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NBC’s series The Blacklist created by: Jon Bokenkamp


Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington – James Spader
Elizabeth Keen – Megan Boone
Donald Ressler – Diego Klattenhoff
Harold Cooper – Harry Lennix
Aram Mojtabai – Amir Arison
Samar Navabi – Mozhan Marnò
Dembe Zuma – Hisham Tawfiq

This is all one “page” meaning you can use your browser’s page search to find a quote you remember from Season 6 without knowing which episode it’s in. I use this a lot. Also includes full lyrics to main songs (at end of each episode). To find beginning of major songs, search for ♫.

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🔴 Episode 6:6 – The Ethicist
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🔴 Episode 6:8 – Marko Jankowics
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🔴 Episode 6:10 – The Cryptobanker
🔴 Episode 6:11 – Bastien Moreau
🔴 Episode 6:12 – Bastien Moreau, Part 2
🔴 Episode 6:13 – Robert Vesco
🔴 Episode 6:14 – The Osterman Umbrella Company
🔴 Episode 6:15 – Olivia Olson
🔴 Episode 6:16 – Lady Luck
🔴 Episode 6:17 – The Third Estate
🔴 Episode 6:18 – The Brockton College Killer
🔴 Episode 6:19 – Rassvet
🔴 Episode 6:20 – Guillermo Rizal
🔴 Episode 6:21 – Anna McMahon
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🔴 Script 6:1 Dr Hans Koehler (№ 33)

Program air date: 1/3/2019 in the US
Permalink: https://wp.me/pDKwi-8P8
Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/2RdQPjb

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Director: Bill Roe
Written by: Jon Bokenkamp, John Eisendrath



⭕ Script 6:1 Dr Hans Koehler (№ 33)


Where we’re at : Season 5 ended with a mad chase between Liz and Red to claim a duffel bag of bones. At the end of the chase, Red walked away with the prize ~ the answer to a secret he has been trying to keep from Liz. In the course of the series, many people have died trying to get the duffel to Liz and keep it away from Red, including, most importantly, her husband Tom and Mr Kaplan, Red’s cleaner and Liz’s one-time nanny. Red takes the duffel to the homestead of Liz’s maternal grandfather Dom, an infamous former KGB operative once known by the codename Oleander. Liz’s mother also was a KGB spy. Liz once met Dom but he and Red have kept her relationship with Dom a secret. At Dom’s homestead, Red has now incinerated the skeleton, with Dom remarking, “She may not know your secret, but she knows you’ve got one. She’s never gonna let it go.”

However, unbeknownst to Red and Dom, Liz has collaborated with her half-sister Jennifer (also by Raymond Reddington) to purloin the duffel bag before he claimed it. In addition to the skeleton, it contained a DNA report which identified the bones as being those of ~ Raymond Reddington! This is the big secret. The man we have known as Raymond “Red” Reddington appears to be an imposter! Liz and Jennifer have just one goal now: to find out who the man is who assumed the identity of Raymond Reddington 30 years ago – and to exact their revenge.

[ A bank robbery is in progress ] [ Gunmen shoot automatic rifles into the ceiling ] [ 💥💥💥
Gunman #1: On the ground! Now! Right now!
Gunman #3 (a woman): Three-minute drill!
Gunman #2: You, slick. He said on the ground!
Gunman #1: Charles Maker! I need Mr. Charles Maker to stand up! – Charles Maker?! – Okay.
[ Charles Maker stands up ]
Charles Maker: Stop. Please.
Gunman #1: What do I want, Charles Maker?
[ Charles Maker tosses him a set of keys. Gunman #1 tosses them to another robber and two of them go to get the 💰 ]
Gunman #3: 2 minutes, 30 seconds!
[ One customer has remained standing ]
Gunman #1: Are you out of your mind? Hey! You! I’m talking to you! I said on the ground!
Red: This is no way to rob a bank. This is– I Honestly, I don’t know what the hell this is.
Gunman #1: Are you trying to get yourself killed?
Red: It’s a disgrace. That’s what it is. You have a young mother on the ground. Her child is terrified. What the hell’s wrong with you?!
Gunman #1: If you’re not face-down on the ground in three seconds–
Gunman #2: Raymond Reddington?
Gunman #1: What?
Gunman # 2: That’s Raymond Reddington.
Woman: [ SOBBING ] Unh-unh-unh.
[ Red draws his gun ]
Red: Don’t you bring that gun back up. Joe, put your gun down.
Gunman #3: Two minutes!
Dembe: He said put the gun down! [ FAINT EXPLOSION ]
Red: Joe. Come on. Clearly, this isn’t going to work out according to plan.
Gunman #1: What are you doing here?!
Red: I’m on my sixth and final scout to rob the place. This Tuesday, in fact. That’s obviously been moved up. Charlie, would you please escort Lucinda to her desk where she keeps the master key to the safe-deposit room? I need box 604 post-haste. Don’t worry about him, Charlie. Just get the box. There we go.
Gunman #1: What’s in box 604?
Red: Joe, you seem like a guy who gets distracted. If I were you, I’d forget about the box and worry about the bank’s new metal-detection system. Because it was specifically designed to silently detect the larger kinds of weaponry that marauders such as yourselves tend to be enamored with. Truth is, your cannons tripped the security system the moment you entered the building, which means you don’t have the precious seconds you thought you had.
Gunman #3: 60 seconds!
Red: Not quite.
Gunman #3: Guys, what are you doing?!
Red: Going to jail, evidently. You know, enough is enough. Everyone up. This is just unpleasant all around.
Gunman #2: Joe, talk to me.
Gunman #1: We got to go! Right now!
Red: Except you can’t because the bank is surrounded by police. Now, I can get you out of here for 50% of the cash that you have on that cart.
Gunman #1: You can get us out?
[ Charles Maker hands Red the safe deposit box ]
Red: Thank you, Charlie.
Charles Maker: You’re welcome.
[ Wolfmother’s ♪ “Joker and The Thief” plays ]
Red: 55 percent. Joe, my number’s only going up until you say yes or you get yourself arrested.
[ Red dials ] [ PHONE KEYPAD BEEPING ]
Gunman #1: Okay. Yeah, yeah, yes. Yes. Yes. Let’s go.
Red: [ On phone ] Eli. About the truck for Tuesday. Yeah, uh, there’s been a change of plan. We need it now. No, no, like right now. Same place. That’s right. Now.

[ Police raid begins: smoke grenades and flash bangs 💥💥💥 ]
[ SCREAMING ] [ The police find a door to the bank’s tunnel system ajar ]
Police Officer: Son of a bitch.

♪ I said the joker is a wanted man

[ Red leads the group of bank robbers through the tunnel system ]
Red: Liquor built that bank. Boss Varney ran the bank and half a dozen bars in the city. During Prohibition, Varney’s son operated the bars as speakeasies. They made a fortune off of bootleggers, moonshiners, and wine pirates. Laundered all the profits through the bank. The tunnel provided safe passage for all the cash and a warm way to walk to lunch during the winter months.

♪ There is always sweet and sour
So we are not goin’ home

[ A dump truck awaits them outside the bank ]
Red: You made good time, Eli. Hop in, boys and girls. We’re going for a ride.
[ The bank robbers pile into the back of the dump truck with their duffels of cash ]

Can you see the joker flying over?
As she’s standing in the field of clover

[ SIRENS WAILING ] [ The trunk goes over a bump [ ALL GRUNT ] [ The back of the dump truck opens and a duffel falls out, scattering the bills ]

I wonder what would happen if he took her away

[ The bank robbers open fire with their automatic weapons at the police 💥💥💥 💥💥💥 💥💥💥 ]
Red: They’re shooting at the police. Honest to God, these guys.
[ Red pulls a lever, raising the bed of the truck ]

I said the joker is a wanted man

[ The bank robbers tumble out of the truck ]
WOMAN: Ohh! No!
[ The police vehicles surround them ]

See him sifting through the sand
So I’ll tell you all the story ’bout the joker and the thief
I said, I’ll tell you all the story ’bout the joker and the thief
I said, I’ll tell you all the story ’bout the joker and the thief
In the night

Red: [ CHUCKLES ] – Oh! – [ LAUGHING ]

[ Red enters the bank he had robbed the day before. He is carrying the safe deposit box ]
Charles Maker: Oh, no, please.
Red: I come bearing gifts.
[ Red opens the safe deposit box. Inside is a rolled up painting. He unrolls it ]
Charles Maker: That’s not–
Red: Van Gogh’s “Poppy Flowers.” Everything about it just breaks my heart.
Charles Maker: But wasn’t that stolen from?
Red: Yes. Twice, actually. From Cairo’s Mohamed Mahmoud Khalil Museum. Once in 1977 and then again in 2010. Terribly embarrassing. It’s exchanged hands a couple of times over the years, but it came to my attention that the current owner was holding it here at your bank. Not to worry. I’m sure you had no idea. But I do think it’s time for the flowers to go back home again.
Charles Maker: You want me to return it?
Red: Yes, to the museum..
Charles Maker: But you just stole it yesterday.
Red: Well, I guess third time’s a charm. But now it’s your obligation to see that it’s returned to its rightful owner. My God, I hope they can manage to hold onto it this time around. Please don’t mention my name. I’d prefer it to be an anonymous donation.
Charles Maker: But why? Why rob us?
Red: Ha! That was sort of a gift to myself. I’m turning 60 this year. I wanted to see if I’ve still got it. Turns out I do. I have a feeling it’s gonna be a very good year. [ LAUGHS ]

[ Liz’s apartment ]
Liz: Raymond Reddington is a fraud. An imposter who took our father’s place over 30 years ago. The FBI can trace this Reddington forward from ’95. And I know for a fact that our father died five years before that. The night of the fire. Our father, the real Raymond Reddington, cheated on your mother with mine – a Russian agent named Katarina Rostova.
Lilly: Our fake father’s a criminal, and our real one’s a snake.
Liz: He took me from her in Russia. She followed him to America where we were staying. They got into a fight ~ a fire started ~ I got out, he didn’t.
Lilly: Wait. But how can you be so sure? You were 4.
Liz: The only person who knew Reddington was dead was in that house that night, so the person pretending to be him was either there that night, or got the idea to take his place from someone who was, which is why I got this out of storage. This contains everything I’ve collected over the years is connected to the fire. Okay. You can still walk away.
Lilly: And do what? Pretend this never happened. Go back to being a waitress. Making minimum wage serving tuna melts and warm beer? You know, I- I get it. It’s dangerous. If he finds out, he–
Liz: Not if. When.
Lilly: But here’s the thing. I have no life. Or I had no life. And now–
Liz: [ On phone ] Hey. Yeah. Yeah, of course. I’ll be right there.
Lilly: How do you do that? Pretend like you’re really his daughter.
Liz: I’ve spent the last five years learning to act at the feet of the master. It’s my turn to outperform him.
[ Lilly picks Liz’s scorched stuffed bunny in which she had found the interface unit to the Fulcrum, a blackmail file which had exposed the existence of an international Cabal ]
Lilly: Payback’s a bitch. Especially when there’s two of ’em.

[ Red practices Tai Chi with a group of people in a park ]
[ Parquet Courts’ ♪ “Wide Awake” plays ]

I’m wide awake
Mind so woke ’cause my brain never pushed the brakes
I’m wide awake
Eyes so open that my vision is as sharp as a blade

Red: You said this would be good for my health, Dembe, and you were absolutely right. I feel like a different person.
[ Liz walks over ]
Liz: Don’t you look cute.
Red: Hmm! I’ve turned over a new leaf. Spinach. Steamed. No butter, no oil, no salt.And very, very little taste.
Liz: Spinach. Tai Chi. Who are you and what have you done with Raymond Reddington?
Red: What do you know about a man named Hans Koehler?
Liz: Nothing. Should I?
Red: He’s the plastic surgeon of choice for the criminal underworld. A wizard at facial reconstruction. He’s hidden some of the very worst of the worst behind a larger nose, a pointier chin, higher cheekbones.
Liz: You want me to find the doctor who helps change criminals’ identities?
Red: Find the doctor, find the criminals.
Liz: Why him? Why now?
Red: Opportunity. Dr. Koehler’s been sighted, which is as rare as sighting the pygmy three-toed sloth. Only 79 of the dear creatures are left.
Liz: Okay. I’ll bite. Sighted where?

[ The Post Office ]
Liz: An elusive Russian arms dealer, a very successful jewel thief thought to be dead, a wanted forger who has dodged Interpol for nearly a decade. Three examples of criminals we thought were dead or had gone dark but who Reddington believes are still alive and well and continuing to commit crimes under new identities, courtesy of Dr. Hans Koehler.
Ressler: So we’re still doing his bidding.
Cooper: I’m sorry, Agent Ressler?
Ressler: Reddington. He shot an unarmed man in FBI custody just so that Keen couldn’t identify that skeleton that he’s been lugging around like his life depended on it.
Cooper: We’ve made a deal with the devil. It comes at a price. As for Reddington, when he gives us a case like this, we have an obligation to take it. Agent Keen, about the doctor–
Liz: Koehler attended medical school at Heidelberg University. Residency in reconstructive surgery at Johns Hopkins. He operates a mobile medical team that travels the globe changing the faces of the criminal elite.
Aram: I’m sorry. Changing their faces?
Liz: He is considered a pioneer in the application of 3-D computer imaging and modeling technology.
[ Bastien Moreau is about to go under the knife. He grabs Dr Koehler’s wrist ]
Bastien Moreau: Don’t screw this up.
Dr Hans Koehler: Dear sir, when I’m finished, your own mother won’t know you.
LIZ: According to Reddington, he and his team were in DC operating out of a bakery in Petworth that was undergoing renovation.
Cooper: Then that’s where we start. Dig in. Let’s see if we can bring this doctor out of the shadows.

Cooper: Keen. A moment? About what Agent Ressler said. I share his sentiments. No matter how fruitful our arrangement with Reddington has been, when I see the price you continue to pay, I can’t honestly say it’s been worth it. And I want you to know, if you don’t want to keep paying it, I’ll shut the Task Force down.
Liz: You said it yourself, sir. If that doctor is here, we have to take this case.
Cooper: There will always be a case, Elizabeth. And no matter how important they seem, none is as important as you protecting yourself. Will you think about it?
Liz: Of course. Sir.
Cooper: After all these years, I think you can call me Harold.
Liz: Harold. Thank you, sir.

[ An FBI Physician performs a vision exam on Samar ] [ Instrument CLICKs ]
FBI Doctor: All right. Up and to the right. Down and to the left. Hmm. [ CLICK ]
Samar: So?
Doctor: You are the picture of health. Weeks ago, your body temperature was 66 degrees.
Your pupils were dilated and unreactive to light. In short, you were gone.
Samar: Well, I had remarkable doctors and a lot of people praying for me.
Doctor: Well, their prayers were answered. Your CT scan is clear. Your physical and neurological exams were normal.
Samar: Am I cleared for duty?
Doctor: You are. Unless there’s something you’ve noticed.
Samar: Like what?
Doctor: Hmm, abnormality in speech or memory? Have you been forgetful, unable to recall certain words? Nothing? Okay. Welcome back.

[ The bakery in Petworth where Red told Liz Dr Koehler had last set up his mobile surgical unit ]
Lucinda: I have a grand opening tomorrow. You the ones in charge?!
Ressler: Agents Ressler and Keen, FBI. You must be the owner.
Lucinda: Yeah. You’re damn right I’m the owner. My attorney’s on her way now. [ SCOFFS ] This is a joke. An absolute abuse of police power.
Liz: Okay, ma’am, slow down.
Lucinda: What? D-Don’t “ma’am” me. I’m not that old. I’m sure as hell not running some kind of mob-doctor surgery center out of my kitchen.
Ressler: Well, our intel says otherwise.
Lucinda: We’ve been closed down for plumbing problems. The grand re-opening is tomorrow.
I’ve got 1,200 cupcakes to make, bake, and frost, and you’re acting like it’s the county morgue!
FBI Analyst: We’re finished here. We’ve gone through it twice. There’s no trace evidence.
Ressler: That can’t be.
Lucinda: Yeah? He just said it was, handsome. So can I have my business back?
Ressler: No. I want you and your team to tear the place apart every drain trap, sewage line, air filter. Swab every inch. I’m afraid those, uh, cupcakes are gonna have to wait. Ma’am.
Lucinda: [ SCOFFS ]

Dr Koehler: This last procedure, it’s just what we were hoping for. Would you care to see?
[ Moreau looks in hand mirror ]
Moreau: [ LAUGHS ] Beautiful.

Liz: [ On phone ] The bakery. We have a lead.
Red: On Koehler?
Liz: No, on one of his former patients. Basil Vladakis.
Red: Basil Vladakis. Dear Lord. I haven’t heard his name in ages.
Liz: Evidence Response found trace amounts of blood in the drain line. We ran the DNA, and it matches Vladakis. Who could lead us to Dr. Koehler. If only we knew what he looks like now. Apparently he got himself a new face.
Red: Changing a man’s face is one thing. Changing his predilections? Quite another.
Liz: His predilections?
Red: Basil Vladakis was a vicious and wanton gunrunner whose love of money was only rivaled by his love for losing it at the track.
Liz: So you know this guy.
Red: I know he was a regular punter at Mardale. Perhaps Dembe and I should be off to the races to see if we can’t scare up The Mad Greek. I certainly wasn’t the only one he stiffed before skipping town, but I’d still like my money back. And if he knows anything about Dr. Koehler’s whereabouts, well, then, as they say, “two birds.” Dembe, this could be fun. We haven’t been to a race since Smarty Jones cost us a bundle at Belmont. Perhaps Dame Fortune is ready to smile on us after all.

[ Mardale sports bar ] [ MAN LAUGHING HEARTILY ]
Basil Vladakis: Hey. Keep the change! I just hit the across-the-board on Salsa Marimba!
Red: Is the across-the-board really the wisest bet? As I understand it, they’re expensive and have far less profit potential. Is that true?
Vladakis: I wouldn’t know. I’m a novice. Today must be my lucky day.
Red: [ LAUGHS ] It’s funny. You look like an old pro with a new face. The kind who likes taking other people’s money. I once knew a Greek arms dealer who took my money. Do you know how many times I’ve stood in this lousy sports bar looking for you? Clever to have your face reorganized. Looks good. Cute nose.
Vladakis: Okay. Look, Mr. Reddington. I’m sorry. I’ll get you your money. But I can’t be seen here. Not with you. – If anyone sees us, it would –
Red: Blow your cover? [ LAUGHS ] That’s about to happen very quickly. Can you imagine? After all that nipping and tucking, the sucking and plucking. All that goes into changing a man’s face, creating a new identity, a new life, then be outed by some old pal at the same old racetrack? What a colossal waste of money and time.
Vladakis: I’ll get you your money!
Red: Of course you will. But I’ll need a little something else to sweeten the pot, make up for lost interest.
Vladakis: What? What do you want?
Red: I want you to put me in touch with the friend who fixed your face.
Vladakis: We don’t speak. That’s not how it works.
Red: But you know how to reach him.
Vladakis: All I’ve got is a number. For a nurse. A number to call only in case of medical emergency.
Red: Then start dialing, because if you don’t, you’re gonna be naked and penniless in this lousy sports bar at Mardale.

[ In a parked car ]
Lilly: Hey. I went through your box, and I think I may have found something.
Liz: I think Reddington knows.
Lilly: What? How? – I don’t know.
Liz: And I’m not sure he does. But this case he gave us he’s got us hunting down a plastic surgeon who performs facial reconstructions on criminals.
Lilly: You think Reddington wants you to find the doctor that changed his identity? Why would he want that?
Liz: I have no idea. But it can’t be a coincidence, right? And if this is Reddington’s doctor, he might have the answer we’re looking for. So we’ve got to find him before Reddington does.
Lilly: So– So, this is what I found.
Liz: Yeah. I was taken to a motel in Dover the night of the fire. But I went there. It’s a dead end.
Lilly: The motel maybe. Or Dover. But not Delaware. My parents used to take me there every summer. To a house they’d rent an hour outside Dover – in Rehoboth Beach.
Liz: So?
Lilly: So maybe our father, the real Raymond Reddington, took you there. It was the dead of winter. Rehoboth Beach is a summer resort. It’s the perfect place to hide.
Liz: I’ll run a check. See if there was a fire in Rehoboth Beach that night.
Lilly: I already did.
[ PAPER RUSTLING ] [ Lilly shows Liz a photo copy of a newspaper article: “Rehoboth Beach Blaze Destroys House” ]
Liz: You know what this means?
Lilly: Hell yeah. Road trip.

[ Mardale sports bar ] [ Red, Dembe and Vladakis watch a horse race ]
Announcer: …racing for the challenge, but here comes Moon Room on the outside! Neck-and-neck with Aura Field. It’s down to the wire with Moon Room and Aura Field.
Moon Room and Aura Field! And at the wire, it’s Moon Room!
[ A nurse enters ]
Nurse: Hey! I got your page. Is everything okay? Mr. Hunt?
Red: Ooh. Oh, my God. You were right! Who would’ve thought the Daily Double – would be a smart bet?
Dembe: Yes! I knew it was a smart bet.
Red: Oh, my God.
Dembe: You want another Orange Whip?
Red: Yes, absolutely.
Dembe: Orange Whip? Orange Whip? Three Orange Whips.
[ Dembe goes to get the order ]
Vladakis: I’m sorry. Please, have a seat.
Nurse: Mr. Hunt. What’s going on here?
Red: I asked Mr. Hunt to page you, not for himself, but because I’m one of Dr. Koehler’s former patients, and I need to get in touch with the good doctor. My name is–
Nurse: I know who you are.
Red: –Ah! Then you know I’m serious when I say it’s a matter of some urgency.
Nurse: Dr. Koehler’s traveling. He’s in France on holiday.
Red: Until when?
Nurse: He didn’t say. It was an impromptu trip. He texted from Avignon, said he was having the time of his life. Perhaps I could give him a message?
Red: May I ask you something? All the work that was done on poor Vladakis I mean, Mr. Hunt and yet, still, these earlobes. It’s like the grandkids have been hanging and swinging on them. Is there really nothing one can do to – I don’t know – shrink them up even just a little bit? You said the doctor texted you.
Nurse: Yes.
Red: Perhaps I could borrow your phone.

Red: Aram, it’s me. I’m gonna send you a cellphone, one I need you to examine as soon as possible. Yes, it’s about Dr. Koehler.
Red: What the hell is really going on with Dr. Koehler? He wouldn’t simply pack up and go “on holiday” to France. He hates the French.
Dembe: He’s in trouble, Raymond.
Red: Yeah. Trouble. Never a truer word.

[ Dr Koehler’s mobile surgical unit ]
Moreau: Dr. Koehler, rest assured that our work here is nearly finished.
[ CHAINS RATTLING ] [ Dr Koehler is in chains ]

[ SEA BIRDS CRYING ] [ Liz and Lilly are at the seacoast by Rehoboth Beach in Delaware ]
Lilly: [ SIGHS ] The ocean, the air. It all smells the same. The house we rented was right–
Liz: There. 20 steps to the sand.
Lilly: You remember.
[ They get out of the car to view the remnants of the burned building, just an outline of concrete in the sand ]
Liz: This is where it happened. The fire.

Masha: [ SCREAMING ]
[ Images of fire, of Masha running down the hall of a house ]

Liz: This is where I killed our father.

Jennifer: So that’s why you were so sure about when he died. Because you shot him.
Liz: They were fighting. My father and my mother. Screaming at each other. And others I think. He was hurting her. I saw the gun and I just wanted to make it stop. I’m so sorry.
Lilly: You were 4. You have nothing to be sorry about.
Liz: I know you have fond memories of this place, but I’m glad it’s gone.
Lilly: Wait. If you killed our father, how come you didn’t know Reddington was an imposter?
Liz: [ SIGHS ] My memories of that night. He had them removed.
Lilly: He- He removed your memories.
Liz: He told me he didn’t want me to live with the weight of knowing I killed my father.
Lilly: Who does that?
Liz: He said he did it to protect me –
Lilly: Who can do that?
Liz: – when what he was doing was protecting himself so that I would never question who he really was.

Martin Donnelly: So, one of you called claiming to be Red Reddington’s kid?!
Lilly: Hi. Yeah. Are you Martin Donnelly?
Donnelly: [ Nods ]
Lilly: Hi. I’m Jennifer. This is my sister, Elizabeth.
Liz: [ Shows badge ] Special Agent Elizabeth Keen. We heard you were the sheriff here the night that house burned down.
Donnelly: Mm-hmm. Yeah.
Liz: We were hoping you had a record of the people who were there that night.
Donnelly: Why’s that?
Lilly: Did you know our father?
Donnelly: I thought I did. In my mind he was a fine man.
Lilly: The night of the fire was the last time either of us has seen him.
Donnelly: You expect me to believe you don’t know where he is, your own father?!
Liz: We haven’t seen him in over 30 years. He became a fugitive when we were kids. We barely knew him. But we do know this – before the night of the fire, he was a fine man. And then after, he changed. We think the people who were there that night know why. Will you help us find them?
Donnelly: I would if I could. But whoever was there that night was long gone by the time we showed up.
Liz: Are local hospitals open year-round?
Donnelly: A reduced staff, but, yeah.
Lilly: So if someone got burned that night, there might be a patient record.
Liz: We’re gonna need a list of every hospital – in a 20-mile radius.
Donnelly: Sure.

Liz: Keen.
Aram: [ On phone ] All right. I am not saying I’m amazing. But sometimes I am distinctly above average.
Liz: You found Dr. Koehler?
Aram: The good doctor texted an employee saying that he was in France.
Liz: Have you alerted Interpol?
Aram: And why would I do that?
Liz: You said he was in France.
Aram: I said that’s what he said. But when I pulled the records from the cell carrier and this is the distinctly above-average part I found that his text wasn’t sent from France. It was sent from right here in D.C.
Liz: You have a location?
Aram: Sending it to you right now. Mr. Cooper’s working on getting a warrant.
Liz: How did you know he texted?
Aram: I didn’t. Mr. Reddington did. He sent me the employee’s cell. Which, um, I guess, if you want to be technical about it, means he’s the amazing one.
Liz: Did you give him the location? Aram, please tell me you didn’t tell Reddington how to find Dr. Koehler.

[ Dope Lemon’s ♪ “How Many Times” plays ]

♪ Here come the doorway

Red: That’s it there? The brick one?
Dembe: Yes. What about the FBI?
Red: The FBI served their purpose in finding him.

♪ It’s going down the track

Red: Let’s go find out how badly Dr. Koehler’s been compromised.

[ Moreau’s guard hands Moreau an envelope ]
Guard: That’s everything. You ready?
Moreau: [ Nods ]
Dr Koehler: Please. Let us go. Let them go. We’ve done everything you asked!
Moreau: The conditions under which I have forced you to live and work for the past few months are unfortunate and difficult for everyone. But it’s over now. So cheer up. Unchain them.


♪ How many times does it take

Liz: Good to see you, Samar.
Samar: It’s good to be back.
Ressler: So, what can you tell us about the building, who’s inside?

♪ To hear the phone

[ CHAINS RATTLING as assistants remove all the chains ]

♪ How many times does it take

Dr Koehler: So we’re free to go?
Moreau: Of course. Your work is done. Thank you. Dr. Koehler. Before you go – there is one more thing.
Dr Koehler: What’s that?
[ He shoots them all 💥💥💥💥 💥💥 ]

Ressler: I got north entrance.
Samar: I’ll take this side.

♪ She’s just dying to please ya

[ Dr Koehler is shot, but still alive: he GRUNTS ]
Moreau: I’m so sorry. However, the point of changing my face is that nobody knows who I am. And that includes you.
[ Moreau is going to shoot Koehler again, but Red shoots first 💥💥💥 but misses Moreau ]
[ 💥💥💥 GUNFIGHT 💥💥💥 ]
[ Moreau and his guards leave the building. Red goes to Dr Koehler ]

[ Outdoors, Moreau and his guards exchange 💥💥💥 gunfire 💥💥💥with Samar and Dembe ] [ One of the guards is hit ]
[ ENGINE REVS ] [ TIRES SQUEAL ] [ The SUV escapes but Samar takes out a tail light ]
Samar: You okay?
Dembe: Yes. Thank you. Congrats.
Samar: On what?
Dembe: You and Aram. I’m very happy for you.
Samar: Thank you.

[ Inside, Red is crouching alongside Dr Koehler. All the others are dead ]
Red: [ SOFTLY ] Where is it?
Dr Koehler: [ SOFTLY ] Picasso. [ COUGHS FAINTLY ]

Dembe: Raymond, we have to leave before the cops show.
[ Liz walks up to Red ]
Liz: I thought we were past this.
Red: What’s that?
Liz: Alternate agendas. You giving us cases without telling us why. Using us to catch the people you can’t.
Red: He had information that’s important to me.
Liz: And I thought you just wanted us to catch the pygmy three-toed sloth.
Red: Our professional relationship is symbiotic. I help you, you help me.
Liz: And our personal relationship?
Red: I don’t have an alternate agenda. I have secrets. Like the skeleton. I thought you’d come to terms with that.
Liz: I have. Which is why I’m not upset at finding you here. It’s still hard. You’re my father. I want us to have an honest relationship.
Red: One has nothing to do with the other. Being honest means one doesn’t lie, deceive, or cheat. Where you are concerned, I don’t.
Liz: How can you say that when you keep things from me?
Red: Dembe keeps things from me.
Liz: That’s different.
Red: So one can keep certain things secret and be in an honest relationship?
Liz: [ SCOFFS lightly ] I saw Dr. Koehler whisper something to you before he died. What did he tell you?
Red: The last thing I want is to push you away. So if we need a little truth and reconciliation to prevent that, well, what the hell? Just don’t get greedy.
Liz: [ SCOFFS ] You’re serious?
Red: You want to know my secrets, why I’m here, what the good doctor told me?
Liz: Yes, I do.
Red: Then I’ll tell you. As soon as you tell me.
Liz: Tell you what?
Red: The secrets you keep from me.
Liz: I never said I kept any.
Red: Studies show that at any given moment the average person is keeping 13 secrets. 🔘 [ See Note ] So come on. I actually think this could be quite fun. I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours.
Liz: This isn’t a game.
Red: It could be. If the secrets you keep are as loving as the ones Dembe keeps.
[ Liz doesn’t say anything ]
Red: [ LAUGHS ] Well. That is interesting.

[ Ressler walks over ]
Ressler: The ID on the dead guy turned up as fake, but we sent the prints to Interpol and we got a hit.
Red: Tell me.
Ressler: Not until you tell us why you gave us this case, because it obviously wasn’t so we could arrest Dr. Koehler and expose his clients.
Red: Hans Koehler was a friend of mine. I suspected he was being held against his will. I wanted to save his life. Sadly, I failed.
Liz: You cared about him? You expect us to believe that’s all that’s going on here?
Red: All? No. Enough? Certainly. The guard. Who was he?
Ressler: A known associate of Bastien Moreau.
Red: The Corsican.
Samar: Until four months ago, no one knew who The Corsican was. Then he shows up on a camera in Gdansk and is ID’d as Moreau.
Ressler: Which explains his sudden urge to pay a visit on Dr. Makeover.
Red: One of the world’s deadliest assassins is now one of the world’s most anonymous men. Which means he can act with impunity. Whatever he is up to I fear Dr. Koehler is only the beginning.

[ Reagan International Airport ] [ Moreau and his guards are in the parked SUV ]
Guard: The Feds have Gabin’s body. They’ll connect him to you.
Moreau: [ LAUGHS ] To who I was. Not to who I am. The assignment remains. This changes nothing. We travel as planned. Well, at least I travel as planned.
[ Morea gets out, opens the trunk and pulls out a wheelchair and puts on a fake cast and a baseball cap. He rolls himself along in the wheelchair ]

Aram: All right. The Corsican is a gun for hire. But not by just anyone. He has a very particular clientele. The Tamil Tigers. The Kosovo Liberation Army. He’s a nationalist who works on behalf of groups fighting against globalism.
Ressler: His targets have included a UNESCO office in Geneva, a conference center in Davos, and the European Union headquarters in The Hague, where last year a bomb was defused moments before the General Assembly’s opening session.
Cooper: Before now, everything has been overseas.
Ressler: Well, his next target could be here or maybe he’s already left the country.
Cooper: Can’t lock down the airports. We have no idea who we’re looking for.
Samar: The Corsican, as bad as he may be, is only one name on Dr. Koehler’s client list. Shouldn’t we be focused on finding the list?
Liz: We may not know what this guy looks like, but thanks to Samar shooting out his taillight, we were able to trace his car.
Ressler: First day back, and you’re already showing us up.
Liz: It was found in a remote lot at Reagan International. There were two bodies identified at the scene matching the men you saw driving away in The Corsican’s car.
Samar: Why would he kill his own people?
Liz: Same reason he killed Koehler and his team –. they knew what he looked like. They were the only remaining ones who did.
Cooper: Aram, pull every feed from that lot you can find. If you get a hit, circulate it to TSA. We’ll find that list, but right now we’ve got an emergency on our hands. Get to Reagan, coordinate with Airport Authority Police, tell them we’ve got a situation.

[ At the airport, Moreau has just passed through the TSA scanner ]
TSA Agent: All right, sir.
Moreau: Thanks.
TSA Agent: [ To next person ] Wait there, ma’am.
[ An airport escort is pushing Moreau’s wheelchair now ]

[ Samar makes call to airport security as Ressler drives ]
Samar: Two minutes out. Moreau, Bastien. I need you to notify security he’s on site and Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying. No, I do not have a positive ID, but you need to put the facility on lockdown and hold all passengers.

Man on (escort’s) radio: Code three, all responders. White male. Mid-50s. May be armed.

Moreau: Sir, I’m terribly sorry. Can we please stop at the men’s room before getting to my gate?
Escort: Of course, sir. Not a problem.
Moreau: Thank you.

Woman on PA: We ask for your assistance in reporting any unattended bags.

[ Ressler and Samar arrive at the airport ]
Ressler: Lock it down. All points of exit. Drop-off, pick-up, parking garages, everywhere.
Samar: Agent Navabi, FBI. I need you take me to your C.O. I need every male passenger searched, ID’d, and taken to a secure area. Where are your security feeds?
Man: Over here.

[ Moreau has ditched the wheelchair and is on foot. He is wearing the maroon blazer of the escort service. Ressler is about the follow him, when a man comes up to him ]
Man: Sir! We need you right away. We got something.
[ The escort lies on the floor of the men’s room ]

Man on radio: All units, suspect is impersonating an airport employee in a maroon blazer. Attention, all units.

[ Moreau enters the escort services parking area, grabs keys for a car from the board. He smashes the window of a vehicle and gets in

Man on radio: … white male suspect …

[ DOOR CLOSES ] [ ENGINE STARTS ] [ Moreau leaves in the vehicle ]

Mrs Koehler: Yes?
Red: Mrs Koehler, I’m terribly sorry for your loss.
Mrs Koehler: How did– Who are you?
Red: A friend of your husband’s. My name is Raymond. I’m here for the Picasso.

[ Picasso is the Koehlers’ stuffed dog; a real dog who was stuffed, that is ]
Red: Well. This is unexpected.
Mrs Koehler: Why would Hans want you to take him? He loved Picasso.
Red: How much do you know about your husband’s line of work?
Mrs Koehler: He was a great surgeon.
Red: He was away for months at a time, wasn’t he?
Mrs Koehler: He had clients all over the world.
Red: He did. Many of those clients were criminals. Some of them terrible men and terrible women.
Mrs Koehler: That’s not so.
Red: It is. I should know. I’m one of them.
[ Red examines the stuffed dog. In its collar is a thumb drive ]
Mrs Koehler: What is that?
Red: Your husband’s client list.
Mrs Koehler: That’s what you came for.
Red: Yes. And to give you this. It’s a numbered bank account with $5 million in it and also the name of a man who’s standing by to create your false identification.
Mrs Koehler: [ EXHALES SHARPLY ] I don’t understand.
Red: Other clients will come looking for this list. I don’t know how many or when. Just that they will. And you do not want to be here when they do.
Mrs Koehler: Why are you doing this?
Red: As I said, Hans was a friend of mine. I wouldn’t be the person I am if it weren’t for him. I recommend Cairo. Beautiful, historic. And thanks to a combination of the Muslim Brotherhood and international Islamophobia, completely abandoned by Western tourists. You and Picasso will have the pyramids to yourselves.

Cooper: So let me get this straight. We lost Moreau.
Ressler: He slipped security using the identity of an airline rep.
Samar: Security feeds show him stealing a car from an employee parking lot. We have word out on the vehicle now.
Cooper: Any hits?
Aram: Not yet.
Cooper: So he’s gone, and Koehler is dead, and the names of his clients died with him.
Liz: All except Moreau.
Cooper: Who’s God knows where and about to do God knows what.
Liz: Reddington never wanted us to catch Koehler.
Cooper: Any chance he told you what it was?
Liz: [ SCOFFS ] No. He didn’t.
Cooper: Did you think about what I said about the price and whether you’re willing to pay it?
Liz: I did.
Cooper: And have you made a decision?
Liz: The Raymond Reddington we know can’t be trusted. But there was another Reddington.
Cooper: Another Reddington?
Liz: It’s hard to explain, but I want to know how the Reddington we could trust turned into the one we can’t. I have to know. Whatever the price.

[ Baptist Generals’ ♪ “Turnunders and Overpasses” plays ]
♪ Turnunders and overpasses
Directions change, and you are different today
What do you want?
Oh, what do you want?

Red: Ah. I meant what I said before about our relationship being symbiotic. I help you, you help me. We help each other.
Liz: What’s this?
Red: An insurance policy. Dr. Koehler was a not only a gifted surgeon, but also a man smart enough to know that his life was threatened by the very men and women who paid for his services. For that reason, he kept a dossier – a list of every face he changed.
Liz: Moreau knew about this.
Red: Which is why he abducted Dr. Koehler and his team and forced them to operate at gunpoint.
Liz: Which means his new identity won’t be on this drive.
Red: No. But the names of countless others are men and women who abandoned their lives to hide. Now you can find them.
Liz: Where to find this – that’s what Dr. Koehler whispered to you before he died.
Red: I told you mine. Now you tell me yours.
Liz: I would. But you haven’t really told me yours yet, have you? Not all of it. This isn’t the complete list, is it?
Red: No, it’s not. One file has been deleted.
Liz: Yours.
Red: [ SIGHS ] I prefer to keep my nips and tucks to myself. Forgive an old man his vanity.
Liz: For now, but someday I want to see the before and after pictures.
Red: [ LAUGHS ] Not a pretty sight.m
Liz: I’m sure you were always handsome.
Red: Was I? I can’t remember.

♪ And you are different today

Liz: Neither can I.

♪ What do you want for your love?

Liz: But I don’t have to. I know that before everything changed –

♪ Turnunders and overpasses

Liz: – my father was –

♪ Directions change

Liz: – kind and decent and beautiful.

♪ What do you want for your heart?

Liz: Inside and out.
[ Liz reaches over and clasps Red’s hand ]

♪ What do you want for your heart?
What do you want?
Oh, what do you want?

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Episode Songs


♫ Joker and the Thief
By Wolfmother

♪ I said the joker is a wanted man
He makes his way all across the land
I see him sifting through the sand
So I’ll tell you all the story
About the joker and the thief in the night

♪ He’s always laughing in the midst of power
Are we living in the final hour
There is always sweet and sour
So we are not going home

♪ Can you see the joker flying over
As she’s standing in the field of clover
Watching out everyday
I wonder what would happen if he took her away

♪ What you see well you might not know
You get the feelin’ comin’ after the glow
The vagabond is moving slow
So I’ll tell you all the story
About the joker and the thief in the night

♪ All the people that you see in the night
Hold their dreams up to the light
The wilderbeast is searching for sight
And we are not going home

♪ Can you see the joker flying over
As she’s standing in the field of clover
Watching out everyday
I wonder what would happen if he took her away

♪ I said the joker is a wanted man
He makes his way all across the land
See him sifting through the sand
So I’ll tell you all the story ’bout the joker and the thief
I said, I’ll tell you all the story ’bout the joker and the thief
I said, I’ll tell you all the story ’bout the joker and the thief
In the night

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2VAmbPp
YouTube: https://youtu.be/ySjXFjLTagQ


♫ Wide Awake
Parquet Courts

♪ I’m wide awake
Mind so woke ’cause my brain never pushed the brakes
I’m wide awake
Eyes so open that my vision is as sharp as a blade
I’m wide awake
Movin’ and groovin’ and I ain’t ever losin’ the pace
I’m wide awake
Mind so woke ’cause my brain is as sharp as a blade
I’m wide awake
I’m wide awake
I’m wide awake
I’m wide awake
I’m wide awake

♪ I’m wide awake
Mind so woke ’cause my brain never pushed the brakes
I’m wide awake
Eyes so open that my vision is as sharp as a blade
I’m wide awake
Movin’ and groovin’ and I ain’t ever losin’ the pace
I’m wide awake
Mind so woke ’cause my brain never pushed the brakes
I’m wide awake
I’m wide awake
I’m wide awake
I’m wide awake
I’m wide awake

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2H12n4B
YouTube: https://youtu.be/eZXS8Jpkiac


♫ How Many Times
By Dope Lemon
[ Dope Lemon’s “How Many Times” plays ]

[Verse 1]
♪ Here come the doorway
It’s going down the track
Here come the dope train
Yeah, kill a man for talking back
She got no red lights
Hanging on her door
She cook that blue flame
She’ll have you on the floor
Begging for more

♪ How many times does it take
To hear the phone?
To hear the phone?
How many times does it take
To hear the phone?
To hear the phone?

[Verse 2]
♪ See a street fight
A fighter on the ground
It is your walk back
She’s playing on your mind
She got me blue light
Streaming from her eyes
Beneath them city floors
Her little heart
Her little heart dies

♪ How many times does it take
To hear the phone?
To hear the phone?
How many times does it take
To hear the phone?
To hear the phone?

♪ She’s just trying to tease ya, look
She’s just dying to tease ya
She’s just dying to please ya
Boy, you’re just dying to please her

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2RHjMDc
YouTube: https://youtu.be/ECSTE8Zaxs0


♫ Turnunders and Overpasses
By Baptist Generals ♫

♪ Turnunders and overpasses
Directions change and you are different today
What do you want?
What do you want?

♪ Turnunders and overpasses
Directions change and you are different today
Counsel the stars, the arrows go contrary ways
With no turnunders and overpasses
I saw your colors flying over me
Bled all the color of the heart you used to be
What is it like scattering at such a speed
Above those

♪ Turnunders and Overpasses
Turnunders and Overpasses
Directions change and you are different today
Oh, what do you want?
Oh, what do you want?

♪ Turnunders and Overpasses
Directions change and you are different today
What do you want for your love?
Oh, what do you want for your love?
Turnunders and Overpasses
Directions change and you are different today
What do you want for your heart?
Well, what do you want for your heart?
Oh, what do you want?
Oh, what do you want?

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2RCcUHj
YouTube: https://youtu.be/XxT9XFimlBc

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🔴 Script 6:2 The Corsican (№ 20)

Program air date: 1/4/2019 in the US
Permalink: https://wp.me/pDKwi-8Pa
Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/2C0y73N

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Kurt Kuenne
Written by: John Eisendrath , Jon Bokenkamp



⭕ Script 6:2 The Corsican (№ 20)

Where we’re at: Liz and Lilly (aka Jennifer) have located the foundation of a house in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, which was the place where the fire happened which Liz remembers in flashbacks and nightmares, of the night on which she as a four-year-old shot and killed their father. They want to learn the true identity of the man who afterwards assumed their father’s identity, the man we know as Raymond “Red” Reddington. Everyone on the task force now knows that a skeleton was in the duffel bag (chased in Season 5) and Red believes that Liz “has come to terms” with its identity being one of Red’s secrets. Only Liz and Lilly know there was a DNA report with the skeleton identifying it as that of the real Raymond Reddington, matching the DNA sample Cooper took from a 30 year old shirt from a torture scene from which Cooper had rescued the original Raymond Reddington and which linked Liz with that Raymond Reddington as daughter and father. Liz still publicly acknowledges Red as her father, preferring to keep the secret she shares with Lilly from both Red and the Task Force.

Liz and Lilly found a news report of the fire and are attempting to get medical records of anyone treated in a nearby hospital afterwards. At the same time, Red is attempting to erase any traces of who he was in that distant past, beginning with Dr Hans Koehler who performed plastic surgery on him. He offered the case to the task force suggesting that locating Dr Koehler could help them identify the many criminals whose identities Dr Koehler changed.

They discovered that Koehler was being held captive along with his surgical team and required to perform face-altering surgery on an infamous anti-globalism terrorist named Bastien Moreau, nicknamed The Corsican. They arrived too late to save Dr Koehler’s life, but not before Koehler could give Red the key to obtaining his client list. Red turned over the list to Liz but admitted to her he had deleted one record – his own. Meanwhile, The Corsican has a new face and is on to his next assignment.

Bastien Moreau: [ On phone ] You don’t know me. You may think you do. You may have heard things, stories, about the way I work, jobs I’ve done, and what I’m capable of.
McMahon: I know your reputation, which is why we hired you. The incident will appear to be part of your political agenda. No one will know its real purpose if you can get it done.
Moreau: Everything is on schedule.
McMahon: I haven’t heard from you in nearly a month. Not a single word.
Moreau: I told you, I couldn’t do your job without making a few changesm. Those changes have been made.
McMahon: Target will only be in town for a day. He knows about the coup attempt.
If he tells anyone–
Moreau: I told you, it’s on schedule.
McMahon:: But you haven’t told me how you’ll do it. Will it be on-site? If so, how do you intend on getting past security? How will you get out? Do we have assurances this won’t get back to us?
Moreau: Are you saying you want me to call it off?
McMahon: No, what I’m saying is that the fate of an entire country rests on you doing your job.
Moreau: So stop talking. Consider it done.

[ CAR BEEPS ] [ CAR DOOR OPENS ] [ Moreau gets a in car just as it’s owner, Charles Albrecht, a Turkish envoy, is getting in. Moreau points his gun at Albrecht ] [ GUN COCKS )
Charles Albrecht: [ STAMMERING ] What is this? Who are you?
Monreau: Believe it or not, I’m you.

[ Liz’s apartment. Lilly is talking on the phone ]
Lilly: Yes, I only need you to recover the data. And, no, I already told you.I can’t tell you why. Buck, did I ask you questions when you needed me to pretend to be your girlfriend at the last reunion? Yes, I– Yeah, okay, great. Thank you. Call me back. [ Hangs up ]
Liz: Well? What did he say?
Lilly: He asked a lot of questions.
Liz: But can he recover the medical files Reddington erased, – tell us what he’s hiding –
Lilly: Look, Liz, I get that we’re on our own and that Reddington can’t find out what we’re doing, but can you explain to me again why we can’t just go to one person in the FBI?
Liz: It’s too risky–
Lilly: Because you think he’ll find out?–
Liz: He will. Anyone who’s ever gotten close to the truth about who Reddington was before he became Reddington ended up dead. My husband, Dr. Koehler.
Lilly: Ian Garvey.
Liz; Jennifer, trust me. We can’t go to the Bureau, not yet. We’ve got to stick to the plan and see if your friend can restore the medical files Reddington erased.

Red: Elizabeth?
[ Liz quickly gathers the files strewn across the coffee table ]
Liz: [ WHISPERING ] Help me pick these up.
Lilly: [ WHISPERING ] You can’t let him in. He can’t see me.
Liz: No, he can’t. No one else is gonna die.
Lilly: The friend who wants to help us is a really good guy. We can’t let anything happen to him, please.
Liz: Okay. No one.
[ Lizzie hides in the front hall closet ]

[ CREAKS ] [ DOOR UNLOCKS ] [ CREAKING ] [ Red and Dembe enter ]
Red: Bad time?
Liz: No.
Red: May we?
Liz: Hmm?
Red: As a fugitive from justice, I prefer not to linger in public hallways.
Liz: Of course. Come in. Have you lost weight?
Red: Hmm. Five pounds.
Liz: Oh.
Red: Seven pounds when it’s in the morning.

Liz: Let me look at you. Well, you look fantastic. Thai chi and spinach suit you.
Red: I feel like a different person.
Liz: I’m sure you do.
Red: I have news about the Corsican.

[ The Post Office ]
Liz: According to Reddington, Moreau wasn’t deterred by the shootout at Dr. Koehler’s operating room or our near miss at Reagan National. Instead, he’s reaching out to arms dealers about an upcoming job.
Samar: What job? Did he have any details?
Liz: Reddington doesn’t have any, but he’s reaching out to his contacts now. But if he’s right and Moreau is arming up, that means he’s going to work.
Aram: Which means people are gonna die.
Cooper: What’s the latest on Moreau? Any hits from the airport authority or local police?
Aram: Well, we’ve scoured CCTV feeds, but he was obviously avoiding the cameras. Nothing clearly shows his face.
Samar: So we’re hunting for a killer, but we have no idea what he looks like.
Aram: Correct, but we do know that he purchased a ticket under the name Dino DiPasquale and was all set to board Premium Sky flight number 206 to JFK. Now, the alias is burned, but –
Liz: He’s headed to New York.
Ressler: No, he’s already there. We put out an alert on his vehicle, the one that he stole from the employee parking at Reagan. Port Authority flagged it passing through the Holland Tunnel just after 6:00 p.m.
Cooper: We may not know who this guy is, but we know who he was – A nationalist, a hit man who targets globalism in all its forms. Navabi, alert possible targets Wall Street, the media, consulates. Ressler, Keen, get to New York. There’s an assassin in the city, and we need to find him.

Albrecht: I don’t know about the others. I only know how it works for me.
Moreau: The first basement.
Albrecht: Yes, the first basement. It’s a door marked “C2,” northeast side of the building. Once inside, there’s a checkpoint–
Moreau: I’m not interested about the first checkpoint. Tell me about the second one, where they check your badges. How do you know that?
Albrecht: Please, why are you asking me these things?
Moreau: Talk to me about the second checkpoint where they check your badge and your access code.
Albrecht: How do you know these things? The one they sent you this morning, I need you to write it down. Now.
[ Moreau hands Albrecht a pad ]
Moreau: [ SHOUTING ] Now!
[ Albrecht writes down a number ]
Moreau: You sure?
Albrecht: Yeah.
Moreau: Now it’s time for you to get into the trunk.
Albrecht: What? Please, no. Just–
Moreau: Wait, quick, quick, give me your badge. Now – Get in the trunk.

[ Albrecht is in the trunk. Moreau points his gun ]
Albrecht: Wait, no.

[ Hollywood ]
Aaron: [ On phone ] Are you listening to me? The network cut my license fee in half. I’m paying ICM 10% off the top, and now the studio claims that it’s still in deficit? Yes, I want to sue. Now. [ STAMMERING ] Yesterday, if possible. [ CELLPHONE BEEPS ]
[ Red and Dembe enter. Aaron opens his arms ]
Aaron: Finally, people I can trust.
Red: I warned you, Aaron. How many times? The arms business is like Ring Around the Rosie compared with this business you call show.
Aaron: Hand to God, I’d rather my daughter marry Arafat than a network or studio executive. At least he paid you the courtesy of lying to your face.
Red: I once provided transportation for a Chinese cobalt magnate who insisted on funneling his ill-gotten gains into a three-picture deal with Woodman Blake. Huge hits, each one bigger than the last. Careers were made. Awards were won. A single dollar over a billion in net profits, and he stood to double his investment. The movies grossed almost $3 billion worldwide. In anticipation of his windfall, my associate purchased a mansion in Sydney and a yacht in Montenegro. When the studio accountants were finished sharpening their pencils, the net was $999 million to the crooked penny. He went into receivership, and his wife left him for a talent agent. Not that that’s gonna happen to you. I mean, financially, you’re screwed, but look at the bright side. Your wife’s dead, may she rest in peace.
Aaron: [ CHUCKLES ] You said you had a question about Moreau.
Red: Yes, his whereabouts. I’m told he reached out to you recently.
Aaron: Mm, he did, but, um–
Red: Aaron, I wouldn’t ask you to divulge information about a client if it weren’t urgent.
Aaron: I appreciate that, my friend, hmm? From you, I have no secrets. If I knew his whereabouts, you’d know his whereabouts, but I don’t.
Red: Oh, then how about the place where you’re sending the material he ordered?
Aaron: He didn’t order any. I had a cache of RPGs, mint condition, no interest. All he wanted was a reference for a contractor.
Red: And who was that?
Aaron: Maxwell Ruddiger. Name mean anything to you?
Red: Like a blast from the past. Hmm.

[ RADIO CHATTER ] [ A parking garage. Red and Liz get out of separate vehicles ]
Ressler: If you’re good with it, I’m good with it.
Liz: I already told you, I’m good with it.
Ressler: What am I missing? See, I know you, and I know there’s no way that you’re okay with Reddington killing a guy in our custody so he wouldn’t have to identify that skeleton. No, you don’t want to tell me what’s really going on, I’m okay with it. But don’t insult me by saying you’re good with it.
Liz: Thank you.
Ressler: For what? For being okay with it.

[ The trunk of Charles Albrecht’s car is open. His body is inside ]
Liz: What you got for us?
Man: Charles Albrecht. He was a courier for the Turkish consulate. When he didn’t show up for work, the consulate reported him missing.
Liz: [ To Ressler ] They were on alert because we put word out.
Ressler: Did the consulate say whether he was in possession of any privileged or classified documents?
Man: He was carrying a diplomatic pouch that contained classified information.
Ressler: Was.
Man: The pouch is missing, and since the Intel was classified, the consulate won’t say what it was.
Liz: [ To Ressler, whispering ] Well, we already know what it was. Something Moreau’s willing to kill for.
Ressler: Even if it was Moreau. A Turkish courier? How does that fit into his nationalist M.O.?
Liz: [ To the man ] What else can you tell us?
Man: The diplomatic pouch wasn’t the only thing missing. His I.D. was taken, too.

[ Moreau uses Albrecht’s I.D. to get past security ]

Aram: Okay, I think we have a problem.
Liz: [ On phone ] Aram, what is it? – Okay, it’s about Albrecht.
Aram: Mr Cooper spoke to the ambassador at the Turkish Embassy, who confirmed that Albrecht was headed to a meeting at – Get this, The United Nations.
Liz: That’s how it fits his M.O.
Aram: All right, U.N. Security Police says Albrecht’s badge was swiped six minutes ago at the first basement level, entrance C2.
Ressler: All right, Aram, coordinate with security, put that building on lockdown, and see if they can’t get a location on that badge.
Ressler: [To Aram ] We’re on our way.
Liz: Keen.
Red: Elizabeth I have news about the faceless assassin you seek.
[ Red in his plane with Maxwell Ruddiger the bomb maker ]
Liz: He’s headed to the U.N.
Red: Yes, to deliver a bomb.
Liz: A bomb? You know this because?
Red: The device was purchased from one Maxwell Ruddiger. A lush, a scoundrel, an old friend, and a consummate technician of all things explosive.
Liz: That’s why Moreau targeted the courier. This was about access.
Red: Moreau simply needed a way to get his device into the building.
Liz: Well, the badge will get him in, but not the bomb. They’ll scan it at security, stop it there.
Red: Unless they don’t. Moreau didn’t choose just anybody with security clearance. He specifically chose someone carrying a diplomatic pouch.
Liz: Which they won’t seize because it’s not subject to search.
Red: Elizabeth, the contraption you’re hunting for is a binary device that contains enough ammonium nitrate and hydrazine to wipe out the entire General Assembly if not take down the building itself, and it’s volatile. The slightest bump or jostle could detonate the thing without warning.
Liz: How do you know this?
Red: I know this because I’m sitting with the madman who built the damn thing.
Liz: Maxwell Ruddiger is with you?
Red: We’re en route to you as we speak. You need to clear the building, locate that device, and find a way to get us to it, but do not let anyone near that widowmaker until I can get Ruddiger there to undo the devil he’s created. Understood?
Liz: Yes.
Red: Max, perhaps you should put down the gin and tonics. You have a job to do, and you’ll need steady hands.
Ruttiger: The gin and tonics are exactly what give me the steady hands.
Red: Better have another.

[ Wire’s ♪ “I Am The Fly” plays ]

♪ Crawling
Over your window
You think I’m confused
I’m waiting for the divergent wasp
To complete my current ruse

[ Moreau walks into an area with small tables. He is carrying a metal briefcase. He puts it down next to a table and whispers something to a man seated there. As he leaves the room, Moreau pulls out a small metal device and engages it. It blinks and BEEPS. The case left at the table BEEPS quietly. The man sitting at the table lifts up the case and places it flat on the table. He flips numbers on the keypad on the top of the case alongside the handle ]

You use a plate-glass screen
To protect my chosen target
But there’s an air-pellet hole
I can crawl through to you

[ Liz and Ressler are met inside an entrance to the building by security personnel ]
Topperview: Jean Topperwien, head of security.
Ressler: Agents Ressler, Keen, FBI. You need to evacuate this building.
Topperview: We have an evacuation plan, but there’s no guarantee we won’t lose your unsub in the process.
Ressler: Well, that’s a risk we’re gonna have to take. You have to clear this building.
Liz: Do you have a location on Moreau?
Man: We know where the badge was last swiped.
Liz: Take us there, now.

I am the fly, I am the fly, I am the fly, I am the fly
Fly in the, fly in the ointment


Over P.A. 🔊 Attention, all personnel, this is an emergency. For your safety, please immediately locate the nearest exit. – This is not a test.

♪ Fly in the, fly in the ointment

[ People begin evacuating ]
[ The man sitting at the table continues flipping the numbers on the lock on the metal suitcase ]
[ Moreau joins a group of people leaving the building ]

♪ I am the fly, I am the fly, I am the fly, I am the fly
Fly in the, fly in the ointment

Liz: Sir! Stop.
[ Liz enters the room where the man with the suitcase is ]
Liz: Put it down. Special Agent Elizabeth Keen, FBI.

♪ I am the fly, I am the fly

Liz: We have reason to believe that case contains – an explosive device.
[ The man looks shocked ]

♪ I am the fly, I am the fly

Liz: I need you to put it down slowly – and do exactly as I say.
[ One latch of the suitcase flips open ]

♪ Fly in the, fly in the ointment
I am the fly

Aram: Okay, uh, all right, I have the feeds up now.
Ressler: All right, I’m putting you on with the head of security now.

🔊Man over PA: Attention, all personnel

Topperview: Agent Mojtabai.
Aram: Hello.
Topperview Hello, we’re holding evacuees on the north lawn. I’m trying to get you access to those feeds now.
[ Moreau walks past behind Topperview and Ressler ]
Aram: Okay, thank you.

🔊 Woman over PA: (Speaking in foreign language)

Ressler: Move, move!

🔊Man over PA: Attention, all personnel

[ Ressler runs up to to man who was shot ]
Man: My gun, he’s He’s got my gun.
Ressler: Officer down. Repeat, officer down. North atrium. Suspect’s armed and on the move.

Security Guard: Our evacuation protocol is clear.
Liz: I’ve been authorized to change it.
Security Guard: The FBI has no authority here. Besides, we won’t evacuate emergency personnel – During an actual emergency.
Liz: You need to leave, including all UN Personnel, NYPD responders, NYPD bomb squad, HDU, everyone.
[ Security Guard takes phone call; hangs up ]
Security Guard: That was my superior officer. The Secretary General just hung up with Homeland, and they’ve requested we evacuate all emergency personnel. Who are you people? What’s going on here?

[ A policeman walks through an emptied hall of the building. He motions to another policeman ]
Policeman: 10-4, we’re clear.
[ Surfounded by guards, Red, Dembe and Ruddiger stroll in ]
Red: [ CHUCKLES ] This is certainly a first.
[ Soul Coughing’s ♪ “Super Bon Bon” plays ]

Move aside, and let the man go through
Let the man go through
Move aside, and let the man go through
Let the man go through
Move aside, and let the man go through
Let the man go through
Move aside, and let the man go through

[ Ressler searches through the crowd for Moreau ]
Aram: Okay, I think I got him.
Ressler: All right, Aram, talk to me. Which way?

Let the man go through, through

Aram: All right, turn left. No, right. No, no, no, your right. He can’t be more than 20 yards ahead of you, moving west.

If I stole somebody else’s wave to fly up

Ruddiger: I apologize, it’s probably a silly question But why are the police escorting us, again?
Red: The police and I have a special kind of relationship.
Ruddiger: Yeah, but this, they treat you like Elvis.
Red: Yes, except the President gave Elvis a badge, and I don’t really need one.

♪ Too fat, fat you must cut lean You got to take the elevator to the mezzanine
Chump change

Aram: Okay, I can’t tell.

♪ And it’s on, super bon bon

Aram: Uh Come on. Where’d you go? All right, I, I lost him on the feed.

♪ Too fat, fat, you must cut lean

Aram: I do not have a visual.

♪ You got to take the elevator to the mezzanine

Aram: Okay. I just picked him up again. You’re close.

♪ Super bon bon, super bon bon

[ Ressler sees a man walking in front of him with a gun ]
Ressler: Drop the weapon, Moreau. Don’t do this.
[ GUN COCKS ] [ Moreau grabs a man, spins around ]
Moreau: You’ve got bigger problems than me inside that building.
Ressler: I’m only worried about you.
Moreau: [ CHUCKLES ] Maybe you should be worried about my hostage.
[ GUNSHOT 💥 SCREAMING ] [ The man GROANS, falls ]

♪ You must cut lean
You got to take the elevator

Ressler: Hang on. Hold on. Hold on.

♪ Super bon bon, super bon bon Too fat, fat, you must cut lean

Ressler: Hang on. Hang on.
[ Moreau escapes as Ressler assists the injured man ]

♪ Chump change, and it’s on, super bon bon
Super bon bon, super bon bon

[ Red, Ruddiger and Dembe arrive where Liz is waiting with the metal suitcase ]
Liz: [ To the police escort ] Your men need to vacate the premises.
Red: Funny, it’s all so much smaller than I’d imagined. A little tacky. Reminds me of that road trip we took.
Dembe: To Memphis.
Red: Yes, exactly, Graceland. I had the same reaction at Graceland. All rather unimpressive, actually. [ SNIFFS ] It smells kind of funny. How much time before this thing goes off?
Ruddiger: I don’t have a clue.
Red: Elizabeth, maybe we should find someone to get the man a drink.

Ressler: Tell me about the perimeter.
Cooper: We’re working with NYPD to set a line from Midtown to the east and 59th down to 42nd to the south.
Ressler: Any sightings?
Aram: Not yet, but I’ve got NYPD analyzing footage of the area as we speak.
Cooper: Pull surveillance, find an image. I want Moreau’s face on every TV in the tri-state area.
Any news from Keen?
Ressler: I’m on my way to her now.

[ Gently, Ruddiger lays the metal suitcase on its side. He pours oil on the latches ]
Red: Ahh, honestly, the suspense.
Liz: [ WHISPERING ] Shh, quiet.
Red: [ SIGHS ] Do I really need to be here?
Ruddiger: [ WHISPERING ] Quiet.
[ Ruddiger prepares a syringe and begins to inject an acid into the locks ]
Red: Ugh, I hate needles.
[ Ruddiger takes a hammer out of his toolbox ]
Liz: Wait, wait, wait. What are you doing?
Red: [ LAUGHS nervously ]
Ruddiger: I’m going to smack the lock. I’m going to whack it to pieces and pray that opens the case without tripping the secondary in-line bypass switch.
Liz: You’re gonna pray?
Red: Okay, I really don’t need to stay for this part. All of the smacking and the whacking and–
Liz: Are you okay?
Red: What is it?
[ Ruddiger SNEEZES ]
Red: Oh, okay. Ruddiger, if there’s nothing else I can do for you, I think I’ll go exploring.
Liz: Wait, wait. You’re gonna leave me here with him and the bomb?
Red: You can come to the U.N. any day of the week. For me, this is once-in-a-lifetime. The tug of history and all that. You should be fine.
Liz: Should be? [ DOOR OPENS ] That’s comforting. [ DOOR CLOSES ]

[ Sean Rowe’s ♪ “You Keep Coming Alive” plays ]

♪ Now my bed don’t weigh the same
Change my clothes and wash my name
Does the well go down that low?

[ Red and Dembe find the auditorium where the General Assembly meets ]
Red: [ LAUGHS ]

♪ Oh, my! Let me breathe, and I’ll let you go
Oh! I knelt down in desperation
I felt around for something real
There’s a radio station
Playing wrong in my ear

[ Red goes to the podium ]
Red: [ LAUGHS ]

♪ You keep coming alive, keep coming alive
Keep coming alive, keep coming alive


♪ You keep coming alive, keep coming alive
Keep coming alive, keep coming alive

Red: Mr. Secretary General, Mr. President, distinguished members of the General Assembly [ LAUGHS ] I come before you on the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights –

♪ Now my bed don’t weigh the same

Red: – Humbled to be the latest in a long line of politically questionable, formerly dashing strong men to address this hallowed hall. Castro, Gaddafi, and my personal favorite –

♪ Where your cross and your flowers survive

[ Red takes off his shoe and pounds the podium with it ] [ THUMPING ]
Red: – [ CHUCKLES ] Ah, Nikita. You may have helped the Soviet Union lose the Cold War –

♪ I knelt down in desperation

Red: – But you did it in style. Today, I want to bring to your attention a topic of great interest to me –

♪ There’s a radio station

Red: And I believe to anyone who cares about this revered institution – Cary Grant, or, specifically, his acid trips. 🔘 [See Note]

♪ You keep coming alive, keep coming alive –

[ Ressler enters the room where Ruddiger and Liz are ]
Liz: Moreau?
Ressler: We lost him. NYPD’s blanketing the city as we speak.
Liz: What is it?
Ruddiger: The gel-cap housing is stuck. I don’t think I can remove it.
Ressler: Which means–
Ruddiger: I don’t know yet. Here, do me a favor. Hold this.
Ressler: Hold what?
Ruddiger: This white wire. And not the yellow one. Don’t touch that. Please. Steady hands, my friend.
Red: Through five marriages, numerous lovers, allegedly both male and female, and over 70 films, including “North by Northwest,” arguably the greatest work ever produced here, he just kept right on tripping, and why not? Before LSD was weighed down by the counter-cultural baggage of Timothy Leary turning on, tuning in, and dropping out LSD was used to treat addiction, anxiety, and depression.
[ Ruddiger cuts a wire ]

♪ Keep coming alive, keep coming alive
Keep coming alive, keep coming alive

Ruddiger: Oh, boy.
Ressler: What do you mean, “Oh, boy”?
Ruddiger: That means this is not a good thing.
[ Ruddiger takes a drink from a flask ]
Red: Standing here in the heart of an institution dedicated to diplomacy, I can say, from personal experience, LSD has made me significantly more enlightened, kind, considerate, and loving, and if people are more kind and loving, then the world will be, too.
Ressler: Honestly, do you have any idea what the hell you’re doing?
Red: There will be less crime, fewer acts of terror, more joy, more diplomacy, and far more fun.
Ruddiger: Ha, ha! Ha, ha! [ Drinks from flask ] Mm!
[ Ressler grabs the flasks and takes a drink himself ]
[ Liz runs out ]
Red: Cary Grant once said after a particularly evocative LSD trip, “I imagined myself as a giant penis launching off from Earth – “like a spaceship.”
[ Liz walks in ]
Liz: We lost Moreau, but your weird little German friend did it. He defused the bomb.
Red: I’m not surprised. After all, he did build it.
Liz: We’ve notified NYPD. You got to get out of here before they arrive. [ Pause ] Does it – Bother you?
Red: What?
Liz: Knowing that a catastrophe at the United Nations was averted, that people’s lives were saved because of you. That you do – Good, that no one will ever know.
Red: Did you know that Cary Grant’s original name was Archibald Leach? That he was born into poverty, the son of an alcoholic father and a depressed mother, and then reinvented himself as the paragon of WASP virtue and charm? [ Looking up ] Good for you, Archie. I’m a great fan of reinvention.
Liz: Of keeping your true self hidden.
Red: Or of becoming your true self, even if you have to take on a new identity to achieve it. Care to join me and Dembe and Ruddiger at the Red Brau Tavern? Celebrate with a warm pretzel and a cold beer?
Liz: Whatever happened to tai chi and the spinach?
Red: [ SCOFFS ] After saving Manhattan, I feel I deserve a few carbs.
Liz: You go. I got to stay here and figure out how to explain this to EOD.

Lilly: [ On phone ] Second thoughts?
Liz: I just want to talk about our plan.
Lilly: What we’re doing is the right thing.
Liz: I know. I do. It’s just, um – Whoever he is, he does do a lot of good.
Lilly: The only thing that you just said that matters is “whoever he is.” That’s the point, we don’t know, and this is the only way we’re gonna find out.
Liz: But we do know who he is. Raymond Reddington. Not the real one, the reinvented one. The one who’s been Raymond Reddington for 30 years, longer than anyone else, and whatever we find out, it’s not gonna change that. This man, the one we know, is the concierge of crime. A very bad man capable of an incredible amount of good.
Lilly: Look, I get it. I mean, I mean, I, I don’t get it, but I accept it. He’s part of your life. He drops by unannounced. He’s like family. But being like family isn’t family. We have a plan, and if we stick to it, it’s gonna work, but I can’t do this without you. So what’s it gonna be?

[ Red, Dembe and Ruddiger walk through a park ]
Red: Max, we can fly you tonight, just as long as we are back in the hotel in time for the tennis. I don’t want to miss a moment of the women’s doubles, all right?
[ Max leaves ]
[ Red turns to pause at a pretzel stand ]
Red: [ To Dembe ] Go ahead. I’ll meet you inside.
Dembe: I’ll take mine salted.
Red: As if there was any other way.
Red: [To vendor ] Three salted, two with mustard.
Officer Baldwin: Excuse me, sir. Can I help you? You look lost.
Red: I am, metaphysically, but aren’t we all just a little?
Officer Baldwin: Let me see some ID.
Red: George Murphy, Senior VP at Fine and Clean. We sell shower curtains, curtain rods, liners, the occasional soap dish.
Officer Baldwin: What are you looking at?
Red: Is there a problem, Officer?
Officer Baldwin: Turn around. Hands on the cart. You don’t want me to do that. This is my good side. [ To comms ] 1085, officer needs assistance.
Red: Assistance with what? Deciding whether to go salted or unsalted?
Officer Baldwin: I’m not gonna ask you again.
Red: Fine, salted. Just don’t blame me for the aneurysm.
Officer Baldwin: Hands on the cart.
Red: Isn’t this exactly the kind of harassment that makes people hate the police?
[ Red complies, revealing his gun ]
Officer Baldwin: Are you carrying a weapon?
Red: And here I was hoping to surprise you.
Officer Baldwin: Mr. Murphy, tell me – What’s a curtain-rod salesman doing carrying a loaded handgun?
[ Another Officer comes up ]
Second Officer: Curtain-rod salesman?
Red: Shower curtains, mildew-resistant fabrics.
Second Officer: Baldwin, do you have any idea who this guy is?
Officer Baldwin: I know he’s a wiseass.
Second Officer: Wiseass? That’s who you think? This is the most wanted man in America.
[ HANDCUFFS CLICKING ] [ Dembe has been watching from a distance ]

Liz: Aram, what is it?
Aram: [ On phone ] He’s been arrested.
Ressler: That’s great news.
Aram: Great? Why would you say that?
Ressler: The guy’s a killer.
Aram: I know, but, look. I know theoretically that I should be happy that someone who’s done what he’s done has finally been caught, but I’m not. I’m sad.
Liz: Sad, about Moreau?
Aram: Moreau?
Ressler: You just said he was arrested.
Aram: No. We haven’t found Moreau. We’re still working on that.
Liz: Well, then who are you talking about?
Aram: Mr. Reddington. Mr. Reddington is the one that’s been arrested.
Liz: What? When?
Aram: Less than an hour ago, he was, uh, buying a pretzel. 30 years on the run, and a beat cop picks him up at a pretzel cart.
Ressler: Where is he now?
Aram: NYPD is holding him at the 27th.
Liz: [ STAMMERING ] Well, we have to go get him out.
Ressler: Police precinct, the most wanted man in America? There’s no getting him out.
Liz: Of course we can. We~ We, the government. We have an agreement.
Ressler: Keen, he’s in the system now.
Liz: Does Cooper know?
Aram: He’s in with Panabaker.
Ressler: She’s not gonna do anything.
Liz: Is that what you know or what you want?
Aram: No one wants that.
Liz: For Reddington to get arrested so we don’t have to work with him anymore?
Ressler: Go ahead, Keen, say it. I know it’s what you’re thinking.
Aram: Thinking what?
Ressler: That I called it in. Reddington’s whereabouts, that they arrested him because of me.
Aram: That’s crazy. None of us would betray Mr. Reddington like that.
Liz: I don’t believe you did it, but I do believe you’re relieved it happened.
Ressler: Keen, all I do know is that it’s over, and nothing Cooper says is gonna change that.

Cooper: You can’t just walk away.
Panabaker: Actually, Harold, I can’t do anything else.
Cooper: You know the good this Task Force has done.
Panabaker: Yes, I do, and the bad.
Cooper: We knew this was a possibility when we made his deal.
Panabaker: Which is why the government lawyers who papered it were very clear about what our position would be if it did. In the event of Reddington’s arrest, we disavow.
Cooper: We papered it five years ago. Since that time, thanks to Reddington’s blacklist, this Bureau has killed or captured over 100 high-value targets and saved a tremendous number of lives in the process.
Panabaker: Harold, I like you, and I admire the way you have milked this mad cow, but you knew from Day One that the government would never publicly acknowledge having an immunity agreement with the number-one man on its most-wanted list.
Cooper: I’m not asking you to go public. He was arrested in New York. If you inform the US
Attorney of the Southern District–
Panabaker: The publicity hound who wants to run for governor and, God forbid, president? You have any idea how long she’d sit on that Intel? We’d be in turtle mode for a month of Sundays.
Cooper: There must be something you can do.
Panabaker: There is, and we are very good at it. Absolutely nothing.
Cooper: Cynthia, I know that the Task Force has crossed lines. I know that there has been collateral damage, that Reddington is a criminal who someday must answer for what he has done, but that day is not today. Today, because of Reddington, we stopped a terrorist from bombing the UN. You disavow, and, tomorrow, we may not be so lucky.
Panabaker: And that would be a tragedy, but there is nothing I can do about it.

Officer Baldwin: One driver’s license, one watch, Rolex. $2,000 in cash, no wallet, no credit card, no keys, no phone. You travel light.
Red: Trick of the trade.
Baldwin: The soap dish trade.
Red: You know what you fellas always say, that phrase? “We can do this the easy way or the hard way.”
Baldwin: Well, that’s up to you, isn’t it?
Red: Actually, it’s entirely up to you. One way or the other, I’ll be set free. Indictments and trials are obviously the hard way. The easy way is for you and your family to suddenly become grotesquely rich, buy one of those offensive mega-yachts, and travel the oceans like a nouveau Jacques Cousteau.
Baldwin: Is that a bribe?
Red: A statement of fact. You simply haven’t lived until you’ve skinny dipped in the clear blue waters off the coast of La Ciotat.
Baldwin: The ADA is gonna want a statement.
[ Baldwin slides a pen and pad across the table to Red. Red writes something on if and slides it back ]
Baldwin: Hmm. A phone number.
Red: A pot of gold waiting at the end of the rainbow for anyone smart enough to make the call.
Baldwin: Let’s try that again.
[ He slides the pad to Red. Red writes on it and slides it back ]
[ Red has written: Officer Baldwin, Get well soon. (Signature illegible) ]
Baldwin: What’s this?
Red: My autograph, and a short dedication. Something to make it personal. If you insist on being a flatfoot for the rest of your life, you should sell it on eBay, buy some orthotics.

Red: Ah.
US Attorney Holt: We’ll take it from here.
Officer Baldwin: Who’s “we”?
Holt: The prisoner is now in the custody of the federal government.
Baldwin: I made the arrest. You’re just gonna take my collar away from me.
Holt: He’s facing multiple outstanding federal indictments. That puts us at the head of the line. You’re a hero, Officer Baldwin. I’ll be sure to mention your name at the press conference.
Red: Would’ve been a nice boat.
Holt: Let me be clear. You will never be free again. You’ll be tried, convicted, held in a federal prison until we execute you.
Red: As pleasant as that sounds, I’m afraid I’ve made other arrangements.
Holt: This is gonna be fun.
Red: Winning always is.

Cooper: Miss Holt. Harold Cooper.
Holt: Hi.
Cooper: Thank you for coming.
Holt: Sure. When you asked me to come to your office to talk about Reddington, I assumed you meant the Hoover building. What is this place?
Cooper: A blacksite facility for the Reddington Task Force.
Holt: This is where you’ve been hunting him from?
Cooper: That’s what I wanted to talk with you about. We haven’t been hunting Reddington We’ve been working with him.
Holt: Say that again.
Cooper: Several years ago, the government entered into an immunity agreement with Reddington. Now that he’s been arrested, I’ve been instructed to keep that agreement secret, but I thought you should know.
Holt: Has the agreement born fruit?
Cooper: A cornucopia.
Holt: You want to keep it in place.
Cooper: Yes, and I think you’ll want to, as well, after you understand just how many cases–
Holt: Will he be an effective C.I. from prison?
Cooper: No.
Holt: You want me to kick him.
Cooper: I want you to know all the facts. I want you to–
Holt: I came here assuming that you were going to help prosecute Reddington. Instead, you want me to conspire with you to let him go.
Cooper: Once you go public, all this goes away.
Holt: Mr. Cooper, I can protect the Bureau’s relationship with Mr Reddington for now, but the most wanted man in America, maybe the world, has been arrested in New York City, and I will prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law, immunity agreement or not.
Cooper: So the rumors are true. You are running for governor.

US Attorney Holt: Good evening. Today, I can report to the American people and to the world that earlier this afternoon, Officer Michael Baldwin of the New York City Police Department arrested international fugitive and traitor to the United States – Mr. Raymond Reddington.
Holt: As of this moment, I cannot speak to the details of his arrest, but I can tell you this, in the coming days and weeks, my office will be exploring all options regarding charges and sentencing against Mr. Reddington. And to the victims of his crimes, I want you to know that this case is my top priority, and I will not rest until Mr. Reddington is held to account for all the pain and suffering he has inflicted on too many for too long.

Liz: [ To Guard ] Can we have a minute? He’s my father.
[ Liz sits by Red ]
Liz: They won’t acknowledge the agreement.
Red: I need you to focus.
Liz: They’re not gonna release you.
Red: Focus on what happened.
Liz: They’re gonna put you on trial.
Red: How it happened.
Liz: How?
Red: This wasn’t an accident. My luck didn’t just run out. Someone tipped them. Someone close.
Liz: What makes you think that?
Red: The cops were tipped off. Not specifically about me. That would’ve triggered a larger presence, and I would’ve noticed. Whoever did this told the cops as little as possible. Something about a middle-aged white male carrying a concealed weapon, something a couple of cops could follow up on quietly, discreetly.
Liz: Do you have any idea who it was?
Red: That’s what I need your help to find out. Forget about the prosecutor and all this. I’ve been a step ahead of them for decades. I’m confident this won’t change that.
Liz: How can you say that?
Red: I need to find the person who betrayed me.
Liz: So you can kill him?
[ Vision Vision’s ♪ “Hard Times” plays ]

♪ I see hard times coming

Red: I’d say that depends.

♪ I feel the flood in my veins
I hear a warning in the thunder
I got a sinking in my chest
These thoughts keep running, running, running, running
These thoughts keep running, running, running, running
I see hard times coming
Ohhhh Ohhhh Ohhhh

[ Red is led in chains to a transport van ]
[ SIRENS WAILING ] [ A police escort transports him from jail to a prison ]

♪ Ohhhh Ohhhh Ohhhh
I see blood in the river
As the current pulls me down
I slowly fade into the darkness

Jennifer: I know you were having second thoughts.

♪ And I scream without a sound

Jennifer: It was the right thing to do.

♪ These thoughts keep running, running, running, running

Jennifer: What’s the biggest obstacle standing between us and finding out who he really is? It was him. He deleted his file. He dropped by unannounced. I had to hide in the closet to keep him from seeing me. As long as he’s free, we’re never gonna find out the truth.

♪ Ohhhh Ohhhh

Jennifer: Personally, I think it’s cause for celebration.

♪ Ohhhh Ohhhh Ohhhh

Liz: He asked me to find out who tipped off the police. It’s all that matters to him. Not that he’s been arrested or –

♪ With all these worries taking over

Liz: That he’s gonna be put on trial –

♪ It’s getting harder and harder to breathe

Liz: [ VOICE BREAKING ] And face the death penalty.

♪ I see hard times coming

Liz: All he cares about is finding out who betrayed him.

♪ I see hard times coming
I see hard times coming
Ohhhh Ohhhh Ohhhh

Liz: I can’t imagine what he’ll do–

♪ I see hard times coming

Liz: –If he ever finds out that it was me.

♪ Ohhhh Ohhhh Ohhhh

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༺✦ ♤ ✦༻


Episode Songs


♫ I Am The Fly
By Wire

♪ Crawling
Over your window you think I’m confused
I’m waiting for the divergent wasp
To complete my current ruse
You use a plate-glass screen
To protect my chosen target
But there’s an air-pellet hole
I can crawl through to you
I am the fly in the ointment
I can spread more disease
Than the fleas which nibble away
At your window display
Yes, I am the fly in the ointment
I shake you down to say please
As you accept the next dose of disease

♪ I am the fly, I am the fly, I am the fly, I am the fly
Fly in the, fly in the ointment
I am the fly, I am the fly, I am the fly, I am the fly
Fly in the, fly in the ointment

♪ I am the fly, I am the fly, I am the fly, I am the fly
Fly in the, fly in the ointment
Yes, I am the fly, I am the fly, I am the fly, I am the fly
Fly in the, fly in the ointment

♪ I am the fly, I am the fly, I am the fly, I am the fly
Fly in the, fly in the ointment
Yes, I am the fly, I am the fly, I am the fly, I am the fly
Fly in the, fly in the ointment

♪ I am the fly

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2RyhZQP
YouTube: https://youtu.be/TiufXM6Rcis


♫ Super Bon Bon
By Soul Coughing

♪ Move aside
And let the man go through
Let the man go through
Move aside
And let the man go through
Let the man go through
Move aside
And let the man go through
Let the man go through
Move aside
And let the man go through
Let the man go through through

♪ If I stole
Somebody else’s wave
To fly up
If I rose up
With the avenue behind me

♪ Some kind of verb
Some kind of moving thing
Something unseen
Some hand is motioning
To rise, to rise, to rise

[♪ Chorus]
Too fat, fat you must cut lean
You got to take the elevator to the mezzanine
Chump, change, and it’s on, super bon bon
Super bon bon, Super bon bon

[♪ Chorus]
Too fat, fat you must cut lean
You got to take the elevator to the mezzanine
Chump, change, and it’s on, super bon bon
Super bon bon, Super bon bon

♪ And by
The phone
I live
In fear
Sheer Chance
Will draw
You in
To here

[♪ Chorus]
Too fat, fat you must cut lean
You got to take the elevator to the mezzanine
Chump, change, and it’s on, super bon bon
Super bon bon, Super bon bon

[♪ Chorus]
Too fat, fat you must cut lean
You got to take the elevator to the mezzanine
Chump, change, and it’s on, super bon bon
Super bon bon, Super bon bon

♪ Super bon bon, super bon bon
Super bon bon, super bon bon
Super bon bon, super bon bon
Super bon bon bon bon


♪ Move up
And let the man go
Let the man go
Move up
And let the man go
Let the man go
Move up
And let the man go
Let the man go
Move up
And let the man go
Let the man go through

♪ Move aside
And let the man go through
Let the man go through
Move aside
And let the man go through
Let the man go through
Move aside
And let the man go through
Let the man go through
Move aside
And let the man go through
Let the man go through

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2SGtGCu
YouTube: https://youtu.be/TRqP52c0OLU


♫ You Keep Coming Alive
By Sean Rowe

♪ Now my bed don’t weigh the same
I take my clothes and wash my name
There’s a [?] down in [?]
Let me breathe and I’ll let you go

♪ I melt down in desperation
I felt around for something real
There’s a radio station
I’m playing wrong in my ears

♪ You keep coming alive
You keep coming alive

♪ Now my bed don’t weigh the same
I take my clothes and wash my name
I went down to Allendale Drive
Where your cross and your flowers survive

♪ I melt down in desperation
I felt around for something real
There’s a radio station
I’m playing wrong in my ears

♪ You keep coming alive
You keep coming alive

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2CTl1XL
YouTube: https://youtu.be/b2NDcF8LlHk


♫ Hard Times (feat. Congratulationz)
By Vision Vision

(unavailable as of 1/8/2019)

Lyrics and Credits: [unavailable]
YouTube: https://youtu.be/TOQ7FioIEuo

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🔴 Script 6:3 The Pharmacist (№ 124)

Program air date: 1/11/2019 in the US
Script Permalink: https://wp.me/pDKwi-8Wq
Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/2REyQBN

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Daniel Willis
Written by: Lukas Reiter



⭕ Script 6:3 The Pharmacist (№ 124)


Brief (Where we’re at): Red is under arrest! Not by the federal government with which he has an immunity agreement, but by the aggressive Southern District of New York. The fact he just revealed and foiled an attempt to bomb the United Nations looks to hold no sway there. Nor have Cooper’s attempts to get Panabaker to step in, or to get the US Attorney for the SDNY to stand down.

Worse, the tip as to Red’s whereabouts came from an unlikely source – Liz. Lilly has convinced Liz that this is the only way they will ever be able to find out who Red really is – this man who assumed the identity of their father, Raymond Reddington, 30 years ago. But Liz now has grave doubts when she considers all the good Red has been capable of and all the lives he has saved. Red’s preoccupation is only with finding out who betrayed him, a task for which he turns for help to – (wait for it:) Liz.

[ GRAVEL SCRAPING ] [ A man shuffles slowly and unsteadily toward a large warehouse ]
[ Caught A Ghost’s ♪ “Footsteps” plays ]
[ A small wooden window opens in the door ]
Man: Name?
Walter Pruitt: [ BREATHLESSLY ] Walter Pruitt.
[ His name is crossed off a list of five names ]

♪ Get out the door
And smell the sulfur hanging in the air

Man: Name?
Margaret Hopkins: [ SHAKILY ] Margaret Hopkins.
[ Her name is also crossed off ]

♪ Get out to work
Turning the page as if there’s nothing there
I often wonder –

Man: Name?
Dan: [ Shaking and stuttering ] D-D-Dan –
[ The name Daniel Lloyd is crossed off ]

♪ If I ever felt another way
I’ve never known another life
There goes another day
Vaguely revolutionary songs and incantations

[ Patients are on gurneys hooked to monitoring equipment. They are arranged in a circle inside a large vinyl enclosure ]

♪ Fighting battles from the basement
You slept through the alarm

[ Spalding Stark leans on a cane and speaks with a shaky voice ]
Spalding Stark: Thank you all for coming.

♪ Afraid we got complacent

Stark: I know it wasn’t easy to get here –

♪ Micro-managing behaviors

Stark: – in your current condition.

♪ Painting shades of gray

Stark: On the bright side, you won’t be in your current condition for much longer.

♪ When darkness had an army

Stark: To be clear, the procedure that we suggest today has not been approved by the FDA. In fact, you’ll each have to inject yourselves. It’s a crime for us to do it for you. We ask that you administer the treatment at the same time.

♪ They told you you could have everything
If you just believe
They gave you all the information –


♪ You could ever need
You often wonder if the choice –

Margaret: Oh! Oh!

♪ Is even yours to make


♪ You hear it happens
If you get down on your knees and beg

Assistant: He’s seizing.

[ DOOR SLIDES SHUT ] [ INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS IN DISTANCE ] [ Liz speaks to Red in his pre-trial detention cell ]
Liz: Cooper talked to the Attorney General this morning. Officially, your Immunity Agreement never existed.
Red: They won’t let me see Marvin Gerard.
Liz: I’m sure there are other lawyers.
Red: I’m being denied my counsel of choice.
Liz: A public defender’s been assigned for the arraignment. Did you hear what I said? Cooper’s been ordered not to inform the court about the Task Force. They’re going to prosecute you.
Red: Of course they are. They’re political animals. In the short run, justice always loses to politics.
Liz: Aren’t you worried? You’ve been indicted for at least half a dozen capital offenses.
Red: I’m confident I’ll prevail. I want to talk about the news. The Marshals have been watching all morning.
Liz: Yeah, you’ve been the top story on every channel.
Red: I’m not talking about me. There was a story about bodies found in a Virginia warehouse.
Liz: I saw that. Some kind of underground medical experiment?
Red: What if I told you I knew who conducted that experiment? His name is Dr. Spalding Stark, and he’s the next name on the Blacklist.
Liz: You’re facing the death penalty, and you’re giving us a case?
[ Spalding Stark speaks with a patient ]
Stark: Rigidity. Bradykinesis. Yes. I’m certain our treatment can help.
Red: Dr Stark presents as as renegade, a biohacker, devoutly dedicated to enhancing human life by hacking our genetics.
Liz: What do you mean he “presents” that way?
Red: He approached a company of mine about a year ago, asked for help acquiring some advanced gene-editing equipment. I must say, he was very convincing.
Ames: [ SHAKILY ] It’s just so expensive.
Stark: I know. I’m sorry. But we’re doing this on our own, without the R&D budget of a big pharmaceutical powerhouse.
Red: Some of our most revolutionary scientific achievements come from minds outside the mainstream. I helped him because I thought – he was quite possibly a visionary.
Liz: And now?
Red: And now there are five dead bodies in a warehouse suggesting otherwise. Now I fear Stark may be the worst kind of charlatan, the kind who preys on the weakest among us for his own financial gain.
Ames: My- My daughter’s pregnant. I want to see my grandchild. [ BREATHING SHAKILY ] I can get you the money.
Stark: Hm.

[ Courthouse ] [ DOOR CREAKS ]
Court Clerk: All rise! United States versus Raymond Reddington. C-R 18-3656. Magistrate Judge Roberta Wilkins now presiding.
Sima: Morning, Your Honor. Assistant US Attorney Michael Sima – for the United States.
Lonnergan: Jerome Lonnergan from the Office of the Federal Public Defender for the accused.
Uh, waive reading of the rights and charges, – but not the rights thereunder.
Judge Wilkins: So waived.
Sima: Your Honor, given the defendant’s history, the government asks that he be remanded.
Judge Wilkins: Yeah, I’m gonna calendar this for a month from today.
Lonnergan: A month from today would be just perfect, Your Honor. Thank you.
Red: Y-Your Honor, may I be heard?
Judge Wilkins: I don’t recommend it, Mr. Reddington. You have an attorney. I strongly suggest you let him do the talking.
Red: And I would, Your Honor, no question, but given how quickly things are proceeding, I get the distinct impression that Jerry here has a bus to catch.
Judge Wilkins: I’m sorry. Are we moving too fast for you, Mr. Reddington?
Red: [ CHUCKLES ] I’m just saying there are important matters to discuss.
Judge Wilkins: Such as?
Red: Well, for starters, Your Honor hasn’t really considered the issue of bail.
Judge Wilkins: Sir, you have been a federal fugitive for nearly three decades, the FBI’s Number One Most Wanted. You are the textbook definition of a flight risk and a danger to the community.
Now, let me be clear – even if you were prepared to submit every last dollar in circulation on the planet, I still wouldn’t grant you bail, ever.
Red: Okay. I, for one, feel better knowing it was considered.
Judge Wilkins: Anything else?
Red: I’m afraid so. May we approach?
Judge Wilkins: Carefully.
Red: You hang here, Jerry. This will only take a sec.
Judge Wilkins: Look at my face, Mr. Reddington. I’m not amused.
Red: And I assure you, neither am I. But the fact remains the prosecution has intentionally failed to inform the court of a critical factor in this case.
Judge Wilkins: And that is?
Red: My Immunity Agreement with the federal government, an agreement that expressly covers the charges before you and protects me from overzealous beavers like Mr. Sima and his bosses.
Judge Wilkins: Good Lord. You’re a confidential informant. Mr. Sima?
Sima: I-If If there’s an agreement, I haven’t seen any evidence to prove it.
Judge Wilkins: That’s hardly a denial. Mr. Reddington, is there anything you can offer this court to support the existence of an Immunity Agreement?
Red: Assistant Director Harold Cooper of the FBI is here. He may be able to shed some light on the matter.
Judge Wilkins: Assistant Director Cooper, step up, please. Sir. Mr. Cooper, I’m going to ask you this once and only once. To your knowledge, is there currently an Immunity Agreement in place with this defendant? Yes or no?
Cooper: Yes.
Judge Wilkins: Chambers, all of you, now!

Judge Wilkins: [ SIGHS ] You. Talk.
Cooper: I run a task force. Officially, it doesn’t exist. Its purpose is to arrest high-priority targets using intelligence obtained from Mr. Reddington.
Judge Wilkins: So, Main Justice made a deal with the devil himself?
Red: [ LAUGHS ] Shouldn’t judges at least pretend to be impartial?
Sima: Your Honor, as I said, if such a deal exists–
Red: Oh, it exists. Harold and I have been at this for over five years now. Of course, some of the people who originally approved it are either dead or have moved on, leaving Director Cooper to deal with the cover-their-asses crowd, who, by the way, are perfectly happy to milk this cow all the way to the slaughterhouse. I’m sure the first question they asked in response to my arrest was whether I could still continue to be an effective asset while locked up in jail – am I right, Harold?
Judge Wilkins: Mr. Cooper, you tell your superiors at Main Justice that I just ordered a hearing on the scope of the agreement, and I want a copy of it on my desk today. I can’t rule on a contract I haven’t seen. Understood? Good. We’ll reconvene in the morning. Mr. Reddington, you have an attorney sitting out there who has no idea what he’s gotten into. I suggest you fill him in.
Red: Actually, I don’t think that’ll be necessary.
Judge Wilkins: Why is that?
Red: Because after careful consideration of the circumstances, I feel it more prudent to represent myself.

[ Aram is at the Post Office talking to Samar and Ressler in their vehicle ]
Aram: His name is Spalding Stark. This guy is, like, a total icon in the biohacking community.
Samar: There are icons in the biohacking community?
Aram: Oh, yeah. I’ve been reading about this guy for years. I saw a live stream in 2009 where he injected himself with a homemade malaria vaccine.
Ressler: Why would he do that?
Aram: To prove that it was safe. The FDA wouldn’t authorize human trials without a ton of red tape. So – get this – the plan was to inject himself with the vaccine, then let an infected Anopheles mosquito bite him – live.
Samar: And it worked?
Aram: No. He suffered a catastrophic hyper-immune response. Paralyzed half his face along with his left arm and leg.
Ressler: And that makes him an icon?
Aram: Yeah. He put his body on the line to to improve the human condition.
Samar: Well, he didn’t stop there. If Reddington’s right, he just killed five of his patients.
Ressler: You really think that’s why he gave us this case?
Aram: Meaning you don’t?
Ressler: He’s in federal prison about to start the legal fight of his life. I don’t know why this guy’s a priority, but I guarantee we’re not getting the whole story.

[ Culpepper County VA ]
Ressler: Officer Flynn? Agents Ressler and Navabi.
Officer Flynn: Captain said you’d be coming down.
Ressler: Bodies still inside?
Flynn: Yes, sir. And we also kept the building owner on site, just like you asked.
Ressler: Excuse me, Warren Kirby? We understand you’re the one who called 911?
Warren Kirby: Yeah. Yes, sir. Sorry, still a little shaken up by what I saw in there.
Samar: What can you tell us about what happened?
Kirby: [ SIGHS ] Not much. I mean, I-I don’t really know. I own the building. It’s a storage space. Generally, I rent it out month-to-month.
Ressler: So it was rented?
Kirby: Several days ago by a guy named Stark. I never met him. Just called the office and booked it. Said he wanted to store medical equipment. I came by this morning to check on things, make sure everything got loaded in okay, and [ SIGHS ] nobody was here. The front door was unlocked. I went in, and that’s when I saw the bubble and the bodies.

[ Inside the storage facility ]
Ressler: Dr. Maguire. What have we got?
Dr. Maguire: Well, we still have to I.D. two of the bodies, but the others were suffering from end stages of MCDD. It’s, uh, Motor Cortex Degenerative Disease.
Ressler: So these people were already dying.
Dr. Maguire: Yes, but the question is, what were they injected with, and why’d they all die so fast?

[ Spalding Stark’s office ]
Stark: You’re all set, Mr. Ames. We received your wire transfer. Our preliminary exams all indicate that you’re an excellent candidate for my new treatment.
Ames: How does it work exactly?
Stark: Your disease is caused by multiple chromosomal defects. I identified them and created a viral payload that has all of the genetic material [ CLEARS THROAT ] in its corrected order.
[ Stark’s assistant, Dr Ethan Webb, beckons to Stark ]
Stark: [ To Ames ] Excuse me.
[ They step aside ]
Stark: [ WHISPERING ] What?
Dr Ethan Webb: [ WHISPERING ] Look, I know you want to continue, but after–
Stark: I’m not stopping. Last time was my mistake. I pushed too far. We can make adjustments.

[ At the storage facility ]
Dr McGuire: Ohh! Looks like somebody forgot something. Looks like part of a jet injector. The force of his weight must have broken it apart.
Samar: Is that how Stark administered the medication?
Dr McGuire: Yes, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen one quite like this. It’s custom. It’s very sci-fi.
Samar: I can show it to Aram, see if he knows someone who can help figure out where it came from.
Ressler: I’ll reach out to an expert on MCDD. We really need to know what we’re dealing with here.

[ Cooper’s office ] [ DOOR OPENS ]
Liz: Are you really gonna give her a copy of the agreement?
Cooper: Judge Wilkins is waiting. I’m not sure I have much choice.
Liz: Don’t.
Cooper: If I don’t, Reddington goes to prison. Maybe worse. And this is just step one. I have to testify tomorrow, convince the court he’s worth saving.
Liz: He used you. Your decency. He knew you wouldn’t lie about the Immunity Agreement. He knew you’d rather violate a direct order and damage your own career instead.
Cooper: Liz, the Reddington deal exists. The kind of government willing to pretend it doesn’t, to deny facts and make reality whatever it says is reality I rejected, and I won’t be part of it. I’m just going to tell the truth.

[ Crown Life Pharmaceuticals ]
CEO Pascal: Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, ALS, lymphoma, rheumatoid arthritis you name it. Chances are, we have a substantial market share of the drugs sold to treat it.
Ressler: And that includes Motor Cortex Degenerative Disease.
Pascal: Crown Life’s the leading manufacturer of Sensiprex, what most neurologists would call state-of-the-art when it comes to MCDD treatment.
Ressler: So it’s effective?
Pascal: To a degree. Nobody’s discovered a cure yet. All we can do is manage the symptoms.
Ressler: I’m sorry, but have you ever heard of a biohacker named Spalding Stark?
Pascal: Don’t think so. Why?
Ressler: We think he’s out there, telling end-stage MCDD patients he’d made some kind of a breakthrough.
Pascal: Patients get desperate. They’re willing to believe anything. You got no idea how many crazy characters are trying to push the envelope.

[ HORN HONKS IN DISTANCE ] [ Samar and Aram climb the steps to a residence ]
Samar: So, who is this guy again?
Aram: Uh, just a friend. We trade ideas sometimes online. Oh, um don’t stare at his head. He hates that.
Biohacker: Buddy, you made it! Come on in. We just ordered hot wings.
Aram: Oh, no way. Um, this is, uh, Samar. Uh, Agent Navabi.
Biohacker: She’s staring at my head. I hate that.
Samar: I’m sorry. You have a–
Biohacker: NFC chip in my forehead, yeah. And two more in my hands. Turns on my lights, computers, and has my credit-card info.
Aram: So, what are you guys working on?
Biohacker: Uh, Gruber’s still trying to edit his own DNA, increase his muscle tone. It’s a work in progress. Uh, these two guys are using CRISPR, playing around with a viral attack for leukemia. Also we got, like, 20 minutes before “American Ninja Warrior.”
CEO Pascal: We’re in a new stage of research. It’s not just Big Pharma and top academics anymore. Amateurs are cloning DNA, editing genomes. Teenagers are getting centrifuges for Christmas. Got labs in their bedrooms. It’s terrifying.
Biohacker: Damn right Big Pharma’s terrified. They should be. We’re the cutting edge now, and they know it.
Pascal: They think they’re cutting edge, but there’s no oversight and no regulation.
Biohacker: Regulation? What about innovation? How many brilliant minds have been stifled by the FDA’s onerous requirements? We are the future. I mean, maybe not anyone in this room, but you get the idea. [ Offers some hot wings ] Here. Help yourself.
Aram: Sweet. Um, actually, uh– we gotta run. I, uh I just came by to, uh, see if you had anything for us on that broken injector gun. You got that photo I sent, right?
Biohacker: Yeah, it’s a pretty distinctive model. I-I think I know who sells it. A company called NexHack. Um. [ THUMPS LIGHTLY ] [ BEEPING ] – [ KEYS CLACKING ] – Yeah, here we go.
It’s fairly new. These are the founders and the guys who funded development.
Samar: Oh, my God. That’s Warren Kirby.
Aram: Who?
Samar: He’s the owner of the storage facility. He found the victims and called 911. He lied to us.

Judge Wilkins: For the record, I have reviewed the Immunity Agreement. The courtroom has now been cleared to protect the defendant’s role as the confidential informant. This hearing is sealed in accordance with the Classified Evidence Protection Act. Mr. Reddington has called Assistant Director Harold Cooper to the stand. The witness has been sworn in. Mr. Reddington, I’m ready if you are.
Red: Thank you. Hello, Harold. Thank you, by the way.
Cooper: For what?
Red: Being honest. I regret I had to rely upon your integrity just to get this hearing. I wish there’d been an easier way.
Asst US Attorney Sima: Objection.
Red: I haven’t even asked anything yet.
Judge Wilkins: Something tells me that’s the objection. Do you have a question for Director Cooper?
Red: Just one, Your Honor, and it’s this. Would you do it again?
Cooper: Excuse me?
Red: The deal we made – my cooperation in exchange for my freedom. As the man who oversaw the arrangement in all its grand and often gory detail, would you do it again?
Cooper: Yes.
Red: Why? Sorry, I had two questions.
Cooper: Because it saved lives. I don’t know how many since we started. Maybe thousands.
Sima: Objection! Move to strike.
Red: Oh, for goodness sake.
Sima: Your Honor, I fail to see how this witness’s subjective assessment of the agreement has any relevance to its scope as a matter of law.
Judge Wilkins: Overruled.
Red: Objection.
Judge Wilkins: On what grounds? I just ruled in your favor.
Red: Your Honor, I object to almost everything about him, beginning with his power tie – and ending with his general demeanor.
Judge Wilkins: Enough.
Sima: Objection.
Judge Wilkins: Mr. Reddington, if you are going to insist on representing yourself, you will conform yourself to the rules of the court.
Sima: Thank you, Your Honor.
Judge Wilkins: Same goes for you, Counsel. Let the witness speak.
Cooper: We made this deal for one reason – so you could help us find those criminals we never knew existed. And you’ve done that. Violent people, evil people are dead or in prison because of you. In some cases, we recovered dangerous weapons or avoided catastrophic outbreaks.
Sima: Your Honor–
Cooper: Let me finish! A few years ago, we learned some of those criminals were inside our own government – the Attorney General, a National Security Advisor, the very people our country depends on to maintain law and order. To be clear, none of that would have happened without Mr. Reddington. So, would I do it again? You’re damn right I would.
Red: Nothing further, Your Honor.

Ressler: You lied to us, Mr. Kirby. You said you never knew Mr. Stark.
Kirby: That’s the truth.
Samar: So, it’s a coincidence that Stark was using a jet injector made by a company that you’re invested in?
Kirby: Okay, look. M-Maybe I do know him. But I swear, I wasn’t there when–
Ressler: If you were working with him, conning those people out of their money, you’re an accomplice, and that means you’re gonna be charged with five counts of murder.
Kirby: No, no, no, no. You don’t understand. I wasn’t in this for money. This was personal. I was diagnosed with MCDD almost 11 years ago. Stark was my pharmacist at Greene Drugs, and I used to see him when I’d go in to get my meds. He could see I was getting worse. My body wasn’t responding to the existing treatments anymore. One day, he asked if I might be open to a more experimental approach.
Samar: You’re saying that Stark’s treatment cured you?
Kirby: He came to me a few weeks ago. Asked me to lend him my warehouse so he could expand his work. When I went to the warehouse and saw what happened – Stark was already gone. [ SIGHS ] I didn’t know what to do. I’m telling you, Spalding Stark isn’t a con man. He documented my case. I have copies of the files. I can show you. He’s the only reason I’m alive.

Sima: You are aware that the defendant has been indicted on multiple counts of treason?
Cooper: I am.
Sima: For selling this nation’s most highly-classified secrets, – for betraying our country?
Cooper: Yes.
Sima: You’re aware that, for almost 30 years, he’s maintained a vast criminal empire – that the charges against him as the – [ PAPERS RUSTLE ] so-called “Concierge of Crime” are so extensive and so heinous, they occupy a unique place in our country’s history?
Cooper: I’m aware of the allegations.
Sima: I’m sorry. Allegations? Is it your position that the defendant is innocent?
Cooper: Until proven guilty. Or is it your position that I should ignore the Constitution?
Sima: My position, sir, is that some people are irredeemable, that a deal granting immunity to a man like Reddington is beneath the dignity of a country that prides itself on the rule of law.
Red: Objection. He’s arguing with the man, and, frankly, being incredibly self-righteous.
Judge Wilkins: Sustained the first part, the arguing. Move on, Counsel.
Sima: [ To Cooper ] Sir, is there no one you wouldn’t make a deal with? If not this defendant, is anyone too offensive to be given a free pass by your standards?
Red: Well, now he’s just being insulting.
Judge Wilkins: I said move on, Counsel.
Cooper: To be clear, nobody gave Mr. Reddington a free pass. He has to earn his freedom. There are rules he has to abide by.
Judge Wilkins: I see. And does he abide by them?
Cooper: Yes.
Judge Wilkins: Really? So, to your knowledge, he hasn’t committed any crimes since becoming your informant.
Cooper: I won’t discuss specific cases. What we do is classified and often involves matters of national security.
Sima: Okay, Your Honor
Judge Wilkins: You opened the door to this, Director Cooper. Does he abide by the rules or not?
Sima: I’ll ask you again. To your knowledge, has Raymond Reddington committed any unsanctioned crimes since becoming an informant for your task force?
[ DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYS ] [ Flashes to: Red shooting Diane Fowler, Mr Kaplan, Sutton Ross ~ (Note: These are from Red’s perspective, not Cooper’s) ]
Cooper: I have no direct knowledge that he has. No.

Ressler: Is there any idea which way Wilkins is leaning?
Cooper: [ INHALES DEEPLY ] Could go either way. I thought she’d rule after my testimony yesterday, but she wants to hear arguments first.
Liz: The courtroom’s been cleared. We can’t even watch.
Cooper: It’s up to Reddington now, which means we’re back and free to lend a hand on Stark.
Samar: So far, we know that Stark worked as a pharmacist in one of the Greenes here in D.C. That’s how he met Kirby. It’s also how he established contact with the five victims from the warehouse.
Ressler: Greene is a national chain. Stark was accessing its database and reaching out to patients with advanced MCDD.
Cooper: I’m guessing those five weren’t the only ones. Let’s follow up, see how many people he contacted. There’s a chance he’s done other experimental trials. We could have more bodies out there.
Liz: I’ll do it. I’m going crazy – waiting to hear about Reddington.
[ FOOTSTEPS ] [ Aram enters ]
Aram: Guys, guys. I went through Kirby’s files. Everything he told us is true.
Ressler: But Stark’s treatment works?
Aram: It all started with his own injuries. That malaria vaccine he developed? It damaged his motor cortex, which is why he started studying all this stuff in the first place. And he documented everything – how he mapped out the multi-allelic defects, how he developed a viral payload designed to produce hybrid cells with corrected genomes.
Samar: You honestly believe he cured Kirby’s condition?
Aram: He reversed it, no question.
Liz: So, Reddington’s first impression was right. Stark’s a visionary.
Cooper: If that’s true, what happened at that warehouse?
Aram: I had the same question, so I went down to the forensics lab and got a copy of the preliminary tox report. You won’t believe what they found.

Kirby: Sabotage?
Samar: This is the treatment formulation used by Stark on you. This is the one that was used on the five victims from the warehouse.
Ressler: They’re identical. Except for one key component, an extremely rare nerve agent called “Cylovex.”
Kirby: A nerve agent?
Ressler: That’s what killed those people. And whoever put it in there didn’t expect the toxicology lab to find it, and for good reason.
Samar: Normally, Cylovex wouldn’t be on anyone’s radar, but with all the news of the Russians allegedly using Novichok in England, the FBI lab is on high alert for anything like it now.
Kirby: Stark has a partner. His name is Ethan Webb. He synthesizes all of Stark’s formulations, including mine. Ethan wouldn’t do it. Never.
Samar: Why not?
Kirby: I just told you, they’re partners. They’re also friends. I-I don’t believe Ethan would kill those people.

Asst US Attorney Sima: Can you imagine – immunity for Raymond Reddington? Immunity for a man who betrayed America, for Number One on the Most Wanted List, thousands of crimes, and how many victims? I-I can’t even guess. This wasn’t a deal. It was a conspiracy. An unjust and illegal conspiracy to deprive the American people of justice. There is nothing this defendant can do now that will erase the memory or the impact of what he’s already done. Your Honor, this court has the power and the obligation to reject government conduct that shocks the conscience, conduct so outrageous, it offends the “canons of decency and fairness” that define our civilized society, and that’s exactly what this agreement does. This agreement should be void as a matter of public policy. Throw it out. Tell the defendant no more. Justice demands no less.

Aram: All right, that’s him – Dr. Ethan Webb, and according to his profile, he’s a synthetic biologist and a molecular virologist. And guess where he used to work.
Ressler: Crown Life. That’s the company that I just met with. They’re the leading manufacturer of MCDD medication.
Samar: He used to work for Big Pharma?
Aram: Until about two years ago when he was fired and left the company in disgrace.
Cooper: Fired for what?
Aram: Stealing proprietary data. They suspected he was working on a cure on his own. That must be when he partnered up with Stark.
Samar: I don’t understand. If they were working together, why would he sabotage their progress?
Ressler: If there is a cure, it’s gonna be worth a lot of money, so maybe Webb wants it all to himself.
Cooper: Something’s off. I still feel like we’re missing something.

[ Courtroom ] [ Red pours himself a glass of water ] [ LIQUID POURING ] [ Slowly, he takes two sips, then stands ]
Red: [ EXHALES DEEPLY ] [ CLEARS THROAT LIGHTLY ] [ BREATHES DEEPLY ] This decision was made many years ago. The fact is, a small group at the Department of Justice did their due diligence, and with the blessing of the Attorney General and Legal Counsel at the White House, they concluded that the benefit that law enforcement and, consequently, the American people would gain from my assistance would exceed that of the rather abstract benefit of seeing a man of my alleged infamy being punished in a public fashion.
  There can be no question they were legitimately exercising their prosecutorial discretion. They made a judgment call. One that apparently offends Mr. Sima, and, clearly, he’s not alone. I’d imagine there are any number of people from prosecutors to plumbers who, despite knowing virtually nothing about me or the events of the last five years, nonetheless would find my arrangement with the government wildly unacceptable, and to be clear, that’s fine. Debate and disagreement are at the core of any true democracy. Argument is necessary. Perfectly reasonable juries will often differ.
  On a side note, I once went fly fishing for a cutthroat trout in the Roaring Fork Valley, where, inexplicably, I stumbled upon uh, Justice Antonin Scalia may God rest his soul and, boy, did [LAUGHING] we have some real barn burners. My word, that man could argue. Six hours, hip deep in whitewater, and with all the yelling, neither of us got so much as an alevin.

Sima: Objection, Your Honor. What’s the point of all this?

Red: The point, Mr. Sima, is that your outrage doesn’t concern me. What concerns me is that the powerful men and women who made this deal and those who reaped the benefits of it for years actually considered it an option to deny its existence. They decided to say that what happened never happened.
  The sad fact is, the facts have never mattered less than they do today. We’re living in a time when truth has been so diminished in value that even those at the top of government are quite comfortable with truth being whatever they can convince people to believe. That is what I find wildly unacceptable. The truth certainly matters, Your Honor, in rooms like this most of all. And the truth is, whether you or he or anyone else likes it or not, that Immunity Agreement exists.

Liz: Guys, we got a problem. I did what you said, followed up to see if Stark’s contacted any other patients using the Greene Drugs database.
Aram: Don’t tell me he’s done this before.
Liz: No, I don’t think he has done it before, but he is definitely about to do it again. He’s reached out to a handful of late-stage MCDD patients over the past few days. He’s conducting another trial. I talked to one of the patient’s wives. It’s happening today in a storage facility in Highland Park.
Cooper: Get there, the three of you. Agent Mojtabai, notify local PD. If Webb sabotaged those doses, all those people are about to die.

[ The storage facility in Highland Park ]
Spalding Stark: Thank you all for coming.
[ Von Grey’s ♪ “Poison In The Water” plays ]

♪ Poison in the water
Danger in the well
Do not wander, shepherd’s daughter

[ Stark steps aside to speak with Dr Webb ]
Dr Webb: Almost done.
Stark: Ethan. I know you didn’t want to do this.

♪ Poison in the water, serpent in the garden

Stark: I know you’re only here because of our friendship.
Dr Webb: You don’t have to.
Stark: No, I do.

♪ Guard the citadel

Stark: I-I want you to know – how much I value our partnership.

♪ Fruit is rotten

Stark: How much I appreciate you standing by me, no matter what.

♪ There is a Judas among us

Dr Webb: I just need a minute to finish.
[ Stark leaves. Dr Webb reaches into his lab coat and takes out syringes and vials with the poison ]

♪ There is a Judas among us
Nobody here we can trust
There is a Judas among us

Ressler: FBI. What do we got?

♪ Poison in the water

Officer: No visuals, no movement in or out. Tactical’s getting ready to blow the loading bay doors.

♪ Danger in the well

Ressler: Do it now.
[ WEAPONS COCK ] [ The TAC squad runs toward the building ]

♪ Do not wander, shepherd’s daughter
Poison in the water

Stark: As discussed, we need you to inject yourselves. We ask that you administer the treatment –

♪ Lead the lamb to slaughter

Stark: – at the same time.

♪ Poison in the water

[ Patients begin to shoot their njection guns ]
[ 💥 EXPLOSION 💥 ] [ The TAC team storms in ]

♪ Poison in the water
Danger in the well

– Let’s see your hands!

♪ Danger in the well

– Everybody, show me your hands!

♪ Do not wander, shepherd’s daughter

Ressler: FBI. Everyone, freeze!

♪ Poison in the water

Samar: Put those down now.

♪ Poison in the water

[ MONITOR BEEPING RAPIDLY ] [ A patient begins to seize ]
[ Dr Webb runs. Ressler chases him ]

♪ Danger in the well
Danger in the well
Do not wander, shepherd’s daughter

[ The patient seizing falls off his gurney. Samar goes to him ]
Samar: [ Over comms ] Aram, we were too late.

♪ Poison in the water

Samar: We have a patient down.

♪ There is a Judas among us
There is a Judas among us
Nobody here we can trust
There is a Judas among us

♪ Poison in the water

[ Ressler catches up with Webb in a stairwell. They struggle ] [ GRUNTING ] [ Fighting escalates ]

♪ Careful, shepherd’s daughter

[ Webb tries to inject Ressler with the poison ] [ INJECTOR FIRES ] [ The injector gun misses Ressler ] [ GRUNTS ] [ The grappling continues until Webb tumbles down the stair well ] [ Ressler looks at the injector gun in his hand ]

♪ Lead the lamb to slaughter
Poison in the water

[ DOOR OPENS ] [ Cooper enters the courtroom and sits behind Red ]
Cooper: Judge Wilkins cleared us to be present for the ruling. Elizabeth is on her way.
Red: Thank you, Harold.
Court Clerk: All rise.
Judge Wilkins: So, here we are at the end of a hearing nobody wanted me to have about an agreement nobody wanted me to see. It’s times like these I’m grateful that federal judges are appointed for life. I’m not as brave as Director Cooper. I agree with Mr. Sima. There are certain actions that fall beneath the standard our citizens have the right to expect from a country that prides itself on the rule of law. I honestly don’t know whether Mr. Reddington is guilty of the multitude of crimes with which he’s been charged. He’s never been tried. That is the problem.
To deem this deal the abomination that Mr. Sima would have me believe, I’d have to first accept that Mr Reddington is the monster he’s alleged to be. Our Constitution requires otherwise. I don’t like this deal. But like it or not, the federal government has benefited from it for over five years. They can’t pretend they haven’t, and neither will I. Accordingly, this court finds Mr. Reddington’s Immunity Agreement legally binding.
[ An assistant whispers to Sima ]
Sima: Objection, Your Honor.
Red: Thank you, Your Honor. We really should do this again some time.
Sima: Your Honor? May I be heard, Your Honor?
Judge Wilkins: Mr. Sima, your objection is noted. The agreement stands.
Sima: Then he violated it.
Judge Wilkins: Excuse me?
Sima: The agreement bars us from prosecuting the defendant unless he violated it. Under the terms, we would then have a right to declare it null and void.
Red: Oh, please. Violated it how?
Sima: The gun. When you were arrested, you had an unregistered weapon in your possession.
Red: But that’s a state crime.
Sima: Yes, right up until someone scratched the serial number off of it. That made it a federal offense.
Judge Wilkins: He’s right, Mr. Reddington. I don’t imagine this agreement lets you walk around with a defaced firearm. If you violated your obligations under the deal, you’ve forfeited its protections.
Red: To prove that, the gun would have to be admissible in evidence.
Judge Wilkins: Why wouldn’t it be?
Red: Because the officer who seized it was conducting an unreasonable search and seizure.
Judge Wilkins: I see. I take it, then, that you are moving to exclude the gun and request a suppression hearing?
Red: I am, a-and I do.
Judge Wilkins: Granted. Well, look at that. Your wish came true. It seems we will get to do this again soon.

[ Liz and Cooper are outside Red’s jail cell ]
Liz: The gun hearing is in a week. You have to argue that the officer that searched you didn’t have probable cause.
Red: Where are they taking me?
Liz: If the search was bad, the gun will be suppressed, and they can’t say you violated your deal.
Red: Elizabeth, I’ll be fine. Will you do me a favor and ask one of the Marshals where I’m being transported?
[ Liz leaves ] [ METAL DOOR OPENS, CLOSES ]
Red: Harold? What happened yesterday on the stand –
Cooper: It’s done.
Red: You testified because you value the truth. I know it couldn’t have been easy.
Cooper: I protected myself and my team.
Red: Yes, well – a lucky confluence of interests. I admit, for a moment, I thought you might decide that our time together should end.
Cooper: I considered it. You should know I gave Agent Keen that option, and she asked that we continue.
Liz: The gun hearing’s in two weeks. [ METAL DOOR CLOSES ] Until then, they’re gonna transfer you to Colton. For security, they want you in an actual prison and not pre-trial detention.
Red: We can talk more once I’m settled.
Liz: I haven’t told you about Stark.
Red: You got him?
Liz: You were right about him. Apparently, he’s brilliant. He was being sabotaged by his partner, a guy named Ethan Webb.
Red: And this Webb, he confessed?

[ An interrogation room ] [ Webb, bruised and battered, looks up from the table at Ressler ]
Ressler: I gotta say I’m kind of glad you pulled that injector gun. Means I get to add attempted murder of a federal agent to the homicides you’re gonna be charged with. Yeah, that’s right. We know about the Cylovex.

[ A second interrogation room ]
Spalding Stark: You don’t have to believe me, but I was trying to help them.
Samar: I do believe you, Mr. Stark. Those people didn’t die because of your error. They were poisoned.
Stark: Poisoned?
Samar: By a nerve agent called Cylovex. Dr Webb betrayed you. [ Struggling for words ] He, um – He – Not subverted. He, um – intentionally undermined your research.
Stark: Ethan wouldn’t. Why would he do that?

Dr Webb: Because he was never my partner.
Ressler: You two started working together after you were fired by Crown Life.
Dr Webb: I wasn’t fired from Crown Life. That was a lie – a smokescreen designed by my bosses to enhance my credibility with the biohacking community. Make them believe I was a kindred spirit.
Ressler: You targeted Stark.
Dr Webb: I want a deal. If you expect me to testify against the company –
Ressler: Any deal is gonna have to be approved by the US Attorney. Now, you tell us the truth, I’ll make sure they know you cooperated. It’s the best I can do.

[ Ressler has joined Samar and Stark ]
Stark: He was assigned to befriend me?
Ressler: Crown Life knew that you were working on MCDD. They were concerned that you might make a breakthrough.
Stark: So, they sent Ethan to sabotage my research and steal my ideas so they could mass market a cure.
Ressler: Crown Life doesn’t want to market your cure. They want to bury it. The company makes billions providing the drugs to treat MCDD. They can make 10 times as much treating it over years as they can selling a one-time cure. I’m gonna go get a warrant for the company. Webb gave us the names of everyone involved.
[ Ressler leaves ] [ DOOR CLOSES ]
[ Gregory Alan Isakov’s ♪ “Where Ya Gonna Go” plays ]
Stark: Am I being sent to prison?
Samar; Probably, but not for long. You’ll have to answer for the bodies left at the warehouse, but, otherwise, your part in this wasn’t criminal.
Stark: Ethan and I were a good team. He had me so fooled.
Samar: I’m sorry. Sometimes it’s the people closest to you you have to watch out for.
[ Liz and Red talk through the bars of Red’s cell ]

♪ Where you gonna go
Like that
With the holes in you?

[ At Crown Life Pharmaceuticals, Ressler enters with a team of police. Mr Pascal stands ]
Ressler: Mr. Pascal. We meet again.
[ Pascal’s ankles are shackled ]

♪ With the holes in you
Where you gonna go

[ Red is being transported ]

♪ Like that
With the holes in you?
With the holes

[ Liz is musing at her desk ] [ KNOCK ON DOOR ] [ It’s Dembe ]
Liz: Oh, hey, come in.
Dembe: Cooper told me about the gun hearing. I don’t understand. You know Raymond always carries a weapon.
Liz: That doesn’t make it legal. Around here, when it comes to Reddington, we kind of see what we want to see. Are you okay?
Dembe: I’m confused.

♪ With the holes in you

Dembe: Someone betrayed us, and I haven’t been able to figure out who.

♪ Jump the gun

Liz: If there’s anything I can do–
Dembe: Actually, there is something. Mr. Stark – I need to speak with him privately for Raymond.

♪ Run

Dembe: It cannot be recorded.
Liz: He always has his own agenda. What is it this time?

Dembe: Mr. Stark, we don’t have much time.
Stark: Dembe, how did you–
Dembe: I go where Mr Reddington sends me. He’s very concerned. He made a significant investment into your research. If you are unable to deliver on schedule–
Stark: No, no. Tell Mr. Reddington I’m making progress. My situation here won’t interfere.

♪ Where you gonna go –

Dembe: I certainly hope not. Mr Reddington is counting on you.

♪ – like that
With the holes in you?
With the holes in you

[ Samar is at her desk writing her report, with help from a thesaurus ]
Samar: Sabotage.

♪ Where you gonna go –

Samar: He sabotaged your research. Dr Webb betrayed you.

♪ – like that –

He sabotaged your research.
[ Aram enters ]

Aram: Hey. Everything cool?

♪ – with the holes?

Samar: Yes.
Aram: Let’s get out of here. I am starving.

[ METAL CLANGS ] [ Prison gates open. Transport vehicles enter ] [ ENGINE STOPS ]

MAN: Confirm yard recall.
MAN #2: Uh, 2-1-2 transport is in the lead.
MAN #3: We have another team over on –

[ The door of the transport van opens ] [ Red gets out, squinting ]
Prison Official: Mr. Reddington, welcome home.

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Episode Songs


♫ Footsteps
By Caught a Ghost

♪ get out the door and smell the sulphur hanging in the air
get out to work turning the page as if there’s nothing there
I often wonder If I ever felt another way
I’ve never known another life, there goes another day

♪ vaguely revolutionary songs and incantations
fighting battles from the basement
you slept through the alarm
afraid we got complacent micro managing behaviors
painting shades of grey
when darkness had an army

♪ see the foolish ones still standing on the sides
see your schoolmates filing into different lines
but you’re a soldier, serve and protect with your heart
you hear the footsteps of evil boots on the march

♪ it’s an explosion but we’ve got nothing to fear
when it’s all over, we’ll be still standing right here

♪ they told you you could have everything if you just believe
they gave you all the information you could ever need
you often wonder if the choice is even your to make
you hear it happens if you get down on your knees and beg

♪ vaguely revolutionary songs and incantations at the devil’s coronation
you slept through the alarm
afraid we got complacent photographing our vacations
playing with the light when darkness had an army

♪ see the fools all lines up by the flashing lights
see your schoolmates all buying into different lies
but your’re a soldier serve and protect with your heart
u hear the footsteps of evil boots on the march

♪ it’s an explosion but we’ve got nothing to fear
when it’s all over, we’ll be still standing right here

Lyrics and Credits: https://tinyurl.com/4wmjh272
YouTube: https://youtu.be/tCrW5lJTNcc


♫ Poison in the Water
By Von Grey

♪ Poison in the water
Danger in the well
Do not wander,
sheperd’s daughter
Poison in the water
Serpent in the garden
Guard the citadel
Fruit is rotten,
move with caution
Serpent in the garden

♪ There is a judas among us
Nobody here we can trust
There is a judas among us

♪ Poison in the water
Danger in the well
Do not wander,
sheperd’s daughter
Poison in the water
Blood on the horizon
Blood along the tracks
Shadows rising, organizing
Marching in the night
Poison in the water
Careful shepherd’s daughter
Lead the lamb to slaughter
Poison in the water

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2RoOYIl
YouTube: https://youtu.be/z4PgwzX6pAU


♫ Where Ya Gonna Go
By Gregory Alan Isakov

♪ Where you gonna go
Like that
With the holes in you
With the holes in you

♪ Where you gonna go
Like that
With the holes in you
With the holes in you

♪ Summer sun won’t come
With the holes in you
With the holes in you

♪ Jump the gun
Run, run, run

♪ Where you gonna go
Like that
With the holes in you
With the holes in you

♪ Where you gonna go
Like that
With the holes in you
With the holes in you

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2HiuIDg
YouTube: https://youtu.be/JG90PD6j_Lo

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🔴 Script 6:4 The Pawnbrokers (№ 146-147)

Program air date: 1/18/2019 in the US
Permalink: https://wp.me/pDKwi-8ZN
Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/2AWo0gP

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Directed by: Lin Oeding
Written by: Carla Kettner



⭕ Script 6:4 The Pawnbrokers (№ 146-147)


Brief (Where we’re at): After the Department of Justice ordered Cooper to keep the Reddington Task Force and Red’s Immunity Agreement under wraps, Red stood before Judge Roberta Wilkins and declared he would be representing himself. He immediately called on Cooper about the Agreement. Under oath, Cooper had to affirm that the Agreement existed. A copy was provided to the judge. Against a withering condemnation of Red by the prosecuting attorney, Asst US Attorney Michael Sima, Cooper provided a positive account of the many criminals rounded up and crimes averted with Red’s help. In the end, the judge observed that, although Red had been accused of many crimes, he had never stood trial or been convicted, and therefore according the Constitution, he remains innocent until proven guilty. Therefore she was ready to uphold the Immunity Agreement.
However, the prosecutor then pointed out that Red had violated the terms of the Immunity Agreement by carrying an unregistered firearm from which the serial number had been scratched off, a federal crime. But Red claimed that the gun was inadmissible as evidence because it had been confiscated during “an unreasonable search and seizure.”
So Red will appear in court again, to examine the circumstances under which he was detained and his firearm seized. He believes someone tipped off the police. The new court case should give him a chance to delve into why he was arrested during the innocent act of buying a pretzel from a pretzel cart and bring him closer to determining who is was that betrayed him. In the meantime, he has been transferred to Colton Prison.

[ Colton Prison ]
[ Red’s mug shot is taken ] [ CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS ] [ He is finger printed ]
[ Delta Rae’s ♪ “Bottom of the River” plays ]

♪ Hold my hand
Ooh, baby, it’s a long way down
A long way down

[ Red, in prison uniform, is given towels and soap and led on the catwalk over the dining area ]

♪ If you get sleep or if you get none
The cock’s gonna call in the morning, baby

♪ Hold my hand
Ooh, baby, it’s a long way down
A long way down

[ Most inmates ignore Red, except one, who scowls. Red seems to recognize him ]

♪ Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh –
Oh, oh, oh, oh –

[ The guard opens Red’s cell and Red enters ]
Red: Do you smell that?
Guard: Sewer line.
Red: Would you be so kind to reach out to facilities? I’d like to put in a repair request.
[ The guard locks the cell door ]
Guard: [ Smirking ] Yeah.

♪ Hold my hand

♪ Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh

[ Red lies on his cot, looking up. Under his head is a thin pillow and a blue cotton knit blanket, folded up. A broken pipe is in the corner of the room. Red watches a rat scurry along the edge of the room and disappear into the pipe ]

♪ Hold my hand, oh, baby
It’s a long way, hold on, now
Hold my hand

♪ Ooh, baby, it’s a long way down, a long way down

[ Red enters the dining area. He picks up his meal and sits down across from a skinny young black guy. The black guy starts to get up ]
Red: No, no, no. Please stay. I’m happy for the company. Raymond Reddington. Awaiting trial.
Vontae Jones: Right. For treason. And like 200 murders.
Red: [ CHUCKLES ] Such hyperbole. I don’t know whether to be flattered or horrified. What’s your name?
Vontae: Jones. Vontae Jones.
Red: Hello, Vontae. Nice to meet you.
Vontae: Is it true they, uh, put you in The Bunker?
Red: Ha! “The Bunker.” Is that what they call it? I’ve always wanted a home with a name. So much more evocative than a simple address. Fallingwater, the Dibble House, Sinking Spring Farm. I must say, The Bunker compares rather favorably to a Malagasy cave I once had the misfortune of inhabiting.
Vontae: Don’t know what you’re talking about.
Red: The Bunker.
Vontae: Ah. Warden left it for troublemakers. Smells like a dung hole.
Red: Who’s the warden speaking with?
Vontae: They call him Quantum. You ever need a hit, he’s your guy.
Red: And if my tastes run in other directions?
Vontae: Burrito – Man over here – do you a roll for a deuce of meat sticks and a bag of chips. And, uh, Waxer, face tats, he can fix you up with smokes, cigars, candy. He sometimes even gets cinnamon toothpicks.
Red: Oh, I love cinnamon toothpicks.
Vontae: Yolked dude’s Baldomero. Yeah, they call him the Teflon Con ’cause he’s been killing and thieving for years. Awaiting trial for knocking over a Brinks truck. Killed both guards–
Red: I’m familiar with the incident.

[ Baldomero walks over to Red and Vontae. He reaches down to Vontae’s sandwich, takes off the top piece of bread, removes the lunch meat and stuffs most of it in his mouth ]
Baldomero: [ To Red ] Long time. It’s gonna be good having you here. Maybe we could settle up, get square for Iztapalapa.
Red: That’s not your lunch meat.
[ Baldomero stuffs the rest of the lunch meat in his mouth and returns to his place in the room, a couple of tables away ]

[ Red takes a sip from his tea, puts the cup down, gets up and heads toward Baldomero ]
Vontae: [ SIGHS ] Yo. No, I’m cool with a mustard sandwich, man. Just leave it. Yo. Yo!
Baldomero: [ To his men ] Easy, easy, easy.
Red: You must not have heard what I said. I said that wasn’t your lunch meat. He’s just a kid. Maybe you can cut him some slack. Just a thought.
Baldomero: Yo. I’ll feed you my lunch meat tonight, old man.
Baldomero: Gobble, gobble.
Baldomero: This ain’t Mexico City. You got no muscle, no weapon. All you got is that mouth, and God knows it can run, but it can’t run in here.
Red: If you so much as look at Vontae’s pimento loaf again, you’re gonna end up with your teeth sticking out the back of your head and sipping your dinner through a bendy straw.
[ Red heads back toward his table ] [ Baldomero jumps him and throws Red to the concrete floor, pummeling his face repeatedly until it’s smashed and bloody ]
Warden: Enough! Boys, I said enough! Mr. Reddington, I don’t believe we’ve had a chance to meet.
Red: [ Looking up, COUGHS ]
Warden: My name is Warden Macatee. Welcome to Colton. Think you’re gonna like it here.
Red: [ WEAKLY ] So far, so good.

[ Liz sits at a table across from Red. His face is badly bruised, his lip cut ]
Liz: Who did this to you?
Red: An old acquaintance.
Liz: I can’t believe this is happening.
Red: Getting caught after 30 years? The odds were, I’d be caught after three. It’s no one’s fault, least of all yours. Besides, I welcome the vim and vigor of prison life, the law of the jungle. I am the lion, after all.
Liz: You don’t look like one.
Liz: I need to talk to the warden, get you out of general population.
Red: That’s a terrible idea.
Liz: Okay, then since you insist on representing yourself – also a terrible idea – why not petition the court for protective custody?
Red: Elizabeth, I’m the one who petitioned to be put into the general population. I need to be treated like the criminal I am. Anything that may hint at any involvement with your Task Force is a liability I cannot afford.
Liz: Well, then, that’s quite a balancing act, because while you’re getting your butt kicked as a criminal, you also have to demonstrate to the judge your value as an asset.
Red: Which is why I need you to get Rod and Delaine Uhlman.
Liz: You have a case?
Red: It’s time to go to work.

[ The Post Office ]
Liz: Rod and Delaine Uhlman married, no children, long-time members of the Methodist church, and owners of Kwik Money Gun & Pawn in Cherry Hill. It’s an unassuming neighborhood shop that specializes in fronting massive amounts of cash to criminals in exchange for high-value, ill-gotten gains.
Cooper: How does it work? They function like a regular pawn shop?
Liz: Yes, if you fail to reclaim your collateral, the Pawnbrokers will resell it.
[ Flashover to thd pawn shop ]
Tom Hardekopf: A friend told me to come see– said you had a first edition of “Treasure Island.”
[ Rod Uhlman, sitting some distance away, looks up ]
Delaine Uhlman: Sure. I’ve got it in the back. It’s in perfect condition. Follow me.
Ressler: Makes sense can’t go to a bank to finance crime, so might as well go to grandma and grandpa for a loan.
Aram: They’re so cute. They sort of remind me of this couple that used to babysit me in Delaware, the Gambalas. Uh, Rita- Rita. She used to make these oatmeal cookies that, um I’m sorry. [ Trailing off ] That’s, uh– That’s irrelevant.
Liz: These cuties facilitated an array of international crimes, including the poisoning of a former Russian Intelligence Officer, the raid of a transport vessel off the coast of Peru, and a casino heist that left eight dead in Monaco. As enchanting as they may seem, they have made possible some very real and deadly crimes.
Samar: And Reddington believes this will, what, demonstrate his value while incarcerated? Reddington’s probably paying off the judge.
Ressler: He’s fine.
Liz: He’s not fine. You didn’t see him. He’s been hurt. I’ve never seen him like that before.
Cooper: Ressler, Keen, I want you on that storefront. Coordinate with Aram to run the background of anyone who enters into their shop. One of their clients is bound to raise a red flag, and I want us to be there when they do.

[ CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKING ] [ Sitting in an unmarked vehicle with Ressler, Liz snaps a photo of a woman leaving the pawn shop ]
Liz: Aram, heads up. We’ve got another.
Ressler: We’re uploading it now.
Aram: [ Over comms ] Okay, got it. Got a license-plate number for me or any other details?
Ressler: No, the photo’s gonna have to do.
Aram: Okay. Give me a little time.
Liz: That’s, what, six customers in five hours? We’re gonna be here for weeks.
Ressler: Can I ask you something? You really worried about Reddington?
Liz: I am. He looked – weak.
Ressler: He’s fine. He can handle himself.
Liz: Out in the world, yeah, but prison– It’s different.
[ CELLPHONE VIBRATING ] [ Liz checks the incoming number: Lilly (aka Jennifer) ]
Liz: Sorry. Give me a minute.
[ VIBRATING CONTINUES ] [ Liz gets out of the vehicle ]
Liz: It’s not a good time.
Lilly: I got a message from my friend Buck.
Liz: What’d he say?
Lilly: He said he’s done what he can to decrypt Reddington’s file from the plastic surgeon. I told him to come to your place right away.
Liz: I’m at work. I can’t.
Lilly: Liz, you have to. This could be the big break we’ve been hoping for.
Liz: All right. I’ll figure something out.
[ Ressler raps on the window ] [ CELLPHONE BEEPS ] [ Liz gets back in ]
Ressler: Hey, Aram, she’s back. Say that again.
Liz: Did you I.D. the woman?
Aram: No, not the woman. The kid with the red backpack from earlier this morning – Tom Hardekopf.
Liz: The MIT grad working at a tech firm?
Aram: Yeah, except he’s not just an MIT grad working at a tech firm. Turns out, he also has a TS-SCI-level clearance with the U.S. government.
Ressler: Meaning what? Does his firm have some kind of government contract?
Aram: Yeah, with the NSA.
Ressler: All right, send us everything you can on this kid – cell records, financials. We’ll reach out to the NSA. [ CELLPHONE BEEPS ]
Liz: I-I can’t.
Ressler: Why not?
Liz: That was the warden at Colton. I’ve been hounding him about putting Reddington in a safer wing, and he finally agreed to meet with me, so I got to do this. It’s important.
Ressler: Okay. I’ll look into Hardekopf, see what the hell’s going on.

[ A casino high rollers’ table ]
Woman: Gentlemen, this is Mr. Hardekopf. He’s been vetted and has made a buy-in of $200,000. Have a seat.
[ She sets down a large stack of chips ]
Hardekopf: Okay. Let’s make some money.

[ Vontae enters Red’s cell, where Red is tugging at string from the blue cotton knit blanket ]
Vontae: Okay, Mr. Reddington, you and me – we got a situation.
Red: Shh, shh, shh, shh. I’ve been trying to free this ornery thread for nearly an hour.
Vontae: W-Whatever that is, it’s gotta wait.
Red: I finally got a good hold on the little rascal.
Vontae: Are you listening?
[ The string breaks off ]
Red: Ah, damn it.
Vontae: Baldomero’s gonna kill you – said he wants to finish what he started, get even for Iztapalapa.
Red: He’s still stuck on that?
Vontae: He’s telling everyone. Says he and his dogs are gonna jump you during yard time. Day after tomorrow.
Red: Day after? What’s wrong with tomorrow?
Vontae: Man’s got woodshop.
Red: [ LAUGHING ] Oh, come on. It’s like high-school fisticuffs.
Vontae: Are you hearing me? This is serious, man. It’s no time to mess around with bed sheets, all right? We got to get you a weapon, give you a chance.
Red: Maybe you could find me a pen.
Vontae: Yeah, there you go. That’s good. Make a shiv. I’m gonna find you a pen.
Red: Vontae, one other thing. I wonder if you’d be willing to find out who’s playing that music. I hear music, and I’m certain that’s a record. If someone has a phonograph on the block, I would love to borrow, rent, or buy it.
Vontae: [ SIGHS ] Okay.

[ Cooper’s Office ]
Cooper: Sophia Quayle, Agents Ressler and Navabi. Miss Quayle directs Cryptologic Exploitation Services for the NSA.
Ressler: So you’re a code breaker.
Samar: Is that what Hardekopf pawned – one of our codes?
Sophia Quayle: Hardekopf was working on developing a decryption algorithm, one that we believe may now be operational.
Ressler: An algorithm to decrypt what exactly?
Quayle: In recent years, there’s been an unprecedented number of breaches by Chinese intelligence. We’d hoped that the cypher would allow us to decrypt Chinese diplomatic cables sent to Beijing from their embassy in D.C. Accessing that would help us to identify the source of the leak.
Cooper: And the names of any Americans who may have been turned by the Chinese.
Quayle: As well as what intel the traitors provided. This is a once-in-a-decade breakthrough, and now you’re telling me that it’s in the hands of, what, some pawnbroker?
Samar: Our source says that there is honor among these particular thieves. Clients are given 30 days to reclaim the items they’ve brought to the brokers. After that, they’re put up for sale. For the moment, the codes are safe.
[ The casino ]
Hardekopf: All in.
[ The huge stacks of chips are moved forward ]
Quayle: We’ve spent four years working to break this code. If word of this leaks out, the Chinese will change their encryption, and we’ll be back at square one.
Ressler: So, is there any idea why Hardekopf did it?
Quayle: I don’t know or care. We went through his desk. A hard drive is missing. You need to get it back.
[ Hardekopf’s poker hand comes up short. He wipes his face with both hands and leaves empty-handed ]

[ Liz’s apartment ]
Buck: I’m sorry. I-I tried everything.
Lilly: But you’re supposed to be this genius.
Buck: The information on the drive wasn’t just deleted. It was erased from the unallocated portions of the disk–
Lilly: Well, then reallocate it, undelete it.
Liz: I think what my sister is trying to say is thank you for trying.
Buck: I’m really very sorry.
Liz: I think you should go.
Buck: [ Leaving ] Does this mean I’m not invited to the Beyoncé concert?
Liz: Go.
Lilly: All of these patient files, everybody who got reconstructive surgery – from Dr. Koehler.
Liz: Jen –
Lilly (aka Jennifer): There has to be a way to connect one of them to Reddington.
Liz: It’s done.
Lilly: Somebody from the O.R., somebody who was there when he went. – I
Liz: – He won.
Lilly: [ SIGHING ] How can you accept that?
Liz: I don’t. But I’m not gonna let it or him control my life. Besides, it wasn’t all for nothing. If it weren’t for Reddington’s secret, we wouldn’t have each other.
Lilly: It’s not enough.
Liz: [ INHALES DEEPLY ] I think it has to be.

[ Vontae enters Red’s cell. Red is peering down the pipe. Vontae has procured a pen ]
Vontae: Hey. I found it. Yo, this wasn’t easy. I had to bribe the librarian said I was homesick and needed to drop my mom a note. You know how that makes me look, right?
Red: Like a good son. Be proud.
Vontae: You want to tell me what’s up with you and this string thing?
Red: Did you bring the meat?
Vontae: [ SIGHS ]
[ Vontae gives Red a wrapped piece of lunch meat ]
Red: Ah, perfect – right there. [ Indicates where to put the meat down ]
Vontae: You know I’m busting my butt to get you a weapon, and you’re playing with string like a kitty cat.
Red: I found myself with something of a rodent situation.
Vontae: Baldomero’s gonna plant you in the ground, okay, and if he kills you, he’ll certainly kill me.
Red: Vontae, might I offer you a bit of unsolicited advice?
Vontae: No.
Red: Fear is a liar.
Vontae: [ SIGHS ]
Red: It activates the enemy. All we can do is what we can do, and right now, what you can do is help me tie more of this string. Careful. It tangles easily.
Vontae: [ SCOFFS ]

[ Outside a house ]
Hardekopf: I need the drive back.
Delaine: Of course. It’s yours. All we need is the loan plus interest.
Hardekopf: I don’t have it.
Rod: Tell us about your precautions to get here. Did you switch cars as instructed? I had a debt from gambling. I had a way out, but it didn’t work the way I thought, and–
Delaine: You mean you pawned classified intel to try to win back a gambling debt?
Hardekopf: I need the drive.
Delaine: You can’t just have it.
Hardekopf: The intel I gave you can never come out. It would be like committing treason.
Delaine: Well, you’ve got 30 days to make sure that doesn’t happen.
Hardekopf: I lost the money! I was one card away, and I lost everything. Just give me the drive, and I’ll find a way to pay. I’ll figure it out.
Rod: Tell me about the cars.
Hardekopf: Why do you keep asking about the damn cars?
Rod: In our experience, clients in your situation tend to draw attention to themselves – the kind of attention we can’t afford.
Hardekopf: I wasn’t followed, okay? We’re alone. Which means we’re gonna come to a new understanding.
Delaine: Yes. I believe we are. [ She shoots him ] [ GUNSHOT 💥 ]
Rod: I’ll get the fuel.

[ Ressler and Samar are at the site of a burning vehicle ]
Samar: It’s Hardekopf.
Ressler: We got witnesses? Forensics?
Samar: None, and if there were any forensics, the liquid hydrogen burned them away.
Ressler: Well, we had a team on the Pawnbrokers. They lost them. Now we know why.
Samar: As long as Hardekopf was alive, we had 30 days until our intel hit the open market.
Ressler: Looks like our time just ran out.

[ Albert Lennard, Ty Ardis and Noah Jackson’s ♪ “My One And Only A” plays ]
[ Red sits on the floor of his cell with a small piece of lunch meat on his thigh as the rat that has visited his cell many times sniffs the air ]

♪ You’re my one and only
My one and only
You’re my one and only
My one and only
Girl, I owe it all to you

[ The rat approaches and crawls up Red’s leg ]
Red: That’s it. Come on –

♪ You’re my one and only
My one and only
You’re my one and only
My one and only

[ At last, Red is able to scoop up the rat. He strokes its nose ]
Red: [ CHUCKLES ] Hello, there, little fella. We’ve got a lot of work to do.

[ Red enters the prison dining room followed by Vontae. He heads toward Baldomero’s table ]
Red: Aah, there’s a spot.
Vontae: [ HUSHED ] What? Mr. Reddington, no. No.
[ Red sits across from Baldomero. Vontae sits separately ]
Red: Greetings, gentlemen. Please don’t get up. I come in peace. I’ve heard rumblings on the wire that you’re planning some sort of school-yard ambush, and I thought it prudent to see if we can work things out over a meal, break bread, settle our differences. Pimento loaf isn’t really my thing. In fact, when I get out of here, my very first stop will be Augustine in Manhattan for a simple omelet. Yum. What about you?
Baldomero: I’ll be at the Blue Lounge in Armistead, toasting your grave.
[ Baldomero pours his milk on Red’s sandwich ]
Red: You must be the one with that record collection I envy so dearly.
Vega: Yeah. I also got the blade that’s gonna carve you like a pumpkin.
Red: Jack-o’-lantern.
Vega: Huh?
Red: A pumpkin is a gourd. A jack-o’-lantern is the carved pumpkin. Either way, it doesn’t matter. I knew what you meant. I still envy your record collection. Baldomero, what do you say we call this whole thing off? What happened in Iztapalapa was a terrible mistake. I regret it dearly, and I had no idea she was your mother.
Baldomero: You were in my bed. There was a picture of me on the nightstand.
Red: Okay, in our defense, it was incredibly dark, and we’d been drinking heavily. Honestly, [ CHUCKLES ] I regret the entire weekend. Of course, don’t tell your mother that.
Baldomero: I’m gonna gut you like a fish. The guards have been paid off, which means I got 20 minutes with you, and I won’t need 10 to take out you and the boy.
Red: A Romani fortune teller once gave me an astonishingly accurate peek into my future, and I’m gonna do the same for you. You and I are never gonna see each other again after tomorrow, but when you do walk out of this calaboose, I promise you this within 24 hours of your release, you’ll be lying on the floor with a blade in your belly, gurgling my name and begging to die. Okay, then. Good talk. Get some rest, fellas. It’s gonna be a big day.
[ Vontae follows Red out ]
Vontae: Yo, what the hell was that? You trying to get us killed? Please tell me that was a part of some bigger plan.
Red: The plan is a bit of a work in progress.

[ Cooper’s office ]
Cooper: One person is dead, classified intel is missing, and you don’t want us to arrest the Pawnbrokers?
Quayle: You have nothing connecting them to Hardekopf’s death. And there’s no way that they’re gonna keep that drive on site. Until you know where that drive is, arresting them will only guarantee we never get it back.
Ressler: Well, with Hardekopf dead, they’re free to sell that intel on the open market – as soon as they have a buyer.
[ Aram enters ]
Aram: They already have one.
Cooper: You have confirmation of that?
Aram: Well, I went to their website and noticed they have a great deal on this – 4K ultra, super slim, 65-inch with – wait for it – a built-in camera to video-chat with friends via Wi-Fi.
Samar: Which we hacked into.
Cooper: You have eyes on the store?
Aram: Well, there’s no audio, but 10 minutes ago, we saw this.
[ Video shows ]
Samar: We cross-checked his image with the Bureau’s database on foreign agents. His name is Niu Quaing. He’s a member of the Chinese intelligence service MSS.
Cooper: If the Chinese know what’s on that drive, then they know the NSA hacked their codes. They’ll change them.
Quayle: And years of work will be for nothing.
Ressler: But the Chinese don’t already know. The Pawnbrokers would never tell them, and if they did, the Chinese would just change the codes and the drive would be worthless, which is the last thing that the Pawnbrokers want. Now, if they’re good at their job, they’ll tease them, bid the price up. But until the Chinese actually buy that drive, they won’t know exactly what they have.
Aram: Meaning, we have to buy it first.
Quayle: I’m sorry. You’re expecting them to sell us back our own intel?
Samar: Not us. Mossad.

Vontae: You know, I risked my neck getting you a pen, and instead of making a shank, you’re writing a letter.
Red. Vontae, any chance you’ve heard of William Floyd Collins?
Vontae: Collins? No. What’s he in for?
Red: He’s not an inmate. He was a cave explorer in Kentucky around the turn of the last century. He explored Kentucky because of the hundreds of miles of interconnected underground caverns. But in the winter of 1925, while trying to find a new entrance to Crystal Cave, Collins became trapped in a narrow crawlway 55 feet below ground. But it’s rumored that, in order to find an escape, Collins lit a candle, held it up, and let the smoke draft point him toward an exit. Here. Hand me the rat.
[ Vontae retrieves the rat, gives it to Red ]
Vontae: [ SIGHS ] You know, that’s a cute story, but this ain’t no cave, so what’s it got to do with me and you getting killed in the yard?
[ Red ties the note on the rat ]
Red: If this little fella found his way in, I bet he can find his way back out, like a draft of smoke or a carrier pigeon.
Vontae: Some note on a rat? A-are you insane? Ain’t no message-in-a-bottle nonsense gonna work.
Red: Well, either way, we’ll likely be dead by Friday.
[ Red sends the rat down the pipe ]
Vontae: So long. Bring us some luck, William Floyd Collins.
Red: [ CHUCKLES ] Collins actually died in the cave – thirst and hunger compounded by exposure, hypothermia – after 14 days in a cave?
Vontae: [ SIGHS ]

Aram: All right, Agent Navabi’s transmitter is up. She’s approaching now.
[ Samar enters the pawn shop. Ressler and Liz surveill from a vehicle outside ]
Ressler: All right. We have eyes. She’s on site.
Cooper: Agents Ressler and Keen, hold your positions. You only move in if we have a situation.
Quayle: I don’t like sending a Mossad agent to acquire classified NSA data.
Aram: What are you worried about?
Quayle: Divided loyalties.
Cooper: My instructions were clear. Agent Navabi knows to purchase that drive and to bring it to me directly.
Quayle: And the Mossad?
Cooper: It’s a closed loop. Only people who know about this operation are you and the members of this Task Force. No one else, including the Mossad.

[ Inside the pawn shop ]
Samar: Delaine Uhlman?
Delaine: Yeah, you’ve got something you want to pawn?
Samar: No, you’ve got something I’d like to buy – a hard drive containing classified data for the NSA.
Delaine: I’m afraid I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Samar: Well, that’s funny, because a few hours ago, you agreed to sell it to a member of the Chinese MSS. I’m here to outbid him.
Delaine: Ma’am, I’m sorry. There must be some mistake. This is a pawn shop–
Samar: That in the last two years has pawned everything from anthrax to poppy fields in Afghanistan.
Delaine: I didn’t catch your name.
Samar: Samar Navabi. I work with Mossad. I’m here to pay you a lot of money, if you’re smart enough to take it.

Liz: I don’t like letting her go in there without a wire.
Cooper: We can’t risk her being searched.
Aram: [ To Quayle ] She doesn’t have any.
Quayle: What’s that?
Aram: Divided loyalties.
Quayle: We’ll see.
Aram: We don’t have to see. We already know.

[ In a back room of the pawn shop, Delaine Uhlman opens the cover of “Treasure Island.” Inside is an electronics screen ]
Delaine: Index and middle finger.
[ Samar places her fingers on the small screen in the book ]
[ On Delaine’s large computer screen, Samar’s Mossad photo and ID comes up ]
Delaine: Chinese fellow offered 2 million.
Samar: Well, if you’ll take 2 million, you’ll surely take 4.

[ Outside the prison walls, a pest exterminer is working ] [ LIQUID SPRAYING ]
[ The exterminator notices a string connected to a rat in a live trap ]
Exterminator: Hey, buddy.What’s going on?
[ He notices the note tied to the rat ]
Exterminator: What’s this?
[ The exterminator removes the note and unfolds it. On the note is written: “CALL 206 555-0119 AND YOU WILL RECIEVE $10,000” ]

[ Delaine walks with Samar down a corridor. Delaine talks on her cell ]
Delaine: Yeah, I know we had a sale, but, she’s with me now. Rod, damn it, don’t back-talk. Just get the pledge, meet me at the place. I’ll explain later.
[ She hangs up ]
Samar: Where are we going?
Delaine: In our business, we have learned to take precautions. We want to make sure that we’re not being watched.

Liz: Aram, we’ve got no movement. Are you seeing anything in the store?
Aram: It looks like– It looks like they moved to a back room.
Quayle: I don’t like this.

[ Liz and Delaine get into a car ]
Samar: Well, for what it’s worth, you have quite the reputation.
Delaine: [ CHUCKLES ] Like they say, love what you do.
Samar: The Mossad knows what you do, just not why you started doing it.

[ Delaine driving ]
Delaine: Rod and I bought the store in ’76. We didn’t have any business sense at all. I remember if somebody came in to pawn a bicycle, Rod would check the registration number. [ CHUCKLES ] But then the ’80s came, the downturn. We almost lost the business, that’s for sure. We didn’t really have any choice. We had to take more collateral risk.

Aram: Okay, guys, I think we have a problem. Agent Navabi’s transponder just started moving.
Cooper: Ressler, Keen.
Liz: [ On phone ] She hasn’t left.
Quayle: Did you lose her?
Aram: Okay, guys, there must be a secondary exit because I have her moving north on Martin Luther King Boulevard.
Liz: They gave us the slip.
Ressler: We’re on the move.
[ Quayle steps aside to make a call ]
Quayle: Hey, it’s me. Put me through. We have a problem here.
[ Cooper also makes a call ]
Cooper: Yes, Harold Cooper. We have a developing situation in Baltimore, and I need you to scramble unmarked units. Aram, location?
Aram: Okay, she just turned east on Bentonhurst. Approaching Colfax now.
Cooper: Ressler, Keen, we’re dispatching unmarks to you now. Aram’s gonna vector you toward that vehicle.

[ A large stack of $50 bills are in a duffel bag in the exterminator’s van ]
Dembe: Feel free to count it.
Exterminator: No, no. I’m- I’m good. I-I don’t understand. Why are you giving me a bag of money? I-Is this legal?
Dembe: You found the note, you called the number, and I came. You did nothing wrong. There are many cameras here. Maybe you should finish your work.
Exterminator: Yeah. Okay. Sure. Thanks. Thanks.
[ RAT SQUEAKING ] [ Dembe goes to the live trap with Red’s rat in it. He was brought a spool of tough string. He kneels and writes a note ]

Delaine: One day, you’re pawning a Toshiba console, the next it’s a stolen painting. [ CHUCKLING ] Shoot. Pretty soon, it’s a block of C4. I guess we got a reputation for doing things a little differently.

Aram: Okay, the vector’s currently showing a location at Park Street. All right, Agent Ressler, do you have eyes on that vehicle?
Ressler: Yeah, we tailed them to a parking structure at the corner of Park and 16th.
Aram: All right, good DMV record shows a ’92 Buick Estate Wagon registered to their business.
Cooper: Agent Keen, I’ve got a skeleton SWAT unit on their way to you now.
Ressler: Keen, are you seeing this?
Liz: On my way. West stairwell.

[ The two Uhlmans and Samar meet in the parking structure. They don’t know several FBI teams are waiting in the shadows for the transaction to take place. Rod produces the briefcase with the decryption software but holds it back ]
Delaine: Funds first. That’s how it works.
Samar: If I’m going to pay, I have to see it.
Delaine: I said funds first.
[ She produces a phone preprogrammed for a Wire Transfer ]
Delaine: Account number there. Wire transfer there.
Aram: Agent Keen, building security is sending me their feeds now, and it looks like you are in a civilian area. Also, there is a van moving your way from two stories above.
Ressler: All units stand down till I can confirm that Agent Navabi has that drive in hand.
[ BRIEFCASE UNLATCHES ] [ LAPTOP BEEPS ] [ The computer screen shows the files ]
Delaine: Pleasure doing business with you.
[ Rod gives the case to Samar ]
Cooper: She’s got the case.
Ressler: Breach. Go. Now. Breach. FBI! Hands in the air!
Liz: Hands! Hands!
[ Delaine and Rod put their hand up ]
[ The black van approaches ]
Aram: Agent Keen. Agent Keen! Watch out!
[ The van opens with automatic fire 💥💥💥 💥💥💥 ] [ Delaine is hit. Others take cover ]
Rod: Delaine!
[ 💥💥💥 Gunfight ‼️💥💥💥 ]
Liz: We’re under fire! We’re under fire!
Quayle: What the hell’s going on?
[ A man jumps out of the black van and grabs the case ]
Man: Got it now.
[ Ressler shoots the man with case ] [ GUNSHOTS 💥💥 ] [ The case is thrown free ]
[ TIRES SCREECH ] [ 💥💥💥 ]
[ Another man jumps out of the van and grabs the case. He gets back in ]
[ Ressler and Liz shoot at the van 💥💥💥 💥💥💥 but it escapes ]
Ressler: All units, we got an 11-54. Repeat. Black van. 11-54.
[ Rod goes to Delaine ]
Rod: Delaine!
Samar: I’ll call 911.
Rod: Help! Please! God, help!
[ SOUNDS DISTORTS ] [ Samar dials. On Samar’s phone LINE RINGING ]
Automated voice: If you’d like to make a call, please–
Liz: All units, 10-71! Officers down!
[ Samar dials again ]
Samar’s phone: If you’d like to make a call –
Liz: I repeat, officers down!
Samar’s phone: – please hang up and try again.
[ Samar looks at her phone. It says “RECENTS 119 (2)” ~ Samar has dialed the wrong number, twice ]
Samar’s phone: If you need help, hang up and then dial your operator.
Rod: Help is on the way. It’s going to be okay.

[ Red’s cell ]
[ Red pulls in the string that was attached to his trained rat. At the end is a mini liquor bottle with a rolled up note inside. He removes and unrolls the note. On it is written: “What can I do? D” ]
Red: Ah.

[ In the parking ramp, the dead and wounded are being evacuated ]
Liz: They must’ve found out the hard drive was sold to the Israelis. Maybe Uhlman told the Chinese a new buyer was in the picture.
Samar: According to him, the Chinese don’t know what was on the drive.
Liz: Well, they knew enough to know it was valuable.
Ressler: Thank you. Aram just I.D.’d the guy that I shot. Suspected MSS agent here on non-official cover. Liz: We need to put eyes on the airport.
Samar: They don’t need to get to the airport.
Ressler: All they have to do is get to the embassy.

[ Inside the black van, a man has the briefcase on his lap ]
Man: [ In Chinese ] Arriving now. Alert Beijing.
[ The black van approaches the gate of the Chinese Embassy ]
[ The gatekeeper emerges with a clipboard ] [ BUZZES ] [ The gate begins to open ]
[ VEHICLE APPROACHING ] [ ENGINE REVS ] [ A black SUV ⚡️crashes⚡️into the black van ]
[ Ressler, Liz and Samar jump out of the SUV ]
[ The gatekeeper runs to a phone ] [ DIALING ]
Ressler: Hands! Show me your hands!
Samar: Don’t move.
[ Samar retrieves the briefcase ]

[ Cooper’s office ]
Cooper: Excellent news. Our agents were able to intercept the Chinese. We recovered the drive.
Quayle: I have to admit, your Task Force, whoever they are, they’re good.
Cooper: I’d trust any one of them with my life. It does still bother me, though – the meeting.
Quayle: The meeting?
Cooper: The one sabotaged by the MSS. How did the Chinese know? Wasn’t the Pawnbrokers. They’d already sold out to the Mossad, and it wasn’t Agent Navabi. Her loyalties are clear.
Quayle: Director Cooper, you assured me this op was a closed loop.
Cooper: I also assured you that I would deliver this drive to you without accessing its contents. Turns out, I was unable to accommodate your request.
Quayle: If your team accessed data from this drive–
[ Quayle reaches for the drive. Cooper stops her ]
Cooper: We did. That Hardekopf kid He was pretty smart. His decryption algorithm worked. Our analysts are busy sifting through Chinese cables sent between Beijing and their U. S. embassy. But it turns out the breach is extensive, as is their network of informants. Your name is all over the cables. You argued against us executing a warrant to arrest the Pawnbrokers because you wanted to give the Chinese time to get that disk before we could. You told them about our op. You were never assisting the FBI. You’re working for the Chinese.
Quayle: You have no authority to access this drive. Any information you have is a breach. It’ll never hold up in court.
[ Marshals appear ]
Cooper: The less you say, the better.
[ The marshals escort Quayle away ]
Quayle: [ SIGHS ]

[ Rod Uhlman sits at a table in an interrogation room. Ressler and Samar observe from the other side of the one-way glass ]
Samar: Is he going to talk?
Ressler: Not yet, but he will. Told the Baltimore PD officer on the car ride over that he’s got a warehouse filled with elicit items over on Monument Street, everything from, uh, narcotics to stolen art to military-grade weapons to counterfeit currency.
Samar: So – what are you waiting for?
Ressler: Just trying to figure out how to tell him his wife just died. [ SIGHS ]
[ Samar watches from outside as Ressler breaks the bad news to Rod Uhlman. Rod covers his face and sobs. Samar looks on, wide-eyed ]

[ A double line of inmates heads toward the prison yard. Vontae catches up to Red ]
Vontae: Yo, Mr. Reddington, hey, look, I’ve been thinking about this this thing, this dispute, and how it all started over my lunch meat.
Red: [ CHUCKLES ] That’s a lovely sentiment, Vontae, but I’m afraid this conflict predates out acquaintance.
Vontae: Just let me finish what I’m trying to say. You had my back. You had it like nobody ever has – not my father, not my friends, certainly none of these fools in here. Nobody’s ever given two dumps about me, but you did – over some stupid pimento loaf. So I want you to know I got you out there, okay? No matter what happens, just remember, Vontae Jones got your back.
Red: Thank you, Vontae. Just don’t get in the way of anything sharp.
Baldomero: Over here, anciano.
Red: [ To Vega ] Where’s my record player?
Vega: You are one dumb son of a bitch.
Red: Any last words, Baldomero? I’m sure we’d all like to hear them.
Baldomera: Go ahead. You first.
Red: My accomplishments are an open book, but you – I don’t know. Coming clean might be good for your soul.
Baldomera: What’s that mean?
Red: Well, surely, your prison-yard playmates would love to hear the truth that you’re awaiting trial for and bragging about a crime you didn’t commit? Well, it’s true, isn’t it? Don’t get me wrong. You deserve to be incarcerated for any number of ungodly crimes, but you didn’t heist that armored truck.
[ Baldomero stands. The other inmates move closer to hear Red ]
Vega: How do you know he didn’t do it?
Red: I know because Ziggy Chapman and his kid brother Tip stole the rig to pay off a debt they owed me. I refused the cash, of course, as it was unlaundered and the boys were way too hot, what with the dead guards. The brothers had to pawn the damn truck along with its contents.
Baldomera: You talk too much.
Red: Listen, at least you’re in here telling lies with your buddies instead of on the street, looking over your shoulder for Anunzio Ross. Why you did him dirty, I have no idea. Anunzio has a long memory and a passion for vengeance, which is, presumably, why you’re not trying particularly hard to get out of here. Am I wrong?
[ Baldomera YELLS and lunges at Red. But Vontae trips him and none of the other inmates come to Baldomera‘s aid ]
Red: That acrid scent lingering in the air is bull feces, the stench of a man who’s in prison for a crime he didn’t commit but takes credit for because he’s afraid of Anunzio Ross.
[ Baldomera’s knife is lying free. Red picks it up and throws it over the fence ]
[ Baldomera SCREAMS once more and is about to jump Red ]
[ The prisoners fall to their knees, hands behind their heads ]
Warden: That’s it! We’re done! Break it up! Your lucky day, Baldomero.
Baldomera: Yeah? Why’s that?
Warden: Your lawyer’s here. Something about you getting out.
Red: [ CHUCKLES ] Well, what do you know?
[ Baldomero glares at Red. Red nods at him ]

[ Liz and Red talk in the visitors room ]
Liz: Well, I hope it was worth it.
Red: What? I gave you the Pawnbrokers. I thought you’d be happy.
Liz: You gave us the Pawnbrokers knowing we would raid their warehouse and find evidence that proves Alfonse Baldomero was innocent of the crime he was being held for.
Red: Is that why he was released?
Liz: You know it is.
Red: I know I did what I had to do to stay alive long enough to win my freedom back.
Liz: You really think you’re gonna get out of here?
Red: I assume that was a rhetorical question.
Liz: I’m glad you’re safe, but now a dangerous criminal is walking the streets.
Red: That may be. But life is often surprising. And death is even more so.

[ A seedy drinking establishment]
[ Robbie Nevil’s ♪ “All Eyes On You” plays ]
– Baldomero, congrats.
– Glad you’re back, bro.
[ Baldomero stumbles into the men’s room to take a leak. Another man follows him in ]
Man: Baldomero, hey, good to see you out.
Baldomero: I don’t know you.
Man: Nah. But I know you.
[ The man flicks open a switch blade 🔪 and stabs Baldomero multiple times ] [ GRUNTING ]
[ Baldomero sinks to the floor ]
Man: Anunzio Ross says hello.
Man: [ On phone ] Hey, it’s me. Please tell Mr. Reddington thank you. Mr. Ross is square with Baldomero.
Dembe: I’ll pass that along. [ BEEPS ]

[ Red enters the dining room. Heads turn. Vontae walks proudly a few steps behind Red ]
Older inmate: Heard old-man Ross finally got square with Baldomero. Ain’t life a bitch?

♪ What do you got to do?
Watch the man, watch the man

♪ Smokey’s got his eye on you
Change the plan, got to change the plan

♪ How you gonna walk the streets?
Head up high, head up high

[ Lights are dim at the Post Office. Samar sits at her desk. She is reading something on her computer, an entry on “Aphasia.” Portions blur away but several come into focus: ]

“Aphasia is the inability to comprehend language due to damage to specific brain regions. This damage is typically caused by a cerebral vascular accident (“stroke”) or head trauma … To be diagnosed with aphasia, a person’s language or speech must be significantly impaired …

“The difficulties of people with aphasia can range from occasional trouble with finding words to losing the ability to speak … or write; intelligence, however, is unaffected.”

Samar moves to: “Signs and Symptoms”:

“People with aphasia may experience the following signs and symptoms …
● Inability to comprehend language
● Inability to pronounce, not due to muscle paralysis or weakness
● Inability to speak spontaneously
● Inability to form words …

Under “Progressive aphasias,” Samar sees:

Primary progressive aphasia (PPA) is a neurodegenerative focal demen– … dementia/Pick Complex Motor neuron … Gradual loss of language function occurs in the context … Symptoms usually begin with word finding problems …

[ Vega comes to Red’s cell. He holds his phonograph with records on top ]
Vega: Mr. Reddington.
Red: Ah, Vega. Look at you, bearing gifts. Come in, come in. Ah.

[ Liz’s apartment ]
Liz: [ CHUCKLES ] That man is capable of anything. He’s gonna get the immunity agreement upheld. It’s only a matter of days before he’s out.
Lilly: Then this should help.
Liz: What is it?
Lilly: A big break. Buck felt so bad he couldn’t recover Reddington’s file that he went back and tried again. It’s not the data, but it turns out the file names were coded using patient-intake dates. October 3, 1991.
Liz: The date Reddington was admitted?
Lilly: Mm-hmm.
Liz: So you think if we find a surgery on or around this date, that patient might know something?
[ Lilly shows Liz a folder on a man ]
Lilly: Klepper, Gerald Todd. Visited Dr. Koehler in December of ’91. That’s two months after Reddington would’ve been there.
Liz: Maybe that’s close enough. They might’ve crossed paths.
Lilly: You know him?
Liz: I don’t. But we’re gonna find him.
[ The phonograph plays ]

♪ Baby, you–

Vontae: Mr. Reddington.
Red: Vontae, you look excited.
Vontae: Ah, well, Baldomero’s cell is free and nice. It’s got a window even. Smells nice, too.
Red: I heard. I spoke with Officer Frye. I think you’re gonna be a lot happier in there.
Vontae: Wait. What about you?
Red: I’ve grown rather fond of my dark, little corner.
Are you a fan of champagne, Vontae?
[ Red pulls three mini bottles of champagne through the pipe ]
Vontae: I don’t really know.
[ Red pops the top off one and gives it to Vontae ]
Red: [ CHUCKLES ] Well, let’s give it a shot.
[ Vontae drinks and smiles ]
Red: To the small things in life.
[ Another CORK POPS ]

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Episode Songs


♫ Bottom of the River
By Delta Rae

♪ Hold my hand
Ooh, baby, it’s a long way down to the bottom of the river
Hold my hand
Ooh, baby, it’s a long way down, a long way down

♪ If you get sleep or if you get none
(The cock’s gonna call in the morning, baby)
Check the cupboard for your daddy’s gun
(Red sun rises like an early warning)
The Lord’s gonna come for your first born son
(His hair’s on fire and his heart is burning)
So go to the river where the water runs
(Wash him deep where the tides are turning)

♪ And if you fall…
And if you fall…

♪ Hold my hand
Ooh, baby, it’s a long way down to the bottom of the river
Hold my hand
Ooh, baby, it’s a long way down, a long way down

♪ The wolves will chase you by the pale moonlight
(Drunk and driven by a devil’s hunger)
Drive your son like a railroad spike
(Into the water, let it pull him under)
Don’t you lift him, let him drown alive
(The good Lord speaks like a rolling thunder)
Let that fever make the water rise
(And let the river run dry)

♪ And I said

♪ Hold my hand
Ooh, baby, it’s a long way down to the bottom of the river
Hold my hand
Ooh, baby, it’s a long way down, a long way down
Hold my hand
Ooh, baby, it’s a long way, a long long long way
Hold my hand
Ooh, baby, it’s a long way down, a long way down

♪ Hold my hand
Hold my hand
Hold my hand, long way down, to the bottom of the
Hold my hand, it’s a long way down, a long way down
Hold my hand, ooh baby, it’s a long way down
Hold my hand, ooh baby, it’s a long way down
Hold my hand, ooh baby, it’s a long
Hold my hand, ooh baby, it’s a long way down, a long way down

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2sBbuPq
YouTube: https://youtu.be/bimam2j2gEg


♫ My One And Only A
By Albert Lennard, Ty Ardis and Noah Jackson

♪ (unavailable as of 1/18/2019)

Lyrics and Credits: (unavailable as of 1/18/2019)
YouTube: https://youtu.be/l4X6FhOhl6Q


♫ All Eyes On You
By Robbie Nevil

[Verse 1]
♪ Looking for attention
Someone turn up the lights
But come the main attraction
You can do whatever you like

♪ You know you got
All eyes on, all eyes on you
You know you want
All eyes on, all eyes on you

[Verse 2]
♪ Smiling for the cameras
Now they know who you are
Set the world on fire
Everybody knows you’re a star

♪ You know you got
All eyes on, all eyes on you
You know you want
All eyes on, all eyes on you

♪ You got the world
I think you know it’s you
And you’re the best at everything you do
You know you got
All eyes on, all eyes on you

♪ I’ll say, let it show
Got the smile but never let it go
You make everyone
Stop and stare, a love affair, you wonder one

[Verse 3]
♪ Center of attention
Someone do it right
When you’re the main attraction
You get to show whatever you like

♪ You know you got
All eyes on, all eyes on you
You know you want
All eyes on, all eyes on you

♪ You got the world
I think you know it’s you
And you’re the best at everything you do
You know you got
All eyes on, all eyes on you

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2MiNKZe
YouTube: https://youtu.be/X9Db4rNETQk

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🔴 Script 6:5 Alter Ego (№ 131)

Program air date: 2/1/2019 in the US
Script Permalink: https://wp.me/pDKwi-93f
Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/2BedrWG

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: John Terlesky
Written by: Sean Hennen, Lukas Reiter



⭕ Script 6:5 Alter Ego (№ 131)


Brief (Where we’re at): Red has ruled the block at Colton Prison, but Liz and her half-sister Lilly (Jennifer) have taken the time of his incarceration to have a geek friend mine the contents of the file of Dr Koehler’s plastic surgery patients. They want to find out who Red was before he took on the identity of their dead father, the real Raymond Reddington. The information on Red, however, has been thoroughly erased (by Red) – except for the file names which were coded using patient-intake dates. For Red, this was October 3, 1991. They have found the file of someone who had a procedure done a couple of months later, Gerald Todd Klepper, who visited Dr. Koehler in December of 1991. They plan to track down this person to see if he crossed paths with Red.

Also outstanding is the question Red is bent on answering. He thinks someone may have tipped off the police. He was arrested for possessing an unregistered and defaced firearm (the serial number had been scratched off). This is a federal crime. If he is found guilty of this, his entire Immunity Agreement will be invalidated and he will face the death penalty. However, he maintains the arrest was an “unreasonable search and seizure,” protected under the Fourth Amendment. At face value, he was simply buying pretzels at a pretzel stand. But — did someone call in a tip? If so, Red is determined to find out who. The problem is — it was his beloved Liz.

[ Billionnaire Harris Van Ness meets with Dembe ]
Van Ness: Dembe, I trust Raymond. I do. He and I go back decades. But what the hell is going on? I wake up this morning, make an espresso, open the paper–
[ Van Ness slaps down a newspaper. There is a large photo of Red being led in handcuffs, with the headline: Fugitive Criminal Sees Day In C– ]
Dembe: It’s under control.
Van Ness: We have hundreds of millions of dollars invested in Reddington.
Dembe: Which have always returned a handsome profit.
Van Ness: Your boss is looking at the death penalty. What happens if he cuts a deal?
Dembe: Do you believe that Raymond would cut a deal with the FBI?
Van Ness: My partners do. Carlo Androssani thinks we should cut ties with Reddington, insulate ourselves from any of the, uh, fallout.
Dembe: Is that a threat?
Van Ness: He called for a vote.
Dembe: Can Raymond count on your support?
Van Ness: I’m the least of his problems.
Dembe: Does he have your vote?
Van Ness: Yes. But you prepare for war. Carlo and the others are out for blood.

[ Harris Van Ness arrives home from work and greets his pet dog ]
[ Vera Lynn’s ♪ “We’ll Meet Again” plays on a phonograph ]

♪ We’ll meet again
Don’t know where

Van Ness: [ To dog ] Hey! Hello, honey! Good to see I missed you all day. Let’s go see Mom.

♪ I know we’ll meet again some sunny day

[ Van Ness goes to the kitchen ]
Van Ness: [ SIGHS ] [ Loudly, to his wife who must be elsewhere ] Oh, boy, that smells good, whatever that is! Are the Clarks here yet?!
Van Ness: Daisy, be quiet! [ Loudly ] Hey, I found that Slovenian wine you wanted – this Rebula
[ CHUCKLES ] I-I had to go all the way up to, uh, the Crestview, uh, winery to find–

♪ Drive the dark clouds far away

[ Van Ness enters the dining room. Three people are seated at the table, but they are motionless, their heads thrown back, their mouths gaping. He rushes to his wife ]
Van Ness: Cyn? Cyn? Oh, my God. Cyn, can you hear me? Cynthi– Please, honey! Open your eyes! Op–
[ FLOORBOARD CREAKS ] [ Van Ness sees a man – wearing an ape mask and holding a gun ]

♪ I won’t be long
They’ll be happy to know
That as you saw me go
I was singing this song

[ Threatening with his gun, the man opens a thermos of steaming liquid, pours it in a cap and beckons Van Ness to drink it ]

♪ We’ll meet again
Don’t know where
Don’t know when
But I know we’ll meet again
Some sunny day

[ Two other people wearing identical ape masks appear ]

♪ We’ll meet again
Don’t know where
Don’t know when
But I know we’ll meet again
Some sunny day

[ Van Ness throws the cup of steaming liquid at the man in the mask with the gun and runs into the kitchen ]
Man: Aah!

♪ Keep smiling through
Just like you always do
Till the blue skies
Drive the dark clouds far away

[ The three disguised people wrestle him to the floor and force the liquid down. One of them has long black hair ]

♪ So, will you please say hello
To the folks that I know
Tell them I won’t be long

[ Once Van Ness is unconscious, the three position him in a dining chair like the others ]

♪ They’ll be happy to know
That as you saw me go
I was singing this song

[ In the kitchen, one of the three turns on the gas burners without lighting the flame ]

♪ We’ll meet again
Don’t know where
Don’t know when

[ The three leave the house, running. The little dog barks at them through the window. ] [ DOG BARKING ] [ BEEPING ]

♪ But I know we’ll meet again
Some sunny d-a-a-ay

[ There is an 🔥💥🔥 Explosion 🔥💥🔥 and flames engulf most of the house ]

[ Federal Courtroom, Southern District of New York ]
Judge Roberta Wilkins: This case is calendared for a 12(B) hearing. The defendant is challenging the constitutionality of a search that led to the discovery of an unregistered, defaced firearm seized from his possession. Is that correct, Mr. Reddington?
Red: Yes, Your Honor, on the grounds that the search was unreasonable and therefore a violation of the Fourth Amendment.
Judge Wilkins: So you are familiar with Fourth Amendment jurisprudence?
Red: One of my favorite Amendments. Top three. Maybe five.
Judge Wilkins: Feel free to make light, Mr. Reddington, but this is serious business. If you lose and I allow that gun to be admitted into evidence against you, the Government will consider that a violation of your immunity agreement. And without immunity, you will be facing multiple capital offenses.
Red: Your Honor, please. I’m on pins and needles as it is, and you’re not helping the matter.
Judge Wilkins: I want you to hire an attorney.
Red: And I appreciate your concern.
Judge Wilkins: It’s my obligation to let you know what you’re up against. A motion to suppress involves a complex legal analysis, one that should be done by someone with a legal education.
Red: Which I have.
Judge Wilkins: You’ll need to explain that.
Red: We’re both legal professionals. Your business is to apply the law. Mine is to break it. You studied your profession. Why would you assume I haven’t studied mine?
Judge Wilkins: So you’re familiar with the legal standard I’ll be using to evaluate Officer Baldwin’s search?
Red: If you’re referring to the reasonable-suspicion standard as articulated by Justice Warren in Terry v. Ohio, I am.
Judge Wilkins: Fair enough, Mr. Reddington. Though it may literally be your funeral, let’s proceed.
Red: A-Apologies, Your Honor. If I could request a brief recess.
Asst US Atty Michael Sima: Oh, here we go.
Red: I’m sorry. Did you say something?
Sima: Let me guess. Your suit isn’t quite pressed to your liking. Or did you prefer sparkling water instead of still?
Red: Michael, really. The process is brutal enough. I’m doing my very best despite my feelings about you. You could at least make the effort to be civil.
Judge Wilkins: Denied. I see no reason to break this early, unless it’s some kind of emergency.
Red: That it is. I need to meet with the FBI about a time-sensitive case. My immunity agreement may be in jeopardy, but while it remains intact, I intend to live up to its obligations.

[ The holding cell where Red stays during the court proceedings ]
Liz: You can’t just pause the legal proceedings to give me a case.
Red: I have a situation.
Liz: The judge is furious!
Red: Ever since word of my capture hit the press, certain associates are looking to kick me to the curb.
Liz: I know you’ve got a lot of enemies out there, but right now your biggest enemy is in that courtroom.
Red: Harris Van Ness.
Liz: What if you lose this hearing and they throw out your immunity agreem–
Red: Do you know who I’m talking about?
Liz: Harris Van Ness? The billionaire big in cargo freighters, died in a fire last week.
Red: Van Ness was murdered because of his business affiliations with me.
Liz: You’re being paranoid. It was an accident.
Red: [ CHUCKLES ] There are no accidents around me. Not unless they’re on purpose.

[ The Post Office ]
Liz: Reddington claims the explosion was a targeted hit aimed at Van Ness because he’s supporting Reddington in ongoing business dealings.
Cooper: What business?
Liz: Van Ness is one of a group of associates, some of whom want to sever ties with Reddington because of his arrest.
Ressler: A one-percenter gets knocked off for being in league with Reddington, and now he wants us to find his killer?
Samar: And Reddington has no idea who did it?
Liz: He’s got a lot of enemies who want a piece of his empire.
Ressler: Lucky for him, he’s got the FBI to protect it.
Cooper: As for protecting Reddington, he’s our C.I. Should he ever get out of prison, we’re gonna want him to be as powerful as possible.
Liz: Let’s start with the family. My guess is a man of his wealth is gonna have a lot of people coming out of the woodwork.

[ A man (Roger Price) leads Ressler and Liz down a corridor to the room where Van Ness’s will is to be read ]
Ressler: How many people were given notice?
Roger Price: 32. Mr. Van Ness had many bequests.
Liz: We understand that the reading of the will can be emotional. We’ll do what we can to respect that.
Ressler: I’m sorry. What’s your name? We might have some questions after we talk to the family.
Roger Price: I don’t know why you’d have any questions. Paper said it was an accident.
[ Roger Price opens the door ] [ INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS ]
Roger Price: These are good people. You want to respect them? Let them mourn in peace.
Ashton Hirsh (officiating): [ Reading ] “$10 million each to Human Rights Watch, the NAACP, and Brown University. The remainder of my estate I leave to my son, Timothy Peterson.”
Ressler: [ Low voice ] I didn’t think Van Ness had kids.
Liz: Uh, apparently neither did anyone else.
Ashton Hirsh: Harris wanted this letter read along with his will. “Timothy, forgive me. I loved your mother, but I didn’t have the courage to stay with her. I know this is an awkward way to introduce you to your extended family, but it’s the only way I know how to make amends. Take the fruits of my labor and do great things. Love, your father.”
[ Ashton Hirsh walks down the center aisle and hands the letter to Timothy Peterson ]

[ Red’s holding cell ] [ CELL DOOR CLICKS ] [ Dembe is let in to talks to Red through the bars ]
Red: Ah! [ LAUGHS ] What a pleasant sight.
Dembe: My friend.
Red: Thank goodness for the prison chaplain.
Dembe: He said you designated me to provide spiritual advice.
Red: Oh, it had the dual benefit of getting you in here and also being true. Van Ness is dead. Without him, I don’t have the votes to prevent Androssani from cutting me off. I need you to reassure Androssani. Reason with him. And if that doesn’t work, kill him. That should scare up a vote or two.
Dembe: Then what?
Red: We’ll see.
Dembe: And then what?
Red: You do know I didn’t really ask you here to give me spiritual advice, right?
Dembe: I’m going to give you some anyway. Be honest.
Red: I need that vote.
Dembe: Tell Elizabeth the truth.
Red: Everything rests on this.
Dembe: Money rests on this. Power. Not peace of mind.
Red: Something has to be done.
Dembe: It is. You are fighting for your freedom. Every day I pray that you get it. For now, you must leave the rest to fate.
Red: I make my own fate.
Dembe: Not from here.
Red: [ BREATHES DEEPLY ] I’m asking you to do this.
Dembe: And I am trying to save your soul.

[ At work, Samar is watching a video of a therapist on her computer. On another screen is a Scrabble game ]
Therapist: Uh, there’s signs. The inability to recall prepositions is a common symptom of aphasia. Recommended therapies include word games, rote repetition, uh, either on your own or in a individualized, – one-on-one, or group-therapy format.
Samar: [ Softly ] Under. Above. Following.
Therapist: The important thing is to start early.
Samar: To. Unto. Despite. Without.
[ Aram comes up behind her ]
Aram: “Quetzals.” That is the national bird of Guatemala and, weirdly, one of its monetary units.
Samar: Good to know.
[ Samar closes the game ]
Aram: No, wait, wait, wait, wait. No, no. If you put the Q and the S on the triple word score, it’s worth over 300 points.
Samar: Did you find out about Timothy Peterson?
Aram: Right. Work.
[ Aram walks away ]

[ Aram briefs the task force ]
Aram: As of the reading of his father’s will, Tim Peterson is the 511th-richest man in America and, I’m fairly confident, the only billionaire working in a bowling alley and living in a trailer park. Ressler: Looks like that apple fell a few, uh, light-years from the tree.
Aram: Oh, that’s putting it mildly. His credit score is 580, he’s $62,000 in debt, and he has got a criminal record.
Cooped: Unpaid speeding tickets, public intoxication, a bar fight that got him thrown in jail for a week.
Liz: It seems like more of a slacker than a killer.
Samar: His inheritance came as a complete surprise. Then what motivation would he have to kill his father if he didn’t know about it?
Aram: Well, let’s say he did know. How does a kid living in a trailer park outside Arlington connect in any way to Mr. Reddington?
Ressler: And if he doesn’t, why are we even on this case?
Cooper: Because something doesn’t add up, and I want to know why. Navabi, the people in his posts, I want to know everything about them. Ressler, Keen, talk to Peterson. Find out what he knew about his old man and when he knew it.

[ Liz and Ressler track Tim Peterson to an elegant hotel where a large group of rowdy, casually dressed young people are gathered outside, drinking beer ]
Ressler: Well, it didn’t take him long to spend the old man’s money.
Liz: Sure beats the trailer park.
Ressler: I’ve been to my share of Irish wakes, but this is ridiculous.
[ MAN cracks a beer and GRUNTS ] [ Ressler walks up to him ]
Ressler: Hate to interrupt Miller Time, but where’s Tim Peterson at?
Man: [ Yells over ] Hey, Tim! Hide your cash! The IRS is already here. [ CHUCKLES ]
Ressler: Tim Peterson. Agents Ressler, Keen. FBI.
Tim Peterson: [ Drunkenly ] FBI? Don’t worry. The hotel suite is bought and paid for.
Ressler: We just have a few questions surrounding your father’s death.
Tim: You and me both.
Ressler: When was the last time you spoke with him?
Tim: Far as I can recall, I never spoke to him. I didn’t even know he was my father till the lawyer called, told me to come to the reading of the will.
Liz: What questions do you have?
Tim: Why didn’t he get in touch with me when he was alive? What kept him from wanting to get to know me? And most importantly, why’d he leave me all this dough?
Ressler: You don’t seem too upset about him dying.
Tim: It’s just DNA. Like I said, I never met the man.
[ An attractive Asian-looking woman appears and snuggles up to Tim ]
Deidre: Tim, who are the late arrivals?
Tim: Hey, princess. These are my new friends from the FBI.
Deidre: Hi, new friends from the FBI. I’m Deidre. I’m Tim’s–
Tim: She’s my shooting star.
Deidre: Aww.
[ They kiss ]
Deidre: Can I get you a drink? What would you like?
Liz: Answers to a few questions.
Deidre: [ Quickly, mockingly ] I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help me God. [ Smiles ] We met at the bowling alley.
Tim: [ LAUGHING ] It only took her three frames to get her shoe stuck in the ball return.
Deidre: I had to press the little “help” button, and he came and got my shoe back. But I’ll be damned if he didn’t steal my heart in the process. I teach second grade in Bedford. Guess I love being around kids ’cause I come from a big family. Seeing as he didn’t know much about his, I encouraged him.
Tim: I got my birth certificate, found out my mom had died. She moved to California after she had me, got married, had another kid. Deidre held my hand, I pick up the phone – Next thing, I had a sister.
Helen Litke: I always thought I was an only child. When Mom passed, I didn’t have anyone but Marcus.
Marcus Duncan: And when we heard that Helen had a brother, I didn’t know what to think.
Helen: We flew across the country to meet him. And I gave him a big hug. Probably talk once a day on the phone now. Uh, when Tim called to tell me who his father was and what had happened–
Marcus: We were happy for him. How could you not be?
Helen: But I’m just glad I have a brother. That’s what matters to me.

[ The Courtroom ]
Judge Wilkins: Mr. Reddington. That recess was anything but brief. Any further delays? Or might we finally get this show on the road?
Red: I’m finished serving the public good for the moment, Your Honor. So, yes, the Government may once again go about its business of trying to execute me.
Judge Wilkins: Wonderful. Mr. Sima?
Sima: Sir, please state your name for the record.
Officer Baldwin: Officer Michael Baldwin. Shield 21561. I’m a patrol officer with the 27th Precinct.
Sima: On the day in question, the 16th of this month, were you in fact on patrol – in the 27th Precinct?
Baldwin: Yes.
Sima: Did you make any arrests that afternoon?
Baldwin: One. I arrested that man there, in the navy-blue suit.
Sima: May the record reflect the witness has identified the defendant.
Red: Uh, o-objection.
Judge Wilkins: Grounds?
Red: That’s not entirely correct, Your Honor. The suit is actually a prunelle weave blue with a subtle overlay of red. So in the right light, it goes quite plum.
Judge Wilkins: Denied. So reflected.
Sima: Officer Baldwin, how did you come to arrest the defendant?
Baldwin: I received a radio run of a man with a gun on West 4th Street near the vicinity of the Red Brau Tavern. Dispatch described the individual as a white male, 50s, in a tan suit and hat. I approached the location on foot where I observed the defendant standing at a pretzel cart in a conversation with the vendor.
Sima: What drew your attention to the defendant?
Baldwin: It was the only suit in the area wearing a fedora-style hat.
Sima: I see. And did you arrest the defendant at that point?
Baldwin: No, sir. I approached Mr. Reddington in an effort to assess the situation. I requested ID, and he gave me a fake driver’s license and name.
Sima: Who did he say he was?
Baldwin: A shower curtain salesman named George Murphy.
Sima: How did he seem?
Baldwin: Nervous. His eyes were darting. I got the feeling that he was possibly being evasive. At one point, he turned and looked towards the tavern, which I interpreted to be a furtive gesture–
Red: Furtive? Is that what it was?
Judge Wilkins: You’ll get your turn, Mr. Reddington.
Baldwin: I asked him to turn around, and he refused, made a joke about it not being his good side. That’s when I noticed a bulge in his jacket, at his waistline.
Red: Objection.
Sima: Y-Your Honor.
Red: No. A bulge at my waistline? I’d prefer that the witness leave my bulges out of this entirely.
Judge Wilkins: You’ll– Mr. Reddington– That’s more than enough–
Red: I want that struck from the record. It’s embarrassing.
Judge Wilkins: Sit down, or I will have someone sit you down! Officer, please continue.
Baldwin: I had the defendant put his hands on the cart, and I conducted a pat-down of his person. That’s when I recovered a Browning semi-automatic pistol from a holster in the small of his back.
Sima: Your Honor, permission to approach the witness.
Judge Wilkins: Granted.
Sima: Do you recognize this weapon?
Baldwin: That’s the one I recovered. As you can see, the serial number’s been scratched off.
Sima: Your Honor, the Government moves to enter Exhibit 1 into evidence. Thank you, Officer. That’s all for now. Your witness.

[ The Post Office ]
Aram: Hey. Guys. Peterson’s story checks out. He was given up by his birth mother, raised in foster care, and has an alibi for the night Van Ness died. Cameras at the bowling alley show show him working that night.
Ressler: So this guy really is the luckiest half-wit in history.
Samar: Or the biggest mark.
Cooper: What did you learn about the company he keeps?
Samar: Helen Litke, Marcus Duncan, Deidre Mori – his sister, brother-in-law, and girlfriend. We’re still waiting on background information for Litke and Duncan, but the girlfriend told you she was a second-grade teacher in Bedford? The Virginia school system has no record of her.
Aram: Driver’s license and Social Security number registered to Deidre Mori are less than 12 months old.
Liz: She said she met Peterson a year ago.
Cooper: Keen, Ressler, time to have a little chat with Miss Mori. Or whoever she really is.

[ Courtroom ]
Red: That radio run – According to your arrest report, it was based on an anonymous tip.
Baldwin: That’s correct.
Red: So someone called 911 and said that a white man in his 50s wearing a suit and a hat was in the vicinity of the Red Brau Tavern – and that man had a gun.
Baldwin: Yes.
Red: And this tip came from someone you never spoke to, someone who also refused to give his or her name – to the police operator.
Baldwin: Yes.
Red: Completely anonymous, not a trusted source known to have been reliable in the past.
Baldwin: That’s true, but I didn’t arrest you based only on the tip. I conducted my own investigation.
Red: What investigation was that?
Baldwin: I asked for identification.
Red: Which I provided immediately.
Baldwin: A false ID.
Red: [ CHUCKLES ] No, you didn’t know that at the time. That license was created by the preeminent document forger in the world. Not in this country. On the planet. There’s not a chance you could have known it was a fake.
Baldwin: You looked nervous. Furtive.
Red: Officer Baldwin, I’ve been evading the police and law enforcement for almost 30 years. I’m the most wanted man in the world. At the time of our encounter, I was armed with a Browning 9-millimeter semi-automatic with a round in the chamber and the hammer cocked. Do you really expect this court to believe that a marshmallow disguised as a patrol officer, a comic figure in an ill-fitting uniform, could possibly make me nervous?
Sima: Objection!
Judge Wilkins: Sustained.
Baldwin: You think this is funny?! You’re a real smart guy, huh?! Well, we’ll see how smart you are!
Red: [ LAUGHS ] There he is. There’s the real Officer Baldwin. You didn’t search me for looking nervous. The truth is I was disrespectful.
Baldwin: No.
Red: I was disrespectful, you got angry, and you decided right then and there to show me you were in charge.
Baldwin: That’s not true.
Red: I was a wise ass. You said as much to your fellow officers at the scene. Tell you what – I’ll apologize for my behavior if you apologize for the illegal pat-down that has exposed me to the death penalty. No? Think about it. No further questions, Your Honor.

[ HORN HONKS ] [ An outdoor wedding venue ]
Ressler: Aram, do me a favor and confirm the trace on Mori’s cell.
Aram: [ On comms ] Corner of Trenton and Willoughby. I can’t get any more specific than that, but she’s there.
Ressler: Along with 50 other people.
Liz: Now we know why she isn’t answering.
Ressler: This is gonna be a mess.
Ressler: Did I tell you my, uh, cousin in Idaho’s getting married next week?
Liz: You’ve got a cousin in Idaho?
Ressler: Yeah. Perp-loving cop hater. There. Now you’ve met him.
Liz: I don’t see her among the guests.
Officiant: You may kiss the bride.
Ressler: That’s ’cause she’s not one of them.
[ The bride in the ceremony is Deidre! ]
[ The groom walks Deidre to a white limo and she leaves without him ]
Ressler: Does this make any sense to you?
[ Liz picks up a wedding program ]
Liz: No. Deidre’s now “Hiraki.”
Ressler: I’m guessing Hiraki’s no more real than Deidre.
Liz: He’s got to be in on it, right? Helping her con Peterson?
Ressler: Maybe she’s conning them both.

[ Ressler and Liz corner the “Groom” (Henry Tanaka) inside a building ]
Henry: I told you, I don’t know where she is. She left.
Liz: She left her own wedding reception?
Henry: Can we talk about this somewhere else? My parents think that Hiraki’s back th–
Ressler: No, we know her name’s not Hiraki.
Henry: Shh! Please, not here.
Liz: Wait. You know her name’s not Hiraki?
Henry: Yes, but my family has no idea. What’s this about?
Ressler: Why don’t you tell us? Why’d she leave?
Henry: That’s all I could afford.
Liz: You paid her? To marry you?
Henry: Through a service. Well, for today – for my family. My parents, they have public lives, and they’re very traditional. And this, the wedding, Hiraki and I – it’s a dream that they want to believe – to save them from the shame.
Liz: What shame? Why on Earth would you lie to your family about your marriage?
Henry: Because I’m gay. And in their world, that remains unacceptable.
Ressler: Wait. This service. What’s it called?
Henry: Alter Ego.
Liz: What’s that?

Jeff Gregg: Here at Alter Ego, our artists provide clients with an immersive experience. Not a performance. An experience that is unabridged. It’s unpredictable. It’s very close to real life.
Samar: So, I’m sorry. Your firm, you rent humans?
Jeff Gregg: We fill vacancies. We provide the relationships that are missing in our clients’ lives.
Samar: For example?
Jeff Gregg: A young professional wants to take the “wife” that he doesn’t have to his high-school reunion. Or a single mother wants to introduce her young 6-year-old to the father that she never had, and so she creates a new, more healthy narrative with a “father” whose story line she can write and control.
Samar: These people are paid to lie.
Jeff Gregg: The actors may be counterfeit, but the roles and the emotional support they provide are very real.
Samar: A billionaire dies, leaving his fortune to a son that no one knew he had, and the actress playing his loving girlfriend is conning him. Do you recognize her? Does she work for your company?
Jeff Gregg: Uh, she doesn’t look familiar, but that doesn’t mean anything. We have hundreds of artists on staff.
Samar: You’re going to have to find her.
Jeff Gregg: Our employees do not con clients. If someone has taken advantage of a role or a scenario, then Alter Ego had nothing to do with it.
Samar: You can go a long way to proving that by giving me Deidre Mori’s real name.

Judge Wilkins: Mr. Reddington. The Government has rested. The ball’s in your court. If you intend to testify or call a witness, now would be the time.
Red: I want to hear the tape.
Judge Wilkins: Excuse me?
Red: Of the anonymous call.
Sima: We haven’t offered the tape into evidence.
Red: Exactly. How do I know it even exists? How do I know you’re not fabricating the entire call as a way to justify the search?
Sima: Should I even ask if you have any foundation for that?
Red: Oh, come on. The government pretended my immunity agreement didn’t exist. How do I know you’re not pretending the tape does?
Judge Wilkins: Under the circumstances, that’s a fair question, Mr. Sima.
Sima: This hearing is about Officer Baldwin and whether he had a reasonable suspicion that this defendant was carrying a weapon.
Red: Yes, and he relied on the information that was relayed in that call.
Sima: No. He relied on the information relayed by his dispatcher.
Red: I was targeted. I want to know why.
Sima: The why is irrelevant. What you want to know is who. You want to hear the voice on that tape.
Red: I have a Sixth Amendment right to confront my accusers.
Sima: Something tells me you’re interested in more than just confrontation. Your Honor, given this defendant’s history–
Red: What history? I haven’t made any threats. And in case you’ve forgotten, I’m in federal custody.
Sima: Oh, right, and I’m sure if you recognized the voice you’re not gonna put a bullet in that person’s head!
Judge Wilkins: Enough! Now, I agree, as a matter of law, what matters is what the officer believed at the time he conducted the pat-down, period. That said, given the government’s penchant for dishonesty where this defendant is concerned, I think it’s more than reasonable to wonder if the police are playing fair.
Red: Thank you, Your Honor.
Judge Wilkins: Oh, don’t thank me just yet. I am ordering Mr. Sima to produce the tape, but for my ears only.
Red: Objection.
Judge Wilkins: Overruled. I’m not giving you that tape, Mr. Reddington. But I will confirm that it exists and that it says what they claim. Best I can do. Back in an hour.

[ The Post Office ] [ Elevator DOOR SLIDES OPEN ]
Aram: Hey. How was Alter Ego?
Samar: Very strange. But I got copies of all of the employee files. Could tell us who the girlfriend really is.
Aram: Great. I’ll print them out. And, by the way, I downloaded Word Splurge.
Samar: Why?
Aram: So we can play against each other.
Samar: I don’t think that’s a good idea.
Aram: Okay. If you’re worried about crushing me – and my rather minuscule ego–
Samar: It’s not that.
Aram: –be warned I’m highly competitive at word games.
Samar: Aram.
Aram: And– Uh, what?
Samar: I don’t want to play.
Aram: But you do play.
Samar: On my own. And I’d like to keep it that way.
Aram: Why?
Samar: Because I do. Can you just print out the files, please?

Ressler: Actors being hired to play fathers, mothers, brides. How can someone lie about a thing like that?
Liz: The groom we talked to did it to please his mother.
Aram: Hiding the truth that your marriage is fake? I don’t know how long that can last. In a relationship, the truth always comes out.
Liz: [ Reading ] MaryAnn. 35. Registered nurse. [ LAUGHS ] Special skills – marijuana distributor with an intuitive understanding of supply and demand. [ To Ressler: ] This would be the perfect date for your cousin’s wedding.
Aram: Wait. What? I love weddings. Wait. If you need a plus-one, I’m totally down to go.
Liz: I’m only half-kidding. I mean, we all know how amazing you are, but you’re pushing 40 with no prospects. Why let your cousin in on that?
Ressler: Because it’s the truth, the part about me being amazing.
Liz: She’s fluent in Spanish and French.
Ressler: I’m not gonna lie about being someone I’m not.
[ Samar holds out the photo of – “Deidre” ]
Samar: Unlike our blushing bride – Jan Chuckerman.
Liz: Does it say who hired her? Sister or brother-in-law?
Aram: I highly doubt it, because they’re fake, too.
[ He lays down photos of the others ]
Samar: They’re all actors?
Ressler: This tells us the who, but not the how. Peterson was the illegitimate son no one knew about. How did they?
Liz: They had someone on the inside. [ Holds out a photo of Roger ] Recognize him?
Ressler: That’s the kid from the estate hearing, the one who didn’t give us his name.
Liz: And now we know why.
Ressler: He had all the information. Must be his op. I say we bring him in. He’s an actor. Let’s see how well he performs under pressure.

[ Tim Peterson stumbles through the lobby of the hotel with a bottle of champagne ]
Tim: [ SLURRING ] Thanks. Put this on the room, too. And 50% for you. Cheers.
[ In the suite, Deidre is being beaten by Marcus ]
Deidre: [ GROANS ] Okay.
Helen: Stop!
Helen: God. Stop. She’s had enough.
Deidre: No! Do it again. One more.
[ Marcus punches Deidre again ] [ SMACK ] [ GROANS ]
[ Tim gets off the elevator ] [ DEIDRE GROANS IN DISTANCE ]
[ Tim enters the bedroom. Deidre has taken another blow and is on the floor, her face bruised ]
Marcus: Hey, Tim. You’re early.

[ Samar and Ressler are in an interrogation room with Roger. On the table are photos of the four people killed in the attack on the Van Ness home ]
Samar: Look familiar? They should. You killed them.
Roger: I want a lawyer.
Ressler: How ’bout we start with the senior partner at your firm? Ashton Hirsh. Want to know what he told us? That Harris Van Ness had a heart attack last year, that he amended his will after that to include his son.
Samar: He also said that you were his personal assistant and that you filed the amendment.
Roger: I was doing my job. That’s not a crime.
Ressler: What about Tim Peterson’s will? Did you have access to that, as well? See whether or not he changed it to make sure that his loved ones were taken care of?
Samar: Except they’re not his loved ones, are they, Roger?
Roger: I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Samar: They’re actors. Just like you.
Ressler: We know about Alter Ego, that you’re hired out to play parts, that you figured out how these three play the part of a lifetime – the family that Tim Peterson never had.
Samar: It was a clever plan getting into Peterson’s life a year ago, making sure he trusted them before you murdered his father.
Roger: I didn’t kill anyone.
Samar: Sounds like you know who did.
Roger: No one was supposed to die. I made that clear from the beginning. Van Ness was sick. It was just a matter of time. But Marcus – He was getting antsy. He wanted his cut, and I told him to wait. He wouldn’t listen. Not about Van Ness or or about Tim.
Ressler: He’s not gonna wait to bleed Tim dry, is he?
Roger: No. He’s working, uh, much faster than that.

Tim: Deidre, what is he doing to you?
Marcus: [ To Helen ] Go get the pills.
Helen: They’re in my room.
Marcus: Then don’t just stand there like a post! Go get ’em!
Tim: Talk to me! Hey! No one’s going anywhere! – Just –
[ Tim grab’s Helen’s arm ]
[ GUN COCKS ] [ Marcus points the gun at Tim ]
Marcus: Helen, go get the damn pills.
[ Helen leaves ]
Tim: What is this? Why are you doing this?
Marcus: For the money.

[ Liz and Ressler arrive at the hotel ]
Bellhop: Peterson’s on the 16th floor, in the penthouse suite.
Ressler: I’ll go up. You secure the building.
Liz: [ To the Bellhop ] I’m gonna need you to take me to your head of security.

Marcus: Tell him.
Tim: Tell him what?
Marcus: Tell him.
Deidre: I’m pregnant.
Marcus: It’s yours, Tim-bo. A real-life bun in the oven. Congratulations.
Deidre: Sorry, babe, but how else do you think we’re gonna get that cash? Here’s how it works.
You found out about the baby–
Marcus: You didn’t take the news so well. Of course you’ve been drinking. And along with the pills–
Deidre: We fought, you got violent.
Tim: No.
Marcus: No choice but to defend herself. She got her hands on that gun of yours you’ve been traveling with ever since you got rich and paranoid.
Tim: Nobody’s gonna believe you.
Deidre: Honestly? Tim – A kid from a trailer park – drunk and high on pills is killed by his pregnant girlfriend who’s only trying to defend herself?
[ Helen returns ]
Helen: Got ’em. Here you go.
[ ELEVATOR BELL DINGS ] [ Ressler exits the elevator ]
Tim: You’ll never get the money. I don’t have a will, an estate plan.
Deidre: But you have a kid, and with you dead, the inheritance goes to your only living next of kin – your child. And guess who gets sole custody of our child, hmm? [ CHUCKLES ] Tim?
Marcus: How’s that for a plan?
[ Tim lunges at Marcus. They struggle for the gun ] [ GRUNTING ] [ The gun goes off GUNSHOT 💥 but no one is hit ] [ GRUNTING ]
[ Ressler arrives ]
Ressler: FBI! Hands. Show me your hands!
[ Helen glances at the gun on the floor ]
Ressler: Don’t even think about it.
[ Deidre slips out ]
Ressler: Damn it.
Liz: Keen.
Ressler: I got Peterson and two of the preps, but Deidre’s on the move.

[ ELEVATOR BELL DINGS ] [ The doors open. Deidre is inside. Liz and Deidre fight and struggle for Liz’s gun. It goes off but misses both ] [ GUNSHOT 💥 ] [⚡️Fighting continues⚡️]
[ An elderly couple waits for the elevator ]
Wife: We should’ve called the bellhop, told him to bring the cart.
Husband: We don’t need the cart.
Wife: You say we don’t need the cart, then I carry the bags! We need the cart!
Husband: Okay, next time, I’ll get the cart.
[ ELEVATOR BELL DINGS ] [ The doors open and Deidre tumbles out ]
[ Liz points her gun at Deidre ]
Liz: Don’t move! I said don’t move! Not you, sir. Ma’am, can you please hold the door? – [ To Deidre: ] You. Get up! [ Liz grabs Deidre and throws her back into the elevator ) [ GRUNTS ]
[ The elevator doors close ]
Husband: This place doesn’t get our business anymore.
Wife: [ GASPS ]

Judge Wilkins: Uh, welcome back.I want to make a brief record. First to establish my findings, but also to preserve the facts for Mr. Reddington’s inevitable appeal. I have listened to the recording provided by the prosecution. The call is in sum and substance exactly as the resulting radio run describes. I find no compelling justification for forcing the Government to put the recording in evidence at this proceeding. Mr. Reddington, if you have any final argument, I’m ready to hear it.
[ Red stands ]
Red: What did he have, Your Honor?
Judge Wilkins: What did who have?
Red: Officer Baldwin. A tip from a source who refused to give their name. No explanation as to how their information was acquired, no prior history of reliability, no compelling reason to believe the tip was even credible. And the details? A white man in his 50s wearing a suit and hat? On a busy street in New York City? I couldn’t possibly have been the only one.
  And how did the caller know I was carrying a concealed weapon? It was concealed, for God’s sake. In what stretch of the imagination could this kind of tip justify this search? Officer Baldwin obviously knew that when he got there, which is why he didn’t just throw me up against a wall. He knew that what he had didn’t amount to reasonable suspicion under the law. So what did he do? He investigated. Please excuse my drip of sarcasm, but Officer Baldwin asked for some identification, and I gave him a false ID so magnificent, even I started to believe my name was George Murphy.
  He said I looked around nervously. The truth is, I made fun of the man. I refused to give him the respect he somehow believed he deserved. It happens. I get impatient. I make a comment I might regret. It’s one of my biggest issues in therapy, along with some residual anxiety from childhood and a sexual fascination I’d prefer to discuss in chambers.
  But the point is the tip gave him next to nothing, and his own observations didn’t change things one iota. I know it, you know it, and even he knows it, which is saying a lot since I’m pretty sure all he cares about is reading his name in the papers and the whiff of his boss’s backside. Ah! You see? There I go again. I promise I will work on this with my therapist just as soon as you kick the gun and let me get the hell out of here. Thank you.

[ INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS ] [ Liz sits with Tim ] [ Deidre, Marcus and Helen are led past them by police ]
Tim: How could I have been so stupid?
Liz: [ SIGHS ] You wanted the fantasy to be real. You wanted a family.
Tim: All that time. All those lies.
Liz: I know what it’s like to be fooled by people who you think are family. I know how painful that is.
[ Dembe enters ]
Liz: What are you doing here?
Dembe: I need to speak with him.
Liz: Why? This doesn’t have anything to do with Reddington.
Dembe: I only need a minute.
[ Liz steps aside ]
Dembe: Mr. Peterson.
Tim: Who are you?
Dembe: I work for the man who saved your life. I’m here to ask you to do him a favor in return.

[ Dembe visits Red in the holding cell ]
Dembe: Harris Van Ness was murdered for his money. His death had nothing to do with you.
Red: He’s still dead. When he expired, so did his vote.
Dembe: It didn’t expire. It was transferred to his heir.
Red: Van Ness doesn’t have an heir.
Dembe: As fate would have it, he does.
[ A board room ]
Tim: My father would have voted with Reddington. In his absence, I vote with Reddington.
Dembe: You tasked the FBI to find an enemy, and in doing so, you found a friend.
Red: What a pleasant surprise.
Dembe: Sometimes you make your own fate. Sometimes fate makes you.
Red: Mm.

[ The Courtroom ]
[ DOOR OPENS. Judge Wilkins enters ]
Judge Wilkins: All rise. Let me be clear. Reasonable suspicion can be based upon a tip given to the police, but only if the information provided has what the Supreme Court calls “an indicia of reliability.” Now, to make that judgment, the courts look at the source’s veracity, reliability, and basis of knowledge. The officer knew none of those things. All he had was a small amount of predictive detail. White male, right age, wearing the right suit and hat. Mr. Reddington is correct. Alone, it’s not nearly enough.
  But there’s more. The officer made his own observations. In his view, the defendant seemed nervous. Whatever looks the defendant gave, he interpreted as furtive. The defendant resisted his instruction to turn around. Is that enough? It probably wouldn’t have been for me. But the issue is not whether I would have patted Mr. Reddington down. The issue is, was the decision to do so manifestly unreasonable? I find that it wasn’t. Accordingly, the defendant’s motion to suppress the gun seized from his possession is hereby denied.
Sima: Your Honor, in light of your ruling, it’s our position that the defendant violated his immunity agreement.
Judge Wilkins: Upon conviction for the gun possession at trial, that agreement will be nullified.
Sima: We intend to pursue all of the outstanding indictments against the defendant and seek the death penalty.
Judge Wilkins: One step at a time, Mr. Sima. Mr. Reddington, you made a good case. For what it’s worth, it wasn’t an easy decision.
Red: So, I guess I’ve got that going for me.

[ Samar practices prepositions ]
[ Radical Face’s ♪ “Summer Skeletons” plays ]

♪ We were sun-burned and shoeless kids

Samar: [ Mutters ] With. For.

♪ We were skipping stones –

Samar: Into. Of. To. Despite.

♪ In the failing light I smelled the fireplace
Although we were miles away
We were infinite
There was no time in those days

[ Samar sends a message from Aram inviting him to play a word game ]
[ Seated at a desk nearby, Aram receives the message and smiles ]

♪ When all we knew wasn’t stolen
There was nothing real to lose

[ Ressler visits Alter Ego ]
Receptionist: Welcome to Alter Ego. What is it that you wish for?
Ressler: I have a wedding to go to, and, uh–
Receptionist: You’d like to bring someone.
Ressler: Yeah. I mean, yes. I’d like to bring someone. I hear you guys can help with that.

♪ When regrets were nowhere

[ DOOR of the holding area OPENS ]
Liz: I came as soon as I heard. Can you appeal the ruling, get it overturned?
Red: I was wrong about Van Ness. I was so sure my enemy was out there when he was in here all the time. I must be getting old. Either that, or I’m facing a particularly worthy adversary.
Liz: The gun’s been admitted. They’ll throw out your immunity.
Red: I was set up.
Liz: What are you talking about?
Red: There’s a recording of the person who tipped off the cops.
Liz: Have you heard it?
Red: What goes on in court – yeah, there are rules, people play their parts. Your enemies are known. It’s a fair fight. And despite losing today, it’s only just begun.
Liz: Have you heard the recording?
Red: No.

♪ You barely talked, and I didn’t mind

Red: [ INHALES DEEPLY ] – But I intend to. And when I do, I’ll know who betrayed me. And at that moment, no matter where I am – on the street, in solitary confinement, or on the receiving end of a firing squad – at that moment, whoever set me up – his fate will be sealed.

♪ Ohh-ahhh, ohh-oh-oh-oh

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Episode Songs


♫ We’ll Meet Again
By Vera Lynn

♪ We’ll meet again
We’ll meet again,
Don’t know where,
Don’t know when
But I know we’ll meet again some sunny day
Keep smiling through,
Just like you always do
Till the blue skies drive the dark clouds far away

♪ So will you please say “Hello”
To the folks that I know
Tell them I won’t be long
They’ll be happy to know
That as you saw me go
I was singing this song

♪ We’ll meet again,
Don’t know where,
Don’t know when
But I know we’ll meet again some sunny day

♪ We’ll meet again,
Don’t know where
Don’t know when.
But I know we’ll meet again some sunny day.
Keep smiling through
Just like you always do,
‘Til the blue skies
Drive the dark clouds far away

♪ So will you please say “Hello”
To the folks that I know.
Tell them I won’t be long.
They’ll be happy to know
That as you saw me go,
I was singin’ this song.

♪ We’ll meet again,
Don’t know where,
Don’t know when
But I know we’ll meet again some sunny day

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2S2WLvv
YouTube: https://youtu.be/cHcunREYzNY


♫ Summer Skeletons
By Radical Face

♪ We were sun-burned and shoeless kids
It was the dead of July
We were skippin’ stones in the failing light
I smelled the fire place
Although we were miles away
We were infinite
There was no time in those days

♪ When all we knew wasn’t stolen
There was nothing real to lose
When our heads were still simple
We’d sleep beneath the moon
You were something
That would always be around
When regrets were nowhere to be found

♪ Lost out among the trees
Our hands scraped the bark
You still had bloody knees
From your spill in the dark
We were both laughing then
While carving bad words in the wood
We had no need to speak

♪ Night, down by the shore
We were down by the shore
When the skies opened up
And all the stars fell into the lake
When the water was warm
Walked in over my head
But you pulled me out by the collar of my shirt

♪ Dirt in our ears, sun in our eyes
Shirts hung in rags, head in the clouds
Our fears had no teeth, hearts were still blind
You barely talked and I didn’t mind

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2G6uu0C
YouTube: https://youtu.be/L1v74PvPBQ8

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🔴 Script 6:6 The Ethicist (№ 91)

Program air date: 1/8/2019 in the US
Permalink: https://wp.me/pDKwi-95k
Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/2t1UXEa

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Bill Roe
Written by: Taylor Martin



⭕ Script 6:6 The Ethicist (№ 91)


Brief (Where we’re at): Despite Dembe’s attempts to run interference, cracks are beginning to show in Red’s business alliances, now that he is being held in prison awaiting trial. The story is being widely covered in the media. Worse, Red’s first attempt to gain his freedom has failed, with the judge ruling that the unregistered firearm he was carrying when arrested is admissible as evidence. The serial number was scratched off of the weapon, making it a federal crime. If the ruling stands on appeal, this is a felony that will invalidate his Immunity Agreement with the Department of Justice and he will have to stand trial for numerous crimes meriting the death penalty. The Judge has refused to let him personally listen to the tape recording of the tip the police received that led to his arrest. He is determined to access the recording to find out who made the call and betrayed him. (Hint: It was Liz.)

Liz and her half-sister Jennifer (aka Lillian Roth) plotted to have Red detained so they can learn his true identity. Red has no idea that they found out that the skeleton he thought was gone forever belonged to their father, the real Raymond Reddington. They intend to contact a man who shared the same plastic surgeon who changed Red’s identity 30 years ago when he assumed the identity of their father. The man’s name is Gerald Todd Klepper. It’s possible he remembers Red and can help unveil the mystery of Red’s true identity.

[ The scene of a car accident. There is a broken windshield with blood on it ]
[ Dominic Halpin’s ♪ “Everything is Fine” plays ]

♪ When I feel the rain coming down on me
I just brush my coat and everything’s just fine

[ A man pulls a body from the road into the brush. He comes back and picks up a broken bicycle and loads it into the trunk of his car, along with a child’s shoe. A liquor bottle lies on the floor of the trunk. In the driver’s seat, the man looks around nervously ]

♪ Big holes in my pockets where some coins, they should be
[ CHUCKLES ] Hey, I’m not rich
But everything’s just fine

♪ Sometimes I talk with Mr. Blue

[ The man from accident scene, Digby Tamerlane, addresses an auditorium of people ]
Tamerlane: I’ve been accused of being a lot of things.

♪ But I don’t want – him to stay

Tamerlane: [U]nemotional, cold, a risk-inclined agitator whose own board sometimes feels he’s a liability.

♪ He soon goes on his way

Audience: [ LAUGHTER ]
Tamerlane: Truth is, I’ve made my share of mistakes.

♪ Tomorrow I may wake to find

Tamerlane: [B]ut it is no secret that our e-commerce market share is expanding much faster than anticipated. That means fulfillment is the bottleneck for real growth, which is why I am here to announce that Chione will be opening a brand-new, state-of-the-art distribution facility in Malaysia by the end of next year.

[ People are lined up for autographs and to have their photos taken with Digby Tamerlane ]
Tamerlane: [ Greeting people ] All right. Oh, hey.
Tamerlane: All right.
Gerald Todd Klepper: Mr. Tamerlane? It’s a pleasure.
Tamerlane: Oh, thank you very much. Would you, uh, like a photo together?
Klepper: Oh, eh, it’s okay. I’m here on business. It’s about that incident near Rock Creek Park.
[ Tamerlane flashes back to the accident scene ]
Tamerlane: Uh [ CHUCKLES ] – I’m sorry, your name was?
Klepper: I’m not the only one who knows. I’m afraid there’s some real legal jeopardy coming your way – a credible witness, a grand jury.
Tamerlane: Who the hell are you? How do you–
Klepper: Please, let’s not talk here. Uh, just come see me alone.
[ Klepper gives Tamerlane a card reading “Nate & Ted’s RV Park” ]
Klepper: I think I can be of assistance.

[ Federal Courtroom in the Southern District of New York ]
Judge Roberta Wilkins: We are on record this morning in the matter of The United States v.
Raymond Reddington on charges of treason in connection to the sale of classified data to Russian Intelligence. Is the government ready to proceed to trial?
Asst US Attorney Michael Sima: We are, Your Honor.
Judge Wilkins: And the defense?
Red: We are not. Uh, the royal “we” – me. I am not.
Judge Wilkins: Dare I ask why?
Red: Like it or not, I have to be open to the idea that there may be certain mental abnormalities that are the cause of my criminal conduct.
Sima: As delighted as the government is that Mr. Reddington has stated on the record that his conduct is criminal, whether mental disease caused his crimes is a question for a jury to decide if and when he raises an insanity defense. I don’t see what possible connection that has to whether he’s prepared to move to trial.
Red: Well, I cannot proceed to trial until I know how to [ CHUCKLING ] defend myself, or whether I can even self-advocate in an effective way.
Judge Wilkins: You know the facts. That’s generally a good start.
Red: And if the facts indicate that I’m not competent to stand trial?
Sima: Defense counsel succeeded in convincing Your Honor to uphold his Immunity Agreement. H-He may be crazy like a fox–
Red: [ LAUGHS ]
Sima: –but he’s not crazy.
Red: While I’ve come to appreciate the innate facility Mr. Sima has with the obvious cliché, I’m sure the Court is aware that, on the subject of my mental health, his opinion is just that – his opinion. I’d prefer to take the Court’s recommendation and base my defense on the facts.
Judge Wilkins: The only relevant fact is that there is no motion concerning the defendant’s mental health before the court.
Red: I am making that motion now, as is my right under the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure. Therefore, I ask for the court’s indulgence because I appear before you in pro per, and also possibly mad as a hatter.
Judge Wilkins: Talk about your obvious cliché.
Red: [ LAUGHS ] Guilty as charged. Or not – if I really am mad. How about giving us all a chance to find out?

[ Phone conversation ]
Lilly/Jennifer: What do you mean he’s taking a trip?
Liz: The judge granted his request for a psychiatric evaluation, so as a federal prisoner he’s being sent to the Federal Medical Center in Springfield, Missouri.
Lilly: Does Reddington really believe anyone’s gonna think that he’s incompetent?
[ Liz visits Red In jail ]
Red: I didn’t request the evaluation – so I’d be evaluated.
Red: I did it because I no longer have an Immunity Agreement, and I need leverage to get a new one.
Liz: How does a psych eval get you that?
Red: Because it gets me to Missouri. There’s a man I need to see there.
Lilly: A man? What man?
Liz: I don’t know, and I don’t care. All I care about is that he didn’t give me a case, so we can work on ours.
Lilly: Ours is at a dead end.
Liz: What are you talking about? We’ve ID’d the man who was Koehler’s patient right after Reddington was. He might know his real identity.
Lilly: Yeah, and if could find him, maybe he’d tell us, but we can’t.
Liz: We’re stuck, but if I could get the Task Force to help us–
Lilly: [ SCOFFS ] I thought we couldn’t go to the FBI. If we did, Reddington would find out.
Liz: We can’t give them a case, but Reddington can.
Lilly: I thought he didn’t have one.
Liz: They don’t know that.

[ The Post Office ]
Liz: Gerald Todd Klepper was a doctor in Newark who murdered 17 patients.
Aram: Terminally ill patients. Cops think it was euthanasia.
Liz: They think, but they don’t know. By the time the police realized Klepper was responsible, he was gone. And in the 28 years since, no one’s found him because, according to Reddington, he had his appearance altered by everyone’s favorite plastic surgeon to the criminal elite – Dr. Hans Koehler.
Ressler: I’m sorry. So, Reddington wants us to track down one of Dr. Koehler’s patients?
Cooper: Thanks to him, we already acquired a list with their names on it. The Bureau has assigned a team to track them down.
Liz: He says Klepper is a very special case. And, no, he didn’t say why.
Samar: And we can’t ask him because he hoodwinked his judge into sending him to Missouri for a psych eval.
Cooper: What do we know about this “Angel of Death”?
[ Digby Tamerlane KNOCKS AT DOOR of Gerald Klepper’s RV ]
Liz: Let’s start with what we don’t know – like his current ID, what he looks like, and where he lives.
[ The door of Klepper’s RV opens ]
Tamerlane: You said you could be of assistance.
Liz: What we do know is that, according to Koehler’s medical file, prior to his operation, Klepper was on dialysis.
Cooper: Our only lead is a 28-year-old medical condition?
Liz: That’s the only lead the police have. But the victims’ families hired a P.I. to follow up, and what he found, we don’t know.
Cooper: And you need to talk to him. We know who Klepper was – maybe this guy can tell us who he is.

[ Private Investigator’s office ] [ The P.I. lays out photos of the victims on a table ]
Private Investigator: Cindy Kobata was fighting leukemia. Jim Franklin had a wife and two kids. Bethany Ray had cystic fibrosis. She’d just turned 21 when Klepper killed her.
Ressler: How long’ve you been working this case?
Private Investigator: The families came to me in ’94. I wish I could’a been more help, but Klepper stayed off the grid – no citizenship, no taxes, no footprint, nothing.
Liz: Is there anything you can tell us about him now?
Private Investigator: I can tell you the cops had it all wrong. They said he was all about putting people out of their misery, but these people were demanding aggressive treatment. They weren’t targeted because they wanted to die – they were targeted because they wanted to live.
Ressler: Now, why would he do that?
Private Investigator: Because by fighting to stay alive, they used up resources that he thought were better used on healthier patients.
Ressler: You make him sound like an actuary.
Private Investigator: Hmm. Most people think life is priceless. Not Klepper. He did a cost-benefit analysis on these people, figured that the cost outweighed the benefits, and killed them because of it.

[ Inside Gerald Klepper’s RV ]
Klepper: You killed someone. For that, most people would believe you belong in prison. Their belief is based on a Judeo-Christian tradition of justice. Mine is more algebraic. There’s a constant and a variable. The constant is the work you do. It has value, and it will be compromised with you behind bars. The variable is what economists call the VSL – the value of statistical life. In this case, the value of your life versus the value of the life of the witness whose testimony will put you behind bars.
Digby Tamerlane: Okay, I can make it worth their while not to say anything.
Klepper: The authorities have identified her. She was walking home that night and saw what she saw. She’s made a preliminary statement. At this point, a bribe has a low probability of success. I’m afraid my equation is premised on a more permanent solution.
Tamerlane: Killing her.
Klepper: If her VSL is lower than yours.
Tamerlane: You can’t put a price on a life.
Klepper: Nearly every department in our government has a VSL. The EPA’s is $10 million. The FDA’s is $7.9 million. The Department of Transportation is $6.4 million. The annoying beep that goes off when the people in the front seat don’t put their seatbelts on? Ever wonder why there was no beep for the people sitting in the back? It would cost the auto industry $325 million a year and save 44 lives. 325 divided by 44 is 7.4 meaning that the value of each life that would be saved is $7.4 million. But since DOT values each life at only $6.4 million, no beeps in the back.
Tamerlane: Those are statistical models to determine the cost of a life, not to decide the value of one life over another.
Klepper: Organ recipient protocols. What a teacher makes versus a hedge fund manager. We make comparative values all the time, and I’ve done it for you and Miss Carter. A bus driver versus a titan of industry. A volunteer at a local boys’ club versus a man who employs 12,000 people. I’ve circled the relevant numbers.
Tamerlane: Well, according to this, she comes out ahead.
Klepper: Smaller carbon footprint. Works with at-risk youth. You give people paychecks. She gives them hope.
Tamerlane: [ EXHALES DEEPLY ] I’m not a murderer.
Klepper: That’s why you need me.
Tamerlane: [ EXHALES SLOWLY ] How do I tip your scales?
Klepper: You’re building a plant in Malaysia. I want it built in Detroit. My coefficient for America First is very high.
Tamerlane: No, that’s impossible. I’ve already put $100 million into that plant.
Klepper: I never said killing hope would be cheap, just ethical.
Tamerlane: How can murder ever be ethical?
Klepper: How can 44 people die each year because they weren’t warned to put on their seatbelts? Some lives have more value than others. Move the plant, your life will have more value than the woman set to testify against you. It’s nothing personal. It’s just math.

[ The Post Office ]
Aram: So, I’ve been thinking about The Angel of Death and trying to figure out why a digital nomad who never stops moving would stop in one place for nearly three months. The answer? His kidney.
Cooper:You think this has to do with his dialysis treatments?
Aram: Not the treatments, the cure.
Samar: A transplant.
Aram: I pulled the rolls of every kidney transplant recipient in Philadelphia in 2010. And after removing the patients [ KEYS CLACKING ] that were the wrong age, sex, or race, I was able to narrow it down to a list of 14 men, one of which is this guy.
Samar: Cameron Morella.
[ Klepper KNOCKS AT DOOR of a hotel room ]
Aram: He’s he right age, and before 2010, – he was non-existent.
Samar: Because he was someone else.
Cooper: Gerald Todd Klepper.
Aram: I’m telling you I think this is our guy.
[ The hotel room door opens ]
Klepper: Miss Carter? Eric Price. I’m here on behalf of the District Attorney to review your testimony. May I have a minute?
Cooper: So he has a new face but still needs a kidney.
Samar: Did you run him through the database – license, credit cards?
Aram: I did, and it appears he’s in D.C. His last purchase was for a hotel room – near 4th and E Street. [ KEYS CLACKING ] And that – that was under an hour ago.
Cooper: Notify Ressler and Keen. Have them pay Mr. Morella a visit.

[ Inside her hotel room ]
Kelly Carter: I thought the lady at the DA’s Office said that I wouldn’t be giving a statement until later today.
Klepper: Yes. About that – The truth is, I don’t work for the DA’s Office. I’m here on behalf of Mr.
Kelly Carter: What? You lied to me?!
Klepper: Miss Carter, please. Calm down. [ SIGHS ]
Kelly Carter: And you’re here to what you’re here to what try and buy me off? Is that what this is? He thinks he can just pay me off and make me lie about what I saw him do to that poor girl?!
Klepper: It’s not quite that simple.
[ LATCHES of briefcase CLICK ]
Kelly Carter: Who are you? What are you doing? Help! Help! Ohh! Help me! Let go of me! No!
[ Klepper forces Kelly Carter into the bathroom, then cracks ⚡️ her head against the sink ]
[ THUDS ] [ GROANING ] [ Blood spreads from Kelly’s head across the ceramic tile floor. She is paralyzed but still conscious ]
Klepper: According to the CDC, accidents are the leading cause of death among women 25 to 34. [ INHALES DEEPLY ] It only accounts for 18% of deaths among black women.
[ Klepper turns on the shower ] [ HANDLE CREAKS, WATER RUNNING ]
Klepper: But at 36.9%, it’s number one with a bullet among white women like yourself [ EXHALES SHARPLY ] Tragic slip and fall coming out of the shower, and, sadly, you’ll be just one more statistic in the CDC’s annual report on health equity.
[ Klepper begins unbuttoning Kelly’s blouse ]
Klepper: As Mark Twain said, there’s three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.

[ At the Federal Medical Center in Springfield, Missouri, Red’s psych evaluation begins ]
Dr Grey: So, we are here to evaluate whether you’re competent to stand trial.
Red: This is a comfy chair.
Dr Grey: Do you understand what that means?
Red: It’s comfy?
Dr Grey: Competency means you are capable of understanding the characteristic and consequences of the proceedings against you. Based on what I’ve read in the trial transcript, – you seem quite capable.
Red: And yet I don’t [ INHALES DEEPLY ] understand why I’m there in court. I don’t know what I’ve done wrong.
Dr Grey: You don’t?
Red: Not really, no.
Dr Grey: Have you killed people?
Red: Polluting rivers kills people, good people killed – for profit. Raising the speed limit kills people – to save time. The death penalty. Unjust wars have killed so many people. Whatever I’ve done, I’ve done because I thought it was just. So, do I really understand the proceedings against me? No, I don’t.
Dr Grey: I’m going to administer a series of diagnostics tests.
Red: If they’re designed to see whether I can distinguish between the behavior the system defines as criminal and that which I deem appropriate – I can’t.
Dr Grey: Let’s start with the Rorschach test.
Red: Ah. Inkblots. I must warn you, they all look like genitalia to me.
[ Dr Grey shows Red an inkblot ]
Red: [ LAUGHS ] There you go.

– Copy. Walking them in now.
Liz: Agents Ressler and Keen, FBI. What’s going on here?
Officer: Got a call about 20 minutes ago. Housekeeping found a DOA female in the room. Looks like a slip and fall.
[ Kelly Carter is dead on the floor. The blood from her head is diluted with water from the shower ]
Liz: That’s no slip and fall.
[ Ressler shows the Officer a photo of Klepper/Morella ]
Ressler:This guy Cameron Morella, he’s our suspect. He’s on the move. Lock it down. Search the building.

[ Red enters the general patient area at the Federal Medical Center. Some patients play board games; others just sit staring. There is a large aviary with brightly feathered birds inside ] [ BIRDS CHIRPING ]
[ Red makes his way to one patient in particular. The patient stares at the aviary. Red sits down next to him ]
Red: Hello, Atticus. It’s been a while. I was sorry to hear about all the tomfoolery in Cincinnati, but I’m confident it’ll all blow over and you’ll be acquitted soon. I came here because I need a favor.
[ CHIRPING CONTINUES ] [ Atticus does not respond ]
Red: It’s about our mutual acquaintance. I need to find him. I’m in trouble, and I need to find him. If anyone can help me, it’s you. This is important, Atticus.
[ CHIRPING CONTINUES ] [ Atticus does not respond ]
Red: It’s a matter of life and death.
[ Atticus still does not respond ]
[ A Nurse wheels a medication cart over ]
Nurse: You can talk at him all day, but he ain’t gonna say much.
Red: I’m sorry?
Nurse: Mr. Rodrick. They got him on a cocktail of antipsychotics and mood stabilizers that have most men counting worms. It’s for the best, though. He’s a bear if he doesn’t get his meds every three hours – yeah, just like the Incredible Hulk.
[ Atticus takes the small paper cup of pills ]

[ Red makes a purchase from a vending machine in the patient area ]
[ LOCK DISENGAGES ] [ DOOR CREAKS OPEN ] [ DOOR THUDS SHUT IN DISTANCE ] [ Red tears open the bag of Skittles he bought ] [ CHIRPING CONTINUES ]
[ Red leaves several Skittles on the table by one of the patients ]
Red: Knock yourself out.
[ CHIRPING CONTINUES ] [ The Nurse has stopped with her med cart next to Atticus Rodrick ]
[ Red points at a bird in the aviary ]
Red: Jiminy Christmas!
Nurse: What?
Red: For the love of– Please tell me that’s not a Vermilion Flycatcher.
Nurse: What are you talking about?
Red: That little fella right there. What the hell are you people doing with a Flycatcher in your aviary? They’re endangered. That little guy should be in an open habitat or desert scrub, at the very least.
[ The Nurse looks in the aviary. As she does, Red swaps out Atticus’s meds for some Skittles ]
Nurse: Look, I don’t know nothing about birds and desert scrub and all that.
Red: You know what? Never mind. I am absolutely dead wrong. That is a Red Factor Canary. Probably domestically bred. He’s perfectly fine.
Nurse: Good to know.
[ Red sits next to Atticus ]
Red: One thing at a time, Atticus. I’ll get you sober, and then you can tell me how to find your friend.

[ Liz talks by phone with Samar and Cooper at the Post Office ]
Samar: We’re not seeing any images of Klepper on hotel security or area CCTV. His credit cards are dark, his cellphone–
Liz: MPD’s swept the building. He’s gone.
Cooper: What about his hotel room?
Liz: He never entered it. We think he only purchased it to get access to the victim’s floor.
[ Ressler walks over to Liz ]
Ressler: I just had an interesting chat with the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia.
Liz: What do they have to do with this?
Ressler: They’re paying the bill for the dead woman’s room. Turns out she’s the key witness in a case against Digby Tamerlane.
[ Over phone ]
Aram: The Chione founder? That guy is like a gazillionaire.
Ressler: Yeah, well, he’s also being investigated by a grand jury for the hit-and-run death of a 12-year-old. Now, without her testimony–
Liz: Their case doesn’t exist.
Aram: I’m sorry, I think I’m confused. What is a-a-a deceased witness in a hit-and-run case have to do with The Angel of Death killer?
Liz: The P.I. said he decided who to kill based on some cost-benefit analysis.
Ressler: Or maybe he thinks that the, uh, benefits of a gazillionaire’s freedom are worth more than a witness’s life.
Cooper: Tamerlane clearly benefits from this supposed “accident.” Press him. Let’s find out what else he’s hiding.

[ BIRDS CHIRPING ] [ Red sits next to Atticus ]
Red: Everyone’s favorite superpower is flying like a bird. [ CRUNCHING candy ] I’d prefer mind control. Although, at this point, maybe just X-ray vision.
Atticus: [ SLOWLY ] Reddington?
Red: Hello, Atticus. Welcome back.
Atticus: What are you doing here?

Dr Grey: Please answer yes or no.
Red: Why?
Dr Grey: As I’ve already explained, your answers will help me evaluate your competency to stand trial.
Red: Whether I’m easily awakened by noise?
Dr Grey: The MMPI-2 is an effective diagnostic tool, as is my assessment of your willingness to cooperate.
Red: [ SIGHS ] When I sleep, I sleep.
Dr Grey: “I wish I could be as happy as others seem to be.”
Red: Yes.
Dr Grey: “My father was a good man.”
Red: Good? No.
Dr Grey: “If people weren’t out to get me, I would have been more successful.”
Red: Not necessarily.
Dr Grey: “I don’t always tell the truth.”
Red: [ To Atticus ] I need to find your colleague.
Dr Grey: “I am an important person.”
Red: It’s important that I find him.
Atticus: [ Still groggy ] I’d like to fly.
Dr Grey: “I get angry sometimes.” Yes or no. “I get angry sometimes.”
Red: No. I get even. [ Pause ] Is that a look of concern or keen interest?
Dr Grey: You show no signs of depression, paranoia, or social introversion. No hypochondriasis, no hypomania.
Red: Keen interest, then.
Dr Grey: On the other hand, you clearly have a psychopathic deviate conflict as in regards to society’s rules.
Red: Is that it? After all your inkblots and questions about my digestive tract, that’s the depth of your analysis, that I deviate from societal norms? Given that my life depends on your learned evaluation, I hope you have something slightly more insightful on that notepad.
Dr Grey: [ PEN TAPS LIGHTLY ] You’re masquerading. Leading a double life, pretending to be someone you’re not. If you’re divorced from social norms, it’s because you’re divorced from a side of yourself I can’t see because you’re terrified of letting people see it. Why, I don’t know. But whatever pathologies you have I think they can be traced to the fact that, while most people see you as a, uh, iconic bad guy, you’re really just an imposter.

[ An interrogation room. Liz questions Digby Tamerlane. Ressler watches from outside ]
Liz: You expect me to believe you?
Tamerlane: [ LAUGHS ] I told you three times, I’ve never seen the man before in my life.
Liz: Then it should come as a surprise that he’s a suspect in the murder of Kelly Carter.
Tamerlane: I don’t know that name.
Liz: Oh, sure you do. She’s the woman who saw you in Rock Creek Park trying to bury that 12-year-old you ran over.
Tamerlane: Okay, I want my attorney–
Liz: That’s why she was in D.C., to give her statement to the grand jury.
Tamerlane: Okay, listen, lady, my lawyers are–
Liz: Your lawyers have no idea that Cameron Morella is a serial killer, the one the press dubbed “Angel of Death,” or that his real name is Gerald Todd Klepper and that he’s responsible for the murders of Cindy Kobata, Jim Franklin, Bethany Ray, or that he’s wanted for taking 17 innocent lives, or even if he’s still alive, but I do. I also know that the two of you are in business together. And when I tie you to Klepper, you’re not only looking at a conspiracy to commit murder, but I’m gonna do everything in my power to drag you down with him.
Tamerlane: [ Pause ] He approached me backstage after our Malaysian launch. He told me about the witnesses – Miss Carter – said he could make it go away.
Liz: How did you communicate?
Tamerlane: I had to go to him at his place a campground near Groveton.
Liz: Is that the only way?
Tamerlane: No. He gave me a phone number.

Liz: [ EXHALES SHARPLY ] We have a lead. Tamerlane coughed up Klepper’s number.
[ Liz gives Ressler a slip of paper ]
Ressler: I heard. I’ll get local PD en route to that RV park now.
Liz: Have Aram run a trace on that number. We find Klepper’s phone, we find Klepper.
Ressler: And maybe we’ll find out why Reddington gave us this case.
Liz: Maybe it’s because, for once, he’s a bad guy.
Ressler: You honestly believe that?
Liz: Tell me what Aram finds out.

Liz: You need to call your friend Buck.
Lilly: Why? What did you find out?
Liz: [ EXHALES SHARPLY ] I’ve got a number I need him to trace. Ready?
Lilly: Yeah.
Liz: (202) 555-0170. Gerald Klepper’s new identity is Cameron Morella. That’s his number. Call me as soon as Buck traces it.
Lilly: Wait, why do we need Buck? I-I thought we were working with the FBI. Can’t they just run the trace?
Liz: They are, but we need to get to Klepper before they do, – so I gave them the wrong number.
Lilly What?! I w– They’re gonna find out. What happens when they do.
Liz: I’ll deal with that later. For now, we just need to get to Klepper and see if he can tell us who Reddington really is.

[ The Federal Medical Center ]
Red: Atticus. Atticus, look at me –
Atticus: What’s going on?
Red: You’re in a hospital awaiting trial. They have you on a strong cocktail of antipsychotics.
Atticus: Springfield?
Red: Yes, you’re in Springfield.
Atticus: That doctor –
Red: Y– Lis– Listen to me. It’s very important that I locate your colleague.
Atticus: He’s gone.
Red: No, yes. I know he’s gone. I need to find him.
Atticus: [ WHISPERING ] That damn doctor.
Red: F– Atticus, forget the doctor. Can you help me find him?
Atticus: Y–
[ Dr Grey appears ]
Dr Grey: Mr. Reddington, what are you doing? We have a session. We have much to cover, and you’re late.
Red: I am so sorry, Doctor. I abhor tardiness, but if you could just give me one moment.
Atticus: [ Whispering angrily ] That bitch. I- I told her I didn’t want those little red pills. I told her no.
Red: Calm down.
Atticus: I’m gonna kill that lady.
Red: That’s enough, really.
Atticus: I’m gonna rip that tongue right out of her mouth.
Red: Atticus, calm down.
Atticus: And once I rip that tongue out–
Red: Atticus–
Atticus: [ Yelling ] –I’m gonna shove it down her damn throat!
[ Atticus leaps up and lunges at Dr Grey ]
– Security! Security! Security!
[ Red grabs Atticus’s shoulders and tries to pull him back off Dr Grey ]
Red: No! No!
Atticus: [ YELLS ] I’m gonna rip your tongue out! I’m gonna rip your tongue out! [ YELLING ]
[ Red tries to hold Atticus back until Medical Center staff manage to pull Atticus off Dr Grey and restrain him on the floor ]

[ Lilly calls Liz at work ]
Lilly: Buck is a god.
Liz: He traced the phone?
Lilly: He bounced the signal off of Venus or Mars – I don’t know – but he has a location. It’s a parking lot at 3rd and Sycamore.
[ Ressler enters ]
Ressler: Phone number was a dead end.
Liz: [ On phone to Lilly ] I gotta go.
Lilly: What are you gonna do? Are you- Are you gonna go there? Should I meet you?
Liz: I’ll call you back. [ CELLPHONE BEEPS ]
Ressler: Evidently, local PD couldn’t find Klepper’s RV. [ KEYS JANGLING ] Cooper wants us to get out there, see if anyone at the campground has information on where he might be.
Liz: You go.
Ressler: What – you got someplace better to be?
Liz: Yeah, I think I’m gonna try to talk to Reddington, – see if he knows anything.
Ressler: He’s in the federal psych hospital.
Liz: And this is a life-or-death situation. I think they’re gonna let me talk to him.
Ressler: Now, there’s a phone call I’d like to be on. I’ll get Navabi to go out to the RV parking lot–
Liz: No, no, no, no, no, no, no. I mean, y-you’re welcome to listen in if you want, but, with Reddington, you catch more flies with honey, and you are definitely more sour than sweet.
Ressler: How do you do it?
Liz: What?
Ressler: Put up with him. I can’t stand how much he hides from us, and I’m not even his kid. I don’t know how you deal with it.
Liz: It’s not easy.
Ressler: You make it look like it is.
Liz: [ SCOFFS ]
[ Ressler leaves] [ CELLPHONE DIALING ]
Liz: I’ll let you know what I find out.
Ressler: I’ll do the same.
[ Lilly places a call; LINE RINGING ]

[ Liz arrives at the RV Park and gets out of her car ]
[ Liz raps on the door of Klepper’s RV and stands to the side ]
Liz: Cameron Morella! FBI! Open the door. Mr. Morella, open the door, or a tactical team will storm your vehicle!
[ Klepper (aka Cameron Morella) opens the RV door ]
Liz: Hands where I can see them.
[ Klepper puts his hands up and peers around outside ]
Klepper: Where’s the cavalry?
Liz: In my hand. Now back up.

[ At the Federal Medical Center, the Nurse gives Atticus an injection ]
Red: Well, I guess there won’t be much more from him, now, will there?
Nurse: That’s the idea.
[ Red taps Atticus’s chest lightly ]
Red: Atticus. Atticus. We don’t have much time.
[ Red slaps his face lightly ]
Red: Hey. Hey. Your friend has a job. It’s an assassination. Look at me. He knows the FBI is looking for him, so it has to be done quietly.
Atticus: [ Dreamily ] I’d like to fly.
[ Red slaps Atticus’s face again ]
Red: Hey, hey. Hey. Your friend – who would he turn to to get a job done as quietly as possible? Atticus, who would he turn to?
Atticus: [ Sleepily ] General Shiro –
Red: Ge- General [ STAMMERING ] Who’s that? I-I don’t– General Shiro? Hey, where can I find him?
Atticus: Would you like to fly? Oh. I would.

[ Klepper sits at the table inside the RV as Liz keeps her gun trained on him ]
Liz: I know who you are, Mr. Morella. I know you murdered Kelly Carter to prevent her from telling a grand jury that she saw Digby Tamerlane trying to hide the body of a young girl he killed in a hit-and-run.
Klepper: I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Liz: I also know who you were, Dr. Klepper.
Klepper: I don’t know that name.
[ KNOCK ON DOOR ] [ DOOR CREAKS ] [ Liz lets Lilly in. She has Klepper’s file ]
Lilly: Is that him?
Liz: He says no. But I think this should change his mind.
[ Liz shows Klepper the file ]
Liz: Look familiar? It should. It’s a picture of you in Dr. Hans Koehler’s medical file, complete with a list of every time he chiseled you or injected you, shaved you down or puffed you up.
Klepper: I don’t recognize this person.
Liz: Well, Koehler did a remarkable job of changing your appearance. But we both know that he can’t change your DNA. And that when we do take it, it’s gonna match up to his. Isn’t it, Doctor?
Klepper: I like to make calculations.
Liz: Like deciding who should live and who should die?
Klepper: That’s one calculation, yes.
Liz: Have you made it often?
Klepper: Often enough. And it’s a surprisingly easy one. Others are considerably more difficult. Like why the FBI sent only one agent and one – I’m not sure what.
Lilly: We know who you were before Dr. Koehler changed your identity. What we want to know is who Raymond Reddington was.
Liz: According to Koehler’s records, you and Reddington were patients at approximately the same time.
Klepper: And you think, what, we bonded in post-op? Compared scars? [ CHUCKLES ] The whole point of going to Koehler was to become anonymous. I never saw him. He never saw me.

[ Liz steps out of the RV to take a call, leaving Lilly with the gun ]
Liz: Whatcha got?
Ressler: A guy at the RV park gave us a description of Klepper’s vehicle. Aram tracked it to a parking lot at 3rd and Sycamore.
Liz: How far away are you?
Ressler: About 10 minutes out.
Liz: Lemme know what you find when you get there.
Ressler: What about Reddington?
Liz: Reddington?
Ressler: Well, did you talk to him?
Liz: Oh. Yeah. He didn’t know anything.
Ressler: For once we know more than he does. All right, I’ll, uh, call you when we find something.

[ Liz goes back inside the RV ]
Klepper: I have a gun. In that cupboard. On the top shelf.
[ Liz opens the cupboard ]
Liz: About Reddington If you didn’t see him, who did?
Klepper: A nurse. She saw all the patients before and after. She could tell you who Reddington was.
Liz: What’s her name?
Klepper: Your colleagues are on their way. And for some reason, you didn’t tell them you were already here.
Liz: What is her name?
Klepper: I don’t randomly decide who’s gonna live or die. I do it based on whose life has more value. Take us, for example. I’m gonna spend the rest of my life in prison. You could have a long and productive career. By any reasonable standard, your life has more value, which is why you should get my gun.
Liz: We need a name.
Klepper: And I’ll give it to you once I get you to understand that you have to kill me.
Liz: What are you talking about!?
Klepper: I don’t know why you want to know who Reddington was, but clearly you’re willing to risk a great deal to find out. Your career, all the good and productive things you’ll do that makes your life more valuable than mine, but it only has that value if your colleagues never find out you were here. And the only way that’s gonna happen is if I’m dead when they arrive. Like I said, it’s a surprisingly easy calculation.
Lilly: We’re not gonna kill you.
Klepper: Of course not.
Liz: [ Pause ] You’re gonna kill yourself. That’s what you do – You stage killings and make them look like accidents.
Klepper: Or suicides. My gun. You don’t have much time. Either I die here or I spend my life behind bars. In some ways, it’s a mercy killing.
Lilly: [ To Liz ] You’re not actually considering –
Liz: Wait in the car.
Lilly: You can’t do this.
Klepper: The gun for the name. If she wants the name, she has no choice.
Liz: Go.
Lilly: This isn’t right.
[ Lilly leaves. Liz picks up Klepper’s gun using a towel and places it on the table in front of him ]
Klepper: Marguerite Renard. Find her, you’ll find out who Reddington was. It’s the ethical thing to do.
[ Liz leaves the RV ] [ DOOR CREAKS ] [ DOOR THUDS SHUT ]
[ BREATHING HEAVILY, Liz gets into the car with Lilly ] [ SIREN WAILING IN DISTANCE ] We should go. [ ENGINE STARTS ]

[ Calexico’s ♪ “World Undone” PLAYS ]
[ Ressler, Samar and other agents arrive at the scene of Gerald Klepper’s suicide in the RV ]

♪ You’re waiting for tenderness to come
Crying for three days

[ Ressler retrieves the cell phone from the floor next to Klepper’s foot ]

♪ Now your eyes are red and tired
You can’t sleep for three days
Now you’re waiting for tenderness to come
You’re waiting for tenderness to come

[ Liz goes up to Ressler at the Post Office ]
Liz: I heard about Klepper. He must’ve heard you were coming and decided killing himself was better than a life in prison. [ SIGHS ] Is that how you figure it?
Ressler: Not exactly, no. I, uh found Klepper’s burner – in the RV.

♪ With a red bird on the branch

Ressler: That’s the number forensics pulled off it. And this is the number that you gave me. So, the way I “figure it,” is that you gave us a fake number so that we’d run in circles while you ran a trace on the real one so that you could get to Klepper first. See, first-thought theater was that you were doing it for Reddington. I mean, he’s not around, so you’re carrying his water for him.

♪ Now your world’s coming undone

Ressler: But then I checked. Since he’s been in Missouri, he hasn’t been allowed–

♪ Now your world’s coming undone

Ressler: –any calls in or out.
Liz: I can explain.
Ressler: He doesn’t know anything about this case, does he? This is your Blacklister, not his.
Liz: [ QUIETLY ] It’s a good explanation. I can’t tell you now, but I’ll tell you some day. For now, I just need you to trust me.
Ressler: Did you kill Klepper?
Liz: [ Insistently ] No. [ Pause ] But I did– let him kill himself.
Ressler: Why?
Liz: Because he convinced me the benefit outweighed the cost. The same way I’m trying to convince you not to tell Cooper what I’ve done.
Ressler: [ SCOFFS ] Because the benefit outweighs the cost.
Liz: [ SIGHS ] [ VOICE BREAKING ] I think so. That’s a decision you’re gonna have to make for yourself.
[ Liz walks away ]

♪ Oo-oooo-oo-oooo-oo-oooo-oo-ummm
Now you’re waiting for tenderness to come

Ressler: Sir? Autopsy’s in on Klepper. All indications are it was a suicide.
Cooper: We found evidence in Klepper’s RV that’d he’d made these sort of “ethical decisions” before. He killed 14 others. That we know of.
Ressler: [ SIGHS LIGHTLY ]
Cooper: You seem disappointed.
Ressler: Doesn’t it bother you that’s there’s always an ulterior motive? Some reason we were given a case that’s never fully explained?
Cooper: Not really, no. The way I look at it is, because of us, a serial killer is dead. No one will ever suffer because of him again. As far as I’m concerned, the case is closed. Unless there’s something I’m missing. Is there?
Ressler: No, sir. It’s case closed.

[ Liz talks to Lilly on the phone ]
Liz: Marguerite Renard. The nurse. We’ve got to find her.
Lilly: Before he found you, could you have done it – what you did in the RV?
Liz: She can’t be hard to locate. And when we find her, we find out who Reddington really is.
Lilly: Could you have done it?
Liz: I don’t think so. No.
Lilly: So he did this to you.
Liz: What difference does it make? We’re so close!
Lilly: The difference that it makes is that I’m worried that he’s gonna do it to me.
Liz: That won’t happen. It won’t.
[ Lilly picks up a pen to write ]
Lilly: Okay. Marguerite Renard. What do we know about her?

[ The Federal Medical Center, Dr Grey’s Office ]
Dr Grey: Your friend, Mr. Rodrick. He’s why you’re here?
Red: Please tell me you’re going to be administering the Szondi test. I’m absolutely fascinated by repressed impulses.
Dr Grey: There will be no more tests, Mr. Reddington. Our work is finished here.
Red: That seems premature.
Dr Grey: I saw all I needed to see today with your friend, Mr. Rodrick.
Red: You keep calling him my friend. He’s not my friend.
Dr Grey: Well, whoever he is, he was intent on killing me. I think he said he was going to, uh, “rip my tongue out.” But your reaction was everything.
Red: My reaction?
Dr Grey: You came to my defense. You saw that Mr. Rodrick was intent on causing me harm, and although you don’t know me, you made the very conscious decision to stop him, which, to my mind, is a – is a wonderful demonstration of your ability to distinguish between right and wrong.
Red: I’m not so sure of that.
Dr Grey: Yeah, but you’re not the doctor. Before I submit my decision, I have one more question.
Red: I’m an open book.
Dr Grey: What exactly is it you want from Mr. Rodrick?

[ The courtroom in the SDNY ]
Judge Roberta Wilkins: I have reviewed the results of the psychiatric evaluation conducted at the defendant’s request, and it is Dr. Grey’s professional opinion that, while one with a criminal history like Mr. Reddington would likely have to be insane, it’s clear his criminal proclivities do not rise to the level of legal insanity. It is the doctor’s professional opinion that the defendant does understand the charges leveled against him and is, therefore, fully mentally competent to assist in his own defense. Mr. Reddington, you’ve been provided with a copy of Dr. Grey’s findings.
[ Red waves his copy ]
Judge Wilkins: Are you objecting to her conclusions?
Red: No, Your Honor. I’m prepared to accept the finding of competency.
Judge Wilkins: Wonderful. Then we’re clear to proceed. Mr. Sima?
Asst US Atty Sima: Your Honor, of the indictments that are before the court, the prosecution has elected to proceed with the charge of treason as our first case against the defendant.
Judge Wilkins: Very well. We’ll move to jury selection immediately.

[ It’s lockup time at Colton Prison. Red is back in his cell with the messenger-rat system between himself and Dembe ]
[ Red pulls the string that runs through the broken pipe into his cell. He pulls out a burner phone wrapped in plastic ] [ PLASTIC RIPS ] [ CELLPHONE BEEPS ] [ LINE RINGING ] [ CELLPHONE RINGS, BEEPS ]
Dembe: You got the phone.
Red: Yes, thank you, and not a moment too soon.
Dembe: Why? What’s wrong?
Red: I spoke with Atticus Rodrick.
Dembe: Was he any help?
Red: He gave me a name – General Shiro. I need you to find out everything you can about him.
Dembe: General Shiro?
Red: Yes. He’s the next name on the Blacklist.

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Episode Songs


♫ Everything’s Just So Fine
By Dominic Halpin

♪ When I feel the rain coming down on me
I just brush my coat and everything’s just fine,
Big holes in my pocket where some coins they should be
Hey, I’m not rich but everything’s just fine,

♪ Sometimes I talk with Mr. Blue, I don’t want him to stay,
I just show him my grin and don’t let him in,
he soon goes
on his way

♪ Tomorrow I may wake to find,
a friend who’s true and a friend who’s kind,
But I’m so happy everything’s just fine

♪ Sometimes I talk with Mr. Blue, I don’t want him to stay,
I just show him my grin and don’t let him in,
he soon goes
on his way

♪ Tomorrow I may wake to find,
a friend who’s true and a friend who’s kind,
But that won’t keep me from my sleep.you’ll never catch
me counting sheep because of baby
everything’s just fine

♪ I know I’m fine ’cause I’m breathing

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2X8TARM
YouTube: https://youtu.be/TO_0SkPIMb0


♫ World Undone
By Calexico

♪ Crying for three days
Now your eyes are red and tired
You can’t sleep for three days
Now you’re waiting for tenderness to come
You’re waiting for tenderness to come
Now you’re waiting for tenderness to come

♪ With a red bird on the branch
And a cactus wren in the thorns
Red bird on the branch
Now your world’s coming undone
You’re waiting for tenderness to come

♪ Can’t trust in this anymore
Still waiting on the fence
So many times before
What keeps you here anymore
When things fall apart
Now your world’s coming undone
Now your world’s coming undone

♪ Now you’re waiting for tenderness to come

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2tfaXTs
YouTube: https://youtu.be/yF7TCZlwzvk

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🔴 Script 6:7 General Shiro (№ 116)

Program air date: 2/15/2019 in the US
Script Permalink: https://wp.me/pDKwi-96w
Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/2BxbGDU

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Kurt Kuenne
Written by: Jonathan Shapiro, Lukas Reiter



⭕ Script 6:7 General Shiro (№ 116)


Brief (Where we’re at): Red convinced the judge for his upcoming trial for treason to send him to a federal medical center for a psychiatric evaluation. His hidden purpose was to connect with Atticus Rodrick. When he got there, he found that Atticus was under heavy sedation, so he substituted Skittles for Atticus’s meds. Off his meds, Atticus attacked the psychiatrist and Red instinctively intervened, which convinced the psychiatrist that Red could indeed tell right from wrong. However, she also discerned that Red was an “imposter”:

“You’re masquerading. Leading a double life, pretending to be someone you’re not. If you’re divorced from social norms, it’s because you’re divorced from a side of yourself I can’t see because you’re terrified of letting people see it.”

What Red wanted from Atticus was the name of someone who could perform a “quiet assassination.” Atticus gave him a name: “General Shiro.”

Meanwhile, Liz used Red’s absense to enlist help from the FBI to track down another patient of Dr Koehler (Blacklister #33 the doctor who changed Red’s identity). The patient, Gerald Todd Klepper, turned out to be an MD turned serial killer (Blacklister #91 The Ethicist). Liz then crossed a line by going ahead of the FBI to confront Klepper with only her half-sister Lilly (aka Jennifer). So far, no one on the Task Force knows that Liz and Lilly are on a mission to find out who Red really is and why he took on the identity of their father Raymond Reddington 30 years ago.

Klepper (who was living under the alias “Cameron Morella”) confronted Liz with a devil’s bargain: he would give her the name of Dr Koehler’s nurse ~ but only if she would let him have his gun so he could commit suicide. She gave him the gun and and he gave her the nurse’s name: Marguerite Renard. Liz and Lilly left the scene before the FBI arrived, but Ressler found out from Klepper’s cell phone that Liz gave the FBI the run-around. When he confronted Liz, she begged Ressler to ‘trust her’ and keep the secret from Cooper.

[ Bob Lockemy wakes up in a panic, breathing heavily and coughing. There are several prescription medication bottles on his nightstand ]
Bob Lockemy: [ COUGHING ] Damn it. Merriam!
[ He sees a large black beetle on the table. He grabs a newspaper and smashes the beetle ]
[ Lockemy stumbles into the kitchen. A woman and girl are frosting a cake ]
Bob Lockemy: [ COUGHING ] Rosa, where the hell’s Merriam?
Rosa: You okay, Mr. Bob?
Bob Lockemy: No, I’m not okay. I need my inhaler.
[ Merriam Lockemy enters ]
Merriam: What’s going on?
Rosa: He’s having trouble again.
Bob: I don’t know what the hell’s wrong. I can’t get my breath. [ COUGHING ]
Merriam: Is it your chest?
[ A large black beetle crawls on a wooden spoon by the side of the cake ]
Girl: Rosa, I found another one.
Bob Lockemy: It’s that feeling again, that damn scratching, like my breath [ GAGS ] I feel –
[ He looks like he is about to vomit, but when he opens his mouth, another large black beetle appears and flies out. They all look on in horror ]
[ Erdem Baatar’s ♪ Mongolian Throat Singing No. 7 ]


Bob Lockemy: I can’t –
[ Bob Lockemy collapses ]
Merriam: Oh, no! Bob!

[ Bob Lockemy is wheeled on a gurney down a hospital corridor ]
Nurse #1: He’s in respiratory distress. Obstruction of the lower airway.
Nurse #2: We’ve ruled out anaphylaxis? Correct.
— No known medical allergies.
— Wife said he was ill with shortness of breath.
— Tell O.R. 8 we’re on our way.
OR Nurse: Nasotracheal intubation?
Doctor: We don’t have time. We need to establish an airway.
– SpO2 approaching 80%.
Doctor: Let’s open his cricothyroid. I want to avoid his cervical spine.
[ The doctor cuts into Lockemy’s neck to open an airway. First one, then dozens of the black beetles crawl out of the incision ]


[ The beetles take to the air as the medical staff looks on aghast ] [ BEETLES BUZZING ]

[ Liz visits Red at his holding cell in the courthouse in the Southern District of New York (SDNY) where he is awaiting jury selection ]
Red: Yesterday morning, a bio-tech company executive met a gruesome death.
Liz: Yeah. I’m not playing this game.
Red: I’m giving you a case.
Liz: You’re giving me a lead – for you – so that you can keep on doing whatever it is you’re doing.
Red: I’m picking a jury of my peers. Wouldn’t that be a colorful lot.
Liz: You gave us The Pharmacist so that Dembe could get five minutes alone with him. You asked for a psych eval so you’d be sent to a mental-health facility where someone you needed to see was a patient.
Red: If you’re accusing me of using the Task Force to assist me in avoiding the hangman’s noose, – guilty as charged.
Liz: I want to help you, but I can’t if you don’t tell me what it is you’re doing.
Red: I’m fighting for my life. And you are helping more than you know.
Liz: Why can’t you just be honest with me?
Red: You remind me so much of your mother. I don’t remember if I’ve ever told you that before, have I?
Liz: There are a lot of things you haven’t told me.
Red: I’m here because someone betrayed me, someone close. Under the circumstances, it’s hard to know who to trust.
Liz: Okay. Tell me about the case.
Red: What do you know about entomological warfare?

[ At the Post Office, Liz briefs the Task Force ]
Liz: For over 1,000 years, human beings have been weaponizing insects. In the 12th century, wasps nests were catapulted into enemy towns. During the Cold War, the Pentagon developed plans to produce 100 million yellow fever-infected mosquitoes per month. And the most notorious Japanese war criminal in World War II was General Shiro, who bred bubonic plague-carrying insects that killed tens of thousands of Chinese.
Samar: Did Reddington give you a case or a history lesson?
Liz: A bit of both. A year ago, a patent attorney was found suffocated in his office. Why? An infestation of deadly beetles had eaten the lining of his lungs.
Aram: Ew.
Liz: And six months ago, it was a chemical manufacturer’s turn, and yesterday, the head of a bio-tech company.
Ressler: Eaten from the inside by killer beetles.
Liz: Apparently, and according to Reddington, they were put there by a modern-day General Shiro.
Cooper: Am I right in assuming this case has something to do with his defense?
Liz: Yes, but he wouldn’t tell me why.
Cooper: Our immunity deal with Reddington has been invalidated. He stands accused of treason.
Samar: Is this your periodic reminder that by working with him, we may be viewed as aiding and abetting?
Cooper: It’s a possibility, especially if we pursue cases in which his agenda is, to be polite, obscure.
Aram: We’re all in, if that’s what you’re asking.
Cooper: Samar, Aram, look into what connects the victims. The man who died yesterday –
Liz: Bob Lockemy, founder of Lockemy Technology.
Cooper: Go to the M.E., see what he can tell you about the weaponized insects that killed him.

[ Federal Courtroom in SDNY ]
Asst US Attorney Michael Sima: Your Honor, we agree with Mr. Reddington. Jury questionnaires can be sent to potential jurors prior to jury selection, but he wants to ask 382 questions, most of which require essay answers. It would take jurors days to complete.
Red: I’m sorry if you find the process of selecting a fair jury to be inconvenient, Mr. Sima, but you are trying to kill me for a crime I didn’t commit.
Sima: The problem is not inconvenience. It’s relevance. Example – Question 133. I quote, “Compare and contrast the role of memory in the works of Proust and Dickens, with examples.”
Red: How can I sensibly judge one’s character if I don’t know their views on great literature?
Sima: This is absurd.
Red: In case you haven’t read a newspaper recently, Mr. Sima, all of our lives are playing out in the theater of the absurd these days. Your Honor, I believe the prosecution wants to intentionally dumb down the jury questionnaire because he wants to attract dumb jurors because Mr. Sima wants a jury of unsophisticated, unthinking sheep who will blindly convict me of treason out of some misguided notion that it’s the patriotic thing to do. I, on the other hand, want astute jurors, people who can understand the somewhat complicated evidence I plan to present, capable of evaluating not only my motives, but also those of the government.
Judge Roberta Wilkins: The literature question is stricken.
Red: Excellent. That sort of bias will only aid in my appeal should the government win in this round of play.
Sima: We also object to question 134, “Who is your favorite classical composer?”
Red: Okay, I will not be judged by anyone who likes Schumann. I refuse to be sent to my death by Philistines.
Judge Wilkins: I love Schumann. “Fantasie in C Major” was played at my mother’s funeral this past summer.
Red: I’m sorry for your loss.
Judge Wilkins: Mr. Reddington, 40 questions should be sufficient. No essays, keep it simple, and don’t waste my time.

[ Medical Examiner’s ]
Ressler: Dr. Maguire, thanks for meeting with us. So, what do you have?
Dr Maguire: It appears that your victim suffocated.
[ Maguire sloshes a bottle with blood in the bottom and black beetles crawling in it ]
Liz: On insects?
Dr Maguire: Best I could tell, some kind of water beetle. Apparently, they’re scavengers and fierce predators, but what I don’t understand is how the larva were able to survive in his digestive enzymes and stomach acids.
Liz: I’m sorry. I thought you said he suffocated.
Dr Maguire: That is the official cause of death, but I found larval remnants in his stomach wall and digestive tract, which suggests that he may have ingested them. These creatures were literally feeding on him, eating from the inside out. My guess is that they migrated into his bronchial tubes and lungs, and the incision in the neck, well, that simply provided an escape hatch. Just a guess. I’m not an expert in insects. You probably should talk to an entomologist.
Ressler: Know anyone you can recommend?
Dr Maguire: Not personally, but I do know that Dr. Jonathan Nikkila, he worked at the same company as your victim. If there’s anyone who can help you find the person who did this, well, I’m sure he can.

[ Erdem Baatar’s ♪ Mongolian Throat Singing No. 7 ]


[ In a lab are glass cages containing black beetles. A man’s fingers drum. The man, his face obscured, takes a beetle from one of the containers and inserts a long needle into it ]

[ INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS ] [ At the bar of a restaurant, a man’s fingers drum. The man, his face obscured, pours a small packet of whitish liquid into a glass of red wine ]


[ A man is seated at a table in the restaurant. He is served the glass of red wine and takes a drink of it ]

[ At Red’s holding cell at the courthouse, Red and Dembe review the completed jury questionnaires ]
Red: “The government wouldn’t spend the time charging someone with treason if they were innocent.” “Innocent” is misspelled, by the way, and the apostrophe is misplaced in “wouldn’t.” None of these answers instill me with great confidence in our jury pool.
Dembe: We’ll find the right people.
Red: Thanks. Why is it that spiritual advisers such as yourself are always so insistently optimistic? Just once I’d like to hear a man of the cloth say, “Yep, this sucks.” Dembe, we need a juror I can count on, one person capable of convincing the others to vote not guilty.
Dembe: The jurors are chosen randomly.
Red: Yes, from the registered voter logs, the IRS, and the Department of Motor Vehicles. Fortunately, we have a friend at the DMV.

[ KNOCK ON DOOR ] [ Glen “Jelly Bean” Carter is eating a meatball sub ] [ DOOR OPENS as Dembe lets himself in ]
Glen: Dembe! Come in. Good to see you, old friend.
[ They fist bump ]
Glen: Ah! I’d shake, but I got “sandwich hands.” [ CHUCKLES ]
Dembe: Thank you for seeing me.
Glen: No sweat off my sack. Anything for you and the Old Man. How’s he holding up, anyway?
Dembe: It’s not good.
Glen: Is it the food? Gulping down government cheese and dishwater stew – Egh. It’s enough to make a man want to go vegan.
Dembe: We have a situation you may be able to help us with. It’s the jury pool. Raymond needs people who would be agreeable to him.
Glen: I could go to jail for that.
Dembe: If he’s found guilty, they’ll try and put him to death.
Glen: [ SIGHS ] When you say it like that –
Dembe: You have access to the voter logs via the DMV records. Raymond needs to know if you can access the logs, put a friend on the panel. Can you make that happen?
Glen: I’ve got friends. Little Robbie Funkhauser in the Big Apple office. Uh, there’s Yaling in I.T., who carries a bit of a torch for me. [ SNIFFS ] Let me poke around a bit, see what I can do.
Dembe: Do it quietly.
Glen: What about me, Dembe? This is just “between friends.” Tell the Big Man to hang in there, hmm? Jelly Bean’s got his back. Serious.

Liz: Thank you for helping us.
Dr Nikkila: Of course. Bob was like a mentor to me. I am devastated by the news.
Ressler: Did you have a chance to look at what the M.E. sent over?
Dr Nikkila: I have, and it’s terrifying.
[ They look at a projected image of the black beetle ]
Dr Nikkila: You are looking at a genetically modified version of a predacious diving beetle known as the Dytiscidae.
Liz: Predacious?
Dr Nikkila: Predatory. There are over 4,000 types of carnivorous beetles.
Ressler: But none that prey on humans?
Dr Nikkila: Not naturally, no, but nothing about what happened to Bob was natural. The gestation period of the Dytiscidae is at least a week, and there’s no reason the larvae should’ve survived inside his body for that long after the eggs had hatched.
Liz: But that’s what the medical examiner said happened.
Dr Nikkila: I can’t explain it. All I know is that someone made alterations. Those are its jaws. By my math, they are four times normal size.
Ressler: Talk about weaponized.
Liz: But why go to the trouble to make a super bug? I mean, there are easier ways to kill people.
Dr Nikkila: Well, not if you want to be ironic. He sent a bug to kill a bug killer.
Ressler: Lockemy Technologies made pesticides.
Dr Nikkila: Powerful ones. Like Hexapene, which I developed when I worked there. It was designed for use after natural disasters like hurricanes when the standing waters left behind could breed potentially disease-infected insects. Some people thought it was too powerful, so it was not approved for commercial use, but I still got death threats.
Ressler: For killing diseased bugs?
Dr Nikkila: You sound very rational, but in the environmental world, that type of thinking is in short supply.
Liz: So you think someone from the environmental community targeted Lockemy?
Dr Nikkila: I was a lowly technician. Bob was the CEO. If I got death threats, I’m sure he did, too.
Ressler: We’ve been led to believe that our killer fashions himself as a latter-day General Shiro. Does that mean anything to you?
Dr Nikkila: General Shiro was a war criminal, but his knowledge of how to weaponize the insect world was so great that instead of executing him, the Allies hired him to teach us how to wage bio-war. If the man you are looking for fashions himself after Shiro, it means to get his point across, he doesn’t care how many people he kills.

[ The Post Office ] [ Photos of three men are projected above ]
Samar: Hexapene is what connects the three victims. Lockemy ran the company that developed it, Steiner was the attorney he hired to patent it, and Helfrich was the chemist he used to manufacture the pesticide.
Liz: Nikkila told us Hexapene wasn’t approved for commercial use.
Aram: Not yet, but according to a recent SEC filing, Lockemy was lobbying Congress and the FDA for approval.
Cooper: And now someone’s killed everyone involved in making that happen.
[ Ressler enters ]
Ressler: I got something. This is Lockemy’s calendar. Business meetings, speeches, lunches he’d scheduled, including one he had a week ago with Dick Kendel.
Aram: Wait. The clean air guy?
Ressler: The clean air guy, the clean water guy. In the environmental community, he is the guy, and his current crusade – leading the fight to ban pesticides like Hexapene.
Cooper: Kendel is a lobbyist. Maybe he had lunch with Lockemy so he could lobby him to change his mind.
Ressler: Maybe, but he did have lunch with him a week ago.
Samar: So?
Liz: So Dr. Nikkila told us the gestation period for these bugs is a week.
Ressler: Which means a week ago, our killer found a way to get Lockemy to eat or drink their way into his system.
Aram: What better way to do that than at a power lunch on K Street?
Cooper: Find Kendel, bring him in. Looks like we found our latter-day General Shiro.

[ Glen Carter and Dembe are in Glen’s office going through computer lists and printed profiles looking for potential jurors ]
Glen: What about this broad? Fay Macmannis. She’s a registered Libertarian. They’re always “hear no evil, see no evil.”
Dembe: Put her in the maybe pile. What about Marlene Sucha?
Glen: Carnegie Hill address. Salmon pants territory. Blue blazers, family crests, trés law and order. Pass.
[ Long pause; Glen SIGHS ]

[ Voice in distance on loudspeaker ]
Woman: D-22. Window W.D-22. Window W to your right.

Dembe: What?
Glen: I was thinking, with your access to the Big Man’s finances, uuuuuh– You know, never mind. Bad idea.
Dembe: What’s a bad idea?
Glen: Doesn’t matter. It’s stupid. [ Pause. Leans forward ] What if we leave him?
Dembe: Leave who?
Glen: Reddington. I mean, let him rot. With your access to his money and my connections, we could clean him out, vanish.
Dembe: That’s a terrible idea.
Glen: Unless it’s not. We let him think we tried, did everything we could, but it didn’t work. Reddington takes a ride on the pale horse, we abscond with the dough, 50/50 split. 40/60, whatever you think is fair. Point is, you and I are great togetherrrr. You can feel that. I know you caaaan. Like brothers from another mother. The White Stripes. The Black Keys. African-American. Dembe, you and I could do great things together. [ Pause ] [ LAUGHS ] I’m screwin’ with you. You think I’m nuts? He’d kill us both. You should’ve seen your face.
Dembe: We have to find someone.
Glen: Yeah, yeah, after lunch. I am starving. Dying for one of those teriyaki bowls, extra cabbage. You want one?
Dembe: Didn’t you just eat?
Glen: Don’t worry. We’ll figure it out. Unless you want to let the old man rot. I’m only kiddiiiiing! But not really. Either way, think about it. I’ll get an extra teriyaki bowl. You’ll thank me later.

[ Outside a house with solar panels ] [ INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS, LAUGHTER IN DISTANCE ]
[ Ressler knocks ]
Ressler: Mr. Kendel, FBI. Open up, please.
Liz: Do you hear that? What is that?
Ressler: I don’t hear anything.
Liz: [ Knocks ] Mr. Kendel? Hello?
Ressler: Maybe we’re too late. Maybe he killed Lockemy and fled.
[ A black beetle lands on Liz’s shoulder ]
Liz: Maybe not.
[ Ressler kicks in the door and they enter ]
Ressler: Mr. Kendel?
[ BEETLES BUZZING ] [ Beetles are swarming on the floor ]
[ They enter a room where a man lies face up, dead, covered with the beetles ]
Liz: So much for finding our killer.

[ Liz and Ressler phone in to the Post Office ]
Liz: This doesn’t make any sense. Lockemy, Steiner, and Helfrich lobbied to make Hexapene legal. Kendel lobbied to keep it illegal.
Aram: Why would someone who kills people because he hates the pesticides they make kill someone who hates pesticides?
Samar: Did the M.E. establish a time of death?
Ressler: Both men died within an hour of each other.
Samar: So, we thought Kendel poisoned Lockemy at lunch, but it turns out someone else poisoned them both.
Cooper: We’ll worry about why later. Right now, all that matters is who. Our only lead is the restaurant. Get there and see what you can find.

[ The courtroom in the SDNY ]
Judge Wilkins: Written answers having been given, we will now proceed to in-person interviews. Given this is a death-penalty case, each side has 20 peremptory challenges. Does defense counsel understand the nature of such challenges?
Red: Yes, Your Honor. It means that by the time the jury is seated, there won’t be a Schumann lover in the bunch.
Judge Wilkins: This should be fun.
Cab Driver: Treason is pissing on our flag, going against our own people. Anybody who does that deserves to die, in my opinion. I’d pull the trigger myself.
Red: We’ll certainly keep you in mind for that.
Sima: So, you’re a professor of criminal psychology. Are you confident that you could be impartial in assessing the evidence in this case?
Professor: I am. In fact, I have been before.
Sister of Victim: My sister was the victim of a violent crime.
Veteran: Yes, I’m a veteran. Two tours in Iraq.
Red: Thank you for your service.
Factory Worker: If a man’s broken a law, he’s broken a law. Ain’t no way around it. It’s why we got laws, anyway.
Sima: But you could bring back a verdict without fear or prejudice?
Sister of Victim: Of course I could, yes.
Red: Your Honor, I’d ask that this juror – be dismissed for cause.
Judge Wilkins: Grounds?
Red: A close member of her family was victimized by crime. I think it’s reasonable to question her ability to be impartial.
Sima: She just said she could be fair-minded.
Red: And I’m sure she believes that.
Judge Wilkins: Your motion to strike for cause is denied. If you have concerns, you can use one of the few peremptory strikes you have left.
Red: No, thank you, Your Honor.
Cab Driver: It’s simple. If more people were executed, maybe the death penalty would work the way it should work and criminals just might think twice.
Red: Your Honor, I’d give a dozen strikes to dismiss this juror.
Veteran: I put my life on the line to defend this country. Friends of mine have died for it. So, yeah, if this guy’s guilty of betraying the U.S., I think capital punishment is appropriate.
Red: Respectfully, I move to strike for cause.
Sima: Because he’s a veteran?
Red: No, because it appears he already thinks I’m guilty.
Sima: He said “if” you’re guilty.
Professor: How long have I been with the ACLU? 28 years. I’m a card-carrying member. Would you care to see the card?
Red: That won’t be necessary. Your Honor, this juror is acceptable to the defense.
Sima: But not the prosecution. Peremptory strike, Your Honor.
Red: Move to strike.
Sima: Your Honor, please strike.
Red: Strike, Your Honor.
Anarchist: Truth is, I detest any form of political correctness, conventional wisdom, or government intrusion.
Red: Do you believe in the rule of law?
Anarchist: The best and the brightest should rule, not the law.
Red: Your Honor, the defense accepts and welcomes this juror.
Sima: Move to strike.

[ Jury selection proceeds to a woman wearing a sweater decorated with pugs ]
Red: So you like pugs.
Pug Lady: No, I love pugs.
Red: Even with all the scratching and the wheezing, the drooling and the gassiness?
Pug Lady: That is a myth. Pugs don’t suffer–
Red: I think you love them because they suffer. Perhaps because you suffer.
Judge Wilkins: This is jury selection, Mr. Reddington, not group therapy.
Red: Your Honor, this juror said she favors the death penalty and that her husband was a cop. With all due respect, she certainly qualifies as an obvious dismissal on my part.
Judge Wilkins: I’m aware of that. I’m also aware that you are out of peremptory challenges. You may strike subsequent jurors for good cause only, and loving pugs isn’t cause.
Red: Ah, well, you see, but it is. It’s cause for hope. Only people with a healthy dose of empathy are capable of caring for beasts with such deficits.
Pug Lady: Did you just call my pugs beasts?
Red: That’s what some people see. You clearly see something else.
Pug Lady: I know what I see, and I don’t like it.
Red: Give it time. I’ve been known to wheeze and scratch. I prefer not to discuss the drool and the flatulence. Your Honor, this juror is acceptable to the defense.
Judge Wilkins: Good to know, because I’m seating her. Ma’am, you may be excused. Call the next juror.
[ DOOR OPENS ] [ Glen enters ]
Glen: Okay, here I am. Ready to serve! Ahh! Okay, who’s got questions?
Red: Y-Your Honor, we’ve been at this for several hours now. Might we take our mid-morning break? I’m feeling a little unwell. Just 15 minutes till I get my legs back.
Judge Wilkins: Very well. We shall be in recess.

Restaurant Manager Schmock: Poisoned? While eating here? –
Samar: We believe so, yes.
Aram: They had lunch here a week ago.
Schmock: Yeah, I-I don’t remember them. But there was an incident in the kitchen.
Aram: What kind of incident?
Schmock: A stranger wandered in. One of the busboys followed him out. I mean, nothing was taken, so I didn’t give it another thought.
Samar: Is the busboy here today? We’d like to speak to him.
Schmock: You know, I’m afraid that won’t be possible.
Aram: He may be able to I.D. the killer.
Schmock: Look, I-I want to cooperate with you and I-I’m sure he does, too, but you’re with the FBI, – and he’s –
Samar: Undocumented.
Schmock: And in the current climate, people are understandably reluctant to talk to law enforcement, even about murder.
Samar: We’re not looking to report anyone. We’re just looking for some answers.

[ Samar and Aram sit down with Schmock and the busboy, Tony Montez ]
Aram: Me llamo Aram. Mucho gusto. [ CHUCKLES ] Uh, yeah, that’s that’s the extent of my Spanish. It was a first period in high school and I’ve never really been much of a morning person. Right. Okay, uh, here’s the thing. [ To Tony ] My parents were refugees.
[ Schmock translates for Tony who speaks in Spanish ]
Aram: Agent Navabi was a-a political refugee herself. Tell him that we both believe in amnesty. And that we’ll go as soon as he tells us what he knows.
Schmock: He saw a man in the kitchen. And he asked him what he’s doing here. He took off. He chased him down the block. Where he saw him get into a taxi in front of Hotel Macon.
Aram: Muchas gracias.
Samar: Thank you.
[ Tony smiles a little, warily ]

[ Outside on the sidewalk near the Hotel Macon ]
Samar: ‘We both feel that way’?
Aram: Well, I wanted him to feel comfortable. I didn’t think trying to convince him that you’re actually a lovable Zionist was the way to do it.
Samar: [ To Valet ] Agents Navabi and Mojtabai, FBI. We need to speak with your head of security about any surveillance footage you might have of the cab stand.
Samar: The license plate on the cab is yours.
Abdul Kedir: My cab, my crazy passenger.
Aram: You remember him?
Abdul Kedir: Sure. Guy jumps in, tells me this insane story about being chased by a jealous husband, and that I should drive as fast as I can.
Samar: Drive where?

[ FBI break down a door ]
— FBI! Show me your hands!
— Clear!
Samar: Clear.
— Room clear!
[ Aram and Samar enter a large room with glass cages, one crawling with larvae ]
Aram: Oh, this is disturbing.
Samar: What is it?
Aram: Beetle larva. All of which has probably been genetically modified.
Samar: How much do you think it takes to kill someone?
Aram: Oh, a thimbleful, if that.
Samar: Looks like he plans to kill again.
Aram: Yeah, it does. Again and again and again.

[ DOOR to holding cell area OPENS ]
Red: What the hell happened?!
Dembe: I don’t know.
Red: Glen?! Honestly. Glen?
Dembe: We only found three names.
Red: And if it isn’t bad enough, now my fate rests in the hands of Jelly Bean Carter!
Dembe: This is him.
Red: I’m not talking to him.
Dembe: Raymond, you’re operating in the dark. See what he knows.
[ RINGING CONTINUES ] [ Dembe hands Red the phone ]
Red: What the hell are you doing here? And where are the people I asked for?
Glen: I couldn’t risk putting your fate in the hands of strangers.
Red: Stra-! Glen, Dembe gave you very specific instructions.
Glen: I can do this, boss, trust me.
Red: D-Don’t call me boss, and you cannot do this.
Glen: You want to second-guess me, go right ahead. Haters gonna hate. That’s what they do.
Red: I-I don’t even know what that means.
Glen: I won’t let you down. Not today, not tomorrow, not no how, not no waaaay, and that, my friend, is the name of that tune.
Red: I might as well just ask the judge to let me go lie down in traffic. [ SIGHS ]

[ Courtroom ]
Sima: Mr. Carter, have you followed any of the media coverage regarding this case?
Glen: News? Never watch it. I like the show with those ladies. You know, the wives?
Sima: What about social media?
Glen: Bullies and porn. Don’t care for one, don’t need the other.
Sima: Have you ever heard of Raymond Reddington?
Glen: Can’t say that I have.
Sima: Have you formed an opinion of the defendant’s guilt or innocence?
Glen: Knew a Fred Reddington once. Had four nipples.
Judge Wilkins: As fascinating as that may be, please just answer the question.
Glen: I don’t judge a book by its cover, if that’s what you’re asking.
Sima: What is your feeling about the death penalty?
Glen: I get pre-judged plenty. I try not to return the favor.
Sima: If you were asked to impose–
Glen: Guess you could say I’m not unlike that blindfolded beauty, Dame Justice, up there in her silky robe. No bias, no prejudice. I don’t discriminate.
Sima: Or apparently, follow simple instructions.
Glen: Except against cats! I hate cats. Besides that, I’m good. I’m sorry. What was your question?
Sima: Exactly. Move to dismiss the juror, Your Honor.
Red: On what grounds? That he’s open-minded? That the abuse that’s been heaped upon him as a result of his decidedly unpleasant personality has made him reluctant to do unto others as they have so often done unto him? This isn’t a popularity contest. Mr. Sima’s dismissiveness is, I’m sure, an all too familiar event in this man’s life. He’s odd and annoying and clearly incapable of following instruction.
[ Glen frowns at Red ]
Red: I think it’s safe to say that even those who know him best, perhaps – especially those who know him best – probably hold him in remarkably low regard. But the lamentable characteristics that make him an outcast are the very ones that make him perfectly suited to sit on this jury. Beholden to no one because no one likes him.
[ Glen frowns ]
Red: Capable of making up his own mind because he’s incapable of listening to anyone else. He is an outcast. Maybe even deservedly so, but if he’s able to administer blind justice in this case, I think we should give him a chance with the blindfold.
Sima: Whatever justice this juror may have been intending to administer will hardly be blind after defense counsel’s stirring remarks on his behalf.
Judge Wilkins: I’m not so sure he was damning with faint praise or praising with faint damnation. Either way, if the juror insists he’s impartial, I’m inclined to take him at his word.
Glen: So I made the cut?
Judge Wilkins: You did, Mr. Carter. Thank you in advance for your service.
Glen: [ Bowing ] Thank you, Your Majesty. And may I say, uh, unlike my last judge, you are a tall drink of water.
Sima: Your last judge? In your questionnaire, you said you hadn’t served on a jury before.
Glen: I wasn’t on the jury. I was the defendant. I won a hundred K at a craps table in Reno. Casino took me to court for sliding dice.
Judge Wilkins: And did you slide dice?
Carter: [ CLEARS THROAT ] Six boxcars in a row.
Judge Wilkins: So you’re a convicted felon?
Red: Or a parable for our times the common man forced to do something uncommon to make ends meet.
Glen: I bought a sweet condo, that’s for sure. [ CHUCKLES ]
Judge Wilkins: Mr. Reddington, as moving as your apparently boundless empathy for this man may be, a convicted felon may not serve on a jury. Mr. Carter, you’re dismissed.
Glen: For what? Leveling the playing field? Odds of rolling a pair of sixes is 36-to-1. House only pays 31-to-1, and you think I’m the crook here? What about a jury of his peers, huh? You can’t just have a bunch of pocket protectors! This is Raymond Reddington we’re talking about!
Sima: I thought you didn’t know who he was.
Glen: I don’t. Not in a Biblical sense. That’s not how I roll.
Judge Wilkins: Mr. Carter, I think you should roll on out of here.
Glen: Agh.

[ Post Office ]
Aram: We had it all wrong about Lockemy and Kendel being on opposite sides. It turns out they both wanted to legalize Hexapene.
Samar: Files from the Blacklister’s lab indicate that Lockemy paid Kendel to support legislation being considered by Congress.
Aram: Paid his organization $3 million to do an independent analysis.
Ressler: I guess for that kind of money, it’s hard to stay independent.
Cooper: Have you been able to I.D. the Blacklister?
Liz: Not yet. We’ve looked through the tax records on the property, but it’s owned by a holding company. TAC team’s on site now, but he hasn’t showed up.
Samar: Kendel sold out and paid for it with his life. Lockemy, Steiner, and Helfrich were killed for being true believers.
Ressler: Dr. Nikkila’s not only a true believer – he invented Hexapene.
Cooper: Navabi, reach out to him. Get him a security detail and somebody to monitor what he eats and drinks.
Aram: We also found a copy of a press release that Kendel’s organization was scheduled to release today in support of Hexapene.
Liz: Why today? A press release is usually tied to a news event.
Aram: The legislation that Congress is considering to legalize Hexapene, the Committee on Energy and Commerce is holding a hearing on it today, and the Blacklister had the date circled in his calendar.
Ressler: We’re on our way.

[ Phone conversation between Liz and Ressler in vehicle and Post Office ]
Samar: We found Dr. Nikkila.
Liz: That’s a relief.
Aram: Not where we found him, it isn’t.
Samar: The committee hearing you’re on your way to, Dr. Nikkila is the star witness.
Liz: We’ve contacted Capitol Police, but we don’t have a description of the unsub.
Cooper: Were they willing to postpone the hearing?
Ressler: Shut down Capitol Hill over a toxic beetle larva? It’s not gonna happen.
Cooper: Have you reached out to Dr. Nikkila?
Liz: He’s not answering. We’ve left messages, phone and text.
Cooper: Everything we know suggests this man will strike again at the hearing. When does it start?
Liz: Five minutes ago.

[ Hearing of Committee on Energy and Commerce ]
Dr Nikkila: Good morning. My name is Dr. Jonathan Nikkila. I want to begin by thanking you for inviting me to testify. I am confident that before the hearing concludes, you will agree with me that the question of whether or not to legalize Hexapene is, quite literally, a matter of life and death.
Dr Nikkila: Yes, I personally developed the pesticide in question, Hexapene, so I can vouch for its efficacy. There are some environmentalists who worry about its effect on people, and it’s true that like all pesticides, Hexapene can have negative effects on humans, but that is not really the point.
Committee Chair: Harm to humans isn’t the– [ COUGHING ] I’m sorry. I was asking isn’t harm to humans the whole point?
[ POLICE RADIO CHATTER ] [ Liz and Ressler get out of their SUV ]
Liz: Agents Ressler and Keen, FBI.
Talbert: Yes, Officer Talbert, Capitol Police. We spoke. EMT’s en route.
Ressler: Dr. Nikkila. Can you take us to him?
Dr Nikkila: The real threat Hexapene poses is to the insects, not humans. It decimates insect populations. Not just the insects it targets – all insects. It is not the only one. Pesticides are causing cataclysmic die-offs of insects throughout the world. It is not just honeybees. Congressman: I think we’re getting off topic. The issue is the harm caused to humans.
Dr Nikkila: Our land can live without humans, thrive even. The Earth dies without insects.
There’ll be no pollination, no crops, no food, no way to remove rotting flesh, dead vegetation. Without insects, the Earth will become a deep, dark graveyard because we killed off its most important inhabitants.
Committee Chair: In that case, why didn’t you protest the making of Hexapene in the first place?
Dr Nikkila: Because I trusted my colleagues. I was assured by them that Hexapene would only be used in the wake of a natural disaster, but then I found out Mr. Lockemy misled me. He intended to sell Hexapene everywhere, and he was lobbying you to allow it.
[ Liz and Ressler walk through halls with Capitol Police ]
Dr Nikkila: I begged him to reconsider. He thought I was being hysterical, – but I felt and feel–
Committee Chair: [ COUGHS ]
Dr Nikkila: –that people who poison the planet present a mortal danger that must be eliminated as an act of global self-defense and justice. That, sir, is why you cannot stop coughing. You have been poisoned. Not by me, but by the insects.
– What is he talking about?
– Did he say poisoned?
Dr Nikkila: They are genetically modified Dytiscidaes, to be precise predacious diving beetles, and they have been growing inside you since I dosed your wine at Ruby’s. By now, they have hatched and are trying to escape via your airways.
Committee Chair: [ COUGHS ] [ A black beetle comes out of his mouth. It flies through the room over the heads of the spectators ]
Congressman: Security, detain Mr. Nikkila.
Dr Nikkila: You don’t need security, you need an ambulance, and this cause needs attention, which is exactly what you are going to give us.
[ Ressler and Liz arrive ]
Ressler: Jonathan Nikkila. FBI.
Dr Nikkila: These people are poisoning the planet. The insects can save us!
Ressler: You’re under arrest.
[ The Committee Chair collapses. Paramedics arrive. Ressler escorts Dr Nikkila away ]

[ Red talks on the phone with Glen ]
Red: You were on the jury! You’d been picked! All you had to do was stop talking!
Glen: What do you want me to say? I’ve never been picked for anything before. It went to my head. And FYI, I’m not the one that said hurtful things in there.
Red: No, what you said was catastrophically stupid.
Glen: “Unpleasant personality, odd, annoying, beholden to no one because no one likes him.” You cut me, man. You cut me bad.
Red: I cut you?
Glen: [ Panged ] Without an apology, I don’t know where we go from here.
Red: [ Grimaces; SIGHS ] I’m sorry.
Glen: Dude, I’m messing with you! Being odd and annoying’s my stock and trade. So, tell me [ CLEARS THROAT ] what’s the contingency plan?
Red: You were, Glen.
[ Cellphone slaps shut ]
Dembe: This sucks.
Red: On second thought, I prefer insistent optimism.
Dembe: We’ve been through worse. The Nkana mine explosion in Zambia. The typhoon on the trawler. 40 people, 3 life vests. If we found our way out of those situations, we can find our way out of this one.
Red: That case I gave the Task Force – have they identified General Shiro?
Dembe: Yes. His name is Dr. Jonathan Nikkila.
Red: I need you to get into his lab, get to his files.
Dembe: What am I looking for?
Red: An address for my get-out-of-jail-free card. I believe Nikkila must have sent him some of his toxic bug juice. And without Glen, he is the last rabbit in my hat. The only way out of this situation is to find him, and the way to find him is somewhere in Nikkila’s lab.
Dembe: If there’s an address, I’ll find it.
Red: Thank you, Dembe. I don’t care if it’s insistent optimism or false hope. At this point, I’ll take either one.

[ POLICE RADIO CHATTER ] [ Dembe approaches Liz ]
Dembe: The jury has been picked.
Liz: And?
Dembe: Raymond is in trouble. He needs help.
Liz: W-What can I do?
Dembe: Take me to Dr. Nikkila’s lab.
Liz: And give you five minutes alone with him like I gave you with The Pharmacist?
Dembe: It’s important, Elizabeth.
Liz: It’s also a sealed crime scene.
Dembe: Then you need to unseal it.

[ An interrogation room ]
Samar: You should know that Robert Carson, the Committee Chair, passed away an hour ago.
Dr Nikkila: You really don’t understand the scientific process. There’s no biological benefit to revenge. None of those people were my victims. They were my experiments.
Samar: Experiments? For what?
Dr Nikkila: The insects, of course. My crime was to create a pesticide that kills them off. The least I could do was help them fight back by giving them the tools and traits they need to survive. But I had to test it, verify. I needed to prove my hypothesis that insects could fight back, and my six experiments proved that they could.
Samar: You modified the insects. You took traits from different species to make them lethal.
Dr Nikkila: Mm. That will be my legacy. I will not be remembered as a destroyer of their world, but their savior.
Samar: You said six experiments. There was Lockemy, Steiner, Helfrich, Kendel, the Congressman. Who was the sixth? –
[ Samar calls through the door ]
Samar: Call an ambulance! Did you hear me? Call a medic, now!
Dr Nikkila: [ COUGHING ] [ He spits out a beetle ]
Samar: You knew you would get caught, but you don’t care because you know you’re not going to prison. [ Shouting ] Did you hear me? Get a medic in here now!
Aram: Paramedics are on their way.
Dr Nikkila: That’s okay. Tell them not to rush. You can leave for this part if that would make you more comfortab– [ GAGGING ] [ COUGHING ] [ Dr Nikkila coughs up dozens of beetles ]
[ Aram and Samar leave ] [ Door THUDDING ] [ They watch from outside the room. Flying beetles swarm against the one-way glass ]

[ Cooper stops by Red’s holding cell ]
Red: What a nice surprise. Oh, if I’d known you were coming, I would’ve baked a cake. Don’t suppose you have one on you, perhaps with a file or a blowtorch in it?
Cooper: No such luck, I’m afraid.
Red: Ah, pity.
[ Cooper flicks a lighter ]
Cooper: It’s not a blowtorch, but I thought it might, uh, calm the nerves.
[ Cooper produces two cigars ]
Red: [ Claps his hands and LAUGHS ] Grab a chair.
[ LOCK DISENGAGES ] [ Dembe lets himself into Dr Nikkila’s lab and looks around with a flashlight ]
Red: I was thinking earlier about the time Dembe and I were on a trawler that capsized during a typhoon off the Philippines. We were running guns to the Moro Islamic Liberation Front.
[ Red inhales the cigar smoke, blows it out ]
Cooper: It’s interesting. How you always seem to side with the underdog.
Red: I find desperation pays well.
Cooper: The overdog always pays better.
Red: [ LAUGHS at Cooper’s joke ] The boat was too full to begin with, so when the storm caught up with us, we didn’t stand a chance. Of the 40 people on board, 24 were lost right away. Another 11 didn’t last the night. There was no life raft. The militia leaders took the three available life vests.
[ Dembe opens a drawer and takes out a file labeled “Tracking Notices” ]
Cooper: Leaving you and Dembe.
Cooper: How did you survive?
Red: I didn’t. I drowned that night. I saw the other side. It was – so different.
[ Dembe finds the page he’s looking for and removes it ] [ BINDER CLICKS ]
Red: And then I was back. How he did it – Found a wooden door, held me to it, pounded the water out of my lungs and the life back in. Dembe saved my life that night. Dembe’s always saved my life.
[ Red leans back, inhales the cigar smoke, exhales ]

Liz: Did you find what you came for?
Dembe: I did. Thank you, Elizabeth.
Liz: He said I reminded him of my mother. That’s what he said when I asked him why he gave us this case.
Dembe: He’s right. You remind me of her, too.
Liz: You know everything.
[ Communist Daughter’s ♪ “Keep Moving” plays ]

♪ Keep your head down

Liz: Don’t you?

♪ Keep moving

Liz: Everything about him. All the answers I’m looking for.

♪ Listen for a sound

Dembe: I do.

♪ Keep moving
They’ll never pin you down

[ Liz slowly walks past Dembe to the door ] [ LOCK ENGAGES, KEYS JINGLE ] [ Liz looks back at Dembe ]

♪ If you keep moving

[ The courtroom ]
Judge Wilkins: Do you and each of you solemnly swear that you will well and truly try and a true deliverance make between the United States and Raymond Reddington a true verdict rendered according to the evidence, so help you God?
Jurors, together: I do.
Judge Wilkins: With the jury in place, trial is set to commence Tuesday morning at 8:00 a.m. I will see you all then.
[ Red and Sima rise to leave ]
Red: That’s a smug little grin.
Sima: I’ve been a prosecutor for 18 years. I have empaneled over 300 juries. It’s usually a flip of a coin as to which way they’re gonna lean, but this group This is a two-headed coin, my friend. Your fate is sealed.
Red: We’ll see about that.
Sima: I respect the false confidence, but you and I both know – you’re a dead man walking.

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༺✦ ♤ ✦༻


Episode Songs


♫ Mongolian Throat Singing No. 7
By Erdem Baatar

♪ [ Vocalization only ] Wikipedia: Tuvan throat singing, Khoomei, Hooliin Chor (in Mongolian, ‘throat harmony’), or Mongolian throat singing is one particular variant of overtone singing practiced by people in Mongolia, Inner Mongolia, Tuva and Siberia. In 2009, it was inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity of UNESCO, under the name Mongolian art of singing, Khoomei.

In Mongolian throat singing, the performer produces a fundamental pitch and—simultaneously—one or more pitches over that. The history of Mongolian throat singing reaches far back. Many male herders can throat sing, but women are beginning to practice the technique as well. The popularity of throat singing among Mongolians seems to have arisen as a result of geographic location and culture. The open landscape of Mongolia allows for the sounds to carry a great distance. Ethnomusicologists studying throat singing in these areas mark khoomei as an integral part in the ancient pastoral animism that is still practiced today. …

Lyrics and Credits: [ None ] Wikipedia: http://bit.ly/2Ndz5z6
YouTube: https://youtu.be/1qUEzvIC_Jw


♫ Keep Moving
By Communist Daughter

[Verse 1]
♪ Keep your head down, keep moving
Listen for a sound, keep moving
If you’re [?], gotta keep moving
I’ll never pin you down, if you keep moving

♪ I won’t look above me ’til I fall, ’til I fall
I won’t let you love me ’til I fall, ’til I fall
‘Til I fall

[Verse 2]
♪ Worry never wins, just keep moving
Now it’s sinking in, you gotta keep moving

♪ I won’t look above me ’til I fall, ’til I fall
I won’t let you love me ’til I fall, ’til I fall
‘Til I fall

♪ Keep your head down, keep moving
Keep your head down, keep moving

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2X5BKPQ
YouTube: https://youtu.be/FY3pTlrOebI

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🔴 Script 6:8 Marko Jankowics (№ 58)

Program air date: 2/22/2019 in the US (7pm CT) [ First of Two Episodes ]
Script Permalink: https://wp.me/pDKwi-99y
Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/2IoctNn

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Directed by: Bill Roe
Written by: Lukas Reiter



⭕ Script 6:8 Marko Jankowics (№ 58)


Brief (Where we’re at): Red has come up short in his attempt to plant a sympathetic juror on the jury and his trial for treason is set to begin. In a final gambit to secure a “get-out-of-jail-free” card, Red has had Dembe go to the files of the last Blacklister (#116 General Shiro) to get the address of a person Red is sure must have been sent some of General Shiro’s deadly “bug juice” (deadly genetically-altered beetles, eggs or larvae).

Meanwhile, Liz and Lilly/Jennifer’s next step in their search to find out Red’s true identity is clear: to locate the woman, Marguerite Renard, who was the nurse of plastic surgeon Dr Hans Koehler (Blacklister #33) around the time he changed Red’s appearance to assume the identity of their father, the real Raymond Reddington. Liz got the name of the nurse from Gerald Todd Klepper (Blacklister #91 The Ethicist) in exchange for letting him commit suicide. Ressler wised up to the fact Liz had done an end-run around the Task Force and confronted her about Klepper’s death. Liz begged Ressler not to tell Cooper but to “trust” her that “the benefit outweigh[ed] the cost.” (So far, the Task Force is in the dark about the fact that Liz and Lilly found out that Red isn’t the real Raymond Reddington.)

Dembe’s centrality to the mystery of Red’s identity came into sharper focus in a tale Red told to Cooper about how Dembe saved his life when a trawler capsized in a typhoon in the Philippines. (“Dembe saved my life that night. Dembe’s always saved my life.”) Also, Liz was surprised to learn that Dembe remembers her mother:

Liz: He [Red] said I reminded him of my mother. …
Dembe: He’s right. You remind me of her, too.
Liz: You know everything. Don’t you? Everything about him. All the answers I’m looking for.
Dembe: I do.

[ An airport ) [ INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS ] [ A young couple, the woman looking to be about nine months pregnant, wait in line to be processed through customs ]
Customs Agent: Sir, ma’am, come with me, please.
Russell Chambers: Excuse me?
Customs Agent: Step out of line and follow me.
Angela Chambers: We’ve been in line for nearly an hour.
Russell: Follow you where? Is there a problem?
Customs Agent: I can help you right here.
Angela: Oh, my Go– [ CHUCKLES ] Oh, my God! Thank you. Oof!
Customs Agent: Yeah, my wife’s due in two weeks. So I’m sure you’re ready to get out of here and of your feet.
Angela: Seriously, we may have to name the baby after you.
Customs Agent: [ CHUCKLES ] So, we have Angela [ DEVICE BEEPS ] and Russell Chambers of Montreal. What brings you to the nation’s capital?
Angela: We’re on our babymoon.
Russell: Gonna see her sister here in D.C. and then drive up to New York City.
Customs Agent: Mmm. Welcome back to the United States.
[ The Customs Agent stamps a passport ]

[ Angela gets out of a car and hurries into a medical building. She is met by two men in green surgical outfits ]
Surgeon: You look like you’re about ready to pop. Any problems on the way?
Angela: None. Just get it out.
[ MONITOR BEEPING ] [ Angela lies down on a surgical table. A mask is put over her face. The surgeon slices into her abdomen and removes – a large, pliable plastic container. He cuts through the thick plastic and takes out a packet which he opens. It is full of large, clear crystals. He holds one up to the light and makes a phone call ] [ KEYPAD BEEPING ] [ RINGING ]
Surgeon: Sarkany. Hey. It’s a boy.
[ Marko Jankowics (aka Sarkany) walks up the staircase of a large mansion ]
Marko Jankowics: Another flawless delivery. I’ll celebrate tonight. Like a proud papa. [ CHUCKLES ]

[ Red sits on the floor of his cell at Colton Prison while Vontae Jones, his young acolyte, stands watch. Red has rigged a broken pipe with a string system for exchanging messages and contraband with Dembe ]
Red: [ GRUNTS SOFTLY as he pulls a packet through the pipe ]
[ Red unwraps the packet; it contains a burner phone ]
[ Red makes a call ] [ KEYPAD BEEPING ]
Dembe: [ On phone ] Raymond.
Red: I got your message. What’s the news?
Dembe: Dr. Nikkila’s files. I got an address to where the stuff was sent.
Red: An address, not a name?
Dembe: Michael Falkirk. An alias. But I have an address in London.
Red: You need to go there.
Dembe: What do you want me to do with him?
Red: Nothing, not until we know what he plans to do with the toxin. I’d love to have something to trade the government in exchange for my freedom.
Dembe: Will the target be that important?
Vontae: [ HUSHED ] Guards!
Red: [ To Dembe ] I have to go.
[ INDISTINCT SHOUTING ] [ Guards run, locking cells, while fighting between inmates erupts ]
[ SHOUTING, PUNCHES LANDING ] [ Red and Dembe watch ]
Vontae: Things are getting worse. You just watch. We’re gonna have a riot in here.

[ Liz’s living room. Liz slaps down photos of a blonde woman on the coffee table ]
Liz: I found her. Marguerite Renard. The nurse who used to work for Dr. Koehler walking her dog in an upscale neighborhood no nurse practitioner could possibly afford.
Lilly/Jennifer: Did you talk to her?
Liz: She used to help criminals get new identities. I doubt she wants to chat about it with a perfect stranger, especially one who works for the FBI.
Lilly: Okay. So what do we do?
Liz: Well, since we can’t go to the Bureau, we got to get her ourselves, get her to talk.
Lilly: You mean like kidnap her?
Liz: She was in the room when the man we know as Reddington changed his face.
Lilly: That’s what you mean. You mean, like, physically get her.
Liz: She knows who he was. She knows everything.
Lilly: That’s crazy! I can’t- I can’t do that!
Liz: You got to remember why we’re doing this. We had a plan, and it is working. Sideline Reddington so we can get to the truth. Marguerite Renard has the answers. Our answers.
Lilly: Okay. So what do I have to do?
Liz: Nothing. I’ll handle it. All you got to do is drive.

Warden Macatee: I think maybe you and I got off on the wrong foot.
Red: You think?
Warden Macatee: Since then, I feel I’ve been quite accommodating. In exchange, I’m hoping you might accommodate me.
Red: Is this connected, perhaps, to that little dust-up earlier?
Warden Macatee: We got a potential war brewing. A situation between two rival groups.
Red: You say “groups,” but you mean gangs.
Warden Macatee: One’s a motorcycle club. Runs drugs between New York and Baltimore. They call themselves “The Cyclops.”
Red: How unfortunate.
Warden Macatee: One of their young members, Oscar Sandoval, did some gambling with a soldier from a group of southern inmates called the Rock River Crew–
Red: What’s the plural of Cyclops anyway? “Cyclopses”? Or is it like “deer”? Singular and plural? Not to mention a cyclops is an epically tragic figure. Blinded by the hero with some flaming stick. Homer, Euripides?
Warden Macatee: Unfortunately, the Rock River soldier refused to pay his debt.
Red: So the winner is forced to punish the infraction or risk making his own gang look weak.
Warden Macatee: If someone doesn’t mediate, more people are gonna die.
Red: I’d like to help, but as you can see, I’m preparing for trial. So–
Warden Macatee: I’m letting you listen to this crap and take books out of the law library, all this nice stuff. You need to make a call for peace. Those groups, they respect you.
Red: I’m respected because I mind my own business, and I intend to keep it that way.
Warden Macatee: Fine. But – [ MUSIC STOPS ] if you’re not gonna give [ CLEARS THROAT ] you’re not gonna get.
Warden Macatee: I feel I think better in the silence. Don’t you?

[ It’s dark ] [ ENGINE IDLING ] [ Liz and Lilly are parked near Marguerite Renard’s apartment ]
Liz: You okay?
Lilly: I will be. When it’s over.
Liz: We’re just gonna talk to her.
[ Marguerite Renard is walking her dog. Liz walks up to her ]
Liz: Excuse me. We’re looking for 95 North?
Marguerite Renard: Oh, go up to Fort Avenue and make a right and then a left on Hanover–
[ Liz pushes Marguerite Renard into the car ]
Liz: Get in.
Marguerite Renard: What is this? Who are you?! Where are you taking me?!
Liz: Drive.
[ TIRES SQUEALING ] [ The car takes off but is blocked by a van. Men get out ]
Bodyguard: Out!
– What the hell is happening?
Bodyguard: Out of the van! Now!
[ A bodyguard smashes one of the car windows ⚡️and pulls Lilly out and into the van ] [ SCREAMING ]
[ Marguerite Renard also gets into the van ]
[ Liz struggles with another bodyguard until she is able to shoot him ] [ GUNSHOT 💥 ] [ TIRES SQUEAL as the van leaves ]

[ Liz knocks on Ressler’s door. There is blood on her hands ] [ The door opens ]
Ressler: Keen.
Liz: I need to show you something.
[ Ressler sees the blood on Liz’s hands ]
Ressler: Jesus. Are you all right?
Liz: It’s not mine, but I am in trouble. Will you come outside?
[ Hannah appears from inside Ressler’s apartment ]
Hannah: Don. Who is it?
Ressler: Uh- Hannah, Liz. Uh, Liz is my partner.
[ Hannah sees Liz’s hands )
Hannah: Oh, my God.
Ressler: It’s okay.
Hannah: “It’s okay”? She’s covered in blood.
Ressler: I-It’s not hers, though.
Hannah: It’s someone else’s blood?
Liz: I shouldn’t have come, so –
Ressler: No, no, no, no. It’s fine. Liz has to show me something outside. It’s just gonna be a minute.
Liz: It’s gonna take longer than that.
Ressler: Let me get my jacket. [ To Hannah ] I’ll be back as soon as I can.
Hannah: Okay, uh, just– Be careful.
[ Door closes ]
Ressler: Keen, what’s going on?
Liz: First of all, I got a stolen van parked downstairs.
Ressler: Okay, that’s not so bad.
Liz: Yeah, well, the thing is – there’s a dead body inside the stolen van.

[ Liz and Ressler talk in a vehicle ]
Ressler: I’m sorry. I’m just I’m trying to run my head around all this. So Reddington’s not Reddington. He’s –
Liz: An imposter.
Ressler: – Who you turned in. I mean, he’s in prison, facing the death penalty because of you.
Liz: If I had gone to the FBI, then he would have found out that Jennifer and I know.
Ressler: And you’re sure he hasn’t?
Liz: The only thing I’m sure of is that he’ll do anything to keep anyone from knowing the truth. Remember Hans Koehler?
Ressler: Sure, the plastic surgeon to the criminal elite.
Liz: He’s the one who transformed the imposter into Reddington, and by giving us that case, Reddington got ahold of Koehler’s files.
Ressler: Which he gave to us.
Liz: Yes. Every file except his.
Ressler: And all of this connects to the dead guy in the van how?
Liz: Jennifer and I were able to track down Koehler’s nurse, the one person who may know the truth, and by the time we got to her, we were attacked by two armed guards. One of them took the nurse and Jennifer, and the other one’s in the back.
Ressler: So the bones in that duffel bag, the truth that Kaplan knew, the one that got Tom killed – is that Reddington’s an imposter.
Liz: Yes. He stole my father’s identity, ruined his name, and lied to me about who he really was. All I want to know is the truth, but in trying to find it, I lost my sister.
Ressler: We’ll find her.
Liz: How?
Ressler: Same way we always do. [ GRUNTS ] [ Takes fingerprints from the body ] Evidence.

[ It’s still night, but Red and Liz are at the Post Office ]
[ Ressler watches a computer screen as fingerprints roll by RAPID BEEPING ]
[ Liz walks up ]
Liz: Jennifer’s on a plane.
Ressler: How do you know that?
Liz: I was tracking her cellphone, and the signal died at around 21,000 feet, headed north over Vermont.
Ressler: That’s good. At least we know she’s probably alive.
Liz: I’m pulling the flight plans for every private plane that left BWI, Martin State, and Tipton over the last few hours.
Ressler: This nurse, the one who worked with Reddington’s surgeon –
Liz: Marguerite Renard.
Ressler: You said that she had guards on her. You think that was Reddington?
Liz: I don’t think so. If he suspected me, I’d have known.
Ressler: But you don’t think that he knows that you suspect him? [ COMPUTER BEEPS ] Maybe he didn’t. Check this out. Our dead guard – Tristan Benedek. Thirty, Hungarian. According to his rap sheet and the Bureau file, he’s a known associate of Marko Jankowics. A few years ago, there was a joint DEA/Bureau task force dedicated to Jankowics. They never caught him. He specializes in LSD. Pure crystals. One gram has a street value of almost $15,000. That’s $7 million a pound.
Liz: And Jankowics is also Hungarian?
Ressler: LSD is not easy to make. You have to have access to a type of fungus called ergot alkaloid, which, in the U.S., is nearly impossible to buy. But in Eastern Europe, the restrictions are a lot looser. And according to this, our best intel says he ships to Canada, more than likely Montreal, and then he gets it across the border with mules.
Liz: It says here he’s also known as “Sarkany,” some kind of multi-headed dragon in Hungarian folklore.

[ In Marko Jankowic’s mansion, Lilly (Jennifer) sits tied to a chair. Her face is bruised ] [ SOBBING, BREATHING HEAVILY ] [ Jankowic sits in a chair in front of Lilly ]
Jankowics: Who are you? Surely you won’t withhold a first name. One wave of my hand, and my men will have you begging to tell me your life story.
Lilly: [ BREATHING HEAVILY ] My name– My name is Jennifer.
Jankowics: Who do you work for, Jennifer? It’s not DEA.
Lilly: I don’t know anything. I swear to God. I don’t know anything.
Jankowics: You’re better off staying silent than lying to me.
Lilly: I’m not an agent. I swear.
Jankowics: The woman who has my man – what is her name?
Jankowics: You don’t have to tell me.
[ Jankowic shows that he has her cell phone ]
Lilly: [ BREATHING HEAVILY ] Oh. Oh, God.
Jankowics: I won’t believe you anyway. We have your phone that should prove very informative.
Lilly: Please! Please! I swear to God, I don’t know who you are! Whatever you do, it has nothing to do with me! I swear to God!

[ The Post Office ]
Ressler: I found the only four photos the Bureau had of Jankowics.
Liz; That’s her. Marguerite Renard.
Ressler: She’s his girlfriend.
Liz: Now we know why she was being guarded so closely.
Ressler: And how she could afford that penthouse apartment.
Liz: When she was Koehler’s nurse, she was working around some of the world’s most dangerous criminals. I guess she likes the type. Now what?
Ressler: Well, if Jankowics has ties to Montreal, that’s where that jet’s headed. It’s got to be across the border. Jennifer could be anywhere.
Liz: I got to call it in, tell Cooper.
Ressler: Should have went to Cooper from the get-go, but now, uh, it’s way past that. Now you only have one move left.
Liz: Go to Reddington?
Ressler: He’s gonna want to help. Jennifer’s his daughter.
Liz: Jennifer is not his daughter, because he isn’t Raymond Reddington.
Ressler: Well, whoever he is, he runs a criminal empire, and if anyone can find Jennifer, it’s Reddington.
Liz: [ SCOFFS ] What am I gonna say? I can’t tell him the truth.
Ressler: Lie. You’ve been doing it for months, and no one’s the wiser.
Liz: Well, I’ll take that as a compliment.
Ressler: Look, Reddington may not be your father, but he cares about you. You ask him for help, he’ll give it.

[ Colton Prison. Red is sleeping ]
Guard: Reddington! You got a visitor.
Red: Thank you.
[ Red sits down across a table from Liz in the visitors area ]
Red: I have no earthly idea what would bring you here at 3:00 a.m., but I was in the midst of a glorious dream with two mermaids, a sea cucumber, and an octopus.
Liz: I need your help.
Red: What’s wrong?
Liz: It’s Jennifer. She’s been taken. Jennifer was kidnapped by guards working for a man named Marko Jankowics.
Red: I didn’t realize you and Jennifer were still in contact.
Liz: We’re not. I hadn’t heard from her in months, and then she called me last night, crying. I could barely understand what she was saying, something about being scared and on the run.
Red: From a drug dealer like Sarkany?
Liz: You know him?
Red: Does Jennifer use drugs?
Liz: I don’t know. She said she was stranded in Federal Hill in Baltimore. She hadn’t even started thanking me for picking her up, and SUVs blocked my car and two armed guards got out. I killed one, but by the time I had, Jennifer was gone. And the print from the guard I shot showed that he was muscle for Jankowics.
Red: What are you not telling me?
Liz: Nothing. That’s all I know.
Red: Sarkany is an Eastern European purveyor of LSD. Even if she was using something, Jennifer would not be worth the time and effort to get nabbed. There must be more to the story.
Liz: If there is, I don’t know it.
Red: I generally practice willful ignorance when it comes to the drug trade. On the other hand, this place is crawling with inmates who don’t share my reservations. I’ll ask around.
Liz: You think they’ll know where to find him, – how to reach him?
Red: I hope so, for Jennifer’s sake, as well as my own. I’m having a bit of a tug-of-war with the warden over Beethoven’s violin sonatas. This might be just what I need to return the maestro to his rightful place.

Warden Macatee: The sun isn’t up. This better be good.
Red: I’ve decided our interests are aligned.
Warden Macatee: I thought you might.
Red: Oscar Sandoval. Maybe a meeting in the mess hall.
Warden Macatee: Right now?
Red: Well, I’d just hate to have the day get away from us.
Oscar Sandoval. Is this about the money?
Red: In part, yes. As I understand it, your brothers aren’t being very brotherly toward you.
Sandoval: They sent you? That what this is?
Red: You know who I am.
Sandoval: To warn me I gotta kill Salinas for not paying what he owes? Well, let me tell you what I told my brothers. I sling. 🔘 [See Note] I’ve been doing it a long time. But ending a dude? I got two years left on a six bid. I want to do my time and get out. I want a life, a family. But if I kill Salinas, I’m never walking out of here.
Red: It’s a simple question. Do you know who I am?
Sandoval: Everyone knows.
Red: No one sends me anywhere. As I said, I’m here in part because of your problem, but also because that I have a problem of my own. You help me solve mine, and I’ll help you solve yours.
Sandoval: You’re gonna help me?
Red: Talk to a few of the managerial members of your group. Help me to find the man they call Sarkany. My information puts members of his organization in Federal Hill in Baltimore. Maybe someone you know can pick up the trail from there.

[ Marko Jankowics’s mansion ]
Lilly: [ GASPING ]
Jankowics: I told you not to lie to me.
Lilly: I didn’t.
Jankowics: I traced your phone to an Elizabeth Keen. She’s FBI.
Lilly: She is an agent. I’m not. We’re sisters. We’re looking for information about Raymond Reddington.
Jankowics: Why?
Lilly: Because he’s our father.
Jankowics: Reddington’s in jail. The Bureau is not looking for him anymore.
Lilly: We were looking for information about who he was before your girlfriend helped change his identity. She was a nurse working for a plastic surgeon named Hans Koehler.
Jankowics: My girlfriend? No. You’ve got the wrong lady.
Lilly: No, it’s her. She helped him with a number of surgeries.
Jankowics: Stop lying to me!
Lilly: [ INHALES SHARPLY ] I’m not. But it seems your girlfriend has.
[ Jankowic slugs ⚡️ Lilly in the face ] [ SCREAMS ]

[ Colton Prison ]
Sandoval: Sarkany owns a place in Federal Hill, but he doesn’t live there.
Red: Who does?
Sandoval: His woman.
Red: Who’s she?
Sandoval: French lady. Fancy French name. Margor–
Red: Marguerite. Marguerite what?
Sandoval: Rennerd? Renard.
Red: What else did you find out?
Sandoval: If I solve your problem, how do I know you’re gonna solve mine?
Red: Because based on what you’ve already told me, I’m deeper in your debt than you could ever be in mine.

[ Dembe scales the emergency stairs to Michael Falkirk‘s apartment in London, He enters through a window ] [ He turns on the computer ] [ COMPUTER BEEPS ] but it requires a password. He is photographing the files on the desk – CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKING – when Falkirk jumps him. They wrestle. A gun goes off ] [ GUNSHOT💥 ] [ Falkirk is hit in the leg SCREAMS ] [ Falkirk escapes ]

[ Dembe is flying back from London in Red’s jet ]
Dembe: I photographed his files. There was a Blockchain Wallet ID. I sent it to Tadashi. He accessed the account. Five million was sent to Axion Cryptosolutions.
Red: He’s converting the cash to untraceable cryptocurrency.
Dembe: I can look into the company.
Red: Later. I have something more urgent for you to handle.
Dembe: More urgent than finding a way to restore your immunity agreement?
Red: Elizabeth knows. She knows I was once someone else. She doesn’t know who, but she is looking for someone who can tell her. Marguerite Renard. We need to get to Renard before she does.
Dembe: How does she learn about Renard?
Red: I don’t know. And we don’t have time to find out, because after I tell you how to locate Renard, I’m also gonna tell Elizabeth.
Dembe: Why would you do that?
Red: Because she’s looking for her sister, Jennifer, who was kidnapped and possibly taken to a place where Renard is located. Telling Elizabeth may be the only way to save Jennifer’s life.
Dembe: You’re doing the right thing.
Red: That may be. You just get to Renard first so I don’t regret it.

[ Prison BUZZER SOUNDS ] [ Red talks to Liz across a visitors table ]
Red: To find Jankowics, you’ll have to start with one of his couriers. I’m told she’s a young woman, white, with red hair.
Liz: Where can I find her?
Red: She’s arriving later today at Dulles on a plane registered to FarTide Holdings coming from Montreal.

[ Dulles Airport ]
[ Customs agent stamps Alexandra Ivers’s passport ] [ STAMP CLICKS ]
Liz: There. Two o’clock.
Ressler: Excuse me. Miss?!
Liz: Ma’am?
[ Trying to hurry away, Alexandra trips and falls ] [ GASPS ]
[ Ressler and Liz catch up. Liz helps Alexandra up ]
Alexandra: It’s okay. It’s fine.
Ressler: Agents Ressler, Keen, FBI.
Liz: We have to ask you a few questions, but before we do, I need to make sure you’re okay.
Alexandra: I’m fine.
Liz: How far along are you?
Alexandra: I said I’m fine.
Ressler: In that case, you’re under arrest.

[ Ressler and Liz take Alexandra to Ressler’s apartment ]
Alexandra: Wha– W-What is this place? Where are we?
Liz: Sit down.
[ Alexandra sits heavily ] [ GRUNTS ]
Alexandra: Who are you? – [ BREATHING HEAVILY ] You’re not the FBI. Where’s your arrest warrant? Why are we in some apartment?
Liz: Jankowics. I need you to tell me where he is.
Ressler: Come on. Answer the question.
[ DOOR OPENS ] [ Hannah enters ]
Hannah: Hey, I thought that was your car. I thought I would bring you lunch, make sure you’re o–
Ressler: Hey.
Hannah: Oh, I’m sorry.
Ressler: It’s okay.
Hannah: Obviously, it’s a bad time. I shouldn’t–
Ressler: No, no, I can explain.
Alexandra: Uh [ GROANS ]
Liz: What is it? Is it the baby?
Alexandra: It’s not the baby. The baby’s fine.
Hannah: Why do you have a pregnant woman zip-tied in a chair?
Ressler: Hannah, it’s, uh, work. Uh, my job.
Hannah: I’m not stupid, Don. Whatever that is, I’m pretty sure you’re not that is not in the Bureau manual.
Liz: [ To Alexandra ] Jankowics. The one they call Sarkany. He’s holding someone, a woman named Jennifer.
Ressler: [ To Hannah ] It’s not what you might think it is.
Hannah: Oh, really? ‘Cause what I think is I should call the police.
Alexandra: [ To Liz ] Look, I don’t know who you think I am. I’m a grad student at[–
Liz: Yeah, right. You’re not a grad student. [ Reads ID ] “Alexandra Ivers.” You were sent to deliver Sarkany’s product.
Ressler: This woman has information, and if we get it, we could save someone’s life. That’s what this is.
Liz: Your boss is holding my sister, my family. If anything happens to her–
Alexandra: You’ll what? You’ve got nothing. I lawyer up, I’ll be released on my own recognizance before you can spell “ROR.”
Liz: Oh, yeah, you sound like the average student to me. SAY CHEESE. [ Takes photo ]
Hannah: Whatever you say, you’re still interrogating a pregnant woman in the living room.
Ressler: I’m not interrogating a pregnant woman. I’m interrogating a witness in the living room.
Hannah: [ SCOFFS ] Deal with whatever you’re dealing with and call me when it’s over.
Liz: There’s only one number saved to speed dial. It’s got to be his, right? If Sarkany trusts her to make deals, he’ll probably trade her for Jennifer. Hey. She’ll be okay.
Ressler: She’s definitely not gonna be okay. Let’s talk about this trade.

[ A guard leads Marguerite Renard into the living room by the arm where Marko Jankowics is waiting with Lilly. Lilly has been severely beaten, one eye swollen shut ]
Marguerite: Get your hands off of me! Marko, what is going on? Who is she? Did she tell you why they tried to take me?
Jankowics: Did you ever work for Hans Koehler?
Marguerite: [ Frightened ] Yes. I-It w- It was a lifetime ago.
Lilly: Then you know about Reddington. His client. Who he was before.
Marguerite: How did you find me?
Jankowics: She didn’t find you. The FBI did. Which means they found me, too.
Marguerite: Uh-
Jankowics: It’s Alexandra. You better hope the FBI didn’t find her, too.
[ He walks away to take the call ] [ FOOTSTEPS DEPART ]
Marguerite: [ To Lilly ] I never spoke to Mr. Reddington. Or the woman who arranged for him to have the procedure.
Lilly: A woman? What woman?
Marguerite: Some Russian. I don’t know her name.
Lilly: W-Was it Katarina Rostova? Was that it? Was it Katarina Rostova who took Reddington to Dr. Koehler?

Jankowics: [ On phone ] Alexandra.
Ressler: Alexandra can’t come to the phone right now. She’s been arrested.
Jankowics: Who is this?
Ressler: You took a friend of mine, I took one of yours. Now I’m calling to suggest a trade.
Liz: [ To Alexandra ] You’re burning up. Something’s wrong. We got to get you to the hospital. You’re probably going into labor.
Alexandra: It’s not the baby.
Liz: You don’t know that.
Alexandra: There is no baby.
Liz: [ GASPS ] Oh, my God. You’re not carrying a child. You’re carrying drugs?!
Alexandra: I fell at the airport. I think maybe– [ GRUNTING ] Maybe the package ruptured.
Liz: You’re overdosing.
Ressler: Okay, a vacant lot. Yeah. No, we’ll find it.
Liz: [ From across the room ] Ressler!
Ressler: All right. Put Jennifer on the phone.
Jankowics: I don’t think so.
Ressler: That’s a deal-breaker.
Alexandra: Get it out of me. Get it out now.
Liz: I’ll call 911.
Alexandra: Listen, lady! I am carrying 8 pounds of LSD. That is 10 million doses, maybe more. I’ll be dead before EMTs arrive. You need to cut it out.
Liz: Absolutely not.
Alexandra: Please! I’m gonna die!
Ressler: We’re not swapping your girl for Jennifer until we know she’s alive.
Jankowics: [ On phone ] Trust me, my friend, she’s alive.
Liz: Ressler, you need to get in here now!
[ Ressler rushes over ]
Ressler: What the hell’s going on? Is she having the baby?
Alexandra: Open the stitches and [ GASPS ] pull it out.
Liz: Pull what out?
Alexandra: It’s a plastic bladder.
Ressler: What’s going on?
Liz: She’s OD’ing. They implanted a prosthetic. It ruptured. You gotta get it out.
Alexandra: [ GASPING ] [ VOMITS ]
Ressler: All right. Hold her down. Hold her down.
[ He cuts into her abdomen ]
Ressler: Come on, come on. Hang on.
Alexandra: [ GROANING ]
Ressler: Okay. All right. Okay. Hang on.
Alexandra: [ GROANS ]
[ Ressler pulls out the package ]
Ressler: Okay.
Liz: Okay.
Alexandra: [ GASPING ]
Dispatcher: 911. What’s your emergency? Hello? Hello? Are you there?
[ Alexandra has gone limp. Ressler and Liz exchange bummed out looks ]

[ Colton Prison dining room ]
Vontae: Okay, he’s coming over here. Now, don’t ask me how he pulled it off.
Red: How’d you pull it off?
Vega: Cost me three bags of Red Vines.
Vontae: The point is he’s coming, and I told him you were cool, so, you know – be cool.
Red: Thank you, Vontae. Vega.
Anton Wyndham: You asked to see me.
Red: I did. I understand you’re the Grand Poobah of Rock River.
Wyndham: If you want something, it’s best to spit it out.
Red: This ugliness between your boys and the dreadfully named motorcycle boys – I need that to stop.
Wyndham: That’s got nothing to do with you.
Red: Vontae here says you’re a reasonable man. No doubt that’s why you’ve risen to the highest rank in your organization. So your decision to support your soldier who’s refused to pay a legitimate debt is confounding. Your man owes money. I want him to pay it.
Wyndham: I’ll see what I can do. Smart kid.
Red: Very.

[ Ressler and Liz wait in a vehicle for Jankowics. Alexandra’s lifeless body is in the back ]
Ressler: There was nothing else we could have done.
Liz: Only a monster would use a woman like that. That monster has Jennifer.
Ressler: We have $50 million worth of his product. He’ll give us Jennifer to get it back.
Liz: Tell me about Hannah.
Ressler: Don’t worry, Keen. You didn’t come between me and true love – even if you brought over a dead guy and a fake-pregnant, convulsing drug mule.
Liz: She had a key to your apartment. It seemed pretty serious.
Ressler: We chased Reddington for a decade, and not only didn’t I catch him, but now I know that it wasn’t even really him that I was chasing. So things aren’t always as they seem.
Liz: Tell me about it. I thought Reddington was my father. I thought Tom was just a teacher.
Ressler: I paid Hannah to be my girlfriend.
Liz: Say that again.
Ressler: She works at Alter Ego, a place that hires actors out to, uh–
Liz: Play parts, yeah. No, I remember. Brothers, sisters, brides [ GASPS ] You took her to your cousin’s wedding.
Ressler: As I recall, someone pointed out that I was pushing 40 with no real prospects.
Liz: [ CHUCKLES ] You make it sound like I said you were a loser. I distinctly remember saying that you were an amazing loser.
Ressler: [ LAUGHS ]
Liz: And I saw the way she looked at you. I mean, clearly, she saw the amazing part.
Ressler: Well, I appreciate you saying that.
Liz: That, or she was an amazing actor.

[ An SUV pulls up ]
Ressler: We’re gonna get her back.
[ Jankowics gets out. So do Ressler and Liz ]
Jankowics: I make it a habit to avoid the FBI. But I get the impression you don’t want your colleagues to know about this any more than I do.
Liz: Where’s Jennifer?
Jankowics: You have Alexandra?
Liz: There has been a situation. The prosthetic you implanted ruptured. We tried to save her life.
Jankowics: The rest of my product?
Ressler: We have it. $50 million. You’ll get it when we get Jennifer.
Jankowics: [ To his men ] Bring her.
[ Two guards bring her out. Liz and Lilly hug ]
Liz: Get in the car.
Jankowics: Get Alexandra’s body. Put it in the car.
[ Lilly SOBS ]
[ Ressler gets the package of drugs, hiding a gun underneath it ]
Jankowics: I’m a pretty good judge of character. But on the off chance that you’re planning on telling your colleagues about me, I’m afraid I can’t let that hap–
[ Jankowics fires. The LSD crystals go flying, Ressler shoots Jankowics 💥 Liz and Ressler take out the guards 💥💥💥 ]

[ INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS ] [ As Red walks toward the dining area, violence breaks out ]
[ KNIFE PLUNGES ] [ Oscar Sandoval is stabbed and falls to the floor ]
Guard: Everybody move! Down! Get down!
Red: [ To Cyclops leader Matt Quill ] What the hell did you do?
Matt Quill: We take out our own trash.
Red: I handled it. They were gonna pay. It was done.
Matt Quill: No one asked you to handle nothing. It was his job to do, and he failed. He brought disrespect. I can’t have other crews thinking they can disrespect us and get away with it. I gotta look out for all my people.
Vontae: This is nuts.
Matt Quill: [ To Vontae ] Watch yourself.
Red: No, I think you’re the one who needs to watch yourself. In fact, I’d keep all three of your eyes open. You never know when you’re gonna to run into a hero with a flaming stick.
Guard: This table. Single file! Move! – Now!
– Let’s go!
– Second table, let’s go!
– Yeah, all right.

[ Ressler loads the package of LSD into the car trunk ]
Lilly: [ To Liz ] I talked to Marguerite Renard. She refused to say anything about Reddington, but she said there was a woman who arranged the surgery.
Liz: What woman?
Lilly: A Russian. She wouldn’t confirm it.
Liz: Katarina Rostova? She was there. My mother? Why was she there?
Lilly: That doesn’t- I don’t- I don’t und- I don’t know, but this that woman, that nurse – She knew the name. I could see it in her eyes.
Liz: That doesn’t make any sense. Why would my mother help some imposter – become Raymond Reddington?
Lilly: I don’t know. But Renard does. She knows more than she’s saying. You have to get her. And I can get us there.

[ Ressler drives with Liz and Lilly to the mansion ]
Lilly: That’s it. This is the place. There were guards there before.
Liz: Not anymore.
Ressler: Word’s out on Jankowics. And this nurse, Renard, where was she?
Lilly: She was in a bedroom in the back.
Liz: Once we do this, we’ll know the truth. It’ll be over.
Ressler: All right. Let’s go.
Lilly: I never got to say thank you.
Ressler: Don’t thank me yet.
[ VEHICLE DOOR CLOSES ] [ Ressler and Liz walk toward the house ]
[ Inside the house, there is no sign of Marguerite Renard ]
Liz: Ressler? We’re too late. She’s gone.

[ Red’s cell has been nicely reappointed with fresh linens, a desk and new phonograph records ]
Warden Macatee: As I said, you accommodate me, I accommodate you.
Red: You asked me to try to stop a young man’s murder and he’s dead.
Warden Macatee: You met with Anton Wyndham, got him to do the right thing.
Red: Oscar Sandoval’s still dead.
Warden Macatee: You lost the battle – you stopped the war. In my book, that’s a win.
Red: You could prosecute his killer.
Warden Macatee: Why would I do that? Matt Quill’s already doing life with no parole.
Red: Nothing if not pragmatic. In any case, thank you for the amenities.
Warden Macatee: Is there anything else you need?
Red: As a matter of fact, there is. I’ve been considering a new work detail, maybe something in the kitchen.
Warden Macatee: Consider it done.

[ Liz’s apartment ]
Lilly: So it’s not over.
Liz: Without Jankowics, she doesn’t have the resources to run.We can find her again.
Lilly: I don’t think so.
Liz: We can do this.
Lilly: I don’t mean that. I mean me. I-I don’t think I can do this. I spent my whole life running from Reddington because I didn’t want his world bleeding into mine.
Liz: We are so close.
Lilly: Yeah, but to what? To becoming him? I was always so afraid of what he might do to me and my mother, and now I’m equally afraid of what he’s making me want to do to him.
Liz: I understand how you’re feeling. Believe me, I do. But you’re like me. You will find a way to–
Lilly: To do what? To get used to it?
Liz: I was gonna say survive.
Lilly: [ SIGHS DEEPLY ] I’m sorry, Liz. I really am.
Liz: Where are you gonna go?
Lilly: I’ve got a friend with a place on Long Island. It’s peaceful there this time of year. I could use peaceful.
[ Angus & Julia Stone’s ♪ “Paper Aeroplane” plays ]
Liz: This will end. And when it does, I’ll find you.
[ They hug ]

[ A bar at night. Hannah and Ressler sit in a booth ]
Hannah: [ SIGHS ] It’s my fault. I broke my own rule. I should never have gotten involved with a client. This really isn’t gonna work out.
Ressler: There’s a perfectly reasonable explanation.
Hannah: Mm.

♪ I spilled the ink

Ressler: I’m just not allowed to talk about it.
Hannah: [ CHUCKLES ] I know all about secrets, Don. I work for a company that creates the illusion of authentic relationships. But I– [ SIGHS ] I have all the lies I can handle in my work life.

♪ It won’t fly the seven seas to you

Hannah: I can’t have them in my personal life, too.

♪ ‘Cause it didn’t leave my room
But it awaits the hands of someone else
The garbage man

[ Hannah leaves Ressler’s key on the table, gets up and leaves ]

[ It’s early Monday morning. At the Post Office, Liz and Ressler are having bagels ]
Liz: Well, that was a fun weekend. My sister left me, and your girlfriend left you.
Ressler: Well, guess we’re not as likable as we thought.
Liz: You think we’re ever gonna find that nurse?
Ressler: My gut says no, but if you want to look, I’m ready to help.

♪ Got to say, mm

[ ELECTRICITY HUMS ] [ The lights come on ] [ Aram arrives at work ]
Aram: Oh, hey. You guys got here early. Bagels. Happy Monday. Oh, my gosh. I gotta tell you a funny story. I had the craziest weekend. You are not gonna believe this. Um, hang on. Are these gluten-free?

[ In Red’s airplane, Dembe is on the phone. Marguerite sits with her dog at the far end of the plane ]

♪ Got to say, mm

Dembe: I acquired the package.
Red: [ On phone ] Did she say anything before you got there? To Jennifer?
Dembe: Yes. That Katarina arranged the procedure. Nothing more.
Red: That’s more than enough. You know what needs to be done.
Dembe: There are alternatives.
Red: There were before, not now. Not when she mentioned Katarina. Now Elizabeth will stop at nothing. Wherever we put Renard, she’ll be found, and she’ll talk. I’d do it myself if I could, but I can’t, and it must be done.
Dembe: I understand.

[ Willis Earl Beal’s ♪ “Too Dry To Cry” Plays ]
[ Dembe walks to the other end of the plane, scratches the dog’s head and sits down ]
Dembe: [ INHALES DEEPLY ] [ SIGHS, smiles pleasantly ] Have you ever been to Scotland?
Marguerite: No. But I’ve always wanted to go.
Dembe: It’s a beautiful place to be.

[ Red stirs soup in the kitchen at Colton prison ]

♪ Tweed jacket, trucker hat
Cup of tea I’m just sittin’ at the table
Thinkin’ about me
Like a tearless drone
I am the deep down clown
You better throw me a bone

[ Matt Quill gets up to get something to drink from the self-service counter ]

♪ ‘Cause I know
Don’t leave me hangin’ like a spider with no fly

Red: I don’t know where the hell Dell is. I’m gonna go wipe down his tables.
[ Red grabs a bucket of water and towel ]

♪ I’m too dry to cry, no, no
Don’t leave me hangin’ like a spider with no fly

[ Red walks up behind Matt Quill. He quietly plunges a meat thermometer into his chest and walks away. Quill falls to the floor. Other inmates gather around Quill. Red has moved on, wiping down tables ]

♪ ‘Cause I’ve been bangin’ on the walls
‘Cause I’m too dry to cry, oh, no, no
No no
Don’t leave me hanging
Ow no
Don’t leave me hanging
No no
Don’t leave me hanging
Ow no
Don’t leave me hanging
No no (fade out)

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༺✦ ♤ ✦༻


Episode Songs


♫ Paper Aeroplane
By Angus and Julia Stone

♪ I spilled the ink across the page trying to spell your name
So I fold it up and I flick it out
Paper Aeroplane
It wont fly the seven seas to you
Cause it didnt leave my room
But it awaits the hands of someone else
The garbage man

♪ Got to say mmm mmm mmm [x2]

♪ So he opens it up and reads it out to all his friends
Amongst the crowd a heart will break and a heart will mend
He walks on home tired from work
The letter falls from his hand
He reaches out only to catch the sky
Its gone with the wind

♪ Got to say mmm mmm mmm [x2]

♪ I spilled the ink across the land
Trying to spell your name
Up and down there it goes
Paper Aeroplane
It hasnt flown the seven seas to you
But its on its way
It goes through the hands
Then to someone else
To find you girl

♪ Got to say mmm mmm mmm [x2]
Got to say mmm

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2ThFkHG
YouTube: https://youtu.be/Ly0fz0T_lQE


♫ Too Dry To Cry
By Willis Earl Beal

[Verse 1]
♪ Tweed jacket, trucker hat, cup of tea
I’m just sitting at the table thinking about me
With my moccasins on and waiting by my phone
With my half-masked eyes like a tear-less drone
I am the deep down clown, you better throw me a bone
Cause I’ll be making that sound, when they leave me alone
With the pots and pans, my voice and my hands
And my spoon drumstick, with this innocuous trance
You got to give me a chance to advance this romance
So when I pick out my ‘fro I have a place I can go
No no, don’t leave me hanging like a spider with no fly
Cause I’ve been banging on the walls cause I’m too dry to cry

[Verse 2]
♪ Photocopied Xerox pictures of dames
With two dimensional faces make me feel ashamed
So I keep ’em tucked away in a folder that’s red
But I don’t need to look at them, cause they’re stuck in my head
They’re what I sniff when I tell you to come right along
In my one-room shack, you know we can’t go wrong
I got nine hard inches like a pitchfork prong
So honey lift up your dress and help me sing this song
[Hook x2]
No no
Ow no
Don’t leave me hanging (repeat, fade out)

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2T8tD62
YouTube: https://youtu.be/JmBayI4VKBU

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❌❌❌ End 6:8 Marko Jankowics


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🔴 Script 6:9 Minister D (№ 99)

Program air date: 2/22/2019 in the US (7pm CT) [ Second of Two Episodes ]
Script Permalink: https://wp.me/pDKwi-99J
Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/2Tdlmhf

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Directed by: Michael Caracciolo
Written by: Noah Schechter, Jonathan Shapiro



⭕ Script 6:9 Minister D (№ 99)


Brief (Where we’re at): Liz and Lilly (Jennifer), determined to find Marguerite Renard, the nurse for Dr Hans Koehler (Blacklister #33) at the time Red’s identity was changed to that of Raymond Reddington, discovered more than they were looking for. They stumbled into an LSD-trafficking ring run by Marko Jankowics (Blacklister #58). Jankowics used young women as drug mules by having large quantities of the drug sewn into their abdomens, thus mimicing pregnancy. In a fudged attempt to abduct Marguerite, the drug ring took Lilly captive instead. Though beaten mercilessly by Jankowics, Lilly was able to find out from Marguerite that although she did not know Red’s true identity, that his surgery had been set up by a Russian woman, very likely Katarina Rostova.

Liz turned to Red for help finding Jankowics in order to save Jennifer. In the process of asking inmates in Colton Prison (where he is still awaiting trial), Red too found that out that Jankowics’s girlfriend was Marguerite Renard, so now Red knows for certain that Liz is trying to find out about his past. In order to save Lilly, Liz also turned to Ressler and confided in him the fact that Red is not the real Raymond Reddington, but an imposter. Ressler and Liz were able to rescue Lilly on a tip from Red and take out the drug dealers, but Dembe, at Red’s direction, got to Marguerite before she could spill any more beans and, one way or another, Marguerite is unlikely to be heard from again.

After being rescued, a nerve-wracked Lilly decided she had had enough of the wild life and headed off for a quieter existence on Long Island, leaving Liz and her new co-conspirator Ressler to continue to pursue the secrets of Red’s past. Oh. Did I mention that Red ended a gang war inside the prison? There’s also that.

[ In a room lined with shelf upon shelf of archived audio tapes, a man works a complex array of 1980s-era recording equipment, including a switchboard, moving tape drives and a manual typewriter. The man has a deep, irregular scar on his left cheek. He moves quickly between recorded conversations ]

Paul: No. This is ridiculous. Just come home.
Deborah: I called a lawyer, Paul. He said we shouldn’t be talking.
Paul: A lawyer? No, Deb. I’m sorry.
Deborah: I know you’re sorry, Paul.

Woman: Mrs. Evans? This is Wendy from E.I.C.Trust. I’m following up on our previous conversation. Good news. It appears you are not overdrawn.

Woman #2: Over my dead body, Susan.
Susan: [ SIGHS ] Mom, it’s a retirement community.
Woman #2: I’m not gonna play bingo all day just to have someone wipe my–

Woman #3: a fever and won’t be able to go on the–


Children: Hi, Grandpa!
Man: Oh, hey, there, lovelies.

WOMAN #4: Afternoon. Do you have time to take a li–

Mikela: Hey, I got your message. Is it true?
Peter: Yeah. Came today. $2.2 million. I’ve never seen a check that big.
Mikela: [ SIGHS ] Then it’s done, right? This is great. We should celebrate.
Peter: No, no. Not yet. Uh, listen, I think we might have a situation.
Mikela: What situation?
Peter: It’s about the body.

[ The man with the scarred face leans forward ]
[ Red’s holding cell at the federal courthouse in NYC ] [ Red is also listening to a recorded conversation ]
Red: Play it again.
[ Dembe is in a car. He holds a recorder up to his phone ]

[ BEEP ]
Operator: 911. What’s your emergency?
Woman: I saw a man with a gun! On West Fourth near the Red Brau Tavern.
Operator: Can you describe him?
Woman: White guy in his 50s. He’s wearing a suit. Tan suit and a hat.

Dembe: Our contact in the department says the caller didn’t identify herself.
Red: Someone identified me to the caller. We both know who and why.
Dembe: You have no proof it was Elizabeth.
Red: No. And I hope I’m wrong, but she’s hunting for my past. And putting me here makes it more likely she’ll find it.
Dembe: Raymond, you’re facing the death penalty. She would never put you in that position.
Red: Try to identify the person on the tape. And please reach out to the Task Force. I have a case.

[ Liz visits Red in his holding cell ]
Liz: Minister D?
Red: A serial blackmailer. He takes his name from the villain in Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Purloined Letter.” However, unlike his namesake, this man’s never been identified.
Liz: Why now? Today of all days?
Red: Because I’m innocent. And he can prove it.
Liz: How?
Red: The explanation will be obvious once you’ve found him. But as my trial begins within the hour, I’d appreciate it if you would investigate now and ask questions later.
Liz: You say this Minister D can prove your innocence. Can he also prove who’s guilty?
Red: Yes.
Liz: So you know who the real traitor is?
Red: Someone I trusted. As is the traitor who turned me in to the police.
Liz: Have you found out who that is yet?
Red: Someone close. Traitors always are.
Liz: Tell me about Minister D.

[ The Post Office ]
LIz: According to Reddington, Minister D gathers incriminating information and then uses it to extort people. In 2004, he discovered an insider trading scheme and used the information to extort $4 million from a pair of traders at Koji Analytics. Six years ago, he blackmailed Senator Constance Holsted after finding proof of a kickback scheme between the senator’s husband and a major real estate developer.
[ Minister D listens and types on an old-fashioned manual typewriter ]

Peter: It’s about the body.
Mikela: What are you talking about? Where we put it isn’t safe.

Cooper: Did Reddington say how Minister D collects his intel?
Liz: No. But he made it seem as if he has compromising information on just about everyone.
Samar: Which is why Reddington brought us the case.
Aram: What do you mean?
Samar: Minister D gathers information to extort people. With Reddington about to go to trial, it stands to reason that he wants to extort members of the jury or the judge. Maybe he thinks the Minister can help with that.
Ressler: It’s a risky move if he believes he’s innocent.
Samar: Which we all know he’s not.
Ressler: Do we?
Samar: You think Reddington is innocent?
Ressler: I think this guy could be.
Samar: This “guy”?
Liz: I think what Ressler is trying to say–
Samar: Yes, please translate.
Liz: –is, we won’t know the truth until we find the Minister.
Cooper: Did Reddington give any indication where to start?
Liz: Yes. With Sayantan Shah.
Cooper: The Taxi Tycoon?
Liz: In 2006, Reddington loaned him money to pay off a blackmailer he believes was Minister D.
Cooper: Talk to Shah. See what he knows.

Sayantan Shah: He loaned me money. I paid him back. Is that a crime?
Ressler: To do business with a wanted fugitive and not report it? Yeah. That’s a whole lot of crimes.
Shah: I was being blackmailed. I didn’t have the money. What was I supposed to do? I can’t just walk into a bank.
Liz: Relax, Mr. Shah. We’re not here to arrest you.
Ressler: Or to ask you to cooperate against Mr. Reddington. We don’t need your help to make a case against him. What we do need is your help to make a case against the man who blackmailed you.
Liz: We’ll ignore your business with Raymond Reddington if you tell us about your business with Minister D.
[ A delivery man enters an office and hands an envelope to a secretary ]
Delivery man: Delivery for Peter DeReamer.
Shah: And the reasons I was being blackmailed – You’ll ignore those, too?
Ressler: Our interest is Minister D. If you help us, we’ll look past your little indiscretions.
Shah: I came to my office one day after lunch, and there was this envelope.
[ Peter DeReamer enters his office and picks up the envelope left on his desk and opens it. Inside is a typed transcript ]
Shah: Inside was a transcript of a phone call I had made detailing certain business arrangements that might have been misunderstood by my partners.
Ressler: Or the IRS.
Shah: A few days later, I get a call instructing me to deliver $400,000 in cash. That transcript was word for word. I hired a team. They found this buried in the phone lines of my apartment building.
[ Shah shows them a photo on his cell phone ]
Liz: It’s a tap. He was listening.
[ Peter DeReamer reads, in addition to the transcript, a neatly handwritten note: “I know you killed your wife” ]

[ Courtroom ]
Judge Roberta Wilkins: Good morning. Unless the parties have any last issues they wish to address, I’ll ask the clerk to bring down the jury.
Red: As you’re kind enough to inquire, I do have an issue that compels me to ask for a continuance.
Judge Wilkins: And what, pray tell, is that?
Red: A key piece of evidence has not yet materialized. I expect it to shortly. I have investigators working to locate it as we speak.
Asst US Atty Michael Sima: By “investigators,” I can only assume defense counsel means his very own team of FBI agents.
Judge Wilkins: Is that true?
Red: My cooperation agreement continues on a voluntary basis. I’ve steered the Bureau in the direction of a wanton criminal. Mr. Sima may not appreciate that an ancillary benefit of catching said criminal is that he is in possession of information that will prove my innocence, but anyone with an actual interest in the truth would, I’m sure, see a continuance as a prerequisite for a just outcome.
Sima: A just outcome would have been the defendant accepting our settlement offer of life in prison.
Judge Wilkins: The government was willing to take the death penalty off the table, and you rejected it?
Red: Yes. As any innocent man would.
Judge Wilkins: Mr. Reddington, your motion for a continuance is denied. If exculpatory evidence surfaces, you can introduce it at trial, or, if necessary, on appeal. We’ll bring the jury in for opening arguments after lunch.

[ The Post Office ]
Cooper: What do we have?
Aram: Okay, so, the device Agents Keen and Ressler identified was some kind of splitter. It duplicated the signal from Shah’s phone, sending one signal to the number Shah dialed and another to a different location.
Liz:Some sort of listening post.
Aram: Now, I couldn’t trace the calls, but we did find similar devices. [ KEYS CLACKING ] And get this – They were all monitoring landlines and cell towers operated by the VeraCom Phone Company.
Samar: According to VeraCom’s files, only a handful of individuals serviced the sites where we discovered taps.
Aram: Three joined the company after the first reported incident, one left the country to do missionary work in 2013, and another died of a heart attack just eight months ago.
Liz: Which leaves?
Samar: Elijah Bailey.
Aram: The name’s an alias. Taxes filed under a stolen Social. Engineering degrees also forged.
Ressler: What about a location?
Samar: An address in Arlington.
[ DOOR CLANKS ] [ Assistant US Attorney Sima steps out of the elevator ]
Liz: What’s he doing here?
Cooper: He’s here to see Agent Ressler. Keen, Navabi, run down that Arlington address. Ressler, come with me.

[ Cooper’s Office ]
Ressler: So, what’s this about?
Sima: I need to prep you for trial. I’m calling you as a witness.
Cooper: The work of the Task Force remains classified.
Sima: I won’t be asking about it. Back when the FBI was hunting Reddington instead of working for him, you ran point on the investigation.
Ressler: He’s on trial for acts of treason he allegedly committed long before I took over that investigation.
Sima: We all know they’re not alleged. And I wouldn’t be asking you if I had anyone else to ask, but your predecessors have all passed. You’re the ranking officer.
Cooper: Why’d you wait so long to let us know?
Sima: Because I don’t trust you. I know you’re working a case to help him at trial. You know how I know? He told us in court. Agent Ressler, once I put you under oath, your loyalty will be to the truth, not Reddington. Perjure yourself even once, and I will make sure you join your boss in prison.

[ The FBI raids Minister D’s house ]
— FBI!
— Clear!
— Clear here!
— Clear over here!
— Clear here!
[ Liz and Samar descend the basement steps to Minister D’s “studio.” They shine their flashlights on the shelves of archive audiotapes ]
Samar: [ SIGHS ] There must be 10,000 tapes in here.

[ Dembe searches for the woman who made the 911 call ] [ HORN HONKS IN DISTANCE ]
[ Loma’s ♪ “White Glass” plays ]
[ Dembe locates the payphone from which the 911 call was made ]
[ He gets out of his car and investigates on foot ]

♪ I’m a blackbird singing on a riverbank
I’m a vulture hanging in the wind

[ Dembe enters a barber shop ] [ BELLS JINGLE ]
Barber: Hey there. How you doing, papito? Need a shave?
Dembe: I’m looking for a woman. She made a call from that payphone. It was a few weeks ago. I have a date and time to check your security cameras.
Barber: Memory’s deleted every 48 hours.
Dembe: Maybe somebody saw something?
Homeless Man: Don’t know. Maybe. I ain’t seen nobody on that phone in the time I been here.
Woman: I can ask around, but no promises.
Barber: Look, man, like I told you, I don’t know anything.
Dembe: Thanks for listening.
Barber: Yeah, no problem.

[ Dembe is sitting in his car. Someone peers in the car window. Reflexively, Dembe pulls his gun and points it at the window. When he sees it is only a young homeless woman, he puts his gun down and lowers the car window ]
Homeless Woman: You the one been asking about that girl? One who made the call?
Dembe: I am. Did you see something?
Homeless Woman: If I did, what’s in it for me?
Dembe: Maybe I could pay you.
Homeless Woman: Maybe you could give me the money first. And maybe then I talk.
[ Dembe gives her a small wad of bills ]
Dembe: Did you see who made that call?
Homeless Woman: Yeah. I did it.

Liz: You cannot go to jail to protect his secret.
Ressler: Sima may not ask anything that requires me to lie.
Liz: But if he does ask you to confirm that Raymond Reddington is the defendant, – you can’t say “yes.”
Ressler: If I say “no,” if I tell the truth, he’s gonna know that we know, and he’ll do everything he can to keep us from learning his true identity.
Liz: If the only way for me to find out who he really is is for the most honest person I know to commit perjury, I don’t want to know.
Ressler: If Reddington just– If he admitted that he was the imposter, the charges would be dropped. I mean, he’s facing the death penalty, and, still, he says nothing. If he’s okay with that, so am I. Besides, I’m not that honest.
Liz: I said you were the most honest person I know. The bar’s pretty low.
Ressler: [ CHUCKLES ] Look. You deserve an answer. And I’m not gonna be the one who says something that keeps you from getting that.
[ Ressler places his hand reassuredly on Liz’s shoulder ]
Liz: But if something were to happen to you because you did that, I would never forgive myself.

[ KNOCK ON DOOR ] [ Aram enters Samar’s office ]
Aram: Hey. He uses a manual typewriter.
Samar: Mm, who does?
Aram: Our guy. The listener. Are you sitting in the dark?
Samar: I had a migraine.
Aram: Oh. I didn’t know you got migraines.
Samar: I didn’t. Before.
Aram: You okay?
Samar: [ SIGHS ] Uh, you were saying?
Aram: Right, um – anyway, have you ever used a manual typewriter? Yeah, it’s impossible. Just to make a mark, you have to slam on each key. [ Grins broadly ]
Samar: Do you have a point, or are you just being pointlessly adorable?
Aram: All right, by slamming on each key, you leave a mark on the paper and the ribbon. And after the ribbon is hit, it spools. So if you unspool it, you can see the last thing Minister D typed.
Samar: So you’re saying you know who his next target is?

[ Aram briefs the Task Force ]
Aram: The next target is Peter DeReamer, who cheated on his wife with a Mikela Pariente.
Liz: He blackmailed him over an affair? How original.
Aram: Not the affair. The insurance. $2 million in his wife’s name, which paid out when they killed her. Yesterday, Bailey recorded this.

Mikela: Hey, I got your message. Is it true?
Peter: Yeah. Came today. $2.2 million. I’ve never seen a check that big.
Mikela: [ SIGHS ] Then it’s done, right? This is great. We should celebrate.
Peter: No, no. Not yet. Uh, listen, I think we might have a situation.
Mikela: What situation?
Peter: It’s about the body.
Mikela: What are you talking about?
Peter: Where we put it isn’t safe. She could be found.

Cooper: DeReamer. Where is he?
Aram: The building manager at Mikela’s apartment saw him arrive 20 minutes ago.
Cooper: Keen, Navabi, get there. Take them both into custody. See if they can lead us to Bailey.

[ Red’s trial for treason ]
Asst US Atty Sima: Agent Ressler, did you once lead an FBI Task Force dedicated to killing or capturing Raymond Reddington?
[ Red stands ]
Red: Your Honor, I’m happy to stipulate that Agent Ressler was the FBI agent who spent the prime years of his career engaged in a futile game of whack-a-mole.
[ Ressler smirks ] [ Red sits ]
Judge Wilkins: Mr. Sima, we can dispense with the foundational questions. Proceed.
Sima: As the ranking officer on that Reddington Task Force, were you familiar with an incident that occurred involving the U.S.S. Gideon in March of 1990?
Ressler: I was. Yes. The U.S.S. Gideon was an Ohio-class submarine sunk by the Soviet Navy while on a secret mission in the Barents Sea. 134 men were on board. They all died.
Sima: You say it was a secret mission. How did the Soviet Navy find out about it?
Ressler: Because Raymond Reddington told them.
Sima: Was the defendant the only one who knew about the mission?
Ressler: Raymond Reddington was one of 16 people who were aware of it. 12 Naval officers and four CIA operatives on the Russia desk.
Sima: If 16 people were aware of the mission, how can you be sure the defendant was the informant?
Ressler: Two days before the sub was attacked, the Gideon’s captain changed course to avoid weather. The change was communicated to an intelligence officer who was assigned to the mission. He was the only one of the 16 who knew the coordinates of the sub on the day in question.
Sima: Who was that intelligence officer?
Ressler: Raymond Reddington.
Sima: So, the defendant was the only one who knew the location of the submarine. That doesn’t prove he told the Russians how to find it. Why are you so certain that he did?
Ressler: Because a secure KGB communiqué we intercepted indicated that Raymond Reddington provided the Russians with the exact coordinates where the submarine was torpedoed.
Sima: Mr. Ressler, I’m showing you a document that has previously been admitted as Government Exhibit 9. Is this the communiqué?
Ressler: It is.
Sima: Please read it for the jury.
Ressler: “Lamprey indicates target diverted. Prior intel no longer actionable. New coordinates received.” Do you want me to read the coordinates?
Sima: That won’t be necessary. Are you familiar with the code name “Lamprey”?
Ressler: Yes. “Lamprey” was the code name the KGB assigned to Raymond Reddington.
Sima: For the defendant?
Ressler: For Raymond Reddington.
Sima: And- And – Is Raymond Reddington in the courtroom today?
Ressler: —
Sima: You- Your Honor?
Judge Wilkins: Agent Ressler. The man referred to in the communiqué. Is he in this courtroom or not?
Ressler: [ Pause ] Yes, Your Honor. He is.

[ The FBI storms Mikela Pariente’s apartment ]
— FBI!
— Don’t move!
— Freeze!
Mikela: Don’t shoot!
Samar: FBI. Hands where we can see them.
Liz: Mikela Pariente, you’re under arrest for the murder of Janice DeReamer.
Samar: Peter DeReamer. Where is he?
[ Mikela motions toward the window ]
[ Liz arrests Mikela ] [ HANDCUFFS CLICK ]
Mikela: [ SIGHS ]
[ Samar pursues Peter DeReamer. He runs up the emergency escape stairs ]
Samar: FBI! Stop! Stop!
[ Peter is about to try to leap to the emergency stairs on the next door building, about 8 feet distance ]
Samar: You won’t make it!
[ Peter jumps, grabs on to the railing for a second, but can’t hold on ] [ GRUNTING ] [ SCREAMING‼️ ] [ Peter falls to his death ] [ THUD ⚠️ ] [ Samar BREATHING HEAVILY ]

[ Inside the apartment ]
Liz: We heard the tapes. We know you and Peter killed his wife and that Bailey’s blackmailing you. If you ever want to get out of prison, you’re gonna help us find him.
Mikela: He told us to put $200,000 in my purse and take it to the Harkins Museum. Wanted me to put it in a gift-shop bag and leave it near a bench at 3:20.
Liz: Okay, then. That’s exactly what you’re gonna do.

[ The courtroom. Red cross-examines Ressler ]
Red: Agent Ressler. My goodness. After all these years, I feel as if we actually know each other.
Ressler: [ CHUCKLES ] I know the feeling.
Red: Have you ever heard of Katarina Rostova?
Ressler: Yes. She was a KGB officer.
Red: Would it surprise you to learn that she and I had quite a complicated history? Sex, drugs, rock ‘n’ roll. Did I say “sex”? Sex.
Ressler: Almost nothing you do surprises me.
Red: How about that Katarina hid the fact that she was a KGB agent, stole the coordinates for the submarine U.S.S. Gideon, and passed them on to her superiors? That she, in fact, was responsible for the deaths of those brave young men?
Sima: Objection. What surprises Agent Ressler is not relevant.
Judge Wilkins: Sustained. Move on, Mr. Reddington.
Red: Agent Ressler, was I a good intelligence officer?
Ressler: Raymond Reddington was one of the best.
Red: Sorry? Raymond Reddington was?
Ressler: Yes.
Red: Hated by the KGB?
Ressler: Very much so.
Red: Would they have liked to see him disgraced?
Ressler: Definitely.
Red: Enough to forge a communiqué?
Sima: Objection. The witness cannot possibly know what the KGB would or wouldn’t do.
Judge Wilkins: Objection sustained. Move on.
Red: Mr. Sima asked you if I was a traitor. You hesitated with your answer. Why?
Ressler: What difference does it make?
Red: Is it because you’re uncertain? Or aware of mitigating circumstances that have given you a different opinion of me? About who I am today as opposed to who I once was?
Ressler: I don’t think you want me to answer that.
Red: Oh, but I do.
Judge Wilkins: I don’t. Counsel will approach. You may be excused for the moment, Agent Ressler.
[ Red comes forward ]
Judge Wilkins: [ CLEARS THROAT ] I do not like tricks played in my courtroom. Especially dirty ones.
Red: He hesitated for a reason.
Judge Wilkins: The reason is that you work together – a fact that is not admissible at this trial. Or have you forgotten that your cozy relationship with the FBI is a deep, dark, and regrettable secret?
Red: There’s something else.
Judge Wilkins: Well, I hope for your sake that it doesn’t involve Rostova. Because that fishing expedition is over.
Red: I need more time.
Judge Wilkins: Clearly. But you don’t have it.

[ Dembe gets into his car where the Homeless Woman is waiting ]
Dembe: A winter coat, a pair of warm shoes, and $3,000.
Homeless Woman: [ GASPS ] Who are you?
Dembe: It is yours whether you can help me or not.
Homeless Woman: It was a white woman. Dark hair. She didn’t give me her name. Just 100 bucks to call 911 and to say I seen a man with a gun. A man wearing a suit and hat.
[ Dembe shows her a photo of Liz ]
Dembe: Is this the woman?
Homeless Woman: That’s not her.
Dembe: Take your time. Are you sure?
Homeless Woman: She gave me 100 bucks to make a phone call. I’m never gonna forget her face. Just like I’m never gonna forget yours.

[ The courtroom ]
Sima: Please state your name and occupation.
Nuss: Lawton B. Nuss. I’m a retired forensic accountant with the FBI.
Sima: When you were with the Bureau, did you discover that the Russians paid Raymond Reddington for information leading to the sinking – of the U.S.S. Gideon?
Nuss: Yes, sir.
Red: I would object, but I so enjoy a good yarn.
Sima: Describe how the money was handled.
Nuss: A month before the incident, a corporate account was opened in a Cypriot bank known to work with Soviet intelligence. The only person with the power to withdraw funds was the company president.
Sima: And who was that?
Nuss: Raymond Reddington.
Sima: I’m sure many accounts were opened in the weeks prior to the tragedy of the Gideon. What makes you think the activity in this account was connected to it?
Nuss: Because a front company for the KGB wired $3 million into the account a day before the incident, and another $3 million the day after it. One week later, the entire amount was withdrawn.
Sima: By Reddington?
Nuss: Yes. Using fingerprints and a password.
Sima: Thank you. No further questions.
[ Red stands ]
Red: Was the withdrawal made in person?
Nuss: No. It was a wire transfer.
Red: You said the withdrawal required fingerprints and a password.
Nuss: It was done remotely.
Red: So if someone had a copy of my fingerprints and knew the password, they could have made the withdrawal, and no one at the bank, nor yourself, would have known the difference?
Nuss: I, uh, suppose that’s possible.
Red: Yes. You know what else is possible? That I was framed by Katarina Rostova, which I could prove if Your Honor would grant me even the shortest–
Judge Wilkins: All right, the court will stand in recess. During which time I will consider whether your willful disregard for my instruction suggests that while you are clearly competent to stand trial, you may be incompetent – to represent yourself.
Red: I’m innocent. How can trying to prove that suggest incompetence?
Judge Wilkins: It doesn’t. But not following the rules does. And so far, you haven’t come close to doing that. We’re back in 15.

[ At the Harkins Museum, Samar and Liz watch as Mikela Pariente walks to a bench and leaves the shopping bag with the purse inside, as instructed by Minister D. She then walks off ]
Liz: All right, she’s on the move.
[ A janitor appears pushing a cart. A baseball cap obscures his face ]
Samar: Hold on. Who’s this?
[ The janitor picks up the bag and wheels his cart to the Information Desk ]
Samar: He’s taking it to the Information Desk. Lost and found.
[ The janitor leaves the cart and exits through a door ]
Liz: The janitor. I got him.
Samar: I got the bag. Excuse me. FBI. I need to see that bag, right now. [ To Liz, over comms ] The purse is gone. The janitor has it. That’s him.
[ Liz follows the janitor but he has a lead. He stops to check the contents of the purse ]
[ 💦POP💦 ] [ Blue paint splatters all over him ]
Janitor: Aah! [ SPITS ]
[ He runs, leaving the purse behind ]

[ Liz is able to follow tracks of blue paint. A blue handprint shows her that the “Janitor” entered a men’s room ]
[ Liz goes from stall to stall, gun ready, pushing the doors in ]
[ Before she can push the last stall door, the man rushes out and attacks her. The gun is thrown free ]
[ They fight until Samar appears and slugs the “janitor” ]
“Janitor”: Aah!
Samar: [ To Liz ] Are you okay?
Liz: Uh, yeah, thanks.

[ Cooper visits Red in his holding cell ]
Red: Harold.
Cooper: We found Minister D.
Red: If you found his archives, I need the tape of a phone call he recorded on December 7, 1990.
Cooper: If he has it, we’ll find it. But I won’t give it to you so you can leverage the judge or the jury.
Red: If that was my plan, I wouldn’t need your help. I’m quite capable of bribing jurors on my own. I didn’t give you this case to get an acquittal.
Cooper: Then why did you give it to us?
Red: To prove my innocence.

[ The courtroom ]
Judge Wilkins: Members of the jury, I have been on the bench 23 years, and I have never had a defendant represent himself in a death penalty case. Mr. Reddington made the choice, and, after careful consideration, I have decided to allow him to continue down that path. As he’s acting as his own counsel, he may testify in a narrative form. Mr. Reddington, I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt. Don’t make me regret it. Please.
[ Red crosses the courtroom, enters the witness stand ] [ Door CREAKS, THUMPS ]
Court Clerk: Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?
Red: I do.

[ At the Post Office, the Cooper, Samar and Aram go through Minister D‘s audio archives ]
Samar: I don’t see it anywhere. Is it possible he got the date wrong?
Cooper: Reddington told us to look for a very specific needle in this haystack. A recording taken on December 7, 1990.
[ Liz walks over ]
Liz: Bailey isn’t talking. Please tell me you found something.
Samar: We did. Just not what we were looking for.
Aram: Elijah Bailey is an alias. We matched his DNA to a Jordan Loving, a retired corporal in the Army Corps of Engineers. Now, he disappeared from a hospital four days after he made the recording that Mr. Reddington says will clear his name.
Cooper: Loving was admitted with severe burns after an explosion at his house injured him and killed a man identified as Zachary Tempkin. We found this picture at Bailey’s.
Samar: It can’t be a coincidence that Reddington is looking for a recording made on December 7th, and, on December 11th, an assassin injures Bailey and murders a man who appears to have been his lover.
Liz: Maybe he used the tape to try and blackmail someone who didn’t take kindly to being blackmailed.
Cooper: But who? And how the hell is it connected to Reddington?

[ The Courtroom ]
Red: 35 years ago, a Naval intelligence officer working for the U.S. government fell— fell into a relationship with a beautiful Russian woman. Unbeknownst to his superiors, that relationship, which started as guarded attraction, quickly evolved into passion, which resulted in pregnancy.
  They had the child. A girl, whom they both loved.
  What the Naval officer didn’t know, but certainly should have suspected, was that the Russian woman was a KGB officer that Katarina Rostova had been assigned to get close to Raymond Reddington and steal classified information from him.
  What Reddington could never have suspected was that though she was a KGB agent, Rostova’s real handlers were members of a secret criminal organization, a multinational cabal working in the shadows to manipulate world governments, economic markets, trade, and international alliances.
  When Reddington discovered this, he confronted Rostova, who warned him that if he threatened to expose them, the Cabal would destroy his reputation, discrediting him so he could not discredit them.
  And that’s what happened. With the help of the Cabal, Rostova framed Reddington with the very evidence you’ve heard in this courtroom. To prevent him from protecting his country, she made it appear as if he had betrayed it.
  As a result, the Cabal remained in the shadows, Rostova disappeared, and Raymond Reddington became a completely different person. A man who has done many brutal, scary, illegal things, but not a single one – ever – that was treasonous.

[ The Post Office ]
Samar: That’s it every box, file, and tape.
Liz: We must have missed something.
Cooper: Or it’s not here.
Liz: We have to start over.
[ Samar accidentally knocks the framed photo from the table ] [ CLATTERS, GLASS SHATTERS ⚡️]
Aram: I think it’s too late for that.
Liz: It’s gotta be here somewhere.It has to be.
Cooper: We’ll start over.
[ Samar picks up the shattered photo. The paper backing has ripped open. inside is a mini-audio tape labeled “K. R. Dec 7, 1990” ]
Samar: Uh, I don’t think we have to. December 7, 1990.
Cooper: Notify Ressler. Tell him we have the tape Reddington was looking for.

[ The courtroom ]
Sima: Let me just get this straight – You were framed by a “secret criminal organization”?
Red: I’m sorry. I misspoke. Thanks to me, the Cabal is no longer secret.
Sima: “A multinational cabal working in the shadows to manipulate world governments.”
Red: I’m sure they have a Wikipedia page if you care to look.
Sima: Do you have any evidence to support this conspiracy theory?
[ Ressler enter, makes eye contact with Red ]
Red: I do.
Judge Wilkins: That you can present at this time?
Red: Yes. Though, for the life of me, I don’t understand what the rush is all about. Everyone seems so anxious to kill me. Makes you wonder. [ To Judge Wilkins ] Perhaps you could enlighten me over a cocktail after my acquittal which is inevitable now that the evidence has arrived.
Sima: Permission to approach?
Judge Wilkins: I thought you’d never ask.
Sima: Whatever evidence his FBI lackey just stepped and fetched for him–
Red: It’s a tape recording.
Sima: That we haven’t had the chance to authenticate.
Red: Then let’s get Agent Ressler to hop on the stand, cross his heart, hope to die, and do just that.
Judge Wilkins: I agree. Mr. Sima, you will have the chance to cross-examine the witness and authenticate the tape. Mr. Reddington, it appears that all your eggs are in this basket. You better hope they don’t crack.
Red: Mm. [ To Sima ] That loud whooshing sound is the wind blowing out of your case.

[ At the Post Office ]
Aram: The court needed the tape copied to a flash drive, – but this is the original.

Alan Fitch: They pulled me out of a meeting. This better be important.
Katarina: Reddington knows. He knows everything.
Fitch: Explain.
Katarina: He’s discovered my identity. And the existence of the Cabal.
Fitch: Can he be contained?
Katarina: He took Masha.
Fitch: Eliminate him.
Katarina: He’s a decorated officer. His death would be investigated. Whatever they find, they will believe. But if we discredit him– The intelligence I stole– We leak that it came from him. No one will believe him after that. Not with the blood of 134 Americans on his hands.
Fitch: Agent Rostova, I told you to eliminate him.
Katarina: And I’m telling you there’s a better way.
Fitch: Because you’re sleeping with him.
Katarina: Because he has proof that the Cabal exists, proof that would be released in the event of his death.
Fitch: The Fulcrum.
Katarina: And because I love his daughter. My daughter.
Fitch: I want this mess cleaned up. Get rid of him or ruin him. Just get it done by Christmas.

[ The courtroom ]
Red: Agent Ressler. Do you recognize the man’s voice on the audiotape?
Ressler: Yes. It’s Alan Fitch. The former Director of National Intelligence.
Red: And the woman? Agent Rostova?
Ressler: It was Katarina Rostova, yes.
Red: Why did you bring me this tape?
Ressler: Because the government has a legal obligation under Brady v. Maryland to provide the defendant with any exculpatory evidence that can be used in the defense.
Red: Thank you, Agent Ressler. And may I say – you are both everything I dislike about the FBI and everything I admire about it? Nothing further, Your Honor.

[ An interrogation room ] [ DOOR OPENS ]
[ Liz enters and addresses the man with scarred face dubbed Minister D; real name Jordan Loving; alias Elijah Bailey. He was the “Janitor” in the museum ]
Liz: Your scar.
Liz: Katarina Rostova gave that to you, didn’t she? She took Zachary from you.
Minister D: You found the tape.
Liz: You blackmailed the wrong person.
Minister D: I thought I could use the tapes to punish people for what they’d done.
Liz: To cash in on what they’d done.
Minister D: To make a good living off the backs of bad people.
Liz: You hurt a lot of people who deserved it. But you also hurt yourself.
Minister D: No, I didn’t. Katarina Rostova did. Out of all the tapes, why ask me about this one?
Liz: Because Katarina Rostova took someone away from me, too.
Minister D: I’m sorry.
Liz: So am I. Thanks to your tape [ VOICE BREAKING ] I think she just gave him back to me.

Judge Wilkins: The defendant will rise. Has the jury reached a verdict?
Foreman: We have, Your Honor.
Judge Wilkins: In United States v. Raymond Reddington, to the single count alleging violation of Title 18, United States Code Section 2381, Treason, how do you find?
Foreman: Not guilty.
Red: Ahh.
Judge Wilkins: The court thanks the jury for your service. You are dismissed.
Sima: Your Honor, the government is ready to proceed to trial on the remaining indictments.
Judge Wilkins: I have no doubt that once the government licks its wounds, it will want another bite at our allegedly rotten apple. But that’s for another day. Until then, the defendant will remain in custody.
Red: No bail? I was looking forward to that cocktail.
Judge Wilkins: You may or may not be the most dangerous criminal to ever grace my courtroom. But you certainly are the most incorrigible. Court stands in recess.

[ Liz visits Red ]
Liz: I don’t know how I can feel so relieved and so pissed off at the same time.
Red: Don’t judge her too harshly.
Liz: I don’t think I could judge her harshly enough. Whoever you are today, whatever you’ve become – It’s because of the lies she told.
Red: She was between a rock and a hard place.
Liz: That’s no excuse for framing someone for a crime they didn’t commit.
Red: It’s easy to think that now. Back then – things were – complicated.
Liz: I grew up believing Raymond Reddington was a traitor.
Red: Well, now you know the truth.
Liz: I know a truth.
Red: You know that your parents loved you very much. And that’s the only truth that matters.

[ Jesse Marchant’s ♪ “7 & The Fall” plays ]
[ Things are quiet at the Post Office. Samar walks to her office and closes the blinds ]


[ Liz runs into Dembe in the corridor outside Red’s cell ]
Liz: [ Happily ] Dembe. We won.
Dembe: I’m very relieved. More so knowing that you are, as well.
Liz: Of course I am. Why wouldn’t I be?
Dembe: Because you are the reason Raymond is here. I spoke to the woman who called the police. I showed her your photo. When she didn’t recognize it, I realized she had spoken to Jennifer. That you worked together to capture Raymond.

♪ Narrow chance in the calm of your arms

Liz: Does he know?
Dembe: I keep his secrets. I don’t share them.

♪ Say goodbye

Liz: He sent you to find out. So he suspects something, but he doesn’t know. Is that it?
Dembe: I won’t say it is. But I won’t say it’s not.
Liz: If you tell him, he’ll never forgive me.
Dembe: The secrets he keeps from you cause you so much pain. And now you are asking me to keep your secrets from him.
Liz: You’re his secret keeper.

♪ You pay no mind the truth

Liz: I’m asking you to be mine, too.

♪ If it ain’t on your side


[ Samar is lying down in her darkened office with a severe headache. Aram sits next to her ]
Aram: It’s gonna be fine. Everything’s gonna be fine.

[ It’s after work hours. Liz enters Cooper’s office where Ressler is helping himself to some of Cooper’s Scotch ]
Liz: I know what you did.
Ressler: [ CHUCKLES ] What, stole the boss’ hooch?
Liz: You lied to the judge – to protect my search–
[ Ressler pours some Scotch for Liz ] [ LIQUID POURING ]
Liz: –for the imposter’s true identity. You ignored everything I asked you not to do. And I just wanted to say thank you.

♪ Did you mine your ruin?

Ressler: [ Sips, SIGHS ] That must’ve been hard, hearing that tape today. Listening to your mother betray your father like that.

♪ You can’t blame it all on the set of your ways

Liz: To be honest with you, Ressler, this has all been hard. Ever since I met the imposter.

♪ You can raise your walls and protect what you’ve lain

Liz: But, yes, especially now, knowing that my mother helped this imposter steal my real father’s good name.

♪ But you’re cracking your roof

Ressler: But why? I mean, before today, everyone thought Reddington was a traitor. The government, the press, and, still, the imposter chose to take his identity. I mean, he went to a surgeon who could have given him the identity of anyone in the world. He could have been anyone. And yet he chose to be a pariah. He chose the life of a wanted fugitive. Why? Why would anyone do that?

[ METAL DOOR CLANKS OPEN ] [ Dembe visits Red ]

♪ I was alone, I was watching it rain

Dembe: I heard the news. Congratulations.
Red: A Pyrrhic victory, I’m afraid. Like eating a salted caramel babka. Immensely satisfying in the moment, but it just might be what kills me in the end.
Dembe: I found the person who made the 911 call.
Red: And?
Dembe: It was a homeless woman.
Red: Well, who told her to make the call?
Dembe: She didn’t know.
Red: You showed her a photograph?
Dembe: Yes.
Red: Of Elizabeth?
Dembe: Yes.
Red: And?
Dembe: No.
Red: Ohh. [ SIGHS ] I was so sure. I was– [ SIGHS ] The thought that she’d betrayed me again – But she didn’t.
Dembe: No.

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Episode Songs


♫ White Glass
By Loma

♪ I’m a blackbird singing on a riverbank
I’m a vulture hanging in the wind
In the last gray folds of a summer in silence
In a night so dark

♪ I’m a rider holding on a horse
I’m the rush of the branches right above the road
You unfold like a scorpion shining
In a night so dark
And curled to strike

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2SkxgkT
YouTube: https://youtu.be/D7bu8v6aYOc


♫ 7 & the Fall
By Jesse Marchant

♪ Highways, black fog
Narrow chance
In the calm of your arms
Say goodbye

I can recall your way
In the black storm
We sat to wait
All it written all over your face
Was always in your eyes
You pay no mind the truth
If it ain’t on your side

♪ Well who’s on your side?
Who is on your side now?
While I lived the fall
From your letting down
Did you mine your ruin?
You can’t blame it all
On the set of your ways
You can raise your walls
And protect what you’ve lain
But you’re cracking your roof

♪ Now the ground here
Is washing away
I was alone
I was watching it rain
Humans standing on limbs cut
Drowning in the waves
Loosing everything
Of their minds at fault
Of their hearts in ruin

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2BOuG0R
YouTube: https://youtu.be/JzSKVjW2Nw4

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🔴 Script 6:10 The Cryptobanker (№ 160)

Program air date: 3/8/2019 in the US
Script Permalink: https://wp.me/pDKwi-9d5
Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/2J0yli9

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Terrence O’Hara
Written by: Kelli Johnson



⭕ Script 6:10 The Cryptobanker (№ 160)


Brief (Where we’re at): The jury is in. Liz’s father Raymond Reddington was not a traitor to the United States but rather was framed by Liz’s mother, Katarina Rostova, when he found out that, not only was she a KGB officer who had been sent to seduce him, but that her true handlers belonged to the Cabal. To discredit him, she planted a communiqué for US intelligence to discover blaming Reddington for the sinking of a US submarine which resulted in the deaths of over 100 men in 1990. Red’s acquittal was secured when the Task Force retrieved from the archives of Jordan Loving (Minister D, Blacklister #99), a tape recording between Katarina and Cabal leader Alan Fitch describing the plot.

Of course, the “Red” who was on trial is not the real “Raymond Reddington,” as Liz had recently told Ressler who was called as a witness at the trial. He perjured himself by identifying Red as Raymond Reddington while under oath. But he hesitated, raising suspicions in Red’s mind about just what Ressler knows.

Meanwhile, Dembe got hold of the recording of the 911 call that resulted in Red’s arrest. A homeless woman made the call for $100. When she could not identify Liz from a photo as the person who asked her to make the call, Dembe figured out it must have been Jennifer working with Liz. He confronted Liz and she begged him not to tell Red, which he did not do when meeting with Red later.

Though acquitted of treason, Red remains behind bars on other charges. His next ploy to earn his freedom began by obtaining the target list from the files of General Shiro (Blacklister #116) which provided an address in London from which Dembe returned with photocopies of files.

[ Matt Pierson watches his daughter Jamie play soccer. At the same time he talks business on his cell phone ] [ INDISTINCT SHOUTING ] [ CROWD CHEERING ]
Matt Pierson: [ To Jamie ] Yes! – Way to go, Jamie!
Jamie: Thanks, Dad!
Pierson: No, yeah, I’m open to the idea of a different distributor, but not increasing the specs for the batteries themselves. [ BEEPING ] Oh, hold on. I’m getting another call. [ BEEPS ] Hey, this is Matt.
Oleg Gromov: [ Heavy Russian accent ] Hello, Matt. I need you to listen. What I am about to tell you is very important.
Pierson: [ SCOFFS ] Is this a– Who is this?
Gromov: First, I need you to understand the degree of control I have. Keep your eyes on your daughter. You and I both understand she is vulnerable. I have the ability to exploit that fact.
Pierson: Jamie.
Jamie: Aah! [ GROANING ]
[ Jamie collapses, clutching her heart ]
Pierson: Jamie!
[ Pierson runs to Jamie’s side ]
Coach: Girls, take a knee.
Pierson: What’s wrong? Honey, talk to me.
Gromov: It’s quite simple, Matt. I’ve taken control of your daughter’s pacemaker and instructed her SA node to trigger a 3rd degree AV block. Her heart’s electrical signals have turned off.
Pierson: Please, stop. Why are you doing this?
Gromov: Quiet, Matt. Now I’m going to give you some very specific instructions. I want you to do exactly as I say. Are you ready, Matt?
Pierson: Yes.
Gromov: You are going to liquidate a few assets for me. Start with your Union Bank pension and your shares in the company stock. Do you hear me?
Pierson: Yes, Union Bank, company stock. Just, please, I’m begging you, stop.
Gromov: Please don’t tell anyone we spoke, Matt. Talk to the authorities and Jamie pays the price. I will be in touch. Until then, your daughter can have her heart back.
Coach: Is she okay?
Woman: Do you want some water?
Woman #2: Way to go, honey.
[ Gromov sits in a darkened room with computer monitors on all sides ]
Gromov: I’m into a new deal. It’s huge. After this, I’m buying an island.
Cryptobanker: When should I anticipate the transfer?
Gromov: End of day tomorrow. We’re talking $3 million. Can you handle that?
Cryptobanker: It’s complicated, but it’s viable. Contact me when you’ve got the crypto.
Gromov: Yes! Whoo!

[ Outside Colton Prison BIRD CAWS ]
[ In the dining room, Vontae and Vega sit down with their trays across from Red ]
Vontae: Is it true you’re dodging the warden? Please tell me it’s not true.
Red: If the warden needs to talk, he can come find me. He knows where I am.
Vega: Word is the laundry crew is planning to strike.
Red: I have much larger concerns than Warden Macatee and his laundry crew. The government is more intent than ever to stick a needle in my arm for any number of other crimes I’ve committed. An eventuality I have no intention of waiting around for.
Vontae: Man, are you in the wrong place. All we do here is wait.
Red: Yes. Which is why I’m leaving.
Vega: Leaving? Are you– You’re not seriously thinking about breaking out?
Red: Yes.
Vontae: Okay, that is a bad idea.
Red: It’s a seedling of an idea. It’s immature at this point, but we have two months to help it grow.
Vontae: We? [ SCOFFS ] Yeah, that is not happening.
Red: Not yet. But it will.

[ Colton Prison Visitors Area ]
Liz: You want me to make a dinner reservation for you? – In Chicago?
Red: Yes. At Gene & Georgetti’s. I have an insatiable craving for their Beef en Brochette, or the Chicken alla Joe. Maybe both.
Liz: Have you read the indictment? There are 16 counts, ranging from money laundering to murder.
Red: The judge calendared eight weeks for the trial. So, to be safe, make the reservation for the following week.
Liz: How can you be so confident?
Red: I’ll take care of the trial. You take care of what comes after.
Liz: Your beef brochette.
Red: My immunity agreement.
Liz: [ SCOFFS, sing-songy ] You are full of fantasies today.
Red: I’ve uncovered a conspiracy. One that I know is deadly and is aimed at the halls of power. But I don’t know why or when it’ll strike. And I won’t until you catch the man known as the Cryptobanker.
Liz: And when you know, you won’t say until they reinstate your immunity agreement.
Red: As Hippocrates believed, “desperate times call for desperate measures.”
Liz: I’m pretty sure he also said “first do no harm.”
Red: Yes, well, one aphorism at a time.
Liz: Tell me about the Cryptobanker.

[ At the Post Office, Liz briefs the Task Force ]
Liz: A drug cartel spends $70 million on airplanes. A Serbian sex trafficker drops $40 million on ships to smuggle victims across the Mediterranean. How did the people brokering these deals keep them hidden? They took payment in Bitcoin.
Aram: Illegal activity accounts for half of all Bitcoin transactions. 36 million annual transactions with a value of approximately $72 billion.
Liz: And where do they go to launder their ill-gotten Bitcoin gains? To a man known as the Cryptobanker.
[ The Cryptobanker walks up behind Nervous Banker in at a crosswalk ]
Cryptobanker: I need you to clean three.
Nervous Banker: What?! We agreed installments wouldn’t exceed two.
Cryptobanker: We agreed you’d be compensated on a sliding scale. I can’t imagine Beth and the girls want to move off Park Avenue. The number is three. Make it work.
Liz: All Reddington knows is that the Cryptobanker is in town. So we reached out to the Bureau’s Virtual Currency Initiative, looking for someone local trafficking in Bitcoin, and one name stood out a hacker known as the RAT.
Aram: It’s an abbreviation for “Remote Access Trojans” malware that allows the user to lock companies out of their own servers. The hacker then demands a ransom and unlocks the server once it’s paid.
Ressler: In Bitcoin that the Cryptobanker helps to launder.
Samar: We find the RAT, we find the Cryptobanker?
Cooper: And the RAT’s latest target?
Liz: The leading manufacturer of pacemakers, called Pierson Diagnostics.

[ Samar and Ressler visit Matt Pierson at his pacemaker company Pierson Diagnostics ]
Pierson: You shouldn’t be here. I can’t talk to you.
Samar: Mr. Pierson, many victims of extortion keep quiet for fear of retribution. We understand that it’s a risk for you to trust us.
Ressler: We also know that you’ve liquidated millions in assets. Now, we contacted the SEC’s Cyber Unit and traced those assets using the blockchain. You’ve purchased a large amount of Bitcoin.
Samar: That can’t be a coincidence. You’re being leveraged.
Pierson: Jamie was born premature, with a heart arrhythmia. She was so tiny at the time, there were no devices on the market that could help her, so I made one. I made this company so that she could lead a normal life.
Ressler: Your daughter is in danger.
Pierson: He has control of her pacemaker. He’d hacked the software somehow. He says that he’ll that he’ll kill her if I don’t pay.
Samar: The device. Are you able to disable the malware?
Pierson: He says he’s watching me, that if I attempt to manipulate the software in any way or go to the police, he’ll trigger it.
Samar: We have people who can figure out how he gained access to the pacemaker. Perhaps we can defuse the threat and keep your daughter out of harm’s way. Will you at least listen to what we have in mind?

[ The courtroom. A new jury has been seated ]
Judge Roberta Wilkins: Serving as a juror in a high-profile case is never easy, and this case will be no exception. Before opening arguments, I want to thank you for your service. Mr. Sima, the floor is yours.
Asst US Atty Michael Sima: Ladies and gentlemen, Raymond Reddington has been a fugitive from justice for more than 25 years. Or so we thought. In fact, for the past five years–
Red: Objection!
Sima: –the most wanted man in America has had a secret immunity agreement–
Red: Your Honor–
Sima: –with the very people sworn to bring him in.
Red: –is this even remotely acceptable to you?
Judge Wilkins: I’ll give you my answer after I clear the courtroom. Bailiff?
Judge Wilkins: Correct me if I’m wrong, Mr. Sima, but I distinctly recall the government wanting to keep the immunity agreement secret. What changed your mind? Is this your way to force a plea agreement? Trade execution for life in prison?
Sima: Absolutely not. There’s no deal on the table.
Red: [ CHUCKLING ] Come on. They’re fitting me for a Snitch Jacket, so even their incompetence won’t save me. On the off chance they win, I die in prison. In the likely event they lose,
I die on the street.
Sima: We have the legal right to disclose the agreement.
Red: You also have a moral obligation not to.
Sima: I couldn’t be less interested in your views on morality.
Judge Wilkins: Then maybe I could interest you in mine. Disclosing Mr. Reddington’s cooperation is like imposing the death penalty by fiat. Plus which, it sends a chilling message to any future confidential informant. This case is national news. If the government’s decision to sell out an informant goes viral, no one will want to cooperate. Mr. Reddington is on trial here, not the Task Force he works with.
Sima: As far as I’m concerned, they’re co-conspirators–
Red: [ SCOFFS ]
Sima: –who aided and abetted his criminal activity.
Red: Co-conspirators? These people are brave, honorable public servants. Mr. Sima may be content with a scorched-earth policy that would burn them in order to burn me. I can only hope that you’re not.
Judge Wilkins: I’m not okay with it. But you’ve got no constitutional right to keep your immunity agreement secret, so I can’t keep the government from introducing it. It may be contemptible, but there’s nothing I can do to stop it.

[ Matt Pierson’s Mercedes wagon pulls up to a gated community ] [ MACHINERY WHIRRING, GATE CREAKS ] [ BIRDS CHIRPING ]
[ The vehicle pulls into the garage of a large home. He gets out and opens the back door of the vehicle. Aram is crouched inside with a roll of wire fencing material ]
Aram: Did you check the street?
Pierson: I didn’t see anything. But that doesn’t mean that this is a good idea.
Aram: It’s gonna be awesome.

[ Inside Jamie Pierson’s bedroom, Pierson and Aram have begun constructing a wire cage around Jamie’s bed ]
Jamie: Dad, what are you doing?
Aram: Oh, you, uh you must be Jamie.
Pierson: Honey, we’re building, uh, something called a–
Aram: Called a a Faraday cage. I’m so sorry we haven’t met. I’m Agent Mojtabai. You can, uh- you can call me Aram. This is a super cool room.
Jamie: Not anymore.
Aram: Right, yeah. Sorry about that. I promise I’ll help fix everything up when we’re done.
Maybe you could, uh– you could get some fun wallpaper?
Jamie: I don’t want wallpaper.
Pierson: Honey, this is important. We need to do this.
Jamie: What’s a Faraday cage?
Aram: Well, it’s sort of like a force field, uh, created by a man named Michael Faraday.
Jamie: Was he a superhero? Because only superheroes have force fields.
Aram: He was, uh, kind of. A, uh– a scientific superhero.
Jamie: I can name six superheroes who have force fields. Iron Man, Susan Storm, Apocalypse, Banshee, Green Lantern, and Violet Parr.
Aram: Actually, uh, Banshee doesn’t really have a force field–
Jamie: When he screams, people back off.
Aram: Touché.
Jamie: Will this force field keep him from messing with this? [ Pats her heart ]
Aram: In here, it will. That’s why we’re building it. So you’ll be safe.
Jamie: Cool. Can I help?
Aram: Sure. If, uh, your dad’s all right with it.
Pierson: Hey.
Aram: Okay. Well, here grab yourself a handful of zip ties and, uh, let’s get to work.

[ Red is writing something in his cell at Colton Prison ]
Red: There’s been a change of plans. I’m moving up the timeline of my impending escape.
Vontae: Moving up to when?
Red: Thursday at 4:00.
Vega: Thursday? Like tomorrow Thursday?
Red: –At 4:00.
Vontae: Hold up. You said you had eight weeks.
Red: I said we had eight weeks. Now we don’t. The government has changed its strategy, so I’m changing mine.
Vontae: No, no. You said all you had was a “seedling” and that it was “immature.”
Red: Vontae, I have until tomorrow. At 4:00. Here’s a “honeydo” list to do while I’m in court.
Vontae: [ Reads ] A quarter pound of ground chuck, 3 ounces of bleach, same amount of paint or nail polish remover–
Vega: [ Reads the rest ] Rubber cement, hair clippings from the prison barber? What the hell?
What about the warden?
Red: What about the warden?
Vontae: Look, the laundry boys are ready to walk, okay? He’s got a problem on his hands. Maybe if you help him, he’ll pull a few strings, help you.
Red: Oh, he’s gonna do much more than that.
Vontae: You and the warden. What?
Red: Let’s start with the items on the list.
Vontae: [ Sighs ] Okay.

Judge Wilkins: I’m told you wanted a word before I bring out the jury.
Red: To petition the court not to let Mr. Sima put the Task Force on trial.
Judge Wilkins: If that’s how he intends on trying his case, – I can’t stop him.
Red: Very well. Then I must. I’ll plead guilty. On all counts. But only if Mr. Sima agrees to instruct the jury that he was mistaken about the existence of an immunity agreement.
Sima: You want me to lie in court?
Red: Yes. It plays to your strengths.
Judge Wilkins: Take the win, Mr. Sima. Mr. Reddington, is your guilty plea based, at least in part, on the fact that you are guilty of the crimes you intend to admit?
Red: It is.
Judge Wilkins: If I accept your guilty plea, you give up the right to appeal your conviction and the right to appeal your sentence. Do you understand?
Red: I do.
Judge Wilkins: The maximum penalty for a person guilty of the crimes you’re charged with is death by lethal injection. Are you aware of that?
Red: I am.
Judge Wilkins: Has anyone done anything you think is illegal or unethical to force you to plead guilty?
Red: Other than Mr. Sima? No.
Judge Wilkins: I find your proposed guilty plea is supported by facts and that you are acting competently and voluntarily in giving up your rights. I’m prepared to accept it. Are you sure that you want me to?
Red: Yes, Your Honor, I’m sure.
Judge Wilkins: Very well. I accept the defendant’s plea to the indictment and find him guilty as charged.

[ Jamie’s bedroom. She is in bed as Pierson and Aram complete the Faraday cage ]
Aram: Okay, cross your fingers and toes.
Aram: Okay.
[ BEEPING ~ Computer come up ]
Aram: We’re up.
Pierson: So it’s working?
Aram: How often do you push software updates to your monitoring devices?
Pierson: Uh, maybe three or four times a year.
Aram: That’s how he got in. I mean, think about it. The devices have built-in access authority. Why not use the home monitor as a proxy for the malware program? – It’s perfect.
[ Aram hasn’t noticed that Pierson has taken out a scalpel ]
Pierson: Okay, honey, just a little pinch.
[ Pierson cuts into Jamie’s skin above the pacemaker ]
Jamie: Ow!
Aram: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. What are you doing?
Pierson: Disconnecting her pacemaker.
Aram: No, no. You- You can’t do that.
Pierson: We’re offline. He has no idea.
Jamie: Ow! Dad, it hurts.
Pierson: Okay, just hold on, sweetie. I’ll be done in a second, okay?
Aram: Okay, this is a, uh, this is a really bad idea.
Pierson: It’s not. She has a simple arrhythmia. Clipping the pacing leads on the device disconnects her from her abductors.
[ He snips through two wires ]

[ At Pierson Diagnostics ] [ Samar and Ressler walk through the room of people working at computer screens ]
Ressler: Excuse me. What’s going on?
Worker: [ SCOFFS ] No clue. We’ve got redundant systems. This shouldn’t happen.

[ Pierson leads Jamie through the garage with Aram behind ]
Aram: Where are you going? This was not part of our plan. We agreed to–
Pierson: Taking her to a hospital. She’ll be fine until I can get her some real help.
[ Jamie gets into the back of the Mercedes ]
Pierson: Okay, look, as far as I’m concerned, this is over.
Aram: This guy he won’t just let you walk away.
Pierson: But he has no leverage now. I don’t really give a damn what he thinks. [ CELLPHONE RINGING ] – Just – [ BEEPS ] – Hello?
[ Pierson puts his phone on speaker ]
Gromov: Hello, Matt. What happened to your daughter’s pacemaker, Matt?
Pierson: I took it offline. I disconnected it. You’re gonna have to find someone else to blackmail. Gromov: Wrong choice, Matt. All you had to do was pay the ransom. It was very simple. Unfortunately, now things get considerably more difficult.
Pierson: Wait. What do you mean “more difficult”?
Gromov: By disobeying my instructions, you have triggered a contingency plan and given me control of your company’s system-wide files. All 200,000 patients.
[ At Pierson Diagnostics, all the computers suddenly show Ransomware screens ]
Pierson: No, no, no, please, listen.
Gromov: No, I think you need to listen, Matt. I’ve selected 1,000 patients at random and programmed their pacemakers to deliver a lethal shock in 24 hours. I am also increasing my price $6 million in Bitcoin. I will send you the wallet number shortly. If you choose to pay, I will send you an authentication code to unlock your system. If you don’t, a symphony of hearts falls silent at once. Your choice. I will be in touch. Good day, Matt.

[ Outside Pierson’s house, Jamie waves goodbye from a gurney ]
Aram: [ On phone to Post Office ] They’re taking Pierson’s daughter to the hospital. She’s gonna be okay.
Samar: That’s great, but what about the 200,000 patients who aren’t having their pacemakers taken offline?
Aram: Pierson has 24 hours to pay the ransom or the RAT says he’ll kill 1,000 of them.
Cooper: Can they do that?
Aram: A pacemaker is a mini defibrillator. If the heart stops, it can deliver a jolt of electricity to restart it.
Samar: A safe jolt.
Aram: It was, until the RAT took control over the system. Now he can recalibrate the amount of electricity that gets delivered, turning a safe jolt into a lethal one.
Cooper: Get Pierson to get us a list of everyone with a Pierson Diagnostics pacemaker. Aram, I want that list on my desk within the hour.
Ressler: We can’t notify 200,000 people on the down low. I mean, once word of this gets out, Pierson Diagnostics is finished.
Cooper: A small price to pay to save all those at risk.
Samar: What is it?
Liz: Reddington pleaded guilty.

Judge Wilkins: Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, the defendant has pleaded guilty, so this trial will not take place. Instead, we’re moving directly to the sentencing phase. To aid in your decision, each side will be given the opportunity to present witness impact statements.
Sima: Mr. Charleston, for the record, please state your profession.
Charleston: For the past six years, I’ve served as Deputy Administrator of the ATF.
Sima: In that time, have you investigated the defendant?
Charleston: We have 24 cases that target Mr. Reddington.
Sima: Cases in which people were killed?
Charleston: 13 that we know of. But those are only the ATF cases.
Sima: Meaning?
Treasury Official: Meaning Treasury ran several joint cases with the ATF in which lives were lost.
Interpol Agent: Interpol has coordinated with law enforcement around the globe in an attempt to apprehend Mr. Reddington. MI6. Mossad. Russian SVR. To my knowledge, this man is wanted in every country he’s set foot in.
Charleston: We couldn’t catch him because he has resources everywhere – in law enforcement, governments around the world, the private sector, the penal system. He wields a great power and influence over these men and women, loyal associates who will do whatever he asks.
[ As the witnesses testify, Vontae and Vega collect the various items on Red’s “honeydo” list from places around the prison ]
Charleston: I can assure you, right now, Reddington has people doing his bidding whatever that may be. Now, I don’t know who they are, but they’re everywhere. And the only way to stop them is to stop him.
Treasury Chief: Capital punishment. Like cutting out a cancer.
Interpol Agent: It’s the only option.
[ Vontae removes some items from inside his sock and slips them under Red’s pillow, and leaves Red’s cell ] [ INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS ]

[ Cooper’s office ]
Liz: The minute the Feds threatened to take us down with him, he gave up. He pleaded guilty to protect us, and they’re gonna kill him for it.
Cooper: Unless he has a plan. It doesn’t appear that he does, but with Reddington, appearances can be deceiving.
[ Samar and Ressler enter ]
Samar: We have a lead on the RAT.
Ressler: Aram got the company to put together a list of patients with Pierson Diagnostics pacemakers.
Samar: It turns out there’s one person on the patient list who wasn’t a patient.
Ressler: Oleg Gromov, a Russian national who’s in the country on a student visa.
Samar: We ran a trace on his cell. He’s at a café in Georgetown.
Cooper: A patient that’s not a patient?
Ressler: Gromov bought a pacemaker but never had it installed. He also pays a monthly fee to Pierson Diagnostics to get updates for his home monitor.
Cooper: Go. See if this kid can explain why he’s paying for a pacemaker service he doesn’t need.
[ Ressler leaves ]
Samar: Liz, tell Reddington, if there’s anything that we can do–
Liz: He knows. That’s why he’s done this.

[ Gromov sits in the busy café working on his laptop, listening to loud music over earphones ]
[ Jacuzzi Boys’ ♪ “Something’s Off” plays ]

♪ Out of my head, not feeling right
Worm in my apple when I took a bite
I think something’s off


♪ Missing a screw, I’m pretty sure
Doing my laundry at the hardware store


♪ I think something’s off

[ CHIMES, DOOR CLOSES ] [ Liz and Ressler enter. Gromov sees them and knows they’re law enforcement ]

♪ I think something’s off
Something’s off

[ Gromov slaps his computer shuts and gets up and leaves. Once outside, he makes a call ]
Gromov: Hey, it’s me. Yeah, the funds are on deposit, but, uh, we have a situation. I need to see you. Yes, now.

[ A car pulls up into a parking lot ] [ The Cryptobanker gets in his Gromov’s car with him ]
Cryptobanker: Tell me about this situation.
Gromov: Police. Feds. I’m not sure which. I don’t know why they were looking for me, but better safe than sorry.
Cryptobanker: What do they know?
Gromov: I said I don’t know. I’ll handle it. I just need you to get the transfer done right away.
Cryptobanker: You know what? You’re right. [ SIGHS ] Better safe than sorry.
[ The Cryptobanker shoots Gromov in the side of the head ] [ GUNSHOT 💥 ] [ Blood splatters on the driverside window. The Cryptobanker takes Gromov’s laptop and leaves ]

[ Liz visits Red in the holding cell at the courthouse ]
Liz: Cooper thinks you have a plan.
Red: Harold is an eternal optimist.
Liz: He’s optimistic that you giving up isn’t what it appears to be.
Red: You don’t have to worry about me.
Liz: Why? Because you have a plan? Or because you’re gonna be dead soon?
Red: [ BREATHES SHARPLY, smiles sphinxlike ]
Liz: I understand witnesses you’ve never even met are testifying under oath that you’re evil incarnate.
Red: Apparently I’m a moral scourge and a malignant tumor.
Liz: I’d like to present the other side.
Red: No.
Liz: They’re taking witness impact statements. No witness has been impacted by you more than me.
Red: It won’t change the outcome.
Liz: I want to testify.
Red: Uh-ah– Fine. Short and to the point.
Liz: Why? Do you have somewhere you have to be?
Red: Gene & Georgetti’s would be nice. I’ve decided to go with the double lamb chops instead of the Beef en Brochette, and definitely the Chicken alla Joe.
Liz: What I say might not make a difference, but it could. Why would you want me to rush through it? Unless you don’t care what’s on their minds because Cooper’s right – you have a plan.

[ The courtroom ]
Red: Agent Keen, you’re a criminal profiler, are you not?
Liz: Yes.
Red: Top of your class at Quantico?
Liz: I was 15th in a class of 200.
Red: You’ve been trained to think like a criminal.
Liz: By the very best.
Red: Profile me.
Liz: [ Long pause ] You’re a fugitive. [ Pause ] You live a fugitive’s existence. Fleeting. Transient. Impermanent.
Liz: Almost exclusively, this is how you interact with the world in [ Pause ] short, brief, passing encounters. [ Pause ] I say “almost” because this is not how you interact with me. With me you are enduring, permanent. The world thinks you’re bad because you’ve done some terrible things. But I believe you’re good in spite of the terrible things you’ve done. And I know that you’re not here today because of those terrible things. You’re here today because of love.
  Love brought you out of the shadows. Love put you on the street corner where you were caught. And not just the love of a father for his daughter, but the love of doing what you believe is right. And not necessarily for yourself, but [ Pause ] what’s right for the greater world around us. A world you love so much.
  But I can’t tell you about any of that. He pleaded guilty to prevent me from telling you about his many acts of conscience because if I did, it would be bad for me, for my career, for my reputation. To honor me, he’s put himself at your mercy. And so to honor him, I have to ask you to be merciful in return.

[ Cooper’s office ]
Pierson: Because of you, 1,000 people are still at risk.
Cooper:We identified the man who threatened your daughter.
Pierson: I paid the ransom but didn’t get the authentication code to unlock the servers. Why? Because you went after him.
Cooper: We’re in Gromov’s apartment, have an APB on the plates on his car. We will find him, the computer, and the authentication code that’s on it.
Pierson: His deadline’s in three hours.
Cooper: We can debate how we got into this mess later. Right now, I need your help in getting us out of it.
Pierson: Well, I’ll help us get out of this mess, but how we got into it is not up for debate. That’s all on you.
Cooper: Cooper. Aram, you’re on speaker. [ BEEPS ]
Aram: There’s no sign of him or his computer.
Cooper: Or a key or an authentication code – that’ll take the malware offline?
Aram: Nothing. Only the docking station, which I assume he uses for his laptop.
Pierson: The docking station. Is there a serial number on it?
Aram: Of course. That is genius. The serial number IDs the computer and the company that made it.
Pierson: Okay. If we get it, we can access the computer through the company’s remote diagnostic software.
Aram: Which gives us an IP address as soon as the computer’s turned on. I found you. The, uh the serial number, not the RAT.
Cooper: Tell SWAT to stay on-site, then get back here and set up that backdoor. The second that computer’s turned on, – I want to be able to find it.

Judge Wilkins: Mr. Sima, closing arguments?
Sima: You’ve heard testimony about the extent of the defendant’s criminal empire, as well as the pain and suffering his crimes have caused.
Red: So off with his head! – Mine, not his.
Sima: Your Honor–
Judge Wilkins: Mr. Reddington, you’ll have your turn in a moment.
Red: Yes, but as I plan to echo what Mr. Sima says, I thought we might skip over him saying it.
Judge Wilkins: He’s asking for the death penalty. You plan on echoing that?
Red: I do. One trait of mine that Agent Keen’s otherwise exquisite profile left out was optimism. Hope for a better tomorrow. A desert safari on the Wahiba Sands. Riding with the bagualeros in Patagonia. None of that would be possible if I were sentenced to life in prison. There’d be nothing to hope for, and without hope, nothing to live for. Not even the joy of interrupting Mr. Sima to make his point, only pithier. As we’re all agreed I should be executed, I feel like we should wrap this up, don’t you?

[ The scene of the murder of Gromov, the RAT ]
Ressler: What’ve we got?
Officer: The guy you want in the car you’re looking for.
Samar: Have the crime techs come through?
Officer: Everything’s been bagged and tagged. Here’s the evidence list.
Samar: No laptop.

[ The Post Office ]
Cooper: Where are we on setting up the backdoor link to Gromov’s computer?
Aram: Done and done. When he turns it on, – it should ping me a location.
Cooper: Agent Ressler. Anything?
Ressler: Gromov’s dead. Shot in the head. Whoever did it took his laptop.
Cooper: The Cryptobanker?
Ressler: Could be. Could be anyone.
Cooper: Alive or dead, that signal is still set to go out – at the deadline.
Aram: Whoever has the computer, we’ll get a trace as soon as they turn it on.
Ressler: Yeah, if they turn it on.
Cooper: Deadline’s in 90 minutes. Get back here.
Ressler: Yep.

[ Colton Prison, Red’s cell ]
[ Red embeds pills in the wad of hamburger, puts earplugs in his ears, pours liquid into a small bottle and makes other preparations ]
Guard: Reddington! Let’s go. The warden’s ready for you.

[ Warden Macatee’s office ]
Macatee: Michael said you decided to get smart and help broker some peace.
Red: Yes. I had a thought or two.
Macatee: What’s your idea?
Red: That’s quite an animal you’ve got there.
Macatee: That’s Duke.
[ Red slips Duke a some hamburger in with the pills inside ]
Red: Reminds me of a pooch that lived down the block when I was a kid. Always hot and cold. Wet kisses one day, stitches the next.
Macatee: I got an appointment at 5:00 with the wife, so tell me–
Red: I’ve heard you’re in couples therapy. That must be quite an undertaking.
Macatee: What’s your idea?
Red: Well, for starters, two inmates will be critical to these negotiations – Vontae Jones and Vega Montero.
Macatee: Neither of them work the laundry.
Red: But they both have worked there in the past, they have a perceptive yet pragmatic take on the issues, and both are trusted by all parties concerned. I think we should bring them in on this.
Macatee: I’m late. It’ll have to wait.
Red: Come on, Jim. You asked for my help. It’ll take – what? 10 minutes? To prevent a laundry strike?
Macatee: [ SCOFFS ] Loretta [ DISTORTED ] send up Vontae Jones and Vega Montero.
Loretta: I can’t hear you, Jim. It’s the line. Sounds like you’re underwater. [ LAUGHS ]
[ SCOFFS ] Send up Vontae Jones and Vega Montero.
Red: My goodness, look at that pronghorn.
Macatee: Good eye. Most people can’t tell the difference between species of antelope.
Red: Boy, that’s a beaut.
[ As Macatee admires his trophy, Red pours some liquid from the small bottle onto a handkerchief ]
Macatee: I took that prairie goat there with a bow on the Dakota plains. 34-inch compound. Pope & Young pronghorn state record, if that means anything to you. Scored a 90 and –
[ Red comes up behind Macatee and holds the handkerchief over his nose and mouth until he passes out ] [ MUFFLED GRUNTING ] [ THUDS ]
[ Jonny Redmond’s ♫ “Leave My Cares Behind” Plays ]
[ Could not find this tune on YouTube or anywhere; it’s a cheery country song – LB90 ]

♪ Another sunny day


♪ Another lovely day for a ride

[ Loretta’s office ]
[ KNOCKING ] [ Loretta says goodbye to the guard and greets Vontae and Vega ]
Loretta: Thanks, Bob. I’ll take it from here.

♪ I’m gonna drive away

Loretta: Jim? The fellas are here. Should I send them in?

♪ Don’t got a thing to say

Loretta: Jim?

♪ Gonna leave my cares behind

Loretta: Jim!
Red: [ Over intercom, sounding like Macatee ] [ DISTORTED ] Send ’em in.
Loretta: All right! You go ahead, boys.

♪ Crank up the tunes real high
Gonna sing out loud

[ Vontae and Vega enter Macatee’s office ]
Vontae: What happened to the dog?
Red: High as a kite. We only have about 10 minutes if this is gonna work. Where’s the hair and the glue?

♪ Gonna leave my cares behind
Don’t got a thing to say

Red: Someone needs to strip the warden.

♪ Gonna leave my cares behind

Red: Any takers?

[ The Task Force gathers around a widescreen TV at the Post Office ]

Anchorwoman: The company confirmed that more than 18,000 patients have had their pacemakers removed, but the vast majority remain at risk as a result of the malware attack on the company’s servers. Pierson Diagnostics stock collapsed with news of the recall, but CEO Matt Pierson says his sole concern is for his patients’ well-being.

Cooper: 32 minutes left.
Samar: Even with an IP address, there’s no guarantee that we’ll get to the computer in time to disconnect the malware.

[ The Cryptobanker enters the Nervous Banker’s office with Gromov’s laptop ]
Cryptobanker: I have a problem [ DOOR CLOSES ] and an opportunity.
Nervous Banker: You can’t be here.
Cryptobanker: A client became a liability. That’s the problem. This [ COMPUTER CHIMES ] is the opportunity.
[ The Cryptobanker clicks some keys and turns the laptop so the Nervous Banker can see ]
Nervous Banker: I can’t handle that amount.
Cryptobanker: I’m not asking you to do it on a sliding scale. I’m offering you 40% of the total amount. Can you handle it now?
[ Gromov’s laptop coming online triggers an alert at the Post Office ] [ ALARM BEEPING ]
Aram: Okay, that’s it. The computer it is on.
Cooper: You have a location?
Aram: Uh, the diagnostics program is booting up. Come on. Come on! Come on.
Cryptobanker: You wanna stay in this broom closet for another 20 years, get a gold watch and a retirement you can’t afford? – This is our shot.
Nervous Banker: What about the client?
Cryptobanker: None of this is traceable. Not the Bitcoin and not the client. Wash this, and the lifestyle Beth’s been used to? She can double it.
Aram: Okay, that’s it. I got it. The IP address belongs to the First Bank of Maryland, 399 North Avenue. And, hang on – I know who has it.
[ The Cryptobanker’s face appears on Aram’s computer ]
Aram: I used the diagnostics program to grab a screenshot from the webcam.
Samar: Gromov’s dead. His computer ends up at a bank. I say we’re looking at the Cryptobanker.
Cooper: Aram, send the photo to bank security, then roll out with Ressler and Navabi. You’ve got half an hour.

[ Vontae and Vega are using the rubber cement to attach the clippings from the barber shop to Red’s face, to mimic Warden Macatee’s scruffy beard ]
Vontae: Look, Mr. Reddington, I don’t wanna be all negative. I’m not so sure this is working out like you thought.
Red: It’ll work. Most people aren’t particularly observant. They tend to see what they want to see. With the hat and the glasses, it’ll work.
Vontae: But this is the whole plan? High school theater? Man, they got 28 guards on staff right now.
Red: I don’t need to get past 28 guards. I only need to get past two or three.
Loretta: [ On the Intercom ] Jim, you better get moving. You’re gonna be late. Connie will have you sleeping on the davenport again.
Red: [ Mimicing Macatee ] On my way.
Loretta: I can’t hear you.
Red: [ Louder ] I said I’m on my way. Could- Could you grab me a Yoo-hoo from the machine? My blood sugar.
Loretta: Okeydokey, Jim.
Red: Handcuff yourselves to the bars on the window. Tell them I threatened your lives, forced you to cooperate.
[ Red puts on Macatee’s hat and aviator sunglasses and voilá! ]
Red: How do I look? Don’t answer that. [ To the dog ] All right, come on, Duke. Time to wake up. Let’s go, kid.
[ Red begins his walk toward freedom ]
[ Creedence Clearwater Revival’s ♪ “Run Through the Jungle” plays ]
[ Liz has arrived at Colton. She walks toward the building while talking on her phone to Cooper ]
Cooper: I’m sorry. He did what?!
Liz: He asked the jury to execute him. He didn’t even try to make a case for life in prison.
Cooper: Why? What did he say?
Liz: He said that, if he was locked up, he would have nothing to live for. Look, I know you think he’s got some plan up his sleeve, but I don’t know. There’s something wrong.
Cooper: Have you spoken with him?
Liz: I’m at Colton now. I’m gonna figure out what the hell’s going on.

♪ Whoa, thought it was a nightmare
Lord, it was so true
They told me don’t go walking slow

[ Liz signs in to visit Red ]
Liz: Elizabeth Keen, here to see Raymond Reddington.

♪ The devil’s on the loose

Frank: [ To Liz ] Sign here.

♪ Better run through the jungle

Loretta: He’s in with the warden now. I’ll take her, Frank.

♪ Better run through the jungle
Better run through the jungle
Whoa, don’t look back to see

Thought I heard a rumblin’
Calling to my name

[ Red walks by a guard and janitor. He uses Macatee’s badge to get through a door ] [ DOOR CLANKS SHUT ]

♪ Two hundred million guns are loaded
Satan cries, “Take aim” –

[ Loretta and Liz enter Macatee’s office to find him unconscious on the floor and Vontae and Vega handcuffed to the window bars ]
Liz: What the– ?
Loretta: Jeez-and-Crackers!

♪ Better run through the jungle –

Loretta: Jim?

♪ Better run through the jungle

Loretta: Jim!
[ Loretta doesn’t know what to do, but Liz reacts instinctively. She runs out of the office and pushes an alarm ]

♪ Better run through the jungle

[ Guards don riot gear, grab bludgeons and rifles and quickly file down the stairs and through the building ]

♪ Whoa, don’t look back to see

[ Red reaches a steel grated doorway ]
Red: [ To Duke the dog ] You stay. You stay.
Red: [ Over his phone ] Dembe, I’m 10 seconds out.
[ Dembe is flying a helicopter ]
Dembe: Raymond, you must hurry.
[ Red passes through the final door. The helicopter is in sight ]
[ Dramatic ♪ music ♪ plays ]
[ Dembe sees the guards pouring out of the prison ]
Dembe: Raymond, guards!
[ Red spins around ] [ INDISTINCT SHOUTING ]
— Go, go! Go, go!
— Wait! [( I hear “Freeze!”, not “Wait!” )]
[ TIRES SCREECH ] [ Vehicles arrive ]
[ Red waves Dembe away ]
Red: You need to abort now. They’ll fire on you!
Dembe: No, we can make it.
Red: No. Go! Go!
[ Red continues waving the helicopter away ]
[ SIREN WAILING ] [ GUNSHOT 💥 ] [ The guards shoot at the helicopter ] [ GUNSHOTS 💥💥💥 ]
[ Dembe finally turns around and heads out ]
[ Red falls to his knees, his hands behind his head. He appears stunned that his escape plan did not work. He looks back toward the prison complex and sees Liz. It appears to dawn on her what has happened ]

[ DOOR CLOSES ] [ Ressler, Samar and Aram arrive at the bank ]
Ressler: Agent Ressler, FBI.
Security Officer Simmons: Don Simmons. We spoke on the phone. Your suspect’s on the second floor. As advised, we didn’t make contact.
[ The Nervous Banker’s office ] [ COMPUTER BEEPING ]
Cryptobanker: That’s the sound of your ship coming in.
Nervous Banker: I won’t be able to keep that amount from hitting the books.
Cryptobanker: By the time it does, you’ll be on the island of your choice.
[ The FBI team arrives on the second floor ]
Security Officer: It’s the last door on the left.
[ DOOR to office OPENS ]
Samar: FBI. Hands up!
Ressler: The laptop – where is it?
Cryptobanker: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. It’s- It’s right here. It’s right here! It’s right here!
Aram: Keep your hands where we can see them!
Ressler: Put the bag down!
Samar: Take your hands out of the bag!
Cryptobanker: Right in here.
Aram: Do what she says, sir. Stop! Please stop!
Samar: Take your hands away from the bag! – Very slowly.
[ The Cryptobanker pulls a gun out of the bag ]
Aram: Gun!!
[ Aram shoots 💥 hitting the Cryptobanker in the arm ]
Cryptobanker: Oh! Aah! [ GROANING ]
Aram: He was gonna shoot her.
Ressler: Okay, Aram.
[ Ressler pushes Aram’s gun down ]
Aram: He had his gun out.
Samar: [ To the Nervous Banker ] Keep your hands up. Keep your hands up.
Cryptobanker: [ GROANING ]
Ressler: The computer, Aram.
[ Aram sits down at the laptop ]
Aram: Come on.
Ressler: We need the authentication code.
Aram: Okay.
Cryptobanker: [ GROANING ]
Aram: Um, is he, uh is he gonna make it?
Samar: He’ll be fine, but 1,000 people won’t be if you don’t get the authentication code in less than two minutes.
Aram: He had the computer, so he obviously knows the password. I need that password.
[ Samar squeezes the Cryptobanker’s wounded arm ]
Cryptobanker: Aah! – A-star-7-H-34-A! –
Cryptobanker: Aah! Ugh.
Ressler: All right, Aram, talk to me. What’s going on?
Aram: Oh, boy. Someone get Pierson on the phone, please.
[ Pierson Diagnostics ]
Pierson: This is Pierson.
[ His staff is gathered around him ]
Aram: Mr. Pierson, this is Aram Mojtabai. I need you to, uh, give me just a minute.
Pierson: Okay, we’re running out of time.
Aram: Okay, all right, I got it. Mr. Pierson, I’m gonna give you an authentication code that you need to type into the ransomware prompt. You cannot get this wrong or transpose a digit, or we could get locked out or trip a bypass–
Pierson: Okay, I got it. The number. Go.
Aram: Okay. 7S–
Pierson: 7S–
Aram: 8#0
Pierson: 8#0
Aram: D7D
Pierson: D7D
Aram: Okay. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Wait, uh, uh, just to double-check, Agent Ressler, is, uh, is that the letter “O” or or a zero?
Ressler: It’s a zero.
Aram: Okay, go. Now. Hit “enter” now.
[ Pierson hits “enter.” All the computer screens in the room go from the ransomware screen back to normal ]
Pierson: We’re back.
Pierson: Agent Mojtabai, thank you.
Aram: You’re welcome. Oh, and, uh I would do a fresh install of all the affected pacemakers even though the malware is disabled. And, uh, please tell Jamie I’d totally come help redecorate her room if she wants.
Pierson: I’ll let her know.

[ Liz waits outside in the prison yard ] [ DOOR OPENS ] [ Red is led out in shackles. It’s cold. He wears a knit hat and a winter coat ]
[ Mississippi Twilight’s ♪ “Diggin a Hole” plays ]

♪ Secrets – the kind you have to keep
Excuses – wrapped in deceit

Liz: You know, if you had told me what you were up to, I wouldn’t have shown up and gotten in the way.
Red: Tell me about the Cryptobanker.
Liz: Not that it matters now, but we have him in custody.
Red: He did business in Cairo with a man who can unlock the conspiracy.
Liz: What good will that do? You pleaded guilty.
Red: Dembe photographed a transaction report between them. Get it. Show it to him. Get him to tell you where he sent the laundered money. An account number. An address.
Liz: For the man in Cairo.
Red: Everything rests on finding him.

♪ You keep fallin’ deeper, you grave digger

Red: What you said in your profile. It was very kind.

♪ Ooo, digging a hole

Liz: Let’s hope the jury is, too.

♪ Twisted like a wicked tree
La la la la
You’re running
From those words you speak
La la la la

♪ They gonna hunt you down
Put you six feet into the ground

[ An interrogation room ]
Liz: This is a transaction report generated by a business deal between you and a man in Cairo. I’m gonna ask you one question about this report. Answer it honestly and I’ll tell Main Justice you provided the FBI with vital intel. I’m giving you a gift. I hope you’re smart enough to take it.
[ Courtroom ]
Judge Wilkins: Madam Foreperson, has the jury reached a verdict?
Madam Foreperson: We have, Your Honor.
Cryptobanker: I never know a client’s identity.
Liz: This report indicates you laundered $5 million worth of Bitcoin for him. So you may not know his identity, but you know where you sent him his money. And that’s my question. His money – Where did you send it to him?
Cryptobanker: I can’t tell you that because I don’t know. I didn’t send it to him.
Liz: I have to find the man in Cairo.
Judge Wilkins: Mr. Reddington, please stand. Madam Foreperson, does the jury believe the defendant deserves the death penalty?
Madam Foreperson: Yes.

♪ La, la, la, la

Judge Wilkins: Are there any mitigating circumstances?
Madam Foreperson: No.
Red: Your Honor, I ask you to set the jury’s recommendation aside.
Judge Wilkins: It was your recommendation to them.
Red: A moment of madness.
Judge Wilkins: Or a hope that you would have escaped by now?
Red: Without hope, one is hopeless.
Judge Wilkins: I’m going to accept the jury’s recommendation. Based on the crimes you’ve pleaded guilty to, you’ve not only lost your right to live as a free man, but under the laws of the United States, you have lost your right to live at all.

♪ Ooo, digging a hole

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Episode Songs


♫ Something’s Off
By Jacuzzi Boys

(full lyrics unavailable as of 3/10/2019)

From script:

♪ Out of my head, not feeling right
Worm in my apple when I took a bite
I think something’s off …

♪ Missing a screw, I’m pretty sure
Doing my laundry at the hardware store …

♪ I think something’s off …

♪ I think something’s off …
Something’s off

Lyrics and Credits: [ unavailable as of 3/10/2019 ]
YouTube: https://youtu.be/4P3NQeLqDT8


♫ Run Through the Jungle
By Creedence Clearwater Revival

♪ Whoa, thought it was a nightmare,
Lo, it’s all so true,
They told me, “Don’t go walkin’ slow
‘Cause Devil’s on the loose.”

♪ Better run through the jungle,
Better run through the jungle,
Better run through the jungle,
Woa, Don’t look back to see.

♪ Thought I heard a rumblin’
Callin’ to my name,
Two hundred million guns are loaded
Satan cries, “Take aim!”


♪ Over on the mountain
Thunder magic spoke,
“Let the people know my wisdom,
Fill the land with smoke.”


Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2TrjGRO
YouTube: https://youtu.be/EbI0cMyyw_M


♫ Diggin a Hole
By Mississippi Twilight

♪ La la la la
La la la la

♪ Secrets the kind ya have to keep
Excuses wrapped in deceit
The dirt keeps on pilin up
Like the lies rollin off of your tongue

♪ Ooo ooo ooo ooo oooooo
You’re diggin a hole
You’re diggin a hole
Ooo ooo ooo ooo oooooo
You’re losing your soul
You’re losing your soul

♪ But you keep falling deeper
You gravedigger

♪ Ooo ooo ooo ooo oooooo
You’re diggin a hole

♪ Twisted like a wicked tree
La la la la
You’re running
From those words you speak
La la la la

♪ They’re gonna hunt you down
Put you six feet into the ground
Slave to the lies
Catch ya bye like tucked in time (?)

♪ Ooo ooo ooo ooo oooooo
You’re diggin a hole
You’re diggin a hole
Ooo ooo ooo ooo oooooo
You’re losing your soul
You’re losing your soul

♪ But you keep falling deeper
You gravedigger
Ooo ooo ooo ooo oooooo
You’re diggin a hole, yeah

♪ [ Vocalizing ]

♪ La la la la
La la la la

♪ Ooo ooo ooo ooo oooooo
You’re diggin a hole
Ooo ooo ooo ooo oooooo
You’re diggin a hole

Lyrics and Credits: [ Lyrics transcribed by LB90 & daughter ]
YouTube: https://youtu.be/UC_uHL_nibk

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🔴 Script 6:11 Bastien Moreau (№ 20)

Program air date: 3/15/2019 in the US
Script Permalink: https://wp.me/pDKwi-9fu
Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/2XRIOQD

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Andrew McCarthy
Written by: Jon Bokenkamp, John Eisendrath



⭕ Script 6:11 Bastien Moreau (№ 20)


Brief (Where we’re at): Red’s life is on the line. Red pleaded guilty to a large number of crimes after the prosecutor was about to make public to the jury the fact that Red has for five years had an Immunity Agreement with the government. Not only would that endanger Red’s life, but the lives of all those on the Task Force. So he pleaded guilty in order to protect them. The jury was instructed only to consider his punishment. Their determination: death by lethal injection.

Red did attempt a prison break, but it was scuttled. His only hope now lies in revealing a conspiracy whose consequences would be so dire that he believes his life could be spared and he would be freed with his Immunity Agreement intact. The next step is for Liz to get from The Cryptobanker (Blacklister #160), who is now under arrest, the location of a “man in Cairo” to whom the Cryptobanker had sent laundered funds. The information that such a transaction took place was obtained by Dembe from a London apartment based on the tracking list of General Shiro (Blacklister #116), the radical scientist who created weaponized insects. So far, The Cryptobanker has not cooperated.

As for Liz’s quest to find out Red’s true identity and understand why he assumed the identity of her father the real Raymond Reddington: In addition to Liz and Lilly/Jennifer, Ressler now also knows that Red is an imposter. The narrative told by Red at his treason trial revealed that Raymond Reddington was not a traitor but rather was framed by Liz’s mother Katarina Rostova, a KGB agent and member of the Cabal. Ressler wonders why Red would take on the identity of a man known at the time only as a pariah. Dembe knows Liz (and Lilly/Jennifer) arranged for a homeless woman to make the call that led to Red’s capture which they hoped would give them the space to find out about Red’s past. Dembe confronted Liz, but following her pleas, has not so far shared this information with Red. Lilly/Jennifer, after being brutally beaten by Marko Jankowics (Blacklister #58), retreated to Long Island. Cooper, Samar and Aram remain in the dark.

[ DOOR OPENS ] [ Bastien Moreau enters a darkened room ]
Bastien Moreau: [ On phone ] When you contract with me, – there are certain implied assurances.
Moreau: Things may take longer than you like. We might hit a few bumps along the way, but in the end, the job will be done in such a way that it never comes back on you or your people.
Anna McMahon: Yes, well, the job is not done.
Moreau: It will be.
McMahon: You said that before. This should’ve been done weeks ago.
Moreau: As I said before, you should expect a few bumps along the way–
McMahon: I’m not interested in bumps. I only want results, – which you have yet to show me.
[ SIREN WAILING IN DISTANCE ] Because of you, because that bombing at the UN was stopped by the FBI, we’re now in crisis mode. We need this done. Finish the job – both of them – or my people will take this into their own hands, and you don’t want that.
Moreau: [ LAUGHING ] Oh. A sense of humor. I like that about you.
McMahon: Can you get it done or not?
Moreau: Tell your boss to relax. They will both be dead within two days.
McMahon: I’m on my way to see him now. I’ll tell him. Just get it done.
[ Anna McMahon gets out of a chauffeured vehicle – at the White House]
McMahon: [ To Security ] The President’s expecting me.

[ Aram/Samar’s place ] [ Aram is in the kitchen. The tv is on ]

[ A group of people with signs protest the death penalty ] [ INDISTINCT SHOUTING ]
Anchor: Opponents of the death penalty are holding a vigil outside of the Federal Penitentiary where legendary crime lord Raymond Reddington is scheduled to be executed on Saturday at 12:01 a.m. They are joined by reporters from around the world who have come to Terre Haute to cover the final hours in the life of one of this country’s most notorious criminals. After being on the FBI’s watch list–

[ Aram is so distracted by the coverage he spills coffee on his hand – and on a cell phone ]
Aram: Ouch! Ow! –

Anchor: –for decades Reddington was–

Samar: [ At a distance ] Are you okay?
Aram: Uh, yeah. Uh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Uh, fine, fine, fine. All- All good.

Anchor: –pleaded guilty to 16 other counts that–

Aram: Um. Why do they always execute people at 12:01? – It’s so ghoulish.
[ Aram wipes the phone ] [ CELLPHONE CHIMES ] [ A text message on the phone reads: “This is Dan with NAA. Found speech pathologist for impairment therapy. When can you start?” ]
Samar: The death warrant is only good for one day.
[ Samar enters. Aram finishes wiping off the phone and places it back on the counter ]
Samar: Scheduling it at 12:01 gives the government as much time as possible to deal with any last-minute legal um –
Aram: Appeals? –
Samar: Yes, appeals. They can deal with them and get the execution done without needing another warrant.
Aram: So it’s not ghoulish. It’s, uh, calculated. That’s worse.
Samar: Are you sure you’re okay?
Aram: To be honest? Uh, no. I’m not.
Samar: It’s a dumb question. Nobody is today. [ SIGHS ] I can’t believe he’s going to die. He always seemed so invincible.

[ The Federal Penitentiary in Terre Haute, Indiana ]
[ Red and Cooper, separated by a window, talk to one another on telephones ]
Red: Thank you for coming, Harold.
Cooper: How are you holding up, my friend?
Red: I’ll know in a few hours. They’re giving me a physical to make sure I’m healthy enough to be killed.
Cooper: I didn’t come to say goodbye. I’m here to tell you I pulled every string I could to get a meeting with the President to urge him to commute your sentence.
Red: He won’t.
Cooper: I hope you’re wrong. It’s the only card we have to play.
Red: For now.
Cooper: For now? Your execution is tomorrow.
Red: Well, it’s scheduled for then. But it won’t happen if you do exactly as I suggest.
Cooper: We’ll do whatever it takes.
Red: Good. Because it’s gonna require you to steal account information from a bank in Luxembourg.
Cooper: You want the FBI to rob a bank.
Red: [ LAUGHING ] Don’t look so sour. At this time of year, the valleys of the Black Ernz are just beautiful. Elizabeth will tell you the why. You’ll have to figure out the how or this will be goodbye.

[ Cooper’s office at the Post Office ]
Liz: The why is simple – Reddington believes the account holder can tell us about the conspiracy.
Cooper: I thought that’s why he gave us the Cryptobanker.
Liz: It was. The Cryptobanker laundered $5 million for a man in Cairo who can tell us what we need to know–
Cooper: –about a conspiracy so deadly that knowing about it would be enough to get the President to commute Reddington’s sentence?
Liz: Reddington assumed the Cryptobanker could lead us to the man in Cairo. He thought all we had to do was ask him where he wired him his laundered money.
[ KNOCK AT DOOR ] [ Jonas Kruger enters Bastien Moreau’s room ]
Liz: But the man in Cairo didn’t want his money sent to him. He wanted it sent to someone with a numbered account – in Luxembourg.
Cooper: Who?
Liz: That’s what we have to find out.
Jonas Kruger: Everything you will need. Her schedule, her security detail, and my I.D., which gives you access.
[ Jonas notices a cylindrical blue container in a briefcase ]
Kruger: What is that?
Bastien Moreau: Thanks for your business.
Kruger: [ WHISPERING ] $5 million to betray my country.
Cooper: Reddington has uncovered a conspiracy. He doesn’t know its purpose or who’s involved except for a “man in Cairo” he can’t find. Now his salvation lies in a numbered account in a bank we have no authority to access, but which he wants us to rob.
Moreau: Our work together is finished.
Cooper: Is that it?
Liz: Except for the fact that we’re not asking for your help.
Cooper: We?
Liz: Me and Dembe.
Cooper: This is not your call to make.
Liz: There’s no time to plan and little hope for success. It’s a mission that will likely end in our arrest. That’s a chance we’re willing to take. We don’t expect anyone else to take it.
Cooper: They would if you asked them.
Liz: I know. That’s why I’m not going to ask them.

[ The Post Office open area. Aram walks up to Samar ]
Aram: Hey, uh I, uh I spilled, uh, coffee this morning. Uh, I was, um, watching the news about Mr. Reddington and, um, uh, point being, I spilled on your phone.
Samar: It’s okay. It works fine.
Aram: Yeah, I know. Because, uh, while I was cleaning it, you got a text. About seeing a speech pathologist.
Samar. Can we talk about this later?
Aram: Uh, the text was from the National Aphasia Association. Uh, it said NAA, but, uh, then I looked it up.
Samar: Aram, I don’t want to talk about this here.
Aram: And then I looked up “aphasia.” Samar, I am confused and worried, and- and I’m a little annoyed that you didn’t say anything. So, no, I don’t think we can talk about this later. I think it’s been long enough.
Samar: When I was stuck in the car I was under water for six minutes. Being deprived of oxygen for that long– by the time you pulled me out, the damage was already done.
Aram: What damage? The migraines?
Samar: Yes, but there’s more than that. I can’t remember things. Numbers, um, prepositions.
Aram: Words. Like “appeals.”
Samar: Uh. Sometimes there’s a blinding light, and I can’t do anything. I thought it would get better. But now I know that it won’t.
Aram: But you’re seeing a therapist.
Samar: Yes. But not to improve. To manage the decline.
Aram: W-What can I do? Uh, tell me. Tell me what to do, I’ll do it.
Samar: I know, but there’s nothing anyone can do.
Ressler: Did Cooper go see Reddington?
Samar: He went. I don’t know if he saw him. The minute he came in, he pulled Liz into his office.
[ Liz comes down the yellow stairs from Cooper’s office and walks quickly toward elevator. Aram starts to go after her ]
Ressler: Don’t.
Aram: What? She shouldn’t be alone.
Ressler: I agree, but it looks like that’s what she wants.
[ Cooper walks up ]
Samar: How’s Reddington? Has he accepted his fate?
Cooper: As a matter of fact, he hasn’t.

[ A private aviation airport ] [ ENGINES RUMBLING SOFTLY ]
[ Liz enters Red’s airplane. Dembe – and Ressler, Samar and Aram are there ]
Dembe: Mr. Cooper told them.
Samar: Don’t try to talk us out of it. We’re coming with you.
Liz: No, you’re not.
Aram: We have a plan. Do you?
Liz: That’s beside the point–
Aram: Well, ours is not much of a plan, but it’s something, and it is not beside the point since it appears Mr. Reddington’s life depends on–
Liz: –us breaking the law. Me and Dembe. We’re his family.
Samar: And we’re yours.
Aram: Besides, it’s not like we have to rob a bank. We just have to rob a name from a bank, and that is an important distinction. At least it should be, even though it’s, uh, still illegal.
Ressler: Reddington will live through this.
Samar: Or he’ll be executed, but not until we’ve tried everything we can first.
Dembe: What’s the pilot’s name again?
Dembe: Edward.
Aram: [ Through the cockpit door ] Edward! Wheels up in five. Always wanted to do that.
Ressler: So, are you gonna tell us the plan?
Liz: Do I have a choice?
At once: No.
Liz: Okay, then. What’s your plan?

[ A White House conference room ]
Cooper: Mr. President, thank you for seeing me.
President Robert Diaz: Of course. You know already know Cynthia, but, uh, I don’t believe you’ve met Anna McMahon from DOJ.
Anna McMahon: White House Counsel has briefed us on your Task Force. You’ve done an incredible job.
Cooper: I’m proud of the work we’ve done. I think it’s made our country a safer place. And none of that would’ve been possible without Raymond Reddington.
Cynthia Panabaker: Harold, the President is aware of the good Reddington has done. Unfortunately for Reddington, he’s also aware of the bad.
Cooper: Mr.President, thanks to the work Reddington has done with our Task Force, hundreds of deadly criminals are off the streets and thousands of lives have been spared. Despite that, I’m not here because of what he’s done. I’m here because of what he could do if given the chance, including a matter that may impact national security – a conspiracy that Reddington says reaches the highest rungs of power. If Reddington says there’s a conspiracy, it’s not a conspiracy theory – it’s a fact. And if you give us give him the time, we’ll uncover it.
Panabaker: Are you asking for a commutation or a stay of execution?
Cooper: I came here hoping for a commutation. But if a stay gives Reddington the chance to once again prove his value, I’ll happily ask for that.
President Diaz: Does the Justice Department want to weigh in on this?
McMahon: Yes, sir. With both feet firmly placed on Reddington’s neck. [ Pen CLICKS ] What’s the point of the death penalty if not to put people like Reddington to death? Not to mention that, by letting him draw even a single extra breath, your opponents would make you look softer on crime than the Pillsbury Doughboy.
President Diaz: [ LAUGHS ] And there you have it, Director Cooper, classic Anna – simultaneously rude, blunt, and calculating.
Cooper: A week. That’s all I’m asking for.
President Diaz: [ Gets up ] If there is a conspiracy, I want it uncovered. But I’m confident you can do that without the help of Mr. Reddington.
[ All but Panabaker and Cooper leave ]
Panabaker: You’ve done the work of the angels, Harold. But it’s over. Reddington’s gonna die.

[ Penitentiary]
Federal Warden: It’s time to talk about final preparations.
Red: Oh, cabbage soup and dressed herring. For my final meal. My mother loved cabbage soup and dressed herring.
Federal Warden: Of course. You have the right to a spiritual advisor, an attorney to get your legal affairs in order, and to make final arrangements for your body and personal effects.
Red: I’ve made arrangements to be cremated, have my ashes placed into Mama Lu’s opium pipes.
[ Skye’s ♪ “Not Broken” plays ]
Red: The users won’t mind, and on the off chance there is an afterlife, I’d like to be high in it.
Federal Warden: You also have the right to a walk-through of the execution chamber.

[ Red is shown the execution chamber ]

♪ Oh, no, no, oh, no
Not broken In two
Not you

Federal Warden: Is there anyone you’d like to have there at the end?

♪ Like the seed you grow

Red: Yes, but not at an ending like this. Ah.

♪ Under it all

[ Inside Red’s plane in flight ]
Liz: If we expect to have any hope of saving Reddington’s life, we have to name this depositor at the Banque Vertrauen. To do that, we have to access the bank’s computer networks. The problem is, Vertrauen has criminal accounts around the world, meaning they’re very private, so they maintain networks that they claim are impenetrable.
Aram: A brief peek at their system looks like they’re running a wickedly advanced Least Privilege program with access controls and redundant audit trails.
Ressler: Translation.
Aram: It’s un-hackable. I mean, even senior level employees they only have access to selected fragments of the bank’s computer system.
Liz: All except one. According to Reddington, the bank president is able to override the network using an encrypted fob he carries at work.
Ressler: So we get the fob, the fob gets us access, and the access gets us the name of the mysterious depositor.
Aram: Okay, so, who’s the bank president?
Liz: We don’t know. The bank doesn’t make that information public.
Samar: Just so I’m clear – We need to break into a bank that caters to criminals and penetrate their impenetrable computer network, all in order to identify a secret depositor we hope can spare Reddington’s life?
Dembe: I can I.D. the bank president.
Ressler: How? Do you know him?
Dembe: No. But I will.

Flash Forward:
Bank Administrator: Of course, we would be honored to handle Mr. Reddington’s assets.
[ Dembe and the Bank President shake hands ]

Dembe: They’ll jump at the chance to handle Raymond’s assets. The bank president will see to it personally.

Bank President: S’il vous plaît. Hmm?

Liz: Aram, how long do you need with that key fob to know if you can override the encryption?
Aram: Well, uh, I’d have to see it to know.
Ressler: But if you saw it?
Aram: If I saw it, assuming we were able to get it and none of us were arrested in the process, uh, I could I could probably tell in a minute or two.
Liz: And anyone who can decrypt it can clearly duplicate it, right?
Aram: If none of us got arrested.

Flash Forward:
[ Luxembourg. The Bank President exits a large stone building ]
[ Dembe and Ressler are in separate vehicles ]
Dembe: Here we go. This is him.
Ressler: All right, I got eyes. Blue jacket. Gray pants. Super French.
[ Samar follows the Bank President ]

[ In the plane ]
Aram: Okay, wait, sorry. Uh, Agent Ressler’s – running point on overwatch?
Ressler: Is that a problem?
Aram: No, it’s just, uh, I thought it might make more sense to have Samar in my ear. You know, we have a real shorthand.
Ressler: Makes sense.
Samar: No, it doesn’t. I speak French, German, Farsi, Arabic, Spanish. And with all due respect to Agent Ressler, I’m a better asset in the field.
Aram: I just thought you might be more comfortable working with me.
Ressler: Do you two wanna get a room or, uh, rob a bank?
Aram: No. [ CHUCKLING ] Sorry, it’s cool. Uh, you take the overwatch. So, um – how do we plan on getting me that fob, again?

[ At a breakfast counter in Luxembourg, Liz and Samar sit on either side of the Bank President. Ressler sits several yards away in a booth ]
Liz: [ SIGHING ] Oh. Excuse me. Do you speak English?
Bank President: Uh, some English.
Liz: Oh, thank you! I’m looking for the residence of the Duke, and I promised myself I would not use my phone this trip. But, uh, these paper maps are impossible.
Samar: Je crois qu’elle est perdue. Je peux aider si vous voulez. [ Google translate: I think she’s lost. I can help if you want. ]
Samar: [ To Liz in French-accented English ] You’re looking for the Palais Grand Ducal? Uh, you’re not far, but you’re on the wrong side of the river.
[ Aram comes up behind the Bank President and lifts his keys ]
Samar: You go this way, and then make a right on Rue Munster.
Liz: Okay, thank you.
[ Aram sits on a toilet seat in a Men’s Room ]
Aram: [ Over comms ] I warn you, this could take a while. There are layers of encryption and access controls. [ LAPTOP BEEPING ] Whoa, this is more complicated than I thought.
Ressler: [ Over comms ] Aram. You’re out of time.
Aram: What? Already?! – How is that even possible?
Ressler: He’s leaving. You need to get that fob back to Keen.
Aram: Okay, um, just h-hold on a second. I’m in. I just need time to create the duplicate. Like, two more minutes.
Ressler: You got less than one. Keen, you need to stall this guy.
Liz: Oh, no. You can’t go. No, I- T-Tell him he can’t go. I wanna pay for his lunch.
Samar: Elle ne veux pas que vous partiez. Elle aimerait payer. [ [ She does not want you to leave. She would like to pay. ]
Liz: I don’t want him to think I’m an ungrateful American.
Ressler: [ QUIETLY ] Come on, Aram, let’s hustle.
Aram: Just, almost there almost –
Samar: Elle ne veux pas etre una americaine ingrate. [ She does not want to be an ungrateful American. ]
Bank President: Ah je comprehends, mai je ne le laiserei pas payer pour le dejeuner. [ Oh I understand, I may not let her pay for lunch. ]
Bank President: Uh non. Merci. [ Uh no. Thank you. ]
Liz: I insist!
Aram: Okay, here we go. Okay. All right, I got it! –
[ Aram drops the keys in the toilet ]
Aram: Oh, no.
Ressler: Oh, no? What do you mean, “Oh, no”? “Oh, no,” what? What’s wrong?
Aram: Uh nothing. Everything’s fine.
[ Aram fetches the keys from the toilet ]
Ressler: What do you mean “nothing”? Come on, Aram, what’s going on? Look, we need those keys back now, okay? – We don’t have time.
Aram: We’re good. I’m coming.
[ Aram begins to dry the keys using the blower ] [ HAND DRYER BLOWS ]
Ressler: Aram, what’s going on?
Liz: Uh, wait, sir.
Ressler: Aram, talk to me.
Liz: You can’t go. Uh– Okay, If you won’t take my money, let me pay for your lunch.
[ Aram comes out and slides the keys across the floor to Samar. Samar tosses the keys to Liz ]
Liz: If you won’t take my money, then at least, um –
[ Liz slips the keys into the Bank President’s pocket as he leaves ]
Liz: [ Calling after him ] Can you tell him, please, that he has a beautiful city and thank you so much.
[ They look at Aram ]
Aram: Ooh! [ SIGHS ] Don’t ask.

[ On the plane flight back ]
Ressler: You have access?
Aram: I’m searching account holders now. [ KEYS CLACKING ] – Okay, wait, wait. Here. [ LAPTOP BEEPS ] Here we go.
Samar: Jonas Kruger.
Ressler: 42. German National. Federal Intelligence Service. Lives in Arlington, and he’s stationed at the German Embassy in D.C.
Aram: How is a foreign intelligence officer from Germany supposed to help save Mr.
Reddington’s life?
[ Bastien Moreau’s room ]
Moreau: [ On phone ] Yes. It’s me. One down, one to go.
Liz: I don’t know. But we’re gonna find out.
[ Bastien Moreau burns Jonas Kruger’s I.D. ] [ OMINOUS MUSIC PLAYS ]

[ Anti-death penalty protests continue outside the Federal Penitentiary ] [ INDISTINCT SHOUTING ]
[ Inside, Red is on a three-way video conference with Anna McMahon and Cooper and Panabaker ]
Red: Within 24 hours, the president of Germany’s Federal Intelligence Service will be assassinated on U.S. soil.
McMahon: Ava Ziegler. Based on what intel?
Red: A member of her advance team, Jonas Kruger, had $5 million wired to his numbered account.
McMahon: And where did the money come from?
Red: The assassin.
McMahon: Or you. To create the appearance of a crisis only you can resolve.
[ Ava Ziegler’s suite ]
Ava Ziegler: [ SIGHS ] Is this confirmation?
Christopher Miles: It reads like fiction, but I assure you it is all fact.
McMahon: He’d say anything, do anything to avoid execution.
Red: I would. Of course, that also includes telling the truth.
Panabaker: Have you notified Ziegler’s security detail?
Ziegler: [ To Miles ] I’m told there’s a plot on my life. If it’s because of this, there may be one on yours, as well.
McMahon: The alleged assassin. Do you know his name?
Red: I do. And how to stop him. Information I’ll gladly share as soon as the President grants me clemency and my immunity agreement is reinstated.
McMahon: He’s making this up –
Cooper: I don’t think so.
McMahon: – blackmailing the President!
Red: Do you want me to save her life?
Panabaker: If what you’re telling us is true and you do nothing to stop it, you will never get a reprieve.
Red: If I stop it before getting a reprieve, I won’t get one.
McMahon: You said you’ve told the BND. [ German Intelligence Service ]
Cooper: They’re on high alert. And we’re rolling on Kruger now.
McMahon: Okay, then. Seems like on the off chance you didn’t make all this up, the investigation’s in good hands.
Red: Harold’s the best.
McMahon: Then if there is an assassin, I’m sure he can find him without your help.
Red: He’ll certainly try, but it won’t be enough to save Ava Ziegler’s life.
McMahon: Only you can do that.
Red: I rarely dislike a person before being introduced to them, but in your case, I’m afraid I’m going to have to make an exception. Who are you, anyway?
McMahon: I’m the person who’s gonna make sure the President does not grant you clemency. This conversation’s over. [ Slaps laptop shut ]
Panabaker: I’ll see what I can do.
Ziegler: I have to show this to the Americans.
Miles: You have to tell them. But I’m keeping the dossier. We can’t trust them with the proof until we know who’s involved.
Cooper: I’m sorry I couldn’t have been more convincing with the President.
Red: It appears you have unexpectedly formidable opposition.
Cooper: You know this puts me in a terrible position. I have to do everything in my power to prevent the assassination. But by saving Ziegler, I’m killing you.
Red: If you want absolution, you have it. I meant what I said, Harold. You are the best as an agent and a person and a friend.

Ressler: We’re rolling out on Kruger. [ DRAWER SLIDES ] [ KEYS JINGLE ] What is it?
Liz: I think I should be a witness at Reddington’s execution.
Ressler: [ SIGHS ] The questions. The searching for answers. And the mystery. In the end, Liz he’s just a man who loves you very much.
Liz: But what man?
Ressler: Look, if we can find Kruger, if he can give Reddington the leverage he’s looking for, you’ll have plenty of time to find out.
Liz: But what if we can’t, or he doesn’t? This is my last chance to find out his true identity. And maybe if this is his last chance to tell me, he will.

[ At Terre Haute, a Death Row Doctor explains the execution process to Red ]
Death Row Doctor: We use three drugs in the lethal injection – sodium thiopental to induce unconsciousness, pancuronium bromide for muscle paralysis and respiratory arrest, and potassium chloride to stop the heart.
[ The Death Row Doctor injects Red ]
Red: And why are you doing this?
Death Row Doctor: If you develop a rash, I’ll know you’re allergic.
Red: To the drugs you’re gonna use to kill me.
Death Row Doctor: We wanna make this as peaceful as possible.
[ OMINOUS MUSIC PLAYS ] [ Suddenly, Red grabs the doctor’s wrist ]
Red: [ Fiercely ] When I kill a man, I don’t pretend I care how he feels. I’ve shot them, stabbed them, suffocated them, but I’ve never coddled them. It’s disrespectful. So stop coddling me.

[ The White House, Anna McMahon and President Diaz walk together, speaking in low voices ]
Anna McMahon: Reddington knows everything.
President Diaz: Did he tell the FBI?
McMahon: [ QUIETLY ] He told them the head of the BND’s the target.
Diaz: So what do we do?
McMahon: Absolutely nothing.
Diaz: But they know.
McMahon: The target, yes, and she’s been warned, but there’s nothing they can do to stop it. Reddington says he can, but he won’t. Not until after you grant him clemency.
Diaz: Can they trace this back to us?
McMahon: Absolutely not. I know it’s hard not having all the details, but the less you know, the better.
Diaz: And you’re sure that Reddington won’t say what he knows to the FBI unless I agree to stay his execution.
McMahon: He thinks knowing how to save Ziegler gives him leverage to make you save him.
Diaz: His knowing how to save her is exactly why I won’t.
McMahon: He’s the only one who knows how to stop us, and when he dies, what he knows dies with him.
[ They’ve entered a conference room where several people wait ]
Diaz: Good afternoon. So, what have we got?

[ DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYS ] [ The raid on Jonas Kruger’s home commences. SWAT members file toward the front door ] [ Indoors Kruger unzips a duffle, flips bills in an envelope ]
[ The SWAT members line up on each side of the door ] [ SHOTGUN FIRES 💥 from inside ] [ One guy falls, THUDS, LEAVES RUSTLING ]
[ They enter the house. Samar sees someone outside ]
[ GUN COCKS, Samar shoots 💥 ] [ Kruger runs BREATHING HEAVILY ] [ Samar shoots again 💥 He’s down ]
[ INDISTINCT SHOUTING ] [ Ressler comes up ]
Ressler: Lucky shot.
[ SWAT members run over ]
— Don’t move!
— Right there!
— Get the weapon.

[ An interrogation room at the Post Office ]
Ressler: The hit on Germany’s top spy. When’s it gonna happen?
Jonas Kruger: I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Samar: Maybe this will refresh your memory. You were paid $5 million to help kill Ava Ziegler. You’re going to go to prison for that. For how long depends on whether you help us prevent her assassination.
Ressler: You need to tell us when, how, and by whom.
Kruger: [ SIGHS ] My job was to sweep the hotel. Set up security protocols for when she arrived.
Ressler: You were paid to give someone access to the hotel?
Kruger: To give him her schedule and my credentials.
[ Observing through the one-way glass ]
Cooper: [ To Panabaker ] McMahon wouldn’t take this to the President because she thought Reddington was making it up. This is proof he wasn’t.
Samar: The man who has your credentials who is he? Do you have a name?
Kruger: No, I didn’t. [ SCOFFS ] $5 million – it was a lot of money just to give him my credentials.
Samar: It was for far more than that.
Kruger: Yes.
Ressler: You can’t I.D. the who, you don’t know the when, the where’s the hotel, so what about the how?
Kruger: When we met, when I gave him my credentials, I saw – It looked like a bomb.
Ressler: Are you sure that’s what you saw?
Kruger: It was in a plastic case. Some kind of chemical agent.

Cooper: You two need to notify the BND and get to that hotel and you need to get me another meeting with the President.
Panabaker: I know Reddington is the sun, moon, and stars to you, Harold. But the President runs a nation with 320 million people. Sparing the life of one of the most deadly among them – is not a high priority.
Cooper: I know. Bad optics to look soft on crime. But what if people find out that he could’ve saved a cabinet-level German official and chose not to? What about those optics? Like it or not, Reddington’s worth more to the President alive than dead.

Aram: Hey, um, Ressler told me how you took down Kruger. That shot.
Samar: Then he must’ve told you it was a lucky shot.
Aram: He said it was an amazing shot.
Samar: Uh, I have to go.
Aram: Listen – trying to take you out of the field in Luxembourg was wrong. Uh, you’re obviously more than up for the job, and I should’ve given you the benefit of any doubt. [ BREATHES DEEPLY ] I’m sorry I didn’t.
Samar: I don’t think I know anyone who apologizes as well as you.
Aram: I’ve had a lot of practice.
[ Samar and Aram kiss ] [ Ressler walks past ]
Ressler: Fine, I’ll rent the room for you.
[ Samar smiles at Aram and follows Ressler out ]

Death Row Doctor: Your test results came back negative. No allergies.
Red: I’m sorry about before. I realize you’re just following protocol. It’s your job, after all. It’s a heavy burden killing a man. Most people can’t.
Death Row Doctor: We’re all set, then.
[ Liz enters along with the Warden ]
Red: Elizabeth!
Warden: Your food is almost ready.
[ A guard removes Red’s handcuffs ] [ HANDCUFFS CLICKING ]
Red: Excellent! Make it a table for two.
[ DOOR SLIDES closed ]
Liz: What you said about Ziegler – we were able to corroborate it. We can prove the conspiracy’s real.
Red: You’re going to be phenomenally wealthy.
Liz: Panabaker got Cooper another meeting with the President. He’s gonna make the argument that, in order to save her life, the President has to save yours.
Red: You’ll be able to live anywhere you want. You’ll be able to do anything you want.
Liz: What I want to do is save your life.
Guard: All right, time to eat.
Red: Ah, my final meal. I can’t think of anyone I’d rather share it with.
Liz: I’m trying to tell you – this might not be your final meal.
Red: And I’m trying to tell you I’m okay if it is. [ BREATHES DEEPLY ]

[ Ressler and Samar arrive at the hotel ]
Ressler: Agent Ressler, FBI. We believe we’re looking for an explosive device. Possibly biological. Now, suspect had access to your advance team, so the device is likely inside your secure cordon.
Lead BND Agent: Ma’am, the Senator is here, but it sounds like we may have a security concern.
Ava Ziegler: What concerns?
Lead BND Agent: We’re waiting on details.
Ziegler: Let me know the minute you know more.

Ressler: Yeah. Aram, can you pull Navabi’s reports from the UN bombing and see what kind of details we have on that device?
Aram: Are you looking for schematics?
Ressler: No, I’m looking for any details that can tell us what we’re searching for. Anything you can send the Bomb Unit is helpful.
Aram: Okay, understood. I’m on it.

Liz: This is what you call a last meal?
Red: [ LAUGHS ]
Liz: Cabbage soup and herring.
Red: My mother made it for me when I was a child.
Liz: I can’t imagine that. You as a boy.
Red: I was a difficult child. People saw me one way – I saw myself another. I felt misunderstood – acted out. My father fancied himself a disciplinarian. Very moralistic. Instead of trying to understand me, he excommunicated me.
Liz: And your mother?
Red: My mother- My m- My mother- My mother understood.
Liz: About who you used to be – there’s something I need to ask you.
Red: My mother understood the problems of the human heart in conflict with itself. So she understood Everything. I’ve taught you to think like a criminal. I should’ve taught you to think like her. I-I should’ve learned to think like her. All those years spent worrying about you – fancying myself your guardian angel. She would’ve taken one look at you and known you’d be fine. And not because of the money I obsessively cobbled together for you but because you have in your life the only thing that matters – people who love you –
Cooper: Harold Cooper to see the President.
Red: – people you can depend on – people who will always tell you the truth. Six years ago, I turned myself in because of you. Now, here, at the end, I’m at peace because of them.

Ava Ziegler: Senator Wade, thank you for agreeing to meet.
Senator Wade: Of course. Please.
[ They sit ]
Senator Wade: Now, you said it was urgent. Is something wrong?
Ziegler: Our intelligence network has been working cooperatively with a former MI6 agent. Earlier today, he showed me a dossier outlining a plot against America.
[ Bastien Moreau wheels a room service cart to a hotel room and knocks ] [ KNOCKS AT DOOR ]
[ Karl Hartmans enters Ziegler’s suite with Ressler ]
Karl Hartmans: Madam Ziegler, I’m terribly sorry –
Ziegler: Karl, what’s going on?
Ressler: Ma’am, we have a security issue. You need to come with me. We need to get you and the Senator out of this building right now.
[ Christopher Miles opens his hotel room door ] [ DOOR CREAKS ]
Miles: Ah. I, uh, didn’t order room service.
Bastien Moreau: You have a dossier I’m interested in.
[ GUN COCKS ] [ Door closes ]

[ The White House ]
Cooper: Ms. McMahon thought Reddington was lying to save his life. Now we know he was telling the truth.
Anna McMahon: So he was telling the truth. It doesn’t undo all the horrible things he’s done.
Cooper: This isn’t about what he’s done. I thought I’d made that clear. This is about what he’s going to do save Ava Ziegler’s life.
President Diaz: I thought that your job.
Panabaker: His job is to try to stop it. And he’s doing everything he can, but in our experience, if Reddington says he’s the only one who can solve it, he’s the only one who can solve it.
McMahon: For God’s sakes, the FBI employs 35,000 people. He’s one man.
Cooper: Mr. President, it’s simple. You can listen to Ms. McMahon, and a prominent German official will die, or you can listen to me, and she’ll survive.
Cooper: May I?
Diaz: Please.
Diaz: You’ve already given me plenty to think about.
Cooper: When? You’re sure about this? No, no. No, I’m relieved. Good work.
Panabaker: Harold?
Cooper: Our people have Ziegler in custody. They’re off-site. She’s safe.
McMahon: Well, what do you know – looks like you didn’t need Reddington’s help after all.

Red: You wanted to ask me something.
Liz: I did. [ Smiles ] I wanted to ask you – I-I wanted to ask [ Pause ] how can you eat that?
Red: [ LAUGHING ] It’s terrible, isn’t it?
Liz: I mean, honestly, it’s the worst food I’ve ever seen. Your mother may have been a wonderful person, but she was a terrible cook.
Red: [ LAUGHING ] You’re right. Everything we had growing up was either over-boiled or under-cured.
Liz: This can’t be your last meal. It’s the definition of cruel and unusual.
Red: [ LAUGHS ]
Warden: It’s time. Once you’ve changed, we’ll move into the execution chamber.
Liz: It’s Cooper. [ QUIETLY ] Have you seen the President? But she’s in danger. She’s not safe.
Red: Let it go.
Liz: I know it seems that way, but you and I both know this isn’t over.
Red: Elizabeth, let it go.
Liz: The President’s wrong!
Red: It’s too late for Ziegler. You’ll need to focus on the larger conspiracy.
Liz: Thank you for trying. Of course. I’ll tell him.
Liz: [ VOICE BREAKING ] He says he wishes there was more that he could do.
Red: He did everything he could. That’s- That’s more than enough for me. I should change.
Liz: I love you. [ QUIETLY ] That’s what I wanted to say. That’s what I wanted you to hear.
[ Red stares at her, shocked ]

[ The kitchen of a restaurant or hotel ]
Samar: We’ve got the principal in a off-site holding location. 8323 14th Street Northwest.
Aram: Copy that. 8323 14th Street Northwest. I have a DC PD escort en route. Awaiting instructions from BND and DSS. [ Diplomatic Security Service ]
Ressler: You’re in charge? We need you to get everybody out of here. Now.
Ana Ziegler: [ COUGHS ]
BND Agent: Ma’am, are you okay?
Ziegler: [ SNIFFLES ] I- I can’t catch my breath.
BND Agent: You’re gonna be okay. We have a BND convoy on the way. We want you in the air in the next 20 minutes.
Ressler: You. Lock it down. All entrances. I want DC PD units on the alley. The minute the escort’s here, we move.
Aram: [ On phone ] Okay, I just got word from the Bomb Squad. Preliminary sweep says they found no explosive devices on site.
Samar: No device? How is that possible?
Aram: And another thing, and I know this is so not the time, but, uh I was grabbing some, uh, UN reports for Agent Ressler from your office. And while I was there, uh, I noticed a few discarded incident reports in the trash.
Samar: You’re right. This isn’t the time.
Aram: After what you did in the field, I thought I’d overreacted, but these mistakes, they are, um what you were having trouble with is – is basic. I had no idea how much damage has been done.
Ziegler: [ COUGHING ]
Samar: I have to call you back.
Ressler: They didn’t find the device?
Samar: Not yet, but they will.
Ressler: That’s weird, right?
Samar: The important thing is that everyone’s okay.
Ziegler: [ COUGHS ]
Hartmans: Let me get you a glass of water.
Senator Wade: [ To Ziegler ] Does this have anything to do with the threat you started to tell me about? This dossier?
Ressler: Why wouldn’t they find a device? I mean, Moreau paid off Kruger to get advance team access to get inside the secure cordon, but why?
Samar: Maybe it wasn’t a device?
Ressler: Maybe there was another way. I mean, maybe it wasn’t a bomb or an explosion, but another way to carry out the hit.
Ziegler: [ COUGHING ] [ She coughs out one of General Shiro’s weaponized beetles ]
— Help! We need some help here!
— We need a medic!
Ziegler: [ COUGHS ]
[ Ziegler collapses. The beetles pour out of her mouth and nose ]

[ Cooper and Panabaker are being driven back from the White House ]
Cooper: [ On phone ] Right. [ CELLPHONE BEEPS ] That was Ressler. Ziegler is dead.
Panabaker: What? How? I thought she was safe.
Cooper: Reddington knew. He’s known all along. He sent us after the Bug Man. Turn around.
Panabaker: W-Wait. What are you talking about?
Cooper: We’re going back to the White House. Reddington gave us a Blacklister weeks ago a scientist upset with how we’re killing off insects, so he created one to kill us off. Some kind of a super beetle – the kind that killed Ziegler.
Panabaker: And you want to go tell the President, “I told you so”?
Cooper: I want to tell the President how to find the assassin.
Panabaker: Do you know how to find him?
Cooper: No, but Reddington does.
Panabaker: Diaz has made up his mind.
Cooper: Well, by my watch, it’s 11:51.That gives him 10 minutes to change it. Or I’m gonna tell The New York Times that he could’ve saved the life of Germany’s top intelligence officer but chose not to.
Panabaker: That would be career suicide.
Cooper: Yes. For the President.

[ Red is escorted through the corridors to the execution chamber ]
[ UNKLE’s ♪ “Farewell” plays ]

♪ And when I see
And if I walk
And when I run away
Hold me in your arms
Don’t let go
Hold me in your arms

[ Red is helped onto the execution table ]
Death Row Doctor: Is that comfortable? If you’d like, we could raise or lower the head rest.
Red: I’m fine. Thank you for asking.

♪ And when I run away
Hold me in your arms

[ Guards strap Red’s ankles and wrists. A wide strap is secured across his chest. Medical techs begin IV lines in both arms and prepare the infusion mixtures ]

♪ And when I see
And if I walk
Don’t let go
And when I run away
Hold me in your arms
Don’t let go
Don’t let go
Hold me in your arms
Don’t let go

Warden: To protect the anonymity of the executioners, they will now move into the chemical room and draw the curtain.

♪ Hold me in your arms

Warden: At my instruction, each member of the execution team will inject drugs into the IV tube, but only one of the executioners is actually going to deliver the lethal injection.

♪ And if I walk

Red: Right.

♪ If I run

McMahon: Sir. It’s done.

♪ And when I run away

Diaz: And the dossier?

♪ Hold me in your arms

[ Bastien Moreau holds Christopher Miles at gunpoint ]
Miles: I told you, the dossier isn’t here.
Moreau: Well, then, you’re going to have to take me to it.
McMahon: We should have it within the hour.
President Diaz: Good. Then, by morning, the intel will be buried and Reddington will be dead.
[ McMahon nods ]

♪ Hold me in your arms
Don’t let go
Hold me in your arms

[ In the observation room, Dembe prays. The door opens. Liz enters and sits next to Dembe. They clasp hands briefly. Dembe continues to pray ]

♪ Don’t let go
And when I run away
Hold me in your arms
Don’t let go
Don’t let go

[ The curtains are opened, allowing the witnesses to view the proceedings ]
Federal Warden: [ Reads ] Whereas, Raymond Reddington was found guilty of murder –

♪ Hold me in your arms

Warden: – in the first degree –

♪ Don’t let go

Warden: – and whereas it has been determined that the Executive Clemency authorized by Article II, Section II –

♪ And when I run away

Warden: – Of the United States Constitution has been denied –

♪ Hold me in your arms

Warden: – do hereby issue this warrant directing the Warden of the United States Penitentiary – in Terre Haute, Indiana –

♪ And when I see

Warden: – to cause the sentence of death to be executed upon Raymond Reddington in accord with the provisions of the law of the United States.

♪ Don’t let go

Warden: [ To Red ] Do you have any final words?

♪ Don’t let go

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Episode Songs


♫ Not Broken
By Skye

♪ On and on, hold on
Not broken in two; not you!
Like the seed, you grow
Under it all
Your roots take hold

♪ Smooth out the creases
Then you’ll see

♪ And when you fall down in between them all
Here you are whole, not broken

♪ On and on, hold on!
Not broken – just loose at the seams
Oh, no no! don’t let go!
Just listen

♪ Goodness increases
You will see

♪ And when you fall down in between them all
Here you are whole, not broken
Leave it behind – all of the pain inside
Here you will be, not broken

♪ Through the crowd patchwork souls move closer, closer
And when you fall down in between them all
Here you are whole, not broken

♪ Leave it behind – all of the pain inside
Here you will be, not broken

♪ You will see
You will see

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2Y5bXaK
YouTube: https://youtu.be/AwuuuaKlXJ4


♫ Farewell

[ Spoken (opt.): ] Have you looked at yourself? And have you thought about the mistakes you’ve made? And the road you’ve walked? This is your story

♪ And when I see
And if I walk
And when I run away
Hold me in your arms
Don’t let go
Hold me in your arms
And when I run away
Hold me in your arms

♪ And when I see
And if I walk
And when I run away
Hold me in your arms
Don’t let go
Hold me in your arms
And when I run away
Hold me in your arms

♪ And when I see
And if I walk
And when I run away
Hold me in your arms
Don’t let go
Hold me in your arms
And when I run away
Hold me in your arms

♪ And when I see
And if I walk
And when I run away
Hold me in your arms
Don’t let go
Hold me in your arms
And when I run away
Hold me in your arms
Don’t let go
Hold me in your arms
And when I run away
Hold me in your arms
And when I see
Hold me in your arms

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2HplIM7
YouTube: https://youtu.be/kEQbSzKH7p4

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🔴 Script 6:12 Bastien Moreau, Pt 2 (№ 20)

Program air date: 3/22/2019 in the US
Script Permalink: https://wp.me/pDKwi-9iR
Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/2ufPlGQ

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Christine Gee
Written by: Jon Bokenkamp, John Eisendrath, Lukas Reiter



⭕ Script 6:12 Bastien Moreau, Pt 2 (№ 20)


Brief (Where we’re at): Red has 10 minutes left to live. He is strapped to an execution table at the Federal Penitentiary in Terre Haute, Indiana, waiting for a lethal injection. Cooper has just learned that Ava Ziegler, the head of German National Intelligence, has been assassinated on US soil, as Red had predicted. Cooper has ordered the vehicle he is in with the CIA’s Cynthia Panabaker, to return to the White House for one final plea to President Robert Diaz to spare Red’s life so Red can help unveil a broader conspiracy against the United States. The plot is revealed in a dossier provided to German Intelligence by MI6, the British Intelligence Service. It appears, however, that Diaz is unlikely to be moved since Diaz himself – unbeknownst to either Red or Cooper – is behind the plot.

President Diaz tasked DOJ official Anna McMahon to squelch the dossier. For this, she turned to Bastien Moreau, who works to enable anti-globalist, ultra-nationalist causes. He had his appearance changed by plastic surgeon Dr Hans Koehler (Blacklister #33 in Episode 6:1), who he subsequently killed. He needed a new identity to get by security to attempt to bomb the United Nations (Episode 6:2), also at the behest of McMahon and Diaz. The plot failed when Red engaged the help of Maxwell Ruddiger, who had created the bomb. Moreau escaped then, and is now under pressure from Diaz and McMahon not only to squelch the dossier and accomplish what the U.N. bomb plan failed to achieve.

After killing Ava Ziegler using the weaponized beetles developed by General Shiro (Blacklister #116), Moreau now has ex-MI6 agent Christopher Miles at gunpoint in Miles’s hotel room, demanding the dossier, which Miles claims not to have.

Liz and Dembe are waiting to witness Red’s execution. Liz spent Red’s last meal with him. He spoke of his childhood, especially his mother (“My mother understood the problems of the human heart in conflict with itself. So she understood Everything”), and is calm facing death. Liz had intended to press Red on the question of his true identity, but in a sudden change of heart, said to him, simply – for the first time – “I love you.” His reaction was stunned astonishment.

Now at ten minutes and counting to 12:01 a.m., it appears that Red’s fate is sealed.

[ A few minutes before 12:01am when Red is to be executed, Harold Cooper walks toward a conference room at the White House ]
Cooper: Harold Cooper to see the president.
[ Mr Sandquist allows him to enter ]
President Diaz: Do you have any idea how this happened?
Cooper: Sir, we don’t have much time.
Diaz: How Germany’s chief intelligence officer could die in FBI custody?
Cooper: I don’t know, but Reddington does. And he’ll tell us if you stay his execution.
Diaz: We need to work together to keep this tragedy from becoming a- a diplomatic crisis. And we need our allies to know that everything will be done to find out what happened and to apprehend those responsible.
Cooper: Reddington knows who that is.
Diaz: Director Cooper, I don’t think you understand the sensitivity of this matter.
Cooper: You want everything to be done to find out what happened. The only way to do that is to call off the execution.
Diaz: You’re sure that Reddington knew how to stop the assassination. I’m not. A man about to be executed will say anything.
Cooper: That is not what happened here. He knew the truth, and you chose to ignore it.
Diaz: I suggest you watch your tone.
Cooper: Ava Ziegler may have died in FBI custody, but she died because you refused to spare Reddington’s life.
Diaz: How dare you speak to me like that! Like I’m responsible for this?! I am the President of the United States!
Cooper: It’s too late for Ziegler, but if you call off the execution, we will find her assassin.
Diaz: I’ve given you my answer on that.
Cooper: Then let me give you mine. If you let Reddington die, I will be obligated to inform my German counterparts that their compatriot’s blood is on our hands, a fact I’m certain they will consider an act of aggression.
Diaz: Is that a threat?
Cooper: It gives me no pleasure to make it, but, yes, sir, it is. And if you don’t make that call in the next 60 seconds, I’ll make good on it.
[ The execution chamber at the Federal Penitentiary in Terre Haute, Indiana ]
Federal Warden: Do you have any final words?
Red: I’ll save my words for the next life.
Warden: On my instruction, the execution team will administer the injection.
[ It’s about 5 seconds to midnight ] [ TELEPHONE RINGS ]
Red: Please tell me someone’s gonna answer that.
[ RINGING CONTINUES ] [ The Warden answers ]
Warden: Yes?

[ At the Post Office, Ressler, Samar and Aram watch as the clock ticks down to 12:01am ]
Samar: It’s done.
Ressler: It’s Keen.
Aram: I can’t imagine what it must have been like being there.
Ressler: Hey, Liz. I’m here with Samar and Aram. How are you holding up?
Liz: He did it. He called.
Ressler: Who– Sorry. What are you talking about?
Liz: The President. He stopped it.
Samar: What do you mean?
Liz: The execution. He called it off.
Aram: Wait. Wait. Wait, wait. Mr. Reddington’s alive?
Liz: They took out the IVs, and he just walked away.
Ressler: That’s incredible. Did the warden say why the President did it?
Liz: I don’t know if he got clemency or a stay or what. But all I know is he’s alive. Will you tell Cooper?
Aram: I’m pretty sure he already knows.
Samar: He was at the White House all night, trying to change the President’s mind.
Ressler: Diaz may have stayed his execution, but Cooper saved Reddington’s life.

[ Cooper sits at the conference table at the White House. Anna McMahon enters ]
Anna McMahon: Congratulations. You’ve given a psychopath a second lease on life.
Cooper: The President made the right call.
McMahon: You put a gun to his head, and he cried “uncle.” What’s the hold-up?
[ Mr Sandquist is setting up a video conference ]
Mr Sandquist: We’re good on our end. Just waiting on Terre Haute.
McMahon: [ To Mr Sandquist ] You can go. Please.
[ Mr Sandquist leaves ]
McMahon: I don’t know how this ends for Reddington, but I know how it ends for you – and it isn’t pretty.
[ BEEP ] [ Red appears on the video conference screen ]
Red: Harold. Aren’t you a sight for sore eyes.
Cooper: You remember Anna McMahon from Main Justice.
Red: Yes. Like my first STD.
McMahon: You have not been granted clemency. You’ve been given a stay – 48 hours to find the person who killed Ava Ziegler. If you succeed, your immunity agreement will be restored. If not, your execution will proceed.
Red: Has that understanding been memorialized in writing?
Cooper: I’m reviewing the paperwork now.
Red: If Harold is satisfied with the language, we can proceed.
McMahon: The particulars are as follows – the press has been told the stay was granted to study the USP’s administration of lethal injection.
Red: [ LAUGHS ]
McMahon: As far as they are concerned, you will remain in prison. So whatever you do in the next 48 hours must be done in secret. You will be in the custody of Director Cooper. He is
responsible for you. For his sake, I suggest you try your best not to kill, maim, or torture anyone for the next two days.
Red: As long as I’m not left alone in a room with you, I’ll be fine.
Cooper: Is 48 hours enough time to find the assassin?
McMahon: I’d think it was more than enough time, considering all your assurances that you knew how to apprehend him.
Red: Thank you, Harold. 48 hours is ample.
McMahon: During that time, you will wear an ankle monitor. Both Director Cooper and I will know your location at all times. If you try and escape, we will find you. If you disable the device, the director will be prosecuted for aiding and abetting a fugitive. You have 48 hours. Starting now.
Red: It was pubic lice. Crabs. Caught them on Hammamet Beach in Tunisia. She was a Vassar girl traveling with a bunch of pals from the French house. Two years after graduation, and they were still making up for lost time. My God. What a weekend. But like you, they get right in there and feast away without mercy until you want to douse the whole area with kerosene and set the little varmints on fire. Sorry. You and the crabs, not the Vassar girls.

[ At Terre Haute Federal Penitentiary, Red is fitted with an ankle monitor ]
Red: You’ve been genuinely hospitable, but I sincerely hope we never meet again.
Warden: You’re a lucky man.
Red: People make their own luck, some more than others. I make a prodigious amount.
Warden: Mm. What was this all about?
Red: The President wants an assassin found. I know how to find him.

[ A White House corridor. McMahon walks with President Diaz ]
McMahon: Cooper doesn’t know it, but he might have done us a favor. The stay makes it look like you actually want the assassin found.
Diaz: You know, I got into politics to root out corruption. I was an idealist who was gonna change the world.
McMahon: And you have, for the better.
Diaz: Right. Try telling that to the German people.
McMahon: We did what we had to to keep you where the country needs you to be.
Diaz: So, Reddington – what’s our exposure?
McMahon: None. Our associate has obtained the second target and should have the dossier within the hour.
Diaz: Reddington knew Ziegler was gonna be killed. How? And if he knew that, how can you be sure he won’t know how to find our associate?
McMahon: How’s the First Lady?
Diaz: That’s a problem for tomorrow. Today’s crisis is Reddington. 48 hours is a long time.
McMahon: That’s the length of your stay. I have a considerably shorter timetable in mind.
Diaz: What does that mean?
McMahon: It means you have nothing to worry about.
McMahon: Good night, Mr. President. Please give my regards to the First Lady.

[ BUZZER SOUNDS ] [ The prison gate opens. Red walks out ] [ Liz and Dembe get out of a car ]
Liz: Ohh! I can’t believe you’re here! [ LAUGHS ]
Red: [ LAUGHS ]
[ They hug ]
Dembe: Raymond, welcome back.
[ Hug ]
Liz: So where is he?
Red: Who?
Liz: The assassin who killed the German spymaster.
Red: Ah! I have no idea.
Liz: What? But you said–
Red: I said what I had to to survive. Is it just me, or is this an absolutely spectacular night?
Liz: You seriously have no idea where he is?
Red: None whatsoever.
Dembe: We only have 48 hours to find him.
Red: Ahh. [ CHUCKLES ] I suppose we should start looking.

[ The Post Office ] [ Elevator door opens. Red and Liz walk out ]
Ressler: Always knew you dealt from the bottom of the deck but cheating death – well, that’s impressive.
Red: I didn’t cheat death. I cheated the President.
Cooper: Get the others. We’re on a clock. Man, am I glad to see you.
Red: Thank you for everything, Harold.
[ Red and Cooper walk off together leaving Liz with Ressler ]
Ressler: Whatever happened to telling him you knew he was an imposter?
Liz: I didn’t get the chance to.
Ressler: Didn’t get the chance or, uh, decided not to?
Liz: [ Evasive ] I’m gonna get Samar and Aram.

[ Samar’s office ] [ KNOCK ON DOOR ]
Aram: Hey. Um — You’re incredible.
Samar’s: You can’t leave the bike in the living room.
Aram: No, Your brain it is incredible, the way it’s been able to compensate.
Samar: We’ve talked about this.
Aram: Actually, we haven’t, not– Not this. These, uh these incident reports.
Samar: My incident reports – the ones you fished out of my trash.
Aram: The cross-outs, the misspellings uh, organizing thoughts, expressing yourself. You know, I know you had reached out to a speech pathologist, but I had I had no idea how rapid the decline has been.
Samar: Now you know.
Aram: We have to tell Mr. Cooper.
Samar: No, “we” don’t have to do anything. This is my choice. It is my problem. I know that you’re worried about me, but you have seen me in the field. I wouldn’t say it’s incredible, but I am compensating, so please just let me handle it.
[ Door opens ]
Liz: Reddington’s back. Cooper wants us.

Ressler: Let me- Let me get this straight. You bluffed your way off death row?
Red: I exaggerated.
Samar: That you knew how to find the assassin, which you don’t.
Red: The Corsican is the last piece of a very complicated puzzle.
Aram: The Corsican. Uh, Bastien Moreau?
Liz: Isn’t he the sociopath who tried to bomb the UN?
Red: The very same.
Cooper: Tried to bomb the UN and killed Germany’s top spy. What’s the connection?
Red: As I said, he is the last piece of the puzzle. We’ve already gotten all the other pieces. I’m quite confident we’ll get him.
Samar: “We’ve” gotten the other pieces?
Red: Yes. You have been instrumental in putting it together. After all, I was in prison. Except when I wasn’t.
Liz: Your competency evaluation – you requested it because you wanted to be transferred to that psych ward in Springfield.
Red: Indeed. One of Moreau’s few known associates was there. Mad as a hatter, but I had reason to hope that if Moreau were planning something big, the madman might have a lead to follow.

Atticus Rodrick: General Shiro.

Cooper: The bug man.
Red: Yes. Dr. Nikkila.

Dr Jonathan Nikkila: People who poison the planet present a mortal danger that must be eliminated.
Committee Chair: [ COUGHS ] [ A black beetle comes out of his mouth ]

Red: After you got the good doctor in custody, Dembe discovered that he’d sent an ampule of his toxic bug juice to Moreau in London. Armed with the address, Dembe broke into his flat and found that Moreau had wired $5 million – to Axion Cryptosolutions.
Ressler: The Cryptobanker.
Liz: Who deposited the money in Jonas Kruger’s account at the Banque Vertrauen.
Aram: As payment for intel and his credentials so that Moreau could get into Ava Ziegler’s hotel room.
Samar: Where he used the bug toxin to poison her before she had a chance to meet with Senator Wade and present a dossier documenting an impending attack on America.
Aram: Did you know all this from the start?
Red: God, no. All I knew was that, without an immunity agreement, I would have to leverage my way to freedom. Luckily, that’s exactly what this conspiracy provided.
Cooper: A conspiracy to attack America how?
Red: I don’t know. And Moreau has the irksome habit of killing anyone who does.
Liz: Or trying to. We stopped the bomb at the UN from going off. If Moreau was trying to kill someone who knew about the conspiracy, that person is still alive.
[ Christopher Miles drives while Bastien Moreau points a gun at him ]
Miles: Could you please put that away?
Moreau: [ CHUCKLES ] As soon as I have the dossier.
Cooper: Aram, pull up the incident report from the attempted bombing. I want a list of everyone who was in the conference room where Moreau placed that device.
Aram: Copy. Here.
[ The list comes up ]
Ressler: A diplomat? A member of the secretariat?
Red: Him! That’s him. Christopher Miles.
Cooper: Security consultant.
Red: Former MI6. If there is a dossier, he’s precisely the kind of intelligence officer who would compile it. But he’s very discreet. If we’re going to get to him, we’re going to need some help.

[ Moreau and Miles enter a room in an apartment ]
Miles: There’s a safe behind the mirror.
Moreau: Slowly.
[ Miles looks into an eye scanner to open the safe ] [ BEEPING ] [ LOCK DISENGAGES ]
Moreau: Step back! How many copies are there?
Miles: None. I destroyed the others.
Moreau: I so wish I could believe that.
Miles: You have my word.
Moreau: And your word will be enough –
[ SILENCED GUNSHOT 💥 ] [ Moreau shoots Miles in the leg ]
Moreau: – As soon as I’m satisfied that you understand the consequence of lying to me, then your word will be just fine. So, do I have your word that this is the only copy?

[ A group of friends are playing Charades!. Marty Sapperstein is “It.” The answer to the charade is displayed on a cell phone screen Marty holds over his head where everyone else can see it ]
— Married his stepdaughter.
Marty Sapperstein: Woody Allen.
— Uh-huh.
— Yes.
— He’s a Scientologist.
Marty: John Travolta.
— The other one! The other one! –
Marty: Tom Cruise.
— Yes!
— Yes!
— “Fatal Attraction.”
Marty: Uh, Glenn Close.
— The guy in it.
— “China Syndrome.”
— Uh, the guy with the father.
— What father?
[ Red and Dembe enter ]
Red: He got throat cancer from oral sex.
— What? Not Michael Douglas.
Marty: Reddington.
Red: Most people get it from smoking. He got it from cunnilingus.
Marty: You should be dead.
Red: Christopher Miles. Where might we find him?
— Reddington? Raymond Reddington?
Helen Sapperstein: Honey, what’s this all about?
Red: You must be Marty’s wife. He spoke of you so often during our time together in Greece.
Helen: Uh, I-I didn’t know he was ever in Greece.
Marty: Come with me. Uh, I’ll – get you the address.
Red: Please excuse us.
[ Dembe joins the game ]
Dembe: How do you play?
[ Red and Marty step aside ]
Marty: Greece? Really? What?
Red: You did speak of her. Or mentioned her. Over coffee that last day. Given the way you chewed through Mykonos, I’m surprised you don’t have throat cancer.
Marty: What do you want with Miles?
Red: Information. That’s all.
Marty: He’s a good man.
Red: Mm. I mean him no harm. But as my resurrection depends on my finding him, I’ll harm anyone who stands in my way.
[ The game continues with Dembe offering answers. The others are ~ uneasy ]
Dembe: Ah. [ Animated – IMITATES SLURPING ]
Helen: A drink.
Dembe: “Ahh!” – No. Um – [ CLEARS THROAT, PANTING ]
Helen: Drinking.
Dembe: [ COUGHS ]
Helen: Thirsty.
Dembe: Good.
[ DING ]
Man: What we’re having.
Dembe: [ GASPS, swings arms and legs ] Ahh! Ahh!
Helen: I’m sorry. I-I can’t.
[ Red enters ]
Red: Dembe.
Dembe: It was “having a nightmare.”
Red: Sorry to break things up, pal.
Helen: Oh.
Dembe: Thank you for playing.

[ Outside the home, Red calls Liz ]
Red: Elizabeth, Christopher Miles works out of an address near Columbia Heights. Dembe is sending it to you now.
[ Dembe sends the address ] [ KEYPAD BEEPS ]
Red: [ To Dembe ] 35 hours and counting. I’d say things are going quite well. We should celebrate, yes? [ CHUCKLES ]

Anna McMahon: You have it?
Bastien Moreau: I do.
McMahon: When do I get it?
Moreau: As soon as I’m satisfied it’s the only copy, I’ll take it to the drop point.
McMahon: Good. Because we have a new problem that requires your full attention – a loose end.
Moreau: I don’t leave loose ends.
McMahon: Yeah? Then why is Raymond Reddington telling the Department of Justice he can deliver the assassin who killed Ava Ziegler?
Moreau: Raymond Reddington? He’s in prison, about to be executed.
McMahon: He’s out because he convinced the American government he can find you in the next 48 hours. You can’t let that happen.
Moreau: You want me to kill him.
McMahon: Reddington knows everything. He’s jeopardizing our entire operation. We’ve come too far to stop now.
Moreau: I’ll find him.
McMahon: You won’t have to. I know exactly where he is.
[ McMahon’s cell phone shows Red’s location based on his ankle monitor ]

[ Outside Jonathan Miles’ apartment ] [ VEHICLE DOORS CLOSING ] [ RADIO CHATTER ]
HRT Officer: We got here to secure the perimeter and heard screams coming from the second floor. I put a spotter across the way. Said he ID’d two figures –male.
Samar: Moreau?
Ressler: It could be he’s taking care of some unfinished business from the UN.
Samar: Our best guess is our perp is Bastien Moreau, 60, white male. If it is him, he’s holding this man hostage. [ Holds up photo ] Christopher Miles. We need them both alive.
Ressler: We’re breaching two separate entry points. Team Alpha with Navabi. Team Bravo with me. We’ve got civilians everywhere, so watch your step. Let’s make this fast. We breach on my go.
[ Samar enters with the others ] [ An HRT officer throws a flash grenade ] [ Samar hears HIGH-PITCHED RINGING with visual distortions ]
[ Samar comes around a corner. Moreau is holding Miles at gunpoint ] [ Auditory and visual distortions continue ]
Samar: FBI! Don’t move!
[ Before she can shoot, Moreau shoots at her ] [ SILENCED GUNSHOT (💥) ] [ Samar ducks ]
[ Moreau shoots Miles in the chest ~ SILENCED GUNSHOTS (💥💥) ]
Miles: Ohh! [ GROANS ]
[ Samar goes to help Miles ]
Ressler: Navabi, where’d he go?
Samar: The fire escape. He’s gone. [ To HRT Officers ] We need a medic, now!
[ Ressler runs after Moreau ]
[ SILENCED GUNSHOTS exchanged (💥💥 💥💥) ]
Samar: Stay with me. Hold on.
Miles: [ WEAKLY ] The dossier.
Samar: We’ll find the dossier.
Miles: He has the dossier.
Samar: We’ll find it.
Miles: Password.
Samar: Password?
Miles: [ GASPING ] Fox, uh, glove.
Samar: Foxglove? Hold on. Stay with me.
[ Samar’s vision blurs, clears, blurs again as Miles’ life fades away ]

Waiter: Can I get you anything else?
Red: Yes. Some more deviled eggs and another Manhattan. I thought one would suffice, but we’re celebrating, and I definitely need another if I’m to get the job done.
Red: Elizabeth.
Liz: I just talked to Ressler. Moreau got to Miles before we could. Now he’s dead, and Moreau got away.
Red: And the dossier?
Liz: Gone. You were right about Miles. He compiled it. Before he died, he told Samar it was password-protected.
Red: Did he give her the password?
Liz: Yes. “Foxglove.” But it doesn’t do us much good if we don’t have the dossier.
Red: Foxglove. [ He writes it down ]

[ Moreau has located Red at the restaurant ]
Moreau: Mr. Reddington. It’s so nice to finally make your acquaintance.
Red: Do you like magic? I love magic. Card tricks, coin tricks, close-up magic. Even those guys with the tigers. I heard they trained their cubs by masturbating them. Is that even conceivable? I’m sure it’s just a vicious rumor. But talk about a commitment to one’s craft. A tiger? Quite a handful.
Moreau: What are you talking about?
Red: You. You’re the tiger. A wild creature someone is trying to stroke. A magic trick is a con, and you’re the mark in the middle of a very complicated one. And the only reason I’m still alive is because you know it. You could have tracked me down anywhere. In a dark alley, in the bathtub. Instead, you came here, to a public place. Why? Because you know you’re being had.
Moreau: I’m listening.
Red: Let’s start with how you found me. You were given access to the signal from my ankle monitor.
Moreau: Who has the access to that?
Red: You tell me.
Moreau: My contract is with the Black Fist. Ava Ziegler stood between them and the resurgence of German nationalism.
Red: Pick a card, any card.
Moreau: How do you fit into this?
Red: I don’t. But I can show you how the trick works, which is why she wants you to kill me.
Moreau: She?
Red: I know her as Anna McMahon. Red hair, green eyes, no heart. The magician who made you think you were furthering your agenda when, in fact, you were furthering hers.
Moreau: We have the same agenda. Killing Ziegler advanced it.
Red: And Christopher Miles?
Moreau: He knew too much.
Red: And his dossier?
Moreau: Well, now you also know too much.
Red: I know you haven’t read it, because you can’t decrypt it. But I can.
[ Red writes “Foxglove” on a piece of paper ]
Red: You think a terrorist group hired you to kill Ava Ziegler because she uncovered a plot to resurrect German nationalism. I think someone in the US government hired you to kill her because she uncovered a plot against this country. But there’s only one way to know for sure.
[ Moreau gets out the flash drive with the dossier and types in the password ]
Red: I never like to know how a magic trick works. Spoils everything.
[ Moreau reads ]
Moreau: This has been quite enlightening.
Red: For you. How about returning the favor by letting me read it?
Moreau: I’m letting you live. That’s favor enough.
[ Moreau gets up and leaves ]
[ Red dials a number ] [ KEYPAD BEEPING ]
Red: Is it sexual assault with a tiger? Apparently, one of the divine creatures thought so. Mauled one of those guys. Looks like Moreau might do the same.
[ Liz answers ]
Red: Elizabeth.
Liz: We got nothin’. No leads on the Corsican.
Red: I know his next target.
Liz: How? Who? Uh, hold on.
[ Liz rushes to where Ressler and Cooper are ]
Liz: Cooper and Ressler are here. I’m gonna put you on speaker. Okay, say that again. You said you know Moreau’s next target?
Red: Anna McMahon.
Cooper: From Main Justice?
Ressler: Why do you think he would go after her?
Red: Because she just sent him to kill me.
Liz: Okay. What?
Red: A tactical error she’ll pay for with her miserable life, unless you roll out or scurry on over or whatever it is you do.
Liz: You have a lot of explaining to do.
Red: And I’ll have plenty of time to explain it once he’s captured.

Cooper: Notify McMahon’s office. Find out where she is and roll units to her work and home addresses.
Aram: Have you seen Samar?
Ressler: Not since the raid.
Cooper: After what happened, I wouldn’t blame her – if she needed some time.
Aram: Neither would I, but without saying anything?
Cooper: Ressler, Keen. Find McMahon. Aram, you and I will find Navabi.

[ Samar stands on the roof of a building looking out over the darkening city ]

McMahon: Where the hell have you been?
Moreau: Slight delay.
McMahon: We need results fast.
Moreau: You want me to handle Reddington. That takes time. But as promised, Mr. Miles is no longer a liability. And his dossier is in my possession.
McMahon: And there are no copies?
Moreau: None. It’s at the drop site for you. And now I’m gonna go and deal with Reddington.
McMahon: Call me when it’s done.

Woman on PA: … final boarding …

[ Moreau is seated near a bank of pay lockers ]

[ The White House ] [ President Diaz walks with Mr Sandquist alone down a corridor ]
Mr Sandquist: How much does Reddington know?
Diaz: Why?
Mr Sandquist: Moreau paid him a visit. It was supposed to be conclusive. And it wasn’t.
Diaz: And you’re worried he may have turned.
Mr Sandquist: Depends how much Reddington knows.
Diaz: Well, you should assume he knows too much.

[ Moreau watches as a Courier picks up the flash drive from one of the lockers ]

[ CAR HORNS HONKING ] [ Moreau follows the Courier’s motorcycle in his car ]
[ The Courier drives to an apartment ] [ ENGINE SHUTS OFF ]
Moreau: Excuse me! You dropped something.
Courier: What?
Moreau: You dropped something.
[ Moreau stabs the Courier ]
Courier: [ GASPING ]
Moreau: Shh.
[ Moreau takes the flash drive with the dossier ]

[ Anna McMahon arrives at her darkened apartment ]
McMahon: [ On phone ] Yes. I understand. Yes. My office keeps trying to reach me, and now is not the
[ SIGHS ] I don’t care. Just tell them something came up and–
[ McMahon turns on a lamp seens the dead Courier ]
McMahon: Uh, yeah. I need to call you back.
[ KEYPAD BEEPS ] [ Moreau turns on a lamp ]
Moreau: Forgive me. But I thought I should bring the dossier to you myself.
[ Moreau holds up the flash drive ]

[ Ressler drives with Liz ]
Ressler: McMahon’s office can’t find her. She’s still not answering her cell.
Liz: Moreau is motivated by some warped political idealism. He’s a nationalist. So why target a deputy AG like Anna McMahon?
Ressler: We’ll find her, Keen. We’re about two minutes out.
Liz: And why go after Reddington? How does he fit in?

McMahon: What the hell did you do?
Moreau: I read the dossier. You told me you were part of the Black Fist, that my targets were obstacles to German nationalism. But that’s not true at all, is it?
McMahon: [ SIGHS ] Please.
Moreau: You lied to me.
McMahon: No!
Moreau: You used me.
McMahon: That’s not true.
Moreau: Then why does this dossier outline a plot against the Americans? What do you do for the American government? Why are you plotting against your own country?
Moreau: Expecting someone?
[ Moreau leaves ]
[ Liz and Ressler enter, guns out. McMahon raises her hands in the air ]
McMahon: No! Please don’t shoot! Please! I-I came home, and he was in the house. I-I don’t know who he is. I didn’t see his face. I-I didn’t see his face.
[ Ressler sees the dead woman ]
Ressler: Who’s she?
McMahon: I have no idea.
[ Liz looks out the window and sees Moreau running ]
Liz: That’s him! He’s on the move!
[ Liz runs out following Moreau on foot. Ressler heads to the vehicle ]
[ Moreau slips the dossier into a child’s backpack ]
Liz: Stop! FBI!
Liz: FBI! I said stop! Hands where I can see them! Show me your hands!
[ Ressler pulls up next to Moreau. Moreau’s trapped between Ressler and Liz. Ressler gets out ]
Ressler: She said “hands.”
[ Moreau puts his hands up ] [ SIRENS WAILING ]
Moreau: Take it easy. Take it easy. I’ve got a weapon at my waist.
Liz: Turn around. Put your hands on the car.
Ressler: Come on. Bastien Moreau, you’re under arrest.
Moreau: I don’t know who that is.
Liz: You did all that work to change your face, and look where it got you.
Moreau: I’m gonna be a great asset for you. I know a secret.
[ SILENCED GUNSHOT (💥) ] [ Moreau is shot through the head ]
Ressler: Where’d it come from?
Liz: It came from the north.
[ INDISTINCT SHOUTING ] [ A distance away, Mr Sandquist scoops up shell casings, zips up his bag and leaves ]

[ Aram finds Samar on the rooftop, looking out, smoking ]
Aram: Hey. I heard about what happened. How Miles died in your arms. I-I’m so sorry.
Samar: So am I.
Aram: Yeah, I didn’t know you smoked.
Samar: I don’t. I quit five years ago.
Aram: Did you hear? Uh, Moreau is dead. Mr. Reddington’s immunity agreement is being restored.
Samar: He didn’t.
Aram: What?
Samar: Die in my arms. That makes it sound peaceful. Like I was there for him. Like I protected him.
Aram: I’m sure you did.
Samar: You always give people the benefit of the doubt even when they don’t deserve it.
Aram: Which you do.
Samar: See?
Aram: Tell me.
Samar: It was like a blinding light. A white-out or sensory deprivation something. It doesn’t matter, but the point is– the only point is that one minute, I could have protected Miles and arrested Moreau, and the next, Moreau was gone, and Miles was dying in the arms of the person responsible for his death.
Aram: You are not responsible–
Samar: You tried to help me–
Aram: –Moreau is. He shot him.
Samar: –to get me to do the right thing, to tell Cooper.
Aram: Christopher Miles is not dead because of you.
Samar: Aram, you always do the right thing. It’s time for me to do the right thing. I’m- I’m going to tell Cooper.
Aram: Good. That’s good. I am sure he’ll understand.
Samar: Yeah. I know he will.
Aram: Right? See? That’s right. Listen. Everything’s gonna work out, okay? It’s gonna be just fine. It’s gonna be fine.

Anna McMahon: The new immunity agreement is identical to the ill-advised one signed in September 2013.
Cooper: You mean the one that saved your life? Because of it, Reddington is our CI. Because he’s our CI, we were able to prevent Bastien Moreau from killing you.
McMahon: I want to highlight three conditions. One, if you acknowledge the agreement, it is revoked. Two, if Reddington commits a crime, it is revoked. And three, if any members of the Task Force are aware that Reddington is committing a crime, they will be prosecuted as co-conspirators.
Cooper: And the young man Reddington met in prison – Vontae Jones?
McMahon: Yes. Mr. Jones will be paroled as a condition of this agreement. But let me be very clear. We do not work for Raymond Reddington. He works for us. And by “us,” I mean me. Because once you sign, my job will be to oversee the Task Force for Main Justice.
Cooper: I’m looking forward to that.
McMahon: Your sarcasm is duly noted.
Cooper: And yet, I’m being completely genuine.
McMahon: You want me to take the job.
Cooper: I do, because it’s proven to be one with an extraordinarily high mortality rate. Shall we sign?
[ They sign ]
McMahon: It’s official. He’s back.
Cooper: Not quite. First, he has to break out of prison.

[ President Diaz and Anna McMahon sullenly watch the news coverage of Red’s “escape” ]
[ Scott Walker’s ♪ “The Old Man Is Back” plays ]

TV Anchor: We begin tonight with a developing story.

♪ I’ seen a hand, I’ seen a vision

Notorious fugitive Raymond Reddington is once again on the loose after a daring escape from federal custody. Moments ago, a Justice Department official issued the following statement.

♪ It was reachin’ through the clouds
To risk a dream –

After collapsing in his cell earlier today, prison officials were transporting Raymond Reddington to a nearby hospital for observation.

♪ – the shadow crossed the sky

While en route, Reddington overtook two EMTs and a prison escort.

♪ And it crushed it to the ground, just like a beast

Reddington, who was just moments away from execution when concerns over the drugs used in lethal injection resulted in a stay of execution, has once again been placed on the FBI’s Most Wanted List.

[ Red stops by the Post Office ] [ Elevator doors open ]

♪ The old man’s back again
The old man’s back again

Red: Well, that was a long three months.
Aram: Thank God it’s over.
Liz: Almost over. You still haven’t explained why Anna McMahon wanted to kill you or why the Corsican tried to kill her.
Red: I don’t know what the plot against this country is, but I do know she’s orchestrating it.
Cooper: The Assistant Attorney General, a top Justice Department official, plotting against America.
Red: She sent Moreau after me because she thinks I know more than I do. As she could track me through my ankle monitor, I was unusually vulnerable.

♪ The old man’s back again
The old man’s back again

Red: Fortunately, Moreau turned out to be a man of deep political conviction a nationalist who killed for that cause and that cause only. McMahon hired him under false pretenses. When I set him straight, he went to settle the score.
Ressler: And got his brains blown out for his troubles.
Aram: We, uh– We have no leads on his killer.
Red: And you won’t get any. His killer has friends in high places.

♪ Wondering just what these young hot-heads want of us

[ The White House ] [ Anna McMahon exits a conference room ]
McMahon: [ Whispers, to Mr Sandquist ] Thank you.
Mr Sandquist: For what?
[ President Diaz exits the conference room and walks with McMahon ]
Diaz: You said we had no exposure.
McMahon: I’m not sure we do.
Diaz: Which means you’re not sure we don’t.
McMahon: Until I do, I’m overseeing the Task Force. Everything they know, I’ll know.
Red: As long as Anna McMahon is sniffing up our skirts, an abundance of caution will not be enough. If we’re gonna uncover the true nature of the conspiracy, we’ll have to engage in active disinformation.
Cooper: Lie to Main Justice about what we’re doing.
Ressler: Wouldn’t it be easiest just to arrest her?
Red: Based on what? My word against hers?

♪ The old man’s back again
The old man’s back again

Samar: The dossier was proof.
Liz: Moreau confronted McMahon with it. Now he’s dead, and it’s gone.
Samar: Or in her possession.
[ A child enters his room with an unzipped backpack, which is dropped unceremoniously on the floor. A flash drive falls out ]
McMahon: Moreau read the dossier. As far as I know, he didn’t tell anyone what was in it before he died. But he had the only copy, and now it’s missing.
Diaz: You better find out where it is.
McMahon: It’ll all be over soon.

Cooper: We have our work cut out for us. We know there are people plotting against our country, and at least three people have been murdered to keep that plot secret. As is all too often the case, we’re looking straight down the barrel of what’s wrong with the world. But tonight, we’re also witness to something pretty great that the man we hate to love lives to fight another day.
Red: Yes. Well, thank you, Harold. Call me when you have a lead. I’m wheels up in 45.
Aram: Where are you going?
Red: I have no earthly idea. Anywhere but here. I’d forgotten how much this place reeks of stress and anxiety, deodorized body odor and old coffee.

♪ The old man’s back again

Aram: Was he talking about me?
Samar: I’m going to talk to Cooper.
Aram: Right. Of course. Do you want me to come with you?
Samar: No. I’ll do it.
Aram: Hey, it’s, um it’s the right thing to do.
Samar: I know.
[ Ressler pulls Liz aside ]
Ressler: Hey. You never answered my question. The reason you didn’t ask him who he really is, uh– was it because you didn’t get the chance to or because you decided not to?
Liz: I decided not to.
Ressler: You’re just gonna let it go? You’re okay with that?
Liz: I am. And I hope you are, too.

[ Cooper’s Office ] [ FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING ]
Samar: Do you have a minute?
Cooper: Of course. What’s up?
Samar: I’m leaving the Task Force.
Cooper: I’m sorry to hear that.
Samar: So am I.
Cooper: [ INHALES SHARPLY ] May I ask why?
Samar: No.
Cooper: Is there anything I can do to change your mind?
Samar: [ Smiles ] I’ve loved working here. The cases, everyone’s dedication. And I met Aram.
Cooper: Then why leave?
Samar: Because it’s time.
[ Hug ]
Samar: Thank you for everything.
[ Samar turns and walks away ]

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༺✦ ♤ ✦༻


Episode Songs


♫ The Old Man’s Back Again (Dedicated to the Neo-Stalinist Regime)
By Scott Walker

[Verse 1]
♪ I’ seen a hand, I’ seen a vision
It was reaching through the clouds
To risk a dream, the shadow crossed the sky
And it crushed it to the ground, just like a beast

♪ The old man’s back again
The old man’s back again

[Verse 2]
♪ I seen a woman, standing in the snow
She was silent as she watched them take her man
Teardrops burned her cheeks
For she’d thought she’d heard the shadow had left this land

♪ The old man’s back again
The old man’s back again

[Verse 3]
♪ The crowds just gathered, their faces turned away
And they queue all day, like dragons of disgust
Older women whispering
Wondering just what these young hot-heads want of us
And Andrei V. he cries, with eyes that ring like chimes
His anti-worlds go spinning through his head
He burns them in his dreams
For half-awake, they may as well be dead

♪ The old man’s back again
I see he’s back again

[Verse 4]
♪ I see a soldier, he’s standing in the rain
For him there’s no old man to walk behind
Devoured by his pain
Bewildered by the faces who pass him by
He’d like another name, the one he’s got’s a curse
These people cried
Why can’t they understand?
His mother called him Ivan, then she died

♪ The old man’s back again
The old man’s back again
I can see him back again
Da da da da da da da da

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2TQMsvA
YouTube: https://youtu.be/N-zgdGQB4S4

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🔴 Script 6:13 Robert Vesco (№ 9)

Program air date: 3/29/2019 in the US
Script Permalink: https://wp.me/pDKwi-9lf
Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/2uzJ4WH (recap for both 6:13 and 6:14)

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Adam Weisinger
Written by: Kelli Johnson, Michael Perri



⭕ Script 6:13 Robert Vesco (№ 9)


Brief (Where we’re at): By revealing the man behind the murder of Ava Ziegler, the head of German Intelligence, Red has escaped execution and his immunity agreement has been restored. The murderer, Bastien Moreau, “The Corsican” (Blacklister #20), was part of a plot approved by President Robert Diaz and orchestrated by Deputy AG Anna McMahon, the very people who were compelled to grant Red clemency or have their own aims exposed. Red believes McMahon is behind the plot, but cannot prove it and McMahon has put herself in charge of the Task Force.

The aims of the conspiracy against the United States are unknown but are described in a dossier compiled by former MI6 agent Christopher Miles. All those (besides the conspirators) who knew its details are now dead. Both Miles and Ziegler were killed by Moreau who was also able to read it when Red provided him with the password which Miles had whispered to Samar just before he died after being shot by Moreau. Moreau, an extreme nationalist, was horrified that he had been tricked by his handler McMahon. He thought he was working with the “Black Fist,” an extreme nationalist group. Instead, the dossier laid out a plot against America. So, instead of killing Red at McMahon’s request, Moreau did an about-face and turned his sights on her.

Red alerted the task force that Moreau’s next target would be McMahon, and Liz and Ressler were able to apprehend him. However, he was quickly taken out by a sniper who turned out to be McMahon’s henchman “Mr Sandquist.” Before his arrest, Moreau ditched the drive containing the dossier along the sidewalk. So the nature of the plot remains unknown to the Task Force but they are determined to unveil it, working at cross-purposes with the very DOJ under whose purview they exist.

[ A hotel kitchen ]
[ Les Brown’s ♪ “Bruised Bones” (Jazz) plays softly ]
Red: Fabricio?
Fabricio: ­Yes, sir?
Red: They need help in the back room. More servers. At least one. Maybe two.
Fabricio: Yes, sir, Mr. Reddington.
Red: And, also, let’s open another couple of cases of the Reserva. And, please, tell Amelia to keep the drinks flowing. Champagne, the wines, cocktails. I don’t care if they’re drinking milk – I don’t want an empty glass out there.
Fabricio: [ CHUCKLES ] Of course, Mr. Reddington. And, Mr. Reddington, it’s good to have you back, sir.
Red: Oh, it’s good to be had.

[ Red enters the adjoining hotel suite ] [ JAZZ MUSIC PLAYS more loudly ]
Red: Nolan! You made it! Thank you for coming.
Nolan: Wouldn’t miss it for the world.
Red: [ LAUGHS ]
Woman: [ From across the room ] Wonderful party, Red.
Red: Not nearly as wonderful as your daughter’s beautiful wedding in Berlin. My head’s still throbbing.
[ Red walks up to an attractive middle aged woman ]
Red: Vivian, where’s your husband?
Vivian: He couldn’t make it.
Red: Thank goodness. Find me later. We have some catching up to do.
Mr Brimley: Red! Hey! Red!
Red: Teddy! ­
Brimley. I can’t hear a damn thing with all this music!
Red: It’s much quieter on the veranda.
Brimley: Miranda’s in the toilet!
Red: The balcony. It’s much quieter outside.
Brimley: Forget it! I’ll be out on the veranda! I can’t hear a word you’re sayin’!
[ Vontae Jones walks up ]
Vontae: Oh. Uh, Mr. Reddington. Hey. Help me out. I’m looking for a girl on the wait staff. A brunette with a nose ring?
Red: Sidney.
Vontae: Yeah, Sidney. Think you could introduce me to Sidney?
Red: Funny thing, that. She asked me to introduce her to you.
Vontae: Oh.
Red: Heddie! Would you be a dear and introduce Vontae to your young waitress friend?
Heddie Hawkins: Oh, my God. Will you come with me and meet this girl already? She has been making eyes at you all night.
Vontae: She has?
[ Heddie grabs Vontae by the elbow and leads him off ]
Uniformed Man: Heard about ­the break-out, Red! Genius! How many lives do you have anyway?
Red: [ CHUCKLES ] Honestly, Roger, I lost count at a baker’s dozen. Give my regards to the captain.
[ Red waves to a group of police officers ]
Red: Good to see you guys.
[ Glen Carter walks up with a full plate of jumbo shrimp ]
Glen: Hey! There you are. We’ve got a situation at the buffet.
Red: Oh, dear. What’s wrong?
Glen: You’re out of those jumbo shrimps. I let the kitchen know. [ CHUCKLES ] Hey, uh, while I got ya, I’ve been meaning to apologize about that whole jury mix-up. I feel real bad.
Red: Eh. It’s behind us.
Glen: Mnh-mnh. Not to me, it’s not. I dropped the ball. Screwed the pooch. Bungled the job. If there’s anything you need, any way I can make it up to you, just let ol’ Jelly Bean know.
Red: Thank you for coming, Glen.
Glen: No problemo. Hey. I thought you’d want me here. I’m sort of the straw that stirs the drink.
Glen: By the way, Mom’s over at the punch bowl. She’s always had her eye on ya, if you know what I mean.
Glen: Drop by. Say hi. And don’t forget the shrimps.
Red: Dembe. Did you find it?
[ Dembe is at a graveyard, standing next to a dug-up casket ]
Dembe: [ On phone ] I did.
Red: And?
Dembe: There’s a body.
Red: What? That can’t be.
Dembe: I’m staring at it right now.
Red: Put it on the jet. Bring it here. I want confirmation.
Dembe: You want me to bring you a decomposed body from Cuba?
Red: Yes. And hurry home, Dembe. Heddie’s dying for a dance. [ CHUCKLES ]

[ Samar has an MRI of her brain ] [ MRI MACHINE CLICKING ]
[ Samar is home with Aram ]
Samar: I went to the neurologist for another MRI. The headaches, the ­forgetfulness, the confusion – it’s all symptomatic of something called vascular dementia. Apparently I have been having a series of mini-strokes. I don’t feel them. I don’t know that they’re happening. But they are, and each one causes damage.
Aram: I’m glad you resigned. That gives us the time to get you the treatment that you need.
Samar: It’s not just work. It’s family, too. Aram, I can’t have kids.
Aram: Let’s just stick to one major life decision at a time.
Samar: We have to talk about this.
Aram: And we will. After you get better.
Samar: I’m up for anything but false hope. No anger, no denial. No bargaining, no depression.
Can you do that for me?
Aram: No.
Samar: Okay, then please promise me this – don’t tell anyone about my condition. I don’t want them to know.
Aram: Of course. That I can do.

[ After Red’s party, a handful of guests remain, and Liz. Red is sipping a Bloody Mary. His speech is slightly slurred ]
Red: Walt Whitman lived in a boarding house at this address during the Civil War. Did you know he was an ardent prohibitionist? Imagine that – a sober poet. [ SLURPS ] Mmm! Have I ever told you about my mentor?
Liz: You mean, somebody actually taught you how to drink this early?
Red: Is it early? I thought it was late. Robert Vesco. Robert took me under his wing. He taught me how to be a fugitive. I trusted him with my life and my life’s savings. Which he convinced me to invest in a cattle ranch in Paraguay. Or so I thought, until I went down there and found out it was a whorehouse just outside of Asunción.
Liz: He conned you.
Robert: Out of everything. I got my first taste for vengeance – which I was never able to satisfy.
Liz: Why not?
Red: Because Vesco up and died on me.

[ The Post Office. Liz briefs the Task Force ]
Liz: Robert Vesco was a central player in American financial and political scandals in the 1970s. In 1971, the SEC accused Vesco of looting $200 million out of a mutual fund he controlled. And a year later, Vesco made an illegal campaign contribution to Richard Nixon, hoping that Nixon’s attorney general would let him off the hook. And when he didn’t, Vesco fled the country, living the rest of his life in glamorous exile in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, The Bahamas, and Cuba, where he reportedly died in 2007.
Aram: Reportedly?
Liz: When Reddington was in prison, he heard a rumor – that Vesco faked his death to avoid capture.
Cooper: Does he have any proof?
Liz: He sent Dembe to Havana to dig up his grave. He asked me to have the M.E. run the DNA on the remains he unearthed.
Cooper: There was a time when the Bureau was actively hunting for Vesco, but we’re not anymore. If he did fake his death, I doubt it was to avoid capture.
Liz: Reddington agrees. He thinks Vesco found the De La Cruz – a Spanish ship filled with gold that sank off the coast of Florida in the 1700s. Vesco always told him that if he found that treasure, that he would disappear forever.
Aram: Does Mr. Reddington know him?
Liz: ­Know him? Vesco was Reddington’s mentor until he swindled him out of every penny he had and left him high and dry in a whorehouse in Paraguay.
Ressler: I like this guy already.
Cooper: In the last 50 years, there have been two truly mythic fugitives – Robert Vesco and Raymond Reddington. If one can help us get the other, I’m all for it. Ressler, Keen, find out where the M.E. is at with the remains.
Samar: Before you do that, I want you to know that I’m resigning.
Ressler: You’re leaving? For what? The Mossad?
Samar: No, I’m leaving them, too.
Cooper: Which reminds me they’ve called to schedule an exit interview. I know I speak for everyone when I say we’ll miss you and we’re happy for you.
Samar: Thank you.

Medical Examiner: Pop quiz – guess who’s buried in Vesco’s grave.
Ressler: So it’s not Vesco?
M.E.: No. His name was Anderson Mount.
Liz: Who’s that?
M.E.: Run-of-the-mill goon. His greatest hits. [ Gives Ressler a photo ] Did enough damage to get into CODIS. And when we put the DNA from the body into the system, we got a match.
Ressler: Thanks, Doc.
[ M.E. leaves ]
Ressler: So, if Mount’s in Vesco’s grave maybe Vesco’s in Mount’s life.
Liz: It says in his file, Mount was in Truro, Nova Scotia. If you want to get off the grid, you can’t get much further than that.
Ressler: Looks like we’re going to Nova Scotia. In the middle of winter.
Liz: Come on. We’re gonna need warmer clothes.

[ Samar shows up for her exit interview with the Mossad. She is met by Levi Shur, an agent with whom she previously had a romantic relationship ]
Levi Shur: Hello, Samar.
Samar: Levi. It’s good to see you.
Levi: I hear congratulations are in order.
Samar: Yeah. Can you believe it? I’m engaged.
Levi: Um, this is Dr. Sands. He will administer the polygraph.
Samar: Is this really necessary?
Levi: It’s protocol. You know that.
Samar: Let me guess Tel Aviv regrets having loaned me out to the FBI. They think my allegiances have shifted.
Levi: You have level-four clearance.
Samar: They want to make sure I’ve kept what I know from the Americans.
Levi: Or Reddington. Hey. I’m just the messenger.
Samar: Yeah, and the message I’m getting is that you think I have something to hide.

[ In Truro, Nova Scotia, Liz and Ressler are parked in front of a rundown brownstone ]
Liz: So much for glamorous exile. I don’t get it. Why would Vesco fake his death so he could live here of all places?
Ressler: I think we need to get the local police involved.
Liz: We talked about this – Reddington said a guy like Vesco would have every cop in town on payroll. We go to them, they tell Vesco, and he slips away.

Dr Sands: Have you provided any classified information to the FBI?
Samar: No.
Dr Sands: Were you loyal to the state of Israel?
Samar: Yes.
Dr Sands: Have you broken any laws while working with Raymond Reddington?
Samar: Yes.
Dr Sands: Have you withheld any information from your Mossad handlers?
Samar: ­Yes.
Dr Sands: Information about your resignation?
Samar: ­Yes.
Dr Sands: Have you shared it with the FBI?
Samar: No.
Dr Sands: Is this personal information?
Samar: ­Yes.
Dr Sands: Do you have any serious medical issues?
Samar: Yes.
Levi: What is it?
Samar: [ Pause ] I’m pregnant.

Liz: Vesco, or whatever he’s calling himself he would have the resources to go anywhere he wanted to – create any life.
[ Inside an apartment in the building ] [ KETTLE WHISTLING ]
Liz: Whatever brought him here, it’s personal.
[ Children are on bikes nearby ]
Ressler: Well, you can ask him all the questions you want once we find him. First, we got to clear those kids. Something about this guy what Reddington told us – it doesn’t add up.
[ KETTLE WHISTLING ] [ Robert Vesco removes the tea kettle from the stove ] [ WHISTLING STOPS ]
[ Vesco slashes a pillow, takes out passports. He gathers other items, stuffs them into a go bag and leaves through a side door ]
Robert Vesco: [ Answers ] Yeah. [ RINGING CONTINUES ]
Man on phone: One unmarked outside. Two agents just entered your building. Exit down the alley to the east. Will advise.
[ Liz and Ressler enter. No one is home except the cat ] [ CAT MEOWS ] [ Liz looks put a window and sees Vesco ]
Liz: He’s on the move! Alley to the east! On foot!
[ Vesco receives instructions on his phone ]
Man on phone: Exit the alley and turn right.
Ressler: Street’s clear. Keen, tell me you got something.
Man on Vesco’s phone: Head south towards the shoreline.
Liz: Crossing Acadia Street! Headed east! Blue denim. Tan sweater.
[ A police vehicle meets Vesco. The door opens ]
Voice: Stop! Get in.
[ Vesco gets in. To his surprise, Red is there ]
Red: Robert.
Vesco: [ PANTING ]
­Liz: Stop!
[ TIRES SCREECH ] [ Ressler runs up ]
Liz: [ SCOFFS ] Reddington. Like I said – whatever brought him here, it’s personal.
Red: You look awfully good for a dead man.

[ Red and Vesco are in Red’s plane ]
Red: Where the hell’s my money?
Vesco: Are you still upset about Asunción?
Red: I trusted you. You were my mentor.
Vesco: And I was mentoring you in survival, in being selfish. And looking out for yourself.
Red: Robert. My money.
Vesco: You think I’d be living in Nova Scotia if I had it?
Red: I know why you’re living there – you found the De La Cruz. The treasure. Where is it?
Vesco: If it’s real, I believe I know where it is. I never went after it. Oh, I wanted to, but enemies were circling. I had to flee. So I staged my own death and I fled the country. And by the time the dust had settled, I-I realized that I had changed.
Red: “Changed.”
Vesco: ­I’d lost the itch. Walked away. Being forced to lie low and live the simple life was the best thing that could’ve happened to me. I-It forced me to turn the world off and to tune into myself.
Red: Oh, my God.
Vesco: ­I have my cat. I have plenty of glorious books.
Red: Robert, you conned me once. I won’t be conned again.
Vesco: Untether yourself from social expectations and this destructive life of crime and and look inward.
Red: I’m happy to. ­Right after I get the gold.
Vesco: You can have it, Ray, but [ SIGHS ] It won’t give you inner peace.
Red: I already have inner peace. What I could use is a new yacht. The last one was seized in Mallorca.
Vesco: All right, I believe the gold is buried under the Old French Opera House in New Orleans. I can prove it to you, but we’ll have to reroute the jet.
Red: To where?
Vesco: ­Washington. There isn’t a treasure map, but there is a clue trail in the Library of Congress.
Red: Robert, if you’re lying, I will shatter your serenity by burning your home, drowning your cat, ­and cutting off your big toes.
Vesco: You wouldn’t dare drown my cat.
Red: [ CHUCKLES ] Maybe not. But I will take the toes.

[ Samar’s office ] [ KNOCK ON DOOR ]
Aram: How’d it go?
Samar: They sent Levi. A friendly face to put me at ease while they administered a polygraph.
Aram: They gave you a polygraph? Why?
Samar: To make I wasn’t leaving because I’d been turned.
Aram: That’s ridiculous. And insulting.
Samar: Listen, Aram, I meant what I said earlier about having children. We need to talk about it.
Aram: I can’t believe they think that you could be a traitor.
Samar: Aram, it doesn’t matter. Listen to me. Listen to me.
Aram: You know, we should tell Mr. Cooper, and he’ll strengthen them right out.
Samar: It doesn’t matter what they think. What matters is us, our future, whether or not we can have a family.
Aram: [ Angrily ] Why? Why is that so urgent that it cannot wait until you get help or convince Levi that you didn’t dump him to join Hamas? He does know that I’m, like, a quarter Jewish, right?

[ The Post Office ]
Ressler: Reddington screwed us. Took Vesco for himself. He knew Vesco would have the local cops in his pocket, so he tipped them off that we were there.
Samar: So he gets his revenge. Yesterday the world thought Vesco was dead. By tomorrow, he will be.
Liz: Reddington wants more than revenge. He wants treasure.
Cooper: The De La Cruz? Reddington said Vesco already found it.
Ressler: Well, judging by his modest apartment, I’d say that if he knew where it was, he never found it.
Liz: Reddington called us from his jet to give a gloating apology and to say the hunt was on.
Cooper: Then let’s join in. If we solve the mystery, maybe we can get to the treasure first and arrest Vesco.

[ The Library of Congress ]
Red: Robert, I appreciate that your love of literature is almost as keen as mine, but why on Earth are we in the Library of Congress?
Vesco: Uh, you want to know how I decoded the myth and located my white whale? The answer is in the poem. “The Ballad of the De La Cruz.”
[ Post Office ]
Liz: It was written under a pseudonym. The author is a mystery, but when Reddington gave us this case, he said this poem somehow holds the key to where the gold was hidden. 🔘 [See Note]
Vesco: The poem is an opera singer’s lament about a Spanish ship bringing silver and gold to the American colonies during the Revolution. But the ship sank in a storm somewhere along the East Coast, killing over 120 men aboard and sending over half a ton of gold and treasure into the deep.
Ressler: We had the NSA run the text through decryption and steganography programs. They came up empty. If there’s a secret hidden in that text – they couldn’t find it.
Samar: Maybe it’s in the subtext. Storms. Marauders. Dates and times.
Ressler: Who’d know about that? The Naval College?
Aram: The Library of Congress. They have more primary source material than any library in the world.
Cooper: Keen, Ressler. Get there. Decode the poem. Samar, Aram, you’re on Reddington. I want him found.

Vesco: According to the poem, the De La Cruz sank the spring of 1778. But there’s no record of any storm big enough to take down a galleon of that size. So I started thinking – what if it never sank? What if the “storm” that presumably destroyed the De La Cruz was actually a metaphor
Red: For something else catastrophic.
Vesco: Or someone.
Red: It didn’t sink. It was taken.
Vesco: The De La Cruz was headed to Philadelphia. The route from southern waters would take it right past what used to be known as Hell’s Gate, an area known to be frequented by pirates. Uh-hah. Enter Ernesto Hidalgo. Criminal. Cheat. Pirate. Drunk. He and his men dominated that area at the time.
Red: How can you be sure he was the one who took the galleon?
Vesco: Because Hidalgo and his men were in all the papers in the months before May 1778. But afterwards? Nothing. He took the treasure and he fled inland. Naval records indicated the Navy hunted them down, killing Hidalgo and his entire crew near New Orleans. But there’s no mention of any recovered treasure. Hidalgo hid it somewhere before he died. The question is where.
  Enter Judith Snell, one of the most famous opera singers of her time. Heh. Just like the poem. Apparently, Judith liked to hang around with the bad boys. And the papers of the day were full of her exploits with any number of rogues and scoundrels, Hidalgo being one. And I believe that he gave her the task of hiding the bounty in a place where nobody would dare look – her dressing room in the opera house in New Orleans which later burned to the ground, killing her and 28 others.
  My theory? Whatever remains of Judith Snell’s dressing room is located here, directly under the stage of the new opera house, which was built on the remains of the old one. If the treasure’s real, it’s there.
Red: What a tale. An opera. A romance with pirates. A fire. Shipwrecks and gold. Just the sort of thing that gets me out of bed in the morning.
Vesco: It won’t make you happy, Ray. It won’t make you whole.
Red: Oh, but you’re wrong. It will make me happy. Very. Dembe, phone Ruddiger. Tell him to sober up. We’re gonna rob the opera.

[ This time, it’s Ressler and Liz who visit the Library of Congress ]
Liz: Hi. Agents Keen and Ressler, FBI.
Librarian: How can I help you?
Liz: We got a poem we’re looking for. We think it may be some sort of treasure map. I know that sounds crazy–
Librarian: “The Ballad of the De La Cruz.”
Ressler: How could you possibly know that?
Librarian: Because you’re not the first people who’ve asked me about it.
Liz: Two old white guys.
Librarian: And an African-American gentlemen.
Ressler: We need to see whatever they looked at. Whatever you gave them, you need to get for us right now.

[ New Orleans ] [ Vesco, Red and Dembe look at schematics of the opera house ]
Vesco: To access the treasure, we need to get inside Judith Snell’s old dressing room, which is located here, under the stage. Now, the only way to get to that room is through here the south wall of the basement, and we would need that explosion to be timed precisely – so the audience doesn’t hear.
Red: The audience?!
Vesco: In order to pull off this heist, the theater has to be full.
Red: [ LAUGHS ] And why, pray tell, is that?
Vesco: For cover! Look, getting inside the room is one thing, but getting the loot out without detection is decidedly more difficult. We’re talking about a truckload of gold! And without cover, we’d be spotted before we got the first armful out. Now, “Barber of Seville” closes tomorrow, which means we’re gonna have to wait for next month’s show in order to pull off this heist.
Red: Next month? Be still my beating heart, next month.
Vesco: Raymond, it’s not meant to be. This is a job that requires weeks of planning and practice. This is a heist that has to be perfectly arranged, perfectly choreographed, each move timed to the opera.
Red: Yes. And literally leading to an explosive crescendo.
Vesco: We’re gonna need distractions to get past security. We’re gonna need explosives to penetrate the concrete. We’re gonna need vehicles to move the loot. We’re gonna need disguises!
Red: I don’t think you truly appreciate my dedication to this project, so let me tell you exactly how this is going to play out. You and I are going to “The Barber of Seville” tomorrow night, and we’re not leaving until we have that treasure. So you better start studying that sheet music.
Vesco: Raymond, I don’t think you–
Red: I’ll take care of everything else. You need munitions? My little German friend was born with a schnapps in one hand and a detonator in the other.
Red: I’ll have him here in eight hours. You need vehicles? Drivers? I’ve got trucks. I’ve got guys. I’ve got women who can handle the guys. I’ve got people with faces so fresh, they’ll never see them coming. You need a distraction to get backstage? I’ve got a guy who can talk faster than a hot, buttered bullet. The truth is, Robert, my only real concern is you. Your attitude.
Vesco: ­My attitude?
Red: The pep in your step. The lust in your life. If we’re gonna pull this off, we need to get you right. You need to be your very best. We need to reawaken the old Robert Vesco, rediscover that dapper rascal whose charm and wit could deceive even the very best of us.

[ Vesco has been cleaned up, shaved and dressed in a tuxedo ]
Red: How do you feel?
Vesco: Like I’d rather be home with my cat.
Red: Trust me, Robert, that feeling will pass the moment you hear the music. You’ll feel your heart pump again. You’ll feel truly alive. I’m sure of it. Franton, we’ll take two.

[ Samar is packing up her things in her office ]
Aram: This is really happening.I mean, I know it is, but– Whoa. You are tall.
Samar: What?
Aram: That’s the first thing I ever said to you. When, uh, Mr. Cooper brought you into the war room. I was thinking, “Whoa. You are, like, super pretty.”
Samar: But instead you said I’m tall?
Aram: We need to talk. And as my dad used to say, now is as bad a time as any, so– How many aliases do you have?
Samar: Four. I won’t need them for work anymore. But if I ever want to disappear, they’ll come in handy.
Aram: Well, then I better memorize them. That way, I can always find you, if, um– Wait. Oh, my God. That’s it. How to find Mr. Reddington.
Samar: Better tell Cooper.
Aram: Yes. Um- Uh, you stay here. I’ll- I’ll tell Mr. Cooper. And then, um, I’ll get us some coffees, and we’ll talk. You’re really tall.
Samar: [ SMOOCHES ]

Ressler: I didn’t read this many books in high school.
[ He plops a pile of books down on the table ] [ THUD ECHOES ]
Liz: The answer’s here somewhere. I’m sure Reddington figured it out.
Ressler: Well, he had Vesco. We got nothing.
Liz: Aram, did you find him?
Aram: Mr. Homan just made a sizable donation to the Marigny Foundation for the Arts.
Liz: Mr. Homan?
Aram: He’s one of Mr. Reddington’s aliases.
Liz: So, Reddington made an anonymous donation to an arts organization?
Cooper: One that comes with season tickets to the New Orleans opera.
Liz: Aram, you’re a genius. Reddington just bought tickets to the opera in New Orleans, just like the one mentioned in the poem. So we don’t have to decrypt it.
Liz: No. We’re going to the opera.
Ressler: I thought the library was dull.

[ INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS ] [ Aram is waiting in line at a food counter when Levi Shur comes up behind him ]
Levi: Samar failed her polygraph.
Aram: Levi. What- What are you doing here?
Levi: She’s hiding something from me. I need to know what it is.
Aram: I have no idea what you’re talking about. And I-I don’t really appreciate being followed.
Levi: Hey, we both want what’s best for her.
Aram: Yeah, well, questioning her loyalty is a funny way of showing it.
Levi: I know she didn’t betray us. But my bosses they might look at the results and come to a different conclusion.
Aram: What is that supposed to mean? Is that some kind of threat?
Levi: She knows too much. This could be a liability.
Person in Line: Uh, are you guys gonna order, or?
Aram: Sorry. Please go ahead.
[ They step out of line ]
Levi: Look, Samar, she’s not looking out for herself. I’m here because I was hoping you will. Okay. Here. In case you change your mind.
[ Levi gives Aram a business card ]
Aram: Just– Hang on. There was an accident. She– Her brain was was deprived of oxygen.
Levi: I’m sorry to hear that.
Aram: Listen. This is very private. And she wants to keep this to herself. It’s something called vascular dementia. Will that be enough to satisfy your bosses?
Levi: Uh, I would think so. Hey, uh, congratulations, by the way. Samar told me the good news. Do you know if it’s a girl or a boy?
Aram: I– [ EXHALES SHARPLY ] Um, I-I have, uh, absolutely no idea.
Levi: Yeah. It’s better that way. Why ruin the surprise, you know?

[ New Orleans Opera House ] [ CHEERS AND APPLAUSE ]
Vesco: Okay. That’s our door. Stage left.
Red: I hate to walk out on “Figaro’s Aria,” but I’ve seen it before. I’ll see it again.
Vesco: Places, everyone. Places.
[ Rossini’s ♪ “Barber of Seville” plays (“Figaro”) ]
Vesco: Here comes our cue. Three, two, one–
[ They exit ]


[ Red and Vesco put on different jackets, adjust each other’s ties ]
Vesco: Germany, you’re up. Four bars out. Hold. And hold. And cue Germany!

[ At the opera bar ]
Maxwell Ruddiger: I did no such thing. And I’ve only had two drinks.
Heddie Hawkins: The hell you have. And you touched my breasts!
[ Vesco and Red enter ]
Vesco: What’s going on here?!
Heddie: He’s drunk! He’s drunk.
Ruddiger: I told you I took those drinks to my wife. I am not drunk!
Heddie: You were hittin’ on me, you ape, and you most certainly are drunk!
Red: Okay.That’s enough.
Heddie: Aah!
Red: No more drinks. That’s it.
Heddie: [ EXHALES SHARPLY ] [ To Bartender ] Hit me. [ TAPS ON COUNTER ]


[ Red, Vesco and Ruddiger make their way backstage ] [ Ruddiger stumbles and falls ]
Ruddiger: [ GRUNTS ]
Red: He’s drunk. We need to take him through the back.
Vesco: Okay. We’re past security. [ Over comms ] Mr. Carter, we’re on our way to you. Watch your tempo, Ray. Allegro vivace. Half note, whole note, turn to the left.
[ They make their way to where Glen has been stopped by a Security Guard ]
Vesco: Are you the guy from the pharmacy? What took you so long?!
Glen: This big guy won’t let me past!
Security Guard: He says he has a delivery.
Glen: I’ve got it all. Everything from wet wipes to adult diapers. I got your Maalox, your Mylanta, your Kaopectate. I got a vaporizer–
Guard: Those things don’t even all do the same thing! What’s going on?!
Glen: All I know is I got a call 45 minutes ago saying Count someone-or-another had the runs.
Red: It’s for Count Almaviva. Rolando, he’s come down with the flu.
Glen: What did he eat? Maybe he got a bad oyster. [ GROANS ] I had a nasty Blue Point once. Ohh, turned me inside out. I was playing tango with the toilet for the better part of a day.


Vesco: 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3
Red: Fascinating as this is, we need to get you to the Count now. He’s on in 10.


[ Glen makes preparations ] [ WHIRRING ] [ CLATTERING ]

♪ … tutti mi vogliono
Donne, ragazzi Vecchi, fanciulle
Qua la parrucca – Presto la barba –
Qua la sanguigna –

Vesco: Cue Vontae and Dembe! Step-ball-change, step-ball-change, step-ball-change.

♪ Figaro –

[ They come upon Ruddiger. Instead of setting up, he is crying ]
Red: Ruddiger, what the hell’s going on?
Ruddiger: [ VOICE BREAKING ] The voice – The heartbreak and sorrow! – Ah.
Red: ­It’s a comedy!
Ruddiger: No, my sorrow! When I was a boy, all my friends wanted to be football players and racecar drivers, and I dreamed to be a tenor!
Red: Oh, dear God.
Vesco: This is bad, Ray.
Ruddiger: I’m sorry, Raymond. I lost my place! The music, it took me back!
Vesco: We’re on a clock! We’re timed to the music. If the detonation doesn’t go off exactly with the applause, everyone will hear it!
Ruddiger: I’m so sorry!
Red: Okay, that’s it. Set the charges. Robert, give us a hand.
Vesco: Ray, we don’t have time to set all the charges. He’s nearing the end of the aria now.
Ruddiger: [ SOBS ]


[ Red calls Glen ]
Red: Glen! We have a situation.
Glen: [ SIGHS ] What situation?
Red: We’re behind, and if we blow the charges late, we’re gonna have the police here in seconds. We need a distraction. Something loud. Really loud!
Glen: What the hell do you want me to do?
Red: I don’t know, Glen! That’s why you’re here! You wanted a second chance! This is it! Figure it out! Think fast! Make some noise!
[ Rossini’s ♪ “Barber of Seville” plays (Act 1 duet) ]
[ Glen looks into a mirror ]
Glen: It’s time to make your Broadway debut.
[ Ruddiger sets the detonator ] [ BEEP ]
[ Glen runs onto the stage ]
Glen: Fire‼️ Fire‼️
Glen: Everybody out‼️ There’s a grease fire in the kitchen‼️ It ain’t good‼️
Glen: Run for your lives‼️ Run for your lives‼️
Red: Blow it. Now‼️ [ BEEP ] [ BEEP, EXPLOSION 🔥💥🔥 ]

[ The explosion blew a hole in the wall to reveal hundreds of ancient bars of gold ]
Red: Oh, my God.
Vesco: The De La Cruz. It is real.
Red: [ CHUCKLES ] Now, there’s the twinkle in your eye I’ve been looking for! [ LAUGHS, claps ]

[ Outside the theatre, Red, Vesco and crew are loading a truck while Glen talks to a Fireman some distance away ]
Fireman: Sir, what on Earth would make you shout “fire” in the middle of a crowded theater when in fact there was no fire?
Glen: I thought I smelled smoke. All I was trying to do was save lives!
Ressler: I’m telling you, Keen, he double-crossed us. We’re not getting Vesco or the money.
Liz: He gave me his word. I believe him.
Vontae: Is that it?
Heddie: Last one. Time to roll.
Ressler: Look, I’ll talk to the local PD. See what they have to say.
Liz: I’ll talk to fire.
[ Liz sees Glen ]
Liz: Mr. Carter.
Fireman: You know this guy?
Liz: Elizabeth Keen, FBI. Can I talk to him for a minute?
Glen: Hey! What are the odds of seeing you here? – You an opera fan?
Liz: Drop the act. Where is he?
Glen: Don’t know what you’re talking about.
Liz: Reddington. He was here. How long ago? Don’t lie to me.
[ The truck with Red, Vesco and the gold pulls away ]
Glen: You just missed him.

[ Red and Vesco are in the back of the truck with the gold ]
Red: Elizabeth. This isn’t a good time.
Liz: I’m at the opera house.
Red: Did you enjoy the show?
Liz: You got your treasure. Now I want Vesco.
Red: We’ll be at Lulu’s enjoying their key lime pie. I’ll get your slice to go.
Vesco: Sex and treasure. People will betray for both. Like you’re betraying me now that I’ve gotten you the gold. You can turn me in at Lulu’s, and your revenge will be complete. It’s okay, Ray. I forgive you. More, I understand. You were my protégé, Ray. I loved you. But I took you for everything you were worth, and I left you in an Asunción whorehouse, and I never gave it a second thought.
Red: And now?
Vesco: Now I’m free.
Red: I have no intention of turning you in, Robert. And we’re certainly not going to Lulu’s. Place is bursting with tourists, and their pies are terrible. We’re gonna go find ourselves a nice, quiet cup of coffee somewhere.

[ A quiet restaurant ]
Red: Is it true that you introduced Nixon’s brother to Castro and then swindled them both into investing in a bogus drug trial?
Vesco: And got tossed in a Cuban jail for my troubles.
Red: [ LAUGHS ] Nixon and Castro! My God! It boggles the mind.
[ Glen enters ]
Glen: Truck’s in the warehouse. Locked tighter than a clam at hide tide.
Red: Where are the others?
[ Glen gives Red the truck keys ] [ KEYS CLATTER ]
Glen: Killin’ bourbon on Bourbon Street.
Red: Why don’t you join them?
Glen: [ LAUGHS ] Hoo! Well, boys, I am off for a night of debauchery in the Big Easy. Like Blanche DuBois, I depend on the kindness of strangers. Cheerio!
[ Glen leaves ]
Vesco: Well, I feel like a walk by the river.
Red: That’s a great idea.
Vesco: Oh, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be very good company. I’m old. I’m tired. And I’m at peace.
Red: The airport, then. Tomorrow at 10:00. I’ll drop you wherever you want. I was filled with vengeance for so long, I never saw the gift you gave me in Asunción. I never trusted anyone easily after that. That’s why I’m still alive. I’m in your debt, my friend.
[ They get up, hug ]
Vesco: Ohh. Believe me, Ray. You’ve more than repaid your debt.
[ Vesco leaves. Red sits down ] [ CELLPHONE SPEED-DIALS ]
Red: Change of plans.

[ Samar’s office ]
Samar: I just got off the phone with Levi. I have been honorably discharged.
Aram: I’m, uh, not surprised.
Samar: ­I am. During the polygraph test when he asked me why I was leaving, I said it was personal. I didn’t want him to know the truth, so I lied.
Aram: Well, whatever you told him, it’s over. So – now we can talk. About you being pregnant.
Samar: Aram–
Aram: ­That’s what you’ve been trying to tell me, isn’t it?
[ CLATTERING ] [ RATTLING ] [ Aram takes out a bottle of wine ]
Aram: So, my parents made this for me 30 years ago for the day I became a dad. Uh, all I, uh, remember are the fruit-flies and the, uh, cheesecloth. [ LAUGHS ] And the fancy crystal that my mom insists on using nine months from now when we pop the cork to celebrate unimaginable love.
Samar: I’m not pregnant, Aram. That was the lie that I told Levi to cover the truth about my health.
Aram: You’re not?
Samar: The truth is that I’ve never wanted children. I used to be self-conscious about that, about the fact that I didn’t have any kind of maternal instinct. But I made my peace with it a long time ago. And then I met you. And you changed everything. And now there’s nothing I would like more than to be pregnant. Nothing either of us would like more. But it can’t happen. I can’t raise a child. Ever.
Aram: Okay.
Samar: Okay?
Aram: If you don’t think we should have kids, then we shouldn’t have them.
Samar: You say that now, Aram, but in a year or five years–
Aram: I’ll be saying the same thing.
Samar: No. Someday you will have regrets, and I don’t want to be the reason why. Aram, that’s why I’ve been wanting to talk.
[ Samar takes off their engagement ring and leaves it on the table ]
Samar: I think you deserve more.
[ Aram tears up ]

[ Liz and Ressler finally catch up with Red next to the truck ]
Ressler: That’s quite the little stunt you pulled.
Red: [ Chuckles ] It was, wasn’t it? I was quite pleased with how it all came together.
Liz: Where’s Vesco? He inside?
Red: No, he’s not. The treasure is.
Liz: You let him go.
Red: Turns out, he’s reformed.
Ressler: [ LAUGHS ] A reformed fugitive.
Red: Sworn off greed and avarice.
Liz: So you commuted his sentence? Like the President commuted yours?
Red: Yes, and in honor of his ascetic existence, I’ve decided to hand over $100-something million worth of 18th-century gold.
Ressler: You’re just gonna give it to us?
Red: Every last doubloon. It’s inside.
[ Red opens the cargo door ]
Ressler: Or it isn’t.

Red: I’m in your debt, my friend.
Vesco: Ohh. Believe me, Ray. You’ve more than repaid your debt.
[ ⋙ Vesco lifts the truck keys from Red’s pocket ]

Liz: [ LAUGHS ] He’s reformed, is he? “Given up greed and avarice”?
Red: Do you have a phone?
Liz: [ LAUGHING ] I’m sure he’ll be a real ascetic with your $100 million.
Red: Come on. Take my picture. It’s not often I get egg on my face. But to be egged by the same person twice? That needs memorializing.
Ressler: You think this is funny? This was a complete waste of time.
Red: Waste of time? We’ve been decrypting legends. Chasing pirates. Hunting hidden treasure.
Ressler: And come up empty. We lost Vesco.
Red: How can you lose something you never had? I gave you a Blacklister you thought was dead. Now that you know he’s alive, you can hunt him down. Plus, you witnessed my humiliation. I think that would salve any wound.
Liz: It doesn’t. But it’s a start.
Red: Get in here, Dembe. I see a little yolk on your cheek. [ SIGHS ]
Liz: Smile, suckers. [ Laughs ]
[ Vesco drives the truck with the gold ]
Vesco: [ LAUGHING ]

[ Samar sits alone in a café ] [ FOOTSTEPS APPROACH ]
Aram: You’re wrong about me.
Samar: How did you find me?
Aram: When you said there’s nothing I want more than to have a child. I mean, that is– That is what I thought, what I had always imagined. Until I met you. And then you changed everything.
[ Lucy Schwartz’s ♪ “In The Arms” plays ]
[ Aram takes out the bottle of wine from his parents ]
Aram: What we have – This is our story, and if our story doesn’t involve having kids, well, that’s okay.

♪ Tell me there’s nothing to fear

Aram: I don’t need to wait nine months to celebrate unimaginable love. And I certainly don’t need fancy crystal.

♪ When I’m held in the arms

Samar: Aram.
Aram: We are never breaking up. Okay? Ever. And I don’t want any denial anger, bargaining or depression.

♪ When I’m held in the arms

Only acceptance. Can you do that for me?

♪ Can you find me dear?

Samar: No.
Aram: Okay. Promise me this – that you’ll do everything humanly possible to try and get better.
Samar: I promise.

♪ I’ll tell you what you want to hear
I’m not gonna go nowhere
I’m not gonna break your plans

[ Aram puts the ring back on Samar’s finger ]
Aram: It’s going to be okay.

♪ I could never disappear

Samar: Tell me that again.
Aram: Everything will be okay.


༺✦ ♤ ✦༻

Trivia: I cannot find the poem online, but here is the text from the scene:

The Ballad of the De La Cruz
Across dark and stormy skies
Calto’s Siren cries:
Heed her warning’s call
Hell Gate opens
To pay its devil’s debt
Steered from native ports of call
In search of riches, all did fall
The Siren guards what’s left
Recompense lies beneath her bow
Forever and for now

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Episode Songs


♫ Bruised Bones – Remastered
By Les Brown and His Band of Renown

♪ (Instrumental)

and Credits: [ None ~ Instrumental ]
YouTube: https://youtu.be/843AGa6jP84


♫ Il Barbiere di Siviglia: Largo al factotum (“Figaro … ”)
By Rossini, sung by Angelo Romero, Failoni Chamber Orchestra of Budapest

♪ [ Italian ]

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2HL8nOt [ Libretto: Italian and English ]
YouTube: https://youtu.be/hkak6iGvxhg


♫ Il Barbiere di Siviglia, Act I Duetto “Dunque io son… tu non m’inganni?”
By Rossini, sung by Angelo Romero et, Failoni Chamber Orchestra of Budapest

♪ [ Italian ]

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2YCbkWw [ Libretto: Italian and English ]
YouTube: https://youtu.be/mtF4nVKpDBw


♫ In The Arms
By Lucy Schwartz

♪ Tell me what I wanna hear
Tell me there’s nothing to fear
Tell me that I lose my head
So listen to my heart instead

♪ When I’m held in the arms of this waking fear
When I’m held in the arms
Can you find me dear

♪ I’ll tell you what you wanna hear
I’m not gonna go nowhere
I’m not gonna break your plans
I could never disappear

♪ When you’re held in the arms of this waking fear
When you’re held in the arms
Can you find me dear

♪ Can you find your way back again
Can you find your way back again

♪ When you’re held in the arms of this waking fear

♪ Can you find your way back again
Can you find your way back again

♪ When you’re held in the arms of this waking fear
When you’re held in the arms
Can you find me dear

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2UhehN8
YouTube: https://youtu.be/OayBYV5Vms4

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🔴 Script 6:14 Osterman Umbrella Co (№ 6)

Program air date: 3/29/2019 in the US
Script Permalink: https://wp.me/pDKwi-9lp
Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/2uzJ4WH (recap for both 6:13 and 6:14)

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Bill Roe
Written by: Sean Hennen, Kelli Johnson



⭕ Script 6:14 Osterman Umbrella Co (№ 6)


Brief (Where we’re at): For the second time, Red has been snookered out of a fortune by his former mentor, Robert Vesco (Blacklister #9), the man who had supposedly taught him not to trust anyone. Well, it’s never too late to learn. Besides, there were pirates and treasure and thieves and scoundrels and opera!

Behind this caper, however, a darker story loomed as Samar attempted to hide the fact that she has vascular dementia, a degenerative brain condition resulting from her nearly drowning. She is experiencing a series of mini-strokes, each resulting in brain damage affecting her language skills, perception and judgment. The condition led to her failure in the field to save the life of MI6 agent Christopher Miles after which she told Cooper she would be resigning from the task force though she would not tell him why. Worse, in her exit interview with Mossad, she lied on a polygraph, saying she was pregnant instead. Her former Mossad boyfriend, Levi Shur, approached Aram and told him she had failed the polygraph. Thinking it would help her, Aram told Levi about Samar’s condition, after which Levi mentioned Samar’s “pregnancy” and congratulated him.

Aram was thrilled by the news until Samar told him it was only a lie she had been forced to tell. She said she would not be able to raise a child because of her condition. Aram, though disappointed, reavowed his love for Samar, come what may.

The now-dead MI6 agent Christopher Miles had held the secret of a plot against the interests of the United States perpetrated by none other than President Robert Diaz, DOJ official Anna McMahon, and a shady security guard and hit man “Mr Sandquist.” Anna McMahon has her sights set on eliminating Red who she thinks knows more about the plot than he does. All those who actually knew of the plot besides the perpetrators are now the dead. But the dossier compiled by Miles describing the plot still exists. Bastien Moreau (Blacklister #20) ditched the flash drive containing the dossier along a sidewalk before being gunned down by Mr Sandquist. The flash drive was picked up by a young boy who brought it home in his backpack.

[ Singapore ]
[ KNOCK ON DOOR ] [ A man opens a hotel door and takes delivery of a bulky manila envelope. He takes out a pawn (chess piece). On the bottom is stamped “242.” A woman descends the staircase in the suite ]
[ They speak Mandarin ]
Woman: Strange. What does it mean?
Man: That I need to leave.
[ The man descends a stairs in a vertical mall. It is crowded. He sees a couple talking next to a railing overlooking an atrium. Turning the ring on his pinkie finger to face inward, he removes the stone from the ring, exposing a needle. He walks close to the couple talking, brushes the woman’s hand and walks away. The woman looks at her hand. It is bleeding ]
Man: [ Mandarin ] What’s wrong, angel?
Woman: [ Mandarin ] Something stung me.
[ The woman’s mouth gapes open, her pupils dilate and turn whitish blue and she tumbles over the railing to the floor of the atrium ] [ ‼️⚡️Crash⚡️‼️] [ Onlookers gasp ] [ PEOPLE SHOUTING ]

[ Aram and Samar’s apartment in DC. Samar is still in bed ]
[ DOOR OPENS ] [ Aram enters carrying a breakfast tray ]
Aram: [ SINGSONG VOICE ] Rise and shine.
Samar: You’re up early.
Aram: It has been a morning. Two small grease fires in the kitchen, one almost-disastrous juicing mishap. But, voilá. Breakfast in bed.
Samar: What’s on the menu?
Aram: French toast, hash browns – all your favorites.
Samar: Those are none of my favorites, but I love you anyway.
Aram: Well, I got the orange juice right, uh, fresh-squeezed. But, um, careful – might be a part of my finger in there.
Samar: What’s the occasion?
Aram: I thought you’d want a full stomach before our trip.
Samar: Our trip? Where we going?
Aram: The Lodge at Glenforest. Rural Pennsylvania. Three days, two nights. Our own cabin in the woods. Dinners in the main lodge, crackling fires. I look really, really good in flannel. What do you think?
Samar: It sounds amazing, but don’t they need you at work? I’m the only one retiring.
Aram: I cleared it with Mr. Cooper. The team can manage. It’s not like the world’s gonna end.
Samar: Aram, we worked together, remember? We both know the world could literally end if you’re not there.
Aram: It’s a few days. Eat up. I’ll pack.

[ Red’s flat with the old photos ] [ Red is drinking a green health concoction ]
Dembe: He will be pleased to hear it. Yes. As soon as possible.
Red: Ahh.
Dembe: That was Spalding Stark.
Red: Where is he on the clinical trials?
Dembe: Blind testing.
Dembe: He’s almost ready to deliver. [ Opens door ] Elizabeth.
Liz: Dembe.
Liz: Health kick?
Red: They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. [ GROANS ] They’re wrong.
[ Liz looks at the photograph of herself as a child on a swing with her mother, Katarina Rostova ]
Red: Your mother loved that photograph. Represented everything she wanted but couldn’t have. Not after she betrayed the KGB. After that, she was a hunted woman.
Liz: Burned agents always are.
Red: Hunted by the Osterman Umbrella Company.
Liz: Something tells me they don’t sell umbrellas.
Red: A burn notice can mean kill or capture. When it’s kill, they’re the hit squad of choice.
Liz: The KGB farms out hits?
Red: The KGB. The CIA. MI6. SID. Over the years, most agencies have come to the conclusion that terminating their own was bad for business. It strained loyalties, created tension within the ranks. Where most agencies agree on nothing else, this they agree on – that a neutral third party is critical in the elimination of their own operatives.
Liz: The world’s intelligence agencies have a go-to company for contract kills?
Red: Of their own agents, yes.
Liz: They sent killers after my mother?
Red: They did. Which is all the incentive I need to put them on the Blacklist, but as the FBI may need a bit more bait on the hook, there is this – typically, the Umbrella Company operates on foreign soil, but I’ve been led to believe their next target is here in the United States.

[ The Post Office. Liz briefs the Task Force ]
Liz: Kevin Major, Nicolai Druganin, Shirley Wei. All agents for MI6, FSB, and the Singapore Security and Intelligence Division, who Reddington claims were murdered by the Osterman Umbrella Company.
Cooper: Their agencies claim they were patriots killed in action.
Liz: Reddington says they were traitors that their agencies had terminated.
Cooper: He says the CIA’s involved?
Ressler: Which part? Targeting your own agents for murder or farming out the hits?
Liz: Not only is the CIA involved, but that the next hit’s going to take place in America.
Cooper: Not if we can help it, it’s not.
Liz: He made it sound like this was accepted practice.
Cooper: Maybe it is, but that doesn’t make it right. There’s someone I can reach out to at Langley. I’ll get to the bottom of this.
Liz: How well do you know them?
Cooper: I introduced him to his first wife. Let’s hope he’s forgiven me.

[ At a counter drinking coffee ]
Cooper: What can you tell me about a group commissioned to scrub rogue agents? The Osterman Umbrella Company.
Lansky: I can tell you that you shouldn’t be asking about them.
Cooper: I wouldn’t be if they only operated abroad. That’s your turf. But, uh, from what I hear, their next target’s stateside, and that turf’s mine.
Lansky: I can’t confirm or deny.
Cooper: An American is gonna be killed. No trial, no due process. Killed.
Lansky: I can’t confirm or deny because I don’t know.
Cooper: You expect me to believe that? You’re the C.O.O.
Lansky: Maybe you got bad intel.
Cooper: My intel’s never bad.
Lansky: If an American’s being targeted, it wasn’t sanctioned by anyone I know.
Cooper: So, what? This Umbrella Company is operating on its own now?
Lansky: I told you I don’t know. But I intend on finding out.
Cooper: You better find out fast. A person’s life is at risk.

[ ELEVATOR BELL DINGS ] [ A young blonde woman, Rachael, exits the elevator, leaving her motorcycle behind. There is a bank of padlocked doors. She looks at black token “006” and makes her way to a door marked “Floor 5 Aisle 1 Room 006.” She unlocks the padlock and enters, walking to an enclosure with a briefcase on a table. She puts the chess piece, a pawn, down on the table. She opens the briefcase and looks a paperclipped document of 25 pages or so. Also in the briefcase is a jewelry box containing a ring with a large red stone. She puts the ring on her right ring finger ]

[ BELL JINGLES, DOOR CLOSES ] [ Lansky enters a shop with neon signs saying “Shoe Repair” and displaying umbrellas ]
Lansky: It’s supposed to rain today.
Attendant: You got the wrong forecast.
Lansky: Best to be prepared.
[ The attendant hands Lansky an umbrella ]
[ Lansky exits the shop. where Cooper is standing. He pulls the neck of the umbrella out of the sheath, revealing a phone number (617) 555-0184 ]
Lansky: This is a bad idea.
Cooper: Worse than murdering an American citizen?
Lansky: [ On phone ] I’d like to arrange a meeting.

[ INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS ] [ Cooper walks up to a black man, Hobbs, who sits on a bench along the sidewalk. Cooper sits next to him ]
Cooper: My name’s Harold Cooper. I’m the Deputy Director of the FBI.
Hobbs: There must be some misunderstanding.
Cooper: Yes, I believe there is. You thinking you can get away with murder. I’ve spoken with Lansky.
Hobbs: Lansky is misinformed.
Cooper: Lansky wasn’t informed. I informed Lansky, and now I’m informing you. I know about the Umbrella Company. I know what you do. You do it here, I’ll make sure you’re prosecuted.
Hobbs: He was misinformed.
Cooper: Has a contract been ordered on an American agent?
Hobbs: I have very powerful friends.
Cooper: I have handcuffs and backup. They’ll come here in cars with sirens and lights. Makes quite a scene.
Hobbs: An American agent. Is that what you asked me before?
Cooper: Is one being targeted?
Hobbs: At this time, the Company has no outstanding tokens on American operatives.
Cooper: Tokens. You people are so antiseptic.
Hobbs: Are we through here?
Cooper: For now.
[ Hobbs gets up and walks away. He has an umbrella ]
[ Liz is with Ressler in a car parked nearby ] [ ENGINE STARTS, SHIFTER CLICKS ]

[ The Post Office ]
Ressler: We tailed him to his office.
Cooper: Global Systems Imports.
Ressler: DCRA records show that it incorporated in ’87. Taxes, license fees are paid up. Top executives are pillars of the community, not a parking ticket among them.
Liz: Which is why we couldn’t pull a search warrant.
Ressler: We could sweat the executives. They’re covering for the Umbrella Company or at least work for it.
Cooper: If they’re anything like Hobbs, they won’t sweat easily.
Liz: They would if we turned up the heat.
Cooper: And how do you propose we do that?

[ A busy street. It’s raining. Dembe comes up behind Hobbs ]
Dembe: Jason. How are you?
Hobbs: Jason? My name’s not Jason.
[ Dembe forces Hobbs into the back seat of Red’s Mercedes ] [ CAR DOOR OPENS ]
Red: I want to know the name of the American agent you’re targeting. And why.
Hobbs: Did Harold Cooper send you? Is that what this is?
Red: The name.
Hobbs: He didn’t like my answers, so he dispatches muscle to rough me up.
Red: This would all be much more pleasant if you’d give me a name.
Hobbs: I told him no American agent is being targeted.
Red: A lexical ambiguity. The agent may not be American, but he is being targeted here. Who?
Hobbs: [ No answer ]
Red: No? Nothing?
Hobbs: [ No answer ]
Red: Hm.
[ Red nods to Dembe ] [ ENGINE STARTS ]
Hobbs: Where are we going?
Red: To visit a friend.

[ Aram and Samar pack for their get-away ] [ Samar packs a gun ]
Aram: Was thinking this was more of a romantic getaway, but, you know, if you feel naked without a gun, we can role-play.
Samar: Sorry. Force of habit.
Aram: How about we start some new habits?
Samar: You’re absolutely right. New life, new habits.
Aram: Unless you want to role-play.
Samar: I think a cabin in the woods is a perfect place to start. No phone reception. No Internet.
Aram: Meeting a stranger. No. Maid/butler secret rendezvous.
Samar: Thank you for not letting me push you away.
Aram: Yeah, you tried pretty hard, but lucky for you, I can’t take a hint. So, hitchhiker. Interrogation.
Samar: I have an idea.
Aram: Teacher/pupil.
Samar: Why don’t we make our own fantasies?
[ Kiss ]
Aram: Okay.

Hobbs: [ From next room ] No. Please. Listen.
[ Red looks at some furry animals in a cage ] [ RED CHUCKLING ]
Hobbs: [ From next room ] Please. We can talk about this.
[ Dembe walks up, handing Red a prescription bottle ]
Dembe: The first installment from Mr. Stark.
Brimley: [ From next room ] Hey! You hear me?!
Hobbs: Ahh.
[ Red takes some of the pills ]
Hobbs: [ From next room ] Take this thing off of me! Let’s be reasonable! Let’s talk, please.
[ DOOR OPENS. Brimley comes out ]
Hobbs: Hey, come back here! – Where are you going?!
Brimley: [ To Red ] Betsy’s famished, and I left the goats in the truck. If I’m not back before he starts passing out, use the chinchillas.
Red: Thank you, Teddy. Lunch after?
Brimley: Oh, I can’t today. My sister’s in from Sarasota. We’re going hot-tub shopping for my back patio. Doctors keep telling me it’s good for my rheumatoid.
Red: Rain check, then! [ To chinchillas ] Okay, guys.
Red: [ RED LAUGHS ] [ CHUCKLING ] Yes. Yes.
[ Red wheels the chinchillas into a room where Hobbs is tied to a chair and wrapped in a huge python ]
Red: Ohh.
Hobbs: Don’t you know I’m untouchable?
Red: [ CHUCKLING ] Well, you look touched to me. Squeezed. Snug, really. Funny word, “snug.” Comes from the German “snöggr,” meaning shipshape, prepared for bad weather. Are you prepared for bad weather, Mr. Hobbs? Because from the look of things, you’re in for a terrible storm.
Hobbs: You will never get away with this.
Red: I’m told Betsy there has a weakness for chinchilla appetizer. Mine is Gougères Gruyère cheese puffs. If there’s a tray within a nautical mile, I won’t make it to the main course. Unfortunately for you, these little guys are far too cute to be served up as a starter. And what with Brimley’s congestive heart failure, diabetes, and asthma, the chances are slim to none that he’ll be back with a goat before Betsy there swallows you whole. So – a name.

Cooper: Reddington.
Red: I didn’t get the name, but I got the address where you can find it.

[ Liz and Ressler enter the enclosure with the briefcase ]
Ressler: They wouldn’t have just left this behind.
Liz: We got here before the cleanup crew.
[ Liz picks up the pawn ]
Ressler: What is it?
Liz: It’s the dropped token.
[ Liz puts the pawn in her pocket. She picks up the document ] [ PAPERS RUSTLE ]
Liz: The person they’re targeting.
[ Liz shows Ressler the front page of the profile. To it is attached a photo of Samar ]

[ The Post Office ]
Ressler: [ On phone ] I’m leaving you another message. It’s important, Aram. You need to call the office. It’s urgent. [ PHONE BEEPS ] I’m getting nothing. Both of their phones are going to voicemail.
Cooper: Pull GPS off their cells. Run their cards. The works.
Liz: [ On phone, to Red ] It’s Samar. She’s the target. But we can’t get ahold of her or Aram and no one knows where they were headed.
Red: When did you hear from her last?
Liz: Last night. Aram told Cooper he wanted to take Samar away for a few days. You don’t think the Umbrella Company got to them already, do you?
Red: We would have heard something.
Liz: I don’t understand. Who would do this? A state-sanctioned hit?
Red: The Mossad comes to mind.
Liz: It’s got to be them, right?
Red: The more pressing question is whether her assailants can be called off in time to make a case for her life.
Liz: What could Samar possibly know that would make her such a liability to the very agency that trained her?
Red: Elizabeth, all that matters is that you find Samar right away.
Liz: And what are you gonna do?
Red: I’m gonna pay a visit to an acquaintance of mine from Tel Aviv.

[ Harris PA ] [ Aram and Samar’s cabin ]
Samar: Oh, no, no, no. I am not going to be seen with you on those snowshoes.
Aram: But it’s the best I can do. You said the world needs me. Can’t go breaking a hip in a snowmobiling accident.
Samar: We are off the grid. Thank God.
Aram: They only have service in the Big House.How great is that? The sound of silence.
Aram: Hello.
Rachael: Hello. Mr. Mojtabai?
Aram: Yes.
Rachael: This is Rachael in guest services. I’m afraid there’s a problem with your credit card, sir. The one on file has been declined. Do you have another card we could use?
Aram: That’s weird. I, uh I do have another. It’s a Visa. Can I- Can I give you the number?
Rachael: I’m afraid you have to come down to the front desk so we can scan the chip. For security, of course.
Aram: Uh, no problem. I’ll, uh, be right there. Credit card’s not working. I need to bring them another.
Samar: Don’t forget your sweater.
Aram: I’ll be right back.

[ Levi Shur is at a counter drinking coffee ] [ CUP CLATTERS ]
[ Red walks up and slaps the pawn down ]
Red: Recognize that?
[ Red sits next to Levi ]
Red: Your driver is relaxing in the footwell of my Mercedes with a gun barrel in his mouth. So – tell me about the chess piece.
Levi: I know what it means.
Red: That a contract’s been taken out on Samar.
Levi: Yes.
Red: Call it off.
Levi: I can’t. It had to be done. Samar knows that. That’s why she kept her condition secret.
Red: Call the Umbrella Company and cancel the contract.
Levi: It’s too late.
Red: Is it done?
Levi: Awaiting confirmation. The agent went off-line as soon as the target was located.
Red: “Target.” How conveniently impersonal.
Levi: You don’t know about her condition.
Red: The only condition that would justify what you’ve done is if she were a traitor. She isn’t.
Levi: Not now, but she will become one. She may not want to, but it will happen, and there’s nothing she can do to prevent it.
Red: How can you possibly know that?

[ KNOCK ON DOOR ] [ Samar answers ]
Rachael: Hi. I’m so sorry to bother you. My fiancé and I rented one of those stupid snowmobiles, and it stalled in the woods. We only get a signal at the Big House. Could I maybe use your phone, see if we can get one of the guys to help us out?
Aram: I got a call. There’s a problem with my card?
Attendant: I’m sorry. What cabin are you in?
Aram: Uh, Sutton’s Cabin, by the creek.
Attendant: Oh. [ KEYS CLACKING ] [ INHALES SHARPLY ] Nope. All charges have cleared.
Aram: That’s so weird.
Rachael: I think his pride’s hurt more than anything. I mean, he’s still down there thinking he can get one of those things running. [ CHUCKLES ]
[ Aram sees a brochure for couples massage. He picks it up ]
Aram: Is, uh Is the spa still open today?
Attendant: 8:00 to 7:00 every day. Did you want to make an appointment?
Rachael: [ On phone ] No. No, we’re fine. No one’s hurt. Yeah. I’m so sorry about all of this.
[ Rachael removes the stone from the ring, exposing the needle ]
[ The phone rings showing she was faking the call ] [ TELEPHONE RINGING ]
[ Samar attacks Rachael. They fight ⚡️⚡️]
Aram: I will, uh, call the spa later. I’m a sucker for a good scalp massage.
[ Fighting continues ⚡️⚡️ BOTH GRUNTING ]
[ CELLPHONE CHIMING RAPIDLY ] [ Aram’s phone shows multiple calls. Aram calls Cooper ]
Cooper: Aram, where are you? We’ve been trying to reach you for hours!
Aram: Sorry. The, uh, cell service is terrible here.
Cooper: Aram, where are you, exactly?
Aram: The, um, Glenforest Lodge in the Allegheny Mountains. Why? What is, uh– What’s going on?
[ Fighting continues ⚡️⚡️ BOTH GRUNTING ]
Cooper: You’re not safe. Samar’s been targeted by a group called the Osterman Umbrella Company. Shelter in place. I’m sending Keen and Ressler to you right now.
Aram: Samar.
[ Aram runs out ]
[ Fighting continues ⚡️⚡️ BOTH GRUNTING ] [ Rachael tries to scratch Samar with the needle. Samar throws her off. Rachael tumbles. Her fist closes on itself and she is poisoned. She slips down against the wall, her pupils dilate a blue-ish white ]
[ SAMAR GROANS ] [ She has a cut in her abdomen ]
[ Aram arrives ]
Aram: Oh, my God. You’re bleeding.
Samar: We have to get out of here.
Aram: Um, um, whoa. Uh, is she, um– Is she dead? Um, oh, uh, okay. Uh, I spoke to Mr. Cooper, and, uh, they are after you, the Ostark, uh, um, Umbrella Company or something.
Samar: Osterman.
Aram: You know them?
Samar: Yes. Aram, we have to run.
Aram: Okay. Yeah.
Samar: Now.

Red: If she’s dead, you’re next.
Levi: I told you why we did this.
Red: Yes, you did.
Levi: Is it done?

[ Aram and Samar drive down a rural highway ]
Aram: We got to get you to a hospital.
Samar: This doesn’t make sense. I was out. The Mossad cleared me.
Aram: Okay. Uh, all right. Just, uh, back up. Who, uh– Who are these, uh– Umbrella people?
Samar: Uh, they’re freelancers, mercenaries. They’ll go anywhere. They’ll do anything. And if that was their operative, then the Mossad was behind it.
Aram: Why? You were cleared. Is it- Is it something you know, maybe?
Samar: Or something I’m forgetting. If they found out about my issue, if they thought my memory was a liability, they would vote for a dropped token.
Aram: Token. That’s code for? What are you talking about? How do you know any of this?
Samar: Aram, I was one of them.
Aram: You voted to have people killed?
Samar: We need to get off this road. These people, they’ll keep coming, no matter what.
Aram: All right. So which way?

[ Ressler and Liz are at the cabin ]
Liz: [ On phone ] The room’s destroyed, and the assassin’s dead.
Red: An(!) assassin’s dead. There’ll be more. Samar knows that.
Liz:That’s why she and Aram aren’t here. They’re on the run. But why? Have you found anything?
Red: Agent Navabi has vascular dementia.
Liz: What are you talking about?
Red: From her near-drowning. Her brain was deprived of oxygen.
Liz: Yeah, and she recovered.
Red: Well, the truth is, she didn’t. Not fully.
Liz: Okay, so she didn’t fully recover. So what? Why would Mossad want to kill her for that?
Red: Because it’s irreversible. Samar has top-level security clearance. Today, she knows how to keep a secret, but someday, she won’t.
Liz: That’s why they’re coming for her, because someday she may not be able to keep a secret?
Red: The only person with the authority to call off the contract is the Mossad’s D.C. Station Chief.
Liz: We’ll have Cooper reach out.
Red: They’re trying to kill Samar because she’s sick. She knew they would. That’s why she kept it a secret.
Liz: Yeah, but if we didn’t know, how did the Mossad find out?

[ Samar and Aram climb a stairway ]
Samar: It had to be the doctor, someone on her medical team. They’re the only ones who knew I was sick.
Aram: Okay, um, uh, Samar, hold on. I– Can we just talk for a minute?
Samar: Give me your cellphone.
[ She smashes it ~ GLASS SHATTERS⚡️ ]
Aram: Uh, I was due for an upgrade anyway. Uh, what what are we doing here?
Samar: Resupplying. We need to move fast, keep our heads low.
Aram: I need to tell you something. It was me. I told them.
Samar: You what?
Aram: Levi, he came to me, and Samar, you failed your polygraph. They thought you were acting suspicious during your exit interview and that you might be a traitor. I didn’t want them to hurt you, so I I told them about your condition. I thought I was helping.
[ Samar stares at him ]
Aram: Please.
Aram: Say something.
Samar: You thought you were protecting me. I get it. But what you didn’t stop to think is that I can always take care of myself.
[ Samar knocks again ] [ Door opens ]
Samar: Excuse me.
Professor: We’re in the middle–
Samar: Skylark. Agent 3426. I need my laundry.
Professor: Take a breather, everyone!
[ The Professor goes to a computer and keys in four keystrokes ]
[ COMPUTER BEEPING: “Code 6 Asset Breach” ]
[ Samar holds a gun to the Professor’s back ]
Samar: Give me the bag, Professor, or your next lesson will be about percussion.
[ A student tries to use a cellphone. Aram slaps it down ] [ CELLPHONE THUDS ]
Aram: Be smart.
[ Samar sets aside a stack of passports from a leather duffle then takes the duffle ]
Professor: That looks quite painful.
Samar: It is.
Aram: [ To students ] Stay in school.
[ They leave ]

Mossad DC Station Chief Dagan: I’m not sure what you want the Mossad to do. My–
Cooper: Let’s cut through the red tape, can we? I know Osterman has operatives in the country. I know they’re targeting Agent Navabi. I need you to do whatever is in your power to call off the hit.
Dagan: Even if I was willing to confirm–
Cooper: I’ve confirmed it. We’re past that. I won’t allow this to happen on U.S. soil, and I won’t allow you to send these people after one of my own agents.
Dagan: Whatever decisions have been made, I wasn’t part of the vote.
Cooper: I’m not saying you were. I’m asking for your help. From one superior officer to another. You know, the Mossad enjoys a strong working relationship with the United States. If word of this incident were to get out, I would hate for something to happen and change things between us.
Dagan: I’ll make the call, get Tel Aviv involved. It could take some time.
Cooper: We don’t have time. Pick up the phone and save a life.

[ A nursing station in a hospital ]
Attendant: Can I help you?
Samar: Yes. Agents Navabi and Mojtabai, FBI. We have a couple of questions for a patient of yours in room 312.
Attendant: Mrs. Abramson? Uh, are you sure? She’s 86 years old and blind.
Samar: They’ll be quick questions.
Attendant: Should I call the head nurse?
Aram: It’s a standard SR-22. It won’t take a minute. In and out.
Attendant: Oh. Okay.
[ Walking toward the hospital room ]
Samar: SR-22. I like it. What is that?
Aram: Certificate of insurance with the DMV.
[ Samar grabs supplies from a cart ]


[ Inside the hospital room, the patient sleeps as Samar stitches the wound on her abdomen ]
Aram: Okay, so, the Mossad has sent trained killers after you. How do we fix this?
Samar: Sadly, there is no fixing this. The best we can try and do is survive.
Aram: There’s got to be a way. There is always another way.
Samar: Osterman will send an army if they have to.
Aram: What about going to Mr. Cooper?
Samar: Aram, you’re not getting it. Give me the bandage. I can’t go back to my old life. I can’t go back to the FBI. My only chance is to disappear. I’m sorry. We have to get out of here. [ GROANS SOFTLY ]
Aram: Mrs. Abramson – thank you.
[ They begin to walk back toward the nursing station. Samar stops ]
Aram: What’s wrong?
Samar: The two men at the front desk, they’re operatives.
Aram: How can you tell?
Samar: Because I know. We need a new exit.

[ In their car on a highway ]
Samar: How are they tracking us so fast? They would never have guessed that I would go back for my bag at the music school. We picked the hospital at random. Osterman is good, but they’re not that good.
Aram: Let’s just focus on what is next. Okay, what is next?
Samar: I vanish is what’s next. I find a nice, warm corner of the Earth and disappear.
Aram: Okay, so, where do I take us?
Samar: Aram.
Aram: What? What? What?
Samar: I’m sorry, but there is no “us.” I’m the only target. I’m the one who has to disappear. You have a life.
Aram: No. Absolutely not. It’s about you and me. You don’t get to say goodbye. I won’t– I won’t let you. If you’re gonna go riding off into the sunset, I’m riding right beside you.
Samar: That was before all this. Before the dropped token. Before the Osterman Umbrella Company. You don’t know what you’re offering to give up. If you come with me, you could never come back, you could never see your friends. You could never see your family, no one at the office. You’d be putting them all in danger. I can’t let you do that. You have a life.
Aram: [ Angrily ] Stop saying that. Okay? It’s our life. You are my life. You are my business, and I get to decide if- if– Oh, my God.
Samar: What?
[ Aram pulls to the side of the road ]
Aram: Oh, my God. Hang on.
Samar: What?
Aram: Hang on. The- The- The business card.
Samar: What business card?
Aram: Levi’s. He, uh– He gave it to me the last time I saw him, and I’m, uh–
[ Aram gets out the business card and gives it to Samar ]
Aram: I’m sorry. I didn’t even I didn’t even think that- that’s–
[ Samar peels the backing on the business card to reveal a tracking chip ]
Samar: Ah! Levi, that bastard! He- He’s been passing along our tracking information to the Ostermans. That’s how they knew.
[ ‼️⚡️ Crash⚡️ ‼️ ~ A car plows into theirs ]
[ 💥💥💥 GUNFIRE 💥💥💥 ] [ Samar and Aram return fire 💥💥💥 ]
Aram: [ On phone ] Shots fired! Shots fired! Federal agents in need of assistance!

Dagan: I passed along your request. I took it as high as it could go.
Cooper: And?
Dagan: My superiors have no idea what you’re talking about.
Cooper: Really? You’re going to stick with that story? And we’re supposed to ignore the corpse up at that lodge? Ignore my agents running for their lives out there?
[ 💥💥💥 GUNFIRE 💥💥💥]
Dagan: This is a non-event.
Cooper: What about what Hobbs told us?
Dagan: Who?
Cooper: The man that works for the damned Umbrella Company!
Dagan: Sorry, Director Cooper.The Mossad can’t help you with this.
[ 💥💥💥 GUNFIRE 💥💥💥 ]
Aram: I need another mag.
Samar: Hold on. Here.
Aram: Where you at?
Samar: I’m almost out. We need to get out of here.
Aram: Samar!

[🚨SIRENS APPROACHING🚨 ] [ SIRENS STOP ] [ RADIO CHATTER ] [ Besides Aram and Samar’s shot-up car, the other vehicles are gone. So are Samar and Aram ]

MAN ON RADIO: Adam-12. This is a 10-33.

[ Samar and Aram walk quickly through the woods ]
Aram: Those guys really won’t stop, will they?
Samar: Never. That’s why I have to go. Someone else will get killed.
Aram: Samar.
Samar: I don’t want it to be you, and I don’t want someone caught in the crossfire.
Aram: I’m fine with that, but what you said back at the car doesn’t work for me. I’m coming with you.
Samar: No. Aram.
Aram: Listen. Listen to me. Listen. You say you don’t want me to go through that – the new life, the never looking back – but you do not have the right to make that decision for me. You cannot force me to live without you. That is not living. This is my decision, and I’m coming with you.
Samar: Okay, but if we do that, we have to move quickly and leave zero footprint.
Aram: I have small feet.
Samar: The first thing is getting out of the country. The Umbrella group will be monitoring airports, subways, train stations.
Aram: Okay, we need to tell Mr. Cooper. I know he’d help in any way he can.
Samar: That’s not a bad idea, but to do that, we’ll have to split up.
Aram: Whoa. I thought you said we’re in this together.
Samar: We are. I’m not ditching you. But- But I can’t go back to the office. The whole place will be under surveillance. To do this, you’ll have to go in alone, tell Cooper what’s going on, and get him to arrange safe passage for us.
Aram: All right. Passage to where?
Samar: I don’t know. I’ve got friends abroad. Europe, maybe. Asia.
Aram: Okay. Okay. But what are you gonna do?
Samar: I’m gonna try and stay alive. Do you remember the loft building on Meredith?
Aram: Yeah. That safe house.
Samar: Meet me there with Cooper in three hours. And we’re gone.
Aram: Please. You be safe.
Samar: Like the rest of our lives depended on it.
[ They kiss, then Samar walks away ]

Dagan: [ On phone ] You took Levi Shur! I want him back!
Cooper: I could ask around, but I doubt the FBI would even know where to start.
Dagan: Putting the Umbrella Company on Navabi was his job. It’s the way things work!
Cooper: Well, it shouldn’t work that way. You and your colleagues should shut the Umbrella Company down.
Hobbs: [ On phone ] Yes, sir. We can handle that situation. Where in Greece?
Dagan: That’s not going to happen.
Cooper: In that case, this sounds like a non-event. I’m confident Levi Shur will turn up, but the FBI can’t help you on this. [ PHONE BEEPS ]

[ MACHINERY WHIRRING ] [ Red talks to Levi, who is tied to a chair in an industrial site ]
Red: I’m not much of a company man. Conformity doesn’t interest me. There’s profit in it. And power. But no soul. The company man is rewarded for following the rules. The better the company man, the less it matters what the rules are, how ethical they are, how just, how humane. In your company, the rules called for you to kill a good and decent person, a colleague and partner. And you followed those rules blindly and without question.
Levi: Samar would have done the same to me.
Red: Which only proves my point – that the company can corrupt even the best among us.
Levi: You’re acting like I wanted this to happen. I didn’t. This is the last thing I wanted.
Red: And yet you did it anyway.
Levi: Look, you’re upset. I get it. I am too. We feel the same way about this.
Red: No, I don’t believe we do. What I really can’t get is how you used Agent Mojtabai, how you manipulated him into telling you about Samar’s condition. He told you so as to protect her, but because of you, he has to live with the fact that he betrayed her, that his words put a target on her back, that he is the reason that they will never be together again. Aram trusted you, and because of that trust, his life has been devastated.
Levi: I was just doing my job.
Red: Yes. And I suppose I’m just doing mine.
[ Red takes a plastic bag out of his coat pocket and puts it over Levi’s head, wrapping it tightly ]
Levi: No. No. No. No! No! [ MUFFLED ] No! No! No!

[ Aram waits in a garage ] [ ENGINE SHUTS OFF, DOORS OPENING ] [ Cooper, Ressler and Liz get out ]
Cooper: These are clean passports, nothing Mossad can track. A team of agents is standing by to transfer you to a safe house in Baltimore. From there, you’ll be flown to Taipei. After that, you’re ghosts.
Aram: Thank you, sir.
Ressler: This is the number of a friend of mine, ex-Special Forces. He does some work in Southeast Asia, so, after Taipei, give him a call. Use my name. He can get you set up anywhere.
[ Liz draws Aram aside ] [ Hug ]
Liz: Are you sure this is what you want?
Aram: You know, she’s always asking me that, and I honestly don’t know why. To me, it is it’s so simple. I just I want to be with the person I love, and I love her. So yeah, it’s what I want.
Liz: The reason she’s asking you that is because, for most people, it isn’t so simple.
Aram: [ To all ] I don’t think Samar or I would be safe, alive, or even together if it weren’t for everything you’ve done for us over the years. Thank you. Uh, those, um– those words seem so small compared to what you’ve done.
Cooper: Those words are plenty. You’ve always looked out for us – you and Agent Navabi. Now it’s our turn to look out for the two of you.

[ Red and Dembe walk toward the group ]
Aram: What’s going on? Where’s Samar?
Red: Samar isn’t coming.
Aram: What are you talking about? We, uh– We have a plan. We have, um– We have papers, uh, money, uh, a place to go. I-I think you, um– I think you misunderstood.
Red: Samar has new papers, different place to go.
Aram: Wait. You’re taking her away from me?
Red: I’ll see to it she’s well cared for. You have my word.
Aram: I want to know where she is!
Red: This is what she wants.
Aram: You tell me where she is.
Red: For what it’s worth, I tried to talk her out of it.
Aram: I want to talk to her. Call her. I know you can.
Red: She knew you’d insist. [ CELLPHONE OPENS ] Just hit “redial.” She’s waiting for your call.
[ On Red’s plane ]
Samar: Aram?
Aram: Where are you? W-What are you doing? We had a plan.
Samar: I know we did.
Aram: What about what we said? You and me, you know, we’re in this together.
Samar: You said it wasn’t my decision to make for you, and you were right. But I need to make this decision for myself and what I need, and I ne– [ VOICE BREAKING ] I-I need to know that you’re safe–
Aram: They won’t find us.
Samar: –and that you’re happy.
Aram: No, no, no. I can’t be happy without you.
Samar: I won’t forget you. I may forget everything else, but I won’t forget you.
Aram: [ VOICE BREAKING ] Who’s gonna t-take care of you if I’m not there?
Samar: [ SOBS ] I love you, Aram. [ SOBS GENTLY ] No matter what happens, I won’t- I won’t let you slip away. [ CELLPHONE BEEPS ]

Red: I’m sorry, Aram.
[ Aram walks up to Red and slugs ⚡️him in the face ]
Aram: I will never!– forgive you for this!
[ The War and Treaty’s ♪ “Love Like There’s No Tomorrow” plays ]

♪ Lovin’ every night and day, yeah
Lovin’ all our troubles away
We’re gonna love like there’s no tomorrow
Lovin’ every minute and hour
Lovin’ past our own power

[ Red and Dembe walk away ]

♪ We’re gonna love like there’s no tomorrow
We’re gonna love like there’s no tomorrow
We’re gonna love like there’s no to-
Love like there’s no tomorrow

[ Aram sits alone on a bench on a landing at the Post Office. Ressler climbs the metal staircase and sits next to him ]

♪ Ah, yea-a-a-a-a-h
Lovin’ on down to the wire
Love burnin’ like a wildfire
We’re gonna love like there’s no tomorrow
(Oh, yes)

[ Ressler puts his hand on Aram’s shoulder ]

♪ Love stompin’ like a floorboard
Love givin’ me a little more
We’re gonna love like there’s no tomorrow
Ohh, ohh, ohh
Love like there’s no tomorrow

[ On Red’s plane, Samar, sobbing, pulls down the shade by the window seat ]

♪ Oh, Lord, we’re gonna love like there’s no tomorrow

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Episode Songs


♫ Love Like There’s No Tomorrow
By The War and Treaty

[Verse 1]
♪ Lovin’ every night and day
Lovin’ all our troubles away
We gon’ love like there’s no tomorrow

[Verse 2]
♪ Lovin’ every minute and hour
Lovin’ past our own power
We gon’ love like there’s no tomorrow

♪ We gon’ love like there’s no tomorrow
We gon’ love like there’s no to–
Love like there’s no tomorrow
(Oh yeah)

♪ Love it all down to the wire
Love burnin’ like a wildfire
We gon’ love like there’s no tomorrow

♪ Love stormin’ like a flow of [?]
Love givin’ me a little more
We gon’ love like there’s no tomorrow

♪ Love like there’s no tomorrow (Oh Lord, we gonna)
Love like there’s no to–
Love like there’s no tomorrow
(Sing, babe)

♪ We gonna love, love, love (Oh my)
Love for my brother (brother)
Love for my sister (sister)
Love past the color
Love for the nation
Love on every occasion
Love, love, love
Love, love, love

♪ We gon’ love like there’s no to–
Love like there’s no tomorrow

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2HMyG6H
YouTube: https://youtu.be/1gWTPrYXPsI

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🔴 Script 6:15 Olivia Olson (№ 115)

Program air date: 4/5/2019 in the US
Script Permalink: https://wp.me/pDKwi-9oy
Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/2HQbox1

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Stephanie Marquardt
Written by: Lukas Reiter, Kelli Johnson



⭕ Script 6:15 Olivia Olson (№ 115)


Brief (Where we’re at): Samar is gone, spirited away by Red at her request after a contract on her life was taken out by Mossad with the relentless and amoral Osterman Umbrella Company (Blacklister #6), the go-to organization for spy agencies world-wide seeking to eliminate their own agents when they came to be deemed security risks. In Samar’s case, this was because she failed a polygraph test when she lied to cover up the fact that she had a deteriorating mental condition, vascular dementia, a result of her nearly drowning. In time, her condition could mean she might no longer be able to keep a secret.

Aram insisted on making plans with Samar to accompany her into a new life set up for them by Cooper, but Samar knew this could never be, and reached out to Red instead. She knew she would have to leave Aram behind. Aram, however, cannot accept that Red was acting in good faith and cannot bear the loss of Samar. Inconsolable and furious, he slugged Red and declared he would never forgive him.

Meanwhile, the matter remains that the Reddington Task Force is now under the purview of the DOJ’s Deputy Director Anna McMahon, who believes Red has become aware of a plot against the interests of the United States being perpetrated by herself and no less than President Robert Diaz, in complicity with a henchman, tracker and assassin, “Mr Sandquist.” Red has no direct knowledge of the details of the plot, but McMahon suspects he does. The three people who did know – the Director of German Intelligence Ava Ziegler, ex-MI6 Agent Christopher Miles, and contract killer Bastien Moreau (Blacklister #20) – have all been assassinated. The only proof of the plot is a document, a dossier compiled by ex-MI6 Agent Miles. It is contained on a flash drive which was ditched by Moreau along a sidewalk and randomly picked up by a young boy who brought it home in his backpack.

[ BELL DINGS ] [ Police Chief Devin Walker is having a meal in a restaurant. A man with a shaved head (Mr Coleman) sits down across the table from him ]
Police Chief Walker: You need help?
[ Coleman places an metal impact-resistant briefcase on the table ]
Walker: What is this? Hey. I’m talking to you.
[ Coleman hands Walker a manila file folder. Inside are photos of him meeting with drug dealers ]
[ BELL DINGS ] [ Coleman has left the restaurant ] [ Walker opens the briefcase. Inside is a laptop with earphones. He puts the earphones in his ears and turns on the laptop ]
Olivia Olson: [ On live video; British accent ] Hello, Chief Walker. Sorry to interrupt your meal–
Walker: Who the hell are you?
Olson: Who I am is immaterial. What matters is that I know you. I know, for example, you’re the top cop in a city consumed by an opioid epidemic. I know the Saleri Cartel have had remarkable success moving product on your streets, and I know why. You’re protecting them–
Walker: Whatever you think you’re doing–
Olson: –you and a cadre of corrupt underlings. I’ve provided a sample of the kind of proof that my team has gathered. Copies, actually. It’s all quite well documented – the warnings of impending raids, the secure transport your men have provided, the cartel members you’ve neglected to arrest.
Walker: What do you want? What is this?
Olson: A notification. We’re not asking you to stop anything, we’ve simply decided to change your employer.
Walker: My employer?
Olson: I’ve been retained by the Tuerto Organization. You report to them now. The Saleris are done. You can arrest them or kill them, my client doesn’t care. Do as you’re told, and you’ll be hailed as a hero for ending the Saleri era. Ignore my instructions, and you’ll be destroyed. Publicly and permanently. Okay, then. Goodnight, Chief.
[ The keyboard hisses and⚡️sparks⚡️ ] [ ELECTRICITY POPPING ] [ LATCHES CLICKING ]

[ Aram writes on a notepad. He rips off the top sheet, folds it and puts it in an envelope. He makes a phone call ]
Aram: Uh, yes. I’d like to close my account. The authorization codes? Of course yes, I’m ready. Access Delta 6-3-9. Echo-Uniform-Whiskey. That’s right. Liquidate everything. All $60 million.
[ Aram picks up the three envelopes labeled “Mr Cooper,” “Ressler” and “Liz” and stuffs them in his backpack ]

[ Red flicks a syringe and gives himself a shot ] [ KNOCK ON DOOR ]
Dembe: [ EXHALES SHARPLY ] Raymond. It’s Elizabeth.
Red: Just hold on one sec.
[ Red pulls up his pants ] [ ZIPPING ] [ He puts the syringe in a small black travel case and takes a pill with a glass of water ]
[ Dembe lets Liz in ]
Liz: [ SIGHS ] Why is it that men think the only way to handle a problem is to be stoic?
Red: Because Gary Cooper or Henry Fonda or Gregory Peck have taught us that’s how a man should deal with a problem.
Liz: Aram is completely shut down.
Red: I have a competitor I want you to take out of the competition.
Liz: He’s gonna implode.
[ PAPER RUSTLES ] [ Red shows Liz a newspaper article: “Hail to the Chief. Top Cop Ends Drug Cartel’s Long and Lethal Reign” ]
Red: Only time will mend Aram’s broken heart. Or revenge.
Liz: You want us to take down an honest cop?
Red: The chief is not my competition. Nor is he honest. He used to work for one cartel. Now he works for a more powerful one. My competition is the woman who convinced him to switch sides.
Liz: She helps one criminal organization take over another?
Red: She helps them expand. By identifying targets. Organizations vulnerable to hostile takeovers – businesses or individuals whose debt can be leveraged, or, in this case, a cop who’s susceptible to persuasion.
Liz: Are you siccing us on a criminal or a corporate raider?
Red: [ CHUCKLES ] Corporate CEOs are slavishly beholden to quarterly earnings, often sacrificing long-term strategy for short-term gain. Well, CEOs of criminal enterprises may not have Wall Street analysts to answer to, but they’re still under the gun to increase profits because if they don’t, they’re not given a golden parachute and exiled to a mansion in the Hamptons, they’re killed. So pointing them to greener pastures is a very lucrative business and no one is better at it than Olivia Olson.
Liz: Why are you telling me all this? You’re usually annoyingly guarded about your true motive for giving us a case. Why are you admitting that you’re giving us this criminal to expand?
Red: Because it’s a win-win. I get to expand my reach, and you get to know more about what Anna McMahon has been up to.
Liz: Are you telling me Olson has intel on Anna McMahon?
Red: As I said, it’s a win-win.

[ The Post Office ] [ Liz briefs Cooper, Ressler and Aram, who is looking sullen ]
Cooper: Reddington wants the Task Force to go after a Blacklister who works with Anna McMahon when Anna McMahon is overseeing the Task Force.
Liz: I know. It’s tricky.
Ressler: The tricky part is knowing if we’re getting played. Figuring out if this Olson woman is involved in McMahon’s plot against this country or whether Reddington just said that so we’d have incentive to take out his competition.
Liz: It’s incentive enough for me. We are nowhere on figuring out what McMahon is doing. She’s a top-level justice department official who has the ear of the President and is orchestrating a conspiracy so dangerous she had to hire a hit man to kill the people who found out. And she wanted Reddington executed. And despite all that, somehow she’s now our boss.
Cooper: Which is why we have to proceed with caution. Tell us about Olson. What do we know?
Liz: Well, for starters, her name isn’t Olson. No one knows her real identity, only that she’s a former Wall Street analyst who made a fortune doing quantitative risk analysis for private equity firms.
Ressler: She facilitated hostile takeovers.
Liz: In the aftermath of the 2008 financial meltdown, she re-emerged as a corporate raider for the criminal underground
[ Video conference ]
Olivia Olson: What exactly is the problem?
Paul Halperin: Eikendoll. She’s a competitor, and her new construction company is cutting into the Regal bottom line.
Olson: So you either want to remove her or destroy her.
Halperin: I want to do both.
Liz: Her approach to the Collington police department is typical. She identifies vulnerable businesses and then target maps them until she knows every pressure point, which she then exerts to strip them of their assets or absorb them.
Cooper: Or, in this case, to sell out one cartel and pledge allegiance to another.
Ressler: Who happened to be her client.
Liz: Reddington says her clients range from a real estate developer in Boston, to a crime lord in Mumbai, to Ukrainian oligarchs. She commands a seven- or even eight-figure fee to help them expand into both criminal and legitimate businesses.
Aram: So she hurts innocent people. Just like Mr. Reddington. What? You know it’s true.
Cooper: So, Olson. What’s our way in?
Liz: Reddington says she has a meeting with a prospective client. He gave me a time and place.
Cooper: Get a tactical unit, put together a plan to interrupt that meeting, and bring her in.
Ressler: By taking her out, we’re helping Reddington extend his reach. Are you okay with us doing that?
Cooper: If it gets us closer on Anna McMahon, yes, I am. And the only way it’ll get us closer is if we keep her from knowing what we’re up to. So no mention of her name to anyone. I don’t want McMahon to know we’re aware there’s any connection between her and Olson. Understood? Good – roll out. Agent Mojtabai? A word.
Cooper: The job requires a clear head and complete focus. I know that’s a lot to ask at the moment, but it’s the bare minimum. If you can’t give it, you need to let me know.
Aram: I am focused, sir. I’m angry. But I’m focused. In ways I never thought possible.

[ Long Island, NY ] [ Ressler and Liz wait in vehicle outside a warehouse ]
Ressler: Win-win? No. I didn’t sign up for a win-win. I signed up for win. Us winning. Not him.
Liz: Reddington always has an alternative agen–
Ressler: He’s not Reddington.
Liz: –The only difference is that we actually know what it is this time.
Ressler: And that doesn’t bother you? That he didn’t even have to pretend anymore? That he’s open about using us to make him rich? Look, I know you hoped that I’d be okay with us not pursuing who he really is, but I’m not.
[ A black sedan pulls up ]
Ressler: This must be the client.
Liz: Aram, we have a visual. Is everybody in place? [ To Ressler ] We’re not done talking about this.
Aram: TAC unit’s in place. They’re feeding us audio. Searching for CCTV feeds of the area now.
Cooper: What’s going on?
[ Dembe and Red get out of the sedan ]
Liz: Reddington’s the new client?
Ressler: So much for him telling us what his angle is.

[ Dembe and Red enter the warehouse with guns drawn ] [ HINGES CREAK ]
Cooper: I don’t care if it blows the op, I want eyes inside that building.
Aram: Still working on video.
Cooper: Keen, Ressler what are you seeing?
Liz: No more than you. Reddington’s inside.
[ Inside the warehouse, no people appear, just a laptop on a table ]
Olson: Hello, Mr. Reddington.
Ressler: You hearing this? That’s her.
Red: I’ve never made a virtual acquaintance. I must say, it feels – pornographic.
Olson: Well, an abundance of caution is an occupational hazard.
Liz: It sounds like she’s on some sort of video feed –
Aram: Which means she’s broadcasting to this location.
Liz: Can you trace it?
Aram: I can try.
Ressler: Yeah, well, try fast. Before Reddington double-crosses us again.
Olson: How might I be of assistance?
Red: You convince people to change allegiances. I’m hoping to convince you to do the same. I’ll make it worth your while.
Olson: I doubt that’s possible.
Red: Well, I guess we’ll see.
Olson: Who would you expect me to betray?
Red: Anna McMahon.
Liz: What is he doing?
Ressler: Exactly what you wanted us to avoid.
Cooper: He better have a good explanation for why, or there’s gonna be hell to pay.
Aram: Okay, I’m not seeing anything matching this kind of video feed on any of the local towers.
Liz: Where else could it be coming from?
Cooper: A radio transmission?
Aram: Maybe. Maybe, but for a direct feed to be reliable, you’d have to be close.
Liz: How close?
Aram: Uh, within 5 or 10 blocks of the receiver.
Cooper: So she’s nearby. How do we narrow that down?
Olson: I don’t know how many times I need to say this for you to be convinced, but I have no ties to Anna McMahon.
Red: The NAFTA renegotiation. When the treaty went for Senate confirmation, the White House was one vote shy. Anna McMahon asked you to get it for them, and you did.
Aram: Okay, okay, okay, she is transmitting a lot of data, so she’d have to use a high frequency.
Liz: How high?
Aram: Well, a lot of wireless cameras operate above 900 megahertz, like–
Cooper: A police radio. Go to scan mode. Sweep the 900 megahertz spectrum.
Olson: You overestimate my reach.
Red: And you underestimate mine. You’re not the only one capable of drawing a heat map.
Aram: Okay, all right, all right. I got it. 982.5. Whoa. Wait. That’s weird.
Cooper: What’s the problem?
Aram: I can see the signal strength, but it’s not constant.
Ressler: Is there some kind of interference?
Aram: Uh, maybe, or she’s not stationary. I think maybe the signal’s being broadcast from a moving vehicle.
Olson: You reached out as a potential client. But I get the distinct feeling you’re more of a potential competitor.
Red: More of a successor, really. You’ve had a nice, long run. I’d hope to honor that by informing you of my hostile takeover in person. But perhaps this is best. Face to face, those conversations can linger uncomfortably. This way, we can simply disconnect.
[ Red slaps the laptop shut ]

Liz: We’re headed north on Culver.
Aram: All right, the signal’s getting stronger. No, hang on you overshot it. Uh, make a right.
Cooper: There. You’re there.
Liz: Okay, what exactly are we looking for?
Aram: A van maybe? A small truck? Something with a visible antenna.
Liz: That’s it. We’ve got her.
Mr Coleman: [ Driving Olivia Olson’s van ] Ma’am. We’ve got a tail. They’re tracking the feed.
[ Olson turns off the feed ] [ BEEPS ]
Aram: All right, she must have disconnected. I lost the signal.
[ TIRES SCREECH ] [ Ressler follows the van until he’s cut off by a semi truck ]
Liz: Ressler!
[ Ressler tries to back up, but a second truck blocks him ]

Olson: [ On phone ] You have a very powerful enemy.
Anna McMahon: Why? What’s wrong?
Olson: Raymond Reddington.
McMahon: What are you talking about?
Olson: He asked me to betray you. And when I said I wouldn’t, I was chased by the police.
McMahon: I can make it go away.
Olson: [ SCOFFS ] You better. Or I may be forced to oblige Reddington. You may consider it a badge of honor to have him as an enemy. I don’t.

[ The Post Office ] [ Red and Dembe arrive in the elevator and head toward Cooper’s office on the landing. Aram is coming down the stairs ]
Red: Aram.
[ Aram does not acknowledge him ]
Red: It will get better.
Aram: I know. You’re gonna make sure of it.

[ Red and Dembe enter Cooper’s office ]
Cooper: You have a lot of explaining to do.
Red: Why is that? I led you by the hand to an elusive Blacklister, [ CHUCKLES ] and you let her get away.
Cooper: You hid the fact that you were the one meeting with Olson.
Red: I omitted it. Hiding implies I cared one way or another about you knowing. I didn’t.
Cooper: You told her about Anna McMahon. How could you do that? By now, she’s told McMahon we’re onto her.
Red: I certainly hope so.
Cooper: That’s the last thing we wanted!
Red: Harold, sit. Take a breath. Smoke a cigar. Read some “Calvin and Hobbes.” Whatever you do to relax, do it before you have an aneurysm.
Cooper: Please tell me why you think it’s a good thing that the person we’re suspicious of now knows we’re suspicious of her.
Red: Anna McMahon is smart and cautious, and, try as we might, neither you nor I have been able to get the merest whiff of her plot against this country. I thought it best to force the issue. Let her know we’re looking, put her on alert, make her think twice, and in doing that, possibly, hopefully, cause her to make a mistake.
McMahon: Exactly what part of “I run this Task Force” do you not understand?
Red: Sometimes my grasp of human nature astonishes even me.

[ Cooper’s office. Red sits next to McMahon across the desk from Cooper ]
Cooper: Let me say it back to you, see if I understand what you want – a justification memo once Reddington gives us a case but before we start working on it, a real-time memo where we take time out from what we’re working on to tell you what we’re working on [ Dembe’s CELLPHONE VIBRATES ] and a case file memo where we detail what’s in the case file, attached to the case file memo.
McMahon: It’s all about flow of information.
Cooper: Tell me, with all this information you want us to flow, when are we supposed to actually work?
Dembe: [ HUSHED ] It’s urgent.
[ Red motions Dembe away ]
McMahon: Everything you do is based on the instruction of a sociopath. So forgive me if I want input into whether or not we do as he says.
Red: Olivia Olson.
McMahon: Who?
Red: You don’t know her?
McMahon: Should I?
Red: She facilitates mergers and acquisitions for criminal clients across four continents.
Cooper: She’s the latest Blacklister. If we capture her, we capture her files. A treasure trove of information about her clients and the companies she’s blackmailing on her clients’ behalf. Do you have a problem with that?
McMahon: Of course not. Just like I’m sure you’ll have no problem sharing the captured files. If they do contain the names of her clients, I’ll want to assign agents to coordinate their arrest.
Cooper: I’ll alert you once we have them.
McMahon: Sounds like we agree. Excellent. Glad we had this talk. Director Cooper.
[ DOOR OPENS ] [ McMahon leaves ]
Cooper: That accomplished nothing. Except to bury me in paperwork.
Red: Patience, Harold. We’re chumming the waters. Sooner or later, the big one will bite.

[ The common area of the Post Office ]
Ressler: Talk about dejá vu all over again. Reddington misleads us, Cooper slaps his wrist, and life goes on.
Liz: Because he gives us high value criminals and it makes the world a safer place.
Ressler: Yeah, a fact I’d come to terms with before finding out that he was an imposter.
Liz: I know this is hard for you, but whoever he is, he’s looked over me since I was a child. So if I can accept that his real identity is none of my business, I need you to accept that it’s none of yours either.
Ressler: And if your mother’s out there and she knows the truth?
Liz. Katarina Rostova framed my father for crimes he didn’t commit. Because of her lies, I grew up believing he was a traitor. If she is alive – and that’s a big if – she probably wouldn’t tell me the truth anyway – even if she knew it. Look, I really think the best thing is to just let it go.
[ Aram walks over ]
Aram: Okay, so I was able to pull an image from a traffic cam at Culver and Talbot.
[ Aram shows them a grainy image of Mr Coleman ]
Ressler: You get an ID?
Aram: Not on the driver, but the trucks that cut you off were registered to Hammerstone Electric, which, uh, tells us nothing since I doubt you were attacked by a horde of angry electricians.
[ No one laughs ]
Aram: Right. One month ago, a private equity firm in New York bought up Hammerstone’s debt and shut them down.
Ressler: So we were attacked by a horde of angry MBAs?
Aram: And they were bought by Raincloud LBO, a New York firm specializing in hostile takeovers.
Liz: Olson.
Ressler: Well, it makes sense that she would have a company to front her transactions. I’m going to get a warrant.
[ Ressler leaves ]
Liz: [ To Aram ] Tonight – You, me, and as many pitchers as it takes to thoroughly drown sorrows. Deal?
Aram: Well, I don’t normally drink, but under the circumstances – sure.

[ A boardroom ]
Mitchell Young (Managing Partner of Raincloud LBO): We’ve been over this I don’t know how many times – their leadership structure, their greenmail plan, the staggered board – they’re not vulnerable to activist investors.
Olson: [ On video ] And her personal life?
Matt Wall (Board member): Clean. Squeaky. Church on Sunday.
Young: Eikendoll’s untouchable.
Olson: I did have one other idea. Eikendoll just completed a new sky deck at the Alta Hotel. What if there was an incident?
Matt Wall: You wanna target public opinion.
Olson: The deck is cantilevered from the building on the 72nd floor using light gauge steel beams. My engineers insist that framing’s more than sufficient as long as they’re held in a vertical orientation. However, they also pointed out there’s a mechanical chase with gas and utility lines here on the 71st floor if, for some reason, that gas line were not properly installed–

[ Workers led by Mr Coleman drill into the the structure of the cantilevered section and create a leak in the gas line ]

Olson: –If corners were cut during construction, fumes would get trapped in that chase, all it would take is a pilot light from a furnace, an errant elevator spark any sort of combustion would blow the living hell out of that mechanical chase and comprise the bridging. Without proper support, the stress would cause the channels to twist and fall like dominoes.
Young: You wanna collapse the deck. Make it appear Eikendoll cut corners and crater public opinion. Force her to sell.
Matt Wall: Guys, these are peoples’ lives we’re talking about. Is this contract really worth that?
Olson: I hope that was a rhetorical question.

[ ELEVATOR BELL DINGS ] [ Ressler, Liz and other agents get out at the offices of Raincloud LBO]
Ressler: Ladies and gentlemen, FBI.
Liz: FBI. We have a warrant to search this building.
– Please stand up.
– Stop working.
Ressler: Stop what you’re doing. Step away from your computer.
– Line up against the glass partitions.
Ressler: Agent Ressler. I’m gonna need a word with your Managing Partner.
– Hands where we can see them.
[ A young office worker quietly makes a call to alert those in the boardroom ]
Eric: [ On phone ] We got a situation out here.
Young: What are you talking about?
[ Olson brings up surveillance feeds of the company’s offices ]
Olson: It’s the FBI.
Eric: They say they got a warrant.
Young: What do you want to do?
Olson: We’re burned. Handle it.

Young: Agent Ressler? Mitchell Young. I’m Raincloud’s Managing Partner. What’s going on?
Ressler: Read the warrant. We have a court order to search.
Young: Search for what?
Ressler: Yesterday, vehicles registered to Hammerstone Electric were used to thwart an FBI pursuit. Your firm owns those vehicles.
Young: We acquired Hammerstone a few months ago, but we bought the company to sell its assets. If somebody stole trucks, that’s not our fault.
[ Other employees have put their hands up as instructed, but Liz sees Eric whispering ]
Liz: You. What is it?
Eric: What?
Liz: What are you trying to tell your friend?
Young: Um, Eric’s my assistant. If you want to talk to him, you’re–
Liz: Eric, you’re what – 20? 25? By the time we’re done here, you could spend at least that long in prison for any number of crimes–
Young: Eric –
Liz: –including obstruction, securities fraud, aiding and abetting. So how about you help us out and tell us what you know?
Eric: Two floors up. Heilman & Main, CPA firm. It’s not a CPA firm.
– Stay on him.

[ The boardroom ]
Ressler: FBI!
– Hands! Hands!
Ressler: She’s wiping everything.
[ The video screen and all computer screens are going to static ]
Liz: Take it offline now. I said take it offline!
Matt Wall: I can’t. It’s a malware program originating from the host system.

[ Aram carefully leaves the letters to Ressler and Liz on their keyboards ] [ Red and Dembe walk in ]
Red: You’ve made a terrible mistake, Aram.
Aram: You took something precious from me.
Red: A mistake you’ll have to rectify.
Aram: So I took something precious from you.
Red: I want my money.
Aram: When we were in Luxembourg, Dembe opened an account under your name at Banque Vertrauen. I kept a copy of the account-access fob we stole that day. It took you long enough to figure out what I did. Honestly, if you hadn’t walked in just now, I was thinking I was gonna have to tell you myself.
Red: Is this your idea of vengeance?
Aram: Not vengeance. Leverage. $60 million worth to get you to take me to Samar.
Red: No matter what happens next, this doesn’t end the way you think it’s going to.
Aram: My bag’s packed, my goodbye notes written. I’m ready to face the consequences either way. Are you?

Ressler: I want her name and location.
Mitchell Young: I don’t know her location. Nobody does. She doesn’t take meetings in person. She’s never been here.
Ressler: Her name then. All right, what was on those computers?
Young: There’s no point. You’re too late to stop the attack.
Ressler: Attack? What attack? Who’s she planning to attack?
Young: No one here is gonna help you.
[ Liz walks over ]
Liz: Cyber’s en route, but those drives are fried. Someone with a lot of skill’s gonna have to put those pieces together.
Ressler: [ To Young ] All right, listen to me. There’s an attack in motion, if people get hurt, you’re gonna be charged as a co-conspirator. You want that?
Young: What I want is a lawyer.

[ The galley of Red’s plane ] [ Red pours himself some Scotch ] [ Dembe brings Red a cellphone ]
Red: Elizabeth.
Liz: We got a problem. We have reason to believe Olson’s planning an attack – probably to leverage her next takeover victim.
Red: Who’s the target?
Liz: That’s the problem. We don’t know who, where, or when. All we have are pieces of encrypted files from her servers. Cyber just showed up. We’ll send over whatever they decrypt.
Red: Have you reached out to Aram?
Liz: I tried him. He didn’t pick up.
[ Red walks across the plane’s cabin and sits across from – Aram ]
Red: That was Elizabeth. She doesn’t know you’re gone. You didn’t say goodbye.
Aram: I told you. I left her a note.
Red: [ Drinks ] Mm. Ahh. [ INHALES SHARPLY ] It’s hard to leave people you care about. Or maybe you didn’t say goodbye because you don’t think that’s what this is. And if that’s the case, let me be clear – If you become part of Samar’s new life, Harold, Donald, Elizabeth – you’ll never be able to see them again. Never speak to them. Never be there for them when they need you.
Aram: Is that why Liz called – because they need help?
Red: You running away will not take Samar off the Mossad’s kill list. They’re counting on you to lead them to her – which is why they bugged your apartment, phones, friends.
Aram: How do you know that?
Red: Because that’s what I would do. It’s why Dembe took an extra hour to get us to the jet – shake off any possible tail. From now on, Aram, you call a friend or family, text, e-mail, insta-whatever, anything – they will trace it to you, find Samar, – and kill her. And yes. The Task Force needs help. To stop an imminent attack.
Aram: An attack? On what- where–
Red: Doesn’t matter. You’re out. Sit back, relax – calculate the hourly interest you’re accruing on my $60 million.

Woman: Mr. and Mrs. Eikendoll, I’m sorry to interrupt – I’d like to introduce you to Michale Muhlbach. Michale’s the President of the Pratt-Wickler Foundation.
Caroline Eikendoll: Mr. Muhlbach, it is so lovely to meet you.
Muhlbach: I just wanted to say thank you for pulling the strings to get us into this space. Just stunning.
Roger Eikendoll: Actually, my wife Caroline is the CEO and brains of Eikendoll. I’m just the arm candy.
Muhlbach: I’m so sorry.
Caroline Eikendoll: Don’t be. The work Pratt-Wickler has done for Parkinson’s research is so admirable and so critical to so many people. We’re just happy to be part of the solution.
Muhlbach: Thank you again. [ CHUCKLES ] It’s gonna be a fantastic evening.
Roger: Yes. Let’s raise some money.
– Cheers.
– Cheers. Cheers.
[ ✨Glasses clink ✨]
[ Below the reception area ] [Clicking, GAS HISSING ]

[ Red is napping. Dembe walks over with a laptop, waking Red up ]
Red: [ GROANS ]
Dembe: The data from Elizabeth.
[ Dembe gives Red the laptop ]
Red: [ GRUNTS ] Mm.
[ Red grimaces at the computer screen ]
Aram: What is it code? Data? Is it encrypted?
Red: You’re either in or you’re out.
Aram: [ Pause ] They can’t trace me to Samar until I’m with her. And I am not with her yet. This isn’t heaven or hell. It’s purgatory. And I can help from purgatory. So, please.
[ Red grimaces, presses a key gingerly ]
Aram: $273. That’s the interest per hour on $60 million. $2.4 million a year, $6,575 a day, $273 an hour.
Red: At 4%.
Aram: I was being generous. The federal funds rate is 2.5.
[ Red drinks ] [ GROANS, INHALES SHARPLY ]
Red: Yes. [ GRUNTS ] And mine is 25.
Aram: 25? Percent?
Red: Which makes the hourly interest [ Squints ] $1,700 – and $12.
Aram: And if I solve the riddle?
Red: I’ll round it down to $1,700 – Friends and family discount.
[ Aram types ] [ KEYBOARD CLACKING ]

[ The boardroom ]
Liz: Anything on the attack?
Ressler: Nothing. Tell me you got something off these drives.
Liz: Nothing concrete, strings of data. A few partial names. Some routing numbers to a bank in London.
Ressler: Are these blueprints?
Liz: Yeah, but we don’t know to what. It appears to be some sort of event space, but it could be anywhere.
Ressler: Well, her employees downstairs either don’t know or won’t talk.
Liz: Tell me you know something.
Aram: I do. Um- Uh, that is- Uh, hi.
Liz: Hey. Aram?
Aram: Uh, Mr. Reddington showed me what you sent to him.
Liz: Uh, where are you?
Aram: Honestly? Uh – I have no idea.
Red: [ Loudly ] The target you’re trying to identify, we believe it may be in Manhattan.
Liz: Manhattan? What makes you think that? I-I’m putting you on speaker.
Aram: Okay, so a few of the broken code strands look like they may have been trying to overcome a firewall on CCTV cameras in Midtown, specifically 50th south to 38th.
Ressler: We have blueprints but just pieces.
Aram: Yes. Some of which were date-stamped as recently as last fall, so you’re looking for new construction.
[ Liz pages through images of buildings ]
Ressler: Go back, Keen. There, that tower.
Liz: There. That’s it.
Ressler: It’s the Alta Hotel in Midtown.
Liz: Aram, you’re the best. Tonight the pitchers are on me.
Aram: Um, actually, Liz– [ BEEPING ] Agent Keen?
Red: [ Looks at his watch ] Another hour in purgatory.

[ The reception room on the cantilevered skydeck ] [ APPLAUSE ]
Caroline Eikendoll: Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you. When I first started Eikendoll Construction, people told me it couldn’t be done. That the contracting business was a boys’ club, and that I would be devoured. [ LIGHT LAUGHTER ] But the business is thriving, and this beautiful property is proof of that. I proved them wrong. But when my brother, Todd, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s eight years ago, I was forced to re-evaluate things. I still care about the bottom line – only now the bottom line I care about is finding a cure for Parkinson’s. And once again, the doubters are saying it can’t be done. Which is why are here tonight. To prove them wrong again. [ APPLAUSE ] So- So open your hearts and open your wallets, and however many zeroes you were planning on putting on that check, add two more [ Laughter ], because that’s how much finding a cure matters. Thank you so much.
– Amazing turnout.
– Great work.
Caroline Eikendoll: Thank you so much for being here.

Cobb: This is security, Cobb speaking.
Liz: Mr. Cobb, Elizabeth Keen, FBI. We have a credible threat that your building is the target of an attack.
Cobb: What kind of an attack
Liz: You need to evacuate immediately. Do you understand? NYPD is en route, we need everyone out.

[ The reception room on the skydeck ]
Muhlbach: Treatments have long focused on symptom management, but effective methods for early diagnosis are now a reality. Already, new tests can detect abnormal alpha-synuclein in patients at an early–
Security Officer: Miss Segers? We’ve got a situation. We need to clear the space now. Everyone out.
Cobb: Our security office is ahead. Down the hall and to the right. Do we know what kind of threat we’re looking at?
Liz: We’re not sure yet.
Ressler: Sound the fire alarms and run your evac plan.
[ 💥🔥Explosion🔥💥 ] [ RUMBLING ] [ SHOUTING ]
Ressler: I’m going up top.
[ Smoke 💨blasts out💨 the windows of the skydeck ]
[ ALL SHOUTING ] [ People running ]
[ Ressler runs up the stairs ]
Ressler: I got a 10-72! I need fire and paramedics on site!
Caroline Eikendoll: Roger? Where’s Roger? Where is my husband? Where is Roger?!
Ressler: Hey! You know where the blast came from?
Security Officer: Don’t know. Below us, I think. I’m trying to get answers now.
Ressler: We need everyone out.
[ CLATTERING ] [ The beams give way and the floor of the skydeck 💥collapses💥 ]
Ressler: Get out! Move! Get out!
[ SCREAMS ] [ Caroline Eickendoll is thrown out and is holding on to a piece of steel rebar protruding from the building ]
Ressler: I’m gonna get you out of there. Just hang on, all right?
Caroline Eickendoll: I can’t hold on.
Ressler: Give me your hand.
Caroline Eickendoll: I can’t- I can’t let go!
Ressler: Come on. You can do this. Look at me. You can do this. Just give me your hand. Come on. Release that and give me your hand. Come on. Do it now. Come on!
Caroline: [ SCREAMS ]
[ The rebar breaks just as she grabs Ressler’s hand. He starts to pull her toward him ]

[ Olivia Olson is in a car ]
Olson: [ On phone ] I just got word the Feds have Mitch Young in custody. We need to call it off.
[ Coleman is at street level by the building ]
Coleman: Call it off? It’s already done.
Olson: The police know?
Coleman: Which means it won’t be long before they connect this back to you if they haven’t already. You need to get out of town now.
Olson: I can’t. The servers.
Coleman: I’ll handle the servers. Just get out before it’s too late.

[ Nearby, Mr and Mrs Eikendoll talk to Ressler ]
Liz: Ressler!
Ressler: NYPD’s still trying to account for everyone, but M.E. says we lost six.
[ Coleman walks by. Liz recognizes him from the grainy photo of the driver of the van ]
Ressler: Keen, what is it?
Liz: FBI! Stop!
[ Ressler catches Coleman ]
Coleman: [ GROANS ]
Ressler: Talk. Now.

[ The server room ] [ DOOR SLAMS OPEN ] [ The room is vacant but all the displays are live so the server is still up ]
Ressler: She’s gone. Must have knew we were coming.
Liz: Yeah, well, this’ll come in handy.

[ Red’s plane ]
Dembe: Edward says we’re landing in 20 minutes.
Aram: So. Where are we?
Red: Why don’t we just wait and see?
Aram: You know, I do understand why Samar didn’t say goodbye. And I can accept why you helped her avoid that. But I couldn’t accept that we weren’t gonna be together.
Red: Samar accepted it. She engineered it.
Aram: She’s wrong. She thought I’d resent caring for her as her condition worsens. I won’t.
Red: I’ve made many difficult choices in my life. Choices that at one point or another have brought pain and sorrow to everyone I cared about. That’s a heavy burden to bear, even if the path one chooses is the only one in sight. It’s the burden Samar now bears. She didn’t leave because she thought you would come to resent her. She left because she saw no other path. She’s a target. And if she was in your life, you’d be a target, too. So she left. Allow her to believe she did the right thing. If you go to her, she’ll just have to leave you again. Don’t make her burden heavier than she can bear.
Aram: Samar is the strongest person I know.
Red: And yet she didn’t have the strength to say goodbye to you. You are more powerful than you know, Aram. Use it wisely.

[ Cooper’s office ] [ FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING ]
Anna McMahon: I understand you lost Olson.
Cooper: To summarize the case file memo Agent Ressler’s working on that will summarize the case file Agent Keen is preparing – yes, we did.
McMahon: And her files?
Cooper: We recovered Olson’s hard drive. Our cyber unit is in the process of transferring the data over to members of your staff. If there are any actionable cases, you’ll be able to refer them to the proper authorities.
McMahon: Excellent. Perhaps our inter-agency cooperation won’t be as difficult as I imagined.
Cooper: It shouldn’t be. We all want the same thing.
McMahon: You and I do. But I doubt Reddington does. For example, with Olson, did he tell you why he put her on the Blacklist?
Cooper: No.
McMahon: Nothing?
Cooper: Your guess is as good as mine.
McMahon: Well, I guess I’ll go look at the files. And like I said we’re off to a promising start.
Cooper: Yes, I think so, too.

[ Liz’s office ]
Liz: [ SIGHS ]
[ Liz reads Adam’s letter ] [ PAPER RUSTLES ]
[ Aram enters ]
Aram: Uh, yeah. Uh, about that –
Liz: Hey!
Aram: Hey.
Liz: I thought you said you were going to be with Samar.
Aram: I was. I mean, uh, well, that’s where Mr. Reddington was gonna take me when- when you called.
Liz: And did you see her?
Aram: No. And I’m not going to. I went because I love her. And I came back because I realized the best way to love her is to honor her wishes.
Liz: That couldn’t have been an easy decision to make.
Aram: It was not. Or a cheap one. I owe Mr. Reddington $56,100.
Liz: What? Why?
Aram: I will explain over drinks. If you’re still up for going out. And- And paying.
Liz: You bet. Uh, just let me finish this case report.
Aram: Take your time. I got to run home and talk to someone first.
[ Gregory Alan Isakov’s ♪ “All There Is” plays ]

♪ All the lights have changed
Coming back into the city
Driving homeward slow

[ Ressler gets off the elevator ] [ CELLPHONE RINGS ]
Ressler: Donald Ressler. Oh, hey, MJ, thanks for returning my call. Uh- Listen, [ SIGHS ] I understand that you, uh, ran point for the Agency back when Langley was hunting Katarina Rostova. I was wondering if I could pick your brain about what you found.

♪ Out of this blue Sunday dream
Come to me with your smoky mouth

[ Cooper gets into Red’s car ]
Cooper: McMahon took the files. Reviewed them herself, then kicked the ones with actionable intel back to her staff to pursue. All but one.
Red: Any chance she knew you’d made copies before giving her the hard drive?
Cooper: None. She assumed she had them all to herself. So the one she kept back is the one she didn’t want anyone to see.
Red: [ Reads ] “The Third Estate.”
Cooper: Mean anything to you?
Red: Yes. It’s a reference to the French Revolution. It means “everyone else.” The 99%. It also means McMahon used Olson to pressure the Third Estate into helping McMahon carry out her plot against the United States. You have your first lead, Harold. Congratulations, and you’re welcome.

This is all just in our minds
Honey, would you mind
Getting out of mine?

[ Aram’s apartment ] [ He looks at a mini-video camera on a clock mounted on the wall ]
Aram: Can you hear me? I know you’re listening.

Well, now it’s screaming red

Aram: Watching me.

Watching the leaves fall down

Aram: Hoping I might go to her –

And laugh at us instead

[ The video of Aram as seen by those bugging him ]
Aram: – but I won’t.


Aram: Do you hear me?


Aram: She’s gone. She’s really gone.

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༺✦ ♤ ✦༻


Episode Songs


♫ All There Is
By Gregory Alan Isakov

♪ How the lights will change
Coming back into the city
Driving homeward slow
Shimmer like you do to me
We laugh at all those changing trees
Autumn is falling down again
Out of this blue Sunday dream
Come to me with your smoky mouth
Raindrops fall on this old town
It’s been me and you’ve been falling round
Well I lied to you when I knocked upon your door
See I was nowhere near your neighborhood
But if this all in our mind
If this is all just in our minds
Honey would you mind
Getting out of mine
This is all just in our head
And now it’s screaming red
Watching the leaves fall down and laugh at us instead

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2YS1Zdg
YouTube: https://youtu.be/64VfGGxY3Kc

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❌❌❌ End 6:15 Olivia Olson


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🔴 Script 6:16 Lady Luck (№ 69)

Program air date: 4/12/2019 in the US
Full Script Permalink: https://wp.me/pDKwi-9rf
Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/2G0brmx

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Bill Roe
Written by: T Cooper, Alison Glock-Cooper



⭕ Script 6:16 Lady Luck (№ 69)


Brief (Where we’re at): The case of Olivia Olson (Blacklister #115) has given The Reddington Task Force its first lead on the plot by DOJ’s Deputy Attorney General Anna McMahon (and even the President, Robert Diaz) against the interests United States. Red gave the task force the case to get access to Olson’s case files for Cooper, but also to take out some of his own competition, since Olson specialized in identifying criminal enterprises ripe for hostile takeovers. The operation worked and the task force broke up Olson’s business. As Red surmised, Olson had McMahon as a client. Since McMahon now supervises the task force, Cooper handed over to her Olson’s case files but – unbeknowst to her – kept a copy. When McMahon returned the file, there was one case missing, titled “The Third Estate.”

Red: It’s a reference to the French Revolution. It means “everyone else.” The 99%. It also means McMahon used Olson to pressure the Third Estate into helping McMahon carry out her plot against the United States.

Meanwhile, Red was able to convince Aram that Samar’s leaving was in her and his best interests, though painful. But Aram owes Red $56K+ for the interest Red charged him for stealing $60M of his from the Bank Vertrauen in Luxembourg. (Aram had hoped to use Red’s money as leverage to get Red to take him to Samar.)

[ A shipping depot ]
[ Men are ARGUING IN NATIVE LANGUAGE (Nigerian, Albanian) ]
[ Red and Dembe get out of a car ]
Red: [ WHISTLES ] Hey! Guys, come on. Guys. Let’s just simmer down.
Red: What’s the problem here?
Dembe: You see what I mean?
Red: [ LAUGHS ] What are they fighting about?
Dembe: It’s the first shipment of a $3-million order. There’s a dispute over some doctored shipping manifests that are missing.
Red: Who was in charge of the manifest?
Dembe: Henry Morris. He works for the Department of Transportation.
Man: Henry!
Red: The one with the gambling habit?
Dembe: The same.
Red:: Didn’t we square his debt, get him some kind of help or something? Where the hell is he?
Dembe: Not answering.
Red: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! Oh. All right. Hey, hey. Come on. Come on, come on. Guys, put the guns away. Put the guns away. Come on. It’s just a bunch of TVs. [ LAUGHS ] There’s plenty more where they came from. Dembe, let’s see if we can’t drum up a few bottles of arak.
— Arak.
Red: Yeah, there we go. All right.

[ Henry Morris sits at a bar in Atlantic City NJ playing cards on an electronic screen ] [ BEEPING ]
[ Sad music plays ]

♪ Life seems lonely
And I’m by myself

[ An elderly woman sitting next to him speaks up ]
Agathe Tyche: Can’t be all that bad, can it?
Henry: Bad?
[ Bartender pours ] [ LIQUID POURING ]
Henry: How about my savings, my house? And my wife has no idea.
Agathe: You’ll think of something, Henry.
Henry: How’d you know my name?
Agathe: I know all about you. The default on your mortgage, the credit cards. Oh, not to mention what you owe Tony and the boys in Boston. Heck, they haven’t forgotten.
Henry: Who the hell are you? Who told you that?
Agathe: Oh, that’s not important. You know what is important? Luck. And yours just changed.
Henry: I’m supposed to be somewhere.
Agathe: No. Henry. You’re meant to be right here. With me. And all you have to do is make one more bet. This time on yourself.

[ The shipping depot ]
Red: Thank you, boys. Thanks, guys. There really is no misunderstanding that a bottle of arak can’t cut through.
Dembe: It’s him.
Red: [ On phone ] Henry. Five Albanians and four Nigerians walk into a shipping depot. There is no punch line. Where the hell are you?
Henry: I’m sorry, Red. I am. But I ran into some trouble, I lost some money.
Red: You were gambling today?
Henry: No. I mean, yes, I was, but I-I got it handled. She came to me. My miracle. We made a deal.
Red: What are you talking about? Who came to you? I needed you here.
Henry: I have to take a trip, but I swear, Red, things are turning. I’ll be a new man. Luck’s finally on my side.
Dembe: Something wrong?
Red: I’m afraid our friend Henry was paid a little visit by Lady Luck.

[ Ressler walks through a woods with MJ Ward of the CIA ]
Ressler: That’s it. That’s all the CIA has on Katarina Rostova.
MJ Ward: Well, hunting for spies who didn’t come in from the cold after the Cold War isn’t exactly a priority.
Ressler: Anton Velov claimed that she was seen at the Cross Sound Ferry Terminal two weeks after her alleged suicide.
MJ: Yeah. Claimed, not proved. The ferry requires reservations, so if she was on it, her name would be on the manifest. And it wasn’t.
Ressler: There’s no copy of the manifest in here.
MJ: Had to be a gut punch. Hunting Reddington all those years, only for him to get caught and escape all over again. I mean, that’s what this is about, right? Finding Rostova to find Reddington?
Ressler: Raymond Reddington’s gone. No one’s ever gonna find him.
MJ: Then who are you looking for?
Ressler: MJ, I need a copy of that manifest.

[ Red’s plane ] [ ENGINES IDLING ]
Smokey: It’s all arranged. You got locations in St. Louis and Denver. Secure, private, safe.
Red: Thank you, Smokey. You can give the addresses to Dembe. He’ll alert the unfortunate guests.
Smokey: Why unfortunate?
Red: While I was in prison, certain people in my organization took it upon themselves to do a little freelancing. Others attempted to move against me. In the time since that regrettable chapter ended, I’ve determined who the Benedict Arnolds are and will be confronting them about it at the locations you’ve secured.
Smokey: [ SCOFFS ] The opportunities you give people. This is what some of them do? Bite the hand like that? Ooh. Eaz-I d-eaz-on’t kn-eaz-ow wh-eaz-at t-eaz-o s-eaz-ay.
Red: I’m sure you’re not really surprised by how few people I can trust.
Smokey: You can count on me, 100%. [ FINGERS SNAP ]
Red: That means more than you know, Smokey.
Smokey: Those people who turned, just how unfortunate are they gonna be?
Red: I’ll know when I see them. Ultimately, everyone’s fate is negotiable. Except the person who turned me in. Whoever they are, their fate is sealed.
[ Liz enters ]
Red: Elizabeth! A warm light in an otherwise dark and gloomy day.
Liz: Are you coming or going?
Red: Going. On a West Coast swing to Los Angeles. We have a few stops along the way, so I’m a bit pressed for time. [ Motions to Smokey to leave ] If you don’t mind –
Smokey: Right. Whatever you ask. Dembe’s teaching me backgammon.
Red: I’m sorry to rush to the point, but I need your help. An associate has had a sudden and startling stroke of good fortune.
Liz: A-And that’s a bad thing?
Red: Imagine gambling away your mortgage, facing financial ruin because you’re addicted to chance. And then imagine, in that moment of anguish and desperation, you’re offered salvation – erase your debt, keep a roof over your family’s head. Would you take it?
Liz: What’s the catch?
Red: No catch. A bet. On yourself. A dance with Lady Luck.

[ The Post Office ]
Cooper: Lady Luck.
Liz: An urban legend that Reddington claims is all too real. A Blacklister who serves up salvation in one hand and damnation in the other.
Ressler: So, what’s the bet?
Liz: Reddington doesn’t know, because no one’s lived long enough to say.
Cooper: And this Lady Luck, she’s propositioned an associate of his?
Liz: Yes, someone Reddington claims has done business with the Third Estate and may be able to tell us about their plot against America.
Cooper: Maybe.
Ressler: Which means maybe not.
Cooper: Tell us about this friend.
Aram: All right. His name is Henry Morris. He lost $3,400 last night in Atlantic City. And based on bank records, over the past two years, he’s lost $196,000.

Henry: [ On phone ] I’m not sure I can do this.
Agathe: We made a bet, Henry. You win, you get $200,000. You lose, your family gets evicted. Are you calling to say you lost?
Henry: No. I’m just– I’m not sure.
Agathe: Well, get sure. I’m married to a loser, Henry. Trust me, it’s a fate worse than death.

Aram: Henry Morris left the casino at 4:18 a.m. Hasn’t been seen since.
Cooper: Could be he’s running from people he owes money to.
Liz: Or maybe Lady Luck convinced him to gamble with his own life.
Cooper: Let’s start there. Go talk to his wife. Let’s see what she can offer.

[ Henry Morris’s home in Baltimore MD ]
Theresa Morris: Missing? Henry isn’t missing. He called a few hours ago from Pennsylvania. Had to stay a little bit longer for work, is all.
Ressler: Mrs. Morris, are you aware that your husband was let go by the city two months ago?
Theresa: No. He has worked there for two years. He’s in Allentown on a work trip as we speak.
Liz: This is a screen capture from a CCTV camera in Atlantic City. Apparently, he lost pretty big there.
Ressler: Over 3 grand last night.
Theresa: No, no, no, no. He lost everything before, before we were married and once after. I thought maybe he’d beat it. He pawned my engagement ring. It was my grandmother’s.
Ressler: Ma’am, if your husband calls again, we’re gonna need your help.

[ Betsy Nagel is taking a bath. Her small dog is in the bathroom with her ]
[ Lonnie Donegan’s ♪ “Gamblin’ Man” plays ]

♪ I’ve gambled down in Washington
And I’ve gambled up in Maine


♪ I’m goin’ down nto Georgia


♪ To knock down my last game

Betsy Nagel: What is it, Mimi? Hello?! Is there somebody there?!

♪ I’m a gambling man

Betsy: Hello?!
[ The door ⚡️crashes⚡️open. A man wearing a ski mask enters ]
Betsy: [ GASPS ] No!

[ Tempo quickens ]
♪ A gambling man, man, man,
A gambling man, man, man
A gambling man, man, man,
I’m a gambling man

♪ I’m a gambling man, man, man,
A gambling man, man, man

[ The man struggles with Betsy. He prevails, holding her under the water until she drowns ]

♪ A gambling man, man, man,
I’m a gambling man

♪ She took me in her parlor, cooled me with her fan
She said, “Oh, mother, mother
I’m in love with a gambling man”
He’s a gambling man, man, man
He’s a gambling man

[ The man removes his mask. It is Henry Morris ]

♪ He’s a gambling man, man, man
A gambling man, man, man,
A gambling man, man, man

[ The site of the drowning is now a crime scene ] [ CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS ] [ INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS ] [ Ressler enters ]
Ressler: Detective Evers? Donald Ressler, FBI. We spoke on the phone.
Detective Evers: Right. You put out an APB looking for our unsub .
Ressler: We did. What do you have?
Detective Evers: From last night, we pulled this off a security camera from a liquor store two blocks from here. His clothes match an image of the perp caught on the building’s CCTV. My guys think the scene was staged to look like a robbery gone wrong. What can you tell us about this guy?
Ressler: Not much. Missing person. We actually thought he was the one in danger.
Detective Evers: Yeah, well, when you find your missing person, give me a call, because he’s wanted for murder.

Henry Morris: [ On phone ] Tea! It’s so good to hear your voice.
Theresa Morris: [ SHAKILY ] Henry, what’s going on?
Henry: I got so much I gotta tell ya. Our troubles are over, Tea. We’re gonna make a fresh start, you and me. Your old man finally took care of business.
[ The task force is recording the call ]
Henry: Let’s meet, all right? 11:00 a.m. tomorrow at the playground. You know the one.
Theresa: Yeah, okay. 11:00 at the park.
Henry: I-I got something for ya. Something I owe ya. All right. I gotta go. I love ya. I’ll see you at 11:00.
Ressler: You did the right thing.

[ St Louis MO ] [ A commercial kitchen. Red is slicing red bell peppers with a large chef’s knife ]
[ SIZZLING ] [ Dembe pats down Carlo Androssani ]
Carlo Androssani: [ CHUCKLES ] Red? You’re a sight for sore eyes, my friend. W-When you got captured, I thought I’d never see you again.
Red: Is that why you took advantage?
Carlo: Advantage? You- You were in custody. You were on trial. You were on death row! And who survives that?
[ Red skewers a slice of pepper with the knife and holds it out to Carlo ]
Red: Pepper?
Carlo: Thanks.
Red: Carlo, I didn’t bring you here because you stepped out while I was otherwise engaged. You’re here because I want to know whether you were simply pressing your advantage or whether you were the one who created the advantage in the first place.
[ Red swashes the knife ]
Red: I’m gonna ask you one time, and I want a simple yes or no. Did you turn me in to the police?
Carlo: No. 1,000 times no. Never.
Red: [ Pause ] 10 percent. Going forward, you’re gonna need to kick in an extra 10 percent. A tax for underestimating me.
Carlo: You know, Red, that doesn’t seem fair. You were in cu–
Red: You know what, Carlo? You’re right. Make it 15%. Any objections?
Carlo: No, no. 15 percent is completely fair, Red.

Aram: The woman Henry Morris killed in the bathtub was Betsy Nagel. Two weeks ago, she posted on her social media that she was #GratefulToBelnRecovery.
Cooper: Recovery from what?
Aram: Well, in that same post, she shared a link to a website for G-A-R-T. It’s a support group for “gambling, addiction, recovery, and therapy.”
Liz: She was a gambler, too.
Aram: With multiple online poker accounts all linked to her credit cards.
Cooper: She was in debt.
Aram: Actually, not anymore. All of the gambling sites have been paid off and her accounts are all deactivated.
[ An Agent walks up with a large manila envelope ]
Agent: This came for Agent Ressler.
Liz: He’s in interrogation. I’ll take it.
Agent: I was told it’s about a case he’s working on.
Liz: It’s okay. We’re working on the same case.
Cooper: Could she be connected to Morris through poker sites?
Aram: Well, I haven’t found an online identity associated with Morris in any of the chat rooms, and there wasn’t anything virtual about his debt.
Liz: Maybe Morris and Nagel were in recovery together.
[ Liz opens the file for Ressler and registers annoyance ]
Aram: I’ve searched everything. There is nothing these two people shared beyond their history of gambling.
Cooper: Keep looking. Find a link a mutual acquaintance, a restaurant they frequent, a connection.
Ressler: Theresa Morris just hung up with her husband. They set a meet for tomorrow at 11:00 a.m.
Cooper: Get a team together. Let’s see if we can get a confession on tape.

[ Liz confronts Ressler ]
Liz: I thought we had an agreement.
Ressler: An agreement? What agreement?
Liz: CIA documents from the Russia desk? Some kind of passenger manifest from ’91? [ Shoves him ] You’re looking for my mother.
Ressler: Keen, listen.
Liz: I told you, I’m not interested in digging this up, and I’m certainly not interested in you digging this up.
Ressler: Keen, if you’d let me finish. This was in motion long before you and I spoke. I requested this file weeks ago, and it took this long. Look. It’s nothing. [ He tosses the file in the trash ] All right? – See?
Liz: Thank you.
Ressler: We good?
Liz: I’ll call in the surveillance op.
[ After Liz leaves, Ressler eyes the file in the trash ]

[ A self-help group for gambling addiction is in session ]
Ned Green: Megan Marie. She’s our eldest. And she got her acceptance letter last week in the mail. And [ LAUGHS ] You’ve never seen a kid smile so big. [ CHUCKLES ] No matter how bad things are, my world just lights up when that kid’s happy. [ CHUCKLES ] It’s, um– It’s Middlebury College. And now she can’t go because, um, I lost her tuition money at the track. And, um– And I haven’t told her yet. I mean, how can I tell her? I’m not gonna break her heart. [ CRYING ] Let her know what kind of man her father really is. [ INHALES SHARPLY ] I would do anything to make this right.
[ Agathe Tyche is seated some distance away, listening ]

[ SIGHS ] [ OWL HOOTING ] [ ENGINE IDLING ] [ Ned Green sits in the front seat as carbon monoxide begins to flood in ]

On car radio:
♪ Here, take my heart
On a silver platter

[ Agathe gets in and SHUTS OFF ENGINE ]
Agathe: Really, Ned? This doesn’t look like a solution to me. Most insurance policies don’t even cover suicides.
Ned: Who the hell are you? How did you get in here?
Agathe: You want to go to Megan Marie’s college celebration, don’t ya, like a good father should?
Ned: How- How did you know about that?
Agathe: I know lots of things. I know you gambled away Megan’s tuition. And I know about the bookies and the dodgy loans, not to mention the damn Lakers neglecting to cover their spread.
Ned: You’re a debt collector.
Agathe: Of sorts.
Ned: I got nothing left to give.
Agathe: Oh, don’t sell yourself short. You’ve got you. But tell me, do you have the courage to make one more bet? This time, on yourself?

[ A bar off-hours in Denver CO. Red stands behind the bar mixing drinks ]
Smokey: So, who’s the next unfortunate?
Red: Martin Walcott. Do you know him?
Smokey: Walcott? No, I don’t think so. What’d he do? Skim off the top while you were away?
Red: On the contrary. He recorded record profits.
Smokey: So what’s your beef?
[ Walcott enters ]
Walcott: Raymond! It’s been too long.
Red: Martin Walcott, Smokey Putnam.
Smokey: Yeah, nice to meet you.
Walcott: I brought the book. I figured you’d want to go over the numbers.
Red: Smokey used to run with the circus. Handled logistics. Trains in, trains out. I’m surprised the two of you haven’t crossed paths. I’m just a sideshow for Martin. He’s a senior VP at a railroad that runs freight between New Mexico and Illinois.
[ Red looks through the book of accounts Walcott brought ]
Smokey: That a fact? Yeah, I’m surprised we never hooked up.
Red: Let me ask you something, Martin, and I want a simple yes or no.
Red: Did you turn me in to the police?
Walcott: Red, what? No! Of course not. Why would you ever ask me that?
Red: Because that’s an awfully big number. And the only way you could’ve hit it was if I was in prison.
Walcott: I thought you’d be pleased.
Red: Did you? I don’t think so. If you thought I’d be pleased, the book would reflect how you hit the number. But it doesn’t do that, does it? It’s a big number because you cut a deal with the Catela Cartel to run methamphetamine. You used my network, my trucks, my drivers, my warehouses.
Walcott: If you’re not gonna be in the drug business, somebody else will be. It’s not like we’re gonna stop it from coming in, right?
Red: [ CHUCKLES ] I’m not in the methamphetamine business. It’s a poison. You traded on my name. I’m a relatively forgiving man. But that – that, I can’t forgive.
Walcott: Red. Hold on, hold on. I thought that you–
Red: [ To Smokey ] What do you think?
Smokey: Me?
Red: Yeah. What do you think I should do with Martin? I’m curious.
[ Red mixes a drink ]
Smokey: I don’t know. I-I guess [ CLEARS THROAT ] On one hand, he kind of betrayed you. I say “kind of” because when you were in prison, maybe he was thinking, in that situation, he had some latitude.
Red: You said, “On the one hand.” Is there another?
Smokey: Yeah. No, of course. I mean, look, I never killed anyone. When it comes to people, I’m vegan. [ LAUGHS nervously ] So if it was up to me, – and- and let’s all reflect on how awesome it is that it’s not – but if it was, I guess I’d opt for firing him. Or fining him, like you did with Androssani. I mean, both these guys are family guys. Androssani’s got a wife. He’s got a kid. So, you know– Anyway, that’s why you do the strategic thinking and I stick to logistics.
[ Red pours liquor into a glass ]
Red: G. Gordon Liddy was an architect of the Watergate break-in. A strident true-believer who trained himself to be unemotional about doing terrible things. He’d literally test himself by fire.
[ MATCH STRIKES ] [ Red lights the spirits on fire 🔥 ]
Red: Holding his hand over a flame without flinching as his flesh burned. People thought it was a trick. He said the trick is not minding.
[ Red holds his hand over the flame for about five seconds ]
Red: Ahh. [ INHALES SHARPLY ] I mind. [ BLOWING ] I mind. [ BLOWING ]
[ Red draws his gun and shoots Walcott 💥💥 ]
Red: [ Drinks ] Mmm.

[ Henry meets Theresa at the playground as planned ] [ INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS ]
[ Ressler and Liz watch from a distance ]
Henry: You got no idea how much I missed you, Tea.
Theresa: What’s going on?
Henry: You gotta know, everything I did, I did it for us.
Ressler: Keen, you getting this?
Liz: Every word. Tango Team, the minute you get verbal confirmation, move in. Assume he’s armed.
Woman: Copy that.
Henry: I made us square. There’s no more debt.
Theresa: But how?
Henry: We’re gonna be able to pay off all of our loans. And we- we can start over. We’ll go somewhere else. We’ll go somewhere warm.
Ressler: Keen, heads up. We got a white male near the playground.
Liz: You think his wife tipped someone?
Ressler: Or Morris brought a plus-one. I’m gonna check it out.
Henry: I stopped by the pawn shop.
Theresa: If you’ve done something illegal, you need to tell me, please.
Henry: I have something for ya.
[ Henry holds out Theresa’s ring that he got back from the pawn shop ]
[ The white male is Ned Green from the self-help meeting. Ressler sees he has a gun ]
Ressler: [ To Liz on comms] We’ve got a gun. ] FBI! Stop!
Liz: FBI! Hands!
[ Ned shoots 💥 Henry in the shoulder. Ressler shoots 💥 Ned in the leg ]
Ressler: Put it down, put it down! Don’t move!
Liz: Henry Morris, you’re under arrest for the murder of Betsy Nagel.
Henry: [ To Theresa ] I’m so sorry.
Theresa: [ CRYING ] Henry, what have you done?!

Ressler: [ On phone ] I went over the manifest, and I think I found something.
MJ: I’m glad to hear it, Don, but I’m in the middle of a big briefing here.
Ressler: Dead or alive, everyone’s accounted for. Except one.
MJ: Then you need me because?
Ressler: Because that one person doesn’t exist before buying a ticket for that ferry. Everything about her – credit rating, social security, mortgage payments – it exists only after she bought that ticket, not before.
MJ: Seriously, I am in a room full of people waiting on me to give a threat assessment.
Ressler: It’s important, MJ. I need your help. It’s also off-book, so I’m gonna have to farm out the legwork. If I send you what I have, can you do the due diligence for me?
MJ: It’s gonna cost me, but for you, Crimea can wait.
Ressler: I owe you, pal. Thanks. [ BEEP ]

[ Elevator doors opening ] [ DOOR SLIDING ] [ Ned Green is brought out, limping ]
Ned Green: This bandage isn’t enough. I-I really need to go to a hospital.
[ Ressler interrogates Ned ]
Ressler: Not until you answer my question.
Ned: Look, I don’t know how to find her.
Ressler: Because she came to you.
Ned: Yes! At the house. I mean, it was like she was studying me. She- She had all kinds of information.
[ Liz simultaneously interrogates Henry ]
Liz: What kind of information?
Henry: Everything – how many months’ rent I owed, how much I lost that night in Atlantic City.
Ned: [To Ressler ] She knew my favorite teams. She knew how much I owed. She said that she could make all that debt go away.
Liz: How? What exactly did she say?
Henry: That, uh, my gambling had become a cancer on the people I love.
Ned: She said that I needed to start over.
Ressler: What does that mean? Start over how?
Henry: By doing her a favor. She asked me to take care of someone for her.
Liz: And by “taking care of” someone, you mean drowning Betsy Nagel in her bathtub?
Henry: Well, it was supposed to look like something else, like a robbery.
Ressler: A gunshot in broad daylight wasn’t exactly subtle, Ned. I’m guessing she didn’t sign off on that.
Henry: Look, I may never get out of jail for what I’ve done, but I did it to help my family. And if I was smart enough, I would’ve got away with it, too.
Liz: Henry, you were never gonna get away with it.
Ressler: Because you were always gonna be her next victim.
Ned: What do you mean, “her next victim”?

[ The Post Office common area (war room) ]
Liz: It’s gamblers killing gamblers. Lady Luck identifies her target, someone who has a significant amount of debt, to be her hitman, and then she offers to pay off that debt in exchange for the killing.
Ressler: But what the killer doesn’t know is that he’s the next victim.
Cooper: Like Betsy Nagel?
Ressler: Turns out, she’d been bleeding her sister dry for years to pay off her gambling debt. I spoke to the sister, and she said that Betsy showed up last month, paid her back, paid her mortgage, and a half-dozen maxed-out credit cards.
Liz: Using money she’d gotten for killing a gambler.
Aram: And Miss Nagel is not alone. I looked into suspicious deaths of known gamblers who squared debts shortly before dying, and get this – Janice Deavers, a gunshot wound to the chest off the Vegas Strip. Jeff Warner, stabbed to death in the parking lot of a casino in Connecticut. And there are more.
Cooper: So Lady Luck’s outsourcing her kills. But why spend all this money on bribing gamblers? Why not kill them herself?
Ressler: Where’s the bribe money coming from to begin with?
Aram: I don’t know, but her cash supply seems endless.
Liz: Which means she won’t stop.
Cooper: Ned Green. Lean on him. Find out how he contacts this woman after the hit’s done. One way or the other, Green’s gonna put us in touch with Lady Luck.

[ An apartment ]
Agathe: This is my final offer, and I think you’ll want to accept it. It’s this or it’s nothing. You finish all your peas, and I’ll let you watch “PJ Masks” before your nap. Do we have a deal?
[ Joey Tyche, age four or five, starts to eat his peas ]
Agathe: [ CHUCKLING ] Smart move, mister.
[ DOOR OPENS, KEYS JINGLING ] [ Moira Tyche, Agathe’s daughter, enters ]
Moira: Hey, everyone. Sorry I’m late.
Agathe: Mmm.
Moira: What are we up to?
Agathe: Culinary negotiations.
Moira: Ahh. Thanks, Mom. I’d be lost without you. Picked up a shift from Sherry on Tuesday. Any chance you might be free to watch Joey?
Agathe: It shouldn’t be a problem.
Agathe: Oh, who the heck is this? Oh, I don’t know no one from 2-1-6.
[ Agathe steps into another room ]
Agathe: Is it done?
Ned: We hit a snag.
Agathe: What snag?
Ned: Not over the phone. C-Can we meet?
Agathe: There’s a spot on Route 9. Orangetown Diner. Meet me at 4:00. If you’re late, the deal’s off. And you can go back to your garage and start the engine.

[ Agathe goes through the files of her subjects. Nearby are large stacks of bundled of $$ bills $$ ]
Agathe: I don’t know, Lou. He called out of nowhere, sounded worried. This one may not be up to the task. I know what you’re thinking. We’ve been dealt far worse hands before, and we’re still here. I’ll be back for dinner. Do you want anything special? [ CHUCKLES ] Don’t answer that. I’ll think of something.
[ Only glimpses of Lou’s face are seen ]

Man on TV: That’s it. You have $300

[ Orangetown Diner ]
Liz: Why pick this place to meet?
Ressler: I don’t know. I don’t like it, either. It’s too public.
Ned: I told you. She’ll be here.
Ned: Hello?
[ Agathe sits in her car ]
Agathe: Oh, Ned, I expected better from you.
Ned: What are you talking about? I-I’m here exactly where you told me to be.
Agathe: Unlike you, I know how to hedge my bets, Ned.
Liz: [ Listening in ] That’s got to be her.
Agathe: My husband took me to that diner to watch Sunday football for 15 years. I know the regulars. I knew Ben Sherman, who always comes in for his 4:00 coffee. Ben’s not there. I know Dale and Toddy, who work splits on Fridays, and they’re not there.
Ressler: She’s watching. You got eyes?
Liz: She’s not in here.
Agathe: Heck, Ned, we got a whole lot of new faces, enough to make me think you’ve been talking to the police. You know the problem with gamblers, Ned? They never quit when they’re ahead. I made you a sound deal. I trusted you, and you brought cops.
Ned: No, no, no, wait!
Ressler: She’s close.
Agathe: Good luck on your own. You’ll need it.
Ned: Wait, wait! [ GROANS ]
Liz: She’s bailing. She’s bailing.
[ Liz runs outside ]
[ ENGINE STARTS ] [ Agathe drives away slowly ]
[ Ressler runs out too ]
Ressler: Keen, tell me you see something.
Liz: I got nothing.

[ Red’s plane ] [ RATTLING ] [ Smokey rolls dice ]
Smokey: Oh! Doubles again! [ LAUGHS ]
Dembe: You’re either very lucky or you’re playing with loaded dice.
[ Red stares at Smokey ]
Smokey: What’s that look?
Red: You said you’d never met Martin Walcott.
Smokey: No. Why?
Red: If you never met him, how’d you know he had children?
Smokey: I-I didn’t. I–
Red: Stop. The only thing worse than a lie is the lie that compounds it.
Smokey: Y-eaz-ou w-eaz-ere r-eaz-ight.
Red: In plain English. I don’t want to miss a word.
Smokey: I did know Walcott from the circus days. He knew I could move things, so when when he decided to move drugs, he gave me a call. I-I didn’t know what was gonna happen to you, so, you know, I-I [ SIGHS ] I did what they did, and- and I freelanced.
Red: Androssani was just trying to make his rate. I don’t condone it, hence the 15% surcharge. Walcott came up with the idea to use my infrastructure to move drugs. Which was bad enough, but what you did was considerably worse. You made his idea happen. You were the logistical mastermind. Without you, his idea was just that – an idea. Thanks to you, it’s now a reality.
Smokey: Red–
Red: I know about the network, Smokey. The shipments of meth you’re making to Phoenix, Miami, Seattle, Boston, and everywhere along the way.
Smokey: I didn’t turn you in to the cops, if that’s what you think.
Red: What I think is that you’re a born carny. You’re a con man. You’re simply hard-wired to help yourself at the expense of others. Friends, addicts, enemies, even me. In my absence, you built a network that ships meth coast-to-coast. That’s impressive. Offensive.
Smokey: Dembe, my brother, help me out here.
Red: Dembe doesn’t make this decision.
Smokey: Look, Red, you want me to dismantle it, it’s dismantled. I told you, I’ll- I’ll do whatever you ask.
Red: Have you ever had a flying dream?
Smokey: What?
Red: A dream in which you suddenly have the power of flight. Unburdened by the weight of apprehension and doubt, you suddenly find you can fly. It’s a dream of freedom and bliss. The opposite of a falling dream, which, of course, is a dream of fear and anxiety, panic. Flying is life. Falling is death.
[ Fade to white ]

[ Moira’s apartment ]
Agathe: [ To Joey ] Mommy says by the time your program’s done, she’ll be here.

On TV: That’s no nuts

Agathe: I’m going on a trip. While I’m gone, I want you to be good for your ma. She’s gonna have a lot to do and nobody to help her do it. When you get bigger, people are gonna say things about me. Not-so-nice things. But I want you to know, what I did, I did as a kindness. Can you remember that? [ Agathe CRYING ] [ Hug ] I love my little monster. So much.
Joey: I love you, too, Grammy.

[ The Post Office ]
Liz: How’d she get away from us?
Aram: Because she was never in the diner parking lot. I pulled security footage from the trucking company across the street. Check out the Buick with the “Bush/Quayle” bumper sticker.
Ressler: So she made a getaway doing the speed limit.
Aram: The car is registered to an Agathe Tyche, 66, of Camden, Delaware. And she has a very, very sad story. Miss Tyche was an upstanding citizen of her community, married to a lifelong gambler, Lou Tyche. In 1986, Lou bought a lottery ticket and won $87 million, largest jackpot in Delaware history. Made national news.
Cooper: I remember this story. There was a child.
Aram: Second child being born. It was a long, intense labor. Lou waited in the hospital, but at one point, he left with her son to make a run to a convenience store and bought a lottery ticket.
Cooper: There was an accident. The son died. The father was badly injured.
Aram: And the ticket was a winner. At the same time that Agathe was giving birth to her daughter, her son was dying three floors away while her husband was in surgery. The ticket was returned to her by a medic who found it in her husband’s effects.
Ressler: Looks like we’ve found Lady Luck.
Cooper: Looks like you’re going to Delaware.

[ Moira Tyche’s apartment in Camden DE ] [ KNOCK ON DOOR, DOOR OPENS ]
Ressler: Agathe Tyche?
Moira: What? Uh, no, that’s my mother.
Liz: Agents Keen and Ressler, FBI. Is she here?
Moira: No.
Ressler: Do you know where she is?
Moira: I don’t.
Ressler: What can you tell us about the lottery that your parents won?
Moira: Lottery? What does that have to do with anything?
Ressler: Well, we understand your father won $87 million.
Moira: Yeah. Decades ago. My mom gave all that money away.
Liz: Why would she do that?
Moira: Because the day he won was the day that he got in a car accident that killed my brother and paralyzed my father. He died a few months after. She connected the money with their deaths and didn’t want anything to do with it.
Ressler: That may be what she told you, but the truth is, she kept the winnings and has been using them for years.
Liz: She’s using it as a slush fund to finance a series of murders.
Moira: She told my son she may never see him again, and I couldn’t understand–
Liz: Because she knew we were coming. Ma’am, if you have any idea where your mother might be, you need to tell us.

Liz: [ On phone ] She’s gone, and her daughter says she doesn’t know where.
Cooper: You believe her?
Ressler: We do. She lied to everyone, including her. Apparently, she told her daughter that she gave the lottery money away after her husband died.
Aram: Wait. After?
Liz: Her husband died less than a year after his accident.
Aram: No. No, no, no, no. That’s not right. I pulled a death certificate for the son, but there was nothing for the husband. In fact, the Delaware State Gaming Commission is still recording annuity checks sent to an address near Wilmington.
Liz: Aram, send us that address and get us HRT out of Quantico.

[ In the room with the files, stacks of $$ bills $$ and Lou, Agathe prepares to leave ]

Man on TV Jumper! Jumper!

Agathe: Bad news, Lou. The police are onto us. I pray they don’t drag Moira into this. Lord knows we didn’t want that for our baby girl, the one bright spot in our lives.

[ Ressler speeds with Liz down the highway ] [ SIRENS WAILING ]
Liz: If there’s no death certificate –
Ressler: Then the father’s still alive.
Liz: But why would she lie, to her daughter, of all people?
Ressler: [ LAUGHS ]
Liz: Okay. I get it. You can’t always trust family. But that could mean –
Ressler: The father’s in on it.

[ Agathe and Lou’s place ]
Agathe: We had a good run. Didn’t we? Wasn’t all a waste.
[ Lou, it seems, is in an old-fashioned iron lung ] [ IRON LUNG CLICKING ]
Agathe: I guess this is goodbye. I can’t exactly take you with me, now, can I? I had plans for the rest of the money, more families to save.
Agathe: At least I have the satisfaction of knowing some of this blood money protected others from our hell.
[ A mirror is placed above Lou’s face so he can watch the TV, which always seem to be playing game shows. Around the mirror, Agathe has arranged a collage of photos of their children along with playing cards, lottery tickets and car keys – constant reminders of their tragedy and her fury ]
Agathe: We did good, Lou.
[ ⚡️The door bursts open ⚡️]
Liz: FBI!
— Move!
— Sit down, lady.
Ressler: Put the gun down.
Liz: It’s over, Agathe.
Agathe: Oh, I know.
Ressler: I need you to put that gun down. We don’t want anyone to get hurt now.
Agathe: Hurt? You can’t hurt me. I died years ago. My life was gambled away cheap. My firstborn gone. I swore then, I’d do everything in my power to keep people safe from that kind of destruction.
Ressler: Put that gun down.
Agathe: And God answered my prayers. I used those cursed winnings to help other suffering families. A perfect system to guarantee they’d never be ruined like I was, like we were.
Liz: You need to put that gun down.
Agathe: Gamblers. They’re the worst kind of addicts. They think they deserve to win while everyone around them loses.
[ Agathe puts the gun on the counter ]
Agathe: Not this time.
[ Agathe pushes the toaster into the water-filled sink ] [⚡️ELECTRICITY CRACKLING⚡️]
[ The power goes out, including the power to the iron lung ] [ Lou GASPING ]
Ressler: She tripped the breaker.
Liz: I don’t know where it is. Find it!
— Get him out of there!
Ressler: Got to find that breaker!
[ Agathe is cuffed ] [ HANDCUFFS CLICKING ]
Agathe: Speak up, Lou!
Lou: [ GASPING ]
Agathe: Last chance to atone for your sin.

[ Cooper’s office ]
Moira: Are you saying my father didn’t die after the car accident?
Cooper: No, he was paralyzed.
Moira: That he’s been alive all these years?
Cooper: Your mother kept him on a mechanical respirator.
Moira: In hiding. From me?
Cooper: I can’t imagine how hard this is to hear, but all these years, your mother has kept your father hostage.
Moira: Why would anyone do that?
Cooper: To punish him. She believes your fathers’s addiction destroyed your family, so she came up with a way to prevent other families from being destroyed.
Moira: By killing addicts, people who can’t help themselves.
Cooper: It’s because they couldn’t help themselves that she thought they had to die. And when they did, their family’s fortunes were restored. Your mother’s a troubled woman who’s gonna spend the rest of her life in prison. There’s no consolation for this, for losing her. But you do have your father back, as well as what’s left of his winnings. I hope that affords you some solace.
Moira: Can I talk to her?

[ Red and Dembe enter a school in California ]
Red: What?
Dembe: I think you know.
Red: An example had to be made.
[ DOOR OPENS ] [ Janet MacNamara comes out 🔘 (See Note) ]
Red: Hey! [ LAUGHS ]
Janet MacNamara: You came!
Red: Of course! We wouldn’t miss it! Ahh.
[ Hug ]
Red: Look at you, Janet.
Janet: Ohh. Hi.
Dembe: Hi. It’s good to see you.
[ Hug ]
Janet: Yes. I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done.
Red: I’ve never been thanked for exiling someone before.
Janet: You didn’t just give me a new house. You gave me a new life.
Red: It’s the least I could do for keeping my relationship with the task force secret.
Janet: Oh, but you’ve done so much more than that. Your contributions. There- there’d be no arts program here at Shermer without them. What you’re going to hear tonight, none of it would’ve happened without you.
Red: Thank you, Janet.
Janet: You’re the best, Mr. Reddington.
Red: Imagine that!

[ MJ gets into a vehicle where Ressler is waiting ]
Ressler: So?
[ MJ shows Ressler a file with a photo of an older woman with shoulder-length red hair ]
MJ: Name’s Virginia Lopatin. Married Tim King in ’98. Lives in Chicago with a dog and a cat, three credit cards, and a subscription to Foreign Affairs.
Ressler: Says she’s 81. Rostova would be 59.
MJ: The story goes that after she killed herself, Rostova’s parents went into hiding. Father was KGB, so people assumed he helped the mother disappear. But if – and this is a big – if- if Rostova didn’t die, if she knew people were coming for her –
Ressler: She’d be the one to protect her parents. 81 and 59. The passenger was 22 years older than Rostova. Do you have a D.O.B. on the mother?
MJ: We do. She was 22 when Katarina was born. We didn’t find Katarina, but it’s possible we found her mother.

[ A concert at Shermer ]
[ A chorus sings ♪ “Every Breath You Take” plays ]

♪ Every breath you take
Every move you make
Every bond you break
Every step you take
I’ll be watching you

[ Moira visits her mother Agathe ]
Agathe: I’m sorry it turned out this way.
Moira: I am, too.

♪ Every single day

Agathe: [ CRYING ] There’s so much I want to tell you.
Moira: It’s okay, Mom. I know everything I need to know.

[ Liz enters the interrogation room where Henry Morris sits ]
Henry: The lady that got me to do this, this Lady Luck, I’ll tell you anything you want to know about her.
Liz: That’s good, Henry. But right now, I’m not interested in Lady Luck. First, I want you to tell me everything you know about a group called the Third Estate.

♪ Can’t you see you belong to me?

Liz: Red was right. Henry Morris is connected to the Third Estate. He gave them state-of-the-art surveillance equipment so they could penetrate high-end security systems – in private homes.
Ressler: Did he give you a name?
Liz: No, they contracted through encrypted wire transfers and dead-drops. But think about it. The Third Estate is the 99%. If they’re plotting against America, where else are they gonna start than by attacking the 1%?
Ressler: Yeah, but it’s a pretty big target.
Liz: Yeah, well, it’s 99% smaller than it was a few minutes ago. I’m gonna go tell Cooper.
Ressler: Keen, hang on a minute. Uh–

♪ Every move you make, every step you take
I’ll be watching you

Liz: [ SIGHS ] By the way I’m sorry I snapped at you before.

♪ I’ll be watching you

Liz: You’ve been on Reddington’s case longer than any of us, and you deserve to know who he really is.

Every bond you break, every step you take

Liz: I owe you one for letting it go.

Every word you say

Liz: Anyway, what is it?
Ressler: It can wait. Let’s go see Cooper.

[ Louder ]
♪ Every vow you break
Every smile you fake

[ TRAIN HORN BLOWS ] [ Not far from the train track lies Smokey Putnam’s body ]

♪ I’ll be watching you
Every single day
Every word you say
Every game you play
Every night you stay

[ Red and Dembe listen to the singing ]

♪ Every breath you take
Every move you make
Every step you t-a-a-ake
I’ll be watching you

[ Dembe and Red speak in low voices ]
Dembe: But it was the wrong example to make.
Red: Someone betrayed me. Someone turned me in to the police.
Dembe: Yes. But you don’t think it was Smokey.
Red: No. But anyone who may know who did, I want them to come forward and tell me before more people die.
Dembe: That’s who the example is for? The people who know who turned you in?
Red: If you knew the truth, would you come forward to stop me from taking a life?
Dembe: Of course.
Red: Well, then. I can only hope that anyone who actually knows is as principled as you.

[ Moira visits her father ]
Moira: Hi, Dad. Remember me?
Lou: [ GASPING ]
Moira: It’s your baby, Moira.
Lou: [ GASPING ]
Moira: I don’t know if Mom told you. But it’s your lucky day. I’m gonna be taking over the family business.

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Episode Songs


♫ Gamblin’ Man
By Lonnie Donegan

♪ I’ve gambled down in Washington
And I’ve gambled up in Maine
I’m going down into Georgia
To knock down my last game
I’m a gamblin’ man, man, man
I’m a gamblin’ man

♪ Well I’d not been in Washington
Many more weeks than three
When I fell in love with a pretty little girl
And she fell in love with me
I’m a gamblin’ man
I’m a gamblin’ man

♪ I’m a gamblin’ man, man, man
I’m a gamblin’ man, man, man
A gamblin’ man, man, man
I’m a gamblin’ man

♪ I’m a gamblin’ man, man, man
A gamblin’ man, man, man
I’m a gamblin’ man, man, man
I’m a gamblin’ man

♪ She took me in her parlour
Cooled me with her fan
She said oh mother mother
I’m in love with a gamblin’ man
He’s a gamblin’ man, man, man
He’s a gamblin’ man

♪ She said oh daughter, daughter
How could you treat me so
Leave your poor old mother
With that gambler go
He’s a gamblin’ man, man, man
He’s a gamblin’ man

♪ He’s a gamblin’ man, man, man
He’s a gamblin’ man, man, man
A gamblin’ man, man, man
He’s a gamblin’ man

♪ He’s a gamblin’ man, man, man
A gamblin’ man, man, man
A gamblin’ man, man, man

Hey a gamblin’ man

♪ I would not marry a farmer
He’s always in the rain
I’d rather marry a gamblin’ man
With a gold watch and chain
He’s a gamblin’ man
He’s a gamblin’ man

♪ And I would not marry a railroad man
Here’s the reason why
I’ve never known a railroad man
Wouldn’t tell his wife a lie
He’s a gamblin’ man
He’s a gamblin’ man

♪ He’s a gamblin’ man, man, man
A gamblin’ man man man
A gamblin’ man, man, man
He’s a gamblin’ man

♪ He’s a gamblin’ man, man, man
A gamblin’ man, man, man
A gamblin’ man, man
How about Jimmy

♪ He’s a gamblin’ man, man, man
A gamblin’ man, man, man
A gamblin’ man, man, man
A gamblin’ man

♪ He’s a gamblin’ man, man, man
A gamblin’ man, man, man
A gamblin’ man, man
How about

♪ I hear that train a-coming
Coming round the curve
Whistling, a-screaming
straining every nerve
A gamblin’ man man man
A gamblin’ man

♪ He’s a gamblin’ man, man, man
A gamblin’ man, man, man
A gamblin’ man, man, man
A gamblin’ man

♪ He’s a gamblin’ man, man, man
A gamblin’ man, man, man
A gamblin’ man, man, man
A gamblin’ man

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2Ui1SnO
YouTube: https:/https://youtu.be/IT7F_FR9bcs


♫ Every Breath You Take
By The Police

♪ Every breath you take
Every move you make
Every bond you break
Every step you take
I’ll be watching you.

♪ Every single day
Every word you say
Every game you play
Every night you stay
I’ll be watching you.

♪ Oh can’t you see
You belong to me?
How my poor heart aches with every step you take.

♪ Every move you make
Every vow you break
Every smile you fake
Every claim you stake
I’ll be watching you.

♪ Since you’ve gone I’ve been lost without a trace.
I dream at night, I can only see your face.
I look around but it’s you I can’t replace.
I feel so cold, and I long for your embrace.
I keep crying baby, baby, please…

♪ Oh can’t you see
You belong to me?
How my poor heart aches with every step you take.

♪ Every move you make
Every vow you break
Every smile you fake
Every claim you stake
I’ll be watching you.

♪ Every move you make
Every step you take
I’ll be watching you…

♪ I’ll be watching you

♪ Every breath you take
Every move you make
Every bond you break
Every step you take
I’ll be watching you.

♪ Every single day
Every word you say
Every game you play
Every night you stay
I’ll be watching you.

♪ Every move you make
Every vow you break
Every smile you fake
Every claim you stake
I’ll be watching you.

♪ Every single day
Every word you say
Every game you play
Every night you stay
I’ll be watching you

♪ Every breath you take
Every move you make
Every bond you break
Every step you take
I’ll be watching you.

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2Uh9vuG
YouTube: https://youtu.be/TH_YbBHVF4g

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🔴 Script 6:17 The Third Estate (№ 136)

Program air date: 4/19/2019 in the US
Script Permalink: https://wp.me/pDKwi-9tF
Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/2V14g6M

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Andrew McCarthy
Written by: Katie Bockes



⭕ Script 6:17 The Third Estate (№ 136)


Brief (Where we’re at): Red has been cleaning house, cracking down on associates in his network who took advantage of his time in prison to freelance. One group, including Smokey Putnam, had even diverted Red’s assets to traffick methamphetamines, which Red heartily disapproves of. Those miscreants Red killed. Red is also questioning these associates to see if they had turned him in to the police. All have denied it, so Red has amped up the pressure by killing Smokey in a dramatic way (dropping him from his airplane) to “send a message” to anyone who knew who betrayed him to come forward. He explained his rationale to Dembe ~ placing Dembe in a dilemma since Dembe knows it was Liz who turned Red in. Liz begged Dembe not to tell Red and (so far) Dembe has kept Liz’s secret.

Liz has been able to let go the entire matter of Red’s true identity, but Ressler has continued to pursue it, leaning on a friend in the CIA, MJ Ward, who had run point on the CIA’s efforts years earlier to find out what had happened to Liz’s mother, Katarina Rostova. It has long been assumed that Katarina died by suicide, but there have been a couple of possible sightings over the years. Together, Ressler and Ward followed up on one of them which has turned up someone who may be Katarina’s mother, 81, now living under the alias of Virginia Lopatin in Chicago.

In the matter of the plot of DOJ Deputy Director Anna McMahon (and President Robert Diaz) against the interests of the United States, Red directed the task force to look into one of his associates, Henry Morris (a gambler who became a target of Blacklister #69 Lady Luck), who informed Liz that he had done some work for the code-named group “The Third Estate.” Cooper had found the case of “The Third Estate” in the files of hostile-taker artist Olivia Olson (Blacklister #115). Liz found out Henry Morris had set up state-of-the-art surveillance equipment for “The Third Estate” to allow for hacking into high-end security systems in private homes.

[ A black Mercedes G-wagon without license plates drives under an elevated train track and pulls into a garage. The driver puts on a papier mâché mask made with newspaper scraps and pulls back a partition separating him from two passengers, a middle-aged man and woman. The male passenger is Jacob Mercer, a wealthy businessman; the woman is his business manager, Susan Pelt ]
Masked Driver: Get out. Through the door, up the stairs. She’s waiting.
[ They follow his instructions ]
Jacob Mercer: Hello? Hello?
Zoey Mercer: [ Sobbing ]
Jacob Mercer: Where is she? Please! I’m begging you!
Zoey: Help, Dad!
Jacob Mercer: Oh, my God.
[ Another masked face appears on a large screen ]
Masked Man: [ Distorted voice ] That’s far enough.
Jacob: Zoey, are you okay?
[ Zoey is tied to a torture rack. The ropes are tightened ]
Zoey: [ Screams ]
Jacob: Please, let her down.
Masked Man: You brought the business manager?
Jacob: Yes. She, uh, has the laptop, just like you said.
Masked Man: Did you know, Susan, that the richest 26 people on Earth have as much wealth as the poorest 3.8 billion? I find your boss’ wealth to be an act of immorality, so my friends and I are going to redistribute it in small amounts to those who need it more.
Jacob: I-I will give you whatever you want if you just please let Zoey down.
Masked Man: Sitting in the Fidelity Savings and Trust account is an $8.6-million bonus that Jacob was given for stopping the attempted unionization of his employees. I want it.
Jacob: You– Wait. Hang on, Susan. Can we talk about this?
Masked Man: Wrong answer.
[ The ropes tighten ]
Zoey: [ Screams ]
Jacob: Okay, okay, okay! Just, stop!
Masked Man: You have my routing numbers, Susan?
Jacob: Fine.
Zoey: [ Screaming ] Ow! Ah! Ah!
Jacob: It’s done. Now just let her go.
Masked Man: Not quite. But your firm has $36 million at First Brooklyn Savings Bank. It’s the surplus from your corporate tax cut, money your board of directors intends to use to buy back stocks and boost profits at the expense of workers. I want it.
Jacob: Okay, no. I can’t do that. I don’t have authorization to–
Masked Man: Susan does.
Jacob: If we can talk about this–
[ Ropes tighten ]
Zoey: [ Screams ]
Jacob: I- No, no, stop. Stop! I just- I said stop!
Zoey: [ Crying ] Daddy! Please!
Jacob: Okay. Fine.
Zoey: Please, please, please!
Masked Man: Thank you both. I can assure you these assets will be redistributed in a thoughtful manner to those in need. Zoey, thank you. Jacob, you can have your daughter back.
Zoey: [ Sobbing ]
[ The ropes are relaxed. Jacob runs to his daughter ]

[ A rustic house in St Charles IL ] [ Ressler knocks. Door opens ]
Ressler: Ted King? Donald Ressler, FBI. I was hoping to have a word with you and your wife.
Ted King: Is something wrong?
Ressler: Just a few questions. Uh, may I come in? Is your wife at home?
Ted King: My wife had been sick for some time. Cancer. By the time the doctors found it, it was too late.
Ressler: I’m very sorry for your loss.
Ted King: No need to be sorry. We had a good life, Virginia and I.
Ressler: Well, I’m here to ask you about Katarina.
Ted King: Who?
Ressler: Your stepdaughter, Katarina Rostova.
Ted King: I don’t know who that is.
Ressler: Now, Mr. King, if you expect me to believe that you don’t know–
Ted King: Well, I don’t care what you believe. If my wife had a daughter, I think I’d know. What is this anyway? Why are you here?
Ressler: We believe that your wife’s daughter from a previous marriage may be able to help us identify and capture the number one on our most wanted list, Raymond Reddington. Now, about Katarina–
[ Ressler shows Ted King a photo of Katarina ]
Ted King: I’m sorry you came all this way, but I don’t know who this is. If my wife had a child from a previous relationship, she never told me. I hope you find this character you’re looking for. I really do. But I’m afraid I can’t help you.

[ Red’s flat ] [ Doorbell rings ] [ Red opens the door. He’s holding a gun behind his back ]
Red: Please, come in.
Liz: This is a first–
Red: I have a lead –
Liz: –You answering the door?
Red: – The Third Estate –
Liz: Where’s Dembe?
[ Red puts the gun in a drawer while Liz goes around the flat looking for Dembe ]
Red: I know why they procured the surveillance equipment to help them breach security systems favored by the aristocrac– Are you listening?
[ Liz comes back ]
Liz: In the six years I’ve known you, I can count on one hand the amount of times I’ve seen you without Dembe, so, yeah, I’m listening, for an answer to my question.
Red: Dembe and I are having a bit of a disagreement over methodology. He thinks I’m being heavy-handed.
[ Dembe is at a mosque praying ]
Liz: About what?
Red: Finding the person who turned me in to the police. He’s been unusually oppositional. I suggested he take some time to more thoroughly reflect on my way of thinking.
Liz: Which is?
Red: A top advisor to the President is orchestrating a plot against your country. She’s engaged the Third Estate to help her. Why? And who are they? During the French Revolution, they were the 99%. Their goal was to behead the 1% in order to create a more perfect union. Sound familiar?
Liz: Our 99% wants to soak the rich, not kill them.
Red: Tell that to the billionaires whose children the Third Estate has abducted from their homes.
Liz: The surveillance equipment.
Red: Five abductions in the past 18 months, ransomed for hundreds of millions of dollars.
Liz: That’s terrible, but I seriously doubt kidnapping rich kids is the plot against America Anna McMahon is orchestrating.
Red: Or perhaps it’s a way to finance something more diabolical. Either way, it’s a symptom of where the world is right now, the rage of the many against the few.
Liz: Like the rage you have against the person who turned you in.
Red: Both are indomitable.
Liz: Anna McMahon oversees all our cases. So if we bring this to her, she’s gonna know we’re going after her.
Red: Well, that’d be perfectly awkward. I almost wish I could be there to see the expression on her face when she finds out.

[ The Post Office ]
Anna McMahon: The Third Estate?
Liz: You’ve heard of them?
McMahon: I think they were mentioned in an intel briefing. Domestic political agitators. Small potatoes.
Liz: According to Reddington, they’ve kidnapped the children of some of the wealthiest people in the country.
Aram: Zoey Mercer, Oliver Paige, Matt Ford, Mia Walker, and Des Foy. Scions of oil, real estate, pharmaceuticals, and finance.
McMahon: These are high-profile scions from high-profile families. If their kids had been abducted, why didn’t we know about it?
Liz: Because they threatened to kill them if they told anyone, so they made payments in private.
McMahon: And the children? Were they safely returned?
Cooper: Four of them were, after their parents paid nearly $300 million.
McMahon: And the fifth?
Ressler: Des Foy was taken two days ago.
Liz: Unlike the others, his parents refused to make the secret settlement and went straight to the NYPD.
[ Des Foy is blindfolded and is being strapped to the rack ]
Cooper: Aram, talk to the department. Tell them we will assist. Keen, Ressler, talk to the Foys. I want options on how to get their son back, and I want them fast.

Cooper: So much for small potatoes.
McMahon: Why’d he bring you this case?
Cooper: I don’t know or care. A life hangs in the balance. That’s reason enough for me.
McMahon: He has a reason. I’ve read your case files. He always has a reason.
Cooper: Yes. Or a target.

[ The Foys’ mansion in the countryside ]
[ Liz and Ressler watch a video sent to the Foys ]

[ On the video, Des Foy is tied to the rack. He winces and moans ]
Masked Man: Your son tells me you hate going into the city. But tomorrow, you’re gonna cross the river and see how the other half lives. There’s a bus station at 136th and Lincoln. Be there at 11:00 a.m., come alone, or your son dies.
Des Foy: [ Sobs ]

Ressler: How long ago did he call?
David Foy: I’m not paying!
Evelyn Foy: About an hour.
David: Not one goddamn penny!
Evelyn: Don’t listen to him. Please don’t listen to him. We’ll pay.
Ressler: If you go through with the ransom drop, we can use your money to lure them in.
David: Five kids have been taken. And you know why they keep on doing it? Because it works. If we give in, someone else’s kid will be next. I am not capitulating to terrorists!
Evelyn: I don’t care. I want my son.
Ressler: Negotiation isn’t capitulation. The longer you string them along, the more opportunities we’ll have to locate your son.
Liz: You have every right to be angry. And when you’re angry, it’s difficult to trust people. But you can trust us. Our only interest is Des’ safety.
David: I’m not paying the ransom. But, if you think it’ll help get him back, I will be on that bench tomorrow.

[ At the mosque. Dembe walks with the imam ]
Dembe: As-Salaam-Alaikum, imam.
Imam: Na’eem tells me you rented out his entire restaurant for Ramadan.
Dembe: I wanted to sponsor a few iftars for the community.
Imam: Now, you know I appreciate all your contributions. You basically built our new tea room. But I wish I saw less of your checks and more of you. You look troubled.
Dembe: I’ve lived by blind faith even when I don’t like what I see. I’m not sure I can do that anymore.

[ The Post Office ]
Ressler: The Foys are playing ball.
Cooper: I’ve already alerted a TAC unit.
Aram: Surveillance vans with audio feeds are prepped and ready to go. Mr. Foy will be wearing a tracker.
Ressler: Are we gonna need Mother Superior’s okay?
Cooper: I think where she’s concerned, we’ll go with seeking forgiveness rather than asking permission.

Anna McMahon: [ On phone ] I told you, it’s under control.
Mr Sandquist: They suspect you.
McMahon: Which is why I’m here. So it never amounts to more than suspicion.
Mr Sandquist: Need I remind you what’s at stake?
McMahon: Sure, ’cause I’m gonna forget that the fate of the country hangs in the balance.
Mr Sandquist: Failure is unacceptable.
McMahon: So is having no sense of humor. Why don’t you go take care of your problem and I’ll take care of mine?

Dembe: My word is my bond, and before I break my word, I will give my life.
Imam: And you have given your word to your employer?
Dembe: My bond with him extends through this life and into the next.
Imam: But it brings you no peace.
Dembe: It has required compromise, lies, and killing, seemingly without end.
Imam: The first principle of Shariah is the preservation of human life. Does your work with him save the lives of innocents?
Dembe: It did. Now I’m not so sure.
Imam: Perhaps this question is not about your employer, but about you. Perhaps you have begun to wonder, is there more to life than protecting him?
Dembe: And my bond?
Imam: There are many Jihads in this world. But the hardest Jihad you will ever fight is the one with yourself. It is our prophet’s ideal – peace be on him – to fulfill your oath, but not at the expense of your soul or finding your true intention in life. Is it self-glory or in defense of a higher cause? If it is the latter, then you must always guard the purity of your intention against corruption by Shaitan.

[ David Foy waits on a bench on a busy street. Liz and Ressler are in an unmarked vehicle some distance away ]
Liz: [ Over comms ] Relax. You’ve got eyes all around. We’re gonna bring your son home.
David: I’m still not giving him my money, so your plan better work.
Liz: Aram, you good?
Aram: His cell’s up. I got him pinned.
Cooper: HRT is standing by.
Ressler: Mr. Foy, just do what they say. We’ll make our approach when we know both you and Des are safe.
[ Phone rings by David ]
Liz: Aram, heads up.
Ressler: Okay, here we go.
Aram: Uh, guys. That’s not his cell.
[ David Foy finds a phone taped under the bench ]
David: There’s a phone here. What should I do?
Ressler: Answer it.
David: Hello?
Voice on phone: You have the routing number?
David: Yes.
Liz: Aram, talk to me. Tell me you can pull that audio.
Aram: No, but I’m gonna try and triangulate that signal. I’m working on it now.
Voice on phone: Take your cell phone and drop it in the trash. Across the street is a coffee shop. Go inside.
Liz: He dumped his cell. Asset’s on the move, headed south on Fordham. Aram?
Aram: Hang on. I’m working on it.
Ressler: Mr. Foy, we can’t hear that cell, but we’re right here with you.
Voice on phone: Inside, there is a young woman sitting near the window. She has something for you.
Aram: Okay, guys, we got a problem. This signal is bouncing from mirror site to mirror site, and I can’t seem to– Whoa.
Cooper: What happened?
Aram: I lost signal. Caller hung up.
Ressler: They’re operating Foy. Someone’s got eyes. I’m guessing they got a spotter out here.
Cooper: See if you can pull him up on our recon feeds and get a visual.
[ Inside the coffee shop, a young woman makes eye contact with David Foy and leaves a book on a table ]
Ressler: Mr. Foy, be careful. It seems like we’re dealing with a team here.
Liz: Aram, let me know if you get a visual and a location.
[ David Foy picks up the book and flips through it until he finds a piece of paper on which is written: “REAR EXIT BLACK MERCEDES” ]
Aram: I’m working on that now.
David Foy: [ Over comms ] Now they’re directing me to a car. Do I get in?
Ressler: What car? Where?
David Foy: Black Mercedes. Out back, I think.
[ Cooper sees the car on a live surveillance feed ]
Cooper: There!
Aram: Okay, yes, we got your spotter. Hotel rooftop. 137th and Rider.
[ Ressler and Liz get out and run to find the spotter ]
[ Inside the coffee shop, David Foy’s phone rings ]
David: Yes?
Voice on phone: Who are you talking to, Mr. Foy?
David: What? No one.
Voice on phone: You bring friends? Some sort of K&R team that you think can help?
David: No, no, wait. Now, you listen to me.
Voice on phone: That was a mistake, David.
[ David exits the coffee shop out the rear. A young man is there standing next to a Mercedes G-Wagon and talking on a cell phone. He sees David and gets gets into the truck and leaves ]
David: [ Shouts after him ] Hey! [ On phone ] Whoever you are, I’m gonna use every dollar I have to hunt you down.

Cooper: Agent Ressler, black G-Wagon headed your way.
[ The G-Wagon speeds out of the alley, almost hitting Ressler ]
Aram: All right, the spotter is packing up, headed for the fire escape on the east side of the building.
[ Liz gets to the roof of the building, but it’s too late. The spotter is gone. They did, however, leave behind a telescopic scope that Liz picks up ]

[ Police radio chatter ]
David Foy: You assured me.
Liz: Mr. Foy, please calm down.
David: Don’t tell me to calm down. You don’t tell me anything. I should never have listened to you.
Ressler: Mr. Foy, we’re absolutely doing everything in our power
[ Phone rings. An FBI agent has found a burner phone in a plastic bag. He holds if toward Liz, Ressler and David Foy ]
Agent: Uh, how do you want to handle this?
David: Give me that.
Ressler: No!
David: Hello. It’s me. I’m here.
[ A live feed shows Des Foy stretched out on the rack ]
Des: No, please. Call my dad. He’s rich. He’ll pay.
Masked Man: [ To David ] I gave you instructions. You disobeyed them, so we’re done.
Des: Please, no!
[ The Masked Man shoots Des 💥💥💥💥💥 as his father watches on the phone in real-time ]

[ The Post Office. Liz and Ressler are reviewing the video of the execution ]
Liz: There’s got to be a clue in here somewhere. The wardrobe, those masks. Why are they wearing those masks?
Aram: I feel like we’re responsible for what happened.
Liz: They look like death masks.
Aram: If we hadn’t lost the father, if I’d found that spotter, we could’ve found out where they were and stop–
Liz: Des Foy is dead because his father refused to pay the ransom. That’s on him. If we don’t catch these guys and someone else dies, that’s on us. – That’s it.
Aram: What’s it?
Liz: The rack.
Aram: Uh, what about the rack?
Liz: That’s our lead.
Aram: A torture device from the 18th century?
[ Liz speed dials Red ]
Liz: [ On phone ] Antique weapons. The rare and the macabre. Do you know who trades in them?
Red: Oh my, yes. I know just the person. Marie Mortel. Thumbscrews. Iron spiders. The occasional Judas Cradle. What’s your fancy?
[ The door opens. Red aims his gun. It’s Dembe returning ]
Liz: I’m texting you a picture of the rack used by the kidnappers. Can you send it to her and tell us what she knows about it?
Red: Gladly. I’ve been meaning to pay her a visit.
[ Red holsters his gun ]
[ Aram has pulled up a drawing of a Judas Cradle ]
Aram. Judas Cradle. People use this?
Red: Yes. Often quite voluntarily.
[ Hangs up ]
Red: Dembe. How are we?
Dembe: I’m a student conforming to your teachings. Some of which I like, some of which I don’t.
Red: I don’t expect you to like it all. And you can leave at any time. But if you stay, I need to know I can count on you.
Dembe: My word is my bond.
Red: Yes. Good. I want you to set a meeting with Maxwell Ruddiger. Very few people knew I was in New York on the day I was arrested. He was one. He was there. So, please, call Ruddiger.
Dembe: What do you plan to do with him?
Red: I have no plan one way or another.

[ Marie Mortel’s shop. Red peers into the display cases ]
Marie: The hood worn by the executioner who beheaded Anne Boleyn. Your basic enema pump. Skull crusher.
Red: Ah!
Marie: Judas Cradle, of course.
[ Red palms the top of pyramidal device ]
Marie: And the pistol used in the attempted assassination of Bismark in 1866.
Red: Oh, my goodness! A holy nail.
Marie: One of 30 in existence. Discovered at the base of the True Cross and placed in the Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.
Red: Marie, you’ve outdone yourself.
Marie: I’m not the one who beat death by lethal injection. Is it too much to ask you’ve brought me one of the syringes?
Red: I didn’t. But whatever object does lay me low, I’d be honored if it ended up in your collection.
Marie: So, what brings you? Are you buying or selling?
Red: I’m wondering if you can help us locate – this, an ancient device resurrected to inflict contemporary pain.
[ Red shows Marie a photo of Des Foy dead on the rack ]
Marie: Constitutio Criminalis Theresiana. The criminal code of Maria Theresia, archduchess of Austria. Promulgated in 1768 to unify criminal law throughout Europe.
Dembe: The rack is part of a legal code?
Marie: A key part, judicial torture. That is a rare piece. Belongs in my collection.
Red: Help us find it, and I’ll make sure that happens.
Marie: I’ll ask around. If it’s authentic, I’ll find its provenance. But enough shop talk. I have to show you a saber Genghis Khan used to kill hordes of hordes. Forgive the pun, but it’s to die for.

[ Ressler is visiting Ted King in Illinois again ]
Ted King: I’ve been thinking a lot about our last conversation.
Ressler: Well, I appreciate you calling. You said you remembered something.
Ted King: I’m afraid I wasn’t completely upfront with you before.
Ressler: About what?
Ted King: I met Virginia in 1998. The love of my life. I-I knew it the moment I laid eyes on her. She told me she was from Saint Petersburg, uh, that she’d split with her husband in her 40s, came to America to start over, and spent the rest of her life here. T-That was that. Until about eight years ago. I found a photograph between the pages of a book in the bedroom. She said it was the only photo she had of her daughter, and that they’d had a falling-out and that she hoped that they would reconnect at some point.
Ressler: They were in touch?
Ted King: Uh, no, I-I don’t think so.
Ressler: But they could have been.
Ted King: Virginia didn’t talk about it. She said it was “too painful,” that, uh, the falling-out that they had had was her “greatest regret.”
Ressler: I see.
Ted King: Near the end, Virginia wrote her a letter. Uh, I don’t know if she wrote any other letters, but by that time, she was in hospice, so she asked me to mail it. It was her way of clearing the air, I guess. Get some closure before she– Well, anyway – She gave me the address, and I mailed it.
Ressler: Mailed it where?
Ted King: Post Office box. Upstate New York.
Ressler: Do you remember the address?
Ted King: This girl, Virginia’s daughter. Katarina, uh, Rostova, you call her. I looked her up. They say she’s some kind of Russian spy.
[ Ressler’s cell phone rings ]
Ressler: Yes. She was a Russian spy. I’m sorry. Uh, give me a minute.
[ Ressler steps aside ]
Ressler: [ On phone ] Yeah?
Liz: Remember the getaway car? Black Mercedes?
Ressler: Yeah, I remember.
Liz: Aram uncovered a suspicious-vehicle report filed 48 hours ago: Black Mercedes G-Wagon, no plates.
Ressler: Right. Who filed it?
Liz: Della Whitmore, the pharmaceutical heiress. Apparently she spotted the car loitering outside her mansion.
Ressler: Does she have kids?
Liz: 22-year-old son.
Ressler: All right. Text me the address. [ Phone beeps ] I’m sorry. My apologies, Mr. King. Your wife, we believe she may have been running from someone or something.
Ted King: If that’s true, then I really didn’t know her.

[ The Whitmore home ]
Liz: Mrs. Whitmore, I need you to tell us exactly what they said.
Della Whitmore: They said that they would call us back with demands and that they’d kill him if we didn’t do as instructed.
Ressler: And you called the police?
Marcus Whitmore: They told us not to.
Liz: This is a terrible situation, but I have to tell you that the last person whose son was taken refused to pay the ransom, and his son was killed.
[ David Foy enters ]
David: They’re all too well aware of that. How are you holding up, Dell? You okay? [ Hug ]
Ressler: You know each other.
David: Marcus. [ Hug ] These are the agents I was telling you about. My son is dead because of them. Please, I’m begging you. Do not listen to a word they say to you.

[ Red and Dembe arrive at the large parking lot of an an inactive amusement park. The parking lot is being used as an auto speedway. Red walks up to a young woman (Adalynne Gerrick) watching a racing Mercedes making loops around the lot at breakneck speed ]
Red: Excuse me. We’re looking for Noel Gerrick.
Adalynne Gerrick: Here he comes. [ The car speeds by ] And there he goes.
Red: Wouldn’t a racetrack be better suited to this sort of activity?
Adalynne: He used to come here all the time as a kid. When he made his first billion, he bought the park. He loves this place.
Red: I’m Steve Homan. And you are?
Adalynne: Bored to tears. Tell me, why is it that men your age feel the need to compensate for an increasingly flaccid penis? It’s only natural.
Red: So is cholera. I do hope you’re not the poor man’s girlfriend.
Adalynne: Don’t be perverse. I’m much too old to be his girlfriend. I’m his daughter.
Red: Well, aren’t you being a good sport.
[ Red walks into the raceway ]
Adalynne: You shouldn’t go out there.
Red: Men my age don’t compensate. We do what we want. Youth compensates. With disrespect and poor taste.
Adalynne: Mister, you gotta move.
Red: Let’s say he’s doing about 100. The stopping distance will be around 600 feet. A flaccid, old man could never think that fast.
[ Wheels screech. The car stops inches short of Red ]
Red: Perhaps your father has a bit more pep in his step than you think.
[ Noel Gerrick leans out of the car window ]
Noel: You trying to get yourself killed?
[ Red draws his gun and opens the driver’s side door ]
Noel: What the–?!
Red: Scoot over, Noel. I’m driving.

Della Whitmore: Just to be clear, you want us to pay the ransom.
Liz: Absolutely. These are kidnappers, not killers.
David Foy: They killed my son.
Liz: I-I’m sorry, yes. And they will pay dearly for that. But what I’m trying to say is that everyone who has paid the ransom has gotten their child back.
David: And given these killers the incentive to take another child.
Ressler: We’ll track your payment. It should lead us to them before they can take anyone else.
[ Ressler’s phone rings ]
Ressler: Excuse me. This is Agent Ressler.
Jake Li: Yeah, hi. This is Jake Li over at the Postbox Elite in Wilmington. Got a message the FBI was interested in some security footage?
Ressler: That’s right. We’re looking for a person who picked up a letter from Box 642 in probably the first week of February.
Della Whitmore: This is a terribly difficult decision.
Liz: Actually, it’s not.
David: Finally. We agree on something.
Della: Could Marcus and I have a moment?
Liz: Of course. Take your time.
Ressler: Thank you. Everything okay?
Liz: I was about to ask you the same thing.
Ressler: Yeah, just, uh, tracking a letter I was expecting. All’s good.

[ Red is racing the Mercedes even faster than Noel Gerrick was ]
Noel: What the hell is wrong with you? Stop the car! Let me out!
Red: I suspect you have an interest in history, Noel. Did you know, shortly before her date with the guillotine, Marie Antoinette had a chance to escape from France? But she just couldn’t bear to travel like a commoner. She insisted on a rosewood carriage lined in ivory, large enough for herself, three chambermaids, four footmen, and all of their luggage. The finished product was so decadent, it could only go about two miles per hour before breaking down altogether. Just imagine if this had been her getaway car. She could’ve settled in London and eaten cake for the next 50 years. Good golly. I haven’t moved this fast since my first date with Jenn Parsons at the roller rink.
Noel: If we could maybe just pull over? Talk outside the car?
Red: Constitutio Criminalis Theresiana. The criminal code that sanctioned Marie’s beheading as well as judicial torture. The rack was a particularly gruesome tool in the Ancien Regime‘s torture kit. I understand you purchased one at auction.
Noel: I like legal history, how laws were enforced.
Red: A rather peculiar hobby I’d love to hear more about, but as I’m pressed for time, let’s focus on the rack. Who did you sell it to?
Noel: Nobody.
Red: Is this vinyl?
Noel: It’s premium vinyl.
Red: Good. The blood will wipe right off.
Noel: Please! Watch where you’re going!
Red: A name.
Noel: I didn’t sell it. I-I’m not a dealer. I’m a collector.
Red: Ahh. Where’s your collection?

Liz: That’s your decision?
Marcus Whitmore: It’s the right thing to do.
Ressler: For who? Not your son.
Marcus: We sent two children to war, in Iraq and Afghanistan. That wasn’t “good” for them, either. But it was the right thing to do.
Ressler: Trust me, it’s not the same thing.
Della: No, it’s not. In a war, the enemy is hard to defeat. If you do your job, then this enemy, whoever they are, should be easy to defeat. Do your job, and then we can do the right thing and save our son.
[ Liz’s phone vibrates ]
Liz: Anything?
Red: An address.

[ The FBI is setting up a staging area near the address provided by Red. Aram is there already.
Ressler and Liz arrive ]
Ressler: Aram, hey. What do we know?
TAC Commander: Exposed on all sides. Poor sight lines on our end. No easy point of entry.
Liz: Unsubs?
Commander: Spotters count six. Could be double that. No way to tell.
Ressler: Can you get us cameras inside?
Commander: My team can snake a borescope down 300 feet of sewer line, up through the kitchen sink, but I can’t do it here. Not while remaining unseen.
Aram: What about their cameras?
Commander: Whose cameras?
Aram: Uh, well, it appears they have IR bullet cams, uh, here, here, and here, which means it’s likely they have internal surveillance, too.
Liz: What are you getting at?
Aram: Well, if you could get me up to the building’s trunk line, there’s a chance I could splice into the multiplexer, get you access to their feeds.
TAC Commander: Who’s this guy again?
Aram: Oh, I’m so sorry. Uh, Agent Mojtabai. And you’re – very commanding, sir.
Commander: Thank you.
Ressler: Say we try to do this. Even if you could splice into those feeds, how do you suggest we do it without tipping them off?

[ Aram knocks at the address Red provided. A young woman, Ella, answers ]
Aram: Hi. Uh, Navid from, uh, uh, Insta- InstaCable. I got a- I got an install across the street. Their gang supply is mounted on your building. Mind letting me access the cable box?
Ella: Sorry. It’s not a good time.
Aram: Oh, oh. I, uh, I got to access that gang supply.
Ella: I didn’t order cable.
Aram: Maybe you, uh, don’t understand. If I call out a bucket truck, they’re gonna see that you’re bypassing the terminal block screw and they’re gonna fine you. It’s not to code. [ Turns to leave ] All right. Whatever, lady. Your problem.
Ella: Hold on. Just, uh – What exactly do you need us to do?
[ In the building’s utility area, Aram goes to work trying to splice into the internal surveillance system ]

[ Adalynne Gerrick makes a call ]
Adalynne: Hey, it’s me. I think we got a situation.
Young Man (face obscured): What kind of situation?
Adalynne: There was some guy here at the track, asking my dad questions.
Ella: Navid? Why don’t you come with me?
Aram: Okay, just, um, hold on a second.
Ella: Now! [ She has a gun ]
Aram: Look, um, whatever you think this is–
[ Someone hits Aram on the head from behind ]

[ Aram comes to. He’s sitting on the floor across from someone wearing a white Third Estate mask who is pointing a gun at him. Aram’s work bag is on the floor a few feet away ]
Aram: Hey. You’re, uh, what, like a– Like a guard? Tell me if the– The Whitmore boy, Tyler. Is, um – Is he here? Is he safe? If you let me talk to whoever’s in charge, I can help you. You have my wallet, my cell phone, so you know by now that I’m an FBI agent. I need to speak to whoever’s in charge, please.You hear me? Hey, hey, listen to me. Listen. I’m trying to help you. You need to get whoever’s in charge and tell them that the FBI is gonna call that phone right there any minute now. They’re- They’re gonna try to make contact, and when they do, you need to answer. Do you hear me? Come on.
[ Phone rings ]
Aram: You need to answer that phone.

[ The FBI staging area ]
Cooper: Talk to me.
Ressler: HRT’s on the line with one of the kidnappers now.
Cooper: Aram and the Whitmore kid – have we confirmed they’re unharmed?
Liz: No. They’re thinking about breaching, but they don’t know the layout, how many people are inside, or how heavily armed they are.
HRT Commander: [ On phone ] I can’t do that. Not unless you give me something in return.
[ Cooper takes the phone ]
Cooper: This is Deputy Director Harold Cooper, FBI. I’m gonna hang up, and you’re gonna call me back on FaceTime. When you do, I want to see the hostages, make sure they’re all right. We have nothing to discuss until that happens.
HRT Commander: You really think that was the best way to handle it?
Cooper: No, I think it was the only way.
[ Cooper’s cellphone rings. Aram comes up on FaceTime ]
Cooper: Agent Mojtabai.
Aram: Sir. Am I glad to see you.
Cooper: Are you hurt?
Aram: I’m fine.
Cooper: And the other hostage?
Masked Man: We haven’t hurt anyone.
Cooper: Who am I speaking with?
Masked Man: They’ll stay that way unless you do something stupid.
Cooper: That’s not gonna happen. We’re not going to storm in. We’re just gonna talk. You and me.
[ Ana McMahon arrives ]
Cooper: There’s got to be a way out of this, and I need you to help me figure out what it is. Now tell me. What is your name?
[ Some distance away from Aram ]
Ella: He saw my face. He can identify me.
Young man (face obscured): I think being identified is the least of our concerns right now.

Aram: Listen. You have to let Tyler Whitmore go. Not me. You can keep me here, but the boy needs to be set free. If you don’t, they are gonna swarm this building, and it’ll be a show of force unlike anything that you have ever seen before. You don’t have to let me go. I can be your hostage. Me. I can be your hostage. But he’s got to walk. He’s got to walk.
[ The Masked Man leaves to talk with the others ]
[ Aram uses his leg to retrieve the work bag for a few moments until the Masked Man sees him and comes back ]
Masked Man: Try something like that again, and see if I don’t pull the trigger.
Aram: If you let me help you –
Masked Man: Shut up, shut up!
Aram: I saw what you did to Des Foy. I watched him die. And I saw what it’s done to his parents. I’m- I’m begging you. Please. Come on. Don’t do that. Just Let Tyler Whitmore go.
[ The Masked Man leaves again. Aram was able to retrieve a clipper earlier. He uses it to cut the rope that is loosely binding his hands ]

Anna McMahon: Commander, is HRT prepared to breach or not?
Commander: We are. Just waiting on the go order.
Cooper: Which you do not have. If we go in, the hostages will die.
McMahon: You don’t know that.
Cooper: I know they’ll have no incentive to keep them alive. If we keep negotiating, they do.
McMahon: You’ve been negotiating for almost an hour, and what do you have to show for it? Absolutely nothing, because there is nothing to negotiate. We’re not letting them go, and they’re not giving the hostages up.
Cooper: You have to trust the process.
McMahon: No. Actually, I don’t.
Cooper: You may have operational command of the Task Force, but in the field, I will not take orders from you.
[ Della Whitmore has arrived ]
McMahon: You’re not. You’re taking orders from her. Della Whitmore bundled $32 million for the midterms, single-handedly re-electing the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee.
The Chairman will do anything for her, including rolling tanks on that warehouse if that’s what it takes to free her son. So either you send in HRT, or he sends in the National Guard.

Masked Man: [ To Aram ] You should know we’ve decided not to release Whitmore. Figure there’s no point spending the rest of our lives in prison. We’re gonna fight.
Aram: Don’t do that.
Masked Man: I’m not going to prison.
[ Aram attacks! ⚡️Fistfight over the gun⚡️] [ Aram gets the gun and points it at the Masked Man ]
Aram: Here’s what you’re gonna do. You’re gonna tell me where Tyler Whitmore is, and you’re gonna help me get him out of this building. You hear me? Where is he?
[ A young man with a gun appears and points it at Aram ]
Tyler Whitmore: I’m right here.
[ The Masked Man takes the gun from Aram and removes his mask ~ It’s Des Foy! ]
Aram: Des? I– You’re alive? – I thought –
Des: You thought we were the victims of the Third Estate? We are(!) the Third Estate.
[ The HRT op commences ]
[ SYML’s ♪ “The War” plays ]
[ ⚡️⚡️A massive show of force⚡️⚡️ Most Third Estate members surrender or are easily subdued ]

♪ Here stands a man
With a bullet in his clenched right hand
Don’t push him son
For he’s got the power to crush this land
Oh hear, hear him cry, boy

♪ Don’t you ever leave me alone
My war is over

[ Tyler Whitmore keeps his gun trained on Aram. When the FBI marksmen come upon Tyler, he turns to point his gun at them. He is shot multiple times 💥💥💥💥 in the chest. Des does not put up a fight. Aram crawls over to Tyler ]

♪ Be my shelter from the storm
My war is over
I am a sad boy

[ Della Whitmore and Cooper wait anxiously ]

♪ Here stands a man
At the bottom of a hole he’s made

[ David Foy arrives and gets out of his car ]

♪ Still sweating from the rush
His body tense

[ Ressler exits the building and hustles Des Foy toward an FBI vehicle as David Foy stares. Des looks up and exchanges looks with his father before Ressler shoves him into the van ]

♪ His hands they shake

[ Della Whitmore shakes and sobs as Tyler’s body is loaded into an ambulance ]

♪ Oh this, this is a mad boy

[ An interrogation room ]
Liz: Des, talk to me about the ransom money. I need to know where it was sent. I need a name. All your friends are going to jail. If you cooperate, we can help you. The money. [ Inhales ] I think you kicked it upstairs to the head of the Third Estate. Who is he?
[ Knocks on door ]
Aram: His lawyer’s here.
Des: I’m not talking to any lawyers.
Aram: You know, I understand you’re angry. Angry at your father. My guess is you knew he was never gonna pay that ransom and that you felt like he didn’t care if you came home or not. For what it’s worth, I did. I wanted to see you get back home to your family. And I’m- I’m really sorry your friend Tyler didn’t.
Des: He’s dead?
Aram: I’m sorry.
Liz: Des, we need your help. Talk to us about who runs the Third Estate.

♪ I am a sad boy

[ A darkened bedroom. Red sits on the bed by an older man ] [ The man wakens, startled ]
[ Red holds a gun for him to see ]
Red: I took the liberty.
Man: W-Who are you? What do you want?
Red: Anna McMahon.
Man: I don’t know who that is.
Red: Ohh, you’re too modest. You are the Third Estate. You got trust-fund babies to go on a kidnapping spree, and you kicked the ransom money to one of the most powerful figures in the United States government. I want to know why.
Man: I-I-I don’t know what you’re talking about.
[ Red shoots 💥 into the pillow about four inches from the man’s right ear ]
Red: Refresh your memory? No?
[ Red shoots 💥 into the pillow about four inches from the man’s left ear ]
Red: How about now?
Man: Please stop.
Red: Last chance.
[ Red presses the gun between the man’s eyes ]
Red: Anna McMahon. You can spill your guts or your brains. I’m good either way.

[ Cooper’s office. Red and Cooper drink Scotch ]
Cooper: So there’s no connection?
Red: If there was, he would’ve told me.
Cooper: Anna McMahon isn’t working with the Third Estate.
Red: Doesn’t appear so.
Cooper: But Olivia Olson’s files. McMahon turned all of them over to Main Justice except the file on the Third Estate. Why would she do that if they weren’t working together?
[ Anna McMahon sits in a vehicle with Mr Sandquist ]
McMahon: I knew they’d check to see if I withheld anything, so I did.
Mr Sandquist: You held their file from Main Justice because you wanted to put the Third Estate on the FBI’s radar screen?
McMahon: As a result, the FBI now knows about an organization hell-bent on domestic terrorism, on taking down the rich and powerful.
Mr Sandquist: So when we put our plan into effect–
McMahon: Like I said, it’s under control.
Red: All we know for sure, Harold, is that Anna McMahon is a much worthier adversary than we thought. A fact which, much to my dismay, I find oddly arousing. Maybe it’s the red hair. [ Drinks Scotch ] Ahh.

[ Dembe stops by Liz’s office ]
Dembe: We have a problem.
Liz: Reddington told me you two had a falling-out.
Dembe: We did. Over our problem. Our secret, yours and mine.
Liz: [ Whispers ] He can’t know who turned him in.
Dembe: He won’t stop looking.
Liz: So? He looks. It’s a puzzle he can’t solve. So what?
Dembe: Ruddiger.
Liz: Maxwell Ruddiger? What about him?
Dembe: He was in New York the day you turned in Raymond.
Liz: So?
Dembe: I’ve set an appointment for him to meet with Raymond.
Liz: Ruddiger’s a friend.
Dembe: Maybe. Maybe not.
Liz: You think he’d do something to Ruddiger?
Dembe: To set an example. For anyone who knows the identity of the person who turned him in to come forward.
Liz: Is that what you’re gonna do? Come forward?
Dembe: I’m coming forward to you. You must tell him, Elizabeth, because if you don’t, I will.
[ Door opens. Red enters ]
Red. Ruddiger?
Dembe: An appointment has been set.
Red: Excellent! A silver lining at the end of a grimly overcast day. I was wrong about Anna McMahon. We’re no closer to identifying her plot than we were yesterday. But Ruddiger – I have a good feeling about him.

[ Ressler enters the Postbox Elite in Wilmington NY (extreme NE New York State) ]
Ressler: Jake Li?
Jake Li: That’s right.
Ressler: Donald Ressler. We spoke on the phone about box 642?
Jake: Sure. I looked into the security footage like you asked. The drives cycle out after 90 days, but I took a look. And box 642 was accessed only once in that time. February, like you said. 13th. I printed the best image I could.
Ressler: I don’t understand. The letter was sent to a woman.
Jake: Well, the box is registered to a Tracey Ivers, but that’s the guy who picked it up.
Ressler: Do you know him?
Jake: Can’t say I do. Phone number’s disconnected. The account’s paid by money order. But anyone with a key can obviously open the box. He in some kind of trouble? What did he do?
[ Ressler scowls at him ]
Jake: Wish I knew more. I asked everyone here. We got no idea who he is.
Ressler: How about we start with that hard drive?
Jake: Sure.
[ Ressler looks at the grainy photo. Unknown to Ressler, it is Dominic Wilkinson, code-named “Oleander” when he was with the KGB. He is Liz’s grandfather and the father of Katarina Rostova ]

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Episode Songs


♫ The War

♪ Here stands a man
At the bottom of a hole he’s made
Still sweating from the rush
His body tense
His hands, they shake
Oh this, this is a man, boy

♪ Here stands a man
With a bullet in his clenched right hand
Don’t push him son
For he’s got the power to crush this land
Oh hear, hear him cry, boy

♪ Don’t you ever leave me alone
My war is over
Be my shelter from the storm
My war is over
I am a sad boy

♪ Here stands a man
At the bottom of a hole he’s made
Still sweating from the rush
His body tense
His hands they shake
Oh this, this is a man, boy

♪ Here stands a man
With a bullet in his clenched right hand
But don’t push him son
For he’s got the power to crash this land
Oh hear, hear him cry, boy

♪ Don’t you ever leave me alone
My war is over
Be my shelter from the storm
My war is over
I am a sad boy

♪ Don’t you ever leave me alone
Be my shelter from the storm
My war is over
I am a sad boy

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2DpIO1p
YouTube: https://youtu.be/Wy_XQH9Jtuk

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🔴 Script 6:18 The Brockton College Killer (№ 92)

Program air date: 4/26/2019 at 7:00pm CT in the US
Script Permalink: https://wp.me/pDKwi-9vM
Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/2Xtzdyo

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Directed by: Lisa Robinson
Written by: Sam Christopher



⭕ Script 6:18 The Brockton College Killer (№ 92)


Brief (Where we’re at): It turned out DOJ Deputy Director Anna McMahon was not behind The Third Estate (Blacklister #136) after all. Rather, McMahon left a trail of breadcrumbs for the task force to follow. Now she knows they are watching her and they know she is watching them, making the task force’s aim of stopping her plot against America more difficult than ever.

Dembe has sought spiritual counsel from his Imam to deal with his difficulty with Red’s amped up determination to figure out who turned him in to the police. Dembe found out that it was Liz, who had wanted to waylay Red so she (and her half-sister Jennifer/Lilly) could investigate his true identity. Liz begged Dembe to keep this a secret from Red but now Red has let the word out that he is willing to kill even his own associates to force anyone who knows who it was who turned him in to come forward. So Dembe went to Liz and told her she must tell Red it was her – or he will.

Meanwhile, although Liz has decided it no longer matters to her who Red really is or why he took on the identity of her father, the real Raymond Reddington, Ressler picked up the trail. His idea was to find out what happened to Liz’s mother, the Russian spy, Katarina Rostova. He tracked Katarina’s mother (Liz’s maternal grandmother) to a town in Illinois. Although she had recently died of cancer, her widower said she had sent a letter just before she died. Ressler followed the letter to a PO box in remote Wilmington NY. Surveillance footage shows the letter was picked up Dominic Wilkinson (code-named “Oleander” when he was with the KGB). He is Liz’s grandfather and the father of Katarina Rostova, and likely Virginia’s first husband.

Ressler doesn’t recognize Dom. Liz met him once while looking for her mother. Dom told her said he had known Katarina, but did not tell Liz he was Katarina’s father. Dom is also who Red had gone to to burn the bones of the real Raymond Reddington, thinking the secret of his true identity was sealed forever.

It’s dark at Brockton College. A female College Student walks along a path looking at her phone ] [ Ethan Burns’ “King of Secrets” plays (not available online) ]

♪ Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

♪ Bags for eyes
You must be so tired
Bed of lies
You got so much to hide

College Student: Hello?

♪ Paralyzed
Blackbird on a lonely wire

Student: Is someone there?

♪ Rumors fly
When it comes to you and I
All I believe, my dear
Is everybody talks

[ Inside her room, the College Student is attacked. There is a fight ]
Student: [ GASPING ]

♪ I’ve heard about you

[ The College Student is hit on the head ]
Student: Aah!

♪ And all the things you do
Whispers, you say I’ll take them to my grave

♪ ‘Cause I’m the King of Secrets
The King of Secrets
And I’ll never, never, never tell a soul

♪ Ohh Oh, oh Ooh, ooh Ohh

[ It’s early morning ] [ A Jogger pauses when at a distance he sees a motionless standing figure ]
Jogger: Excuse me? Hello?

♪ Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

[ The Jogger approaches. It is the College Student, face and eyes frosted blue-ish white ]
Jogger: Miss? Do you need help?

♪ Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

[ The Jogger touches the woman. She topples over and when she hits the ground, her legs snap off ]

♪ Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

[ Red’s apartment ]
[ Red is seated, listening to something with earphones ]
Liz: Has the meeting been set with Ruddiger?
Dembe: For lunch.
Liz: And do you think he’ll kill him just to set an example?
Dembe: [ BREATHES DEEPLY ] I won’t say he will. But I can’t be sure he won’t – unless he knows your truth.
Liz: [ SIGHS ]
Red: Elizabeth! [ CHUCKLES ] Sorry. I didn’t hear you come in. [ CLICKS ] I’m listening to a “podcast.” They’re these episodic audio recordings–
Liz: I’m familiar with the concept of a podcast. Everyone is. No one listens to them on audio cassette.
Red: Digital is the province of hackers and prying eyes. My life depends on sticking to simpler pleasures. This one’s a compelling but misguided series called “Thaw.”
Liz: The one about the serial killer who froze his victims?
Red: Tobias Carlyle. Though, if the podcast is to be believed, Carlyle is in prison for crimes he didn’t commit.
Liz: Isn’t he getting a new trial?
Red: Yes, and with the case about to go to the jury, this happens.
[ Red shows Liz a newspaper article: “Woman Found Frozen to Death – Copycat or not? Convicted Killer’s Life Depends on Answer” ]
Red: Carlyle went to prison six years ago. When he did, the murders stopped. It can’t be coincidence that they’ve started again.
Liz: It could be a copycat.
Red: Yes, or a contract killer, one working at Carlyle’s instruction.
Liz: So you think he orchestrated the murder from prison. Do you have any evidence?
Red: None. Which is why I’m giving you the case. A serial killer is in prison. His associate is carrying on in his absence. Unless you catch him and prove his connection to Carlyle, the jury will overturn Carlyle’s conviction.
Liz: And there will be two killers on the loose.
Red: Keep me posted. It’s a busman’s holiday, but I’m a sucker for true-crime drama.
Liz: Your lunch with Ruddiger. You should cancel it.
Red: Why would I do that?
Liz: Because you’re going to ask him if he turned you in to the police. He didn’t. I did.
Red: [ Shocked Pause ] [ To Dembe ] The homeless woman who called in the anonymous tip. You- You said you showed her a photo of Elizabeth. You said she didn’t recognize her.
Dembe: She didn’t. But she did recognize a photo of Jennifer.
Liz: I asked him not to say anything. It’s not his fault! It’s mine.
Red: No, it’s mine. I knew it was you as soon as I found out you were looking for Dr.
Koehler’s nurse.
Liz: You knew that–
Red: One day I’m captured, the next, you’re looking for someone who knows I was once someone else? I knew that wasn’t a coincidence, but I let my hopes convince me that – you’d never betray me like that.
Liz: If I had–
Red: That neither of you would.
Liz: If I’d known what was gonna happen–
Red: That they’d put me on trial, – sentence me to death?–
Liz: Yes.
Red: –That surprised you?
Liz: No! The only thing I knew is – you aren’t who you say you are.
Red: And you think you deserve to know the truth.
Liz: I do.
Red: That you’re entitled to that?
Liz: Yes!
Red: That entitlement justified risking my life?
Liz: I thought it justified anything, yes! But I don’t anymore.
Red: And why is that?
Liz: Because you almost died! [ VOICE BREAKING ] Because I came face-to-face with losing you, and I realized that I don’t care about who you were – I care for who you are. And that’s the only thing that matters. You- You have to believe me.
Red: [ BREATHES DEEPLY ] I’m not sure I’ll ever believe you again.

[ The Post Office. Ressler reviews the surveillance footage of Dominic Wilkinson checking Postbox 642 at the Postbox Elite in Wilmington in Upstate New York ] [ KEYS CLACKING ]
[ Ressler doesn’t know who Dominic is. Liz has met him, but only knows he has some past relationship with Russian Intelligence. Liz doesn’t know that he is her grandfather, the father of her mother, the former KGB agent Katarina Rostova. Nor does Liz know Ressler has been searching for Katarina on his own, a search that led him to the widower of Katarina’s mother. He told Ressler that his wife had him send a letter to Postbox 642 trying to reach out to Katarina shortly before she died ]
[ As Ressler watches, he sees Dom buying something from a candy dispenser ]

[ Aram’s workstation ] [ Ressler plops down a bag of coins ]
Aram: What’s this?
Ressler: A favor.
Aram: You should know that I once held the high score on “Ms. Pac-Man” at Earl’s Pizza in Pike Creek, and I will not go easy on you.
Ressler: [ CHUCKLES SOFTLY ] Maybe some other time. This is about a case. Uh, looking for someone, and his prints are on one of those quarters.
Aram: Is this a new case?
Ressler: Cold case. Can you run them for me?
Aram: Sure, but that might take awhile.
[ Elevator doors open ]
Ressler: Just name the place.
Aram: Place for what?
Ressler: Our “Ms. Pac-Man” tournament.
[ Liz has stepped out of the elevator ]
Ressler: How’d it go with Reddington?
Liz: I don’t really want to talk about it.
Ressler: Did you tell him?
Liz: Ressler.
Ressler: What did he say?
Liz: Can we please just go to work?

[ INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS ] [ Liz briefs the Task Force ]
Liz: The Brockton College Killings were a series of murders that took place on Brockton campus in 2013. Over a year and a half, three women – Krystala Norris, Lauren Key, and Melissa Seymore – were found dead, their bodies staged like frozen statues. Besides going to the same school, all these three women had in common was a connection to a fellow student named Tobias Carlyle. Norris shared several of the same classes, Key worked at the diner he frequented, and Seymore was a writer for the school newspaper where he was a photographer. In fact, she had last been seen in Carlyle’s dorm. Forensics recovered his semen from her body.
Ressler: Did he know the most recent victim?
Tobias Carlyle: No, I didn’t know her. And even if I did, I couldn’t kill her from prison.
Dave Sternberg (Defense Atty): Which is why we’re arguing to have this new murder be admissible in court. It’s last minute, but this could change everything.
Liz: This case has gained international attention recently because of “Thaw,” a podcast hosted by Kimberly Owens. Owens believes Carlyle is innocent.
Ressler: Hang on. I mean, he confessed.
Aram: You don’t believe he’s responsible for this most recent murder? He’s in prison.
Ressler: Which doesn’t mean he’s innocent of the crimes he’s already confessed to.
Cooper: Reddington believes Carlyle contracted a killing to help his case.
Aram: I’m a big fan of “Thaw,” too, and I can’t believe Mr. Reddington could listen to it and actually think that Tobias is guilty. That is crazy. It was obviously the professor.
Cooper: The professor?
Aram: Adrian McCaffrey. He teaches English at Brockton University and had all three victims as his students. In fact, “Thaw” uncovered that one of the victims, Lauren Key, had filed a suit against him for sexual harassment. Now, the university didn’t disclose this to the police during the first trial. How do you explain that?
Cooper: I don’t know, but if Reddington is right, this murderer is about to manipulate the justice system to walk free. Keen, Ressler, talk to the police. Aram, if you’re so certain about the professor, check him out.

Dr Ogden Maguire (Medical Examiner): Well, like the original murder victims, the corpse was marinated in liquid nitrogen 320 below. But here’s the interesting thing. Take a look at the bruising at the back of her scalp. Cause of death in all the victims was hypothermia, but they also showed evidence of blunt-force trauma caused by a dimpled mallet, like a meat tenderizer. The bruising pattern here is identical to the others. Whoever did this used the same exact instrument.
Ressler: We have a source who suggests that the killer may have been told how to do it by Carlyle.
Liz: That they’re working together to make it look like he’s innocent.
Dr Maguire: He wouldn’t need much coaching. Whoever listened to that podcast would know how to do it, which limits your suspects to, what, like 3 million people?
[ Jenny Marciniak wakes up inside a large freezer ]
Jenny: Help! Please! [ POUNDING ON LID ] Please, help me! Help!

[ Ressler and Liz visit Tobias Carlyle in prison ]
Ressler: We want a name.
Tobias Carlyle: I don’t have one.
Ressler: Oh, first a podcast gets you a new trial, and then a body drops when the jury is trying to decide your fate?
Tobias: I didn’t get a retrial because of luck. I got a retrial because Kimberly Owens uncovered police misconduct and suppression of evidence. That woman, she’s my angel.
[ Kimberly Owens records the newest episode of her podcast “Thaw” ]
Kimberly: Before I start today, I have sad news to share. Another Brockton student has been reported missing.
[ The prison ]
Liz: Her name is Jenny Marciniak.
[ The freezer ]
Jenny: Hello?
Tobias: I don’t know who that is.
Jenny: [ GASPING ] Let me out.
Ressler: We’ve seen your confession. You admitted to killing those women.
Tobias: I would’ve said anything to end that interrogation, and so I did.
[ The podcast ]
Kimberly: If I had to pick one word to sum up this case, it would be “missing.” Five girls went missing in 2013 and two now, but other things are missing, too. The weapon used to knock out the girls is missing. Police tore Tobias’ life apart and never found it. The kill site is missing. Tobias lived in Manor Hall with a roommate. It’s not exactly a place he could’ve frozen a body in liquid nitrogen without anyone noticing.
Tobias: I hate that anyone more is being hurt, but maybe the silver lining is the truth will finally come out.
Ressler: The truth?
Kimberly: The truth is that Lauren Key’s sexual-harassment report against Dr. Adrian McCaffrey is the biggest missing piece of all. We have it now, of course, but it is missing from the official case in 2013. I was a student at Brockton while the original murders were happening, and everyone knew McCaffrey liked sleeping with girls half his age. Were all of the victims students of his that turned him down? Both of the new victims had him as a professor.
Dave Sternberg (Defense Atty): McCaffrey is the one police should be talking to. Jenny Marciniak was kidnapped 12 hours ago? My client has an ironclad alibi. What’s Dr. McCaffrey’s?

[ Dr Adrian McCaffrey’s office ]
Dr Adrian McCaffrey: I was in my office, grading my papers, just like I always do.
Aram: Can anyone corroborate that?
Dr McCaffrey: This whole thing is ridiculous. I shouldn’t be a suspect.
Aram: Sir, you are not officially a suspect.
Dr McCaffrey: Oh, sure, I’m just having a little chat with the FBI.
Aram: It’s just a-a-a few questions, like, um, about that sexual-harassment complaint.
Dr McCaffrey: Ah. You’re one of those, aren’t you? You’ve listened to that podcast. You should know that I am suing that woman for defamation.
Aram: I’m just curious why you think the college didn’t disclose the allegation during the original investigation.
Dr McCaffrey: [ Stands up ] Because it was untrue!
Aram: Okay. Hang on. So- So you deny that one of the victims had reported that, uh, you had said, uh, “she looked good in her skirt, and that, if she was interested in a better grade, she should see you in your office after class”?
Dr McCaffrey: [ Looks out window ] I acknowledge that a complaint was made. I also acknowledge that I had called her paper on “The Decameron” derivative, and I graded her accordingly. She was just gettin’ back at me.
Aram: All of the victims have been your students. I mean – you have to admit that’s a little weird, right?
Dr McCaffrey: No, I don’t have to admit anything. I teach English 101. It would be harder for you to find a student at Brockton that I haven’t taught.
Aram: And the rumors you were sleeping with students?
Dr McCaffrey: You sound just like my ex-wife. Do you have my divorce agreement in that file of yours, as well? Because if you did, you would know that there was never a speck of evidence that I had an affair. They were lies, all of them. And I got everything I wanted in the divorce because of that fact, just like I am gonna get everything that I want once I’m finished with Kimberly Owens.

[ Red selects a book for the bag he is packing ] [ Dembe stands up ]
Red: No, no, no, no. No.
Dembe: You are angry. You shouldn’t also be careless.
Red: I need some time to think.
Dembe: I agree. About why you are confusing loyalty with betrayal.
Red: I’m not confused. I’m not angry. [ BREATHES DEEPLY ] I’m just tired.
Dembe: I believe you should tell Elizabeth the truth. You disagree. So I keep your secret out of loyalty to you.
Red: You knew Elizabeth turned me in.
Dembe: Yes. And I kept her secret out of loyalty to her. How is keeping her secret from you different than keeping your secret from her?
Red: The difference is that you and I don’t have secrets.
[ CELLPHONE VIBRATING. Dembe looks at it ]
Dembe: Elizabeth.
Red: She can wait.
Dembe: She knows you’re upset.
Red: [ Angrily ] What you do for me, what I depend on you to do, cannot be done if your loyalties are divided. The same could be said about me for you. I’ve trusted you with my life, with everything in my life. You are the person to whom I am most vulnerable. That makes you either a singular friend or a mortal enemy.
Dembe: You know the answer to that.
Red: I know – I need time to think about that.
[ Red takes his bag and turns to leave ]

[ The Post Office ]
Liz: We’ve looked into Carlyle’s visitor records, call logs, even his commissary account.
Ressler: No evidence of a hit.
Cooper: What about his family financials? Any unexplained transfers?
Liz: Nothing yet, sir.
[ Aram enters ]
Aram: Okay. So, get this. McCaffrey mentioned he got “everything he wanted” – in his divorce.
Cooper: And?
Aram: And so I thought I’d pull up the agreement and see what it included – all profits from his personally published works, a piece of art he and his wife purchased, and this [ BEEPS ] his family’s cabin. It’s isolated, private.
Liz: The police never figured out where the bodies were staged.
Aram: This could be the perfect place.

[ Outside the freezer ] [ FOOTSTEPS ]
Jenny Marciniak: Hello? Who’s there? [ CRYING ] [ SIGHS ] [ METAL CREAKS LIGHTLY ]
Jenny: Ugh.
[ Someone connects a hose to the freezer ]

[ Dominic (Dom) Wilkinson is working on his car ] [ METAL TAPS ] [ FOOTSTEPS ] [ METAL CLANKS ]
Dom: Pbht!
[ BIRD CAWS IN DISTANCE ] [ Dom looks up – it’s Red ]
Red: I got your message about the accident.
Dom: I sent it a month ago.
Red: Yeah. Three months after it happened.
Dom: I’m fine, by the way.
Red: Car’s on life support, but you’re doing fine. What’s it gonna take to get rid of you?
Dom: Are you here to compliment me or to do some work?
Red: I’m here to think.
Dom: About what?
Red: Think. Not talk.
Dom: Have it your way. You always do.

[ Liz and Ressler arrive at Dr Adrian McCaffrey’s cabin in the woods ] [ KNOCKING ON DOOR ]
Ressler: Mr McCaffrey? Anybody here? FBI.
Liz: Looks abandoned.
[ Liz opens a window ] [ CREAKS ] [ Ressler boosts her in ]
[ DOOR CREAKS ] [ They search the house ]
Liz: Ressler.
[ DOOR CREAKS ] [ The door opens to a room mostly occupied with a large freezer ]
[ Moaning comes from the freezer ]
Ressler: Oh, my God. There’s somebody in there.
[ Ressler grabs wrench ]
Ressler: Look out.
[ Ressler forces off the lock and lifts the freezer lid ] [ CREAKS ]
[ Jenny Marciniak is still alive, but barely ]

Red: Lemme buy you a new car. This one’s not safe. Not surprised you got in an accident.
Dom: Whatever you’re thinking, why come here to think about it? What have I done to deserve this honor?
Red: I’m thinking about excommunication.
Dom: Well, who’s left?
Red: Elizabeth and Dembe. She turned me in. He knew and said nothing about it.
Dom: You’ve killed for less.
Red: I’ve never killed for more.
Dom: But not her. Uh, she’s off-limits.
Red: Yes.
[ Dembe talks to his Imam ]
Dembe: There is a woman. My employer’s connection to her has been his moral compass.
Imam: And that connection is broken.
Dembe: Yes. Without it, no one is safe.
Imam: Not even you?
Dom: Why did she turn you in? What did you do that made her want to do that?
Red: I haven’t ever been totally forthright about myself.
Dom: What does she know?
Red: She’s been looking and thought she’d have a better chance of finding out more if I was in prison and couldn’t interfere.
Dom: And Dembe kept her secret.
Red: He did.

Cooper: Jennifer Marciniak was rescued 30 minutes ago. My agents found her locked in a freezer on a property owned by Adrian McCaffrey.
James Folta (Prosecuting Atty): Well, that’s hardly enough to just–
Cooper: Several gallons of liquid nitrogen were also found at the crime scene.
Dave Sternberg (Defense Atty): Your Honor, this is exculpatory. I-I want the jury recalled. I-I want to reopen testimony.
Folta: The prejudicial impact of that on the government’s case – would –
Sternberg: Yeah, to hell with that. I’m putting Director Cooper on the stand.
Judge: You’re not doing anything unless I say you are. Mr. Folta, even if the jury convicts, if I exclude this new evidence, there’s a good chance the conviction would get overturned on appeal. But what really troubles me is the possibility Carlyle is wrongly accused.
Cooped: I’m willing to testify, Your Honor, to what we found at the scene.
Judge: Under the circumstances, I no longer feel I could stand by a verdict of guilty in this case. Moreover, I find that no reasonable jury could do so, either. That leaves me no choice but to dismiss the charges against Tobias Carlyle. Mr. Cooper, I’m looking to you to ease my conscience here. If Adrian McCaffrey is responsible for these murders, make the case and make it stick.
Cooper: We’ll do everything we can.

[ Ressler is at Brockton College ]
Ressler: Tell me you got something on that APB, because I just went by McCaffrey’s office he was a no-show for all of his classes.
Aram: No, nothing on the APB. [ KEYS CLACKING ] I’m following up on that cold case I looked into for you.
Ressler: And?
Aram: I used your name to expedite the search and got 38 prints. 13 were in the system. Six of those were white men, but the oldest was 46.
Ressler: Nah, that’s too young to be my guy.
Aram: I’m sorry. I can forward you the names I’ve pulled, if that would help.
Ressler: Nah, that’s unnecessary. Look, Aram, I’m gonna have to call you back, all right? [ CELLPHONE BEEPS ]
[ A guy has been shadowing Ressler. Ressler waits around the corner of a building, then grabs the man and shoves him up against the wall ]
Ressler: Who are you? Why are you following me? [ BREATHING HEAVILY, points gun ] Answer me.
Shadow: [ RUSSIAN ACCENT ] I’m supposed to watch you.
Ressler: Why? Who wants me watched?
Shadow: My superiors. They want to know why you’re interested in Katarina Rostova’s father.
Ressler: What makes you think I am?
Shadow: You ran his prints.
Ressler: So you’re looking for him, too.
[ VEHICLE APPROACHES ] [ TIRES SCREECH ] [ Two men get out ]
Shadow: I think you should let me go now. We’ll be watching, Agent Ressler.

[ Tobias Carlyle is released and is immediately mobbed by reporters ]
— Mr. Carlyle! Mr. Carlyle, can we get a comment?
— Do you have any plans to sue?
Defense Atty Sternberg: We have no comment.
— Did you know Jenny Marciniak?
Sternberg: Please, please, we’ll issue a formal statement shortly.
Kimberly Owens: Tobias. Tobias. How’s it feel to finally be set free?
Tobias: [ SIGHS ] Fantastic. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be going home.
— Mr. Carlyle!
— Mr. Carlyle!
— Mr. Carlyle!
— Do you have any comment?!

Ressler: [ SIGHS ] The campus was a bust. No sign of McCaffrey.
Ressler: What’s going on?
Liz: It’s Dembe. I’m worried about him.
Ressler: You think Reddington would actually punish Dembe?
[ Dembe prays ]
Dembe: Allah –
Liz: He wasn’t okay with what I did. And he certainly wasn’t okay with Dembe keeping it secret.
I’m worried about what Reddington might do, how he might respond. I put him in an impossible place. I asked him to hide the truth because I thought my secret was more justifiable than Reddington’s, but the truth always comes out, and someone always gets hurt.
Ressler: [ SIGHS ]
Liz: What?
[ KNOCK ON DOOR ] [ Aram enters ]
Aram: Okay. Uh, so, I found something. You know how nobody has been able to locate Dr. McCaffrey?
Ressler: Tell me you found him.
Liz: Aram, you’re a wizard.
Aram: No, I’m not really a wizard. I just waited for Mr. Cooper to get a warrant, then pinged his phone. He’s at the home of Margo Parish, another former student.

[ Home of Margo Parish ] [ Ressler knocks ]
Liz: Adrian McCaffrey. Where is he?
McCaffrey: Right here. [ SIGHS ]
Ressler: Good. ‘Cause you’re under arrest.
[ Ressler handcuffs him ]

Red: How about a new Mercedes or a pickup truck? You want a brand-new pickup truck?
[ Dom gets a beer and offers one to Red ]
Red: Thank you.
Dom: Might as well offer. You’d take one whether I wanted you to or not. Hmm.
Red: A beer?
Dom: A beer, a life. You do what you want, no matter what I think.
Red: Which you find unforgivable.
Dom: You want to know what I find unforgivable?
Red: Aside from my suggesting you get a new car?
Dom: You not seeing how forgiving I am.
Red: You forgiving?
Dom: Hmm. My child betrayed everything I believed in. She turned her back on my country and on me. And because she was a traitor, people assumed that I was one, as well. What did I do – I turn her in, turn my back on her the way she turned her back on me? No, no. I went into hiding, gave up my home, my granddaughter. Masha doesn’t even know I exist.
Red: You forgave Katarina.
Dom: Mm.
Red: But not me.
Dom: I forgave my child.
Red: Good luck with the car.
Dom: Where are you going?
Red: I know how to hurt people I care about. I came for advice on how to live with it.
Dom: Yeah, well, I can’t help you with that.

McCaffrey: I don’t know how that girl ended up in my cabin, but I am telling you that someone is trying to frame me.
Ressler: Really? Because it looks like people are trying to protect you. See, we know the university suppressed the sexual-harassment allegation that was filed against you by one of the victims.
McCaffrey: It wasn’t suppressed. It just wasn’t true.
Aram: Do you have an alibi for the night Lauren Key was murdered six years ago?
McCaffrey: Yes. That’s why I was at Margo’s house, to get her to come forward, explain that I was with her that night.
Aram: With her?
McCaffrey: We were seeing each other at the time of the original murders.
Aram: But she’s–
McCaffrey: A former student, yes. The rumor that I was having affairs with several students was untrue. I was having an affair, but with only one. I can prove that I didn’t kill Lauren Key. I have photos of Margo and me together that night, over 200 miles away.
Ressler: So why didn’t you disclose this?
McCaffrey: [ SCOFFS ] Are you kidding me? If anyone had found out, I’d have lost my job. But now that I’m the lead suspect, well, let’s just say that I would rather be unemployed than spend the rest of my life in prison.

Liz: So, it’s confirmed the B&B in West Virginia can provide documentation that McCaffrey and his girlfriend were there the weekend Lauren Key was murdered.
Cooper: Which corroborates the photos his girlfriend gave us.
Aram: The reason we looked at McCaffrey in the first place was because of his connection to Key.
Cooper: And the fact that Jenny Marciniak was found in his cabin.
Liz: A cabin he claims he never uses. Maybe McCaffrey’s right maybe the killer knew that and put Marciniak there so we’d blame him.
[ Ressler enters ]
Ressler: I just hung up with someone on the custodial staff at Brockton who says they can confirm McCaffrey’s alibi, that he was grading papers the night Marciniak was taken.
Cooper: Looks like maybe McCaffrey was framed after all.
Aram: If he’s not the killer–
Liz: Then a guilty man may have just been set free.

[ Kimberly Owens opens her door. It’s Tobias Carlyle ]
Tobias: I hope I’m not bothering ya.
[ Kimberly and Tobias drink red wine ]
Tobias: A lot of guys inside they don’t have any hope. Before you – what you did for me – I thought I was gonna die in there.
Kimberly: I just told your story.
Tobias: Yeah, well, no one was listening to me before you, so thank you.
Kimberly: You’re welcome.
[ Kimberly puts down her glass ] [ GLASS TAPS LIGHTLY ]
[ Tobias leans over to kiss Kimberly. She pulls away ]
Tobias: I’m sorry. I thought– That was inappropriate. I never should’ve–
[ Kimberly leans forward and kisses him ] [ GRUNTING SOFTLY ]
[ They … have sex ]

Red: [ SIGHS ] You gave up a lot. That was hard. Sometimes, I forget how hard.
Dom: It looks like you came all this way for nothing.
Red: Why’d you do it? Why sacrifice so much that you end up like this?
Dom: [ LAUGHS ] Ah, it doesn’t matter.
Red: If Katarina were standing here instead of me, if it were she asking you why you did what you did after she’d betrayed you, what would you tell her?
Dom: It doesn’t matter, because she’s not here and she’s not asking.
Red: But if you could tell her–
Dom: I can’t!
Red: But if you could –
Dom: Love. – Love. [ CHUCKLES ] Love.

Cooper: Walk me through it again.
Ressler: Well, the problem is that, even if Adrian McCaffrey is innocent–
Aram: It still doesn’t explain the death of a student in Stafford County or the abduction of Jenny Marciniak.
Ressler: Who still can’t I.D. her attacker.
Cooper: Well, whoever he is, he knows enough about the case to stage a kill site at McCaffrey’s cabin.
[ Liz enters ]
Liz: I might have a lead – the liquid nitrogen.
Ressler: Were you able to source it?
Liz: I spoke to the lab. They managed to isolate a partial print on the bottom of one of the canisters we found at the cabin. Belongs to a Paul Lamar. Works for Heath Chemical.
Aram: You think he’s the killer?

Paul Lamar: Am I in some kind of trouble?
Ressler: We’d like to ask you a few questions.
Liz: About the Brockton murder.
Paul Lamar: I-I think I w-want an attorney.

Tobias: Wow. I’d really, really missed having sex.
Kimberly: Hmm. Well, let’s make a night of it. I remember you told me once that there was something you missed even more than sex.
Tobias: A hot basket of French fries?
Kimberly: Mm-hmm.
Kimberly: There’s this awesome takeout burger place around the corner.
Paul Lamar: When the tanks went missing, deep down, I-I knew something was wrong, but I [ SIGHS ] I just I didn’t know what. I should’ve figured it out.
[ Kimberly is showering ]
Kimberly: Can I tell you something?
Tobias: Thought we’ve told each other everything.
Kimberly: Well, it’s a little embarrassing. When we were at Brockton, I had a huge crush on you.
Tobias: Really?
Kimberly: Yeah. You were so cute. I was going to ask you out, but–
Tobias: Everything went all to hell.
Paul Lamar: She’s been obsessed with him for years.
Ressler: Who?
Paul Lamar: My stepdaughter, Kimberly Owens.
Tobias: Wish I’d gotten to know you back then. Who knows how differently my life would’ve gone?
[ Tobias is poking through Kimberly’s lingerie drawer. He lifts out some panties – and finds a meat mallet ] [ CLATTERS ]
[ Kimberly walks in ]
Kimberly: I really wish you hadn’t found that.
Tobias: You m-murdered my friends.
Kimberly: It is not like that. Everything that I have done has been for us.
Tobias: Melissa. Krystala.
Kimberly: Those w-women they were distractions.
Tobias: [ SNIFFLES ]
Kimberly: I still remember the first time I saw you. It was Freshman Comp. And you were so handsome, it’s like I could barely breathe. You didn’t notice me, but I still fell for you.
Tobias: You killed them. All of them. Then. Now. You’re insane.
Kimberly: No, don’t talk to me like that. After all I have done–
Tobias: You’re the reason I was in prison!
Kimberly: No, you confessed! Why would you do that, silly? Those girls they were gone. I got rid of them for you.
Tobias: Get away from me.
Kimberly: No, don’t you dare walk out on me after all I have done getting you a retrial, framing Dr. McCaffrey. You should be thanking me. I am the only reason you are out of prison!
Tobias: I said get away from me.
Kimberly: No! Don’t you dare!
Tobias: I’m going to the police!
Kimberly: No!
[ Kimberly grabs the mallet and hits him on the head with it. He collapses ]
Kimberly: [ PANTING ] [ SNIFFLES ] We could’ve been so happy.
[ She hits him again ] [ THUDS ]

[ Kimberly drags Tobias into the freezer room at McCaffrey’s cabin ] [ GRUNTS, BREATHING HEAVILY ]
Kimberly: I always wished I could’ve opened up to you about this. Maybe that’s the silver lining.
I was 12, and Stephanie Curtiss was the coolest girl in school. And she invited me to her birthday party. Turns out, she only invited me to humiliate me. Her and her friends locked me in a freezer. I was convinced I was gonna freeze to death. I was in there for almost an hour.
[ BREATHING HEAVILY ] [ She opens the freezer lid ]
Kimberly: Did you know that, most hypothermia victims, before they die, they rip off their clothes? Well, luckily, I didn’t get that far.
[ She lifts and pushes Tobias into the freezer ] [ GRUNTS ] [ BREATHING HEAVILY ]
Kimberly: The sluts who threw themselves at you they reminded me of Stephanie and her friends. So I gave them a taste of their own medicine.
[ DOOR SLAMS OPEN ] [ The SWAT team arrives ]
[ The Weepies’ ♪ “Love Doesn’t Last Too Long” plays ]
[ Liquid nitrogen RUSHING ] [ Tobias SCREAMING ]

♪ Watch the sun go down
I watch the sun go down
Then I wander around
Then I wander around

[ Tobias is rescued and rolled out in a gurney. Kimberly is led in handcuffs to a police car ]

♪ It’s here, then it’s gone
Love doesn’t last too long

[ Kimberly cries, rocks, SHOUTS and wails ]

♪ I didn’t even have time

[ Dom’s garage ] [ ENGINE SPUTTERING ]
Dom: Ha ha! [ ENGINE RUNNING ]
[ Red smiles in the back seat ]

♪ To get it straight in my mind
To catch up from behind

Dom: Ha ha.

♪ To see that I was blind

Dom: You gonna answer that?
Red: It’s Elizabeth.

♪ And I wish I was wrong

Red: I’m sure she wants to know what I’m gonna do.

♪ Love doesn’t last too long

Dom: That’s easy. You’re going to exact revenge.
Red: You didn’t.
Dom: No.

♪ All you lovers in the dark

Dom: No, and it nearly killed me. You know what I did.

♪ Can forget what I said

Dom: You have no idea how I feel – surrounded by nothing but memories – every Christmas, every time it rains.

♪ And it still goes on in my head

Red: The car.

♪ Rivers to the sea, rivers to the sea

Dom: Yes.
Red: The last time you saw Katarina was in the rearview mirror.

♪ How it is right now is how it’s always gonna be?

Dom: Some memories you want to hold onto. Most haunt you like a curse.

♪ It’s here, then it’s gone

Red: I’m not sure I know how to live with Dembe’s betrayal.

♪ Love doesn’t last too long

Dom: Get revenge, and that will pass. Forgive it, it won’t.
Red: Are you at peace with the choice you made?
Dom: I am.

♪ I watch the sun go down

Dom: I am because I loved her.

♪ I watch the sun go down

The real question is, how much do you love Dembe?

♪ Then I wander around
Then I wander around (Oh)

[ Red’s apartment ]
Red: Going somewhere?
Dembe: My affairs are in order. My onl