a nutjob.
Liz: Nutjob or not, he is my father. And I I appreciate you offering to help him. Means the world to me. Thanks. [ Cellphone ringing ] Okay. They need me. Um – I’ll see you in a bit.
Tom: Okay.
[ Liz leaves ]

♪ It lit me up

[ Tom’s Cellphone beeps ]
Tom: Nik.
Nik: McGee just called. Said he was able to extract DNA from a tooth.
Tom: Well, that’s great. Nik –

♪ It lit me up

Tom: Thank you. Look, just, uh let me know the minute you know more.
[ Tom closes the door. Red looks ]

♪ Something’s stirring in a deep Atlantic trench
Doesn’t forget the thousand years
Before it slept
It’s the beast, it’s my heart, it’s open

[ Ressler is watching through the soundproof glass at Officer McGillis being interrogated ]
[ Red walks up ]
Red: You know, Donald, before I turned myself in to the FBI, I held people like you in extremely low regard.
Ressler: Right back at you.
Red: But I’ve found your determination to do the right thing, your genuine commitment to the thin blue line that separates order and innocence from the likes of me to be quite admirable.
Ressler: Why are you telling me this?
Red: I want you to know you can count on me if you ever find yourself in as difficult position as Officer McGinnis has put himself in.
Ressler: Never gonna happen.
Red: Nevertheless, my offer stands.

♪ It lit me up

Red: For the day I hope will never come.

♪ … It lit me up

♪ It lit me up like a rag soaked in gasoline
In the neck of a bottle breaking right at my feet
It lit me up and I burn from the inside out …

[ Prescott walks up to Ressler in a parking garage ]
Ressler: Who was he?
Prescott: Who was who? All you did was get a car out of impound. And you’ll be getting your next assignment real soon.

♪ It was a good dream

[ Engine starts ]

[ Insects chirping ]
[ Red and Dembe are camping out drinking beers near the plane by the improvised landing strip. Hot dogs are on the grill ]
Dembe: She’s a nice plane, Raymond.
Red: No fuel and no pilot, but a plane of our own.
Dembe: [ Sighs ] I like it out here. It’s peaceful.
[ Michael Kiwanuke’s ♪ “Home Again” plays ]
[ Glen appears ]
Glen: [ Loudly ] I’m telling you the mosquitos out here are the size of birds! Agh!
Red: Glen, you came for your money, which has been returned in full and while I’m deeply grateful for what you’ve done, you’re perfectly welcome to go.
Glen: Nah, I know what it’s like to feel alone, partner. Ahh. Denbee. Want another dog?
Dembe: No, thank you.
Glen: Well, I don’t mind if I do.

♪ Moving on
Moving on

[ Glen takes a hot dog, farts, groans ]
Glen: Excuse me. That’s right mosquitos or not, I’m afraid we’ll be sleeping with the door to the jet open tonight, boys.
[ Glen sits next to Red ]
[ Red smiles wanly, gives Glen a beer. They lift their drinks to each other ]

♪ Many times I’ve been told
All this talk will make you old

♪ So I close my eyes
Look behind
Moving on
Moving on

[ Red pats Glen on the back ]

♪ So I close my eyes
Look behind
Moving on

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Episode Songs


♫ My Time Is Comin’
By Marc Scibilia

(unavailable as of 10/13/2017)

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/^
YouTube: https://youtu.be/^


♫ Lit Me Up
By Brand New

♪ It’s where you live, but you don’t know how it’s built
If we’re just dust, then it doesn’t matter who you kill
Don’t cut me up and tell me that it’s okay
Just turn it off ’cause I don’t care anyway

♪ It lit me up
It lit me up
It lit me up
It lit me up

♪ Something’s stirring in a deep Atlantic trench
Doesn’t forget the thousand years before it slipped
It’s the beast, it’s my heart, it’s so brave
Dive down into its unit in its head

♪ It lit me up
It lit me up
It lit me up
It lit me up

♪ It lit me up like a torch on a pitch black night
Like an ember in the needles of a dried out pine
It lit me up and I burn from the inside out
Yeah, I burn like a witch in a Puritan town
It lit me
It lit me

♪ When I grow up I want to be a heretic
I want to climb over the wall ’cause I’m not on the list
I want to put my hands to work ’til the work’s done
I want to open up my heart like the ocean

♪ It lit me up
It lit me up
It lit me up
It lit me up

♪ It lit me up like a rag soaked in gasoline
In the neck of the bottle breaking right at my feet
It lit me up and I burned from the inside out
Yeah, I burned like a witch in a Puritan town
It lit me
It was a good dream

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2gCb0ml
YouTube: https://youtu.be/U95Ed4dmZn4


♫ Home Again
By Michael Kiwanuka

♪ Home again, home again
One day I know I’ll feel home again
Born again, born again
One day I know I’ll feel strong again

♪ I left my head
Many times I’ve been told
All this talk will make you old

♪ So I close my eyes, look behind
Moving on, moving on
So I close my eyes, look behind
Moving on

♪ Lost again, lost again
One day I know our paths will cross again
Smile again, smile again
One day I hope to make you smile again
I won’t hide

♪ Many times I’ve been told
Speak your mind, just be bold

♪ So I close my eyes, look behind
Moving on, moving on
So I close my eyes

♪ All the tears will clear
Then I feel no fear
Then I’d feel no way
My paths will remain straight

♪ Home again, home again
One day I know I’ll feel home again
Born again, born again
One day I know I’ll feel strong again

♪ I left my head
Many times I’ve been told
All this talk will make you old

♪ So I close my eyes, look behind
Moving on, moving on
So I close my eyes, look behind
Moving on

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2hEoGwJ
YouTube: https://youtu.be/kJ4s3G7hgR4

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🔴 Script: 5:4 The Endling (№ 44)

Program air date: 10/18/2017 in the US
Full Script Permalink: http://wp.me/pDKwi-5ZE
Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/2zjZsuM

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Michael Watkins
Written by: Noah Schechter



⭕ Script 5:4 The Endling (№ 44)

Brief: Creating scarcity to drive up prices takes a deadly turn as a mother’s love is tested. Red seeks new “business ventures” while Nik finds himself sucked inexorably into Tom’s, Liz’s and Red’s orbits.

[ A horse ranch in Cork, Ireland ]
Malloy: Remarkable, isn’t he? Perfect limbs. Plenty of bone. Like God’s own racehorse.
Nirah: Extraordinary. Tell me about the stud fees.
Malloy: 150,000 euros a mare. 150 mares a year. Bit early to put him out to stud, if you ask me. Truth is, Fitz stands to make more on the stables than on the racetrack. I know 150K is a pretty penny, but your mare won’t find a better match.
[ Malloy lights his pipe ] [ Nirah opens a flask and offers it to him ]
Nirah: I agree.
[ alt-J’s ♪ “Fitzpleasure” plays ]

♪ Tra la, la-tra la, tra-ah, la

Nirah: [ Chuckles ] To Fitzpleasure.
Malloy: To Fitz. Sláinte.

♪ Tra-ah, la

Malloy: Unfair, really. Stallions get the prestige, but breeding a quality racehorse is as much about the dam as the sire.

♪ Tra la, la-tra, la, tra-ah
In your snatch fits pleasure

Malloy: What have you done?
[ Malloy seizes and collapses ]

♪ Broom-shaped pleasure

[ Nirah kicks the lit pipe into the hay, then strokes the race horse ]
Nirah: You’re a beautiful creature. Too beautiful for this world.
[ The straw starts to flame ] [ Horse whinnies ]
Nirah: It’ll all be over soon.

♪ Tra la la
Ohh, ohh, ohh, ohh
Blended by the lights

[ Horse whinnies ] [ Nirah leaves the stable as the flames engulf it ]

Tom: Hey, you want to grab, uh, lunch?
Liz: Yeah. There’s a burger place in Adams Morgan I’ve been wanting to try.
Tom: Lunch sounds so–
Liz: I believe the word you’re looking for is “amazing.”
Tom: Yeah, completely amazing, but, like, something parents would do.
[ Tom’s cellphone ringing ]
Liz: Oh! Yeah. If either of us had even remotely normal parents.
Tom: Now, that’s the word I was looking for. Lunch sounds so completely normal.
[ Cellphone ringing; Tom goes to answer it ]
Tom: You know I love normal.
Liz: Someone’s really trying to get ahold of you.
Tom: I know. Sorry. [ Into phone: ] Hello?
Nik: Pete called. He ran a search on the DNA from the bones.
Tom: Uh, sorry, not interested.
Nik: Not interested? Oh, right. Liz is there.
Tom: Look, you shouldn’t call this early. [ To Liz: ] Telemarketer.
Liz: They’re not supposed to be calling us.
Nik: Look, Pete wants to meet. His apartment. 2:00.
Liz: [ Loudly, so the caller will hear ] Hey, we’re on the no-call list. What you’re doing is illegal.
Nik: She’s right. It is. And I can’t believe I let the two of you rope me into it.
[ Cellphones beep ]
Liz: At lunch no calls, no interruptions.
Tom: Agreed. Just you and me being normal.
Liz: Yeah.
[ Liz’s cellphone buzzes. Call: Nick’s Pizza ]
Liz: Reddington?

[ A small colonial in the countryside. Red and Dembe are playing Bananagrams ]
Liz: Nice upgrade from the no-tell motel. Can you afford it?
Red: It’s a three-day rental Dembe found through some online site. Something b-n-b? Are you familiar with such a thing?
Liz: Uh, me and a billion other people.
Red: They match hosts who want to rent out their homes with guests who want to rent them and get a commission from each one. It’s a license to print money. The renters never have to meet the owners. The Robinsons simply put my key in a lockbox outside. Completely anonymous.
Red: “Peel.” Ah! Great ideas are like great athletes – efficient, elegant, powerful. I’m aroused by both and mourn the death of either.
[ Red shows Liz a newspaper article ]
Liz: [ Reads aloud ] “Champion racehorse and trainer die in stable fire.”
Red: Fitzpleasure was the greatest European racehorse in a generation. His stud price was set at 150,000 euros, but he only covered a single mare before the fire. One. Which is why I know he was murdered.
Dembe: “Peel.”
Liz: It doesn’t say anything here about murder or arson.
Red: In horse breeding, genes are everything, and Fitzpleasure had the best ones. His owners stood to make millions spreading his seed. Now he’s dead, and another owner is conveniently positioned to reap the windfall. The owner of Fitzpleasure’s only offspring.
Dembe: “Bananas.”
Red: What? No. “Pot,” “mustard,” “satchel” – What’s that? Q-I? Qi?
Dembe: Chur.
Red: [ Laughing ] Oh, come on!
Dembe: It means “life force.”
Red: Honestly. You’re like one of those extraordinary children who knows how to spell “onomatopoeia.”
Liz: But even he couldn’t spell out why a horse killer is on the Blacklist.
Red: The last white rhino, the final dodo bird – the only surviving member of a group or species is called an endling. You’re not looking for a horse killer, Elizabeth, you’re in search of the endling himself – the nom de plume of the legendary creator of one-of-a-kind items.

[ The Post Office ]
Liz: » Baghdad, 2015. An RPG took down a private plane carrying one of the only two known statues of the Sumerian goddess Inanna. Four crew members were killed in the crash, leaving the only other statue in private hands.
» Turkey, 2016. A nursery cultivating a unique species of drought-resistant barley was stolen and three botanists were murdered.
Samar: The genetic profile used to create the seed was taken and all but one of the samples destroyed, giving the new owner a virtual monopoly on the next harvest.
Liz: Reddington believes her next target is on U.S. soil.
Cooper: “Her”?
Ressler: Well, according to the report from the Irish authorities, the trainer who died in the fire, he had a visitor just before the incident – woman of Middle Eastern descent, early 30s, going by the alias Alicia Grey.
Cooper: The best way to find her is by talking to the people who benefit from her actions Fitzpleasure’s sole offspring. Do we know the owner?
Aram: Yep. Caleb Hess – CEO of an international security contracting firm based in Hanover, Maryland.

Caleb Hess: Yes, I benefited from the tragedy.
Ressler: Your horse tripled in value overnight. That’s not a benefit. That’s a windfall.
Hess: Call it what you like. It’s still a tragedy I had nothing to do with.
Samar: We reviewed your company’s financial statements. You have quite a bit of debt. You can’t pay your creditors.
Hess: We’re having issues, yes, but I don’t see what that has–
Ressler: We know the woman that you hired used the alias Alicia Grey. What’s her real name?
Hess: I don’t know because I didn’t hire–
Ressler: You’re the largest shareholder, and when your stock nosedives, so does your savings. Now, this is a tough position to be in for someone who sees themselves as a provider – the person who takes care of the family.
Samar: And that’s how you see yourself, isn’t it, Mr. Hess? It’s why you transferred ownership of your prized thoroughbred to your son just days after the unfortunate incident with Fitzpleasure sent the value of his new asset through the roof. You may be headed towards bankruptcy, but it seems your son is wealthier than ever.
Hess: I transferred an asset to my child for estate-tax reasons. There’s nothing illegal in that.
Ressler: No, there is not, but it is illegal to conspire to murder a racehorse. And when we find out you did that, which we will, as well as your son benefiting from that windfall, we will go after him as a co-conspirator.
Hess: You leave my son out of this.
Ressler: Sure. As soon as you tell us what we need to know.
Samar: The woman – who is she?
Hess: She never said anything about murder. All she said was that she could increase my foal’s value. She didn’t say how.
Samar: How did you contact her?
Hess: I didn’t. She came to me.
Ressler: So, how did you pay her?
Hess: She didn’t want money. She wanted information.
Ressler: What kind of information?
Hess: Security protocols we put in place for the daughter of a king.
Samar: Who is she?
Hess: Princess Sonya of Montenegro. My firm trained her team years ago. She’ll have at least four bodyguards working in coordination with local law enforcement. She uses aliases, decoy vehicles, and books an entire floor wherever she’s staying.

[ Cellphone rings, beeps ]
Dr Felix Dresner: Dresner.
Nirah: Where are we at?
Dr Dresner: Uh, the numbers are improving to hit our targets.
Nirah: Good. Prepare station three. I should have an addition soon.

Cooper: What does the endling want with European royalty?
Liz: The princess is the sole heir to the throne. If she dies, the royal family dies with her.
Cooper: Who benefits from that?
Liz: According to the State Department, King Jovan and his daughter instituted reforms that were unpopular with the country’s hard-liners.
Cooper: So the princess’ death means the end of the king’s line and a win for the reactionaries.
Aram: Okay, according to the Diplomatic Security Service, Princess Sonya is here in DC to deliver a speech at the UNESCO Conference, and she has a room block at the Greylock Hotel in downtown DC under the name Elise Wolf.
Cooper: Aram, alert hotel security. Ressler, Samar, Keen get to that hotel now.

[ The Greylock Hotel ]
Princess: [ Rehearsing her speech ] “of all the long-standing”
Guard: [ Speaks Serbian ]
Princess Sonya: [ Speaks Serbian ]

[ Room Service delivers a car with a bottle of Champagne ]
Nirah: Perfect. Please come in.

Donald Ressler, FBI.
Tom Campbell: Tom Campbell, Head of Security. We spoke on the phone. Ms. Wolf has the entire 15th floor.
Ressler: What’s the fastest way there? Main elevator. South hall.
Liz: Go. I’ll keep an eye on surveillance. I’m gonna need access to your security feeds.

[ Nirah exits her room with the cart, wearing the uniform of the Room Service woman, who lies unconscious on the floor ]

[ Elevator bell dings ]
Security: End of the hall. Suite 1550.
[ Ressler and Samar enter the Princess’s suite. Her guards react ]
Guard: Hey, wait a minute. What’s going on?
Ressler: [ Flashes his badge ] Agent Donald Ressler, FBI. We’re gonna need to see your princess. There’s been a threat.
Man: Checking the stairwell now.
[ Nirah opens an electrical cabinet. A security man tries to intervene. She tases him⚡️]
[ Elevator bell dings ]
[ Liz is viewing real-time feed of hotel halls and stairwells ]
Liz: Wait. Go back. That stairwell.
[⚡️ Electricity crackles⚡️ The security feeds go blank ]
Security: Command. Command, we lost power on the 15th floor. What’s going on?
Man: There’s been a breach on floor 15.
Liz: We lost the feeds! We need to get her out of there right now!
[ Beeping ]
Samar: Back! Back! Back! Now!
[ The electrical cabinet explodes, hurtling Ressler and Samar across the hall ]
[ (Slow motion) High pitched sound. Ressler and Samar slowly recover and exit through a door ]
[ Alarm blaring ]
[ Ressler and Samar enter the room where the Princess is. Two guards point their guns at them. They duck back ]
Ressler: Don’t shoot! FBI!
Guard: I need confirmation. What’s going on?
Samar: FBI. Lower your weapons.
Princess Sonya: What’s going on?
Samar: Princess Sonya, there’s been a breach. I need you to come with us.
[ Alarm blaring; they run down the hall ]
Ressler: We’ve got the princess. We’re on the move.

[ Nirah knocks on a hotel door ]
Nirah: Ana Dewan?
Ana Dewan: Yes?
Nirah: Diplomatic security. Please come with me. The princess needs you. Please! It’s urgent!

[ Samar, Princess Sonya and others hurry through the lobby. The Princess stops ]
Samar: Are you all right?
Princess Sonya: Wait. Ana.
Samar: It’s okay. You’re safe now. Please. Please.
Princess: No. Ana. We can’t leave Ana.

[ A car awaits ]
Nirah: Hurry. Please hurry. Get in.
[ Ana gets into the back seat. Nirah tases her ⚡️]

Pete McGee: I was able to pull a sample off the bones and run a DNA sequence, which, when you think about it, is pretty remarkable considering the–
Tom: Did you get a name?
Pete: No. None of the databases I searched had a match.
Tom: Even the federal DNA database?
Pete: CODIS is a two-step process, and I can’t get past step one. I can run the search remotely which is super illegal but that will only get you a match. To get an identity, you need a Fed to authorize the request.
Tom: So, you can know the bones match someone in the system, but you can’t get the name of that someone without an FBI agent signing off.
Pete: Which ain’t gonna happen.
Nik: Whatever you’re thinking–
Tom: I could just take her credentials.
Nik: Stop thinking it.
Tom: She doesn’t even have to know.
Nik: That’s a terrible idea.
Pete: An ID would work.

[ Ana Dewan lies on a hospital bed, unconscious ]
Dr Dresner: So, I’ve started her on Epogen, B12, testosterone. If she responds like the others, I’ll have her up to the desired volume soon.
Nirah: Alert your team. I want them ready when I return.

[ Red is up late, eating out of a jar of peanut butter, when he hears clatter. He observes two men enter the house he is renting. He gently knocks on Dembe’s door. Dembe appears. Red holds up two fingers ]
[ Dembe easily subdues the two men ]
Red: Hello, there.
Dembe: Somebody knows we’re here.
Red: Pity. I was just starting to feel at home.

[ Red confronts one of the two men ]
Red: I need a name. The person who hired you.
Sven: No one. We weren’t hired.
Red: Proverbs 21, verse 10 – Solomon’s dissertation on the wicked and the company they keep. Do you know it?
Sven: Proverbs?
Red: Stirs up more passion than any other verse we study in Talmud class. “There is no honor among thieves.” I disagree. A few thieves have been among the most honorable men I have ever known. What about you – Sven – are you an honorable man?
Sven: Uh- yeah. I think so. Hmm.
Red: Let’s put that to the test, shall we?
[ Dembe, flashing the brass knuckles on his right hand, goes into a nearby room ]
[ Sounds of beating, groaning ]
Red: I need a name.
Sven: The Mailman. That’s all I know. Nash talked to him. The Mailman sent us.

[ In the bathroom, Nash lies in a tub of water, his head submerged, with only two straws to breathe ]
Red: I do like a nice, long soak, don’t you?
[ They let Nash raise his head ]
Nash: [ Gasping ]
Red: The Mailman. Where can we find him?

[ The Post Office ]
Cooper: I know this is a very difficult time for you, but understanding why Ana was targeted is our best chance of getting her back safely. Can you think of any reason why someone would target your assistant instead of you?
Princess Sonya: Ana isn’t my assistant. She’s– It’s hard to describe what she is. I’m pregnant. My child will be second in line to the throne. If something happens to me while I’m pregnant, if I need emergency surgery, Ana was here to provide a transfusion.
Cooper: Why not get one at a hospital?
Princess: I have Lutheran B-negative blood. It’s a rare type. There’s no guarantee they would have it.
Samar: But Ana does. That’s why you keep her around? She’s a walking blood bank?
Princess: Actually, Ana and I don’t have the same blood type.

Cooper: You’re telling me seven people in the world have Ana’s blood type? Seven? Out of 7 billion?
Aram: Incredible, right? That is why it is known as golden blood.
Samar: I understand that it’s rare, but not why it would be valuable to someone like the princess.
Aram: Okay. So, 99% of us have high-prevalence antigens in our blood. If the ones who don’t receive a transfusion from the ones who do, the incompatibility can prove fatal. So, finding a donor for people with rare blood types, like the princess, is super difficult. And if they’re in a crisis, I can only imagine it would be a desperate race against the clock.
Ressler: And golden blood is compatible with the princess’ blood type.
Aram: With any rare blood types. It is the only known universal donor which, obviously, makes its life-saving capabilities enormous.
Ressler: Yeah, when there were seven. Imagine if the endling kills all but one.
Samar: The sole survivor’s blood would be worth a king’s ransom.
Aram: And, according to the Rare Blood Database, two have gone missing within the last three months.
Cooper: Does the database list the locations of any other golden bloods?
Aram: In this country, I see one. Ethan Isaacs, currently in the ICU at DC Mercy Hospital.
Cooper: Samar, Ressler get there.

[ At a Post Office, Red waits in line. His “WANTED” posted is pinned to the wall ]
Tony: Next. Next!
Woman: He’s ready for you.
Red: My apologies. That last one on the right [ referring to the “WANTED” poster ], I’ve see him somewhere.
Woman: So have I.
Red: Have you? And where was that?
Woman: In my dreams. I have a weakness for bad boys.
Red: [ Chuckles ]

[ Red steps up to the counter ]
Red: I received two unexpected packages at my residence last night.
Tony: Did you bring the packages with you, sir?
Red: I’m afraid they’re rather large.
[ Red shows him a photo of Sven and Nash ]
Red: They said The Mailman sent them. Imagine my surprise when I realized they meant an actual mailman.
Tony: Yeah. I got no idea who they are.
Red: Let me refresh your memory – they’re the men you sent to kill me.
Tony: Yeah. Sure thing, Pops. Whatever you say. You know, I got a nice roll of stamps for you.
They have Calvin and Hobbes on them. Why don’t you take those?
Red: You don’t know who I am?
Tony: Yeah. You’re a pain in my ass.
Red: But you sent them to my house. Why?
Tony: Okay. Is this a joke? That’s– Yes. Janet from circulation sent you here to yank my chain, right?
Red: I think you know exactly what I’m talking about.
Tony: Now, listen, pal. I don’t know nothing about you or your houseguests. And the only person I want to kill is my podiatrist for having my orthotics on backorder. $59.98.
[ Red turns and leaves ]

[ At Mercy Hospital, Nirah greets Ethan Isaacs’ parents. She is dressed in a nurse’s uniform ]
Dana Isaacs: [ To Nirah ] Alma, hey. Ethan was hoping he’d see you before we take him home.
Nirah: How’s he doing?
John Isaacs: Kid’s a fighter, but, um there’s nothing more the doctors can do but make him comfortable.
Nirah: Yeah. I know. I heard.
Dana: He’s always hated hospitals, so– This way he can be in his room, with us.
Nirah: That’s right. That’s right.
[ Nirah and Dana hug ]
Nirah: So, the nurses on four made me promise that I would bring Ethan by before he left. So, why don’t you finish up here and come down? They have cake.
[ Both chuckle ]

[ At Ethan’s bedside ]
Nirah: [ Whispers ] Hey, kiddo. [ Ethan nods ]Do you want to get out of here? Yeah? Do you want to go home? Okay. Okay.
[ Elevator Bell rings ]
Ressler: Agent Ressler, FBI. We’re looking for Ethan Isaacs.
John Isaacs: What’s wrong? What does the FBI want with our son?
Samar: We have reason to believe that Ethan is being targeted for abduction.
John Isaacs: There must be some mistake.
Samar: Where is he?
Dana Isaacs: He’s in his room with a nurse. Alma said there was gonna be a goodbye party on the fourth floor.
[ They check: Nathan’s bed is empty ]
Ressler: Start lockdown procedure now. Go!

[ Nirah and Nathan get in a car ]
Nathan: Where are we, Alma? Where’s my mommy?
Nirah: Sweetheart, please. Just get some rest.
[ Engine starts ]

[ Tony (the Mailman) gets in his car ]
[ Engine won’t turn over, sputters ] [ Red gets in the passenger seat ]
Red: [ Sighs, leans over to unlock the hood ]
[ Dembe works on the engine ]
Tony: Oh! Hey, come on. What are you doing?
Red: When I was 17 and heading off to the Naval Academy, I sent the most extravagant love letter to Sarah Ellen Winstead. She never replied. To this day, I remain convinced that the post office failed to deliver it, and that if your colleagues had simply done their jobs, the entire arc of my life might have been different. I might have been thinner and living in Maine.
[ Hood slams ]
Tony: You do realize that harassing a federal employee is a felony, right?
Red: I’ll add it to the list.
[ Dembe gets in ]
Red: Drive.
[ Engine starts.]

[ Liz arrives at the outdoor burger place in Adams Morgan where Tom is waiting at a picnic table. He gets up to greet her ]
Liz: [ On phone ] 8:00 would be great. Uh-huh. Oh, I’m sorry – last name Keen. Thank you.
Tom: You planning a hot date?
Liz: Cascabel.
Tom: Oh, I love Cascabel’s.
Liz: I know. We’re going for dinner tonight.
[ They hug. Tom slips his hand in Liz’s purse and takes out her badge ]
Tom: What do you mean? You can’t stay for lunch?
Liz: No. I’m sorry. I got a call in the parking lot. It was Aram. He said we had a break in the case.
[ They sit across from each other at a picnic table ]
Tom: You don’t have to explain.
Liz: Ugh! Look at those chickens and the burgers and the fries! [ Sighs ]
[ Tom photographs Liz’s badge ]
Liz: [ Tastes Tom’s soda pop ] Mmm. Root beer. Come on. I should just be able to have lunch with my husband like a normal person.
Tom: Yeah, well, you are not a normal person. You don’t have a normal job, and that’s okay, ’cause that’s what I love about you.
Liz: You said you loved normal.
Tom: Well, I did. And I do. But normal. Abnormal. Deviant. Whatever you are, I love – except hurt, all right? So go save the day, catch the bad guy, whatever you got to do. Just don’t get yourself shot.
Liz: Okay.
Tom: Hey! Can I get one more of those?
[ They hug again. Tom slips Liz’s badge back into her purse ]
[ Liz turns and starts to leave ]
Tom: Cascabel’s at 8:00. You’re buying.
Liz: Hey – deviant.
Tom: It’s a big turn-on.

Aram: All right, after reviewing Ethan’s medical file, I found something interesting. Prior to 2011, it’s blank.
Samar: How can that be? He’s nine?
Liz: Because Ethan Isaacs wasn’t always Ethan Isaacs.
Aram: Exactly. The Isaacs adopted Ethan in 2010 through an NGO that briefly brought Syrian children to the U.S. Ethan Isaacs was born Shahir Ahmad in 2008 in Dahar, Syria, to this woman – Nirah Ahmad.
Samar: Ethan was taken by his mother.
Aram: And adoption records indicate that she has the same rare blood type as her son. And in a war-torn country like Syria, she must’ve known that a golden blood has almost no chance of surviving a traumatic injury.
Ressler: Well, if the mother’s a golden blood, then she’s also at risk. So, why didn’t she leave with her son?
Aram: To fight for her country. She was an active member of the Free Syrian Army until she disappeared in 2014.
Liz: Right after Ethan got sick.
Ressler: Three months before her first attack.
Cooper: Where are we on locating her?
Aram: When I ran her photo against the images taken from the traffic cams near the hospital, I found this.
[ Photo of Nirah and Nathan in car ]
Samar: Do we have an ID on the driver?
Aram: I am still working on that.
Ressler: According to his file, Ethan has progressive idiopathic myocarditis. Now, the procedure that could save his life would require transfusions of golden blood that the hospital just couldn’t provide. Ethan was being sent home to die.
Liz: Instead, his mother kidnapped him.
Samar: After kidnapping two other golden bloods.
Liz: We’ve been looking at this all wrong. She’s not kidnapping them to create an endling, she’s doing it so that they’ll have enough golden blood to perform the procedure.
Aram: And it’s not just the blood she’ll need. Myocarditis requires a heart transplant. And in order for his body not to reject it, the heart needs to come from another golden blood.
Cooper: Pull everything DHS has on Nirah Ahmad phone records, passports, known associates. Get into her life. Aram, widen the CCT grid and see if we can’t get a hit on that car. I want this woman found before she starts butchering people to save her son.

[ Singing softly in native language ]
Ethan: Where are we?
Nirah: Some place safe, habibi.
Ethan: I want my mommy.
Nirah: I’m right here, my darling. And when this is all over, I’ll explain everything to you, okay? I promise. All you need to know is I did everything to protect you.
[ Humming ]

Pete McGee: I don’t suppose you’re gonna tell me how you managed to get this.
Tom: How long till you ID the bones?
Pete: Way you’re all lathered up, you’d think we were looking at the bones of Osama bin Laden.
Tom: Just let me know the minute you get something, all right?
Pete: I get it.

Red: I have enemies. People who want to kill me. Why is not your concern. What matters is that, when it comes to my security, I take extraordinary precautions. Tigger and Pooh violated those precautions at your direction. I assumed it was to kill me. If it wasn’t, I need you to tell me why they did it.
Tony: It wasn’t to kill you. When people go away, they put their mail on hold, right? We keep a list – it’s a hold list of who’s away and how long they’re gonna be away for. And then, while they’re gone, we rob them. That’s it. I know their correspondence. I know what magazines they subscribe to. Based on that, maybe their area code. You know, I can guesstimate the value of the items inside the house.
Red: How extensive is the list?
Tony: I-It covers the city and the surrounding suburbs.
Red: But it could cover more.
Tony: More?
Red: The hold lists. Does every post office in the country have them?
Tony: Yeah. I suppose so.
Red: And the robbers?
Tony: I troll the dark web for interested parties. I take my commission in advance, and then I give out the address.
Red: [ Chuckling ] What a marvelous idea. Really marvelous. I mean, except, of course, when the owners rent out their homes while they’re away, but that’s a small burl in the wood we can sand down.
Tony: Wait, So you you don’t– you don’t live here?
[ Doorbell rings ]
Red: Excuse me.
Tony: And w-w-what did you mean by “we”? – Wait. Did he say “we”?

Liz: The endling’s name is Nirah Ahmad. She has a sick child who needs a heart transplant. My gut tells me that every attack she’s responsible for has been to finance this procedure. And I know for a fact that people will die if we don’t find out where that surgery is taking place.
Red: What else do you know?
Liz: Nothing. We have a photo, that’s it.
[ Liz shows Red the photo of Nirah, Nathan and the driver ]
Liz: And we don’t know black-market medicine. You do.
Red: I’ve seen him before.
Liz: Do you know where to find him?
Red: No, but I know who might. Let me grab my hat. This should be fun.

[ Doorbell rings ]
Red: Good afternoon, young lady. I’m here to pick up my labradoodle.
Receptionist: What’s the name? I don’t think we have any labradoodles in there.
Red: Her name is Edwina. She was dropped off by my dog walker, Hiram Toomey.
Receptionist: Of course. Edwina. I remember – darling dog. Right this way.
Red: Thank you.
Liz: Where are we? What is this place?
Red: The private clinic of Dr Melissa Lomay, general surgeon and owner and proprietor of Doctors Without Morals, the first choice in healthcare for the career criminal. Mm, such nimble fingers. Brings back memories.
Dr Melissa Lomay: Mm. Raymond. How’s your ass?
Red: Tight as a drum, thanks to you. We were camping in the altogether under the most delightful autumn moon in the Forest of Dean* when a wild pig [ Laughing ] came out of nowhere and gored my left flank, so to speak. And Melissa here not only slew the beast and salved my wound with a honey of–
Dr Lomay: Yarrow.
Red: –yarrow compress, but also made the most scrumptious pork pie in the monarchy.
Liz: Fascinating story, but we’re kind of in a hurry.
Dr Lomay: “We”?
Liz: Cynthia Rutherford. I’ve hired Mr. Reddington to find someone.
Red: One of your employees – Dr. Felix Dresner, if I’m remembering correctly.
Dr Lomay: He’s on a job.
Liz: Where?
Dr Lomay: You know I can’t give out that kind of information.
Red: [ Hushed voice ] Melissa, while I appreciate your desire to protect the good doctor, he is a liability. Miss Rutherford isn’t the only one looking for him. The police are, as well. Help me find him before they do and I’ll cauterize the wound so nothing bleeds back to you.
Dr Lomay: What has he done?
Red: The less you know, the better. We simply need a location.

Aram: Okay, hold on. I think I may have just figured this out. Okay, the street address you gave me was zoned as a zoological research facility, but construction was put on hold due to this ongoing court battle. However, if I’m reading these permits right, it looks like the only section of the facility that was okayed was the second story. Agents Ressler and Samar are en route, maybe 10 minutes out.

[ Red, Liz and Dembe beat Ressler and Samar to the clandestine operating room ]
[ Ana Dewan and Nathan are under anesthesia as the surgery is about to begin ]
[ Surgical saw whirs ] [ Guns drawn ]
Liz: Step away from the tables! Hands! Everyone, hands where I can see them!
[ Nirah also draws a gun ]
Nirah: No. No. Keep going.
Liz: I know you’re trying to save your son, but I can’t let you hurt these people in order to do it.
Nirah: I will not let him die.
Liz: You’re gonna have to let us take him home.
Nirah: His home is with me. I gave him up once. I will not give him up again.
Liz: The hospital, then.
Nirah: You know the hospital can’t help.
Red: I know someone who can.
Liz: [ Whispers ] What are you talking about?
Red: Is there a force in the universe more powerful than a mother’s love for her child? The miracles of modern medicine pale in comparison. Can be life-saving. But not here. Not now. The next people who come storming in here will be throwing you all in paddy wagons. The best chance your son has is if we leave. Now.
Nirah: Leave?
Red: Dr. Dresner can stay to care for the others.
Nirah: No. Without the doctor or a viable heart, we can’t–
Red: I know.–
Nirah: We can’t.
Red: I’m asking the impossible for you to trust a complete stranger with the well-being of your son. But if you stay here, the authorities will take him and he will die. Please. Trust me.

Liz: Three patients for emergency evac.
Ressler: Keen? What’s going on? Where’s Nirah?
Liz: She and her son escaped before I got here.
Ressler: All right, I want birds in the air, units at every intersection in a two-mile radius. I want this woman found.

Red: I need your services.
Nik: No.
Red: It wasn’t a request.

Liz: We’re sorry for pulling you into this.
Nik: No, you’re not.
Liz: Okay, no. I’m not. If it means saving Ethan’s life.
Nik: You’re not sorry– you’re in this world – his world.

Nurse: The bypass machine is ready patient’s prepped. Soon as we have the donor heart, we can proceed.
Red: The heart is already here.
Nirah: [ To Nathan ] You know, the day that you were born, I was also born. [ Sobs ] It was the day I discovered the true meaning of my life was just to love and protect you forever.
[ Red pulls out his gun ]
Nik: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. What are you doing? You cannot kill this woman to save that boy.
Red: Agreed. I have no intention of killing her.
[ He hands his gun to Nirah ]
Nirah: Strange – I always knew a golden blood would have to die to save his life [ Voice breaking ] but I just never imagined it would be me. [ 💥 ]
[ Thin Lizzie’s ♪ “Dancing in the Moonlight” plays ]
[ The operation proceeds ]

♪ When I passed you in the doorway
And you took me with a glance
Should have been on that last bus home
But I asked you for a dance

♪ Now we go steady to the pictures
I always get chocolate stains on my pants
My father’s going crazy
Says you’re living in a trance

♪ Dancing in the moonlight
It’s caught me in a spotlight
It’s all right, dancing in the moonlight
On this long hot, summer night

Nik: Clear.
[ Nik paddles the transplanted heart to beating ]

♪ Well, it’s 3:00 in the morning
And I’m on the streets again
Disobeyed another warning
I should have been home by 10:00

Liz: What’s the end game?

♪ Now I won’t get out until Sunday

Liz: Nirah sacrifices herself to save her son, and then what? There has to be an ulterior motive – otherwise, why bother?
Red: I had no veiled intent in giving you this case, just a sincere desire to stop a criminal I believed to be truly reprehensible.
Liz: Now what do you believe?
Red: That a sinner can also be a saint.
Liz: Are we still talking about Nirah?
Red: Given the same circumstances, I’d like to think I’d be as brave as her. I know I’d want to be.

Liz: How is he?
Nik: He’s alive, for now. His heart’s beating on its own. An ambulance is on its way to take him to a proper hospital. If he makes it through the night, he has a chance.
Liz: Thank God.
Red: I’m in your debt.
Nik: Can I collect on it now?
Red: Name your price.
Nik: Never call me again – either of you.
Liz: Nik – you don’t mean that.
Nik: He’s the country’s most-wanted criminal.
Liz: He’s my father.
Nik: Which excuses nothing.

Cooper: An hour ago, Ethan Isaacs was brought back to the hospital. But you already knew that, didn’t you?
Liz: Yes.
Cooper: Which means you also know Nirah Ahmad was also brought in – for an autopsy to determine who shot her in the head and transplanted her heart into her son’s body.
Liz: She shot herself.
Cooper: You lied to your partners. Told them you didn’t know where Nirah and her son were, when you not only knew where they were, you conspired with Reddington to arrange an unauthorized operation.
Liz: If I hadn’t, Ethan would be dead.
Cooper: And his mother would be alive.
Liz: A criminal died to save the life of a child. I’m okay with that.
Cooper: Who cares if you’re okay with it? You don’t get to decide who lives and who dies. Neither does Reddington. This was his idea, wasn’t it?
Liz: Yes, and I agreed with him.
Cooper: I know. And that’s what concerns me – not just now, but going forward – his influence over you.
Liz: I’m not influenced by him.
Cooper: Elizabeth, you know how much I care about you. As much as if you were my own daughter. But you’re not, you’re his, and I would be lying if I said that didn’t make me concerned.
Liz: You have no reason to be concerned.
Cooper: Maybe. But if today was any indication, I think I do. I’m watching you, Elizabeth.

Tom: Listen, man, I’ve been calling all day.
Nik: Blame your father-in-law. He and Liz pulled me into something typically insane.
Tom: They what?
Nik: Don’t worry, I didn’t mention our little secret.
Tom: Well, what about Pete? ‘Cause I’ve called four times, and I got crickets.
Nik: He’ll call when he has something.
Tom: I don’t like it. He’s got the bones. He’s got the connection to CODIS. I mean, I could practically see the dollar signs in his eyes earlier today. What if he screws us?
Nik: Look, his place is on my way home. I’ll swing by, see what’s going on. Honestly, I don’t know who’s crazier – you or her or me for helping both of you.
Tom: Just call me the minute you hear from him.
[ Cellphone beeps ]

[ Door opens ]
Liz: I am the worst. I can’t believe I missed lunch and dinner.
Tom: Don’t worry about it. It seems like you had a tough day.
Liz: Yeah. It was complicated.

Red: Anthony. Welcome back.
Tony: Look, if this is about you wanting a piece of my business–
Red: It’s not.
Tony: Okay, good.
Red: It’s about me taking over your business.
Tony: Yeah- No! No! That’s not happening!
Red: Right now, you have 100% of a business that clears maybe $50,000, $100,000 a year – maybe. I’m offering you 10% of a business that will clear 100 times that.
Tony: How you gonna do that?
Red: The value of your information isn’t in what you are able to take out of these houses, it’s in who you’re able to put in them. Reliable safe houses are incredibly hard to find and always at a premium. Instead of robbing these homes, I propose we rent them to individuals who don’t want to be found. If you can secure hold lists in every state, we’ll have a network of reliable hideouts stretching all across the country. Can you get the lists?
Tony: Yeah. I could do that. You can get the people?
Red: Only the ones willing to pay through the nose.
Tony: So, I– we are gonna be rich?
Red: Obscenely. In the meantime, what do you have available for tomorrow night?

[ Nik arrives at Pete McGee’s apartment. He knocks, but this action causes the unlocked door to open, creaking. Cautiously, Nik enters the darkened room ]
Nik: Pete?
[ Nik goes over to the computer and looks at the screen ]

Liz: I’m terrified to admit it. I don’t want to admit it. But it’s true.
Tom: No, it’s not. Look, Liz, you’re kind, and you’re decent and honest. Reddington is not decent. He’s dishonest and he’s dangerous.
Liz: Reddington and I got Nik involved in something he never should’ve been a part of.
Tom: Nik’s a big boy. He can take care of himself.

[ Someone grabs Nik from behind, choking him ]

Liz: I know he can, but ultimately, it’s my responsibility. Nik would’ve never been involved with Reddington if it weren’t for me.

[ Nik struggles but his efforts are fruitless ]

And he’s been a good friend to us and I just feel like we’re never gonna see him again. And I don’t blame him.
Tom: He’ll come around. He will. Just give him some time. It’ll be fine.

[ Nik falls to the floor. His eyes stare blankly ]
[ The assailant takes the suitcase with the bones and leaves ]

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Episode Songs


♫ Fitzpleasure
By alt-J

♪ Tralala trala tra-a-la la
Tralala trala tra-a-la la
Tralala trala tra-a-la la
Tralala trala tra-a-la la

♪ In your snatch fits pleasure, broom-shaped pleasure,

♪ Deep greedy and
Googling every corner.

♪ La trala tra-a-la lalalala lalala

♪ Dead in the middle of the C-O-double M-O-N,
Little did I know then
That the Mandela Boys soon become Mandela Men.
Tall woman, pull the pylons down
And wrap them around the necks
Of all the feckless men that queue to be the next.

♪ Steepled fingers, ring lalalala lalalala leaders,
Queue queue jumpers, rock fist paper scissors, lalala lalala lingered fluffers.
In your hoof lies the heartland
Where we tent for our treasure, pleasure, leisure, les yeux,
It’s all in your eyes.
In your snatch fits pleasure, broom-shaped pleasure,

♪ Aaaah

♪ Deep greedy and Googling every corner,

♪ Tralala trala tra-a-la lalalala lalala

♪ Ooooooh

♪ Blended by the lights.

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2yunVRC
YouTube: https://youtu.be/npvNPORFXpc


♫ Dancing In The Moonlight (It’s Caught Me In Its Spotlight)
By Thin Lizzie

♪ When I passed you in the doorway
Well you took me with a glance
I should have took that last bus home
But I asked you for a dance

♪ Now we go steady to the pictures
I always get chocolate stains on my pants
And my father he’s going crazy
He says I’m living in a trance

♪ But I’m dancing in the moonlight
It’s caught me in its spotlight
It’s alright, alright
Dancing in the moonlight
On this long hot summer night

♪ It’s three o’clock in the morning
And I’m on the streets again
I disobeyed another warning
I should have been in by ten

♪ Now I won’t get out until Sunday
I’ll have to say I stayed with friends
But it’s a habit worth forming
If the means justify the ends

♪ Dancing in the moonlight
It’s caught me in its spotlight
It’s alright, alright
Dancing in the moonlight
On this long hot summer night

♪ And I’m walking home
The last bus has long gone
But I’m dancing in the moonlight

[ Instrumental ]

♪ Dancing in the moonlight
It’s caught me in its spotlight
It’s alright, alright
Dancing in the moonlight
On this long hot summer night

♪ Dancing in the moonlight (I’m dancing in the moonlight)
It’s caught me in its spotlight (It’s caught me in in it’s spotlight)
Dancing in the moonlight (dancing in the moonlight)
On this long hot summer night (It’s got me hot)

♪ Dancing in the moonlight (I’m dancing in the moonlight)
It’s caught me in its spotlight (It’s caught me alright alright alright)
Dancing in the moonlight
On this long hot summer night (It’s so got them hot)

♪ Dancing in the moonlight (I’m dancing)
It’s caught me in its spotlight (I’m still dancing)
Dancing in the moonlight (I’m dancing in the moonlight)
On this long hot summer night…

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2xSJMTd
YouTube: https://youtu.be/Unnh0T2Ftro
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🔴 Script: 5:5 Ilyas Surkov (№ 54)

Program air date: 10/25/2017 in the US
Full Script Permalink: http://wp.me/pDKwi-66K
Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/2lfUxJs

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Kurt Kuenne
Written by: Brandon Margolis, Brandon Sonnier



⭕ Script 5:5 Ilyas Surkov (№ 54)

Brief: Nik Korpal, Liz’s ex-boyfriend, friend of both Liz and Tom, and erstwhile MD-on-call for Red – is dead. Nik and Tom had secretly been trying to ID the bones sent via Tom by Mr Kaplan for Liz (the existence of which Liz remains unaware) with help from Pete McGee, a genius medical technician with shady connections to the drug underworld. Red is desperate to recover the bones and doesn’t know where they are. Pete used Liz’s FBI ID which Tom got from Liz (again, without her knowledge) to gain access to the government’s CODIS database to ID the bones – then he went silent. At Tom’s behest, Nik paid a visit to Pete’s apartment where he was jumped from behind and strangled. Whoever killed Nik left with the suitcase full of bones. Meanwhile, Red is beginning to rebuild an empire of sorts, starting with a network of safe houses based on the Post Office’s mail “hold” lists.

[ In front of a brick house in Leeds, England, children are selling lemonade ]
Father: We never pass by a lemonade stand without stopping first. Isn’t that right, Christian?
Christian: Never.
Father: Thank you.
Ethan: Would you like a straw?
Father: Uh, yes, please.
[ Inside the house, a woman talks on the phone while cutting lemons ]
Kim: [ LAUGHING ] Yes, two pitchers already. It’s the cutest thing. Oh, but a terrible business model. I must have spent £30 on lemons and cups. [ CHUCKLES ]
[ Ethan runs inside, rummages in a box, retrieves a knit cap ]
Kim: Yeah, honey, hold on a sec. Ethan? What are you doing?
Ethan: It’s snowing!
Kim: What? Honey, it’s–
[ Kim looks outside; huge white flakes are falling ]
Ethan: Mummy, it’s snowing!
[ Kim goes outside ]
Child: Yay!
Ethan: Ow, my eye! Mum, my eye. It burns.
[ Father looks in his glass of lemonade ]
Father: Ash. This is ash.
[ RUMBLING IN DISTANCE ] [ A huge billowing cloud of black smoke approaches ]
Kim: Everyone, inside right now! Get inside now! Get inside the house! Go, go!
[ ALL SHOUTING INDISTINCTLY ] [ They all run inside ]

[ At a crime scene, a body in a body bag is lifted onto a stretcher ]

Man: [ OVER RADIO ] Baker 24. We’re moving to that location. ETA 15.
Can we get another, uh

Liz: Tell me everything.

[ Liz and Tom’s apartment ] [ Liz enters ]
Tom: Liz, what happened?
Liz: Nik’s d-dead.
Tom: What?
Liz: [ VOICE BREAKING ] He was strangled. They found his body in an empty lot miles away from home or any hospital.
Tom: What? How? Do they know?
Liz: The last thing he said to me was he never wanted to see me again.
Tom: Liz, what– Do they know what happened?
Liz: No, but we do.
Tom: Reddington.
Liz: He had him perform a surgery, and then Nik said he was out. Reddington probably thought he was a liability – that he knew too much.
Tom: You don’t know that.
Liz: Nik was good. He was decent. The only indecent thing in his life was Reddington and me.
Tom: You didn’t– You didn’t do this.
Li: Would Nik be alive if I weren’t in his life? [ CRYING ]

[ Red is playing solitaire ] [ Heddie Hawkins enters ]
Hawkins: You’re not my type, okay? But if you were even remotely in the ballpark, I would have your child.
[ She empties a bag filled with bundles of bills on the table ]
Red: Do you have a count?
Hawkins: The mailman gave us two lists. Each list had 22 people who wanted their mail held while on vacation. That’s 44 empty apartments. We rented 18 for 5 nights each at $500 a night. That’s $45,000 for the week off two lists.
Red: By next week, we should have eight.
Hawkins: Did you hear that? I just dropped an egg.
Red: While I appreciate your enthusiasm, we have cash but no business to run it through.

Red: Elizabeth.
Liz: Could you excuse us, please?
Hawkins: Oh, I’m way ahead of you, sister. No offense, but when I get too close to a Fed, I tend to chafe.
Liz: [ WHISPERS ] Nik Korpal was murdered.
Red: I’m sorry to hear that.
Liz: I want to believe you.
Red: I suppose it’s possible Nik was killed by someone with a connection to me, but I have no idea who or what that connection might be.
Liz: I want a name.
Red: l- I’ll do what I can to find you one. In the meantime, a riddle to keep you occupied.
[ Red shows Liz a newspaper article. Headline: “Chemical Plants Destroyed in Brutal Terrorist Attack” ]
Liz: The chemical-plant explosion in Leeds? Ilyas Surkov claimed credit for that. What’s the riddle?
Red: Why did that terrorist take credit for a crime he didn’t commit?
Liz: And how do you know he didn’t commit it?
Red: Because Ilyas Surkov is dead.

[ The Post Office ]
Cooper: Dead? How long?
Liz: According to Reddington, 15 months.
Ressler: And no one knows this? Was there any HUMINT on Surkov?
Liz: No, he was like a ghost. One month, he claimed credit for a subway bombing in Lisbon, and the next, the kidnapping of three journalists in Crimea. If he did die, no one would know.
Samar: But Reddington would?
Liz: He knows the best off-market doctors on every continent. One of them treated Surkov for end-stage pancreatic cancer.
Aram: Okay, hang on. Okay, Mr. Reddington says it’s been 15 months. Well, in that time, Surkov has taken credit for three attacks – a downed plane on a humanitarian mission to Boko Haram victims, a Paris café demolished by a C-4 suitcase bomb, and yesterday’s chemical-plant attack.
Ressler: He’s pretty busy for a dead guy.
Liz: Or people acting in his name.
Cooper: We won’t know which until we find the bomber. I’ll reach out to MI6. Ressler, Keen, get to the bomb site. Talk to local authorities, see what they know.

[ Leeds, England ]
[ SIREN WAILING ] [ Ressler and Liz are met by an MI6 agent ]
Gladstone: Liam Gladstone, MI6. We spoke on the phone.
Ressler: Agent Ressler, Keen.
Gladstone: May not look like it, but we were incredibly lucky here. Had a few minor leaks, but none of the tanks with the really nasty stuff went up. EA just cleared us.
Liz: Did you ask your task force about our copycat theory?
Gladstone: Doesn’t hold water. This is the work of Ilyas Surkov.
Ressler: What makes you so confident?
Gladstone: You know what taggants are?
Ressler: Chemical markers that are imbedded into explosives to trace their origin.
Gladstone: MI6 has been working closely with the CIA’s Surkov Task Force, and we identified a construction and demolition company in Belgrade we believe is diverting legitimately purchased C-4 to Surkov for his bombs. To test our theory, we planted a taggant in C-4 we sold to the company.
Liz: You found traces of that taggant.
Ressler: So, who’s your suspect?
Gladstone: Raqaan Ghaffari, a foreman at Lignes D’Avenir Construction. If you have any doubts, they’ll be put to rest when Surkov hits again, which he will. I can assure you, the man is very much alive.

Raqaan Ghaffari: [ On phone, in Arabic] C-4 is not strong enough to pierce solid steel lined with Kevlar as you requested. But I have found a substitute that should work well.
[ DEVICE BEEPING ] [ Ghaffari pushes a button and detonates a blast 💥🔥💥 ]
Man: [ On phone, in Russian ] Yes. That’s perfect.
Ghaffari: [ Arabic ] He says this will do. And he wants to move quickly.

Aram: Raqaan Ghaffari. He’s in charge of demolition for Lignes D’Avenir, a mid-sized contractor in Belgrade.
Liz: [ On phone ] We know the explosives used by Surkov in his last three attacks came from Lignes D’Avenir.
Samar: So, what’s the plan? We have no authority in Belgrade.
Cooper: I’ll reach out to Serbian officials, get clearance. But if we want this guy to lead us to whoever is acting in Surkov’s name, we’re gonna need to get creative.
Liz: MI6 had Ghaffari under surveillance. It didn’t yield any actionable intel, but Ghaffari proves to be quite the creature of habit.
Ressler: Yeah, Ghaffari eats lunch every Friday at the Brutka Club.
Cooper: So that’s where we make contact.
Liz: Ghaffari is a Moroccan immigrant. He speaks French and Arabic. Surveillance logs gave us what we believe is Ghaffari’s code name for Surkov. Samar can use that to establish her credibility.

[ Outside the Brutka Club In Belgrade, Serbia ]
Aram: All right, you’ll have us on comms, but to pick up Ghaffari, this mic well, it’s gonna need to be close. All right? So– There. I’ll let you, you know–
Samar: It’s going to be fine.
Aram: I know.
Samar: If you did, you wouldn’t have come all this way.
Aram: Please, just, uh– be careful.

Ressler: Heads up. She’s about to make contact.

[ Conversing in Arabic (subtitles) ]
Samar: Mr Ghaffari?
Ghaffari: Who are you?
Samar: I’m here about the Masbahi account.
Ghaffari: We have a protocol. You shouldn’t be making contact like this.

Ressler: Aram, are you getting this?
Aram: Loud and clear. This is definitely our guy.

[ Conversing in Arabic (subtitles) ]
Samar: The protocol’s blown. You think our friend wants to reach out like this? Expose himself? There’s a problem. We have reason to believe your product has been compromised.
Ghaffari: Impossible.
Samar: Our government sources are saying your product was tagged by MI6.
Ghaffari: [ Exhales sharply ] I will check.
Samar: That’s why I’m here. He wants me to test the next shipment before we accept delivery. The man at that table, the other two at the door; they’re with me. Will it be a problem, Raqaan?
Ghaffari: [ Shakes his head no ]
Samar: Good. I’ll notify my people.

[ DOOR CREAKS ] [ Tom enters Pete McGee’s apartment, gun drawn ]
[ Tom narrates over this scene ]
Tom: I think Nik was killed by a guy named Pete McGee. Nik asked him to ID a skeleton I’d given him. He got a DNA sample and ran it against the federal database. Now, I know the ID is extremely valuable, because Reddington wants to keep it secret.

[ Scene of Nik being strangled ]

Tom: But I didn’t know that people would kill for it. Now Nik’s dead, McGee is gone. And the only lead I have on him and that ID is the clinic he worked at – a place where experimental drugs are tested on human guinea pigs.

[ Tom finds Pete’s work ID ]

Yeah, I know. Not much of a plan. If you got a better one, I’m all ears.
Agnes: [ BABBLES ]
Tom: Don’t look at me like that all right? Rose is gonna be here to take care of you, and we both know she’s your favorite. And no, I am not lying to Mommy, all right?
Agnes: [ WHIMPERS ]
Tom: I want her to know the truth. That’s why I need to ID these bones without anybody knowing. [ SIGHS ]
Tom: It’s not a lie.
Tom: It’s just delayed honesty. [ On phone: ] Hi, I’m calling about the clinical trials. Yeah. I want to sign up.

Lena: Have you ever done an in-patient clinical trial before, Mr Lembeck?
Tom: First time. Be gentle.
Lena: I’ll need a copy of your ID.
Tom: Sure.
Tom: Uh, how much am I getting, by the way, to rent my body to science?
Lena: $200 a day.
Tom: Lucky me.
Lena: We’ll need a full medical history and an emergency contact for when you have an adverse reaction.
Tom: When? Not if?

[ DOG PANTING ] [ Lou stoops to put his dog’s poop in a plastic bag ]
Dembe: Get in the car.
Lou: Whoa, buddy, what whatever it is–
Dembe: Mr. Reddington wants to talk.
Lou: Reddington Reddington?
[ Lou looks in the car window ]
Red: Bring the dog, leave the poop.
[ Lou gets in ]
Red: Rosie Cavendish had a bulldog. Franklin, named after her great-uncle. Poor guy had eczema, dermatitis, seborrhea – one skin condition after the next. The dog, not the uncle.
Lou: Please, sir, I-if I did something–
Red: Given the lesions on her inner folds, I’d say she has pyoderma. What are you doing to treat it? Topical ointments or pills?
Lou: I need to be better with her check-ups?
Red: I need to borrow some evidence, Lou.
Lou: You know my name?
Red: The personal effects of a homicide victim that are currently in evidence control.
Lou: I don’t know if I could do that–
Red: You are the clerk – in evidence control–
Lou: Yes.
Red: –the man responsible for checking in and out evidence?
Lou: Well, that’s true, but–
Red: The deceased’s name is Nik Korpal. You have 24 hours. That should give us enough time to get– [ points to dog ]
Lou: Coco.
Red: –to get Coco the spa day she so desperately deserves. [ To Coco: ] Yeah, you’re gonna have fun! [ LAUGHS ]

[ CROWD MURMURS ] [ Samar’s cellphone beeps ] [She keys something in ]

[ Conversing in Arabic (subtitles) ]
Samar: They’re ready. We need to go.
Ghaffari: Why didn’t your people reach out to the office in Savamala?

[ Ghaffari runs. Chase ensues ]
[ A white van pulls up. Ghaffari and Samar are forced in ]
Aram: Oh, my gosh. No. Who are these guys? No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Crap, crap. No!
[ Aram gets out of car ]
Aram: Stop. Wait!
Ressler: FBI!
Liz: Who the hell is that?
Ressler: She had him!
[ Aram gets back in the car, in the driver’s seat ] [ Ressler runs up ]
Ressler: Aram, what are you doing?
Aram: I don’t know how to drive.
Ressler: Get out! Move!
[ Ressler gets in ] [ TIRES SQUEAL, ENGINE REVS ] [ Car chase ]
Aram: Agent Ressler, m-maybe you could slow down a little bit? Uh– there’s an alley. Alley! Alley ahead! Alley ahead!
Liz: Gun!
Aram: Oh. Oh, God.
[ GUNSHOTS 💥💥💥 ]
Aram: Watch out.
Aram: Hold on.
Aram: Watch out. Watch out. Come on!
Aram: They crashed. They crashed.
Aram: Oh, God.
Ressler: Drop the gun! Down! Put it down!
Reuther: Back away, or we will fire!
Liz: Drop your weapon!
Calhoun: Not happening!
Ressler: All right, all right! Easy. Easy. Nobody’s gonna fire. You. You look like you’re in charge. I’m gonna reach into my pocket.
Reuther: Slowly!
Ressler: Donald Ressler, FBI.
Reuther: FBI?
Liz: Who the hell are you?
Reuther: Name’s Reuther. We’re CIA.

Calhoun: Yevtukh Roofing Company safe house front owned by the Agency. You want confirmation, call the station chief.
Liz: Why no deconfliction protocol?
Calhoun: Because we’re part of the Clandestine Service. Who are you?
Liz: I can’t answer that. All I can tell you is we’re…
Reuther: Black book. Langley-verified.
Samar: Apology accepted.
Aram: No, it’s not.
Calhoun: Look, I don’t care who you are or why you’re operating on foreign soil. I was just doing my job.
Samar: I would’ve done the same, Agent Coburn.
Calhoun: It’s Calhoun. I’m a NOC.
Samar: Navabi. Slightly injured.
Aram: Are you sure you’re all right?
Samar: Yes.
Reuther: This is Duke White, Defense Intelligence.
Kabinov: Omar Kabinov, FSS.
Reuther: I’m Tobias Reuther, Clandestine Service.
Ressler: We’re gonna need to talk to Ghaffari alone.
Reuther: That’s not gonna happen. He’s officially in our custody. We’re handling the interrogation. If you don’t like that, you can take it up with the boys in DC.
Liz: I don’t care who gets him to talk. As long as you can get him to tell us what he knows, we’re happy to sit this one out.
Reuther: Okay.

[ Tom watches as someone lets himself into a room using a keypad lock ]
Lena: Congratulations. Your stipend was increased to $250.
Tom: Hm, fantastic. What did I do to earn that raise?
Lena: You got approved for a riskier study.
Tom: Very exciting. Can I ask what’s with all the security? I mean, we’re volunteers, not prisoners.
Lena: Lot of drugs around here. A lot of drugs attract a lot of drug users.
Tom: Makes sense. So, how much riskier is this?
Lena: Several patients in the previous group developed temporary neurological problems. Lie down.
Tom: They must have modified the medication since then, no?
Lena: I assume so. I just run the tests.
Tom: That’s reassuring.
[ Tom notices a red heart tattooed on Lena’s wrist as she gives him the injection ]
Tom: Who’s the heart for?
Lena: My grandfather. My brothers and I got drunk after his funeral, decided to get tattoos. He loved cards, so my three brothers are the spade, diamond, and the club.
Tom: And you’re the heart. That’s cute. So, aside from brain damage, what fun side effects should I be expecting?
Lena: I honestly don’t know. That’s what the study is for.
Tom: I keep forgetting – I’m just the guinea pig.
[ Lena takes off her blue vinyl gloves, tosses them in a receptical and leaves the room. Tom gets up and retrieves the gloves from the trash ]

Reuther: Look, Raqaan, I don’t know why you don’t feel like talking. The Feds have you on tape admitting you’re supplying Surkov.
[ Reuther speaks English and a man translates into Arabic for Ghaffari ]
Reuther: You know that. You must also know that you’re not here. This place doesn’t exist. No lawyers. No diplomats. Just us.
Ghaffari: [ No response ]
Reuther: [ SIGHS ]
[ Beating resumes ]

Calhoun: He’ll crack. They always do.
Liz: There are other ways to get people to talk.
Calhoun: You don’t know Surkov.
Liz: How long have you been searching for him?
Calhoun: Six years. Since before I left the Agency in 2015 to start a family. Reuther reached out a year later. He lives and breathes Surkov and convinced me to get back into the hunt.
Liz: And the family?
Calhoun: That didn’t turn out like I thought. But it’s okay. [ SIGHS ] I’ve got Surkov. He’s my family. My white whale.

[ DOOR OPENS ] [ Reuther and the others come out ]
Liz: Anything?
Reuther: Give him 20 minutes to simmer.
Liz: Okay. You’ve tried your way. We’re gonna try ours. Samar?
Man: Hey, hold up. What are you doing?
[ Liz and Samar ignore them and go into the interrogation room ]
Calhoun: [ To Reuther ] Can I ask you a question? If their Task Force is so intent on finding Surkov, why haven’t we ever heard from them before today?
Reuther: The hell is she doing?
[ Liz releases Ghaffari’s handcuffs and comes out of the room ]
Liz: Okay, he’s ready to talk.

[ At the pet groomer ]
Red: Look closely. What do you see?
Hawkins: A lot of dander, saliva, and urine, all of which I’m allergic to. So maybe if there’s a point here, you might want to make it before I start to wheeze like a chinchilla.
Red: Our liquidity crisis has been solved.
Hawkins: By doggy day care?
Red: These are rescued dogs picked up at shelters, given a bath and a professional grooming, then given back to the shelters primped and proud and ready for adoption. They supplement their business with regular grooming. But it’s basically a labor of love – and a 501(c)3.
Hawkins: A non-profit. That is good.
Red: [ CHUCKLES ] Even the most ruthless IRS agent would hesitate before auditing the books of such a noble enterprise.
Hawkins: And that’s good, if we can run enough money through it. I mean, the rents are throwing up nearly 200K a week.
Red: Well, most of their business is mobile. They have a fleet of vans that go from shelter to shelter in 10 different cities. It’s 100 vans, a dozen or more dogs a van, 25 bucks a dog. You do the math.
Hawkins: I just did. And my hand to God, if I found you a little bit more attractive, I would birth you a litter. I mean, like, seven pups – Boom! Right here on the floor.

Red: Fiona, you’re an artist.
Fiona: Coco’s an angel. Just needed a little TLC. I have some ointments for you.
Red: Ah. And how much do I owe you?
Fiona: $150 – which, of course, is tax-deductible.
Red: Yes, of course. And how much for the store?
Fiona: The store?
Red: And the vans. All of them.
Hawkins: [ COUGHS, SNEEZES ]
Red: Bless you. Bless you.
Hawkins: Sorry.
Fiona: They’re not for sale.
Red: At the right price, I’ve found everything is for sale. Think about your price while I let Coco find a blade of grass. Come on, sweetheart. That’s it. [ LAUGHING ] There we go.

[ Tom gets up. He’s unsteady due to the medication. He goes into the hall. He uses the blue glove to press a button next to the keypad and enters Pete McGee’s office. Without a password, he cannot access the computer. He flips through some files, looks in a drawer. Then he notices the photo of a man on Pete’s desk. The arms of the person taking the photo are reflected in the man’s glasses. He uses a glass on the desk to magnify the photo-taker’s wrist: a tattoo in the shape of a red heart ]

Leon Cox: Harold. You’re a tough man to pin down.
Cooper: Thank you for seeing me.
Cox: Well, when I heard there was an FBI task force running an unsanctioned op overseas, my interest was piqued.
Cooper: We received a tip from a credible source that Surkov is dead. The attacks attributed to him may, in fact, be the work of a copycat.
[ Samar is interrogating Ghaffari and interpreting what he says in Arabic ]
Ghaffari: [ Speaks in Arabic ]
Samar: He never met Surkov in person, only video calls.
Cox: And your team? Do they have a lead on his bomb maker? Ghaffari?
Ghaffari: [ Speaks in Arabic ]
Samar: He recently asked him to smuggle a device into a locker in Virginia.
Cox: I don’t understand. Ghaffari’s in Belgrade?
Cooper: Yes, being held and questioned in a CIA facility outside Pančevo.
Does he know the specific target?
[ Ressler’s cellphone rings ]
Samar: [ Speaks in Arabic ]
Ghaffari: [ Speaks in Arabic ]
Samar: Surkov specifically asked him to create a weapon that could penetrate 3.5 centimeters of Kevlar.
Cooper: [ Over phone ] I’m sitting here with the CIA Director of Operations.
Cox: Listen to me – the Surkov team is in London. There is no team or safe house in Pančevo.
Ressler: They claim otherwise.
Cox: Well, I don’t care what they claim. Whoever you’re with, they are not CIA.
[ Gunfire 💥💥💥 ]
[ Reuther escapes ]
Ressler: Go. Move, move, move.
Lis: [ To Calhoun ] Give it up. Hand it over. You said you were CIA. Who the hell are you?

Ressler: You hungry? You tired? Hey, there’s a steak and a bed waiting for you as soon as you tell us where your boss is.
Calhoun: I told you. I don’t know.
Ressler: Just like you didn’t know his real name.
Calhoun: His name is Tobias–
Ressler: Reuther. Yeah, he doesn’t exist. The Agency has no record of him.
Calhoun: No, they disavow him.
Liz: Him, not you or Duke White or Omar Kabinov. They gave us your file. We’ve confirmed you resigned from the Agency in 2015.
Calhoun: And then Reuther recruited me to come back.
Liz: There’s nothing about that or the ghost squad whose designation is so conveniently top secret that you never had direct contact with anyone at the Agency.
Calhoun: We got our orders from Reuther. Reuther got his from the Office of the Director.
Liz: No one at the Director’s Office has ever heard of your task force.
Ressler: Because it doesn’t exist, and when we found out, he started shooting at us.
Calhoun: Looked to me like you were shooting at him.
Ressler: Reuther is pretending to be Surkov.
Calhoun: That’s ridiculous. When you found us, we were hunting for his weapons maker, looking to interrogate him to find Surkov.
Liz: Do you know how I got Ghaffari to talk so quickly? I told him Surkov was dead. No proof, just the word of my source. The minute I told him, he knew it was true.
Ressler: Agent Calhoun, there’s a bomb somewhere in Virginia waiting to be detonated in Surkov’s name. We believe Reuther is going to detonate it.
Calhoun: Tobias Reuther is a patriot–
Liz: He’s a terrorist.
Calhoun: He loves his country.
Liz: If you don’t tell us where to find him, he’s gonna commit an act of terror on US soil.

[ The Post Office ]
Cox: Do you trust your intel on Surkov?
Liz: 100%.
Cox: And Ghaffari’s weapon?
Cooper: We’re working with Virginia State Police and local law enforcement, but it’s a big state – with a lot of lockers.
Cox: What about Calhoun?
Ressler: She thought she was working for an Agency task force. She had no idea that the man she admires is the devil she thought she was hunting.
Cox: I always thought Surkov’s death would be cause for celebration. But if he is dead and a group of CIA-trained assets has taken his place–
Aram: Sir? Uh, Director Cox. Hello. Uh, the only prints they could pull from the safe house in Pančevo were partials, but we got a match. Uh, the man we’re looking for, Agent Reuther, uh, his real name is Agent Brian Osterman.
Cooper: Does that name mean anything? Director Cox, who is Brian Osterman?
Cox: [ SIGHS ]

Red: Cheer up, Lou. I’m in your debt.
Lou: A lot of good that’ll do me if anyone finds out I did this.
Red: Yes, yes, yes, yes. Giving me this evidence is vital and much appreciated.
Lou: Giving?
Red: But what Coco and I have been up to is a revelation.
Lou: I need to get that back – before anyone knows it’s missing.
Red: She’s always welcome to come in for a grooming, free of charge.
Lou: You really got to return that.
Red: Oh, and her ointments–
Lou: Ointments?
Red: Ointments. Funny word. Twice a day, three times on her inner folds. Coco, the pleasure was all mine, sweetheart.

[ Red goes through the evidence file ] [ KEYS JINGLE ]
Red: The suitcase key.
Dembe: So Kate entrusted it to Nik.
Red: But who did Nik entrust it to, and why did he get killed for it?
[ Red flips open Nik’s phone. It has a message to call L— ]
Red: And who might you be?

[ The Post Office, an interrogation room ]
[ Cox sits down across from Calhoun. Cooper stands nearby ]
Cox: Brian Osterman was one of our own – one we no longer consider a trusted asset. He was part of a black-book operation tasked to ID threats to US counterintelligence, but in ’08, he broke from the Agency, – and we issued a burn notice.
Calhoun: No, that’s not possible.
Cox: He became disillusioned, went dark. He’s been off the grid for the past six years. If Surkov is, in fact, dead, and Osterman is now carrying out missions in his name, then we’re dealing with a very dangerous man – one whom you have assisted in carrying out attacks against this country.
Calhoun: No, Reuther, he had HUMINT, and, uh, funding. He had–
Cox: Pilfered from a black-ops slush fund that went missing.
Calhoun: The- the others, the team– He recruited us to the Agency.
Cooper: He lied to you, to get you to help him attack the US. You and your team are Ilyas Surkov. You just didn’t know it. But you do now, and you can help us stop him.
Calhoun: We have a staging area in Ivy City. I can take you there.

— There’s another door.
Calhoun: I don’t believe this.
— Nothing here.
— Bring your team back.

Liz: [ On phone ] The safe house has been scrubbed.
Red: Nothing on Osterman or his team?
Liz: Just an empty file stamped “Cyclone.” That’s it. You sure that name means nothing to you?
Red: Osterman? Nothing.
Liz: Well, he’s in the wind with a lethal weapon we can’t find and a target that could be anywhere.
Red: That’s what you don’t know. Focus on what you do.
Liz: We know the weapon was designed to pierce Kevlar, plus the “Cyclone” files. It could be a code name, a mission, a person–
Red: Any point of intersection? Kevlar, Cyclone.
Liz: Where they happen? Coastal cities? Law enforcement in those areas that wear Kevlar?
Red: What else? Cyclone. If it’s not a person or place–
Liz: It’s a target. Not law enforcement, but military. A target hard enough to design a weapon to penetrate it. Not steel, but Kevlar.
Red: Good. A military hard target made of a composite material.
Liz: I need to call you back.

Liz: Aram, I need you to run a search. Any ships in the Navy, the Coast Guard – whoever the Pentagon has build ships with the name “Cyclone” that are made of a composite material similar to Kevlar.
Aram: All right, hang on. Okay, I have a Cyclone-class patrol ship.
Liz: Tell me about them.
Aram: 14 ships 10 are deployed in the Persian Gulf, 3 are doing drug interdiction off the coast of Florida, and this last one– Okay, yeah, the USS Parnell is at its home port.
Liz: Where is that?
Aram: Norfolk.
Liz: Virginia.

Tom: Dry toast, huh? That’s it?
Lena: All most people can keep down.
Tom: Probably ’cause most people take the full dose.
Lena: Mr. Lembeck, a clinical trial must be–
Tom: I’m not here for the trial.
Lena: If it’s drugs you’re after–
Tom: Not drugs. I’m here for information about Pete McGee.
Lena: Um, you’ll need to sign a discharge form.
Tom: He had a lot of family photos in his office, but only one placed where he could always see it. And I didn’t think there was anything special about it until I realized that it was taken by someone very special to him.
Lena: It’s not what you think. I can’t help you.
Tom: I need to find him. He took something from me that doesn’t belong to him – something that is only gonna bring him trouble.
Lena: What is it?
Tom: Something I was willing to put whatever that is in my veins to get back. I need it back.
Lena: I’m sorry.
Tom: I came here because I thought I could find what he took from me or at least get a lead on where he went, all right? But I didn’t. All I found was you. And I’m asking you, I need your help. And if I’m right, I think Pete does, too.
Lena: A discharge nurse should be in shortly.

Ressler: [ Over comms ] Aram, we’re on site. Talk to me.
Aram: All right, I’ve notified Port Authority and Naval Installations Command. They’re initiating a Level 4 lockdown and emergency evac protocols for all non-essential personnel.
Samar: Any word on Osterman or his team?
Aram: Nothing yet. I am still waiting to get approval from Security Command to share their CCTV feeds.
O’Neil: Matthew O’Neil, NCIS. What do you know?
Ressler: Look, there’s a threat against one of your coastal patrol ships, the USS Parnell. We got to lock this down, clear all this air traffic.
O’Neil: Easier said than done. Transport runs a flight every six minutes.
Aram: Um, Agent Keen? I think I might have something here. NCIS just got a ping on an alias that Calhoun was able to confirm was one of Osterman’s. It appears access has been granted to a Human Resources office between Powhatan Ave and Pier 11.

[ Liz and Samar enter the Human Resources office. They separate. Liz comes upon Osterman/Reuther, who is aiming a large weapon on a stand ]
Liz: Stand down, Osterman.
Osterman/Reuther: You have no idea what you’re in the middle of.
Liz: We know about you, Osterman. We know about Surkov, your team. It’s over.
Osterman/Reuther: Surkov’s dead, but I’m not using him as cover. The CIA is.
Liz: I said stand down.
Osterman/Reuther: When an asset reported Surkov had died from cancer, Cox thought we could use his name to do America’s dirty work.
Liz: Cox?
Osterman/Reuther: I was on board at first. Pretty soon it became clear the jobs we were doing, we weren’t doing America’s dirty work. We were doing Cox’s. That he’d turned. Tried to plug the plug, but Cox discredited me and convinced our superiors to issue a burn notice. Did I lie to my team? Did I lie to you? Yes. Because none of you would believe the truth. Cox has to be stopped.
Liz: Step away from your weapon.
Duke: [ On comms incoming ] Got him. He’s at your 11:00. It’s him.
Osterman/Reuther: See that man down there with the black backpack? He’s a CIA asset here to plant the bomb Cox bought from Ghaffari. My team is here to stop him.
Duke: You have a shot? Take the shot.
Liz: Why would he blow up a chemical plant and an American ship?
Osterman/Reuther: False-flag operations.
Liz: Even if you’re telling the truth, you’re asking me to let you shoot a CIA agent who’s following orders. I can’t let you do that.
Duke: Take your shot. It’s your last chance.
Osterman/Reuther: You gonna shoot me in the back of the head, Agent Keen?
[ Liz shoots 💥 wounding Osterman/Reuther in the arm ]
Liz: [ Over comms ] I have Osterman in custody. Human Resources, third floor. We’re gonna need a medic. Alert NCIS of a potential suspect an officer in uniform, brown hair, medium build, carrying a black backpack. [ To Osterman/Reuther: ] Looks like you were wrong.
Osterman/Reuther: You believe me now?

Cooper: You lied to me. Osterman isn’t the imposter. He was hunting the imposter – you.
Cox: Osterman is a rogue agent who’s acted against our national interests.
Cooper: That ship was never your target.
Cox: No. The blast severed an undersea communications cable running from Naval Station Norfolk to our allies across the Atlantic – a cable that had been compromised by Chinese counterintelligence. Now, if we had simply ceased sending intel, it would have tipped our hand.
Cooper: So instead, you sacrificed the life of one of your agents.
Cox: It was a directional device, Harold. My agent survived, as have all the agents I’ve tasked with taking out our enemies.
Cooper: Like the plant foreman in Leeds?
Cox: He was leaking classified intel from one of our private military contractors to Russian assets. Our team hid the ops behind Surkov attacks, and in both cases, we avoided escalating international conflicts.
Cooper: At what cost?
Cox: At any cost, Harold!
Cooper: I hate to disappoint you, but like Osterman, I see things differently. I see diplomatic solutions. I see a way to get results without false-flag operations. But you and I both know that a terrified population means a healthy defense budget.
Cox: Harold, are you trying to tell me that the whole time you’ve been here, you’ve done everything by the book? No cut corners, no bent rules for the greater good?
Cooper: Leon, I answer to people who will one day judge the merits of my work. I’m willing to accept the consequences. You have been operating without oversight until now. I’ve given my superiors a full overview of this investigation. I hope, for your sake, they agree that your actions were in America’s best interests. I doubt they will.
Cox: Time will tell.
Cooper; Close the door on your way out.

[ Matt Corby’s ♪ “Resolution” plays ]
[ ⬇ Go to Full Lyrics ] or [ ♪ Tap square below twice to play ♪ ]

♪ I’m giving up this whole lie, this whole me

[ The elevator doors open. Osterman/Reuther steps out in handcuffs with Ressler and Samar ]
Cox: [ SIGHS ] You have done more harm than you could possibly know.

♪ Instead I bide my time, get a ride

Osterman/Reuther: I’m counting on it. And it’ll be worth it if it stops you.

♪ Until the rubber leaves the road

[ Liz and Tom are attending the graveside service for Nik Korpal ]

♪ You said don’t lie, so I made the truth
Seemed like a lie to even you
Control your fear, it’s cle-e-e-ar
That you do not know where you’re going to

♪ So, don’t you wo-o-o-rry
You’ll be my resolution

[ Liz sees Red some distance away. She walks over to him ]
Liz: You’re here.

♪ Characters of no illusion

Red: So many people find cemeteries to be a reminder of loss. I find them to be a fervent reminder to seize the day.

♪ One month down and it’s in sight

Liz: I’m surprised to see you here.
Red: Nik Korpal saved my life, brought Agnes into this world.

♪ Oh, I’m guaranteed to lose my mind

Red: I came to pay my respects. How are you holding up?

♪ It’s dangerous to speak and sigh

Liz: I’ve been better. About how he died–

♪ So, don’t you wo-o-o-rry

Liz: Did you find anything out?
[ Red sees Tom. As Tom walks up to Liz, Red walks off ]

♪ You’ll be my resolution
Characters of no illusion

Tom: Reddington was a surprise.
Liz: [ SIGHS ]

♪ You will be my resolution

Liz: He appreciates what Nik’s done for him. And he knows Nik may have been killed because of it.

♪ Characters of no illusion

Liz: He’s willing to look into who did it.
Tom: He is? Has he found anything?
Liz: Not yet, but it sounds like he has a lead.

♪ You will be my resolution

Tom: What kind of lead? Was he more specific?
Liz: [ VOICE BREAKING ] We’ve lost so many friends.

♪ Ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh

Liz: I don’t know if I can lose any more without just crawling into a fetal position or becoming a stark, raving vigilante.

♪ Ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh

Tom: Listen, Reddington’s a vigilante.

♪ Turn around, put it down and see

Tom: All right? And I’m pretty sure there’s a one per family rule.

♪ That this is really the place to be

Liz: [ EXHALES ] I think Meera is buried here.

♪ I’m not you, nor you me

Liz: I’d like to pay my respects.
Tom: All right. You want company?
Liz: I’d like to go alone, if you don’t mind.

♪ But we’re both moving steady

[ The Post Office, Cooper’s office ]

Announcer on TV: The explosion rocked the naval yard. While no causalities have been reported, Ilyas Surkov has claimed credit for the attack.

Aram: Hey, uh– about, uh, what happened in Belgrade–
Cooper: What part?
Aram: When, um, Agent Navabi was taken– uh, she could’ve been hurt. She wasn’t. She’s fine, obviously. But, uh– I wasn’t prepared, sir. I didn’t know how to react. And then, with the shootout at the safe house–
Cooper: Aram, I understand. It was an oversight on my part to place you in danger like I did. It won’t happen again.
Aram: No, no, you don’t understand. I don’t want to be unprepared. Mr. Cooper, sir. I’d like to request to be operationally trained, sir.

Tom: What changed your mind?
Lena: You said he might be in trouble. What kind of trouble?
Tom: Might’ve killed someone.
Lena: Pete? I don’t believe that.
Tom: Listen, what he took from me, people are getting killed. And whether he did or didn’t do it, just by having it, his life is in danger.
Lena: Are you looking to protect him or have him arrested? I don’t know you, and I’m sure not gonna take what you say about Pete at face value. No way he killed anyone.
[ RAZOR BUZZING ] [ Pete is shaving his head. His left hand is wrapped in a bloody bandage ]
Lena: Whatever he took from you, he must have a good reason why. He hasn’t been to work in a week. He hasn’t called. His divorce is gonna be finalized next month, and we’re gonna get married. I’m worried something might have happened. I changed my mind because I want him found.
Tom: Whatever your reason is for wanting to do that, I don’t care, as long as you’re willing to help. Tell me everything you can about Pete. Friends, relatives, cities he likes, passwords. Everything.

Hawkins: Yeah. [ Hands rug to Fiona ]
Fiona: This rug was a gift. My aunt crocheted it herself.
Hawkins: Yeah, it’s got to go, and the allergies with it. This, my space, it’s a critter-free zone.
Fiona: It’s a critter cabin.
Hawkins: Yeah, not in here it’s not.
[ Fiona leaves ]
[ Red enters, dumps out bundles of cash ]
Red: That’s six hold list’s worth.
Hawkins: [ To Dembe ] Are you African? ‘Cause you’re a frickin’ babe.
Red: Can you handle that?
Hawkins: Ah. [ Leaving; To Dembe ] I can handle whatever you’ve got.
[ Hawkins leaves ]
Dembe: The person who answers may not know the secret.
Red: No, but they might.
Red: Wonder what can of worms we’re opening now.
Tom: Hello? Who is this?
[ Red freezes, then quickly flips the phone shut ] [ PHONE BEEPS ]

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༺✦ ♤ ✦༻


Episode Songs


♫ Resolution
By Matt Corby

♪ I’m giving up
This whole lie, this whole me
Call it out like a family
Instead I bide my time, get a ride
Until the rubber leaves the road

♪ You said don’t lie so I made the truth
Seemed like a lie to even you
Control your fear. It’s clear
That you do not know where you’re going to

♪ So, don’t you worry
You’ll be my resolution
Characters of no illusion
You’ll be my resolution

♪ One month down and it’s in sight
oh, I’m guaranteed to lose my mind
It’s dangerous to speak and sigh
You might know what I’m trying to hide

♪ So from the cradle to quarter age
oh, I bought the book but didn’t flip the page
oh, readiness is near. We steer
As far away from the coming of days

♪ So, don’t you worry
You’ll be my resolution
Characters of no illusion
You’ll be my resolution
Characters of no illusion
You’ll be my resolution

♪ Turn around, put it down and see
That this is really the place to be.
I’m not you, nor you me
But we’re both moving steady.

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2y7evMt
YouTube: https://youtu.be/Nj4q4rfDcNw

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🔴 Script: 5:6 The Travel Agency (№ 90)

Program air date: 11/1/2017 in the US
Script Permalink: https://wp.me/pDKwi-6dn
Entertainment Weekly: http://bit.ly/2zbEPV9

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Terrence O’Hara
Written by: Carla Kettner



⭕ Script 5:6 The Travel Agency (№ 90)

Brief: To find out who killed Nik Korpal, Liz has turned to Red while Tom has located Pete McGee’s girlfriend. Red has purchased a non-profit dog grooming service to use for money laundering. Red has also obtained the evidence file for Nik. It contained the key to the missing suitcase of bones that both Tom and Red are independently trying to recover – as well as Nik’s cellphone. The last message on Nik’s phone was a request to call someone back. When Red called the number, Tom answered. Stunned, Red hung up without saying a word.

[ It is morning at the Dawson household ]

Man on radio: 101.2 Seven Valleys Radio. And pushing Janet Jackson off her four-week reign at the top of the charts, here’s Roxette with their new single.

Brokaw on TV: At the Berlin Wall at the Brandenburg Gate, I’m Tom Brokaw. Brandenburg Gate, of course, is in East Berlin, and the sound that you hear and what you’re seeing tonight – not hammers and sickles, but hammers and chisels, as young people take down this wall bit by bit. Earlier this evening, the Communist Central Committee in East Berlin

[ Calvin and Eleanor Dawson are in the kitchen, drinking coffee and working a crossword puzzle ]
Calvin Dawson: End of an era, huh?
Eleanor Dawson: “Era.” We need a five-letter word that ends in “H.”

Tonight, citizens from both Germanys

Calvin: Uh “epoch.”

are singing and dancing. Reunited right on top

Calvin: Hey, girls still asleep?
Eleanor: Karen picked them up already.

Reporter: On the east side of the Berlin Wall, something new tonight.

[ PAGER BEEPING ] [ Calvin looks at his pager. It displays “342” ]

Soldiers dismantling it, not guarding it with rifles.

Calvin: I, uh- I got to get to work.
Eleanor: Sweetheart, it’s still early.
Calvin: Early is on time, on time is late, and late is unacceptable.
Eleanor: [ CHUCKLES ]

[ Calvin goes to PO Box 342 and removes an envelope, pulls out a red folder. It contains a dossier ]

[ Calvin pulls up to a country house where a man, Edward Knobbs, is splitting wood. Calvin gets out with a pistol. Knobbs runs. Calvin shoots him. 💥💥💥 Knobbs throws his axe at Calvin, but it misses and gets stuck in a tree. Calvin pulls the axe out of the tree. Calvin shoots again 💥 ]
Knobbs: [ GROANS ] No. Please. Who sent you? We can talk. We- We can- We can talk!
[ Calvin raises the axe and strikes ]

[ Red is playing miniature golf. Liz walks up ]
Liz: Ooh, can I play?
Red: Uh! You’re in my line of sight.
Liz: Oh, there’s a hole under the lighthouse.
Red: I’m playing the carom.
Liz: Ah.
Red: That’s it. Dembe and I have scheduled a tournament. It’s been in the works for some time, but we couldn’t quite settle on a format. I finally unearthed the Peoria System with a double-par limit, and here we are. The tournament is this week. And I have every intention of winning.
[ Red putts. The ball misses wildly ]
Red: Oh!
Liz: And here I thought all old, rich, white men were good at golf.
Red: Maybe it’s my putter. Mitchell Dunning of Dupont Circle is about to be assassinated.
Liz: I’m sorry – Mitchell who?
Red: Dunning. He found me through an associate of mine and is looking to disappear. My problem is that I don’t have the resources to help him at present. Yours is that Mr Dunning believes the hit was contracted through The Travel Agency.
Liz: A travel agency?
Red: Not a travel agency, Elizabeth. The Travel Agency – a murder-for-hire ring that lived in the shadows for nearly 30 years. Their assassins carried out a variety of contract hits until they mysteriously closed their doors 12 years ago, dashing any hope that law enforcement might one day solve the rash of killings the Agency left in their wake.
Liz: So if this Dunning guy is right and they are after him–
Red: Innocents and not-so-innocents have targets on their backs, beginning with Mitchell Dunning.

[ The Post Office ]
Liz: The Travel Agency was a consortium of anonymous killers responsible for a variety of unsolved murders – the assassination of a civil-rights activist in 1983, the poisoning of an anti-Glasnost Soviet businessman in ’87.
Cooper: What do we know about the man who Reddington says is the next target?
Aram: Mitchell David Dunning. Lives in Dupont Circle and imports high-end furniture. Offices in Paris, London, and New York.
Cooper: Keen, Navabi, find him and pull him into protective custody. I want to know who wants him dead and why he thinks the Travel Agency was contracted to do the job.
Cooper: Agent Ressler. A word? ⋘⋙ There’s a personal matter that I need to attend to.
Ressler: Is everything all right?
Cooper: Honestly, I’m not sure. But I need you to oversee things here until it’s taken care of. I’m sorry. Unavoidable.
Ressler: Of course.

[ KNOCK ON DOOR ] [ A man looks out the peephole ]
Man: Yeah?
Cooper: I’m looking for Isaiah.
Man: Who?
Cooper: Isaiah Hill.
Man: Never heard of him.
[ Cooper pounds on the door ]
Cooper: You gonna open this damn door, or are we gonna have a problem?! Hello?
Man: Hey! I’m gonna call the cops!
[ Cooper flashes his badge at the peephole ]
Cooper: Special Agent Harold Cooper. FBI. I’m not here on official business – yet.
Man: O-Okay, look, I met him a couple days ago. I said I needed a place to crash. He tossed me his keys. I haven’t seen him since.
Cooper: Where’d he go?
Man: We still unofficial?
Cooper: Only if you give me a straight answer. Isaiah Hill – where is he?

Mrs Dunning: You packed the laptop, right?
Mitchell Dunning: I told you yes. Along with the phone and the chargers. What’d your sister say?
Mrs Dunning: Cabin’s empty. Garage code is the address backwards.
Mitchell Dunning: Here you finish the bags. I’m gonna set the alarm.
Samar: Mitchell Dunning? FBI agents Navabi and Keen.
Mitchell Dunning: FBI? I don’t– What’s going on?
Samar: We believe there may be a threat to your life. We need you to come with us.
Mitchell Dunning: What threat? There can’t– You must have me confused with someone else.
Liz: Are you going somewhere?
Mrs Dunning: Upstate for the weekend.
Liz: It’s Wednesday.
Mitchell Dunning: Look, officers, I appreciate your concern, but clearly, you’ve got the wrong guy. There’s no threat. I’m a salesman. I import–
[ Mitchell Dunning is shot 💥💥 ] [ A gun retracts from the trunk of a dated Oldsmobile ]
[ ENGINE STARTS ] [ The car speeds off ]

Liz: I’m sorry to be asking you these questions now, but if we’re gonna find whoever did this, we need to know everything you know.
Mrs Dunning: Everything was fine, and then suddenly, he was rushing us out of the house, and then you show up, and– [ VOICE BREAKING ] I can’t believe this.

Samar: Liz, you have to see this. I found it in the car.
[ Newspaper headline reads “Brutal Axe Murder in York County” about the murder of Edward Knobbs ]
Liz: Do you know this man, Mrs. Dunning?
Mrs Dunning: No. Why? Who is he?

[ Tom leaves a courthouse marked “Records Division” carrying a yellow envelope. Dembe is standing outside. Tom sees him, realizes he has no choice, and gets into Red’s car ]
Tom: [ CHUCKLES ] Are you following me now?
Red: Mr. Kaplan gave you a suitcase. In it was a skeleton she never should have unearthed and whose identity must remain secret.
Tom: I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Red: I understand the temptation acting on a fine woman’s dying wish.
[ DOOR OPENS at Lena Mercer’s apartment. Crespin enters ]
Red: But your quest has cost Nik Korpal his life, and persisting will put whomever you involve in harm’s way.
Crespin: I prefer no one gets hurt.
Tom: Secrets put people in harm’s way. Keeping them in the dark – a talent you and I share. Or shared. I’m out of that business. And if I have a quest, it’s to shine a light on the darkness you create to help Liz find her way out of the enormous shadow you cast.
Red: You asked Nik to identify the bones, and he was killed for his trouble by someone who knows their identity and, therefore, their value. That killer is likely searching for a way to contact me since, knowing their value, he knows they are most valuable to me. I will allow myself to be found, recover the suitcase, eliminate the man for his troubles, and rebury the body in a place where it will be lost to the sands of time, as originally intended.
Tom: Whatever secret you’re hiding from Liz – it’ll come out. Family secrets always do.
Red: What’s in the envelope?
Tom: [ Leaving ] What envelope?
Crespin: You are to stop looking for Pete McGee. You are to act as if Pete McGee never existed. Say it.
Lena: Is he doing this? Did he send you?
Crespin: Say it, Lena.
Lena: Pete McGee doesn’t exist.
Crespin: Keep it that way. Or I’ll be back.

Landry Knobbs: I don’t understand. You think this man who was killed was looking into my father’s murder? Did they know each other?
Samar: We were hoping that you might be able to answer that.
Landry: Mitchell Dunning – I don’t think I’ve ever seen him.
Liz: Were you and your father close?
Landry: We were. After Mom passed, I used to come out here every week, help out around the house.
Liz:: Did he ever come to visit you?
Landry: In the city? God, no. I don’t think Dad ever left the state after he closed the Agency.
Liz: I’m sorry – the Agency?
Landry: The Seawall Travel Agency. Dad owned it for years.
Samar: Landry, do you know if your father happened to keep any of his old work records?

[ Liz and Samar go through the old files from The Seawall Travel Agency ]
Samar: Knobbs traveled the world with his family.
Liz: And orchestrated hits. Check this out.
[ Liz shows Samar a long list of names ]
Liz: The civil-rights activist. The Soviet businessman.
[ Samar shows Liz a photo ]
Samar: Knobbs and his wife, from vacation. Look at the man in the background.
Liz: It’s Mitchell Dunning.
Samar: Our two victims with nothing in common owned a murder business.
Liz: That means the people in the Travel Agency aren’t killing people – they’re being killed.

[ Red sits down next to Cooper on an outdoor bench. He hands Cooper a slip of paper ]
Red: The name and address of the miscreant you’re looking for.
Cooper: How reliable are your sources?
Red: [ LAUGHS ] I understand you’ve placed Donald in charge of the task force.
Cooper: I’m looking for the son of a good friend. A young man whose father was killed last year and who drowned his understandable sorrow in drugs and alcohol. Mother took him to counselors. With Char and I, she organized an intervention. And we’ll do it all again as often as it takes. But we can’t do any of it until we know where he is. My only lead is this dealer Castro. I don’t want to go busting into a place on unofficial business unless I know it’s the right one. So are your sources reliable?
Red: Yes. You’re going to need backup.
Cooper: To check some punk?
Red: Sounds like a delightful way to spend an afternoon. We can play “Celebrity” on the way.
Cooper: I appreciate the name. And the offer.
Red: I must warn you – I know all the absurdists. I kill with Camus.
Cooper: Camus is not a celebrity.
Red: [ CHUCKLING ] He is to me.
Cooper: Thank you for this. But I’ll take it from here.

[ Kaleo’s ♪ “Way Down We Go” plays ]

♪ And way down we go-o-o-o-o
Way down we go-o-o-o-o

[ A drug den ] [ BANGING ON DOOR ]

♪ Say way down we go
Way down

[ A guard cracks the door open ]
Cooper: FBI. I’m looking–
[ The guard tries to slam the door shut. Cooper forces his way in and knocks the guard out⚡️]
Guard: [ GROANS ]

♪ Oh, you let your feet run wild
Time has come as we all, oh

[ Cooper walks past the unconscious guard and up to a druggie nodding off. He grabs him by the hair and holds a gun to his throat ]
Cooper: Castro – where is he?
[ The druggie points to another room ]

♪ Go down
Yeah, but for the fall, oh, my
‘Cause they will run you down
Down till the dark

[ Cooper forces the druggie at gunpoint into a room with two men. One runs out. The other goes for his gun and shoots 💥, hitting the druggie by mistake. Cooper shoots him💥💥💥 and goes after the man who ran ]

♪ Yes, and they will run you down
Down till you fall
And they will run you down

[ A woman steps out from a room ] [ GASPS ] [ Cooper motions with his gun to get back inside ]

♪ Down till you go
Yeah, so you can’t crawl no more
And way down we go-o-o-o-o

[ Cooper catches up with the man. They exchange shots 💥💥💥 The man runs, turns around and shoots again 💥💥 then runs up a stairway ]

♪ Way down we go
Say way down we go-o-o-o-o

[ The man reaches the top of the stairs and exits a door to the outside – where Dembe clobbers⚡️him ]
Cooper: I told you I didn’t need help.
Red: We couldn’t resist.

Man on radio: 101.2 Seven Valleys Radio.

Tom Brokaw: Earlier this evening, the Communist Central Committee in East Berlin

Calvin: End of an era, huh?
Eleanor: “Era.” We need a five-letter word that ends in “H.”
Calvin: “Epoch.” Are the girls asleep?
Eleanor: Karen picked them up already.
[ PAGER BEEPING ] [ Pager displays “342” ]

REPORTER: Soldiers dismantling it, not guarding it with rifles.

Calvin: I, uh I got to get to work.
Eleanor: Sweetheart, it’s still early.
Calvin: Early is on time, on time is late, and late is unacceptable.
[ Calvin kisses Eleanor ]

Aram: The Seawall Travel Agency, based out of Allentown, Pennsylvania, was a storefront used by Knobbs and Dunning to facilitate their murder-for-hire business.
Ressler: So Knobbs and Dunning are the two principals.
Aram: Yeah, who hid their association behind a ton of financial loopholes.
Liz: But the dossiers we found account for dozens of unsolved murders. They must’ve had help.
Aram: Yep. And according to some of the other documents you seized, they had a large support staff who were doing far more than booking eight-day cruises to Acapulco.
Ressler: What do you mean “had”?
Aram: So, evidently, Seawall shell companies were also secretly paying account executives, private investigators, weapons-procurement techs, and a variety of what I can only assume were handlers.
Liz: All of whom are dead.
Ressler: Every employee of a murder-for-hire company murdered.
Aram: Except for one. Mr. Argon Wright, a shipping agent out of Baltimore.
Ressler: All right, well, let’s bring him in while he’s still breathing. Navabi, let’s go.

[ Red and Cooper have the man Dembe knocked out tied to a chair next to a table covered with drugs and paraphernalia. Red is preparing an injection ]
Red: Fentanyl is like snake venom. 100 times more powerful than morphine. A lethal dose of heroin is about 30 milligrams? 3 milligrams of fentanyl is enough to kill an average-size male. [ LIGHTER CLICKS ] [ Red heats the mixture in a spoon ] In every conceivable way, I’d say you’re well below average.
Castro: I don’t even know who you are, old man. [ To Cooper: ] But you’re a cop, man. You gonna stand there and let him shoot me up?
Cooper: We’re looking for Isaiah Hill. We think you know where he is. Tell us or you overdose. If you argue, you overdose. If the next syllable out your sorry-ass mouth doesn’t point us in the direction of Isaiah Hill, you overdose. Am I clear? Good. ‘Cause right now, I’m an off-duty cop. And as an off-duty cop, I’ll do whatever it takes to find that young man.
Red: [ TAPPING NEEDLE ] Anything to say? No? Nothing? Perhaps half a milligram will be enough to loosen your tongue.
[ Red jabs him ]
Castro: [ BREATHING HEAVILY ] Whoa, whoa, whoa! W-W-Whoa! Hold on! Hold on! hold-on! I-I didn’t sell him drugs. All right, he- he bought a gun.
Cooper: A gun?
Red: That’s not a location. Maybe another milligram will jog your memory.
Castro: Look, my- my- guy delivered it to him in Ivy City. Brick building on the corner of 16 and Oak. Apartment 3.
[ Red removes the needle ]
Red: You just missed the ride of a lifetime.

Tom: Lena? It’s me, Tom.
Lena: Come in.
Tom: All right, so, I ran a search on Pete at the courthouse. Turns out he pled guilty to mail fraud. Why? Because he sold thousands of patient medical records to insurance companies so they could deny coverage, lost his license, and would’ve spent 12 years in prison if he didn’t flip on the – What are you doing? You going somewhere?
Lena: You should go.
Tom: Did you hear what I said? Pete is a bad guy.
Lena: I don’t want to talk about Pete.
Tom: You said you were gonna help me find him.
Lena: You should really go.
Tom: Did he get to you? Was Pete here?
Lena: I don’t want to talk about it. And I’m sorry that your friend got killed and that you lost something important to you, but I can’t help you.
Tom: I went to the DC clerk’s office. There was no record that Pete McGee was ever married.
Lena: What?
Tom: Five minutes. Just to show you what I found.

Ressler: Argon Wright? Agents Ressler, Navabi FBI.
Argon Wright: FBI? What’s going on?
Samar: We have reason to believe you may be in danger.
Wright: Why would I be in danger? What do you mean? From who?
Ressler: We know about Knobbs and Dunning.
Wright: Knobbs and Dunning? I don’t– Who are Knobbs and Dunning?
Ressler: All right, drop the act. We know about your–
[ 💥💥] [ SCREAMS ] [ Wright is hit in the arm ]
Ressler: Down! Down! Get down! Gun!
Ressler: [ Running ] Move! Get out of the way! Move! Out of the way!

[ Cooper and Red approach Apartment 3. They stay on either side of the door as Cooper is about to knock ] [ A shotgun blasts 💥 through the door ] [ Cooper forces door open, gun drawn ]
Isaiah Hill: Mr. C?!

Ressler: We need names. Asset names–
Argon Wright: Everything was compartmentalized. We never saw each other. I didn’t even know the names of the operators I handled.
Samar: Think a little harder.
Wright: Hey look, lady, I don’t know. It’s– That gunman – the guy in the car.
Ressler: Yeah, the Oldsmobile.
Wright: I used to run an asset who drove a car just like that – ’86 Olds. I mean, this was nearly 30 years ago.
Samar: What was his name?
Wright: I told you – we didn’t use names. All I know – we called him No. 5.
Ressler: You may not have known his name, but you had to have a protocol.
Wright: The Agency would give me the target. Once they sent the dossier, I’d page No. 5 a signal – 342.
Samar: 3-4-2?
Wright: It’s a reference to a post office box in Seven Valleys. It’s where he’d pick up his assignments.

Post Office employee: 342?
Samar: Do you have a record of it?
PO employee: Lucky for you, I don’t need one.
Liz: Why is that?
PO employee: Because Mr Dawson has had that box since before I worked here.
Liz: Mr Dawson?
PO employee: Calvin. Hardly comes in, though. Not sure why he keeps it. Most of his mail is delivered to the home.
Samar: So his house is here in town?
PO employee: Not a house. He lives at the convalescent home up on Elm Briar Oak.

[ Lena loads a suitcase into her car ]
Crespin: [ On phone ] The message was delivered. Looks like the target is standing down.
[ Lena drives off ] [ Tom follows in another car ]

Cooper: You could’ve killed us. It’s a miracle we weren’t hurt. Are you even listening? Why are you here? And with a gun.
Red: Whoever you thought you were shooting at, if you tell us who they are, we can help you.
Isaiah Hill: Who are you?
Cooper: What are you doing with a gun?
Isaiah: Protecting myself.
Cooper: From who?
Isaiah: Line forms to the left.
Red: Perhaps you could be a tad more specific.
Isaiah: How about cops? Like you.
Cooper: He’s not a cop.
Isaiah: Cops who beat. Cops who kill.
Cooper: He’s not a cop.
Isaiah: Then who is he?
Red: A criminal.
Cooper: Isaiah, please – who were you shooting at?
Isaiah: I needed to buy something, and my regular guy wasn’t holding.
Cooper: “Something.” Fentanyl?
Isaiah: I heard about this guy Zeke Wilson. He owns a club – 24/7 action. If you can get in, it’s like a candy store. I knew I couldn’t get in the front, so I tried the back. Zeke was there in the alley, arguing with a guy. Zeke – he shot him.
Red: So you’re a witness he’s trying to get rid of.
Cooper: You should’ve told me, son.
Isaiah: I am not your son.
Cooper: No, you’re not. But I am your friend, and I’m here to help. Will you let me?

[ KEYPAD BEEPING ] [ Lena enters Pete’s office ]
Lena: [ On phone ] I told my boss I forgot something up here. I’m in Pete’s office. I’m putting you on speaker.
Tom: And you know his passwords?
Lena: I thought I did. Then again, I thought he was married.
Tom: Okay, anything Pete found out about the bones I gave him, what he knows, or where he is, it won’t be labeled or easy to find, so you got to upload everything.
Lena: Who tells someone they’re married when they’re not? Isn’t it usually the other way around?
Tom: Pete’s a con artist. He conned us both. He killed my friend, and now he’s sent someone to frame you.
Lena: I got in. It’s uploading.

Liz: I’m sorry – where is Mr. Dawson? We were told he lived here.
Convalescent Home Caregiver: He does. But he’s with Eleanor now – his wife. She stops by occasionally and takes him out for a day or so.
Samar: Can you tell us about his condition?
Caregiver: Calvin was injured years ago in a robbery – beaten badly and left for dead. Truthfully, he’s lucky to have survived it at all. But the brain injury left him with anterograde amnesia.
Liz: And what does that mean?
Caregiver: Calvin can’t form new memories. He can operate in the present, but what happened 10 hours or 10 days ago, for him, it’s as if it never happened.
Samar: But his long-term memory is still intact?
Caregiver: Yes – everything that happened prior to the injury.
Calvin Dawson: End of an era, huh?
Caregiver: As far as he’s concerned, the last 30 years didn’t happen. He can do the same puzzle, read the same book, eat the same meal.
Calvin: “Epoch.”
Caregiver: Every time, it’s brand-new.
Liz: What about when he sees a new car or a flat-screen TV?
Caregiver: Well, visual cues that are in conflict with his world view that’s he’s living in 1989 simply don’t register. They go into his mental spam folder.
Calvin: Where are the girls? They still asleep?
Eleanor: Karen picked them up early today.
Samar: We need to speak with Mr Dawson. Do you have a contact number or address for his wife?
Calvin: Hey, I should get to work.
Eleanor: Isn’t it early? Early is on time, on time is late, and late–
Eleanor: Hello? Oh. Yes, hi. Oh. Oh. Yes, I understand. Thank you.
Calvin: Who was that? What’s wrong?
Eleanor: Daycare. Mia was on the playground and took a fall. They’re taking her to the hospital.
Calvin: Is she okay? We- We should go.
Eleanor: Let me get my purse.

[ The FBI raids the Dawson’s home ]
— FBI!
— My side is clear!
— Move!
[ Samar feels a coffee cup left on the kitchen table ]
Samar: Still warm.
— Clear!
[ They search the house. At the back of a closet, Liz notices a ladder ]
Liz: Samar?

[ Liz and Samar enter the attic. It is filled with high tech equipment set up to create a day in 1989. There are several copies of a newspaper with the same crossword puzzle ]
Samar: “Morning radio,” November 9, 1989.
[ On the walls are pinned profiles and newspaper articles about killings of the recent targets ]
Liz: Dunning. Knobbs. Wright. All of them.

[ Eleanor is driving the Oldsmobile ]
Calvin: Eleanor, what’s going on?
Eleanor: I told you there’s been an incident.
Liz: The wife – he lied to her. Led her to believe he worked at an actual travel agency, had a normal life. She had no idea.
Eleanor: I was just trying to get by, trying to take care of you.
Liz: After the accident, somehow, somewhere, there was a slip-up, and she picked up on it.
Eleanor: I was at the bank, trying to figure out how to keep up with the medical bills – your medical bills – when the bank manager asked me why I hadn’t dipped into your personal account.
Calvin: What account? Eleanor, I don’t understand.
Eleanor: That’s exactly what I said.
Liz: She stumbled onto his finances.
Eleanor: I was able to connect the dots by following the money. Your travels were like a map.
Liz: A congressman from Utah murdered while he was in Salt Lake. A South African police general gunned down while he was in Cape Town.
Eleanor: You can’t imagine how angry and afraid I was to find out that the man that I loved, the father of my children, was a monster.
Liz: There’s no closure in confronting a man who doesn’t even know what day it is, so she just kept digging.
Eleanor: Every name, every number. It took me four years to get to the Travel Agency, and another six to figure out who worked there.
Liz: Finally, she figured out his protocols
Eleanor: The codes, the systems.
How the long-defunct Travel Agency communicated with their assets.
Eleanor: The post box in Seven Valleys was the final piece. I figured out how it worked. The pages, the dossiers.
Liz: And she used those same protocols to run her husband. Took advantage of his amnesia, making him believe it was still 1989, using him as her own contract killer to take out those in the Travel Agency. All the while, he had no idea.
Calvin: Wh- wh- wh- whatever- whatever you think happened, whatever you think I’ve done–
Eleanor: Oh, I know exactly what you did. But you don’t. Because you forget everything. What a blessing that must be.

[ Cooper is driving ]
Cooper: Isaiah’s father was pulled over for having expired plates. He got out of the car to see for himself. Officer told him to get back in the vehicle. But he’d paid for the tags. He knew there had to be some mistake. He was unarmed. He just wanted to see for himself. Officer gave him a second warning. When he reached to get his wallet, the officer shot him. Six times. Isaiah watched the man who murdered his father tried and acquitted on all accounts. For him, for so many like him, it’s the gospel truth that if you’re black in this country and you say the wrong word, you could be killed. Ask the wrong question, look the wrong way, you can be killed. Almost every cop I’ve served with, black or white, I’d be proud to call my brother. It tears me up knowing what so many people in my community think of them – just like it tears me up knowing that the cops who kill my other brothers will almost never be held responsible.
Red: Harold, your justice system protects those cops as it will protect you, no matter what you do to Zeke Wilson.
[ Car stops ]
Cooper: Zeke Wilson is a bloodsucking scum who preys on people like Isaiah.
Red: Yes. And if you choose to hold him responsible for what happened to Isaiah’s father or for all the people of color who are killed for saying the wrong thing or looking the wrong way, you can do that. You may be black, Harold, but you carry a badge, and like it or not, that means you’re a made man. Your justice system will protect you, just like it protected the cop who killed Isaiah’s father.
Cooper: Is that your observation or your advice?
Red: My observation is that you came to this party with an unregistered handgun.
My advice would be – as Isaiah’s father got six bullets, I’d give Zeke Wilson 12, order a rib eye, raise a glass of Château Latour, and toast to a job well done.
Cooper: Sounds like a plan.
Red: Yes – if I were going in there. But I’m not. You’re taking it from here, Harold. And while your system won’t hold you to account for whatever you choose to do, your conscience will. Though, on the off chance that I’ve overestimated your tendency toward self-restraint, Dembe will be there to watch your back.

[ Cooper and Dembe enter Zeke Miller’s club ]
Bouncer: Hold up.
[ Cooper shows his badge. Cooper and Dembe enter the club ]
Cooper: [ To the bartender ] Zeke Wilson. Don’t point. Don’t signal. Just nod. Guy on the couch? Beard?

Cooper: Special Agent Harold Cooper, FBI.
Zeke Miller: [ SCOFFS, CHUCKLES ] “Special Agent.” What makes you special, Agent Cooper?
Cooper: I’m taking you in on felony charges of intimidating a witness.
Zeke: [ CHUCKLING ] Witness to what?
Cooper: Murder. And when he gives his statement, I’ll be charging you with that, as well.
Zeke: I got no idea what you’re talking about.
Cooper: Isaiah Hill is a friend of mine.
Zeke: [ SMACKS LIPS ] Isaiah Hill? You sure you want to go down this road? ‘Cause accidents happen to snitches even when their friend’s a G.
Cooper: Are you threatening him?
Zeke: I’m just saying accidents happen. Hit by a car, drown in a pool. You can’t arrest someone for an accident, can you, Not-So-Special Agent Cooper?
Cooper: You’re right. I’m not so special. But I want my friend to have a chance at life, and I want scum like you where they belong.
[ Cooper slugs⚡️Zeke ]
Zeke: [ GROANING ]
Cooper: Zeke Wilson. You’re under arrest.

Samar: We need a location on Eleanor Belle Dawson. Notify state patrol we’re looking for a black ’86 Oldsmobile.
Ressler: We already issued a BOLO, but tracking these two is gonna be difficult. Dawson leads an analog life, which means no technology to trace – no cell, no navigation.
Samar: What about the pager?
Liz: His wife probably used it to signal Dawson.
Aram: There is only one number that’s been calling that pager – each page coming on the same day as a killing.
Ressler: The wife’s burner.
Liz: Aram, we need you to get a trace on that burner.
Aram: Yeah, all over it.

[ Eleanor Dawson drives Calvin to a cemetery ]
Calvin: What are we doing here? Why are we in a cemetery?
Eleanor: Calvin, sweetheart, we’re here to see the children.

Eleanor: Every day, I tell you Karen picked up Sam and Mia early. Karen hasn’t picked up the girls in 30 years. They’re dead, Calvin.
[ A single headstone marks the gravesite of the two girls ~ “Sisters Here & Hereafter.” They were 2 and 3 years old when they died ]
Calvin: [ VOICE BREAKING ] No.
Eleanor: We were in Miami on what I thought was a family vacation. I collapsed at the pool. My appendix burst. Do you remember? When I went into surgery, you took the girls out of the hospital. You told me you didn’t want them to be scared. But what you didn’t tell me was that you had somewhere to be that afternoon. A job.
Calvin: El- Eleanor? [ Voice Breaking ] Not my girls.
Eleanor: You took our girls with you to kill a man. You left them in the car and walked inside the back of a restaurant to do a job which should’ve taken you – what, two minutes? But it didn’t take you two minutes, Calvin. Because the man you went to kill knew you were coming – got a jump on you, left you for dead, bleeding and beaten in the alley while our girls were locked in the car too young to know any better. The medical examiner said electrolyte abnormalities kicked in and sparked cardiac arrhythmias and something he called “skin slippage.” Everyone from Seawall is dead. Except Wright. The police got to him. But everyone else. It doesn’t bring the girls back or make me feel as good as I thought it would – but you did it.

[ SIRENS WAILING ] [ Liz and Samar and other agents arrive at the cemetery. Eleanor draws a gun and trains it on Calvin ]
Liz: Eleanor Dawson! FBI! I need you to put that gun down!
Eleanor: They told me you were at the convalescent home looking for him. You know who he is, right?
Liz: Yes. If you put your gun down, we can talk about it. I want to talk about it.
Eleanor: I don’t know what you people think is gonna happen. You don’t gain anything by arresting me or putting me in jail. I’m not a danger to society, like he is!
Liz: My name is Elizabeth. I’m a mother, like you. I want to understand.
Eleanor: You’re a mother?
Liz: Yes.
Eleanor: Oh, good. Then you’ll understand this.
[ Eleanor shoots💥💥Calvin. An FBI sharpshooter takes out Eleanor💥]

Isaiah Hill: That’s it. That’s my statement about what I saw. What comes next?
Cooper: The US attorney will review what you said, decide whether to file charges. And if it goes to court, you’ll be called to testify.
Isaiah: In court? Against Wilson? Where everyone can see?
Cooper: Nothing will happen if you do. You have my word on that.
Isaiah: The word of a cop?
Cooper: A cop who knows what you’re going through. My father marched for Dr. King. He was attacked by police dogs in Birmingham, was beaten on Bloody Sunday. For his troubles, the Bureau opened up a secret file on him, called him a radical, enemy of the state. He was my hero, and the organization I’ve devoted my life to did everything in its power to destroy him. But that’s why I devoted my life to it – to make sure that the Bureau never did to another black man what it did to my old man.
Isaiah: And mine.
Cooper: Come on. I’ll take you home.
Isaiah: I need some help, Mr. Cooper. I’m gonna try. [ VOICE BREAKING ] But I think I need some help. [ VOICE BREAKING ]
Cooper: Yeah. Let’s get you home, Isaiah.

Lena: Did you find what you were looking for?
Tom: Nope. But I did find this.
Lena: [ Reads ] “Congratulations, Lena Mercer. You have qualified to receive a UVA Visa card.” I don’t understand.
Tom: You have Pete’s passwords. He has yours. And he’s using them to open new credit cards in your name. The reason we can’t find Pete is he’s not using his accounts. He’s using yours. And that’s how we’re gonna find him.
[ Crespin is watching Tom and Lena from a distance ]
Crespin: [ On phone ] The warning didn’t take. Yes, sir. I’ll make sure of it next time.

[ Harrison Storm’s ♪ “Change It All” plays ]
[ At the miniature golf course ]
Red: I feel like you’re a natural golfer, and I’m just not.
Dembe: You’re naturally good at many things.
Red: Like what? Like what?

♪ Take it from me

Dembe: [ Pause ] You’re good company.
Red: [ LAUGHING ] Well, that doesn’t count!

♪ All of what I know

Dembe: I’ll think of something.
Red: You know what? Never mind.

[ Liz reflects in the cemetery by the headstone of the two Dawson girls, now splashed with the blood of their parents ]

♪ It’s hard to find peace
Buried in so deep
I can only hear the world is shouting

[ The DC courthouse ]
Tom: Slow down! Liz, why are we running? I don’t know why we just flew across town.
[ Liz grabs a form from the counter ]
Liz: Will you?
Tom: [ CHUCKLING ] What?
Liz: I know it’s super spur-of-the-moment, and this is not very romantic. I mean, we’re under fluorescent lights. These pens are attached to the table, for God’s sake, but– Look. With everything I see in a day, I just feel so lucky to have you. And if we don’t do this now–
Tom: Hey. Yes. [ CHUCKLES ]
Justice of the Peace: That’s it. I now pronounce you husband and wife.
[ Liz and Tom kiss ]

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Episode Songs


♪ Way Down We go
By Kaleo

♪ Oh, father tell me, do we get what we deserve?
Oh, we get what we deserve

♪ And way down we go
Oh, way down we go
Say, way down we go
Way down we go

♪ Whoa, you let your feet run wild
Time has come as we all go down
Yeah but for the fall—oh, my—
Do you dare to look him right in the eyes?

♪ ‘Cause they will run you down, down ’til the dark
Yes, and they will run you down, down ’til you fall
And they will run you down, down to your core
Yeah, ’til you can’t crawl no more

♪ And way down we go
Way down we go
Say, way down we go

♪ ‘Cause they will run you down, down ’til you’re caught
Way down we go

♪ Whoa, baby, yeah
Whoa, baby
Way down we go

♪ And way down we go
Way down we go
Say, way down we go
Way down we go

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2lIns9h
YouTube: https://youtu.be/0-7IHOXkiV8


♫ Change It All
By Harrison Storm

♪ Take it from me
All of that I know
Lay there beside me and show your wounds
It’s hard to find peace
Buried in so deep
I can only hear the words you shout
All I see is how I could change it all
Find my peace of a few, it’s time to fall
For a new day
Oh from silence
To a new state of mind
Heard a whisper
Something said some sweet
Its the quietest hour, will leave this sea
Show no fear
Things we can control
Hoping that you see how great, thay’s fir you
All I know is how I could change it all
Find my peace of a few, it’s time to fall
For a new day
Oh from silence
To a new state of mind
[ Music ]

♪ All I know is how I could, change it all
Find my peace in a few, it’s time to fall
For a new day
Oh from silence
To a new state of mind

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2A2PHBw
YouTube: https://youtu.be/9JyAdf7ddcM

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🔴 Script: 5:7 The Kilgannon Corporation (№ 48)

Program air date: 11/8/2017 in the US
Full Script Permalink: http://wp.me/pDKwi-6kr
Entertainment Weekly: http://bit.ly/2zmQKj7

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Jean de Segonzac
Written by: Lukas Reiter



⭕ Script: 5:7 The Kilgannon Corporation (№ 48)

Brief: Red has confronted Tom about the suitcase full of bones left for Liz by Mr Kaplan. Tom has denied any knowledge, even as he works with Pete McGee’s former girlfriend Lena to locate Pete in the belief Pete killed Nik Korpal and has the suitcase. Tom has researched Pete’s shady past and has evidence that Pete has stolen Lena’s identity and is getting credit cards in her name. Lena has obtained a copy of Pete’s computer files from his office, which may contain information on the identity of the bones. Liz and Tom have finally gone to the courthouse and are, at last, remarried.

[ A couple and their two young children are at the beach ] [ BIRDS CALLING ]
Mother: Did they go all the way down to Arctic Avenue?
Father: [ On cellphone ] Yeah, if you hit Arctic, you went too far. No, turn back. Yeah, you’re gonna hang a left on Ashley Street. All right, I’ll see you in a bit. [ Throws football to son ] All right, Brax. Bring it on! Whoo! There you go!
[ WAVES CRASHING ] [ The daughter finds a sand dollar, then sees a body washed up on the beach. She looks out. There are bodies floating, plus a few survivors swimming or struggling ashore ]
Girl: Mom?
[ Survivor coughing ]
Girl: Mom!
Mother: Michael! Come on. Come on.
Father: Yeah, I see them. Come on. Brax, Poppy, go to your mother! Come on. Come on, Brax. Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!
[ ALL COUGHING ] [ The father begins to help survivors ashore ]

Tom: If you answer your phone–
Liz: Ohh.
Tom: –we are getting a divorce.
Liz: I have to meet Reddington in 30 minutes.
Tom: No! No, you don’t! Just tell him you’re on your honeymoon. Tell him that your second husband insists you take one day off.
Liz: Um, technically–
Tom: One day.
Liz: – you are my first husband because our first marriage was annulled–
Tom: Uh-huh.
Liz: –and last night was our first time–
Tom: Mm-hmm.
Liz: –sleeping together as husband and wife.
Tom: Hmm.
Liz: Well, actually, like, the third time– Well, first night.
Tom: Mm. Mm-hmm.
Liz: And morning.
Tom: Mm-hmm.
Tom: Guy really has a problem.
Liz: That’s your phone.
Tom: Oh.
Liz: “No Caller ID”? That’s very mysterious.
Tom: I want to keep it that way.
[ Tom tosses phone ] [ CELLPHONE THUMPS LIGHTLY ]
Liz: Hey, you could’ve won a set of steak knives or the lottery.
Tom: You know what? I did win the lottery when you agreed to marry me–
Liz: Aww.
Tom: –again.
Liz: And I have steak knives.
Tom: So we’re good.
Liz: It’s fine. Don’t need to answer.
Tom: Ah.

[ BIRDS CHIRPING ] [ Red is seated at an outdoor table when Liz arrives ]
Red: Are you okay?
Liz: I’m better than okay. I’m great. We’re great – Tom and I. We got married. See? [ Shows diamond ] Now’s normally when people say “congratulations.”
Red: [ CHUCKLES ] [ Getting up ] Sorry. Tom and I have had our differences, but I believe he wants what’s best for you. And Agnes. Congratulations, Elizabeth.
[ They hug ]
Liz: Thank you. You know, um– for the first time in a very long time, I feel– I don’t know– [ INHALES DEEPLY ] Happy. [ CHUCKLES ]
[ They sit ] [ Liz picks up the newspaper Red was reading ]
Liz: Then I see what’s going on in the world.
Red: Migrants hidden away in a Chinese freighter bound for South Carolina.
Liz: Human trafficking.
Red: “Trafficking” implies the passengers are being moved against their will. These people paid for the privilege. All over the world, criminals are smuggling people into countries they can’t enter legally. Some are hoping for a better life. Others are escaping war or persecution for a price. People like me can help them.
Liz: Like you? You’re in the human-smuggling business?
Red: I was. My organization provided access to the Americas, various European countries, select destinations in Asia. For a fair price, I provided a quality service. Mr Kaplan put an end to that. In her feverish desire to destroy me, Kate destroyed my relocation networks.
Liz: Why are you telling me this?
Red: Because, as you can see, a ruthless and unscrupulous player has stepped forward to fill the void left by my absence. The ship these people were packed into like sardines was a death trap. It wasn’t fit to make the journey, which is why it sank two miles off the Carolina coast.

[ DOOR OPENS ] [ Colin Kilgannon sits at a table. His father, Arthur, stands next to him. Two men enter with a Chinese man ]
Colin Kilgannon: [ IRISH ACCENT ] Mr. Zhang I’m a simple man. When I hire a mechanic [ CHUCKLES ] I expect him to know how to fix my car. When I hire a Snakehead, I expect him to know how to ship our clients without killing them.
Zhang: It was a mistake. Please.
Colin: 29 clients died. Clients who were supposed to pay a balance upon arrival. But that’s obviously not gonna happen now that they’re dead.
Zhang: We did what you said. We put a-as many people on–
Colin: Sorry, Da. I wish you didn’t have to see that.
Arthur Kilgannon: Dead clients don’t make us money. But neither do dead employees.

Red: Elizabeth, whomever has filled the vacuum left by my downfall has to be stopped, or more innocent people will die.

Ressler: So, Reddington was moving people illegally across borders. Do I have that right?
Liz: In his mind, he was giving people hope.
Aram: Yeah. Some are only alive because he got them away from, you know, whatever they were running from.
Samar: Don’t assume that all those people were good people. Most, perhaps, but border control is essential.
Liz: Whatever you believe about the business, bottom line, people are dying, and that needs to stop.
Ressler: The player who took over Reddington’s routes – He doesn’t know who it is?
Liz: Which is why he needs our help.

Cooper: Sounds to me like what you want is help getting rid of the competition.
Red: There are much easier ways to earn a dollar than moving migrants. I did it because someone will, and if it’s going to be done, it should be done well by someone who holds to certain standards.
Cooper: Very noble. A man in your position has the luxury of acting on his own conscience. I am the Assistant Director of the FBI. I’ll help you take down whoever took your place, but the Bureau can’t be responsible for putting you back in the global smuggling business.
Red: Fair enough.
Cooper: Good. Then where do we start?
Red: Greece. The route north, through Macedonia. It’s the most traveled and the most lucrative. It’s a simple plan. We put someone in the pipeline. He gets the name of the person who took over my routes. We pull him out.
Cooper: Does that mean you know the access point they’re using?
Red: I do. Normally, I’d suggest we insert one of your people to get the name, but this time I suggest we use one of mine.

Aram: We’ll stay in touch via this device I can embed in your rear molar. It works like a microphone and allows me to pick up your voice.
Dembe: And I can hear you because the same transmitter allows the sound of your voice to travel up the jawbone and into my inner ear.
Aram: Yeah, that’s- that’s right. Um, how’d you know that?
Dembe: Khan Academy. I took their course in electrical engineering.
Aram: Uh, don’t you also speak, like, five languages?
Dembe: Eight.
Aram: You know, other than the fact that you sometimes have to kill people for a living, you’re, like, my role model. Open up.

[ Thessaloniki, Greece ]
[ Ressler, Samar and Liz are on-site in a vehicle ] Dembe walks some distance away ]
[ DOORBELL CHIMES ] [ Dembe enters shop ]
Ressler: He’s in. Aram, you have ears?
Aram: I do. We are up and live.
[ At the Post Office ]
Cooper: Okay, heads up, people. We have no idea what we’re walking into here.
Samar: Aside from the fact that we have no legal authority in Greece and we’re sending a civilian in undercover.
Aram: He’s gonna crush it.

Clerk: Welcome, friend. Help you find something?
Dembe: I was told you have a copy of Eratosthenes’ map of the world.
Clerk: It’s not for sale.
[ Dembe plops a bundle of bills on the counter ]
Dembe: I was also told everything’s for sale.
Clerk: You’ll have to ask the boss.

[ The clerk leads Dembe to another room ]
Cornelius Goga: Let me look at you. What’s your name?
Dembe: Malik Charef.
Goga: Where you from, Malik Charef?
Dembe: Oran.
Goga: I see. And how does an Algerian find himself so far from home?
Dembe: I traveled to Zawiyah, bought passage across the water to Lesbos. And now I’m seeking safe transport to Berlin.
Goga: Search him.
Liz: He’s onto something. He’s checking for a wire.
Goga: Who are you? The police? The Astynomia? Open your mouth. Open.
Ressler: Sir, what do you want us to do?
Cooper: Hold. Let it play out.
Goga: You’re not from Oran. You’ve had dental work done in the West. Maybe I should kill you. [ STERNLY ] Who are you?
Dembe: Count down from five. If I’m with the police, they’re listening. They won’t let you get to zero. They’ll storm this place, and then you won’t have to guess who I am.
Goga: You think this is a game? [ GUN COCKS ] Let’s play your game. Five–
Ressler: Sir, they’re gonna shoot him.
Liz: We got to move.
Cooper: No! Hold your position.
Goga: Three. Two. One. [ Pause ] Be here tomorrow, 10:00. I’ll have you in Germany by the end of the week. The cost is 3,000 Euro, and payment is due up front. The Irish are no longer accepting funds upon arrival.

[ PHONE DIALS ] [ Red is in his plane ]
Liz: The Irish – The coyote Dembe met with mentioned something about the Irish. Do you know who he’s talking about?
Red: Yes, the Irishman Arthur Kilgannon. I’ve never met him. He lives in Sofia. That’s not a city I frequent.

[ Sofia, Bulgaria ]
[ ICE CLINKING ] [ Arthur Kilgannon is making himself an Irish Mule ]
Red: Hello, old man. Is the sun past the yardarm? Perhaps I’ll have a drink, too.

[ Manassas, Virginia ]
Tom: Hey.
Lena Mercer: I wasn’t sure you’d come.
Tom:Sorry. I couldn’t take your calls. My wife and I were, uh– occupied. What have you got?
Lena: You were right. Pete’s been using my account information to take out a credit card in my name.
Tom: And he used it here?
Lena: The fraud unit called, asking if I could confirm using one of my cards here yesterday at 6:43 pm, so he was here.
Tom: Come with me.

[ DOORBELL CHIMES ] [ DOOR CLOSES ] [ Tom and Lena enter ]
Clerk: [ To Tom ] Excuse me. Can I help you?
Lena: [ To Clerk ] Sweetie. Do you have somewhere I could try this on?
Clerk: Uh, no. Sorry, I don’t.
[ Tom goes into the back room ]
Lena: Figured as much. Mind holding my purse?
[ Lena plops her purse on the counter and takes off her shirt to try on a tee, a process the clerk watches intently ]
[ In the back room, Tom flips through the surveillance video ] [ KEYBOARD CLACKING ]
[ Lena slips on the tee and turns around ]
Lena: What do you think? Too tight?
Clerk: No. No, it I- It looks good. Yeah.
[ Tom finds Pete McGee on the surveillance video, begins to photograph the images with his cell ]
[ TOILET FLUSHES ] [ Man enters back room ]
Man: [ To Tom ] Hey! Y-You can’t be in here. Hey, did you hear what I just said?
[ Tom pushes the man against the wall. Man falls ] [ BOTH GRUNT ] [ Tom hurries out ]
Tom: [ To Lena ] That one. Definitely. Time to go.
[ Lena takes her purse, puts some money on the counter, takes her old shirt ]
Lena: [ To clerk ] Thanks again. You’re a life saver.
[ Tom and Lena run out and get in Tom’s car ]
[ Crespin has been in a nearby car. It pulls out and follows Tom and Lena ]

Red: Your reputation precedes you.
Arthur: But unfortunately for you, so does yours. You’ve had a setback.
Red: Yes, of which you’ve taken full advantage.
Arthur: Well, I doubt you came all this way just to compliment my efforts.
Red: I have a proposition.
Arthur: Well, then, you’ve come to the wrong Kilgannon. My son handles all the day-to-day now. He rebuilt your smuggling network in next to no time.
Red: [ CHUCKLES ] It’s easy to move quickly when you don’t care about quality control.
Arthur: The ship from China? Colin said that’s an isolated incident.
Red: My sources say otherwise. The way I hear it, travelers are dying all over the place. In six months, the business you took from me won’t exist. My proposition is a 50-50 split. Colin cedes operational control to me. Mortality rates plummet. Profits soar.
Arthur: My son knows what he’s doing.
[ Red puts down his glass ] [ GLASS THUMPS LIGHTLY ]
Red: The reputation that precedes you is one of a man with exacting standards. I’m sorry to see that’s not the case.

[ Tom and Lena review the photos Tom took from the surveillance video. Lena notices Pete’s hand is bandaged ]
Lena: He’s hurt.
Tom: Yeah, well, it’s not easy killing a man. I’m sure Nik put up a fight.
Lena: You don’t know he killed him.
Tom: Well, he changed his appearance, so he’s hiding something.
Lena: That one. There – that’s his car.
Tom: Hello.
Lena: What is that? A key?
Tom: “Red Birch Motel.”

[ The Post Office ]
Cooper: Meet Arthur and Colin Kilgannon. On paper, they’re consultants to the shipping industry. In reality, they smuggle illegal objects and substances around the globe.
Samar: Including people.
Aram: They operate out of Bulgaria, protected by the older Kilgannon’s political connections.
Liz: So local authorities won’t cooperate on warrants or subpoenas.
Ressler: Which will make it impossible to track their operation.
Cooper: Not if we have someone on the inside to document it for us.

[ In Red’s plane ]
Red: Absolutely not.
Dembe: I’ve already been approved for transport.
Red: You went in to get a name. You got it. Mission accomplished.
Dembe: People are dying.
Red: Which is why you mustn’t go.
Dembe: Or why I must. I know what it feels like to be seen as less than human. A thing transported for money. You saved me from that. Which is why I know you’ll want me to try and save others.
Red: I’ll fly you back to Thessaloniki, then head up to Berlin and wait for your arrival. If we lose contact, the Task Force will track you from the point of departure. And I can work backwards from the destination until we find you.
Dembe: If something goes wrong–
Red: It won’t.
Dembe: If it does–
Red: I’ll look after your family.
Dembe: I know you will. But my concern is, who will look after you?
Red: [ SCOFFS ]

[ A human trafficking site ] [ Dembe is among the refugees ] [ DOOR CREAKS ]
Cornelius Goga: I commend you for getting this far. Now all that stands between you and your destination is me. Do as I say, and I will make sure you get there. Disobey me, and I will make sure that never happens.
Ana Elazar: [ GASPS ] Mama?! [ BREATHING HEAVILY ]
Goga: I’ll see you on the other side.

Arthur Kilgannon: That Chinese ship! You knew it was in no condition to make that trip, but you sent it anyway.
Colin Kilgannon: Who told you that?
Arthur: Raymond Reddington.
Colin: He’d say anything to get his routes back.
Arthur: No, Colin, I’ve checked it out. Hundreds dead. And you gave the orders to overcrowd the ships and the trucks. We’re moving people in equipment unfit to transport livestock!
Colin: Da, listen.
Arthur: No! It’s my fault. I thought if I gave you the business, you’d change, but you’ve always had a mean streak, even as a child. You’ve proven yourself to be unfit to run this business. Sorry, Colin. You’re out!
Colin: You can’t do that. Da.
[ Colin attacks Arthur ]
Arthur: Get off me! No! Colin!
Colin: You can’t do this. Do you hear me?!
Arthur: Colin!
Colin: Do you hear me?!
[ Colin Kilgannon strangles his father ]

Cooper: Are they in Macedonia yet?
Aram: Yeah, they just crossed the border using a series of tunnels along the Suva Reka River.
Cooper: I spoke to their Minister of Internal Affairs. He knows that we have agents in-country watching the van, but that’s all we’re allowed to do. Any official action has to be taken by the Macedonian police.
Aram: [ Over comms ] Hey, Dembe. Everything is okay here. We’ve got a solid fix on your location.

Liz: Looks like we’ve hit our first way-station. Armed guards and gates. You guys seeing this?
Aram: All right, I clock multiple warehouses, rail cars, trucks – a lot of movement.
Samar: I have eyes on a secondary exit, but there must be more. There’s no way we can cover them all.
Goga: Out. Out. No talking. Quick. Let’s go. Come on. Stay together. Hurry.
Ana Elazar: Mama. [ Arabic: ] I’m scared.
Goga: Quiet! Go, go, go, go.
Aram: Guys, this place is the perfect cover – a shipping complex housing over a dozen corporations. Everything from smart-phones to frozen fish. Shipping containers moving in and out. How would anybody know some of them are packed with people?
Ressler: We could be looking at a lot more than just a way-station here. This could be the Kilgannons’ European base of operation.
Samar: If it is, there’s probably enough evidence in that building to build a damn good case against them. We should move on it now and get Dembe out before something goes wrong.
Cooper: I agree. Let’s end this before we get in over our heads. I’ll ask the Macedonians to secure a warrant.

[ Tom and Lena pull into the parking lot of the Red Birch Motel ]
Lena: There – that’s Pete’s car.
Tom: You sure?
Lena: Yeah.
[ GEARSHIFT CLICKS, ENGINE SHUTS OFF ] [ Tom gets a gun from the dash compartment ]
Lena: Whoa, whoa, whoa. What are you doing?
Tom: What does it look like? [ GUN COCKS ]
Lena: You don’t know that he killed your friend.
Tom: We don’t know he didn’t, so if it’s all right with you, I want to make sure he doesn’t kill us, too. You have a problem with that, you’re welcome to wait in the car.
[ Lena gets out and follows Tom ]

[ In Arabic (with subtitles): ]

Maya Elazar: I told you we shouldn’t do this.
Victor Elazar: It will be fine.
Maya: We’re in a cage!
Victor: And the camps were better? No plumbing or heat? I know you’re scared. But we made the right decision.
[ Dembe tries to divert Ana Elazar’s attention ]
Dembe: Do you like bunny rabbits?
[ Ana nods. Dembe fashions a bunny rabbit from a handkerchief and wiggles its ears for Ana. She smiles. He gives Ana the handkerchief ]
Dembe: It’s okay.
[ Ana tries to duplicate what Dembe did, wiggles the bunny’s ears. Suddenly, Maya pulls Ana away ]
Maya: [ To Victor ] I’m worried about how this is affecting her.

Pete McGee: Who is it?
Lena: It’s Lena. I need to talk to you.
Pete: Lena?
[ LOCK DISENGAGES ] [ DOOR CREAKS ] [ Tom enters, gun drawn ]
Pete: What are you doing here?
Tom: Miss me? Where’s the suitcase?
Pete: Were you followed?
Tom: Suitcase.
Pete: Shut the door!
Tom: Where are the bones?
Pete: You have no idea what they’re capable of.
Tom: I know what you’re capable of – killing Nik.
Lena: He said you killed his friend.
Pete: Me?! If anyone’s responsible for what happened to him, it’s you [ GROANING ] for what happened to me, too!
[ Pete pulls back the bandage on his hand ]
Lena: Oh, my God. H-He came into the clinic looking for you. You disappeared. I was worried.
Tom: You lied to her about being married. Why should we believe you about this?
Pete: I don’t care what you believe. You roped us into this. And the guys who did this– They knew it, too. They knew I put in a request with CODIS. I don’t know how, but they did. So they came to my place to get the bones and kill me.
Tom: Kill you?
Pete: Yeah. After playing mumbly peg to try to get me to give up the names of anyone else who knew, which I didn’t, FYI.
Tom: Yeah. They did get the suitcase, I bet. And Nik?
Pete: He showed up after I passed out. And when I came to, I heard a noise, a struggle. I looked out. I saw this guy. He had his arm wrapped around Nik’s neck. I ran. All I know for sure is that if he hadn’t shown up, they would’ve killed me, too.
[ Men enter. Blackout ]

Goga: Up! Time to go! Let’s go! Hurry! Quick! Quick, quick. Move, move, move, move. All right. You, this truck.
Goga: You, over there.
Ana: No!
Goga: Move! I said move!
Maya: Wait!
Goga: Move!
Maya: Please, that’s our daughter!
[ Ana is separated from her parents ]
Dembe: Don’t do this.
Maya: Ana!
[ Goga slugs Dembe in the jaw, knocking him to the ground ]

Aram: No, no, no, no, no, no, no. We just lost the connection.
Samar: It sounded like he was hit.
Cooper: Get him back.
Aram: I can’t.
Ressler: [ Over comms ] Sir, we need to get in there.
Cooper: Nobody’s going anywhere. I’m not sending you blind into a building full of armed guards. And we were specifically told not to take any action without the local police.

Victor: I’m begging you!
Maya: It is my daughter. Please!
Ana: Mama!
Samar: Tactical units are pulling up now.
[ A man pulls down the door of the truck is in with Dembe ]
Ana: [ Screams ]
Victor: Ana! Ana!
[ Maya SOBBING ]
[ The trucks speed away ] [ TIRES SCREECHING ]
[ MEN SHOUTING ] [ Police raid the facility ]
[ 💥💥💥 Firefight 💥💥💥 ]
Goga is hit: Ohh!
Ressler: He’s got a weapon. Look out!

[ Ressler, Samar and Liz run through the complex ]
Samar: Dembe? Do you see him?
Liz: I don’t have him.
Ressler: He’s not here. Keen, check that truck.
— Let’s go. Now.
[ Samar lifts the door of one of the trucks. People crawl forward ]
Samar: Dembe.
— Ohh!

[ Dembe and Ana are sitting on the floor of the truck as it barrels away from the complex. Ana looks at Dembe, stifling back sobs ]

Liz: [ On phone ] Dembe is gone.
Red: What do you mean gone?
Liz: We believe his truck left the premises before we got to the building.
Red: Well, they couldn’t have gotten very far.
Liz: We set a perimeter, but it’s not that simple. They used tunnels to get into Macedonia.
Red: Elizabeth, somebody in that warehouse knows where to find that truck.
Liz: Yeah. I know. We’re working on it.

Goga: [ GROANS ]
Ressler: Cornelius Goga. Huh. You’re losing a lot of blood, Cornelius. [ STERNLY ] Hey! Do not pass out on me.
Goga: [ GRUNTS ]
Ressler: That truck that just left – Get on the phone and contact the driver now.
Goga: [ SCOFFS ] You won’t find them.
Samar: “Them”? How many are still out there?
Goga: The minute you raided, our dispatch sent a burn signal to our drivers.
Ressler: I don’t believe you.
Goga: You’re too late. Our drivers know. They ditched their trucks, walked away. Nobody can find them now. Only our drivers know where they are.

[ Conference call ]
Liz: Cooper?
Cooper: We’re here, Agent Keen. The photos you sent are coming through.
Liz: Reddington?
Red: I’m right here. Tell me what you know.
Liz: As of now, there are still seven trucks unaccounted for. The police are looking for them, but the drivers were instructed to abandon them in hard-to-find places.
Samar: Dirt roads, parking garages.
Red: Then find the drivers.
Ressler: The drivers are in the wind.
Aram: Uh, everyone, uh, I think we might have another problem here. The truck in the photo you sent – Is it the same size and style as the one we think Dembe’s on?
Samar: Yes. Why?
Aram: It’s a refrigerated truck, meaning its cargo bay is airtight. If the truck stops running–
Red: The air stops circulating.
Cooper: Aram, can you pull up the specs on the truck? Tell us how much oxygen the cargo bay can hold?
Aram: Actually, it’s- it’s not the oxygen that’s the problem, sir. It’s the carbon dioxide we breathe out. 3% is fatal to humans. When the air reaches 3% CO₂, everyone inside will asphyxiate.
Red: How long?
Cooper: Aram, how long?!
Aram: Hang on. The truck’s cargo bay is just under 1000 cubic feet. The average person produces about 1.7 cubic feet of CO₂ per hour, times 15 people. Maybe 2½ hours.
Red: I have to go. Do what you can.

[ Inside the truck, an immigrant, Budron, pounds on the sliding door ]
Budron: Hey! Can you hear us?! Why have we stopped?!
Woman: Shh! You will give us away!
Budron: You’re afraid of being caught? We’ve been abandoned!
Dembe: Someone will come.
Budron: Staying calm will not keep us alive. We have to get out of here. There’s not enough air. [ Arabic: Help me ]
[ Budron and another man pry off a metal bar. Budron uses it to pound the wall ]
[ Ana whimpers ]
Dembe: [ To Ana ] It’s okay. Someone will come.

Mrs Kilgannon: All right, I’m coming!
Red: Where is Arthur?
Mrs Kilgannon: I’m sorry. Who are you?
Red: I need to see your husband. Please, It’s important I speak to your husband.
Mrs Kilgannon: My husband – is dead.
Red: Your– Uh, your son? If you could get your son on the phone.
Mrs Kilgannon: No, whatever on earth is the matter, please–
Red: Mrs. Kilgannon, someone I care about a great deal is in imminent danger, and I have very little time. The only person who can help me is your son. So unless you want this exchange to become considerably more heated you’ll get him on the phone immediately.

Colin Kilgannon: The entire facility lost!
Colin: Do you have any idea what that means?! That one location was funding most of our operation!
Colin: [ SIGHS ] I can’t talk now!
Red: The seven trucks that received burn signals in Macedonia – I need the names and addresses of the drivers.
Colin: Reddington. You told my father I was unfit to run the company. You tried to have me pushed out. Why would I help you?
Red: Allow me to pay you the courtesy of being blunt. I need your help to find those trucks, or I’m gonna have to put a bullet in your mother’s head.
Colin: You’ll kill my mother? That’s your leverage? [ Laughs ]
[ Mrs Kilgannon can overhear ]
Red: You have five seconds.
Colin: Oh, let’s not waste time. Go ahead and put her down. Put a bullet in the old lady. I would’ve done it meself eventually, but you can save me the trouble.
Red: I’m– I’m so sorry.
Mrs Kilgannon: Colin drives an old American sports car. It was very expensive. He had the vehicle outfitted with GPS tracking. If you let me go to my computer I can give you his exact location.

[ Tom, Lena and Pete are in a cell. They have been beaten ]
[ FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING ] [ Ian Garvey grabs Tom, punches him ]
Ian Garvey: Did I wake you? I’ll make this simple. I have the suitcase. And because I have the suitcase, I need to speak with Raymond Reddington. So here’s my offer. The person who puts me in contact with him first will live. I can’t guarantee the quality of your life, but breathing is part of the package. The other two will die. Thoughts? Questions?
Pete: I can’t tell you what I don’t know.
Garvey: That’s more of a comment, really.
Pete: Tom, tell him, damn it. Tell him! Look, he’s the one who knows. He ran it all. He hired me to extract the DNA. I just ran the search.
Garvey: I see. So you’re of no use.
[ Garvey shoots Pete in the head💥 Lena screams ]
Garvey: It’s no small thing to betray a man like Reddington. I’d want to think about it, too. But, unfortunately, you don’t have that luxury. Maybe this will aid in your deliberations.
[ Garvey points his gun at Lena ]
Tom: Wait! Wait! She doesn’t know anything.
Lena: I don’t. Please. I-I won’t say anything. I-I don’t even know where we are. I could just go – I’ll just go.
Garvey: Go?
Lena: You don’t have to do this.
Garvey: Darling, I-I’m not uncivilized. I just need the information.
Garvey: Go.
[ Guard cuts Lena free ]
Guard: Go on. You’re free to go.
[ HURRIED FOOTSTEPS ] [ Garvey turns and shoots💥Lena in the back. Lena screams, falls ]
Garvey: Then there was one.

Colin Kilgannon: Pull any docs that tie us to the facility and destroy them. The bank records, payroll, evidence of our payoffs in the border–
[ GUNSHOTS 💥💥 ] [ All but Colin fall ]
— Oh!
Red: Your mother brought you into this world, Colin. Did you really think she couldn’t take you out?
[ Red shoots💥a man who is still moving ]
— Aah!
Red: I want the names of those drivers.
Colin: Okay. Okay. I can get them. They’re in his briefcase.
Red: How convenient. Who’s he?
Colin: My financial adviser. He handles the payroll.
Red: Mm. Thanks, Colin.
[ Red shoots Colin💥💥 then takes the suitcase and leaves ]

[ Budron continues pounding on the wall of the truck ] [ GRUNTING ]
[ Dembe takes the metal bar ]
Dembe: It’s not working. We need to save the air we have. You need to slow your breathing.
Budron: Give me that!
[ WOMAN COUGHS LIGHTLY ] [ Budron and Dembe sit ]
Budron: [ In Arabic, to man next to him ] You know what else could save air? Fewer people.

Liz: This just came in from Reddington. Those are the drivers who received the burn signal.
Ressler: I don’t understand. How did Reddington–
Liz: He got to Kilgannon, got the payroll records. We have their legal names and addresses and the routes they were assigned.
Samar: They’ve found three trucks so far – two in a forest, one in a parking garage. There’s no sign of Dembe.
Liz: How much time do we have left?
Samar: About 35 minutes.
Ressler: All right, we need to get to these guys and find those trucks before they turn up full of bodies. Wait. There were seven trucks. There’s only six on this list.
Liz: Reddington is going after Dembe’s driver.

[ Red forces his way into the driver’s house ] [ GUN COCKS ] [ He goes through the house. There is no one home ]

Budron: We all don’t have to die.
Dembe: Sit down.
Budron: No. Look. If there is something we can do, something to give a few of us more time to be saved–
Older Woman: What are you saying?
Budron: I’m sorry, but if there were fewer people, there would be more air for the others.
Dembe: Enough.
Older Man: Let him talk. Who do you propose?
Budron: I was thinking by age. The oldest first– That seems fair.
Older man: Fair? To murder my wife?
Budron: Yes. To save others.
Dembe: [ Standing up ] And who will do this? You? Look her in the eye as you choke off her last breath?
Budron: I am not going to die here!
Dembe: And you will not kill anyone either.
Budron: I don’t remember anybody putting you in charge. Maybe you will go first.
[ Budron tries to hit Dembe. Dembe slugs him ⚡️knocking him down ] [ GRUNTS ]
Dembe: [ SIGHS ] Even with fewer people, the air won’t last long. We will not start killing each other just to die anyway. Whatever happens we do it together.
[ Dembe sits down again by Ana who is hyperventilating ] [ Dembe lifts Ana’s hand to her heart ]
Dembe: Can you feel that? Can you hear it? That’s your heartbeat. Concentrate on it. Slow it down. It’s okay. Shh.

Red: Driver’s not here. I’m too late.
Liz: You don’t know that. All of his stuff his clothes, prescription bottles – It’s all still there, right?
Red: He knows the police are after him.
Liz: He can’t run with nothing. He has to come back.
Red: You ever wonder why Dembe stays with me why anyone so decent would spend his days at the side of someone so indecent?
Liz: You saved him. He owes you his life. He protects you because you protected him.
Red: No, Elizabeth. Dembe didn’t stay with me because he saw me as his savior. He stayed with me because he saw me for the man I really was – a man surrounded by darkness. No friends who could be trusted, no faith that loyalty or love could ever truly exist. I was– Well, I was younger then. Angrier. Dembe connected his life with mine to show me, that day and every day, that the world is not what I fear it to be. He is the light in the darkness. Living proof that there is another way, that life can be good, that people can be kind, that a man like me might one day dream of becoming a man like him. He pledged his life, offered it up as evidence that I was wrong about this world. Dembe guards my life because he’s determined to save my soul.

Budron: You were wrong. Nobody knows we’re here. Nobody’s coming.
Dembe: [ To Ana ] It’s okay.
Dembe: Sleep. Your parents will be waiting when you wake up.

[ The truck driver enters ] [ GUN COCKS ]
Red: The truck. Where is it?

[ Red rolls open the door of Dembe’s truck. The migrants begin to crawl out. Dembe has Ana, who is unconscious ]
Dembe: She barely has a pulse.
Liz: The ambulances are on their way.
Dembe: She won’t make it if we wait for an ambulance.
[ Dembe carries Ana to Red’s car. They get in and Red starts the engine ]
[ Samar, Liz and Ressler help the other migrants out of the truck ]

[ Dembe comes out of the hospital, gets in the car with Red ]
Dembe: [ SIGHS ] She’s alive. And sleeping. The doctors expect a full recovery.
Red: The resilience of the young.
Red: I thought I’d lost you.
Dembe: Not yet, old friend.
Red: The world can be such an unsparingly savage place. One could be forgiven for believing that evil will triumph in the end.
Dembe: Those who believe so are wrong.
Red: If you’d died today, like that, it would be all the proof I needed that you are the one who is wrong.
Dembe: And here I am.
Red: [ CHUCKLES ] And here you are.
Samar: They found all seven trucks, packed full of people. The police say some might not make it, but we saved a lot of lives today.
Liz: So that they could be arrested and deported like the others at the warehouse. What about them?
Samar: Ressler is on with Cooper now.

Ressler: [ On phone ] 15 passengers as expected, yeah. Three were taken to the hospital by ambulance. And Dembe and Reddington took the girl.
Cooper: So you have 10 there.
Ressler: Correct. Police have their hands full with the warehouse and the other trucks. And once everyone’s been cleared by medical, they asked us to transport everyone we’ve got back to the station house. Sir, look, I have to say, I-I knew this was happening. I knew people were risking their lives by the hundreds of thousands. But, I mean, knowing it and seeing it–
Cooper: It’s different. Agent Ressler, stay on the line.

Red: Harold! I’m here with Dembe.
Cooper: Dembe. Thank God.
[ Cross Record’s ♪ “High Rise” plays ]
Red: Oh, we have some good news. It seems the young Ana Elazar will live to see a brighter day.
Cooper: Another day, maybe. I’m not so sure about brighter. Her parents were arrested. Who knows how long it’ll take to reunite them? And even then, her future is back at that migrant camp in Greece.
Red: Bleak business, Harold.
Cooper: Yes, as we speak, my agents are preparing to transport 10 recovered migrants into the custody of the Macedonian police. 10 people with only minutes left, perhaps, before they wind up back in a cell.

♪ I watch the sun
I watch the sun rise
It rises in my eyes

Of course, were my agents to encounter any resistance while making the trip to the local station house, our hands would be tied. We have no formal authority in Macedonia. In fact, we’ve been specifically ordered not to engage with hostiles of any kind.

[ Ressler’s van transporting the migrants encounters Red’s car blocking the road, Red and Dembe standing next to it ]
[ Ressler gets out ]
Red: Donald!
[ Ressler smirks ]

[ Louder ]
♪ So I rise
I rise
I rise

[ Goga and his henchmen are apprehended as are the Irish ring in Bulgaria ]
Cooper: I’m not sure what will happen with the girl and her parents.
Red: Well, I’ve found a little bribery goes a long way.
[ Red escorts Ana to her parents ]

♪ High rise
Who is in you?

[ Ana is reunited with her parents. Hugs ]

♪ High rise
You hide them behind you

[ Ana runs over to Dembe and hugs him. Red smiles ]

♪ High rise
Who is in you?

Garvey: You know, all this time I’ve given you to think has prompted me to do some thinking of my own. And, uh– I got to tell you, I’m stumped. When you consider all the people on the planet who would be interested in the contents of that case and you multiply that number by an even greater number of unspeakable things those people would do to get it, how the hell could it end up in the hands of a little pissant like you?
Tom: Maybe because I’m not the pissant you think I am.
Garvey: Oh, no? Do tell.
Tom: Your man got the drop on me at the Red Birch. I’ll give you that. But that story has a different ending in a fair fight.
Garvey: Shame I won’t get a chance to see that. Thinking time’s over.
[ Garvey points his gun at Tom’s head ]
Tom: Listen, listen, listen! He’s my boss.

Crespin: [ On phone ] We’ve got a very serious problem. Someone grabbed Keen and the case.
[ Red is on the phone with Crespin. He looks at Dembe, alarmed ]

Tom: You want to know why I had that case? ‘Cause I work for Reddington, and he sent me to get it.
Garvey: You’re lying.
Tom: I’m not lying. I got a wife and a kid. I’m not dying here, not from you, not for him, and certainly not for whatever the hell’s in that case. [ CHUCKLING ] I don’t even know why everybody wants the damn thing. You want Reddington? I can give him to you. He trusts me. I can deliver him to you. Just give me a chance.

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Episode Songs


♫ High Rise
By Cross Record

♪ I watch the sun
I watch the sun rise
It rises in my eyes

♪ So I rise
I rise
I rise

♪ High rise,
who is in you?
High rise,
you hide them behind you.

♪ I rise
I rise
I rise
I rise
I rise
I rise in you

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2iIYKRr
YouTube: https://youtu.be/qdPaNJ35CZo

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🔴 Script: 5:8 Ian Garvey (№ 13)

Program air date: 11/15/2017 in the US
Full Script Permalink: http://wp.me/pDKwi-6sd
Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/2iYRUqU

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Bill Roe
Written by: John Eisendrath, Jon Bokenkamp



⭕ Script 5:8 Ian Garvey (№ 13)

Brief: Tom has been taken hostage by a sinister man (Ian Garvey) and has promised to lead him to Red to save his own life, after Garvey ruthlessly killed both Lena Mercer and Pete McGee when they proved useless to him in helping him get to Red. Garvey now has the mysterious suitcase full of bones. Crespin, the man who was following Lena (who it turns out was working for Red all along), has reported this news to Red – to Red’s genuine alarm. Liz still knows not a thing about the existence of the suitcase left for her by Mr Kaplan to reveal a dark secret of Red’s, or of the fact that it had anything to do with Nik’s death – not to mention anything of the game of cat-and-mouse Tom and Red have been playing as Tom has tried to determine the identity of the skeleton the suitcase contains, which Red has warned Tom must remain forever a secret.

[ Liz steps off the elevator at the Post Office ]
Liz: [ On phone ] I’m sure you’re fine and I’m overreacting. And you just can’t answer your phone, because for some reason that we’ll both be laughing about this time tomorrow, but something is wrong. And something–
Recording: If you’re satisfied with your message, please press 1.
Cooper: What is it?
Recording: If you would like to record–
Liz: Tom. He’s missing.

[ Tom is still bound at the barn where he is being held. The bodies of Lena Mercer and Pete McGee are next to him. He crawls over to Lena and sees a chain with a thin metal pendant she is wearing. He reaches to remove the pendant ]
Tom: I’m sorry.
[ Tom closes Lena’s eyes ]
[ DOOR OPENS ] [ Ian Garvey enters ]
Tom: She didn’t even know anything. Neither did he.
Garvey: He had the bones. She was looking for them. They knew enough. The question is, what you know. Reddington sent you after the suitcase. Did he tell you why?
Tom: He didn’t tell me anything.
Garvey: No, I don’t think he did. The last thing he’d want is for you to ID these bones. But you couldn’t resist, could you, Tom? So you and your friends ran a DNA search through CODIS. Thank you for that, by the way. Curiosity killed these cats, but for me, it’s a gift that’s gonna keep on giving. Whatever you imagine the answer might be, it’s better than that. Reddington’s power is legendary. With this, I control that power. You’re going to set up a meeting between us so I can tell him the good news. But in case you’ve had a change of heart–
[ Switch snaps, MACHINE WHIRRING ]
[ Men load Lena’s body into a chute. It is emulsified, gore splashing against against a vinyl screen and splattering onto Tom ]

[ Red’s man Crespin is positioned some distance from the barn, looking through binoculars. He is on the phone with Red who is in his Mercedes as Dembe drives ]
Crespin: Yeah, I have eyes.
Red: How many?
Crespin: Uh. Five hostiles, maybe more.
Red: Tom and the others?
Crespin: Status unknown. But–
Red: But what?
Crespin: Raymond. It’s not good.
Red: We’re 20 minutes away. I want an update in 10.
Dembe: We should have backup.
Red: Too many people know about this situation already. This needs to end now.
Red: Yes?
Tom: It’s me. I did what you hired me to do. I got the package.
Red: Any problems?
Tom: Nope. Piece of cake.
Red: Where are you now?
Tom: Motel in Stone Ridge, 546 Roscoe Lane, Room 16.
Red: I can be there in half-an-hour.
Garvey: You three with me. The rest, deal with him.
[ Bobby Navarro, Garvey’s lead henchman, holds up a large yellow envelope ]
Navarro: Hey, what about this?
Garvey: That stays. The last thing I want is that thing anywhere near Reddington.
[ Navarro puts the envelope inside the suitcase with the bones ]
Tom: I did what you asked, now let me go.
[ Garvey slugs⚡️Tom, knocking him off his chair ]
Garvey: Plastic stays, too. Any trouble, he joins his pals.
[ Garvey leaves ]

Recording: Hey, it’s Tom. Leave a message. I will call you back. [ BEEP ]
Liz: Me again. And again and again.
Recording: This mailbox is full and cannot accept messages at this time.
Samar: We issued a BOLO. Sent a message to every field office.
Liz: I’m sorry to put you guys through this. I’m sure I’m overreacting.
Samar: Don’t take this the wrong way, but are you sure you know everything Tom is up to?
Liz: I thought I did. I don’t know.

Liz: Reddington, anything?
Red: I just spoke to you 20 minutes ago.
Liz: You said you had a lead.
Red: On Nik Korpal’s death.
Liz: But you think the two are related?
Red: Elizabeth, I’m doing what I can. I’m sure Harold is, as well.
Liz: I know. I’m trying to convince myself everything’s fine, but I’m doing a terrible job.
Red: Tom is capable of getting himself both into and out of trouble. If he’s in harm’s way, I am quite certain he’s put in motion an escape plan, about which the people holding him are completely unaware.
[ Tom relocates the small metal pendant among the gore ]
Liz: But who would be holding him and why? Did he take a job he didn’t tell me about?
Red: It appears so. I’m sorry. I know that’s not the answer you want to hear.
Liz: Well, call me if you find anything out.

Ressler: Got a hit on Tom’s car. Impound lot towed it in last night.
Liz: Towed from where?

[ The Red Birch Motel ] [ BELL RINGS ] [ SOFT MUSIC PLAYS ON RADIO ]
Ressler: Agents Ressler and Keen, FBI.
Liz: [ Shows Tom’s photo ] We have reason to believe this man was here last night. Have you seen him?
Clerk: Can’t say.
Liz: His car was impounded outside Room 11.
Clerk: Don’t know anything about that.
Ressler: The old “can’t say, don’t know,” huh?
Clerk: I mind my own business.
Liz: Room 11. Can we get the key?
Clerk: Sure. Soon as you get a warrant.
Liz: You know what? Forget the key.

[ Ressler kicks in⚡️the door of Room 11. There are signs of violence – blood on a pillow, a cracked mirror also bloody ]
Ressler: We don’t know Tom was here.
Liz: His car was parked outside!
Ressler: All right, he came to the motel.
Liz: In front of this room!
Ressler: Maybe this was the only space, Liz.
Liz: [ Dialing ] I’ve called Tom so many times, his mailbox is full. It’s pointless. But hearing his voice is the only thing that calms me down.
Ressler: I’m gonna call CSI. If Tom was here, they’ll know.
[ CELLPHONE RINGING ] [ Under a pile of covers, they find a phone indicating calls from “Liz.” Tom’s phone ]

[ Tom saws at his plastic wrist binding with the pendant from Lena’s necklace ]
Tom: Hey, mind if I sit?
Navarro: Knock yourself out.
Tom: Yeah, well, can I get a hand?
Navarro: [ LAUGHS ] [ SIGHS ] Gosh, anything else I can do for you?
Tom: Yeah, you could give me your gun.
Navarro: [ LAUGHS ] Looks like we’ve got ourselves a comedian.
[ Navarro reaches down to help Tom to his feet. Tom has cut his bindings free. He grabs the chair and smashes it over Navarro’s head, then takes his gun ]
[ 💥💥💥 Gunfight 💥💥💥 ] [ Several goons fall ]
Tom: Not that funny, is it?
[ Tom runs out ]

Garvey: What?
Navarro: He got away.
Garvey: The suitcase?
[ Navarro looks. The suitcase is gone – Tom has it ]
Garvey: You need to get it back.
Navarro: What about Reddington?
Garvey: Reddington’s not coming. He was never coming.

[ Tom runs through the forest with two goons following, exchanging 💥💥💥 GUNSHOTS 💥💥💥 ] [ Tom comes upon a highway. A Mercedes appears, slows. Tom aims his gun at it ]
[ TIRES SCREECH ] [ Red throws open the door. Tom freezes ]
Red:: Get in! Tom!
[ GUNSHOT 💥Tom is hit, he falls down ]
Red: Ah, hell.
[ Tom gets up and gets in the car ]
[ 💥💥 GUNSHOTS 💥💥 ~ The goons shoot at the car ]
Red: I warned you about this damn suitcase. Now look at you.

[ Red’s car has pulled over in a wooded area. Dembe is working under the hood ]
Dembe: They hit the radiator and oil pan.
Red: They’ll be here soon.
Tom: Who will? Who are they?
Red: I was hoping you could tell us.
Tom: Nik had a friend, took DNA off the bones, ran a match, and got killed for his trouble, so did Nik.
Red: And Lena?
Tom: How do you know about her?
[ Red is using his tie to hold in place a compress for the wound in Tom’s shoulder. He tightens it ]
Tom: Aah!
Red: We have to move. I warned you and your friends.
Tom: My friends. The guy who threatened Lena, told her to stop looking – he worked for you.
Red: You need to keep that compressed.
[ Red takes the suitcase out of the car ]
Dembe: Which way?
Red: Away from the road. West. Can you walk?
Tom: Guess we’ll find out. [ GROANS ]

Ressler: According to this manager, Room 11 was rented to a Steven Smith. But the license he used was a fake, and he paid cash for the room.
Cooper: Any surveillance video? CCTV?
Ressler: The manager won’t give it to us without a warrant. It’s a work-in-progress.
Cooper: There was a struggle. Did anyone hear anything?
Samar: We interviewed guests, neighbors, the cleaning crew. Nothing.
Aram: [ Walking over ] I don’t know where Tom went after the motel, but I do know where he was before he went there. A gas station on Highway 211, east of Warrenton.
Liz: How do you know that?
Aram: I hacked the navigation system on his car. Uh, so, now it may be a coincidence, but based on the time log, it looks as if he was there at the same time the station was being vandalized.
Cooper: Ressler, Keen, get to the scene, talk to the station owner. [ To Liz: ] Whatever Tom is doing, I’m sure he’s got a good reason for doing it.

[ Tom, Dembe and Red make their way through the woods ] [ 🔘 See Note ]
Tom: Ah, maybe you were right. If I’d left well enough alone, none of this would’ve happened.
Red: Please spare me your regret.
Tom: Ah. I only did it, because you lied.
[ They see a large ranch house ]
Red: We need water, first aid.
Dembe: Stay here. I’ll see if it’s safe.
Red: Come on.
[ Tom sits on the ground, Red on the suitcase ]
Red: [ Tapping suitcase ] This is a secret, not a lie.
Tom: A secret you’ve been keeping from Liz, like you always do. Like you have from the very beginning.

Bill McCready (“The Major”): The assignment’s deep cover. No timeline, no price tag. This may seem like a cake walk, but it’s the kind of assignment that makes me nervous. Our contractor has deep pockets. Demands the best, insists on anonymity.
[ Tom looks at the portfolio on Liz ]
Tom: She’s cute.
McCready: That’s one more thing he insists on. Your job’s to be the friend of a friend, get to know this Milhoan, not to get involved with her. Just be a friend of a friend. You get that?

Red: You couldn’t leave well enough alone. Not then, not now.
Tom: You hired me to spy on Liz.
Red: I hired you to protect her.
[ Dembe returns ]
Dembe: No one is home.
Red: We go in, get fixed up, and get out. They can’t be far behind.

[ Garvey and goons have found the abandoned Mercedes ]
Garvey: They wouldn’t backtrack towards the compound. The highway runs north and south, too risky. Notify the others. They’re headed west.

[ The gas station near Warrenton ]
Officer: Between 4:30 and 5:00, a man and a woman entered the store. The woman distracted the clerk while her accomplice went into the back room unnoticed.
Liz: Have you identified either suspect?
Officer: Got a surveillance shot of the woman, ID’d as Lena Mercer.
Ressler: Any address or, uh, place of work?
Officer: Both. But she moved out of her apartment on leave from her job.
Liz: And her accomplice?
Officer: Caucasian, 30s. To be honest with you, since nothing was taken, we’re not looking real hard. You mind telling me why you are?
Ressler: You said he went in the back. Why?
Officer: Employee on duty says he was looking at surveillance tapes.

[ Back room of the gas station ]
Ressler: Police report said Tom pulled surveillance off two cameras. Station manager’s best guess is he was looking at this.
Liz: Okay. And the other camera? There. Stop the tape. Can you zoom in on that car? What is that, a hotel key?
Ressler: The Red Birch.
Liz: That must be Steve Smith.
Ressler: Tom and this Lena, clearly they came here looking for this guy. They see the room key, and go to the motel where there’s a fight, and the three of them are now in the wind. They’re on the run. But why?
Liz: Well, we have her name and the VIN number on his car, so let’s circulate both, put a BOLO out, and we’ll find them. And when we find them, we find Tom.

[ The ranch house in the woods ]
[ WATER RUNNING ] [ Tom rinses his shoulder in the kitchen sink ] [ WATER SHUTS OFF ]
[ Dembe flips back the tarp covering a ‘70s-ish model sedan in the garage. He gets inside ] [ ENGINE SPUTTERS ]
[ Red searches for things to assist in First Aid – a bottle of spirits, sewing items ]
[ Tom eyes the suitcase on the floor sitting next to Red’s black duffel ]
Red: Your curiosity is understandable. A mysterious suitcase bequeathed to you by a dying woman who insists that Elizabeth must be apprised of its contents. But what if instead of happiness or closure, giving it to her has the opposite effect?
[ Red takes off his suit jacket, rolls up his sleeves ]
Tom: It won’t.
Red: How can you be so sure?
Tom: Because you don’t want her to know about it.
[ Red pours the spirits over the gunshot wound in Tom’s shoulder ]
[ Red begins suturing Tom’s wound ]
Red: You’ve always seen my relationship with Elizabeth as a zero-sum game. You think what’s good for me is bad for her and what’s good for her is bad for me.
Tom: Only when it comes to things she cares about.
Red: Like you?
Tom: Ah, you made it clear from the beginning how you felt about me.

McCready: The contractor is livid. You weren’t supposed to get involved with the mark.
Tom: Her name is Elizabeth.
McCready: I don’t care if she’s Queen Elizabeth and screwing her made you king. Get out. He will kill you if you don’t.

Red: You’ll need clothes.
Tom: Ah, admit it, ­you’re kind of enjoying this.
Red: It would’ve been so much easier if the bullet had hit you just another foot to the northeast. [ Taps Tom’s head ]

[ Dembe is working under the hood of the car. He hears distant footsteps, draws his firearm. Red, too, has heard something, looks out the front door then closes it and moves away ]
Red: We stayed too long.
[ Tom is in the kitchen, putting his shirt into the duffel. Red points at the duffel ]
Red: Put it back.
Tom: You can trust me.
Red: No, I can’t. I hired you to do a job. The rules were explicit and you violated them.
[ Both are monitoring the arrival of the Garvey’s goons in the sprawling yard ]
Tom: Let it go already.
Red: You’re unreliable.
Tom: Yeah, well, I fell in love.
Red: That’s no excuse.
Tom: I wasn’t making one.
Red: Shh. [ Red ducks ] If we’re not surrounded, we will be soon.
[ Red grabs the suitcase and walks out of the room ]

Aram: We got a match on the VIN number from Mr. Smith’s car. His real name is Peter Alan McGee, resident of Largo, Maryland.
Samar: His prints were in the system?
Aram: Yes, and not because of priors, which he has, but because he’s wanted for questioning in the murder of one – Nik Korpal.
Liz: Wanted why?
Aram: Well, according to police records, McGee received a call from Nik on the night of his death, just two hours before his body was found.
Ressler: And he’s been MIA ever since.
Liz: That’s was Tom was up to. He was trying to find out who killed Nik.
Cooper: Ressler, reach out to MPDC. If McGee’s a person of interest, they’ll have a current file, a list of contacts. Navabi, get in touch with the DC field office, let ’em know this is a priority. I want Bureau-wide resources digging into McGee’s life. Financials, cell records. I want to know everything there is to know about this kid.

[ Ian Garvey’s man kicks open the door of the house ]
Garvey: Check the property! They’re here.
[ Garvey walks through the house. He picks up a cloth doll from a bureau, smells its yarn hair, places is back down ]
[ In the attic, Tom lifts a ventilator shaft so he and Red can watch the goons below ]
[ GARAGE DOOR OPENS ] [ A man enters and searches, but fails to see Dembe hiding on the floor of the front passenger compartment ]
[ Men search the house as Tom and Red watch from above. A few drops of blood from Tom’s arm fall through the vent, startling a man below. He looks up. Red blasts💥the man through the vent ] [ GRUNTS ]
[ ENGINE STARTS, REVS ] [ TIRES SQUEAL ] [ Dembe rams the car⚡️into the man who is searching the garage, sending him flying ]
[ Red and Tom hurry down the attic stairs. A man blindsides Red, hitting⚡️him in the temple with a rifle barrel. Red shoots💥him. At the floor level of the house, another man steps out with a gun. Red shoots💥him ]
[ Red goes outside ]
[ Tom finds a bar. He tears strips of cloth from napkins and stuffs the strips into two full bottles of liquor ]
[ The man Dembe hit with the car blasts💥out the rear window with his shotgun. Dembe puts the car in reverse, floors the gas pedal and runs him over⚡️]
[ Dembe gets out of the car to assist Red ]
[ 💥💥💥 Gunfight continues 💥💥💥 ]
[ Red puts the suitcase in the car ]
[ Garvey and one of his men run toward their vehicles ]
[ Tom runs out of the house with the two lit Molotov cocktails and tosses them into the goons’ two cars. The cars erupt in flames 🔥🔥 ]
[ Red and Dembe continue shooting 💥💥💥 against the backdrop of flaming cars. They all get in the car when Tom shows up. The car speeds away ]

[ At a gas station, Dembe stands outside the car pumping gas. Tom and Red are in the back seat ]
Tom: Well, that was fun. Oh, man. If you don’t trust me by now… This whole father-in-law hates his son-in-law thing, it’s a cliché. Could we just put a stake in it? You go first. Who’s in the suitcase?
Red: I was in the Andes when I heard you and Elizabeth were engaged. Agents in the Columbian government had solicited my help negotiating the release of soldiers being held by FARC rebels. At the time, I was a rare intermediary having brokered sales of arms and equipment to both sides of the conflict. I was unable to return until the day of your wedding. Seeing her that day–
Tom: Wait a minute. You were at our wedding?
Red: She was incandescent. I’d come out of the mountains, blinded by rage, flown 2300 miles, absolutely certain that you must die. And then – I saw Elizabeth. I’m a violent man, a terrible, powerful, violent man. But the way she looked at you, the way she loves you – I’m powerless against that.
Tom: You’re not gonna tell me who’s in the suitcase. Or are you?
Red: I’ll say this for you, you’ve always believed that you were acting in her best interest. Selling me out to Berlin, faking her death – you always thought you were helping her.
Tom: I appreciate you saying that. I should change.
Red: You make her happy.
[ Tom gets out of the car with the duffel bag ]
[ Dembe gets in ]
Red: What? You’re always telling me to make peace. I made peace.
Dembe: You’re still lying to him and to Elizabeth. Until you stop lying, there will be no peace.
[ Tom has been gone too long for Red’s comfort. He opens the suitcase. Instead of the skeleton, it contains weapons. Red and Dembe rush into the gas station and into the men’s room looking for Tom, but he has escaped through a window to the garage ]

Aram: Hey, we got a hit. The detectives investigating McGee were just called to a site with multiple homicides. Absolutely horrific scene, but they were able to confirm one of the victims – Peter Alan McGee.
Liz: And the others?
Aram: Well, they didn’t, um, uh–
Liz: Text me when you get an address. Call me when you know more. Ressler, let’s go.

[ The homicide scene at the barn ]
[ Pete’s body is laid out on a table. Other bodies are scattered. The bloody vinyl curtain and gory pulp everywhere are too much for Liz ]
Ressler: It’s okay, Keen. He’s okay.
Liz: Where is he?
Ressler: Look, Tom’s a big boy.
Liz: But whoever he’s mixed up is capable of this– [ CRYING ]
Ressler: Keen, Keen, come here.
[ He pulls her against his shoulder ]
Liz: [ CRYING ] I can’t.
Ressler: ­Shh.
Liz: Ressler, I can’t.
Ressler: It’s okay. It’s gonna be okay.
Liz: [ SOBS ]

[ Union Station in DC ]

Announcement on PA: Attention, please. This is a boarding call for train MARC 310 to Baltimore with intermediary stops at Carrollton, Seabrook, Bowie State, Odenton MARC, and BWI Airport. If you’re a passenger, stay on the train to Baltimore. Passengers should be cautious of the gap between the platform and the train pulling into the main station. Thank you for choosing to ride the MARC 310 today.

[ Tom sits down on a bench, opens the duffel and removes the large yellow envelope. It is labeled “DNA RESULTS.” He takes out the report and reads ]
[ Tom stuffs the report back into the duffel and goes to a pay phone ]

[ COINS CLINKING ] [ Tom dials ]
Liz: Keen.
Tom: Liz.
Liz: Oh, my God, Tom. I’ve been worried sick about you. Please tell me you’re okay?
Tom: I’m okay.
Liz: What’s going on? Where are you?
Tom: Liz, I need to see you right now.
Liz: Tom, what’s wrong?
Tom: Listen to me, okay? I need you to do exactly what I say. Do not tell anyone that we spoke or that you even know I’m okay.
Liz: What are you talking about? I’ve got half the FBI looking for you.
Tom: I need to see you alone, all right? Have Rosa take Agnes, go to the house, and make sure that nobody follows you.
Liz: Tom, tell me what’s going on.
Tom: I figured it out, the whole thing. Why Nik was killed, all of it.
Liz: Tom, you’re scaring me.
Tom: Just go to the house. Meet me there, and when it’s safe, babe, I’m gonna explain everything.

Aram: Mr. Reddington?
Red: Aram, have you spoken to Elizabeth?
Aram: No. Why?
Red: I believe Tom Keen is once again entangled in some nasty business, and I worry he may be involving Elizabeth.
Aram: Might explain why she’s missing.
Red: What do you mean, “missing”?
Aram: She was with Agent Ressler at a crime scene following up on a lead, looking for Tom when she she just vanished.
Red: Have you tried to reach her?
Aram: Yes. She’s not picking up. Her cell is going straight to voicemail. Um, in fact, I think she may have shut off the GPS signal in her phone, because when I tried to track her, it’s gone.
Red: Do you have any other way of contacting her?
Aram: We’re looking. When I couldn’t get a trace, I pulled the call log from her service provider. It appears that the last call she received was just under 12 minutes ago from a pay phone at Union Station.
Red: Tom. [ Clicks phone shut ] He’s at Union Station.

[ Union Station. Tom walks by a guy about his height and build, making off with his wheeled travel bag ]
[ In the men’s room, Tom changes clothes ]

Over PA: Tom Keen, please pick up a red courtesy. Mr. Tom Keen, please pick up a red courtesy phone.

[ Tom picks up a courtesy phone ]
Red: This is a horrible mistake. Whatever you’re doing, whatever it is you think you’re going to tell Elizabeth, this is a mistake. Walk away from this, Tom.
Tom: You know I can’t do that.
Red: And why is that?
Tom: Because I know the truth. I know everything. And now Liz is gonna know, too.

[ Liz arrives at the house ]
Liz: Tom! Oh, my God! ­I have no idea what’s going– [ GASPS ]
[ Tom is tied to a chair, beaten, duct tape over his mouth ]
[ Liz draws her gun but two men behind her have theirs drawn ]
Garvey: You must be the wife. What’s your name, darling?
[ Liz punches⚡️him. The two men grab her ]
Garvey: Get her in a chair!
Liz: No! No! [ GRUNTS ]
[ Liz fights and punches ⚡️] [ Tom rises from his chair but with hands bound can’t do much. One goon⚡️punches him to the floor, where Garvey kicks⚡️him ]
Garvey: [ To Liz ] You sure are a little spitfire, aren’t you?
[ Navarro comes out with the duffel bag with the bones and DNA results inside ]
Navarro: Found it! In the kid’s room. It’s all here.
[ Garvey opens a large switchblade ]
Liz: No, please! What do you want? Please!
Garvey: [ To Tom ] I like to think I’m the kind of man who’d politely ask you to stop this, to let this end here, but I can tell you’re the kind of guy who won’t get the message and stop. So we’re gonna need to make sure you stop. So– [ To Liz ] Sorry about this.
[ Garvey stabs 🔪Tom in the stomach while two men restrain Liz ]
Liz: No! No!
[ Garvey stabs 🔪again ]
Tom: [ Grunts ]
Liz: No!!
Tom: [ GROANS ]
Liz: No!!
[ Liz tries to break free. Someone hits ⚡️Liz hard on the side of the head. She is stunned, loses her balance. Liz’s head⚡️cracks against the hard floor, bounces and⚡️hits the floor again ]
[ Her subsequent scenes are seen through her blurred vision and diminished awareness ]

Dembe: What makes you think they’re at the house?
Red: He’s in trouble, he’s desperate. But he won’t leave without Elizabeth and Agnes.
Dembe: You haven’t asked my opinion.
Red: No, I haven’t.
Dembe: Why can’t you be honest with her?
Red: I don’t know. I don’t know.
Dembe: Even after everything that’s happened? All that’s been lost?
Red: How far until the damn house?

Garvey: I’m gonna ask you one more time, Tom. I need you to call Reddington for me. Tom? Can you hear me, Tom? Tom, I said I need you to call Reddington for me.
Tom: [ COUGHING ] [ WEAKLY ] I don’t think I’m gonna do that.
Garvey: So we’re gonna go at it again with the blade? Okay.
[ He stabs 🔪Tom again. Tom is now bleeding profusely ]
Garvey: We got what we came for. Finish ’em off. Clean up the bodies.
[ Navarro grabs the duffel with the bones and DNA report. He and Garvey leave ]

Goon: Let’s have some fun.
[ All slow motion ]
[ He starts the phonograph player and puts on a platter, then dances (not too well) ]
[ Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young’s ♪ “Southern Cross” plays ]

♪ Ooh, ooh Ooh-ooh, ooh, ooh

♪ Got out of town on a boat goin’ to Southern islands

[ Liz watches through a haze, powerless to act or intervene or even speak ]

♪ Sailing a reach before a followin’ sea
She was makin’ for the trades on the outside
And the downhill run to Papeete …

[ A man unrolls plastic sheeting while another checks the refrigerator and cabinets ]

♪ And you know it will …

[ GUN COCKS ] [ A goon points his gun at Liz’s head. Liz’s mouth opens but she cannot scream. Another goon wards off the man with the gun ]

♪ When you see the Southern Cross for the first time
You understand now why you came this way
‘Cause the truth you might be runnin’ from is so small

[ Tom is able to retrieve the knife Garvey used from the coffee table ]

♪ But it’s as big as the promise, the promise of a comin’ day

♪ So I’m sailing for tomorrow my dreams are a dyin’
And my love is an anchor tied to you tied with a silver chain

[ A man straddles Liz and starts to cover her face with plastic ]

♪ I have my ship and all her flags are a’ flyin’
She is all that I have left and music is her name

[ Tom has freed himself from his bindings. He throws the knife 🔪at one man hitting him in the arm, tackles both him and the man over Liz and gets a gun from one which he uses to shoot 💥 the man by the refrigerator ]

♪ Think about
Think about how many times I have fallen
Spirits are using me larger voices callin’
What Heaven brought you and me cannot be forgotten

[ Liz manages to get up on one elbow. A large pool of blood has formed where her head hit the floor ] [ Tom savagely pounds on one of the men who is down ]

♪ (I’ve been around the world) I have been around the world
(Lookin’) Lookin’ for that woman girl

[ Brawling continues ]

♪ Who knows love can endure
And you know it will, and you know it will yes

♪ … We got eighty feet of the waterline nicely making way

[ One goon gets a choke hold on Tom ] [ Tom and Liz make eye contact ]

♪ In a noisy bar in Avalon I tried to call you
But on a midnight watch I realized why twice you ran away

[ Red and Dembe arrive. Red blasts 💥💥💥💥 the last of Garvey’s men ]

♪ Think about
Think about how many times I have fallen

[ Red goes over to Tom, aims his gun directly at his face. Tom holds up his hand:💥 – Red shoots the man a few feet away from Tom who is attempting to rise ]

♪ Spirits are using me larger voices callin’

[ Red turns to Liz. He kneels beside her, cradles her face ]

♪ What Heaven brought you and me cannot be forgotten

Dembe: He’s lost a lot of blood.
Red: Call Harold. Tell him we’re going to the hospital.
Demb: Raymond, they’re not going to make it.
Red: Call him.
[ Disturbed’s rendition of ♪ “Sound of Silence” plays ]
[ Dembe carries Tom over his shoulder and Red supports Liz ] [ Dembe and Red get Tom and Liz into the car. It heads out ]

♪ Hello, darkness, my old friend
I’ve come to talk with you again
Because a vision softly creeping

[ Ressler and Samar in vehicle ]
Samar: [ Urgently ] SOD, this is Agent Samar Navabi. We have an agent down. We’re requesting emergency escort. Roads blocked from Sixth and Florida to DC General. This is a life and death situation.

♪ And the vision
That was planted in my brain
Still remains …

[ Red has his arm loosely around Liz, but her face is turned toward Tom ]
Tom: [ BREATHING SHALLOWLY ] [ WEAKLY ] Hey. You are so beautiful. You’re the most beautiful.

♪ In restless dreams I walked alone

Tom: Liz?

♪ Narrow streets of cobblestone

Tom: My Liz.
[ Red tenses ]

♪ ‘Neath the halo of a street lamp

Liz: [ WEAKLY ] Tom?
Tom: Liz.
Liz: Promise me.

♪ I turned my collar
To the cold and damp

Liz: Promise [ STAMMERS ] tell Agnes about me.

♪ When my eyes were stabbed

Tom: I don’t have to. Look at me.

♪ By the flash of a neon light

[ Lights of the police escort flash ]
Tom: Liz, stay with me, babe, please.

♪ That split the night

Tom: Please. Lizzie, please.
[ Red watches them intently ]

♪ And touched the sound

Tom: Please. Babe, please.

♪ Of silence

Red: How long?
Dembe: Two minutes, maybe less.

♪ ‘Neath the halo of a street lamp

Tom: You hear that? We’re almost here.

♪ I turned my collar
To the cold and damp

Tom: Hey? Hey? You’re gonna make it.

♪ When my eyes were stabbed

Tom: Liz?

♪ By the flash of a neon light

Tom: Please, you have to make it.

♪ That split the night
And touched the sound

Tom: I can’t live without you.

♪ Of silence

Tom: Liz? Please, God, stay.

[ Hospital Emergency Room entrance ]
[ Under bright lights, hospital personnel wheel Liz and Tom through the hospital corridors ]

[ Louder ]
♪ And in the naked light I saw
Ten thousand people, maybe more
People talking without speaking
People hearing without listening

[ Liz and Tom are on adjacent tables ] [ Ressler and Samar watch silently from behind an observation window as the ER personnel do their work ]

♪ People writing songs
That voices never share
And no one dared
Disturb the sound

— Endoscope? ET Tube.

♪ Of silence

— Let’s get her to CAT scan, stat. I want to rule out subdural.

♪ Fools, said I, you do not know

— Stay with me. Can you hear me?
— BP 60 palp.
— I’m gonna tap his belly, stat.

♪ Silence like a cancer grows

— Where the hell is the neurosurgeon? If we don’t open up her skull in the next 10 minutes, she dies.
— They’re pulling him out of the OR.
— Four minutes.
— He’s in V-Fib.

♪ Hear my words …

Chief resident: Charging! Clear!
[⚡️⚡️Tom’s chest lurches off the table ]

♪ Take my arms that I might reach you

— Amp of Epi.

♪ But my words
Like silent raindrops fell
And echoed in the wells
Of silence

[ Red and Dembe wait outside a back entrance to the ER. Aram and lastly Cooper enter. Cooper notices Red in the car, pauses, and looks at him quizzically before entering ]
[ Aram and Cooper join Samar and Ressler ]

[ Louder, Angrily: ]
♪ And the people bowed and prayed


♪ To the neon god they made
And the sign flashed out its warning

[⚡️⚡️Tom’s chest lurches again ]

♪ In the words that it was forming
And the sign said, ‘the words of the prophets
Are written on the subway walls
And tenement halls’

[ In Red’s car outside, Dembe reaches for Red’s hand and clasps it ]
[ In the ER, the neurosurgeon’s drill spins as he begins the emergency craniotomy on Liz ]

[ More quietly: ]
♪ And whispered In the sound
Of silence

[ Red is sitting at Liz’s side as she lies unconscious in bed at home. She is hooked up to a ventilator. He reads aloud from the poem “Invictus” by William Ernest Hensley ]

Red:: … I thank whatever gods may be
    For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
    I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
     My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
    Looms but the Horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
    Finds and shall find me unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
     How charged with punishments the scroll,
[ Voice wavering: ] I am the master of my fate,
    I am the captain of my soul.

[ Liz opens her eyes. She becomes aware of her surroundings. Her hand falls lightly on Red’s shoulder, startling him ]
Red: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Elizabeth. [ SIGHS ] [ EXHALES DEEPLY ] [ He kisses her hand, holds it tightly to his cheek ]
Red: Agnes will be so excited.
[ Liz cannot speak due to the ventilator. She gestures for a pen and paper ]
Red: What? Oh, yes. Of course.
[ Liz writes, slowly and carefully: “How long” ]
Red: Elizabeth. It’s been nearly a year. Ten months.
[ Liz writes: “Tom?” ] [ Red struggles to speak ]

[ In the morgue, Cooper stands as the white sheet is pulled back from Tom’s face ]
[ Someone attaches a tag to Tom’s toe ]

Red: [ After a long pause ] Tom is dead.
[ Liz is devastated – ]
[ Red holds Liz’s hand to his cheek and gently strokes her forehead with his thumb ]

[ Tom’s body slides into the morgue’s refrigeration unit ] [ Blackout ]

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༺✦ ♤ ✦༻


Episode Songs


♫ Southern Cross
By Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young

♪ [ Intro (Acoustic Guitars) ]
♪ Oooh …

♪ Got out of town on a boat goin’ to Southern islands
Sailing a reach before a followin’ sea
She was makin’ for the trades on the outside
And the downhill run to Papeete

♪ Off the wind on this heading lie the Marquesas
We got eighty feet of the waterline nicely making way
In a noisy bar in Avalon I tried to call you
But on a midnight watch I realized why twice you ran away

♪ Think about
Think about how many times I have fallen
Spirits are using me larger voices callin’
What Heaven brought you and me cannot be forgotten

♪ (Around the world) I have been around the world
(Lookin’) Lookin’ for that woman girl
(Who knows she knows) Who knows love can endure
And you know it will

♪ When you see the Southern Cross for the first time
You understand now why you came this way
‘Cause the truth you might be runnin’ from is so small
But it’s as big as the promise, the promise of a comin’ day

♪ So I’m sailing for tomorrow my dreams are a dyin’
And my love is an anchor tied to you tied with a silver chain
I have my ship and all her flags are a’ flyin’
She is all that I have left and music is her name

♪ Think about
Think about how many times I have fallen
Spirits are using me larger voices callin’
What Heaven brought you and me cannot be forgotten

♪ (I’ve been around the world) I have been around the world
(Lookin’) Lookin’ for that woman girl
Who knows love can endure
And you know it will, and you know it will yes

♪ [ Instrumental (Electric Guitars) ]
Oooh …

♪ So we cheated and we lied and we tested
And we never failed to fail it was the easiest thing to do
You will survive being bested
Somebody fine will come along make me forget about loving you
At the Southern Cross

[ Ending (Acoustic Guitars) ]

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2xAACK1
YouTube: https://youtu.be/0cBsnopTVmo


♫ Sound of Silence
Written by Paul Simon
Sung by Disturbed

♪ Hello darkness, my old friend
I’ve come to talk with you again
Because a vision softly creeping
Left its seeds while I was sleeping
And the vision that was planted in my brain
Still remains
Within the sound of silence

♪ In restless dreams I walked alone
Narrow streets of cobblestone
‘Neath the halo of a street lamp
I turned my collar to the cold and damp
When my eyes were stabbed by the flash of a neon light
That split the night
And touched the sound of silence

♪ And in the naked light I saw
Ten thousand people, maybe more
People talking without speaking
People hearing without listening
People writing songs that voices never share
And no one dared
Disturb the sound of silence

♪ Fools, said I, you do not know
Silence like a cancer grows
Hear my words that I might teach you
Take my arms that I might reach you
But my words, like silent raindrops fell
And echoed in the wells of silence

♪ And the people bowed and prayed
To the neon god they made
And the sign flashed out its warning
In the words that it was forming
And the sign said, the words of the prophets are written on the subway walls
And tenement halls
And whispered in the sounds of silence

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2j1P5FD
YouTube: https://youtu.be/u9Dg-g7t2l4

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༺ ✿⊰ ♤ ⊱✿༻


🔴 Script: 5:9 Ruin

Program air date: 1/3/2018 in the US
Full Script Permalink: http://wp.me/pDKwi-6IA
Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/2E3p6Xd

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Michael Caracciolo
Written by: Sean Hennen



⭕ Script 5:9 Ruin

Brief: Tom Keen is dead – of blood loss after being stabbed multiple times by Blacklister Ian Garvey, who took possession of the mysterious suitcase full of bones in the belief that they would give him power over Red. Tom took the suitcase from Garvey long enough to read the DNA results report (that Garvey had somehow acquired from the DNA database CODIS). Tom intended to share the identity of the bones with Liz when Garvey and his henchman jumped the couple in their home. Red intervened in time to save Liz’s life but Tom died in the hospital. Liz suffered a severe concussion and when she awoke, Red had to inform her not only of Tom’s death but that she has been a coma for ten months.

[ Leonard Cohen’s ♪ “Famous Blue Raincoat” plays ]
[ Liz runs through a wooded area. She is dressed for cold weather ]

♪ It’s four in the morning
The end of December
I’m writing you now just to see if you’re any better
New York is cold, but I …

[ Wings flutter ] [ Liz goes to a bear trap, uses a branch to spring the trap ]

♪ … like where I’m living
There’s music on Clinton Street
All through the evening

[ Liz goes to a cabin. She goes inside. A dog, Kate, welcomes her ]
Liz: [ To dog ] Hi. Hi. I know, I know.
[ Kate barks, whines ]

♪ And you treated my woman
To a flake of your life
And when she came back
She was nobody’s wife

[ Liz removes her sock. Her foot is wrapped in a compression bandage. She stretches her arms then goes to a cabinet and takes some pills. She sits down to eat ]

♪ Well, I see you there
With the rose in your teeth
One more thin gypsy thief
Well, I see Jane’s awake

[ Water running; faucet turns off ]

♪ She sends her regards

♪ Ah, the last time we saw you

[ Garbage disposal whirs, then overloads the generator ]

[ Music slows, distorts ]
♪ You looked so much older

[ Liz goes outside to fix the stand-alone generator ]
[ The generator starts, but quits after a few seconds ]

[ Liz enters a store stocked with machine parts, some processed food ]
Liz: Still have an L14-20 male plug? I saw one here last week.
Early: On your left, by the timing belt. Genny out again?
Liz: Oh, Early, if anything worked up at that place, I’d get bored.
Early: [ Chuckles ] Storm’s coming. Did you see the weather?
Liz: Yeah, they say ice.
Early: It’s early for ice. Leaves are still on the trees, but that’s what they say. Few inches. You get that VHF radio working?
Liz: It’s on my to-do list.
[ Liz pays for the generator part ]
Liz: [ Leaving ] Stay warm.
Early: Stay warm, Grace.

[ Liz starts the generator ] [ Kate barks ]
[ Liz uses an axe to split a log ]

Dr Nguyen: Focus now. Push yourself.
[ Liz is in rehab, trying to lift arm weights ]
Liz: [ Exhales deeply ] It feels like glass under my skin. [ Inhales sharply, groans, sighs ] I can’t.
Dr Nguyen: Well, that shoulder spent 10 months in a coma, same as you, without rehab. It’s unstable. Trust me, pain is good. Pain says your body’s still working.
Liz: I just want out of the chair. [ Liz is in a wheelchair ]
Nguyen: We’ll get you there, but this is gonna take a while.
Liz: [ Sighing ] Okay. [ Grunts ] [ Groans ]

[ Liz splits another log ]

[ Knock on door. Liz peers out, then opens it. Colin Knox, wearing a hat saying “Alaska State Ranger”, enters with a package ]
Colin Knox: Surprise delivery. It was orphaned at the post office. Mary said it had been there over a week, and thought maybe you forgot about it.
Liz: That’s sweet. You didn’t have to drive out here in this weather.
Colin: Believe me, I know that. Colder than an Alaskan outhouse right now.
Liz: Oh, I’m sorry, Colin. Come on in.
Colin: Thanks.
Liz: You headed to the station?
Colin: Yep. Boss wants someone on site. Hey, Kate! They say we’re supposed to get some ice tonight. I wasn’t here for the storm back in ’03, but they were without power in town for nine days.
Liz: I’ll send you with some coffee.
[ Fire crackles ]
Colin: If you ever wanted to come along sometime, I’d be happy to give you a tour.
Liz: That sounds nice. Maybe when the weather passes.
Colin: Yeah, yeah, sure. That’s what I meant. When you gonna unpack?
Liz: Oh, pbht. I’m sure I’ll get around to it sooner or later.
Colin: Happy to help if you want.
Liz: I’ll let you know. Be careful out there.
Colin: Okay, then. Bye, Kate.
[ Kate barks ] [ Liz closes the door ]

[ Liz visits Tom’s grave. The monument is engraved: “KEEN / TOM / 1985 – 2017 / HUSBAND AND FATHER” ]
Liz: Hey, you.
[ Liz places a single red rose on the gravestone ]
Liz: [ Crying softly, she sits on the ground ] [ Voice breaking ] I’m not doing very well. I told myself I wasn’t gonna tell you that. [ Sniffles ] That’s the last thing you need to hear, right? [ Sniffles ]
[ Sighs ] I’m thinking about going away.

[ Kate barking ] [ Kate is up on her hind legs, front paws on the window sill, insistently barking ]
[ Liz lets Kate out. With her gun drawn, she follows the dog past the generator. A man is lying on his back on the ground. Liz looks around. She reaches for the man’s neck to check his pulse. The man’s eyes open and he grabs her arm ]
Liz: [ Gasps ]
Man: [ Mumbles ]

[ Liz pulls a toboggan with the man on it. He is wrapped in a blanket ]
[ Inside the cabin, the man is on a bed. Liz pulls back the man’s bloody coat and shirt. Both have been slashed through. The man has an angry gash across his abdomen ]
[ Liz dresses the man’s wound, then bundles him up in blankets ]

[ Liz is in an outdoor shed, getting the radio to work ] [ Radio static ]
Man on radio: … getting the hell out of here. Temperature is 20 degrees. … the wind chill. … Contact park entrance is … Open the fire road is alt–
[ Radio clicks ] [ Liz speaks into the microphone ]
Liz: Broadcasting in the blind. Hello?
[ Static ]
Man over radio [ Russian weather report ]: ochin’ holadna vetir maroz skvernaia pagoda
[ Radio clicks ]
Liz: Can anyone read me? Is anyone hearing this? Hello?
[ Static ]

[ Liz tries to start her truck ] [ Engine sputtering ]
Liz: Oh, come on.
[ Engine sputtering ] [ Sighs ] [ Groans ] [ She pounds the steering wheel ]

Liz sits in the dark near the bed with the wounded man.

[ Cooper, Ressler and Samar and Aram are visiting Liz at her home ]
Cooper: … and Karakurt popped out of the trunk. Tom had brought him to my doorstep. I should’ve been livid, but he was – and I’ll deny ever admitting this – he was pretty damn charming about the whole thing.
Ressler: You remember that cabin? Oh, that cabin. Mathias Solomon, a few thousand rounds of ammo later, I finally got my hearing back.
Cooper: Keen was good in the field, though.
Ressler: [ Proposes toast ] Well, to Tom.
— To Tom.
— To Tom.
— To Tom.
Liz: [ Sighs ]

[ Through the worsening ice storm, Liz walks to the Alaska State Ranger Station with Kate. No one is there ]
Woman on radio: Stay tuned to this channel for all updates. To repeat, this is radio KAKF Alaska issuing weather warnings for the following boroughs Bethel, Denali–
Liz: Colin?
Woman on radio: Fairbanks North Star, Matanuska-Susitna. 2 to 4 inches of ice accumulation have been reported. A total power outage of Southeast Fairbanks has been reported. The fol–
[ Liz shuts the radio off. She looks at the photos on Colin’s desk ]

[ Liz looks at family photos. She is packing. Only a few empty shelves remain on the walls of the home she shared with Tom and Agnes ]
Liz: I need you to promise me something.
Red: Of course.
Liz: The Blacklist. I need you to promise me you’ll keep working on it with the Task Force.
Red: Doesn’t work without you.
Liz: It has to.
Red: I think we’ve done enough.
Liz: What you’ve done – [ Sighs ] What you’ve made it possible for the Task Force to do– You know, I’ve never thanked you for that. Why you do it, what you get out of it at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter. But I need you to promise me you’re gonna keep doing it.
Red: I promise.
Liz: Thank you. I have one more favor to ask you. And it’s not gonna be easy for you, but it’s important to me.
Red: Okay.
Liz: I don’t want you to follow me. You’re gonna let go. Can you do that?
Red: What about Agnes?

[ Liz scribbles a note for Colin across a message pad: “There’s been an Emergency. Come when you can X Grace” ]
[ Wind howling ] [ Liz and Kate arrive back at the cabin. The lights in the cabin are on ] [ Kate barking ] [ Liz draws and cocks her gun and enters the cabin ]
[ There are three men standing around the bed with the wounded man in it (Ellis, Orson, Fifield) ]
Liz: What the hell is going on here?
[ A fourth man, Billy, enters. Liz points her gun at him ]
Billy: Whoa. Oh. Hey. Take it easy, lady.
Liz: Who the hell are you people?

[ In the cabin’s living room ]
Billy: Sorry if we scared you, I just I don’t know if we’d have laste [sic] much longer out there in that wind.
Liz: You said your plane went down?
Billy: Uh, no, not my plane. Charter. Ellis read about these, uh, fishing trips outta Lake Hood. [ Chuckling ] I mean, seemed like a good idea at the time. Always does, right? You know, floatplanes, campfires, big sky.
Ellis: We hit weather.
Orson: What we hit was ice.
Billy: Yeah, I could, uh, see it freezing up on the wing. Couple inches. Before we knew it, it started breaking off.
Ellis: Sounded like a damn hammer hitting that plane. Bam, bam, bam.
Billy: Yeah, yeah, it must have busted something ’cause last thing I know, the pilot was saying he lost an engine.
Liz: And you went down where?
Ellis: A mile back, maybe two.
Liz: I didn’t hear anything.
Orson: Hell, it was further than that.
Billy: I-It must have been 6, uh, 10 miles. I-I don’t know, the weather, we got turned around.
Liz: And you were all able to just walk away?
Billy: Well, we got lucky. The pilot–
Liz: Is he the guy in the other room?
Billy: Yeah, no. Pilot didn’t, uh didn’t make it, we had to leave him. Mike the guy in your bedroom was cut up pretty bad on the way down.He knew he was bleeding, but he didn’t want to wait for help, so he started walking. Dumb son of a bitch.
Ellis: We couldn’t talk sense into him.
Orson: Temperature dropped. Thought we were gonna die out there, so–
Billy: So, we just started walking. We never found Mike, but we saw the smoke from your chimney. No lights, no locks– We thought the place was empty.

[ They walk into the bedroom ]
Liz: He was out when I found him.
Billy: How’d you find him?
Liz: Actually, he found me.
Billy: Is he gonna be okay?
Liz: Not if we don’t get him to a hospital. I closed up his wounds, but he’s bleeding internally. You can tell by his breathing. There’s blood in his airways. He’s got a few hours, maybe.
Billy: What about the roads?
Liz: Good luck out there. It’s an ice rink. Block’s frozen on my truck. Even if I had a phone, the lines are down. Look, bottom line is, we got to get your friend out of here fast, and I have no idea how.
[ Billy shows her his walkie-talkie ]
Billy: We had these to stay in touch on the trip. You know, maybe we could–
Liz: These are short range. Good if we want to talk to each other, but useless if we wanna call for help.
Billy: I never asked your name.
Liz: Grace. It’s Grace.
Billy: Grace. That’s nice.
Liz: You’re bleeding.

[ Liz is suturing the cut in Billy’s upper arm ]
Billy: So, what’s your story, anyway? Up here, all alone. [ Winces ]
Liz: You know the story – a girl in a cabin with a gun and a dog.
Billy: [ Ice crunches ] I don’t think I’ve heard that one.
Liz: I’ll tell it to you sometime when you don’t have a needle sticking out of your arm. Trust me, it’s not that interesting.
Billy: [ Scoffs ] Well, I doubt that. I don’t know many peop- people who, uh, could diagnose internal bleeding by the sound of somebody’s breathing. You a doctor or something?
Liz: Turn this way.
Billy: Come on. There has to be a halfway decent story. No Mr. Mysterious? Out there on his way home right now?
Lz: There was once. Didn’t work out.

[ On the couch in her home, Liz talks to Susan (“Scottie”) Hargrave, Tom’s Mom. Agnes is sitting on a rug in front of them, scribbling on a piece of paper ]
Liz: I don’t know who killed Tom or why. But I saw them. And so they might come after me, and if they did, and anything should happen to Agnes–
Scottie: Liz, I told you you don’t have to explain that to me.
Liz: This is hardest thing I’ve ever done. I’m just so angry, and she knows it. And I can’t make it go away.
Scottie: Agnes will be fine.
Liz: [ Sniffles ] And what about you? What about the pain you’re feeling, the anger? Can you protect her from that?
Scottie: I spent 30 years mourning Tom’s loss. Where you are now I was there the day he disappeared from that beach when he was a little boy. Yes, I’m sad and angry. But Tom coming back to me after all these years was a gift.
Liz: [ Voice breaking ] He loved you very much.
Scottie: It couldn’t have been easy for him. Testifying for me against his father. But he didn’t hesitate. The boy I’d given up for dead came back to life to save me. And to give me his beautiful baby girl, who I’m gonna spoil rotten.
Liz: She loves Cheerios, and Thomas the Train in the morning. And she gets so cranky if she’s hot at night, so just a light blanket.
Scottie: Liz. She’s gonna be fine. She is. Okay. I’m gonna take good care of her. She’ll be healthy and happy. And when you are – and that will happen – you’ll take her back.
Liz: [ Sighs ]

Billy: Grace?
Liz: Huh?
Billy: I said, “What’s the diagnosis?”
Liz: [ Smiles wryly ] I think you might live.
Billy: Ah, good.
[ Wind howling ]
Liz: I need to go check the radio.
Billy: There’s a- There’s a radio?
Liz: An old one in the barn. Used for calling in weather reports. It hasn’t worked in years, but if I could get it running–
Billy: Well, uh, you want a hand? I’ll- I’ll help.
Liz: I’m a big girl.

[ In the out building ]
Liz: If anyone can hear me, acknowledge this transmission. Copy? [ Static ] Anybody? Hello?
[ Man speaking Russian on radio ]
Liz: [ To Kate, scratching her neck ] Hey. What do you think of these guys, huh? Yeah, I’m not buying it, either.

[ Door opens. Liz enters the cabin. Colin is there ]
Colin: Oh, there you are. I got your note, came as soon as I could.
Billy: The cavalry showed up.
Colin: What’s going on?
Liz: Like they said, there’s been an accident.
Colin: No. I know what they said. Where were you fellas flying out of?
Billy: Lake Hood. Fishing charter.
Ellis: Yeah, we are lucky to be alive.
Billy: Our friend Mike, in the bedroom, he’s not so lucky. We got to get him to a doctor.
Colin: The roads are impossible. It’s only getting worse. Radio’s down at the station. I had to walk here.
Liz: There’s a radio on the plane.
Billy: Ah, tried that. Didn’t work.
Liz: Well, if we could get it to work, or at least get the locator working on the black box, then Search & Rescue could get a Snowcat down here and medevac your friend out.
Orson: I can help. I have a decent sense of direction. I can get us back to that wreckage, I know it.
Colin: What about you? You gonna be okay here?
Liz: No, I’m not okay. There’s a stranger bleeding to death in my bed and you could use me out there.
Billy: Yeah, but if you go, who looks after Mike? ‘Cause I can’t. Please, don’t make me tell his wife he died on my watch.

[ Liz gets Colin alone ]
Liz: Hey, I got a question for you. These guys, their story anything seem off to you?
Colin: What do you mean “off”?
Liz: They walked 10 miles in this weather? From a crash I never heard.
Colin: Don’t be silly.
Liz: [ Scoffs ] Not a broken bone on one of them. I think I should go with you.
Colin: You’re being paranoid. Come on. Everything will be fine. We’ll be back before you know it.

[ Colin has left with Orson ] [ Door to bedroom closes ]
Liz: It’s all right. You’re gonna be okay. We’re gonna get you some help. Your friends are in the other room.
[ Mike taps to get Liz’s attention ]
Mike: [ Labored ] Not friends.
Liz: Then who the hell are they?
[ Liz gives Mike a drink of water ]
Mike: Th-They’ll kill you, too. Ratted Carlucci family.
Liz: The Carlucci crime family? What are you doing up here?
Mike: Witness protection.
Liz: WitSec dumped you up here, but your old friends found you just the same.
Mike: Please th-they’ll kill me.
[ Liz puts her gun under the blanket with Mike ]
Liz: How are we gonna get you out of here?
Mike: They’ll kill you, too.
[ Billy enters. Ice crunching ]
Billy: Everything okay in here?
Liz: Yeah. He’s good. He’ll push through a few more hours. He’s a fighter.

[ Wind howling ]
Billy: That crash – I never thought our little hunting adventure would turn out like this.
Liz: Hunting? I thought you said you were fishing?
Billy: What?
[ Glass shatters ]
Liz: Oh, damn it. Sorry.
Billy: Here, let me help.
Liz: No, no. You stay put. There’s glass everywhere.
[ Ellis is eating peanut butter from a jar ]
Billy: Ellis. Hey. Get your damn feet off the table, man. Show some respect.
Ellis: Seriously?
Billy: [ Clears throat ] Bears.
Liz: What?
Billy: What I wanted to hunt – bears. I had, uh grand vision of bagging a grizzly. Orson and the others, they wanted to fish. We were gonna split up the trip. They didn’t get their fish, I didn’t get my bear.
Liz: You know it’s illegal to hunt bears.
Billy: What’s the matter you never broke a rule or two?
Liz: You done with that?
Ellis: I guess.
[ Liz takes the spoon and jar of peanut butter ]

Billy: Why do you still wear your ring?
Liz: Excuse me?
Billy: Wedding ring on your finger.
Liz: My husband gave it to me.
Billy: I thought you said that didn’t work out. What happened?
[ Utensils clatter ]
Liz: I lost him.
Billy: That’s why you’re up here in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of unpacked boxes. Just a lady and her dog and a gun.
Liz: [ Sighs ] Where is Kate?
Billy: Who?
Liz: Kate, my dog.

[ Door opens ] [ Orson enters ]
Orson: You were right about that weather. I was not dressed warm enough.
Liz: Where’s Colin?
Orson: We got about a mile down the trail, bumped into another ranger on a three-wheeler. He only had room for one, so they headed back to town, said they’d call for help. Told me to get back here before I froze.
Liz: Have you seen my dog?
Orson: What? No.
Liz: Kate? Kate?
[ Liz enters the bedroom, retrieves her gun ]
Ellis: You sure she’s not in the barn? Maybe she got spooked with the storm and all.
Liz: Think I’ll brave the weather. She’s probably outside.
[ Liz starts the garbage disposal. As before, it trips the generator. The lights go out ]
Billy: The hell was that?
Liz: Damn generator. It happens all the time.
Billy: So what do we do?
Liz: You do nothing. I’m gonna go fix it.
Billy: It’s bad out. You’ll need help.
Liz: You know the one that I have learned all my time out here alone?
Billy: What’s that?
Liz: Men just get in my way. I’ll be right back.

[ Wind howling ] [ Liz enters the out building with the radio setup ] [ Radio whirs ] [ Liz picks up the microphone. The cord has been severed ] [ Magazine clatters ] [ Beeping in distance ]
[ Liz uses her flashlight to look around. She finds both Kate and, under a blanket, Colin. Both are dead, their throats cut ]

Red: You’ve entrusted Agnes to Scottie Hargrave?
Liz: Yes. To Tom’s mother.
Red: Who ordered a hit on your wedding.
Liz: She didn’t know who we were. She’s a good person, and she’ll keep Agnes safe. Look, I know you took care of her while I was in the hospital, and I can’t thank you enough for that, but this is my decision. And I need you to respect that.
Red: Okay, I will. I want you to promise me something.
Liz: What?
Red: That you’ll grieve.
Liz: Of course I’ll grieve. What is this that you think I’m doing?
Red: I think you’re running away from your problems when you should be facing them. I’m sure it feels like you’re staring into an abyss, but until you mourn, you won’t be able to cross it.
Liz: What’s so great about crossing it? What’s on the other side? Peace? Tranquility?
Red: Some.
Liz: [ Scoffs ] I prefer revenge.
Red: That’s what I’m afraid of.
Liz: Really? ‘Cause imagining what I’m gonna do to Tom’s killers it’s the only thing that gets me out of bed in the morning.
Red: Don’t just go off and hide in the dark. Wherever you go, look for some light.

Liz: [ Sighs, sniffles ]
Liz: [ On walkie-talkie ] Hey, Billy, you there?
Billy: [ Ice crunching ] Grace? What’s going on out there? [ Coughs ] Why haven’t the lights come back?
Liz: Because you killed my dog and you killed my friend Colin.
Billy: Don’t make this any harder than it has to be. We haven’t killed you yet.
Liz: And I haven’t killed you yet. I know that man in my room is not your friend, just like there was no plane crash.
Billy: Car accident, actually. [ Coughs ] Trying to get out of this weather. Our trunk popped open. Damn cargo ran off into the woods. [ Coughs ] We chased the son of a bitch for hours. I’m not leaving here without him.
Liz: Why not just kill him? Why not kill me?
Billy: We needed you to keep him breathing. Boss wants him back alive so he can tell us what he told the Feds. Only then can he die. Slowly. That’s my specialty. [ Ice clatters ] [ Ice crunching ] And now you can, too.
Liz: That’s a nasty habit you’ve got there. I noticed.
Billy: Enough, you’re one woman in the middle of a storm against the four of us. It doesn’t end well for you, Grace. [ Coughs ]
Liz: What’s that, Billy? Billy, you okay? That’s a stupid question. You’re not okay because my name’s not Grace. It’s Elizabeth. You wanted to know about my past? I was an FBI agent.
Billy: [ Coughs ]
Liz: A profiler. And I smelled you out the minute you walked in my door. That’s why I froze broken glass into those ice cubes you love to chew.
Billy: [ Coughs ]
Liz: So now every time you breathe, you’re inhaling those little shards deeper into your throat and lungs.
[ Billy sticks his finger in his mouth. It’s bloody ]
Billy: [ Coughs ] You’re dead.
Liz: No, Bill. For the first time, I’m feeling pretty alive. So if you want to come for me, you better come ready for a fight, because you know what the four of you against me in the woods is gonna be? Practice.

Billy: She’s one person.
Orson: She was an FBI agent.
Billy: She’s alone.
Orson: She fed you glass.
[ Ellis wheels, gurgling; he falls to the ground, mouth foaming ]
Billy: It was her.
Orson: How? She’s not even in here.
Billy: She drugged him. She drugged the food.
Orson: With what?
Billy: Does it matter? It worked.
Orson: What are we gonna do?
Billy: [ Coughs ] You remember that money launderer down in Palmdale squatting in that shack? [ Coughs ] He was dug in like a tick. Same thing here. We surround her and we tighten the noose.

[ Wind howling ]
[ Billy, Orson and Fifield enter the out building looking for Liz ]
[ Suddenly, Billy screams and falls, his foot caught in a bear trap ]
Orson: What the hell? What’s going on?
Billy: Fi-Field, get over here! Get this thing off me! Come on.
– Got it.
– Grab that. Grab that side.
– Now pull!

[ The three men return to the cabin. Billy is limping now ]
Billy: She can’t get far. [ Coughs ] Whole damn mountain’s frozen solid.
Orson: Guys, we got a problem.
[ The bed where Mike had been is now empty ]
Fifield: Even better. Now she’s got cargo.
Billy: She’ll be twice as slow.

[ Wind howling ]
[ Orson searches outdoors with a rifle and flashlight. He sees a small shed half dug into the ground with one of its twin doors open. He steps down the stairs. The single room is empty except for some propane in the corner ]
[ Suddenly, liquid pours from above around Orson. The door to the shed shuts. Liz locks the bolt from the outside ]
[ Liz flicks a lighter and drops it into the ventilator shaft ]
Orson: [ Screaming ] [ Grunts ] [ Grunts ] Ah!

[ Liz pulls a toboggan through the woods. Mike is wrapped up snugly on the toboggan ]
[ Liz is jumped from the side by Fifield ] [ Gasps, groans ]
[ Liz takes an axe from the toboggan and buries its head into Fifield’s chest ]
Fifield: Ah! [ Gasps, coughs ]

[ Liz pulls Mike to the Ranger Station. Lock disengages ]
Liz: [ To Mike ] It’s okay. We’re gonna get you out of here. We’re gonna get you some help.
[ Liz turns on a battery-powered light. She gathers some flares, a flare gun and other items ]
[ Thud ] [ Clatter ] [ Someone shoots 💥 the lock open ] [ Billy enters ]
Billy: [ Breathing heavily ] From one professional to another, you’re pretty good. I told my guys tonight’d be easy. Hunker down, wait out the storm, lie to the lady. [ Coughs ]
Liz: You can apologize to them soon.
Billy: But you’re all out of tricks now.
[ Liz backs away, pulling down furniture to block his advance toward her ]
Billy: You’re all out of traps. I promised them I’d kill you. Slow.
[ Liz splashes alcohol or kerosene in Billy’s face and clothing ]
Billy: Aah! [ Groaning ] [ Screaming ]
[ Liz runs out, pulling the toboggan ]

[ Liz trips. She opens her backpack, scrummages. Billy limps up to Liz and Mike on the toboggan ]
Billy: It’s over. There’s nowhere left to run.
Liz: Who’s running? I told you I’m here to fight.
[ Liz shoots at Billy with a flare gun. Still wet with flammable liquid, he ignites in a fireball 🔥💥 🔥 ]
Billy: Aah! [ Groaning ]
[ Liz looks on, a slight sadistic smile on her face ]

[ Alice Merton’s ♪ “No Roots” plays ]
[ The extensive crime scene is being surveyed as law enforcement questions the locals; (slow motion) ]

♪ I like digging holes and
Hiding things inside them
When I grow old, I hope
I won’t forget to find them
‘Cause I’ve got memories
And travel like gypsies in the night

FBI Agent McKenna: [ Voice over ] I don’t know how to explain any of this– The carnage, the death.

♪ I build a home and wait for
Someone to tear it down

Agent McKenna: I mean, what happened up there at that house –

♪ Then pack it up in boxes

Agent McKenna: It’s bizarre.

♪ Head for the next town running

Agent McKenna: We have bodies, men murdered–

♪ ‘Cause I’ve got memories

Agent McKenna: –drugged, burned alive all known criminals with extensive records. And the woman, the one we believe is responsible –

♪ And a thousand times I’ve seen this road

Agent McKenna: You have no idea who she was?
Early: Grace. Nice woman, kind of quiet.

♪ A thousand times

Early: Kept to herself.

♪ I’ve got no roots

Early: Paid cash.

Agent McKenna: Did this Grace have a last name?
Postal Worker (male): Talbot. At least that’s how it said it on the side of the packages.
FBI Agent Hobbs: Which she picked up here?
Postal Worker (female): Sure. One every few weeks. Now and then, off and on. I mean, she didn’t get none too excited about it, but she got them all eventually.
Agent McKenna: And you have no idea where those packages went?
Postal Worker (male): At the house, I suppose. Are they not there?
Agent McKenna: Let’s pivot. I’d like to talk about Mr. Elroy.
Local Officer (white): The federal witness?
Agent Hobbs: He said he was dropped off at the ER “like a Christmas gift.”
Local Officer (black): That’s right. I mean, that’s what the head nurse said. Left him there on the doorstep of the medical center in Delta Junction. Said she saved his life.
Local Officer (white): She knew he was someone important. I don’t know how, but–
Agent McKenna: You know this woman didn’t just wander off. She made sure not to leave any trace evidence behind.
Agent Hobbs: Not a Kleenex in the trash or a fingerprint in the barn or a hair in a drain. Not one.
Agent McKenna: Place was wiped clean.
Agent Hobbs: So clean, in fact, that we believe she may have learned how to clean a crime scene from a professional.

Early: I don’t understand the question.
Agent Hobbs: You saw her. You spoke to her. You tell me who you think she was.
Postal Worker (male): I don’t know.
Local Officer (white): I wish I could say.
Local Officer (black): I think, uh, she was–
Early: A ghost. Life’s full of ’em.

♪ And a thousand times
I’ve seen this road
A thousand times

[ Liz walks along a narrow highway with a backpack, trying to hitch a ride. A truck passes her without stopping ]

♪ I’ve got no roots
I’ve got no roots,
but my home was never on the ground

♪ I’ve got no roots,
but my home was never on the ground

[ On the floor of her old home, Liz opens boxes, laying out folders and papers. In fast motion, the floor fills up with them ]

♪ I’ve got no roots
I’ve got no roots
I’ve got no roots,
but my home was never on the ground

[ The files include crime scene photos from the shootout that took Tom’s life ]

♪ I’ve got no roots,
but my home was never on the ground
I’ve got no roots
I’ve got no–

[ Knock on Door ]
Dembe: [ Surprised ] Elizabeth. Please, come in.
Red: You look strong.
Liz: I’m healed. I want to thank you.
Red: What for?
Liz: For honoring your promise. I know it wasn’t easy for you.
Red: It was what you wanted.
Liz: I also want to apologize.
Red: Why?
Liz: I couldn’t honor mine.
Red: Oh.
Liz: I tried. I really did. I didn’t go looking for trouble. But it found me. And I’m glad it did.
[ See Note ]
Red: What happened?
Liz: I killed some men. Doesn’t matter that they were bad. That it was them or me. What matters is that I did it and I was good at it. And I didn’t lose any sleep over it.
Red: You will. One of these nights you will. It’s just a matter of when.
Liz: Maybe. Later. After I’ve crossed the abyss. But from the side I’m on now, all that matters is that I’m healed and – I’m back. And I’m coming for Tom’s killers. Like I said, I couldn’t keep my promise. Can you forgive me?
[ Red walks up to Liz, takes her head in his hands, kisses her temple ]
Red: Yes. [ Pause ] Will you be able to forgive yourself?

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༺✦ ♤ ✦༻


Episode Songs


♫ Famous Blue Raincoat
By Leonard Cohen

♪ It’s four in the morning, the end of December
I’m writing you now just to see if you’re better
New York is cold, but I like where I’m living
There’s music on Clinton Street all through the evening.
I hear that you’re building your little house deep in the desert
You’re living for nothing now, I hope you’re keeping some kind of record.

♪ Yes, and Jane came by with a lock of your hair
She said that you gave it to her
That night that you planned to go clear
Did you ever go clear?

♪ Ah, the last time we saw you you looked so much older
Your famous blue raincoat was torn at the shoulder
You’d been to the station to meet every train
And you came home without Lili Marlene

♪ And you treated my woman to a flake of your life
And when she came back she was nobody’s wife.

♪ Well I see you there with the rose in your teeth
One more thin gypsy thief
Well I see Jane’s awake –

♪ She sends her regards.

♪ And what can I tell you my brother, my killer
What can I possibly say?
I guess that I miss you, I guess I forgive you
I’m glad you stood in my way.

♪ If you ever come by here, for Jane or for me
Your enemy is sleeping, and his woman is free.

♪ Yes, and thanks, for the trouble you took from her eyes
I thought it was there for good so I never tried.

♪ And Jane came by with a lock of your hair
She said that you gave it to her
That night that you planned to go clear –

Sincerely, L. Cohen

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2lPTe1I
YouTube: https://youtu.be/kkSERbdl39Q


♫ No Roots
By Alice Merton

♪ I like digging holes and
Hiding things inside them
When I grow all the hope / ( alt (from script): When I grow old, I hope)
I won’t forget to find them
Cause, I’ve got memories and
Travel like gypsies in the night

♪ I build a home and wait for
Someone to tear it down
Then pack it up in boxes
Head for the next time around
Cause, I’ve got memories and
Travel like gypsies in the night

♪ And a thousand times I’ve seen this road
A thousand times

♪ I’ve got no roots
But my home was never on the ground
I’ve got no roots
But my home was never on the ground
I’ve got no roo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oots
I’ve got no roo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oots

♪ I’ve got no roots
But my home was never on the ground
I’ve got no roots
But my home was never on the ground
I’ve got no roo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oots
I’ve got no roo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oots

♪ I like standing still for
That’s just the wishful plan
Ask me where I come from
I’ll say a different land
But I’ve got memories and
Travel like gypsies in the night

♪ I count the numbers
And play the guessing game
It’s just the place that changes
The rest is still the same
But I’ve got memories and
Travel like gypsies in the night

♪ And a thousand times I’ve seen this road
A thousand times

♪ I’ve got no roots
But my home was never on the ground
I’ve got no roots
But my home was never on the ground
I’ve got no roo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oots
I’ve got no roo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oots

♪ I’ve got no roots
But my home was never on the ground
I’ve got no roots
But my home was never on the ground
I’ve got no roo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oots
I’ve got no roo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oots

♪ I like digging holes, hiding things inside them
When I grow old, I won’t forget to find them
I like digging holes, hiding things inside them
When I grow old, I won’t forget to find them

♪ I’ve got no roots!
No roots!

♪ I’ve got no roots
But my home was never on the ground
I’ve got no roots
But my home was never on the ground
I’ve got no roo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oots
I’ve got no roo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oots

♪ I’ve got no roots
But my home was never on the ground
I’ve got no roots
But my home was never on the ground
I’ve got no roo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oots
I’ve got no roo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oots

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2E4zTjQ
YouTube: https://youtu.be/tAmQgI_Mun4

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🔴 Script: 5:10 The Informant (№ 118)

Program air date: 1/12/2017 in the US
Full Script Permalink: http://wp.me/pDKwi-6PZ
Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/2mh0cfq

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Paul Holahan
Written by: Noah Schechter



⭕ Script 5:10 Informant (№ 118)

Brief: Liz has returned from self-imposed exile in remote Alaska, where she single-handedly eliminated a group of criminals working for the Carlucci Crime Family who had been sent there to track down a former member who had ratted on the Family and had been placed in Alaska under witness protection. On her return from Alaska, Red finds her looking “strong” but cautions her against her expressed lack of remorse. Her sole aim now: to seek revenge against the people who killed Tom and who put her into a 10-month-long coma and through a painful stint in rehab. She has acquired the case files for the attack against her and Tom. During her time in Alaska she left Agnes in the care of Tom’s mother, Susan (“Scottie”) Hargrave, a move which disappointed Red. In keeping with her request, Red agreed not to follow her and, for the first time, she was able to step outside of his protection, which she has found liberating.

[ Toronto, Ontario (Canada) ]
[ Alexis Smith’s ♪ “Nightlife” plays ]
[ A group of young women are at a dance spot ]
Romi’s girlfriend: Don’t look now, but look, look, look, look, look!
[ A pretty blond woman, Romi, makes eye contact with a cute guy across the dance floor ]

♪ I see you there
I see you there tonight
Call my name

Second girlfriend: Okay, I just watched that, and I think I’m pregnant.

♪ Call my name

First girlfriend: [ SINGSONG VOICE ] And he’s walking over!

♪ You make me feel

Romi: God. It’s Bronwyn.
Girlfriend 1: What? It’s almost 11:00.
Girlfriend 2: Don’t answer it.
Romi: I have to. Yes? Just hang on one second.
[ Romi brushes past the cute guy and goes outside ]

♪ And I feel like I could do it again, all right

[ Inside, air hisses. Sprays of vapor descend on the dancers ] [ CHEERING ]
Romi: Can you say that again?
[ An older woman, Bronwyn, is out on a busy city street trying to hail a cab ]
Bronwyn: [ On phone, to Romi ] That prick Oliver threw a fit, so they bumped up the meeting. We’re presenting tomorrow, which means I need to get back tonight, and you’re–
Romi: Rebooking your flight.
Bronwyn: Out of Newark.
Romi: My God. You’re serious?
Bronwyn: What is that – music? You’re not out on a Tuesday, are you?
Romi: No, no. I, um– You hate Newark.
Bronwyn: Almost as much as I hate Oliver, but the meeting’s moved, which means I need a flight. Hang on. Here’s my cab.
Bronwyn: Call when you get this fixed.

♪ Call my name

[ The young man Romi had made eye contact with earlier comes out of the dance spot ]
Romi: I’m sorry. I wasn’t avoiding you earlier. It’s my boss – she’s a bitch.

♪ You make me feel

[ The young man turns around. He groans, throws up and collapses ] [ Romi gasps ]
[ Romi goes back into the venue. Dozens of people appear to be dying or dead ]

♪ again, all right, burning up light a neon light
I don’t know if I’m gonna stop tonight
Around and around and around, all right

[ Music echoing ]
[ Romi, too, gets sick and collapses ] [ Coughing ] [ Groans ]

[ In her almost empty home, Liz fingers the blood-stained carpet. Tearfully, she remembers moments from the night of the attack on her and Tom ]

[ Tom is stabbed, groans ]
[ Liz screams “No!” ]
[ The bloody knife is stuck into the coffee table with a thud. There is an unusual pattern on the knife’s blade ]

[ Liz writes “Damascus knife” on a Post-It and sticks it to the wall next to a blank sheet of paper with a large “X” written on it. Around the sheet with the “X” are other notes. The other notes say, “Glasses,” “Heavy-set” and “≃ 5’5” ]
[ On the floor lies a rifle next to a yardstick. There are photos with the names of the perpetrators: Worgul (the man who slugged Tom), Fischbauch (the man who put the record on the phonograph), Madigan (the guy who was almost suffocated Liz with plastic film), Shelly (the man by the refrigerator Tom shot) – all the photos laid out on the floor where they had fallen. On the door, another photo with a name: Navarro ]

Navarro: Found it!
Garvey: We got what we came for. Finish them off.

[ Red’s fancy new digs indicate he’s been doing well financially ]
Liz: The police are wrong. They think some ex-con named Navarro killed Tom. He didn’t.
Red: Paris, I’d like you to meet Elizabeth. Paris and I first met when he was a saucier at La Bernadin.
Liz: Pleasure to meet you.
Paris: Shall I set a third place for lunch?
Liz: No, thank you.
Red: You may want to think twice. He’s making a turbot with a matsutake mushroom broth.
Liz: Another time. Someone else killed Tom. It wasn’t Navarro.
Red: I wish I knew more. All I know for certain is that the men who died in your home were members of the Nash drug syndicate. I believe they were hired to go after Tom. I’ve pursued other members of the organization for more than a year, and they’ve proven to be completely ignorant of the incident or whoever hired them is powerful enough to keep them quiet.

[ ELEVATOR BELL DINGS ] [ Dembe escorts Samar inside ]
Samar: Liz. I didn’t know you were back. It’s good to see you.
Liz: It’s good to be seen. How are you? How’s Aram? How are you and Aram?
Samar: Boring. Blissful. Domestic.
Liz: I’m so happy for you.
Samar: How’s Agnes?
Liz: I should go.
Samar: Wait. I’m- I’m here about a case. You don’t want to hear it?
Liz: I want to hear about boring and domestic. I’ll let you handle the case.
[ Liz leaves ]

Red: What do you know about the nerve-gas attack in Toronto?
Samar: 57 people died. Members of the terrorist cell claiming responsibility have been taken into custody.
Red: On Monday, the US Treasury will most likely attempt to freeze the bank accounts which financed the attack.
Samar: Liz isn’t coming back, is she?
Red: 12 hours ago, a man known as The Informant accessed a list of those accounts on the classified computers used by the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Cooper: And the list of bank accounts he stole?
Samar: Reddington believes he plans to ransom them back to the account holders themselves, giving them a chance to transfer their assets before the Treasury freeze goes into effect.
Ressler: Yeah, but can’t the Treasury track the transfers?
Aram: They did to terrorists in Toronto, Barcelona, and Paris. We know these accounts are financing terrorism. What we don’t know is the identity of the account holders.
Cooper: What do we know about the theft?
Aram: All right, the list was apparently on the classified computers at the Senate Intelligence Committee. Now, Senator Cooligan insists he was at dinner last night when his badge and password were used to access the classified computers.
Ressler: So, we’re looking for someone who had access to the senator’s credentials.
Cooper: What do we know about his staff?

Aram: All right. 11 members. All with some level of restricted access. Two are out of the country, and six others have solid alibis with Capitol Police.
Cooper: And the remaining three?
Aram: Two of them are waiting to be cleared for questioning because they are also working for the Committee.
Ressler: And this guy Bishop.
Aram: Right. Howard Ray Bishop. Political aide who has held positions with State, Treasury, FDA–
Samar: All of which have suffered leaks from The Informant.
Cooper: Navabi, Ressler, locate Bishop and get him in here for questioning. Aram, find everything you can about this guy. Calls, texts, credit-card swipes I want to retrace every step he’s taken in the last 48 hours.

[ Howard Ray Bishop walks down a sidewalk, talking on a phone. Samar and Ressler watch from their vehicle ]
Samar: There he is. 11:00.
Bishop: [ On phone ] Yes, I already explained. It’s a non-issue. I’m not talking about this on the phone.
Ressler: Does he look uneasy to you?
Samar: Aram, do you have his cell?
Aram: I do, and he is not using it. If Bishop’s on a cell, it’s either not registered in his name or it’s a burner.
Bishop: Yes. I understand.
Ressler: What do you say we let this thing play out?
Samar: Aram, we’re going to coms.
Aram: Copy that. Coms are up.
[ Samar gets out ] [ ENGINE STARTS. Ressler drives away ]
Ressler: Hey, Navabi. What makes you so certain Keen’s not coming back?
Samar: Just a feeling.
Aram: I’m really worried about her.
Samar: If I were her, I’d do whatever it takes to find my husband’s killer.
[ Samar, walking, and Ressler, in the SUV, trail Bishop. He enters a small restaurant ]
Samar: Looks like lunch.
Ressler: What do you mean, “whatever it takes”?
Samar: I mean breaking the rules, ignoring the law – whatever it takes.
[ Bishop seats himself inside the restaurant ]
Aram: To find your husband’s killer? That’s actually sort of sweet.
Ressler: There’s nothing sweet about a cop who breaks the rules.
Samar: Says the man who never jaywalked.
Aram: Or had a hair out of place or even a wrinkle in his suit. Agent Ressler, you know you’d make an amazing criminal. If you were a crooked cop, no one would ever know.
Ressler: I would.
[ Bishop gets up, heads toward the back of the restaurant out of sight ]
Samar: He’s on the move again.
[ Samar enters the restaurant ] [ DOOR CREAKS ]
Samar: [ To a waiter ] I’m meeting a friend.
[ Samar goes to the back of the restaurant, checks the men’s room, It’s empty ]
Samar: He’s not here.
Ressler: He made us. Aram, notify MPDC and the Capitol Police and tell them to throw a net and see if you can’t pull the CCTV in the area. This guy’s here somewhere. He couldn’t have gotten far.

[ Howard Bishop enters a police station ]
Bishop: Excuse me. I need to talk to somebody. I have information about a crime.

[ Ian Garvey is in bed with a woman. He sighs, takes a swig from a bottle of beer, gets up ]
Garvey: What?
Man on phone: Hey. It’s me. You were right. That lead on Reddington finally heated up.
Garvey: Keen?
Man: Yeah, she’s back. How you want to handle this? You want us to move in?
Garvey: No, no, no. Leave her be. She’s not going anywhere. This may take some time. We’ll let things run their course. I’ll handle things on my end. I’ll be in touch.

[ Samar and Ressler are questioning Bishop ]
Samar: You’re lying.
Bishop: No, I’m bearing witness.
Samar: To a hit-and-run that happened just as the sanctions list was being stolen. It’s convenient.
Bishop: A woman was killed. I gave the cops a description of the car. I wish I knew more. I don’t.
Ressler: If you did see this hit-and-run, why wait 24 hours to report it?
Bishop: Because I was with a married woman when I saw it, and my coming forward would expose her.
Samar: Does your friend have a name?
Bishop: Sonia Fisher. Judge Sonia Fisher.

Judge Sonia Fisher: I reported the crime, just not who I was with when I saw it.
Ressler: And Howard Bishop was with you at the time?
Fisher: Yes.
Samar: Had he been with you all night?
Bishop: She told the truth about the crime. She lied about the affair. We lied.
Fisher: My husband was suspicious. He hired a PI to follow me.
Bishop: And that’s who I thought I was running from in the restaurant.
Fisher: We were meeting for lunch, and he ran so we wouldn’t be seen together.
Bishop: I’m not proud of the affair, but it proves that I’m not a thief. I did not steal the sanctions list.

[ Cooper enters Red’s suite ]
Cooper: The Informant’s name is Howard Bishop – a staffer in Senator Cooligan’s office.
Red: Quick work, Harold. Celebratory drink? Paris makes a rye and absinthe cocktail that could blind an elephant.
Cooper: Nothing to celebrate yet.
Red: Ohh. That’s delicious. Wealth is such a privilege. I’ve learned to love it [ chuckles ] Well, it’s not emotional, like hearing Maria Schneider’s “The Thompson Fields” for the first time or watching the sun set over the caldera in Santorini. But for pure, meaningless joy, nothing compares.
Cooper: We didn’t catch Bishop. He turned himself in, claiming to be a witness to a hit-and-run.
Red: Do you know if he’s sold the list yet?
Cooper: No. Nor who the buyer may be. We think he’s selling it to an account holder, but we can’t ID them. I’m hoping you can.
[ Red opens the list ]
Red: Elizabeth is back.
Cooper: So I hear. How is she?
Red: Determined to find Tom’s killers.
Cooper: That’s understandable.
Red: I’m the devil on one shoulder, and you’re the angel on her other. She’s in troubled waters, Harold. Please help her to navigate them.

[ Door creaks ]
Liz: Detective Singleton, right?
Detective Singleton: You remember. Last time we spoke, you were just getting out of the hospital. How you feeling?
Liz: Much better. Thank you.
Singleton: May I come in?
Liz: Now’s not a good time. Can I get your card? I’ll call you.
Singleton: I gave you my card last time we spoke. It wasn’t a good time then, either. Then you vanished, and all these months later, I’m still waiting for your call.
Liz: I went away. I just got back.
Singleton: Day before yesterday. 6:38 p.m.
Liz: You’re watching my apartment.
Singleton: I’m trying to find your husband’s killers. Thought you’d call when you got back. Then again, I thought you’d call before you left.
Liz: Would you like a cup of coffee?
Singleton: Read my mind.
[ Steps inside ]

[ Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands ]
Red: Herman!
Herman: Mr Reddington. I must say, I was surprised to get your call. I was under the distinct impression that our private banking minimums were [at] present beyond your reach.
Red: Oh, my God! [ Hugs him ] I’ve missed your tightly wound officiousness all clenched and pink and puckered. Perhaps this will loosen your stool. [ Hands him a piece of paper ] It’s true I had a setback. But I’m flush now, and my assets are seeking shelter from the storm.
Herman: Nine figures?
Red: Mid-nines. I haven’t read the fine print, but I do believe that meets your minimums.
Herman: It will be a pleasure doing business with you again.
Red: Throttle back, Herman. You’re the fourth bank I’ve met today. I’ll tell you the same thing I told them.
[ Red hands him the list Cooper gave him ]
Herman: What’s this?
Red: Account numbers. I need the names behind the numbers.
Herman: Th-These are not our accounts. I couldn’t possibly–
Red: This is an opportunity. The US government is about to freeze those funds. If I can ID the account holders and notify them before the freeze goes into effect, I’ll be owed a favor by individuals who will be in desperate need of safe haven for the very funds I’ll have secured for them. If you can help me identify those account holders, I’d be only too happy to refer them to you. You must have some means of identifying such promising new clientele.

[ Liz shows Detective Singleton the wall in her almost empty living room on which she has set up an ad hoc evidence board of photos, notes and relationships of the intruders who had attacked her and Tom ]
Liz: He stabbed my husband.
Singleton: The man with the Damascus knife?
Liz: Navarro worked for him.
Singleton: These three worked for Navarro. Part of the Nash syndicate. Used to run drugs outside of the Kaufman Food and Liquor.
Liz: And Damascus. Who is he?
Singleton: I have no idea. Look we questioned Navarro. Nothing stuck, so we had to kick him loose. Why were these men here?
Liz: I don’t know.
Singleton: No idea what their connection was to your husband?
Liz: There was no connection. He was helping a friend.
Singleton: Nik Korpal. Was also killed. Know why he was helping Dr Korpal?
Liz: No.
Singleton: The bullets pulled from these bodies didn’t match any of the weapons found at the scene. Someone killed your attackers. Any idea who?
Liz: I was unconscious at that point.

[ GRUNTS ] [ Liz knocked to floor, head bounces on floor ]
[ Dembe breaks down door. Red enters, shooting ] [ 💥💥 GUNSHOTS 💥💥 ]

Singleton: How’d you and your husband get to the hospital?
Liz: What?
Singleton: Who took you there?
Liz: I don’t know.
Singleton: I know you already know this so consider this a friendly reminder. You’re an accessory if you help someone get away with a crime.
Liz: [ Sarcastically] That’s a friendly reminder?
Singleton: [ Gives Liz his card ] In case you misplaced the last one. If you think of anything, give me a call.
[ Liz adds a Post-It to Navarro’s profile on the wall: “Kaufman Food and Liquor” ]

[ Herman and Red enter a room where an attractive young woman, heavily tattooed, is seated ]
Red: And who might you be?
Isaacson: I’m not helping you. You can’t make me.
Herman: The Monetary Authority caught Miss Isaacson trying to hack into our accounts.
A judge reduced her sentence to nine months in exchange for her agreeing to help identify vulnerabilities in our own system.
Red: Ooh, a fox in the hen house, Herman. You’ll have to keep a close watch on the chickens.
Herman: If anyone can put names to the numbers you gave me, it’s Miss Isaacson.
Isaacson: I’m not going to.
Red: Name your price.
Isaacson: I don’t want your money.
Red: What do you want?
Isaacson: Bite me.
Red: Hmm. A woman after my own heart. You’re an anarchist. Did you know Charlie Chaplin was an anarchist? I’ve cultivated a healthy hatred for governments and rules and all the incumbent fetters. I understand. Oh well, Herman. We tried. Perhaps next time. Wait a minute. What about Sogi-san?
Isaacson: The tattoo artist?
Red: I helped him secure a very rare dye several years ago.
Herman: I’m sorry – a tattoo artist?
Red: A reclusive but visionary artist, which is all the more impressive considering he does his best work after drinking himself half-blind. Otaru, Hokkaido Prefecture. You get me those names, I’ll get you an appointment within the week. And if I’m lying, you could always hack into the bank and steal the whole omakase. I’m sure Sogi-san will do wonders with that whisper of unmarked flesh below your suprasternal notch.
Isaacson: Just get me the appointment, and I’ll get you the names.
Red: Perhaps Tweety Bird or Yosemite Sam. Or a lady riding a monkey wrench.

Samar: Reddington identified the names on the list.
Aram: We believe the buyer is Rosmin Hamzah, a Bruneian national with extremist ties in Southeast Asia.
Cooper: Why him?
Aram: Well, based on the names Mr Reddington provided, we put out an alert. TSA flagged Hamzah 12 hours ago at Dulles under an assumed name, and Bureau agents have since tracked him to a hotel in Dupont Circle.
Cooper: Have Ressler stay with Bishop. Take a team and follow Hamzah. If Reddington’s right, we walk away with The Informant and a major sponsor of terrorism.

[ Liz pulls up to a group of guys outside Kaufman Food and Liquor. One man, Vasilis, approaches her vehicle ]
Liz: I’m looking for Navarro.
Vasilis: Who? Never heard of him.
Liz: Don’t walk away from me.
Vasilis: What you say to me?
Liz: This corner is run by the Nash Syndicate. Navarro’s your boss, and I need to speak with him.
Vasilis: You in the wrong place, lady.
Liz: I thought I told you not to walk away from me while I’m asking you–
Vasilis: I said, you in the wrong place. Now start to drive off, and we gonna–
[ Liz slaps a handcuff on Vasilis. The other cuff is anchored inside the car ]
Liz: You want me to drive? [ Hitting the gas ] Okay.
Vasilis: Whoa, whoa! Hey, hey! Stop!
Liz: You look pretty athletic in that track suit, but I got a full tank of gas, so I’m gonna ask one more time.
Vasilis: Stop!
Liz: [ Increasing speed ] Navarro.
Vasilis: Stop! Stop, please! Th-Th-There’s these two guys. Shelly and Madigan. And they ran the block before I took over.
Liz: And Navarro?
Vasilis: I don’t know who that is! Please, stop! Crisanto! He’ll know who you’re looking for.
[ TIRES SCREECH. Car stops ]
Liz: Keep talking.
Vasilis: Crisanto. He- He does the pick-ups for the money. I call him for the re-up, he comes. Okay, well, give him a call. Unless you want to take another drive.

[ Crisanto gets in the car. Vasilis’ mouth is duct-taped. Liz is in the back seat. She throws a thin chain around Crisanto’s neck, tightens it ]
Crisanto: [ GRUNTS ]
Liz: If you panic, you’ll run out of air. If you run out of air, you’ll pass out. And if you pass out, you can’t answer my questions. And if you don’t answer my questions, I’ll kill you. Got it? Navarro. Where is he?
Crisanto: Never met him, but I know a guy. Pee-Wee. Runs things for Navarro. He’ll know. Pee-Wee will know.
Liz: And where’s Pee-Wee?

[ Ressler is trailing Bishop, who is carrying a briefcase, on foot ]
Samar: Hamzah’s driver dropped him off at Union Station.
Ressler: [ Over comms ] Bishop’s heading south on 6th. Let’s assume we’re headed your way.
Samar: I’ll notify MPDC.
Ressler: If Bishop’s The Informant, his alibi with the judge was a lie, which means she’s in on it, too.
Samar: One bad guy at a time, okay?
[ Union Station. INDISTINCT ANNOUNCEMENT OVER PA ] [ Hamzah is seated on a bench. He has a briefcase ]

Ressler: I’m busy.
Henry Prescott: Mr Sturgeon. The man you’re tailing is a client.
Ressler: Oh, am I tailing someone?
Prescott: Tell your team to back off.
Ressler: I thought I was just out picking up lunch.
Prescott: Bishop’s the informant. He stole the list. You nudged in, and then I gave him an alibi. Ressler: The hit-and-run.
Prescott: So much for lunch. The hit-and-run was a murder.
Ressler: The judge swore it was an accident because the judge does what you tell her to do.
Prescott: Yep, just like you. Which is why when I told her to say that Bishop was with her when she saw it, that’s what she did. How’s that for power? I got a judge to admit to an affair she wasn’t having.
Ressler: There’s nothing I can do. We already got teams on the buyer.
Prescott: Then improvise. Tell you team to stand down, or I will leak the dirt I have on you and you will be put away for life.
Samar: I need a 20 on Bishop.
Ressler: Something’s wrong. Bishop’s turning away from the station.
Samar: What do you mean? His buyer is here.
Ressler: He’s made you. If you don’t reposition, we risk losing him. I need you to divert all units to the west parking lot. Suspect moving south, southwest.
[ Hamzah is still seated on the bench in Union Station. He checks his watch ]
Samar: Reposition. Target’s on the move. Cover all southerly entrances.
[ Bishop enters Union Station. When he passes Hamzah, Hamzah gets up and follows him ] [ Ressler watches as Bishop gets in line at a food stand. Bishop puts down his briefcase. Hamzah gets in line behind Bishop. He puts down his briefcase, picks up Bishop’s and walks away ]
Samar: [ Over comms ] Ressler, where are you? Do you have eyes on the target? Ressler, do you copy?
[ Bishop picks up the briefcase Hamzah left and leaves the line. Ressler follows him ]
[ Ressler walks up to Bishop, gun drawn ]
Ressler: Howard Bishop? FBI. You’re under arrest. Hands in the air. Navabi, I got Bishop in custody. Hamzah’s headed your way now.
Bishop: You’ve just made a horrible mistake.

[ Ressler is in a large room. A file envelope lies on a table ]
[ DOOR OPENS. Henry Prescott enters ]
Prescott: You’re not my first client to grow a conscience. Go on. Open it.
Ressler: I paid my debt. I’m done.
Prescott: You disobeyed me.
[ Prescott slaps him ] [ Ressler draws his gun, sticks it under Prescott’s chin ]
Ressler: I said I’m through.
Prescott: What are you gonna do? Arrest me? On what charge? Murder? Of who? A cover-up? Of what? You have no evidence against me. You don’t even know my name. But I know everything about you–
[ Prescott opens the envelope, takes out a set of photos and slaps them on the table. The top photo is one taken from surveillance footage from National Security Advisor Laurel Hitchin’s home showing Ressler kneeling beside her body ]
Prescott: –Starting with you pretending to be Frank Sturgeon and hiring me to dispose of the National Security Advisor. You’re a crooked cop, Agent Ressler. You know what they do to crooked cops in prison? One with such a pretty face?
Ressler: You’re right. I can’t arrest you but I can kill you. Which is what I’m gonna do if you ever ever get in touch with me again.
Prescott: Oh, I’ll be in touch.
Ressler: It’s your funeral.
[ Prescott leaves ] [ DOOR CLOSES ] [ Ressler looks at the incriminating photo ]

[ The Post Office ] [ Elevator door opens ] [ Samar enters ]
Samar: Do you remember Henry Prescott?
Ressler: Prescott?
Samar: The guy responsible for covering up Reven Wright’s murder.
Ressler: Yeah, I know who he is. I just, uh– Why are you asking me?
Samar: Bishop is his client.
Ressler: Who told you that?
Samar: Bishop. I’ve been interrogating him for the last hour. Where have you been? Are you okay?
Ressler: It took forever to process Hamzah, that’s all.
Cooper: What happened? One minute, you’re pulling Navabi off of Hamzah, the next, you’re on top of him and Bishop.
Ressler: Well, I thought he made us. I was wrong.
Cooper: Hardly. Because of your arrest, Bishop and Hamzah are in custody, the sanctions list was recovered, and assets that would have been in the hands of terrorists have been frozen.
Samar: Bishop wasn’t across town when the list was stolen. The judge said they were together because Prescott told her to.
Ressler: Why would she do that?
Samar: Bishop doesn’t know, but the hit-and-run was planned. Prescott planted the judge there in advance as a witness, so it wasn’t an accident.
Ressler: It was murder.
Aram: The victim was Jasmine Perez, an MPDC Internal Affairs Investigator.
Samar: I got nothing from Bishop in terms of a motive or a suspect, but a good IA officer’s worst enemy is a bad cop.
Cooper: Ressler, Navabi, talk to IA. Find the lead investigator. See what he knows. We’ve arrested a terrorist and a traitor. If a crooked cop is in the story, I want him arrested, too.

[ Pee-Wee is grilling meat in the kitchen on a restaurant. Liz enters ]
Liz: Pee-Wee.
Pee-Wee: Who’s asking?
Liz: Crisanto told me you could bring me to Navarro.
Pee-Wee: I just work the grill.
Liz: And launder money for Navarro.
[ Pee-Wee makes a move for his gun – Liz shoots 💥 him in the leg ]
Pee-Wee: Ah! Ahh.
Liz: Where’s he keep the money?
[ Another employee signals Liz. A cabinet contains bundles of bills ]
Pee-Wee: Who the hell are you?
Liz: I’m the woman you’re taking to Navarro. Now, you can either bring him a stranger–
[ Liz takes a bundle of bills and sticks it into the flame of the grill setting it ablaze ]
Liz: –Or you can bring him a stranger who you let burn all his money. What’s it gonna be?

Samar: Detective Farwell, we appreciate you taking the time to speak with us.
Detective Farwell: About time the Feds got involved.
Samar: What makes you say that?
Farwell: Past month, Detective Perez had a few investigations go south on her. Evidence went missing, cops walked back testimony. She thought there was dirt in the department.
Ressler: Well, what did you think?
Farwell: I think she was on to a dirty cop, and he killed her to keep her quiet.
Samar: We went though her files. There was no mention of missing evidence or recanted testimony.
Farwell: Not on departmental files. Prying eyes. Offline, she kept a more detailed accounting.
Ressler: Did you see those files?
Farwell: Yes. And I told the investigating officers about them, but they showed no interest, which is why I’m relieved to see you guys. Someone’s got to police the police.
Samar: We’d appreciate you letting us into her apartment so we can access her personal server.
Farwell: I’ll do one better. I’ll tell you her password. She shared it with me so I could keep up to date. It’s “Frank Sturgeon”.
Samar: Who’s Frank Sturgeon?
Farwell: She never said. Maybe the one who got away.

Samar: There’s no record of a Frank Sturgeon on file. Do you think it’s an alias? Ressler?

Ressler: FBI. We’re here to search Detective Perez’s apartment.
Samar: Ressler.
Ressler: Did you check the bedroom?
Samar: What’s going on? You didn’t say a word on the way over here.
Ressler: We’re looking for a cop-killer.
Samar: Is that it?
Ressler: What else would it be?
Samar: I don’t know. That’s why I’m asking you.
Ressler: Can you check the bedroom? Please?
[ Samar leaves ]
[ Ressler opens Perez’s desk. He finds a tablet and keys in the password ]
[ There are a number of file names listed, including “Donald Ressler.” He selects the file, then selects a recording ]

Audio recording:
Look, this is Detective Perez with Internal Affairs.
Whoever this is–
Ressler: I can’t arrest you, but I can kill you. Which is what I’m gonna do if you ever ever get in touch with me again.

Ressler: Yeah?
Red: Hello, Donald. I think it’s time for us to have a little chat.

[ Harold Cooper’s office. Knock on door. Samar enters ]
Cooper: I understand we’re nowhere on the hit-and-run?
Samar: Not yet. Can we talk about Ressler?
Cooper: Of course.
Samar: The way he acted at Union Station, um, his behavior at Detective Perez’s apartment – I can’t put my finger on it, but he seems–
Cooper: Unsteady.
Samar: You’ve noticed?
Cooper: I have. He seems, uh, preoccupied.
Samar: He won’t talk to me.
Cooper: I’ll speak with him. Ask him to come up.
Samar: He’s not here.
Cooper: Oh? Where is he?
Samar: He got a phone call and ran out of Detective Perez’s apartment. I have no idea why.
Cooper: Take Agent Mojtabai. Find the judge. I want to know why she lied and who she’s covering for.
Samar: I’m worried about him.
Cooper: So am I.

Ressler: How did you know about Prescott?
Red: I made it my business to know.
Ressler: Did you make it your business to know his real name? ‘Cause that would come in real handy right about now.
Red: Why, so you can kill him?
Ressler: How does The Informant fit into this?
Red: The Informant is a client of Prescott’s. You’re Prescott’s fixer. I put you on to The Informant so Prescott would ask you to get off.
Ressler: Why would you do that?
Red: As a test. See how far down the rabbit hole you’d fallen. Good news is, you passed. Prescott asked you to look the other way, and you didn’t.
Ressler: Because of that, he’s going to destroy me. Thanks for nothing.
Red: I thought we’d pay Bishop’s make-believe girlfriend a visit.
Ressler: The judge? Well, she knows I’m an agent. We can’t go in together.
Red: As long as you play dirty cop, we’ll be fine. Under the circumstances, I think you can manage that, can’t you?
Ressler: [ SIGHS ]

Judge Sonia Fisher: Who is it?
Ressler: Agent Donald Ressler. I have a few follow-up questions.
Judge Fisher: I have nothing else to say to you.
Red: Judge Fisher, I’m Raymond Reddington. Let me begin by saying I’m a great fan. You incarcerated three of my fiercest competitors. It may come as a surprise, but I appreciate a good law-and-order judge.
Judge Fisher: What is this all about, Agent Ressler?
Ressler: Well, Reddington and I, we, uh have an arrangement, like you and Prescott.
Judge Fisher: I-I don’t know anything about–
Red: I know a man who gets people to talk in the most ingenious ways, utilizing the most unlikely tools for his trade – animals, insects, a well-placed cork. Unfortunately, times being what they are, my associate has taken a job working on an ostrich farm outside of Texarkana. But to get the truth out of a judge, I’m sure he’d come out of retirement.
Ressler: We know Detective Perez was murdered to cover up police corruption and that Prescott got you to lie about what you saw in order to protect her killer.
Judge Fisher: That’s ridiculous.
Ressler: The FBI is on its way right now to arrest you as an accessory after the fact of the murder of a cop.
Judge Fisher: I told the truth.
Ressler: Well, Bishop’s already in custody. See, he confessed. Cut a deal to testify against you.
Red: Speaking of deals, here’s mine. I need to talk to Prescott, and given my relationship with Donald, he’s no longer taking my calls. Tell me how to find him, and I’ll arrange safe passage for you out of the country to the city of your choosing. Might I suggest Montevideo? No better way to forget one’s troubles than a night at the opera at the Teatro Solis.
Judge Fisher: Were you honest once? 🔘 (See Note)
Red: I’m almost always honest.
Judge Fisher: Decent, then? Moral? I was all of those things once. Then, my 17-year-old son assaulted a woman and suddenly, I wasn’t. A parent from his class – he was an attorney – called to say my son was in custody, and the young woman was on the way to the hospital to have a rape kit administered, and – did I want the whole thing to disappear?
Ressler: The attorney said that?
Judge Fisher: The next day, the rape kit vanished. I didn’t ask him to do it, but I didn’t make him put it back. Without it, the charges were withdrawn.
Ressler: And you were in his debt.
Judge Fisher: Six months alter, he made his first request.
Ressler: The attorney did? What’s his name?
Judge Fisher: Mitchell Hatley. I suppressed evidence, I let the guilty walk free. How can I forgive myself?
Ressler: I don’t know.
Judge Fisher: I’m gonna get my coat.
Red: Forgiveness doesn’t mean accepting what you’ve done, Donald. It means understanding that the line dividing good and evil cuts through the hearts of all of us. ♤
[ Woman screams at a distance ]
[ Ressler runs into the bedroom. The window is open. Stories below, Judge Fisher’s body is splayed out on the concrete ] [ Police vehicles, including Samar and Aram’s, pull up ]
[ SIREN WAILS ] [ CHATTER ] [ Aram looks up. Curtains fly out of Judge Fisher’s apartment ]
— Police.
— FBI.
— Please step back.
— Stand back.
— Please move away.
— Just out of nowhere.
— Watch the street.
— Yeah.
— Can I get you to stand back here, please?

[ A group of parents and kids are playing touch football. Henry Prescott (real name Mitchell Hatley) is among them. Red is in his car with Ressler, parked some distance away ]
Ressler: I never thanked you for what you did after Audrey died.
Red: You were preoccupied.
Ressler: I was crazed. And convinced I should kill the man who shot her. Do you remember what you told me to do?
Red: I told you to go home. You didn’t.
Ressler: You said that once you cross over, there are things in the darkness that can keep your heart from ever feeling the light again. I didn’t go home, but I never crossed over. I never thanked you for that.
Red: Nor should you. Your circumspection afforded me the opportunity to take care of Audrey’s killer myself. It was a win-win.
Ressler: I didn’t want Prescott’s real name so that I could kill him. I wanted it so I could arrest him.
Red: He goes to prison, so will you.
Ressler: I know, but I’m in the darkness, and doing the right thing is the only way I’ll ever feel the light again.

Ressler: [ Walking up ] Hey, there. Wow. Looks like a fun time. Sorry to interrupt.
A parent: Can we help you?
Ressler: No, you’re good. This will just take a minute.
Janet Hatley: What’s going on?
Prescott/Hatley: What are you doing here, Frank?
Parent: I-I’m sorry, who are you?
Janet: Do you know this man, Mitchell?
Ressler: You must be the wife.
Janet: Janet.
Ressler: ­Janet, right. Well, I’m sorry, Janet, but your husband’s been lying to you for a very long time.
Janet: [ SCOFFS ]
Parent: Oh, whatever this is, whoever you are, we’re just trying to have–
Ressler: Special Agent Donald Ressler, FBI. Mitchell Hatley, I’m here to place you under arrest.
Prescott/Hatley: Arrest for what? This is insane. That is a terrible, terrible idea.
Ressler: I know it is.
[ Prescott/Hatley pushes Ressler down, then runs ]
Ressler: Ah!
[ Ressler chases after Prescott/Hatley, dodging cars ] [ TIRES SCREECH ]
Ressler: [ To bystander ] Get back inside!
[ ENGINE REVS ] [ TIRES SCREECH ] [ Red’s car drives up; Red opens the back door knocking Prescott/Hatley to the ground ] [ Red and Dembe get out ]
[ Prescott/Hatley is on his back on the street, his mouth bleeding. Ressler stands over him with his gun pointing ]
Prescott/Hatley: [ Panting ] Go ahead, Agent Ressler. Pull the trigger. If you don’t, we both go to jail. Come on! [ Taunting ] Do it! [ Laughing ]
Red: [ Sternly ] Donald.
[ Donald puts away his gun and handcuffs Prescott/Hatley ]
[ Red gets in the car with Dembe and it leaves the scene ] ENGINE REVS ]

[ Bobby Navarro sits at a table drinking beer and running bills through a bundling machine ]
[ KNOCK ON DOOR ] [ Navarro looks out, sees Pee-Wee ]
Navarro: What the hell are you doing here?
Pee-Wee: Open up.
[ LOCK CLICKS ] [ Door opens. Liz was holding up her cell phone with a video of Pee-Wee to the peephole ] [ Liz points her gun at Navarro ]
Liz: Remember me? Pee-Wee sends his regards.
[ DOOR SLAMS ] [ Liz hands handcuffs to Navarro ]
Liz: Put ’em on.
[ Liz ejects the clip from Navarro’s gun ]

[ Gracie and Rachel’s ♪ “UpsideDown” plays ]>

♪ The back of my head and the front of my tongue

[ Cooper’s Office ] [ Ressler taps on the door, then enters ]
Ressler: Got a minute?
Cooper: Agent Ressler, please sit.
Ressler: There’s something I need to talk to you about.
Cooper: It’ll have to wait.
Ressler: I’m afraid it can’t.
Cooper: There’s been an incident. I got a call from the Bureau of Prisons. There was an accident involving the transport vehicle moving Prescott. The transport was struck by an unknown assailant. We assume one of Prescott’s many friends felt he’d been compromised and didn’t want to see him make it to court. The drivers they somehow managed to escape. But Prescott – Prescott wasn’t so lucky.

[ Prescott is chained inside an overturned prisons transport vehicle. Gasoline is dripping on him ]
[ Red peers inside the the vehicle ]
Red: My good friend Donald Ressler sends his regards.
[ Red lights a match, tosses it into the van ~ 💥🔥💥 EXPLOSION 💥🔥💥 ]
Prescott/Hatley: Aah, aah! [ SCREAMING ]

♪ And it’s not like me, it’s not like me
I’m begging please, I’m begging please


Cooper: As much as it pains me that Prescott won’t have his day in court, the records we’ve recovered will help us prosecute dozens of his clients.

♪ But how many times can I repeat?
Before they start

[ Ressler hands Cooper an envelope ]
Cooper: What’s this?

♪ To see right through me

Ressler: A signed confession.
Cooper: I don’t accept.
Ressler: Why not?
Cooper: When Prescott’s files came in, I thought maybe your name would be inside. It wasn’t.
Ressler: Well, it should have been. What happened with Prescott, the missing file – Reddington did that to protect me. It’s not right. I- I’m not okay with it. I think that you deserve truth.
Cooper: I know what’s inside this letter. Maybe not all the details, but I can guess. Like I can guess how sick you’re feeling inside. I’m not interested in your feelings, Agent Ressler. I’m not interested in what you want. None of us ­are the people that we were before this task force started – before Reddington.
[ Cooper puts Ressler’s envelope inside his suit jacket ]

♪ But I’m so good at faking charm

Cooper: So, I’m going to hold on to this letter with the expectation that I’ll find you at your desk ­first thing tomorrow morning and every morning after that, ready to do your job until the work of this task force is finished. Then, and only then, will I send this letter through the proper channels.
[ Cooper reaches into a drawer and pulls out an envelope which he hands to Ressler ]
Cooper: And I expect you to do the same for me.

[ Dembe escorts Ressler inside ]
Red: I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, Donald, but we’ve been seeing an awful lot of each other.
Ressler: I made it perfectly clear I wanted Prescott to go to jail. You had him killed! ­
Red: I did.
Ressler: I never asked for your help.
Red: With all due respect, I didn’t kill Henry Prescott to protect you. I killed him to protect myself. The man knew the nature of my relationship with the FBI, and I couldn’t risk that information coming to light in a public trial.
Ressler: And my file? You had it removed from Prescott’s records before they were taken into custody. Well, I won’t trade being under his thumb for being under yours.
Red: Sins should be buried like the dead. Not that they may be forgotten, but that we may remember them and find our way forward nonetheless. I hope this will help you do just that. Besides, after today, I’d have no reason to think you’d respond to threats, and blackmail is such a nasty business, particularly among friends, don’t you think?
[ Ressler leaves, grabbing a large full bottle of Scotch from the bar as he walks by ]

Episode 5:10 Highlight: Sins should be buried (1min 25secs)

Liz: There was a man at my house the night you killed my husband. He had a Damascus knife. Who was he?
Navarro: I can’t remember.
Liz: Hmm.
[ Liz hits him across the face with her pistol ]
Liz: [ Shows a photo of Nik ] What about him? His name was Nik Korpal. My husband was helping him – helping him with something that got them both killed. Then him [ photo of Pete ] – then her [ photo of Lena ].
Navarro: You don’t get it. That guy Nik –
Liz: What about him?
Navarro: Your man wasn’t helping Nik. Nik was helping your man.
Liz: Nik was helping Tom. With what?
Navarro: I can’t – If they ever found out, I would –
[ Liz leans in. Navarro jumps her. He manages to deflect her gun which goes off twice 💥💥 then gets kicked away. They fight. Navarro gets Liz in a choke hold ]

[ Liz flashes back to the fight in her home and clasping hands with Tom ]

[ Liz makes choking sounds, then slumps. Navarro loosens his grip on her. But Liz was only feigning unconsciousness. She punches his chin, grabs his hair and slams Navarro against the glass-topped coffee table ⚡️⚡️shattering it. Navarro becomes still. Liz stands up slowly. Blood pours out of Navarro’s jugular where his neck has been stabbed with a stiletto blade ]
Liz: [ Panting ] Okay. This is Okay.

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༺✦ ♤ ✦༻


Episode Songs


♫ Nightlife

By Alexis Smith, Joe Henson and Oliver Dalston

(Lyrics unavailable as of 1/12/2018)

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/^
YouTube: https://youtu.be/pGLnPCoMHvQ


♫ Upside Down
By Gracie and Rachel

♪ The back of my head and the front of my tongue
Got me feeling so damn young
And I don’t know where it’s coming from
All I know is it’s just begun

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh, ooh

♪ And it’s not like me, it’s not like me
I’m begging please, I’m begging please
♪ But how many times can I repeat
Before they start to see right through me

♪ Upside down, upside down

♪ Eee, eee, eee
Eee, eee, eee

♪ So open me up and tear me apart
’Cause I don’t wanna hold this heart
And I mean well, don’t mean no harm
But I’m so good at faking charm

♪ Upside down

♪ And I’m runnin’, and I’m runnin’, and I’m runnin’ away
And I’m runnin’, and I’m runnin’ only to stay
I’m runnin’ out of this old place
Running for my saving grace

♪ Upside down, upside down
Upside down, upside down

♪ Eee, eee, eee
Eee, eee, eee
Eee, eee, eee
Eee, eee, eee

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2qWV7i6
YouTube: https://youtu.be/dFxph4LZN1E

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❌❌❌ End 5:10 Informant


༺ ✿⊰ ♤ ⊱✿༻


🔴 Script: 5:11 Abraham Stern (№ 💯)

Program air date: 1/17/2018 in the US
Full Script Permalink: http://wp.me/pDKwi-6X1
Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/2DmQse8

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Andrew McCarthy
Teleplay by: Jon Bokenkamp, John Eisendrath
Story by: Dave Metzger, Jon Bokenkamp, John Eisendrath



⭕ Script 5:11 Abraham Stern (№ 100)

Brief: With a new sense of self-confidence, Liz is driven by the single-minded determination to find Tom’s killers. Working outside of the Task Force, she has none-the-less gained access to the case files on the attack and, also relying on her memories of the attack, has set up her apartment as a crime scene with an ad hoc evidence board. Following a tip given her by a police detective assigned to the case, she found her way to Bobby Navarro, Ian Garvey’s lead henchman, who refused to identify Garvey whom Liz has dubbed “Damascus” based on her memory of the type of knife Garvey used to kill Tom. Navarro did tell Liz “Your man wasn’t helping Nik. Nik was helping your man.” When Liz asked “With what?” Navarro attacked her and Liz ended up killing him. Meanwhile, Red has freed Ressler from Henry Prescott, the dirty “fixer” who had blackmailed Ressler over his knowledge that Ressler was involved in the altercation that led to the death of former National Security Advisor Laurel Hitchin. Ressler tried to turn over a signed confession to Cooper about the incident, but Cooper refused to read it. Instead, he put it in a drawer and handed a similar envelope to Ressler, declaring they should pass on their contents to The Powers That Be – but only after the work of the Task Force was completed: “None of us ­are the people that we were before this task force started – before Reddington.”

[ Dembe drives Red in his Mercedes ] [ Red is holding the rare Lincoln penny he got from Greyson Blaise ]
Red: I haven’t felt this giddy since Herbie Hunnicutt and I pooled our box tops and sent away for the decoder ring and periscope. Why is that? What is this feeling?
Dembe: You love treasures, Raymond.
Red: And you don’t? Of course, you do. Everyone loves hidden treasures – Yamashita’s Gold, the Oak Island Money Pit. Hell, even DB Cooper, which was more of a mystery and less of a treasure hunt, really.
Dembe: That’s what you love – the mystery.
Red: Mystery? You know why?
Dembe: Robert Louis Stevenson.
Red: Yes! Edgar Allan Poe. “The Gold Bug.” Oh, what a story. It has everything – a delirious search for treasure, the descent into madness, along with ciphers and bugs, a skull nailed to a tree. What a yarn! If he actually has the locations of the other coins, this could be a massive discovery.
[ TIRES SCREECH ] [ A truck crashes into Red’s car 💥‼️💥 leaving it upside down, throwing the penny free. Red appears stunned, with a bloody nose. Goons get out of the truck; so does Abraham Stern. He retrieves penny from the pavement ]
Abraham Stern: Thank you, gentlemen. You may go. We got what I came for.
[ He tosses the penny up in the air, catches it ]

[ Liz is at Bobby Navarro’s apartment. She groans, removes a shard of glass from her abdomen, stanching the blood with a rag. She gets cleaning solutions from under the sink. She zips Navarro’s body into a black bag. She sweeps up broken glass, scrubs the blood from the carpet. She again uses the rag to stop her bleeding ]
Officer #1: Robert Navarro, MPD. We need you to open the door, please.
Officer #2: Let’s go, Bobby, open up.
Officer #1: We’re here with the super. We’re coming in, you hear?
[ Liz stuffs the bloody rag into the sink, then ducks into a closet ] [ Police enter ]
Super: Guy’s constantly got people coming and going. Music all night.
Officer #2: Sir, if could you step outside.
Super: I ain’t waiting outside. I know the rules. What’d he do? Drugs? It’s drugs, right?
Officer #2: Apartment’s clear.
Super: You find something wrong, you gotta tell me. That’s how it works.

Police comms: Central to 8637, what’s your status?

Officer #1: 8637 to Central. Domestic disturbance on Fernwick. Mark it unfounded.

Police comms: Copy, 8637. We have a 10-33 in your sector. Requesting backup.

[ Police leave; Super follows ]
Super: All right. We’re good, right? I don’t want no problems with the cops.
[ Liz comes out of the closet ]

[ Cooper’s office ]
Cooper: You were robbed? [ Laughs ] You?
Red: I’m glad my misfortune amuses you.
Copper: It’s just the, uh – irony caught me by surprise. Okay. So –
Red: The very rare 1943 Lincoln penny that I liberated from Grayson Blaise was stolen. The thief knew where to find me. He knew I had it. Now he has it. And I need a little help to get it back.
Cooper: You fooled us once into helping you acquire that penny. I think we’ll pass on helping you reacquire it.
Red: The man we’re looking for – this man is on a quest.
[ At a bank ]
Abraham Stern: Fantastic news. The loan committee approved an extension. This is a new payment schedule should keep you from defaulting and allow you to repair your truck. I hear there was an accident.
Red: He has killed in service of it, and unless we stop him, he will kill again. Care to hear more?

[ Red briefs the Task Force ]
Red: In recent years, Federal Reserve Notes issued in the 1930s have turned up in Manila and Singapore.
Ressler: [ Reads from bill projected above ] “The United States of America will pay to the bearer on demand $100,000.” How many of these notes are floating around?
Red: None, according to your government. It denies issuing any such notes and insists the few that have turned up are counterfeit.
Samar: I thought this was about your penny.
Red: It is because without the pennies, we will never find the notes or the man who’s killing to get them.
Abraham Stern: This is never easy but your P&L statements are not promising. I’m afraid we have no choice but to foreclose.
Frank Dobbs: Please. I’ll do anything.
Aram: “Pennies” – wasn’t there only one?
Red: No, there are four. Bronze, minted in 1943.
Cooper: Before stealing it, you were willing to spend $3 million of our money to buy one of the pennies at auction.
Red: Collectors value them because they believe they were minted in error – bronze one-offs when every other penny was made of copper. But what collectors don’t know, what makes them truly valuable, is not that they were a mistake, but that there is a code put there by the man who minted them – a map to a vast fortune.
Aram: The lost Federal Reserve Notes that Treasury claims it never made.
Red: Finding the long-lost notes is a quest for the financial holy grail. Hundreds of millions of dollars, redeemable upon request.
Ressler: And the man who attacked you knew this?
Red: Aram, if you would.
Aram: Three security guards murdered at the Sharjah Museum in Dubai, an Italian art collector dies when his home is consumed by a fire set by an unknown arsonist, and just last night, an antiques dealer murdered in Georgetown.
Red: After informing our Blacklister that I’d arranged to meet with him. That’s how he got the where and the when, and he used that intel to ambush me.
Cooper: Three incidents, presumably only three pennies That leaves him one short.
Abraham Stern: You were once an insurance investigator. Funny I have a personal situation involving a rare coin. Perhaps we could help each other.
Samar: Any indication he knows where this last penny is?
Red: No, and if he gets it, he gets the code and the treasure, which means we need to locate that penny before he does.
Cooper: Our only interest is in stopping this guy. The treasure’s not our concern.
Red: Oh, don’t be such a spoilsport. This could be such fun! Where’s your sense of adventure?
Aram: I think it sounds like fun.
Red: Thank you, Aram. That’s the spirit. Harold, you could learn a thing or two from your subordinates.

[ The Gabor Museum ]
Woman: Mr Church, these are the men I was telling you about from the insurance company.
Frank Dobbs: Frank Dobbs. Fairbanks & Hienz. We underwrite rare collectibles. And, uh, this is our num uh, numis- numistatic–
Abraham Stern: [ British accent ] Numismatic expert, Ben Farber. I was here last when you mounted the Eliasberg Collection.
Patrick Church: Yes, well, uh Patrick Church, Collections Manager. I understand this is a matter of some urgency.
Stern: It’s about the Lincoln penny you have on display. Is there somewhere we could speak privately?

Officer #1: Like I said, we got the call, super let us take a look around, no sign of any problems.
Detective Singleton: And it was clean? Just like this?
Officer #2: Just like this.
Singleton: It’s too clean.
Singleton: Wyman, hey. Singleton. That’s right. Don’t worry about that. The warrant’s in the works as we speak. I need a team here now. I want you to tear this place apart.

Aram: Okay. Check this out. I think I may have located the fourth penny. All right, after the coins were minted, they disappeared for about 30 years. No record of them anywhere. But then, in 1975, they started to appear at auctions. The missing penny was last sold in 1984, and, according to the bill of sale, the man who bought it passed away two years ago.
Ressler: But did he have it when he died?
Aram: Yes, and it was included in an extensive art collection that he left to the University of Pennsylvania.
Samar: So, they have the coin?
Aram: Yes and no. I spoke to the head of donations at the university, and she says the coin is on loan at the Gabor Museum.
Cooper: Ressler and Navabi, get to the museum. Find out what they know.

Patrick Church: How did you become aware of this?
Abraham Stern: A German auction house sold a cast fake of a litra from Sicily. We have reason to believe that forger duplicated the 1943 coin you have on loan. If so, you may be able to help us solve a case that would eclipse the Ready electrotypes sold by the British Museum.
Church: Can that even be possible?
Frank Dobbs: These people well, they’re very skilled.
Church: But the estate provided us with authentication. If what you’re saying is true, should we be filing a fraud claim?
Stern: Let’s take this one step at a time. Is the coin here? Might I be able to see it?
Church: Of course. Uh, Amber.

[ Kurt Vile’s ♪ “Life Like This” plays ]
[ Navarro’s apartment ] [ CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKING ]
Singleton: I want prints run on everything, from the floorboards to the light bulbs. If this place was cleaned, I wanna know how. What chemicals? What kind of rags were used? Check every surface from the floorboards to the light bulbs because someone was here and I wanna know who.

♪ Wanna live, wanna live
Live a life like mine
Well I been doin’ it, baby all the time
To do so you gotta roll with the punches
Jump from the sweetest to the toughest of tough love

♪ Maybe you think I’m a talking tube … yeah

[ Liz shows up at the Post Office ] [ Aram comes up and gives her a hug ]
Aram: Agent Keen. Please, uh– Please tell me you’re back. Obviously, you’re here, so you’re back, but are you back or just here?
Liz: I’ve missed you, too.
Aram: Mr. Reddington has us working on this insane treasure hunt–
Liz: That sounds amazing.
Aram: No, do you remember that penny that he got in that elaborate scheme–
Liz: I’m actually just here to get something out of the files.

♪ Maybe you don’t hear me talking strange

[ Navarro’s apartment ]
Singleton: Hey, what’s that?
[ A tech holds up a bloody rag ]

[ Liz goes through the case files, pulls out the file for Stanley Kornish “The Stewmaker” (Blacklister #161) and begins photographing pages from the file, including those describing the chemicals he used to dissolve bodies ]

♪ Well it’s up and down and out of sight
Do you got what it takes?
Well, I think you might

♪ Wanna live, wanna live
A life like mine
Well I been doin’ it, baby all the time
To do so you gotta roll with the punches
Jump from the sweetest to the toughest of tough love

♪ Maybe you don’t hear me talking strange–

Aram: You need to come back.
Liz: [ GASPS ] [ Drops the file ]
Aram: I’m [ CHUCKLING ] so sorry. That’s my fault. I didn’t–
Liz: I got it.
[ Aram helps Liz pick up the papers ]
Aram: I, uh– Okay. You know, it’d be a distraction.
Liz: Distraction?
Aram: From looking for Tom’s killers.
Liz: I don’t really see hunting Blacklisters lightening my emotional load.
Aram: Mr. Reddington’s penny– There are four of them. Now, the Blacklister has three out of the four of them, and Agents Ressler and Navabi are en route to the Gabor Museum to find the fourth one.
Liz: I hear it’s going well with Agent Navabi.
Aram: Talk about a distraction. [ CHUCKLES ]
Liz: I’m here. Not back.
Liz: Detective Singleton. What do I owe the pleasure?

[ Detective Singleton’s office ]
Singleton: Robert Navarro.
Liz: What about him?
Singleton: Last we spoke, I was under the distinct impression that you were looking for him.
Liz: And I got the impression you didn’t want me to.
Singleton: So you didn’t, even though you believe that he works for the man that killed your husband?
Liz: I don’t believe. I know.
Singleton: There was a report of a domestic disturbance at Navarro’s place. By the time we got there, his apartment was cleaned, Navarro was gone.
Liz: You think I murdered the one person who could ID my husband’s killer?
Singleton: Did you?
Liz: I’m the last person in the world who would want Navarro dead. Now if there is nothing more–
Singleton: There isn’t. Not until we receive results back from the lab.
Liz: Results?
Singleton: From the bloody rag we found in Navarro’s apartment. Whoever did kill him left it behind.

Church: What do you think?
Stern: I wouldn’t want to say.
Church: You don’t think it’s a fake?
Stern: I’d want Chandler at the INA to look at this, run some tests.
Church: So, it’s a fake. Amber, have security take the piece to the safe. Ruben, you need to notify the board and pull the chain of ownership.
Amber: Excuse us for a moment.
Church: [ Rising ] Gentlemen.
[ Museum officials leave ]
Dobbs: What’s going on?
Stern: Relax.
Dobbs: What do you mean relax? You know why they’re here.

[ Lobby of museum ]
Ressler: Excuse me. Agents Ressler and Navabi, FBI. What’s going on?
Amber: Well, it seems we have a situation – about a piece in our collection.
Samar: The Lincoln penny?
Amber: Yes, how did you –
Ressler: Who told you about this?
Church: We were notified by our insurance company, their investigator. His numismatic expert is in my office.
Ressler: I’m gonna need you to pull the security feeds.
Samar: The expert – can you take us to him?

[ Abraham Stern pulls an Emergency Alarm ] [ ALARM RINGING ]

Announcement: Please make your way safely to the exits – as quickly as possible.

[ People begin to leave the building. Stern and Dobbs blend into the crowd ]
Ressler: Your offices.
Man: Uh, top of those stairs, uh, make a left.

Announcement: Please make your way safely to the exits as quickly as possible. Please make your way safely to the exits as quickly as possible. Please make your way safely to the exits

[ The Suuns’ ♪ “Up Past The Nursery” plays ]
[ Liz evokes her inner Stewmaker and preps a motel room as Stanley Kornish had done, while the same music plays. She drags the body inside, covers the motel room with plastic sheeting, washes in Betadine. She loads Navarro’s body into a heart-shaped tub then, wearing a gas mask, pours gallons of chemicals into the tub ]

♪ Do what with which you can’t explain
Or what you’ve never seen
Take your ship, you own the ship
Your ship that’s coming in
Do what you can’t, you can’t, you can’t
You can’t, you can’t you get it in?
Do what you can’t, you can’t, you can’t
You can’t, you take it in

♪ Do what with which you can’t explain
Or what you’ve never seen
Take your ship, you own the ship
Your ship that’s coming in
Do what you can’t, you can’t, you can’t
You can’t, you can’t you get it in?
Do what you can’t, you can’t, you can’t
You can’t, you take it in

♪ Do what you know you’ve never been
It’s really just a shame
What you can and know it
Everyone is all the same
If you can’t get back again
You can change the way it is
And what you can’t and where and all
You think will begins

♪ Ohh, ohh, ohh, ohh, ohh, ooh, ooh
Ohh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh

Red: [ On phone ] You don’t have the penny?
Cooper: Nor the Blacklister.
Red: But it was there?
Cooper: MPD booked the penny into evidence. They won’t let us check it out without a court order.
Red: MPD was there before you?
Cooper: They received a tip that the coin was going to be stolen.
Red: A tip from whom?
Cooper: Anonymous. MPD pulled a print off the coin book. With luck, it will help us get an ID on the thief.
Red: The thief is your concern, Harold. Retrieving that penny is mine.
Cooper: The FBI is not going to help you break into a police evidence vault.
Red: No, I wouldn’t think so, Harold. [ Hangs up. To Dembe: ] Let’s go to Elizabeth’s.

[ Liz is mixing the tub with Navarro’s body stewing in the bath of chemicals when her phone vibrates. She picks it up and sits down ]
Red: I’ve been looking for you.
Liz: Aram told me the penny from Lake Como is actually a treasure map. Do I have that right? Are you on some insane treasure hunt?
Red: [ Looking at the ad hoc evidence board in Liz’s living room ] Apparently, I’m not the only one.
Liz: He also thought a hunt would be a good distraction for me. I said “No,” but to tell you the truth, I could use a bit of a distraction right about now. He said you were looking for me. I hope it’s to help.
Red: I’ve cautioned you that in your pursuit of Tom’s killer, you need to restrain your darker impulses.
Liz: Which I’ve done, mostly – more or less.
Red: The help I need violates the spirit of that advice. I wouldn’t even ask for it if it wasn’t critical.
Liz: The answer is “Yes.”
Red: You haven’t even heard the question.
Liz: You’re my father. You need my help. It’s not like you’re gonna ask me to get rid of a body or anything.
Red: As a result of an anonymous tip, the MPD has the penny. I could use your help to get it back.
Liz: Well, if it’s evidence from a crime scene, they keep it downtown in the evidence vault.
Red: Which Harold has shown no inclination to access on my behalf.
Liz: They also keep evidence from class 3 felonies rape, robbery, and homicide.
Red: Tom’s evidence.
Liz: Yes. Now, I don’t have my badge anymore, so maybe the best way to get your penny out is for me to put evidence from that case in.
Red: Do you have any?
Liz: No, but I can make some.

[ Detective Singleton’s office ] [ KNOCK ON DOOR ]
Liz: Any word from the lab?
Singleton: You excited or worried?
Liz: Appreciative of what you’re doing.
Singleton: The rag wasn’t booked into evidence until after the morning pickup. Lab won’t get it until tomorrow.
Liz: I know you think I’m standing in your way. I’m not trying to. I hope this helps you see that.
I, uh, finally got the courage to go through Tom’s things, and I found this in his jacket pocket. [ Liz hands Singleton a digital phone ] It’s locked, and I don’t have the passcode, but maybe one of your techs can pull the records, and it might give you a lead.

[ Liz and Red are in the back of Red’s car looking at a computer screen with Dembe ]
Liz: Anything yet?
Dembe: No.
Red: Remind me again what it is that we think we’re doing here.
Liz: The phone acts as a passive packet sniffer. It’s a trick Tom taught me.
Red: Packet sniffer? Ugh.
Liz: The FBI uses them. I’m sure your tech people know all about them. It can intercept and log traffic that passes over a digital network.
Red: It is an absolute mystery to me how these gadgets work – the Dick Tracey phones, these blueteeth connections. Quite frankly, I miss the rotary phone. Except for that zero. Watching that zero crawl back. Oh, my God. It was painful.
Dembe: We have the code.
Liz: Great. Now all we have to do is figure out how to get inside.

Cooper: The lab got an ID from the print on the coin book. Abraham Stern.
Aram: Stern, Abraham J. He’s a loan officer at the Republic Commerce Bank in Manhattan.
Frank Dobbs: I don’t understand. I did everything you asked.
Stern: Yes, and you did marvelously.
Aram: If you’re upside down on your loan, Stern tries to work out a new payment schedule.
Stern: But sadly, now the police are involved.
Aram: The linen truck that hit Mr. Reddington’s car that company is a client of Stern’s bank, and the insurance investigator that paid a visit to the Gabor Museum, he’s also a client risking foreclosure.
Samar: So, he threatens bankruptcy unless you help him commit crimes?
Cooper: Ressler, Navabi, get to the bank, find him, and bring him in.
Dobbs: I won’t say anything.
Stern: I’m terribly sorry. I couldn’t possibly take that chance.
[ Stern shoots 💥 Dobbs ]

[ Metro Police Station ]
Liz: Hey, thanks again for doing this.
Glen Carter: Okay, let’s just be clear about one thing. This is no favor. This is a J-O-B. The check, as they say, better be in the mail.
Liz: Yes, I told you twice already. Why are you stalling?
Glen: I don’t like pills. [ He takes a pill ]
Liz: You’ll be fine. You got your ID on you, right? Okay, I will meet you at the hospital.
Glen: Tell you the truth, I’m sort of looking forward to getting out of the house. I need some time away from Mom. That hospital’s gonna be like a five-star resort – three squares and a remote, juice with a bendy straw. Between you, me, and the vending machine, I’ve also had a fantasy about a nurse handling my –
Liz: Oh!
Glen: [ GROANS ]
Liz: Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Something’s wrong!
[ People come running ]
Liz: He came up to me at the vending machine. He said he was short of breath. Is he gonna be okay?
— He’s having a heart attack. Call an ambulance.
— You have any aspirin? Isn’t he supposed to take aspirin?
Liz: [ STAMMERS ] Maybe in my purse!
[ Liz ducks out ] [ KEYPAD BEEPING ] [ KEYPAD CHIRPS ]
[ Liz gets into the evidence rooms, finds the right box and takes out the plastic envelope with the penny. She stuffs it in her pocket ]
[ Glen GROANS ]
— You’re gonna be all right.
[ Liz reappears ]
Liz: I found the aspirin. Does he need it? Is he gonna be okay?
[ Glen is wheeled out ]

Cooper: [ On phone ] You stole the penny.
Red: We discussed this. Your interest is in Stern. My interest is in this treasure.
Cooper: Which you can’t get to without the pennies in his possession, which means you’re looking for him, too.
Red: Harold, always a pleasure.
Cooper: We raided the bank he works at and his home. Stern’s in the wind, but he’ll come out for that penny.
Red: Yes, I believe he will.
Cooper: You cut a deal.
Red: No, but I hope to.

[ Red and Dembe arrive at a large garage. Abraham Stern is there with several armed guards ]
Red: Okay. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.
Stern: Mr. Reddington. Once the Professor decodes the cipher, what guarantee do I have you won’t double-cross me?
Red: You seem quite capable of guaranteeing your own safety.
Stern: Nevertheless, I need some kind of assurance.
Red: Fine. Sentiment. This is your inheritance. I wouldn’t dream of taking more than 50%.
Stern: You have one penny. I have three. 75%/25%.
Red: Sentiment only goes so far.
Stern: So, how do you know about my father?
Red: Do we have a deal or not?

[ Seated, at a table and chairs in the garage ]
Red: Other than secreting away a fortune and hiding its whereabouts in the pennies he minted, I know curiously little about your father. Usually the person who creates a legend becomes legendary. Why not him?
Stern: My father was a little man with big dreams. He worked for the Treasury Department in Denver, started out as an apprentice. His goal was to become a master engraver. But then–
Red: Then the Federal Reserve Notes went missing.
Stern: He had access, so he was a suspect, but was never charged. They punished him anyway. Demoted him to the maintenance staff, gave him a little office in the boiler room. He worked weekends, holidays, sometimes he slept on a cot down there. Then, in ’43, the Mint made security upgrades.
Red: The same year he put the cipher on the coins.
Stern: Within the year, he was let go. My father spent the rest of his life living in the shadow of a crime nobody could prove he committed. He died a broken man. Penniless.
Red: A lowly maintenance worker, and yet, what he did is legendary.
Stern: What he allegedly did. Sometimes I wonder if that’s all there is – a legend.
Red: If the pennies hold the secret to your inheritance, why didn’t your father give them to you?
Stern: He did, in his will. But at the time, I was a snot-nosed 16-year-old, and to me, he was a failure who’d been accused of a crime he had nothing to show for. So I spent them on candy – four fireballs.
Red: – Whoops.
Stern: The next month, his executor gave me a letter my father had left for me. That’s when I learned that the pennies were the key to a great treasure.
Red: And you spent the past 40 years looking for it.
Stern: I’ve lied, I’ve cheated. I’ve killed in pursuit of it. I believe my father was a criminal, and I assume he left me the pennies so I wouldn’t become one.
Red: And yet, here you are.
Stern: The apple never falls very far. Does it?

[ Liz uses a plunger to force the remnants of Bobby Navarro down the bathtub drain. She encounters a solid object which she removes and examines – an artificial eye. She finds a way to open it. Inside are blinking electronics ]

[ Stern has brought an expert with him. He shows projected images of the four coins ]
Professor: Coins are a topographical map depicting a specific set of geoinformatics. Look at this. Lincoln’s face isn’t a face at all, but a topographical representation of a mountain range.
Red: Your father was a talented man.
Professor: The front range of the Rocky Mountains. Pike’s Peak through Squaw Mountain. And these cross-hatchings they’re not random imperfections, but intentionally placed etchings. One set is meaningless, but when you begin to layer the images, the map begins to depict a grid system.
Stern: [ Rises to his feet ] Denver.
Professor: Circa 1943. And look at this. The motto of the United States.
Red: “E pluribus unum” Out of many, one.
Professor: The letters on each coin have imperfections, but when you layer them–
Stern: The boiler room, where he used to work. He did steal the money. He just couldn’t get it out. So he hid it right under their noses.
Red: I’ve imagined robbing the Mint of the money they make, but never of a fortune they don’t even know they have. But this is a treasure hunt. And if that’s where “X” marks the spot– What do you know about the Denver Mint?

Stern: The Mint was built in 1897. The boiler room’s in the basement. It hasn’t been used since renovations were done in ’43, abandoning the old boiler room.
Professor: Construction documents show it was sealed off during the renovations – no doors, no windows. A new vault blocks the only entrance.
Red: What about the air-duct system?
Stern: The ducts could give us access if we were pencil thin and weighed under 50 pounds. We’re not getting in through the ducting. Production supplies, trash, and food deliveries pass through daily – but all require IDs.
Stern: We’d need a hell of a story to get through the gate.
Red: We’d still have to contend with the surveillance.
Stern: Which is extensive – cameras on the production floor, cameras in the halls.
Red: What about the vault?
Stern: The only way into the boiler room is through that vault.
Red: Which is made of steel and concrete.
[ Stern on tour of the mint ]
Stern: So, this is the holding vault?
Tour guide: Yes, when banks hand over their mutilated bills, they’re brought here to have their authenticity validated before being shredded and sent to waste energy facilities for disposal.
Professor: 16-inch thick concrete. Concrete that can only be accessed – from inside the vault, which means –
Stern: No water supply. We’d have to dry-cut with diamond blades.
Professor: The place is a fortress. Even if you could get past the walls and cameras and guards, which you can’t, you’d still have to get into the safe, and the only thing they let in there is cash.
Red: Not just any cash. Random, untraceable – the kind you find in a money-laundering operation.
Red: Hey. I need a tally of our current cash reserves.

[ Red is with Heddie Hawkins, his accountant, in a garage where a white unmarked armored vehicle is parked ]
Heddie Hawkins: Are you frickin’ nuts? That’s everything we have.
Red: Will it work?
Morgan: Needs paint, the right decals, but yeah, we can make it work.
Red: We’ll need uniforms.
Stern: My old client at the bank says IDs are in the works.
Hawkins: Y-eaz-ou c-eaz-an’t tr-eaz-ust h-eaz-im.
Red: Eaz I eaz-a-gr-eaz-ee.
Hawkins: D-eaz-o-ing th-eaz-is?
Stern: In case it’s not obvious – I’m standing right here.
Red: My associate thinks you might betray me. What do you think?
Stern: I think you’re the reason I’m finally going to realize my lifelong dream. I would never betray you. On my father’s grave.
Red: See, on the grave of his father.
Hawkins: Don’t do this.
Red: Heddie, please, just get the cash.

[ Receiving Dock at the Denver Mint ] [ An armored truck drives up. Red is driving ]
Guard at Mint: You’re not on the list.
Red: We just drove straight from the Reserve Bank.
Guard: Not on the list.
Red: Run the badge. We’re on the list.
Stern: He thinks we’re here to rob the place.
Stern: Hey, you got us. We’re here to rob you. That’s why we’re bringing 8 million bucks into the Mint.
Red: Please, can we move it along? We got another run up to Golden. I’d love to beat the traffic.
[ Badge reader BEEPS ]
Guard: There it is. Yeah.

[ Red is unloading bags of cash. Stern comes up behind him, gun drawn ]
Stern: I’m afraid your associate was right.
Red: So much for your father’s grave.
Stern: Your gun belt, please. I’m sorry, Raymond. I’ve come to like you. I really have. But this is my birthright, not yours. So, if it’s not too much trouble, please, get in the truck.

[ Stern’s men are inside the mint ]
— Any problems?
— Badge worked like a charm.
— Let’s go.
[ Red uses a screwdriver to remove a panel from inside the truck ]

[ Saint Motel’s ♪ “My Type” plays ]
[ Red has driven the fake armored truck back to his staging area. Heddie is there in a police uniform ]
Heddie: I knew we couldn’t trust that guy.
Red: Right as always, Heddie. Everything in place?
Heddie: Everything but my lady bits. I don’t know how these cops do it.
Red: Let’s go to work.

[ Stern uses a forged ID to let the Professor and his other crew, dressed as guards, into the command center of the Mint ]

♪ Oooh, oo-oo-ooh, ooh ooh
Take a look around the room
Love comes wearing disguises

— Don’t move!

♪ How to go about and choose

[ Stern’s fake guards commandeer the real guards ]
— Zip them up and clear the room.
— Everybody up and face the wall.
— Line up.
— Move!

♪ I’m a man who’s got

— Hands behind your back.

♪ very specific taste

Y-Y-You’re just my type –
Oh, you got a pulse –

[ At Red’s staging area ]
Red: Morning, boys.
[ Red’s crew loads ventilation tubing and air pumps into vans ]

♪ And you are breathing
Y-Y-You’re just my type
Ooh, I think it’s time that we get leaving
Y-Y-You’re just my type
Oooh, oo-oo-ooh, ooh ooh
When there’s loving in the air

[ One of Stern’s men unzips a large duffel, pushes aside some of Red’s laundered cash, and takes out a large drill. Stern pats a spot on the wall ]
[ WHIRRING ] [ Stern’s man drills through the wall ]

♪ Don’t fight it, just keep breathing
I can’t help myself but stare
Double check for double meanings

♪ I’m a man who’s got very specific taste
Y-Y-You’re just my type
Oh, you got a pulse, and you are breathing
Y-Y-You’re just my type
Ooh, I think it’s time that we get leaving

♪ Y-Y-You’re just my type
Oooh, oo-oo-ooh, ooh ooh

[ Stern’s men have opened a large square hole in the wall to the boiler room. They enter with flashlights. Inside is the old boiler. One of the men opens the door and out pour the hidden $100,000 bills ]
Stern: Get the bags.

♪ La-da-da-da, la-da-da-da dah
La-da-da-da, la-da-da-da da-da
La-da-da-da, la-da-da-da dah
La-da-da-da, la-da-da-da-da-da
La-da-da-da, la-da-da-da da-da

[ Red’s men hook up the HVAC tubing to the air pumps. They have run the tubing into the Mint’s ventilation system ]
Morgan: You should’ve seen the look on the boys’ faces at the shop when I told them I was gonna run two of these jacked into the V8 of this bad boy.
Red: I’m sure it’ll work.
Morgan: Oh, it’s gonna suck.
[ Stern’s men start loading the banknotes into duffel bags ]
[ Red’s men turn on the air pump ] [ WHIRRING ]

♪ Oooh, oo-oo-ooh, ooh ooh
Y-Y-You’re just my type

[ Inside, the bills starts to blow around ]
Stern’s man: What is that? What’s happening? Ugh!
[ Outside ]
Morgan: I don’t know, Red.
Red: It’ll work. Turn it up.

♪ Ooh, I think it’s time that we get leaving
Y-Y-You’re just my type
Oooh, ooooh, ooh ooh –

[ The bills are being sucked out of the vault room, through the HVAC tubing and into Red’s van ]
Red: [ LAUGHS ] We’re in business.

♪ Don’t fight it, just keep breathing
I can’t help myself but stare

Red: [ On phone ] Hello, Harold. Excuse the rush. I’m on a clock. But I wanted to let you know, I discovered what our friend Abraham Stern is up to.
Cooper: Oh, and what is that?
Red: He’s robbing the Denver Mint.

♪ Y-Y-You’re just my type

[ Bills are flying everywhere inside the vault room ]
Stern: Find out what’s going on! Turn it off! Go!
Cooper: I’m sorry. He’s doing what?
Red: That was my reaction. The gall! I told him he’d never get away with it, but he seemed quite determined.
Cooper: What’s that noise? Where are you?
Red: There’s a hell of a racket here. Harold! Can you hear me?
Cooper: Are you telling me that Stern’s father’s treasure – is in the Mint?
Red: He’s certainly convinced so. But the more I think about it, I’m not so sure there’s any treasure at all. I mean, treasure? [ CHUCKLING ] Really? Who knows. Either way, I’m afraid I can’t chat. I’ve got my hands full with a bit of a plumbing problem. Good luck with Stern. I have faith in you, Harold. You always get your man.
[ Red’s van is filling up with bills ]

♪ La-da-da-da, la-da-da-da dah

Cooper: Reddington says Stern’s robbing the Denver Mint.
Ressler: The Mint?
Cooper: And something tells me Reddington’s not far behind. Notify the Denver field office and get there. Find out what the hell’s going on.

Heddie: I think we got company.
Red: Morgan, how long?
Morgan: I have no idea. But I think we’re gonna need more vans.
[ Stern jumps up against the vent, vainly trying to retrieve some bills, then slumps against the wall ]

♪ Oooh, oo-oo-ooh, ooh ooh
Y-Y-You’re just my type
Ooh, I think it’s time that we get leaving

Red: We’re out of time. Shut it down.
Morgan: Are you kidding me?
[ Inside the Mint, the door of the new vault closes, trapping Stern inside ]

[ Welshly Arms’ ♪ “Legendary” plays ]

♪ Take a look around me
Taking pages from a magazine
Been looking for the answer
Ever since we were 17
You know, the truth can be a weapon
To fight this world of ill intentions
A new answer to the same question
How many times will you learn the same lesson? …

[ Liz glumly leaves the motel ] [ Stern glumly sits in a police wagon ]

♪ ‘Cause we’re gonna be legends
Gonna get their attention
What we’re doing here ain’t just scary

[ Cooper’s office ]
Red: Congratulations, Harold. You got your man.
Cooper: And you got your treasure. I don’t know how, but I know you did.

♪ Gonna teach ’em all a lesson

Red: And the pennies?

♪ Got this feeling in our souls we carry

Cooper: Returned to their rightful owners. All except the one that you lifted from Grayson Blaise.
[ Cooper holds out the penny ]
Red: Name your price, Harold.
Cooper: It’s too high for you.
Red: Try me.
Cooper: The truth.

♪ We could never turn back now

Red: Abraham Stern’s father committed the crime of the 20th century. I just committed the crime of the 21st. Except it isn’t a crime. Hundreds of millions in Federal Reserve Notes payable on demand, which the Treasury says don’t exist.
Cooper: The Mint said nothing was stolen.
Red: And so the treasure myth lives on.
[ Red reaches for the penny. Cooper pulls it back ]
Cooper: I appreciate you telling me that truth but it isn’t the one I was looking for. The evidence locker.
Red: What about it?
Cooper: What you took, aside from the penny.
Red: I didn’t take anything else.
Cooper: Evidence was logged in material to the disappearance of Robert Navarro a person of interest in the death of Tom Keen. You didn’t take it?
Red: No, I did not.

♪ Oh, oh Ooh, a legend Hey

[ Cooper holds out the penny. Red snatches it and leaves ]

[ Glen is resting comfortably in the hospital as Liz feeds him scoops of pudding or jello, a juice box with a bendy straw nearby. His room if full of balloons and flowers ] [ A horseshoe shaped flower arrangement is placed in near his bed ]
Glen: Hey Ooh-la-la!
Hospital Aide: This one says, [ Reading ] “Dear Glen, Glad you’re okay and recovering well. Thank you for all you do. R.R.”
Glen: Secret admirer. One of many.
Aide: [ Reading ] “P.S. To whom it may concern, Glen is a licentious cur.”
Glen: What? I don’t know what licentious means [ SIGHS ] but I’m pretty sure he meant it as a compliment.

[ Liz arrives at Red’s suite ]
Liz: Is everything okay? Dembe said it was urgent.
Red: You’re to be congratulated. I may be old, but I’m not an old fool, and you completely hoodwinked me and Harold. He thinks I stole a bloody rag from evidence.
Liz: Right. About that–
Red: You were the anonymous tip. You told the MPD that the penny was about to be stolen. You knew if they stopped the robbery in progress, they’d book the penny into evidence. And you didn’t call me to help me steal the penny or to distract you from your obsession with Tom’s killer. You called me to help me help you retrieve a rag covered in your blood evidence that might have convicted you of murdering Robert Navarro.
Liz: I did not intend to kill him. I intended to get him to identify Tom’s killer. He got the upper hand. There was a fight.
Red: Where’s the body? Cooper says it’s a missing-persons case, but if they find that corpse–
Liz: That’s not gonna happen.
Red: I’d like to make sure of that.
Liz: I already have. And in the process, I discovered Navarro had a glass eye.
Red: Look at that.
Liz: Wait till you see this. Some kind of next-gen technology. I’m sorry I tricked you. I had no idea what else to do, but now I do, and I need your help to do it. Will you help me?
Red: Of course I’ll help you.
[ Red squints and reaches behind Liz’s ear ]
Liz: What?
[ Red produces the penny ]
Red: Ohh.
Liz: Your penny! Wait. Does this mean you found your treasure or no?
Red: I’ve had my eye on a castle in Trieste. I’m flying over there in an hour to make a ridiculously large offer on it. Care to join me?
[ DOOR OPENS, CLOSES ] [ A man enters with a box ]
Red: Oh, Bernard!
Bernard: You look – incomplete.
Red: [ CHUCKLES ] [ LAUGHS ] I just can’t believe that’s it.
Bernard: Found in a trunk gathering dust in Surrey.
Red: Hidden treasure, indeed.
Bernard: Authentication papers are inside.
Red: Ah. [ Hands Bernard the penny ] As promised.
Liz: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. You’re gonna use your penny to buy that?
Red: A bargain at twice the price.
Liz: [ WHISPERS ] That penny’s worth $3 million.
Bernard: And this is Winston Churchill’s hat.
Red: [ Solemnly ] The Homburg he wore during The Blitz. Under its brim, he beat back Hitler with style and grace and unwavering confidence. I’m an eager, if unworthy, heir.
[ Red puts on the hat ]
Red: What do you think? Be brutal.
Liz: It’s kind of amazing.
Red: [ Laughs ] I’ll take amazing.

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Episode Songs


♫ Life Like This
By Kurt Vile

♪ Wanna live, wanna live
Live a life like mine
Well I been doin’ it, baby all the time
To do so you gotta roll with the punches
Jump from the sweetest to the toughest of tough love

♪ Maybe you think I’m a talking tube
Baby try playing, that’s all I really ever wanna do
You didn’t hear me right, oh yeah

That’s right I wanna live, live
A life like this, yeah
You wish

♪ Wanna live, wanna live
A life like mine
Ay baby, well, get in line
Ready to take a life test
What it is, is it is the best

♪ Maybe you don’t hear me talking strange
Well, hang on you better wait
Maybe you didn’t hear me right

♪ Well it’s up and down and out of sight
Do you got what it takes?
Well, I think you might

♪ Wanna live, wanna live
A life like mine
Well I been doin’ it, baby all the time
To do so you gotta roll with the punches
Jump from the sweetest to the toughest of tough love

♪ Maybe you don’t hear me talking strange
Well hold on, you better wait
Maybe you must think that I’m talking crooked
Well, that’s all good

♪ Wanna live, wanna live
A life like some
Young and dumb and full of
“come on over to my house – there’s a party goin’ on here” all the time
Wanna live, wanna live
A life like mine

♪ Eh, you wish [x4]

♪ Wanna live, wanna live
Live a life like mine
Well I been doin’ it, baby all the time
To do so you gotta roll with the punches
Jump from the sweetest to the toughest of tough love

♪ Well it’s up and down and out of sight
Have you got what it takes?
Well, I think you might

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2FPHZPb
YouTube: https://youtu.be/J0p3AiVkWzU


♫ Up Past The Nursery
By Suuns

♪ Ohh, ohh, ohh, ohh, ohh, ooh, ooh
Do what with which you can’t explain or what you’ve never seen
Take your ship, you own the ship, your ship that’s coming in
Do what you can’t, you can’t, you can’t, you can’t, you can’t you get it in?
Do what you can’t, you can’t, you can’t, you can’t, you, take it in
Do what you know you’ve never been, it’s really just a shame
What you can and know it, everyone is all the same
If you can’t get back again, you can change the way it is
And what you can’t and where and all, you think will begins

[Verse 1]
♪ What you can’t and can’t and if you’re never coming back
What you can and loose it, blues it, choose it, do what you like If you loose your way again, you’ve just been mistaken
And what you can’t and can’t and put the cards back in the stack

[Verse 2]
♪ Ohh, ohh, ohh, ohh, ohh, ooh, ooh
Ohh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
Cut and cut and crack it up
Cr-crack, cr-crack, yes, oh I can cut you, catch you, catch you, catch you gettin’ older
You can’t get quick, you can’t commit, you can’t control her
Without, remember bodies sold to Sunday, getting colder

♪ Oh, so civilized so you cannot take it
Oh, you cannot take it
Oh, you cannot make it
A force has come is stil alive
Oh, open up and take it
All the money, take it
Oh, you cannot take it
Night time, chin-chin and worry ’bout the nation
What you cannot take
Yeah, no one cannot take you
Rise slow, close the blinds and wonder what you take, yeah
Oh, you cannot take you, oh, you cannot take you

Lyrics (Genius, above): http://bit.ly/2FV51US
Lyrics (Ivan Smagghe Edit): http://bit.ly/2DPebS9
YouTube: https://youtu.be/b9Cgh8-Np6c


♫ My Type
by Saint Motel

♪ Take a look around the room,
Love comes wearing disguises.
How to go about and choose.
Break it down by shapes and sizes.
I’m a man who’s got very specific taste.

♪ You’re, You’re, You’re just my type.
Oh, You got a pulse and you are breathing.
You’re, You’re, You’re just my type.
Ooh, I think it’s time that we get leaving.
You’re, You’re, You’re just my type.

♪ When there’s loving in the air,
Don’t fight it just keep breathing.
I can’t help myself but stare.
Double check for double meanings.
I’m a man who’s got very specific taste.

♪ You’re, You’re, You’re just my type.
Oh, You got a pulse and you are breathing.
You’re, You’re, You’re just my type.
Ooh, I think it’s time that we get leaving.
You’re, You’re, You’re just my type.

♪ You’re, You’re, You’re just my type.
Oh, You got a pulse and you are breathing.
You’re, You’re, You’re just my type.
Ooh, I think it’s time that we get leaving.
You’re, You’re, You’re just my type.

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2mV6jak
YouTube: https://youtu.be/IyVPyKrx0Xo


♫ Legendary
By Welshly Arms

[Verse 1]
♪ Take a look around me
Taking pages from a magazine
Been looking for the answer
Ever since we were seventeen
You know the truth can be a weapon
To fight this world of ill intentions
A new answer to the same question
How many times will you learn the same lesson?

♪ I think they got it all wrong
We just gotta hold on
And on, and on, and on

♪ ‘Cause we’re gonna be legends
Gonna get their attention
What we’re doing here ain’t just scary
It’s about to be legendary
Yeah, we’re gonna be legends
Gonna teach ’em all a lesson
Got this feeling in our souls we carry
It’s about to be legendary

[Verse 2]
♪ This is what we came for
And we couldn’t want it anymore
We could never turn back now
Got to leave it all on the floor
Been dreaming of the payoff
Through the struggles and the trade-offs
Write in truth heading on the way up
Tell them the truth but they think it’s just made up

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2DnqKHg
YouTube: https://youtu.be/o5jlLJa2Zhs

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🔴 Script: 5:12 The Cook (№ 56)

Program air date: 1/31/2018 in the US
Full Script Permalink: http://wp.me/pDKwi-75e
Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/2rAKKki

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Solvan Naim
Written by: Peter Noah



⭕ Script 5:12 The Cook (№ 56)

Brief: Liz hoodwinked both Red and the Cooper by using material evidence (a valuable penny) associated with Blacklister Abraham Stern to steal material evidence (a bloody rag) from police evidence files linking her to the death of Bobby Navarro, a man she believes worked for the man who killed Tom, Blacklister Ian Garvey, who she knows only as the ‘man with the Damascus knife.’ Before she killed Navarro in an altercation, Navarro told her that her ex-fiancé, ER MD Nik Korpal, was helping Tom, not the other way around. She still does not know (though Red does) that Nik was helping Tom ID bones left for Liz by Mr Kaplan, Red’s deceased long-time cleaner, to reveal a buried secret of Red’s. Tom learned whose bones they were from DNA analysis but died before he could tell Liz. Ian Garvey now has the bones, unbeknowst to either Red or Liz. To dispose of Navarro’s body, Liz used the methods employed by S1 Blacklister Stanley Kornish (The Stewmaker) ~ using chemicals to dissolve his body and flush it down a motel room’s bathtub drain. In this process, Liz discovered that Navarro had a glass eye equipped with “next gen” electronics, whose existence she has shared with Red.

[ Wall of Voodoo’s ♪ “Ring of Fire” plays ]

♪ Love is a burning thing
And it makes a fiery ring
I was bound by wild desire
I fell into a ring of fire

♪ I fell into a burning ring of fire
I went down, down, down, and the flames got higher
And it burns, burns, burns
The ring of fire
The ring of fire
The ring of fire

♪ The taste of love is sweet
When hearts like ours meet
I fell for you like a child
Oh, but the fire went wild
I fell into a burning ring of fire

[ A man with a bald head and scarred back turns on burners in a kitchen. He soaks his clothes in liquid and puts them on wet. He hangs jars with a cloudy liquid from rope strung across a living room. The man sits down in a comfortable chair, cracks open a beer and lights one end of the rope with a lighter. The flame moves along the rope, igniting the liquid in the jars which fall and set the room ablaze. The man smiles ]
[ A woman is heard outside the door ]
Woman: Is someone there? I’m going to call the cops.
[ The woman opens the door and is engulfed in flames ] [ SCREAMS ]
[ The man lifts his bottle to the woman ]
[ The man gathers up his ladder and bag and leaves ]

♪ I went down, down, down, and the flames got higher
And it burns, burns, burns
The ring of fire
The ring of fire
The ring of fire

♪ Yes, it burns, burns, burns
The ring of fire
The ring of fire
The ring of fire

Liz: I got your message. You found someone who can analyze Navarro’s glass eye?
Red: He can see us this afternoon. Did you bring it?
Liz: I know I’m gonna have to answer for what I’ve done, but right now all that matters is we find out who put that in Navarro’s head and whether it can lead us to Tom’s killers – and the truth.
Red: The truth?
Liz: The last time I spoke to Tom, he told me, “I figured it out – Why Nik died, everything.” That’s why I went home – to find the truth. But they got to him first.
Red: My contact lives with his mother. She’s not particularly fond of me. I’m not quite sure if it’s actually me or what I represent. I believe she feels I’m a bad influence on her son. I thought a gesture of goodwill might smooth things over.
Liz: You think an empty terrarium is goodwill? Whoa!
Red: [ LAUGHS ] The mother’s family operates a pet café in Kyoto. You can enjoy the most savory tsukemen ramen in and around a variety of animals native to Japan – cormorants, katydids, the occasional tanuki.
Liz: And you thought spiders would be a welcome addition?
Red: Joro spiders. In Japanese folklore, the joro is said to be able to change its appearance to that of a beautiful woman who seduces men, binding them in her web before devouring them. Hence its name “joro-gumo,” or “whore spider.”
Liz: Oh.
Red: Here’s the mother’s work address and a note. If you could please drop them off?
Liz: No! Me?
Red: I have a time-sensitive case for the Task Force. You did ask me to hold up my part of that deal in your absence.
Liz: Do you know what Tom was talking about? When he said he figured it out?
Red: Tom was a man of many truths. Which of those he was going to divulge, I can’t say.

Red: My sincere apologies. I hope Paris has taken good care of you. [ To Paris: ] Tea, please.
Samar: He made me an egg dish I can’t even pronounce. It was divine. As is your suite, which is why in the future, I think we should meet elsewhere.
Red: And why is that?
Samar: Because being here gives me the impression that crime pays.
Red: [ LAUGHS ] What are the most expensive crimes in America?
Samar: Expensive?
Red: Top three.
Samar: Theft, armed robbery–
Red: Arson. 500,000 arson fires occur each year, costing over $2 billion in property loss.
Samar: [ Reading ] “Husband and wife die in house fire.”
Red: In those 500,000 fires, about 500 people die – one per thousand. Arsonists are many things, but rarely premeditating murderers.
Samar: [ Reading ] “An accelerant was found, but no motive or suspect.”
Red: Because they’re looking at the case the wrong way. This wasn’t arson that resulted in murder. This was a murder committed by arson.
Samar: But you said arsonists are rarely murderers.
Red: A fact which makes The Cook both rare and dangerous and the next name on the Blacklist.

Aram: Does he know how many fires?
Ressler: Or how many victims?
Samar: No and no.
Ressler: But he says this “Cook” is a serial killer posing as an arsonist.
Cooper: And yet he can’t I.D. The Cook, and the only fire he told us about is one that arson investigators don’t believe was a homicide.
Ressler: I suppose Reddington knows better.
Samar: No, but he knows someone who does. Earl Fagen.
Aram: The arson investigator slash arsonist?
Cooper: Fagen hid in plain sight for years, was lead investigator on a dozen fires that he set. No one knows more about fire or the men and women who set them.
Samar: Reddington says he can help us find The Cook.
Ressler: What’s the catch?
Samar: Fagen is up for parole – he helps us, Reddington would like us to help him.
Cooper: I don’t like it. But if there’s a serial killer out there–
Samar: We don’t need a firebug to find him.
Ressler: Less than 15% of all arson cases are ever solved. Maybe we need the help.
Cooper: I’ll reach out to Main Justice, see if they can get a court order to get Fagen at the scene of last night’s fire. If he helps us get The Cook, maybe, maybe, we’ll put in a good word. If not, we’ll make sure he stays put.

Earl Fagen: Irregular burn patterns, use of accelerants, something with high vapor pressure and low flash points. Man took some time calculating the rate equation. Multiple points of origin. He wanted it to burn hot.
Samar: And why is that?
Fagen: He wanted to see the flashover? Stand back and watch?
Ressler: We’re gonna need a little more than “maybe he wanted to watch.” So, what floated your boat?
Fagen: I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t an element of arousal to the whole thing – a certain gratification. But for me – fire filled the vacuum within me. It gave me a sense of relief.
Ressler: What is it?
Samar: What do you see?
Ressler: Hey. What is it?
Fagen: Might you be able to get me a blacklight?

[ The blacklight buzzes and hums, lighting up a pattern on the wall – An upside-down star (pentagram) underneath which is written – ]
Ressler: [ Reading ] “Discipline not faith.” What the hell does that mean?
Samar: Why would he leave a message we wouldn’t be able to find?
Fagen: [ SCOFFS ] Boy, oh, boy. Boy, oh, boy, oh, boy. Y’all got a real humdinger of a firebug on your hands.
[ LIQUID BUBBLING ] [ The bald man – the arsonist – drinks from a hot, cloudy, frothy mixture he’s concocted, leans his head back and gargles ]

Aram: All right. We’re still searching nationally, but so far we’ve found four fires under investigation with the same inverted pentagram and inscription.
Cooper: How? I thought he hid them?
Aram: He does, behind a barely burned wall. That is his M.O. Everything burns hot and fast except one wall. Gave us enough to narrow our search.
Samar: How many deaths are we up to?
Aram: Seven. And if you’re looking for a common denominator among the victims, good luck. A married couple in Bethesda, an insurance executive outside Chicago, a mother and son burned to death in an apartment fire in Brooklyn.
Ressler: Are there any survivors, anyone who can tell us why they were targeted?
Aram: It seems that he’s only missed once, when he burned down a small ranch house in Tenleytown. The owner is an ER doctor – Corrine Egan.
Cooper: Navabi, she’s all yours. Ressler, look into the pentagram and the inscription. Find out what the hell we’re dealing with. If this guy’s an occult member or Satanist of some kind, we need to lock in on it fast.

Red: Why didn’t you deliver them?
Liz: I left them for her with your note.
Red: You left them. Spiders.
Liz: She wasn’t in her office. What did you expect me to do, drive around with them? Besides, what difference does it make if his mother likes you or not? I mean, it’s not like he’s 16.
Red: No, he is not 16. [ KNOCKING AT GATE ] He’s 15.
Tadashi: And a half. Just got my learner’s permit.
Red: Elizabeth, this is Tadashi. Is your mom home? Has she said anything about the gift I sent?
Liz: I need to speak with you for a minute. [ WHISPERING ] He’s a child.
Red: Who turned down Harvard a year ago, and a job at Face– whatever.
Liz: Face-whatever? Really?
Red: Look, I’m a technological moron. I just don’t get it, which is why I surround myself with people who do. Tadashi gets it!
Tadashi: What is thy bidding, my Master?
Liz: [ SIGHS ] Apparently, he also gets “Star Wars.”

Samar: Dr. Egan, I understand this is an unsettling development.
Dr Corrine Egan: You’re saying someone was intentionally trying to kill me? No. The investigator I spoke with said that the fire was arson – that it was set to cover up for something he stole.
Samar: Concealment is a common motive for arson. Unfortunately, there’s nothing common about this.
Dr Egan: What is that?
Religious Expert: The pentagram represents the five limbs of man – his five senses.
Samar: It was hidden on a wall in your house. Does it mean anything to you?
Dr Egan: “Discipline not faith”?
Expert: An inverted pentagram is associated with evil. It depicts the natural order turned on its head.
Ressler: The department chair said that you wrote the book on Satanism. Is there anything in there on why this would be left behind?
Samar: Have you had any recent altercations, breakups, problems at work?
Dr Egan: Problems? I’m an ER Attending. Yeah, I meet some kooks, but no one who’d wanna burn my house down.
Expert: I’d say the symbol is an expression of the killer’s belief that his victims deserve to be punished. Purified by fire.
Samar: Maybe you were not the intended victim. Do you live alone?
Dr Egan: Not that night. My brother was with me. He’d come in from Seattle. That’s what saved me. He was three hours behind and couldn’t sleep. Talked me into going for a run at 11:15. We came back, and the place was in flames.
Ressler: You said punished. What for?
Expert: Some perceived sin. Maybe he’s saying just having faith isn’t enough. You have to live that faith every day, and that requires great discipline.
Dr Egan: The guy who did this, he’s still out there, right? Does that mean you think I’m in danger?

Liz: Anything? Yoo-hoo!
[ Liz waves in front of Tadashi ] [ CLACKING PAUSES, RESUMES ]
Red: I sometimes feel as if I should pay more attention to pop culture. Then I see this “Star Wars,” featuring this giant in a bear costume piloting an aircraft and a little green guy swordfighting. And I say a silent prayer of thanks for Tolstoy’s moral crisis.
Liz: Oh, if he can’t figure this out–
Red: This green fellow is considerably too short to be effective in a swordfight.
Tadashi: I assumed since it was an eye it would record video, but there’s no camera. And I can’t find a mic.
Liz: So, what does it do?
Tadashi: No clue. It’s using encrypted firmware. Even the boot loader is tamper-resistant. This is gonna take a while, assuming I can crack it at all.
Red: This is the world we live in now. I suppose we have to trust it.
Liz: Do you not know, or you can’t say? – The truth Tom discovered. I asked if you knew about it, and you said, “I can’t say.” Does that mean you don’t know, or is “can’t say” some clever turn of phrase that makes it possible for you to be honest and secretive?
Red: What is this about?
Liz: You’ve asked me to trust. All I do is trust. I trusted Tom – forgave every lie, believed every promise that he would stop keeping things from me. And then he went off on some secret quest and got himself killed. And now I have killed someone trying to figure out what it was he was keeping from me. And you have kept so many things from me, I would have to be an idiot to believe that this is not one of them. [ Pause ] Thank you.
Red: For what?
Liz: For not pulling some Jedi mind trick.
Red: I don’t know what that is.
Liz: And yet, you’ve mastered it.

Aram: Okay, so Fagen told you The Cook liked to stay and watch, right? Well, it turns out he did. A neighbor told a first responder after the Chicago fire that he noticed a red Honda parked across the street from the victim’s house, which got me thinking. If there are fires in different cities, how did the killer get there?
Cooper: He’s traveling.
Ressler: Which means he rented that Honda.
Aram: I checked, and there are only two rental companies in that city using Hondas, and only one with a model in candy apple red on the streets that night rented to a William Seavers, Baltimore address.
Samar: You’re so cute. Isn’t he so cute?
Cooper: Adorable. Now get to Baltimore and let’s put an end to this thing.

[ Samar and Ressler enter the suspect’s apartment, finding pots and jars, a large sack of ammonium nitrate and jugs of flammable liquids ]
Samar: Seavers, federal agents!
[ Ressler flicks on a switch; it is for a blacklight. Words appear on the walls ~ ‘evil deeds ensnare’ … ‘when lust’ … ‘and our sins sweep’ … ]
Ressler: Navabi.
[ The bald man dashes across the room and flips a switch ] [ HUMMING ] [ CRASH ] [ Fires burst around the room ]
Samar: You okay?
Ressler: Go!
Samar: Ressler! [ COUGHING ] Ressler, I’m coming around the back.
[ Ressler uses a chair to break a window; GLASS SHATTERS ]
Samar: Ressler! Ressler, grab my hand.
[ Ressler and Samar escape the flames ]

Fagen: Our agreement required my assistance at one crime scene. I’ll help you here, but I expect you to be twice as enthusiastic at my parole hearing.
Ressler: Seavers or whatever his real name is had this place rigged with glass jars with some kind of an accelerant suspended by these strings.
Samar: There were also phrases written on the wall, like in the first crime scene, only visible by blacklight.
Fagen: Maybe he’s not talking to his victims. Maybe he’s also talking to himself.
Samar: What was it like, lying to everyone you worked with, acting like a hero when you were a criminal?
Fagen: You want an honest answer, or are you just trying to make a point?
Samar: Little bit of both.
[ Fagen pours liquid from a tin into a beaker ]
Fagen: Living a lie was worse than prison. The day I confessed was the day I went to jail. That was also the day I was set free.
Ressler: What are you doing?
Fagen: [ SIGHS ]
Samar: If you destroy that, you can say goodbye to your parole.
[ Fagen drips liquid from the beaker onto a slip of paper on the table ]
Fagen: Narrow, rectangular, possibly thermal paper the kind commonly used for–
Ressler: Receipts.
Samar: [ Reading ] Havershim Hardware, two days ago. Ammonium nitrate, saltpeter. Looks like he paid cash, 9:17 p.m.
Fagen: Don’t say anything. Really. My freedom’s the only thanks that I need.

Aram: The security footage from Havershim Hardware – this is from two days ago.
Cooper: That’s him. 9:17 was on the receipt, right, Agent Navabi?
Samar: Yes. And that’s the right height and build.
Ressler: Come on, buddy. Turn around.
Cooper: Holy Mary. Mother of God.
Ressler: A priest. You gotta be kidding me. This guy’s a priest.
Samar: What’s that on his pocket?
Cooper: Is that some sort of cross?
Aram: It looks like the letter “T.”
Cooper: Agent Ressler, talk to someone in semiotics. Let’s see if we can figure out what that pin represents before someone else gets killed.

[ A bar in an airport ]

Woman on PA: This is the final boarding call for passengers. Final call for boarding Flight 232. Final boarding call for Flight 232.

[ A young woman sees a man wearing a clerical collar and approaches him ]
Claire Homan: Where you going?
Tommy Wattles: Hunh? Um, oh work trip.
Claire: But you don’t like to fly. You’re nervous, I can tell.
Wattles: No, no. Not nervous. Just praying for a friend.
Claire: Can I ask you something?
Wattles: Of course.
Claire: I’m not a church person, but my fiancé well, he is, and we’re getting married. [ VOICE BREAKING ] And I did this thing with another guy. It only happened once and– Anyway, Kevin’s flight’s delayed, and I was gonna tell him when he got here. But now, seeing you– maybe it’s the alcohol talking or maybe it’s a sign, but I don’t wanna tell him and lose him. [ TEARFULLY ] If I lost him, I would just–
Wattles: Sweetheart, what’s your name?
Claire: Claire. Claire Homan.
Wattles: Claire. The lust of the flesh, the fervor of the eyes, and the pride of skin comes not from the Father, but from the world. Forgive yourself. Be honest with this man you love. His faith will help him forgive.
Claire: You really believe that?
Wattles: Not me, Claire. God.
[ They stand and hug ]
Claire: Thank you. [ SNIFFLES ] Oh, I am so sorry, how selfish. What about your friend? What about him? What are you gonna tell him to do?
Wattles: I’m going to tell him to find his faith – to not turn his back on God and run. I’m going to tell him to stay and do what, in his heart, he knows he must.
Claire: I’ll pray for him.
Wattles: Please do. [ LAUGHS NERVOUSLY ]

Aram: All right. The Cook is a priest. The quote you saw in blacklight is from Romans, the second from John. To see what else might be written behind those walls, I had the lab run thermographic scans and found this. It’s the cross from the Traditum Church.
Samar: The “T” on his lapel.
Aram: Yep. Traditum Primarius “Tradition First.” It is an extremely fringe order.
Ressler: How many are ordained?
Aram: They won’t release official numbers, but their Temple is in Cromwell, just a few miles outside of Arlington.
Cooper: Ressler, Navabi, get there. Show them Seavers’ photo. If he’s been ordained, maybe we can get an ID.

Liz: You found something?
Tadashi: A serial number on one of the chips. If I find out who makes it, I figure out what it does.
Dembe: This means everything to her.
Red: And to me.
Dembe: For a different reason. She doesn’t know what, but she knows. “Clever turn of phrase” is a polite way of saying you’re being dishonest.
Tadashi: It’s made by Wandtech.
Liz: And what does that tell you?
Tadashi: Wandtech, Wandtech, Wandtech. Yikes.
Liz: Yikes? Why yikes?
Tadashi: They make GPS devices. [ BEEPING ] Oh, crap. Uh, guys?! Mr. Reddington? I think we have a situation. This thing’s transmitting.
Red: What is it transmitting?
Tadashi: Our location!
[ DOOR OPENS ] [ They point their guns at the door. It is Tadashi’s mother ]
Mrs Mariko Ito: You!
Red: Mrs Ito.
Mrs Ito: Get out!
Red: Did you get my gift?
Mrs Ito: Four spiders no gift.
Tadashi: You gave her four spiders?
Red: Venomous members of the golden orb-weaver genus. For your sister’s pet cafe.
Tadashi: In Japanese, four is a homonym for death.
Mrs Ito: First you turn down Harvard. Now you work with a criminal. I am through with you. Finished!
Red: Out the back, the hole in the fence.
Mrs Ito: There’s no hole in fence. I stay!
Red: They’ll shoot you if you do.
Mrs Ito: Good. End misery.
Red: Dembe.
Mrs Ito: Don’t touch me!
Liz: Tom’s killer?
Red: Yes, and he could have the advantage.
Liz: We don’t know that.
Red: Which is why we have to go. Because we don’t know.
[ FOOTSTEPS NEARING ] [ They leave. Ian Garvey and goons enter but no one is left ]

Ressler: Excuse me. Father? Agents Ressler and Navabi, FBI. We were hoping that we could have a word.
Spiritual Director: FBI? What’s this about?
Samar: We’re looking for this man. This is from three days ago.
Spiritual Director: No. That’s not possible.
Ressler: So you know him? We’re conducting a criminal investigation.
Spiritual Director: His name is Thomas Wattles. He goes by Tommy. He was a priest in our Order, but he was stripped of his clerical title about a year ago.
Ressler: You mind telling us why?
Spiritual Director: Mr. Wattles violated his oath of celibacy. Our leadership felt he wasn’t worthy of such an exalted position in the eyes of our Lord.
Samar: We need to find him.
Spiritual Director: I haven’t seen him since he left the Order. You say this is a criminal matter?
Ressler: Yes. We believe he’s setting fires, burning men and women alive.
Spiritual Director: Men? He’s killing men, not just women?
Samar: Why would you say that? If there’s something that you know–
Spiritual Director: I can’t. I’m sorry.
Ressler: As Spiritual Director, it’s your responsibility to hear the confessions of your priests.
Spiritual Director: Yes, but anything Tommy says would be privileged. It would be an unforgivable violation–
Samar: He’s murdering people. And he’ll do it again. The privilege can be violated if you believe he intends to commit future acts of violence. Look at these. [ Shows photos ]
Spiritual Director: My God! They were just fantasies. Visions – That’s what he said. Tommy was having visions of hurting women women he found attractive. He saw it as a personal failing – failing God. He believed he had a calling as a priest. And yet, he found himself having these lustful urges he couldn’t suppress. He was consumed with self-loathing. These women were temptresses, he said, sent by the Devil himself. He said he had dreams of destroying them – burning them. Purification by fire.
Samar: They weren’t dreams, Father. You should’ve said something. I wonder if your God will forgive you for not doing that.

Ressler: [ On phone ] Aram, we got a name – Tommy Wattles.
Aram: Okay, hang on. Searching.
Ressler: The church thinks he’s got some kind of a vendetta out against women he believes are out to “tempt” him.
Samar: Which means he’s had personal encounters with his victims.
Aram: All right. Oh, okay. I’ve got a Thomas Owen Wattles on Fisher Drive in Pimmit Hills.
Cooper: That’s him. Aram, notify Virginia State Police. Put a flag on him – cellphone, vehicle, the works.
Ressler: Look, this guy was willing to torch his own safe house to keep us one step behind. If he hasn’t fled, he will. He knows we’re onto him.
Cooper: Check out the address in Pimmit Hills. Reach out to the two survivors you interviewed – the ER doctor and her brother. Show them Wattles’ photo. Let’s hope that shakes something loose before this guy finds another victim.

Red: I feel terrible, Mariko. I know it’s a small consolation, but I’ve made arrangements for you and Tadashi to stay in the hotel. A two-bedroom suite is yours until it’s safe for you to go back to your home. Room service, 24-hour spa, tickets to any of the shows in town. I hear there’s a revival of “The Music Man” that’s supposed to be marvelous.
Red: [ To Tadashi ] She terrifies me.
Tadashi: She has that effect on people.
Liz: Can they still track us?
Tadashi: I disabled the locator signal. They were using the signal to find us. If I can reverse it, figure out where it came from, I could use it to find them.
Red: What makes her happy? Does she like a good foot massage?
Liz: We should have stayed.
Red: I do know, by the way.
Liz: We ran, and now we have nothing.
Red: What Tom figured out. The truth he uncovered has to do with me.
Liz: I knew it. I knew you were lying.
Red: I told Tom not to pursue it.
Liz: What? Pursue what? What is it?
Red: An item Mr. Kaplan unearthed that I wish to keep hidden.
Liz: An item? What item?
Red: I can’t say.
Liz: Tom died because of it.
Red: Tom ignored my warning. That is why he died.
Liz: And this item – Did Tom have it?
Red: Yes.
Liz: And now his killers do. That’s why you’re here. That’s– Not to help me, not to avenge Tom’s death, but to help yourself and get your precious secret back.
Red: We want the same thing.
Liz: I gave Agnes up until this is over. If I miss even one more day with her than is absolutely necessary because you’re not being completely honest with–
Red: But I am being honest. I do know, but I can’t say. I’m not trying to be clever. It’s not an ambiguity. It’s the truth. I have a secret, and I need to keep it even from you.

Ressler: His name’s Tommy Wattles. He purchased an airline ticket to Heathrow, and he never boarded. His last credit card charge was a purchase here last night.
Bartender: Yeah, the priest. He was here.
Dr Corrine Egan: Corner booth.
Samar: What do you mean, corner booth?
Dr Egan: That’s where he sits at the deli on Riverside. I see him at lunch there all the time.
Samar: Does he come alone?
Bartender: No, he was with a woman. She moved over, joined him at the table. I assumed they knew each other.
Ressler: Tell me about her.
Bartender: No idea. Passing through, I don’t know.
Ressler: All right. What did she look like?
Bartender: Young, pretty, maybe 30.
Ressler: And he spoke to her?
Dr Egan: Actually, I was the one who spoke with him, to say thank you. I’d seen him place a to-go order a few days earlier. He walked out and gave it to a man living on the street. The next time I saw him, I told him I’d seen what he did, that I thought it was nice, that I wanted to pay it forward, so I paid for his lunch.
Samar: What did he say?
Dr Egan: He was awkward, like he didn’t know what to say. He could barely make eye contact.
Ressler: All right. I’m gonna need to see your receipts, surveillance footage, anything that might help identify her.
Bartender: You really think she’s in trouble?
Dr Egan: Why?! Because I paid for his lunch? Because I-I somehow “tempted” him? He tried to kill me for that?
Ressler: Look, all I can tell you right now is that the woman that was here last night with him, she’s in real danger, and I need your help to find her.

Cooper: Okay, let’s step it out. Tell me exactly where we are, what we know.
Samar: Our suspect, Tommy Wattles, was expelled from the Order of Traditum after engaging in sexual acts with a female member of the church.
Ressler: Which led Wattles to harboring a deep hatred towards women.
Samar: Women he thinks are demons and temptresses.
Cooper: Women he doesn’t know.
Ressler: Right. And far as we can tell, none of the victims have had a relationship with Wattles, let alone a sexual one.
Cooper: This woman from the airport bar last night was a stranger.
Ressler: We are still working on an ID for her.
Aram: Wait a second. Hang on here. I think the Bureau’s facial recognition software may have just found a match with the CCTV footage from the airport hotel. Okay, Claire Anne Homan, 26, graphic designer at a boutique firm in Arlington.
Ressler: If he’s still in the city, she’s the reason why.
Cooper: Ressler, Navabi, get to her house. Notify VSP and Fire. Aram, see if you can get this woman on the phone. Let her know we may have a situation on our hands.
Aram: Copy, sir.

[ Claire Homan’s home. She is wearing only a bra and panties ]
[ Tommy Wattles appears and grabs Claire ]
Claire: [ GASPS ]
Tommy Wattles: Hello, Claire. I-I see your fiancé couldn’t make it.
Wattles: I need you to come with me, love.
Claire: [ SCREAMS ]
Wattles: Come on, Claire! Claire, Claire, Claire, please. Sweetheart oh, why do you dress like this, hmm?
Claire: [ SIGHING ] [ GASPING ]
Wattles: Let’s find you some clothes, okay?

Aram: So, I’ve been trying the woman from the hotel bar, Claire Homan.
Cooper: You told her what’s going on?
Aram: I can’t get through. Sir, I, uh I have a bad feeling about this. I think Wattles may already be there.

[ Wattles has Claire wrapped to a chair with plastic wrap ]
Wattles: It’s ironic you found me the way you did, in that bar, in a moment of weakness. Trying to offer your flesh. It felt more like a sign than a test, really. Through you, I could feel my calling to God was solidified.
Claire: [ MUFFLED SPEECH ] I don’t– Why are you doing this? What did I do to you?
[ He kisses her then slaps her ] [ SOBS ]

Ressler: We’re five minutes out. Talk to me.
Aram: Trying to make contact. Still no answer on her cell. VSP and Fire are en route.
Samar: Aram, please try again. We’re almost there.
Aram: Okay, just hurry.

[ WATER SLOSHES as Wattles drenches his clothing and pulls it on ] [ SIGHING DEEPLY ] [ MUFFLED CRIES, SCREAMS ] [ SIRENS WAILING ] [ MUFFLED SOBS ]

Ressler: Take the girl. I got him. He’s outside!
Samar: [ To Claire ] Are you okay? I’ll come back.
Ressler: Tommy, stop! Stop! Put it down, Tommy.
Wattles: That woman inside, Claire, she taunted me with her sex! Do you know about the ritual of the auto-da-fé?
Ressler: Put that down and we can talk about it.
Wattles: The burning of the fallible human form, cleansing those that may yet achieve salvation, giving the irredeemable sinner their first foretaste of Hell. And, for the observer, the chance to confront one’s own transgressions.
Ressler: Tommy, I know you’re hurting. I know you think you’re doing the right thing, but this doesn’t end well. Trust me! Come on, Tommy. We need your help.
Samar: Tommy, no.
Wattles: It’s the road to salvation.
[ GLASS SHATTERS ] [ The flammable liquid pours over him ]
Wattles: To redemption and purity, and I’m not afraid! Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned! – [ LIGHTER CLICKS ] [ He bursts into flames ]
Ressler: Tommy, no!
Ressler: Jesus Christ.

Red: Samar, any news?
Samar: We caught the Blacklister. Hey, Liz.
Liz: Hey.
Red: And Fagen?
Samar: He’s having his parole hearing later today. Why is that woman staring at you?
Red: Apparently the number four is bad luck in Japan. Who knew?
Tadashi: Yes, yes, yes!
Liz: You traced the signal.
Tadashi: Not only that, I Waze’d the location – 32 minutes, even with those crazy left turns they make you take.
Samar: Do I even want to know what’s happening here?
Liz: It’s about Tom. We think we found who killed him.
Samar: That’s great.
Samar: Tell me who it is and I’ll call it in.
Liz: We gotta go.
Samar: Liz, you shouldn’t do this on your own.
Woman: You called for a spa treatment?
Red: Ah, yes! Please, do come in. I ordered an avocado/cucumber scrub. [ To Mrs Ito ] I guarantee you’ll feel like a new woman.
[ Mrs Ito’s scowl softens slightly ]
Red: Or not.
Tadashi: May the force be with you.
Red: I have no idea what you’re talking about.

[ Red, Dembe and Liz break in a door ]
Liz: This place is staged. This is my fault. We had him. Damascus was right outside the door. We had him and we let him go. That eye was our last lead.
[ They enter a room with wires cut, machine racks empty ]
Red: We need to get this thing analyzed.
Dembe: The data was certainly wiped clean.
Red: We don’t need the data. We need the person who built it. It’s sophisticated, custom-built by someone who does business with Damascus. I want a name and a–
Liz: What? What is it?
[ On a white table top is written: “WE KNOW THE TRUTH” ]

[ Frankel’s ♪ “Signal to Noise” plays ]
Ressler: Mr. Fagen’s help was instrumental in helping us close the case. Because of his cooperation, we took a very dangerous criminal off the streets, saved a lot of lives in the process.
Parole Board Member: Are you recommending parole?
Ressler: I don’t know Mr. Fagen or whether he’s remorseful for what he’s done. I’m here to tell what I know.
Parole Board Member: Thank you, Agent Ressler. We’ll take your testimony int–
Ressler: I-I used to think in terms of black and white. You were either a bad guy or you weren’t. I’m not sure about that anymore. Under the right circumstances, I’ve come to believe that even the best of us are capable of – almost anything. I only mention that because, well, I figure everyone deserves a second chance.

Samar: The parole board was unanimous. Fagen is being released.
Cooper: You think that was the right call?
Samar: He was sentenced for 14 years, served 11. On balance, I do.
Cooper: And Reddington – Any idea why he wanted Fagen to be released?

♪ No signal
There’s no signal
No signal
There’s just noise

♪ No signal
There’s no signal
No signal
There’s just noise

[ Fagen is released. He exits. Red’s Mercedes pulls up to him ]
Red: Hello, Mr. Fagen.
Fagen: Reddington. How did you know I was getting out?
Red: You owe me your freedom. It doesn’t matter how I obtained it. What matters is that I did.
Fagen: Look, if this is about that fire at Fritzles, I had no idea you were–
Red: I expect two things in return. First, you won’t so much as light a match. Second, when you do, it’ll be at my instruction.
Fagen: You want me to set a fire?
Red: I’ll be in touch.

♪ Why idolize what is nearly gone?
Just to focus my hearing on
Through the static hiss
In a world that’s viral

[ Liz and Red are watching Agnes at her daycare ]
Red: I know how hard this is.

♪ The transmission sings out, blah, blah, blah

Liz: I need your help to find Tom’s killer. I need it, but I don’t know if I can trust it.

♪ There’s no signal, no signal

Red: You won’t miss a day more with her than is absolutely necessary. You have my word.
Liz: And you have mine. That I’m gonna honor Tom’s dying wish.
Red: Which was?
Liz: For me to know your truth.

♪ No signal

Liz: Before this is over, I’m going to find out what it is.

♪ There’s no signal
No signal
There’s just noise

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༺✦ ♤ ✦༻


Episode Songs


♫ Ring of Fire
Sung by Wall of Voodoo
Originally sung by Johnny Cash
Written by Anita Carter

♪ Love is a burning thing
And it makes a fiery ring.
Bound by wild desire
I fell into a ring of fire.

♪ I fell into a burning ring of fire,
I went down, down, down and the flames went higher
And it burns, burns, burns,
The ring of fire, the ring of fire.

♪ The taste of love is sweet
When hearts like ours meet.
I fell for you like a child,
Oh, but the fire went wild.

♪ I fell into a burning ring of fire,
I went down, down, down and the flames went higher
And it burns, burns, burns,
The ring of fire, the ring of fire.

♪ I fell into a burning ring of fire,
I went down, down, down as the flames went higher
And it burns, burns, burns,
The ring of fire, the ring of fire.

♪ And it burns, burns, burns,
The ring of fire, the ring of fire,
The ring of fire, the ring of fire.

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2nsmqww
YouTube: https://youtu.be/8FyTfLAlASU


♫ Signal to Noise
By Frankel

♪ Never afraid of the obvious
Maybe oblivious
But I don’t see the point
I specialize in the evidence
It’s cognitive dissonance
And static hiss

♪ In a world that’s viral
There’s gotta be a cure
The transmission sings ah blah blah
From the speakers

♪ No signal
There’s no signal
No signal
There’s just noise

♪ No signal
There’s no signal
No signal
There’s just noise

♪ Looking up through a periscope
A subterranean misanthrope
With a dictionary
(Why analyze what is nearly gone
Just to focus my hearing on) ➔ (from script, except “analyze”)*
Through the static hiss

♪ In a world that’s viral
There’s gotta be a cure
The transmission sings ah blah blah
From the speakers

[X6] ♪ No signal
There’s no signal
No signal
There’s just noise

Lyrics and Credits: [ *Couldn’t find so I did my best – LizzieB ]
YouTube: https://youtu.be/rvt-kmmhILo

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🔴 Script: 5:13 The Invisible Hand (№ 63)

Program air date: 2/7/2018 in the US
Permalink: http://wp.me/pDKwi-77I
Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/2FS3dek

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Andrew McCarthy
Written by: Jonathan Shapiro, Lukas Reiter



⭕ Script 5:13 The Invisible Hand (№ 63)

Brief: Red, with Dembe’s encouragement, has finally confessed to Liz that he was somehow implicated in Tom’s death: “I have a secret, and I need to keep it even from you.” Liz knows the secret involves an “item” but not what the item may be (i.e. a suitcase with a skeleton inside, the identity of which Tom had discovered). Red says Tom died because he disregarded Red’s warning not to pursue it. Liz has vowed to unearth “the truth” because Tom wanted her to know what he found out. She will work with Red but they are at cross-purposes. Meanwhile, Red helped the task force in order to obtain parole for a convicted arsonist whose help he plans to use in the future.

[ A restaurant in New York City ]
Zeke: Yeah, so you’ve got everything? Wonderful. Thank you so much for coming, and drive carefully. All right, we look forward to having you again.
Diner Patron: Bye, Zeke.
[ Diner patron leaves. Zeke enters a side room with a small group ]
Emma: Zeke! Perfect timing. Tim was just telling us how Sophia picked him up at a bar.
Stephen Altman: She used to be ­the shyest girl in school.
Tim Gorman: Well, she wasn’t shy with me.
Sophia: Can we please change the subject?
Bobby: Sure. I want to hear more about what Tim does for a living.
Tim: I told you. I make security products.
Stephen: Handguns. You make the cheapest handguns on the market today.
Emma: You flood poor cities with guns that have no value to anyone but criminals. Your sales drive up homicide rates.
Bobby: You profit off misery.
Stephen: That’s blood money, Tim.
Tim: What the hell is this? It isn’t against the law to sell guns.
Stephen: No, it isn’t. In fact, the law protects gun makers like you from being sued.
Tim: Is that why you brought me here, to insult me?
Stephen: We all brought you here. Not to insult you. To punish you.
[ Stephen hits Tim on the side of head with a beer bottle. When Tim wakes up he is in a grave with duct tape over his mouth. Five figures in hazmat suits and masks surround the grave. One by one, they take a shovel and begin to shovel dirt into it ]

Detective Singleton: Keen, I have your husband’s personal effects.
[ Liz opens her door ]
Singleton: How’d you do it?
Liz: Excuse me?
Singleton: I know you killed Navarro, and I know you left that bloody rag behind at his apartment. What I don’t know is how you broke into evidence lockup and stole it before it was sent to the lab.
Liz: Someone broke into the evidence lockup?
Singleton: I’m here to deliver Tom’s things in person–
Liz: Step back.
Singleton: And all you do is lie.
Liz: You know, you better be careful, Detective, because no matter what you believe, you’re still talking to a Federal agent.
Singleton: We’ll see how cool you are when I do come to arrest you. Because that day is coming.
Liz: Thank you for bringing Tom’s things.
[ Liz goes through the stuff Singleton brought. She finds a key. She goes into a storage locker and pulls out a locked case. She uses the key to open it ] [ LOCK CLICKS ] [ Inside the case she finds a gun, a notebook and some other items. She opens the notebook to a page with the name OLEANDER written across the top. Tom had divided the page into sections: Person, Place, Thing – each with various items listed; a work in progress ]
Cooper: [ On phone ] Cooper here.
Liz: I need your help.

On tv:
Reporter: Here outside the upstate New York town of Harrington, locals have long told ghost stories about these abandoned fields and the walking dead who haunt them. Last night for a few teens, those stories became all too real.

[ Red and Samar watch the tv broadcast at the pet care place Red uses for money laundering. Red is holding a little white dog ]

Reporter: Alex, can you tell us what happened?
Alex: You know, we hopped the fence and walked into the fields, you know, on a dare, and that’s when I saw the new grave.

[ Red cuddles the puppy, gives it a little kiss ]

Reporter: So far, authorities have uncovered one dead body and are continuing to investigate.

Red: I have to say, ­I would’ve done exactly the same when I was a kid. It’s a ghost story – creepy woods, rumors of corpses walking around in the dead of night.
Samar: Is that your dog, or a customer’s?
Red: What a dear. Yes. You’re a good girl.
[ Red kisses the dog again and puts it down ]
Red: All right, off you go. [ LAUGHS ] A few days ago, Tim Gorman, the owner of Ballistic-Nine, a controversial ­gun manufacturing company based in Reading, Pennsylvania, disappeared.
Samar: That’s who’s in the shallow grave, Tim Gorman, the businessman who makes gun a fifth the price of an iPhone?
Red: Murdered, I believe, by a provocative group known as The Invisible Hand.

[ Members of The Invisible Hand are on a conference call ]
Stephen: I saw the news. They found Gorman.
Zeke: Yeah, not just Gorman. Hang on, I want to conference in Sophia.

Samar: So, they’re vigilantes going after criminals the legal system has failed to convict?
Red: The criminals here aren’t really criminals at all. That’s the point. The Invisible Hand chooses targets who aren’t actually aren’t committing crimes under existing law.
Samar: Like Tim Gorman. Everything he did was perfectly legal.
Red: Yes, but morally reprehensible in the eyes of The Hand. “Eyes of The Hand.” What an odd turn of phrase.

[ Sophia is driving. Her daughter is in the back in a car seat ]
Sophia: I’m on.
Everly: Mommy, Mommy –
Sophia: Everly, baby, Mommy has to take this call. Shh.
Stephen: We don’t really have time for this.
Sophia: I’m sorry, but I wasn’t exactly expecting the call.
Zeke: Look, can we all just stay focused, please? Now, we all saw the news. As we speak, the police are digging up the entire site. We’ll be exposed–
Stephen: You don’t know that.
Sophia: Oh, my God.
Everly: Mom!
Emma: I agree with Stephen. We’ve always covered our tracks. Nothing at the site leads back to us.
Bobby: Look, let me do some sniffing around at the paper. I can call a few sources, see what the police really know.
Stephen: Great. We meet up later at Zeke’s.

Ressler: Does Reddington have any proof that The Invisible Hand is killing these people?
Samar: Gorman’s body was found in a shallow grave in a Superfund site in a town called Brenford. He believes others ­are buried there as well.
Aram: Brenford – Okay. Uh, their biggest employer was the Atria Chemical Corporation. Whoa. They dumped so many toxins that the EPA set up the site, 10 square miles of uninhabitable land.
Ressler: It’s the perfect place to dump bodies.
Cooper: Navabi, Ressler, reach out the investigating team. Meet them on site. If that is a mass grave out there, I want to know who the bodies are.

[ The head of the State Police Investigative Unit, Muncie, guides Ressler and Samar through the Superfund site. Bodies are being exhumed. Everyone wears hazmat masks ]
Muncie: The chemical concentration in the soil isn’t uniform. Some of the pockets are highly corrosive, others are less toxic. All right, here’s your gun-maker. They planted him where there’s a huge concentration of chemicals.
Ressler: How many bodies have you found?
Muncie: Six so far, but the topography makes me think we’re gonna find more. Oh. I pulled this down for you. It’s a surveillance camera. The EPA monitors these sites to study terrain shifts.
Samar: Where was this installed exactly?
Muncie: Facing the one access road, in a birch. It takes one photo a day. It shows the changes in the topsoil caused by the toxins.
Ressler: We’re gonna need to see the images on this as soon as possible.
Guide: You got it.

Bobby: Cops don’t know anything yet. They can’t figure who most of the bodies are, let alone connect them to us.
Stephen: Look, everything we do, we do together. We choose who is deserving of punishment together. We execute sentence together, and we all equally responsible, so if you guys want to stop, we stop. But I think once you see this, you’ll realize that isn’t possible now.
[ Stephen hands each of the others a folder ]
Emma: You found her.
Stephen: She’s here. She’s back in the country. But not for long.
Zeke: She has to die. Don’t forget why we started this. I say we vote.
[ They each hold up their hand, palms toward each other ]
Stephen: Anna Hopkins, you will know The Invisible Hand.

Muncie: We’ve discovered nine bodies so far.
Ressler: Any idea how they were killed?
Muncie: The autopsies suggest they were buried alive, each of them put in the ground conscious, fully aware of what was happening. I’ve got four names for you so far. Gorman, the gun-maker, you know. The second body’s Ralph Ellis. He went missing two years ago. He works for Ace-Gen Pharmaceuticals.
Ressler: The ones that ­jacked up the cancer prices so high the poor couldn’t afford them.
Muncie: But the rest of them are mostly skeletons. Edward Waybur and David Flynn I’d guess they were the first ones put in the ground. Waybur was a retired judge. Flynn was a lawyer in Philly.
Man: [ Calls out ] Hey!
Muncie: Excuse me. [ Leaves ]
Samar: We know The Invisible Hand targeted the gun maker and the Big Pharma exec, but what did Waybur and Flynn do to deserve being killed?

Red: Anthony Pagliaro?
Dembe: He won’t leave, Raymond. He said he’s sorry for the unexpected visit, but it’s a work-related emergency.
Red: The man works at a post office. What kind of emergency could we be talking about? Bring him in.
Tony Pagliaro: I know. Don’t even say it – unexpected drop-ins, not kosher. All I can say is I would never if it wasn’t an absolute emer–
Red: Emergency. Dembe said. In my experience, everyone has their own definition of an emergency.
Tony: Somebody’s trying to kill me.
Red: That fits my definition.
Tony: It’s my fault. I needed some money. So, there’s this guy at work, you know, he has this route, told me about this house, said it was a big drug spot. So I covered his route for a week, I found this package that I figured was loaded with, you know, whatever, something that I could sell. It’s drugs, so maybe they don’t report it. If they do report it, I say “I have no idea. With everything I deliver, it must of went missing somehow.”
Red: I’m remembering now why I make the plans when we do business.
Tony: And I was dead on. Package was loaded with cocaine. So now, I’m rich, right? Boom! Next day, I get a visit from a walking refrigerator calls himself Big Willie Wilkins.
Red: Imagine the confidence a man has to have in his own genitals to take on a nickname like “Big Willie.”
Tony: Oh, yeah, he’s confident all right. He’s also cuckoo-ka-choo. And he’s not buying my story how his shipment went missing. So I told him that it was stolen. By another dealer, I hear the guys at work talk about from the neighborhood – Momo, they call him, Momo Marinello.
Red: Does Momo know you’re the one who falsely accused him?
Tony: Oh, yeah. I’m his prime suspect, and he’s going to kill me for sure.
Red: What did you need the money for?
Tony: I’d rather not say. Does it matter?
Red: [ CHUCKLES ] It does to me.
Tony: All right, I-I’m I’m dating this girl now, okay, and, uh, you know, she’s a little bit out of my league, so I just thought I could use a little, uh, you know, a little, uh, help in the – liposculpture. I know! ­It’s embarrassing, all right? I’m not proud of it. It doesn’t mean I deserve two in the back of the head from Big Willie Wilkins.
Red: Come, let’s take a ride over and see this Large William and explain the misunderstanding.
Tony: What? No. That’s a bad idea.
Red: Relax. In a matter like this, honesty is always the best policy. Probably.

Anna Hopkins: What’s left? I want to get back to the hotel and take a bath.
Assistant: Your last interview just got here.
[ The assistant lets Bobby in ]
Hopkins: You’re punctual. I like punctuality. Anna Hopkins. Nice to meet you.
Bobby: Thanks for seeing me, Ms. Hopkins.
Hopkins: Take a seat. Let’s get started. Smart of you to do this story now. Once we announce this new initiative, we expect to be very busy here.
Bobby: I-I’m sorry. ­Do you mind if I have a water?
Hopkins: Oh. Thanks to Steve Jobs, every new product line has to be kept secret and then launched like a movie. What are you doing?
Hopkins: Sorry. You don’t mind if I record this, do you?

Ressler: I don’t know how you even got a hit. I mean, that camera takes one photo every 24 hours of that access road.
Samar: It’s incredible. What are the chances it would capture a suspicious car?
Aram: I know, right? ­They’re like slim to none, which is probably why it didn’t happen. I looked at 730 photos. No cars in the foreground on the road, but one photo had something in the background, and I enhanced it.
Samar: Why would anyone visit a contaminated site without protective gear?
Ressler: Now, who the hell is that?

[ Brenford, New York Toxic Superfund Site ]
[ The remains of an abandoned cluster of houses. The place is Chernobyl-like, desolate ]
[ Inside one house, Stephen sits at a table in an unkempt room, eating. He reaches inside his mouth and pulls out a bloody tooth ]

[ Cooper’s office ]
Liz: Oleander – Tom was still researching the name when he was killed.
Cooper: It’s a person.
Liz: So you found something.
Cooper: I made some calls, cashed in a few favors from friends working in counter-intelligence. Oleander was the name of a Russian operative active during the Cold War.
Liz: A Russian agent?
Cooper: I’m not sure he’s even still alive. A few years ago, ­the CIA thought he might be living here in the United States under an assumed name. That was never proven. No charges were ever filed.
Liz: Thank you for this.
Cooper: Agent Keen, be very careful. If that man is the operative they call Oleander, he’s extremely dangerous. And he won’t appreciate FBI agents dropping by to ask him questions.

Liz: Dominic Wilkinson?
Dom: Who’s asking?
Liz: Elizabeth Keen, FBI. I was hoping to ask you a few questions.

[ Red and Dembe walk to the back of a candy factory ]
Red: There’s something a little “on the nose” about a drug operation in the back of a candy factory. I can’t get Sammy Davis Jr. out of my head. Big Willie! I appreciate you taking the time.
Big Willie: Raymond damn Reddington. I thought somebody was pulling my chain.
Red: [ LAUGHS ] Certainly not me! Although I must admit, there has been a modicum of chain-pulling of late. I believe you know my associate, Anthony.
Big Willie: He’s with you?
Red: He is.
Tony: Look, Mr. Wilkins um, Willie– [ LAUGHS ] About the package the thing is– I know that I had told you that it was stolen, but the truth is– I’m sorry. ­I’m a lightheaded right now. Oh- oh, boy.
Red: Oh, for God’s sake. Your package was stolen, Willie, but not by Momo Marinello. I’m afraid your first instinct was correct. Anthony took it in an extremely misguided effort to finance a personal procedure he’d rather not discuss except amongst friends. What matters is, now that you know the truth, you can call off whatever search you’re conducting. Anthony will pay you back in full with interest. No harm, no foul.
Big Willie: No harm?
[ Big Willie takes them into a room with a bloody chainsaw where men are cutting up a body ]
Red: Oh, Willie. You certainly work fast.
Big Willie: My guys caught up with Momo about an hour ago.
[ Tony vomits into a plastic bucket ] [ RETCHES ]

[ The Post Office ] [ They look at photos on the overhead ]
Aram: All right, this is David Flynn, the personal injury lawyer from Philly. The other body was Judge Waybur. Both men have a connection to the ghost town where the bodies were found. Waybur spent his entire career hearing cases in the City of Brenford, and before Flynn moved to Philadelphia, he was the general counsel of the Atria Corporation, the chemical company that poisoned Brenford.
Ressler: Sounds like a good enough reason for The Invisible Hand to want them dead.
Samar: Yes, but what about Judge Waybur? Did Flynn ever appear in a case before him?
Aram: I had the same question. Flynn appeared before Judge Waybur to defend Atria in one case.
Ressler: About what?
Aram: I can’t say. The records are sealed under court order.
Samar: Sealed by Judge Waybur himself?
Aram: Another plaintiff sought to have the case unsealed almost 15 years ago and failed.
Ressler: Do we know why?
Aram: No. All I have is the name of the person who tried – Stephen Altman.
Samar: Oh, my God. Look who it is.
Ressler: It’s our ghost – the man from the photo walking out of the woods.
Aram: Stephen Altman was raised in Brenford. His parents died of bone cancer, supposedly as a result of Atria’s chemical spills. Stephen was a teenager when he sued Atria for wrongful death. Ultimately, his case was dismissed for failure to meet the burden of proof. I can’t find any record of him over the last two years – no taxes paid, no driver’s license, no address.
Ressler: Maybe he moved back. Look, I know it sounds crazy, but if he’s out there walking around those woods without a hazmat suit, maybe he’s reckless enough to move back to Brenford.

Dom: Well, what brings and FBI agent out to visit with an old, retired systems analyst?
Liz: You’re not a retired systems analyst, Mr. Wilkinson.
Dom: [ LAUGHS ] Then who am I?
Liz: I think you’re a former Russian operative codenamed Oleander.
Dom: Oleander? That’s why you’re here, chasing that old ghost story?
Liz: You were investigated by the CIA.
Dom: Yes, I was investigated by the CIA, and I was cleared.
Liz: The case was put on hold due to insufficient evidence, but if the CIA came after you, they had a reason.
Dom: What’s this all about? Be straight with me, young lady. I’ll be straight with you.
Liz: My husband was killed over a year ago, and I’m trying to understand why.
Dom: [ EXHALES SHARPLY ] I’m very sorry for your loss. I’m not Oleander. The CIA took a look at me because I used to work with Russian intelligence, but I was I was not an apparatchik, an agent. I was an analyst ­in the civilian sector – agricultural production, sugar beets.
Liz: There had to be more to it.
Dom: After the Cold War, I came to this country to teach analytics. I was granted asylum and citizenship. I changed my name, I started over. I wish I could help you. I can see that you’re a good person, kind– Your eyes remind me of someone.
Liz: You said you worked for Russian intelligence, so you knew operatives.
Dom: Yes, but not Oleander.
Liz: What about Katarina Rostova?
Dom: Yes. Katarina. Yes, I knew Katarina quite well.

Big Willie: Hey, I thought Momo stole from me. What else was I supposed to do?
Red: You didn’t have to kill him.
Big Willie: If I don’t respond, ­I look weak, and if I look weak, somebody’s gonna wrap me up in a plastic bag.
Red: Leadership is about more than the showing of strength, William. It’s also about knowing when to show restraint.
Big Willie: Restraint? Oh, you mean like me not putting a bullet in your man’s head [ Pulls gun and holds it to Tony’s cheek ] for lying to me?!
[ Dembe points his gun at Big Willie ]
Tony: Okay, like I said, bad idea.
Red: My associate here is the least of your concerns right now. Do you realize what you’ve done? Momo’s guys are going to have to retaliate.
Dembe: Put the gun down.
[ Another man runs in ]
Man: Hey, we got some cars coming up.
Big Willie: Who is it?
[ The man shrugs his shoulders ]
[ ⚡️GLASS SHATTERS⚡️ IN DISTANCE ] [ The electricity goes out ]
Red: William, you’ve started a drug war.
[ Gunshots 💥💥 ]
Red: Great.
[ 💥💥💥💥💥 Gunfight 💥💥💥💥💥 ]
[ Someone steps up behind Red ]
Dembe: Raymond!
[ Red spins around and shoots💥 He hits ~ Tony! ] [ Tony GROANS ]
Red: Oh, shoot. Anthony? Anthony!
[ Tony GAGS ]
Red: Dembe!
[ Red and Dembe hustle Tony out of the meleé outside to the car ]
Tony: I don’t want to die.
Red: You’re not gonna die. We’re gonna get you help right now.

[ Samar, Ressler and other agents arrive at the cluster of homes in the Superfund site. They wear gas masks ] [ BIRD CALLS ]
Samar: Looks like the end of the world.
Ressler: This is where Altman grew up. The whole town’s dead, no power for miles. Why is there smoke ­coming out of that chimney?
[ The agents break down the door ]
— Go! Go!
— To your right!
— Clear!
Samar: He must have heard us. It looks like he took off. What is this?
Ressler: Surveillance gear. Advanced.
Samar: So he’s tracking someone.
[ PANTING ] [ Outside, Stephen Altman watches from a distance, then turns and runs away through the brush ]

[ The Post Office ]
Samar: We know Stephen Altman was tracking someone or something using the gear we found in his house.
Cooper: We have to assume it’s The Invisible Hand’s next victim.
[ The surveillance display from the house is projected above ]
Samar: There, for the last 22 minutes, that tracker hasn’t moved.
Cooper: The Braxton Hotel? Maybe that’s where their next target is staying?
Aram: Probably. I’m working on it now. Fortunately, the device they’re using is a three-axis accelerometer – on steroids. It doesn’t just track front-to-back and left-to-right, it also tracks up-and-down.
Ressler: So you can determine the altitude?
Aram: Yeah, I think whoever The Invisible Hand is watching is currently at this point in space 282 feet above the ground, and I’ve been roughing out a 3-D simulation of the Braxton Hotel, and if I can superimpose it over the tracking point then that is the 17th floor.
Ressler: Ah, I know. I know. Isn’t he adorable?
[ Samar smiles ]
Cooper: Call the hotel. Find out who’s staying in that room. You two, get there.

Dom: Her daughter? Masha? Of course. T-That’s who you remind me of. Ah, there’s such a strong resemblance.
Liz: I never knew my mother.
Dom: Ah, Katarina and I, we worked in the same building for a time. Ah, she was a legend already, even then. Everybody wanted to know her.
Liz: And you were friends?
Dom: I saw you with her once. She had to stop by the office for something urgent, and- and there you were, maybe 3 years old. [ CHUCKLES ]
Liz: Did you know Reddington?
Dom: I don’t want to talk about Reddington.
Liz: Why not?
Dom: I just don’t.
Liz: Do you think she’s dead? Katarina? I know they say she committed suicide, but there was a man, Anton Velov. He was a Colonel in the Spetsnaz. He said she might still be alive.
Dom: I never heard from Katarina after she left for America. What really happened to her I think there are some people who want to keep ­that information a secret. And I think they will do whatever is necessary even now to keep it that way.

[ Ressler and Samar are in their SUV ]
Aram: [ Over phone ] All right, the guest is Anna Hopkins. She’s Executive Vice President of Optimize, a European company that specializes in green energy initiatives.
Samar: Green energy?
Ressler: Doesn’t that make her one of the good guys? Why is she being targeted, then?
Cooper: It seems before Anna Hopkins started trying to save the planet, she was one of the people polluting it. She was a senior executive at Atria Chemical. Hopkins was in charge of matters related to the chemical spill on behalf of the company.
Aram: Yeah, and apparently after Atria shut down, she accepted a job in London and has been overseas ever since.
[ The Braxton Hotel ] [ KNOCKS ON DOOR ] [ Anna Hopkins rises to answer the door ]
Aram: And it looks like she’s just in town to give a speech announcing a new product that her company’s working on.
Anna Hopkins: Yes?
Stephen: [ Dressed as courier ] I got a priority overnight here for an Anna Hopkins.
Hopkins: Thank you. Leave it outside.
Stephen: I can’t do that. You need to sign.
Hopkins: Hang on a sec.
[ She goes to the phone and makes a call ]
Hopkins: Hello? Yes, this is Anna Hopkins in 1712. There’s a courier here who says he has a delivery for me. I’m just confirming you sent him up. I see.
Security: Braxton Hotel, security.
Samar: Security, this is Agent Navabi with the FBI. We have reason to believe that one of your guests is in imminent danger, Anna Hopkins.
Security: Room 1712 – Yeah, we just got a call. I’m about to send a team up right now.
Samar: What call? What’s happening?
[ Two men approach Stephen as Anna Hopkins watches through the peephole ]
Man: Excuse me, sir.
Stephen: There’s no problem, Officers. I’m just trying to deliver a package.
Man: Not without checking in first, you’re not. Let’s go.
[ Stephen turns to leave ]
[ One of the men knocks. Hopkins opens the door ]
Hopkins: Thank you so much.
[ The man – who is Bobby – ⚡️tases⚡️her ]
Hopkins: Aah!
[ Hopkins collapses. The other man is Zeke. Stephen reappears ]
Stephen: 15 seconds. Get her up.
[ They carry Hopkins toward the stairs as the real hotel security arrives by a nearby main elevator ]

[ Stephen, Bobby and Zeke carrying Anna Hopkins head out the back of the hotel to a maroon van ]
[ Ressler and Samar arrive ] [ TIRES SQUEAL ]
Ressler: Stop! FBI! FBI! Lower your weapon!
[ 💥💥💥 GUNFIRE 💥💥💥 ] [ Zeke loads Anna Hopkins into the van and then is hit. Bobby is hit in the abdomen but gets in the driver’s seat ] [ Emma shoots until she is shot. Only Sophia doesn’t have a gun ]
[ Ressler checks Emma ]
Ressler: She’s still alive. [ On phone: ] Roll an ambulance with backup to our location.
Samar: [ To Sophia ] Hands up!
Ressler: Suspects in a maroon van, unmarked, no rear plate.

[ Inside the van ]
[ Anna Hopkins GROANS and wakes up ]
Stephen: Hello, there.
Hopkins: [ BREATHING HEAVILY ] What’s going on?
Stephen: When we bury you, we want you to feel as powerless as your victims did when you were at Atria and destroyed our town.
Hopkins: Brenford? That’s what this is about?
Stephen: We know what you did. One of our neighbors sued you over a year before everyone else got sick. You ordered your lawyer to negotiate a secret settlement with them.
Hopkins: Which was perfectly legal.
Stephen: Your blood money bought their silence so you could go on making millions while we got to watch everyone we love get sick and suffer and die.
Hopkins: I felt horrible about what happened. I-I left the business. I’m working in alternative energy now, trying to make amends.
Stephen: Amends? ­For killing our parents? For killing me?
[ Stephen stuffs a cloth into Hopkins’ mouth ]

Ressler: Where were they going? Hey, answer the question, because if that woman dies it’s on–
Sophia: I can’t.
Ressler: Look, we know about The Invisible Hand. We know you’re working with Stephen Altman. It’s over. ­We know about Tim Gorman, David Flynn, Judge Edward Waybur. Whoever you’re working with, you can’t protect them–
[ Samar finds a photo of two children in Sophia’s wallet ]
Sophia: You don’t understand. They’re not people I’working with. They’re my best friends. We grew up together.
Samar: You care about your friends, but do you care about them more than your own children? We’re giving you an opportunity here perhaps the only chance you’ll get to see them outside of prison.
Sophia: It was just supposed to be them David Flynn, Judge Waybur, and Anna Hopkins. They did this to us. They settled that case, made sure that it was sealed. The law allowed them to kill all those families in Brenford. We all agreed we had to do something, so we did. We found all of them except Anna Hopkins. And after, I knew we should stop. But Stephen he said that there was no going back. We were killers now, and we owe it to ourselves and the other victims to keep going.
Ressler: Where were they taking Hopkins?
Sophia: Stephen’s dying. He found out almost two years ago the same bone cancer that killed his parents and mine and Zeke’s and Bobby’s–
Ressler: Sophia, where were they going?
Sophia: Back to that wasteland to bury her in the same ground she destroyed.
Samar: To the Superfund site. That’s the one place they know we’ll be looking.
Sophia: You can try, but you’ll never find them in time. It’s 10 square miles of brush and wilderness. I can show you where they are. There’s a clearing 40 yards west of our old high school.
Samar: How do you know that’s where they’ll be?
Sophia: Because that’s where we dug the grave.

[ Stephen and Bobby, clutching his abdomen, get out ]
Bobby: What the hell was that? The FBI was waiting for us.
Stephen: Take it easy, Bobby.
Bobby: Easy?! We were sitting ducks. They knew we were about to make a move on Hopkins.
Stephen: Yes, yes.
Bobby: ­How did they know?
Stephen: Probably because they raided my house in Brenford. They found all our surveillance gear.
Bobby: What? No, Stephen, no. You should’ve told us that. W-We would’ve called it off.
Stephen: That’s exactly why ­I didn’t tell you, ’cause I knew none of you would step up to the plate and finish what we started. We finally got Anna Hopkins. Nothing else matters.
Bobby: Nothing matters to you, ’cause you’re dying. We have things to live for.
Stephen: For now, until you get sick. Don’t think that you won’t.
Bobby: We have kids and families. We love you, S-Stephen, but you s-should’ve told us. Let us decide for ourselves.
Stephen: I’m sorry, Bobby.
Bobby: ­Yeah. [ PANTING ] Go. I won’t make it to a hospital. You finish what we started.

[ A restaurant ]
Red: Have a seat. [ Pause ] I’m not asking, William.
Big Willie: [ SIGHS ] Look, man, why am I here? I’m not gonna touch your boy Anthony, if that’s what you’re worried about, all right? I got enough problems now.
Red: You’re here because I want some information. Truth be told, my desire to help Anthony with his little situation was not entirely altruistic. I have a project that would benefit from your experience selling narcotics.
Big Willie: Which is?
Red: The Nash Syndicate. I want to go after the Nash Syndicate.
Big Willie: [ LAUGHING ] Nash? Come on, man. You want to go up against those guys? You’re a big enough fish? Why risk that?
Red: I’m not a big fish, William. I’m Moby Dick.
Big Willie: Even so, those Nash guys are untouchable. I got 10 guys in lockup right now for every one Nash soldier inside. And when was the last time a shipment of theirs got seized coming in at the port, hmm? Doesn’t happen.
Red: Why not?
Big Willie: Who knows? But what they say? It’s ’cause the Nash Syndicate is protected by the cops.

[ The Superfund site. Stephen is shoveling dirt into a grave ]
[ Ressler and Samar come running across the field ]
Ressler: Stop! FBI!
Samar: FBI!
[ Ressler catches up to Stephen, tackles him ]
[ Samar and another agent pull Anna Hopkins out of the grave.
[ Ressler yanks Stephen’s arm behind his back ] [ Stephen SCREAMS ]
[ Samar gives Anna Hopkins CPR. Hopkins GASPS, INHALES SHARPLY ]

[ Ressler interrogates Stephen whose arm is in a sling ]
Ressler: So, you confess to murdering all those people?
Stephen: The Invisible Hand is a corrective force. I corrected what I knew to be wrong in the world.
Ressler: And you deny nothing?
Stephen: Deny it? I’m proud of it. Long after I’m gone, the story of what we accomplished will live on.
Ressler: And, uh, what story is this?
Stephen: The story of six kids who lived on the same cul-de-sac in an idyllic town, six kids who thought the world was a beautiful place where wonderful things would happen if they just worked hard, played by the rules if they were just good people. Then one day, they watched while everyone they loved got sick and died. Killers never held responsible. But you know what those idealistic kids did? They stayed idealistic. They went out into the world to try and change things, make it a better place, pursued careers to help the powerless, to unearth the truth and expose the bad guys, and they tried to see the good in the world. And you know what they learned? It doesn’t work. The world hadn’t changed. They hadn’t made it a better place. And then one of our six heroes died of the same bone cancer that took his mom and his dad. The other five met up after years away at his funeral, and there, standing over his coffin, a plan emerged, a new plan to change the world, only this time being as ruthless with the world as it had been with them.
Ressler: And this vigilante justice You really think that that’s what this world needs?
Stephen: I’m done trying to figure out what this world needs. I will die knowing I did what I could. Just because something’s legal doesn’t mean that it’s right or that it shouldn’t be punished.

[ A hospital corridor. Red is there. Liz is standing nearby, talking to Samar and Ressler ]
Red: [ On phone ] What’s wrong?
Dom: [ LAUGHS ] Nice greeting. How the hell do you know something’s wrong?
Red: Because you’re calling, and I don’t hear from you unless it’s urgent.
Dom: She was here – Masha.
Red: How?
Dom: How is a problem, yeah, but not as big a problem as why. She was here looking for Oleander. Apparently, she thinks tracking him down will help solve her husband’s murder.
Red: What did she say? Be specific.
Dom: Relax. She doesn’t know Oleander’s me. I certainly didn’t tell her. And since I know ­all you care about is yourself, you can stop worrying. I didn’t say a word about you. My own granddaughter three feet away after almost 30 years, I couldn’t say a damn thing to her.
Red: I can’t talk about this now.
[ Liz and Samar walk over to Red ]
Dom: You should tell her. Enough secrets. She deserves to know.
Red: We can talk about this later.
Liz: Samar’s here to question Bobby, but I asked if you could speak with him first.
Samar: Liz says he might be able to help locate Tom’s killer. How?
Liz: ­I asked the same question.

Red: Hello, Bobby.
Red: You know, I once knew a man who was shot 20 times in the torso and survived – 20 times. Achiko Takahashi.
Bobby: Who are you?
Red: You see, poor Achiko found himself at mortal odds with a particularly vengeful yakuza kumicho–
Tommy: Guard! ­
Red: Oh, never mind. It’s not a great story. Except for the fact that young Achiko lived. God, apparently. He was absolutely certain it was God who saved him, which may be true, but science, believe it or not, was somewhat on his side. They say over 80% of targets on the body are not fatal. What about you, Bobby? After all those people you and your friends have killed, you think God smiled down on you today?
Bobby: What do you want?
Red: I want the one they call the Toymaker. I know he did work for The Invisible Hand.
Word is he built you and your friends some rather remarkable surveillance equipment. Where can I find him?
Bobby: How do you know about the Toymaker? You’re not a cop. Who are you?
Red: Answer the question, Bobby.
Bobby: Or what?
Red: Or I’m going to do to you what those 20 bullets couldn’t do to Achiko Takahashi.

[ Spoon’s ♪ “I Ain’t The One” plays ]
[ Inside a repair shop, Cleveland Bandicott, wearing a protective mask, is working with a soldering gun ]
Cleveland Bandicott: Right with you, friend.
Red: I appreciate your optimism, Mr. Bandicott, but I fear we aren’t going to be friends.
Bandicott: Please, ca- call me Cleveland.
Red: You know who I am, Cleveland? [ Bandicott nods ] Good. That’s helpful, and only
fair since I also know who you are. The Toymaker. May I? I’ve always wanted a soldering gun.

♪ I ain’t the one

Red: Here, you take mine.
[ Red places his pistol on the table ]

♪ I say, I ain’t the one

Bandicott: [ STAMMERS ] You’re not gonna need that, Mr. Reddington. I’m a lover, not a fighter. I’m- I’m guessing you didn’t drop in to pick up a used VCR?
Red: [ LAUGHS ] A VCR? Gosh, I’ve got a couple of boxes of VHS’s in a storage unit somewhere. My God, I haven’t seen them in years. A bunch of Laurel and Hardy’s, “The Conversation,” “Singin’ in the Rain.”
Liz: This is what we’re here to talk about.
[ Liz shows Bandicott Navarro’s artificial eye ]
Liz: You custom built this for a drug dealer named Navarro.
Bandicott: I don’t know who that is, sweetheart.

♪ I ain’t the one
I ain’t the one that you’re looking for now

[ Liz takes the soldering gun and threatens Bandicott with it ]
Liz: Call me “Sweetheart” again.
Bandicott: Hey, I’m serious. Look, I-I-I’m cooperating here. Guy who came in, I never worked with him before, but he wasn’t the kind of dude you say no to, which I’m guessing you guys know by now. He never told me his name, and I’ve been doing this long enough not to ask. That’s all I know.
Red: That’s not all you know, Cleveland. He had specifications.
Bandicott: Definitely. Man knew exactly what he wanted. And that that eye was only the beginning. I’ve built him what might be the most advanced surveillance and counter surveillance gear out there right now.
Red: And this man was familiar with the state of the art?
Bandicott: Are you kidding? We spent five minutes talking about conical R-F energy frequencies for handheld wall-penetrating Dopplers in both azimuth and elevation. Man, you know, it was almost like the guy was–
Red: A cop? Thank you, Cleveland. You’ve been a terrific help.

[ Dr Lomay’s clandestine hospital for criminals ]
[ Red enters with a bottle of wine and a blue balloon ] [ Tony is recuperating from surgery ]
Tony: [ Reads writing on balloon ] “Get ready to party”?
Red: Best I could do. They were fresh out of “Sorry I Shot You” balloons.
Red: Careful now. Dr. Lomay says to expect some light bruising around the ribs, and don’t remove the compression garment.
Tony: Compression.

♪ I ain’t the one I ain’t the one

[ Tony lifts his covers and peers down ]
Tony: You didn’t.
Red: I figured since you were going under the knife anyway, it would be a good opportunity to get it over with.
Tony: Hey, yeah – Thank you.
Red: Give my regards to your new girlfriend.

♪ I ain’t the one

Tony: What about Big Willie? Doesn’t he, uh, still want to kill me?
Red: Get some sleep, Tony. Big Willie won’t bother you again.

[ Cooper’s office ]
Cooper: I’m confused. You made it very clear that coming back to work on cases wasn’t your top priority.
Liz: It still isn’t, but I think under the circumstances, it’s what’s best for everyone.
Cooper: Under the circumstances? Meaning that whatever you learned about Tom’s death you think having a badge is necessary to get revenge. Why?
Liz: Because I think whoever killed Tom has one, too.
Cooper: He’s police? Federal or state?
Liz: I don’t know, but if he is a cop, he’s not the only one. And I’m gonna need you, everyone, if I’m gonna have any chance at taking them down.
[ Cooper stands ]
Cooper: Welcome back, Agent Keen. We’ve missed you. I’ve missed you.

[ Detective Singleton, the detective investigating Tom’s murder, enters Liz’s home. He flicks on a light and looks at the ad hoc evidence board she has created of those she knows or suspects of being involved in the attack on her and Tom ]
Detective Singleton: You got to get everybody together. Agent Keen could become a serious problem.
[ At the other end of the call, a man walks slowly into view. It is Ian Garvey, Tom’s murderer ]
Ian Garvey: Why?
Singleton: She worked her way up to Navarro. She killed him. I’m more convinced than ever.
Garvey: We can deal with Keen. I’ll call a meeting.
[ Garvey reaches for his pocket. Fastened to his belt is a badge with a five-pointed star: “United States Marshal” ]

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Episode Songs


♫ I Ain’t The One
By Spoon

♪ When the moon is rising and looking on me
When the night comes knocking, knocking on me
I say, I ain’t the one
I say, I ain’t the one
I ain’t the one that you looking for now

♪ When the man comes asking and looking for me
When the law comes knocking, knocking on me
I ain’t the one
(Ah, ah)
No, I ain’t the one
I ain’t the one that you’re looking for now
Yeah, I ain’t the one
I ain’t the one
So now I’m leaving you all behind me

♪ When the world comes crashing, crumbling on me
When the day comes knocking, knocking on me
I say, I ain’t the one
I ain’t the one
Hey, ha ha
Hey, ha ha
I ain’t the one, I ain’t the one
So now I’m leaving you all behind me

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2C3gLBq
YouTube: https://youtu.be/FjDj9JMpAP4

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🔴 Script: 5:14 Mr Raleigh Sinclair III (№ 51)

Program air date: 2/28/2018 in the US
Full Script Permalink: http://wp.me/pDKwi-7mQ
Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/2Cppu5v

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Christine Gee
Written by: Kelli Johnson



⭕ Script 5:14 Mr Raleigh Sinclair III (№ 51)

Brief: Liz and Red are on a race against time – and each other – to locate the suitcase containing a skeleton. Liz knows it only as an “item” which will reveal to her “the truth” – a secret of Red’s – that Tom wanted her to know. Red knows that Mr Kaplan left the suitcase for Liz but Tom purloined it. Determined to identify it himself before telling Liz, Tom got killed for his trouble. It is now in the hands of Tom’s murderer, Ian Garvey, who knows its value to Red. In the search for Tom’s killer, Liz found among Tom’s things a reference to an “Oleander” who Cooper has told her was a Russian operative during the Cold War. Following the tip from Cooper leads Liz to Dominic Wilkerson. This turns out to be “Dom,” Liz’s own grandfather (and Red’s gruff, reclusive, occasional antagonist). Dom claims only a passing familiarity with former Soviet agents, but recognizes Liz when she tells him Katarina Rostova (his own daughter) was her mother. He does not tell Liz he is her grandfather – or that he himself is Oleander. He says he does not know if Katarina is still alive. Meanwhile, Red is tracking the suitcase through the Nash Syndicate, a drug operation which Red has learned is protected or run by cops. The final scene of Episode 5:13 shows that, not only does Ian Garvey himself wear a badge, but Detective Singleton, the cop working Tom’s case, is in cahoots with him.

[ Brian Barrett sits down on a city bench next to Mr Raleigh Sinclair III ]
Mr Raleigh Sinclair III: You’re late.
Brian Barrett: I came as soon as I could. The train was delayed.
Sinclair: I was very clear about being punctual.
Brian: What? You’re joking, right? I’m five minutes late.
Sinclair: Mr. Barrett, if this were to work, it will depend entirely on- on the routines and the patterns that I set forth. And as you’re failing already, I doubt your ability to stay the course over time.
Brian: I-It won’t happen again.
Sinclair: Tell me again about that day how you found her, how it felt.
Brian: What?
Sinclair: Walk me through what happened with Nicki. You came home early because?
Brian: We’d been having problems. I wanted to surprise her. I remember her shoes. There was a set of keys on the table.
Sinclair: Don’t tell me what you saw. Tell me what you felt, what you feel.
Brian: I felt–

Flashback: A man and woman are having sex.
Nicole: [ MOANS ]

Brian: –rage. Nothing else.


Brian: I wasn’t hurt or sad or betrayed. All I felt was rage – like the only thing that mattered was that she–


Brian: –I wanted – I wanted to hurt her. Not him. Her.


Sinclair: That feeling you have right now – that anger – I want you to hold on to that, because that malice you feel in your heart is more dependable than any contract killer or hit man or third person. Can you do that, Brian? Is your hatred big enough to sustain you?


Brian: Yes.
Sinclair: You remember that. I will contact you again when you have gathered the items on this list.
Brian: [ Reading ] Three pairs of yellow running shoes, an iPhone, an apartment on Washington Place?
Sinclair: It’s a lovely little unit. Just around the corner.
Brian: You want me to rent an apartment in Manhattan?
Sinclair: You want a perfect alibi for murdering your wife?
Brian: I’ll do it today.
Sinclair: When you’re watching your wife die, it it will be well worth the wait.

[ Red’s suite. Liz enters ]
Liz: That detective, Singleton, he was in my apartment while I was out.–
[ Liz hands Red photos from a surveillance camera ]
Red: What?
Liz: –No warrant. Just broke in.
Red: Where did you get these?
Liz: I installed cameras in my house. I had my suspicions, and now I have proof. The lead detective investigating Tom’s murder is a dirty cop.
Red: Where are you on reinstatement?
Liz: I have my fitness-for-duty evaluation tomorrow.
Red: 50 minutes of pure reflection and self-evaluation.
Liz: You’ve been to therapy?
Red: God, yes. Therapy helped me become – an entirely different person.
Dembe: Agent Navabi is ready to meet.
Red: Several years ago, one of my bankers in Liechtenstein shared with me some unpublished works by Carl Jung – handwritten notes on napkins, journals, and such. It was easily the most enlightening, consequential five days I’ve ever spent in a chalet.
Dembe: What about that week in Davos?
Red: Yes. Well. That was a cottage.

[ A wine cellar-style restaurant “Antique Garage” ]
Red: Agent Navabi, are you familiar with the Innocence Project?
Samar: Of course. They use DNA evidence to exonerate the wrongfully convicted.
Red: The majority of the convictions they overturn are based on eyewitness testimony. People who swore they’d seen something they hadn’t.
[ Red slides a newspaper across the table to Samar. The headline reads: “DeMARCO CLEARED BY EYEWITNESS TESTIMONY” ]
Samar: What does this have to do with Sam DeMarco?
Red: Mr DeMarco was brought in for questioning in connection with the untimely demise of his business partner. As it occurred in the wake of a bitter falling-out between the two, the police identified Mr DeMarco as a prime suspect.
Samar: Until four eyewitnesses placed him miles from the scene of the crime.
Red: People think memory works like a video recorder. The mind records events and then, on cue, plays back an exact replica. In truth, memories are reconstructed more like putting together an ever-changing jigsaw puzzle than replaying a video.
Samar: So the witnesses are wrong?
Red: Manipulated. Into providing a killer with an airtight alibi by a master in the art of misdirection.
Samar: The next name on the Blacklist.
Red: A man appropriately known as “The Alibi.”

[ The Post Office. Samar briefs the Task Force ]
Samar: Albert Gelfeld. The prime suspect in the death of his estranged father. Caroline McClean. Person of interest in the disappearance of the heir to a real estate empire. Bjorn Erikson. The last person to be seen with a Lebanese diplomat before his body turned up in the East River. Three suspects in three unsolved crimes. Like Sam DeMarco, each had motive, opportunity, and, according to Reddington, they are all guilty.
Cooper: How does he say this “Alibi” does it? Witness tampering? Bribery?
Ressler: Could be that he just gets someone else to commit the crime for his clients. Times it so that when it takes place they’re someone else, like out in public so other people see them.
[ Mr Raleigh Sinclair’s studio ]
Mr Thompson: The details in your inquiry – They were pretty vague.
Raleigh Sinclair: It is a strange type of request, but easy money, as they say.
Thompson: What do you do? You an artist?
Sinclair: In a manner of speaking, yes.
Samar: Apparently, The Alibi only works with people who want to commit the crimes themselves. He doesn’t offer hit men, only alibis.
Aram: That allow people to be in two places at once.
Samar: The Alibi can exonerate anyone from any crime by getting people he’s never met to swear to things they’ve never seen.
Cooper: Ressler, Navabi, find the witness that says she saw DeMarco at the time of the murder. Press her for details, flaws in her story. I want to know if she made an honest mistake or is an accessory to murder.

[ A convenience shop ]
Cashier: Like I said, I already told the cops what I know.
Samar: You saw DeMarco on the day of the incident. Did you speak to him?
Cashier: No. I was on the phone.
Samar: How do you know it was him?
Cashier: Because I saw him.
Ressler: Did you? Or were you paid to say that’s what you saw?
Cashier: You think I’d be working here if someone paid me off? Look, I know what I saw. The guy comes in every morning for coffee and a paper like clockwork. You can set your watch by him.
Samar: Every morning?
Cashier: Yeah. For coffee, paper, his lottery tickets.
Samar: He bought lottery tickets on the morning in question?
Cashier: 20 bucks’ worth. Right after pulling cash out of the ATM.
Ressler: We’re gonna need access to that camera.

[ The Post Office; a surveillance image of a man in a knit cap and sunglasses is projected above ]
Samar: Certainly looks like him.
Ressler: The hat and the sunglasses look a little suspicious.
Aram: That’s what I thought. Until–
[ KEYBOARD CLACKING ] [ The sunglasses are digitally removed; a photo of Sam DeMarco is projected next to it ]
Aram: And here we go. There.
Cooper: It’s him.
Aram: Yes. Except it’s not. Facial recognition software says it is only an 81% match with discrepancies in vein pattern, eye distance, and pitch of the lower lip.
Ressler: Maybe the system’s wrong.
Aram: Oh, the system could be wrong, but if it’s right and I suspect that it is then you are looking at an exceptionally convincing double who helped Sam DeMarco get away with murder.
Cooper: Release the photo to the Bureau and local PDs, see if we can’t get a match if he’s been arrested, charged. Whoever this double is, he’s got a name, and I want to know what it is.

[ Raleigh Sinclair’s studio ]
[ Raleigh Sinclair removes a white plaster mask from Mr Thompson (who BREATHES DEEPLY ]
Sinclair: You did well.
Thompson: About this routine. Who are you trying to make me look like?
Sinclair: Mr. Thompson, we agreed.
Thompson: Sorry. No questions.
[ Thompson snoops around the studio. He finds a folder and opens it. There is a dossier and a photo of a man inside ]
Thompson: It’s just you’re paying me a lot of money to go on a jog and get a cup of coffee? Is this who I’m supposed to be? This Barrett? Brian Barrett?
Sinclair: I wish you hadn’t done that.
Thompson: I’m, like, doubling this guy? Are people supposed to think I’m him? Look, if this is illegal.
Sinclair: I’m sorry. Unfortunately, this won’t work with you.
Sinclair: Okay. Don’t fight it. Oh, don’t fight it.
[ Sinclair shoots 💥 Thompson in the chest. Sinclair eases Thompson to the floor, holding him closely ]
Sinclair: Hey, this is [ CHUCKLES ] how it would have ended anyway. Mm? Let it go. Just let it go.

[ Cooper’s office ]
Cooper: Thank you for coming.
Red: I assume it’s a pressing matter.
Cooper: It’s about Agent Keen. I know you’ve been helping her look for the man who killed her husband.
Red: Yes.
Cooper: I would imagine the methods you and she have employed have been, shall we say, fast and loose. I asked you here to tell you that has to end.
[ Ressler pops in ]
Ressler: BOLO went out an hour ago. Still nothing on Shula.
[ Cooper places down a photo for Red ]
Cooper: This was the man eyewitnesses ID’d as Sam DeMarco.
[ Another photo ]
Cooper: And this is DeMarco.
Red: He’s using doubles.
Cooper: A homeless man matching DeMarco’s description was picked up for public intoxication last month. Kahil Shula. Where he is now is anyone’s guess.
Red: Some guess. Others know. May I?
[ Red takes the photo of Kahil Shula ]
Cooper: We’ll do everything we can to help Elizabeth find Tom’s killer. But once she’s reinstated, Elizabeth will have to enforce the rules, not break them.

[ Liz’s fitness-for-duty evaluation in Dr Sharon Fulton’s office. Liz strokes the scar on her wrist ]
Dr Sharon Fulton: Let’s talk about your daughter.
Liz: She’s with her grandmother until this ends.
Dr Fulton: Until what ends?
Liz: Until I find closure.
Dr Fulton: And how do you envision that happening?
Liz: Through revenge. That’s why I need you to help me find another way.
Dr Fulton: Does the desire for revenge come naturally to you?
Liz: I think it comes naturally to anyone who’s seen her husband murdered.
Dr Fulton: Let’s talk about Raymond Reddington.
Liz: What about him?
Dr Fulton: Well, I know something of your relationship to him. I can’t make a worthwhile evaluation until I know everything. What did psych services tell you about me?
Liz: Only that, in order to get my badge back, I need your okay.
Dr Fulton: Before I give you that, you feel you need closure.
Liz: Don’t you?
Dr Fulton: If by closure, you mean become numb to the pain caused by Tom’s death or anesthetize it, then, no, I don’t think you need that. Anger is not an unhealthy emotion. It generates passion, risk, the desire to paint outside the lines. I’m drawn to that. And my guess is that you are, too.
Liz: What makes you say that?
Dr Fulton: Let’s talk about your father.

[ A food kitchen for the poor ]
Marion (“Marty”) Stamps: Oh! If it isn’t R Squared and my man Dembe.
[ Hugs ]
Dembe: Hello, Marion.
Red: [ CHUCKLES ] It’s been too long, Marty. You look wonderful.
Marion: Well, we’re up to 700 meals a day. We got housing for another 60. Wouldn’t be half that without your help.
Red: I give, and I get the eyes and ears of an invisible army. Speaking of which, [ Shows photo ] Kahil Shula. Homeless, in considerable trouble. I need to find him. So please circulate the photo and the word.
Marion: Done and done-r. Now, how about you two come and try some of Randy’s raisin bread pudding?
Red: Sounds absolutely delightful.
Marion: Let’s go.

[ Brian Barrett, in running gear, steps outside his New York apartment building. He begins a recording and starts a jog as the voice of Raleigh Sinclair narrates his route ]
Raleigh Sinclair: Ritual is everything. Respect it, and, in time, it will become second nature. Until then, find the signposts. Each morning, your run will begin between 8:00 and 8:10. Along your route, there’s a young man who opens 192 Books, a falafel vendor on 10th Avenue, a doorman at The Flemming who is there rain or shine. Make sure to acknowledge these people. Let them see you. As your pattern emerges, you’ll find others with ritualistic behavior, neighbors with patterns.
[ A vendor has Brian’s morning coffee ready; Brian slaps down his payment ]
Vendor: Double espresso, shot of milk.
[ Sinclair catches up with Brian ]
Sinclair: The falafel vendor waved when you passed. You didn’t acknowledge him. He needs to know your face. He sees hundreds every day.
Brian: Hey, I’ve been at this for months. I could care less about the falafel guy and what he needs.
Sinclair: He could be critical to our story.
Brian: Do you know who likes falafel?! Phil. Who was screwing my wife when we started this. When you promised to get me a double. And now he’s moved in with her. He’s living in my house with my kids. And I’m out here waving to falafel guys!
Sinclair: This routine is not for you. It’s for them! We have to get them to remember you when it’s not you.

Red: Marty. Any good news?
Marion: Now, we haven’t found the person you’re looking for, but we found a woman who knows him. Her name is Delores. I’ll put you on the line with her.
Delores: Hello?
Red: Delores. Hello. Thank you for agreeing to help.
Delores: You’re looking for Kahil?
Red: That’s right. Kahil Shula. What can you tell me about him?
Delores: Good person. Last time I seen him, he was talking to a man in front of the, um, West 26th Street shelter. Said something about a job. Got into his fancy car and drove off.
Red: A fancy car?
Delores: Gold with four doors. Oh, and it had an E-Z Pass in the window.
Dembe: It’s Elizabeth. She wants to meet.
Red: Delores, do you like veal? My chef is preparing osso buco for dinner tomorrow night. Would you care to join me? I could have a car pick you up. Say, 6:30, quarter of 7:00?
Delores: Uh, yeah.

[ The “Antique Garage” wine bar ]
Red: What? Wait. I-I’m confused. I don’t– I have nothing to do with your reinstatement.
Liz: My therapist disagrees. And it’s up to her. Besides, I thought you liked therapy.
Red: It can be transformative for people who need it. We don’t.
Liz: If Singleton works with Tom’s killer, if they’re both on the force, we’re gonna need the Bureau’s help. And to get that, I need my badge. And to get that, you need to go to therapy. Reddington, please. Singleton was in my apartment.
Red: That won’t happen again.
Liz: You don’t know that.
Red: Yes, I do. [ Reluctantly: ] Text Dembe the time and place.

[ From his car, Detective Singleton photographs Red after he meets with Liz at the “Antique Garage” ] [ CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKING ]

[ A group of five or six law enforcement officials meet ]
Singleton: Keen’s working for Reddington. Could be her husband was, too.
Justice Dept official: The guy’s got judges, cops, and prosecutors in his pocket. Why not an FBI agent, too?
DEA Agent: It explains everything. Her husband gets in over his head with the Nash Syndicate.
They come for him. What they don’t know is, Reddington’s protecting him. He leaves five dead in the apartment. Keen knows it, but won’t give him up.
JD official: Think he moved in, took control of the Syndicate?
DEA Agent: He takes over, uses his FBI stooge to keep us a step behind. We get a lead on a shipment in Maryland, it don’t show. We get a witness who agrees to testify, he turns up dead.
Singleton: You think Keen’s working with drug dealers? A drug dealer killed her husband.
Ian Garvey: Is she in Reddington’s pocket?
Singleton: Sure looks like it.
Ian Garvey: Then how much of a Girl Scout can she be? I say we keep following her, and we tell no one outside this room. Reddington’s the biggest fish in domestic law enforcement, and if Detective Singleton’s right, we got him on the hook.

[ Dr Fulton looks into Red’s car ]
Red: Dr Fulton. I understand you’d like to talk.
[ Dr Fulton gets in the back seat with Red; Liz is in the front with Dembe ]
Liz: I am so sorry. I tried getting him to come to your office. This is as close as he would come.
Red: Nothing personal.
Dr Fulton: May I pay you the courtesy of being blunt?
Red: Please.
Dr Fulton: You disgust me.
Red: I was told you wanted to talk about Elizabeth.
Dr Fulton: You’re a glorified serial killer. Everything I hear about Agent Keen is that she’s talented, smart, tough, resilient. Recommending reinstatement would be a no-brainer if not for her relationship with you.
Red: Remind me. Was “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” a psychological theory first pioneered by Piaget or Lucy in “Peanuts”?
[ Talking over each other: ]
Dr Fulton: She murdered the attorney general of the United States–
Liz: I killed a key member of a global conspiracy–
Dr Fulton: –and went on the run with you like a modern-day Bonnie and Clyde.–
Liz: –And in the process, I helped prevent a false flag operation that could have put this country on war footing with Russia.
Dr Fulton: –Some kids run from their father’s sins. She embraces them.
Red: Are we finished?
Dr Fulton: “Fidelity. Bravery. Integrity.” This is the Bureau’s motto. Do you honestly believe a child of yours can honor that?
Red: Would you honestly believe any answer I gave?
Dr Fulton: I doubt it. But Agent Keen’s future with the Bureau depends on you giving it your best shot.
Red: No. Elizabeth’s future with the Bureau depends on her giving it her best shot. And your willingness to judge her on her merits, not mine. Push her. Provoke her. Figure out a way past her grief and anger, and you’ll see her for who she really is.
Dr Fulton: And who is that?
Red: Everything that I am not. Oop! Time’s up. I’m afraid that’s all for today. Good session, though. Tough stuff.

[ People are exiting a workplace ] [ INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS ]
[ Raleigh Sinclair sits in his car turning pages in a folder. He holds up a photo, comparing it to the faces of those exiting. He gets out and approaches a man ]
Raleigh Sinclair: Mr. Eckhart? Da- Da- David?
David Eckhart: Yeah. Who’s asking?
Sinclair: My name’s Ben Rowe. Uh, I-I’d like to talk with you about a job.
[ In Sinclair’s car ]
Eckhart: All right, say I do agree to do this, to go on this assignment.
Sinclair: Right. Well- Well, nobody would know.
Eckhart: Because it’s illegal.
Sinclair: No, not at all. Not your part. Your part is, uh– It’s quite simple. But should we agree to proceed, I will provide you with a sequence of detailed actions that you will be required to complete. These tasks are- are quite simple – a street to take, a food vendor to pass, a face to wave at on your morning jog.
Eckhart: What about these changes you say you want to make?
Sinclair: Should you be willing and able to follow this script, then- then we would need a few modifications.

[ Sinclair’s studio; Sinclair removes a white plaster mask from Eckhart’s face ]
Eckhart: This is– what – to make me look like someone else? Some- Some stranger?
Sinclair: I can’t tell you that.
Eckhart: You give me a makeover, you tell me to go for a jog and wave at people. Why? Who am I pretending to be?
Sinclair: It’s not important. Now stick to the script.
Eckhart: I’m not an idiot. Whatever this is isn’t good. How do you know I won’t say no?
Sinclair: It’s amazing the depth of personal information that one can access with just a few keystrokes. I know about your upside-down mortgage, your alimony, the mounds of debt that you can never overcome. Do you think I would have offered such a significant amount of money unless I thought you were going to say yes? Hmm? You are gonna say yes, aren’t you?

[ Post Office ]
Samar: We’ve created a list of E-Z Pass users based on the description of The Alibi’s car. We cross-checked that with the toll roads closest to the 26th Street shelter.
Ressler: So, how many cars are we talking about?
Samar: 840. We contacted the Toll Road Authority and pulled the video from every license plate of every car.
Aram: And out of the 840, 582 are licensed to men. Any of whom could be our Blacklister.
Cooper: Pull their license photos from the DMV and get them to Reddington. See if his witness can make a positive I.D.

[ Red’s suite; Paris pours wine ]
Red: Mmm. Thank you, Paris.
Delores: All he does is cook for you?
Red: Yes.
Delores: Every day?
Red: Every day. He’s also a hell of a chess player. Even better than Dembe and way better than me.
Delores: Well, it’s delicious.
Red: Delores, the man Kahil left with. Did you find his picture anywhere in the book?
Delores: You know, when I lost my apartment, it was the dead of winter, and I would have froze to death if it wasn’t for Kahil.
Red: The man Kahil left with, the one in the fancy car – I worry that he may hurt your friend. Please help me to protect Kahil.
Delores: You have a honest face.
Red: I’m an honest man.
[ Delores turns to a page in the book of photos provided by Cooper of EZ Pass users and points to the one of Raleigh Sinclair III ]

[ Red and Dembe enter Raleigh Sinclair’s studio. They look at his collections of masks, molds of teeth, sculpting tools and dossiers. Red finds the file for Brian Barrett and David Eckhart and picks it up ]
Red: You should call Harold. Tell him we have an address for the Blacklister.

[ Ressler is at Sinclair’s studio talking on the phone to Aram at the Post Office ]
Ressler: No wonder DeMarco walked. This guy laid out every step of his alibi.
Aram: Down to the kind of lottery ticket he was supposed to buy the day of the murder.
Ressler: Proof that DeMarco killed his business partner, which makes his double an accessory if he’s still alive.
Aram: You think Sinclair’s murdering the doppelgangers?
Ressler: It’s a theory. None of them have turned up alive or gone to the police. And we have, what, a dozen of these facial casts in the room? Another two dozen here? It’s like he’s keeping trophies of his conquests.
Aram: We now have at least twice as many murders to charge him with.
Samar: Ressler. We have something. Sinclair’s not finished.
[ A fresh mask lies under a piece of plastic ]
Ressler: Aram, I think we found Sinclair’s next client.
Aram: There’s another?

[ In Red’s car; phone rings ]
Samar: [ On phone ] Reddington.
Red: Agent Navabi, what a pleasure.
Samar: We found a plaster mold of a man presumably Sinclair’s next client but not his dossier.
Red: And that presents a problem?
Samar: Sinclair is painstakingly precise. He keeps detailed records of every alibi he creates, and yet the one dossier we can’t find is for his next job.
Red: Maybe you should keep looking.
Samar: Maybe you took it.
Red: I’m sure it’ll turn up somewhere, and when it does, let me know. Then we can celebrate. Your treat.
Dembe: You could give them the name.
Red: They’ll put it together. They have the face. And we have a long drive.

[ Brian Barrett is on his jog ]
Vendor: Double espresso, shot of milk.
Brian Barrett: Hello?
Raleigh Sinclair: Good news. I found your double.

Dr Fulton: Why do you want to be reinstated?
Liz: To find the man who murdered my husband.
Dr Fulton: Five other men were murdered in your apartment that night. Are you interested in finding out the man who murdered them?
Liz: Not as much, no.
Dr Fulton: The police think you’re not interested at all, that you’re protecting him. A man who killed five people.
Liz: Is this your way of, uh, pushing me? Provoking me – like Reddington told you to?
Dr Fulton: He said it would reveal who you really are.
Liz: I know who I really am.
Dr Fulton: You’re the daughter of the most wanted criminal in the country.
Liz: I’m a widow, a mother, and – a good cop.
Dr Fulton: And that’s it?
Liz: That’s all that matters.
Dr Fulton: You say you want closure.
Liz: About Tom. So I can get my life back on track. That has nothing to do with Reddington.
Dr Fulton: Closure requires a reckoning. Not just about Tom or what happened to him. But why it happened. What role, if any, you or Reddington may have played in it. I know it’s complicated.
Liz: It isn’t, actually.
Dr Fulton: And I understand why you don’t want to confront it. I do. But you have to. Agent Keen, you’re a profiler. I’m not going to reinstate you until you can honestly profile yourself.

Cooper: Where are we on identifying the mold found in Sinclair’s apartment?
Aram: Okay, so, uh, our facial recognition software wasn’t able to pull a match on the mold, but Agents Ressler and Navabi were able to find additional points of comparison at Sinclair’s workshop.
Ressler: Looks like they’re reference photos for a client he’s trying to match.
Cooper: So the double’s still a mystery.
Samar: Yes.
Aram: But not the client, because, okay, I think I think I just found him. Brian Barrett, 33. An aerospace engineer working for a defense contractor in Greenbelt, Maryland. Married to a Nicole Rose Adler. Two kids. Looks like the wife filed for divorce five months ago.
Cooper: Aram, reach out to the ex. Let her know we have a situation. Ressler, Navabi, have the Greenbelt Police Department throw a net over the city and find Barrett.
Aram: Sir, what about the double?
Cooper: We find Barrett, we find the double. But right now all I’m worried about is keeping his ex-wife alive.

[ Raleigh Sinclair introduces Brian Barrett to his double ]
Brian: I almost thought you were gonna be late. Are we good– My God. How did you– ?
Sinclair: Please, we have a schedule to keep. Now, gentlemen, the routine. Let us, uh, review it one more time.

[ SIREN WAILING ] [ Samar and Ressler in vehicle ]
[ X Ambassadors’ ♪ “The Devil You Know” plays ]

♪ Mm-mm, mm-mm
Mm-mm, mm-mm

Samar: No answer on Nicki Adler’s phone.
Ressler: What about the boyfriend?
Samar: Out of town on business. Her assistant couldn’t reach him.
Aram: [ On phone ] Okay, I was able to access the GPS on Nicole Adler’s vehicle, and she just stopped. I’ve got her at what appears to be a parking garage off Westpark Drive and Tyson’s Corner.
Samar: That’s her work.
Ressler: We’re en route.

♪ Mm-mm, mm
Yeah, ayyy
Ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh
Ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh


♪ Ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh
Ooh, ooh, ooh
The devil you know

Nicole: [ GASPS ] Brian. My God. You scared me.
Brian: Hey, Nic.
Nicole: What are you doing at my office? Why are you even here?
Brian: Oh, that’s the thing. I’m not here.
[ He takes a gun from his pocket ]
Nicole: Brian. Please. What– What is this?
Brian: Well, this isn’t even happening. Not with me, at least. See, actually, I-I’m in New York. In fact, right now I’m leaving my apartment in Manhattan about to go on my morning jog like I’ve done every morning since I found you and Phil together in my bed.
[ In New York, David Eckhart takes morning jog, impersonating Brian; scenes are interlaced with action in DC ]
Brian: So I’m not here.

♪ Ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh

Nicole: Brian, please. Whatever it is that you think that you’re doing, I–
Brian: I remember that moment so vividly [ LAUGHS ] – Holding that champagne bottle in my fist. Wanting to crack it over your head–
Nicole: Please –
Brian: –but knowing that if I did, I would go to jail. So I waited, and I planned. And now I’m actually about to get away with putting two bullets in that smug little face of yours.
[ Nicole SCREAMS and runs ] [ 💥 GUNSHOTS 💥 ~ Nicole is hit in the arm. She dodges between cars, trying to get away ] [ Nicole WHIMPERS, SCREAMS ]
[ Meanwhile, his double David Eckhart continues his jogging routine in New York ]

♪ Make that money pile up, baby
Pile up higher
Make that money pile up, baby
Miles higher

[ The street vendor hands coffee to David Eckhart ]
Vendor: Double espresso, shot of milk.

♪ Make that money pile up, baby
Pile up higher
Ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh
Ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh
Ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh
Ooh, ooh, ooh–

[ Nicole is CRYING, cowering alongside a car ] [ Brian takes aim ]
Brian: Goodbye, Nic.
[ Nicole SOBS ] [ TIRES SCREECHING – SIREN CHIRPS ] [ Ressler and Samar arrive ]
[ Brian spins and shoots 💥 through the window of Ressler and Samar’s vehicle; he runs ]

♪ Ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh

Ressler: You okay?
Samar: Yeah.
[ Samar chases Brian. Ressler goes to Nicole ]

♪ Ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh
Ooh, ooh, ooh
The devil you know

Ressler: It’s okay, it’s okay. Okay. Here we go.

[ Samar chases Brian down a stairway ]

♪ Ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh
Ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh
The devil you know

♪ Make that money pile up, baby
Pile up higher
Make that money pile up, baby
Pile up higher

[ Samar chases Brian. 💥 Gunshots 💥 ]

♪ Make that money pile up, baby
Miles higher–

[ Brian exits the stairwell. ENGINE REVVING – Ressler hits Brian with his car. Brian falls, his gun clattering ]

♪ Make that money pile up, baby
Pile up higher
The devil you know

♪ Ooh-ooh Ooh-ooh

Samar: Thanks for the assist.
Ressler: Anytime.

♪ Ooh-ooh

[ It’s raining. David Eckhart gets in Raleigh Sinclair’s car. ]
Sinclair: How did it go?
Eckhart: Just like we said.
Sinclair: Deviations?
Eckhart: Nope.
Sinclair: The train?
Eckhart: Nobody followed me. I went for the run, went to his apartment, and changed. It went just like we said.
Sinclair: Very good. About your payment– [ Takes out a gun ]
[ TAPPING ON WINDOW ] [ Red gets in ] [ GUN COCKS ] [ Red holds his gun to Sinclair’s neck ]
Red: He’ll take the gun.
Red: Please, and thank you.
[ Sinclair lowers his window and gives Dembe his gun ]
Eckhart: What’s going on?
Red: You were about to leave.
Sinclair: Who the hell are you?
Eckhart: I haven’t been paid yet.
Red: Mr. Eckhart, go now, and you’ll live to die another day. Cover up. It’s mucky out there.
[ Eckhart leaves ]
Red: [ To Sinclair: ] I’ve been looking for you. Let’s go for a little drive. [ TAPS ON GLASS, signaling to Dembe ]

[ A desolate courtyard. Sinclair is seated on a bench; Red stands ]
Sinclair: Look, whoever you are, I-I-I can assure you that confronting it with violence is no way to resolution.
Red: A pacifist. How refreshing.
Sinclair: Did Hulton send you? Is that what this is about that absurd assignment in Jakarta?
Red: Mr Sinclair, I have no idea who Mr Hulton is or what he’s up to in Jakarta. My name is Raymond Reddington.
Sinclair: Should I know who you are?
Red: I know who you are. You’re obsessive-compulsive. You have a mind-numbingly patient and thoughtful attention to detail. I’ve admired your work for some time.
Sinclair: This is a strange way to show it.
Red: I’m a strange fellow. I’ve heard whispers of your work for years now – stories of your legerdemain, your ability to put a man in two places at once. The concept of bilocation is appealing even if not without consequence. I suspect you’re a fan of quantum theory. I’ve read quite a bit of Schrödinger myself.
Sinclair: I-I’m more a Dostoyevsky man.
Red: [ LAUGHING ] Yes, of course. “The Double.” I love a good doppelgänger story. What about Ursula Le Guin?
Sinclair: Oh! “A Wizard of Earthsea”? [ Both laugh ] Yes, yes. A delightful tale.
Red: And “Aiding and Abetting.”
Sinclair: By Muriel Spark. One of my favorite British writers. I-I’m sorry. What’s your name again?
Red: It’s not important. What is important is that you and I may have much more in common than just reading.
Sinclair: Crime.
Red: Yes.
Sinclair: I thought you- you brought me here to kill me.
Red: Oh, goodness, no. I brought you here to protect you. From the FBI. I have it on good authority that they’ve taken possession of your files. Without me, they’ll take possession of you.
Sinclair: And you can keep that from happening?
Red: Yes. If you do as I ask.
Sinclair: I’m listening.

[ Liz’s home; Liz confronts Singleton. She points her gun ]
Liz: Hands where I can see them.
Singleton: We need to talk.
Liz: No, you need to put your hands in the air.
Singleton: I saw your surveillance cameras. I know you’re scared. You should be.
Singleton: But not of me.
Liz: Yes, I’d like to report a burglary.
Singleton: I saw you meeting Reddington near Dupont Circle. You’re not the only one doing surveillance. You report me, I’ll report you.
[ Liz sees Singleton’s photos of Red lying on a table ] [ CELLPHONE BEEPS ] [ Liz lowers her gun ]
Liz: Okay. You want to talk? Why don’t you start by telling me why you broke into my apartment twice?
Singleton: Our investigation into the Nash Syndicate isn’t getting anywhere. Witnesses won’t talk. Others disappear. Someone’s ahead of us. Someone on the inside. The people I work with think it’s you.
Liz: You think I’m protecting the people who killed my husband?
Singleton: I think you know Reddington killed the men we found dead inside your apartment the night your husband died. I think you killed Navarro and stole the information that could prove it out of the evidence lock-up. I think you did all that, and yet looking at what you’re trying to do, my instinct tells me we’re on the same side. And that we need to work together if we’re gonna get who we’re looking for.
Liz: A dirty cop. But not you.
Singleton: You can ask around about me. My reputation. I’ll check out real quick. I want to trust you, but you and Reddington – I don’t see any way you can explain that away.
Liz: There is one way. But to do it, I’d have to trust you. And if you betray my trust, I assure you, Raymond Reddington will kill you.
Singleton: So you do work for him?
Liz: I need to make a call.

Ressler: I’m sorry. Y-You let him go? The Blacklister.
Red: I cut a deal, Donald. You do it all the time.
Ressler: In pursuit of a more just outcome. Somehow I think your goal was a little more self-serving.
Cooper: What’s this?
[ Red gives Cooper a list ]
Red: The Alibi had 51 clients that we know of. Because of his handiwork, none were ever convicted of murder. With the evidence you obtained from his place of business, you can file charges against 27 clients who never went to trial. But thanks to your justice system’s quaint notion of double jeopardy, it’s too late for the 24 who were already tried and acquitted – even though you now have proof of their guilt.
Cooper: These are the locations of where The Alibi buried the doubles.
Red: Yes, who he murdered. Murders you can accuse all the clients of conspiring to commit.
Cooper: This is good. This is very good.
Ressler: Except for one thing – The man who actually murdered the doubles is The Alibi, and you let him go.
Red: Yes. In exchange for that list.
Cooper: So, what? Case closed?
Red: Not quite. I want something from you.
Cooper: And what’s that?
Red: To give me one of the doubles when you unearth him – Kahil Shula. I want to give him a proper burial.

[ Pall bearers carry a coffin through the rain ]
[ Kevin Morby’S ♪ “Cut Me Down” plays ]

♪ Birds will gather at my side
Tears will gather in my eyes

[ Ian Garvey meets with a group of men ]
Judson: What are we waiting for? We bring in Keen, she gives him to us.
Ian Garvey: “Bring in” an FBI agent?
Judson: My guys will get her to talk.
Garvey: You do that, you’ll have the entire Bureau out looking for her – and us. Why do that when we can have Singleton do our dirty work for us? He tracks Keen. We track him. He finds out how to get to Reddington, we get to him first. And the Bureau’s none the wiser.

[ Liz and Singleton ride the elevator to the Task Force’s location at the Post Office; they exit the elevator ]
Liz: Detective Singleton, this is Special Agent Samar Navabi. She’s been authorized by Deputy Director Harold Cooper to inform you about this task force.
Singleton: The Reddington task force.
Samar: That’s right.
Singleton: This I gotta hear.

[ The cemetery; Delores stands graveside as the casket is lowered ]
[ Cooper and Red are in a nearby car ]

♪ Step out of my shadow
Take me as I am – A man

Cooper: He was never reported missing. And no inquiry’s been made with MPDC or the medical examiner’s office. Some people are truly alone in this world.

♪ I can see it in them now

[ Red gazes out the window through the rain ]
Red: Yeah.

Singleton: Reddington’s your CI and on your Most Wanted List?
Samar: And if anyone knew he worked with us, his intel would dry up. He’d be of no use to us at all.
Singleton: No. But he’d be in jail.
Samar: And all these criminals would be on the street.
Liz: You said I couldn’t explain my relationship to Reddington. Look around, Detective. This is my explanation.
Singleton: Yeah. It’s a pretty good one.
Liz: So. The dirty cop who killed my husband –
Singleton: I think I can help you find him.

[ Red joins Delores at graveside ]
Delores: [ SNIFFLES ]

♪ Looking for the water

Delores: Um, I just need another minute.
Red: We’ll stay as long as you like.
[ Delores reaches for Red’s arm. Red pats Delores’ arm. They stand together in silence ]

♪ Looking for the dance
For the dance that I did
Looking for the dead
[ Spoken: ] The dead that I left

[ Dr Fulton’s office ]
Liz: You’re blunt, and I’d like to return the favor. This is a waste of time. I want to be reinstated. I took a big step toward finding Tom’s killer today, and that is not gonna happen by my sitting here listening to your misguided preconceptions. I’d like to straighten you out, get a clean bill of health, and get back to work.
Dr Fulton: Please. Enlighten me.
Liz: My profile: Widow. Mom. Cop. That’s all there is.
Dr Fulton: I think there’s more, and that you’re afraid to examine it.
Liz: I know you do. Which brings me to fear. You think I’m afraid to acknowledge the weight of having Raymond Reddington as a father.
Dr Fulton: It’s an understandable point of view.
Liz: And one that I shared. ‘He’s evil. He’s my father. I must be evil, too.’
Dr Fulton: But you’re not.
Liz: See, that’s our problem. Your preconception. You see him as, um – what did you call him? – a “glorified serial killer”? He “disgusts” you.
Dr Fulton: You see him differently.
Liz: When I was little, I loved ballet. Whenever I performed, I felt a presence. At graduations, too. And my wedding. I don’t know. I just always felt I always knew someone was watching over me. Protecting me. Guiding me. [ SIGHS ] Some of what he’s done is unimaginably bad. But some of what he’s done for me – is unimaginably good. So, if you want to push me. Provoke me. Find a way past my anger and grief and see who I really am.
Dr Fulton: A widow. A mom. A cop.
Liz: And one more thing.
Dr Fulton: What’s that?
Liz: A daughter.

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༺✦ ♤ ✦༻


Episode Songs


♫ The Devil You Know
By X Ambassadors

♪ The devil you know, the devil you know, the devil you don’t
‘Cause better to know the devil you know, the devil you don’t
Cause wherever you go, wherever you go
With the devil you know you never alone
But it’s better to know the devil you know, the devil you don’t

♪ Ya, ayyy
Whoo hoo hoo hoo
Whoo hoo hoo hoo
Whoo hoo hoo hoo hoo
The devil you know
Whoo hoo hoo hoo
Whoo hoo hoo hoo
Whoo hoo hoo hoo hoo
The devil you know

♪ The devil you know, the devil you know, the devil you don’t
‘Cause better to know the devil you know, the devil you don’t
Cause wherever you go, wherever you go
With the devil you know you never alone
But it’s better to know the devil you know, the devil you don’t

♪ Ya, ayyy
Whoo hoo hoo hoo
Whoo hoo hoo hoo
Whoo hoo hoo hoo hoo
The devil you know
Whoo hoo hoo hoo
Whoo hoo hoo hoo
Whoo hoo hoo hoo hoo
The devil you know

♪ Make that money pile up baby, pile up higher
Make that money pile up, make it pile up higher
Make that money pile up baby, miles higher
Make that money pile up baby, pile up higher

♪ Whoo hoo hoo hoo
Whoo hoo hoo hoo
Whoo hoo hoo hoo hoo
The devil you know
Whoo hoo hoo hoo
Whoo hoo hoo hoo
Whoo hoo hoo hoo hoo
The devil you know

♪ The devil you know, the devil you know, the devil you don’t
‘Cause better to know the devil you know, the devil you don’t
Cause wherever you go, wherever you go
With the devil you know you never alone
But it’s better to know the devil you know, the devil you don’t

♪ The devil you know
Whoo hoo hoo hoo
Whoo hoo hoo hoo
Whoo hoo hoo hoo hoo
The devil you know
Whoo hoo hoo hoo
Whoo hoo hoo hoo
Whoo hoo hoo hoo hoo
The devil you know

♪ Make that money pile up baby, pile up higher
Make that money pile up, make it pile up higher
The devil you know
Make that money pile up baby, miles higher
Make that money pile up baby, pile up higher
The devil you know

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2oGLZcX
YouTube: https://youtu.be/IQ_SrPpXb3E


♫ Cut Me Down
By Kevin Morby

♪ Birds will gather at my side
Tears will gather in my eyes
Throw my head and cry
As vultures circle in the sky

♪ And you’re going to do
What you came here to do
So why not do it now
Oh, and cut me down

♪ No one, nowhere to go
Step out of my shadow
Take me as I am
A man

♪ And they’re going to do
What they came here to do
I can see it in them now
They’re going to cut me down

♪ Looking for a fire, I’m looking to burn
Looking for the water, for the water I wept
Looking for the dance, for the dance that I did
Looking for the dead, [ Spoken: ] the dead that I left

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2oHkX51
YouTube: https://youtu.be/_H1aw0WdaFg

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🔴 Script: 5:15 Pattie Sue Edwards (№ 68)

Program air date: 3/7/2018 in the US
Full Script Permalink: http://wp.me/pDKwi-7pq
Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/2Fk2WVO

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Don Thorin, Jr
Written by: Carla Kettner



⭕ Script 5:15 Pattie Sue Edwards (№ 68)

Brief: Red has continued collecting talented criminals as he appeases the Task Force by delivering other killers. These include arsonist Earl Fagan and Mr Raleigh Sinclair III (“The Alibi”) who creates doppelgangers. He and Liz have learned from “The Toymaker” Cleveland Bandicott that the man who had him devise Bobby Navarro’s GPS-tracking electronic eye was likely a cop. Meanwhile, unknown to Liz and Red, that man was Ian Garvey, a US Marshall and is apparently a “dirty cop.” Ian Garvey killed Tom and is in possession the suitcase containing a skeleton that Mr Kaplan intended for Liz but which Red is desperate to claim before Liz finds out where or what it is. Singleton, the detective investigating Tom’s murder, has twice broken in to Liz’s apartment. The second time, she confronted Singleton and threatened to turn him in for burglary, but he showed her photos linking Red to her and threatened to turn her! in for working for Red. To prove she had a legitimate reason for associating with Red, she got Cooper’s permission to bring Singleton to the black site in the Post Office and inform him about the work of the Reddington Task Force.

[ A diner; a young woman, Pattie Sue Edwards, sits in a booth, writing in a notebook ]
Phoebe: Need a warm up, hon?
Pattie Sue Edwards: No.Thanks. Just the check.
Phoebe: Be right– [ COUGHS] Right back. [ COUGHING ] [ COUGHING INTENSIFIES ] I can’t breathe– I can’t breathe–
Busboy: Hey, are you okay? Hey, Phoebe, what’s the matter?
Phoebe: I don’t know what’s wrong. I- [COUGHS] I can’t breathe I- I feel dizzy, like I can’t–
Busboy: Hey. Hey.
Woman: Honey, you’re burning up. Oh, Phoebe!
Busboy: Is there a doctor here?!
Woman: Somebody call an ambulance!
Phoebe: My head, that ringing– Please, I can’t– something’s wrong.
[ Mick Jenkins’ ♪ “Drowning” (feat. Badbadnotgood) plays ]
Diner Doctor: She seems to be having some kind of viral reaction.
Woman: Ambulance is on its way.
[ A bright red rash has broken out on Phoebe’s arms and neck ]
[ All sounds distorted: ]

♪ When the real hold you down, you supposed to drown, right

Diner Doctor: We have to call the CDC right now.

♪ When the real hold you down, you supposed to drown, right

[ Others begin to cough and break out in a rash ] [ COUGHING ]

♪ Wait, wait, that don’t sound right
Just wait one second, that don’t sound right
I was high, and I was startin’ to lose focus

Woman: You can’t keep me here.
Man: Yeah, we both feel fine.

♪ I was trippin’, I was chokin’
Saying, I can’t breathe

Medical: I got another.

♪ I can’t breathe

Man: Can somebody explain what’s going on?

♪ Started floatin’ way out in the open

Dr Marcus Joffey: Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Dr Marcus Joffey. I’m a CDC investigator. This facility is being placed under quarantine. We need to identify who needs immediate care.
[ Pattie Sue Edwards walks down the sidewalk ]

♪ I can’t breathe


♪ I can’t breathe I can’t breathe

[ Pattie Sue takes a puff from an inhaler ]

[ Norman Singleton, the police detective working on Tom Keen’s murder, wakes up. Red is sitting at the end of his bed with Dembe standing behind him. Red casually waves his gun ]
Red: I took the liberty. Is this latex or memory foam?

[ Harold Cooper’s office ]
Detective Singleton: He broke into my house. I wake up in the middle of the night, the man’s sitting on the edge of my bed.
Cooper: Reddington has a flair for the dramatic.
Singleton: He threatened to kill me.
Cooper: If you divulge his relationship with the FBI. So – don’t.
Liz: We told you about this to gain your trust. Reddington just wants you to help me find my husband’s killer.
Singleton: That’s what he said. Although he seemed more interested in where I bought my mattress.
Cooper: You said you had a way to draw out the killer, what do you call him – Damascus.
Liz: We don’t know his real name, just that he’s a cop who’s protecting drug dealers with the Nash syndicate.
Singleton: I’m part of an inter-agency task force trying to bring them down. Every time we get a lead, Damascus tips them off, and we get nothing.
Liz: Which means whoever killed Tom has a line in on his task force.
Singleton: So at my next meeting, I’m gonna let it be known that we have a snitch of our own. Someone inside the syndicate who can ID Damascus. Bobby Navarro, former dealer from the syndicate who’s gone missing.
Liz: We’ll tell them where and when I’ll meet Navarro and that he’s gonna ID Damascus. And whoever shows up to stop that from happening will either be Damascus or someone that can lead us to him.
Cooper: Detective Singleton, as I’m sure you’ll agree, a dirty cop is a good cop’s worst enemy. Still, it’s hard to go after one of our own. And dangerous. I appreciate your determination. Agent Keen, reach out to Reddington. Please implore him that, moving forward, he should stay off the detective’s mattress.

[ A garage; Red talks to Earl Fagan, the convicted arsonist he helped get early parole ]
Earl Fagan: I’m sorry, I’m out.
Red: Yes. Of jail. Because of me. And in exchange for said freedom, you owe me one genuine bona fide Earl Fagen electrical-wires-somehow-got-crossed inferno. Then you’re out.
Fagan: No. Then I’m in. I mean, then I’m back in. You’re waving coke in front of an addict.
Red: Then take a snort. This isn’t a negotiation. It’s an assignment. I have a business that’s become a liability. I need you to burn it down.
[ Fagan walks away ]
Red: [ Calls out ] Critter Cabin. We’re in the book.

[ Liz walks up ]
Red: There you are. I have a case.
Liz: And I have a request – Take it easy on Singleton. He’s on our side.
Red: For now. Because he’s afraid not to be. I find a good bedside chat to be effective and exhilarating.
Liz: He and I have a plan. And if works out, it’ll ID Tom’s killer.
Red: And then what? If it turns out to be a cop, what are you gonna do then? Let the system close ranks around one of its own? Let him lawyer up? Stand trial? Juries acquit cops even when they have video showing those cops shooting innocent victims. You think a jury will take your word over his, your memory? The memory of someone who suffered such significant brain trauma she was in a coma for 10 months.
Liz: Why are you telling me this?
Red: Because you and I both know this doesn’t end in a courtroom. It ends on the street. I want you to be prepared for that. About this case–
Liz: The only case I’m interested in working on is Tom’s murder.
Red: Well, unfortunately this is an urgent one. There’s been a rather acute viral outbreak in New York City, and I’m afraid it was not a natural occurrence.

[ The Post Office ]
Liz: Nine months ago, Reddington was approached by Jumbal Mazi Okoro, a South African black-market trader who was looking to secure a rare viral agent for his client. Okoro was requesting a pathogen with “maximum contagion capabilities.” Reddington never facilitated the trade, citing ethical issues.
Ressler: Go figure.
Liz: But based on this morning’s incident, Reddington believes this client may be responsible for the attacks in New York.
Cooper: Agent Mojtabai. Something funny?
Aram: What? Oh. Uh, no. Uh, sorry, I was just watching Agent Keen. It’s, uh– it’s good to have you back. Even if it’s on restricted duty.
Liz: Thanks, Aram.
Samar: What makes Reddington think there’s a connection?
Liz: Okoro was looking to obtain the same kind of pathogen – a highly concentrated, purified form of organic chemicals.
Ressler: Now, can Reddington ID the client?
Liz: No. And neither can Okoro, who was killed in November. But based on this morning’s incident, Reddington believes his would-be client may be active on US soil.
Cooper: I’ll notify HHS and Homeland. Ressler, Navabi, coordinate with the boots on the ground and see if the CDC has uncovered anything that supports this.

[ Outdoors ]
Dr Hannah Moshay: Lab confirmed it’s a viral pathogen likely airborne and replicating quickly. When we arrived, we had 26 confirmed cases – customers, first responders. In the last six hours, that number’s tripled.
Ressler: What about your quarantine?
Dr Moshay: Three square blocks. NYPD has another 12 in lockdown. How do you know it’s a targeted attack?
Samar: Intel from a confidential source.
Ressler: Uh, Do you think this may be a designer virus?
Dr Moshay: All I know is what my people told you on the phone. About the woman.

[ Indoors; looking at surveillance video ~ shows Pattie Sue Edwards in the booth in the diner ]
Dr Moshay: Here. With the notebook. She somehow managed to slip out before we could ID the infected – could be a mistake, but wherever she is, she’s not here now.
Samar: Can you roll that back?
[ COMPUTER BEEPS ] [ Pattie Sue holds an inhaler to her face ]
Dr Moshay: It’s an inhaler. We suspect it may contain some kind of anti-viral agent.
Ressler: [ On phone ] Looks like we have a suspect.
Aram, I’m gonna send you some CCTV images. We’re gonna need an ID right away.
[ Pattie Sue is carrying a metal briefcase. She gets into an elevator alone ]
Dr Moshay: Tell your confidential source if he knows anything else, he’s going to need to tell us, because we’re going to have fatalities on our hands within the hour.
[ Pattie Sue leaves the briefcase inside the elevator. It begins to emit vapors. The elevator doors close ]

[ Cooper’s office ]
[ KNOCK ON DOOR; Aram enters ]
Aram: We just got word of NYPD responding to a call at New York General.
Cooper: Is that where they’re treating the infected?
Aram: Yes, but there may be more– Another- another outbreak. They found some kind of biological device.
Ressler: It doesn’t make any sense. Why would she try to infect them a second time? They’re already sick.

[ New York General Hospital; a tech in a hazmat suit opens the briefcase. There are vials inside. He walks over to the observation window ]
Tech: Uh, you’re not gonna believe this, but I don’t think we’re looking at another virus here.
Woman: Why, what is it?
[ The tech holds up a label. It says “Treatment Protocol” ]
Tech: It’s the cure.

[ The Post Office ]
Samar: 16 people are in serious condition. Seven are critical.
Cooper: Tell me again why aren’t they being given the antidote?
Samar: The CDC wants to test it first.
Cooper: How about on the victims? What’s the worst that can happen? They’re dying anyway.
Ressler: We’ve confirmed it’s her. It’s the same woman who caused the infection.
Cooper: Why would she infect people only to provide them with the cure?
Aram: Okay, hang on. I got an ID. Here we go. Captain Patricia Sue Edwards. Uh, she’s a biochemist. Formerly with the United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Disease.
Liz: USAMRIID. The germ-warfare guys.
Aram: Married to Lieutenant Commander Dennis Edwards. NAVY Seal.
Ressler: “All in, all the time.” The best of the best.
Aram: Yeah, well, put a pin in that. ‘Cause in March 2017, Lieutenant Commander Edwards was stationed in Manbij, Syria, tasked with securing the area to facilitate the liberation of Raqqa. His record had always been exemplary, up until another SEAL caught him stealing a truck full of confiscated opium.
Cooper: Was he court-martialed?
Aram: Killed. By the same SEAL who caught him. And Judge Advocate ruled that that SEAL was acting in self-defense.
Samar: Did they investigate the wife?
Aram: Uh, yeah, but nothing conclusive but she was stripped of her security clearance at USAMRIID before resigning her commission.
Liz: Which means she lost access to the chemical and biological weapons.
Cooper: Apparently she’s gotten over that hurdle.

[ Pattie Sue Edwards visits her husband’s grave. The headstone is engraved “Beloved Husband.” She touches the stone ]
Pattie Sue: There was a story in the news today. About an outbreak. I think you’ll like it.

[ The “Critter Cabin” pet grooming shop that Red uses for money laundering ]
Smokey Putnam: [ Excitably ] Red, I told you from day one, Heddie’s no good. She knows how to cook the books, but she’s a little n-n-n-nutty, excitable. And now she’s taken a powder, we’re about to be audited, and so what now you got this- this- this- this guy? To what? To light a match and [ MAKES EXPLOSION NOISE ]. Boom! There goes this this sweet little deal we got going?
Red: Smokey, as you well know, Heddie did not take a powder. She’s lying in her bed right now, sneezing and wheezing, swollen up like a puffer fish. I’m afraid all the dogs and cats finally got the best of her.
Smokey: Be that as it may, mistakes are mistakes, and I’m telling you she’s out of her depth. And now, with the new tax law, forget about it! It is “eaz-inc-eaz-ompr-e-eaz-hens-eaz-ib-eaz-le” (i.e. “incomprehensible”). All I can tell you for sure is little guys and nonprofits are screwed.
Red: I want you to go to our vet and find out how he disposes of the animals he puts down. We’re gonna need about half a dozen.
Smokey: Half a dozen what?
Red: Skeletons. To make it look authentic. Couple of dogs. Cats. I think we shampoo the occasional marmot.
[ Red slaps Smokey’s arm ]

[ Earl Fagen’s garage ] [ DOOR OPENS; Red enters ]
Earl Fagen: [ CLEARS THROAT ] In order to melt structural components, we need a High Temperature Accelerant fire. Your typical fire generates about 2,000 degrees. We add a little thermite, we could boost that up to 4,500 degrees. Even if the fire department shows up early and starts spraying water, they’ll just aggravate the flames. Leave you nothing but memories. Look, I never said I didn’t love it. I just said I shouldn’t do it.
Red: Earl, you have a gift. Others create, you destroy.

[ Critter Cabin ] [ BELL DINGS ]
Red: Mr. Hepworth. Thomas Dekker.
Mr Hershey Hepworth: Mr. Dekker. As you know, the IRS is conducting an audit of Critter Cabin LLC–
Red: Let me ask you – How come you get to audit me and I don’t get to audit you?
Mr Hepworth: About the audit–
Red: Granted, you use my money for some worthy causes – roads, schools – but building a border wall, prosecuting people for smoking pot, building even more prisons to hold even more young men of color? Why should my money finance that?
Hepworth: There seem to be some discrepancies in your unrelated business income.
Red: Hershey. Hershey. Hershey. You’re missing the point.
Hepworth: If I could direct your attention to Form 990-T, Part 1, 4a–
Red: The point, the essential point, is this – we’re all sinners.
Hepworth: Oh. Sinning. That’s–
Red: That’s the point. Lust. Gluttony. Sloth. Three of my favorites. But you’re here because of my greed. Tell me, what’s your sin, Mr. Hepworth?
Hepworth: I don’t–
Red: Of course you do. “For all have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God.”
[ Red slaps his hand on Hepworth’s forehead, turns his own face up, eyes closed ]
Red: [ Voice sonorous ] Testify, Brother Hershey.
Hepworth: Okay, I don’t think that–
Red: Don’t think. Flow.
Hepworth: I, uh– [LAUGHS NERVOUSLY]
Red: That’s it. Let it out. Let it out. [ Red pushes Hepworth’s head back ]
Hepworth:[ GROANS ] I hate this job.
Red: Amen, to that.
Hepworth: My kid – he’s incredible. And he’s desperate to go to high school at Davenport Academy. But the headmaster won’t let him in because of what I do, what I did. I audited his sister.
Red: Don’t despair, Brother Hershey. Your job is what kept your son out, and now it will be what gets him in.
Hepworth: How’s it gonna do that?
Red: I’m going to do that. In exchange for services rendered by you. Or, to be more precise – not rendered by you.

[ A men’s room. Detective Singleton washes his hands. Ian Garvey enters and goes to a urinal ]
Ian Garvey: Rumor is you got a bomb to drop on the task force. That a fact? Tactical friggin’ nuke. I’m all a-tingle.
Singleton: I tailed Keen. She didn’t lead me to Reddington, but she did lead me to someone else.
Garvey: Who?
Singleton: Robert Navarro.
Garvey: Navarro? I figured he got himself whacked.
Singleton: What he got himself was a deal with the Feds.
Garvey: Snitch?
Singleton: Cut a deal. Immunity in exchange for everything he knows about Nash syndicate. Names. Suppliers. Amounts.
Garvey: He’s gonna tell all that to the Feds?
Singleton: Everything we’ve been trying to find out for a year.
Garvey: Talk about getting caught with your hands in your pants.
Singleton: Navarro’s gonna meet his contact this afternoon at a Fed safe house on Water Street. The Bureau is promising transcripts.
Garvey: That’s no tactical nuke, my friend. That’s thermo-friggin’-nuclear.
Singleton: So we’ll drop it on the boys.
Garvey: You go ahead. I’ll be right there.

[ A CDC mobile lab with computer equipment under a tent ]
Dr Hannah Moshay: We ran a sample of Edwards’ virus which we’re uploading to Atlanta now. Naturally-occurring Nipah has one strand of RNA. Hers has two.
Ressler: That sounds bad.
Dr Moshay: She genetically spliced a secondary strand onto the virus. No idea why. We’ll know more when we hear back from Atlanta.
Digital voice: [ MONITOR BEEPING ] Network alert. Network alert.
Digital voice: Access denied. Access denied.
Dr Moshay: What’s going on?
Tech: I don’t know. I’m locked out.
Dr Moshay: Atlanta’s down. Everyone’s down.
Ressler: Well, how’s that even possible?
Dr Moshay: I have no idea. But it seems like the biological virus is now infecting our entire network.

[ Post Office ]
Cooper: You’re telling me a human virus infected a computer network. How is that possible?
Aram: All right, code is code – ones and zeroes. What’s changed is that we can now manipulate the human genome to implant malicious code into it. When the infected DNA from the victims was analyzed and uploaded to the CDC’s network, the computer virus was uploaded with it.
Liz: So the purpose of the outbreak was to hijack the CDC’s server.
Cooper: And lock us out. But why?
[ Pattie Sue Edwards works in a lab. She prepare a dish of green bio-goo ]
Liz: The CDC server could give her the locations and access codes to thousands of deadly viruses.
Aram: The only way I can see for sure what she’s doing inside the system is to physically access the server farm.
[ Pattie Sue prepares a small round white disk about an inch in diameter with multiple pins sticking out of it and slips the disk with the pins under the white latex glove on her right hand ]
Cooper: Then that’s what you’re going to do.
Aram: Sir, uh, that’s what I would like to do. There’s just one small problem –
[ The computer screen shows the map of a several blocks of the city in red ]
Aram: This is the quarantine zone, and this –
[ Within the red section about five percent of the area is circled in blue ]
Aram: – This is the server farm that supplies the CDC’s computer system.
Cooper: That’s a very strange coincidence.
Liz: Or Edwards chose her target with exactly that in mind.
[ The pins pop through the palm of Pattie Sue Edwards’ white latex glove ]

[ At Davenport Academy high school, as Red waits, the Headmaster takes leave of an elderly woman ]
Headmaster: Thank you so much, Miss Timmons. The board couldn’t be happier. Now, don’t forget your jersey.
[ The Headmaster hands Miss Timmons a “Davenport” jersey ]
Miss Timmons: [ Loudly ] Ooh. Isn’t it marvelous?
Red: Very sporting.
[ The Headmaster also gives Miss Timmons a brochure ]
Headmaster: And, please.
Miss Timmons: Thank you.
[ Miss Timmons leaves ]
Headmaster: Mr Dekker, is it?
[ Building plans are displayed on an easel ]
Red: Yes. Very impressive. What a gymnasium – a real shrine to athleticism. I can just feel the testosterone.
Headmaster:[ LAUGHS ] We’ve wanted to build it for years. But one neighbor refused to sell an adjoining plot – until about five minutes ago.
Red: The charming lady who just left?
Headmaster: It’s been a very good day.
Red: [ CHUCKLES ] Well, then allow me to make it an even better one. Every great athletic facility requires spectacular locker rooms for all those inspirational pre-game sermons, the half time pep talks, all that post-game towel snapping and rump slapping. Let me be forthright. If you’re willing to offer enrollment at the academy to a very, very promising young man that I know, then I’d be willing to pay for those locker rooms.
Headmaster: That is very generous.
Red: His name is Charlie Hepworth. Now, I know there’s been some bad blood between you–
Headmaster: I’m afraid that’s rather an understatement. His father’s audit cost my sister her company.
Red: Yes, but to be fair, should poor Charlie really have to suffer the consequences of
his father’s doggedness and your sister’s indiscretions?
Headmaster: Thank you, Mr Dekker, but I’m going to have to turn down your generous offer.
Red: Mm. There must be something I can do to change your mind.
Headmaster: I can’t think of a thing.
Red: Well, let’s see if I can.

[ Liz and Detective Singleton are in a room looking down on the site where the police have all been told Navarro is expected to show up. They are hoping the setup will tease out the “dirty cop” ]
[ Computer MONITOR BEEPS ]
Liz: Can you really intercept cell phones with that thing?
Singleton: Anyone in range makes a call, this picks up the device ID number. That way we get whoever shows up and anyone they reach out to for help.
Liz: If I haven’t said it – thank you for this.
Singleton: Coffee?
Liz: Yeah.
Singleton: My girls call this “Daddy mud.” [ CHUCKLES ]
Li: How old are they?
Singleton: 13 and 10. My wife took them last year. Found herself another guy.
Liz: I have a daughter too. She’s not with me right now either. She’s with her grandmother. I have to get through this first.
Singleton: My ex’s guy lives in Orlando. Except for vacations, my kids do too. Life’s something, isn’t it?
Liz: Unsolicited advice – you need a better lawyer.
Singleton: Make a deal – we catch Damascus, you go see your daughter, I get myself a new lawyer.
Liz: Deal.
[ A car shows up at the setup site ] [ Liz takes photos ] [ CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKING ]
Liz: There’s a barcode in his window. It’s a rental.
[ A man gets out ] [ CAR ALARM BEEPS ]
Liz: You recognize him?
Singleton: No. Maybe hired muscle.
[ The man from the car, Judson, makes a call ]
Judson: Hey. It’s me. Yeah. I don’t know, but there’s no sign of Navarro. Right. I’ll go in for a closer look.

[ Aram is being suited up in a yellow hazmat suit to enter the contamination zone ]
Dr Moshay: Once you enter the hot zone, your rebreather will have 20 minutes of air. Beyond that, oxygen levels fall and the environment inside your suit will change dramatically. Carbon-monoxide levels spike, causing nausea, dizziness–
Aram: Got it. So, uh, what you’re saying is if the virus doesn’t kill me, the suit will.
Samar: Nothing is going to kill you.
Ressler: Look, we got you on comm so we can physically guide you to the servers. Once you get there, tap the terminal. Figure out what Edwards is doing in there and get out.
Samar: Okay, listen. You can do this. You’re going to be great. Okay? [ She gives him a little kiss in the cheek ] What?
Aram: I have to pee. Kidding. I’m totally kidding. Just come on, I’m trying to lighten the mood here. It’s– Oh. Okay.
[ Someone pulls the mask over Aram’s head ]
[ Aram walks down the deserted street of the hot zone ]

[ Judson re-emerges from behind the building ]
Liz: You getting this?
Singleton: [ Looking at the computer screen ] Not yet.
Liz: He’s leaving.
Judson: [ On phone ] Yeah. [ CAR ALARM BEEPS ] Nobody. The place is empty. I don’t know, maybe you got bad intel, but there’s nobody here.
Liz: We’re not gonna get another shot at this.
Singleton: [ COMPUTER BEEPS ] We won’t need one. [ COMPUTER BEEPING ]
[ On Singleton’s computer screen: “Phone Number Intercepted” ]

[ Ressler, Samar and Dr Moshay are at the mobile CDC computer center communicating with Aram inside the computer center ]
[ ELEVATOR DINGS ] [ Aram exits the elevator ]
Ressler: [ On comms] Aram, when you exit the elevator, there’s gonna be a door to your immediate right. That’s the door to the server room.
Aram: I see it. How am I doing on oxygen?
Samar: Nine minutes.
[ DOOR BEEPS ] [ Aram enters server room ]
Aram: Nine minutes, huh?
Samar: Actually, eight.
Ressler: All right. Aram, you got to listen to me. You’re looking for the server row D-52. That’s gonna be the fourth row from the east wall.
Aram: Dr. Moshay, this is probably as good a time as any to tell you I admire the CDC and the work you do. But perhaps one of your scientists could, you know, could find a way to equip these hazmats with a – you know, a simple, uh, inline recirculating fan to cool them off a bit. Oh! Okay, I found it. I found it. D-52. We’re here. Okay. Okay.
Dr Moshay: Seven minutes.
Samar: He’ll make it.
Aram: All right, I need the root password.
Ressler: It’s 12-Net-4-Hotel-Bravo.
Aram: Let me see I can’t really see through this mask. [ COMPUTER BEEPS ] Okay, I’m in. I’m in. All right, now I’m, uh- [CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY] scanning for unknown processes.
Dr Moshay: He’s running through his air faster than he should be. We need to pull him out.
Ressler: Aram, you need to focus.
Aram: I am. I just I can’t see here. So–
Ressler: You’re gonna have to.
Samar: Aram, listen to me. Do you remember Thanksgiving? Do you remember that diatribe your brother-in-law went on about immigration? Do you remember how you coped?
Aram: I gorged on apple cobbler.
Samar: You told me you breathed–
Aram: I breathed.
Samar: You tried to breathe. And remember what happened when you focused on your breathing?
Dr Moshay: We need to call it.
Samar: You said you found a sense of calm. You were able to separate yourself from anxiety and just be.
Aram: Uh, Samar, this is, um this is, like, super cool of you I know you’re helping, but I figured it out. She’s jumped the system.
Ressler: What does that mean?
Aram: Okay, government computer systems are networked, and if what I’m seeing here is right, then Edwards is using the CDC portal to launch a search in SIPRNet and the DoD.
Ressler: Those are the most classified networks in the country.
Dr Moshay: She’s trolling their databases.
Samar: Looking for what?
Aram: That’s just it. She’s using some kind of DNA sample in her search. It’s not a “what.” It’s “who.” I think she’s looking for somebody.

[ Cooper’s office ]
Ressler: So the virus outbreak was all just a way to ID someone.
Aram: Yeah, she has some DNA and she’s looking to put a name to it.
Cooper: Who? Family member? Loved one?
Samar: Enemy.
Cooper: I want to know the second you find out. Whoever it is may need our protection.
[ Liz appears ]
Cooper: Agent Keen.
Liz: Bad time?
Cooper: Not at all. Come in. Did anyone take the bait?
Liz: Yes. A merc, some muscle. But he was reporting to whoever sent him, and that’s probably the person I’m looking for, which is why I need your help.
Aram: Tell me. What can I do?
Liz: The guy who showed up – Singleton intercepted his phone. A burner.
Samar: If you intercepted him, you must know who he called.
Liz: I do. One number. Also a burner.
Aram: I’ll geolocate him.
Liz: I know you’re in the middle of a big case–
Samar: Do it. The CDC’s confirming the antidote. We’ll track the DNA.
Liz: Are you sure?
Cooper: Of course. It’s imperative we find Tom’s killer.

Headmaster: How– A quit claim? But we were in contract.
Red: As Old Man Quimby, my fencing instructor, used to say “If ifs and buts were candy and nuts, oh, what a Christmas we’d have.” My God I loved the foil.
Headmaster: That woman agreed to sell to us.
Red: Well, as it turns out you weren’t offering quite enough. [ CHUCKLES ] She accepted my proposal over the most delicious buckwheat blini and a tour of her surprisingly vast collection of ceramic salt-and-pepper shakers. But the funny thing is, I have absolutely no use for the place. If only there were something you could do to help me think of a constructive way to develop the property. Any good ideas?
Headmaster: No.
Red: Really?
Headmaster: Absolutely not.
Red: Maybe a massage parlor. The athletes would love it!
Headmaster: Oh, my God. Fine. I’ll admit him. The Hepworth kid. If you throw in the locker room.
Red: “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.” Ah, Quimby. The man was a walking aphorism.

[ Post Office ]
Ressler: We found out who Edwards was looking for – Caleb James Cronin, retired Navy SEAL. She was looking up his DNA.
Cooper: That explains the extraordinary steps she’s taken. The ID of anyone in Special Ops is highly classified. What it doesn’t explain is why she cares.
Samar: Because Cronin killed her husband.
Cooper: The opium.
Samar: He’s the one who caught Edwards stealing it. JAG ruled it was self-defense. Apparently she’d like to render her own verdict.
Cooper: If she knows who he is, it won’t take her long to find out where he is. We need to find him first.

[ Caleb Cronin answers the door of his house ]
Pattie Sue Edwards: Lieutenant Caleb Cronin?
[ Pattie Sue is in full military uniform. She reaches out her white gloved hand. They shake. The pins sticking out of her glove puncture ⚡️Cronin’s palm ]
Cronin: Agh. What the hell was that?
[ Pattie Sue pulls out a gun ]
Pattie Sue: Invite me inside and I’ll explain.

[ Critter Cabin ]
Smokey: Red, I’ve been thinking about this all wrong. You are the fancy fugitive the IRS can’t touch. But Heddie and I? Our names are all over the place. This audit is gonna land us in jail, where she definitely belongs. But me, I need to feel the sun on my face and the breeze on my neck, so here you go. A dachshund, Husky, Chow, Pug, beagle, two Siamese, a chinchilla, and my appreciation for torching the place.
Red: Smokey, as it turns out, that won’t be necessary.
Fagen: You promised me a sure thing, gives me Viagra, and all I have to show for it is a four-hour erection.
Red: Who knew an IRS agent would be so amenable?
Smokey: Wait. You’re- you’re- you’re not burning down the place? Did you hear what I said – we’ll go to jail for this.
[ IRS Agent Hershey Hepworth enters ]
Red: Brother Hershey, behold a miracle. [ CHUCKLES ]
[ Red holds up the a jersey labeled “Davenport” ]
Hepworth: You got Charlie into Davenport.
Hepworth: I just I can’t thank you enough.
Red: Of course you can. That’s why I did it.
Hepworth: You know, there’s nothing I’ve wanted more than for my son to go to Davenport and, um – if it were in my power to bury this audit, I would.
Red: But it is in your power. You’re the auditor.
Hepworth: Yes. I was when we came to our understanding, but there’s been a change. I’m out, and, um, Larry Hotchkiss is in. He’ll be here tomorrow at 9:00 to examine your books. I am so sorry.
Red: So am I, Brother Hershey. [ Red snatches back the jersey ] So am I.
[ Hepworth leaves ]
Red: It appears we’re going to need that chinchilla after all.

[ Post Office ]
Aram: Okay – come on. All right, I’m geolocating now.
Liz: [ On phone ] Singleton, can you talk?
Singleton: You got a location?
Liz: Almost.
Aram: Okay, okay, okay All right, it looks like there. There. 447 Skidmore.
Liz: [ On phone ] Did you get that? 447–
Singleton: Call the burner.
Liz: What? Why? What good’s that gonna do?
Singleton: It’ll tell me what member of the task force killed your husband.
Liz: That address – 447 Skidmore. That’s your office.
Singleton: Call the number.
Liz: Not until we get units there. You need backu– [ CELLPHONE BEEPS ] Singleton?
[ Liz dials ]
Aram: Is there a problem?
Liz: I hope not.
[ Liz hears PHONE RINGING at end of line ]
Liz: [ Sighs ]
[ Singleton walks down the hall at his work, pauses in front of an office with the sound of a phone vibrating. He enters, opens the drawer of a desk ] [ EXHALES SHARPLY ] [ CELLPHONE VIBRATING loudly ]
[ Ian Garvey appears behind Singleton ]
Garvey: Your girls are in Orlando, right? You can open your mouth, but the thing is, whatever happens to me, I’ve got people, Norm. A lot of people. You do anything stupid, and those girls of yours are gonna pay. Let’s go for a ride.
[ Singleton follows Garvey ]

[ Caleb Cronin is seated on a chair, his hands secured to the arms of the chair with plastic cable ties ]
Pattie Sue Edwards: That cough is your body trying to fight the genetic material I’ve introduced into your bloodstream. It’ll be followed by a migraine, double vision. Your brain is swelling, Lieutenant. And it will continue to swell until your skull can’t accommodate its size.
Cronin: Look, whatever this is–
Pattie Sue: There is a cure, however, and I have it. [ Holds up inhaler ] But for that, I’m gonna need something in return.
Cronin: Who are you?
Pattie Sue: Dennis Edwards, Navy SEAL. Manbij, Syria. You remember him? He was my husband.
Cronin: It wasn’t my fault, what happened. Your husband’s death, it wa– [ BREATHING HEAVILY ] It was an accident.
Pattie Sue: You convinced JAG that he stole a truckload of opium. But I know differently. I know, because he delayed shipping out to find out who’d done it.
Cronin: No. That’s– [ WHEEZING] That is not right. Whatever he told you–
Pattie Sue: When my husband’s effects were returned, there was blood on his uniform. I tested it. I found two sets of DNA. His and the Navy SEAL who killed him. You.
Pattie Sue: I know you stole the opium. I know you blamed it on my husband, then murdered him to cover your tracks. What I don’t know is who else was involved. [ INHALER PUFFS ] [ EXHALES SHARPLY ] You’ve heard about the outbreak. That was me. I’ve infected you with an accelerated variant. You’ll be dead in three hours unless you get the antidote. So, Lieutenant – who helped you kill my husband?
[ Cronin breaks the plastic bindings and attacks ] [⚡️Fight⚡️] [ GRUNTS ] [ Cronin throws Pattie Sue to the floor, gets the gun, then accidentally steps on the inhaler, destroying it ]
Pattie Sue: Oh, God.

[ Earl Fagen’s garage ]
Red: Earl, I’ve been thinking, who am I to stand between you and your calling? You can make disappear in one hour what it took 100 men a year to create.
Fagen: I take it the IRS wasn’t so amenable after all.
Red: There may have been a slight hiccup.
Fagen: Men plan. God laughs.
Red: The audit begins tomorrow, 9:00 a.m.
Fagen: Only there is no God. It’s just all a big chemical reaction.
Red: Can you do it by then?
Fagen: I need someone who sees the fire in my eyes and wants to play with it.
Red: Is that a yes or a no? Or is a haiku sometimes just a haiku?
Fagen: I have five smoke detectors, 16 sprinkler heads, and a backflow preventer to install.
Red: Well, then–
Fagen: The plan’s in my head. The supplies are in the van. Every shred of evidence will be reduced to ashes by dawn.
Red: I do see the fire in your eyes. And it’s terrifying.

[ The FBI enters Cronin’s house ]
— FBI!
— FBI!
— Down!
— Move!
— FBI!
Samar: Ressler.
Ressler: You think she infected him?
Samar: Or tried. Obviously there was some kind of struggle.
Ressler: Well, he gets the upper hand. He’s bigger, a trained SEAL.
Samar: And take her where? She came here to kill him to get her revenge.
Agent: Agents. This is Jill Conway. Neighbor from across the street.
Jill Conway: I saw them. He had a gun.
Ressler: All right, get her full statement. Thank you.
Ressler: Aram, we may have a hostage situation. I need you to run a full profile on Cronin – credit cards, vehicle registration, the works.
Aram: Okay. I’m on it.

[ Cronin drives a pickup; Pattie Sue sits next to him. She is also showing symptoms ]
Pattie Sue: You need to let me drive. Please. I can help.
Cronin: Stop. Just– [ COUGHS] How much further?
Pattie Sue: Left at the light. Onto Shore Boulevard.
Pattie Sue: I never wanted to kill you. I just wanted to clear my husband’s name.

[ Outside Cronin’s house ]
Aram: Okay, guys, a traffic cam clocked Cronin’s vehicle three minutes ago, heading westbound on 495. I’ve got an NYPD unit tailing them now.
Ressler: They’re headed towards Astoria.
Samar: That’s where Edwards lives. They’re headed to her house. Aram, have NYPD set a perimeter. Have them run him onto a service road at Hell Gate Bridge.
Ressler: Call Dr. Moshay at the CDC. Tell her that we have a likely infection. We need response units on site.

[ Ressler and Samar arrive at the roadblock where Cronin’s vehicle has been stopped ]
Ressler: What do we got?
Dr Moshay: He’s symptomatic, likely infected, which means she is, too. I’ve asked law enforcement to keep them at bay until you arrive I need you to tell me it’s safe to send my people in to treat them.
Samar: So you can treat them?
Dr Moshay: Yes. Atlanta cleared the antidote. And we have doses on site ready to go.
Ressler: What about him? Is he armed?
Dr Moshay: We think so.
Ressler: Then it’s not safe to treat them.
Samar: Where are you going? Ressler.
[ Ressler walks ahead, ducks under the yellow perimeter tape. He ejects the clip from his gun and holds the gun sideways ]
[ Pattie Sue and Cronin get out of Cronin’s vehicle and step forward ] [ GRUNTS ]
Ressler: All right, hold on. Not so fast.
Cronin: I need medicine. She infected me with some kind of– some virus. [ COUGHS ]
Ressler: Where’s the weapon?
Cronin: Did you hear me? This woman – she’s the reason! She’s infected half the city!
Ressler: Look, I asked you a question – Where’s the weapon?
Pattie Sue: I only wanted to clear my husband’s name, to prove his innocence. I didn’t want anybody to get hurt.
Ressler: His innocence? Hey, hold up. What does she mean, his “innocence”?
Cronin: Are you insane?
Ressler: Officers, if this man takes another step forward you have permission to shoot.
[ COUGHS ] [ Cronin goes to his knees ]
Pattie Sue: He doesn’t have much time.
Ressler: How about we make a little trade? Your life for the truth about Dennis Edwards.
Cronin: I told the truth.
Ressler: Look, unless you want to leave here in a hazmat bag, you’re gonna tell me what really happened to this woman’s husband in Raqqa.
Cronin: [ WHEEZING ] Please I’m begging you–
Pattie Sue: He’s gonna die!
Ressler: [ Sardonically ] Yeah, I guess so.
Cronin: Okay, stop! Just stop. The opium– We took it. Edwards figured it out. He was gonna turn us in.
Ressler: I want names.
Cronin: Oz Stone, Frank McGraw.
Ressler: Who pulled the trigger?
Cronin: I did, okay? Are you happy? I shot him.
Ressler: Bring ’em in. When it’s safe, arrest ’em both.

[ Liz is at Detective Singleton’s home ] [ KNOCK ON DOOR ]
Liz: [ On phone ] Hey. Singleton, it’s me again. Uh, you don’t seem to be home, and you don’t answer your calls, so I’m getting a little worried. Call me back when you get this.
Liz: Singleton?
[ But it’s not Singleton calling; it’s Cooper ]
Cooper: He’s not at home?
Liz: No. He’s not answering his cell either.
Cooper: That’s what I was afraid of.
Liz: Why do you say that?
Cooper: It may be nothing. I’m gonna give you an address.

[ Critter Cabin ]
[ Smokey is squeaking a dog toy ] [ BELL DINGS ] [ Red walks in ]
Smokey: Where the hell you been? Hm? The auditor’s in the bathroom washing up for the kill.
Red: I couldn’t bring myself to burn it down. I like it here.
Smokey: Oh, well, good for you. Why don’t you stay here and pat the pets? We’ll be in jail with the animals.
Red: I don’t think so.
Smokey: I- I should’ve known sooner or later, you’d throw Heddie and me under the bus.
Red: Smokey, shut your mouth and look and learn.
Mr Hotchkiss: Ah, Mr. Dekker, it’s your lucky day.
Red: Why is that?
Hotchkiss: Our field office caught fire last night. Yeah, a wire shorted in the basement. It sparked a bag of de-icing chemicals someone left down there. We, uh, store the materials we prepare for audits in the basement. As a result, yours has been indefinitely postponed.
Red: That is a bit of luck. [ LAUGHS ]
Hotchkiss: We’ll be in touch.
Red: I assume that you assume the fire was the work of an arsonist.
Hotchkiss: We did. But we found no evidence of it. All we do know is that the fire started inside the smoke alarm.
Red: Hah! How ironic.

[ A military graveside service ]
[ Lisa Hannigan’s ♪ “Fall” plays ]

♪ Who drain the spirits from the jars
Hop the fences, steal the cars
Run on fumes and from the north
And burn for us right through the fall

Uniformed officer: Atten! Hut! Ready! Aim! Fire!
Officer: Ready! Aim!
Officer: Fire!
[ GUNSHOTS 💥‼️ ]
[ Pattie Sue Edwards watches the service, tears falling ]

♪ All the ladies call your name
Brush your hair like it could be tamed
Hitch their dresses past the knees
Spilling to the floor like ease
They swing the bridges one and more
And burn for us right through the fall

♪ All our running ahead, all our running ahead
All our running ahead, all our running ahead

[ An officer walks over to Pattie Sue and places a triangularly folded flag into her cuffed hands. She clasps the flag to her heart. Ressler nods to several guards who escort her away ]

♪ And we’ll seize the captain’s wheel
A mutiny we’ve come to feel
When will their aiming’s gone from view
With everything we thought to do
Oh, the devil won’t have me
I wonder who will, I wonder who will

[ Earl Fagan gets into Red’s car ]
Red: Mr. Fagen.

♪ All our running is a crawl

Fagen: I was staring at those trees, thinking how I wanted to burn them.

♪ All our running ahead

Red: I realize that I’ve stoked the flame, so to speak, which is why I brought you this.

♪ All our running ahead

Fagen: “Embrace the Struggle”?
Red: Zig Ziglar at his most persuasive. Are you familiar with his work?
Fagen: He’s a motivational speaker.
Red: Who motivated me to quit smoking and shoot from the neck down.
Fagen: You think he can motivate me not to burn those trees.
[ Red gives Fagen an envelope. Fagen opens it; inside is a thick wad of $100 bills ]
Red: A retainer. For services not yet rendered. Read the book, think positive, control your urges, and I’ll put your gift to good use.

♪ All our running
All our running
All our running

[ A white sheet is pulled back from Singleton’s body for Liz and Cooper ]
Cooper: Stabbed multiple times. Wallet gone. They’re saying it was a robbery.
[ A muffled voice in the background becomes clearer, familiar. Liz turns to see its source ]
Ian Garvey: I want witness statements, CCTV footage, and a forensic report on my desk an hour ago. Nobody sleeps until we find the son of a bitch who did this.
Cooper: Elizabeth–

[ Ian Garvey stabs Tom ]

Cooper: What is it?
[ Liz turns back to face Cooper ]
Liz: [ Whispers ] That’s him. The bald man – Damascus. That’s the man who killed Tom.

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Episode Songs


♫ Drowning
By Mick Jenkins (feat. Badbadnotgood)
♪ We gon’ need some drugs for the situation
Shout out to my plug, its a lituation
Won’t we need the litigation
All we ask is ventilation
I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe
I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe
♪ When the real hold you down, you supposed to drown right?
When the real hold you down, you supposed to drown right?
Wait, wait, that don’t sound right
Just wait, one second, that don’t sound right
When the real hold you down, you supposed to drown right?
When the real hold you down, you supposed to drown right?
Wait, wait, that don’t sound right
Just wait, one second, that don’t (sound right)…
♪ I was high and I was startin’ to lose focus
Then I stumbled in the water, I was trippin’, I was chokin’
I can’t breathe
Yeah, I can’t breathe
Started floatin’ way out in the open
‘fore I knew it I was driftin’ in the middle of the ocean
Saying, I can’t breathe
Yeah, I can’t breathe
Started whalin’, started flailin’
I was splashing, waves crashing all around me
Felt the passion of the water
Saying, I can’t breathe
Yeah, I can’t breathe
♪ When the real hold you down, you supposed to drown right?
When the real hold you down, you supposed to drown right?
Wait, wait, that don’t sound right
Just wait, one second, that don’t sound right
When the real hold you down, you supposed to drown right?
When the real hold you down, you supposed to drown right?
Wait, that don’t sound right
Just wait, one second, that don’t sound right
♪ Dial tone on my hotline, it don’t bling much
Sing songs like Tubman
Young Stephen Morris, I ain’t seen much
Just a couple motherfuckers tryna rape the culture
Tell the vultures I don’t need lunch
It’s like morse code
Gotta be in touch to communicate it to the people
Love heals all
Best get your immunization, that THC
So we smoking in here like we fumigating
For the fuckboys too much truth in me
I don’t trust niggas
I ain’t preaching at you
I don’t touch boys
Brought the baggage with me
Like a bus boy I don’t need tips
You could see mines
Rap Genius, you could read mines
In between lines
Yeah they act genius but the way society is set up
Almost like they read minds
You heard Alchemy, boy I’m Magneto
They can’t read mines
Niggas bark loud
Talkin’ revolution, when the waves come they turn feline
I been turnin’ tricks
In the coldest part of the deepest water like a sealion, you could see why
♪ We gon’ need some drugs for the situation
Shout out to my plug, its a lituation
Won’t we need the litigation
All we ask is ventilation
I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe
I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe
♪ When the real hold you down, you supposed to drown right?
When the real hold you down, you supposed to drown right?
Wait, wait, that don’t sound right
Just wait one second, that don’t sound right
♪ When the real, hold you down, you supposed to drown
When the real, ohh hold you down, you supposed to drown
When the real hold you down, you supposed to drown
When the real hold you down, you supposed to drown
I can’t breathe I can’t breathe no no no no no no no no no no no no auwwwww!
I was high and I was startin’ to lose focus
Then I stumbled in the water, I was trippin’, I was chokin’
Saying, I can’t breathe
Yeah, I can’t breathe (I can’t breathe with this muhfuckin’ flag round my neck)
Started floatin’ way out in the open
‘fore I knew it I was driftin’ in the middle of the ocean
Saying, I can’t breathe (I can’t breathe with this muhfuckin’ flag round my neck), Yeah, I can’t breathe
Started whalin’, started flailin’
I was splashing, waves crashing all around me
Felt the passion of the water
Saying, I can’t breathe (I can’t, I can’t breathe with this muhfuckin’ flag round my neck)
Yeah, I can’t breathe
♪ We gon’ need some drugs for the situation
Shout out to my plug, its a litiation
Won’t we need the litigation
All we ask is ventilation
We gon’ need some drugs for the situation
Shout out to my plug, its a lituation
Won’t we need the litigation
All we ask is ventilation
I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe
I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2G4tg3j
YouTube: https://youtu.be/PsIiwHHiT3o


♫ Fall
By Lisa Hannigan
♪ Hide your horses, hold your tongue
Hang the rich and spare the young
Who drain the spirits from the jars
Hop the fences, steal the cars
Run on fumes and from the north
And burn for us right through the fall
♪ All the ladies call your name
Brush your hair like it could be tamed
Hitch their dresses past the knees
Spilling to the floor like ease
They swing the bridges one and more
And burn for us right through the fall
♪ All our running ahead, all our running ahead
All our running ahead, all our running ahead
♪ And we’ll seize the captain’s wheel
A mutiny we’ve come to feel
When will their aiming’s gone from view
With everything we thought to do
Oh, the devil won’t have me
I wonder who will, I wonder who will
All our running is a crawl
And burns for us right through the fall
♪ All our running ahead, all our running ahead
All our running ahead, all our running ahead
All our running, all our running
All our running, all our running

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2DaaTHc
YouTube: https://youtu.be/bYubEn15eH4

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🔴 Script: 5:16 The Capricorn Killer (№ 19)

Program air date: 3/14/2018 in the US
Full Script Permalink: http://wp.me/pDKwi-7qA
Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/2Gk5pgf

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Bill Roe
Written by: Taylor Martin



⭕ Script 5:16 The Capricorn Killer (№ 19)

Brief: Norman Singleton, the detective investigating Tom Keen’s murder, has been murdered by Tom Keen’s killer, Ian Garvey, his co-worker, a US marshall and “dirty cop” who runs a group of thugs aligned with the Nash drug syndicate. Singleton and Liz attempted to draw out Tom’s killer, but Garvey caught Singleton in the process. Liz has recognized Garvey among the cops at the scene of Singleton’s stabbing as “Damascus” – the man with the Damascus knife – from the night of Tom’s murder. Garvey wanted a suitcase/duffel containing a skeleton left for Liz by Mr Kaplan but intercepted by Tom. Garvey tracked the bones to Tom after DNA from the bones was ID’d by a government computer database. Garvey took the skeleton planning to use its identity to blackmail Red. He killed Tom after Tom refused to connect him with Red. Both Liz and Red want to retrieve the skeleton, but Liz knows of it only as an “item” that will tell her “the truth” that Red has told her has to do with him – but which must “remain a secret, even from you.”

[ An FBI helicopter lands in a wooded area near Huntington PA ]
Sergeant Chris Phalen: Agent Graves? Sergeant Phalen. State Police. We spoke on the phone.
Agent Brandon Graves: Yes, sir.
Sergeant Phalen: This way.
Agent Graves: So, when did this happen?
Phalen: Just after 6:00 last night. A young couple staying at the lodge went out for a hike straight off one of the trails. Bradford PD got the call after 7:00, notified us.
Graves: Anyone spoken to the press?
Phalen: Responding officer and a couple of the guys from Troop P are the only ones who’ve seen the site. Some of the men are pretty shook up. Think it could be him?
Graves: I sincerely doubt that.
Phalen: Right, but if it is him and you need my department to issue a BOLO or set a perimeter –
[ A body is propped upright by the skull of a goat. The corpse’s arms are tied behind its back. Branches with berries are stuck in the eye sockets of the goat’s skull ]
Phalen: That’s him, right? I mean, who else?
[ Seen from the front, a sword’s hilt sticks out of the dead man’s mouth ]
Graves: Issue that BOLO. Have your men set a perimeter and circulate that sketch we have on file.
[ Phalen leaves ] [ Graves makes a call ] [ CELLPHONE DIALING ] [ RINGS ]
Graves: Hey. Do me a favor. There’s an agent I need you to find right away. She’s outta DC – Name’s Elizabeth Keen.

[ Liz watches from a car as the casket containing the body of murdered Detective Norman Singleton is loaded into a hearse. US Marshall Ian Garvey, the man Liz knows murdered both Singleton and Tom, is one of the pallbearers. She watches as Garvey offers condolences to Singleton’s ex-wife and his two daughters ]

[ Cooper’s Office ]
Liz: He went to his funeral. He was a pallbearer. A pallbearer!
Cooper: And while he was doing that, a witness came forward who saw Garvey kill Singleton.
[ A young man, Tony Mejia, points to a photo of Detective Singleton in a book ]
Interrogator: Now, the killer can you describe him to me?
Tony: He had glasses. Black glasses.
Liz: Well, I saw Garvey kill Tom. A lot of good that did me.
Cooper: I’ve already referred Garvey’s case to the Marshal’s Office of Internal Affairs. And now this. It’s a big break. It’s okay to get your hopes up.
Liz: You’ve spoken to this witness? Is he credible? ‘Cause if he is, then my testimony–
Red: Will also be credible. Any questions about your memory will go away. So will Mr.
Liz: And you want that?
Red: Not until I get what I want.
Liz: I told him about the duffel bag.
Red: Garvey provides protection for the Nash Syndicate. I know some of the players. I’ll shake them loose while the Task Force questions the witness.
Liz: Where is the witness? Can I question him?
Cooper: He’s not here. And, no, you can’t.
Liz: This is Tom’s killer we’re talking about.
Cooper: Which is why you can’t be involved. A defense lawyer would need all of a minute to convince a jury to disregard any part of a case you build against Garvey. You’re the widow and star witness. You can’t also be the investigating officer.
Liz: So, while you and Reddington go after Garvey, I’m supposed to, what, read a book?
Cooper: Actually, I have a case.
Liz: I’m only interested in the man who murdered Tom and finding out the secret that got him killed.
Red: I’m going to help with the former and prevent the latter. 50-50 split. Like a good divorce. Harold.
[ Red leaves ]

Cooper: About the case.
Liz: Pass.
Cooper: Agent Keen. This came directly from Quantico. They specifically requested you. Said it’s a cold case you’d be familiar with. Someone called the Capricorn Killer. Sound familiar?
Liz: Yeah, it does.
Cooper: Good. Because I told them they have the full support of you and this Task Force. Reddington and I will stay on Garvey, but I need you to tell us about Capricorn.

[ Liz briefs the task force ]
Liz: His first victim was a female college professor found in Tacoma in 2010. Cause of death was ligature strangulation, but the staging was disturbing, so much that we believe there must be some religious or cult affiliation. Then, six months later, it happened again in Memphis. Then Charlotte. Idaho Falls. Seven victims in four years. Each one found in remote, inhospitable environments, and each one strangled and posed and placed using a hand-forged sword and holding the skull of a horned goat.
Aram: Hence the name Capricorn. Sign of the goat.
Liz: This astrological symbol also represents a creature whose natural ability allows them to survive in inhospitable environments. It also characterizes panic and fear.
[ The crime site ]
Agent Graves: Agent Keen? Brandon Graves. Pittsburgh Field Office.
Liz: Agents Ressler and Navabi.
Graves: This way.
Cooper: Your profile it was different from the others?
Liz: Slightly. We all agreed the unsub was likely a white male, 40s, small in stature, and well organized.
Liz: He was transitory. A long-haul trucker, perhaps, or some other kind of blue-collar job that required travel, and that movement gave him confidence.
Liz: So much so that his killings accelerated at an alarming rate.
Liz: I thought he would stop.
Graves: Which he did. Went silent. The Bureau thought he was dead or had been arrested.
Ressler: Until today.
Samar: How is your theory different?
Liz: Well, his killings accelerated so quickly, I thought he would feel out of control. Hold back. Go dormant for a while. Others thought he had stopped. I thought he would return.
Graves: Which he has. Appears to fit the M.O. Ligature strangulation. Remote dumpsite. Methodical. Ritualistic. It’s impressive. You were right.
[ Liz examines the sword’s hilt ]
Ressler: Keen, what is it?
Liz: This sword. The Capricorn Killer forged each by hand, and this one looks symmetrical. Lacks imperfections. You need to notify the lab. Have them pull the weapons from the past victims and run a comparison.
Graves: Hold on. This isn’t a random act. Whoever did this has details right that were never released to the public. This is Capricorn.
Liz: Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe this is the work of a copycat.

[ The office of Dr Sharon Fulton, the therapist Liz must see to regain her readiness to work status ]
Liz: Standing there looking at that body, I felt alive.
Dr Fulton: Because you reconnected with your work, with profiling?
Liz: No. It’s more that – [ SIGHS ] I don’t know.
Dr Fulton: Why are you editing yourself? You know this only works if you’re entirely open. You brought up the Capricorn case for a reason. Why?
Liz: Because what this unsub did to that poor man in the woods, part of me– sometimes, I feel like I’m capable of doing terrible things like that.
Dr Fulton: You said you identified the man who killed Tom.
Liz: Yes, and killing him, picturing that, imagining that. We talked about how common that feeling is. This is different.
Dr Fulton: Well, we’ve talked about your anger and passion and your desire to paint outside the lines. Your first case with the Bureau, what was it called? He took their shoes – the Sandman Killer.
Liz: My work on that case was classified. How do you know about it?
Dr Fulton: Elizabeth, it’s my job to evaluate your readiness. We can’t have secrets. The Sandman was a very important unsolved case early in your career. I’m sure it was defining in ways you may not even be aware of.
Liz: Unsolved cases. I fixate on them. How unfair they are. That people get away with murder. I-I know it sounds corny, but I, um– I obsess over the need for justice.
Dr Fulton: Even if it means painting outside the lines – or the law.
Liz: Yes.

[ Cooper’s office ]
Cooper: A witness has come forward who can identify Detective Singleton’s killer. He’s at Belmont Police Department. I want him put in protective custody and transferred here for questioning.
Aram: Uh, protective custody?
Cooper: We believe the detective was murdered by Ian Garvey, a US Marshal responsible for killing Tom Keen.
Aram: Wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait. You know who killed Tom, and it was a cop?
Cooper: Because Garvey is a US Marshal, I want the FBI to take point in protecting the witness. I’ve arranged for you to be met by agents from the DC Field Office. As soon as you sign the transfer order, they are to bring him here as quickly as possible. Understood?
Aram: No. I mean, yes, sir, about the transfer, but about Tom – why would a US Marshal want him dead?
Cooper: Tom was pursuing a duffel bag containing a secret Reddington is keeping from Agent Keen. Garvey took it and killed Tom in the process.

[ A man pulls back a curtain revealing elaborate projection equipment and a stack of videotapes, each with a last name, age and date on it. The dates go back years. He takes one and labels it “Gerald Dugger” ]
[ DOOR CLOSES ] [ A man enters, puts his keys down ] [ SIGHS ] [ He looks up. Someone is pointing a gun at him ]
Gerald: Ah! What the hell?
Man: Have a seat, Gerald. You and I gonna make a little video.
Gerald: [ Reading ] Hey. Welcome back, Gerald.

[ In a darkened motel room, music plays loudly ]
[ M-Dot’s ♪ “True Lies” plays ]

♪ We see cash in an instant, rags like a misfit

Gabinelli: [ From outside ] Hey! Turn it down! Do you hear me? It’s the manager!

♪ Piranhas are real slick, blast after click click

Gabinelli: You gotta turn that damn thing off.

♪ Chain dookie, Slick Rick First 60 grand, specs 100 grand

Gabinelli: Mr. Reddington.

♪ Lower–

Red: My word is my bond. My currency. I gave Peter Caras my word that I’d move him before the Nash Syndicate learned that he’d cut a deal with the Feds. But that didn’t happen, did it, Mr Gabinelli? The Syndicate found him here. Killed him in this very room. At the time, you gave me your word that you had no idea how that happened.
Gabinelli: I didn’t. I-I don’t.
Red: Mr. Caras was a federal witness, so I didn’t give it a second thought when the Marshals sent Ian Garvey to investigate his murder. But now I know Garvey wasn’t here to investigate the murder, was he? He came to cover it up. You betrayed me to Garvey. So, now, as absolution, you’re going to betray Garvey to me.
Gabinelli: Please. He’s a US Marshal.
Red: And I am but a humble killer with a gun pointed at the withered prune that passes for your heart. The next time an associate of the Nash Syndicate shows up, I want a phone call, a room number, and a key.
Gabinelli: Yes, sir.
Red: Good. Turn the lights off on your way out.

♪ –pedigree, enough about me, partner
This is what they do, this is what they do
I’m on an alley with my 12 And I’m hood rich
Drugs in the Caddies


[ Police station ]
Aram: Excuse me. Hello there. I’m here about Tony Mejia.
Ian Garvey: What about him?
Aram: Uh, oh, I’ve got signed transfer orders. Uh, agents from the DC field office should be here any minute. Uh, he’s an eyewitness in the death of a police officer.
Garvey: Norman Singleton.
Aram: That’s right. Oh, I’m sorry. I did. Uh, briefly. In- In passing. Seemed like a good man.
Other officer: [ To Garvey ] Ran it up the flagpole. Afraid you can’t question the witness. Friggin’ Feds cut in line.
Aram: I’m sorry. I-I thought you–
Garvey: Ian Garvey, US Marshal. Singleton was on my Task Force.
Aram: Federal Agent Mojtabai. Uh, wh-what did you say your name was again?
Garvey: Look, I get it. You got dibs. Protocol. But this is personal.
Aram: I’m- I’m sure it was.
Garvey: Good. So we understand each other. You give me a card, and I’ll send you a transcript of the interrogation.
Aram: I’m a-afraid I cannot let you do that. Uh, send me a-a transcript, that is. You won’t have to because, uh, the witness I’m- I’m putting him in protective custody.
Garvey: Are you now? And who would you be protecting him from?
Aram: Who? Um, I’m just- I’m just doing as I was told.
Garvey: And I’m telling you this is personal. I’d like you to extend me a little professional courtesy.
Aram: I would if I could, really.
Garvey: Okay, then. How about we go outside, and I kick your scrawny, brown ass, and then take my witness?
Aram: First of all, it’s, uh, more of a golden brown. It’s a topaz. Topaz, really. And, um, secondly, uh, pardon my French, but you can back the hell off. Please, bring out my witness.
Other officer: I was told that you were waiting for agents from the DC Field Office.
Aram: Yes, I was. Not anymore.

Ressler: Miss Seivers, your husband’s body was found almost 250 miles away. Can you think of any reason at all why he’d be so far from home?
Seivers: I don’t know. He didn’t like to travel.
Ressler: Did he have friends in Pennsylvania?
Seivers: Not that I know of.
Graves: But you feel like your husband was pretty open with you?
Seivers: What’s that supposed to mean?
Graves: Ma’am, I’m just trying to get a picture of your husband – steady job, known in the community, high-school football star–
Liz: I believe what Agent Graves is getting at is that your husband doesn’t fit the victimology of our killer. Wendell had a family. He was known here in town. He was strong, could fight back.
Seivers: Oh, I’m sure he did. Look we had problems and fought, just like anyone, but Wendell was a good man. He loved me, and he loved that boy.
Liz: This picture of the two of them some kind of school project?
Seivers: No, they was just messing around. That’s one of Wendell’s hobby swords.
Graves: I’m sorry, hobby swords?
Liz: He made these?
Seivers: Sure. In his shop out back.

Graves: Isn’t it a little odd that the Capricorn Killer’s last victim has his own sword-making operation?
Ressler: They’re hand-forged. Imperfect.
[ They investigate. Liz finds a padlocked door. Ressler kicks it open ] [ DOOR THUMPS ]
[ They enter a room with photos and memorabilia from multiple killings, each marked with a sign of the zodiac ]

Cooper: [ On phone ] You’re saying the most recent victim is the Capricorn Killer?
Liz: Someone murdered the killer and mimicked his M.O. in the process.
Ressler: It’s him. We even have shrines that match each of the Capricorn Killer’s victims.
Cooper: And the profile? I thought you said this guy was single, a loner?
Liz: He was. Until he met his wife and had a child. That’s why he went dormant – family. I’m telling you, you pull the travel records from his employer, and they will match the dumpsites of his victims.
Cooper: Then who killed Seivers?
Samar: Keen was right about the sword. It wasn’t hand-forged like the others. It was a bronze cast made by a high-school history professor who sells them online.
Ressler: Do we have any information on the buyer?
Samar: It was purchased under a fake name, but I was able to track down a shipping address.
Cooper: Good. Run it down with Ressler. Keen, you may want to find your way back. Our witness in the Singleton murder is en route as we speak.

[ Gerald Duggar WHIMPERING ]
Man: You disgust me, Gerald.
Gerald: [ PANTING ] No. Please. I- I-
Man: Ah, don’t pass out on me, now. Sadly, I got a lot more work to do. Just like you did.
Gerald: [ WHIMPERING ]
Gerald: [ On video ] Hey. Welcome back, Gerald. I can’t imagine what you’re feeling. Not physically, but emotionally. Funny thing is, the drugs I gave you to immobilize your body don’t have any affect on fear. That’s what makes this experience so unique. While you were asleep, I took the liberty of amputating your forearm by making an incision at the juncture between the ulna and humerus. I opened the fascial plane of your left leg, being careful to avoid the femoral artery. Now, lie back, Gerald. Be brave.
Gerald: [ WHIMPERING ]
Gerald: [ On video ] Let’s enjoy these last few moments together.
Gerald: [ WHIMPERING ]
Gerald: [ GROANING ]
Ressler: Stop! FBI!
[ Ressler chases the Man outdoors ] [ INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS ] [ AIR BRAKES SQUEAL, HISS ] [ PANTING ] [ SIGHS ]
[ The Man escapes ]
[ Back indoors ]
Samar: He didn’t make it.

[ Aram is sitting with Tony Mejia who is playing with a fidget spinner. Cooper and Liz observe from behind one-way glass ]
Aram: I know you’re scared. I would be, too. Of being here. Of what you saw. But you know you don’t have to be. We’re here to protect you. It’s our job. And the people I work with, they’re, like they are, like, really, really good at it. All right, so, now I’m going to show you some photos.
Tony: A woman already showed me some photos.
Aram: Yes, of the victim. Of Detective Singleton. But these photos contain the man who we believe killed Detective Singleton. And if you recognize him, I want you to point him out, okay?
Tony: Okay.
[ Aram opens a book of photos ]
Aram: All right, take your time. The man you saw in the alley. The man you saw murder Detective Singleton. Do you see that man in any of these photos?
[ Tony points to the photo of Ian Garvey ]
Liz: [ Begins hyperventilating ]
Cooper: I’ll reach out to the U.S. Attorney’s Office. Soon as he hears this, I have no doubt– [ Cooper holds Liz ]
Liz: [ SIGHS ]
Cooper: –they’ll issue an arrest warrant. It’s almost over.

[ Motel front desk ] [ BELL DINGS ] [ Red and Dembe enter ]
Red: You have someone?
Gabinelli: I put him in Room 4, where Caras died. I thought it would be poetic justice.
Red: A romantic! How counterintuitive.
Gabinelli: I hope you appreciate the risk I’m taking by doing this.
Red: It’s not so much appreciation as good planning.

[ Inside Room 4 of the motel are Ian Garvey and three thugs ]
Ian Garvey: Kill the bodyguard. Wound Reddington. I need him alive.
[ A man in a fedora enters the darkened room ] [ GUNSHOT 💥 ]
Man in fedora: Ohh!
[ The man GRUNTS and falls to his knees, then to the floor ]
[ Dembe shoots 💥💥💥 all of Garvey’s goons ]
[ The man who was first shot wearing a fedora was Gabinelli. He is wounded in the gut. His mouth is duct taped ]
Red: [ To Gabinelli ] You’re gonna need a colostomy bag. You deserve worse.
[ Ian Garvey has his gun drawn, trained on Red; Dembe’s is trained on Garvey ]
Ian Garvey: I should kill you right now.
Red: But let’s talk about what you’re going to do which is name your price, and quickly, before policemen who actually uphold the law arrive to clean up this mess.
Garvey: Let’s start with the truth.
Red: You have the bones. You already know the truth.
Garvey: A truth. I want the whole truth.
Red: The whole truth is that we are all clinging to a lovely blue ball floating in a sea of blackness. Everything else, including and most especially, the truth you’re looking for, is “a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” [ from MacBeth, of course ]
Garvey: I could take the bones public.
Red: You could, but you haven’t. And you won’t. I’m not sure why. There’s something I’m missing. Something holding you back. I won’t kill you until I have the bones, and for some inexplicable reason, you won’t go public until you know this whole truth. We may have a stalemate, but with the FBI, you’re at a distinct disadvantage. They’re hunting for you. And as you’ve killed a cop, they will make it their life’s work to put you on death row. Unless you give me the bag, in which case, an accommodation may be possible.
Red: That’s my offer.
Garvey: Here’s mine. The cop you say I killed? The FBI’s holding a witness. Bring him to me.
Red: And why would I do that?
Garvey: Because if he fingers me and I go to prison, our little stalemate ends.
Garvey: You want to keep the bones secret, that witness can never see the inside of a courtroom. You better go. I got a crime scene to investigate.

[ The scene where Gerald Duggar was killed ]
Agent Graves: The Tri-State Butcher himself. We got an ID from the license and card in his wallet. Local PD went to his house and found a stash of tapes from previous victims.
Liz: So we have two serial killers, both killed using their unique signature.
Graves: Mm-hmm. Where’s your head?
Liz: The profile. Whoever’s behind this. I don’t get it.
Graves: What’s not to get? Someone’s knocking off serial killers.
Liz: Yeah, but how? Most serial killers are white men in their 40s. The man Ressler chased down was a black man. And how is he identifying his targets? The victims are all killers the Bureau can’t identify. And yet, the crimes are premeditated and the crime scenes are meticulously staged. He’s duplicating the work of real-life killers using classified intel that hasn’t been made public – inside information. He’s gotta be–
Graves: Don’t say it.
Liz: You’re thinking it, too.
Graves: A cop?
Liz: Not just a cop – a profiler.
Graves: You think the unsub is an African-American profiler with the Bureau. I’d think I was under suspicion, but you didn’t mention he was devastatingly handsome.
Liz: It makes perfect sense.
Graves: What makes you so sure?
Liz: ‘Cause this is exactly how I would’ve done it.

Liz: I’ve been trying not to edit myself.
Dr Fulton: Oh, tell me. How has that felt?
Liz: Intense. Scary.
Dr Fulton: Everyone feels that way sometimes. You don’t have to be afraid of those feelings.
Liz: See, that’s just it. That’s what scares me. I’m not afraid of those feelings. I’m exhilarated by them. This killer is a genius. He saw things the Bureau couldn’t. He solved cases we missed.
Dr Fulton: Have you always felt like this?
Liz: I think so. My first case. The Sandman – the one you asked me about. How did he do it? Convince little Susie Baker to leave with him in the middle of the night.
Dr Fulton: You think he convinced her?
Liz: Her shoes were missing. Little pink hightops with rainbow laces. Why would a 4-year-old put them on or let him put them on for her? She did it because she trusted him. And I could never figure out why. What he did – what they all do – sickens me. But how they do it, how their minds work [ INHALES DEEPLY ] honestly, it’s –
Dr Fulton: Exhilarating.
Liz: Like, take this case I’m working on right now, the profiler.
Dr Fulton: Alleged profiler.
Liz: No, I’m certain of it.
Dr Fulton: So you’ve argued, but if the killer was a profiler, then his training at Quantico would’ve required a psych eval. I’d like to think I or my colleagues would’ve flagged him before he was cleared for fieldwork.
Liz: Maybe you did.
Dr Fulton: What?
Liz: Flag him. Not at first, but maybe later. Years later, they could’ve suffered a mental trauma, one that’s caused a psychological shift. If I could get ahold of the medical records of these other profilers –
Dr Fulton: But you can’t. Medical records are private. Without the authorization of the patient or a court order, you simply can’t get them.

[ In Red’s car ]
Red: [ On phone ] Of course I can get them.
[ Liz walks along a city sidewalk with an umbrella; wet snow falls ]
Liz: Dr. Fulton is incredibly perceptive. She sees me. Sees through me. If the killer’s a profiler, I know her and her colleagues would see through him, too, at least enough to flag him.
Red: Send me the list. You’ll have the records this afternoon.
Liz: Do I even want to know how?
Red: [ CHUCKLES ] I’m sure you do, but I’m not going to tell you.
Liz: Oh, my God. I can’t believe I almost forgot to tell you. The witness ID’d Garvey as the killer.
Red: Did he?
Liz: Yeah. A sweet, innocent kid any jury would believe.
Red: And you have him in protective custody?
Liz: Completely. Aram is overseeing his transport to a safehouse now. He’ll have round-the-clock security from now until the trial. Garvey is going down. If not for killing Tom, for killing a cop.
[ Aram and Tony get in an FBI van ]
Red: [ On phone ] I want all this to be behind you.
Liz: For the first time, I actually think that might happen.
[ Red’s and Dembe have been watching Aram and Tony from Red’s car. The FBI SUV leaves ]
Red: Dembe, is everything in place?
Dembe: Yes. Everything is in place.

Liz: I know I was just here this morning, but, um, I just need to ask you something and get your opinion.
Dr Fulton: Of course. What is it?
Liz: I’ve been looking over the medical files of the other profilers.
Dr Fulton: We talked about this.
Liz: Yes, that’s when I got the idea to do it.
Dr Fulton: And I told you they were classified.
Liz: I’ve been looking over them for hours.
Dr Fulton: At what – the files you stole?
Liz: I had started to suspect Agent Graves. I thought the files would confirm my suspicions, but they didn’t. Of the 282 agents in the Bureau’s five Behavioral Analysis units, 61 have undergone psychological evaluations. But in the last 10 years, only eight have been deemed unfit for duty and released. Agent Graves was not one of them, but Anthony Hollis was. Top in his class at Quantico. Deemed unfit for duty after a psych eval due to insubordination.
Dr Fulton: Why are you telling me this and not your Task Force?
Liz: He got into law enforcement because both his parents were killed when he was young.
Dr Fulton: I think you’re only telling me because you know you can’t tell your team–
Liz: So, he’s angry. Driven.
Dr Fulton: Do you really want to lose your badge on this?
Liz: I just want to stop a serial killer, and I think you can help me. In your professional opinion, as a psychologist and criminologist, do you think, based on everything I’ve told you, that this could be our guy?
[ Dr Fulton pages through the file ] [ PAPERS RUSTLING ]
Dr Fulton: Yes, it’s possible.
Liz: That’s all I need to know.
Dr Fulton: Liz–
[ Liz rushes off DOOR OPENS, CLOSES ]
Dr Fulton: [ SIGHS ]

[ Liz is parked outside a house where Anthony Hollis is carrying duffel bags out to a car ]
Liz: [ Over phone ] I may have identified the man behind the killings. He’s a former agent. Name’s Anthony Hollis.
Cooper: What makes you so sure?
Liz: He was a profiler. Psych services flagged him for behavioral issues. It’s all in his medical file.
[ Samar pulls up Hollis’ info ]
Samar: Anthony Elliot Hollis. Age 46. Residence 231 Washington Street in Gaithersburg.
Liz: I have eyes on him now. Looks like he’s going somewhere. He may be a flight risk.
Cooper: Agent Ressler, you chased the unsub from the murder scene.
Ressler: I didn’t get a good enough look. I can’t confirm it’s him.
Liz: You need to roll units.
Cooper: His medical file – how is it that you got a copy?
Liz: Reddington got it for me.
Cooper: Meaning he stole it for you?
Liz: Sir, he’s leaving.
Cooper: And because he stole it, whatever evidence we get on him may be inadmissible.
Samar: We won’t know until we arrest him, which Liz can’t do without a badge.
Cooper: Keen, listen to me – put a bumper lock on Hollis, but do not engage. Ressler and Navabi are en route.
[ Comms off; Liz calls Cooper on cell ~ CELLPHONE BEEPS ]
Cooper: Let’s just hope, if this is our guy, you didn’t do anything to jeopardize our ability to put him where he belongs.

[ Aram and Tony are in the back of the FBI vehicle ]
Aram: Thank you. For agreeing to do this. You know you don’t have to.
Tony: It’s the right thing to do.
Aram: Yes, it is.
Tony: My grandmother always tells me I should do the right thing.
Aram: I think your grandma will be very proud of you.
Tony: Does the place we’re going have snacks? I like Doritos.
Aram: You serious? I love Doritos. Wait. Which is your favorite? Mine – Spicy Nacho. Unless I’m depressed. Then I mainline Jacked 3D Bacon Cheddar Ranch. [ CHUCKLES ]
Driver: No idea. Engine just gave out. [ ENGINE SPUTTERS, STOPS ]
Aram: Guys. Whoa! Hey, guys!
[ TIRES SCREECH ] [ The FBI van is surrounded by black vehicles ] [ WEAPONS COCK ]
[ 💥Detonators explode open the door💥 ]
Man: Guns down! Hands up!
[ Men wearing black masks drag Tony into one of the vehicles ]
Tony: No! Aah! No! [ GRUNTS ] No, no! Oh! Help me! No, let me go! Let me go! Let me go! Let me go!
— Let’s go!
[ Aram catches a glimpse of one man with one blue eye and one brown eye ] [ The vehicles take off with Tony ] [ Aram retrieves Tony’s fidget spinner from the street ]

[ The FBI breaks into Hollis’ home. They find multiple files with newspaper clippings and photos, including a file on Gerald Duggar, the Tri-State Butcher ]

[ Liz is trailing Hollis ]
Samar: [ On phone ] Liz, we just got off the phone with the Gaithersburg Police Department. We have officers on-site at Hollis’ home, and the place is full of evidence. They’re pulling prints now, but he’s our guy.
Ressler: We’re pulling a trace on your cell. We’re not far behind. [ SIREN WAILING ] We’re pulling off the 270 now.
Liz: He just stopped on Little Seneca Lake. It’s some minimum maintenance road off the westbound 117.
Ressler: All right, we’re minutes out. Hold tight.
Samar: We’re pulling maps of the area.
[ Liz has pulled over ]
Liz: If there were a cabin or a house, I would see it. I’m losing light. [ WHISPERING ] I’ve lost him in the shadows.
[ Hollis taps on the window of Liz’s car with a gun ] [ TAPPING ON WINDOW ] [ Liz lowers her window ] [ WINDOW MOTOR WHIRRING ] [ Hollis takes Liz’s phone ]
Samar: Liz? Liz.
Hollis: The gun, too. Let’s go for a drive.

[ Through a wooded area Hollis walks behind Liz with his gun trained on her ]
Liz: Where are we going?
Hollis: Quiet. Keep walking.
Liz: I only ask–
Hollis: I said, “Quiet.”
[ On top of a stone bridge Liz turns on Hollis, knocking the gun from his hands. They both jump to the ground below, trying to get the gun. They scuffle ] [ GRUNTING ] [ GRUNTING ]
[ Hollis gets the gun ] [ GUN COCKS ]
Hollis: Let’s go.

[ Hollis and Liz arrive at a rustic cabin ] [ DOOR CREAKS ]
Liz: What is this place?
[ DOOR CREAKS ] [ Dr Fulton(!) steps out ]
Dr Fulton: Come on in, Elizabeth. There’s something I want to share with you.

[ Ressler, Samar and Graves address a group of officers outside by their vehicles ]
Ressler: Agent Keen broke contact 13 minutes ago. State Police have set up a perimeter with road blocks, but there’s a chance she may be on foot.
Graves: So, our search area will run from Sideline Road on the west to the shoreline on the east. And from Tenmile Creek down to highway 117.
Samar: Before she vanished, Agent Keen was in pursuit of this man, Anthony Hollis. Former FBI. He is smart, he is armed, and he knows how we work, so be careful.
Ressler: Are we clear on our grids?
— Yes, sir.
— Yes, sir.

Liz: You’re my therapist.
Dr Fulton: And this is our final session. When we’re done here, I feel certain I’ll be able to recommend reinstatement.
Liz: You know who this guy is, what he does.
Dr Fulton: Of course. I taught him.
Liz: No, that can’t be!
Dr Fulton: You’re angry. That’s good. Anger can be so exhilarating.
Liz: Don’t.
Dr Fulton: Fixating on unsolved cases, how unfair they are.
Liz: Do not twist my word–
Dr Fulton: “I know it sounds corny, but I am obsessed with painting outside the lines.”
Liz: I am not like you.
Dr Fulton: Not yet.
Liz: Never.
Dr Fulton: I kill serial killers. I brought you here to recruit you. The same way I recruited Hollis. I’ve had my eye on you for ages. Ever since you shot the Attorney General for being a traitor. I knew then you were someone I needed to recruit. So, when your psychiatric evaluation was ordered, I made sure I was assigned to your case. Talk about exhilarating. A profiler – and the daughter of Raymond Reddington. In our sessions, you were everything I could’ve hoped for – comfortable with your darker impulses. So I tested you out in the field.
Liz: The Capricorn Killer. You knew psych services would reach out to me, assign me the case. That it would lead me to you.
Dr Fulton: Oh, I certainly knew that stealing a few confidential medical files wasn’t going to stop you.
Liz: All you’ve done is confess to murder.
Dr Fulton: I’ve revealed myself to you. And you’re about to reveal yourself to me. And maybe even to yourself.

[ DOOR CREAKS ] [ They enter a room for a child: small table and bed, cubicles with a child’s clothing and shoes ]
Dr Fulton: You know where we are, right?
Liz: Susie Baker –
Dr Fulton: He brought her here. He brought them all here.
Liz: Why would you bring me here?
Hollis: To do what has to be done.
[ DOOR CREAKS ] [ They enter another room ]
Hollis: To kill the Sandman.
[ The serial killer The Sandman is bound to a chair and gagged ]

[ The search party makes its way through the woods. Agent Graves spies the cabin at a distance ]
Graves: [ WHISPERING ] Shh, quiet. Stop walking.

Dr Fulton: I used to counsel families. Tried to ease their pain, help them heal. But there are times when there is no healing. Because there’s no justice. Susie died in this room. We can’t bring her back. But for her family, to help them heal – this is the next best thing. He suffocated her with a pillow.
[ Hollis hands Liz a pillow ]
Dr Fulton: Go on. I know you want to.
[ Liz clutches the pillow ]
— FBI! Hands where we can see them! Leave him.
[ Dr Fulton runs out ]
Graves: I’ve got this one. Circle back. Head west. See if you can find that woman and make sure–
Liz: [ To Graves ] Look out!
[ 💥💥 GUNSHOTS 💥💥 ] [ Hollis shoots Graves and The Sandman; Samar shoots Hollis ]
[ A gun has fallen to the floor. Liz grabs it and runs out ]

[ Liz chases Dr Fulton ] [ PANTING ]
Liz: Stop!
[ Liz catches up to Dr Fulton ] [ Both BREATHING HEAVILY ]
[ Liz points both her gun and flashlight at Dr Fulton ]
Dr Fulton: I can’t believe I read you wrong.
Liz: [ Pause ] Maybe you didn’t.
[ Liz clicks off her flashlight. Dr Fulton runs away in the dark. Liz turns back ]

[ Hey Rosetta’s ♪ “What Arrows” Plays ]

♪ It curves in through the weather
It’s coming from above

Liz: I tried. I thought–
Ressler: Don’t beat yourself up, Keen.
Liz: I’ll get us a sketch.
Ressler: State Police are out there combing the woods. Wherever she is, we’re gonna find her. At least we got these two, right? Silver linings.

♪ It guided us to touch

Liz: Hey, if there’s anything good that happened today, it’s that we secured a witness who’s gonna testify against the man who killed Tom.

♪ It moves in a rhythm, yeah

Ressler: Like I said. Silver linings.

♪ What tender tailor came

[ The Post Office ]
Liz: What?!
Aram: Whoever it was, they came out of nowhere.
Liz: But there was a team. SWAT.
Aram: I know, but it happened really fast. They overwhelmed us, and they boxed us in.
Liz: The witness is gone?
Aram: No, not gone. He’s missing, and we’re gonna get him back. We’re gonna get him back.
Liz: No, you’re not.

♪ Then he left us alone

Aram: Liz, Liz, no. Listen. So, look, I’ve pulled all of the feeds, and, uh, now, the vans were unmarked. There were no plates, but–
Liz: Aram.
Aram: I’m doing- I’m–
Liz: This is not your fault. I’m not blaming you, but five minutes after he was taken, that sweet kid was dead.

♪ But our feet fall in a rhythm, yeah

Aram: I’m not gonna stop until I can prove Garvey did this. He won’t get away with it.
Liz: [ CRIES ] He already has.

[ Cooper appears on the upper landing – with Dr Fulton ]
Cooper: Agent Keen.

♪ I can’t believe it
I think I believe in this

Cooper: Been a hard few days. Aram lost a witness, and while you got Hollis, his partner in crime got away. These are setbacks, and they sting. But in this line of work, I’ve learned you have to take the good with the bad. So, let’s take a moment focus on the good. Dr. Fulton?
Dr Fulton: I’ve submitted my report to the Office of the Inspector General, and he’s agreed with my recommendation that you be reinstated, effective immediately.
Cooper: Congratulations, Agent Keen.
Liz: [ SIGHS ] Thank you. This is a big relief.
Dr Fulton: You deserve it. You’ve worked hard in counseling, been honest about your grief and loss, and you’ve been remarkably willing to reveal to me who you truly are.
Cooper: A fine agent and an even better person.

♪ And what angel? Did he wait until we met?

[ Liz and Dr Fulton walk together toward the elevator ]

I didn’t reinstate you because you let me go, but you did let me go, and I want to thank you for that.
Liz: My father has people he can turn to for help. Doctors. Lawyers. Finders. Freaks. People with special skills. You have a special skill, and I’d like to know that, someday, I can turn to you.
Dr Fulton: Reddington said you were nothing like him.
Liz: And you knew he was wrong.

♪ It’s there if you’re listening

Dr Fulton: Well, you’re done with mandatory counseling. But, if you ever want to come in on a voluntary basis, my door’s always open.

♪ I can’t believe it I think I believe in this

[ The elevator door closes ]

Ian Garvey: I don’t see the witness.
Red: You never will. I’ve taken him away – from you and the FBI.
Garvey: I told you to bring him to me.
Red: Yes. A thuggish order I immediately disregarded because I don’t take orders from you. The witness and his grandmother are safe and secure. And as long as I’m alive, he will not testify against you.
Garvey: What about Keen? She’s a witness. You gonna put her outta my reach, too?
Red: I don’t have to because, where she is concerned, you have no leverage. Secret or no secret, if you reach out to her, I’ll cut off your hands. If you look in her direction, I’ll cut out your eyes. And if you ever utter her name again in my presence, I’ll cut out your tongue.
Garvey: You have no idea who I am or why I want the truth. Aren’t you curious? Don’t you have any questions?
Red: Oh, I have plenty of questions, but none I’d pose to you. The answers will have to wait for me to find out on my own.
Garvey: Good luck with that.
Red: Mr. Garvey, might I suggest you enjoy what little time you have left – crab cakes, scalp massages, perhaps a double feature of “The 400 Blows” and “Jules and Jim” – whatever floats your boat. Do it now, because I will find those bones, and when I do, I’m gonna kill you.
Garvey: You are an odd one, aren’t you?
[ Garvey walks away ]
Red: Yes?
Liz: I need you to promise me something.
Red: Of course.
Liz: You’re doing everything in your power to get Garvey.
Red: What’s this about?
Liz: He got him. We were so close, and then–
Red: You have my word.
Liz: The bag. The secret. You won’t let them get in the way?
Red: I’ve already told you.
Liz: Tell me again. I need to hear it.
Red: I promise Ian Garvey will not get away from me.
[ DOOR CREAKS ] [ Garvey exits the building ]
[ CELLPHONE CLICKS SHUT ] [ Door closes ]

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Episode Songs


♫ True Lies (feat. Camp Lo and Tribeca)
By M-Dot

( unavailable as of 3/14/2018 )

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/^
YouTube: https://youtu.be/RjemYwPyQuE


♫ What Arrows
By Hey Rosetta

♪ It curves in through the weather
It’s coming from above
And it brought us together
It guided us to touch
And it moves in a rhythm yeah

♪ What tender tailor came
And pushed a thread through each of us?
Then he left us alone
To walk our length oblivious
But our feet fall in a rhythm yeah

♪ It’s there if you’re listening i can’t believe it, i think i believe in this

♪ What arrow? at what angle? and what angel?

♪ Did he wait until we met?
In that holy moment, oh, did he throw it?
To pin our broken bodies here?
To see us writhe in a rhythm yeah
It’s there if you’re listening

♪ I can’t believe it, i think i believe in this

♪ We open the door and we’re in the river
But we’re not getting wet
Rush hour comes and we go above their heads
We don’t even fold our hands
Open the door and we’re in the forest
Y’know we ain’t getting scared
Bring me the cliff, i’m going over it
Let her just reel me in

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2pdBbTK
YouTube: https://youtu.be/P7n8H2H6umU

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🔴 Script: 5:17 Anna-Garcia Duerte (№ 25)

Program air date: 4/4/2018 in the US
Full Script Permalink: http://wp.me/pDKwi-7Bx
Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/2I2W4c4

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Michael Caracciola
Written by: Lukas Reiter, Jonathan Shapiro



⭕ Script 5:17 Anna-Gracia Duerte (№ 25)

Brief: US Marshal Ian Garvey has murdered Detective Norman Singleton, who was investigating the murder of Liz’s husband Tom Keen. Garvey himself murdered Tom and is in the possession of a skeleton Mr Kaplan left for Liz. Red does not want the identity of the skeleton disclosed and to keep this secret he abducted the eye witness to Singleton’s murder whose testimony against Garvey could have bolstered Liz’s, whose own testimony may be questioned due to a concussion she suffered during the attack on her and Tom that left her comatose for 10 months. Garvey and Red are at a stand-off over the bones, but Red has warned Garvey to leave Liz alone and has promised him he will kill him once he gets the skeleton back. Garvey claims to know additional secrets and has taunted Red: “You have no idea who I am or why I want the truth. Aren’t you curious? Don’t you have any questions?” Red’s response: “Oh, I have plenty of questions, but none I’d pose to you. The answers will have to wait for me to find out on my own.”

Meanwhile, Liz has been reinstated as an agent by her therapist and fellow profiler Dr Sharon Fulton. Dr Fulton has disclosed to Liz that, on the side, she is a vigilante who recruits discredited agent-profilers to track down and kill serial killers according to their own M.O. Liz has offered to help her by giving her access to Red’s menagerie of “Doctors. Lawyers. Finders. Freaks. People with special skills.”

[ An affluent neighborhood ]
[ Janis Ian’s ♪ “At Seventeen” plays ]

♪ I learned the truth at seventeen

Jerry Jawal: Reva, I’m home! Where are you?

♪ That love was meant for beauty queens
And high-school girls with clear-skinned smiles

Jerry: Reva?
[ Reva is doing her homework ]

♪ Who married young and then retired

Reva: Hi.
Jerry: How can you concentrate with that thing playing so loud?
Reva: It keeps me focused.
Jerry: Your grades don’t show it.
Reva: Don’t start, okay?

♪ The Friday night charades of youth

Jerry: You want help? I’m good with numbers.
Reva: I’ve got it. Do you want to eat? Dinner’s ready.
Jerry: Maybe in a bit. I have a work meeting. [ SCOFFS LIGHTLY ] Sorry. What can I do? It’s work, hmm? Mwah. [ Kisses her on forehead ]
Reva: Whatever.

♪ And those of us with ravaged faces
Lacking in the social graces
Desperately remained at home
Inventing lovers on the phone

♪ Their small-town eyes will gape at you

[ In his office, Jerry opens a safe, takes out a black ledger ] [ PHONE DIALS, CLICKS ]
Red: [ On phone ] I detest waiting. Tell me something good, something worth waiting for.
Jerry: We have a deal. I have what you’re looking for.
Red: When will I get it?
Jerry: If Garvey ever finds out –
Red: He won’t. Leave now. You can be here in 30 minutes.
Jerry: Wait, no–! [ GUNSHOTS 💥💥💥 ]
Red: But- Jerry? Jerry?
Dembe: What happened?
Red: Nothing good.

Ressler: Forensics says the report’s gonna be ready later today.
Aram: I promised that we would protect him – that I would protect him.
Ressler: Aram, we’re gonna find out whoever took this witness, all right?
Aram: Tony Mejia was gonna testify that he saw Ian Garvey murder a cop. And thanks to me he probably never will.
Ressler: Whoa, wait. Is that what I think it is?
Aram: Oh, uh – it was my grandmother’s. Amethyst is Samar’s birthstone.
Ressler: Now, here I thought you were all doom and gloom. When are you gonna pop the question?
Aram: What? [ CHUCKLES ] No. No, no, no, no, no, no! This is not an engagement ring. It’s just a ring.
Ressler: But you guys have been dating for over a year. You- You give her just a ring, she’s gonna think it’s a proposal.
Aram: That’s insane. How can she think it’s a proposal if I- if I do not propose?
Ressler: I can guess what a woman’s gonna do, but why she does it, I got no clue.
Aram: Apparently, I don’t, either.
Ressler: Well, why don’t you ask one–

[ Liz walks over ]
Liz: Hey, what’s up?
Aram: Yeah. I, uh I want to ask you about, uh, – the feeds from when I lost Tony Mejia.
Liz: You did not lose him. Garvey took him in a highly sophisticated attack.
[ Samar joins the group ]
Samar: I have been telling him that for days. Good luck trying to make him believe it wasn’t his fault. He has been looking at mug shots day and night trying to identify the man he saw.
Aram: Trying and failing, with the I.D. and the surveillance feeds. Three different feeds from three different businesses all blacked out 10 minutes before the attack.
Ressler: Which means that you were vectored to that point. Garvey knew exactly where we were gonna be and when.
Aram: The feeds are worthless.
[ Liz’s CELLPHONE VIBRATING – Call from Nick’s Pizza (Red) ]
Aram: We’re back to square one.

[ Red is working at an industrial-sized grill ] [ SIZZLING ] [ Liz comes down a stairs; FOOTSTEPS ]
Stav (Blue Eye/Brown Eye): [ To Liz ] Good morning.
Red: I hope you have indigestion.
Liz: No. But if it makes you feel better, I’m in a bad mood.
Red: Excellent!
Dembe: He’s making fenugreek porridge. My ancestors learned that it can cure a troubled stomach and soothe aches and pains.
Red: Medicinal South Sudanese cuisine.
Liz: Cooking it up in their embassy’s kitchen. Aren’t you living large?
Red: Thanks to Dembe. His cousin was recently named foreign minister.
Liz: Of a country without an extradition treaty. How convenient.
Red: I’m not here hiding from American law enforcement. I could dodge those raindrops and never get wet. I’m here because of Garvey and you should be, too – for your protection, and to cure what ails you.
Liz: Garvey is what ails me. He took our witness out from under Aram. I’m trying to re-trace how it happened, but if there’s anything you can do –
Red: Did you bring the file?
Liz: Will you help or not?
Red: I’m trying to.
Liz: Are you saying this is connected to Garvey?
[ Liz gives Red the FBI file on Jerry Jawal ]
Red: Jerry Jawal wasn’t just a port manager. He was an important associate for the Nash Syndicate – the man responsible for bringing product into the country safely and with the proper documentation. He was killed yesterday while talking on the phone to me.
Liz: If he worked for Nash, why was he talking to you?
Red: He worked with the Nash Syndicate, not for them. I’ve known Jerry for some time. We were in the process of making a deal. He’d agreed to bring me a ledger – a list of every Nash Syndicate shipment and its point of origin for the last 14 months.
Liz: And you think Garvey found out and killed him first? ‘Cause our agents have an entirely different explanation.
Red: There’s no mention of a ledger recovered at the scene.
Liz: They think it was a hate crime. The safe was cleaned out. Maybe the ledger was in it.
Red: To make a hate crime look like a robbery? Now I have indigestion. Tell me your theory. Who’s your hater? And what does he hate?

[ The Post Office ]
Liz: Coogan Hudnutt, publisher of National Pride Weekly and the founder of the alt-right group known as the United Brigade.
Cooper: A neo-Nazi with a fancy vocabulary, hiding good old-fashioned fascism behind a lot of America-first doublespeak.
Ressler: The Bureau thinks that he’s the one who killed Jerry Jawal.
Liz: When Jawal took over the port in Baltimore, he changed the management team, hired his own countrymen from India.
Samar: If they’re supplying opium to the Nash Syndicate, it would make sense he would want his own crew in charge.
Liz: Coogan Hudnutt and his merry band of xenophobes weren’t on board with that idea. They started making threats. Then, a stevedore got jumped and stabbed, and now Jawal’s been gunned down in his own home.
Cooper: I assume the agents in charge paid Hudnutt a visit.
Liz: They tried, but he was already in the wind.
Ressler: I thought you went to talk to Reddington about the witness.
Liz: I did. Reddington believes that recovering Jawal’s ledger is more important.
Samar: Why?
Liz: Because it contains the identity of the Nash Syndicate’s supplier – the original supplier, the one with the thousands of hectares of opium poppies that feeds their business.
Cooper: And he says finding the supplier is the key to bringing down Garvey. How? Can he connect them, prove Garvey is protecting the syndicate?
Liz: All Reddington said was that we should use every conventional method at our disposal to find Jawal’s killer.
Aram: And Mr. Reddington?
Liz: I think the methods he has in mind are a little less conventional.

[ A seedy storefront ]
Red: Good afternoon.
Bouncer: You’re good. “This” [ Referring to Dembe ] stays outside.
Red: “This”?
Dembe: Raymond, I’m fine. I’ll wait outside.
[ The room is decorated with a Confederate flag ]
Walter: What do you want?
Red: I’m looking for Coogan Hudnutt. You must know where he is. You’re the guys who provide security at his tiki-torch rallies. $10,000 [ Waves a wad of bills ] goes to the first man to speak up and tell me where to find him.
Donnie-Wayne: I’ll tell you.
Walter: Shut the hell up, Donnie-Wayne!
Donnie-Wayne! That’s a lot of money. Come on. Coogan talks a good game, but he’s not feeding my–
Walter: I said, “Shut up”!
Red: Oh, dear.
[ Red shoots him and everyone else who makes a move ] [ GUNSHOTS 💥💥💥 ]
Red: Aah! Looks like we have a winner. [ Plops bills on table ] Where’s Coogan?
[ GUN CLATTERS ] [ SHOUTS ] [ Another man appears with a gun; Red shoots him ] [ GUNSHOT 💥 ]
Man: Ohh!
[ Red TAPS DOOR, then steps aside; a blast comes through the door ] [ GUNSHOT 💥 ]
[ Coogan Hudnutt runs outside; Dembe forces him to the side of the building at gunpoint ] [ GRUNTS ]
Red: Rumors are you’re the man who killed Jerry Jawal. You must have an item I’m looking for.
Coogan: I didn’t kill anyone.
Red: And here I was afraid you might make this easy on yourself.

[ Jerry Jawal’s mother places flowers around his face as his body lies in the family home. Reva sits nearby ] [ Reva goes outside ]
Reva: I can’t believe we did this.
Anna-Gracia Duerte: It’s understandable you feel that way. Just remember he was a terrible man, and what he did to you was unforgivable. It’s gonna be fine. They have no idea.

[ An empty school auditorium ]
Anna-Gracia: You’re late.
Tara Rayburn: I know. I’m sorry. Wait, you- you’re not– Are you her?
Anna-Gracia: You reached out through the network, asked for my help.
Tara: I just didn’t realize that you’d be –
Anna-Gracia: A kid? I’m 17.
Tara: Is it true? Can you help me?
Anna-Gracia: I can. But you need to be very clear about what that means. If I get involved he dies. No second guessing, no second chance. You’re asking me to kill him for you. Is that what you want?
Tara: [ SIGHS ]
Anna-Gracia: Look I know exactly what you’re going through. Believe me. Take this. My number’s in there. If you decide you want my help, call.
Tara: I can pay you.
Anna-Gracia: Mnh-mnh. Nah. I don’t want your money. What I get is a name – someone you know who also needs my services. You pay it forward.

[ DOOR OPENS ] [ Brimley, Red’s colorful interrogation/torture guy appears ]
Brimley: I need to get some pastrami.
Red: What the hell are you gonna do with pastrami?
Brimley: Eat it. What do you think?
Red: Oh, well, I mean, is he–
Brimley: Not your man. On the bright side, he is three inches taller. Who knew skin was so elastic?
Red: [ CHUCKLES ] I’ve missed you, Teddy. It’s good to have you back on the job. May we join you for lunch?
Brimley: Does an opossum have 13 nipples?
Red: I have no idea. I would think it was an even number.
Brimley: I’ll give Dembe the address for lunch. Walk with me.
[ Red dials cellphone ] [ RINGING ]
Red: Elizabeth, I have news.

[ Post Office ]
Liz: According to Reddington, Hudnutt ordered the attack on the stevedore, but he had nothing to do with Jawal’s murder.
Samar: So, we’re back to Reddington’s theory – Garvey got to Jawal before he could give him the ledger.
Cooper: Maybe. But before we settle on any conclusions, I want to investigate every option – rival drug organizations, domestic disputes. Jawal was married. Start with the wife. See what she knows.

Aram: [ On phone ] Okay. Uh, thank you. [ PEN CLICKS ] Okay, so, uh, I’m sure it’s nothing, but the forensic lab just called. They have new information on the ambush.
Liz: I’m coming with you.

[ Forensic Lab (Garage) ]
Female Auto Tech: We’re pulling it apart just to be extra careful. But it didn’t take too long to find out why your vehicle lost power in the attack.
Liz: What is it?
Tech: Oh, I have no idea what it is, but I do know what it does. It wirelessly accesses the power train control module and ECU software to allow for remote command of the vehicle.
Aram: Okay, we need to take this. I need to open this up and see exactly what we’re dealing with.
Tech: I know that look. I had the same expression the first time my dad let me tune up his ’76 Trans Am. Let me get the paperwork.
Liz: How great is this? If we could connect this to Garvey–
Aram: Liz [ CHUCKLES ] Uh, so, um okay, so, there’s this ring, and, uh, I wanted to give it to Samar. But Ressler seems to think that, if I do, she’ll think that I’m proposing. He thinks that, because we’ve dated more than a year, that any woman would think that, but I disagree. And, uh, you’re, you know, any woman. What do you think?
Liz: She’ll think you’ve proposed if she wants to marry you. If she doesn’t, the thought won’t cross her mind.
Aram: Or if she doesn’t? You mean, like, now or like, ever?
Liz: Now, ever. She knows if she wants to marry you, Aram.
Aram: Yeah. But if she doesn’t, which is it?
Liz: I have no idea. But if you give her the ring, you’ll find out.

Dale Rayburn: Do you have any idea what time it is?
Tara Rayburn: I’m sorry.
Dale: You want to tell me where you’ve been?
Tara: Practice ran late, so I must have lost track of time.
Dale: And you didn’t think to call me, let me know that you’re okay? Tara, if you want more independence, you’re gonna have to show me that you’re ready for it understand? Go. Get ready for bed. I’ll be up in a minute.
[ 40ish Dale gets into bed with teenage Tara ]
Dale: You know I don’t like being stern with you. All I want is for us to get along and be happy.
Tara: [ Unhappily ] That’s what I want, too.
Dale: I know, sweetheart.
Tara: [ SIGHS ]
[ Dale kisses her ]

[ Jerry Jawal’s home ]
Samar: FBI. Open the door, please. Agents Ressler and Navabi.
Reva’s mother: Reva, baby, who is it?
Reva: It’s the FBI.
Ressler: Sorry to interrupt. I know this is a tough time for you and your family, but we’re here to investigate what happened to your father.
Reva: My father? Nothing happened to my father. He’s here inside.
Samar: I’m sorry. Is your mother at home? We need to speak with Mrs. Jawal.
Reva: I’m Mrs. Jawal. Uh– Jerry wasn’t my father. He was my husband.

Samar: I’m sorry. How old are you, exactly?
Reva: Sixteen.
Reva’s father Adesh Patel: In our culture, it’s not uncommon for women to marry young. Her mother and I arranged the marriage in Maryland. It was all perfectly legal.
Reva’s mother Puja Patel: Please tell us you know who did this to Jyothish and our family.
Ressler: Ma’am, we’re doing everything we can to try to figure that out, which is also why we’re here to ask your daughter a few questions.
Adesh: Reva’s a minor. You can’t question her without our presence and our permission.
Ressler: It’s our understanding that you were here in the house when Jerry was murdered. Is that right?
Adesh: [ SIGHS ]
Reva, I was downstairs, doing my homework.
Samar: You didn’t see or hear the killer beforehand?
Reva: Jerry came home and said he had a work meeting. He couldn’t stay for dinner, and then, he just went upstairs, and I heard the shots.
Ressler: So the killer was already in the house, uh, when Jerry arrived?
Reva: I don’t know. I guess so.
Samar: How long had you been home?
Reva: Maybe an hour. Uh, more, maybe. I mean, I never went upstairs, so–
Samar: After the shooting, what did you do?
Reva: I screamed. And then, I called 911.
Samar: From which phone?
Reva: My cellphone. You can check it. I’m not lying to you.
Samar: You didn’t hide? You heard shots upstairs, you didn’t think you could be in danger?
Adesh: What are you saying?
Samar: And the shooter – if you stayed here and called 911, you must have seen the shooter leave.
Reva: No. Um – Whoever did this could have fled from a window – I-I really I don’t feel very well, and–
Ressler: Yeah, the police didn’t say there was any forced entry, no broken glass–
[ Reva collapses ]

Cooper: Child brides? That’s what this was all about?
Ressler: We got a warrant for the Jawal house and took a look at her personal computer.
Aram: Her files had been wiped, but using a flashing module, I was able to track some of her online activity, and I found this. [ KEYS CLACKING ] It’s an underground chat room of sorts. I can see 83 members, all girls under 18, all legally married.
Liz: Girls from where?
Aram: Everywhere. Child marriage is happening all over the world.
Samar: And according to this, over 700 million women worldwide were married as minors to adult men.
Aram: And before you say, “It couldn’t happen here,” it does. Half our states have no age limit. More than 200,000 American children were married in the last 15 years. Apparently, all that’s needed is parental consent or judicial approval.
Liz: Look at this thread. It includes Orthodox Jews, Mormons, Muslims, Christians. It’s like a child-bride support group. They’re talking about being forced to have sex, forced to be wives in middle and high school.
Aram: That is not all they talk about. They also talk about her [ KEYS CLACKING ] – a guardian angel, sort of like a mythic white knight that appears to set them free.
Ressler: Set them free – murder their husbands.
Samar: They can’t do it through divorce. As minors, they need adult consent, but the adults in their lives want them to be married.
Aram: Nine of the girls in Reva’s group have husbands who have been killed or died in accidents.
Cooper: Keen, talk to Reddington. See if he knows anything about this. Ressler, Navabi, talk to the girls. Press them for details on this – guardian angel.
Samar: We could, or we could forget we ever heard about her. Is it so wrong, what she’s doing? These are adult men marrying children.
Cooper: It’s murder. That’s all our job description allows us to consider. Go do your jobs.

Aram: Samar – you okay?
Samar: What’s this?
Aram: That is how Garvey stole the witness. Based on the digital signature, I’m pretty sure it was made by the same person who created the next-gen surveillance gear used by the Invisible Hand.
Samar: That makes sense. We know he worked for Garvey.
Aram: No, that part makes sense. What doesn’t is how he got it into the engine bay of a car in our motor pool. The vehicle never left the building. So, either Garvey got in–
Aram: Or he knows someone who can.
Aram: You didn’t answer my question.
Samar: Am I okay? No. I spoke with the hospital. The reason Reva Jawal fainted – she’s pregnant.

Red: It appears we were both wrong. Our killer is neither Garvey nor a white supremacist.
Liz: Whoever it is, I’m sure the girls who hired him won’t tell us. They refer to him or her, as their guardian angel.
Red: You were half right about Jerry Jawal’s death. The ledger, the contents of the safe – the whole robbery scheme was clearly staged to cover the crime.
Liz: So, in order to find the ledger, we’re gonna need to find the killer who staged it.
Red: The young lady who fainted, was she taken to a hospital?

[ The hospital ]
Adesh: Those agents clearly thought you were hiding something, Reva – and I have to say, so did I.
Puja: It’s ridiculous. Reva, tell him.
Red: Yes, please. And if you won’t tell him, do tell me.
Adesh: Excuse me. This is a private room. Who are you?
Red: A friend – or a foe. I’m fine with either one. Let’s just say, an interested party. My name is Raymond. The woman who killed your husband – am I right in assuming it was a woman, Reva?
[ Reva nods ] [ BEEPING CONTINUES ]
Red: I understand why you’ve been protecting her. She saved you. Freed you from the unimaginable nightmare of a forced marriage with a man three times your age. I need her name, Reva.
Reva: No.
Red: Your husband was a drug dealer. [ Adesh and Puja are shocked ] He worked with a particularly vicious organization, helping to smuggle their drugs at the port. And now you killed their man – a critical asset. What do you think they’ll do when they realize it was you this gang of killers notorious for showing no mercy to their enemies?
Reva: [ Also shocked ] I’m so sorry.
Red: I don’t want to hurt her, Reva. But she has something I need. It means nothing to her and everything to me. Who is she?
Reva: I don’t know. She never said, and we couldn’t ask. All I know is that you pay her back by finding another girl who also needs her help.
Red: You referred her to another client.

Dale: Hey. I’m starving. When’s breakfast?
Tara: I’m going to be late for school.
Dale: You know I love a hot breakfast. I could write you a note.
Anna-Gracia: You’ve decided?
Tara: I can’t do this anymore. Kill him.
Anna-Gracia: Stick to your regular routine. I’ll be in touch when it’s done.

Aram: Hey. [ KNOCKS ON WALL ] All right, so, this is the composite sketch of the man I saw take our witness.
Liz: Were you able to identify him?
Aram: No. But, um, I was talking to Samar, and [ KEYS CLACKING ] –
Liz: Did you give her the ring?
Aram: And risk finding out that she doesn’t want to be with me? Um, no.
Liz: I’m sure she wants to be with you. You’re a catch.
Aram: Uh, yeah, that really hasn’t been my experience. I’m, uh, sort of more a more of a catch and release. Okay. All right. Point being, “A,” she would crush me, and, “B,” I realized that someone put the remote access device on the transport vehicle while it was in the motor pool.
Liz: I assume you checked the log books, surveillance feeds.
Aram: I did, and I found nothing inside the building. Maybe they looped the feed or found a way to avoid the camera. I don’t know, and I don’t care, because outside the building, I found this guy – here it is – walking towards the post office. And he and this guy are the same person. I got nothing off the sketch, but at least we now have his photo. Crazy, right? Eyes like a wolf [ One eye blue, the other brown ]. I’m running it through NCIC to find his connection to Garvey.

Liz flashes back:
Stav (Blue Eye/Brown Eye): [ To Liz: ] Good morning.

Liz: You- You won’t find one.
Aram: Why not?
Liz: B-Because he has no connection to Garvey.
Aram: How do you know that?
Liz: Because he works for Reddington.

Cooper: Reddington called. He has the name of our Blacklister’s next client – Tara Rayburn, 16 years old. Woodbridge address, but at this hour, she’s probably in school – Mandell High.
Ressler: After-school activities apparently include cheerleading and conspiring to commit first-degree murder.
Cooper: Her husband’s name is Dale Rayburn, owns a used car dealership here in D.C. If Tara’s already connected to the killer, he could be in serious danger.
Samar: What a shame that would be.
Cooper: Navabi, get to the girl. Ressler, secure the husband.

[ Liz confronts Red ]
Liz: [ Angrily ] Tell me it wasn’t you! Tell me that, after we finally found a witness to corroborate my I.D. on Garvey, you didn’t take him!
Red: Elizabeth, hold on.
Liz: No. I will not let you avoid a direct question to try and confuse me or leave me in the dark.
Red: Well, now I’m confused.
[ Liz grabs Red by the lapels and pushes him against a bookcase ]
Liz: Answer me! Give me a direct answer to my simple question.
Dembe: Elizabeth–
Liz: Not now, Dembe. Answer me – did you or did you not steal Tony Mejia out of FBI custody.
Red: You know that I did.
Liz: Because Garvey has your duffel bag? He owns you. You betrayed me – the entire Task Force – so that he wouldn’t expose the truth?
Red: I betrayed no one, least of all you. I told you I was going to get that duffel bag. If Garvey is in your custody, that will be impossible. If Garvey goes on trial, that will be impossible. So, until I have that bag, I will do what I must to prevent that from happening. But I will get it, and then Garvey is going to die.
Liz: Is Tony Mejia dead? Did you kill him?
Red: You know the answer to that.

[ Mandell High School ]
Principal Cohen: It’s more complicated than you realize. I need to contact our lawyers, Tara’s parents–
Samar: She’s the subject of a murder investigation. I’m not asking your permission, Principal Cohen. This is a criminal matter.
Principal Cohen: There are procedures. Tara, this is Agent Navabi. She–
Samar: I need this room.
Principal Cohen: What? Sorry, no. As I said before, we cannot discuss–
Samar: And as I said before, I am not asking for permission. Tara. Now, step outside, or I will have you arrested for obstruction of justice. Now.

[ Door closes ]
Samar: We know, Tara. We spoke with Reva Jawal. We know she murdered her husband with the help of a woman she heard about online. As payment, she had to refer a new client.
Tara: I don’t know any Reva Jawal.
Samar: It’s not too late. Have you met with her? Is your husband in any imminent danger?
[ Dale’s Rayburn’s car dealership ]
Dale: Kill me? Come on. You can’t seriously believe Tara wants me dead.
Ressler: Oh, it’s far more serious than that, Mr Rayburn. We think she may have actually arranged for somebody to do the job.
[ Anna-Gracia Duerte takes the keys for a ’06 Audi from the board at the dealership and gets inside the car with a backpack ] [ ENGINE STARTS ]
Dale: Ridiculous. Tara is happy. We’re happy.
Samar: Listen to me – however unhappy you are now, it is not worth destroying your life. If anything happens to him, you will go to prison.
Tara: I don’t- I don’t know if I can stop it.
Samar: So there is an active plan. You need to call it off.
Ressler: My partner’s already talking to Tara.
Dale: Good. Then Tara can tell her herself. She wanted to get married. Her parents approved. Our minister blessed it. We have a good life.
Ressler: Somehow, I doubt that.
Dale: [ Phone BEEPS ] Bill, I thought I told you to get the ’06 Audi in to Service.
Bill: Yeah, Boss. Already did.
Dale: Then why am I looking at it outside my window?
Ressler: Get down!
[ The Audi 💥🔥💥 EXPLODES 💥🔥💥~ blasting through the windows of Dale’s office ]

[ Ressler chases Anna-Gracia ]
[ Black Mountain’s ♪ “Evil Ways” plays ]

♪ Witchy child put a spell on me
And there ain’t no way I can be freed
I’ve been imprisoned by your demon lust
Cursed by your black magic touch

Ressler: Stop! FBI!

♪ It ain’t easy, but you’ve got to change your evil ways

[ Anna-Gracia runs, stops to implore a bystander to intervene ]
Anna-Gracia: Help! Please, please! That man he’s trying to kill me.
[ The guy tries to intervene ]
Guy: Hey, buddy. What’s going on?
[ Scuffle ~ GRUNTING ]

♪ Damn, you know I’ve burnt some sinner’s fire
Chased the devil, now I’ve seen the light
Ain’t no escape from these evil ways
I must break free

[ Anna-Gracia escapes ]
Ressler: [ Shows badge ] FBI. She touched your coat. I need it. Come on. Come on. Let’s go.

♪ It ain’t easy, but you’ve got to change your evil ways

Judson: We got a problem.
Ian Garvey: You gonna tell me what it is, or you want me to guess?
Judson: Keen. She’s searching for Tony Mejia. For some reason, she must think he’s still alive. She reached out quietly to a few law enforcement-agencies, asking for help locating him.
Garvey: That’s a problem?
Judson: It’s not?
Garvey: If you ask me, it seems like just the opportunity we need – a perfect way to secure our leverage. I think we should help Agent Keen find what she’s looking for.

Cooper: Wait. Back up. Reddington attacked the convoy? He’s the one who took the witness – Reddington, not Garvey? Why would he do that?
Liz: Because if Tony Mejia ever testified, then Garvey would go to prison, and Reddington wouldn’t get his duffel bag.
Aram: And until he does, it seems that Mr Reddington will do whatever he can to protect Garvey, including steal a material witness right out from under us. We figured Mr Reddington would try to move him, try to get him as far away from Garvey as possible. So, we put a BOLO out to every private airfield on the East Coast.
Cooper: Any luck?
Liz: Maybe, yes. There’s a customs officer who thinks he saw Mejia board a private plane just a few hours before we issued the BOLO.
Cooper: Go both of you. If you get confirmation, we’ll get a manifest, track down where he was going.

Ressler: We got an I.D. on the Blacklister.
Cooper: She’s 17? This young woman’s responsible for killing at least 10 men.
Ressler: I couldn’t believe it myself.
Samar: She’s old enough to research how to build a bomb in a backpack.
Ressler: So, when she ran, she grabbed a guy, touched his leather jacket. Now, I had the lab run it for latent prints.
Cooper: And you got a hit?
Ressler: We did. An immigration record. Anna-Gracia Duerte, born in Brazil 17 years ago. The State Department says that she entered the country at 13 with her husband.
Cooper: Can that be right? 13?
Ressler: She married an American businessman by the name of Robert Corbin. He was working for a publishing company that had offices in Brazil. He was 43. And this – an official copy of their marriage license.
Samar: So, the killer who’s freeing child brides is one herself.
Cooper: The marriage license has an address in White Oak. Get there, now.

[ Samar and Ressler enter an apartment. No one is home. They search the corridors ]
Samar: I’ll take the roof. You take the alley.
[ Anna-Gracia runs across the roof to the ledge with Samar following. She looks below ]
Anna-Gracia: Stay back! Don’t come any closer! I’ll jump!
Samar: Please don’t do that.
Anna-Gracia: I will! Stay back!
Samar: Look I can only imagine what you’ve been through. One minute, you’re a child, the next, you’re married to a man 30 years older than you.
Anna-Gracia: I wasn’t just married to him! [ VOICE BREAKING ] He raped me! He lived near my family’s home. One day, he invited me in to see his apartment, and I reported it. Went to the police. When my parents found out, they were angry at me. For shaming them, for causing a scandal. To make it go away, they told a story. They said we were in love. They went to Robert and made a deal, like I was something to be traded!
Samar: I’m so sorry.
Anna-Gracia: I survived in his hell for almost three years. Until one afternoon when I freed myself. Salvation from a $10 kitchen knife. I knew then what I would do. That I would die, if necessary, trying to save others.
Samar: My parents were murdered when I was 9. My brother and I, we were sent to live with our father’s family. And then, slowly, I began to heal. This was thanks in large part to my cousin Yana. She was 15. She was like a second mother to me. Until one night at dinner, my uncle announced that she was going to be married to a man that none of us had ever met. That night, Yana and I, we sat and we cried. ‘Cause the next day, the man came, and she was gone. I didn’t have the chance to help her. Please give me the chance to help you, Anna-Gracia to tell your story. This isn’t where your story should end.
[ Samar reaches Anna-Gracia, embraces her ]
Samar: Come.

Officer Brad Lamply: It’s a private terminal, so Customs and Border Patrol comes out to meet any foreign arrivals, you know, just to make sure everything checks out.
Liz: [ Shows photo ] And it was this young man you saw. You’re certain of it?
Lampley: Pretty sure. I had just finished clearing a flight from Buenos Aires, and I was driving back to the office right past this hangar here. He was in pretty bad shape.
Aram: What exactly did you see?
Lamply: The hangar door was slightly open. I saw that guy getting out of a car with a second man. Now, the second man was wearing a hat and a long coat. You know, one of those hats that’s got the fancy little–
Liz: A fedora?
Lamply: Yeah.
Liz: Yeah. We have an idea of who that might be.
Lamply: They boarded a Gulfstream G650. The manifest says they were headed for the Antilles.
[ Lamply begins to back up toward the door ]
Aram: Officer- Officer, what are you doing?
[ Lamply CLICKS TONGUE, shrugs ]
Liz: We’ve been set up.
[ Garvey’s men surround them; Judson steps forward ]
Judson: Hello, Agent Keen. We’re gonna need you to come with us.
Liz: You work for Garvey?
Judson: He’s waiting.
[ Liz slugs Judson ] [ GRUNTS ]
Dembe: Elizabeth!
[ Red’s team engages ] [ 💥💥💥 GUNFIGHT 💥💥💥 ]
[ Liz, Aram, Dembe and Red’s Team prevail and climb into a large SUV ] [ TIRES SCREECH ]

FBI Director (Gerald): You understand what you’re asking? She’s guilty of multiple counts of murder.
Samar: The first was her husband, a crime she committed when she was 16.
FBI Director: Her age doesn’t legally justify what she did.
Samar: I’m not excusing it, Gerald. I’m explaining it. A 13-year-old rape victim, forced by her parents to marry a man over three times her age – a girl who couldn’t drive a car or consent to legally have sex with a man over 18. Her parents consented for her to a live of repeated sexual assault.
FBI Director: The marriage was legal. And in most states, if you marry the man who allegedly raped you, he can’t be prosecuted.
Cooper: Imagine that girl’s state of mind, Gerald. She could argue duress, insanity.
FBI Director: Maybe for killing her own husband, but then, she kept killing.
Cooper: To save others. In her mind, she was protecting other girls victims, like she was.
Samar: Her lawyers will make her the poster child for stopping forced marriage for minors – a martyr to the cause of ending the most widespread sanctioned abuse of women in the world today. And you will be the man fighting her. She’s just a kid. She’s learned everything there is to know about pain and betrayal. Let’s teach her something about mercy.

[ Red’s new digs at the South Sudanese Embassy; Liz arrives ]
Liz: Why didn’t you pull me off of him before? I know you could have.
Dembe: I found it mildly therapeutic.
Red: I owe you an apology.
Liz: You were watching me in Boston.
Red: I suggested you take refuge here. You chose not to. So, yes, I was watching you in Boston.
Liz: I don’t accept your apology for taking our witness.
Red: I’m not apologizing for that. I’m apologizing for telling Garvey that I would kill him if he ever came after you.
Liz: And why would you apologize for that?
Red: Think like a criminal, Lizzie.
Liz: [ BREATHES SHARPLY ] Because by threatening him, you told him how important I am to you.
Red: Yes.
Liz: By telling him not to come after me, you guaranteed he would.
Red: I don’t expect you to accept my apology – not until this ends. And when it does – maybe.
Liz: I don’t know if this is your fault or not. But I do know I’m only here because of you. So thank you.
Red: I understand you have the young girl who killed Jerry Jawal in custody. I need you to ask her a question for me – for us.

Anna-Gracia: I’m tired.
Samar: We’re almost done here. Anna, the U.S. Attorney has made a decision. He has the right to charge you as an adult for your crimes. Instead, he has agreed to charge you as a juvenile offender.
Anna-Gracia: I’m not sure what that means.
Samar: It means that you’ll have to plead guilty to everything, agree to counseling and the need for rehabilitation. But it also means that you will not be going to an adult prison. If you do the time and stay out of trouble, you could be out by the time you’re 21.
Anna-Gracia: [ VOICE BREAKING ] 21? How? W-Why would they do this for me?
Samar: Because for the first time in a long time, someone is going to treat you like what you are – a child.
Anna-Gracia: Thank you.
[ BadBadNotGood’s ♪ “Time Moves Slow” (feat. Sam Herring) plays ]
Liz: Anna, there is something you could help us with. Reva Jawal’s husband had a safe. Before you left that night, you emptied it out. Do you remember?
Anna-Gracia: Yes.
Liz: There was a book – a black bank ledger. We searched your apartment, but we couldn’t find it.
Anna-Gracia: Oh. I threw it away.
Liz: Do you remember where? Think. It’s very important.

♪ I found you at the window again
Looking out, watching the leaves falling in

[ Red, Liz and Dembe poke through garbage at a dump ]
Liz: Isn’t this delightful?
Red: Ha! Some kind of back scratcher, I think. [ GRUNTS ]

♪ And it was something like a dream

Dembe: Here’s a bag of noodles.

♪ Wow, so perfect, couldn’t talk to me

Liz: Remind me again why a list of drug routes is more valuable to us than the key witness you stole out of FBI custody.
Red: Your witness presented a legal threat. Unfortunately, Mr. Garvey isn’t afraid of legal threats.
Liz: Or of you or the police or the cartels.
Red: No. But he is afraid of losing his power, which is exactly what I intend to take from him when we find this damn ledger.
Liz: [ GRUNTS ]

[ At Aram and Samar’s place ]

♪ And the time moves slow

Aram: Wow. Palm Thai. What is what is the occasion?
Samar: No occasion. I just had a tough day. I thought I could wash it down with a little Pad See Ew. Do you not want Thai? Because I think we have other stuff.
Aram: No, no, no. Thai is good. Thai is- No, That’s great. It’s, uh, just that, uh it’s, uh, it’s so dumb, really. Uh. [ CHUCKLES ] Uh, you know how my grandmother’s she’s getting rid of a lot of stuff. Well, she just thought that, um –
Samar: What?
Aram: It’s, uh It’s, um It’s, uh It’s nothing, really.

♪ You just didn’t love me like I do

Samar: Wow.

♪ Like I love you

Samar: It’s beautiful.

♪ The sad thing is we’re better off this way

Aram: She’ll be so happy to hear that. It’s really more from her than it is from me.
Samar: Stop it. I know it was your idea. I love it. [ Kisses him ] Thank you.

♪ And the time moves slow when you’re all alone

Samar: So, should we eat?
Aram: Eat.
Samar: Yes, you know – food. I’m starving.

♪ Time moves slow

Samar: Are you sure you want Thai? Because I can order something else.
Aram: No, no, really, I’m good. Everything I want is right here.

♪ To run away is easy

[ Red’s place ]
Red: [ Sips Scotch ] Ah.

♪ It’s the leaving that’s hard
Running away is easy
Running away is easy


♪ It’s the living that’s hard


♪ And loving you was easy

Garvey: [ On phone ] Yeah.
Red: You tried. You failed.
Garvey: Well, you know what they say. If at first you don’t succeed –
Red: You’ve had your turn. Now it’s mine.
Garvey: Well, don’t get too eager. I’ve still got what you’re looking for.
Red: Mm-hmm. But now I’m not the only one who’s missing something of value.
Garvey: What are you talking about?
Red: I’ll be in touch.

♪ When you’re so alone
Time moves slow

[ The black ledger lies on the table ] [ Red sips his Scotch ] [ SIGHS LIGHTLY ]

♪ Time moves slow

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༺✦ ♤ ✦༻


Episode Songs


♫ At Seventeen
By Janis Ian

♪ I learned the truth at seventeen
That love was meant for beauty queens
And high school girls with clear skinned smiles
Who married young and then retired
The valentines I never knew
The Friday night charades of youth
Were spent on one more beautiful
At seventeen I learned the truth
♪ And those of us with ravaged faces
Lacking in the social graces
Desperately remained at home
Inventing lovers on the phone
Who called to say come dance with me
And murmured vague obscenities
It isn’t all it seems
At seventeen
♪ A brown eyed girl in hand me downs
Whose name I never could pronounce
Said, “Pity please the ones who serve,
They only get what they deserve”
The rich relationed hometown queen
Marries into what she needs
With a guarantee of company
And haven for the elderly
♪ Remember those who win the game
Lose the love they sought to gain
In debentures of quality
And dubious integrity
Their small town eyes will gape at you
In dull surprise when payment due
Exceeds accounts received
At seventeen
♪ To those of us who know the pain
Of valentines that never came
And those whose names were never called
When choosing sides for basketball
It was long ago and far away
The world was younger than today
And dreams were all they gave for free
To ugly duckling girls like me
♪ We all play the game and when we dare
To cheat ourselves at solitaire
Inventing lovers on the phone
Repenting other lives unknown
That call and say, come dance with me
And murmur vague obscenities
At ugly girls like me
At seventeen
Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2EmhNtt
YouTube: https://youtu.be/TAMdL9T47Y0


♫ Evil Ways
By Black Mountain

Witchy child put a spell on me
and there ain’t no way I can be freed
I’ve been imprisoned by your demon lust
Cursed by your black magic touch

It ain’t easy but you’ve got to change your evil ways

Damn, you know I’ve burnt some sinner’s fire
Chased the devil now I’ve seen the light
Ain’t no escape from these evil ways
Sweet Lucifer, I must break free


Bless me lord from what I’ve done
Problem child ain’t no devil’s son
But the hounds of hell keep chasing me
Free the witch and let me be


Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2qagj12
YouTube: https://youtu.be/L9H2DWiGiUs


♫ Time Moves Slow (feat. Sam Herring)
By BadBadNotGood

♪ I found you at the window again
Looking out, watching the leaves falling in
And it was something like a dream
Wow so perfect, couldn’t talk to me
♪ Time moves slow
When you’re all alone
And the time moves slow
When you’re out on your own
And the time moves slow
When you’re missing a friend
And the time moves slow
When you came to the end
♪ Running away is easy
It’s the leaving that’s hard
Running away is easy
Running away is easy
It’s the living that’s hard
And loving you was easy
It was you leaving that scarred
♪ But what was I to do?
Just couldn’t help myself falling in love with you
And what could I say?
Oh, if I had another chance
To make you stay
Cause when you ran away
I knew just what you were thinking that day
You just didn’t love me like I do
Like I love you
The sad thing is we’re better off this way
♪ Time moves slow
When you can’t have a thing
Time moves slow
When you’re lost in the dream
Time moves slow
When you wait by the phone
And the time moves slow
When you’re all alone
♪ To run away is easy
It’s the leaving that’s hard
Running away is easy
Running away is easy
It’s the living that’s hard
And loving you was easy
It was you leaving that scarred
♪ Cause when you’re so alone
Time moves slow
When you’re so alone
Time moves slow
When you’re so alone
Time moves slow
Time moves slow
Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2qeaOyH
YouTube: https://youtu.be/UWIIPX_5rbM

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🔴 Script: 5:18 Zarak Mosadek (№ 23)

Program air date: 4/11/2018 in the US
Full Script Permalink: http://wp.me/pDKwi-7Q2
Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/2Hceg6o

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Terrence O’Hara
Written by: Sean Hennen



⭕ Script 5:18 Zarak Mosadek (№ 23)

Brief: Ian Garvey still has the duffel bag Red is looking for which contains a skeleton whose identity Red wants to hide from Liz and the world. But now Red has a ledger containing information on the original source of the opium smuggled into the US by the Nash Syndicate which Garvey protects and which is the source of his power. Red plans to use it as leverage to get back the skeleton. Meanwhile Garvey has learned that Liz is important to Red in addition to being a witness to his murder of Tom. Garvey has claimed to Red that he himself wants to know the “whole truth” regarding the skeleton whose identity he learned when Tom and Nick Korpal looked it up on a classified database using Liz’s credentials (unbeknownst to her). Garvey taunted Red asking him if he wasn’t curious about why he (Garvey) would be interested. Red said he wanted to learn the “whole truth” on his own, not through Garvey. Liz and the Task Force know Red is looking for the duffel bag, but not what is in it or why he wants to keep it secret. Red has flown Tony Mejia, a material witness to another murder committed by Garvey (that of Detective Norman Singleton, who was investigating Tom’s murder) out of the country to keep Tony from testifying until he gets the duffel back – and to keep him away from Garvey, who would kill him. Red has told Garvey that once he gets the skeleton back, he will kill Garvey. Liz wants Red to get his duffel back if only to get him to return Tony Mejia who will corroborate her own testimony that Garvey is a dirty cop and a murderer.

[ Grems’ ♪ “On vit dans un sitcom (‘We live in a sitcom’)” plays ]
[ Mateen Mosadek walks along a Parisian street, listening to French hip hop music. A young woman, Helai, walks several steps behind him ]

♪ Mec, T’es entrain de vomir
Le swagg à Wallace et Gromit
Tu veux voir comment on fait les gros titres ?
Je suis noir, métissé avec des gothiques
Désolé, J’suis pas baptisé à l’eau de vie
Le seul O.V.N.I du game c’est moi et homies
Générosité : ça fait des gros fils de putes qui veulent te refiler les hémorroïdes
J’te montre ma bite ? T’es trop érotique !
Concert pour les minettes parce que t’es un gros pédophile
SHHEH ! T’as des gros seins à causes des stéroïdes !
Quand je fais des punchlines, c’est des astéroïdes
On va te rouler dessus avec ton Cherokee
Tu nous casse les couilles comme l’affaire Henri

[ Helai catches up to Mateen, takes out a map ]
Helai: Excuse me. I’m sorry, but I’m lost.
Mateen: It’s okay. Where do you want to go?
Helai: Boulevard Saint Germain, number 401.
Mateen: You’re not far away. Boulevard Saint Germain is right–
[ A van pulls up. Two men drag Mateen inside. Helai gets in the front seat and the van takes off ]

♪ Sitcom ! Le mauvais goût !
On vit dans un Sitcom ! Sitcom !

[ The men tie Mateen up and blindfold him ]
[ Mateen is now bound to a chair still blindfolded. He struggles against the bindings ]
Mateen: Help! Please, someone help me! Hello? Hello? Is anyone there?

[ Kabul, Afghanistan ] [ A small boy walks up to a man and whispers. The man conveys the message to Zarak Mosadek ]
Man: [ In Pashto ] They have the boy.

[ The office of the Director of Police Internal Affairs ]
Liz: I’m sorry. Say that again.
Police Internal Affairs Director: I understand you disagree with our conclusions.
Liz: We gave you leads. An evidence trail my daughter could follow.
IA Director: And we followed them. And others.
Cooper: Then why aren’t you acting on them?
IA Director: For the same reason you didn’t – the allegations against Ian Garvey are mostly circumstantial.
Liz: Do you believe he’s a criminal?
IA Director: What I believe doesn’t matter.
Liz: Because either you belive he is, or you believe I’m a liar. I’m just curious which it is.
IA Director: I have no reason not to believe you, Agent Keen, but seeing Ian Garvey stab your husband is not the same thing as proving he did, and based on the evidence, I can’t do that.
Cooper: You said there were other leads.
IA Director: Yes. You aren’t the first to file a complaint against Garvey with Internal Affairs.
Cooper: I’d like to see those complaints. Do our own investigation into them.
IA Director: I assure you, our investigation was thorough and complete.
Cooper: Second pair of eyes never hurt.
IA Director: [ CHUCKLES ] You know how IA works. Our sources are confidential.
Cooper: And I’m asking you to make an exception as a professional courtesy.
IA Director: And I’m afraid I can’t do that. Once our investigation is complete, our files are confidential. I am sorry.

[ POLICE RADIO CHATTER ] [ A shipping site ]
[ Ian Garvey sits in the front seat of a car. Li Zhao gets in. They use a cellphone-based translation program to communicate between Mandarin and English resulting in awkward delays before the digitized voice translations come back ]
Li Zhao: Mosadek is unhappy.
Ian Garvey: The seizure was planned. We’re throwing the DEA a bone.
Li Zhao: The seizure, losing our contact at the port – your obsession with Reddington is becoming a distraction we cannot afford.
Garvey: It’s under control.
Li Zhao: I don’t like irony.
Garvey: Then I wouldn’t look in the mirror.
Li Zhao: You have been warned.

[ Liz joins Red in a theatre where he is alone watching the 1946 film noir Gilda ]
[ Rita Hayworth’s ♪ “Put the Blame on Mame” (Wikipedia) plays ]

♪ When they had the earthquake in San Francisco
Back in nineteen-six
They said that ol’ Mother Nature
Was up to her old tricks

Liz: I’m not in the mood for a matinee.

♪ That’s the story that went around

Red: I have a lead on Garvey.
Liz: I had a lead on Garvey. You made him disappear.
Red: They put Rita Hayworth’s picture on the side of an atom bomb.

♪ Put the blame on Mame

Red: Talk about a femme fatale.
Liz: How does it feel being a walking anachronism?
Red: Righteous.

♪ That brought on the Frisco quake
So you can put the blame on Mame, boys

Liz: The port manager’s ledger?
Red: The port manager who was the go-between for the Nash Syndicate and their supplier in Afghanistan. Zarak Mosadek. You’ll see his name several times in there. He runs an international opium operation in the Helmand Province.
Liz: He’s your lead?
Red: You didn’t have a lead, Elizabeth. You had an unreliable witness. A witness who says he saw what he saw–
Liz: Garvey murdering another cop–
Red: From across an alley through a window. No jury would convict based on his testimony.
Liz: You make it sound like you did me a favor.
Red: I told you Garvey isn’t afraid of legal threats. He’s afraid of losing power. The ledger tells us how to take it from him.
Liz: Through this Mosadek.
Red: Garvey is a drug lord masquerading as a cop. If we get leverage over his supplier, we get leverage over him. Once we have that, you’ll have your revenge.
Liz: After you get the duffel bag.

♪ Put the blame on Mame

Red: Must be nice.
Liz: What?
Red: Not having anything precious you want to keep to yourself.
Liz: Tell me about Mosadek.

[ The Post Office ]
Liz: Zarak Mosadek is Afghanistan’s Deputy Interior Minister for Counter-Narcotics. He’s also the country’s biggest drug dealer.
Ressler: According to Reddington. Did the DEA confirm?
Liz: Yeah. According to the latest White Paper, Mosadek stalls investigations and generally ensures that nobody he’s associated with will get arrested for drug crimes.
Samar: Why did Reddington put an Afghan drug lord on the Blacklist?
Liz: The Nash Syndicate answers to Mosadek, which means Garvey does, too. We get to Mosadek, we get to Garvey. Reddington knows Mosadek is untouchable in Afghanistan. He also knows he’s headed to Paris. He doesn’t know the why, just the where and the when.
[ Helai watches a video in which Mateen sits still bound to the chair. A page of paper has been fastened to his shirt. It says “10 million in Diamonds.” A man next to her watches the same video in a cellphone: ]
Mateen: [ In Pashto ] Please, I didn’t do anything. Please.
Cooper: Over 40,000 Americans died from opioid overdoses last year. As far as I’m concerned, he’s an accessory to murder. Keen, upload the team on the where and when. Let’s take down two birds with this stone – an insidious drug pusher and Tom’s killer.

Ressler: Shows what I know. I thought for sure Navabi was gonna think that you giving her that ring was gonna be a proposal.
Aram: Well, that’s because you assume that she wanted to marry me, and it wasn’t just a pit stop. A weigh station. A layover on her way to her final destination.
[ Liz walks up ]
Liz: Am I interrupting?
[ Simultaneously: ]
Ressler: No.
Aram: Yes.
Liz: Aram? Whenever you have a sec.
[ Liz walks off ]

[ Red’s plane is on a runway ]
Dembe: I haven’t heard back from Kasim.
Red: Do you trust him?
Dembe: With my life.
Red: Then I would trust him with mine.
[ Samar and Ressler enter ]
Samar: So, what’s the in-flight movie today?
Red: Where’s Elizabeth?

Aram: I’m confused. You want the file Internal Affairs has on Garvey, the one they said you couldn’t have?
Liz: If they said I could have it, I wouldn’t need your help.
Aram: To steal their file, which has worthless information.
Liz: Information they say is worthless.
Aram: Wait. Aren’t you supposed to be on your way to Paris? I mean, didn’t Mr. Reddington give us a case that’s going to get us to Garvey?
Liz: I’m sure it will get him to Garvey, but I plan on getting to him first. And to do that, I need your help.

[ Pink Lemonade’s ♪ “Sympathique” plays ]

♪ Je ne veux pas travailler
Je ne veux pas déjeuner

[ Samar and Ressler call Red from the hotel in Paris where they’re staying. Red and Dembe are in a flat. Red has a glass of red wine in his hand ]
[ CELLPHONE RINGING ] [ Red answers ]
Red: Bonjour.
Samar: [ On phone ] Reddington.
Red: Agent Navabi, quel plaisir.
Samar: Perhaps I misunderstood you. When you dropped us back at your hotel, you said you’d be back in a hour. It’s been three.
Red: Dembe and I were detoured. We’re in the Latin Quarter at the moment, having a quick visit with an old friend.
[ A man lies unconscious on a couch. Dembe is looking in the refrigerator for goodies ]
Dembe: Raymond, I found some Reblochon.
Red: [ To Dembe: ] Mmm! Ah, the Reblochon. See if he has some quince paste or a handful of walnuts around here somewhere.
Ressler: I hate to interrupt your little, um, Parisian vacation, but if we’re gonna intercept the most notorious drug supplier in the Middle East, we’re gonna need to hear your plan.
Red: Uh, yes. About that–
Samar: What about that?
Red:[ STAMMERING ] A small wrinkle. Nothing to fret.
Ressler: What’s going on?
[ Dembe finds walnuts in a cabinet ]
Dembe: Walnuts.
Red: Uh, truth be told, I anticipated a dear friend and contractor by the name of Bunyan Dufour would be handling Mosadek’s security in country. He’s a trusted operative who’s worked with Mosadek in the past.
Ressler: And let me guess – your friend didn’t get the job.
Red: Overbid the contract. Worse yet, it appears Victor Manzon is now running point on Mosadek’s security.
[ Dembe prepare a cheese tray ]
Red: Unfortunately, Victor and I have something of a sordid past – [ CHUCKLING ] I’ll spare you the details, but the long and the short of it is that if Victor were inclined to hand over Mosadek’s security detail to anyone, it wouldn’t be me.
Samar: Wonderful. So how do you suggest we find him?
Red: [ CHUCKLES ] Oh, I wouldn’t suggest we do anything.
Ressler: Look, if you think we’re gonna sit around a-and wait while you drink away the day, pal- [ Red hangs up; CELLPHONE BEEPS ] Heaven’s sake.
Man on couch: [ GRUNTS ]
[ The Man sits up; it’s Victor Manzon. He has a bruise on his forehead ]
Red: Welcome back. How’s the noggin? You went down like a bag of rocks.
Victor Manzon: Reddington, you lowlife son-of-a-whore– I swear–
Red: Save it, Victor. I’ve had too much to drink to care what you’re saying in any language. The only thing you and I are going to discuss is Zarak Mosadek and whatever rock you and your security firm are hiding him under. So, let’s get down to brass tacks before you and I and your noggin have another go with the bottle.

Aram: Okay, that is a terrible idea.
Liz: Can you track his car?
Aram: Yes, it’s a government vehicle. They’re geo-tagged, but–
Liz: And can you control the traffic light?
Aram: Yes, but he could miss the signal. He could be texting and driving.
Liz: He won’t be.
Aram: How can you be so sure?
Liz: Because he is a stickler for the rules. Otherwise, he would have given us the file.

Flash forward:
[ Aram is riding his bicycle ] [ BICYCLE BELL DINGS ]
Aram: Oh! [ TIRES SCREECH ] [ A car hits Aram, knocking him to the ground ] [ THUMPS ]
Internal Affairs Director: Geez.
[ The Internal Affairs Director gets out ]
Internal Affairs Director: Oh, oh, my God.
[ Liz runs over to the car as the IA Director checks Aram ]
Aram: [ GROANING ]
IA Director: Oh, my God. Are you all right?
Aram: I-I’m not sure.

Aram: Assuming I’m not dead and he has his laptop in his car and he’s uploaded the file we’re looking for onto it – which, by the way, seemed like way too many “ands” to risk one’s life over – If he does all these things. And I am not dead.
Liz: Which you won’t be.
Aram: Because you’re so sure this man is a rule follower. This man you’ve met – I don’t know – all of one time–
Liz: Okay, if it’s any consolation, if he doesn’t have the file, and he is texting and driving, and you do die, I will be very sorry. Now, how long will it take to copy this file?
Aram: Less than a minute.

Flash forward:
IA Director: Easy, easy.
Aram: [ GROANING LOUDLY ] Ohh, ohh, ohh.
IA Director: Just relax, okay?

Aram: I programmed the flash drive to bypass any password requirements, run a search, and download any results that ping for Ian Garvey.

Flash forward:
[ Liz begins to download the file ]
IA Director: I-I-I-I got a a first-aid kit in the car.
Aram: [ Stalling ] No, no, no, no, no, no. Just, uh, can you, um – pray with me?
IA Director: Pray?
Aram: Mm-hmm.
IA Director: Okay.
Aram: Ah.
IA Director: Easy, easy.
Aram: [ Stalling ] Okay. Pray to, um, I don’t know, to, uh – to give thanks that I’m fine and that, um, you weren’t texting.
IA Director: No, I-I never text and drive.
Aram: Who knew?
[ Aram sees Liz run off ]
Aram: Oh. Yeah. Okay. I feel better.

[ Red and Dembe arrive at the hotel ]
Ressler: Glad you could make it.
Red: Thank you, Donald. Ever the gentleman.
Samar: Do you have a location on Mosadek?
Red: I do. Zarak Mosadek and his entourage are currently staying in an eighth-floor penthouse on Avenue Kleber in the 16th arrondissement. Now, in addition to the two guards who are with him at all times, there will also be two men assigned to the room and a scout watching from an apartment across the street and two armed guards in the lobby of the building.
Ressler: Well, is that it?
Red: No. He has three vehicles parked on the street below and assets in the French police, and, oh, we mustn’t forget the usual building security and CCTV feeds.
Ressler: No way. I mean, this- this would take weeks to plan out correctly.
Samar: We won’t be able to get inside the building, let alone get Mosadek out.
Red: Oh, come on. Where’s your sense of adventure? Your esprit de corps?
Ressler: So, you’re telling me that you got a way that you can get this lowlife out of his bunker without getting us all killed?
Red: The elevator.
Ressler: [ Sarcastically ] Oh, the elevator?
Red: Oh, my God! You had the same idea!
Samar: Please continue. We’re listening.
[ Greenwood Rhythm Coalition’s ♪ “Rise Up” (Instrumental) plays ]
Red: Well, the first obstacle is access to the building. Fortunately, Dembe has a Sudanese contact who helps to find work for young immigrants in the city. Dembe’s contact will arrange for coded security badges, which gets us into the building, which brings us to Jean-Philippe.
Samar: And Jean-Philippe is?
Red: A delightful little firecracker with whom I’ve become acquainted. He’s a proud Parisian, which can be frustrating at times. He understands English perfectly, but refuses to speak a lick. Perhaps you can brush up on your French, Agent Navabi. At any rate, Jean-Philippe will work ahead of us and run an intercept to the building’s security feeds, making it possible for us to throw them into darkness and steal their feeds at the flip of a switch. While that’s in the works, I need you to handle the exit strategy.
Ressler: Meaning?
Red: Mm. Vehicles. Ones that have been reconfigured to blend into the city. The Police Prefecture need to know nothing of this adventure. Rather, I thought Agent Navabi might have a contact in Mossad who could assist with such a request. I’m sure she’s owed a favor or two.

Flash forward:
[ Ressler and Samar look on as workers prepare vehicles for the covert action ]
Ressler: Promise not to shoot the messenger?
Samar: Depends on the message.
Ressler: Aram seemed a little down that you didn’t think that ring came with a proposal.
Samar: That’d I think it, even though he didn’t say it? Who put that idiotic idea in his head?

Ressler: So while you have us running around in circles, what are you gonna do? I’ll be at a lovely little café on Rue de Turenne, enjoying what I believe to be the best cup of hot chocolate in all of Paris. While there, I’ll meet with Kristos Matthias, a Greek munitions contact who has a tendency to put his thumb on the scale, but on short notice, he’s the only one who can readily supply us with the charges needed to blow the elevator.
Samar: Hold on. Blow the elevator?
Red: Right. Well, while rigging the CCTV network, Jean-Philippe will also set charges–

Flash forward:
[ Jean-Philippe sets charges on the elevator cables ]

Red: –that will detonate at the precise moment that Mosadek and his men are alone in the elevator, out of reach from the rest of their security team, thereby dropping the car down the shaft, then engaging the emergency brakes just as they arrive in the basement, where we’ll be waiting to dispatch the guards, grab Mosadek, and flee while the rest of the security team scrambles.
Samar: We’ll kill him in the fall. It’s too big a risk.
Red: Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.
Ressler: Okay, assuming that all of this works, we still need to get him out of the building, into the safe house, and convince this guy to talk.
Red: [ CHUCKLING ] Yes, but one thing at a time. Isn’t it funny how things work out? Five years later, and here you are with me in Paris, preparing to steal a wanted man off the elevator. It’s almost as if you didn’t try to kill me in Belgrade all those years ago.
Ressler: No, it’s not.
Red: [ LAUGHS ] Well, either way, if we pull this off, you’ll have something to tell the grandkids. With a nick-nack, paddy-whack, give a dog a bone, this old man came rolling home.

[ Liz and Aram go through the Internal Affairs report on Ian Garvey ]
Aram: Internal Affairs audited Garvey’s bank accounts, ran backgrounds on friends and family, had a revolving tail for weeks
Liz: And came up empty.
Aram: We assumed this file would give us a lead. We took this incredible risk to get it. Well, I did, anyway, because we assumed. And when you assume something amazing is going to happen and it doesn’t, it sucks.
Liz: Or that’s what’s amazing about it.
Aram: Well, there’s nothing amazing about sucking. I know.
Liz: What doesn’t happen. What you’re not expecting. What you have no assumptions about.
Aram: Liz, I already looked at the surveillance logs.
Liz: Look again. Where he goes every Friday at 12:30.
Aram: Pete’s Tavern. So? Maybe he likes their hot wings.
Liz: Maybe he’ll be there tomorrow.
Aram: They already had him under surveillance, and all he did was eat lunch.
Liz: At a bar in Baltimore, over 50 miles away from his office. The surveillance team assumed he went for the hot wings, but – does anybody really like hot wings that much? I mean, does anybody know what hot wings really are?
Aram: Yeah. Delicious.

[ Zarak Mosadek opens the drapes in his hotel room and looks out ]
[ From a vehicle Ressler looks up at the hotel room window with binoculars. Samar monitors the movement of the hotel’s elevator on computer displays in a control room ]
Ressler: He’s on the move.
Samar: Copy that. Target en route. Here we go. [ Over comms: ] Jean-Philippe, are you ready?
[ Jean-Philippe sits outside the hotel on a park bench ]
Jean-Philippe: Ready and set, my love. Until you tell me otherwise, I will simply sit and listen and drink in the sound of your velvet voice.
[ Mosadek and his security detail approach the elevator bank ] [ ELEVATOR BEEPS ]
Samar: There’s our call. Elevator is in motion. Ressler, are you set?
Ressler: Affirmative. Dembe’s a go.
Dembe: In place. On your cue.
Samar: Okay, give me cameras.
Jean-Philippe: Ah, that voice. It is like honey in my rum. Your cameras, they have arrived?
[ The elevator displays come up for Samar ]
Samar: Affirmative, I have eyes. Eighth floor. Jean-Philippe, hold your position.
Jean-Philippe: Of course, my love.
[ ELEVATOR BELL DINGS ] [ Elevator doors open on the eighth floor. Mosadek and his security team begin to get in the elevator ]
[ A Security Guard still outside the elevator answers his cell phone ]
Man’s Voice: [ Over phone, in Pashto ] Tamer says we just lost all our security feeds.
Security Guard: [ In Pasto ] Wait!
[ The elevator doors close. The Security Guard on the phone and one other remain outside; the others, with Mosadek, are in the elevator ]
[ Elevator RUMBLING ]
Samar: Jean-Philippe. Go. Now. Blow it.
[ Jean-Philippe flips a switch he holds in his lap ]
[ The 💥🔥💥Explosion💥🔥💥 in the elevator shaft shakes the elevator with Mosadek and his detail inside ] [ The elevator falls several floors then stops ]
Samar: Oh, no.
Dembe: What’s “Oh, no”?
Ressler: Did it work?
Samar: I don’t know. I think one of the cables held. It’s on the third floor.
Dembe: Ressler, a hand, please.
Ressler: On my way.
Jean-Philippe: It was the charges! The Greek gave us bad charges! The charges were not strong enough to sever the cable.

[ Samar gets in the driver’s seat of van ] [ ENGINE STARTS ] [ TIRES SCREECH ]

[ Ressler runs to Dembe on the third floor. Dembe is using a crowbar to pry open the elevator doors ]
[ METAL CREAKS ] [ Elevator doors open ] [ MAN SHOUTS IN PASHTO ]
— Watch out!
[ 💥💥 Gunfight 💥💥]
— Let’s go. Let’s go.
[ THUMPING ] [ Elevator cables strain ] [ METAL CREAKS ]
Ressler: Come on, Dembe.
[ Dembe grabs Mosadek ]
Dembe: Up, up.
Ressler: Dembe, come on. We don’t have time. Jesus Christ. Come on. Come on. Let’s go.
[ Ressler pulls Mosadek out. Dembe crawls out after him ]
[ The elevator plummets ]
[ Dembe and Ressler force Mosadek outside where Samar has driven the vehicle ]
Samar: Hurry. Let’s go.
[ Mosadek’s remaining security guards descend the hotel’s staircase ]
[ Dembe forces Mosadek into the van ]
[ Ressler shoots back at Mosadek’s guys ] [ 💥💥 GUNSHOTS 💥💥 ]
[ Ressler gets in ]
Ressler: Go!

[ Baltimore MD; Liz and Samar are watching Ian Garvey who sits inside Pete’s Tavern ]
Liz: I’m sorry about what happened with Samar. I feel like I gave you bad advice.
Aram: It wasn’t bad. It was terrible. [ CHUCKLES ] But it’s my fault for taking it.
Liz: Can I give you some good advice?
Aram: I doubt it.
Liz: If you want to propose to her, propose to her.
Aram: Why? So she can say no?
Liz: You don’t know that’s what she’ll say.
Aram: You said, if I gave her the engagement ring and she doesn’t think it’s a marriage proposal, then she doesn’t want to marry me.
Liz: I know I said that. I’m an idiot.
Aram: Socially. Professionally, you’re kind of a savant.
[ Ian Garvey gets out of a car. Liz takes photos ] [ CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKING ]
[ He goes into Pete’s Tavern ]
Aram: IA did more than assume Garvey came here for the wings. They vetted all the employees, found nothing.
Liz: Maybe he’s here to meet someone. Out-of-the-way place. No prying eyes.
Aram: That makes sense, but the file says he was always alone.
Liz: Money laundering, extortion – He’s here for a reason. Something IA missed, but we’re gonna find. And we’re not leaving here till we do.

[ Dembe sits Zarak Mosadek down. Red enters and takes off his coat ]
Mosadek: Who are you? Where is he? Why- Why am I here?
Red: You and I share a problem. You’re here to help me solve it.
Mosadek: Where is he? We made an agreement. I did what you asked. I brought the diamonds. [ BREATHING HEAVILY ]
Red: Did you?
Mosadek: All I care about is my son.
[ Red pours diamonds out of an envelope Mosadek gave him – millions of dollars worth ]
Red: I’m afraid there’s been a misunderstanding.
Mosadek: You want more money? Is that it? Tell me. Name your price.
Red: Ian Garvey.
Mosadek: What?
Red: Cutting his supply. Taking away his power. That’s my price.
Mosadek: And if I do this, you’ll let Mateen go?
Red: [ CHUCKLES ] No. Because I didn’t take him.
Mosadek: Then why did you take me?
Red: To convince you to cut ties with Garvey. I was planning on forcing the issue. Now I can give to get. You do what I want, I’ll make sure you get your son back.
Mosadek: Who are you?
Red: Ah, forgive me. I’m Raymond Reddington.
Mosadek: I know you. You and Garvey–
Red: Are having a bit of a dustup, which I imagine has taken a toll on his various business interests, including yours. Our shared problem is Ian Garvey.
Mosadek: I can get Mateen on my own.
Red: Maybe. But we’re going to do it for you. I get Garvey, you get Mateen. Are we agreed? [ LAUGHS ] Of course we are. You won’t leave here alive if we aren’t. So who took your son?

Ressler: He says the Taliban took his kid? If Mosadek’s a player in the opium trade, he does business with the Taliban.
Samar: Then why would they go after him?
Red: Apparently, they believe Mosadek’s an informant for the US Military.
Ressler: Well, I have no doubt that we’d prop up a heroin dealer in exchange for intel on terrorists, but if we’re propping this one up, why aren’t there any Navy SEALs around to help him get his kid back?
Red: Because the relationship is only valuable to the Pentagon if it’s a secret. If your Sea Lions showed up in Paris to save the son, it wouldn’t be.
Samar: What is the son even doing in Paris?
Red: Boarding school.
Samar: So you want to involve us in a war between rival opium traders.
Ressler: I’m gonna need to get in touch with Cooper. Run this one up the flagpole.
Red: Excellent. I’ll be at the Louvre. When you’re done dotting your I’s and crossing your t’s, you can find me gazing in erotic wonder at the beauty and power of the Winged Victory of Samothrace.

[ Cooper’s office ]
Cooper: Thank you for coming on such short notice.
Cynthia Panabaker: Pleasure’s all mine, Harold. It’s always fun finding out what nasty little freak show Reddington’s got you chasing after. [ SIGHS ] Who is it this time?
Cooper: Zarak Mosadek.
Panabaker: Do you want my non-denial now, or should we play footsie first?
Cooper: Mosadek is an informant for the CIA. He’s also a major player in the opium trade. His product is kissed into this country through the port of Baltimore and is the cause of death of thousands of young men and women.
Panabaker: If you’re asking for permission to put a noose around Mosadek’s neck, you have it.
Cooper: You have authorization to cut him loose?
Panabaker: [ SIGHS ] Whether Zarak Mosadek was in the employ of the CIA, I am not going to non-deny deny. What I will not deny is that he is no longer in their employ if he ever was, which I will not confirm. Or deny.
Cooper: The Taliban has taken his son hostage. My people know where the boy’s being held. I assume you’ll want to inform the agency so they can formulate a plan for the boy’s extraction.
Panabaker: And why would they do that?
Cooper: The boy is being held because of his father’s relationship with us.
Panabaker: Perhaps, but it’s the Taliban’s knowledge of that relationship which caused the agency to sever ties with him. If there were ever ties to sever.
Cooper: The agency has authorization to operate overseas. We do not.
Panabaker: They’re not going to get involved, and you can’t. You also can’t involve the local authorities without exposing our relationship to Mosadek.
Cooper: The one that you won’t admit you have? Cynthia, the boy is just a boy.
Panabaker: Sorry, Harold. But my hands are tied, and so are yours.

[ Outside Pete’s Tavern ]
Aram: Okay, so I reran the background checks, and I was right.
[ Liz takes photos of Ian Garvey inside the bar, seated at the window; CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKING ]
Aram: Everyone who works here is clean no criminal record, barely even a speeding ticket.
Liz: And he isn’t here to meet anyone.
Aram: How can you tell?
Liz: Because Garvey hasn’t touched his phone.
Aram: So?
Liz: So, he’s been here 45 minutes. If the person he’s meeting is that late, wouldn’t he have called? Or wouldn’t Garvey have tried him?
Aram: Okay, so if everyone who works here is clean and he’s not here to meet anyone and he’s not sending any kind of signal that we can detect, maybe he does just like the wings.
Liz: He hasn’t ordered any wings. He hasn’t ordered any food. He came all this way, and all he ordered was a beer.
Aram: And now he’s leaving.
Liz: This doesn’t make any sense. He drove over an hour, nursed one beer, talked to no one, and then gets up and leaves? W-Why? Who does that?
[ Garvey exits. He greets a young woman; they hug ]
Liz: Who is she?
Aram: Okay. Okay, that looks like Lillian May Roth. 35, worked here for two years. Before that, she lived in Virginia. Never married, no kids. Nothing.
Liz: Not to him. To Garvey, she’s worth an hour’s drive just to kiss her goodbye.
Aram: Garvey’s married. You think he’s having an affair?
Liz: I don’t know. But I’m definitely gonna find out.

[ Mosadek gets out of a cab in a cemetery and begins walking. Samar is in a vehicle nearby; Ressler is on foot ]
Mosadek: [ BREATHING HEAVILY ] You can hear me?
Samar: Hear you and see you. You’ll be fine. Just do exactly as they instructed.
Mosadek: If these men hurt my son, understand I will kill them.
Ressler: Nobody’s killing anybody. This is an unofficial op. We’re only here because our boss is breaking the rules to do the right thing.
Samar: Do you see the marker?
Ressler: Straight ahead on your right.
[ The marker is a bouquet left on a park bench ] [ Mosadek encounters a Gravedigger ]
Gravedigger: The angel.
Mosadek: Excuse me?
Gravedigger: Go past the crying angel then two rows on your right.
[ There is a statue of a mourning angel ahead ]
[ The Gravedigger rides away on his vehicle ]
[ A young boy comes up to Mosadek ]
Boy: Give me your cell phone and the radio in your ear. If you don’t do as I say, they will kill him.
[ Mosadek complies. The boy gives Mosadek a pamphlet, which Mosadek opens ]
Ressler: Are you seeing this?
Samar: I am. What did he give you? Mosadek, can you hear me? What did he give you?
Ressler: Navabi, that car.
[ The boy gets in the car. Ressler walks toward it ] [ Mosadek sprints in the other direction ]
Ressler: He’s gone.
Samar: What do you mean he’s gone? There’s nowhere to go.
Ressler: There’s no tracks. There’s nothing. He’s gone.
[ The car with the boy drives past Samar. The boy waves at her from inside ]

Red: [ On phone ] What do you mean you lost him?
Samar: I don’t know. One minute he was here, the next he was gone.
[ Ressler finds the pamphlet the boy gave to Mosadek ]
Ressler: Hey, Navabi.
Samar: What is it?
Ressler: “Charpentier.” Must have been what the kid gave him.
Red: Either Mosadek lost your tail and has no intention of being found, or he was taken by the very same people who abducted his son.
Ressler: Over here!
[ Ressler enters a mausoleum ] [ DOOR CREAKS ]
Samar: Where does that lead?
Red: What? What is it?
Samar: It’s a hatch on the floor of a mausoleum.
Red: It was a ruse. They knew you’d be watching and needed a way to get Mosadek out.
Ressler: Out how? Take him where?
Red: The catacombs.

[ Inside the dark catacombs ]
Mosadek: Please. My son is he okay?
Man: Quiet. Keep walking.

Samar: The catacombs run under the city. They could resurface anywhere.
Ressler: I’m going in.
Red: Dembe, Quartier De La Gare.
Samar: Reddington, what are you thinking?
Red: I’m hoping we can intercept them.

Dembe: Raymond, where are we going?
Red: Pinky Schmidt – remember him?
Dembe: The German bank robber?
Red: Tried to convince me to come in on that plan to steal the medieval tapestry from that church here in Paris.
Dembe: You turned him down.
Red: And the tapestry remains. Pinky’s always been a little flaky on the follow-through, but he did have an ingenious plan of how to get it out of the church without anyone knowing.
Dembe: The cemetery.
Red: The same cemetery where Mosadek was abducted – the closest access point to the catacombs. We’re going to that church.

[ The catacombs ]
Helai: These men work on behalf of your rivals in Kandahar. You brought something they want?
[ Mosadek holds out the envelope with the diamonds ]
Mosadek: My son, please.
[ Mateen Mosadek is brought out ]
Mateen: [ In Pashto ] Father.
Mosadek: [ In Pashto ] Mateen, my boy. It’s okay. Everything will be okay.
[ The guards force Mateen to his knees ]
Mosadek: What are you doing? I brought you what you asked for.
Heli: Now we want something else.
Mosadek: I’m here begging you, please! What more could you want?
Helai: We want information.
Mosadek: I don’t have information!
[ The guards put a plastic bag over Mateen’s head ] [ MUFFLED SHOUTING ]
Mosadek: What are you doing?!
Helai: We know you are feeding information to the Americans. We also know that you are only one of six. We want the names of the others.
Mosadek: Please. Let him go!
Helai: I want the names of the traitors or the boy dies.
Mosadek: I don’t know any names. I don’t know any names!
Helai: But you do, and only their lives will save his.
Mosadek: Please! I am begging you!
[ Ressler and Samar intervene ]
[ GUNSHOTS 💥💥 ] [ 💥💥💥 GUNFIRE 💥💥💥 ]
Helai: You, with me, now!
— Please, no!
Ressler: Cover me.
[ Helai and the remaining Taliban guards make off with Mosadek and Mateen ]

[ Organ music plays. Tourists mull. Worshippers pray ] [ INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS ]
[ Red and Dembe enter ]
Red: Excuse me. Excuse me. I am sorry, but we have an emergency. You don’t understand a word I’m saying. Uh, English? Yes, English it is! We have a bit of an emergency some kind of gas leak. Gas leak. Evacuate, please. Uh, and we need everyone to exit through the front. Now. Evacuate now.
Docent: I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Uh, what’s going on?
Red: Ah, gas leak. We need everyone out right away.
Docent: What gas leak?
Red: We’re not sure. We think from the furnace in the basement. The- the thing could blow–
Docent: Wait. We don’t have a basement.
Red: Right. [ Loudly ] Uh, please, everyone, we need to clear the church immediately.
Dembe: Raymond!
Docent: I’m sorry–
[ Helai and her group of Taliban engage ]
[ 💥💥💥 GUNFIRE 💥💥💥 ] [ The tourists and worshippers take cover ] [ INDISTINCT SHOUTING ]
[ In the catacombs, Ressler and Samar hear the gunfire ]
Ressler: Reddington.
[ They run in the direction of the gunfire ]
Helai: Don’t shoot!
[ Red shoots 💥 the man who has Mateen at gunpoint, hitting him in the forehead ]
Man: Aah!
[ Helai has Mosadek at gunpoint ]
Mosadek: [ GASPS ]
Helai: I will kill him. I swear I will.
Red: Whoever you are, you aren’t walking out of here.
Helai: No? Maybe. But if I’m going to die today, I’m taking his boy with me.
[ Helai turns and points her gun at Mateen ]
[ GUNSHOT 💥 ] [ Helai falls; THUDS ] [ Ressler shot her ]
[ Mosadek and Mateen hug ]
Dembe: Raymond, we have to go.
Red: [ Loudly, to those cowering in the church ] I’m truly sorry for all of this. I hope everyone is okay. You’ll be happy to know the issue of the gas leak is completely resolved. I’m sorry for the disruption.
Red: [ To Mosadek ] The stones.
[ Mosadek gives Red the envelope with the diamonds ]
Red: [ To the Docent ] My apologies. I hope this helps to cover the damages.
[ Red gives the Docent the envelope ]
Red: Au revoir.
[ Red, Dembe, Ressler and Samar leave with Mosadek and Mateen ]
[ The Docent opens the envelope. She pours the millions of dollars of diamonds into her hand then looks after Red as he and the others exit ]

[ Pete’s Tavern ]
Lilly: Bill, your cab’s here.
Bill: Oh, did I call one?
Lilly: No, I did. Go sleep it off. You can pick up your car in the morning.
Bill: You are an angel of mercy.
Lilly: [ CHUCKLING ] Yeah, and you’re six sheets to the wind.
Bill: Seven and a half. [ LAUGHS ] Oh, and I’m broke. [ BARSTOOL SCRAPES ]
Lilly: Here. This will cover the cab. You can pay me back when you pick up your car. Come on.
Lilly: Go to sleep. [ Calls after him ] Drink water!
[ Lilly locks the door ]
[ Liz appears ]
Liz: Hello? Hi. I left my purse.
Lilly: Uh, yeah.
Liz: Sorry. I think I left it in the bathroom.
Lilly: Sure. [ DOOR CREAKS, KEYS JINGLE ] I’m always losing everything. You know, my wallet, my keys–
Liz: [ Shows badge ] My name is Elizabeth Keen. I’m a special agent with the FBI. You need to come with me.

[ A café ]
Mosadek: [ SIGHS ] Mr. Reddington, I can’t express how grateful I am for what you’ve done.
Red: You can express your gratitude by making good on our agreement.
Mosadek: Yes. Ian Garvey. Tell me what it is that you want.
Red: [ LAUGHS ] I have a long and unhealthy list of wants, but when it comes to Garvey, I have but one. It has to do with a meeting I need you to arrange. A meeting that concerns your operation.

[ Liz’s apartment ] [ DOOR CREAKS OPEN ]
Liz: The Bureau is investigating Garvey.
[ Liz flicks on the lights and show Lilly the evidence board she has created on her wall, centered on Ian Garvey ]
Lilly: From your apartment.
Liz: I don’t know what your relationship is to him, but clearly you mean a great deal to him, which means you must know a great deal about him.
Lilly: I know that he’s good at his job and respected by his colleagues.
Liz: We’re building a case against him. I brought you here to show you what we know, what we don’t know, and to get your help to fill in the gaps. You can either cooperate or be charged as a conspirator to his crimes.
Lilly: What crimes?
Liz: To begin with, he murdered my husband.

[ Li Zhao gets into Ian Garvey’s car ]
[ Ian Garvey and Li Zhao converse using their phone-based digital translation program ]
Li Zhao: I’ve received word. He wants to meet.
Garvey: Meet? No. I’m not flying to Afghanistan, if that’s what he thinks.
Li Zhao: He’s coming here to you.
[ Garvey stares at her then looks down ]

Cooper: You are to be congratulated.
Ressler: Well, and criticized. I mean, we saved the son, but let the father go.
Cooper: I’ve seen Mosadek’s intel file. He helped the agency kill or capture several high-value targets. Besides, you didn’t let him go. You put him in Reddington’s debt – a place I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. Go home. Get some rest. You’ve earned it.
[ Cynthia Panabaker enters ]
Panabaker: [ SIGHS ] Agents.
[ Ressler and Samar leave ]
Cooper: Cynthia. To what do I owe the pleasure?
Panabaker: Harold, do you recall my rather explicit directions to avoid involvement in the Mosadek affair?
Cooper: Do you want my non-denial denial, or should we play footsie first?
Panabaker: Hm. [ Grins ]
[ Damian Jurado’s ♪ “Sheets” plays ]

Ressler: Listen uh, about Aram thinking that you’d think he’d propose.
Samar: I still can’t believe that’s what he thought it was.
Ressler: Well, he didn’t. I did. And I kind of, uh you know, made him think that you would, too.

♪ Is he still coming around
Like an injured bird needing a nest?

Samar: Ressler is an idiot. And you’re an even bigger idiot for believing him.
Aram: Why? He was right.
Samar: No, he wasn’t. He said I’d think you giving me a ring was a proposal.
Aram: And you would’ve if you had wanted to marry me.
Samar: Did he tell you that, too?
Aram: No. Agent Keen did.
Samar: You have got to stop asking for relationship advice from people who have only had terrible relationships.
Aram: She was right, too. If you’d wanted to marry me, you would’ve assumed it was an engagement ring.
Samar: No, I would’ve assumed it was an engagement ring if you’d asked me to get engaged. Should I assume you didn’t because you don’t?
Aram: Should I assume you don’t because you didn’t?
Samar: Okay, look. I love this ring. I know it was an heirloom, and it means a lot to me that you wanted me to have it.
Aram: I’m glad.
Samar: But by not asking the big question, you have raised a lot of other questions that I think we both need to answer. So, until we do I think you should take it back.
[ She returns the ring ]


♪ I’ll share the trap that you have me in

Liz: So that’s what we know. We can connect Garvey to two murders and to providing protection to a drug cartel, but we can’t prove any of it. Tell me what you know, and maybe we can.
Lilly: What I know about Ian is he’s a good man. He’s looked after me since I was a kid. Been like a father to me.
Liz: I know how difficult this must be for you. Trust me – I know what it’s like to have a father who’s a criminal.
Lilly: Look, Ian isn’t my father. He protected me from my father. Got me into Witness Protection to keep my father away from me.
Liz: Wait I’m – you were in WITSEC?
Lilly: For most of my life, yeah. And now I know why. It’s because the FBI spends more time looking for good people like my surrogate father rather than bad people like my real one.
Liz: Your real father?

♪ You have the nerve to look me in the eyes and lie

Lilly: Perhaps you’ve heard of him. His name’s Raymond Reddington. He’s been on the FBI’s Most Wanted List for 20 years.
Liz: You’re Raymond Reddington’s daughter?

♪ I’ll share the trap that you have me in

Lilly: Why do you look so surprised?
Liz: Because I am, too.

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Episode Songs


♫ On vit dans un sitcom (“We live in a sitcom”)
By Grems

♪ Mec, T’es entrain de vomir
Le swagg à Wallace et Gromit
Tu veux voir comment on fait les gros titres ?
Je suis noir, métissé avec des gothiques
Désolé, J’suis pas baptisé à l’eau de vie
Le seul O.V.N.I du game c’est moi et homies
Générosité : ça fait des gros fils de putes qui veulent te refiler les hémorroïdes
J’te montre ma bite ? T’es trop érotique !
Concert pour les minettes parce que t’es un gros pédophile
SHHEH ! T’as des gros seins à causes des stéroïdes !
Quand je fais des punchlines, c’est des astéroïdes
On va te rouler dessus avec ton Cherokee
Tu nous casse les couilles comme l’affaire Henri
Vazi, filme-toi la queue avec tes optiques et ta religion bouffe-la avec ses hosties

♪ Sitcom ! Le mauvais goût !
Sitcom ! Le mauvais goût !
Sitcom ! C’est le mauvais goût !
On est dans un Sitcom !
Sitcom ! Le mauvais goût !
Sitcom ! Le mauvais goût !
Sitcom ! Le mauvais goût !
On vit dans un Sitcom !

[ Translation by Google Translate: ]

♪ Dude, you’re throwing up
Swagg at Wallace and Gromit
Do you want to see how the headlines are made?
I am black, mixed with Gothic
Sorry, I’m not baptized with brandy
The only O.V.N.I. of the game is me and homies
Generosity: it’s big boys whores who want to give you haemorrhoids
I show my dick? You’re too erotic!
Concert for the kids because you’re a big pedophile
SHHEH! You have big tits because of steroids!
When I do punchlines, it’s asteroids
We’ll roll you on with your Cherokee
You break the balls like the case Henri
Vazi, film your tail with your optics and your religion eat it with its hosts

♪ Sitcom! Bad taste !
Sitcom ! Bad taste !
Sitcom ! It’s bad taste !
We are in a Sitcom !
Sitcom ! Bad taste !
Sitcom ! Bad taste !
Sitcom ! Bad taste !
We live in a Sitcom !

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2qoBA7A
YouTube: https://youtu.be/srFXq1YnrJw


♫ Put the Blame on Mame
By Rita Hayworth
(singing voice of Anita Kert Ellis dubbed in)

♪ When they had the earthquake in San Francisco
Back in nineteen-six
They said that Mother Nature
Was up to her old tricks
That’s the story that went around
But here’s the real low-down
Put the blame on Mame, boys
Put the blame on Mame
One night she started to shim and shake
That brought on the Frisco quake
So you can put the blame on Mame, boys
Put the blame on Mame
♪ They once had a shootin’ up in the Klondike
When they got Dan McGrew
Folks were putting the blame on
The lady known as Lou
That’s the story that went around
But here’s the real low-down
Put the blame on Mame, boys
Put the blame on Mame
Mame did a dance called the hoochy-coo
That’s the thing that slew McGrew
So you can put the blame on Mame, boys
Put the blame on Mame

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2GTQgWB
YouTube: https://youtu.be/YnBmbsDan5s


♫ Sympathique
By Pink Lemonade

♪ Ma chambre a la forme d’une cage
Le soleil passe son bras par la fenêtre
Les chasseurs à ma porte
Comme les p’tits soldats
Qui veulent me prendre

♪ Je ne veux pas travailler
Je ne veux pas déjeuner
Je veux seulement l’oublier
Et puis je fume

♪ Déjà j’ai connu le parfum de l’amour
Un million de roses n’embaumerait pas autant
Maintenant une seule fleur dans mes entourages
Me rend malade

♪ Je ne veux pas travailler
Je ne veux pas déjeuner
Je veux seulement l’oublier
Et puis je fume

♪ Je ne suis pas fière de ça
Vie qui veut me tuer
C’est magnifique être sympathique
Mais je ne le connais jamais

♪ Je ne veux pas travailler
Je ne veux pas déjeuner
Je veux seulement l’oublier
Et puis je fume

♪ Je ne suis pas fière de ça
Vie qui veut me tuer
C’est magnifique être sympathique
Mais je ne le connais jamais

♪ Je ne veux pas travailler
Je ne veux pas déjeuner
Je veux seulement l’oublier
Et puis je fume

[ Translation by Google Translate: ]

♪ My room has the shape of a cage
The sun passes his arm through the window
Hunters on my doorstep
Like the little soldiers
Who want to take me

♪ I do not want to work
I do not want to have breakfast
I only want to forget
And then I smoke

♪ Already I knew the scent of love
One million roses would not be as much
Now only one flower in my surroundings
Makes me sick

♪ I do not want to work
I do not want to have breakfast
I only want to forget
And then I smoke

♪ I’m not proud of that
Life that wants to kill me
It’s wonderful to be nice
but I never know it

♪ I do not want to work
I do not want to have breakfast
I only want to forget
And then I smoke

♪ I’m not proud of that
Life that wants to kill me
It’s wonderful to be nice
but I never know it

♪ I do not want to work
I do not want to have breakfast
I only want to forget
And then I smoke

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2H09Uft
YouTube: https://youtu.be/ANVQScgIeag


♫ Rise Up
By Greenwood Rhythm Coalition

♪ [ Instrumental ]

Lyrics and Credits: [ Instrumental ]
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♫ Sheets
By Damien Jurado

♪ ‘Cause he’s still coming around like an injured bird needing a nest
A place to rest his head in a song you’ll regret
Still you take him, Lord knows I don’t want to compete
Still I sleep in the very sheets he’s been in

♪ Swallow him whole like a pill that makes you choke, it steals your soul
You have the nerve to look me in the eyes and lie
Send him back, I won’t share the trap that you have me in

♪ Is he still coming around like an injured bird needing a nest
A place to rest his head in a song you’ll regret
Still you take him, Lord knows I don’t want to compete
Still I sleep in the very sheets he’s been in

♪ Swallow him whole like a pill that makes you choke, steals your soul
You have the nerve to look me in the eyes and lie
Send him back, I won’t share the trap that you have me in

♪ Still I sleep in the very sheets he’s been in

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🔴 Script: 5:19 Ian Garvey (№ 13) – Conclusion

Program air date: 4/25/2018 in the US
Full Script Permalink: http://wp.me/pDKwi-817
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Director: Cort Hessler
Written by: Carla Kettner, Katie Bockes
Director: Cort Hessler
Written by: Carla Kettner, Katie Bockes



⭕ Script 5:19 Ian Garvey (№ 13) – Conclusion

Brief: Red has succeeded in earning the gratitude of Ian Garvey’s opium supplier, Zarak Mosadek, by rescuing his son from the Taliban, a Paris operation he accomplished with help from the FBI. Cooper approved the operation over the objection of Cynthia Panabaker of the CIA which had recently cut ties to Mosadek as an informant. In gratitude to Red, Mosadek will meet with Ian Garvey in the U.S. to give him the bad news that his opium supply is at risk – the source of Garvey’s power within the Nash Drug Syndicate. Red plans to use his leverage to retrieve from Garvey the duffel bag full of bones whose identity Red wants to keep a secret from Liz and the world. He has also vowed to Garvey that he will kill him once he gets the bones back.

In Red’s absense, Liz has worked with Aram to track Garvey, who killed both Tom and the detective investigating Tom’s murder, Norman Singleton. She and Aram followed Garvey 50 miles to Baltimore where they saw Garvey embrace a woman on the sidewalk in front of a bar, Pete’s Tavern. Aram identified the woman as Lillian May Roth, 35 years old, an employee of the bar. Later, Liz confronted Lillian and compelled her to come to her apartment and demanded information on Garvey. Lillian explained that Garvey was a surrogate father to her and got her into witness protection years ago to protect her from her real father, a career criminal on the FBI’s Most Wanted List – Raymond Reddington! She is Red’s daughter Jennifer by Carla (aka Naomi Hyland). Liz confided to Lillian that she herself is the daughter of Raymond Reddington.

Voice-over: Previously on “The Blacklist”:
Ian Garvey: [ To Tom ] I’ll make this simple. I have the suitcase. And because I have the suitcase, I need to speak with Raymond Reddington.
Liz: I’m going to honor Tom’s dying wish.
Red: Which was?
Liz: For me to know your truth.
Red: You have the bones. You already know the truth.
Ian Garvey: A truth. I want the whole truth.
Garvey: What about Keen? …
Red: If you ever utter her name again in my presence, I’ll cut out your tongue.
Garvey: You have no idea who I am or why I want the truth.
Liz: Tell me again. I need to hear it.
Red: I promise Ian Garvey will not get away from me.
[ Garvey leaves ]
Liz: My name is Elizabeth Keen. I’m a special agent with the FBI. You need to come with me.
Liz: I know what it’s like to have a father who’s a criminal.
Lilly: Look, Ian isn’t my father. He protected me from my father. Perhaps you’ve heard of him. His name’s Raymond Reddington.

[ Ian Garvey’s house in the country ] [ WIND RUSHING ]
[ Inside, photos of Garvey, his wife and a grown son and daughter ]
[ Other Lives’ ♪ “Reconfiguration” plays ]

♪ I won’t fear my rivals
Leave them in the silence
I live in the present
Moment to moment, moment to moment
I don’t fear no future
Come live on in silence
I live in the present
Moment to moment, moment to moment
Moment to moment

[ Garvey affixes a silencer to a handgun and lays in on a bureau ]

[ Zarak Mosadek, opium supplier to the Nash Syndicate headed by Ian Garvey, walks in a park with Red; Dembe follows several steps behind ]
Mosadek: Ian Garvey is– How do you Americans say it? A dead man walking? I cut him off. He no longer represents my interests in your country.
Red: I trust he knows why and what he must do to regain your patronage?
Mosadek: Yes. He was not happy about it.
Red: Unhappiness motivates whimpering. Action is motivated by fear.
Mosadek: Garvey has made a lot of money distributing my product, protecting my supply lines. I am the source of his wealth and power. He fears the loss of our alliance and I am sure is quite motivated to get it back.
Red: Then he’ll bring me what I need, and your debt will be paid.
Mosadek: As the gospels say, “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and unto Reddington the things that are Reddington’s.”
Red: [ CHUCKLES ] As the Russians say, “Trust but verify.” Having saved your son from those who suspect you work with American intelligence, I’m sure you wouldn’t want them to see photos proving that you do. [ Red shows him a folder of photos ] Goodness knows the next time they take your son, I may not be in Paris.
Mosadek: [ SIGHS ] As you say, fear is a great motivator.
Red: I’ll contact you with a time and place. When I get the bag, you get the photos and Garvey gets your good graces. Everybody wins.
Mosadek: This bag, it must contain something quite extraordinary.
Red: Extraordinarily human. Nothing more. Nothing less.
[ Red and Dembe walk away ]

♪ Fears I got all messed up

[ Mosadek makes a call ] [ PHONE RINGING ]

♪ Tearing off and on next to mine

Garvey: So?
Mosadek: Reddington knows too much. About both of us.
Garvey: He believed your story?
Mosadek: Of course. He lives in a world where people do what he tells them. So he expects me to bring him the bag. And when you do, I expect you to kill him.
Garvey: I have questions I need him to answer.
Mosadek: More than you need my support?
Garvey: [ QUIETLY ] No.
Mosadek: Then the answers die with him.

[ Liz walks up to Lilly who is sleeping on her couch after being questioned about her knowledge of Garvey ] [ FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING ]
Lilly/(Jennifer): I’m good.
Liz: I have a daughter.
Lilly: I want to go home.
Liz: Her name is Agnes. She’s living with her grandmother until it’s safe for her to come back.
Lilly: Am I free to go?
Liz: It won’t be safe until Ian Garvey is in prison.
Lilly: Is that a yes or a no?
Liz: I didn’t force you to stay. I forced you to listen. I needed you to hear that Ian Garvey killed my husband.
Lilly: [ SCOFFS ]
Liz: Right here! [ VOICE BREAKING ] Right where I’m standing now.
Lilly: You know, I always fantasized about having a sister. Someone who I could be completely honest with because I know she would be completely honest with me.
Liz: I am being completely honest with you.
Lilly: Ian is my surrogate father. He taught me to drive. He showed up to my graduation. He was there after my real father abandoned me. And you want me to help you arrest him.
Liz: I do.
Lilly: What if it was Reddington? Would you arrest him? You’re an FBI agent. He’s on your Most Wanted List. Be honest – If you knew where he was right now, would you arrest him?
Liz: It isn’t the same thing.
Lilly: [ SCOFFS ] Right. Like I said, it was a fantasy.
[ CELLPHONE VIBRATING: Nick’s Pizza (Red) ] [ Liz turns off the vibrating ]
Liz: I wish we could just forget all of this and get to know one another.
Lilly: I think we both know it’s a little late for that.
[ Liz gives Lilly her jacket ]

[ DOORBELL RINGS, DOOR OPENS ] [ Liz enters a apartment ]
Red: After more than two decades on your Most Wanted List, I’ve become something of an FBI buff. I know all about your Wacos, your Ruby Ridges, COINTELPRO, going all the way back to John Dillinger, Al Capone, all those communists, the incorruptible G-Man, a colorless if admirably professional lot.
Liz: Is there a case hidden in that backhanded compliment?
Red: This apartment. Right here. Oh. My God. To have been the proverbial fly on Clyde Tolson’s duvet.
Liz: Clyde Tolson lived here?
Red: [ LAUGHS ]
Liz: J. Edgar Hoover’s lover?
Red: This was their secret hideaway. Imagine the conversations. Cooing over JFK’s lovers. Slandering Dr. King. What peignoir to wear to bed. When I saw the apartment was for sale, I couldn’t resist.
Liz: You own the apartment where the homophobic head of the FBI carried on his affair with his boyfriend?
Red: Allegedly. I wouldn’t admit this in mixed company, but J. Edgar and I have a surprising amount in common. For instance, we both always get our man. He got Tolson. I got Garvey. Or I will, by this time tomorrow.
Liz: Is this why you wanted to see me?
Red: Mosadek has ordered Garvey to bring me the duffel bag. Garvey thinks he’s going to give it to me and walk away. I wanted you here to tell you I’ve made other arrangements.
Liz: To get your man and the bag.
Red: To get our man and keep my privacy.
Liz: Hoover believed knowledge is power. He used his to hurt a lot of good people. You’re using yours to hurt me.
Red: That is ridiculous.
Liz: Tom died for a reason. You know why, and you won’t tell me!
Red: I won’t tell you something that’s none of your business. It was none of Tom’s business. You may feel entitled to know what it is because he died trying to figure out what it was, but you’re not. A fact which I have patiently tried to get you to understand. Be hurt. Blame me. Howl at the moon for all I care. But this is my problem, not yours.

[ Garvey ascends an outdoor concrete staircase where Lilly is waiting ]
Garvey: [ PANTING ] Hey. What’s the matter?
Lilly: Are you like him?
Garvey: Like who?
Lilly: Reddington. Are you like him?
Garvey: You know the answer to that.
Lilly: I know about the Nash Syndicate, about Zarak Mosadek.
Garvey: Whatever you’ve been told, there’s an explanation for all of that.
Lilly: You saved me. You protected me.
Garvey: I don’t know who you’ve been talking to, but what matters–
Lilly: This matters to me, Ian. This matters to me.
Garvey: You don’t need to be protected from him anymore. Not after tomorrow.
Lilly: Are you gonna kill him? Like you killed Tom Keen?
Garvey: So that’s who you’ve been talking to? Agent Keen?
Lilly: Are you gonna kill Reddington?

[ The Post Office ]
Aram: Hey. Uh, you got to come to Mr Cooper’s office.
Liz: Why? What’s wrong?
Aram: There’s something you need to hear.
[ Liz leaves ]
Aram: Um- Uh, here, uh- Here’s your house keys. I figured I should- You know, since we’re not, um-
Samar: Thank you. I’ll bring your things in tomorrow?
Aram: Oh. No, you don’t have to do that. I can I can pick them up whenever or–
Samar: It’s no trouble. I’ll bring them in tomorrow.

[ Cooper’s office ]
Cooper: Here he is. Agent Mojtabai said he recorded a conversation Ian Garvey had with a source of yours.
Aram: Just happened two minutes ago.
Liz: We tracked Garvey to an out-of-the-way bar where he goes to see a woman.
Cooper: A girlfriend? Mistress?
Liz: Just someone he knows. I asked Aram for a bug, which I placed on her jacket.
Cooper: Okay, so, what have you got?
Aram: Okay, so, I cued it up to the end. You can listen to the whole thing later, but this part– We got to do something about it, like, now. Here we go.

Lilly: Are you gonna kill Reddington?
Garvey: A meeting’s been set. Reddington thinks I’m coming to give him something he wants. I have other plans.
Lilly: Meaning what?
Garvey: Meaning I’m about to do the world a big favor.

[ Liz calls Red, who is playing “Oregon Trail” with Dembe ]
Liz: [ On phone ] It’s a trap – your meeting with Garvey. If you show up, you’ll be killed.
Red: How convenient.
Liz: What’s that supposed to mean?
Red: Yes! [ Referring to the game ] You gathering intel that indicates I shouldn’t go to a meeting you don’t want me to attend.
Liz: That’s not what this is about.
Dembe: [ Reading: ] “Two of your oxen have died. One round of play without an oxen card, and everyone in your party has died.”
Red: I have oxen.
Liz: Are you listening?
Red: Where’d you get your information?
Liz: I can’t tell you.
Red: Then, no, I’m not listening. [ Slaps phone shut ] [ Reading: ] “You have died of dysentery.” Damn it!
Dembe: Elizabeth wouldn’t lie about something like this. If she says it’s dangerous for you to go, I believe her.
Red: So do I. [ DIE CLATTERS ] But I’m still going.

Raleigh Sinclair (aka “The Alibi” who is obsessive and meticulous): Yes?
Red: Mr Sinclair. Raymond Reddington. I told you a day would come when I’d need you to perform your peculiar brand of magic. That day is arrived.

[ Raleigh Sinclair’s studio ]
Sinclair: You want me to create a double for you so that you can attend a meeting in which you anticipate being assassinated?
Red: Yes.
Sinclair: Perhaps a better idea might be to skip the meeting.
Red:[ LAUGHS ] Perhaps! However, I’m afraid the meeting is unavoidable.
Sinclair: But I [ SIGHS ] I’m not in the business of helping people skirt murder. I’m I’m in the business of providing alibis.
Red: A trick that allows a man to be in two places at once – an illusion I believe will come in handy, given the circumstances.
Sinclair: Yes, but it’s- it’s- it- it’s an illusion achieved by the most painstaking processes. It can take months to find a double. I-I then refine the likeness, uh, establish routines, pattern behaviors. I mean, the whole meticulously crafted drama that can take o-o-over a year to perfect.
Red: You don’t have a year.
Sinclair: M-Mr Reddington, uh, uh, I want to help you, but there simply isn’t time to even establish a routine. Without a routine, there are no witnesses. Without witnesses, there is no alibi.
Red: I don’t need an alibi. I simply need a double.
Sinclair: And I need a year!
Red: You have 16 hours.
Sinclair: Oh.

[ Cooper’s office ]
Cooper: Absolutely not. We’re not putting you in a situation like that. It’s too dangerous.
Red: I must say, Harold, I’m flattered by your concern, but I’ve spent a good part of my life in situations very much like that.
Liz: You have got to call this meeting off.
Ressler: What do you think’s gonna happen? Garvey’s gonna confess to murdering Singleton? Admit to killing Tom?
Red: I’m sorry, Donald. I missed that. I was still basking in the glow of Harold’s concern for my well-being.
Cooper: Don’t flatter yourself. And don’t believe for one minute that we can protect you from Ian Garvey.
Red: [ LAUGHING ] You’re the FBI. My God. What would J. Edgar think?
Samar: Even if you could get Garvey to talk, we’d still need to explain how we were able to record the meeting.
Red: I have an idea. How about you say you were looking for the most-wanted man in America, and in a valiant, but fruitless, attempt to capture me, you stumbled upon him.
Samar: What’s this really about?
Red: This is about justice for the man who murdered Agent Keen’s husband – a dangerous and dirty cop who not only runs the ground troops for an international drug syndicate, but who also has exploited his considerable resources within the U.S. Marshals Service.
Judson: Why make a play now? You kill Reddington, you’re never gonna get the intel you want.
Garvey: Reddington forced the issue. We take care of the bastard now.
Red: Ian Garvey has been untouchable. I’m giving you a chance to do what the Bureau has been unable to do for over a year. And along with Garvey, if you’re lucky, you might even capture Zarak Mosadek, who somehow slipped through your fingers the last time.
Ressler: You let Mosadek go, and now he’s double-crossing you.
Red: That’s what he thinks he’s doing. In actuality, he’s delivering Ian Garvey to you on a silver platter. You just have to catch him in the act of killing me, not after he already has.
Cooper: If I sign off on this, you’re walking in there at your own risk.
Red: I feel confident.
Liz: And why is that?
Red: God doesn’t want me, and the devil isn’t finished. The meeting is scheduled for 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. Do get a good night’s sleep. I’ll need you bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at the ass-crack of dawn.

[ Raleigh Sinclair’s studio ]
Raleigh Sinclair: I still think it’s a dreadful idea. It’s a suicide mission. But I think I may have found a way for you to attend the meeting without being killed.
Red: Well, that’s a start!
Sinclair: [ We’ll need vehicles and firearms, uh, the usual makeup, wardrobe, and wig work.
Red: [ LAUGHS ] This reminds me of our high-school production of “Guys and Dolls.” A rousing rendition of “Fugue for Tinhorns.” Stubby Kaye has always been something of a role model.
Sinclair: I don’t know who that is.
Red: Stubby Kaye? “40 Pounds of Trouble”? Sam the Shade in “Cat Ballou”? Ah. Doesn’t matter. Let’s hear about the plan.
Sinclair: Well, first off, we’re going to need a very credible double.
Red: Anthony!
Tony Pagliaro: Mr Reddington!
[ Sinclair gleefully narrates over the preparations for the creation of an doppelganger ]
Sinclair: This man is just the framework upon which we will build. It will be critical that I have the right wardrobe. Color, cut, size. Every detail is essential. Shoe size. The ties. Suit size! All duplicates and exact matches. A little padding here. Take in a little there. And I’ll need a very specific list of theatrical supplies. Molding clay, alginate, latex, cheesecloth. Supplies are not as important as the craft. I can teach almost anyone anything, given enough time. But for our purposes, our double will have to learn quickly. And in terms of our liabilities, we’ll have our work cut out.
[ Garvey’s men distribute arms among themselves ]
Sinclair: Dealing with Mr Garvey and his men will be difficult enough. But, uh, additionally, we will need to contend with Mr. Mosadek and his fairly extensive security team. And not to mention the FBI.

[ An outdoor construction site ]
Ressler: All right, Aram, we’re on site. What CCTV feeds do you have in the area?

[ Red lays out the logistics for the operation using a site map and chess pieces ]
Red: We’re here. Garvey and Mosadek’s men will likely take up positions here and here. The feds will hang back. They’ll want altitude for clear sight lines here, here, and possibly here. Which means–
Morgan: You’ll be surrounded.
Sinclair: And even if our double is convincing and nobody dies, getting out of here is going to be nearly impossible. Nearly. This extraction will require two specific vehicles a box truck and a sedan, which you will arrive in.
Red: Chuck and Morgan can handle the vehicles. Whatever we need.

[ Sinclair constructs the mask and dental work to turn Tony into a convincing imposter and instructs him in how to behave, talk and walk ]

[ The logistical planning continues ]
Sinclair: What you need is to get from this point to the northeast exit here. If you can manage that before you get, uh, shot or run over or, uh, arrested by the FBI, this just might work. And I would be a genius.
Red: [ CHUCKLES ] Raleigh, are those new spectacles, or is that a twinkle in your eye?
Sinclair: I am the first to admit that a carefully planned job, uh, gives me great comfort. But this sort of winging it, it has, uh, an exciting flair to it!
Red: [ LAUGHS ] That’s the spirit. Let’s have a little fun. But, please, do your very best to make sure Tony’s not killed in the process.

[ Garvey enters a room carrying the black duffel bag ]
Garvey: [ To his men ] It’s time.

[ At the meeting location at the construction site, the FBI team checks their positioning and communications. Using binoculars, they identify the locations of Garvey’s snipers ]
— Check, check. Polar one, test.
— Check, check. Polar two, test.
Aram: Polar one, we’re getting a bit of interference. Can you reposition 10 degrees north?
Cooper: Agent Ressler, what’s your sitrep?
Ressler: I got two mercs 30 yards to the southeast. Concealed positions.
Cooper: Agent Navabi?
Samar: I make one more pro, 20 meters southwest.
Liz: I make two from the Nash dicate Just north of the quarry.
Aram: Guys. Mr Reddington is gonna be completely surrounded.

Sinclair: [ To Tony ] I will be in your ear the whole time. Remember – head high, roll the walk.

[ Vehicles roll in ]
Ressler: All right. I got eyes.
Cooper: Principals are on the move.

[ Cooper and Aram are at the Post Office, connected by comms to Liz, Samar and Ressler on site ] [ At the meeting site Dembe and Garvey’s man lay their guns on the hoods of their vehicles and pat each other down ]
[ Red and Mosadek get out and get patted down ]
Dembe: He’s clean.
Mosadek: To confirm our agreement – You get your bag, and this war with Garvey ends.
[ A maroon car arrives. Garvey gets out with the duffel bag and walks toward Dembe and Red ]
Dembe: Stop.
Red: Were it not for all the trouble the contents of that bag have caused, you would’ve been dead long ago.
Garvey: You’re still upset about that little mess with Tom Keen.
[ Dembe pats Garvey down ]
Red: Let’s not forget Detective Singleton. It takes a special kind of man to kill his own colleague.
Garvey: Keen was pleasure. Singleton was business. [ Liz hears this ]
Cooper: Agent Keen, we’ve got him.
Liz: Give us the “green.” We’ll take him down.
Cooper: Hold your position.
Mosadek: Enough. Mr Garvey and I have a lucrative business arrangement – one that I would like to resume.
Red: The bag.
Mosadek: Give it to him.
Dembe: Open it.
[ Garvey puts down the bag and unzips it. Garvey takes out a gun and points it at Red ]
Mosadek: Sorry, Mr Reddington. There’s been a change of plans.
Cooper: We’ve got a situation.
Ressler: Gun. Go! Move! Move!
[ Garvey turns suddenly and unloads his gun on Mosadek 💥💥💥 ]
[ 💥💥💥 Gunflight 💥💥💥 ]
[ Red’s guys take out most of Garvey’s guys. Judson is wounded ]
[ The people remaining, including Garvey, Red and Dembe get in their vehicles and roar away ]
Sinclair: Get out of there, son. Go, go, go!
Tony’s voice from Garvey’s face: I’m going! I’m going!
[ The FBI descend as the cars speed away ]
Liz: Garvey’s headed east to 395.
[ Tony/Garvey drives his car into the back of a trailer ] [ Red’s guys get in the cab of the truck with Raleigh Sinclair and they drive off with the trailer ]
[ Tony, in the car in the trailer, peels off the Garvey mask ]
Tony: Oh, my God! I murdered a drug lord! I’m having palpitations.
Sinclair: Tony. Quite a performance. You did it! My finest hour.
Tony: I-I need some air. Garvey’s mug hurts my face. 🔘 See Note

[ Garvey (the real one) wakes up groggy ]
Garvey: [ GASPS ] Where am I?
[ Red is leaning over him ]
Red: Hello, Ian.
[ Red puts Garvey’s glasses back on him ]
Red: Welcome back. I hope you had a good rest. There’s much to discuss.

TV Announcer: Following a shooting in Bealeton this morning, a manhunt is under way for U.S. Marshal Ian Garvey.

Red: It feels good to be wanted, doesn’t it?

TV Announcer: Witnesses have confirmed that Garvey. A 30-year veteran of the US Marshals Service, shot and killed an Afghan government official named Zarak Mosadek.

Garvey: What have you done?
Red: The impossible. I put you in two places at the same time.
Garvey: I didn’t shoot Mosadek.
Red: As a general rule, a magician never explains his tricks.
Garvey: I didn’t shoot anyone.
Red: But this one is just too good to keep to myself. It started yesterday just after lunch.

Judson: Why make a play now? You kill Reddington, you’re never gonna get the intel you want.
Garvey: Reddington forced the issue. We take care of the bastard now.

Red: While you were plotting with your minions from the Nash Syndicate, I was hatching a plan with my men to meet with you.

[ Red and Dembe get into Garvey’s car with him ]
Garvey: What the hell is this?
Red: “With a butterfly kiss and a honeybee hug, sleep tight, little one, like a bug in a rug.” [ Trad. ]
[ Dembe injects Garvey in the neck; he passes out ]

Red: Then came a plaster mold of your face, a willing double, a little makeup, a little make-believe, and, voilá!, two Garveys with one stone. While the real one slept, the imposter picked up your men just in time for them to see your Off-Broadway debut in all its theatrical glory.

[ Garvey enters a room carrying the black duffel bag ]
Garvey: [ To his men ] It’s time.

Garvey: Nobody’s gonna believe this.
Red: They already do. The FBI believes you killed an Afghan government official. Mosadek’s colleagues believe you killed the head of their cartel. And the Nash Syndicate believes you killed their biggest supplier.
Garvey: And if I give you the duffel bag?
Red: I’ll perform another magic trick. My jet will take you and the missus out of harm’s way. I know a lovely little spot on Namibia’s Skeleton Coast.
Garvey: You can get me out.
Red: Where’s the bag?

[ Ressler interrogates Judson ]
Ressler: Garvey was in business with Mosadek. Why would he kill him?
Judson: I don’t know.
Ressler: Did he cut a deal with Reddington?
Judson: No. No way. Garvey hates Reddington.
Ressler: Then why not kill him when he had the chance?
Judson: I told you. I-I-I don’t know.
Ressler: Well, here’s what we know. We know the meeting was a setup and that Mosadek and Garvey conspired to take Reddington out. And you being there makes you part of that conspiracy to murder. Now, you help us, we make it go away. Why didn’t Garvey kill Reddington?
Judson: He was supposed to.
Ressler: Then why the double-cross?
Judson: Look, Garvey – He never said a bad word about Mosadek. He admired him. In fact, he made a fortune off of protecting his cartel. Why Garvey killed Mosadek instead of Reddington, I got no idea.

Ressler: Well, he’s got nothing. I mean, whatever went down, Garvey didn’t tell him about it.
Liz: Did he tell Reddington?
Samar: You think Reddington and Garvey were working together?
Liz: It doesn’t make sense otherwise. Garvey was in business with Mosadek. Why would he kill him and not Reddington?
Cooper: And there’s no sign of either of them.
Liz: Garvey’s AWOL, and Reddington isn’t answering my calls.
Aram: Guys. I got something. ⋘⋙ All right, so, this this is Garvey’s sedan going under this freeway overpass. And this is what came out.
Ressler: There’s no sedan. Where did it go?
Samar: Is there an exit under the freeway?
Aram: Nope.
Cooper: It didn’t disappear.
Aram: Actually, it kind of did. Into the back of that trailer. [ He hones in on a face in the cab of the truck pulling the trailer ] Courtesy of a Mr. Raleigh Sinclair.
Samar: “The Alibi.” The man who can put you in two places at once.
Ressler: Now we know why Reddington kept him out of jail.
Liz: He didn’t double Reddington. I saw him. He was at the meet.
Cooper: And Mosadek’s dead.
Liz: That leaves Garvey. Reddington knew Garvey was coming for him. He got to him first, had him doubled, had the double kill Mosadek.
Samar: Garvey and Mosadek were conspiring to kill Reddington. Now one of them is dead, and the other is wanted for murder.
Cooper: Ressler, you’re on the Alibi. Put out a BOLO for Raleigh Sinclair. Navabi, I want you on the Garvey impersonator. He murdered Zarak Mosadek and got away in that truck. Trace it. Find it and him.
Liz: Well, we know where the real Garvey and the duffel bag are – with Reddington. He double-crossed us.
Cooper: Tell me about your contact. How well does she know Garvey?
Liz: Very well.
Cooper: If Red’s forcing Garvey to take him to that bag, maybe your contact can get us there first.

[ Liz makes a call to Lilly ]
Lilly: And why would I help you?
Liz: Because if you do, Garvey will go to prison. If you don’t, he’ll be killed.
Lilly: By Reddington.
Liz: Yes, he has something Reddington wants.
Lilly: On TV, they’re saying he killed that man Mosadek, but you said that they worked together.
Liz: Did Garvey ever mention that duffel bag? Did he tell you where it might be? A locker? A storage unit?
Lilly: I-I don’t know. Maybe.
Liz: Where are you?
Lilly: I’m at work.
Liz: Think about that duffel bag and where it might be. Helping me find it before Reddington just might save Garvey’s life.

[ Dembe is driving with Garvey seated next to him. Red sits in the back ]
Red: What’s that smell? Is that lavender? [ SNIFFING ] And mint. Is that your head? [ SNIFFS ] What kind of products do you use? I’m dying of curiosity.
Garvey: Wouldn’t that be nice.
Red: You smell that?
Dembe: Yes. It’s lovely.
Red: I’ll say. [ INHALES DEEPLY ] Absolutely lovely. Whatever it is, you and I need to get some.
[ Suddenly, Garvey lurches and grabs the wheel ] [ TIRES SCREECHING ] [ ‼️💥 Crash 💥‼️ ]

[ Red is knocked out in the crash ]
Passerby: Hey, mister. Can you hear me? Easy, buddy. Easy, buddy. You’re all right. You were in an accident.
Red: [ GRUNTS ] The other man. The one who was with us. Where’d he go?
Passerby: I don’t know. He took off.
Red: [ To Dembe ] You all right? Come on.
[ Dembe crawls out of the front seat ]
Red: Is that yours? [ Indicating the man’s car ]
Passerby: Yeah.
Red: Please. I need your car.
[ Red points his gun from beneath his coat ]
[ SIRENS APPROACHING ] [ He gives Dembe his car keys ]
Red: Thank you.

Liz: What have you done with Garvey?
Red: There was an accident.
Liz: We know you used the Alibi to double Garvey.
Red: Garvey got away.
Liz: You expect me to believe that?
Red: You knew the meeting was an ambush. You have a source. Someone close to Garvey.
Liz: I’m not answering that.
Red: If that source was assisting you, Garvey knows that, and he’ll try to get to him. I assume that’s what you’re trying to do. Tell me. Where are you going?
Liz: Why? So you can get to Garvey first?
Red: I can help protect you from him.
Liz: I don’t need your protection. What I need is that duffel bag, and I’m about to get it.

[ Lilly is at Pete’s Tavern ]
Lilly: We’re closed! [ SHOUTING ] I said we’re clo–
[ Lilly sees it’s Garvey. He’s battered and bleeding from the crash. She lets him in ]
Lilly: Ian? Ian. Oh, my God. Are you okay?
Garvey: Did you tell Keen?
Lilly: What?
[ Garvey grabs Lilly by the neck ]
Garvey: Is that how Reddington knew I was coming?
Lilly: No!
Garvey: You said you talked to her!
Lilly: Yeah, but I didn’t say anything! On TV, they said you killed that man – Mosadek.
[ Garvey takes money from the cash register ]
Garvey: I’ll pay you back when I can.
Lilly: What is happening, Ian?
Garvey: Meantime, say you were robbed.
Lilly: I am being robbed.
[ Garvey thinks he hears someone outside ]
[ Garvey shushes Lilly and limps over to the door ] [ DOOR RATTLES ] [ LOCK CLICKS ] [ He peers out ]
[ Liz is outside, avoiding the window. She checks other doors into the building until she finds one that’s unlocked ]

Aram: Hello? Agent Mojtabai.
Red: Aram, I need to find Agent Keen. It’s urgent.
Aram: Mr Reddington. Is everything okay?
Red: No, everything is not okay. She just hung up on me, angry and desperate, and I fear she’s blindly walking into a trap. I need to find her.
Aram: But if she hung up on you, she probably doesn’t want to talk to you or have me help you find her.
Red: Aram, if your intent is to protect Elizabeth, protect her from Garvey, not from me. She’s in trouble.
Aram: Wait, I thought you had Garvey.
Red: I did. He got away. And now, like a hound on a hot scent, she’s going after an item Garvey took from me, and I have no doubt he’s headed the same way.
Aram: Okay. She went to meet someone.
Red: Where?
Aram: I don’t know, but this woman – the person she went to see – Liz planted a listening device on her, and if that device is within range and transmitting, I may be able to track it.
Red: Do it. Now.

Garvey: False alarm. I didn’t kill anyone.
Lilly: And I didn’t say anything to Agent Keen.
Garvey: I believe you. I wish you’d believe me.
Lilly: I don’t know what to believe anymore.
Garvey: I’m gonna need your car.
Lilly: [ SIGHS ] Yeah. The keys are in the jacket. Ian, the whole world’s looking for you. Where are you gonna go? Ian?
[ Garvey finds the listening device on Lilly’s jacket ]
Lilly: What? What’s wrong? What is that?
[ Garvey steps on the bug ] [ CRUNCHING ]
Garvey: That’s how Reddington knew. It’s a bug put there by Keen. She heard us talk and squealed to her lord and master.
[ Liz is in a room in the back, listening ]
Lilly: The duffel bag – Why is it so important?
Garvey: I’m gonna need time to figure out how to clear my name. When I do, I’ll reach out. There’s so much you need to know.
Lilly: Can you please tell me now?