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NBC’s series The Blacklist created by: Jon Bokenkamp


Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington – James Spader
Elizabeth Keen – Megan Boone
Donald Ressler – Diego Klattenhoff
Harold Cooper – Harry Lennix
Aram Mojtabai – Amir Arison
Samar Navabi – Mozhan Marnò
Dembe Zuma – Hisham Tawfiq

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🔴 Script 6:1 Dr Hans Koehler (№ 33)

Program air date: 1/3/2019 in the US
Permalink: https://wp.me/pDKwi-8P8
Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/2RdQPjb

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Director: Bill Roe
Written by: Jon Bokenkamp, John Eisendrath



⭕ Script 6:1 Dr Hans Koehler (№ 33)


Where we’re at : Season 5 ended with a mad chase between Liz and Red to claim a duffel bag of bones. At the end of the chase, Red walked away with the prize ~ the answer to a secret he has been trying to keep from Liz. In the course of the series, many people have died trying to get the duffel to Liz and keep it away from Red, including, most importantly, her husband Tom and Mr Kaplan, Red’s cleaner and Liz’s one-time nanny. Red takes the duffel to the homestead of Liz’s maternal grandfather Dom, an infamous former KGB operative once known by the codename Oleander. Liz’s mother also was a KGB spy. Liz once met Dom but he and Red have kept her relationship with Dom a secret. At Dom’s homestead, Red has now incinerated the skeleton, with Dom remarking, “She may not know your secret, but she knows you’ve got one. She’s never gonna let it go.”

However, unbeknownst to Red and Dom, Liz has collaborated with her half-sister Jennifer (also by Raymond Reddington) to purloin the duffel bag before he claimed it. In addition to the skeleton, it contained a DNA report which identified the bones as being those of ~ Raymond Reddington! This is the big secret. The man we have known as Raymond “Red” Reddington appears to be an imposter! Liz and Jennifer have just one goal now: to find out who the man is who assumed the identity of Raymond Reddington 30 years ago – and to exact their revenge.

[ A bank robbery is in progress ] [ Gunmen shoot automatic rifles into the ceiling ] [ 💥💥💥
Gunman #1: On the ground! Now! Right now!
Gunman #3 (a woman): Three-minute drill!
Gunman #2: You, slick. He said on the ground!
Gunman #1: Charles Maker! I need Mr. Charles Maker to stand up! – Charles Maker?! – Okay.
[ Charles Maker stands up ]
Charles Maker: Stop. Please.
Gunman #1: What do I want, Charles Maker?
[ Charles Maker tosses him a set of keys. Gunman #1 tosses them to another robber and two of them go to get the 💰 ]
Gunman #3: 2 minutes, 30 seconds!
[ One customer has remained standing ]
Gunman #1: Are you out of your mind? Hey! You! I’m talking to you! I said on the ground!
Red: This is no way to rob a bank. This is– I Honestly, I don’t know what the hell this is.
Gunman #1: Are you trying to get yourself killed?
Red: It’s a disgrace. That’s what it is. You have a young mother on the ground. Her child is terrified. What the hell’s wrong with you?!
Gunman #1: If you’re not face-down on the ground in three seconds–
Gunman #2: Raymond Reddington?
Gunman #1: What?
Gunman # 2: That’s Raymond Reddington.
Woman: [ SOBBING ] Unh-unh-unh.
[ Red draws his gun ]
Red: Don’t you bring that gun back up. Joe, put your gun down.
Gunman #3: Two minutes!
Dembe: He said put the gun down! [ FAINT EXPLOSION ]
Red: Joe. Come on. Clearly, this isn’t going to work out according to plan.
Gunman #1: What are you doing here?!
Red: I’m on my sixth and final scout to rob the place. This Tuesday, in fact. That’s obviously been moved up. Charlie, would you please escort Lucinda to her desk where she keeps the master key to the safe-deposit room? I need box 604 post-haste. Don’t worry about him, Charlie. Just get the box. There we go.
Gunman #1: What’s in box 604?
Red: Joe, you seem like a guy who gets distracted. If I were you, I’d forget about the box and worry about the bank’s new metal-detection system. Because it was specifically designed to silently detect the larger kinds of weaponry that marauders such as yourselves tend to be enamored with. Truth is, your cannons tripped the security system the moment you entered the building, which means you don’t have the precious seconds you thought you had.
Gunman #3: 60 seconds!
Red: Not quite.
Gunman #3: Guys, what are you doing?!
Red: Going to jail, evidently. You know, enough is enough. Everyone up. This is just unpleasant all around.
Gunman #2: Joe, talk to me.
Gunman #1: We got to go! Right now!
Red: Except you can’t because the bank is surrounded by police. Now, I can get you out of here for 50% of the cash that you have on that cart.
Gunman #1: You can get us out?
[ Charles Maker hands Red the safe deposit box ]
Red: Thank you, Charlie.
Charles Maker: You’re welcome.
[ Wolfmother’s ♪ “Joker and The Thief” plays ]
Red: 55 percent. Joe, my number’s only going up until you say yes or you get yourself arrested.
[ Red dials ] [ PHONE KEYPAD BEEPING ]
Gunman #1: Okay. Yeah, yeah, yes. Yes. Yes. Let’s go.
Red: [ On phone ] Eli. About the truck for Tuesday. Yeah, uh, there’s been a change of plan. We need it now. No, no, like right now. Same place. That’s right. Now.

[ Police raid begins: smoke grenades and flash bangs 💥💥💥 ]
[ SCREAMING ] [ The police find a door to the bank’s tunnel system ajar ]
Police Officer: Son of a bitch.

♪ I said the joker is a wanted man

[ Red leads the group of bank robbers through the tunnel system ]
Red: Liquor built that bank. Boss Varney ran the bank and half a dozen bars in the city. During Prohibition, Varney’s son operated the bars as speakeasies. They made a fortune off of bootleggers, moonshiners, and wine pirates. Laundered all the profits through the bank. The tunnel provided safe passage for all the cash and a warm way to walk to lunch during the winter months.

♪ There is always sweet and sour
So we are not goin’ home

[ A dump truck awaits them outside the bank ]
Red: You made good time, Eli. Hop in, boys and girls. We’re going for a ride.
[ The bank robbers pile into the back of the dump truck with their duffels of cash ]

Can you see the joker flying over?
As she’s standing in the field of clover

[ SIRENS WAILING ] [ The trunk goes over a bump [ ALL GRUNT ] [ The back of the dump truck opens and a duffel falls out, scattering the bills ]

I wonder what would happen if he took her away

[ The bank robbers open fire with their automatic weapons at the police 💥💥💥 💥💥💥 💥💥💥 ]
Red: They’re shooting at the police. Honest to God, these guys.
[ Red pulls a lever, raising the bed of the truck ]

I said the joker is a wanted man

[ The bank robbers tumble out of the truck ]
WOMAN: Ohh! No!
[ The police vehicles surround them ]

See him sifting through the sand
So I’ll tell you all the story ’bout the joker and the thief
I said, I’ll tell you all the story ’bout the joker and the thief
I said, I’ll tell you all the story ’bout the joker and the thief
In the night

Red: [ CHUCKLES ] – Oh! – [ LAUGHING ]

[ Red enters the bank he had robbed the day before. He is carrying the safe deposit box ]
Charles Maker: Oh, no, please.
Red: I come bearing gifts.
[ Red opens the safe deposit box. Inside is a rolled up painting. He unrolls it ]
Charles Maker: That’s not–
Red: Van Gogh’s “Poppy Flowers.” Everything about it just breaks my heart.
Charles Maker: But wasn’t that stolen from?
Red: Yes. Twice, actually. From Cairo’s Mohamed Mahmoud Khalil Museum. Once in 1977 and then again in 2010. Terribly embarrassing. It’s exchanged hands a couple of times over the years, but it came to my attention that the current owner was holding it here at your bank. Not to worry. I’m sure you had no idea. But I do think it’s time for the flowers to go back home again.
Charles Maker: You want me to return it?
Red: Yes, to the museum..
Charles Maker: But you just stole it yesterday.
Red: Well, I guess third time’s a charm. But now it’s your obligation to see that it’s returned to its rightful owner. My God, I hope they can manage to hold onto it this time around. Please don’t mention my name. I’d prefer it to be an anonymous donation.
Charles Maker: But why? Why rob us?
Red: Ha! That was sort of a gift to myself. I’m turning 60 this year. I wanted to see if I’ve still got it. Turns out I do. I have a feeling it’s gonna be a very good year. [ LAUGHS ]

[ Liz’s apartment ]
Liz: Raymond Reddington is a fraud. An imposter who took our father’s place over 30 years ago. The FBI can trace this Reddington forward from ’95. And I know for a fact that our father died five years before that. The night of the fire. Our father, the real Raymond Reddington, cheated on your mother with mine – a Russian agent named Katarina Rostova.
Lilly: Our fake father’s a criminal, and our real one’s a snake.
Liz: He took me from her in Russia. She followed him to America where we were staying. They got into a fight ~ a fire started ~ I got out, he didn’t.
Lilly: Wait. But how can you be so sure? You were 4.
Liz: The only person who knew Reddington was dead was in that house that night, so the person pretending to be him was either there that night, or got the idea to take his place from someone who was, which is why I got this out of storage. This contains everything I’ve collected over the years is connected to the fire. Okay. You can still walk away.
Lilly: And do what? Pretend this never happened. Go back to being a waitress. Making minimum wage serving tuna melts and warm beer? You know, I- I get it. It’s dangerous. If he finds out, he–
Liz: Not if. When.
Lilly: But here’s the thing. I have no life. Or I had no life. And now–
Liz: [ On phone ] Hey. Yeah. Yeah, of course. I’ll be right there.
Lilly: How do you do that? Pretend like you’re really his daughter.
Liz: I’ve spent the last five years learning to act at the feet of the master. It’s my turn to outperform him.
[ Lilly picks Liz’s scorched stuffed bunny in which she had found the interface unit to the Fulcrum, a blackmail file which had exposed the existence of an international Cabal ]
Lilly: Payback’s a bitch. Especially when there’s two of ’em.

[ Red practices Tai Chi with a group of people in a park ]
[ Parquet Courts’ ♪ “Wide Awake” plays ]

I’m wide awake
Mind so woke ’cause my brain never pushed the brakes
I’m wide awake
Eyes so open that my vision is as sharp as a blade

Red: You said this would be good for my health, Dembe, and you were absolutely right. I feel like a different person.
[ Liz walks over ]
Liz: Don’t you look cute.
Red: Hmm! I’ve turned over a new leaf. Spinach. Steamed. No butter, no oil, no salt.And very, very little taste.
Liz: Spinach. Tai Chi. Who are you and what have you done with Raymond Reddington?
Red: What do you know about a man named Hans Koehler?
Liz: Nothing. Should I?
Red: He’s the plastic surgeon of choice for the criminal underworld. A wizard at facial reconstruction. He’s hidden some of the very worst of the worst behind a larger nose, a pointier chin, higher cheekbones.
Liz: You want me to find the doctor who helps change criminals’ identities?
Red: Find the doctor, find the criminals.
Liz: Why him? Why now?
Red: Opportunity. Dr. Koehler’s been sighted, which is as rare as sighting the pygmy three-toed sloth. Only 79 of the dear creatures are left.
Liz: Okay. I’ll bite. Sighted where?

[ The Post Office ]
Liz: An elusive Russian arms dealer, a very successful jewel thief thought to be dead, a wanted forger who has dodged Interpol for nearly a decade. Three examples of criminals we thought were dead or had gone dark but who Reddington believes are still alive and well and continuing to commit crimes under new identities, courtesy of Dr. Hans Koehler.
Ressler: So we’re still doing his bidding.
Cooper: I’m sorry, Agent Ressler?
Ressler: Reddington. He shot an unarmed man in FBI custody just so that Keen couldn’t identify that skeleton that he’s been lugging around like his life depended on it.
Cooper: We’ve made a deal with the devil. It comes at a price. As for Reddington, when he gives us a case like this, we have an obligation to take it. Agent Keen, about the doctor–
Liz: Koehler attended medical school at Heidelberg University. Residency in reconstructive surgery at Johns Hopkins. He operates a mobile medical team that travels the globe changing the faces of the criminal elite.
Aram: I’m sorry. Changing their faces?
Liz: He is considered a pioneer in the application of 3-D computer imaging and modeling technology.
[ Bastien Moreau is about to go under the knife. He grabs Dr Koehler’s wrist ]
Bastien Moreau: Don’t screw this up.
Dr Hans Koehler: Dear sir, when I’m finished, your own mother won’t know you.
LIZ: According to Reddington, he and his team were in DC operating out of a bakery in Petworth that was undergoing renovation.
Cooper: Then that’s where we start. Dig in. Let’s see if we can bring this doctor out of the shadows.

Cooper: Keen. A moment? About what Agent Ressler said. I share his sentiments. No matter how fruitful our arrangement with Reddington has been, when I see the price you continue to pay, I can’t honestly say it’s been worth it. And I want you to know, if you don’t want to keep paying it, I’ll shut the Task Force down.
Liz: You said it yourself, sir. If that doctor is here, we have to take this case.
Cooper: There will always be a case, Elizabeth. And no matter how important they seem, none is as important as you protecting yourself. Will you think about it?
Liz: Of course. Sir.
Cooper: After all these years, I think you can call me Harold.
Liz: Harold. Thank you, sir.

[ An FBI Physician performs a vision exam on Samar ] [ Instrument CLICKs ]
FBI Doctor: All right. Up and to the right. Down and to the left. Hmm. [ CLICK ]
Samar: So?
Doctor: You are the picture of health. Weeks ago, your body temperature was 66 degrees.
Your pupils were dilated and unreactive to light. In short, you were gone.
Samar: Well, I had remarkable doctors and a lot of people praying for me.
Doctor: Well, their prayers were answered. Your CT scan is clear. Your physical and neurological exams were normal.
Samar: Am I cleared for duty?
Doctor: You are. Unless there’s something you’ve noticed.
Samar: Like what?
Doctor: Hmm, abnormality in speech or memory? Have you been forgetful, unable to recall certain words? Nothing? Okay. Welcome back.

[ The bakery in Petworth where Red told Liz Dr Koehler had last set up his mobile surgical unit ]
Lucinda: I have a grand opening tomorrow. You the ones in charge?!
Ressler: Agents Ressler and Keen, FBI. You must be the owner.
Lucinda: Yeah. You’re damn right I’m the owner. My attorney’s on her way now. [ SCOFFS ] This is a joke. An absolute abuse of police power.
Liz: Okay, ma’am, slow down.
Lucinda: What? D-Don’t “ma’am” me. I’m not that old. I’m sure as hell not running some kind of mob-doctor surgery center out of my kitchen.
Ressler: Well, our intel says otherwise.
Lucinda: We’ve been closed down for plumbing problems. The grand re-opening is tomorrow.
I’ve got 1,200 cupcakes to make, bake, and frost, and you’re acting like it’s the county morgue!
FBI Analyst: We’re finished here. We’ve gone through it twice. There’s no trace evidence.
Ressler: That can’t be.
Lucinda: Yeah? He just said it was, handsome. So can I have my business back?
Ressler: No. I want you and your team to tear the place apart every drain trap, sewage line, air filter. Swab every inch. I’m afraid those, uh, cupcakes are gonna have to wait. Ma’am.
Lucinda: [ SCOFFS ]

Dr Koehler: This last procedure, it’s just what we were hoping for. Would you care to see?
[ Moreau looks in hand mirror ]
Moreau: [ LAUGHS ] Beautiful.

Liz: [ On phone ] The bakery. We have a lead.
Red: On Koehler?
Liz: No, on one of his former patients. Basil Vladakis.
Red: Basil Vladakis. Dear Lord. I haven’t heard his name in ages.
Liz: Evidence Response found trace amounts of blood in the drain line. We ran the DNA, and it matches Vladakis. Who could lead us to Dr. Koehler. If only we knew what he looks like now. Apparently he got himself a new face.
Red: Changing a man’s face is one thing. Changing his predilections? Quite another.
Liz: His predilections?
Red: Basil Vladakis was a vicious and wanton gunrunner whose love of money was only rivaled by his love for losing it at the track.
Liz: So you know this guy.
Red: I know he was a regular punter at Mardale. Perhaps Dembe and I should be off to the races to see if we can’t scare up The Mad Greek. I certainly wasn’t the only one he stiffed before skipping town, but I’d still like my money back. And if he knows anything about Dr. Koehler’s whereabouts, well, then, as they say, “two birds.” Dembe, this could be fun. We haven’t been to a race since Smarty Jones cost us a bundle at Belmont. Perhaps Dame Fortune is ready to smile on us after all.

[ Mardale sports bar ] [ MAN LAUGHING HEARTILY ]
Basil Vladakis: Hey. Keep the change! I just hit the across-the-board on Salsa Marimba!
Red: Is the across-the-board really the wisest bet? As I understand it, they’re expensive and have far less profit potential. Is that true?
Vladakis: I wouldn’t know. I’m a novice. Today must be my lucky day.
Red: [ LAUGHS ] It’s funny. You look like an old pro with a new face. The kind who likes taking other people’s money. I once knew a Greek arms dealer who took my money. Do you know how many times I’ve stood in this lousy sports bar looking for you? Clever to have your face reorganized. Looks good. Cute nose.
Vladakis: Okay. Look, Mr. Reddington. I’m sorry. I’ll get you your money. But I can’t be seen here. Not with you. – If anyone sees us, it would –
Red: Blow your cover? [ LAUGHS ] That’s about to happen very quickly. Can you imagine? After all that nipping and tucking, the sucking and plucking. All that goes into changing a man’s face, creating a new identity, a new life, then be outed by some old pal at the same old racetrack? What a colossal waste of money and time.
Vladakis: I’ll get you your money!
Red: Of course you will. But I’ll need a little something else to sweeten the pot, make up for lost interest.
Vladakis: What? What do you want?
Red: I want you to put me in touch with the friend who fixed your face.
Vladakis: We don’t speak. That’s not how it works.
Red: But you know how to reach him.
Vladakis: All I’ve got is a number. For a nurse. A number to call only in case of medical emergency.
Red: Then start dialing, because if you don’t, you’re gonna be naked and penniless in this lousy sports bar at Mardale.

[ In a parked car ]
Lilly: Hey. I went through your box, and I think I may have found something.
Liz: I think Reddington knows.
Lilly: What? How? – I don’t know.
Liz: And I’m not sure he does. But this case he gave us he’s got us hunting down a plastic surgeon who performs facial reconstructions on criminals.
Lilly: You think Reddington wants you to find the doctor that changed his identity? Why would he want that?
Liz: I have no idea. But it can’t be a coincidence, right? And if this is Reddington’s doctor, he might have the answer we’re looking for. So we’ve got to find him before Reddington does.
Lilly: So– So, this is what I found.
Liz: Yeah. I was taken to a motel in Dover the night of the fire. But I went there. It’s a dead end.
Lilly: The motel maybe. Or Dover. But not Delaware. My parents used to take me there every summer. To a house they’d rent an hour outside Dover – in Rehoboth Beach.
Liz: So?
Lilly: So maybe our father, the real Raymond Reddington, took you there. It was the dead of winter. Rehoboth Beach is a summer resort. It’s the perfect place to hide.
Liz: I’ll run a check. See if there was a fire in Rehoboth Beach that night.
Lilly: I already did.
[ PAPER RUSTLING ] [ Lilly shows Liz a photo copy of a newspaper article: “Rehoboth Beach Blaze Destroys House” ]
Liz: You know what this means?
Lilly: Hell yeah. Road trip.

[ Mardale sports bar ] [ Red, Dembe and Vladakis watch a horse race ]
Announcer: …racing for the challenge, but here comes Moon Room on the outside! Neck-and-neck with Aura Field. It’s down to the wire with Moon Room and Aura Field.
Moon Room and Aura Field! And at the wire, it’s Moon Room!
[ A nurse enters ]
Nurse: Hey! I got your page. Is everything okay? Mr. Hunt?
Red: Ooh. Oh, my God. You were right! Who would’ve thought the Daily Double – would be a smart bet?
Dembe: Yes! I knew it was a smart bet.
Red: Oh, my God.
Dembe: You want another Orange Whip?
Red: Yes, absolutely.
Dembe: Orange Whip? Orange Whip? Three Orange Whips.
[ Dembe goes to get the order ]
Vladakis: I’m sorry. Please, have a seat.
Nurse: Mr. Hunt. What’s going on here?
Red: I asked Mr. Hunt to page you, not for himself, but because I’m one of Dr. Koehler’s former patients, and I need to get in touch with the good doctor. My name is–
Nurse: I know who you are.
Red: –Ah! Then you know I’m serious when I say it’s a matter of some urgency.
Nurse: Dr. Koehler’s traveling. He’s in France on holiday.
Red: Until when?
Nurse: He didn’t say. It was an impromptu trip. He texted from Avignon, said he was having the time of his life. Perhaps I could give him a message?
Red: May I ask you something? All the work that was done on poor Vladakis I mean, Mr. Hunt and yet, still, these earlobes. It’s like the grandkids have been hanging and swinging on them. Is there really nothing one can do to – I don’t know – shrink them up even just a little bit? You said the doctor texted you.
Nurse: Yes.
Red: Perhaps I could borrow your phone.

Red: Aram, it’s me. I’m gonna send you a cellphone, one I need you to examine as soon as possible. Yes, it’s about Dr. Koehler.
Red: What the hell is really going on with Dr. Koehler? He wouldn’t simply pack up and go “on holiday” to France. He hates the French.
Dembe: He’s in trouble, Raymond.
Red: Yeah. Trouble. Never a truer word.

[ Dr Koehler’s mobile surgical unit ]
Moreau: Dr. Koehler, rest assured that our work here is nearly finished.
[ CHAINS RATTLING ] [ Dr Koehler is in chains ]

[ SEA BIRDS CRYING ] [ Liz and Lilly are at the seacoast by Rehoboth Beach in Delaware ]
Lilly: [ SIGHS ] The ocean, the air. It all smells the same. The house we rented was right–
Liz: There. 20 steps to the sand.
Lilly: You remember.
[ They get out of the car to view the remnants of the burned building, just an outline of concrete in the sand ]
Liz: This is where it happened. The fire.

Masha: [ SCREAMING ]
[ Images of fire, of Masha running down the hall of a house ]

Liz: This is where I killed our father.

Jennifer: So that’s why you were so sure about when he died. Because you shot him.
Liz: They were fighting. My father and my mother. Screaming at each other. And others I think. He was hurting her. I saw the gun and I just wanted to make it stop. I’m so sorry.
Lilly: You were 4. You have nothing to be sorry about.
Liz: I know you have fond memories of this place, but I’m glad it’s gone.
Lilly: Wait. If you killed our father, how come you didn’t know Reddington was an imposter?
Liz: [ SIGHS ] My memories of that night. He had them removed.
Lilly: He- He removed your memories.
Liz: He told me he didn’t want me to live with the weight of knowing I killed my father.
Lilly: Who does that?
Liz: He said he did it to protect me –
Lilly: Who can do that?
Liz: – when what he was doing was protecting himself so that I would never question who he really was.

Martin Donnelly: So, one of you called claiming to be Red Reddington’s kid?!
Lilly: Hi. Yeah. Are you Martin Donnelly?
Donnelly: [ Nods ]
Lilly: Hi. I’m Jennifer. This is my sister, Elizabeth.
Liz: [ Shows badge ] Special Agent Elizabeth Keen. We heard you were the sheriff here the night that house burned down.
Donnelly: Mm-hmm. Yeah.
Liz: We were hoping you had a record of the people who were there that night.
Donnelly: Why’s that?
Lilly: Did you know our father?
Donnelly: I thought I did. In my mind he was a fine man.
Lilly: The night of the fire was the last time either of us has seen him.
Donnelly: You expect me to believe you don’t know where he is, your own father?!
Liz: We haven’t seen him in over 30 years. He became a fugitive when we were kids. We barely knew him. But we do know this – before the night of the fire, he was a fine man. And then after, he changed. We think the people who were there that night know why. Will you help us find them?
Donnelly: I would if I could. But whoever was there that night was long gone by the time we showed up.
Liz: Are local hospitals open year-round?
Donnelly: A reduced staff, but, yeah.
Lilly: So if someone got burned that night, there might be a patient record.
Liz: We’re gonna need a list of every hospital – in a 20-mile radius.
Donnelly: Sure.

Liz: Keen.
Aram: [ On phone ] All right. I am not saying I’m amazing. But sometimes I am distinctly above average.
Liz: You found Dr. Koehler?
Aram: The good doctor texted an employee saying that he was in France.
Liz: Have you alerted Interpol?
Aram: And why would I do that?
Liz: You said he was in France.
Aram: I said that’s what he said. But when I pulled the records from the cell carrier and this is the distinctly above-average part I found that his text wasn’t sent from France. It was sent from right here in D.C.
Liz: You have a location?
Aram: Sending it to you right now. Mr. Cooper’s working on getting a warrant.
Liz: How did you know he texted?
Aram: I didn’t. Mr. Reddington did. He sent me the employee’s cell. Which, um, I guess, if you want to be technical about it, means he’s the amazing one.
Liz: Did you give him the location? Aram, please tell me you didn’t tell Reddington how to find Dr. Koehler.

[ Dope Lemon’s ♪ “How Many Times” plays ]

♪ Here come the doorway

Red: That’s it there? The brick one?
Dembe: Yes. What about the FBI?
Red: The FBI served their purpose in finding him.

♪ It’s going down the track

Red: Let’s go find out how badly Dr. Koehler’s been compromised.

[ Moreau’s guard hands Moreau an envelope ]
Guard: That’s everything. You ready?
Moreau: [ Nods ]
Dr Koehler: Please. Let us go. Let them go. We’ve done everything you asked!
Moreau: The conditions under which I have forced you to live and work for the past few months are unfortunate and difficult for everyone. But it’s over now. So cheer up. Unchain them.


♪ How many times does it take

Liz: Good to see you, Samar.
Samar: It’s good to be back.
Ressler: So, what can you tell us about the building, who’s inside?

♪ To hear the phone

[ CHAINS RATTLING as assistants remove all the chains ]

♪ How many times does it take

Dr Koehler: So we’re free to go?
Moreau: Of course. Your work is done. Thank you. Dr. Koehler. Before you go – there is one more thing.
Dr Koehler: What’s that?
[ He shoots them all 💥💥💥💥 💥💥 ]

Ressler: I got north entrance.
Samar: I’ll take this side.

♪ She’s just dying to please ya

[ Dr Koehler is shot, but still alive: he GRUNTS ]
Moreau: I’m so sorry. However, the point of changing my face is that nobody knows who I am. And that includes you.
[ Moreau is going to shoot Koehler again, but Red shoots first 💥💥💥 but misses Moreau ]
[ 💥💥💥 GUNFIGHT 💥💥💥 ]
[ Moreau and his guards leave the building. Red goes to Dr Koehler ]

[ Outdoors, Moreau and his guards exchange 💥💥💥 gunfire 💥💥💥with Samar and Dembe ] [ One of the guards is hit ]
[ ENGINE REVS ] [ TIRES SQUEAL ] [ The SUV escapes but Samar takes out a tail light ]
Samar: You okay?
Dembe: Yes. Thank you. Congrats.
Samar: On what?
Dembe: You and Aram. I’m very happy for you.
Samar: Thank you.

[ Inside, Red is crouching alongside Dr Koehler. All the others are dead ]
Red: [ SOFTLY ] Where is it?
Dr Koehler: [ SOFTLY ] Picasso. [ COUGHS FAINTLY ]

Dembe: Raymond, we have to leave before the cops show.
[ Liz walks up to Red ]
Liz: I thought we were past this.
Red: What’s that?
Liz: Alternate agendas. You giving us cases without telling us why. Using us to catch the people you can’t.
Red: He had information that’s important to me.
Liz: And I thought you just wanted us to catch the pygmy three-toed sloth.
Red: Our professional relationship is symbiotic. I help you, you help me.
Liz: And our personal relationship?
Red: I don’t have an alternate agenda. I have secrets. Like the skeleton. I thought you’d come to terms with that.
Liz: I have. Which is why I’m not upset at finding you here. It’s still hard. You’re my father. I want us to have an honest relationship.
Red: One has nothing to do with the other. Being honest means one doesn’t lie, deceive, or cheat. Where you are concerned, I don’t.
Liz: How can you say that when you keep things from me?
Red: Dembe keeps things from me.
Liz: That’s different.
Red: So one can keep certain things secret and be in an honest relationship?
Liz: [ SCOFFS lightly ] I saw Dr. Koehler whisper something to you before he died. What did he tell you?
Red: The last thing I want is to push you away. So if we need a little truth and reconciliation to prevent that, well, what the hell? Just don’t get greedy.
Liz: [ SCOFFS ] You’re serious?
Red: You want to know my secrets, why I’m here, what the good doctor told me?
Liz: Yes, I do.
Red: Then I’ll tell you. As soon as you tell me.
Liz: Tell you what?
Red: The secrets you keep from me.
Liz: I never said I kept any.
Red: Studies show that at any given moment the average person is keeping 13 secrets. 🔘 [ See Note ] So come on. I actually think this could be quite fun. I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours.
Liz: This isn’t a game.
Red: It could be. If the secrets you keep are as loving as the ones Dembe keeps.
[ Liz doesn’t say anything ]
Red: [ LAUGHS ] Well. That is interesting.

[ Ressler walks over ]
Ressler: The ID on the dead guy turned up as fake, but we sent the prints to Interpol and we got a hit.
Red: Tell me.
Ressler: Not until you tell us why you gave us this case, because it obviously wasn’t so we could arrest Dr. Koehler and expose his clients.
Red: Hans Koehler was a friend of mine. I suspected he was being held against his will. I wanted to save his life. Sadly, I failed.
Liz: You cared about him? You expect us to believe that’s all that’s going on here?
Red: All? No. Enough? Certainly. The guard. Who was he?
Ressler: A known associate of Bastien Moreau.
Red: The Corsican.
Samar: Until four months ago, no one knew who The Corsican was. Then he shows up on a camera in Gdansk and is ID’d as Moreau.
Ressler: Which explains his sudden urge to pay a visit on Dr. Makeover.
Red: One of the world’s deadliest assassins is now one of the world’s most anonymous men. Which means he can act with impunity. Whatever he is up to I fear Dr. Koehler is only the beginning.

[ Reagan International Airport ] [ Moreau and his guards are in the parked SUV ]
Guard: The Feds have Gabin’s body. They’ll connect him to you.
Moreau: [ LAUGHS ] To who I was. Not to who I am. The assignment remains. This changes nothing. We travel as planned. Well, at least I travel as planned.
[ Morea gets out, opens the trunk and pulls out a wheelchair and puts on a fake cast and a baseball cap. He rolls himself along in the wheelchair ]

Aram: All right. The Corsican is a gun for hire. But not by just anyone. He has a very particular clientele. The Tamil Tigers. The Kosovo Liberation Army. He’s a nationalist who works on behalf of groups fighting against globalism.
Ressler: His targets have included a UNESCO office in Geneva, a conference center in Davos, and the European Union headquarters in The Hague, where last year a bomb was defused moments before the General Assembly’s opening session.
Cooper: Before now, everything has been overseas.
Ressler: Well, his next target could be here or maybe he’s already left the country.
Cooper: Can’t lock down the airports. We have no idea who we’re looking for.
Samar: The Corsican, as bad as he may be, is only one name on Dr. Koehler’s client list. Shouldn’t we be focused on finding the list?
Liz: We may not know what this guy looks like, but thanks to Samar shooting out his taillight, we were able to trace his car.
Ressler: First day back, and you’re already showing us up.
Liz: It was found in a remote lot at Reagan International. There were two bodies identified at the scene matching the men you saw driving away in The Corsican’s car.
Samar: Why would he kill his own people?
Liz: Same reason he killed Koehler and his team –. they knew what he looked like. They were the only remaining ones who did.
Cooper: Aram, pull every feed from that lot you can find. If you get a hit, circulate it to TSA. We’ll find that list, but right now we’ve got an emergency on our hands. Get to Reagan, coordinate with Airport Authority Police, tell them we’ve got a situation.

[ At the airport, Moreau has just passed through the TSA scanner ]
TSA Agent: All right, sir.
Moreau: Thanks.
TSA Agent: [ To next person ] Wait there, ma’am.
[ An airport escort is pushing Moreau’s wheelchair now ]

[ Samar makes call to airport security as Ressler drives ]
Samar: Two minutes out. Moreau, Bastien. I need you to notify security he’s on site and Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying. No, I do not have a positive ID, but you need to put the facility on lockdown and hold all passengers.

Man on (escort’s) radio: Code three, all responders. White male. Mid-50s. May be armed.

Moreau: Sir, I’m terribly sorry. Can we please stop at the men’s room before getting to my gate?
Escort: Of course, sir. Not a problem.
Moreau: Thank you.

Woman on PA: We ask for your assistance in reporting any unattended bags.

[ Ressler and Samar arrive at the airport ]
Ressler: Lock it down. All points of exit. Drop-off, pick-up, parking garages, everywhere.
Samar: Agent Navabi, FBI. I need you take me to your C.O. I need every male passenger searched, ID’d, and taken to a secure area. Where are your security feeds?
Man: Over here.

[ Moreau has ditched the wheelchair and is on foot. He is wearing the maroon blazer of the escort service. Ressler is about the follow him, when a man comes up to him ]
Man: Sir! We need you right away. We got something.
[ The escort lies on the floor of the men’s room ]

Man on radio: All units, suspect is impersonating an airport employee in a maroon blazer. Attention, all units.

[ Moreau enters the escort services parking area, grabs keys for a car from the board. He smashes the window of a vehicle and gets in

Man on radio: … white male suspect …

[ DOOR CLOSES ] [ ENGINE STARTS ] [ Moreau leaves in the vehicle ]

Mrs Koehler: Yes?
Red: Mrs Koehler, I’m terribly sorry for your loss.
Mrs Koehler: How did– Who are you?
Red: A friend of your husband’s. My name is Raymond. I’m here for the Picasso.

[ Picasso is the Koehlers’ stuffed dog; a real dog who was stuffed, that is ]
Red: Well. This is unexpected.
Mrs Koehler: Why would Hans want you to take him? He loved Picasso.
Red: How much do you know about your husband’s line of work?
Mrs Koehler: He was a great surgeon.
Red: He was away for months at a time, wasn’t he?
Mrs Koehler: He had clients all over the world.
Red: He did. Many of those clients were criminals. Some of them terrible men and terrible women.
Mrs Koehler: That’s not so.
Red: It is. I should know. I’m one of them.
[ Red examines the stuffed dog. In its collar is a thumb drive ]
Mrs Koehler: What is that?
Red: Your husband’s client list.
Mrs Koehler: That’s what you came for.
Red: Yes. And to give you this. It’s a numbered bank account with $5 million in it and also the name of a man who’s standing by to create your false identification.
Mrs Koehler: [ EXHALES SHARPLY ] I don’t understand.
Red: Other clients will come looking for this list. I don’t know how many or when. Just that they will. And you do not want to be here when they do.
Mrs Koehler: Why are you doing this?
Red: As I said, Hans was a friend of mine. I wouldn’t be the person I am if it weren’t for him. I recommend Cairo. Beautiful, historic. And thanks to a combination of the Muslim Brotherhood and international Islamophobia, completely abandoned by Western tourists. You and Picasso will have the pyramids to yourselves.

Cooper: So let me get this straight. We lost Moreau.
Ressler: He slipped security using the identity of an airline rep.
Samar: Security feeds show him stealing a car from an employee parking lot. We have word out on the vehicle now.
Cooper: Any hits?
Aram: Not yet.
Cooper: So he’s gone, and Koehler is dead, and the names of his clients died with him.
Liz: All except Moreau.
Cooper: Who’s God knows where and about to do God knows what.
Liz: Reddington never wanted us to catch Koehler.
Cooper: Any chance he told you what it was?
Liz: [ SCOFFS ] No. He didn’t.
Cooper: Did you think about what I said about the price and whether you’re willing to pay it?
Liz: I did.
Cooper: And have you made a decision?
Liz: The Raymond Reddington we know can’t be trusted. But there was another Reddington.
Cooper: Another Reddington?
Liz: It’s hard to explain, but I want to know how the Reddington we could trust turned into the one we can’t. I have to know. Whatever the price.

[ Baptist Generals’ ♪ “Turnunders and Overpasses” plays ]
♪ Turnunders and overpasses
Directions change, and you are different today
What do you want?
Oh, what do you want?

Red: Ah. I meant what I said before about our relationship being symbiotic. I help you, you help me. We help each other.
Liz: What’s this?
Red: An insurance policy. Dr. Koehler was a not only a gifted surgeon, but also a man smart enough to know that his life was threatened by the very men and women who paid for his services. For that reason, he kept a dossier – a list of every face he changed.
Liz: Moreau knew about this.
Red: Which is why he abducted Dr. Koehler and his team and forced them to operate at gunpoint.
Liz: Which means his new identity won’t be on this drive.
Red: No. But the names of countless others are men and women who abandoned their lives to hide. Now you can find them.
Liz: Where to find this – that’s what Dr. Koehler whispered to you before he died.
Red: I told you mine. Now you tell me yours.
Liz: I would. But you haven’t really told me yours yet, have you? Not all of it. This isn’t the complete list, is it?
Red: No, it’s not. One file has been deleted.
Liz: Yours.
Red: [ SIGHS ] I prefer to keep my nips and tucks to myself. Forgive an old man his vanity.
Liz: For now, but someday I want to see the before and after pictures.
Red: [ LAUGHS ] Not a pretty sight.m
Liz: I’m sure you were always handsome.
Red: Was I? I can’t remember.

♪ And you are different today

Liz: Neither can I.

♪ What do you want for your love?

Liz: But I don’t have to. I know that before everything changed –

♪ Turnunders and overpasses

Liz: – my father was –

♪ Directions change

Liz: – kind and decent and beautiful.

♪ What do you want for your heart?

Liz: Inside and out.
[ Liz reaches over and clasps Red’s hand ]

♪ What do you want for your heart?
What do you want?
Oh, what do you want?

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༺✦ ♤ ✦༻


Episode Songs


♫ Joker and the Thief
By Wolfmother

♪ I said the joker is a wanted man
He makes his way all across the land
I see him sifting through the sand
So I’ll tell you all the story
About the joker and the thief in the night

♪ He’s always laughing in the midst of power
Are we living in the final hour
There is always sweet and sour
So we are not going home

♪ Can you see the joker flying over
As she’s standing in the field of clover
Watching out everyday
I wonder what would happen if he took her away

♪ What you see well you might not know
You get the feelin’ comin’ after the glow
The vagabond is moving slow
So I’ll tell you all the story
About the joker and the thief in the night

♪ All the people that you see in the night
Hold their dreams up to the light
The wilderbeast is searching for sight
And we are not going home

♪ Can you see the joker flying over
As she’s standing in the field of clover
Watching out everyday
I wonder what would happen if he took her away

♪ I said the joker is a wanted man
He makes his way all across the land
See him sifting through the sand
So I’ll tell you all the story ’bout the joker and the thief
I said, I’ll tell you all the story ’bout the joker and the thief
I said, I’ll tell you all the story ’bout the joker and the thief
In the night

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2VAmbPp
YouTube: https://youtu.be/ySjXFjLTagQ


♫ Wide Awake
Parquet Courts

♪ I’m wide awake
Mind so woke ’cause my brain never pushed the brakes
I’m wide awake
Eyes so open that my vision is as sharp as a blade
I’m wide awake
Movin’ and groovin’ and I ain’t ever losin’ the pace
I’m wide awake
Mind so woke ’cause my brain is as sharp as a blade
I’m wide awake
I’m wide awake
I’m wide awake
I’m wide awake
I’m wide awake

♪ I’m wide awake
Mind so woke ’cause my brain never pushed the brakes
I’m wide awake
Eyes so open that my vision is as sharp as a blade
I’m wide awake
Movin’ and groovin’ and I ain’t ever losin’ the pace
I’m wide awake
Mind so woke ’cause my brain never pushed the brakes
I’m wide awake
I’m wide awake
I’m wide awake
I’m wide awake
I’m wide awake

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2H12n4B
YouTube: https://youtu.be/eZXS8Jpkiac


♫ How Many Times
By Dope Lemon
[ Dope Lemon’s “How Many Times” plays ]

[Verse 1]
♪ Here come the doorway
It’s going down the track
Here come the dope train
Yeah, kill a man for talking back
She got no red lights
Hanging on her door
She cook that blue flame
She’ll have you on the floor
Begging for more

♪ How many times does it take
To hear the phone?
To hear the phone?
How many times does it take
To hear the phone?
To hear the phone?

[Verse 2]
♪ See a street fight
A fighter on the ground
It is your walk back
She’s playing on your mind
She got me blue light
Streaming from her eyes
Beneath them city floors
Her little heart
Her little heart dies

♪ How many times does it take
To hear the phone?
To hear the phone?
How many times does it take
To hear the phone?
To hear the phone?

♪ She’s just trying to tease ya, look
She’s just dying to tease ya
She’s just dying to please ya
Boy, you’re just dying to please her

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2RHjMDc
YouTube: https://youtu.be/ECSTE8Zaxs0


♫ Turnunders and Overpasses
By Baptist Generals ♫

♪ Turnunders and overpasses
Directions change and you are different today
What do you want?
What do you want?

♪ Turnunders and overpasses
Directions change and you are different today
Counsel the stars, the arrows go contrary ways
With no turnunders and overpasses
I saw your colors flying over me
Bled all the color of the heart you used to be
What is it like scattering at such a speed
Above those

♪ Turnunders and Overpasses
Turnunders and Overpasses
Directions change and you are different today
Oh, what do you want?
Oh, what do you want?

♪ Turnunders and Overpasses
Directions change and you are different today
What do you want for your love?
Oh, what do you want for your love?
Turnunders and Overpasses
Directions change and you are different today
What do you want for your heart?
Well, what do you want for your heart?
Oh, what do you want?
Oh, what do you want?

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2RCcUHj
YouTube: https://youtu.be/XxT9XFimlBc

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🔴 Script 6:2 The Corsican (№ 20)

Program air date: 1/4/2019 in the US
Permalink: https://wp.me/pDKwi-8Pa
Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/2C0y73N

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Kurt Kuenne
Written by: John Eisendrath , Jon Bokenkamp



⭕ Script 6:2 The Corsican (№ 20)

Where we’re at: Liz and Lilly (aka Jennifer) have located the foundation of a house in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, which was the place where the fire happened which Liz remembers in flashbacks and nightmares, of the night on which she as a four-year-old shot and killed their father. They want to learn the true identity of the man who afterwards assumed their father’s identity, the man we know as Raymond “Red” Reddington. Everyone on the task force now knows that a skeleton was in the duffel bag (chased in Season 5) and Red believes that Liz “has come to terms” with its identity being one of Red’s secrets. Only Liz and Lilly know there was a DNA report with the skeleton identifying it as that of the real Raymond Reddington, matching the DNA sample Cooper took from a 30 year old shirt from a torture scene from which Cooper had rescued the original Raymond Reddington and which linked Liz with that Raymond Reddington as daughter and father. Liz still publicly acknowledges Red as her father, preferring to keep the secret she shares with Lilly from both Red and the Task Force.

Liz and Lilly found a news report of the fire and are attempting to get medical records of anyone treated in a nearby hospital afterwards. At the same time, Red is attempting to erase any traces of who he was in that distant past, beginning with Dr Hans Koehler who performed plastic surgery on him. He offered the case to the task force suggesting that locating Dr Koehler could help them identify the many criminals whose identities Dr Koehler changed.

They discovered that Koehler was being held captive along with his surgical team and required to perform face-altering surgery on an infamous anti-globalism terrorist named Bastien Moreau, nicknamed The Corsican. They arrived too late to save Dr Koehler’s life, but not before Koehler could give Red the key to obtaining his client list. Red turned over the list to Liz but admitted to her he had deleted one record – his own. Meanwhile, The Corsican has a new face and is on to his next assignment.

Bastien Moreau: [ On phone ] You don’t know me. You may think you do. You may have heard things, stories, about the way I work, jobs I’ve done, and what I’m capable of.
McMahon: I know your reputation, which is why we hired you. The incident will appear to be part of your political agenda. No one will know its real purpose if you can get it done.
Moreau: Everything is on schedule.
McMahon: I haven’t heard from you in nearly a month. Not a single word.
Moreau: I told you, I couldn’t do your job without making a few changesm. Those changes have been made.
McMahon: Target will only be in town for a day. He knows about the coup attempt.
If he tells anyone–
Moreau: I told you, it’s on schedule.
McMahon:: But you haven’t told me how you’ll do it. Will it be on-site? If so, how do you intend on getting past security? How will you get out? Do we have assurances this won’t get back to us?
Moreau: Are you saying you want me to call it off?
McMahon: No, what I’m saying is that the fate of an entire country rests on you doing your job.
Moreau: So stop talking. Consider it done.

[ CAR BEEPS ] [ CAR DOOR OPENS ] [ Moreau gets a in car just as it’s owner, Charles Albrecht, a Turkish envoy, is getting in. Moreau points his gun at Albrecht ] [ GUN COCKS )
Charles Albrecht: [ STAMMERING ] What is this? Who are you?
Monreau: Believe it or not, I’m you.

[ Liz’s apartment. Lilly is talking on the phone ]
Lilly: Yes, I only need you to recover the data. And, no, I already told you.I can’t tell you why. Buck, did I ask you questions when you needed me to pretend to be your girlfriend at the last reunion? Yes, I– Yeah, okay, great. Thank you. Call me back. [ Hangs up ]
Liz: Well? What did he say?
Lilly: He asked a lot of questions.
Liz: But can he recover the medical files Reddington erased, – tell us what he’s hiding –
Lilly: Look, Liz, I get that we’re on our own and that Reddington can’t find out what we’re doing, but can you explain to me again why we can’t just go to one person in the FBI?
Liz: It’s too risky–
Lilly: Because you think he’ll find out?–
Liz: He will. Anyone who’s ever gotten close to the truth about who Reddington was before he became Reddington ended up dead. My husband, Dr. Koehler.
Lilly: Ian Garvey.
Liz; Jennifer, trust me. We can’t go to the Bureau, not yet. We’ve got to stick to the plan and see if your friend can restore the medical files Reddington erased.

Red: Elizabeth?
[ Liz quickly gathers the files strewn across the coffee table ]
Liz: [ WHISPERING ] Help me pick these up.
Lilly: [ WHISPERING ] You can’t let him in. He can’t see me.
Liz: No, he can’t. No one else is gonna die.
Lilly: The friend who wants to help us is a really good guy. We can’t let anything happen to him, please.
Liz: Okay. No one.
[ Lizzy hides in the front hall closet ]

[ CREAKS ] [ DOOR UNLOCKS ] [ CREAKING ] [ Red and Dembe enter ]
Red: Bad time?
Liz: No.
Red: May we?
Liz: Hmm?
Red: As a fugitive from justice, I prefer not to linger in public hallways.
Liz: Of course. Come in. Have you lost weight?
Red: Hmm. Five pounds.
Liz: Oh.
Red: Seven pounds when it’s in the morning.

Liz: Let me look at you. Well, you look fantastic. Thai chi and spinach suit you.
Red: I feel like a different person.
Liz: I’m sure you do.
Red: I have news about the Corsican.

[ The Post Office ]
Liz: According to Reddington, Moreau wasn’t deterred by the shootout at Dr. Koehler’s operating room or our near miss at Reagan National. Instead, he’s reaching out to arms dealers about an upcoming job.
Samar: What job? Did he have any details?
Liz: Reddington doesn’t have any, but he’s reaching out to his contacts now. But if he’s right and Moreau is arming up, that means he’s going to work.
Aram: Which means people are gonna die.
Cooper: What’s the latest on Moreau? Any hits from the airport authority or local police?
Aram: Well, we’ve scoured CCTV feeds, but he was obviously avoiding the cameras. Nothing clearly shows his face.
Samar: So we’re hunting for a killer, but we have no idea what he looks like.
Aram: Correct, but we do know that he purchased a ticket under the name Dino DiPasquale and was all set to board Premium Sky flight number 206 to JFK. Now, the alias is burned, but –
Liz: He’s headed to New York.
Ressler: No, he’s already there. We put out an alert on his vehicle, the one that he stole from the employee parking at Reagan. Port Authority flagged it passing through the Holland Tunnel just after 6:00 p.m.
Cooper: We may not know who this guy is, but we know who he was – A nationalist, a hit man who targets globalism in all its forms. Navabi, alert possible targets Wall Street, the media, consulates. Ressler, Keen, get to New York. There’s an assassin in the city, and we need to find him.

Albrecht: I don’t know about the others. I only know how it works for me.
Moreau: The first basement.
Albrecht: Yes, the first basement. It’s a door marked “C2,” northeast side of the building. Once inside, there’s a checkpoint–
Moreau: I’m not interested about the first checkpoint. Tell me about the second one, where they check your badges. How do you know that?
Albrecht: Please, why are you asking me these things?
Moreau: Talk to me about the second checkpoint where they check your badge and your access code.
Albrecht: How do you know these things? The one they sent you this morning, I need you to write it down. Now.
[ Moreau hands Albrecht a pad ]
Moreau: [ SHOUTING ] Now!
[ Albrecht writes down a number ]
Moreau: You sure?
Albrecht: Yeah.
Moreau: Now it’s time for you to get into the trunk.
Albrecht: What? Please, no. Just–
Moreau: Wait, quick, quick, give me your badge. Now – Get in the trunk.

[ Albrecht is in the trunk. Moreau points his gun ]
Albrecht: Wait, no.

[ Hollywood ]
Aaron: [ On phone ] Are you listening to me? The network cut my license fee in half. I’m paying ICM 10% off the top, and now the studio claims that it’s still in deficit? Yes, I want to sue. Now. [ STAMMERING ] Yesterday, if possible. [ CELLPHONE BEEPS ]
[ Red and Dembe enter. Aaron opens his arms ]
Aaron: Finally, people I can trust.
Red: I warned you, Aaron. How many times? The arms business is like Ring Around the Rosie compared with this business you call show.
Aaron: Hand to God, I’d rather my daughter marry Arafat than a network or studio executive. At least he paid you the courtesy of lying to your face.
Red: I once provided transportation for a Chinese cobalt magnate who insisted on funneling his ill-gotten gains into a three-picture deal with Woodman Blake. Huge hits, each one bigger than the last. Careers were made. Awards were won. A single dollar over a billion in net profits, and he stood to double his investment. The movies grossed almost $3 billion worldwide. In anticipation of his windfall, my associate purchased a mansion in Sydney and a yacht in Montenegro. When the studio accountants were finished sharpening their pencils, the net was $999 million to the crooked penny. He went into receivership, and his wife left him for a talent agent. Not that that’s gonna happen to you. I mean, financially, you’re screwed, but look at the bright side. Your wife’s dead, may she rest in peace.
Aaron: [ CHUCKLES ] You said you had a question about Moreau.
Red: Yes, his whereabouts. I’m told he reached out to you recently.
Aaron: Mm, he did, but, um–
Red: Aaron, I wouldn’t ask you to divulge information about a client if it weren’t urgent.
Aaron: I appreciate that, my friend, hmm? From you, I have no secrets. If I knew his whereabouts, you’d know his whereabouts, but I don’t.
Red: Oh, then how about the place where you’re sending the material he ordered?
Aaron: He didn’t order any. I had a cache of RPGs, mint condition, no interest. All he wanted was a reference for a contractor.
Red: And who was that?
Aaron: Maxwell Ruddiger. Name mean anything to you?
Red: Like a blast from the past. Hmm.

[ RADIO CHATTER ] [ A parking garage. Red and Liz get out of separate vehicles ]
Ressler: If you’re good with it, I’m good with it.
Liz: I already told you, I’m good with it.
Ressler: What am I missing? See, I know you, and I know there’s no way that you’re okay with Reddington killing a guy in our custody so he wouldn’t have to identify that skeleton. No, you don’t want to tell me what’s really going on, I’m okay with it. But don’t insult me by saying you’re good with it.
Liz: Thank you.
Ressler: For what? For being okay with it.

[ The trunk of Charles Albrecht’s car is open. His body is inside ]
Liz: What you got for us?
Man: Charles Albrecht. He was a courier for the Turkish consulate. When he didn’t show up for work, the consulate reported him missing.
Liz: [ To Ressler ] They were on alert because we put word out.
Ressler: Did the consulate say whether he was in possession of any privileged or classified documents?
Man: He was carrying a diplomatic pouch that contained classified information.
Ressler: Was.
Man: The pouch is missing, and since the Intel was classified, the consulate won’t say what it was.
Liz: [ To Ressler, whispering ] Well, we already know what it was. Something Moreau’s willing to kill for.
Ressler: Even if it was Moreau. A Turkish courier? How does that fit into his nationalist M.O.?
Liz: [ To the man ] What else can you tell us?
Man: The diplomatic pouch wasn’t the only thing missing. His I.D. was taken, too.

[ Moreau uses Albrecht’s I.D. to get past security ]

Aram: Okay, I think we have a problem.
Liz: [ On phone ] Aram, what is it? – Okay, it’s about Albrecht.
Aram: Mr Cooper spoke to the ambassador at the Turkish Embassy, who confirmed that Albrecht was headed to a meeting at – Get this, The United Nations.
Liz: That’s how it fits his M.O.
Aram: All right, U.N. Security Police says Albrecht’s badge was swiped six minutes ago at the first basement level, entrance C2.
Ressler: All right, Aram, coordinate with security, put that building on lockdown, and see if they can’t get a location on that badge.
Ressler: [To Aram ] We’re on our way.
Liz: Keen.
Red: Elizabeth I have news about the faceless assassin you seek.
[ Red in his plane with Maxwell Ruddiger the bomb maker ]
Liz: He’s headed to the U.N.
Red: Yes, to deliver a bomb.
Liz: A bomb? You know this because?
Red: The device was purchased from one Maxwell Ruddiger. A lush, a scoundrel, an old friend, and a consummate technician of all things explosive.
Liz: That’s why Moreau targeted the courier. This was about access.
Red: Moreau simply needed a way to get his device into the building.
Liz: Well, the badge will get him in, but not the bomb. They’ll scan it at security, stop it there.
Red: Unless they don’t. Moreau didn’t choose just anybody with security clearance. He specifically chose someone carrying a diplomatic pouch.
Liz: Which they won’t seize because it’s not subject to search.
Red: Elizabeth, the contraption you’re hunting for is a binary device that contains enough ammonium nitrate and hydrazine to wipe out the entire General Assembly if not take down the building itself, and it’s volatile. The slightest bump or jostle could detonate the thing without warning.
Liz: How do you know this?
Red: I know this because I’m sitting with the madman who built the damn thing.
Liz: Maxwell Ruddiger is with you?
Red: We’re en route to you as we speak. You need to clear the building, locate that device, and find a way to get us to it, but do not let anyone near that widowmaker until I can get Ruddiger there to undo the devil he’s created. Understood?
Liz: Yes.
Red: Max, perhaps you should put down the gin and tonics. You have a job to do, and you’ll need steady hands.
Ruttiger: The gin and tonics are exactly what give me the steady hands.
Red: Better have another.

[ Wire’s ♪ “I Am The Fly” plays ]

♪ Crawling
Over your window
You think I’m confused
I’m waiting for the divergent wasp
To complete my current ruse

[ Moreau walks into an area with small tables. He is carrying a metal briefcase. He puts it down next to a table and whispers something to a man seated there. As he leaves the room, Moreau pulls out a small metal device and engages it. It blinks and BEEPS. The case left at the table BEEPS quietly. The man sitting at the table lifts up the case and places it flat on the table. He flips numbers on the keypad on the top of the case alongside the handle ]

You use a plate-glass screen
To protect my chosen target
But there’s an air-pellet hole
I can crawl through to you

[ Liz and Ressler are met inside an entrance to the building by security personnel ]
Topperview: Jean Topperwien, head of security.
Ressler: Agents Ressler, Keen, FBI. You need to evacuate this building.
Topperview: We have an evacuation plan, but there’s no guarantee we won’t lose your unsub in the process.
Ressler: Well, that’s a risk we’re gonna have to take. You have to clear this building.
Liz: Do you have a location on Moreau?
Man: We know where the badge was last swiped.
Liz: Take us there, now.

I am the fly, I am the fly, I am the fly, I am the fly
Fly in the, fly in the ointment


Over P.A. 🔊 Attention, all personnel, this is an emergency. For your safety, please immediately locate the nearest exit. – This is not a test.

♪ Fly in the, fly in the ointment

[ People begin evacuating ]
[ The man sitting at the table continues flipping the numbers on the lock on the metal suitcase ]
[ Moreau joins a group of people leaving the building ]

♪ I am the fly, I am the fly, I am the fly, I am the fly
Fly in the, fly in the ointment

Liz: Sir! Stop.
[ Liz enters the room where the man with the suitcase is ]
Liz: Put it down. Special Agent Elizabeth Keen, FBI.

♪ I am the fly, I am the fly

Liz: We have reason to believe that case contains – an explosive device.
[ The man looks shocked ]

♪ I am the fly, I am the fly

Liz: I need you to put it down slowly – and do exactly as I say.
[ One latch of the suitcase flips open ]

♪ Fly in the, fly in the ointment
I am the fly

Aram: Okay, uh, all right, I have the feeds up now.
Ressler: All right, I’m putting you on with the head of security now.

🔊Man over PA: Attention, all personnel

Topperview: Agent Mojtabai.
Aram: Hello.
Topperview Hello, we’re holding evacuees on the north lawn. I’m trying to get you access to those feeds now.
[ Moreau walks past behind Topperview and Ressler ]
Aram: Okay, thank you.

🔊 Woman over PA: (Speaking in foreign language)

Ressler: Move, move!

🔊Man over PA: Attention, all personnel

[ Ressler runs up to to man who was shot ]
Man: My gun, he’s He’s got my gun.
Ressler: Officer down. Repeat, officer down. North atrium. Suspect’s armed and on the move.

Security Guard: Our evacuation protocol is clear.
Liz: I’ve been authorized to change it.
Security Guard: The FBI has no authority here. Besides, we won’t evacuate emergency personnel – During an actual emergency.
Liz: You need to leave, including all UN Personnel, NYPD responders, NYPD bomb squad, HDU, everyone.
[ Security Guard takes phone call; hangs up ]
Security Guard: That was my superior officer. The Secretary General just hung up with Homeland, and they’ve requested we evacuate all emergency personnel. Who are you people? What’s going on here?

[ A policeman walks through an emptied hall of the building. He motions to another policeman ]
Policeman: 10-4, we’re clear.
[ Surfounded by guards, Red, Dembe and Ruddiger stroll in ]
Red: [ CHUCKLES ] This is certainly a first.
[ Soul Coughing’s ♪ “Super Bon Bon” plays ]

Move aside, and let the man go through
Let the man go through
Move aside, and let the man go through
Let the man go through
Move aside, and let the man go through
Let the man go through
Move aside, and let the man go through

[ Ressler searches through the crowd for Moreau ]
Aram: Okay, I think I got him.
Ressler: All right, Aram, talk to me. Which way?

Let the man go through, through

Aram: All right, turn left. No, right. No, no, no, your right. He can’t be more than 20 yards ahead of you, moving west.

If I stole somebody else’s wave to fly up

Ruddiger: I apologize, it’s probably a silly question But why are the police escorting us, again?
Red: The police and I have a special kind of relationship.
Ruddiger: Yeah, but this, they treat you like Elvis.
Red: Yes, except the President gave Elvis a badge, and I don’t really need one.

♪ Too fat, fat you must cut lean You got to take the elevator to the mezzanine
Chump change

Aram: Okay, I can’t tell.

♪ And it’s on, super bon bon

Aram: Uh Come on. Where’d you go? All right, I, I lost him on the feed.

♪ Too fat, fat, you must cut lean

Aram: I do not have a visual.

♪ You got to take the elevator to the mezzanine

Aram: Okay. I just picked him up again. You’re close.

♪ Super bon bon, super bon bon

[ Ressler sees a man walking in front of him with a gun ]
Ressler: Drop the weapon, Moreau. Don’t do this.
[ GUN COCKS ] [ Moreau grabs a man, spins around ]
Moreau: You’ve got bigger problems than me inside that building.
Ressler: I’m only worried about you.
Moreau: [ CHUCKLES ] Maybe you should be worried about my hostage.
[ GUNSHOT 💥 SCREAMING ] [ The man GROANS, falls ]

♪ You must cut lean
You got to take the elevator

Ressler: Hang on. Hold on. Hold on.

♪ Super bon bon, super bon bon Too fat, fat, you must cut lean

Ressler: Hang on. Hang on.
[ Moreau escapes as Ressler assists the injured man ]

♪ Chump change, and it’s on, super bon bon
Super bon bon, super bon bon

[ Red, Ruddiger and Dembe arrive where Liz is waiting with the metal suitcase ]
Liz: [ To the police escort ] Your men need to vacate the premises.
Red: Funny, it’s all so much smaller than I’d imagined. A little tacky. Reminds me of that road trip we took.
Dembe: To Memphis.
Red: Yes, exactly, Graceland. I had the same reaction at Graceland. All rather unimpressive, actually. [ SNIFFS ] It smells kind of funny. How much time before this thing goes off?
Ruddiger: I don’t have a clue.
Red: Elizabeth, maybe we should find someone to get the man a drink.

Ressler: Tell me about the perimeter.
Cooper: We’re working with NYPD to set a line from Midtown to the east and 59th down to 42nd to the south.
Ressler: Any sightings?
Aram: Not yet, but I’ve got NYPD analyzing footage of the area as we speak.
Cooper: Pull surveillance, find an image. I want Moreau’s face on every TV in the tri-state area.
Any news from Keen?
Ressler: I’m on my way to her now.

[ Gently, Ruddiger lays the metal suitcase on its side. He pours oil on the latches ]
Red: Ahh, honestly, the suspense.
Liz: [ WHISPERING ] Shh, quiet.
Red: [ SIGHS ] Do I really need to be here?
Ruddiger: [ WHISPERING ] Quiet.
[ Ruddiger prepares a syringe and begins to inject an acid into the locks ]
Red: Ugh, I hate needles.
[ Ruddiger takes a hammer out of his toolbox ]
Liz: Wait, wait, wait. What are you doing?
Red: [ LAUGHS nervously ]
Ruddiger: I’m going to smack the lock. I’m going to whack it to pieces and pray that opens the case without tripping the secondary in-line bypass switch.
Liz: You’re gonna pray?
Red: Okay, I really don’t need to stay for this part. All of the smacking and the whacking and–
Liz: Are you okay?
Red: What is it?
[ Ruddiger SNEEZES ]
Red: Oh, okay. Ruddiger, if there’s nothing else I can do for you, I think I’ll go exploring.
Liz: Wait, wait. You’re gonna leave me here with him and the bomb?
Red: You can come to the U.N. any day of the week. For me, this is once-in-a-lifetime. The tug of history and all that. You should be fine.
Liz: Should be? [ DOOR OPENS ] That’s comforting. [ DOOR CLOSES ]

[ Sean Rowe’s ♪ “You Keep Coming Alive” plays ]

♪ Now my bed don’t weigh the same
Change my clothes and wash my name
Does the well go down that low?

[ Red and Dembe find the auditorium where the General Assembly meets ]
Red: [ LAUGHS ]

♪ Oh, my! Let me breathe, and I’ll let you go
Oh! I knelt down in desperation
I felt around for something real
There’s a radio station
Playing wrong in my ear

[ Red goes to the podium ]
Red: [ LAUGHS ]

♪ You keep coming alive, keep coming alive
Keep coming alive, keep coming alive


♪ You keep coming alive, keep coming alive
Keep coming alive, keep coming alive

Red: Mr. Secretary General, Mr. President, distinguished members of the General Assembly [ LAUGHS ] I come before you on the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights –

♪ Now my bed don’t weigh the same

Red: – Humbled to be the latest in a long line of politically questionable, formerly dashing strong men to address this hallowed hall. Castro, Gaddafi, and my personal favorite –

♪ Where your cross and your flowers survive

[ Red takes off his shoe and pounds the podium with it ] [ THUMPING ]
Red: – [ CHUCKLES ] Ah, Nikita. You may have helped the Soviet Union lose the Cold War –

♪ I knelt down in desperation

Red: – But you did it in style. Today, I want to bring to your attention a topic of great interest to me –

♪ There’s a radio station

Red: And I believe to anyone who cares about this revered institution – Cary Grant, or, specifically, his acid trips. 🔘 [See Note]

♪ You keep coming alive, keep coming alive –

[ Ressler enters the room where Ruddiger and Liz are ]
Liz: Moreau?
Ressler: We lost him. NYPD’s blanketing the city as we speak.
Liz: What is it?
Ruddiger: The gel-cap housing is stuck. I don’t think I can remove it.
Ressler: Which means–
Ruddiger: I don’t know yet. Here, do me a favor. Hold this.
Ressler: Hold what?
Ruddiger: This white wire. And not the yellow one. Don’t touch that. Please. Steady hands, my friend.
Red: Through five marriages, numerous lovers, allegedly both male and female, and over 70 films, including “North by Northwest,” arguably the greatest work ever produced here, he just kept right on tripping, and why not? Before LSD was weighed down by the counter-cultural baggage of Timothy Leary turning on, tuning in, and dropping out LSD was used to treat addiction, anxiety, and depression.
[ Ruddiger cuts a wire ]

♪ Keep coming alive, keep coming alive
Keep coming alive, keep coming alive

Ruddiger: Oh, boy.
Ressler: What do you mean, “Oh, boy”?
Ruddiger: That means this is not a good thing.
[ Ruddiger takes a drink from a flask ]
Red: Standing here in the heart of an institution dedicated to diplomacy, I can say, from personal experience, LSD has made me significantly more enlightened, kind, considerate, and loving, and if people are more kind and loving, then the world will be, too.
Ressler: Honestly, do you have any idea what the hell you’re doing?
Red: There will be less crime, fewer acts of terror, more joy, more diplomacy, and far more fun.
Ruddiger: Ha, ha! Ha, ha! [ Drinks from flask ] Mm!
[ Ressler grabs the flasks and takes a drink himself ]
[ Liz runs out ]
Red: Cary Grant once said after a particularly evocative LSD trip, “I imagined myself as a giant penis launching off from Earth – “like a spaceship.”
[ Liz walks in ]
Liz: We lost Moreau, but your weird little German friend did it. He defused the bomb.
Red: I’m not surprised. After all, he did build it.
Liz: We’ve notified NYPD. You got to get out of here before they arrive. [ Pause ] Does it – Bother you?
Red: What?
Liz: Knowing that a catastrophe at the United Nations was averted, that people’s lives were saved because of you. That you do – Good, that no one will ever know.
Red: Did you know that Cary Grant’s original name was Archibald Leach? That he was born into poverty, the son of an alcoholic father and a depressed mother, and then reinvented himself as the paragon of WASP virtue and charm? [ Looking up ] Good for you, Archie. I’m a great fan of reinvention.
Liz: Of keeping your true self hidden.
Red: Or of becoming your true self, even if you have to take on a new identity to achieve it. Care to join me and Dembe and Ruddiger at the Red Brau Tavern? Celebrate with a warm pretzel and a cold beer?
Liz: Whatever happened to tai chi and the spinach?
Red: [ SCOFFS ] After saving Manhattan, I feel I deserve a few carbs.
Liz: You go. I got to stay here and figure out how to explain this to EOD.

Lilly: [ On phone ] Second thoughts?
Liz: I just want to talk about our plan.
Lilly: What we’re doing is the right thing.
Liz: I know. I do. It’s just, um – Whoever he is, he does do a lot of good.
Lilly: The only thing that you just said that matters is “whoever he is.” That’s the point, we don’t know, and this is the only way we’re gonna find out.
Liz: But we do know who he is. Raymond Reddington. Not the real one, the reinvented one. The one who’s been Raymond Reddington for 30 years, longer than anyone else, and whatever we find out, it’s not gonna change that. This man, the one we know, is the concierge of crime. A very bad man capable of an incredible amount of good.
Lilly: Look, I get it. I mean, I mean, I, I don’t get it, but I accept it. He’s part of your life. He drops by unannounced. He’s like family. But being like family isn’t family. We have a plan, and if we stick to it, it’s gonna work, but I can’t do this without you. So what’s it gonna be?

[ Red, Dembe and Ruddiger walk through a park ]
Red: Max, we can fly you tonight, just as long as we are back in the hotel in time for the tennis. I don’t want to miss a moment of the women’s doubles, all right?
[ Max leaves ]
[ Red turns to pause at a pretzel stand ]
Red: [ To Dembe ] Go ahead. I’ll meet you inside.
Dembe: I’ll take mine salted.
Red: As if there was any other way.
Red: [To vendor ] Three salted, two with mustard.
Officer Baldwin: Excuse me, sir. Can I help you? You look lost.
Red: I am, metaphysically, but aren’t we all just a little?
Officer Baldwin: Let me see some ID.
Red: George Murphy, Senior VP at Fine and Clean. We sell shower curtains, curtain rods, liners, the occasional soap dish.
Officer Baldwin: What are you looking at?
Red: Is there a problem, Officer?
Officer Baldwin: Turn around. Hands on the cart. You don’t want me to do that. This is my good side. [ To comms ] 1085, officer needs assistance.
Red: Assistance with what? Deciding whether to go salted or unsalted?
Officer Baldwin: I’m not gonna ask you again.
Red: Fine, salted. Just don’t blame me for the aneurysm.
Officer Baldwin: Hands on the cart.
Red: Isn’t this exactly the kind of harassment that makes people hate the police?
[ Red complies, revealing his gun ]
Officer Baldwin: Are you carrying a weapon?
Red: And here I was hoping to surprise you.
Officer Baldwin: Mr. Murphy, tell me – What’s a curtain-rod salesman doing carrying a loaded handgun?
[ Another Officer comes up ]
Second Officer: Curtain-rod salesman?
Red: Shower curtains, mildew-resistant fabrics.
Second Officer: Baldwin, do you have any idea who this guy is?
Officer Baldwin: I know he’s a wiseass.
Second Officer: Wiseass? That’s who you think? This is the most wanted man in America.
[ HANDCUFFS CLICKING ] [ Dembe has been watching from a distance ]

Liz: Aram, what is it?
Aram: [ On phone ] He’s been arrested.
Ressler: That’s great news.
Aram: Great? Why would you say that?
Ressler: The guy’s a killer.
Aram: I know, but, look. I know theoretically that I should be happy that someone who’s done what he’s done has finally been caught, but I’m not. I’m sad.
Liz: Sad, about Moreau?
Aram: Moreau?
Ressler: You just said he was arrested.
Aram: No. We haven’t found Moreau. We’re still working on that.
Liz: Well, then who are you talking about?
Aram: Mr. Reddington. Mr. Reddington is the one that’s been arrested.
Liz: What? When?
Aram: Less than an hour ago, he was, uh, buying a pretzel. 30 years on the run, and a beat cop picks him up at a pretzel cart.
Ressler: Where is he now?
Aram: NYPD is holding him at the 27th.
Liz: [ STAMMERING ] Well, we have to go get him out.
Ressler: Police precinct, the most wanted man in America? There’s no getting him out.
Liz: Of course we can. We~ We, the government. We have an agreement.
Ressler: Keen, he’s in the system now.
Liz: Does Cooper know?
Aram: He’s in with Panabaker.
Ressler: She’s not gonna do anything.
Liz: Is that what you know or what you want?
Aram: No one wants that.
Liz: For Reddington to get arrested so we don’t have to work with him anymore?
Ressler: Go ahead, Keen, say it. I know it’s what you’re thinking.
Aram: Thinking what?
Ressler: That I called it in. Reddington’s whereabouts, that they arrested him because of me.
Aram: That’s crazy. None of us would betray Mr. Reddington like that.
Liz: I don’t believe you did it, but I do believe you’re relieved it happened.
Ressler: Keen, all I do know is that it’s over, and nothing Cooper says is gonna change that.

Cooper: You can’t just walk away.
Panabaker: Actually, Harold, I can’t do anything else.
Cooper: You know the good this Task Force has done.
Panabaker: Yes, I do, and the bad.
Cooper: We knew this was a possibility when we made his deal.
Panabaker: Which is why the government lawyers who papered it were very clear about what our position would be if it did. In the event of Reddington’s arrest, we disavow.
Cooper: We papered it five years ago. Since that time, thanks to Reddington’s blacklist, this Bureau has killed or captured over 100 high-value targets and saved a tremendous number of lives in the process.
Panabaker: Harold, I like you, and I admire the way you have milked this mad cow, but you knew from Day One that the government would never publicly acknowledge having an immunity agreement with the number-one man on its most-wanted list.
Cooper: I’m not asking you to go public. He was arrested in New York. If you inform the US
Attorney of the Southern District–
Panabaker: The publicity hound who wants to run for governor and, God forbid, president? You have any idea how long she’d sit on that Intel? We’d be in turtle mode for a month of Sundays.
Cooper: There must be something you can do.
Panabaker: There is, and we are very good at it. Absolutely nothing.
Cooper: Cynthia, I know that the Task Force has crossed lines. I know that there has been collateral damage, that Reddington is a criminal who someday must answer for what he has done, but that day is not today. Today, because of Reddington, we stopped a terrorist from bombing the UN. You disavow, and, tomorrow, we may not be so lucky.
Panabaker: And that would be a tragedy, but there is nothing I can do about it.

Officer Baldwin: One driver’s license, one watch, Rolex. $2,000 in cash, no wallet, no credit card, no keys, no phone. You travel light.
Red: Trick of the trade.
Baldwin: The soap dish trade.
Red: You know what you fellas always say, that phrase? “We can do this the easy way or the hard way.”
Baldwin: Well, that’s up to you, isn’t it?
Red: Actually, it’s entirely up to you. One way or the other, I’ll be set free. Indictments and trials are obviously the hard way. The easy way is for you and your family to suddenly become grotesquely rich, buy one of those offensive mega-yachts, and travel the oceans like a nouveau Jacques Cousteau.
Baldwin: Is that a bribe?
Red: A statement of fact. You simply haven’t lived until you’ve skinny dipped in the clear blue waters off the coast of La Ciotat.
Baldwin: The ADA is gonna want a statement.
[ Baldwin slides a pen and pad across the table to Red. Red writes something on if and slides it back ]
Baldwin: Hmm. A phone number.
Red: A pot of gold waiting at the end of the rainbow for anyone smart enough to make the call.
Baldwin: Let’s try that again.
[ He slides the pad to Red. Red writes on it and slides it back ]
[ Red has written: Officer Baldwin, Get well soon. (Signature illegible) ]
Baldwin: What’s this?
Red: My autograph, and a short dedication. Something to make it personal. If you insist on being a flatfoot for the rest of your life, you should sell it on eBay, buy some orthotics.

Red: Ah.
US Attorney Holt: We’ll take it from here.
Officer Baldwin: Who’s “we”?
Holt: The prisoner is now in the custody of the federal government.
Baldwin: I made the arrest. You’re just gonna take my collar away from me.
Holt: He’s facing multiple outstanding federal indictments. That puts us at the head of the line. You’re a hero, Officer Baldwin. I’ll be sure to mention your name at the press conference.
Red: Would’ve been a nice boat.
Holt: Let me be clear. You will never be free again. You’ll be tried, convicted, held in a federal prison until we execute you.
Red: As pleasant as that sounds, I’m afraid I’ve made other arrangements.
Holt: This is gonna be fun.
Red: Winning always is.

Cooper: Miss Holt. Harold Cooper.
Holt: Hi.
Cooper: Thank you for coming.
Holt: Sure. When you asked me to come to your office to talk about Reddington, I assumed you meant the Hoover building. What is this place?
Cooper: A blacksite facility for the Reddington Task Force.
Holt: This is where you’ve been hunting him from?
Cooper: That’s what I wanted to talk with you about. We haven’t been hunting Reddington We’ve been working with him.
Holt: Say that again.
Cooper: Several years ago, the government entered into an immunity agreement with Reddington. Now that he’s been arrested, I’ve been instructed to keep that agreement secret, but I thought you should know.
Holt: Has the agreement born fruit?
Cooper: A cornucopia.
Holt: You want to keep it in place.
Cooper: Yes, and I think you’ll want to, as well, after you understand just how many cases–
Holt: Will he be an effective C.I. from prison?
Cooper: No.
Holt: You want me to kick him.
Cooper: I want you to know all the facts. I want you to–
Holt: I came here assuming that you were going to help prosecute Reddington. Instead, you want me to conspire with you to let him go.
Cooper: Once you go public, all this goes away.
Holt: Mr. Cooper, I can protect the Bureau’s relationship with Mr Reddington for now, but the most wanted man in America, maybe the world, has been arrested in New York City, and I will prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law, immunity agreement or not.
Cooper: So the rumors are true. You are running for governor.

US Attorney Holt: Good evening. Today, I can report to the American people and to the world that earlier this afternoon, Officer Michael Baldwin of the New York City Police Department arrested international fugitive and traitor to the United States – Mr. Raymond Reddington.
Holt: As of this moment, I cannot speak to the details of his arrest, but I can tell you this, in the coming days and weeks, my office will be exploring all options regarding charges and sentencing against Mr. Reddington. And to the victims of his crimes, I want you to know that this case is my top priority, and I will not rest until Mr. Reddington is held to account for all the pain and suffering he has inflicted on too many for too long.

Liz: [ To Guard ] Can we have a minute? He’s my father.
[ Liz sits by Red ]
Liz: They won’t acknowledge the agreement.
Red: I need you to focus.
Liz: They’re not gonna release you.
Red: Focus on what happened.
Liz: They’re gonna put you on trial.
Red: How it happened.
Liz: How?
Red: This wasn’t an accident. My luck didn’t just run out. Someone tipped them. Someone close.
Liz: What makes you think that?
Red: The cops were tipped off. Not specifically about me. That would’ve triggered a larger presence, and I would’ve noticed. Whoever did this told the cops as little as possible. Something about a middle-aged white male carrying a concealed weapon, something a couple of cops could follow up on quietly, discreetly.
Liz: Do you have any idea who it was?
Red: That’s what I need your help to find out. Forget about the prosecutor and all this. I’ve been a step ahead of them for decades. I’m confident this won’t change that.
Liz: How can you say that?
Red: I need to find the person who betrayed me.
Liz: So you can kill him?
[ Vision Vision’s ♪ “Hard Times” plays ]

♪ I see hard times coming

Red: I’d say that depends.

♪ I feel the flood in my veins
I hear a warning in the thunder
I got a sinking in my chest
These thoughts keep running, running, running, running
These thoughts keep running, running, running, running
I see hard times coming
Ohhhh Ohhhh Ohhhh

[ Red is led in chains to a transport van ]
[ SIRENS WAILING ] [ A police escort transports him from jail to a prison ]

♪ Ohhhh Ohhhh Ohhhh
I see blood in the river
As the current pulls me down
I slowly fade into the darkness

Jennifer: I know you were having second thoughts.

♪ And I scream without a sound

Jennifer: It was the right thing to do.

♪ These thoughts keep running, running, running, running

Jennifer: What’s the biggest obstacle standing between us and finding out who he really is? It was him. He deleted his file. He dropped by unannounced. I had to hide in the closet to keep him from seeing me. As long as he’s free, we’re never gonna find out the truth.

♪ Ohhhh Ohhhh

Jennifer: Personally, I think it’s cause for celebration.

♪ Ohhhh Ohhhh Ohhhh

Liz: He asked me to find out who tipped off the police. It’s all that matters to him. Not that he’s been arrested or –

♪ With all these worries taking over

Liz: That he’s gonna be put on trial –

♪ It’s getting harder and harder to breathe

Liz: [ VOICE BREAKING ] And face the death penalty.

♪ I see hard times coming

Liz: All he cares about is finding out who betrayed him.

♪ I see hard times coming
I see hard times coming
Ohhhh Ohhhh Ohhhh

Liz: I can’t imagine what he’ll do–

♪ I see hard times coming

Liz: –If he ever finds out that it was me.

♪ Ohhhh Ohhhh Ohhhh

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༺✦ ♤ ✦༻


Episode Songs


♫ I Am The Fly
By Wire

♪ Crawling
Over your window you think I’m confused
I’m waiting for the divergent wasp
To complete my current ruse
You use a plate-glass screen
To protect my chosen target
But there’s an air-pellet hole
I can crawl through to you
I am the fly in the ointment
I can spread more disease
Than the fleas which nibble away
At your window display
Yes, I am the fly in the ointment
I shake you down to say please
As you accept the next dose of disease

♪ I am the fly, I am the fly, I am the fly, I am the fly
Fly in the, fly in the ointment
I am the fly, I am the fly, I am the fly, I am the fly
Fly in the, fly in the ointment

♪ I am the fly, I am the fly, I am the fly, I am the fly
Fly in the, fly in the ointment
Yes, I am the fly, I am the fly, I am the fly, I am the fly
Fly in the, fly in the ointment

♪ I am the fly, I am the fly, I am the fly, I am the fly
Fly in the, fly in the ointment
Yes, I am the fly, I am the fly, I am the fly, I am the fly
Fly in the, fly in the ointment

♪ I am the fly

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2RyhZQP
YouTube: https://youtu.be/TiufXM6Rcis


♫ Super Bon Bon
By Soul Coughing

♪ Move aside
And let the man go through
Let the man go through
Move aside
And let the man go through
Let the man go through
Move aside
And let the man go through
Let the man go through
Move aside
And let the man go through
Let the man go through through

♪ If I stole
Somebody else’s wave
To fly up
If I rose up
With the avenue behind me

♪ Some kind of verb
Some kind of moving thing
Something unseen
Some hand is motioning
To rise, to rise, to rise

[♪ Chorus]
Too fat, fat you must cut lean
You got to take the elevator to the mezzanine
Chump, change, and it’s on, super bon bon
Super bon bon, Super bon bon

[♪ Chorus]
Too fat, fat you must cut lean
You got to take the elevator to the mezzanine
Chump, change, and it’s on, super bon bon
Super bon bon, Super bon bon

♪ And by
The phone
I live
In fear
Sheer Chance
Will draw
You in
To here

[♪ Chorus]
Too fat, fat you must cut lean
You got to take the elevator to the mezzanine
Chump, change, and it’s on, super bon bon
Super bon bon, Super bon bon

[♪ Chorus]
Too fat, fat you must cut lean
You got to take the elevator to the mezzanine
Chump, change, and it’s on, super bon bon
Super bon bon, Super bon bon

♪ Super bon bon, super bon bon
Super bon bon, super bon bon
Super bon bon, super bon bon
Super bon bon bon bon


♪ Move up
And let the man go
Let the man go
Move up
And let the man go
Let the man go
Move up
And let the man go
Let the man go
Move up
And let the man go
Let the man go through

♪ Move aside
And let the man go through
Let the man go through
Move aside
And let the man go through
Let the man go through
Move aside
And let the man go through
Let the man go through
Move aside
And let the man go through
Let the man go through

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2SGtGCu
YouTube: https://youtu.be/TRqP52c0OLU


♫ You Keep Coming Alive
By Sean Rowe

♪ Now my bed don’t weigh the same
I take my clothes and wash my name
There’s a [?] down in [?]
Let me breathe and I’ll let you go

♪ I melt down in desperation
I felt around for something real
There’s a radio station
I’m playing wrong in my ears

♪ You keep coming alive
You keep coming alive

♪ Now my bed don’t weigh the same
I take my clothes and wash my name
I went down to Allendale Drive
Where your cross and your flowers survive

♪ I melt down in desperation
I felt around for something real
There’s a radio station
I’m playing wrong in my ears

♪ You keep coming alive
You keep coming alive

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2CTl1XL
YouTube: https://youtu.be/2X0bVx9sGe0


♫ Hard Times (feat. Congratulationz)
By Vision Vision

♪ (unavailable as of 1/8/2019)

Lyrics and Credits: [unavailable]
YouTube: https://youtu.be/TOQ7FioIEuo

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🔴 Script 6:3 The Pharmacist (№ 124)

Program air date: 1/11/2019 in the US
Script Permalink: https://wp.me/pDKwi-8Wq
Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/2REyQBN

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Daniel Willis
Written by: Lukas Reiter



⭕ Script 6:3 The Pharmacist (№ 124)


Brief (Where we’re at): Red is under arrest! Not by the federal government with which he has an immunity agreement, but by the aggressive Southern District of New York. The fact he just revealed and foiled an attempt to bomb the United Nations looks to hold no sway there. Nor have Cooper’s attempts to get Panabaker to step in, or to get the US Attorney for the SDNY to stand down.

Worse, the tip as to Red’s whereabouts came from an unlikely source – Liz. Lilly has convinced Liz that this is the only way they will ever be able to find out who Red really is – this man who assumed the identity of their father, Raymond Reddington, 30 years ago. But Liz now has grave doubts when she considers all the good Red has been capable of and all the lives he has saved. Red’s preoccupation is only with finding out who betrayed him, a task for which he turns for help to – (wait for it:) Liz.

[ GRAVEL SCRAPING ] [ A man shuffles slowly and unsteadily toward a large warehouse ]
[ Caught A Ghost’s ♪ “Footsteps” plays ]
[ A small wooden window opens in the door ]
Man: Name?
Walter Pruitt: [ BREATHLESSLY ] Walter Pruitt.
[ His name is crossed off a list of five names ]

♪ Get out the door
And smell the sulfur hanging in the air

Man: Name?
Margaret Hopkins: [ SHAKILY ] Margaret Hopkins.
[ Her name is also crossed off ]

♪ Get out to work
Turning the page as if there’s nothing there
I often wonder –

Man: Name?
Dan: [ Shaking and stuttering ] D-D-Dan –
[ The name Daniel Lloyd is crossed off ]

♪ If I ever felt another way
I’ve never known another life
There goes another day
Vaguely revolutionary songs and incantations

[ Patients are on gurneys hooked to monitoring equipment. They are arranged in a circle inside a large vinyl enclosure ]

♪ Fighting battles from the basement
You slept through the alarm

[ Spalding Stark leans on a cane and speaks with a shaky voice ]
Spalding Stark: Thank you all for coming.

♪ Afraid we got complacent

Stark: I know it wasn’t easy to get here –

♪ Micro-managing behaviors

Stark: – in your current condition.

♪ Painting shades of gray

Stark: On the bright side, you won’t be in your current condition for much longer.

♪ When darkness had an army

Stark: To be clear, the procedure that we suggest today has not been approved by the FDA. In fact, you’ll each have to inject yourselves. It’s a crime for us to do it for you. We ask that you administer the treatment at the same time.

♪ They told you you could have everything
If you just believe
They gave you all the information –


♪ You could ever need
You often wonder if the choice –

Margaret: Oh! Oh!

♪ Is even yours to make


♪ You hear it happens
If you get down on your knees and beg

Assistant: He’s seizing.

[ DOOR SLIDES SHUT ] [ INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS IN DISTANCE ] [ Liz speaks to Red in his pre-trial detention cell ]
Liz: Cooper talked to the Attorney General this morning. Officially, your Immunity Agreement never existed.
Red: They won’t let me see Marvin Gerard.
Liz: I’m sure there are other lawyers.
Red: I’m being denied my counsel of choice.
Liz: A public defender’s been assigned for the arraignment. Did you hear what I said? Cooper’s been ordered not to inform the court about the Task Force. They’re going to prosecute you.
Red: Of course they are. They’re political animals. In the short run, justice always loses to politics.
Liz: Aren’t you worried? You’ve been indicted for at least half a dozen capital offenses.
Red: I’m confident I’ll prevail. I want to talk about the news. The Marshals have been watching all morning.
Liz: Yeah, you’ve been the top story on every channel.
Red: I’m not talking about me. There was a story about bodies found in a Virginia warehouse.
Liz: I saw that. Some kind of underground medical experiment?
Red: What if I told you I knew who conducted that experiment? His name is Dr. Spalding Stark, and he’s the next name on the Blacklist.
Liz: You’re facing the death penalty, and you’re giving us a case?
[ Spalding Stark speaks with a patient ]
Stark: Rigidity. Bradykinesis. Yes. I’m certain our treatment can help.
Red: Dr Stark presents as as renegade, a biohacker, devoutly dedicated to enhancing human life by hacking our genetics.
Liz: What do you mean he “presents” that way?
Red: He approached a company of mine about a year ago, asked for help acquiring some advanced gene-editing equipment. I must say, he was very convincing.
Ames: [ SHAKILY ] It’s just so expensive.
Stark: I know. I’m sorry. But we’re doing this on our own, without the R&D budget of a big pharmaceutical powerhouse.
Red: Some of our most revolutionary scientific achievements come from minds outside the mainstream. I helped him because I thought – he was quite possibly a visionary.
Liz: And now?
Red: And now there are five dead bodies in a warehouse suggesting otherwise. Now I fear Stark may be the worst kind of charlatan, the kind who preys on the weakest among us for his own financial gain.
Ames: My- My daughter’s pregnant. I want to see my grandchild. [ BREATHING SHAKILY ] I can get you the money.
Stark: Hm.

[ Courthouse ] [ DOOR CREAKS ]
Court Clerk: All rise! United States versus Raymond Reddington. C-R 18-3656. Magistrate Judge Roberta Wilkins now presiding.
Sima: Morning, Your Honor. Assistant US Attorney Michael Sima – for the United States.
Lonnergan: Jerome Lonnergan from the Office of the Federal Public Defender for the accused.
Uh, waive reading of the rights and charges, – but not the rights thereunder.
Judge Wilkins: So waived.
Sima: Your Honor, given the defendant’s history, the government asks that he be remanded.
Judge Wilkins: Yeah, I’m gonna calendar this for a month from today.
Lonnergan: A month from today would be just perfect, Your Honor. Thank you.
Red: Y-Your Honor, may I be heard?
Judge Wilkins: I don’t recommend it, Mr. Reddington. You have an attorney. I strongly suggest you let him do the talking.
Red: And I would, Your Honor, no question, but given how quickly things are proceeding, I get the distinct impression that Jerry here has a bus to catch.
Judge Wilkins: I’m sorry. Are we moving too fast for you, Mr. Reddington?
Red: [ CHUCKLES ] I’m just saying there are important matters to discuss.
Judge Wilkins: Such as?
Red: Well, for starters, Your Honor hasn’t really considered the issue of bail.
Judge Wilkins: Sir, you have been a federal fugitive for nearly three decades, the FBI’s Number One Most Wanted. You are the textbook definition of a flight risk and a danger to the community.
Now, let me be clear – even if you were prepared to submit every last dollar in circulation on the planet, I still wouldn’t grant you bail, ever.
Red: Okay. I, for one, feel better knowing it was considered.
Judge Wilkins: Anything else?
Red: I’m afraid so. May we approach?
Judge Wilkins: Carefully.
Red: You hang here, Jerry. This will only take a sec.
Judge Wilkins: Look at my face, Mr. Reddington. I’m not amused.
Red: And I assure you, neither am I. But the fact remains the prosecution has intentionally failed to inform the court of a critical factor in this case.
Judge Wilkins: And that is?
Red: My Immunity Agreement with the federal government, an agreement that expressly covers the charges before you and protects me from overzealous beavers like Mr. Sima and his bosses.
Judge Wilkins: Good Lord. You’re a confidential informant. Mr. Sima?
Sima: I-If If there’s an agreement, I haven’t seen any evidence to prove it.
Judge Wilkins: That’s hardly a denial. Mr. Reddington, is there anything you can offer this court to support the existence of an Immunity Agreement?
Red: Assistant Director Harold Cooper of the FBI is here. He may be able to shed some light on the matter.
Judge Wilkins: Assistant Director Cooper, step up, please. Sir. Mr. Cooper, I’m going to ask you this once and only once. To your knowledge, is there currently an Immunity Agreement in place with this defendant? Yes or no?
Cooper: Yes.
Judge Wilkins: Chambers, all of you, now!

Judge Wilkins: [ SIGHS ] You. Talk.
Cooper: I run a task force. Officially, it doesn’t exist. Its purpose is to arrest high-priority targets using intelligence obtained from Mr. Reddington.
Judge Wilkins: So, Main Justice made a deal with the devil himself?
Red: [ LAUGHS ] Shouldn’t judges at least pretend to be impartial?
Sima: Your Honor, as I said, if such a deal exists–
Red: Oh, it exists. Harold and I have been at this for over five years now. Of course, some of the people who originally approved it are either dead or have moved on, leaving Director Cooper to deal with the cover-their-asses crowd, who, by the way, are perfectly happy to milk this cow all the way to the slaughterhouse. I’m sure the first question they asked in response to my arrest was whether I could still continue to be an effective asset while locked up in jail – am I right, Harold?
Judge Wilkins: Mr. Cooper, you tell your superiors at Main Justice that I just ordered a hearing on the scope of the agreement, and I want a copy of it on my desk today. I can’t rule on a contract I haven’t seen. Understood? Good. We’ll reconvene in the morning. Mr. Reddington, you have an attorney sitting out there who has no idea what he’s gotten into. I suggest you fill him in.
Red: Actually, I don’t think that’ll be necessary.
Judge Wilkins: Why is that?
Red: Because after careful consideration of the circumstances, I feel it more prudent to represent myself.

[ Aram is at the Post Office talking to Samar and Ressler in their vehicle ]
Aram: His name is Spalding Stark. This guy is, like, a total icon in the biohacking community.
Samar: There are icons in the biohacking community?
Aram: Oh, yeah. I’ve been reading about this guy for years. I saw a live stream in 2009 where he injected himself with a homemade malaria vaccine.
Ressler: Why would he do that?
Aram: To prove that it was safe. The FDA wouldn’t authorize human trials without a ton of red tape. So – get this – the plan was to inject himself with the vaccine, then let an infected Anopheles mosquito bite him – live.
Samar: And it worked?
Aram: No. He suffered a catastrophic hyper-immune response. Paralyzed half his face along with his left arm and leg.
Ressler: And that makes him an icon?
Aram: Yeah. He put his body on the line to to improve the human condition.
Samar: Well, he didn’t stop there. If Reddington’s right, he just killed five of his patients.
Ressler: You really think that’s why he gave us this case?
Aram: Meaning you don’t?
Ressler: He’s in federal prison about to start the legal fight of his life. I don’t know why this guy’s a priority, but I guarantee we’re not getting the whole story.

[ Culpepper County VA ]
Ressler: Officer Flynn? Agents Ressler and Navabi.
Officer Flynn: Captain said you’d be coming down.
Ressler: Bodies still inside?
Flynn: Yes, sir. And we also kept the building owner on site, just like you asked.
Ressler: Excuse me, Warren Kirby? We understand you’re the one who called 911?
Warren Kirby: Yeah. Yes, sir. Sorry, still a little shaken up by what I saw in there.
Samar: What can you tell us about what happened?
Kirby: [ SIGHS ] Not much. I mean, I-I don’t really know. I own the building. It’s a storage space. Generally, I rent it out month-to-month.
Ressler: So it was rented?
Kirby: Several days ago by a guy named Stark. I never met him. Just called the office and booked it. Said he wanted to store medical equipment. I came by this morning to check on things, make sure everything got loaded in okay, and [ SIGHS ] nobody was here. The front door was unlocked. I went in, and that’s when I saw the bubble and the bodies.

[ Inside the storage facility ]
Ressler: Dr. Maguire. What have we got?
Dr. Maguire: Well, we still have to I.D. two of the bodies, but the others were suffering from end stages of MCDD. It’s, uh, Motor Cortex Degenerative Disease.
Ressler: So these people were already dying.
Dr. Maguire: Yes, but the question is, what were they injected with, and why’d they all die so fast?

[ Spalding Stark’s office ]
Stark: You’re all set, Mr. Ames. We received your wire transfer. Our preliminary exams all indicate that you’re an excellent candidate for my new treatment.
Ames: How does it work exactly?
Stark: Your disease is caused by multiple chromosomal defects. I identified them and created a viral payload that has all of the genetic material [ CLEARS THROAT ] in its corrected order.
[ Stark’s assistant, Dr Ethan Webb, beckons to Stark ]
Stark: [ To Ames ] Excuse me.
[ They step aside ]
Stark: [ WHISPERING ] What?
Dr Ethan Webb: [ WHISPERING ] Look, I know you want to continue, but after–
Stark: I’m not stopping. Last time was my mistake. I pushed too far. We can make adjustments.

[ At the storage facility ]
Dr McGuire: Ohh! Looks like somebody forgot something. Looks like part of a jet injector. The force of his weight must have broken it apart.
Samar: Is that how Stark administered the medication?
Dr McGuire: Yes, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen one quite like this. It’s custom. It’s very sci-fi.
Samar: I can show it to Aram, see if he knows someone who can help figure out where it came from.
Ressler: I’ll reach out to an expert on MCDD. We really need to know what we’re dealing with here.

[ Cooper’s office ] [ DOOR OPENS ]
Liz: Are you really gonna give her a copy of the agreement?
Cooper: Judge Wilkins is waiting. I’m not sure I have much choice.
Liz: Don’t.
Cooper: If I don’t, Reddington goes to prison. Maybe worse. And this is just step one. I have to testify tomorrow, convince the court he’s worth saving.
Liz: He used you. Your decency. He knew you wouldn’t lie about the Immunity Agreement. He knew you’d rather violate a direct order and damage your own career instead.
Cooper: Liz, the Reddington deal exists. The kind of government willing to pretend it doesn’t, to deny facts and make reality whatever it says is reality I rejected, and I won’t be part of it. I’m just going to tell the truth.

[ Crown Life Pharmaceuticals ]
CEO Pascal: Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, ALS, lymphoma, rheumatoid arthritis you name it. Chances are, we have a substantial market share of the drugs sold to treat it.
Ressler: And that includes Motor Cortex Degenerative Disease.
Pascal: Crown Life’s the leading manufacturer of Sensiprex, what most neurologists would call state-of-the-art when it comes to MCDD treatment.
Ressler: So it’s effective?
Pascal: To a degree. Nobody’s discovered a cure yet. All we can do is manage the symptoms.
Ressler: I’m sorry, but have you ever heard of a biohacker named Spalding Stark?
Pascal: Don’t think so. Why?
Ressler: We think he’s out there, telling end-stage MCDD patients he’d made some kind of a breakthrough.
Pascal: Patients get desperate. They’re willing to believe anything. You got no idea how many crazy characters are trying to push the envelope.

[ HORN HONKS IN DISTANCE ] [ Samar and Aram climb the steps to a residence ]
Samar: So, who is this guy again?
Aram: Uh, just a friend. We trade ideas sometimes online. Oh, um don’t stare at his head. He hates that.
Biohacker: Buddy, you made it! Come on in. We just ordered hot wings.
Aram: Oh, no way. Um, this is, uh, Samar. Uh, Agent Navabi.
Biohacker: She’s staring at my head. I hate that.
Samar: I’m sorry. You have a–
Biohacker: NFC chip in my forehead, yeah. And two more in my hands. Turns on my lights, computers, and has my credit-card info.
Aram: So, what are you guys working on?
Biohacker: Uh, Gruber’s still trying to edit his own DNA, increase his muscle tone. It’s a work in progress. Uh, these two guys are using CRISPR, playing around with a viral attack for leukemia. Also we got, like, 20 minutes before “American Ninja Warrior.”
CEO Pascal: We’re in a new stage of research. It’s not just Big Pharma and top academics anymore. Amateurs are cloning DNA, editing genomes. Teenagers are getting centrifuges for Christmas. Got labs in their bedrooms. It’s terrifying.
Biohacker: Damn right Big Pharma’s terrified. They should be. We’re the cutting edge now, and they know it.
Pascal: They think they’re cutting edge, but there’s no oversight and no regulation.
Biohacker: Regulation? What about innovation? How many brilliant minds have been stifled by the FDA’s onerous requirements? We are the future. I mean, maybe not anyone in this room, but you get the idea. [ Offers some hot wings ] Here. Help yourself.
Aram: Sweet. Um, actually, uh– we gotta run. I, uh I just came by to, uh, see if you had anything for us on that broken injector gun. You got that photo I sent, right?
Biohacker: Yeah, it’s a pretty distinctive model. I-I think I know who sells it. A company called NexHack. Um. [ THUMPS LIGHTLY ] [ BEEPING ] – [ KEYS CLACKING ] – Yeah, here we go.
It’s fairly new. These are the founders and the guys who funded development.
Samar: Oh, my God. That’s Warren Kirby.
Aram: Who?
Samar: He’s the owner of the storage facility. He found the victims and called 911. He lied to us.

Judge Wilkins: For the record, I have reviewed the Immunity Agreement. The courtroom has now been cleared to protect the defendant’s role as the confidential informant. This hearing is sealed in accordance with the Classified Evidence Protection Act. Mr. Reddington has called Assistant Director Harold Cooper to the stand. The witness has been sworn in. Mr. Reddington, I’m ready if you are.
Red: Thank you. Hello, Harold. Thank you, by the way.
Cooper: For what?
Red: Being honest. I regret I had to rely upon your integrity just to get this hearing. I wish there’d been an easier way.
Asst US Attorney Sima: Objection.
Red: I haven’t even asked anything yet.
Judge Wilkins: Something tells me that’s the objection. Do you have a question for Director Cooper?
Red: Just one, Your Honor, and it’s this. Would you do it again?
Cooper: Excuse me?
Red: The deal we made – my cooperation in exchange for my freedom. As the man who oversaw the arrangement in all its grand and often gory detail, would you do it again?
Cooper: Yes.
Red: Why? Sorry, I had two questions.
Cooper: Because it saved lives. I don’t know how many since we started. Maybe thousands.
Sima: Objection! Move to strike.
Red: Oh, for goodness sake.
Sima: Your Honor, I fail to see how this witness’s subjective assessment of the agreement has any relevance to its scope as a matter of law.
Judge Wilkins: Overruled.
Red: Objection.
Judge Wilkins: On what grounds? I just ruled in your favor.
Red: Your Honor, I object to almost everything about him, beginning with his power tie – and ending with his general demeanor.
Judge Wilkins: Enough.
Sima: Objection.
Judge Wilkins: Mr. Reddington, if you are going to insist on representing yourself, you will conform yourself to the rules of the court.
Sima: Thank you, Your Honor.
Judge Wilkins: Same goes for you, Counsel. Let the witness speak.
Cooper: We made this deal for one reason – so you could help us find those criminals we never knew existed. And you’ve done that. Violent people, evil people are dead or in prison because of you. In some cases, we recovered dangerous weapons or avoided catastrophic outbreaks.
Sima: Your Honor–
Cooper: Let me finish! A few years ago, we learned some of those criminals were inside our own government – the Attorney General, a National Security Advisor, the very people our country depends on to maintain law and order. To be clear, none of that would have happened without Mr. Reddington. So, would I do it again? You’re damn right I would.
Red: Nothing further, Your Honor.

Ressler: You lied to us, Mr. Kirby. You said you never knew Mr. Stark.
Kirby: That’s the truth.
Samar: So, it’s a coincidence that Stark was using a jet injector made by a company that you’re invested in?
Kirby: Okay, look. M-Maybe I do know him. But I swear, I wasn’t there when–
Ressler: If you were working with him, conning those people out of their money, you’re an accomplice, and that means you’re gonna be charged with five counts of murder.
Kirby: No, no, no, no. You don’t understand. I wasn’t in this for money. This was personal. I was diagnosed with MCDD almost 11 years ago. Stark was my pharmacist at Greene Drugs, and I used to see him when I’d go in to get my meds. He could see I was getting worse. My body wasn’t responding to the existing treatments anymore. One day, he asked if I might be open to a more experimental approach.
Samar: You’re saying that Stark’s treatment cured you?
Kirby: He came to me a few weeks ago. Asked me to lend him my warehouse so he could expand his work. When I went to the warehouse and saw what happened – Stark was already gone. [ SIGHS ] I didn’t know what to do. I’m telling you, Spalding Stark isn’t a con man. He documented my case. I have copies of the files. I can show you. He’s the only reason I’m alive.

Sima: You are aware that the defendant has been indicted on multiple counts of treason?
Cooper: I am.
Sima: For selling this nation’s most highly-classified secrets, – for betraying our country?
Cooper: Yes.
Sima: You’re aware that, for almost 30 years, he’s maintained a vast criminal empire – that the charges against him as the – [ PAPERS RUSTLE ] so-called “Concierge of Crime” are so extensive and so heinous, they occupy a unique place in our country’s history?
Cooper: I’m aware of the allegations.
Sima: I’m sorry. Allegations? Is it your position that the defendant is innocent?
Cooper: Until proven guilty. Or is it your position that I should ignore the Constitution?
Sima: My position, sir, is that some people are irredeemable, that a deal granting immunity to a man like Reddington is beneath the dignity of a country that prides itself on the rule of law.
Red: Objection. He’s arguing with the man, and, frankly, being incredibly self-righteous.
Judge Wilkins: Sustained the first part, the arguing. Move on, Counsel.
Sima: [ To Cooper ] Sir, is there no one you wouldn’t make a deal with? If not this defendant, is anyone too offensive to be given a free pass by your standards?
Red: Well, now he’s just being insulting.
Judge Wilkins: I said move on, Counsel.
Cooper: To be clear, nobody gave Mr. Reddington a free pass. He has to earn his freedom. There are rules he has to abide by.
Judge Wilkins: I see. And does he abide by them?
Cooper: Yes.
Judge Wilkins: Really? So, to your knowledge, he hasn’t committed any crimes since becoming your informant.
Cooper: I won’t discuss specific cases. What we do is classified and often involves matters of national security.
Sima: Okay, Your Honor
Judge Wilkins: You opened the door to this, Director Cooper. Does he abide by the rules or not?
Sima: I’ll ask you again. To your knowledge, has Raymond Reddington committed any unsanctioned crimes since becoming an informant for your task force?
[ DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYS ] [ Flashes to: Red shooting Diane Fowler, Mr Kaplan, Sutton Ross ~ (Note: These are from Red’s perspective, not Cooper’s) ]
Cooper: I have no direct knowledge that he has. No.

Ressler: Is there any idea which way Wilkins is leaning?
Cooper: [ INHALES DEEPLY ] Could go either way. I thought she’d rule after my testimony yesterday, but she wants to hear arguments first.
Liz: The courtroom’s been cleared. We can’t even watch.
Cooper: It’s up to Reddington now, which means we’re back and free to lend a hand on Stark.
Samar: So far, we know that Stark worked as a pharmacist in one of the Greenes here in D.C. That’s how he met Kirby. It’s also how he established contact with the five victims from the warehouse.
Ressler: Greene is a national chain. Stark was accessing its database and reaching out to patients with advanced MCDD.
Cooper: I’m guessing those five weren’t the only ones. Let’s follow up, see how many people he contacted. There’s a chance he’s done other experimental trials. We could have more bodies out there.
Liz: I’ll do it. I’m going crazy – waiting to hear about Reddington.
[ FOOTSTEPS ] [ Aram enters ]
Aram: Guys, guys. I went through Kirby’s files. Everything he told us is true.
Ressler: But Stark’s treatment works?
Aram: It all started with his own injuries. That malaria vaccine he developed? It damaged his motor cortex, which is why he started studying all this stuff in the first place. And he documented everything – how he mapped out the multi-allelic defects, how he developed a viral payload designed to produce hybrid cells with corrected genomes.
Samar: You honestly believe he cured Kirby’s condition?
Aram: He reversed it, no question.
Liz: So, Reddington’s first impression was right. Stark’s a visionary.
Cooper: If that’s true, what happened at that warehouse?
Aram: I had the same question, so I went down to the forensics lab and got a copy of the preliminary tox report. You won’t believe what they found.

Kirby: Sabotage?
Samar: This is the treatment formulation used by Stark on you. This is the one that was used on the five victims from the warehouse.
Ressler: They’re identical. Except for one key component, an extremely rare nerve agent called “Cylovex.”
Kirby: A nerve agent?
Ressler: That’s what killed those people. And whoever put it in there didn’t expect the toxicology lab to find it, and for good reason.
Samar: Normally, Cylovex wouldn’t be on anyone’s radar, but with all the news of the Russians allegedly using Novichok in England, the FBI lab is on high alert for anything like it now.
Kirby: Stark has a partner. His name is Ethan Webb. He synthesizes all of Stark’s formulations, including mine. Ethan wouldn’t do it. Never.
Samar: Why not?
Kirby: I just told you, they’re partners. They’re also friends. I-I don’t believe Ethan would kill those people.

Asst US Attorney Sima: Can you imagine – immunity for Raymond Reddington? Immunity for a man who betrayed America, for Number One on the Most Wanted List, thousands of crimes, and how many victims? I-I can’t even guess. This wasn’t a deal. It was a conspiracy. An unjust and illegal conspiracy to deprive the American people of justice. There is nothing this defendant can do now that will erase the memory or the impact of what he’s already done. Your Honor, this court has the power and the obligation to reject government conduct that shocks the conscience, conduct so outrageous, it offends the “canons of decency and fairness” that define our civilized society, and that’s exactly what this agreement does. This agreement should be void as a matter of public policy. Throw it out. Tell the defendant no more. Justice demands no less.

Aram: All right, that’s him – Dr. Ethan Webb, and according to his profile, he’s a synthetic biologist and a molecular virologist. And guess where he used to work.
Ressler: Crown Life. That’s the company that I just met with. They’re the leading manufacturer of MCDD medication.
Samar: He used to work for Big Pharma?
Aram: Until about two years ago when he was fired and left the company in disgrace.
Cooper: Fired for what?
Aram: Stealing proprietary data. They suspected he was working on a cure on his own. That must be when he partnered up with Stark.
Samar: I don’t understand. If they were working together, why would he sabotage their progress?
Ressler: If there is a cure, it’s gonna be worth a lot of money, so maybe Webb wants it all to himself.
Cooper: Something’s off. I still feel like we’re missing something.

[ Courtroom ] [ Red pours himself a glass of water ] [ LIQUID POURING ] [ Slowly, he takes two sips, then stands ]
Red: [ EXHALES DEEPLY ] [ CLEARS THROAT LIGHTLY ] [ BREATHES DEEPLY ] This decision was made many years ago. The fact is, a small group at the Department of Justice did their due diligence, and with the blessing of the Attorney General and Legal Counsel at the White House, they concluded that the benefit that law enforcement and, consequently, the American people would gain from my assistance would exceed that of the rather abstract benefit of seeing a man of my alleged infamy being punished in a public fashion.
  There can be no question they were legitimately exercising their prosecutorial discretion. They made a judgment call. One that apparently offends Mr. Sima, and, clearly, he’s not alone. I’d imagine there are any number of people from prosecutors to plumbers who, despite knowing virtually nothing about me or the events of the last five years, nonetheless would find my arrangement with the government wildly unacceptable, and to be clear, that’s fine. Debate and disagreement are at the core of any true democracy. Argument is necessary. Perfectly reasonable juries will often differ.
  On a side note, I once went fly fishing for a cutthroat trout in the Roaring Fork Valley, where, inexplicably, I stumbled upon uh, Justice Antonin Scalia may God rest his soul and, boy, did [LAUGHING] we have some real barn burners. My word, that man could argue. Six hours, hip deep in whitewater, and with all the yelling, neither of us got so much as an alevin.

Sima: Objection, Your Honor. What’s the point of all this?

Red: The point, Mr. Sima, is that your outrage doesn’t concern me. What concerns me is that the powerful men and women who made this deal and those who reaped the benefits of it for years actually considered it an option to deny its existence. They decided to say that what happened never happened.
  The sad fact is, the facts have never mattered less than they do today. We’re living in a time when truth has been so diminished in value that even those at the top of government are quite comfortable with truth being whatever they can convince people to believe. That is what I find wildly unacceptable. The truth certainly matters, Your Honor, in rooms like this most of all. And the truth is, whether you or he or anyone else likes it or not, that Immunity Agreement exists.

Liz: Guys, we got a problem. I did what you said, followed up to see if Stark’s contacted any other patients using the Greene Drugs database.
Aram: Don’t tell me he’s done this before.
Liz: No, I don’t think he has done it before, but he is definitely about to do it again. He’s reached out to a handful of late-stage MCDD patients over the past few days. He’s conducting another trial. I talked to one of the patient’s wives. It’s happening today in a storage facility in Highland Park.
Cooper: Get there, the three of you. Agent Mojtabai, notify local PD. If Webb sabotaged those doses, all those people are about to die.

[ The storage facility in Highland Park ]
Spalding Stark: Thank you all for coming.
[ Von Grey’s ♪ “Poison In The Water” plays ]

♪ Poison in the water
Danger in the well
Do not wander, shepherd’s daughter

[ Stark steps aside to speak with Dr Webb ]
Dr Webb: Almost done.
Stark: Ethan. I know you didn’t want to do this.

♪ Poison in the water, serpent in the garden

Stark: I know you’re only here because of our friendship.
Dr Webb: You don’t have to.
Stark: No, I do.

♪ Guard the citadel

Stark: I-I want you to know – how much I value our partnership.

♪ Fruit is rotten

Stark: How much I appreciate you standing by me, no matter what.

♪ There is a Judas among us

Dr Webb: I just need a minute to finish.
[ Stark leaves. Dr Webb reaches into his lab coat and takes out syringes and vials with the poison ]

♪ There is a Judas among us
Nobody here we can trust
There is a Judas among us

Ressler: FBI. What do we got?

♪ Poison in the water

Officer: No visuals, no movement in or out. Tactical’s getting ready to blow the loading bay doors.

♪ Danger in the well

Ressler: Do it now.
[ WEAPONS COCK ] [ The TAC squad runs toward the building ]

♪ Do not wander, shepherd’s daughter
Poison in the water

Stark: As discussed, we need you to inject yourselves. We ask that you administer the treatment –

♪ Lead the lamb to slaughter

Stark: – at the same time.

♪ Poison in the water

[ Patients begin to shoot their njection guns ]
[ 💥 EXPLOSION 💥 ] [ The TAC team storms in ]

♪ Poison in the water
Danger in the well

– Let’s see your hands!

♪ Danger in the well

– Everybody, show me your hands!

♪ Do not wander, shepherd’s daughter

Ressler: FBI. Everyone, freeze!

♪ Poison in the water

Samar: Put those down now.

♪ Poison in the water

[ MONITOR BEEPING RAPIDLY ] [ A patient begins to seize ]
[ Dr Webb runs. Ressler chases him ]

♪ Danger in the well
Danger in the well
Do not wander, shepherd’s daughter

[ The patient seizing falls off his gurney. Samar goes to him ]
Samar: [ Over comms ] Aram, we were too late.

♪ Poison in the water

Samar: We have a patient down.

♪ There is a Judas among us
There is a Judas among us
Nobody here we can trust
There is a Judas among us

♪ Poison in the water

[ Ressler catches up with Webb in a stairwell. They struggle ] [ GRUNTING ] [ Fighting escalates ]

♪ Careful, shepherd’s daughter

[ Webb tries to inject Ressler with the poison ] [ INJECTOR FIRES ] [ The injector gun misses Ressler ] [ GRUNTS ] [ The grappling continues until Webb tumbles down the stair well ] [ Ressler looks at the injector gun in his hand ]

♪ Lead the lamb to slaughter
Poison in the water

[ DOOR OPENS ] [ Cooper enters the courtroom and sits behind Red ]
Cooper: Judge Wilkins cleared us to be present for the ruling. Elizabeth is on her way.
Red: Thank you, Harold.
Court Clerk: All rise.
Judge Wilkins: So, here we are at the end of a hearing nobody wanted me to have about an agreement nobody wanted me to see. It’s times like these I’m grateful that federal judges are appointed for life. I’m not as brave as Director Cooper. I agree with Mr. Sima. There are certain actions that fall beneath the standard our citizens have the right to expect from a country that prides itself on the rule of law. I honestly don’t know whether Mr. Reddington is guilty of the multitude of crimes with which he’s been charged. He’s never been tried. That is the problem.
To deem this deal the abomination that Mr. Sima would have me believe, I’d have to first accept that Mr Reddington is the monster he’s alleged to be. Our Constitution requires otherwise. I don’t like this deal. But like it or not, the federal government has benefited from it for over five years. They can’t pretend they haven’t, and neither will I. Accordingly, this court finds Mr. Reddington’s Immunity Agreement legally binding.
[ An assistant whispers to Sima ]
Sima: Objection, Your Honor.
Red: Thank you, Your Honor. We really should do this again some time.
Sima: Your Honor? May I be heard, Your Honor?
Judge Wilkins: Mr. Sima, your objection is noted. The agreement stands.
Sima: Then he violated it.
Judge Wilkins: Excuse me?
Sima: The agreement bars us from prosecuting the defendant unless he violated it. Under the terms, we would then have a right to declare it null and void.
Red: Oh, please. Violated it how?
Sima: The gun. When you were arrested, you had an unregistered weapon in your possession.
Red: But that’s a state crime.
Sima: Yes, right up until someone scratched the serial number off of it. That made it a federal offense.
Judge Wilkins: He’s right, Mr. Reddington. I don’t imagine this agreement lets you walk around with a defaced firearm. If you violated your obligations under the deal, you’ve forfeited its protections.
Red: To prove that, the gun would have to be admissible in evidence.
Judge Wilkins: Why wouldn’t it be?
Red: Because the officer who seized it was conducting an unreasonable search and seizure.
Judge Wilkins: I see. I take it, then, that you are moving to exclude the gun and request a suppression hearing?
Red: I am, a-and I do.
Judge Wilkins: Granted. Well, look at that. Your wish came true. It seems we will get to do this again soon.

[ Liz and Cooper are outside Red’s jail cell ]
Liz: The gun hearing is in a week. You have to argue that the officer that searched you didn’t have probable cause.
Red: Where are they taking me?
Liz: If the search was bad, the gun will be suppressed, and they can’t say you violated your deal.
Red: Elizabeth, I’ll be fine. Will you do me a favor and ask one of the Marshals where I’m being transported?
[ Liz leaves ] [ METAL DOOR OPENS, CLOSES ]
Red: Harold? What happened yesterday on the stand –
Cooper: It’s done.
Red: You testified because you value the truth. I know it couldn’t have been easy.
Cooper: I protected myself and my team.
Red: Yes, well – a lucky confluence of interests. I admit, for a moment, I thought you might decide that our time together should end.
Cooper: I considered it. You should know I gave Agent Keen that option, and she asked that we continue.
Liz: The gun hearing’s in two weeks. [ METAL DOOR CLOSES ] Until then, they’re gonna transfer you to Colton. For security, they want you in an actual prison and not pre-trial detention.
Red: We can talk more once I’m settled.
Liz: I haven’t told you about Stark.
Red: You got him?
Liz: You were right about him. Apparently, he’s brilliant. He was being sabotaged by his partner, a guy named Ethan Webb.
Red: And this Webb, he confessed?

[ An interrogation room ] [ Webb, bruised and battered, looks up from the table at Ressler ]
Ressler: I gotta say I’m kind of glad you pulled that injector gun. Means I get to add attempted murder of a federal agent to the homicides you’re gonna be charged with. Yeah, that’s right. We know about the Cylovex.

[ A second interrogation room ]
Spalding Stark: You don’t have to believe me, but I was trying to help them.
Samar: I do believe you, Mr. Stark. Those people didn’t die because of your error. They were poisoned.
Stark: Poisoned?
Samar: By a nerve agent called Cylovex. Dr Webb betrayed you. [ Struggling for words ] He, um – He – Not subverted. He, um – intentionally undermined your research.
Stark: Ethan wouldn’t. Why would he do that?

Dr Webb: Because he was never my partner.
Ressler: You two started working together after you were fired by Crown Life.
Dr Webb: I wasn’t fired from Crown Life. That was a lie – a smokescreen designed by my bosses to enhance my credibility with the biohacking community. Make them believe I was a kindred spirit.
Ressler: You targeted Stark.
Dr Webb: I want a deal. If you expect me to testify against the company –
Ressler: Any deal is gonna have to be approved by the US Attorney. Now, you tell us the truth, I’ll make sure they know you cooperated. It’s the best I can do.

[ Ressler has joined Samar and Stark ]
Stark: He was assigned to befriend me?
Ressler: Crown Life knew that you were working on MCDD. They were concerned that you might make a breakthrough.
Stark: So, they sent Ethan to sabotage my research and steal my ideas so they could mass market a cure.
Ressler: Crown Life doesn’t want to market your cure. They want to bury it. The company makes billions providing the drugs to treat MCDD. They can make 10 times as much treating it over years as they can selling a one-time cure. I’m gonna go get a warrant for the company. Webb gave us the names of everyone involved.
[ Ressler leaves ] [ DOOR CLOSES ]
[ Gregory Alan Isakov’s ♪ “Where Ya Gonna Go” plays ]
Stark: Am I being sent to prison?
Samar; Probably, but not for long. You’ll have to answer for the bodies left at the warehouse, but, otherwise, your part in this wasn’t criminal.
Stark: Ethan and I were a good team. He had me so fooled.
Samar: I’m sorry. Sometimes it’s the people closest to you you have to watch out for.
[ Liz and Red talk through the bars of Red’s cell ]

♪ Where you gonna go
Like that
With the holes in you?

[ At Crown Life Pharmaceuticals, Ressler enters with a team of police. Mr Pascal stands ]
Ressler: Mr. Pascal. We meet again.
[ Pascal’s ankles are shackled ]

♪ With the holes in you
Where you gonna go

[ Red is being transported ]

♪ Like that
With the holes in you?
With the holes

[ Liz is musing at her desk ] [ KNOCK ON DOOR ] [ It’s Dembe ]
Liz: Oh, hey, come in.
Dembe: Cooper told me about the gun hearing. I don’t understand. You know Raymond always carries a weapon.
Liz: That doesn’t make it legal. Around here, when it comes to Reddington, we kind of see what we want to see. Are you okay?
Dembe: I’m confused.

♪ With the holes in you

Dembe: Someone betrayed us, and I haven’t been able to figure out who.

♪ Jump the gun

Liz: If there’s anything I can do–
Dembe: Actually, there is something. Mr. Stark – I need to speak with him privately for Raymond.

♪ Run

Dembe: It cannot be recorded.
Liz: He always has his own agenda. What is it this time?

Dembe: Mr. Stark, we don’t have much time.
Stark: Dembe, how did you–
Dembe: I go where Mr Reddington sends me. He’s very concerned. He made a significant investment into your research. If you are unable to deliver on schedule–
Stark: No, no. Tell Mr. Reddington I’m making progress. My situation here won’t interfere.

♪ Where you gonna go –

Dembe: I certainly hope not. Mr Reddington is counting on you.

♪ – like that
With the holes in you?
With the holes in you

[ Samar is at her desk writing her report, with help from a thesaurus ]
Samar: Sabotage.

♪ Where you gonna go –

Samar: He sabotaged your research. Dr Webb betrayed you.

♪ – like that –

He sabotaged your research.
[ Aram enters ]

Aram: Hey. Everything cool?

♪ – with the holes?

Samar: Yes.
Aram: Let’s get out of here. I am starving.

[ METAL CLANGS ] [ Prison gates open. Transport vehicles enter ] [ ENGINE STOPS ]

MAN: Confirm yard recall.
MAN #2: Uh, 2-1-2 transport is in the lead.
MAN #3: We have another team over on –

[ The door of the transport van opens ] [ Red gets out, squinting ]
Prison Official: Mr. Reddington, welcome home.

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Episode Songs


♫ Footsteps
By Caught a Ghost

♪ [ Unavailable as of 1/14/2019 ]

Lyrics and Credits: [ Unavailable ] Link to their song list http://bit.ly/2RN5CAA
YouTube: [ Unavailable ]


♫ Poison in the Water
By Von Grey

♪ Poison in the water
Danger in the well
Do not wander,
sheperd’s daughter
Poison in the water
Serpent in the garden
Guard the citadel
Fruit is rotten,
move with caution
Serpent in the garden

♪ There is a judas among us
Nobody here we can trust
There is a judas among us

♪ Poison in the water
Danger in the well
Do not wander,
sheperd’s daughter
Poison in the water
Blood on the horizon
Blood along the tracks
Shadows rising, organizing
Marching in the night
Poison in the water
Careful shepherd’s daughter
Lead the lamb to slaughter
Poison in the water

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2RoOYIl
YouTube: https://youtu.be/z4PgwzX6pAU


♫ Where Ya Gonna Go
By Gregory Alan Isakov

♪ Where you gonna go
Like that
With the holes in you
With the holes in you

♪ Where you gonna go
Like that
With the holes in you
With the holes in you

♪ Summer sun won’t come
With the holes in you
With the holes in you

♪ Jump the gun
Run, run, run

♪ Where you gonna go
Like that
With the holes in you
With the holes in you

♪ Where you gonna go
Like that
With the holes in you
With the holes in you

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2HiuIDg
YouTube: https://youtu.be/JG90PD6j_Lo

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