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NBC’s series The Blacklist created by: Jon Bokenkamp


Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington – James Spader
Elizabeth Keen – Megan Boone
Donald Ressler – Diego Klattenhoff
Harold Cooper – Harry Lennix
Aram Mojtabai – Amir Arison
Alina Park – Laura Sohn
Dembe Zuma – Hisham Tawfiq

This is all one “page” meaning you can use your browser’s page search to find a quote you remember from Season 8 without knowing which episode it’s in. I use this a lot. Also includes full lyrics to main songs (at end of each episode). To find beginning of major songs, search for ♫.

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🔴 Script 8:1 Roanoke (№ 139)

Program air date: 11/13/2020 in the US
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Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/35rVCCX

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Director: Andrew McCarthy
Written by: Daniel Cerone


Brief (Where we’re at): From Season 7 List of Unanswered Questions:

1. Lizzie’s Choice – At the end of Season 7, after trying to stay in the middle, Liz chooses to side with Katarina, in the search for the truth about Red’s identity. She embraces her “dark side.” She feels liberated, embracing her “destiny.” Yet Red has suggested Liz may be projecting her need for a mother onto Katarina. Is Katarina someone not to be trusted, or even an imposter, as Red seemed to suggest?
2. Red’s Illness – Red has a mysterious illness, causing his hand to tremble, forcing him to double over in pain and twice to lose consciousness. He was treated by a brilliant researcher, a pharmacist named Spalding Stark, but the treatment Stark devised was unsuccessful. Red is planning to transfer his assets to Liz. She says she’s not interested, but she is interested in finding out what is wrong with him, which he refuses to share. What’s his diagnosis? His prognosis? Why keep it a secret?
3. Dembe’s Loyalty – Red demands absolute loyalty, except from Liz, who is “off-limits.” Yet, when forced to choose between his imam’s life and Red’s secrets, Dembe chose his imam’s life. Red interrupted the scene before Dembe could divulge anything, but when Red talked to the imam about it, Red says, “Dembe and I have done this dance before. I made clear there wouldn’t be an encore.” Is Dembe in danger?
4. Red’s True Identity – In counseling’s Dembe over being confronted with his choice between the imam’s life and Red’s secrets, the imam observed: “Some people’s lives are built on secrets and when they are revealed, the life they are built on ends as well.” Did Imam mean this figuratively or literally? Will this turn out to be prophetic?
5. Dom’s Fate – The actor who played Dominic Wilkinson (Liz’s grandather and Katarina’s father), Brian Dennehy, has sadly died, so it is inevitable that the character he played will die as well. Dom has been in an induced coma for months after being shot in the chest in a gunfight with Katarina’s operatives. At the end of Season 7, the doctor is ready to bring him out of his coma and Liz can’t wait to confront him over to made-up story that Red Ilya Koslov, an entirely different person, who has known Red since childhood. Having been interrogated and spied on relentlessly by Katarina to get information on Red, Ilya has gone into hiding, but questions about the relationship between them and of both of them to Dom, remain to be answered. Who will get to Dom first ~ Liz, Red, or Katarina?
6. Red and Katarina Love/Hate Relationship – At the end of Season 6, Red tracked Katarina down on a Paris street. They shared a passionate kiss, then another. Granted, Katarina then injected Red with Ketamine and abducted him, but clearly they have a past. Then, at the end of Season 7, after Red collapsed, Katarina helped Liz rush Red to his secret hospital. When Liz asked her why she helped, Katarina answered, “Because he’s important to you and because he was once important to me. I don’t want him to die.” As Ressler puts the question to Liz, “… [Y]ou got to decide between the two of them, and I’m just wondering, does the fact that she rescued him tip the scales any?”
7. The Sikorsky Archive – The new McGuffin sounds a lot like the old one, the Fulcrum: described as a “blackmail file” containing information about “very powerful people.” Are the two (the Fulcrum and the Archive) related? Katarina now believes the Townsend Directive puts a price on her head because people believe she has the archive. She tells Liz she doesn’t have it and that Red can call off the hunt because he knows she doesn’t have it but that he “won’t life a finger to save [my life].” Does Red have it or does he know who does? And what, by the way, happened to the Cabal?
8. Ressler and Liz’s Vulnerabilities and Relationship – We’ve known both Ressler and Liz have on occasion crossed the line into criminality (though the murder of his father’s police officer partner as a teenager added a new layer to Ressler’s story). In the Season 7 Finale, though, a vague threat to look into their pasts came from a detained “forensic accountant,” Frank Merwin, who seems to have connections up-and-down the food chain. Will he return and delve into Liz and Ressler’s pasts? Covering for each other and sharing secrets have brought the Liz and Ressler closer together over time. With Tom gone, Liz is “free,” and with her relationship with Red appearing to be heading into an antagonistic phase, will she and Ressler become involved?
9. Red’s Family – Both Liz (by Katarina Rostova) and Jennifer (by Carla Reddington aka Naomi Hyland) are supposedly the daughters of the “real” Raymond Reddington, yet Red once told Liz he once had a family (“It may be hard for you to imagine, but I once had a relatively normal life – bills to pay, playdates, family, some friends, people to care about. Lost all that.”). To expunge memories of his past life, Red bought a house which he visited. There was a child’s growth chart on a wall and looking outside, Red imagined a girl of three or four playing with super-bubbles. Leaving the house, Red said, “I spend every day trying to forget what happened here. This should help.” [The💥house explodes💥] Did Red have a daughter who was neither Liz nor Jennifer? And why is Red so devoted to Liz while he has no apparent feelings toward Jennifer?
10. The Night of the Fire – Scenes from the night that Liz remembers in which she shot her father as he was fighting with her mother, figured heavily in the first few seasons. Liz’s father (the real) Raymond Reddington had taken Liz from Moscow to the States (“He thinks she’s his”). Men entered the house and there was an argument between a man and a woman, then a gunshot. The house caught fire and Liz remembers seeing her father “dying on the floor of a burning house.” Red told Liz he was there that night, but why would he have been there? Three times Liz has had her memories of that night interfered with, twice by Red and once by Luther Braxton.

In the tale Dom told to Liz, Ilya Koslov and Katarina buried Raymond Reddington’s body, but this could be fictitious. The bones of Raymond Reddington were later exhumed by Mr Kaplan at Tansi Farms (“Sorry, Katarina”) and delivered to Tom, triggered by her suicide. The suitcase was intended for Liz, but Tom intervened and he, too, died for the secret of the bones. Red subsequently got his hands on on the bones and incinerated them, but not before Liz and Jennifer ID’d them as having belonged to their father, proving Red to be an imposter. But questions remain: Why was Red there the night of the fire? What was his relationship with Katarina? Who led Liz out of the closet? And why, at the end of Season One were we shown a glimpse of Red with a badly burned back?


⭕ Script 8:1 Roanoke (№ 139)

[ Red rides in his Mercedes with Dembe driving ] [ Siren wailing in distance ]
[ Cellphone ringing ] [ Cellphone beeps ]
Red: Hello? What? I’ll be right there.

[ Two US Marshall’s are guarding a hotel room ] [ Elevator bell dings ] [ An EMT step out]
US Marshall: Excuse me, sir. Your business?
EMT: Hotel Medical Services. We received a call from a guest with nausea and vomiting.
US Marshall: I’ve got a federal defendant under house arrest. We have orders to monitor all activities on the floor.
DMT: Oh, this guest is a UN investigator who thinks he may have been exposed to nuclear materials.
[ The EMT dons a medical mask and knocks on hotel room door ] [ Door opens ]
EMT: Hello?
[ The EMT rushes to a man moaning on the bed and feels his forehead ]
EMT: Oh, my God. He’s on fire. This guy’s prodromal.
US Marshall: So you’re saying he was exposed?
EMT: He needs a hospital!
[ Elevator bell dings ] [ Men with a gurney stacked with orange duffle bags exit the elevator ]
EMT: Agonal respirations. Thready pulse. You’re gonna need to ventilate. You coming?
[ The US Marshall stands outside the hotel room door, hesitating ]
US Marshall: It’s contagious, right?
EMT: Yeah. Like the giggles. If the giggles could kill you.
[ The Marshall steps back as the EMT closes the door ]
EMT: (Into a radio) We’re in.
[ The man leaps out of the bed and they begin unzipping the duffle bags as a wide work platform is lowered to stop outside the hotel window ]

[ In another room, a man wearing an ankle monitor watches a porn movie ] [ Woman moaning and panting ]
[ The “EMT” walks along the work platform to the room of the man watching porn and throws open the the sheer drapes ]
Man with ankle bracelet: [ Russian accent ] What the– Who the hell are you?
EMT: I’m here to get you out.
Russian Man: with ankle bracelet: Who sent you? Coates? Bryson?
EMT: We need to go now.I hope you’re not afraid of heights.
[ Woman moaning on tv continues ]
[ The Russian follows the “EMT” out onto platform and into the adjacent room ]

[ In the adjacent room, the crew pull a rectangular case out of one of the orange duffle bags and open it ]
EMT: (To the Russian) Step in. EMI-shielding. So the feds won’t know we removed your ankle monitor.
[ The top of the box closes on the Russian Man’s foot. Wires are snipped ]
Russian Man: So how do we get past the cops?

[ The crew exits the hotel room and rolls out the gurney past the US Marshall and onto the elevator. The man on the gurney is completely covered with a blanket ]
[ Elevator bell dings ]
EMT: ( To the Marshalls) No one goes in or out of this room until it’s decontaminated. Got it?
[ The “EMT” chuckles as the elevator doors close. Realizing what happened, the US Marshalls rush to the elevator and pound on the door ]
US Marshall: Hey! Hey!
[ They head down the emergency staircase ]

[ The fake medical crew exits the hotel. The Russian jumps off the gurney ]
— Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go!
[ They pile into a waiting ambulance ]
Marshall: Stop right there!
[ 💥💥 Shots exchanged 💥💥 ]
[ ⚡️Tires squeal ⚡️] [ The ambulance escapes ]

[ At Red’s mobile field-hospital-in-a-warehouse (“warehospital” per EW) where Dom is being treated ]
Red: When did it happen?
Dr Ed Clemons: A little over two hours ago.
Red: Two hours?
Dr Clemons: I didn’t want to call you until I knew the news was good. It’s good.
Red: How good?
Dr Clemons: I think it’s safe to say he’s back to his same old chipper self.

[ Dom’s room ]
Red: Hello, Dom.
Dom: You’ve been outflanked.
Red: Katarina’s been surprisingly formidable.
Dom: Ah, like France guarding the Maginot Line during the Blitzkrieg.
Red: She still hasn’t found what she’s after.
Dom: She captured and nearly killed you. She put me in a coma. Anything else? Or on the seventh day did she rest?
Red: You should rest.
Dom: So there is more.
Red: The seizures are gone, but the doctor says keeping it that way requires you to be calm and rested.
Dom: It’s Masha now, isn’t it?
Red: She knows I’m not Ilya.
Dom: So– she knows I lied to her.
Dembe: Elizabeth is here.
[ Monitor beeping ]
Red: We want the same thing. With her help, we’ll get it.
Dom: I want Masha’s trust. I had it. Thanks to you, I don’t have it anymore.

[ Red steps outside ] [ Door shuts. Liz enters ]
Liz: How’s the patient?
Red: Tired. He just– needs more rest. We have a case to discuss.
Liz: Roanoke?
Red: He makes people disappear. Like Maddy Tolliver.
Liz: Is that what her banker told you? She contracted him?
Red: At her instruction, the banker wired money into a Philadelphia account controlled by Roanoke.
Liz: Your tremors are gone.
Red: They are.
Liz: But not the underlying condition.
Red: I need you to focus on Roanoke, not on me. Can you do that?

[ The Post Office. Liz briefs the task force ]
Liz: General Kony gave combat-ready troops the slip in Uganda. Achemez Gochiyayev killed 293 people in the apartment bombings that triggered the Second Chechen War and then was never seen again. Both vanished, escaped capture with the assistance of a man who calls himself Roanoke.
Aram: Roanoke. Like the lost colony that mysteriously vanished.
Ressler: Cute. We have a name?
Liz: We don’t know his name or location or even if he’s still alive. Reddington says Roanoke was thought to be dead or captured, but a recent extraction in Pennsylvania proves otherwise.
[ A photo comes up on the overhead display ]
Liz: We believe this is Roanoke.
Ressler: I know this guy. He was arrested after 9/11 for getting Al-Qaeda loyalists out of the country. If he’s in our system, we must have an ID.
Liz: We have his prints, his DNA. We know he has a distinctive scar on his right cheek. What we don’t have is a name. The authorities at Qincheng Prison got a series of aliases but nothing authentic before he escaped.
Aram: He escaped Qincheng?
Cooper: Tell us about the extraction in Pennsylvania.
Liz: Lev Pasternak. Russian oligarch. Disappeared from a Philadelphia hotel room where he was on house arrest pending trial for murder.
Cooper: Then let’s get a team up there to start looking for him.
Liz: You should know that the reason Reddington gave us this case is because the next person Roanoke is supposed to disappear is Maddy Tolliver.
Aram: What? Uh– I thought she was dead.
Liz: Yeah, no. She’s not.
Agent Park: Why didn’t you tell us?
Liz: Because she’s also not Maddy Tolliver. She’s my mother.
Aram: Whoa, whoa, whoa. [ Chuckles ] Uh, hang on a second. The woman from across the hall is your– That means you got to spend time with your Mom after all these years. Yeah, she was pretending to be someone else and trying to kill a lot of people you care about, but, still, that– I mean, that must have been, you know– uh, meaningful?
Park: Does Reddington understand he’s asking you to try and capture your mother– And if you do, she might get the death penalty?
Liz: Yeah. I think he does. And so do I.
Cooper: Really? Because Park’s right. Your mother’s life may hang in the balance. And if we do this, your allegiance has to be to us, not her. Can you promise me that?
Liz: Yes. I can.
Cooper: Okay, then. Roll out.

[ Liz and Ressler walk out together ]
Ressler: How could you tell him that?
Liz: Because it’s the truth.
Ressler: You’re not gonna tell your own mother that we’re hunting her down?
Liz: I don’t have to. She knows.
Ressler: Wait, how? Who told her?
Liz: She had the chance to keep Reddington from meeting her banker, and she didn’t take it.
Ressler: Why would she do that?
Liz: I have absolutely no idea. Because it makes her easier to be found.

[ Roanoke’s crew, including the fake EMT and the Russian prisoner we now know to be a Russian oligarch named Lev Pasternak arrive at a warehouse ] [ Door opens ]
Lev Pasternak: Who’s the mastermind behind getting me out?
Fake EMT: Roanoke.
Pasternak: Whoever that is, I’m gonna make him filthy rich.
Fake EMT: The only reward he wants is for you to stand right there.
Pasternak: Okay. Sure. What happens right here?
[ Pasternak sees he is standing on a sheet of plastic taped to the floor ]
Pasternak: Oh, no. No.
[ 💥 The fake EMT shoots Pasternak ]

[ One of the US Marshalls who were guarding Pasternak is being questioned by Ressler ]
US Marshall: I noticed it too late. Two EMTs went in. Three came out. By the time I got down there, Pasternak was in the ambulance.
Ressler: Can you ID the guys who took him?
US Marshall: ID ’em? I thought I shot ’em.
Ressler: You didn’t shoot anyone. Maybe you missed.
US Marshall: Maybe. But I did two tours in Afghanistan as a sniper. I don’t miss.
[ Ressler steps out. Liz shows him a video from the hotel surveillance feeds of the escaping ambulance ]
Liz: Aram just sent this over from the hotel security feeds.
Ressler: Ballistic glass.
Liz: Yeah. And armor-plated. Look how low it rides.
Ressler: An armor-plated ambulance.
US Marshall: [ Calling over ] I told you I don’t miss.
Ressler: Whoever did the retrofit probably did it for Roanoke. Could be he knows how to find him.
Liz: I’ll text the man in the hat. If anyone knows who makes armor-plated ambulances, it’s him.

[ Red is in a shop with Dembe using a blender ] [ Blender whirring ] [ A man named Cong Yang enters ]
Cong Yang: [ Nervously ] What is the meaning of this? W-Who do you think you are?
Red: Fun fact– Li Qing Yuen ate wolfberries every day of his life and was said to have lived to the ripe old age of 256. From 1677 to 1933. Imagine! [ Laughs ] He could have had dinner with both Newton and Einstein. Separately, of course.
[ Red pours a glass of the concoction and hands it to Cong Wang ]
Red: (To Dembe) Elizabeth texted something about a custom armor-plate job. Give her Eduardo’s number and tell her she may need to incentivize dear Eddy to get him to talk.
[ Red raises his glass to Cong Yang ]
Red: To immortality.
[ He drinks; Cong Yang doesn’t ]
Red Ahh. ⋘⋙ My associate spoke to the doorman on his way into your building. And the doorman said a downstairs apartment recently sold for four-six.
Cong Yang: And there’s another one on the market. But I doubt the board will approve your application.
Red: [ Laughs ] I’m surprised they approved yours. Or did you fail to mention your role in helping Roanoke escape captivity? I suppose a lot of Park Avenue apartments are owned by your countrymen, but I doubt any of them used to be superintendent of a Chinese prison.
Cong Yang: What do you want?
Red: Ahh. What do I want? [ Chuckles ] Years ago, I was in a taxi on my way to a rendezvous in Kowloon City. This must have been around ’98, ’99. They’d just closed Kai Tak Airport, and everything was going in and out of the big, brand-new Hong Kong International. The place was gigundous. Largest passenger terminal in the world at the time. I’d come in on a cargo flight, and it was absolute madness over there. My ground transport had gotten screwed up, so I grabbed a taxi. I was running about an hour late and was a little out of sorts, so I’m sure I put the driver on edge, although he seemed pretty unflappable, and he had a hell of a heavy foot.
     Anyway, we’re doing our best. Traffic is terrible. The guy’s bobbing and weaving, and I’m trying to relax with one eye on the clock. Meanwhile, Jerzy’s been sitting at the Lucky Duck for 45 minutes, so given his usual 15 minutes a drink, Jerzy’s just finished his third gin and tonic with a fourth on the way. Now, I think the world and all of Jerzy, but at his best, he’s a bit stroppy, and after four or five G&T’s, he’s starting to look around for someone to mess with.
     So I’m feeling a little– vulnerable. I’m looking out the window. We’re stopped at a light. And all of a sudden– right there in the middle of the intersection is this scrawny little cat– A kitten really– Crying, meowing, scared to death, and traffic everywhere. I mean everywhere. Four lanes. And I just– And then the cat looked at me. Stopped crying. Closed its mouth. Blinked. And just stared at me. Like– Like it knew me. It took a couple of steps forward. I started to open the door. And phooph– the taxi took off. And there we went. And there went the cat.
     Jerzy was fine. [ Chuckles ] Drunk. Angry. But he was fine. Ahh. What do I want? ⋘⋙ I want that cat. And Roanoke.
Cong Yang: I wish I could help, but he didn’t say where he was going.
Red: A name then.
Cong Yang: I don’t know his name.
Red: The name you provided him with. The passport. The driver’s license. I want that name. ⋘⋙ And the cat.

[ Heddie Hawkins talks to Red as she walks down a sidewalk ]
Heddie: Santiago Vega.
Red: A name he may or may not be using.
Heddie: And you don’t know where he is.
Red: Not yet. But I will. Heddie, I need you to reach out to your contacts at the IRS, dig into his financials, see if you can help us track this guy down.
Heddie: Alright. I’ll talk to my people and circle back. Even if he’s using an alias, sooner or later, the IRS is gonna find him.
Red: Like Joe Louis to Billy Conn, “You can run, but you can’t hide.”
Heddie: The Brown Bomber. I look for him in my dreams every night.
Red: [ Chuckles ]
Heddie: Don’t worry, Raymond. I’m on it.

[ A vehicle repair shop ] [ Knock on door ]
Ressler: Eduardo Martinez?
Eduardo: Can I help you?
Ressler: Agents Ressler and Keen, FBI. We’re looking for a man who customized an ambulance.
Eduardo: I’d have to check my records.
Liz: That’s a pretty heavy door. Armor-plated?
Eduardo: Yes. A custom job for a Thai executive.
Liz: The ambulance we’re talking about was armor-plated.
Eduardo: Like I say, I have to check.
Ressler: You do that. And we will, too. Make sure all your, uh, work visas are in order.
Eduardo: Hey. I-I pay my taxes.
Ressler: And you employ a lot of people. Look. We don’t wanna mess with that. And we won’t– if you tell us who hired you to armor-plate that ambulance and where to find him.

Eduardo: (Voiceover) There’s a warehouse. 3rd and Windham.
[ Door shuts ] [ Liz any Ressler enter the darkened warehose, using flashlights ]
Liz: These are the plans for the hotel where they took Pasternak. Roanoke was definitely here. Which means we’re one step closer to finding him– and Reddington’s one step closer to finding my mother.
Ressler: Well, you said she wanted her banker to tell Reddington about Roanoke. Okay, but how did she know Reddington was meeting with her banker? Who tipped her off? It was you, wasn’t it?
Liz: Yeah. I warned her.
Ressler: But she ignored your warning. Why would she do that?
Liz: I don’t know.
Ressler: So you have picked a side. Hers.
Liz: Over his. Yeah.
Ressler: And over ours?
Liz: What do you mean?
Ressler: You told Cooper that we have your allegiance. Do we?
[ Liz finds a photo of the outside of a warehouse. She slips it inside her jacket ]
Ressler: Keen. Do we have your allegiance or not?

[ Knock on door ] [ Katarina lets Liz into her hotel room ] [ Liz storms in ]
Liz: [ To Katarina ] You lied to me. You told me Roanoke was your escape plan.
Katarina: He is.
Liz: Then why is he surveilling the warehouse where my grandfather’s being kept?
Katarina: The only way I can be safe is if Dom tells me everything I need to know, and that won’t happen unless I get him away from Reddington. Roanoke can do that.
Liz: Abduct my grandfather.
Katarina: Yes. So your mother can survive.
Liz: I think it’s time you tell me everything.

Liz: Let’s start with Dom and why you want to abduct him.
Katarina: All you can see is what I want to do to him. What I want you to see is what he did to me. In the West, you tell your young men to stand up for their country. In Russia, young women were told to lay down with the enemy. That’s how you showed loyalty. As the daughter of a domineering spy master, I never had a voice in my future. I was 15 the first time they ordered me to sleep with a young American soldier. Dom was the man who ordered me.
Liz: That’s awful. I’m so sorry.
Katarina: One reason I gave up my little girl, arranged for you to grow up in this country, was to spare you my fate.
Liz: And because you had to disappear.
Katarina: Which I never could have done, or would have done, if you weren’t safe. And you were safe, Masha. Until that man who calls himself Raymond Reddington pulled you into the middle of everything I was protecting you from. I don’t know who Reddington is, but I know he betrayed me. Reddington, along with my father and my best friend. The secrets you’re looking for? They tried to murder me to bury them.
Liz: What secret could be so powerful that a father would be willing to murder his own daughter?
Katarina: What do you know about N-13?
Liz: N-13? I don’t know what that is.
Katarina: Not a what. A who. N-13 is an operative. The “N” stands for “neopoznanny,” the Russian word for “unidentified.” 13 represents the 13 packets of intel he stole from Lubyanka Square in 1990.
Liz: You’re talking about a KGB mole?
Katarina: One whose identity remains unknown. A turncoat who was never proven to exist. 30 years of hunting, and still no one knows.
Liz: N-13 is still active?
Katarina: Depending on who you ask. The CIA, MSS, MI5, the Mossad– all believe he continues to cypher some of their most damaging intel.
Liz: From other governments? Why? To what end?
Katarina: To build a compromising file.
Liz: The Sikorsky Archive. You said it’s a blackmail file.
Katarina: One that started with 13 intel packets over 30 years ago and has been evolving ever since.
Liz: That’s why there was a bounty on your head.
Katarina: Yes. Because Dom set me up. He leaked to the KGB that I was N-13, that the dossier Ilya asked me to deliver that night was the elusive Archive.
Liz: They framed you.
Katarina: And tried to murder me before the truth could be known.
Liz: Why? Who were they protecting?
Katarina: [ Chuckles ]
Liz: What? You think Reddington is N-13?
Katarina: Or Dom. Or both. I believe Dom framed me so everyone would stop looking for N-13. Had I died that night, they would have.
Liz: But you didn’t. That’s why you’re still on the run.
Katarina: Wrongly accused. Hunted for a crime I didn’t commit.
Liz: So N-13– Reddington– is a mole.
Katarina: Who has manipulated you to gain access to top U.S. intelligence. Masha, Reddington didn’t choose you. He needed you. He traded on the questions you have about your past to gain immunity. He gives you criminals, and in exchange, he learns the names of every high-level official working in American justice, law enforcement, and intelligence.
Liz: So this whole time Reddington’s been using me, the Task Force has been this Trojan horse he’s been using to obtain classified intel.
Katarina: A father figure is trying to manipulate you the way my father manipulated me. Dom is lying about me. I am not N-13. I do not have the Archive. But unless I get him to tell me who does– To give me proof that I can show the world– I will be killed.
Liz: I get it now. Why you let your banker meet with Reddington. Why you wanted Reddington to have us chase after Roanoke. So we would find the warehouse, find the photo. Warn Reddington that you are going after Dom, while he’s convalescing in a well-guarded warehouse. But if they think it’s under attack–
Katarina: Reddington will move Dom, and while he’s being moved–
Liz: He’s a soft target. [ Chuckles ] That’s quite a plan. And it could work. It almost has worked in every way except one. ⋘⋙ The FBI didn’t find that photo. I did.
Katarina: Which means my fate is in your hands.
Liz: As well as my grandfather’s.
Katarina: And Reddington. Someone who killed the man who raised you, who’s responsible for the death of the man you loved, and who is so manipulative, he was willing to let you believe he was your father. ⋘⋙ You wanted the truth. I’ve given it to you. It’s up to you what you do with it.

[ Liz sits on the bench outside the towering FBI building, where Red sat at the very beginning of the series, right before he turned himself in to the FBI. She is holding the picture of herself as a little girl with her mother, the photo in which her mother’s face is obscured by the sunlight ]

[ Flashback: ]
Liz: And I’m supposed to believe you?
Red: [ Laughing ] Of course not. I’m a criminal. Criminals are notorious liars. Everything about me is a lie.

[ Flashback: ]
Liz: Why me?
Red: I wish the answer were as simple as the question seems.

[ Flashback: ]
Liz: (On phone) Are you my father?
Red: ⋘⋙ No.

[ Liz’s cellphone rings ] [ Cellphone beeps ]
Liz: Hey. Thanks for calling me back. I need to talk to you. ⋘⋙ No. In person.

[ At Red’s warehospital where Dom is ] [ Monitor beeping ]
Liz: We have a break in the case.
Red: Tell me.
Liz: I will. But I need you to tell me something first. When my mother abducted you in Paris, what did she want? From you. Dom. Dembe. She’s been on a rampage. I want to know why.
[ Instead of answering, Red looks through the window at Dom ]
Red: He’s a tough old bear. I know you’re angry with him, but for what it’s worth, you inherited the best of him.
Liz: That’s it. That’s your non-answer.
Red: I’ve given you my answer every time you’ve asked.
Liz: That you don’t lie, you just withhold.
Red: That I have things that are mine and no one else’s. So, what’s the break in the case?
Liz: [ Scoffs ] I found this at Roanoke’s last known location.
[ She shows the photo of the warehouse they are in ]
Liz: Dom is his next target. Her next target.
Red: Dom.
Liz: I can’t lose him. Not like this.
Red: She’s quite determined. You’ll have to be, as well.

[ The Post Office, Liz’s office ] [ She again is looking at the photo of herself as a child with her mother ]
[ Knock on door ] [ Ressler enters ]
Ressler: You okay?
[ Liz puts the photo in a drawer ] [ Drawer shuts ]
Liz: No. I’m not. I realized my mother can’t be trusted.
Ressler: Are you to be trusted?
Liz: Yes.
Ressler: Good. I’m glad. And a little curious. What did you find out about her?

[ The war room at the Post Office ]
Liz: My mother’s not using Roanoke to get away. She’s using him to get to my grandfather, Dominic.
Cooper: What proof do you have?
[ The photo of the warehouse comes up on the overhead ]
Liz: I found this where Roanoke planned his last job. It’s the building where my grandfather’s being treated.
Agent Park: Your grandfather. So, wait. Are you saying your mother’s target is her own father?
Aram: Yeah, it’s, uh– It’s a long story.
Park: That she hired Roanoke to abduct him?
Aram: A very long story.
Liz: She’s looking for something. Scorching and burning anything that stands between her and getting it.
Park: Including her father.
Cooper: Have you spoken to Reddington?
Liz: Yes. He agrees. Her next target is Dom, and she could attack at any minute. He wants to move Dom to a new safe house. I offered one of the plain-wrap medical vans from the FBI fleet.
Cooper: Done. We’ll coordinate with Reddington. Put a TAC team in the warehouse. Once we get Dom out, we’ll be ready for Roanoke to walk into our trap.

[ Red talks on the phone to Heddie Hawkins, who is trying to track down Santiago Vega, who they think is Roanoke ]
Red: Where are you on Santiago?
Heddie: In San Juan.
Red: Puerto Rico?
Heddie: Mm-hmm. Short story long, I was able to use the IRS to identify 14 Santiago Vegas.
Seven were deceased. Two were minors. And one has a current address in San Juan, and, according to an old photo in the local newspaper, he’s got the same exact scar on the right side of his face.
Red: I have a contact in Bayamón. We’ll organize a team.
Heddie: No need. I just spoke to his sister. I was gonna tell her that her brother has a tax refund.
Red: Heddie. The man’s hiding in Puerto Rico to hide. He’s certainly not going to come out of hiding to claim a refund on taxes he never paid.
Heddie: That’s what Tony said, which is why I went with his idea, and I told her I’m with the Mail Recovery Center, which is just a fancy way of saying–
Red: The Dead Letter Office.
Heddie: Right. I told her that I have a package that’s been searching for him for over four years, but that only he can take possession and that he had to sign himself. Told me Vega was shacked up in some resort on Parque Isla Verde. I’m following her there now.
Red: Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night. Bless you, Heddie. Call me when you know more.
[ Cellphone beeps ]

[ Eduardo Martinez’s auto shop ] [ Power wrench whirring ]
Martinez: Four flat-free tires. As ordered.
[ Liz gives Martinez a piece of paper ]
Liz: And the name of a guy who will be able to expedite a work visa, as requested. You scratch my back, I scratch yours. No one’s the wiser.
Martinez: It’s like you were never here.

[ Health workers at Red’s warehospital are preparing Dom to be transported to a new safe house. He’s grumpy about it ]
Dom: I got it, I got it. Leave me alone. I might’ve known. The minute you tell me I’m safe, the candy stripers go on attack. I should’ve crawled out of here the moment I woke up.
Red: I assure you the situation’s in hand. But sometimes plans require changing. Just like your bedsheets.
[ Dom is wheeled out past Red ]
Dr Clemons: [ To Red ] I don’t like this. He’s in a very fragile state. His life depends on–
Red: His life depends on staying alive. That means getting him out of here. So, please, just try and do your job as best you can without making mine more difficult. I’ve got him for that.

[ The task force prepares for the escort from a garage ]
Agent Frederic (TAC Leader): We’ve uplinked the CCTV feeds in the area and got the snipers on the roof.
Ressler: Alright. I want to be informed the minute you have Roanoke in custody.
Dembe: [ To Agent Park ] You and Ressler will take point on the escort. Raymond and I will be in the follow car.
Park: Copy that.
Liz: I’m sorry. I have to be the one behind the wheel of that transport van.
Red: Why? Is this some sort of FBI insurance thing?
Liz: More like “an FBI agent demanding to protect her grandfather” thing.
Red: Uh-huh. We’ll go check the vehicles.
[ Liz walks over to Dom’s gurney ]
Dom: You’re angry with me, and I don’t blame you. I misled you.
Liz: I’m used to it.
Dom: I know you have questions.
Liz: You know what, Dom? I really only ever had one question. Why? If he’s not my father, then why me? I asked you, and you told me his real identity was Ilya Koslov, which it is not. Another lie. Are you really telling me you’re ready to dive into the truth now?
Dom: I’m in– an impossible situation.
Liz: Yeah, that’s about what I thought.
[ Door opens ] [ Red enters ]
Red: Okay, guys and gals. Can we please load the patient into the van? We’re frittering away time here.
Ressler: We’re all set. TAC Team’s on standby.
Agent Frederic: Soon as you roll out, cameras go up and we lay in wait. When Roanoke strikes, we’ll be ready.
[ Agent Frederic recognizes who Red is ]
Red: Don’t look so disgruntled, Agent Fredrick. I don’t bite. Unless you ever utter my name. In which case, I’ll gut you like a fish and feed you to the lobsters.
Ressler: Good pep talk.
Liz: What’s our destination?
Red: I’ve secured a lodge on Deep Creek Lake. High on a bluff, easy to defend. Views for miles.
Liz: And the route?
[ Katarina and Bahar are listening in. Bahar, it turns out, was the lead “EMT” who extracted then killed the Russian oligarch Lev Pasternak ]

[ Heard over comms: ]
Red: We’ll take back roads to 135– then it’s a straight shot all the way to the lake.

Katarina: You get that?
Bahar: Yes.I can’t believe she’s actually going through with this. How did you get her to wear the wire?
Katarina: A daughter’s need for her mother’s approval is nature’s most powerful force. Move your team out.

[ Red and Dembe’s Mercedes is the last vehicle in the escort. Red appears thoughtful, unsettled ]
Dembe: What is it, Raymond?
Red: Just thinking.
Dembe: About?
Red: Roanoke’s extractions are all inside jobs. He succeeds by putting his people on the inside, or buying the loyalty of those already there.
Dembe: Do you believe he may have turned one of our men?
Red: No. They know the consequences of betrayal. Still. It’s– troubling.

[ Dom’s gurney is in the back of the white van Liz is driving ]
Dom: Can’t stay angry forever, you know.
Liz: I’m not so sure about that.
Dom: I only misled you because I wanted you to have some resolution.
Liz: It didn’t help.
Dom: Yeah. Well, I tried.
Liz: No. You lied. You made up an elaborate story.
Dom: It wasn’t all a story.
Liz: Enough of it was because not you, nor Ilya Koslov, nor Raymond Reddington want me to know what you know. Well, guess what, I know. I know enough. And I’m gonna prove it.

[ The Post Office ]
Cooper: Sitrep on the convoy?
Aram: Transport is moving unimpeded west through Catharpin on highway 234.
Cooper: What’s this? The truck approaching Reddington’s warehouse.
Aram: Running the plates now. Team Bravo, you have eyes?
Agent Frederic: That’s affirmative.
Cooper: Hold your position until we know what we’re dealing with.
Dom: What’s going on, Masha?
Liz: Just enjoy the ride, try and relax.
Dom: Stop telling me to relax. What’s going on? What’re you up to?
[ A dump truck is stopped ahead by the side of the road. A man is working under the hood ]
Aram: Okay, that dumpster is valid. It’s part of the DPW fleet. Ward five.
Cooper: Bravo Team, stand down. We’re clear on the vehicle.
Agent Frederic: (On comms) All quiet here.
Cooper: Yeah. Too quiet. I don’t like this. What are we missing?

[ San Juan, Puerto Rico ] [ Lana leads Heddie Hawkins into a room to meet her brother, Santiago Vega, who Red and the Task Force believe is the mastermind, Roanoke ]
[ Lana speaking Spanish ]
[ Man speaking Spanish on TV ]
[ Lana continues speaking Spanish ]
Lana: Santiago? It’s me. Lana. We brought you some mail. Thought it might be fun for you.
[ The man is clearly Santiago Vega, judging by the scar on his cheek, but he is severely disabled, his right hand shaking uncontrollably. He stares blankly and does not respond to Lana ]

[ Heddie calls Red from her car ]
Heddie: Boss, hey, we got a problem.
Red: What is it?
Heddie: Vega. I found him, but it’s not good. He’s sick, Raymond. Real sick. Dementia.
Parkinson’s. Whoever pulled that job– Whoever’s looking for Dom– It ain’t Vega. Somebody’s playing you.

[ Inside the white medical van ]
Dom: Soon as you got behind the wheel I thought you were up to something.
Liz: I gave you a chance, Dom. Just like I gave Reddington chances. I gave him seven years worth of chances.
Dom: I had good reasons for telling you what I told you.
Liz: Oh, so help me God, if another person in my life tells me they lied to me for my own protection.
Dom: You don’t understand the position I’m in.
Liz: You’re right. I don’t.
Don’t Whatever you’re doing, don’t–
[ On the road, the man clams shuts the engine hood of. the truck and walks toward the cab ]
[ Monitor beeping ] [ Beeping intensifies ]
Dr. Clemons: His heart rate’s climbing. Please, stop. We have to keep him calm.
[ Monitor beeping, cellphone vibrating ]

[ The van and escort approach the truck on the side of the road. The driver of the truck takes out a long metal box which he places parallel to the highway. He lowers a flap on the box ]

[ Liz answers her phone ]
Liz: Yeah.
Red: It’s a set-up. We need to get off this highway. There’s a turnoff on the right about a half a mile ahead.
Liz: I’ll be gone by then. But don’t worry. Dom will be safe. She promised me that much.
Red: Elizabeth. What have you done?
[ The dump truck pulls away, leaving the box on the road. Liz takes out a remote and presses a button (Beep) The box on the highway spews forth strips of tire spikes to stop the vehicles ]
[ ⚡️Tires screeching⚡️, air hissing💨] [ ⚡️ Tires screech⚡️, air hisses💨 ] [ All the vehicles come to a stop — except for the white van which Liz had had Eduardo Martinez equip with puncture-proof tires ]
Dr. Clemons: (To Dom) Everything will be okay. Just breathe.

[ Agent Park, Aram and Ressler walk together down a corridor at the Post Office ]
Park: So we’ve been conned.
Aram: Us and Mr. Reddington.
Park: But not Keen. She did the con. She and Katarina.
Ressler: Well, it all makes sense now.Why Katarina wanted Reddington to think that she was going after Roanoke. Why she wanted him put on the Blacklist.
Aram: Except there is no Roanoke. Just the shell of a man living in hospice.
Park: Katarina couldn’t hire him, so she imitated him. Had her people abduct Lev Pasternak, then leave breadcrumbs to make Reddington believe it was the work of Roanoke.
Ressler: She wanted us to believe that he was still active, that she had hired him to get Dom out of that warehouse.
Aram: Which was a tactic designed to scare us, which only made him more vulnerable. So, you know, kudos to us.

[ Cooper’s office ]
Red: We need to find them, Harold. I’m searching in my world. You need to search in yours. They must be found.
Cooper: Elizabeth doesn’t want to be found. By either of us.
Red: Forgive me, but at the moment I’m not interested in what she wants.
Cooper: At the moment, or ever? All Agent Keen wanted from you were answers– About her past, her parents. And you refused to give them.
Red: What I have given her is an education. On how people think. What they want. And what they’re willing to do to get it.
Cooper: We’ll find her. But not so she can continue her “education.” We’ll do it because we’re concerned about her – and because she broke the law. I’m angry with Agent Keen, but I’m livid with you. Seven years ago she was kind, enthusiastic, decent. Under your tutelage she’s become someone I fail to recognize.
Red: Oh, I think you do. You may not want to. You and I both may not like what it looks like. But we both recognize it for what it is– Her destiny.
Cooper: We will get her back. We, not you.
Red: What are you saying, Harold?
Cooper: This is an internal matter now. Your assistance is not required.
Red: It may not be welcome, but it is most definitely required.
Cooper: [ Stands out ] Forgive me for not seeing you out, but I need to address my team.
Red: Don’t be cheeky, Harold. You’ve never seen me out.
[ Red leaves ]

[ The team gathers in the war room. It’s late ]
Aram: A manhunt. For Agent Keen.
Ressler: With all due respect, sir, isn’t this a bit of an overreaction?
Cooper: To abduction.
Ressler: Of her grandfather. A lying, deceitful KGB goon.
Cooper: I must’ve missed the part in the criminal code that says we only care when nice people are taken. I get it. You don’t want to do it. I don’t wanna do it either. But Agent Keen has betrayed this agency as well as everyone in this room. She is responsible for the abduction of Dominic Wilkinson and is now in league with Katarina Rostova– Who may be her mother, but is also a wanted fugitive.
Park: They don’t need jail time. They need family therapy.
Aram: I mean, shouldn’t we wait for her to reach out to us first? Sorry. Of course we’ll do what you tell us, sir. But personally? This feels wrong.
Cooper: I suspect we all feel the same way. But we have a job to do, so– let’s go do it.
[ They disperse ] [ Ressler’s cellphone chimes ] [ It’s a text from Liz: “Need to meet” ]

[ A parking garage ]
[ Vehicle alert dinging ] [ Vehicle door shuts, dinging stops ] [ Liz steps out from behind a wall ]
Ressler: What do you want?
Liz: Time. To figure things out.
Ressler: A favor. That’s what you want. After lying to my face you expect a favor.
Liz: I didn’t know why she wanted us to go after Roanoke. You have no reason to believe me, but it’s true.
Ressler: And Dom.
Liz: She needs to talk to him.
Ressler: She’s gonna torture him. Bleed him like she bled Reddington. Are you okay with that?
Liz: I would not let that happen. I want answers.
Ressler: You sabotaged an FBI investigation.
Liz: And you shot the man responsible for your father’s death. I guess family just has a way of bringing out the worst in us.
Ressler: No. This is different and you know that. I was a teenager. I didn’t have anyone to go to. But you do. Liz, come in with me. We’ll talk to Cooper. I’ll back you, no matter what comes.
Liz: [ Voice breaking ] You saying that– That means the world to me. It does– but I know things now. Things I need Dom to confirm about the Sikorsky Archive and N-13.
Ressler: N-13?
Liz: I need time. Katarina needs time. Not to hurt Dom, to convince him to tell us what he knows. What Reddington knows and refuses to tell me. Yes, I need a favor, but I need it.
[ Stevie Nicks’ ♫ “Landslide” with Lindsey Buckingham plays ]
Liz: And I need you to keep believing in me.
[ There are tears in Liz’s eyes. She leans forward and kisses Ressler. He kisses back, briefly ]

♪ Took my love, and I took it down
♪ Climbed a mountain and I turned around ♪

Ressler: I won’t give up on you.

♪ And I saw my reflection ♪

Ressler: But I still need to do my job, Keen.

♪ In the snow-covered hills ♪

Liz: I know you do.
[ Liz takes the gun from inside Ressler’s pocket and steps back, pointing it at him ]

♪ Till the landslide brought me down ♪

Ressler: Dammit.

♪ Oh, mirror in the sky ♪

Liz: You didn’t trust me when we first met.

♪ What is love? ♪

Liz: [ Sighs ] We’ve come so far–

♪ Can the child within my heart ♪

Liz: –just to end up right where we started.
[ Liz back away pointing the gun at Ressler and disappears through the door to a stairwell ]

♪ Rise above? And can I sail through the changin’ ocean tides? ♪

[ At the Post Office, Aram calls in the specifics to initiate the manhunt ]
Aram: That’s right– Keen. K-E-E-N.

♪ Can I handle the seasons ♪

Aram: First name’s Elizabeth.

♪ Of my life?
Oh, oh, I don’t know Mm, mm, I don’t know
Well, I’ve been afraid of changing ♪

[ Knock on door ] [ Katarina lets Liz in ]

♪ ‘Cause I’ve built my life around you ♪

Katarina: I just spoke to Dr. Clemons.

♪ But time makes you bolder ♪

Katarina: They reached the new safe house.

♪ Children get older ♪

Katarina: Dom is stable and resting peacefully.

♪ I’m getting older, too Yes, I’m getting older, too ♪

[ Liz has slumped down onto a chair ]
Katarina: You did the right thing.

♪ Oh ♪

Liz: Yeah, it doesn’t feel that way. I just walked away from the only friends I have.
Katarina: You did what you did to protect them. And me. And yourself.
Liz: Dom. We’re not gonna hurt him.
Katarina: Neither of us want that.
Liz: So how are you gonna get him to talk?
Katarina: I’m not. You are.

♪ I’ve been afraid of changing
I’ve been afraid of changing
‘Cause I’ve built my life around you
But time makes you bolder
Children get older ♪

[ Red sits in a darkened room ] [ Dembe enters ]
Dembe: Raymond?

♪ I’m getting older, too
Yes, I’m getting older, too ♪

Red: I lost her, Dembe.

♪ So take this love ♪

Dembe: We lost her.

♪ Take it down ♪

Red: I lost her.

♪ Oh, if you climb a mountain ♪

Dembe: We knew this day might come.

♪ And you turn around ♪

Dembe: We talked about it.

♪ If you see my reflection ♪

Dembe: This was always a possibility.

♪ In the snow-covered hills ♪

Red: Yeah. I knew it–

♪ Well, the landslide will bring it down ♪

Red: And I let it happen anyway.

♪ Well, the landslide
Will bring it down ♪

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Episode Songs


♫ Landslide
Fleetwood Mack (Stevie Nicks with Lindsey Buckingham)

♪ I took my love and I took it down
Climbed a mountain then I turned around
And I saw my reflection in the snow covered hills
Well the landslide brought me down

♪ Oh, mirror in the sky
What is love?
Can the child within my heart rise above
Can I sail through the changing ocean tides
Can I handle the seasons of my life

♪ Uh ah
Uh ah
Uh ah

♪ Well, I’ve been afraid of changin’
‘Cause I built my life around you
But time makes you bolder
Children get older
I’m getting older too

♪ Well

♪ Well, I’ve been afraid of changin’
‘Cause I built my life around you
But time makes you bolder
Children get older
I’m getting older too

♪ Well, I’m getting older too

♪ So, take this love and take it down
Yeah, and if you climb a mountain and ya turn around
And if you see my reflection in the snow covered hills
Well the landslide brought me down

♪ And if you see my reflection in the snow covered hills

♪ Well maybe
Well maybe
Well maybe

♪ The landslide will bring you down.

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2UryYnU
YouTube: https://youtu.be/WM7-PYtXtJM

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🔴 Script 8:2 Katarina Rostova Pt 2 (№ 3)

Program air date: 11/20/2020 in the US
Permalink: https://wp.me/pDKwi-aAN
Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/3pIiVk5

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Stephanie Marquardt
Written by: Lukas Reiter



Brief (Where we’re at): Katarina and Liz have abducted Dom (Dominic Wilkinson, Katarina’s father and Liz’s grandfather) from Red, who was having Dom cared for. Dom had been in a coma for months after having been shot in the chest in a shootout between Red’s crew and Katarina’s, and had just regained consciousness. Katarina put into play a scheme to fool Red, Liz and the FBI into believing that a notorious extraction artist known as “Roanoke” was still active and was planning to raid Red’s “warehospital” where Dom was being taken care of. Liz caught on to the scheme and confronted her mother. Katarina told Liz she needed to question Dom to save her own life.

Katarina said her father had been a “domineering spymaster” for the KGB who had used her, starting at the age of 15, to extract secrets from American soldiers by having her sleep with them. Later, in 1990, when the Soviet Union was disintegrating, an unidentified operative dubbed N-13, had stolen 13 secret intel files and was suspected of adding to it ever since. Dom had told the KGB that Katarina was N-13 and had attempted to murder her to end the search. But she had survived and gone into hiding. Katarina insists to Liz she is not N-13, but she thinks Red may be, or Dom, or both. Liz agrees to help Katarina abduct Dom, by driving the van which will take him to the new safe house Red has located. She arranges to have “flat-free tires” to be put on the transport van, which she insists on driving herself. This allows her to drive the van through a tire-spike hazard which stops the FBI escort vehicles and Red’s Mercedes.

Cooper initiates a manhunt for Liz, though the task force has mixed feelings. Liz reaches out to Ressler and they meet alone in a parking garage. Liz tries to explain why she and Katarina need to talk to Dom. Ressler seems to have heard of “N-13” before. He wants Liz to turn herself in, that he will back her “no matter what comes.” She softens and kisses him. It’s a serious kiss but he cuts it off, “I have to do my job, Keen.” “I know you do,” she says, taking the gun from inside his jacket and backing away with the gun pointed at him to make her escape.

Red is devastated to have lost Liz to Katarina. Dembe reminds him this was a possibility they had talked about. “Yeah, I knew it,” says Red, “And I let it happen anyway.”


⭕ Script 8:2 Katarina Rostova Pt 2 (№ 3)

[ Liz has taken Dom to Katarina’s safe house ]
[ Liz sits in a chair next to Dom’s hospital bed ] [ Monitor beeping ]
[ Dom wakes up ]
Dom: [ Groggily ] Masha.
Liz: [ Sharply ] Don’t call me that.
Dom: Your mother.
Liz: You tried to murder my mother. And you lied to me about Reddington, convinced me he was Ilya Koslov.
Dom: That woman. You abducted me for her.
Liz: My mother’s been–
[ Katarina and Dr Ed Clemons, who was abducted along with Dom, are in an adjacent room monitoring the conversation and Dom’s vital signs ]
Katarina: How hard can I push him?
Dr Clemons: You won’t get away with this.
Katarina: I asked you–

[ Heard over monitor ]
Liz: And the people looking for her–

Katarina: –how hard?
Liz: –to hurt me or Agnes if it would help them get what they want. And I didn’t abduct you for her. I abducted you for answers – To make it stop. Help me understand. For the first time, stop protecting Reddington, and God knows who else, and make the decision to protect your own family. Three generations of women fighting to survive.

[ At Eduardo Martinez’s body shop, Red sits in a chair. Eduardo lifts tire iron over Red but looks nervous and lowers it ]
Eduardo: [ Pleading ] Mr. Reddington, please.
Red: Take a swing, Eduardo. Go ahead. This is what you wanted. Take your best shot. Because I assure you, if you don’t, I will.
[ Red points his pistol at Eduardo ]
Eduardo: Mr. Reddington, please, I would never betray you.
Red: Come on. Nice big swing.
Eduardo: I told you – I swear – I didn’t know your people were the target.
Red: If you’re not gonna hit me, you could at least say something hurtful. I mean, how am I supposed to deal with this? You’re so plaintive, I feel like I should apologize for your betrayal. You know what?–
Eduardo: I–
Red: –Just help me track the van. Give me a VIN number, license plate, whatever you’ve got.
Eduardo: You know what I’ve got – Nothing. My clients don’t want me to be able to track them. But for you, if I had any idea your people were in danger, I would’ve put a trace on the vehicle. But I didn’t. Because I didn’t know.
[ Dog barking ] [ Red decides Eduardo is telling the truth and stands up ]
Red: You’re a good man, Eduardo. And I’m glad you didn’t clock me with the tire iron. I was thinking, “Boy, that’s really gonna hurt.”
[ Door opens and closes; Dembe enters ]
Red: Anything?
Dembe: Not yet. They must have a safe house nearby. We don’t think they were on the road for long.
Red: That’s it? With all the sources we pay for information?
Dembe: Everyone’s looking. But wherever they are, they know better than to show themselves.
Red: Dembe, Dom’s too old. He’ll try not to break, but if they push him, he’ll die trying.
[ Red returns his attention to Eduardo ]
Red: I’m terribly sorry about the theatrics, Eduardo. I should have known better. I do hope I haven’t made you too uncomfortable.
[ Red stuffs some bills into Eduardo’s hand ]
Red: Take Kate to Argonne. Have dinner, a few laughs. I hear Chef Gilbert does a ris de veau that’ll make your toes curl.
[ Red turns to leave ]
Dembe: Raymond, where are we going?
Red: We need a lead. If we don’t have one, we need to talk to people who might.

[ The Post Office ]
Cooper: Tell me. Where are we?
Aram: So far, we’re working two possibilities. Uh, first is this man. [ Keys clacking ] A roadside surveillance camera picked him up just before the spike strip deployed.
Agent Park: We believe he placed the spike strip at Keen’s instruction.
Cooper: Can we enhance the resolution?
Aram: You’re already looking at it. The plate’s a fake.
Cooper: So how are we gonna find her?
Ressler: We can circulate this image to local merchants, Metro PD, see what shakes loose, but problem is, how do we do that without exposing Keen to a kidnapping charge?
Cooper: My question exactly. Please, tell me we had better luck with the van.
Agent Park: Not much. Surveillance feed shows it continued north for another six-tenths of a mile. At that point, it turned off the main road and took smaller surface streets.
Ressler: To avoid any cameras. Keen knows what she’s doing.
[ Elevator doors sliding ] [ Red and Dembe step out ]
Ressler: What do you want?
Cooper: Our help. He wouldn’t be here unless he needed something.
Red: Good to see you all, as well. Like it or not, I believe we’re all pulling on the same oar. Harold, perhaps we could go find a comfortable chair somewhere.

[ Dom’s room at the safe house ] [ Monitor beeping ]
[ Dom’s eyes look around the room for cameras ]
Liz: What are you looking at? You want to know if she’s here.
Dom: I know. Tell her to come out where I can see her.
Liz: She’s not hiding. I asked her to let us talk alone. I know you’re not gonna tell her the truth. I know a lot more than the last time we talked. I know about the Sikorsky Archive. That’s right. And N-13.
Dom: Careful, Masha. Say “N-13” around the wrong person at the wrong time, and you won’t live to regret it.
Liz: I told you not to call me that. And I’m not the one in danger here. N-13 has the Archive, doesn’t he? Assuming it is a “he.”
Dom: Now, you listen to me–
Liz: It’s Reddington, isn’t it? He framed my mother.
Dom: You have no idea what you’re talking about.
Liz: If he doesn’t have it, you know who does. You’re protecting someone. Who could be so important that you would sacrifice your daughter?
Dom: [ Angrily ] My daughter. Some daughter.
Liz: Don’t lie to me. I swear, it’ll be better if you just said nothing than–
Dom: That’s enough! [ Monitor beeping rapidly ] You think I want this? To live with this, to die for this? To keep these secrets?
Liz: Then stop keeping them.
Dom: I can’t. You don’t understand. Whatever secrets I know, they’re not mine to tell.
You don’t have to believe me, but if I die, I’ll know I did my best to protect you and Agnes.
Liz: If you want to protect us, stop keeping secrets that put us in danger and start telling us the truth!
[ Dr Clemons comes in ]
Dr Clemons: He needs to be sedated.
Liz: We’re not finished.
Dr Clemons: You are for now.
[ Beeping rapidly ]

[ Cooper’s office ]
Cooper: You want information. So you can get to Agent Keen before we do.
Red: If history is any indication, Harold, you may never get to Agent Keen without me.
Ressler: We’ll take our chances.
Red: Really? With an old man’s life at stake? A sick old man in need of medical care? If he dies–
Cooper: If he dies, it’ll be no less your fault than hers. Imagine risking everything – Her career, a life with her child, her freedom – All to get answers you already have.
Red: Oh, come on, Harold. We’ve been over this. She’s gone way too far. Felony abduction. Very possibly torture. Hell, she could kill the old son of a bitch.
Ressler: She wouldn’t.
Red: What do you imagine she’s doing, Donald? Saying, “Pretty please” “Mother, may I”?
Ressler: I’ll tell you what she’s not doing – Behaving like you would.
Red: Boy, she played you. She took advantage of your rather significant blind spot in matters of [ nods at Ressler’s crotch ] the heart.
Ressler: What does that mean?
Red: I mean that if this were the high-school prom, she’d be the pretty loner standing on the sidelines and you’d be the second-string quarterback guzzling down the punch, hoping to cop a feel off her during “Stairway to Heaven.”
Ressler: I’ve had enough of you!
[ Ressler lunges at Red. Dembe steps in to push him back, slipping his fingers under Ressler’s lapel and tapping ]
Cooper: Okay. That’s it. That’s enough. We’re done here. In fact, it’s possible after this we’re done, period. If and when we find Agent Keen, we’ll let you know.

[ Red and Dembe get into the elevator. The doors slide shut ]
Red: How’d it go?
Dembe: I placed it under his lapel.
[ Button clicks ] [ Beeping ] [ A tracking display on Dembe’s phone shows an orange triangle moving against the layout of the Post Office ]

[ The safe house ] [ Liz is in the room from which Katarina and Dr Clemons and been watching Dom remotely ]
Katarina: You want to release him? You can’t be serious.
Liz: Look at him. He’s unconscious.
[ A monitor displays Dom asleep on his bed ]
Katarina: He’s sedated, that’s all. When this seizure subsides, we can try again. And again and again.
Liz: He’s not gonna talk.
Katarina: Oh, he will. Not willingly. But he’s too old to withstand a more aggressive approach.
Liz: No.
Katarina: You understood what we were doing here. We agreed not to stop–
Liz: Until what?
Katarina: Don’t give me that look. I’ve been crystal clear about how far I’ve been willing to go. You said you were in agreement.
Liz: I know what I said, but I can’t, not if it means torturing an 80-year-old man. Whatever he’s done, he’s still your father. And my grandfather.
Katarina: So what now? We can’t just take him back where he came from.
Liz: Maybe we can. Let me make a call.
[ Katarina turns and walks away ]
Liz: Katarina. Mother!
[ Katarina stops and turns around ]
Liz: I need to know you’re not going to hurt him.
Katarina: You’ve never called me that.
Liz: You won’t, will you?
[ Katarina shakes her head slightly, then turns to walks away ]

[ Liz places a call ] [ Beep, phone speed-dialing ]
[ Ressler’s cellphone rings ]
Ressler: Ressler.
Liz: It’s me.
[ Red listens in to the call via the bug Dembe placed on Ressler’s lapel ]
Ressler: Where are you? Are you alright?
Liz: I’m okay, but this was a mistake.
Ressler: Cooper’s going out of his mind.
Liz: I need help with Dom – Equipment, medications. Same place as last time?
Ressler: I’ll be there. 30 minutes.
[ Beep ]
Red: We should have Chuck and Morgan follow Donald. I want to know as soon as they make contact.

[ The safe house ] [ Dr Clemons enters the monitoring room ]
Katarina: Is it done?
Dr Clemons: He’s conscious. The seizure has abated, but I’m concerned that he might have–
Katarina: I’m aware of your concerns, Doctor. You’ve made them very clear.
Dr Clemons: No, you don’t understand. He’s having some kind of episode.
[ Dom’s room ] [ Dr Clemons and Katarina enter ] [ Monitor beeping ]
Dom: [ In Russian ] Lena. Lena. I thought you were bringing me my tea.
Dr Clemons: He’s been drifting in and out of Russian. Calling for a woman named Lena. Do you know who that is?
Katarina: Lena Volkova. She was his wife. Dom. Can you hear me? Lena’s not here. Dom, open your eyes.
[ Dom sees Katarina as a young woman ]
Dom: It’s you. You’re here.
Young Katarina: I’m here.
Dom: He gave you back to me. I thought I’d lost you forever.
[ Dom reaches up to stroke Katarina’s cheek. He pulls her hand to his lips and kisses it ]
Dom: [ Sobbing ]

[ Morgan, Chuck and another of Red’s men, Bud, are parked out of eyesight of Ressler’s SUV which is parked under an overpass. They are monitoring the situation with binoculars ]
Red: Any movement?
Chuck: Negative. He’s still parked under the overpass.
Red: How does that work? Is he “under an overpass” or “in an underpass”?
Morgan: Stand by. I got a car coming in.
Chuck: It’s Agent Keen. She’s walking to his car. What now?
Red: Let’s just wait and see.
[ Liz gets into Ressler’s SUV ]
Ressler: Keen, I–
Liz: Don’t say it.
Ressler: Don’t say what exactly? Of the 10,000 things I should say–
Liz: Ressler.
Ressler: What, don’t commit felony kidnapping? Don’t betray everyone you work with? The only people who’ve proven over the last seven years how much they actually care about you.
Liz: It’s done. I made my choices. And I’m not here for your forgiveness or approval.
Ressler: Then what are you here for? Why did you call me? Just to inform me that you’re torturing your grandfather for information?
Liz: No one’s being tortured. Come on. You know me better than that.
Ressler: Do I? See, I thought I did, but lately, boy, you’re full of surprises.
Liz: He’s in a safe house – in the warehouse district.
Ressler: With your mother, the woman who shot him in the chest!
Liz: She’s not gonna hurt him.
Ressler: Oh, and you believe her. Well, you got it all figured out.
[ Red is listening in ]
Liz: He had another seizure. We need more doctors, advanced equipment.
Ressler: So that’s why you called me. He needs more doctors?
Liz: He has answers. All of them. I thought if he wouldn’t talk to her, he’d talk to me, have some human response to his granddaughter pleading for help.
Ressler: And he said nothing?
Liz: It’s my mistake. Whatever humanity he had died a long time ago.

[ Dom’s room ]
Dom: [ In Russian ] … it’s all falling apart. Everything. Gone.
Katarina: What’s happening to him?
Dr Clemons: It’s not uncommon for seizure patients to experience delusions, even hallucinations.
Katarina: He’s talking like it’s years ago.
Dr Clemons: He’s lost any sense of time. I can administer an antipsychotic. It may work to block the dopamine and serotonin in the brain.
Katarina: No.
Dr Clemons: No? I don’t understand.
Katarina: I want the truth, Doctor. And I don’t care if he tells the woman I am now or the woman I was then.
[ Monitor beeping ]
Young Katarina: [ Russian ] Papa. Thank God I have found you. I’m…in trouble. I need your help.

[ Ressler’s SUV ]
Ressler: Tell me where he is. I’ll go myself with a transport van, get him whatever help he needs.
Liz: And what about my mother?
Ressler: Liz, you know this has to end.
Liz: I know how Reddington wants it to end. Or how it’ll end if you go by the book. But can’t you just ignore the rules, just this one time?
Ressler: Think about what you’re asking me to do. She tortured Reddington, shot Dom, abducted Dembe’s imam.
Liz: To save her own life! And mine!
Ressler: Liz, listen to me. You’re on this quest to find answers about your family. Well, I’m as close to family as you got, and I’m telling you – if you don’t stop protecting her, you’ll end up destroying yourself.
Liz: I’m sorry.
Ressler: Don’t be.
Liz: I shouldn’t have put you in this position.
Ressler: You don’t have anything to apologize for. I would do anything for you if I could.
Liz: But you can’t do this.
Ressler: [ Sighs ] Now I’m the one who’s sorry.

[ Liz gets out of Ressler’s SUV ]
Chuck: Keen’s on the move.
Dembe: Let her go, Raymond.
Red: [ Into his phone ] Lock it down, Chuck.
[ Engine starts ] [ Morgan guns the gas ] [ ⚡️Tires screech⚡️ ] [ Red’s men pour out ]
Liz: Ressler!
[ Liz and Ressler draw their guns, but it’s three-to-two and two of Red’s guys have semi-automatic rifles. Ressler and Liz lower their guns ]
Morgan: [ To Red, on phone ] We’re good here. Targets secure.

[ Monitor beeping ]
Dom: Listen to me. I know what you’re planning. I know you think it’s your only way out.
Katarina: What I’m planning?
Dom: I know you’re in danger.
Young Katarina: In danger? I’m being hunted. They will stop at nothing until they find me and destroy me.
Dom: We can handle the Cabal.
Young Katarina: You’re not listening. It’s Townsend. They put a bounty on my head. I have to run.
Dom: No! You can’t leave me again.
Katarina: [ Russian ] I don’t want to, Father. But they’ll kill me. I’ve been framed. They think I have the Archive.
Dom: Sikorsky?
Young Katarina: Yes. Yes. Help me stop them. Help me understand why they think I took it.
Dom: Because you did.
Katarina: What are you talking about?
Dom: I can help you. But what you are planning, it– It breaks my heart.

[ In a commercial kitchen in a brick building, Red and Dembe look at city grid maps on a tablet ]
Dembe: We know Katarina is holding Dom somewhere in this 2-mile radius.
Red: I want every building scrutinized. See if they’re occupied and, if so, by whom. Any abandoned buildings get top priority.
Dembe: I have six teams mobilizing.
Red: She chose this area ’cause it’s filled with midsize warehouses. Here. These six blocks. Two dozen structures. That’s where I’d go. So that’s where she’ll be.
[ Morgan and Chuck bring in Ressler and Liz ]
Ressler: You followed me!
Red: Of course I didn’t. I had you followed. Take it easy, Donald. The veins on your neck are straining. You don’t want a ruptured aneurysm. [ To Liz: ] As for you, I can’t begin to describe my disappointment.
Liz: Oh, thank God.
Ressler: Be disappointed all you want. She’s still a federal agent. And so am I. You can’t hold us!
Red: You and Harold – Always telling me what I can’t do while I’m doing it. Tell you what. Why don’t we split the difference? You go, Agent Keen can stay with me.
Liz: I won’t tell you where she is.
Red: Then I won’t ask. Run along, Donald. Call in the cavalry. I’ve got quite a head start. The FBI won’t find them before I do.
[ Dembe and Ressler leave ]
Red: [ To Liz ] Tea?
[ Outside, Ressler turns around to challenge Dembe ]
Ressler: You can’t be on board with this. I mean, he’s out of control!
[ Door closes ]
Ressler: Promise me he won’t harm Keen.
Dembe: He won’t.
[ Dembe gives Ressler back his gun. Ressler leaves ]

[ Red’s cellphone rings ]
Red: Do forgive me, Harold, but I’m a little busy at the moment.
Cooper: I know what you’re doing, and I’m calling to tell you to stop!
[ Ressler is with Cooper ]
Red: You’re angry. That’s understandable. I would be, too, if my agent snuck away to have a secret meeting with the woman my task force was searching for.
Cooper: That’s for me to deal with. Is it true you’re holding Keen?
Red: Well, what choice do I have? If I let her go, she’ll warn Grendel’s mother.
Cooper: We’ve talked about that. Elizabeth’s mother is not to be harmed.
Red: And I agreed. Anything else?
Cooper: I’m not kidding, Reddington.
Red: Well, you don’t sound like you’re kidding, Harold. But you’ve always known where this is headed. What she’s done must be avenged.
Cooper: Not by her murder.
Red: When it’s over, I’ll look up and see what remains. If there are any bridges, I’ll cross them when I get there.
[ Red’s cellphone flips shut ]
Cooper: [ To Ressler ] Get our people to the warehouse district. Bring Agents Mojtabai and Park up to speed. It’s a long shot, but maybe we can find them first.

[ Dom’s bedside ]
Katarina: I need a name. It’s not enough to say I was framed.
Young Katarina: I need to prove who has the Archive.
Dom: You know.
Katarina: It wasn’t me. Why are you saying that? Okay, it doesn’t matter who took it back then. What matters is who has it now. I need a name.
Dom: [ Muttering ]
Katarina: Is it Reddington? Is he the one you’re protecting?
Young Katarina: Goodbye, Papa.
[ She begins to walks away ]
Dom: No! Don’t go!
Young Katarina: I have to go. They’re coming for me. They’re close. If I don’t leave now, they’ll kill us all.
Dom: Reddington.
Katarina: Reddington. He has the Archive?
Dom: Yes. You took it, but he has it. And so do you.
Katarina: We both have it? How is that possible? Tell me what you mean.
Young Katarina: Tell me now, or you won’t see me again.

[ Liz is sitting at a round table. Red pulls out a chair across from her ]
Red: How long have you been helping her? That’s how you know about Ilya, isn’t it? You were there when she was questioning him, helped her get away. You know you can’t trust that woman, right?
Liz: That woman is my mother.
Red: Oh, she’s just using that to exploit you.
Liz: Why?
Red: So you’d do exactly what you’ve already done.
Liz: I know about the Sikorsky Archive. That’s why the Townsend Directive was issued. She was framed.
Red: Is that the story she told you? She’s a victim? An innocent wrongly accused?
Liz: Are you N-13?
[ Red stares at her icily ]
Liz: Because she certainly believes you are. Do you have it? The Archive?
Red: I see. So this is a ghost story. And you believe her.
Liz: What choice do I have? She’s the one looking for answers. You’re the one hiding them. Maybe she’s not telling me everything. Do I still have questions? Of course. But for now, the only one I need to answer is this – Am I willing to let you kill her? And the answer is no.
[ Red’s cellphone rings ]
Red: What’s the word?
Bud: I think we found her. It’s a medium-size shipping complex on Paxton, only nothing’s getting shipped ’cause the company went bankrupt six weeks ago. It’s a good spot for a safe house – easy in and out, close to the main roads out of town.
Red: Any movement?
Chuck: Definitely. Bud popped the lock. We can’t see who, but there’s people inside.
Red: I’ll see you there.
[ Call ends ]
[ Red gets up. Chair slides back ]
Liz: If you hurt her, we’re done. Understand? Whatever this is, whatever relationship we had or have, will be over.
[ Red scrutinizes Liz’s imploring face, then leaves ]
[ Door closes ]
[ Dembe takes out a pair of handcuffs ]

[ Red and his men enter the warehouse Katarina has been using as a safe house ]
[ Silenced gunshots (💥💥) One of Katarina’s guards falls ] [ Grunts ] [ Gun cocks ]
[ A figure comes out ]
Red: Hands! Show me your hands!
Dr Clemons: Don’t shoot. It’s me.
Red: Where is she?
Dr Clemons: Gone.
Red: How long ago?
Dr Clemons: A-A few minutes.
[ Red enters Dom’s room ] [ Monitor beeping ]
Red: Dom. Dom.
[ Red squeezes Dom’s shoulder ]
Red: It’s Raymond.
Dom: Raymond. [ Wheezes ] You’re too late. S-She was here. I– I told her.
Red: [ Gently ] Told her what? ⋘⋙ Dom. What did you tell her?
Dom: Everything.
[ Katarina is trying make her way out of the building. A man with a rifle comes around a corner. She grabs him and slams him against the wall. He falls. She takes his handgun and continues on. She exits the building. Far above, someone exits the building onto the fire escape ]

[ Ressler is driving with Park in a vehicle ]
Park: We just crossed into the warehouse district.
Cooper: Focus on the streets east of the pier. We’re scrambling units.
Ressler: I don’t like our chances. I don’t think we’re gonna find that warehouse before Reddington does.
Aram: Actually, maybe they already have. I’m looking at satellite feeds, and there is a lot of activity on Paxton Ave.
Ressler: Copy that.

[ Liz sits at the table in handcuffs. Dembe leans against the wall, eyes cast down ]
Liz: Dembe. Dembe, look at me. Please. She’s my mother. You can’t let him kill her.
[ Liz gets up and runs at Dembe, who restrains her ]
Liz: You know this is wrong! Why are you helping him?!
Dembe: I can’t answer that.
Liz: Let me go. Let me try and stop him.
[ Dembe stares at her ]

[ Monitors beeping rapidly ]
Red: It’s okay, Dom. Everything’s gonna be okay.
Dr Clemons: Mr. Reddington, I need additional equipment. His heart rate is irregular, blood pressure’s spiking.
[ Monitors beeping ]
Dom: [ Weakly ] You said I’d never see her again. But she– she came.
Dr Clemons: Mr. Reddington, I really–
Red: Thank you, Doctor. You’ve done everything you can.
[ Dr Clemons leaves ]
Dom: I held her hand. Touched her face. [ Wheezing ] At least– I got to say goodbye to her.
Red: Yes.
Dom: My daughter. My Katarina.
Red: [ Gently ] She loves you. She always has. Nothing can ever change that.
Dom: [ Gasping weakly ]
[ Red clasps Dom’s arm ]

[ Katarina is outside, trying to evade Red’s men and the FBI. She ducks behind some equipment, but Chuck spots her ]
Chuck: I got eyes! [ Radio beeps ] Target heading north on Ridgemont.
[ Katarina goes through a turnstyle into a parking lot. In the enclosed parking lot, a man and a woman are walking together and talking ]
Carol: You can check the purchase order tomorrow morning when they’re back at the office.
Reggie: Will do. Have a good night, Carol.
[ Reggie leaves; Carol walks to her vehicle ]
[ Katarina approaches Carol’s vehicle. A sticker on the back says “Proud Parent of An Honor Student ~ John Adams Middle School” ]
Katarina: Carol?
Carol: Yes. I’m sorry. Do we know each other?
Katarina: I thought that was you. Donna Hays. We met a few weeks ago at John Adams.
Carol: Right. Donna. How are you?
Katarina: So good.
Carol: I’m sorry. Remind me again how you’re connected to the s–
[ Chuck and Bud approach ]
Chuck: There!
[ Katarina points her gun at Carol ]
Katarina: The keys. Give me your keys.
[ Carol obeys ]
Chuck: Cover the exit!
[ Engine starts ] [ Katarina presses the gas ] [ Chuck shoots 💥 through the SUV, right through the back window and front windshield. A second shot 💥 rings out, but Katarina gets away in the stolen vehicle ]

[ Guns drawn, Ressler and Park enter Katarina’s safe house. They separate. Ressler enters the room where Dom is. Red is sitting quietly next to the bed. Dom has died ]
Ressler: Reddington. [ Sighs ] You can try and spread the blame around all you want, but this is on you. Keen was looking for answers – Answers that you have. If anyone’s responsible for this man’s death, it’s you.
[ Red kisses Dom’s temple. He puts on his hat, straightens the brim and slowly gets up ]
[ As Red walks past Ressler, he says: ]
Red: You’re probably right.

[ Red calls Dembe ]
Red: Dom’s dead, Dembe.
Dembe: No.
Red: He’s dead. And she’s gone.
Dembe: Raymond, I’m sorry.
Red: She knows everything. So we have to find her. We have a plate number for the car she’s driving. It won’t last long.
Dembe: If she does know–
Red: There’s only one move she can make. Our best chance is to intercept it.
Dembe: That’s dangerous.
Red: I have Chuck and the others.
Dembe: I should be with you.
Red: Take Elizabeth to the apartment. Hold her there. I’ll call you when this part’s done.
[ Cellphone beeps ]

[ Red’s men unload rifles from two vehicles parked alongside a grassy embankment ]
[ Red drives up to the checkpoint of a parking lot guarded by two armed men ]
Security Guard: Hey. Boss expecting company?
Security Guard 2: Negative. Nothing on the schedule.
Security Guard: Oh! Oh, oh, oh. Roll down your window, sir.
[ Red doesn’t respond to the command ]
Security Guard: Hey, we got a wise guy here. Open up.
[ Gunshots 💥💥 ring out ] [ Both security guards fall ]
[ Red drives on in ]

[ Telephone rings ] [ Keypad beeps ]
Susan: Mr. Heidegger’s office. 🔘 [See Note]
Katarina: Mr. Heidegger, please.
Susan: I’m sorry. He’s not in right now. Can I take a message?
Katarina: It’s urgent that I speak with him. A personal emergency.
Susan: May I ask who’s calling?
Katarina: Katarina Rostova.
Susan: I’m sorry. Could you–
Katarina: You heard me. Put him on the line.
Heidegger: I understand. We all thought so, Susan. [ Sighs ] No, you did the right thing calling me at home. Go ahead and put her through.
[ Susan puts the call through ] [ Keypad beeping ]
Heidegger: This is Heidegger. To whom am I speaking?
Katarina: You already know. That’s why you took the call.
Heidegger: Dear lady, I don’t know who you think you’ve reached, but there’s some misunderstanding.
Katarina: You’re William Heidegger. The highest-ranking representative of the Townsend Organization in the Western Hemisphere.
Heidegger: Well, whoever I am is irrelevant. Katarina Rostova is dead.
Katarina: You believe the Kazanjian Brothers killed me because that’s what I wanted you to believe. It was a good plan. It tricked Townsend into paying the bounty on my head, part of which I used to prove my innocence.
Heidegger: Assuming, for the sake of discussion, you are who you claim to be, what proof could you possibly have?
Katarina: I have the identity of N-13.
Heidegger: You’re N-13.
Katarina: No. But I know who is. And I’m willing to give you his name in exchange for my safety.
Heidegger: There’s a park on the corner of Wabash and Grant. I take my granddaughter there to feed the ducks. West benches. Will that do?
Katarina: I’ll be there.
[ Cellphone beeps ]
[ Heidegger hangs up ]
[ Red, it turns out, is sitting across from Heidegger ]
Red: Well done, William.
Heidegger: You won’t survive this.
Red: I appreciate your concern. Oddly enough, I was about to say the same thing to you.
[ Chuck escorts Heidegger away ]

[ Red calls Dembe ] [ Cellphone dialing ]
[ Cellphone ringing ] [ Dembe is driving Liz, who sits next to him ]
Dembe: Raymond.
Red: We were right. She reached out to Heidegger, set a meeting. I’ll text you the address.
[ Cellphone beeps ]
Liz: [ To Dembe ] Is it done? Did he kill her? ⋘⋙ I know you’re not gonna help me, but you could at least have the decency to tell me whether or not my mother’s dead. ⋘⋙ I know you’re loyal to him, and I’m not asking you to be disloyal. But I do have a right to know.
Dembe: Your grandfather, Dom. He passed.
Liz: [ Sighs ]
Dembe: I’m sorry. You asked why I’m still helping Raymond. And I said I didn’t know anymore, but that’s not true.
[ Dembe pulls over and stops the car on the side of the road ]
Dembe: [ Sighs ] I know it seems like Raymond can be selfish and sometimes cruel.
Liz: Sometimes? He’s killed everyone I’ve ever cared about. My father, my husband, my grandfather. And now you’re dropping me off? Why? So you can help him kill my mother, too?
Dembe: It isn’t what it appears to be.
Liz: I was always glad you were in his life. He had a better angel that might influence his behavior.
[ Liz is crying, her mascara smeared ]
Liz: But now I know you’re not. You can’t. You’re no better than he is. [ Voice breaking ] I can’t anymore. I’m done. [ Sniffles ] I can’t fight him anymore. He wins. He always wins.
[ Dembe softens, turns toward her. Liz clocks him, grabs the keys and gets out the her side of the car ]
[ Dembe gets out of the drivers side and looks around. He can’t see her. She’s crouching alongside the car. He walks around the back. She gets back in and moves to the drivers side ] [ Doors lock ]
[ Dembe points his gun at her through the window, but she knows he won’t shoot ]
Liz: [ Muffled ] He’s not gonna win this time!
[ Engine starts ] [ Liz drives away ]

[ Katarina approaches Heidegger who is sitting on one of a pair of park benches facing a pond. His chin is tucked in and his cap pulled down. Katarina sits alongside him, looking straight ahead ]
Katarina: Before you get any ideas, I have teams watching from every angle, and I’m armed.
[ She doesn’t have teams, just a gun ]
Katarina: Reddington is N-13. He has the Archive. He’s the one you’ve been looking for.
[ No response from Heidegger ]
Katarina: Say something. ⋘⋙ Did you hear me?!
[ Gun cocks ] [ Red lays the barrel of his gun on Katarina’s shoulder ]

Red: No, I don’t believe he did. The pistol.
[ Katarina surrenders her pistol ] [ Red sits down on the bench adjacent to her ]
Red: Dominic’s dead.
Katarina: He wasn’t when I left him.
Red: No matter. You killed him, just as sure as I killed poor Heidegger there.
Katarina: Am I supposed to feel something about that? Dom set me up, led me to what was supposed to be my public slaughter. Think what you want, but I won’t be shedding any tears for that monster.
Red: No, I wouldn’t think so.
[ Katarina reaches into her pocket and quietly speed-dials Liz ]
[ Liz’s cellphone is on a table. It vibrates ]
Voicemail answers: You’ve reached Elizabeth Keen’s voicemail. Please leave me a message.

[ At the safe house, Ressler and Park look on as Dom’s body is zipped into a body bag ]
[ Liz calls Ressler on Dembe’s cellphone ] [ Phone speed-dialing ]
[ Ressler’s cellphone ringing ] [ Cellphone beeps ]
Ressler: Dembe?
Liz: No, Ressler. It’s me.
Ressler: Keen? I’m sorry. We– We got here too late. Dom’s gone.
Liz: I know.
[ Liz wipes the tears and messy mascara from her eyes ]
Ressler: You do? How? Where are you? Why are you calling me from Dembe’s phone?
Liz: Ressler, listen to me. He’s going to kill her. Reddington’s on his way to kill my mother.
Ressler: Hold on. Slow down.
Liz: She’s there now. The park on Wabash and Grant. That’s where he’s gonna meet her. You got to send units there now.
Ressler: Done. But, Keen, you got to realize the best-case scenario here is we arrest her.
Liz: Then arrest her. Just get there. Now.
Ressler: Where are you?
Liz: I’m on my way, but I’m unarmed. You got to stop him.

Katarina: All those years searching for answers, and you were right in front of me the whole time.
Red: For what it’s worth, I didn’t know what Dom was planning in Belgrade.
Katarina: I believe you. But after – you let the world believe the lie. You dangled me out there, let everyone think I had the Archive. And now I know why. Because if they were chasing me, it meant they weren’t chasing you.
Red: It’s not quite that simple.
Katarina: You’re N-13, aren’t you? You framed me. You fed me to Townsend as a patsy, and Dominic knew and helped you do it.

[ Cooper’s office. Aram enters ]
Aram: Sir. Sir, I just got off the phone with Agent Ressler, and he’s gonna do it. Mr. Reddington’s really gonna do it.
Cooper: Do what?
Aram: He’s gonna kill Agent Keen’s mother. City Park. Wabash and Grant. They’re there now.
Cooper: Scramble units.

Red: I could’ve helped you the way I always have, kept you one step ahead. But staying safe wasn’t enough. You needed answers. Well, now you have them. And now they’ve destroyed you.
Katarina: What if I promised never to tell a soul what I’ve learned?
Red: Well, that would be the last lie you ever told.
Katarina: You won’t kill me. You can’t.
Red: Why is that?
Katarina: Because Elizabeth would never forgive you.
Red: You don’t know a damn thing about Elizabeth.
Katarina: Oh, that’s not true. I’ve gotten to know her. She chose me. She’s helping me. She has no idea who you are. Me? I’m her mother. And even now, there’s love there.
[ ♫ “Martha’s Dream” by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis plays (violin 🎻) ]
[ Katarina gets up and begins to walk away. Red stands up and follows ]
Red: I can’t let you leave.
Katarina: [ Chuckles ]
[ Katarina turns toward Red ]
Katarina: [ Taunting ] My God. I can’t imagine what this must be like for you, knowing you can’t kill me because of how much Elizabeth loves her mother.
[ Liz appears in the distance, running toward them ]
[ Red 💥💥 shoots Katarina; she falls ]
[ Liz screams, shouting at Red ] [ No audio ]
[ Chuck runs up to Liz and holds her back to keep her away from Red ]
[ ♫ Violin 🎻 plays louder ]
[ Liz still screaming ] [ No audio ]
[ Red stands frozen as his men drive up in two vehicles ]
[ Audio returns ]
Liz: You’re never gonna get away with this!
Bud: Red.
[ Bud holds a car door open. Red turns and walks toward the car ]
[ Red’s men load Katarina’s and Heidegger’s bodies and clear the scene of evidence ]
[ Once Red is inside the vehicle, Chuck releases Liz ] [ The vehicles drive away ]
[ Liz is left alone. She falls onto her knees, rocking and sobbing ]

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Episode Songs


♫ Martha’s Dream
By Nick Cave and Warren Ellis

♪ [ Instrumental: Violin 🎻 ]

Lyrics and Credits: [ Instrumental ]
YouTube: https://youtu.be/I22kGkI90iQ

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🔴 Script 8:3 16 Ounces

Program air date: 1/22/2021 in the US
Script Permalink: https://wp.me/pDKwi-aEt
Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/2Y6a7ba

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Andrew McCarthy
Written by: Jon Bokenkamp, John Eisendrath, Lukas Reiter



Brief (Where we’re at): Liz’s mother Katarina Rostova and grandfather Dominic (“Dom’) Wilkinson (Katarina’s father) are dead. Dom died after being abducted by Liz from under Red’s care where he was recovering from a gunshot wound to the chest suffered during a shootout with Katarina’s men. Katarina’s plan was to interrogate Dom regarding the identity of a mysterious operative dubbed N-13 believed to possess a blackmail file called the Sikorsky Archive. In 1991, Dom had attempted to have Katarina killed and tell the world that she was N-13. But the plot failed because Katarina was not in the car when it exploded; it killed her husband Pyotr instead. A bounty was put on Katarina’s head (“The Townsend Directive”) and she went into hiding, with Red’s help. But Liz and Ressler’s search for information about Liz’s past alerted the Townsend Organization that Katarina might still be alive and the Directive was reactivated.

Katarina convinced Liz she needed answers from Dom about the true identity of N-13, so Liz helped by abducting him along with his doctor during transport. Liz first questioned Dom, but he refused to give up any information and went into a seizure. Liz told Katarina she didn’t want to go on with the questioning. She called Ressler for help and arranged to meet him to beg him to help get more medical help for Dom, but Dembe had previously placed a bug on Ressler’s lapel. Liz told Ressler that Dom was being held in the warehouse district. Red’s men used the bug to track them and captured Ressler and Liz at their rendezvous spot.

Red had Dembe release Ressler, leaving Liz to question Red about the Sikorsky Archive and whether he was N-13. He did not answer but implied that Katarina was no innocent victim. Meanwhile, Katarina continued her questioning of Dom, who in a state of delirium after his seizure, spoke partly in Russian and saw Katarina as she appeared in 1991. At first he resisted telling her who N-13 was, but when she threatened to leave, he broke down and said that Reddington was N-13. As for the Sikorsky Archive, he said she had taken it but Reddington had it.

Red and his men were able to track down and enter the warehouse where Katarina was holding Dom, but the doctor said Katarina had just left. Red went to Dom’s bedside, where Dom said he had told Katarina “everything.” Dom, close to death, said he had seen “My Katarina, my daughter.” Red, realizing his mental state, told Dom Katarina loved him and “nothing can change that.” By the time Ressler arrived, Dom had died. Ressler accused Red of being responsible for Dom’s death “no matter how you want to spread the blame around.” Red, leaving, said “You’re probably right.”

Red called Dembe to tell him of Dom’s death and what Dom had told Katarina and that there was only one intervention that was possible. In the meantime, Katarina called William Heidegger, the head of the Townsend organization in the Western Hemisphere and offered to give him the identity of N-13. They agreed on a meeting place. What Katarina didn’t know was that Red was in the room with Heidegger.

Red had told Dembe to take Liz to his apartment, but Liz tricked Dembe, locking him out of his car, leaving his phone inside with the location of the meeting.

When Katarina arrived at the meeting place, she found Heidegger sitting on a park bench, facing the a pond, his chin on his chest and his cap pulled down. She said Reddington was N-13, but Heidegger did not respond. “Say something,” she said, “Can you hear me?” “No, I don’t believe he can,” responded Red from behind her, laying his gun against her neck. Heidegger was just a propped-up corpse. Katarina insisted that Red couldn’t kill her:

Red: Why is that?
Katarina: Because Elizabeth would never forgive you.
Red: You don’t know a damn thing about Elizabeth.
Katarina: Oh, that’s not true. I’ve gotten to know her. She chose me. She’s helping me. She has no idea who you are. Me? I’m her mother. And even now, there’s love there.

Katarina got up and began to walk away. “I can’t let you leave,” Red said. Katarina turned around to taunt him: “My God. I can’t imagine what this must be like for you, knowing you can’t kill me because of how much Elizabeth loves her mother.” Liz appeared in the distance, running toward them. Red shot Katarina twice, in full sight of Liz. As Red’s men cleared the scene and hustled Red into a car, Liz was left behind, rocking back and forth and sobbing.


⭕ Script 8:3 16 Ounces

Voice-over: Previously on “The Blacklist”:

Scenes from the distant and recent past …
[ At Red’s flat as Liz looks at the photo of herself as a small girl on a swing with a woman ]
Red: I knew her as Katarina Rostova, one of her many names.
[ Scenes of Katarina emerging from the water at Cape May ~ first a scene from Red’s opium-induced phantasm with him saving her; then the scene from Katarina’s own memory of her emerging from the water alone ]
[ At Dom’s house in the country ]
Dom: Many powerful people were looking for your mother.
Liz: She was being hunted.
Dom: And she knew she needed to disappear, to fade away.
Red: As I feared would happen, elements from Katarina’s past are circling Elizabeth like a pack of wolves in the night.
[ At Tansi Farms, upon finding the empty burial site dug up by Mr Kaplan ]
Dembe: I’m not sure Elizabeth will ever be ready to learn about what you did to Katarina.
[ In Paris as Red walked on the dark street behind Katarina ]
Red: [ Voice-over ] I need to control the danger to Elizabeth. I have built a vast criminal network predicated on that very principle.
Red: [ Calls out ] Katarina.
[ In Paris, as Red has been captured and is being tortured by Katarina ]
Red: I’ve always helped you.
Katarina: You were never on my side.
[ The 💥🔥‼️ Explosion ‼️🔥💥 of the car in Belgrade when Dom tried to assassinate Katarina ]
[ In her kitchen, Liz aims her gun at Katarina ]
Katarina: I’m your mother.
Liz: A mother protects her children.
Katarina: I did protect you, by hiding you. And I didn’t want you to be hunted, too.
Katarina: I love you, Masha.
[ After Liz kidnaps Dom but was caught by Red when she reached out to Ressler )
Red: You know you can’t trust that woman, right?
Liz: “That woman” is my mother.
Red: No, she’s just using that to exploit you.
Liz: If you hurt her, we’re done.
[ In the park where Katarina was to meet with Heidegger but Red showed up ]
[ Red shoots Katarina, as Liz runs toward them ] [ 💥 Gunshots 💥 ]


⊱❀⊰ ♤ ⊱❀⊰

[ The park where Red shot Katarina ]
Ressler: Whatever happened here, it’s over. There’s no sign of Reddington or Keen.
Park: No visible blood or spent shell casings. We can get a forensic team, see what they find.
Cooper: [ On speakerphone from Post Office ] Do it, but my guess is, we won’t find anything.
Reddington probably had his cleaners on standby.
Aram: He didn’t kill her. He wouldn’t. I mean, uh, it is Mr. Reddington, but, guys– guys, still, i-it’s Liz’s mother.
Cooper: Agent Ressler, any word from Keen?
[ Liz enters her apartment and begins to pack a bag ]
Ressler: No. Nothing. When she called to tell me what Reddington was going to do, it was on Dembe’s cell. If she still has it, she’s not answering.
Cooper: What about her phone?
Ressler: She doesn’t have it. Reddington’s people took it and her service weapon when they grabbed us.
Cooper: You need to get to her apartment. Agent Mojtabai, call Agnes’ school, find out whether Keen picked her up.

[ Liz’s apartment. She takes a cell phone out of a drawer. As she continues to pack, she listens to the recorded messages ]

Recording: You have reached the voicemail box of–
Liz’s voice: Elizabeth Keen. [ Beep🔅]
Merritt: Hey, Liz, it’s Merritt. We got your message. Yes, of course, you know Agnes can always come home with us after school. I’m sure Kelly will be thrilled. Hope work goes well.

Recording: Next message. [ Beep🔅]
Ressler: Hey, Keen, it’s me. We need to talk. Look, I’m not mad, okay? But I’m worried about you. Call me when you get this.

Recording: Next message. [ Beep🔅]
Katarina: All those years searching for answers, and you were right in front of me the whole time.

[ Liz peers from around a wall partition and listens ]

Red: For what it’s worth, I didn’t know what Dom was planning in Belgrade.
Katarina: I believe you. But after, you let the world believe the lie. You dangled me out there, let everyone think I have the Archive. And now I know why. Because if they were chasing me, it meant they weren’t chasing you.
Red: It’s not quite that simple.
Katarina: You’re N-13, aren’t you? You framed me. You fed me to Townsend as a patsy, and Dominic knew and helped you do it.
Red: I could’ve helped you – the way I always have. Kept you one step ahead. But staying safe wasn’t enough. You needed answers. Well, now you have them. And now they’ve destroyed you.
Katarina: What if I promise never to tell a soul what I’ve learned?
Red: Well, that would be the last lie you ever told.

[ In a warehouse, Red watches as his men wrap Katarina’s body in plastic sheeting and secure it with duct tape ]
Dembe: Raymond, we should go.
Red: You think this was a mistake?
Dembe: You ask a tactical question. I see only an ethical one. No. It was not a mistake, but it was wrong.
Red: Because of Elizabeth.
Dembe: You’ve pushed her too far.
Red:: I wonder.

[ Aram and Agent Park are searching Liz’s apartment ]
Park: Most of her clothes are gone.
Aram: [ Quietly ] Where are you, Liz? What are you doing?

[ The seedy “Metro Motel” ] [ Siren wailing ]
[ Liz slides the Motel Clerk a passport with her photo but with the name “Allison Thomas” through a metal tray under a bullet-proof partition ]
Motel Clerk: Thank you, Mrs.Thomas. And how would you like to pay for the room this evening?
Liz: Cash.
[ Liz slides the cash through. The Receptionist passes her the keys ]

[ Liz enters her motel room ]
[ Lock clicks ] [ Door opens and closes ] [ Lock clicks ] [ She dumps her suitcase down; wads of bills slide out ]
[ Liz listens to more of the recording Katarina had left as a message with her answering service ]

Katarina: You won’t kill me. You can’t.
Red: Why is that?
Katarina: Because Elizabeth would never forgive you.
Red: You don’t know a damn thing about Elizabeth.
Katarina: Oh, that’s not true. I’ve gotten to know her.

[ The Post Office ]
Cooper: So, she left her apartment. What about Agnes?
Aram: I spoke to a woman named Merritt Marks. She took Agnes home with her daughter after school for a play date. Now, Liz called her a few hours ago, saying she had to leave town for a work emergency and asked her to take Agnes for a few days.
Cooper: So we’re nowhere. We’ve lost track of Keen and her mother.

[ Liz sits at a small table in the motel room, listening to the recording ]

Katarina: She chose me. She’s helping me. She has no idea who you are. Me? I’m her mother. And even now, there’s a love there.
Red: I can’t let you leave.
Katarina: [ Laughs ] My God. I can’t imagine what this must be like for you. Knowing you can’t kill me because of how much Elizabeth loves her mother.
[ 💥 Gunshots 💥 ]

[ Liz startles at the sound of the gunshots. She clicks the phone off ] [ Cellphone Beeps🔅]

[ Cooper is in his office, making calls ]
Cooper: That’s right. Keen, Elizabeth. It’s just my gut, but I don’t think she left the city. Thanks, Joe. I appreciate your discretion.
[ Receiver clicks ]
[ Cooper looks up. Liz has entered ]
Cooper: [ Sighs ] Do you have any idea how many favors I’ve called in trying to find you?
Liz: He killed her.
Cooper: Thank God you’re okay.
Liz: Did you hear what I said? It was an execution.
Cooper: We went to the park. We couldn’t find any evidence.
Liz: That’s why I’m here. I have all the evidence you need.

[ Liz plays the recording for Cooper ]

Katarina: […] I can’t imagine what this must be like for you, knowing you can’t kill me because of how much Elizabeth loves her mother.
[ 💥 Gunshots 💥 ]

Cooper: You saw it happen?
Liz: With my own eyes, and I’ll testify to it. I don’t care what happens to me, but he can’t get away with this.
[ Cooper hesitates ]
Liz: Say something.
Cooper: I-I’m thinking.
Liz: About what? He murdered my mother.
Cooper: The Russian spy who tried to bleed him to death, who had your grandfather shot? Who our intelligence bureaus believe killed at least a dozen American agents for the KGB and the Cabal?
Liz: I know what she’s done. None of it justifies her execution.
Cooper: I’m not trying to justify it.
Liz: Like hell you’re not. You’re making excuses, looking the other way, like we’ve always done.
Cooper: I was clear with Reddington your mother was not to be harmed.
Liz: [ Sarcastically ] Well, he obviously took that message to heart. You know why he did it? Because he could. He knew that no one on this task force was gonna do anything about it.
Cooper: That’s unfair.
Liz: It’s the truth. When he shot her, I wanted to run, just get Agnes and go where nobody would find us. But I’m here because of you. Because I thought maybe you were the one person who still cared about what’s right.
Cooper: I won’t be lectured by you on professional ethics. Reddington’s out of control. I know that. I also know that I can’t take him down without taking you down with him.
Liz: I don’t care anymore.
Cooper: Then I’ll care for you. You kidnapped your grandfather. A felony kidnapping charge alone is enough to destroy your life, send you to prison, sever any relationship you have with your daughter. You may be disgusted by my silence, Agent Keen, but you will benefit from it.
Liz: Everywhere I go, there’s a man who insists on protecting me.
[ Liz takes out her badge and lays it down on Cooper’s desk ]
Cooper: [ Sighs ] Elizabeth– if you want out, go. But I hope you’ll think about what we do here before you decide.
Liz: It’s over.
Cooper: Maybe. But I’m asking you – talk to Reddington first. What he did is inexcusable, but if you talk to him, if you could get him to tell you why he did it, it won’t bring her back, but it may start the process of healing.
Liz: It won’t. But for you, I’ll consider it, sir.
Cooper: If this is the last time we see each other – for the first time, I wish you would call me Harold.
Liz: Even when you know I’m not gonna like it, you’ve always been honest with me. Very few people have. Thank you for that – Harold.

[ Liz walks over to Aram’s workstation carrying two large soft drinks. He’s working frantically ]
[ Keyboard clacking, computer 🔅Beeping🔅 ]
Liz: Any luck?
Aram: [ Without looking up ] No calls. We’re running taps on her cell and apartment lines and a third on the friend she asked to watch Agnes –
[ Aram’s voice trails off. He looks up at Liz ]
Liz: If anyone can find me, my money’s on you.
Aram: You’re here.
Liz: You look tired.
[ Liz puts one of the drinks down by Aram. She puts the other by her, at the edge of the table ]
Aram: Does– Does Mr. Cooper know–
Liz: Yeah, Cooper knows.
Aram: So you talked?
Liz: Talked? Yeah. Communicated? Not so much.
Aram: Oh. Don’t worry. I mean, I know he’s angry, but in a day or two–
Liz: Look, I don’t know how to tell you this–
Aram: He’s gonna let you come back.
Liz: I don’t want to come back. I wanted to tell you in person that I– have to step away for a bit, and so I’m not gonna see you for a while, and– I just want you to know how grateful I am [ Chuckles ] This is so hard.
[ Liz backs up, knocking her drink over ]
Aram: Whoa.
Liz: Oh, wow. I’m so sorry.
Aram: [ Nervously ] No. Don’t worry. I’ll just– Uh, hang on. I’ll just grab some paper towels.
Liz: Sure.
[ Aram dashes off. Once he’s out of sight, Liz opens a drawer of his desk and peels off a requisition form from a pad. Then she leaves ]
Aram’s voice: Coming.
[ Aram hurries back and begins wiping up the spilled drink. It takes him a few moments to realize Liz is gone ]

[ Red stands outside Dom’s rustic house in the country. His lawyer, Marvin Gerard, is there with him ]
Red: It’s just a part of life. Watching the generation ahead of you, the people you care about, grow old. And at some point, you start to – do the mental work necessary to prepare yourself for the inevitable. And yet, I’m afraid I stand here, Marvin – woefully unprepared.
Marvin: There’s no way you could prepare for this, Raymond. Dom didn’t die of old age. He was taken from you.
Red: House won’t be worth much. It’s a relic from another time, like he was.
[ An assessor who is with them, Skip Hadley, walks over ]
Skip: You should bulldoze the house.
Red: [ Chuckles ] Yeah.
Marvin: Skip, the house has incredible emotional value. Mr. Reddington has no interest in bulldozing–
Red: Well, ultimately, it’s not my decision. The house belongs to Elizabeth now. [ Sighs ] Well, why do you say bulldoze it?
Skip: Well, the value’s in the land, not the house. You said there’s five acres. You subdivide. You put up a quarter-acre McMansion on each lot.
Marvin: McMansion? Take my advice – Stop while you’re behind.
Red: [ Chuckles ] I must say, it sounds pretty awful, Skip. But send me a proposal. I’ll forward it on. God knows if it were up to me, given my recent bouts with mortality, I find myself more and more in the liquidation phase.
Marvin: You are not going anywhere. As your lawyer, I forbid it. But while we’re on the subject–
Red: [ Scoffs ] You want to know if I still intend to leave most everything of mine to Elizabeth?

[ Liz wants up to a requisition desk ]
Mark: Agent Keen. What brings you down to the dungeon?
Liz: Hey, Mark. Uh, Agent Mojtabai’s running some urgent wire taps, and he asked me to drop this off for him.
[ Liz hands Mark the requisition slip ]
Mark: [ Reading it ] Whoa. You don’t see that every day. What do you got going on?
Liz: Same as always. Causing trouble for the worst of the worst.
Mark: I figured you couldn’t tell me. Hang on. Should be just a few minutes.

Marvin: You don’t want me to change your will? Even after she took sides against you?
Red: Okay. So, today, she opposes me, maybe tomorrow. But not forever. Look at Dom and I. There were years when he hated me. Many more bad years than good. And yet, in the end, we– [ Cellphone ringing ] –found our way to each other.
Dembe: [ Handing Red his phone ] It’s Elizabeth.
Red: Elizabeth.
Liz: I told you what would happen if you hurt my mother.
Red: Where are you?
Liz: You killed her. In the park. I saw it.
Red: I know what you saw, and it wasn’t everything you thought you saw.
Liz: I told Cooper I’m done. I’m taking Agnes, and we’re leaving, and you’re gonna let us go.
Red: Not until we talk.
Liz: We’re talking now.
Red: Not like this. There’s a lake near Dom’s house. I’m scattering his ashes there this afternoon. Meet us at the house, and we can talk on the way. And if after our talk, you still feel the same, you can say your goodbyes to us both.
Liz: When?
Red: 2:00 p.m. [ Pause ] Is that a yes?
Liz: I’ll be there. [ Beep🔅]
Red: You see, Marvin? It may feel at times like the end, but our story isn’t over yet.

[ Mark returns to the requisition desk with Liz’s order in a thick manila envelope ]
Mark: There you go. Careful, now.
Liz: Thanks. Wish us luck.
Mark: You won’t need it. I don’t know who your target is, but if you use that the right way, he won’t know what hit him.

[ Liz’s car is parked outside the motel. She sits inside it and unwraps the item Mark gave her. It’s a block of red plastic explosive that looks like modeling clay. She has set up wiring and an detonator, a bomb that will go off when the passenger door is opened ]
[ Ressler exits the door of the motel. He sees Liz by her car, testing the door handle ]
Ressler: [ Calls out ] Keen. Keen.
[ Liz steps away from the car to greet Ressler ]
Liz: How’d you find me?
Ressler: Doesn’t matter. The point is, I did.
Liz: If Cooper sent you to ask me to come back, I’m not doing it.
Ressler: Okay, first of all, he didn’t ask me to. He doesn’t even know I’m here. And, second, I agree. I don’t think you should come back.
Liz: Is that what you came to say?
Ressler: Come on. I came to say you’re both right. Charging Reddington isn’t an option if it means that you go down with him. But – you coming back to work, like nothing ever happened, well, it’s also not an option.
Liz: I gotta go.
Ressler: Keen, what are you even doing here? I mean, you left your apartment, you parked Agnes with–
Liz: That’s temporary.
Ressler: Until what? What’s going on with your car?
Liz: Nothing. Just– the passenger door was sticking a little bit.
Ressler: You want me to take a look?
Liz: No. I fixed it.
Ressler: I know you. We’ve been partners a long time, which is why I know that you have no intention of letting this rest. I’m worried about you.
Liz: Join the club. You, Cooper, Reddington, the whole crew can just sit around and talk about what’s best for Liz Keen.
Ressler: That’s not fair. Look, I care about you, and there’s nothing wrong with me saying that.
Liz: Are we done? Like I said, I gotta go.
Ressler: Yeah. We’re done – Allison.
Liz: How’d you know that? My alias?
Ressler: [ Chuckles ] You got drunk one night. Wing Yee. You told me.
Liz: So that’s how you found me.
Ressler: I’m gonna miss celebrating your birthday there.
[ He starts to leave ]
Liz: Ressler. I’ll think about what you said. I promise.
[ Ressler leaves. Liz tests the door. A green light on the detonator comes on when she presses the door handle ]

[ Liz drives up to Dom’s house ] [ Engine shuts off ]
Red: I’m glad you came. We have a lot to talk about.
Liz: What’s your plan? To try and sell me half-truths that I can never verify or– to confuse me with double-speak?
Red: There is an explanation.
Liz: No. Only a confession. I watched you kill her. And before you try to “explain” how you didn’t–
[ Liz plays the recording on her phone ]

Katarina: My God. I can’t imagine what this must be like for you. Knowing you can’t kill me because of how much Elizabeth loves her mother.
[ 💥 Gunshots 💥 ]

[ Red looks nervous and slightly angry ]
Liz: My mother prepared me for this moment. She gave me all the proof I would ever need.
Red: If you came to play me that recording, you’ve done it. You can take it and go. Or you can stay while we lay your grandfather to rest – and perhaps have a conversation.
Liz: Fine. You ride with me. We’ll talk on the way.
Marvin: Good idea. Dembe and I will go ahead, and we’ll meet you at the lake.
[ Liz steps around the car to the driver’s side ]
[ Red puts his hand on the car door handle and begins to compress it when he is overcome by a paroxysm of coughing. He coughs blood on the window of the car and begins to collapse ]
Red: [ Coughing ] Dembe–
[ Dembe catches Red before he falls. Blood streams from Red’s mouth ]
Red: [ Coughing ]
[ Dembe makes a call ]
Dembe: Traveler is down. We need a mobile triage. Come on. No more than a 10-mile radius outside 236 Glenellen. Outside Sharptown.
[ Dembe helps Red to his car ]
Marvin: Get in. Listen to me. You are not allowed to die. Do you hear me?
[ Engine starts ]
Marvin: Okay, hang in. Hang in.
[ Marvin and Liz watch as Dembe’s car leaves ]
Marvin: [ To Liz ] Whatever happens – he loves you. You know that, right? You chose that woman over him, and he still wants to leave everything to you.
Liz: “That woman” was my mother. And he killed her. I don’t want anything from him.

[ Tires screech ] [ Dembe pulls in to a hospital patient receiving deck and gets out ]
Dr Miles Dawson: What the hell are you doing here?!
Dembe: You’re on call for an emergency.
Dr Dawson: At a mobile unit. Not here. This is a public emergency room. How am I supposed to–
[ Dembe helps Red out of the car ]
Dembe: I spoke to the Colonel. Closest mobile unit’s 17 minutes out. He needs help now.
[ Dr Dawson sees the blood coming from Red’s mouth ]
Dr Dawson: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’ll handle it.
[ Dr Dawson helps Red into the ER ]
[ Keypad dialing ] [ Line ringing, click ]
Dembe: Mr. Cooper. I need your help.

[ A hospital Administrator and an Admissions Clerk are trying to log information on Red into the hospital computer system, but Dembe is unhelpful ]
Dembe: I’m sorry, but I can’t.
Administrator: We’re trying to help your friend, but to do that, we need your help.
Dembe: He doesn’t have insurance.
Administrator: And that’s fine, but he has to have personal information. Family history. List of medications.
Dembe: And as I explained to Miss Keats, I can only share those details with his attending physician.
Admissions Clerk: Yeah, well, his attending doesn’t enter him into my system.
Dembe: I don’t want him in your system.
Administrator: Please. Mr. Vaughn [i.e., Dembe]. What’s really going on here? Who is that man? Who are you?
Dembe: A spiritual advisor.
Admissions Clerk: What kind of spiritual advisor carries a gun in a hospital?
[ Cooper appears ]
Cooper: Dembe. How is he?
Dembe: Not good. They’re doing tests now.
Admissions Clerk: Who are you? Another one of his spiritual advisors?
Cooper: No. I’m the Assistant Director of the FBI. [ Shows his badge ] And I need you to get your security team up here right now. Tell them to secure this floor. Lock it down.

[ Esi Jackson, who was once hired by Liz to help track Ilya Koslov, but was intercepted by Red and compelled to work for him, sits with Liz in her motel room. Liz peers out the window ]
Esi Jackson: Woman, are you out of your mind?
Liz: Yes.
Esi: You want to murder Reddington?
Liz: I already tried to murder him. I need your help to finish the job.
Esi: And why exactly would I do that?
Liz: Because you know he’s gonna kill you anyway. That’s why you’re working with him. He threatened your life, forced you to turn on me. What do you think happens to you when you’re no longer of use to him? Esi, I understand. If you don’t want to do it, I’ll figure something out. But – I’m gonna kill him with or without your help.
Esi: How?
Liz: The “how” is the easy part. I got to get to him first.
Esi: You know where he is?
Liz: Everhart Memorial Hospital. In lockdown. Surrounded by an army of FBI agents and protective detail.
Esi: Being assisted by hospital security who have every inch of that building secure with CCTV.
Liz: Not to mention his body man and the security team which is undoubtedly en route if not already there.
Esi: Let me.
Liz: What?
Esi: I can get to him. Reddington trusts me. I’m part of his team.
Liz: He’ll kill you if he finds out.
Esi: Didn’t you just say he was gonna kill me anyway?
Liz: Yes.
Esi: I don’t doubt it. His threats to me were very real, and I’d rather get this done than be dragged into the grave with him.
Liz: Okay. Here’s what I was thinking.

[ Flash Forward: ]
[ Elevator bell dings ] [ Two US Marshals get off the elevator ]

Liz: Our best option is to just lean into the truth. All it’ll take is one call to cause pandemonium.

[ Flash Forward: ]
Ressler: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold on. What’s going on?
Gib Horn: Gib Horn. Deputy US Marshal. An anonymous caller gave us a credible tip you have a fugitive on site.
Ressler: I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Gib Horn: Don’t play dumb with me. Raymond Reddington. Where is he?

Liz: Now, the Marshals will cause a diversion, but we’re still fighting the clock because everyone in Reddington’s inner circle is working to move him as fast as they can from the hospital to a secure site.

[ Flash Forward: ]
[ Cooper and Dembe talk to Dr Dawson ]
Dr Dawson: Yes, he’s medicated and under observation, but he’s not stable enough to be moved.
Cooper: Well, he’s certainly not safe here.
Dr Dawson: Which is why you shouldn’t have brought him here to begin with.
Dembe: We didn’t have a choice.
Dr Dawson: No. What we have is a protocol.
[ Ressler walks up with the the US Marshals ]
Ressler: Sir, we have a situation.
Marshal Gib Horn: He’s a fugitive, so he’s our responsibility.
Ressler: Not if we’re guarding him.
Gib Horn: What does that even mean, “guarding him”? Guarding what?
[ Cooper flashes his badge ]
Cooper: Harold Cooper. What the hell is going on?
Gib Gorn: Gib Horn, US Marshals. I’m here to take the top fugitive from your Most Wanted list into custody. Is that gonna be a problem?
Cooper: That’s – complicated.
Gib Horn: How about you uncomplicate it?

Liz: Our other ticking clock is Aram.
Esi: Who’s Aram?
Liz: He’s a very smart colleague of mine. I got my hands on the weapon by using one of his requisition forms, and it’s not gonna take him long to figure out something’s wrong.

[ Aram has discovered a requisition form is missing and calls the desk ]
Aram: Yes, I’m positive. Meaning no, I didn’t request it. Could you just please check the logs for me?

Esi: Okay. Hold on just one second. Say we call in the Marshals and they cause this whole mess and say your Aram friend doesn’t figure out that you’ve stolen military-grade explosives from the FBI requisition locker – and say, just for the sake of argument, that I do get inside that hospital, we’re still gonna have to come up with some cock-and-bull story in order for Reddington’s guards to let me anywhere near him.
Liz: That’s the beauty of it. We don’t need a story. All you have to do is tell them the truth.
Esi: What exactly is the truth?

[ Esi is with Bud and Chuck, two of Red’s men, at the hospital. Bud calls Dembe ]
Bud: Dembe, she won’t tell me, but she says that it’s urgent and that she needs to speak to you directly.
Chuck: Esi, the Feds have cleared the floor. They’re not even letting the Marshals see him, let alone you.
[ Esi talks to Dembe on Bud’s phone ]
Esi: I don’t care what you all want to believe or not. I’m telling you – Elizabeth Keen is on her way here now to murder Raymond Reddington.

[ Ressler talks to the Marshals ]
Ressler: No, that’s not what I’m saying. We’re not even confirming he’s here.
Marshal Gib Horn: I’m not asking you to confirm whether he’s here. I know he’s here, otherwise you wouldn’t have cleared the floor. What I’m asking is, is what JTTF [link] you work for?
[ A few steps away Cooper tries to reach DOJ’s Cynthia Panabaker ]
Cooper: [ On phone ] Then get her out of the meeting. I don’t care who she’s with. Tell her Harold Cooper has a mission request that’s urgent priority.
Ressler: The reason he can’t verify is because we’re off book.
Marshal Gib Horn: Well, somebody sure as hell calls the shots.
Cooper: [ To Horn ] Okay, I-I’ve got DOJ on the line. If you give me just a few minutes.
Marshal #2 to Marshal Horn: Deacon just spoke to Judge Wolf. Court order is in the works.
Cooper: Okay, hold on.
Marshal Horn: I’ll hold, until my court order comes through. Then we’re taking Reddington whether you like it or not.
[ Cynthia Panabaker finally is on the line ]
Cooper: Cynthia. It’s me. I need you to make a phone call.

[ Elevator bell dings. Chuck and Bud get out with Esi. Bud and Esi enter Red’s room where Dembe sits alongside Red, who is sleeping ]
Dembe: [ To Esi ] Talk to me.
Esi: She came to me, said she needed my help. Said she was gonna kill him.
Dembe: Elizabeth said this?
Esi: Yes. She sounded crazy. She said something about her mother, how he killed her, how she couldn’t let him get away with it.
Dembe: Okay. Calm down. There are police everywhere. He’s well-protected.
Esi: You don’t get it. She knows he’s here. She told me to come see you to get her his location.
Dembe: Elizabeth is coming here?
Bud: Come on. She’ll never even make it past the perimeter.
Dembe: Don’t underestimate Elizabeth. Get back downstairs.
[ Bud leaves ]
Dembe: Tell me exactly what she’s planning.
Esi: I don’t know, only that she wanted me to be her eyes, said she wanted me to give her his room number.
Dembe: Let me see your phone.
[ Dialing ] [ Liz answers. Dembe dials and holds the phone so Esi can talk to Liz while he listens in ]
Liz: Esi. Hey. What’s going on?
Esi: Liz, if you’re gonna do it, you gotta do it now.
Liz: Is it clear?
Esi: Yes. Just like you said. They cleared the floor. He’s in room 312. You gotta hurry.
Liz: I’m already in the building.
Esi: Liz, you gotta get here now.
Liz: I’m in the east stairwell, headed your way. Get out. Go. And, Esi – thank you.
[ Beep🔅]
Dembe: [ On phone ] Bud, Elizabeth is in the building. East stairwell. [ To Esi ] Do not leave his side.
[ Dembe leaves ] [ Door closes ]

[ Post Office ]
Ressler: [ On phone ] What do you mean? What requisition form?
Aram: From my desk. Liz used it to withdraw 16 ounces of Semtex from our requisition lockup at 10:42 this morning. Meaning–
Ressler: She’s coming for Reddington. Alright, Aram, get here now.
[ Cellphone Beeps🔅]
Ressler: Park, notify Cooper.
[ Dembe walks toward Ressler ]
Ressler: Keen’s coming for Reddington.
Dembe: I know. She’s in the building now.
Ressler: How do you know that?
Dembe: We need to move Raymond. He’s not safe.
[ Dembe heads down the stairwell ] [ Ressler calls Park ] [ Radio clicks ]
Ressler: Park, tell Cooper we need to mobilize the Medevac unit. We got to get Reddington out of here. Now.
Park: Why? What happened?
Ressler: Keen is in the building.

[ Gun drawn, Dembe rushes down the east stairwell, while Bud and Chuck rush up from below ]

[ Now alone with Red, Esi carefully removes the bomb assembly from her satchel and attaches it to the side of Red’s hospital bed ] [ Metal clinking ]
[ Red awakens, groggy ]
Esi: It’s okay. Go to sleep. It’s just a dream.
[ Ressler enters ]
Ressler: What’s going on? Who are you?
Esi: Esi Jackson. Dembe asked me to stay here with Mr. Reddington.
Ressler: Alright. You gotta go. It’s not safe.
[ Esi leaves ]
Ressler: [ On phone ] Park, where we on that Medevac?
Red: [ Sleepily ] No. Wait. She–
Ressler: You gotta go. Now.
[ Cooper walks down the hospital corridor ]
Cooper: [ On phone ] Agent Ressler. Pilot just arrived. Get Reddington to the helipad.
[ Red’s room ]
Ressler: Alright. Copy that. We’re on our way.
Red: [ Barely audible ] Donald–
[ Two male nurses enter and begin to prepare Red for Medevac. One notices the bomb ]
Nurse: What the hell’s that? Is that thing what I think it is?
Ressler: [ Yelling after Esi ] Hey! You–
[ Esi scurries away down the hall ]
Ressler: [ To the nurses ] Go. Now. Get out. Park, I need a bomb squad in unit 312 now.

[ Dembe runs down and Bud and Chuck run up the east stairwell until they run into each other ]
Chuck: Where is she?
Dembe: [ It dawns on him: ] She was never here.
[ Dembe turns around and starts running back up the stairs, followed by Chuck and Bud ]

[ Liz sits in her car ] [ Cellphone vibrates ]
[ A text comes across: “It’s done” ] [ Cellphone clicks shut ]
[ Liz fingers the detonator, slides a release button. She pauses, then presses the red detonate button ]
[ Beep🔅]
[ Red’s hospital room ]
[🔅Beeping🔅] [ A panel of lights 🚥 on the bomb starts flashing🚨🚨🚨] [🔅Beeping🔅]
Red: Donald, what–
[ Ressler grabs a chair and smashes⚡️the window ~ ⚡️Glass shatters⚡️] [🔅Beeping🔅intensifies ]
[ Ressler grabs the bomb and throws it out of the window ]
[💥🔥💥 EXPLOSION 💥🔥💥]
[ The bomb explodes outside the window with enough force to overturn Red’s hospital bed, fill the room with 💨 smoke💨 and send debris flying ]

[ Liz is back in her motel room, talking on her phone to Agnes ]
Liz: You finished all of them? Every worksheet? Oh, that’s fantastic, honey.
[ Knock on door ]
Liz: You want to know what else is fantastic? After today, Mommy’s not gonna have to leave for work ever again.
[ Liz looks through the peephole, then opens the door. Esi enters and sits on the bed ]
Esi: Okay, whatever’s going on at the hospital, that is some bull.
Liz: What a silly question, Agnes.
Esi: Wrap it up. We gotta talk.
Liz: [ To Agnes ] What do you think I’m gonna do? I’m gonna be with you. I just have to take care of one last thing, and then I’m coming to get you, okay? Goodbye, munchkin. Mama loves you very much.
[ Liz hangs up ]
Esi: “Munchkin” is right, because we are somewhere over some kind of rainbow.
Liz: What’d you find out?
Esi: Not a damn thing.
Liz: What do you mean? We heard the explosion.
Esi: What I mean is what I mean. I don’t know. I mean, I do know. He couldn’t have survived. But no one would confirm it. You know the whole “if a tree fell, did anyone hear it” thing? Well, this is like that.
Liz: Except this is a bomb, and people definitely heard it. Okay. Tell me again. Is there a possibility that anyone other than Reddington was hurt?
Esi: Not if your plan would have worked, but your agent friend–
Liz: Yeah, the agent you said went back into the room– Is there any way he made it out in time?
Esi: I don’t think so.
[ Liz looks distressed ]
Esi: I’m sorry. Was he a good friend?
[ Liz makes a call ] [ Beep🔅, dialing ] [ Line ringing, click ]
Aram: Hello.
Liz: Are you at the hospital?
Aram: Agent Keen.
Liz: Aram, are you there?
Aram: If by “there,” you mean at the scene of your crime? Yes. I’m there.
Liz: And Reddington, i-is he–
Aram: Do not ask me to bear witness to what you have done.
Liz: So – he’s dead.
Aram: I know about the requisition form, how you forged my signature. Thanks to you, I am a co-conspirator to attempted murder.
Liz: Did you say “attempted”?
Aram: I looked it up. I mean, I knew what it was, but I thought I would just, you know, double-check. I could go to jail for life. For each count.
Liz: Each count?
Aram: That is two life sentences, and with my luck, they won’t even be served concurrently.
Liz: Aram, listen to me. You got to tell me exactly what happened.
Aram: Mr. Reddington survived.
Liz: And Ressler?
Aram: The doctors are with him now.
Liz: But he’s gonna be okay? – Aram!
Aram: I was just thinking, um– next time I see you– you’ll be under arrest.
[ Cellphone Beeps🔅]
Liz: [ Sighs ]

[ Ressler sits shirtless on an examining table while the doctor checks him. He has bruises and cuts, but otherwise seems fine ]
Cooper: You saved Reddington’s life.
Ressler: Is that a compliment or a criticism?
Aram: And possibly the lives of everyone on this floor. I just– I can’t understand how Liz could’ve been okay with– with any of this.
Cooper: I don’t think she was. I think she knew full well the protocols that would kick into place would leave Reddington vulnerable, and I’m sure once forensics are run on the explosive device, it’ll indicate the blast radius was limited to Reddington’s room.
Aram: And that’s okay?
Cooper: Absolutely not. Just because I don’t believe she intended to hurt anyone else doesn’t mean I think it’s okay she tried to kill Reddington.
Ressler: What’s the prognosis, Doc?
Dr Dawson: Eh, some of the lacerations will require stitches, and I’ve ordered a CT scan to check for internal bleeding, but all things considered, I’d say you’re in miraculously good shape.
[ Agent Park walks in and looks at Ressler ]
Park: Huh. Pretty hot. [ To Cooper ] The Marshal wants a word.
Cooper: The warrant. If he got it, it’s over.
Aram: I think it’s over either way.

[ Cooper meets Marshal Gib Horn in the corridor ]
Cooper: I assume that’s your court order.
Marshal Horn: It should be.
Cooper: But?
Marshal Horn: But you’ve got some serious juice. A cease-and-desist order from the Deputy AG herself – and a gag order. My entire team’s gonna have to sign NDAs, make like this never happened.
Cooper: It’s nothing personal. I appreciate your needing to dot your I’s and cross your T’s. If I were in your position, I would have done the same.
Marshal Horn: But you’re not in my position. I’m here to arrest a criminal. You’re protecting him.
Cooper: Our task force does good work.
Marshal Horn: I’m sure you do. Sometimes. But what that order tells me is that you’ve got a tiger by the tail, and that means for every job well done, there’s a corner that gets cut, a rule that gets bent, an I that doesn’t get dotted, a T that doesn’t get crossed. And – nothing personal – but if I was you, I couldn’t live with myself.

[ Liz looks out the window of the motel room ]
Esi: Well, this sure worked out. Now we’ve got Reddington after us and the FBI.
Liz: It’s gonna be okay.
Esi: Really? How? Because this, right here, this is about as not okay as I’ve ever felt.
Liz: 86 bodies.
Esi: What?
Liz: A few years ago, Reddington’s cleaner unearthed the bodies of 86 people he’d killed. Handed them over to the FBI. Evidence of 86 murders. And he’s still out there. I’ve seen how he does it. Stays one step ahead. I know how he does it. And we can do it, too.
[ Cellphone speed-dialing ]
[ Red’s new hospital room. Red is bruised but otherwise survived the blast ]
[ Line ringing ]
Liz: Dembe, it’s me. Put him on.
Red: Admit it. When you thought I was gone, you realized how dull life would be without me.
Liz: If by “dull”, you mean normal, then, yes. And it was very peaceful.
Red: What do you want?
Liz: I want to thank you. You told me to think like a criminal, and now I am one. You prepared me for this. Maybe because you knew it was inevitable, but because you did, I’m ready and I’m coming for you.
Red: That would be such a mistake.
Liz: I don’t think so. You’re sick, you’re old. You’re an easy target.
Red: [ Chuckles ] Yes, I have my liabilities. But then, of course, I have so many assets.
Liz: Well, I have something you’ll never have.
Red: And what is that?
Liz: I’m willing to kill you. You don’t have it in you to kill me, and you never will, and that’s why I’m gonna win.
Red: What a terrible waste of your life.
Liz: Maybe. But it’s my life. [ Beep🔅]

[ Liz knocks ] [ Ressler opens his door ]
Ressler: Keen.
Liz: Are you okay?
Ressler: You shouldn’t be here.
Liz: I spoke to Aram, and when he told me you’d been hurt–
Ressler: You know we’re gonna have to come after you, right?
Liz: When I thought you wouldn’t make it–
[ Liz moves to hug Ressler but touches his sore back ]
Ressler: Ouch.
Liz: I’m sorry.
[ Liz backs away ]
Ressler: Well, you should be. You nearly killed me.
Liz: I know. And when I thought I had – [ Sniffles ] – nothing else mattered. I’m a fugitive again– and you have to come for me, but before you do, before I start running – I need a rest. Even if it’s just for one night. Will you let me do that?
[ Ressler lets her in ] [ Door closes ]

[ Red’s hospital room ] [ Monitor 🔅Beeping🔅 ] [ Red has dozed off sitting upright in a chair next to the bed ]
[ Knock on door ] [ Red wakes ]
[ Dembe opens the door ] [ Cooper enters ] [ Door closes ]
Cooper: I need help. About what happened with Katarina. Help me understand why you did it.
Red: The truth is, after all these years, I’m not sure I– understand all of it myself. Harold, um–
[ Cooper takes a seat ]
Cooper: I know how you feel about Elizabeth. Yet – you killed her mother. How could you do that to someone you love? What you did to her, what you did to – Katarina, I don’t think Elizabeth will ever forgive you for it.
Red: She might. Some day. But before then [ haltingly ] – I fear she may – do something that – she can never recover from. And of all the tragedies that you and I have experienced together, that would be the most tragic. We have to do– do everything in our power to prevent that from happening.
Cooper: I agree. Good. But– how do we even start?
Red: By putting Elizabeth Keen at the top of the Blacklist.

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🔴 Script 8:4 Elizabeth Keen (№ 1)

Program air date: 1/29/2021 in the US
Script Permalink: https://wp.me/pDKwi-aHR
Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/3csTPl7

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Cort Hessler
Written by: Sean Hennen



Brief (Where we’re at): Red has put Liz “at the top of the Blacklist,” out of “fear she may – do something that – she can never recover from.” That’s because she tried – twice – to blow him up using 16 ounces of Semtex, a military-grade plastic explosive she procured from the FBI supply by forging Aram’s signature on a requisition form.

Liz is on a rampage after witnessing Red shoot her mother, Katarina Rostova. Katarina recorded her final discussion with Red on a phone message to Liz, which also identified Red (albeit crypticallly) as N-13, the elusive operative sought by numerous international intelligence agencies. Red had let the world think that Katarina was N-13, which resulted in a price being put on her head by the Townsend Organization. This means Red is likely in possession of a blackmail file, the Sikorsky Achive. As long as Townsend thought Katarina had it, it meant they would be looking for Katarina and not for Red. Once Katarina knew that N-13 was Red, he killed her to keep the secret. Liz played parts of the recording first for Cooper and then for Red; it’s unclear if she played for them the part about N-13. However, Red must know that the recording includes that tidbit of information which may provide a clue to his true identity.

Liz’s mission now is revenge. First she rigged the bomb to explode when Red opened the door of her car, but he was saved when he broke down in a fit of bloody coughing and had to be rushed to a public emergency room to save his life from the mysterious disease ailing him. When her first attempt to kill Red didn’t work, Liz enlisted Esi Jackson, who had once helped Liz search for Red’s friend Ilya Koslov but had been intercepted by Red and compelled to work for him. Liz convinced Esi that Red would end up killing her when Esi was no longer of use to him. So, cashing in on the confidence Dembe had in her, Esi (and Liz) created a distraction that gave Esi the opportunity to attach the bomb to Red’s bed. Only luck and quick thinking by Ressler saved Red’s life. Ressler smashed a window and threw the bomb outside. It exploded, overturning Red’s hospital bed and injuring both Red and Ressler, but not seriously. But Esi didn’t know that and reported back to Liz that both might be dead. Liz became emotional at the thought she might have killed Ressler.

After gleaning from Aram that Red had survived, she called Red to tell him “You don’t have it in you to kill me, and you never will, and that’s why I’m gonna win.” Later, she showed up at Ressler’s apartment and was relieved to find him battered but alive:

Liz: I’m sorry.
Ressler: Well, you should be. You nearly killed me.
Liz: I know. And when I thought I had – [ Sniffles ] – nothing else mattered. I’m a fugitive again– and you have to come for me, but before you do, before I start running – I need a rest. Even if it’s just for one night. Will you let me do that?
[ Ressler lets her in ]


⭕ Script 8:4 Elizabeth. Keen (№ 1)


[ Flashback: ]
[ Liz appears at Ressler’s apartment to check on how he came through the blast that she arranged in her attempt to kill Red. She also has a request: ]
Liz: Before I start running, I need a rest. Even if it’s just for one night.

[ Liz rides in the back of a car, remembering the night before ]

[ Flashback: ]
[ Liz and Ressler kiss passionately and then make love, taking care on account of Ressler’s injured back ]

[ In the car, Liz smiles dreamily. Her reflections continue ]

[ Flashback: ]
[ It’s morning. Ressler, still bandaged, wakes up to find Liz is dressed, but is looking around for something ]
Ressler: You know how this ends.
Liz: I can’t find my sock.
Ressler: We’re gonna try and stop you.
Liz: It’s purple with little unicorns on it. Agnes thinks unicorns are good luck.
Ressler: Unicorn socks to protect against Reddington.
Liz: You got any better ideas?
Ressler: Yeah. Don’t go after him.
[ Ressler finds the sock by the pillow and hands it to her ]
Liz: Thanks for letting me stay.

[ Liz calls Esi Jackson ] [ Cellphone dialing ] [ Line rings ]
Liz: I’m texting you an address. Meet me there as soon as you can.
[ Cellphone beeps🔅]

[ At the address Liz texted to Esi ]
Liz: A few years ago, I found out my husband was living a double life.
[ Doors open, revealing a large screen surveillance system monitoring the streets around the flat ]
Esi: Whoa.
Liz: Yeah. He had secrets. Lots of them. Including this apartment.
[ Liz pulls down a heavy duffle bag ] [ Groans ] [ She removes two large packets of bills and offers them to Esi ]
Liz: I thought maybe we could find something here that could help you out a little bit.
Esi: Me?
Liz: Yeah. It’s not much, but it’ll get you out of the city.
[ Liz offers Esi the entire duffle ]
Liz: Go on, take it. I’ve already gotten you into enough trouble.
Esi: You do know we are gonna need more than that.
[ Liz plops the duffel down on the table. She acknowledges Esi’s offer to continue working together ]
Liz: We’re gonna need more of everything. Money. Weapons. People.
Esi: Do you have anybody in mind?
Liz: I have a list. First, I – we – Call everyone on it, and then we get my daughter.
[ Esi sees armed men streaming toward the apartment on the surveillance system ]
Esi: We’ve been made.
[ Liz suddenly sees, hanging on a chain, the washer Tom had used in lieu of an engagement ring to propose to her ]

[ Flashback: ]
[ Tom kneels down in front of then-blonde Liz. Chuckling, he slips the washer onto her finger ]
Tom: Elizabeth Keen, will you marry me?
[ She beams at him ]

Esi: Liz. We got to go. Now.
[ Liz grabs the keepsake and they leave in a rush ]

[ The unidentified armed men break into the apartment and search ]
— Clear.
[ Outside, Liz smashes the window of a vehicle ] [✨Glass shatters✨]
[ Engine starts ] [⚡️Tires screech⚡️]
[ Dembe enters the flat, followed by Red ]
Dembe: We’re too late.
[ Red looks at the live feed of the garage and sees the pile of shattered glass from the broken car window. He shakes his head ]

[ Cooper’s office ]
Cooper: I just spoke with Reddington. He says Keen just left a Kalorama address in a Ford Bronco. I want a BOLO on the car, not on Keen.
Aram: And when the cops find her in it?
Ressler: We’ll do what we can to protect her.
Agent Alina Park: Did she protect you when Reddington was in the hospital? She planted a bomb that nearly killed you.
Ressler: So it’s okay to protect an actual killer like Reddington, but not one of our own? Look, what Keen almost did once is nothing compared to what Reddington does on a daily basis.
Aram: And yet, he put her name on the Blacklist.
Cooper: Reddington wants her found, not hurt. But given her overwhelming desire to hurt him, I don’t know that she’ll leave him any choice. Which is why we have to find her first.
Park: I’ll put out the BOLO.
Cooper: Before you do, I want to say one more thing. As fond as we are of Agent Keen, I believe she’s equally fond of us. Given that, it wouldn’t surprise me if she were to reach out, solicit our help to find Reddington. If and when she does that, I know how tempting it’ll be to give her the help that she needs, but that would be a mistake. It would make matters worse for her, not better. So if she does call or show up on your doorstep, I need to know. Now Park, get on the BOLO. Aram, Ressler – Put eyes on Agnes. We may not know where Agent Keen is, but we do know she’s in the city, and she’s not gonna leave it without her daughter.

[ Liz find Red’s computer whiz kid, Tadashi Ito, working at a laptop at a table in a busy food court ]
[ Indistinct conversations ]
Tadashi: Liz, hi! What are you doing here?
Liz: I don’t have much time, Tadashi, so I’m gonna get to the point. I want you to come and work for me.
Tadashi: Thanks, but I already have a job. It’s got a great health plan. As long as I do it well, Mr. Reddington won’t kill me.
Liz: Reddington is dying. He’ll deny it, but it’s true. And when he’s gone, I’ll be in a position to give you all the work you’ll ever need because I’m getting everything. Call Marvin Gerard, he’ll confirm it. One more thing.
[ Liz shows Tadashi a list ]
Liz: These are all of Reddington’s associates that I’m aware of. I need their phone numbers.
Tadashi: I’m sorry, but I don’t have them.
Liz: I know. But you can hack them.

[ Tadashi sits next to Red in the back of his car ]
Tadashi: She said you were sick. Like pushing daisies sick.
Red: Aspirants are all the same. A little bit desperate, irrational, always impatient– They never wait for the body to cool.
Tadashi: I told her I was with you hot or cold, but since you mention it, are you, you know, cooling?
Red: Like a lion in winter I am both diminished and dangerous – As anyone who offers to help Elizabeth will quickly find out.
Tadashi: [ Breathes sharply ] Exactly how would you define help? Because she had this list–

[ Liz makes some phone calls … ]
Liz: I know it’s a shock, but it’s true.
Max Ruddiger, Red’s explosives expert: Raymond is a traitor?
Liz: A Russian spy codenamed N-13. He’s been playing us for years.
[ Max’s phone beeps🔅]
Max: One sec. Sorry. [ Line beeps🔅] Hello?
Red: Ruddiger, have you spoken with Elizabeth Keen?
Max: Yeah. I’m on with her right now. She says you’re a traitor. Not sure to which country.
Red: Ruddiger, please. I’m loyal to principle, not country. And the first principle I’m loyal to is loyalty. Do I have yours?
Heddie: Now hold on, you gotta back up. Say that again for me.
Liz: He cut a deal.
Heddie: Yeah, a deal. What are you talking about? A deal with who?
Liz: With the FBI.
[ The next call is to Mr Brimley, Red’s creative torture impresario, who is brushing a horned goat🐏 ]
Brimley: Are you telling me that son of a bitch is a snitch?
Liz: Yep. Which is why I want you to come and work for me.
Brimley: I’ll tell you who I won’t work for, and it’s that turncoat, that quisling, that– [ Phone beeps🔅] Hold that thought. Cellphone beeps🔅] [ Goat🐏bleats ] Someone’s ears were burning?
Red: You’ve spoken with Elizabeth.
Brimley: Pardon my French, but what a Yenta!
Liz: I can hear you both.
Red: Spreading rumors, are we?
Liz: Telling truths.
Brimley: Oy oy oy. I think I hit conference instead of call waiting.
Red: Who’s next on your list?
Liz: Wouldn’t you like to know?
Liz: He’s the past, Morgan. I’m the future– [ *Click* ]
[ One by one, Liz is crossing names off her list ]
Liz: That’s right, Tony, he works for Moscow.
Liz: Sure, Glen, I’ll hold. …
Liz: No, no, no, Chuck, before you take the other call, just hear me out. I mean– Chuck?
[ Liz sighs ] [ The last name has been crossed off ]

[ Red and Dembe are in the industrial kitchen of one of Red’s properties ]
Dembe: I got a message from our friend in the East. He wants to meet.
Red: He won’t be easily appeased. Put him off for the moment. I’m fighting a war on one front. I’m not sure I have the strength to fight it on two.
[ Cellphone buttons clicking ]

[ Aram and Ressler walk together in the hall of the apartment building where Liz’s friend, Merritt Marks, has been taking care of Agnes ]
Aram: So you’re saying you wouldn’t tell Mr. Cooper.
Ressler: I’m saying it depends.
Aram: Depends on what?
Ressler: I’m just saying, if she did reach out to you, if you actually saw her, you might think differently.
Aram: Did she reach out to you?
Ressler: No, she didn’t. But if she did– I’m just saying it might make a difference.
[ Knock on door ] [ Door creaks lightly and opens ]
Merritt Marks: Can I help you?
Ressler: Mrs. Marks? [ Holds up badge ] We’re with the FBI. We work with Elizabeth Keen.
Merritt: Is everything alright?
Aram: We understand you’re looking after her daughter. Has she arranged a time to pick her up?

[ Red’s kitchen. As a treatment for his mysterious disease, Red is preparing a mix of pills from the 10 or so bottles of prescription medications arrayed in front of him ]
[ Door opens; Dembe enters ]
Red: In the old days, drug cocktails were decidedly more appealing.
Dembe: I spoke to our friend in the East.
Red: Ah. Thank you. That’s a relief.
Dembe: He expects you in Moscow the day after tomorrow. And it gets worse.
Red: Worse than Moscow at this time of year– at any time of year?
[ Pills rattle ] [ Red takes the meds with a glass of water ]
Red: Mmm. Oh! [ Glass taps lightly ]
[ Dembe hand Red a large manila folder. Red pulls out a thick folder with a large seal printed on the front: “Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence: House of Representatives
Red: Ah, well. Looks like the second front has officially engaged.

[ Liz and Esi sit in Liz’s parked car ]
Esi: No one said yes?
Liz: Not even an “I’ll think about it.”
Esi: Is there anyone else?
Liz: There is one other person, and he’s worth more than everyone on this list combined. If I could get him, we’d have a fighting chance.
Esi: Who’s that?
Liz: Marvin Gerard. Reddington’s lawyer. He may not know where all the bodies are buried, but I think he knows where a lot of the money is kept.
Esi: You got to assume Reddington’s already contacted him.
Liz: Which is why I need to talk to him in person. I need you to follow him and tell me when he’s somewhere safe to talk. Meanwhile, I’m gonna make arrangements to pick up Agnes. I can’t believe they pledged their lives, fortunes, and not-so-sacred honor to a traitorous sociopath. Are they all really that scared?
Esi: It’s fear.
Liz: Take this burner. It’s clean. Call me when you find a safe location.
Esi: About Agnes? Be careful. You know they’re gonna be watching her.
Liz: [ Whispering ] Yeah.

[ Red is riding in his Mercedes, talking on the phone ]
Cooper: [On phone] We found the Bronco. Abandoned in a parking garage.
Red: Have you gone outside the Task Force for help on this?
Cooper: We can clean up our own mess.
Red: Evidence would suggest otherwise, Harold.
Cooper: Broadcasting her fugitive status would ruin any chance Elizabeth has of putting this genie back in a bottle.
Red: Is she the genie or am I the genie? I’m confused.
Cooper: You know what I find confusing? The tape Elizabeth played me of you and Katarina where she accuses you of being a Russian spy.
Red: Oh, by all means, Harold, let’s take what Brunhilda says on that tape as gospel.
Cooper: N-13. What does that mean to you?
Red: It means you need to get your priorities straight. You picked up the telephone and now we’re talking. When was the last time you talked with Agent Keen? Elizabeth Keen is your target. Not me.
[ Phone clicks shut ]
[ Red points toward a man walking on the sidewalk ]
Red: There he is.
[ Dembe pulls over ] [ Red motions to the man to get in, which he does ] [ Horns honk in distance ] [ The man’s name is Rakitin ]
Red: I’m not an errand boy. I won’t be ordered about.
Rakitin: Our friend has concerns about Keen.
Red: Elizabeth Keen is not to be touched. I accept our friend’s concern, nothing more.
Rakitin: You’re familiar with Scuti Global?
Red: Of course. Scuti Global It’s become quite the profit center.
Rakitin: Which it will continue to be as long as I have their trust.
Red: [ Chuckling ] And you’re a little concerned that trust may be broken now that your name has surfaced as part of this House Intelligence Committee investigation.
Rakitin: Before you go to Moscow, we’d like you to make this go away.
Red: I see. So I came here to be interrogated and solicited.
Rakitin: I like to think you came here to do the right thing.
Red: [ Laughs ]

[ Merritt Marks drops Agnes off at her ballet lesson ]
Merritt: Oh! Alright. So, go and change. And I’ll be right in.
[ Agnes runs off ] [ Door closes ]
[ Ressler and Aram walk up behind Merritt ]
Merritt: Is this really necessary?
Ressler: Well, you said that Liz didn’t tell you when she was gonna come and pick up Agnes, so we have to assume that she could pick her up anytime.
Merritt: So you’re just gonna follow us everywhere we go?
Aram: We don’t want to frighten Agnes, but we have to find Liz.
Merritt: So you can take her away from her daughter?
Aram: That’s the last thing we want.
Merritt: Then promise me you won’t.
[ No response ]
Merritt: [ Scoffs ]
[ Merritt walks into the changing room to get Agnes. She sees Agnes’s shoes behind the drapes of a changing stall ]
Merritt: Hey, girl. Need any help?
[ Merritt opens the drapes. Standing behind Agnes is Liz ]
Merritt: What are you doing here?
Liz: Just admiring my beautiful girl.
Merritt: There are agents in the lobby.
Agnes: I already told her.
Liz: How about you go to class and I’ll tell Merritt about our plan, okay?
Agnes: Okay, Mommy. See you tonight?
Liz: Yes, you will. I can’t wait. [ Hug ]
[ Agnes scampers away]
Merritt: Your plan? What plan?
[ Liz’s cellphone chimes ✨ ] [ A text from Esi reads: “Eyes on Gerard. Lou’s Diner” with an address ]
Liz: [To Merritt ]You’re working the night shift at the hospital tonight, right?
Merritt: Liz, the FBI is following me.
Liz: Not anymore. Not if you do exactly as I say. Now, listen carefully.

[ Lou’s Diner ] [ Birds chirping ]
[ Inside the restaurant, Marvin Gerard sits in a booth across from Skip Hadley, discussing accounts Skip has prepared on an electronic tablet ]
Marvin: Even if Reddington liked you, which I suspect he doesn’t. And even if he trusted you, which I am positive he doesn’t, he wouldn’t hesitate to kill you if you showed him this.
Skip: I thought you wanted me to organize the accounts.
Marvin: I did. But digitally? He insists on analog accounting. A book. A ledger. Something offline.
[ Liz walks up ]
Liz: Marvin.
Marvin: The answer is no.
Liz: [ To Skip ] Hi. I’m Liz.
Skip: Skip. I know who you are. Sort of a legend around the office.
Marvin: I know who you approached.
Liz: Mm.
Marvin: Brimley. Heddie. Ruddiger. Morgan and Chuck. And I also know that they all turned you down.
Liz: They turned me down because they don’t know the truth. You do. You know he’s sick. You know that when he’s gone I’ll be in power because you wrote the will.
Marvin: That’s right. You wait, you get everything. So wait.
Liz: I can’t.
Marvin: Why, because he killed your mother? You’re declaring war to defend the honor of a woman who abandoned you as a child and murdered your grandfather.
Liz: If you help me, you write your own ticket. We’ll be partners. 50/50. I could make you ridiculously rich.
Marvin: Red’s my friend.
Liz: Sure, if you can help him out. But if you can’t, you’re out. He’s not loyal, he’s transactional. You really think if he were sitting where you are now, knowing that the balance of power was shifting in my direction, he would really choose you over me?
[ Cup thumps lightly ]
Skip: Maybe you should think about it.
Marvin: Law review at Yale. Moron.
Liz: He seems pretty smart to me.
Marvin: Alright. I’ll think about it.

[ Lock disengages, door creaks ] [ Door creaks ] [ Lock clicks ] [ Keys jingle ]
[ Guinevere Claflin has arrived home from work ] [ She puts her purse down near a shelf of romance novels by Danielle Steel and hangs up her coat ]
Guinevere: [ Sighs ]
[ A man comes up behind Guinevere carrying a moving box ]
Guinevere: [ Gasps ] Who are you? What are you doing here?!
[ Red appears with a vinyl garment bag of dresses from Guinevere’s closet ]
Red: Getting you ready for the big move.
Guinevere: I’m calling the police.
Red: To say what– A group of strangers made all your dreams come true?
[ Tadashi Ito appears with a set of decorator pillows featuring Raphael’s “Two Cherubs” ]
Tadashi: Hey. Is this making the move?
Red: Heaven forbid. Tadashi, say hello to Guinevere.
Tadashi: Hi. Personally, I like a good cherub.
Red: Taste aside, Tadashi will make the task ahead of you quick and easy.
Guinevere: The task. What task?
Red: Erasing certain information from the computer server of the House Committee on Intelligence. Tadashi has a skillset and, as counsel, you have the access. As I said, quick and easy.
Guinevere: What makes you think I would do something like that?
Red: Danielle Steel. You have 16 hardcovers. No one has that many romance novels and wants to live alone in Cleveland Park.
Guinevere: And if I say no?
Red: Keep up, Gwen. Tomorrow you’ll go to work as usual, except that when you’re alone and the moment provides, you’ll contact Tadashi who will walk you through the steps of inserting the thumb drive into the server which will contaminate and eliminate the data on said server.
Guinevere: Absolutely not. I would be fired. I would go to prison for treason.
Red: Not if it was a mistake.
Tadashi: The malware kit’s designed to mimic liquid contamination, a leak in the gasket around the head assembly and corrosion on the platter surface.
Red: You’ll spill a cup of coffee to cover our tracks.
Guinevere: And I’d be fired.
Red: Yes. Walking out of your old life and into your better life.
[ Red hands Guinevere a real estate pamphlet on “Kauai Coastal” ]
Red: Go on, have a look. I guarantee it’s a plot twist worthy of “Passion’s Promise.”
Guinevere: What is it?
Red: A home on a beach. Money in the bank. A happy ending to your story. If you’re smart enough to take it.
[ Guinevere hands the material back ] [ Paper rustles ]
Guinevere: Please leave.
Red: Guinevere, Tadashi tells me you’re something of a scofflaw. He says you haven’t paid all your taxes. Some, but not all.
Guinevere: [ Gasps ]
Red: Not even close to all in– What?
Tadashi: Four years federal, three state.
Guinevere: My mother is sick. She doesn’t have insurance.
Red: Listen, don’t get me wrong. I couldn’t be more understanding and supportive of a righteous tax dodge– Or not righteous [ Chuckling ] for that matter. But I doubt the FBI will share my sympathies, which is why I suggest you carry out the task ahead. What do you say? Comedy or tragedy? How this story ends is entirely up to you.

[ It’s dark. A blue compact car pulls up and parks. A woman with long wavy dark hair wearing Liz’s signature knit cap and boots walks toward the car. Merritt Marks gets out of the car with Agnes ] [ Suddenly, two police vehicles appear, sirens wailing and 🚨lights flashing🚨 ] [ ⚡️Tires screech⚡️ ] [ Aram and Ressler jump out ]
Aram: Liz! Liz, I’m sorry. Liz, it’s over.
[ Vehicle doors closing ] [ Radio chatter ]
[ The woman turns around; it’s not Liz, but a look-alike ]
Ressler: Who are you? Where’s Keen?
Woman: I don’t know. I swear. A woman, she paid me to wear this hat and approach the car.
Merritt: [ Whispering to Agnes ] It’s okay.
[ Liz peers out at the scene from behind a tree ]
Ressler: [ To police ] Fan out. Scan vehicles, scan faces, coordinate with the hospital security.
Liz isn’t here, but her daughter still is. She’s gotta be close by.
[ Aram gets down and tries to make Agnes comfortable ]
Aram: Agnes. My name is Aram. I don’t know if you remember me, but, um, I have known you since you were born. In fact, I was at your christening. You couldn’t have even been a– a few months old, so if you did remember me that would be, like, super cool, or– or weird probably.
Agnes: [ Giggles ]
Aram: But, anyway, what I remember, that you– you are incredibly brave, which came as no surprise since your mom is just about the bravest person I’ve ever known.
[ Agnes smiles ] [ Radio chatter ] [ Insects chirping ] [ Horn honks in distance ]
Liz: [ Breathes deeply ]
[ Dialing ] [ Line ringing ]
Liz: Ressler. I need my girl.
Ressler: And she needs you.
Liz: So let me have her.
Ressler: She’s coming to the post office with us. CFSA has already been notified.
Liz: She doesn’t need a social worker. She needs her mother.
Ressler: What, on the run? As a fugitive. Is that what you really want for her?
Liz: My mother abandoned me when she was a fugitive. I’m not gonna make that same mistake.
[ At a distance, the Liz look-alike is being questioned ]
Officer: Allison?
Woman: Yeah.
Ressler: Hey.
Liz: Yeah?
Ressler: Why’d you call?
Liz: I don’t know. I guess– because every time we say goodbye, I’m afraid we might actually mean it.
[ Cellphones beep🔅🔅]

[ A train pulls in to a station ]
[ Al Hazan’s ♪ “Long as I Have You” (feat. Myrna Rowlands) plays ]
[ Liz sits inside the train station, fingering the washer Tom gave her as an engagement ring, which she now is wearing on its chain as a necklace ]

♪ I won’t care, I won’t cry
If you’re there, I’ll get by
I won’t care
Long as I
Long as I have you ♪

[ Woman speaking indistinctly on P.A. ]

♪ And if the sky should shatter and fall ♪

[ Esi walks over with two cups and hands one to Liz. She sits down ]
Esi: You gonna tell me about it? The washer.
Liz: Oh.
Esi: Back at the apartment. We nearly got caught because of it. I think you owe me an explanation.
Liz: It’s my engagement ring.
[ Woman on P.A.: Attention, Metro travelers– ]
Liz: Tom used to have this boat he was always tinkering with, you know, repairing. And one day he just pulled this out of his tool box and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.
Esi: How sweet.

♪ So let the oceans all turn to sand ♪

Liz: He was – much better at this than I am. He never would have let Agnes get taken into custody.
Esi: You know what you got to do.

♪ I won’t care, I won’t cry ♪

Liz: Yeah.

♪ If you’re there, I’ll get by ♪

Liz: I wish he would have gotten to know her. Seen the person she’s becoming.

♪ Long as I have you ♪

[ Woman on P.A.: Attention, passengers. The escalator– ]
Esi: Come on. It’s time.

♪ Long as I, long as I have you ♪

Liz: Okay.
[ Liz follows Esi up the elevator ]

[ Guinevere Claflin has decided to go along with Red’s plan to erase the server containing the report of the House Select Committee on Intelligence. She enters her office early in the morning with a cup of coffee. She has a comms link with Tadashi Ito ]
Guinevere: Okay. [ Sighs ] How long is this gonna take?
Tadashi: On average, I’d say two hours.
Guinevere: Two hours?
[ Keys clacking ]
Guinevere: People will be here by then.
Tadashi: You know the Gutman Data Sanitizing Algorithm? No? Nothing? Anyway, I used a keylogger to gain access to it, tweaked a few lines of code and as a result this baby should be sanitized right about – now.
Guinevere: Do you even know what was on those files you just erased?
Tadashi: Me? No. My boss and I are strictly don’t ask, don’t tell. Okay, we’re clear. Pull the thumb drive and cue the coffee. Hey. Question. You ever have AOC sightings? That’d be so cool.
[ Guinevere pours the coffee ]
Guinevere: I can’t believe I’m doing this. Okay, I’m hanging up now. I got to go. I’m about to be fired.

[ Red takes a seat in Cooper’s office ]
Red: What’s happening with her daughter?
Cooper: Elizabeth has walked away from her. I never thought she would. I was mistaken.
[ Aram takes on the task of keeping Agnes occupied ]
Aram: Okay, while the grownups figure out all the boring grownup stuff, you and I are going to play a paper airplane contest. Sound good?
Agnes: I suppose.
Aram: You suppose? You suppose? [ Enthusiastically: ] There’s no supposing. The goal is to figure out who can fly the most paper airplanes into that garbage can. You do know how to make a paper airplane, right?
[ Agnes shakes her head “no” ]
Aram: Okay. That’s alright. I’ll make them. You fly them. Sound good?
[ Ressler gets off the elevator ]
Aram: Here we go. Okay.
[ Aram begins folding paper airplanes ]

[ Ressler’s cellphone chimes✨] [ It’s a text message from Liz with a shopping list of foods Agnes likes and her favorite tv shows {
[ Phone rings ] [ Beeps🔅]
Ressler: Ressler.
Liz: How is she?
Ressler: This text. It’s from you.
Liz: Is she okay?
Ressler: Sure looks like it. [ Chuckling ] Her and Aram are making a mess of the office.
[ Liz is calling from the train station ]
Liz: I got Marvin Gerard to turn. So I have the resources I need to get out.
[ A voice on the P.A. is heard in the background ]
Ressler: What about Agnes?
Liz: You were right. Being on the run is no place for her.
Ressler: And the mistake your mother made?
Liz: I guess I’m more like her than I care to admit.
Ressler: So these lists of TV shows and food– They’re what Agnes likes.
Liz: And the address is a self-storage unit. There’s a locker there with her favorite clothes and books.
Ressler: She’s gonna be okay.
Liz: Promise?
Ressler: I do. Until you’re back, she’s gonna have lots of doting uncles.
[⚡️Train brakes screech⚡️]
Liz: I got to go.
Ressler: No, you don’t.
Liz: I do. And this time I have to mean it.
[ Cellphones beep🔅🔅]
[ Ressler knocks on the glass by Aram’s workstation, beckoning Aram ]
Aram: Oh. [ To Agnes ] I’ll be right back.
[ Aram walks over to Ressler ]
Aram: What’s up?
Ressler: Keen called me. I couldn’t run a trace, but I did record it.
Aram: Liz called you?
Ressler: Look, I don’t know from where, but there were some muffled sounds in the background. I need you to enhance the audio.
Aram: Okay. I may not be able to beat a 6-year-old in a paper plane contest – Seriously, she’s destroying me, she’s like a- she’s like a mini Chuck Yeager – But I do know that when you say “Keen called me” what you’re really saying is “Keen called me again.”
Ressler: Look, I know what Cooper said–
Aram: He didn’t “say,” he ordered.
Ressler: Yeah, but I told you, if you saw her you’d think differently.
Aram: You saw her?! When? Where? Was it at your apartment? Please. Please tell me it wasn’t at your apartment. Was it at your apartment?
[ Ressler gives Aram his cellphone ]
Ressler: [ Sternly ] The audio. Enhance it.

[ Cooper’s office. Red is still there. Ressler and Aram enter ]
Ressler: We know where Keen is.
Aram: The Silver Spring train station.
Ressler: She called me to ask about Agnes. There was noise in the background. Aram was able to enhance it.
[ Ressler plays the enhanced audio: ]

Woman on P.A.: – now arriving on Track One, the Blue Ridge, en route to Washington, this is the Silver Spring stop.

Cooper: I’ll inform Montgomery County PD. You get a TAC team and roll out.
Red: Any fingers crossed, Donald? Toes?
Ressler: [ Annoyed ] What’s got your goat?
Red: It’s not a goat, it’s a wild goose. The one I fear you have us all chasing.
Ressler: Now, what’s that supposed to mean?
Red: You’re a good agent. But I wonder if maybe you’re an even better friend.
Ressler: You think I’m helping her. I mean, that this is some sort of a trick, a false lead to draw us one way while she goes the other.
Red: I think it’s a possibility.
Ressler: [ Chuckles ] That’s rich coming from you. When the only reason she may get away is because she turned one of your people. Marvin Gerard’s giving her all the resources she needs.
Red: Elizabeth told you that?
Ressler: She did. And I believe her.
Red: I believe you do. That’s what worries me.
[ Red walks past Ressler and leaves ]
[ Cooper motions for Aram to close the office door ]
Cooper: Well?
Aram: Well what?
Cooper: Is there anything to it?
Ressler: Well, she trusts me. And that’s not a problem. I mean, it’s why we have a lead.
Cooper: Has there been other contact?
Ressler: Well, she called me twice, and, um, she came to my apartment.
Aram: [ Quietly ] Called it.
Cooper: We’ll talk about this when we get back from the station.
Ressler: What do you mean “we”?
Cooper: This is clearly complicated. For all of us. If this is a chance to apprehend Elizabeth, it appears we may need to give each other the strength to do it.

[ The Silver Spring Maryland train station ]
Woman on P.A.: Please allow passengers to exit the train before you board.
[ aYia’s ♪ “Ruins” (feat. Ásta Fanney Sigurðardóttir) plays ]

♪ Boat by lake I fleet it down
Down to the ruin ♪

[ Cooper, Ressler and Park search the train station for Liz, but come up short ]
Park: She’s gone.
Cooper: You saw the security feeds?
Park: She was here for over an hour. Along with Esi Jackson.
Ressler: But the train’s still here. Maybe they’re already on it.
Park: Liz didn’t get on. The feeds show her leaving the station.
Ressler: When?
Park: What time did she call you?
Ressler: 11:33.
Park: Two minutes later, she walked out the front door.
Ressler: Why would she come to train station and not get on a train?

♪ Way down ♪

[ Cooper looks at his phone ]
Cooper: Oh, my God.
Park: What?
[ Cooper turns to leave. Park and Ressler follow ]

[ The Post Office. Aram is holding a stopwatch ]
[ Beeps🔅]
Aram: 30 seconds. Halfway to a new world record.
[ Agnes is walking from one pile of papers on the floor to another ]
Aram: Can she go all the way without putting a toe on the floor?
[ Cellphone ringing ]

♪ Woul way down ♪

[ Cellphone beeps🔅]
Aram: Mr. Cooper, did you find her?
Cooper: [ On phone ] No. The train was a diversion.
Aram: A diversion from what? Why would she want you to go there?
Cooper: So she could get her daughter.
Aram: But her daughter’s right here.
Cooper: Yes. And Agent Keen just swiped into the Post Office.
[ Elevator door opens. It’s Liz ]
Agnes: Mommy!
[ Agnes runs to Liz who lifts her up and hugs her ]
Aram: I’ll have to call you back.
[ Cellphone beeps🔅]
Liz: [ Laughs ] Oh, look at you. Oh, my gosh, you busy bee.
Agnes: I got all the way across without touching the floor.
Liz: All the way?
Aram: [ Seriously ] A new world record.
Liz: We got to go, honey.
Aram: Can I try it one more time?
Liz: I’m afraid not, honey. Go get your shoes on, okay? Go on.
[ Agnes prances off ]
Liz: [ To Aram ] I saw you in the parking lot. The way you talked to her. And now this – thank you.
Aram: I didn’t do it for you.
Liz: I have to take her now.
[ Liz pulls back her jacket to show her gun ]
Liz: And you have to let us go.
Aram: Who are you?
Liz: You know who I am and why I have to do this.
Aram: You forged my signature to get 16 ounces of Semtex. You nearly killed Mr. Reddington and Ressler. I knew who you were, Liz. But I don’t recognize who you’ve become.
[ Agnes returns ]
Liz: Say thank you to Aram, honey.
[ Agnes gives Aram a hug ]
[ 🚨Alarm blaring🚨 ]
Liz: The security section’s already been alerted. We need a two-minute head start to get out through Level C. Two minutes. That’s all I ask. [ To Agnes, whispering ] Come on. Let’s go. Let’s go.
[ Liz and Agnes dash off, leaving Aram standing there ]

[ Red, Marvin Gerard and Skip Hadley sit around a small table in a basement. Dembe stands nearby ]
Marvin: Sure, I said I’d think about throwing in with her. And I did. For all of two seconds. As a courtesy. Then I turned her down.
Skip: That’s true, Mr. Reddington. I was there. I saw it.
Red: You saw it.
Skip: Yes, sir, I did.
Red: Did you also see Marvin buy airline tickets to Switzerland?
Marvin: Of course he didn’t. Because I didn’t buy airline tickets to Switzerland.
Red: My mistake. You bought tickets to Switzerland and booked a suite at the Kupfer Grand in Zurich.
[ Red hands Marvin a copy of the paperwork ]
Marvin: [ Scoffs ] You don’t see it. It’s staring you in the face and you’re so puffed up with anger that you don’t see it.
Red: Enlighten me.
Marvin: My name. It’s on the reservation. You think I’d throw in with Keen and make getaway plans using my own name? That I’d steal from you without even attempting to hide it?
Red: I think you never forgave me for the three years you spent in prison.
Marvin: I went to prison because I was loyal to you!
Red: Yes. And now that you know my days are numbered, your loyalty has shifted. I understand. You’re just looking ahead, playing the long game.
Marvin: You’re the one who’s being played. Getting you to hurt me is her way of getting you to hurt yourself.
Red: Except I won’t be hurt, not with the adorable Skip stepping up to fill the void.
Marvin: I’m sorry, what?
Red: [ To Dembe ] Has Marvin been locked out of the accounts?
Dembe: As of 20 minutes ago.
Red: Excellent.
Marvin: You’re making a huge mistake.
Red: Please, let’s bring Skip up to speed and have his biometrics synced for account access in Nevis and the Caymans.
Skip: Mr. Reddington, I’m- I’m honored, but Marvin – I promise you he wasn’t disloyal.
Red: Yes, well, we’ll see about that.
[ Brimley enters with the goat🐏 ]
Brimley: You’re in luck. Yesterday was Benji’s spa day. He’s shampooed, rubbed, rested, and ready.

[ Elevator door creaks ] [ Door thumps ] [ Cooper, Ressler and Park step out ]
[ Aram is sitting, his head down and hands clasped ]
Aram: You were right. It is different.

[ Liz is riding in the back of a vehicle with Agnes, talking on the phone to Esi ]
Liz: Anything. Contacts. Safe houses. She even mentioned an asset named Mr. French. Whatever resources of my mother’s you can find, we’re gonna need them. You, too, thanks, Esi.
[ Cellphone beeps🔅]
Agnes: Aram’s nice.
Liz: Yeah, he is. The nicest.
Agnes: Will we ever see him again?
Liz: I don’t know, honey. I hope so. I just– don’t know.

[ The basement ] [ In the background: Marvin screaming, goat🐏bleats ]
Dembe: [ To Red ] To meet our friend as scheduled, we have to be in the air free now within an hour.
Red: I’m not leaving without an answer.
Dembe: Tadashi did his job. The files have been erased.
Red: Besides you, Marvin is my oldest colleague.
[ Blow lands ] [ Marvin screaming ] [ Goat🐏bleats ] [ Screaming continues ]
Dembe: I want to ask you a question. When I do, I need you to give me an honest answer.
Red: Of course.
Dembe: Did you want Elizabeth to see you shoot her mother? Knowing that if she did, it would send her to a place so dark she would never go back to her old life.
Red: Why would I ever do that?
Dembe: Because you live in that dark place. And she can’t take over your empire without living there, too. You mock the FBI for being conflicted about arresting someone they love, but you love her, too, and I’m not sure you want her arrested, either.
Red: I never said I wanted her arrested. But I do want her found.
Dembe: You can see what it’s done – You keeping so much from her. It– It’s hardened her. Made her worthy of the Blacklist. What I want to know is if this was your plan all along.
Red: I – didn’t — I didn’t have a plan.

Banker: If I could just ask you to place your hand here.
[ Skip Hadley does so ] [ 🔅Beeping🔅 ] [ Chimes ✨ ]
Banker: The transfer is now complete. Is there anything else I can do for you, Mr. Hadley?

[ Liz and Agnes are flying in a private plane ]
Liz: You sure I can afford this?
[ Skip Hadley is in the plane with them ]
Skip Hadley: I’ve told you 10 times already.
Liz: I know. I’m sorry. I’m just having a hard time believing it.
Skip: 35 million. That’s how much we transferred out of Reddington’s account.
Liz: 35 million.
Skip: Yeah. In euros. That’s 41 million in dollars. So, yeah, this I think you [ Chuckling ] can afford.
Liz: [ Sighs ]
[ Until The Ribbon Breaks’ ♪ “One Way or Another” plays ]

♪ One way or another, I’m gonna find you ♪

[ Liz dialing, line ringing ]

♪ I’m gonna get you ♪

Liz: You’re wrong about Marvin Gerard.
Red: [ On phone ] Elizabeth, for someone looking to go off the grid, you continue to be quite chatty.
Liz: Suisse Capital. You had one account. Now you have none.
Red: What does this have to do with Marvin?
Liz: And all this time I thought you knew how to think like a criminal.
Red: Skip Hadley.
Liz: My knight in shining armor.
[ Skip lifts his glass to Liz ]

♪ And I will drive past your house ♪

Liz: Marvin was my last hope. When he turned me down, I thought I was finished. No money, no support. It was over.

[ Flashback: ]
[ Skip runs up to Liz ]
Skip: Hey.

Liz: But then–

[ Flashback: ]
Skip: He’s in the bathroom so I only have a minute but, uh– I’m in.

♪ One way or another ♪

Liz: [ On phone, to Red ] I thought using Marvin’s real name to book the plane tickets and hotel room might be a red herring that someone clever would detect. But I guess I’ll have to try it on someone clever to find out.
Red: As my third grade teacher Mr. Threet used to say – One swallow doesn’t mean spring is here.
Liz: Yeah, but 35 million euros sure feels like spring break.
[ Beeps🔅]

♪ And if the lights are all down ♪

[ Red rushes into the torture chamber. Marvin is sitting on the floor, shirtless, bruised and bloody. His hands are tied. The goat🐏is chewing on a shirt ]
Red: Oh, my God.
Brimley: We’re almost there.
[ Red gets down by Marvin and wraps his coat around him ]
Red: Marvin, I am so sorry. Will you ever forgive me? [ To Brimley: ] Is he alright?
Brimley: Should be fine. Though Benji did go a touch Hai Karate. I’m guessing it was his aftershave.
Red: Smells like grapefruit. Or blood orange. Is it blood orange?
Marvin: Go to hell, Raymond.
Red: I think it’s blood orange.
[ Red unties Marvin and grabs a blanket and wraps it around him ]
Red: Oh! There. Okay.

[ Cooper’s office. Ressler and Aram are there ]
Cooper: Agent Keen played you both. She played on your feelings for her. As an agent. A friend. A mother. She used you.
Ressler: Yes, she did.
Cooper: Given that, you should recuse yourselves from the case.
Aram: We agree. Which is why we prepared our letters of resignation.
[ Aram lays an envelope on Cooper’s desk ]
Ressler: The Task Force has one job now– To bring Keen in. And we’ve proven that we’re not up to that job.
Cooper: You both agree this is for the best?
Ressler: We do.
Cooper: As do I. But if I ask you to leave then– if I’m honest, I’d have to as well.
Aram: Why? You’ve done nothing to compromise this investigation.
Cooper: No, but I’ve felt like compromising it. I’ve wanted it to be compromised. Would I have taken Agent Keen into custody if she’d been at the train station? Yes, I would have. Was I relieved that I didn’t have to – You’re damn right I was. Was I angry that she tricked us into going there so she could come here to get her daughter – absolutely. Am I glad they’ve been reunited, of course I am.
Aram: So – what do we do now?
Cooper: I tell you what we’re not gonna do – Let total strangers go after one of our own.
[ Cooper takes the envelope with the resignation letters and puts it in his desk drawer ]
Ressler: I do not look forward to having Reddington find out that we let her slip through our fingers once again.
Cooper: I spoke to him just before you came up here. I doubt he’ll do much gloating. It seems he misjudged Marvin Gerard.
Ressler: Yeah, Keen told me he flipped.
Cooper: So you’d tell Reddington. So he’d empower Gerard’s number two– Who turns out to be in her pocket.
Aram: When you say empowered–
Cooper: Reddington gave him account access. Which he used to transfer 35 million euros to Elizabeth.

♪ I’ll walk down the mall, stand over by the wall
Where I can see it all, find out who you call ♪

[ Liz and Agnes are snuggled up together on a couch in the airplane. Agnes sees that Liz is wearing the socks with the unicorns of them ]
Agnes Did they bring you luck?

♪ Stand over by the wall, where I can see it all ♪

Liz: Oh, yeah. They did, honey. So much.

Ressler: So Keen used me to steal Reddington’s money. [ Chuckles ] It feels strangely, uh, therapeutic.
Aram: This is, uh, all well and good, but seriously, what if we don’t catch her? What if our concern for her gets in the way and she succeeds and kills Mr. Reddington?

♪ Where I can see it all, find out who you call ♪

Liz: You want to see what else brings me luck?

♪ Drive by your house ♪

[ Liz shows Agnes the washer that was her engagement ring, that she now wears on a necklace ]
Agnes: What is that?
Liz: Did I ever tell you how your Daddy asked me to marry him?

♪ And I’ll see who’s around ♪

[ Moscow, Russia ]
[ Red sits at a table across from a man named Sikorsky ]
[ Sikorsky and Red speak in Russian ]
[ A man pours tea into Red’s cup ]
Red: Thank you.
Sikorsky: You did well.
Red: I did my part.
Sikorsky: Our friends at Scuti Global are quite pleased.
Red: [ Sighs ] [ Cup taps lightly ] I couldn’t be less interested.
Sikorsky: Well, perhaps this will interest you. Fresh from the archive.
[ Sikorsky places a thumb drive on the table ]
[ They switch to speaking in English ]
Red: What interests me is why after nearly 30 years you suddenly act as if I work for you. I don’t.
Sikorsky: We know about Keen. What she’s saying. That you’re N-13.
Red: An allegation no one believes.
Sikorsky: A fact no one knows is true. We must do whatever we can to keep it that way.
Red: I flew 15 hours so I could look you in the eye and tell you what I told Rakitin – Elizabeth Keen is off limits.
Sikorsky: And I asked you to fly here so I could look you in the eye and tell you I agree.
[ Sikorsky looks down ]
Sikorsky: For now.
[ Sikorsky takes a bite of food. Red stares at him ]

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Episode Songs


♫ Sleeping Beauty Waltz
By Tchaikovsky

Lyrics and Credits: [ No Lyrics ]
YouTube: https://youtu.be/p_K28V0pTs4


Long as I Have You
by Al(i) Hazan (feat. Myrna Rowlands)

♪ I won’t care, I won’t cry
If you’re there, I’ll get by
I won’t care
Long as I, long as I have you

♪ If the rivers should run dry
And every star tumble down from the sky
I won’t care, I won’t cry
If you’re there, I’ll get by
I won’t care
Long as I, long as I have you

♪ And if my dreams never do come true
And every plan what i’ve made falls through
I won’t care, I won’t cry
If you’re there, I’ll get by
I won’t care
Long as I, long as I have you

♪ And if the sky should shatter and fall
And tumble down to the sea
You just, just let it fall or it would not matter at all
If you still,
Still believe in me

♪ So let the oceans all turn to sand
Just as long as our love will stand
I won’t care, I won’t cry
If you’re there, I’ll get by
I won’t care
Long as I, long as I have you

♪ Long as I, long as I have you
Long as I, long as I have you

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/3rbirmj [lyrics edited by me to match script]
YouTube: https://youtu.be/olE2sdlqEGU


♫ Ruins (feat. Ásta Fanney Sigurðardóttir)
By aYia

[ Full lyrics unavailable as of 2/1/2021, however, this is offered at the link: ]

A thumping, eerie, dark wave track that creates a sense of urgency, tension, and anxiety to the very core. “Ruins” consists of minimal synth melodies, a guttural pounding bass line and twitching, creepy overtones. This looming tune is then glazed to perfection with the ghostly breathy vocals of poetess Ásta Fanney Sigurðardóttir.

The song’s lyrics reflect the suspense created by the production itself, being about “the abstract brutal truth of our surreal existence,” according to Ásta. “There is a long tension of a looming danger, bad mistakes that lead astray,” she continues. “You are sailing down the river of bad luck, resistance is useless against the stream, you have to learn how to use it, to bend it, to turn it in the other direction. Not by fighting it, but by fooling it.”

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/3rbD81p
YouTube: https://youtu.be/QvgdSKXQgUU


♫ One Way Or Another
By Until The Ribbon Breaks

♪ One way or another, I’m gonna find you
I’m gonna get you
One way or another, I’m gonna win you
I’m gonna get you, get you
One way or another, I’m gonna see you
I’m gonna meet you
One day, maybe next week
I’m gonna meet you, I’m gonna meet you

♪ And I will drive by your house
And if the lights are all down
Then I’ll see who’s around

♪ One way or another, I’m gonna find you
I’m gonna get you
And one way or another, I’m gonna win you
I’m gonna get you, get you
One way or another, I’m gonna see you
I’m gonna meet you, meet you
One day, maybe next week
I’m gonna meet you, I’m gonna meet you

♪ And if the lights are all out
Oh I will follow your bus downtown
Then I’ll see who’s around, who’s around

[ Repeat X6 ]
♪ I’ll walk down the mall
Stand over by the wall
Where I can see it all
Find out who you call

♪ I will drive by your house
And if the lights are all down
Then I’ll see who’s around

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/2M86vDd
YouTube: https://youtu.be/xOCDUQ2zuXE

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🔴 Script 8:5 The Fribourg Confidence (№ 140)

Program air date: 2/5/2021 in the US
Script Permalink: https://wp.me/pDKwi-aJA
Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/3pPkTyN

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Directed by: Andrew McCarthy
Written by: Noah Schechter



Brief (Where we’re at): Liz has slept with Ressler ~ and Red has been confirmed to be the notorious agent N-13, calling the true loyalties of each into question. Cooper, Aram and all Ressler got played by Liz as she made her escape with Agnes in a new airplane purchased with money Liz got her hands on by throwing Marvin Gerard under the bus and flipping his deputy, Skip Hadley. She forged documents to make Red think she’d flipped Marvin; so Red rescinded his access to accounts worth $41M and gave the access to Skip.

Liz played on Ressler’s affections to plant misinformation with him about Marvin’s loyalty hoping he’d pass it along to Red. That sent the team on a wild goose chase to the train station from which she made the call, when her plan all along was to divert them from being at the Post Office where Aram was alone with Agnes. (Earlier, Liz had failed to show to pick up Agnes, knowing Agnes would be taken to the Post Office. With Aram there alone with Agnes, she implored him to give her enough time to escape with Agnes, which he reluctantly allowed.)

Realizing their feelings for Liz had interfered with their ability to do their jobs, Ressler and Aram offered their resignations to Cooper. But Cooper, confessing to having similar conflicting feelings, refused to accept the resignations.

Red had Brimley torture Marvin to get him to confess that he had switched his allegiance to Liz. Since Marvin hadn’t done so, there was nothing to confess. The torture continued until Liz, safely in the air, called Red to tell him about her arrangement with Skip. Red rushed to halt the torture and begged for Marvin’s forgiveness.

Complicating things, in the course of looking for colleagues of Red’s to flip, Liz pulled out all the stops, spilling Red secrets to his associates: that he was a traitor, the secret agent N-13, that he had cut deal with the FBI, while also telling them he is dying and she would be getting everything when he’s dead. She had already shared with Cooper the entire audio of Katarina’s last conversation with Red, leading Cooper to ask Red to explain the N-13 accusation, but Red shut the discussion down.

But the walls have ears, and sure enough, Dembe let Red know he’d gotten a call from “our friend in the East,” and “He expects you in Moscow the day after tomorrow.” First, though, an operative named Rakitin instructed Red to deep-six a report of the U.S. House of Representatives Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, which Red did with help from computer whiz kid Tadashi Ito and a reluctant Counsel to the Committee.

In Moscow, Red met with Sikorsky (of the eponymous “Archive”), aka “our friend from the East.” Sikorsky thanked Red for disappearing Intelligence Committee Report and rewarded him with a thumb drive of information “Fresh from the archive.” Sikorsky then told Red, “We know about Keen”:

Sikorsky: We know about Keen. What she’s saying. That you’re N-13.
Red: An allegation no one believes.
Sikorsky: A fact no one knows is true. We must do whatever we can to keep it that way.
Red: I flew 15 hours so I could look you in the eye and tell you … Elizabeth Keen is off limits.
Sikorsky: And I asked you to fly here so I could look you in the eye and tell you I agree.
[ Sikorsky looks down ]
Sikorsky: For now.
[ Sikorsky takes a bite of food. Red stares at him ]


⭕ Script 8:5 The Fribourg Confidence (№ 140)

[ Colleen and Carl Conway are sleeping wearing sleep goggles ]
[ Iggy Pop’s ♪ “James Bond” plays ]
[ A man named Raf meddles with the alarm system of the Conways’ home ]

♪ She wants to be your James Bond
She wants to be your James Bond
Well, it’s not for a price and it’s not to be nice ♪

[🚨Alarm blaring🚨]

♪ She wants to be your James Bond ♪

Colleen Conway: Oh. Not again.
[ Cellphone ringing✨]
Carl Conway: [ Groaning ] Ohh.

♪ James Bond ♪

[ Cellphone beeps🔅]
Carl: Yeah?
Woman’s Voice: This is Zimmer Security. We have an alarm alert.
Carl: Yeah, everything’s fine. Uh, raccoons tip the can. They set off the alarm. There’s no need to–
Woman’s Voice: I have officers en route. They should arriving momentarily.
Carl: Well, listen, this is like the third time this month. Just tell the officers that they–
Woman’s Voice: Sir, we have officers on site now.
[ Knock on door, doorbell rings✨]
Carl: [ Sighs ]
Man’s Voice: Police. Is anyone home?
[ Knock on door, doorbell rings✨]
Man’s Voice: Police. Answer the door.
Carl: [ Descending stairs ] I tried to tell you – Interrupt a man while he’s sleeping, find out how a man sleeps.
[ Doorbell rings✨ ]
[ Carl opens the door. There stand three masked individuals pointing guns at him: Jennifer, a Black woman with long braided hair, Raf who set off the alarm, and a woman with wavy brown hair. Her name is Silvina ]

[ A key card opens a locked door. Raf pushes Carl by the cuff into a bank vault ]

[ Flashback: ]
[ Colleen is being gagged and tied ]
Jennifer: I’m gonna make this easy, Carl. Trip the alarm, your wife dies. Look at our faces, your wife dies.

[ In the bank vault ]
Raf: The key for box C112. Hand it over.
[ Carl gives the key to Raf who tosses it to Jennifer. Then Raf pushes Carl to the floor ]

♪ James Bond
She wants to be your James Bond ♪

[ Raf opens a briefcase as Jennifer opens the safe deposit box. She slides out a lockbox ]
Carl: You know who that belongs to?
Jennifer: Stay down.

♪ She wants to be your James Bond ♪

[ Jennifer uses a power tool to break the lockbox ] [ Whirring ] [ She lifts the cover of the metal box and takes out a thumb drive, holding it up ]

♪ She might stand in your way
But still she’ll save the day
She wants to be your James Bond James Bond
She wants to be your James Bond
She will not be shamed
She will not be blamed
When she confuses the two, she blames it on you ♪

[ Also in the lockbox are packets of bills. Jennifer places a card that says “Elizabeth Keen says Hello” in the lockbox. Jennifer closes the cover and puts the lockbox back into its compartment ]

♪ Screaming, “You’re insane, you’re insane”
Didn’t make the rules ♪

[ Raf closes the briefcase ]
Jennifer: [ To Carl ] Once your wife calls, you’re free to go.
[ They leave ]

♪ Most fools gravitate to vanity
And her sanity is insanity ♪

[ Carl’s cellphone rings✨]

♪ Driving off while making you feel guilty ♪

Colleen: Carl? They’re gone. Are you–
[ Carl takes the call, hears her voice and hangs up ] [ Cellphone beeps🔅]
Colleen: Honey?
[ Carl makes a call ] [ Cellphone dials, line rings✨]
Carl: Hey. It’s me. Call Reddington. Tell him we got a problem.

[ Carl sits with Red in the back of his Mercedes ]
Red: Carl, I entrusted you with my belongings because I believed that you could keep them safe. Clearly I overestimated your abilities.
Carl: Yes. But with all due respect–
Red: “With all due respect”? What an absurd little qualifier. Why do people insist on stating their deference right before undercutting it with a mildly disrespectful provocation?
Carl: Whoever robbed you knew where to look, and they didn’t learn it from me. So – with all due respect – if there was a failure of security, it wasn’t on my end.
[ Carl hands Red the note saying “Elizabeth Keen says Hello” ]
Red: Thank you, Carl. Now – with all due respect – your cologne is beginning to make my eyes water.
[ Carl gets out of the car; Dembe gets in ] [ Horns honk ]
Dembe: That was Marvin. He’s closing the other deposit boxes as we speak.
Red: Your hunch was right. Elizabeth was behind the robbery.
Dembe: Which means it had to be Hadley who tipped her off to the box.
Red: Carlos is holed up in Turin. Yanka’s nursing a gunshot wound in Bariloche.
Dembe: You think she hired the Confidence?
Red: Yes, actually. I believe I do.
[ Red dialing ] [ Line clicks ]
Red: Harold. It appears we can add bank robbery to Elizabeth’s burgeoning criminal résumé.
Cooper: What happened? Have you spoken with her? Do you know where she is?
Red: I do not, but I know a few of the criminals she’s been mixed up with. They call themselves the Fribourg Confidence. In the past three years, they’ve stolen over $25 million from at least six U.S. banks.
Cooper: Six robberies? Why haven’t I heard about them?
Red: The thefts were never reported. The Confidence targets accounts held by criminals who have arrangements with somewhat unscrupulous bank managers. I’ve never concerned myself with the Fribourgians or Fribourgers or– I don’t know. They never bothered me, so I never bothered with them. Until now. Last night, they stole something very important to me. I want it back.
Cooper: You mean Elizabeth stole from you, and you’re not going to tell me what.
Red: What she stole is my concern, but finding Elizabeth concerns us both. This case may help us to do that.

[ The Post Office war room ]
Cooper: $4 million stolen from a Los Angeles bank. A Monét taken from a safe deposit box in Oslo. Millions in forged cigarette tax stamps vanish from a vault in Kobe. According to Reddington, the same heist crew which robbed him have targeted banks from Seattle to Ankara, and none of the thefts have been reported because the targets were criminals.
Agent Alina Park: And Reddington’s sure it was Agent Keen who hired them?
Cooper: He wouldn’t say what Agent Keen was after or why, but whatever it was, he believes finding this crew is our best chance of finding her.
Aram: And what happens when we find her? We bring her in and just, you know, pretend like none of this ever happened?
Park: Something tells me that’s not what Agent Keen has in mind.
Ressler: What exactly are you suggesting?
Aram: I don’t know. It seems kind of crazy to me that, um, we’re still calling her Agent Keen.
Cooper: Agent Ressler, Agent Park, see if you can find any leads on this heist crew from the bank manager. We’ll save the ethical deliberations till after we’ve found Elizabeth.

[ Ressler and Park are investigating bank robbery. They are in the bank vault with Carl Conway and another bank official, Liam ]
Liam: This is crazy. If there was a breach, we’d call the police.
Carl Conway: But there was no breach.
Park: And the security feeds?
Liam: A brief system glitch.
Carl: Which I was notified of, which is why I came down personally to check things out and reset the system.
Ressler: I need to see what’s inside box C112.
Carl: Excuse me?
Ressler: Box C112. I need you to open it.
Carl: Of course. Uh, Liam, while I show them the box, could you please go to the server room and see if you can put last night’s feeds on a drive for the agents?
[ Liam leaves ]
Ressler: We know the box belongs to Raymond Reddington.
Carl: Actually, it’s registered to a Mr. Lloyd Wilke–
Ressler: It’s how we know it was hit. We had people sitting on it, waiting for him to show.
Carl: Mr. Wilke.
Park: Play it cute, we charge you with conspiracy and you get a decade, maybe more. Drop the Mr. Wilke BS, and you might be home in time for dinner.
Carl: One of them, the leader, I think, she pulled the lock. The other wiped the security system. The whole thing was over in 5, 10 minutes. I didn’t see their faces.
Ressler: So the leader was a woman?
Carl: Yes. She went right for the box.
Park: There’s hundreds of boxes in here. If she knew where to go–
Ressler: She’d been here before.

[ Cooper’s office ]
Cooper: Cynthia, to what do I owe the pleasure?
Cynthia Panabaker: Shelve the pleasantries, Harold. I’m hotter than a Laredo parking lot.
Alban Veseli has filed a motion to withdraw his guilty plea.
Cooper: I don’t know that name.
Panabaker: Of course you do. He’s a contract killer and the first criminal you and this task force put in prison.
Cooper: You’re talking about The Freelancer. Hid his murders within the headlines of ordinary accidents and disasters. If you’re here, he must be making an argument that concerns you.
Panabaker: His argument hasn’t changed. Our case was based on information given to us by a confidential informant. Veseli says the trial judge erred by not forcing us to disclose the informant’s identity.
[ A door opens at the prison where Alban Veseli (“The Freelancer”) is serving time. Lawyer Scooter Rovenpor walks to a room with a small table where Veseli is seated ] [ Door closes ]
Cooper: So we violated his 6th Amendment right to confront his accuser. Sounds pretty standard.
Panabaker: Not this time. He’s hired Scooter Rovenpor to handle the appeal.
Cooper: Rovenpor could get the devil off on appeal.
Panabaker: Old Scoot certainly got the judge’s attention. We fought it, but he’s ordered both parties to appear for oral argument on the motion to withdraw.
Alban Veseli: [ To Rovenpor ] Who the hell are you?
Panabaker: Agent Keen swore out the affidavits based on the informant’s knowledge, so he wants to hear from Keen directly.
Cooper: I’m afraid that may be difficult. Agent Keen’s in the field.
Panabaker: Then get her back. She’s due in Judge Velchek’s court first thing tomorrow. We need to neutralize this, Harold. If the evidence we got from Reddington gets excluded, our case is gonna be shakier than cafeteria Jell-O.

Alban Veseli: A thousand dollars an hour?
Scooter Rovenpor: A fee I’ve agreed to waive.
Veseli: Why? Not saying I don’t appreciate it, but why me?
Rovenpor: I don’t think you got a fair trial.
Veseli: You believe I’m innocent.
Rovenpor: No. But I believe even mass murderers deserve equal justice.
Veseli: You think if I get it, I’ll walk?
Rovenpor: Maybe. But that’s all gonna depend on Agent Elizabeth Keen.

[ Red sits on a park bench holding the note left in his safe deposit box ]
[ Bird call ] [ A Birdwatching Woman looks through binoculars some distance away ]
[ Red is joined by a man named Vlad Cvetko ]
[ Bird call ]
Vlad Cvetko: [ Russia accent ] Is anything more boring than bird watching? Six hours to maybe glimpse the bill of a toucan you can see on a box of Froot Loops.
Red: Bird watching is more than just birds, Cvetko. It’s seeing ourselves in connection with the world in which we live.
Cvetko: I live in laboratory. The only birds I connect with are dead.
Red: Your world is uniquely inanimate. Which is why I asked you here. I need to know who wrote this.
[ Cvetko reads the brief note ]
Cvetko: It’s not Elizabeth Keen?
Red: Someone in her employ. Who may have left a fingerprint, a clue that could lead you to her identity. In the world I’m living in, nothing is more important.
Cvetko: I’ll see what can I do.
[ Red gazes into the trees ]
Red: “Under the greenwood tree, who loves to lie with me, and turn his merry note unto the sweet bird’s throat.”
Cvetko: Nice rhyme.
Red: Shakespeare thought so.
Cvetko: Okay.
Birdwatching Woman: [ Bird call ]

[ Post Office war room ]
Aram: You said the robber had staked out the bank, so I pulled a list of people with safety deposit boxes.
Ressler: Thought I’d catch Park up to speed on The Freelancer’s handiwork.
Park: Collapsed buildings, overturned ferries, all to kill one person?
Aram: Yeah, he was a real peach, who may walk free unless Liz shows up in court. We have to find her. The only way to do that is to find the thief on this list.
Ressler: Well, we better hope that Cooper can stall the judge until we do.

[ Judge Steven Velchek’s courtroom ] [ Cooper is there with Assistant US Attorney Navarro; Alban Veseli (The Freelancer) is there with his lawyer Scooter Rovenpor ]
Judge Velchek: To be clear, Mr. Rovenpor, your client pleaded guilty to one count of murder, namely the murder of a woman named Floriana Campo.
Scooter Rovenpor: A notorious human trafficker, Your Honor. At the time, Mr. Veseli’s attorney moved that the government be ordered to disclose the identity of the confidential informant who supplied most of the information that led to his arrest.
Judge Velchek: A motion I denied.
Rovenpor: Yes, Your Honor, and in light of your ruling, and only because of it, my client felt that it was in his best interest to enter a plea.
Assistant US Attorney Navarro: Many cases are founded on intel supplied by confidential sources, Your Honor. You weighed the variables at the time and made a perfectly reasonable ruling.
Rovenpor: I agree.
AUSA Navarro: You agree?
Rovenpor: It was reasonable based on the information – you made available at the time, but since that time, new information has come to light. For starters, we now know that Agent Elizabeth Keen has made a number of high-profile cases based on intel from confidential sources. A shocking number. More, in fact, than any other major case agent.
AUSA Navarro: We’d have to review those numbers.
Rovenpor: The vast majority, if not all, of those cases were based on intel supplied by the same individual.
AUSA Navarro: You believe that based on what?
Judge Velchek: I’ve read the defendant’s papers. All these cases – Ms. Navarro, can you assure me there were multiple sources?
AUSA Navarro: We are not able to answer that.
Rovenpor: Because if she did, you’d wonder if there was any informant at all, since one person couldn’t possibly have such a wide variety of criminal knowledge. Maybe Agent Keen fabricated her quote/unquote “source” as a way to get defendants to cop a plea.
AUSA Navarro: There has been no fabrication, Your Honor, and there is no evidence to show that there has been.
Judge Velchek: Not yet, but that’s why you’re here, because I’m not prepared to take your word on that. I want to hear from Agent Keen.
[ Cooper rises ]
Cooper: Your Honor, I am Assistant Director Harold Cooper of the FBI. I’m Agent Keen’s immediate supervisor. Unfortunately, she’s on assignment and unable to be here today.
Judge Velchek: Her assignment was to show up in my courtroom.
Cooper: I’m afraid that won’t be possible.
Rovenpor: How convenient. Your Honor, this is intentional–
Judge Velchek: Until when? How long before she can answer my questions, in person and under oath?
Cooper: I honestly don’t know, Your Honor.
Judge Velchek: Well, that’s not gonna cut it, Mr. Cooper. Have Keen here by 4:00 p.m.
Cooper: I can’t guarantee that, Your Honor.
Judge Velchek: I can guarantee this – If she’s not here, I will grant the defendant’s motion and Mr. Veseli may very well be released.

[ Dembe and Red are in the park ]
Dembe: He’s here.
Red: Ah.
[ Vlad Cvetko walks up ]
Cvetko: Red, you should know, Keen approached me last week. She said you were dying. That she’s the heir apparent and I should throw in with her.
Red: Did you find anything?
Cvetko: No prints or DNA. But you said the note was left by a bank robber, so I checked it against a database of information on robberies – Other notes, documents – And found a handwriting match to a previous robbery.
[ Cvetko hands Red an old tabloid newspaper ]
Red: Thank you, Cvetko, for your work and your loyalty. The Bell Tower heist in ’94?
Cvetko: You know it?
Red: I do, and the man who did it.

[ Red and Dembe show up at the home of Abraham (“Abe”) Moores. Moores is a Black man, elderly and in wheelchair ]
Nurse: Three pills, half a glass of water. Nothing else until I come back.
[ The nurse leaves ]
Red: She’s rather charmless.
Abe Moores: We both know you didn’t come here for a skip down memory lane.
Red: Two nights ago, I was robbed. Thief left a note. The writing matches a note you gave a teller during the Bell Tower job.
Moores: You think I robbed you? I take two steps, I gotta rest for an hour. I can’t even steal my wallet out of my own pocket.
[ Red’s cellphone ringing✨]
Red: Sorry. [ Cellphone beeps🔅]
[ Red steps aside ]
Red: Anything?
Aram: We went through the names of everyone with a safe deposit box. Two weeks ago, Terese Krissoff opened one. Only the real Ms. Krissoff died three months ago.
Park: The impostor opened an account with a fake Social Security number so she can case the room.
Ressler: The robbers avoided surveillance when they broke into your box. But we pulled a photo of Krissoff from a week ago when she was prepping the job. We just sent you a copy of the image. We can’t make a positive ID. Can you?
[ Red looks at the photo Ressler sent of a young Black woman with long braided hair and then at photos on a side table behind Abe Moores: they are the same woman ]
Red: No, but I may know someone who can.
[ Red closes phone 🔅]
Red: I was once held captive by the Shining Path. Three months of unrelenting heat and humidity in the Peruvian jungle, mixed with the occasional round of electroshock. All in all, it was a rather unpleasant experience – but for my cellmate, a delightfully monkish, bookish Polish aid worker who was also, inexplicably, something of a handwriting expert. While fending off the daily onslaught of rhinoceros beetles, he would hold forth on why a child’s handwriting is often nearly identical to that of at least one, if not a little of both, of his or her parents’ handwriting. Apparently, the similarity isn’t genetic at all, just subconscious imitation. I didn’t know you had a daughter.
Moores: I did once. But not anymore.
Red: I owe you an apology. It’s not your handwriting on the note. It’s hers. You didn’t rob me. She did.
Moores: No. That’s impossible.
Red: I need you to tell me where she is. Where is she?
Moores: Jennifer and I are estranged. Now, I-I got those photos from her mother. She and I agreed that Jen should live with her s- so she could have a life, a good life. An honest life.
Red: Where is she, Abe? I’m not gonna ask you again.
Moores: I can’t tell you because I don’t know. But if you’re right that my baby’s a thief, go ahead. You may as well kill me now, ’cause I ain’t got nothing to live for.

[ Cooper in his office talks to Red in his car ]
Cooper: The photo Aram sent you – Were you able to ID the woman in it?
Red: Yes. The lead bore fruit.
Cooper: So you know who robbed you, who Elizabeth hired to rob you.
Red: I do. We’re looking for her now.
Cooper: We need to look together.
Red: After all these years, Harold, I would think you’d know I don’t do halfsies.
Cooper: If we don’t find Elizabeth by 4:00 p.m. today, the case we made against Alban Veseli will fall apart.
Red: Alban. The Freelancer.
Cooper: Yes. And he has a new attorney who claims we violated his civil rights by not disclosing that you were our source. If Elizabeth doesn’t appear in court to defend the case, the judge may let him walk. So are we doing halfsies or what?

[ Cooper walks over to Park, Aram and Ressler in the war room ]
Cooper: The woman we’re looking for – Her name is Jennifer Anne Moores. According to Reddington, she’s the daughter of Abraham Moores. Reddington claims Moores is a retired bank robber.
Park: Like father like daughter.
Cooper: Moores was arrested in ’98, did nine years and retired.
Ressler: Or maybe passed on the family business to his daughter.
Cooper: Reddington doesn’t think so. He says the last thing the father wanted was for his daughter to follow in his footsteps. He told her that. They became estranged. Reddington doesn’t think he knows where the daughter is.
Aram: The DMV database shows 637 Jennifer Anne Moores. But once I cross-check that against the photo we got from the bank– [ Computer beeps🔅]
Park: We got her address.
Aram: And her occupation– Well, alleged occupation since I doubt she’s gonna list “bank robber” on her mortgage application.
Cooper: I want teams at her home and work.
Park: Should we bring her in?
Cooper: No, I want her followed. Hopefully to Elizabeth Keen.

[ Park and Ressler are parked across the street from where Jennifer Moores waits near a patio bar table ]
[ Park takes photos ] [ Camera shutter clicking ]
[ Aram is in another vehicle, parked closer, holding up a receiver to pick up audio of the conversation ]
[ Garbled talking ]
Ressler: Aram, what’s up with your audio?
Aram: [ Over comms ] I don’t know. I’m getting some nasty frequency interference. Hang on.
[ Garbled talking continues ]
Ressler: That’s the second call she’s had in five minutes. What’s she up to?
Park: The whole thing’s sort of a double-edged sword, isn’t it?
Ressler: What whole thing?
Park: This business with Keen. And The Freelancer. Him getting out.
Ressler: The guy derailed a train, killed 60 innocents in an attempt to hide one murder. He’s not getting out.
Park: He may if Keen doesn’t show. He could walk. On the other hand, if she does show, the killer stays in prison, but we’re forced to arrest Keen. Double-edged sword.
Ressler: Well, at this point, all we have are bad options, so arresting her may be the best bad one we’ve got.
Park: You haven’t been able to yet.
Aram: Yeah, but with the way things are going, that might be the only way to keep her safe.
[ A man (Raf) walks over to Jennnifer ]
Ressler: Now, who’s this here?
[ Camera shutter clicking ]
Park: Think he’s part of her crew?
Ressler: Aram, where’s that audio?
Aram: [ Keys clacking ] Nasty frequency interference. Hang on. Oop.
Park: Hang on. We got someone else now. Female to the south.
[ Silvina Rosario joins Jennifer and Raf at the patio bar table ]
Ressler: Aram, we need that audio.
Aram: Okay. Just, um– Alright. Give me 20 seconds, and I will get you sound.

[ Aram gets out of his vehicle and walks over to and past the group ]
Ressler: What the hell is he doing?
[ Aram ducks into a doorway ]

Jennifer Moores: We’re not supposed to meet until I deliver the drive to the client.
Raf: We have a problem.
Silvina Rosario: Reddington showed up at your father’s apartment.
Jennifer: Raymond Reddington? You’re sure it was him?
Raf: I knew this was a mistake.
Jennnifer: Let me think.
Raf: What’s the move, Jen?

[ Aram walks over to the group ]
Aram: Oh, excuse me. Uh, s-sorry. Uh, did you guys happen to see, uh, a woman walk by, about, um, 5’7″, uh, dark– Uh, dark curly hair, uh, super smart and funny, so really – she’s really funny.
Silvina: We haven’t seen anyone. Sorry.
Aram: Thanks anyway. It’s just, um– I can’t remember if I was supposed to meet her at 1:00 and I’m super early or noon and I just, like, totally stood her up.
Jennifer: You could just text her?
Aram: I can text her. I can text her. I’ll text her.
[ Aram turns to leave, his backpack brushing across the table, then falling to the sidewalk ]
Aram: Oh! I’m sorry! Such an idiot. Sorry. [ Sighing ] Oh, my God.
[ He stoops to gather several items that fell out ]
Aram: Spilling all the sugar. It’s fine.
[ As he rises, Aram sticks a bug on the bottom of the table ]
Aram: Okay. Thanks.
[ Aram walks a few feet away to send a text ]

Jennifer: What exactly did Reddington say?
Silvina: He asked your dad about you. About the job.
Raf: If he finds us, you know he’s gonna kill us, right?
Jennifer: What do you want to do?
[ Aram sends a text: “Hearing them?” ]
Jennifer: Call Reddington and say you’re sorry, that you’ll give it back?
[ Aram gets text: “Loud and clear” ]
Jennifer: What’s done is done.
Silvina: We need to split up. Lay low.
Jennifer: Yes, but not until after we deliver the drive to Givins and we get paid.
[ Ressler’s car ]
Ressler: Givins.
Park: You know that name?
Ressler: Carolyn Givins. It’s one of Keen’s aliases.
[ Jennifer makes a call ]
Jennifer: Carolyn. It’s me. I need to move up the meet. Peirce Mill in Rock Creek Park, 3:00 p.m.
[ Cellphone beeps🔅]
[ Jennifer leaves, passing Aram ]
Aram: [ To Jennifer ] All worked out.
[ Indistinct conversations ]

[ The Post Office ]
Cooper: [ Answering phone ] Cooper.
Ressler: Jennifer Moores is making the drop to Keen today.
Cooper: Do you have the location?
Ressler: Rock Creek Park. We’re getting units in place now.
Cooper: The moment she’s in custody, bring her here. And, Agent Ressler, let’s keep this an internal matter. We can notify Reddington once Keen’s safe and in our custody.

[ Ressler and Park are repositioned at Rock Creek Park ] [ Jennifer Moores arrives ]
Park: We’ve got movement.
Ressler: Unit 1, hang back a bit.
[ Jennifer sits down on a bench and puts her coffee cup down next to her. Then she takes out the thumb drive and puts it into a flip-top cigarette box ]
[ Nearby, a homeless man scrounges in a large waste container ]
Park: Did you see that?
Ressler: All teams, report.
Unit 1: Unit 1, clear.
Unit 2: Unit 2, holding just south of the location.
[ Esi Johnson has been surveilling the drop site from an apartment overlooking the park. She calls Jennifer ]
Esi: Your drop’s blown.
Jennifer: What? No. If Reddington’s people knew, I’d be dead by now.
Esi: It’s not Reddington. It’s the FBI.
Park: Who’s she talking with?
Ressler: This has gotta be it.
[ Ressler and Park jump out of their vehicle ]
Esi: Check your account.
[ Phone beeps🔅] [ The funds transfer shows up ]
Jennifer: Okay. I have the funds. Where are you? I have your drive.
Esi: Slow down. Listen to me. If you want a shot at staying outta prison, I need you to do exactly as I say.
[ A blonde woman in a red jacket walks swiftly toward Jennifer. Jennifer gets. up, leaving her coffee cup on the waste container ]
Ressler: Park. 7:00. The woman in the red jacket.
Park: Copy. Unit 1, you have eyes?
[ Jennifer drops the cigarette box into the Red Coat Woman’s satchel ]
Ressler: All units, move in now. ⋘⋙ Jennifer Moores. FBI. You’re under arrest.
— FBI!
— Hands in the air! Hands!
Jennifer: What’s going on? What did I do?
— Stand still. Don’t move. Don’t move.
— Put your hands behind your back.
[ Park retrieves the cigarette pack from the Red Coat Lady’s purse. The box is empty ]
— Do you have anything in your pockets?
Ressler: Park, what have you got?
Park: Nothing. Pack’s empty.
Ressler: Empty? You sure? [ Sighs ] The coffee cup. Where’s the cup?
[ Indistinct conversations, footsteps approach ]
[ The homeless man gets into a car where Esi waits and hands her the coffee cup. Esi turns it over and the thumb drive falls out into her hand ]
[ Ressler notices the car leaving but can do nothing ]

[ Judge Steven Velchek’s courtroom ] [ Before the proceedings begin, Cynthia Panabaker talks to
Cooper ]
Panabaker: I know you. How you operate.
Cooper: She’ll be here.
Panabaker: The way you handle Reddington while all the while letting him think he’s handling you. The velvet shiv you use to get your agents to do what you need in a way that makes them feel like they can do what they want. Harold, you are a wonder to behold. No one could’ve done what you’ve done these past seven years. Yet here you are, steaming up like a tea kettle, and I want to know why. What’s going on with Agent Keen?
Cooper: I can’t tell you that.
Panabaker: And I can’t protect you if you don’t. And believe me when I tell you, if the criminals you’ve arrested start getting released, you’re gonna need more protection than a pair of teens in the back of papa’s car.
[ Ressler arrives, sits behind Cooper and shakes his head ]
[ Judge Velchek arrives ]
Judge Velchek: Let me get this straight. I ordered Agent Keen to appear. She didn’t. I gave her a second chance to comply. She hasn’t.
Assistant US Attorney Navarro: Your Honor, may we approach?
[ The Judge motions to come forward ]
Judge: Who is this?
Panabaker: Cynthia Panabaker, Your Honor. White House Counsel. If we could talk to Your Honor ex parte, make a proffer for your ears only, maybe we can move things along.
Scooter Rovenpor: Absolutely not. Your Honor–
Panabaker: It’s the only way this happens, Your Honor. You’re in the dark. You want to release a mass-murderer because you don’t have information? Do it. See how that works out for you. Or grant our request and step into the light.
Judge: I’ll clear the courtroom and hear the proffer. Relax, Mr. Rovenpor. Once I hear the truth, I’ll make a ruling about what, if anything, stays privileged. Bailiff, please clear the court.
Bailiff: All rise. Court is in recess.
Judge: This better be good.
Cooper: Raymond Reddington is Agent Keen’s confidential informant.
Panabaker: That’s right. The President is aware. So is a very small handful of federal agents. And now the list includes you.
Judge: You’re telling me the United States government is willingly in business with Raymond Reddington?
Cooper: You’re not the first person to express – some concern.
Judge: Oh, I’m not concerned. I’m offended.
Panabaker: You don’t find many swans swimming in the sewer.
Judge: Reddington’s the source behind all these cases, the one feeding Agent Keen a steady diet of major criminals for the last seven-plus years?
Cooper: You can understand why we need to keep that from being exposed. We didn’t want you to think we were simply refusing to comply with the court–
[ The discussion becomes heated ]
Judge: You don’t think you had an obligation to inform those defendants that the source of the intel used against them was maybe the most prolific criminal mastermind in modern world history?
Panabaker: Express your distaste all you want, but three presidents have come to a different conclusion. We didn’t come back here for your moral judgment.
Judge: Then here’s my legal judgment. I find anything the FBI learned from Reddington with regard to this defendant to be unreliable as a matter of law. All evidence that came from him or was the fruit of the relationship with him should have been declared inadmissible.
Cooper: Your Honor, please.
Judge: Absent that evidence, does the government have sufficient proof to make its case against Mr. Veseli?
Panabaker: We’d need time before answering that, Your Honor.
Judge: That’s too bad, ’cause time’s up. I am granting the defendant’s motion to withdraw his guilty plea, and I am forced to dismiss the charges against him.
Cooper: Don’t do this.
Judge: I’m not doing it, Mr. Cooper. You are.

[ Scooter Rovenpor re-enters the courtroom and walks past Panabaker and Cooper ]
Cooper: He’s in for a pleasant surprise.
Panabaker: It’ll take a few hours for the prison to process him out. I’ll do what I can to slow that down.
Cooper: What good will that do?
Panabaker: I’ll take another look. It’s a long shot, but maybe there’s enough to hold him on another charge. In the meantime, find Keen.
[ Ressler comes in and sits behind Cooper ]
Ressler: We have Jennifer Moores in custody.
Panabaker: Now, I don’t know who Miss Moores is or how she can lead you to Keen, but if you don’t bring her in soon, you’re on your own. If this is gonna blow up, I won’t be the one jumping on any grenades.

Aram: [ On phone ] Well, I wouldn’t say it was a total loss.
Red: Did you get Elizabeth?
Aram: Well, no. Uh, not exactly.
Red: Was your goal to get Elizabeth?
Aram: Okay, it was a- a total loss. But on the plus side, we got her associates. I sent you their photos to see if you can ID them.
Red: So now you want my help. Harold has a unique definition of halfsies.
[ Cellphone beeps🔅]
Aram: Halfsies? I love halfsies. Especially for food.
[ Red reviews the photos ]
Red: Tell him that I don’t recognize anyone in the photos and that the next time he has actionable intel, I expect him to share it with me before it’s squandered, not after.
[ Cellphone beeps🔅, closes ]

[ Red visits Abe Moores again ]
Red: You lied to me, Abe.
Abe Moores: Raymond, I told you what I knew.
Red: Really? Then why didn’t you tell me about your nurse?
[ Red holds up the photo the FBI took of Silvina Rosario, Moore’s nurse ]
Red: Let’s try this again. Talk to me about your daughter.

Cooper: No pressure, but getting Moores to give us a lead on Keen is all that stands between Veseli and his release.
Aram: I thought the judge ordered his release.
Cooper: She did, but Panabaker thinks she can keep him from being processed out before the end of the day. If we can find Keen by then, maybe we can get the order stayed.

[ The team interrogates the members of the Fribourg Confidence (Jennifer Moores, Silvina Rosario and Raf) ]
Ressler: Why don’t we start by talking about your options here, Ms. Moore?
Jennifer: How about the lawyer option?
Ressler: Yeah, we can do that. And they can tell you you’re looking at 20 years.
Jennifer: Or they can tell me that without any evidence or witnesses, I should keep my mouth shut.
Ressler: Yeah. You’re right. We don’t have any witnesses. But what we do have are your friends that we picked up. Your, uh, co-conspirators.
Silvina: Co-conspirator? I don’t know what you’re talking about. How can I be a co-conspirator if I don’t know the woman?
Agent Park: She sure knows you. At least, she seemed to when we recorded the three of you meeting at True Cafe.
Silvina: I’m done talking.
Park: Raf’s not. Raf’s got plenty to say. About you. Jennifer. How you met through her father.
Silvina: That’s a lie.
Raf: [ To Aram ] No, it’s the truth. Silvina spent every day with him. She’s his live-in nurse.
How could they not know each other? Did Silvina say that?
Jennifer: You leave my father out of this.
Ressler: Your father is a legendary thief and a safe-cracker, and you don’t expect us to overlook that, did you?
Jennifer: He went to prison when I was 7.

[ Meanwhile Red talks to Abe Moores ]
Red: Okay. Enough already. She’s your daughter.
Abe Moores: I never wanted this life for her.
Red: She’s the first thing you think of every morning.
Moores: Which is why I thought it best to stay away from her, even after I got out of prison.
I cut ties. You can’t imagine how hard that is.
Red: For the purposes of this conversation, let’s assume I can.
Jennifer: [ To Ressler ] I hated the man. He walked out of my life. He abandoned me.
Abe Moores: Until one day, I walked back in. Not to be with her, you know, not to talk. Just– Just to see her.
Red: And what did you see?
Moores: I saw my kid crack the Vaultsafe 200 of a two-bit meth dealer in under four minutes.
She was unrefined, a little rushed, but – God, she had the touch.
Jennifer: [ To Ressler ] Even if I knew where he was, I wouldn’t talk. He’s an old man.
Abe Moores: I should have called the police right then and there.
Red: But she was your child.
Moores: I figured I had something to teach her. To share with her. A reason to be in her life.
Jennifer: Is that what he told you? Well, he’s lying.
Ressler: I think he’s still very much involved in your life. In fact, Raf says he’s the one who selects the targets.
Abe Moores: Of course I did. She needed marks who wouldn’t report the crime, and I knew where to find them.
Red: You certainly found me.
Moores: Now, wait– I told her that you were off-limits. I did, Raymond. But she wouldn’t listen because of the money. It was a lot of money.
Red: The job was a contract.
Moores: Yes. A woman. Uh, some American.
Tell me about her.
Jennifer: Only on one condition. You leave my father out of this.
Ressler: Tell me about the woman.
Abe Moores: [ To Red ] They met through an acquaintance. Jennifer said she was laying low after a job.
Raf: [ To Aram ] Cape Town. Didn’t have anywhere to go.
Silvina: [ To Park ] But Jen found this safe house. Part of a network. Sanctuaries for criminals on every continent.
Jennifer: [ To Ressler ] Anyway, the woman who runs it, her name’s Vee. She’s the one who approached me. She said she had a client at another safe house who needed a job done.
Abe Moores: [ To Red ] Said she was raiding a safe deposit box and it had to be done quickly, so she and Jennifer met in D.C. Talked about the job.
Jennifer: [ To Ressler ] She said it was personal. That she was targeting Raymond Reddington.
Abe Moores: [ To Red ] She said that you were more vulnerable than anyone might believe and that she was building an alliance.
Jennifer: [ To Ressler ] And that when this was over, when Reddington was dead, that she’d be in my debt.
Abe Moores: I told her not to do it. But this woman, whoever she is, she had on blinders. [ Chuckles ] She had money, and she was persuasive.
Red: When they met. Where the woman was laying low. Do you know where that was?
Jennifer: [ To Ressler ] Of course I do. And I can tell you. But again, I want assurances. You keep my father out of this.
Abe Moores: Raymond, lay this at my feet, not at Jennifer’s. She’s just a kid. My girl.
Red: Your girl.
Moores: My baby girl.

[ The Post Office ] [ Keyboard clacking at Aram’s workstation ]
[ Ressler enters Cooper’s office ]
Ressler: We got it. Keen’s safe house. It’s an address in Deanwood. We’re sending units now.
[ Phone rings✨]
Cooper: No, wait. [ Answers phone ] Reddington. What is it?
Red: Greetings, Harold.
[ Cooper holds the phone to his chest so Red can’t hear ]
Cooper: [ Whispers to Ressler ] Text me the address.
Red: I’m calling to see how your crack team is doing with the prisoners.
Cooper: Moores and her associates have invoked their right to counsel. They’re refusing to talk.
Red: That’s predictably unfortunate.
Cooper: Have you heard differently? Any news on your end?
Red: I wish I had something to tell you, Harold. Let me know if your prisoners decide to talk.
Cooper: I’ll do that.
[ Call ends ]
Ressler: What’s going on? You going alone?
Cooper: It’s probably hubris, but I still think I might be able to reach her.

[ At the address of the safe house, an apartment ]
[ Knock on door ]
Cooper: [ Loudly ] Agent Keen. It’s Harold Cooper. I’m alone. I just want to talk.
[ Knock on door ]
Cooper: Open the door, Elizabeth.
[ Door opens. It’s Dembe, with Red walking up behind him ]
Red: I’m afraid we’re too late, Harold. It appears she’s already gone.
Cooper: The photos we sent. You said you didn’t recognize anyone – that wasn’t true, was it?
Red: No, Silvina Rosario works for Abraham Moores. Once I saw her in the photos I knew Abe had lied and could easily be persuaded to tell me what he knew.
Cooper: Perhaps if you had shared that information with us sooner, Elizabeth wouldn’t have eluded us.
Red: Sins, stones, and glass houses, Harold. Neither of us has played fair with the other. Now, seeing as how your job description is to play fair and mine is to not, then an argument could be made that you’re slightly more at fault than I, but why quibble? Elizabeth’s gone and she’s taken something of mine with her.
Cooper: I couldn’t be less interested in what she stole from you. My sole concern is her well-being and getting her back to help her heal from the wound that you caused when you killed her mother.
Red: We are each responsible for the choices we make. Elizabeth has made hers. She’s responsible for it, not me.
Cooper: I suppose you also think that she’s responsible for The Freelancer’s release, which now that we’re here and she’s not, is guaranteed to happen.
Red: I think she’s not only responsible for it, I think it’s what she wants.
Cooper: That’s absurd.
Red: One day, Elizabeth steals millions of dollars from me, and next, The Freelancer has a brand-new expensive attorney demanding his release unless Elizabeth Keen magically appears in court. That doesn’t strike me as absurd, Harold. That strikes me as unsettling.

[ Veseli is released from prison ]
[ Cooper’s office ]
Panabaker: I stalled as long as I could, but Veseli’s out on bond. So you’re out of time, and I am out of patience. What aren’t you telling me about Keen?
Cooper: She wants to kill Reddington. Which is why he’s put her on the Blacklist.
Panabaker: Elizabeth Keen is on the Blacklist.
Cooper: Maybe I ought to start at the beginning.

[ An office ] [ Scooter Rovenpor enters ]
Scooter Rovenpor: Mr. Hadley.
Skip Hadley: I’m sorry to keep you waiting.
[ Hadley opens a briefcase full of money ]
Rovenpor: Unmarked? As discussed?
Hadley: Where is he?
[ Rovenpor closes the briefcase ] [ Door opens ] [ Rovenpor leaves. Alban Veseli (The Freelancer) enters ]
Veseli: You’re the lawyer? The one who’s representing Keen?
[ Hadley gives Veseli a cellphone ]
Hadley: There’s a number pre-programmed. You ask for Charlotte. You tell them you got caught in the rain and need to dry off.
Veseli: Keen put me in prison. Why is she helping me now?
Hadley: Miss Keen arranged for your release because she requires your services.
Veseli: What does she need me to do?
Hadley: For now? Nothing. “You got caught in the rain – ”
Veseli: ” – and need to dry off.”

[ Hayden Thorpe’s ♪ “Diviner” plays ]
[ Cooper walks to his car ]

♪ I’m a keeper of secrets
Pray do tell I’ll be your disciple
Show yourself ♪

[ Cooper gets into his car. He notices a coffee cup in the cup holder ]

♪ Living a fever dream
Lost control ♪

[ Cooper opens the cup and finds the thumb drive ]

♪ You be my diviner
Show me where to go
My ghost had left my skin
Diviner ♪

[ Dembe drives Red in his Mercedes ]
Dembe: Edward confirmed it. She flew on a private jet out of Dulles.
Red: Then she’s gone. The thumb drive with her.
Dembe: What will she do with it?
Red: Nothing good. We need to inform our friend in the East.
Dembe: I’ll arrange the meeting.
Red: Dembe, let me out up there, would you?
Dembe: Where are you going?
Red: Clear my head, get some air.

[ The Birdwatching Woman Red had seen in the park earlier is sitting on a bench. Red walks over ]

♪ My ghost had left my skin
Diviner ♪

Red: Do you mind if I join you?
Birdwatching Woman: Not at all.

♪ You’ve been gone a long time ♪

Birdwatching Woman: You’re just in time. There’s a Cape May Warbler who usually starts up right about now.
Red: Do we know each other?
Birdwatching Woman: I don’t believe so. Should I know you?
Red: [ Laughs ] No, no, no. I was just curious if we’d ever met.

♪ Living a fever dream Lost control ♪

Anne: I’m Anne.
[ She reaches out her hand. They shake hands ]
Red: Raymond.

♪ You be my diviner ♪

Anne: Well, now we’ve met.
Red: Yes.
[ Bird chirping ] [ Beeps🔅]

♪ Hmm, hm-mm-mm-mm-mm
My ghost had left my skin
Diviner ♪

[ In his office, Cooper opens a laptop and inserts the thumb drive and selects its files ] [ Beeps🔅]
[ A red screen comes up – in Russian: “ОСОБОЙ ВАЖНОСТИ ТРЕБУЕТСЯ / СООТВЕТСТВУЮЩИЙ ДОСТУП / ВВЕДИТЕ ПАРОПЬ”* (tr. “Special access required” / “password” (in the window to enter text) / “Enter password”) ]
[ Aram appears ]
Aram: Sir.

♪ Bring it in
Our house of mirrors always shimmering ♪

Aram: She’s really gone, isn’t she?

♪ Diviner ♪

Cooper: Agent Keen?

♪ Where you been?
You’ve been gone ♪

Aram: I, uh– I was up all night thinking about it. I mean– I mean, I know she’s gone, but then I find myself hoping she isn’t, you know? You think we’ll ever hear from her?
Cooper: I’m fairly confident we haven’t heard the last of Agent Keen.

♪ You be my diviner
Show me where to go ♪

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Episode Songs


♫ James Bond
By Iggy Pop

♪ She wants to be your James Bond
She wants to be your James Bond
Well, it’s not for a price and it’s not to be nice
She wants to be your James Bond
She wants to be your James Bond
(James Bond)
She wants to be your James Bond
She might stand in your way, but still she’ll save the day
She wants to be your James Bond
(James Bond)

♪ She walks like him
Talks like him too
She can suss out the spy
Even if it’s you
She trusts no one
Not even herself
She makes no sudden moves
Chalks it up to stealth

♪ She wants to be your James Bond
She wants to be your James Bond
Well, it’s not for a price and it’s not to be nice
She wants to be your James Bond
(James Bond)
She wants to be your James Bond
She wants to be your James Bond
She might stand in your way, but still she’ll save the day
She wants to be your James Bond

♪ Nuts melt in her mouth
But not in her hand
No need to figure it out
She just likes M&Ms
Sweet to the taste
Bitter in the gut
‘Cause she fills them up
With you know what

♪ She will not be shamed
(She will not be shamed)
She will not be blamed
(She will not be blamed)
When she confuses a tune
She blames it on you
Screaming, “You’re insane
You’re insane”

♪ Didn’t make the rules, so don’t blame me
Most fools gravitate to vanity
And her sanity is insanity
Driving off while making you feel guilty
(James Bond)

♪ She wants to be your James Bond
She wants to be your James Bond
She might stand in your way, but still she’ll save the day
She wants to be your James Bond
(James Bond)

♪ She wants to be your James Bond
She wants to be your James Bond
She’ll become a double agent if you try her patience
So let her be your James Bond
(James Bond)

♪ Let her be your James Bond
Just let her be your James Bond

Save the day, baby

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/3cJkOsv
YouTube: https://youtu.be/mw6NKf95VWA


♫ Compared to What
By Roberta Flack
[ Instrumental portions of this song play as background when Aram sets up the wiretap of the Fribourg Confidence ]

♪ Love the lie and lie the love
Hangin’ on, with a push and shove
Possession is the motivation
that is hangin’ up the God-damn nation
Looks like we always end up in a rut (everybody now!)
Tryin’ to make it real — compared to what?

♪ Slaughterhouse is killin’ hogs
Twisted children killin’ frogs
Poor dumb rednecks rollin’ logs
Tired old ladies kissin’ dogs
Hate the human, love that stinking mutt (I can’t stand it!)
Try to make it real — compared to what?

♪ The President, he’s got his war
Folks don’t know just what it’s for
Nobody gives us rhyme or reason
Have one doubt, they call it treason
We’re chicken-feathers, all without one gut (God damn it!)
Tryin’ to make it real — compared to what? (Sock it to me, now)

♪ Church on Sunday, sleep and nod
Tryin’ to duck the wrath of God
Preacher’s fillin’ us with fright
Tryin’ to tell us what he thinks is right
He really got to be some kind of nut (I can’t use it!)
Tryin’ to make it real — compared to what?

♪ Where’s that bee and where’s that honey?
Where’s my God and where’s my money
Unreal values, crass distortion
Unwed mothers need abortion
Kind of brings to mind ol’ young King Tut (He did it now)
Tried to make it real — compared to what?!

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/3twObEx
YouTube: https://youtu.be/XG_RvYTfDk8


♫ Diviner
By Hayden Thorpe

♪ I’m a keeper of secrets
Pray do tell
I’ll be your disciple
Show yourself
Living a fever dream
Lost control
You be my diviner
Show me where to go

♪ My ghost had left my skin
Diviner, bring it in
Ice and mirrors always shimmering
Diviner, where you been
You’ve been gone a long time

♪ I’m a keeper of secrets
Pray do tell
I’ll be your disciple
Show yourself

♪ Living a fever dream
Lost control
You be my diviner
Show me where to go

♪ Hoo, huhh, hum hum
Hoo, huhh, hum hum

♪ My ghost had left my skin
Diviner, bring it in
Ice and mirrors always shimmering
Diviner, where you been
You’ve been gone a long time

♪ Living a fever dream
Lost control
You be my diviner
Show me where to go

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/3aDazTV
YouTube: https://youtu.be/H-LewgQMrvE

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🔴 Script 8:6 The Wellstone Agency (№ 127)

Program air date: 2/12/2021 in the US
Script Permalink: https://wp.me/pDKwi-aMp
Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/3p37nq0

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Michael McLoota
Written by: Kelli Johnson



Brief (Where we’re at): Prior to Episode 8:6 ~ The Wellstone Agency: How did Liz know about the thumb drive Red put into one of his numerous safe deposit boxes — the thumb drive given to Red by his Russian handler Sikorsky containing information “direct from the archive,” that is, from the “Sikorsky Archive”? Why does Sikorsky even have the eponymous archive? Dom told Katarina that Red had it. Red’s code name N-13 derives from the first 13 pieces of intel in the archive. So why is Sikorsky handing over trinkets of information from it in exchange for tasks Red performs for him, such as destroying a report of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence that contained compromising on a man named Rakitin, who appears to be a Russian operative also being handled by Sikorsky from Moscow.

Whatever, Cooper now has the thumb drive, as Liz hired a group of safe-crackers (The Fribourg Confidence, Blacklister #140) to steal the thumb drive from Red’s safe deposit box and deliver it to Cooper. Cooper tried to read the drive, but it is password-protected — and in Russian. Now that the drive has been stolen, Red has to report the theft back to Sikorsky, who already sees Liz as a security threat and only tenuously agreed with Red that she could remain “off-limits.” Liz is playing with fire and may not know it.

Liz’s whereabouts are uncertain. Dembe said she flew to Cape Town in the airplane she purchased with money from one of Red’s accounts — after Red questioned the loyalty of his long-time lawyer/accountant Marvin Gerard and turned several accounts over to Marvin’s assistant, Skip Hadley, who has flipped his allegiance to Liz. Or maybe she’s back in DC, since both Red and Cooper independently went looking for her at the same safe house, both arriving too late and accusing each other of withhholding information. Perhaps Esi Jackson and Skip Hadley were using the safe house, while Liz is orchestrating events from afar, intentionally failing to appear in court to defend her use of Red as a confidential informant in the conviction of mass murderer Alban Veseli (Blacklister #145 The Freelancer).

Freeing Veseli, in fact, was part of Liz’s plan, as she later paid for his lawyer Scooter Rovenpor (in unmarked bills) through Skip Hadley who let a grateful Veseli know he is now working for Liz. Making it worse, the activist Judge, Steven Velchek, who released Veseli, told Cooper and White House Counsel Cynthia Panabaker:

Judge Steven Velchek: I find anything the FBI learned from Reddington with regard to this defendant to be unreliable as a matter of law. All evidence that came from him or was the fruit of the relationship with him should have been declared inadmissible.

Was this Liz’s plan all along — to unwind the Blacklist and place the freed Blacklisters in her employ? So many questions about Liz — in an episode in which she didn’t even appear!

No wonder Red had Dembe stop the car when he recognized a woman he had earlier seen birdwatching. He needs to “Clear my head, get some air,” he tells Dembe. The woman introduces herself as Anne and says, “You’re just in time. There’s a Cape May Warbler who usually starts up right about now.”


⭕ Script 8:6 The Wellstone Agency (№ 127)

[ Agent Alina Park is seated at a counter in a restaurant, working on a crossword puzzle. Her friend, Melissa Randall stands behind the counter ]
Alina Park: “Not expressly stated.” Five letters, second one is an “A.”
Melissa Randall: How about “tacit”?
Park: No wonder I haven’t been able to finish a crossword since you moved in with Max. How is he, by the way?
Melissa: [ Sighs ] I wouldn’t know. We broke up.
Park: What? How did I not know? When did he move out?
Melissa: He didn’t. His parents own the place. It’s one of their rentals. So I’m staying on the pullout in the office.
Park: You’re sleeping in your family restaurant?
Melissa: Before you freak out, it’s just temporary.
Park: Come sleep on my couch. I’ll help you binge-eat your way past Max, and you can help me figure out the three-letter word for “it has benefits.”
[ Door opens. A man enters ]
Melissa: Uh, give me a minute?
Park: Mm-hmm.
[ Melissa goes behind into the kitchen with the man ]
[ Cellphone rings ] [ Cellphone beeps ]
Park: This is Park. Yes. Of course.
[ Indistinct talking ] [ Park sees Melissa in a fraught conversation with the man, who grabs her wrists. Melissa pulls away ]
Park: [ On phone ] Sir, I’m sorry. Can you hold for just one moment?
[ Melissa returns ]
Park: Hey, everything okay?
Melissa: Landlord troubles. Story of my life.
Park: Didn’t look like landlord trouble.
Melissa: J-O-B. Three across. “It has benefits.” The answer’s “job.” Go do yours.
Park: I’ll call you tonight.

[ Agent Parks visits Red in the kitchen of his restaurant ]
Red: Agent Park.
Park: Why is it the really wealthy always want to own a restaurant?
Red: I’m sure for some it has a lot to do with glad-handing and backslapping. For me, it was sort of a friend in need. Now it’s a project. We’re expanding. And this – an office. With a stove and a walk-in. Are you hungry? I could make you an omelet.
Park: No, thank you. I ate.
Red: Coffee?
Park: Cooper’s tied up at Main Justice. He said you had a case.
Red: What do you know about the Nuremberg trials?
Park: Military tribunals after World War II. Allied Forces prosecuting Nazi leadership for war crimes.
Red: They gave the devil his day in court and invented simultaneous translation to do it.
Park: Are you giving me a case or a history lesson?
Red: If it weren’t for the Allies’ desire to give Goering a fair trial, the Wellstone Agency might not exist. In fact, it doesn’t exist, not officially. And yet its services have made thousands of illicit business transactions possible.
Park: A translation service for crooks.
Red: Crime is a global trade. Criminals need to communicate, and that requires interpreters they can trust. The Wellstone Agency provides just that.
Park: A bunch of translators.
Red: I believe Agent Keen recently acquired Wellstone’s services. If we find the interpreter she used, we may be able to find her.
Park: Why come to us? You’re a criminal. Haven’t you used this company before?
Red: I have. But my point person and I recently had a falling out, and without him, I have no way to reach the senior leadership. I need your help to get inside the company.
Park: Have you considered simply leaving Keen alone, taking a breath to consider your role in all this?
Red: Harold isn’t in a meeting, is he?
[ Dembe’s cellphone buzzes ]
Park: No. I came here to tell you I think what you’re doing is wrong. You’re only making things worse for Keen by pursuing her.
Dembe: [ To Red ] It’s Paula. Glen’s mother. She says she needs to see you. Says its urgent.
Red: Agent Park, next time you feel the urge to unburden yourself, you can rest assured– I’ve heard it all before. It’s a luxury to stand on the moral high ground and critique those of us on the low ground. A lot of people do exactly that. Until they need my help.
Park: I’ll never ask for your help.
Red: And yet here I am asking for yours. The Wellstone Agency. It’s the next name on the Blacklist.

[ The Post Office war room ]
Agent Alina Park: According to Reddington, the agency’s inner workings are cloaked in secrecy. Even their own interpreters are kept in the dark as to who runs the organization.
Ressler: So how do they communicate?
Park: Through dispatchers who contact the criminal parties, arrange payments, and assign interpreters. The dispatch has all the information. The interpreters know nothing.
Cooper: But Reddington’s lost contact with his dispatch, so what’s our in?
Park: His interpreter. Wellstone relies on its interpreters for referrals. It’s how they recruit translators.
Cooper: So Reddington’s interpreter’s gonna refer someone we pick.
Park: And that person gets brought in and vetted, giving him a window to access the system and get the name of the interpreter Keen used.
Ressler: Maybe the name of the person she was negotiating with and for what.
Cooper: Under normal circumstances, I’d reach out to Language Analysis. But what our interpreter learns may compromise Keen. So I want to keep this in-house.
Ressler: Well, I only speak English.
Park: I speak Korean.
Aram: Does sign language count?
Cooper: Definitely not.
Aram: Then I’m down to six.
Cooper: You speak six languages?
Aram: Well, not including Latin, which I doubt would come in handy, unless the criminal I interpreted for was the Pope. Imagine that confessional.
Cooper: Park, reach out to Reddington. Tell him Aram’s going in and to arrange a meeting with his contact. Ressler, start laying the groundwork for a cover story.
[ Park and Ressler leave ]
Cooper: [ To Aram ] As if I’m not already asking you to do too much, I need you to try and open this drive.
Aram: Okay. Is this about a case?
Cooper: I’m not sure. Which is why I need you to keep this between us. Nobody knows.
Especially Reddington.

[ Red and Dembe arrive at a house ] [ Knock on door ] [ Glen Carter’s mother Paula answers to door ]
Red: Paula, hi.
Paula: [ To Red ] Steven.
Red: I got your message. Is everything alright?
Paula: Oh, thanks for coming. [ To Dembe ] Hello, Bill. Oh, uh, the girls and I were just tasting the cakes. Come in. Oh, would either of you like a slice of cake? Um, lemon, carrot, and pink champagne.
Dembe: No, thank you. Maybe later.
Red: What are we celebrating, Paula?
Paula: Maybe you boys should sit down.
Red: [ Looking around ] Is Glen here?
Paula: Glen – transitioned.
Red: I don’t know what that means.
Paula: He died.
Red: What? What do you mean?
Paula: From West Nile.
Red: W– [ Laughing ] Oh, come on. Come on. If this is one of Glen’s dreadful practical jokes–
Paula: I would have gotten in touch sooner, but I have been so busy with the planning and the party. He didn’t want no regular funeral, you know. Jelly Bean wanted his friends to send him off with a real shindig. A potluck with dancing and – And Huey, of course.
Red: West Nile?
Dembe: Paula, I am so sorry.
Paula: Oh, thank you, Bill.
Red: When did this happen?
Paula: A bit over two weeks ago. I know. I should’ve called, but you slipped my mind. And then Trudy and I were going through some of their dirty letters, and we found this.
[ Paula hands Red a letter ]
Paula: I was halfway inclined to open it, but you were his friend, and I want to respect his wishes. He didn’t send me no letter.
[ There are people in the living room ]
Friend: [ Calls out ]:Hey, Paula, what do you think about Luke bringing his chicken tater bake?
Paula: I think it’d be real popular.
Red: I can’t believe this is happening.
Paula: Boys, I got to go. There is too much to do before Huey gets here. But do come to the party. Jelly’d want you there, tomorrow at 7:00 at the DMV. And don’t forget to bring a covered dish and your own tableware.

[ A hospital ] [ Monitor beeping ] [ Park peers into the room through the glass. Her friend Melissa Randall is unconscious and on oxygen, her face blackened with soot. Melissa’s sister, Jenna, comes over to Park ]
Jenna: She was lucky to get out.
Park: Jenna. Hey. I came as soon as I got your text. What happened?
Jenna: Fire in the kitchen. The smoke alarm didn’t work. The doctors are prepping for surgery now.
Park: But she’s gonna be okay?
Jenna: [ Voice breaking ] They– They don’t know.
Park: Hey, talk to me. What’s going on?
Jenna: Last year, we started to fall behind at the restaurant. The banks wouldn’t touch us, so Melissa went to a local guy for help.
Park: You borrowed from a loan shark?
Jenna: And it did help for a while. But this month – it’s the fourth payment we missed in six months.
Park: This is the guy who came to see you yesterday. He did this to Melissa.
Jenna: I knew it was dangerous not to pay, but I didn’t think they’d do this.
Park: What’s his name?
Jenna: [ Whispering ] He works with other people. They’ll come for us.
Park: That won’t happen. I promise. Let me take care of this.

[ Park has the loan shark, Mason Dieterle, pinned to the wall and is handcuffing him ]
Park: She was living there. You know that? Melissa, the youngest daughter.
Mason Dieterle: What, are you gonna arrest me? For what?
Park: Loan-sharking. Arson. Attempted murder.
Dieterle: I don’t know where you got your information from, but nobody would be stupid enough to point the finger at me.
Park: Is that a threat? Did you just threaten my witness?
Dieterle: Take it easy.
Park: Because that’s sure as hell how it sounded.

[ Red has just read Glen’s letter. He is not pleased ]
Red: Honestly, the gall! After all I’ve already done for him? All the jobs– The attention paid. All the time spent suffering his– antics. All the money– That ridiculous sports car.
Dembe: He was a civil servant, Raymond. How could he explain all that stuff? The money and all.
Red: I understand that. But why is it somehow my job to help explain away the fortune I paid him?
Dembe: He had to say something.
Red: Something, yes. But the man told everyone he knew that he was Huey Lewis’s muse. How in any stretch of the imagination does that explain his crazy, extravagant lifestyle? What, Huey Lewis bought him a red Mercedes? And does Huey Lewis even have a muse?
Dembe: Did Glen really tell his mother Huey would attend?
Red: [ Reading ] “This friendship with Huey has always accounted for everything– My travels to Europe and Bangkok, all the cash, the cars, everything in Vegas–” I mean, I can’t even– “even the absence of any other long-term relationship over the last 30 years. Huey is, in a word, the reason.” Two words. “Which is why his failure to attend my memorial would be seen as a snub so great that I’m afraid it may send Mother into a heartbroken tailspin which she may never recover from.”
Dembe: Mm. I mean– Talk about the power of love.
Red: How is this possible? It’s as if he’s reaching up from the grave to torment and abuse me one last time.
Dembe: Raymond, Glen needs you.
Red: To do what? To bird-dog some pop star to inform him that his most beloved songs were inspired by his bromance with a clerk from the DMV?
Dembe: He needs you to convince Huey to come to his memorial.
Red: Well, I’m not doing it.
Dembe: It’s his dying wish.
Red: No, it’s one of his dying wishes.
Dembe: What’s the other?
Red: Forget it.
Dembe: What does it say?
Red: Ah. “Mother wants to place my remains on her mantel. I don’t like the idea of spending my days looking down on Mother, so I want you to abscond with my ashes and spread them.”
Dembe: Spread them where?
Red: “I want to spend eternity at the glorious feet of that grande dame, the Statue of Liberty.”
Dembe: I don’t think it’s legal to spread ashes on Liberty Island.
Red: Well, it doesn’t matter, because I’m not doing it. I’m not lying to Paula or spreading his ashes–
[ Cellphone buzzes ] [ Dembe takes the call ]
Red: –and I’m certainly not hunting down Huey Lewis or begging him to come to Glen’s potluck memorial. What is it?
Dembe: It’s Glen’s mom. She’s asking if you can bake a tray of scotcheroos. They’re short on desserts.
Red: [ Exasperated ] Okay.
Dembe: Raymond, you know we have to do this. For Glen.
Red: [ Sighs ] See if you can find Mr. Lewis’s address. But I’m not breaking into the Statue of Liberty to spread Glen’s ashes.

[ A park, at a chess table. Aram meets with Red’s contact at the Wellstone Agency, Radley Jorgensen ]
Radley Jorgensen: Stealing from Wellstone is a terrible idea, but Reddington’s made it clear I have to vouch for you and get you inside the company. So let me be blunt. I’m not your friend. I think that this is a suicide mission. And the only reason I’m helping you is so that we both don’t end up dead.
[ There is a red pill on the table in front of Aram ]
Aram: Okay, let me try and say this back to you. I take the pill. I black out. Then I wake up in the custody of people I don’t know for a test I might pass in the hopes I get the job instead of getting killed?
Jorgensen: I told you it’s a bad idea.
Aram: Okay, if I could just get to–
Jorgensen: It won’t work.
Aram: All I need is the name of one client’s translator. They have to have logs of–
Jorgensen: You’re not listening. These people run a criminal enterprise. They traffic in secrets.
And to protect those secrets, they will not hesitate to kill you or me or anyone else they think is a liability.
[ Aram takes the pill ]
Jorgensen: It’s your funeral.
[ Jorgensen places a call ]

[ Aram wakes up in a glass and metallic office setting. A woman, Jessica, appears ]
Jessica: [ British accent ] Welcome back, Mr. Stone. Did you have a nice rest?
Aram: I, uh, don’t remember getting here.
Jessica: My name’s Miss Jessica. I’m here to discuss the matrix of tests we’ll administer to see if you’re a candidate for Wellstone.
Aram: Matrix of tests? Uh, what tests?
Jessica: I’m so glad you asked. We’ll begin with a simple polygraph-augmented consultation. Baseline questions. Work profile. Personal history. Relevant experience as well as potential conflicts. And we’ll follow that with an aptitude test, and behavioral inquiry. Of course, we’ll want to gauge the strength of your language of expertise. Dialects. Prose. As well as vocabulary and expression.
[ Flash forward: ]
Aram: [ Speaking Urdu ]
Jessica: And we’ll audit that with some mock sessions, scripted scenarios based on actual encounters to test neutrality, composure, and patience.
[ Flash forward: ]
Aram: [ Speaking German ]
Jessica: But before all of that, I do want to stress that our primary objective here at Wellstone is privacy. Without discretion, we can’t protect our clients, ourselves, or you. So, Mr. Stone, can you be discreet?
Aram: Yes, I’m Mr. Discreet.

[ Cooper’s office ] [ Knock on door ] [ Agent Park enters ]
Park: You wanted to see me?
Cooper: The arrest that you made earlier. Mason Dieterle.
Park: Yeah, he burned down my friend’s restaurant.
Cooper: I just got off the phone with the AUSA reviewing the case. He told me that your friend passed away from her injuries. I’m sorry.
[ Park sits down. Cooper walks around his desk to take a seat next to her ]
Cooper: He also told me that he declined to file charges for either arson or attempted murder.
Park: What? Why? He- He burned down that diner. This was arson.
Cooper: The AUSA said he didn’t have any evidence to prove that. Can you prove that Dieterle was responsible for that fire? Do you have a witness? A print on a can of gasoline or accelerant?
Park: No, I just thought–
Cooper: That’s the problem. You didn’t think. You reacted. Dieterle was arraigned on a loan-sharking charge and made bail 20 minutes ago. I’m concerned, Alina. You have a history of acting on your anger, at times letting your emotions get the better of you. Now your friend is dead, and the man that you think is responsible is back on the street. I need you to promise me that you will not do anything about that. Do I have your word?
Park: Yes. You do.

[ Red is in the kitchen of musician Huey Lewis ]
Red: Mr. Lewis, I just want to say it’s a privilege. I mean, great pleasure to meet you.
Huey Lewis: Well, I appreciate that.
Red: Thank you very much. Thank you for agreeing to see me. I take it you’re something of a culinary man. I love to cook.
Huey: Uh, to be honest, Mr. Homan–
Red: Steve, please.
Huey: Okay, to be honest, Steve, I only agreed because my manager insisted.
Red: Ah, I did Jerry a favor once. Well, a friend of Jerry’s.
Huey: Must’ve been, uh, quite a favor. [ Laughs ] Uh, can I get you something, like coffee or–
Red: Oh, no, no, no, no. Thank you, thank you. I don’t want to take up any more of your time than necessary.
Huey: Mm-hmm.
Red: I’m here because a dear friend of mine passed away recently. Pillar of his community.
Huey: Mm-hmm.
Red: Loved his mother, Paula. Wonderful, wonderful woman.
Huey: Mm-hmm.
Red: And he- Well, he absolutely cherished your music. He knew every word of every song.
Huey: Oh. Really.
Red: Now, I realize it’s a bit of a long shot, but I was wondering if you might consider – For a price, of course – Might consider attending his memorial service at the Rockville Maryland DMV. It’s tonight, 7:00 p.m.
Huey: The DMV?
Red: Yes, Glen was regional manager.
Huey: Did, um– Did Jerry know that this is what you wanted to ask me?
Red: As I said, uh, I sort of did him a favor once.
Huey: To play the funeral of some guy at the DMV?
Red: Regional manager.
Huey: You do know that Quincy Jones asked me to sing on “We Are the World.”
Red: Ah, uh, a stirring performance. And a great honor and– And tribute. Love of your fellow man and all that. Not entirely unlike the love a son might have for his mother. A desire to make her proud. To impress her.
Huey: Mm-hmm.
Red: Things were said through the years. I think he– He told his mother he inspired you to record “Workin’ for a Livin'” after a rousing game of beer pong in the back of a bar in Teaneck.
Huey: And she believed him?
Red: Believed him? Oh, no, no. [ Stammering ] To her, it would make perfect sense that her son was singularly responsible for your legendary song. And that you, who benefited from her son’s inspiration, would want more than anything to show up at his memorial service to pay your respects.
Huey: Okay. [ Laughs ] Is– Is this a joke? Did– Did Ralphie put you up to this?
Red: I am so sorry. I mean it. You can name your price.
Huey: To play the Rockville DMV?
Red: Oh, no, no, no. You don’t have to play. Just show up. Say a few words. Plus, if you do, I’ll owe you a favor. I’m a good person to have in your debt.
Huey: So you’ll do whatever I ask?
Red: Absolutely.
Huey: Great. Then I’m gonna ask you to please leave because I got an interview across town in an hour, and I got to eat and get ready, and I don’t want to be late. Sorry. You have to go.

[ An Assistant lets Aram into an office at the Wellstone Agency ]
Assistant: Thank you, Mr. Stone. Miss Jessica will be with you momentarily.
Aram: Okay.
[ Door closes ] [ Aram rubs his eyes, then looks up. He sees an open laptop on the desk near him ]
Aram: Yes.
[ Aram has a thumb drive with a safety cover. Pulling the cover off, he spills his soft drink. Ignoring it, he plugs in the thumb drive and begins flipping through client files. He finds one with a photo of Liz alongside a photo of an Asian man. Just then, Jessica and her Assistant appear at the door ]
Jessica: This is certainly unexpected.
Aram: [ Self-righteously ] That is what I thought. What happened to being discreet?
Jessica: Excuse me?
Aram: I was waiting for you when I spilled my soda. Then I came to your desk for a tissue when I found this on your computer.
[ He turns the laptop so Jessica can see the screen ]
Aram: Is this how this works?
Jessica: I don’t follow.
Aram: All of you people are putting me through a matrix of tests to find out if you can trust me, and yet you carelessly leave this client profile open on your laptop. What if I were an FBI agent undercover and saw the profile of this guy, this [ Reads the name ] Alexander Frayne? This is sloppy. I don’t like it.
Jessica: Perhaps my assistant–
Aram: It doesn’t matter. This is lazy. It’s unprofessional.
Jessica: I’m sorry that this has shaken your confidence in us, Mr. Stone. I do hope you’ll reconsider.
Aram: Reconsider?
Jessica: The job. You passed with flying colors. If you’ll have us, we’d like to welcome you to Wellstone.

[ Red is riding in the back of his Mercedes ] [ Cellphone buzzes, beeps ]
Red: Harold, please give me good news.
Cooper: Agent Motjabai got a name.
Aram: Liz’s interpreter was Alexander Frayne. Uh, he works in DC for the UN Human Rights Council.
Cooper: We’ve notified MPD. Units are en route to him now.
[ Telephone ringing ]
Alexander Frayne: This is Alexander.
Red: Mr. Frayne, you have a problem.
Frayne: I got lots of them. Who is this?
Red: Someone who can offer you a way out. The FBI knows you moonlight for the Wellstone Agency, and the MPD are on their way to arrest you.
[ Frayne looks up and sees the police through the glass dividers of his office suite ]
Frayne: They’re here. How did you know?
Red: Make your way to Dupont Circle. You’re looking for a black Mercedes. Northwest corner of Connecticut Avenue.
[ Frayne leaves his office ]

[ Alexander Frayne gets into Red’s car ] [ Car door closes ]
Red: Hello, Mr. Frayne.
Frayne: Who are you? Why are you helping me?
Red: Quid pro quo, Alexander. You interpreted a meeting between this woman and another party. I need to know who she met and what they talked about.
Frayne: I can’t help you.
[ Red takes out his gun ]
Red: Let me rephrase.
Frayne: N-No, no. I– Wait, I’m– I’m not saying I won’t help. I’m saying I can’t. I don’t know who he was.
Red: You facilitated their conversation.
Frayne: He was Bosnian. But they don’t give out names. Uh, she paid 700 grand for a manilla envelope. I never saw what was inside.
Red: Who has the names?
Frayne: The head of the company, I guess? I don’t even know who that is.
Red: But if you send the right message, he’ll get it. Your contact at Wellstone.
[ Red hands Frayne a phone ]
Red: Call them. Say you have a situation. Let them know Raymond Reddington wants to help.

[ The Post Office ]
[ Park’s cellphone chimes ] [ It’s a text from Jenna: “They were here. They said they’d come back tonight” ]
[ Park grabs her coat and calls Jenna ]
Park: Jenna, nothing’s gonna happen to you. I promised you’d be okay. I said I’d take care of it, and I will.
[ Park stands in front of her mirror, trying to wipe spattered blood from her face ]
[ Images flash by of Park fighting with Mason Dieterle interspersed with her trying to wipe the blood away. But the blood won’t come off ]
Park: [ Echoing ] I just came to talk. … You sent men to Jenna’s apartment? [ Grunting ] … You didn’t have to do that. … I told you I just wanted to talk.
[ Dieterle lies on the floor, covered with blood ]
[ Cellphone beeps, speed-dials ] [ Ringing ]
Park: Hey. It’s Agent Park. Something’s happened. I need your help.

[ Aram walks through a garage ]
[ Cellphone rings ] [ Cellphone beeps ]
Aram: Hello?
Radley Jorgensen: What the hell did you do?
Aram: Jorgensen?
Jorgensen: They know. About us. The company knows there’s a mole.
Aram: Uh, what, uh– What are you talking about?
Jorgensen: They think the FBI is onto them. I told you that this was a mistake. And now I got a target on my back because of you.
Aram: I got to call you back.
[ Cellphone beeps ]
[ An SUV pulls up alongside Aram. Doors open. Inside is Jessica ]
Aram: Is, uh, something wrong?
Jessica: I need you to come with me. The Colonel would like to see you.
[ Claire Guerreso’s ♪ “No Turning Back” plays ]

♪ The air is still ♪

[ Park stands over Mason Dieterle. He is bloody but breathing ]

[ The Post Office ]
Cooper: Reddington. I told him we were going to pick up Frayne, and now Frayne’s gone because Reddington got there first.
Ressler: But we sent agents.
Cooper: Wellstone knows someone outed Frayne.
Ressler: Aram. I already called him. He’s not picking up.

♪ There’s no turning back ♪

[ At the Wellstone Agency, Aram is led through a hallway ]
[ A door opens. A man with a white beard, the Colonel, sits behind a desk. Red sits in a chair in front of him ]
Red: Ah, finally.
Aram: Oh. Uh, hello.
Red: The Colonel here lost his hearing as a child. Nasty case of meningitis.
Aram: Colonel? Uh, the man who runs, uh, Wellstone is deaf?
Red: Indeed. The head of a company that provides translation needs a translator to be understood. In this case, you. So please sit.

♪ How long will it last?
How long?
How long?

♪ How long will we run? ♪

[ The Colonel signs as Aram interprets, speaking for him (“”) ]
The Colonel signs (spoken by Aram): “You prevented the arrest of one of my translators. You had him inform his contact that – there is a problem in the company that you could solve.”
Red: Yes, you have a mole. Tell him he has a leak that puts us both at risk.
[ Aram signs ]

♪ Don’t know how we got here ♪

The Colonel signs (spoken by Aram): “No. Impossible.”
Red: It’s why Mr. Frayne was nearly pinched and why the FBI knew where to find him.
[ Aram signs ]
Colonel signs (spoken by Aram): “There is no leak.”
Red: Uh, there is a mole, and he works for the FBI. He led them to Frayne, which means he can lead them to you. Now, you can be stubborn about it and wait around for the feds to show up, or you can do exactly as I say and live happily ever after.
Colonel signs (spoken by Aram): “Do you know who the mole is?”
Red: Yes. He’s a federal agent working undercover as an interpreter.

♪ How long?
There’s no turning back ♪

Colonel signs (spoken by Aram): “What do you want me to do?”
Red: First, delete my file. Now. Before the feds arrive.
[ The Colonel waves at an Assistant to do so; she leaves ]
Red: Second, in exchange for giving you a way out, a new identity, I want a name. Last week, a woman using the name Carolyn Givens hired Wellstone. I want to know who she met with.

♪ How long?
How long will we run? ♪

[ Keyboard clacking ]
[ The Colonel writes the name on a piece of paper and slides it forward. Aram reaches for the slip but Red takes it and puts it in his pocket ]
Red: [ To Aram ] I can read.
Colonel signs (spoken by Aram): “Wait. The mole. I need his name.”
Red: Why? It’s over. He won. Killing him won’t change the fact that you need to come with me now.
[ The Colonel takes out a gun and points it at Aram ]
Colonel signs (spoken by Aram): “I need to know a name. If you don’t give me one, I’ll kill him.
Either because he’s the mole or to set an example of what happens when you betray me.”
Red: Normally, I’m a big believer in example setting, but I specifically requested your newest interpreter because the leaks predate his employment at Wellstone. He’s not the mole. And we need to go. Now.
[ The Colonel puts the gun down ] [ Gun clicks ]
[ They leave ]

[ Aram (still undercover) assists Jessica with destroying evidence ]
[ An FBI team, including Ressler, arrives at the Wellstone Agency, arresting everyone, including Aram ]

[ The Post Office ]
Aram: Okay, what do you mean he recorded the conversation?
Cooper: Evidently, Reddington was wearing a wire – One we’ll tell the Justice Department that you were wearing.
Park: You think we can make a case?
Cooper: I do. A lot of Wellstone employees and clients are going to prison.
Aram: But not the owner.
[ The Colonel is seated in Red’s plane, reviewing travel documents ]
Aram: Mr. Reddington promised the Colonel that he’d help him escape in exchange for the name of the person that Liz met with.
Park: You didn’t see that person’s name?
Aram: Mr. Reddington made sure I didn’t.
Cooper: Adin Markovic. He’s a Bosnian bounty hunter. Evidently, Keen used Wellstone to hire him.
Aram: Mr. Reddington told you the name? Why?
Cooper: Because we’re on the same team. And because he knows we have to work together if we have any hope of bringing Keen home safely.
Aram: Adin Markovic, this bounty hunter, we’ll see what we can find on him.
[ Aram leaves ] [ Cooper takes Park aside ]
Cooper: Agent Park. I spoke with the AUSA. There’s been a development in the case involving your friend’s death. It appears Dieterle is missing.
[ Flashback: ]
[ Red and Dembe arrive at the apartment where Park is with Dieterle, who is propped up against the wall in a corner ]
Park: Will you help?
Cooper: Alina, you promised me you wouldn’t do anything to Dieterle. I need to know. Did you break that promise?
Park: No, sir.

[ Aram comes up to Cooper with the thumb drive that Red’s Russian contact, Sikorsky, gave to Red “from the archive.” Liz hired the Fribourg Confidence to steal it from one of Red’s safe deposit boxes and had it left in Cooper’s car ]
Aram: Mr. Cooper. Mr. Cooper, um, about, uh, this drive you wanted me to decrypt. Uh, I can’t. I reached out to a friend at the NSA.
Cooper: Do you trust him?
Aram: I do.
Cooper: Good. Because if he tells anyone about this, his life could be in jeopardy. Keep me posted.
Aram: Yes, sir.

[ Red and Dembe arrive at Glen Carter’s memorial party ] [ People dance and mill ]
[ Richard Myhill’s ♪ “Get Up Let’s Go” plays ]
Red: [ Laughs ]
Dembe: Raymond, you have to tell Paula he’s not coming.
Red: Ohh. He gets her hopes up, and I have to be the one to dash them. Glen at his finest.
[ Glen’s mother mother sees the new arrivals and walks toward them with outstretched arms ]
Paula: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. You came!
[ Red holds out the tray of treats ]
Red: I brought the scotcher–
[ Paula rushes right past Red to hug ~ Huey Newton! ]
Paula: Hello.
Huey: Oh. You must be Paula. Oh, Glen has told me so much about you, but, oh, my gosh, you’re even more beautiful than he described.
Paula: Oh! [ Laughs ]
Huey: Glen, he was one of the good ones. One of the unusual ones, for sure, but– But, you know, that guy could always brighten my day. You know, I remember when we were recording our third album, Johnny had written this great progression and he had a little bit of a melody, and it was up to me to come up with the lyric, and I couldn’t do it. I tried and tried, and I was stuck. I just couldn’t come up with anything, and I remember Glen came over and we went out for chili dogs, of course.
[ Laughter ]
Huey: A-A-And I just broke down about this song. And I-I-I told him, you know, “I don’t know what to do. This is super important. If we don’t have a hit with this album, the label’s gonna drop us,” and Glen put his hand on my arm and looked me dead in the eye, and he said, “Hey, if this is it, this is it.”
[ Laughter ]
Huey: And, boom, there it was. I mean, that lyric and that song. I mean, this is what Glen did.
[ Glen’s mother Paula beams with pride and happiness ]
Huey: He, you know– He- He w- He was like a muse to me, and I loved him. But he wouldn’t want us bawling all over the place. He’d want us to have a good time. Like Glen used to say, “We’re not here for a long time. We’re here for a good time,” so – Raise a glass – or a chicken wing – or whatever you got, ’cause tonight we celebrate my muse. Tonight, we celebrate Jelly Bean and his big, old heart.
[ Huey Lewis & The News’ ♪ “We’re Not Here For A Long Time (We’re Here For A Good Time)” plays ]
[ Cheering ]

♪ There’s a party down on the corner, do you want to go?
They got rhythm, a little blues, and a whole lot of soul
I don’t care what you’ve got to say
You’re comin’ with me anyway
We’re not here for a long time ♪

[ As the party continues, Red absconds with Glen’s ashes and moves to another room. He removes the top of the jar and fluffs open a plastic bag ] [ Huey Lewis enters ]
Huey: What are you doing?
Red: Oh, my goodness. I can’t believe you came. Thank you, thank you, Mr. Lewis.
Huey: Didn’t hurt a bit.
Red: What happened? What changed your mind?
Huey: You did – Mr. Reddington.
Red: You spoke to Jerry.
Huey: Yeah. And I got to know ’cause I can’t get my head around it. Why in the world is Raymond Reddington running errands for a DMV desk clerk?
Red: Regional manager.
Huey: Yeah, but why is this guy so special that the world’s most wanted fugitive is arranging his memorial service?
Red: People often hide from me. Glen was good at finding them.
Huey: I-I didn’t ask you what he did. I asked what made him special.
Red: That’s a bit more complicated.
Huey: Ah, I’m sure it is. I’m sure it’s incredibly complicated.
Red: And weird and strange.
Huey: But I like weird and strange.
Red: Ah.
Huey: You said I could ask for any favor – that’s the favor.
Red: You want me to tell you about how weird and strange Glen was.
Huey: I want to hear your eulogy. I want Raymond Reddington to tell me what was weird and strange and beautiful about the regional manager of the Rockville DMV.
Red: You know who I am. You know I can do some very big favors.
Huey: Oh, trust me, I thought about asking you to scare the bejesus out of my pal Bruce Hornsby.
[ Laughs ] That’d be good. Uh, but the truth is, you can’t do a bigger favor than revealing somebody’s heart and soul.
Red: No, I don’t suppose you can.
Huey: Yeah, I did my part. I gave my eulogy, and in exchange, I’d like to hear your version.
[ Dembe enters carrying a large bean can covered with aluminum foil ]
Dembe: Mr. Lewis, big fan.
Huey: Thanks. What– What is that?
Dembe: The remains of a Great Dane. We’re friends with a vet. He works at a shelter where they cremate pets who have to be put down.
Red: But I told you I wasn’t gonna steal his ashes.
Dembe: And I know you well enough to know that, in the end, you probably would.
Huey: I-I-I’m sorry, but, uh, what’s going on with all the beans and the baggies and the ashes?
Red: I’ll explain everything on the way.

♪ Have yourself a good time ♪

[ Red, Dembe and Huey emerge from a door onto a landing at the base of the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor. Red carries the plastic bag of Glen’s ashes. Freedom Tower can be seen in the distance ]
Red: [ Looking around ] Okay. [ Chuckles ] Here we are.
Huey: Glen.
Red: Right. [ Haltingly ] Glen. — Glen was — so many different things. A son. Civil servant. A proud member of the Spare Me bowling team. Two-time runner-up at the Southern Regional Tournament. And a great – A truly great – tracker. But he was – Ah, brother. He was a lot more than that. Glen was — [ seriously ] infuriating. Insulting. Just so maddening. He was a hedonist, a chauvinist, a liar, and a cheat, but there was one thing Glen was not. — And that’s afraid.
  Glen was not afraid. He wasn’t afraid of judgment. Of being wrong. He wasn’t afraid of friendship. Or romance. A bad joke. A good laugh. He was never afraid of a good time. Or bad timing. Or consequences. Or of an impossible task. Or any kind of danger. And he certainly wasn’t afraid of me. Ever.
  No matter how hard or unfair life was to Glen – Glen loved life back. He embraced it without reservation, regret, or remorse. And that is — rare. I wish– I wish more people were unafraid like Glen. It’s the thing about him I’ll miss the most. And I hope it’ll be some time before – all my memories of him — start to fade.
[ Red pours Glen’s ashes from the balcony ]

[ A workman walks through the darkened set that was Glen’s office ]
[ Lock clicks ] [ Light switch clicks off ]

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Episode Songs


♫ No Turning Back
By Claire Guerreso

(Full lyrics unavailable as of 2/14/2021)

Lyrics and Credits: [ Unavailable as of 2/14/2021 ]
YouTube: https://youtu.be/X4lSaEbLC2M


♫ Get Up Let’s Go
By Richard Myhill

(Full lyrics unavailable as of 2/14/2021)

Lyrics and Credits: [ Unavailable as of 2/14/2021 ]
YouTube: https://youtu.be/rE-rtVUj28Y


♫ We’re Not Here for a Long Time (We’re Here for a Good Time)
By Huey Lewis and The News

♪ There’s a party down on the corner, do you want to go?
They got rhythm, a little blues, and a whole lot of soul
I don’t care what you’ve got to say
You’re comin’ with me anyway
We’re not here for a long time
We’re here for a good time

♪ I know it’s hard makin’ a living every day
And I know how hard you’ve been workin’
But now it’s time to play
Tell that wolf waitin’ at your door
He’ll just have to wait some more
We’re not here for a long time
We’re here for a good time

♪ Some say the world is ending
It might just come to pass
Ain’t no use in pretending
Tonight could be the last

♪ Tell the mailman to hold the mail
Get ready to wag your tail
We’re not here for a long time
We’re here for a good time

♪ Some say the world is ending
Who knows if it’s true?
Ain’t no use in pretending
There’s not much we can do

♪ Leave a message for those who call
We’re out havin’ us a ball
We’re not here for a long time
We’re here for a good time

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YouTube: https://youtu.be/uuir_nrXQtE

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🔴 Script 8:7 Chemical Mary (№ 143)

Program air date: 2/19/2021 in the US
Script Permalink: https://wp.me/pDKwi-aPm
Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/3asuc27

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Director: Christine Moore
Written by: Daniel Cerone



Brief (Where we’re at): Liz Keen continues to operate out of reach of Red and the task force. Acting on Red’s belief that she may have used the services of the “translation service for criminals,” The Wellstone Agency, Aram went undercover and was hired as a translator for the Agency (he speaks eight languages, including Latin and American Sign Language ~ who knew?). Knowing sign language turned out to be helpful as the head of the agency, known as The Colonel, is deaf. Red gained access to The Colonel by telling him he had an FBI “mole” in the Agency (none other than Aram) who was called on to communicate that information from Red to the Colonel in sign language. In exchange for promising The Colonel a new identity and escape, The Colonel gave Red the name of the man Liz had hired the Agency to communicate with: a Bosnian bounty hunter name Adin Markovic. (Red also had his own records erased from the Agency’s files).

Agent Alina Park, who reacts like a Korean version of the Incredible Hulk when triggered, landed in trouble when she went after a loan shark who had burned down the family restaurant of her friend, Melissa Randall, with Melissa there. Melissa died and Park called on the loan shark, Mason Dieterle, ‘just to talk’ but ending up beating him to within an inch of his life. Because she had promised Cooper to not let her emotions get dangerously out of control (again), Park turned to Red for “help.” tbc …

Responding to a call from the mother of Red’s inveterant – and irreverent – master tracker Glen “Jelly Bean” Carter, Red and Dembe learned that Glen had died a couple of weeks earlier of West Nile Virus. [Clark Middleton, the actor who played Glen, had in fact died of West Nile Virus in October 2020]. In addition to inviting Red and Dembe to Glen’s memorial shindig at the Rockville Maryland DMV, Glen’s mother Paula gave Red a letter Glen had left for him asking a couple of small favors. It seems that over the years Glen had explained the extra money and perks he had gotten from Red as being due to Glen’s being the close friend and “muse” of singer-songwriter Huey Lewis. Unfortunately, Huey Lewis knew nothing of this so it was Glen’s “dying wish” that Red track down Huey Lewis and convince him to attend Glen’s memorial and back up the story. Oh, and there was a second “dying wish”: that Red steal Glen’s ashes (unbeknownst to his mother) and scatter them at the feet of “that grande dame” of New York Harbor, The Statue of Liberty. Indeed, all this came to pass, as Red was frustrated, infuriated and foiled by Glen one last time, but in the end found it in himself to offer Glen a heartfelt eulogy in the presense of Dembe and Huey Lewis — and The Statue of Liberty. Rest in Peace, Jelly Bean.


⭕ Script 8:7 Chemical Mary (№ 143)

Voiceover: Previously on “The Blacklist”:
[ Flashbacks: ]

[ Rakitin gets into Red’s car and sits down next to him ]
Red: I’m not an errand boy. I won’t be ordered about.
Rakitin: We’d like you to make this go away.
[ Tadashi Ito and Guinevere Claflin from the House Intelligence Committee erase the report containing information on Rakitin ]
[ In Moscow, Red meets with his liaison Sikorsky ]
Sikorsky: We know about Keen. What she’s saying. That you’re N-13.
Red: Elizabeth’s gone, and she’s taken something of mine with her.
[ Members of The Fribourg Confidence crack into Red’s safe deposit box and take out the thumb drive Red got from Sikorsky, leaving behind a note saying “Elizabeth Keen says Hello” ]
Cooper: I suppose you also think that she’s responsible for The Freelancer’s release.
Red: There’s always more to the story.
  Skip Hadley: [ To lawyer Scooter Rovenpor ] Where is he?
  [ Rovenpor opens the door and lets in Alban Veseli (The Freelancer), whose freedom
  Liz had paid Rovenpor to arrange ]
Red: The work of a man who disguises his killings in the headlines of everyday tragedies.
Cooper: The arrest that you made earlier. Mason Dieterle.
Park: He burned down my friend’s restaurant.
Cooper: I just got off the phone with the AUSA reviewing the case. He told me that your friend passed away from her injuries. I’m sorry.
[ Later, Cooper tells Park that Mason Dieterle has disappeared ]
Cooper: You promised me you wouldn’t do anything to Dieterle. I need to know – Did you break that promise?
  [ Flashback: Park fights with Dieterle ]
Park: No, sir.

[ A research building; Mary Bremmer walks with a Young Scientist toward a door ]
Young Scientist: We’ve been formulating those binary structures you gave us for weeks and – I think we’ve done it. We identified the exact structure of the Novichok agent.
[ They enter a room where several people are waiting, along with a large pig and its handler ] [ Pig snorting ]
Mary Bremmer: Pig, hog, runt, sow, boar. My brother’s mantra. When he was a boy, he collected glass pigs. He knew everything there was to know about them. Which side-group is this?
[ The Young Scientist hands a dropper to the pig’s handler ]
Young Scientist: Ethoxy. It’s more stable. Easier to spread. Harder to detect. And lethal when it contacts the skin.
[ The pig’s handler squeezes two drops onto the pig’s back. The pig collapses ] [ Pig snorting ] [ Pig squealing ]
Young Scientist: This compound is 10 times more potent than VX. If there’s a deadlier nerve agent on Earth, I’m not aware of it.
Mary Bremmer: [ To her Personal Assistant ] Call our buyer in Durres. Tell him the order’s ready and to expect delivery in 48 hours.
[ Squealing stops ]
Bremmer: Pig, hog, runt, sow, boar.

[ The kitchen of Red’s restaurant. Dembe walks to the table with a coffee pot. Red is reading an article in a newspaper ]
[ Red chuckles. He points out the article to Dembe ]
Red: The road not taken.
Dembe: Beauty school?
Red: [ Chuckling ] Yes. That young woman’s great passion that her single father just can’t understand. It pushes them apart. But instead of insisting that she understand him, he enrolls in beauty school as well and learns to better understand her.
Dembe: I think you understand Elizabeth. Probably more than you want to.
Red: Well, I’m not her father. Maybe if I were, I’d want to understand her even better. Perhaps she wouldn’t be so determined to kill me.
[ Knock on door ] [ Dembe lets Cooper in ]
Cooper: Morning, Dembe.
Dembe: Good morning. Coffee?
Cooper: Please. Something smells delicious.
Red: Mmm. Meat and potato pie. Dembe brought it back from Sarajevo. You should try a slice. Like all good things, it’s sinfully bad for you.
[ Red gives a serving of the pie to Cooper ]
Cooper: You said you had a case?
Red: Yes. Thanks to Dembe. He brought home more than Bosnian börek.
Dembe: You know that Elizabeth used an interpreter to contract a bounty hunter. I found him in Sarajevo.
Red: An effective chap of ill repute. Naturally, I assumed the hunter’s bounty was me. Unfortunately, I was mistaken.
Cooper: How is not being a target unfortunate?
Red: It’s unfortunate because each time I think Elizabeth won’t go to a darker place, she does.
Cooper: Elizabeth wanted the bounty hunter to kill someone else?
Red: Not kill. Find. Someone she wanted to work with.
Cooper: And why is that so dark?
Red: Because the person she’s working with brokers chemical weapons.
Cooper: I don’t believe that.
Dembe: Her name is Mary Bremmer.
Cooper: I’m not familiar with that name.
Red: Neither was I. The bounty hunter was unable to locate her, but he put together a dossier for Elizabeth. Dembe got a copy of it.
[ Dembe goes to get the dossier ]
Cooper: Why would she do this?
Red: The same reason she worked to get The Freelancer released from prison.
Cooper: You don’t know that she did that.
Red: No. But I know her endgame – To break me and then kill me. I think it’s safe to assume that she’s using The Freelancer and Chemical Mary to accomplish that.
Cooper: You think she’s in business with a mass murderer and a war criminal?
Red: As I said, it’s all – quite unfortunate. On the bright side, I’m going to have a meeting with The Freelancer’s expensive new attorney. Word on the street is that his client’s acquired identity papers, passports, and that he’s back to work.
[ A group of workmen enter the forward cabin of a large aircraft. Among the workmen is Alban Veseli (The Freelancer) who Liz just had sprung from prison. He gestures to the other workmen in the direction of the cockpit ]
Alban Veseli: [ Speaking French ] I have the flight deck.
Red: I want to know what he’s doing. So we’ll see what his attorney has to say.
[ Dembe hands Cooper a folder ]
Dembe: The dossier on Bremmer. It’s incomplete, but it should give you a head start.

[ Alban Veseli unscrews the cover of a compartment near the cockpit and removes it. He is wearing an earpiece ]
[ Device🔅beeping🔅 ] [ He touches the earpiece ] [ Beep🔅]
Alban Veseli: Not a good time. I’m doing it now.
[ Veseli plugs a thumb drive into a port inside the compartment ]
Veseli: But this is it, Agent Keen. Once your target is eliminated, you and I are even. [ Beep🔅]
[ Veseli replaces the cover of the compartment ]

[ Agent Alina Park sits at a workstation in the Post Office war room, reading the obituary of her friend Melissa Randall who died in a fire started by loanshark Mason Dieterle ] [ Telephone ringing in the distance ]

[ Flashback: ]
Park: I think what you’re doing is wrong. You’re only making things worse for Keen by pursuing her.
Red: Agent Park, you can rest assured – I’ve heard it all before. It’s a luxury to stand on the moral high ground and critique those of us on the low ground. A lot of people do exactly that. Until they need my help.
Park: I’ll never ask for your help.

[ Aram walks up behind Park ]
Aram: Mr. Cooper called with a heads-up. We have got a case.
Park: Okay.
[ Aram sees the obituary ]
Aram: Oh. Uh– is that about your friend? I’m so sorry.
Park: Me too.
Aram: It, uh– It sounded like it might have been arson.
Park: Not “might.” It was.
Aram: Are there suspects?
Park: There was, but he disappeared.

[ Flashback: ]
[ Park beats Dieterle to within an inch of his life ]

Aram: Have you talked to Mr. Reddington? I mean, he can find anyone, which, in this case, it might help, right? I mean, if he found the arsonist, you know, justice, scales, balancing, that kind of thing. But then on the downside, you’d be in his debt, and, ohh, that is a record scratch through your favorite song. I mean, can you even imagine?

[ Flashback: ]
[ Red and Dembe are at Dieterle’s apartment. Park sits on a chair. Dieterle is propped upin a corner, his mouth covered with duct tape. He is moving slightly ]
Red: What was it you said earlier?
Park: That I’d never ask for your help.
Red: No, that couldn’t be it. I mean, the irony – It’s crushing.

Park: No. I can’t imagine.
Aram: Of course you can’t because this is, like, horrendous advice, which you are clearly way too smart to take. Anyway – I’m really sorry about your friend.

[ Flashback: ]
Park: Will you help?
Red: You’re asking me to make it all go away. Say it.
Park: Make it go away.
Red: And if I do this, you’re aware I may someday ask for a favor in return? You may come to wish you’d accepted the consequences of your actions here instead.
Park: Are we good? He has a video of me on his phone.
[ She reaches toward Dieterle’s phone ]
Red: Ah, ah, ah! We’ll take care of it. [ Echoing ] Like you were never here.

[ Park closes the page with the obituary ] [ *Click* ]

[ The task force is gathered in the war room of the Post Office ]
Cooper: Reddington refers to her as Chemical Mary. This I.D. is more than 15 years old, but it’s the most recent photo we have.
Aram: What we know is this – Mary Bremmer is a former MIT professor in pathobiological sciences who was fired for ethical misconduct in ’02. Apparently she questioned the appropriateness of a chemical-weapons ban, reasoning that if nuclear weapons are an acceptable deterrent to war, why not sarin gas?
Ressler: There’s always a market for that kind of crazy. I mean, I assume she’s found a way to monetize it.
Aram: Yeah. The CIA thinks so. According to Langley, Bremmer supplied the weaponry for the chlorine car-bomb massacre in the Abu Sayda market. As for the assassination of Kim Jong-nam, Bremmer’s role, if any, is still being investigated.
Cooper: I know. It doesn’t seem possible.
Ressler: Well, because it’s not possible.
Aram: Agent Keen would never work with someone like this.
Park: No, Agent Keen wouldn’t. But she’s not an agent anymore, is she?
Ressler: Yeah, but you don’t know her like we do.
Park: Maybe that’s why I can see what’s really going on.
Cooper: What’s going on is hard. On all of us. But the only way to find out what’s really happening is to find Agent Keen. And right now finding Mary Bremmer is our best hope of doing that.
Aram: Okay. Intel placed Bremmer in the Idlib Province in 2013, supplying sarin to Assad forces. Now, a NATO operation intercepted her convoy. Bremmer’s vehicle was overturned during the attack. Now, the shipment was stopped, but Bremmer escaped and hasn’t been seen since. Bremmer’s entire security detail was killed, except for one man – Ismael Aknoz.
Cooper: At the time, Aknoz refused to give any information on Bremmer, but after eight years of isolation in an F-Type prison in Ankara, maybe he’ll be ready to talk.

[ Ankara, Turkey ] [ Guard pounds on the bars of Aknoz’s cell with a mallet ]
Ressler: Ismael Aknoz? FBI. We’d like to talk to you about Mary Bremmer.
Aknoz: [ Speaking Turkish ] Americans. Go home.
[ Aknoz turns his back and pees into a urinal ]
Park: [ To Ressler ] Well. This has been productive.
Ressler: [ To Aknoz ] We know you speak English.
Aknoz: You want Bremmer. So do I. Nothing would give me more happiness than to see her dead.
Ressler: Okay. Great. You help us find her, and we’d be happy to oblige you.
Park: Why do you want to see her dead?
Aknoz: What difference does it make?
[ Urinal flushes ]
Park: You were her partner. In her convoy. Why should we trust you?
Aknoz: It’s her fault I’m here.
Park: Oh, so she forced you to transport chemical weapons?
Aknoz: We did not know they were chemical weapons. She told us we were moving anti-tank missiles.
Ressler: So she lied to you, which is why you’re gonna help us.
Aknoz: Thank you. No. I hate her, yes. But Americans? I hate you more.
Ressler: We knew you spoke English because our boss spoke with the Ministry of Justice. Now, you work with us, and they agreed to move you out of isolation.
Park: We’re offering you a gift. No matter how much you hate us, you should take it.
Aknoz: Your allied forces – They could have stopped us that day. Arrested us, peacefully. Instead, they set up an ambush with an IED and started shooting. Taking the weapons wasn’t enough. They wanted to make an example of us. And to do that– they were willing to slaughter us. Take your “gift” and go.

[ Red and Dembe are in lawyer Scooter Rovenpor‘s office. Red is chuckling at a bottle of wine behind glass that’s labeled “In Case of Emergency Break Glass” ]
[ Rovenpor enters ]
Scooter Rovenpor: Who let you in here?!
Red: Your assistant. Lovely fellow. Not very savvy. Probably not best utilized as the gatekeeper. Perhaps better suited to make coffee, chit-chat.
Rovenpor: I know who you are.
Red: Tell me, when you go on a business trip, do you charge by the hour while you’re on the plane? Or in the car to the hotel? Or how about when you’re enjoying the adult entertainment in your room? Is your client paying $1,000 an hour for every hour or minute that you masturbate? My goodness. And the world thinks I’m a criminal.
Rovenpor: What do you want?
Red: For Dick the Butcher to have succeeded — “Henry IV, Part 2,” Act IV, scene II. You’ve heard it. “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.” You seem like an appropriately loathsome place to start. Luckily for you, I want to know where Alban Veseli is more than I want to sully my hands or reputation by something so obvious as disposing of you.
Rovenpor: I don’t know where he is.
Red: But you know how to contact him.
Rovenpor: If I do that, how do I know you won’t kill me?
Red: Because you still have a debt to repay. Elizabeth Keen paid you to represent Veseli with money she stole from me. I want it back.
Rovenpor: You want me to give you back my retainer.
Red: Plus interest. There’s the phone. Tell Alban his life is in imminent danger, that you can’t discuss it over the phone, and set a meeting. I think this qualifies as an emergency, wouldn’t you say, Scooter?
[ Red breaks the glass ]

[ The Post Office. Aram, Ressler and Park walk together ]
Ressler: Look, I know we’re jet-lagged, so maybe we’re not making ourselves clear. Aknoz was a dead end.
Aram: No, I know he didn’t say anything.
Park: So what part of “dead end” don’t you understand?
Aram: He may not have said anything, but I think he told you a lot.
[ Cooper walks over )
Cooper: You have something?
Aram: I’ve been studying the photos in the dossier that Mr. Reddington gave us.
[ Aram brings up photos on the overhead display ]
Aram: The bodies in the lead Humvee from the convoy – What do they all have in common? Other than being really dead.
Ressler: Well, they’re all burned.
Aram: You said Aknoz was, too.
Ressler: That’s what he told us. He was disfigured.
Cooper: Chemical burns?
Aram: No. I think there may have been an incendiary in the IED. That Humvee burned like a bonfire. And Bremmer only escaped after the explosion. If everyone else was burned, it stands to reason that she was, too.
[ In front of a mirror, Mary Bremmer applies glue to a prosthetic ear and sticks it on. She applies more glue onto a prosthetic flap that fits over the right side of her face ]
Park: If so, she couldn’t have gotten far without any medical help.
Aram: Major burns like that will lead to hypovolemic shock without timely medical intervention. It is a life-threatening condition.
Cooper: Any legitimate physician giving her aid would have turned her over to the authorities.
Park: So she found help outside the established medical community.
Ressler: Dirtbag doctors without borders. Sounds like a job for Reddington.
Cooper: Reach out to him, see if he has a medical contact who knows the area.
[ Ressler and Park leave ]

Aram: [ To Cooper ] Sir. The flash drive that you gave me? I got it back from my friend at the NSA.
Cooper: Did he figure out the passcode?
Aram: Please.
He’s not– He’s not that much smarter than me. I mean, sure he knows pi out two more places, but should one quinquadragintillion really determine who has to buy the hot wings on bridge night? I don’t think so.
Cooper: So he couldn’t open it?
Aram: Uh, sorry. Not technically, no. He couldn’t read the data, but he was able to use a USB traffic sniffer to see the operation commands which bear the signature of a known hacker. She goes by the name of Rakitin. And when I say, uh, “she,” I don’t mean she’s a woman. I mean, she could be. Or a man. I’m– I’m trying to alternate pronouns instead of defaulting to the generic “he” to represent a man or a woman. Rakitin could be a he or a she. Or a they.
Cooper: This is good. We know who the hacker is, but we still need to find out what he – or she – hacked. And we won’t know that until you crack the passcode.
Aram: Right. I’m on it.
Cooper: Tell your NSA friend he did good work.
Aram: And buy hot wings for the month? Yeah – I don’t think so.

[ Red and Dembe climb a stairs to Dr Mickie Grundig’s office ]
Red: And they know to call us right away?
Dembe: Yes. They do. The minute The Freelancer sets foot on U.S. soil, we’ll know.
Red: [ To the Receptionist ] Good morning! Would you please tell Dr. Grundig that Lloyd Wilke is here?
Receptionist: Uh, do you have an appointment?
Red: Mine is a lifetime appointment.
[ Red and Dembe are looking at a magazine ] [ Both laughing ]
[ Door opens ]
Red: Ah!
Dr Mickey Grundig: What a pleasant surprise.
Red: Quite the environment you’ve created here, Mickey. I can’t tell if I’m in a waiting room or a gentlemen’s club. My mouth is positively watering for a smokey single-malt and a smooth-draw Tatuaje Fausto.
Dr Grundig: Well, a good first impression is imperative to setting the tone for a satisfied patient experience.
Red: Hah! My goodness. How far you’ve come. You know they used to call Mickey here the Back-Room Butcher? If there was a cash payment involved, he’d operate, no questions asked.
Dr Grundig: Colleen, the break room could use a fresh pot of coffee. You mind?
[ She leaves ]
Red: There wasn’t a medical procedure in the book you wouldn’t perform – Or at least try to. Of course that was after they stripped your license. Cocaine, was it? But you kicked that and saved up enough to buy a brand-new identity from me and look at you now!
Dr Grundig: Raymond. Please. If any of this ever got out–
Red: Well, it doesn’t have to. Listen. I’m looking for a woman named Mary Bremmer. Three years ago, she had a mishap near the Syrian-Turkish border. Suffered terrible burns requiring the kind of discrete medical care you once provided.
Dr Grundig: I don’t know her.
Red: But I suspect you may know the sawbones who treated her.
Dr Grundig: You want me to sell out another doctor?
Red: Well, if it makes you feel any better, the patient trades in chemical weapons. She’s a scourge on the human race. Help me find her, and your past – remains in the past.

[ Durres, Albania ]
[ Mary Bremmer stands in a garage with a group of men, one with a semiautomatic rifle ]
Farzin: [ Albanian accent ] I require a demonstration before I commit such significant resources. I hope you don’t mind.
Mary Not at all. I expected as much. If, uh, one of your men would retrieve the briefcase in my trunk?
[ A man named Bujare takes the keys and begins to walk toward the car. Suddenly, he collapses ]
Farzin: Bujare. What is wrong?
[ Bujare shaking, grunting ]
Bremmer: You asked for a demonstration. I’m giving you one.
[ Bujare foams at the mouth, gagging and shaking ]

[ The Post Office ]
Aram: Thanks to Mr. Reddington, we got the identity of the physician who treated Mary Bremmer.
Ressler: Yeah, but in Turkey. It’s gonna take us months to obtain a search and seizure there.
Cooper: Given that his records may hold the key to our tracking a purveyor of banned weapons, Main Justice authorized a shortcut by working with Turkish intelligence.
Aram: Hacking his medical records.
[ Photos appear of Mary Bremmer in the hospital after the IED attack ]
Park: So you were right. She was burned in the Humvee.
Aram: Badly enough to require multiple skin grafts as well as personalized prosthetics. Now, these photos were taken within a few days of the incident. But these – [ more photos ]– were taken a year later.
Park: No wonder we couldn’t find her.
Cooper: We ran her current looks through the Interpol database.
Ressler: What did it kick back?
[ Durres, Albania ]
Mary Bremmer: A single touch or an inhaled droplet disrupts the nerve signals to his muscles, his heart, and lungs. In a matter of seconds, breathing will not be option.
[ The Post Office. Aram has matched six passports to Mary Bremmer’s current appearance ]
Park: Six nationalities. Six aliases.
Aram: All active, but according to passport-control archives, the last one she used was yesterday. In Paris.
Ressler: [ Reads Bremmer’s alias ] Madeline Toussaint.
[ Albania ]
Farzin: Remarkable. The delivery system?
Mary Bremmer: One drop on the key fob was all it took. Odorless, invisible. Lasts for days on any hard surface. Or load it into a crop duster and take out a town. It’s up to you. Killing’s never been easier.
Aram: For the last nine months, Mary Bremmer’s been living as Madeline Toussaint in the Batignolles district of Paris. She has a cover job as a quality engineer at a chemical plant.
Cooper: Contact Interpol. Have them issue a Red Notice for Bremmer’s conditional arrest and extradition based on our charges. Then let’s get a team to Paris.
Aram: I’ll go to Paris.
Cooper: I need your help with that passcode.
Aram: Well, I could look for it in Paris. You know, sidewalk café, pot of coffee, couple’a croissants.
Cooper: I’m on my way to Capitol Hill to ask about Rakitin. I doubt I’ll get much traction until you find out what’s on that drive.
[ Park and Ressler head out ]
Ressler: [ To Aram ] I guess that’s a no on that coffee and croissants.
Park: We’ll say hi to Mona Lisa for you.

[ Capitol Hill. Cooper is welcomed by U.S. Representative Russell Friedenberg, Chair of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence ]
Cooper: Thank you for taking the time, Congressman.
Rep Friedenberg: Always happy to make time for the FBI. Though I am surprised there was no heads-up what you wanted to talk about. Please, sit. Take a load off and tell me what is so hush-hush I get an Assistant Director to make a house call.
Cooper: A hacker who goes by the name Rakitin.
Rep Friedenberg: Never heard of him.
Cooper: Excuse me?
Friedenberg: Anything else? Because I got a local Elks Club waiting to take a photo.
Cooper: Congressman. You chair the House Intel Committee. I’ve read your report on Russian cyber intrusion. I know you know who Rakitin is.
Friedenberg: What I know is your title. What I don’t know is what you do because no one would tell me. Yeah, I chair the Intel Committee, but for some reason, I can’t get any intel on you.
Cooper: I run a classified task force.
Friedenberg: That’s interested in Rakitin.
Cooper: Why would that surprise you?
Friedenberg: I doesn’t. It troubles me. Rakitin has friends in high places. I want to make sure I’m not talking to one.
Cooper: I’m sorry. I’m– I’m completely confused.
Friedenberg: Three weeks ago, the hard drive on my committee’s computer was hacked. All the intel we had on Rakitin was destroyed.
Cooper: I had no idea.
Friedenberg: My top staffer on the committee disappeared the day it happened. Vanished into thin air. And she was a patriot. A good person. But someone got to her. And if they got to her, maybe they got to you. Maybe you’re here to see what I know about Rakitin, and if I know too much, maybe you’re gonna want to erase my hard drive.
[ Cooper writes on a slip of paper, which he hands to Representative Friedenberg ]
Cooper: Here’s a name and a number. Call it. Ask about me. If you’re satisfied with what you hear, we can talk more. If not, thank you for your time.
Friedenberg: I’m sure it seems like I’m being overly paranoid.
Cooper: If we do talk, I’d like to hear more about that hack. I have some paranoia of my own about who might have been behind it.

[ Red greets a friend in a hotel service area ]
Red: Rogelio. I hear you have news.
Rogelio: A location – and a room number.
Red: [ Reading ] Ah. [ Laughs ] A youth hostel. How unexpectedly romantic. Is there anywhere you don’t have eyes and ears?
Rogelio: I got either a maid, a waiter, a waitress, a busboy, or a bellhop in every corner of the city.
Red: Thank you, my friend. And please give my regards to Carlos.
Rogelio: Unfortunately, he’s been deported– again. And your friend’s tunnel in Calexico has been shut down.
Red: Ah, the goings-on at the border. One side builds, the other shuts down. They hide, they seek, they come, they go. It’s all so – “Tom and Jerry.” Yes, the tunnel is closed, but the submarine is fully operational. And for tracking down Alban Veseli, it will always be at your disposal.

[ Red and Dembe walk through the youth hostel ]
Red: I once had a brief dust-up with an Armenian fellow who took umbrage at my acquisition of a pipeline outside Kajaran. I tried to avoid him by hiding out in a hostel.
Dembe: You “tried.” Did he find you?
Red: [ Chuckles ] No. But after three days of communal showers and curdled yogurt, James Taylor wannabes, I couldn’t stand it anymore. So I stole a backpack and a Fodor’s Guide and hiked to Turkey through the Armenian Highlands.
Dembe: The Highlands. Mount Ararat.
Red: Yes. And FYI – no Ark.
[ A young man sits in the hall, softly strumming a guitar ]
Red: Ah. Some things never change.
[ Shower running ]
Dembe: No cameras. No security. Smart place to lay low.
[ They come to the bunk room where they expected to find Alban Veseli. No one is there ]
Red: Not here.
[ They turn around. Veseli comes out of a room marked “Men’s Showers,” wearing only a towel.
Red: Ah! [ Gun cocks ] Running in a towel never ends well. Put some pants on, and let’s talk.

[ Representative Russell Friedenberg’s office ]
Rep Friedenberg: I did as you suggested, Mr. Cooper. Checked up on you with Cynthia Panabaker. A straight arrow if ever there was one. She likes you.
Cooper: Does she, now?
Friedenberg: Well, she said, “He won’t pee on your leg and tell you it’s rainin’.”
Cooper: [ Chuckles ] Sounds like Cynthia.
Friedenberg: You said before that you were looking for information about Rakitin.
Cooper: I’m curious what your committee knows about him.
Friedenberg: Not a hell of a lot, to be honest. We don’t have an I.D. Hell, Rakitin could be an entire hacker group for all we know. But he’s using a series of servers in Volgograd, and he is targeting some of our most carefully guarded secrets.
Cooper: Such as–?
Friedenberg: The identities of CIA assets in Yasenevo – their funding sources, hacks of our own internal threat assessments.
Cooper: What does he do with this intel?
Friedenberg: There are a lot of theories. NSA thinks he’s a black-market profiteer. CIA’s convinced he’s a turncoat.
Cooper: And what do you think?
Friedenberg: Have you ever heard of N-13?
Cooper: Sleeper agent. A Russian asset who vanished during the Cold War and was never proven to exist. It’s a 30-year-old ghost story.
Friedenberg: What if it’s not? What if that asset is here? Not only active and deeply embedded, but maneuvering within our intel community? I don’t know whose trust he might have gained– CIA, Defense Intelligence – God forbid, the FBI. But I think he’s been here a long time. Long enough, he’s become one of us. And he’s using us.
Cooper: You think Rakitin’s feeding active intel to N-13.
Friedenberg: I do.
Cooper: I think I’m the only man on this hill who may believe your ghost story about a Russian spy.
Friedenberg: Go on.
Cooper: We’ve recently intercepted a thumb drive containing sensitive intel we believe was obtained by Rakitin. I suspect he intended to deliver that drive to N-13.
Friedenberg: Why do you say that? Did anything on the drive identify N-13?
Cooper: All I can say is our source believes it was intended for someone on our Most Wanted List.
Friedenberg: Well, whoever your source is, he or she is way off base. I’m telling you– N-13 is buried deep within the U.S. government. That said, I strongly encourage you to follow up on it. Based on what I know of Rakitin, he and N-13 pose an imminent threat to national security.

[ Alban Veseli’s bunk room at the youth hostel ]
Red: I must admit I’m surprised you took this contract, Alban. I’d never pretend to call us friends, but we are professional associates.
Alban Veseli: It’s a job.
Red: Unbridled resentment. Is that what this is all about? You somehow blame me for you going to prison.
Veseli: You are why I went to prison.
Red: No. You went to prison because you were caught doing a job I hired you to do. Don’t blame me for your failed cut-and-run.
Veseli: I’ve been in that box for seven years.
Red: And now you’re out. Because of Elizabeth Keen. That is why you’re aligned with her, isn’t it? You bear me resentment for your failure, and now you both want me dead?
Veseli: [ To Dembe ] What’s he so worked up about?
Red: Talk to me about Agent Keen. Tell me where I can find her.
Veseli: No idea.
[ Dembe has found something ]
Dembe: Raymond.
[ Dembe hands a file of papers to Red ]
Red: You just flew in from Paris. What were you doing there? Taking a tour of the Temple de I’Amour? Strolling along the Canal Saint-Martin?
Veseli: What do you think? I was setting up the job.
Red: I have no plans to be in France.
Veseli: So?
Red: So how were you going to carry out your contract? [ To Dembe ] What’s wrong with him? [ To Veseli ] How were you going to kill me?
Veseli: [ Laughs ] The contract’s not on you.
Red: Who were you hired to kill?

[ Paris, France ]
[ Ressler and Park talk to two Parisian Police Officers outside an apartment building ]
Ressler: Madeline Toussaint. At least that’s the name she’s using right now. This is the address she gave her current employer.
Female Officer: If she’s here, we’re gonna have to make the provisional arrest. You can file for extradition afterward.
Park: We’re just here for backup.
[ Knocking ] [ Door opens ] [ Conversing in French ]
Female Officer: [ In French ] Where is Madeleine Toussaint?
Personal Assistant: What’s going on?
Female Officer: We have an international warrant for her arrest.
Personal Assistant: Madeleine’s out of the country.
Female Officer: Who are you?
Personal Assistant: I’m her personal assistant. I can call her if you like.
Female Officer: Stand back. We’re coming inside.
[ The Female Officer pushes past the Personal Assistant, followed by the other French Officer. Ressler and Park follow, but stay back ]
Female Officer: How long have you worked for Miss Toussaint?
Personal Assistant: A couple of years?
Ressler: [ English ] Where is she?
Personal Assistant: [ French ] She’s visiting an aunt in Albania, but she’s flying back later today.
Female Officer: [ Translating ] She’s visiting an aunt in Albania. She’ll be back later today.
Personal Assistant: I have Madeleine’s number in my phone. I’ll call her right now and you can talk to her yourself.
[ The Personal Assistant goes over to a small desk, but instead of fetching her phone, she pulls a gun out of the desk ]
Ressler: Gun!
[ The Personal Assistant shoots 💥💥💥 both French Officers ]
[ Ressler and Park return fire 💥💥 ] [ The Personal Assistant falls dead ]
[ Park checks the Male Officer ]
Park: Hang on. We’ll get help.
[ Ressler checks the Female Officer ]
Ressler: She’s dead.

[ Red calls Cooper from the youth hostel ]
Red: You know how much I love I told you so, Harold, so I confirmed the fact straight from the source. Elizabeth sprung The Freelancer so she could engage his services.
Cooper: I refuse to believe that. Alban Veseli cloaks assassination in mass murder. I don’t care how far she’s slipped, Agent Keen would never use The Freelancer to kill you.
Red: You’re half-right. She didn’t hire him to kill me. She hired him to kill Chemical Mary.
Cooper: Mary Bremmer. Why?
Red: I’m not sure. I’m hoping a slightly more creative line of questioning will persuade him to reveal his plan. But one thing is clear – It’s already in motion.
Cooper: Ressler’s at Bremmer’s residence in Paris now. She’s apparently flying back from Albania today.
[ A cab pulls up to an airport in Albania. On the sidewalk a young girl pulling a rolling carry-on bag with a teddy bear perched on it walks with a woman along the sidewalk. The teddy bear falls off of the carry-on ]
Red: A transcontinental flight filled with innocent passengers?
Cooper: We’re contacting the airlines now.
[ Mary Bremmer gets out of the cab. She sees the teddy bear and calls to the woman and girl ]
Mary Bremmer: [ Speaking French ] Excuse me! Your teddy bear!
[ Mary Bremmer wipes off the teddy bear and hands it to the girl ]
Mary Bremmer: Are you flying to Paris today?
Young Girl: Yes, Madam.
Mary Bremmer: Me, too.
Young Girl: Merci!
[ Mary Bremmer turns around, grabs her own carry-on and heads toward the airport entrance ]
Red: Move swiftly, Harold. If Mary Bremmer boards that plane – I’ll bet you nickels to navy beans the only way it comes down is in pieces.

[ Paris, France ] [ Ressler drives with Park ]
Cooper: [ On phone from the Post Office ] We got a hit on one of Bremmer’s passports. She’s currently en route to France on Parisian Air.
Ressler: Okay. We’re 10 minutes from Charles de Gaulle. How long before she lands?
Cooper: About a half an hour, but we have to assume that plane won’t land. There are 162 passengers on board, including families. And he’ll kill everyone.
Park: Wait. I thought The Freelancer was going after Reddington.
Cooper: That’s what we all thought.
[ Aram is on a call with the airline ]
Aram: [ To Cooper ] Alright. The airline’s confirming that Bremmer’s on the boarded-passenger manifest.
Park: So Keen’s taking out a chemical arms trader – Air hugs for that – But she’s gonna waste a plane full of passengers in the process?
Cooper: Have the airport authority prepare for contingencies – Rescue units, medics. You know the routine.
Aram: [ On phone to airport tower ] Okay. Thank you. [ To Cooper ] Uh, I’ve got the tower.
Cooper: [ To Ressler and Park ] I’ve got air-traffic control on the line. Call me when you’re on site.
Ressler: Copy that.
[ Beep🔅] [ Call between Cooper and Ressler and Park ends ]

[ Cooper is heard over the speaker to Air Traffic Control at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris ]
Cooper: Hello. This is Harold Cooper. I’m the Assistant Director of the FBI calling from Washington, D.C.
Stephan Gervais: Stephan Gervais. ATC Supervisor. What’s going on?
Cooper: We have a credible threat that someone’s trying to bring down Parisian Air flight 2419.
Stephan Gervais: Really? How?
Cooper: Well, we don’t know that yet, Stephan. We need your help figuring it out.
Stephan Gervais: Parisian Air 2-4-1 niner. Are you currently experiencing any problems or equipment malfunctions?
Female Pilot: Negative, Tower. Everything is showing normal at this time.
Gervais: Anything unusual show up in your preflight checklist?
Pilot: Nothing. May I ask why?
Gervais: [ To Pilot ] Switch to discrete frequency 133.6.
Gervais: What do you want me to tell them? Should they be looking for a bomb?
Cooper: Suspect engages in terrorist activities disguised as accidents. It’s doubtful he’d use explosives.
[ Aram has photos of Veseli on the plane from earlier ]
Aram: [ To Cooper ] Okay, he was physically on that plane. Airport security has footage of him entering the cabin along with the cleaning crew.
Pilot: Tower, is there anything we should be worried about up here? We’ve just begun our descent.
Gervais: Stand by. One moment. [ To Cooper ] They just started their descent.
Aram: [ To Cooper ] The instrument panel.
Cooper: What about it?
Aram: Seven years ago, Veseli derailed a passenger trail by making it hit a curve too fast.
[ Flashback: ]
[ Passenger train horn blares 🔊 ] [ The train comes speeding down the track. Going too fast to make a turn, it flips on it’s side and ⚡️⚡️screeches⚡️⚡️sparks flying⚡️⚡️ … ]
Man: Clear! Clear out!
[ People near the tracks run to escape from the 🔥flaming train🔥 ]
Aram: He did that by rigging the two speed-data sources in the control cabin to show the train traveling at a slower speed than its actual rate.
Cooper: [ To Stephan Gervais ] Can your pilots check their controls for signs of tampering?
Stephan Gervais: Parisian Air 2-4-1 niner, it’s possible your flight controls have been physically compromised. Can you take a careful look around?
Pilot: Roger. Stand by, Tower.
[ The Pilot nods to the First Officer who gets up ] [ The young girl with the teddy bear is laughing ] [ The First Officer removes the cover of the instrument panel and sees the thumb drive that Alban Veseli had left there earlier ]
First Officer: There is a thumb drive here.
Pilot: We got something. Someone left a thumb drive inside the Data Loader.
Stephan Gervais: There’s a panel inside the cockpit for software and database updates. Someone left a thumb drive inside.
Aram: [ To Cooper ] Which could be corrupting their instruments or running its own scripts. — Oh, no.
Cooper: You said the plane’s making its approach. Are your tracking systems showing anything unusual?
Stephan Gervais: Our GPS system is based entirely on information transmitted to us from the aircraft. If that plane isn’t where it should be right now, we would not know it from down here.
Aram: [ To the Tower ] Okay, that data stick wasn’t left there by accident. It is a brute-force attack. Take it out! Take it out now!
Stephan Gervais: Parisian Air 2-4-1 niner. Remove the drive from the Data Loader. I repeat! Remove the drive!
Pilot: Copy, Tower. [ Speaks French to the First Officer ]
[ The First Officer pulls out the thumb drive ] [ *Click* ]
[ 🚨Alarm blaring🚨 ]
Computer (Automated voice): Warning. Warning.
[ Passengers screaming ] [ Cabin bell dinging 🔅🔅🔅 ]
Computer (Automated voice): Warning.
Pilot: Autopilot off! Flight directors off.
[ Engines whining ] [ Plane lurching ] [ Passengers screaming ] [ Oxygen masks fall ]
[ 🚨Alarm blaring🚨 ]
[ The First Officer rushes back to his seat ] [ Passengers put their masks on ]
Aram: What’s going on?
Stephan Gervais: [ To Aram ] They’re too low. [ To the cockpit ] Immediate right turn! Heading 2-3-zero! Traffic is directly in front of you!
Pilot: I have control!
[ Another plane approaches at the same altitude ] [ The Pilot makes a sharp right turn ]
[ The two planes narrowly avoid colliding ]
[ Engines winding down ]
[ 🚨Alarm blaring🚨 ] [ Blaring stops ]
Stephan Gervais: [ Sighs ]
Pilot: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m terribly sorry for that sudden shift in altitude. We obviously had an incident, but we are safe and on course and will be landing shortly.
[ Laughter and applause ]
Aram: What’s happening?! Uh, are– are they dying?
Stephan Gervais: No, sir. I believe those are cries of celebration.
Pilot: Tower. Parisian Air 2-4-1 niner. We are clear of the traffic and climbing to 8,000. We will be beginning our approach for landing.

[ Charles de Gaulle Airport ] [ Ressler and Park wait as the passengers from the flight disembark and file by. They do not spot Mary Bremmer ]
[ Woman on P.A. speaking French ]
[ Finally, the last person is the Pilot ]
Ressler: Excuse me. A passenger. Mary Bremmer?
Pilot: Oh, that’s it. That’s everyone.
Park: Are you sure?
Pilot: Feel free to take a look, but I checked the cabins personally. There’s no one left on the plane.

[ Cooper’s office. Red and Cooper sip Scotch ]
Cooper: Mary Bremmer was not ever on that plane. She made it to the airport, but she was abducted outside the terminal.
Red: What about the passenger manifest? You said it showed her on board.
Cooper: Shortly after Bremmer was taken, an unidentified woman entered the terminal with her passport and ticket, which was slipped into the purse of an unsuspecting passenger at the gate. The unidentified woman then left the terminal, and the passenger boarded the flight as Bremmer.
[ Katie Garfield’s ♪ “It’s a Long Way Down” plays ]
[ Cooper brings up the surveillance feed of the waiting area. There is a woman with long, wavy dark hair wearing a knit cap ]
Red: This “unidentified woman.” She look familiar to you?
Cooper: These are the best images we could pull, but, yes – we believe it’s Keen.
Red: So, Elizabeth conducted an operatic performance, getting an assassin out of prison, elaborately sabotaging a commercial airliner, only to snatch her target from the jaws of death at the last second?
Cooper: Perhaps she wanted the world to believe Bremmer died in that crash.
Red: [ Sighs ] To what end? I can’t fathom. It’s more likely Elizabeth wanted Bremmer to think she saved her life, which would put Bremmer in Elizabeth’s debt.
Cooper: Whatever they’re working on, we’re gonna make it as difficult as possible. Our people are combing through Bremmer’s flat in Paris and have ID’d a number of associates. Teams are en route as we speak.
[ Associates of Mary Bremmer are rounded up ] [ Indistinct shouting ]
Cooper: I still can’t get over the fact that Elizabeth was willing to let The Freelancer crash two planes.
[ More people are rounded up ] [ Indistinct shouting ]
Cooper: I was holding out hope for her. We all were. But now? It seems she’s past the point of no return.
[ The research lab where Mary Bremmer’s team developed the chemical weapons is raided ]
— FBI!
— Turn around! Give me your hands!

♪ And the flames keep rising ♪

Red: I’ll try to leave the moralizing to you, Harold.

♪ Ash and smoke choke the horizon ♪

Red: In the meantime, perhaps this will ease your pain.
[ Red gives Cooper a piece of paper ]
Red: Tell Donald to pay a visit to this address.
Cooper: What is this?
Red: Your team worked very hard to put The Freelancer behind bars the first time around. I think that’s probably the right place for him.

♪ Caught up in my old lies
It’s a long way down ♪

Red: Thank you for the Scotch.
[ Red leaves ]

♪ It’s a long way down
It’s a long way down ♪

[ Ressler and Park raid the address given to Cooper by Red ]
Guitarist: Whoa, whoa. Easy, brah. The man in the hat said the popo would be here.
[ Across from the Guitarist, tied and his mouth duck-taped, sits Alban Veseli (The Freelancer) ]

♪ It’s a long way down ♪

Park: Why does this feel like an empty victory?
Ressler: Because this guy has no idea what Keen’s up to with Chemical Mary.
[ Mary Bremmer is locked behind a guarded door, banging on it ]
Mary: Open this door right now! I want to see her! Where is she?! The woman! I want to talk to her! Do you hear me?! Ugh! Open this door right now! I want to see her!

[ The hotel service area ]
Rogelio: Angela is the one you were asking about. She’s the one who told me that Veseli was at the hostel.
Red: Angela, I can’t thank you enough. I just have one question. I need to know how you came by this valuable information.
Rogelio: [ Speaking Spanish ] It’s alright, Angela. You did nothing wrong.
Angela: It was – a woman.
[ Dembe hold up a photo of Liz ]
Dembe: This woman?
Angela: Ah. I, uh, asked her how she know that I was looking for him. She wouldn’t say.
Red: Gracias.
[ Angela leaves ]
Red: Oh, and your cousin Carlos. I’m told he’s somewhere under the Gulf of Mexico as we speak.
Rogelio: Muchas gracias, Raymond. If there’s anything I can do for you–
Red: You’ve done more than you know. And all to the good.
[ Rogelio leaves ]
Red: Well, that’s a load off.
Dembe: Elizabeth wanted you to find The Freelancer.
Red: Yeah.
Dembe: Knowing that when we did, we’d work with the FBI to stop him from crashing that plane. So she hires a lawyer to obtain Veseli’s freedom, pays Veseli to crash a plane, uses the threat of that crash to gain Chemical Mary’s trust, gives us intel to keep the plane from going down. Sounds like one of your plans.
Red: It does, doesn’t it? She may not be interested in crashing a plane, but she’s still in business with a war criminal. Tomorrow’s problem. Tonight, we savor the small victory. And we should tell Edward to fuel the jet. We need to pay our friend in Moscow a visit.
[ Keypad dialing ]

[ Cooper’s office ]
[ Footsteps approach ]
Aram: Uh, hi. Um, sir, uh, sorry to– It’s, uh, late, and, uh, you’re drinking – alone – Uh, which is– which is, fine. I mean, I can–
Cooper: What is it?
Aram: Good news on the passcode.
Cooper: You cracked it.
Aram: What? Oh, uh, no. Uh, that would be great news, like miraculously great. No. Uh, the good news is I figured out how to crack it. With this.
[ Aram holds up a flat metal device with a short cable ]
Aram: I don’t think Rakitin chose a steel flash drive to protect his software. If I’m right, there’s a capacitive scanner hidden in the flash drive. It is the best security platform in passwordless identification.
Cooper: So there’s no password.
Aram: It’s biometric. And that is where this comes in. Get the print, put it in, and – [ Whistles ] – open sesame. Or, um, you know, some less politically incorrect exclamation.
Cooper: So all I need is a fingerprint.
Aram: Yeah. And that is where the miracle comes in. Figuring out whose print to use.
Cooper: Thank you, Aram. Here’s hoping for a miracle.
[ Aram leaves. Cooper eyes the Scotch glass left on his desk by Red ]

[ Moscow, Russia ]
[ A waiter pours a shot of Vodka for Red’s liaison, Sikorsky ]
[ Red arrives ]
[ Conversing in Russian ]
Sikorsky: Raymond! Sit down. Warm up..
[ The waiter pours Vodka for Red ]
Red: Thank you.
[ A toast ]
Red: To health. [✨Clink✨]
Sikorsky: Thank you for coming. We have much to discuss.
[ Cooper picks up Red’s used Scotch glass with a plastic glove. There is a clear print on the glass ]
Sikorsky: I am told Rakitin is in play.
Red: My safe deposit box was compromised.
[ Cooper uses a piece of tape to lift the print from the glass ]
Sikorsky: The flash drive I entrusted you with?
Red: I’m still looking for it.
Sikorsky: No doubt we have Elizabeth Keen to thank for it going missing.
Red: My position in regard to her has not changed.
[ Cooper lays the tape with the print on the biometric reader Aram gave him ]
Sikorsky: I understand. She is untouchable. But you must understand – Harold Cooper is not.
[ Red’s print satisfies the security needed to open the files on the thumb drive. Russian language text scrolls across Cooper’s laptop screen ]
Cooper: Will miracles never cease?
Sikorsky: If he gains access to the Rakitin files, you’ll have to eliminate him.
Red: I understand.

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Episode Songs


♫ It’s a Long Way Down
By Katie Garfield

♪ It’s a long way down
It’s a long way down
It’s a long way down
It’s a long way down

♪ It’s a long way down to the bottom of the ocean
Try to catch my breath but the waves caught me open

♪ I’ve been runnin’ for a long time fallin’ to the dark side
Just tryin’ to do my own line caught up in my old lies

♪ It’s a long way down
It’s a long way down
It’s a long way down
It’s a long way down

♪ It’s a long way down and flames keep arisin’
Ash and smoke choke the horizon

♪ I’ve been runnin’ for a long time fallin’ to the dark side
Just tryin’ to do my own line caught up in my old lies

♪ It’s a long way down
It’s a long way down
It’s a long way down
It’s a long way down

[ Echoing: ]
♪ It’s a long way down
It’s a long way down
It’s a long way dow – ow – ow – wn
It’s a long way dow – ow – ow – wn

Lyrics and Credits: [ Unavailable as of 2/21/2021
YouTube: https://youtu.be/AzcM09lLf1Q%5D

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🔴 Script 8:8 Ogden Greeley (№ 40)

Program air date: 2/26/2021 in the US
Script Permalink: https://wp.me/pDKwi-aS7
Entertainment Weekly Recap: http://bit.ly/3aZfmAt

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Michael Caracciolo
Written by: Lukas Reiter



Brief (Where we’re at): Red has been told by his Russian liaison Sikorsky that if Harold Cooper gains access to the Rakitin files, he must be “eliminated.” The problem is that Cooper has already gained access to the files. Liz (who has remained out of sight) delivered the files (which are on a thumb drive) to Cooper after she had them stolen from Red’s safe deposit box by The Fribourg Confidence (Blacklister #140) and it was only a matter of time before Aram figured out that the security on the files was biometric. All that was needed was a fingerprint.

Cooper already knew from Aram (with help from an NSA buddy) that the source of the files was a hacker named Rakitin, so Cooper dropped in on the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, US Representative Russell Friedenberg. Friedenberg thought that Rakitin was passing the government secrets he stole to the legendary Russian asset known as N-13. N-13 was long thought to be Liz’s mother, Katarina Rostova, but Katarina was not N-13, though she was hunted because of it. Katarina tortured her father, Dominic Wilkinson, to give up the fact that N-13 is Red, after which Dom died from the stress, though not before he told Red. So to keep from the world the fact that he is N-13, Red killed Katarina, an execution Liz accidentally witnessed. But Katarina had the wherewithal to record her final discussion with Red in a message to Liz’s cellphone, which Liz later shared with Cooper. On the recording Katarina accused Red of being N-13.

So, after sharing Scotch with Red, Cooper lifted Red’s fingerprint from Red’s Scotch glass and, using the fingerprint reader Aram had just given him, Cooper fed Red’s print into the reader — and behold! — the print opened the “Rakitin files.” So, Cooper has a target on his back and Red has an assignment to carry out. How Sikorsky knew there was even a chance Cooper would have come by the files is an open question, as is how Liz knew where the thumb drive with the files was locked away is another. (It was made clear Red has many safe deposit boxes).

Meanwhile, Liz has been recruiting Blacklisters left and right. First, she used a high-priced lawyer to spring an early Blacklister, Alban Veseli (The Freelancer, Blacklister #145) from prison. Veseli’s modus operandi is to disguise targeted murders in mass casualty “accidents.” Liz assigned Veseli to arrange the crash of a large passenger airliner to kill a woman who develops and sells chemical weapons, Mary Bremmer aka Chemical Mary (Blacklister #143). Dembe learned of the target when he followed up on the last person Liz hired, a Bosnian bounty hunter. The task force and Paris Air Traffic Control were able to avert the crash. The only problem is Mary Bremmer never got on the plane – because Liz kidnapped her before she could board.

Red speculated Liz wants to use Chemical Mary’s services and wanted to gain her trust. But Liz also made sure the Task Force found out about the details of the plan to crash the plane, by feeding Veseli’s location to a hotel maid on Red’s radar. But, if the plane never crashed, why should Chemical Mary feel any obligation to Liz now? Apart from the fact that Liz has Mary locked up and desperate to see her, Mary is also now “without portfolio”: Because the FBI became involved, Mary’s entire operation was raided, her equipment and product seized, her staff arrested and her network dismantled. She is entirely at Liz’s mercy.

P.S. Oh, and Red mentioned in a private off-hand remark to Dembe that he is not Liz’s father. So there’s that.


⭕ Script 8:8 Ogden Greeley (№ 40)

[ US Navy Second Fleet Maritime Operations Center, Keflavik, Iceland ]
[ Mozart’s ♪ “Ave Verum Corpus” plays ]
[ Captain Andrew Ridge is listening to Mozart over noise-cancelling earphones ]

♪ Ave Ave Verum corpus Natum ♪

[ Lieutenant Cobb approaches him and speaks excitedly, but Captain Ridge can’t hear him ]
[ Captain Ridge takes off the earphones ] [ Music stops ]
Captain Ridge: Lieutenant. Take a breath and start over.
Lieutenant Cobb: You need to see this, Captain.

[ The two naval officers enter a large room with computer screens being monitored by a dozen or so people ]
Lieutenant Cobb: One of our radar satellites picked it up. It’s a ship. A large one. Over 1,000 feet.
Captain Ridge: Is it transmitting?
Lieutenant Cobb: Negative. Its transponder seems to be off. It won’t respond to any of our contact requests.
Lieutenant Owens: Could be a Kuznetsov.
Captain Ridge: That close to shore? Undetected? Aircraft carriers don’t just appear out of nowhere.
[ Beep🔅]
Lieutenant Cobb: Whoa.
Captain Ridge: And they sure as hell don’t disappear into thin air.
Petty Naval Officer Quinn: I’ve got another one. Same size. Bearing 183 degrees. Traveling 22 knots. No active transponder. 26 miles east of the last one.
Lieutenant Cobb: Has to be a technical issue, right?
Captain Ridge: Well, we’re not taking any chances. Scramble a Hornet. I want a pilot to tell me what he sees.
[ 🚨 Alarm sounding 🚨 ]
Lieutenant Cobb: Captain, radar satellites are picking up an incoming projectile mid-flight. Looks like a cruise missile inbound.
Petty Naval Officer Quinn: Our missile warning satellites didn’t pick up the launch. We can try to confirm with ground-based radar if there’s time.
Captain Ridge: How fast is it traveling?
Lieutenant Cobb: Bearing 1-7-9 degrees at Mach 5.5.
Captain Ridge: Get STRATCOM on the line now. And call Space Command, see what they know.
Lieutenant Cobb: Calculating. At that distance, we have 52 seconds to impact.
Petty Naval Officer Quinn: STRATCOM on line five, Captain!
[ Captain Ridge picks up ]
Captain Ridge: This is Captain Ridge. We got warning of an inbound missile but no indication of launch. You guys seeing anything?
Man at STRATCOM: No. That’s a negative, sir.
Captain Ridge: Stand by.
Lieutenant Cobb: 19 seconds to impact!
Lieutenant Owens: Space Command reports all systems nominal, sir. No solar flares or weather events.
Captain Ridge: Close the blast doors! Everybody take cover! Blast positions!
[ People scramble, duck under desks; one grabs a family photo ]
Lieutenant Cobb: 10 seconds! Nine, eight, seven–
[ Blast doors slam shut ]
Lieutenant Cobb: –six, five, four, three, two, one. [ … ]
[ There is no explosion ] [ Alarm stops ]
[ Indistinct conversations start up ]
Lieutenant Cobb: [ Exhales deeply ]

[ A room with a radar display ] [ Keyboard clacking ] [ Radar pinging ]
[ Ogden Greeley turns around to face a video camera ]
Ogden Greeley: Ladies and gentlemen, this concludes our demonstration. The bidding will be open for 36 hours, beginning – now.

[ Cooper meets with Allan Tuppert, Legislative Director to Virginia Governor Nance ]
Cooper: I have to say, I was surprised by your call. I’ve never met Governor Nance. I didn’t realize he knew anything about me.
Allan Tuppert: Only a handful of people know what I’m about to tell you, so whatever happens here, we’re assuming your discretion. After 41 years of public service, Senator Warwick has decided to retire.
Cooper: I’m sorry to hear that, but I’m still not sure how that connects to the Governor’s Legislative Director asking me to breakfast.
Tuppert: Once Senator Warwick steps down, the Governor will have the authority to appoint his replacement. Your name came up.
Cooper: Me?
Tuppert: You’ve had a distinguished military career, followed by a long and, from what I hear, exemplary run at the Bureau.
Cooper: You’re serious? The Governor’s actually considering this?
Tuppert: He’s a good man, Harold. He’s looking for the right person. Whatever good you’re doing at the Bureau, think about how much more you could accomplish in the Senate. Real change on a national level. You earned this opportunity. The people of Virginia need you.
Cooper: And what do you need?
Tuppert: Permission. To consider you for the position. But I need to know you’ll say yes if we go in your direction.
[ Cooper’s cellphone✨ringing. It’s a call from Nick’s Pizza (Red) ]

[ In the kitchen of his restaurant that Red recently has been using as an office, Red pours coffee for Cooper ]
Red: Senator? I wasn’t aware you had political ambitions.
Cooper: I don’t, but apparently, the Governor thinks I should.
Red: Well, what does Charlene think?
Cooper: I haven’t told her yet.
Red: You’re telling me before telling your wife? Harold, please tell me there’s no trouble in paradise.
Cooper: No. I value your opinion. And I already know what she thinks – The Governor’s got an ulterior motive.
Red: I’ve always said you married up.
Cooper: So he’s interested in me for more than my undeniable charm. I’m Black. I’m law enforcement. I check some boxes. Is that so bad?
Red: Not those boxes, no. But I’m in another one of your boxes, Harold, and if the Governor knows that, he may be under the false impression that you are prone to moral ambiguity.
Cooper: Because I work with you.
Red: Mm. Because you put up with me. Who I am, what I do. Because at times, you– look the other way.
Cooper: I choose the greater good.
Red: Which I see as admirable – and the Governor may see as situational. Clamato, Clamahto. Tornado, typhoon. Let’s talk about why I called. What do you know about the National Reconnaissance Office?
Cooper: I know it took over 30 years for the government to admit it exists.
Red: Mr. Ogden Greeley works with them as a defense contractor. Or he did. Five days ago, he went missing. Greeley has SAP-level clearance. Everything there is to know about this country’s satellite technology, he knows it. The CIA assumed he was abducted, possibly by the Iranians or the Russians.
Cooper: That would be an act of war.
Red: If it had actually happened. The truth, I’m afraid, is even more disturbing. Associates of mine in the Middle East forwarded me a communiqué, one that I’m sure the people in your intelligence community will hear about in short order if they haven’t already.
[ Red turns his laptop around so Cooper can see the screen ] [ Key clicks ]

[ Video recording: ]
Ogden Greeley: I am a patriot. I have tried and failed to convince those charged with keeping America safe to act responsibly. As a result, I have come to believe that the only way to address our security issues is to exploit them – to show the bureaucrats through military defeat the flaws they are too blind to see on paper. I have decided to sell my knowledge of the vulnerabilities present in our satellite systems to the highest bidder.

Cooper: Greeley said he’s taking bids. Who from?
Red: Well, there’s the rub.

[ The Post Office war room ]
Ressler: North Korea, Russia, and Iran?
Cooper: Those are the countries Reddington knows about. We have to assume there are others, as well as any number of individual bad actors.
Agent Park: The National Reconnaissance Office. I’ve never heard of them.
Cooper: For good reason. They design, build, launch, and maintain all of America’s spy satellites. They’re the backbone of U.S. national security. Radar, radio, military cell transmissions, the intel every Pentagon general and soldier in the field depends on to defend this country.
Ressler: Yeah, but Greeley’s former NSA. He’s got a wife and kids in Bethesda. Lifers like him don’t usually just wake up and decide to betray their country.
Cooper: Find the wife. See what she knows. Agent Mojtabai and I will reach out to the NRO and CIA, warn them about what’s coming.
Ressler: How much time do we have?
Cooper: Reddington says bidding ends in 13 hours.

[ Baltimore MD ] [ Ogden Greeley’s wife, Alice, lets Ressler and Park in ]
Alice Greeley: Sorry. It’s a bit of a war zone in here today.
Park: No problem, Mrs. Greeley. We’re sorry to take more of your time.
Alice Greeley: Agents from the Bureau were here and some other people from the NRO.
Ressler: Yes, we know. We’re with a specialized task force.
Alice Greeley: Look, I want to help, but like I said, Ogden didn’t talk about his work. Whoever has him, the Russians or – If he tells them what they want to know, there’s no reason to hurt him, right?
[ Ogden Greeley walks along a corridor ]
Alice Greeley: They’ll let him go?
Ressler: We believe it’s possible that he wasn’t taken, that he chose to disappear and that he’s selling classified intelligence.
Alice Greeley: Ogden? That’s not possible. W-Why do you believe that?
Ressler: Did you see anything or hear anything that might help us? Can you think of anywhere he might be hiding?
[ Greeley knocks on a door ]
Alice Greeley: He’s not hiding. If he’s not here, it’s because he can’t be. Ogden is a good man.
Park: I know it’s hard to imagine he would betray his country–
Alice Greeley: Not just his country. His family. No. Ogden loves us. I know my husband. He’s a good man.
[ An attractive woman opens the door ]
Woman: Is it done?
Ogden Greeley: Mm-hmm.
[ He steps inside. They kiss ] [ Door closes ]

[ Beverly Glenn-Copeland’s ♪ “Sunset Village” plays (as instrumental) ]
[ Red sits on a bench in Central Park in New York City. He is leaning back, his eyes closed. Anne, whom he has met before, is seated on an adjacent bench ]
Anne: You’re back.
Red: Oh! [ Chuckles ] The Cape May Warbler. Anna, right?
Anne: Anne.
Red: Anne.
Anne: Meeting your friends again?
Red: Escaping friends, actually. And work. Escaping it all for today.
Anne: You picked the right place for that.
[ Red notices Anne is sketching ]
Red: Oh, you’re an artist.
Anne: Heavens no. I’m not fast enough to finish most. Sometimes I just draw the nests. I like their nests. Funny how they go to all that work, building a home, raising a brood – and then leave it. It’s kind of sad. But they’re fun to sketch.
Red: May I?
Anne: Mm.
[ Anne gives him the sketch book ]
Red: Oh, I like these an awful lot.
Anne What is your name again?
Red: Raymond. Who’s this little fella?
Anne: Fox sparrow. Becoming quite rare in this part of the country. Lives just up the way here.
Red: Where?
Anne: I could show you.
[ Anne and Red walk together ]
Red: How long were the two of you married?
Anne: Almost 25 years. Cal died of lung cancer a month before our anniversary. Big smoker. Some people like to live dangerously.
Red: Yes. Some do.
Anne: What do you do?
Red: I’m a fugitive. Number one on the FBI’s Most Wanted List.
Anne: [ Chuckles ] One, huh? I would’ve gone with fourth.
[ Both chuckle ]
Anne: Now you’re not just a stranger– You’re a stranger with delusions of grandeur.
Red: [ Chuckles ] Do you live near the park?
Anne: I live in Kansas. Little town north of Wichita.
Red: Wichita. Famous for their linemen.
Anne: Mm.
Red: So, what brings you to New York City, Anne? Surely not just the birds.
Anne: [ Chuckles ] Show-tune trip. Cal and I were real big theater folks. Anyway, after he passed, I promised myself I’d go see some real theater – On Broadway. So, I clip my coupons, save up all year, get myself a little place at the Sheraton, and see as many shows as I can in a week.
Red: What a delightful idea.
Anne: Seeing “Dear Evan Hansen” tonight. Last show of the trip.
[ They’ve paused ]
Red: Is this it? The residence of our – fox sparrow?
[ She gets out her binoculars ]
Anne: It’s where he was last time.
Red: I wonder what it is about bird-watching. I find it so – calming. An escape from all the rest of it, I suppose.
Anne: I’d imagine a man with your profession must be quite good at escaping. Raymond, may I ask you a personal question?
Red: Anything.
[ She opens a bag she is carrying ] [ Paper rustling ]
Anne: Would you be interested – in half a chicken salad sandwich?
Red: I think I would.
[ Both chuckle ]
[ Anne’s cellphone chimes ✨]
Anne: Oh. That’s my Uber.
Red: Oh. Ah. It was so nice to see you again, Anne. I hope you enjoy the show tonight.
Anne: Oh, I will. I’m just sorry we couldn’t find that fox sparrow.
Red: Well, I’ll be back in a month. Maybe I can find him then.
Anne: Wait. You don’t live here?
Red: Sometimes. Seems like I’m always on the move.
Anne: Well, aren’t I the heel? I realize I know nothing about you. I’ve been doing all the talking.
Red: I think it’s been just divine.
[ Red’s cellphone✨ringing ]
Red: Oh! Ah. I have to take this. I’m sorry.
[ Anne nods, smiles and leaves ]
[ Cellphone beeps 🔅]
Red: Did you speak with Marvin?
Dembe: Yes. We can cover the retainer.
Red: Talk to Zurich. I want to fund the balance without compromising any liquidity.
Dembe: You said you needed one hour. It’s been three.
Red: Has it? Oh, my goodness. I feel like a different person.
Dembe: You’re unguarded, Raymond. It’s not safe.
Red: A moment’s peace and an afternoon of freedom are rewards that far outweigh the risk. Just call Zurich and don’t worry about me. I’m fine.
[ Beep🔅]
[ Anne reappears ]
Anne: I canceled it. Curtain time isn’t till 8:00, and I can get a cab anytime.
Red: What do you have in mind?
Anne: You. Helping me. Finding a souvenir for my sister.
Red: I know an extraordinary tiny, tiny– “barely enough room for the both of us” chocolate shop about – seven or eight blocks from here.
Anne: Ooh.

[ Door opens ] [ Ressler and Park enter ]
James Halloran: Agents Park and Ressler. Come in, please. Jim Halloran, Director of the NRO. This is Paul Thorn from the DNI’s office.
Ressler: Thanks for agreeing to meet.
Paul Thorn: We’ve seen the recording Assistant Director Cooper sent over.
Park: And you believe Greeley actually has the intel he’s trying to sell?
Halloran: No question. Greeley didn’t just work on our satellites. He helped design the software. Wrote much of the code himself.
Thorn: This country’s national defense is entirely dependent on satellite technology. You realize what kind of threat we’re dealing with? If we fire a missile, it’s guided by satellites. When someone fires a missile at us, we detect it the same way. We use them to track every jet, ship, Humvee, and soldier we have.
Park: And Greeley can shut them down?
Halloran: It’s worse than that. He knows enough to damage the satellites irreparably.
Thorn: Greeley’s code is on dozens of our critical systems. What if he designed a back door. Every asset he touched could be infiltrated.
Halloran: He could be handing our enemies command and control. All our data would be sent to them. Our drones could be landed at their airfields.
Thorn: If they’re smart, they’ll make us think we have accurate intel when we don’t.
Ressler: Drones and aircraft can’t be very effective if they’re seeing enemy targets that don’t exist.
Park: Or not seeing enemy targets that do.
Halloran: If an enemy of the United States buys that intel and uses it, we’re looking at a war we can’t win.

[ The Post Office. Ressler walks over to Aram and Park ]
Aram: I found him! We asked allied intelligence agencies for intel on Greeley, and they sent us this.
Park: Five months ago, in a Berlin hotel.
Ressler: What was he doing there?
Aram: Uh, whatever it was, it, um– wasn’t with his wife.
[ Keyboard clacking ]
Ressler: So much for the devoted family man. Who’s she?
Aram: The BND doesn’t know. But I’m running it through the NSA databases now.
Park: We’re gonna need to move on this as soon as we get an ID. Is Mr. Cooper coming down?
Ressler: Actually, he went out. Said he had some personal business.
Park: Personal business? When we’re trying to stop a war in space?
Aram: That’s a little melodramatic.
Park: What would you say this is?
Aram: An attempt to gain control of our space-based communications, which could cripple our defense network, rendering us powerless in a war against any number of adversaries. Yeah. So, like I said– How could he leave us at a time like this?

[ Cooper and his wife Charlene are riding in the back of an SUV ]
Charlene Cooper: “Senator Cooper.” I like the sound of that.
Cooper: I was hoping you’d think it sounded ridiculous.
Charlene: Why, honey? I can’t think of a better man for the job.
Cooper: Well, there are. Which makes me wonder why they want me. There has to be a reason.
Charlene: I can think of at least three reasons – You’re decent, honest, caring.
Cooper: [ Chuckles ] Reddington says it’s because I’m morally flexible – that I can be counted on to look the other way.
Charlene: Raymond Reddington is a bad person and a worse judge of character. Just makes me want to bust, a man like that judging a man like you. Oh!
Cooper: Hey. How about you don’t bust and we focus on what we’re gonna say to the Governor?
Charlene: Yeah. Ooh! “Governor Cooper.” I like the sound of that, too. [ Chuckles ] Almost as much as “President Cooper.” Now, I love the sound of that.
[ Both laugh ] [ They hug ]
Charlene: Mwah.

[ A private dining room ] [ Alan Tuppert makes introductions ]
Tuppert: Senator, may I introduce Assistant Director Cooper and his wife, Charlene.
Senator Brian Warwick: My pleasure to meet you both.
Charlene: You made a wise choice.
Cooper: She’s as biased as she is blunt.
Senator Warwick: Well, as she should be. But you’re not here to lobby. I’m already a fan. Please. Sit, sit, sit.
Charlene: Thank you.
[ Cooper pushes in Charlene’s chair for her ]
Charlene: Thank you, dear.
Cooper: I’m sorry to start this way, but I’m working a case. If it breaks, I’ll have to step away.
Senator Warwick: Sounds serious.
Cooper: It is. Unfortunately, I can’t discuss any of the details.
Senator Warwick: How marvelous. You’re one of the few people whose access to classified intel may be less when you become a senator.
Charlene: We were surprised to hear that you were stepping down.
Senator Warwick: Well, don’t tell anyone, but I’m 68, and I think it’s time to make way for fresh blood, new ideas. But let’s talk about you.
Cooper: Well, that’s my favorite subject, Senator.
[ Laughter ]

[ The small chocolate shop Red had mentioned to Anne. They are enjoying a box of chocolates and a bottle of wine ]
Red: It’s so counterintuitive– I never would have considered a lack of–
[ Anne takes the check from the waitress ]
Red: Oh, no, no, no, no! Uh–
Anne: Please, please. I insist.
Red: If I’d known you were paying, I would have picked a much more expensive bottle.
Anne: Mm. Well, I loved it. What’s it called again?
Red: I don’t know. Some French red – that’s just old enough to go perfectly with chocolate.
Anne: Mm.
Red: I think we’ve successfully polished off all the champagne truffles.
Anne: Did you try the lavender ones?
Red: I did. I must say, I found the lavender to be a little– too much lavender.
[ Both laugh ] Right?
Anne: It was.
Red: There’s not much left here. You’re definitely gonna need to get something else for your sister. Maybe an “I Heart New York” T-shirt. Or a Statue of Liberty. Or an Eiffel Tower. They also sell those here.
[ Laughs ]
Anne: So, tell me more about your work. You said you were in the Navy?
Red: That was a lifetime ago. Now I have my own – business.
Anne: What do you do?
Red: I consult. Data profiling. Operational guidance. Client relocation. Financial services.
Anne: That sounds mysterious. [ Chuckles ] Who do you consult for?
Red: All sorts. Past few years, I’ve had a – government contract.
Anne: Threat assessment for the government. That sounds like more fun than Cottonwood Falls.
Red: I don’t know, Anne. I think your life sounds rather – balanced.
Anne: Thank you. I like to think it is.
Red: Do you like Alfred Hitchcock? “Rear Window”? “Strangers on a Train”?
Anne: I saw “The Birds.” I didn’t like it.
Red: Well, you’re a bird-watcher. Of course you didn’t like a movie about gangs of murderous birds. What about “North by Northwest”? It’s playing at the Village East tomorrow, midnight screening.
Anne: I fly out tomorrow morning.
Red: Change your flight.
[ Dembe has appeared ]
Anne: Is that someone you know?
Red: Yes. He’s a colleague. Work always seems to find me. I’m terribly sorry, Anne. This has been the most wonderful afternoon. But I need to go. And you have a curtain time to make.
Anne: Hm, yes.
Red: May we offer you a ride back to the Sheraton?
Anne: Oh, no, no, no. I think I’m gonna walk.
Red: But promise me one thing – That you’ll at least consider changing your flight. If you do, you’ll find me waiting for you under the marquee at the Village East tomorrow at midnight with two tickets for “North by Northwest.”
Anne: I will certainly think about that.
Red: Well, it’s a sincere offer. Hitch and I will be tickled pink if you decide to join us.
Anne: Thank you for the delicious wine and chocolates.
Red: Oh, my pleasure. I’ll get our coats.
[ Red walks over to Dembe ]
Red: Did you speak with Zurich?
Dembe: The assets are available.
Red: Then let’s make a deal.
[ To the coat check ]
Red: Thank you.

Senator Warwick: Task Force has done yeoman’s work. Now, you are to be commended.
Charlene: Appointing him senator is commendation enough.
Cooper: If I am sworn in, I’m gonna need an incredible amount of guidance.
Senator Warwick: I’ll do whatever I can to help you. I’m sure you feel the same way.
Cooper: Of course.
Senator Warwick: That’s good to know, because within two weeks of your being sworn in, you’re gonna have to vote on the Black Budget. That’s appropriations for everything from the CIA to the NSA.
Cooper: The National Reconnaissance Office?
Senator Warwick: These agencies are vital to our national security. What they do – I’m not sure that even you are classified to know about.
Cooper: I know enough to know their value.
Senator Warwick: When we vote on the Black Budget, we just vote on a total number. We don’t get to see the line items, we don’t know where the money goes, we don’t know what programs it pays for. We’re given a total number. We are told to vote yea or nay. The number this year is $80 billion. So I’m asking for your promise that you will vote yea.
Cooper: Well, I’m sure I will. I-I haven’t given it–
Senator Warwick: Selecting my replacement is up to the Governor, but he’s agreed not to pick anybody over my objection.
[ Cooper’s cellphone✨ringing ]
Cooper: I’m so sorry.
Senator Warwick: No. Go. Give me time to get to know your lovely wife better. [ Chuckles ]
[ Cooper steps aside to take the call ]
Cooper: Tell me.
Ressler: [ On phone ] We picked up security footage of Greeley canoodling with a Russian spy named Nina Kurylenko.
Cooper: Does the Russia desk have anything?
Ressler: They have Kurylenko landing in London a few hours ago.
Cooper: I want you and Agent Park there ASAP. How are we on time?
Ressler: Bidding closes in seven hours.
Cooper: Go. See if Kurylenko knows anything.
[ Cooper returns to the group ]
Cooper: I’m afraid I have to go.
Senator Warwick: No problem. As long as Charlene stays. Promised myself a two-martini lunch. I’m only halfway toward my goal.
Cooper: [ Chuckles ] [ To Charlene ] I’ll call you later.
Charlene: Alright, baby. Thank you.
Senator Warwick: Harold, about what I asked for – I hope you’ll agree to it. I do so want this to work.
[ Cooper leaves ]

[ Cooper’s office. Aram enters ]
Aram: Sir, uh, here’s what you asked for.
[ Aram hands Cooper a manila envelope ]
Cooper: That’s it? Just the total amount? No itemized allocations?
Aram: Well, it’s, uh, called a Black Budget for a reason, sir.
Cooper: Thank you, Aram.
Aram: Yeah, I know the NRO gets its funding this way. Is, uh, is this about Greeley?
Cooper: Close the door on your way out.
Aram: Okay.
[ Door closes ]
[ Cooper makes a call ]
Cooper: I need you to do me a favor.
[ Red is in his plane ]
Red: Shedding light on the Black Budget? That’ll be fun. Send Dembe what you have. I’ll give it a read and make some calls.
[ Call ends ]
Dembe: As I was saying–
Red: You weren’t saying. You were raining all over my parade.
Dembe: I understand what she means to you – What she represents – But you walked away from an ordinary life a long time ago.
Red: Dembe, it’s a movie.
Dembe: She doesn’t know who you are. She’ll get hurt, Raymond. You don’t want that.
Red: The only person who’s going to get hurt by our going to see “North by Northwest” is Martin Landau when he falls off Mount Rushmore. ⋘⋙ Now, this damn deal. Let’s review the finer points.

[ London, England ]
[ Dance music playing ] [ Ressler and Park are watching a woman seated at a bar ]
Cooper: You’re sure it’s Kurylenko?
Ressler: Sure as we can be.
Park: I don’t want to get too close, but I’m telling you – It’s her.
Aram: [ To Cooper ] Sir, uh, we’re already out of time. The bidding closed an hour ago.
Cooper: Move now. If it’s her, get her back to the safe house as quickly as possible. [ Beep🔅]
[ Deed Plus Thoughts’ ♫ “The World’s Made Up of This and That” plays ]
Bartender: [ To Nina Kurylenko ] Don’t look now, but the woman who’s been watching you, she’s headed our way now.
Ressler: Hey, Park, you got a visual?
Park: Can’t see. Give me a minute. ⋘⋙ She’s on the move.
[ Suspenseful music plays ]
[ Park follows but loses sight of Kurylenko. She enters a rest room. She kicks open a toilet stall, but it’s empty. She returns to the hallways and catches sight of Kurylenko, who takes off running. She runs through a kitchen preparation area, pushing down trays ]
Park: Ressler! She’s running! Headed south toward the alley.
[ Kurylenko seems to have escaped Park when Ressler steps into her path with gun drawn ]
Ressler: Nina Kurylenko. Nice to meet you.

[ Ressler and Park interrogate Kurylenko ]
Nina Kurylenko: [ British accent ] I have no idea what you’re talking about. My name is Marjorie Ellis. I’m a British national.
Ressler: You’re from England.
Kurylenko: And you’re from America. You have no jurisdiction here.
Park: We know about you and Greeley. The hook-ups in Berlin.
Ressler: That you’re FSB. You turned him. Convinced him to steal classified intel. So, do us all a favor, drop the act.
[ Kurylenko folds her arms ]
Kurylenko: [ Russian accent ] I have nothing to say.
Ressler: We’re not the people you stiff, Nina. We’re the people you talk to. Because if you don’t, we’ll just hand you over to the CIA. They’ll drop you into a hole that doesn’t exist.
Telling us what you know is the only thing that stands between you and a deep, dark hole.
Kurylenko: I’m supposed to believe you want to help me?
Ressler: I don’t want to help you. But I will if it gets us to Greeley before he sells that intel. Now, if you help us stop him in time, I’ll personally escort you to the Russian embassy. You have my word.
Park: To hell with that. We’re not releasing her.
Ressler: She’s not our priority.
Park: She’s an enemy operative. You don’t get to decide when to apply the law and when to ignore it!
Ressler: Greeley’s about to compromise national security. It’s worth letting her go to protect that.
Park: You clearly think so. I doubt Main Justice will agree.
[ Park leaves ]
Ressler: [ To Kurylenko ] In about 10 minutes, the CIA is gonna come through that door. You tell me where he is, I’ll handle it.
Kurylenko: Why should I trust you?
Ressler: You were assigned to Greeley. To convince him to betray his country. Talk to me, Nina.
You don’t have much time. The intel he stole – has he sold it to you, to Russia?
Kurylenko: He told me what it was so I could assist my government in making a competitive bid. But whether they bid the most or not, you brought me here before I could find out.
Ressler: So, you don’t know who, but do you know when or where? To save yourself, you have to give up Greeley. I can’t help him, Nina, but I can help you. If you help me. The meeting to sell the intel. Where’s it gonna be?

[ Cooper is in his office with Aram talking to Ressler and Park in London ]
Cooper: Mongolia?
Ressler: [ On phone ] Meeting’s in four hours. Outside of Ulaanbaatar.
Cooper: Kurylenko – you believe her?
Ressler: I do.
Cooper: We have to get to Greeley before he enters the country.
Ressler: Too late. He’s already there.
Cooper: Who’s the buyer?
Ressler: Kurylenko doesn’t know, but Mongolia sits between Russia and China, so my money’s on one of them.
Park: The Mongolians aren’t gonna let us roll in and start making arrests.
Ressler: Even if they would, we can’t get there in time.
Aram: And if we tell the Mongolian government the truth, then we have to reveal that Greeley’s carrying classified intel. How do we know they won’t read it? Or copy it?
Park: So we can’t stop him ourselves and we can’t ask for help. We’re out of options.
Cooper: What about the Disposition Matrix?
Park: The what?
Ressler: It’s the official term for the federal Kill List.
Aram: Wait. So you’re– you’re saying we should assassinate him?
Cooper: We could scramble a drone from Kandahar. And there’s a difference between assassination and targeted killing by the military.
Aram: Well, whatever you call it, we’d still be executing an American citizen without due process.
Park: Due process takes time. If this is an act of war–
Aram: Is that what this is?
Park: Are we supposed to risk national security to stop and ask a court for permission?
Aram: Yes! We are!
Ressler: I haven’t seen the Kill List used in a case like this before. Are we sure it’s even possible?
Cooper: No. But we have a duty to present the facts to the NSC while there’s still time to act.
Aram: Sir. Ressler. Guys. Come on. You can’t be okay with this.
Ressler: Look, Aram, we’re out of options.
Cooper: [ To Aram ] Call the White House. Let them know I’m on the way.

[ A secure conference room at the White House ]
Cooper: Who’s in there?
Paul Thorn (DNI’s Office): President’s on the line from Air Force One. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. Principals from the National Security Council. That includes the Secretary of State and Defense by remote link.
Cooper: Is the President ordering a strike?
Paul Thorn:They’re discussing his authority.
Diane Hatch (Legal Counsel): Assistant Director Cooper. Thanks for your patience. We have a few questions.
Cooper: Of course.
Diane Hatch: As you know, all the targeted killings carried out in the last 20 years or so have been connected to the global War on Terror.
Cooper: Yes.
Diane Hatch: President’s authority derives from the 2001 Authorization to Use Military Force, passed after 9/11.
General Warren Ames (Chair Joint Chiefs of Staff): Our concern is that that authority doesn’t apply here. Greeley is not a known terrorist. He has no link to Al Qaeda or ISIS or any other terrorist organization?
Cooper: He appears to be acting as an individual for his own financial gain.
Diane Hatch: That complicates the matter.
General Ames: Under Article 2 of the Constitution, the President has the general power to defend this country from imminent attack.
Diane Hatch: The problem is, we don’t know how “imminent” the attack might be.
Cooper: That’s true. Greeley isn’t selling a weapon. He’s selling intelligence that may be used as a weapon.
Diane Hatch: And we’re not at war with any of the potential buyers.
Cooper: We haven’t declared war, but that doesn’t mean an enemy hasn’t declared war against us. If they’re buying our intelligence, we have to assume they intend to use it. Are we really supposed to wait until North Korea or Iran has attacked us with our own technology before we can defend ourselves?
Legal Counsel Diane Hatch: Greeley’s an American citizen. That means he has a Constitutional right to due process.
[ Ogden Greenley gets into a vehicle with metal briefcase ]
General Ames: That right’s not absolute. Sure, if he were in D.C., we’d arrest him, but he made that impossible. Our people can’t get there in time.
Secretary of state: [ On video ] The U.N. Charter requires us to notify the Mongolians before executing a strike on their soil.
General Ames: We didn’t notify the Pakistanis before we went after Bin Laden.
Hatch: We took the position that notification isn’t needed if the country involved is “unwilling and unable” to intervene.
Ames: We can’t notify the Mongolians, Diane. We can’t let anyone know that intel’s in play.
Secretary of State: We also have no extradition treaty.
Hatch: Mr. President. We have less than three hours, sir. If you intend to act, we need to know now.

[ The White House ]
Ressler: [ From London ] Where are you?
Cooper: Waiting outside the conference room. It’s almost time. The Reaper [an armed drone] should be in position soon–
[ Paul Thorn steps out of the conference room ]
Paul Thorn: Assistant Director Cooper? Screen’s up.

[ Live satellite video shows a car moving through a street near Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia ]
Paul Thorn: That’s Greeley’s car. He’s en route to the meeting point.
Cooper: How sure are we?
Paul Thorn: We have confirmation from cameras on the ground in Ulaanbaatar.
General Ames: Centcom Command, this is Ames, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. How long to the target?
Centcom Commander: Four mikes out. We have an RQ-180 conducting surveillance and an MQ-9 moving into position.
General Ames: Be advised, we will not go weapons free until we have a visual on the target and the buyer. If someone’s moving against us, I want to know who the hell it is.
Centcom Commander: Roger that.
[ Ogden Greeley walks into a courtyard between two buildings carrying the metal suitcase ]
Centcom Commander: Target appears to be arriving now.
General Ames: Command, how close can you get us?
Centcom Commander: Target confirmed.
Diane Hatch: What do we know about the surrounding buildings? We may have a collateral-damage issue.
Centcom Commander: Unknown. We’re working to identify the occupants as we speak.
Diane Hatch: Any strike needs to happen outside. We are not killing civilians or government workers.
General Ames: Stand by. Two unknown subjects moving toward Greeley.
Centcom Commander: Repositioning for visual.
[ A closer visual shows that the two “unknown subjects” are in fact Red and Dembe ]
[ Cooper stands up ]
Cooper: Oh, my God.
Diane Hatch: Is that–
Cooper: Raymond Reddington.
[ On the ground in Mongolia ]
Red: Mr. Greeley! Or Ogden. Do you prefer Ogden?
Centcom Command: Centcom Command, standing by. We’re in position, sir. Awaiting your orders.
[ Cooper speed-dials Dembe ] [ Line✨ringing ] [ The visual doesn’t show Dembe picking up ]
Cooper: You can’t do this.
General Ames: Say that again?
Cooper: Raymond Reddington is a-a criminal.
Ames: So?
Cooper: So the President’s decision to authorize this strike was clearly to protect against a rival power, an enemy nation-state intent on using our technology against us. Reddington doesn’t have an army. He can’t take a military action.
Ames: Maybe not, but he can sell it to a country that can.
[ On the ground in Mongolia ]
Ogden Greeley: I have to say, Mr. Reddington, I never imagined you could raise this kind of capital.
Red: [ Chuckles ] I’m rather surprised myself. Apparently, I have a phenomenally high criminal credit score.
[ Red looks around and skyward ]
Let’s not talk here. Why don’t we move inside?
Diane Hatch: There’s a strong argument that Reddington’s presence fundamentally alters our authorization to proceed.
Ames: So we do nothing? We just let our most sensitive intel fall into the hands of the world’s most wanted fugitive?!
Centcom Commander: [ Audio ] General Ames. Sir. They’re on the move. We need a decision, sir. They’re moving out of our sight line.
Ames: Damn it! Get the President on the line. Now!
Centcom Commander: We have no clear shot. We’ve lost visual.
Ames: Find them!
Centcom Commander: We have no assets on the ground, sir. There’s no way for us to track their movement.
Ames: [ To Cooper ] You just put every American in danger.
Cooper: We’ll find them, sir. You have my word. We’ll do everything in our power to bring them in.

[ Cooper’s office. Dembe enters with a thick manila envelope for Cooper ]
Dembe: The Black Budget. Here are the results you were looking for.
Cooper: I know Reddington acquired Greeley’s intel. I could have prevented that from happening, but it would have required killing you both.
Dembe: Are you wondering if you made the right decision?
Cooper: How does he do it? Find out about things that are– impossible to find out about?
Dembe: He is a resourceful man. [ Smiles ] You are a good one. Whatever’s in there, I hope it doesn’t prevent you from accepting the Governor’s offer. This country needs a man like you.

[ Cooper visits Senator Warwick ]
Alan Tuppert: Director. Or should I say Senator?
Cooper: [ To Tuppert ] Would you give us a moment?
Tuppert: Well, good news enjoys company.
Cooper: Then you should definitely go.
[ Tuppert leaves. Cooper gives Senator Warwick the manila envelope that contains the details of the Black Budget ]
Senator Warwick: What’s this?
Cooper: The reason you wanted my promise. And the reason I can’t give it.
Senator Warwick: If you can’t give it, you won’t be appointed.
Cooper: When no one can see how money gets spent, it can get spent anywhere, including a no-bid, $100-million contract to a company in which your son is a principal owner.
Senator Warwick: My son?
Cooper: This isn’t about him. This is about you, using public money for private gain.
Senator Warwick: Whatever you think you have here, you have because you broke the law. Earmarks in the Black Budget are classified.
Cooper: Is that a threat?
Senator Warwick: That’s advice. Friendly advice that we forget that we ever met – for your sake. I thought I had the right man for the job, but clearly – I was mistaken.

[ Red’s kitchen office. Cooper and Dembe are there. Red pours coffee ]
Red: Warwick is a piece of gum on the bottom of your shoe – and the Senate a wind tunnel of self-indulgence. What we do is far more important.
[ Red brings out the metal suitcase ]
Red: Here. The intel Greeley stole. Luckily, I turned out to be the highest bidder.
Cooper: If your plan was to buy it, why even give us the case?
Red: Oh, don’t sell yourself short, Harold. The Bureau, on occasion, can be somewhat helpful. In this case, as a re-sale market.
Cooper: You want to sell us our own intel?
Red: Yes. For $200 million. [ Slurps coffee ] 175. Friends and family discount.
Cooper: What did you pay for it?
Red: 150. What’s a small mark-up between family and friends?
Cooper: I’ll see if I can get you 155. For the intel and a thank-you.
[ Ogden Greeley knocks on the door of Nina Kurylenko’s room. He has a bouquet of flowers ]
Cooper: We knew Greeley was selling the intel in Mongolia. To prevent it, I got the President to order a drone strike on him and whoever he was selling to.
[ Nina Kurylenko’s door opens. Ogden Greeley is met by Agent Park and several other agents ]
Red: You invoked the federal Kill List?
Cooper: Yes. And because you kept your endgame secret, you were nearly vaporized.
Red: 155 it is. And I thank you. [ Slurps ]
Dembe: I’m sorry about the Senate.
Cooper: He was right. Because of our relationship, Warwick assumed I’d be morally ambiguous.
Dembe: He assumed wrong.
Cooper: Did he? I’m not so sure.
Red: You accept that the world is gray. That’s a virtue, not a vice.
Cooper: I know the Task Force does good work. I know people like Greeley are a threat to the country and we keep them off the street. But then I think about what else I do. Ordering a drone strike on an American citizen without due process, not reporting Agent Keen’s criminal activities.
Red: You’ve taken calculated risks which have been amply rewarded.
Cooper: Whether that’s true, only time will tell. What I know now is that working with you has changed me. It’s changed all of us. None of us are the same people we were when this began.
Red: I’m not the same, either. I’m better. I think you’re the reason why. You could’ve said yes to Warwick, told him you’d vote his way, then go back on your word once you’d been sworn in. That’s what some people would’ve done. Hell, that’s what most people I know would have done. But not you, Harold. You could’ve made a promise that you never intended to keep and become a United States senator. But you didn’t. Because your word is your bond. Very few people can say that.
Cooper: When you put it like that, I’m almost glad I didn’t drop a Reaper on your head.
Red: What will Charlene do when you tell her you turned down Warwick?
[ Beverly Glenn-Copeland’s ♪ “River Dreams” plays ]
Cooper: She’ll be sad. For about 10 minutes. Then she’ll shrug, make some popcorn 🍿, and we’ll fall asleep watching an episode of “The Chi.”
Red: That’s it?
Cooper: That’s it. That’s what ordinary people do. You should try it sometime. An ordinary life. It’s really quite extraordinary.

[ Anne waits on the street outside the movie theater ]
[ Anne’s cellphone rings✨] [ Cellphone beeps 🔅]
Anne: Raymond?
Red: Anne. I am so terribly sorry.
Anne: Is everything okay?
[ Red sits in the back seat of his car as Dembe drives ]
Red: No, it’s not. It’s work. I’m afraid I’m not going to be able to make it tonight.
Anne: [ Disappointed ] Oh. Okay. It’s not a big deal.
Red: Yes, it is. I asked you to stay, to change your plans.
Anne, Raymond, don’t worry. It’s okay. I didn’t change my plans. I just got home a few hours ago.
Red: [ Disappointed ] Oh. I see. I had such a lovely time together.
Anne: Oh, I did, too. Perhaps we’ll meet up again sometime. In the park.
Red: I’ll be sure to look for that fox sparrow for you.
Anne: You do that. Let me know if you find him.
Red: I will. Goodbye, Anne.
Anne: Goodbye.
[ Tearfully, Anne turns around and walks away from the movie theater ]
♪ ♪

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Episode Songs


♫ Ave Verum Corpus, K. 618
By Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
(Performed by: Bavarium Radio Symphony Orchestra, Leonard Bernstein, Bavarium Radio Symphony Chorus, Wolfgang Seeliger)

Ave verum corpus,
Natum de Maria virgine;
Vere passum immolatum
In crucis pro homine.
Cuius latus perforatum
Unda fluxit et sanguine.
Esto nobis praegustatum
In mortis examine.

(English tr.:
Hail, true body,
Born of the Virgin Mary;
Who has truly suffered, slaughtered
On the Cross for humanity.
Whose side was pierced,
Pouring out water and blood.
Be a foretaste for us
During our ordeal of death.)

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/37SdxTU
YouTube: https://youtu.be/EcIam990umU


♫ Sunset Village
By Beverly Glenn-Copeland

♪ Let it go
Let it go down
It’s okay

♪ Let it come
Let it take all
thoughts away

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/3bI2z4O
YouTube: https://youtu.be/W0bIfGaT9Hw


♫ The World’s Made Up of This and That (Fatboy Slim Remix)
By Deeds Plus Thoughts

♪ You maybe doing this
You maybe doing that

♪ You maybe doing this
You maybe doing that

♪ A little bit of this!
A little bit of that!

♪ A little bit of this!
A little bit of that!

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/3uDGmNF
YouTube: https://youtu.be/4ImRYetFBJw


♫ River Dreams Beverly Glenn-Copeland
By Beverly Glenn-Copeland

♪ [Non-Lyrical Vocals]

Stereogum article (6/30/2020): http://bit.ly/3syu8UY [Non-Lyrical Vocals]
YouTube: https://youtu.be/L-JaWgRu8sY

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