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NBC’s series The Blacklist created by: Jon Bokenkamp


Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington – James Spader
Donald Ressler – Diego Klattenhoff
Harold Cooper – Harry Lennix
Siya Malik – Anya Banerjee
Dembe Zuma – Hisham Tawfiq

This is all one “page” meaning you can use your browser’s page search to find a quote you remember from Season 9 without knowing which episode it’s in. I use this a lot. Also includes full lyrics to main songs (at end of each episode). To find beginning of major songs, search for ♫.

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🔴 Episode 10:1 – The Night Owl
🔴 Episode 10:2 – The Whaler
🔴 Episode 10:3 – The Four Guns
🔴 Episode 10:4 – The Hyena
🔴 Episode 10:5 – The Dockery Affair
🔴 Episode 10:6 – Dr Laken Perillos, Part 2
🔴 Episode 10:7 – The Freelancer, Part 2
🔴 Episode 10:8 – The Troll Farmer, Part 2
🔴 Episode 10:9 – The Troll Farmer, Part 3
🔴 Episode 10:10 – The Postman
🔴 Episode 10:11 – The Man in the Hat
🔴 Episode 10:12 – Dr Michael Abani
🔴 Episode 10:13 – The Sicilian Error of Color
🔴 Episode 10:14 – The Nowhere Bride
🔴 Episode 10:15 – The Hat Trick
🔴 Episode 10:16 – Blair Foster
🔴 Episode 10:17 – The Morgana Logistics Corp
🔴 Episode 10:18 – Wormwood
🔴 Episode 10:19 – Room 417
🔴 Episode 10:20 – Arthur Hudson
🔴 Episode 10:21 – Ramond Reddington, Part 1
🔴 Episode 10:22 – Raymond Reddington: Good Night
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🔴 Script 10:1 The Night Owl

Program air date: 2/26/2023 in the US
Permalink: https://wp.me/pDKwi-eg9
Entertainment Weekly Recap: https://tinyurl.com/25asrxv6

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Director: Cort Hessler
Written by: Lukas Reiter



Brief (Where we’re at): [Before Season 10:] After the task force captured Marvin Gerard – Red’s lawyer and the person behind Liz’s death – Red cornered him in the office of the FISA judge who was about to hand over to Marvin Red’s immunity deal. Red decided, in view of their history and past friendship, not to kill Marvin, but to give him the opportunity to take his own life, which he did after being released from prison. So the Attorney General had to reinstate Red’s deal because, as Panabaker said, “We need the Blacklist” (yes, we do!). The DOJ had decided not to charge Cooper for the crimes he committed while trying to track down his blackmailer, given that they’d found the culprit (also Marvin). Because Cooper had no control over Marvin’s suicide, the DOJ’s decision stands and he will not be charged with any crimes. So the Reddington task force will go on as before.

But, Marvin Gerard played one last trick before killing himself. In prison, he met an early Blacklister named Wujing [Blacklister #84, Episode 1:3], an assassin for the Chinese government, who he helped out with an escape plan. Worse, he told Wujing that Red was the reason Wujing was in prison in the first place (not really true, as it was Liz who caused his arrest), and also that Red was a confidential informant for “the feds.” He gave Wujing a list of other criminals who are in prison because of Red. After making his escape, Wujing now plans to take revenge on Red, and to call upon the others on the list to help him if need be. [I marked these criminals on the list I keep of “Blacklisters and Bad Guys” with an ❌]

The team gathered at Liz’s grave on the third anniversary of her death. They shared memories of Liz, some tearful, some happy. Also shared were two announcements. Aram will be taking time off to live in Brooklyn in New York City. [Actor Amir Arison will be starring in the Broadway version of “Kiterunner.”] Alina Park [Laura Sohn’s character] announced she’s pregnant, so will also being taking time off. Red will be back, of course, after “going away for a few weeks to take the sisters home, eat some peyote, set up the telescope, look at the night sky.” Who knows, maybe he’ll see Polaris up there.


Questions we don’t have all the answers to yet:


1. What is Red’s life story? What’s his true identity?
2. Who is Red’s family?
3. What’s the relationship between Red and Katarina?
4. How will Wujing use the list of Blacklisters? Who’s on it?
5. Why did Red start his criminal empire? What’s its purpose?
6. How will the series end?

🔻Go to “Unanswered Questions for more detailed discussion of Major Themes.

⭕ Other Questions/Loose Ends:
● Who is Red’s heir apparent now, with Liz and Marvin dead? Dembe? Agnes?
● What happened in Brasilia between Red and Dembe that Red said was “a tragedy”?
● Does Red have a continuing relationship with the Russian FSB/SVR/Vory?
● What’s in the box Red gave to Dembe?
● What happened to the Cabal?
● Was the date on the Swan Lake program significant?
● Why did Liz’s memory have to be erased twice?
● Will Mierce and Weecha return for Season 10? Where are they from anyway? What will happen
 to Red and Mierce’s relationship?


⭕ Script 10:1 The Night Owl

New York City. Aram Mojtabai, a former member of the Reddington task force, exits the Metropolitan Museum carrying a red bag. He walks past a fountain and over to his bike and unlocks the lock. He looks up and sees a bearded man with shaggy hair looking for a cab. It’s Raymond (“Red”) Reddington. Aram waves at him ]
Aram: Hey! Hey!
[ A cab pulls up. Red walks over to it. He appears to look at Aram, but gets into the cab. The cab takes off. Aram gets out his cell phone and places a call ]

[ In the dining room of Harold and Charlene Cooper’s house, Cooper is playing a card game with Agnes Keen. Agnes, who is about 12 years old, is the daughter of Tom and Elizabeth Keen, but both of her parents are dead now, and the Coopers are Agnes’s guardians ]
[ Cooper has lost the card hand to Agnes. Agnes scoops up the cards ]
Cooper: No. No, no, no, no, no.
Agnes: That’s three in a row, Pops. Maybe we should go back to Go Fish.
Cooper: No. Shuffle up, deal again.
[ Cooper’s cell phone rings✨ ]
Cooper: Just give me a minute. I should grab this. [ On phone ] Aram, what a nice surprise.
Aram: Mr. Cooper.
Cooper: Charlene was just asking about you, and I couldn’t tell her anything– where you’re living, what you’re up to these days.
Aram: I know, I know. I’m sorry. I’ve been meaning to. I-I just– I’ve been getting settled, but I’m good. I’m really good. I’m great, actually.
Cooper: How’s New York?
Aram: Uh, well, maybe I could tell you in person. You guys are here, aren’t you? The Task Force is in New York?
Cooper: No, we’re not even up and running. Reddington took the sisters home to Guatemala. That was over six months ago. We’re just twiddling our thumbs till he gets back.
Aram: Well, Mr. Reddington is here.
Cooper: What? Where?
Aram: I just saw him.
Cooper: Saw him? In Manhattan?
Aram: Yeah. Outside the Met. Across the street from the museum. He was, uh– He was just walking.
Cooper: By himself?
Aram: Yeah, no security. No car, either. I called out to him, and he saw me, and then he just got in a cab.
Cooper: Aram, are you sure? You’re sure it was him?
Aram: Yeah, it was him. He looked kind of different. But it was– it was definitely him. ⋘⋙ Mr. Cooper? A-Are you still there?
Cooper: Yes, I’m sorry. It’s just– things were pretty good with Reddington before he left. We’d agreed to be more forthcoming with each other. If he were back–
Aram: He is.
Cooper: Okay, but if you’re right, why was he there? What was he doing?
[ A large 💥🔥‼️ Explosion ‼️🔥💥 rips through the fourth or fifth floor of a building about half a block from Aram ]
— It’s a bomb!
Cooper: Aram, are you alright?! Aram? Aram, are you alright?
[ Aram just stares at the building ] [ 🚨 Sirens blare 🚨 ]

[ The Post Office black site ] [ Dembe Zuma is working on files relating to Red’s former lawyer, Marvin Gerard. Marvin was behind the murder of Elizabeth Keen and committed several other crimes to cover it up. When Red found out that Marvin was behind Liz’s murder, he was furious, but in view of their prior friendship, offered him the option of experiencing Red’s retribution, or committing suicide. Marvin chose the latter. Now Dembe has been assigned to complete the paperwork ]
[ Dembe’s phone buzzes «»»»» beep🔅]
Dembe: Please tell me you’re coming in to help.
Cooper: You’re still at it? How much have you done?
Dembe: About half. I swear, it’s taking me longer to document Marvin Gerard’s case than it did to expose him in the first place.
Cooper: Take a break.
Dembe: I can’t. Raymond won’t be away forever. We need to take advantage of this downtime.
Cooper: You still haven’t heard from him?
Dembe: Nothing. There’s a bed and breakfast in Quezaltenango. He’s probably having a champurrado on the terrace.
Cooper: Hmm. Aram just saw him in New York.
Dembe: Say that again?
Cooper: Apparently, Raymond’s back. And probably connected to an explosion that happened a few minutes ago at a townhouse on the Upper East Side.
Dembe: I’ll give Chuck a call right away.
Cooper: I just tried. No answer. Which isn’t surprising. If he’s blowing up townhouses, he probably doesn’t feel like taking questions. No idea what it’s about?
Dembe: No. But it can’t be good.
Cooper: I’m coming in. I have to admit, I was getting used to the time off, being home with Charlene and Agnes. I feel old.
Dembe: You got this, old man.

[ Donald Ressler, another agent on the Reddington task force, is attending a Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meeting. He was romantically involved with Liz Keen in a relationship that developed in the years following Tom Keen’s death ]
Donald Ressler: Well, I’m good. ⋘⋙ I mean, the truth is… every day’s a struggle. Not just recovery, um, which so far, it’s– Look. I-I’m okay.
[ Ressler’s emotions well up ]
Ressler: It’s just mostly, uh… I have a hard time letting go of the past. I mean, it’s in my nature to want to fix things and…
Group Leader: Take your time, Donald.
Ressler: It’s just hard f-for me to accept. I lost someone I loved, and… it can’t be undone. I mean, I- I became an addict. I hit bottom. Uh… I wish it didn’t happen, but it did. [ Sniff ] And letting that go and leaving that be… it’s hard for me. But, uh… here I am. And today… I’m 311 days sober.
Group Leader: That’s wonderful. Good for you.
[ Applause ]

[ After the meeting, Ressler walks outside. Dembe is sitting on a bench, waiting for him ]
Dembe: You don’t answer your phone?
Ressler: I carried that Bureau phone for two months after Reddington left. It didn’t ring, I put it away. So, uh, is he back?
Dembe: Not exactly. Come on. I’ll explain on the way to New York.

[ Police radio chatter ] [ Crime scene tape surrounds the building where the explosion took place ] [ Ressler and Dembe duck under the tape ]
Sergeant Pickford: Ed Pickford. Sergeant.
Ressler: I’m Agent Ressler. This is Agent Zuma. Apologies for the big foot.
Sergeant Pickford: Man, you FBI guys work fast. My people were still clearing the area when the Bureau let us know a team was coming up from DC to run point.
Ressler: How are things looking?
Sergeant Pickford: A lot of damage. Fire’s saying a single device, detonated in a room on the top floor.
Dembe: Anyone hurt?
Sergeant Pickford: Unknown at this time.
Dembe: Suspects?
Pickford: Look, I’d love to be able to tell you we know what happened here, but to be honest, our hands are tied. Especially since we can’t enter the building.
Ressler: Why not?
Pickford: ’Cause it belongs to the Chinese government. It’s registered as an official annex of the Consulate.
Ressler: An annex?
Pickford: We’ve got over a hundred foreign missions in the city, plenty with multiple locations. No police inside without permission.
Ressler: [ To Dembe ] He blew up part of the Chinese Consulate?
Pickford: “He”? You fellas have a theory on who might’ve done this?
Dembe: No, not really, but how do we find the person that can give us permission?
Pickford: You won’t have to. Something tells me he’s about to find you.
Chin Yao: Excuse me. May I please speak to whomever’s in charge?
Ressler: Agent Ressler, FBI.
Chin Yao: My name in Chin Yao, head of this Consular Post.
Ressler: Mr. Chin, we’re just beginning our investigation, but we believe this explosion was a targeted attack.
Chin Yao: I see. And who do you believe was responsible?
Ressler: Well, we don’t know, but you can be sure that the Bureau will keep you informed of our progress.
Dembe: I see the building has security cameras. We’d appreciate you giving us access to that footage.
Chin Yao: I’m afraid that’s not possible.
Ressler: And why’s that?
Chin Yao: Because we are not requesting an American investigation.
Ressler: Someone set off a device in one of your buildings, and you don’t want to know who or why?
Chin Yao: If a crime was committed, my staff is more than capable of handling the matter on its own.
Ressler: How? Your staff has no law enforcement authority here.
Chin Yao: I’m not here to debate the matter, Agent Ressler. I’m informing you.
Billy (Firefighter): Eddie.
Sergeant Pickford: Yeah, Billy?
Billy: One down. This the Bureau?
Ressler: Yes.
Billy: Sir, you’re gonna want to see this.
Chin Yao: Agent Ressler, to be clear, the FBI is not authorized to enter the premises.
[ Ressler and Dembe leave with Billy ]
Chin Yao: [ Following them ] The property is inviolable. By authority of the Vienna Convention on Consular…

[ A burned out room, still smoking. The body of a woman lies on the floor ]
Billy: Best we can tell, she was the only one on the floor at the time of the explosion, but we’ll keep looking.
Ressler: With that much force, why’s the body still intact?
Billy: We think the device was sitting on a mail cart in this area. Looks like she got partial coverage from the desk and this file cabinet. And there’s this.
[ Billy points with his flashlight ]
Billy: Looks like a laptop under her right arm.
Dembe: Can you identify this woman?
Chin Yao: Your presence here is unlawful!
Ressler: Yeah, we heard you, but you’re not here to debate the matter, remember? At this point, you’ll have to take that up with the Attorney General.
Dembe: Yeah, this is now a federal homicide investigation.

[ Wujing’s cell phone rings ✨]
Wujing: [ Speaking Mandarin ] Has the situation been contained?
[ Chin Yao is walking outside ]
Chin Yao: No, Wujing. Not at all. The FBI is inside. They have recovered your associate’s body.
Wujing: How? You were supposed to prevent them from gaining access.
Chin Yao: Don’t tell me what I was supposed to do. The Ministry doesn’t know I helped you.
Wujing: Remember who you’re talking to.
Chin Yao: I took a risk out of respect for our history. But you’re a fugitive. If our government knew anything about–
[ Wujing’s phone claps ✽ shut ]
Wujing: Moores is dead.
Zhang Wei (Driver): We needed her help.
Wujing: She told us enough. Everything stays on schedule. It was Reddington. He’ll do anything to keep me from proving the truth. But I will. And he will suffer for what he has done.

[ The Post Office war room ]
Ressler: Okay, you’re not gonna believe this. The body recovered from the Chinese Consulate? It was Jennifer Anne Moores.
Cooper: Moores. How do I know that name?
Dembe: Jennifer Moores was once on The Blacklist. She was a key member of a heist crew known as The Fribourg Confidence.
Ressler: Thieves who specialized in robbing criminals.
Dembe: Back then, Elizabeth hired them to steal a flash drive from one of Raymond’s safe deposit boxes.
Cooper: I remember. But we arrested them. So why isn’t she in prison?
Ressler: Because she cooperated with our investigation. And it seems like that went a long way with the US Attorney. She did 19 months at Hazelton and was paroled five months ago.
Cooper: I don’t get it. What’s a former Blacklister on parole doing at an annex of the Chinese Consulate in New York?
Dembe: Moores was a master thief. It’s reasonable to assume that she was hired to steal something.
Cooper: By the Chinese? Why would they look to her? And how’s all this connected to Reddington?
Ressler: I will say this – whatever she was doing, clearly Reddington didn’t want it done.
Dembe: We do have a lead. Problem is, we don’t have Aram.
Cooper: We could call the Lab, have them send another tech, but I don’t like flying blind. I’d prefer to keep this Task Force only until we know what we’re dealing with.
Ressler: You want to bring on a new agent?
Cooper: At least one. Cynthia’s having Main Justice send a list. Aram and Alina won’t be easy to replace, but we can’t do this just us.
[ Cynthia Panabaker, formerly of the Department of Justice, is now a US Senator ]
Dembe: In the meantime, I know someone who can help.
Ressler: One of Reddington’s people?
Dembe: Believe me, if you want to break into a computer, this is the guy.

[ Chuck, one of Red’s regulars, picks up a call ]
Chuck: Go for Chuck.
Dembe: Hey, Chuck. It’s Dembe. I need to speak to Raymond.
Chuck: Dembe. Hey, buddy. It’s been months. You don’t write. You don’t call.
Dembe: You were supposed to call me when Raymond got back into the States.
Chuck: And I will. As soon as I hear, you’ll be the first to know. Well, top five. Mm, maybe ten.
Dembe: So you’re not with him?
Chuck: Are you saying he’s already back? How do you know?
Dembe: How do you not know?
Chuck: Hey. It’s Reddington. I only know what he wants me to know. Sent me a postcard a few months back.
Dembe: A postcard?
Chuck: With a picture of the Tower of London. All it said was, “Quick visit to the Tower. Invited to the Key Ceremony. Super fun. Wimbledon tomorrow. Legoland Friday. Red.”
Dembe: He went to London?
Chuck: I guess so, but then the, uh, card was postmarked in Uruguay, and, uh, Dembe… you understand he signed it “Red.” 🔘 [See Note]
Dembe: Yes, I heard. What’s going on? Why so many public places? And who’s handling his security? Chuck, make some calls, see if anyone has heard from him. I was gonna ask him for permission to go see Tadashi.
Chuck: Man, I can’t help you with that, but I’ll get on the rest of it. Hey, wish I could be more help, but I don’t know where the big man is or what’s doing.

[ The metal doors of the yellow elevator at the Post Office⚡️clank⚡️open. A livid Mrs Mario Ito emerges with her son Tadashi. They are flanked by two officers. Mrs Ito points at Dembe ]
Mrs Ito: You!! You had my son and me arrested?!
Dembe: Ms. Ito, you’re not under arrest. These agents were just–
Mrs Ito: These agents made us wear blindfolds and ride in the back of a van!
Dembe: There are security protocols. I’m very sorry.
[ Tadashi steps forward into the large room lined with computer displays ]
Tadashi: Whoa! Mom, are you seeing this?! It’s a war room. Do you have any idea what kind of systems must be powering a place like this?!
Mrs Ito: [ To Tadashi ] Don’t get excited. We’re not staying. [ To Dembe ] Where’s Raymond, hmm? I want to have a word with that man.
Dembe: Raymond doesn’t know you’re here. Please. Let me explain.
Mrs Ito: You left Raymond? You don’t work together anymore?
Dembe: No. I became a federal agent about two years ago.
Mrs Ito: And Raymond knows this?
Dembe: There’s nothing to worry about.
Mrs Ito: Nothing to worry about? You’re asking Tadashi to help the FBI! The FBI shouldn’t even know his name! He’s applying for business schools. Oh, my God. All the things he’s done for Raymond. You know about them? Oh, my God. All the things Raymond has done for him!
Dembe: Ms. Ito, we have a situation – a situation involving Raymond – and I need Tadashi’s help to help him.
Tadashi: Please, Mother. Stop worrying. I can do what they’re asking. Maybe. Probably.
Dembe: Look, we need to move quickly. You have my word. I promise. Nothing bad will happen to your son.
Mrs Ito: Raymond usually pays in cash.

[ Cooper’s office. He’s just hanging up the phone. Ressler knocks ]
Ressler: Hey. You looking for me?
Cooper: How’s it going with Reddington’s tech guy?
Ressler: Good. Dembe just made a deal with his rep, who also happens to be his mother. The guy’s barely 19.
Cooper: 19 and already as good as Aram? Well, I hope so, because he needs to work fast.
Ressler: Why? What’s up?
Cooper: I just got off with Main Justice. That man from the Consulate you spoke with in New York? He just filed a motion in District Court to preclude us from searching Moores’ laptop.
Ressler: At least we know we’re looking in the right place.
Cooper: Judge Vance wants all parties in Chambers in half an hour.
Ressler: We drew Vance?
Cooper: If we lose–
Ressler: No, we can’t lose. I think Reddington took out Jennifer Moores, and right now that laptop’s the only lead we have to tell us why.
Cooper: I’ll do my best, but on the merits, this could go either way. Let’s just hope the kid cracks it before we get shut down.

[ Tadashi is clicking away at the laptop ]
Dembe: Tadashi, I don’t mean to add any pressure, but it’s possible we’re running out of time.
Tadashi: The drive’s a disaster! Any worse, and this would’ve been impossible.
Dembe: Does that mean you can read it?
Tadashi: It’s not just the damage from the explosion, it’s heat from the fire. Expose a drive to over 300 Celsius, and you get damage to the platters and the ROM chip. Add to that the water damage from the sprinklers and the Fire Department hosing down the building?! You get oxidation and a warped drive chassis!
Dembe: Can you read them?
Tadashi: No, but I’m close, so stop stressing me out. Dude. Go hang with my mom.

[ Judge Roberta Vance’s chambers ]
Judge Vance: Alright. Why don’t we get started?
Assist US Atty Wendy Flynn: Wendy Flynn for the United States. I’m here with Assistant Director Harold Cooper of the FBI.
Cooper: Good afternoon, Your Honor.
Judge Vance: Don’t be so sure, Director Cooper. I read Mr. Chin’s motion. This may not be a “good afternoon” for the Bureau after all.
Chin Yao: Thank you, Your Honor. For the record, Chin Yao on behalf of the Consulate.
Judge Vance: I’m listening.
Chin Yao: Your Honor – this matter falls squarely within the provisions of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, a treaty to which 182 nation states are party, including the United States and China. As you know, the principle of property inviolability is well established and requires that the consular state consent to any entry by the receiving authority.
Judge Vance: Not any entry, Mr. Chin. They’re allowed to enter for an emergency requiring prompt protective action. I’m gonna guess that you’re not upset about the Fire Department risking their lives to protect your staff and your precious annex?
Chin Yao: No, and we’re grateful for their assistance. But the FBI is another matter.
AUSA Wendy Flynn: Your Honor, if I could be heard–
Judge Vance: No. Him. Director Cooper, these were your agents acting as part of a Task Force that you oversee?
Cooper: That’s right, Your Honor.
Judge Vance: And those agents were told, in clear and unambiguous terms, that their entry was not authorized?
Cooper: Yes.
Judge Vance: And they proceeded anyway. And not only did they enter, they removed the laptop in question.
Cooper: They seized evidence.
Chin Yao: Which they had no right to do.
Judge Vance: Let him talk.
Cooper: I’d refer Your Honor to Article 55 of the VCCR. Anyone enjoying consular privileges has a duty to respect the laws of the receiving state. Consular premises can’t be used in a way that’s incompatible with consular functions.
Judge Vance: And this was? Incompatible?
Cooper: Absolutely. The woman killed at this “annex” was a career criminal on parole. An American with no official consular mission. Bottom line – we believe she was there in furtherance of a crime.
Chin Yao: You believe, but your agents had nothing to even suggest as much at the time.
Cooper: If Mr. Chin were operating a drսg lab on the premises, we’d have a right to seize the drսgs.
Judge Vance: But this wasn’t a drսg lab, Director Cooper. Drսgs are contraband on their face. Your agents were investigating a crime, not seizing proof of one.
Cooper: I’ll ask Mr. Chin point blank. Why was Jennifer Moores inside that building? What was her legitimate purpose for being there?
Chin Yao: And I’m telling Director Cooper point blank, I do not have to answer your questions.

[ The Post Office. The damaged laptop beeps 🔅🔅🔅🔅 ]
Tadashi: Yes, yes, yes! I’m in. Looks like there were – five active files in use when the drive was disabled.
Dembe: Can you access them?
Tadashi: Not all of them. Three so far. But I should be able to get the other two.
[ Dembe’s phone buzzes «»»»» ]
Dembe: We’re close.
Cooper: Close, but no cigar. It’s over. Vance just ordered us to stop any search and return the laptop.
Dembe: Tadashi, we have to stop.
Tadashi: Stop? Now? I’m almost there. I can get the other files.
Dembe: No, you can’t. Tadashi! I know you’re used to working for Raymond, but this is different. I’m an agent now, and we have rules.

[ The Post Office war room ]
Dembe: Okay, we may not have a full picture, but the files we recovered before Vance’s orders tell us a lot about what was going on. Apparently, Jennifer Moores was casing Luxe International. It’s a private company that specializes in fine art storage and logistics.
Ressler: According to their website, they “store and transport expensive and priceless works of art for a global clientele.”
Dembe: They’re headquartered on Montserrat, one of the British Overseas Territories in the Caribbean.
Cooper: So Moores was planning a heist?
Ressler: Definitely. Luxe operates as a freeport, which means it’s a tax haven for the wealthy.
The stuff in there is worth billions.
Dembe: Of course, nobody is supposed to know what’s in there, because the list isn’t public. But Jennifer Moores had one, and she was focused on one item in particular – a sculpture called “The Night Owl.”
Cooper: By Picasso? I’m not expert, but sculpture’s not the first thing I think about when I hear that name.
Dembe: He made over a thousand. And a lot of owls. Some say he became obsessed over them after he found a wounded owl in his studio.
Ressler: “The Night Owl.” Luxe just got the shipment. It was part of a woman’s estate, and when she died, they put it in storage.
Cooper: Any idea what it’s worth?
Dembe: The Met just sold a Picasso sculpture for over $48 million.
Cooper: So, what are we saying? That the Chinese hired Moores, a former Blacklister, to help them steal this “Night Owl”?
Ressler: Maybe Reddington wants it for himself. I mean, at this point, we have three-fifths of the story.
Cooper: So we stay on it. You two, get to Luxe. Make sure they know they’ve been targeted.

[ Luxe International, on Montserrat, British Overseas Territory ]
[ Dembe and Ressler present themselves at Security ]
Richard Deever: Richard Deever. I’m head of security here at Luxe. This is one of my associates, Siya Malik.
Ressler: Thanks for agreeing to see us.
Deever: Well, we’re the ones saying thanks. Our clients trust us with their most treasured possessions, so obviously we take any credible threat seriously.
Siya Malik: In your call to corporate, you said you think we’ve been targeted?
Dembe: We know you were. By a career criminal and master thief. This specific person is no longer a danger, but we don’t know who else she was working with.
Ressler: From what we can tell, she was targeting a specific sculpture. A Picasso called “The Night Owl.”
Dembe: Which we understand was recently delivered here.
Deever: It was, but that information was never made public. Obviously, we keep the content of all our shipments strictly confidential.
Siya Malik: “The Night Owl”’s not one of Picasso’s better-known works. The fact that it even exists was a closely guarded secret.
Deever: Can I ask where you got this?
Ressler: I’m sorry. I can’t disclose that. It’s part of an ongoing federal investigation.
Deever: We can’t protect ourselves if we don’t understand what– Fine. Then I’d like to speak to the agent in charge.
Ressler: That “agent” is Harold Cooper, the Assistant Director of the FBI.
Siya: You- You work for Harold Cooper?
Ressler: That’s right.
Siya: [ To Deever ] Harold Cooper runs a secret Task Force. So secret, most FBI agents don’t know about it.
Dembe: And you do?
Siya: Yes, because my mother used to work for Harold Cooper. Her name was Meera Malik.
Dembe: You’re Meera’s daughter?
Siya: You knew her?
Ressler: We not only knew her. She was a friend. And a-a very fine agent.
Siya: Perhaps you could give us a minute.
[ Siya nods for Ressler and Dembe to step out of the room, which they do ]
Siya: [ To Deever ] If we can verify what we just heard, I think we should show them around.
Deever: Bad idea. We can handle this ourselves. Thank them for the intel and let them go.
[ Siya steps out to talk to Ressler and Dembe ]
Ressler: Hmm. Let me guess. Your boss says thanks for the tip, but, uh, you should give us the brush.
Siya: A guy with Harold Cooper’s connections could change that with one phone call. One “inter-agency” phone call.
[ Ressler takes out his phone ]
[ Siya returns with Deever ]
Deever: You two don’t take no for an answer. Apparently, your boss made a phone call.
Siya: Follow us, please.
[ They step into an elevator ] [ Siya turns to address Dembe and Ressler ]
Siya: As you may have guessed, this facility is a front. It functions as a black site.
Ressler: International?
Siya: Yes. Used by a number of allied agencies. High-end art storage is a strong cover. It explains the heavy security, shipments coming in and out, and all interactions with the public are by appointment only.
Deever: I’m with the Agency. Most of the other operatives on site are also CIA. Agent Malik is with MI6.
[ The elevator dings🔅and stops. When they step out, there are heavily armed guards ]
Siya: You were right. We did just receive The Night Owl, but it’s not a sculpture. It’s a code name for a prisoner we recently transported.
Deever: We brought him here to be interrogated. It would seem that somehow your thief found out.
[ The prisoner is wearing an orange jump suit. He’s seated, leaning with his head against the wall ]
Siya: His name is Al–
Dembe: Alban Veseli.
Siya: You know him?
Ressler: We call him The Freelancer. (Episode 1:2 The Freelancer)

[ Back in the United States, Red is being shown around a vacuous property by a real estate broker named Andrea Athens. Red is clean shaven with his customary short haircut ]
Red: This just isn’t gonna work. I mean, all of this would have to come out. It’s ridiculous. It looks like a cruise ship. Like, what’s this? A balcony?
Andrea Athens: Yes, it’s a balcony on the mezzanine level.
Red: Is that where the water slide and the wave pool are? On the mezzanine level?
Andrea: Mr. Reddington, this place checks a lot of your boxes. 30,000 square feet, no windows, high ceilings.
Red: I don’t need high ceilings, Andrea. I need at least two stories, not just a mezzanine.
Andrea: They do fully catered events, which means it has a working kitchen. I know you didn’t request that–
Red: You’re right. I didn’t. A kitchen is nice, but I don’t need it.
Andrea: You need to work with me here. Two or more stories means stairs, elevators. This is more efficient. And it’s a beautiful kitchen.
Red: Oh, stop with the kitchen already. There’s nothing I love more than a great kitchen. We could get in your car right now and I could take you to any number of fabulous kitchens and cook you a gorgeous meal. A lovely roast chicken, a duck breast. But for our purposes here, what I’m looking for – I don’t need a kitchen. And this has been open to the public. The place I need has to be discreet. I need it to be invisible.
Andrea: That doesn’t exist.
Red: You mean you haven’t found it yet.
Andrea: No, I mean it doesn’t exist! A vacant space that large in this area? Remember, I can only show you what’s available.
Red: Okay, well, don’t take this the wrong way, Andrea, but that’s the first helpful thing you’ve said. So it does exist. It’s just being used by somebody else.
Andrea: Maybe. Yes. Are you saying you want to buy someone out?
Red: How about I buy you lunch and you tell me everything you know about the companies that have factories in the area?

[ Back at the offices of Luxe International, which is actually an international black site ]
Siya Malik: About two years ago, a natural-gas pipeline ruptured just outside the town of Glennshire, 80 miles north of London. The blast leveled four blocks and killed 17 people.
Dembe: You’re talking about the blast that killed Randall Ames.
Siya: Yes, a member of Parliament and the UK’s Anti-Corruption Champion. He was on holiday in Glennshire with his wife. At first, we thought it was just a tragic accident, but a closer look made us believe the pipeline was sabotaged.
Richard Deever: A mass accident designed to cover up a single murder.
Ressler: We’re familiar with the M.O.
Deever: Veseli was briefly out of prison around that time.
Ressler: That’s when Keen got him released.
Siya: MI6 made a request, and the Agency brought him here for questioning. But to be honest, we haven’t had much luck. He hasn’t said a word.
Dembe: He’ll talk to us.
Deever: And why would he do that?
Ressler: Let’s just say, uh, we have a history.

[ Door buzzes «««»»» ] [ Ressler and Dembe enter Alban Veseli’s cell ]
[ Veseli sees Dembe’s badge and laughs ]
Veseli: I swear. Now I’ve seen everything. You’re telling me the FBI gave you a badge?
Dembe: Things change, Alban. Although, you seem like the exact same man you always were. I should’ve known that pipeline in Glennshire was you.
Veseli: A little work I took on the side. Agent Keen had no idea. I was, uh– I was sad to hear about her passing.
Ressler: Watch what you say about Keen.
Veseli: What am I supposed to say? She set me up, just like Reddington. Got me out of prison, sent me to crash a plane, then warned the FBI so that the Bureau could re-arrest me.
Ressler: Well, we’ll have to walk down memory lane another time. I want to know about Jennifer Anne Moores.
Veseli: Wow. Didn’t see that coming. Mostly because I have no idea who that is.
Dembe: She was working on a plan to set you free.
Veseli: Oh, I like her already.
Ressler: What’s your connection to the Chinese Consulate?
Veseli: Fellas. I’m willing to play. But it would help if I at least knew the game.
Ressler: We’re supposed to believe that you don’t? Jennifer Moores was tracking your movements, casing the black site where you were being sent, and you’re telling us that you knew nothing about that?

[ Wujing sits in the back of a van driven by Zhang Wei. With Wujing are several other men. No one speaks. Wujing recalls the first time he suspected that Red might be working with the FBI (Episode 1:3 Wujing). Red had managed to get Liz Keen into Wujing’s secret operations center deep underground to try the retrieve the name a man Wujing had been ordered to kill ]

[ Flashback: ]
[ 🚨 Blaring 🚨]
Wujing: Lock it down.
[ Red and Liz try to escape by the elevator ]
Wujing: Stop! You were right. Maybe that was the FBI outside. In fact, maybe they’re not just outside. Maybe they’re right here in this room.
Red: Think hard before you accuse anybody of anything.

[ Wujing’s musings are interrupted by Zhang Wei ]
Zhang Wei: Wujing. Wujing. Two minutes out.
Wujing: Tell our people to proceed.
Zhang Wei: Clear to proceed.
[ At the Luxe International black site, people are talking in a small group ]
— I think you’ll be pleased.
[ The message from Wujing is received. Suddenly, Wujing’s men on site jump the others, injecting them with needles that come out from their shirt cuffs. Those injected fall to the ground ]
[ Ressler and Dembe’s interrogation of Alban Veseli ends with the sound of rapid gunfire in the distance ]
[ 💥💥💥 💥💥💥 💥💥💥 ]
Ressler: Did you hear that?
Veseli: [ Calmly ] Automatic rifle. Hundred bucks it’s an M-16.
Dembe: We have to get him out of here.
— Watch your back!
— Code four!
[ Wujing enters the reception area with the operatives from the van ]
Wujing: Alban Veseli is somewhere in this building. Find him.
Dembe: We have to go.
Deever: Go? We have full security on site, with military training.
Ressler: Well, whoever’s coming knows that. They wouldn’t have attacked the building unless they knew that they had the manpower to overrun your security.
Siya: Overrun? You mean kill everyone in the building?
Dembe: They want him, and they won’t leave without him.
Ressler: There must be another way out of here.
Deever: Yes. Motor pool. We have cars stationed there, but it’s all the way on the other side of the building.
Dembe: Get Veseli ready to move. We have to assume they know where to look, and we need to be gone when they get here.
[ They head out ] [ 💥💥💥 💥💥💥 ]
[ Ressler gets a call from Cooper ]
Cooper: Agent Ressler?
Ressler: Cooper, we’re under attack. We’re taking heavy fire.
Cooper: How’s that possible? You’re at an Agency black site.
Ressler: It was Alban Veseli. “The Night Owl”? The heist Jennifer Moores was planning – it was a rescue op to recover Veseli.
[ 💥💥💥 Gunfire 💥💥💥 ]
Cooper: Can you get out?
[ 💥💥💥 Gunfire 💥💥💥 ]
Ressler: [ Excitedly ] There’s a motor pool. If we can make it there, maybe we can still get out!
Cooper: So it’s Veseli’s people behind the attack?
Ressler: [ Panicky ] Look, whoever you called, call them back! Tel them their teams on the ground need reinforcements now!
[ 💥💥💥 💥💥💥 ‼️ Gunfight ‼️ 💥💥💥 💥💥💥]
Dembe: [ To Siya and Deever ] They’re too close! We’ll try to keep them back! You two keep going! Get him
[ Veseli ] out of here!
Siya: We can’t just leave you!
Dembe: Nobody’s leaving anybody. We’ll be right behind you.
[ 💥💥💥 Gunfire 💥💥💥 ]
Veseli: A tad optimistic. I want a hug goodbye.
Ressler: Go! Move! Go, go!
[ Siya and Deever go ahead with Veseli ]
[ Ressler and Dembe continue firing 💥💥💥 💥💥💥 ]
Dembe: What are the chances of backup?
Ressler: Getting here on time? Slim to none! We’re at a covert black site on a Caribbean island.
[ 💥💥💥 Gunfire 💥💥💥 ]
Dembe: Then how do they know?!
Ressler: What do you mean?
Dembe: Whoever’s doing this, how did they get that intel?!

[ Deever and Siya have made it to the motor pool site with Veseli ]
[ 💥💥💥 💥💥💥 ]
Ressler: There! We gotta get out of here!
Dembe: Something’s wrong. They have too much info.
[ 💥💥💥 💥💥💥 ]
Ressler: We gotta make a run for it! Come on!
Dembe: Maybe they figured out where Veseli was being taken, but how did they know the code name? And where’d they get the list of the art?
[ 💥💥💥 💥💥💥 ]
Ressler: [ Suddenly understanding ] It was someone on the inside.

[ At the car pool site, Deever suddenly draws his gun and points it a Siya ]
Deever: Sorry, Malik. I’ll take it from here.
Siya: Richard?!
Deever: I know. I didn’t see it coming myself. I’m a cliché. A spy who turned for the money.
All I can tell you is — it is a whole lot of money.
[ Siya pulls her gun ]
Siya: I can’t let you take him.
Veseli: Good for you.
Deever: Drop the gun, Siya. Believe me, this guy is not worth dying for. Drop it.
[ Siya slowly lowers her gun toward the concrete floor, but at the last minute tries to shoot Richard, but he is quicker. Both guns go off (💥💥) Siya falls ]
[ Deever gets in a car with Veseli and it speeds away ]
[ 💥💥💥 💥💥💥 ]
Ressler: [ To Dembe ] Go! Go! Come on — Go!
[ 💥💥💥 💥💥💥 ]
[ Dembe goes ahead ]
[ 💥💥💥 💥💥💥 ]
[ As Ressler dashes across a corridor, he sees Wujing ]
[ 💥💥💥 💥💥💥 ]
[ Dembe arrives at the motor pool site and find Siya. She is unconscious, but Dembe checks and she is alive ]
[ Ressler catches up ]
Ressler: Wujing’s here! We gotta go!
Dembe: It was Deever. She was hit, but she’s wearing a vest.
[ Wujing and his crew arrive at the motor pool site as a vehicle speeds away ]

[ The Post Office ]
[ Dembe is finishing up a call ]
Dembe: Okay. Thank you.
[ He hangs up ]
Dembe: Nothing yet. We issued a BOLO on all three – Wujing, Veseli, and Deever. But they could be anywhere in the world by now.
Ressler: What about flights off the island?
Dembe: Three private flights left Montserrat within an hour of the attack. We’re checking manifests, but Wujing knows better than to leave a paper trail.
Cooper: So Meera’s daughter became an MI6 agent?
Ressler: Her name is Siya.
Cooper: I met her once. After Meera was killed, I flew to London to pay my respects to her family.
Dembe: She couldn’t have been older than 15.
Cooper: That trip was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do in this job. Her husband and kids asking what happened. I couldn’t tell them anything.
Ressler: Well, she has to see you. She insisted on flying back with us.
Cooper: I’d like that.
Dembe: That bullet banged her up pretty good, so we took her over to DC General first, just to make sure she’s okay.
Ressler: There’s a lot of names from the past. Jennifer Moores, Alban Veseli, and now Wujing.

[ Flashback: (Episode 9:22 Marvin Gerard Conclusion, Part 2) ]
Driver: The ministry has a plane waiting. You’ll be in Beijing this time tomorrow.
Wujing: Oh, we’re not going home. Not until I find and kill Raymond Reddington.
Driver: Reddington? Wujing, you can’t do that alone.
Wujing: We won’t have to. I have a list of others who will be glad to join the fight.

Dembe: That’s three former Blacklisters connected to this case.
Cooper: We were notified when Wujing escaped. The Bureau’s got a dozen agents on it, but they never picked up a trail.
Ressler: Well, apparently, he was working with Moores to break Veseli out of custody.
Dembe: Why? Wujing is an assassin. What’s the connection?
[ Cooper’s cell phone chimes✨]
Cooper: You’ve got to be kidding. Guess who just cleared security.
Ressler: Hmm. Reddington.
Cooper: He’s on his way down.

[ The yellow elevator doors⚡️clang⚡️open and out steps Red ]
Red: Ah. [ Chuckles ] The gang’s all here. Well, not much of the gang. More of a — coffee klatch.
Cooper: Raymond, we’ve been trying to reach you.
Red: Yes? Well, apologies. I’ve been – busier than expected.
Ressler: Busy? As in blowing up former Blacklisters at foreign consulates?
Red: No, Donald. That didn’t take much time at all. But if you know about Jennifer Moores, then you know a serious threat has arisen. I didn’t reach out, Harold, because I thought – I hoped that I could contain the matter myself, but now, unfortunately, that seems unlikely.
Cooper: You’re talking about Wujing. He’s the threat.
Red: Wujing is the weapon – fired in my direction as a last parting shot by Marvin Gerard.
Ressler: Marvin’s behind this?
Dembe: They could have met at Coolidge. They were both housed on the same cellblock.
Cooper: I’m aware, but Wujing’s escape happened after Marvin’s death. I didn’t make the connection.
Red: Wujing’s been asking questions about me, about any relationship with the FBI.
Dembe: Marvin must have told him. So Wujing knows about the Task Force.

[ Flashback: ]
Marvin: I didn’t have to ask, Wujing. I didn’t have to ask because Raymond is not your friend. He’s the reason you’re in here.
Wujing: What do you mean?
Marvin: He’s a confidential informant. He has an immunity deal with the feds. He feeds them criminals like you, and he keeps his freedom.

Red: He knows whatever Marvin told him, but, still, that isn’t the same as having proof, so –
Ressler: He doesn’t just want to kill you. He wants the criminal world to know about us.
Cooper: Jennifer Moores. Veseli. Wujing’s approaching Blacklisters, criminals we sent to jail.
Red: Some of our former targets are now his targets. You should increase their security. Because – this is only the beginning. [ Chuckles ] Well, that’s all I have for you.
[ Red turns and walks toward the elevator. Dembe follows him ]
Dembe: Raymond. Where’s Chuck?
Red: I don’t know.
Dembe: Who’s in charge of your security? Weecha’s not with you?
Red: No.
Dembe: Where are you living?
Red: New York, mostly.
Dembe: How did you get here?
Red: Took the train. What a nap. Slept the whole way.
Dembe: Where are you going? Is there a car waiting for you?
Red: Dembe, I’m fine. I’ll just grab a cab.
Dembe: Raymond. What’s going on?
Red: Nothing. Well ⋘⋙ nothing and everything. Watch your head.
[ Elevator doors⚡️clang⚡️shut ]

[ Cooper’s office. Knocks ✽ ✽ on door ]
Ressler: She’s here.
Cooper: Great. Siya. Please, come in.
Siya: Blindfold. Black-out van. You guys have more security protocols than the White House.
Cooper: We’ve had some issues. We’re being more careful these days. Harold Cooper.
Siya: Siya Malik. It’s been a while.
Cooper: It has. Sorry for that. I wish we’d kept in touch. It’s nice to see you. You know, even all these years later, I sometimes think of the day we met.
Siya: So do I. But I’m guessing we remember it differently.
Cooper: How do you mean?
Siya: You may not realize it, but you made a big impression on the teenage me. I’ve always been incredibly grateful for how you spoke to us that day. You couldn’t tell us anything, but we knew. That was as hard for you to say as it was for us to hear.
Cooper: You became an agent. I had no idea. And MI6. You’re not just an agent. You’re a spy.
Siya: You sound surprised.
Cooper: I’m thinking about your father. He must be the one who was surprised.
Siya: And terrified. But he’s coming around. I don’t make a practice of talking with him about my day-to-day.
Cooper: What made you choose this kind of life?
Siya: Just too many secrets. When my mother died, you couldn’t tell me who she worked with, what she did, or even how she was killed. I think I decided right then and there, I’d do whatever it took to get in the room where the secrets are revealed.
Cooper: And you’ve done it.
Siya: Well, not completely. That’s why I’m here. Maybe it wasn’t an accident, us crossing paths like this.
Cooper: It wasn’t?
Siya: Maybe it’s time for me to finally know more about the work my mother did. If it was that important, maybe it’s time for me to continue what she started.
Cooper: Siya, that’s complicated.
Siya: Please, just hear me out. I’m involved now, yeah? I lost colleagues and friends in that attack. And Deever? I will find him.
Cooper: The secrets you spoke of are only shared with members of this Task Force. I’m in the same position now as I was back then.
Siya: You are, but I’m not. I can talk to my superiors at SIS. They could loan me to your Task Force, just until this case is done.
Cooper: Let me think about it.
Siya: I don’t know what this place is, but something tells me it only exists for the people who work here.
Cooper: I’ll be in touch.
Siya: I hope so. You need agents you can trust. I’m one.

[ Wujing sits in a van. The side door opens. There stand Richard Deever and Alban Veseli. Veseli gets in and sits alongside Wujing ]
Wujing: Mr. Deever. You have lived up to your word. If you give us a moment, my associate will transfer your money and discuss your next assignment.
[ Deever closes the van door ]
Veseli: Do I know you, friend?
Wujing: My name is Wujing. We’re not friends, Mr. Veseli. But we do have a common enemy.

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Episode Songs


♫ Just Say Goodbye
By Petula Clark

♪ Just say goodbye
And let me walk away
There′s nothing more to say
When love like ours can die

♪ Just say goodbye
Forget the life we knew
The memories of you
Will only make me cry

♪ Just say goodbye
To leave me on my own
To face the world alone
Yet never knowing why

♪ Just say goodbye
And though I don’t know how
I couldn′t hate you now
No matter how I tried

♪ Just say goodbye
It’s sad that you must go
You loved me once I know
This much I can’t deny Oh, my love
My only love
Where did we go wrong
Oh, my love
My only love
How can I
Oh, how can I go on

♪ Just say goodbye
It′s sad that you must go
You loved me once I know
This much I can′t deny

♪ Just say goodbye
And please don’t turn around
Another love you′ve found
Now, spread your wings and fly

♪ Just say goodbye, yeah yeah
Just say goodbye

Lyrics and Credits: https://tinyurl.com/mvavtx79
YouTube: https://youtu.be/lxVaPgQVikM


♫ The Parting Glass (Irish trad.) (Bonus Song)
Sung by George Donaldson

♪ Of all the money that e’er I had
I’ve spent it in good company
And all the harm that e’er I’ve done
Alas it was to none but me
And all I’ve done for want of wit
To memory now I can’t recall
So fill to me the parting glass
Good night and joy be with you all
♪ Of all the comrades that e’er I had
They are sorry for my going away
And all the sweethearts that e’er I had
They would wish me one more day to stay
But since it falls unto my lot
That I should rise and you should not
I’ll gently rise and I’ll softly call
Good night and joy be with you all
♪ A man may drink and not be drunk
A man may fight and not be slain
A man may court a pretty girl
And perhaps be welcomed back again
But since it has so ought to be
By a time to rise and a time to fall
Come fill to me the parting glass
Good night and joy be with you all
Come fill to me the parting glass
Good night and joy be with you all
Lyrics and Credits: https://tinyurl.com/fh7deraf
YouTube: https://youtu.be/GRNZfV8rKQM

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🔴 Script 10:2 The Whaler (№ 165)

Program air date: 3/5/2023 in the US
Script Permalink: https://wp.me/pDKwi-ehC
EntertainmentWeekly Recap: https://tinyurl.com/4jxa4ywd

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Directed by: Michael. Caracciolo
Written by: Sean Hennen



Brief (Where we’re at): “The Night Owl” in the previous episode turned out to be a code name for Alban Veseli, The Freelancer (Blacklister #145) [Episode 1:2]. Veseli’s modus operandi is to hide crimes, usually assassinations, behind mass casualty events that he himself has engineered. Wujing, (Blacklister #84) [Episode 1:3], hired Jennifer Anne Moores (Leader of a gang of professional thieves, The Fribourg Confidence, Blacklister #140) [Episode 8:5] to track down Veseli. Why? Because Red’s former lawyer Marvin Gerard (Blacklister #80) [Episodes 3.2, 9:21 and 9:22] sent Wujing on a revenge tour in Episode 9:22 by informing Wujing that Red is a confidential informant who was the reason Wujing was arrested and imprisoned (actually, it was Liz who signaled law enforcement to arrest Wujing without Red’s knowledge, but never mind). Marvin had given Wujing a list of other Blacklisters who had been betrayed by Red. Marvin then committed suicide, having been given little other choice by Red.

So, Alban Veseli was on the list Marvin gave to Wujing. Wujing turned to Jennifer Ann Moores, the master thief, to find him. Through his contact at the Chinese Consulate in New York, Chin Yao, Wujing sent Moores to retrieve a list showing where Veseli was being held. Once she had copied the file, however, the room she was in at the Consulate exploded💥🔥‼️🔥💥 killing her.

Shortly before the explosion, Aram (who is no longer working for the task force but is living in New York) saw someone who looked like a shaggy Red walking away from the Consulate and getting into a cab. After the explosion, Aram called Cooper who sent Ressler and Dembe to investigate. Moores had died clutching a laptop which Ressler and Dembe seized over Chin Yao’s objections. Red’s associate, whiz kid Tadashi Ito, was able to recover some of the relevant files. Before they were required to return the laptop, they determined Moores had used the Consulate resources to copy a file providing the location of “The Night Owl.” The location was a high end “shipping” company called Luxe International on the UK island of Montserrat in the Caribbean. Ressler and Dembe followed the breadcrumbs to Montserrat. There they found out that Luxe International was actually deep cover for an international collaboration of intelligence agencies, including the CIA and British MI6. They were told “The Night Owl” was not a sculpture at all but Veseli who was wanted in the UK for creating a mass casualty event that killed a human rights crusader. Unfortunately, before they could resolve what to do with Alban Veseli, Wujing’s men attacked the facility and escaped with Veseli.

At that point, Red, who had been living in New York without informing the task force, showed up at the Post Office to confess that his efforts to thwart Wujing’s revenge tour alone had not been successful and he asked for help.

In addition, at Luxe International, Dembe and Ressler were introduced to MI6 Agent Siya Malik who had been involved in trying to transfer Veseli back to the UK. Siya is the daughter of former Reddington task force member Meera Malik. When Siya found out that Ressler and Dembe worked for the same task force as her mother once had, she went to Cooper to express interest in joining the task force ‘on loan’ from MI6 to help pursue Veseli and to learn more about her mother’s past.


⭕ Script 10:2 The Whaler (№ 165)

[ The Crown Rocks Casino in Sydney, Australia ] [ Roulette wheel spins ]
Casino Worker: Black 26
Julianna: Baby, I need more chips.
Marco Luppina: Absolutely not. You just lost $100,000. That’s not a bet. That’s a down payment on someone’s house.
Julianna: Oh, please, baby. You can afford it.
[ Anika de Beer walks over ]
Anika de Beer: Is there a problem?
Marco Luppina: I’m sorry, Anika. I’m not letting her lose any more of my money.
Anika de Beer: Your money? Mr. Luppina, what would your wife say if she knew you were here? She thinks you’re in Dubai, on business. Her family’s business. How are the kids, by the way? Your daughter must be, what, early 20s by now?
Luppina: Yeah.
[ Mr Cullen walks over ]
Mr Cullen: Anika.
Anika: Mr. Cullen, may I help you?
Mr. Cullen: I need to talk to you a minute.
[ They step aside ]
Mr. Cullen: I’ve been vetting the whales you’re bringing in for your private game this coming Wednesday. An impressive list. A hundred million on the tables in that room.
Anika: You’re welcome.
Mr. Cullen: I’m curious. Most of these people are your regulars – either here or at other parlors – but there’s a name I’ve never seen. A Mr. Yao Liang. And you want to arrange for the casino to extend a $15 million line of credit to him.
Anika: I don’t hear a question.
Mr. Cullen: I’ve done my due diligence, and that person doesn’t exist.
Anika: You don’t need to worry who my players are.
Mr. Cullen: I’m paid to worry, and I’m filing this with the ACT Racing and Gambling Commission.
Anika: You have the house advantage here.
[ They’ve made their way to an elevator ] [ Elevator bell ✨ rings ] [ They get in; doors close ]
[ Anika hits the Emergency 🆘 Stop button ]
Mr. Cullen: What are you doing?
[ Anika throws Cullen to the floor, punches him, and pins him down with her foot ]
Mr. Cullen: Ohh! [ Groans ]
Anika: I’m sorry. Maybe we didn’t get to know each other very well. I’m in and out of here so fast. Or maybe we got off on the wrong foot.
Mr. Cullen: [ Groans ]
Anika: I want you to be comfortable with me. I want you to be comfortable when you leave the house in the morning and start up that sexy Holden HK Monaro. Comfortable that the ignition doesn’t ignite an incendiary device packed with EPX-1, which has the highest detonation velocity of all plastic explosives. ⋘⋙ Comfortable?
[ Mr. Cullen nods ]
Anika: Good.

[ Red and Cooper are waiting to order at a street food vendor at a park in New York City ]
Red: Meera Malik’s daughter? After all these years?
Cooper: On loan from MI6 on a provisional basis. She just lost her whole team to Wujing. She has skin in this game.
Red: Well, if she’s anything like her mother, she’ll be a keen asset. With a discerning eye.
Cooper: And you’ll be okay with her?
Red: I believe the question is whether she’ll be okay with me.
Cooper: She’s been fully read-in. She knows what she’s signing up for.

[ Flashback: ] [ Cooper’s office ]
Cooper: Ms. Malik, your government is in agreement, your security clearance has been authorized, and you understand what we do here?
Siya Malik: You work with a very high-level confidential informant. I’ve been debriefed on this–
Cooper: Not just any informant. We work with Raymond Reddington. It’s a symbiotic relationship. On balance, it’s a net plus for us and the work we do. He’s invaluable. You realize now that you know this, there’s no going back?
Siya: My mother knew all of this, too, and she still chose the work.
Cooper: She did.
Siya: Then what time should I be here Monday morning?

Red: I look forward to meeting her.
[ They’ve come to the vendor’s list of offerings ]
Red: See anything you like up there?
Cooper: What are we doing here, Red? This is not the most discreet.
Red: Street food, Harold. I’m on a pilgrimage. I won’t stop until I’ve tried it all. The pan-seared brains are supposed to be delicious here. Ooh, peppery goat breast.
Red: [ To the Food Vendor Employee ] Hi. Okay, we’ll take the number one, three, the five, and I guess the seven. Odds today, evens tomorrow. Homan. [ To Cooper] Live like you’re dying. Am I right, Harold?
[ Cooper and Red are now seated at a table, waiting for their order to be called ]
Cooper: I just spent three hours on a train from DC.
Red: Ooh, I love that trip. Three hours of peace and quiet. The low rumble of the rails. And a very nice ham and cheese sandwich, I must say.
Cooper: Please. Wujing. What are we doing? Have there been any updates?
Red: It appears he’s out there marshaling his forces.
Cooper: And for some reason, you’ve disbanded yours. I’m hearing you don’t even have security.
Red: Keeping a lighter footprint. Simpler all around. We know what he’s up to. The question is where. In the last week and a half, Wujing’s been spotted in Monaco, Lisbon, Klerksdorp, South Africa. Do you know what all those locations have in common?
Cooper: Not off the top of my head.
Red: Casinos, Harold. Wujing is frequently somewhat fancier surroundings, I assume in the hopes of falling in with a fancier set of friends. The associates of mine who spotted him in Monaco saw him with an Australian woman named Anika de Beer.
Cooper: De Beer? Who is she?
Red: In the world of gambling, de Beer is known as the Whaler. She’s a freelancer who pulls in high-rollers to casinos. She works across the globe. After Monaco, she flew to the Crown Rocks in Sydney. This is a formidable woman. She’d do anything to get whales to the table.
Cooper: What does he want with her? Is this all about money?
Red: Too many things in life are.
Cooper: The same man out gathering an army isn’t taking time to gamble, is he?
Red: I don’t know, but de Beer might. She’s our best lead.
[ Cooper’s cell phone rings ✨]
Cooper: [ On phone ] Char? Is everything all right? ⋘⋙ Oh, no. Not again. She didn’t say anything after school yesterday. ⋘⋙ Sure, I can be free to meet Wednesday. Is it just with the teacher? ⋘⋙ Okay, hon. See you when I get home. Bye.
[ Call ends🔅]
Red: Is there a problem with Agnes?
Cooper: Agnes is having some trouble with a bully at school. An older girl. But we’re handling it.
Red: Anything I can do to help?
Cooper: Thank you, but Agnes already has two parents, and it’s our belief that she needs to work this out herself.
Food Vendor Employee: [ Calls out ] Order’s up. Homan.
[ Cooper begins to reach for his wallet ]
Red: [ Rises ] I’ve got this. Whatever you and Charlene think is best, Harold. But we better working on our working lunch, because I believe this Whaler is now our best chance at getting to Wujing.

[ The Post Office war room ]
Cooper: I want you gentlemen to welcome the newest member of our team. Siya?
Siya: Hello. I just want to say that I’m excited about being here. I know my mother felt proud of what she did in this place, and I’m looking forward to feeling the same way.
Dembe: It’s good to have you.
[ Cooper hunts and pecks ] [ keyboard clacking ✵ ✽ ❅ ❅ ] [ computer beeping🔅🔅🔅 ]
Cooper: Aram made it look so easy.
Siya: Here, uh, let me help with that.
Cooper: Thanks, Agent Malik.
[ Photos of Wujing, Anika de Beer and others pop up on the overhead screen ]
Cooper: Right. Anika de Beer. Casinos around the world treat her like royalty because her client list is so impressive. Millionaires, billionaires, tech giants, industry tycoons, and some of the best players ever to touch a deck of cards. She’s working with Wujing, but we don’t know to what end.
Dembe: Could they be planning something with one of de Beer’s whales?
Ressler: Big gamblers, big bank accounts. That’s a lot of very powerful people.
Siya: Is it possible Wujing might be targeting some or one of these players?
Cooper: You just might be onto something. Reddington has informed me that she’s bringing a group of the biggest whales on her roster to the Crown Rocks Casino in Sydney, Australia, in two days’ time for a private game of Texas Hold ‘Em. Whatever she and Wujing are doing, the timing of this upcoming tournament feels suspicious.
Dembe: So, what’s the plan?
Cooper: Well, if we want to get to de Beer, we know exactly where she’ll be in 48 hours. Reddington also informed me that there are still a few open chairs for her Sydney game.
Ressler: So, we’re going into that game?
Siya: How?
Cooper: This is Spencer Waters. Waters is a wealthy music promoter and owner of the Alcazar Theatre in New York. He’s also the organizer of one of the richest poker game pots on the East Coast. It’s a monthly underground game. Millions on the table. No one gains entry without Waters’ approval. The Whaler is known to have eyes in the biggest card rooms around the world, so if we want her attention, we’ll need to make a splash in Waters’ game. Reddington’s already working on an invitation.

[ The Alcazar Theater ]
Spencer Waters: I gotta admit. I’m a little nervous sitting here, Mister–
Red: Oh, please, Spencer, it’s Raymond. Although, Steve Jones always calls me “Rotten Ray.” In fact, I did a little guest DJ thing with him on “Jonesy’s Jukebox” using that moniker. Apparently, Johnny got pissed off thinking we were making fun at his expense. Which maybe we were, or maybe we weren’t. [ Chuckling ] I don’t know. It doesn’t take much to piss off John.
Spencer Waters: Steve Jones? Johnny Rotten? Seems like you got a lot of friends. That phone call I got from, uh, Huey Lewis’ manager–
Red: [ Laughs ] Jerry. Yes.
Spencer Waters: Yeah, he told me about that, uh, favor that you did for him once.
Red: Well, technically, it was for an associate of Jerry’s, but Jerry benefited. But I prefer to leave past business in the past. Let’s talk about the future. I’m someone who can do quite a lot when it comes to favors for a person with a fertile imagination.
Spencer Waters: A favor for me? In return for…
Red: A favor for me. Well, actually, it’s for a friend. A friend who enjoys playing cards.
Spencer Waters: I see. Is your friend any good?
Red: Spencer, if it’s a friend of mine, they’re either the very best or the most fun. Often both. [ Chuckles ]

[ The Crown Rocks Casino in Sydney, Australia ]
[ Anika de Beer and Mr. Cullen get off the elevator and enter the card room ]
Anika de Beer: I apologize for our disagreement yesterday. That was unfortunate. Now, what can you arrange for me here?
Mr. Cullen: As requested, you’ll have the entire room reserved for your event. The lift is private and dedicated to this floor. You’ll have a checkpoint at the entrance with handheld metal detectors. Fire exits will be locked during the length of game play, but will open automatically in the event the fire alarm is tripped. What about security? Would you like some of our team made available to you?
Anika: No, thank you. I use my own people for events like this – always. Now… what about my list of players?
Cullen: [ Hesitates ] Fully approved. How many of our Sky Villas would you like available to you for the evening?
Anika: All of them. And tell me, which one is the most private?

[ Red’s garage office ] [ A man is moving a garment rack ] [ A poker table has been set and a man, Mr Endicott, shuffles cards ]
[ Ressler enters with Siya; Red rises from the red upholstered couch ]
Red: Ah. Welcome.
Ressler: What’s all this for?
Red: Your costumes, Donald. For the theater this evening. Ms. Malik, please allow me to introduce myself.
Siya: You’re a man of wealth and taste?
Red: [ Laughs ] Clever. I’m Raymond Reddington. Please.
[ Red gestures for them to sit on the armchairs facing the couch ]
Red: I knew your mother many years ago.
Siya: And what did she think of you?
Red: I don’t know if she ever liked me very much.
Siya: Mr. Reddington, you and I don’t need to be friends with one another. Like my mother, I’m also extremely capable. I can liaise with you, work beside you, smile at your jokes, but this is a professional relationship to me. Nothing more.
Red: Practiced that, have you?
Ressler: You mind walking us through this?
Red: For Spencer Waters’ poker game, I took the liberty of having an associate of mine concoct a flawless fake identity – E.M. Lyons – buried several layers deep in a couple of dozen databases. Lyons will play in the game tonight with Waters’ full endorsement and my financial backing. It’s the best chance we have of baiting the Whaler. Oh, and Lyons is allowed a plus one.
Siya: So, Agent Ressler poses as Lyons and I’m the arm candy? Is that it?
Red: On the contrary, Emilia Marie Lyons will sit at the card table, and Donald will be the arm candy.
Ressler: Come again?
Red: These are poker players. Experts in bluffing and deception, reading people. It has to be Siya. They’re less likely to see her coming.
Ressler: She’s not ready for this.
Red: I have a feeling any daughter of Meera Malik will be smart and quick on her feet, and you, Donald, will be more believable as her bank and much better as the eyes and ears watching her back. If I were in a pinch, I’d want you watching mine.
Siya: I don’t suppose it makes a difference to anyone that I don’t know how to play poker?
Red: [ Chuckles ] Well, that’s where Mr. Endicott comes in. His services are available to you for as long as you need. A bit of a crash course, if you will. Learn the mechanics of the game, pick out some new threads. There’s some lovely items over there for your choosing. I’ll be off. Errands to run. But I’ll be rooting for the debut of Ms. Lyons and her trusty bankroll tonight. Good luck.

[ After Red leaves, Siya turns to address Ressler ]
Siya: “She’s not ready for this”? May I ask what your issue is?
Ressler: You have no idea what you’re inviting in with this job. I mean, this is how he operates. He has no idea putting somebody out on a limb, because he’s out there himself. There’s no line he won’t cross, Agent Malik. I’ll be there when you figure that out. [ Sighs ]

[ Red is in his car, watching Agnes’s soccer game ]
[ Children’s voices chattering ] [ A taller girl, Amanda Rutherford, comes up to Agnes ]
[ Amanda kicks the ball away from Agnes, then shoves her ]
Amanda Rutherford: [ Sarcastically ] Great job today, Agnes.
Agnes: Why are you being so sarcastic?
[ Red grimaces ]
[ Agnes and Amanda speaking indistinctly ]
Agnes: What? No! I did. What do you mean?
Amanda: [ Mocking ] “I did.” What?
Agnes: No. I’m on this team.
Agnes: Get away from me!
[ Agnes pushes Amanda ]
Amanda: What are you doing?
[ Whistle 🌬️blows ]
Coach: Agnes!
Red: [ Muttering ] What happens to kids that makes them this way?

[ Spencer Waters’ high end poker game in New York City. Siya Malik is using the name Red created for her: Emilia Marie Lyons ]
[ Spencer and Siya/Emilia act as if they’ve met before; maybe they have, part of the con Red designed ]
Spencer Waters: Emilia.
Siya: Spencer.
[ Hug ]
Spencer: How are you, gorgeous?
Siya: I thought you had shows all this week?
Spencer: Ah, Robert Plant canceled on me last minute.
Siya: Oh. Who are you gonna sell overpriced cocktails to now?
Spencer: [ Chuckles ] I think I’ll sell ’em to you and your gentleman friend here.
Siya: He’s the bank.
Ressler: I’m the bank.
Spencer: The bank’s always welcome. Just can’t have you near the tables, I’m afraid. If you make yourself comfortable, plenty of food and booze in the wings with the rest of the guests. Emilia, I’ll show you to your table. Right this way.
[ The poker game proceeds. Siya is facing several men, but one in particular, is a young and confident guy wearing a Trucker Hat ]
[ K.S. Rhoads’ ♫ “Chess” plays ]

♪ ‘Cause you keep throwing up what they’re feeding you ♪

[ The man wearing a Trucker Hat clears his throat ]

♪ It doesn’t matter if it’s the truth or not ♪
♪ It doesn’t matter if it’s the truth or not ♪
♪ It is if they can get you to say it enough ♪

♪ (Ah-ah-ah-ah Ah-ah-ah-ah Ahhhh-ah-ahhhh) ♪
♪ I’m never gonna change your mind ♪
♪ (Ah-ah-ah-ah Ah-ah-ah-ah Ahhhh-ah-ahhhh) ♪

Siya: Thank you.

♪ I’m never gonna change your mind ♪

♪ Are you the bullet or are you the bird? ♪
♪ Are you the bullet or are you the bird? ♪
♪ You’re burning the book and you haven’t read a word ♪

♪ It’s only black and white if you’re playing chess ♪
♪ You have to pick a side if you’re playing chess ♪

Siya: $20,000.

♪ That’s the way they keep your head down, I guess ♪

Trucker Hat: Call.

♪ (Ah-ah-ah-ah Ah-ah-ah-ah Ahhhh-ah-ahhhh) ♪

Siya: Pair of kings, queen kicker.

♪ I’m never gonna change your mind ♪

[ Trucker Hat tosses his cards down ]
Trucker Hat: Trip threes. [ Mocking ] I get it. You thought you had something. You keep coming, girl.

♪ I’m never gonna change your mind ♪
♪ Whose eyes are ♪
♪ Are blind? ♪

♪ Oh, we’re all pawns here ♪

[ Trucker Hat leans over and speaks in a low voice ]
Trucker Hat: It’s just not your night. Maybe you want to stop spending your man’s money?
Siya: You want to keep trying to piss me off, or should we just play cards?
Trucker Hat: [ Chuckles ]
[ The Dealer deals ]
Trucker Hat: How much you got left there, short stack? You feeling lucky? I’m putting you all in.

♪ Never gonna change your mind ♪

Siya: Call. $50,000.
[ Siya shows her cards ]
Dealer: Lady wins with a pair.
[ Trucker Hat takes off his hat and runs his hand through his sweaty hair ]
Trucker Hat: You went all in with two fives? With three face cards showing? You didn’t know what I had here.
Siya: Oh, I knew. I watched you win, so I’d know the moment you were losing. Remember? That’s when you called me “short stack.”

[ A Scout for Anika de Beer walks over to Ressler ]
Waitress/Scout: Is your player free to talk?
Ressler: Now that she has all the chips, sure.
[ Ressler beckons to Siya ]
Siya: [ To the others at the table ] Excuse me.
Waitress/Scout: My employer would like a word.
[ The Waitress/Scout hands her phone to Siya ]
Siya: Hello?
Anika: There’s my wild card. That was an impressive play. You waited him out and took him by surprise.
Siya: I suppose that’s the game. I’m hosting an event down in Sydney tomorrow. I can send a Gulfstream for you and your bank. Travel, hotel – all on me. I have some talented players coming, but I’d love to see you shake things up like you did there tonight.
Siya: I’ll try my best.
Anika: That’s worth the jet fuel alone. I’ll see you soon.
[ Call ends ]
Siya: [ To Ressler ] We’re going to Australia.

[ Sydney, Australia, The Crown Rocks Casino ]
[ Ressler is with Siya at a private bar ]
Siya: You barely said a word to me on the plane ride down. Do you want to continue what you started back in DC?
Ressler: I was being honest in Washington.
Siya: You don’t think I understand what this job is?
Ressler: Well, I think you understand it fine, and you’re ignoring the dangers. Or maybe you understand those, too, and you just don’t care.
Siya: I’m not reckless, Agent Ressler.
Ressler: Neither was your mother, and look where it got her.
[ Siya stares, blinks ]
Ressler: I’m sorry. I’ve seen this job tear down a lot of people. I saw it kill a woman I loved very much named Elizabeth. I saw it kill your mother. It’s nothing personal. You seem very good at what you do. I’m just not sure I want to see it tear you down, too.
Siya: I appreciate that. I do. But I can handle myself.
[ Ressler leaves ]
[ Siya opens an earring case and holds up and long, slim earring ]

[ Ressler and Siya check in for the poker game ]
[ Metal detector chirps ✨ ✨ ]
Ressler: They’re taking every precaution here.
Siya: Yes. Let’s hope that we have.
Anika de Beer: Please, make yourself comfortable. Each game starts one half-hour behind the other so that the games are staggered. Ms. Lyons, you’ll be over at Table Two, starting in just a few moments.
[ Ressler and Siya walk toward the assigned table, checking out the attendees as they walk ]
Ressler: This is quite the collection of people. I see a weapons dealer, a country singer, and a chairman of the Gemeinschaft Bank in Zurich.
[ Siya looks askance at him ]
Ressler: What? Forbes was the only magazine on the flight down here.
Siya: There’s a Saudi royal over by Table Two. The two players at Table Three are both Chinese billionaires. British SIS has a file on both of them.
Ressler: At the same table? Is it a coincidence?
Siya: I don’t know.
Ressler: What does Wujing want here? What is the Whaler providing him?
Siya: I need to sit and play cards.
Ressler: Where do you want me?
Siya: Make yourself useful, honey, and get us some drinks.
[ Siya smiles coyly ]

[ Red calls Cooper from his private plane ]
Red: Your brave agents have made it into the belly of the beast?
Cooper: They checked in safely from the casino. They’re off comms for at least a few hours now. Agent Malik sitting at the card table was your idea, I understand?
Red: She’s quite something, isn’t she? Listen, Harold, while I have you, what do you know about the Ruthermans?
Cooper: Who?
Red: Phil and Justin Rutherman, and their one daughter, Amanda.
Cooper: Is that– Did you look into the family of the girl bullying Agnes?
Red: I had a friend do a little poking around, and I saw the bullying myself. Things are volatile–
Cooper: You went to the school? Do you know how totally out of bounds that–
Red: Harold, don’t be absurd. I would never be so conspicuous, let alone creepy, as to loiter outside of a middle school. I found her at soccer practice. I simply thought it prudent to get ahead of the situation.
Cooper: Raymond, for once, please listen to me. Stand down and stop it. I won’t ask you again.
[ line clicks ✠ … beeping🔅🔅🔅]
Red: Why am I always the bad guy?

[ The elevator doors open and another Chinese man is wanded in to the room. Anika de Beer welcomes him and shakes his hand. Ressler surreptitiously takes a photo of the man ]
[ Ressler is now in a side room, away from the poker room. He has shared the photo with the Post Office and is discussing it with the task force ]
Cooper: What made this guy stand out?
Ressler: Something. In the way he moved. He was casing the room. It felt military. He’s not in the game. This guy isn’t right for this place.
Dembe: You’re not kidding. That guy is Zhang Wei, former Chinese special forces turned mercenary, no longer associated with their government, wanted for extrajudicial shootings in several NATO countries.
Ressler: He could be recon, scouting this place for Wujing.
Cooper: Agent Ressler, you have a private mercenary in a room full of potential targets and the Whaler. You need to alert Agent Malik to the threat immediately. Alright. I’m on it.
[ Cellphone beeps🔅]
[ Anika De Beer enters with two guards ]
Anika: You’re not the only one taking pictures. I got this lovely one of Ms. Lyons.
[ She shows Ressler the photo on her phone ]
Anika: I have an NSA-level computer team at my disposal. Routine vetting of every new player at my tables. Took them a day, but they busted her alias. You might’ve fooled Mr. Waters in New York, but you didn’t fool me. So, who are you two? ‘Cause she’s certainly not Ms. Lyons, and I’m very interested in who you are.
Ressler: Well, I could tell you, but that would compromise my partner out there.
Anika: Mm. These gentlemen work with me. They’re not affiliated with the casino, so, if you go with them quietly, they’ll get the answers I need.

[ The two guards take Ressler to a private room where a third man waits ]
Nigel: I’m Nigel. I’m in charge here.
Ressler: Then trust me, Nigel, you need to let me explain. Give me my phone so I can make a call.
Nigel: Everybody’s got an explanation. An excuse. We are past that, mate.
[ Anika goes up to Siya and interrupts the game ]
Anika: Sorry to interrupt your play, but there seems to be a problem with your gentleman friend.
He’s taken ill, I’m afraid.
Siya: Oh, where is he?
Anika: Would you like to come with me?
Siya: Is there a problem?
Anika: Not one that can’t be rectified. They’ll take care of you.
[ Elevator bell dings ✨ ] [ Siya gets in the elevator, escorted by two men. As she gets in, Wujing gets out. As he is wanded in, Anika introduces him as Yao Liang ]
Anika: This is Mr. Yao Liang. Please see him to Table Three and open his line of credit right away.

[ Siya is taken to the room where Ressler is and shoved into a chair next to him. After zip-tying them, their captors step aside, allowing Ressler and Siya to speak to one another in hushed voices ]
Siya: We’ve got real problems, I think.
Ressler: I’m aware.
Siya: Bigger than this. Guess who I just saw walk in downstairs? Wujing is here.
Ressler: That’s why the mercenary. He was recon. Case the room.
Siya: What are they doing here?
Ressler: Whatever it is, they’ve done it at several casinos around the world.
Siya: Wujing was using an alias. Going to sit and play at Table Three.
Ressler: With the two Chinese billionaires? You said that MI6 had files on both. Why?
Siya: We’ve got files on thousands and thousands of people. Can’t remember the exact details of those two, but it was probably Triad association, or something of the sort.
Ressler: The Whaler put Wujing in a room with two Triad-associated businessmen and millions on the table, why?
[ Nigel walks over with the other men ]
Nigel: If you two are done whispering, where did we leave off?
[ In the game room, Wujing plays against the two Chinese businessmen. He is winning hand after hand ]
Nigel: Let’s get a few answers.
Ressler: Well, let me save you the trouble. I’m an FBI agent here undercover. She’s MI6. You really don’t want to do what you’re about to do.
Nigel: [ Chuckles ] Sure. So, uh, which one of you do I start with?
Ressler: I guess I’ll be your first dance.
Nigel: Get him up.
[ As two men hold Ressler, Nigel pummels him⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️]
[ Siya removes one of her earrings and pulls out a thin blade which she uses to cut the tie binding on her wrists. She grabs a large vase and smashes⚡️‼️⚡️it over Nigel’s head. Siya and Ressler capably subdue the other two. Then Siya cuts Ressler’s ties with the tiny sword ]
Ressler: Where did you get that?
Siya: Us spies have all the best toys.
Ressler: I keep underestimating you.
Siya: Yes, I’ve noticed that. Shall we check back in with home?

Cooper: [ On phone ] But you’re both all right?
Ressler: Yeah, might need some dental work, but yeah, we’re okay.
Cooper: We need to get you out of there.
Ressler: Not so fast. Wujing is here. He’s on site. Downstairs right now.
Siya: Hey, Ressler? Take a look at this.
[ Ressler follows Siya into a back room; Cooper remains on the line. In the back room, there are multiple computer screens focused on Wujing’s game with the Chinese nationals. Cameras focus on each of the players’ hands as they check their cards ] [🔅🔅🔅Computers beeping🔅🔅🔅]
Siya: I’ll be damned. He is gambling.
Ressler: That’s not what I see.
Siya: What do you mean?
Ressler: One of those billionaires just folded with two pair. Lookit, you can see their cards from this angle. Why would he fold with that? Wait. Watch, the other one’s gonna fold now, too.
Siya: They’re letting Wujing win.
Ressler: This isn’t a game. This is a payday.
Cooper: You’re telling me the men in that game are losing on purpose?
Dembe: They must be plants. That makes sense. The Whaler set up the guest list herself.
Ressler: Wujing needs to fund his war with Reddington, right? So, let’s assume that he’s left behind a fortune in Chinese bank accounts before his arrest.
Dembe: Old funds from his spy hunter days?
Cooper: That was over a decade ago.
Ressler: Wujing is a criminal and a fugitive from justice now. Any bank transaction, any money transfer, he has to assume that the Chinese government, the US government, not to mention Reddington and his network – they’re all watching.
Cooper: So he needs to get that money in an untraceable way.
Ressler: Exactly.
Siya: So, Wujing strikes up a working relationship with a casino specialist. He gives her a cut, and she goes to work setting up lines of credit for him under aliases.
Ressler: Clean money for a dirty little war against Reddington.
Siya: He has up to– what looks like millions of dollars.
Dembe: Think about those casinos they’ve already hit in those other cities.
Siya: We can’t let him walk out the door with that money.
Ressler: Well, there’s no way we’re getting anywhere back near that room, not with all this security.

[ Red is standing outside of an elevator. His cellphone rings ✨ ]
Red: Harold, what a lovely surprise.
Cooper: Wujing is in Australia. He’s sitting at a table in a casino while two Triad money men hand him millions and millions and millions.
Red: Quite a tidy little scheme, courtesy of our Whaler. She’s a clever one.
Cooper: Wujing’s up millions, and they’re doing it right out in the open.
Red: The best cons are always in plain sight.
Cooper: Ressler and Malik were ejected from the room and we can’t stop him.
Red: Well, don’t worry yourself. I had an inkling he’d make an appearance at the game. So, I have a backup.
Cooper: What backup?
Red: What’s sweet and fun and Red all over?

[ Elevator bell dings✨]
Red: Hello, there. My name is Raymond Reddington. I don’t have a seat in this game, but I’d love to play in.
Anika: Mr. Reddington, I’m afraid all our seats are full.
Red: Mm. Anika, tell me – how much is your cut of Wujing’s take here tonight?
Anika: Excuse me?
Red: 10% of his winnings? No, you’re better than that. 15. I don’t know how much you helped him to collect at all those other casinos, but I’m guessing he heads for the door this evening with, what, $20, $25 million? That’s a little less than four to you, yes?
[ Red holds up a small sack ]
Red: Here’s six. In diamonds.
Anika: [ Exhales sharply ]
Red: You can take it right now. I’m a sure bet. ⋘⋙ [ Menacing ] You’ve never made a wrong decision in your life. Don’t start now.
Anika: I’m sure something could be arranged.
Red: Pull me up a chair to the man himself, please.

[ Red walks over to the table where Wujing is sitting, stacking his chips ]
Red: Anyone mind if I join the fun? I don’t have a great deal of time, so here’s an idea. What do you say we play one hand? Wouldn’t that be exciting? [ To Wujing ] Just you and me. No limit. I must have millions and millions here.
Wujing: This is quite a bold move.
Red: Well, I’m not armed and you’re not armed, and I highly doubt we’re going to leap across the table and do what? Give each other bloody noses?
Wujing: How’d you know I’d be here?
Red: Calculated guess.
[ The dealer spreads the community cards face up on the table ]
Red: And a $5 million bet.
Wujing: You haven’t checked your cards.
Red: They are what they are.
Wujing: You seem to be a man who takes an awful lot of risks.
Red: Well, there are risks everywhere. Although, you’ve tipped the odds a bit in your favor by stocking the game with your bagmen here. [ Chuckles ]
Wujing: The irony of Raymond Reddington making an accusation. I know exactly what you are. And soon, the rest of the world will see that, too.
Red: You have no idea what I am. You don’t even know how to really look. Your anger and your hate have made you shortsighted.
Wujing: I’m going to be the end of you. I’m all in.
Red: There’s an end waiting for all of us. Call.
[ Line rings ☎️ ]
Baker: [ On phone ] This is Local Area Commander Baker.
Dembe: This is Special Agent Dembe Zuma, Federal Bureau of Investigation, badge number 81452. We have two agents on the premises of the Crown Rocks Casino. They’ve been assaulted, and currently, there is a wanted fugitive on site in a private gambling suite. I suggest you lock down the facility. [ To Cooper ] We need to get Raymond out of there.
Wujing: You think you can what? Frighten me off? This is an impressive display of audacity, you sitting there, but there isn’t a tactic you have in your arsenal that will steer me off course.
Red: At the moment, I don’t need anything in my arsenal, except for the two cards in front of me.
Wujing: Then you’d better hope they’re the right ones, if you plan to take me on.
[ Wujing turns his cards face-up ]
Dealer: Three aces.
Red: There’s one thing you should know before we go any further than this table. Whatever they are, if they’re in my hand, they’re always the right cards.
[ Red shows his cards ]
Dealer: Flush wins.
Red: Aha. Look at that.
Wujing: This doesn’t end here.
Red: I hope not. But at least we’ve played a hand.
Concierge: Ladies and gentlemen, excuse me. I’ve just been informed that the police have entered the casino and they’re heading up here as we speak. If everybody can please just remain calm–
[ Alarm 🚨 blaring ]
Zhang Wei: [ To Wujing ] We got to get out of here.
Wujing: [ To Red ] I’ll be seeing you.
[ Wujing leaves with Zhang Wei ]
[ Siya comes up behind Red ]
Siya: We need to go.
Red: Lead the way, Agent Malik.

[ Later, by the main bar, people move about ]
Siya: No sign of Wujing or the Whaler since the game broke up. Security’s checked every inch of the property. They’re not here.
Ressler: We should be done here pretty quick. We found a bunch of hard drives. This game she was running with Wujing was just the tip of the iceberg. Looks like we have evidence on dozens of clients – laundering, conspiracy, illegal gambling, fraud.
Siya: Wow. Great.
Ressler: You know, you saved my ass tonight.
Siya: We made a good team.
Ressler: You can watch my back in the field any day, but I still meant what I said before.
Siya: About not getting sucked down the drain of this job? I didn’t know Elizabeth. I barely knew my mother. Maybe I’m not like them.
Ressler: Welcome to the team, Siya. But I’m still gonna lose sleep over you.
[ Ressler leaves ]
Siya: [ Exhales deeply ]

Arnold: You know, I don’t usually take meetings like this.
Red: What sort of meetings do you mean?
Arnold: Ones where I have no idea what’s going on.
Red: Well, I guess I’m just lucky. You should see me at cards. You have a project manager on your team. Philip Rutherman. You also have a $78,000 debt to two bookies in Baltimore.
[ Red places a fat manila folder on the desk in front of Cullen ]
Red: That’s 100. The extra 20-something’s for whatever you like.
Arnold: If that’s for me, what’s for you?
Red: I have it on good authority that there’s an opening for a project manager on a site of yours in Sarasota, Florida, starting in a couple of weeks. I think it’s time that Mr. Rutherman and his family transferred somewhere a little warmer, a little wetter, a little further away.

[ Anika de Beer sits in the back of a limo. She checks her plane tickets ]
[ Anika knocks on window to the driver’s seat ]
Anika: [ Loudly ] What’s going on? Why have we stopped? I’m already late for my flight. Hello?
[ The side door opens and Wujing gets in and takes a seat facing Anika ]
Wujing: [ Sighs ] You told me we were safe. You told me you had thought of everything.
Anika: I had. But you never told me you were on some path of assured mutual destruction with Raymond Reddington of all people. You held those cards and you didn’t show me, so I’m not responsible for what happened in Sydney.
Wujing: And that? Was that Reddington, too? How much did it cost for you to betray me?
Anika: I’ll think of another plan. We can get back to work.
Wujing: I have another idea. Tell me – how much is in the bag? Enough to replace what I lost? I guess it’s a start.
[ Silenced ((💥💥)) gunshots ]

[ Children chattering, whistle 🌬️blows ] [ Red sits on a park bench looking through a metal fence at Agnes playing soccer ]
[ Cell phone ringing✨]
Red: Hello, Harold.
Cooper: Authorities in Australia are still looking for Anika de Beer.
Red: They won’t find her. Wujing will have disposed of her by now.
Cooper: At least he wasn’t able to collect his money.
Red: He’ll find another way. There’s always another way. This is far from over.
Cooper: So you won’t believe this, but the problem Agnes was having at school seems to have rectified itself. The girl’s whole family just moved to Florida.
Red: That’s serendipitous news.
Cooper: Don’t treat me like an idiot, Raymond. Your fingerprints are visible from a mile away.
Red: You asked me to stay out of it and I’m out of it.
Cooper: [ On phone ] If that’s the case…
[ Cooper steps up from behind Red and sits down next to him on the bench ]
Cooper: … then what are you doing here?
[ Whistle 🌬️blows ]
Red: You know, Maurice Sendak, one of the most celebrated and most wonderful children’s book authors of all time, he said about children– “You tell them anything you want. Just tell them if it’s true. If it’s true, you tell them.” I hear that and I think it’s the best advice, and yet, still… [ Voice shaky ] What if I want to protect her? What if I just… want her to be a safe, happy young girl?
Cooper: I know how much you care. Truly. I know you have the best possible intentions when it comes to her. But that also means allowing her to skin her knees sometimes. I’ve raised two children of my own in my life. Now I’m raising someone else’s, and I can tell you with certainty, they grow up to be ~ whomever they’re going to be.

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Episode Songs


♫ Chess
By K.S. Rhoads

♪ Do you know why you’re thinking the way you do?
Do you know why you’re thinking the way you do?
Cause you keep throwing up what they’re feeding you

♪ It doesn’t matter if it’s the truth or not
It doesn’t matter if it’s the truth or not
It is if they can get you to say it enough

♪ (Ah-ah-ah-ah Ah-ah-ah-ah Ahhhh-ah-ahhhh)
♪ I’m never gonna change your mind
♪ (Ah-ah-ah-ah Ah-ah-ah-ah Ahhhh-ah-ahhhh)
♪ I’m never gonna change your mind

♪ Are you the bullet or are you the bird?
Are you the bullet or are you the bird?
You’re burning the book and you haven’t read a word

♪ It’s only black and white if you’re playing chess
You have to pick a side if you’re playing chess
That’s the way to keep your head down I guess

♪ (Ah-ah-ah-ah Ah-ah-ah-ah Ahhhh-ah-ahhhh)
♪ I’m never gonna change your mind
♪ (Ah-ah-ah-ah Ah-ah-ah-ah Ahhhh-ah-ahhhh)
♪ I’m never gonna change your mind

♪ Whose eyes
Are blind?

♪ (Oh, we’re all pawns here)

♪ I’m never gonna change your mind
♪ I’m never gonna change your mind
♪ I’m never gonna change your mind
♪ (I’m never gonna change your mind)
♪ [ Instrumental ]

♪ Hmmm mm mmm ~ Mm mm mmmmm
♪ Hmmm mm mmm ~ Mm mm mm mmmmm

Lyrics and Credits: ⇈ (I tried, starting with script)
YouTube: https://youtu.be/AyzwPFHiR7s

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🔴 Script 10:3 The Four Guns (№ 199)

Program air date: 3/12/2023 in the US
Script Permalink: https://wp.me/pDKwi-ej4
EntertainmentWeekly Recap: https://tinyurl.com/mr46tdds

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Matthew McLoota
Written by: Katie Bockes



Brief (Where we’re at): Red has been trying to determine how Wujing has been funding his revenge tour and what his security situation is. Wujing (Blacklister #84) was told by Marvin Gerard (Blacklister #80) that Red was the reason Wujing was imprisoned. Marvin gave Wujing a list of other Blacklisters who had been betrayed by Red, so Wujing could recruit them to help him get revenge on Red. Wujing got help from Jennifer Anne Moores of the Fribourg Confidence group of thieves (Blacklister #140) to help him find Alban Veseli, the Freelancer (Blacklister #145) whose modus operandi is to hide crimes behind mass casualty events. Red managed to eliminate Moores by setting off an explosion while she was retrieving the list showing Veseli’s location (hidden behind the fake identity of a Picasso sculpture called “The Night Owl”). Despite the task force’s efforts, Wujing was able to collect Veseli.

Through his connections at casinos on many continents, Red found out that Wujing was making the rounds of various casinos with help from a woman named Anika de Beer, known as the Whaler ((Blacklister #165). She would set up the games with high roller players (known as whales). The next big game was to be at the Crown Rocks Casino in Sydney, Australia. Red arranged for new task force member Siya Malik to have a crash course in playing Texas Hold’Em poker. She aced her first game and, as planned, was “discovered” by Anika, but when she and Ressler showed up for the game, they were quickly sidelined by Anika’s security. Siya however, broke free and she and Ressler subdued Anika’s security and discovered the games were rigged in Wujing’s favor. Then, Red appeared at the game and threatened Anika with a bribe ‘she couldn’t refuse’ to let him play. Given no choice, she let him be seated at the table with Wujing. Red quickly defeated Wujing, preventing him from walking away with many millions in “clean money.” After the match, Wujing confronted Anika in her limo and killed her, taking the bribe money, a few million dollars in diamonds — a mere pittance compared to what he had expected.

Back home, Red had found out from Cooper that Agnes was being bullied at school and, despite instructions from Cooper, her legal guardian, intervened by arranging to have the bully’s family relocated by his company to Florida. Cooper upbraided Red, but tried to calm Red’s protective feelings toward Agnes, telling him children “grow up to be ~ whomever they’re going to be.”


⭕ Script 10:3 The Four Guns (№ 199)

[ An outdoor rally in Washington DC for Senator Cynthia Panabaker’s re-election campaign. Senator Panabaker was once in direct charge of the Reddington task force, but even as she rose through the ranks at the Department of Justice and into the elected position of Senator of Virginia, she has maintained close ties with the task force ]
Senator Panabaker: So let’s do this, Virginia! Let’s get out the vote! Because believe me, I am just gettin’ started!
[ Cheers and applause 🙌🙌🏽🙌🏻🙌🏾🙌🏻🙌🏼 ]
Man: Yes, sir!
Panabaker: Thank you!
[ Two secret service agents are monitoring the crowd, one is Special Agent Will Strickland. The other is Agent Ives. Ives sees a young man with black hair in the crowd. He calls Agent Strickland on his police radio ]
Agent Ives: One o’clock. Black jacket. I’m gonna check him out.
Strickland: Copy that.
Panabaker: Ladies and gentlemen, Thank you so much. Thank you for coming.
[ Agent Ames approaches the young man ]
Agent Ames: Turn out your pockets for me.
[ The young man turns his pockets inside out. Agent Ames pats him down ]
[ A middle-aged man with a mustache wearing a baseball cap watches the pat-down ]
Journalist: Senator? Senator Panabaker. You’ve been campaigning on fiscal responsibility, but you voted this week to increase military spending by $90 billion.
Panabaker: I don’t see the contradiction. We need a strong national defense, but we also need to make sure that money’s spent responsibly. What we can’t have are things like my opponent securing no-bid contracts for his employers. That kind of sweetheart dealing hurts our troops and our taxpayers.
Journalist: But Senator–
Panabaker: I’m sorry. I have another event today. That’s all for now. [ To the crowd ] Thank you so much! Thank you for coming! Thank you!
[ Cheers and applause 🙌🙌🏽🙌🏻🙌🏾🙌🏻🙌🏼 ]
[ Panabaker sees a friend in the crowd. It’s Harold Cooper, head of the Reddington task force ]
Panabaker: My, my, my! Aren’t you a walking Hatch Act violation.
Cooper: Just a regular civilian, out here to support an old friend.
Panabaker: Oh, I love the sentiment. I hate the “old” part. Let’s just call it friends and leave it at that.
Woman: Gun! He’s got a gun!
[ Gunshot💥 ]
[ Cooper crouches down, reaching for his gun but it’s not clear where the shot was coming from ]
[ Crowd screaming‼️] [ Indistinct shouting!! ]
[ Panabaker has ducked behind a concrete pillar and is breathing heavily. Agent Strickland comes to her side ]
Strickland: Ma’am, are you okay? Have you been hit?
[ He reaches for his firearm ]
Strickland: I’m– I’m disarmed. I’ve been disarmed.
[ Agent Ames checks for his gun ]
Ames: My gun’s gone, too.
Cooper: Do you have eyes on the– You’re bleeding.
Panabaker: [ Panting ] Yeah, it– It’s not mine.
[ It’s Agent Ames who was shot, in the shoulder. He seems to become aware of it no sooner than the others. He slumps back against a fence, but remains conscious ]
Panabaker: Ohh!
[ Strickland speaks into his radio phone ]
Strickland: Shots fired. Agent down. Requesting backup. Repeat, shots fired. Do you copy?
[ Suddenly, he realizes his police radio phone is not plugged in to the transmitter at his waist ]
Panabaker: My God. Harold. What the hell just happened?

[ An old grey building has carved above its entrance: “The Public Bath City of New York” ]
[ Red is showing Cooper around ]
Reddington: It’s this way. These were once an oasis for the wretched masses, a respite from their squalid tenements, where plumbing was a pipe dream and people were kicking their filthy buckets in great numbers. Of course, it took an angry public outcry and several cholera epidemics to convince the City Fathers that their citizens needed somewhere clean and wet to relax with a bar of soap.
Cooper: Fascinating, but I can’t keep doing this back-and-forth to New York from D.C. It’s a terrible waste of time. You didn’t really fly me up here to tour an old bathhouse?
Red: Well, no. I–
[ Cooper sees a bed, desk and card table with two chairs ]
Cooper: Wait a minute. Are you actually living here? This place looks like it should be condemned!
Red: I don’t think so. It has great pipes. And now that the steam room’s up and running, the–
[ Cooper picks up a book ]
Red: Only a side project, Harold. I summoned you up here for more pressing business.
Cooper: Is it Wujing? Has he made some new alliance?
Red: Plans on that front are still in the planning stages. Please.
[ Red motions for him to sit with him at the card table ]
Red: But no. I want to discuss the tribulations of our dear Senator. What a harrowing experience for you both.
Cooper: It was a matter of inches. A few to the left, and a Secret Service agent would have been killed. A few to the right, and – Cynthia.
Red: And that’s not the only quandary keeping you up at night. How to explain the stolen radios, the disappearing guns?
Cooper: It makes no sense. We’re talking about the most highly trained, dependable security in the country.
Red: And yet someone brought them to their knees. I’m afraid you won’t like the answer. Pickpockets.
Cooper: I’m sorry, but common thieves did not disarm the Secret Service.
Red: I’m not referring to a gang of delinquents, Harold. These particular pickpockets aren’t scavengers. They’re apex predators.

[ Flashback: ]
[ The events of the campaign rally replay, but with attention given to how the pickpockets lifted the guns and radios ]
Agent Ames: One o’clock. Black jacket. I’m gonna check him out.
Agent: Copy that.
Panabaker: Thank you all for coming. Thank you so much.
Reddington: [ Voice-over] They study their prey to determine what action will provoke the desired reaction.
[ Indistinct conversations ]
— We love you, Cynthia!
— Hey! Watch it!
— Ma’am. Ma’am, step back.

Red: And once their diversion has you exactly where they want you, they sink their teeth in so fast, you never see them strike. A highly coordinated ambush, the entire pack moving as one. Then they’re gone. Before you even knew they were there. They call themselves the Four Guns.
Cooper: Guns? So they are hitmen.
Red: No. As I said, they pick pockets. It would be beneath their dignity to threaten violence, and they’d certainly never use a weapon.
Cooper: So what’s with the name?
Red: The Four Guns. Gun as in gonif, the Yiddish word for “thief.”
Cooper: But if they’re not killers, then why did they take a shot at Panabaker?
Red: I don’t think they did. Someone else was there yesterday, someone with a motive, who knew the pickpockets’ skill set and how to use it to make Panabaker vulnerable.

[ Flashback: ] [ A pickpocket hands one of the agent’s guns to the man with the mustache and baseball cap ]

Red: And whoever that someone is, they’re going to try again.
Cooper: How do we stop them?
Red: Well, in this case, it’s going to take a thief to catch an assassin.

[ The Post Office ] [ Cooper has been playing surveillance video from the campaign rally, in the moments after the shot was fired ] [ Indistinct shouting ]
[ Cooper clicks off the video ]
Cooper: Reddington has connected our gang of pickpockets to several high-yield thefts, mostly covert jobs.
Dembe: Driftstream Industries. A major energy conglomerate.
Cooper: They lifted a two-factor authentication key off their CTO, took control of their system, and threatened to cut off fuel to half the power plants in Texas, fleecing the company for millions. Sometimes their work gets more notice.
[ The covers of several tabloid newspapers are shown about Norway’s crown jewels being “misplaced” ]
Siya: Oh, my God! Prince Erik! I remember that. They practically stole the crown right off his head, poor idiot.
Ressler: I’m sorry, but why are we looking for them when we should be focused on finding a killer? I mean, Panabaker’s life is on the line here.
Cooper: And the Bureau is conducting an extensive manhunt for her would-be assassin, but Reddington is confident these pickpockets aided in the attack. That means finding them will lead us to the shooter.
Siya: So how do we find them?
Cooper: Start with the scene of the crime. You and Agent Zuma coordinate with our Evidence Response Team. Agent Ressler, you should meet with the Senator’s security detail, but I want to check in on her first, make sure she’s holding up okay.

[ Cooper’s Office ]
Panabaker: Agent Ives won’t be grabbing pickle jars off any high shelves for a while, but I’m praying for him, and I just want to get back to what I was sent to DC to do.
Cooper: Great answer, Senator. But I was there, remember?
Panabaker: [ Sighs ] What do you wanna hear? That I’m terrified? That my opponent’s whipped his base into such a frenzy that someone actually tried to kill me?
Cooper: I’ve read your security file. I know why you were assigned a Secret Service detail.
Panabaker: One of those men almost died for me. Do you know what it’s like to ask a stranger to make that kind of sacrifice?
Cooper: Well, I’m no stranger, but you put it all on the line for me last year. You kept me out of prison. I want to repay my debt to you.
Panabaker: Has the cheese slid all the way off your cracker? There’s a reason I put it on the line, and it wasn’t Christian charity. Reddington blackmailed me.
Cooper: You said that was all forgotten.
Panabaker: Forgotten. But not forgiven. I never want to be under that man’s thumb again. Or anyone else on his team.
Cooper: Look. I’m not here to defend Reddington. I can only focus on the future and making sure that you’re still in it. Cynthia– Please.
Panabaker: What do you need from me?

[ A room at the Post Office. Special Agent Will Strickland from Panabaker’s Secret Service security detail sits down to talk with Ressler ]
Agent Strickland: Boss asked me to come here today, but I don’t have a lot of time.
Ressler: Of course. I just wanna say, I’ve been where you are. My partner, she, uh– Anyway, I hope you’re getting the, uh, support you need.
Strickland: Yeah, I’ll wait to deal with that once you find the man responsible.
Ressler: You said you never saw his face. You didn’t try to pursue him.
Strickland: My primary directive is to protect the Senator. If there were other agents there, maybe, but I would never abandon my post to chase an assailant.
Ressler: The shooter had to pass through a metal detector to enter the barricades, right? Where’d the gun come from?
Strickland: He shot Agent Ives with his own service weapon.
Ressler: You didn’t see him or even realize that you’d been disarmed until much later.
Strickland: I don’t know how he did it.
Ressler: What if I told you that he had help?

[ Two of the pickpockets, Quentin Dodd and Star, are talking with the man in the mustache in the baseball cap. He opens an envelope and takes out a piece of paper ]
Mustache man: The passcode. How’d you get it?
Star: Patience and the right vantage point. Who looks over their shoulder before they type in their code?
Quentin Dodd: So that’s it. We did what you told us. We don’t want any further part in– in– whatever this is.
Mustache man: Do you know what it means to be a patriot?
Quentin: [ Scoffs ]
Mustache man: The tree of liberty must be refreshed with the blood of patriots. I will not stop the bleeding – until liberty is restored.

[ Later, after the pickpockets are gone, the man in the mustache removes ~ his mustache, which is a disguise, as he listens to a tape recording of Senator Cynthia Panabaker talking to her aides ]

[ Flashback: ]
Senior aide on recording: Senator, please, just hear me out. Why press the flesh for two hours when you can spend five minutes with someone who can actually bankroll your campaign?
Panabaker: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. I need you to hush for a second. Shelly, stop taking notes.
Shelly: Yes, ma’am.
Panabaker: Actually, can you step out for a minute, please?
Shelly: Of course, Senator.
[ Door opens ]
Panabaker: Thank you!
[ Door closes ]
Panabaker: Is that door shut?
Senior aide: Yeah. What’s wrong?
Panabaker: Jonathan, what I’m about to say is not to leave this room.

[ Red is at a rare books seller in the Flatiron District in Midtown Manhattan ]
Bookseller: Well, this is interesting. Heavenly Spheres. The first text to suggest Earth is not the center of the universe.
Red: A humbling reminder to us all.
Bookseller: Reading this was forbidden by Sacred Decree. They only printed 400 copies, so a first edition like yours – I’m prepared to offer you 1.2.
Red: I’m not selling. I want to make a trade for something.
Bookseller: Uh, we have a beautiful Audubon.
Red: [ Chuckles ] Something from your private collection.
Bookseller: Private? I’m sure I don’t know what you mean.
Red: Oh, but I’m sure you do.
Bookseller: I recognized your book immediately. It was reported stolen from the Polish Academy of Sciences.
Red: And two minutes ago, you wanted to buy it from me for a million-two. Shall we dispense with the sanctimony?
[ Red and the Bookseller are now in a back room. The Bookseller removes the fabric cover from a glass case ]
Red: [ Gasps ] Ah.
[ Inside the case are several old books with metallic embossed covers ]
Bookseller: Their shimmer comes from an industrial byproduct – arsenic. The Victorians were mad for it. Put it in wallpaper, linen, lingerie. And when they went truly mad from toxic exposure, doctors thought it was hysteria, “witch fever.” We know better now. Which is why these books have been removed from most other private collections.
Red: And if one were to remove the slipcover?
Bookseller: Time has increased their potency. As the binding deteriorates and flakes off, the arsenic enters your lungs, eventually causing total collapse.
Red: I know exactly which one I want.
Bookseller: Are you prepared to own something so deadly?
Red: Oh, it isn’t for me. It’s for a friend.
Bookseller: Hm.

[ A prison ] [ Metal door thuds ⚡️] [ Indistinct conversations ]
[ An Inmate wheels a cart and stops in front of a cell. He has a package wrapped in paper, apparently a book. The man in the cell is Robert Vesco (Blacklister #8), Red’s mentor and friend ~ that is, they are friends when the two aren’t playing tricks on one another. Vesco inadvertently landed in prison when Red miscalculated and Dembe was still trying to prove to Red (and himself) that his allegiance to the FBI superseded his past loyalty to Red (Episode 9:3, The SPK, Blacklister #178) ]
Robert Vesco: I didn’t request anything.
Inmate: Special delivery. Courtesy of Raymond Reddington.
Vesco: Oh, then I definitely don’t want it.
Inmate: Took a lot of juice to smuggle it in. And I wouldn’t refuse a gift from a man with that kind of reach.
Vesco: Please. I taught him everything he knows. Which is half of what I know. Believe me. He tries anything, I’ll see it coming a mile away.
Inmate: And what about me? I’m supposed to make sure you take this.
Vesco: Yeah. He’ll probably kill you.
[ Vesco takes the package and unwraps the book. Inside the cover is a note ]
Vesco: Hmm. [ Reading aloud ] “Dear Robert, as Dickens said, there are books of which the backs and covers are by far the best parts.” “Raymond.” [ Scoffs ] Cryptic bastard.
Inmate: You gonna keep it?
Vesco: Dickens also said, “Get hold of portable property,” especially in a joint like this.
[ Vesco walks away with the book ]

[ The Post Office war room ]
[ Dembe plops a large file box of evidence on a table ]
Dembe: Evidence Response Team recovered the firearms and the radios stolen from the Secret Service.
Ressler: This is the gun that was used in the shooting? Where’d they find it?
Siya: Dumped in a rubbish bin near the park.
Cooper: Any CCTV cameras pointed at that trash bin?
Siya: Unfortunately, no. Say what you will about mass surveillance in the UK, we would’ve had you covered.
Ressler: Reddington said the pickpockets don’t wear gloves, right?
Cooper: It would hinder their dexterity.
Ressler: Great. So let’s lift the prints off this stuff.
Dembe: ERT tested the whole box. All the prints are smudged. Pickpockets must have wiped everything down before they tossed it.
Siya: All they got was half a thumbprint on this radio. Doesn’t match either agent or their families, so it’s almost certainly one of our suspects. But it’s only a partial. There aren’t enough points of comparison to make an ID.
[ Cellphone buzzing ] [ Cooper holds up the phone: “Nick’s Pizza” i.e. Red ]
[ Cooper steps away ]
Cooper: I told you. It’s a dead end. There’s no eyewitnesses, no footage, no physical evidence.
Red: You said something about a thumb. I might be able to work with that.
Cooper: Can’t read it. It’s not a full print.
Red: Eh, my guy won’t need a full print.
Cooper: Your guy? Who’s your guy?

[ Red goes to visit “his guy,” Herbie Hambright, who is accompanied by his baby daughter Sue in a stroller. She’s about one year old. Herbie, as usual, is harried ]
Herbie Hambright: [ Groans ] Thank God you called. I was on the verge. Seriously. I can’t remember the last adult conversation I’ve said. Sue’s a great listener. I’m just so sick and tired of my own voice. I always loved talking to Holly, but now most of the time, we just end up talking about Sue. Or pooping.
Red: [ Chuckles ] Is she asleep?
Herbie: Barely. Um, one little fart, and she’ll be up. And she’s definitely gonna fart.
Red: Leave her to me. This shouldn’t take long.
Herbie: All right. Good. ‘Cause Holly’s got us on a pretty tight schedule. What’s the job?
Red: I need you to identify half a smeared thumbprint.
[ Herbie pulls stuff out of a leather workbag ]
Herbie: All right, well, assuming that the finger mark is not too degraded, I probably will be able to get a few skin cells, maybe even some sweat, and then I just extract the DNA. Easy pease, lemon squeeze. Man. I miss this. Don’t you just love the smell of sodium sulfate? Is that just me?
Red: Maybe it’s time for you to get back out there.
Herbie: Yeah, I wish. Wait. Did Holly say something? I applied to a new crime lab. No luck. As usual. What the hell. Nobody at home yells at me when I ruin the prosecution’s case. I mean, Sue yells, but I usually can fix that with a goofy face.
Red: Well, let’s see what you can find. Who knows, maybe it’ll be a fresh start. Yeah, what do you say to that, Sue? Fresh start?
[ Sue farts ]
Red: Ah, she just farted.
Herbie: Thatagirl.
[ Red peers in the front of the stroller at the baby and smiles ]
Red: Hi, there.

[ The Post Office war room ] [ Siya arrives with tea for the group ]
Siya: Sweet tea. Tea. And sweet tea with milk.
[ Beep🔅]
Ressler: Oh. Drink up. CODIS just matched the DNA we got from Reddington.
[ Keyboard clacks ] [ Photos and legal documents appear overhead ]
Siya: [ Reading ] Quentin Dodd, a.k.a. the Hook, a.k.a. the Mechanic, a.k.a. the Claw, a.k.a.–
Ressler: Okay, so his aliases are up to date, but the rest of this stuff – Last known address, 2011. Last arrest, 2009. Guess the guy figured out how not to get caught.
Siya: He may have changed up his methods, but what about his obsession?
Dembe: What does that mean?
Siya: Look at what the cops found when they arrested him. Patek Philippe. Cartier. Piaget. Those are five-figure watches. Even when he was pulling the bigger jobs, 7 times out of 10, there was a watch somewhere on that seizure list.
Ressler: So the guy’s got a weakness. How does that help us?
Siya: It may be a long shot, but imagine you’re “the Claw.” You’re cooling your heels in DC after a job, bored, fingers start itching. Where do you go to get your fix?
Dembe: Somewhere with a lot of watches.
Ressler: But he’s not a heist guy. He’s not gonna make a run on some million-dollar watch sitting in a safe.
Dembe: What if he never makes it past the lobby? Think of those people coming and going at those big watch auctions.
Siya: Collectors, ones who like to show it off with a bit of flash on their wrist.
[ Indeed, Quentin Dodd does frequent watch collectors gatherings ] [ Indistinct conversations ]
[ After meeting, greeting and lifting watches from various collectors, Dodd approaches a new target ]
Quentin: Jim! Jim! Hastings! What are you doing, man? How’s it– Oh, my God.
[ Quentin grabs the man’s hands with both of his ]
Man: Do I know you?
Quentin: No. I’m so sorry. I thought you were someone else entirely. I’m so sorry. That’s my bad.
[ Quentin tries to let go of the man’s hand, but can’t ]
Quentin: Um–
[ The next thing he knows, the “Man,” who is Ressler, slaps handcuffs on him ]
Ressler: Yeah. Well, you wouldn’t have wanted it anyway. It’s a fake. Just for you, Mr. Dodd.

[ An interrogation room at the Post Office ]
Ressler: That was some pretty sloppy work leaving your print on that agent’s radio.
Quentin Dodd: Did you find that radio in a trash can? No, ’cause I saw that radio in a trash can, and as I was throwing out my soy latte, I started to pick it up, but I didn’t want to get involved. Figured somebody threw it there, had their reasons.
Dembe: Is that right? Hm. You do understand this is an assassination attempt on a U.S. Senator we’re talking about?
Quentin: Did you find my prints on the gun? ‘Cause I bet not. I mean, you may have some DNA from the trash, but come on, FBI, I follow the old rules – I never smarten up a sucker, I never rat to the cops. My hands are tied here on both counts, fellas.
Dembe: What about the count of grand larceny in the third degree?
Ressler: Or the second. Those were some pretty expensive watches you stole.
Quentin: Ah, but to render that verdict, the people — that’s you — must prove my intent to deprive or appropriate as defined by Penal Law §155.05. Did you see me depriving or appropriating? Point of fact, did you find anything on me at all?
Dembe: You were smart enough to stash the evidence in case you were searched.
Ressler: And we did catch you red-handed going for my watch.
Quentin: Yeah, which you said yourself was a fake. So if it costs less than 50 bucks, it’s a Class D bumped down to a Class A misdemeanor. Hardly a federal offense. I didn’t even cross any state lines. So, with my priors, that’s a year in JCI? And I already graduated from that venerable institute, but I’m a big believer in continuing education…

[ Cooper’s office ]
Panabaker: A pickpocket? Harold, please!
Cooper: He’s more than a pickpocket.
Panabaker: Oh, for Pete’s sake. I thought you’d have something to put me at ease before my debate.
Cooper: About that. I don’t think it’s a good idea. In fact, I’d like you to consider suspending all public appearances until we’ve had–
Panabaker: All appearances? I am down 5% in the polls. You trying to help Jerry Hayes walk off with my seat?
Cooper: It could be worse. You could be dead.
Panabaker: I will be dead, politically, if I lose reelection. [ Sighs ] Besides, I have faith in my team. Tell him, Will.
Special Agent Will Strickland: Director Cooper, I can assure you that every precaution has been taken to secure the venue. We vetted the staff, optimized exit routes, and brought in an extra team. I’m confident we can keep the Senator safe.
Cooper: I appreciate that, but, Cynthia, if you insist on going, then I insist on having one of my team there. Agent Ressler, I want you to accompany the Senator this afternoon.
Ressler: Of course.
[ Ressler draws Cooper aside ]
Ressler: [ Low voice ] Uh, we got a problem downstairs.

[ Red is talking on the phone with Cooper ]
Cooper: We caught the thief, just like you told us to, but he wouldn’t give up the shooter.
Red: Ah.
Cooper: Apparently, he knows the penal code better than most. We had to release him.
Red: That’s a shame. Keep your chin up, Harold. There’s always a way.
[ Beeps🔅]
[ Red closes his flip phone and turns around to address Quentin Dodd, who is sitting handcuffed at a metal table ]
Red: Mr. Dodd. I understand that you can see into a man’s pockets, into a man’s mind. Why don’t you focus that superior perception on me. Tell me what you see?
Quentin Dodd: You got me kind of handicapped here. [ Sighs ] But let’s see. Martin Greenfield suit. Brooklyn clothier. Nice. Paul Stuart shoes. You got wealth and taste, but you don’t like to draw attention. Although, that Rolex isn’t hiding its light under a bushel.
Red: Even a simple man has to check the time.
Quentin: No car keys. You gotta go anywhere, someone else does the driving.
[ Red reaches into his pocket and pulls out tickets to the Metro ]
Quentin: [ Laughs ] Ohh! Metro? You?
Red: No one really looks at anyone on the subway.
Quentin: That’s a fair point. No wallet or billfolds. Just cash in your right front. Firearm behind. An extra mag in your right jacket. A flip phone in your left. Now, for your mind – I’ll tread softly. I assume braver men have plumbed your depths and drowned. The stuff you carry, the way your smile never reaches those eyes – it’s just humor and darkness. A life lived too long with little left to lose. Except the life.
Red: You missed something.
Quentin: I didn’t get a good look at your socks.
Red: In my back pocket. You missed all the people I keep there, including a certain Senator you conspired to have killed.
Quentin: Whoa! I had no idea it was gonna go down like that. I don’t know why I just told you that.
Red: Guess I’ll have to kill you now.
Quentin: Please. I won’t breathe a word.
Red: Oh, but I’d like a word. About the shooter who hired you.
Quentin: I can’t talk about that.
[ Door opens ] [ Cart wheels squeaking ⚡️]
[ Mr Brimley, Red’s impresario of persuasion, pushes in a cart laden with metal implements, saws, scissors and wires. Behind Brimley trails a wheeled container of supplemental oxygen connected to his face by a long length of clear plastic tubing ending in a nasal cannula ]
Brimley: What do you think, Red? A belt to cut off the blood? Bit rudimentary.
Red: Still, very effective. You see, Quentin, I suspected that you might prove reticent, and I thought an old-fashioned criminal deserves an old-fashioned punishment. You try to take from me, I take your hand.
Quentin: My hand? You– You wouldn’t rob me of my livelihood.
Red: Rob a thief. How ironic.
Brimley: So, we got your bone nibblers – your shaping mallet – [ Scraping ] – and this. Ever smell bone dust? The Gigli saw was invented 130 years ago, but I still haven’t found a cleaner way to sever a limb.
Quentin: Okay. I’ll talk. I’ll talk.
Red: Tell me about the assassin.
Quentin: [ Exhales deeply ] My crew and I were pulling a job, when this… security guard ambushed us. He had footage of us at work. He kept going on about, uh, the sanctity of the law and how we had to pay for our transgressions. He said something strange about a “higher calling.” He was lording this evidence over us, so we had to go along with his crazy plan. Now, I’ve met some weirdos in my line, but this guy? He scared me.
Red: Where can I find him?

[ FBI agents burst into an apartment with photos on the wall and an upside-down American flag ]
— FBI!
— Clear right.
Siya: He’s not here. What’s with the flag?
Dembe: A military signal for distress.
[ Drawers sliding ] [ Siya sees a photo that stands out ]
Siya: Is that President Diaz?
Dembe: Why would an assassin take a picture with a former President? A disgraced former President?
[ Siya opens a cabinet of items for disguising a man’s face ]
Siya: Check this out. Whoever he is, we probably won’t recognize him now.

[ A man with a mustache and beard and black glasses is going through a security checkpoint ]
Woman: … pockets. Any metal …
[ Beeping🔅🔅🔅]
Man: Yeah. I always set these darn things off. I got shrapnel lodged in my shoulder. Check my ID. You’re gonna have to wand me.
[ Wand clicking ✽ ✽ ✽ ]

[ The Post Office war room ]
Siya: Landlord was a bust. [ Sighs ] The office was rented with a fake ID, paid for in cash. But –
we sent our assassin’s little photo collage to the FACE Services Unit, and – we got a hit.
Dembe: [ Reading ] Lucas Roth. He’s ex-Secret Service?
Siya: 23-year career. White House detail under two presidents. Oversaw transitions, inaugurations.
Dembe: Recipient of the Award for Valor. Sounds like a hero.
Cooper: So, why isn’t he with the Service anymore? [ Keyboard clacks •••• ] Retired at 49. A year before he was eligible? That’s strange.
Siya: How do you know what the Secret Service retirement age is?
Cooper: It’s the same as the FBI’s.
Siya: You’re not thinking of–
Cooper: I’m already older than that, but then again, I run a task force that doesn’t exist.
Dembe: Could this guy’s retirement have something to do with Panabaker?
Cooper: Maybe they crossed paths while she was still White House Counsel. I’ll reach out to Roth’s former supervisor.
Siya: And I’ll keep digging into his wormy little brain. Just take a look at this handwriting. Serial-killer vibes.

[ The other pickpockets in Quentin Dodd’s group have joined him. They include: the young man with the black hair, AJ; a thirty-something Hispanic woman, Star; and an older man, Pops. They are “The Four Guns” ]
Red: I’m so glad we could parlay our complicated first meeting into a lucrative opportunity.
Quentin: Are you saying I had a choice?
Red: And how about the rest of your crew?
Pops: Us old-timers have a motto – In with the gravy, in with the grief. You want your share of the spoils, you take your share of the trouble that comes along with it. Though I hope there’s gravy at the end of this.
Red: With success, you’ll have enough to fill a bathtub.
Quentin: Eh, shouldn’t be a problem. We just need a few days to plan, maybe a week.
Red: You have three hours.

[ Robert Vesco is in bed reading the book Red sent to him ] [ Page turns ]
Vesco: [ Grunts ] Ugh– [ Gasps ] [ Breathing sharply ]
[ Groaning ] [ Gasping ] [ Grunting ]
Vesco: I can’t– I can’t breathe!
[ Grunting ] [ Grunting stops ]

[ The debate between Senator Cynthia Panabaker and her opponent Jerry Hayes is underway ]
[ Audience applauding 🙌🙌🏽🙌🏻🙌🏾🙌🏻🙌🏼 ]
Panabaker: While working families struggle to put food on the table.
Candidate Jerry Hayes: The Senator doesn’t get it. She wants to go after–
[ Ressler is offstage; he takes a call from Dembe ]
Ressler: I’m backstage. Sorry. It’s hard to hear. What’ve you got?
Dembe: The assassin’s name is Lucas Roth. He’s former Secret Service. I just texted you some photos. We need you to show them to Panabaker, see if she recognizes him.
Ressler: I can ask the other agents, but Panabaker’s gonna have to wait. She’s already on stage.
Panabaker: I consider it an honor having served as Senator from the state of Virginia, but when he looks at this seat, he sees dollar signs–
[ Applause 🙌🙌🏽🙌🏻🙌🏾🙌🏻🙌🏼 ] [ Muffled ]
Panabaker: –another opportunity to funnel contracts to his buddies at Hutton-Crane.
[ Off-stage in another area, Lucas Roth who is the ex-Secret Service agent who hired The Four Guns, and made his way through security wearing a false mustache, beard and black glasses, kneels on the floor. He has smuggled in the parts of a ghost gun which he hastily assembles. He pulls the plastic pieces out of his socks. Plastic doesn’t show up on x-rays. As for the metal parts and bullets, he talked his way past the people at the magnetometers by claiming he had shrapnel embedded in his shoulder ]
Jerry Hayes: Contracts mean jobs, good jobs for people in this state. But if that’s your concern, before I even announced my candidacy, I resigned from Hutton’s board and divested all of my–
Panabaker: Divested? [ Laughs ] Come on, Jerry. They’re your biggest contributors! That’s like a man telling his wife he stopped cheating when he’s still going to the clubs every night.
Jerry Hayes: Your friends in the FBI investigated these allegations at the highest level. They found nothing. Talk about a waste of taxpayer dollars.

[ Once the ghost gun has been fully assembled, Lucas Roth pulls the fire alarm ]
[ Fire alarm🚨blaring ]
— Stay calm
[ Indistinct shouting ]
[ Special Agents Strickland and Sanz meet Panabaker as she leaves the stage and direct her to come with them; Ressler catches up ]
Ressler: Wait! Senator! Where are you taking her?
Agent Sanz: Code Gray. We’re initiating lockdown.
Ressler: No, I need to stay with the Senator.
Agent Sanz: Not possible. She’s being taken to a designated extraction point.
[ Fire alarm🚨continues ]
Agent Strickland: We’re almost there, Senator.
[ Ressler follows a few steps behind; he calls the Post Office ]
Ressler: You need to get here. Roth might be on site. They’ve evacuated everyone to a holding area. They’re locking down the theater.
Dembe: Wait a minute. If they’re locking everything down–
Siya: Probably just following protocol.
Dembe: But our assassin’s ex-Secret Service, so he knows the protocol.
Ressler: This could be a setup.
[ Ressler has lost sight of Agent Strickland and Panabaker. He sees Agent Sanz ]
Ressler: Wait. Hey. Where’s Panabaker?

[ Lucas Roth steps out from behind Panabaker and Strickland, pointing the ghost gun at them ]
Lucas Roth: Don’t make a sound. Turn around. Slowly.
[ Fire alarm🚨continues ] [ Roth removes Strickland’s firearm from his vest holster ]
Lucas Roth: [ Reverently ] Senator. It’s an honor.
[ Roth is pointing his gun, not at Panabaker, but at Strickland ]
[ Fire alarm🚨continues ]

[ Cooper and Dembe arrive at the venue ]
Cooper: What do we know?
Ressler: Panabaker’s driver said she never made it to the car.
Special Agent Sanz: We’ve been monitoring the exits, and she’s not in the holding area.
Dembe: So they can still be inside.
Sanz: Sir, I have the floor plans you asked for. This is an old theater. A lot of the rooms aren’t marked.
Cooper: Then we’ll have to split up. Search systematically, room by room.

[ Lucas Roth, Agent Strickland and Panabaker enter a large storage room ]
[ Door closes ]
Lucas Roth: Lock the door, Will.
[ Bolt lock slides, lock clicks ]
Strickland: How do you know my name?
Roth: Move.

[ Ressler is on the phone with Siya at the Post Office ]
Ressler: We’re in the basement. There’s no sign of Panabaker.
[ Siya has been going through the items seized from Lucas Roth’s apartment ]
Siya: Here’s the weird thing – I’m not seeing her in these notebooks, either. I’ve skimmed through like 20. Her name hasn’t appeared once.
Ressler: You’d think for someone obsessed with killing her–
Siya: Right, but I have found other names, like Will Strickland.
Ressler: Wait. As in Special Agent Strickland?
Siya: Roth doesn’t like him one bit.

[ In the storage room, Will Roth peels off the fake mustache and beard ]
Will Strickland: Lucas. Holy–
Lucas Roth: I’d say nice to see you, but we both know that would be a lie.
Strickland: Oh, my God. You shot Ives.
Lucas Roth: A necessary sacrifice.
Strickland: Necessary sacrifice? You’re insane!
Lucas Roth: I have never been more lucid.
[ Panabaker’s hand moves slowly toward the hidden firearm at her hip ]
[ Ressler walks up to Cooper: ]
Ressler: Malik’s saying that Roth worked with both Strickland and Ives.
Cooper: So we’ve got an ex-Secret Service agent, hates one co-worker, takes a shot at another.
Ressler: But how does Panabaker fit in?
[ Panabaker draws her firearm and points it at Lucas Roth ]
Panabaker: Put the gun down.
Lucas Roth: Senator. You don’t understand.
Panabaker: I understand if you don’t put that gun down, you’re gonna get shot.
Lucas Roth: I am going to reach into my pocket. It is just a phone. There’s something you need to hear.
Cooper: [ To Ressler ] We assumed Roth was gunning for Panabaker. She’s the public figure. It only makes sense. But what if she was never the target? What if it was the Secret Service all along?
[ Lucas Roth holds his phone up ] [ Phone unlocks, Beeps🔅]

[ Flashback: Tape recording plays ]
Panabaker: Jonathan, what I’m about to say is not to leave this room. The FBI’s gonna indict Jerry Hayes for bribery. They got a warrant to search his offices tomorrow afternoon.
Jonathan: Oh, my God. There goes the election for him right there. Congratulations, Senator.
Panabaker: Don’t celebrate yet. I’m not even supposed to know. It’s highly privileged. Obviously, this conversation never happened.

Panabaker: How the hell did you get that?
Lucas Roth: Ask him. He recorded it.
Will Strickland: W-What? Senator, that is a lie!
Lucas: You have been betrayed by the man you trusted to keep you safe.
Strickland: Senator, he shot an agent! He is holding you here at gunpoint!
Lucas Roth: [ To Panabaker ] My apologies if I made you afraid. I didn’t see any other way.
Panabaker: Put down the gun.
Lucas Roth: No. I won’t do that. He must face justice.
[ Cooper and Ressler hear a gunshot 💥 and run toward the sound ]
[ Ressler kicks the door open, enters, gun drawn. Lucas Roth has been shot in the arm. He sits upright on the floor ]
Ressler: Senator!
Panabaker: Stand down, Will.
Cooper: Cynthia, did you–
Panabaker: What? Did you think I was gonna wait around for you to rescue me? I’m not exactly a shrinking violet.
[ Ressler pulls Lucas Roth up and handcuffs him ]
Panabaker: Donald, I hope you’ve got a second pair of those. You need to take Agent Strickland into custody, as well.
Agent Strickland: Are you kidding me? You can’t believe this crazy man!
Panabaker: I’ll explain it back at the office, Harold. I need a drink.
[ Handcuffs clicking ] [ Ressler and Cooper leave with Roth and Strickland ]
[ Panabaker steadies herself and follows ]
Panabaker: [ Exhales ]

[ The hospital unit of the prison where Robert Vesco is an inmate ]

[ Man on PA speaking indistinctly ]
Woman’s voice on PA: Dr. Miller, dial 2-1-6. Dr. Miller, dial 2-1-6.

[ Lead pickpocket Quentin Dodd, dressed as a priest, walks down the corridor ]
[ Door opens and closes ]
[ The old pickpocket, Pops, holding a bouquet of flowers, approaches a nurse ]
Pops: Excuse me, miss. How do I get to the maternity ward? Can you believe it? I’m gonna be a grandfather! 73 years old–
[ Can rattles ] [ The nurse’s syringe is gone ]
Pops: –and I still remember when my Jenny was born. Cute as a button.
[ Pops lifts the guard’s set of keys ]
[ Quentin, the “priest” speaks to a guard seated at a desk ]
[ The guard gets up from his desk, keys in some numbers to a keypad to a room ]
[ Keypad Beeps🔅] [ Buzzer🌀sounds ]

[ Man on PA speaking indistinctly ]

Quentin: [ To the guard ] May the Lord smile upon you, my son.
[ Quentin enters the room where Robert Vesco is recovering ]
[ Monitor beeping🔅🔅🔅] [ Door closes ]
Robert Vesco: Oh, Jesus. I– I mean, I’m sorry, Father, but if you’re here – am I dying? Nobody told me I was dying.
Quentin: He who believeth in me shall never die. Not today anyway.
[ Quentin uses a key to unlock Robert’s handcuffs ]
Robert: Oh–
[ Quentin pushes Robert in a wheelchair ]
[ Quentin pushes the door release ] [ Buzzer🌀sounds ] [ Door opens ]
Guard: Hey! Stop right there!
[ The Guard presses the door release ] [ Buzzer🌀sounds ]
[ The Guard chases the wheelchair ]
[ Star, the female pickpocket, pushes a cart in front of the Guard ]
Guard: [ Grunts ]
Star: Watch it!
Guard: I said stop!
[ The Guard chases the wheelchair, but when he catches up to it, it’s not Quentin and Robert; it’s Pops in the chair with AJ, the young pickpocket, pushing it ]
Guard: Where the hell did they go?

[ Quentin pushes Robert to a vehicle loading area; a hearse awaits ]
Robert: Wh– A hearse? I don’t think I like the implication.
Quentin: Just get in already.
Robert: Okay.
[ Vehicle door opens ]
Red: Robert!
Robert: Oh, no. No, no, no. No, no way. I’m not getting in.
Red: Come on, Robert.
Robert: You poisoned me with a book!
Red: All part of the plan, Robert. All part of the plan. Get in the car.
Robert: I almost died!
Red: Okay, so maybe there was a 15% chance, 20% at most. Maybe 25%. But here you are! So, get in, sit back, and relax. You’re a free man! Robert.
Robert: All right.
[ Robert gets in ] [ Grunts ] [ Door closes ]
Red: [ Chuckles, giggles ]

[ In an interrogation room at the Post Office, Dembe talks with Lucas Roth ]
Lucas Roth: When JFK was in Dallas, he didn’t want motorcycles flanking his limo or agents on the running boards. It wouldn’t have mattered in the end, but the men on his detail still regretted giving in to him. So why did they do it? They liked him too much. That’s why we can’t get close to the people that we protect.
Dembe: If it’s dangerous to like someone, what happens when you don’t?
Lucas: The man that I was assigned to, I truly loathed, politically and personally, but when I saw a gun pointed at him, I didn’t hesitate. I still got the bullet lodged right there. You’re an agent, too, so you know. The job doesn’t care how you feel, if your wife left you, if your child is sick. You took a sacred oath to protect democracy, at all costs.
Dembe: But Agent Strickland?
Lucas: He tarnished the star.
[ In another Interrogation room, Ressler talks with Agent Will Strickland ]
Agent Strickland: You have no right to hold me here.
Ressler: You recorded a Senator’s private conversations. I’d say I do.
Strickland: Yeah, maybe I bumped my phone while she was talking.
Ressler: Come on, Agent Strickland. You shared those recordings with her opponent. You were trying to swing the vote against her.
Strickland: Well, if you know everything–
Ressler: I don’t know why. Why her?
Strickland: [ Sneers ] Cynthia Panabaker is unfit to hold office.
Ressler: According to who? The voters in Virginia or just you?
Strickland: [ Scoffs ]
Lucas: He was assigned to protect her, but he violated that sacred trust.
Dembe: What about Agent Ives? The one you shot? Was he involved?
Lucas: No. I’m a trained marksman. I knew exactly where to aim to get Ives benched, but not seriously hurt. I needed to be sure that Strickland was running point today.
Dembe: Why the elaborate plot? Why not just report–
Lucas: Report him to his superiors? You think I didn’t try? The Agency is supposed to be above politics, but in reality – They call it “being made” when you get your first promotion. It’s just like the Mafia. Loyalty is king. If someone on your team screws up – you’re expected to look the other way.
Dembe: So they buried it?
Lucas: And they buried me. But here’s what you need to understand – scandal means something different to us. Appearing compromised can endanger the country, the Presidency itself. I knew they’d never risk it!
Dembe: So that’s why you made the attack so public, so they couldn’t hide–
Lucas: It all has to come out! [ Slams table, exhales sharply ] It’s the only way to restore faith in the Service. It may cost me my life – but I took that oath a long time ago.

[ Panabaker waits in Cooper’s office. She is distressed, tearful ]
[ Cooper enters ]
Panabaker: You caught me. How embarrassing.
[ He hands her a handkerchief; she wipes her eyes ]
Cooper: You’ve been through a lot.
Panabaker: I couldn’t let fear slow me down. Nobody’ll vote for a candidate who’s scared of her own shadow. But I guess it got the best of me.
Cooper: So, what happened?
Panabaker: [ Sighs ]
Cooper: You were recorded talking about your opponent?
Panabaker: Jerry kept getting these no-bid contracts. They suspected he was bribing DoD officials, but before they could execute the search warrant–
Cooper: Your Secret Service detail leaked your conversation, giving him time to cover his tracks.
Panabaker: And then he flipped the narrative, making it look like I was behind some kind of witch hunt.
Cooper: But the tables are turning again. A traitor in the Service. This’ll be a massive investigation. Everyone involved will be exposed.
Panabaker: Ah. Yeah. Poor Jerry. Having your name linked with an attempted assassin like that is never a good look.
Cooper: Have you seen tonight’s news?
[ Cooper gets out a newspaper ]
Cooper: They’re already calling you “Cynthia Six Shooter.”
Panabaker: [ Laughing ] Well, that’s enough to win me re-election right there.
Cooper: I’ll drink to that.
[ Glasses clink ]

[ Red’s plane is in the air with Red and Robert Vesco on board ]
[ Red offers Robert caviar on a cracker ]
Robert: No, no. You first.
Red: You don’t trust me? [ Chuckles ]
Robert: You left me to rot in cinderblock hell! You almost killed me! Mm. And now what? Am I your guest or am I your prisoner?
Red: My guest, obviously. The caviar I serve my prisoners is just fish eggs.
Robert: Oh, come on, Raymond. I know you. You– You’ve got something up your sleeve.
Red: Nothing. Not even a watch.
Robert: Hm.
Red: I knew he wouldn’t be able to resist the temptation, so I installed a tracking device.
[ The pickpockets are in a car. Quentin Dodd has Red’s Rolex ]
Pops: Again with the watch? You need to seek professional help.
Vesco: What if he sells your Rolex?
Red: Doesn’t matter now. I’m about to learn the location of his hideout, should I require his services in the future.
Robert: You see? You always have an angle. And I’m the one who taught you that.
Red: Okay, okay, fine.
[ Red gets up and retrieves a package ]
Robert: So you do have a plan.
Red: There. Surprise ruined. Happy now?
Robert: Yeah. Oh, no. I’m not touching that.
[ Robert peers into the envelope ]
Robert: Wait. Is that Treasure Island?
Red: [ Chuckles ]
Robert: Okay. So that’s why you busted me out.
Red: There’s no hidden message, Robert. This is just a simple gift.
Robert: No, no, no. You gave me Oliver Twist because it’s about an old man teaching a young kid how to be a criminal. Plus, they’re pickpockets. Now, this–
Red: Are we sure the arsenic didn’t damage your brain?
Robert: It says “Treasure” right here in the title, Raymond!
Red: Just a little? We should really get your head examined.
Robert: You are not coming near my head.
Red: [ Chuckles ] Oh, no. …

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🔴 Script 10:4 The Hyena (№ 200)

Program air date: 3/19/2023 in the US
Script Permalink: https://wp.me/pDKwi-ekE
EntertainmentWeekly Recap: https://tinyurl.com/5dr5yr6j

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Directed by: John Terlesky
Written by: Daniel Cerone



Brief (Where we’re at): Red has an adventure planned ~ a treasure hunt, no less ~ for Robert Vesco (Blacklister #8), his old friend and former mentor. Red broke Vesco out of prison by first delivering him in prison a rare book, an edition of “Oliver Twist” by Charles Dickens with arsenic embossed in the cover. The arsenic might have killed Vesco but, as Red planned/hoped, Vesco only landed in the hospital. Then, with help from a gang of four pickpocket/thieves called “The Four Guns” (Blacklisters #199) [Episode 10:3], Vesco was squirreled out of prison into a hearse, where Red was waiting.

The thieves had been implicated in an apparent asaasination attempt against Senator Cynthia Panabaker, who was running for re-election. After the task force had apprehended but failed to hold the lead thief, Quentin Dodd, Red took over and compelled him to give up the name of the actual perpetrator of the assassination attempt, who turned out to an ex-Secret Service agent named Lucas Roth. It also turned out that Roth wasn’t actually trying to hurt Panabaker at all. Rather he wanted to expose the fact that the head of Panabaker’s Secret Service detail, Special Agent Will Strickland, had betrayed her by recording her conversations and giving the recordings to Panabaker’s opponent in the upcoming election.

Once safely on Red’s plane, Red gave Vesco another book, “Treasure Island” by Robert Louis Stevenson. Since “Oliver Twist” had been about a group of pickpockets, Vesco guessed that he and Red would now be going on a treasure hunt.


⭕ Script 10:4 The Night Owl (№ 200)

[ Attorney Don Browning is washing his hands in a men’s room at a restaurant. Another man, Sean Bane, hands him a towel to dry his hands ]
Don Browning: Thank you.
Sean Bane: How’s the evening so far, sir?
Brownwick: Very good. Having a nice meal.
Bane: How many clues have you solved?
Browning: What’s that?
Bane: The clues. To the hidden treasure. How many have you solved?
Browning: I think you have the wrong person.
[ Browning tries to leave, but Bane stops him ]
Bane: I know exactly who you are, Mr. Browning, and as you are the executor of Warren Bostwick’s estate, I know what you have access to. How many clues have you solved?
Browning: Excuse me.
[ Again, Browning tries to get by, but Bane grabs him violently and shoves him against the sink ]
Browning: [ Grunts ]
Bane: How. Many. Clues.
Browning: None. I swear. I-I wasn’t allowed in the room when the will was read! I-I tried to listen, but I didn’t hear anything! Ah!
Bane: I believe you.
[ Bane swings Browning around, clanging his head against a sink ]
[ Browning grunts ] [ Body thuds ]
[ Browning lies on the floor, dead. Bane leaves ]

[ It’s early in the morning at the Coopers’ house. Red, wearing an apron, is in the kitchen, cutting fruit. Harold Cooper enters ]
Red: Harold.
Cooper: Excuse me. Why are you in my home at this hour? This is not okay.
Red: You’re right. It’s not. I understand that. And under any other circumstances, I wouldn’t have imposed.
Cooper: Did you sleep here?
Red: A very quick catnap. Just on the bench over there. Truly, a half-hour at most, and then the time it took to put together breakfast.
[ Cooper notices what looks like an old British Army coat slung across the bench ]
Red: You see, I was at Mount Vernon, playing a very small part in a Revolutionary War reenactment, when I got to drinking quite late with the 1st Delaware Regiment. One thing led to another. Those Blue Hen boys really know how to hold their whiskey.
Cooper: What is going on with you? Do you even have a home anymore?
Red: Please. Sit down, Harold. Have some coffee. We’ve got business to discuss.
Cooper: Like Robert Vesco? Tell me that wasn’t you that broke him out of prison.
Red: I read he escaped from a hospital. Just as well. Prison’s no place for a man of Robert Vesco’s stature or advanced age.
Cooper: You realize that we have to track him down now and arrest him.
Red: Well, you could do that, but you’ll be leaving three young women in mortal danger. The Hyena is on the hunt.
Cooper: A Blacklister?
Red: Of the lowest order. Are you familiar with Warren Bostwick?
Cooper: New York hedge fund titan. Died a couple years back. They say they never recovered his fortune.
Red: Ah. Last week, Bostwick’s attorney was found dead in the men’s room at Benneker’s. What looked like a slip and fall was really the work of the Hyena. When professional thieves or white-collar criminals are imprisoned, their stolen goods are rarely recovered. Do you know why?
Cooper: They’re too well hidden. Waiting for the felon’s jail sentence to end so they can be reclaimed.
Red: And that’s when the Hyena strikes. A scavenger by nature, he sniffs out the hidden spoils by shaking down family members and associates, torturing them, murdering them.
Cooper: Warren Bostwick may have played it fast and loose in the market, but he was not a criminal.
Red: No, but old Warren did leave behind a hidden fortune worth hundreds of millions, and the Hyena has caught the scent.

[ The Post Office war room. Cooper briefs Ressler, Dembe and new task force member, Siya Malik ]
Cooper: His real name is Sean Bane. He uses extreme violence to hunt down what he’s looking for, and right now he’s hunting the lost fortune of this man.
Siya Malik: One week before his death, Warren Bostwick liquidated his portfolio and transferred his massive wealth into an unknown account. To date, those funds haven’t been recovered.
Cooper: Bane is deviating from his usual MO by targeting an innocent man’s fortune. Last week, he killed Bostwick’s attorney. His next logical target would be Bostwick’s three surviving daughters.
Ressler: Triplets?
[ Photos of three identical triplets appear overhead; the young women appear to be in their late twenties or early thirties ]
Malik: Yes, and protecting them won’t be easy. Cordelia’s in a remote village in Bolivia doing relief work, Alex went off the grid eight months ago, and Kendall’s the only one we have a location on.
Cooper: She was CFO of her father’s company until his death. She’s now living in his Westchester mansion.
Ressler: Sorry, but Wujing is amassing Blacklisters as we speak to take down Reddington. I mean, why would he divert us to babysit a bunch of rich women?
Cooper: It doesn’t matter. They’re in danger. Ressler, Dembe, meet with Kendall. Agent Malik, I want you to reach out to some of your international contacts, see if you can track down the other two sisters.

[ Red grabs a chair in a room with multiple shower heads and sits down across from a dozing Robert Vesco, reclining in a beach chair. He’s wearing blackout shades over his eyes ]
Red: [ Chuckles ] Hello, Robert.
Vesco: Mmm-hmm?
Red: Comfy?
Vesco: Hmm! I’m limper than a drunk jellyfish. Ooh. I haven’t had a Turkish massage like that since that hammam in Antalya.
Red: Well, after a year in lockup, you deserve it. Lunch from Mama’s TOO! will be here within the hour.
Vesco: Hmm.
[ Vesco lifts the shades to peer out at Red ]
Vesco: Raymond – [ Sighs ] I love the hospitality here, but I feel like I’m being fattened up for a slaughter. When does the axe fall?
Red: There’s no axe.
Vesco: Hmm. So, what gives? First you bust me out of prison. Now you’re treating me like a hairy princess.
Red: I’ve lost a lot of people, Robert. If my circle of friends gets any smaller, it won’t be a circle. I just want to fill my world with people I care about.
Vesco: What a crock of crap. You need me for a job or what?
Red: I need you for a job.

[ Ressler and Dembe talk with Kendall Bostwick, who is living in her father’s mansion ]
Ressler: Don Browning didn’t trip and fall in that bathroom. Your father’s attorney was murdered.
Dembe: We have strong reason to believe there’s a violent criminal chasing his fortune, which puts you and your sisters in danger.
Kendall Bostwick: Forgive me, gentlemen, but you’re beginning to sound like the conspiracy nuts. I mean, there are entire subreddits devoted to the mystery of why Warren Bostwick liquidated all of his holdings.
Ressler: And what can you tell us about that?
Kendall: How about I let my father tell you?

[ Kendall Bostwick, one of Warren Bostwick’s triplet daughters, shows Dembe and Ressler the video her father made for his daughters to watch after he died ]

[ Video: ]
Warren Bostwick: In my dwindling days here on Earth, I’ve made a bleak discovery. I may be a market genius, but I’m a lousy parent. My three adult daughters are just waiting for me to die so they can cash out. I can feel that every time you visit me. You three are strangers to me, and barely sisters to each other.

That’s why I’m leaving this video, in hopes that I may do in death what I failed to do in life, teach you to work hard – and to work together. It’s the only way you’ll ever see my money.

[ Red relates the story to Robert Vesco ]
Red: As part of his effort to make them earn their inheritance, old Warren consolidated his assets into Bitcoin.
Vesco: [ Scoffs ] Some financial wizard. He took a bath there, huh?
Red: On the contrary. Even after the market crash, Warren’s fortune has doubled since his death. But more importantly, all his crypto funds are stored in one location.

[ Video continues: ]
Warren Bostwick: An anonymous digital wallet. I’ve created a passcode for that wallet, which I’ve split into three pieces. At the end of this message, I’m going to read you a poem I wrote.

Red: The poem is a treasure map, its lines filled with hidden clues drawn from his personal life.

Warren Bostwick: Solve the clues to reveal the passcodes and access ungodly riches.

Dembe: Have the three of you been able to solve any of the clues together?
Kendall: [ Scoffs ] Together was never an option. No, I mean, I love my sisters, but they’re free spirits. They don’t know how to hold onto money. But when I find the funds, I’ll provide for them. As the eldest sister, it’s my job.
Ressler: Wait. The eldest? You’re triplets.
Kendall: And I’m the eldest by 12 minutes.
Dembe: Who knows about the existence of the clues and the hidden passcodes?
Kendall:As far as I know, now that Don Browning is dead, just myself and my sisters.
Dembe: Can we get a copy of the poem?
Kendall: Why? So you can become weekend treasure hunters? I’m sorry, but I need to get back to work, agents. Thank you for warning me of the danger.
Ressler: Sorry, but we’ve been authorized to provide you with a full-time FBI detail.
Kendall: And I appreciate that offer, I do, but I’m sure my security team can handle any threats that find their way here. Thank you.

Vesco: For two years, Warren’s own daughters haven’t figured it out. What makes you think we can?
Red: Well, we’re men of a certain age who tippled with Warren on many a balmy night in Mustique. Robert, I’d venture to say that you and I know far more details of Warren’s personal life than even his own daughters.
Vesco: Well, what the hell? The girls had their chance.
Red: Shall I read the first stanza of the poem?
Vesco: You have it?
Red: [ Reading ]
  “To find the answer that you seek you’ll need to sit with Hemingway.
   To Have or Have Not your desire.
   Just stay until the sun’s last ray.”

Vesco: How did you get ahold of that?
Red: “To Have or Have Not.” Warren’s daughter Kendall secretly paid a cryptanalyst to comb thorough the entire book for hidden cyphers. That’s how this whole affair came to my attention. The cryptanalyst is one of my better-paid resources.
Vesco: Oh. Hemingway. Warren always struck me as more of a Faulkner guy.
Red: [ Chuckles ] You were struck correctly. I once heard Warren call Hemingway “a drunk Neanderthal who couldn’t string six words together.”
Vesco: [ Chuckles ] So he hated Hemingway. But he loved his Arturo Fuente Hemingway cigars. Ooh. Hand-rolled in the Dominican. Always kept a box in the humidor in his study.
Red: Robert, did you just solve a clue?
Vesco: Well, maybe half a clue. To figure out the rest, we need to find a way into Warren’s study.

[ Kendall Bostwick’s home (her father’s mansion ]
[ Doorbell rings✨] [ ♪ Classical music plays ♪ ]
[ Kendall’s Night Guard looks through a viewing label and sees an FBI badge being displayed ]
Man: FBI. For Miss Bostwick.
Night Guard: Go up and see her if you want. Miss Bostwick told you. She doesn’t require any FBI protect–
[ The Night Guard opens the door. The man holding up the badge is Sean Bane (“The Hyena”). He strangles the Night Guard from behind with a strap ] [ Body thuds ]
[ Kendall Bostwick is working by the fire ] [ ♪ Classical music plays louder ♪ ]
[ Sean Bane appears ]
Bane: Good evening, Miss Bostwick. It’s time you and I had a friendly chat.
[ He snaps the strap ]

[ The Bostwick mansion ] [ Police radio chattering ]
[ Kendall Bostwick’s body is being placed on a gurney ]
Guard: I arrived at 7:00 a.m. for my shift, and her body was cold when I found it hanging here, and I called you straight away.
Ressler: Was there a night guard here?
Guard: Jimmy. He’s always here when I check in, but this morning, there was no sign of him. I guess Kendall sent him out so she could, uh–
Ressler: Look, why don’t you write down his cellphone number and address for me, huh?
Guard: Alright. [ Pen clicks ]
[ Dembe walks over ]
Dembe: M.E. says he can’t determine a cause of death until after the autopsy.
Ressler: Don’t need an M.E. to tell me what happened here. This wasn’t a suicide.
Dembe: The Hyena is working his way through the sisters.
Ressler: Yeah, well, we need to find the other two, and their protection’s a priority now.
Dembe: Malik’s reaching out to the relief organization that Cordelia works for. They’re getting word to her.
Ressler: What about Alex? The one who’s off the grid? We have any info on her?
Guard: I know where Alex lives. I’ve driven Kendall to her building in Hoboken lots of times.

[ Hoboken, New Jersey ]
[ Ressler and Dembe pull up to a worn-down looking residential building ]
Ressler: A rich Bostwick daughter lives here?
[ Inside, they go to an apartment ]
Dembe: Urban off-the-grid living. It’s a thing.
[ A surveillance camera blinks overhead ]
Ressler: Well, if she’s here, she knows we’re here.
[ Knocking on door ✽ ✽ ✽ ]
Alex Bostwick: Who are you?
Ressler: Alex Bostwick?
Alex: I said, who are you?
Ressler: Agent Ressler, FBI. This is Agent Zuma. We need to speak to you about your sister Kendall.
[ Locks clicking ✵✠✵ ] [ The door opens slightly but some chain locks remain engaged ]
Alex: They got to Kendall?
Dembe: Her body was found hanging in the study.
Alex: [ Whimpers ]
Dembe: We have cause to believe she was murdered. I’m sorry.
Ressler: You said “they.” Who are “they”?
Alex: I don’t know! I don’t know! They– I mean, I’m trying to find them, too. They hide in the Internet of Things. It’s my father’s fortune that they want, so they hunt me down. Just buzzing bugs in the machine and in my mics, my webcams, my brain. I thought– [ Chuckles ] I thought Siri was my friend, but, no, I mean, wherever I go, they find me, and now, what, they got– They got to Kendall.
Dembe: We don’t want to cause you alarm, but the man who got to your sister, he’s coming after you, too. We want to offer you some protection. Can we come inside?
Alex: [ Chuckles ] Oh– I’m sure you’d love to come inside and find out what I know, huh? You– You are just like them. Or maybe you even are them. That’s it. That’s it. Oh, what the Feds would love to do with Daddy’s money.
[ Door slams ‼️] [ Locks click ✵✠✵✠ ]
Ressler: She’s really not well.
Dembe: We need to put surveillance on this building immediately. Whether she wants it or not.

[ Red and Robert Vesco are at the now-empty Bostwick mansion ] [ The door has a police “Do Not Enter” sign plastered on it. Red ignores it and works on breaking the lock ] [ Rattling ]
Red: Ah. Almost there.
[ Door opens ]
Red: Now, if I recall, Warren’s lair is to the right here.
Vesco: [ Chuckles ] Yeah.
[ The enter the smoking room. Red sees a box of cigars ]
Red: Ah. Hemingways. Robert, you called it. [ Chuckles ]
Vesco: So, now what?
Red: “To find the answer that you seek, you’ll need to sit with Hemingway.” Don’t have to ask me twice.
[ Lighter clicks ¤ 🔥] [ They light the Hemingway cigars ]
Vesco: Mmm. Well, it’s kind of batty, isn’t it? I mean, sending your own kids on a scavenger hunt to claim their inheritance.
Red: I don’t know, Robert. Who’s to say how one might feel at the time of their death? Warren may have felt amused, mischievous, or maybe just hopeful. Better that than fear or pain or regret. At the moment of my death, I just want to feel alive.

[ Bolivia ]
Cordelia: [ On phone ] Agent Malik. Hi. This is Cordelia Bostwick.
Siya Malik: Thank you for getting back to me, Ms. Bostwick. First of all, I’m so sorry about your sister. They told me you got the news this morning?
Cordelia: Yeah. It’s been a challenging day, that’s for sure. But, uh, you know, this is just gonna take some time to process.
Siya: Of course, and I don’t want to make that any harder, but I need to let you know that your safety is in jeopardy. There’s a dangerous man after you and your sister, and he will find his way to you.
Cordelia: In– In Bolivia?
Siya: He’s chasing your father’s money.
Cordelia: So, you– You want me to come to where a killer is?
Siya: We have no way to keep you safe if you don’t. If you’re here, we can assign you a full-time protective detail in an FBI safe house.
Cordelia: Okay. Um, yeah, I mean, I’m– I’m planning to come back for the funeral, anyway, so just– Just give me the details.

[ Vesco and Red are finishing up their cigars. It’s getting close to dark ]
Vesco: Hmm. Well, the Hemingway’s almost dead. I’m nubbing it here, bud. How is this supposed to solve a clue?
Red: Trust the poem. “To Have or Have Not your desire, just stay until the sun’s last ray.” It’s still light out.
Vesco: Yeah. Barely. If we’re gonna do more cigars, I need better light to see.
[ Vesco leans over ] [ Grunts ] [ He switches on a table lamp ] [ Click ✽ ]
Vesco: Ah.
[ The lamp is Tiffany-style, with horizontal hues of red, ivory, and orange ]
Vesco: Raymond. Does that look like “the sun’s last ray” to you?
Red: I’ll bet that’s a Handel lamp. Hand-painted. Take a look under the rim.
Vesco: “H-A-N-D-E-L.” Ah. Oh, there’s a model number, too. “6160. W.R.” What’s that?
Red: That’s the craftsman’s initials.
Vesco: Oh.
Red: Put it all together–
Vesco: It’s a hidden passcode!
[ Both laugh ]
Red: I’ll be damned. So, you sit with the Hemingway cigar until the sun goes down, prompting you to turn on the lamp, revealing the hidden passcode. Not bad.
Vesco: Not bad? Come on. Read the next clue. I’m feeling lucky!
Red: [ Chuckles ] Alright. [ Reading: ]
  “You can’t define its radiance.
  You love it irresistibly.
  So find the stone I speak of.
  And whisper to it softly.”

Vesco: A radiant stone. Irresistible. Uh – Like a gemstone?
Red: No. Warren wasn’t impressed by precious gems. Terrible investments. Too easy to lose or steal. In fact, he once told me the only diamond he ever bought was the one he put on Marilyn’s finger. [ Points ] Right there! And immediately after buying it, Warren had the diamond itself laser-engraved with a miniature code so small, it can only be seen by microscope, so if the ring were ever stolen, he could prove it was hers.
Vesco: That’s vintage Warren.
Red: He engraved everything he owned. Remember? Fountain pens. Golf clubs. Even his racehorse. Tattooed its ear.
Vesco: [ Chuckles ] What are the chances that invisible engraving in Marilyn’s diamond ring is the next piece of the passcode?
Red: Fits the clue. But where’s the stone? Marilyn died in childbirth. Hope he didn’t bury it with her.
Vesco: He didn’t. Look here.
[ Vesco points to a photo of one of the triplets wearing her mother’s ring ]
Red: I’ll be. I believe that’s Alex, the oddest duck in the brood. Warren must have passed the ring down to her.
Vesco: Mmm-hmm.
Red: This young woman is wearing the answer to our next clue.
Vesco: I love a diamond heist.
[ Both chuckle ]

[ Ressler sits in the back of a parked van ]
Siya: [ On phone ] We got a hit from one of the area motels where I circulated photos of Bane. He checked out 40 minutes ago, driving a white Chevy van with stolen tags, carrying what looked like a tool belt.
Ressler: Was that the only sighting?
Siya: For the moment.
Cooper: We just issued a BOLO and added the plate to the ALPR hot list. If we get an alert, we’ll let you know.
Siya: I’m leaving for JFK now to meet the third sister and escort her to the safe house.
Cooper: Be careful out there. All of you.

[ Tadashi Ito is working at a laptop when Red enters with Vesco ]
Red:Tadashi, any luck finding her address?
Tadashi: Luck? No. Skill? Ya boy! Before Alex Bostwick went off the grid, she was a heavy social-media user, but last year, she went full digital detox, with one exception. Two weeks ago, she accidentally posted to one of her dormant accounts. She wrote to a user named MadIRC. I located him in an obscure chat room, where I lurked until Alex joined under the user name OptimisticPanda. That gave me her IP address, and from there, it was a hop skip to her geodata.
Vesco: What’d he just say?
Red: [ Chuckles ] We have her address. But Alex won’t just open her door for us. If we want to get inside and find her mother’s diamond ring, we need an angle.
Tadashi: Hmm. That’s easy. Alex has devolved into a conspiracy freak. Based on her discussions in the chat room, she’s convinced that she’s being monitored by ultrasonic listening devices.
Vesco: She’s just paranoid. She’s been chasing that fortune for two years!
Tadashi: Alex contacted MadIRC because he claims to have invented an Exotic Modulation Detector to sniff out ultrasonic surveillance.
Red: Did he?
Tadashi:[ Laughs ] No way!
Red: Well, whether he’s invented anything real or not, MadIRC has invented an alter ego. Perhaps we can employ the ingenious MadIRC for our purposes anyway.
Vesco: Yes. MadIRC is just an archetype for a character, waiting for the right actor to step inside and breathe life into the role.
Red: You don’t know anything about ultrasonic surveillance.
Vesco: I have Tadashi here to coach me.
Red: We’ll see. Tadashi, can you send a private message to Alex and make it look like it’s from MadIRC? We should set up a meeting.
[ Keyboard clacking ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ]

[ Siya is driving Cordelia Bostwick from the airport to the FBI safe house ]
Cordelia: Ugh. Yeah. I was afraid something like this would happen. Eventually. I mean, with all that hidden money out there, you know, it was only a matter of time before word got out that we were given clues to find it.
Siya: What about you? Did you try finding it?
Cordelia: Sure. I mean, after we watched his video, I wanted the three of us to work together. It’s what my father intended by writing that stupid poem, and I thought it would give us the best shot at solving it.
Siya: I gather that’s not what happened.
Cordelia: Oh, no. The claws came out. Like always. Kendall tried to take control of us. I guess, I don’t know. She thought it was her role as CFO in the company. Poor Alex just started showing strain under the pressure of it all right away and just– crawled into her own shell.
Siya: So you walked away?
Cordelia: That’s right. My father left each of us modest trust funds, and it was enough to get by on. But I really don’t want any part of his wealth now. I’ve just seen what it does to people.
Siya: Well, we’ve got a couple leads on our target, so hopefully we can get you back to your relief work soon. We’re driving to a safe house in Flatbush, where two agents will provide full-time protection.
Cordelia: Okay.

[ While Ressler waited in the van outside Alex’s building, Dembe went out to get some fast food. Now he’s back ]
Ressler: Oh. I’m starving. What took so long?
Dembe: Eh, long lines, long lines.
[ Dembe gets in ] [ Grunts softly ]
Dembe: Here you go.
Ressler: Wait. These are French fries. I ordered onion rings.
Dembe: Well, I told them onion rings. They must’ve made a mistake on the order.
Ressler: Yeah, but you have onion rings.
Dembe: Yes. They got my order right.
Ressler: Hey. Somebody’s coming.
[ Red and Vesco are walking along the sidewalk by the building ]
Ressler: I knew it! Reddington just gave us this case to take out the competition. I’m not standing by this time. I’m going to arrest Vesco.
Dembe: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. If the Hyena is out there right now, watching this building, you’ll just alert him to our presence. Keeping the sisters safe is what matters.
[ Someone else is watching Red and Vesco: Sean Bane, “The Hyena.” He’s watching them through binoculars. He makes a phone call ]
Bane: [ On phone ] I have some bad news for you. The Feds are sitting on Alex’s building. We have a new player in the game. Raymond Reddington, the FBI’s Most Wanted man, just walked inside.
Cordelia: [ On phone with Bane ] Ah. Okay. [ To the two FBi agents who have just been assigned to protect Cordelia ~ from Bane ] Um, excuse me, gentlemen.
[ Cordelia moves into another room, the kitchen ]
Cordelia: Yeah. How did this happen?
Bane: I don’t know.
Cordelia: Okay, well, um, we only have two parts of the passcode, so we need to find out what Alex knows. Can you, um – Can you get her out of there?
Bane: I’ll figure something out.
Cordelia: Uh, without killing her this time?
Bane: Hey! I did you a favor by taking out Kendall. She suspected you.
Cordelia: Just get Alex out and bring her to me.
[ She walks back into the living room, where the agents have been watching tv ]
[ TV playing indistinctly ]

[ Inside Alex’s building, Red and Vesco walk to her apartment ]
Red: You keep Alex interested, and I’ll look for her mother’s diamond ring. Hopefully it’s still on Alex’s finger.
Vesco: Have you stopped to consider that if we find this fortune, we’ll be robbing two young ladies of their inheritance?
Red: Pish posh. I told you, Warren thought his daughters were a disaster.
Vesco: Mmm.
Red: Hey. Do you remember the password exchange?
Vesco: I wrote the password exchange.
[ Vesco knocks ✽ ✽ ✽ ✽ ]
Alex: Hello?
Vesco: I have no mouth and I must scream.
Alex: Great souls suffer in silence.
[ Locks clicking ✵✠✵ ] [ Door opens ] [ Alex is carrying a fluffy white Maltese dog with black button eyes ]
Alex: MadIRC. Hi. Hi. Uh, come in. Come in. Come in.
[ She re-locks the numerous locks ✵✠✵✠ ]
Alex: Hi. Um, I’m– I’m Alex–
Vesco: Oh, shh, child. No birth names. It’s safer that way.
Alex: Ah, yes. No, yes. You’re right. Of course. Our– Our personal data is all we have. It must be protected at all costs.
Vesco: Precisely why I invented the EMD.
Alex: The Exotic Modulation Detector. Yeah. I know. And– Here– Here, come in. Um, you know, I need additional security solutions. The standard sweep tools aren’t enough. And now that they can turn all of our technology, even our lights, into audio transmitters, it’s just, nobody’s safe.
Vesco: Slow down, OptimisticPanda. Uh, one step at a time. First, I’d like you to meet my associate.
Red: Oh. Yes. Uh, CosmicMuffin.
Vesco: To determine whether my EMD can detect emanating light fields here, CosmicMuffin needs to conduct a search first.
Alex: Sorry. What–
Vesco: Eh, purely visual.
Alex: Okay. Okay. Uh, yeah, what– What’s he looking for?
Vesco: Oh, any objects that might interfere with the EMD’s signal reception.
Alex: Like what? Certain metals. Alloys. But the worst are crystals. You can’t have any crystals with a mineral base inside your home, like rubies, emeralds, diamonds.
[ Dog 🐶 barks ] [ Growls ]
Alex: I don’t– I don’t own any gemstones.
Red: You sure about that? Most women have at least one piece of jewelry lying around. An old necklace. A diamond ring.
[ Dog 🐶 barks ] [ Alex pets her dog ]
Alex: Yeah, I mean, I used to own jewelry, but, yeah, I sold it all to finance a personal project. I even had to sell my mother’s wedding ring.
Vesco: So no diamonds?
[ Dog 🐶 barks 🐶 ]
Alex: [ Chuckles ]
Red: [ To the dog ] Hello, you.
Alex: Yeah, Diamond was, um, my father’s best friend, and he knew how much I loved her. I can get a little, um, activated sometimes, and so my shrink says that a service animal can help. She used to say that, but I fired her because she had something pretty suspicious hiding in her Prada glasses.
Red: I’m just gonna finish my search.
[ Red walks toward a side room. He snaps his fingers and Diamond the dog follows ]
Vesco: So, as I was saying, the EMD is a very special thing because without it …
[ In the side room, Red sits and picks up the dog ]
Red: [ Softly ] We were looking for the wrong Diamond, weren’t we? Yes – Old Warren tagged his racehorse. Why not you, too? I’m supposed to “whisper to you softly.”
[ Red looks in Diamond’s ears and, indeed, finds a tattoo inside Diamond’s left ear ]
Red: Look at that. [ Chuckles ]

[ Cordelia carries a pot of coffee into the living room at the safe house ]

Man on TV: –entitlements are nothing more than socialism in action.

Cordelia: Uh, anyone want more coffee?

We all live in America. We all–

FBI Agent: We rely on a steady flow of coffee for this job.
Cordelia: [ Chuckles ] Yeah. I bet you do.
FBI Agent: Thank you.
Cordelia: You’re welcome!
[ TV playing indistinctly ]

[ Outside Alex Bostwick’s apartment building, Sean Bane peers around a corner ]
[ Suspenseful music playing ] [ Sean Bane walks over to a power box and drops a heavy bag of tools on the concrete floor ] [ He pulls a chain from the screen panel protecting the power box ]
[ Inside Alex’s apartment ]
Red: Well, I’d say after a cursory glance around that we’re done here. I’ve seen everything I need to see.
Alex: Ah. Uh, okay. What– What– What does that mean? C-Can you still sell me the EMD? I have money. I wanted to pay you for it.
[ The power box⚡️sparks⚡️and blows 🔥]
[ In Alex’s apartment, the lights go out ]
Red: [ Low voice, to Vesco ]There’s something I’ve been keeping from you. We’re not the only ones hunting this fortune.
Alex: What?! You’re loo– You’re looking for the money? Ugh! I cannot believe I let you in. I mean, who– Who are you? How did you even find me?
Red: She’ll be okay, but we can’t be here. I’ll meet you downstairs.
Vesco: Okay.
[ Vesco leaves ]
Red: [ Speed-dialing ] Power’s been cut. The Hyena is here. She needs protection. Hurry.
[ Ressler and Dembe jump out of the back of the van and run into the building ]
[ Ressler and Dembe enter Alex’s apartment ]
[ 🐶 Dog 🐶 barking 🐶 ]
[ They find no one (besides Diamond the dog) ]
Ressler: Did Bane get here first?
Dembe: I don’t believe so. Take a look at this. Looks like an old garbage chute.
[ Inside the large garbage chute is a rope ladder ]
[ Alex emerges from the garbage chute at the ground level. Sean Dane is waiting for her there ]
Sean Dane: Your sister Cordelia told me about your little escape route. Very eager to hear what you’ve learned about the treasure.
[ He grabs her and pulls her toward his vehicle ]

[ Ressler calls the Post Office from Alex’s apartment ]
Ressler: We lost Alex. We think the Hyena has her. Unless Reddington has her.
Cooper: Reddington?
Ressler: Yeah, he was here, along with Vesco, too. You know those two frauds are chasing the missing fortune, too?
Siya: Sir!
Cooper: Hold on, Agent Ressler.
Siya: NYC DOT just got a traffic-cam hit on Bane’s white van. It’s moving east on Avenue D toward Flatbush. That’s the neighborhood where I dropped off Cordelia. It’s where the safe house is.
Cooper: The Hyena’s got one sister. Now he’s going after the other. Did you call her protective detail?
Siya: Yes, and no one’s answering.
Cooper: [ On phone ] Agent Ressler, you and Agent Zuma get to that safe house. I’ll try and reach Reddington.
Ressler: Copy.

[ Red is driving Vesco ]
Vesco: You didn’t think that I might want to know that there’s a homicidal maniac on the same treasure hunt as us?
Red: I didn’t want to make you anxious.
Vesco: Well, I’m anxious now.
Red: [ Scoffs ]
Vesco: What about Alex? You think she got away?
[ Cellphone rings✨] [ It’s Cooper. Red ignores the call ]
Red: I sent in reinforcements. And since when are you worried about a mark, anyway? You’ve made a life of preying on impressionable minds.
Vesco: Yeah, sure, when they’re functional minds. But Alex– I don’t know. I mean, this poor kid. She’s not dealing from a full deck.
[ Red hands Warren Bostwick’s treasure hunt poem to Vesco ]
Red: Here. Read this. The last stanza. Let’s stay focused here.
Vesco: [ Reading ]
  “Every story much reach an end.
  Such sadness that it doth impart.
  To finish mine, drop to a knee and read what’s carved upon my heart.”

Vesco: Well, that’s grim.
Red: Indeed.
Vesco: “Read what’s carved upon my heart”? You don’t think Warren literally, you know–
Red: What, carved the passcode onto his heart? Robert, please stay with me here. Though I wouldn’t be survived if one of those sisters had exhumed his body by now to check. No, I have a feeling the true hint lies in the first half of the stanza. I’m certain of it. We need to locate Warren’s grave.

[ The Bostwick mansion, where Cordelia lives ] [ Sean Bane pushes Alex inside ]
Alex: What is happening? Why– Why are we here?
[ Alex sees one of the FBI agents assigned to protect Cordelia lying motionless on the floor ]
Alex: Oh, my God.
[ Cordelia walks in ]
Cordelia: Ah. It’s been a while, sis. I’m, um– I’m really sorry we pulled you out of your shelter. I know how safe you feel there, but, um– [ Chuckles ] Forces are closing in around us. I need to know if you’ve solved any of the clues.
Alex: You? Did you kill Kendall?
Cordelia: That wasn’t supposed to happen.
Alex: Okay, b-b-but it did.
Cordelia: I tried, okay? I-I am the one who wanted us all to work together to do this the way that our father asked, but Kendall insisted on doing it her way, and you just– Alex, you just crawled into a hole. Okay, well, now we’re doing it my way.
Sean Bane: You’ll want to leave the room in this next part.
Alex: [ Chuckles ] Okay. Well, if you want it so badly that you’d kill Kendall, what’s the point?
[ Alex goes to her bag and gets out a slip of paper, which she hands to Cordelia ]
Alex: It was tattooed inside Diamond’s ear.
Cordelia: [ Chuckles ] The stone was the dog.
Alex: Of course.
  “You can’t define its radiance.
  You love it irresistibly.”

That’s exactly how Daddy felt about that dumb animal.
Alex: She’s not dumb.
Cordelia: I know. I know, Alex. I know you love her as much as Daddy did. And Daddy tailored each of these clues to each one of us. I mean, our best chance at solving the poem was for us to work together.
Alex: Yeah, well, that’s a little hard to do with a dead sister.
Cordelia: [ Scoffs ]
Bane: We’re done here, right? We have all three clues. Time to cash out.
Cordelia: No. No, no, no. Not yet. If Raymond Reddington is as much of a threat as you say he is, then I need to destroy the answer to the third clue before he finds it.
[ Cordelia goes over to motionless FBI agent and retrieves his gun ]
Cordelia: Oh, and, um, you know– I’m, uh, coming around to what you said about Kendall. We just– We really can’t afford to leave any witnesses behind.
[ Cordelia points the gun at Alex ]
Alex: Cordelia. Don’t. Cordelia.
[ From outside the mansion, a shot 💥 is heard ]

[ In a cemetery, Cordelia is smashing the monument above her father’s grave when Red and Vesco appear ]
Cordelia: Which, uh– Which one of you is Reddington?
[ Simultaneously, pointing ]
Red and Vesco: He is.
Cordelia: [ Chuckles ] It doesn’t matter. You’re too late. I destroyed the answer to the third clue.
Red: It would appear you and the Hyena make quite a formidable pair. You know he’s still going to kill you, right? The moment you withdraw those funds.
Cordelia: I wouldn’t count on that.
[ At the mansion, Ressler and Dembe have arrived. Ressler checks the FBI agent ]
Ressler: He’s still alive.
Dembe: But Bane’s not.
[ Bane is slumped against a wall, shot in the neck ]
[ Alex is in the kitchen ]
Alex: [ Whimpering ]
Dembe: Are you okay?
Alex: Yeah.
[ Ressler checks for a pulse on the second FBI guard, who lies on the kitchen floor ]
Dembe: Where’s your sister?
Alex: I-I don’t know. She– She told me to wait here until she gets back. She says we’re gonna be a family again.
[ The cemetery ]
Cordelia: You, uh, figured it out, huh? The epitaph on my father’s grave. The final piece of the passcode. I mean, I knew the answer because he ordered his tomb before he died and I paid all of his bills. The final stanza said:
  “Drop to a knee and read what’s carved upon my heart.”
This inlay on his monument is made of rose quartz. It’s one of the heart chakras.
Red: Your interpretation of the clue– [ Inhales sharply ] A bit simplistic, don’t you think?
Cordelia: Why? What– What– What are you talking about?
Red: You’re conveniently neglecting the first half of the stanza.
  “Every story must reach an end.
  Such sadness that it doth impart.”

Do you know what made your father sad?
Cordelia: [ Scoffs ] My father was not a feeling man.
Red: On the contrary. One afternoon, he and I were anchored off Carriacou, sitting on the bow of his yacht, when he shared with me the key to his financial success. It was the sadness he felt over the loss of your mother. What drove him to make all that money you’re so desperate for was a desire to dull the pain deep inside. But all the riches in the world couldn’t fill the hole that your mother left in his life. She was his heart, not some silly chakra. Your mother’s body lies right here beside your father, beneath a simple grave marker, because he wasn’t a wealthy man when she passed. Ah! Look. What do you know? There’s an epitaph. The answer to your father’s clue.
Cordelia: What does it say?
[ Cordelia lunges toward the grave marker ]
[ Gun fires 💥 ]
Cordelia: Ow! You shot me in the foot!
Red: [ To Vesco ] We’ve got what we need here. You ready to go?
Vesco: Hold on. We can’t just leave her here with the final piece of the puzzle.
Red: Don’t worry. I have a cleanup crew on standby to pick up the trash.
Vesco: Oh.
Cordelia: [ Whimpers ]

[ Red and Vesco visit Tadashi Ito ]
Tadashi: Okay, I’ve strung together the three passcodes and entered them into the login page for Bostwick’s digital wallet.
[ Beeps🔅] [ Beeps🔅🔅🔅]
Tadashi: Ta-da! Shi.
Red: Well done, Tadashi.
Vesco: That’s a healthy balance.
Tadashi: Wait. There’s something else in his wallet. It’s an NFT. Non-fungible token. This one’s a video file.
Red: Is that what the kids call a TikTok?
Vesco: I think that’s a Chatsnap.
Red: Huh.
Tadashi: Stop. I-I’m gonna open the file. [ Key clacks ✽ ]

[ Video recording: ]
Warren Bostwick: Congratulations, girls. In solving all three clues, you’ve taken a journey into your old man’s heart. A fine cigar. A faithful pet. And the love of a good woman. Your mother. That’s what sustained me in life, even after her death. I’m sorry I wasn’t there more for you girls. It’s a great failing, and I do regret it.

[ Flashforward: ] Alex Bostwick, reunited with her dog, Diamond, is waiting on the landing at the Post Office when her sister Cordelia is brought in under guard and on crutches on the yellow elevator to be interrogated. The two sisters exchange looks.

[ Video continuing: ]
Warren Bostwick: But in earning your inheritance, you overcame your differences and pulled together, just as I knew you would. Hopefully, if this experience has taught you one thing, it’s what’s really important. The meaning of family. Enjoy your money, girls. You deserve everything you got.

Red: A tragic tale, no doubt.
Vesco: Hmm.
Red: But at least it brought us together, my friend.
Vesco: Yeah. I’m still waiting for that axe to fall.
Red: There is no axe, Robert. Tadashi, transfer half of Warren’s cryptocurrency into Robert’s account.
Vesco: Eh, actually, I was thinking that one-third might be more appropriate for the situation.
Red: Why, Robert, you do have a heartbeat after all.

[ The landing at the Post Office ]
[ The doors of the yellow elevator clang open in the distance ] [ Alex cuddles Diamond ]
[ Cellphone chimes✨] [ It’s a text from Alex’s bank announcing a digital transfer ]
[ Alex opens the link. Millions and millions of dollars are pouring into her account ]

[ Cooper’s house ] [ Door opens, closes; it’s late ] [ Cooper enters ]
[ Red is sitting at the kitchen table ]
[ Cork pops. Red pours two glasses on Scotch ]
Cooper: Do I need to buy a blow-up mattress?
Red: [ Chuckles ] I know you have questions, Harold, about jailbreaks and Robert Vesco, hidden fortunes. Fire away.
Cooper: Actually, no. I don’t have any questions.
[ Cooper sits at the table ]
Cooper: At this point in our relationship, after 200-some-odd Blacklisters, I’m aware of your games, and nothing you do surprises me anymore.
Red: If that’s the case, perhaps you’ll honor my request to stay away from Robert Vesco.
Cooper: Why’s that?
Red: I can’t be certain, but I may need some… help. The sort of help the task force cannot provide.
Cooper: I’ll consider the request. By the way, who walked away the winner?
Red: What’s that?
Cooper: Bostwick’s riches. You and Vesco. Who screwed over who this time?
Red: Oh, that’s all behind us, Harold. We’ve had our ups and downs, Robert and I, but he’s an old friend, and our days of betrayal are thankfully a thing of the past.
Cooper: Hmm.

[ An underground garage. Robert Vesco gets out of a taxi ]
Chang Wei: [ Calls out ] Robert Vesco.
Vesco: I already placed my annual order for Girl Scout cookies. Tell your story walking.
Chang Wei: I represent Mr. Wujing. He was given your information by Marvin Gerard, the late attorney for Raymond Reddington. What if I told you your arrest by the FBI last year wasn’t bad luck? It was a plan. Formulated and orchestrated by Raymond Reddington. You walked into his trap.
Vesco: Why would Reddington do that?
Chang Wei: If you want to learn more, call this number when you’re ready, and we’ll send a car. Mr. Wujing looks forward to discussing your shared interests.

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🔴 Script 10:5 The Dockery Affair

Program air date: 3/26/2023 in the US
Script Permalink: https://wp.me/pDKwi-em1
EntertainmentWeekly Recap: https://tinyurl.com/2kd8aty3

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Directed by: Ruben Garcia
Written by: T. Cooper, Allison Glock-Cooper



Brief (Where we’re at): Red’s response to being pursued by Wujing (Blacklister #80) has been to “hide in plain sight,” riding the subway, sleeping in various locations (including at the Coopers’) and riding the rails between New York City and Washington DC. He’s also been taking time to hook up with an old friend, Robert Vesco (Blacklister #8), his mentor and occasional collaborator. He sprung Vesco from prison (Episode 10:3 The Four Guns) and shared an adventure involving a treasure hunt in which the two solved three riddles hidden in a poem left by multimillionaire Warren Bostwick for his triplet daughters. They recovered the fortune and split the money three ways between themselves and the single deserving daughter, Alex Bostwick.

But, fresh from that reaffirmation of their friendship, Vesco was contacted by a representative of Wujing, who informed him that he had been betrayed by Red. How much Vesco knows about Red’s relationship with the FBI is unclear, as is the degree to which he blames Red for his recent incarceration (which Dembe was more responsible than Red). Judging by the past, Vesco will play to win the advantage, but he knows that, especially now, he owes Red as well.


⭕ Script 10:5 The Dockery Affair

[ Three weeks ago ] [ Ominous music plays ]
[ Judge Alice Dockery is in her home study. Shelves of law volumes line the wall. A large vase of calla lilies sits on her desk. She has pulled out a file drawer and frantically searches for a file. She pulls one out one and opens it ]
Judge Alice Dockery: Okay. Ohh– Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, God.
[ She makes a phone call ]
[ Line ringing✨] [ cellphone chirps 🔅] [ A police officer in a vehicle answers ]
Detective Patrick Fleming: Hello?
Judge Dockery: Detective? It’s Judge Dockery. Do you have a minute? I just pulled into my driveway. It’s been a day. What’s up?
Judge Dockery: I need to talk to you in person right away. It’s about a case.
Detective Fleming: Which case?
Judge Dockery: Just come to my house. I’ll explain when you get here. Please hurry. I’m scared.
[ Phone clicks ✽ ]
[ Detective Fleming arrives at the Judge’s home ]
Detective Fleming: Judge Dockery? Front door was open!
[ Fleming enters the study ]
Detective Fleming: Is every– Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. … Alice?
[ Judge Dockery is at her desk, slumped forward, motionless. The vase of lilies is tipped over. Her hand is inside her laptop. Carefully, the detective uses a pen to open the laptop. A single word has been typed on the screen in all caps: BRUNO ]

[ The present ]
[ Baby crying❗] [ Herbie Hambright is home caring for his one year old daughter, Sue. He offers her a pacifier ]
Herbie: Can I give you this?
[ The pacifier helps ] [ Crying stops ]
Herbie: [ Softly ] Yeah. There you go. There you go.
[ Knocks on door ✽ ✽ ✽ ] [ Herbie opens the door ]
Red: Heya, Herbie!
[ Herbie motions for Red to keep his voice down ]
Red: [ Softly ] Ah.
[ Red enters and hands Herbie a paper sack ]
Red: This is for later.
Herbie: Thought you were getting in later.
Red: I caught the earlier Northeast Regional.
Herbie: Oh, w-why would you take the Regional? So much needless stopping.
Red: There’s no such thing as a needless stop, Herbie. Time is the ultimate luxury, a thing to be savored, not hoarded, nor compressed, nor controlled, as if any of us can control time in the first place.
[ Harried as usual, Herbie rushes around cleaning up after Sue ]
Red: Anyway, I’m sure you didn’t invite me down here to debate the merits of public transportation – or to watch you housekeep.
Herbie: No, yeah, no. Of course. Man, I-I-I will never get used to the crushing volume of stuff required for someone so small. And why does all of it have to make noise? You know what I mean? Like, I am surrounded by pink, plastic torture devices.
Red: It can be that way with dogs, too. I know a miniature Dachshund, Larry. That little guy’s got tons of stuff.
Herbie. Oh, uh, Holly made sure you had clean sheets on the spare bed and extra towels in the bathroom.
[ Red has been mixing up living arrangements on an almost daily basis ]
Red: Ah, don’t worry about me. Where is Holly, by the way? I was hoping to catch her band. What are they called again? The Vegan-somethings. The, uh– Uh, no, the, uh– No. Meat Vegans!
Herbie: The Vitameatavegemins.
Red: Ah.
Herbie: Yeah. Post-punk klezmer. She’s got a gig in Charlotte tonight.
Red: You married the Jewish Debbie Harry. Oh, well, maybe Debbie Harry is the Jewish Debbie Harry. I wouldn’t know. But good for you, Herbie. Now, tell me why I’m here.
Herbie: Need your advice, Red. I’m not sure if you know about the murder of Judge Alice Dockery a few weeks back. She was killed shortly after presiding over the trial of the infamous mob boss Paul Bruno, now spending his golden years in federal prison. Bruno’s son, Paul Jr., was charged with the judge’s murder. His defense lawyer wants me to consult on the forensics of the case. Retribution is their theory.
Red: From what I know of Paul Sr., retribution is a dish he generally serves cold. This crime is – decidedly hot. He has nothing to gain by tasking his only son with a revenge killing.
Herbie: Yeah, I mean, I agree. But the thing is, everybody in law enforcement sees this as an open-and-shut case. They’re hungry to take down the whole Bruno family, and this is their ticket. But if I accept this job and go against the tide, defying the entire NYPD and defending the Brunos, I’m– I’m just not sure I have it in me to be the lone David going up against that particular Goliath again.
Red: Maybe you won’t have to. Give me a second.
Herbie: Yeah.
[ Red calls Cooper at the Post Office ]
Cooper: [ Answering ] So you’re in town?
Red: A quick in-and-out, Harold. Just visiting a friend.
Cooper: Does that friend have anything to do with our Wujing predicament? Because I’ve been thinking we should—
Red: I’ve got Wujing covered for now, Harold. This has to do with something else. The Judge Dockery murder in New York?
Cooper: I know the one. Bruno’s son took her out after she sentenced his father to life. From what I hear, they’ve got him dead to rights.
Red: In my experience, things that are that obvious are often obvious for a reason.
Cooper: Are you saying the NYPD got it wrong?
Red: [ Chuckles ] Y-You remember Herbie Hambright, my associate, the forensics whiz who came to your aid before? He’s been approached by Bruno’s defense team. And from what he’s seen so far, he’s not inclined to believe Junior’s the culprit either.
Cooper: And you’re inclined to believe Herbie?
Red: I am.
Cooper: We’ll look into it. Judge Dockery was a venerated legal mind. All of law enforcement owes it to her to get this right.

[ Cooper confers with Donald Ressler and Siya Malik in the war room ]
Ressler: We’re wasting time on a cut-and-dried case because of a Reddington hunch about his pal, a convicted mob boss?
Cooper: Reddington doesn’t have a dog in this fight. Herbie, the guy who helped us run down that fingerprint from the Secret Service case, brought it to Reddington’s attention. Herbie believes the case isn’t as cut and dried as everybody seems to think.
Ressler: Look, everyone knows that this was just payback on the one judge who finally had the stones to put away the legendary Paul Bruno Sr.
Cooper: That may be, but when the stakes are this high is precisely when details tend to get overlooked. Let’s take a quick peek under the hood of the case. If the facts support Junior as the perpetrator, no harm done.
Siya: Well, the lead detective on the Bruno case, Patrick Fleming, also found the judge murdered at the scene.
Cooper: Let’s start there. Have him walk us through the investigation.

[ Siya and Ressler talk to Detective Patrick Fleming ]
Detective Fleming: The letters B-R-U-N-O were typed out on the keyboard. Her bloody fingerprints on the keys. I don’t know how the FBI does it, but where I come from, that’s what we call irrefutable evidence.
Siya: Yeah, well, we’re just curious.
Fleming: What? You think I’m not? Alice was my friend. I’m starting to wonder if I should take offense to what you two seem to be suggesting.
Ressler: Nobody’s suggesting anything here, all right?
Fleming: Look, Judge called me that night, told me to come over quick, that she just learned something about a case. She was terrified. I never heard her like that. Paul Bruno Jr. had been tailing and intimidating her for months throughout his dad’s entire trial. We have video evidence of Junior parked outside her house, her office, her gym. The guy’s a hothead. That’s obviously what she was spooked about.
Siya: Would you mind if we take a look at your case files?
Fleming: Knock yourself out. You’ll just come to the same conclusion we did.

[ Robert Vesco enters a room to meet with Red’s enemy Wujing. Vesco is accompanied by Wujing’s security man, Zhang Wei ]
Vesco: Usually when somebody appears and says they’re taking me to their boss, I assume it’s someone I screwed over. But I’m relieved to say I have absolutely no idea who the hell you are.
Wujing: [ Chuckles ] I am Wujing. I’ve long been a fan of the legend that is Robert Vesco. A man of great escapes and even greater mystery. I myself recently broke out of prison, and I imagine there’s a lot I could learn from you.
Vesco: Well, if you summoned me here to give you a master class on life on the lam, you got the wrong guy. Like they say, those who can’t do, teach. So if you don’t mind, maybe we could put the hood back on and you guys can drop me off someplace I can get a bite to eat.
Wujing: Are you aware of Raymond Reddington’s association with the FBI?
Vesco: First off, it’s none of your business what I’m aware of. And, secondly, any criminal worth their salt cultivates relationships with certain – amenable authorities. Raymond Reddington has the deepest pockets in Christendom and the biggest reach. Of course, he greases the wheels.
Wujing: [ Chuckles ] Oh. Reddington’s doing much more than that. I would say it’s less a “friends with benefits” arrangement than a long-term relationship that your pal has gotten himself into with the U.S. government.
Vesco: Have you heard the name Elizabeth Keen? Hm? Of course, Reddington’s well-connected with the FBI. Hell, his former bodyman, Dembe Zuma, is working for them now, with a shiny gold badge and everything! [ Chuckles ] Mmm. Call me when you have an actual revelation.
Vesco: The FBI has a top secret Task Force sanctioned at the highest levels of government whose sole focus is to bring down criminals like us with the personal help of Raymond Reddington. In fact, that very team was behind your last arrest.
Vesco: And you got this information how?
Wujing: From Reddington’s own attorney, Marvin Gerard, now deceased, as you know – also thanks to Reddington. I suppose you should consider yourself lucky that he only sent you back to prison.
Vesco: Hm.
Wujing: Reddington is working with the FBI, using all of us, including you, as collateral he trades on, chits to play for his, and only his, gain. Ask yourself how he’s always wriggled out of every net.
Vesco: And why are you telling me this now?
Wujing; Because I’m assembling a team of talented and motivated individuals whom, like yourself, Reddington has betrayed. A man like you would be a true asset to the cause, one I think you will find very rewarding.

[ The war room at the Post Office ]
Cooper: I wanted to let you know Agent Zuma’s not coming in today, so the two of you will be on your own.
Ressler: Is he okay?
Cooper: I sent him home early yesterday, and he’s still not feeling great this morning. Where are we on the Dockery case?
Siya: Herbie might have had a point about the detectives rushing to judgment, but we can’t yet determine whether any mistakes were made in the investigation. On its face, the evidence against Bruno Jr. looks pretty solid.
Cooper: Maybe someone who appeared in her courtroom wanted to settle a score. What about the leads that weren’t investigated? Ressler, request files for all the cases that the Judge has presided over the last couple of years. And, Agent Malik, Reddington said that Herbie submitted requests for discovery in the Judge’s murder case, but there’s a backlog. That, or it’s being slow-walked to him.
Siya: I’ll make sure we get everything to Herbie ASAP.
Cooper: Good. Reddington seems to think that Herbie might be able to see things others don’t. On that note, let’s play the particulars of our relationship with Reddington close to the vest.

[ Herbie’s apartment ]
[ Rhythmic knocking ✽-✽ ✽ ✽-✽ ]
Herbie: Okay, okay.
[ Door creaks ] [ Herbie opens the door, bouncing baby Sue ]
Herbie: [ To Sue, whispering ] Okay.
Siya: Uh– I’m supposed to be dropping some things for an associate of an associate of mine. D– Are you Herbie?
Herbie: Uh, yeah. Yeah, I believe that I’m – the associate – of your – associate. But, um–
Siya: Cute baby.
Herbie: Oh, thank you. Thanks. Yeah. She’s been a howler monkey from hell this morning. Yeah, every morning. You have kids?
Siya: No.
Herbie: Uh, yeah. Sorry. Forgive me. Come on in. Come in.
[ Siya enters ]
Siya: So – how old is she?
Herbie: Ah, she’s almost one. [ To Sue: ] Whee! [ Closes door ]
[ Red steps out ]
Red: Herbie, the water pressure in that shower could strip the hide from an elephant. [ Sees Siya ] Oh, good. You’ve met Siya. Siya, this is Herbie.
Herbie: So the F-B-freaking-I?
Red: Oh, Siya’s just a good friend. She has quite an in with the Bureau. So, Herbie, are these materials gonna work for you?
Herbie: Um. Here.
[ Herbie offers Sue to Siya to hold ]
Siya: [ Nervously ] I-I’m good.
Red: Here.
[ Red holds out his arms ]
Red: Okay. Here you go.
[ Red takes Sue ]
Red: Ah. Yes.
Herbie: Thank you.
[ Red gives Sue a kiss on the cheek ]
Herbie: Okay. Uh, w-what? This is literally everything I’ve been asking for. How did you get your hands on this so fast?
Siya: Fast hands, I guess.
Red: Thank you for stopping by, Siya. Tell the boss hello for me.
[ Another kiss for Sue ]
Siya: Will do.
[ Door opens ]
Red: Okay. Well, have at it, Herbie.
[ Door closes ]
Red: I’ve got a 10 a.m. train back to Penn Station.
Herbie: Okeydokey. I’ll see you later.
Red: Perhaps I could leave this [ Sue ] with you.
Herbie: Ooh. No. I was thinking you’d just take that back to New York.
Red: Okay.
[ Turns toward door ]
Herbie: No, no, no. No, no. I got her. I got her. I got her. I got her.
[ Red hands off Sue to Herbie ]
Herbie: [ To Sue ] Come here.

[ Interrogation room. Ressler talks to an Ex-con ]
Ex-con: I despise that judge. There wasn’t a day I didn’t sit in my cell fantasizing about all the ways I could get to her as soon as I got out.
Ressler: And it just so happens that you were released the week she was killed.
Ex-con: Yeah. It’s called good behavior. I went straight to Vegas to marry my girl. Here.
[ Shows some photos on his phone ]
Ex-con: Ain’t she pretty? [ Sighs ] Those are time- and date-stamped, by the way. I got a marriage certificate, an invoice from the Flamingo. We got up to a, uh, lot of marital business in that hotel room, I can promise you that.
Ressler: We’re gonna need to see hard copies of – all of this.
Ex-con: Yeah, I bet you will.
[ In a different interrogation room, Siya interviews Anton Johnston ]
Anton Johnston: Judge Dockery gave me my life back, bravely defying those who wished to see me punished for a crime I didn’t commit. She offered me a fair trial in what can be a very unfair world. I was devastated by the news of her death. I was hoping to work with her more in the future.
Siya: Right. You, um, intersected with Judge Dockery after you were acquitted?
Anton Johnston: I launched a legal justice foundation after my acquittal and asked Judge Dockery to join the board.
Siya: Did she accept your offer?
Anton: She couldn’t, for professional ethics reasons. She was a brilliant legal mind. It really is such a profound tragedy.
[ Ressler next interviews a Trophy Wife ]
Ressler: You lost everything when your husband got locked up. Houses, cars, country-club memberships. Now, who’s to blame for that?
Trophy Wife: Him. My husband’s to blame, the moron. He did the insider trading. And I thought he was watching pοrn all those nights in his office. Turns out he was being naughty in a much less interesting way.
Ressler: [ Clears throat ] Where were you on the 8th?
Trophy Wife: A charity gala. It was a pity invite from my friend Talia. She keeps saying I should get back out there, but how can I trust a man ever again? Call Talia. She’ll tell you I was with her. I was crying in the Atherton Club ladies’ room like it was prom night or something.
[ Siya next interviews a Dentist ]
Siya: And did you blame the judge for the loss of your dental practice after the malpractice conviction?
Dentist: [ Chuckles ] Yeah, but, honestly, I’m glad I got stopped. At first, it was a little defrauding the insurers on a bill or two, but it spun out of control. Unnecessary fillings. Root canals. I couldn’t stop myself. Getting convicted in Judge Dockery’s court changed my path for the better. I’m on a more – authentic journey now.
Siya: And on the 8th?
Dentist: Oh, I-I was at an ayahuasca ceremony led by native Shipibo healers. An intention reset. Highly recommend.
Siya: Right.

[ Siya knocks on Ressler’s door ✽✽ ]
Siya: Hey.
Ressler: That was a bust. What is that now – 11 interviews? Nobody seems to have had it in for the Judge or even been in the area that night.
Siya: Right now it feels like this case is exactly as it appears to be.
Ressler: Occam’s razor.
Siya: The Judge led us directly to her killer, Bruno Jr.
[ Siya’s cellphone buzzes «»»»» ]
Siya: [ Answering ] Hello.
Herbie: Siya. Hey, it’s Herbie. Um, you said to call if I needed anything.
Siya: Yeah, of course. What is it?
Herbie: I just made my way through the files. There is something you gotta see.
Siya: Be right there.

[ Herbie’s apartment ] [ Rhythmic knocking ✽-✽✽-✽ ] [ Herbie lets Siya in ]
Herbie: [ Softly ] Shh. I finally got her asleep. Judge Dockery couldn’t have typed “Bruno” on her laptop.
Siya: What?
Herbie: [ Whispering ] I said the Judge couldn’t have typed the name “Bruno” because her spinal cord was severed.
Siya: [ Mishearing ] “A cold from severe weather”?
Herbie: Her spinal cord was severed. The cause of death was strangulation, and, of course, spinal-cord transection from a stab wound is fairly rare, so no one would have paid much attention to that injury. But after getting stabbed, Dockery couldn’t have moved a finger, much less her whole body. She would have been paralyzed instantly.
Siya: I’m still having trouble hearing you.
Herbie: [ Loudly ] So the Judge would have been paralyzed!
Siya: [ Laughs ]
Herbie: Oh. Ha, ha, ha. Oh, that’s very funny. Very–
[ Baby crying❗]
Herbie: Oh, God. Oh, I can’t wait till Mommy gets back to deal with her demon spawn. Right, cutie? Yes. Okay. Daddy’s here. All right. Okay.
[ Siya makes a call ] [ Line ringing ✨]
Cooper: [ Answers on speakerphone ] Cooper.
Siya: Hi. It’s me. Herbie was right to be skeptical. Turns out Judge Dockery couldn’t have typed her killer’s name. It would have been medically impossible.
[ Sue cries❗in background ]
Ressler: So someone intentionally put Junior in the frame for the killing.
Cooper: 10-4, Siya. Let’s arrange a prison visit with Bruno Sr., see if he has any idea who that somebody might be.

[ A federal prison ] [ Paul Bruno, Sr is brought in wearing handcuffs ]
Paul Bruno, Sr: Ohh. Look. It’s the Feds. This must be my birthday.
Ressler: Easy. I come in peace. Here to talk about your son.
Bruno, Sr: Oh, my son? The son you got locked up for no good reason.
Ressler: Oh, like killing the judge who finally put you away for good?
Bruno, Sr: Junior didn’t kill nobody. Not that you stronzi care about the truth.
Ressler: Hmm, well, that’s where you’re wrong. We think your son might have been framed.
Bruno, Sr: Oh, you don’t say. Gonna try to convince me the Pope’s Catholic next? This is what I’ve been telling these people since they picked up my boy. He’s innocent!
Ressler: Then tell me. Who would have wanted to set him up for this murder?
Bruno, Sr: I’ve been trying to figure it out myself. Because once I do–
Ressler: What about your rivals?
Bruno, Sr: I made peace with the Decanios and Tortorellas before I went in.
Ressler: So nobody but your son had motive?
Bruno, Sr: Look, if we were gonna whack the Judge, don’t you’d think we would have done it before she sent us up the river? Sure, we kept eyes on her, but only because people make mistakes. A lady like her makes a mistake – Scores some blow, kicks a puppy in the belly – [ chuckles ] Whatever. And maybe we got ourselves grounds for a mistrial.
Ressler: Did she make a mistake?
Bruno, Sr: I don’t know about that. She definitely had secrets.
Ressler: Such as? Look, if your son didn’t do this, I need to be able to prove it.
Bruno, Sr: The Judge had a lover. She was real wrapped up when she died. My son and his crew said they saw her go into the Sussex Hotel a couple of times a week. Come out later with a smile on her face. Wasn’t because of the lunch special, if you catch my drift.

[ Indistinct conversations ] [ Radio chatter ]
[ Ressler is with an evidence team working at Judge Dockery’s home. Detective Patrick Fleming shows up ]
Detective Fleming: We processed this scene already – thoroughly! Don’t you guys have anything better to do with your time than undermine me and my team? Catch some criminals maybe?
Ressler: Look, we’re on the same side here, buddy.
Fleming: Right, “buddy”– The side that has Bruno Jr. In jail awaiting trial for the murder he committed.
Siya: We believe Judge Dockery may have been in a relationship at the time of her death.
Fleming: Nope. We worked that angle. There was no relationship. Did you actually find any evidence?
Siya: Not yet.
Fleming: That’s because if there was anything, we’d have found it.
Female Agent: Ressler, I think you should see this.
Ressler: I guess you didn’t find that. Tell me those are personal letters.
Female Agent: Unfortunately, no. Seems like standard work-related correspondence and financial documents. Except for this.
Siya: [ Reading ] “You’re going to pay for what you allowed to happen in your courtroom, letting a murderer walk free while our Emma, with all that promise, is all but forgotten. Her disappearance will not go unanswered, nor will your part in it. I will not rest until you get what you deserve. Watch yourself.” So, not a love letter, then?
Ressler: He sounds like an angry guy. Signed by a Frederick Moody. Just a couple weeks before the Judge was killed.
Siya: Emma Moody. That was one of the Judge’s cases we looked at. I spoke to the accused myself, Anton Johnston. He was exonerated and started a legal fund. Maybe Moody was overwhelmed with grief and decided it was time to punish somebody.
Detective Fleming: I worked with Judge Dockery a lot. She got threats all the time. Par for the course. I doubt that means anything.
Ressler: Either way, we’re gonna pay Mr. Moody a visit.

[ At the New York City Public Bath where Red has been staying on-and-off, he is on the phone ]
Red: [ On phone ] Like I said, I don’t care what it costs.
Robert Vesco: [ Calling out ] Raymond! Where are you?
Red: [ To Vesco ] I’m in here! [ To person on phone ] We need that equipment to finish construction on schedule. No more delays. Am I making myself clear? Good. Thank you. [ To Vesco ] I was just headed out.
Vesco: Uh, we need to talk.
Red: Okay.
Vesco: I had a meeting with a man who calls himself Wujing.
Red: And?
Vesco: And he had some curious things to say about you.
Red: Most people do.
Vesco: He said you were working with the Feds. No. Wait. It sounded more like– you were working for the Feds, that you were hand-delivering our colleagues to them like cheese puffs on a silver platter – and that I was one of those puffs and that you had had me hand-delivered to prison.
Red: And what did you have to say to that?
Vesco: Well, I told him I didn’t buy it. But he seemed pretty convinced. So convinced, in fact, that he’s spending every waking moment searching for evidence of your supposed arrangement with the government. And when he has it, he will come for you with the gleeful assistance of all the criminals you’ve served up to the FBI over the years. That’s crazy, right?
Red: Hm. Please.
[ Red motions to Vesco to sit down ]

[ Siya and Ressler sit at the kitchen table of Frederick and Janice Moody, the parents of Emma Moody. Anton Johnston, who was interviewed by Siya, was acquitted of Emma’s murder with Judge Dockery presiding ]
Frederick Moody: Yep. I sent that letter. So what?
Ressler: You wrote that Judge Dockery was going to pay for what she did.
Janice Moody: He didn’t mean it like that. He was just blowing off steam.
Frederick: You ever lose someone, Agent?
Siya: You threatened a judge.
Frederick: Judge Dockery didn’t care about justice. She let that spoiled rich monster who took our daughter walk.
Siya: You’re referring to Anton Johnston?
Frederick: Emma’s hair and DNA were found in his car. He claimed he just gave her a ride to meet a friend at a bar, but we know he was lying.
Janice: Because Emma never showed up at that bar. Because he did something to her.
Siya: In his testimony, Mr. Johnston didn’t deny that your daughter was in his car. They had offices in the same building, and he offered Emma a ride so she didn’t have to walk in a downpour.
Ressler: All of which can be confirmed by a text she sent to her friend.
Frederick: So where is she then? [ Scoffs ] You’re just like every other tool of the injustice system. “Reasonable doubt.” Ha! What about common sense? She was in his car and now she’s gone! It’s no wonder people feel they’re better off taking things into their own hands.
Siya: Is that what you did, Mr. Moody?
Ressler: Where were you the night the Judge Dockery was murdered?
Janice: He was with me.
Ressler: Can anyone else verify that?
Janice: [ Sighs ] I wore this necklace throughout the trial. Emma had an identical one. It was our thing. A little joke between us. We bought them at a street fair. Emma always said I should have gotten my own name, but there wasn’t a “Janice” necklace on the rack, so I picked her name. Just like I did when she was a baby. [ Crying ] Oh, God. My baby.
[ Frederick puts his arm around his wife ]
Frederick: You both happy now?
[ On a sideboard there is a photo of the bloom of a calla lily ]
Ressler: I’m sorry. Where did you get that flower from?
Janice: It’s from a bouquet I found on the nightstand in Emma’s apartment after she disappeared. It reminds me of when she wasn’t missing. When she was full of life, had a huge career ahead of her. She wanted to be a public defender.
[ Ressler picks up the framed photo ]
Janice: It’s ironic, isn’t it? She believed in the power of the law to change people’s lives.
[ Siya walks over and looks at the photo ]
Siya: Weren’t flowers similar to this found at the Judge’s murder scene?
Ressler: Mr. Moody, don’t leave town. In the meantime, though, we’re gonna need to borrow this.

[ The war room at the Post Office ]
Siya: These are definitely calla lilies. This one looks the same, but I’m not absolutely sure. Why don’t we ask Herbie to examine it? He seems to have a wide range of forensic expertise.
Cooper: Give him a call.
Siya: [ On phone ] Hello, Herbie. This is Siya.
[ Herbie is wearing a headband and doing specialized exercises ]
Herbie: [ Loudly ] Hey! Siya. This is Herbie.
Siya: I know. I just said, “Hello, Herbie.” Hold on. I’m putting you on speaker so the rest of the team can join.
Herbie: Team? What team?
Cooper: Hello, Herbie. This is Harold. I’m an associate of Siya’s. We’re here with another member of our team, Donald.
Herbie: Wow. You guys are all working the Dockery case?
Cooper: We are.
Herbie: Cool. Wow.
Cooper: Thank you for that analysis of Judge Dockery’s injuries. There have been some other developments in the case we’d like your expertise on if possible.
Herbie: Yeah, sure thing. Um, I’m headed out to practice right now. Finally getting a little break from the kid. A little foosball.
Ressler: I’m– [ Chuckles ] I’m sorry. Uh, foosball? It’s something you need to practice?
Herbie: When you’re preparing for a tournament, you do.
Ressler: So there’s foosball tournaments, huh?
Herbie: Yes, it’s not just fraternity parties and sports bars. You know what? I’m getting a little tired of the constant dismissal of the sport, quite frankly.
Siya: I’d imagine you are.
Cooper: Anyway, Herbie, we’ve zeroed in on a case Judge Dockery was presiding over a few months before she was killed – The disappearance and presumed murder of Emma Moody. Emma’s father, Frederick Moody, threatened the Judge for letting the defendant, Anton Johnston, go free. Moody’s alibi isn’t rock-solid, but, more importantly, we found a flower in his daughter’s possession that she had right before she disappeared. And this flower looks very much like those that we found at the Dockery murder scene. Do you think you can confirm that they’re the same?
Herbie: Can you send me a photo of the new flower?
Siya: Okay. Photo on the way.
Cooper: When we spoke with Anton Johnston, did he mention any threats after the acquittal? Maybe Moody also tried to intimidate him.
Siya: He didn’t mention it. Johnston credited the Judge with giving him his life back after being wrongly accused. They crossed paths at a charity event after the trial. He seemed genuinely dismayed by her murder, offered to help in any way he could.
Cooper: Let’s take him up on that offer.
Herbie: Hey, these are definitely the same species of lily as the ones from the crime scene. But there’s more than that. They’re – weird. Siya, did you take that photograph using a filter?
Siya: No. Why?
Herbie: I mean, obviously, you can get calla lilies from most grocery stores or florists, but these have, like, a unique shimmer. It’s like they were sprayed with something or some chemical process interfered with their development, which that would be super unusual. And I– I need to run some tests to be sure, but they definitely seem to come from the same source. Can I physically examine the lily from the Moodys? Not right now, of course.
Ressler: Oh. Because of foosball.
Herbie: Victory never sleeps.
Siya: We’ll have the specimen ready for you after your return.
[ Call ends ]
Ressler: [ Sighs ] A forensics nerd who plays competitive foosball.
Siya: Who also happens to be happily married to a super-hot punk-rock singer.
Ressler: [ Chuckles ] Well, that confirms it. I’m definitely doing it wrong.
Cooper: How about you two drop that flower sample off at Herbie’s on your way to Anton Johnston’s residence? Maybe Moody also sent him some poison-pen letters.

[ Anton Johnston’s mansion ] [ A beautiful young woman named Paige is being shown around by Anton ]
Paige: Wow! [ Chuckles ] What a gorgeous piece of property you have here! Again, I’m so sorry my meeting went long and we had to sit in traffic, but I am certain I will find a way to make it up to you later. [ She kisses him lightly on the cheek ][ Chuckles ]
Anton: I don’t care how we spend the time as long as it’s together.
Paige: [ Gasps ] Oh, this is gorgeous.
[ A short while later ]
Paige: [ Gasps ] Ohh. This place really is magnificent.
Anton: Thank you. It was my father’s. I spent my formative years at a boarding school in New Hampshire, so I’ve only recently become reacquainted with the property since my inheritance of it.
Paige: Is it strange to be back here as an adult?
Anton: It’s what my father would have wanted.
Paige: And what about your mother?
Anton: Passed away, as well.
Paige: Oh. I’m sorry.
Anton: Don’t be. She was rarely in the picture. Very much a career type.
[ Both chuckle nervously ]
Anton: Uh, what I mean is she put her job first. My mother was a true workaholic. It’s what led to her untimely death, I’m certain of it.
[ Anton removes the cork from a bottle of whiskey, sniffs it, pours the liquid into tumblers ]
Anton: I’m just grateful you managed to get some time off to be with me now.
Paige: Mm–
Anton: A toast.
Paige: [ Chuckles ]
Anton: To – stolen moments.
[ Glasses click ] [ They kiss ]
Both: Mm– Mmm–
[ Both chuckle ]
Both: Mmm.
[ Paige tastes the liquor ]
Paige: Mmm. Waxed leather. Musk.
Anton: Hm?
Paige: [ Giggles ] Mushrooms. Perhaps a note of blue cheese?
Anton: I like a woman who doesn’t mind a little decay in her single malt.
Paige: This is old. Very old.
Anton: Seventy-five years. It’s Macdonell.
Paige: Ohh! [ Laughs ] I never thought I would have the opportunity to try some. What, at a paltry $30,000 a bottle?
Anton: Mm. To thrill you, so it’s worth every penny.
Paige: [ Sighs ] What a beautiful garden. Do you have help with– Do you have–
[ Anton takes the glass from her and places it on the bar as she passes out into his arms. He scoops up her unconscious body and carries her into the bedroom, placing her on the bed ]
[ Doorbell rings✨]

[ Anton answers the door. It’s Ressler and Siya ]
Anton: Oh. What a surprise. Nice to see you again. Agent – Malik. I believe it was? And, uh?
Ressler: Agent Ressler. You mind if we come in?
Anton: Now’s not a great time, to be honest.
Siya: We only need a few minutes.
[ Doors close ]
[ When they get to the bar, Siya notices the unfinished drinks ]
Siya: Somebody here with you?
Anton: N-No, no. Those are from last night. I’ve neglected to tidy up. Forgive me. So– how can I be of service?
Siya: Some new evidence has come to light regarding the murder of Judge Dockery.
Anton: About the Bruno son?
Ressler: We’d actually like to ask you about the father of Emma Moody.
Anton: Ah. Frederick Moody. Terrifying individual. I-I feel for him, of course, but–
Siya: You two crossed paths?
Anton: More than cross. It may not be noted in trial coverage, but Moody savagely attacked me after the not-guilty verdict. Took three bailiffs to pull him off. He seemed to have a serious problem controlling his rage.
Siya: Has he threatened you since the trial?
Anton: I think there were one or two angry letters. I just ignored them. Wait. Do we think he killed Ali?
Siya: I didn’t realize you were on such intimate terms with Judge Dockery.
Anton: Uh, w-what do you mean?
Siya: “Ali”? Nicknames are usually reserved for people in one’s inner circle. How close exactly were the two of you?
[ Ressler looks out the glass panels to the outside and sees a lawn bordered by rows of calla lilies. He heads outside ]
Anton: Hey, hey! Where’s– Where are you going?
Siya: How close were you and Judge Dockery?
Anton: Okay. Fine. [ Sighs ] For a brief time, Ali and I were – romantically involved.
Siya: Why didn’t you tell me this before?
Anton: I kept quiet about it after her death because she– She would have hated anyone finding out. It would cast a salacious pall over what was a storied judgeship. A judge and a former defendant? Protecting her reputation was the least I could do after all she had done for me.
[ Woman groans ] [ Thud ]
Siya: I thought you said you were alone.
Anton: [ Chuckles nervously ]
Siya: Go. Let’s go.

[ Ressler’s line ringing 🔆🔆]
Ressler: [ Answers ] Agent Ressler.
Herbie: Hey. It’s Herbie. Siya wasn’t picking up, so I asked Red if I could get your number.
Ressler: Not a good time, Herbie.
Herbie: Wait. I-I have information on your flowers. The shimmer. It’s unique because the nitrogen content is off the charts. Nitrogen alters leaf reflectance and color, so much so that you could spot it from above a tree canopy if you had a drone or if you had–
Ressler: Still not a good ti–
Herbie: The really important part is that nitrogen content that high can only come from one source. One probable source anyway. If the field tests in the Amazon are correct – and I have no reason to believe they aren’t–
Ressler: Cut to the chase!
Herbie: Decomposing bodies.
Ressler: W-What?
Herbie: Vegetation with this unique iridescence is grown on or near remains – Human remains.

[ Anton and Siya enter the bedroom ]
Anton: This, uh– It’s not what it looks like.
[ Paige breathing sharply ]
Siya: [ To Paige ] Hey. Hey, hey, hey. Are you okay? [ To Anton ] Back against the wall!
[ Siya holds her gun with one hand but reaches to check Paige with the other ]
Siya: Hey– You’re okay.
[ Anton jumps Siya ] [ Siya grunting ] [ He tries to choke her, but she elbows him; he breaks away and runs ]
Siya: Ressler!
[ Anton runs downstairs toward the door. Ressler steps out, pointing his gun ]
Ressler: Not another step.

[ An interrogation room ]
Siya: We’re digging up the plot under that flower garden of yours. Three women’s bodies so far. Emma Moody, a television executive who went missing eight months ago, and another body that appears to be that of your mother.
Anton Johnston: She was overseas frequently, and my father wasn’t exactly the “throw the ball around the yard” type, so she decided to send me away to boarding school, which left him alone, abandoned, spiraling into depression until he eventually took his own life.
Ressler: And you blamed your mother for that, didn’t you?
Anton: “Mother”? She doesn’t merit the honorific. She only ever cared about herself. She didn’t even come home when my father passed. She had – “business” in England. Business that was tall and dark and handsome.
Siya: Is that why you killed her? Buried her body on the property?
Anton: Decomposing in that garden was the only time that woman ever nurtured anything.
Ressler: But killing your mother, it didn’t stop your pain or your anger.
Siya: So you began to target other women who reminded you of her, women you courted with the very flowers you grew in your morbid little death plot. Women like Emma Moody.
Ressler: And Judge Dockery.
Anton: No! No. Ali was different.
Ressler: Different how?
Anton: Ali was the first woman who ever saw me for who I am and loved me unconditionally, the polar opposite of my mother. She– She was my c-cure, my salvation. She– She was my person.
Siya: And yet– you murdered her.
Anton: I had no choice.

[ Flashback: ]
[ Anton Johnston is in bed with Judge Alice Dockery ]
Anton: I’m gonna rinse off and then I’m going to make you the best shrimp scampi you have ever had.
Alice Dockery: [ Laughs ]
[ Kiss ]
Anton: I love you.
Dockery: Mm. I love you.
[ Kiss ]
Dockery: Hm.
Anton: [ Chuckles ]
[ Anton gets up ]
Anton: Ahh– [ Looks back at her ] [ Chuckles ]
[ Anton leaves ]
[ Judge Dockerty’s cellphone buzzes «»» beep🔅]
Dockery: [ On phone ] This better be important. I’m–
[ Shower heard running in distance ]
Dockery: Oh. It got moved up to tomorrow? Okay. Yeah. Hold on. I just want to write this down. Yeah, okay. I’m just– I’m looking for a pen.
[ Dockery can’t find a pen. She opens the drawer of the nightstand and reaches inside, but instead of finding a pen, she finds a necklace with a nameplate that says “Emma” ~ just like the one that Janice Moody said she wore that matched her daughter’s ]
[ Anton returns to the bedroom from his shower ]
Anton: I was thinking we could open the Montrachet Grand Cru. Ali? Where’d you go?
[ Anton walks over to the open drawer of the nightstand and sees the “Emma” necklace lying inside and realizes Dockery must have seen it ]
[ Back in her study, Dockery looks frantically for the file about the Emma Moody murder; she finds it and opens it. She sees a photo of Emma wearing the same very necklace ]
Judge Dockery: Oh, no. [ Gasps ] Oh, no.

Anton: At that point, there was nothing I could say.

[ Dockery turns around in her study to see Anton ]
Dockery: [ Gasps ] Stay away from me! Don’t come any closer! You were in a relationship with Emma Moody! What did you do to that poor girl?
[ Anton grabs Dockery by the neck, choking her, and then lifts and plunges a knife into the back of her neck ] [ Dockery falls to the floor ]

Anton: Even at the end – I could see it in her eyes. She still loved me.

[ Dockery lies on the floor, her blank eyes staring ]

Anton: [ Sadly ] But once you lose trust in a relationship – you can never get it back.

[ Anton lifts Dockery’s hand and presses her finger to type “BRUNO” on her laptop ]

[ Cooper’s office ] [ Knock on door ✽ ✽ ]
Ressler: Agent Malik is transferring Johnston to be arraigned now.
Cooper: Good work on this one.
Ressler: Herbie, too. Without his help, we may never have found all those bodies that Johnston creep buried in his garden.
Cooper: Reddington was right about Herbie’s forensic know-how.
Ressler: He’s a weird guy, but he’s good at what he does. Now, speaking of Reddington, we still don’t know why the Freelancer was broken out of prison. And Wujing – what’s up with him? He’s a seriously bad guy, and he’s still out there, by the way.
Cooper: Reddington says he’s got something brewing. So, for now, we take him at his word.
Ressler: It’s not his word I’m worried about.

[ Vesco meets again with Wujing ]
Vesco: All right. I confronted Reddington with the information you shared with me. And do you know what that snake weasel reprobate did? Instead of denying it, he actually confessed. He has been working with the Feds for years. Just like you said. A secret task force just for him. Hm. It’s even named after him, that preening egomaniac. Ahh – When I pressed him for the truth, the floodgates flew open. He’s sitting there, calm as Kool-Aid, saying, “Robert, my dear friend, certainly you understand.” Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I said, “No, I don’t.” Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. “No, I don’t understand at all.” [ Sighs ] And to think – I trusted that man with my life. Well, fool me once–
Wujing: [ Leaning forward ] Betrayal is a sin that shouldn’t go unpunished. Don’t you agree?
Vesco: As much as it pains me to say it, yes. But it doesn’t pain me. It doesn’t pain me at all! When do we start?

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🔴 Script 10:6 Dr Laken Perillos, Part 2 (№ 70)

Program air date: 4/2/2023 in the US
Script Permalink: https://wp.me/pDKwi-enb
EntertainmentWeekly Recap: https://tinyurl.com/3zbhe6w8

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Directed by: Michael Caracciolo
Written by: Noah Schechter



Brief (Where we’re at): Red’s former mentor and friend, Robert Vesco (Blacklister #8), has been approached by Wujing (Blacklister #84) who escaped from prison with help from Red’s former lawyer, Marvin Gerard (Blacklister #80). After being compelled to commit suicide or face Red’s wrath over Marvin’s masterminding the murder of Elizabeth Keen, Marvin orchestrated a final act of revenge. He told Wujing that Red was working with the FBI, and gave him a list of Blacklisters Red had betrayed. Wujing told Vesco this, assuming Vesco would want to join the effort to bring down Red. After confronting Red with Wujing’s accusations, Vesvo returned to Wujing to tell him he was ‘all in’ in his plot to take revenge on Red.


⭕ Script 10:6 Dr Laken Perillos (№ 70)

[ An infirmary in a women’s penitentiary ]
[ Dr Laken Perillos (Blacklister #70), who is an inmate, is kneading the back of a female inmate named Rutherford. Perillos’ birth name is Kayla Banks ]
Rutherford: [ Moaning ] That’s it. That’s it! [ Loudly ] Oh! Oh!
Dr Laken Perillos: Easy, Rutherford. Just breathe through it.
Rutherford: Oh, I haven’t screamed like that since they let my Betty out back in ’04. You some kind of witch or something, Banks?
Dr Perillos: No, but I’ve been called much worse.
Rutherford: Oh. [ Chuckles ]
Dr Perillos: What you really need is an updated pain management regimen. When’s the next time you’ll see your oncologist?
Rutherford: Couple of months? You know how hard it is to get out here and see a doctor. I’ll give you three fried wraps if you do me again tomorrow. [ Laughs ]
Warden: Patient charts are off-limits to other inmates, Banks.
Dr Perillos: I’m a doctor.
Warden: Not anymore. And I won’t warn you again.
Dr Perillos: You wouldn’t have to if these women had decent access to care. If the prison invested in just three mobile telehealth portals, these women could meet with doctors when their conditions are still manageable. The technology allows for X-rays, family history, all with the push of a button, and without any of my former colleagues having to step foot in the scary, scary prison.
Warden: I’ve read your proposals, inmate. Report to the loading bay in B wing.
Dr Perillos: I have more to do here.
Warden: Well, that’s too bad, ’cause it’s your lucky day. Some nonprofit came through with the funding for the machines. Seeing as you were so enthusiastic about the project, I assigned you to run them. They’re being delivered now. I think the words you’re looking for are “thank you.”

[ The loading bay ] [ Buzzer, door opens ]
[ Techs have unloaded the mobile telehealth portals ]
Tech: Who’s going to be operating these?
Warden: She will.
Dr Perillos: [ Mouths words “Thank you” ]
Warden: How long is this going to take?
Tech: We’ll just get these switched on, then we’ll start training.
Dr Perillos: These are going to help a lot of women, Warden.
Warden: Don’t make me regret this, Banks.
Tech: All right, good to go.
[ One of the “techs” is actually Zhang Wei, right hand man of Wujing. Zhang Wei shoots the security guards and the Warden ]
[ Gunshots 💥💥💥💥 ]
— Aah!
[ The Warden is only wounded ]
Warden: [ Groaning ] No, please! [ Gunshot 💥 ] [ Body thuds ]
Zhang Wei: Dr. Perillos? My employer would like a word.

[ The New York City Baths building where Red has taken up residence and is trying to renovate the place ]
Red: [ On phone ] No, no, no. Antonio, I’m sorry, it’s either a rush job or it’s gonna take another six weeks. It can’t be both. And I swear, if it’s Bumblebee Yellow instead of Sunspot as agreed, then you and the entire local are going to be on your own the next negotiation. My best to Ludamilla.

[ The Post Office war room ]
Ressler: Hey, welcome back. You feeling better?
Dembe: Much better. Though I don’t imagine I will be having soft-shell crab again anytime soon.
Ressler: Most people blame the seafood, but, uh, 9 times out of 10, it’s the unwashed greens that get you. What? It’s true.
Dembe: Where’s Malik?
Ressler: I dunno. She’s been closing out the office, going over old case files. Maybe the late nights got her.
Cooper: Speaking of old case files, I just got off the phone with the Bureau of Prisons. Inmate Kayla Banks escaped FCI Hazelton late yesterday afternoon.
Dembe: Kayla Banks, as in – Dr. Laken Perillos.
Cooper: Two men disguised as delivery workers smuggled a weapon into the facility. Two correctional officers and the warden were killed.

[ Flashback: ]
[ Dr Perillos’ specialty is “pain management,” as in torture. In Episode 8:10, she subjected both Dembe and Red to excruciating ordeals ]
Dr Perillos: Maybe you’ll feel this.
Dembe: Aah! [ Groans ]

Dembe: Surveillance?
Cooper: Not yet. BoP said the cameras went down shortly before the escape. Malik is headed to the prison to review the physical evidence now. She was still here when I got in this morning.
Ressler: The timing isn’t a coincidence. First the Freelancer, and now Perillos?
Cooper: You think Wujing is behind the escape?
Ressler: I think he’s targeting former Blacklisters, building an army to go after Reddington. I know that’s what I would do.
[ Dembe’s cell phone buzzing «»»»»; It’s a call from “Soren”; Dembe doesn’t pick up ]
Cooper: If you’re right, and Wujing did break out the most dangerous torturer on the Blacklist–
Dembe: He’s planning on using her services.
Ressler: The only question is, who’s he planning to use them on?
Cooper: I’ll coordinate with the Bureau of Prisons and local PD. You two find out everything you can about the medical supply company and the vehicle used in the escape.
Ressler: Yes, sir.
[ Dembe’s cell phone buzzing «»»»» ]
Dembe: Hello?
Soren: Dembe?
Dembe: You’re not supposed to be calling me, Soren.
Soren: I know, I know, and I’m sorry, but this is an emergency, Dembe.
Dembe: I don’t work for Raymond anymore. Whatever this is, you need to take it up with him.
Soren: I can’t, Dembe. I– I lost the manifests for the shipments out of Corfu. I have 22 containers that have to move today and no idea where to send them.
Dembe: Reach out to Fabrizio. He should be able to get you a replacement manifest.
Soren: If I do that, he’ll tell Reddington!
Dembe: And?
Soren: And– And– I’ve had a few slipups lately. If Reddington hears about this, who knows what he’ll do. You have to help me, Dembe.
Dembe: I don’t know what I can do. It’s been years since I’ve been involved in Raymond’s operations.
Soren: You have forgotten more about Reddington’s shipping business than I ever knew. Just come to the port and look at the manifests. Please, if anyone can figure where this junk is supposed to go, it’s you. Look, I didn’t want to bring it up, but you remember that night outside Bratislava?
Dembe: The power plant?
Soren: If I hadn’t come back for you, you never would have walked out of the building, and I would’ve never caught a kilo of shrapnel in my leg.
Dembe: Soren, I–
Soren: Dembe, please. I’m begging you. Come to the port. You’ll never hear from me again.
Dembe: I’ll see what I can do.

[ Door opens ] [ Footsteps approach ]
[ Wujing is pouring tea. Dr Perillos walks in ]
Dr Perillos: You must be Wujing.
Wujing: Dr. Perillos.
Dr Perillos: So, is Wujing a first name, or are we dealing with a Cher, Prince, Beyonce situation?
Wujing: [ Chuckles ] Please. Join me.
Dr Perillos: I appreciate what you did to get me out, and the costume change.
Wujing: I spent 10 years in a cage, Dr. Perillos. After I escaped, the first thing I wanted was a private shower and a new suit.
Dr Perillos: You do know how to make a girl feel special. Though you should know, I’m not unaccustomed to receiving favors from strangers.
Wujing: Ah. But you and I are not strangers. Hmm. Before I was incarcerated, I studied you and your techniques. I was an admirer.
Dr Perillos: Oh, goody. A fan.
Wujing: [ Chuckles ]
Dr Perillos: Now, are you going to tell me why you brought me here or not?
Wujing: Before my escape from prison, I was briefly held with a man named Marvin Gerard, Raymond Reddington’s lawyer. According to Gerard, Raymond Reddington has spent the past decade working in partnership with the FBI. Now, before his death, Mr. Gerard provided me with a list of individuals imprisoned as a result of Reddington’s unholy union with the Bureau. I was the first. Would you like to know your number?

[ Dembe is in an office at the port, helping Soren figure out the destinations for the shipping containers ]
Dembe: Consumer electronics should go to Makar Wharf in the Philippines, which leaves MK Rialto?
Soren: Oh, that is fertilizer. No, no, no, the drone components.
Dembe: Are you sure?
Soren: Yes, yes, I’m sure.
Dr Perillos: All this time, I assumed Reddington left me to die, but he didn’t. He– He fed me to the FBI.
Wujing: And now I’m offering you the opportunity to take your revenge. Reddington’s former body guard, Dembe Zuma. Or Agent Dembe Zuma, as he’s now known.
Dr Perillos: Dembe Zuma joined the FBI?
Wujing: You know him?
Dr Perillos: Apparently not as well as I thought.
Wujing: I believe Zuma to be a member of the special task force responsible for the FBI’s work with Reddington.
Dr Perillos: And you want me to help you prove it.
Soren: That’s it. We’re finished.
Dembe: Already?
Soren: There’s one more thing. [ Laughs ] Wait. We should have a toast.
Dembe: Soren, I don’t drink. You know I don’t.
Wujing: I need you to get Dembe Zuma to tell me everything he knows about Reddington’s relationship with the FBI, including the location of his task force.
Dembe: Soren, what’s going on?
Dr Perillos: Mr. Zuma is one of two men alive to have withstood my charms.
Wujing: Then I imagine you’ll be eager to take a second bite at the apple.
Dembe: Soren?
Soren: He made me do it, Dembe. I had no choice.
Dembe: What did he make you do?
Soren: He has Mathilde. He has my girl!
Dr Perillos: Do you have Dembe in custody?
Wujing: I will. Any moment.
Dembe: Soren, what did you do?
[ Indistinct conversation ] [ Armed men are gathering outside ]
— Let’s go.
[ Dembe leaves out the back ]
Zhang Wei: Where is he?
Soren: Please. I did what you asked.
Zhang Wei: [ To the other operatives ] Go find him.
Soren: No, please. My daughter, please.
Zhang Wei: She’ll be fine.
Soren: Oh, thank you.
[ Zhang Wei 💥shoots💥 Soren ]
Soren: Oh! Oh! Aah!

[ Beeping 🔅🔅🔅 ] [ Dembe tries to make a call. His phone reads “Call Failed” ]
[ The operatives search nearby buildings ] [ Speaking Mandarin ]
Operative: He went out the northwest alley.
[ Dembe runs and comes to a chain link fence. He tosses his coat on the fence and climbs over it. The operatives appear ]
[ 💥💥💥 Gunfight 💥💥💥 ] [ Dembe is hit in the calf ]
[ Dembe’s cell phone is still in his coat ] [ Cell phone «»»»» ]
[ Dembe runs and loses his pursuers. He puts a new clip in his handgun ]
Zhang Wei: [ To his operatives ] Fan out. Find him.

[ Dembe breaks in to a basement ] [ Glass⚡️shatters ]
[ Michael, a young boy 7 or 8 years old, is there ]
Michael: Hi.
[ Lia, Michael’s mother, comes down the stairs ]
Lia: Michael, I told you not to throw that baseball in the house.
[ Lia sees Dembe ]
Dembe: My name is Dembe Zuma. I’m a federal agent with the FBI. I need you both to listen to me very carefully.
[ Zhang Wei comes across a trail of blood ]
Zhang Wei: [ In Mandarin, on walkie-talkie ] He’s bleeding.
Dembe: Do you have any weapons in the house? Anything to defend yourself?
Lia: You mean like a gun? No.
Michael: What happened to your leg? Did you get shot?
Dembe: Yes.
Lia: Oh, my God.
Dembe: I want you to go in there and stay quiet until the police arrive. Do you understand?
[ Michael goes to a corner and grabs ~ a junior-size baseball bat ]
Lia: Michael.
Michael: [ To Dembe ] It’s lucky.
Dembe: Then you keep it.

[ Dembe follows Lia and Michael. They go into another room. Dembe finds a cell phone on a table. He dials 9-1-1 ]
Operator: 9-1-1, what is your address?
[ Bang ‼️]
Operator: 9-1-1, what is your address? Hello? Hello?
[ Dembe leaves the phone on the table ]
Operator: Is anyone there? I need your address. Hello? Is anyone there? Can anyone hear me?
[ Zhang Wei and the others have entered. Zhang Wei clicks off the phone ] [ Beep🔅 ]
[ Gunshots 💥💥]
Operative: [ In Mandarin ] Careful. They need him alive.
Operative #2: Relax. I’m empty anyway.
[ Dembe stands up ]
Operative #2: [ In English, pointing his gun at Dembe ] Hands up. Don’t move! I said, don’t move.
[ He throws handcuffs at Dembe ]
Operative #2: Put those on. I’m not going to tell you again.
Dembe: [ In Mandarin ] Or what?
[ Dembe grabs Operative #2’s gun, which he knows is empty ]
[ ⚡️‼️ Fist fight‼️⚡️]
[ Dembe is about to prevail, when Zhang Wei appears with Michael and Lia ]
Lia: Please don’t hurt him.
Zhang Wei: Put down the weapon.
Dembe: No.
[ Zhang Wei holds his gun to Michael’s head ]
Lia: [ Gasps ]
[ Dembe points his gun up under his own chin ]
Dembe: If you want me alive, let them go.
Zhang Wei: Tie them up in the bathroom. We have what we came for. Take him.

[ Dr Perillos torture chanber ] [ Monitors beeping 🔅🔅🔅 🔅🔅🔅]
[ Dembe is strapped to an examining table. He has electrodes fastened to his head and tubes in his arms for injecting him with anything Dr Perillos wants ]
Wujing: Welcome back, Agent Zuma. How lovely to see you again. I’ve spent quite a bit of time and effort trying to learn about you, Dembe, but I’ve found very little.
Dembe: What do you want?
Wujing: I want a lot of things, Agent Zuma, but for now, I’d most like to know how you went from being Raymond Reddington’s right hand to an agent in the FBI. On a secret task force, no less. I imagine that took some doing.
Dembe: Imagine all you want. I won’t tell you anything. Either of you.
Wujing: So you’ve heard the news about your old friend. Good. I’ll let the two of you get reacquainted.
Wujing [ In Mandarin ] Bring her in.
Dembe: [ Exhales, inhales deeply ]
[ Footsteps approach ]
Dr Perillos: Hello, Dembe. So good to see you.

[ Cooper’s office ]
Cooper: Anything from Malik at the prison?
Ressler: An exterior camera caught an angle of one of the attackers. Zhang Wei.
[ Ressler hands Cooper a photo ]
Cooper: So Wujing was behind Perillos’ escape.
Ressler: Yeah, but get this. We rang Zhang Wei’s photo against available CCTV cameras in the area. We got a shot of him from a few days ago. Look who we found him with.
Cooper: That’s Robert Vesco. You think Vesco is working with Wujing after Reddington broke him out and made him a fortune?
Ressler: Wouldn’t be the first time that Vesco turned on Reddington.
Cooper: I can see Vesco stealing from Reddington, but siding with a man like Wujing? Even considering everything those two have done to each other over the years, it seemed to me that, other than Dembe, Vesco was about the closest thing Reddington had to a friend.
[ Cooper’s cell phone chimes✨] [ A text says: “Ran into a complication. Little longer before I go” ]
Cooper: Put out an APB on the car from the photo. Maybe if we’re lucky, it’ll lead us to Perillos or Wujing himself.
[ Cell phone chimes✨ ] [ Zhang Wei, who has Dembe’s phone, receives the response from Cooper: “Understood” ]
[ Zhang Wei calls Wujing ] [ Conversation in Mandarin ]
Zhang Wei: We’re clear.
Wujing: What do we know about Mr Cooper?
Zhang Wei: From their messages it appears Cooper runs the task force. It could take some doing, but we should be able to get to him in time.
Wujing: That shouldn’t be necessary. Dembe will tell us everything we need to know. Get rid of the phone before we pick up our friend. I don’t want it tracked.
[ Cell phone beeps🔅 ]

[ Dr Perillos’ torture chamber ]
Dembe: [ Groans ]
Perillos: It’s been over an hour. By now, the toxin has suffused every nerve ending in your body. Fortunately, I have a clever little medication to keep you from going into cardiac arrest. I suppose fortune is a matter of perspective, isn’t it? How did it work? Gerard said there was a deal, an immunity agreement. I wonder – did Reddington make sure to extend it to you? Or was he just looking out for himself?
Dembe: [ Praying in Arabic ]
Dr Perillos: So many questions to answer – and we will. Sooner or later, you’ll tell me everything Wujing wants to know about Reddington, his task force, its location. But I have to be honest, I don’t care much for the details. It’s you that interests me.
Dembe: Me?
Dr Perillos: You know, I’d never failed to break a man until you and Reddington. I have had quite some time to consider what made you so – impenetrable. Your sense of loyalty, your faith, your pride.
Dembe: You don’t know me.
Dr Perillos: Not nearly as well as I’d like to, no.
Dembe: [ Groans ]
Dr Perillos: Wujing thinks you joined the FBI at Reddington’s request. Do you want to know what I think? I think you left him because you were looking for something. Redemption? Absolution, maybe? That’s it, isn’t it? Ah. You walked away from Reddington to step into the light. My, my, my. Maybe our little chat actually had a real impact on you.
Dembe: [ Coughs ] It was a career choice. You had nothing to do with it.
Dr Perillos: Oh, I’m not looking for credit. I just want to understand. You knew you had to get away from Reddington, but you couldn’t bare to leave him entirely, so you did the next best thing – you joined the team supporting him. It’s sweet, in an utterly pathetic kind of way. Or maybe it just felt natural, leaving a corrupt, violent, White man for a corrupt, violent, White institution.
Dembe: I know the FBI’s history, thank you.
Dr Perillos: Come on, Dembe. Don’t you want to tell me all about the wonderful people on Reddington’s secret task force?
Dembe: I’m not going to tell you anything.
Dr Perillos: You love him, don’t you? Reddington. Despite all the pain he’s caused you, you love him. But here’s the thing about love, Dembe – it blinds us to the truth. Raymond Reddington can never be redeemed, and the longer you support him, the more you will allow him to inflict pain on the world. Tell me I’m wrong.
Dembe: [ Coughs ]
Dr Perillos: It’s time, Dembe. Time to end the lies, the deception, and the pain. It’s time to free yourself. To free yourself from Reddington, from the FBI, from everybody. All you have to do is tell me what I need to know. The task force – where is it?
Dembe: [ Groans ]

[ Wujing sits at a table in a room adjacent to Dr Perillos’ torture room. He is working on a jigsaw puzzle of a cat ]
[ Door opens ] [ Robert Vesco enters ]
Wujing: Thank you for coming, Robert. Please, have a seat.
Robert Vesco: So you like cats, huh?
Wujing: I like puzzles. I picked up the habit during my incarceration. It helps clear the mind.
Vesco: Eh, good for you. I’m still making wine in my toilet, myself.
Wujing: [ Chuckles ]
Dr Perillos: How many others on the Reddington team?
Vesco: So the breakout went according to plan?
Wujing: Yes, it did. Thanks to you. If you hadn’t gotten to that young man in prison IT, we never would have had a chance.
Vesco: You know, flattery will get you everywhere with me. Casualties?
Wujing: A few. I’m told it couldn’t be helped.
Dr Perillos: There’s no point fighting, Dembe. Just tell me what I want to know, and I’ll let you rest.
[ Beeping 🔅🔅🔅 ]
Dembe: [ Gurgles ]
Wujing: I’ve worked with many spies all my life, Mr. Vesco, but I’ve never met someone more capable of building and manipulating trust than you.
Vesco: I’m a con man. It’s what I do.
Wujing: It’s a gift. One that I’ll need again if we’re to succeed in bringing down Reddington.
Vesco: What do you have in mind?
Dr Perillos: This could all end, Dembe. Just tell me, where can we find the task force?
[ Monitor beeping rapidly 🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅 ]
Dr Perillos: [ Sighs ]
[ Dr Perillos walks into the room with Wujing and Vesco ]
Vesco: Hello, gorgeous.
Wujing: Dr. Perillos, how’s our guest?
Dr Perillos: [ Growls ] Unconscious. Not as strong as I remember, but still stubborn as a mule. [ Nods at Vesco ] Who’s he?
Wujing: The man who broke you out of prison. Robert Vesco.
Vesco: Charmed. Dembe Zuma? He’s your target?
Dr Perillos: You know him?
Vesco: I do. Wujing, it’s poetry. The man who arrested me is the same man who will help us finish Reddington once and for all.
[ Dembe glares at Vesco ]
[ Line ringing✨]

Dembe: [ On recording ] You’ve reached Dembe Zuma. I’m sorry I’m not available to take your call.
[ Red’s phone rings ☎️ ]
Red: Harold, what news of the good doctor?
Cooper: Nothing yet, though it would appear Wujing has partnered with Robert Vesco.
Red: Yes, I’m aware of Robert’s latest turn. I’ll deal with him in time.
Cooper: Deal with him whenever you like. At the moment, I have more pressing concerns. Have you heard from Dembe?
Red: No. Why do you ask?
Cooper: He asked for an hour this morning. Said he needed to help an associate of yours with a problem at the Port of Baltimore. He didn’t get into details, but it sounded like an emergency.
Red: If there was a problem at the port, the very last person any of my associates would turn to is Dembe. And if the problem was an emergency, I’d already know about it. When did you last hear from him?
Cooper: A text message, about an hour ago.
Red: Read it.
Cooper: “Ran into a complication. Little longer before I go.” Something about the message bothered me, and Dembe isn’t answering his phone.
Red: It’s the grammar. That’s what bothered you. Dembe hasn’t written an incomplete sentence since he learned to write.
Cooper: So someone else sent the message?
Red: It would seem so. Dr. Perillos was hired to extract information from Dembe before. It seems Wujing has offered her the chance to finish the job. Get your people to the port, Harold. We have to find Dembe, now.

[ Wujing raises a toast ]
Wujing: To Mr. Zuma.
Vesco: I’ll drink to almost anything, but I don’t feel quite right drinking to him.
Wujing: I believe Dembe Zuma is part of the FBI team collaborating with Reddington, and soon enough, Perillos will get him to reveal all the details of Reddington’s arrangement with the FBI. Most importantly, where they’re headquartered.
Vesco: And then?
Wujing: We raid it.
Vesco: A secure FBI facility?
Wujing: A necessary risk. If we are to finish Reddington, we’ll need powerful partners. And before they will agree to destroy a man who’s made them all very rich, we’ll need–
Vesco: Proof.
Wujing: Their documents will be heavily encrypted. But if we were to access them, we’ll require the assistance of a skilled computer engineer.
Vesco: Let me guess, you know a guy.
Wujing: Thanks to Marvin Gerard, yes. Bo Chang, or as he’s professionally known, the Troll Farmer.
Vesco: [ Chuckling ] The what?
Wujing: Another unfortunate victim of Reddington’s betrayal. He was released from prison 18 months ago. To date, Mr. Chang has rebuffed my overtures, which is why I need your powers of persuasion to convince him to join us.
Vesco: I just need to quickly attend to some obligations. It won’t take more than an hour, and then I’m all yours.
Wujing: My men have tracked him to a data center in Manilla. If we lose him there, it might be months before he resurfaces again, so I’m afraid your obligations will have to wait. We’re leaving now.
Vesco: So be it. I just hope you have an extra toothbrush and underwear. I prefer briefs.
Wujing: [ Chuckles ]

[ Wujing and Vesco walk toward a parked SUV. Wujing gets in ]
Vesco: [ Coughing ]
[ Vesco doubles over coughing. His hand slips into his coat pocket ]
Wujing: Are you all right, Robert?
[ Vesco gets into the SUB ]
Vesco: I’m fine. [ Coughs ]
[ Vesco holds up a cigar ]
Vesco: You mind?
Wujing: [ Frowning slightly ] Mm. [ To Zhang Wei ] Let’s go.

Dembe: [ Gasps, coughs ]
Dr Perillos: It’s amazing the things the body will do to move us away from our pain, but it always comes back. You remember why I started this line of work, don’t you, Dembe?
Dembe: Your mother?
Dr Perillos: A racist medical establishment doomed her to a life of pain. I spent every moment since trying to master it. I always assumed it’d take decades to end human suffering for good, but somewhere in the back of my head, I always hoped I could find a way to help ease her suffering. But thanks to you and Reddington, I’ll never get that chance. She died a year and a half after I went to prison, alone and hurting. [ Voice breaking ] And I– I wasn’t there to help because I was in a cage that you put me in.
Dembe: Ow–
Dr Perillos: I always assumed that hurting you would bring me comfort, but it doesn’t. You want to know why? Because every time I look into those big, brown eyes, I see that Reddington’s taken more from you than the both of you could ever take from me. How much have you lost because of him? How much suffering have you endured because of him? I don’t know if we’ll live long enough to see humanity free from the plague of pain, but I know that together, today, in this moment, we can end the pain that Raymond Reddington causes all over this world. All you have to do is tell me what I want–
Dembe: No.
Dr Perillos: –to know. Tell me.
Dembe: I’m sorry about your mother.
Dr Perillos: Tell me how much.
[ Dr Perillos angrily pushes drugs into the IV ]
Dembe: Argh!

[ Ressler and Siya Malik are driving fast, siren🚨blaring ]
Cooper: [ On comms ] Agent Ressler, what’s your location?
Ressler: We’re on our way to the Eastern District Police Precinct in Baltimore.
Siya Malik: BPD just took a statement from a woman claiming a wounded FBI agent was abducted from her home less than a mile from the port.
Cooper: Turn around. Reddington called. He thinks he knows where Wujing is holding Dembe.
Siya: Reddington knows where Dembe is? How?
Cooper: He didn’t say. I’m sending you the address now.

[ In the SUV with Wujing, Vesco and Zhang Wei ]
Vesco: So there we were, about to buy half of the former Soviet Union’s nuclear submarines in Sevastopol, when this little pip-squeak of a KGB agent, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, starts objecting to the deal.
Wujing: You met Putin?
[ Cell phone rings✨]
Vesco: Met him? I had his superiors kick him out of the room while we finished the sale.
Zhang Wei: [ Answering call ] Wei.
Vesco: And by the time anybody knew what was what, I was half way to Athens.
[ Wujing and Zhang Wei conversing in Mandarin (no translation or subtitles) ]

[ Monitors beeping rapidly 🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅 ]
Dr Perillos: Not so fast, Dembe. You’re not getting out of this that easily.
[ She begins to add the drug to prevent cardiac arrest ]
[ An operative appears ]
Dr Perillos: What do you want? I told Wujing I was not to be interrupted.
Operative: I’m sorry, but we have a situation.
Dr Perillos: More pressing than our subject going into cardiac arrest?
Operative: The FBI was just spotted on our perimeter. We have to leave. Now.
Dembe: [ Groans ]
[ Dr Perillos leaves, dropping the vial of the life-saving drug on the floor ] [ Vial⚡️clatters ]
Dembe: [ Groans ]

[ The FBI crashes into Wujing’s safe house, guns blazing ]
— FBI!
[ 💥💥💥 Gunfire 💥💥💥 ]
— FBI!
— Sure, move in!
[ Siya finds Dembe ]
Siya: Oh, my God. Dembe!
Ressler: [ To agents ] We’re clear!
[ Cell phone beeps🔅]
Ressler: [ On phone ] This is Agent Ressler. We’re going to need immediate medical support at my location, now!
[ Dembe flatlines 🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅]

[ Wujing’s SUV ]
[ Wujing and Zhang Wei conversing in Mandarin (no subtitles) ]
Vesco: What, uh– What’s going on?
Zhang Wei: [ Speaks Mandarin on phone, then to Wujing ]
Vesco: Will someone please tell me what the hell is happening?
Wujing: [ In English ] It seems the FBI has located the safe house and recovered Agent Zuma.
Vesco: What? How?
Wujing: That’s what I’m trying to determine, Robert.
[ Siren🚨wailing ]
[ In the FBI SUV, Siya is giving Dembe chest compressions ]
Cooper: [ On phone ] Status?
Ressler: Dembe’s in trouble. The ambulance was too far out, but we’re still 20 minutes to the nearest hospital. I don’t think he has that long.
Cooper: Understood. There’s a feed store less than four miles from your current position. Corner of Falston Road and Route 68.
Siya: A feed store? He needs a doctor!
Ressler: I’ll explain later, just hold on.
[ Siren🚨wailing ] [ The SUV makes a U-turn ]
Vesco: I thought you said that site was secure.
[ Conversation in Mandarin ]
Vesco: What kind of an outfit are you running here?
[ Continues in Mandarin ]
Wujing: [ In English ] This is an unfortunate mistake, Robert, but I assure you, I will hold whoever is responsible to account.
Vesco: Good, because I’m not going back to prison. No, not for you, and not for Reddington.
[ Cell phone rings✨]
Wujing: I understand if you want to go, Robert, but I hope you won’t.
Zhang Wei: [ Answers phone ] Wei.
[ He hands the phone to Wujing ]
Wujing: I can’t do this without you.
Wujing [ On phone, speaking Mandarin ]

[ Ressler and Siya have brought Dembe to one of Red’s mobile hospital. Doctors are working on him as Siya and Ressler stand nearby ]
Doctor #1: Fourteen, fifteen.
Doctor #2: He’s in v-fib–
Siya: Who are these people?
Doctor #2: Charging paddles.
Ressler: Reddington has medical teams on 24-hour standby.
Doctor #2: Clear! [⚡️‼️TWUMP‼️⚡️]
[ Flatline beep 🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅]
Doctor #1: Unresponsive.
Doctor #2: Still in v-fib, charging again.
Doctor #1: Charging 200 joules.
Doctor #2: Clear! [⚡️‼️TWUMP‼️⚡️]
Doctor #1: Still no response.

[ Wujing’s SUV ]
Vesco: I thought we were going to an airstrip?
Wujing: I’m afraid there’s been a change of plans, Robert.
[ Wujing holds up a handgun ]

[ Wujing’s new safe house ]
Vesco: I don’t know what you’re playing at, but if you don’t stop pointing that thing at me–
Wujing: You asked how the FBI found the safe house earlier. But you already knew, didn’t you, Robert?

[ Flashback: ]
Vesco: [ Coughing ]
[ Vesco takes out his phone and types a number, then drops the phone on the grass ]
Wujing: Are you all right, Robert?
Vesco: Yeah, I’m fine.

Wujing: My men found something unusual. Where is your phone, Robert?

[ Dembe is in a hospital bed. Red sits alongside the bed, reading ]
[ Monitor beeping🔅🔅🔅]
[ Dembe stirs ] [ Red looks up ]
Red: No, no, no. Easy. Easy. Easy.
Dembe: What happened?
Red: Ressler and Malik rescued you from Wujing’s place. You were in cardiac arrest, and they brought you here.
Dembe: How did they find me?
Red: It was Robert.
Dembe: Vesco? I saw him. He was working with Wujing.
Red: He was.

[ Flashback: ]
[ Red removes a hood from Vesco’s head ]
Vesco: You had them put me in a trunk, you son of a bitch.
Red: You deserve a lot worse. What do you have to say for yourself?
Vesco: I’m in! [ Laughing ]
Red: No! [ Laughs ]
Vesco: Poor bastard bought the whole thing.
[ Both laugh ]
Red: We’ve got to celebrate. I have a bottle of something here.
Vesco: Oh, I can do one drink. Okay, two.

Red: After Wujing approached him, Robert confronted me with Wujing’s allegations. So I told him the truth, and he loved it. You know Robert. He said I’d achieved what every criminal dreams of.
Dembe: So Robert went back to Wujing as a mole.
Red: He was supposed to gather information and – He called from the place where you were being held. Didn’t say anything, but he managed to keep the call going long enough for Chuck to run a trace.
Dembe: Have you heard from him since?

Vesco: Oh, well, I’d better get back. His minion’s picking me up in an hour.
Red: As soon as you know anything–
Vesco: You’re my first call.
[ Vesco stumbles slightly ]
Red: Robert, if you’re not up to this–
Vesco: I’m only going to say this once, Raymond, so I want you to listen very carefully. If you ever try to toss me a parachute like that again, it’ll be the last thing you ever do. You understand?
[ Red approaches Vesco, kisses his cheek and embraces him ]

Dembe: Raymond, if you haven’t heard from him —
Red: He’ll reach out when it’s safe. You rest, Dembe.
Dembe: [ Sighs ]

Wujing: I couldn’t stop praising you for your deceptive gifts, could I? And all this while you were using it on me.
Vesco: Well, don’t be too hard on yourself, Wu-wu. I’m just that good.
Wujing: I wonder, if you hadn’t acted so foolishly trying to save Agent Zuma, how long this little charade would have continued. And now, we’ll never know.
Vesco: Shame. And to think poor Doctor Psychopath won’t get to finish her comeback tour.
Dr Perillos: Oh, I wouldn’t say I’m finished.
Vesco: Easy, darling. I’ll save you the trouble. I’ve never been to any task force headquarters, I don’t know about any other FBI agent other than Dembe, and Raymond never said a word to me about, uh, an immunity agreement.
Dr Perillos: He’s lying.
Vesco: But one thing I do know, it’s just a matter of time before Reddington puts a bullet in the lot of you.
Wujing: And what makes you so sure of that?
Vesco: Because he’s Raymond Reddington.

[ Siya and Ressler visit Dr Perillos’ torture chamber and the site of the FBI raid ]
[ Chris Garneau’s ♫ “Ballard” plays ]
Ressler: Siya?
Siya: Any word on Wujing or Perillos?
Ressler: Not yet, but Cooper called. Dembe’s recovering, thanks to you.
Siya: You mean thanks to Reddington.
Ressler: Him, too.
Siya: I’ve spent my entire career digging through secrets, confronting dangerous people capable of despicable things, but I-I had no idea such people, such places, existed.
Ressler: Well, that’s the point. The Blacklist exists so that we can go after criminals that we never would have heard of without Reddington.
Siya: That sounds great in theory. Until your partner’s kidnapped by a sadistic pain specialist and nearly tortured to death. I’ve spent weeks elbow deep in your case files, but still–
Ressler: No one’s ready for this kind of thing. I don’t care who you are or how much you’ve read. Nothing prepares you for this. Look, don’t worry. It won’t get any easier.
Siya: [ Chuckles ] That’s very comforting, thank you.
Ressler: I mean it. There’s a cost.
Siya: I don’t think you need to lecture me about the cost of The Blacklist, Agent Ressler.
Ressler: I’m not talking about the people you lose. I’m talking about what happens to the ones who survive. This work changes people. It changed me, and I’m not sure if it was for the best. You wanted to know about what your mother did? Well, this is it, and believe me, Dr. Perillos is just the tip of the iceberg.

♪ I knew light ♪
♪ I met you in the dawn ♪

[ Door bangs open ] [ Two of Red’s men enter. Robert Vesco is seated in the dark corner of a room, quiet, slumped forward ]
— Clear!
[ Indistinct conversation ]

♪ Now all the night. . . ♪

[ Wujing and Zhang Wei ride in an SUV ] [ Speaking Mandarin ]
Zhang Wei: What should be done with Perillos?
Wujing: She is of no more use to us. Get rid of her.

♪ Can you unravel that? ♪
♪ Mystery is loud ♪

[ Red enters the room where Vesco sits. He hurries to the chair, gets down and looks up hopefully. Red takes in that Vesco is dead. He gets up and kisses Vesco’s forehead. He sweeps Vesco’s hair back and takes in his scent. He kisses his forehead again, lingering ]

♪ How can you un-feel it? ♪
♪ It’s crawling up the wall ♪

[ Red steps back, steadies himself, then turns and hurries out ]
Red: [ To his men ] Cut him loose. Bring the body.

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Episode Songs


♫ Ballard
By Chris Garneau

♪ I do right
I notice the wrong
I do right
I know this wasn’t wrong

♪ Did you imagine that he would ride along?
Can you imagine that he would ride along?

♪ I knew light
I met you in the dawn
Now all the night I spend it alone

♪ Can you unravel that?
Mystery is loud
How you can un-feel it?
It’s crawling up the wall

Lyrics and Credits: https://tinyurl.com/m2dr6dcd
YouTube: https://youtu.be/YQcgqEnSEpg

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🔴 Script 10:7 The Freelancer, Part 2 (№ 145)

Program air date: 4/9/2023 in the US
Script Permalink: https://wp.me/pDKwi-eos
EntertainmentWeekly Recap: https://tinyurl.com/35nw8zcf

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Cort Hessler
Written by: Sam Christopher



Brief (Where we’re at): Red’s mentor and long-time friend, Robert Vesco (Blacklister #8), is dead, killed by Wujing (Blacklister #84), who was sicced on Red by Marvin Gerard (Blacklister #80) as a final act of revenge against Red. Red had given Marvin a choice between committing suicide or facing Red’s wrath for arranging the murder of Elizabeth Keen, whom Red had loved dearly and to whom Red had hoped to bequeath his criminal empire. Marvin informed Wujing that Red had an immunity deal with the federal government and had been systematically handing over criminals, like Wujing, to the FBI. With advice from Marvin, Wujing broke out of prison and is the process of gathering together other criminals Red had turned over in order to expose Red’s arrangement with the FBI. Wujing turned to Dr Laken Perillos (Blacklister #70), who had perfected the art of medical torture to get her subjects to confess. Wujing’s henchmen captured Dembe, and Perillos tried to turn her dark magic to get him to tell her about the Reddington task force, but with no success.

At the same time, Vesco, a superb con man, convinced Wujing he had turned against Red and was on Wujing’s side, but when he saw that it was Dembe who was being tortured almost to death, he managed to alert Red by leaving his live cell phone at the torture site. When Ressler and Sima arrived, the miscreants had seen them coming and had fled, but they found Dembe in cardiac arrest and almost dead. They were able to save him, but Wujing’s men found Vesco’s cell phone where he had dropped it, and they let Wujing know that must have been how the FBI had been alerted. So the jig was up and Vesco was killed, but he had managed to save Dembe. Now Wujing will have to figure out another way to find out enough about the Reddington task force to expose its existence and make its continued effectiveness impossible.


⭕ Script 10:7 The Freelancer, Part 2 (№ 145)

[ A port ]
[ MLCK’s ♫ “Sweet Revenge” plays ]
[ A man wearing a baseball cap and a jacket labeled USCG (United States Coast Guard) enters the engine room of a ferry boat. He puts down a back duffel bag and takes out protective gear, a high end ventilator mask and thick rubber gloves. He takes out a liquid vial from a cold storage container. He attaches the vial to a sprayer and sprays the liquid along a metal seam, where it immediately begins to bubble and corrode ]

♪ I’m counting bones of your casualties ♪
♪ You dig up demons like a sweet addiction ♪
♪ Feeding me fear so you can take control ♪
♪ You’re gonna crumble, crumble, mm-hmm ♪
♪ Don’t you see you’re drowning in your gold? ♪
♪ Heavy ego weighing down your throat ♪
♪ And now the cracks are creepin’ up your tower ♪
♪ You’ll crumble, crumble, mm-hmm ♪

[ The man is Alban Veseli, The Freelancer. Veseli is notorious for hiding assassinations behind mass casualty events that he personally orchestrates. He removes the control from a pressure valve and the dial shows the pressure rising ]

♪ Playin’ God with that facade ♪
♪ Won’t get you your Camelot ♪
♪ Payback’s hanging in the air ♪
♪ Payback for your wicked lies ♪
♪ Storm clouds rollin’ in up high ♪
♪ Singe and scorch the crimson sky ♪
♪ Payback’s hanging in the air ♪
♪ Payback for your wicked lies ♪
♪ Tick tock, tick tock ♪

[ 🔊Horn blowing ] [ Seagulls crying ]
[ Once outside, Veseli walks briskly along the pier away from the ferry boat. The Terminal Manager runs after him calling out ]
Terminal Manager: Excuse me. Sir? Hey! Hey, wait a minute! Can you stop? I need to talk to you!
[ Veseli tries to walk on, but the Terminal Manager’s persistence makes him stop to face him ]
Terminal Manager: So, how’d we look? Pass inspection?
Veseli: Flying colors. No infractions.
Terminal Manager: All right. So we’re good to go? I gotta start loading if we’re gonna make our departure. Gotta lotta chop out there today. Always feel bad for the schmuck who’s gotta clean the head after a bumpy ride. [ Chuckles ]
Veseli: You go ahead and get those people on board. Wouldn’t want anyone to miss the ferry.
[ Veseli turns and walks away ]
[ Suspenseful music plays ]

[ The kitchen at Harold Cooper’s home. Red has shown up with a brown paper bag, which he sets on the table ]
Red: I brought some treats for Agnes. You’ll never guess where I got them. The New Jersey Turnpike. A diabolically inhumane and utterly demoralizing length of road that surprisingly strings together an intriguing collection of, eh, travel plazas – rest stops – each of which is named after a historical dead person somehow associated with Jersey, from Walt Whitman, who frankly, I would associate more with New York – To Vince Lombardi, who I believe everyone would associate with Green Bay, Wisconsin. They have gummy snakes three feet long.
Cooper: You drove yourself from New York this morning to tour the New Jersey rest stops?
Red: Last night, but yes. It was a welcome addition to the itinerary. I had an early meeting about a construction project. But I’m finding I prefer being under my own steam. On the way back, I’m stopping for a ride on the tallest roller coaster in North America. I’m scared to death.
Cooper: I was sorry to hear about Robert Vesco. I know you two were close.
Red: Too close, I’m afraid. Robert was fond of saying that he taught me everything I know. But he didn’t ever really know the half of who or what I am. It was a terrible mistake bringing him deeper into my world. And, tragically, he was the one to pay the price for it.
Cooper: He did save Dembe’s life.
Red: Yes, he did do that. And that’s a fine legacy. But I’ll miss him, and it’s entirely my fault. Usually is. How is Dembe feeling?
Cooper: He’s back to work. I told him he could take more time.
[ Red’s cellphone ringing✨]
Cooper: But the FBI doctors cleared him, and he said he’d rather work than not.
Red: Excuse me. [ Talking on phone ] Good morning. [ To Cooper ] Turn on the local news, Harold.
[ Suspenseful music plays ]
Red: [ On phone ] But why am I only hearing about this now?
[ Cooper pulls up the local news on a tablet computer ]

Reporter on tv: As details continue to emerge–

Red: [ On phone ] I see. I’ll follow up with you about this later.
[ Cooper and Red both look at the breaking news headline: “Ferry Sinks in Baltimore Harbor. Dozens Presumed Dead” ]
Cooper: My God. What happened?
Red: Alban Veseli happened.
Cooper: The Freelancer? You think he’s responsible for this?
Red: After Wujing broke Veseli out of custody, I told my associate to put his invisible army of service industry troops on alert. A deckhand working on a tender ship by the piers reported seeing a man matching Veseli’s description near the ferry terminal – hours ago. I’m only sorry the tip didn’t come in sooner.

[ The Post Office war room ] [ Veseli’s photo and rap sheet are displayed overhead ]
Cooper: Here’s someone who needs no introduction – The Freelancer, AKA Alban Veseli. We’ve seen how Veseli hides the identity of assassination targets by taking them out in large-scale disasters. Sacrificing dozens or even hundreds of lives to kill a single individual. NTSB is reporting 35 passengers and 7 crew members dead in Baltimore Harbor this morning.
Ressler: We’ve already taken this guy out, twice. What’s it gonna take for us to keep him down?
Cooper: Reddington believes this event is tied directly to Wujing’s plan to expose the task force’s connection to him.
Dembe: That would explain why Wujing went to extreme lengths to break Veseli out of custody.
Cooper: Who was The Freelancer targeting by sinking that ferry? And how does the death of that target help Wujing? What’s his end game here? These are questions we need to answer.
Ressler: Do we have any leads on the target?
Siya: I sent you all copies of the passenger manifest and pulled a few notable victims that have been identified already. David Broderick, South Baltimore city council. Sarah Miller, on parole for counterfeiting. And Wade Han, over a dozen arrests for weapons trafficking and assault.
Ressler: Do any of these people have a connection to Reddington?
Dembe: I don’t recognize any of them. Or anyone else on the passenger manifest.
Cooper: Agent Malik, keep digging into possible targets. Ressler, Dembe, head to the docks. Look for anything that might help us find Veseli. I’ll notify the NTSB that you’re on your way.

[ Seagulls crying ] [ Indistinct conversations ]
[ Ressler and Dembe push through the crowd and duck under the police tape ] [ Men pass by lugging a body bag ]
Ressler: Excuse me. Excuse me. Hey, how you doing? FBI. Thank you.
[ Woman gasping ]
Dembe: Are you okay, ma’am? Did you know someone on board?
Tearful Woman: Uh, Joanie Wilson, my daughter. She commutes on the ferry. She’s not answering her phone.
Dembe: There’s a Red Cross volunteer inside. They’re handling all inquiries for concerned family members.
Tearful Woman: Oh, thank you.
[ A pushy photographer has pushed forward ]
Dembe: Show some courtesy and respect. There are people here in pain.
Pushy photographer: Sorry, man. My bad.
[ Still, the photographer snaps Dembe’s photo ] [ Camera shutter clicks ✽ ]
[ An NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) Agent is talking with Ressler ]
NTSB Agent: It’s too early to determine exact cause. But before the ferry went down, the captain reported a loud noise from a rupture in the engine room. It may have jeopardized the integrity of the hull.
Ressler: What’s the likelihood of something like that ever happening?
NTSB Agent: I don’t know. We’ll know more after the investigation. There is something weird, though.
Ressler: I’m all ears.
NTSB Agent: According to the terminal manager, the ship received a clean safety inspection from a marine inspector for the Coast Guard.
Dembe: Would that inspector have access to the engine room?
NTSB Agent: Yeah, sure. The engine room’s one of the primary areas of focus when it comes to safety.
Terminal Manager: Nobody else by the waterline, got it? Keep the dock clear. We still have bodies in the water.
Dembe: Excuse me, sir. Can we speak with you? We’re with the FBI.
Terminal Manager: Of course, whatever you need.
Ressler: NTSB said you’re the one who dealt with the Coast Guard inspector this morning. Was there an inspection scheduled for today?
Terminal Manager: Well, no. But that’s not unusual. Coast Guard inspections are usually a surprise.
Dembe: Did anyone accompany the inspector while he was on the ferry?
Terminal Manager: There’s no need. They know their way around the vessels.
Dembe: So he was alone in the engine room.
Terminal Manager: I guess. Unless there were crew members present. Why? What are you thinking?
[ Ressler holds up a photo of Alban Veseli, the Freelancer ]
Ressler: Was this the guy you met with?
Terminal Manager: Yeah, that’s him.
Dembe: Where exactly did you speak with him? On board?
Terminal Manager: No. Right on the dock. He was throwing away his gloves.
[ He points to a trash can ]
Ressler: Thank you. [ To Dembe ] Hey.
[ Ressler leads Dembe to the trash can and pulls out the work gloves. He takes a whiff ]
Ressler: Oof! Some kind of chemical on this. We gotta get this analyzed. Fast.
Dembe: Our forensics team is already overloaded with all the evidence coming in from the ferry and the victims.
Ressler: You know who we could call? What about Reddington’s pal? What was his name? Harry? Herbie. He came through in the past. And he was quick. As long as there’s no foosball tournament.
Dembe: Foosball?
Ressler: I’ll tell you about it later. Let me get in touch with Cooper, see if he can’t approve Herbie coming in today. We gotta get this analyzed immediately.

[ A car radio plays in an SUV in which Wujing’s right hand man Zhang Wei rides with a crew of Chinese national – and Alban Veseli ]

Radio announcer: … marine tragedy. 43 passengers and crew have been confirmed dead at this time, with several still unaccounted for.

Zhang Wei: Wujing is very pleased.
Alban Veseli: Well, he’s gonna love what I have planned next.
[ Dramatic music plays ]

[ Jazz music plays ] [ The residence of Rogelio’s family. Rogelio runs a wide-reaching informal intelligence network of service workers in hotels, restaurants and transportation that will keep an eye open for anyone Red is looking for. Rogelio has a large family, now busily working with piles of linens and sewing machines, in addition to various computer screens ]
[ Woman humming ] [ Conversing in Spanish ]
Woman: Gracias. Okay.
Rogelio: Gracias..
[ Knocks ✽ ✽ ✽ ✽ ✽ on door ]
— Papi, get the door.
Rogelio: Ay.
[ He opens the door ]
Rogelio: Raymond!
Red: Hello, Rogelio. Oh, I’m interrupting, lo siento.
Rogelio: No, no, no, of course not. It’s an honor to have you.
Red: You’ve got quite the operation going here.
Rogelio: After so many years of washing sheets, I saw some room for improvement. Oh, feel this. Soft as a lamb, durable too, like nothing else on the market.
[ Red feels the fabric ]
Red: Oh, my. That is nice. You must be putting in a tremendous amount of time and effort into this project.
Rogelio: [ Nodding ] Mm-hmm.
Red: That explains it.
[ Suspenseful music plays ]
Rogelio: [ Speaking Spanish to family ]
[ The family leaves ]
Rogelio: Explains what?
Red: I needed you to reach out to me the moment Alban Veseli was spotted. But I didn’t hear from you until after a dozen bodies had washed ashore, because your head is filled with Egyptian cotton.
Rogelio: Raymond, I called you the second that tip came i–
Red: Rogelio, I need the full attention of you and every maid, bellhop, and busboy on your payroll.
Rogelio: I’ll triple the reward. I’ll– I’ll stay up all night and make sure everyone’s on alert.
Red: Well, about that. I actually have a second request. I need to stay in town until I sort this out. That wouldn’t be a pull-out, would it? As a possible investor, I’d love a chance to test these sheets. [ Chuckles ]

[ A meeting of NA (Narcotics Anonymous) ]
Team Leader: I am very proud to say that one of us is celebrating a year sober today. Donald, why don’t you come up here?
[ Applause 👏🏻 ]
[ Ressler gets up, reluctantly ]
Team Leader: Congratulations.
Ressler: Thank you.
Team Leader: Want to say something? Go ahead.
Ressler: [ Sighs ] Thank you. I mean, I really wouldn’t be here without everyone in this room. I used to think that going it alone made me stronger. But that’s not true. No, not in here, not out there. No, real strength comes from accepting that you’re – accepting that you’re weak – and that it’s okay to ask for help.
[ Applause 👏🏻 ]
[ A dejected looking young man sits in the back ]
[ At the refreshment table ]
Team Leader: Powerful words, Donald.
Ressler: Please don’t ever make me do that again.
Team Leader: [ Chuckles ] You know, there’s a lot of people that need help. You ever, uh, you ever thought about becoming a sponsor?
Ressler: Sponsor? No. No, that’s a big step.
Team Leader: So is a year sober. I think you’re ready. You, uh, you see that guy over there? You’re in similar lines of work. You know better than anyone how hard it is to stay clean in this town – in a high-stress job, where everything’s a secret.
Ressler: I don’t talk about my work here.
Team Leader: I know, but– I’ve been leading meetings in D.C. for a long time. There’s a – look. You have it, so does he. I think you could help each other.
Ressler: [ Sighs ] Can I think about it?
Team Leader: Of course, take your time. We’ll talk about it next meeting, alright?

[ The yellow elevator doors to the Post Office black site open. Siya steps out with Herbie Hambright, Red’s forensics whiz. He is giddy ]
Herbie: Where are we right now? Those were some crazy cool security protocols. I gotta be honest, when I saw those blackout goggles, I was like, “Whoa!” I mean, this is like the modern-day bag over the head like in the movies, right? Except I get to go home and kiss Holly, make faces at Sue– right? I get to go home, right?
Siya: [ Trying to be patient ] You do.
[ Herbie steps forward into the war room, lined with banks of overhead displays and computer consoles ]
Herbie: Whoa! Whoa, this is– What is this?
Ressler: Hey, Herbie. Thanks for helping us out.
Herbie: I know you. We spoke on the phone. Donald, right?
Ressler: Agent Ressler.
Herbie: And– And my man Dembe. You’re part of all this? That is so cool. How’s it feel to be on the straight and narrow?
[ Herbie previously knew Dembe from when he worked for Red ]
Dembe: It doesn’t feel straight or narrow.
Siya: Herbie, why don’t I show you the lab? We need to find out how that ferry was sabotaged.
Herbie: Yeah, my Laminar Hood at home is just not big enough for the job. You know how it is.
[ To Ressler ] Did Red set this up?
Dembe: The fewer questions, the better, Mr. Hambright.
Herbie: Wait a minute. Is this a black site? I figured it out, right? Which means that you guys are – dramatic pause – CIA.
Ressler: No.
Herbie: Oh, okay. NSA.
Siya: Come on, Herbie. Red’s really anxious for those results.
Herbie: NGA? NRO? I know this can’t be NCIS. I’ve watched that for years. It’s nothing like this.
[ Siya leads Herbie to a workstation ]
Herbie: Here?
Siya: Yeah. Right here.

[ At Rogelio’s house, a child paces outside the bathroom. Red steps out ]
Red: [ Calls out ] Bathroom’s free.
[ The child dashes inside ]
Red: [ Chuckles at the girl ]
Soledad: I see you found my robe.
Red: Oh, yes. I’m so sorry. I hope you don’t mind. It was either this or young Teo’s, which nobody wants to see me in. But I’m terribly sorry. I’ll replace it immediately.
Soledad: Don’t be silly. It looks very nice. Just make yourself at home. I need to help Ita. She got up early to make you arepas.
Red: Aww! Gracias. [ Kisses his hand ]
Soledad: [ Chuckles ] I think she has a crush on you.
Red: Not half as much as I have on her. You two keep spoiling me, I’ll have to extend my visit.
Soledad: Careful, day two is when Abuelita really makes her move.
Red: Ha! I can’t wait.
Soledad: [ Chuckles ]

[ The Post Office; the task force is gathered around Herbie’s workstation ]
Herbie: All right, so I ran a whole bunch of tests on your glove. The noxious fumes come from a bacteria – Leptospirillum ferricomedentis.
Ressler: Is it dangerous? I put my nose pretty close to that thing.
Herbie: No, as long as it didn’t touch your skin, you’re okay. It’s not an infectious agent. Ferrum, “iron.” Comedentis, “devouring.” “Iron devouring.” And if anything, the name undersells it. One swab could eat through a nail in under an hour. Normally, it’s used for industrial cleanup, but it could also weaken the tensile strength of a ship’s hull. If one were so inclined.
Cooper: So The Freelancer rigged the engine to blow, but he wanted to make sure it would punch a hole in the ship.
Dembe: How would he get this bacteria?
Herbie: It’s heavily regulated and super rare. But I tracked down the lab that bio-engineers it.
Siya: I called the lab, and last week they sold a vial to the Appalachian Defense Alliance, supposedly for cleaning up mining waste.
Cooper: Supposedly?
Siya: The Appalachian Alliance doesn’t exist except on paper. But their bank account seemed real enough. So I made a call and requisitioned their transaction history.
Ressler: [ Reading ] Gas masks, tools, flammable solvents, everything needed to punch a hole in that ship.
Herbie: Uh, yeah, except there’s only one problem. Can you spot it? Can you? I did.
Siya: The solvents. Look at the–
Herbie: It’s the timestamps. Yeah, they were purchased yesterday afternoon.
Dembe: After the ferry explosion.
Ressler: So The Freelancer’s planning another high body count somewhere?
Cooper: Thank you for your help today, Mr. Hambright. But maybe it’s time for Agent Malik to escort you back–
Herbie: I’m– I’m all right. I’m good. I could stay until you, you know, get this guy. I’m pretty invested now. And I have a sitter till 6:00, so–
Cooper: Oh, okay. Fine. I suppose if we’re facing an arson attack somewhere in the city, we gotta use everything we can.
Herbie: Uh, but, if it’s all right – is there, like, a snack room or something where I could get a drink? Just like a soda, some chips. I’ve only had applesauce today.
Cooper: Yes. Agent Malik can show you the way.
Herbie: Oh, cool, great.
[ Siya grimaces ]

[ Rogelio’s home. The large family, and Red, are gathered for dinner ]
Red: Mmm.
[ Abuelita, the grandmother, slides the pan of arepa toward Red ]
Red: Oh, no, no, no, no. Gracias, Abuelita. I couldn’t eat another bite, even though it is the best arepa I have ever tasted.
Abuelita: Ohh.
Red: Gracias.
[ Door slams ]
Red: [ Chuckles ]
Rogelio: Raymond.
Red: Ah! Excuse me.
[ Red walks to talk to Rogelio in the living room ]
Rogelio: [ Low voice ] There’s gonna be another attack. Right here, in downtown D.C.
Red: How do you know this?
Rogelio: I just left the housekeeper from the Broadhurst Hotel, who saw a man who looked exactly like Veseli go into a room. She brought him an extra towel to be sure, and he gave her some cash. Told her to take an early lunch and don’t come back to work today.
Red: Well, we couldn’t ask for a more detailed tip than that, could we?

[ The Post Office ] [ Cooper’s cellphone rings✨]
Cooper: Reddington, I’m here with the team. We’ve got a situation.
Red: Yes, you do. The Freelancer is at the Broadhurst Hotel, and he’s planning another attack imminently. What exactly, I can’t say.
Cooper: We can. We need to call D.C. Fire Department. Tell them we got a suspected arson, they need to send engines immediately. I’ll scramble EMS and Metro PD. Ressler, Zuma, get to that hotel. Malik, stay on the ferry manifest. And, uh– look after our guest.
Siya: Oh, I just–

[ 🚨 Sirens wailing 🚨 ] [ Police radio chatter ] [ Smoke pours out of an upper floor window ]
Dembe: FBI. We need to speak to whoever’s in charge here.
Uniformed Cop: Fire Chief set up a command post across the street in the lobby of that building. I think he’s over there right now.
Dembe: Thank you.
[ Camera shutter clicking ✽ ✽ ✽ ✽ ]
[ Ressler and Dembe approach the Fire Chief ]
Ressler: Excuse me. Agents Ressler, Zuma, FBI.
Fire Chief: Oh, they were lucky. If you hadn’t called when you did, we would have lost the entire 9th floor and everyone on it. But everyone’s accounted for.
Dembe: Is that where the fire started? Apparently.
Fire Chief: The point of origin was a housekeeping closet. Something flammable in there, probably cleaning supplies, chemicals.
Ressler: What about the guests who were evacuated? Can we speak with them?
Fire Chief: I’ve got the guests cordoned off in the bullpen while we take statements. Anybody you want to talk to?
Dembe: Let’s start with everybody on the 9th floor.

[ Ressler and Dembe interview various guests ]
Can you think of any reason someone might want to cause you harm?
Kimberly: Me? No. No, of course not.
Nelson: Actually, uh, well–
Kimberly: What? You think someone would want to harm me?
Nelson: No, I think someone might want to harm me. I’ve got bookies.
Kimberly: Well, you also have a wife.
Nelson: They don’t need to know that.
Kimberly: Well, now they do. Wait. So, are you saying that you think someone set that fire on purpose?
Timothy: I don’t know. What?
Dembe: Sorry, you don’t know whether you’re in Washington for business or pleasure?
Timothy: Uh– Oh, no. Yeah. Yeah, business, definitely. But, uh, s-some pleasure, too. You know? [ Chuckles ]
[ Dembe rolls his eyes ]
Ressler: What exactly do you do for work?
Amber: Oh, me? I– I work at a bank. I know you can’t speculate, but if you suspect this was arson, you should really look at the manager. I– I watch a lot of true crime documentaries. And there was this one, where this girl went missing–
Nelson: The press outside– I can’t– I don’t want to be on– on the news or– or in the papers, especially anything that might be shown in the, uh, the– the Richmond area.
Dembe: Sir, is that where your wife lives?
Nelson: Wife? Psst, I don’t–
Ressler: What kind of information do you have access to at your bank? Anything sensitive, confidential?
Amber: Oh, yeah. Absolutely. My co-worker Emily, I was the first person she told when she got pregnant. And I didn’t tell anyone. I told my dentist, but, I mean–
Dembe: I think we meant anything that might be related to illegal activity.
Timothy: I’m sorry, guys. My brain just really, like, can’t right now. You’re really intense with the badges and the questions.
Dembe: He’s high.
Ressler: As a kite.
Nelson: Are we almost done? I-I was supposed to be out of here hours ago, and I just–
Kimberly: You want to leave now? We’re being interrogated by the FBI.
Nelson: Well, I mean, if they need anything else, I’ll give them my– my card, okay? Just– And is– is there another way out of here, you know, away from the– cameras. I just– [ Sighs ] You know what? Uh, I-I can’t find my cards.
Dembe: Uh, it’s okay. We have your names. I think we’re all set.
Ressler: We’ll reach out if there’s anything else we need.
Nelson: Yeah, I-I don’t want my name in the paper. Um, either of our names.
Kimberly: [ Scoffs ]
Dembe: Okay.
Dembe: Okay. Thank you, sir.
Kimberly: [ Under breath ] Seriously?
[ Ressler and Dembe leave ]

[ Rogelio’s home. He is there with Red and Maria, the housekeeper who gave Rogelio the tip that there would be a fire at the Broadhurst Hotel. She appears nervous and fearful ]
Rogelio: We have your payment for the tip. But we just have a few questions to ask you first.
Red: Maria, please, have a seat.
[ Suspenseful music plays ]
Red: Maria, Rogelio and I are business associates. And our business relies on information – accurate information. Information that people’s lives depend on. So you can imagine my surprise when you turned up with this individual’s entire story wrapped up in a nice, neat bow.
Maria: [ Sobs ] Please, mister, I– I-I have two babies.
Red: Maria, the man Rogelio asked you to look for – did you find him, or did he find you?
Maria: He came to me – when I arrived on the floor – in the hallway. He promised me $10,000 if I told Rogelio exactly what he said.
Red: Go home to your children.
Maria: [ Breathing shakily ]
[ Maria gets up and hurries toward the door ]
Red: Maria. You’re forgetting something.
[ Maria had forgotten the envelope on the table, the money from Red for her “tip.” She returns to take the money, the hurries away ]
[ Rogelio pulls up a chair ]
Rogelio: [ Low Voice ] Raymond. You’re paying her for betraying us?
Red: We offered Maria money in exchange for information. She may have fed us the who, what, and where on someone else’s orders. But the why she just gave us? That’s something to pay for. And maybe a new stroller for good measure. You realize this all started with that picture of us.
Rogelio: You think? Ah, that was years ago. And nobody really saw that.
Red: I don’t know. We were both there. Together. [ Sighs ] Would you give me a moment?
[ Dialing tones ••• •••• ]
[ Dembe’s cellphone rings✨]
Dembe: Raymond.
Red: Have you identified a target at the hotel?
Dembe: Not yet.
Red: How about the ferry?
Dembe: Nothing yet there either.
Red: I’m not surprised. The source who led us to the hotel came to Rogelio on the instructions of The Freelancer himself.
Dembe: The Freelancer gave the tip? Why would Veseli notify us of his own attack? Because this was never about the attack. It was about our response. Wujing has been looking for proof of my relationship with the FBI. If The Freelancer feeds my network information and the FBI intervenes before they have cause, then Wujing establishes a causal link between my world and yours. The only question is how he intends to prove it.
Dembe: I might have an answer to that.

[ Dembe sits down with Red at Rogelio’s ]
Dembe: This footage came from an outside CCTV camera on the same block as the hotel. Look. This one. All the other stringers are taking photos of the action, but this guy’s camera’s pointed directly at us. And look at this. He was the first photographer to arrive. Four minutes before we notified the fire department. And this same guy was at the site of the ferry incident. I thought he might have snapped a photo of me, but it was so chaotic, I couldn’t be certain. Malik and Ressler are trying to get an ID on him now. Raymond, I can’t shake a feeling. We know this man from somewhere.
Red: Yeah, we do. He’s the same photographer that took that picture of us six years ago.
Dembe: That photo? It can’t be.
Red: [ Chuckles ] Remember, Rogelio was there, too? Alban Veseli is paying Rogelio’s people to pass tips to me and then sending this photographer to the incident sites to capture your team responding. Confirmation of what Wujing has been searching for – evidence of my relationship with the FBI.
Dembe: Do you think he has all the evidence he needs?
Red: [ Chuckles ] Well, you know, there’s scarcely a rule I haven’t broken in my life, Dembe. But there is one even I won’t trifle with, the Rule of Three. Goldilocks and the Three Bears, the Three Little Pigs, the three-paragraph persuasive essay. Three is the smallest number of any elements that firmly establishes a pattern in the human mind. And these photos illustrate the story Wujing is attempting to tell about me.
Dembe: Which means The Freelancer is planning another attack.
Red: And Wujing’s personal paparazzo is going to lead you there.

[ The Post Office war room ]
Siya: According to the local press corps office, his name is Keith Perry. He’s a local photojournalist who covers everything from inaugurations to the Maryland Little League state championship. He’ll even snap an occasional celebrity to testify to Congress about a pet project of the month.
Dembe: He snapped a photo of Raymond several years ago that ran in a small daily rag.
Cooper: How come no one told us about this before?
Dembe: It wasn’t a big deal. The clearest face was Rogelio’s. Perry only got the back of Raymond’s head. But now, Raymond believes The Freelancer is planning another attack and Keith Perry will no doubt be there to capture when we arrive on the scene.
Cooper: We need to find Perry. Immediately.
Ressler: We sent uniforms to his apartment, but he wasn’t there. He’s not answering the phone number listed with the press corps, either.
Cooper: Reach out to every level of law enforcement. I want every eyeball within a hundred square miles looking for this guy. Finding him is our best way of preventing further loss of life.
Herbie: Uh, excuse me. Sorry. Uh, hey.
Cooper: You have something to offer, Mr. Hambright?
[ Herbie quickly finishes some chips and his soda ]
Ressler: Oh, take your time. No rush.
Herbie: Look, um, I know this isn’t exactly my area of expertise.
Cooper: What is it, Herbie?
Herbie: It’s this. See this. Can you zoom in?
[ Beeping 🔅🔅🔅 ]
Herbie: That hardware is made by Novall.
Siya: Novall?
Herbie: Yeah, it’s a wireless cloud adapter. It uploads every photo you take to the cloud in real time. Super useful if you take hundreds of pictures a day. Which I do – of Sue. Man, they say that kids change every single day, but you don’t really start noticing that until you look at pictures. Oh! That reminds me. Would you guys mind giving my Instagram a little follow? It’s @AGirlNamedSue222. Siya? You thinking about it?
Cooper: Back to Novall.
Siya: You think Perry was connecting to Novall while taking these pictures?
Herbie: Yeah. I mean, if the camera’s on, he’s connect and transmitting. Instant upload, that’s the plus.
Cooper: Malik, get a subpoena. We need access to his photo storage, now.

[ Ressler’s office ] [ Knocking ✽ ✽ ]
Dembe: I noticed the chip in there.
Ressler: [ Groans ]
Dembe: I realized it must be, what?
Ressler: A year.
Dembe: Congratulations. That’s a major accomplishment.
Ressler: That’s what everyone keeps telling me, yeah.
Dembe: Oh. Sick of hearing it?
Ressler: Once was enough. Okay, okay. Uh– NA wants me to sponsor someone.
Dembe: Are you gonna do it?
Ressler: I’m not sure. Some days, I can’t even help myself. How am I supposed to help someone else?
Dembe: Maybe that’s the point. I’ve never known you not to be of service when you can be.
Ressler: [ Sighs ]
[ Siya appears at the door ]
Siya: Subpoena came through.

[ The war room ]
Siya: Novall was able to identify the account and give us access. This is Perry’s live photostream.
Dembe: We’re in every photo.
Ressler: Okay, this is getting creepy.
Herbie: Ooh, look. He’s uploading more photos – right now, as we speak.
Ressler: But where is this?
Cooper: Looks like an apartment building. Can we identify which one?
Siya: I can’t see any street signs.
Ressler: Are there any active emergency calls?
Dembe: Checking with EMS now. Nothing.
Herbie: Look at the differences in the photos. He’s taking test shots. He’s playing around with the F-stop and shutter speed.
Dembe: The Freelancer must have sent him. This may be the location of the third attack that Raymond predicted. It fits the pattern.
Cooper: Malik, can we get a more specific location?
Siya: Almost. I’m zeroing in on the hotspot he’s using to transmit. Okay – Got it. Laurel Vistas. It’s in Arlington. 12 stories, 16 units per floor.
Cooper: That could mean dozens, if not hundreds of victims. The Freelancer’s gonna cause a building collapse.

[ Dramatic music plays ] [ At the Laurel Vistas apartment building ]
[ A janitor wheels a cart. Alban Veseli (The Freelancer) comes up behind him and injects him in the neck. The janitor falls to the floor. Veseli takes his keys. He opens a power box ]

[ Cooper talks to Ressler, Dembe and Siya who are in an SUV driven by Ressler ]
Cooper: I’ve been in contact with the City Planner’s office in Arlington. Laurel Vistas is an 80-year-old property that’s had 7 different owners in the last 10 years alone.
[ Again, Veseli removes a vial of a liquid corrosive agent from a super-cooled casing ]
Cooper: It’s racked up more code violations in that period then I have time to read out. But several involve water damage near a retaining wall in the basement that backs onto the Potomac Aquifer.
Ressler: That water could take out the whole building.
Cooper: You need to get down there. And Malik, you’re on Perry.
[ At the apartment building, Veseli works on a mechanical cabinet ] [ Air hissing ]
[ The SUV driven by Ressler⚡️screeches⚡️to a stop in front of the Laurel Vistas building ] [ Ressler and Dembe jump out and run inside; Siya is behind them by a few steps ~ she hears: ]
[ Camera shutter clicking ✽ ✽ ✽ ]
Siya: Hey! Stop!
[ Siya chases and trips the photographer and he falls ]
Siya: Mr. Perry. Waiting for the perfect shot? Or just waiting for us?
Keith Perry: What? What do you mean?
Siya: Let’s go, shutterbug.

[ Veseli sprays the metal-weakening solution on the metal work supporting the apartment building ] [ Sizzling ] [ Veseli cuts wires. A timer begins a countdown ] [ Ressler and Dembe locate Veseli ]
Ressler: Show me your hands!
Veseli: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. I’m unarmed. How ’bout a horse trade, huh?
[ Ressler holsters his gun to handcuff Veseli ]
Veseli: I show you how to undo the damage I’ve just done, and you let me–
[ Veseli spins around ] [ ⚡️ 🤜 ‼️ Fist 👊 Fight ‼️ 🤛 ⚡️] [ Ressler prevails ]
Dembe: He’s alive. But out cold.
Ressler: Uh, mayday – We’ve got bigger problems over here. You smell gas?
Dembe: Looks like the chemical ate through the main gas line.
[ Cooper’s line ringing ☎️ ]
Cooper: What’s the update?
Dembe: [ On phone ] The Freelancer’s unconscious and in custody. We have one civilian down, and a live incendiary device.
Ressler: I’m willing to bet when this timer goes off, it’ll overload the fuse box.
Veseli: [ Coughs ]
Ressler: Gonna be a shower of sparks. [ Mimics explosion 💢 ]
[ The timer is down to 29 seconds ]
Cooper: Agent Malik is working with Arlington County Police to evacuate the building. If you’re down there when the wall goes, you’ll drown under tons of mud and silt. You need to leave, now.
Ressler: No, there’s not enough time to get everyone out.
Dembe: Then we’re not going anywhere.
[ Cell disconnects ✽ ]
Dembe: I don’t know which wire to pull. Any one of them could set it off.
[ 16 seconds remain ]
Ressler: What if we cut the main power?
[ Ressler grabs the emergency hatchet and smashes the mechanical box (‼️SMASH‼️) ]
[ – – – – – – ]
Ressler: No power, no sparks, no– [ Mimics explosion💢 ]
Dembe: Better than any idea I’ve got.
Veseli: [ Coughs 💨 ]
[ Unnoticed, Veseli has gotten to his feet ]
Ressler: Let’s hope this works.
Veseli: [ Coughing 💨 ]
[ Ressler strikes the box again (‼️SMASH‼️) ]
[ Beeping 🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅]
[ Alarm 🚨 blaring ]
Veseli: [ Coughing 💨 ]
Ressler: All right. No power, no sparks. We’re good.
[ Dembe turns around ]
Dembe: No. We’re not.
[ Veseli is gone ]

[ Ressler and Dembe exit the building, coughing 💨 ]
[ Dembe’s cellphone rings✨]
[ Both coughing 💨 ]
Red: Rogelio just got a tip – the collapse of an apartment building in Arlington.
Dembe: [ On phone ] Yes, we got it.
Red: Is everyone safe?
Dembe: For now.
Red: Good.
Dembe: But Veseli got away.
Red: That is not so good.

[ An interrogation room at the Post Office. Photographer Keith Perry talks to Siya and Ressler ]
Keith Perry: It started with a photo. Six or seven years ago, I was covering this reception at a hotel near Dupont. A big fundraiser thing. I was getting nothing shots, so I went around to the back of the building. Thought I could get someone sneaking in, sneaking out. I see someone standing on the curb over by the loading dock. I swear to God, it’s Raymond Reddington – talking with this Latino guy. But before I could get my camera ready and snapping, Reddington steps into the street, ducks into a waiting car, and is gone. [ Chuckles lightly ] I get a– a blurry pic of the back of his head. I couldn’t sell the damn thing anywhere. Nobody would believe me that it was Reddington. I got one outlet to pay me for it. Tabloid. Even they speculated. God, if I could’ve just proved it, it would’ve been one helluva payday. Then, all of a sudden, a few months ago, someone shows at my door and wants to know about the photograph. Said he worked for somebody. Um– Wu-something.
[ Siya and Ressler exchange glances ]
Keith Perry: They wanted to know about the photo and who the guy with Reddington was. Then they said they wanted me to take some new photos.

[ Rogelio’s home ] [ Red is packing a bag. Rogelio walks in with a covered plastic dish ]
Rogelio: You really can’t stay for dinner?
Red: Sadly, it’s time for me to head back to New York.
Rogelio: Soledad’s paella is legendary. It has a cult following. And it’s not nearly as good reheated.
Red: I’ll be the judge of that. Rogelio, please tell your lovely wife that her hospitality, much like her paella, is unrivaled. Yours as well. Your sheets are truly the finest I have ever slept on. I have the utmost faith in your new business endeavor.
Rogelio: I hope you’ll give us an endorsement when the time comes.
Red: [ Laughs ]
Rogelio: You can be in our first commercial.
Red: Wouldn’t that be something? But the least I can do is invest. Tell me how much you need.
Rogelio: Ah, that – That’s generous, Raymond. But no, thank you.
Red: A hundred thousand?
Rogelio: You don’t understand. I– I don’t need you to invest. Working for you, I’ve grown my intelligence network from the city to the region to the entire country. I’ve built a nice nest egg. So, I’m using it to help pay for my dream.
Red: You’re evolving, my friend. You don’t need me anymore.
Rogelio: Raymond, no, I’d never dare say that. Yeah, I owe you. Everything. I just don’t need you for this.
Red: Well, the day you do need an investor or a spokesman who happens to be on the most wanted list, click your heels and there I’ll be. In the meantime, I need two sets of those sheets. Queen size.
Rogelio: Claro. You got it, amigo.

[ Ressler’s next NA meeting. He talks to the guy the Team Leader pointed out to him. His name is Jonathan Pritchard ]
Ressler: Hey. You, uh, nauseous?
[ Ressler offers him a cup ]
Jonathan Pritchard: Yeah, thanks.
Ressler: Yeah, the first week’s the hardest. Feels like your, uh, blood’s on fire?
Pritchard: Yeah, and your veins might explode.
Ressler: Mm-hmm.
Pritchard: At least, at this point, I’m praying they do. [ Chuckles ]
Ressler: How many days are you?
Pritchard: Uh, four. Uh, four and a half.
Ressler: Mm. Don’t knock the half. It’s an accomplishment. I know it doesn’t seem like it at this point, but it is.
[ Offers his hand ] Donald.
Pritchard: Jonathan.
[ They shake hands ]

[ Cooper’s kitchen. Red is visiting ]
Red: How did Mr. Hambright work out for you today?
Cooper: He’s actually proven to be quite useful. More than once.
Red: Quite a character, isn’t he?
Cooper: [ Chuckles ] To say the least. You’re headed back up the turnpike?
Red: I’ve got that coaster to ride. Listen, I told Agnes that saltwater taffy will be the order of the day on my next jaunt through the Garden State. So beware, I’ll be bringing her a bundle.
Cooper: Maybe she could share it with the boy she’s got a crush on at school.
Red: Agnes has a young suitor?
Cooper: She’s only told Charlene. I’m still waiting for her to come to me with the news.
Red: I admire the relationship you’ve built with her. Fatherhood isn’t for the faint of heart.
Cooper: Some days I find myself wondering if– if everything else is worth it. The job. The Blacklist. How much it takes me away from her. I miss that little girl every moment I’m not with her.
Red: Yeah. And I hate to tell you, but we’re not getting any younger, Harold.
Cooper: No, we’re not. And it seems like every time we stop a threat, it just begets three more.
Red: It’s a disastrous domino effect. Taking down Marvin Gerard sets in motion a chain of events that eventually sinks a ferry.
Cooper: And The Freelancer is still out there. Do you think he has anything else planned for us?
Red: I haven’t the foggiest. Wujing has gotten what he wanted.
Cooper: He did, didn’t he? It’s the one thing I haven’t been able to stop thinking about.
Red: What?
Cooper: Photographs of the task force. Concrete evidence. Now that Wujing has them, what’s he planning to do with them?
[ Red puts on his fedora, straightens the brim ]
Red: Time will tell.
[ Red turns, slaps Cooper and the back and heads out ]

[ Three months earlier ]
[ A bar. Zhang Wei, Wujing’s right hand man is at the bar, along with a man named Sven Hollufson. He is a member of the group of Nordic operative previously led by Henrick Fisker. Marvin Gerard hired the Fisker Army to attack Red when he was with a group of his associates at a remote hunting lodge. Red and Dembe survived, thanks to the FBI, but Red’s associates were slaughtered. Red handed Fisker himself over to the FBI ]
Zhang Wei: Thank you for agreeing to meet. I was surprised when you wanted it to be here. And without protection.
Sven Hollufson: I wouldn’t say that.
[ Clears throat ] [ Several of Hollufson’s operatives make their presense known ]
Zhang Wei: I see. You have the high ground.
Hollufson: What do you want?
Zhang Wei: My employer is interested in hiring your – team – to remove a common threat. I don’t have to tell you anything about Raymond Reddington you don’t already know.
Hollufson: [ Laughs ] Reddington.
Zhang Wei: It is my understanding that Marvin Gerard contracted your forces to take out Reddington as part of their war last year.
Hollufson: Yeah. And now our colleague, Henrick Fisker, is rotting in a CIA black site.
Zhang Wei: Hm. What if I told you that those two things – Raymond Reddington still alive and your brother-in-arms in custody, were directly related?
Hollufson: [ Sighs ] I’m listening.
Zhang Wei: Reddington has an immunity agreement and a covert FBI task force that does his bidding and allows him to grow his empire with impunity.
Hollufson: I don’t believe you!
Zhang Wei: What if I can prove it?
Hollufson: Show me proof, and then we’ll talk.

[ Present day ]
[ Zhang Wei and Sven Hollufson meet again ]
Zhang Wei: We fed three tips to part of Reddington’s intelligence network, and three times his federal pack hounds showed up to investigate before they were declared a crime.
[ Zhang Wei lays out photos taken by Keith Perry ]
Zhang Wei: Agent Donald Ressler, FBI. Agent Dembe Zuma, FBI. Agent Siya Malik, a curveball, is actually MI6.
Hollufson: Interesting. Hm.
Zhang Wei: To say the least. So, does this satisfy your requirement for proof? What do you think?
Sven Hollufson: I think you should tell your employer that we are very, very expensive.

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Episode Songs


♫ Sweet Revenge

♪ I’m down in bones of your casualties
You dig up demons like a sweet addiction
Feeding me fear so you can take control, you’re gonna crumble, crumble
Don’t you see you’re drowning in your gold?
Heavy eagle weighing down your throat
And now the cracks are breedin up your tower, you crumble, crumble

♪ Playin’ God with that facade, won’t get you your Camelot
Amen take it in the air
Payback for your wicked lies
Storm clouds rollin’ in the high
Singes scorch the crimson sky
Amen take it in the air
Payback for your wicked lies!

♪ Tick tock, tick tock, time is up
Big talk, big talk, I see it comin’
Comin’ for ya

♪ Just a little bit of sweet revenge
Gotta love a little punishment
Whoa ohhh oh oh ohh
It’s comin’ comin’
Just a little bit of sweet revenge
Gotta love a little punishment
Whoa ohhh oh oh ohh
It’s comin’ comin’!

♪ The diamond chandeliers are crashing down
You hide from wreckage on your hands and knees
Feels good to see you beg and plead, as you stumble, stumble
I watch you struggle as I stand aside
Fallin’ faster with that heavy pride
You know I won’t be there to catch you, as you stumble, stumble

♪ Playin’ God with that facade, won’t get you your Camelot
Amen take it in the air
Payback for your wicked lies
Storm clouds rollin’ in the high
Singes scorch the crimson sky
Amen take it in the air
Payback for your wicked lies!

Lyrics: https://tinyurl.com/j6fp5dcm
YouTube: https://youtu.be/Hb7RXiLGcSo


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🔴 Script 10:8 The Troll Farmer, Part 2 (№ 38)

Program air date: 4/16/2023 in the US
Script Permalink: https://wp.me/pDKwi-epD
EntertainmentWeekly Recap: https://tinyurl.com/4kced7au

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Directed by: Jono Oliver
Written by:Taylor Martin



Brief (Where we’re at): By feeding tips to Red’s criminal network, the Freelancer (Blacklister #145), who works for Wujing (Blacklister #84), was able to establish that the FBI’s Reddington task force would show up to try to prevent the predicted events.

The Freelancer works by creating mass casualty events. So, Wujing hired a photographer to take photos of the task force members who responded to the events he had the Freelancer stage. He fed tips predicting the events into Red’s network. Red figured out that Wujing was actually looking for evidence of the pattern of the FBI showing up in response to the tips. It all linked back to a photograph taken of Red and an associate years earlier. So the task force nabbed the photographer. But Herbie Hambright, Red’s forensics whiz, pointed out that the equipment used by the photographer had been uploading the photos to the cloud in real time, so even though they had the photographer in custody, Wujing already had the proof he needed: photos of Ressler, Dembe and Siya showing up ahead of time at the predicted events.

Wujing sent his right hand man Zhang Wei to show the photos to Sven Hollufson, the new head of Henrick Fisker’s Army of Nordic mercenaries. With their previous alpha male, Fisker, rotting in a CIA black site thanks to Red, Hollufson agreed to collaborate with Wujing, albeit for a hefty price.


⭕ Script 10:8 The Troll Farmer, Part 2 (№ 38)

[ The kitchen of Graham and Kate Flynn ] [ Soft classical music plays ]
[ The Grahams’ son Joshua is eating cereal at the kitchen table. His father is preparing a sandwich for Joshua’s lunch ]
Graham Flynn: [ Sighs ]
Joshua Flynn: Everything okay, Dad?
Graham: Just attempting to make your lunch.
Joshua: You really don’t have to. Mom usually just lets me eat from the cafeteria.
Graham: I want to. Mom has her overnight shift at the E.R., and while, admittedly, she’s better at this stuff, I think I can handle a sandwich.
[ Graham holds out the sandwich in a transparent bag ]
Graham: PB&J, your favorite.
Joshua: It’s a– It’s a nut-free campus.
Graham: Seriously?
[ Horn honks 🔊in distance ]
Joshua: That’s my ride.
Graham: You win, chicken tenders from the lunch lady.
Joshua: Alright. Bye, Dad.
[ Joshua grabs his stuff and leaves ]
[ Graham’s cellphone chimes✨]
[ It’s a text from someone named Sara: “Have you talked to Kate? Something’s going on at the hospital.” ]
[ Classical music continues ]
Graham: [ Sighs ]
[ He flips to his speed dial list and dials Kate ]
[ Dial tone ringing✨]
Kate: [ Voice recording ] This is Kate. Leave it at the beep!
[ Electronic music plays ]

♪ Run ♪

[ Graham opens his laptop and scrolls through a newsfeed: … “Active shooter at DC General” … “I heared shots fired. Pray for us” … with images of people scrambling and running ]
[ Graham leaves in a hurry ]

[ Siren🚨wails ] [ Police radio chattering ]
[ Tires screech⚡️] [ Graham Flynn parks his Audi outside of the hospital and jumps out. He runs toward a group of people dressed in medical outfits. He sees his wife ]
Graham: Kate! I’ve been trying to call you.
Kate Flynn: My phone is in my purse inside. They made us leave everything when the police evacuated us.
Graham: But they got the guy?
Kate: There was no guy.
Graham: What are you talking about?
Kate: Apparently, it was some stupid Internet prank.
[ Bo Chang, the Troll Farmer, walks past them ]
Graham: There were photos of a gunman. Posts from people working in the hospital–
Kate: I know. We all believed it. It was terrifying. I just still don’t understand – why would someone do something like this?
[ Bo Chang walks over to Graham Flynn’s Audi and forces the door open with a tool. He gets in the driver’s seat ]

♪ Am I dreaming? ♪
♪ Is this real? ♪
♪ Run for your life ♪
♪ Don’t know just how I feel ♪

[ Bo Chang grabs Graham’s briefcase, opens in and takes out Graham’s ID badge. Using a program he has on his own cell phone, he copies the information encoded on the badge. He is nervous, his hand shaking ]
[ Program beeps🔅]

♪ Run for your life ♪
♪ Run for your life ♪
♪ Gonna get you ♪
♪ Gonna get you ♪
♪ Run for your life ♪

[ Bo Chang gets out of the car and leaves ]

[ Red has taken up residence at a what used to be a public bathhouse in New York City. He has been orchestrating its renovation ]
[ Harold Cooper pays him a visit ]
Red: Harold! Please.
Cooper: Your door was unlocked. Is that wise?
Red: Are you here for business or pleasure? A lot going on in New York right now.
[ Cooper sits ]
Cooper: I’m here because I’ve been trying to reach you for days, to no avail. I was able to hop a ride on a flight with a couple of DOJ boys here for a deposition. Why haven’t you been answering your phone?
Red: I threw it in a dumpster. Damn thing was driving me crazy. It’s been liberating to disconnect.
Cooper: The Freelancer’s still at large. Wujing is trying to expose your relationship with us, and you threw your phone in the trash?
Red: Did you know that when Madeleine Albright was Secretary of State, she wore very specific brooches and pins to send not-so-subtle messages to her foes abroad without ever having to say a word? A gold coiled-snake pin after the Iraqis called her a serpent for trying to impose tougher sanctions. A big beetle brooch when she met with the Russians after they’d “bugged” a room in the State Department. I was reminded of this the other day in an antique shop in the West Village. [ Chuckles ]
[ Red takes out a small box and opens it. Inside are four jewel-encrusted pins that look like exotic houseflies ]
Red: I couldn’t resist. Wujing is nothing more than a fly, Harold. A pest. A nuisance.
Cooper: That nuisance killed your friend, Robert Vesco, among others. Sometimes I’m not sure you’re taking any of this seriously anymore.
Red: I’m well aware that flies can be dangerous, even lethal, but mostly just annoying. It’s time to swat this one down. He’s resurfaced. Did you hear about the hoax at DC General Hospital? The hostage situation that wasn’t?
Cooper: I caught it on the news. But what does that have to do with Wujing?
Red: I have it on good authority that he’s enlisted the help of another former Blacklister, the Troll Farmer. The hospital hoax has all the hallmarks: doctored media, online social channels buzzing, a very real law enforcement response.
Cooper: But didn’t The Troll Farmer work alongside you all those years ago? Do you really think he’d turn?
Red: If Wujing convinced him that his time in federal prison was my doing, I’d imagine he’d have a rather large axe to grind. And deservedly so. Look into the hoax. I suspect it’ll lead you to The Troll Farmer, and he’ll lead us to that buzzing fly, Wujing.
Cooper: Okay.
[ Cooper gets up ]
Cooper: We will. On one condition.
Red: Hmm?
Cooper: Get a new phone.
Red: Agh.

[ The Post Office ] [ Ressler walks into the war room. Dembe and Siya are there ]
Ressler: That was Cooper. He found Reddington. Apparently, he’s living in a bathhouse. Anyway, gave us the name of another Blacklister, Bo Chang.
Dembe: Wait a minute. You mean the Troll Farmer?
Siya: I hate to be the new girl, but who’s this Troll Farmer?
Ressler: Well, Bo Chang, a.k.a. the Troll Farmer, helped Reddington and Keen obscure their location a few years ago when they were on the run.
Dembe: He specializes in highly coordinated disinformation campaigns. He and his team use social media, doctored photos, first-person accounts to create the illusion of a crisis unfolding. These events are so convincing, they generate a very real media and law enforcement response.
Siya: Interesting. But to what end?
Ressler: Well, the events he creates are just distractions. They’re strategically designed so that he can safely commit another crime during the chaos. We arrested him back then. He served some time but got out recently on good behavior. Now Reddington believes that he’s in town working with Wujing as revenge for being taken by the FBI.
Siya: The D.C. General Hospital hoax.
Ressler: Yeah. How did you know?
Siya: It was trending on Rambler for hours yesterday. I was watching it unfold live. Didn’t you see it?
Dembe: I don’t “ramble.” Is that even the right verb?
Ressler: It’s not my thing.
[ Siya brings up “Rambler,” which looks a lot like “Twitter” or “Truth Social” ]
Siya: Chang must be good. There are authentic-looking photos. First hand accounts. People claiming there was an active shooter. A nurse taken hostage. I watched one live feed of a woman supposedly posting from a utility closet. She was hiding, afraid to take a breath or even move an inch because the gunman was just outside. She even had audio. It was quite convincing.
Dembe: Let’s start by reviewing all the fake social media posts. You should take the lead on this, Siya. You seem to have a knack for it.
Siya: Well, I’m embarrassed to say I’m well-versed in Rambler. There’ll be no stone unturned.

[ Some time later, Cooper walks in ]
Cooper: I apologize for my absence this morning. Any updates on the case?
Siya: We’ve reviewed all of the original social media posts that started the Rambler storm. Many of them contained the same photo of the gunman with a hostage.
Ressler: We discovered that the gunman and the hostage in the photo were real but from a separate incident in 2013 at a medical facility in Ohio. The photo was a deepfake.
Cooper: Anything in the image’s metadata that gets us closer to Wujing?
Siya: Unfortunately, no. We also looked into the 14 accounts that started everything. Half the accounts belonged to real employees of the hospital. Chang hacked them. The others were fake, with I.P. addresses all over the world.
Cooper: We’re focusing on the hoax, but what was he trying to bury underneath it?
Ressler: We went down that path, too. Now, based on The Troll Farmer’s case file, it’s always a local crime that he’s covering for.
Dembe: But there haven’t been any major crimes reported in the last three hours. I checked with all the local law enforcement agencies.
Cooper: Maybe it’s a crime that hasn’t been reported yet. We need to find out what.

[ Bo Chang is sitting in front of a large number of computer displays, along with two other operatives ]
[ Computer beeping🔅🔅🔅]
Bo Chang: Call Wujing. Let him know we’re on schedule.
Operative: Got it. We locked down that whole hospital for one guy’s work badge?
Bo Chang: Not to humblebrag, but it’s more than a badge. It’s the first domino that will effectively lead to the greatest theft of military technology in US history.

[ The Post Office war room ]
Siya: Still no major crimes reported, but we reviewed the 911 calls that came in between 7:00 a.m. and–
[ Siya’s cellphone rings✨]
Siya: Sorry. I thought it was on silent.
Cooper: Do you need to take that?
Siya: No, it’s nothing. It’s Herbie.
Cooper: As in Reddington’s Herbie? How does he have your number?
Siya: The Dockery case. He’s been calling a lot, actually.
Cooper: So, he has a little thing for you.
Siya: He has a thing for us. He keeps asking what we’re working on. If we need any help with anything. He’s very eager. He means well, but boundaries aren’t his strong suit.
Cooper: Agent Ressler, you were saying?
Ressler: Right. There were several 911 calls in the area during the hoax. Two domestic disputes, a burglary, and a fight at a local dive bar.
Dembe: One of the men who was assaulted at the bar fight was treated at DC General. Which we thought maybe related, but after we followed up, it seemed like it was a personal matter.
Ressler: There’s also this one. A janitor working at a building next to D.C. General placed a 911 call. Saw someone suspicious using a tool to get into a silver Audi on the lot. The janitor gave the plate to the police, but when they responded, the car was gone. Now the police assumed that the owner would report if anything had been taken. Car belongs to a Graham Flynn, 42, of Bethesda.
Cooper: [ Reading ] Senior aide to Congressman McFarley. He co-chairs the House Select Intelligence Committee. They oversee Defense and National Security.
Dembe: That might make him a worthy target for Wujing.
Ressler: Worthy of a car break-in? Why?
Cooper: I don’t know, but Graham Flynn is the best lead we’ve got, so go talk to him.

[ Red’s bathhouse. Chuck enters ]
Chuck: Red? You in here?
Red: I just had the most magnificent steam. Does wonders for the lungs and nasal passages. Not to mention my pores.
Chuck: Oh, yeah. You do have sort of a glow.
Red: We live in the age of self-care, Chuck. You should try it.
Chuck: It’s also the age of technology. Here.
[ Chuck hands Red his new cell phone ]
Red: I guess it was inevitable. Call me old-fashioned, but, lately, I’d prefer my interactions to be face-to-face.
Chuck: Great. ‘Cause I think you need to pay our friend Phil a visit.
Red: Why? Was something wrong with the shipment?
Chuck: Yeah, he refused to receive it, hasn’t paid us, and won’t return my calls.
Red: He needs to start construction by the end of next week. He can’t do that without materials. Does he realize how hard it is to get steel right now? And I called in a favor to fast-track it. I’ll go see him.
Chuck: And before you do, there’s one more thing. Rogelio called. His network found the man we’ve been looking for in New Orleans. Checked into a hotel under an alias.
Red: Then you better get down to The Big Easy and grab him before he goes underground again. Bring him to DC. I’ll head down after I pay a visit to Phil.

[ Graham Flynn greets Rod Thieman who works for the National Security Agency (NSA). “NSA provides foreign signals intelligence (SIGINT) to (United States’) policymakers and military forces” ]
Graham Flynn: Mr. Thieman. So glad we could make this work.
Rod Thieman: You do realize this is the first time HexRoot’s left the Pentagon.
Flynn: Yes, and we appreciate your concerns.
[ Outside the building, Bo Chang sits in a car, looking through binoculars ]
Flynn: But what is politics without some pageantry? The committee is gathering right now and looking forward to the presentation.
[ They head toward an elevator. Graham Flynn uses his ID badge to gain access to the elevator ] [ Badge reader beeps 🔅] [ Lock clicks ✽ ]
Bo Chang: They’re going up. Wujing made it very clear, we have one shot. No second chances. Call the troll farm. Tell them it’s time.

[ War room landline ☎️ rings. Siya answers ] [ Dembe and Ressler, who are at the other end of the call, are riding in a vehicle ]
Dembe: Malik, did you reach Flynn?
Siya: I called to let him know you’re on your way to his office, but I got his assistant. She said Flynn’s in a closed-door intelligence committee meeting happening right now.
Dembe: So Chang broke into the vehicle of a man attending a top-secret intelligence meeting today?
Ressler: That can’t be good.
Siya: It’s taking place at one of their satellite offices, the Stevenson Building, for security purposes.

[ The meeting at the Stevenson Building. In addition to Graham Flynn and Rod Thieman, Congressman McFarley is there, and some other aides ]
Congressman McFarley: I’d like to start by expressing our gratitude to the NSA, Mr. Thieman. As you know, we have requested this demonstration for some time.
Rod Thieman: Yes, and you’ve been very persistent.
McFarley: We’ve spent billions developing the program. It would be irresponsible not to have some oversight on the progress the agency’s made. You can understand that.
Thieman: Of course. So, without further ado, this – is HexRoot.
[ He opens a metal briefcase. Inside is a computer console. He turns it on ]
Thieman: A world-class malware program that targets supervisory control and data-acquisition systems. Now, it hones in on PLCs that allow for automation of electro-mechanical processes. We’ve developed stealth programs in a similar vein, but what makes HexRoot unique is it’s deployable from this mobile command center unit and can be taken into the field.
[ Graham Flynn was called out of the meeting briefly and has returned ]
Graham: [ Urgently ] I’m sorry to interrupt. I’m getting worried that we’ve got a situation in the building.
Congressman McFarley: What kind of situation?
[ Alarm🚨blares🚨loudly ]

[ Siya calls Dembe and Ressler who are still in transit ]
Siya: I’ve got an update, guys. Reports of a massive fire at the Stevenson Building. Or an explosion that started a fire. It’s unclear. I keep having to refresh. But social-media posts are coming in one after another. I’ve reached out to fire and EMS, and they’re treating it as a credible threat until they’re on the ground.
Ressler: This has to be Chang.
Dembe: Has to be.
Siya: Well, I’m watching live footage of smoke coming out the windows. If it’s another false-flag attack, it’s a convincing one.
Ressler: Alright, we’re two minutes out.

[ The meeting room ]
Congressman McFarley: Suspicious package? What? How? Nobody even knows about this site.
Graham Flynn: I don’t have details yet, but we’re been told to follow protocol here and evacuate. Committee members to the east stairwell. NSA to the west stairwell. We’ve been told to stay outside the building until Capitol Police arrive.
[ Rod Thieman stands, closes and locks the briefcase and fastens it to his wrist with a chain linked to a handcuff ]
Rod Thieman: This presentation is hereby suspended.
Congressman McFarley: For now. We’ll find another time.
[ Following instructions, Thieman and a few men who came with him head down the west stairwell. At the bottom of the first landing stands Bo Chang, dressed as a security guard. He holds up his hand ]
Bo Chang: Restricted area!
Rob Thieman: Officer, we need to get through here.
Bo Chang: I’m sorry. I can’t allow that.
Rob Thieman: We’re with the NSA. We’re operating under a presidential directive. Now step aside or my men will move you.
Bo Chang: Will they? Really?
[ Two of Bo Chang’s operatives appear, pointing long guns ]
Operative One: Hands away from your weapons! Where we can see them!
Operative Two: Hands high! Keep ’em high or we shoot!
Operative One: Lock your hands behind your head!
Rod Thieman: I can’t put my hands behind my head!!
Bo Chang: You’ll be able to in a moment.
[ Someone uses a wire cutter to cut through the chain securing the briefcase to Thieman wrist ] [ Clang‼️]
[ Bo Chang grabs the briefcase with the valuable HexRoot software inside and the thieves escape ]

[ There is a lot of commotion when Ressler and Dembe arrive at the Stevenson Building ]
Ressler: Excuse me. Agent Ressler, FBI. This is Agent Zuma. We need to speak with you and your boss.
Graham Flynn: He’s on with the Secretary of Defense. We’re dealing with a crisis at the moment.
Congressman McFarley: [ On phone ] I’ll do it.
Graham Flynn: The FBI, sir.
Dembe: Mr. Congressman, Agent Zuma, Agent Ressler, FBI. We have reason to believe the purpose of this charade, the fire and explosion, was to target your meeting.
McFarley: Our meeting today was classified. Look, guys, I’m under the gun here–
Dembe: It’s quite obvious that something critical went down here today. The man behind these events today is highly dangerous. We know he was after something here. We just don’t know what.
McFarley: He was after HexRoot.
Ressler: HexRoot?
McFarley: It’s a new cyber weapon. Our meeting was with the NSA. They were about to demonstrate HexRoot’s capabilities when all hell broke loose. In the chaos, the NSA team was ambushed, the weapon stolen. The fact that it’s gone is catastrophic.
Ressler: Can you tell us more about – HexRoot?
Flynn: HexRoot is next-gen military tech. It’ll saw through any cyber defense and hide itself inside any computer network.
Ressler: And now it’s out in the world? I mean, that’s just– You know what? Never mind.
McFarley: It’s okay, Agent Ressler. I understand your point of view. But the next World War – it’s gonna be a cyber war. And this nation needs to do what it takes to defend itself against the global conflict to come. That was the whole idea behind HexRoot.
Dembe: The NSA team, where are they now?
Flynn: With building security. Trying to get a lead on who attacked them.

[ Classical music plays ] [ A high class lounge ]
[ Footsteps approaching ]
Red: Hello, Phillip.
Phil Sutton: Reddington. How’d you find me?
Red: [ Chuckles ] Phil, you’re as predictable as the demographic in one of the city’s most pretentious men’s clubs. A predictability I’d grown to appreciate in our years of doing business. So imagine my surprise when you failed to pay me and rejected my shipment for the first time in – 17 years?
Phil: I know. But I’m between a rock and a hard place.
Red: Really? It’s actually quite comfortable here. Little bit stuffy. Bit stale.
Phil: People keep telling me that you’ve cozied up to the feds. I’m concerned. I don’t want to believe them.
Red: Well, perhaps you should. Because I have.
[ Phil is taken aback ]
Red: I also work with assets from Mossad – MI6, CIA, FSB. I have judges in my pocket. People in police departments from New York to New Delhi.
Phil: The way they were talking about the FBI, though – it was different. People were insinuating that you were handing people over to a secret task force. That– That some of my own associates have gone to federal prison directly because of you.
Red: When I was a child, I spent many summers at my grandmother’s farm. She kept pigs, chickens, some cows, sheep. And there was this one little goat, Belka. Poor thing had only one eye. My grandmother thought she was hideous, but I took quite a shine to her. Those summers were [ Breathes deeply ] paradise. And my grandmother gave me free rein. She had only one rule, stay out of the green shed. Year after year, I thought and thought of that shed. I dreamed and nightmared of the place. What could possibly be in there? What sort of secrets did it hold? And who went in there? And when? Why? Well, one day, Belka – went missing. Must have gotten out of her pen. And I looked – I looked all over the property. It was getting late. Getting dark. And then I heard it, her familiar little bleat. And it was coming from the shed. I don’t know how she got there, but I screwed up my courage and pulled open the door. Do you know what was in that shed?
Phil: No.
Red: Nothing. Literally nothing but a little hay. And Belka, of course. All that fear and trepidation, anticipation – for nothing. Tell yourself all the stories you want to about me, Phil, but there’s nothing there except a one-eyed goat. ⋘⋙ Still getting rich?
Phil: Of course. And I appreciate it.
Red: Do you understand the competitive advantage I offer? Steel, wood, cement at close to cost. Expedited shipments when supply-chain issues are delaying projects for months, if not years. How long has it been since you’ve had a labor problem?
Phil: I know all you’ve done for me.
Red: Then stop worrying about the feds. I have a soft spot in my heart for the sort of development you do. But make no mistake, you can’t do it the way you do it – without me. I expect full payment by tomorrow morning. And if something like this ever happens again, it won’t end with a polite conversation. ⋘⋙ I have a train to catch.
[ Red gets up and walks away ]

[ Ressler reports by phone from the Stevenson Building to Cooper and Siya at the Post Office ]
Ressler: We’re still on the ground here, but we’re making progress. I’m coordinating with the Capitol Police and the building security. We confirmed why Chang targeted Graham Flynn. Chang used Flynn’s work credentials to access a secure entrance. That’s where he ambushed the NSA officer and his guards.
Siya: How’d he get the credentials?
Ressler: We assume that he cloned them somehow. I mean, it’s all within his skill set.
Siya: That’s why he broke into Flynn’s car. Remember, nothing was “stolen.”
Cooper: So we know how Wujing orchestrated the attack and what he wanted, but why?
Ressler: Why not? That thing they stole, it’s a digital nuclear bomb. It can destroy anything, people, corporations, governments.
Siya: That’s worth a lot of money.
Cooper: I find it hard to believe Wujing’s motivation was purely financial. What would he use that device for?
[ Dembe walks over to Ressler ]
Ressler: [ To Dembe ] It’s Malik and Cooper.
Dembe: Sorry to interrupt, but this can’t wait. The NSA Officer just informed me that there’s a concealed geo-locator embedded inside the metal case that contains the HexRoot.
Siya: Well, that’s convenient.
Ressler: Leave it to the NSA to hide tech within their tech. Now I don’t suppose that they’re gonna share that location with us?
Dembe: No. But I saw the coordinates on the computer screen. I texted them to you. They’re assembling a team to move in by the end of the hour. We need to move fast if we want to beat them there.
Siya: Can we?
Cooper: You mean outfox the NSA foxes? I believe we can. Let’s get a tac team to that location immediately.

[ Bo Chang’s high tech lair ]
[ One of his operatives enters with a sack of fast food ] [ Door closes ] [ Lock clicks ✽ ]
Operative: [ Sighs ] What’s going on? See what we got here. Extra-spicy burrito, no rice.
Operative Two: You get jalapeños on mine?
Operative: Uh-huh.
[ Suddenly, the FBI bursts in ]
— FBI!
— FBI!
Ressler: Hands where we can see them!
[ Agents shouting indistinctly ]
Bo Chang: [ Grunts ]
Ressler: Mr. Chang, we meet again.

[ The yellow elevator door at the Post Office opens ] [ Siya steps out with Rod Thieman, the NSA agent ]
Rod Thieman: What is this place?
Siya: Oh, just the office.
Cooper: Harold Cooper, FBI.
Thieman: Rod Thieman, NSA. What, uh, exactly does your task force do here?
Cooper: I’m afraid that’s classified. We operate under special authority from the Attorney General. I’m sure you can appreciate the need for discretion.
Thieman: Well, whatever it is, you, uh– You obviously must be very good at it. You beat us to our own classified super weapon.
Siya: We have a team examining Chang’s hard drives to see if the program was uploaded or compromised.
[ Siya’s cellphone ««»»««»» vibrating ]
Siya: Could be them now. Nope. [ Whispering indistinctly ] Herbie.
Thieman: So, uh, who exactly is this Chang character anyway?
Cooper: MIT grad. Started his career as a security engineer for GetToGather[.]net. Now he creates social media events to commit crimes. But he’s never done anything close to stealing an NSA weapon before.
Thieman: Is he a solo act, or you think he’s working for someone else?
Cooper: Your guess is as good as mine.

[ An interrogation room ]
Ressler: We know you’re working with Wujing. We know you stole HexRoot for him. But what we don’t know is why.
Bo Chang: Agent Ressler. I thought you looked familiar.
[ He folds his hands together and, shaking, points them angrily at Ressler ]
Bo Chang: You ruined my life‼️
Ressler: I’m pretty sure you did that all on your own.
Bo Chang: [ To Dembe ] And you – I guess we both got tired of working for Reddington, huh? The feds, though? Really, Dembe?
Dembe: You can address me as Agent Zuma.
Bo Chang: You wanna know why I got on board with Wujing? Reddington. I was on retainer with that man for three years. I did some of my best work with him, too. I got him and Elizabeth Keen out of DC in the middle of a national manhunt. And how’d he repay me? By giving up me and my entire team to you. He’s a snake.
Dembe: What makes you think Reddington gave you up?
Bo Chang: Oh – No. No, no, no, no. I am not playing that game. We both know who you people really work for.
Ressler: Why does Wujing want HexRoot?
Bo Chang: I got nothing else to say. You tell that to Reddington and his hat. That damn hat.

[ Red is visiting Herbie Hambright and has brought a gift for Herbie’s one year old daughter Sue: a hat! It’s shaped like a fedora but it’s pink and made of woven straw ]
Red: When I saw it, I couldn’t resist.
[ Red puts the hat on Sue’s head ]
Red: There you go.
[ Herbie chuckles ]
Herbie: She looks just like you.
[ Both laugh ]
Herbie: I wasn’t expecting you today. Do you need a place to crash tonight?
Red: No, no, no. This isn’t purely a social call. Harold Cooper reached out to me.
Herbie: Harold? I love that guy. He’s so regal. And firm. And there’s a little softness to him, you know?
Red: That’s all very – specific. He told me you’ve been calling Ms. Malik. Obsessively.
[ Herbie looks worried ]
Herbie: Did he actually use that word?
[ Red makes a grimacing face, then signals ‘yes’ ]
Herbie: I blew it, didn’t I?
Red: What is your aim here?
Herbie: I gotta get outta the house. All my work is done at an arm’s length. No one wants me on a crime scene or in a courtroom after – everything that happened. And working with them – for a moment, I felt like I was back in the game again. On a team. And, oh, that whole secret hideout where they work? With the blacked-out van and the cool goggles? It was all so exciting.
Red: You really want this, don’t you, Herbie? A full-time job?
Herbie: I do. I mean, not, like, full-full-time. I have Sue. And my foosball and stuff. But, yes, mostly full-time. When I can, of course.
Red: If you get the chance to speak to Harold, I wouldn’t lead with all the other obligations.
Herbie: Well, since I don’t have his phone number, and I get the strong feeling he might not want me to have it, the next time you speak to Harold, could you put in a good word?
[ Sue coos ]
Red: [ Sniffs ] Is that – ?
Herbie: Poop, yes. Right on schedule.
Red: It really does define your day, doesn’t it?
Herbie: Perfectly. Alright. Come here.
[ Herbie lifts Sue from her playpen ]
[ Sue coos ]

[ Dembe talks to Ressler outside the interrogation room ]
Dembe: He won’t talk. He’s too afraid.
Ressler: What, of Wujing?
Dembe: Afraid of Raymond.
Ressler: Well, it doesn’t matter. We need to keep working on him. We need to figure out why Wujing stole HexRoot. I mean, it’s obviously part of a larger plan.
Dembe: Maybe we don’t need Chang to talk to us to figure it out.
Ressler: Why? What are you thinking?
Dembe: Wujing broke The Freelancer out of custody to come after the task force last week. Why?
Ressler: To gather photographic evidence, proof of Reddington’s connection to our team.
Dembe: And now there’s another Blacklister with a grudge against us, sent out by Wujing. Stands to reason he’s after the same goal.
Ressler: To find more proof.
Dembe: Look at the object that he stole.
Ressler: A virus that covertly invades and controls a computer system. Our computer system. With all our case files and questionable tactics.
Dembe: Not to mention the immunity agreement that Raymond has with Main Justice.
Ressler: Can you imagine if all of that came out? I can just see the national headlines now.
Dembe: With our faces right below them.
Ressler: Okay, I buy it. I just have one more question.

[ Interrogation room lock clicks ✽ and door opens ]
Ressler: Where’s the drop? We know you stole HexRoot, so what’s the plan to get the device to Wujing?
Bo Chang: What’s in it for me?
Dembe: How about – survival? That’s if we’re in bed with Reddington, as you suggest.
Ressler: Which we’re not.
Dembe: Then everything said in this room would get back to him.
Ressler: Including the fact that you helped his task force capture Wujing.
Dembe: That assistance may just be enough to keep you alive in prison and safe from Reddington’s retribution. I mean, that’s if the task force worked with Reddington.
Dembe: Which it doesn’t.
Bo Chang: The drop’s today at 4:00. Madison Park in Northeast. You just make sure Reddington finds out that I’m helping you.
[ Dembe and Ressler leave ]
[ Door closes ]

Siya: These are satellite shots of the park. Plenty of places to hide a team. Do you think Wujing will make an appearance to retrieve the device?
Ressler: Chang seemed to think so. He’s agreed to assist in our operation.
Dembe: Should we involve Raymond?
Cooper: We know Reddington’s endgame here. It’s not our job to aid and abet him in murdering Wujing. Our job is to arrest a criminal, stop a war, and to protect this task force. I want a surveillance plan for Madison Park in the next hour. If Wujing shows up, this ends today.

[ Bo Chang is gearing up for the drop-off ]
[ Device beeps🔅]
Ressler: You all good? You understand how that wire works?
Bo Chang: I do. But I wouldn’t say I’m “all good.” I can’t believe I’m working for Reddington again.
Ressler: You’re not. You’re working for the FBI.
[ Ressler lays a metal briefcase on the table ]
Bo Chang: Again with the charade? Just own it already, man.
Ressler: It’s a duplicate case. All the electronics inside are non-functional, so don’t go opening it up during the handoff. Let’s go over this thing one more time.
[ Dembe and Siya are outside the interrogation room ]
[ Button clicks ✽ ] [ Siya turns off audio from the room ]
Siya: You think he can handle this?
Dembe: He engineered and executed a plan to steal a top-secret weapon from the NSA. He’ll be okay.
Siya: Can I be candid with you? I was a bit thrown off by Cooper’s decision not to tell Reddington about the meeting with Wujing. Aren’t we supposed to be a team? How can this task force function if you’re hiding things from him?
Dembe: Raymond hides things, as well.
Siya: If you don’t trust him, and he doesn’t trust the task force, how can you possibly make criminal cases based on his information?
Dembe: It sounds dysfunctional, but I have faith that Raymond wants good things to happen to good people.
Siya: You two were so close before. Must be strange keeping things from him now.
Dembe: We keep things from each other to protect each other. It’s a healthy mistrust, and I trust in that, too.
Siya: [ Sighs ] I have to think this place would have driven my mother mad. She was so black-and-white. You think she ever had second thoughts about working with him?
Dembe: I’m sure she did. We all do. It comes with the territory. But your mother was very guarded. She kept a lot of things to herself.
Siya: You mean, what, like secrets?
Dembe: Raymond would know better than I do. He did his own vetting when Diane Fowler put your mother on the task force all those years ago. I don’t know the details, but I always got the impression that he knew something about everyone’s past.
[ Knocking on door ✽ ✽ ] [ Door opens ]
Ressler: We’re all set. Let’s go.

[ Red calls Chuck from outside the Cooper’s front door. Chuck is in Red’s garage/office near the Post Office ]
Red: Do we have an update?
Chuck: Our man from New Orleans landed. I don’t think you’ll have time to see him beforehand, but, uh, he’s agreed to do the job.
Red: That’ll be fine. As long as everything’s on schedule. We’ll reconvene after. I have to go.
[ Cellphone clicks ✽ ]
[ Red knocks ✽ ✽ ✽ ]
[ Agnes answers the door ]
Red: Hi, Agnes.
Agnes: Hey, Pinkie.
Red: You doing some cooking?
Agnes: Well, I’m doing something. I’m not sure if you’d call it cooking.
Red: Is Harold around?
Agnes: He’s still at work, and Mom’s out running an errand.
Red: They leave you home alone?
Agnes: I can handle myself.
Red: I’m sure you can. Something smells delightful. What are you baking here?
Agnes: That’s a complicated question.
Red: [ Chuckles ]
Agnes: Here, try this. It’s awful, right?
Red: No. I mean, it leaves a little something to be desired. [ Sniffs ] What’s in it? Or perhaps it’s something that’s not in it that should be.
Agnes: Yeah, probably. I was trying to make a baking video for my vlog, and this is my third try. It’d be pretty shady to demo bad chocolate cake.
Red: You know, Julia Child didn’t graduate from Le Cordon Bleu until she was 39. In fact, she even failed her first exam there. Practice makes perfect. And sometimes a little assistance doesn’t hurt, either. May I?
Agnes: Of course.
[ Red puts on an apron ]
Red: Let’s turn that off, just while I’m here.
Agnes: That sort of defeats the purpose of a vlog. It stands for “video blog.”
Red: And you can record to your heart’s content once I leave.
Agnes: Okay.
[ Agnes lays the recording camera down on the table ]
Red: Let’s look at this recipe.
Agnes: Everything’s in this bowl.
Red: “More information on the espresso powder below.”
Agnes: [ Laughs ]
Red: [ Chuckles ]
[ Red dips his finger in the batter and licks it off his finger ]
Red: Hmm. You’re still missing two crucial ingredients, a little more sugar, just that amount–
Agnes: Okay.
Red: – And also –
[ Red goes over to the refrigerator ]
Agnes: Uh, we don’t have any fancy European kind of stuff, if that’s what you — Mayo?
Red: [ Chuckles ]
Agnes: [ Incredulous ] In chocolate cake? But that’s disgusting.
[ Agnes makes a face ]
Red: No, it gives it the perfect level of moisture – There we go – And richness.
[ Red plops two heaping tablespoons of mayonnaise into the batter ]
Agnes: Ugh.
Red: The key – is to fold the ingredients together gently. When we’re done, if this isn’t the most decadent cake you’ve ever had, I will personally fly you to Vienna for a Sachertorte at the Café Demel. The world’s most famous chocolate cake, and its history is rife with controversy. It all began in 1832 with a prince.
[ Red tastes the batter again ]

[ Madison Park ]
[ Siya, Ressler, and Dembe are there, all dressed in plainclothes. Bo Chang waits nervously next to a food wagon. They are using comms ]
Ressler: Well, there’s still no sign of Wujing.
Dembe: Wasn’t he supposed to be here five minutes ago?
Siya: I’m gonna see if I can get a closer look.
Bo Chang: Should I stay here? Something doesn’t feel right. Wujing’s never late.
Ressler: Hold your position.
Siya: Knit cap. Black jacket, boots. My eight o’clock. Approaching Chang from behind.
[ Alban Veseli, the Freelancer, walks up behind Bo Chang ]
Veseli: I’m here to pick up the package.
Siya: It’s The Freelancer.
Ressler: Veseli? What’s he doing here?
Siya: Should we move in?
Dembe: What if Wujing is here? Shouldn’t we stand fast until he reveals himself?
[ Bo Chang unzips his backpack to show Veseli the metal case ]
Ressler: No, we can’t wait. We need to move in now. Now!
[ Veseli tries to take the backpack but Bo Chang isn’t letting go ]
Veseli: What are you doing, man? What are you doing? What’s going on?
[ Footsteps approaching ]
[ Veseli pulls the backpack away and pushes Bo Chang down ]
Ressler: FBI! Stop!
[ Veseli grabs a motorized scooter and takes off ] [ Scooter revs ]
[ Ressler catches up to Veseli and pulls him off the scooter ]
[ Both grunt ] [ Veseli whallops⚡️Ressler with the backpack and takes off running without it ]
[ Siya retrieves the backpack ]
[ Veseli runs to the street. A car pulls over ] [ Tires screech⚡️]
Richard Deever: Get in!
[ Veseli gets in ]
[ Engine revs ] [ Tires screech⚡️]
Dembe: Was that–
Siya: Richard Deever. My former colleague.
Dembe: He’s still working for Wujing?

[ The Post Office. The team gets out of the yellow elevator with Bo Chang ]
Bo Chang: For the record, that whole thing at the park, not my fault. You’ll tell Reddington I tried, right?
Dembe: Walk.
Siya: I can’t believe it was Deever. I would’ve strangled him with my bare hands if I could.
Ressler: I can’t say I can blame you. I mean, the guy did shoot you.
[ Cooper walks over ]
Siya: I’m so sorry. Seems my old pal Deever’s made a career of absconding with Veseli.
Ressler: Do we have any leads?
Cooper: The BOLO is out. Including a description of his sedan. We got every law enforcement officer in DC looking for him.

[ Inside Deever’s sedan ]
Alban Veseli: We need to ditch this car. They’re onto us. They’re more than onto us.
Richard Deever: Relax. We don’t have far to travel, and we’ll be safer there.
Veseli: Surprised to see you pull up. Didn’t know you were still working for Wujing.
Deever: I’m the reason why Wujing knows about the NSA weapon in the first place. They were developing it while I was at the CIA. Once I found out they were planning on bringing it before the board, I knew it was his chance to make a move. Wujing asked me to keep an eye on the drop as backup.
Veseli: Well, I’m glad you were there to grab me. Though I’m a little panicked as to what’s gonna happen when I show up to Wujing’s empty-handed.

[ Deever and Veseli enter a vacant industrial building ]
Deever: It’ll be fine. He’s just this way.
[ They go through a door and out steps — Red ]
Red: Hello, Alban.
[ Veseli raises this hands ]
Deever: Can I go now? I did what you asked.
Red: Not so fast.
Deever: That was our deal. You said if I brought him in, you would let me go.
Red: I never said I’d let you go. I said I’d let you live.
[ Chuck gives Deever a patdown ]

[ The Post Office ]
[ Siya’s cell phone ««»»««»» vibrating: “Nick’s Pizza” (Red) is calling. Siya picks up ]
Red: [ On phone ] Ms. Malik. How are you enjoying your time with the task force so far?
Siya: Well, today wasn’t so great. We lost Veseli, then Richard Deever, and didn’t even get eyes on Wujing.
Red: Deever, you and he share a past, do you not?
Siya: I’m pretty sure you’re aware he’s the CIA agent who betrayed me.
Red: Ah, well, the nice thing about this job is that your fortunes can change on a dime. I’m texting you an address. Hold on. It’s a new phone. Ah. There.
[ Cellphone beeps🔅]
Red: I suggest you get there right away.
Siya: Why?
Red: There’s a gift waiting for you. Consider it a belated “Welcome to the team.”
[ Cell phone chimes✨]

[ Siya arrives with a team at the address Red texted ]
[ They find Richard Deever tied up, with duct tape across this mouth ]
Siya: Well, hey, there, partner. Did you miss me?

[ Red and Cooper are talking on the phone. Red is busy with the jeweled fly pins he purchased at an antique store. He seems to be attaching them to clothing ~ his hat? ]
Cooper: I heard you paid Agnes a visit today. She was raving about the merits of mayonnaise.
Red: [ Chuckles ] Yes. I stopped by. I was hoping to speak with you about Herbie Hambright.
Cooper: Ah, Herbie. He’s a little starved for attention, isn’t he?
Red: Indeed. I think you should hire him, Harold.
Cooper: Excuse me?
Red: He so desperately wants to be part of a team. Your team, in fact. I think it would be wonderful for him. Though I should warn you, he’s not entirely a team player.
Cooper: What a ringing endorsement.
Red: He’s an unconventional choice. What can I say? You won’t find a more qualified forensic analyst.
Cooper: He did do great work for us, but he’d have to be vetted. Wasn’t he fired by the DA’s office for dropping the ball on a murder case?
Red: No, the DA.’s office dropped the ball, and Herbie left the job. It all took quite a toll on him. Of course, I’m biased. I adore the guy. Somewhere in all those frailties is an incredible mind. He sees things in ways that others don’t. I really think he could offer a fresh perspective.
Cooper: I’ll see if I can get him approved. On a provisional basis.
Red: That sounds just fine. Harold, I couldn’t help but notice that you forgot to inform me today about your plan to entrap Wujing.
Cooper: And you forgot to tell me that you found Deever.
Red: I didn’t forget.
Cooper: What about Veseli? The man Deever “rescued” for you. What are you going to do with him?
Red: [ Darkly ] Whatever the hell I want.
Cooper: I can’t in good conscience allow you to murder him. Or Wujing. Or any of these Blacklisters. ⋘⋙ So much for being more transparent with each other.
Red: You know, Harold, I have, in fact, been keeping something from you. Something big. It’s time for me to let you and the task force in. If we play our cards right, this war with Wujing will be over in 72 hours, and my connection to the task force will forever remain shrouded in secrecy. As if it was never there.

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🔴 Script 10:9 The Troll Farmer, Part 3 (№ 38)

Program air date: 4/23/2023 in the US
Script Permalink: https://wp.me/pDKwi-eqP
EntertainmentWeekly Recap: https://tinyurl.com/3s5zp6mw

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Directed by: Christine Gee
Written by: Lukas Reiter



Brief (Where we’re at): Wujing (Blacklister #84) hired Bo Chang, (the Troll Farmer, Blacklister #38) to arrange a disinformation event so he could get hold of a secret portable NSA-developed system capable of cracking into any computer system (“HexRoot”). Dembe suggested Wujing wants the device to access the task force’s files and expose Red’s relationship with the FBI. The task force nabbed Bo Chang after he had the device and, in hopes of nabbing Wujing, had him pretend to give Wujing a replica but unusable device. But instead of Wujing showing up for the drop off, Alban Veseli (the Freelancer, Blacklister #145) showed up instead, proving that Veseli is still working with Wujing. When the task froce closed in on him, Veseli lost possession of the (fake) device. He ran and was picked up by ex-CIA agent Richard Deever, Siya’s former partner who’d turned on her and MI6. Veseli was surprised that Deever was there to rescue him from the FBI, but Deever said Wujing has asked him to be there in case things went bad with the drop-off. Turns out, Red had gotten to Deever ahead of time and so Deever delivered Veseli to Red instead of to Wujing. Red left Deever tied and gagged as a gift for Siya. So, the FBI has Deever and Bo Chang in custody. Red still has Veseli and Red would not tell Cooper why.

Red apologized to Cooper for not having kept him up to date in his plans but says the time has come for him to let the task force in:

Red: You know, Harold, I have, in fact, been keeping something from you. Something big. It’s time for me to let you and the task force in. If we play our cards right, this war with Wujing will be over in 72 hours, and my connection to the task force will forever remain shrouded in secrecy. As if it was never there.

As Red talks to Cooper on the phone, he is carefully attaching the bejeweled pin of a housefly that he picked up at an antique shop to his signature fedora.


⭕ Script 10:9 The Troll Farmer, Part 3 (№ 38)

It’s night at the Post Office black site and the lights are dim, but Red is there with Chuck and some of his other associates. None of the agents on the Reddington task force are present ]
Chuck: Red. We’re all set.
Red: How many?
Chuck: Six. Four around the perimeter, two in the catwalks.
Red: Any obstructions?
Chuck: None. Wide angle, night vision, motion detection. We should have what we need.
Red: We should or we do?
Chuck: Red, uh–
Red: Check again. I told you, there’s no room for error on this. If we can’t see or, worse, Harold or anyone clocks a camera–
Chuck: That won’t happen. We’re talking about an eighth of an inch, but we’ll triple check. But I’m telling you, we’re good.
Red: Find some wood and knock on it.

[ Senator Cynthia Panabaker, formerly of the Department of Justice, is reading the riot act to Bo Chang (the Troll Farmer, Blacklister #38). Harold Cooper is also present. Working for Wujing (Blacklister #84), Chang pulled off a mass disinformation event to disguise an operation in which he managed to steal a secret hacking system developed by the National Security Agency (NSA). The system, called HexRoot, is capable of hacking into any system on earth and was being developed for use as a cyberweapon. The task force retrieved HexRoot and tried to arrange to use the planned drop-off to ensnare Wujing, but the operation failed ]
Cynthia Panabaker: [ Deadly serious ] Mr. Chang. Whether you realize it or not, you are currently attending what I like to call a Come To Jesus meeting. You have a choice to make, and what you do next will either be your salvation – or your ruin. We sent the mobile command module we recovered from your safe house to the NSA for examination. And guess what. They say the program you stole wasn’t on the system.
Chang: No?
Panabaker: No. Apparently, it had already been stripped and uploaded to an unknown location.
Chang: I see.
Panabaker: No. I don’t think you do, Mr. Chang. That’s why I asked Director Cooper to bring you to my office, so I could enlighten you. The HexRoot program is a national asset, the result of thousands of hours of development and more time and money than our government will ever formally acknowledge. Losing it is not an option.
Chang: But as you just said, it’s already lost.
Panabaker: Misplaced. Temporarily. Because you are going to return it and help us catch Wujing and everyone else involved.
Chang: Or?
Panabaker: Or you will discover what it feels like to have the full weight of the American government come bearing down on one tiny troll. [ To Cooper ] Two hours.
Cooper: Understood.
Panabaker: Not a minute more. If he hasn’t cooperated by then, I’m authorizing his transport to a CIA black site for more advanced interrogation.
Cooper: [ To Bo Chang ] On your feet.
[ Ressler and Dembe Zuma are stationed outside the office ]
Ressler: Are we really doing this?
Dembe: I guess so. They’re coming out the door.
Cooper: Take him back to Interrogation. The senator set a two-hour clock. If he hasn’t cooperated by then, he’s leaving the country.
Ressler: She’s turning him over to the Agency?
Cooper: That’s entirely up to him.

[ Dembe and Ressler escort Bo Chang to a van with blacked out windows ]
[ Dembe hands Chang blackout goggles ]
Chang: Are those necessary? You already blacked out the windows. What am I gonna see?
Dembe: You don’t have to put them on. If you prefer, I can do it for you.
[ Chang puts on the goggles )
[ A panel separating the cab from the back slides open ]
Ressler: Two agents, one guest.
Driver: Check.

[ On the highway ]
Driver: 10 minutes out. We’re initiating the Access Protocol.
Ressler: You got our instructions?
Driver: Yes, sir.
Ressler: We need to be sure that this van isn’t followed.
Driver: Understood. We’re taking additional diversionary measures.
[ Panel slides ]
Chang: Wujing won’t stop. You know that, right? You can take all the measures you want. Eventually, he will figure out where you are.

[ They arrive at the Post Office ]
Ressler: Bo Chang. Previously admitted, returning from Senator Panabaker’s office.
[ Bo Chang goes through identification procedures ]
[ Beeping🔅🔅🔅]
Woman: Stand on the line. Hold still.
[ Beeping🔅🔅🔅]
Woman: Right hand.
[ Chang places his hand on a metal reader ]
[ Beeping🔅🔅🔅] [ Indistinct voices ]
Dembe: Are we clear?
Man: Prints are still running.
Chang: This is ridiculous. It’s me. I was just here an hour ago.
[ Beeping🔅🔅🔅] [ Photos and ID for Chang pop up ]
Man: [ Reading ] Chang comma Bo. A.K.A. Farmer comma Troll. Now you’re clear.
[ They walk ] ⋘⋙ [ Elevator door slides ] ⋘⋙ [ More walking] ⋘⋙
[ Another elevator ] ⋘⋙ Elevator door opens ] ⋘⋙ [ Walking ]
[ They reach the Post Office war room ]
[ Red is there. He looks up. Bo Chang tries to lunge at him but Ressler and Dembe hold him back ]
Chang: And there he is. Clock’s ticking, Reddington! I’m talking to a dead man.
Red: So dramatic. It’s sad. For all your talent, you never did have any judgment. Come on, Wujing. You’re finally out of prison, it’s a new day, and you choose to align yourself with a washed-up assassin who’s spreading rumors about things he couldn’t possibly understand.
Chang: He understands enough.
Red: You of all people know that what you think you see is rarely the full picture. I hope you’re hearing me, Chang. Because if you want to live through this, you’ll tell these agents what they want to know.
Ressler: Let’s go.
[ Dembe and Ressler tug Bo Chang away to interrogation ]

[ Interrogation room ]
[ Ressler flashes his card to gain access ] [ Beeps🔅]
Chang: It’s not just Reddington. They know your names. Ressler, Zuma, Malik, Cooper.
Dembe: Time’s up at 2:30. You have an hour and 27 minutes left.
Chang: Not just your names. – Your faces.
Ressler: Alright. We get it, Chang. We believe you. You’re a real tough guy. We’ll be back in five minutes to get your statement.
[ Door closes ]

[ The interrogation room, later ] [ Chang is not cooperating ]
Ressler: We’re wasting time. You have less than an hour. Where is Wujing? You know, the HexRoot program doesn’t officially exist, so how did Wujing know it was leaving the Pentagon? What does he want it for? Answer the question!
Chang: What do you think? It’s priceless.
Ressler: So he intends to sell it.
Chang: Of course. Every enemy this country has, and half of its friends would pay a fortune for a copy of that software.
Ressler: No, it’s not about the money, is it?
Chang: Come on, man. Everything’s about the money. It’s just not the man’s top priority.
Ressler: He wants to take down Reddington.
Chang: Wrong. We don’t want to take down Reddington. We want to expose the truth. The truth will take down Reddington.
Ressler: So why did he come to you?
Chang: Because I was on Marvin Gerard’s list. And because Wujing knows that I have the skill set to use it to hack your system.
Ressler: Looking for what exactly?
Chang: All of it. Every case file. Every Main Justice directive. His immunity agreement. Everything that proves Reddington’s connection to the FBI.
Ressler: Yeah, but our archives are secure.
Chang: Your archives are offline. Doesn’t mean they’re secure.
Ressler: Well, it means that you can’t access them outside of this building. Why? What’s he gonna do? Attack a federal facility?
Chang: Who knows?
[ Knocking on door ✽ ✽ ]
[ Door opens. Beeps🔅]
[ Ressler and Dembe talk outside of the room, with the door left open ]
Dembe: Any luck?
Ressler: Mmm-mmm. Panabaker scares him, but Wujing terrifies him.
Dembe: Well, he’s not gonna like the CIA.
Ressler: Hmm. Well, Reddington said he wasn’t gonna talk. I hate it when he’s right.
Dembe: Stick to it.
[ Inside the room, Bo Chang removes a paper clip from the papers in left front of him and hides it up his sleeve ]
[ Ressler steps back in ]
Ressler: The Agency’s sending a team over to pick him up. That was about your Agency escort. Transport team’s on its way.
[ Under the table edge, Bo Chang uses the paper clip to try to undo the handcuffs ]

[ It’s 2:25pm ]
Ressler: So, Wujing, how much does he know about this place?
Chang: Your time’s up.
Ressler: [ Scoffs ] My time? See, I don’t get it, Chang. I mean, why not cooperate? You can’t help Wujing now. Why not try to help yourself?
Chang: Because I’m not buying what the government’s selling. Any way you slice it, I’m going to prison for a long time, and on the inside, I need friends, not enemies with a long reach like Wujing.
Ressler: You really think a guy like Wujing is gonna appreciate your loyalty?
Chang: We’ll see. To be honest, I’m less interested in helping him than I am in hurting Reddington.
Ressler: Well. Safe travels, Chang. You’re the CIA’s problem now.
[ Door opens. Beeps🔅]
[ Ressler leaves ] [ Door closes ]
[ Bo Chang has freed himself from the handcuffs ]
[ Outside the room ]
Ressler: [ To Dembe { No dice. Still talking tough. Seems like he knows something that we don’t.
[ They walk down the hall ]
[ Inside, Chang gets up and goes to the ID reader by the door that includes a keypad ]
[ He short circuits the keyboard ] [ Electricity⚡️crackles ] [ He keys in combinations ]
[ Door beeps🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅] [ Door beeps 🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅] [ Door beeps 🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅]
[ Door unlocks ✽ ]

[ Bo Chang steps out into the corridor ] [ Dembe and Ressler don’t notice Change ]
[ Suspenseful music playing ]
[ Chang ducks in and out of doorways until he is clear of Ressler and Dembe. Then he walks through corridors, avoiding people, and ascends a flight of stairs ]
[ Siya walks by the interrogation room and sees Bo Chang’s handcuffs lying on the table ]
[ Siya initiates an alarm using her tablet computer: Her display⚡️flashes⚡️ ]
[ Alarm🚨blaring⚡️Lights 🚨flashing ]
[ Dembe and Ressler run over to Siya ]
Dembe: What happened?
Siya: I don’t know. He must’ve gotten out somehow.
Ressler: What do you mean? I was just with him. His hands were cuffed, and the door was locked.
Siya: Well, he’s out and on the move.
[ Alarm🚨blaring⚡️Lights 🚨flashing ]
Dembe: Where?
Siya: I would think looking for an exit.
[ Ressler places a call ]
Ressler: Alright. Code red. We got a runner at large in the building. Bo Chang. He’s on foot.
Last seen in Box One. He probably took the east corridor. Initiate a full lockdown.
[ Cooper appears on the landing ]
Cooper: Dembe, what’s going on?
Dembe: Chang is making a run for it.

[ Alarm🚨blaring⚡️Lights 🚨flashing ]
[ The team converges in the war room ]
Ressler: Hey.
Cooper: Who’s got eyes?
Siya: Cameras are coming up now.
Cooper: There he is. He’s found the east corridor.
Ressler: Alright. We’re on it.
[ Bo Chang continues his flight ]
Chang: [ Breathing heavily ]
[ Alarm🚨blaring⚡️Lights 🚨flashing ]
[ Ressler and Dembe mount the same staircase Chang has a minute or so earlier ]
[ Chang reaches an exit door but it’s locked. He grabs a fire hydrant and ‼️bangs the‼️door handle‼️with it ]
[ Cooper and Siya watch the surveillance feed from the war room ]
Cooper: He’s almost out
Ressler: We’re approaching the ground floor.
[ Chang hits ‼️the handle again and it flies off the door. He escapes ]
[ Seconds later, Ressler and Dembe arrive to find the open door ]
Dembe: He’s gone.
Ressler: What do you think?
Dembe: [ Chuckling ] I think it worked.
[ Both laugh ]

[ The yellow elevator opens and Cynthia Panabaker steps out, looking around unbelieving. She walks over to Cooper ]
Panabaker: [ Astonished ] Well, shut my mouth and call me Shirley.
Cooper: It’s incredible, isn’t it?
Panabaker: Astounding! I’d say I’d never seen anything like it, but that certainly isn’t the case. What– How? Harold, what am I looking at?
Cooper: Believe me, I had the same question. Reddington brought me here for the first time a few days ago, right after the Troll Farmer was arrested.

[ Flashback: ]
Red: Harold, you look flummoxed.
Cooper: What on earth?
Red: [ Chuckles ] I see. All things considered, I’d take that as a compliment. It has been quite an undertaking.
[ Cooper stands in the middle of an almost-finished exact replica of the Post Office ]
Cooper: You said you had something big to tell us.
Red: Yes, well – the “something big” is a building.
Cooper: Our building. The Post Office. I don’t understand. When did you do this? How did you do this?
Red: I started the same day you and the Task Force returned to work, the day Jennifer Moores died.
Cooper: The day of the explosion at the Chinese Consulate?
Red: Yes. Wujing was asking questions about my connection to the FBI. It wasn’t difficult to reason that Marvin Gerard must have told him about the work we’ve been doing.
Cooper: You knew Wujing would be looking for proof.
Red: Proof that could only be found at the Post Office. I started searching for a suitable space right away.

[ Flashback in Flashback: ]
Realtor Andrea Athens: Mr. Reddington, this place checks a lot of your boxes. Thirty thousand square feet, no windows, high ceilings.
Red: I don’t need high ceilings, Andrea. I need at least two stories, not just a mezzanine.
Andrea: They do fully catered events, which means it has a working kitchen. I know you didn’t request that–
Red: You’re right. I didn’t. A kitchen is nice, but I don’t need it. And this has been open to the public. The place I need has to be discreet. I need it to be invisible.
Andrea: That doesn’t exist. A vacant space that large in this area? Remember, I can only show you what’s available.
Red: So it does exist. It’s just being used by somebody else.
Andrea: Are you saying you want to buy someone out?
Red: How about I buy you lunch and you tell me everything you know about the companies that have factories in the area?

Cooper: Wujing was looking for the Post Office, so you decided to build a duplicate?
Red: Duplicate. Decoy. Dummy. Interesting that all those words start with “D.’
Cooper: I’m catching up. Wujing knows what the Post Office looks like. There are Blacklisters on Marvin’s list who were held there. Some were interrogated there.
Red: Thank goodness for all your protocols, Harold. All those blindfolds and blackout vans. Wujing knows what he’s looking for and how it looks, just not where to find it.

Panabaker: It’s uncanny! If I didn’t know better, I’d think I was standing in the actual building.
Cooper: Reddington’s had construction crews working around the clock.
Panabaker: And all of this works? The overheads, the terminals? The workstations all have power? Remarkable. All for an illusion?
Cooper: Yes. All for an illusion that isn’t an illusion. It’s not a movie set. There are no Styrofoam walls. [ Tapping ✵✵✵✵ ] It’s an exact reproduction of the original.
Panabaker: So Reddington didn’t build a fake Post Office. He built another Post Office?
Cooper: Down to the last detail.
Panabaker: Okay, Harold. I’m up to speed on the what. You’re gonna have to help me with the why.
Cooper: There’s a reason I brought Chang to your office this morning.
Panabaker: And it wasn’t just so I could read him the riot act?
Cooper: No. We had to get him out of the real Post Office so that after the meeting, we could bring him back here.

[ Flashback: ]
Cooper: You want to let Chang escape?
Red: Yes. Uh, from this building. The duplicate Post office, to allow him to set the trap. If Chang escapes, he’ll immediately go back to Wujing and tell him where he was being held. And when he does, Wujing will not be able to resist the urge to act. He’ll gather his troops and come charging in here, and you and the Task Force will be waiting.
Cooper: That could work.
Red: It will work, Harold. One move. One stealth move. Nobody will see it coming.

Panabaker: So Chang believes he escaped? How’d you manage that?
Cooper: It wasn’t that hard, actually. All we had to do was manufacture an opportunity, and once Chang jumped at it, the rest was easy.

[ Flashback: ]
[ Chang short-circuits the keypad ] [ Electricity⚡️crackles ] [ Door beeps🔅]
[ Cooper and Siya watch the video feed of Chang trying the guess the passcode 🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅 ]
Siya: Look at that. He used the paperclip to short the panel. He’s trying to reset and recode the sequence. Even for him, that’s a long shot.
Cooper: I agree. We should give him some help.
[ Siya presses a button ] [ Door unlocks ]

Cooper: From there, it was just a matter of letting Chang stay one step ahead. We knew that he was in the stairwell, headed for the east exit door. The fire extinguisher was Reddington’s idea so it wouldn’t seem too easy. We got there in time to stop him, but we waited until he was in the clear.

[ Flashback: ]
Ressler: We’re approaching the ground floor.
Cooper over earpiece: He’s almost out. A few more seconds.
[ Extinguisher clangs‼️]

Cooper: It worked beautifully. We gave him just enough time to get away.
Panabaker: So what now?
Cooper: Now we see if Reddington is right. If he is, Chang went back to Wujing and is telling him exactly where we are.

[ Wujing is meditating ]
[ Zhang Wei clears throat ]
[ In Mandarin ]
Zhang wei: Wujing. Sorry for the interruption. This couldn’t wait.
[ In English ]
Wujing: I was told you were arrested.
Chang: I escaped.
[ In Mandarin ]
Zhang Wei: The pickup was secure. He’s clean. He’s not wearing a wire.
[ Bo Chang approaches Wujing and crouches alongside him ]
[ In English ]
Chang: You were right. I saw Reddington with my own eyes. Inside the FBI’s facility. Wujing, I know where it is. I can take you there.

Panabaker: Harold, if Reddington’s right, Wujing is gonna attack this place with everything he has.
Cooper: Yes. He’ll want to strike quickly, before we’ve had the opportunity to fortify our defenses.
Panabaker: Most likely at night.
Cooper: And time is money. This war is costing him a fortune, a fortune he doesn’t have.
Panabaker: So this is going to happen in the very near future.
Cooper: I’m betting on it. And when it does – we’ll be ready.

[ Wujing and Zhang Wei examine large scale satellite images laid out on a table. Bo Chang is also there ]
[ In Mandarin ]
Zhang Wei: Here are satellite images of the address Chang provided. This is the main building.
Wujing: We’re any blueprints available?
[ In English ]
Zhang Wei: No, but we had Chang prepare a layout of the interior.
Wujing: So, we are limited by what he can recall?
Zhang Wei: Yes, but – what we see does match with what we know. The entire complex is nearly 40,000 square feet. Well hidden from the street. Now, I sent a team to scout the location. There are no entrances accessible to the public.
Wujing: Hmm. The primary workspace is subterranean?
Zhang Wei: Yes, with a second level that includes office space and several catwalks.
Wujing: [ Pointing ] Harold Cooper’s office.
Zhang Wei: Possibly. That’s consistent with the intel we have.
Wujing: How many guards are there?
Chang: I don’t know. They put me in an interrogation room. But a lot.
Wujing: [ Scoffs ] We also have a lot.
Zhang Wei: We’re going in?
Wujing: With enough mercenary power to neutralize any resistance. The new leader of Henrik Fisker’s group, what is his name?
Zhang Wei: Sven Hollufson.
Wujing: Hollufson. Yes. Call him. Tell him we finally know where to find the proof we have been seeking.

[ The Post Office ]
Cooper: Let’s be clear. If Wujing attacks, he’s intentionally assaulting what he knows to be a heavily guarded federal facility.
[ Sven Hollufson has joined Wujing ]
Wujing: To succeed, we need to be clever. After Chang’s escape, the FBI knows their location has been compromised.
Hollufson: So they may be expecting an attack?
Wujing: We should assume so.
Hollufson: Then we can’t enter from the same point that Chang used to get out. The FBI knows that spot is vulnerable. I guarantee they’re shoring it up as we speak.
Siya: Chang knows how he got out. What are the chances Wujing tries to get in the same way?
Ressler: Well, it’s possible. He may not trust that exact entry point, but the most likely approach is definitely one of the stairwells along the lower perimeter.
Wujing: We are not gonna be using any of the exterior access points along the lower perimeter.
Hollufson: We’re not?
Wujing: [ Chuckling ] No. We need to surprise them. I have another idea.
Cooper: The plan is to allow Wujing’s people to enter the building, make their way to this room, then cut off any escape routes behind them.
Dembe: If they come, he’ll have some serious firepower.
[ The yellow elevator doors clang ‼️open and armed SWAT officers pour out ]
Cooper: We’ll be ready. I’ve reassigned 20 of the SWAT officers who normally guard the Post Office. Thanks to Cynthia, Main Justice is sending 15 more. When Wujing gets here, these officers will be positioned around this room and in the catwalks, ready to engage and disarm them.
Siya: And what if Wujing’s guys aren’t down with that plan?
Cooper: If they resist, they’ll be overpowered and arrested. Wujing’s in for quite a surprise.
Wujing: Instead of attacking from the ground level, our operatives will come from top down. Hollufson: Our access point will be the neighboring building immediately to the west.

[ Flashforward: ]
[ A truck pulls up alongside the Post Office building ] [ Hissing💨]
[[ Additional fastforward action continues to unfold, reflecting the planning discussions … ]]

Hollufson: Once there, we will move to the roof. From there, we will cross to the roof of the target building.
Wujing: Mr. Chang will handle matters from there.
Chang: The program we stole from the NSA has– Well, let’s just call it a masking component. It’s complicated, but bottom line, it can be used to conceal an intrusion.
Hollufson: So you can get us into the building undetected?
Chang: Yes. But don’t get me wrong, the building’s defenses are robust, so they won’t be fooled forever. When I disable the alarming systems, they will adapt and alert to the attack.
Wujing: But by the time the intrusion is detected and the FBI reacts, we will already be inside.
Cooper: All checkpoints report.
Siya: [ Over earpiece ] Standing by.
Ressler: Nothing here.
Dembe: No sign of Wujing.
Team Leader One: This is Team Leader One. We’re in position. All clear.

[ Bo Chang is with the Nordic mercenaries on the roof of the Post Office ]
[ He uses HexRoot to disguise their activities ] [ Beeping🔅🔅🔅]
[ The mercenaries, Bo Chang, Zhang Wei and Wujing exit an elevator ]
Chang: The masking program is working.
Hollufson: They don’t realize the elevator has been commandeered?
Chang: No. The system hasn’t detected the intrusion. But it will.
Hollufson: How long do we have?
Chang: Long enough. This elevator will take us to the primary workspace, the underground war room.
Wujing: Even if their system discovers the error, they won’t have time to react before we strike.
Hollufson: Weapons ready!
Chang: We’re almost there.
Wujing: Mr. Hollufson – I don’t care what it takes or who we kill. I want control of this facility.

[ Cooper looks at his watch ]
SWAT Leader: How confident are you?
Cooper: About the attack? An hour ago, I would have said very. Now I don’t know. We’ve got solid systems in place, and there’s nothing on the radar.
Ressler: The lower perimeter’s clear.
Dembe: Maybe Raymond overestimated how quickly Wujing would react.
Ressler: What, you think he’s not coming?
Dembe: Ah, he’s a careful man. Maybe he wants more time to prepare.
[ Inside the elevator ]
Chang: Seconds away. ⋘⋙ Here we are.
[ The SWAT team are ready, aiming their rifles at the elevator ]
[ Elevator doors open ]
SWAT leader: Don’t move!
[ It’s just Siya ]
Siya: Whoa! Fellas! It’s just me. Upper floors are clear.
[ The Nordic mercs and Chinese guys step out of the elevator ]
[ The Post Office is dark and empty, apparently deserted ]
Zhang Wei: I don’t understand. Where is everyone?
Hollufson: Wherever they are, they’ll be back, so let’s just do what we came here to do and not be here when they return.
Wujing: Get to work.
Chang: It’ll take a few minutes for HexRoot to override their defenses. Once I’m in, I can upload their archive to our server.
Hollufson: Watch the entrances. Stay alert.
[ Wujing sees Red’s fedora lying on a table. He picks it up and looks at the bejeweled fly fastened to it ]
[ Wujing scoffs ] [ Gunshot 💥] [ Wujing is shot in the head ] [ Body thuds ]
Zhang Wei: No! No!
[ Red walks in, holding a pistol in one hand, pointing away from everyone, and a large white napkin in the other ] [ Hollufson and his crew point their weapons at Red ]
Red: Easy, gentlemen. Easy. Everybody, relax.
Sven: Drop your weapon.
Red: Now, Sven– Uh, may I call you Sven? Sven, what’s done is done. You have guns, we have guns.
[ Red’s armed associates appear ]
Zhang Wei: He’s dead. Kill them!
Hollufson: Hold! This is my operation now. Nobody fires!
Red: Well reasoned. I was counting on the prospect that cooler heads would prevail.
Hollufson: You’re not walking out of here. Count on that.
Red: Well, the truth is, we should all be leaving here fairly shortly. How are we on time?
Chuck: The Bureau’s still in position. Nobody’s left the building.
Red: Good news. It seems we have a moment to chat.
Hollufson: The “Bureau.” So it’s all true. You do work with the FBI.
Red: Of course.
Hollufson: So you admit that you’re an informant?
Red: An informant? Sven. I’m Raymond Reddington. I run the most intricate and lucrative criminal operation in existence. A global enterprise that you and Wujing have – or had – neither the knowledge nor the experience to even remotely comprehend. I’m at the apex of the criminal pyramid, an increasingly competitive and brutal world, where those that are under are constantly scheming and striving to get on top, and yet, here I am. I’m still here – at the tippy top. And thriving. Always have. Why do you think that is, Sven? Uh, that’s unfair. I make it sound as if there’s only one reason, and in truth, there are many, but one of the most important has always been my relationship with law enforcement.
Hollufson: You feed them information.
Red: I trade intelligence. The lifeblood of any covert operation. You know this. Success is a function of access and information. The world’s elite criminals have always cultivated relationships with law enforcement. I’m no different, except that I do it better, with a little thought and a little imagination and the visionary purpose that’s made me who and what I am.
Hollufson: A lot of people, including some of our own, have gone to prison because of you.
Red: We’re having a philosophical conversation, an exchange of ideas, so I’m gonna try to contain my disappointment.
Hollufson: Tell me I’m wrong.
Red: “There’s no honor among thieves.” You know that saying? I despise that saying because the fact is, in this life of ours, there are lines that even criminals should not cross, a standard of conduct even for those who earn their livelihood by breaking the law. Do I use my leverage with law enforcement to hold those who violate that standard accountable? Yes, I do. Those individuals have forfeited the right to operate freely, and every single one of them is lucky they are held to account by others instead of being held to account by me. ⋘⋙ Sven, my associates make money. A lot of it. My rising tide has been lifting all boats for decades, and as long as that is the fact, how I do what I do, who I leverage and why – is nobody’s business but my own. You’re wondering why I’m telling you this.
Hollufson: And what happens now?
Red: Well, perhaps the why will answer the what. You men are mercenaries. Hired hands. This was never your fight. Were you paid in full? Because now your employer is dead, and you’re available for hire once again.
Zhang Wei: You’re not serious.
Hollufson: Quiet. So what are you suggesting?
Red: I’m offering. You need work. I have work.
Zhang Wei: Enough!
Red: You can live to fight another battle, another day, and when that battle comes, you can fight it with me.
Chuck: Mr. Reddington, we’ve got movement.
Red: Time’s up. Sven, in or out?
Hollufson: In.
Red: Good. Then there’s only one matter left to resolve, what to do with you, Zhang Wei. You were never just a hired hand. You were Wujing’s closest confederate, killer, confidant. Innocent people died because of you. Generally, I prefer to do these things myself, but I only have 13 rounds left in my Browning. I hate to waste even one of them on a piece of trash like you. And as it happens, I just hired an army. Imagine, you dying at the hands of the very man you hired to eliminate me. It’s just– Ah, the hell with it. [ 💥 ]
[ Zhang Wei grunts ] [ Body thuds ]
[ Red walks over to Bo Chang, puts his hand on his shoulder and peers at the HexRoot screen ]
Red: How are we?
Chang: All clear.

[ In the (real) Post Office war room, the task force finds the bodies of Wujing and Zhang Wei ]
Ressler: There’s no rigor mortis. They’ve been dead for less than two hours.
SWAT Leader: Facility’s clear. No other bodies and no signs of Reddington.
Ressler: Looks like both have single gunshot wounds, but M.E.’s coming down.
Siya: [ Sighs ] We won’t get any help from the cameras. The security history from the last six hours has been wiped. No records found.
Cooper: There were hardly any guards left behind. Most of them were with us when this happened.
Dembe: When what happened, exactly?
Cooper: I don’t know. Reddington must have done this, but–
Siya: I’m sorry. Reddington not only murdered two men, but he did it in our war room. Is that really what we’re saying?
Ressler: No cameras. No logs left behind showing anyone going in or out. So we’re blind on this?
[ Cooper’s cellphone rings✨] [ Cooper looks at it ]
Cooper: It’s him.
[ Ringing continues✨✨✨✨]
Dembe: Harold. Answer it.
[ Ringing continues✨✨✨✨ ]
[ Beeping🔅] [ Cooper opens his cellphone to speaker but is silent ]
Red: Say something, Harold. I understand. And I’m sorry. But I do think it was best for you and the others to be nowhere nearby when things reached their inevitable conclusion.
Ressler: I mean, all of this? Just so you could kill him?
Red: No, Donald. Not “just.” Wujing’s misguided crusade simply put a spotlight on a much larger problem. The Post Office has always been a liability. I’ve known as much for some time, of course. I tried to accept, or at the very least, ignore it. That, too, had to end.
Dembe: So you turned the Troll Farmer?
Red: No. I found him first.
Dembe: Because you knew he was on Marvin’s list, and Wujing needed him to access our archives.
Red: You know this, Dembe. What wins wars?
Dembe: Anticipation.
Red: Mmm.

[ Flashback: ]
[ Red talks with Bo Chang in his garage/office near the Post Office ]
Red: Are you sure you won’t have something? It doesn’t have to be tea. Have one of those sodas you like, the flavored ones. You know, uh–
Chang: I’m good. I’m actually not drinking those anymore. I have – You don’t need to know this, but I have adult onset diabetes. I don’t know why I’m telling you that. I’m just nervous.
Red: A Mello Yello! [ Chuckles ]
Chang: Yeah. Good memory.
Red: Mmm. I’m sorry to hear about the diabetes. Getting older is a drag. And you don’t need to be nervous. If I meant you any harm, you’d know by now.
Chang: How’d you find me?
Red: It took some doing, but most things are possible with the proper motivation.
Chang: I didn’t think you’d want to do business, you know, after I went to prison.
Red: Right. Well, we should talk about that. You may not love everything you hear, but I’m hopeful that when all is said and done, we can find a way to forgive and forget.
Chang: Forget what?
Red: There’s a man who calls himself Wujing. Long story short, he’s an enemy of mine, and he’s looking for new friends, friends to help him move against me.
Chang: Never heard of him.
Red: That’s not surprising. But he has heard of you. I believe your name was on a list he was given.
Chang: A list?
Red: Of criminals who might be sympathetic to his cause. Wujing is looking for you, Chang, and when he finds you, I want you to agree to help him.
Chang: You want me to help him come after you?
Red: No. But I want you to agree to help him.

Cooper: So this was all a setup. Taking Chang to the duplicate Post Office, convincing us to let him “escape” so he would give Wujing that location.
Ressler: You wanted us to think he escaped. Wanted Wujing to believe it. You played us both.
Siya: But Chang didn’t give the address of the duplicate building to Wujing. He gave him the real Post office.

[ Flashback: ]
Chang: I saw Reddington with my own eyes, inside the FBI’s facility. Wujing, I know where it is. I can take you there.

Dembe: And Wujing attacked the real building, and you were waiting there for him.
Cooper: You didn’t build that duplicate Post Office to fool Wujing. You built it to fool us!
Red: To protect you, Harold. To insulate you and the Task Force from what I intended to do. Now you can honestly say you were not involved.
Ressler: What? So we should be, what, grateful?
Red: You can be whatever you’d like to be, Donald.
Siya: Something’s missing. You wanted to confront Wujing, I understand that. But why here?
Red: As I said, to solve the larger problem. I needed Chang, I needed the HexRoot program, and I needed access to your network.
Cooper: Our network? Our archives. They’re offline. They can only be accessed from inside the building.
Red: Well, I didn’t just want to access them, Harold. The HexRoot program is much more than just a hacking tool. Once the program is inside a system, its secondary reason for being kicks in.
Siya: It deploys a virus.
[ Siya does a search on “Red Reddington”: no records are found ]
Siya: You deleted the archives!
Red: Of course not. We just removed any reference to me and any mention of a reliable source or a confidential informant.
Cooper: [ Angrily ] You went too far this time, Raymond.
Red: Perhaps.
Cooper: No, not perhaps! We are not just the Reddington Task Force! We are the FBI‼️ Main Justice will never let this stand.
Red: I don’t care about Main Justice, Harold. But you and your team, that’s another matter.
Cooper: You’re not listening. The Attorney General knows that we can’t control you, but he won’t let you control us, not at this level.
Red: The Attorney General has never known more than a fraction of what you do.
Cooper: That’s because I walk a very thin line. I do the best I can to control the flow of information because I believe that our work needs to be done. But redacting our archives, leaving bodies in the war room? You’ve put me in an impossible position! Even if I try, how long do you think I’ll be able to control that?
Red: I suppose we’ll see.
Cooper: You’ve finally done it. Torn it all down!
Red: You’re angry, Harold. Take some time to think about how or whether we can continue. I’ll do the same.
[ Phone beeps🔅and shuts ✽ ]

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🔴 Script 10:10 The Postman (№ 173)

Program air date: 4/30/2023 in the US
Script Permalink: https://wp.me/pDKwi-es9
EntertainmentWeekly Recap: https://tinyurl.com/369fkadp

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Directed by: Kevin Berlandi
Written by: Justine Neubarth



Brief (Where we’re at): Cooper is furious at Red. Not only did Red abscond with a super-secret government cyber weapon (HexRoot), but he killed Wujing (Blacklister #34) and his right hand man Zhang Wei in the Post Office and left the bodies there. He also tricked the task force by constructing a duplicate of the Post Office black site and had the task force wait there while he trapped Wujing and the mercenary army Wujing had hired ~ the remnants of Henrick Fisker’s Nordic army ~ in the actual Post Office. Cooper says Red has “finally done it. Torn it all down!” Red asked Cooper to “Take some time to think about how or whether we can continue. I’ll do the same.”

But truth be told, Cooper doesn’t know the half of it. In addition to stealing Hexroot, Red not only recruited Bo Chang (The Troll Farmer, Blacklister #38) to work with him and provide the computer skills Red lacks, but he turned Fisker’s army as well. They will now be supplementing his security forces. That’s in addition to Alban Veseli (The Freelancer, Blacklister #145) whom Red stole from the task force’s grasp during a failed operation to entrap Wujing. Red did allow the task force to keep Richard Deever, former CIA, who had been Siya Malik’s partner when she was actively working for MI6.

In the give-and-take world of Red’s relationship with the FBI, Red appears to be ascendant. With Wujing out of the way, the curse that Marvin Gerard (Blacklister #80) placed on Red ~ the threat of the criminal world finding out about Red’s work with the FBI ~ seems to have abated. That is, if Red’s relationship with the FBI actually still holds.


⭕ Script 10:10 The Postman (№ 173)

[ A prison dining room ] [ Chattering indistinctly ] [ Whispering ]
[ Three large prisoners enter the room, walking as a group ]
[ Prisoner Lu Fernan sits at a table, eating ] [ A prisoner walks up to Lu ]
Prisoner: They’re coming for you. Get out.
Lu’s Table mate: Hey, Lu. They look serious, Lu. You wanna–
[ Lu stands, takes out an automatic pistol and shoots 💥💥💥💥💥💥 💥💥💥💥💥💥]
[ Lu turns around, places his weapon on the table, and raises his hands in the air ]
[🚨Alarm blaring🚨] [ Guards shouting ]
Guard: Down on the ground!
[ Grunting ]

[ Ressler sits at a cafe table with recovering addict Jonathan Pritchard. Ressler has recently become Pritchard’s Narcotics Anonymous (NA) sponsor ]
Jonathan Pritchard: I’m going to meetings every day. And between that and our one-on-ones, I’m doing better.
Ressler: And work’s been good?
Pritchard Sure. You know. You work for Uncle Sam, too. Keeping the ol’ republic afloat isn’t exactly, uh, therapeutic.
Ressler: [ Chuckles softly ]
Pritchard: But my– My coworkers are supportive, keep telling me how good I look.
Ressler: You do. I wasn’t lying.
Pritchard: Ah, it just makes me realize how busted I was before.
Ressler: Hey, I was a wreck at your point in recovery. I hadn’t even shaved yet.
Pritchard: [ Chuckles ]
Ressler: There’s gonna be some tough days ahead. I’m not trying to freak you out. Just preparing you.
Pritchard No, I-I know. I know. But right now, I’m just really happy to be back in the world of the living.
[ Cellphone dings🔅]
[ Check arrives ]
Ressler: [ To waitress ] Oh. Thank you.
[ Pritchard looks at his phone ]
Pritchard: Ah, the nation calls. I’ll see you soon?
Ressler: Yeah. We’ll meet here, uh, day after tomorrow. But you call me if you need anything, okay?
Pritchard: Yeah, sure.
[ Pritchard leaves. Ressler leaves a tip ]

[ Agnes is sitting alongside Red at the Coopers’ kitchec table. She is showing him an online game ]
Agnes: See? So, here, me and my friends are all little crew mates on this spaceship together, and we’re all running around–
Red: [ Chuckles softly ]
Agnes: –just completing different tasks. Except one of us is secretly an imposter.
Red: Sabotaging the mission. This is ingenious.
Agnes: Mmm-hmm. But Madison totally sold me out last game.
[ Horn 🔊honks ]
Harold Cooper: Agnes, your ride.
[ Cellphone ringing✨]
Agnes: Bye, Pinkie. [ Little kiss on the cheek ] Bye, Pops. [ Hug ]
[ Agnes leaves ]
Red: Mmm. Remember when foursquare and tetherball were the pinnacle of playtime? Now they have virtual spaceships.
[ Vehicle door closes ] [ Vehicle departs 💨 ]
Red: Oh, for goodness’ sake, Harold. You’re angry. I understand.
Cooper: You murdered Wujing and Zhang Wei in the Post Office. You brought an army there. You used a stolen NSA tool to delete government records.
Red: Well, when you put it like that–
Cooper: “Angry” doesn’t begin to cover it.
Red: I understand.
Cooper: What you’ve done, Raymond–
Red: I would do again in a heartbeat.
Cooper: We hunted Wujing for months. At a steep cost to the U.S. government. We put people’s lives on the line. And the FBI has nothing to show for it, save for a few minor arrests.
Red: Uh-huh.
Cooper: We are not a hit squad! Wujing, Zhang Wei, Alban Veseli, all dead. Perillos is gone, I assume dead. Bo Chang is in the wind.
Red: Right.
Cooper: This won’t end here. An official investigation hasn’t come down from Main Justice yet, but when it does, how do I explain to them why this task force should continue to exist?
Red: There’s never been a fixed paradigm for how we operate, Harold. What the task force was on its first day was different than what it was on its second. Or third or tenth. And different from what it is today. All I can say is – the danger that Marvin Gerard unleashed, it’s done. Criminals are dead. My connection to the FBI has been erased. As we’ve changed course many times before, we’re changing course again. It is what it is.
Cooper: That’s what I tell the Department of Justice? Cynthia Panabaker? Congress? “It is what it is”?
Red: [ Chuckling ] I don’t know what to tell you, Harold. If you choose not to continue with me, I understand. But if you wish to carry on, keep everyone working – I have a case.
Cooper: This situation will not just go away, Raymond.
Red: Okay, well, tomorrow can worry about itself. But this morning, there was a horrific shooting at the Sussex State Prison in Virginia. A leader of El Calavera crime syndicate took down three rival gang members and a couple of unlucky bystanders, one of them a guard.
Cooper: The prisoner had a gun?
Red: A Glock. Automatic. My associate Paulie Diamond was shot in the hip. Decent thief. Fantastic chess player. We played through the mail for years. Now the fate of my bishop is in limbo.
Cooper: How does a prisoner get an automatic pistol?
Red: The authorities don’t seem to know. It didn’t come in through the usual pipelines. I believe it to be the work of The Postman.
Cooper: I already regret this. But who is that?
Red: I’m thrilled you asked. He’s a smuggler of prison contraband. In a very short time, he’s almost completely dominated in the Mid-Atlantic market.
Cooper: We crossed the globe trying to stop Wujing. Now you want us to hunt down a local black-market courier? What’s the angle, Reddington?
Red: The angle is he’s rising fast, spilling blood, making headlines. If you are so anxious to prove your worth to the Department of Justice, deliver The Postman now, before he goes national.
Cooper: “The Postman.” Does he have a real name?
Red: I believe his birth name is Lawrence Nelson. I maintain we can still do good work together, Harold. And it can start with bringing Lawrence Nelson to justice.

[ Flashback: ]
[ A jury room ]
Foreperson: Today, we’ll be determining the verdict of the State of Maryland vs. Lawrence Nelson. We’ll begin by taking a preliminary, anonymous vote to see where we all stand. It’s been a long trial. Hopefully we can be efficient in our deliberation.
Male Juror: I knew kids growing up like Lawrence Nelson. I don’t think there’s much to discuss.
Female Juror: I’ve been praying. His soul will find salvation in jail. I know it.
Foreperson: Um, we have 11 votes for “guilty” and one vote for “not guilty.”
Male Juror: Who in the hell thinks that kid’s innocent?
Foreperson: We can keep it anonymous for the time being.
Male Juror: N-No, I’d love to know ’cause they sure weren’t sitting in the same courtroom as I was. Perhaps they’re confused or asleep.
Foreperson: Sir!
Young Harold Cooper: It’s okay. I voted “not guilty.”
Foreperson: Right. Well, thank you for being for being forthcoming, um, Juror Number–
Young Cooper: Harold. My name’s Harold Cooper.
[ Jurors murmuring ]

[ The Post Office war room ]
Cooper: Prisoners call him “The Postman.” Served 25 years in a Maryland prison starting at 18 years old. Was released five years ago on good behavior, then he vanished. No one’s seen him, including his P.O.
Dembe: Twenty-five years. Why?
Cooper: First-degree murder. He shot his manager at their workplace, a convenience store in Baltimore.
Ressler: I’m sorry, but w-we’re gonna hunt down the local kingpin of prison contraband because what, he injured one of Reddington’s cronies? What about the people that Reddington killed in this very room just last week?
Cooper: Reddington’s actions with respect to Wujing were frustrating, I know. They will be dealt with in due time.
Siya Malik: Look, I’m not losing sleep over the loss of evil men, but Reddington told us a pack of lies. Why should we believe him that the Postman is even worthy of our attention?
Cooper: Because Larry Nelson’s a dangerous man. And that doesn’t come from Reddington. That comes from me.
[ Cooper brings up case files on Larry Nelson ]
Cooper: In Pennsylvania, Nelson outfitted an entire cellblock with Wi-Fi routers, allowing imprisoned cartel members to complete drսg deals from the comfort of their prison cell. And this morning, five men at Sussex were shot by Lu Fernan, the leader of the La Calavera crime syndicate. Not only is Nelson making life more dangerous inside prisons, that danger is spilling out to the rest of the world, and we have no–
[ Video beeping 🔅🔅🔅 ]
[ Herbie Hambright appears on the overhead display ]
Herbie: Hey, sorry. Sorry, sorry, sorry. Hi. It’s me. Hello. Um, did I miss anything? What did I miss?
Cooper: Just your first morning of your trial employment period.
Siya: Is he videoconferencing from home? You can do that?
Herbie: Sue’s got some sort of stomach bug. Um, we– We gave her this new brand of peaches.
Maybe that was it, but, oh– Whatever’s coming out of her is not peach-colored.
[ Siya looks uncomfortable ]
Cooper: Herbie, I would recommend fluids and a call to your pediatrician’s office. In the meantime, Malik and Ressler are about to roll out to Sussex State Prison. Dembe will get you up to speed as to why.

[ Ressler and Siya interrogate Lu Fernan at Sussex prison ]
Ressler: So, how did you get the weapon inside? We know it wasn’t a guard. You could grease every palm from here to Rikers, and a guard wouldn’t walk into a cellblock and hand over a gun.
Lu Fernan: It must’ve been a little bird.
Siya: Hmm. Maybe it was the Postman.
Fernan: [ Chuckles ] Didn’t think I’d hear that name.
Siya: Tell us how you two communicate.
Fernan: Or what? You gonna lock me up for a long time? I rat on that guy, and he’s gonna put a– a grenade in my soup or a rattlesnake under my pillow. He can get anything to anyone for the right price.
Ressler: So you’re afraid of him.
Fernan: Wouldn’t you be? I got a syndicate to run from inside this prison here, okay? Best of luck.

[ Groans ] [ Eugene Campos takes off a HAZMAT mask and makes a call ]
[ Keypad dialing ••• •••• ]
[ Cellphone ringing✨]
Eugene Campos: The compound isn’t pure enough. To get this right, I need one more delivery.
Lawrence Nelson: [ On phone ] Eugene. Ever the perfectionist. Shouldn’t you be in bed?

Man on loudspeaker: Lights out, 9:00 p.m.

[ Buzzer sounds ] [ Cell doors slam⚡️]
Campos: I need more product.
Nelson: [ On phone ] I’ll send Rudolph. Tomorrow. I’ll oversee it myself.
[ Phone snaps shut ]
[ Campos bundles up the equipment he’s been working with and puts it in a storage compartment in the wall ]
Man: [ In distance ] Let’s get a move on!
[ Campos flops onto his bed in the prison as the lights go out ]

[ The Post Office war room ]
Ressler: We interviewed inmates at three of the prisons where Reddington believes the Postman operates. No one will talk. So no leads on the Postman’s mysterious delivery network?
Dembe: Sussex transferred us a huge cache of security footage, but it’s gonna take manpower to get through. I’m going to assign the task to Herbie.
Cooper: Good. Do we have any other avenues to pursue?
Siya: Yeah, Lu Fernan clearly has confederates working for him on the outside, and one of them must’ve paid for that gun, so we checked his log of visitors–
Ressler: And it turns out Fernan’s brother moved $10,000 just three days before the attack.
Siya: The payment went to a shell company which has an account at Acordia Bank in New Jersey. It’s a regional outfit. We’ve contacted them, but they’ve been very – cold.
Cooper: I’ll reach out to Reddington. He may be able to warm them up.

[ Cooper’s office ] [ Cooper is scrolling through old newspaper articles about Lawrence Nelson ]
[ Cellphone buzzes ]
Cooper: [ Answering ] Cooper.
Red: Apologies for the missed call. I just returned to the creature comforts of the Big Apple. Anything urgent?
Cooper: Yes. Do you know anyone at Acordia Bank in New Jersey? Lawrence Nelson may have an account there.
Red: Ah. I’m glad you judged him a worthy target, Harold. I’ll darken some doorways, see what I find.
Cooper: Mmm-hmm.
Red: Is everything alright? You sound a little – distracted.
Cooper: It’s just that someone from my past has suddenly popped out of the woodwork.
Red: Ghosts like to do that, don’t they? Pop out of the woodwork. I hope it’s a friendly one.
Cooper: This one’s definitely not that. Let us know about the bank.
[ Phone beeps🔅]

[ Flashback: ]
[ The jury room for the Lawrence Nelson trial 25 years ago ]
Young Harold Cooper: I’m not saying he’s innocent. I’m just unconvinced of his guilt.
Male Juror: You’re honestly claiming reasonable doubt?
Cooper: I don’t know. That’s why we’re here.
Female Juror: Okay, fine. Can we establish the facts we all can agree on?
Cooper: Sure.
Female Juror: So, this young kid, Larry, he’s on trial for murdering his manager at the convenience store where he worked. A day before the murder, she fired him. You agree?
Cooper: Yes.
Female Juror: The following night, she was found dead in her car. She was parked outside the store. One shot to the head. Cash stolen from her wallet – and Nelson’s DNA on the purse. So we have motive, we have evidence.
Cooper: But DNA testing is still quite a new forensics technique.
Male Juror: It’s not that complicated. There’s either DNA or there’s not.
Cooper: It’s not complicated because you want to go home.
Male Juror: Okay. What about this? Two days ago, his girlfriend swore on a Bible, took the stand, and told us that Lawrence Nelson privately confessed to the murder. How do you explain that?
Cooper: He is insistent that conversation never happened with her.
Male Juror: And he’s obviously lying! We don’t need to sit around talking for hours to figure that out.
Cooper: I’m sorry, but I won’t destroy this kid’s life because I’m in a hurry. Let’s start from the beginning. Can we see the diagram of the crime scene again?

[ Accordia Bank in New Jersey ]
[ Banker Benny Seaver is there late, watch golf on tv ] [ Golf crowd applauding lightly ] [ Club strikes ball ]
[ Knocking on door ✽ ✽ ✽ ] [ Red walks in ]
Benny Seaver: Sorry, sir. We’re closed.
Red: Yes, Benny, I’m aware. That’s why I’m here now. I’m in search of information regarding one of your personal banking clients. Lawrence Nelson.
Seaver: And who are you exactly?
Red: Perhaps a new friend. My name is Raymond Reddington.
Seaver: Oh.
Red: Benny, your colleagues left ages ago, and you’re here, what, watching golf? Why aren’t you at home?
Seaver: I like the peace and quiet, which you are currently disturbing.
Red: I can only imagine. My heart goes out to you, Benny. You and your Erica – [ Red checks their wedding photo ] yeah – only just got married last year? I bet it hasn’t been easy with your elderly mother-in-law moving in, has it? And Laurel’s quite a piece of work, isn’t she?
Seaver: How do you know?
Red: Now, I happen to be very close associates with Rick Bruckner. Do you know Rick? Along with a hefty portfolio of rehabilitation and retirement facilities, Rick also happens to own the Golden Glen Assisted Living Home. I’m sure you’ve done your research, and you know it’s a very exclusive, very expensive place. I tell Rick all the time he’s running a racket. He and I used to bet on the horses in Dubai. Truth be told, I fronted Rick some spending money after he lost quite a bundle to the Sultan of Sharjah. But I know for a fact Rick would happily find a spot for Laurel at Golden Glen at a much reduced rate if I were to ask on your behalf. And I can assure you, Laurel will be so comfortable. ⋘⋙ Benny. Are you following?
Seaver: Laurel’s moving to Dubai?
Red: Oh, dear.
[ Red gets up and pulls out his gun ]
Seaver: Hey. Stop. What– What are you doing?
Red: Honestly, friendship has its limits. Now, give me your records pertaining to Lawrence Nelson, or I’m gonna blow out your kneecap.

[ Knocking on door ✽ ✽ ✽ ] [ Herbie Hambright answers his door ] [ He’s carry a tray of sandwiches ]
Herbie: Hey. Come in. Come on in.
[ Dembe enters ]
Herbie: Sue’s asleep. She’s feeling much better. Uh, PB&J, bananas and mayo, or roast beef? It’s halal.
Dembe: [ Chuckles ] Thank you, Herbie.
Herbie: Where’s the rest of the gang? I made enough for everyone.
Dembe: Raymond assessed Nelson’s financial transactions and ID’d someone who works for him, so Malik and Ressler are following up on that lead.
Herbie: Okay, well, then I guess I’ll make this snappy, if you want to just come over here. So, I’ve been eyeballs-deep analyzing the security footage from outside Lu Fernan’s prison cell. We know that Tuesday night his cell was searched, because that’s protocol, and they found zilch.
Dembe: And the shooting took place the next morning, correct?
Herbie: Right. So the question is– how’d he get the gun if he never left his cell?
Dembe: I don’t know.
Herbie: That’s the thing. It’s not what you see. It’s what you hear. Sussex records audio on their CCTV cameras, so I listened to the night leading up to the shooting over and over. I isolated and enhanced sound using a piece of audio software, and listen to this.
[ Whirring ]
Dembe: What was that? A power line? A very big fly?
Herbie: Close. Watch.
[ Herbie picks up a controller and presses a button ] [ Beeps🔅]
[ A small drone starts flying around Herbie’s living room ][ Whirring ]
Dembe: A drone. He’s using drones.
Herbie: Yep. The Postman is using drones.
Dembe: And no guards saw it?
Herbie: Based on that audio, the one he’s flying is incredibly quiet, likely custom-made. Really cool. But bad. Cool and bad. I would think that prisons have gotten wise to this type of smuggling, but a drone like the one he designed, that quiet, that would be really hard to detect. And I would bet you a roast-beef sandwich that if you went to Lu Fernan’s prison cell, you would see that his window’s been tampered with.

[ Meanwhile, as Herbie described what might be happening in Lu Fernan’s cell, it actually was happening, with Lawrence Nelson directing the movement of the drone using what looks like virtual reality vision ]
Nelson: Steady. Steady. This is one delivery we cannot afford to drop.
[ Whirring softly ]
Nelson: Excellent.

[ An interrogation room at the Post Office ]
[ Gina Abbott, who is going to be interrogated, sighs ]
[ Door opens and closes ] [ Ressler enters ]
Ressler: Thanks for coming in to speak with us, Gina.
Gina Abbott: The four federal agents who showed up on my doorstep didn’t give me the impression I had a choice.
Ressler: Hmm. So what can you tell me about Lawrence Nelson?
Gina: I never met a Lawrence Nelson.
Ressler: Two days ago, an inmate shot up a prison with an automatic pistol. Now, we traced the payment for that pistol to a bank account belonging to Nelson. Now, there are multiple payments directly from his bank account into yours.
Gina: Okay.
[ Door opens ] [ Siya enters ]
Siya: Hi, Gina.
[ Door closes ]
Siya: We actually have Nelson in custody.
[ They don’t have Nelson in custody ]
Siya: She might as well know. Nelson just told us that you run the operation, that you communicate with the prisoners and operate the drones – and that you call yourself “The Postman.”
Gina: The who? What are you talking about?
Siya: Smuggling contraband.
Gina: With drones? I don’t know the first thing about drones. Look. I wasn’t lying to you. I do business with Larry Nelson, but I’ve never met him.
Ressler: Hmm. Clever. So what kind of business do you do with Nelson? ⋘⋙ Look. You’re smart enough to know how this goes. You give us something about Nelson, we do something for you. Simple as that.
Gina: I buy stuff. He tells me, I buy it. I was sourcing counterfeit bags when he recruited me. Hermes. Louis Vuitton. But for him, the things I sourced are much more – varied. Drսgs, weapons, high-tech toys. A beautiful ukulele once. I never knew what it was all for. I never asked. I was just a middleman. I’m sure there are others.
Ressler: So how would you get it to him?
Gina: He’d send me contraband requests with drop locations. Different places every time.
Siya: And you never wondered what these items were for?
Gina: No. For what he was paying me, no, I never wondered. Or cared. He had so many requests that I started getting other people in the bag world to help me. We all agreed that it’s way more interesting to track down a gun than a Chanel quilted mini.
Ressler: [ Chuckles ]
Gina: But the items he’s been ordering recently? Strange.
Siya: Strange in what way?
Gina: Like, scientific. I’ve been getting chemistry equipment and chemicals. Things I have to go to labs for. I can’t pronounce half of it. I can show you, if you want.
Ressler: Oh, we insist.

[ Cooper visits the Warden at Pittman Correctional Institute ]
Cooper: Thank you for agreeing to meet with me, Warden. My team is deep into an investigation of a former inmate of yours.
Warden: Right. Lawrence Nelson.
Cooper: Waiting on getting his case files, but I wanted to talk to somebody who remembered him.
Warden: Couldn’t forget that kid if I tried. Lawrence Nelson was bright, hardworking. Was transferred here from a pretty tough high-security prison for good behavior.
Cooper: That must’ve helped him in front of the parole board.
Warden: Oh, yeah. So did his associate’s degree. He earned it in electrical engineering while he was here.
Cooper: Why did he choose that field? He was inspired by his cellmate, a chemist. Brilliant guy. Still here. Larry hated this place. Maintained his innocence throughout, but he used the time well.
Cooper: Do you think he was innocent?
Warden: It’s rare that a man would stick to the same story for 25 years. If they’re guilty, they usually give up the fight. But it’s easier for me to believe that he did it.
Cooper: Why?
Warden: Because either way, he’ll never get those 25 years back.

[ The Post Office war room ]
Ressler: So, you said you found something?
Herbie: Yes, I was looking over the list you sent over, the items that Gina Abbott purchased for Larry Nelson? When I first saw the chemistry equipment, I assumed it was some sort of drսg manufacturing operation. But then I noticed this.
[ Clicks ✽ and beeps 🔅]
Herbie: Rosaries.
Ressler: Rosaries? As in Catholicism?
Herbie: Yeah, brought me right back to Father Phillip telling me I was going straight to hell for not using a hall pass. That’s a heavy load to put on a kid with a small bladder, especially right before his bar mitzvah.
Siya: Herbie. Focus.
Herbie: Right, yeah. The- The reason that the rosaries stood out is because religious objects aren’t banned in prisons.
Ressler: So why smuggle them in?
Herbie: Well, as it turns out, these aren’t just any rosaries. They’re sourced in the Philippines with beads made from the seeds of the abrus precatorius vine. The rosary pea plant. And that is bad.
Ressler: So we’re worried about peas?
Herbie: Oh, yeah, big-time. The dried peas themselves aren’t dangerous. They’re used in jewelry all the time. But one of the most dangerous toxins ☠️ on the planet is extracted from them, abrin.
Dembe: I’ve never heard of abrin.
Herbie: You’ve heard of ricin, though, right?
Siya: Sure, an old favorite assassination tool of the KGB.
Herbie: Well, abrin is 75 times more lethal and way more rare. There’s no antidote. If you grind up these seeds and process them with sodium hydroxide and methyl ethyl ketone, which were both on the Postman’s contraband list, you get abrin.
Siya: So Nelson’s helping a prisoner make a deadly toxin ☠️?
Herbie: Yeah, and judging by the orders, whoever it is, is making a lot of it. If it were to get into a food or water supply–
Ressler: Or a prison kitchen.
Herbie: –thousands could die.
[ Eugene Campos, Lawrence Nelson’s former cellmate who is a chemist, loads small vials of fluid into a holding container ]
Siya: The orders don’t include any destinations. I didn’t see any indication of what prison the materials were being sent to.
Herbie: Me neither, but I did notice that some of the order numbers repeat.
Dembe: They’re not order numbers. They’re prisoner numbers. Prisoner numbers vary state by state, but all are unique.
[ Eugene Campos pries a pane from the window of his cell. A drone flies over and he pulls it in ]
Dembe: This one, for example, 8978/0324. That’s a federal prison number. The last four digits refer to the sentencing court’s jurisdiction. And the number assigned to the rosaries … [ Keyboard clacking ] He’s sending the rosaries to a prisoner at Pittman Correctional Institute.
Siya: That’s the prison where the Postman finished his sentence.
Ressler: And where Cooper is right now.
[ Eugene Campos attaches the payload (the vials of liquid) to the drone and sends it on its way ]

[ The Warden’s Office at Pittman Correctional Institute ]
[ Cooper is just ending a phone call ]
Cooper: What’s the name of Nelson’s former cellmate, the chemist? You said he was still here.
Warden: Eugene Campos. Yes, still here. Why?
Cooper: Put the prison on lockdown now. We have to talk to him. He may be in possession of a chemical-warfare agent.
[ Eugene Campos’ cell ]
Guard: Search his cell.
[ 🚨Alarm blaring🚨 ]
[ Guards shouting indistinctly ]
[ Campos is forced to the floor ] [ Handcuffs clicking ]
[ Cooper walks over to the window with the pane removed ]
Cooper: [ To Campos ] It’s gone, isn’t it?
[ The drone delivers its payload to Lawrence Nelson ]

[ The Post Office war room ]
Cooper: We were wrong. We thought Larry Nelson was sending materials into the prison so abrin could be manufactured and used inside.
Siya: But he sent the materials in so he could smuggle the finished toxin ☠️ out.
Ressler: Did Nelson’s chemist friend indicate where it was going?
Cooper: I questioned him. Eugene confirmed that he made abrin using materials Nelson supplied, but he refused to say for whom or why.
Herbie: And we don’t have time for him to change his mind. I took a peek at the evidence from Eugene’s cell. From the residue, it looks like he was grinding the abrin down into a very fine powder, which you would really only do if you wanted to aerosolize it. And with this guy’s engineering ability–
Siya: He could create a chemical ☠️ weapon.
Herbie: Abrin is bad enough when ingested, but if it’s inhaled, that’s a whole different story. It’s bleeding from the nose, fluid in the lungs, respiratory failure, death.
Ressler: So the only question is, where is it headed?
Dembe: Maybe he’s selling it.
Cooper: I’ll see what Reddington has to offer. In the meantime, put out an APB for Nelson. Coordinate with local PD and set up a perimeter.

[ Red’s swank bathhouse digs in New York City ]
Red: He’s using drones? Honestly, Harold, the things people think of and what they do with the things.
Cooper: Wish drones were the end of it. Have you heard of anyone in your circles looking to buy a chemical ☠️ weapon? Aerosolized abrin, to be specific.
[ Knocking on door ✽ ✽ ] [ Cooper waves Siya in ]
Red: Abrin? [ Chuckles ] Oh, my. I knew some Sri Lankan separatists who dabbled with the stuff years ago. But, well, they’re dead.
[ Siya leaves a bankers of files on Cooper’s desk ]
Red: Abrin? You’re sure he’s selling it?
Cooper: Do you think he would use it for his own means?
Red: You tell me, Harold. You know Mr. Nelson much better than I do.
Cooper: You’ve known this whole time that I served on his jury.
Red: It came to my attention.
Cooper: You know, serving on Larry Nelson’s jury, that was the first time I ever sent anyone to prison.
Red: It must’ve been difficult.
Cooper: It was. I was never sure we made the right decision, but I guess I don’t have to wonder anymore. He’s unmistakably criminal.
Red: As a man with some criminal experience, I can assure you that sometimes forces much greater than ourselves help to lead us to those waters.
Cooper: Well, regardless of how he got there, he’s now in possession of a chemical weapon that could kill hundreds. I’ll keep you updated.

[ Flashback: ]
Young Harold Cooper: I recognize that it’s improbable, but maybe there’s a reason his girlfriend would’ve lied about his confession.
Female Juror: Oh, here we go again.
Cooper: She was already at the police station for some other reason when she made the accusation. And before we send a man to prison, I think we should know why.
Foreperson: That information was struck from the record by the judge. We’re not to consider it.
Cooper: Then what about his alibi?
Male Juror: [ Stands up ] You really want this kid to be innocent. But guess what. Sometimes people do bad things! Especially kids from his neck of the woods. Trust me. I grew up there.
Cooper: It’s not fair to throw this kid’s life away because he reminds you of kids from your high school.
Male Juror: You’re putting words in my mouth.
Cooper: Larry said he was at a family cabin near Tuckahoe State Park. A neighbor saw him there.
Male Juror: But no one can confirm that he was there at the time of the murder. And running away to a remote cabin doesn’t really scream “not guilty.”
Cooper: He said he went there to be alone, to think. So that’s why he was there, alone.
Foreperson: Okay. Okay, okay. Why don’t we take a breather? And when we get back, we’ll take another vote.
[ Male Juror leave angrily ] [ Door slams⚡️]
Foreperson: Okay.

[ Cooper’s office ] [ Knocks on door ✽ ✽ ]
Ressler: Hey. You called?
Cooper: I’ve been reading Lawrence Nelson’s old case files. I found a possible location to his whereabouts. Buried in his past. It’s a long shot, but it’s a cabin located at 1414 Tuckahoe Road.
Ressler: Alright. Malik and I are on it.

[ The cabin on Tuckahoe Road ] [ Lawrence Nelson is there. He has a cylindrical holder holding 8-10 vial of the poison ☠️ liquid. He packs it into a duffel bag along with a face mask and zips the duffel shut ]
[ He looks at a monitor ] [ Beeps🔅]
[ Soon after, the FBI breaks ⚡️the door in ]
Ressler: Clear.
[ Lab equipment is arrayed on tables around the room ]
Siya: Herbie was right. This guy is quite an engineer. Hey. Come here. Look at this.
[ On the wall is a detailed floor map of a building ]
Ressler: These are schematics for an HVAC system.
Siya: He’s gonna take out a whole office building.
Ressler: It says Baltimore, Maryland, but there’s no address. So, which building?

[ Flashback: ]
[ The foreperson, a short-haired Black woman, approaches Cooper at the break table ]
Young Cooper: [ Sighs ]
Foreperson: Did you serve?
Cooper: I did. Navy. Finished my service a little over a year ago.
Foreperson: Ah. I knew it when I spotted you. I-It’s in the shoulders, how we carry ourselves. I myself had the distinct honor of pushing paper at Fort Shafter.
Cooper: No kidding. Oahu?
Foreperson: Yeah, yeah, tough gig.
[ Both chuckle ]
Foreperson: Now I work over at the Baltimore VA now.
Cooper: Now, that is a tough gig.
Foreperson: Yes. The system leaves a lot to be desired. Boy, is that an understatement. Hmm. Listen, Cooper. I can tell you want him to be innocent, and I understand. But we both know that decisions can’t be made based on emotion.
Cooper: I’m just trying to do right by him.
Foreperson: Oh, come on, though. If he didn’t do it with the evidence as is, he’s got to be the unluckiest SOB in Baltimore.
Cooper: Unlucky isn’t a crime.
Foreperson: You want to do right by him. What about her?
Cooper: Who?
Foreperson: The victim. Carrie Baker. If you really don’t believe, based on evidence, that he killed that woman beyond a reasonable doubt, I respect that. But we never have enough information in life. You consider all the facts that you have, and you make the best choice you can. That’s how you do right by people.
Cooper: Hmm.
Foreperson: You want to save him. You have it in your eyes. But you can’t save Larry Nelson from what he’s done. You can’t save him from himself. You served. And you know you can’t save ’em all.
[ The jurors are back in their seats ]
Foreperson: Please raise your hand if you believe the defendant is guilty.
[ Eleven hands go up, then, reluctantly, young Harold Cooper raises his as well ]

[ Cooper’s office ]
Herbie: Hey. Mr. Cooper? Here are the rest of the files the courthouse sent over. They were sitting outside.
Cooper: Thank you. Any update on Malik and Ressler?
Herbie: Uh, they’re still at the cabin. They sent me scans of his schematics. It appears he’s targeting a government building in Baltimore, but I haven’t narrowed it down from there.
Cooper: Thanks, Herbie. Stay on it.
Herbie: Yeah.
[ Herbie leaves ]
[ Cooper opens the file box that Herbie brought. He opens a file and reads ]
Cooper: What the hell?
[ Ressler’s cellphone rings✨]
Ressler: Ressler.
Cooper: I think I know the building that Nelson’s targeting. It’s the Attorney General’s office in downtown Baltimore. It’s where the state’s Attorney General, Christopher Jay, is based.
[ Lawrence Nelson is giving instructions to his assistants. He stands alongside a large wooden crate ]
Nelson: You’re gonna drive directly to the loading dock of 200 Saint Peter Place.

[ Ressler and Siya are still at the cabin. Cooper talks to them by phone ]
Cooper: Before Christopher Jay was Maryland Attorney General, he was a city prosecutor who sent an innocent man away for 25 years.
Siya: An innocent man? You’re talking about Nelson? The Postman?
Cooper: It’s too much to get into right now, but I believe that the star witness in his murder case all those years ago was compromised and that Christopher Jay let it happen. If Nelson knows this, too, then he has a motive to go after Jay and the people who work for him.
Ressler: So it’s a revenge play.
[ Nelson gets inside the crate. He puts his mask on and has his duffel bag ]
Cooper: Confirm that the Baltimore AG’s office building matches Nelson’s schematics, and if they do, call the state police and pray we’re not too late.
Nelson: Seal it up!
[ The two men fasten the lid to the crate with Nelson inside ]

[ Cooper calls Red ]
Cooper: You were right. Larry Nelson is using the chemical weapon himself. He’s going after the Maryland Attorney General, targeting the HVAC system.
Red: Was the Maryland Attorney General once his prosecutor?
Cooper: Yes, we’ve evacuating the building now, but we still have a madman moving through the city with a bioweapon. And we have no idea where he is or what he’ll do if he’s cornered.
Red: So you have to figure out how he plans to get the weapon inside.
Cooper: He can’t walk right into the AG’s office.
Red: The only people who work on the city’s pipes and vents are Local 4809.
Cooper: A union?
Red: Plumbers and Steamfitters Union. Who knows? Maybe one of them might help a madman for a buck.
Cooper: I’ll give their offices a call.
Red: I can do you one better. I happen to know a few of them, and they cheat at bowling. I don’t know how they do that, but they do.

[ Lawrence Nelson is experiencing a bumpy ride inside the wooden crate ]
[ Metal ‼️ thudding ] [ Wheels 🌀 rolling ] [ Thudding ‼️]
[ Finally, someone removes the top of the crate ]
[ Nelson stands ] [ Guns are pointing at him ]
SWAT officer: Hands up! On your knees!
[ Nelson gets on his knees ]
Nelson: Where the hell am I?
[ The SWAT takes the contraption with the vials of poison ☠️ ]
Cooper: You’re in federal custody, Mr. Nelson. I’m Harold Cooper. You may not remember me, but we’ve met before.

[ Nelson sits quietly alone at a table; The task force (except Cooper) stands by the yellow staircase ]
Siya: So, Reddington made a call, huh?
Dembe: Raymond knows Fred Alonso, boss of Local 4809. They repair the HVAC systems in the city of Baltimore. Alonso tipped off Raymond as to who might be delivering the crate to the building. Raymond’s guys grabbed the vehicle and had it delivered here.
Ressler: What about the weapon?
Herbie: It’s being disassembled now. They wouldn’t let me watch, but hopefully I can sneak into evidence before they get rid of the aerosolization tank ’cause, boy, that has got to be a beautiful piece of engineering.
Dembe: Well, maybe evidence will let you keep one of the drones, at least.
Herbie: Wait. Really?
Dembe: No.
Ressler: [ Chuckles ]

[ Lawrence Nelson sits in an interrogation room ]
[ Door opens ] [ Cooper enters with a file folder ]
Nelson: I’m not signing a confession.
Cooper: It’s not a confession. It’s a 30-year-old transcript of your old girlfriend’s first conversation with the police on the night of Carrie Baker’s murder, the same conversation that made her the star witness against you in court. That transcript should’ve been given to your counsel. It wasn’t.
[ Nelson reads ]
Nelson: She doesn’t mention me. [ Looking up at Cooper ] At all.
Cooper: The BPD was investigating her for drսg charges. The fact that she gave them a story about you less than 24 hours after the murder and that the prosecution withheld this information at trial suggests that she may have testified against you as part of a quid-pro-quo deal orchestrated by the prosecutor.
Nelson: Hmm. She was scared to go to prison. So she sent me instead.
Cooper: The prosecutor, Christopher Jay, he had political ambitions, wanted to improve the homicide clearance rate, so he did what he could.
Nelson: How are you so familiar with my case?
Cooper: I was on your jury.
Nelson: Oh. So you fell for her story, too.
Cooper: I voted to convict because the evidence was overwhelmingly against you.
Nelson: Unlawfully so, it seems.
Cooper: I’m sorry. I remember. You were so adamant then that you were innocent.
Nelson: Well, I was telling the truth.
Cooper: We have to hold you accountable for your new crimes. Still, I’m gonna do everything I can to have the original crime expunged from your record. And I’m going to try to hold Christopher Jay accountable, too.
Nelson: What difference does it make now?
Cooper: It makes all the difference.

[ The war room ]
Siya: Hey, congrats on your first case, Herbie.
Herbie: Thank you. Anyone want to go out, celebrate?
Dembe: What were you thinking?
Herbie: I know a great bar nearby. I mean, I’m not drinking right now. I have to stay sharp for a tournament, but this place has a really good table. Maybe you guys would be down for a little casual game?
Ressler: I’m sorry. Are you talking about–
Herbie: Foosball, yes. Yes, I am.
Ressler: I’m sorry. I got a phone call I got to deal with.
Siya: Thank you so much, but I got, like, laundry to do.
Herbie: Alright. No. I totally get it. It’s not for everybody. Don’t worry about it.
Dembe: I’ll go with you, Herbie.
Herbie: What? Really?
Dembe: Yes. Why not? I like soccer. Why not soccer on a table?
Herbie: Exactly. Yes.
[ They head toward the elevator ]
Herbie: And just like soccer, it is deeply technical and has a growing fan base in America. Also, by the way, it dates back to the 1890s.

[ Ressler walks over to a cafe table and sits down across from Jonathan Pritchard, whom he is sponsoring for NA ]
Ressler: Hey. I just got your message. What’s, uh– What’s going on?
Pritchard: Yeah, yeah, it’s- It’s- It’s been, um – Not good.
Ressler: It’s okay. It’s all part of it.
Pritchard: You know, the thing about, um, being back in the world is that, um, people are watching you. You may be doing better, but everybody’s expecting you to mess up, so– Why not get it over with?
[ Pritchard takes out a pill bottle with pills in it and puts it on the table ]
Pritchard: My dealer called. I blocked his number, but he got a new phone, and, um – Just hearing his voice, it brought me back. Figured it was gonna happen anyway, so–
Ressler: Hmm.
[ Ressler takes the top off the bottle and dumps all the pills into a half-full coffee cup ]
Pritchard: Don, you realize you just destroyed $400?
Ressler: And I’ll do it again the next time you call. And the time after that. So stop wasting your money.
[ Ressler beckons to a waitress ]
Ressler: Excuse me. Would you mind clearing these and getting us another round of coffee? Thank you.
[ Then Ressler addresses Pritchard ]
Ressler: We’re gonna wait here until the meeting tonight, okay? I’m not going anywhere, and neither are you.

[ Agnes is studying at the kitchen table with her laptop open ] [ Suddenly, her screen lights up ]
[ Video call ringing✨] [ Beeps🔅] [ Red’s face appears, smiling ]
Agnes: Whoa! I didn’t know you knew how to video call!
Red: [ Chuckles ] No. My friend Herbie walked me through it. Did you open the gift?
Agnes: What gift?
Red: Well, there should be a delivery man on your porch right now.
Agnes: Hold on!
[ Door opens ]
[ Agnes comes back with a box, which she begins to open ]
Red: Now, I know that a lot of people today are partial to games with animation, lights, colors, and sounds. But this will make you better at all of them. Madison doesn’t stand a chance.
Agnes: [ Gasps ] Oh, my gosh! It’s so cute!
[ It’s a chess board with pieces ]
Red: [ Laughs ] Yeah. I thought it was cute.
Agnes: But, Pinkie – I have no idea how to play.
Red: Well, I’m down a chess partner, and I thought I could teach you.
Agnes: But you’ll beat me.
Red: Yes, I’ll trounce you.
[ Door closes ] [ Cooper is home ]
Red: It’ll be very dispiriting, but not for me, of course. But here’s the thing about chess. You and your opponent have the exact same information. No one is hiding anything. Everything is right there on the board and in your head.
Cooper: I don’t know, Agnes. Even when you think it’s all laid out for you, Pinkie can be very tricky. You’ll not just have to think several steps ahead. You’ll be replaying every move you made since you began the game. Playing against him will make you sharper, and since this is practically math homework, you can play for a little.
Red: Excellent! Okay. So, let’s get you set up. Now, smoke before fire. That means the white pieces move before the black. …

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🔴 Script 10:11 The Man in the Hat

Program air date: 5/7/2023 in the US
Script Permalink: https://wp.me/pDKwi-etf
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Directed by: Olenka Denysenko
Written by: Daniel Cerone



Brief (Where we’re at): Red is still on the outs with Cooper, who is angry over Red having tricked the task force and killed his enemy Wujing (Blacklister #84) and Wujing’s right hand man, Zhang Wei, in the Post Office. Red also stole a top secret cyber weapon with the help of Bo Chang, the Troll Farmer (Blacklister #38), who is now in Red’s employ.

So, Red gave Cooper a case that involved Cooper personally. It had to do with the very first time Cooper was involved in sending a man to prison. Cooper was on the jury of a man named Lawrence Nelson 25 years ago. As a young man, Cooper alone of the 12 jurors believed Nelson might have been innocent, but the other jurors pressured him to change his vote to guilty. In the intervening time, Nelson completed his prison sentence and began a criminal enterprise which earned him the name The Postman (Blacklister #173). He used minicopter drones to smuggle contraband in and out of prisons.

In reviewing Nelson’s old files, Cooper discovered that Nelson had indeed been innocent. Nelson had been framed by an over-zealous prosecutor with political ambitions, who became the Attorney General of Maryland. What’s more, Nelson’s recent criminality was focused on getting revenge against the AG. So why did Red give this case to Cooper?

Cooper: … I was never sure we made the right decision, but I guess I don’t have to wonder anymore. He’s unmistakably criminal.
Red: As a man with some criminal experience, I can assure you that sometimes forces much greater than ourselves help to lead us to those waters.

Might Lawrence Nelson’s life have been different if Cooper had continued to hold out for his innocence? It’s possible. Fate, Red seems to be hinting, turns on just such contingencies.


⭕ Script 10:11 The Man in the Hat

[ Philadelphia PA ] [ A roadside convenience store called the Quick Stop Deli ]
[ Inside the store, which also sells an assortment of marijuana products, a young man with his hair braided in corn-rows is live-streaming about the store’s stoner offerings ]
Sammy: [ Lively and upbeat, spinning around ] What’s up, fam? I’m back to help you with all your smoking needs in the birthplace of America, City of Brotherly Love, the city that loves you back. [ Chuckles ] Like me. Sammy D. And I’m live at the Quick Stop in Crum Lynne shopping for a decent blunt wrap. Let’s take a look at the inventory, shall we? Oh, wow! Check this out. This is like your OG smoker paradise right here. You got your basic hemp leaf, organic wraps. Shoot, flavors galore. You can’t go wrong. Rose petal wraps.
[ The clerk, Ji-Min, is checking out a heavyset woman named Francine who just bought a soft drink ]
[ Door bell chimes✨] [ Someone enters ]
Sammy: [ Sniffs ] If you want to feel boujee, I guess. [ Chuckles ]
[ Francine leaves the store ] [ Door bell chimes✨]
[ Francine passes a straggled, desperate-looking young man. His name is Jack ]
[ Ominous music plays ]
[ As Francine passes Jack, he pulls back his jacket, revealing a revolver ]
[ Once in the store, Jack locks the door ] [ Lock clicks ✽ ] [ Jack turns around, pointing his gun ]
Jack: Hands in the air!
Ji-Min: [ Gasps ]
Jack: Everyone! Now!
[ Woman screams‼️ ]
Jack: [ To Sammy ] You, with the phone! Drop that phone!
[ Sammy, freaked out, shakes his head and keeps livestreaming until Jack bats the phone away from him ]
[ Behind Jack, in the next aisle, is a man wearing a fedora. It looks like Red ]

[ In his kitchen, Harold Cooper pours himself a cup of coffee ] [ Cellphone rings✨]
Cooper: Harold Cooper.
[ Dembe is calling. He’s driving ]
Dembe: Harold, I sent you a news link.

Anchorwoman: We’re following breaking news as we come to you live this morning. Local police are working a hostage situation at a convenience store outside Philadelphia.

Cooper: Why am I watching this?
Dembe: A young man was live-streaming when the gunman entered. The footage went viral. I think I saw Raymond inside. I’m on my way to pick up Ressler.
Cooper: Wait. Reddington is holding up a food mart?
Dembe: He appears to be a hostage.
Cooper: Why is he in Philadelphia?
Dembe: I don’t know. I tried calling him, but he wouldn’t answer.

Anchorwoman: This video contains threats of violence–

Cooper: Hold on, Dembe.

Anchorwoman: –and may be disturbing to some viewers.

[ Sammy’s video: ]
Sammy: Two hundred and sixty-eight followers!
Jack: Hands in the air! Everyone! Now!
[ Woman screams‼️ ]
Jack: You, with the phone! Drop that phone!
[ A glimpse of the man in the fedora appears ]

[ Keyboard clicking ]
Cooper: It does look like him, doesn’t it? You really think that’s Reddington?
Dembe: Can we take a chance it’s not? If Raymond is arrested in front of TV cameras, we can’t help him.
Cooper: This task force is already hanging by a thread. Cynthia Panabaker is coming in to the Post Office today. She wants a briefing on the status of Wujing and the Troll Farmer.
Dembe: You haven’t told her?
Cooper: That Reddington executed Wujing and recruited the Troll Farmer? No, I haven’t figured out how to explain that yet. This is not the day to be behind the curve, so let’s get ahead of this hostage situation.

[ Agent Siya Malik barges into Cooper’s office ]
Siya: I’m sorry to barge in, but there’s a viral video out there, and I swear it looks just like Reddingt–
Cooper: Reddington. I know. Ressler and Dembe are on their way.
Siya: What can I do?
Cooper: We have a separate fire to put out. I need you to conduct an inventory of our case files.
Siya: Seriously? W-Why?
Cooper: Senator Panabaker is on her way here right now. She doesn’t know Reddington used the HexRoot program to tamper with our database. If Main Justice learns the truth, I need to find out exactly what damage he’s done.
Siya: I’ll do whatever you need, but my security clearance doesn’t give me access to all of your cases.
Cooper: Oh, you’ve tried to open them?
Siya: [ Awkwardly ] Uh– I was curious about some of my mother’s old cases, specifically her last case.
Cooper: You want to know why she was killed.
Siya: It’s why I joined this task force. I’ve asked around, but nobody can tell me anything because it’s above my clearance level.
Cooper: Not anymore. I received approval for your interim TS/SCI clearance a couple of days ago. Our entire system is open to you, but today I need you to stay on task. Conduct a damage assessment and report to me.

[ Police radio chattering indistinctly ] [ Siren🚨wails ] [ People chattering indistinctly ]
[ Dembe and Ressler pulls up outside the Quick Stop Deli ] [ The scene outside the convenience store is problematic: multiple police cars, people mulling around ]
Dembe: Look at this. This is not good. I just hope Raymond isn’t inside.
Ressler: There’s a Zoomer Car. Isn’t that how he’s been getting around these days?
Dembe: One of the ways. How do we explain our presence here?
Ressler: Lie.
[ Ressler sees the Officer in charge ]
Ressler: Ah. Agent Ressler, FBI. This is Agent Zuma. The suspect inside that store fits the profile of a man we’ve been chasing for multiple armed robberies across state lines.
Officer: Thank God. We’ve been doing out best here till the big guns arrive.
Dembe: We’ll take it from here. What’s the situation inside?
Officer: Subject is armed and barricaded with an unknown number of hostages. We’re maintaining a perimeter with six uniforms, two covering the back exit.
Ressler: Have you attempted to make contact?
Officer: No. I mean, sort of. I was the first responder. When I pulled up, the assailant saw me through the window and shouted to stay back or he’d start killing hostages. We’re just– We’re a small borough, you know? We don’t get these kinds of situations out here.
Dembe: Did anyone make it out of the store when the gunman entered?
Officer: No, but there was a woman inside right before. County sent over this mobile command truck. She’s waiting in there.
Ressler: Thank you.

[ Inside the mobile command truck, Ressler and Dembe talk to Francine, the customer who left the store right before Jack, the perpetrator, entered. She’s sipping on her soft drink with a straw ]
Francine: Okay, so, I had just bought my little morning coffee, and I was heading to the car, when I saw the devil himself walking my way, right? Like, I’ll never forget those dark eyes. He was strung out like a research monkey. I knew he was up to no good even before I got a look at that revolver.
Dembe: Are you sure it was a revolver?
Francine: Yes, sir. I saw the cylinder. Look, my daddy always said he’s rather have six absolutes than 15 maybes. You know, on account of semi-automatic misfires.
Ressler: We sure could use your help identifying those hostages. Uh, can you tell us who was inside the store when you left?
Francine: I– Let’s see. There was, um– There was Ji-Min. She’s this real nice Korean lady. She sells me my Powerball tickets. And there was, uh, the stoner kid with, like, his iPhone, and, um, an old woman. Oh, and I saw an older man, too.
Dembe: Was that the man wearing the fedora?
Francine: The man had a fedora, definitely. I love those hats. They’re so stylish, right?
Ressler: So, a total of four hostages, then?
Francine: Wait. I– There might have been somebody wearing a Phillies hat, as well? I remember the hat.
Dembe: So maybe five hostages?
Francine: Maybe.

[ A corridor at the The Post Office ]
[ Cooper’s cellphone rings✨]
Cooper: Harold Cooper.
Ressler: [ On phone ] Lot of signs point to Reddington as a hostage inside the store. Look. We’ve tried texting him, but no luck.
Cooper: This is Reddington we’re talking about. I can’t believe he hasn’t pumped the gunman full of bullets by now.
Ressler: Well, maybe he’s waiting for us to take control of the situation out here so he can avoid public exposure.
Cooper: Can you control the scene?
Ressler: Not without help. I’d like authorization to call in a TAC team, one of our own. We got to clear out this local PD and the news media, take complete command out here.
Cooper: Excellent idea. Make sure the TAC team includes a hostage negotiator. Get those people out safely.
[ Cooper has walked to the yellow elevator to greet Senator Cynthia Panabaker, formerly a top official at the Department of Justice who supervised the Reddington task force and who continues to exert huge influence over its operations and its relationship to the DOJ ]
Cooper: Cynthia. It’s good to see you.
Panabaker: You say that now. Is there someplace we can talk, Harold?

Ressler: Cooper signed off on a TAC team. I’ll make sure they get here fast.
Dembe: It won’t happen fast enough.
[ Armored vehicles arrive ]
Ressler: You gotta be kidding me. SWAT?
Officer in charge: Philly’s best. I told you the big guns were on their way. They were the first ones I called.

[ Ressler attempts to sort out the pecking order. He goes up to a man dressed in a suit ]
Ressler: Sergeant McGinley, we appreciate your presence here, but a federal HRT team will be here within the hour.
McGinley: I’m sure the armed suspect inside will show the courtesy to wait. [ Calls to his man ] Powers, set up an inner perimeter and find a wall to snake a camera through. I want to see what we’re up against in there. You have building schematics yet?
Ressler: I don’t think you heard me. I’m part of an FBI unit that reports directly to the Attorney General. You make any intrusion into that building, you’re gonna face Main Justice.
McGinley: I know how to follow orders, but the second this turns into an active-shooter situation, this is my show.
[ McGinley walks away ]

[ The command vehicle ] [ Ressler enters ] [ Door closes ]
Ressler: I don’t know how we’re gonna sneak Reddington out of this circus, even with our own TAC team.
Dembe: The DSL line into the building was cut. Local PD just reconnected it for me. I’m calling inside now.
Ressler: Well, I just hope our gunman’s trigger finger isn’t as itchy as our SWAT friend out there.
[ Line ringing✨]
[ Telephone ☎️ rings inside the convenience store ]
Ji-Min: [ Answers ] Quick Stop. Can I help you?
Dembe: This is Agent Zuma with the FBI. Everything is under control out here. Is everyone okay inside there?
Ji-Min: [ To Jack ] He wants to know if everyone’s okay.
Jack: [ Shouting at the phone ] No! Nothing is okay in here! If anyone comes close to this store, I start shooting people!
Dembe: Please, let him know that no one is coming inside.
Jack: Hang up the phone! Now!
[ Dial tone sounds – – – – – – – ]
McGinley: That boy in there is gonna start shooting before your HRT team gets here. You know that, right?

[ At the Post Office, Siya Malik reviews online files. Eventually, she notices a file of current and former members of the task force. There is a listing for Meera Malik. She clicks on it and the profile appears ]

[ Cooper’s office ]
Cynthia Panabaker: Last week, you walked a notorious criminal into my office, one Mr. Bo Chang.
Why? Because he had just stolen a dangerous cyber weapon from the NSA. You then allowed Mr. Chang to escape from your custody.
Why? Because unknown to him, he was actually escaping from an exact replica of this building that was painstakingly recreated by Raymond Reddington.
Why? To lure Wujing, an even more notorious criminal, to his unwitting arrest.
[ Inhales sharply ] If ever there was a story whose ending I wanted to find out more, I can’t think of it, but, Harold, since our last meeting, you’ve been more mute than a mime at mass.
Cooper: Our plan ran into complications. We waited at the duplicate Post Office, but Wujing never showed.
Panabaker: How come?
Cooper: He went to the real Post Office instead. When we returned, we found his body and the body of his associate. Both had been shot.
Panabaker: Where are the bodies now?
Cooper: In cold storage.
Panabaker: Why am I only learning of this now?
Cooper: We’re still investigating to determine exactly what happened. The cameras were wiped.
Panabaker: I’m gonna save you some time and tell you what happened. Reddington happened. He didn’t build a Post Office to fool Wujing. He built it to fool you, and you played right into his hands. Standing guard for an attack that was never gonna come. How did Wujing get the real address?
Cooper: I have to believe Reddington fed it to him somehow so he could execute Wujing himself instead of allowing us to arrest him.
Panabaker: Executing a man inside a federal facility. It’s gonna spell the end of us, Harold. Reddington’s days of going unchecked are over. Where is he now?

[ Outside the Quick Stop Deli ] [ Police radio chattering indistinctly ]
Ressler: Choppers are 20 minutes out.
McGinley: Twenty minutes? This could be over in five. I need details on what kind of threat we’re dealing with inside there. What’s our gunman’s name? Any criminal record?
Dembe: We’re not authorized to share that information.
McGinley: Look, I am sick and tired of getting jerked around by the two of you.
[ Gun fires 💥 ]
McGinley: [ Over bullhorn ] Active shooter. All teams, breacher up on my go!
Ressler: Stand down, Sergeant!
McGinley: No.
Ressler: Blind intrusions only puts hostages at risk.
McGinley: So do bullets.
Ressler: One bullet. And we don’t know if anyone inside is hurt.
[ Keypad beeping 🔅🔅🔅]
Dembe: I’m calling inside.
[ Line ringing ~~~~~~~~~ ]
McGinley: This is a mistake. You’re gonna get everyone in that store killed.
Dembe: If we have a chance to de-escalate the situation, then that’s what we’ll do.
[ Line ringing ~~~~~~~~~ ]
McGinley: That’s it. We’re going in.
Ressler: No, you will not!
[ Line ringing ~~~~~~~~~ ] [ Ressler grabs the bullhorn ]
Ressler: [ Over bullhorn ] This is Agent Ressler with the FBI. We need to know if anyone’s hurt inside. Please, answer the phone.
[ Line ringing ~~~~~~~~~ ]
McGinley: All teams, on my go!
Ressler: No!
[ Store door opens. Ji-Min appears with a white towel ]
Ji-Min: Don’t shoot! You can come in now! Crazy man dead!
Ressler: Alright. We’ll take point. [ To McGinley ] You hold your team back. Do not enter unless I give you clearance.
McGinley: [ To his squad ] Stand down.
[ The SWAT leader lowers his gun ]

Dembe: Soon as we get inside, we have to get Raymond out of sight.
[ Ressler and Dembe enter the store ] [ The survivors’ hands are raised ]
[ There’s a man wearing a fedora, but it’s not Red. (His name is Ron and he’s with his wife, whose name is Maxy) ]
Ressler: FBI agents. Everyone stay calm.
[ Jack lies in a pool of blood on the floor. Ressler checks his pulse ]
Ressler: He’s dead.
Dembe: Is anyone else in here?
[ Sammy shakes his head ‘no’ ]
Ron: Just us.
Ressler: Let’s check the back, just in case.
[ The SWAT team makes their move ]
— Go, go!
SWAT leader: Contact! Give me a two! Back room!
Ressler: Hold that order.
— Keep your hands up!
SWAT leader: All clear. Nobody in back.
Ressler: Let’s get medical help in here.

[ The Post Office. Siya sits at a workstation ]
[ People chattering indistinctly in distance ] [ Herbie walks over ]
Herbie: Good news. Sue just had her 12-month doctor visit, and she is on target with all of her developmental milestones. Except finger pointing, which I always thought was rude. [ To Siya ] You alright?
Siya: I don’t know. I– Cooper asked me to sort through the files Reddington tampered with, and I couldn’t help but take a peek at my mother’s personnel file.
Herbie: Yeah, well, human nature. I totally get it.
Siya: There’s a reference to me in her FBI name check as “adopted child.” So I pulled my birth certificate, which I’ve never read, because, I mean, who has? And it shows that I was born at a health clinic in Kolkata.
Herbie: I take it this is all news to you?
Siya: My mother told me I was born in the UK. And to make matters worse, I did some research, and I don’t think that health clinic ever existed.
Herbie: Maybe it’s time to call your Pops?
Siya: No, I don’t want to drag him into all this, or my brother, not until I know what’s up, if anything. She was always so straightforward with me. If I was adopted, she would have told me. It has to be a mistake, right? I mean, I have my grandmother’s feet.
Herbie: I mean, there is one way to find out. This personnel file includes a copy of Meera Malik’s DNA profile. I could run a DNA test against yours. If you want.
Siya: What I want is not to have seen any of this. [ Sighs ]

[ Quick Stop Deli ]
Ji-Min: The crazy man came to rob the safe, hit me with his gun. Sammy tried to stop him. Brave boy. They fought for gun like this. And then boom!
Dembe: Why did he hit you? What set him off?
Ji-Min: You. Not you. All you people out there. I told him, “Put down the gun before you hurt us.” That’s when he hit me.
[ Door bell chimes✨] [ Ressler enters ]
Ressler: Excuse me. I ran our assailant’s ID. His name’s Jack Davis from Philly. Some minor drսg offenses, assault charges.
Dembe: A nobody, in other words.
Ressler: Yeah, I say we let the locals close this one out. I don’t see any reason for us to stick around, do you?
Dembe: Yes, I do. The witness inside the store before the robbery saw a gunman with a revolver. She was very clear about that. Look at the weapon that was recovered here.
Ressler: That is definitely not a revolver.
Dembe: A Browning High Power. Wooden grips. I’d recognize it anywhere. That’s Raymond’s gun. And those are his clothes.
[ The older man, Ron, is wearing a fedora and a coat that looks like Red’s ]
Ressler: We need to interview these hostages, all of them. I want to know exactly what went down in here and where the hell Reddington went.

Ressler: Alright, we’re gonna go through this from the very beginning, okay? So, where were you when the suspect entered the store?
Ji-Min: Behind the counter. Yelling at Sammy. Uh, then I heard a loud voice.

[ Flashback: ]
Jack: Hands in the air! Everyone! Now!
[ Ji-Min screams‼️ ]
Jack: You, with the phone! Drop that phone! You! Hands!
[ Ron, wearing a fedora, raises his hands ]

Dembe: Where were you standing at the time?
Sammy: Right here. Right in front of the smoking accessories. Quick Stop has a fine selection, if you’re in the market.
Dembe: And the gentleman in the fedora, where was he when the assailant entered?
[ Sammy points ]

[ Flashback: ]
[ Ron raises his hands ]
Ron: [ Nervously ] It’s just a Peanut Chew. No cause for alarm.
Jack: Move! Move over there! All of you! Where I can see you!

Ressler: You were saying that you were wearing both that coat and the hat at that time?
Ron: Yeah. I love this coat. It’s very slimming. And, uh, the hat. You get to be my age, you do what you can. My wife, Maxy, she loves the look. Humphrey Bogart.
Dembe: When I saw you in the viral video, you were standing alone. I didn’t see your wife.
Ron: She was in the back. Picking out a yogurt.

[ Flashback: ]
Jack: And who screamed back there? Who else is in this store?
[ Ron’s wife Maxy steps out ]
Maxy: Please, don’t shoot.
Jack: Get your ass over there now! [ To Ji-Min ] Now, you. Open the safe.
Ji-Min: No keys. Manager has the keys. Here. [ Register beeps🔅] Take the money and go!
Jack: I’m not here for pocket change! I want the safe! What time’s the manager get in?
Ji-Min: 8:30. [ It’s 7:16 ]
Jack: Well, we’ll wait. [ To Sammy ] You! Turn that sign around and shut the blinds!
[ Sammy complies ]
Ji-Min: [ To Jack, pleading ] This is a bad plan. You see the camera?
Jack: Yeah. You got a security camera, lady. And I bet you pushed the silent alarm, too. But I cut the data line outside. I thought this out.

Ressler: And you’re positive that you four were the only ones inside this store, other than the gunman?
Maxy: I didn’t see anyone else.
Dembe: A customer who was here could have sworn she remembered seeing someone wearing a Phillies cap.
Maxy: You mean those?
[ She points to a tall rack of baseball caps ]
Ressler: That could have been what she saw. Tell us more about this gunshot we heard.
Maxy: Oh. That was terrifying.

[ Flashback: ]
[ Police cars have started to arrive ]
Jack: Damn it. Damn it! How did they know? One of you must have called! Who called?
Sammy: You took my phone, man.
Ron: My phone’s on the charger in the car.
Ji-Min: [ Begging ] Hey. This is over. You put the gun down now before people get hurt.
Jack: Are you telling me what to do?
Ji-Min: No.
[ Jack pistol whips Ji-Min across the temple ]
Ji-Min: [ Screams‼️ ]
[ All gasp ]
Jack: I give the orders here!
[ Jack turns around and Sammy is there: they struggle ] [ Shouting indistinctly ]
[ Gun fires 💥 ]
Ji-Min gasps: No!
[ It’s Jack who has been shot. Staring at Sammy, he crumbles to the floor ]

[ Cooper’s office ]
Panabaker: What am I supposed to do, Harold? We have a task force built around an asset you can’t control or reach on a cellphone apparently.
Cooper: Reddington’s been more of a free spirit than usual lately. I can’t deny it.
Panabaker: I’ve lied to the AG so many times to hide his indiscretions, but this time, it’s just too big to sweep under the rug.
Cooper: We’ll find a path forward, Cynthia. We always do.
Panabaker: I know my path. I’m gonna meet with the AG tomorrow and advise that he launch a full DOJ investigation into the execution of Wujing and his associate inside a federal facility ~ interviews, forensics, autopsies, the works.
Cooper: You know that will spell the end of this task force. You also know the good work we do here. What can I do to change your mind?
Panabaker: Get Reddington’s ass in front of me to explain himself. By the end of the day. Anything less, I’m going to the Attorney General.
[ Door opens and closes ]

[ Cooper makes a call ]
[ Ressler’s line ringing✨]
Cooper: Ressler. I need a status report.
Ressler: Well, we’re about to head out. None of the hostages put Reddington at the scene. He’s not here physically now, so–
Cooper: Do you believe he was there?
Ressler: Honestly, I don’t know what to believe. We got a coat and a hat and a gun here just like his, but no Reddington. I suppose it could all be a coincidence. Look, the good news is there’s no hard proof either way, so we dodged a bullet.
Cooper: I’m sorry to report there’s an even bigger bullet headed our way unless we can get Reddington to Panabaker today. So, Agent Ressler, I’ll ask you again. Do you believe that Reddington was a hostage inside that store?
Ressler: Yeah, I do.
Cooper: Then you and Dembe get back there and break those witnesses and find Reddington.

[ Back inside the Quick Stop Deli ]
Ressler: I know you’re all ready to go home and, you know, leave this nightmare behind you, but first I feel like we could all use a little, um, sharing time. How about I go first? See, as an FBI agent, I’m not in the business of responding to, uh, armed robberies, uh, by strung-out junkies at roadside food marts. If I’m being honest with you, what brought me here today is my pursuit of the FBI’s Most Wanted criminal, Raymond Reddington. But, then, I think you already knew that. [ To Ron ] That is a fine hat. You mind if i take a closer look?
[ Ron gives Ressler the fedora ]
Ressler: Hmm! Borso– lino? Is that Italian?
Ron: I guess.
Ressler: Hmm. Sounds Italian. What about this coat? Huh?
[ Ressler pulls back the coat and reads the label ]
Ressler: Oh. Loro Piana. Why, this is the same brand that’s favored by our fugitive. Huh. I don’t know much about fashion, but my partner over here, he sure follows the trends. Agent Zuma, what would you say this, um, ensemble costs?
Dembe: About $5,000.
Ressler: Five thousand dollars? That’s a lot of money for a truck driver on disability, Ron. Now, Maxy, did you approve this extravagant purchase?
Maxy: Bogart. I love Bogart.
Ressler: Bogart.
[ Ressler plops the hat back on Ron’s head ]
Dembe: Look, we know you’re all scared, and we know the gun left behind belonged to our fugitive. What did he do? Did he threaten you? Did he promise you money? [ To Ron ] We know he did something to convince you to wear his clothes. [ To Ji-Min ] And you – to make up a story. [ To Sammy ] And you – to be a hero.
Ressler: [ Loudly ] Alright. No more lies! Alright, you tell me exactly what went down inside this store, or we’re arresting all of you for aiding and abetting a wanted killer! Do you understand me?
Ji-Min: Okay, okay. There was a man here. It’s true.
[ Dembe shows a photo of Red ]
Dembe: This man?
Ji-Min: Yes, that’s him. He walked into the store right before the crazy guy. Wanted Peanut Chews.

[ Flashback: ]
Sammy: [ Live-streaming ] Check it out. You got your basic hemp leaf, organic wraps. Man, flavors galore. Rose petal wraps. If you want to feel boujee, I guess. [ Chuckles ]
[ Red enters and goes to the counter ]
Red: Excuse me. Do you sell Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews? I can never resist the temptation when in Philadelphia.
Ji-Min: Uh, second aisle on your right.
Red: Ah. Thank you.
[ Ron is there, wearing a Phillies cap ]
Ron: I think the yogurt cups are in the back cooler.
Maxy: Oh, thank heaven. I need my morning Go-Gurt.
Ji-Min: Hey. You open, you buy! [ Shouting in Korean ]
[ Door bell chimes✨] [ Jack enters ]
Sammy: [ To Ji-Min ] Oh, I can see you’re very agitated, but listen. I’m giving you free publicity. Yo, I got like 268 followers.
Jack: Hands in the air! Everyone! Now! You, with the phone! Drop that phone!
[ Ji-Min gasps ]
Jack: [ To Red ] You! Hands!
[ Red raises his hands ]
Red: Just a Peanut Chew. No cause for alarm.

Dembe: So, the man standing here in the video, that was Reddington.
Sammy: Most definitely, Officer.
Ressler: We’re agents.
Sammy: My bad.
Dembe: So I’m guessing you weren’t the one who shot the assailant.
Sammy: No, sir. Agent, sir.
Ressler: Why don’t you tell us how this gunshot really went down?

[ Flashback: ]
[ Siren🚨wails ] [ Jack peers through the louvered blinds ]
Jack: Damn it! Damn it! How did they know? One of you must’ve called! Who called?
Jack: You took my phone.
Ron: My phone’s on the charger in the car.
Ji-Min: [ Pleading ] Hey. This is over. Put gun down now before people get hurt.
Jack: Are you telling me what to do?
Ji-Min: No.
[ Jack pistol whips Ji-Min across the temple ]
Ji-Min: [ Screams‼️ ]
Jack: I give the orders here!
[ Sammy struggles with Jack ] [ Shouting indistinctly ]
Red: Hey, pistol whip.
[ Gun fires 💥] [ Jack falls, shot in the heart ]
[ Women gasp ]
Jack: [ Panting ] [ He collapses ]

Ressler: What did Reddington do next?
Ji-Min: He told us he was a wanted man.
Sammy: He said he’s someone we don’t want to cross. He was holding a gun when he said it.
Ron: He made me swap hats and coats.
Dembe: You were wearing a Phillies cap.
Maxy: He knew the FBI would come for him. But what if he comes after us?
Ressler: We’ll provide federal protection if necessary. But where is Reddington? How did he get out of the building?
Sammy: [ Clears throat ] Back door. He went through the back when you came to the front.
Dembe: Did he say where he was going?
Ron: He asked if there was a bus station. I told him two blocks east.

[ Ressler and Dembe walk through the back room ]
Ressler: You buy their story?
Dembe: It’s not like Raymond to threaten civilians, but he was cornered.
[ They open the back door to the outside ]
Ressler: Don’t know how he could’ve made it out without being seen. I mean, SWAT had this exit covered.
Dembe: The cashier said the gunman was dead. McGinley and his team must’ve regrouped before they followed us inside.
Ressler: [ Sighs ] It’s like Brussels all over again. I spent years hunting Reddington, and he was always just one step ahead.
Dembe: We have a lead this time. The bus station. Maybe we’ll get one step ahead of him this time.

[ Siya’s workstation off the war room in the Post Office ] [ People chattering indistinctly ]
[ Herbie walks over ]
Herbie: Done. I ran a rapid analysis on the DNA profiles in the system for you and your mother. Uh, and– And I printed out the results and put it in this envelope. I didn’t read it. I didn’t want to violate, you know, your privacy or open myself up to any HR complaints.
Siya: Oh.
[ Sima takes the envelope ]
Herbie: [ Cautioning ] You don’t have to open that. I could tear that up right now in teeny, tiny, little pieces, and we can forget this ever happened.
Siya: What would you do if you found out today that you might be adopted?
Herbie: Oh, I’d be fine. I would celebrate. Boy, that would be a doozy of a phone call with Mom and Dad. [ Chuckles softly ] I might make that call anyway. Look, did you like your childhood? Did you feel loved?
Siya: Yeah. Right up until the point when my mother was killed.
Herbie: If your world view is working for you, why take a risk in fixing something that isn’t broken?
Siya: ⋘⋙ Because I need to know.
[ Siya takes out the report. At the bottom, it says “Possibility of Match: 0%”
Siya: [ Tearfully ] That world view? It’s broken now.

[ Cooper’s office ] [ He talks to Ressler and Dembe, who are in a vehicle ]
Cooper: Any leads on Reddington? We’re running out of time if we’re gonna get him in front of Panabaker.
Dembe: We just left the bus station. A bus bound for DC departed shortly after Raymond escaped. We figure that that’s where he’s going since the convenience store is south of Philly.
Cooper: Excellent. Give me the bus number, and we’ll take over from here.
Ressler: We’re gonna check out his warehouse, see if he found another way into town.

[ A bus station ]
Dispatcher: Bus 2250, I’ve got an FBI agent on the line, needs to talk to you.
Margo: FBI?
Dispatcher: I’m gonna transfer. Margo, you’re on the line with FBI Agent Siya Malik.
Siya: Margo, hello. I need to know if you have a passenger on board. White male, 60s, ample build. May be wearing a gray jacket and a Phillies cap.
Margo: Sounds like half the men who ride my bus. Hold on. I see a guy like that. Back seat. He’s either asleep or faking it. What do you want me to do? We’re– We’re about to pull out of Baltimore.
Siya: Stay on your route and act normal. I’m gonna meet you at your last scheduled stop in DC.
Margo: Alright.

[ Bus 2250‘s last stop in Washington D.C. ]
[ Siya and Herbie are waiting. The bus pulls up ]
Siya: You coming?
[ Herbie sees that Siya is wearing a gun ]
Herbie: Isn’t that a bit excessive? It’s just Raymond. What are you gonna do, shoot him?
Siya: Just wait here.
[ Siya gets into the bus and goes to the back. She pulls the Phillies cap off of the man ]
Siya: Hey.
[ It’s not Red ]
Man: What the–
Siya: Oh. Sorry. Uh–

[ Hours later at the Quick Stop Deli ]
Manager: When can I open my store? People are gonna be dying to shop here after the shootout today.
Officer: Look, the crime scene is released, but you can’t reopen until you hire a cleanup crew, alright? That’s a lot of blood.
[ Police radio chattering indistinctly ]
[ Light clicks off. Door opens and closes ]

[ The Chikin Ba bar ]

♪♪ Oh, yeah, oh, yeah, oh ♪♪

[ Door closes ]
[ Ji-Min, Sammy, and Ron and Maxy enter ]

♪♪ Oh, yeah, oh, yeah, uh-huh ♪♪

[ People speaking Korean ]
Ron: That was fast thinking. “The back door.” Good one.
Sammy: You really think that one dude bought it?
Ron: I hope so. If our new friend makes good on all the stuff he promised us, I’ll never have to work another day in my life.
Maxy: You’re already on disability, dear.
Sammy: What if we went through all this and he blows us off?
Ji-Min: No. He’s an honorable man. He saved our lives. He will do as he says. Hmm?

[ Flashback: ]

♪♪ Show me your wild side ♪♪

[ Gun fires 💥 ] [ Jack falls dead ]
[ Women gasp ]
Red: Well, that was unpleasant. We don’t have much time. I’m a wanted criminal. The worst of the worst, if you believe the FBI’s list. Of course, I’m not much of a list person myself. I prefer to rely on my instincts when it comes to judging someone’s character.
[ Telephone rings ☎️ ]
Red: Ignore that.
[ Telephone ringing ☎️ ]
[ Reddington grunts ]
[ Red replaces the his gun with Jack’s revolver, so the fired bullet matches the gun ]
Red: Okay. So, here’s what happened. The bad guy here, he– What’s your name, dear?
Ji-Min: Ji-Min.
Red: He struck Ji-Min with his gun. Our young Internet-er rushed to her aid, fought over the weapon, and it went off. [ To Ron ] Sir, if you don’t mind, your jacket, please.
Ron: Wait. You want us to lie to the cops?
[ Red changes jackets and hats with Ron ]
Red: Well, I could frighten you all and tell you that I’ll have my people do their worst, but what’s the point when it’s so much easier to make you happy? Or at least make you rich.

Ressler: [ Heard over bullhorn ] This is Agent Ressler with the FBI. We need to know if anyone inside is hurt, so please answer the phone.

Ji-Min: How rich?
[ Telephone rings ☎️ ]
Red: Jackpot rich. Wish-come-true rich. Rich enough to pay all your bills and start something new, something exciting. Ji-Min, do you have a favorite bar?
Ji-Min: Chikin Ba.
Red: Chikin Ba? I’ll send a representative to meet all of you there tonight. He’ll have your money. All I need now is a way to get out of here. Oh, dear.
[ Red tugs on his fedora which is now on Ron’s head, trying to adjust it ]
Red: [ Sighs ]

[ After dark, Red emerges from a trap door in the floor of the store. It leads to a cellar. Ji-Min must have told Red about the cellar ]
[ Red walks right out of the front door of the darkened store ] [✨Door bell chimes✨]
[ Red gets into his rental car, and drives off ]

[ The Post Office; Siya’s workstation ]
Siya: I made it through the case files. As expected, Reddington used the HexRoot program to scrub himself from the records. Any references to him or the intel he provided are missing or redacted.
Ressler: What about his immunity agreement?
Siya: Gone. It’s like he was never part of this team.
Dembe: I don’t understand Raymond’s play here. He’s left himself completely unprotected from prosecution by the US government.
Ressler: What happens tomorrow when Panabaker turns us over to the DOJ? I mean, we’re the ones who are gonna take the full blame for Wujing’s murder.
Cooper: Panabaker will do what she does. If we have to face Main Justice, we’ll mount the best defense possible, but we can’t do anything until we locate our asset, who’s becoming more erratic by the hour. Once we find him, I’ll need someone who can keep eyes on him at all times.
Siya: I’ll do it. I don’t have a life.
Cooper: The assignment is yours. Everyone, go home, get a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow, we’ll discuss the best strategy to handle the DOJ. Agent Malik, a moment.
Cooper: I’m just checking in. Are you okay? Are you sure you want to do this?
Siya: Yes. But– I went through the case files today. All the case files.
Cooper: You read how your mother died.
Siya: Among other things. The file said that she was attacked in a nightclub from behind and her throat was slit.
Cooper: I’m sorry.
Siya: It’s okay. I expected the worst. What I didn’t expect was… I joined this team because I wanted to know what happened to her. And why. This task force had the answers, so I wanted to be one of you, find out if her death meant something. She was my mother.
Cooper: Then you read the case file. And it read like many other case files. No logic to the crime. No reason. No answers.
Siya: Yeah.
Cooper: When something important in your life is unknown, it can lead to a feeling of helplessness. You took a job in intelligence so you could take control of your life with knowledge. But in this job, the only real knowledge to be had is that most questions never find a satisfying answer. But if you need to know if your mother’s death meant something more than what it meant to you, I can tell you – Meera Malik was a good woman and a fine agent. She saved lives. And her loss was immeasurable.

[ Cynthia Panabaker arrives home. Red is sitting at her kitchen table ]
Red: Cynthia. I received a voicemail message from Harold today that you have urgent business to discuss with me.
Panabaker: You missed my deadline.
Red: I did. But I’m here now.
Panabaker: Doesn’t matter. I can’t cover for you anymore, Raymond, waiting for your casual disregard for human life to destroy my career and the careers of others. I set a meeting with the Attorney General tomorrow to tell him everything I know, starting with your execution of Wujing and his associate Zhang Wei inside the Post Office. I don’t care what it’ll cost me. And I know what it’ll cost me.
[ Red holds up a thumb drive ]
Red: You must be referring to this. My casual disregard for humanity served you well enough when you needed someone interrogated to save a member of your family. I still have the recording, of course.
Panabaker: Send it to The New York Times. I don’t care. I’m ready to pay for my mistakes. Do your worst.
Red: Cynthia, I’m trying to do my best. It’s in nobody’s interest if you’re only helping the task force because I’m forcing you to. Help them because the world is a better place with them in it. Wujing and the Blacklisters that he broke out of prison, that mess was created by my former associate, Marvin Gerard. It was my mess to clean up. Anyway, that’s my two cents. Spend it how you will.
[ Red gets up. He leaves the thumb drive on the table and exits ]
[ Door opens and closes ]
[ Phone clicks ✽ ] [ Line ringing✨]
Panabaker: Lorelei, cancel my meeting with the Attorney General tomorrow.
[ Phone clicks ✽ ]

[ Door opens ] [ Keys jingle ] [ Cooper is home ]
[ Agnes sits at the table, paging through a thick book ]
Cooper: The Barnes Foundation? Where’d you get that?
Agnes: It’s from Pinky.
Cooper: When did he give that to you?
Agnes: [ Chuckles ] Pinky works in mysterious ways. I-I was upstairs and came down for a snack, and these were sitting on the kitchen table with a note.
Cooper: You mind if I read the note?

Red: “Dear Agnes, last we visited, I was so pleased to hear your exciting stories about your field trip to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. But upon reflection, I was a little disappointed that you didn’t have a chance to experience the amazing artworks of the Barnes Foundation. So I rented a car yesterday and drove there to buy a catalogue for you….

[ Ressler and Dembe arrive at Red’s warehouse/garage in Washington D.C. ]
Ressler: Looks like Reddington’s not here.
Dembe: He was here.
[ Two bars of Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews are on the table ]

Red: … I would’ve gotten the catalogue to you sooner, but I ran into a little trouble when I stopped on the way home to buy some world-famous Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews. Anyway, I wanted you to see how the Barnes Collection integrates art and objects from across cultures and time periods to reveal the universal impulse to create wonder. …

[ Chuck shows up at the Chikin Ba bar and finds Ji-Min, Sammy, and Ron and Maxy. He gives them the cash Red promised them for their help ]

Red: … The kind of wonder that exists within each of us and makes life worth living.
So enjoy the catalogue. Hopefully we can go to the Barnes together one day.
I love you.

Agnes: Sweet of him. Right?
Cooper: Amazing.

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Episode Songs



♫ Wild Side (Sung by Cardi B)
Written by Normani

Lyrics: https://tinyurl.com/6vymd57m
YouTube: https://youtu.be/DFMEBquxeO8

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❌❌❌ End 10:11 Man in the Hat


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🔴 Script 10:12 Dr Michael Abani (№ 198)

Program air date: 5/14/2023 in the US
Script Permalink: https://wp.me/pDKwi-eui
EntertainmentWeekly Recap: https://tinyurl.com/bddz9enr

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Directed by: Andrew McCarthy
Written by: Noah Schechter



Brief (Where we’re at): Red has been a free spirit lately, difficult to reach and leaving the task force without a lot of cases – until he showed up on a viral video of a convenience store stick-up. He was not the perpetrator, but rather a customer, one of a number of customers who the strung-out druggie (named Jack) was holding hostage. Ressler and Dembe rushed to the scene to make clear to the local police that they, the FBI, were in charge so that they would be able to keep their prized confidential informant from being covered by the local news. Soon after they got there, a shot 💥 rang out and the store clerk opened the door to say the gunman was dead. When Ressler and Dembe entered the store, Red wasn’t even there, but instead another “man in the hat” who looked a little like him. In fact, the man was wearing Red’s actual hat, and his actual coat.

As this was going on, Cynthia Panabaker was reading Cooper the riot act, still upset about the Red’s murdering Wujing (Blacklister #84) and his associate Zhang Wei in the Post Office. She threatened to have an investigation started, which would terminate the task force, unless Red showed up to explain himself by the end of the day.

So, suspecting Red had been at the convenience store, Ressler and Dembe got the former hostages to admit that Red had been there and he had shot the man. He had given them a story to tell (that another customer had shot Jack) and that Red had magically escaped, despite the fact police were swarming the building. But that wasn’t what happened. Red hid in a secret cellar in exchange for a promise that he would pay the former hostages 💰 if they helped him hide. So they did. Chuck delivered the money, but Red had missed Panabaker’s deadline.

So Red paid Panabaker a visit in which he offered a copy of videotape of Kompromat he had on her as a peace offering. He gave a rationale for the two murders (that it was his mess to clean up). He left her home not knowing what she would do. She dropped her plan to destroy the task force.

Red also dropped by the Coopers’ to leave a gift for Agnes, the catalog to an art museum, along with a charming letter — and candy bars, which were the reason he had been in the convenience store in the first place.


⭕ Script 10:12 Dr Michael Abani (№ 198)

[ Outside Taiz, Yemen ] [ Explosions 💥 bursting 💥 in distance ]
[ Dr Michael Abani attends a patient in a small hospital ]
[ Speaking broken Arabic ]
Dr Michael Abani: The stitches are holding, but you need to stay one more day so we can rule out infection. Tomorrow.
[ Dr Abani answers his phone. It’s his fiancée Aissa Joachim ]
Dr Abani: Sorry. What were you saying?
Aissa Joachim: [ On phone ] We should talk about it later. You should focus.
Dr Abani: No, no, no, no, no, no, no. I told you that I would be free and– The hotel called?
Aissa: Yes, there’s another couple interested in the same cottage.
Dr Abani: Then we will find another hotel.
Aissa: Another hotel? Michael, you loved that place.
Dr Abani: I wouldn’t say I loved it, but–
Aissa: You wouldn’t stop talking about how excited you were to spend your honeymoon by the sea. You sounded like a 16-year-old. Michael, what is going on? You’ve been acting strangely for weeks.
Dr Abani: The doctor who was supposed to replace me, he backed out. I will fly in the week before the wedding, but I need to come right back here after.
Aissa: How much longer will you stay?
Dr Abani: Five, maybe six months. I know you’re upset, but once I’m back, we can go on our trip another time and–
Aissa: You think this is about a vacation?
Dr Abani: Ees–
Aissa: No, I am upset because you promised you would not extend your stay again.
Dr Abani: There was nothing I could do!
Aissa: Oh, really? How many other doctors did you call before you agreed, huh? Look, I know how important your work is and I love how passionate you are, but–
[ Soldier yelling indistinctly in distance ]
Aissa: –if we’re going to build a life together, we–
Dr Abani: Aissa, hang on.
Lieutenant: Dr. Abani?
Dr Abani: I don’t know what you think you’re doing here, but Lieutenant– Lieutenant–
Aissa: [ Into phone ] Michael, what’s going on?
Dr Abani: Get off. Take your hands off me. I’m a doctor!
Aissa: Michael?
Lieutenant: No. You’re a terrorist.
Aissa: Michael?
[ A soldier strikes Dr Abani ]
Dr Abani: No, no, no, no.
Aissa: Michael!

[ The Coopers’ kitchen ]
Harold Cooper: Gatorade, tea, and lots of water. The theme of the day is–
Agnes: Peeing?
Cooper: Staying hydrated. Mooms will be back to make you lunch in a couple of hours. If you need anything–
Agnes: I call you, Mooms, or Mrs. Cartwright next door if the house is on fire. I’m fine.
Cooper: What you are is warm. I want you back in bed as soon as you’re finished eating. And no TV.
Agnes: You know I can watch TV on my phone, right?
Cooper: Well, don’t. Feel better, honeybun.
[ Door opens and closes ] [ Cooper leaves through the front door ]
[ Door opens ] [ Red enters through the back door ]
Red: Agnes?
Agnes: Pinky?
Red: [ Chuckles ]
Agnes: What are you doing here? You just missed Pops.
Red: I did? Oh, well. I heard you were feeling a little under the weather, so I thought I’d come and cheer you up.
Agnes: Pops has been looking for you, you know. He seems pretty worried.
Red: That’s just part of his constitution. But I’m here now, and I have everything we need for a quick recovery. Ice cream for a sore throat – and movies to feed the soul.

[ Congressman Arthur Hudson’s office ] [ Hudson is finishing shaving ]
[ Knocking on door ✽ ✽ ] [ It’s one of Hudson’s aides, a woman named Atkins ]
Congressman Hudson: Yeah?
[ Door opens ]
Atkins: Congressman.
Hudson: Uh-huh?
[ Razor buzzing ]
Atkins: Arthur, that’s the third all-nighter this month. What is it this time?
Hudson: I’m not sure. I was reviewing the FBI’s discretionary spending budget last night.
Atkins: How exciting.
Hudson: [ Chuckles ] Yeah. Right there.
Atkins: Task Force 836.
Hudson: Mmm-hmm.
Atkins: The Bureau has dozens.
Hudson: The Bureau has dozens, officially. All formally authorized and subject to oversight. But from what I could find, Task Force 836 only exists on this piece of paper.
Atkins: So it’s classified.
Hudson: It’s unacknowledged. The Bureau’s spending millions that they have to account for somehow. They assume nobody’s looking closely enough to find it.
Atkins: They don’t know you’re–
Hudson: Thorough? Committed? Brilliant?
Atkins: And humble. You thinking corruption?
Hudson: I don’t know, but I want to ask a few questions without spooking Main Justice. Uh, Senator Panabaker’s the ranking member on Homeland Security, right?
Atkins: Yeah.
Hudson: Call her office, please. I want the first five minutes she has.

[ The Post Office war room ]
Dembe: No sign of Raymond at the warehouse, but I set up surveillance devices covering the front and back. We should be able to monitor it from here.
Siya: Which means I’m glued to the screens all weekend. Please tell me you’re getting up to something exciting at least.
Dembe: I am. The library finally received the book I requested: “Debt: The First 5,000 Years”
Ressler: I’m sorry. A book on debt? That’s your exciting weekend?
Siya: And I thought my life was dull.
Cooper: Anything on Reddington?
Ressler: Not yet.
Cooper: Too bad. I just got off the phone with Cynthia. Apparently, Congressman Arthur Hudson of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Homeland Security has been asking questions about certain expenses in the FBI’s discretionary budget, expenses that point to the existence of our task force.
Siya: Is that a problem? Surely, you’ve dealt with other government inquiries before.
Cooper: This task force can only function if it remains a secret, even from government. In the past, we’ve been able to keep our work quiet by delivering high-profile cases, but recently–
Ressler: We’ve got nothing.
Cooper: Unfortunately, yes. I’m afraid we can’t keep waiting for him to make contact. Malik, head up to New York and put eyes on Reddington’s bathhouse. If you find him, let him know we’re gonna need a new case, and fast. Meanwhile, I’ve, uh, set up a meeting with an old friend who worked with Hudson at the US Attorney’s Office in Chicago.
[ Cellphone buzzes ] [ Dembe’s cell phone says it’s a call from “Aissa” ]
Cooper: Hopefully, he can give us a sense of who we’re dealing with.
[ Cooper walks away ]
Ressler: You alright? You look like you saw a ghost.
Dembe: I have to go.
Ressler: You want some company? I mean, the last time you ran out of here like this, you got shot, captured, and tortured.
[ Dembe walks toward the yellow elevators with Ressler a couple steps behind ]
Ressler: Alright, suit yourself, but I don’t hear from you every half-hour, I’m calling SWAT.
[ Elevator doors close ]


[ Flashback: ]
[ Marseille France, 1992 ]
[ Man singing in French ] [ People chattering indistinctly ]
[ A young Dembe Zuma walks into a café/bar ] [ Door closes ] [ He takes a seat at the bar ]
[ Speaking French ]
Young Dembe: A glass of Burgundy, please.
Young Aissa Joachim: No.
Young Dembe: Pardon?
Young Aissa: You heard me.
[ Glass clinks ]
Young Aissa: Twice a week, you sit at this bar, you order a glass of wine that you do not touch, and you stare at your book. I’m tired of seeing good wine go to waste. So – either you ask for my number, or leave.
Young Dembe: What makes you think I want your number? Maybe the sound of the bar helps me focus, and I order a glass of wine because I don’t drink – but don’t wish to be rude.
Young Aissa: It’s possible. But no. No, I think you are scared.
Young Dembe: Scared? Of you?
[ A man who has been sitting some distance away walks behind Young Dembe’s bar stool. He puts down a backpack next to Young Dembe’s and walks away with Dembe’s. It’s a live-drop ]
Young Aissa: I guess we’ll have to see.
[ Young Aisa writes down her number and puts it in Young Dembe’s book ]
[ Door closes ]
Young Aissa: I’m Aissa.
Young Dembe: Dembe. I’ll call you.
Young Aissa: You better.

[ The Present ]
[ Knocking on door ✽ ✽ ✽ ] [ Door opens ]
Dembe: Aissa.
Aissa: Come in.
Dembe: Is everything okay with Isabella?
Aissa: She and your granddaughter, they are- They- They are fine. I didn’t want to bother you, but I didn’t know what else to do. It’s about Michael.
Dembe: Your boyfriend.
Aissa: Fiance. We got engaged last May. I thought Isabella told you.
Dembe: No. She must have forgotten. Congratulations. So, what happened with Michael?
Aissa: Two days ago, he was abducted from his medical clinic outside Taiz by Yemeni soldiers. I called the State Department, our Congressman. I even tried the Nigerian embassy. Because Michael is just a green card holder here, and no one can tell me anything. I thought maybe with your contacts in the FBI, you might be able to find out what is happening.
Dembe: I’m so sorry, Aissa. I’ll- I’ll find out everything I can. Wait here. And I’ll make some calls.
Aissa: Dembe. Thank you. I wouldn’t have blamed you if you hadn’t come.
Dembe: [ Exhales sharply ] I’ll- I’ll be right back.

[ Ressler’s in his office, on the phone with Dembe ]
Ressler: So, uh, how’s she look?
Dembe: Fine.
Ressler: What do you mean “fine”? You see your ex, Isabella’s mother, the woman you never speak about, and all you can say is “fine”?
Dembe: Have you heard back from your contact at Hostage Affairs?
Ressler: No. She’s sending me an update any minute. Are you with her now?
Dembe: No. I’m in the hallway.
Ressler: Ha. So you’re hiding from her.
Dembe: I’m making a call to a secure FBI facility. I’m not hiding from her.
Ressler: Whatever you say.
[ The files on Dr Michael Albani have appeared on Ressler’s computer ,)
Ressler: Oh, man.
[ Keyboard clacking •••¤••¤•✵•• ]
Dembe: What is it?
Ressler: This is bad news. Michael’s being held at a military prison. The Yemenis say that he was redirecting humanitarian aid away from his clinic toward a group of Houthi rebels. They’re claiming he’s a terrorist.
Dembe: Do they have evidence?
Ressler: No, State’s trying to figure that out now. Look. There’s something else.
[ Dembe returns to Aissa’s apartment ]
Aissa: [ Sighs] What is it? What happened?
Dembe: Michael was immediately tried by a military tribunal. They’re planning to execute him in 72 hours.

Aissa: What about a rescue operation?
Dembe: It’s unlikely. The US military doesn’t have many assets on the ground, and since Michael isn’t a US citizen –
Aissa: The government won’t risk it. What about people from your world?
Dembe: I’m not in that world anymore. But I still have friends, contacts.
Aissa: You mean Raymond.
Dembe: We haven’t been able to get ahold of him recently. If I can, he’ll need to know who the local players are. Michael’s NGO wasn’t running a clinic without the cooperation from both the rebels and the government. We need to know who Michael would have been in contact with on the ground.
Aissa: You should talk to Jon. Jon Rapchinski. He is the executive director of Michael’s NGO. He just got back from Yemen a few months ago.
Dembe: I’ll go see him now. Do you think Michael may have been involved in the smuggling? I only ask because it will affect who we might approach and how.
Aissa: Michael would never take anything from his patients. I know him.
Dembe: We all keep secrets, Aissa.
Aissa: Not Michael. Not from me.

[ Flashback: ]
[ Young Aissa’s apartment. Young Dembe is there ]
Young Aissa: For a while, I was waiting tables, and then I started to train as a sommelier.
Young Dembe: No wasted wine.
Young Aissa: [ Playfully ] It’s a sin. After my father died, my mother wanted me to come back with her to Cameroon, but I stayed to finish my degree. Public health.
Young Dembe: And you’re a chef, as well. This is the most delicious thing I’ve ever had.
Young Aissa: Can you cook? If you’re lucky, I’ll teach you.
Young Dembe: I’d like that.
Young Aissa: So, how does a university student afford designer clothing?
Young Dembe: They were a gift, from a friend.
Young Aissa: Does this friend have a name?
Young Dembe: His name is Raymond. We became close back in Kenya. He offered me the chance to pursue my education.
Young Aissa: It’s like that, um, Dickens novel.
Young Dembe: “Great Expectations.”
Young Aissa: Literature student?
Young Dembe: Economics. And history. But I like to read.
Young Aissa: And, uh, what kind of work does this Raymond do exactly?
Young Dembe: International trade.
Young Aissa: A little broad for a student of economics and history, no?
[ He reaches over to stroke her chin ]
Young Aissa: You’re deflecting.
Young Dembe: Is it working?
[ She reaches over and strokes his cheek ]
Young Dembe: Ah– [ Laughs ]
Young Aissa: You don’t have to tell me everything, but you must never lie to me.
[ Speaking French ]
Young Aissa: Do you understand me?

Ressler (echoing): Dembe? Hey. Dembe!
[ Dembe has been daydreaming. He’s in an FBI vehicle being driven by Ressler ]
Ressler: The CIA confirmed chatter about a US-based asset operating in the region starting last spring.
Dembe: Right after Michael arrived in Yemen. Thank you for your help.
Ressler: Of course. If the government’s hands are tied because of his citizenship status, we’re the only chance he has. If you’re feeling grateful, uh, why don’t you tell me about how you and Aissa met, then?
Dembe: We met in Marseille. I was in university, and I had just begun working with Raymond. I was young and curious and learning, and she was the most amazing woman I ever met. And then it ended.

[ Dembe and Ressler interview Jonathan Rapchinski, who runs the NGO supporting the hospital Dr Michael Abani works at ]
Jonathan Rapchinski: No. No. That’s- That’s impossible. [ Stammers ] Michael worked his tail off to get those supplies to begin with. He- He would never just give them away.
Ressler: But he did oversee your supply procurement, so, I mean, theoretically, it is possible he could have been rerouting supplies, and you never would have known.
Rapchinski: It’s a small clinic, so everyone wears multiple hats. Michael always found a way to get whatever we needed. At least, until–
Ressler: Until what? Well, last year, uh, some soldiers dragged three kids out of the clinic. The soldiers suspected the boys of scouting for the Houthi rebels and shot them out in the street. Michael took it very hard. He started arguing with the staff, with Aissa. I told him to go home, clear his head, just– But he wouldn’t hear of it.
Dembe: Who was your contact in the Yemeni military?
Rapchinski: Uh, Lieutenant Abdul Hassan. I’ve never met him myself. If I ever needed something, I’d always go through Michael.
Ressler: So if Dr. Abani wanted to contact the Houthis, who do you think he would have turned to?
Rapchinski: Uh, there was a man. Uh, Abu Saleh. You know, the staff said that he worked with the rebels. But Michael is a good man and an even better physician. If there is anything that we can do to help – I mean, a bribe, lawyers, supplies, whatever it is, we will do it.
Ressler: Thank you for your time, Dr. Rapchinski. We’ll be in touch.
Rapchinski: Thank you.

[ The Coopers’ kitchen. Red and Agnes are comparing brands of mint chocolate chip ice cream ]
Red: I’ve tried many varieties of mint chip through the years, and the really green stuff is never the best.
Agnes: Maybe it’s the food coloring.
Red: Huh! Hmm.
Agnes: How come you always come over here and I never go to your house?
Red: I don’t really have a house. Not anymore, at least.
Agnes: What happened?
Red: Well, I sold one, gifted four. I sunk numbers six and seven. And eight and nine – I’m not entirely sure what’s happened to them.
Agnes: How come you got rid of all your houses?
[ Dembe walks along a sidewalk. He makes a white chalk mark on a lamp post ]
Red: I suppose – Well, recently, I’ve found myself letting go more and more so I can better hold onto what I really want and still be light on my feet.
[ Cell phone buzzing 💤 ] [ Red checks his phone ]
Red: Mmm. Ah. Agnes, why don’t you queue up one of the movies? I’ll put this stuff away and be right in.
[ Agnes gathers the DVDs and leaves the kitchen ]
[ Beeps 🔅]
Red: [ On phone ] Yes? What is it?
Giorgio: I know you didn’t want to be interrupted, but there was a signal at 7th and Wharf.
Red: Obrigado, Giorgio. Ciao.
[ Cell phone beeps🔅]
[ Dembe’s cell phone rings✨]
Dembe: Raymond. I wasn’t sure you still had the location being watched.
Red: [ Irrigated ] I am. For emergencies only. If Harold put you up to this, Dembe–
Dembe: It’s Aissa.
Red: Aissa. My, my. Tell me.
[ Ressler’s office at the Post Office ]
[ Keyboard clacking •••¤••¤•✵•• ] [ Documents appear his computer screen ]
[ 🔅Beeping🔅 ]
Red: I see. So you want me to help you save the man set to marry the woman you loved? That sounds like a number of emergencies rolled into one.
Dembe: He’s believed to be working with a Yemeni commander, Lieutenant Abdul Hassan, and a Houthi operative named Fadl Abu Saleh. I don’t know either one.
Red: Neither do I. Not that it would matter much if I did. That Lieutenant’s superior’s superior is locked in an intractable conflict between some of the most badly behaved players in the Near East. Getting one man out of that nightmare couldn’t be more complicated. But I’ll see what I can find out.
Dembe: Thank you, Raymond.
Red: Dembe – That night in Marseille–
Dembe: It’s in the past.
[ Keyboard clacks •••¤••¤•✵•• ] [ Beeps🔅]
[ Ressler gets up ]
[ Printer whirring ]
Red: I’ll reach out when I have anything, but in the meantime, Dembe, you might consider that the past and the present aren’t as neatly divided as we’d like to believe.

[ Ressler walks out into the war room with the documents he just printed off ]
Ressler: Take a look at this. It’s a statement for an account in Michael’s name at a bank in Istanbul.
Dembe: These deposits–
Ressler: Over $200,000 in the last six months. Now, Michael wasn’t providing supplies to the Houthis out of humanitarian concern. He was doing it to get rich.
[ Cellphone ringing✨]
Dembe: If that’s true, the State Department will never negotiate his release. The Yemenis will execute him for sure.
Ressler: You have to tell her.
[ Cell phone ringing✨]
Dembe: I can’t.
Ressler: Why not?
Dembe: Because I lied to her once before, and it broke her heart. I don’t know if I can watch that happen again.

[ Flashback: ]
[ The café/bar where Young Aissa works. They are discussing a film ]
[ They transition easily between French and in English ]
Young Aissa: It was painfully boring!
Young Dembe: It was brilliant. Kieślowski is a genius.
Young Aissa: It’s the same woman. One in France, one in Poland, both dull. You want brilliant.Point Break.” That was brilliant. Will you come by tonight? There is something I need to talk to you about.
Young Dembe: How mysterious.
Young Aissa: You’re one to talk.
[ He hesitates ]
Young Aissa: What is it?
Young Dembe: I promised a friend I would help him study for an exam this evening.
Young Aissa: So come by after we close. I’ll make your omelet. – You always bite your lip when you’re nervous.
Young Dembe: I- I-
Young Aissa: Is there someone else?
Young Dembe: What? No!
Young Aissa: It’s that blonde from the cinema, isn’t it?
Young Dembe: I love you! Aissa.
[ Soulful looks ]
Young Aissa: I love you, too.
[ Young Dembe leans forward to kiss Aissa. She leans away ]
Young Aissa: No. There’s no time. I have to open the café.
[ Young Dembe stands and plants a quick kiss on her forehead ]
Young Aissa: Go! See you tonight.
[ Young Dembe leaves ]

[ Dembe shows documents listing her fiancé, Dr Michael Abani’s, bank transactions ]
Dembe: For the last eight months, money has been flowing into Michael’s account from shell companies associated with the Iranian proxies supporting the Houthi rebels.
Aissa: You think he really did this? You think he was supporting terrorism?
Dembe: It appears so. But there may be a silver lining. If the task force can uncover the entire smuggling network that Michael was working with, it may be possible we can convince the Yemenis to extradite Michael back to the US. I’m sorry, Aissa.
[ Aissa gets up and walks aimlessly, ending up at her kitchen counter. She turns around ]
Aissa: Have you eaten? Sit down. I’ll make you something.
Dembe: I should go.
Aissa: [ Firmly ] I said sit down. I just found out my fiance may be a liar helping terrorists, so you’re going to sit there while I make you some lunch because if I don’t do something with my hands, I am going to scream. Is that what you want?
Dembe: No.
Aissa: Then sit. When I’m done, we’re going to go through those papers until I convince you that Michael is innocent. I’m not asking. Sit.
[ Whisking ]

[ Cooper meets in a coffee shop with a man named Ronald Edwards who is his contact in the U.S. Attorney’s office ]
Edwards: I gotta say, Harold, when you said you wanted to meet, I thought we would talk about life in the private sector, not Arthur Hudson.
Cooper: Clearly, he made an impression. How long did you two work together at the U.S. Attorney’s Office?
Edwards: Four years. Most AUSAs take a little while to get their feet underneath them. Not Arthur. Political corruption cases can be a nightmare for prosecutors. They were Hudson’s bread and butter. Built his whole Congressional campaign around it. I’m telling ya, nobody can see a story around a few sticky numbers like Arthur Hudson can.
Cooper: So he’s tough, smart, and ambitious?
Edwards: Almost makes me feel sorry for Congress. Almost. You sure everything’s alright, Harold?
Cooper: Fine. Yeah. Just a few questions about an old case. Thanks for your time, Ronnie. My best to Bea.
[ Cooper stands up to leave ]
Edwards: Harold, if, uh, Arthur Hudson is digging around for something, I’d just assume that he’s gonna find it, and when he does, he’ll let the whole world know. You understand?
[ Cooper leaves ]

[ Aissa has just served Dembe his favorite meal that she cooked when they were dating ]
Dembe: Mmm. That was even better than I remembered.
Aissa: It’s Michael’s favorite, too. It’s how I get all my men.
Dembe: When was the last time you two saw each other?
Aissa: End of October. We spent a week by the beach in Cyprus.
Dembe: [ Chuckles ]
Aissa: What?
[ Cell phone dings🔅 Aissa gets a text ]
Dembe: I just never imagined you sitting on a beach.
Aissa: Ah, Isabella is coming down with Ella. I told her not to bother, but she insisted. She’ll be here soon.
Dembe: Well, she’s just as stubborn as her mother. [ Chuckles ]
Aissa: You know, I really was happy to hear you two were talking again.
Dembe: You raised a wonderful daughter, you know.
Aissa: I didn’t do it alone. Even with everything you were going through, she always had you in her life.
Dembe: I wish I could have been there more.
Aissa: Thank you for staying. You know, you didn’t have to.
Dembe: Of course I did. Ever since I met you, I’ve never been able to say no to you. Surely you know that by now.
Aissa: You know, I was- I was nervous to see you. I was afraid you might think I looked–
Dembe: Old? [ Laughs ] I was afraid of the same.
Aissa: Well, you don’t. “Oh, gosh, Aissa, you don’t look–”
[ She tries to nudge him for a compliment, but he’s focused on the account records ]
Dembe: When was the last time you two were in Cyprus?
Aissa: End of October. Why?
Dembe: You were in Cyprus together on October 28th? You are sure?
Aissa: Yes. Why?
Dembe: According to this statement, Michael made a withdrawal from a bank in Istanbul that day in person. Someone else has access to Michael’s account. The Yemenis are about to execute him for a crime he didn’t commit.

[ Flashback: ]
[ It’s past closing time at the café/bar where Young Aissa works ]
[ She blows out a candle ] [ Young Dembe enters ]
Young Aissa: Dembe.
Young Dembe: Aissa. I’m sorry, but we need to leave the city, tonight.
Young Aissa: Why?
Young Dembe: There’s a plane waiting outside an airstrip outside Cabries. It leaves in exactly 36 minutes. I will tell you everything you want to know once we’re there, but we need to leave now.
Young Aissa: We? I am not going anywhere until you–
[ Sirens🚨passing by ]
Young Aissa: You weren’t helping a friend study. You were with him.
Young Dembe: Aissa–
Young Aissa: He’s not just a businessman, this Raymond. He’s a criminal. And– And what? [ Loudly ] You work for him?
Young Dembe: It’s complicated.
Young Aissa: Then un-complicate it!
Young Dembe: Raymond saved my life back in Nairobi. Tonight, I saved his. You have to understand, he was the most important person to me – until I met you.
Young Aissa: You lied to me. For him.
Young Dembe: Yes. I did, and I’m sorry. I promise I will tell you everything you want to know, but we need to leave, now. ⋘⋙ Please.
[ Distressed, Young Aissa shakes her head ‘no’ ]
[ Young Dembe turns and leaves ] [ Door closes ]
[ Young Aissa is distraught. She tries to clear the table, but ends up⚡️smashing⚡️a wine glass on the floor ]
Young Aissa: [ Sobs ]

Dembe: The State Department is sharing what we learned with the Yemenis now. Hopefully, it will convince them to stay the execution.
Aissa: Hopefully? He didn’t do it.
Dembe: I know, and I hope the Yemenis will agree, but until we find out who was really running that account, we can’t be sure. And even then, there’s no guarantee. I should go.
Aissa: Dembe. I know it must not have been easy for you, leaving Raymond, joining the FBI. I always knew you could do something amazing with your life. I’m proud of you.
Dembe: I’m glad I was wrong about Michael. I’ll let you know when we have something. Wait here.
Aissa: Okay.

[ Cooper’s office ] [ Coopernis hanging up tge phone ]
Cooper: Yemenis aren’t budging. They claim our evidence only proves Michael had an accomplice, not that he’s innocent.
Dembe: They’re still planning to move forward with the execution.
Ressler: Maybe not. I just pulled the travel records for everyone who had access to the supply chain within the NGO. A Jon Rapchinski flew into Istanbul two days before Michael’s last alleged withdrawal – and the time before that.
Cooper: The Yemenis will say it’s a coincidence.
Ressler: Well, maybe, but get this, two hours after we met with him, he booked a flight to Lebanon. He leaves tonight.
Cooper: Find Rapchinski. Now. You’ll have a warrant by the time you arrive.

[ Aissa has turned to Jon Rapchinski for help ]
Rapchinski: Okay, okay. Slow down, slow down.
saarbrücken Someone at your NGO set him up, Jon. Who else in the organization had access to your supply chains?
Rapchinski: I’m not sure. T-There’s half a dozen organizations who send us supplies. Uh, um, aid workers on the ground, local volunteers.
[ Siren 🚨 wails ] [ Ressler and Dembe are speeding to Rapchinski’s address ]
[ Dembe tries to call Aissa ]
Aissa: [ Recording ] Hello. This is Aissa Joachim. I can’t come to the phone right now, but–
Aissa: Who else had enough information to set up an account using Michael’s name?
[ Siren 🚨 wails ]
[ Dembe leaves a message for Aissa ]
Dembe: Aissa, it’s me. Call me as soon as you get this.
Ressler: I thought you told her to wait for your call.
Dembe: I did.
Rapchinski: Maybe someone who had access to our computer system.
Aissa: Someone who had access who is in the country, yes? That can’t be more than a handful of people. Jon!
Rapchinski: Yes. Right. I’ll call Fatima and get a list of those names.
Aissa: Okay, okay. Good. Good. Okay. Good.
[ Aissa is stunned to see Rapchinski’s packed suitcase with his passport on top ]
Rapchinski: Uh–
[ Siren🚨wailing ]
Dembe: [ On phone ] Isabella, where are you?
Isabella: Dad, hey. Ella and I just got to Mom’s place.
Dembe: Is your mother there?
Isabella: I don’t think so. Wait. Did Mom cook for you?
Dembe: Isabella, listen to me. Did your mother say anything to you about where she might be?
Isabella: No. Dad, you’re freaking me out. What is going on?
Ella: Mom. Look.
Dembe: What is it?
Isabella: [ To Dembe, reading ] Mom left a note. It says she want to talk to Jon Rap-something.
Dembe: Rapchinski.
Isabella: Dad, what is happening?
Dembe: Does the note say what time she left?
Isabella: No. Dad, talk to me.
Dembe: Your mother’s in trouble. I’ll call you back as soon as I can.
Isabella: Dad–

Aissa: I think I may have left my phone in the car.
[ She turns to leave, but Rapchinski blocks her ]
Rapchinski: [ Stammers ] I’m so sorry.
Aissa: Jon–
Rapchinski: I never wanted this to happen.
Aissa: Jon, I ju–
Rapchinski: They promised me that no one would ever find out. You have to understand, I thought I was doing what was best for everyone. I thought if I agreed to help, we’d get more supplies for the clinic, right? And if that meant sending support to the rebels, so be it.
Aissa: Oh!
[ She turns his back to him ]
Rapchinski: I– I risked my life helping those people every day! I paid bribes to the government, the Houthis, everyone, out of my own pocket. Why shouldn’t I get a little of that money back? I-If Michael had been in my position, he would have done the same thing.
Aissa: Nuh-uh! He didn’t do this, Jon! You did!
Aissa: For the life of me, I don’t understand why you would drag Michael’s name into this!
Aissa: I never meant to involve him. I really didn’t. I just– I showed up to the bank. I-I couldn’t believe what I was doing. I was scared, so I-I gave them Michael’s name. I never thought that he would get hurt.
Aissa: Okay. I believe you, Jon. I do. But Michael is in trouble! They are going to kill him unless you and I go to the authorities right now!
Rapchinski: The Yemenis are never going to give him up, even if I confess.
Aissa: You don’t know that! I know he’s your friend, Jon, and I know that you care about him. All you have to do is tell the truth about what really happened, and we can save his life! It’s not too late!
Rapchinski: I can’t! I can’t, okay? Why did you come here?! You shouldn’t have come here!
[ He lunges at her. She grabs a metal and glass box and⚡️hits him⚡️over the head with it ]
[ Aissa screams ]
[ Glass shards fly everywhere ]
[ Siren🚨wails ] [ Ressler with Dembe are driving fast ]
[ Aissa is on her stomach, trying to reach a large piece of glass, but Rapchinski grabs her ankles and pulls her out of reach of it ]
[ Aissa screams ]
[ Siren🚨wails ]
[ Rapchinski flips Aissa over and starts to choke her ] [ She tries to push his face away ]
[ Aissa gagging ]
[ Siren🚨wails ]
[ The FBI SUV pulls up. Dembe and Ressler jump out and run toward the house ]
Dembe: Aissa!
[ Inside the house, Dembe finds Aissa ialive. She and Dembe hug ]
Dembe: I was afraid that I– Are you okay?
[ Ressler comes down from upstairs ]
Ressler: House is clear. [ To Aissa ] You alright?
Aissa: Yes, I-I’m fine.
Ressler: What happened? Where’s Jon?
Aissa: Well, since you two were taking your sweet time, I got some help. From a friend.

[ Red’s plane is flying over the Atlantic. Red is on his phone ]
Red: General Thabit. A friend of Al-Ashabi’s.
[ Thabit speaking Arabic initially ]
Red: I watched him lose quite a bit of money at a table in Lebanon years ago.
General Thabit: Reddington?
Red: Oh! He mentioned me.
Thabit: [ In English ] Tell me, how did you get my number?
Red: At the moment, Tamer, how I got your number matters less than what I’m prepared to do for you. From what I hear, you’re feeding and supplying three regiments of infantry. The total cost to you and your Saudi backers is just over $2 million US per month. I’m prepared to cut those costs in half. All I ask in exchange is that you see to it that Dr. Michael Abani is released from your prison outside of Taiz.
Thabit: Your offer is generous, but I cannot simply allow a convicted terrorist to go free.
Red: Of course not, which is why I propose a trade. We both know Dr. Abani is innocent. Turn him over to the Americans, and I’ll deliver the man who was in fact supplying your enemies.
[ Jon Rapchinski is seated a few rows away from Red, handcuffed ]
Red: You can tell Prince whomever that you’re saving him over $11 million a year, or you can treat your men, your mistress, or yourself to just about whatever you please. So, General, what do you say?

[ Flashback: ]
[ The café/bar where Young Aissa works. She wipes the counter ]
[ Patron speaking French ]
Patron: You know, I’m going to miss you.
Young Aissa: Oh, please. You won’t even notice I’m gone.
[ Door opens ] [ Young Dembe enters ]
Young Aissa: Pardon.
[ Door closes ]
[ Young Dembe takes a seat. Young Aissa walks over to his table.
Young Aissa: What can I get you?
Young Dembe: A glass of Burgundy, please.
[ She reaches for a glass ]
Young Dembe: [ In English ] Aissa–
Young Aissa: You’re alive. I didn’t think I’d ever see you again.
[ Door opens ]
Young Aissa: [ Gasps ] Ah! My love!
[ It’s a young woman carrying a baby ]
Young Aissa: [ To the baby ] Oh! Bonjour. [To the young woman ] Thank you, see you later.
[ The young woman leaves ]
Young Aissa: [ To the baby ] Oh. [ Muttering indistinctly to baby ]
[ Young Dembe gets up ]
Young Aissa: Dembe. There’s someone I think you should meet. This is Isabella, your daughter.
Young Dembe: What?
Young Aissa: Your daughter. She just turned 14 months.
Young Dembe: She’s perfect.
Young Aissa: The night you left, I was going to tell you about her.
Young Dembe: I swear, if I had known – I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry I haven’t been here, but I’m here now.
Young Aissa: Dembe. We won’t be. We are leaving. I got a research position in America. We’re moving at the end of the month.
Young Dembe: I’ll go with you.
Young Aissa: I appreciate the offer. I do, but – That man, the policeman at the bar, no one else would know what he does for a living, but you knew the second you walked in, didn’t you?
[ Young Dembe looks sideways at him and sighs ]
Young Aissa: And if you came with us, you’d always be looking over your shoulder like that, wouldn’t you?
Young Dembe: Yes.
Young Aissa: And if someone did see you, then what? Bags packed in the middle of the night? On to a new city, with new names? I love you, Dembe. I do. But that’s not the life I want, for either of us.
Young Dembe: I won’t bother you again.
Young Aissa: Do you want to hold her?
Young Dembe: Yes. Very much, but – I should go.
[ He stands. They look into each others’ eyes. Then he walks past Aissa and Isabella and leaves ]

[ The Post Office ]
[ Dembe’s cell phone rings✨]
Dembe: Raymond.
Red: Dr. Abani was just delivered to the Red Crescent hospital in Sana’a. He has a few cracked ribs and a bump the size of a plum on the back of his head, but he should be fine.
Dembe: What about Dr. Rapchinski?
Red: Oh, he’s on a Saudi transport out of Lisbon. He’ll be in Riyan by morning. General Thabit assured me the Yemenis wouldn’t seek the death penalty, provided the good doctor gives up his Iranian collaborators, which I imagine he’s eagerly doing as we speak.
Dembe: Raymond, if you hadn’t shown up in time–
Red: You’re still in love with her.
Dembe: I think I always have been. Raymond, you need to speak to Harold. There’s a congressman investigating the task force and–
Red: I would have understood, if– If you hadn’t shown up that night at the airfield.
Dembe: I know. I knew then, too.
Red: Good. [ Inhales ] Goodnight, Dembe.
Dembe: Goodnight, Raymond.

[ Cooper’s office ]
Ressler: I don’t understand. What’s Hudson’s angle here?
Cooper: Hard to say, but there are more than a few congressmen who think they can score political points by criticizing the Bureau these days.
Ressler: You think he’ll call for a hearing?
Cooper: I think Arthur Hudson wants answers. If he can use the current politician climate to advance his investigation, he will.
Ressler: Well, if he subpoenas our records, it’s only a matter of time before Congress finds out that Raymond Reddington broke into a secret FBI facility, murdered two men, and corrupted every file in this place.
Cooper: Opening all our former convictions to appeal. Mmm. Don’t think I haven’t thought about it. If we’re gonna survive Arthur Hudson, we need to prove that we are still indispensable. To do that, we need Reddington. Dembe didn’t get a sense of where he was?
Ressler: Well, somewhere over the Atlantic, but since then, who knows? Maybe helping Dembe will inspire Reddington to start delivering us cases again, but I wouldn’t bet on it.
Cooper: Neither would I. I might not like it, but there’s not a thing we can do to get Reddington to do what we want, when we want.
Ressler: You want me to call Siya off?
Cooper: Not yet. We might not be able to force his hand, but he should at least know we’re waiting.

[ Moses Sumney’s ♫ “Bless Me” plays ]
[ Dembe walks into Aissa’s apartment. She’s down on her knees packing a suitcase ]

♪ It’s so predictable ♪
♪ To farm the parable ♪

Aissa: Oh, would you please hand me that?

♪ From every tete-a-tete ♪

Aissa: Michael’s on his way to Germany, and my plane leaves in a few hours.

♪ But when you see the end ♪

Aissa: What’s that?
Dembe: An early birthday gift for Ella. Did they leave?
Aissa: Oh, they, uh, went to pick up, uh, dinner.
[ Dembe drops down to his knees to help Aissa zip her suitcase shut ]
Aissa: [ Chuckles ]

♪ Bless me ♪

Aissa: Oh. Thank you.
Dembe: You’re welcome.

♪ Before you go ♪
♪ You’re going nowhere With me ♪

[ Suddenly, for a few moments, Aissa and Dembe find themselves looking into each others’ eyes ]

♪ Met you In the wrestling pit ♪

Dembe: I’m glad you two will be together. Obviously, not under these circumstances, but–

♪ Ah, a body on top of me ♪

Aissa: Is that the truth? You’re glad Michael and I will be together again?

♪ Stayed up past The witching hour ♪

Dembe: I’m glad he’s safe.

♪ You showed me Your secret powers ♪
♪ I wish that mine ♪
♪ Could freeze time ♪
♪ Bless me ♪

[ Dembe holds out the gift ]
Dembe: Will you give this to Ella when she comes?

♪ Before you go ♪
♪ You’re going nowhere With me ♪

Aissa: Stay for dinner. You can give it to her yourself.
Dembe: I don’t want to impose.
Aissa: It’s no imposition. I’m sure Ella would love to see you.

♪ You’re going nowhere With me ♪

Aissa: Stay.

♪ Cupid has it out for me ♪
♪ Gave me crooked alchemy ♪

[ Cooper arrives home ]

♪ Eros, oh, god of flings ♪
♪ Sees the beauty In all things ♪
♪ As stupid is as stupid does ♪
♪ I grasp your cloak because ♪

[ Cooper opens the freezer and finds several pint-sized cartons of ice cream. He takes out one of them. Agnes comes down from upstairs ]

♪ Maybe you’ll grant me wings ♪
♪ If I cling ♪
♪ Bless me ♪

Cooper: Hey, there. How you feeling, honeybun?
Agnes: A little better.
Cooper: I’m glad. Funny, I, uh– I don’t remember buying so much mint chocolate chip.
Agnes: Pinkie brought it. He came over to check on me right after you left.
Cooper: I see. And did Pinkie say anything about where he might be going?
Agnes: He seemed – different. Or maybe not different, but more so.
Cooper: Oh? How’s that?
Agnes: I don’t know. It’s like he’s searching for something but can’t see it. And when he stops, it bumps into him. It’s like he’s looking for something that’s already there. It’s either in front of him or behind him.
Cooper: And what do you suppose “it” is?
Agnes: Life or death, I guess. Isn’t that what it usually is? Life and death? Like Charlotte’s Web.
Cooper: Yeah. Like Charlotte’s Web. I think for Pinkie, maybe it’s always been life and death. Maybe now it’s just “more so,” like you said.
Agnes: You love him, don’t you, Pops?

♪ Before you go ♪

Cooper: Sometimes he makes me so angry, so worried, and I hardly ever understand him. But I suppose, in a way, maybe I do.
Agnes: Oh, you definitely love him, Pops. I mean, how could you not? He’s so soft and cuddly, like you.
Cooper: I think maybe that’s enough ice cream for tonight.
Agnes: [ Laughs ]
Cooper: Besides, it’s time for you to go to bed.
Agnes: Night, Pops.
[ Agnes gives Cooper a hug ]
Cooper: Goodnight, sweetheart.
[ Agnes heads off to bed ]

♪ Bless me ♪
♪ Before you go ♪

Cooper: “Soft and cuddly.”

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༺✦ ♤ ✦༻


Episode Songs


♫ Bless Me
By Moses Sumney

♪ It’s so predictable
To farm the parable
From every tête-à-tête
But when you see the end
In every beginning
Lessons are all you get

♪ Bless me
Before you go
You’re goin’ nowhere with me

♪ Met you in the wrestling pit
You came when I needed it
A body on top of me
To teach me
Stayed up past the witching hour
You showed me your secret powers
I wish
That mine
Could freeze time

♪ Bless me
Before you go
You’re goin’ nowhere with me
Bless me
Before you go
You’re goin’ nowhere with me

♪ Cupid has it out for me
Gave me crooked alchemy
Oh god of flings
Sees the beauty in all things
As stupid’s as stupid does
I grasp your cloak because
Maybe you’ll grant me wings
If I cling

♪ Bless me
Before you go
You’re goin’ nowhere with me
Bless me
Before you go
You’re goin’ nowhere with me

♪ You must be an angel
Your conscience is clean
Why would you soil yourself
With a monster like me
If the good lord sent ya
The good lord can take ya back
I hope when he comes for you
You illuminate the path

♪ (Bless me before you go)
(Bless me before you go)
Ooh, ooh
You’re goin’ nowhere with me
You’re goin’ nowhere with me
You’re goin’ nowhere with me
You’re goin’ nowhere with me

♪ Bless me
Before you go
You’re goin’ nowhere with me
Bless me
Before you go

Lyrics and Credits: https://tinyurl.com/mry5hu4c
YouTube: https://youtu.be/D386dU9thiA

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🔴 Script 10:13 The Sicilian Error of Color

Program air date: 5/21/2023 in the US
Script Permalink: https://wp.me/pDKwi-evQ
EntertainmentWeekly Recap: https://tinyurl.com/2vb6at2s

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Directed by: Mahesh Pailoor
Written by: T Cooper, Allison Glock-Cooper



Brief (Where we’re at): Red has been distancing himself from the task force, spending time with Agnes, and preferring to help out from the background as needed. But he hasn’t been delivering many new Blacklisters, much to Cooper’s consternation, especially since a zealous congressman, Arthur Hudson, has noticed the line item for the task force in the budget with no underlying information that he (or anyone) can access. Determined to make a name for himself by exposing corruption, he is on the hunt to find out more.


⭕ Script 10:13 The Sicilian Error of Color


[ Flashback: ]
[ Suspenseful music playing ]
[ CIA Agent (Young) Meera Malik sits in a car with her partner, MI6 Agent Nigel Sutton ]
Meera: The Chechens? Seriously, Nigel. Of all the gangsters you could be wrapped up with, you choose the criminal organization that scares the living wits out of every other criminal organization?
Nigel: Relax, all right? I-I know what I’m doing.
Meera: Remember Moscow? Two dozen Russian Mafia bosses meet with a handful of rising Chechen gang members to broker peace over dinner. No weapons allowed. By dessert, all the Russians were dead, slaughtered with their own cutlery.
Nigel: Maybe the Russians shouldn’t have picked a steakhouse for the meetup.
[ Portishead’s ♪ “Roads” plays ]
Meera: This isn’t funny, Nige. We’re meant to be agency partners. Look, I don’t know how it works at MI6, but if my gaffer at the CIA heard even one whisper about your other – entanglements –
Nigel: And how exactly would that happen, partner?
Meera: Word always gets around, Nigel. Secrets never stay secret.
Nigel: You better hope that’s not true.

♪ Ooh ♪
♪ Can’t anybody see– ♪

[ A car pulls up. In the back seat, lying down, is a bound man. Meera helps him out ]
Meera: [ Speaking Sinhalese ] Get up, you’re going home.
< blockquote>
♪ Never find our way ♪
♪ Regardless– ♪

Meera: [ To Nigel ] [ In English ] We’re one step closer to getting our man. Nice work, Officer Sutton.
Nigel: Wouldn’t want to do it with anyone else – Agent Malik.

♪ This woman ♪

[ Dramatic music playing ] [ Dog barking 🐕 ]
[ Outside the Public Bath of New York City Building where Red has taken up residence, Siya Malik sits in a parked car. She has been assigned to keep an eye on Red and let the task force know if anything develops. She watches the shadow of a man pacing back and forth inside the building ]
[ Ominous music playing ]
Siya: [ To herself ] What are you doing in there?
[ She eats from a bag of chips, drinks from a soft drink ] [ Bag crinkles ]
[ Siya sees Herbie Hambright approaching. Herbie has recently joined the Reddington task force, doing forensic analysis ]
Siya: Mm.
[ Siya opens the car door and calls out ]
Siya: Herbie! Hello! What are you doing here?
Herbie: I just came from watching Holly’s band play a gig downtown. She killed it, as usual. There were even some reviewers there. One from Punk Planet, and I think she said someone from Rolling Stone.
Siya: Impressive.
Herbie: Totally. But I-I thought I would check in on you while Holly was putting Sue to bed at the hotel. I’ll meet up with her later for some room service, maybe some kissing.
Siya: [ Laughs ] Are you wearing eyeliner?
Herbie: Yeah, it’s, um, de rigeur in the hard-core Klezmer scene.
Siya: Ah. I’m sure I wouldn’t know.
Herbie: Anyway, how is your little Reddington “Rear Window” stakeout going?
Siya: Far as I can tell he’s been inside for the last two and a half days. I keep watching his shadow walking back and forth across the windows.
Herbie: Well, at least we know where he is. That’s not nothing. Oh, before I go, I wanted to update you on the DNA research I’ve been doing since, you know, you found out that you and Meera Malik aren’t biologically related.
Siya: Did you find a match for my profile?
Herbie: Unfortunately, nothing pinged in any of the law enforcement databases that I have access to.
Siya: Even now, after I’ve had time to– digest the revelation, Meera still feels like my mother. I mean [ Scoffs ] look at me. I followed her footsteps into a career in intelligence. Why wouldn’t she tell me where I came from? Now it feels like I’m never gonna get any answers to any of it.
Herbie: Have you thought about asking Raymond for help? Knowing what I know about Red, I’d bet he knew Meera better than she knew he knew.
Siya: When I started on this task force, the first thing Agent Ressler warned me was not to get in debt to Reddington. It feels like a slippery slope I’m not sure I want to start sliding down.
Herbie: Well, all I know is that Red has been a huge help to me. On a lot of things. I should get back to the hotel. I don’t want Holly to just fall asleep with Sue.
Siya: Well, good luck with the kissing. I’ll be here – with my binoculars and BO.
Herbie: Yeah, you might want to crack a window.
[ Herbie gets out ]
Herbie: Bye.
Siya: [ Scoffs ]

[ Congressman Arthur Hudson‘s office ]
Congressman Hudson: Anything back from Senator Panabaker about Task Force 836?
Atkins: The Senator still isn’t returning, sir. I’ll try her office again.
Hudson: No, no. Don’t bother. Panabaker’s stonewalling. Let’s go around her. Reach out and schedule an appointment with Senator Dorf on the Appropriations Committee. Tell his aide it’s a matter of some urgency.
[ Atkins leaves ]
Hudson: [ Muttering to himself ] No task force should be operating with seemingly zero checks and balances.
[ He tries looking something up online ] [ Keyboard clacking ]
[ Buzzer 💤‼️] [ The screen reads, in flashing red, “Access Denied” ]
Hudson: [ To himself ] Where are you?
[ Atkins returns ]
Atkins: Senator Dorf wasn’t in. They’re going to call back, but they have nothing open for at least a month.
Hudson: Let’s do some research into Clayton Dorf. Maybe there’s another way to court his favor.

[ Tense music playing ]
[ Someone approaches the car, where Siya has fallen asleep ]
[ Knocking on car window ✽ ✽ ]
[ Siya wakes up and lowers the window ]
Red: Any security breaches I should know about?
Siya: You almost gave me a heart attack. I-I thought you were in there. W-Where’d you come from?
[ Red holds out a drink with a straw ]
Red: For you. Carrot-apple-ginger. Extra ginger. I’m just back from Aguascalientes, Mexico.
Siya: But the lights were going on and off. I-I saw shadows.
Red: Oh, that’s just a part-time employee of mine.
[ Red is carry a large sack with the tips of animal horns sticking out ]
Siya: What’s with the antlers?
Red: Why don’t you join me inside? I’ll whip up a little something for you to eat, and I’ll tell you all about them.

[ Flashback: ]
[ Young Meera Malik‘s apartment ]
[ Knock on door ✽ ✽ ✽ ✽ ✽ ✽ ✽ ✽ ]
[ Meera opens the door. Her partner, Nigel Sutton enters ]
[ Door closes ]
[ Nigel seems flustered or fearful. He peers out of the window, careful to not be seen ]
Meera: So, thanks to our exchange the other day, we finally secured an address for that sleazebag Minkov. He hasn’t just been funding the Tamil Tigers. It looks like a second temple bombing is being planned in a couple weeks. I feel like our next step should be–
Nigel: I’m not here to talk about next steps, Meera.
[ He turns to face her; his face is bruised and he has a black eye ]
Meera: Damn it. They got to you, didn’t they? I warned you that you were playing with fire, Nigel.
Nigel: Score one for Agent Malik. Maybe when you take a break from gloating, you can hear me out. I need a favor. I just– I need some money to cover what I can’t. $100,000.
Meera: I don’t have that kind of money.
Nigel: But you can get it. You’re smart and resourceful.You see something you want, you find a way to take it. Am I right?
Meera: I can’t believe you’re doing this.
Nigel: I wish I could find another way to get the money, but– I’ve exhausted all the means available to me. My director at MI6 didn’t entirely buy the story I fed him about how I got injured. Now he’s asking questions, watching my every move like I’m a bleeding cricket match. I need your help to get the Chechens off my back so this all goes away. I’m– I’m not gonna lose my job, my house, my family over a few bad calls, Meera.
[ Baby crying ]
Nigel: Sort of the way you wouldn’t want your bad calls affecting your job and family security, either.
[ Baby crying ]
Nigel: [ Almost threateningly ] Because that– That’d be a real shame at this stage in your career.
Meera: How soon do you need the money?
Nigel: Forty-eight hours. I’ll be in touch.
[ Door opens and closes ]
[ Meera walks to the room where the baby is crying ]
[ Tense music playing ]
Meera: [ Sighs ] Shh. Siya. Oh, Mommy’s sweet Siya.
[ She picks up baby Siya ]
Meera: Hi, baby. It’s okay. Hi.

[ Inside the Public Bath building; Red’s current encampment ]
Siya: That was the best frittata I’ve ever tasted, and you made it with a hot plate and a toaster oven.
Red: Yes, well, thank you, but you’re only saying that because it’s the first real meal you’ve had in a couple of days.
Siya: Maybe. So why are you toting around an enormous set of– Well, I guess they’re actually horns.
Red: They’re bull horns. Not just any bull. Those belong to the legendary Islero. The Miura bull that killed Manolete.
Siya: I’m not familiar.
Red: The matador? Manolete? Perhaps the most mesmerizing bullfighter of all time? Sober in approach, if not in life, the man was a long-faced, heavy-hearted hero for the ages.
Siya: What draws a person to such an incredibly dangerous pursuit?
Red: You’re no stranger to dangerous living, Agent Malik.
Siya: Perhaps, but you’ll not see me dancing with a murderous, 500-kilo beast, poking it with sharp sticks.
Red: Manolete was a stoic guardian of tradition in the bullring. His father had been a matador. His uncle. A month before he died, Manolete told an interviewer, “They’re asking for more than I can give. Always more and more.” He longed to retire from the ring. But he returned. He went again to do the thing that he did better than anyone. And in the instant that he killed Islero, balancing on his toes, arching up and over the hot, steaming breath of ferocious death, the surgically precise plunge of his blade to the hilt, in that instant – Islero thrust his massive head just centimeters to the right and gored him. The closer a matador fights to the horns, the closer he is to his grave. I suppose in the end, Manolete found it easier to risk his life than to live a life without risk.
[ Contemplative music playing ]
Siya: So he died following his father’s ambitions.
Red: Some people do that.
Siya: Yeah. Agent Zuma told me you did a deep-dive into my mother’s background when she joined the Task Force all those years ago.
Red: As I do with anybody I’m going to work with. I did one for you.
Siya: Does that mean you know more about my mother than what’s in the heavily redacted files I’ve seen?
Red: Maybe what matters most, Siya, is what you already know. That you were loved and cared for by Meera and your stepfather. Un-redacting the past won’t change any of that.
Siya: Maybe not. But I’ve learned something I can’t un-learn. Meera wasn’t my biological mother. A fact she hid from me. Why?
Red: Now look who’s dancing with a murderous beast, poking it with sharp sticks.
Siya: Are you saying you won’t help me?
Red: Is that what you want? My help?
[ Siya’s cell phone rings ✨ ]
Siya: It’s Cooper.
[ Siya steps away ]
Siya: [ Answering ] Hello, sir.
Cooper: How are things going in New York? Have you been able to glean anything about what Reddington’s been up to?
Siya: I’m with Reddington now, sir.
Cooper: Has he mentioned re-engaging with us?
Siya: Not yet. He went to Mexico to retrieve some famous bull skull. Islero? I don’t know. Maybe it means something.
Cooper: It could mean something. Or it could simply be vintage Reddington. Stay with him and report back anything we might be able to use. We need to mind every P and Q until we put this situation with Congressman Hudson to bed. Thanks.

[ Congressman Arthur Hudson’s office. Atkins has been looking for a way for Hudson to meet with Senator Dorf on the Appropriations Committee ]
Atkins: I don’t know if this is the sort of information you’re after, but I found this story in DC Monthly from last summer. It’s an interview tracking a day in the life of Clayton Dorf. Turns out he loves Korean barbecue. Who knew?
Congressman Hudson: [ Chuckles ] Atkins, you’re a genius.

[ Red enters a room that looks like a set-up for an auction, with tables lined up and miscellaneous items arranged on them ]
[ Red sees an older woman ]
Red: Ah! The indomitable Ms. Mallet! You’re looking particularly well. What’s your secret?
Cynthia Mallet: Oh, thank you.
[ She plants loud kisses on each side of his face ]
Ms Mallet: Mwah. Mwah. It’s the edibles.
Red: [ Laughs ]
Ms Mallet: They take all the edges off. Care to try one? I think I have a sour watermelon gummy here in my bag.
Red: No. You save that for later, love. So, what have you got for me?
Ms Mallet: I brought all of the items you requested.
Red: I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you keeping everything safe for me all these years.
Ms Mallet: Are you joking? It’s been an honor to protect these little slices of world history.
[ She holds up a wooden box ]
Ms Mallet: The Senet gaming board.
[ Both chuckle ]
Ms Mallet: Left with corpses to entertain the dead.
Red: [ Chuckles ] From Amenhotep’s tomb. Discovered in one of his wives’ side chambers. [ Chuckles ] Of course, none of his wives were actually buried with him.
Ms Mallet: [ Chuckles ] Good call. Speaking of things going missing – Why are you unloading all of these treasures now? Has something changed in your world?
Red: Everything and nothing, my dear. No cause for concern. I just feel the need to be more discerning from here on out.
Ms Mallet: Hmm. Now, that I understand. The older I get, the less I desire.
Red: And the things you desire, you can’t live without.
Ms Mallet: Ha!
[ She pulls out an acrylic case containing a fragment of papyrus ]
Ms Mallet: Sappho’s “Tithonus” poem. Oh. [ She reads: ]

“My heart grows heavy;
My knees
Too weary to stand upon;
Though once
They could lift me and dance;
And could leap
As light as a fawn”

Ms Mallet: [ Laughs ] I feel seen all the way from the 3rd century BC. It’s just exquisite!
Red: Keep it.
Ms Mallet: Wha– What?
Red: Over the decades, you’ve been nothing but unfailingly loyal and gracious and funny.
Ms Mallet: Oh, my lamb! I will cherish this. Every single day. Twice a day.
Red: I know you will.
Ms Mallet: Thank you.
Red: You’re welcome.
Ms Mallet: I’m over the moon! I may need that gummy now to calm down.
Red: Cynthia, before I forget, the item we discussed on the phone. You reached out via the appropriate channels?
Ms Mallet: Oh, yes. My connections assured me that the elusive buyer you have in mind will be alerted to the piece’s availability, and hopefully, they’ll be unable to resist coming to see it in person.
Red: From your lips to their ears.
Ms Mallet: Mm-hmm!
Red: Grab that gummy.
Ms Mallet: Oh, right away. Three for you?
Red: [ Laughs ]

[ Flashback: ]
[ Hip-hop music playing ]
[ Meera enters a seedy bar. She approaches the Bartender ]
Meera: Where’s the nearest tube station?
Bartender: You can walk, luv, but it’s about 15 blocks.
Meera: That’s okay. I could use the exercise.
[ The Bartender nods slightly at Meera ]
[ Tricky’s ♪ “Black Steel” plays ]

♪ I got a letter from The government The other day– ♪

[ Meera goes to a back room. A man, Johnno, is sitting at a desk reading a tabloid ]
[ Buzzer sounds ]

♪ Opened it and read it It said they were suckers ♪
♪ They wanted me For their army or whatever ♪
♪ Picture me giving a damn I said never ♪
♪ Here is a land That never gave a damn ♪
♪ About a brother like myself Because they never did ♪
♪ I wasn’t with it But just that very minute ♪
♪ It occurred to me ♪
♪ That suckers Had authority– ♪

Meera: Thanks, Johnno. Just grabbing those headsets.
[ She signs on a log sheet ]

♪ How long has it been? ♪
♪ They got me sitting In the state pen ♪
♪ I gotta get out But that thought Was thought before ♪
♪ I contemplated a plan On the cell floor ♪
♪ I’m not a fugitive On the run ♪
♪ But a brother like me Begun to be another one ♪
♪ Public enemy serving time ♪
♪ They drew the line, y’all ♪
♪ They criticize me For some crime– ♪

[ Meera goes into an archive room and roots around. She pulls out a box and it falls, spilling its contents: bundles of bills ]
Meera: Damn it!
[ She puts some of the cash back into the box, the rest she puts into the large leather purse she is carrying ]
Johnno: [ Calling out ] You all right?
Meera: Yeah. Just a bit of a bungle. It’s fine. I’ve got it sorted.

♪ It occurred to me ♪
♪ The suckers had authority ♪

[ Meera leaves the archive. Johnno hasn’t looked up from the tabloid ]
Meera: See you next time. Go, Newcastle!
[ Johnno pumps his fist, still reading ]
[ Meera leaves. Door closes ]

[ In Red’s airplane. Red and Siya are flying somewhere ]
Red: Do you have your service weapon on you?
Siya: Always. Why?
Red: Give it to me.
Siya: There is zero chance of me being unarmed while whatever it is we’re doing.
Red: Who said anything about being unarmed?
[ Red brings out a steel-sided impact-resistant briefcase ]
[ Dramatic music playing ]
[ Inside the steel case are firearms, cushioned in foam padding ]
Red: See anything you like? Trust me, where we’re going, if things go sideways, you don’t want to discharge your government-issued firearm. By the way, on this journey your name will be Janet Grimm, like the fairy tales, if anyone asks.
[ Siya selects a firearm ]
Red: Good choice.

[ Flashback: ]
[ Young Meera’s apartment. Her partner, Nigel, is there again ]
Nigel: I don’t know what to say. The Chechens want more. “Interest” on the loan, apparently.
Meera: Of course they want more, Nigel. That’s how they operate. You of all people should know. This won’t be the last of it, either.
Nigel: Yes. Yes, it will. One final payment, and I’m certain all this will be behind me. Behind us.
Meera: There is no “us,” Nigel. I can’t help you anymore. You need to go to your MI6 supervisor. Come clean. End this now.
Nigel: I could do that, certainly, but it won’t just be my mess I come clean about.
Meera: [ Protesting ] You can’t prove I took that money.
Nigel: Never mind the money. Remember your little side-op in Kolkata? I do. Pretty significant breach of CIA ethics, wouldn’t you say? Put you at severe risk of compromise. The bosses would be none-too-pleased–
Meera: Enough! You’ve made your point.
[ Tense music playing ]
Nigel: Like it or not, Meera, we’re in this together. You have as much to lose as I do. Maybe more. Choose your next step wisely. My advice to you.

[ Edinburgh. Scotland ] [ Red and Siya are outside a stately building, with a stone edifice facing the street; black ironwork decorates the facade ]
Red: I won’t be a minute.
Siya: What am I supposed to do?
Red: Wait here. Shoot anybody who runs out.
Siya: Yeah, I’m not gonna do that.
Red: Suit yourself. Look alive!
[ Run runs up the steps into the building ]
[ Door closes ]
[ Moments later, a gunshot rings out 💥 ] [ Glass⚡️shatters ]
[ More gunshots 💥💥💥 ] [ One last 💥 and Red runs out, preposterously waving a sword ]
Red: Get a wiggle on, Janet!
[ Both run ]

[ Back on Red’s plane, he tosses the sword down ] [ Sword clangs ]
Siya: [ Sighs ] Are you gonna tell me how I came to be in the line of fire back there?
Red: Liam can be very disagreeable. But the fact is, he took my saber years ago. It was long past time for me to take it back.
Siya: We flew to Scotland for a sword?
Red: Saber. It belonged to Captain Lewis Nolan, who died in the Charge of the Light Brigade during the Crimean War.
Siya: [ Recites ] “Stormed at with shot and shell; Boldly they rode and well – ”
Red: [ Picks up ] “Into the jaws of death; Into the mouth of hell” — So you’re a fan of Tennyson.
Siya: My mother ⋘⋙ Meera loved him. Well, maybe she loved what knowing his work said about her.
Red: I suspect your mother came by her love of Tennyson quite sincerely.
Siya: What do you mean?
Red: I think– Meera was very familiar with the feeling of melancholy that also plagued Tennyson. She certainly felt the isolation of inhabiting a world she knew to be cruel. The lives of children in such a world. It takes tremendous fortitude to carry on when you can see what others cannot. And to find light within the shadows.

[ Flashback: ]
[ Young Meera Malik is meeting with her CIA supervisor, Regina Saint ]
Regina Saint: Our investigation is getting much closer to the money the Minkov crime organization is funneling into the Tamils’ terrorism in Sri Lanka. That’s in large part to your solid work. You should feel good about that.
Meera: Thank you, Ma’am.
Regina Saint: We now know where Minkov is holed up for the time being. I’d like you to set up a Black Bag job as soon as possible. Minkov has a standing massage appointment at Happy Feet in Kensington, every Tuesday at 2:00.
Meera: No problem. I’ll start putting that together now.
Regina: A quick word before you go.
Meera: Yes?
Regina: I’ve been hearing from my counterparts at MI6 that your partner Officer Sutton’s performance has been – erratic lately. Should we be concerned?
Meera: Uh– No, ma’am.
Regina: You haven’t noticed anything?
Meera: I think maybe he’s tired. Long hours and such. Even so, Nigel’s a surveillance expert. There’s no one I’d trust more on the Minkov job given our tight deadline.
Regina: Much ado about nothing then.
Meera: Seems so.
Regina: That said, it couldn’t hurt to have my MI6 counterparts do some digging.
Meera: Of course.
Regina: I’ll let you know what, if anything, we discover about Officer Sutton.

[ Zurich, Switzerland ]
[ Red and Siya enter the Office of Heinrich Wittelsbach. They walk past a large black dog, barking in a cage. Wittelsbach is an overweight man who is wearing a white lab coat ]
[ Dog 🐕 barking ]
[ Door opens ]
[ Tense music playing ]
Wittelsbach: Raymond Reddington. It’s been such a long time. I thought I’d never hear from you again.
Red: You won’t. Not after today.
[ Wittelsbach speaks German with a young woman named Liesl ]
Wittelsbach: Get the round ones with the jelly in the middle.
Liesl: Okay. Anything for the dog?
Wittelsbach: Like what?
Liesl: I don’t know. A biscuit?
Wittelsbach: Whatever. But hurry back, dear. The medication is going to take effect quickly …
[ He snaps his fingers loudly on either side of her head ]
Wittelsbach: … If it hasn’t already.
[ Liesl leaves ]
Wittelsbach: So, Raymond, it’s not like you to travel with a side dish. [ Referring to Siya ] Raymond, who is this sublime specimen?
Red: Never mind who she is. Do you have what I came for?
Wittelsbach: Yeah. Yeah, of course.
[ Drawer slides ] [ Wittelsbach hands Red an envelope ] [ Red holds out an envelope to Wittelsbach ]
Wittelsbach: On second thought, perhaps I accept her instead, if that suits?
Red: It doesn’t.
Wittelsbach: What a shame. I would kill to get my hands on that bone structu–
Red: –Careful.
[ Wittelsbach takes the envelope ] [ Dog 🐕 barking ]
Red: We have to get back to New York now. Heinrich, when I leave here, I’m going to give Freddy a call, and he’s gonna come by and get that dog. It should be in a proper home. I’m sure Freddy will be here within the hour. And if you or the dog aren’t here at that time, Freddy will go to the house and sit with your mother until you return. Now, considering there is nothing on Earth badder than Freddy, certainly not you, and not that poor dog, not even your miserable, horrible mother, Heinrich – please, please – don’t make Freddy lose his patience.
Wittelsbach: Don’t worry about me. Though I can’t speak for my mother.
[ Tense music playing ]
[ Dog 🐕 barking ] [ Door closes ]

[ Red and Siya are back in New York. They’re at the auction location where Red had earlier met with Cynthia Mallet (and gifted her the Sappho poem ) ]
Red: All right. Ah! Look! First customer of the day. Welcome! Is there anything in particular you’re looking for?
Early-Bird: I love that lamp!
Red: [ Laughs ]
Early-Bird: My Gran had one just like it! Is it expensive?
Red: Make me an offer.
Early-Bird: I can do $75 if it’s cash, or, at most, $125 if it’s a check.
[ Siya looks down, shakes her head ]
Red: Hmm. [ Inhales sharply ] I don’t think I can let it go at that, especially this early in the day. Can you bring it up a little, say, another hundred bucks?
Early-Bird: That’s a lot of money for a table lamp. I’m just looking for a little extra light in my crafting room.
Red: This lamp would be perfect for that.
Early-Bird: Yeah, but I could get a really nice, practical one at Cost Cutters for a quarter of the price.
Red: Right. Not stained glass, though.
Early-Bird: Well, yeah. Probably not. Yeah. And it works, right?
[ Red tugs the two pulls and voilà! ]
Early-Bird: Um. Hmm. Will you do – $200?
Red: Sold!
Early-Bird: Can I, uh, pick it up at the end of the day?
Red: Absolutely. Happy crafting!
[ Door opens and closes ]
Siya: You just sold an authentic Tiffany lamp for $200?
Red: I did.
Siya: Even $20,000 is a steal. Why didn’t you tell her what it is?
Red: Maybe she’ll discover it on her own. Imagine her delight then. The story she’ll tell for the rest of her life about finding a Tiffany lamp in some dusty garage sale in Bushwick, snagging it for a song.
Siya: Yeah, but what if she never learns where it came from? Its true provenance?
Red: What if—

[ A Korean barbeque restaurant. Congressman Arthur Hudson has tracked down Senator Clayton Dorf ]
[ Indistinct conversations ]
Congressman Hudson: [ Clears throat ] Senator Dorf.
Senator Dorf: Ah. Congressman–
Hudson: Hudson, sir.
Dorf: Right, right. Are you meeting someone here for lunch, Hudson? This place is well off the beaten path. I mean, it’s private. I’m surprised you even know it.
Hudson: [ Laughs ] I did my research. I was hoping to have a quick word on a matter of some importance. It’s about FBI Task Force number 836. May I sit?
Dorf: I sure wish you wouldn’t.
[ Hudson sits down anyway ]
Hudson: This Task Force is burning through budget, but I-I can’t seem to find anybody who knows anything about it. Who’s on it, what they’re doing, what their practices are. I mean, are you familiar with it?
Dorf: I don’t know, Hudson. I mean, I trust the FBI knows what they need better than you or I do. I mean, people don’t give a pig’s poke about budgets. People care about safety. And they’re happy to pay for the- the perception of being kept safe, whether they realize it not.
Hudson: Oh, I believe the taxpayer would care. It’s not part of ATF, DEA. Their numbers are astronomical and only getting bigger. Frankly, I’d like to find out what the hell we’re paying for, sir.
Dorf: A-Are you married, Hudson?
Hudson: Mm.
Dorf: Well, I am. And on advice of my wife, I don’t sweat the small stuff. And this sounds to me to be very, very small. So if you feel you must, set up something with my office, and we’ll talk about it then. But right now, I need to get back to this bulgogi before it goes cold.
Hudson: I’ve tried your office. You’re booked pretty tight. Look, nobody wins when power’s abused in the shadows.
Dorf: Good Lord. I– Why don’t we just cut the crap? Okay, what you’re really after are headlines. You want me to help you make a lot of noise about diddly-squat in a hearing so that you can suddenly come in and be the Boy Scout who rescues the Republic.
Hudson: I can assure you this isn’t about optics, sir. It’s purely accountability I’m after.
Dorf: Well, haven’t you heard? Accountability went out with The Macarena.
Hudson: Aren’t you even a little curious about where all that money is going, Senator?
Dorf: Huh? [ Sighs ]

[ Siya is still at the antique sale when Herbie calls ]
Herbie: Where in the world are you now?
Siya: Watching Reddington unload centuries of invaluable history at his own personal Antiques Roadshow.
Herbie: Just promise me you’ll tell me if he’s selling a Rocket-Firing Boba Fett.
[ Whimsical music playing ]
Siya: It’s not that kind of garage sale. Cooper sends me to keep tabs on Reddington, and what happens? I find myself on an impromptu world tour, intersecting with some truly dodgy characters. Have you ever heard of Heinrich Wittelsbach?
Herbie: Mm, no. What did Red want with him?
Siya: No clue. They swapped envelopes.
Herbie: Well, I know Red wouldn’t involve some dodgy guy unless there was some good reason. And, as for you, you’re doing the best you can. You’re supposed to stick with him, and you are. What happens while you do is no fault of yours.
Siya: Anyway, got to go.
Herbie: See ya, Siya.

[ Flashback: ]
[ Tense music playing ]
[ Nigel Sutton and Young Meera Malik are parked near the address for the head of the Minkov crime organization, which has been funneling money to support Tamil Tigers terrorism in Sri Lanka. The plan is to wiretap Minkov’s home while he is at his foot massage appointment ]
[ They watch as Minkov comes out the door, gets into his car and the chauffeur drives him away ]
Nigel: Hard to believe a guy like that likes foot massages.
Meera: Everybody likes foot massages, Nige.
Nigel: [ Chuckles ]
[ Nigel grabs his work bag ]
Meera: I’ll be on comms. Anything happens, I’ll send up the usual flare. You do the same.
[ Car door closes ]
[ Nigel enters the building ]

[ Red appears to be enjoying the auction. He hands an item to a customer ]
Red: $30. And here’s the $5. Enjoy.
[ Indistinct conversations ]
Kathleen Sutton: Excuse me, sir. I was told to say that Ms. Mallet sent me.
Red: Yes! I– I have something I believe you’re looking for.
[ Red takes out an envelope, likely containing the item he bought from Heinrich Wittelsbach. Inside is a small item in an acrylic case ]
Mrs Sutton: Oh. Oh. “The Sicilian Error of Color.”
Red: [ Chuckles ]
Mrs Sutton: [ Chuckling ] I almost can’t believe my eyes. You know, I was stunned when my collector friend called to tell me the stamp had surfaced. Here it is before my very eyes. One of only two in the world.
Red: Imagine the Italian printer, 1859, who runs off a couple of postage stamps in blue ink instead of orange, and, boom, 160-something years later, one of the most lucrative printing errors in history.
Mrs Sutton: Yeah. Oh, my husband was obsessed with this stamp. It was his white whale. Or I suppose his blue whale.
[ Both laugh ]
Mrs Sutton: God rest his soul.
Red: I’m sorry for your loss.
Mrs Sutton: Oh, it was a while back now, but it still feels like yesterday that I lost him. My husband always said that stamps were humble and everyday – but then also these tiny works of art that could last forever. Kind of like marriages. ⋘⋙ Oh. Forgive me. You didn’t ask to hear our life story.
Red: Not at all. N-Not at all.
Mrs Sutton: Anyway, I, uh– I know I can’t afford what this stamp is worth. I just really wanted to see it in person after all this time. Oh. Perhaps I could take a photo of it?
Red: Oh, no, you should have more than a photograph of this. I’m prepared to offer it to you for a fraction of what it’s worth.
Mrs Sutton: Oh, no, don’t. I-I couldn’t even afford a fraction of a fraction.
Red: Could you afford, say, two?
Mrs Sutton: $2 million? Ha! No.
Red: How about $2,000?
Mrs Sutton: Last time it transacted, this stamp went for over a thousand times that.
Red: Did it. Well, I can’t imagine anybody else appreciating this stamp more than you. Buy it. Buy it. In honor of your husband.

[ Flashback: ]
Meera: Radio check?
Nigel: Read you loud and clear.
Meera: Copy. You already in?
Nigel: Affirmative.
[ Gentle music playing ]
[ Suddenly, Minkov’s car returns ]
Meera: Nigel, do you copy? Nigel!
Nigel: Copy. I’m here. Meera? Did you say something? Meera? Am I still clear? Meera?
[ She does not respond. She just looks on as the Minkov’s bodyguard goes inside ]
Nigel: All right. Well, one more turn of the screw.
[ Clattering ]
[ Man speaking Russian ]
[ Meera’s eyes tear up ]
Nigel, in English: Oh. Uh, pardon me.
[ Man shouting ‼️ in Russian ]
Nigel: Meera!
[ Gunshots 💥💥💥 ]

[ The Lumineers’ ♪ “My Cell” plays ]

♪ My pretty little cell ♪
♪ My cell ♪
♪ My pretty little cell– ♪

[ Mrs Kathleen Sutton writes out a check and hands it to Red. Then she shows Red a photo of her husband, Nigel Sutton ]
Mrs Sutton: That’s him there.
Red: Handsome fellow.
Mrs Sutton: Oh. A true rogue.
Red: [ Chuckles ]
Mrs Sutton: Gave me a lot of grief with the stunts he pulled over the years. But– I wouldn’t have traded him for a dozen Gregory Pecks.
Red: [ Chuckles ]

♪ My cell ♪
♪ My pretty little cell– ♪


[ Flashback: ]
[ Meera is still in her car. She places a call ]
[ Line ringing stars✨]
Woman: Dispatch. What’s your status?
Meera: We have an emergency at 24 Grand Regent Circle. MI6 Officer Nigel Sutton is down, presumed gunshot wound. I repeat, my partner Nigel Sutton is down, and I’ve lost communication.
Woman: Copy. Code 471. Assistance on the way.

♪ All alone, all alone All alone, all alone ♪

[ Agnes has arrived with Cooper at the auction ]
Red: Hey! What a wonderful, if somewhat expected, surprise!
[ Big hug ]
Cooper: Agnes and I have a date with the Natural History Museum. And while we’re in New York, it only made sense to stop by and pay you a visit.
Red: Agent Malik no doubt providing the address. [ To Agnes ] Hi. I have something. So, this is the ball that Pelé used to score his very first World Cup goal. For you.
Agnes: Wow! Cool! Thanks, Pinky! Want to play?
Red: Siya, you’re up.
[ Siya and Agnes leave together ]
Red: Maybe a little of the Pelé magic will rub off on Agnes in her next game.
Cooper: We need to talk.
Red: Hold on. I almost forgot.
Cooper: I hope this has something to do with a new case.
Red: Far better than that, Harold. This has to do with your history as a Naval officer. I thought this might speak to you.
[ Red takes out a blueprint ]
Red: An original plan for the USS Constellation, one of the six original frigates commissioned for the US Navy, 1794.
Cooper: Are you okay, Raymond?
Red: You don’t like the gift?
Cooper: Oh, I like the gift. Very much. Thank you. But Agent Malik says that you’ve been traipsing around the globe collecting and then practically giving away some of your irreplaceable possessions. Is there something I should know?
Red: Just having a little fun, Harold. Remember fun? You get older, and you realize we make life so complicated when it doesn’t need to be. We complicate ourselves to death.
Cooper: That may be, but right now my world, the world of the Blacklist, is complicated. Made more so by your absence.
Red: Fret not, Harold. We’ll get back to business soon enough, I promise. In the meantime, rest easy. Agent Malik is here to keep watch.

[ Gentle music playing ]
[ Congressman Hudson’s office ]
Atkins: Senator Dorf is here. Should I show him in?
Hudson: Thank you, young lady.
[ Senator Dorf enters. Hudson is about to stand ]
Senator Dorf: No, don’t get up. Don’t get up. I-I’m not gonna be here long. I just dropped by to say I kind of like your style, Hudson.
Hudson: Sir?
Dorf: Unlike you, I am interested in optics. And hearings that expose government waste, they tend to play well in the media. They poll well, too, I’m told.
Hudson: Does this mean you’re going to raise my concerns to your committee?
Dorf: Oh, it means I’m gonna think about partnering with you and your little abacus of justice. So just send over everything you think I need to take a gander at, and we’ll get started.
Hudson: Thank you. Thank you, sir.
Dorf: All right.
Hudson: There’s no doubt something rotten’s going on around that Task Force. We’re gonna root it out.
Dorf: Yeah.

[ The Verve’s ♪ “Lucky Man” plays ]

♪ Happiness, more or less ♪
♪ It’s just a change in me Something in my liberty ♪
♪ Oh, my, my– ♪

[ Red has just completed a sale ]
Red: [ To customer ] And here you go.

♪ Happiness Coming and going– ♪

Red: Siya?

♪ And watch my fever grow ♪
♪ And I know Just where I am– ♪

[ Siya walks over to Red who gives her a check ]
Red: Here’s your percentage of today’s sales.
Siya: $2,000? You know I can’t accept this. I’m here doing a job. My job.
Red: Consider it a bonus for putting up with me. A bonus in more ways than one.
Siya: What do you mean?
Red: From what I’ve gathered, you’re dead set on pursuing this search into Meera Malik’s past and your own beginnings. Come what may, that check you’re holding in your hand will help open the door, should you choose to step through it.
[ On to the next thing, Red picks up a lamp with a green shade ]
Red: I can’t believe this didn’t sell. [ Chuckles ]

[ Flashback: ]
Regina Saint: We spent months isolating Minkov, and now we’re blown and he’s in the wind again. We have no idea when the attack on the temple will be. All because a simple surveillance plant went off the rails?
Meera: As soon as I saw the car, I tried to alert Officer Sutton that Minkov’s bodyguard had returned unexpectedly. I thought he heard me. H-He had to have. [ Sighs ] But he didn’t answer. Or maybe you were right. Maybe he was too distracted for the job. It’s my fault for insisting he could handle it. I should have done more. I should have gone in. I’m so sorry. His poor wife.

♪ Happiness Coming and going– ♪

Regina Saint: I’m recommending you take a leave for 21 days. Spend some quality time with that sweet baby, Siya. Talk to someone. The department will launch the requisite inquiry, but as far as I can tell, I doubt we will find anything you could have done to prevent the death of Nigel Sutton.

Cooper: I’m gonna need to keep you on Reddington detail a bit longer.
Siya: I figured.
Cooper: You don’t necessarily have to go through every door he goes through. But you do have to be there when he comes out. For what it’s worth, he seems to have a genuine respect for you. It feels – protective almost.
Siya: Can’t say I felt especially protected in Edinburgh.
Cooper: Well, like I said, your safety comes first. Just do what you can to keep eyes on him.
Siya: I will. Give my best to the team.

♪ Oh, my, my ♪
♪ It’s just a change in me Something in my liberty ♪
♪ Oh, my, my, my, my ♪
♪ Yeah, yeah ♪
♪ Oh, my, my, my, my, my ♪

[ Siya looks at the $2000 check. It is the check Red got from Mrs Sutton ]
Siya: Who are you, Mrs Kathleen Sutton? And what on earth do you have to do with me?
[ Dramatic music playing ]

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Episode Songs


♫ Roads
By Portishead

[Verse 1]
♪ Oh
Can’t anybody see
We’ve got a war to fight
Never find our way
Regardless of what they say

♪ How can it feel this wrong?
From this moment
How can it feel this wrong?

[Verse 2]
♪ Storm in the morning light
I feel, no more can I say
Frozen to myself
I got nobody on my side
And surely that ain’t right
Surely that ain’t right

[Verse 1]
♪ Oh
Can’t anybody see
We’ve got a war to fight
Never find our way
Regardless of what they say

♪ How can it feel this wrong?
From this moment
How can it feel this wrong?

♪ How can it feel this wrong?
From this moment
How can it feel this wrong?

[Verse 1]
♪ Oh
Can’t anybody see
We’ve got a war to fight
Never find our way
Regardless of what they say

♪ How can it feel this wrong?
From this moment
How can it feel this wrong?

Lyrics and Credits: https://tinyurl.com/526ujw5b
YouTube: https://youtu.be/WQYsGWh_vpE


♫ Black Steel (variation of Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos)
Orig by Public Enemy (Sung by Tricky)

♪ I got a letter from the government the other day
Opened and read it, it said they were suckers
They wanted me for their army or whatever
Picture me giving a damn, I said never

♪ Here is a land that never gave a damn
About a brother like myself because they never did
I wasn’t with it, but just that very minute
It occured to me the suckers had authority

♪ Cold sweatin’ as I dwell in my cell, how long has it been?
They got me sittin’ in the state pen
I gotta get out but that thought was thought before
I contemplated a plan on the cell floor

♪ I’m not a fugitive on the run
But a brother like me began to be another one
Public enemy servin’ time, they drew the line y’all
They criticize me for some crime

♪ I got a letter
I got a letter
I got a letter
Picture me giving a damn, I said never

♪ It occured to me the suckers had authority

♪ Cold sweatin’ as I dwell in my cell, how long has it been?
They got me sittin’ in the state pen
I gotta get out but that thought was thought before

♪ I got a letter from the government the other day
Opened and read it, it said they were suckers
They wanted me for their army or whatever
Picture me giving a damn, I said never

♪ Here is a land that never gave a damn
‘Bout a brother like me and myself because they never did
I wasn’t with it, but just that very minute
It occured to me the suckers had authority

♪ Cold sweatin’ as I dwell in my cell, how long has it been?
They got me sittin’ in the state pen
I gotta get out but that thought was thought before
I contemplated a plan on the cell floor

♪ I’m not a fugitive on the run
I’m not a fugitive on the run

♪ Many switch in
Switch on, switch off
Many switch in
Switch on, switch off
Many switch in
Switch on, switch off
Many switch in
Switch on, switch off
Many switch in
Switch on, switch off

♪ Nevertheless they cannot understand that I’m a black man
And I could never be a veteran
On the strength, the situation’s unreal
I got a raw deal, so I’m lookin’ for the steel
Lookin’ for the steel

♪ I got a letter from the government the other day
Opened and read it, it said they were suckers
They wanted me for their army or whatever
Picture me giving a damn, I said never

Lyrics and Credits: https://tinyurl.com/yckn6b6x
YouTube: https://youtu.be/9ZJTM03UByU


♫ My Cell
By The Lumineers

♪ Falling in love is wonderful
Falling in love is so alone
My cell
My pretty little cell

♪ Painted windows there for me
Painted windows so I can see

♪ Falling in love is wonderful
Falling in love is so alone
My cell
My pretty little cell

♪ Painted windows so I see
Painted windows are for me

♪ My cell
My pretty little cell
My cell
My pretty little cell
My cell
My pretty little cell
My cell
My pretty little cell

♪ All alone, all alone, all alone, all alone
All alone, all alone, all alone, all alone

Lyrics and Credits: https://tinyurl.com/3skvz95y
YouTube: https://youtu.be/6-AL7yqYGnc


♫ Lucky Man
By The Verve

[Verse 1]
♪ Happiness, more or less
It’s just a change in me, something in my liberty
Oh, my, my
Happiness, coming and going
I watch you look at me, watch my fever growing
I know just where I am

♪ But how many corners do I have to turn?
How many times do I have to learn
All the love I have is in my mind?
[Chorus 1]
Well, I’m a lucky man
With fire in my hands

[Verse 2]
♪ Happiness, something in my own place
I’m stood here naked, smiling, I feel no disgrace
With who I am
Happiness, coming and going
I watch you look at me, watch my fever growing
I know just who I am

Lyrics and Credits: https://tinyurl.com/3k6r5z4f
YouTube: https://youtu.be/MH6TJU0qWoY

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🔴 Script 10:14 The Nowhere Bride (№ 192)

Program air date: 5/28/2023 in the US
Script Permalink: https://wp.me/pDKwi-exj
EntertainmentWeekly Recap: https://tinyurl.com/2ttvapa4

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Directed by: Bethany Rooney
Written by: Cristina Boada



Brief (Where we’re at): As Red flits around the globe collecting items his possessions to bring back to the States to sell at outrageously low prices, Siya Malik has been tagging along to keep tabs on him for the task force. Meanwhile, Siya engaged Herbie Hambright to to try to find out more about the discovery that Meera Malik, a former task force member now dead, was not her biological mother. When Herbie came up short, he suggested that Siya ask for help from Red, which she did.

Red took Siya to retrieve a rare stamp, a misprint named “The Sicilian Error of Color” and summoned a potential buyer named Kathleen Sutton. She could not afford the stamp worth millions but he insisted she take it because her deceased husband had longed for the stamp. He asked only $2000, which she paid with a check. Later, Red gave Siya the check and suggested it provided a key to her past. Through a series of flashbacks, we also learned that Kathleen Sutton’s husband Nigel had been Meera’s partner and that their relationship had been fraught and teetered on the edge of criminality.


⭕ Script 10:14 The Nowhere Bride (№ 192)

[ A charity meal service ]
[ Charlene Cooper, wife of Harold Cooper, is helping serve meals alongside a recent immigrant to the US named Duni Okoro, who just recently gotten married ]
[ People murmuring softly ]
~ Hi.
~ Bless you.
~ Same to you.
~ Bless you.
[ Duni’s cellphone rings✨] [ It’s her husband, Okello Okoro, “Kel” for short ]
Duni: [ To Charlene ] Can you take over for a second?
Charlene: Oh, of course, honey.
[ Duni steps away from the counter to take the call ]
Duni: [ Giggling ] You miss me already?
Okello: [ Laughs ] Am I that obvious?
Duni: [ Laughs ] I don’t mind.
Okello: Good. ‘Cause I am cooking dinner for you tonight. Roasted chicken, baby carrots with honey, oh, and rice. I know it’s not much, but it’s what I know how to cook best.
Duni: I’m just happy I found a husband who can cook.
Okello: Well, you deserve a special night. I feel guilty that we haven’t been able to take our honeymoon yet.
Duni: You couldn’t make me any happier than I am right now. I’m here for another half an hour, and then I’m all yours.
Okello: Oh! Um– I am going to need a little more time than that. Um, can you make a stop on your way home? I picked up a bottle of white, but I think a nice bottle of red would be much better.
Duni: Can’t wait. Bye.

[ Duni arrives home. She switches the lights on ]
Duni: [ Calling out ] Hello. I’m home. [ Chuckles ] I, uh, maybe splurged a bit on a Petit Verdot.
[ She puts the bottle down ]
Duni: But you did say it was a special night. Kel? [ Chuckles ] What are you up to?
[ Suspenseful music playing ]
[ Duni looks around the apartment. It looks like an altercation took place: glas shattered, things tossed about ]
[ Duni places a call ]
Duni: Come on, Kel, pick up.
Automated voice: You’ve reached a number that has been disconnected and is no longer in service.
Duni: What the hell is happening?

[ The New York City Bath House where Red has taken up residence. He pours a cup of coffee for Siya. He’s dressed up in a 3-piece suit ]
Siya: Oh, my gosh. That coffee smells good.
[ Siya puts her coat down and takes a seat ]
Siya: I didn’t sleep a wink. Every inch of this city is under construction. It’s like jackhammers are at my headboard. I slept better in my car than at the hotel.
Red: ‘There’s something in the New York air that makes sleep useless,’ so said Simone de Beauvoir.
Siya: Agree to disagree, Simone. So where are we off to today? Bavaria for a meeting with the Illuminati? Treasure hunt in Cairo?
Red: I’m off to a meeting. You should enjoy your coffee.
[ Siya begins to rise ]
Red: No, no, no. Sit, sit, relax.
Siya: I was told to keep an eye on you.
Red: I’m willing to offer a compromise. My burner phone. Write the number down and call it whenever you want to check up on me. I promise I’ll answer.
Siya: What am I supposed to do the rest of the time?
Red: Well, perhaps you’d prefer to spend the day pursuing your own personal matters.
Siya: You’re referring to the check from the garage sale?
Red: Did you step through that door?
Siya: Not yet.
Red: Oh, well.
[ Siya unfolds the check .]
Siya: Why don’t you just tell me what Kathleen Sutton has to do with my mother’s past?
Red: Because, Agent Malik, some stories can’t just be told. They have to be discovered. Call whenever you like.
[ Red adjusts his fedora and leaves ]

[ Charlene and Harold Cooper’s kitchen. Cooper is sitting at the table. Charlene enters ]
Charlene: Morning.
[ Charlene pats him on the back. He barely looks up. She gets herself some coffee ]
Charlene: After 30 years of marriage, I can finally tell the difference between your sexy squint and your tortured gaze.
Cooper: And what are my eyes telling you now?
Charlene: That I’m not getting lucky tonight. [ Chuckles ] What’s going on with you?
Cooper: Uh, the task force. We’re under a high level of scrutiny. If we’re gonna survive, we have to prove our worth. But we’re in a holding pattern.
Charlene: Reddington?
Cooper: Our team relies on the Blacklist cases that he brings us, but he’s been acting erratically, more so than usual.
Charlene: Anything I can do?
Cooper: Sure. Find us a case to work on.
Charlene: There’s this young woman I volunteer with at the meal center, brand-new to the country, Happiest newlywed in the world, until her husband vanished from the apartment.
Cooper: Charlene, I was joking.
Charlene: Right in the middle of cooking dinner. Poor thing, she couldn’t even get through her shift yesterday without crying.
Cooper: I’m very sorry to hear that, but, uh, it’s not exactly the kind of case is gonna help us.
Charlene: Oh, so – the goal of your team is to help yourselves. And all this time I thought it was to help people in trouble. My mistake.
[ Cooper’s brow furrows ]

[ The Post Office war room. Cooper briefs the task force ]
Cooper: Okello Okoro. It’s been four days since his wife, Duni, came home to find him gone and their apartment ransacked. She filed a missing persons report, but so far, Montgomery County police have come up empty.
Ressler: A missing husband. Really? I mean, what’s Reddington’s angle here?
Cooper: This case didn’t come from Reddington.
Dembe: Who did it come from?
Cooper: Charlene.
Herbie Hambright: Who’s Charlene?
[ Herbie’s the newest task force member ]
Dembe: His wife.
Herbie: Oohhh.
Cooper: If you got a stronger case, I’m all ears. We’re hanging by a thread here. Senator Panabaker called me at home last night to inform me that Congressman Hudson has recruited Senator Dorf to his cause.
Ressler: The head of the Intelligence Committee.
Cooper: Congressman Hudson won’t give up until he finds out who we are and what we do, and with Dorf on his side, Hudson could subpoena our case files and read everything.
Dembe: There’s nothing to read. Raymond removed all traces of himself from those files.
Cooper: Exactly. We’re a task force built around an invisible and thoroughly unreliable asset. If this team’s gonna get shut down, I’d just as soon use our final days to do some good for somebody.
Ressler: Dembe and I will go talk to the wife, get the full story. What’s her name again?
Cooper: Duni.
[ Ressler and Dembe leave ]
Cooper: [ To Herbie ] You dig into the husband. Okoro. If he was kidnapped, let’s find out why.

[ Ressler and Dembe sit down with Charlene and Duni in the dining room where they work ]
Charlene: This is Agent Ressler and Agent Zuma. They’re good men. And if anyone can help you, they can.
Duni: I can’t thank you enough.
Charlene: You’re welcome, dear.
Duni: I’ve never felt so scared.
Dembe: Why don’t you start by telling us more about your husband?
Ressler: Charlene tells us you’re newlyweds. How’d you two meet?
Duni: Um, on a dating app. Um, I was living in Kenya at the time. I think the distance made us feel safer to open up. So we started messaging and– [ Sniffles ] The beautiful messages he wrote. Before we knew it, we were in love.
Ressler: So you moved here for him?
Duni: Kel offered to come to Kenya, but he has a good job here, and I’ve always wanted to live in America. So I got here four weeks ago. We got married right away.
Dembe: I know you think your husband was taken, but is there any chance he left on his own? Many men get cold feet.
Duni: No, not Kel. We’re in love.
Ressler: Now, are you aware of anything he might be running from? Any debts?
Duni: Not that I know of. Like I said, he has a stable career. Why are you asking me these questions?
Dembe: We checked your husband’s financials. His bank account was emptied the same day he vanished.
Duni: Whoever abducted Kel must have known about my parents’ money.
Ressler: Your parents’ money?
Duni: The dowry. They transferred it into Kel’s account just this week. Seventy-five thousand dollars. It was all my family had. If Kel’s account is empty, then whoever took him must have taken the dowry, too.

[ Door opens ] [ Ressler and Dembe exit the building ]
Ressler: Dowries? I didn’t realize that was still a thing.
Dembe: In some African and Asian countries, they continue to be given, but they’re largely illegal.
Ressler: I imagine that would make them pretty appealing for a criminal.

[ A woman named Jemma Parikh sits at a workstation typing into a messaging app, reading aloud what she is typing. It sound like poetry ]
Jemma Parikh: “I can’t stop it.
I can’t stop it any more than I can stop a wind from blowing or a wave from crashing.
I want to be with you.
I want to be with you now.
I’m tired of living this charade.
The me that others know has died.
I need to shed myself from this dry, scratchy skin and be reborn in you.
In us.”

[ The voice of a man named Ishaan interrupts ]
Ishaan: Jemma!
Jemma: What? What is it?
Ishaan: I just received an alert from the bank. The transfer came through.
Jemma: [ Laughs ]
[ Jemma places a call ]
[ Line ringing ✨]
Jemma: I just received the dowry. Another job well done. You ready for another target?
Okello Okoro: Hell yeah. Whatever you need, I’m your guy.
Jemma: I’m just working on a new woman from Senegal who is almost ready to make real contact. I’ll send you your new ID packet this weekend. First, I just need to wrap out another case.

[ Apartment door opens ]
Aang Chen: Good morning, beautiful.
Mey: [ Laughs ] Morning.
Aang: I’m excited for today. I cannot wait to make you my wife.
[ Woman giggles ]
[ They kiss and hug ]

[ Siya pays a visit to Mrs Kathleen Sutton ]
Mrs Sutton: Hello?
Siya: Mrs. Sutton? We didn’t get a chance to meet, but I was at a garage sale you went to a few days ago.
Mrs Sutton: Oh, dear. Please tell me that nice man in the hat isn’t asking for his stamp back.
Siya: No, nothing like that. Special Agent Siya Malik with the FBI. I was wondering if I could ask you some questions.
[ Door closes ]
Mrs Sutton: Here. Please take a seat. I’m not sure how much help I’ll be. My Nigel worked for the Foreign Office, but he couldn’t get into specifics of what he did.
Siya: I’m looking for information about a woman, a CIA agent who I guess was a liaison to your husband about 25 years ago. Does that ring any bells?
Mrs Sutton: [ Chuckles ] Oh, I don’t know. Nigel was stationed overseas most of his career, and I lived stateside. That’s why we wrote so many letters. And closer to his– Closer to the end, he was reassigned to London. I met a few of his coworkers before he died in the line of duty. But, uh, that period is such a blur for me.
Siya: I’m sorry for your loss.
Mrs Sutton: I appreciate that. Well, actually, I do remember one colleague who I met at Nigel’s service.
Siya: A woman?
Mrs Sutton: Yes. She gave me her business card, and she said if I ever needed any help to reach out.
Siya: What was her name? Was it Meera Malik?
[ Siya shows her a photo of Meera ]
Mrs Sutton: Hmm. No, that’s not her.
Siya: Ah, what was her name?
Mrs Sutton: It was, uh– Regina. That was it. Regina Saint.
Siya: Are you sure?
Mrs Sutton:[ Chuckles ] I am. I remember thinking it was a lovely name at a dreadful time.

[ Later, from the Post Office. Herbie talks on the phone with Siya ]
Herbie: According to her file, Regina Saint worked for the CIA for 23 years. She was your mother’s case officer at one point, and she’s now retired in St. Augustine, Florida. All right, I’m sending you all the information I have on Regina Saint right now.
[ Cellphone dings🔅]
Siya: Got it. Thanks so much for your help.
Herbie: Yeah, no problem. So how are things going with Reddington?
Siya: Oh, he lives in a decrepit bath house and makes great coffee. Not much else toreport.
Herbie: Uh, I gotta run. Duty calls.
[ Cooper, Ressler and Dembe gather around Herbie’s desk ]
Cooper: Where are we with the missing husband?
[ Herbie plays some surveillance footage ]
Herbie: Uh, well, based on what I found, “missing” is a relative term. Security footage from Okoro’s bank the day he was kidnapped. If there’s any question, what you’re looking at is Okello Okoro – Say that three times fast. Draining his account dry.
Cooper: If his hand’s being forced, he doesn’t look under duress to me.
Herbie: Check out the timestamp. That’s an hour before his heartbroken bride called 911. Missing husband or thieving bastard? You make the call.
Ressler: After we talked to the wife, Dembe and I did some digging. This guy’s entire identity is fabricated.
Dembe: Okello Okoro’s Social Security number belonged to an infant that died in childhood in 1982. His birth certificate lists a hospital that has no records of him, and his marriage certificate is a fake.
Cooper: So he’s a con man.
Ressler: Well, that suggests an individual. Now, given the intricacies of his scam, we believe Okoro is part of a larger operation.
Cooper: Okay. There may be other victims out there. We need to find Okoro’s real identity. I want all of you to head to Duni’s apartment. Armed with this new information, maybe we can find something local PD missed.

[ Door opens ]
[ Woman laughing ]
[ Aang Chen carries his new bride, Mey, dressed for the occasion, over the threshold of their apartment ]
Aang: Voilà!
Mey: [ Laughs ] You’re going to hurt yourself.
Aang: What do you mean? I’ve been secretly working out in preparation for this very moment.
Mey: So you think I’m heavy?
Aang: You’re perfect.
Mey: I’m going to call my parents to tell them the good news.
Aang: No! Uh, stay. I mean, they’re probably fast asleep anyways.
Mey: You clearly have never met my parents. They’re up and waiting. I guarantee it. Plus, I want them to send over my dowry so we can get out of this man cave, find a respectable place to start our lives together.
Aang: All right, fair enough. But as soon as they send the money, we’re gonna get you a ring and a proper honeymoon. I want to do this right. You should have everything you’ve ever wanted.
Mey: I do. I have you.
[ They kiss ]

[ At the apartment Okello and Duni Okoro shared, Duni and Dembe talk while Ressler and Herbie scour the place for evidence the police detectives might have missed ]
Duni Okoro: How could I have been so naive? I really thought we were in love. Kel was so sweet and emotional. You should read the messages he wrote me. He spoke straight to my heart.
Dembe: We need to figure out who your husband really is. The police didn’t find any of his fingerprints here. He wiped the place down clean before he left. Have you seen any of his personal items that could help us?
Duni: No.
[ Ressler holds up a vase ]
Ressler: These things still have the price tags left on them. This entire apartment is staged for your benefit. Just like they staged his kidnapping. Now, we suspect that he had accomplices. Did you ever meet any of his friends?
Duni: No, never. God, I feel like such a fool. How am I going to tell my family that I lost all of their money? They’ll disown me.
Dembe: You were victimized by a thief. Your family will come around.
[ Herbie emerges ]
Herbie: Ah-ha! The man you know as Kel did a fine job of cleaning his wayward hairs and dead skin cells, but nobody can remember everything. I just pulled a clean print.
Dembe: From where?
Herbie: The toilet.
Ressler: He didn’t clean the toilet?
Herbie: He cleaned most of the toilet. But lucky for us, Kel is a ‘stand-up guy.’ As in he stands to pee, which means he has to lift the seat.
Dembe: You found his fingerprint underneath the toilet seat? Gross.
Herbie: Have you changed a diaper recently?
Ressler: Okay, let’s run that print, get the ID.

[ Red is meeting with Mr Tomas Vicente, front man for Mr Adolfo Santoro ]
Red: I confess, I’m usually the one avoiding meetings, not requesting them. Well, I’ve been following your employer’s operations, ventures in Brazil and Uruguay. And now he’s set his sights on the US. Santoro is almost as hungry as I was at his age.
Tomas Vicente: Mr. Reddington, my employer will consider that the highest compliment coming from you.
Red: Then why isn’t he here? Why did he send you?
[ Red’s displeasure is evident ]
Vicente: All of Mr. Santoro’s business matters go through me. So, what are we here to discuss?
Red: Why don’t we start with the bribing of Florida’s Regional Environmental Officer? There’s currently a multibillion-dollar contract up for grabs to reinforce the Gulf coastline.
Vicente: Mr. Santoro is a businessman. He had every right to make a bid for that.
Red: [ Chuckles ] Santoro is a crook. He couldn’t care less about the effects of climate change. He’s gonna fill those jobs with all his underworld connections and rake in the kickbacks. Stop me when I’m wrong.
Vicente: My employer grew up in the favelas of Sao Paolo. Being a criminal was how he survived. [ Chuckles ] But the past is the past. This project represents a new chapter for his organization.
Red: So we’re playing pretend now. Okay, I’ll play along. Getting the contract is just the first step. If Santoro wants to milk this heifer, he’ll need to make and maintain the right connections, line the right pockets, pay out entities. It’s overwhelming. Lucky for you, I’m here to offer my assistance.
Vicente: Mr. Santoro has nothing but respect for you, Mr. Reddington. But we already have a full complement of partners on the project.
Red: Erosion is a sneaky sort. It happens slowly over time. Before you know it, something that once was thriving no longer exists.
Vicente: Is that a threat?
Red: Just a tip. That one’s free. You can see yourself out.
[ Vicente leaves ]
[ Red’s cell phone dialing ••• ••• •••• ]
[ Line ringing✨]
Red: Yes, Secretary Kyle’s office, please.

Parole Officer: Please sit down. So, how can I help you?
Ressler: Well, we just pulled a print from a fraud case we’ve been working, and it belongs to one of your parolees.
Dembe: He was operating under the alias ‘Okello Okoro.’ But his real name is Kel Ammons.
Parole Officer: Kel? That’s too bad. I was hoping Kel would turn a corner. I mean, he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed, but he’s handsome, he’s charming. I thought he might find a way to cash in on that.
Dembe: He did, by stealing the dowry of an African woman. We need to find him.
Parole Officer: I did an apartment check last week. Nothing out of the ordinary. That address should be current.
Dembe: That’s a different address than the apartment he’s sharing with his wife.
Ressler: We’ll look into this. We’ll get back to you. Thanks for your help.

[ Jemma Parikh, who runs the dowry theft ring, walks over. She works in the Parole Office as well ]
Jemma: Who were the stiffs?
Parole Officer: FBI agents looking into Kel Ammons. Something about a love scam.

[ Red’s plane is parked. US Interior Secretary Edward Kyles boards to meet with Red ]
Red: Mr. Secretary, welcome. Please have a seat. We haven’t caught up for some time. How are those gray wolves of yours doing?
Secretary Kyles: You want to hear something great? Their population grew by 3.5% over the last 12 months alone. And, hey, we even spotted a new den. It’s near Glacier National Park.
Red: That’s what I love about you, Eddie. You truly care about the puppies. Puts a smile on my face.
Secretary Kyles: It also gave the Department of the Interior a win to take back to the President. But we’re not here to talk about wolves, now, are we?
Red: We are not. I’ve run into some trouble with a coastal protection project in Florida. The contract is about to go to a new erosion control company. What you don’t know is that the company is backed by a Brazilian entrepreneur named Adolfo Santoro, who also has ties with certain crime syndicates. No biggie, but they include one particularly ghastly drսg cartel that’s been terrorizing the Yucatan. It’s a sensitive matter that only you can help me with.
Secretary Kyles: How long do you need?
Red: Long enough for you and I to push a few pieces around the game board.

[ Jemma Parikh calls Okello Okoro/Kel Ammons ]
Jemma: You screwed up.
Kel: No, I didn’t. Duni has no idea who I am. I scrubbed the apartment like I always do, and I closed the bank account. It was seamless.
Jemma: Well, you must have screwed up somewhere. The FBI knows your real identity.
Kel: The FBI?
Jemma: Yeah, they were just here questioning my boss. You’re burned, and now we’re both at risk.
Kel: Jemma, what do I do? I can’t go back to jail.
Jemma: First, you go to your apartment. Get rid of anything that connects you to me. And then you need to disappear, somewhere no one knows who you are. Go now.
[ Jemma calls over to her boss ]
Jemma: Hey, I’ll be back soon. I need to run a personal errand. I’ll be on my cell, yeah?
[ On her way out, she ditches her cell phone in the trash ]

[ Dembe and Ressler get out of their vehicle near the new address they have for Kel Ammons ]
Dembe: Ugh. It’s astonishing how much work and preparation went into this terrible con.
Ressler: Well, imagine what they could have accomplished if they just applied themselves to something constructive.
[ In front of the building is someone packing the trunk of a car ]
Ressler: Wait. Isn’t that our guy? [ Loudly ] Kel Ammons! FBI! Keep your hands where I can see them!
[ Suspenseful music playing ]
[ Kel takes off with Ressler in pursuit, but Dembe drives the car around and blocks his way ]
Ressler: Kel Ammons, you’re under arrest.

[ Aang Chen is at home ] [ Cellphone rings ✨]
Aang: Jemma, I’m glad you’re calling. Listen, I want to talk to you about something.
Jemma: Yeah, where are you? Are you alone?
Aang: Yeah. Mey’s at the cafe on the corner, grabbing us something to eat. What’s going on?
Jemma: We’re moving up the timeline. I need you to withdraw Mey’s dowry today.
Aang: Actually, that’s what I want to talk to you about.
Jemma: The FBI is onto us. One of my husbands got made. I’m shutting down the operation. I’m not sure how long. Maybe for good.
Aang: Whoa, whoa, whoa. The Feds?
Jemma: Don’t worry. They don’t have any idea you exist, and I’m going to keep it that way, you have my word. But for now, I need Mey’s dowry in my account today.
Aang: Look, Jemma, I can’t do it. I can’t rob Mey.
Jemma: Why not?
Aang: I– I love her.
Jemma: Mey did not fall in love with you. I’m the one who seduced her online. Me. She fell in love with my words, my passion. What are you going to do when she figures out you have nothing meaningful to say?
Aang: Look, I’m not stealing her money.
Jemma: More than half of that dowry belongs to me, and it may be my last one. There’s no way in hell I’m giving that up.
Aang: Jemma, don’t call again.
Jemma: Don’t you–
[ Line disconnects ]
Jemma: Ugh. [ Exhales ]

[ A fast food place ]
Customer: Thanks. Bye-bye.
[ Mey Chen has placed her order when Jemma Parikh appears at the door ]
Jemma: Excuse me. Are you Mey Chen?
Mey: I am. I’m sorry. Do I know you?
Jemma: No, but I-I just witnessed a terrible accident on Dale and Fifth. A pedestrian was hit by a motorcycle. He said his name was Aang, Aang Chen. Do you know him?
Mey: He’s my husband.
Jemma: Well, uh, he was pretty banged up. I don’t know how badly, but when the paramedics put him in the ambulance, he asked me to come find you. He said that he didn’t have his phone and that you were new to the country. You’d have no way of getting a hold of him.
Mey: Thank you. Wait, uh, what hospital was he taken to?
Jemma: Uh, Overbrook General. You know where that is?
Mey: I don’t know where anything is yet.
Jemma: Well, I could drop you off. The hospital’s right on my way. It’d be no problem.
Mey: Thank you. Yes. I really appreciate it.
Jemma: Okay.

[ Red is on his plane in flight. He’s talking on the phone with his minder, Siya ]
Siya: You staying out of trouble?
Red: For the moment, but things could take a turn. The day’s not over. How about you?
Siya: I’ve got a lead on my mother’s former case officer with the CIA.
Red: Wonderful.
Siya: Not wonderful. The woman’s retired in St. Augustine, Florida. I left her a voicemail, but I think I’m gonna have to wait until I can take some personal time to fly down there.
Red: Nonsense. I’ll take you there first thing tomorrow on the jet.
Siya: Really? Are you planning to fly tomorrow?
Red: I’m planning to fly you to St. Augustine tomorrow. Oldest city in America I’ve never been. I’d love to go.

[ Aang is at home, unhurt of course, trying to reach Mey ]
[ Line ringing✨]
Mey: [ On phone ] Hello?
Aang: Mey! Why haven’t you been picking up? I’ve been calling for the past hour. Where are you? You okay?
Jemma: I’m afraid Mey’s unable to come to the phone at the moment.
[ Jemma has Mey bound and gagged in a warehouse ]
Aang: Jemma. What did you do? If you hurt Mey, I swear that I’m gonna–
Jemma: Before you swear to anything you might regret, I want you to understand that I am the one in control. And if you don’t bring me Mey’s dowry in the next 24 hours, you will never see your wife again.

[ Red and Siya are in the bathhouse apartment, getting ready to leave for Florida ]
[ Cell phone ringing ✨ ]
Red: Sorry. Hello.
Vicente: Mr. Reddington, this is Tomas Vicente. I just learned of an interesting development in the Gulf coastline bid. Florida’s Regional Environmental Officer has just resigned, completely out of the blue. And Mr. Santoro’s government contract is now delayed.
Red: I’m confused. Why are you calling me? I already offered my help and you declined.
Vicente: Please. Mr. Santoro would very much like a face-to-face. Can you get to Cuba in six hours?
Red: Maybe. Text me the address and I’ll see.
[ Call ends ]
Red: I’m afraid we have a detour.
Siya: Detour? Detour to where?
Red: To Cuba. Have you been?
Siya: What about St. Augustine?
Red: Don’t you worry one bit. We will definitely get you there, too. What a whirlwind.

[ The Post Office ] [ Ressler and Dembe sit down to interrogate Kel Ammons alias Okello Okoro ]
Ressler: How was your first night back in a cell? You ready to talk now?
Kel: It was Jemma Parikh.
Ressler: Who’s Jemma Parikh?
Kel: She works in my parole office.
Dembe: The woman with the coffee.
Kel: That’s where we met. Jemma noticed how I was struggling to find a job. She promised the con would be a good way to make a living. She was right.
Dembe: So Parikh runs the operation?
Kel: She’s the one you’re looking for.
Ressler: How’s her operation work?
Kel: Jemma looks for – I don’t know. Good-looking ex-cons, I guess. [ Chuckles ] Ethnic types. She creates an ID for them and then uses their profiles to phish online. That’s where she finds her marks.
Dembe: From countries where families still pay dowries.
Ressler: I take it Duni wasn’t your first victim.
Kel: That’s right. Once Jemma got a woman on the hook, she’d coach me on whatever I needed to know. Then I’d swoop in and do what I do best.
Ressler: Don’t flatter yourself, Romeo.
Dembe: So you split the dowries with Parikh?
Kel: She took 70%, but she keeps me working.
Ressler: Well, how many husbands does she have working?
Kel: I don’t know. Jemma’s a pro. She– She keeps us all separate.
Dembe: What about the brides? The other women she’s still conning? We need their names.
Kel: I don’t have any.
Ressler: It looks like we’re done here.
[ Ressler and Dembe get up and leave ]
Kel: [ Calling after them ] Wait! Please don’t go. I want to help you! I-I just can’t tell you what I don’t know!

[ Ressler walks with Cooper ]
Ressler: Jemma Parikh, born in Ahmedabad, India. She emigrated to America in her 20s. Currently, Parikh works as a local office manager for the US Parole Commission.
[ The team has gathered around Herbie’s desk ]
Ressler: I called her boss, but she ditched work this afternoon. Nobody’s heard from her since.
Dembe: Because she knows we’re on to her. I searched the state of Maryland’s police records and found 12 foreign brides who reported their husbands missing in the last five years. All of those cases are still active.
Ressler: It’s a smart con. Without proof of foul play, missing persons cases aren’t a high priority.
Dembe: Even less so when it involves immigrants.
Cooper: They’re a priority now. This is no longer a case about one woman’s stolen dowry. I suspect Parikh has been running an international fraud ring for years. We need to find Parikh before she skips town. Do we have any leads?
Herbie: I do. I looked into Parikh’s offshore account where Duni’s husband transferred his dowry. I traced monthly payments from that account to a leased sedan here in DC. It’s a BMW registered under the same false ID on the bank account.
Cooper: Contact the manufacturer. Let’s see if we can get a GPS location on that vehicle.
Herbie: I already did. BMW is currently in a parking lot outside of a bank on Hamilton and 13th.
Cooper: Agents Ressler and Zuma, get there now. Let’s end this once and for all.

[ Dembe and Ressler come across Aang Chen loading a duffle bag containing the dowry money into the trunk of the BMW ]
Dembe: FBI! Keep your hands where we can see them.
Aang: [ Desperately ] Please, you can’t arrest me. She’ll kill her.
Ressler: Who are you talking about? Who’s gonna kill who?
Aang: Jemma Parikh. The woman I work for. If I don’t get Jemma this money today, she’s going to kill my wife.
[ Suspenseful music playing ]

[ Havana, Cuba ]
[ Red and Siya pause in the entrance of the restaurant where the meeting will take place ]
Red: Siya, I’m not exactly sure how this is going to go. Would you be a dear and stand by me and look tough?
Siya: How tough we talking?
Red: Like you shot a man in Reno just to watch him die.
[ Adolfo Santoro enters, followed by Tomas Vicente and two body guards ~ one of which is Red’s former bodyguard, Weecha Xiu. Red’s lover at the time was Weecha’s sister Mierce ]
Adolfo Santoro: I always hoped we would meet, just not under these circumstances. I made promises to my friends in the States that I won’t be able to keep now because of you.
Red: I learned the hard way to avoid promises. Stick to probabilities, likelihoods. You’ll find the collateral damage is much less.
Santoro: You screwed me over in Florida.
Red: No, I leaned into resources that I told your associate about. Nothing more, nothing less. You, on the other hand, decided to play in my sandbox without inviting me to make castles with you.
Santoro: You have my attention now.
Red: I’m reminded of a time at the Hipodromo Independencia in Rosario. There was a young colt, perfectly bred, aggressive, energetic. Everyone knew he was a sure thing. I’m embarrassed to say I bought into the hype and bet a whole lot of money on him, and he lost to a horse who had seen better days but had the heart and soul of a winner. And that night he made sure everyone knew it. I’m giving you one last chance to accept the offer of my services.
Santoro: I’m not alone on the Florida project. I have partners, and before I can sign off on anything, I need to reach out and consult with them first.
Red: I have a few minutes. I’ll wait.
[ Santoro and Vicente leave along with the male bodyguard. Red speaks to Siya ]
Red: Would you be so kind as to give us a minute, Siya?
Siya: I’ll see myself out.
[ Red is left alone with Weecha ]
Red: You look the same.
Weecha: You too.
Red: I wish you had come back.
Weecha: I’ve been busy with work.
Red: I’m not surprised, what with you being such a tough guy and all. But I’m getting too old to search the jungle for you.
[ Weecha steps closer with a slight knowing smile on her face ]
Weecha: You’re saying Santoro caught your attention, But I know you don’t care about him or his business. That’s not why you’re here, is it?
Red: I missed you. Miss you.
[ Weecha lays her hands on Red’s cheeks and the side of his neck ]
[ They kiss passionately and long ]
Weecha: [ Whispers ] I miss you, too.
[ Weecha steps back quickly ]
Weecha: [ Quietly ] But I gotta get back to work.
[ Santoro enters ]
Santoro: My partners agreed. They look forward to working with you.
Red: Excellent news. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have somewhere else to be.
[ Red doffs his fedora and leaves ]

[ At Regina Saint’s home in St. Augustine, Florida ]
Siya: Thank you for agreeing to meet with me, Ms Saint.
Regina Saint: Oh, please, call me Regina. Meera Malik’s daughter. My goodness. I never expected to see you again.
Siya: Wait. Uh, we’ve met before? I-I’m sorry. I don’t remember.
Regina: Oh, of course you don’t. You were still in a crib, dear. And now you work for the FBI. Following in your mother’s footsteps?
Siya: Something like that.
Regina: I didn’t work with Meera long. Just the one case. But I considered her a friend. I was sorry to hear of her passing.
Siya: Well, I’m here because of the case you just mentioned. I was hoping you could tell me more about it.
Regina: I remember it well. You always do when you lose an agent, even one working for a different team.
Siya: Nigel Sutton.
Regina: Yes. Your mother’s partner.
Siya: What happened?
Regina: There’s only so much I’m authorized to say. Most of the information surrounding that case is still classified. What I can tell you is an inquiry into cause of death was opened, but your mother bore no responsibility in Nigel’s death. He simply died in the line of duty.
Siya: There was an inquiry?
Regina: Inquiries are protocol. But Nigel was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. In fact, Meera took it the hardest. They were close, you know, ever since that first case they worked together in Kolkata.
[ Siya scribbles the word “Kolkata” on her note pad ]
Siya: I didn’t know any of this. There’s a lot I’m still learning about my mother.

[ Aang Chen arrives at the warehouse where Mey is being held by Jemma ]
Aang: Hello? I’m here. I have your money.
Jemma: Ah, I’m glad you came to your senses. The money, please.
Aang: Not until I know Mey is unharmed.
[ A man with a gun steps forward with Mey ]
Aang: Mey. Thank God you’re not hurt.
[ Aang tries to go to Mey ]
Armed Man: Don’t even think about it.
Jemma: If Mey loves you like you believe, then she’ll forgive you. A happy ending will be waiting on the other side. The money, now.
[ Aang tosses the duffle. It lands near Jemma. She unzips it, then nods at the Arrmed Man. He releases Mey, who runs to Aang. They embrace ]
Mey: [ Crying ]
Aang: Hey, don’t cry. You’re safe now. I got you.
[ Suddenly, Ressler, Dembe and other agents burst it ]
Ressler: FBI! Show me your hands!
— Turn around.
— All right, move in.
Dembe: Jemma Parikh, you’re under arrest.

[ At the Post Office, Dembe interrogates Jemma Parikh ]
Dembe: We ran your background. Do you know what we found? A criminal complaint you filed in your 20s, after you arrived in the States from India to marry an American. But he disappeared after your parents paid the dowry.
Jemma: In my country, I’m what’s called a “nowhere bride.”
Dembe: So you were a victim and now you are victimizing other women. How does that happen?
Jemma: When my husband vanished, I had nothing. I tried to go back home, but my family was too ashamed to take me back. I was heartbroken and on my own in a foreign land.
Dembe: So it was done to you, so you thought, why not do it to others?
Jemma: [ Sarcastically ] This is the land of opportunity. Haven’t you heard?
Dembe: Sounds like a convenient way to justify robbery.
Jemma: No, no, you are wrong. I steal dowries. They’re antiquated. They are patriarchal. They maintain gender inequality, prevent women from going to school, and keep them from economic independence. Not to mention the violence that surrounds them.
Dembe: You’re right. Dowries are dehumanizing. But you could have really helped those brides. Instead, you preyed on them. [ Angrily ] At the end of the day, you’re no better than a run-of-the-mill thief. Just like the man who stole from you.
[ Dembe leaves ]

[ Ressler interrogates Aang ]
Aang: I did what you asked me to do. Please, you have to let me see Mey.
Ressler: Come on. You know that’s not possible.
Aang: I need to explain everything. I need her to know I was telling her the truth. I really do love her.
Ressler: Yeah? Sure have a funny way of showing it.
[ Ressler leaves the interrogation room and enter the observation room. Mey has been watching ]
Mey: [ Sighs ] Do you think he’s telling the truth?
Ressler: Does it matter?
Mey: [ Crying ] I guess not. He’s not the person I left my home and family for. What am I going to do in this country now? He’s the only person I– thought I knew here.
Ressler: Well, it just so happens I know a young woman from Kenya who I think you might really hit it off with. Come on. Let’s get out of here.

[ The Coopers’ home ] [ Duni, the woman from Kenya, is visiting ]
Cooper: Parikh kept a ledger, so we were able to arrest her ring of conmen and get some of the stolen dowries back. The money will be disbursed to all the women who were defrauded by her operation.
Duni: Thank you. I would have never known what really happened without your help.
Charlene: So, what’s next?
Duni: I have a lot to think about, but I want to take some time for myself. Maybe try a college course. Thank you again.
Charlene: You’re so welcome.
[ Duni leaves ]
Cooper: I don’t know if this case is high-profile enough to get the DOJ off our backs, but I’m happy we were able to help someone.
Charlene: Me too, honey. Thank you.
[ Hug ]
Charlene: Mmm. [ Kiss ]

[ Red sits across from Siya on their flight back from St Augustine ]
Red: How was your chat with Regina Saint? Have you discovered something?
Siya: Nigel Sutton and my mother began working together in Kolkata, where my birth certificate and adoption papers were forged. Less than two years later, Nigel was killed during an operation, and Meera was investigated. There’s just too many coincidences too close together. I think it’s all connected, but I don’t know how.
Red: Not every answer is worth knowing.
Siya: To me, this one is. [ Sighs ] Would you just– Please, tell me what you know?
Red: Kolkata. In 1997, Meera was a young intelligence officer working an operation in one of the deepest, darkest holes that humanity has to offer, guns and drսgs, sеxual slavery. One night she met the head of a trafficking ring in Bowbazar, a red-light district that’s said to employ almost 12,000 prostitutes. While Meera was trying to work the asset, she noticed the crying baby alone in the corner. At that moment, members of a rival gang came in and the place turned into a free-for-all. As the chaos ensued around her, Meera suddenly just scooped up that baby girl and ran. She ran all the way to London and never let go.
Siya: Uh– The parents. Who were my parents?
Red: I don’t know. You had been abandoned.
Siya: What about Officer Sutton? What happened to him?
Red: Before Kolkata, there was no baby. And afterwards there was you. Meera had fabricated your birth and adoption. And Officer Sutton, being her close colleague, knew the truth and tried to use that against your mother, extorting her and putting you in danger. Meera wasn’t going to let anything bad happen to her new family. [ Solemnly ] I know how far a parent will go to protect their child. [ Normal voice ] Well, she didn’t kill him. She didn’t precipitate or participate. She let him die. ⋘⋙ Meera gave you a chance at life. And from what I’ve seen, your mother would be very proud.
Siya: [ Tears flowing ] Thank you.
Red: Why don’t I get us something to drink?
[ Red gets up and heads toward the plane’s galley ]

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🔴 Script 10:15 The Hat Trick

Program air date: 6/1/2023 (7pm CT) in the US
Script Permalink: https://wp.me/pDKwi-eyo
EntertainmentWeekly Recap: https://tinyurl.com/6azkp2am

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Directed by: Adam Weisinger
Written by: Katie Bockes, Sam Christopher



Brief (Where we’re at): Siya Malik, at last, was able to find out the story of why her mother Meera was not biologically related to her. Her mother had saved her from a bleak future when she encountered a crying baby during a fracas in a hell-hole in Kolcata, India. The child had been abandoned. Meera had saved the baby, then had her birth and adoption records forged. Unfortunately, Meera’s partner, Nigel Sutton, had used Meera’s secret to extort her. This ended when, during a job when things went sideways, Meera did not proactively intervene to warn Nigel and he ended up being killed. Meera survived the internal review of the case, however.

Siya was able to locate her mother’s former supervisor, Regina Saint, who told her pieces of the story, with Red fiilling in the rest. Red had flown Siya to St Augustine, Florida to find Ms Saint. On the same trip, Red met with mob boss Adolfo Santoro, in Cuba, to confront him for infringing on his business and compel him to form a partnership, which Santoro was persuaded to agree to. Santoro was accomanied by a body guard: Red’s former bodyguard, Weecha Xiu. Red had had a romantic relationship with Weecha’s sister Mierce [in season 9], but it seemed to have ended when Mierce blamed Red for putting Weecha’s life in danger. Now, however, when Santoro stepped away, Weecha and Red shared a passionate kiss and it became clear that Red’s real reason for meeting with Santoro had been to reconnect with Weecha.


⭕ Script 10:15 The Hat Trick

[ Red walks outside between the pillars of a colonnade. The sidewalk comes to a street and, seeing something, Red walks into the crosswalk, not noticing a bus heading toward him. He is focused on the penny he’s spotted in the crosswalk ]
[ The bus’s horn 🔊honks ] [ Red stops and sees the bus, but he doesn’t move out of the way; he just looks at it ]
[ The bus swerves to avoid hitting him ] [ Tires⚡️screech⚡️]
[ Red bends over and picks up the penny ]
Bystander: Hey, are you all right? What were you doing?
[ Red holds up the penny ]
Red: Heads. Good fortune.

[ Ressler is sitting in the parked car of Jonathan Pritchard, the young man who he is spnsoring in Narcotics Anonymous (NA) ]
Pritchard: Yeah, I was really nervous about telling my sister, but she just said that she’s happy I’m in a good place. And of course, I made amends to the guy whose fruit stand I hit. He’s actually in recovery, too. Yeah, he gave me some- some really good things to think about.
Ressler: Well, that’s great. How’d it go with Jill?
Pritchard: Well, I-I was, I was thinking of reaching out to this buddy of mine next and–
Ressler: Come on. You gotta call your wife.
Pritchard: Well, I’m-I’m working up to her.
Ressler: No, what you’re doing is trying to make amends to everyone you can think of except the one person you hurt the most.
Pritchard: Yeah, hurt doesn’t even begin to describe it.
Ressler: I know this is hard. I struggled with it, too, but it’s something we have to do if we want to get better. Do better.
Pritchard: I don’t even know where to begin with her.
Ressler: Well, at the beginning. Pick up the phone. Say hello. Take it from there. Okay?
Pritchard: Okay. I think maybe I’ll, uh, I’ll invite her to lunch. You know, lunch is the, the meal with the fewest expectations.
Ressler: [ Chuckles ] Look, no matter what happens, you can call me when you’re done. All right?
Pritchard: Yeah. I will. Thank you.

[ Red’s garage/apartment in DC]
Cooper: You’re a hard man to get ahold of these days.
Red: Well, now that we don’t have Agent Malik to act as a go-between. I was sorry to see her return to the Post Office. She turned out to be a very amiable traveling companion. Snores, though. I was hoping she’d stay around a little longer so I could set her up with a sleep doctor I know. Very difficult to get an appointment with, but I once got his wife out of a terribly awkward situation in Connecticut, so he owes me.
Cooper: I sent her to surveil you, not make friendship bracelets.
Red: So you’re saying I’ll have to rely on you to pass along the details about Dr. Matthewson?
Cooper: I’m saying we need cases. That’s why I am here. Panabaker let me know that Hudson’s recruited a powerful ally, Senator Dorf. Now he’s starting to ask questions about Task Force 836.
Red: I take it that’s us. Let him ask. We’ve done good work.
Cooper: And you have greatly compromised the evidence of that.
Red: I’ll take care of Hudson.
Cooper: Sooner rather than later we’re gonna need to prove to the government that we’re worth what we cost. We need to solve new cases as soon as possible.
Red: The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is now. Luckily for you, I have three seedlings.
[ Red ducks into the next room and comes back with some newspapers ]
Red: The first seedling is the tragedy at the Wexford Fertility Clinic. The temperature controls at their storage facility went down. They suffered a total loss of the embryos in their care. Heartbreaking for all those families, rumored to be among Washington’s best and brightest, if there is such a thing. And the financial implications are significant. Wexford charges over $30,000 per retrieval, and most couples do more than one. So, the lawsuits will be staggering, if the clinic is to blame for the loss, that is. But I don’t believe they are.

[ Flashforward (an hour or so later): ]
[ Cooper goes over the new cases with the task force ]
Cooper: Reddington thinks this is the work of a sophisticated hacker who deliberately targeted the clinic.
Herbie: IVF can be controversial. Maybe it’s a protest against the science.
Ressler: Do we think it was an attack against the entire facility, or particular individuals?
Cooper: Reddington doesn’t know. We’ll need to ask the hacker personally.
Dembe: You mentioned Raymond has three cases. The hacker did them all?

Red: No. The next case is a complicated killer–

[ Flashforward: ]
Cooper: All three died in local hospitals while undergoing treatment.
Malik: The first two patients that died mentioned battles with serious health conditions, and Gabriel Gear was over 70.
Ressler: It seems like all three of these people died of natural causes.

Red: Most unnatural, I assure you. I believe these patients were visited by a so-called Angel of Mercy.

[ Flashforward: ]
Herbie: A doctor who intentionally kills their patients?
Cooper: Or nurse. Angels of Mercy usually say they were trying to prevent their patients’ suffering, but in most cases, the patients would have pulled through without their caregiver’s “intervention.” Reddington thinks that if we look closer–

Red: You’ll find an Angel of Death stalking the halls of D.C.’s most prominent hospitals. And then, there’s your third case. A case of trust betrayed.

[ Flashforward: ]
Cooper: Reddington’s not interested in the company who harmed the worker, he’s interested in the lawyer who settled the suit. Rebecca Anders. Successful personal injury attorney. Reddington alleges she’s stealing from her clients. Most of her settlements are undisclosed, but he believes it’s in the millions.
Dembe: Where’s the money going?

Red: There’s a question worth sinking your inquisitive teeth into. With the number of lawsuits she’s settled, she could be the financial support behind any number of nasty schemes.

Ressler: I’ll say it, it seems like Reddington’s willing to play ball again, I’m just confused about what the game is.
Siya: Why is he giving us three Blacklisters at once? Are they connected?
Cooper: I don’t know. But let’s not waste time looking a gift horse in the mouth. With three cases, we’ll need to divide and conquer.
Herbie: I can review the medical records and reach out to some pathology friends of mine.
Cooper: That works. Agent Ressler, I’d like for you to go talk to Anders’ most recent client. Agent Malik, Agent Zuma, that leaves you with the IVF clinic.
Siya: We’re on it, sir.
Cooper: Whatever Reddington’s up to, three cases means three opportunities to prove our worth.

[ Ressler has stopped by to talk to lawyer Rebecca Anders’ most recent client. His name is Clive Lewis and he’s in a wheelchair ]
Clive: You can take all that with you. It paints a pretty full picture. Employee manuals, forklift certification protocols–
Ressler: I think there’s been a misunderstanding.
Clive: What misunderstanding? You said the FBI was looking into negligence. I’ve got everything you need to open a case right there.
Ressler: I’m here with questions about Mrs. Anders.
Clive: My lawyer? I’m on two wheels for the rest of my life because my boss didn’t want to pay an extra few bucks.
Ressler: I’m sorry to hear that.
Clive: I’ve got nothing but good things to say about her. Kemp Shipping didn’t want to pay for industry-standard training, so she had them pay me. I sleep great at night knowing they’re out a million-dollar settlement because of her.
[ Ressler’s cell phone rings✨]
Ressler: I’m sorry, I have to take this.
[ Ressler steps aside ]
Cooper: Are you with her client?
Ressler: Yeah, I’m here with him now, but I don’t think I’m gonna get anything out of him. I mean, he loves Anders. She got him a million dollars.
Cooper: A million? He said that, one million?
Ressler: Yeah, why?
Cooper: I was calling because I got ahold of Kemp Shipping’s General Counsel. According to their copy of the settlement, they agreed to pay him three-and-a-half million. If that’s true–
Ressler: We’re looking at some serious felony charges.
Cooper: We need to bring the lawyer in for questioning.
Ressler: You know what I’m thinking? If this is the real deal–
Cooper: The other two cases are just as serious. And we’re just getting started.
[ Intense music plays ]

[ Dembe and Siya arrive at the Wexford Fertility Clinic ]
[ They are greeted by a woman named Sandy Roberts ]
Ms Roberts: Thank you for coming. This has been an absolute nightmare, but knowing the FBI’s involved is somewhat of a relief.
[ A young man steps over ]
Ms Roberts: We’ve also brought on Todd Wagner of Addabbo CommTech. They manage our network security.
Todd Wagner: Anything we can do to help. Sandy mentioned that you think this might have been a deliberate attack?
Siya: We have intelligence to suggest that, but first we’d like to hear about what happened.
Ms Roberts: We lost power overnight in the storm. Should have been routine, that’s why we have a backup generator, but we didn’t expect for the backup generator to also fail. Embryos are very fragile. Unfortunately, the alert system that lets us know the units aren’t maintaining the proper temperature also shut down in the outage.
Dembe: So the alert system also went down?
Ms Roberts: By the time we knew something was wrong, it was too late.
Siya: That’s a lot of coincidences.
Dembe: Too many. We need to contact the Cyber Action Team to look into your security network systems.
Todd: I’m happy to show them around. Believe me, they’re gonna need a guide, and nobody knows the system better than me.
Siya: I’d also like to see a list of your patients. If we can figure out why you were targeted, it might also help us figure out by whom.
Ms Roberts: I can’t release that without a subpoena, but if you file for one, we won’t fight it.

[ The Post Office ] [ Cooper and Ressler stand outside an interrogation room in which lawyer Rebecca Anders is sitting ]
Ressler: You really think she’s a master criminal?
Cooper: Reddington put her on the Blacklist. She must have done something nefarious with the money she’s stolen.
Ressler: Let’s find out.
[ Ressler enters the room and sits down ]
Ressler: I talked to Clive Lewis. The guy loves you. Not enough good things to say. So excited about that million- dollar settlement you got him.
Rebecca Anders: I won’t talk about that settlement. And Clive shouldn’t be, either. He signed an NDA.
Ressler: That’s awfully convenient for you. That gives him no way to ask why he’s getting a million dollars when we have settlement documents from Kemp Shipping here agreeing to three-and-a-half.
[ Ressler lays the two settlement agreements on the table side-by-side in front of Anders ]
Ressler: See? That’s the agreement from Kemp Shipping. And that’s the one that Clive gave us. They’re identical, except for the figure. You got Clive to sign the phony one, and then you forged his signature on the real one. Abusing the fact that he settled out of court and had no way to verify the accuracy of what he had signed. And when we looked into other cases you’ve handled, well, we found dozens of clients who were forced into private arbitration so their settlement amounts would never make it to the press. And with all your clients signing NDAs and no reason not to trust you, well, they had no way of knowing you were robbing them blind.
Rebecca Anders: You’ll have to prove that in court.
Ressler: No, we could. But we’d rather do something that’s well within your wheelhouse: settle.
Ms Anders: Settle?
Ressler: In a manner of speaking. We want to know who you’re funneling that money to.
Ms Anders: I don’t understand.
Ressler: Well, you don’t seem to be sitting on it anywhere that we can find, so either you’re hiding it very, very well, or else you’re bankrolling something – or somebody. Look, we have you dead to rights. It’s not a matter of if you’re going to prison, but for how long. If you want to inform on your confederates, well, maybe we could work something out.
Ms Anders: Fine. ⋘⋙ I took the money. But there’s no conspiracy, unless we’re talking about how much it costs to get your kids into a good school these days. $20,000 per kid, per year, and that’s just preschool. It doubles with every graduation. Then there’s the vacations, the cars, my commitment on the board of Wild Society – We bought a beach house last year. Twenty-five hundred square feet in Key Biscayne. But that’s it. I’m being honest when I say I have no idea why you think there’s anything more to this.

[ The war room ]
Ressler: She’s provided documentation that proves everything she said was true. Anders wasn’t funding anything but her own lifestyle.
Siya: Reddington tells us about a crooked lawyer, and we go and we look and we find a crooked lawyer, case closed? I know I haven’t been around as long as you guys, but doesn’t it seem a little open and shut for a Reddington case?
Dembe: This feels too simple for Raymond. I can’t help but suspect there’s another shoe waiting to drop.
Ressler: Well, I hear that, I just don’t see how it belongs to Anders.
Cooper: We don’t know what Reddington’s angle is, but that’s nothing new. We need to keep working. We still have two cases to solve. If we can close all three, that’s a win in my book.
Siya: I just wish we knew what Reddington was up to.
[ Suspenseful music playing ]

[ Red, dressed casually and wearing a baseball cap, disables the surveillance camera and breaks into Congressman Hudson’s home office. He locates the key to a filing cabinet and finds the file of a young Black woman, with photos that have post-it notes attached tracking her movements. The woman was being followed ]
Red: [ To himself ] Congressman Hudson. Who do you have your eye on?

[ The war room ]
Dembe: Wexford Fertility responded to our subpoena. That’s the list of everyone who had embryos at the clinic.
Cooper: So any of the people on this list could have been the target of the hack.
Siya: Except, I don’t think it was a hack.
Dembe: What do you mean?
Siya: I just got the report back from the Cyber Action Team, and here’s the thing, the attacker shut down the backup generator remotely, but not through unauthorized means. They exploited a backdoor in the clinic’s network servers. It’s the type of access point that companies put in place to conduct regular maintenance. It was very well-hidden. Our Cyber Team has cutting-edge resources and even they almost missed it. This is either the work of a very talented hacker with even more resources than the FBI, or somebody already in the system.
Cooper: Who maintains the security server?
Siya: A company called Addabbo CommTech.
Cooper: As in Alexander Addabbo?
Siya: He’s the founder and CEO of the company. Why?
Cooper: He and his wife had embryos destroyed in the attack.
Dembe: So the man that owns the company had his own embryos there? That can’t be a coincidence.
Siya: You think he was the target?
Dembe: Or the attacker.
Cooper: Either way, we need to talk to him and find out what he knows.

[ Ressler’s office ] [ Ressler’s cell phone rings✨]
Ressler: Hey. How’d it go? What did Jill say?
Jonathan Pritchard: I-I– I couldn’t face her.
Ressler: You didn’t go?
Pritchard: No, I-I-I had my hand on the door handle, and I-I-I saw the back of her head and I-I just– I ran away.
Ressler: Look, I can’t do this for you, all right? This is something you have to want to do for yourself.
Pritchard: I do. I-It’s just– Look, I-I still love her so much, and if– What if she doesn’t forgive me? Nothing could get me spinning out of control more than that. And-And if that happens, then, you know, I don’t know what I’m in recovery for.
Ressler: You’re in recovery for you. And one conversation with her won’t solve everything, but you’ve got to keep taking steps forward. It’s hard. Okay, but usually the hardest things are the things that are most worth doing.
Pritchard: Listen, I’ve got to go.

[ The war room ]
Herbie: Remember our three obits? Raymond said that they were put out of their misery by some demented Angel of Mercy. Well, before we put the cart before the Angel, or, uh, no. Should it be before we put the Angel before the cart–
Cooper: Herbie, focus.
Herbie: Right. Before we can catch a criminal, we have to prove that there was a crime. And to do that, we need to know how these patients died. Obtaining medical records after the fact ain’t easy, but luckily, I’ve got friends.
Ressler: In high places?
Herbie: More like creepy basements. That’s where they hide pathologists. It’s so you don’t see a bunch of dead bodies and the creeps that work on them on your way in the door. Our three victims were hospitalized for very different reasons, cancer treatment, hip surgery, appendicitis. But they all died the same way, cardiac arrest.
Cooper: Is that surprising? It’s the leading cause of death in the US.
Herbie: But yeah, heart failure happens. It’s why nobody thought it was weird when these guys keeled over. And their autopsies were pretty unremarkable. No drսgs, no toxins, nothing in their system to indicate foul play. But then I noticed a weird pattern. With cardiac arrest, you expect to see contributing factors – clogged arteries, high blood pressure, the sound of your mother-in-law’s voice – or is that just my trigger? Anyway, check out the box for secondary cause of death. Blank on every single form. I combed over their charts, no underlying heart problems. But then I looked at their meds. They were all given potassium chloride.
Ressler: Isn’t that what they use in lethal injections?
Herbie: You see where I’m going. But potassium on its own isn’t lethal. Our bodies actually need a certain amount to function, but it’s a delicate balance. You give someone too much, too quick, their heart goes bananas, before it stops beating altogether.
Cooper: If these patients OD’d on potassium, wouldn’t their autopsies show that?
Herbie: Well, when you die, your red blood cells rupture, flooding your plasma with potassium. So basically, everyone looks like they had an оvеrdоsе postmortem. A fatal injection is impossible to prove, making it a pretty ideal drսg if you’re a doctor trying to commit a perfect murder.
Ressler: So we have our method. Where’s our Angel?
Cooper: Look through hospital employee records. Find out who administered the potassium, or could’ve tampered with the dose. Considering what we know about Angels of Mercy, and their high body counts, we could be dealing with a prolific serial killer.

[ Red visits the private investigator who was following the young Black woman ]
Malcolm Revill: Always happy to take on a new client, Mr. Homan. What can I do for you?
[ Red holds up one of the photos of the young Black woman ]
Red: This young woman – who is she?
Revill: I can’t reveal who I work for.
Red: I’m not asking who paid you for the photos. I’m asking who’s in them.
Revill: Well, I’m sorry, I can’t tell you that either.
Red: You know, I consider myself something of an investigator. I took the liberty of looking into you and your life.
Revill: I’m sorry, are you threatening me?
Red: Well, I wasn’t going to. I thought I might be able to come up with something – maybe do something nice for your son. I hear he’s a great football player. I don’t know, season tickets, club level. Something like that. Or maybe something for you and your wife. But you know what? Screw it.
[ He takes out his pistol and points it at Revill ]
Red: Maybe it’s just easier to put a hole in your foot. So who’s the girl?
Revill: Her name’s Abby Ryder.
Red: And what connection does Abby Ryder have to your client?
Revill: I don’t know. He never told me. But when I found her, she had gotten herself into sort of a bad scene.
Red: How bad?
Revill: She had been busted a couple times. Petty stuff. Um, shoplifting, a little drսgs. Nothing stuck, but, you know, those things add up. She was definitely in with the wrong crowd.

[ The Post Office war room ]
Herbie: These are our victims’ care teams, every doctor, nurse, or med tech that could’ve spiked their medications.
Ressler: Remember, these patients were treated in different units, in different hospitals, so there’s basically no overlap.
Revill: Except for one name – Dawn Jacobus. She’s a “floater” nurse, so she doesn’t have a specialty. She just fills in wherever there’s a shortage, giving her access to every unit.
Ressler: She’s changed jobs a lot this year. It’s not unusual for a nurse, but the timing’s suspicious. Whenever a patient died, she’d be at a new hospital within weeks.
Herbie: There’s one slight problem, she wasn’t on duty when our third victim passed away. She clocked out the night before.
Cooper: Is it possible she spiked his IV before she left? How long would it take the potassium to kill him?
Revill: Depends on the dose, his age, weight, IV type. Maybe it took all morning?
Ressler: Or maybe our nurse just visited her favorite patient on her day off.
Cooper: The pieces may not fit together perfectly. If she’s at work right now, someone’s life could be in serious danger.

[ A patient unit in a hospital. Nurse Dawn Jacobus arrives at the nursing station ]
Dawn Jacobus: Hey, Emma.
Nurse Supervisor: Good morning.
[ Dawn looks at the white board listing patients ]
Dawn: Melanie Andrews is out of Intensive Care?
Supervisor: Yeah. She’s doing so much better. They moved her up here this morning.
Dawn: Bless her heart. I’m just gonna go see if there’s anything I can do to make her feel more – comfortable.
[ Ressler and Dembe, along with some police officers, push through the doors and present themselves at the nursing station, flashing their badges ]
Ressler: Excuse me. Agent Ressler, FBI. I need to speak with a nurse, Dawn Jacobus.
Nurse Supervisor: Your Director just called, but we make it a policy not to interrupt anyone in the middle of rounds, that’s how mistakes are made.
Ressler: I don’t think you understand. What did my boss tell you?
[ Nurse Dawn Jacobus is in patient Melanie Andrews’ room ]
Dawn: Hello, dear. How are you feeling? A bit dehydrated? I’ve got something that’ll fix you right up.
Supervisor: I just can’t believe– Are you sure? Dawn seems so–
Ressler: Where is she now?
Supervisor: She’s with a patient, room 303.
Dawn: I bet you can’t wait to get out of that bed. [ Chuckles ] Don’t worry, I’ll have you in a better place real soon.
[ She begins to adjust Melanie Andrews’ I.V. ]
[ Ressler and crew appear at the door ]
Ressler: Dawn Jacobus?
Dawn: Oh, my goodness, you scared me.
[ She goes back to the I.V. ]
Ressler: No, stop. Don’t touch that. Step away from the patient.
[ The police take Dawn by the arms and escort her out ]
Dawn: Wha– Oh, my goodness.

[ A conference room at Addabbo CommTech company which provides security for the Wexford Fertility Clinic where the embryos were destroyed ]
[ Siya and Dembe sit across from Alexander and Aimee Addabbo. Alexander Addabbo appears to be a man in his sixties. His wife appears younger, perhaps in her thirties ]
Siya: Mr. Addabbo, Mrs. Addabbo, we were sorry to hear about the loss of your embryos.
Alexander: Thank you. I assume anything I say to the FBI is confidential?
Dembe: Of course, whatever you can tell us that will help the investigation.
Alexander: This isn’t something I’ve admitted to the press. I had surgery for testicular cancer last year. We made our embryos before the procedure.
Dembe: So they’re not replaceable?
Aimee: [ Sadly ] No. They’re not.
Dembe: Can you think of any reason someone would want to prevent you from having children?
Alexander: Why would you ask that?
Siya: We believe that the attack on the storage facility was conducted using an exploit in your software.
Airmee: You think someone attacked Wexford just to harm us?
Siya: Maybe.
Alexander: I can’t think of anyone. This must be a horrible coincidence.
Aimee: Alexander–
[ Aimee reaches for the landline phone on the table and pushes a button ]
Alexander: No. Aimee, don’t.
Todd Wagner: [ On phone ] Hello?
Aimee: Can you come to the conference room, please?
Todd: Sure.
[ Call ends ]
Alexander: There is no way he could have done this.
Aimee: You always do this. You always protect him.
Alexander: I do not.
Dembe: Protect whom?
[ Door opens ] [ Todd Wagner enters ]
Todd: What’s going on, Dad?
Siya: “Dad”?

[ Dembe and Siya meet alone with Todd Wagner ]
Dembe: You are Alexander Addabbo’s son, but you go by Wagner?
Todd Wagner: I never wanted to be accused of nepotism, so I use my mother’s name. Is that a crime?
Siya: We talked to Sandy Roberts. She said you were the one who approached Wexford about using Addabbo for their network security. Even gave her a great deal.
Todd: I brought in an account.
Dembe: It’s a little outside your purview, though, isn’t it? A CTO is supposed to improve the tech, not drum up new clients.
Siya: Unless there was a special reason you wanted Wexford to use your system? It’s the IVF clinic where your parents have embryos, right?
Todd: My parents? That bimbo is practically young enough to be my daughter. It’s disgusting thinking of them procreating, even a test tube.
Dembe: That’s why you attacked the clinic? Because you were disgusted?
Todd: No. I–
Siya: But you did attack them? It wasn’t an attack, really, since you already had a key to the backdoor.
[ Siya slaps the report prepared by the FBI’s Cyber Action Team on the table in front of Todd ]
Siya: You waited for a storm to give you the blackout you needed, and then let yourself in. Only you weren’t counting on the FBI to come knocking as well.
Todd: I’ve worked my entire adult life for my father. He wrote the foundational code that started CommTech, but I’m the one who kept us relevant in the 21st century. I’m not gonna split half of everything I’ve worked for with a couple cells in a petri dish.
Siya: You know, Todd, it takes a lot to build a family. My own mother was willing to sacrifice anything. When I think about all those families and their dreams, about what was lost, what you destroyed for money – You should be glad you’re talking to me and not my mother, [ Angrily ] because she would’ve left you broken and bleeding.

[ Red is standing at a bus stop, talking to a Bus Driver. He’s using the name “Steve Homan” ]
Red: I need about 20 minutes.
Bus Driver: Won’t be a problem, Mr. Homan.
Red: And the other drivers?
Bus Driver: I radioed everyone on my route. You’re all set.
[ Cell phone vibrates ]
Bus Driver: Thank you for the, uh–
Red: Contribution to the pension fund.
Bus Driver: Right, pension fund. Guess I can finally afford to retire.
[ Reddington laughs ] [ Bus Driver leaves ]
[ Red sits on the bench and answers his phone ]
Red: Harold.
Cooper: I’ll be brief. There’s not much to say about these Blacklisters you gave us. The crooked lawyer’s probably making bail as we speak. Our suspect in the IVF case is on his way to central booking. And we’re about to interrogate the Angel of Mercy.
Red: I’m glad to hear it. I guess many hands do make light the work.
Cooper: That’s not my point. These cases, I don’t know how else to say it, they weren’t that hard to solve.
Red: Not for a crack team like yours, anyway.
Cooper: Can we skip to the part where you tell me what this is really about?
[ The young Black woman Red has been looking for, Abby Ryder, dashes over, looking for the bus ]
Red: Must go, Harold. Talk soon.
Abby Ryder: Has the 56 come yet?
Red: You just missed it. I’m sure another will be along shortly.

[ Ressler interrogates Nurse Dawn Jacobus ]
Ressler: Well, you were only at Memorial for what, three months, right? Why the sudden transfer to St. Damian’s?
Dawn: [ Nervously ] Better rate, better hours.
Ressler: It had nothing to do with Navin? Navin Mahadevan? You remember him, right?
Dawn: Of course. That poor man. I’ve lost patients before, but with him, it was a terrible shock.
Ressler: Did you know that when a veterinarian euthanizes a dog with, say, a shot of potassium, they always put the dog under first. Why do you think they do that?
Dawn: Well, I suppose with that much potassium, enough to stop the heart, it’d be pretty painful.
Ressler: Navin was in a lot of pain, wasn’t he?
Dawn: I don’t see the connection with that.
Ressler: It says right here in your notes. “Patient complained of pain at the IV injection site.” You prescribed lidocaine.
Dawn: Oh, sure. But those infusions can be uncomfortable. Everyone has a different pain tolerance. I didn’t want him to suffer.
Ressler: With the amount of potassium you were pumping into him, it must’ve felt like liquid fire going up his arm.
Dawn: Excuse me?
Ressler: See, they call people like you Angels of Mercy, but you don’t seem very merciful to me.
Dawn: [ Shocked ] Oh, my God. Is that what you think? That I killed my own patients?
[ Herbie is gesturing wildly at Ressler through the glass ]

[ The war room ]
Ressler: What’s the emergency? I almost, uh–
Herbie: You need to hear this. We might have jumped the gun.
Ressler: What does that mean?
Herbie: I tested the nurse’s IV bag from today. Ten milliequivalents of potassium. It’s totally harmless. So I looked at the other samples from the bags recovered from the dispensary, most of them tested fine. But then this one – it has 10 times more potassium than the label says it does. Enough to kill someone.
Ressler: We didn’t expect her to spike every IV in the place. Only the ones for, you know, “special” patients.
Herbie: Yeah, except she never touched this bag. Nobody did. It was sitting on a shelf, sealed inside a box.
Cooper: How is that possible?
Herbie: These IV bags aren’t prepped at the hospital. They come pre-mixed from a drսg company, Kolbeck Medical Solutions. Ironically, nurses use pre-filled bags to avoid overmedicating by mistake. Which happens more than you think.
Ressler: Wait, so they had a bag of liquid death sitting on their shelf, all because some factory messed up?
Cooper: It’s not an Angel of Mercy. These patients are dying because of a manufacturing error.

[ The bus stop. Abby Ryder is sitting on the bench along with Red ]
Abby: Where the hell’s the bus? There’s usually another one by now.
Red: Late for class? You look like you’re freezing. You’re not wearing enough.
Abby: Yeah, no, I’m not.
[ Red sees a book in Abby’s backpack ]
Red: Criminology? Fascinating. Is that what you’re studying?
Abbby: Oh. Yeah. And I have a test later, if I can get to campus.
Red: SIU? That’s a good school. Some notable alumni.
Abby: Really? My whole class seems destined for middle management.
Red: [ Chuckles ] There’s lots of people you’d– Well, one might know. Steve James the documentarian, Hoop Dreams. Well, there’s the great Civil Rights leader and comedian, Dіck Gregory.
Abby: I don’t know–
Red: Oh, well, your Congressman then, Arthur Hudson.
[ Abby appears startled ]
Abby: Who’s he?
Red: You don’t know? When I said his name, you looked like–
Abby: I don’t follow politics, or politicians.
Red: That’s strange.
Abby: Why is that strange?
[ Red holds out one of the surveillance photos ]
Red: Because he’s following you.
Abby: What do you want?
Red: I want to understand. Tell me how you know Arthur Hudson.
Abby: How do I know him? He ruined my life.
[ Intense music plays ]

[ The war room ]
Cooper: Did our theory check out?
Herbie: We’ve pulled stock from five metro area hospitals. I haven’t tested everything yet, but I’ve already found half-a-dozen mis-filled IV bags. All from the same company, Kolbeck Medical Solutions.
Ressler: So there might be more victims. Look, this case could be bigger than we ever thought.
Cooper: I’ve alerted my contact at the FDA. Drսg Security and Response will handle the recall, but Agents Ressler and Malik, you get over to Kolbeck. We need to understand what went wrong on that factory floor.

[ A coffee shop ] [ Abby Ryder is talking to Red ]
Abby: I was 12 when my parents got convicted. Whatever they had went to the lawyers. They should’ve saved their money. My mom got 11 years. My dad went down for 20.
Red: Who took care of you?
Abby: Uh, I lived with my Grandma for a while, but she died, and there was no one else, so I ended up in the system. Didn’t really seem like anyone cared what happened to me. But someone must’ve, ’cause these packages would show up at whatever foster home I was in, a new winter coat or stuff for school. But then I turned 18, and I wasn’t the state’s problem anymore.
Red: So, you lost any kind of support.
Abby: Most kids like me end up homeless, or in jail, or– whatever.
Red: That’s when you met Arthur Hudson?
Abby: What? No.
Red: You said he ruined your life.
Abby: Eight years ago. When he worked in the US Attorney’s Office. He put my parents in prison. But he didn’t think I should have to be punished, too. So he sort of looked out for me. Checked in with my case manager, sent me stuff.
Red: The new clothes, things for school?
Abby: Yeah, those were from him. But when I aged out, he didn’t know what happened to me. That’s why he hired the private investigator.
Red: He was looking for you so he could help you.
Abby: Yeah. He took care of some bills, got me back in school. Things aren’t perfect or anything, but I guess it’s just nice to have him around. I’m just trying to make a life. A better one. Is that what you expected to hear?
Red: No. It isn’t. It’s a pleasant surprise. I’m glad you have someone in your corner.

[ A conference room at Kolbeck Medical Solutions ]
Dalton Chase: Kolbeck’s been in business for 70 years. Our reputation for delivering high-quality medical products is above reproach.
Ressler: You mean, except for that pile of IV bags sitting on my desk. You know, the ones with the fatal dose of potassium in it?
Chase: Fatal is a matter of opinion.
Ressler: I’m not here to litigate the case. I just wanna know what went wrong at your plant.
Chase: We’re still trying to figure that out.
Ressler: So you didn’t know there was an issue with your machinery? That it was overfilling random IV bags?
Chase: Of course not. If we had, we would’ve ordered an immediate recall.
Ressler: Or maybe you did notice there was a problem and you just didn’t want to damage that, you know, spotless reputation of yours.
Chase: Are you calling me a liar?
Ressler: Either that or incompetent, and I don’t know which is really worse.
[ Siya enters ]
Siya: Sorry to interrupt, but I just had a chat with one of your technicians. According to his logs, you shut down for a full recalibration last October, exactly one week after the tainted IV bags were shipped out.
Dalton Chase: I don’t like what you’re insinuating, young lady.
Siya: Was I insinuating? How rude of me. What I meant was, this timing looks really, really bad for you.
Chase: I’m sure Mr. Walden can explain this. Matt, go ahead.
Matt Walden: [ Nervously ] Um, hi. Matt Walden, Product Standards Manager. It sounds like the technician you spoke to must’ve been confused.
[ Dalton Chase looks sideways at Matt Walden ]
Matt Walden: Yes, we did shut down, but it was just regular scheduled maintenance. Nothing special.
Ressler: We’ll be sure to look into that. Thanks, Matt.
Dalton Chase: Yes, and thank you both for coming up here. Next time, we’ll be meeting through our lawyers.
Siya: You’re gonna need ’em.
Ressler: You know, mistakes like this don’t happen in a vacuum. Someone’s negligence caused innocent people to suffer and die. And if we find out that you knew your products were tainted, and didn’t order a recall, then everyone in that decision chain will be answering to the FBI.
[ Siya and Ressler leave ]

[ A few steps away from the conference room, Siya and Ressler talk as the group from Kolbeck Solutions exits ]
Ressler: He seemed a little guilty.
Malik: Maybe a little.
[ Matt Walden, the Product Standards Manager, exits behind the main group from Kolbeck and motions to Siya and Ressler ]
Matt Walden: Shh, shh, shh. Over here.
[ They duck around a corner ]
Walden: I shouldn’t even be talking to you, but I don’t get paid enough to go to prison. Guarantee my immunity, and I’ll blow this thing wide open.
[ Ressler nods ]

[ The Post Office war room ]
Siya: The CEO knew. His techs found the problem months ago. Less than one percent of the IV bags were affected.
Ressler: Yeah, but they’d already shipped out hundreds of thousands. He wouldn’t agree to a recall without a thorough cost/benefit analysis.
Herbie: If Raymond hadn’t turned us on to this case, it’s possible no one ever would have made the connection. That’s what the CEO was banking on. Literally banking.
Siya: I wonder what he’s thinking now? All that money might’ve kept him out of prison, but a homicide charge is pretty hard to live down.
Cooper: What about the rest of these – Well, I’m not gonna even call them Blacklisters.
Siya: Three indictments, not exactly a waste of time.
Cooper: But what did Reddington promise us? An infamous hacker, a serial killer, a lawyer orchestrating a vast conspiracy. Instead, we got a son squabbling over his inheritance, a CEO who valued profits over safety, and a lawyer who’s betraying her clients to line her own pockets.
Dembe: All criminals for sure, but hardly rising to the level of this task force.
Cooper: So why these cases? What’s Reddington getting out of it?
Ressler: Well, maybe he wanted to keep us busy chasing our tails so we couldn’t keep tabs on him.
Siya: So he just looked through a pile of cases and chose three rejects? Is he ever that random?
Dembe: Nothing he does is random.
[ Cooper displays some photos from Dalton Chase’s file on the overhead ]
Ressler: Wait, stop. Go back one. Wild Society – I’ve heard of that somewhere.
Siya: They do amazing work to protect species biodiversity.
Dembe: Wait, look who else is in that photo. That’s Todd Wagner.
Ressler: And that’s Rebecca Anders.
[ Dalton Chase is also in the photo ]
Cooper: [ Reading ] “Wild Society Board of Directors pose for winter gala. All proceeds to benefit the charity–”
Herbie: A shady lawyer, a corrupt CEO, and an ungrateful heir walk into a party – How does that joke end?
Siya: With someone punching them in the face?
Ressler: Now I’m more confused than ever. Is this charity the connection that Reddington really wanted us to find?
Cooper: Maybe our real investigation has only just begun.
[ Intense music plays ]

[ Cooper meets with Lyn Ortiz of the Wild Society ]
Cooper: I understand your board held an emergency meeting last night?
Liz Ortiz: Our ad hoc board. The three individuals you arrested have been removed indefinitely, pending investigation. And our legal team is advising us on the inherent financial considerations.
Cooper: And how many people are giving?
Ortiz: We have about six million contributors, here and abroad. I’ve actually prepared a binder for you. Obviously, it’s not everyone. But these are our major donors.
Cooper: What about this one? There’s no name.
Ortiz: Right. Well, big gifts can garner a lot of publicity. That’s the appeal for some donors. That one in particular, he’s quite discreet. Wasn’t interested in naming rights or a seat on the board. The only time he showed his face was at our wind farm in Baja. He wanted to speak with the engineers about some advancement in turbine rotors.
Cooper: His name?
Ortiz: Please understand, he has been foundational to our growth this last decade. We’re in the final stages of accepting a gift from him that would carry us into the next century. I’m not willing to jeopardize any of that.
Cooper: You should know, I already filed a subpoena for your records. I don’t mean that as some kind of threat, but I’m gonna need this information either way. Let’s be honest, your donor would want to clear up any conflicts before he gave a gift of this size anyway.
Ortiz: You’re right. This is for internal use only. It’s the first name there. Mr. Homan, Steven.
Cooper: Steve Homan?
Ortiz: Yes, do you know him?
Cooper: I know of him. He’s gonna take Wild Society into the next century?
Ortiz: Assuming he still wants to honor his pledge.

[ The Post Office war room ]
Ressler: That’s why Reddington gave us this case? So we’d clean house at some charity before he dropped a big donation?
Siya: How’d he even know the board members were corrupt?
Herbie: Well, they’re not exactly master criminals, and Raymond’s a thorough vetter. I mean, before he hired me, he called the lady that cut my hair.
Ressler: So we’re back to being Reddington’s errand boys.
Cooper: At least it was for a worthy cause. That should make us feel good.
Herbie: Hey, you’re right. I do feel good.
[ Ressler’s cell phone vibrates ] [ He steps away ]

[ Ressler answers his phone. It’s Jonathan Pritchard,
Ressler: Hey, I was worried. Sorry I didn’t call you back.
Pritchard: J-Jill and I were– were up all night talking.
Ressler: Did she forgive you?
Pritchard: Well, she has conditions. You know, but I would donate my left kidney for that woman.
Ressler: After what you put that kidney through, I don’t know who would want it.
Pritchard: [ Chuckles ] Yeah. Hey, seriously, Don, thank you.
Ressler: Oh, thank yourself. You’re the one who did it.
Pritchard: Come on, man. Without you, I would still be sitting in my car having a panic attack. I actually am in my car, but I’m not panicking. And-And that’s all you. You really helped me.
Ressler: Well, I’m here for you, all right? Anytime.

[ Dembe stops by to visit Red at his garage/apartment ]
Dembe: Are you destroying evidence, or are you getting rid of your photo albums?
Red: I thought I unearthed our Honorable Congressman’s secret shame. But no, it just seems that some things are best left alone.
Dembe: Really? You surprise me.
Red: Well, not every nut’s meant to be cracked. The Brazil nut, for instance. People go for the almonds, the cashews, pistachios, but look at the bottom of every bowl and there lies the poor Brazil nuts, untouched. Just like Arthur Hudson.
Dembe: Will you still think of him that way if he’s the reason your life falls apart?
Red: So what if he is? Who am I to hold up my life and work against his life and his work? After what I heard yesterday, hell, I’d vote for the guy.
Dembe: Is that why you’re suddenly giving everything away?
Red: Ah, so you figured it all out?
Dembe: Is that it?
Red: Not really.
Dembe: The Wild Society is a noble cause, but–
Red: But we lose one species every hour on earth. That’s a grim metric to mark the passage of time. Then I think about Agnes, and how much has she already lost? You know, what will still be here when she’s grown? I’ve done everything I can to safeguard her future, but some forces are well beyond even my considerable control. So, I’m giving it up to others. Perhaps my gift will help slow the clock down, so she can enjoy more of what the world has to offer.
Dembe: I’m sure that will have a huge impact, but last week, you were selling off your possessions. Now, you’re donating half your wealth–
Red: I’ve never been a miser.
Dembe: Yes, you’ve always been very generous, but not like this.
Red: It’s just money, Dembe.
Dembe: So it doesn’t mean anything?
Red: You just saw what happens when people forget how meaningless it really is.
Dembe: You mean the three Blacklisters?
Red: They had power, respect, freedom, and they threw it all away for one more dollar. People have to know when enough is enough. And if you find yourself hanging on too tight, well, time to let go.
Dembe: Okay. But is everything all right?
Red: Everything is all relative. And “all right” is definitely relative.
Dembe: Raymond–
Red: Everything is fine, Dembe. I’m fine.

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🔴 Script 10:16 Blair Foster (№ 39)

Program air date: 6/1/2023 (8pm CT) in the US
Script Permalink: https://wp.me/pDKwi-eyr
EntertainmentWeekly Recap: https://tinyurl.com/54m7jwtk

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Directed by: Saray Guidetti
Written by: Taylor Martin



Brief (Where we’re at): Members of the task force have been raising concerns over Red’s state of mind. Cooper, in particular has been pressing Red to bring them more cases, since they have been few and far between. Cooper is especially concerned because Congressman Arthur Hudson, who has been asking questions about the top secret task force, has now aligned himself with Senator Clayton Dorf, the powerful head of the Senate Intelligence Committee. So Red gave Cooper three cases to solve, while he himself looked for any weakness he could find in Congressman Hudson’s reputation as a squeaky-clean corruption investigator.

Congressman Hudson passed Red’s investigation with flying colors. The three “easy” cases he gave to the task force, though worth solving, turned out to be investigations into three members of the board of an organization Red was planning to gift “half his wealth” to, a fund called the Wild Fund, devoted to increasing species diversity. So, this massive gift added to the very question the task force is asking: Why is Red giving away his wealth? When Dembe brings up the matter with Red, Red replies that people – especially wealthy people (like the people the three “easy” cases) – put much too much energy into the mindless pursuit of money. And, Red tries to assure Dembe, his own recent parting with own wealth and possessions is no cause for concern.


⭕ Script 10:16 Blair Foster (№ 39)

[ A man, Lawrence Whitaker, rushes along a sidewalk. He is wearing a messenger bag with a strap over his right shoulder. He opens the bag and checks some papers ]
[ Cellphone ringing✨] [ The message says “No Caller ID.” He answers anyway ]
Lawrence Whitaker: I told you to stop calling me.
Blair Foster: [ On phone ] I know what you’re about to do. You’re headed to the DA’s office, right? Turn around. You’re making a mistake.
[ Blair Foster is one of Washington D.C.’s most notorious “fixers” ]
Whitaker: No, I’m doing what’s right. I’ll be fine. I’ve secured another position.
Foster: The one at DuPont? Two short phone calls, three max, I can make that offer go away.
Whitaker: Do what you want. Nothing will change my mind.
Foster: Let’s play this out. You take whatever it is you think you have to the DA, and then I call Ron, who’s a personal friend, and tell him this case is not worth his time. Who do you think he listens to in this scenario? Me. Because I did him a favor a while back. A favor that saved his marriage.
Whitaker: You wouldn’t be on the phone right now if it were that easy.
Foster: How is your dear little Maggie, by the way? Peanut allergy, right? Gosh, those things are so tough. Mistakes must happen all the time. I heard she went into anaphylaxis in 2019. That must have been terrifying. I guess you just have to hope her little body would survive something like that again.
Whitaker: You’re a sick, sick woman.
Foster: Put your family first. This crusade is not your passion, they are.
Whitaker: You stay away from my family.
[ Lawrence Whitaker comes to his parked car. He tosses his bag onto the back seat and heads toward the driver’s seat door ]
[ Horn 🔊honking ]
[ Another man, Julian Flores, has been watching from a car parked a couple of spaces away from Whitaker. He makes a call ]
[ Cellphone rings✨]
Julian Flores: Looks like he’s leaving.
Blair Foster: [ On phone ] I’ve done everything I can. You need to get those documents.
Flores: What exactly are you asking me to do?
Foster: Whatever needs to be done.
[ Whitaker’s car pulls out, followed by Flores in his car. After a few moments, Whitaker notices he’s being followed. He speeds up and changes lanes ]
Flores: He spotted me. He’s trying to lose me.
Foster: Well, go after him.
[ Flores guns the gas. Foster weaves and speeds until he can’t avoid another car ]
[ ⚡️Tires screech⚡️, car crashes💥 ]
Flores: [ In Spanish ] Damn it!
Foster: What’s going on?
Flores: The dude crashed.
Foster: I don’t care. We need those papers.
[ Siren🚨wailing ]
Foster: Figure it out.
Flores: Negative. Cops are on site. I’m not taking that kind of heat.
Foster: This is what you’re hired for. We need those papers.
Flores: I’m sorry. I’m out of here.
Foster: [ Sighs in exasperation ]

[ Senator Clayton Dorf’s office. He is the chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee ]
Senator Clayton Dorf: Senator Panabaker, Director Cooper, this is Representative Hudson.
Congressman Arthur Hudson: How do you do?
Senator Dorf: I appreciate you both being able to meet on such short notice.
Senator Cynthia Panabaker: Look, Clayton, I have time for formalities like I have time for long walks on the beach. You got us here. What’s this about?
Dorf: Well, Arthur and I have some questions about your FBI task force, and no one seems to be able to answer. I mean, we had a heck of a time even getting your name, Director Cooper.
Cooper: That’s intentional. The nature of our work is highly classified.
Dorf: Oh, I understand that, really. And from what little information I’ve been able to glean, it seems that you’ve helped close some of Main Justice’s biggest cases. That’s impressive. However, it doesn’t explain your exorbitant budget.
Congressman Arthur Hudson: $282.7 million last year alone, to be exact.
Cooper: That’s still less than 3% of the FBI’s overall budget.
Hudson: [ Chuckles ] It’s an awful lot for a single task force. How is your budget being allocated, and what is it exactly that you do?
Cooper: We work with gathered intelligence to detain and apprehend criminal suspects around the world. Criminals that wouldn’t otherwise be on the FBI’s radar. We’ve thwarted terrorist attacks, stopped assassinations, disbanded global conspiracies, exposed human-trafficking rings domestically and overseas.
Dorf: Specifics. We want specifics. You must have internal case files that break it all down.
Cooper: Of course. I’m just not at liberty to divulge those.
Dorf: Says who? Alright, Congress and the American people deserve to know where their tax dollars are going.
Panabaker: Give me a break, Clayton. It’s a nice sales pitch, but we both know too much government oversight can be harmful to the FBI’s ability to work covertly.
Dorf: You don’t just get to operate in the blind, Cynthia.
Panabaker: Harold’s task force does incredibly important work. The funding is being well spent. You have my word.
Dorf: Well, we’ll see how your word holds up in front of a judge. Now, unless one of you is willing to elaborate, I think we’re done here.

[ In the hall outside Dorf’s office ]
Cooper: I appreciate you defending us in there. It means a lot, which makes this harder to say. Our case files have been compromised.
Panabaker: What the hell does that mean?
Cooper: When Reddington was alone in the post office during the Wujing incident, he gained access to our computer network and removed any mention of himself from our permanent records. He–
Panabaker: What? How could you keep this from me?
Cooper: Cynthia, I apologize. But at the time, omitting this information and carrying on with our casework seemed like the right thing–
Panabaker: I defended you! I always defend you. If a judge allows them to subpoena those files and they’ve clearly been tampered with, both of our careers will be on the line. Not to mention the fact that you’ve barely had any convictions this year, just a bunch of prison breaks and dead bodies splayed out on the floor.
Cooper: That’s a bit of an exaggeration.
Panabaker: Is it? You fix this. I don’t know how, but you fix it.

[ Cooper visits Red ]
Red: Harold, why so glum?
Cooper: Oh, I don’t know. Maybe because I’ve got a senator and congressmen breathing down my neck trying to get access to our files. Files that have been significantly compromised because of you.
Red: Well, we’ve found ourselves under siege before. Perhaps it’s time yet again to hunker down, take a moment, and let it blow over.
Cooper: Actually, it’s not going to blow over. They’ve secured a hearing before a judge for today.
Red: Then we let the wheels of justice grind at their characteristic snail’s pace and be fine about it.
Cooper: Are you hearing anything I’m saying? The future of this task force is on the line. I need you to start giving us substantial cases again. Cases that can demonstrate to the Justice Department and Congress that we get results and can justify our significant expenditures. We’ve always had a “we scratch your back, you scratch ours” arrangement. But now I’m not so sure.
Red: Well, perk up. I have a few new ideas to discuss that will scratch everyone’s back. First, I need you to look into this container ship. It’s scheduled to arrive at the port of Baltimore.This is the hull number.
[ Red hands Cooper a slip of paper ]
Red: In the meantime, I have another case of the utmost priority. Blair Foster, Washington D.C.’s most infamous fixer. If corruption is what Dorf and Hudson are looking for, then let’s shine a light under every rock in town and show them what real corruption looks like. Ms. Foster has a legitimate law practice, but her real stock-in-trade is her off-the-books private services. She’s stealthy, discreet, has a way of burying scandals before the corpses are even cold.
Cooper: I know of Ms. Foster. Her reputation certainly precedes her. Bureau’s been trying to build a case against her for years to no avail.
Red: Well, one of her biggest clients is corporate giant Moder & Sons. There have been whispers in recent years of carcinogenic materials in some of their consumer products. And I believe the only reason no lawsuit has ever come to fruition is Foster.

[ The Post Office war room ] [ Cooper briefs the task force ]
Cooper: She runs a legitimate boutique law firm employing lawyers, legal aides, clerks, and investigators, but they rarely file cases. Strange, given the power and influence they wield. And when they do, the cases almost always settle or go away. She employs a disproportionate number of investigators for a firm this size.
Dembe: So it’s her work as a fixer that keeps the lights on?
Cooper: It appears so. Most recently, Reddington believes that Foster is responsible for the car accident of a mid-level employee at the Moder & Sons corporation.
Dembe: Why would she care about mid-level employees?
Cooper: Reddington suspects it was her effort to silence him on some internal matter at Moder & Sons. Luckily, the man, Lawrence Whitaker, survived the accident.
Siya: This may be just what we need. If the scandals Foster buried are as explosive as Reddington claims and we unearth them, then Hudson and Dorf and all the rest of D.C.
will have bigger fish to fry than us.
Cooper: Ressler, Malik, visit Whitaker at the hospital. See what you find.

[ The hospital ]
Siya: We’re so sorry you’re going through this, Mrs. Whitaker.
Lydia Whitaker: The impact from the crash caused a subdural hematoma, but he should be off the ventilator soon. I still can’t believe this happened. He’s usually such a cautious driver. He’s just been under so much stress at work.
Siya: We have reason to believe that your husband may have been in possession of some damaging material about Moder & Sons. Is that true?
Lydia Whitaker: He found out something he wasn’t supposed to. He said that he couldn’t talk about it yet and that he might not be working there much longer.
Ressler: Were they threatening to fire him?
Lydia Whitaker: I think they were trying to push him out. He started to get paranoid leading up to the accident. He said that people were following him outside the house and work. I never saw anyone. But he swears he did. I wish I knew more.
Ressler: We’ll look into it. See if we can find out if he was being followed. In the meantime, we’ll station an officer outside the door. Just call us when he wakes up.
[ The nurse who has been attending Lawrence Whitaker steps outside of the room and makes a call ]
Nurse Emily Larson: Hi, it’s Emily Larson. The FBI is here questioning Mr. Whitaker’s wife.
Blair Foster: [ On phone ] [ Sighs ] Of course they are. What about Whitaker’s personal effects? Did you find the documents I’d asked you about? They’d be in a messenger bag.
Nurse Larson: I went through everything. I’m sorry. There’s nothing here.
Foster: [ Sighs in exasperation ] Where the hell is it?

[ The Post Office war room ]
Siya: Larry Whitaker’s wife told us he believed he was being followed leading up to the day of the accident.
Herbie Hambright: I pulled the security footage from buildings nearby Moder & Sons. Over the past week, including the day of the crash, the same vehicle with the same driver was stationed outside.
Cooper: Were you able to run the plates?
Siya: The District of Columbia doesn’t have registration for the vehicle.
Ressler: We’ve had no luck with facial recognition. I’ve run it through all our databases, and it’s like he’s a ghost.
Dembe: If he’s done the fixer’s dirty work, someone in criminal world should be able to ID him. I think we should get this over to Raymond.
Cooper: I agree. He’s still in town. Take it to him over at the warehouse. See if he can help.

[ Red’s warehouse apartment ] [ Dembe shows Red a still photo from the surveillance video ]
Dembe: I couldn’t place it. But I swear I recognize him from somewhere. Maybe Panama when we were doing contracting for Hector?
Red: Could be. Certainly looks familiar. You don’t have a name? Not even an alias?
Dembe: No. But after viewing the footage, I’m convinced he’s military. His protocols and procedures, the way he surveils–
[ Red gets up and grabs a magnifying glass ]
Dembe: [ Laughs ]
Red: Don’t laugh. Wait till you’re my age. First the knees, then the eyes.
Dembe: Tell that to my right shoulder.
Red: Ha! Did you see the tattoo on his finger?
Dembe: Those numbers can mean anything.
Red: Or something. The Black Wasps are identified as 4895. He could be Cuban special forces. You should reach out to Manny.
Dembe: Manny.
Red: Ah, Dembe, we should hang out more. I miss us. Remember that night in Saint-Tropez with Thomas and Yvette? What a gas.
Dembe: [ Chuckling ] Oh, my gosh, Yvette.
[ Cellphone buzzes ]
Dembe: I tried to forget. Excuse me. [ Takes call ] You’re on speaker.
Ressler: Whitaker just woke up. We’re heading out. Any luck on the ID?
Dembe: We’re working on it. I’ll report back soon. [ To Red ] I better get going.
Red: I guess I better get going, too.
Dembe: Get going where?
Red: Havana.
Dembe: Raymond, just call Manny.
Red: These things are always better handled in person.

[ The hospital ] [ Lawrence Whitaker is awake. Ressler and Siya are with him ]
Lawrence Whitaker: I had requested some research files from a few years back of some of our products. I’m in quality control, and I stumbled quite accidentally upon a study that stated that Spring ‘N Shine unequivocally contained carcinogenic compounds.
Siya: What’s “Spring ‘N Shine”?
Whitaker: It’s the number-one multi-purpose cleaner on the market for 11 years running. Which is why I was surprised to find the study. But Moder & Sons buried the report. They didn’t even try to recall the toxic product. Bottles of it had been in circulation for years after the study was completed. People died – Children. I couldn’t, in good conscience, remain silent.
Ressler: So what did you do?
Whitaker: I told a co-worker who I thought I could trust, that I was thinking of going public with what I found. And the very next day, Blair Foster was standing in my office.
Ressler: Did she try to intimidate you?
Whitaker: Not at first. She was friendly. We spoke about family. When she heard that my daughter was wait-listed at Sidwell, she said that she could get her in with a healthy financial-aid package.
Siya: So, she was trying to bribe you. Do you have any proof?
Whitaker: She never put anything in writing. It was all very, uh, casual. And when I didn’t take the bait, she started to threaten me. Subtly, then not so subtle. And she thought that the evidence of the study was destroyed. But I downloaded and printed out a copy before they wiped the server.
Ressler: Do you have a copy of that report on you?
Whitaker: No, it’s in my car.

[ At a car pound, a young woman chats on the phone ] [ The desk attendant, Alicia is absorbed with her phone ]
Alicia: Oh, man.
Julian Flores: Little help, please.
Alicia: One minute.
[ She taps some more on her phone ]
Alicia: That was work-related. How can I help you?
Julian Flores: I got in an accident yesterday. I was told my car got towed here.
Alicia: All right, I just need your license.
Julian Flores: I lost it in the accident. I have my registration, though. It’s my corporate car.
Alicia: I’m very sorry, sir, but I do need a valid license with a photo.
Julian Flores: Listen, it’s been a really rough 24 hours. My laptop and work stuff are in there. My car’s totaled. Can’t you just help a guy out?

[ Siya and Ressler are at the hospital, in a corridor ]
[ Siya’s cellphone dings🔅]
Siya: It’s from Herbie. He spoke to local PD. Mr. Whitaker’s car is at M Street Towing in Southwest. He sent me the address.
[ Julian Flores finds Lawrence Whitaker’s car. He opens the back door and finds the messenger bag ]

[ Ressler and Siya arrive at the car pound (M Street Towing) ]
[ Ressler flashes his badge at Alicia ]
Ressler: FBI.
Alicia: Hi. Can I help you?
Ressler: Agents Ressler and Malik. We need to locate a vehicle. It’s a black Mercedes registered to a Larry Whitaker.
Alicia: Is he in some kind of trouble? He just came by to grab his things. He’s probably still here.
[ Ressler and Siya dash out. Alicia follows them ]
[ They find the car and search for the bag ]
Alicia: Huh. The guy was just here.
Ressler: So was his bag. Now it’s gone.
[ He slams the car door shut ]

[ Judge Hurban’s chambers ]
[ Senator Dorf and Congressman Hudson sit in front of the judge to her left and Senator Panabaker and Cooper sit to her right ]
Judge Hurban: Senator Dorf, I’ve received your motion to compel the Bureau to comply with your subpoena seeking documents related to the budget and casework of Task Force 836. I see that both parties have submitted extensive documents. Anything I need to know before we dive in?
Cooper: To reiterate, Judge Hurban, our refusal to turn over records to Senator Dorf isn’t an attempt to obfuscate what our team does or how we allocate our funds. It’s an attempt to protect my agents and our sources, plain and simple. All of their lives could be in danger if the nature of our work was made public.
Panabaker: And as a sitting member of Congress who’s privy to more details than most regarding FBI Task Force number 836, I wholeheartedly endorse Assistant Director Cooper’s position.
Judge Hurban: Senator Dorf, Representative Hudson. Any final remarks?
Senator Dorf: Oversight on law enforcement is a necessary check and balance. It’s our responsibility, especially in this current political climate, when we’ve seen what can happen when law-enforcement agencies’ authority goes unchecked. We’re simply asking for transparency.
Judge Hurban: While I hear you, Senator, my job is not to be concerned with the current political climate. Only facts. I think I have everything I need. I will try to be expeditious.

[ Manny Soto’s bar in Havana, Cuba ] [ Upbeat music plays ] [ Red walks in ]
Red: Hola, Manny.
[ Manny rises ]
Manny Soto: [ Chuckles ] Red! Como estas, my brother?
Red: Well.
[ Hug ]
Manny: [ Mwah! ]
Red: You seem very well. I guess I’ve got some catching up to do.
Manny: So what brings you here?
Red: I have something I really want to show you.
[ Red lifts the duffel bag he’s carrying and zips it open on top of the bar ]
Manny: You flew all the way to Cuba to show me some old boxing gloves?
Red: Yeah, well, they are old, in fact, almost 50 years old. They haven’t been used since the ’76 Games.
Manny: ⋘⋙ Those aren’t– They can’t be– !
Red: I know they are, and they can! Teofilo Stevenson’s gloves from one of his iconic Olympic performances. I remember years ago, you told me how your father would pile you and your brothers in the back of his Chevy Bel Air and take you over to the Esquela de Boxeo to watch Stevenson train. You told me you’d sit there for hours on end, just totally mesmerized.
Manny: He was something to behold. So skilled with his feet, especially for a heavyweight. A hero among men. Man, those are some of the best memories of my whole life.
Red: Well, they’re all yours– if you can help me with this guy.
[ Red shows Manny the surveillance photo ]
Red: I need an ID and location. I suspect he’s a former Black Wasp.
Manny: I can’t. Too dangerous. You mess with guys like that, you end up with a bullet in your head.
Red: Where’s your sense of adventure? And you can’t at least put out some feelers for me?
Manny: The last time I tried to help you ID someone, you shot two of my police contacts in front of me. I should have known you had an agenda. It’s probably why Weecha left you for Adolfo.
Red: Left me? She didn’t leave me. It’s considerably more complicated than that. Who told you, anyway?
Manny: Straight from the horse’s mouth. Weecha comes through here a lot. Always comes in for a drink. She gets mail here. She calls.
Red: Well, if you change your mind, I’ll be in town overnight in that little inn a block over from Callejon de Hamel.
Red: [ Inhales sharply, finishes his drink ] As for the gloves, once they leave Cuba with me– [ Zipper closes ] –they don’t come back.
[ Red starts to walk toward the door, then turns around ]
Red: Oh, if you happen to talk to Weecha, please, tell her where she can find me.
[ Red leaves ]

[ Blair Foster’s office ] [ Richard Moder enters. He is the head of corporate giant, Moder and Sons, which makes “Spring ‘N Shine” ]
Blair Foster: Richard, please come in.
Richard Moder: We need to talk. Now.
Foster: [ To her assistant ] Could you give Mr. Moder and me a moment alone, please?
[ The assistant leaves ] [ Door opens, closes ]
Moder: The FBI is at our offices asking questions with a warrant. I think you were handling this.
Foster: I am. Whitaker somehow got on their radar, but we secured the report. Without it, there’s no case. We’re safe.
Moder: What about Dr. Feinberg? He wrote the report.
Foster: We have his NDA. We’re covered.
Moder: Do you think he’s gonna honor that NDA now that there’s a federal investigation? I don’t want any loose ends. He needs to be taken care of.
Foster: There are smarter ways out of all of this. What if I could get the investigation to go away altogether?
Moder: [ Scoffs ] How on earth would you do that?
Foster: You need to trust me. I told you this is gonna be clean, and it will be. Just let me do my job.

[ Ressler’s Narcotics Anonymous meeting is winding down. He’s taking leave from Jonathan Pritchard, whom he sponsors ]
Pritchard: I really appreciate you showing up for me today.
Ressler: Of course. You’re doing great. Alright? See you next week?
Pritchard: Yeah, I’ll be here. And if I’m not, dear God, come find me.
[ As Ressler is putting his jacket on to leave, Blair Foster appears ]
Foster: Agent Ressler. I’m Blair Foster. But you already know who I am, don’t you? I know you don’t drink, so why don’t I buy you a cup of coffee?
Ressler: If you want to talk, we can do it here. Besides, the coffee’s free.
[ They get coffee then step outside to sit on a bench ]
Foster: I just wanted to take a private moment to let you know that Moder & Sons intends to fully cooperate with your investigation. We care deeply about our employees and consumers.
Ressler: Well, you don’t seem to care too deeply about Larry Whitaker.
Foster: Larry Whitaker is a troubled man. He started spreading damaging lies about the company after he’d been passed over for a promotion. He was embittered by a system where he was no longer advancing. I tried to reason with him, but I can’t help someone who doesn’t want to help himself. Rich Moder is one of the most ethical and thoughtful CEOs I’ve ever come across. And trust me, I’ve worked with a lot of them.
Ressler: If he’s so ethical, then why would he have knowingly allowed carcinogenic materials to stay on store shelves?
Foster: That’s a fictitious narrative being driven by a man who is unhappy and unhinged. This isn’t gonna go anywhere. This is a waste of your time. You’re meant for something so much bigger than all this. I’ve done my homework on you.
Ressler: Well, clearly. You found me at my NA meeting.
Foster: Son of a cop who was killed in the line of duty. The son goes on to become a successful FBI agent. You’ve had an impressive career. Anyway, it got me to thinking. There’s an empty congressional seat in the 13th District in Michigan that represents Detroit. They want somebody tough on crime. I think you would be perfect. A hometown hero returns.
Ressler: Me? A Congressman?
Foster: I know. [ Chuckles softly ] That’s a wild idea, right? But I’m rarely wrong once I get a read on someone. And I could help you through the process. First, you’d need to drop everything and clear your schedule.
Ressler: No, I’m not dropping anything.
Foster: Agent Ressler, in Congress, you could reach so many more people. You could make a real difference.
Ressler: You know, Ms. Foster, you are worth every penny those corporate schmucks pay you. I’ll give you that. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I got to get back to my office.

[ Manny Soto’s bar in Havana ]
Red: Thank you for calling me, Manny.
Manny: There he is. Red.
Red: I just had the most absolutely mouthwatering boliche.
Manny: Boliche is a bit heavy for the middle of the day, no?
Red: I’m finding I prefer my dinner at lunch, a light supper in the evening, drinks at both. I assume you’ve had a change of mind, yes?
Manny: [ Sighs ] I want to see the gloves again.
Red: [ Chuckles ] Come on. All right.
[ Zipper opens ]
Manny: There they are.
[ Manny reaches for the gloves. Red prevents him ]
Red: The name.
Manny: Julian Flores. And you were right. He was Special Forces. He’s in Falls Church, Virginia, living under an alias. I’ll text you the address. You’re not gonna hurt him, are you?
Red: Why?
Manny: I kind of know his uncle. I like the guy.
Red: He’ll be just fine.
[ Manny takes the gloves ]
Manny: [ Sighs ] [ Deeply inhales the scent of the aged leather ]
Red: [ Chuckles ] You know, I was gonna give those to you either way. What can I say? I’m a sucker for a sentimental story.
Manny: I appreciate that, Red.
Red: Manny, did you happen to talk to Weecha since I saw you yesterday?
Manny: I did not.
Red: Well, next time you do, would you mind giving her a message? Do you have a pen?
Manny: Here you go.
[ Red writes ]

[ Ressler arrives back at the Post Office war room ]
Cooper: Agent Ressler, is everything okay? You were gone a lot longer than usual.
Ressler: That’s because I was with Blair Foster. She ambushed my NA meeting.
Siya: Wait, what?
Cooper: Did she say anything incriminating?
Ressler: Uh, no. No, she steps right up to the line without crossing it. She’s bold. She’s not afraid of anyone.
Dembe: Well, while you were out with our blacklister, we think we may have ID’d the researcher who wrote the report.
[ A photo appears on the overhead ]
Dembe: Dr. Samuel Feinberg. He’s a researcher at Redlands Chemical Institute. And according to their head of research, Feinberg conducted several studies for Moder & Sons over a seven-year period. But his relationship with them ended abruptly in 2017, which is the same year the report Whitaker found was supposedly written.
Ressler: So what, they stopped working with him because he concluded that their all-star product causes cancer?
Herbie: That’s what we’re thinking. It’s not a sure bet, but it’s the best lead we’ve got.
Cooper: Malik, Ressler, go talk to Dr. Feinberg. Not only is he our last chance to get some proof, but he may be in danger if Moder & Sons see him as a threat. And we could use a win because I’m just getting word Judge Hurban has made her decision.

[ Knock on door ]
Ressler: Excuse me. Are you Dr. Samuel Feinberg?
Dr Feinberg: Yes.
Ressler: Agents Ressler and Malik, FBI. May we come in?
Dr Feinberg: Of course. I was expecting you.
[ They step inside ]
Dr Feinberg: This is my attorney, Blair Foster. I’d like her to be present for our conversation.
Foster: Agent Ressler, long time no see.
[ They are now seated ]
Siya: Mr. Feinberg, as you may already know, we’re conducting an investigation into Moder & Sons. We understand you did some research for them at Redlands.
Dr. Feinberg: It feels like ages ago now, but, yes.
Ressler: To be more specific, we’re interested in a 2017 study where you concluded that there was carcinogenic material in some of their products.
Dr. Feinberg: That’s not correct.
Ressler: Are you saying that you didn’t do a study in 2017 on Spring ‘N Shine?
Dr. Feinberg: I did do a study, but I never finished it. The data was unsound.
Siya: We have a witness who’s willing to go on record saying he saw a report of the study, a complete and very damning one for Moder & Sons.
Ressler: And if this report comes to light, and it comes out that you lied during a federal investigation, well, that could end very poorly for you. You understand?
Dr. Feinberg: If you have any more questions, you can direct them to Ms. Foster’s office. I don’t have anything more to say.

[ In their vehicle. Ressler drives ]
Siya: He lied right to our faces like it was nothing.
Ressler: She promised him something. Apparently, it was worth the threat of a federal prison sentence.
[ Cellphone rings✨] [ Ressler picks up ]
Red: I tried to get ahold of Harold, but I had to settle for the second string.
Ressler: I really hope there’s a point to this phone call other than to insult me.
Red: Donald, I can’t think of a better point than to insult you, but I suppose this will have to do for the moment. I’m calling because I have a gift for you at the warehouse. Ms. Foster’s operative, Mr. Julian Flores of Havana.
Red: He’s waiting and he’s ready to talk.
Ressler: How’d you manage that?
Red: Cost me seven favors at Immigration Services. It’s not so simple to get stamps on asylum papers these days.
Ressler: Seven favors? What’d you do, move his whole family over from Cuba?
Red: No. His mistress, her sister, his mother, two cousins, a dear friend from high school, and a dog, which was its own headache.
Ressler: I shouldn’t have even asked. Look, we’re on our way over now.

[ Judge Hurban’s chambers. Senator Dorf with Congressman Hudson and Senator Panabaker with Cooper all stand ]
Judge Hurban: Look, I don’t want to belabor this. You’ve all heard my thoughts. And while there were compelling arguments on both sides, I’m ruling in favor of your task force, Assistant Director Cooper. It’s clear to me that the safety and security reasons for keeping your records internal far outweigh any benefit Congress might receive from making them public.
Cooper: Thank you, Your Honor.
Judge Hurban: So if you will excuse me, I am due in court. I trust you’ll see yourselves out.
[ Door opens ] [ Judge Hurban leaves ]
Panabaker: [ Sighs ] Well, there you have it, Clayton. Can we finally put this to rest?
Senator Dorf: Mm-mm. Not today, Cynthia, because now my interest is piqued. Yeah, I thought Hudson had found political gold with this investigation, but based on how badly you want to keep this secret, I think he might have found a diamond mine.
Panabaker: [ Laughing ] Now you just sound paranoid.
Senator Dorf: Well, as a courtesy, I’m gonna give you a heads-up. I’m holding a press conference later today. I’m launching a formal investigation into the task force. And I will be naming names, Cynthia, including yours. I’m more convinced than ever there’s something here.
Congressman Hudson: And we will get answers.

[ An interrogation room at the Post Office ]
[ Blair Foster sits across from Siya and Ressler ] [ Foster holds up her handcuffed hands ]
Blair Foster: Are these really necessary?
Siya: We just wanted you to get used to the feel of them. You’re gonna be wearing them a lot real soon.
Foster: What could you possibly have on me?
Ressler: Flores talked, Blair. We have him on trespassing, stalking, larceny, identity theft. Well, he was happy to cut a deal. Sang like a robin.
Foster: I’m supposed to be afraid?
Siya: No, you should be aware. He’s implicated you on multiple federal counts. You’re looking at 10 years.
Foster: I have been in badly lit rooms like this one more times than I can count. It’s always the same song and dance. So let’s cut to the deal making, because I’m certainly not going to prison.
Siya: That’s awfully arrogant of you.
Foster: It’s awfully naive of you to think it would go any other way.
Ressler: All right, let’s say, hypothetically, we were willing to play ball. Flores said that you keep meticulous records on all your clients, records that only you have access to. Now, you hand over those files to us, including the one on Moder & Sons, and we might be able to work out a generous immunity agreement.
Foster: All of my files? [ Laughs ] That’s not gonna happen, Don. There’s things in some of those files that would get me killed twice over. That was some fancy pitching, but ball season’s over. I’ll risk my day in court.
Ressler: No files, no deal.
Foster: Look, the fact that the FBI even got this far tells me there’s someone bigger behind all of this. So who’s really in charge here? And what is it they want from me? I’m sure we can find common ground. There’s plenty I’m willing to share, but I only deal in specifics.

[ Red’s cellphone rings✨]
Red: Harold, what can I do for you? I assume you received my gift.
Cooper: We did, and he’s the gift that keeps on giving. We were able to bring in Foster based on Flores’ testimony, and she’s willing to make a deal. But she’ll only give us precise information.
Red: Yes. Well, I suspected she’d be a formidable opponent.
Cooper: I want to do the maximum good here. Dorf is about to have a press conference, and he’s naming names in the hope that enough political pressure will eventually force us to show our hands. We could be done here. This could be our last case.
Red: I wouldn’t be so sure about that. If Ms. Foster wants to be specific, ask her about December 31, 2013. See what she has to say.
Cooper: That’s all? Just that date?
Red: Oh, it’ll be enough.

[ Cooper enters the interrogation room where Blair Foster sits alone ]
Cooper: If you want to cut a deal, you’ll need to turn over everything on Moder & Sons – and any information regarding December 31, 2013.
Foster: There it is. Now we’re all playing on the same field.
Cooper: Care to elaborate on that?
Foster: I’ll tell you every sordid detail as soon as I have my deal in writing.

[ In Senator Dorfs’s office he is practicing his presentation for the press conference ]
Senator Dorf: “And I would like to tell you, as many of you may know, the–”
[ Cooper enters ]
Dorf: Oh, it’s too late, Harold. Now, I’m on in 15. Nothing you can say will deter me. I’m holding this press conference.
Cooper: I understand, but I’m actually here on other business. You see, Blair Foster sent me.
[ Senator Dorf looks stunned ]

[ Senator Dorf’s press conference. Press are gathered. Congressman Hudson stands in the wings ]
[ Senator Dorf steps up to the microphones ]
Senator Dorf: Thank you all for coming out today. I apologize for the delay. I’ll keep it brief.
It’s with a heavy heart that I must report that due to personal family matters, I will be taking a leave of absence from my position effective immediately.
Reporter: Senator Dorf!
Senator Dorf: It’s been my honor to serve this country. I would appreciate privacy at this time. Thank you.
Reporter: But Senator–
[ Reporters yelling questions ]
Press Secretary: I’m sorry. The senator won’t be taking any questions.
[ Senator Dorf leaves. Congressman Hudson appears stunned ]

[ Manny Soto’s bar ]
[ Door opens, bell jingles ] [ Weecha enters ]
Manny: [ In Spanish ] We’re closed.
Weecha: [ In Spanish ] We’ll, I just wanted to have a drink with an old friend.
Manny: Weecha.
[ Big hug ] [ Both chuckle ]
Manny: Come in. Come in, sit down.
[ They sit ] [ Manny pours some wine for Weecha ]
Manny: He was in again. Asking about you.
Weecha: Did you tell him that we had been speaking?
Manny: No.
Weecha: Oh, he is persistent, isn’t he?
Manny: He told me to tell you something if I saw you. He wrote it down.
[ Weecha reads the note ]
Weecha: [ Smiling ] I don’t know what I’m going to do with that man. En serio.
Manny: You and me both.
[ Glasses clink ]

[ Cooper’s office ] [ Knock on door ✽ ✽ ] [ Panabaker enters ]
Panabaker: Sure is quiet around here.
Cooper: The rest of the team is out arresting the CEO of Moder & Sons.
Panabaker: Well, that’s sure to make the 11:00 news. Speaking of, Senator Dorf did a real 180. It’s everywhere. That had to be your work. How’d you get him to change his mind?
Cooper: Blackmail.
Panabaker: [ Laughs ] Good Lord, Harold. Do I even want to know?
Cooper: Foster had a file on him. New Year’s Eve, 2013. Dorf’s teenage son, Michael, was driving high and drunk after a party. He miscalculated a turn and hit a teenage girl, Makayla Johnson. She was waiting on a city bus. He paralyzed her from the waist down.
Panabaker: Whoo. Wow. That’s awful.
Cooper: It’s terrible. When his son was taken to the hospital, Dorf used Foster to ensure the blood was never tested, so it all went away without criminal charges.
Panabaker: Wasn’t his entire political platform based on being tough on drսgs?
Cooper: Yes. So he was hell bent on burying it. Apparently, his son was incredibly remorseful. He wanted to pay for what he’d done. So Dorf used Foster to silence his own son. Michael Dorf has been in and out of psychological care since the accident.
Panabaker: Trust me, if anyone understands the need to bury certain things when it comes to family, it’s me. But are we really just gonna let Dorf off for obstructing justice?
Cooper: Not exactly. Senator Dorf and I came to an arrangement.

[ Senator Dorf’s office ]
[ Knock on door ✽ ✽ ✽ ✽ ✽ ]
[ Senator Dorf opens the door. It’s a disheveled, angry Congressman Hudson ]
Senator Dorf: It’s late. I’m just leaving.
Congressman Hudson: Who got to you? What the hell happened?!
Dorf: Blair Foster happened.
Hudson: Oh, the lawyer? What does she have to do with any of this?
Dorf: It doesn’t matter. She doesn’t matter. What matters is this is all over. It’s time to move on.
Hudson: Are you kidding me? This– Whatever this is, it just continues to prove my theory that something bigger is going on out here–
Dorf: Well, I’m moving on, all right? I’m done with this. I’m done with us. And I’m sure you won’t listen, but if I may offer some parting advice, here goes – Leave this alone. You’re smart. You have your whole career ahead of you. No good will come of this. I’m certain of that. Go home, Mr. Hudson.
[ Dorf closes the door on Hudson ]

[ Cooper’s office ]
Panabaker: So Makayla Johnson’s therapy and medical expenses will be paid for by the Dorfs?
Cooper: For the rest of her life and more.
[ Cooper pours two glasses of Scotch ]
Panabaker: I guess that’s a form of restorative justice.
Cooper: That was my hope. And the task force lives to see another day.
Panabaker: What about Foster?
Cooper: She’s a free woman. We had to let her go to get what we needed. I’m not convinced Hudson will ever give this up.
Panabaker: What can we say? He’s on a crusade. He’s a dog with a bone. I kind of – admire the guy.
Cooper: Strangely, so do I.
Panabaker: Hmm. That said, with Dorf out of the way, I’m not sure there’s anyone who can help the defeated Mr. Hudson continue his offensive.

[ Congressman Arthur Hudson is driving home ]
[ Cellphone ringing✨] [ The phone indicates “No Caller ID” ~ he answers anyway ]
Hudson: Hello?
Blair Foster; [ On phone ] Congressman Hudson. It’s Blair Foster.
[ She holds a glass of wine ]
Foster: I realize you’re relatively new in town, but I’m sure you’ve heard my name by now. I’d like to set a meeting with you.
Hudson: Regarding what? How did you even get this number?
Foster: I know today’s little press conference didn’t go the way you’d hoped, and that you were counting on the support of Senator Dorf. I have some information I’d like to share with you. I think it could be the start of a mutually beneficial relationship.
Hudson: I’m not sure. I don’t think we really play the game the same way.
Foster: I get that. I do. In my experience, though, it never hurts to take the meeting. So – what’s it gonna be?

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🔴 Script 10:17 The Morgana Logistics Corp (№ 167)

Program air date: 6/8/2023 in the US
Script Permalink: https://wp.me/pDKwi-ezR
EntertainmentWeekly Recap: https://tinyurl.com/ycxhnktn

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Directed by: Andrew McCarthy
Written by: Aiah Samba



Brief (Where we’re at): The Reddington task force may have met its match, now that the corruption fighting Congressman Arthur Hudson appears likely to team up with Washington D.C. super-fixer Blair Foster. Hudson is determined to get to the bottom of the mystery behind “Task Force 836.” That’s the line item in the FBI budget for the Reddington task force.

The very existence of the task force is classified Top Secret/SCI (Special Compartmented Information), meaning its very existence is shielded from all but a tiny number of people. The reason: Raymond Reddington is so high on the FBI’s Wanted List and so notorious, that the fact that the government has him as a CI (Confidential Informant) would be scandalous and incomprehensible to most people, despite the good work that task force has done. Revealing the arrangement would also make Red a target for his enemies and make make it impossible for the task force’s work to continue.


⭕ Script 10:17 The Morgana Logistics Corporation (№ 167)

[ Suspenseful music playing ]
[ Red is sleeping. A slim figure approaches quietly in the dark. It is Weecha. She walks over to the bed. The blanket is bunched up at the head of the bed. Weecha snatches the blanket away. There’s no one there ]
Red: Surprise.
[ Red stands behind Weecha ]
[ In a swift move, Weecha tosses Red onto the bed ]
Red: [ Grunts ]
Weecha: [ Sighs ] You need a bodyguard.
Red: I don’t want a bodyguard. I want a girlfriend.
[ Weecha rolls her head, but she is slipping her light jacket from her shoulders ]
[ Weecha drops onto the bed and straddles Red ]
Weecha: Yeah, well, good luck with that.
[ They kiss passionately ]
[ Fade out ]

[ The Coopers’ kitchen ] [ Red enters through the back door, carrying a yellow shopping bag ]
[ Tchaikovsky’s ♫ “Swan Lake” (Swan Theme) plays on speaker ]
Red: Hello!
Agnes: Hey, Pinky!
[ Big hug ]
Red: [ Chuckles ] “Swan Lake”!
Agnes: It’s the music for my recital.
Red: Yes. Speaking of that–
[ He gives Agnes the shopping bag ]
Agnes: [ Gasps ] Capezios! Oh, my gosh. They’re beautiful!
Red: Named after the Italian shoemaker Salvatore Capezio. He made shoes for Anna Pavlova.
Agnes: Oh, my gosh, Pinky. One of the greatest ballerinas of all time! These are custom, Pinky. How did you do that?
Red: Remember when you fell asleep during that movie? You know, the animated one? I measured your feet.
[ Both laugh ]
Agnes: Thank you, Pinky.
Red: It’s my pleasure, dear.
[ Agnes dashes off ]
Red: How are you, Harold?
Cooper: How are you? You sleeping alright? You look a little tired.
Red: Very perceptive, as usual. It was quite a night.
Cooper: What happened?
Red: I had an intruder at the bathhouse.
Cooper: What? Who? Were you hurt?
Red: I’m alright. It was a little bit touch and go at the beginning, but I came out on top in the end.
Cooper: And you had no security, I’m sure. Raymond, that’s a mistake. You have to prioritize–
Red: Ah! I’m way ahead of you, Harold. I realize I have been a little reckless when it comes to my personal well-being.
Cooper: Where’s Chuck?
Red: I don’t know. Something with his uncle. I haven’t spoken with him in a week or so. But here’s a thought. Maybe you could loan me Dembe, just for a day or two tops, while I secure other arrangements.
Cooper: Yes. Absolutely. I’ll inform Agent Zuma. [ Calls out ] Pancakes!
Red: [ Chuckles ]
[ Agnes dashes in and takes the plate, then dashes out ]
Cooper: [ Calling after her ] You’re welcome!
Agnes: [ From a distance ] Thank you!
Cooper: [ To Red ] By the way, I looked into that ship you told me about. The Aubergine in the Port of Baltimore. It’s owned by Transwisk International. They’re a shipping firm with a few dozen vessels. The Aubergine carries just over 11,000 40-foot containers.
Red: Did you look at the manifest?
Cooper: I did. Looks clean. A few hundred companies total, moving their goods for distribution. None of the companies were under active investigation or raised any red flags.
Red: That, Harold, is precisely the point. What no one knows is that hidden among those 11,000 containers are two that most certainly are not what they appear to be. The company is called Enteron Electronics, a so-called mid-sized tech firm headquartered in Florida.
Cooper: Enteron isn’t a real company?
Red: Well, it’s real in the sense that it was issued a certificate of incorporation by the state of Florida, it pays utilities and taxes, but it’s not manufacturing and/or selling mainframes and motherboards. It’s a phantom, a carefully curated corporate identity. I’m sure if you look, you’ll find Enteron has over 200 employees, a 25-year history, stellar reputation.
Cooper: But you’re saying all of that is – False. Who could do something on that scale?
Red: Our new Blacklister, the Morgana Logistics Corporation. A criminal concern that specializes in making companies appear legitimate. Enteron Electronics and that shipping company, Transwisk International, are just two of hundreds, maybe thousands of Morgana’s creations.
Cooper: Thousands?
Red: Morgana secures authentic documentation from the government and real vessels, trucks, ships, and aircraft with bona fide hull and tail numbers. And they manufacture exceptionally detailed identities for executives and employees.
Cooper: And no law enforcement agency’s picked up on this?
Red: Well, it’s not entirely their fault. The numbers are overwhelming, and many of the companies that Morgana stands up are real and conducting legitimate business. But enough are fictitious and camouflage for certainly the largest criminal shipping conglomerate in the United States. You take down Morgana, you’ll end one of the biggest criminal enterprises in American history.

[ The Post Office war room ]
Ressler: Where’s Dembe?
Cooper: With Reddington. He’s finally agreed to more security. Dembe’s filling in while Reddington finds a more permanent solution.
[ Cooper clicks on the everhead ]
Cooper: According to Reddington, Morgana Logistics uses apparently legitimate companies like Enteron Electronics as a smokescreen to move contraband around the country.
Siya: After your call, I did some research into Enteron. Their tax returns show a net income of about $14 million a year. They have a website with photos and bios of an executive team. Even a receptionist who answers the phone at their corporate offices.
Herbie: I wonder how she’d stand up to questioning.
Siya: Well, she’d be the only one, because the rest of them, they don’t exist. Well, not as flesh and blood, anyway. Their photos were generated by an AI program that uses different pieces of faces online to make an amalgamation.
Ressler: If those executives are fake, how do they have real driver’s license or tax returns?
Cooper: That’s what we need to find out. Enteron is just the first domino. Morgana’s the brains behind this. They’re our target.
Ressler: Well, according to the Enteron manifest, that ship’s carrying electronic components. The problem is, there could be anything in those containers. With over 500 million containers shipped every year, only about 2% are ever physically inspected.
Herbie: So, what is Enteron really moving? I can’t wait to hear that. Could be live reptiles, fake Louis Vuittons.
Cooper: Or weapons. Or people. The possibilities are endless and quite concerning. Ressler, Malik, get to the port. I’ll reach out to the U.S. Attorney for a search warrant.
Ressler: With Dorf and Hudson off our backs, seems like things are finally going our way.

[ Congressman Arthur Hudson talks with his aide Diane Atkins in his office ]
Arthur Hudson: His name’s Jordan Nixon. He’s a Special Agent working out of the Richmond field office. He should be here any minute.
Diane Atkins: Come on, Arthur. We’re investigating an FBI task force. You really think someone from the Bureau is gonna help us do that?
Hudson: You’ll see. We worked a few cases together when I was with the US Attorney’s Office.
Atkins: That was a while ago. A lot’s changed.
Hudson: I’m betting he hasn’t. One of the cases we made involved a group of FBI tactical officers lying about how much weight they seized in a handful of drսg raids. He went after them like a bloodhound.
[ Special Agent Jordan Nixon appears at the door ]
Jordan Nixon: Yeah, and I’m still paying for it. Made more than a few enemies in the Bureau on that one.
Hudson: Thanks for coming, Jordan.
Nixon: Yeah. I already feel like I might be sorry.
[ Both laugh ]
Hudson: This is my aide, Diane Atkins. Diane, meet Jordan Nixon.
Atkins: Hi.
Hudson: Diane was just leaving.
Atkins: Oh. Right. Very nice meeting you.
Nixon: Likewise.
[ Diane Atkins leaves ]
Nixon: So, it’s like that, huh? Even the support staff can’t stay?
Hudson: I’m circling the wagons, Jordan. Everybody’s need-to-know on this one.
Nixon: What exactly do I need to know?
Hudson: Task Force 8-3-6. It’s a covert Bureau operation. I stumbled onto it doing some budget review. From what I can see, it’s one of the biggest expenditures the agency’s ever sanctioned, and nobody, I mean nobody, will tell me why. Or how. Or who.
Nixon: Maybe there’s a good reason.
Hudson: Yeah. Or maybe it’s a corrupt op and a criminal use of government funds. All I’m asking for is a reasonable amount of transparency.
Nixon: You’re a congressman. Issue a subpoena.
Hudson: I did. And not just me. I got Senator Dorf to back my inquiry. Cynthia Panabaker and Harold Cooper convinced a judge to quash it. And when Dorf kept pushing? They leveraged him.
Nixon: That’s why Dorf stepped down?
Hudson: Mmm-hmm. I’m onto something, Jordan. Something real. And if I’m right, it’s a stain on the Bureau. I’m coming to you ’cause you’ve always been one of the good guys. Are you still?
Nixon: What would you need?
Hudson: Information. I can’t get it from the outside. Maybe you can sniff out some truth from the inside. That’s all I’m after, the truth.

[ Port of Baltimore ]
Captain Sullivan: My problem isn’t with the warrant. My problem’s you’re holding up over 11,000 containers to search two.
Ressler: Well, we appreciate your cooperation. [ To workers ] Alright, fellas, let’s crack a few.
Sullivan: I want it on record, both these containers had high-security bolt seals that were intact when you seized them.
Siya: Already noted.
Ressler: What do you know about Enteron Electronics?
Sullivan: Nothing. I see their name on my manifests.
Siya: We have reason to believe the company’s not transporting electronic components.
Ressler: Looks like this is from Bordeaux. Wow. Huh. Got a Grand Cru here.
Siya: I’m no expert, but even I’ve seen the headlines on the tariffs being imposed on imported French wines.
Ressler: Those are pretty expensive taxes.
Siya: A shipment this size? By going under the radar, you’re probably saving a few hundred grand.
Ressler: So you had no indication that you were transporting contraband?
Sullivan: Absolutely not. I’m a captain. I just sail my ship from one place to another. The containers come pre-packed. It’s not my job to verify what’s inside.
Ressler: Well, we have your information. If we need anything, we’ll be in touch.
Sullivan: I’ve done hundreds of runs with Enteron containers.
[ Ressler and Siya walk away ]
Sullivan: [ Calling after tgem ] They sent me a Christmas card, for God’s sake!
Ressler: We need to find out who runs Enteron.

[ People chattering indistinctly ] [ A warehouse. People mill about. A man, Mr Kavanaugh, sits in an office with a view of the activity ]
[ Knocking on door ✽ ✽ ✽ ]
Mr Kavanaugh: Come in.
Mr Westbrook: The FBI just seized the Enteron containers at the Port of Baltimore.
Kavanaugh: What? Enteron has operated without interference from law enforcement for years.
What changed?
[ Westbrook: just shakes his head ]
Kavanaugh: Okay. The boss isn’t gonna like this. Keep an eye on the FBI. I want to make sure there’s no ripple effect.
Westbrook: How much can we afford to lose?
Kavanaugh: Well, if it gets bad enough, you’ll have much bigger things to worry about than the losses.

[ The Post Office war room ] [ Cooper walks over to where Siya, Herbie and Ressler are working ]
Siya: Sir, we know Enteron’s been distributing contraband across the country. The entire extent of what and how much is still under question.
Ressler: We interviewed the captains of the other ships carrying Enteron containers. Same story. Nobody knew that they were smuggling illegal goods.
Cooper: So we have the shipments but no company executives.
Herbie: Um, we may not have executives, but I did find an accountant. It’s the guy that did Enteron’s taxes last year.
Cooper: Agent Malik, go talk to this accountant. I’ll contact the Tampa field office and have them send a team to Enteron’s main warehouse.

[ Siya meets with tax accountant Harold Conklin in his office ]
Harold Conklin: Not real? That’s absurd! I can assure you this company is very real and extremely profitable. I’ve been doing Enteron’s taxes for years.
Siya: What you’ve been doing, Mr. Conklin, is aiding and abetting a criminal enterprise. Now, if you knew or reasonably should have known–
Conklin: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Stop right there. My clients submit their financials. I provide my expertise based on the numbers they supply. What about the contact info I gave you?
Siya: We raided Enteron’s headquarters in Tampa. There were no employees on site. Just some dusty office equipment and a few desks.
Conklin: I know nothing about that.
Siya: Well, Mr. Conklin, the only people who could have corroborated your story don’t seem to exist. But you exist. You’re right here in front of me.
Conklin: And I’m telling you the truth. Enteron is a very respectable company with an impeccable reputation. It’s no scam. Hell, I just had a working dinner with Roger Barrett, the Vice President of East Coast operations.
Siya: Where?
Conklin: Jaspiner in Manhattan.

[ Mr Kavanaugh is on the phone ]
Kavanaugh: Yeah. Yeah, understood.
[ Cell phone thuds ]
Westbrook: Everything okay, sir?
Kavanaugh: Send everybody home for the rest of the day. Boss wasn’t happy about the seizure. So much so, he, uh– He wants to come into town, talk with me alone.
Westbrook: Is it that bad?
Kavanaugh: Yeah. He’s not one to disappoint.
Westbrook: Let me help, sir.
Kavanaugh: No. You can’t help, Westbrook. You can’t help. He’s coming into town for a leadership change. And I-I really don’t know what that means.

[ The Post Office war room ]
Herbie: Jaspiner? I have been trying to get a reservation there forever. Did you go in the kitchen? How did it look? How did it smell?
Cooper: Herbie.
Siya: Conklin’s “working dinner” was too long ago for there to be any surveillance footage. But the restaurant’s general manager was able to access the transaction records for the night. The executive, Roger Barrett, used a corporate credit card, but not from Enteron. It was from a place called Northmyer, Incorporated.
Cooper: Is this Northmyer even real?
Siya: I don’t know, but the card has a billing address here in DC.
Cooper: You and Agent Ressler get there. I’ll secure another warrant.
[ Herbie calls to Siya ]
Herbie: Did you try anything while you were there? Oh, my God. You did, didn’t you?
[ Siya leans over close, drawing out each syllable ]
Siya: Just one delicious fish dumpling.
Herbie: [ Deep sigh ]
[ Ressler and Siya leave ] [ Keys clacking ]
Herbie: Must be nice to be in the field. [ Sighs ]

[ Red’s place ] [ Dembe comes in ]
Dembe: I checked the perimeter. We’re clear. No apparent threats. Tell me what happened last night, Raymond.
Red: Oh, let’s not ruin a perfectly nice time with all that.
Dembe: You told Harold an intruder was at the bathhouse.
Red: Yes, and I handled it.
Dembe: Who? Why were they here?
Red: You’re not gonna let this go, are you? Fine. I’ll give you three guesses. If you don’t get it right, we move on. Deal?
Dembe: Deal. Monaco?
Red: No.
Dembe: Enzo?
Red: [ Chuckles ] No. That’s two.
Dembe: Not Monaco? The chef at Gage & Truffaut?
Red: [ Laughing ] Oh, come on. There’s no way she could still be mad at me. It was ages ago. I barely remember what I did.
Dembe: You remember.
Red: In any case, no. Not the chef. You’re out of guesses.
Dembe: No, I’m done guessing. If you’re not gonna tell me what happened last night, then I’m leaving.
Red: Okay, okay, okay, okay. On one condition.
Dembe: What?
Red: You beat me in a game of Bananagrams.

[ The FBI raids the address listed for Northmyer, Incorporated ]
Ressler: FBI! Hands where we can see them!
Agent 1: Federal agents!
Agent 2: No way in or out.
Agent 3: Clear!
[ Only Mr Kavanaugh is there ]
Siya: This is Northmyer? A warehouse with no public access points and no loading dock? What is this place?
Ressler: Where is everyone? Why are you the only one here?

[ On-site at Northmeyer ]
[ Herbie enters with a file box ]
Herbie: This place is a gold mine. From what I can tell, the building was being used as a data center for creating fake American companies. Paperwork on the desk suggests that they were applying for legitimate permits and licenses.
Siya: Well, that’s what Morgana Logistics does. This must be one of their facilities.
Herbie: Yeah, okay. Look at this. Look.
[ Herbie shows Sima what’s in the box ]
Herbie: All of these are companies. It’s going to take us forever to figure out which ones are real and which aren’t. When we were debriefed about Morgana, I was thinking maybe a few hundred fake companies. But we are talking thousands. Maybe even tens of thousands. Look. Look. Birth certificates, vehicle registrations, plane registrations, travel histories, expense reports. All real. Everything you need to make a company. Just add water.
[ Agents chattering indistinctly ]
Siya: Morgana Logistics may be the biggest criminal enterprise I’ve ever seen.
[ An display shows a map of the United States with all the shipping routes plotted ]
Ressler: There’s shipping routes all throughout the country.

[ Mr Kavanaugh sits at a table in an interrogation room. The task force has no idea what his true identity is ]
[ Door opens ] [ Ressler enters. He puts a cup in front of Kavanaugh ]
Mr Kavanaugh: Thank you.
Ressler: You got a name?
Kavanaugh: The Fifth Amendment.
Ressler: [ Chuckles ] That’s an interesting name.
Kavanaugh: Yeah, my mother thought it would make me stand out.
Ressler: Well, whoever you are, we ran your prints, and you have no criminal record. But you were carrying a license in the name of Gerome Kavanaugh, with an address in Bethesda. Looks like there’s no such person or address. No tax returns, no Social Security numbers, no birth certificate that we were able to find. No, you’re a phantom, just like those companies you create.
Kavanaugh: Jesus. I’m sorry to make your life so difficult.
Ressler: Oh, my life is fine. You’re the one who’s in for a difficult time.
Kavanaugh: Yeah? You think?
Ressler: I don’t care what your name is. US Attorney’s gonna write you up as John Doe, and then they’re gonna charge you with thousands of counts of enterprise fraud. Yeah, I’m thinking RICO violations. You don’t need a name to go to prison.
Kavanaugh: Alright. Am I softened up enough for the pitch? Is that it? Right? You’re a fed.. That means you live for the trade-up. You catch a fish, and instead of eating what you got, you try to trade it up for some larger size. In this case, I guess, it’s what? My employer?
Ressler: I wouldn’t worry about what I want. What do you want?
Kavanaugh: What do I want? Well, I-I don’t want to spend the rest of my life in prison. Then again, I want there to be a rest of my life.
Ressler: And what? If you cross your boss, he’ll kill you? Look, he’s coming for you no matter what. With everything that you know? You need whatever deal you can get.
Kavanaugh: Wow. Look at you. You feds can’t help it. It’s part of your DNA, right? Speaking of DNA, uh, you may be able to get a sample off of that. [ He means the cup ] That’s why you left it there, right? Okay. I think we’re done. I don’t need anything further. I don’t want to talk to an attorney. So just send me out to central booking. We’ll get this show on the road. How’s that?
[ Door opens ] [ Ressler leaves ]
Kavanaugh: [ Exhales sharply ]

[ Ressler meets Cooper outside the interrogation room ]
Cooper: That didn’t go well.
Ressler: Yeah, I don’t care how calm he is. That man’s afraid of someone. That’s who we need to find.
Cooper: Where does that leave us?
Ressler: He refuses to talk, and we have no way to know who he is unless he tells us, and he knows it. That man is a ghost.
[ Cooper flips open a plastic bag ]
Cooper: What are the chances we’ll get a hit on that cup?
Ressler: Based on how cool he played it? About the same as me playing first base for the Yankees.

[ Red and Dembe are finishing up playing Candygrams ]
Red: Agh!
Dembe: Three to 0.
Red: Best of seven?
Dembe: Mmm-hmm. Start talking.
Red: [ Chuckles ] I was half-asleep when I heard someone coming in. So I went to investigate.
Dembe: You were alone?
Red: Yes, but I felt perfectly capable of defending myself.
Dembe: From?
Red: It was Weecha.
Dembe: Weecha? You told Harold it was an intruder.
Red: And she was.
Dembe: Raymond. Clearly you led us to believe it was someone with bad intentions.
Red: I don’t know what Weecha’s intentions are, Dembe. The woman’s hard to read. She wouldn’t hurt me, but she might hurt me. It’s unclear.
[ Cell phone chimes✨]
Red: Oh. That’s Andrea. Have you met Andrea Athens? Lovely woman. She was the one who helped me find a suitable space for the duplicate Post Office.
Dembe: I don’t think we’ve met.
[ They get up and start walking toward the door ]
Red: Ah. Well. Jack-of-all-trades. Jack? If it’s a woman, does that make her a Jill-of-all-trades? Eh. Logistics of all types, not just real estate.
[ Red is about to open the door, but Dembe insists ]
Dembe: Whoa, Raymond. I got it.
Red: Okay. [ Chuckles ] Andrea! How are you? This is Dembe.
Andrea Athens: A pleasure, Dembe.
Dembe: Hello.
Andrea: I’m wonderful, thank you, Mr. Reddington.
Red: Andrea, I can’t tell you how marvelous that last place turned out.
Andrea: Thank you so much. It’s always nice when your work is appreciated. Please, tell me, how can I help?
Red: I’d like to throw a party. Well, not just a party, a celebration.
Andrea: A party? What are you celebrating?
Red: Beginnings and endings. The coming of spring. Not a lot of food. Lots and lots of drinks and passables. And maybe a little window dressing.
Andrea: How many guests are we talking?
Red: Somewhere between 25 and 30.
Andrea: Wonderful. Anything I need to know about them?
Red: Only that they’re an important group. To me.
[ Cell phone ringing✨]
Red: Oh. Excuse me.
[ Red steps aside ]
Red: Harold. I was wondering when you’d call. How did it go with Enteron and the electronics that weren’t?
Cooper: We’re way past Enteron. You were right. The company was a front. We followed the trail to a warehouse here in DC. One we believe belongs to the Morgana Logistics Corporation.
Red: That sounds like terrific progress.
Cooper: You’re half right. We seized a mountain of evidence, a mountain range. Proof that thousands of American companies that appear legitimate are actually fronts for shipping fraud.
Red: So what’s the problem?
Cooper: The problem is, is that we have only one arrest to show for it. The place was empty except for one man.
Red: Well, if he’s high-ranking enough, sometimes one is all you need.
Cooper: I don’t know how he ranks. In fact, we don’t know anything about him, including his name. He won’t talk to us.
Red: I see. That is unusual. Tell you what. Send me what you have. Photo, prints, DNA, whatever.
Cooper: Think you can find out who he is?
Red: Most criminals using aliases leave some traces somewhere. You just have to know where to look. Perhaps I can dig up something.
[ Cell phone closes🔅]
Red: Sorry about that, but I’m back, and I’m starving. Dembe, maybe after I make a few calls, we should go grab some of those falafel sandwiches at that Lebanese place we used to love. Andrea, will you join? The more the merrier.
Andrea: No, thank you. I’ve got a party to plan.
Red: [ Laughs ]

[ Congressman Arthur Hudson and Special Agent Jordan Nixon enter Hudson’s office ]
Arthur Hudson: Man, you work fast.
Jordan Nixon: Well, it’s easy to work fast when you don’t find anything. Look, the task force that Harold Cooper runs is not only a mystery to those outside of the agency, but to those within it, as well. Every agent I spoke to has no working knowledge of the task force or its operations. I mean, I’ve worked black ops that were less opaque.
Hudson: Jordan, you wouldn’t be here if that’s all you had.
Nixon: Cooper’s overseen maybe 200 criminal cases over the last 10 years. I mean, that kind of output? Makes me wonder where his intel’s coming from. Those cases are originating from somewhere.
Hudson: Or someone. You have a theory?
Nixon: No, but I may have a lead. I don’t have access to the classified archives, but I can see the file numbers and the contact info of the senior agents connected to those cases.
Hudson: And how does that help me?
Nixon: One got my attention. I don’t know anything about it, except it wasn’t a criminal investigation. It was some kind of other proceeding. But Cooper was involved. So were three other assistant directors at the Bureau.
Hudson: Four assistant directors on one file?
Nixon: Mmm-hmm. Must have been important.
Hudson: What are the chances I can get someone who was there to tell me about it?
Nixon: Well, be careful out there. You do not want to finesse a Bureau official into divulging classified data. No lying.
Hudson: You have my word. I won’t say anything I wouldn’t say on the record, under oath. I just need something, any thread that sheds some light on what Cooper’s up to.

[ Red’s talking on the phone and driving(!) with Dembe sitting nervously next to him ]
Cooper: [ On phone ] Raymond. You found something?
Dembe: [ To Red, low voice ] You should take Massachusetts Avenue to North Capitol.
Red: [ To Dembe ] Constitution’s faster.
Dembe: [ To Red ] You just started driving yourself around. How do you know which way is faster?
Cooper: Reddington?
Red: Yeah. Yes, Harold. Sorry. I had some information forwarded your way. So, according to my sources in Paris, the man in your custody is Henri Guillaume with an address in the Marais.
Cooper: You found his name.
Red: I found a name, along with the name Johannes Baard, a lifelong citizen of South Africa. And Peter Roe, a British expat. Maxwell Voll, a German national from Dusseldorf. I mean, there are others, but you get the point. Incredible.
[ The overhead displays the many identities associated with Mr Kavanaugh ]
Cooper: He’s a dozen people, and yet we still have no idea who he is.
Red: Well, it’s not unprecedented. There are 195 countries. I myself could produce a legal passport for many, if not most, if necessary.
Cooper: So, we’re no closer to identifying our mystery man.
Red: On the contrary. I think that’s exactly what you are. Closer. I’d imagine the governments who issued those passports could shed more light on the man, including comings and goings.
Cooper: We appreciate the assist. While we have you, any progress putting more permanent security in place? Do you still need Dembe?
Red: Just for a little while longer.
[ Call ends ]
Red: [ To Dembe ] See? No traffic.

[ A cafe ] [ Door opens ] [ People chattering indistinctly ]
[ Mike Shaeffer is having a sandwich. Arthur Hudson walks over, carrying a manila envelope ]
Mike Shaeffer: Congressman Hudson. To what do I owe this pleasure?
Shaeffer: What’s that?
[ Schaeffer is asking about the manila envelope ]
Hudson: A little surprise. Do you like surprises?
Shaeffer: I don’t. As a general rule, I like to know what I’m in for. This one I certainly never saw coming.
Hudson: A classified proceeding, attended by no fewer than four assistant directors of the FBI.
Shaeffer: I look forward to this pastrami sandwich all week. You’re ruining it.
Hudson: Fine. Maybe I should take this to Harold Cooper.
Shaeffer: What is it?
Hudson: It’s not a transcript. I’m launching an investigation.
Shaeffer: Into a classified hearing? Good luck.
Hudson: [ Chuckles ] You’ve known me a long time, Shaeffer. Would you describe me as a guy who depends on luck?
Shaeffer: What do you want, Arthur?
Hudson: I’m here to give, not to take. I’m offering my assistance.
Shaeffer: If people start asking questions about that hearing, you’re gonna need a few well-placed friends. You’re on the edge. If this is a transcript, a leaked transcript of a classified Bureau hearing, you’re the one who’s gonna need help, not me.
Hudson: Well, I can see I’ve made a mistake. I’m not asking you to tell me anything. I just want you to know what I’m working on, give you a chance to get your ducks in line before hunting season begins.
Shaeffer: I appreciate the warning. So I’ll return the favor. If you so much as whisper Zuma on the Congressional record, the first call you’ll get won’t be from me. It’ll be from the Attorney General.
Hudson: Hmm. Good to see you, Mike.
Shaeffer: Arthur. Aren’t you forgetting something?
[ Hudson left the envelope ]
Hudson: Keep it.
[ A few moments after Hudson is gone, Shaeffer opens the envelope. Inside are only blank pages ]
Shaeffer: [ Sighs ]

[ Cooper’s office ] [ Knocking on door ✽ ✽ ]
Herbie: You got a second?
Cooper: Of course. Come in.
Herbie: We’ve been reaching out to the federal authorities in the countries that issued passports to our suspect.
Cooper: Any luck?
Herbie: Nothing. Looks like he doesn’t have a criminal record in any of them. And all the addresses are either fake or unoccupied. But I started thinking about something Reddington said. Maybe we can’t penetrate the aliases, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be useful. We don’t know who he is, but we do know where he went.
Cooper: The comings and goings.
Herbie: Exactly. Every time he traveled internationally, a record was stamped on those passports. And when you look at them together, they have one location in common. All of his aliases have been to Paris in the past 14 months.
Cooper: Maybe that’s his home base. Reach out to the French again. Let’s make Paris our primary focus.

[ The Post Office war room ]
Herbie: Okay, we know our suspect flew to Paris repeatedly. So where did he go when he landed?
Siya: The French police contacted the rental car companies that service Charles de Gaulle. Turns out, every alias used by our mystery man rented a car, each one from a different company.
Herbie: We cross-referenced the GPS data from all of them.
Ressler: And you’ve got a hit?
[ A map of Paris shows vehicles converging at one point ]
Siya: Look at the overlap. At some point, every car was driven to this one location, a building owned by a company called LT&Z Unlimited.
[ The display zooms in to the building ]
Siya: I’m not sure what the space is. Maybe some kind of liquor warehouse?
[ Red dots appear on the diagram ]
Siya: Those are armed guards patrolling the perimeter.
Herbie: Their prosecutors are requesting a search warrant as we speak.
Cooper: Ressler, Malik, I want you to be there when the raid happens. We may finally be getting somewhere.

[ Paris, France ]
[ Up-tempo jazz music plays ]
Raid Leader: [ French accent ] Two units. One flanks from the right, and we hit from the left. We’ll be inside before they know we are here.
[ Police Raid begins ]
[ Woman singing in French ] [ Shouting in French ]
[ Grunting ] [ Agent shouts in French ]
[ Dramatic music plays ]
[ Police chattering indistinctly ]
[ Ressler and Siya enter a room with multiple visual displays and workstations. But no one was there except the guards ]
[ Siya feels a piece of equipment ]
Siya: It’s still warm.
Ressler: Where did they go? How did they know to leave?
Siya: Someone warned them?
Ressler: Well, they didn’t have time to take or destroy anything.
[ Siya picks up a remote, points it at a large screen and clicks it. A map appears ]
Siya: Look at this. These are just like Kavanaugh’s office.
[ The map is stylistically like the one in Kavanaugh’s office, but that map was of the United States. This map shows shipping routes for the entire world ]
Siya: Oh, my God. Look at how huge it is.
[ Siya and Ressler stare in astonishment ]

[ Cooper talks to Red on the phone ]
Cooper: The raid outside Paris was bigger than anything we could have imagined. In fact, this may be the biggest case you’ve ever given us, Red.
[ Police photograph and document the findings at the site: IDs, personal identifying information, organizational documents, equipment etc ]
Cooper: There’s a network of thousands of corporations with legitimate documentation, employees operating with government-issued IDs and using legitimately purchased equipment to move illicit goods around the world. And this warehouse in Paris seems to be the hub, the headquarters where fake companies are developed, managed, and tracked by the larger organization.
Red: Was there anything else?
Cooper: We didn’t get any arrests to speak of, but the digital maps we found revealed the locations for dozens of satellite regional outposts. Those outposts develop the intel being fed to the Paris headquarters. With this information, we’ll be able to shut down the biggest criminal shipping operation in the world. And we did it without any cooperation from our suspect.
Red: Ah, yes, your mystery man. Whatever happened to him?
Cooper: He got his wish. He was taken to central booking and arraigned. Given the flight risk, the judge set an obscene amount of bail. He’ll be in jail until his trial.
Red: Well, thanks for the update. And congratulations, Harold.
[ Receiver clicks ✽ ]

[ Red’s car pulls in to the curb ]
Red: Here we are, Dembe. Home in time for mocktails.
Dembe: [ Chuckles ] That was quite the day.
Red: [ Chuckles ] Just like old times.
Dembe: Why did you really want me to tag along?
Red: Well, Harold was worried about me. It seemed like a good opportunity to make him feel better and for you and I to spend a little time.
[ Dembe gets out ]
[ Knocking on window ✽ ✽ ] [ Red rolls down the window ]
Dembe: I miss you too, Raymond.
[ Dembe leaves ]
[ Red places a call ] [ Cell phone dialing ••• ••• •••• ] [ Line ringing ✨ ]
Red: Helen Swinton, please. ⋘⋙ Counselor! I need your services. Yes, you have a new client. He was just arraigned in federal court. I want him out. Today. Oh, and, by the way, I hear we’re going to need an obscene amount of money for bail.

[ The Post Office war room ] [ Cooper walks out of his office. Ressler jogs up the yellow metal staircase ]
Ressler: We just hit Morgana’s regional hub in Hong Kong. Locals say it was completely shut down.
[ Siya appears ]
Siya: Morocco and Greece are the same. They’ve apprehended a few suspects, but they appear to be low-level employees. They can’t shed any light on Morgana itself.
Ressler: Main Justice is gonna have to give us our due for taking down an operation of this size.
Cooper: I agree, even without convictions to show for it.
[ Cell phone ringing ✨ ] [ Cooper answers ]
Cooper: Harold Cooper. ⋘⋙ What? When?!
[ Call ends ]
Cooper: Apparently, our suspect made bail.
Herbie: Geez, that was quick. What did it cost him?
Cooper: His attorney just posted $3 million in cash. He’s out.

[ Horn 🔊 honks] [ People chattering indistinctly ] [ Siren 🚨 wailing in distance ]
[ Mr Kavanaugh exits the federal courthouse, slightly disoriented. He begins to walk. Red’s car is parked nearby. He rolls down his window ]
Red: Mr. Kavanaugh. Please get in.
[ Mr Kavanaugh hesitates ]
Red:[ Firmly ] I said get in.
[ Kavanaugh peers in the window ]
Kavanaugh: Are you gonna kill me?

[ Chattering indistinctly ] [ Red’s warehouse apartment has been transformed for the party. People mill about, drinking, eating, talking and laughing ]
[ Red enters with Mr Kavanaugh ]
Kavanaugh: Wow. What’s all this?
Red: This is the Morgana Logistics Corporation. At least, the key principals from the regional outposts around the world. I had them flown in.
Kavanaugh: Why?
Red: Why don’t you grab yourself a drink, Charlie?
Kavanaugh: Yeah, yeah. Sure.
[ Red steps forward to address the group ]

Red: Everyone? Thank you for coming. I know you weren’t given a choice, but still, I’m glad you’re here. First, some difficult news. As we speak, the FBI and a legion of international law enforcement agencies are shutting down all of Morgana’s operational facilities. It’s hard to imagine. I know. But don’t worry. All your employees are safe. Fortunately, I knew of the raids in advance and made provisions. For them and for all of you.

What can I say to you about Morgana? Of all the enterprises I’ve designed and maintained as part of my organization, it stands as one of the crowning achievements. If you’ll forgive a moment of braggadocio, I must say it’s a logistical marvel to rival the pyramids. A wonder of the world, but one designed to be hidden, wondrous precisely because it exists unseen in plain sight. The most complex and sophisticated shipping network in history. Every year, moving goods of more value than the GDP of some first-world countries. A monumental effort, accomplished, as the greatest things are, with singular vision and collective action. We did that. All of us.

It’s hard to believe it’s over. All these years. This was more than an enterprise, it was our lives, and we lived them together. I’m so proud – That word doesn’t really suffice – I’m honored to have stood beside you all as we discovered this creation of ours together. And together, we made a fortune. A fortune that I have grown and will now be sharing with you, my partners. Our work together may be done, but none of you will ever have to work again.

John Singer Sargent once painted a portrait of Henry James that was immediately deemed a masterpiece. But in 1914, at the Royal Academy, a political activist took a meat cleaver to the face of the painting. And when a reporter asked James how he felt about the vandalism, he said, “I naturally feel very scalped and disfigured, but you will be glad to know that I seem to be pronounced curable.”

[ Guests laughing ]
Red: And that’s where we are now. Our masterpiece has been scalped and disfigured. But all of us will live. And all of us will share in the cure. So, let’s celebrate. Please, enjoy the food. Enjoy the drinks. Mmm. And enjoy the entertainment.
[ Whistles 💨 ] [ A New Orleans Jazz Band enters ]
[ Band playing up-tempo jazz music ]
[ ♪ “When the Saints Go Marchin’ In” plays ]

[ Congressman Arthur Hudson’s office. He is meeting with his aide, Diane Atkins ]
Diane Atkins: Zuma?
Arthur Hudson: One word. One word and it was enough to break this whole thing wide open. And I got Shaeffer to say it without making a single misrepresentation.
Atkins: What does it mean?
Hudson: Mmm. Not what. Who. Apparently, the FBI brought on a new agent a few years ago. An agent named Dembe Zuma.
Atkins: What does Zuma have to do with the classified hearing?
Hudson: I don’t know, and I don’t have the clearance to find out. But I don’t need clearance to make an educated guess. Nixon got a copy of Zuma’s official FBI photo. We ran an image search, with the help of a source he uses for that kind of thing. You ever seen that photo?
Atkins: Never.
Hudson: Mmm. A photojournalist snapped it almost six years ago. Ran on a Wednesday in a local rag. The man in the back of the car. The paper said it was Raymond Reddington.
Atkins: Is it?
Hudson: I think so. Now look past him to the man standing by the car.
Atkins: Is that Zuma?
Hudson: An associate of Raymond Reddington becomes a Special Agent for the FBI. That sounds like something that might require a classified hearing.
Atkins: The kind attended by four assistant directors of the FBI. Boom.
Hudson: [ Claps ] Boom. The minute I saw the name Raymond Reddington, everything started to fall right into place.
[ Hudson gets up and pins a police line-up photo of Red to his bulletin board. Beneath it, he pins Dembe’s FBI photo ]
Hudson: Harold Cooper adopted the daughter of another former FBI agent, Elizabeth Keen.
[ Hudson pins up his photo to the left ]
Atkins: Keen. Why do I know that name?
Hudson: Because she went on the run with Reddington about 10 years ago. It was national news. And then Donald Ressler. Blair Foster told me about him.
[ Hudson pins up Ressler’s photo to the right ]
Hudson: He’s connected to Cooper and his task force. For years, in the early 2000s, Ressler was the Special Agent in charge of the hunt for Reddington.
Atkins: All roads lead to Reddington.
Hudson: Yeah. He’s the key. They’re all connected to him. All these years, we’ve never been able to catch him. This is why. Raymond Reddington has corrupted a task force within the FBI. And I’m gonna tear it apart at the joints.

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Episode Songs


♫ Swan Lake (Swan Theme)
Composed by Pyotr Tchaikovsky; Played by London Philharmonic

♪ [ Instrumental ]

Lyrics and Credits: [ Instrumental ]
YouTube: https://youtu.be/9cNQFB0TDfY


♫ When the Saints Go Marchin’ In
By New Orleans Jazz

♪ [ Instrumental ]

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🔴 Script 10:16 The Morgana Logistics Corp (№ 167)

Program air date: 6/8/2023 in the US
Script Permalink: https://wp.me/pDKwi-ezR
EntertainmentWeekly Recap: https://tinyurl.com/ycxhnktn

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Directed by: Andrew McCarthy
Written by: Aiah Samba



Brief (Where we’re at): The Reddington task force may have met its match, now that the corruption fighting Congressman Arthur Hudson appears likely to team up with Washington D.C. super-fixer Blair Foster. Hudson is determined to get to the bottom of the mystery behind “Task Force 836.” That’s the line item in the FBI budget for the Reddington task force.

The very existence of the task force is classified Top Secret/SCI (Special Compartmented Information), meaning its very existence is shielded from all but a tiny number of people. The reason: Raymond Reddington is so high on the FBI’s Wanted List and so notorious, that the fact that the government has him as a CI (Confidential Informant) would be scandalous and incomprehensible to most people, despite the good work that task force has done. Revealing the arrangement would also make Red a target for his enemies and make make it impossible for the task force’s work to continue.


⭕ Script 10:6 The Morgana Logistics Corporation (№ 167)

[ Suspenseful music playing ]
[ Red is sleeping. A slim figure approaches quietly in the dark. It is Weecha. She walks over to the bed. The blanket is bunched up at the head of the bed. Weecha snatches the blanket away. There’s no one there ]
Red: Surprise.
[ Red stands behind Weecha ]
[ In a swift move, Weecha tosses Red onto the bed ]
Red: [ Grunts ]
Weecha: [ Sighs ] You need a bodyguard.
Red: I don’t want a bodyguard. I want a girlfriend.
[ Weecha rolls her head, but she is slipping her light jacket from her shoulders ]
[ Weecha drops onto the bed and straddles Red ]
Weecha: Yeah, well, good luck with that.
[ They kiss passionately ]
[ Fade out ]

[ The Coopers’ kitchen ] [ Red enters through the back door, carrying a yellow shopping bag ]
[ Tchaikovsky’s ♫ “Swan Lake” (Swan Theme) plays on speaker ]
Red: Hello!
Agnes: Hey, Pinky!
[ Big hug ]
Red: [ Chuckles ] “Swan Lake”!
Agnes: It’s the music for my recital.
Red: Yes. Speaking of that–
[ He gives Agnes the shopping bag ]
Agnes: [ Gasps ] Capezios! Oh, my gosh. They’re beautiful!
Red: Named after the Italian shoemaker Salvatore Capezio. He made shoes for Anna Pavlova.
Agnes: Oh, my gosh, Pinky. One of the greatest ballerinas of all time! These are custom, Pinky. How did you do that?
Red: Remember when you fell asleep during that movie? You know, the animated one? I measured your feet.
[ Both laugh ]
Agnes: Thank you, Pinky.
Red: It’s my pleasure, dear.
[ Agnes dashes off ]
Red: How are you, Harold?
Cooper: How are you? You sleeping alright? You look a little tired.
Red: Very perceptive, as usual. It was quite a night.
Cooper: What happened?
Red: I had an intruder at the bathhouse.
Cooper: What? Who? Were you hurt?
Red: I’m alright. It was a little bit touch and go at the beginning, but I came out on top in the end.
Cooper: And you had no security, I’m sure. Raymond, that’s a mistake. You have to prioritize–
Red: Ah! I’m way ahead of you, Harold. I realize I have been a little reckless when it comes to my personal well-being.
Cooper: Where’s Chuck?
Red: I don’t know. Something with his uncle. I haven’t spoken with him in a week or so. But here’s a thought. Maybe you could loan me Dembe, just for a day or two tops, while I secure other arrangements.
Cooper: Yes. Absolutely. I’ll inform Agent Zuma. [ Calls out ] Pancakes!
Red: [ Chuckles ]
[ Agnes dashes in and takes the plate, then dashes out ]
Cooper: [ Calling after her ] You’re welcome!
Agnes: [ From a distance ] Thank you!
Cooper: [ To Red ] By the way, I looked into that ship you told me about. The Aubergine in the Port of Baltimore. It’s owned by Transwisk International. They’re a shipping firm with a few dozen vessels. The Aubergine carries just over 11,000 40-foot containers.
Red: Did you look at the manifest?
Cooper: I did. Looks clean. A few hundred companies total, moving their goods for distribution. None of the companies were under active investigation or raised any red flags.
Red: That, Harold, is precisely the point. What no one knows is that hidden among those 11,000 containers are two that most certainly are not what they appear to be. The company is called Enteron Electronics, a so-called mid-sized tech firm headquartered in Florida.
Cooper: Enteron isn’t a real company?
Red: Well, it’s real in the sense that it was issued a certificate of incorporation by the state of Florida, it pays utilities and taxes, but it’s not manufacturing and/or selling mainframes and motherboards. It’s a phantom, a carefully curated corporate identity. I’m sure if you look, you’ll find Enteron has over 200 employees, a 25-year history, stellar reputation.
Cooper: But you’re saying all of that is – False. Who could do something on that scale?
Red: Our new Blacklister, the Morgana Logistics Corporation. A criminal concern that specializes in making companies appear legitimate. Enteron Electronics and that shipping company, Transwisk International, are just two of hundreds, maybe thousands of Morgana’s creations.
Cooper: Thousands?
Red: Morgana secures authentic documentation from the government and real vessels, trucks, ships, and aircraft with bona fide hull and tail numbers. And they manufacture exceptionally detailed identities for executives and employees.
Cooper: And no law enforcement agency’s picked up on this?
Red: Well, it’s not entirely their fault. The numbers are overwhelming, and many of the companies that Morgana stands up are real and conducting legitimate business. But enough are fictitious and camouflage for certainly the largest criminal shipping conglomerate in the United States. You take down Morgana, you’ll end one of the biggest criminal enterprises in American history.

[ The Post Office war room ]
Ressler: Where’s Dembe?
Cooper: With Reddington. He’s finally agreed to more security. Dembe’s filling in while Reddington finds a more permanent solution.
[ Cooper clicks on the everhead ]
Cooper: According to Reddington, Morgana Logistics uses apparently legitimate companies like Enteron Electronics as a smokescreen to move contraband around the country.
Siya: After your call, I did some research into Enteron. Their tax returns show a net income of about $14 million a year. They have a website with photos and bios of an executive team. Even a receptionist who answers the phone at their corporate offices.
Herbie: I wonder how she’d stand up to questioning.
Siya: Well, she’d be the only one, because the rest of them, they don’t exist. Well, not as flesh and blood, anyway. Their photos were generated by an AI program that uses different pieces of faces online to make an amalgamation.
Ressler: If those executives are fake, how do they have real driver’s license or tax returns?
Cooper: That’s what we need to find out. Enteron is just the first domino. Morgana’s the brains behind this. They’re our target.
Ressler: Well, according to the Enteron manifest, that ship’s carrying electronic components. The problem is, there could be anything in those containers. With over 500 million containers shipped every year, only about 2% are ever physically inspected.
Herbie: So, what is Enteron really moving? I can’t wait to hear that. Could be live reptiles, fake Louis Vuittons.
Cooper: Or weapons. Or people. The possibilities are endless and quite concerning. Ressler, Malik, get to the port. I’ll reach out to the U.S. Attorney for a search warrant.
Ressler: With Dorf and Hudson off our backs, seems like things are finally going our way.

[ Congressman Arthur Hudson talks with his aide Diane Atkins in his office ]
Arthur Hudson: His name’s Jordan Nixon. He’s a Special Agent working out of the Richmond field office. He should be here any minute.
Diane Atkins: Come on, Arthur. We’re investigating an FBI task force. You really think someone from the Bureau is gonna help us do that?
Hudson: You’ll see. We worked a few cases together when I was with the US Attorney’s Office.
Atkins: That was a while ago. A lot’s changed.
Hudson: I’m betting he hasn’t. One of the cases we made involved a group of FBI tactical officers lying about how much weight they seized in a handful of drսg raids. He went after them like a bloodhound.
[ Special Agent Jordan Nixon appears at the door ]
Jordan Nixon: Yeah, and I’m still paying for it. Made more than a few enemies in the Bureau on that one.
Hudson: Thanks for coming, Jordan.
Nixon: Yeah. I already feel like I might be sorry.
[ Both laugh ]
Hudson: This is my aide, Diane Atkins. Diane, meet Jordan Nixon.
Atkins: Hi.
Hudson: Diane was just leaving.
Atkins: Oh. Right. Very nice meeting you.
Nixon: Likewise.
[ Diane Atkins leaves ]
Nixon: So, it’s like that, huh? Even the support staff can’t stay?
Hudson: I’m circling the wagons, Jordan. Everybody’s need-to-know on this one.
Nixon: What exactly do I need to know?
Hudson: Task Force 8-3-6. It’s a covert Bureau operation. I stumbled onto it doing some budget review. From what I can see, it’s one of the biggest expenditures the agency’s ever sanctioned, and nobody, I mean nobody, will tell me why. Or how. Or who.
Nixon: Maybe there’s a good reason.
Hudson: Yeah. Or maybe it’s a corrupt op and a criminal use of government funds. All I’m asking for is a reasonable amount of transparency.
Nixon: You’re a congressman. Issue a subpoena.
Hudson: I did. And not just me. I got Senator Dorf to back my inquiry. Cynthia Panabaker and Harold Cooper convinced a judge to quash it. And when Dorf kept pushing? They leveraged him.
Nixon: That’s why Dorf stepped down?
Hudson: Mmm-hmm. I’m onto something, Jordan. Something real. And if I’m right, it’s a stain on the Bureau. I’m coming to you ’cause you’ve always been one of the good guys. Are you still?
Nixon: What would you need?
Hudson: Information. I can’t get it from the outside. Maybe you can sniff out some truth from the inside. That’s all I’m after, the truth.

[ Port of Baltimore ]
Captain Sullivan: My problem isn’t with the warrant. My problem’s you’re holding up over 11,000 containers to search two.
Ressler: Well, we appreciate your cooperation. [ To workers ] Alright, fellas, let’s crack a few.
Sullivan: I want it on record, both these containers had high-security bolt seals that were intact when you seized them.
Siya: Already noted.
Ressler: What do you know about Enteron Electronics?
Sullivan: Nothing. I see their name on my manifests.
Siya: We have reason to believe the company’s not transporting electronic components.
Ressler: Looks like this is from Bordeaux. Wow. Huh. Got a Grand Cru here.
Siya: I’m no expert, but even I’ve seen the headlines on the tariffs being imposed on imported French wines.
Ressler: Those are pretty expensive taxes.
Siya: A shipment this size? By going under the radar, you’re probably saving a few hundred grand.
Ressler: So you had no indication that you were transporting contraband?
Sullivan: Absolutely not. I’m a captain. I just sail my ship from one place to another. The containers come pre-packed. It’s not my job to verify what’s inside.
Ressler: Well, we have your information. If we need anything, we’ll be in touch.
Sullivan: I’ve done hundreds of runs with Enteron containers.
[ Ressler and Siya walk away ]
Sullivan: [ Calling after tgem ] They sent me a Christmas card, for God’s sake!
Ressler: We need to find out who runs Enteron.

[ People chattering indistinctly ] [ A warehouse. People mill about. A man, Mr Kavanaugh, sits in an office with a view of the activity ]
[ Knocking on door ✽ ✽ ✽ ]
Mr Kavanaugh: Come in.
Mr Westbrook: The FBI just seized the Enteron containers at the Port of Baltimore.
Kavanaugh: What? Enteron has operated without interference from law enforcement for years.
What changed?
[ Westbrook: just shakes his head ]
Kavanaugh: Okay. The boss isn’t gonna like this. Keep an eye on the FBI. I want to make sure there’s no ripple effect.
Westbrook: How much can we afford to lose?
Kavanaugh: Well, if it gets bad enough, you’ll have much bigger things to worry about than the losses.

[ The Post Office war room ] [ Cooper walks over to where Siya, Herbie and Ressler are working ]
Siya: Sir, we know Enteron’s been distributing contraband across the country. The entire extent of what and how much is still under question.
Ressler: We interviewed the captains of the other ships carrying Enteron containers. Same story. Nobody knew that they were smuggling illegal goods.
Cooper: So we have the shipments but no company executives.
Herbie: Um, we may not have executives, but I did find an accountant. It’s the guy that did Enteron’s taxes last year.
Cooper: Agent Malik, go talk to this accountant. I’ll contact the Tampa field office and have them send a team to Enteron’s main warehouse.

[ Siya meets with tax accountant Harold Conklin in his office ]
Harold Conklin: Not real? That’s absurd! I can assure you this company is very real and extremely profitable. I’ve been doing Enteron’s taxes for years.
Siya: What you’ve been doing, Mr. Conklin, is aiding and abetting a criminal enterprise. Now, if you knew or reasonably should have known–
Conklin: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Stop right there. My clients submit their financials. I provide my expertise based on the numbers they supply. What about the contact info I gave you?
Siya: We raided Enteron’s headquarters in Tampa. There were no employees on site. Just some dusty office equipment and a few desks.
Conklin: I know nothing about that.
Siya: Well, Mr. Conklin, the only people who could have corroborated your story don’t seem to exist. But you exist. You’re right here in front of me.
Conklin: And I’m telling you the truth. Enteron is a very respectable company with an impeccable reputation. It’s no scam. Hell, I just had a working dinner with Roger Barrett, the Vice President of East Coast operations.
Siya: Where?
Conklin: Jaspiner in Manhattan.

[ Mr Kavanaugh is on the phone ]
Kavanaugh: Yeah. Yeah, understood.
[ Cell phone thuds ]
Westbrook: Everything okay, sir?
Kavanaugh: Send everybody home for the rest of the day. Boss wasn’t happy about the seizure. So much so, he, uh– He wants to come into town, talk with me alone.
Westbrook: Is it that bad?
Kavanaugh: Yeah. He’s not one to disappoint.
Westbrook: Let me help, sir.
Kavanaugh: No. You can’t help, Westbrook. You can’t help. He’s coming into town for a leadership change. And I-I really don’t know what that means.

[ The Post Office war room ]
Herbie: Jaspiner? I have been trying to get a reservation there forever. Did you go in the kitchen? How did it look? How did it smell?
Cooper: Herbie.
Siya: Conklin’s “working dinner” was too long ago for there to be any surveillance footage. But the restaurant’s general manager was able to access the transaction records for the night. The executive, Roger Barrett, used a corporate credit card, but not from Enteron. It was from a place called Northmyer, Incorporated.
Cooper: Is this Northmyer even real?
Siya: I don’t know, but the card has a billing address here in DC.
Cooper: You and Agent Ressler get there. I’ll secure another warrant.
[ Herbie calls to Siya ]
Herbie: Did you try anything while you were there? Oh, my God. You did, didn’t you?
[ Siya leans over close, drawing out each syllable ]
Siya: Just one delicious fish dumpling.
Herbie: [ Deep sigh ]
[ Ressler and Siya leave ] [ Keys clacking ]
Herbie: Must be nice to be in the field. [ Sighs ]

[ Red’s place ] [ Dembe comes in ]
Dembe: I checked the perimeter. We’re clear. No apparent threats. Tell me what happened last night, Raymond.
Red: Oh, let’s not ruin a perfectly nice time with all that.
Dembe: You told Harold an intruder was at the bathhouse.
Red: Yes, and I handled it.
Dembe: Who? Why were they here?
Red: You’re not gonna let this go, are you? Fine. I’ll give you three guesses. If you don’t get it right, we move on. Deal?
Dembe: Deal. Monaco?
Red: No.
Dembe: Enzo?
Red: [ Chuckles ] No. That’s two.
Dembe: Not Monaco? The chef at Gage & Truffaut?
Red: [ Laughing ] Oh, come on. There’s no way she could still be mad at me. It was ages ago. I barely remember what I did.
Dembe: You remember.
Red: In any case, no. Not the chef. You’re out of guesses.
Dembe: No, I’m done guessing. If you’re not gonna tell me what happened last night, then I’m leaving.
Red: Okay, okay, okay, okay. On one condition.
Dembe: What?
Red: You beat me in a game of Bananagrams.

[ The FBI raids the address listed for Northmyer, Incorporated ]
Ressler: FBI! Hands where we can see them!
Agent 1: Federal agents!
Agent 2: No way in or out.
Agent 3: Clear!
[ Only Mr Kavanaugh is there ]
Siya: This is Northmyer? A warehouse with no public access points and no loading dock? What is this place?
Ressler: Where is everyone? Why are you the only one here?

[ On-site at Northmeyer ]
[ Herbie enters with a file box ]
Herbie: This place is a gold mine. From what I can tell, the building was being used as a data center for creating fake American companies. Paperwork on the desk suggests that they were applying for legitimate permits and licenses.
Siya: Well, that’s what Morgana Logistics does. This must be one of their facilities.
Herbie: Yeah, okay. Look at this. Look.
[ Herbie shows Sima what’s in the box ]
Herbie: All of these are companies. It’s going to take us forever to figure out which ones are real and which aren’t. When we were debriefed about Morgana, I was thinking maybe a few hundred fake companies. But we are talking thousands. Maybe even tens of thousands. Look. Look. Birth certificates, vehicle registrations, plane registrations, travel histories, expense reports. All real. Everything you need to make a company. Just add water.
[ Agents chattering indistinctly ]
Siya: Morgana Logistics may be the biggest criminal enterprise I’ve ever seen.
[ An display shows a map of the United States with all the shipping routes plotted ]
Ressler: There’s shipping routes all throughout the country.

[ Mr Kavanaugh sits at a table in an interrogation room. The task force has no idea what his true identity is ]
[ Door opens ] [ Ressler enters. He puts a cup in front of Kavanaugh ]
Mr Kavanaugh: Thank you.
Ressler: You got a name?
Kavanaugh: The Fifth Amendment.
Ressler: [ Chuckles ] That’s an interesting name.
Kavanaugh: Yeah, my mother thought it would make me stand out.
Ressler: Well, whoever you are, we ran your prints, and you have no criminal record. But you were carrying a license in the name of Gerome Kavanaugh, with an address in Bethesda. Looks like there’s no such person or address. No tax returns, no Social Security numbers, no birth certificate that we were able to find. No, you’re a phantom, just like those companies you create.
Kavanaugh: Jesus. I’m sorry to make your life so difficult.
Ressler: Oh, my life is fine. You’re the one who’s in for a difficult time.
Kavanaugh: Yeah? You think?
Ressler: I don’t care what your name is. US Attorney’s gonna write you up as John Doe, and then they’re gonna charge you with thousands of counts of enterprise fraud. Yeah, I’m thinking RICO violations. You don’t need a name to go to prison.
Kavanaugh: Alright. Am I softened up enough for the pitch? Is that it? Right? You’re a fed.. That means you live for the trade-up. You catch a fish, and instead of eating what you got, you try to trade it up for some larger size. In this case, I guess, it’s what? My employer?
Ressler: I wouldn’t worry about what I want. What do you want?
Kavanaugh: What do I want? Well, I-I don’t want to spend the rest of my life in prison. Then again, I want there to be a rest of my life.
Ressler: And what? If you cross your boss, he’ll kill you? Look, he’s coming for you no matter what. With everything that you know? You need whatever deal you can get.
Kavanaugh: Wow. Look at you. You feds can’t help it. It’s part of your DNA, right? Speaking of DNA, uh, you may be able to get a sample off of that. [ He means the cup ] That’s why you left it there, right? Okay. I think we’re done. I don’t need anything further. I don’t want to talk to an attorney. So just send me out to central booking. We’ll get this show on the road. How’s that?
[ Door opens ] [ Ressler leaves ]
Kavanaugh: [ Exhales sharply ]

[ Ressler meets Cooper outside the interrogation room ]
Cooper: That didn’t go well.
Ressler: Yeah, I don’t care how calm he is. That man’s afraid of someone. That’s who we need to find.
Cooper: Where does that leave us?
Ressler: He refuses to talk, and we have no way to know who he is unless he tells us, and he knows it. That man is a ghost.
[ Cooper flips open a plastic bag ]
Cooper: What are the chances we’ll get a hit on that cup?
Ressler: Based on how cool he played it? About the same as me playing first base for the Yankees.

[ Red and Dembe are finishing up playing Candygrams ]
Red: Agh!
Dembe: Three to 0.
Red: Best of seven?
Dembe: Mmm-hmm. Start talking.
Red: [ Chuckles ] I was half-asleep when I heard someone coming in. So I went to investigate.
Dembe: You were alone?
Red: Yes, but I felt perfectly capable of defending myself.
Dembe: From?
Red: It was Weecha.
Dembe: Weecha? You told Harold it was an intruder.
Red: And she was.
Dembe: Raymond. Clearly you led us to believe it was someone with bad intentions.
Red: I don’t know what Weecha’s intentions are, Dembe. The woman’s hard to read. She wouldn’t hurt me, but she might hurt me. It’s unclear.
[ Cell phone chimes✨]
Red: Oh. That’s Andrea. Have you met Andrea Athens? Lovely woman. She was the one who helped me find a suitable space for the duplicate Post Office.
Dembe: I don’t think we’ve met.
[ They get up and start walking toward the door ]
Red: Ah. Well. Jack-of-all-trades. Jack? If it’s a woman, does that make her a Jill-of-all-trades? Eh. Logistics of all types, not just real estate.
[ Red is about to open the door, but Dembe insists ]
Dembe: Whoa, Raymond. I got it.
Red: Okay. [ Chuckles ] Andrea! How are you? This is Dembe.
Andrea Athens: A pleasure, Dembe.
Dembe: Hello.
Andrea: I’m wonderful, thank you, Mr. Reddington.
Red: Andrea, I can’t tell you how marvelous that last place turned out.
Andrea: Thank you so much. It’s always nice when your work is appreciated. Please, tell me, how can I help?
Red: I’d like to throw a party. Well, not just a party, a celebration.
Andrea: A party? What are you celebrating?
Red: Beginnings and endings. The coming of spring. Not a lot of food. Lots and lots of drinks and passables. And maybe a little window dressing.
Andrea: How many guests are we talking?
Red: Somewhere between 25 and 30.
Andrea: Wonderful. Anything I need to know about them?
Red: Only that they’re an important group. To me.
[ Cell phone ringing✨]
Red: Oh. Excuse me.
[ Red steps aside ]
Red: Harold. I was wondering when you’d call. How did it go with Enteron and the electronics