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🔴 Tag/Phrase Index for Scripts

Last Updated: 5/31/2022

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Below is the redesigned tag and phrase search for scripts. It’s simpler but more precise and much faster. It includes all of the tags you see at the top of each individual script (except for Season One which they are only here). These tags are curated, not auto-generated. There are redundancies to allow for various search approaches.
It works using your Page Search which comes with your search engine (eg Google). It should show you the number of hits and let you find them one-by-one. Then, if you want to go to the script, press the Script Title and it will take you there. To find your search in the script, try your Page Search against the script, though sometimes there’s not an exact match (e.g. for major Plot Points)
The Script Tags include:

   ● Titles and Script Numbers in several formats (Try using the “0405” or “S4E05” formats)
   ● Important Guest Characters in the Episode
   ● Main Topics, Places, Things etc
   ● Snippets of Memorable Quotes
   ● Pivotal Plot Points
   ● Blacklister Numbers (in format #023 or #23)
To go to the start of a season, Page-Search (e.g.) “S3:” or “S8:” including the (:) and excluding the quotes. If you click on the Season title, (e.g.) “🅾 S2: Season 2:”, it will take you to the “Easy-Search” scripts for Season 2.

   ✅ Be as short and precise as possible
   ✅ Drop commas and dashes (You’re the dirty rat Diane” not “You’re the dirty rat, Diane”)
   ✅ Key quotes are included, but try to search for a short string, not the whole thing
   ✅ To go to the END ⬅️Press Here

⋙ This new index works better for me than the generic WordPress “Search” in the sidebar. (I still don’t understand the strange logic that tool is using!) Also, the original Index search I set up broke WordPress’s capabilities and anyway took forever to load. For my own purposes, I needed a simplified search like this. I hope you find it useful, too.
Update: Wow‼️ I found a better “Search” bar, from Google itself [In the sidebar between “Blog Stats” and “Google Translate.”] It works so much better than the previous one. It does a good job of listing the best matches first. It has “ads” but most searches list articles, some interesting and relevant [The ads come first, so scroll down for BlacklistDCd hits. It searches the Whole Site, including the indexes, which can mean there is sometimes an extra step:

● You have to click “Continue reading ‘🔴 [Script or Article Name]’” after it shows header info.

⋙ The ♫ Music Index has been brought up-to-date. It continues to use the original method in which you click on the tag. If you like the Page Search method, you can do Page Searches on the “♫ All Blacklist Songs” files the same way as for this file. A few important songs are indexed below, the title preceded with ♫.

For actions, I usually use nouns ending in -ing, -ion, -ence or -ance, etc (eg kidnapping, execution, abduction, abstinence). For relationships I use shipper names (Lizzington, Keenler, daddygate) and/or the two names separated by “/” (eg father/daughter, Red/Anne)

For deaths: People die a lot of different ways in this show. In general, “killed” or “dies” will work better than “strangled” or “stabbed”


🅾 S1: Season 1:

Episode 1:1 Pilot ~ Ranko Zamani

#000; BL#0; Blacklister #0; ⭕, 0101, 101, @NBCBlacklist, abduction, action, admiral, admiral (being groomed for), adoption, Agent Keen what a pleasure, AlphaChip, Assistant Director Harold Cooper, Assistant Director of Counterterrorism, Babe, backpack with bomb, ballet class, Belgium, Beth, Beth abducted, Beth kidnapped, Beth Ryker, Beth’s bracelet, bitch, bitch (They think I’m a), black site, Blacklist, bomb, bomb DC Zoo, bomb in backpack, Boone, Bosnia, bracelet, bridge (Ressler jumps off), Brussels, Brussels Belgium, called in the cavalry, Captain Ahab, car crash, carotid, carving on box, cavalry, Chacko, chemical weapon, Chemist, cherry blossoms, Concierge of Crime, containment unit, Cooper, crime, Criminals are notorious liars, crossword puzzle, Daniel Ryker, DC Zoo, Donald Ressler, drama, Elizabeth Keen, Elizabeth Keen (I speak only with), Elizabeth Keen? (Who the hell’s), Episode 1, establishing value, evidence board, fake passports (Tom’s), father a career criminal, FBI, FBI profiler, FBI seal on floor, FBI’s Most Wanted list, gas mask, gender neutral (The zoo’s), General Daniel Ryker, General Ryker, go box, great team, great team (We’re going to make a), Grey (person), Harold Cooper, he’s establishing value, helicopter, high value prisoner containment unit, hole in your carotid, Holman, Hudson (dog), human trafficking, I punched a hole in your carotid, I speak only with Elizabeth Keen, I’m gonna make you famous, I’m gonna make you famous Lizzie, I’m a criminal, I’m Ahab, immunity deal, Innkeeper, It’s a girl, It’s called The Blacklist. That sounds like fun, James Spader, Keen, kidnapping, Like you said, Liz, Liz’s scar, Lizzie, Lizzy, look at things differently, Maghreb Islamabad Beijing, make you famous, mass murder, Megan Boone, Miroslav (The Chemist), Moby Dick, Most Wanted List, Most Wanted Poster, mother died of weakness and shame, much less Baltimore, My colleagues call me sir, mystery, National Zoo, Naval Academy, NBC, Nipah virus, NOFORN documents, Oh I think you’re very special, Orange Box, ouch, our interests are aligned, passports (Tom’s fake), pilot, Post Office, Profile yourself, Quantico, Ranko Zamani, Raymond, Red, Red Box, Reddington, Reinhardt (banker), Ressler, RFID chip, RFID tracking chip, Ryker, S01E01, S1E01, Sacha M Chacko, safe houses, scar, scar (Liz’s), script, Season 1, Season Premiere, second chance, Serbia, Serbian Orthodox, Series Premiere, Sheraton, Smells like hubris, Spader, special, Starwood points, stench of your cologne, suicide by cop, The Blacklist, The Chemist, The Innkeeper, The zoo’s gender neutral, They think I’m a bitch, think differently, Think like a criminal, thriller, Tip the gentleman will you?, Tom, Tom Keen, Tom stabbed, Tom’s fake passports, Tom’s go box, top of his class, tracking chip, truck crashes car, TV, Ukrainian (person), Uzasny, ventilator, Very Special, virus, virus (Nipah), Wanted List, Wanted Poster, weakness and shame, We’re going to make a great team, whale, Who the hell’s Elizabeth Keen?, yellow stairs, You got rid of your highlights, You’ve discovered something curious about your husband haven’t you Lizzy?, Zamani, Zoo

Episode 1:2 The Freelancer

#145; BL#145; Blacklister #145; ⭕,#4 on the Most Wanted List, 0102, 102, @NBCBlacklist, addiction (forced), adoption video, Alban Veseli, antidote (no), Anya Kedrov, assassin, Aviation Cocktail, barbiturates, Blacklist, bonds make Red vulnerable, Boone, branded, broken leg, Campo, Canadian Mounted Police, charity (fake), cheese cart, CIA, CIA … Attractive but treacherous, cocktail party, compound fracture, daddygate, daughter/father, Decatur Industrial Park, Dembe branded by Eberhardt Cartel, Dembe Zuma, Diane Fowler, Diane Fowler heads Criminal Division of Main Justice, Does he know about the fire?, DOJ Staff Lawyer, Eberhardt Cartel, Eberhardt Cartel (Dembe branded by), Eberhardt cartel (Floriana Campo runs), Eberhardt Cartel brands its slaves, Elizabeth Keen, Elizabeth Scott Keen, Episode 2, Everybody knows this son of a bitch!, exposed as fraud commits suicide, facial recognition, fake charity, father/daughter, FBI Most Wanted List, FBI works for me now, fire (the), Floriana Campo, Floriana Campo doesn’t free children from slavery. She imprisons them, Floriana Campo killed by barbiturates in champagne, Floriana Campo killed her husband, Floriana Campo runs Eberhardt cartel, forced addiction, Fowler, Freelancer, Freelancer hit by car, girlfriend from Ann Arbor, headline? … humanitarian, Hey there guys, hides assassinations in mass murders, high value criminal targets, hole-in-the-wall noodle shop, hotel rooms and pens in people’s necks, How does the devil in you contend with the angel?, human rights activist, human trafficking, James Spader, Kedrov, Keen, leg broken, lie detector test, Liz, Liz finds Tom’s recording about adoption, Liz takes lie detector test, Liz takes polygraph, Lizzie, Lizzington, Lizzy, Luli hates men, Luli Zeng, Main Justice, Malik, mass casualty events, mass murder, mass murderer, medically induced coma (Tom is in), Meera Malik, Megan Boone, Montreal Quebec, NBC, New York City, next name on my list is an absolute snake, next target in hat, nonprofit, Number 4 on the Most Wanted List, NYC, overdose, passenger train, Patriot Act, polygraph test, Polygrapher, prison ship, Profile me, Raymond, RCMP, Red, Red hired The Freelancer to poison Floriana Campo, Red hugs Dembe, Red is his own lawyer, Red kisses Luli, Red lies about not knowing Liz (per polygraph), Red sold secrets to the Hofstad Network to the Syrians, Red takes lie detector test, Red takes polygraph, Reddington, roof chase, S01E02, S1E02, script, Season 1, sex trafficking, South Sudan Freedom Fighter (Dembe), Spader, Tastes like spring doesn’t it?, The Blacklist, The FBI works for me now, the fire, The Freelancer, This is gonna be a gas!, trafficking (human), trafficking (sex), Trafficking Victims Protection Act, train (speeding), train wreck, tuxedo, Veseli, Waiter, We never really know anyone do we?, What if I were to tell you that all the things you’ve come to believe about yourself are a lie?, What is with you in hotel rooms and pens in people’s necks?, You can be my daughter, You need me. And you hate that about yourself, You’re a loner, Your closest friends are strangers, Zeng, Zuma

Episode 1:3 Wujing

#084; BL#84; Blacklister #84; ⭕, 0103, 042983, 103, @NBCBlacklist, Apple Man, Apple Man surveils Liz & Tom’s house, Aram Mojtabai, Architect, ballistics, ballistics report on Tom’s gun is classified, Because of your father, biometric print scan, Blacklist, Boone, Call Raymond Reddington, camel trading like a Bedouin, Carolyn Givins, chess, China’s one-child policy, Chinese counter-espionage, Chinese counter-intelligence, Chinese counterintel, Chinese Ministry of State Security, Cho, CIA, CIA contractor, CIA undercover agents in China, Classified ballistics report, counter-espionage (Chinese), counter-intelligence (Chinese), counterintel (Chinese), cryptography, DARPA tracking chip sets off wand, DataLocker, Deep Throat, deep underground, distraction (Red creates a), elevator to Middle Earth, Elizabeth Keen, Ellie, encryption specialist, Episode 3, fake nicotine patch, FBI surveillance van, fight on unfurnished building, fingerprint (hand cut off for), G-spot, Givins, hand cut off for fingerprint, hat shop, Henry Cho, Henry Cho is target, Henry Cho’s son, homecoming party for Tom, I prefer to play with myself in private, I want to know why you chose me, I will always do whatever I feel I have to do to keep you alive, I wish the answer were has simple as the question seems, intel transmitted to FBI server, It’s not back and white. It’s green, James Spader, Jin Sun, Jin Sun beaten by Wujing, Jin Sun killed by Red to save Liz, Jin Sun sees USB drive, Keen, lasagna, Liz, Liz runs ballistics on Tom’s gun, Liz sticks nicotine path transmitter on Wujin’s car, Liz tests Tom’s gun, Lizzie, Lizzington, Lizzy, Man with the Apple, Mandarin, Megan Boone, Mojtabai, NBC, nicotine patch (fake), nicotine patch is transmitter, Nothing but trust, one-child policy, party for Tom, PhD in Applied Physics from MIT, radio station, Raymond, Red, Red creates distraction, Red kills Jin Sun to save Liz, Red paid by Wujing with number 042983, Reddington, remote mirroring program, Ressler puts flag on Liz’s clearance level, RSA (Rivest–Shamir–Adleman) encryption algorithm, RSA encryption, S01E03, S1E03, script, Season 1, Shanghai China, Shun Lee, Slug and casing from a 9-millimeter, So you went with the gray?, Spader, stung by a manta ray, surveillance equipment put in Liz and Tom’s apartment, surveillance of Liz and Tom, target is Henry Cho, target transmitted to FBI server, The Blacklist, thumb drive, transmitter (nicotine patch is), USB drive, Why me?, Wujing, Wujing arrested, Wujing beats Jin Sun, Wujing pays Red with number 042983, you make it sound like treason, Yunnan province, Zhongku Construction

Episode 1:4 The Stewmaker

#161; BL#161; Blacklister #161; ⭕, 0104, 104, 11 year old son, 12/1990, 6/23/2012, @NBCBlacklist, abduction, acid bath, All Points Bulletin, Angel Station, APB, baby food jars, Backbone Mountain, best day ever, Blacklist, bodies never found, Boone, border patrol, Boston MA, breviloquent, bubbling acid bath, chemical bath, chemicals, cleaner, Court, courthouse, Crooked as a Corsican highway, dentist, dentures, disappearances, dissolving bodies, dog, dog hair, dog with tracking chip, Dogs are not our whole life but they do make some lives whole, drug cartel, drug lord (Mexican), eleven year old son, Elizabeth Keen, Ellenore Kornish, EMT, Episode 4, falling on your ass and landing in a pile of Christmas, FBI archives, FBI profiler, forensics, gas mask, ghoulish, hair from dog, Haiti, he knows, headline about Liz, Hector Lorca, I always know when you’re lying, I know all your tells, I was asked to make you suffer, I’m a lot of things Liz, I’m not the guy you kill … I’m the guy you pay, in his heart he must pay, It is now he who burns. It is he who slaughters, James Spader, Judge, June 23 2012, juror has heart attack, jurors, K-9, Keen, Keenler, kidnapping, Kitzmiller MD, knows where all the bodies are buried, Kornish, Lamb Knolls, Lambs Knoll MD, Liz, Liz abducted by Lorca, Liz call Red a monster, Liz comforted by Ressler, Liz hugs Ressler, Liz kidnapped by Lorca, Liz saved by Red, Lizzie, Lizzington, Lizzy, Lorca, Luis Peña, Maryland Animal Control, Megan Boone, mementos of victims, Memori morti, Mexican drug dealer, Mobile Psych Unit (New York), money laundering, monster (Liz call Red a), mystery photo of girl, NBC, New York Mobile Psych Unit, pain injection, paramedic, photo 12/1990, photo album, photo dated 12/1990, photo of girl, plastic sheeting, Port Au Prince Haiti, Raymond, Red, Red calls Liz Sweetheart, Red hits The Stewmaker, Red knocks out The Stewmaker, Red punches The Stewmaker, Red pushes The Stewmaker into bathtub of chemicals, Red saves Liz, Red saves Lorca, Red takes dog hair, Red takes photo of girl from album, Red tests Ressler, Reddington, Ressler comforts Liz, Ressler fights, Ressler tested, Risa Peña, S01E04, S1E04, script, Season 1, Spader, Stanley Kornish, Stewmaker, Stewmaker abducts Liz, Stewmaker kidnaps Liz, tale of the farmer, Tape residue on the walls, Tellamy Cove Inn, The Blacklist, The Stewmaker, The Stewmaker is in town, torture, torture by injection, toupee, tracking chip (dog with), trial interrupted, trophy collector, unsolved cases, unsolved disappearances, US border patrol, vicious little drug lord thug, victims turned into chemical stew, weekend with Tom, witness disappearances, You’re a monster [Liz to Red], You’re going to need a plumber, Your case is about to go sideways

Episode 1:5 The Courier

#085; BL#85; Blacklister #85; ⭕, $20 million, 0105, 105, 26-year-old MIT grad, @NBCBlacklist, abduction, adopting baby, adoption, Alexandria VA, Angel Station, anhidrosis (congenital), Apple Man, baby Asian porn, Blacklist, Boone, Boston, Bouncer, brother (Courier’s), Brothers, buried alive, can can dancing, Casa Blanca, compound fracture, congenital anhidrosis, Courier, Courier escapes, courier killed, Courier’s brother, criminals replace trust with fear and the threat of violence, Dechambou, Dechambou escapes with Red’s help, defector (Russian), distilled alcohol (homemade), dog Hudson, Dr Pike, Dr Richard Pike, Elizabeth Keen, Episode 5, Every time you meet someone ends up dead, evidence in wound, ex-French intelligence, flash drive in wound, Fokin, fracture (compound), freckle (lovely little), Fredrick Hemstead, French CIA, French intelligence, go box, Grey (name), Haircut (Ressler code name), Hamid Soroush, Hemstead, Here comes your future now, high level intelligence package, Hudson (dog), I died once in Marrakech … You wouldn’t believe what I saw on the other side, I know where that lovely little freckle is, I’m betting on the long play. The future, I’m never telling you everything, inability to feel pain, Iranian, Iranian Spy, James Spader, Jeni (surrogate mother), Keen, Keenler, kidnapping, Laurence Dechambou, Liz, Liz and Tom (surveillance of), Liz dreams Tom kills her, Liz profiles Ressler, Lizzie, Lizzy, long play, lovely little freckle, Luckily we happen to have our own psychopath, man who can’t feel pain, Man with the Apple, Manassas VA, Megan Boone, middleman, MIT grad, murder of Russian defector, NBC, Nelson, nightclub, NSA, NSA analyst, one of the finest American writers who ever lived, oxygen mask, pain (inability to), pain (unable to feel), Paris (We’ll always have), perfect middleman, Petersburg Federal Prison, Phelps, Pike (Richard), proof of life video, psychopath (Luckily we happen to have our own), ransom payment, Raymond, Red, Red gets info from Seth Nelson, Red gives classified report to Liz, Red helps Laurence Dechambou escape, Red saves Dechambou, Red whispers to Red, Reddington, Ressler dislikes profiling, Ressler hits Bouncer, Ressler says his job is all that matters, Richard Pike, Russian defector, S01E05, S1E05, scars all over his body, script, Season 1, secrets under skin, Seth gives Red secret information, Seth Nelson, sews tools in wounds, Soroush, Spader, surveillance of Liz and Tom, Thank you … For being honest with me. In my life I don’t encounter that frequently, That was hot, The Blacklist, The Courier, The Courier escapes, The Courier killed, The Courier’s brother, The Iranian, thumb drive in wound, Tom confronts Liz with the go box, Tom discovers Liz finds the go box, Tom Keen, Tom suspected of murder, Tommy Phelps, Tommy’s broken, ultrasound, ultrasound of baby, unable to feel pain, undiscovered writer, US Marshall, Victor Fokin, video (proof of life), view from the sofa, we had a great deal of fun until she tried to strangle me with her stocking, We’ll always have Paris, Why did you waste it on the girl?, Winston farmer’s market, wound (evidence in), wounds as hiding places, writer (undiscovered), Your future’s arriving now

Episode 1:6 Gina Zanetakos

#152; BL#152; Blacklister #152; ⭕, 0106, 106, @NBCBlacklist, abduction, AFIS, Angel Station, Angel Station Hotel, Apple Man, Apple Man says Tom doesn’t work for Red, art black market, art theft, attaché at the Turkish Embassy, Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS), bachelor party, black market in art, Blacklist, bomb is a car, bomb maker, Boone, Boston MA, Burris, Cambridge MA, car is a bomb, carving on go box looks like Liz’s scar, Cesium 137, chance (Nothing happens by), Chechen guerrillas, Chernobyl, Cobalt 60, contamination radius, corporate espionage, corporate sabotage, corporate terrorist, diplomatic immunity, dirty bomb, dirty bomb explodes under water, Elizabeth Keen, Episode 6, explosives expert, Fokin, FSB agent, gaping maw of the ocean, Geiger counter, Germany, Gina beats up Ressler, Gina blames Red, Gina denies knowing Tom, Gina kills Nadeem Idris, Gina kills Turkish diplomat, Gina says she doesn’t know Tom, Gina shot by Ressler, Gina Zanetakos, Gina/Tom, go box like Tom’s found in Gina’s apartment, go box with carving, Grey, Grey is Newton Phillips, Hakim, Hanar Group, Hartwell, Headmaster, Houston Harbor, Houston TX, I can only lead you to the truth. I can’t make you believe it, I floated in the Dead Sea with Yuri climbed Masada with his wife, I needed you to be wrong about him, I think we both know it’s time for you to protect yourself, I’ll show you mine if you show me yours, Idris, incident in Kuwait, Initial: The Blacklist, James Spader, job interview, Keen, Keen (Thomas Vincent), KeenX2, Key Hotel, Kuwait (incident in), Liepnitzsee Forest Germany, Liz, Liz and Red hold hands, Liz finds go box in Gina’s apartment, Liz/Tom, Lizzie, Lizzington, Lizzy, make-up sex, makeup sex, Man with the Apple, Max Ruddiger, Maxwell Ruddiger, Meera interrogates Tom, Megan Boone, Multinational corporations and criminals run the world, munitions expert, Nadeem Idris, NBC, New Orleans port, Newton Phillips (Grey), nooner under the grandstands, Nothing happens by chance, NRC, nuclear dirty bomb, Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), painting of ship, Phillips, photo of Tom found in Gina’s apartment, playing all sides, Port of Houston, Port of New Orleans, radioactive bomb, Raymond, Red, Red and Liz hold hands, Red blackmails Max Ruddiger, Red blackmails Ruddiger, Red says Gina is Tom’s lover, Reddington, remember me to your wives. All of them, Ressler beat up by Gina, Ressler drives car off dock, Ressler shoots Gina Zanetakos, Rothwell School in Cambridge MA, Ruddiger, Russian agent, S01E06, S1E06, script, Season 1, She’s Tom’s lover, Shipping is my business, Shubie Hartwell, Spader, staged suicide, stock market manipulation, stock prices, stolen painting, suicide (staged), supply routes, Tellamy Cove Inn, That’s my girl, The only thing that’s clear to me is that he doesn’t work for Reddington, Thomas Vincent Keen, Tom blames Grey, Tom Bond, Tom denies knowing about go box, Tom goes to black site, Tom goes to Post Office, Tom interrogated, Tom is cleared, Tom Keen, Tom/Gina, Tom/Liz, Tom’s lover (Red says Gina is), Tom’s photo found in Gina’s apartment, Turkish diplomat, Tylenol poisonings, underwater explosion, unfortunate incident in Kuwait, unsolved homicide, Victor Fokin, Walter Burris, White House (who lives there doesn’t matter), You can trust me, Yuri, Zanetakos

Episode 1:7 Frederick Barnes

#047; BL#47; Blacklister #47; ⭕, 0107, 107, @NBCBlacklist, Annapolis, Anne Forrester, answers to questions you haven’t even thought of yet, Arlington VA, ARPAX Systems, arteries harden, arteries in their face exploded, Barnes, Barnes killed by Liz, Barnes takes bone marrow from sole survivor, Barnes tries to inject Ethan with experimental cure, Big Pharma, biological and chemical warfare, biological attack, biological bomb, biological warfare, black phosphorus, Blacklist, bone marrow biopsy, bone marrow extraction, Boone, briefcase, briefcase left in courtroom, briefcase left on Metro, Bubble Girl, call tracer, chemical warfare, courthouse in Arlington, Cuba, cytochlorin, defense research scientist, Dr Nina, drawing lines in the sand, Dupont Circle, Elizabeth Keen, Elysa Ruben, Episode 7, Eric Forrester, Ethan Forrester, Ethan Forrester has Kurz Disease, Ethan Forrester is Frederick Barnes’ son, Every cause has more than one effect, experimental cure, field regulations, five–sided foxhole, Forrester, Frederick Barnes, Frederick Barnes killed by Liz, Girl on Train, girl with Superbubbles, Guayabera dress, gumball machine (I’m not a), height chart, hostage, I raised my family here, I spend every day trying to forget what happened here, I’m not a gumball machine, Ike the lamp, James Spader, jury service, Keen, Kurz Disease, lamp (Ike), Like a trout to a butterworm, Liz, Liz disarms, Liz lays down her gun, Lizzie, Lizzie. You don’t get to just twist the handle whenever you want a treat, Lizzy, Luli Zeng, Luli/Red, Manny Soto, Maria Rosa, mass murder, Megan Boone, most dangerous man in the world, NBC, paratoxin, Pharma, pharmaceutical industry, profit motive, pseudoaneurysm of the internal maxillary artery, Purdue, Qassam rocket, Quick say something nice to me, radioactive, radioactive isotope, rare disease, rare disease means small profits, Raymond, Red, Red blows up house, Red/Luli, Reddington, remodeling, Ressler reports Liz, Ruben, S01E07, S1E07, script, Season 1, Small disease means small profits, sole survivor, someone who’s willing to burn the world down to protect the one person they care about – That’s a man I understand, Soto, Spader, St Patrick’s Episcopal, Strontium 90, summons, Survivor, teaching job at Purdue, The Blacklist, the problem with drawing lines in the sand? With a breath of air, they disappear, untreatable disease, vascular disorder, veins and arteries harden, veins harden, weaponized disease, Woodley Park Station, You want answers to questions you haven’t even thought of yet, You’re a winter not an autumn. Stop wearing olive, Zeng

Episode 1:8 General Ludd

#109; BL#109; Blacklister #109; ⭕, $100 bill specs, $500 million, $500M, 0108, 1, 108, 9/11 protocol, @NBCBlacklist, Abraham Maltz, Acolyte, airplane crash, aliasas (multiple), American Secure Transport, anarchist, anarchist movement, anarchists, Angel of Death (slideshow), anti-capitalism, Are you General Ludd?, Arthur Denning, Aunt June, bankrupt country, BEP, Blacklist, Bobby Hobbs, body falls from ski, bomb in laptop, bomb in plane, bomb with money, Boone, Bradley Holland, Brooks, Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP), Butterball, Caleb, cancer (lung), cancer (metastatic), cancer’s spread to his liver, capitalism, Christina, corporate raider, counterfeit money, counterfeitor, crash (airplane), cripple the economy, Davos Switzerland, Deadheading to Denver, Denning, Dolus Capital, domestic terrorism, economic international summit, elasticity is amazing, Elizabeth Keen, Episode 8, Fairfax county, fat cats, FBI ViCAP system, federal reserve banks, fertilizer bomb, fertilizer plant, financial sabotage, fire inside she got from you, football, forgery, funeral (Sam’s), Gard, General Ludd, General Ludd blows up $500 million, Gold Club Member, Greenbow Fertilizer Plant, He’ll always be there with her standing in the shadows to keep her safe, hedge fund, Hobbs, Holland (Bradley), Homeland Security, homemade bomb, Horlbeck, I finally had a chance to see her Sam, I happen to believe in capitalism, I like money, I need to tell Lizzie, I never tire of being correct, I’m gonna rob you, I’ve never been more scared of a woman in my life, Innova Air, international finance, James Spader, John Horlbeck, Jolene Parker, Jolene Parker is Lucy Brooks, juicing, Juicy (Jolene plus Lucy), Keen, Liz, Liz and Tom shower, Liz is from Nebraska, Liz talks to Sam, Lizzie, Lizzy, Lucy Brooks, Lucy Brooks (ViCAP ID), Lucy Brooks is Jolene Parker, Ludd, Ludd masks, Luddites, Luli Zeng, lung cancer, Malaysia, Malik, Maltz, many aliasas, many identities, Mary, mask, Meera Malik, Megan Boone, metastatic cancer, Mike Hobbs, Milhoan, Molly, monitor somebody who’s actually got vital signs, movement (anarchist), movement against early industrial capitalism, multiple aliases, multiple identities, Nathaniel Wolfe, NBC, Nebraska, Nurse, Occupy Wall Street, Oklahoma City bombing, Oklahoma City playbook, oligarchs, Oncologist, one percent, pillow (smothered with), plane bombed, plane crash, plane explodes on runway, planes grounded, plastic surgeon, plastic surgery, plot to destroy US economy, printing money, printing plates, PTB Aviation, Raymond, Red, Red captures General Ludd, Red captures Nathaniel Wolfe, Red captures Wolfe, Red gets authentic Treasury plates, Red kills Sam, Red smothers Sam, Red talks to Tom, Red visits Sam in hospital, Reddington, reporter, revolutionary, Roger Gard, runway is a bitch, S01E08, S1E08, sabotage financial system, safe with $100 bill design, Sam in hospital, Sam killed by Red, Sam lives in Nebraska, Sam Milhoan, Sam Milhoan is Liz’s stepfather, Sam smothered by Red, Sam talks to Liz, Sam’s funeral, script, Season 1, She deserves the truth, She was thrilling in bed, She will be fine, She’s volatile. Unpredictable, smothered with pillow, Soft then hard then Soft again, Spader, stepfather, Stronger than she knows, suburban housewife printing fake money out of her garage, swing set, Tell me some stories, terrorism (domestic), The best way to keep the memory of your father alive is to talk about him, The Blacklist, thieving little monkeys near Batu Caves, Tom and Liz shower, Tom Keen, trade union, Treasury plates, truth (She deserves the), TSA, union (trade), US economy (plot to destroy), US Mint, US Treasury, ViCAP, ViCAP number for Lucy Brooks, ViCAP number from Wujing, Violent Criminal Apprehension Program (ViCAP), Wall Street, WEF, What a pair of legs, Wolfe, World Economic Forum (WEF), You get one bite of the apple, You look like hell, You will always be her father Sam, Zeng

Episode 1:9 Anslo Garrick

#016; BL#16; Blacklister #16; ⭕, 0109, 109, @NBCBlacklist, Allies today enemies tomorrow, Anslo Garrick, Anslo Garrick kills Luli, Anslo Garrick threatens Dembe, Arab Spring, Aram Mojtabai, armory, asymmetrical, Audrey Bidwell, Azok, B negative blood type, beer, beer hall, Beluga caviar, Bidwell, black site breach, Blacklist, blood transfusion (feld), blood type B negative, Boone, brains splattered, breach of black site, breach of Post Office, Brussels in ‘08, bug out bag, Bungled!, bunny, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (film), can’t judge a book by its cover, cauterization, cauterizes wound, center-fire wadcutters, choice of ammo, communications down, Cuban cigars, DARPA glass, data burn, Dembe and Red pray, Dembe threatened by Garrick, Dembe Zuma, disfigured face, doll face melting, Donald Ressler, Donald you and I aren’t done just yet, drinking beer, egress, elevator (Liz climbs out of), elevator (Liz stuck in), Elizabeth Keen, enemies today allies tomorrow, enemies today friends tomorrow, Episode 9, exfils, exfiltration, explosive ordnance, face disfigured, Feeling any wittier yet?, femoral artery, fiance (Ressler’s), fickle nature, field blood transfusion, field transfusion, fire (Liz remembers), free trade, friends today enemies tomorrow, garbage truck, Garrick, Garrick kills Luli, Garrick threatens Dembe, General Ludd, generator, German beer hall, German pub, Germany, Graz Austria, Hatchling, Hello love, high value prisoner containment unit, high value prisoner extraction, Hilton Wells, horrific scar, Hydra-Shok hollow points, I did what I always did – And beat you. And you did what you always did – Got beaten by me, I want to sleep like I slept when I was a boy, I’m gonna be around for the sequel, I’ve only shot at paper, ingress, it’s just that fast, It’s just that simple, It’s not the scar. It’s really the eye, James Spader, jammed signals, jazz at the Vanguard, Just one time, Keen, L’Ambroisie in the Place des Vosges, last stand, leg looks like minced beef, little pig you are going to let me come in, Liz, Liz climbs out of elevator, Liz remembers the fire, Liz stuck in elevator, Liz’s stuffed bunny, Lizzie, Lizzy, lock-down, Ludd, Luli killed by Garrick, Luli Zeng, Luli Zeng killed by Anslo Garrick, Mahmoud Al Azok, man’s fickle nature, Marcel Proust, Max Ruddiger, Maxwell Ruddiger, Megan Boone, melting doll face, mercenaries, Mojtabai, Mubarak, Munich Germany, munitions, NBC, old enemies, old scores (settling), One more time, Orange Box, paper (I’ve only shot at), paper (Pretend they’re), Peruvian money launderer, Play with me!, point blank range, Post Office breach, power cut, Pretend they’re paper, protective custody, Proust, Quantico, Raymond, Red, Red and Dembe pray, Red Box, Red saves Ressler, Reddington, Ressler, Ressler saved by Red, Ressler shot in leg, Ressler’s fiancé, revenge, Road Runner cartoon, Ruddiger, S01E09, S1E09, sailboat, sailing, scorched bunny, script, Season 1, sequel (I’m gonna be around for the), settling old scores, Shining Path, shock (medical), shot at point blank range, signals jammed, ski mask, sleep (I want to … like I slept when I was a boy), songbird (snitch), Spader, stuffed bunny, supply routes, telecommunications cut, that’s what you do when someone is dying in front of you, The Blacklist, The Wild Bunch, They’re in, tie as tourniquet, tourniquet, tourniquet (Zegna Venticinque tie as), tracking chip, trade routes, trash compactor, using a pistol in place of a brain, Vanguard, vengeance, warmth of a woman in a cool set of sheets, Waterloo Station, We are the cavalry, We become who we are, Wells, Wild Bunch, you and I aren’t done just yet, you can judge a book by its last chapter, Zegna Venticinque tie as tourniquet, Zeng, Zuma

Episode 1:10 Anslo Garrick, Part 2

#016; BL#16; Blacklister #16; ⭕, 0110, 1:10, @NBCBlacklist, address across the street, Alan Fitch, Alan Fitch and Red have an arrangement, Alan Fitch fears something Red has, Anslo Garrick Conclusion, Anslo Garrick had floor plans, Anslo Garrick killed by Red, Anslo Garrick Part 2, Anslo Garrick Pt 2, Anslo Garrick stabbed by Red, Anslo Garrick threatens Liz, Anslo Garrick tortures Red, Apple Man, Apple Man killed by Liz, Aram Mojtabai, Are you my father?, Audrey Bidwell, Audrey Bidwell visits Ressler in hospital, Audrey visits Ressler in hospital, Baz, be careful of your husband, Bidwell, Blacklist, blackmail, blood found was Red‘s, Boone, burner phone, camera in bedroom, code to Red Box is Romeo, daddygate, decommissioned black site, Dembe and Red pray, Dembe lives, Dembe not killed, Dembe Zuma, Diane Fowler, Elizabeth Keen, Emissary Hotel in Chicago Mr Kaplan, EMT, EMT removes Red’s tracking chip, EMT removes tracking chip, Episode 10, Everything changed the minute you surrendered to the FBI, ex-fiance, fat and unemployed, Fitch, Fitch and Red have an arrangement, Fitch fears something Red has, floor plans for black site, floor plans for Post Office, Fowler, Garrick Conclusion, Garrick had floor plans, Garrick killed by Red, Garrick Part 2, Garrick Pt 2, Garrick stabbed by Red, Garrick threatens Liz, Garrick tortures Red, Garrick2, high value prisoner containment unit, husband (be careful of your), I have two directives to protect you and find my employer, I thought we had an arrangement, I’m the guy that’s gonna put a bullet in your wife’s head, if you are in need I will be there, injection, James Spader, Kaplan, Kate Kaplan, Keen, Lab tests confirm the blood was Reddington’s, Liz, Liz asks Red if he’s her father, Liz finds surveillance of her house, Liz kills Apple Man, Liz kills the Man with the Apple, Liz threatened by Anslo Garrick, Liz threatened by Garrick, Lizzie, Lizzie be careful of your husband, Lizzington, Lizzy, Man with the Apple, Man with the Apple killed by Liz, Megan Boone, mercenary, Mojtabai, mole, Mr Kaplan, Mr Kate Kaplan, NBC, No smart quips?, observation post found, Old boy’s still got the touch does he?, Orange Box, pain enhancer, Raymond, Red, Red and Alan Fitch have an understanding, Red and Dembe pray, Red and Fitch have an arrangement, Red gives himself up for Liz, Red has something Fitch fears, Red injected with pain enhancer, Red kills Anslo Garrick, Red kills Garrick, Red sacrifices himself for Liz, Red says he’s not Liz’s father after long pause, Red stabs Anslo Garrick, Red stabs Garrick, Red surrenders, Red tells Liz he’s not her father, Red tortured, Red tortured by Anslo Garrick, Red tortured by Garrick, Red trades himself for Liz, Red’s blood tested, Red’s tracking chip removed by EMT, Reddington, Ressler gives up code to Red Box, Ressler reconnects with Audrey Bidwell, Ressler reconnects with ex-fiance, revenge, Romeo (code to Red Box), S01E10, S1E10, sadism, script, Season 1, secret remains secret, Spader, surgical scissors or spike, surveillance from warehouse, surveillance in bedroom, surveillance outpost, taste of the good life, The Blacklist, torture, torture porn, tracking chip removed, Traded your life for hers, We know what you have Ray, we trust that our secret remains secret, What color is the sky? Red, What makes her so special?, whatever blows up your skirt, wherever I am whatever I’m doing if you are in need I will be there, Zuma

Episode 1:11 The Good Samaritan Killer

#106; BL#106; Blacklister #106; ⭕, 0111, 111, 911 (always calls), @NBCBlacklist, abduction, abuse, abusive mother, Alan Fitch, Alan Fitch meets with Diane Fowler, always calls 911, Apple Man, Aram abducted by Red, Aram accused of money laundering, Aram is set up, Aram Mojtabai, Aram tested by Red, Armed Guard, ♫ When The Man Comes Around, Beef Stroganoff, Bernard, Bitcoin, black site compromise, Blacklist, Boone, Bowler, Brodine, cash drop, child abuse, cold case, Colt .45 1911, Coogan, copycat killing, Diane Fowler, Diane Fowler meets with Alan Fitch, Diane Fowler won’t name mole, do unto others, domestic abuse, domestic violence, Don’t look so stricken. The first shot will kill you, Elizabeth Keen, EMT, Episode 11, Fitch, Fitch meets with Fowler, Fowler, Fowler meets with Fitch, Fyodor, George, Gestalten Landesbank, Good Samaritan Killer, Grey, He saved my life and then threatened to kill me, Henry Krueger, Hoffman, I’ll take a rain check on the Stroganoff. It smells delicious, I’m going to find somebody else and I’m going to kill them, I’m gonna empty that mag into your head, I’ve done it again, investigation of black site breach, investigation of Post Office breach, It’s just a flesh wound, James Spader, Janice Kreuger, Janice stop your yammering, Janice. Stop with the yelling. It’s just a flesh wound, Johnny Cash song, Karen Brodine, Karl Hoffman, Karl Hoffman shot by Liz, Keen, kidnapping, killing spree (Red on), Krueger, Lincoln NE, Liz, Liz shoots Karl Hoffman, Liz shoots The Good Samaritan Killer, Lizzie, Lizzy, locum tenens, Louis Coogan, Louise Hoffman, Luli Zeng, Luli’s funeral, Man with the Apple, Megan Boone, Melissa Wilkinson, Michael Brodine, mobile psych, Mojtabai, mole, mole (Fowler won’t name), money laundering, Mr Brodine, NBC, Nebraska, Newton Phillips, Nurse, ODNI, Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR), Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), OPR, paramedic, phenobarbital, Phillips, Raymond, Red, Red abducts Aram, Red buries Luli, Red kills Fyodor, Red kills Grey, Red kills Newton Phillips, Red kills paramedic, Red on killing spree, Red pours vodka on Fyodor, Red scatters Luli’s ashes, Red takes revenge, Red tests Aram, Red’s revenge, Reddington, S01E11, S1E11, sadism, script, search for mole, Season 1, serial killer, serial killer forces mother to watch, serial killer inflicts injuries his victims inflicted on their victims, serial killer targets abusers, Serial killers escalate. This one doesn’t, Spader, spousal abuse, stroganoff, Support Group Leader, suspense is killing me, Technician, The Blacklist, The Good Samaritan Killer, The Good Samaritan Killer shot by Liz, The Man with the Apple, The suspense is killing me, tough love, tracking chip, trigger, untraceable bank transfer, Victor, vigilante, wheelchair, Wilkinson, You are not going to be okay at all, You have such a pretty face. And a paramedic. What a shame, You lost a body. How is that even possible?, Zeng

Episode 1:12 The Alchemist

#101; BL#101; Blacklister #101; ⭕, 0112, 112, 7 on speed dial, @NBCBlacklist, abduction, adoption, airplane crash, Alchemist, Amber Alert, Annie Trettel, Annie Trettel dies, Annie Trettel shot by Bystander accidentally, Aram Mojtabai, art show, Attractive but treacherous, Audrey Bidwell, Audrey Bidwell breaks up with Tassels, Audrey breaks up with Tassels, autopsy, baby food tasting, baby shower, Bethesda MD, Bidwell, Blacklist, bone marrow, Boone, Borakove, Brooks, Budapest Hungary, casting agency (fake), casting call (fake), Catherine Madrczyk, changed identities, changing identities, CIA, cipher, Clark Schroeder, clone DNA, covering tracks, crash (plane), criminal defense fund, criminals found dead when they’re not, dating site, dating website, D’Angelo crime family, defense fund, diabetes, diaper contest, diapers on dolls, DNA, DNA evidence, DNA evidence (exculpatory), DNA evidence (fabricated), DNA evidence (fake), DNA evidence (falsified), DNA replaced, DNA sequencing research, Elizabeth Keen, Episode 12, Eric Trettel, Eric Trettel killed by wife and police sniper, evidence, evidence (exculpatory), evidence tampering, exculpatory evidence, expert witness specializing in DNA evidence, fabricated DNA evidence, fabricated evidence, fake casting agency, fake casting call, fake DNA evidence, fake evidence, faking death, falsified DNA evidence, falsified evidence, fertilized duck eggs, forensic virtuoso, forgery, fraud, genetic manipulation, government documents (shredded), helping people disappear, Holly Homemaker, house arrest, Human Genome Project, Hungary, hunt for mole, I hate sarcasm and I love puzzles, I’m not giving Tassels my blessing, insulin pump, insulin pump (radio signal from), James Spader, Jeni is due in six weeks, Jenkins, Jolene flirts with Tom, Jolene Parker, Juicy, Juicy (Jolene Parker/Lucy Brooks), Juicy flirts with Tom, Juicy has dossier on Tom, Juicy has file on Tom, Keen, kidnapping, lab rat, Laos, legal defense fund, list of disappeared people, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzy, Lucy Brooks, Madrczyk, Madrczyks killed by Trettel, making people disappear, Malik, Mandy, Maryland, maternity leave, Med Tech Horizons (LLC), Meera Malik, Megan Boone, Mikkelson, mob informant, Mojtabai, mole, mole (Red suspects Meera Malik is), mole hunt, Molly and Annie Trettel are alive, Molly Trettel, Mrs Sutton, NBC, Netflix, nicotine gum (poison in), NSA, parental leave, Parker, pattern recognition, Phonthong Prison Laos, photography exhibit, Phyllis Tugenberg, pilot parachutes out of plane, plane crash, poison in nicotine gum, Pytor Madrczyk, radio signal from insulin pump, Raymond, Real Housewives, Red, Red is Seven on Liz’s speed dial, Red suspects Meera Malik is the mole, Red takes list of disappeared people, Reddington, replaced DNA, Richard Pryor records, S01E12, S1E12, Sarah Jenkins, Schroeder, script, Season 1, Serbian mob, serial number, Shredded communications from private contractors working with the DOJ NSA CIA FBI – all the initials, shredded documents, shredded government documents, Spader, substitute teacher, synagogue, synthetic DNA, Tassels, tasting baby food, The Alchemist, The Blacklist, Tibetan singing bowl, Tom (Juicy has dossier on), Tom (Juicy has file on), Tom goes to art show with Juicy, trade in death, Trettel, Trettel abducts ex-wife and daughter, Trettel fakes murder of ex-wife and daughter, Trettel killed by wife and police sniper, Trettel kills Madrczyks, Trettel turns one person into another, Tugenberg, ViCAP, what number am I on your speed dial? (seven), yarmulke, You sound so selfish right now, You’ll think you’ve died and gone to hell, You’re here to kill me because I’m the mole

Episode 1:13 The Cyprus Agency

#064; BL#64; Blacklister #64; ⭕, 0113, 113, 27 adoptions, @NBCBlacklist, abduction, adoption, Alan Fitch, artificial insemination, attachment disorder, ♫ Sundown, benzodiazepine, birth records missing, Blacklist, body found by dog in woods, Boone, Brimley, Brooks, But if you know the truth Diane then somebody else does too, Caldwell, Caldwell hit by bus, Charles Lassiter, clean as a duck’s fart, college women abducted, coma (induced), coma (women in a), corrupt adoption agency, cul de sac, David Roland, Diane Fowler, Diane Fowler is the mole, Diane Fowler killed by Red, Directive for a mandatory security upgrade, dirty rat, DNA testing, Dog Owner, Don’t worry deary. I’m used to cleaning up after you, Dr Gideon Hadley, Dr Hadley, drug dealer, drug party, Elizabeth Keen, Ellison, Episode 13, fetal ultrasound, Fitch, forced pregnancy, foster child, foster child sent back, Fowler, Fowler is the mole, Fowler killed by Red, genetic selection, Gideon Hadley, Gordon Lightfoot song, Hadley, Honey Do list, hydroxipam, I can’t have a baby right now, I ended up naked in the desert trying to hitch a ride to Tuba City, I know the truth Red about that night about what happened to your family, I was returned like a defective toy, I’m sorry. It’s messier than I had hoped, in vitro fertilization (IVF), induced coma, IVF laboratory, James Spader, Jill Lassiter, Jolene (Tom turns to), Jolene Parker, Juicy, Juicy (Jolene Parker/Lucy Brooks), Juicy (Tom turns to), Kaplan, Kate Ellison, Kate Kaplan, Keen, kidnapping, Lassiter, lawyer, lawyer hit by bus, Liz, Liz not ready to adopt, Liz tells Tom she’s not ready to adopt, Lizzie, Lizzy, Lucy Brooks, M.E., Mallory, Mallory is father of all the children, medical examiner, Meera Malik proves Fowler is the mole, Megan Boone, Mescaline steam bath, Michael Shaw, missing persons, missing women, mole (Diane Fowler is the), mothers are missing persons, Mr Brimley, Mr Kaplan, Mr Kate Kaplan, muscular atrophy, my legacy is complete, narcotics dealer, Navajo tacos, NBC, Nestor, not one of the good guys, Owen Mallory, Owen Mallory is father of all the children, Owen Mallory is Michael Shaw, Parker, perfect babies, Perry Shaw, pharmacy inventory database, phonograph, pregnancy ultrasound, Raymond, record player, Red, Red kills Diane Fowler, Red kills Fowler, Red’s family, Reddington, Roland, Russell, S01E13, S1E13, script, Season 1, sedation, sedative, severe attachment disorder, Spader, Ted Caldwell, Ted Caldwell hit by bus, The Blacklist, The Cyprus Adoption Agency, The Cyprus Agency, They took my baby, Tom turns to Jolene, Tom turns to Juicy, ultrasound, women forced to have babies, women in a coma, women kept in a coma, women sedated, You can’t shoot me, You talk too much, You’re the dirty rat Diane, You’re not one of the good guys, you’re utterly worthless to the bad guys, Your legacy. You’re the father. The children brokered by the Cyprus Agency are yours

Episode 1:14 Madeline Pratt

#073; BL#73; Blacklister #73; ⭕, $100 million, 0114, 114, 8th grade swing choir, @NBCBlacklist, A Young Woman Seated at a Virginal, abandoned car, acupuncture, Al Hakam Ashear, Aleppo Syria, All I saw was blood. All there was was blood, antiquity, Arlington VA, Ashear, Assad, bank deposit box, Blacklist, blood (All there was was), Bloody Christmas Eve, bombs (location of hidden Russian nuclear), Boone, British Museum, Brooks, brush pass, campy skit (Red’s), Christmas Eve, Christmas Eve (bloody), clutch (I like your), Cold War, Cold War bombs (hidden Russian nuclear), Cold War nuclear bombs (hidden), coordinates, coordinates for hidden bombs, criminal past (Liz’s), Crumbs up! Pleats up!, Cruz (Ted), cultural attache, cummerbund, Damascus Syria, dancing, Dashiell Hammett, Diane Fowler (disappearance of), Dirar Marwan, disappearance of Diane Fowler, Do you have any idea whose horn this tramp is blowing?, Dutch painting, Effigy of Atargatis, Elizabeth Keen, embassy foreign soil, endorphins, Episode 14, fate, film noir, Firas Ashear, Florence Italy, foreign soil (embassy), Frank, furs and bikinis, gassing you faster than a Sunni, grifting, guest list, Hafez Assad, Hammett, hedge-fund manager, heist, hidden bombs (location of Russian nuclear), Holy Grail of US counterintelligence, Honduras, How did you pick her?, human intelligence, HUMINT, I have a proposition, I like your clutch, I ran out of gas, I think he’s gonna leave me, I was just starting to feel the endorphins vibrating in my spleen, I’m not gonna let anything happen to you, I’m you plus one, identities of Russian spies, If I was interested in having an affair I’d find a man with hair, Istanbul Turkey, James Spader, Johannes Vermeer, Jolene Parker, judge jury and executioner, Juicy, Kalif, Keen, Keenler, Keenx2 troubled, KGB, Kungur Six, Liz, Liz and Red dance, Liz palms Madeline’s phone, Liz’s criminal past, Lizzie, Lizzie I know this must be very difficult for you but we can’t both lead, Lizzington, Lizzy, Lucy Brooks, Macau, Madeline and Red dance, Madeline Pratt, Madeline Pratt impersonates Red’s widow, Madeline Pratt steals from Red’s safe deposit box, Madeline/Red, Maltese Falcon, Martin, Marwan, Megan Boone, mobster, mole, mosque, Mrs Reddington, NBC, night manager and the alley, notorious playboy, NSA, nuclear bombs (location of hidden), nukes (suitcase), Omaha (Liz and Frank in), Omaha NE, only Vermeer in private hands, Orlando FL, panic room, People’s Liberation Alliance, plus one, Pratt, RA-115 suitcase nukes, Rasil Kalif, Raymond, Red, Red acts campy, Red acts gay, Red and Liz dance, Red and Madeline dance, red gown, Red shoots ceiling, Red trades coordinates for effigy, Red tricks Madeline, Red/Madeline, Red’s campy skit, Red’s daughter, Red’s family, Red’s will, Reddington, Russian bombs (location of hidden nuclear), Russian Bratva, Russian mob, Russian nuclear bombs (location of hidden), Russian spies, S01E14, S1E14, safe deposit box, script, Season 1, SEC investigation, She’s a little young for you, SIGINT, signals intelligence, SIM card, snipe hunt, Some of my best friends are Syrian, Spader, starts with Bashar and ends with Assad, story about Red’s family, suitcase nukes, Syria, Syrian Embassy, Taser, Ted Cruz, Tegucigalpa Honduras, The Blacklist, The Maltese Falcon, theft, thief, Tom encounters Juicy in Orlando, Tom Keen, Turkey, tux, undercover, Vermeer, Walter Gary Martin, Was it true?, We can’t both lead, We should have gone to Tegucigalpa, will (Red’s), Wow, You know how to palm a phone?, You still wear the hell out of a tux, You stood me up in Florence, You want me to rough him up for you?, You’re not a cop tonight. You’re a criminal, Young Woman Seated at a Virginal

Episode 1:15 The Judge

#057; BL#57; Blacklister #57; ⭕, 0115, 10/3/2002, 1:15, @NBCBlacklist, a war is coming, abduction, Abraham, Admiral Abraham, Admiral Richard Abraham, Adrestia the Goddess Of Revenge, Afghanistan, Alan Ray Rifkin, Alexandria VA, alleged impropriety, Amnesty Collective, Ancient Greeks had Adrestia the Goddess Of Revenge, Andrews Air Force Base, Anne Lance, appellate court (underground), avenging angel, ♫ Jolene, Bagram Air Force Base, Blacklist, book death row, Boone, Brooks, capital punishment, classified Pentagon file, coerced confession, Connolly, Connolly is abducted, Cooper, Cooper beat confession out of Rifkin, Cooper is abducted, court of appeals (underground criminal), court of last resort, coverup, cowboy, death penalty, depository, Donna Hastings, electric chair (makeshift), Elizabeth Keen, Elizabeth Keen is not your wife she’s your target!, enemy combatant, Episode 15, evening the score, event log (fake), event log (forged), Every culture has a justice myth, execution, extrajudicial trial, eye for an eye, fake event log, forced confession, forged event log, Frank Gordon, friendly fire, Golem for the Jews, Good night Mother, Gordon, Guldara Afghanistan, handwritten pleas, Harold a war is coming, Harold Cooper, Harold Cooper beat confession out of Alan Ray Rifkin, Harold don’t look so glum, Harrisburg PA, Hastings, He was executed because of the truth, held captive, I can’t do this because I love my wife, I told you that I was in love with her because that is exactly what I am supposed to be. That is my job, impropriety alleged, in the final moment the only irrefutable fact is you better be right, James Spader, Jolene Parker, Jolene=Juicy, Judge, judge jury and executioner, Juicy, Juicy flirts with Tom, Juicy gives Tom her key card, Juicy is being tracked by Red, Juicy is tracking Red, Juicy/Tom, justice, justice denied, justice myth, Keen, kidnapping, Kipling, Lance, literacy program, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzy, Lucy Brooks, Lucy=Juicy, makeshift electric chair, Mark Hastings, Megan Boone, Mercer County PA, missing persons, Monroe VA, mother, Munson, NBC, Orlando FL, Parker, Pentagon file (classified), people disappeared, physical coercion, pleas, prison literacy program, Raymond, Red, Red has Cowboy tracking Juicy, Red is being tracked by Juicy, Red is recognized by old friend, Red is tracking Juicy, Reddington, retribution, Reynoso Cartel, Richard Abraham, Rifkin, Rifkin admitted to treason, righteousness, Ruth Kipling, S01E15, S1E15, script, Season 1, secret weapon, Spader, spiritual advisor, Taliban, target (Elizabeth Keen is not your wife she’s your), teachers conference, The Blacklist, The Cowboy, The Judge, timeline, Tom Connolly, Tom/Juicy, traitor, treason, trial (extrajudicial), truth (He was executed because of the), Tu Po for the Chinese, ultimate price, underground appellate court, underground criminal court of appeals, US Attorney, War in Afghanistan, when justice fails, William Munson, withholding evidence, Wrong answer!, You beat a confession out of him

Episode 1:16 Mako Tanida

#083; BL#83; Blacklister #83; ⭕, 0116, 116, 3/22/1987 (date on ballet program), @NBCBlacklist, Abashiri Prison Japan, Aiko Tanida, art exhibit, Audrey Bidwell, Audrey Bidwell killed, Audrey/Ressler, Azuma Dozin, ballerina, ballet, ballet practice, ballet program from 3/22/1987, ballet school, Berlin (person), Berlin is having doubts, Bidwell, Blacklist, Bobby Jonica, Bobby Jonica betrays Ressler, Bobby Jonica is Tensei (Reborn), Bobby Jonica stabs himself, Boone, Boy Scout, Brooks, Bushido Code, Chinese Triads (mob), Christine (Ballerina), Code of Bushido, Code of the Samurai, corn palace in Mitchell South Dakota, cowboy, Cowboy killed by Tom, dance, dance practice, dance school, darkness (there are things in the … that can keep your heart from ever feeling the light again, dirty cop, disembowelment, Donald Ressler, drug trade, Dying Swan, Elise Le Blanc School of Ballet, Elise Paschen, Elizabeth Keen, Episode 16, evidence board about Liz (Tom’s), FBI, funeral gathering, hara kiri, head in a box, He’s gonna kill both of us!, heroin trade, hiri kiri, Hokkaido Japan, honor, hospital (underground), international organized crime, Itami, James Spader, Japan, Japanese ritual suicide, Jolene Parker, Jolene Parker killed by Tom, Jonica, Juicy, Juicy killed by Tom, Juicy=Jolene, Keen, KeenX2, Korean Tong (mob), Liz, Liz and Tom kiss in the shower, Lizzie, Lizzy, Lucy Brooks, Maguire, Mako Tanida, Mako Tanida’s head in a box, Megan Boone, NBC, Nobody can murder someone in cold blood and come out okay on the other end, off the grid, old ballet program (3/22/1987), original Reddington task force reunited, Osaka Japan, Parker, Paschen, Pete Maguire, Prince George’s County MD, Raimo, Raymond, Red, Red gives Ressler Mako Tanida’s head in a box, Red sends note to Ressler, Red’s daughter performed in Swan Lake, Reddington, Reddington task force (original), Reddington was funneling money through the adoptive father for years, Ressler, Ressler is betrayed by former partner, Ressler/Audrey, revenge, ritual seppuku, ritual suicide, Russian Bratva (mob), S01E16, S1E16, Sam Raimo, Sam Raimo forced to stab himself, Samurai Code, Samurai sword, Sarah Raimo, script, Searching in the desert for a drop of vengeance to slake an unquenchable thirst, Season 1, self disembowelment, seppuku, Silk Road, Spader, suicide (ritual), Swan Lake, Tanida, tanto sword, Tchaikovsky, Tensei (Reborn), Tensei (Reborn) is Bobby Jonica, The Blacklist, the boy scout’s gonna kill his best friend?, The Cowboy, The Cowboy killed by Tom, The Dying Swan, The pot meets the kettle at last, there are things in the darkness that can keep your heart from ever feeling the light again, They smoke, Tokyo Japan, Tom and Liz kiss in the shower, Tom doesn’t know who put cameras in their house, Tom is spying on Liz, Tom kills Jolene Parker, Tom kills Juicy, Tom kills The Cowboy, underground hospital, until one day it will be the second thing, wake (funeral), way of the warrior, Yakuza crime syndicate (mob), Yasu Itami, Young Ballerina

Episode 1:17 Ivan

#088; BL#88; Blacklister #88; ⭕, 0117, 117, 1940s Sorrento music box, @NBCBlacklist, Abby Fisher, Agent Galarza, All of DC is dark, Aram Mojtabai, automobile crash, ♫ Anniversary Waltz, Belarus, Black Budget, Blacklist, blackout (DC), bodies found (Juicy snd Cowboy), Boone, Briargate Colorado Springs CO, Brookland in DC, Brooks, car crash, cat and mouse (Liz and Tom play), Colorado, Colorado Springs CO, Computer Forensics Lab, computer whiz, crash (automobile), crash (car), cyber criminal, cyber warfare, Cybercom Ops Center in Colorado, daddygate, dark web, daughter/father, David Fisher, DC blackout, Debarros, Detective Debarros, digital equivalent of a nuclear warhead, digital signature, ECU (electronic control unit), electronic control unit, Elizabeth Keen, encryption, Episode 17, evidence board (Tom takes down), evidence board about Liz (Tom’s), evidence of foul play, evidence report, father/daughter, field autopsy, fire alarm, Fisher, flashlight butt, FSB, Galarza, genius, Grand Cayman Bank, grandmother, grandson, hacker, hacking, Harrison Lee, Harrison Lee impersonates Ivan, Harrison Lee is the hacker, Hellfire drone missile up my zadnitsa, high school, human bloodhound, I have never lied to you, I know this song, I wish I knew the whole truth, impersonation, infrastructure, Initial: The Blacklist, internet of things, Ivan, Ivan impersonated, Ivan is not the hacker, Ivan stole from Red, Jackie, James Spader, Jolene Parker, Jolene Parker her real name is Lucy Brooks, Juicy=Jolene, Kaplan, Kastrychnitski Rayon, Kate Kaplan, Keen, Lee (Harrison), Lee (Ruby), Liz, Liz and Tom play cat and mouse, Liz has flashbacks, Liz prevents subway train crash, Liz sees Uncle Flippo in evidence report, Liz suspects Tom, Lizzie, Lizzington, Lizzy, Lucy Brooks, Megan Boone, Minsk Belarus, missing person report, Mojtabai, mp3 collection, Mr Kaplan, Mr Kaplan finds bodies of Juicy and Cowboy, Mr Kate Kaplan, mRed hugs Liz, Nathan Platt, National Security Agency (NSA), NBC, network breached, nightmares about the fire, NSA Special Projects, Parker, piroshki, Platt, play list, power grid, Project Skeleton Key, prototype, puppy love, Raymond, Red, Reddington, remote control, Ressler shooting staged, restoration, RF (radio frequency), Roys TV Repair, Ruby Lee, Russian markets, S01E17, S1E17, satellite tracking system, school evacuated, script, Season 1, Siberian pipelines, Skeleton Key, social media, Social Security Administration, Sorento Music Box, Spader, staged shooting, stalking, subway, subway train crash avoided, teacher, teen, teen crush, teen hacker, teen love, Tell Berlin I was forced to liquidate, the fire, Tom and Liz play cat and mouse, Tom attacks Liz, Tom takes down evidence board, Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information (TS/SCI), toy flashlight (Uncle Flippo), TS/SCI Vigil Clearance, Tyler, Uncle Flippo, Uncle Flippo in evidence report (Liz sees), ViCAP, vicuna, violent criminal database, You knew about the song. My father, You knew I’d find out the truth. And you wanted me to know that everything is going to be okay, You never really know people do you?, You spent days building that damn thing, You were right, You’re going to be okay, you’ve stirred up the borscht Ivan, zadnitsa

Episode 1:18 Milton Bobbit

#135; BL#135; Blacklister #135; ⭕, 0118, 118, @NBCBlacklist, actuarial tables, adverse drug reaction, Apple Man, assassination by suicide, bank in Caymans, Bennett Cochran, Berlin, Berlin (Red puts … at top of evidence board), Big Pharma, Blacklist, Bobbit, Bobbit’s client list (Red gets), bomb vest, Boone, Bosnian, broker of death, brother (Tom’s fake), car crash (murder suicide), Caymans (bank in), Chicago Skyline (paint), Christopher Maly, Christopher Maly jumps out of window, clinical trial (deadly), clowns, Cochran, Craig Keen, Croatia, Danny Moss, Davi, DD4 drugs, deadly clinical trial, deadly medical experiment, death (obsessed with), death wish, Dee Torres, diabetes, Dipeptidyl peptidase-4 inhibitor drugs (DD4), DNA (touch), Dr Fredrick Osborn, Dr Osborn, drug fast tracked, drug reaction (adverse), Dubrovnik Croatia, El Salvador, Elizabeth Keen, Endocrinology, Episode 18, evidence board linking Tom Gina Zanetakos Craig Jolene Parker Viktor Fokin (Liz’s), evidence board on Tom (Liz’s), evidence tampering, Fadila, fake nose, FDA, Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Fredrick Osborn, grab the pretzels, Green Glades Insurance Company, growing mushrooms, handcuffed to sink pipes, Hansel and Gretel, hashish and grappa, hidden key, I want to renew our wedding vows, Ian Wright, insurance, James Spader, Jared, Keen, Keen (Craig), key (hidden under lamp), killers with terminal illnesses, life insurance, life insurance cancelled, Liz, Liz and Tom renew their vows, Lizzie, Lizzy, lobbyist for the pharmaceutical industry, Maly, medical experiment, medical experiment (deadly), Megan Boone, Milton Bobbit, Milton Bobbit blows himself up, Milton Bobbit was patient zero, mini bar, Moss, Mrs Sutton, murder for insurance, murder suicide, Murder/suicide is his signature, mushrooms, NBC, network of dead assassins, newlyweds, Niki (Tom talks about a woman named), nose (fake), nose (prosthetic), obsessed with death, Osborn, oven puppet, paint Chicago Skyline, pancakes (Tom cooks for Liz), Patient Zero, pharmaceutical industry, pretzels, prosthetic nose, puppets, Raymond, Red, Red gets Bobbit’s client list, Red puts Berlin at top of evidence board, Red watched surveillance tapes, Reddington, renewal of vows, S01E18, S1E18, San Salvador El Salvador, script, Season 1, Senator Bennett Cochran, Senator Cochran, sink pipes (handcuffed to), Spader, suicide, suicide vest, surveillance tapes of Liz and Tom’s apartment, Sutton, terminal illness, The Apple Man, The Blacklist, The Three Stooges, The Undertaker (not the episode), Three Stooges, Tom and Liz renew their vows, Tom cooks pancakes for Liz, Tom’s brother is fake, Tom’s fake brother, Tom’s fake brother jumps out window, Torres, touch DNA, Type 2 diabetes, US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), venture capitalist, villa in Dubrovnik, Wahid Davi, Wahid Davi’s Wife, Westport cemetery, Will you marry me?, Wright, yogurt pretzels, You slept with my wife

Episode 1:19 The Pavlovich Brothers

#119-122; BL#119-122; Blacklister #119-122; ⭕, 0119, 119, @NBCBlacklist, A gift from Reddington (Tom), abduction, Agent Morimoto, Andrews Air Force Base MD, Anne Arundel County MD, Archimedes, Archimedes principle, avgolemono, biological warfare, black project (Whitefog was a), Blacklist, Boone, brassiere (Never wore a … Always a bounce in her step), Brothers (Pavlovich), buoyancy, calculus, car chase, carving on go box, Changzhou Labor Camp, Chesapeake port, China, Chinese prison, Chinese scientist, CIA extraction team, Cisco, Clock Petrovich, contraband, crate, daddygate, daughter/father, defibrillator, Director of National Intelligence (DNI), displacement of water (equation), DNI, drops (spycraft), 😅, Elizabeth Keen, envelope with mark like Liz’s scar, envelope with mark on Tom’s go box, Episode 19, Eureka, extraction by helicopter, extraction team, Falls Church VA, father/daughter, Fingers Pavlovich, formula, gas chromatography, germ warfare, go box carving, He’s not who you think he is, heart on shoe, helicopter burned, helicopter extraction, I hate pancakes!, I think she’s having troubles at home sir, I was doing my job, If you’re gonna handcuff somebody don’t break their thumb, intelligence coup (Whitefog), James Spader, Jeffery Seivers, Jiangsu China, Keen, key in the lamp, key to safe deposit box, kidnapping, Kraljevo Serbia, Langley Air Force Base VA, letter from matushka 😅, Li, Liz, Liz and Tom fight, Liz breaks Tom’s thumb, Liz follows Tom into the National Archives building, Liz interrogates Tom, Liz questions Tom, Liz’s scar, Lizzie, Lizzy, Matushka, Megan Boone, Milosevic, Mockingbird knows, Morimoto, My husband is gone, My job was never to hurt you. I’m one of the good guys, My life was a lie!, National Archives, National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), NBC, Never wore a brassiere; Always a bounce in her step, NTSB, Pagosa Springs CO public library, Pavlovich, Pavlovich Brothers, Pavlovich Brothers capture Tom and turn him over to Liz, Pavlovich Brothers killed by FBI, Pavlovich Brothers Matushka, Person of Interest, Petrovich, Radford Bank Box number 3929, Raymond, Red, Red recruits Pavlovich Brothers, Reddington, Reddington. He’s not who you think, Rolph Cisco, S01E19, S1E19, safe deposit box, script, Season 1, Seivers, Serbia, shoe (heart on), Slobodan Milosevic, snatch-and-grab, Sorrento music box, Spader, Symir, syringes switched, The Blacklist, The Pavlovich Brothers, This is an end. And then something new will begin, Tom and Liz fight, Tom called in sick, Tom cuffed to chair, Tom finds the Sorrento music box, Tom is captured by Pavlovich Brothers, Tom is captured by Pavlovich Brothers for Red, Tom leaves home, Tom tied to chair, Tom’s thumb broken by Liz, tracking device, Tracy Woods, Whitefog, Whitefog biggest intelligence coup in a decade, Whitefog germ weaponry program, Whitefog was a black project, Who do you work for?, WHO Vaccination Program, Wolf Creek Pass CO, wooden crate, Woods, World Health Organization (WHO), Xiaoping Li, Xiaoping Li abducted, Xiaoping Li kidnapped, Xiaoping Li locked in crate, You deserve the best in life Lizzie, you’re chest–deep in filth, Your husband never existed, Yugoslav wars, Yunnan Province China

Episode 1:20 The Kingmaker

#042; BL#42; Blacklister #42; ⭕, 0120, 120, @NBCBlacklist, Alan Fitch, Alan Fitch meets with Alliance (Cabal), Albert Mitchell, Alliance (=Cabal), Alliance Members, Alliance turns Red down, alone in the dark (it will be you Alan), ambition, Arturo Ruiz, Blacklist, blackmail, Boone, breaching plan, bridge (car goes off), Brixton Hotel, burglary gone wrong, cab driver, Cabal, Cabal turns Red down, cannabis, cannabis edible, cannabis ice cream, car crash (homicide disguised as), car goes off bridge, Causeway Bridge, Chandler, Chandler rescues daughter, Chandler seen as hero, Chandler’s a Boy Scout, cigar, clients groomed, conspiracy to commit murder, Czechia, Demakis, Destination Plumbing, Did you kill my father? (Red answers Yes), Dusek, Dusek framed, Elizabeth Keen, Emil Dusek, enemy (mysterious), enemy (unseen), envelope with mark like Liz’s scar, Episode 20, Fitch, Fitch can be blackmailed by Red, Fitch meets with Alliance (Cabal), gay, germophobia, Gibbons (Red alias), Giny Mitchell, God you’re a monster, groomed (This guy’s been), grooming clients, hero (Chandler is New York’s newest), homicide disguised as car crash, homosexuality, hospital where Sam died (Red was at), I don’t have any friends, I knew your father and he knew me, I put him out of his misery, I thought we had an arrangement, I will win this war, ice cream (cannabis), it will be you Alan alone in the dark, James Spader, Keen, Keenler, King (Mr), Kingmaker, Kingmaker tries to kill Liz, Le Claire’s pawn shop, Liz, Liz goes to Ressler, Liz’s scar, Lizzie, Lizzy, lung cancer, Mali, media stunt, Megan Boone, Milhoan, Mitchell (Albert), Mr Gibbons (Red alias), Mr King, Mrs Chandler, Mrs Chandler dies, Mrs Chandler drowns, my enemy is your enemy, My father died of lung cancer, mysterious enemy, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), NBC, Nebraska, New York (Tom is in), New York’s newest hero, NHTSA, Niko Demakis, no skid marks, obsessive-compulsive, opposition research, Patrick Chandler, Paul Fredrick Smithson, photos of Red at hospital, poisoning, political ambition, politician murdered in Prague, Prague Czechia, Princeton University, protocol for release of damaging information, Raymond, Red, Red admits killing Liz’s father, Red admits killing Sam Milhoan, Red asks Fitch for help, Red can blackmail Fitch, Red has damaging information on Fitch, Red hasn’t swum since high school, Red smashes scotch glass, Red was at hospital where Sam died, Reddington, Ressler saves Liz, Ruiz, S01E20, S1E20, Saint Adrian’s Hospital, Saint Rose Hotel, Sam Milhoan, scar (Liz’s), script, Season 1, Senator Albert Mitchell, Senator Mitchell, skid marks (no), Smells like decadence and vice, Smithson (Paul Fredrick), smoking cigar, sniffing (tic), Spader, Speakeasy, St Rose Hotel, State Assemblyman Chandler, stolen identity, surveillance video of Red at hospital, swimming pool, taxi driver, The Alliance (=The Cabal), The Alliance turns Red down, The Blacklist, The Cabal, The Cabal turns Red down, The Kingmaker, The Kingmaker tries to kill Liz, This guy’s been groomed, tiniest lady on Earth, unseen enemy, We’re done, We’re out Ray, you can’t possibly fathom how deep that well of mine truly goes, You’re under arrest for conspiracy to commit murder

Episode 1:21 Berlin

#008; BL#8; Blacklister #8; ⭕, 0121, 12, 121, 1918 flu pandemic, 1918 influenza pandemic, 7/9/2010 (Liz met Tom), @NBCBlacklist, aborted landing, Aeroflot (Russian airline), airplane crash, airports (infected people connected by), Amanda Blankenship, Andaman Sea, answers I need and I can’t get them without you (But there are), antidote, antidote as blackmail, Arlington VA, Bank, Berlin, Berlin (Hooded Figure), Berlin is a person, Bico, biochemistry, Blacklist, Blacklisters are connected, blackmail, blackmail (That’s how … works sweetheart), Blankenship, blood (coughing up), Boone, Borakove, Bruce Sanders, Buckner, CDC, CDC’s Epidemic Intelligence Service, Ceasar Bico, CentCom, Center for Disease Control (CDC), Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Champagne, Co-Pilot, code book (Tom’s), connections between Blacklisters, coughing up blood, Cullen is the instrument of the Apocalypse, Cullen virology, David Klein, deadliest pathogen in existence, Dimitri, Dmitri, Dr Bruce Sanders, Dr Buckner, Dr Nikolaus Vogel, Dr Nina Buckner, Dr Sanders, Dr Vogel, elementary school (How reminiscent of), Elizabeth Keen, Episode 21, extortion, FAA, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Federov, fighter jet shoots prison transport plane, fighter jets scrambled, Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse, genius, Gina Zanetakos, He killed my father, He’s coming, highjacked plane, Hooded Figure, Horsemen of the Apocalypse, hospital (psychiatric), How reminiscent of elementary school, I know about the cases how they’re connected somehow, I’m not strong enough, immunology, in a war you need allies, influenza pandemic in 1918, insane asylum, Interrogator, island of Ko Ri, It made nearly dying well worth it, It’s not a place. It’s a person, It’s all connected, It’s too much. I’m not strong enough, jailbreak, James Spader, Jesse, Keen, Keenler, Klein, landing aborted, Langston Municipal Airport, letter of resignation (Liz turns in), limousine, Liz, Liz is interrogated, Liz met Tom on 7/9/2010, Liz puts virus in Dr Vogel’s water, Liz sees connections between Blacklisters, Liz turns in letter of resignation, Lizzie, Lizzie what have you done?, Lizzy, Manhattan, Martin (Walter Gary), medical research, Megan Boone, mental facility, mental hospital, Moken sea gypsy, Monique, mutated virus, NBC, Nikolaus Vogel, Nina Buckner, None of it is worse than losing you, NORAD scrambled a pair of fighter jets, North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), Oh my God. It’s all connected, olive branch, pandemic, Paul Blankenship, pilot, pilot shoots co-pilot, plane crash, plane highjacked, plane shot down by fighter jet, prison transport plane, prison transport plane shot down by fighter jet, psychiatric hospital, quarantine, Raymond, Red, Reddington, research (medical), Russian airline Aeroflot, S01E21, S1E21, Sanders, script, Season 1, she kissed me. It was like a burst of sunlight on my cheek, shoot-to-kill orders, snow bunnies, Space Agent UD-4126, Space Ranger, Spader, Spanish flu pandemic, spider tattoo, spider tattoo (Tom sends … to Red), spooky. Spooky stuff. Bad news, stung by a lion fish, Swiss Miss girl, That’s how blackmail works sweetheart, The Blacklist, there are answers I need and I can’t get them without you, Tiger Cat 51, Tom kills Jesse, Tom kills Red’s tail, Tom sends spider tattoo to Red, Tom’s code book, UD-4126, United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID), United States Central Command (CENTCOM), USAMRIID, Virginia, virus, virus mutated to infect one person, Vogel, Walter Gary Martin, war between Red and unknown enemy (Berlin), Welcome to America, Westland Bank in Manhattan, You don’t choose Berlin. He chooses you, You have ruined my life….But there are answers I need and I can’t get them without you, Zanetakos

Connections: Liz: “Reddington got a number from Wujing, a code that he entered into ViCAP after helping us stop General Ludd in order to identify Lucy Brooks, also known as Jolene Parker, who he then tracked down using The Alchemist‘s client list. They’re connected. Maybe not all, but some. Gina Zanetakos, the courier. I believe they all trace back to one entity.”

Episode 1:22 Berlin, Part 2

#008; BL#8; Blacklister #8; ⭕, 0122, 122, @NBCBlacklist, airplane crash site, Alan Fitch, Alan Fitch gives Red a chance to escape, Alexei Fayer, All I know is the story, Ambassador (Russian), Anchor (Matt Lauer), ♫ Stay with Me, Beirut, Berlin, Berlin (fake), Berlin and Red have a photo of the same girl, Berlin cut off his own hand, Berlin has photo of his daughter in a pocket watch, Berlin Part 2, Berlin Pt 2, Berlin tells story about his daughter, Berlin/Kirchoff, Beth’s bracelet, Bico, Blacklist, Bogdan Chrikoff, bone (knife carved from), Boone, bracelet (Beth’s), Brylcreem, burn scars on Red’s back, Caesar Bico, Campalongo Incident, Chechen, Chrikoff, Co-Pilot, Cooper, Cooper is strangled, Cooper moves his thumb, crash site (prison transport plane), daddygate, daughter/father, daughter sent to him in pieces (Berlin’s), Dimitri, Dmitri, dog (Russian Ambassador’s), Elizabeth Keen, Episode 22, FAA, fake Berlin=Kinsky, fake-Berlin, father/daughter, Fayer, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Fitch, flight manifest, freestone peaches, Garrote Man, garroting, Gramercy Park, Harold Cooper, Harold Cooper is garroted, Harold Cooper is strangled, her ear. And then a finger, Hey Babe, His enemies sent her back to him piece by piece, I had to protect you from the truth, I have not a clue what I’ve done to you, I loved Sam Lizzie, James Spader, Keen, KGB, Kinsky says Red’s weakness is Liz, Kinsky=fake Berlin, Kirchoff, Kirchoff=Berlin, knife carved from a bone, Kremlin, lady luck just adores me that much, Lauer, lexical ambiguity, Liz, Liz comes back to Red, Liz in sunlight, Liz is held at gunpoint by Tom, Liz remembers her father pulling her out of the fire, Liz shoots Tom, Liz stops Red from killing Tom, Lizzie, Lizzington, Lizzy, Makes Putin look like a Christmas elf, Malik, Malik is killed, man in hoodie, manifest (flight), Martin (Walter Gary), Matt Lauer, Meera Malik, Meera Malik is killed, Meera was a casualty in a war she didn’t even know she was fighting, Megan Boone, Milos Kinsky, Mr Hood, National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), NBC, NTSB, Okecka, peaches, photo of a girl (Red and Berlin have the same), pilot, plane crash scene, plane crash site, pocket watch with photo of a girl, prison camp in Siberia, prisoner handcuffed to a guard, prisoner in hoodie is Russian, Putin, radar dead zones, Raymond, Red, Red and Berlin have a photo of the same girl, Red Army, Red disarms to save Liz, Red escapes, Red has photo of Berlin’s daughter from The Stewmaker’s album, Red is in a holding cell, Red is under arrest, Red kills Kinsky/fake Berlin to shut him up, Red says he loved Sam, Red tells Kinsky/fake Berlin how he operates, Red tells Liz how Sam took her in, Red throws knife at Russian Ambassador, Red’s back is scarred, Red’s weakness is Liz (Kinsky says), Reddington, Russia’s CIA (SVR), Russian Ambassador, Russian Ambassador’s dog, S01E22, S1E22, script, Season 1, Serbian, Spader, Spetsnaz Commando, SVR (Russia’s CIA), Syrian, task force members are targeted, The Blacklist, the fire, The girl. She’s worth it, The man you’re looking for was never on the manifest, This was an SVR op, Those Russians they love their tattoos, Tom gives Kinsky/fake Berlin list of task force members, Tom holds Liz at gunpoint, Tom is shot by Liz, Tom shoots Red in the arm, Tom tells Liz her father is alive, Tom’s body disappears, Trudy Svoboda, Tuzik (dog’s name), Vadim Okecka, Walter Gary Martin, You must be the one they call Berlin, You really think I’d harm a dog? You on the other hand–, Your father is dead. He died in that fire

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🅾 S2: Season 2:

Episode 2:1 Lord Baltimore

#104; BL#104; Blacklister #104; ⭕, Season Premiere, “only”, $3 million, 0201, 201, 2:1, @NBCBlacklist, abduct, abducted, Abu, Abu Sitta, account, Agent, alive, army, attack, Bad, Baltimore, Bank, Bantu, Berlin, Big, Blacklist, bloodhound, body, Boone, bounty, boy, brother, burned, burning money, child abuse, Cooper, copy, cyber, cyber tracker, dark, dark web, data, dead, device, diagnosis, disorder, dissociative, dissociative personality disorder, Douglas, drive, earth, echo, Elizabeth, Episode 1, ex, ex-wife, exwife, falcon, FBI, final edit, severed finger, finger, fire, Flash, General, good, Google, Haifa, handler, helicopter, Hellfire missiles,, history, homing device, hostage, hunter, Hyland, incident, Internet, James, jealousy, Keen, kidnap, kidnapped, killed, Krysten, Kuwait, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzy, locket, Lord, Lord Baltimore, Louise, Marnò, Mary, ME, Megan, Mills, missile, missiles,molested, money, burns money, Mossad, Mozhan, multiple, murder, my, Naomi Hyland, Navabi, NBC, no, Nora, Nora Mills, NSA, Parker, personality, Peter, premiere, prisoner, raid, recovered, Red, Reddington, Ritter, Rowan, Rowan Mills, S02E01, S2E01, S2E1, Samar, script, search, Season 2, season2, severed, sexual, shadow, short, sighted, sister, sisters, Sitta, Abu Sitta, slideshow, soldiers, Spader, split, Stormare, tattoo, terrorist, The Blacklist, TheBlacklist, ties, earth tones, tracker, trigger, twin, twins, Two, uncle, van, Walid, web, Yaabari, YouTube, Zegna, Zegna ties, Walid Abu Sitta

Episode 2:2 Monarch Douglas Bank

#112; BL#112; Blacklister #112; ⭕, 0202, 202, 2:2, @NBCBlacklist, abduct, abduction, accounts, all, anorexia, Apollonia, Apolonia, Appallonia, Appalonia, Appolonia, arms dealer, autobiographical, bakery, Bank, Berlin, Blacklist, bleed, Boone, boy, burglary, chicken, companies, Con, Coney Island, confidence, corporations, corruption, criminal, dealer, device,jelly donut, doughnut, Douglass, dull, earth, elit, Elizabeth, embezzlement, embezzler, episode, Episode 2, escrow, ex, ex-wife, exwife, FBI, formula, gay, gun, guns, gut, heist, helicopter, Heredias, highly, homing, Naomi Hyland, hyperthymesia, idetic, idetic memory, illegal, Island, Jack, James, jelly, Kaja, Kaplan, Kate, Keen, kidnap, kidnapping, money laundering, like, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzy, makes, man, manicure, manicurist, Marnò, Megan, memory, money,Monarch, Monarch Douglas, Mossad, Mozhan, Mr, Mr Kaplan, murder, Naomi, Naomi Hyland, Navabi, NBC, no, numbers, out, Paczki, pascski, pasky, passion, Patti, Patty, Patty Sutton, pazky, pazsky, photographic, photographic memory, plays, Poland, Police, politician, prune, Red, Reddington, revenge, robber, robbery, Rosa, Rosa Heredias, rose, routing, rum, S02E02, S2E02, S2E2, Samar, Santa, season, Season 2, secret, seduction, setup, shell, shot, sickness, slideshow, Spader, stab, Stansberry, Stansbury, superior, surgeon, Tastes like Patty Sutton, tampon, tastes, The Blacklist, TheBlacklist, thief, tie, tone, toned, trade, train, trained, Twila, Twilla, Twilla Stansbury, Twitter, Two, Twyla Stansbury, updated, Warsaw, weakness, weevils, wife, wing, work, YouTube, Zegna, Zegna ties, amusement park

Episode 2:3 Dr James Covington

#089; BL#89; Blacklister #89; ⭕, 0203, 203, 2:3, @NBCBlacklist, Agent, Albee, all, autopsy, Bank, before, Berlin, Blacklist, bodies, body, Boone, cardio, cardiothoracic surgery, carpet, child, children, chrome ostentatious, contract, Cooper, corpse, Covington, cross, daughter, Demakis,Niko Demakis,different, disinter, doctor, Donald, donor, donors, double, Dr James Covington, dream, Elizabeth, else, episode, Episode 3, ethics, medical examiner, examiner,exhume, Ezra, father, fire, fraud, gay, grapefruit, grave, graveyard, gun, grapefruit gushie, gushie, Harold, organ harvesting, heart, high, hospital, medical, Naomi Hyland, illegal, Indonesia, innuendo, install, installation, installed, James Covington, jealousy, Kaplan, Keem, Keen, Lesbian, life, list, lives, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzington, Lizzy, look, loyalty, luck, lung, lung transplant, lungs, medical, medicine, Megan, Mossad, Mr, Mr Kaplan, Mr Vargas,murder, Naomi, Navabi, NBC, Niko, organ,organ donation,organ repossession, organs, ostentatious, overly Lizzington, port, powered, protocol, really, recipient, Red, Reddington, removal, repossess, Ressler, rifle, S02E03, S2E03, S2E3, Samar, save, script, season, Season 2, SEC, sex, sexual, sexual dream, sister, slap, slapped, slep, slideshow, sour, Spader, story, surgeon, surgery, surgical,The Blacklist, TheBlacklist, thoracic surgery, surgery, Tom, trade, transplant, organ transplant, Two, underground, value, Vargas, waiting, want, weapon, what, with, Yale, you, YouTube

Episode 2:4 Dr Linus Creel

#082; BL#82; Blacklister #82; ⭕, 0204, 204, 2:4, 2R, @NBCBlacklist, adultery, affair, aggression, anonymous, Aram, attempt, black, Blacklist, Boone, budget, by, Carla, Carlington, change, classified, comments, control, cop, Creel, daughter, decoding, decryption, DNA test, doctor, documents, city dog, Dr Linus Creel, Elizabeth, episode, Episode 4, ex, ex-husband, ex-wife, experiments, extreme, Ezra, Frank Hyland, gene, genetics, genomics, genotyping, government, grant, harassment, Highland, homicide, Hyland, identities, impulse, infidelity, Inventory, James, Jennifer, Keen, kiss, Linus, Linus Creel, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzy, Louise, love, MAO-A, MAO-A 2R, MAOA, Mary, mass, media, Megan, mind, Minnesota, MK, MMPI, MMPPI, Mojtabai, Monica, Mr Vargas, Multi, Multiphasic, murder, Naomi Hyland, nature, Navabi, NBC, nurture, Parker, personality, Philadelphia, physical, predisposition, psychiatry, psychologist, psychology, Red, redacted, Reddington, genomics research, S02E04, S2E04, S2E4, Samar, science, scientific, script, season, Season 2, secret, Senator, Sheraton, shippers, slideshow, sniper, social media, Spader, sponsored, suicide, tail, test, The Blacklist, TheBlacklist, Tom, trolling, Two, Ultra, Vargas, violence, warrior gene, wife, YouTube

Episode 2:5 The Front

#074; BL#74; Blacklister #74; ⭕, 0205, 205, 2:5, @NBCBlacklist, accident, Adam, adopt, adoption, airborne, airplanes, airport, Aleko, Ann, antidote, Apophis, Apophis strain, Apophys, Aram, Armageddon, art, art theft, baby, Bear, Beck, Maddox Beck, biblical, biohazard, black, Blacklist, body, bomb, bombing, bones, Boone, You Were Born, born, key in bottle, boy, BP, brain, Bubonic, Byzantines, Byzantine, Carrie, Carter, catacombs, Catarina, CDC, cemetary, charismatic, chase, Church, climate, cloud, Cloud Cult, Cloudcult, contagious, corners, cubits, cult, cure, customer, Cyrillic, Dantonio, D’Antonia, D’Antonio, daddygate, daughter, dead, death, decontaminate, DMV, double, earth, ecoterrorism, eco-terrorism, Eden, Adam and Eve, key in bottle, Elizabeth, end, ends, environment, environmentalism, episode, Eve, extermination, extinction, extreme, Ezra, FAA, father, fave, FBI, film, four, Front, Glen Carter, Glen, Glenn, gossip, grass, grave, graveyard, grid, off the grid, guard, guards, Gulf, gummi, gunshot, hair, hands, HAZMAT, hippies, hold, Home, hospital, hunger, impersonate, incubation, infect, infection, infectious, inhale, Italy, James, jealous, jealousy, Katarina, Katerina, Keen, key, killed, lab, leader, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzington, Lizzy, London, love, machine, Maddox, Madrid, map, mass, megalomania, Megan, million, Mojtabai, monks, mother, movies, murder, music, nature, Navabi, NBC, newborn, nipple, off, Office, oil, oil painting, Ottomans, paint, painting, Pepper, pipeline, Pisa, plague, planet, plague, plaque, pneumatic, pneumonic, pneumonic plague, possessive, pregnant, prevent, priest, priests, Quantico, quarantine, rat, raw, Red, Reddington, robbers, rodent, S02E05, S2E05, S2E5, Samar, Samoan, Samuel Aleko, Santa, sausage, school, script, season, secret, service, shippers, shot, Sienese, Sienna, skeleton, snake, snake in the grass, soda, song, Spader, species, spill, splicing, St, stolen, story, strain, strike, strip, striptease, suicide, Super, tail, Team, tease, The Blacklist, The Front, the girl, track, transcript, Trinity, Two, vaccine, vending, violent, virus, weaponized, were, wound, you, You Were Born, Zoe, Zoe Dantonio

Episode 2:6 The Mombasa Cartel

#114; BL#114; Blacklister #114; ⭕, 0206, 206, 2:6, @NBCBlacklist, abduction, abnormal, accounting, addiction, advocacy, Alaska, animal, animals, arrest, arrested, arrow, bath, billionaire, biodiversity, biography, bizarre, Blacklist, blood curdling, boat, body, Boone, bow, bubble, bundling, cage, campfire, capitalism, capture, Cartel, charity, college, companies, contribute, contribution, corporation, corpse, crazy, creepy, cult, cure, currents, Daniel, dark, demand, Dembe, Dembe bio, development, disability, disease, disturbed, donate, donor, drug, dumped, E06, ecology, ecosystem, electrocution, Elizabeth, endangered, endangered species, English, environment, episode, Episode 6, extinction, Ezra, false, family, flay, flayed, flaying, folk, Fonda, freak, freaks, freakshow, frightening, game, Geoff, ghost story, ghouls, goblins, gothic, graphic, grotesque, guilt, guns, Halloween, Hisham, hobby, horror, horror story, human, humans, hunting, hunting humans, idiot, idiot savant, illegal, illegitimacy, illness, impotence, imprisonment, false imprisonment,insane, insanity, intent, James, jet, junkie, Keen, kidnapping, Kincaid, Knauf, knife, laundering, literature, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzy, macabre, market, maternal, Matthew, medicine, Megan, mental, Mombasa, Mombasa Cartel, money, monopoly, monster, mother, mother/son, murder, music, mutilation, Natural, nature, NBC, nightmare, no, ocean, organization, people, Peter, poachers, poaching, pressure, private, psychosis, raid, ranch, Red, Reddington, remedies, remedy, rescue, Ressler, Ressler caged, rich, righteous, rights, S02, S02E06, S2E06, S2E6, S2S06, savant, scary, scream, script, season, Season 2, secret, shell, shot, skinned, skinning, Skye, Skye Kincaid, smuggling, Son, Spader, species, stabbing, strange, stuffed, stuffed people, supply, tagging, tale, Tarfiq, taxidermy, taxodermy, The Blacklist, The Mombasa Cartel, TheBlacklist, thing, Tom, Tom on boat, trafficking, trespassing, Two, underground, unicorns, wealthy, welfare, wild, wildlife, Zuma

Episode 2:7 The Scimitar

#022; BL#22; Blacklister #22; ⭕, 0207, 207, 2:7, @NBCBlacklist, abduct, abducted, abhor, addiction, Adirondack chair, anchovies, assassin, assassination, bar, Berlin, Bethesda, Blacklist, blank, blooded, boat, body, bomber, books, Boone, broken, brother, Samar’s brother, captive, car, chair, CI, Cold, commit, complicated, Con, Cooper, Crash, date rape, daughter, downer, drug, Dubai, duck, duct, Elizabeth, episode, Episode 7, eyes, fake, father, shot in forehead, garage, George, going to, golf, gonna, gun, gunshot, held, hit, hospital, hull, hurt, I’m, Iran, Iranian, James, Job, Keen, kidnap, kidnapping, lies, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzy, look, man, mansion, ME, meeting, Megan, misunderstanding, murder, mussels, my, Name, Navabi, NBC, not, nuclear, Orwell, parking, Persian, point, political, prisoner, protection, range, record, Red, Reddington, Ressler, River, S02E07, S2E07, S2E7, Samar, scientist, Scimitar, script, season, Season 2, secret, seduce, seduction, ship, shop, shot, sister, source, Spader, suicide, suitcase, tape, The Scimitar, The Blacklist, TheBlacklist, Tom, Tom on boat, Two, violence, War, weapon, window, wine, witness, words, you, your, yours, zebra, Zoe

Episode 2:8 The Decembrist

#012; BL#12; Blacklister #12; ⭕, Fall Finale, 0208, 208, 2:8, @NBCBlacklist, about, about us, AG, Alan, Alan Fitch, Alda, Aleko, alliance, Aram, assassination, Attorney, Attorney General, being, Berlin, Berlin/Kirchoff, bitch, Blacklist, blood, boat, bomb, bombing, bones, Boone, box, Brimley, cabal, Cabal, chained, CI, Cold, Cold War, combination, communism, conspiracy, containment, containment unit, Cooper, D’Antonio, daughter, dead, Decemberist, Decembrist, Deputy, DNA, Donald, Elizabeth, Ellie, end, enders, envelope, episode, Episode 8, execution, explosion, plastic explosives, fall, father, fave, FBI, finale, Fall Finale, finance, finance minister, Fitch, florist, Fulcrum, General, girl, guard, GULAG, Gurgarin, harbormaster, harbormaster killed,Harold, house, hug, interrogation, James, jello, Keen, KGB, kidnapping, killed, Kirchhof, Kirchoff, Kiryl, kiss, Kursk, Kursk bombing, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzington, Lizzy, lock, love is…, Megan, mid, Milosz, minister, Mojtabai, Morozov, Moscow, murder, Navabi, NBC, neck, no control, nothing, off, old, old guard, Orange, Orange Box, parade, parades, pay, payoff, Peter, photo, photo of girl, plastic, play, playing, plot, powerless, prisoner, proud, Putin, questioning, Red, Reddington, Ressler, Reven, Reven Wright, Russia, Russian, S02E08, S2E08, S2E8, safe, Samar, Samoan, Samuel Aleko, Scottie, script, season, Season 2, ship, shippers, slideshow, Soviet, Soviet Union, Spader, squad, Stasi, Stazi, Stewmaker, Stormare, strangle, terrorist, the box, The Cabal, The Decembrist, The Florist, The Fulcrum, The Blacklist,TheBlacklist, The Cabal, there’s, Thompson, timeline, Tom on boat, Tom freed, torture, U.S., Union, unit, up, vodka, War, with, Wright, wrong, you, young, YouTube, Yuri, Zoe

Episode 2:9 Luther Braxton

#021; BL#21; Blacklister #21; ⭕, Winter Premiere, 209, 0209, 2:09, 2:9, @NBCBlacklist, Abra, about us, adapted, air, alive, alliance, Aram, attack, back, became, Belgrade, Bering Sea, bills, black, Blacklist, blackmail, blind, blind fish, blood, Blood on My Name, boiler room, boiler explosion, bombers, Boone, Bowl, Braxton, Braxton1, break, bribe, bribery, Bruce, burglar, burgler, cabal, can, Carnahan, Cat, cave, cave fish, caves, CentCom, chains, chopper, CIA, clandestine, communications, computer, conspiracy, convention, Cooper, darkness, dates, David, del, detention, Director, do, DOD, Donald, drilling, duct, Elizabeth, episode, Episode 9, escape, explosion, eyes, F-22s, F-22s attack, facility, factory, fave, feel, file, fire, fish, freshwater, Fulcrum, get, get her back, girl, Goodson, government, gravitate, guards, gunfight, hanging, Harold, her, hideous fish, him, hostage, I, I’m gonna get her back, Impact, inmates, international, interrogation, James, jet, JSOC, Kat, Keen, Langley, Lazarus, Lee, less, level-10, life, light, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzy, lost, lost their, Luther, Luther Braxton, ME, Megan, Mexican, missile, Mojtabai, my, Name, national, Navabi, NBC, NCS, negotiator, Nietzsche, normal, normal life, oil, One, part, pay, Perlman, phantom, pigmentation, platform, play, play dates, porn, prison break, break prisoners, prison, psi, ray, ray of light, Raymond, reasons, Red, Reddington, Ressler, robbed, Ron, room,S0209,S2E09, S2E9, Samar, satellite, script, Sea, season, Season 2, secret, secrets, security, see, server, Services, she’s, she’s the one, shoot, shoot him, shotgun, Sierra, sight, site, slideshow, Spader, spies, steam, steam explosion, still, stories, Strathairn, strike, stuck, Super,The Blacklist, The Cabal, The Director, The Factory, The Fulcrum, The Blacklist, TheBlacklist, that’s a load off, thief, thief story, this, thrived, torture, torture porn, vision, wall, warden, warmth, we, with, without you, woo woo, you,YouTube

Episode 2:10 Luther Braxton, Part 2

#021; BL#21; Blacklister #21; ⭕, 26 years ago, 0210, 210,2:10, 4 year old, 6 Lizzington, @NBCBlacklist, abduct, age, Agent, Alaska, alive, alliance, angle, Aram, argument, around, away, back, Baptisms, beat, beef, Belgrade, Bells, black, Blacklist, blackmail, blocked, bluff, bluffing, boarding, burning Christmas tree, Boone, boyo, Braxton, Braxton 2, Braxton2, bunny, burn, burning, burning picture, cabal, call, camera, Carnahan, catatonic, chew, chopper, Christmas, Christmas fair, cinematography, clandestine, closet, closet scene, Coast, coat, Conclusion, Connolly, Cooper, dangerous, daughter, David, Dembe, detention, Director, doll, don’t, Donald, double, Dr, Dr Orchard,drugs, Elizabeth, episode, Episode 10, erased, memories erased, evac, explosion, extinction, face, facility, factory, fake, father, father dying, fave, FBI, fedora, fight, file, fire, First, fist, floor, forgot, forgotten, forlorn, four, friend, friendly, Fulcrum, gene, genetic, genomic, get, girl, girlfriend, give, Gloria, gloves, Go back!, Goodson, guard, Gulf, gun, gunfight, gunfire, gunshot, hang, hanging, Harold, hat, haunting, Henkel, hiding, hostage, hung, hyperventilate, hypnosis, I told you so, incident, James, Jingle Bells, Juneau, KafJi, Kat, Keen, keeping, Khafji, kidnap, kill, kiss, kiss illusion, level, level-10, Lidocaine, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzy, Liz’s bunny, Liz’s scar, live bunny, look, looking, lullaby, Luther, Luther Braxton Conclusion, Luther Braxton 2, Luther Braxton Pt 2, man, Masha, Max, medevac, Megan, melting, men escaping fire, melting doll, memory, memories altered, memory recall, missile, Mojtabai, mother, national, Navabi, NBC, neurology, object, Officer, old, Orchard, organization, Perlman, Petty, Petty Officer Virginia Sherman, Pharma, happy family, picture, powerful, princess, psych, psychologist, psychopharmaceuticals, Radical, Radical Face, Raymond, recall, recovery, Red, Reddington, Reed, remember, remembered, rescue, Ressler, Reuben, ring, Ron, run, running, Russian, Russian lullaby, S02E10, S2E10, Samar, scar, scar forms, scream, Scream!, script, season, Season 2, secret, see, Selma, Selma Orchard, Services, Sherman, shot, show, side, signet, signet ring, slide, slideshow, smoke, Son, song, Soviet, Spader, spit, stay, Strathairn, strike, subconscious, tangent, taste, TET1, The Blacklist, The Cabal, The Director, The Factory, the fire, The Fulcrum, TheBlacklist, therapy, there, thief, this, thug, told, torture, trance, trick, trifled, Try me, turn, Two, v-tach, Virginia, Virginia Sherman, Walter, wanna, want, War, water, water board, waterboarding, waterboard, where, Who’s Masha?, Wright, wrist, years, you, you were there, you’re bluffing, young, young Lizzie, YouTube, Zuma

Episode 2:11 Ruslan Denisov

#067; BL#67; Blacklister #67; ⭕, 0211, 211, 2:11, @NBCBlacklist, abduct, accommodates, Agent Burke, American, Anneca Oil, Anaken, Anakin, art, baklava, bed, behavior, behaviors, Blacklist, blade, Bobby Fischer, Boone, Boris Spassky,broad, broker, brokered, chess, CIA, Cold, Cold War, company, contamination, contract, corruption, Denisov, dog, doghouse, Donald, Elizabeth, environment, episode, Episode 11, Episode11, fave, Fischer, flagellation, FBI, France, Freedom Fighter, French, gunfight, hospital, house, intermediary, James, kidnap, knife, la, lipstick, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzington, Lizzy, lovers, Megan, Milonga, My bed is made, NBC, negotiation, oil, pipeline, oil pipeline, politics, pollution, quarrel, Raymond, red lipstick, Red, Reddington, Ressler, room, Ruslan, Ruslan Denisov,Russia, S02S11, S2E11, sacrificed his bishop, script, season, Season 2, seduction, self flagellation, service, sex, ship, shippers, Spader, Spassky, spectrum, Tango, Tango Milonga, terrorism, The Blacklist, TheBlacklist, Uzbekistan, viva, vive, Vive la France, War, water contamination

Episode 2:12 The Kenyon Family

#071; BL#71; Blacklister #71; ⭕, 0212, 212, 2:12, @NBCBlacklist, about, activation, Alan, Alan Fitch, Amy, Bean, Beyond, Beyond the Sea, Blacklist, blind, bomber, bombing, Boone, boys, brain, bride, briefcase, buried, buried shipping container, cabal, cancer, Carter, Caul, child, child bride, children, Christian fundamentalism, codes, compound, Connolly, conservatism, conservative, container, Cooper, cult, Daniel, daughter, David, deck, DMV, Donald, Down, Down by the River, drink, drunk, dyslexia, Elizabeth, episode, Episode 12, evangelical, exchange, explosives, extremism, family, father, FBI, feast, Finn, Fitch, fringe, Fulcrum, fundamentalism, Glen, Glen Carter, Harold, Hell, Hellfire, Hellfire missiles, Impact, impact-resistant briefcase, incest, indoctrinate, indoctrination, James, jelly, Justin, Keen, Kenyon Family, Knauf, Leonard, Leonard Caul, lie with (Biblical), limo, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzy, Lot, Lot (Biblical), marriage, massacre, Megan, militia, missiles, Mountains, Navabi, NBC, number, Petersburg, phone, phone number, plastic, platter, plied, plied with wine, polygamy, Pray, Presidential, Presidential limo, prophecy, prophet, ranch, Red, Reddington, religion, religious, resistant, Ressler, right, River, Russia, S02E12, S2E12, safe, Samar, Sea, season, Season 2, Sheriff, shipping, shipping container, shrimp, Smoky, Smoky Mountains, Somewhere, Somewhere Beyond the Sea, song, Spader, St Petersburg, suicide, suicide bombing, suitcase, survivalism, survivalists, tape, tapedeck, terrorism, The Blacklist, The Cabal, The Fulcrum,The Kenyon Family,The Blacklist, TheBlacklist, Tom, Tom Connolly, Tommy, torture, walk, Walkabout, watchers, wife, wives, wild boys

Episode 2:13 The Deer Hunter

#093; BL#93; Blacklister #93; ⭕, 0213, 213, 2:13, @NBCBlacklist, abuse, abusive husband, AG, Alan, Aleko, Aram, autopsy, bald, baldness, bird, bite, Blacklist, blog, blood, both half right, brother, Brown, cake, call, canary, Cat, ceremonial, clinical, coffee, Cold, Cold War, copycat, crossbow,Deer Hunter, demons, detective, Dobbins, domination, dressing, Edgar, Elizabeth, episode, Episode 13, examiner, fat, female, field, field dressing, Fitch, Fulcrum, gender, graduate, gut, guts, gutting, hair, happening, harass, harassment, harbormaster, heart, Henning, hook, hunt, hunting, husband, immunity, indict, indictment, inner, Inspector Wilcox, Keen, kill, killed, killer, Kruse, legs, list, Liz, Lucinda, Lucinda’s coffee cake, male, male domination, male/female killers, man, mane, mass, ME, meat, meat hook, medical, medical examiner, men, murder, murderer, mystery, Navabi, NBC, never see me again, pecan, public, Red, Res, Ressler, S02E13, S2E13, sadistic, safe, Samar, Samuel, Samuel Aleko, scold, scolding me, script, season, Season 2, seminar, serial, serial killer, sex, sexually, sexy, shelter, shovel, Solobotkin, spouse, stalk, stalking, strangle, sugar, teeming, teeming mane, telephone, testify, testimony, The Blacklist, The Deer Hunter, The Blacklist, TheBlacklist, Tom, trace, Tracy, Tracy Solobotkin, transplant, trial, valve, victim, wait, waiting, War, warrant, Whitehaven, Wilcox, witness

Episode 2:14 T Earl King

#094; BL#94; Blacklister #94; ⭕, 0214, 214, 2:14,@NBCBlacklist, abduct, abduction, about, again, all, art, auction, auction ledger, Audrey, barber, beans, beans and franks, below, bid, billionaire, black, black market, Blacklist, blackmail, Boone, bounty, bounty hunter, boy, brain, business, cage, Camaroon, Cameroon, cancer, capitalism, care, care about you, child, child soldiers, compete, competition, Concierge, contraband, Cooper, cover, crime, damaged, double cross, deal, Dembe, dispassion, dispassionate, do, don’t, Don’t ever do that again, Down, Dresden, dynasty, Earl, Earl King, Elizabeth, episode, Episode 14, estate, estate planning,ever, execute, execution, exploitation, extortion, extra, extra-legal, extralegal, false, false imprisonment, family, FBI, feel, foreplay, Francis, Francis King, franks, franks and beans, free, free market, fund, gambling, General Yaabari, Germany, Haleston, handcuffs, Haratz, Harold, head, heir, help, himself, hostage, hotel, human, hunter, I, I care about you, idea, illegal, impersonate, imposter, imprisonment, inherit, inheritance, invest, investment, James, Jekyll Island, jewelry, Johannesburg, Jr, Keen, kidnap, kidnapping, King, Koskov, laryngotomy, ledger, list, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzie (last word), Lizzy, Madeline, Madeline Pratt, Maldives, market, Megan, missing, most, NBC, nickel tour, oligarchy, oligarchs, on, painting, paralyzed, paraplegic, Perretti, person, planning, Pratt, price, price on your head, Read, Red, Reddington, respirator, rivalry, roulette, Russian, Russian Roulette, S02E14, S2E14, script, season, Season 2, shave, sibling, sibling rivalry, skinhead, slavery, smuggling, sneeze, soldiers, sorry, South Africa, Spader, suicide, Sullivan, SWAT, T Earl King VI, T., tailor, takes, that, The Audrey, The Blacklist, The Palace, TheBlacklist, theft, Tom, trafficking, human trafficking, trust, trust fund, tux, tuxedo, Two, Tyler, under, undercover, under cover, Van Gogh, Vincent, Vincent Van Gogh, waist, wanted, wealth, wheelchair, winner, winner takes all, with, worthy, wrings, writers, Yaabari

Episode 2:15 The Major

#075; BL#75; Blacklister #75; ⭕, 0215, 215, 2:15, @NBCBlacklist, abduct, adolescent, Aleko, alliance, Anslo, Berlin, Blacklist, boc, cabal, camera, chambers, Christof, Christof Mannheim, CI, clandestine, Cooper, defective, defective merchandise, Dembe, Denner, detective, Diane, episode, Episode 15, execution, finishing, flashback, Fowler, Fulcrum, Garrick, gifted, grand, grand jury, harbormaster, hearing, informant, Inspector Wilcox, in camera, in chambers, investigation, Jacob, Jacob Phelps, Jake, Judge, Judge Denner, jury, Keen, KeenX2, KeenXKeen, kidnap, Kristof, Kristof Mannheim, Liz, love, Luli, Major, Mannheim, merchandise, murder, national, national security, Orange, Phelps, recap, Red, Reddington, S02E15, S2E15, Sam, Samuel Aleko, Samoan, school, script, season, Season 2, security, series synopsis, Springfields, suffocate, summary, testify, The Major, The Blacklist, The Fulcrum, TheBlacklist, Tom, WaPo, Wilcox, Wright

Episode 2:16 Tom Keen

#007; BL#7; Blacklister #7 ; ⭕, 0216, 216, 2:16, @NBCBlacklist, AA, AG, anonymous, arms, arms smuggling, Attorney, benefactor, Blacklist, Boone, brain, cancer, Charlene, Christof, Christof Mannheim, clinical, Connolly, confession, contraband, Cooper, Court, crime, Denner, Donald, Dresden, drugs, Eggold, Elizabeth, episode, federal, FISA, force, fund, General, Germany, government, grand, guilt, guns, harbormaster,Harold, hate, hearing, immigration, indictment, insignia, Inspector Wilcox, James, Judge, Judge Denner, jury, justice, Keen, KeenX2, KeenXKeen, Kristof Mannheim, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzy, love, Mannheim, Megan, Munich, murder, national, national security, Nazi, NBC, Neo-Nazi, overreach, perjury, piercing, power, recovery, Red, Reddington, regret, rehab, Ressler, Ryan, S02E16, S2E16, script, season, secret, security, shippers, skinhead, smuggling, Spader, SS, supremacy, task, tattoo, The Blacklist, TheBlacklist, Tom, Tom confesses, Tom Connolly, Tom Keen, trafficking, trial, trust, tumor, white, white supremacy, Wilcox

2:17 The Longevity Initiative

#097; BL#97; Blacklister #97; ⭕, 217, 0217, 2:17, @NBCBlacklist, abduct, abduction, aging, alliance, being God, billionaire, birthday, Blacklist, blood, bloody, bloody eagle, Boone, brain, brain damage, brain surgery, Braxton2, celebrate, cloud, Connolly, Cooper, Crown, damage, dark, Diego, Donald, eagle, Eggold, Elias, Elizabe,th, episode, eternal, experiment, fish, forever, frontal, frontal lobe surgery, gene, genetics, geniuses, genomics, German, Gerst, Hastings, Hobbes, Hobbs, Home, human, immortal, immortality, Initiative, injury, James, jelly, jellyfish, Jonas, Jonas Salk, Josef, Josef Mengele, Joseph, Julian, Julian Powell, Keen, Keebler, kidnap, kidnapping, Klattenhoff, live, live forever, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzy, Lloyd, Longevity, Longevity Initiative, Louis, made, Major, Maynard, medical, Megan, memory, Mengele, Munroe, murder, NBC, never die, Pasteur, pharmaceuticals, polio, Powell, process, recall, Red, Reddington, research, Ressler, restoration, reverse, reverse aging, Roger, Roger Hobbes, Ryan, S02E17, S2E17, Salk, Sarah, science, smallpox, Spader, suicide, surgery, tech, terrorist, The Blacklist, The Longevity Initiative,TheBlacklist, Tom, traumatic, trial, wine, youth

Episode 2:18 Vanessa Cruz

#117; BL#117; Blacklister #117; ⭕, Winter Finale, 0218, 218, 2:18, 99%, 1%, @NBCBlacklist, Abby, Abby Issa, affair, alliance, ambush, Aram, Blacklist, blackmail, bridge, cabal, Caesar, company, Cooper, corporation (shelf), Cruz, day, Director, disguise, Donald, Elizabeth, episode, evidence, extortion, fave, forked, forked tongue, frame-up, framed, fraud, Fulcrum, fund, gay, George, gunshot, GW, Harold, harrassment, hedge, Hobbs, hug, insider, insurance, Issa, Jasper, Julius, jump, Kaplan, Keen, killer, kiss, Lesbian, Lesbians, liar, lie, lies, run like the prairie wind, Liz, Lizzy, love, lying, mask, Mojtabai,, murder, Navabi, NBC, nobody, One, passports, percent, plant, Ponzi, Ponzi scheme, Prairie, prairie wind, Red, Red shot, Reddington, Reguera, Ressler, revenge, Rubicon, run like the prairie wind, S02E18, S2E18, Samar, scheme, script, season, SEC, seduction, serial, serial killer, set up, sex, sexting, sexual, shelf, shelf corporation, shot, slideshow, stock, stock market, stock trading, Street, texting, The Blacklist, The Cabal, The Fulcrum, Tom, tongue, trader, trading (stock), truth, Vanessa, Vanessa Cruz, vote, wall, Washington, wig, wind, YouTube

Episode 2:19 Leonard Caul

#062; BL#62; Blacklister #62; ⭕, Spring Premiere, 0219, 219,2:19, @NBCBlacklist, AG, agony, alliance, assassination, assassination attempt, assassinations, attack, attempt, Attorney, Blacklist, blackmail, briefcase, Boone, bubble module, bullet, Cabal, cap, case, Cat, Caul, chest, choreography, cipher code, clandestine, collapsed, collapsed lung, Connolly, Cooper, Crash, daughter, debt, decryption, Dembe, Department, Director, DOJ, editing, Elizabeth, encryption, episode, exploding, explosive bullet, father, fiance (ex-), Find Leonard Caul, fight, fingers, Fitch, flat, Front, Fulcrum, General, General Zhukov photo, graduation photo, gun, gunfight, gunshot, hospital, house, impact-resistant briefcase, interface, interface unit, intimacy, James, justice, Mr Kaplan, Kate Kaplan, Kaplan, Keen, key, kitty, Leonard, Leonard Caul, lie, lies, limo, Liz, Liz graduation photo, Katarina Rostova, Lizzie, Lizzy, lung, makeshift, man, manipulation, medical, Megan, metal, mobile hospital, mother, mystery, NBC, news, Nik, Nick, Pepper, Pepper’s key, percussion, percussive, percussive bullet, photo, photo swing woman and girl, photos, pic, picture, political, Presidential, Presidential limo, projector, punctured lung, Red, Red shot, Reddington, Red’s secret flat, Rostova, S02E19, S2E19, Russia, Russian books, Russian war hero, safe, Sam, school, script, season, secret, secret flat, Services, shot, skeleton, slideshow, Spader, stories, sun, surgery, surveillance, swing, swing photo, terrorism, The Blacklist, TheBlacklist, The Cabal, The Fulcrum, thoracic surgery, Tom, Tom Connolly, Tommy, truth, unit, warehouse, wound, Wright, YouTube, Zhukov, Zuma

Episode 2:20 Quon Zhang

#087; BL#87; Blacklister #87; ⭕, 0220, 220 2017, 2:20, @NBCBlacklist, advanced, afterlife, AG, Agent, aliases, alliance, ancestor, ancestors, angel, Aram, attack, Attorney, bad luck, base, Berlin, Bill, bio-dad, bio-mom, bipolar, bipolar world, Blacklist, blackmail, bodies, Boone, born in Moscow, bride, bridge, Brownrigg, cabal, camera, casualty, Caul, China, Chinese, Chinese folk religion, clandestine, classified, Connolly, conspiracy, Cooper, Corinthians, corpse, corpse trafficking, dad, daughter, death, Dembe, dentist, dentistry, Director, disguise, Donald, Elizabeth, episode, erase, espionage, event, extraction, father, FBI, film, fire, flat, folk, folk religion, foreign, foreign intelligence, four, Fulcrum, General, ghost, ghost bride, girl, government, grave, grave robbing, Harold, haunt, hidden, Hobbs, Hobbes, in love with, inspection, intelligence, interrogation, James, Jasper, Karakurt, Katarina, Katarina Rostova, Katerina, Katerina Rostova, Keen, Kenneth, Kenneth Jasper, Kenshaw, KGB, killed, leak, Leonard, Leonard Caul, light, Liz, Liz’s mother, Lizzie, Lizzy, love, luck, man, many names, Marathon, Marathon Man, marriage, Masha, Masha Rostova, mass, Megan, memory, military, misfortune, Mojtabai, mom, Moscow, mother, mother/daughter, father/daughter, murder, Navabi, NBC, new, new world order, notes,, number, nwo, order, perjury, photo, plot, prosperity, Quon, Quon Zhang, Raymond, Red, Red’s secret flat, Reddington, religion, Ressler, robbing, Roger Hobbes, Rostova, Russia, Russian, S02E20, S2E20, Samar, Satan, script, season, secret, secrets, serial murder, Services, shame, Silence, slideshow, smuggler, smuggling, Spader, spy, spies, stamp, surveillance, swing, swing photo, sworn in, takeover, techniques, teeth, tell, The Blacklist, The Cabal, The Director, The Blacklist, TheBlacklist, third, Tom, Tom Connolly, tongue, tooth, torture, trafficking, traitor, treason, unlucky, unmarried, War, weakness, world, worship, yacht, yacht explosion, YouTube, Zhang, Zuma

Episode 2:21 Karakurt

#055; BL#55; Blacklister #55; ⭕, 0221,221, 2:21, @NBCBlacklist, AG, Agent, Agent Masik, ammonium, ammonium nitrate, Andropov, anti-Russian intel unit, Anton Velov, Aram, assassin, assassination, attack, Attorney, base, Bear, bio-dad, bio-mom, biological, black, Blacklist, blackmail, bomb, bombing, Boone, Brimley, building, cabal, child, CIA, clandestine, Connolly, Cooper, counter, counter-intelligence, counter-intel unit, dad, Daniel, daughter, Defense, Department, destruction, Director, DOJ, Donald, Elizabeth, enemy, engineered virus, episode, Episode 21, espionage, false, false flag, father, FBI, fertilizer, Fire in the Hole, FISA, flag, foreign, frame, Fulcrum, gene, General, genetics, genome, genomics, ghost, Ginger Lumiere, Hari, Harold, Hawkins, high, high-value, high value target, III, individual, infect, infection, installation, intelligence, interrogation, Jacob, Jacob Phelps, James, Karakurt, Katarina Rostova, Katerina, Keen, KGB, Kilpatrick, Kimberly, Lauren Kimberly, Knauf, Langley, Leo Andropov, lipstick, Liz, Liz’s mother, Lizzie, Lizzy, Lumiere, Main Justice, Masha, Masik, mass, Mata, Mata Hari, Megan, military, Mojtabai, mom, Moscow, mother, murder, myth (Katarina Rostova), national, Navabi, NBC, nitrate, NSA, NVR, nwo, new, new world order, operation, order, Orea building, Orea bombing, pandemic, Phelps, pinko, pinko Mata Hari, public, publicity, Raymond, Ready, Red, Reddington, Reddy, Reddy Bear, relations, Ressler, rotovirus, Rostova, Russia, Russian, Russians, S02E21, S2E21, Samar, script, season, Season 2, Senator, Senator Hawkins, Services, set, setup, slideshow, smuggling, Spader, spider, spy, Station, stories, target, terrorism, The Blacklist, The Cabal, The Director, The Blacklist, The Fulcrum, TheBlacklist, third, Tom, Tom Connolly, Tommy, torture, traitor, traitors, treason, Union, Union Station, up, value, Velov, viral, virology, virus, War, weapon, weapon of individual destruction, WID, widow, WMD, world, YouTube

Episode 2:22 Tom Connolly

#011; BL#11; Blacklister #11; ⭕, Season Finale, sin eater, the truth will out, 0222, 222, 2:22,@NBCBlacklist, ad, AG, Agent, alliance, America, Andropov, Anton Velov, Aram, assassination, Attorney, bio-dad, bio-mom, Blacklist, blackmail, boat, Bokenkamp, Boone, brain, bribery, cabal, capitalism, captive audience, car, cell, chase, clandestine, clandestine organization, Cold, Cold War, Connolly, conspiracy, conspiracy theory, Cooper, criminal, dad, daddygate, daughter, death, death penalty for Reddington, deep, deep state, Dembe, destruction, Director, Donald, double, double agent, eater, Eisendrath, Elizabeth, Elton, Elton John, enemy, engineered, engineered virus, episode, Episode 22, escape, espionage, F/D, F/Ders, faked, Liz’s father, fave, FBI, fire, flashback, force, foreign, frame, framed, fugitive, fugitives, Fulcrum, gene, General, genetically, genetics, genomics, government, Harold, Hawkins, history, I remember, individual, infect, intelligence, international, interrogation, investigative, investigative journalism, Iran, James, JB, John, Jon, journalism, Kaplan, Karakurt, Katarina, Katarina Rostova, Katerina, Keen, KGB, kidnapping, Connolly killed, killed, lies, list, Liz, Liz framed, Liz remembers shooting father, Liz shoots Connolly, Lizzie, Lizzington, LizzingtonFB, Lizzy, love, Masha, Megan, memories, memory, Mojtabai, mom, Moscow, most, mother, Mr, murder, Mustang, Navabi, NBC, new, nwo, order, out, penalty, protect, Raymond, recovery, Red, Reddington, Ressler, Reven, Rocket, Rocket Man, Rostova, rotovirus, Run Lizzie run, Russia, Russian, S02E22, S2E22, Samar, script, season, Season 2, secret, Senator, Senator Hawkins, sex, shadow, shippers, sin eater, sleeper, slideshow, Spader, spy, state, sun, suppressed, suppressed memories, task,The Blacklist, The Cabal, The Blacklist, The Fulcrum, TheBlacklist, thirty, Tom, Tom Connolly, Tom Connolly killed, treason, truth, truth will out, tumor, Two, USA, USSR, Velov, virus, wanted, War, Wars, weapon, WID, will, world, Wright, WSJ, years, YouTube

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🅾 S3: Season 3:

Episode 3:1 The Troll Farmer

#038; BL#38; Blacklister #38; ⭕,#RunLizzyRun, 0301, 3.01, 301, 3:1, 3X1, @NBCBlacklist, abduct, AG, Agent, Aram, asylum, Attorney, baby monitor, benefit, Blacklist, bomb shelter, Boone, Cabal, Cambodia, cellar, childhood, CIA, citizen, clandestine, clever, complicit, content, contract, Cooper, Counter Intel, daughter, David, Dembe Zuma, Dembe’ daughter, DHS, Diego, diplomatic, diversion, DOJ, Donald, doubt, drama, Edi, editors, Elizabeth Keen, embassy, Episode 1, espionage, Facebook, fake account, fake events, fake identity, farmer, father, FBI, fear, foreign, FSB, fugitive, fury, Gathegi, General, granddaughter, grandfather, gut, hackers, Harold, Harry, hidden, hiding, Homeland, HRT, illusion, immunity, in the storm, infant, instinct, instincts, Intel, intelligence, Isabella Zuma, James Spader, Katarina, Katerina, Keen, KGB, kidnap, Klattenhoff, Kotsiopulos, Lear, Lennix, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzy, loyalty, Lyle, Main Justice, manhunt, Martha, Masha, mass murder, meaning, media, Megan Boone, mirrors, Mojtabai, monsoon, Most Wanted, mother, murder, mystery, national, Navabi, NBC, NCS, No Harm, NSA, on the lam, on the run, patience, peace, peacefulness, perimeter, Peter, plus one, premiere, prima, rain, Raymond, rebirth, Red, Reddington, Reddit, resourceful, Ressler, root, root cellar, Rostova, run, RunLizzieRun, Russia, S03E01, S3E01, S3E1, safe house, Samar, script, Season 3, Season Premiere, series, Services, shelter, smoke, smoke and mirrors, smoke screen, Snapchat, social, social media, Sok Pich, Solomon, Soviet, Spader, spy, storm, Strathairn, terrible, terrible person, terrorist, text, The Blacklist, The Troll Farmer, theft, Tiffany, Tom Connolly, traitor, treason, troll, Troll Farmer, trust, TV, tweet, tweets, Twitter, typhoon, underground, USSR, your word, Zuma

Episode 3:2 Marvin Gerard

#080; BL#80; Blacklister #80; ⭕, 0302, 3.2, 302, 3:2, @NBCBlacklist, abduct, action, Aram, Attorney, Becky, bitch, Blacklist, bluff, Bokenkamp, Boone, Cabal, captain, captain of a ship, cargo ship, child abuse, Cold War, container ship, Cooper, crime, criminal defense attorney, criminal lawyer, Crosby Stills, Crosby Stills ♪, defense attorney, demands, Dembe Zuma, diner, disbarred, Donald, drama, Elizabeth Keen, engaged, Episode 2, escape, espionage, fear, fiance, fight, fight scene, foreign, Fulcrum, Gerard, Harold, Home, hostage, hostages, human shields, I see my way home, intelligence, intense, jailbreak, James Spader, Jon, Katarina, Keen, lawyer, Liz, Liz gun, Liz out of control, Lizzie, Lizzy, Marvin, Marvin Gerard, Masha, Megan Boone, Mojtabai, Moments, Mr Solomon, my way home, mystery, Navabi, Naval Intelligence, navigating by the stars, NBC, North Star, Odysseus, Office of Naval Intelligence, ONI, our house, Our House ♪, out of control, pecan pie, photos, plagiarism, Polaris, prison break, Raymond, Red, Reddington, Ressler, restaurant, Reven, Rostova, S03E02, S3E02, S3E2, sailing, sailors, Samar, sawed off shotgun, script, Season 3, ship, ship captain, shipping container, shipping container “home”, shotgun, slideshow, Solomon, Spader, Spader tattoo, speak to a woman, spies, spies to run, spy, star-gazing, stars, Tahiti, The Blacklist, Tom, torture, Turn around bitch, TV, warrior gene, wash your mouth out with soap, way home, When I look at you, wired, Wonder Years, Wright, You deaf old man?, Zuma

Episode 3:3 Eli Matchett

#072; BL#72; Blacklister #72; ⭕, 0303, 3.3, 303, 3:3, @NBCBlacklist, agribusiness, Am I a good person?, Aram, bacon, bacon corn dog, bad luck the best luck, bad things will find you, Blacklist, Bokenkamp, Boone, Cabal, car theft, Carter, Cooper, cop (Liz shoots), corn, corn dog, corrugated sardine can, Costa, crossed a threshold, Dembe beaten, Dembe goes missing, Dembe missing, Dembe Zuma, Diego, disease-resistant crops, Donald, double bacon corndog, earth, Eli, Eli Matchett, Elizabeth Keen, entering my world, Episode 3, factory, factory farming, farm, farming, food, food crisis, Gabriel Costa, gene, Genesis project, genetically, genetically modified organisms, genetics, genetics (plant), genome, genomics, genomics (plant), Glen Carter, global food crisis, GMO, GMOs, good person (Am I a – ?), grains, green teeth, Harold, hybrid crops, industrial, industrial farming, Iowa, James Spader, Jon, Kalinowski, Keen, keypad lock defeated, Klattenhoff, law-enforcement robot, liar thief and murderer, Liz, Liz shoots cop, Lizzie, Lizzy, man so ugly, Matchett, Megan Boone, Midwest, mind and momentum of its own, modified, Mojtabai, money laundering, mother called him Picasso, Muggs, Muggs Kalinowski, Mugs, murder, Navabi, NBC, organisms, pest-resistant, Picasso (mother called him), plants, policeman, policeman (Liz shoots), Raymond, Red, Reddington, resistant, resistant crops, Ressler, S03E03, S3E03, S3E3, Samar, script, Season 3, seeds, soybeans, Spader, spraying crops, step ahead, still a step ahead, The Blacklist, The Cabal, This life has a mind and a momentum of its own, Tom, undercover, Vargas, vector, Verdiant, Verdiant Industries, virology, virology (plant), virus, virus (plant), you crossed a threshold, Zuma

Episode 3:4 The Djinn

#043; BL#43; Blacklister #43; ⭕, 0304, 3.4, 304, 3:4, @NBCBlacklist, acting, Alice, another life, anti-gay, Aram, as it should be, Asher, Asher Sutton, Azeri, Azeri Financial, bachelors (hottest), Bahram Bakhash, Bakhash, Bantam, Berthold, Berthold Brecht, bias, Blacklist, Boone, Brecht, capitalism, casino, castrate, castration, Cats, Caul, client list, come true, Cooper, corporate takeover, courage, cross, crucifixtion, crucify, cut off, cut off penis, dark ages, dark web, daughter, deepest desire, disgust, Djinn, dream, dream of a normal life, dying on a cross, Elizabeth Keen, emasculate, Episode 4, fantasy, fantasy come true, father, fear, Financial, gag, gag (ball gag), gay, gender, genie, Gerta, girls, greed, Hamid, Hamid Bakhash, happy family drawing, hatred, helicopter, holding hands, holding hands/never let go, homophobia, homosexuality, hostile, hostile takeover, hottest bachelors, investment, involuntary, Islam, Islam (inferred), James Spader, Jersey accent, Keen, leather book, leather book (clients), Leonard, Liz, Liz daughter, Lizzie, Lizzy, lost life, lost world, male relationships, Megan Boone, militarization, Mojtabai, Mother Courage, nailed to cross, nails, Nasim, Nasim Bakhash, Nasim/Nasir, Navabi, NBC, never let go, Newcastle, Newcastle Investment Group, normal life, penis, penis (cut off), perfectly healthy boy, pinned like a swallowtail, Police, poor actor, prejudice, Raymond, reassignment, reassignment surgery, Red, Reddington, religion, Ressler, revenge, revenge fantasies, S03E04, S3E04, S3E3, S3E4, Samar, Saram, save Liz, save you, school, script, Season 3, second class, second class person, sex reassignment surgery, shame, social norms, son, Spader, surgery, Sutton, swallowtail (pinned like a), switched dice, takeover, takeover (hostile), terrible actor, The Blacklist, The Djinn, the poor, theatre, Tom, torture, torture chamber, Vargas shoots Dembe, Venture, Wainwright, What is your fantasy?, wish fulfillment, women

Episode 3:5 Arioch Cain

#050; BL#50; Blacklister #50; ⭕, 0304, 0305, 3.5, 304, 305, 3:5, 9/11, @NBCBlacklist, Aram, Aram hugs Ressler, Arioch, Arioch Cain, assassin, bar mitzvah, Blacklist, Blair, Boone, both, bounty, bounty hunter, butcher, butcher filleting a salmon, Cabal, Cain, cake pops, CIA, Cold War, commission, Commission Presidential, Congressional Hearing, contract, crowd funding, crowd sourcing, daddy/daughter, dark, dark Internet, dark web, darknet, dead not alive, deadnotalive, death faked, Dembe death (false), Dembe ex machina, Dembe injured, Dembe Zuma, democracy, deus ex machina, direct democracy, Director, Dr Kaplan, elephant hunting, Elizabeth Keen, encrypt, encryption, Episode 5, espionage, everyone wants to know, ex machina, fake, faked death, fall from building, fave, FBI, FBI CIA to share data, fillet, filleting, filleting a salmon, Fulcrum, Gavrilo Princip, girlfriend, Gwen, Hearing (Congressional), Hitchin, Hollander, hug, internet, James Spader, justice, Kaplan, Keen, Laurel Hitchin, Liz, Liz and Red hug, Liz death faked, Liz hugs Red, Liz targeted, Lizzie, Lizzington, Lizzy, love, Matias Solomon, Matt, Matt Buckley, May September, Megan Boone, Mr Solomon, Mr Vargas, murder, nameless assassin, Navabi, NBC, NCS, Orea, Orea bombing, pietá, Presidential, Presidential Commission, price on head, Princip, Psalm 1:1, pure democracy, purest form of democracy, ransom, Raymond, Red, Red and Liz hug, red chocolate, red chocolate cake pops, Red grrr, Red hugs Dembe, Red hugs Liz, Red kills Vargas, Reddington, Ressler, Ressler accuses Director, Reven, Russians, S03E04, S03E05, S3E04, S3E05, S3E5, salmon, Samar, script, Season 3, ship, shippers, Solomon, Spader, spy, style points count, Sutton, target, The Blacklist, The Cabal, The Director, Tom, torture, two key, two key system, underground wrestling, Vargas, Vargas killed, vigilante, vigilante justice, Wainwright, warrior gene, web, Wendigo, What have you done?, Wright, Zed, Zuma

Episode 3:6 Sir Crispin Crandall

#086; BL#86; Blacklister #86; ⭕, 0306, 3.6, 306, 3:6, @NBCBlacklist, abduct, abduction, Andras Halmi, Aram, ark, arranged marriage, Asher, Asher Sutton, bakery, baking, Bank, bank heist, bank robbery, Banque Canadienne Du Nord, best, best and brightest, billionaire, Blacklist, Bokenkamp, Boone, brain, brain drain, break in, bribery, brightest, brilliant, building codes, building inspector, Cabal, CIA, club, construction project, corpse preservation, crabs, Crandal, Crandall, Crandall Cryonics, Crandle, Crispin, Crispin Crandall, cryonics, Dead? Pishposh, death, death is a process, deposit box, Director, double down, doubled down on extinction, dystopia, eccentric billionaire, economics, Eggold, Elizabeth Keen, embezzle, embezzling, Episode 6, everyone dies, exonerate Elizabeth Keen, extinction, FBI, fight, fight club, freezing, frozen, frozen thumbs, future, future is a sucker’s bet, futurism, game theory, genius, geniuses, Gerard, Halmi, heist, Homo sapiens, horseshoe crab, horseshoe crabs, human, human extinction, ice castle in the sky, immortality, international brain drain, James Spader, Jon, Karakurt, Keen, kidnapping, knowledge ark, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzy, Longevity, Marvin, Marvin Gerard, mass extinction, Megan Boone, mind, money, Montreal, murder, NBC, Noah, Noah’s ark, now, now trumps later, nowism, nowist, pastry chef, personality, Portofino, preservation, preserve, preserve corpses, process, Radar Love, Raymond, Red, Reddington, regulations, Ressler, robbery (bank), Russia, Russian, Ryan, S03E06, S03S06, S3, S3E06, S3E6, safe, safety deposit box, Samar, scientists, script, Season 3, Sir, Sir Crispin, Sir Crispin Crandall, skimming, Solomon, Spader, survival, survivalism, suspended animation, Sutton, Swen, The Blacklist, The Cabal, theft, thumbs, thumbs cut off, tissue bank, Tom, Tom captures Karakurt, Tom kills Asher, tragically quixotic megalomaniac, underground, underground fight club, utopia, Volkens, weaknesses

Episode 3:7 Zal Bin Hasaan

#031; BL#31; Blacklister #31; ⭕, 0307, 3.07, 3.7, 307, 3:7, @NBCBlacklist, allergy, Aram, bellinis, Bin, Bin Hasaan, Bin Hassan, Blacklist, bomb, bombing, Boone, Brandon, Brandons, brother, brother/sister, Cabal, catch-and-release, CIA, CIA v FBI, Cooper, Damavand highest peak, death with a purpose, Director, do I dare, do I dare to eat a peach?, eat a peach, Edi, Eliot, Eliot TS, Elizabeth Keen, Episode 7, execute, execution, executions, explosion, falcon, FBI, FBI v CIA, feather, feathers, fish hook, fist fight, Gathegi, gunfire, Hasaan, Hassan, highest peak of Damavand, IED, Iran, Iranian, Iron Dome, Israel, J Alfred, J Alfred Prufrock, James Spader, Karakurt, Keen, kiss, kiss (Samar and Ressler), Lazarum Systems International, Levi Shur, liar, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzy, Love Song, Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock, Margolis, Marnò, mass, mass execution, mass murder, massacre, Matias Solomon, Megan Boone, Melanie, Melanie Reichman’s basement, Mojtabai, Mossad, Mossad agent list, Mozhan, Mr Solomon, Navabi, NBC, out of feathers, peach, Pishin, Pishin Bombing, plume of her radiant feathers, Prufrock, pudgy, Raymond, Red, Reddington, Reichman, Reichman Melanie, Ressler, Ressler kicks gnome, S03E07, S3E07, S3E7, Samar, Samar and Ressler kiss, Samar’s brother, Saram, script, Season 3, sex, Shahin Navabi, shank hook, sister, sister/brother, slaughter, Solomon, Sonnier, Spader, spin the bottle, stag fight, Strathairn, suicide bomb, suicide bombing, swallow fish hook, T.S., terror, terrorism, terrorist, The Blacklist, The Cabal, The Director, Tom, Tom and Ressler fight, trust, TS, TS Eliot, Wing Yee (restaurant), young warrior Zal, Zal, Zal Bin Hasaan

Episode 3:8 Kings of the Highway

#108; BL#108; Blacklister #108; ⭕, 0308, 25 large, 3.8, 308, 3:8, @NBCBlacklist, abduct, abduction, Adriane, adultery, affair, Amber’s a bitch, Appalachia, Aram, backwoods, bar, bean can surgery, Blacklist, Blame It On Me, Blame It On Me ♪, Bokenkamp, Boone, cabin in woods, capitalism, Care package, Cash, Cash (character), chained, character death, Charlene, Charlene confesses to Cooper, Cooper, country, creepy, crime, cucumber sandwiches, death, Dembe captured, Do you trust him with your life?, doll, doll.letter opener, dolls, drama, Duke, Elizabeth Keen, Elizabeth Keen you are under arrest, Episode 8, exonerate, extortion, fall, Fall Finale, family, family reunions, Finale, fired, gold, handcuffs, He smells like money to me, he’s family, hicks, Highway, Highway (Kings of the), highway men, highway robbery, highwaymen, Highway~Kings of, hillbillies, hired help, Hitchin, Hitchin kills Wright, Huckleberry Finn, I have to go tinkle, James Bond silencer, James Spader, Jasper, Jillia, Jilly, Jon, Karakurt, Keen, Kenneth (Red alias), Kenya (Liz alias), kidnap, kidnapping, King, Kings, Kings of the, Kings of the Highway, KOTH, Laurel Hitchin, Laurel Hitchin kills Reven Wright, Lenox, letter, letter opener, letter opener (weapon), Life on the Mississippi, Liz, Liz arrested, Liz captured, Liz shoots Jasper, Lizzie, Lizzy, MacGuffin, Mark Twain, McGuffin, Megan Boone, mid-season, Money or your life, Most Wanted, Most Wanted List, Most Wanted Poster, murder, mystery, NBC, Oh what’s this?, one percent, opener, over 25 large, Pablo shoots Cash, Pablo that was beautiful, party, pool shooting, ransom, Raymond, Red, Red abducted, Red shoots T-Bone, Red’s coat, Reddington, Ressler, Ressler and Samar, Ressler catches Liz, Ressler fires Samar, Reven, Reven Wright, RF, Road, robbery, Rolex, RV, S03E08, S3E08, S3E8, salvage yard, Samar, Samar and Ressler, Samar fired by Ressler, scones, script, sculptor, sculpture, Season 3, seduce, seduction, Solomon, Spader, spilled beer, Stickup, Stickup (film), T-bone (character), tea, Tea Party, The Blacklist, tinkle, Tommy Markin (last words), tracking chip, tracking chip (Karakurt’s), Twain Mark, Wanted List, Wanted Poster, We steal from others not from each other, West Virginia, Western, Wright, WV, You spilled all the tea

Episode 3:9 The Director

#024; BL#24; Blacklister #24; ⭕, $100 printing plates, 0309, 3.9, 309, 3:9, @NBCBlacklist, Aram, Aram points gun at Director, Aram saves Liz, asphyxiation, assassination, assassination attempt, bike helmet, Bistecca alla Fiorentina, Blacklist, Boone, brick and mortar of who we are, Cabal, cabin, Cartagena, Charlene, Charlene Cooper, cocaine, cocaine as currency, collapse into rubble, Cooper, crime scene, crime scene (staged), Cynthia, Cynthia Panabaker, debt (forever in your), Dembe released, Director, Donald, drug trafficking, El Dorado, Elizabeth Keen, empty grave, Episode 9, forever in your debt, foundational elements, General Ludd, government, govt, grave, grave (open), Guatavita, Harold, Harold Cooper, hashish, Hitchin, Hitchins, I’m forever in your debt, If it wasn’t about sex why’d you have sex?, James Spader, Karakurt, Keen, Kotsiopoulos, lake, Lake Guatavita, Lake Yvonne, Laurel Hitchin, Lauren, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzy, marijuana, marijuana (medical), Markin Tommy, Mateus, Matheas, Matias Solomon, medical marijuana, Megan Boone, Merkin, Mojtabai, mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, Mr Solomon, murder, N-A-V-A-B-I, Navabi, NBC, open grave, opium, opium den, Panabaker, passcode Navabi, Peter, Peter Kotsiopoulos, plates, Principles are a bitch, printing plates, Raymond, Red, Red prefers sex to drugs, Red thanks Aram, Red’s storage locker, Reddington, Ressler, rubble (collapse into), S03E09, S3, S3E09, S3E9, Samar, Samar recovers Care package, script, Season 3, shadow, shadow government, She’d better be worth it, shootout in woods, Solomon, Solomon jailed, Spader, staged, staged crime scene, steaks from Tuscany, storage locker,The Blacklist, The Cabal, The Director, Tom, Tommy Markin, two or three in Red States, Venezuela, walking-around money, Winter Premiere, Yvonne

Episode 3:10 The Director, Part 2

#024; BL#24; Blacklister #24; ⭕, 0310, 1000 times, 3.10, 310, @NBCBlacklist, abduct, abduction, airplane, airplane (thrown from), Andra Day, apples, assassination, assassination attempt (on Liz), attempt, better half, Blacklist, Boone, character death, Criminal Court, Director 2, Director 2 James, Director abducted, Director killed, Director Part 2, Director Pt 2, drones, drop you off in time for dinner, dropped from plane, Elizabeth Keen, Episode 10, Everyone likes apples, exonerate, Gerard, gratitude, hit job, Hitchin, Hitchin exonerates Liz, hug, hugs, I love magic, I’ll rise unafraid ♪, I’ll rise up ♪, ICC, international, International Criminal Court, jail, James Spader, Karakurt, Karakurt turned over, Keen, Keen 1000 times again ♪, kidnap, kidnapping, Kotsiopolus, Kotsiopoulos, Laurel, Laurel Hitchin, Liz, Liz and Red hug, Liz and Red reunited, Liz exonerated, Liz released from jail, Lizzie, Lizzington, Lizzy, love, Marvin Gerard, Megan Boone, murder, NBC, Netherlands, Peter, Peter Kotsiopoulos, prison, Raymond, Red, Red and Liz hug, Red and Liz reunited, Red joins Cabal, Reddington, released from jail, rendition, Rise Up, Rise Up ♪, S03E10, S3E10, script, Season 3, set free, slideshow, song, Spader, The Blacklist, The Director 2, The Director Pt 2, The Director Conclusion, The Director killed, The Director Part 2, The Director Pt 2, The Hague, TheBlacklist, Thousand Times, Thousand Times Again ♪, torture, Venezuela, war crime, war crimes

Episode 3:11 Mr Gregory Devry

#095; BL#95; Blacklister #95; ⭕, 0311, 3.11, 311, @NBCBlacklist, arms, arms dealing, Beirut, Blacklist, Boone, Cabal, Caligiuri Marcus, cufflinks, Daddy’s permission, daddygate, Devry, doppelgänger, Dr Who, Elizabeth Keen, Episode 11, fake Red, Fake Red. Faux Red. Fred, friends in Hell, Gregory Devry, grifter, I never wear cufflinks, Ile-de-France, impersonate, impersonation, James Spader, Keen, Liz, Liz beaten in parking lot, Liz finds out she’s pregnant, Lizzie, Lizzy, map of Cabal’s reach, Marcus Caligiuri, Megan Boone, Mr Gregory Devry, multi-headed hydra, mythic battle, NBC, Office of Naval Intelligence, ONI, our friends in Hell, pregnancy, Raymond, Red, Red impersonator, Red’s military past, Reddington, retreat, retreat (Shell Island), S03E11, S3E11, script, Season 3, Shell Island, Shell Island Retreat, Spader, The Blacklist, The Cabal, They’ll be coming for you, Tom proposes, Tom’s boat, two Reds, We need to go to your boat, Welcome to Shell Island, Words words words. No proof, You can’t walk away Lizzy, You didn’t just fire me…, You were right Marcus, You will not marry her, You’re standing in my light, Your grave’s already been dug

Episode 3:12 The Vehm

#132; BL#132; Blacklister #132; ⭕, 0312, 15th century cult, 3.12, 312, @NBCBlacklist, abuse, adoption, attacked a pregnant woman, baby, bank fraud, Blacklist, blessing (having a child), bodyguard, Boone, Brenda Sullivan, Brown, brunette, Burgundy (a good), camp song, camping, Cardinal Richards, castration, Catholic, Catholic Church, child, child sexual abuse, Church, clown, communion wine, confession, cookout, cult, Elizabeth Keen, Episode 12, eunoch, eunochs, execution, fetus, Gerald Sullivan, good Burgundy, hair, hair dyed brunette, I do love a good cookout, I hurt people. I kill people, I’m a violent man, I’m pregnant, inconvenient (having a child), James Spader, justice, Katarina’s pregnancy, Keen, Liz, Liz dyes hair brunette, Lizzie, Lizzy, marry, marry or give up baby?, medieval, medieval cult, Megan Boone, Michael rowed the boat ♪, molten lead, money laundering, murder, Nank, NBC, no convenient time to have a child, O312, part of me dies with them, pedophile, pedophilia, Pope.Francis, pregnancy (Katarina’s), pregnancy massage, pregnant, pro/con list, Raymond, Red, Red executes Liz’s attacker, Red laughing, Red’s justice, Reddington, religion, Richards, romanticized the life of an outlaw, S03E12, S3E12, script, Season 3, sexual, sexual abuse, sexual abuse (child), Spader, Sullivan, switch to a good Burgundy, system., The Blacklist, The Vehm, Tom, torture, ultrasound, Vatican, Vehm, vigilante, You attacked a pregnant woman

Episode 3:13 Alastair Pitt

#103; BL#103; Blacklister #103; ⭕, 0313, 3.13, 313, @NBCBlacklist, abuse, Alistair, Alistair Pitt, arranged marriage, Blacklist, blown glass, blown glass animals, Boone, brain damage, Christmas, Comrade Rostova, consigliere, cookies, crime, crime families, diamond, Do you love him?, domestic violence, drug, drug trade, drug trafficking, Elizabeth Keen, Episode 13, Erikssons v Vacarros, For the family!, Gina, Gina Zanetakos, glass menagerie, heist, hit, hit job, I can protect you, James Spader, Josephine, Josephine it’s done, Keen, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzy, love, marriage, marriage (arranged), marriage broker, Megan Boone, mob, mobster, murder, NBC, organized crime, Pitt, Pomeranians, Promnestria, protect, protection, Raymond, Red, Red and Josephine, Reddington, S03E13, S3E13, script, Season 3, Shalhoub, Spader, spousal abuse, The Blacklist, toast (raise a), Tony, true love, two jackals, Vacarros v Erikssons, Zanetakos

Episode 3:14 Lady Ambrosia

#077; BL#77; Blacklister #77; ⭕, 0314, 3.14, 314, @NBCBlacklist, abducted children, abduction, adoption, Ambrosia, Anya Patinka, autism, beautiful language, Blacklist, blindness, blonde ladies (“willing”), Boone, Brimley, butterflies, carnivorous, carnivorous butterflies, children (abducted), children (lost), Cold War, dance class, daughter, deaf, deafness, disability, DMV, drowning, dry well, Elizabeth Keen, Episode 14, espionage, Ethan Linley, eugenics, fairy tale, father, father/daughter, flesh eating, flesh eating butterflies, foreign intelligence, fort (child’s), Gina, Glastnost, Glastnost files, Glen Carter, gun safety, heist (jewelry), Hot Stuff, It just keeps getting worse, James Spader, jewelry heist, Jones Leslie, Katarina, Katarina Rostova, Katarina Rostova file, Katerina, Katerina Rostova, Keen, kooky little white man, ladies (“willing blonde”), Lady Ambrosia, LesDogg, LesDoggg, Leslie Jones, Linley, Liz, Liz’s father only man her mother “really loved”, Lizzie, Lizzington, Lizzy, llama, Masha, Megan Boone, mother, mother/daughter reunion, murder, NBC, Oz, Patinka, Pomeranians, Raymond, Red, Reddington, reunions, Rostova, Rostova file, S03E14, S3E14, script, Season 3, sexy (you’re really), ship, shipping, sign language, signing, SNL, son drowned, Spader, spies, spin class, stolen children, The Blacklist, Theo, They’re homeless!, Tom, Tom hurt, Tom shot, Vasilia Patinka, we had words, We need ee-chudder, well, willing blonde ladies, witch, wizard, Wizard of Oz, You’re a real witch, you’re really sexy

Episode 3:15 Drexel

#113; BL#113; Blacklister #113; ⭕, 0315, 3.15, 315, @NBCBlacklist, art, art exhibit, art museum, baby kicks, baby moves, Blacklist, blowfish liver, Boone, Brenner Randy, Chef Hanzo, climate change, Correatown ♪, courage to create, Dear Trouble ♪, death as entertainment, diamonds, Drexel, Elizabeth Keen, Episode 15, fugu kimo, hackers, hacking, Hanzo (chef), He’s reckless; dangerous, Hobbs Rachel, holding hands, James Spader, jewelry heist, journalism, Keen, keep baby, kiss, Liz, Liz decides to keep baby, Liz kisses Red, Liz’s baby kicks, Lizzie, Lizzy, love of art, mega rodent (technical), Megan Boone, monstrous seas, murder, murder scene (staged), NBC, Nik, NSA, NSA spying software, ocean storm art exhibit, oil painting, painting, painting of tombstone, performance art, pixie smile, Pops, Rachel Hobbs, Randy Brenner, RAT, RAT (Remote Access Trojan), RAT farm, Raymond, Red, Red’s love of art, Reddington, Reginald Turner, remote access Trojan, Rigby (zine), Rimona, Rostova, S03E15, S3E15, sashimi, Season 3, serial murder, Spader, staged murder scene, start-up, stormy seas, tech start-up, technology, Tetrodotoxin, The Blacklist, Tom, Tom is your Tom problem, Tom shot, Tom surgery, tombstone, tombstone painting, torafugu kimo, Turner Reginald, underground ‘zine, wisdom, Wisdom is wasted on the old, zine

Episode 3:16 The Caretaker

#078; BL#78; Blacklister #78; ⭕, 0316, 3.16, 316, @NBCBlacklist, abduct, abduction, Anton Velov, Blacklist, Bokenkamp, bomb disarmed, Boone, can’t be forgiven, Caretaker, cemetery, deserves to know the truth, digging up graves, disinter, disinterment, Elizabeth Keen, Episode 16, forgiveness, Gina Zanetakos, grave digger, graveyard, If the universe wants her to know…, James Spader, Jon, Katarina, Katarina Rostova, Katerina, Keen, kidnap, kidnapping, letter from Velov, Liz, Liz accepts Tom’s proposal, Liz’s mother alive?, Lizzie, Lizzy, Megan Boone, My mother is alive, NBC, photo of Liz as little girl (alone), pneumatic tube system, Raymond, Red, Red burns letter he wrote, Reddington, reinterment, Rostova, S03E16, S3E16, script, Season 3, secret keeper, secrets, She deserves to know the truth, some things, some things can’t be forgiven, Spader, The Blacklist, The Caretaker, tube system (pneumatic), universe wants her to know (if), Velov, Velov letter to Liz, Winter Finale, Zanetakos

Episode 3:17 Mr Solomon

#032; BL#32; Blacklister #32; ⭕, 0317, 3.17, 317, 3X17, @NBCBlacklist, Blacklist, Bokenkamp, bomb, bomb threat, bomb threat (nuclear), Boone, church (wedding), crime, diversion, drama, Edi, Edi Gathegi, Elizabeth Keen, Episode 17, FBI, Gathegi, get-away car (wedding), Gina kills The Major, gunfight, gunfight at wedding, James Spader, Jon, Just Married, Keen, Liz, Liz and Tom wedding, Lizzie, Lizzy, marriage, Matias, Matias Solomon, Megan Boone, Most Wanted, Mr Solomon, mystery, NBC, Nez, Nez Rowan, nuclear, nuclear bomb threat, nuke, Raymond, Red, Reddington, Rowan, S03E17, S3E17, script, Season 3, Solomon, Spader, Spring Premiere, The Blacklist, The Cabal, TheBlacklist, Tom, Tom and Liz, Tom and Liz wedding, transcript, TV, warhead, wedding, wedding attacked, Zanetakos kills The Major

Episode 3:18 Mr Solomon, Part 2

#032; BL#32; Blacklister #32; ⭕, 0318, 3.18, 318, 3X18, @NBCBlacklist, Agnes, Agnes born, baby girl, baby girl born, birth, Blacklist, Bokenkamp, Boone, Boone’s baby born, c-section, Caesarian, Caesarian section, car accident, Cerone, childbirth, children the world almost breaks, Conclusion, crime, Daniel, Daniel Cerone, death, drama, duck hunting (using a decoy), 👶, Edi, Edi Gathegi, Eggold, Elizabeth Keen, emergency, emergency c-section, Episode 18, Everything is not fine!, FBI, Gathegi, Hi! A girl! Hi, I do love…, I’m scared for my little girl, infant, James Spader, Jon, Keen, Liz, Liz death, Liz dies, Liz’s baby born, Lizzie, Lizzington, Lizzy, Lizzy. Please don’t go, love, major character death, Megan Boone, Megan Boone’s baby born, Most Wanted, Mr Solomon, Mr Solomon 2, Mr Solomon Conclusion, Mr Solomon Pt 2, My water just broke!, mystery, mystical reassurance (spare me the), NBC, newborn, Nik, Part 2, placental abruption, Please don’t go, Raymond, Red, Red collapses, Red mourns Liz, Reddington, respiratory distress, Ryan, S03E18, S3E18, script, Season 3, Solomon, Solomon 2, Spader, spare me the mystical reassurance, swaddling, That’s a good name, The Blacklist, Tom, tragedy, transcript, TV, We’re having a baby. Yay!, You’re a danger to her baby, You’re a father now

Episode 3:19 Cape May

#000; BL#0; Blacklister #0; ⭕,#EmmyForSpader, 0319, 3.19, 319, 3X19, 6/29/2003, @NBCBlacklist, act of terror (suicide), back story, beachcomber, Blacklist, Bokenkamp, Boone, Boone FBI, Both were doomed. Both would die, Cape May, choice, chose the child, circle of death, crime, Daniel, death (circle of), death (perfect circle of), desperate thing to say, digging for treasure, Don’t be ridiculous Raymond, drama, dream, drown, drowning, drowning woman, Elizabeth Keen, episode, Episode 19, every suicide – every single one: an act of terror, Everyone dies someday, fave, FBI, Ghazi Safar, ghost, ghost story, hallucination, Have you ever killed anyone?, Hobson’s Choice, I am her mother… and I am death to her, I chose the child, I don’t know your name, I don’t want to die, It was me or Masha, It’s in the things I said to him… just before he died, It’s not that he died. It’s not even the way he died, James Spader, Jon, June 29 2003, Katarina, Katarina Rostova, Katarina’s necklace, Katerina, Katrina, Keen, Knauf, last precious piece of herself, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzy, Lotte, Love Papa, Marouche restaurant, Masha, Megan Boone, memory (Katarina drowning), mortal sin, Most Wanted, my life my heart, Mysterious Woman, mystery, mythic arc, mythos, NBC, necklace, New Jersey, Nik, no choice (You had), ocean shore, old man digging in sand, one last precious piece of herself, opium, opium den, perfect circle of death, piece of herself, precious piece of herself, Raymond, Red, Red saves woman from drowning, Red’s back story, Red’s backstory, Reddington, risotto, Rostova, Russia, S03E19, S3E19, Safar, Sasha, script, sea shore, Season 3, She was my life my heart, Spader, spirit, suicide, suicide an act of terror, suicide bombing, Tel Aviv, terror, terror and suicide, terrorism, terrorism (suicide is), The Blacklist, TheBlacklist, There was a woman I loved, There’s always a choice, To Katarina. Love Papa, transcript, treasure hunter, TV, Vermeer, What a desperate thing to say, woman at sea shore, woman drowns, woman I loved, writers, writing, You chose well, You did save me. Through her, You had no choice

Episode 3:20 The Artax Network

#041; BL#41; Blacklister #41; ⭕, 0320, 3.20, 320, 3×20, @NBCBlacklist, Artax, Artax Network, Beyoncé (Liz loved), bike helmet, bike helmet (Strap on your), Blacklist, Bokenkamp, Boone, Boone FBI, Brian, Brian Donnehy, brick and mortar of who we are, C-sharp, C-sharp minor Prelude, childhood, childhood (Katarina’s), collapse into rubble, communications, crime, Cypress, debt, debt (here to collect my), Dennehy, dim sum (Liz loved), Dom, Donnehy, Dr Suess (Liz loved), drama, Elizabeth Keen, episode, Episode 20, eulogy, foundational elements, funeral, glitter, grandfather, happy family drawing, I loved her (Masha/Liz) enough to let her go, I’m here to collect my debt, It’s legal in DC (pot), James Spader, joint (smoking a), Jon, Katarina, Katarina Rostova, Katarina’s childhood, Katarina’s father, Katerina, Keen, killed my entire family (Dom’s), legal in DC (pot), Liz, Liz’s funeral, Liz’s grandfather, Lizzie, Lizzy, loved her (Marsha/Liz) enough to let her go, marijuana, Masha, Megan Boone, Mojtabai, Most Wanted, mystery, NBC, network, Nez, piano, pot (smoking), power of glitter, Rachmaninoff, Rachmaninoff’s C-sharp minor Prelude, Raymond, Red, Red fixes piano, Red repairs piano key, Reddington, Rostov, Rostova, Rowan, rubble (collapse into), S03E20, S3E20, satellite, script, Season 3, Shakespeare (Liz loved), smoking marijuana, space junk, Spader, Strap on your bike helmet, surveillance, swaddling, Tawny, The Artax Network, The Artex Network, The Blacklist, transcript, TV, you killed my entire family

Episode 3:21 Susan Hargrave

#018; BL#18; Blacklister #18; ⭕,#BlacklistRevenge, 0321, 3.21, 321, 3X21, @NBCBlacklist, Aegis (Halcyon), airport security (getting through), Al Qaeda, Amsterdam, black market, Blacklist, Bokenkamp, Boone, Boy I can’t wait to hurt you someday, cayenne, climb into bed together just for a quickie, crime, crooked as a dog’s hind leg, cucumber dip, Cypress, daffodils, drama, Dreadlocks, Elizabeth Keen, Episode 21, facial recognition (airport), Famke, famous cucumber dip, FBI, getting through airport security, Halcyon, Halcyon Aegis, Hargrave, Headband, I can’t wait to hurt you someday, I love daffodils, ISIS, James Spader, Jansen, Janson, Janssen, Jon, just for a quickie, Keen, Laurel’s as crooked as a dog’s hind leg, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzy, Megan Boone, Mom’s famous cucumber dip, Most Wanted, mother (Tom’s), mystery, NBC, Netherlands, Nez, oil depot, oil glut, oil prices, Port of Amsterdam, quickie, Raymond, Red, Reddington, revenge, Rowan, S03E21, S3E21, Scottie, Scottie Hargrave, script, Season 3, single daffodil bad luck, Spader, Susan, Susan Hargrave, Tawny, terrorism, terrorist oil, The Blacklist, Tom’s mother, touch of cayenne, transcript, TV, vengeance, wine spilled (trick)

Episode 3:22 Alexander Kirk

#014; BL#14; Blacklister #14; ⭕, 0322, 3.22, 322, 3X22, 501(c)4, @NBCBlacklist, Aegis (Halcyon), Agnes baptism, Alexander, Alexander Kirk, bank heist, bank robbery, baptism, Berlin (city), Blacklist, Blacklist Redemption pilot, Bokenkamp, Boone, bracelet of seashells, break-in (pharmacy), campaign, campaign finance, candidate, Citizens United, Constantin Rostov, contractor, crime, Diaz, dongle, dongle has been inserted, drama, Eggold, Eisendrath, election, election campaign, Elizabeth Keen, Episode 22, Famke, FBI, Field gets the glory; support gets the job done, Grey Matters, Halcyon, Halcyon Aegis, Hargrave, house by the water holding a gun in your mouth, illegal not immoral, Indonesia, intelligence, James Spader, Janssen, Jon, Karokaro, Keen, Kirk, legally questionable yet morally justifiable, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzy, Megan Boone, morally justifiable but legally questionable, Most Wanted, mother, mother (Tom’s), mother/son, My perfect baby boy, mystery, NBC, oligarch, Orci, PAC, perfect baby boy, pharmacy break-in, pilot, pilot spin-off, pilot The Blacklist Redemption, Presidential, Presidential campaign, Pruitt, Raymond, Red, Reddington, Reiter, retinal scan, robbery (bank), Robert Diaz, Rostov, Rubber baby buggy bumpers, Ryan, S03E22, S3E22, sand castles, Scottie, Scottie Hargrave, script, seashell bracelet, Season 3, Solomon shot, son, Spader, spin off, Super PAC, Susan, Susan Hargrave, Susan Hargrave has many secrets, The Blacklist, The Blacklist Redemption pilot, TheBlacklist, Tom, Tom shoots Solomon, Tom’s mother, transcript, Turkish embassy, TV, Your dongle has been inserted

Episode 3:23 Alexander Kirk, Part 2

#014; BL#14; Blacklister #14; ⭕, 0323, 2016, 3.23, 323, 3X23, 501(c)4, @NBCBlacklist, abduct, abduction, Abel Santamaria Airport, Agnes, Alexander Kirk, Alexander Kirk 2, Alexander Kirk Conclusion, assassination plot, babies switched, Blacklist, Bokenkamp, Boone, bow tie, campaign finance, candidate, cheese dog, Cilizens United, Conclusion, Constantin, Constantine, corporation, corruption, crime, cronyism, Cuba, death faked, Diaz, dig the bow tie, donuts, drama, election, Elizabeth Keen, Episode 23, evidence planting, faked death, FBI, Finale, golf, hot dog, I dig the bow tie, James Spader, Jon, Kaplan, Kaplan⁉️, Kate, Kate Kaplan, Keen, kidnap, kidnapping, Kirk 2, Kirk Conclusion, Kirk Part 2, Kirk Pt 2, Kirk2, Liz, Liz death faked, Liz is alive, Lizzie, Lizzy, Masha, Masha I’m your father, Megan Boone, money in politics, Most Wanted, Mr Kaplan, multi-national, mystery, NBC, oil, oil and gas oligarch, oil terrorists’, oligarch, oligarchy, PAC, Part 2, planting evidence, plutocracy, powder sugar donuts, preacher for truckers, President, Presidential, presidential election, Raymond, Red, Reddington, Reuben dog, Robert Diaz, Rostov, Rostova, Russia, S03E23, S3E23, script, Season 3, Season Finale, sharp shooter, Simon says, sniper, Spader, Super PAC, SuperPa, terrorist oil, The Blacklist, Tom, transcript, truck preacher, TV, We did it. We’re free, What are we gonna do with you Kate?

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🅾 S4: Season 4:

Episode 4:1 Esteban

#079; BL#79; Blacklister #79; ⭕, 0401, 4.1, 401, 41, 4X1, @NBCBlacklist, abduct, abduction, abuse, affair, Agnes, Alexander, Alexander Kirk, Blacklist, blind, blind date, blindness, Boone, CIA, Cold War, Constantin, Constantin Rostov, Constantine, Constantine Rostov, corruption, crime, Cuba, Cuban secret prisons, cut head off, daddygate, daughter, decapitate, disabled, double agent, drama, Elizabeth Keen, Episode 1, espionage, Esteban, father, father/daughter, FBI, head cut off, I’m dying, international, James Spader, Kaplan rescues Agnes, Katarina, Katarina Rostova, Kate Kaplan rescues Agnes, Katerina, Keen, KGB, kidnapping, Kirk, Little Mama you got spirit, Liz, Liz and Agnes reunited, Liz is alive, Lizzie, Lizzy, Manuel Esteban, Masha, Megan Boone, Mr Kaplan rescues Agnes, mystery, physical abuse, prison, prisons (secret, Raymond, Red, Reddington, Rostov, Rostova, Russia, S04E01, S4E01, S4E1, S4XE1, Season 4, secret prisons, secret prisons (Cuba), She’s alive?, Spader, spy, The Blacklist, TheBlacklist, thriller, torture, TV, wisdom, wisdom is knowing limits, You have to let her go

Episode 4:2 Mato

#066; BL#66; Blacklister #66; ⭕, 0402, 4.2, 402, 4:2, 4X2, @NBCBlacklist, abduct, Alexander, All Your Secrets, American Indian, attempted, Baklava, bedroom (Masha’s), Blacklist, Boone, bracelet, bracelet (string), bracelet (your mother’s), Canada, Cape Breton, childhood, childhood (Liz’s), CIA, coffee can, Constantin, Constantine, crime, Cuba, daddygate, Devils Tower, drama, drawing, drawing (happy family), Elizabeth Keen, Episode 2, espionage, father/daughter, FBI, fire, fishing boat, float plane, Gordon Lightfoot ♪, happy family drawing, He was in love with your mother, He’s obsessed with you, Honor the sacred earth elders, I can’t trust you, I know…all your secrets, If You Could Read My Mind ♪, in love with your mother, James Spader, Kaplan, Kaplan shot, Katarina, Katarina (Red was in love with), Katarina Rostova, Kate, Kate Kaplan, Katerina, Keen, KGB, kidnap, kidnapping, Kirk, know all your secrets, lap band surgery, laparoscopic, laparoscopic surgery, Lightfoot Gordon ♪, Little Nikos, Liz, Liz’s bedroom, Liz’s bedroom (as child), Liz’s childhood, Lizzie, Lizzington, Lizzy, loyalty, Masha, Masha’s bedroom, Mato, Megan Boone, Mr Kaplan, Mr Kaplan shot, murder, mystery, Native American, NBC, Nikos (Little Nikos), Nova Scotia, photo swing woman and girl, plane crash, pontoon, pontoon plane, Raymond, Red, Red shoots Kate Kaplan, Red shoots Mr Kaplan, Red was in love with Katarina, Reddington, Rostov, Rostova, Russia, S04E02, S4, S4E02, S4E2, S4XE2, Season 4, secrets (I know all your), shaman, shot, Spader, spy, string bracelet, Summer Palace, Sun Dance, surgery, surgery (lap band), surgery (laparoscopic), surgery (weight loss), surgery interrupted, swing, The Summer Palace, TheBlacklist, thriller, time capsule, time machine, torture, treasures buried, trust, TV, weight loss surgery

Episode 4:3 Miles McGrath

#065; BL#65; Blacklister #65; ⭕, 0403, 4.3, 403, 4:3, @NBCBlacklist, adultery, affair, affair (Red and Katarina), anemia, anemia (aplastic), angel investor, antidote, aplastic anemia, better man (I’m the), bio-hazard, biohazard, biological warfare, biological weapons, Blacklist, Boone, CDC shipment, childhood genius, CIA, Class A infectious agents, Cold War, Concierge of Crime, Constantin, Constantine, crime, cuffed to dead man, daddygate, diary, diary (Katarina’s), disease … passed from father to son, dog with tracking chip, drama, dream of Katarina (Liz’s), Elizabeth Keen, Episode 3, espionage, ex-Navy Seals, ex-Seals, FBI, frogmen, genius (childhood), Good one, grave of “Elizabeth Keen”, Halbeck, hazardous materials, HAZMAT, I’m the better man, in love with Red (Katarina was), in love with the man I was sent to seduce and betray, in love with…an American, infectious agents (Class A), James Spader, Johan Halbeck, John LeCarré novel, Journal, journal (Katarina’s), Kaplan by lake, Kaplan discovered by man and dog, Kaplan gains consciousness, Katarina, Katarina and Red affair, Katarina was assigned to Red, Katarina was in love with Red, Katarina’s diary, Katarina’s journal, Kate Kaplan by lake, Kate Kaplan discovered by man and dog, Kate Kaplan gains consciousness, Katerina, Keen, lake (Kaplan by), Le Carré novel, let there be darkness, leukemia, Liz, Liz dreams about Katarina, Liz mimics secretary, Liz reads Katarina’s journal, Liz’s “grave”, Lizzie, Lizzington, Lizzy, man in the hat?, Masha, McGrath, Megan Boone, Miles, Miles McGrath, Mr Kaplan by lake, Mr Kaplan gains consciousness, mystery, Navy Seals, Raymond, Red, Red and Katarina affair, Reddington, Ribowski virus, Rostov, Rostova, Russia, S04E03, S04E04, S4, S4E03, S4E3, Sample No. 17, Seals (Navy), Season 4, Spader, spy, Spy Who Came from The Cold (novel), spy who stayed out in the cold?, The Blacklist, The man in the hat?, The Spy Who Came from The Cold (novel), The spy who stayed out in the cold?, Tom, tombstone (“Elizabeth Keen”), tracking chip on dog, venture capital, virus, virus (Ribowski), Well done Constantin, your odds are longer than you think

Episode 4:4 Gaia

#081; BL#81; Blacklister #81; ⭕, 0404, 4.4, 404, 4:4, 4X4, @NBCBlacklist, a lifetime to paint like a child, Alexander, aplastic anemia, Ayers, birth anomaly, birth defect, Blacklist, blast-radius projection, blood transfusion, blow up nuclear plant, Boone, caramel sauce is an excellent lubricant, Carter, chained, Chernobyl, CIA, climate change, Constantin, Constantine, crime, dead man walking, disability, DMV, drama, eco-terrorism, Elizabeth Keen, environment, environmentalism, Episode 4, Everything’s killing us, FBI, foot chained, fracking, Fukushima, Fukushima on the Hudson, Gaia, genetic disorder, girl is your only option, Glen Carter, global warming, hear shapes, helicopter, holding hands, Hudson River, iatrogenic, Iraq, James Spader, Japan, Keen, Kirk, laundromat, lifetime to paint like a child, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzy, mass murder, Megan Boone, meltdown, mystery, NBC, No one listens. They’ll listen to this nuclear, nuclear, nuclear meltdown, nuclear plant, nuclear reactor, Operation Tomodachi, Owen Ayers, paint like a child, paint like Raphael, Picasso, poison, pollution, radiation, radioactive gas, Raphael, Raymond, re-create Fukushima on the Hudson, Red, Reddington, Rostov, Rostova, S04E04, S4, S4E04, S4E4, sabotage, Season 4, see sounds, Skyler, Spader, special, special needs, stealth environmentalist, Stone Park nuclear reactor, sundaes, taste color hear shapes see sounds, terrorism, The Blacklist, The girl is your only option, They taste color hear shapes see sounds, They’ll listen to this, tidal charts, Tomodachi Operation, transfusion, TV, use the child, veteran, We should all have such special needs

Episode 4:5 The Lindquist Concern

#105; BL#105; Blacklister #105; ⭕, 0405, 4.05, 4.5, 405, 406, @NBCBlacklist, Agnes, Alexander, anemia (aplastic), aplastic anemia, Aram’s perfect date, baptized (the doctor has been), Blacklist, blood transfusion, bone marrow, Boone, Brimley, Brimley getting hitched, bringing an idea to market, Cabal, candiru fish, car bombed (not terrorist), carbon monoxide poisoning, champagne (poisoned), Church, Concern, conflicted feelings (Liz’s about Kirk), Constantin, Constantine, Cooper given patent information to Hitchin, crime, daddygate, date (Aram’s perfect), Dembe prays, desalination process, DNA, DNA paternity report (SVR): Kirk is Liz’s father, doctor has been baptized, drama, Elise, Elizabeth Keen, Emerson (Riley), Episode 5, father/daughter, feelings conflicted (Liz’s about Kirk), fire suppressant, fire-prevention system invoked, fish (candiru), forgiveness, forgiveness won’t come, Forgiveness. For Kate, Geneva, getting hitched, Gouldsberry, He’s open-sourcing it, hematology, Hitchin accused of murdering Reven Wright by Ressler, Hitchin gives patent information to Red, hostages, I know you murdered Reven Wright, idea to market, intellectual property, invention, inventions, It won’t come. What? Forgiveness. For Kate, James Spader, Kaplan, Kate Kaplan, Keen, kill inventions, kill the inventor, Kirk, Kirk is Liz’s father (per SVR DNA paternity report), Kirk tipped off, Lindquist, Lindquist Concern, Liz, Liz’s conflicted feelings about Kirk, Lizzie, Lizzington, Lizzy, Lydia, Megan Boone, Mona Najjar, Mr Kaplan, murder of Reven Wright (Ressler accuses Hitchin of), mystery, Najjar, NBC, Omar Najjar, One day I’m gonna prove it, open source, open-sourcing patent information, patent information to be sold to Cabal, Patent Office, paternity report (SVR): Kirk is Liz’s father, perfect date, poisoned champagne, poisoning, poisoning (carbon monoxide), Raymond, Red, Red refuses Liz’s call, Red sells patent information to Cabal, Reddington, Ressler accuses Hitchin of murdering Reven Wright, Reven Wright murder (Ressler accuses Hitchin of), Riley Emerson, Rostov, Russia, Russia (not Geneva), S04E05, S4E05, S4E5, S4XE5, script, Season 4, Silas Gouldberry, Spader, stained glass window, stem cell transplant, stem cells, SVR DNA report: Kirk is Liz’s father, SVR paternity report: Kirk is Liz’s father, The Blacklist, the doctor has been baptized, The Lindquist Concern, to the many at the expense of the few, torture, transfusion, transplant, transplant (stem cell), TV, US Patent Office, Wright murder (Ressler accuses Hitchin of), You did nothing. Exactly, You lied to me about everything

Episode 4:6 The Thrushes

#053; BL#53; Blacklister #53; ⭕, 0406, 4.6, 406, 4:6, 4X6, @NBCBlacklist, Agnes, Agnes baby pics with Red and Liz, Alexander, Aram, Aram and Elise fight, Aram and Samar celebrate, Aram undercover, Aram/Elise, assets, baby pics with Red and Liz, banana safety word, Because I like Ms Pacman, bit-banger’s nightmare, bitch, Blacklist, Boone, certainly not dead, Cheese Nibs, Constantin, Constantine, crime, crispy beef, Cynthia Panabaker, daddygate, Delancey Street Station, DNA, DNA test, Don’t shoot! He’s got Agnes!, drama, 🦆*quack* 🦆, Elise, Elise and Aram fight, Elise/Aram, Elizabeth Keen, Episode 6, executive order, father/daughter, fishing metaphor (Panabaker), five-alarm fire to national security, Freedom Tower, frozen, gerbil on meth, gibberish, hack, hacker, hackers, hacking, He took your mother away from us, He will not have my granddaughter, hornswaggled, hornswoggled, hug, human sacrifice, I could really use a banana, I hate him for it too, I have my own Rubber Ducky, I have never lied to you, I knew she was too hot for him, I know you’re my father (to Kirk), I will mess that bitch up, if you love me if you ever loved me, in come the Marines, intellectual property, inventions, James Spader, Keen, keystroke injection platform (Rubber Ducky), Kirk, Kirk arrested, Kirk in orange box, Kirk on ledge with Agnes, Kirk shoots Red (shoulder grazed), LCR .357, LeBron, Liz, Liz and Agnes reunited, Lizzie, Lizzy, Manhattan, Masha, Megan Boone, most certainly not dead, mother’s husband ≠ your father, Ms Pacman, mystery, NBC, never lied to you, Nick’s Pizza, Not a word. Pure gibberish, Odette, Orange Box, otets, Paco’s Tacos, Panabaker, Please. Otets. Please father, Pure gibberish, quack, Quack quack bitch, Raymond, Red, Red and Liz hug, Red shot by Kirk (shoulder grazed), Red’s goons, Red’s shoulder grazed, Reddington, René LeBron, Rostov, Rostova, Rubber Ducky, Russia, S04E06, S4E06, S4E6, safety word, safety word banana, Samar, Samar and Aram celebrate, Samar cancels transfer request, sanctions, Saram, sauce is burning, sauna, Season 4, She’s a beautiful girl, shipping, shoe repair shop, shoulder grazed, skyscraper, smile solnishko, solnishko, Spader, Stand down!, suspense, tethered goat, The Blacklist, The Thrushes, This has to end, This is madness Constantin, thriller, Thrushes, thumb drive, Tom, too hot for him, TV, undercover (Aram), Unhackable, US government sanctions, We’ve been breached, Welcome to the past, wine spilled (trick), Yes it has to end, your sauce is burning

Episode 4:7 Dr Adrian Shaw

#098; BL#98; Blacklister #98; ⭕, 0407, 4.7, 407, 4X7, Adrian Shaw, Alexander, Alexander Kirk, Alexander Kirk not Liz’s father, anemia, aplastic anemia, Are you sick? You have no idea, arranged marriage, Ayela, banana (clue), Barerra, Belfast it’s breakfast, Blacklist, blood transfusion, Bloom, bone marrow transplant, Boone, child marriage, children’s magazine, clinical trial (illegal), Colonel Wright, Constantin, Constantine, Coroner, Curie (The Lady), daddygate, dialysis, DNA, DNA test (Bethesda), DNA test altered (Kirk claims), Dr Adrian Shaw, Dr Rayburn, Dr Sonia Bloom, Dr Taylor Rayburn, drug cartel, drug trafficking, Elizabeth Keen, Episode 7, father/daughter, fishing (spearfishing), gay, genetic research, genetics, genomic research, genomics, Giza Barerra, hematology, Highlights for Children, homosexuality, identities created (illegally), illegal clinical trial, illegal not immoral, In Belfast it’s breakfast, Irish Car Bomb (drink), James Spader, Keen, Kirk, Kirk claims DNA test altered, Kirk crosses himself, Kirk not Liz’s father (Bethesda DNA test), Kirk signals attack, Lady Curie (shipping freighter), lionfish, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzy, marriage (arranged), marriage (child), Masha, Megan Boone, Mexican drug cartel, new identities created (illegally), puzzle (children’s), Rayburn, Raymond, Red, Red altered DNA test (Kirk claims), Reddington, Renata Ayela, rose tattoo, Rostov, Rostova, S04E07, S4E07, S4E7, sailboat (clue), Saint of Death (≃Santa Muerte), Santa Muerte, script, Season 4, Shaw, shipping freighter (Lady Curie), Sonia Bloom, Spader, spearfishing, stem cell donor, stem cell transplant, stem cells, tattoo, tattoo (rose), teacup (clue), The Blacklist, The Coroner, The Lady Curie (ship), transfusion, transplant, transplant (bone marrow), transplant (stem cell), whiskey and stout, witness protection for criminals, Wright (Colonel)

Episode 4:8 Dr Adrian Shaw, Part 2

#098; BL#98; Blacklister #98; ⭕, 0408, 4.8, 408, 4:8, 4X8, @NBCBlacklist, Adrenergic storm, Adrian, Adrian Shaw, Adrian Shaw 2, Alexander, Alexander Kirk, alive… (She was more), anemia, aplastic anemia, Are you her father?, Are you Masha’s father?, assignment (I was an), ballet, being, Blacklist, Bockes, Carlton is a bit goonish, chess player (world class), Constantin, Constantin Rostov, crime, CRISPR, daddygate, dancing, Daring. Being, Dead? Gone, DNA, DNA matching, DNA research, Do you want to suffocate or have a heart attack?, Dr Adrian Shaw 2, Dr Adrian Shaw Conclusion, Dr Adrian Shaw Pt 2, Dr Reifler, Dr Sebastian Reifler, Draconian, drama, Elizabeth is my daughter, Elizabeth Keen, Episode 8, erudite, espionage, expert in pain management, Fall Finale, father/daughter, Finale, Forgive me. For Kate. For everything, full remission, genomics, genomics research, goons, goons (Red’s), gym, He traded himself for me, He was a good man…before his obsession with you, He would have wanted that too, hematology, I can save your life, I really believed he was my father, I really wanted my dad here to see her grow up, I saw HER, I was an assignment, I’d like to put a bullet in your head, I’ve forgotten what she was…really like, I’ve never seen anything like it, illegal not immoral, In fact I was an assignment, injections, interloper, Is she your daughter?, It’s a proof of concept, It’s Elizabeth, It’s not a match, James Spader, joie de vivre, joy for life, Kaplan leaves The Hunter, Katarina, Katarina Rostova, Kate Kaplan leaves The Hunter, Katerina, Keen, KGB, Kirk, Kirk? Gone. Dead? Gone, little ballet dancer, Liz, Liz and Odette fight, Lizzie, Lizzington, Lizzy, Lotte, Lotte Vermeek, Lucille Bockes, Masha, Matthew (goon), Matthew is actually quite erudite, May I?, Men are coming Elizabeth, more alive than anyone I knew, My life for hers, mystery, not a match, nothing…you can tell me to change my mind, Odette, Odette and Liz fight, Odette commits suicide, pain, pain management, Patient Zero, proof of concept, Raymond, Red, Red whispers something to Kirk, Red’s goons, Reddington, Reifler, remission, ripe apple falls, Rostov, Rostova, S04E08, S4E08, S4E8, script, Season 4, Sebastian Reifler, secret, Shaw, Shaw 2, She had…a joy for life, She is a miracle, She lied to you about everything, She was more alive than anyone I knew, She was…dancing, She’s not my daughter, Spader, spies, suffocate or have a heart attack, telematics system, Tell me about Katarina, The Blacklist, The ripe apple falls, There’s nothing…you can tell me to change my mind, too Draconian even for me, torture, traded himself for me, TV, Unafraid. Daring. Being, Vermeek, We both miss her, What do you want me to say?, whisper, world class chess player, Yes Elizabeth is my daughter, You always thought I was the interloper, You can’t go. It’s Elizabeth, You owe me, You saw what Katarina wanted you to see, You talk too much, You’re going to jail. No no I’m not

Episode 4:9 Lipet’s Seafood Company

#111; BL#111; Blacklister #111; ⭕, 0409, 04X09, 4.9, 409, 4:9, 4X9, @NBCBlacklist, abduction, Al-Thani, allegiance, ambush, Andrew Wyatt, anti-missile, anti-missile defense, apartment in warehouse, Arkani, Atwell, bad taste in women, badge, Blacklist, Blackthorn Kincaid, blood alcohol limit, body guards, Boone, brother who died in Kandahar, campaign promise, Christopher Atwell, college essay, computer chip, corporate, crime, Cynthia Panabaker, dance card, Dance lessons. What fun, dark ops, Deavers, defense contractor, deposition, Diaz, dipsomaniac, dog house or White House, drama, drone, Elizabeth Keen, Episode 9, Ezra Mandel, fake apartment, falling for people who aren’t what they appear to be, Farook Al-Thani, fish, fish processing, Gaza, Hassan Arkani, Heiden, high tech, hit by car, hostage, I am in love with someone else, I can’t be with a person like that, I know your dance card is full, I’m not here, in love with someone else, intriguing college essay, Iron Dome, Israel, It’s good to have you back Agent Keen, James Maddox, James Spader, Kandahar, Keen, kidnap, kidnapping, Levi Shur, Levi/Samar, Libya, Lipet’s, Lipet’s Seafood, Lipet’s Seafood Company, Liz, Liz gets badge back, Liz gets presidential pardon, Liz is pardoned, Lizzie, Lizzy, Maddox, Mandel, Marlin Heiden, martyrs brigade, Megan Boone, microprocessor, Middle East, Miriam Diaz, missile defense, mole, moron or traitor, Mossad, Mr Deavers, mystery, Navabi, NBC, New Martyrs Brigade, Next time call a cab, NMB (New Martyrs Brigade), pain grief and regret, Palestine, Panabaker, people who aren’t what they appear to be, piracy, President-Elect Diaz, presidential pardon of Elizabeth Keen, proof of life, Raymond, Red, Reddington, Robert Diaz, S04E09, S4E09, S4E9, Samar, Samar abducted, Samar didn’t find out about the raid. Samar planned the raid, Samar/Levi, Saram, Say hi Baz, Seafood, Seafood Company, Season 4, Shur, smuggling, Spader, sticky wicket, teleguidance system, terrorism, Thani (Farook Al-Thani), The Blacklist, There’s someone else, Tillisi, timing chip, Tom, traitor or moron, true believers willing to die for what we love, TV, warehouse (fake apartment in), Welcome back Agent Keen (≃), Wendy, White House or dog house, women (bad taste in), Wyatt, You don’t call you don’t write, You need to think about where your allegiance lies, You played us, You’ve brought her nothing but pain grief and regret, Yusef Tillisi

Episode 4:10 The Forecaster

#163; BL#163; Blacklister #163; ⭕, 0410, 4.10, 410, @NBCBlacklist, abduction, aconitine (poisoning), Africa, Beckner, Ben Charnquist, Betray your own boss?, Blacklist, Boone, bullets vs words, burgundy, bus (school bus), cassiterite, Charnquist, Choi, Chris Farnsworth, cleaners, cobalt mine, Cobalt. Cassiterite. Wolframite. They are the diamonds of tomorrow, cognitive defects, crime, crime scene, Cyrus Choi, David Beckner, Dembe tells Liz Red killed Kate, diamonds of tomorrow, diarama, diorama, disability, Domaine de la Romanée-Conti (’78), done did him?, drama, Driscoll, drowning, drowning woman, elevator, Elizabeth Keen, Episode 10, fail-safe (pneumatic), Farnsworth, Fiona Driscoll, Forecaster, friends in low places, Fudo, Geoffroy Keino, good to have friends in low places, hearing aids, Homan (Red alias), I did done… do, I had bullets he had words, Iniko, it’s good to have friends in low places, James Spader, Jasek Financial, jigsaw puzzle, Kate Kaplan, Keen, Keino, kidnapping, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzy, Maggie Driscoll, Marlon Milch, Megan Boone, Milch, Motorcycle Man (Ben Charnquist), Mr Homan (Red alias), Mr Kaplan, pneumatic fail-safe, poisoning, poisoning (aconitine), premonition, Pyrrhic Victory, radio frequency interference, radio interference, Raymond, Red, Reddington, RF interference, RFI, Rubella, S04E10, S4E10, Sakiya, school bus, script, Season 4, serial murder, Spader, stock market, stock market fraud, suspense, swimming pool, The Blacklist, The Forecaster, TV, white apartment, wolframite, words vs bullets, You done did him?, zigsaw puzzle

Episode 4:11 The Harem

#102; BL#102; Blacklister #102; ⭕, 0411, 4:11, @NBCBlacklist, Blacklist, Boone, British Intelligence, crime, diamonds, drama, Elizabeth Keen, Emma Knightly, Episode 11, FBI, gay, Harem, heist, heist (jewelry), homosexuality, James Spader, Jersey mob, jewelry, jewelry heist, Keen, Lesbians, Liz, Liz undercover, Lizzie, Lizzy, loyalty, Megan Boone, MI6, mob, protection, Raymond, Red, Reddington, S04E11, S4E11, Smoll, smuggling, Spader, spies, suspense, The Blacklist, The Harem, thief, thieves, TV, undercover, undercover (Liz), witness, witness protection, WITSEC, WITSEC list, Zach Smoll

Episode 4:12 Natalie Luca

#184; BL#184; Blacklister #184; ⭕, 0412, 04X12, 4.12, 412, @NBCBlacklist, Abe, apical ballooning syndrome, appearances, Aram’s computer *quacks*, armored truck, assassin, asymptomatic carrier, Baldur Magnusson, bio-hazard, biohazard, Blacklist, blue room, boats (messing about in), Boone, broken heart syndrome, cardiomyopathy, crime, cruise line (Whistler), death (fear of), death (smell it in the air), death crouching toward me, drama, 🦆*quack* 🦆, echo of the past, Edgar Legate, Elizabeth Keen, empty vessel at the bottom of a fathomless sea, Episode 12, fathomless sea, fear of death, female/male pay equity, fishing pot, forbidden love, Gentle Bliss Massage Parlor, grief, grieving surge, Hawthorne Biologics, HAZMAT, Holcombe’s annual poker bash, holding hands, I would have done anything to be with you, I’d do anything for you, illusion, immunity, James Spader, just an echo of the past, Keen, Kuala Lumpur, Legate, lipstick, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzy, look each other in the eye, Lost my (shirt), lovers (star-crossed), Luca, Luschen’s, Luschen’s Disease, Lushens, Magnusson, male/female pay equity, Malik Roumain, Malik Roumain killed, Mallon, Mary Mallon, massage parlor (Gentle Bliss), Megan Boone, meningitis, messing about in boats, Moldova, Mole and Rat, money laundering, mystery, Natalie, Natalie Luca, NBC, No one has a shirt that expensive, oysters, pay equity, plague-bringers most feared, poker bash, race, Rat and Mole, Raymond, Red, Reddington, Romeo and Juliet, Roumain, Roumain killed, S04E12, S4E12, Samar’s raise, Saram, Season 4, serial murder, shirt (lost my), Smoll, So soft, Spader, spinal tap, star-crossed lovers, tako-tsubo, The Blacklist, The truth. I hold it dear, The Wind in the Willows, Tom, true love, truth, truth doesn’t matter, truth soliloquy, truth. I hold it dear, TV, typhoid fever, Typhoid Mary, viral meningitis, virus (weaponized), weaponized virus, Whistler Cruise Line, Whitehall, Whitehall weapons lab, WHO, Wind in the Willows, words that pass between us, Xavier Holcombe’s annual poker bash, Zach Smoll

Episode 4:13 Isabella Stone

#034; BL#34; Blacklister #34; ⭕, 0413, 04X13, 36 red, 4.13, 413, @NBCBlacklist, Aegis (Halcyon), ALS, artificial leg, birds sing (I just want to hear), Blacklist, Boone, bypass surgery, casino, Côte d’Azure, character assassination, charity, charity fraud, Charles Murphy, Charlotte Hart, Christopher Hargrave, Corina Sarantos, Courier, courier killed, crime, cuckoo clock, detective, Detective Kotchwar, disability, Dr Justin Sperry, drama, Ekata, Elizabeth Keen, Episode 13, framed (set up), France, French Riviera, Gabon, gambling, Game (character), Halcyon Aegis, Hargrave, Hargrave reported dead, Hart, hear the birds sing (I just want to), hit-and-run, Howard Hargrave, Howard Hargrave reported dead, I just want hear the birds sing, impersonation, Isabella, Isabella Stone, Isabella Stone/Judith Pruitt, jailbreak, James Spader, Judith Pruitt, Judith Pruitt/Isabella Stone, just want hear the birds sing, Justin Sperry, Keen, Kotchwar, leg (artificial), Liz, Liz rescues Dr Pruitt, Lizzie, Lizzy, man who murdered me, Marseille, Mc, Megan Boone, Monaco, money smuggling, Monte Carlo, murder, Murphy, muscle shakes, mystery, Paris, people are dying all around you, plane crash, poisoning (sedative), ponytail, pop-up safe house, Pruitt, Pruitt/Stone, Raymond, Red, Reddington, reputation, Ressler’s brother, Richard Game, S04E13, S4E13, Sarantos, Season 4, set up (framed), Smoll, smuggling, Spader, Sperry, Stone, Stone/Pruitt, storage unit, Stratos Sarantos, surgery (bypass), Susan, swimming pool, The Blacklist, The man who murdered me, Tom’s father reported dead, Tom’s past, TV, West Africa, wheelchair, Zach Smoll

Episode 4:14 The Architect

#107; BL#107; Blacklister #107; ⭕, 0414, 04X14, 4.14, 414, @NBCBlacklist, abduction, accounts (bank), Aram, Aram taken hostage, Aram undercover, Aram wins hacking contest, Aram/Elise, Architect, Aren’t you supposed to be in jail?, artist, artist (Italian), artist (one of great living), Aryan, Aryan Revolutionary Council, bank accounts, Biatch!, big day (Lonnie’s), Bigsie Patel, Black Mass 13, Blacklist, Boone, Carraro, castrate, catastrophically compromised, Christopher Hargrave, cipher (remote code), coding, como si dice?, confidentiality, cop killer, correctional facility, Correctional Facility (Greenville), credit stick, crime, cypher (remote code), Data (Star Trek character), David Levine, death penalty, death row, drama, Elise, Elise’s glasses, Elise/Aram, Elise/Janet, Elizabeth Keen, Episode 14, execution, false confession, Forget having your testicles scratched, Frank Carraro, Game (character), Gavin Pruitt, geeks, glasses (Elise’s), Greenville Correctional Facility, guard tower blown up, Hack Star, hackers, hacking, hacking contest, hacking power grid, Hargrave, He’s a legend, hostage (Aram), I can’t think of anything more personal, I’d give almost anything to have a scratch, Ice (Newcastle ), ice queen, ice storage facility, Isabella Stone, It wasn’t personal, Italian artist, James Spader, Jenkins-Fowler virus, Keen, keypad lock defeated, kidnapping, Levine, little fellow just lit right up, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzy, Lonnie Perkins, Lucy Game, Mach 7, Mauritius, Megan Boone, mystery, NBC, Newcastle Ice, nudes (a hair splayed), Nut up and get your hack on!, oil painting, painting, Patel, perfect crime, Perkins, phone call script, plea agreement, Polpetto, portrait, power grid, prison break, prison takeover (remote), prodigy like me, Pruitt, rapimento, Raymond, Red, Reddington, remote code cypher, remote takeover of prison, Richard Game, rocket watcher, S04E14, S4E14, Saram, Scottie Hargrave, script (for phone call), Season 4, secret accounts, Smoll, Spader, spaghetti Westerns, splayed nudes, Star Trek character (Data), Stone, Susan Hargrave, takeover of prison (remote), tattoo, testicles, testicles scratched, That bitch?, The Architect, The Blacklist, the little fellow just lit right up, There was a girl. Of course there was, titanium rods, Tom, Tom undercover, tranche of softwares, TV, undercover, undercover (Aram), undercover (Tom), unwillingly working together, US power grid, Virginia (Southern), virus, virus (Jenkins-Fowler), Warden McCaslin, white nationalism, white supremacy, wizards (hackers), working together unwillingly, yellow hat, You do you man, You’ve been castrated, You’ve been catastrophically compromised, Zach Smoll

Episode 4:15 The Apothecary

#059; BL#59; Blacklister #59; ⭕, 0415, 04X15, 4.15, 415, @NBCBlacklist, Abe, abuse, abuse (sexual), abuse (spousal sexual), abuse (spousal), adultery, affair, Albee Baby (store), All Along the Watchtower ♪, allergan, allergic response, allergy, antidote, Apothecary, Asa Hightower, baby store, Baz, Becky, Beluga caviar, betrayal, Blacklist, Bob Dylan ♪, Boone, bottle of wine set aside, break-in (pharmacy), bronchodilator, Brooklyn Martinez, Bungarus flaviceps (snake), Carter, cat (Red’s), caviar, chilled Beluga caviar, cocktail of steroids, corona of death, corticosteroids, Dahle, dark Internet, dark web, David Levine, Dembe goes missing, Dembe Zuma, Diff’rent Drum ♪, Do not go gentle into that good night, Dr Haverkamp, drugging, Dylan ♪, Dylan Thomas, Elizabeth Keen, Episode 15, eye drops poisoned, FBI Director, fiancé (Marvin Gerard’s), fruit basket, Glen Carter, go gentle into that good night (Do not), Haverkamp, Helen Dahle, Hightower, Hightower Serpentarium, Iago, Ilario Panetti, inheritance, it can’t be, James Spader, John’s Restaurant, Judas, Keen, kitty, krait (red-headed), Last Supper, Levine, Linda Ronstadt ♪, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzy, locked in, locked in kitchen, Lou Lou McLellan, loyalty, mafia, Malay Peninsula, Martinez, Marvin Gerard, Marvin Gerard’s fiancé, McLellan, Megan Boone, memory loss, mob, mobile hospital, money laundering, No it can’t be, no knock search warrant, Panetti, parade that on your perp walk, pharmaco-toxicology, poisoned eye drops, poisoning, pregnancy, prenup, rape, rape (spousal), Raymond, Red, Red poisoned, Red’s cat, Red’s secret flat, red-headed krait (snake), Reddington, reptiles, restaurant (John’s), Robert Dahle, Ronstadt ♪, Ruby Hightower, S04E15, S4E15, Sarasota Springs, Scotch, search warrant, Season 4, secret flat, serial murder, sexual abuse, sexual abuse (spousal), Smoll, snake, snake (Bungarus flaviceps), snake (red-headed krait), snakes, Someone who’d miss you if you died?, Spader, spousal abuse, spousal rape, spousal sexual abuse, steroids, Surat Thani, The Apothecary, The Blacklist, There’s a traitor in the family, Thomas (Dylan), traitor, trunk (locked in), trusted by those they betrayed, Unless you wanna parade that…, venom, Watchtower, What an unpleasant surprise, Who put you in there?…You did, Who’s Elizabeth? Kept saying her name, wine, wine set aside, Winter Finale, You are dying, Your prayers have been answered Donald, Zach Smoll, Zuma

Episode 4:16 Dembe Zuma

#010; BL#10; Blacklister #10; ⭕, 0416, 416, abduction, Alex Sato/Daniel Nakamoto, ape fairies, apiary, apitherapy, Aram, Aram abducted by Dembe, Aram kidnapped by Dembe, Aram Mojtabai, Aram/Janet, arson, bees, Blacklist, Boone, Carter, Chuck Shaw, crossbow hunting, Daniel Nakamoto/Alex Sato, daughter (Dembe’s), Dembe, Dembe innocent, Dembe kidnaps Aram, Dembe shot by Hunter, Dembe Zuma, Dembe Zuma (episode), Dembe’s daughter, Dr Sophia Gallup, driving lesson, Elise, Elise/Janet, Elizabeth Keen, Episode 16, Fickman, Gabor Museum, Gallup, Gallup/Vasquez, ghost (like he’d seen a), Glen Carter, hacking, hunter, hunting, hunting (crossbow), Isabella Zuma, James Spader, Janet Sutherland, Janet/Aram, Janet/Elise, Kaplan, Kaplan/Nemec, Kate is alive!, Kate Kaplan, Kate Kaplan/Kathryn Nemec, Kate/Kathryn, Kathryn Nemec, Kathryn/Kate, Keen, key hunter, kidnapping, like he’d seen a ghost, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzy, Megan Boone, Mr Kaplan, museum (Gabor), Nakamoto/Sato, NBC, Nemec, Nemec/Kaplan, parole, Raymond, Red, Reddington, Richard Fickman, S04E16, S4E16, Sanctum Corporation, Saram, Sato/Nakamoto, script, Season 4, seen a ghost (like he’d), Shaw, Sophia Gallup, Sophia Gallup/Vanessa Vasquez, Spader, Spring Premiere, student driver, Sutherland, The Blacklist, The Hunter, Vanessa Vasquez, Vasquez, Vasquez/Gallup, Zuma, Zuma (Isabella), Zuma (title)

Episode 4:17 Requiem

#000; BL#0; Blacklister #0; ⭕, 0417, 417, affair (Red and Katarina), Amarillo, Annie Kaplan, backstory (Katarina Rostova), backstory (Kate Kaplan), backstory (Liz), backstory (Red), bail bond business, Blacklist, bodies are buried (where the), Boone, camper/trailer, Cape Breton, Cape May, car sex, concentric circles, daddygate, dog (Sam’s), Elizabeth Keen, Episode 17, ex-con, exhuming corpses, father/daughter, fire, flashback, gay, Gordo (dog), Grey, grifter, Happy thoughts?, homosexuality, I Will Survive ♪, ice rink morgue, James Spader, juke box, Kaplan, Kaplan vows revenge on Red, Kaplan’s backstory, Kaplan/Nemec, Katarina disappears, Katarina doesn’t know who Masha’s father is, Katarina Rostova, Katarina Rostova disappears, Katarina Rostova’s backstory, Katarina’s backstory, Katarina/Red, Kate, Kate Kaplan, Kate Kaplan vows revenge on Red, Kate Kaplan’s backstory, Kate shot by ex-con, Kate/Annie, Kate/Kathryn, Kathryn Nemec, Kearns Nebraska, Keen, Lesbian, Lesbians, Little Nikos, Liz, Liz’s backstory, Liz’s father (Katarina doesn’t know who), Liz/Masha, Lizzie, Lizzy, Masha, Masha/Liz, Master James of St George, Megan Boone, migraines, Milhoan, morgue (ice rink), mortuary, Mr Kaplan, Mr Kaplan vows revenge on Red, Mr Kaplan’s backstory, nanny, NBC, Nebraska, Nemec, Nemec/Kaplan, Nikos (Little Nikos), Nova Scotia, Our stories are written in flesh, pickup truck, Pied Piper, pilgrimage, Raymond, Red, Red abducts Masha/Liz, Red thinks Masha is his daughter, Red’s backstory, Red/Katarina, Reddington, relics, Requiem, Room 8, Rostova, S04E17, S4E17, Sam Milhoan, script, Season 4, sex (in car), Soviet Intelligence?, Spader, St George (Master James of), stories are written in flesh, Summer Palace, Texas, The Blacklist, The Summer Palace, Were buried dearie, where the bodies are buried, written in flesh, You can’t get inside to hurt me Kate, You will not love her, You’ve been busy

Episode 4:18 Philomena

#061; BL#61; Blacklister #61; ⭕, 0418, 418, @NBCBlacklist, abduction, Alexa Feist, Aron Edelstein, bar mitzwah, Barker, bath time with Brenda, Begby, bicycle hit by car, bicycle/car accident, big wet kiss on the mouth (like a), Blacklist, blind, Boone, Boone 418, boot store, bounty hunter, bounty hunter 86 bodies, Braille, Branson, Brenda Gilroy, Bronwyn/Philomena, brush (record cleaning), Capote, car hits bicycle, car/bicycle accident, cohorts/coworkers, Congressman Edelstein, coworkers/cohorts, custody battle, Cynthia Panabaker, dementia, Diane Fowler, Diane Fowler murder investigation, Diane Fowler murder re-enactment, Diane Fowler shot (re-enactment), dirty rat, DNA evidence, Edelstein, eighty-six bodies, Elizabeth Keen, endgame, endgame (Kate Kaplan’s), Episode 18, Ethan Begby, Feist, Fellowship (Katai), fingerprints, flipped, Fowler, Fowler corpse found, Fowler crime scene, Fowler murder investigation, Fowler murder re-enactment, Fowler shot (re-enactment), friend (You’re my), Gale, Gerard, gift (parting), Gilroy, Gordon Lightfoot ♪, he flipped, Hebrew, I haven’t had a babysitter since Brenda Gilroy, I know the truth Red (about your family), ice rink morgue, injustice (smell of), innocent bystander (not an…among them), James Spader, Jewish, Joe Perrachio, Judaism, Julian Gale, Junior Wallace, Kaplan, Kaplan’s endgame, Katai Fellowship, Kate Kaplan, Kate Kaplan’s endgame, Katya, Keen, kidnapping, Lawrence Welk, legal briefs, Lightfoot ♪, like a big wet kiss on the mouth, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzy, Lou Capote, Main Justice, man who’s seen too much sorrow, Marvin Gerard, Megan Boone, missing persons, mitzwah, morgue (ice rink), most dangerous criminal in Western Hemispere, Motor Court (Pine Needle), Mr Kaplan, Mr Kaplan’s endgame, nanny, NBC, Not as coworkers but as cohorts, Officer Simmons (Red alias), Oof what a stink, Panabaker, parting gift, peach orchard hog, perfect Saturday night, Perrachio, Philomena, Philomena/Bronwyn, Pine Needle Motor Court, pot pies Lawrence Welk, Randy’s Boot Emporium, Raymond Reddington, record-cleaning brush, records (vinyl), Red, Reddington, Reddington task force (original), Reston, rigged, S04E18, S4E18, script, Season 4, Sheila Barker, Simmons (Red alias), smell of injustice, Spader, still my perfect Saturday night, stink (Oof what a), Sundown ♪, synagogue, system rigged, tape recording, Taser, The Blacklist, Tiger Branson, too much sorrow (voice of a man who’s seen), vinyl records, voice of a man who’s seen too much sorrow, Walk away from Raymond, Wallace, Welk, wild as a peach orchard hog, yarmulke, You are safe. You are loved. You are wise, You’re my friend, You’re the dirty rat Diane

Episode 4:19 Dr Bodgen Krilov

#029; BL#29; Blacklister #29; ⭕, 0419, 12/23/2013, 419, 86 bodies, @NBCBlacklist, Alistair Pitt, Alps, Amadeus (Wolfgang…Mozart) ♪, Austria, Bell, Berlin (name), Blacklist, Bogdan Krilov, Boone, brainwashing, cry havoc, Detective Bell, Detective Elijah Bell, dogs of war, Don Giovanni ♪, Donald Ressler, Dr Bogdan Krilov, Dr Krilov, Dr Orchard, Dr Selma Orchard, Elijah Bell, fire, Gale (Julian), Geoff Perl, Giovanni ♪, goats, Hans Von Hauser, Hauser (Von), havoc, Hitchin, ice rink morgue, James Spader, Julian Gale, Kaplan, Kate Kaplan, Kirchoff, Krilov, Laurel Hitchin, Linda McFaden, Lucerne, Maryland, McFaden, Megan Boone, memory, memory alteration, memory loss, memory modification, memory suppression, Milos Kirchoff, Mozart ♪, Mr Kate Kaplan, NBC, Nikolaus, Orchard, Perl, pink and perfect, Pitt, princess, Propofol, Ressler, Reven Wright, Rockville MD, S04E19, S4E19, Sachertorte, SCI7, script, Selma Orchard, Spader, Stahley, Stick Up, Susan Stahley, Switzerland, Taddicken Brothers, The Blacklist, the fire, train robbery, Tramadol, Vienna, Von Hauser, Werner Von Hauser, Wien, Wien Mitte, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart ♪, Wright

Episode 4:20 The Debt Collector

#046; BL#46; Blacklister #46; ⭕, 0420, 14442, 420, 86 bodies, abduction, absolution (sins for which there is no), actor (new…in the mix), an eye for an eye, angel (avenging), anthrax, autopsy, avenging angel, Baldur Magnusson, ballistics, beach, beach party, before you embark on a journey of revenge dig two graves, Blacklist, Boatright, Brady Boatright, coexist (can Red and Kate?), Confucius, corpse (mummified), cyberbullying, dead drop, Debt Collector, Edgar Grant, eye for an eye, Fairfax county, Feels like God’s work, Gale (Julian), Gerard, ghost whisperer, God (there is no), God’s work (Feels like), Grant (Edgar), graves (dig two), Horizon Middle School, hospice, hurt because you hurt, I was your friend. I protected you. I comforted you. I loved you, janitor, Johnson Lake, Julian Gale, Kaplan, Kate Kaplan, kidnapping, lake, Lake Johnson, Lisa Parker, Long Beach, Magnusson, Marvin Gerard, Middle School (Horizon), Mr Kate Kaplan, Ms Brady Boatright, mummified corpse, NBC, new actor in the mix, nothing as satisfying as revenge, Obermeier, Parker, penny stock, people rarely change, porthole, pound of flesh, Pryor, Pulau Belitung, recompense, revenge, revenge (dig two graves), revenge (God’s work), revenge (nothing as satisfying as), revenge (poetic), S04E20, S4E20, Said the spider to the fly, scouts, script, showdown (Red v Kaplan), sins for which there is no absolution, sniper, sociopath, special kind of strange, steerage, strange (special kind of), The Blacklist, The Debt Collector, the truth today, The truth? This is the truth, the…today), there is no God, There’s almost nothing as satisfying as revenge, Troop 14441, truth, truth? This is the truth, Two steps forward and three back, Tyler Obermeier, Tyson Pryor, untouchable, wanting someone to hurt because you hurt, We go where our hearts take us, What matters is now, Zeolite

Episode 4:21 Mr Kaplan

#004; BL#4; Blacklister #4; ⭕, 0421, 421, 86 homicides, abduction, Abe betrays Red, Abe shot, About the only thing you left me is a hat on my head, accounting wizard, Betsy (python), Blacklist, Boone, Brimley, Brunei, Chitra, cleaner, cleaner keeper & confessor, contempt of court, decapitation, depth perception will never be the same, Dixon, document is all that matters, Dom, Don Julio, Drucker, Elizabeth Keen, endorphins, escape plan, eye scanner, eye surgery, Falstaff Theatre, Fifth (plead the), finish the job this time, Gale (Julian), Gorrell, Gorrell abducted, government secrets, grand jury, gun smuggling, hat on my head (only thing you left me…), head cut off, head in box, homicides (86), hotter than a 4-peckered billy goat, I wish I’d been the person you wanted me to be, I’m gonna take everybody down, immunity, immunity agreement (Red’s), incentive (knives), index file, indictment (of task force), island (You can have the), island escape, James Spader, Judge Drucker, Julian Gale, Julio (Don), Kaplan, Kate Kaplan, Keen, key to island escape, kidnapping, Lacrimal dissector, last resort, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzy, Mako Tanida, Mario Dixon, Masha (She’s not), Masha’s alive, maybe you should arrest me, Megan Boone, Mr Kaplan, Mr Kaplan (episode), My eye! My eye!, NBC, only thing you left me is a hat on my head, paradise, Phillip, Philly, plead the Fifth, Porsche, prison in paradise, proud and ashamed, Put it on ice, python, rats are fleeing the ship, Raymond, Red, Red shoots Abe, Red’s immunity agreement, Reddington, retinal scanner, Rinehart, Roque, run on the bank, Run? Just standing here makes my hip flare, S04E21, S4E21, Salaam, sandwich (tuna salad), scanner (eye), scanner (retinal), SCI7, script, Season Finale, secrets (government), She’s not Masha anymore, smoking gun, Spader, Stone Canyon Storage Facility, storage (government secrets), Storage Facility (Stone Canyon), subpoena, surgery (eye), Tanida, The Blacklist, The document is all that matters, the last resort, the only thing you left me is a hat on my head, Theatre (Falstaff), tuna salad sandwich, Westcott scissors, What might this old thing be worth?, wizard (accounting), You can have the island, you should arrest me (maybe…), you’re hotter than a 4-peckered billy goat, your depth perception will never be the same

Episode 4:22 Mr Kaplan, Part 2

#004; BL#4; Blacklister #4; ⭕, 0422, 11/19/2015, 422, @NBCBlacklist, Alvin Stanton, Aram and Samar kiss, Aram held in contempt, Aram/Samar, barrel (Reven Wright corpse in), Baz shot by Kate Kaplan, Blacklist, bones (suitcase/duffel full of), Boone 422, Boy Scout, Brickman, bridge (Kate Kaplan jumps from), contempt (Aram held in), contingencies (always make), corpse (Reven Wright in barrel), daddygate, Deputy Dawg, Dixon, DNA test, DNA test (Liz is Red’s daughter per), DNA test (Red is Liz’s father per), Donald Ressler kills Laurel Hitchin, Drucker, duffel/suitcase with skeleton, Elise/Janet, evidence file, farms (Tansi), father/daughter, fixer, Frank Sturgeon, Gale (Julian), grand jury, Henry Prescott, Hitchin, Hitchin killed by Ressler, I prefer illiquid, illiquid (I prefer), immunity deal (Kate Kaplan), James Spader, Janet Sutherland, Janet/Elise, Jay-Jay Brickman, Judge Lindsay Drucker, Julian Gale, jumps from bridge (Kate Kaplan), K carved on tree, Kaplan, Kaplan 2, Kaplan digs up suitcase, Kaplan jumps from bridge, Kaplan shoots Baz, Kate Kaplan, Kate Kaplan digs up suitcase, Kate Kaplan jumps from bridge, Kate Kaplan shoots Baz, Laurel Hitchin, Laurel Hitchin killed by Ressler, Liz is Red’s daughter (per DNA test), Mario Dixon, Megan Boone, Mr Kaplan, Mr Kaplan 2, Mr Kaplan commits suicide, Mr Kaplan dies, Mr Kaplan digs up suitcase, Mr Kaplan jumps from bridge, Mr Kaplan jumps off bridge, Mr Kaplan Pt 2, Mr Kaplan shoots Baz, NBC, Prescott, Red is Liz’s father (per DNA test), Ressler kills Laurel Hitchin, Reven Wright, Reven Wright (corpse in barrel), S04E22, S4E22, Samar and Aram kiss, Samar/Aram, Saram, script, Seaduke, Season Finale, skeleton in suitcase/duffel, Spader, Stanton, straw in the wind, Sturgeon, subpoena, suitcase/duffel full of bones, Tansi Farms, The Blacklist, Tom opens suitcase with skeleton, tree with carved K, vibrator kind of gal, Wright, Wright (corpse in barrel)

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🅾 S5: Season 5:

Episode 5:1 Smokey Putnam

#030; BL#30; Blacklister #30; ⭕, 0501, 10-89, 501, accountant, accounting, audit, auto theft, bail, bail bond, bail jumper, bail money, Bergita Olofson in her parents’ rumpus room on a Saturday night, big top, Blacklist, blackmail, body builder, bones (suitcase/duffel full of), Boone, bounty hunter, Bourbon Trail, bumper cars, bus trip, butter (deep-fried), cake-cutter, cant (circus language), car theft, carnies, carnival, cigar, cigar still warm, circus, circus language, conglomerate (Red’s), Corvette, daddygate, dance (Red and Liz), Dariush, Davis and Fox Entertainment, deep-fried butter, deep-fried butter (like) I am unhealthy and yet irresistible, diabetes, diving for quarters, DNA, drug cartel, drug cartel (skinhead), drugs, duffel/suitcase with skeleton, Elizabeth Keen, embezzlement, entrance (Now there’s an), Episode 1, Episode 8, Fairy Godmother, fall through ceiling, family curse, father/daughter, fixer, Frank Sturgeon, fried butter, fugitive, gaffer, gambing, gambling addiction, Hartswicks (cigars), Hawkins, Heddie Hawkins, Henry Prescott, hi/lo (card game), Hitchin, Hitchin found dead, Hitchin’s body, Honey Ginger Buck, I make my bed where I lay my head, I suppose I’ll need my pants, I’ll hold it for you, I’ll need my pants, I’m his rabbi now, insulin, IRA audit, Jacobson and Orr, James Spader, karma, Keen, Keep it close, language (circus: cant), language (private circus: cant), Laurel Hitchin, Laurel Hitchin found dead, Laurel Hitchin’s body, Like Bergita Olofson in her parents’ rumpus room on a Saturday night, like deep-fried butter I am unhealthy and yet irresistible, lions and tigers and bears, Liz, Liz and Red dance, Lizzie, Lizzy, Magoo cartoon, Maurice (bail bondsman), Megan Boone, methamphetamines, money laundering, motel, motel (You live in a), motor lodge, nasty look that takes practice. You must have sisters, nature versus nurture, nature wins every time, Neiland, neo-Nazis, Now there’s an entrance, Odin Neiland, pants (Then I suppose I’ll need my), pool (swimming), premonition of Tom’s death, Prescott, private language (circus: cant), profits Smurfed, Putnam, quarters (diving for), rabbi (I’m his … now), Raymond, rebuild empire (Red starts to), Red, Red and Liz dance, red Corvette, Red starts to rebuild empire, Red steals car, Reddington, Richmond VA, Ringling Brothers, road trip, Roman Lemarc, Russell Springs KY, S05E01, S05E08, S5E01, script, Season 5, Season Premiere, sisters (You must have), skeleton in suitcase/duffel, skinhead drug cartel, skinheads, skip tracer, Smokey Putnam, Smurfed (profits), Spader, Sparta KY, still warm cigar, stud (card game), Sturgeon, suitcase/duffel (skeleton in), suitcase/duffel full of bones, swimming pool, Tammy Lynn Thompson, Terrace Vista Motor Lodge, Texas Hold ‘Em, that’s a nasty look that takes practice. You must have sisters, The Blacklist, theft (auto), theft (car), Then I suppose I’ll need my pants, there’s an entrance, Thompson, TL (Tammy Lynn Thompson), Tom comes home, Tom returns, Tom’s death (premonition), unhealthy and yet irresistible (like deep-fried butter), vision of Tom’s death, We’re all family here, white supremacists, You live in a motel, You must have sisters, Your Fairy Godmother

Episode 5:2 Greyson Blaise

#037; BL#37; Blacklister #37; ⭕, $3M penny, 0502, 1943 pennies/penny, 502, @NBCBlacklist, Albert Dennison, Amalia Hammett, Analia Beneventi, Anna Cartwright, Aram/Samar, art, art collecting, art forgery, art theft, auction, Beneventi, Blacklist, Blaise, bones (suitcase/duffel full of), Boone, bronze Lincoln penny, bronze penny/pennies, Caden Gard, Carabinieri, Cartwright, Champagne, Chloe, coin, coin (rare), cool (I think it’s really), daddygate, Dale Pettigrew, Dance (painting), Dennison, diamond necklace, duffel/suitcase with skeleton, earrings, Elizabeth Keen, Episode 2, fake news – curse of our time, father/daughter, forgery (art), Gard, genius can’t be rushed, gilding the lily, Greyson Blaise, Hammett, I think it’s really cool, I’m scared of you, Inspector Scutari, Interpol, James Spader, Keen, Korpal, Lake Como, Lincoln penny/pennies, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzy, Megan Boone, Miss Chloe, Napoleon diamond necklace, naughty boy (You’ve been a), NBC, necklace, Nik Korpal, Oleander, painting, Paris, party, Paulo Beneventi, pennies/penny, pennies/penny (1943), pennies/penny (bronze), pennies/penny (rare), penny ($3M), penny for your thoughts, Pettigrew, Picasso, picking the sense from the nonsense, pumpkin, rare coin, rare pennies/penny, Raymond Reddington, Red, Reddington, Rembrandt, S05E02, S5E02, safe, Samar/Aram, Saram, script, Scutari (Inspector), Sea of Galilee, Season 5, sense from the nonsense (picking the), skeleton in suitcase/duffel, Smithsonian, Spader, Storm on the Sea of Galilee, Sugarfoot, suitcase/duffel full of bones, The Blacklist, The Sea of Galilee, thumb drive, toast, tracking device, Tuscan Sunset, Yankee Bob White, You’ve been a naughty boy, Zagreb

Episode 5:3 Miss Rebecca Thrall

#076; BL#76; Blacklister #76; ⭕, $1M, .50 caliber, 0503, 2-for-1 special, 503, @NBCBlacklist, addiction, Adika Buhari, African gun-runner, airplane, Andrew McGinnis, ATF, bad cops, Baltimore PD, BDSM, bird (piping plover), birds chirping, Blacklist, blue line (the thin), body in trunk, Boone, Buhari, bulletproof glass, Carter, Chip-chop!, class action lawsuit, cops (bad), cops (crooked), cops (dirty), cops (killer), crooked cops, Daddy’s favorite little pickle-bites, dirty cop, DMV, DNA test, drug addiction, elephants, Elizabeth Keen, Episode 3, errand boy, fallen in the midst of battle (How the mighty are), flat tire, fraud, friends (I make…easily), G3s, Glen Carter, gun running, Harvard, Hawkins, Heddie Hawkins, Henry Hawkins, Hey! Who loves ya baby?, hot tub, How are the mighty fallen in the midst of battle, Humberto, I make friends easily, ice machine (broken), indentured servant, insurance fraud, James Spader, Jennifer Serry, jet airplane, Johnson (Mr), Keen, killer cops, Korpal, lamb chop, lawsuit (class action), lead poisoning, Leroy and Quackers, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzy, loans, lonely little plover, McGee, McGinnis, Megan Boone, mighty fallen in the midst of battle (How are the), million dollars, Miss Rebecca Thrall, Mongolian peasant, Mr Johnson, NBC, Nice ride, Nice work Chief, Nik Korpal, Not if you’re a lonely little plover, nutjob, Officer Andrew McGinnis, Officer Jennifer Serry, Pete McGee, pickle-bites, Piper, piping plover, plover (piping), poisoning (lead), poor little fella must be lost, Prescott, push the red button, Putnam, Quackers and Leroy, Raymond, Rebecca Thrall, Red, red button, Reddington, Rivera Wants You, Robert Urwiller, runway, S05E03, S5E03, Scottie Stansbury, script, Season 5, Serry, settlements (structured), shackles, Show time in 20!, Smokey Putnam, Spader, Stansbury, structured payments, structured settlements, suffocation, Tale of the Mongolian Peasant, The Blacklist, the thin blue line, thin blue line, Thrall, trunk (body in), two-for-one special, Urwiller, Want another dog?, warrant, Waterday Financial, Who loves ya baby?, Who the hell are Leroy and Quackers?

Episode 5:4 The Endling

#044; BL#44; Blacklister #44; ⭕, 0504, 504, @NBCBlacklist, a sinner can also be a saint, abduction, adoption, Ahmad, Alicia Grey, Alma, altogether (camping in the), Anapolis, Anna Dewan, Anthony (Tony) The Mailman, arc of my life (entire … might have been different), ass (Raymond. How’s your … ?), bad boys (I have a weakness for), beast (slew the), Blacklist, blood (golden), blood bank (walking), blood donor, blood transfusion, blood type, blood type (rare), bones (suitcase/duffel full of), Boone, brass knuckles, bypass machine, Caleb Hess, camping in the altogether, cardiac surgery, Cascabel’s, civil war (Syrian), CODIS database, compress (honey of yarrow), creation of scarcity, Dana Isaacs, database (CODIS), Database (Rare Blood), day that you were born I was also born, Dean (Forest of), Dewan, diplomatic security, DNA, DNA test, Doctors Without Morals, Dr Dresner, Dr Felix Dresner, Dr Lomay, Dr Lomay’s clandestine hospital, Dr Melissa Lomay, Dresner, duffel/suitcase with skeleton, Elizabeth Keen, Endling, entire arc of my life might have been different, Episode 4, Ethan Isaacs, FBI badge, FBI ID, Felix Dresnee, fire (race horse killed in), Fitzpleasure, Forest of Dean, Free Syrian Army, golden blood, Grey, heart transplant, Hess, hold lists (mail), honey of yarrow compress, honor among thieves (no), horse killed in fire, horse racing, horse ranch, How’s your ass?, I have a weakness for bad boys, I might have been thinner and living in Maine, I’m in your debt, I’m watching you Elizabeth, in the altogether (camping), Isaacs, It wasn’t a request, James Spader, John Isaacs, Keen, kidnapping, Korpal, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzy, Lomay, Lomay’s clandestine hospital, Lutheran B-negative blood, mail hold lists, Mailman (Tony), Maine (I might have been thinner and living in), McGee, Megan Boone, Melissa Lomay, Montenegro (Princess Sonya of), Most Wanted Poster, mother love, mother’s love, myocarditis (progressive idiopathic), Nash, Naval Academy, NBC, NGO, Nik Korpal, Nik Korpal killed, Nik Korpal strangled, Nik’s a big boy. He can take care of himself, Nirah Ahmad, no honor among thieves, one-of-a-kind, packages (two unexpected), peanut butter, Pete McGee, pig (gored by wild), pork pie (scrumptious), post office (actual), Princess Sonya of Montenegro, progressive idiopathic myocarditis, Proverbs 21 Verse 10, put out to stud, race horse, race horse killed in fire, Rare Blood Database, Raymond, Raymond. How’s your ass?, Red, Reddington, Rh negative blood, Rh(null) blood, robbery, S05E04, S5E04, safe houses, saint (a sinner can also be a), Sarah Ellen Winstead, scarcity (creation of), script, scrumptious pork pie, Season 5, Shahir Ahmad, sinner can also be a saint, skeleton in suitcase/duffel, slew the beast, Sonya (Princess) of Montenegro, Spader, strangulation, stud (put out to), suicide, suitcase, suitcase/duffel (skeleton in), suitcase/duffel full of bones, surgery (cardiac), surgery (heart transplant), Sven, Syria, Syrian civil war, The Blacklist, The day that you were born I was also born, The Endling, the entire arc of my life might have been different, thieves (no honor among), Tigger and Pooh, Tom photographs Liz’s FBI ID, Tony The Mailman, torture (water), transfusion, transplant (heart), Trust me, two unexpected packages, UNESCO, unexpected packages, United Kingdom, universal (blood) donor, walking blood bank, Wanted Poster, weakness for bad boys, wild pig (gored by), Winstead (Sarah Ellen), yarrow (honey of … compress), You don’t get to decide who lives and who dies

Episode 5:5 Ilyas Surkov

#054; BL#54; Blacklister #54; ⭕, 0505, 501(c)3, 505, @NBCBlacklist, At the right price I’ve found everything is for sale, Belgrade Serbia, Black Book, Blacklist, bones (suitcase/duffel full of), Boone, Brian Osterman, Bring the dog leave the poop, Brutka Club, bulldog, burn notice, C-4, Calhoun, can of worms (Wonder what … we’re opening now), Carly, cemetary, chemical plant explosion, CIA, CIA’s Surkov Task Force, clinical trial, Coco, copycat killer, Cox, Critter Cabin, Cyclone, dark ops, delayed honesty, dog grooming, doggie day care, dogs, duffel/suitcase with skeleton, Elizabeth Keen, England, Episode 5, everything is for sale (At the right price I’ve found), evidence control, evidence file, false flag operation, Ghaffari, ghost squad, Hawkins, Heddie Hawkins, honesty, honesty (delayed), Ilyas Surkov, imposter, James Spader, Keen, Kevlar, Korpal, Korpal (Nik) funeral, labor of love, Leeds England, lemonade stand, Lena, Leon Cox, Lignes D’Avenir Construction, liquidity crisis, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzy, Lou, Masbahi account, McGee, Megan Boone, MI6, money laundering, NBC, Nik Korpal, Nik Korpal’s funeral, NOC, non-profit, ointments, Osterman, Pancevo Serbia, Parnell (USS), Pete McGee, poop (Bring the dog leave the), pyoderma, Raqaan Ghaffari, Raymond, Red, Reddington, Reddington Reddington?, Reuther, rogue agent, S05E05, S5E05, script, Season 5, seize the day, Serbia, skeleton in suitcase/duffel, solitaire, Spader, suitcase, Surkov, taggant, Task Force (CIA’s Surkov), tattoo, tattoo (red heart), terrorism, terrorist, The Blacklist, Tobias Reuther, torture, trusted asset, USS Parnell, vigilante, white whale, Wonder what can of worms we’re opening now. You have no idea what you’re in the middle of

Episode 5:6 The Travel Agency

#090; BL#90; Blacklister #90; ⭕, 0506, 11/9/2989, 1989, 342, 506, @NBCBlacklist, addiction, Amador Castro, amnesia, amnesia (anterograde), anterograde amnesia, Argon Wright, assassination, axe murder, backstory (Cooper), backstory (Harold Cooper), Berlin Wall, Birmington (march), black lives matter, Blacklist, Bloody Sunday, bones (suitcase/duffel full of), Boone, brain injury, Brandenburg Gate, Brokaw, Calvin Dawson, Castro, cemetery, Château Latour, Cold War, con artist, conscience, contract killer, convalescent home, Cooper, Cooper’s backstory, Cooper’s father, Crespin, crossword puzzle, Dawson, disability, Dr King, Dr Martin Luther King, drug addiction, drug dealer, drug den, duffel/suitcase with skeleton, Dunning, Early is on time on time is late and late is unacceptable, Edward Knobbs, Eleanor Dawson, Elizabeth Keen, Episode 6, fall of the Berlin Wall, family secrets, Fentanyl, Fentanyl is like snake venom, fraud (mail), golf (miniature), handgun (unregistered), Harold Cooper, Harold Cooper’s backstory, Harold Cooper’s father, hatchet murder, headstone, Hill, hit man, I am not your son, identity theft, injection, intervention, intimidating a witness, Isaiah Hill, James Spader, Justice of the Peace, justice system, Keen, Keen2, KeenX2, KeenXKeen, King (Dr Martin Luther), Knobbs, Korpal, Landry Knobbs, Lena Mercer, Liz, Liz and Tom remarry, Lizzie, Lizzy, mail fraud, married (Liz and Tom re-), Martin Luther King, McGee, Megan Boone, memory formation, memory loss, mental spam folder, Mercer, Mia Dawson, miniature golf, Mitchell Dunning, motherhood, Mr C, murder for hire, NBC, new memory formation, Nik Korpal, No. 5, Not-So-Special Agent Cooper, Oldsmobile, overdose, pager, Pete McGee, PO box, police violence, Post Office box, puzzle (crossword), race, racial injustice, Raymond, Red, Reddington, S05E06, S5E06, Samantha Dawson, script, Season 5, Seawall Travel Agency, secret, self-restraint, shotgun, skeleton in suitcase/duffel, snake venom (Fentanyl is like), Spader, suitcase, suitcase/duffel full of bones, The Blacklist, The Travel Agency, Tom and Liz remarry, Tom Brokaw, Travel Agency, unregistered handgun, What makes you special Agent Cooper?, Wilson, witness intimidation, Wright, Zeke Wilson

Episode 5:7 The Kilgannon Corporation

#048; BL#48; Blacklister #48; ⭕, 0507, 507, @NBCBlacklist, a little bribery goes a long way, abduction, Academy (Khan), Ana Elazar, And here I am, And here you are, Aram’s role model, Arthur Kilgannon, Astynomia, Bayram, beach (bodies wash up on), believing that evil will triumph in the end, Berlin Germany, Blacklist, Bleak business Harold, bodies wash up on beach, bones (suitcase/duffel full of), Boone, border control, border crossing, bribery (a little … goes a long way), Bulgaria, bunny rabbits (Do you like … ?), carbon dioxide, Charef, child separated from parents, Chinese freighter, CO2, CODIS, Colin Kilgannon, Congratulations Elizabeth, Cornelius Goga, coyote, Crespin, Darling I’m not uncivilized, Dembe, Dembe Aram’s role model, Dembe … determined to save my (Red’s) soul, Dembe guards my life because he’s determined to save my soul, Dembe is gone, Dembe light in the darkness, Dembe undercover, Dembe Zuma, dental work (transmitter in), Do you like bunny rabbits?, duffel/suitcase with skeleton, Elazar, Elizabeth Keen, emigration, Episode 7, Eratosthenes’ map of the world, evil will triumph in the end (believing that), Garvey, Garvey kills Lena Mercer, Garvey kills Pete McGee, gas station, Germany, global smuggling, Goga, Greece, here I am (And), here you are (And), human (considered less than), human smuggling, human trafficking, I thought I’d lost you, I was younger then. Angrier, Ian Garvey, Ian Garvey kills Lena Mercer, Ian Garvey kills Pete McGee, I’m not uncivilized darling, identity theft, illegal immigration, immigration (illegal), Irish, Irish Mule, Is the sun past the yardarm?, James Spader, Keen, KeenX2, KeenXKeen, Khan Academy, kidnapping, Kilgannon, Kilgannon Corporation, Lena Mercer, Lena Mercer shot/killed, Lesbos, light in the darkness (Dembe), Liz, Lizzie, Lizzy, lost you (I thought I’d), Macedonia, Malik Charef, map of the world (Eratosthenes’), Maya Elazar, McGee, McGee shot/killed, Megan Boone, Mercer, Mercer shot/killed, migration, Miss me?, Motel (Red Birch), mumbly peg, NBC, Not yet old friend, Oran, patricide, Pete McGee, Pete McGee shot/killed, pissant, Raymond, Red, Red Birch Motel, Reddington, refrigerator truck, refugees, resilience of the young, role model (Dembe Aram’s), S05E07, S5E07, sand dollar, save my (Red’s) soul (Dembe determined to), script, Season 5, shipwreck, skeleton in suitcase/duffel, smuggling (global), smuggling (human), Snakehead, Sofia Bulgaria, Someone will come, South Carolina, Spader, strangulation, suffocation, suitcase, sun past the yardarm? (Is the), surveillance video, The Blacklist, The Irish, The Kilgannon Corporation, The Red Birch Motel, The resilience of the young, theft (identity), Then there was one, Thessaloniki Greece, Thinking time’s over, Those who believe so are wrong, trafficking (human), transmitter in dental work, truck (refrigerator), uncivilized (Darling I’m not …), undercover (Dembe), Victor Elazar, Virginia is for Lovers, yardarm (Is the sun past the …?), You saved me from that, You’re like my role model, Zawiyah, Zuma

Episode 5:8 Ian Garvey

#013; BL#13; Blacklister #13; ⭕, 0508, 508, @NBCBlacklist, Agnes (Tell … about me), Andes, beautiful (You are so). You’re the most beautiful, big boy (Tom’s a), Bill McCready, Blacklist, blood drop falls, bloody vinyl curtain, Bobby Navarro, bones (suitcase/duffel full of), Boone, brown-haired doll, captain (I am the master of my fate I am the … of my soul), chipper, Colombia, coma, courtesy phone, Crespin, Crosby Stills ♪, curiosity is understandable (Your), death of Tom, defibrillator, Disturbed ♪, DNA results, doll (brown-haired), doll (upside down), drop of blood falls, duffel bag, duffel/suitcase with skeleton, Elizabeth Keen, emergency room, epinephrine, Episode 8, ER, Fall Finale, fate (I am the master of my … I am the captain of my soul}, friend of a friend (Your job’s to be the), Garvey, gas station, Get out. He will kill you if you don’t, happy (You make her), hematoma (subdural), Henley, honest with her (Why can’t you be)?, How long?, I am enough (pendant), I am the master of my fate I am the captain of my soul, I don’t care if she’s Queen Elizabeth, I hired you to protect [Liz], I know the truth. I know everything, Ian Garvey, I’m a violent man a terrible powerful violent man, incandescent (She was), Invictus, It’s a secret not a lie, James Spader, Keen, kidnapping, kill you if you don’t. (Get out. He will), Korpal, Largo Maryland. Lena Mercer, Liz, Liz and Tom’s wedding (flashback), Liz goes missing, Lizzie, Lizzy, lying there will be no peace (Until you stop), Major, master of my fate (I am the) I am the captain of my soul, McCready, McGee, Megan Boone, Mercer, metal pendant, mirror (cracked), Molotov cocktail, morgue, Motel (Red Birch), Navarro, NBC, Nik Korpal, Paul Simon ♪, peace (Until you stop lying there will be no), pendant, Pete McGee, phone (red courtesy), powerless (I’m powerless against … the way she loves you), protect [Liz] (I hired you to), Queen Elizabeth, Raymond, Raymond they’re not going to make it, Red, Red Birch Motel, red courtesy phone, Red threatens to shoot Tom, Reddington, Ressler hugs Liz, S05E08, S5E08, script, Season 5, secret not a lie, She was incandescent, Simon (Paul) ♪, skeleton in suitcase/duffel, Smith (Steven), soul (I am the master of my fate I am the captain of my), Sound of Silence ♪, Southern Cross ♪, Spader, spitfire (You sure are a little … aren’t you?), spy on Liz (You hired me to), stabbing, Steven Smith, stitches (Red … Tom’s shoulder), subdural hematoma, suitcase, suitcase (Who’s in the?), suitcase (with guns instead of bones), surveillance video, sutures (Red … Tom’s shoulder), switchblade, Tell Agnes about me, The Blacklist, The Major, The Sound of Silence ♪, the way she loves you – I’m powerless against that, Tom and Liz’s, Tom dies, Tom is killed, Tom is stabbed, Tom shot in shoulder, Tom? (Liz writes), Tom’s a big boy, Tom’s dead, trust me (You can), truth (I know the). I know everything, Union Station, unreliable (You’re), Until you stop lying there will be no peace, V-fib (He’s in), vinyl curtain (bloody), Warrenton Virginia, way she loves you – I’m powerless against that, wedding (flashback), wedding (Liz and Tom’s; flashback), Who’s in the suitcase?, Why can’t you be honest with her?, William Ernest Henly, wood chipper, You are so beautiful. You’re the most beautiful, You can trust me, You make her happy, You sure are a little spitfire aren’t you?, You’re unreliable, Your curiosity is understandable, Your job’s to be the friend of a friend, zero sum game

Episode 5:9 Ruin

#000; BL#0; Blacklister #0; ⭕, 0509, 509, @NBCBlacklist, a ghost (life’s full of them), a girl in a cabin with a gun and a dog, abyss (After I’ve crossed the), abyss (staring into an), After I’ve crossed the abyss, agency (Liz’s new sense of), Agent Hobbs (FBI), Agent McKenna (FBI), airplane crash, Alaska, Alaska State Rangers, Alaskan outhouse (colder than a), alive (I’m feeling pretty), axe, badass Liz, barn, bear hunting, bear trap, big girl (I’m a), Billy, Blacklist, Boone, breaking promises, burned alive, Cabal, cabin, Can you forgive me?, Can you forgive yourself?, car crash, Carlucci crime family, cavalry showed up, Christmas present’ (dropped off at the ER ‘like a), cleaning crime scene, Colder than an Alaskan outhouse, Colin Knox, crash (airplane), crash (car), crash (plane), crime (organized), crime family, crime family (Carlucci), crime scene cleaning, crime scene investigation, crime scene photos, crunching ice, CSI, death of Tom, dog, dog (Kate), Early, Elizabeth Keen, Ellis, Elroy (Mr), Episode 9, federal witness, female roles, Fifield, fishing, fishing charter, flammable liquid, flares, follow me (I don’t want you to), forgive me? (Can you), forgive yourself? (Will you be able to), four of you against me: practice, garbage disposal, gender roles, generator, Genny out again?, ghost (life’s full of them), girl in a cabin with a gun and a dog, glass shards in ice, Grace Talbot, grave (Tom’s), grief, grieving, grizzly, Hargrave, hatchet, hitchhiking, Hobbs, hunting, hunting charter, I didn’t go looking for trouble but it found me, I didn’t lose any sleep over it, I don’t want you to follow me, I prefer revenge, I’m a big girl, I’m back, I’m coming for Tom’s killers, I’m feeling pretty alive. keeping promises, ice crunching, ice storm, ice with glass shards, James Spader, Kate (dog), Keen, Knox (Colin), L14-20 male plug, Lake Hood, light (look for some), Liz, Liz (badass), Liz mourns Tom, Liz’s new sense of agency, Lizzie, Lizzy, log splitting, look for some light, McKenna, Megan Boone, Men just get in my way, Mike, mourn, mourning, Mysterious (No Mr?), NBC, No Mr Mysterious?, organized crime, Orson, out buildings, outhouse (Colder than an Alaskan), Paid cash, peanut butter, peanut butter (poisoned), plane crash, plug (L14-20 male), poisoning, Postal Service, practice (four of you against me), Promise me, promises, radio (VHF), Ratted Carlucci family, Raymond, Red, Reddington, rehab, revenge, revenge (I prefer), roles (gender-based), Ruin, Russian weather report, S05E09, S5E09, Scottie Hargrave, script, Season 5, sleep (I didn’t lose any … over it), Spader, splitting logs, splitting wood, staring into an abyss, stitches, storm (ice), storm (winter), stranger (injured), strong (You look), Susan Hargrave, sutures, Talbot, The Blacklist, The cavalry showed up, Tom’s death, Tom’s grave, trouble (I didn’t go looking for … but it found me, VHF radio, Walkie-Talkies, weather (severe), weather report, weather report (Russian), weather reporting, What is the Cabal?, Winter Premiere, winter storm, witness (federal), witness protection, WITSEC, wood splitting, You look strong

Episode 5:10 The Informant

#118; BL#118; Blacklister #118; ⭕, 0510, 510, @NBCBlacklist, affair, angel on one shoulder devil on the other, angel/devil, bank accounts freezing, better angels, Bishop, bite me, Blacklist, blackmail, blackmail is such a nasty business particularly among friends, Bobby Navarro, Bobby Navarro killed, Boone, Boy Scout (Ressler), briefcases exchanged, Bronwyn, Bruneian national, burned alive, burning money, Canada, Cayman Islands, Christianity, clenched and pink and puckered, computer leaks, confession, confession (false), conscience, Cooligan, cop killer, corruption, Crisanto, crooked cop, Damascus knife, darkness (light and), Detective Farwell, Detective Singleton, devil on one shoulder (I’m the) and you’re the angel on her other, Dionne, dirty cop, Donald Ressler, down the rabbit hole, EJ Dionne, Elizabeth Keen, Episode 10, evidence board (Liz’s ad hoc), extremism, false confession, false testimony, false witness, Farwell, financing terrorism, Fisher, fixer, football (touch), Forgiveness doesn’t mean accepting what you’ve done, fox in the henhouse, Frank Sturgeon, freezing bank account, Garvey, Genet, good and evil, good and evil cuts through the hearts of all of us (line dividing), Grand Cayman, hacker, hacking, Hamzah, handcuffed to car, Hatley, Henry Prescott, Henry Prescott killed, Herman, hit-and-run, hit-and-run was a murder, Hitchin, honesty, How can I forgive myself?, Howard Bishop, I expect you to do the same for me, I was all of those things once then my 17 year old son assaulted …, Ian Garvey, I’m almost always honest, I’m in the darkness, I’m the devil on one shoulder and you’re the angel on her other, informant, Intelligence Committee, James Spader, Janet Hatley, Jasmine Perez, Judge Fisher, Judge Sonia Fisher, Kaufman Food and Liquor, Keen, knife (Damascus), Laurel Hitchin, leaks (computer), light and darkness, line dividing good and evil cuts through the hearts of all of us, Liz, Liz burns money, Liz kills Navarro, Lizzie, Lizzy, loosen your stool, Megan Boone, Miss Isaacson, Mitchell Hatley, Monetary Authority, money burning, money laundering, money on fire, monkey wrench (lady riding a), Montevideo Uruguay, morality, MPDC, MPDC internal investigation, Nash drug syndicate, National Security Advisor, Navarro, Navarro killed, NBC, nerve gas attack, nightclub, Nik was helping Tom, one who got away, Paris Genet, password Frank Sturgeon, Pee-Wee, Perez, police corruption, police internal affairs investigation, police the police, Prescott, Prescott killed, rabbit hole (down the), rape kit, Raymond, Red, Reddington, Ressler, Romi, Rosmin Hamzah, S05E10, S5E10, sanctions list, script, Season 5, Senate Intelligence Committee, Senate staffer, Senator Cooligan, sin eater, Singleton, Sins should be buried like the dead, Sogi-san, Sonia Fisher (Judge), Spader, staffer (Senate), stool (loosen your), Sturgeon, suicide, tattoo artist, tattoos, terror attack, terrorism, The Blacklist, The Informant, the one who got away, theft (sanctions list), there are things in the darkness that can keep your heart from ever feeling the light again, tightly wound officiousness all clenched and pink and puckered, Toronto Canada, touch football, Treasury, troubled waters (she’s in), Tweety Bird or Yosemite Sam. Or a lady riding a monkey wrench, Union Station, upside down, Uruguay, US Treasury, Vasilis, Were you honest once?, whatever it takes, witness, witness tampering, woman after my own heart, Yosemite, You disobeyed me, You don’t even know my name, You’ve just made a horrible mistake, Your man wasn’t helping Nik. Nik was helping your man

Episode 5:11 Abraham Stern

#100; BL#100; Blacklister #100; ⭕, $100K bank notes, $3M penny, 0511, 100th Episode, 1943 pennies/penny, 4 pennies, 511, @NBCBlacklist, Abraham Stern, acid, air duct system, Amber, antiques, artificial eye, Bank (Republic Commerce), bathtub, bathtub (heart-shaped), bendy straw (Glen), Betadine, birthright, Blacklist, Blaise, Blitz (Homburg Churchill wore during), bloody rag, Bobby Navarro, boiler, boiler room, Boone, box tops, bronze pennies, bronze penny/pennies, candy (Fireballs), Carter, century (crime of the), chemicals, Church (surname), Churchill’s hat, cipher, code in pennies, coin (rare), Cooper (JD), crime of the 20th century, crime of the 21th century, crime of the century. decoder ring and periscope, decryption Denver Colorado, Denver map, Denver Mint, descent into madness, Detective Singleton, dissolve bodies, Dobbs, 💯, e pluribus unum, Edgar Allan Poe, Elizabeth Keen, engraving, Episode 10, Episode 100 (of series), Episode 11, evidence (stolen), evidence locker, evidence vault, eye (artificial), eye (glass), Federal Reserve notes, financial holy grail, Fireballs (candy), foreclosure, forgery, fortune, fortune hunt, four Fireballs, four pennies, Frank Dobbs, Gabor Museum, geoinformatics, glass eye, glass shard, Glen Carter, Glen is a licentious cur, Gold Bug, Greyson Blaise, hat (Churchill’s), hat (Homburg), hat (Winston Churchill’s), heart attack (fake), heart-shaped bathtub, Heddie Hawkins, Herbie Hunnicutt, hidden treasure, holy grail (financial), Homburg he wore during The Blitz, Hunnicutt, HVAC tubing, hydrochloric acid, informant, inheritance, insurance fraud, insurance investigator, It’s too clean, James Spader, JD Cooper, Keen, Kornish, legend, licentious cur (Glen is a), Lincoln Penny, Lincoln penny/pennies, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzy, madness (descent into), map (treasure), map of Denver, map to a vast fortune, Megan Boone, mint, Mint (Denver), money laundering, motto of US, MPD, museum, museum (Gabor), mystery, Navarro, NBC, nothing was stolen (The Mint says), numismatic, Oak Island Money Pit, one offs, out of many one, packet sniffer, passive packet sniffer, Patrick Church, pennies/penny, pennies/penny (1943), pennies/penny (bronze), pennies/penny (rare), Penniless, penny ($3M), periscope (decoder ring and), phone (rotary), Poe, police evidence vault, rag (bloody), rare coin, rare pennies/penny, Raymond, Red, Reddington, Republic Commerce Bank, robbery, robbery (Denver Mint), robbing the Denver Mint. Robert Louis Stevenson, rotary phone, S05E11, S5E11, script, Season 5, shard of glass, Singleton, skull nailed to a tree, Spader, Stanley Kornish, Stern, Stevenson, Stewmaker, stolen evidence, sulfuric acid, The Blacklist, The Gold Bug, treasure, treasure hunt, treasure map, treasure myth lives on (And so the), US motto, vast fortune, vault, vending machine, Whoops!, Winston Churchill’s hat, Yamashita’s Gold, You always get your man, You love treasures Raymond, You were robbed? You?

Episode 5:12 The Cook

#056; BL#56; Blacklister #56; ⭕, 0512, 15½ yo, 4 spiders, 5 limbs, 5 senses, 512, @NBCBlacklist, accelerants, ammonium nitrate, An item? What item?, Arlington VA, arousal (sexual), arousal (watching fire), arson, arson as murder, arson investigator slash arsonist, arsonists, artificial eye, assault, assault (sexual), auto-da-fé, bar, best of us are capable of – almost anything, blacklight, Blacklist, Boone, boot loader, can’t say, Catholicism, celibacy, celibacy (oath of), Chewbacca, child genius, Claire Homan, Clever turn of phrase, confession, Cook, cormorants, Corrine Eagan, crime pays (being here gives me the impression that), crimes (most expensive), Cromwell VA, Damascus (Ian Garvey), Devil, Discipline not faith, dishonesty, Dr Corrine Eagan, dying wish (Tom’s), Eagan, Earl Fagan, Elizabeth Keen, emergency room doctor, encrypted firmware, Episode 12, ER MD, explosives, eye (artificial), eye (glass), Face- whatever, Fagan, faith, faith (Discipline not), Father for I have sinned!, fire, fire (purification by), fire at Fritzles, firebug, firmware (encrypted), five limbs of man, five senses, flash point, flashover, foot massage, Forgive me, four homonym for death, four spiders, Four spiders no gift, fringe order, Fritzles (fire at), Garvey, genius (child), giant in a bear costume, glass eye, glass jars, good and evil, GPS, green guy swordfighting, hacker, hacking, Harvard (turned down), Havershim Hardware, Hell, Holy Mary. Mother of God., Homan, homonym for death, I can’t say, I have a secret and I need to keep it even from you, I’m gonna honor Tom’s dying wish, Ian Garvey, immolation (self-), impression that crime pays, inverted pentagram, inverted star, item (An item? What item?), Ito, James Spader, jars (glass), Jedi mind trick, joro spiders, joro-gumo, katydids, Keen, Kyoto, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzy, locator signal, lust, Mariko Ito, massage, Megan Boone, moral crisis (Tolstoy’s), murder by arson, Music Man (The), NBC, oath of celibacy, order (fringe), order (religious), parole, parole hearing, pentagram, pet café, Pimmit Hills VA, prayer, priest, priest arsonist, purification by fire, rate equation, Raymond, Red, Reddington, religion, religious order, Roman Catholicism, S05E12, S5E12, saltpeter, Satanism, script, scripture, Season 5, Seavers, secret (I have a … and I need to keep it even from you), self-immolation, semiotics, sexual arousal, sexual assault, sexual temptation, She terrifies me, sin, spa, Spader, spiders, spiders (four), spiders (joro), spiders (whore), star (inverted), star (shape), star (upside down), Star Wars, suicide, surveillance video, T insignia, Tadashi Ito, tanuki, temptation (sexual), Tenleytown DC, terrarium, That is why he died., The Blacklist, The Cook, thermal paper, Tolstoy’s moral crisis, Tom ignored my warning. That is why he died, Tom was a man of many truths, Tom’s dying wish (I’m gonna honor), Tommy Wattles, tradition, Tradition First, Traditum order, Traditum Primarius – Tradition First, trust, truth, Truth (We Know The), truths (Tom was a man of many …s), upside-down pentagram, upside-down star, vendetta against women, visions of hurting women, VSP, watch (wanted to … fire), Wattles, Waze, We Know The Truth, What is thy bidding my Master?, whore spiders, William Seavers, women (vendetta against), Women he thinks are demons and temptresses, Yoda, You’re so cute. Isn’t he so cute?

Episode 5:13 The Invisible Hand

#063; BL#63; Blacklister #63; ⭕, 0513, 3D, 513, 80% of targets on the body are not fatal, @NBCBlacklist, accelerometer, Ace-Gen Pharmaceuticals, Achiko Takahashi, agent (Russian), Alex Gillette, Altman, Anna Hopkins, Anton Velov, apparatchik (Russian), artificial eye, Atria Chemical Corporation, “Sweetheart” (Call me … again), badge, Bandicott, Big Pharma, Big Willie Wilkins, Blacklist, blood money, Bobby (of Invisible Hand), Bobby Navarro, bone cancer, Boone, Braxton Hotel, Brenford NY, Brian Shelow, buried alive, Call me “Sweetheart” again, cancer, candy factory, chainsaw, cheap handguns, Chemical Corporation (Atria), chemical spill, Chernobyl-like, CIA, Cleveland Bandicott, Cold War, compression, contaminated land, Conversation (The), Courier, court records sealed, cul-de-sac in an idyllic town, David Flynn, Davis, Detective Singleton, Detective Singleton working with Ian Garvey, dog, dog (Red kisses), Dom, Dom is Oleander, Dom meets Liz, Dominic Wilkinson, Dr Lomay’s clandestine hospital, Dr Melissa Lomay, drug dealer, drug operation in candy factory, drug syndicate (Nash), drug war, Edward Waybur, Elizabeth Keen, Ellis, Emma (of Invisible Hand), environment, environmental toxins, EPA, Episode 13, Everly, eye (artificial), eye (glass), eyes of The Hand, eyes remind me of someone, Flynn, Garvey, Garvey is US Marshal, Garvey working with Singleton, ghost story, Gillette, glass eye, Gorman, granddaughter, grandfather, grave, green energy, gunmaker, guns (cheap), handguns (cheap), Harrington NY, HAZMAT, Hopkins, Ian Garvey, Ian Garvey is US Marshal, Ian Garvey working with Detective Singleton, I’m Moby Dick, idyllic town, intelligence, Invisible Hand, James Spader, Judge Waybur, Katarina Rostova, Keen, key to lockbox, Large William, Laurel and Hardy, leadership about showing restraint, legal but morally reprehensible, liposculpture, Liz, Liz meets Dom, Liz meets her grandfather, Liz’s grandfather, Lizzie, Lizzy, lockbox, Lomay, Lomay’s clandestine hospital, Marinello, Marshal (US), Megan Boone, Melissa Lomay, Moby Dick, Momo Marinello, money laundering, morally reprehensible in the eyes of The Hand, Muncie, narcotics, Nash drug syndicate, Nash Syndicate is protected by the cops, Navarro, NBC, New York City NY, notebook, Oleander, Oleander is Dom, Optimize, Pagliaro, pollution, puppy, puppy (Red kisses), Ralph Ellis, Raymond, records sealed, Red, Red kisses puppy, Reddington, reporter, restraint (leadership about showing), retired systems analyst, Rostova, Russian apparatchik, S05E13, S5E13, Sammy Davis Jr, script, sealed court records, Season 5, secret settlement. settlement (secret), shallow grave, Shelow, Singin’ in the Rain, Singleton, Singleton working with Garvey, soldering gun, Sophia (of Invisible Hand), Sorry I Shot You balloon, Spader, spy, state-of-the-art surveillance equipment, Stephen Altman, sued for wrongful death, Superfund site, surveillance equipment, systems analyst, Takahashi, The Blacklist, The Invisible Hand, The Toymaker, Tim Gorman, Tony Pagliaro, toxins (environmental), Toymaker, TV reporter, US Marshal, US Marshal (Ian Garvey is), vcr, Velov, VHS, vigilante, vigilante justice, Waybur, Wilkins, Wilkinson, William (Large), Willie Wilkins, wrongful death, yakuza kumicho, you will know The Invisible Hand, you’ve started a drug war, Your eyes remind me of someone, Zeke (of Invisible Hand)

Episode 5:14 Raleigh Sinclair III

#051; BL#51; Blacklister #51; ⭕, 0514, 514, @NBCBlacklist, A widow. A mom. A cop. A daughter., Adler, adultery, Aiding and Abetting, alibi, alibis, Anger is not an unhealthy emotion, Antique Garage, apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, attention to detail, bad cops, ballet, Barrett, Ben Rowe, bilocation, Blacklist, Bonnie and Clyde, Boone, bread pudding, Brian Barrett, burial, burial of homeless man, Carl Jung, champagne bottle, clean bill of health, closure, coffee, conspiring to commit murder, daddygate, David Eckhart, Davos, Delores, DeMarco, Detective Singleton, dirty cop, doppelgänger, Dostoyevsky, double, Double espresso shot of milk, double jeopardy, Dr Sharon Fulton, Dupont Circle, E-Z Pass, Eckhart, Elizabeth Keen, Episode 14, eyewitness testimony, facial recognition, falafel, father/daughter, Fidelity. Bravery. Integrity., fitness-for-duty evaluation, food kitchen, Fulton, funeral, Garvey, glorified serial killer (You’re a), good and evil, graveside, Greenbelt Maryland, grief and anger, He’s evil. He’s my father. I must be evil, homeless, I always knew someone was watching over me, I’m not here, Ian Garvey, I’m a strange fellow, Innocence Project, James Spader, jog, jogging, Judson, Jung, Kahil Shula, Keen, Le Guin, legerdemain, Liechtenstein, live to die another day, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzy, lottery tickets, Lucy in Peanuts, Manhattan, Marion Stamps, Marty Stamps, Megan Boone, memory, mind-numbingly patient and thoughtful attention to detail, modern-day Bonnie and Clyde, Mr Raleigh Sinclair III, Mr Thompson, murder (get away with), Muriel Spark, Nash Syndicate, NBC, Nicki, Nicole Adler, obsessive-compulsive, osso-bucco, paint outside the lines, past grief and anger, perfect alibi, Piaget, plaster mask, pudding (raisin bread), Push her. Provoke her, quantum theory, R-Squared, rage, raisin bread pudding, Raleigh Sinclair, Raleigh Sinclair III, Randy’s raisin bread pudding, Raymond, Red, Reddington, Reddington’s the biggest fish in domestic law enforcement, revenge, ritual, Ritual is everything, Roe, routines, S05E14, S5E14, Sam DeMarco, Schrodinger, script, Season 5, serial killer (You’re a glorified), sex, Sharon Fulton, Shula, Sinclair, Sinclair III, Singleton, Singleton learn of Reddington task force, smug little face of yours, Some people are truly alone in this world, soup kitchen, Spader, Spark (surname), Stamps (surname), surveillance, testimony (eyewitness unreliability), The Alibi, The Blacklist, The Double, therapy (psychiatric), Thompson, too., unimaginably bad, unimaginably good, Ursula Le Guin, veal, Washington Place, watching over me (I always knew someone was), white plaster mask, widow mother cop daughter, wine cellar, Wizard of Earthsea, You disgust me, You’re a glorified serial killer

Episode 5:15 Pattie Sue Edwards

#068; BL#68; Blacklister #68; ⭕, 0515, 515, @NBCBlacklist, accelerants, accused wrongfully, all have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God, anti-viral, antidote, arson, audit, bad cops, biological virus infecting computer network, Blacklist, blini, Bobby Navarro, Boone, border wall, bribery, Brother Hershey, Caleb Cronin, CDC, Charlie Hepworth, computer virus, court-martial, Critter Cabin, Cronin, Daddy mud, Damascus, Davenport Academy high school, Dekker, Dennis Edwards, Detective Singleton, Detective Singleton killed, diner, dirty cop, dishonorable discharge, DNA, Dr Hannah Moshay, Dr Marcus Joffee, Earl Fagen, Edwards, Elizabeth Keen, Embrace the Struggle, Episode 15, Fagen, flag, folded flag, For all have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God, Garvey, Garvey (Liz recognizes), greed, gymnasium, hacker, hacking, haiku, Hannah Moshay, hazmat suit, Headmaster, Hepworth, Hershey Hepworth, high school (Davenport Academy), High Temperature Accelerant, honor, Hotchkiss, Ian Garvey, Ian Garvey (Liz recognizes), inhaler, Internal Revenue Service, IRS, IRS audit, James Spader, Joffee, Keen, Larry Hotchkiss, latex or memory foam?, Liz, Liz recognizes Ian Garvey, Lizzie, Lizzy, locker room, Lust. Gluttony. Sloth. Three of my favorites, Manbij Syria, Marcus Joffee, marijuana, massage parlor, Megan Boone, military funeral, money laundering, Moshay, Nash Syndicate, Navarro, Navy SEAL, NBC, Nipah virus, Norman Singleton, nuke (Tactical friggin’), Old Man Quimby, opium, Others create you destroy, Pattie Sue Edwards, Phoebe, pot (marijuana), Putnam, quarantine, Quimby (Old Man), quit claim, quitting smoking, Raqqa Syria, Raymond, Red, Reddington, religion, S05E15, S5E15, script, SEAL, Season 5, server room, Singleton, Singleton (Norman), Singleton killed, sinning, SIPRNet, Smokey Putnam, smoking (quitting), snitch, Spader, Special Ops, stabbing, Syria, Tactical friggin’ nuke, tax law, taxes, Testify Brother Hershey, The Blacklist, thermo-friggin’-nuclear, Thomas Dekker, United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Disease, USAMRIID, virus, virus (Nipah), wall (border), wrongful conviction, wrongfully accused, Zig Ziglar

Episode 5:16 The Capricorn Killer

#019; BL#19; Blacklister #19; ⭕, 0516, 400 Blows (The), 516, @NBCBlacklist, abduction (witness), Anthony Hollis, astrological sign, badge (Liz gets … back), Baker (Little Susie), Blacklist, blue eye/brown eye (Stav), bones (suitcase/duffel full of), Boone, Brandon Graves, Butcher (The Tri-State), cabin in woods, Capricorn Killer, Caras, Chris Phalen, classified medical records, cold case, confidential medical records, copycat killer, corny (sounds), crab cakes, custody (protective), devastatingly handsome, Doritos, Dr Sharon Fulton, duffel/suitcase with skeleton, Dugger, editing oneself, Elizabeth Keen, Episode 16, exhilarating, eye witness, fidgetspinner, forged swords, Fulton, Gabinelli, Gaithersburg MD, Garvey, Gerald Dugger, get away with murder, goat skull, hand-forged swords, handsome, hightops, hobby swords, Hollis, horned goat, Huntington PA, I am but a humble killer, I promise Ian Garvey will not get away from me, Ian Garvey, Ian Garvey will not get away from me, James Spader, Jules and Jim, Keen, killer of serial killers, ligature strangulation, little pink hightops, Liz, Liz gets badge back, Liz is reinstated, Liz lets Dr Fulton escape, Lizzie, Lizzy, M.O., medical records, Megan Boone, Mejia, modus operandi, Mrs Seivers, murder (get away with), My word is my bond. My currency, Nash Syndicate, NBC, outside the lines, paint outside the lines, pallbearer, Peter Caras, Phalen, pillow (suffocation), pink hightops, profiler, protective custody, psychiatry, Quantico, Raymond, Red, Reddington, S05E16, S5E16, Sandman, scalp massages, scrawny brown ass, script, Season 5, Seivers, serial killer, serial killer (killer of), Sharon Fulton, skeleton in suitcase/duffel, skull of goat, sounds corny, Spader, special skills, Stav, Stav (blue eye/brown eye), strangulation, suffocation with pillow, suitcase/duffel (skeleton in), suitcase/duffel full of bones, Susie Baker, swords, The 400 Blows, The Blacklist, The Capricorn Killer, The Sandman, The Tri-State Butcher, therapy, Tony Mejia, topaz, Tri-State Butcher, unsolved case, VHS tapes, videotapes, vigilante, Wendel Seivers, whole truth, withered prune that passes for your heart, witness, witness abduction, word is my bond. My currency, You are an odd one aren’t you?, zodiac

Episode 5:17 Anna-Garcia Duarte

#025; BL#25; Blacklister #25; ⭕, ’76 Trans Am, 0517, 13 nipples, 517, 9/11, @NBCBlacklist, abduction, Adesh Patel, adult men marrying children, alt-right, America-first doublespeak, amethyst ring, angel (guardian), Anna-Garcia Duerte, Anna-Gracia Duerte, assault (sexual), Audi, ‘06 Audi, black bank ledger, Blacklist, bones (suitcase/duffel full of), Boone, Boston MA, Brad Lamply, Brazil (customs of), Brimley, car dealership, chat room, child marriage, child-bride support group, consent to marry, contract killer, Coogan Hudnutt, Dale Rayburn, dealership (used car), Does an opossum have 13 nipples?, Donnie-Wayne, drug dealer, drug routes (list of), drug smuggling, drugs, Duerte, duffel/suitcase with skeleton, dump, Elizabeth Keen, engagement ring, Episode 17, eyes like a wolf, far-right, fascism, fenugreek porridge, flashing module, garbage dump, Garvey, guardian angel, Gulfstream G650, hate crime, He owns you, high school, homework, Hudnutt, Ian Garvey, India (customs of), James Spader, Jawal, Jerry (Jyothish) Jawal, Judson, juvenile marriage, Jyothish (Jerry) Jawal, Keen, kidnapping, Lamply, ledger (black bank), list of drug routes, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzy, marriage (child), marriage (juvenile), marriage (underage), marriage proposal, Medicinal South Sudanese cuisine, Megan Boone, Mejia, men marrying children, militia (alt-right), mythic white knight, narcotics, Nash Syndicate, NBC, NCIC, Neo-Nazi, nipples (opossum), opium trade, opossum, Pad See Ew, Palm Thai, parental permission, pastrami, Patel, porridge (fenugreek), port manager, power train control module, pregnancy (teen), proposal (marriage), Puja Patel, racism, rape, Rayburn, Raymond, Red, Reddington, remote control of vehicle, Reva Jawal, ring (amethyst), ring (engagement), S05E17, S5E17, script, Season 5, sex (with teen-ager), sexual assault, skeleton in suitcase/duffel, South Sudanese Embassy, Spader, Stav, stevedore, Sudanese (South) Embassy, suitcase/duffel (skeleton in), suitcase/duffel full of bones, support group (child-bride), Tara Rayburn, teen pregnancy, Thai food, The Blacklist, Think like a criminal, tiki-torch rallies, Tony Mejia, torture, Trans Am, trash dump, underground chat room, used car dealership, Walter, white knight, wolf (eyes like a), Woodbridge VA, xenophobia, Yana

Episode 5:18 Zarak Mosadek

#023; BL#23; Blacklister #23; ⭕, 0518, 518, @NBCBlacklist, abduction, Afghanistan, angel, angel (mourning), bar, bicycle crash, Blacklist, boarding school, Boone, bouquet, boy is just a boy, catacombs, cemetery, Charpentier, CIA, CIA informant, counter-narcotics, Cynthia Panabaker, daughters, diamonds, digital translator, Docent, drug cartel, drug dealer, drug routes (list of), drug smuggling, drug syndicate, drug trade, drug trafficking, drugs, elevator, Elizabeth Keen, Episode 18, father (surrogate), father-daughter, femme fatale, footsie, France France, Garvey, gas leak, Gaspard, half-sister, Hayworth, Helai, Helmand Province Afghanistan, hot wings, I don’t like irony, Ian Garvey, Internal Affairs, irony (I don’t like), James Spader, Jean-Philippe Gaspard, Jennifer Reddington, Kabul Afghanistan, Keen, kidnapping, Kristos Matthias, ledger (black bank), Li Zhao, Lillian Roth, Lilly, Liz, Liz meets half-sister, Lizzie, Lizzy, Lourve, Manzon, marriage proposal, Mateen Mosadek, Matthias (surname), mausoleum, Megan Boone, military informant, Mosadek, munitions expert, narcotics, Nash drug syndicate, Nash Syndicate, NBC, neither confirm nor deny, nick-nack paddy-whack, noggin, non-denial denial, opioids, opium, Panabaker, Paris, Pete’s Tavern, Pinky Schmidt, play footsie first, Police Internal Affairs, precious (anything … you want to keep to yourself), proposal (marriage), ransom, Raymond, Red, Red’s daughters, Reddington, Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing, Rita Hayworth, Roth, S05E18, S5E18, Samar gives back ring, Samothrace (Winged Victory of), script, Season 5, sister, Spader, stones (diamonds), surrogate father, Taliban, Tavern (Pete’s), texting and driving, The Blacklist, the boy is just a boy, This Old Man, traffic light, translator (digital), Victor Manzon, Victory of Samothrace, weeping angel, Winged Victory of Samothrace, WITSEC, Zarak Mosadek, Zhao

Episode 5:19 Ian Garvey, Part 2

#013; BL#13; Blacklister #13; ⭕, 0519, 10-33, 12/24/1990, 519, @NBCBlacklist, abandoned on Christmas Eve, alibi, ambush, ass-crack of dawn, bilocation, Blacklist, bones (suitcase/duffel full of), Boone, butterfly kiss and a honeybee hug, car crash, Christmas Eve, Clyde Tolson, crash (car), daddygate, daughters, dead man walking, devil isn’t finished, doppelgänger, double, double cross, drug cartel, drug dealer, drug syndicate (Nash), drug trade, drug trafficking, drugs, duffel/suitcase with skeleton, Elizabeth Keen, Episode 19, Everything you believed … has been a lie, FBI (history), Garvey, Garvey 2, Garvey double, Garvey impersonator, Garvey Pt 2, Garvey shoots Red, Garvey shot by Liz, gay, God doesn’t want me and the devil isn’t finished, good to be wanted, half-sister, He doesn’t own her. He is her., He is her, homophobia, homosexuality, Hoover, howl at the moon, I think we both know it’s too late for that, Ian Garvey, Ian Garvey 2, Ian Garvey Conclusion, Ian Garvey double, Ian Garvey impersonator, Ian Garvey Pt 2, Ian Garvey shot by Liz, I’m your daughter. The one you abandoned, It feels good to be wanted doesn’t it?, J Edgar Hoover, James Spader, Jennifer, Judson, Keen, lifetime hiding for no reason, Lillian Roth, Lilly, listening device, Liz, Liz shoots Garvey, Lizzie, Lizzy, Look at me. Anything?, Megan Boone, Mosadek, Mosadek killed, Mr Raleigh Sinclair III, narcotics, Nash drug syndicate, NBC, obsessive-compulsive, officer-involved shooting, opioids, opium, Oregon Trail, Pagiano impersonates Ian Garvey, Pagliaro, Pete’s Tavern, pink room pink pajamas, plaster mask, Raleigh Sinclair III, Raymond, Red, Red shot by Garvey, Red’s daughters, Reddington, Roth, S05E19, S5E19, scalp products, script, Season 5, shooting (officer-involved), Sinclair III, sister, skeleton in suitcase/duffel, Spader, suitcase/duffel (skeleton in), suitcase/duffel full of bones, surrogate father, The Alibi, The Blacklist, Tolson, Tony Pagiano impersonates Ian Garvey, Tony Pagliaro, traitor, trap, treason, Trust but verify, truth, wanted (good to be), white plaster mask, With a butterfly kiss and a honeybee hug, You’ve spent a lifetime hiding for no reason, Zarak Mosadek, Zarak Mosadek killed

Episode 5:20 Nicholas T Moore

#110; BL#110; Blacklister #110; ⭕, 0520, 520, @NBCBlacklist, abduction, Age of Contagion, anomalistic psychiatry, ‘66 Mustang, backstory (Red’s), baptism, baptism in waterfall, Blacklist, bones (suitcase/duffel full of), Boone, brainwashing, burned alive, Cabal, Cambridge (Fall of), Carl Davies, cataclysmic event, cemetery, CIA, Concord NH, concussion, Contagion, Costa Rica, cult, cult based on novel, Cyntax, Davies, death of Red’s ex (story of), delusions fiction, Devlin, Doe (Jane), Dr Lomay, Dr Melissa Lomay, Dr Woerner, duffel/suitcase with skeleton, Elizabeth Keen, Episode 20, Fall of Cambridge, father/daughter, federal detention center, fiction writer, fire (purification by), framed (Red by Cabal), Frost, Glanton, Grafton County, hallucinations, hallucinations (hypnagogic), Heinritz Psychiatric Center, Holt Federal Detention Center, Hubbard, Hyland, Hyland death (story of), hypnagogic hallucinations, inglenook, Invocation Ceremony, isolationists, James Spader, Jane Doe, Jennifer, Judson, Keen, KGB, L Ron Hubbard, Lawrence Devlin, leukemia, Lillian Roth, Lilly, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzy, Lomay, Maybelle, Megan Boone, Melissa Lomay, Moore, Naomi Hyland, Naomi Hyland death (story of), NBC, New Hampshire, New Haven, Nicholas T Moore, novel, novelist, occult, Ollo, outsiders, paranormal, pig roaster, plague, psychiatry, psychiatry (anomalistic), purification by fire, Raymond, Red, Red’s backstory, Red’s ex (story of death), Reddington, religion, rhyolite, roaster (pig), Ronnie Glanton, Roth, S05E20, S5E20, Samar abducted, science fiction, Scientology, script, Season 5, secret societies, skeleton in suitcase/duffel, Spader, Stinson Brook Falls, suitcase/duffel (skeleton in), suitcase/duffel full of bones, Tamworth NH, The Age of Contagion, The Blacklist, The Cabal, The Contagion, The Fall of Cambridge, Trilateral Commission, Vera, virus, waterfall, Waterville Valley NH, Woerner, WP Frost, xenophobia

Episode 5:21 Lawrence Devlin

#026; BL#26; Blacklister #26; ⭕, 0521, 521, @NBCBlacklist, abduction, antiquities, Aram proposes, Aram rescues Samar, arthropods, artifacts, Assyrian relief, auction, badger, Bear, Bernice the Badger, Birmingham, Blacklist, body farm, body parts, bones (suitcase/duffel full of), Boone, Brimley, bugs, cadavers, cage of rats, car crash, car in river, casket, coma, corpse farm, corpses, Costa Rica, crash (car), cult, cultural genocide, cyanide poisoning, death and decay (study of), decomposition (study of), Devlin, Dime (Mercury), Dime (Wingéd Liberty), dismemberment, drowning, duffel/suitcase with skeleton, Elizabeth Keen, Elsie Stevens, engagement, enhanced interrogation, Episode 21, Feltmeyer, finish line (I’ll be waiting at the), finish line (sprint to the), flares, Garvey, God, González, Grafton WV, grizzly bear, Hannelore, Himalayan Field Rats, HLR (Home Location Register), Home Location Register, Hull (Isaiah), I’ll be waiting at the finish line, I’ve heard steroids make your penis shrink, Ian Garvey, impalement, insects, interrogation (enhanced), Isaiah Hull, ISIS, Islam, Islamic State, James Spader, Julius Hannelore, Keen, kidnapping, Kingwood WV, Lawrence Dane Devlin, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzy, lug wrench, Max Birmingham, Megan Boone, Mercury Dime, Moore, mortician, Most Wanted List, muscle man, music therapy, Muslim, Nature – That’s my God, NBC, New Haven Cult, New Testament, Nicholas T Moore, Number One on the Wanted List, penis, penis shrink (steroids make your), playlist, Plunder of the Islamic State, poet Wallace Stevens, poisoning (cyanide), polar bear, Preston County WV, proposal (of marriage), Putnam, Qur’an, rats, Rats (Himalayan Field), Raymond, Red, Reddington, religion, respirator, rodents, Ross (Sutton), S05E21, S5E21, sale of antiquities, Samar abducted, Samar in coma, Samar kidnapped, Samar rescued by Aram, Samar says yes, San Jose Costa Rica, script, Season 5, skeleton in suitcase/duffel, Smokey Putnam, snakes, Spader, sprint to the finish, steroids, steroids make your penis shrink, Steven Feltmeyer, Stevens, suicide, suitcase/duffel (skeleton in), suitcase/duffel full of bones, surveillance video, Sutton Ross, Taylor County WV, terrorism funded by sale of artifacts, thanatology, The Blacklist, tire iron, torture, tourniquet, Tygart Valley River, underground auction, undertaker, van in river, Wallace Stevens, Wanted List, West Virginia, Will you marry me?, Wingéd Liberty Dime, witness protection, WITSEC, wrench, You disappoint me [but] you impress me, You persevere

Episode 5:22 Sutton Ross

#017; BL#17; Blacklister #17; ⭕, 0522, 522, @NBCBlacklist, abduction, abduction (Liz stages her), And people think I’m weird, anything for you (You knew Reddington would come for you), AXG Robotics, Blacklist, bones (suitcase/duffel full of), bones are Raymond Reddington’s, bones burned by Red, bones identity revealed, Boone, Brimley, Campbell, Capra, car crash, Clark Gable, coma (Samar wakes from), corporate espionage, crash (car), daddygate, dangerous (This man – whoever he is – he’s), Desai, Diane Fowler, DNA report, Dom, Dominic Wilkinson, duffel revealed, duffel/suitcase with skeleton ⋙ changed for all from suitcase/skeleton, Duquesne, Elizabeth Keen, Elizabeth. It’s over, Episode 22, exoskeleton, father/daughter, Finale, fishing vs… looking like an idiot, flashbacks (series), Fowler, Frank Capra, Gable, Garvey, ghost of Tom, grave (Tom’s), Grayscape Seventeen (plans for), haberdasher, he’s dangerous (whoever he is – ), He’s not who you think he is, Hit me hug me. Reddington’s moral code in a nutshell, Holt Campbell, hostages, Hyland, I am not–, I have a secret too, I will destroy him, Ian Garvey, imposter, imposter theory, It Happened One Night (film), James Spader, Jennifer, John Waters, Kaplan, Kate Kaplan, Keen, Keen (ghost to Tom), kidnapping, kidnapping (Liz stages her), Kittredge Theater, Lillian Roth, Liz, Liz learns Red’s secret, Liz stages her abduction, Liz vows to destroy imposter Red, Lizzie, Lizzy, Lundgren, manned robot, matinee, Megan Boone, Moore, moral code, Mr Kaplan, My father. Raymond Reddington, Naomi Hyland, NBC, Nicholas T Moore, people think I’m weird (And), Pink Flamingo, R&D theft, Rafferty Project, Ravi Desai, Raymond, Raymond Reddington (bones belong to), Raymond Reddington (skeleton belongs to), Reardon, Red, Red burns bone, Red burns skeleton, Red is an imposter, Red is not Raymond Reddington, Red shoots Sutton Ross, Red’s moral code, Red’s secret revealed, Reddington, Reddington (bones belong to), Reddington would come for you – anything for you, revenge (Liz vows), Richmond VA, robotics, Ross (Sutton), Ross (Sutton) shot be Red, Roth, S05E22, S5E22, Sam, Samar in coma, Samar says yes, Samar wakes from coma, script, Season 5, Season Finale, secret (Liz learns Red’s), secret (Red’s … revealed), Serbia, series flashbacks, She deserves the truth, sisters, skeleton burned by Red, skeleton in suitcase/duffel, skeleton is Raymond Reddington’s, skeleton’s identity revealed, Spader, squirrel with the tiny nuts, stealth fighter plans, suitcase/duffel (skeleton in), suitcase/duffel full of bones, Sutton Ross, Sutton Ross shot by Red, tailor, tailor shop, The Blacklist, theft of R&D, This man – whoever he is – he’s dangerous, Tom (ghost of), Tom’s grave, trade secrets, truth (She deserves the), Veritable Robotics, Vernon Duquesne, Vests have never been out, Walter Reardon, Waters, weird (And people think I’m), What a name. What a man, whoever he is – he’s dangerous, Wilkinson, Winchester Pharmaceutical Plant, Winchester. 1500. AM., witness protection, WITSEC, Wow. What a name. What a man, You knew Reddington would come for you – anything for you, You’re the guy! The one with the name, Your life for hers. Done

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🅾 S6: Season 6:

Episode 6:1 Dr Hans Koehler

#033; BL#33; Blacklister #33; ⭕, 0601, 13 secrets, 3-D computer imaging and modeling, 60 years old (Red and Spader), 601, @NBCBlacklist, agendas (alternate), Airport (Reagan International), alternate agendas, anti-globalism, art theft, assassin, bank robbery, Basil Vladakis, Bastien Moreau, Beach (Rehoboth), betting on horse races, Blacklist, Boone, bunny, captive (doctor held), change identity, Charles Maker, client list, Corsican, daddygate, Daily Double, doctor held captive, dog (stuffed), Dover DE, Dr Hans Koehler, Dr Makeover, duffle full of cash, dump truck, Elizabeth Keen, Episode 1, facial reconstruction surgery, father was kind and decent and beautiful, father/daughter, fire, fire (house of the), gambling, globalism, gunrunner, handsome (I’m sure you were always), Hans Koehler, horse races, horse track, house of the fire, I prefer to keep my nips and tucks to myself, I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours, I’m sure you were always handsome, identity change, imposter, inside and out, James Spader, Jennifer, Keen, kind and decent and beautiful (my father was), Koehler, Lillian Roth, Lilly, Liz, Liz remembers her father, Lizzie, Lizzy, Lucinda, Mad Greek, Makeover (Dr), Maker (Charles), Mardale, medical records, medical records erased (Red’s), Megan Boone, mobile surgical unit, Moreau, my father was kind and decent and beautiful, nationalism, NBC, new identity, nips and tucks, Orange Whip, Petworth, Picasso (stuffed dog), plastic surgeon held captive, plastic surgeon to criminal elite, plastic surgery, Poppy Flowers, predilections, Prohibition, pygmy three-toed sloth, Raymond, Reagan International Airport, Red, Red admits plastic surgery, Red’s medical records erased, Reddington, Rehoboth Beach, Rehoboth Beach DE, relationship symbiotic, robbery (bank), Roth, S06E01, S6E01, safe deposit box, script, Season 6, Season Premiere, secrets, skeleton, sloth (pygmy three-toed), Spader, spinach, sports bar, stolen artwork, stuffed bunny, stuffed dog, surgeon held captive, surgery (facial reconstruction), symbiotic relationship, Tai Chi, terrorism, terrorist, The Blacklist, The Corsican, The Mad Greek, three-toed sloth, track(horse), Van Gogh, Vladakis, Winter Premiere, you were always handsome

Episode 6:2 The Corsican

#020; BL#20; Blacklister #20; ⭕, 0602, 602, @NBCBlacklist, Aaron, acid trips, Albrecht, alcoholic, ammonium nitrate, anti-globalism, Archibald Leach, assassin, assassin (faceless), auditorium, bad man capable … of good, badge (diplomatic), Baldwin, Bastien Moreau, being like family isn’t family, Believe it or not I’m you, binary device, Blacklist, bomb, bomb disarmed, bomb maker, bomb threat, Boone, briefcase, briefcase (impact-resistant), briefcase (metal), Castro, Charles Albrecht, Concierge of Crime, Cooper, Cooper (Gary), Corsican, coup attempt, Courier, cow (milked this mad), Cynthia Panabaker, dashing, death penalty (Red faces), Declaration of Human Rights, defuse bomb, detonate, diplomatic badge, diplomatic pouch, disarm bomb, Elizabeth Keen, envoy, Episode 2, evacuation, faceless assassin, facial reconstruction surgery, family isn’t family (being like), Fine and Clean, Gaddafi, Gary Cooper, General Assembly, George Murphy, giant penis launching off from Earth, gin and tonic, globalism, Graceland, hammer, he does do a lot of good, Hollywood, Holt, Human Rights (Universal Declaration of), I hate needles, I’m you, identity, identity (taking on new), immunity agreement, impact-resistant briefcase, impersonation, jail, James Spader, Jennifer, Keen, Krushchev (Nikita), LSD, Leach, Leary, Lillian Roth, Lilly, Liz, Liz betrays Red, Lizzie, Lizzy, lush, mad cow (milked this), Manhattan, Maxwell Ruddiger, McMahon, medical records, medical records erased (Red’s), Megan Boone, metal briefcase, milked this mad cow, Moreau, Most Wanted, Most Wanted List, Murphy, nationalism, NBC, new identity, Nikita, North By Northwest, Officer Baldwin, Panabaker, penis, penis launching off from Earth, plastic surgery, politically questionable formerly dashing strong men, pouch (diplomatic), pounds shoe, press conference, pretzels, prison, Raymond, Red, Red arrested, Red Brau Tavern, Red hates needles, Red imprisoned, Red’s medical records erased, Red’s UN speech, Reddington, reinvention, Roth, Ruddiger, S06E02, S6E02, script, SDNY, Season 6, self (becoming true), self (true … hidden), shoe (pounds), show business, Southern District of NY, Spader, speech (Red’s UN), spinach, strong men (formerly dashing), surgery (facial reconstruction), syringe, tacky, Tai Chi, terrorism, terrorist, The Blacklist, The Corsican, Timothy Leary, true self (becoming), true self hidden, tug of history, Turkish envoy, UN, UN General Assembly, UN speech (Red’s), United Nations, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, US Attorney Holt, Whoever he is he does do a lot of good, Wiseass, you do good that no one will ever know

Episode 6:3 The Pharmacist

#124; BL#124; Blacklister #124; ⭕, 0603, 603, @NBCBlacklist, American Ninja Warrior, Ames, Antonin Scalia (Justice), Asst US Attorney Michael Sima, Attorney General, ♪ Poison in the Water, bail, Big Pharma, biohacker, biohacking, Blacklist, Boone, canons of decency and fairness, capital punishment, CEO Pascal, chromosomal defects, CI, Classified Evidence Protection Act, clinical trial (illegal), Colton Prison, Concierge of Crime, confidential informant, Constitution, Cooper, Court, court (Red represents himself in), courthouse, courtroom, cow (milk this … all the way to the slaughterhouse), CRISPR, Crown Life Pharmaceuticals, Culpepper County VA, cutthroat trout, Cylovex, deal with the devil, death penalty, decency and fairness (canons of), defaced firearm, detention (pre-trial), devil (deal with the), DOJ, Dr Ethan Webb, Dr Spalding Stark, drugs, due diligence, Elizabeth Keen, Episode 3, Ethan Webb, evidence (inadmissible), FDA, fly fishing with Scalia, gene editing, gene hacking, genetics, genomics, Greene Drugs, gun (unregistered), hacking (genetic), Harold Cooper, Highland Park, hot wings, I’m just going to tell the truth, icon in the biohacking community, illegal clinical trial, immune response, immunity agreement, inadmissible evidence, informant (confidential), injection gun, injector, innocent until proven guilty, innovation vs regulation, It’s very sci-fi, jail (Red in), James Spader, jet injector, Judge, Judge Roberta Wilkins, judgment call, Justice Antonin Scalia, Justice Department, Justice Scalia, justice vs politics, Keen, Kirby, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzy, Main Justice, MCDD, medical experiment (underground), Megan Boone, Michael Sima, milk this cow all the way to the slaughterhouse, molecular virology, Most Wanted List, Motor Cortex Degenerative Disease, NBC, nerve agent, New York (Southern District of), NexHack, NFC chip, Ninja Warrior (American), Novichok, Number One on the Most Wanted List, oath (under), Pascal, pharmaceuticals, Pharmaceuticals (Crown Life), Pharmacist, poisoning, politics vs justice, pre-trial detention, prison, Prison (Colton), prosecutorial discretion, public defender, public detention, Raymond, Red, Red in jail, Red in prison, Red represents himself in court, Reddington, regulation, regulation vs innovation, Roberta Wilkins, rule of law, S06E03, S6E03, sabotage, Samar memory, Scalia (Justice), sci-fi (It’s very), script, SDNY, sealed, search and seizure (unreasonable), Season 6, Sensiprex, Shouldn’t judges at least pretend to be impartial?, Sima, Southern District of New York, Spader, Spalding Stark, Stark, synthetic biology, synthetic biology (synthetic), tell the truth (I’m just going to), The Blacklist, The Pharmacist, They decided to say that what happened never happened, toxicology report, treason, trout, truth, truth (I’m just going to tell the), truth being whatever they can convince people to believe, truth certainly matters, truth has been so diminished in value, under oath, underground medical experiment, unreasonable search and seizure, unregistered firearm, US Attorney, US Attorney Michael Sima, viral payload, visionary, Warren Kirby, Webb, what happened never happened, White House Legal Counsel, Wilkins, Would you do it again?

Episode 6:4 The Pawnbrokers

#146-147; BL#146-147; Blacklister #146-147; ⭕, 0604, 604, 911 (Samar misdials), @NBCBlacklist, Alfonse Baldomero, algorithm (decryption), Anunzio Ross, Anunzio Ross says hello, aphasia, armored truck, Baldomero, Baldomero’s gonna kill you, Baltimore, Beyoncé concert, Blacklist, blanket (cotton knit), Boone, broken pipe, Buck Miller, bull feces, Bunker, cave exploring, Champagne, Chapman (Ziggy … and his kid brother Tip), Cherry Hill, Chinese (You’re working for the), Chinese embassy, Chinese Intelligence, Chinese intelligence service MSS, cinnamon toothpicks, classified intelligence, code breaking, collateral risk, Collins (William Floyd), Colton Prison, cotton knit blanket, crime you didn’t commit, Crystal Cave, decryption, Delaine Uhlman, diplomatic cables, divided loyalties, Dr Hans Koehler, Elizabeth Keen, embassy (Chinese), Episode 4, exterminator, Fear is a liar, file recovery, first edition of “Treasure Island”, fisticuffs, fortune teller, gambling, Gerald Todd Klepper, gut you like a fish (I’m gonna), Hans Koehler, Hardekopf, high rollers, high-school fisticuffs, I am the lion, I had no idea she was your mother, I’m gonna gut you like a fish, Intelligence (Chinese), intelligence (classified), intelligence leaks, Iztapalapa, jack-o-lantern, James Spader, Jennifer, Jones (Vontae), Keen, Klepper, Koehler, Kwik Money Gun & Pawn, liar (fear is a), life is often surprising. And death is even more so, Lillian Roth, Lilly, lion, liquid hydrogen, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzy, loyalties (divided), lunch meat (not your), Macatee, medical files, Megan Boone, message in a bottle, message on a rat, Miller (Buck), Mossad, mother (I had no idea she was your), MSS, NBC, neurodegenerative disease, NSA, NSA contractor, Pawn (Kwik Money Gun &), pawn shop, Pawnbrokers, pest exterminator, pet rat, phonograph, pimento loaf, pipe (broken), plastic surgeon, poker, prison (Red In), progressive aphasia, Quayle, RAT, Raymond, reconstructive surgery records, records (phonograph), records (reconstructive surgery), Red, Red beaten, Red in prison, Red rules the block, Red’s medical files, Red’s plastic surgery files, Reddington, risk (collateral), Rod Uhlman, Romani fortune teller, Ross, Ross is square with Baldomero, Roth, S06E04, S6E04, Samar misdials 911, Samar undercover, schoolyard ambush, script, Season 6, shank, shiv, Sophia Quayle, Spader, string on a rat, Teflon Con, That’s not your lunch meat, The Blacklist, The Bunker, The Pawnbrokers, Tom Hardekopf, toothpicks (cinnamon), trained rat, traitor, treason, Treasure Island, Uhlman, Vega, Vontae Jones, warden, Warden Macatee, William Floyd Collins, You’re working for the Chinese, Ziggy Chapman and his kid brother Tip

Episode 6:5 Alter Ego

#131; BL#131; Blacklister #131; ⭕, 605, 0605, 4th Amendment, 605, 6th Amendment, @NBCBlacklist, acting, actors, admissible as evidence, advisor (spiritual), alcohol, Alter Ego, Amendments (One of my favorite), Androssani, ape mask, aphasia, Arlington, Asst US Attorney Michael Sima, Baldwin, bar (Red Brau Tavern), beer, billionaire, birth certificate, Blacklist, Boone, bowling alley, bride (impersonating), Browning 9-millimeter semi-automatic, bulge at waistline, capital punishment, Carlo Androssani, Chuckerman, class differences, Con, concealed firearm, concealed gun, Court, court hearing, courtroom, death penalty, defaced firearm, Deidre Mori, Dembe spiritual counselor, disrespect, drinking, drunkenness, Duncan, elevator, Elizabeth Keen, Episode 5, estate plan, evidence admissibility, execution, explosion, explosion (gas), fake ID, family (fantasy of), fantasy, fate, fate (I make my own), fate (Sometimes … makes you), fate will be sealed, fedora, firearm (concealed), firearm (defaced), firearm (unregistered), Fourth Amendment, fraud, furtive, gas explosion, gay, George Murphy, Gregg, gun (concealed), gun (unregistered), gun as evidence, Harris Van Ness, heir, Helen Litke, Hiracki, holding cell, homosexual, I am trying to save your soul, I make my own fate, illegitimate, immersive experience, immunity agreement, impersonating bride, impersonation, inheritance, James Spader, Jan Chuckerman, Jeff Gregg, Judge Roberta Wilkins, jurisprudence, Keen, last will and testament, Litke, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzy, luckiest half-wit in history, Marcus Duncan, marshmallow disguised as a patrol officer, mask, mask (ape), mask (monkey), Megan Boone, Michael Baldwin, Michael Sima, Miller Time, monkey mask, Mori, Murphy, NBC, Ness (Harris Van), Officer Baldwin, Officer Michael Baldwin, One of my favorite Amendments, one percenter, pat down, Perp-loving cop hater, Peterson, phone tip, pregnancy, prepositions, Price (Roger), Quetzals, Raymond, recording, Red, Red Brau Tavern, Red in court, Red in jail, Reddington, rent actors, rent people, respect, Roberta Wilkins, Roger Price, S06E05, S6E05, save your soul, scam, Scrabble, script, SDNY, search and seizure, Season 6, semi-automatic (Browning 9-millimeter), serial number, Sima, Sixth Amendment, Sometimes you make your own fate. Sometimes fate makes you, soul (save your), Southern District of NY, Spader, spiritual advisor, tape recording, Tavern (Red Brau), Tell Elizabeth the truth, The Blacklist, Timothy Peterson, trailer park, truth (Tell Elizabeth the), trying to save your soul, unreasonable search and seizure, unregistered firearm, unregistered gun, US Attorney Michael Sima, Van Ness, wedding (fake), Wilkins, will, wise ass, Word Splurge

Episode 6:6 The Ethicist

#091; BL#91; Blacklister #91; ⭕, 0606, 606, @NBCBlacklist, accident (car), accident (hit-and-run), accident (leaving the scene of an), actuary, algebra, America First, Angel of Death, antipsychotics, Asst US Attorney Michael Sima, Atticus Rodrick, Aviary, bad guy (iconic), benefits outweigh costs, bicycle, billionaire, birds, Blacklist, Boone, calculations, Cameron Morella, car accident, Carter, Chione, Colton Prison, cost/benefit analysis, crazy like a fox, Death (Angel of), dialysis, Digby Tamerlane, disease (kidney), disease (mental), double life, Dr Grey, Dr Hans Koehler, drug cocktail, drunk driving, e-commerce, Elizabeth Keen, Episode 6, Ethicist, euthanasia, Federal Medical Center, fly (I’d like to), fly like a bird, fox (crazy like a), gazillionaire, General Shiro, genitalia (they all look like … to me), Gerald Klepper, Gerald Todd Klepper, Grey, Groveton, Hans Koehler, hit-and-run accident, I’d like to fly, iconic bad guy, illness (mental), imposter, imposter (you’re really just an), Incredible Hulk, inkblots, insanity (legal), insanity defense, Investigator, James Spader, Jennifer, Judge Roberta Wilkins, Keen, Kelly Carter, kidney disease, kidney transplant, Klepper, Koehler, leaving the scene of an accident, legal insanity, lies damned lies and statistics, life (price of a), Lillian Roth, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzy, Mad as a Hatter, Marguerite Renard, math, Medical Center (Federal), Megan Boone, mental disease, mental health, mental illness, mercy killing, Michael Sima, MMPI-2, mood stabilizers, Morella, murder of witness, Nate & Ted’s RV Park, NBC, Nurse, nurse (Dr Koehler’s), Pi, plastic surgery, price of a life, Private Investigator, psychiatric evaluation, psychosis, Raymond, recreational vehicle, Red, Reddington, Renard, right and wrong, Roberta Wilkins, Rock Creek Park, Rodrick, Rorschach Test, Roth, RV, RV Park, S06E06, S6E06, script, SDNY, Season 6, seat belts, serial killer, Shiro, Sima, Skittles, slip-and-fall, Southern District of NY, Spader, Springfield MO, statistical model, statistics, statistics (lies damned lies and), suicide, superpower, Tamerlane, The Blacklist, The Ethicist, they all look like genitalia to me, transplant (kidney), treason, US Attorney Michael Sima, value of statistical life, vending machine, Vermilion Flycatcher, VSL, Wilkins, witness, witness murdered, witness tampering, You’re masquerading, you’re really just an imposter

Episode 6:7 General Shiro

#116; BL#116; Blacklister #116; ⭕, 0607, 607, @NBCBlacklist, absurd (theater of the), ACLU, Asst US Attorney Michael Sima, autopsy, beetle larva, beetles, beetles (predacious diving), bio-tech, bio-war, black beetles, Blacklist, Bob Lockemy, Boone, bribery, bug juice, bug to kill a bug killer, bugs, bugs (insects), bugs (weaponized), busboy, capsized trawler in Philippines, Carter, cataclysmic insect die-offs, cigars, clean air guy, Congressional Hearing, Court, courtroom, dead man walking, death penalty, Dembe knows everything, Dembe saved my life that night, Dembe’s always saved my life, Dick Kendal, Dickens, die-offs (insect), DMV, DNA, Dr Jonathan Nikkila, Dr Maguire, Dr Nikkila, drown, Dytiscidae, Earth dies without insects, ecosystem, Elizabeth Keen, Energy and Commerce Committee, environment, Episode 7, General Shiro, genetics, genomics, get-out-of-jail-free card, Glenn Carter, Hearing (Congressional), Hexapene, holding cell, Hotel Macon, I drowned that night. I saw the other side, insect die-offs, insects, insects (weaponized), jail, James Spader, Jelly Bean, Jonathan Nikkila, Judge Roberta Wilkins, jury, jury questionnaires, jury selection, Keen, Kendal (Dick), larva, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzy, lobbying, Lockemy, Lockemy Technologies, Maguire, ME, Megan Boone, Michael Sima, mother (You remind me so much of your), NBC, Nikilla, other side (I saw the), pale horse, pay off, peremptory challenge, pesticides, Philippines, poisoning, predacious diving beetles, Proust, Pug Lady, pugs, Raymond, Red, Reddington, refugees, Roberta Wilkins, Ruby’s, S06E07, S6E07, saved my life (Dembe), Schmock, Schumann, script, SDNY, Season 6, Shiro, Sima, sliding dice, smoking cigars, Southern District of NY, Spader, star witness, suicide, super bug, testimony, The Blacklist, theater of the absurd, This sucks, trawler in Philippines, typhoon, underdog (you always seem to side with the), undocumented, US Attorney Michael Sima, voter logs, war criminal, weaponized bugs, weaponized insects, Wilkins, witness (star), Yep this sucks, you always seem to side with the underdog, You know everything. I do, You remind me so much of your mother, you’re a dead man walking, Zionist

Episode 6:8 Marco Jankowics

#058; BL#58; Blacklister #58; ⭕, 0608, 608, @NBCBlacklist, abduction, abduction (Jennifer), abduction (Lilly), Alexandra Ivers, Alter Ego, amazing loser, Angela Chambers, Anton Wyndham, Axion Cryptosolutions, babymoon, bagels, Baltimore MD, Blacklist, bladder (plastic), blinded by a hero with some flaming stick, Boone, Canada, chambers, Colton Prison, Cryptosolutions (Axion), Customs, Cyclops, DEA, Dr Hans Koehler, Dr Jonathan Nikkila, Dr Koehler, Dr Nikkila, dragon (multi-headed), Drug Enforcement Administration, drug gang, drug implant, drug mule, drug trafficking, Eastern Europe, Elizabeth Keen, Episode 8, ergot alkaloid, Euripedes, fake pregnancy, Falkirk, Federal Hill in Baltimore, flaming stick (blinded by a hero with some), gang, gang (drug), gang (motorcycle), gang war, girlfriend (I paid Hannah to be my), Hannah, Hans Koehler, hero with some flaming stick, Homer, Hungarian folk legend, Hungary, I paid Hannah to be my girlfriend, ice, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, implant (drug), imposter, Ivers, James Spader, Jankowics, Jennifer, Jennifer abducted, Jennifer kidnapped, Jennifer leaves, Jonathan Nikkila, Jones, Jones (Vontae), Katarina arranged Red’s surgery, Katarina Rostova, Keen, kidnapping, kidnapping (Jennifer), kidnapping (Lilly), kitchen thermometer, kitchen work detail, Koehler, L+SD, Lillian Roth, Lilly, Lilly abducted, Lilly kidnapped, Lilly leaves, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzy, London, loser (amazing), Macatee, Marguerite Renard, Marko Jankowics, Matt Quill, meat thermometer, Megan Boone, Michael Falkirk, Montreal, motorcycle gang, mule (drug), multi-headed dragon, NBC, Nikkila, Nurse, nurse (Dr Koehler’s) Oscar Sandoval, overdose, overdose death, phonograph, pregnancy (fake), prison, Prison (Colton), prison (Red In), prison gang war, prospects (pushing 40 with no real), pushing 40 with no real prospects, Quill, Raymond, Red, Red kills gang leader, Red kills Quill, Red Vines, Reddington, Renard, Ressler perform surgery, Ressler’s girlfriend, Rock River Crew, Rostova, Russell Chambers, S06E08, S6E08, Sandoval, Sarkany, script, Season 6, slinging, Spader, surgery (Ressler performs), The Blacklist, The Cyclops, thermometer (kitchen), thermometer (meat), Vega, Vontae Jones, Warden Macatee, work detail (kitchen), Wyndham, you’re an amazing loser

Episode 6:9 Minister D

#099; BL#99; Blacklister #99; ⭕, 0609, 12/11/1990, 12/7/1990, 1990, 609, 911 call (Dembe traces … to Liz), @NBCBlacklist, accountant (forensic), affair, Alan Fitch, Arlington, Asst US Attorney Michael Sima, audio recording, backstory, backstory (Katarina Rostova), backstory (Red), bag (shopping), Bailey (Elijah), barber, barber shop, Barents Sea, betrayal, Blacklist, blackmail, Boone, bribery, Cabal, CIA, CIA operative, communiqué, coordinates, Cypriot bank, D (Minister), death penalty, Dec 7 1990, Dembe secret keeper, Dembe traces 911 call to Liz, DeReamer, Did I say “sex”? Sex, Director of National Intelligence, disgraced, DNI, 💦POP💦, eavesdropping, Edgar Allen Poe, Elijah Bailey, Elizabeth Keen, Episode 9, espionage, evidence, extortion, face (scarred), fall (fatal), fatal fell (in love), femme fatale, fingerprints, Fitch, forensic accountant, forgery, frame (broken), frame (verb), framed, framed (Red by Cabal), gay, Gideon (USS), Harkins Museum, Homeless Woman, homosexuality, I was framed by Katarina Rostova, imposter, insurance, intelligence officer, James Spader, janitor, Jordan Loving, Judge Roberta Wilkins, Judge Wilkins, jury, K.R. Dec 7 1990, Katarina and Red story, Katarina Rostova, Katarina Rostova betrays Red, Katarina Rostova’s backstory, Keen, KGB, Lamprey, Lawton, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzy, Loving (Jordan), manual typewriter, Mata Hari, Megan Boone, Michael Sima, migraine, Mikela Pariente, Minister D, multinational cabal, museum, Naval intelligence officer, NBC, not guilty verdict, Nuss, Pariente, pay phone, perjury, Peter DeReamer, phone tap, Poe, pregnancy, Purloined Letter, Pyrrhic Victory, Raymond, recording (audio), recording (tape), Red, Red and Katarina story, Red framed by Katarina Rostova, Red’s backstory, Redarina, Red’s reputation destroyed, Red’s treason trial, Reddington, reputation, reputation destroyed (Red’s), Ressler hesitates to identify Red, Ressler testifies, Roberta Wilkins, Rostova, Rostova betrays Red, Rostova‘s backstory, Russia, S06E09, S6E09, Sayatan Shah, scar, scarred face, Scotch, script, SDNY, Season 6, secret keeper (You’re his), serial blackmailer, sex, Sex (Did I say “sex”? …) Shah, sex drugs rock and roll, shopping bag, Sima, Southern District of NY, Soviet Navy, Spader, spies, splitter, spy, submarine, submarine sunk, tap, tape, tape recording, Taxi Tycoon, Tempkin, The Blacklist, The Cabal, torpedo, traitor, treason, treason trial, trial, trial (treason), typewriter, US Attorney Michael Sima, USS Gideon, VeraCom, verdict not guilty, whack-a-mole, Wilkins, wire transfer, wiretap, witness, You blackmailed the wrong person, Zachary

Episode 6:10 The Cryptobanker

#160; BL#160; Blacklister #160; ⭕, 0610, 610, @NBCBlacklist, antelope (prong-horned), arrhythmia (cardiac), arrhythmia (heart), Asst US Atty Michael Sima, ATF, authentication code, banking, beard (fake), Bitcoin, Blacklist, blackmail, Boone, capital punishment, cardiac arrhythmia, Charleston (surname), Chicago restaurant, CI, Colton Prison, confidential informant, conspiracy, criminal empire (Red’s), criminal profiler, Cryptobanker, cryptocurrency, daddygate, death sentence, disguise, dog (Duke), Duke (dog), Elizabeth Keen, Episode 10, escape (failed prison), extortion, fake beard, Faraday cage, father/daughter, Foley, force field, fugitive, Gene & Georgetti’s, Georgetown, greater good, Gromov, guilty (Red pleads), guilty plea, hacking, heart arrhythmia, helicopter, holding cells, honeydo list, hope, immunity agreement, injection (lethal), Interpol, IP address, jailbreak, James Spader, Jamie Pierson, Jeez-and-Crackers!, Jones (Vontae), Judge Roberta Wilkins, Judge Wilkins, Keen, laundering (money), lethal injection, lethal shock, life (Red’s love of), Liz, Liz testifies for Red, Lizzie, Lizzy, Loretta, love, Love brought you out of the shadows, love of life (Red’s), Macatee, malware, Matt Pierson, Megan Boone, MI6, Michael Sima, money laundering, Montero, moral code (Red’s), morality, Mossad, NBC, Nervous Banker, Oleg Gromov, optimism, pacemakers, Pierson, Pierson Diagnostics, Prison (Colton), prison break, prison escape (failed), prison strike, prong-horned antelope, ransonware, RAT, Raymond, Red, Red condemned to death, Red pleads guilty, Red sentenced to death, Red’s criminal empire, Red’s love of life, Red’s moral code, Reddington, remote access Trojan, Roberta Wilkins, S06E10, S6E10, script, Season 6, Sima, snitch, Snitch Jacket, Spader, strike (prison), superheroes, SVR, testimony, The Blacklist, The Cryptobanker, Trojan, US Atty Michael Sima, Vega Montero, victim impact statement, Vontae Jones, Warden Macatee, Wilkins, You’re here today because of love

Episode 6:11 Bastien Moreau

#020; BL#20; Blacklister #20; ⭕, 0611, 12:01am, 611, @NBCBlacklist, absolution, America (plot against), American (ungrateful), Anna McMahon, aphasia, assassination, Ava Ziegler, backstory (Red’s), bank robbery, Banque Vertrauen, Bastien Moreau, beetles (weaponized), bioweapon, Black Ernz, Blacklist, BND (German Intelligence), Boone, Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND), cabbage soup and herring, capital punishment, career suicide, Christopher Miles, clemency, commutation, conspiracy, cruel and unusual, Cryptobanker, Cynthia Panabaker, dead man walking, death penalty, death row, death sentence, death warrant, Diaz, Diplomatic Security Service, DOJ, Don’t coddle me, dossier, Dr Jonathan Nikkila, Dr Nikkila, DSS (Diplomatic Security Service), Elizabeth Keen, Episode 11, excommunication, execution, family, Federal Penitentiary, final meal, final words, fob, friendship, General Shiro, German Intelligence, Hartmans, he’s just a man who loves you very much, herring (cabbage soup and), How can you eat that?, human heart in conflict with itself, I love you, injection (lethal), insects (weaponized), IV, James Spader, Jonas Kruger, Jonathan Nikkila, Karl Hartmans, Keen, key fob, keys fall in toilet, Kruger, last meal, lethal injection, Liz, Liz tells Red she loves him, Lizzie, Lizzy, love (Liz says I love you), Lucky shot, Luxembourg, McMahon, Megan Boone, MI6, Miles, Moreau, mother (Red’s), My mother understood, NBC, Nikkila, over-boiled or under-cured, Palais Grand Ducal, Panabaker, pancuronium bromide, plot against America, potassium chloride, President Diaz, President Robert Diaz, protests, Raymond, Red, Red faces death penalty, Red’s backstory, Red’s childhood, Red’s execution, Red’s last meal, Red’s mother, Reddington, Robert Diaz, Robert Wade, S06E11, S6E11, script, Season 6, Senator Robert Wade, Senator Wade, Shiro, sodium thiopental, Spader, stop coddling me, Terre Haute IN, The Blacklist, toilet (keys fall in), UN bombing attempt, ungrateful American, Vertrauen (Banque), Wade, weaponized insects, Ziegler

Episode 6:12 Bastien Moreau, Part 2

#020; BL#20; Blacklister #20; ⭕, 0612, 12:01am, 612, @NBCBlacklist, absolution, active disinformation, America (conspiracy against), America (plot against), ankle monitor, Anna McMahon, aphasia, Ava Ziegler, Bastien Moreau, Bastien Moreau Pt 2, Black Fist, Blacklist, blinding light, Boone, cancer, cancer (throat), capital punishment, Charades!, Christopher Miles, clemency, Columbia Heights, commutation, conspiracy, conspiracy against America, Corsican, Courier, crabs, cunnilingus, daddygate, death sentence, deodorized body odor, Diaz, disinformation, DOJ, dossier, Douglas (Michael), Dr Jonathan Nikkila, Dr Nikkila, Elizabeth Keen, Episode 12, execution, execution stayed, Federal Penitentiary, final words, Foxglove, General Shiro, German Intelligence, German nationalism, globalism, hate to love, immunity agreement, Immunity Agreement restored, injection (lethal), insects (weaponized), IV, James Spader, Jonathan Nikkila, Jones (Vontae), Keen, lethal injection, lice (pubic), Liz, Liz and Red hug, Lizzie, Lizzington, Lizzy, luck (People make their own), magic, magic tricks, man we hate to love, masturbating tigers, masturbation, McMahon, Megan Boone, MI6, Michael Douglas, Miles (Christopher), Moreau, Moreau Pt 2, Mr Sandquist, nationalism, nationalism (German), NBC, Nikkila, oral sex, password Foxglove, People make their own luck, plot against America, plot against US, President Diaz, President Robert Diaz, pubic lice, Raymond, Red, Red and Liz hug, red hair green eyes no heart, Red’s execution, Red’s execution stayed, Red’s Immunity Agreement restored, Red’s sentence commuted, Reddington, Reddington knows everything, right wing, Robert Diaz, rooftop, S06E12, S6E12, Samar resigns, Samar’s aphasia, Sandquist, script, Season 6, sentence commuted (Red’s), Shiro, smoking, Spader, stay of execution, tell me someone’s gonna answer that, Terre Haute IN, The Blacklist, throat cancer, tigers (masturbating), ultranationalism, UN, UN bombing attempt, United Nations, United States (plot against), US (plot against), Vassar girl, Vontae Jones, weaponized insects, You’re the tiger, Ziegler

Episode 6:13 Robert Vesco

#009; BL#9; Blacklister #9; ⭕, 0613, 1700s, 1778, 18th century, 613, @NBCBlacklist, adventure, Aram, aria, Asuncion Paraguay, Ballad of the De La Cruz, Barber of Seville, betrayal, Big Easy, Blacklist, Blanche DuBois, Boone, Bourbon Street, brain damage, business card (Levi’s), caper, Carter (Glen), Castro, Cat, children (having), choreography, CODIS, con artist, con man, confidence man, corpse, Cuba, De La Cruz, death faked, debauchery, decomposed corpse, dementia, DNA, double cross, doubloons, Dr Sands, dressing room, DuBois (Blanche), egg on my face, Elizabeth Keen, engagement ring, Episode 13, Ernesto Hidalgo, exit interview, faked death, Fidel Castro, Figaro, fire in a crowded theatre (yelling), Giaochino Rossini, Given up greed and avarice, Glen Carter, gold, gold bars, greed and avarice (Sworn off), having children, Hell Gate, Hidalgo, Homan, hot buttered bullet, I depend on the kindness of strangers, inner peace, Israel, Italian opera, James Spader, jazz, Jelly Bean, Judith Snell, Keen, keys lifted, kindness of strangers (I depend on the), Largo al factotum, Levi Shur, Levi’s business card, Library of Congress, lie detector test, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzy, loyalty, Lulu’s, map, Marigny Foundation for the Arts, Maxwell Ruddiger, Megan Boone, mentor, Mossad, Mr Homan, MRI, NBC, New Orleans LA, Nixon, Nova Scotia, Old French Opera House, opera, opera house, Paraguay, party, pickpocket, pirates, poem, polygraph, pregnancy, protege, pseudonym, Raymond, Red, Red is conned, Red throws a party, Red’s keys lifted, Reddington, reformed, revenge, Richard Nixon, ring (engagement), Robert Vesco, Rossini, Ruddiger, S06E13, S6E13, Samar, Samar fails polygraph, Sands, Saram, Season 6, season tickets, Seville (Barber of), Sex and treasure, shipwreck, Shur, Siren (myth), Snell, snookered, Spader, strangers (I depend on the kindness of), Streetcar Named Desire, swindle, Sworn off greed and avarice, Tel Aviv, Tennessee Williams, tenor, The Blacklist, the Mossad, treasure, treasure hunt, Truro Nova Scotia, trust, vascular dementia, vengeance, Vesco, Vivian, Walt Whitman, Whitman, whorehouse, Williams (Tennessee), yelling fire in a crowded theatre, You are tall, You look awfully good for a dead man, You’ve more than repaid your debt

Episode 6:14 The Osterman Umbrella Company

#006; BL#6; Blacklister #6; ⭕, 0614, 10-33, 614, @NBCBlacklist, Allegheny Mountains, ambiguity (lexical), Aram, Aram hits Red, Aram punches Red, assassination attempt, assassins, Betsy (python), Blacklist, blue white dilated pupils, Boone, brain damage, breakfast in bed, Brimley, burn notice, business card (Levi’s), business card (tracking chip in), cabin in the woods, chess piece, chinchillas, CIA, Company (The), company man, Conformity doesn’t interest me, contract hits, contract on Samar, corruption, couples massage, Dagan, dementia, dropped token, Elizabeth Keen, Episode 14, ethics, Glenforest Lodge, Global Systems Imports, Gougeres, Gruyere cheese puffs, Harris PA, hit on Samar, Hobbs, I can’t take a hint, I was just doing my job, I will never forgive you for this!, Israel, James Spader, job (just doing my), just doing my job, Katarina’s backstory, Keen, KGB, Langley, Lansky, Levi Shur, Levi’s business card, lexical ambiguity, lie detector test, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzy, Lodge at Glenforest, love, loyalty, lucky for you, Megan Boone, mercenaries, MI6, morality, Mossad, Mossad DC Station Chief Dagan, NBC, needle (poisoned), nerve agent, non-event, off the grid, Osterman Umbrella Co, outsourcing hits, pawn (chess piece), Pennsylvania (rural), photo Liz and Katarina, photo swing woman and girl, poisoning, polygraph, pupils dilated blue white, python, Rachael, Raymond, Red, Red hit by Aram, Red suffocates Levi, Red’s secret flat, Red’s moral code, Reddington, ring with poison needle, role playing, rural PA, S06E14, S6E14, Samar, Samar (contract on), Samar exits show, Samar has new papers different place to go, Samar leaves Aram, Samar targeted, Saram, script, Season 6, secret flat, secrets, Shur, SID, Singapore, snow shoes, snowmobiling, spa, Spader, state sanctioned hit, strangulation, suffocation, Sutton’s Cabin, Tel Aviv Israel, The Blacklist, The Company, The Osterman Umbrella Company, This is a non-event, token dropped, tokens, tracking chip, tracking chip in business card, true love, Umbrella Company, umbrellas, vascular dementia, Who’s gonna take care of you if I’m not there?

Episode 6:15 Olivia Olson

#115; BL#115; Blacklister #115; ⭕, $56100, 0615, 2008 financial meltdown, 25% interest, 615, @NBCBlacklist, acquisitions (mergers and), Alta Hotel, Anna McMahon, Aram, Bank Vertrauen, Blacklist, blackmail, board room, Boone, bugging (wiretapping), Calvin and Hobbes, cantilevered, Caroline Eikendoll, Chief Devin Walker, cliffhanger, Coleman, construction, Construction (Eickendoll), corporate raiders, CPA firm, cut corners, deck (skydeck), Devin Walker, dirty cop, drug cartel, 💥, Eikendoll, Eikendoll Construction, Elizabeth Keen, Episode 15, explosion (gas), financial meltdown, French Revolution, front organization, fundraiser, gas explosion, gas leak, Hammerstone Electric, heat map, heaven hell purgatory, Heilman & Main CPA firm, hostile takeovers, imposter, information flow, injection (Red gives himself), interest, James Spader, Katarina Rostova, Keen, leverage, leveraged buyouts, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzy, Long Island NY, Luxembourg, Manhattan, McMahon, medical research, Megan Boone, mergers and acquisitions, Michale Muhlbach, Midtown Manhattan, Mitchell Young, MJ, Mossad, Mr Coleman, Muhlbach, NAFTA renegotiation, NBC, Olivia Olson, Olson, opioid epidemic, paperwork, Parkinson’s, path (saw no other), pornographic, PR, private equity, public opinion, purgatory, Raincloud LBO, Raymond, rebar, Red, Red gives himself injection, Red injects himself, Red sick, Reddington, Ressler saves woman from fall, Roger Eikendoll, Rostova, S06E15, S6E15, sabotage, Samar, Saram, saw no other path, script, Season 6, She’s gone. She’s really gone, skydeck, skyscraper, Spader, takeovers (hostile), The Blacklist, Third Estate, video conference, Walker, win-win, wiretapping, You are more powerful than you know, Young (Mitchell)

Episode 6:16 Lady Luck

#069; BL#69; Blacklister #69; ⭕,#GratefulToBelnRecovery, 0616, 616, @NBCBlacklist, addiction, addiction (gambling), Agathe Tyche, airplane (fall from), Androssani, arak, Atlantic City NJ, attempted suicide, backgammon, Bell peppers, Benedict Arnold, bet, bet on yourself, Betsy Nagel, Blacklist, blood money, Boone, Camden DE, Carlo Androssani, cartel (drug), Catela Cartel, choir, CIA, Cold War, college tuition money lost, culinary negotiations, debt (gambling), Denver CO, dice (loaded), dream of falling, dream of flying, drowning, drug cartel, drug trafficking, drugs, Elizabeth Keen, Episode 16, everyone’s fate is negotiable, fall from airplane, family business, fate is negotiable, ferry, Flying is life. Falling is death, fortune, freelancing, G Gordon Liddy, gamblers killing gamblers, gambling, gambling addiction, gambling debt, good fortune, grandmother, Green, hedging bets, Henry Morris, I mind. I mind, iron lung, jackpot, James Spader, Janet MacNamara, Joey Tyche, Katarina Rostova, Katarina Rostova‘s mother, Keen, Lady Luck, Liddy, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzy, loaded dice, logistical mastermind, logistics, Lopatin, Los Angeles CA, lottery, Lou Tyche, luck, lucky day, MacNamara, manifest, Martin Walcott, Megan Boone, methamphetamines, MJ Ward, Moira Tyche, Morris, mortgage, mother (Katarina’s), music program, Nagel, NBC, Ned Green, Orangetown Diner, paralized, pawn, plot against America, Putnam, Putnam killed, racetrack, Raymond, recovery, Red, red Bell peppers, Red cleans house, Red kills Smokey Putnam, Red lights liquor on fire, Reddington, respirator (mechanical), revenge, Rostova, Rostova‘s mother, S06E16, S6E16, school, script, Season 6, Shermer school, shipping depot, slush fund to finance murders, Smokey Putnam, Smokey Putnam killed, Spader, St Louis MO, suicide attempt, The Blacklist, Theresa Morris, Third Estate, trick is not minding, trust, tuition money lost, Tyche, urban legend, Virginia Lopatin, Walcott, Ward, Watergate, Wilmington DE, winning the lottery, youth choir

Episode 6:17 The Third Estate

#136; BL#136; Blacklister #136; ⭕, 0617, 1, 617, @NBCBlacklist, abduction, Adalynne Gerrick, amusement park, Ancien Regime, Anna McMahon, Antoinette, As-Salaam-Alaikum, beheading, billionaires, black Mercedes, Blacklist, Boone, Box 642, buybacks (stock), campaign finance, Constitutio Criminalis Theresiana, Copeland, criminal law, David Foy, death faked, decadence, Della Whitmore, Dembe’s retreat, Des Foy, Dom, Dominic Wilkinson, Easter references, Elizabeth Keen, Ella, Episode 17, Eric Copeland, Evelyn Foy, execution (mock), FaceTime, faked death, flaccid penis, Foy, French Revolution, G-Wagon, Genghis Khan, Gerrick, grandfather, grandmother, grandmother (Liz’s), guillotine, heir, heiress, holy nail, Homan, HRT, HRT Commander, iftar, Imam, Islam, Ivers, Jacob Mercer, Jake Li, James Spader, Jenn Parsons, jihad, Judas cradle, judicial history, judicial torture, Katarina Rostova, Katarina’s mother, Keen, KGB, kidnapping, King (surname), legal history, Li, Liz, Liz’s grandfather, Liz’s grandmother, Lizzie, Lizzy, Lopatin, Marcus Whitmore, Maria Theresia, Marie Antoinette, Marie Mortel, Masked Man, Maxwell Ruddiger, McMahon, Megan Boone, Mercedes, Mercer, mock execution, Mortel, mosque, Mr Sandquist, My word is my bond, NBC, Noel Gerrick, Oleander, one percent, other half, P.O. box, paper mache, papier mache, Parsons, penis (flaccid), plot against America, Postbox Elite, rack, Ramadan, ransom, Raymond, Red, Reddington, redistribution, religion, rich, Rostova, Ruddiger, Russian spy, S06E17, S6E17, Sandquist, scions, script, Season 6, Senate Armed Services Committee, Shaitan, Shariah, show of force, soak the rich, Spader, speeding (auto), St Charles IL, St Petersburg, Steve Homan, stock buybacks, Ted King, The Blacklist, The Third Estate, Third Estate, Third Estate Leader, thumbscrew, torture, torture (judicial), torture rack, Tracey Ivers, True Cross, trust fund babies, trust the process, Tyler Whitmore, Upstate New York, Virginia Lopatin, We are the Third Estate, wealthy, Whitmore, Wilkinson, Wilmington NY, word is my bond, You have to trust the process, You must tell him Elizabeth because if you don’t I will, Zoe Mercer

Episode 6:18 The Brockton College Killer

#092; BL#92; Blacklister #92; ⭕, 0618, 618, @NBCBlacklist, Adrian McCaffrey, affair, alibi, backstory (Dominic Wilkerson), backstory (Katarina Rostova), backstory (Rostova), backstory (Wilkerson), bag of coins, beer, betrayal, Blacklist, bodies frozen, Boone, Brockton College, Brockton College Killer, cabin in woods, campus killings, candy dispenser, car repair, Carlyle, coins (bag of), cold case, college, college killings, college professor, confession (false), Dave Sternberg, Dembe leaves Red, dimpled mallet, divided loyalties, divorce agreement, Dom, Dom forgives Katarina, Dominic Wilkinson, Dr Adrian McCaffrey, Dr Maguire, Dr McCaffrey, Dr Ogden Maguire, Elizabeth Keen, English 101, English professor, Episode 18, excommunication, false confession, female serial killer, fingerprints, fingerprints on coins, Folta, forgiveness, forgiveness vs revenge, freezer, freezer (locked in), freezing bodies, friend or a mortal enemy (singular), friendship, frozen bodies, ghost, granddaughter, grandfather, hypothermia, I can’t forgive you, I care for who you are, I’ve followed your path long enough. It’s time I follow my own, I’ve never killed for more, I’ve trusted you with my life, Imam, James Folta, James Spader, jealousy, Jenny Marciniak, jogger, Katarina Rostova, Katarina Rostova backstory, Keen, killed for less (You’ve), killed for more (I’ve never), Kimberly Owens, Lamar, liquid nitrogen, Liz, Liz confesses, Liz tells Red she turned him, Lizzie, Lizzy, locked in freezer, Love. Love. Love., loyalties (divided), loyalty, Maguire, male bonding, mallet (dimpled), mallet (meat), Marciniak, Margo Parish, Masha, McCaffrey, meat mallet, meat tenderizer mallet, Megan Boone, mosque, Ms Pac-man, NBC, Ogden Maguire, Owens, Pac-man (Ms), Parish (surname), Paul Lamar, podcast, Postal Elite, professor, professor (English), Raymond, rearview mirror, Red, Reddington, revenge, revenge it will pass. forgive it won’t, revenge vs forgiveness, Rostova, Rostova backstory, Russia, S06E18, S6E18, sacrifice, script, Season 6, secrets, serial killer, serial killer (female), serial killer who froze victims, sex scene, sexual harassment, shadow, she’s off-limits, singular friend or a mortal enemy, sleeping with girls half his age, Spader, Sternberg, surveillance video, Thaw (podcast), The Blacklist, The Brockton College Killer, Tobias Carlyle, traitor, trial, true-crime drama, truth always comes out, unforgivable, Upstate NY, USSR, Wilkerson backstory, Wilkinson, Wilmington NY, You’ve killed for less

Episode 6:19 Rassvet

#000; BL#0; Blacklister #0; ⭕, $40 million, 0619, 1990, 1991, 619, @NBCBlacklist, a promise is a promise, abusive boyfriend, alternate history, Anna Croft, Anton Velov, backstory, backstory (Dominic Wilkinson), backstory (Katarina Rostova), backstory (Raymond Reddington), backstory (Reddington), backstory (Rostova), backstory (Wilkinson), balcony, baptism, becoming Raymond Reddington, betrayal, Blacklist, Boone, Cabal, Cape May, childhood friends, Clock, Cold War, collapse of USSR, Croft, crossword puzzle, dawn, disappearance, Dom, Dominic Wilkinson, Dominic Wilkinson backstory, Dr Hans Koehler, Dr Koehler, drowning, Elizabeth Keen, end of Cold War, Episode 19, Everyone here has a past, fake passport, false identity, false narrative, fave, friends (childhood), ghost, granddaughter, grandfather, guilt by association, handler, Hans Koehler, history (alternate), hunted by KGB, hypothermia, I am what I am, identity (false), identity (new), Ilya and Katarina, Ilya Koslov, Ilya Koslov becomes Raymond Reddington, Ilya saves Katarina and Dom, Ilyarina, impersonation, imposter, Irina, it’s your story, James Spader, Jodi, Katarina and Ilya, Katarina and Red, Katarina Rostova, Katarina Rostova backstory, Keen, KGB, kiss, Koehler, Koslov, Koslov becomes Reddington, Lena Volkova, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzy, Masha Rostova, Megan Boone, Milhoan, mint, Moscow, NBC, new identity, passport (fake), plastic surgery, pledge, Popeye the Sailor Man, Postal Elite, priest, promise is a promise, protege, puzzle (crossword), Rassvet, Raymond, Raymond Reddington (becoming), Raymond Reddington backstory, rearview mirror, rebirth, Red, Red and Katarina, Reddington, Reddington (becoming), Reddington backstory, Rostova, Rostova backstory, Russia, Russian Embassy, S06E19, S6E19, Sam Milhoan, Sankov, script, Season 6, shelter, soulmates, Spader, spoon (stabbing with), St Petersburg (RU), stabbing with spoon, story (it’s your), surgery (plastic), The Blacklist, The Cabal, ticking clock, traitor, treason, Twin Pines Motor Lodge, Upstate NY, USSR (collapse of), Velov, Volkova, We pledged our lives, Wilkinson, Wilkinson backstory, Wilmington NY, women’s shelter, your story

Episode 6:20 Guillermo Rizal

#128; BL#128; Blacklister #128; ⭕, 0620, 620, @NBCBlacklist, abduction (child), Agnes (Liz to bring her home), Agnes Keen, Anna McMahon, Anne Mauler, arboretum, arcade, avocados pollinated, beemaster, bees, Ben Mitchell, Blacklist, Boone, bracelets (glowing), Brimley, Brimley’s son, carousel, child abduction, child kidnapping, Child Protective Services, child torture, chosen one, Christensen, Chuck Christensen, climate change, clock repair shop, code of ethics, Corinne Walker, Cotton (surname), CPS, daddygate, dinosaur (stuffed), DNA, dossier, Dr Guillermo Rizal, Dr Rizal, Draxton, Elizabeth Keen, embryology, environment, Episode 20, ethics (code of), evolution, experimentation (human), family, family (what is a), Family isn’t about bloodlines, Fat Joe, fertility clinic, fertilization (in vitro), finder, Francis Cotton, gene mapping, gene sequencing, genetic modification, genetics, genomics, global warming, glowing bracelets, Gordon (surname), Grace Draxton, greeting card, Guillermo Rizal, Heather Walker, Homo floresiensis, Homo solvos, Howard County MD, human experimentation, human genome, hyperthermia, I am what I am, I can neither kill nor trust nor forgive, identical triplets, identical twins, Ilya Koslov, impaled by a unicorn, in vitro fertilization, IVF, James Spader, Keen, kidnapping, kidnapping (child), Koslov, Limoges, Liz, Liz tells Ressler Red’s true identity, Liz to bring Agnes home, Liz’s code Love wins, Liz’s moral code, Lizzie, Lizzy, Mark Walker, Mauler, McMahon, Megan Boone, Miles Gordon, Minneapolis MN, missing children, Mitchell (surname), moles in your garden, moral code (Liz’s), moral code (Red’s), Mr Cotton, Mr Sandquist, NBC, New Dawn Fertility Clinic, Nora Mitchell, plot against America, Popeye the Sailor Man, random child, Raymond, Red, Red’s code built on loyalty justice trust, Red’s code of ethics, Red’s moral code, Reddington, Rizal, S06E20, S6E20, Sandquist, Sara Mitchell, script, Season 6, Senator Christensen, Senator Chuck Christensen, Shirley, Spader, survival, The Blacklist, torture (child), trayf, triplets, twin research, twins, twins who aren’t twins, unicorn (impaled by a), Vaisravana, Walker

Episode 6:21 Anna McMahon

#060; BL#60; Blacklister #60; ⭕,#FakeNews, 0621, 621, @NBCBlacklist, abduction, Agent Randolph, Agnes Keen, Aguilar, alternative history, alternative reality, America (plot against), Ana Ziegler, Anna McMahon, Anna McMahon flips the tables, assassination plot, authorities (conflicting), authority, Blacklist, blackmail, BND, Bolivian food, Boone, Bring Agnes home, British Intelligence, Brown (Norman O), campaign contibution (illegal), campaign contribution from Russian oligarch, child (random), Christopher Miles, competing narratives, conflicting authorities, conflicting narratives, conspiracy, cover story, debate, decapitating heads of state, DHS, DHS vs FBI, Diaz, dossier, Earl Wilson, Elizabeth, Elizabeth Keen, Episode 21, evidence, fake news, false narrative, falsification, FBI vs DHS, FBI vs Secret Service, First Lady, First World War, flash drive, foreign money to get elected, Gavrilo Princip, German Intelligence, Grimm, Grumman LLV, Homeland Security, James Spader, Jin, Jonathan Grimm, journalism, Katarina Rostova, Katarina Rostova myth, Keen, kidnapping, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzy, Luciana, mailbox, mailman, McMahon, McMahon flips the tables, Megan Boone, MI6, Miles (surname), Milian Sandquist, Miriam Diaz, Mr Sandquist, myth of Katarina Rostova, narratives (competing), narratives (conflicting), national security, NBC, no good deed goes unpunished, Norman O Brown, Parker Grimm, pepper spray, plot against America, plot to assassinate president, President Diaz, President is part of a plot to assassinate himself, President Robert Diaz, presidential debate, Princip, Princip Initiative, Randolph, random child, Raymond, re-election campaign, Red, Red saves Liz, Reddington, reflexology, Robert Diaz, Rogelio, Rostova, Rostova myth, Russian oligarch (campaign contribution from), S06E21, S6E21, Sam Whatley, Sandquist, Season 6, Secret Service, Secret Service vs FBI, snogging, Spader, spy movies, Stacey Aguilar, Steven Tyson, suicide, surveillance, Tammy Grimm, task force arrested, The Blacklist, The Princip Initiative, They’re arresting everyone, Third Estate, torture, traitor, treason, trust, truth, tucumanas, Tyson, Washington Post, Whatley, Wilson, world falling apart, World War 1, World War One, WW1, Ziegler

Episode 6:22 Robert Diaz

#015; BL#15; Blacklister #15; ⭕, 0622, 622, @NBCBlacklist, accident (car), Agnes comes home, Agnes Keen, Alexander Kirk, America (plot against), Anna McMahon, Anna McMahon killed, assassination attempt, automobile accident, Blacklist, Boone, box, breakout, campaign contribution (illegal), car accident, childhood friends, Christopher Miles, Chuck, conflicting narratives, Constantin Rostov, containment unit (high security), Copeland, coup d’etat, Cynthia Panabaker, death (no more cheating), debate (presidential), Delmar’s, Dembe returns, Dembe saves Red, DHS, Diaz, Diaz (Miriam) shot, Dom, dossier, drunk driving, Elizabeth Keen, Episode 22, Eric Copeland, Ethiopian porridge, fedora, Fillmont University, First Lady Miriam Diaz, First Lady shot, fixer, flash drive, FLOTUS, follow own path, french toast kabobs, grenade, hand grenade, He didn’t miss, high security containment unit, hit-and-run, Homeland Security, hypodermic needle, illegal campaign contribution, Ilya Koslov, injection, Ito, James Spader, Jones (Vontae), Jurgen, Katarina abducts Red, Katarina kisses Red, Katarina Rostova, Katarina Rostova is alive, Keen, kill shot, Kirk, kiss (passionate), Koslov, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzy, Masha Rostova, Maxwell Ruddiger, McMahon, McMahon killed, Megan Boone, Miles (Christopher), Miles dossier, Milian Sandquist, Miriam Diaz, Miriam Diaz shot, missed shot, Molotov cocktail, Morgan, Mr Milian Sandquist, Mr Sandquist, NBC, No more cheating death, oceanside talk, Panabaker, Paris, passionate kiss, password Samar, path (follow own), plot against America, Post Office, President Diaz, president resigns, President Robert Diaz, presidential debate, Raymond, Red, Red abducted by Katarina, Red Box, Red drugged, Red saved by Dembe, Reddington, rifle (sniper), riot, Robert Diaz, Rostov, Rostova, Rostova is alive, Ruddiger, Russia, Russian oligarch, S06E22, S6E22, Samar (password), Sandquist, script, seaside talk, Season 6, Season Finale, Secret Service, Shadow Five, sharpshooter, sniper, Spader, Stranger, Tadashi Ito, tear gas, The Blacklist, The Box, The Stranger, The Third Estate, Third Estate, Townsend Directive, traitor, treason, Vontae Jones, Walter Reed Medical Center, war room, You wouldn’t give back the truck

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🅾 S7: Season 7:

Episode 7:1 Louis T Steinhil

#027; BL#27; Blacklister #27; ⭕, 0100 number, 0701, 701, @NBCBlacklist, A man I’ve come to like, abduction (Red), Abigail, acting, actors, alternative reality, anagram, Annapolis, attache, background checks, Berdy, Berdy shoots Joubert, Bergman movies, Betraying (Katarina Rostova) would be like betraying myself, Blacklist, blowfish, Boone, Briaux, bupivacaine, Busson, cell phone (Red lifts), chariot (My … arrives), chess with Death, Daniel Hutton, Death (playing chess with), devoted half his life to me, DGSI, Direction générale de la sécurité intérieure (DGSI), Dr Busson, Dutch masters, Elizabeth Keen, embassy (French), epidural, Episode 1, exsanguination, extradition, fake hospital, figment (Katarina), figment of the popular imagination, France, French embassy, French security service, Gerard (Marvin), Good to see you again Raymond, Hansen, he devoted half his life to me, hospital (fake), human smuggling, Hutton, I wish we lived in a world where kindness wasn’t a liability, I’m paralyzed, illusionist, Illusionist is everywhere and nowhere, illusions, Ilya Koslov (Liz tells Cooper and Aram Red is), Ingmar Bergman movies, Inspector Oban, Inspector Rene Oban, It was a story, James Spader, Joubert, Joubert shot by Berdy, Katarina Rostova, Katarina Rostova (Betraying … would be like betraying myself), Katarina Rostova a figment, Katarina Rostova and Liz photo, Katarina Rostova bleeds Red, Katarina Rostova: Good to see you again Raymond, Keen, Ketamine, kidnapping (Red), kielbasa, Koslov (Liz tells Cooper and Aram Red is), La Porte, Liz, Liz and Katarina photo, Liz tells Cooper and Aram Red is Ilya Koslov, Lizzie, Lizzy, Louis T Steinhil, man I’ve come to like (A), Marvin Gerard, Megan Boone, Michael Hansen, Mila LaPorte, money laundering, Movers, My chariot arrives, nanny search, NBC, Oban, paralyzed, paralyzed by a blowfish, Paris France, Patrick Briaux, pharma-karma’s a bitch, photo of Katarina and Liz, Pitcairn Island, playing chess with Death, Raymond, realiity (alternative), Red, Red bled, Red evades surveillance live feed, Red grabs syringe, Red is bled, Red kidnapped, Red lifts cell phone, Red on a cross, Red paralyzed, Red paralyzed by a blowfish, Red paralyzed by medication, Red taken, Reddington, Rene Oban, rose from the grave, Rostova, Rostova a figment, Rostova bleeds Red, Rostova: Good to see you again Raymond, Russian, S07E01, S7E01, scofflaw, script, Season 7, Season Premiere, security service (French), She’s a figment – of the collective imagination, skeleton in closet, smuggling (human), soul mates, soulmates, Spader, Steinhil, story (It was a), surveillance live feed, syringe, tetracaine, The Blacklist, The Illusionist is everywhere and nowhere, the Movers, thugs, Townsend Directive, wheelchair, You’re going to tell me everything I want to know

Episode 7:2 Louis T Steinhil, Part 2

#027; BL#27; Blacklister #27; ⭕, 0702, 68 whiskey, 702, @NBCBlacklist, abduction (Red), Agnes Keen, alternative narratives, Annapolis, Anne Arundel County, as in – ghost, Belgrade, Berdy, Biel, Blacklist, bloody face (fake), Boone, Campbell, Campbell is Laporte, combat nurse, Con, con artist, control by narrative, costume store, Dembe befriends Mila, disguises, Dom betrayed Katarina, Dom is shot, Dom shot, Dominic Wilkinson, Elizabeth asking questions and telling ghost stories, Elizabeth Keen, Episode 2, Everything I cared about died that day, exsanguination, fake bloody face, fake shooting, fake suicide, families (happy), families (unhappy), family (I’m sorry my … is so — messy), family squabble, family vs relatives, field medic, Francesca Campbell, Francesca Campbell is Mila Laporte, Francesca saves Dom, Gerald Host. G. Host, ghost stories, halawadar, happy families, headband with ears, hypoxia, I’m sorry my family is so – messy, I’m too old to run – But too young to die, identity, illusionist, Illusionist (The), illusions, James Spader, Katarina cared about Red. Once., Katarina moves next door to Liz, Katarina Rostova, Katarina Rostova is Maddy Tolliver, Katarina was betrayed by Dom, Keen, kidnapping (Red), LaPorte, LaPorte is Campbell, Leo Tolstoy, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzy, Louis T Steinhil 2, Louis T Steinhil Pt 2, Louis T Steinhil Confusion, lumberyard, Maddy Tolliver, Maddy Tolliver is Katarina Rostova, Margaret Teague, medic (combat), medical examiner, Megan Boone, Mila helps Red escape, Mila LaPorte, Mila LaPorte is Francesca Campbell, Mila shoots guard (faked), mobile hospital, Monzewski, Mrs Monzewski, narrative to control, narratives alternative, NBC, next door neighbor, Oban, OCME, Paris, phantom, plasma, plastic explosives, platelets, pneumothorax, Protocol (The), Raymond, Raymond takes care of the people who take care of him, Red, Red cares about Katarina, Red takes care of the people who take care of him, Reddington, relatives vs family, Rene Oban, Rio Bravo, Rostov family, Rostov family can be rather eccentric, Rostova, Rostova is Tolliver, S07E02, S7E02, script, Season 7, Spader, Steinhil, Steinhil 2, Steven Biel, sublet, suicide (fake), Teague, Tension pneumothorax, The Blacklist, the con, The Illusionist, The Protocol, The Rostov family can be rather eccentric, The Townsend Directive, Tolliver, Tolliver is Rostova, Tolstoy, Townsend Directive, tracking chip, transfusion, triage cube, trust, unhappy families, warehouse, What I want – is my family back, wheelchair, who people are supposed to be is rarely who they are, Wilkinson, You raised an old ghost, You’re pretty

Episode 7:3 Les Fleurs du Mal

#151; BL#151; Blacklister #151; ⭕, 0703, 703, @NBCBlacklist, Agent Fields, Agnes Keen, alive (feeling), anniversary, Aram kisses Elodie, Aram undercover, arterial gas embolism, Ascot, ate her all up (The Wicked Wolf), Aubeelauck, Barbie, Barbies (princess), Baudelaire, Berdy, Big Bad Wolf, black seal, Blacklist, bombing, book banning, books, Boone, boredom, bracelets (glowing), bug, Campbell, Charles Baudelaire, Charles Radcliffe, corn chowder, danger exhilarating, death challenge, debauchery, decadence, decadence of wealthy, decadent misanthropes, Defiance, Ding-dong ditch, dolls (princess), drowning, Dubai Shergar Cup, 💦, ears (what big … you have), elites, Elizabeth Keen, Elodie kisses Aram, Elodie Radcliffe, ELT beacon, ennui, Episode 3, estrangement, exhilarating (danger), fairy tale, Farwell, feeling alive, fields, Fleurs du Mal, flotation noodle, Flowers of Evil, Francesca Campbell, Frankie Campbell, glowing bracelets, house key copied, I hope all your fairy tales come true, informant, Island, James Spader, Katarina Rostova, Katarina Rostova bugs Liz, Keen, Les Fleurs du Mal, listening device, Little Red Riding Hood, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzy, lottery, Louis T Steinhil, Louis T Steinhil killed, Maddy Tolliver, mafia (Russian), Megan Boone, mob (Russian), money can’t buy, Navabi, NBC, necklace, Nice noodle, noodle (flotation), numbness, Palmer, Paul Farwell, Peppermill (The), Player (The), Prackett, Prackett contracted Steinhil, Prince Charming, princess, princess Barbies, princess dolls, Radcliffe, Raymond, Red, Red Riding Hood, Reddington, risk, risk taking, Rostova, Rostova bugs Liz, Russian mafia, Russian mob, Russian Vor, S07E03, S7E03, Samar Navabi, script, Season 7, secret society, Shameel Aubeelauck, She’s good – She is very good, snitch, Spader, Steinhil, Steinhil contracted by Prackett, Steinhil killed, stroganoff, swimming pool, teeth (what big … you have), The Blacklist, The Defiance, The Flowers of Evil, The Peppermill, The Player, The Wicked Wolf … ate her all up, Thelonius Prackett, Thelonius Prackett contracted Louis T Steinhil, thrill seeking, Tolliver, Townsend Directive, Truffaut, Vance Palmer, violent entertainment, wealth, wealthy debauchery, wealthy decadence, what big ears you have, what big teeth you have, Wicked Wolf, Wicked Wolf … ate her all up, Wolf (Big Bad), Wolf (Wicked), yacht, You’re good but I’m better

Episode 7:4 Kuwait

#000; BL#0; Blacklister #0; ⭕, 0704, 1989, 704, @NBCBlacklist, abduction, Agnes Keen, Allspice, ambush, Arlington National Cemetary, backstory (Cooper), backstory (Harold Cooper), Berdy, betrayal, Blacklist, blow the whistle, bomb (bunker buster), Boone, bribes, bug, bunker buster bomb, cage (prisoner), Campbell, Captain Ross, captivity, chain of command, CIA, CIA outpost, coloring book, Cooper, Cooper (young), Cooper backstory, coordinates, cruise missile, Cynthia Panabaker, Daniel Hutton, Denora Mejia, died 30 years ago, dirty little war, dog tags, drone, drone strike, Dungeon Master, 💰, Elizabeth Keen, Episode 4, Farhad, flash drive, flash drive (incriminating), following orders, Francesca Campbell, Frankie Campbell, gaming store, gravestone (Daniel Hutton), H&K416, Harold Cooper, Harold Cooper (young), Harold Cooper backstory, He died 30 years ago, honor, Hutton, identity (true), illegal order, Ilya Koslov, Impossible odds. This’ll be fun, incriminating flash drive, incriminating thumb drive, intelligence leak, interesting Raymond Reddington, interesting Reddington, Iran, Iranian Guard, James Spader, Katarina Rostova, Keen, Khodah, kidnapping, Koslov, Kurds, Kuwait, Kuwait City, leak (intelligence), listening device, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzy, Maddy Tolliver, MAGIC: The Gathering, Magnificent Seven, Megan Boone, Mejia, Middle East, militia, Minesweep One, nanny, Naval Intelligence, Navy Cross, NBC, operation (unsanctioned), opium den, opium smoking, order (following), orders (illegal), Ordinary Meeples, outpost (CIA), Panabaker, patriot treated like a traitor, poison wind, POW, princess coloring book, princess tent, prisoner cage, prisoner of war, Raymond, Raymond Reddington (interesting), Raymond Reddington (real), real Raymond Reddington, real Reddington, Red, Reddington, Reddington (interesting), Reddington (real), Revolutionary Guard, Ross (Captain), Rostova, S07E04, S7E04, sanctions, script, Season 7, secrets, Simoon, SIPRNet, slurping soft drink, smoking opium, soft drink (slurping), Spader, speaking truth to power, telling truth to power, The Blacklist, The Simoon, thumb drive, thumb drive (incriminating), Tolliver, traitor treated like a patriot, true identity, truth teller, truth to power, unsanctioned operation, urchin, water pipe, whistleblower, young Cooper, young Harold Cooper, Zahedan Iran

Episode 7:5 Norman Devane

#138; BL#138; Blacklister #138; ⭕, 0705, 705, @NBCBlacklist, Abbott Boarding School, aerosol (anesthetic), Ambati, Anatole Kuragin, anesthesia, anesthetic aerosol, anesthetic mist, antibiotics, Assad, assassin, B-negative blood, bacteria (Vibrio vulnificus), Berdy Chernov, biogenetics, biohazard suit, bioweapons, Blacklist, blisters, blood (B-negative), blood draw, blood panel, blood panel results, blood test results, Bloom (surname), boarding school, Boone, Burroughs, cancer, Castro, chaos (comfortable with), chart (medical), chart (Red’s), Chernov, children (experimenting on), Children of Mercy Hospital, comfortable with chaos consierge nurse, Constance Drucker, cosmic huh?, Crane (Mr), crashing a wedding, Cuba, death, Devane, disease (weaponized), disinfectant, DNA report, DNA sequencing, Dr Ambati, Dr Kelvin Mitchell, Dr Mitchell, Dr Who, drone strike, Drucker, drug resistance, drug resistant, dying (Red), Elizabeth Keen, Elodie Radcliffe, Episode 5, Episode 5 Norman Devane, everything happens for a reason, exclusive boarding school, experimenting on children, Falls Church VA, fatalist, Fidel Castro, Flynn, Frank Bloom, Frank Bloom aka The Stranger, Friend in Paris, futures market, Gansky, gas (This is gonna be a), gaucho, genetic profile, genetics, genius, genome sequencing, genomics, germ warfare, germophobia, goddaughter, Gregory Flynn, hacker, hacker (Ukrainian), hair trigger, Havana Cuba, hazmat suit, Headmaster, hospital, hot-boxing, Howard (Howie), immunotherapy, injection, James Spader, janitor freak, Katarina Rostova, Keen, Keller, Kelvin Mitchell, killer for hire, killing in hog futures, Kuragin, lab rat, laundry bin, Libyan bioweapons, Linda Bloom, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzy, lust, Masuda, meant to be, medical chart, medical record, medical record (Red’s), Megan Boone, Mitchell (surname), mobile hospital, name badges, National Diagnostics Lab (NDL), National Security Branch (NSB), NBC, NDL, Norman Devane, NSB, nurse (concierge), obstruction of justice, Our Friend in Paris, Patagonia, pathogens, Patrick Masuda, Paul Revere, pepper casters, pork bellies, Portuguese, prognosis (Red’s), Putin, Radcliffe, Raul Castro, Raymond, reason (everything happens for a), Red, Red is dying, Red terminally ill, Red’s chart, Red’s medical record, Red’s prognosis, Reddington, Revere, Rostova, S07E05, S7E05, salt and pepper shakers, scholarship, script, Season 7, sedation, Seven Deadly Sins, Skittish Man, Spader, Spalding Stark, Stark, Stark’s treatment was ineffective, Stranger, Stranger (aka Frank Bloom), syringe, terminally ill (Red), The Blacklist, The Stranger, The Stranger (aka Frank Bloom), Theo Wolf, things happen for a reason, This is gonna be a gas!, two-for-one sale, velour tracksuit, Vibrio vulnificus, Walter Reed Hospital, weaponized disease, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate, wedding, wedding (goddaughter’s), wedding crashing, wedding reception, weed, weird stuff happens, William Burroughs, WMD, WMDD/NSB, Wolf (Theo)

Episode 7:6 Dr Lewis Powell

#130; BL#130; Blacklister #130; ⭕, 0706, 4chan, 706, @NBCBlacklist, A.I., A.I. (seed), A.I. persona Clark, A.I. winter, Agent Alina Park, Agent Park, Agent Park bad timing, Aiden McCullough, Alexander (surname), Alexandria VA, Alina Park, AlmaCorp, ALS, Anchorage, Ann McCullough, apple brown betty, apples (Ribston Pippin), Aram and Elodie, artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence persona Clark, assassin, bad timing (Agent Park), Bagration (Prince Pyotr), Baldwin, betrayal, bio-digital fusion, Blacklist, bomb vest, bombing, Boone, botched interrogation, Bramante’s Tempietto, breaking and entering, Brimley, brown betty, burden (you’re my … not hers), Campbell, Campbell killed by Red, Castro’s thermidor, catfight, cigar, Clark (A.I. persona), Communism … still produces a damn fine cigar, Cuban cigar, darkness inside, David Quentin, dealbreaker, death of me (You’re gonna be the), deepfake, disability, doctored video, Donato Bramante’s Tempietto, Dr Alexander, Dr Lewis Powell, Dr Long, Dr Michael Alexander, Dr Powell, Dr Tracy Long, DXE Labs, Elizabeth Keen, Elodie and Aram, Elodie Radcliffe, Episode 6, EVAC system, fake video, Family God country, FleetAI, Francesca Campbell, Francesca Campbell killed by Red, Frankie Campbell, Frankie Campbell killed by Red, Glory of York, God Family country, GPS, hacker, hacking, Higgins, hitman, hoax, In peace sons bury their fathers, In war fathers bury their sons, interrogation (botched), ISP, Israeli espionage, It feels so wrong right?, Ito, Jaden Alexander, James Spader, Jones, Katarina Rostova, Katarina Rostova deepfake, Keen, Leo Tolstoy, Lewis and Clark, Lewis Powell, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzy, Long (surname), loyalty test, machines (rise of the), Manhattan for a couple of beaver pelts, McCullough, Megan Boone, Michael Alexander, mitzvah, modulated voice, Mr Brimley, Mr-Rite, murder by cop, NBC, pacemaker, Park (Agent), Park (surname), Powell, Prince Pyotr Bagration, psycho computer, Pyotr Bagration (Prince), Quentin (surname), Radcliffe, Raymond, Red, Red executes Frankie Campbell, Red kills Frankie Campbell, Reddington, Reddit, respirator, Ressler gets hugged, Ribston Pippin apples, Richmond VA, rise of the machines, risk, risk taking, rootkit, Rostova, Rostova deepfake, S07E06, S7E06, script, Season 7, secret, seed A.I., Singularity, sniper, snitch, Spader, suicide by cop, suicide vest, taboo, Tadashi Ito, Tempietto (Donato Bramante’s), Terminator, test of loyalty, test. You failed (This was a), The Blacklist, The Singularity, The Terminator, This was a test. You failed, Tolstoy, Tracy Long, trust, Trust is so fragile, utilidor, vetting new agent, video (doctored), video (fake), voice (GPS), voice (modulated), Vontae Jones, VPN, Walter Higgins, War and Peace, Washington Monument, wheelchair, Yes sir no sir. Family God country, York (Glory of), You’re far too brutal, You’re gonna be the death of me, you’re my burden not hers, zombie-bot

Episode 7:7 Hannah Hayes

#125; BL#125; Blacklister #125; ⭕, 0707, 707, @NBCBlacklist, abduction, abortion, abortion laws, abstinence (sexual), Agent Alina Park, Agent Park, Agnes Keen, Alina Park, Andrew Darvis, baby formula, Baptist, bath house, Berdy, Blacklist, blood disease, Bloom (surname), Boone, c-section, camper, camping, casino bill, child custody, Cironato crime family, clinic, conservatism, conservatism (social), Constance Drucker, control over one’s body, courage of conviction, Daisy Hayes, Darvis, Devane, Drucker, drug regimen, election, Elizabeth Keen, embryo (fertilized), Episode 7, estrogen, Fairy Godmother, faith (test of), Faith family and freedom in America, false faith, family planning, family values, fertilization (in vitro), fertilized embryo, fetal heartbeat, fight in bath house, forced pregnancy, formula (baby), Frank Bloom, gangbangers, godmother (fairy), Governor Richard Sweeney, Governor Sweeney, guardian angel, Hannah Hayes, harness, Hayes, hoist, hostage, Ilya Koslov, Ilya Koslov is not Red, immunosuppressants, in vitro fertilization, IVF, James Robson, James Spader, Janey, Katarina Rostova, Keen, kidnapping, Koslov, Koslov is not Red, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzy, lobbyist, Maddy Tolliver, male pregnancy, mask (pig), Masked Man, Mason, Masuda, Megan Boone, men controlling women’s bodies, men having babies, MI6, miracle of life, mob (Russian), morality, Morozov, Motya Morozov, mud pies, NBC, Norman Devane, object lesson, parental rights, Park (Rock Creek), Park (surname), Pastor Andrew Darvis, Pastor Darvis, Patrick Masuda, Patty Sweeney, phone bank, picnic table, pig mask, pinky swear, politics, pregnancy, rape, Raymond, Red, Red is not Ilya Koslov, Reddington, religion, reproductive rights, Richard Sweeney, Robson, Robson Research, Rock Creek Park, Roe v Wade, Rostova, Russian mob, RV, S07E07, S7E07, script, Season 7, sex change, sexual abstinence, Simon Peter, Skip Sutherland, social conservatism, Spader, Speedy Linen Supplies, storage facility, Sutherland, Sweeney, test of faith, The Blacklist, The Stranger, theft, tire iron, Tolliver, transplant (uterus), uterus transplant, values, values (family), Wendell Willis, Willis (surname), women’s bodies (men controlling), women’s rights

Episode 7:8 The Hawaladar

#162; BL#162; Blacklister #162; ⭕, 0708, 708, @NBCBlacklist, Agent Alina Park, Agent Park, Agent Truax, Agnes draws body in park, Agnes Keen, Alfred Yang, Alina Park, always bet on Red, Arjun, Ashtapada, Atticus, banking, bath house, Belgrade, Berdy Chertov, bet on Red, Beth, Bhavish Ratna, Blacklist, blood on mirror, Bloom, body in park, Boone, Cantonese dialogue, Carter, casino night, Chertov, chess, Chinese crime syndicate, Chinese take out containers, Clay Elephant, Constance Drucker, contrition (nothing voices … better than silence), cracked mirror with blood, Crime Syndicate (Zhao), DEA, DEA Officer, dead man (picture of a), DMV, double cross, Drucker, Drug Enforcement Agency, drug trafficking, Eli Atticus, Elizabeth Keen, Episode 8, executioner (third), extraction expert (high value target), finder, Frank Bloom, free as a bird, gambling, Glen Carter, guardian angel, hanging, hawala, Hawaladar, high value target extraction expert, hospital, hospital ID badge, I always bet on Red, ID badge with tracking chip, Ilya Koslov, Indian restaurant, informant, IOU system, James Spader, judo, junk science, Katarina Rostova, Keen, kemosabe, Koslov, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzy, loan, London, Maddy Tolliver, masala chai, meal ticket (=million dollars), meatball sub, Megan Boone, Memory Extractor, mirror cracked with blood, money laundering, money transfer, moving company, Nations First Hospital, NBC, New York City, nothing voices contrition better than silence, Orion Relocation Services, Parallel parking is a lost art, Park (Rock Creek), Park (surname), picture of a dead man, PPR Global, prison break, protective detail, raspberry sherbet, Ratna, Raymond, Red, Red (I always bet on), Red throws sub sandwich, Red yells at Glen, Reddington, RICO, Rock Creek Park, Rostova, roulette, S07E08, S7E08, safe house, Sai, script, Season 7, sherbet, shopping bags, Skip Sutherland, Spader, stabbing, sub sandwich, suicide attempt, Sutherland, The Blacklist, The Hawaladar, third executioner, Tolliver, Townsend Directive, tracker, tracking chip in ID badge, Truax, Trudy’s raspberry sherbet party punch, undercover, vindaloo, witness protection for criminals, Yang, Zhao Crime Syndicate, Zhao Triad, Zhao Wing

Episode 7:9 Orion Relocation Services

#159; BL#159; Blacklister #159; ⭕, 0709, 1991, 709, @NBCBlacklist, abuse (physical), abusive relationship, Agent Alina Park, Agent Gentry, Agent Harris Gentry, Agent Park, Agnes Keen, Alina Park, all-seeing eye, Barbie (bugged), becoming Reddington, Belgrade, Berdy Chertov, birthday party in park, Bisset, Blacklist, Blakiston fish owl, Bloom, body and park, Boone, bounty, Brooklyn, bugged Barbie, Burke, Cabal, Cape May, Chateau d’Yquem, Chef Rasmus Ray, Chertov, Comestible, Dart (surname), death spectacle, Denise Young, diamond (Dresden Green), diamonds, dining in the dark, Dom’s plan to kill Katarina, Dom’s plan to protect Masha, Dominic Wilkinson, Dr Hans Koehler, Dr Koehler, Dr Quackenstein, Dresden Green, Elizabeth Keen, endangered owl, endangered species, Episode 9, Falls Church VA, fence (criminal), flashbacks, Flynn, Frank Bloom, Gentry, Gregory Flynn, Hans Koehler, Harris Gentry, hotel slippers, hump like rabbits, hunted like an animal, hypnosis, hypnotism, I’m your mother, identity theft, Ilya Koslov, In your dreams handsome, infamous Russian traitor, injection, interrogation resistance, James Spader, jewelry heist, jewelry theft, junk science, Katarina (Dom’s plan to kill), Katarina (Liz finds out Maddy is), Katarina is Maddy, Katarina Rostova, Katarina Rostova’s a natural born killer, Keen, KGB, Koehler, Koslov, Lidocaine, lights out, Liz, Liz finds out Maddy is Katarina, Lizzie, Lizzy, lucid, lucid waking dream state, Lydia Dart, mace, Maddy, Maddy is Katarina (Liz finds out), Madeline Tolliver, marvel of overstatement, Masha, Masha (plan to protect), Megan Boone, memories (suppressed), memory extraction, memory recall, memory recovery, Monitor Moving Company, Morozov, mother (I’m your), mother/daughter, Motya Morozov, moving company, My nanny has to go, My uvula is quivering, nanny, nanny has to go, natural born killer, NBC, Neville Townsend, night vision goggles, non-binary pals, Orion, Orion Relocation Services, owl, Park (surname), pepper spray, Petrov, physical abuse, pipe, plan to kill Katarina, plan to protect Masha, plastic surgery, plastic wrap, Potash, protect Masha (plan to), Pyotr, Quakenstein, quivering (My uvula is), Rasmus Ray, Ray (surname), Raymond, Recovered Memory Therapy, Red, Red involved in plan to kill Katarina, Reddington, restaurant (underground), restraining order, Richard Potash, RMT, Rostova, Russian Embassy, Russian mob, Russian traitor, Russian Vory, S07E09, S7E09, science (junk), script, Season 7, secret, She has to die, shotgun, Skovic, Sofia Burke, Sofia Burke shoots Stella Bisset, Spader, spectacle of my death, Stella Bisset, Stella Bisset (Sofia Burke shoots), stupid hotel slippers, suicide, suppressed memories, surgery, syringe, target on her back, The Blacklist, theft (identity), theft (jewelry), Tolliver, Tommy Petrov, Townsend, Townsend Directive, typewriter, underground restaurant, uvula, Victor Skovic, video (birthday party), Vory, Vukov Station, waking dream state, war room, Wilkinson, You think I killed someone?, You want me to kill your daughter?, You were done! You were out!, Young (surname)

Episode 7:10 Katarina Rostova

#003; BL#3; Blacklister #3; ⭕, 0710, 710, @NBCBlacklist, acupuncture, ADX Supermax Prison, Agent Alina Park, Agent King, Agent Park, Agent Rapione, Agnes Keen, Alina Park, altercation (signs of), anxiety and dread, Barbie, Beowulf, Berdy Chernov, Blacklist, Bloom (surname), Bogdan Krilov, Boone, Bosco, bounty, brain (scrambled my), butchering chickens, Chernov, chickens, Chinatown, Chinese healing, Chinese miracle worker, chocolate milk, Chocolate-chip pancakes, Chuck, coffee table, Dan Lynch. death faked, death faked (Katarina), Death must be so beautiful, Dom, Dom’s plan to kill Katarina, Dom’s plan to protect Masha, Dominic Wilkinson, Dr Bogdan Krilov, Dr Krilov, Elizabeth Keen, Episode 10, escape through tunnel, fake death, fake death (Katarina), Fall Finale, family, file missing, Florence CO, Flynn, Frank Bloom, gag, Gregory Flynn, Hawkins, Heddie Hawkins, Hershey’s, hunted, I did protect you, I’m your mother, I’m a Rostova, I’m on the side of the truth, Ilya keeps Red’s secret, Ilya Koslov, impersonation, James Spader, Katarina (Dom’s plan to kill), Katarina (Liz finds out Maddy is), Katarina fakes her death, Katarina is Maddy, Katarina Rostova, Katarina Rostova (episode), Kazanjian brothers, Keen, King (surname), Koslov, Krilov, like an egg (scrambled my brain), living in the moment, Liz, Liz finds out Maddy is Katarina, Liz/Katarina, Liz’s choice, Lizzie, Lizzy, Lynch (surname), Maddy, Maddy is Katarina (Liz finds out), Madeline Tolliver, Masha Rostova, Megan Boone, memories (suppressed), memory extraction, memory recall, memory recovery, missing file, Morgan, mother (I’m your), mother/daughter, mother/daughter reunion, nanny, NBC, Nesquik, Nshan Kazanjian, Park (surname), Pasha Kazanjian, plan to kill Katarina, plan to protect Masha, prison (Supermax), protect Masha (plan to), protect you (I did), Rapione, Raymond, Recovered Memory Therapy, Red, Reddington, Ressler plans revenge on Krilov, reunion (mother/daughter), rhetorical question, RMT, Rostova, Rostova (I’m a), S07E10, S7E10, scrambled my brain like an egg, script, Season 7, secret (Ilya keeps Red’s), signs of an altercation, Skovic, solitary confinement, Spader, SSG, Supermax prison, suppressed memories, The Blacklist, Tongji, Townsend, Townsend Directive, TRF, truth (I’m on the side of the), tunnel (escape through), Victor Skovic, Wilkinson, You tried to kill your own child

Episode 7:11 Victoria Fenberg

#137; BL#137; Blacklister #137; ⭕, 0711, 12th Century Byzantine, 711, @NBCBlacklist, ablutions, About as much as a politician’s word, addiction, AFib, Agnes, Agnes in ballet, Anastasia, Anthony Eagleton, Aram tells Elodie about task force, Aram/Elodie, arms supplying, art (counterfeit), art assessor, Art Collector, art forgery, art theft, Artemyvsk Ukraine, Asmal, ballet, bathtub (waffle-maker in), billionaire, birthday (Dembe’s), Bittman, black market, Blacklist, bomb scare, Boone, Byzantine nesting caskets, camera obscura, Cardiff Giant, caskets (nesting), Charles Radcliffe, Charles Radcliffe has heart attack, class action lawsuit, counterfeit art, counterfeits, CPR, Croft Thornberry, Cynthia Mallet, Dembe’s birthday, Donbas (War in), Eagleton, electrocution, Elizabeth Keen, Elodie/Aram, Episode 11, Faberge egg, fake art, Fenberg, Fenberg estate, forgery, forgery (art), gasoline explosion, GFCI, Grecian (The tragedy is positively), heart attack (Charles Radcliffe has), hoax, Hoogstraten, horseback riding, horses, I slept like a vampire, Island, island retreat, James Spader, Judith Leyster, Keen, lawsuit (class action), lemons to lemonade, Leyster, liability, lilac fairy, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzy, Mallet (Cynthia), martini, Matryoshkas, Megan Boone, Mr Orville, Mr Vries, museum, NBC, nesting caskets, Oedipal, Oksana, Olympian Gallery, opioid lawsuits, opioids, Orville (Mr), paintings (fake), paintings (forged), politician’s word (About as much as a), Purdue Pharmaceuticals, Radcliffe, Raymond, Red, Red plays dead, Reddington, Ressler in tights, Ressler suspects Victoria, retreat on island, revenge, Richard Vitaris, Russia, Russo-Ukrainian War, S07E11, S7E11, Sackler family, Sadiq Asmal, Samuel van Hoogstraten, Saul Bittman, script, seafood tower, Season 7, separatists, Sleeping Beauty, Spader, The Blacklist, The tragedy is positively Grecian, theft (art), Thornberry, tights (Ressler in), trust (financial), Turkey, Ukraine, vampire (I slept like a), Vasyl, vengetta, ventilator, Victoria Fenberg, Visiting the enemy?, Vitaris, Vries, waffle-maker in bathtub, waffles, War in Donbas, woman from Paris, wrongful death

Episode 7:12 Cornelius Ruck

#155; BL#155; Blacklister #155; ⭕, 0712, 12th Century Byzantine, 712, @NBCBlacklist, Agnes dances in Sleeping Beauty, Agnes Keen, Ahmet, amateur entomologist, Annika Logan, anti-coagulating agent. antiques, aquavit, archaeological dig, Arthur Rodman, assets (list of), asthma, autopsies (do you do … during all your dates?), autopsy, ballet, Bianchi, bigger life, black market, Blacklist, bloodhound, Blue Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond, bomb maker, Boone, butler did it, Byzantine nesting caskets, can opener (lock picker), caskets (nesting), Cassandra Bianchi, Cassandra kisses Red, Cassandra/Red, CIA agent, Cornelius Ruck, crime of passion, cursed, Cynthia Mallet, dig in Turkey, do you do autopsies during all your dates?, dynamite, Elizabeth Keen, entomologist (amateur), Episode 12, explosion. FBI undercover agent (fake), finder, fingers cut off, fish (You forgot the), forensic investigation, ghost stories, Gibson Desert Australia, goon with a gun, hemorrhage (internal), honeypot ants and eucalyptus, Hotel de la Mer, I fulfilled my obligation, I get rich. You die, I had obligations, I like committing crimes of passion. Want to commit one now?, insects, internal hemorrhage, Interpol, investigation (forensic), Iqbal, island retreat, James Spader, Joko Kozinski, Kayseri Province Turkey, Keen, Korgeneral Ordu, Kozinski, ladle, lilac fairy, Lisbon, list of assets, list of Turkish assets, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzy, lock picker, Logan, Mahmoud Iqbal, Mallet (Cynthia), Margo, Marseilles, mass murder, Megan Boone, microdot, microscope, misjudge one another, Mr Vries, murder mystery, NBC, nebulizer, nesting caskets, obligation (I fulfilled my), obligations, old flame, operatives (Turkish). Petechial hemorrhages, plastic explosives, poisoning, Qianlong vase, Raymond, Red, Red does autopsy, Red makes microscope, Red/Cassandra, Reddington, retreat on island, Rodman, Ruck, S07E12, S7E12, safecracker, sailfish, script, seaplane, Season 7, security expert, Sleeping Beauty (Agnes dances in), Smithsonian, snowstorm, Spader, superstition, Tchaikovsky, The Blacklist, The butler did it, Turkey, Turkish assets, Turkish operatives, undercover agent, Vries, We may not have bigger lives but we have each other, weather, What do you intend to do – poke him to death?, whodunit, world that I couldn’t see had suddenly revealed itself, You forgot the fish, You may have come into her life out of obligation but you’re staying in it for love

Episode 7:13 Newton Purcell

#144; BL#144; Blacklister #144; ⭕, $12 million truck, 0713, 713, @NBCBlacklist, abduction, acute auditory distress, Agent Alina Park, Agent Glasser, Agent Park, Agent Park loses control, Agnes Keen, Alina Park, aneurysm, angioplasty, Annapolis MD, answer to his prayers, Aram finds Elodie’s prenup, Aram suspects Elodie, Aram wants children, Aram wants kids, Aram/Elodie, athletic clothes, auditory distress, autopsy photos, ♫ Eye of the Tiger, Big John, Bishop (Libby), black market tritium, Blacklist, BOLO, bomb, Boone, brain hemorrhage, bribery, bunions, car dealership, Carter, Charles Radcliffe dies, children (Aram wants), children (whether to have), competition, contest, continuous sound hazards, contrarian by necessity not by choice (I’m a), corruption, Culpeper Electric, Dara Lin, directed ultrasonic waves, Dobbs, dog (fake), Dr Dara Lin, earpiece, Elizabeth Keen, Elodie Radcliffe, Elodie/Aram, environmental impact report, Episode 13, Esi Jackson, Estate Attorney, eyes blown out, G wagon (Mercedes), ghost (He’s a), ghost hunter, Glasser, Glen (my man), Glen Carter, Glen loses chipment, go box with shape of Liz’s scar, hammer toe, Hands On a Hard Body, Healy, hearing aid, Heart Surgeon, He’s a ghost, Houston TX, I’m a contrarian by necessity not by choice, I’m not rubbing his feet, inheritance, Jackson, James Spader, Jelly Bean, Keen, kidnapping, kids (Aram wants), killed by sound, Kleeman, Libby Bishop, light pollution, Lin (Dr), lithotripsy, Liz, Liz hires P.I., Liz’s scar, Lizzie, Lizzy, Macy (dog), Maybach (Mercedes), meatball, Megan Boone, Mercedes, Mercedes sports car, Mr X, murder by sound, my guy Glen, my man Glen, NBC, Newton Purcell, NSA data, nuclear warheads, Optimus Data Company, Optimus Tech, P.I., Park (Agent), Park almost kills Purcell, Park crosses the line, Park loses control, Pastor Ritzen, Pi, pollution (light), pollution (sound), prayers (answer to his), prenup, prenuptial agreement, Private Investigator, protective custody, Psychotic and worth every penny, Purcell, R-Squared, Radcliffe, Radcliffe dies, Raymond, Red, Reddington, Ritzen, Ryan Healy, S-class (Mercedes), S07E13, S7E13, scar (Liz’s), Scranton PA, script, Season 7, server farm, Shock wave lithotripsy, sky diving, SL Roadster (Mercedes), sonic bathtub, sonic weapon, sound (hazard of continuous), sound (murder by), sound driving a man insane, sound pollution, Spader, sperm count, Sprinter (Mercedes), stents, strangulation, test balloon, The Blacklist, think is you think too much (What I), tithing, Tokyo shipment, Tom’s go box, torture, trial balloon, tritium, Trojan Horse, ultrasonic waves (directed), vicuna, Westlake MD, What I think is you think too much, whether to have children

Episode 7:14 Twamie Ullulaq

#126; BL#126; Blacklister #126; ⭕, 0714, 714, @NBCBlacklist, abduction, addiction, Agent Alina Park, Agent Park, Alaska, Alaska Triangle, Alaskan Natives, Alina Park, Alina Park’s Mother, ambergris, Anchorage AK, Aram arrests Elodie, Aram draws blood from Charles Radcliffe’s neck, Bagley Icefield, bear trap, Bergen Norway, bike path in Fort Slocum park, black sheep, Blacklist, Boone, cabin (communications center in), camp, car accident, Charles Radcliffe was killed by Elodie Radcliffe, Chugach Range, CIA, coffin (picking out), coincidences (There’s no … here), Cold War, communications center in cabin, Connor, counterinsurgency, counterterrorism, Cowboy Trail, cue the Greek chorus, Dillinger, dirty cop, disappearances, Eaton, Edward Lussier, Elizabeth Keen, Elmendorf AK, Elodie killed her husband, Elodie Radcliffe, encampment, Episode 14, exploitation of Native Americans, Fleurs du Mal, Fort Slocum park, German pharmaceuticals, Gerrit, GPS, Greek chorus (cue the), Greek tragedy, Hale Boggs, Hasidic Jew, heroin, heroin addiction, heroin overdose, hijacking, House Majority Leader, I died once in Alaska, I wonder how much you’re worth, I’m nobody, ice-road trucker, immunity agreement (Eaton’s), indigenous peoples, insurance, Italian parfumeri, Italy, James Spader, John Dillinger, Keen, kidnapping, Leander, Les Fleurs du Mal, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzy, Lussier, Lussier saves Park, Maxwell Barrett, Megan Boone, metal shed, Milan Italy, missing trucks, murder weapon, Native Alaskans, Native Americans, NBC, Nordic princess, Northern Lights, Old Mac, Operation Washtub, opioid addiction, overdose, parfumerie, Park, Park (Agent), Park (Alina), park (Fort Slocum), Park confesses to Cooper, Park is a dirty cop, Park overdosed her mother, Park’s past in Alaska, perfume shop, perfumery, pharmaceutical shipment, poisoning, Port of Anchorage, Prackett, prenup, prenuptial agreement, princess in Norway, Prudhoe Bayl, Quill Creek, Radcliffe, Raymond, Red, Red arranged Park and Lussier meeting, Red breaks perfume bottle, Red cooks salmon, Red Scare, Reddington, Representative Boggs, Representative Hale Boggs, Ressler, Ressler’s brother Robby, revenge, Robby Ressler, Rossi, Rossi Grande Estratto No. 1. Questo, S07E14, S7E14, script, Season 7, self-loathing, semi-trailer trucks, semis, shed (metal), Shiozake, shipment (pharmaceuticals), shotgun, Spader, TEU values (insurance), The Blacklist, The Defiance, Thelonius Prackett, There’s no coincidences here, truck hijacking, trucker (ice-road), trucks (missing), trucks sunk in lake, Twamie Ullulaq, Ullulaq, unexplained disappearances, US government cheated Native Alaskans, Wasilla AK, weigh station, whale vomit, Wilbur Eaton, Wyatt, You can’t just ignore him. He’s family, Young Alina Park

Episode 7:15 Gordon Kemp

#158; BL#158; Blacklister #158; ⭕, 0715, 2nd Amendment, 30 guns, 715, @NBCBlacklist, abduction, accepted into college, Ambers, Ana Salgado, Anne Fleet, armed robbery, AUSA Sam Horan, awful but lawful, background check, badass Liz, Blacklist, Bloom, blue car, blue Chevy, blue Malibu, blurring the lines, board game torture, board games, Boone, Borns, Botched Mini-Mart Robbery Leaves Two Dead, Brady Campaign, breakdown (Ilya has), Brimley, By sending me to my room without supper?, car accident (fake), Carly Ambers, case is dismissed, cash register, ceiling fan, changing the narrative, Chapel Hill, Charles Dickens, cheap guns, cheapest 9mm, Chevy Malibu, Chicago IL, Chuck, Chutes and Ladders, college acceptance, convenience story, Cooper doesn’t trust Liz, Cooper tricks Liz, count to 10, Dalman, dark impulses, decoys, Dembe abducts Esi Jackson, Dickens, Edward Martell, Elizabeth Keen, entrapment, Episode 15, Esi Jackson, execution, fake car accident, Fine Caliber Arms International, FineCal, FineCal 9, FineCal9, flashbacks (Ilya has), Fleet (Anne), Frank Bloom, games (board), gang member, Gordon Kemp, Gordon Kemp executed by Red, Gordon Kemp killed by Red, Gordon Kemp‘s lawyer, gun collecting gun lobby, gun manufacturer, gun rights, gun sales, gun shipments, gun show, guns, guns … are the tools of my trade, Hawkins, Heddie Hawkins, hold up, holdup, Horan, If the law says that then the law is an ass, illegal firearms, illegal gun purchases, Ilya fights with Dembe, Ilya goes crazy, Ilya has breakdown, Ilya has flashbacks of Katarina and Skovic, Ilya is paranoid, Ilya Koslov, Ilya panics, Ilya spied on by Liz, In my world if I think you’re guilty – I just execute sentence, Jackson, James Dalman, James Spader, Judge Borns, judge dismisses case, Judson, Judson Firearms, Katarina Rostova, Keen, Kemp, Kemp executed by Red, Kemp killed by Red, Ken Judson, Koslov, law is an ass (If the law says that then the), lawyer (Gordon Kemp’s), Linda Bloom, line between right and wrong blurred, Liz, Liz hires PI to spy on Ilya, Lizzie, Lizzy, Malibu (blue), Martell, Megan Boone, mini-mart, minimart, moral compass, Morgan, narrative (changing the), National Rifle Association, NBC, no collectible value, no luck in Three Card Monte, NRA, NSA, NSA data, Oregon Trail, P.I., paranoia, Parcheesi, pawn, Pi, playing hardball (metaphorically), PR, press release, Private Investigator, public relations, Raymond, Red, Red executes Gordon Kemp, Red executes Kemp, Red finds out Liz hired PI to spy on Ilya, red flags, Red only sells weapons for military use, Red shoots Gordon Kemp, Red shoots Kemp, Red witnesses shooting in convenience store, Reddington, retirement party, right vs wrong, robbery, Rostova, S07E15, S7E15, Salgado, Sam Horan, Scrabble, script, Season 7, Second Amendment rights, semiautomatic guns, sensible gun legislation to curb senseless gun violence, setup, She’s watching, shipment of guns, Skovic, slime vs crime, smear campaign, smearing the victim, Sofia Salgado, Sofia Salgado murdered, Spader, sport protection order, Stick Up, Stickup, straw purchaser, straw purchasers, talking points, The Blacklist, Three Card Monte (no luck in), torture with board games, trap, truck decoys, trust, undercover, victim smearing, Victor Skovic, well-regulated militia, You betrayed us, You don’t trust me

Episode 7:16 Nyle Hatcher

#149; BL#149; Blacklister #149; ⭕, 0716, 716, @NBCBlacklist, A5 olive wagyu beef, Abbas, abduction, Abraham Geller, accident (ferry-boat), accidental deaths, adoption, airplane crash, Aram identifies father from mother’s blood, artificial insemination, Ashby, Asmal, Asylum seekers, beef (Japanese), beef (Wagyu), Bethesda MD, big fish, birds and bees, Blacklist, blackmail, Boneyard Killer, Boone, buried alive, c-section scar, cemeteries as dumpsites, Child Abduction Response team, Child Protective Services, childbirth, children were the solution, Chuck, cold case, corpses used for sperm, Costas Korba, courthouse file clerk, CPS, crash (airplane), dead men tell no tales, Dembe’s imam, Dembe’s imam abducted by Katarina, Dembe’s imam kidnapped by Katarina, dirty little secrets, Disaster Mortuary Operational Response Team, DMORT, DNA testing, Donna, donors, Elizabeth Keen, enemies (You have powerful), Entz, Episode 16, Esi Jackson, every child should have a loving home. Just not yours, family, ferry boat accident, fetal cells cross the placenta, field morgue, freezer truck, funeral home, Geller, Geoffrey Entz, Greek fellow from Queens, Greenfare Cemetery, happy marriage guru, Hatcher, Hatcher kept the babies, HAZMAT suits, Hendrickson, hookup, hosts, human smuggling, human trafficking, I have spent my life surrounded by death, I’m not sure I want to know, Imam Asmal abducted by Katarina, Imam Asmal kidnapped by Katarina, Imam Sadiq Asmal, insemination (artificial), island of Shodoshima, It wasn’t personal, Jackson, Jalal Abbas, James (Mara Lynne), James (Mrs Margaret), James (Nancy), James Spader, Japanese beef, Jonathan McClaire, Katarina abducted Dembe’s imam, Katarina abducted Imam Asmal, Katarina Rostova, Keen, Kendra Taylor, kidnapping, Korba, Latakia Syria, lawyer, Livingston MD, Liz, Liz finds frozen sperm, Lizzie, Lizzy, loneliness, Mara Lynne James, Margaret James, mass casualty events, McClaire, Megan Boone, Mickey, Midwife, misogyny, Morgan, morgue, mortician, Mrs Jonathan McClaire, Mrs Margaret James, mysogyny, Nancy James, NBC, nondisclosure agreement, Nyle Hatcher, Nyle Hatcher kept the babies, paternity suits, paternity testing, People close to me are often in harm’s way, plane crash, prostitutes killed, prostitution, psychopath (scarier than a straight), Ray Field (secrets buried in), Raymond, Red, Red collapses, Reddington, Rehoboth Beach DE, Ressler, Robby Ressler, Roger Ashby, Rostova, S07E16, S7E16, Sadiq Asmal, Sadiq Asmal abducted by Katarina, Sadiq Asmal kidnapped by Katarina, safe-haven laws, Sakiya, Sakiya finds a fingerprint of a prisoner, scarier than a straight psychopath, script, Season 7, secret settlement, secrets buried in Ray field, seeking asylum, self-help guru, serial killer, settlement (secret), sex work, sex workers killed, Shodoshima (island), Sikorsky Archive, smuggling, smuggling (human), sodium thiopental, Spader, sperm (frozen), sperm from corpses, Sweet Rest Funeral Home, Syria, Syrian jihadists, Syrian refugees, Tahrir al-Sham, Taylor, the birds and the bees, The Blacklist, The children were the solution, The Sikorsky Archive, They’re not extremists. They’re humanitarians, umami, wagyu beef, wealthy men, wives blackmailed, You have powerful enemies

Episode 7:17 Brothers

#000; BL#0; Blacklister #0; ⭕, 0717, 717, @NBCBlacklist, Agent Patel, Albanian, Albanian mob, Aunt Cindy, backstory (Ressler), Ben, big case, black sheep. blackmail, Blacklist, body in trunk, Boone, Brothers, buried secrets, car with racing stripes, coverup, Department 12, Detective 4818, Detroit Michigan, Detroit Police Department, dipstick, dirty cop, drug dealer, Elizabeth Keen, Episode 17, eulogy, family reunion, father (Ressler’s), File 432, flashbacks, flowers (growing), forensics, funeral, good cop, greenhouse, growing flowers, growing plants, hardware store, high functioning psychopath, high school, home town, I am the cops, I don’t think I saved anyone, island of calm, It’s never gonna happen. Not on my watch, Jakov Mitko, James Spader, Keen, Keenler, key moments (people’s lives hinge on a few), knucklehead, Lisa Ressler, list of undercover agents, Liz, Liz and Ressler hug, Liz hides body, Liz hides skeleton, Liz saves Ressler, Lizzie, Lizzy, loan shark, Markin, Markin killed by Robby, Markin overheard by Ressler, Markin shot by Ressler, Megan Boone, Miami Vice, Michigan, Mitko, mob (Albanian mob), mother (Ressler’s), Mrs Ressler, NBC, night watchman, outdoor mall, Patel, people’s lives hinge on a few key moments, plants (growing), psychopath, Ray field, Raymond, Red, Reddington, religious medal, Ressler, Ressler (Mrs), Ressler (Robby), Ressler and Liz hug, Ressler as teenager, Ressler backstory, Ressler family, Ressler hits Robby, Ressler overhears Markin, Ressler shoots Markin, Ressler shoots Tommy Markin, Ressler’s father, Ressler’s mother, Ressler’s uncle, right vs wrong, Robby kills Markin, Robby kills Tommy Markin, Robby Ressler, Robby saves Ressler, Robert Ressler Sr, S07E17, S7E17, SAC Patel, SAC team, Saint Michael medal, script, Season 7, secrets, set up, setup, shootout at greenhouse, shovel, skeleton, skeleton in trunk, Skull, Spader, strip mall, teenagers, The Blacklist, tiny island of calm, Tommy Markin, Tommy Markin killed by Ressler, Tommy Markin overheard by Ressler, Tommy Markin shot by Ressler, UC, undercover agents (list of), Woodhaven MI, You remember Tommy Markin don’t you Don?, Young Donald Ressler, Young Lisa Ressler, Young Robby Ressler

Episode 7:18 Roy Cain

#150; BL#150; Blacklister #150; ⭕, 0718, 718, @NBCBlacklist, abduction, abuse (prisoner), Al Roker, Allah, Anglim, Angola Prison LA, Arturo Ruel, Arturo Ruel dies, Arturo Ruel passes note, Arturo Ruel stabbed, Asmal, Associate Warden, Becky, Berdy, Berdy killed by Red, Big Stone Gap VA, Blacklist, blood panel results, Boone, bystanders (there are no), Cain, Cain is killed by Res, Cain kills his gang, choice (Dembe’s), choice (Liz’s), choices, Chuck, Cisco, Clemons, Colin Anglim, conflicting loyalties, conjugal visits, corrupt warden, crazy bassist from Dizzy’s, crepe suzette, cruelty (monetization of), dark and dangerous place, daughter of Sarah Wims, DC Office of Disciplinary Counsel, deer and chestnuts, Dembe meets with Katarina, Dembe Zuma, Dembe’s choice, Dembe’s loyalty tested, Destiny. Fate. Me. You, devil on my shoulder, dinner at Le Coucou, disbarment, Dizzy’s, Doyle gang, Dr Clemons, Dr Ed Clemons, Dr Maguire, Dr Ogden Maguire, Dr Spalding Stark, Dr Stark, drug trafficking, Ed Clemons, Elizabeth Keen, Episode 18, ethics (situational), ethics committee, ethics review, evergreen dip spit, faith, father confessor, fingerprint, Fingers (nickname), freed Blacks imprisoned, freed slaves imprisoned, Fun Foam Putty, gay, Gerard (Marvin), grapefruit juice, Hawaiian shirts, heart attack (serious as a), Hello Mr Zuma, homosexuality, I know I’m pretty but you’re not my type, I’ll have your nuts in a Cheerio, identity, Imam, Imam Sidiq Asmal, inheritance, insecurity consultant, Islam, isolation, isolation unit, isolation ward, James Spader, jihad (spiritual), Katarina Rostova, Katarina Rostova abducts Imam Asmal, Keen, key to the locked-room, key witness, keys to your kingdom (You’re giving a cop the), kidnapping, Koran, law license, Le Coucou, light-bulb moment, lightbulb moment, Liz, Liz’s choice, Lizzie, Lizzy, lock-down, lockdown, locked-door mystery, loyalty, Maddy Tolliver, Maguire, man plans. God laughs, Marshall, Martin, Marvin Gerard, medical file, Megan Boone, menopause, monetization of cruelty, Morgan, my guy Al is as serious as a heart attack, NBC, nuts in a Cheerio (I’ll have your), Office of Disciplinary Counsel, Ogden Maguire, One hour or he dies, Paul Wynn, performance anxiety, plucky heroine, prayer, Prison (Wallens Ridge State), prison gang, Prison Warden, prisoner abuse, prophets, protective detail, pumpkin pepper vichyssoise, Qur’an, Raymond, Red, Red buys restaurant, red deer and chestnuts, Red kills Berdy, Red kills Roy Cain, Red plans to leave everything to Liz, Red’s illness, Red’s secrets, Reddington, Reddington wants to hand down his empire to me, refugees, religion, Ressler tells Liz Red is sick, restaurant (Red buys), Roker, Rostova, Rostova abducts Imam Asmal, Roy Cain, Roy Cain killed by Red, Roy Cain kills his gang, ruby red grapefruit, Ruel, Ruel killed, Ruel passes note, Ruel stabbed, S07E18, S7E18, safe house, Sarah Wims, Sarah Wims‘ daughter, script, Season 7, secrets, secrets (Some lives are built on), Shopper, Sidiq Asmal, Simms, situational ethics, slavery, slaves, smuggling (drug), Some lives are built on secrets, Spader, spiritual advisor, spiritual jihad, Stark (Dr Spalding), state prison, sticky wicket, struggle for spiritual discipline, Tank (nickname), testimony, The Blacklist, they ain’t people. They’re broken, Tolliver, toy store, trafficking (drugs), US Marshall, vichyssoise, Vincent Martin, Waats, Wallens Ridge State Prison, warden, Warden (Associate), warden (corrupt), Wims, witness in a murder trial, witness protection, Wynn, You are not to blame, you evergreen dip spit, You’re a lawyer. What the hell does moral character have to do with anything?, You’re giving a cop the keys to your kingdom, Zuma

Episode 7:19 The Kazanjian Brothers

#156-157; BL#156-157; Blacklister #156-157; ⭕, (animated episode), (COVID-19 pandemic), 0719, 719, @NBCBlacklist, accountant, accountant (corrupt), accountant for criminals, acid trip but with pain, Adams Morgan DC, animated, ♫ Painted Black, Birch (Stanley), Black Oak helipad, Blacklist, blackmail File, bodyguards for bad guys, Boone, briefcase caught in the middle, Brimley, Brimley uses recorded screams, cerebral edema, chained to wrist, Chef Guillermo, chess shop, Chuck, client secrets, clients (high value), coma (Dom in), coronavirus, corrupt accountant, dark side (Liz chooses her), Dom, Dom in coma, Dominic Wilkinson, elevator shoot out, Elizabeth Keen, Episode 19, forensic accountant, Frank Merwin, Guard (Kathy), Guillermo, Happy as a seagull with a french fry, helicopter, high value clients, Hotel (a No Tell), Hotel (Whitmore), hotel guest, hotel guest shot, Hotel Manager, I’m never dishonest only withholding, Ilya Koslov, James Spader, Jarrettsville MD, Katarina (Liz chooses), Katarina helps Red, Katarina once cared about Red, Katarina Rostova, Kathy Guard, Kazanjian, Kazanjian brothers, Kazanjian Brothers killed, Keen, Koslov, Krupin, Liz, Liz Batman scene, Liz chooses her dark side, Liz chooses Katarina, Liz in the middle, Liz on rooftop, Lizzie, Lizzy, Logan Circle, Loudoun County, Maddy Tolliver, Manassas VA, Megan Boone, Merwin (Frank), money flies away, Morgan, Mother it’s me. I’m ready, Mr Brimley, Mr Krupin, NBC, No Tell Hotel, notes blown by helicopter, Otte, pandemic, Pasha Kazanjian, Pearl Merwin, Perm-36 labor camp, Raymond, recorded screams, Red, Red collapses, Red passes out, Red tests Liz, Red’s head on Katarina’s lap, Reddington, rooftop (Liz on), Rostova, Russian horror film (screams from), S07E19, S7E19, script, Season 7, Season Finale, secrets (client), Sikorsky Archive, Simms, So this is about my mother, soundtrack to Skloni Hala Chalya, Spader, Stanley Birch, The Blacklist, The Kazanjian Brothers, The Sikorsky Archive, Tolliver, Townsend Directive, Vickie Merwin, warehospital, Wayne Otte, Whitmore Hotel, Wilkinson

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🅾 S8: Season 8:

Episode 8:1 Roanoke

#139; BL#139; Blacklister #139; ⭕, 0801, 801, @NBCBlacklist, abduction, abduction (Dom), Agent Frederic, allegiance (Liz’s), ambulance (armor-plated), ankle monitor, Archive (Sikorsky), armor-plated ambulance, Bahar, Blacklist, blackmail File, Boone, cat (I want that), cat story, Clemons, coma (Dom wakes from), Cong Yang, daughter of a domineering spy master, Dead Letter Office, Deep Creek Lake, dementia (Vega has), destiny (Liz’s), Dom a mole?, Dom wakes from coma, Dom Wilkinson, Dom’s abduction, Dom’s kidnapping, domineering spy master, Donald Ressler, Dr Ed Clemons, Ed Clemons, Eduardo Martinez, education (What I have given her is an), Elizabeth Keen, EMT, Episode 1, flat-free tires, Frederic (Agent), Hawkins, Heddie Hawkins, His life depends on staying alive, Hong Kong, house arrest, I have things that are mine and no one else’s, I lost her, I want that cat, I’ll gut you like a fish and feed you to the lobsters, immigrants (undocumented), IRS, James Spader, Jerzy, Katarina is Roanoke, Katarina Rostova, Keen, KGB, KGB mole, kidnapping, kidnapping (Dom), kiss (Liz and Ressler), Kowloon City, Lev Pasternak, Li Qing Yuen, Liz, Liz kisses Ressler, Liz’s allegiance, Liz’s destiny, Lizzie, Lizzy, Lubyanka Square, Maddy Tolliver, Martinez, Megan Boone, mole, mole (Red? Dom?), monitor (ankle), N-13, NBC, neopoznanny, non-answer, oligarch (Russian), Parkinson’s (Vega has), Pasternak, photo of Liz as child with mother, Prison (Qincheng), Puerto Rico, Qincheng Prison, radiation exposure, Raymond, Red, Red a mole?, Reddington, Ressler, Ressler and Liz kiss, Roanoke, Roanoke is Santiago Vega, Rostova, Russian oligarch, S08E01, S8E01, San Juan Puerto Rico, Santiago Vega, Santiago Vega is disabled, script, Season 8, Season Premiere, Sikorsky Archive, sleep with the enemy, soft target, Spader, spy master (domineering), The Blacklist, Tolliver, Trojan Horse, undocumented immigrants, Vega, Vega is disabled, Vega is Roanoke, warehospital, What I have given her is an education, Why me?, wolfberries, work visas, Yang (Cong)

Episode 8:2 Katarina Rostova, Part 2

#003; BL#3; Blacklister #3; ⭕, 0802, 802, @NBCBlacklist, abduction, answers (You needed … And now they’ve destroyed you), antipsychotic, Archive (Sikorsky … Katarina took but Red has per Dom), Archive (Sikorsky), Belgrade, better angel, Blacklist, blackmail File, Boone, bounty, bounty on Katarina, car keys, Clemons, cop a feel, death of Dom, death of Dominic Wilkinson, death of Katarina Rostova, delusions, Dom, Dom dies, Dom says Red is N-13, Dominic Wilkinson, Dominic Wilkinson dies, Dr Ed Clemons, Ed Clemons, Eduardo Martinez, Elizabeth Keen, Episode 2, felony kidnapping, full of surprises, ghost story, Grendel’s mother, hallucinations (Dom has), Heidegger, hijacking, James Spader, Katarina dies, Katarina Rostova, Katarina Rostova (Young), Katarina Rostova dies, Katarina Rostova killed by Red, Katarina Rostova Pt 2, Keen, kidnapping, Lena Volkova, Liz, Liz tricks Dembe, Lizzie, Lizzy, love (She loves you. She always has. Nothing can ever change that), Martinez, Megan Boone, My daughter. My Katarina, N-13, N-13 (Red is … per Dom), NBC, Paxron, Raymond, Red, Red is N-13 (per Dom), Red kills Katarina Rostova, Reddington, Reddington is N-13. He has the Archive, Ressler bugged, Ressler’s blind spot, Rostova, Rostova (Young), Rostova dies, Rostova Pt 2, S08E02, S8E02, safe house, Season 8, seizures, She loves you. She always has. Nothing can ever change that, Sikorsky Archive, Sikorsky Archive (Katarina took but Red has per Dom), Spader, The Blacklist, tire iron, Townsend Directive, Townsend Organization, Volkova, Wabash and Grant, warehouse district, Wilkinson, Wilkinson dies, William Heidegger, You don’t know a damn thing about Elizabeth, You needed answers … And now they’ve destroyed you, you’re full of surprises, Young Katarina Rostova

Episode 8:3 16 Ounces

#000; BL#0; Blacklister #0; ⭕, 0803, 16 Ounces, 16 ounces Semtex plastic explosive, 803, 86 bodies, @NBCBlacklist, Agnes, Allison Thomas, assessor, assets and liabilities, “That woman” was my mother, badge (Liz turns in her), Blacklist, Blacklist (Liz to top of), blast radius, blood (Red coughs up), bomb, bomb (Ressler throws … out window), bomb by Red’s bed, bomb in car handle, bomb squad, Boone, bulldoze it, cease-and-desist order, court order, credible tip, criminal (I’m here to arrest a … You’re protecting him), Cynthia Panabaker, Dawson, detonator, diversion, Dom’s ashes, Dom’s house, dot your I’s and cross your T’s, double speak, Dr Dawson, Dr Miles Dawson, dream (It’s just a), dull life, Elizabeth Keen, Elizabeth Keen at the top of the Blacklist, Elizabeth will never forgive you, Episode 3, Esi Jackson, ethics (professional), Everhart Memorial Hospital, explosion, explosives (military-grade), fake passport, flashbacks, forged signature, fugitive (Liz becomes a), gag order, Gerard, Gib Horn, half truths, Horn (Marshal Gib), Hospital (Everhart Memorial), hospital (not mobile), how dull life would be without me, I have all the evidence you need, I need a rest. Even if it’s just for one night, I’m here to arrest a criminal. You’re protecting him, I’m willing to kill you. You don’t have it in you to kill me, if I was you I couldn’t live with myself, Is that thing what I think it is?, It’s just a dream, it’s my life, Jackson, James Spader, JTTF, Katarina Rostova, Keen, liabilities and assets, Liz, Liz at the top of the Blacklist, Liz becomes a fugitive, Liz finds recording of Katarina’s execution, Liz sics Marshals on Red, Liz takes revenge, Liz to top of Blacklist, Liz tries to blow up Red, Liz turns in her badge, Lizzie, Lizzy, loves (he … you), Marks (Merritt), Marshal Gib Horn, Marshals (Liz sics … on Red), Marvin Gerard, McMansions, medevac, Megan Boone, Merritt Marks, Metro Motel, Miles Dawson, military-grade explosives, mortality, Motel (Metro), motel (seedy), mother (“That woman” was my), Munchkin, my life (it’s), NBC, NDA, non disclosure agreement, off book, one night (I need a rest. Even if it’s just for), one step ahead, over some kind of rainbow, Panabaker, passport (fake), plastic explosive, professional ethics, putting Elizabeth Keen at the top of the Blacklist, rainbow (over some kind of), Raymond, recording of Katarina’s execution, Red, Red (Liz tries to blow up), Red coughs up blood, Red goes to hospital, Red saved by Ressler, Red’s will, Reddington, requisition lockup, requisition slip, Ressler saves Red, Ressler throws bomb out window, revenge, Rostova, S08E03, S8E03, scene of your crime, script, Season 8, seedy motel, Semtex, serious juice, Sharpton, She was never here, Sixteen Ounces, sixteen ounces Semtex plastic explosive, Spader, spiritual advisor, Stays one step ahead, The Blacklist, Thomas (Allison), top of Blacklist (Liz to), US Marshal, warrant, we are somewhere over some kind of rainbow, Whatever happens – he loves you, Wing Yee, You don’t have it in you to kill me, You want to murder Reddington?, you’re old. You’re an easy target, You’re sick, you’ve got some serious juice

Episode 8:4 Elizabeth Keen

#001; BL#1; Blacklister #1; ⭕, 0804, 804, @NBCBlacklist, Agnes, Agnes Keen, airplane (Liz’s new), Allison Thomas, Any fingers crossed, AOC sightings, Aram connects with Agnes, ballet, billy goat, Blacklist, Boone, Brimley, CFSA, cherubs, Child and Family Services, Claflin, coffee (spilled), Comedy or tragedy? How this story ends is entirely up to you, computer files erased, computer server (erase), Danielle Steel, divided loyalties, Donald? Toes?, double life (Tom’s), drug cocktail, Eastern Friend, Elizabeth Keen, Elizabeth Keen (title), Elizabeth Keen is off limits, engagement ring (washer), Episode 4, erase computer server, fact no one knows is true, fingers crossed?, flat (Tom’s), Friend in the East, Gerard (Marvin), goat, goat torture, Guinevere Claflin, Gutman Data Sanitizing Algorithm, hacking, Hadley (Skip), Hadley (Skip) turns, Hawkins, Heddie Hawkins, horned goat, House Intelligence Comttee, House Select Committee on Intelligence, I didn’t have a plan, I’m loyal to principle not country, Intelligence Committee, Ito, James Spader, Keen, Keen (Agnes), Keen played you both, Keenler, knight in shining armor, lawyer, lion in winter, Liz, Liz is Number One on the Blacklist, Liz look-alike, Liz raids one of Red’s accounts, Liz sleeps with Ressler, Liz tricks the team, Lizzie, Lizzy, look you in the eye, look-alike (Liz), love (Liz and Ressler make), loyalties (divided), loyalty, lucky socks, malware, Marks (Merritt), Marvin Gerard, Marvin Gerard (Red misjudges), Max Ruddiger, Megan Boone, Merritt Marks, Moscow Russia, N-13, N-13 (Red confirmed to be), NBC, novels (romance), Number One on the Blacklist is Liz, off limits (Elizabeth Keen is), Our Friend in the East, paper airplane contest, Rakitin, Raphael’s Two Cherubs, Raymond, recuse, Red, Red is N-13 (confirmed), Red is transactional not loyal, Red misjudges Marvin Gerard, Red’s will, Reddington, resignations offered, Ressler sleeps with Liz, romance novels, Ruddiger, Russia, S08E04, S8E04, scofflaw, script, Scuti Global, Season 8, server (erase computer), sex (Liz and Ressler have), Sikorsky Archive, Silver Springs MD, Skip Hadley, Skip Hadley flips to Liz, Sleeping Beauty Waltz, socks (unicorn), Spader, spilled coffee, Steel (Danielle), Switzerland (tickets to), Tadashi Ito, tax evasion, The Blacklist, Thomas (Allison), thumb drive, tickets to Switzerland, Tom’s double life, Tom’s flat, Tom’s proposal, torture by goat, tragedy or comedy, train station, traitor, transactional (Red is … not loyal), treason, unicorn socks, unicorns are lucky, Waltz (Sleeping Beauty), washer (engagement ring), wild goose chase, will (Red’s)

Episode 8:5 The Fribourg Confidence

#140; BL#140; Blacklister #140; ⭕, 0805, 6th Amendment, 805, @NBCBlacklist, Abraham Moores, Alban Veseli, Alban Veseli freed, Anne (Birdwatcher), Aram plants bug, Archive (Sikorsky), Assistant US Attorney Navarro, AUSA Navarro, ♫ James Bond, bank heist, bank robbery, birdwatcher, Blacklist, Boone, Box C112, bug (Aram plants), Campo, Cape May Warbler, Cape Town, Carl Conway, Carolyn Givins, cigarette carton, coffee cup, Conway, Cooper gets thumb drive, Counsel (White House), Cvetko, Cynthia Panabaker, daddygate, daughter/father, double-edged sword, drop’s blown, Elizabeth Keen, Elizabeth Keen says Hello, Episode 5, Esi Jackson, father/daughter, Floriana Campo, Freelancer, Freelancer freed, Fribourg Confidence, Givins, greenwood tree, Hadley, Hadley pays off Rovenpor, halfsies, handoff, handwriting analysis, heist (bank), homeless man, I’m not concerned. I’m offended, Jackson, James Spader, Jennifer Moores, Judge Steven Velchek, Keen, Liz, Liz delivers thumb drive to Cooper, Lizzi, Lizzy, Lloyd Wilke, lockbox, mass murderer, Megan Boone, Moores, My baby girl, Navarro (AUSA), NBC, note: Elizabeth Keen says Hello, Nurse, Panabaker, Park (Rock Creek), proffer, Raf, Raymond, Red, Red meets Anne (birdwatcher), Reddington, Rock Creek Park, Rosario, Rovenpor, Rovenpor (Hadley paid off by), Rovenpor paid by Liz, S08E05, S8E05, safe cracking, safe house, safety deposit box, Scooter Rovenpor, script, Season 8, Shakespeare, Shining Path, Sikorsky Archive, Silvina Rosario, Sins stones and glass houses, Sixth Amendment, Skip Hadley, Spader, Steven Velchek, The Blacklist, The Freelancer, The Freelancer freed, The Fribourg Confidence, The Sikorsky Archive, theft, thumb drive, thumb drive (Cooper gets), tree, tree (greenwood), True Cafe, Velchek, Veseli, Veseli freed, Vlad Cvetko, Warbler (Cape May), wheelchair, White House Counsel, Wilke, with all due respect, Your drop’s blown

Episode 8:6 The Wellstone Agency

#127; BL#127; Blacklister #127; ⭕, 0806, 806, @NBCBlacklist, Adin Markovic, Alexander Frayne, Alina Park asks Red for help, Alina Park loses control, American Sign Language, Aram knows eight languages, Aram translates, Aram under cover, Archive (Sikorsky), arson, ashes (Glen’s), ♫ We Are The World, ♫ We’re Not Here for a Long Time, beer pong, Blacklist, Boone, Bosnian bounty hunter, bounty hunter (Bosnian), bowling team, Bruce Hornsby, Carter (Glen), Carter (Glen) dies, Carter (Glen’s mother Paula), Carter (Glen’s) ashes, chicken wings, chili dogs, Colonel, crossword puzzle, deaf (The Colonel is), deafness, Department of Motor Vehicles, Dieterle, discreet, discretion, DMV, DMV (Rockville MD), Dupont Circle, dying wish, Eastern Friend, Elizabeth Keen, Episode 6, eulogy, eulogy for Glen Carter, family restaurant, Frayne, Freedom Tower, Friend in the East, Glen Carter, Glen Carter dies, Glen Carter’s ashes, Glen Carter’s mother Paula, Glen transitioned, Glen was not afraid, Homan, Hornsby, hot dish, Huey Lewis, Huey Lewis’s muse, Human Rights Council (UN), James Spader, Jelly Bean, Jelly Bean dies, Jenna Randall, Jerry, Jessica, Jones (Quincy), Jorgensen, Keen, landlord troubles, languages (Aram knows eight), last wishes (Glen Carter’s), letter from Glen, Lewis (Huey), Liz, Liz hires bounty hunter, Lizzie, Lizzy, loan shark, Markovic, Mason Dieterle, matrix of tests, Megan Boone, Melissa Randall, Melissa Randall dies, memorial party, Miss Jessica, mole, moonlighting, muse, muse (Huey Lewis’s), NBC, New York City, New York Harbor, Nuremberg Trials, NYC, Park asks Red for help, Park loses control, party for Glen Carter at DMV, Paula Carter, pill (red), potluck, quid pro quo, Quincy Jones, Radley Jorgensen, Randall, Randall (Melissa) dies, Raymond, Red, red pill, Reddington, restaurant burns down, Rockville MD, Rockville MD DMV, S08E06, S8E06, scotcheroos, script, Season 8, sign language, Sikorsky Archive, simultaneous translation, singer songwriter Huey Lewis, Spader, Spare Me bowling team, Statue of Liberty, Steve Homan, The Blacklist, The Colonel, The Wellstone Agency, thumb drive, tracker, translation (simultaneous), translation service for criminals, translation services, Trudy, UN Human Rights Council, unafraid (Glen was), virus (West Nile), weird and strange, Wellstone Agency, West Nile virus

Episode 8:7 Chemical Mary

#143; BL#143; Blacklister #143; ⭕, $1000/hour, 0807, 807, @NBCBlacklist, abduction, adult entertainment, air traffic control, airliner, airplane crash (averted), airport (Charles de Gaulle), Aknoz, Alban Veseli, Alban Veseli re-arrested, Albania, Alina Park asks Red for help, Angela, Ankara Turkey, Archive (Sikorsky), Armenian Highlands, Assad, autopilot, averted airplane crash, averted mid-air collision, Back-Room Butcher, börek, Beluga caviar, biometric security, Blacklist, Boone, border, Bosnia, bounty hunter, Break Glass (In Case of Emergency), Bremmer, brute-force attack, Bujare, burek, burn scars, Butcher (Back-Room), caviar, Charles de Gaulle airport, Chemical Mary, chemical weapons, chlorine gas, cockpit, collision (mid-air) averted, Cooper (Sikorsky tells Red to eliminate), Cynthia Panabaker, daddygate, daughter/father, deportation, Dick the Butcher, Dieterle, Dr Grundig, Dr Mickey Grundig, Durres Albania, Eastern Friend, Elizabeth Keen, Episode 7, ethical misconduct, ethics, extradition, Farzin, father (I’m not her), father (Red says he’s not Liz’s), father/daughter, favor in return, fingerprint, fingerprint (Red’s), flash drive, flight deck, Fodor’s Guide, France, Freelancer, Freelancer re-arrested, Friedenberg, Friend in the East, gender uncertainty, Gervais, ghost story, Grundig, guitarist, hacker, hacking, Hafez Assad, hog poisoned, hostel (youth), hot wings, House Intel Committee, HPSCI, Humvee, hypovolemic shock, I’m not her father, Idlib Province Syria, IED, In Case of Emergency Break Glass, incendiary device, Intel Committee (House), Interpol, Ismael Aknoz, James Spader, James Taylor wannabes, Keen, kidnapping, Kill all the lawyers, Killing’s never been easier, lawyers (Kill all the), Liz, Liz abducts Madeline Toussaint, Lizzie, Lizzy, Make it go away, Mary Bremmer, Mary Bremmer (Liz abducts), Mason Dieterle, masturbation, Megan Boone, Melissa Randall, Mickey Grundig, mid-air collision (averted), miracle, miracles (Will … never cease?), MIT, Moscow Russia, Mount Ararat, N-13, NATO, NBC, near-miss airplane collision, nerve agent, nickles to navy beans, No Ark, Novichok, NSA, obituary, Our Friend in the East, Panabaker, Paris France, Park asks Red for help, passcode, Pi, pig poisoned, plastic surgery, poisoned pig, political correctness, porn movies, quinquadragintillion, Rakitin, Rakitin files, Randall, Raymond, Red, Red Notice, Red says he’s not Liz’s father, Red’s fingerprint, Red’s fingerprint on Scotch glass, Reddington, Rep Russell Friedenberg, retainer, return favor, Rogelio, Rovenpor, Russell Friedenberg, Russia, S08E07, S8E07, sabotage, Sarajevo, Sarin gas, scars (burn), Scooter Rovenpor, Scotch, Scotch glass, Scotch glass (Red’s fingerprint on), script, Season 8, shock (hypovolemic), Sikorsky Archive, Sikorsky tells Red to eliminate Cooper, skin grafts, Spader, Stephan Gervais, Syria, teddy bear, The Blacklist, The Freelancer, The Freelancer re-arrested, thumb drive, Toussaint, Turkey, Turkish prison, unethical, USB traffic sniffer, Veseli, Veseli re-arrested, vodka, Volgograd Russia, VX gas, war crimes, Will miracles never cease?, you’ll have to eliminate him, youth hostel

Episode 8:8 Ogden Greeley

#040; BL#40; Blacklister #40; ⭕, 0808, 2001 Authorization to Use Military Force, 6th Amendment, 808, @NBCBlacklist, act of war, adultery, Alan Tuppert, Alfred Hitchcock, Ames, Anne, Anne (Dembe stops Red from seeing), assassination (aborted), Authorization to Use Military Force, birdwatching, Black Budget, black market, Blacklist, Brian Warwick, Cape May Warbler, Captain Andrew Ridge, Captain Ridge, CentCom, Central Command, Central Park, Charlene Cooper, chocolate shop, chocolate truffles, CIA, classified intelligence, computer code, contractor (government), Cooper, Cooper offered job as senator, Cooper saves Red from drone attack, corruption (political), credit score (criminal), criminal credit score, cyber warfare, Dembe stops Red from seeing Anne, Diane Hatch, Director of National Intelligence, Disposition Matrix (kill list), DNI, drone, drone attack (Cooper saves Red from), drone attack called off, due process, England, Episode 8, ethical ambiguity, ethics (situational), federal Kill List, fox sparrow, friends and family discount, FSB agent, General Ames, General Warren Ames, geolocation, government contractor, government secrets, greater good, greater good (I choose the), Greeley, Halloran, Harold Cooper, Harold Cooper saves Red, Hatch, highest bidder, Hitchcock, I choose the greater good, Iceland, intelligence (classified), James Halloran, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Keflavik Iceland, Kill List, Kurylenko, Legal Counsel, life (ordinary), London England, missile attack (fake), Mongolia, moral ambiguity, National Reconnaissance Office, national security, National Security Council, NATSEC, Navy, NBC, New York City, Nina Kurylenko, no-bid contract, normal life, North By Northwest, NRO, NSA, NSC, NYC, ODNI, Office of Legal Counsel, Office of the DNI, Ogden Greeley, ordinary life, ordinary life … really quite extraordinary, phantom ships, political corruption, Predator drone, radar systems, Reaper drone, reconnaissance, Red saved by Cooper, Red stopped from seeing Anne by Dembe, Red stops seeing Anne, Ridge, Russian spy, S08E08, S8E08, satellite security, satellites (spy), satellites (surveillance), script, Season 8, Secretary of State, secrets (government), secrets (state), security (satellite), selling state secrets, Senate [is] a wind tunnel of self-indulgence, senator (Cooper offered job as), Senator Brian Warwick, Senator Warwick, situational ethics, Sixth Amendment, sketchbook, space-based communications, spy, spy (Russian), spy satellites, State Department, state secrets, state secrets (stolen), stolen state secrets, STRATCOM, Strategic Command, surveillance satellites, The Blacklist, The Chi, Thorn (Paul), top secret, truffles (chocolate), Ulaanbaatar Mongolia, UN Charter, war (act of), Warwick, White House, without due process, word is your bond, your word is your bond

Episode 8:9 The Cyranoid

#035; BL#35; Blacklister #35; ⭕, 0809, 30-year plan (Red has a), 809, @NBCBlacklist, amateur (impetuous), Andrew Patterson, Andrew Patterson (Rakitin is), arrest warrant, arrest warrant for Liz issued, avatar, avatar (Liz), Bergerac (Cyrano de), Bergman, Bergman film, bipolar, Blacklist, Blake Brown, Boone, Bremmer, Bremmer (Mary) captured, Bremmer (Mary) killed by Liz Cyranoid, brother/sister, Brown, burner phone, canary just ate the cat, cheap trick, Chemical Mary, Chemical Mary killed by Liz Cyranoid, chemical weapons, chess with Death, Collins, Commissioner, contact lens, cover-up murder, Cynthia Panabaker, Cyrano de Bergerac, Cyranoid, Cyranoid (Liz), dip your wick, doppelganger (Liz), doppelgänger, earpiece, Edmond Rostand, Elizabeth Keen, enemy of my enemy is my friend, Episode 9, Evidence Response Team, FBI searches for Rakitin, fingerprint (Red’s), fugitive end of the swimming pool, Godwin Page, horrors (little shop of), immunity agreement, impetuous amateur, Ingmar Bergman, insomnia, James Spader, Keen, Keenler, little shop of horrors, Liz, Liz (arrest warrant issued for), Liz allies with Neville Townsend, Liz allies with Townsend, Liz and Townsend join forces, Liz avatar, Liz Cyranoid, Liz doppelganger, Liz look-alike, Liz surrogate, Liz’s trustworthiness tested by Townsend, Lizzie, Lizzy, look-alike, look-alike (Liz), manic, manic-depression, Mary Bremmer, Mary Bremmer captured, Mary Bremmer killed by Liz Cyranoid, Megan Boone, Miss Collins, murder (cover-up), N-13, NBC, Neville Townsend, Neville Townsend (Liz allies with, Neville Townsend and Liz join force, Page (Godwin), Panabaker, Patterson, Patterson (Rakitin is Andrew), playing chess with Death, radio repair shop, Rakitin, Rakitin (FBI searches for), Rakitin files, Rakitin’s security access frozen, Raymond, reckoning (you’re due for a), Red, Red has a 30-year plan, Red meets with Rakitin, Red’s fingerprint, Reddington, repair shop (radio), revolver, Rikitin is Andrew Patterson, Rory, Rostand, Russian Roulette, S08E09, S8E09, script, search for Rakitin, Season 8, secrets (shared), security access, security access frozen (Rakitin’s), Seventh Seal, shared secrets, sister/brother, Spader, staged suicide, strangulation, suicide (staged), surrogate, surrogate (Liz), Syrian children (deaths of), The Blacklist, The Commissioner, The Cyranoid, The Seventh Seal, thumb drive, Townsend, Townsend (Liz allies with), Townsend and Liz join forces, Townsend Directive, Townsend tests Liz’s trustworthiness, trustworthiness, trustworthiness (Townsend tests Liz’s), Turbo (Aram’s turtle), Vandyke, voyeur’s delight, war criminal, weapons (chemical), you’re due for a reckoning

Episode 8:10 Dr Laken Perillos

#070; BL#70; Blacklister #70; ⭕, 0810, 810, @NBCBlacklist, absence of evidence is evidence, accelerant, allegiance, Allen Ginsberg, ambush, antidote, Antonín Dvořák, Archive, Aren’t you the loving couple, ascending paralysis, Banks (Kayla Lynne), bioengineering, biotechnology, Black Muslim, Blacklist, Blacks’ pain (study), Bobby Dixon, body bag, Boone, Bosphorus, boxing, Bracker, Brazen Bull, bucket-list moment, Cartel, Charlottesville VA, choriomeningitis (lymphocytic), contraband, cop (you’d make a good), cross the Rubicon, Cvetko, cyclohexane, Dembe escapes, Dembe rescues Red, Dembe/Red, Dixon, Dr Laken Perillos, Dr Perillos, dropped acid, Dvořák, Einhorn, Elizabeth Keen, empathy, EMT, EMTs (fake), Episode 10, evidence (absence of evidence is), feel another’s pain. flash point, gaze interaction, genetic engineering, genetics, Germany, Ginsberg, Godwin Page, Heretic’s Fork, injection, Inquisition, institutional racism, Irukandji jellyfish, James Spader, jaw missing, Jefferson Suites Motel, jellyfish, jellyfish (Irukandji), Kayla Lynne Banks, Keen, kidnapping, L+SD, Laken Perillos, laundromat, Liam Bracker, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzy, loving couple, lymphocytic choriomeningitis, Max Ruddiger, medic, Megan Boone, misdiagnosis, missing jaw, money laundering, motel, Motel (Jefferson Suites), Motel Owner, mouse virus, Munich Germany, munitions, NBC, Neville Townsend, Page (Godwin), pain, pain (feel another’s), paralysis, paralysis (ascending), Perillos, Perillos of Athens, racism, racism (institutional), racism (systemic), Raymond, Red, Red trades himself for Dembe, Red/Dembe, Reddington, Roman Einhorn, Rubicon (cross the), Ruddiger, S08E10, S8E10, sadism-in-the-name-of-science, script, Season 8, sedative, Sikorsky Archive, Spader, Spanish Inquisition, study of Blacks’ pain, syringe, systemic racism, test of loyalty, The Blacklist, The Brazen Bull, torture, torture porn, Townsend, Townsend beats Ruddiger, trade (Red for Dembe), University of Virginia Charlottesville, viral infection, virus, We came for each other, Welcome to the family, Westchester VA, Wordsworth, you’d make a good cop

Episode 8:11 Captain Kidd

#096; BL#96; Blacklister #96; ⭕, 0811, 811, 9/11, @NBCBlacklist, abduction, afraid of the dark, Al-Harbi, Andrew Patterson, apparition (Liz is an), Aram in the circus, associates (unsavory), badger, Benedict (William), bin Laden (Osama), bin Laden family evacuated, bin Salman, Blacklist, blended cheeseburgers, bone saw, Boone, boys club, Brighter Path, Brimley’s badger, buried alive, Captain Kidd, cheeseburgers (blended), Chemist, circus (Aram in the), classified intelligence, compromise (ethical), contraband, Cooper chooses Liz over Red, Cooper sides with Liz, Cooper’s death ordered, dark (afraid of the), dark web, DEA, dead drop, diplomacy, dismemberment, Don’t do this Harold, drop, droppers, drug analysis, drug seizure, drugs, drugs (illegal) Eastern Friend, Eastern Friend orders Cooper eliminated, Edgar Allen Poe, Elizabeth Keen, Episode 11, ethical compromise, ethics, ethics (professional), Fentanyl, Fentanyl overdose, foreign relations, Friend in the East, Friend in the East orders Cooper eliminated, gay rights, geocaching, give the slip, give to get, GPS, GPS tagged, hidden treasure, How about?, human rights, human rights activist, Hyattsville MD, I am not a traitor to this country, I am the puzzle, I don’t have friends who betray this country, illegal drugs, immunity, initiation, intelligence (classified), It’s what we do. So do it., Jamal Khashoggi, James Spader, Jarret Moore, Keen, Khashoggi, Kidd, kidnapping, King Fahd, Kitt’s Coffee, let this go, LGBTQ+, Liz, Liz chosen over Red by Cooper, Lizzie, Lizzy, look the other way, lumpia, Mabahith, Maroun, MBS, Megan Boone, Mello Yello, Mohammed bin Salman, Moore, Moscow, N-13, NBC, Neville Townsend, Nora, Office of Intelligence and Analysis, Osama bin Laden, overdose (Fentanyl), Patterson, piracy, pirates, plea deal, please let this go, Poe, Poe Society, protective custody. puzzle (I am the), Rakitin, Rakitin argues with Red, Rakitin followed by FBI, Raymond, Red, Red argues with Rakitin, Reddington, S08E11, S8E11, Safiya Maroun, Saudi Arabia, Saudi Royal Family, Saudi Secret Service, Schwartz, script, Season 8, Seekers, Sikorsky, Spader, Storyteller, taco truck, Tell-Tale Heart, The Blacklist, Townsend, traitor (I am not a … to this country), treason, Tyler Schwartz, unsavory associates, US Marshals, William Benedict, witness protection, You’ve taught her well

Episode 8:12 Rakitin

#028; BL#28; Blacklister #28; ⭕, 0812, 812, @NBCBlacklist, abduction, Agent Park, Agent Park delivers poisoned letter, Alina Park, Andrew Patterson, Archive (Sikorsky), artist formerly known as Rakitin, Because we’re the FBI, Bentham Park, Blacklist, blackmail File, Boone, bounty, CI, Coatti’s Service Station, Code Black, confidential informant, Cooper abducted, Cooper kidnapped, Cooper saved by Red, covert operative, Cvetko, Cynthia Panabaker, Dieterle, Eastern Friend, Eastern Friend (Red hits), Eastern Friend lectured by Red, Elizabeth Keen, endgame, endgame (This is my), engame (Red’s), Episode 12, espionage, fall of the Soviet Union, Felix Klopp, Friedenberg, Friedenberg killed by Rakitin, Friend in the East, Geoffrey Hill, ghost, hacker, hacker (Russian), Hadley, hallelujah! He’s born again, high school teacher, Hill, Homeland Security, House Intelligence Committee, House Intelligence Committee (House), I so love surprises, immunity deal, Intelligence and Analysis (Office of), It’s my endgame, James Spader, Keen, kidnapping, Klopp, letter (poisoned), Liz, Liz and Ressler almost meet, Liz drives off, Lizzie, Lizzy, Mason Dieterle, Megan Boone, MI6, molars (ricin beans in), Moscow Russia, my stars and garters, N-13, NBC, nerve agent, Office of Intelligence and Analysis, operative (covert), Panabaker, Park (Agent), Park (Alina), Park delivers poisoned letter, Patterson, payback, poison, poison expert, poisoned letter, poisoning, Rakitin, Rakitin captured, Rakitin dies, Rakitin kills Rep Russell Friedenberg, Rakitin poisoned by Red, Raymond, Red, Red calls in a favor, Red hits Eastern Friend, Red lectures Eastern Friend, Red poisons Rakitin, Red saves Cooper, Red’s endgame, Reddington, Reddington gave you up, Rep Russell Friedenberg, Rep Russell Friedenberg killed by Rakitin, Ressler and Liz almost meet, retired poison expert, ricin, ricin beans in molars, Rocky Mountain oysters, Russell Friedenberg, Russian hacker, Russian Intelligence, Russian sleeper agent, Russian spy, S08E12, S8E12, script, Season 8, Service Station (Coatti’s), Sikorsky Archive, Skip Hadley, sleeper agent, Soviet Union (fall of the), Spader, spinning too many plates, spy, spy (Russian), stars and garters (my), surprises (I so love), SVR, teacher (high school), The Blacklist, thunderbolt, toad, Townsend Directive, treason, Volgograd servers, VX, we’re the FBI, Yahtzee!, You hit me, You’re spinning too many plates

Episode 8:13 Anne

#000; BL#0; Blacklister #0; ⭕, 0813, 813, @NBCBlacklist, all I can think about is sex, Anne, Anne and Red, Anne and Red dance, Anne Foster, Anne helps Red escape, Anne protects Red, Anne unbuttons Red’s pants, Anne/Red, Anneington, Annington, ♫ Angel of the Morning, balanced life, Best Friend, Bill Russell, bird watching, Bitcoin, Blacklist, body in freezer, Boone, Bran, Brandt, bridge game, candle burning in a window, Cape May Warbler, Capote, card game, cereal the breakfast of narcissists, Chase County KS, Chase County Water and Power (fake), chef’s knife, Chief Bill Russell, Cindi, Corn Palace, Cottonwood Falls KS, crypto, dancing, Dummy, dummy (in bridge), 🔥, Elizabeth, Elizabeth Keen, Episode 13, Executioner’s Song, fake repairman, FBI (Kansas), FBI’s Most Wanted, film festival, flycatcher (fork-tailed), fork-tailed flycatcher, Foster (Anne), fugitive, funnies, holding cell, hot scene, I have another life, I like her, I love him, I’d like to agree with you but then we’d both be wrong, In Cold Blood, investments (Red’s), irises, James Spader, Kansas, Kansas FBI, Keen, keys, Liz, Liz appears after several episodes, Liz points gun at ?, Liz reappears, Liz shows up at Anne’s, Lizzie, Lizzy, Lois, Lois saved by Red, Lois says Red is under arrest, losing weight, love, love affair, love wins, Mailer (Norman), Megan Boone, mercenaries, movies (Red falls asleep during), Nakamoto, narcissism, NBC, neck slashed, Neville Townsend, New Yorker stereotype, No patterns, normal life, Norman Mailer, Officer Brandt, Officer Pembry, output connector, output connector (sexual image), patterns, Pembry, phonograph player, pillow (Red smells Anne’s), Police Chief Bill Russell, police officers killed, police station, Ramirez, Ray (name), Raymond, record player, Red, Red and Anne, Red and Anne dance, Red applies tourniquet, Red does a U-turn, Red falls asleep during movies, Red goes back for Anne, Red hides in trunk of car, Red in love, Red kills fake repairman, Red kills tail, Red protects Anne, Red saves Lois, Red smells Anne’s pillow, Red turns himself in, Red/Anne, Red’s investments, Reddington, repair truck (fake), repairman (fake), romance, rural America, Russell, S08E13, S8E13, sandwiches, Satoshi Nakamoto, script, Season 8, sex, sexiest man alive, sexy dancing, small town, soldering iron, Spader, Special Agent Ramirez, Staircase (The), stairs creeks, strangulation, Take care Dummy, The Blacklist, The Staircase, Three ducks in a barrel, throat slashed, tofurkey, tourniquet, Townsend, Townsend raids police station, true crime, true love, Truman Capote, U-turn (Red does a), Vandyke, vegan sandwich shop, wanted criminal, Wanted Poster, We bonded over a Cape May Warbler, weapons cache, weight loss, wolf in sheep’s clothing, zeitgeist of cool

Episode 8:14 Misère

#000; BL#0; Blacklister #0; ⭕, 0814, 814, @NBCBlacklist, Agnes, Anne, Anne and Liz fight, Anne and Red, Anne dies, Anne Foster, Anne hits her head, Anne/Red, Anneington, Annington, apparition, Apparition of Mr Kaplan, ♫ Tilly Tilly bom, Blacklist, blood (pool of), Boone, Bran, bug, Cake, Chase County Water and Power van, Chase Lake, Cindi, coffee table, Cottonwood Falls KS, crossing lines, crossing the Rubicon, daughter (Dembe’s), deathbed confession, Dembe bugged, Dembe’s daughter, Do you see her?, Elizabeth Keen, Episode 14, fender bender, Foster, French (Mrs), ghost, ghost of Mr Kaplan, Hadley, hallucination, Isabella bugs Dembe, Isabella Zuma, James Spader, Jax, Just Breathe, Just touch my cheek before you leave me baby, Kansas, Kaplan, Kaplan Apparition, Kate Kaplan, Kate Kaplan Apparition, Keen, key scenes, key to her future (Liz’s scar), KGB, listening device, Liz, Liz and Anne fight, Liz can’t watch Red tortured, Liz doesn’t shoot Red, Liz goes crazy, Liz goes insane, Liz hallucinates, Liz points gun at Red, Liz rams Anne, Liz returns, Liz sees Mr Kaplan, Liz threatens to shoot Anne, Liz tricks Anne, Liz’s scar, Liz’s perspective, Liz’s point of view, Liz’s pov, Liz’s scar key to her future, Lizzie, Lizzy, Lois, love of a mother, love wins, lullaby, lullaby (Russian), Megan Boone, Misere, mother’s love, Mr Kaplan, Mr Kaplan Apparition, Mr Kate Kaplan, Mr Kate Kaplan Apparition, Mrs French, N-13, NBC, Neville Townsend, Nice smile nice ass and on time, no space, no space between what you want and what you do, Oslo Norway, phantasm of Mr Kaplan, phastasm, pool of blood, Raymond, recap episode, Red, Red and Anne, Red calls 911, Red tries to save Anne, red velvet cake, Red/Anne, Reddington, Reddington will always cheat the hangman, replay of key scenes, retrospective, retrospective episode, review episode, Rocco, Rubicon (crossing the), Russian lullaby, Russian mafia, Russian mafia killed Townsend’s family, S08E14, S8E14, script, Season 8, sexiest man alive, Skip Hadley, Spader, Stay with me, subconscious, surveillance van, The Blacklist, torture, torture (Liz couldn’t watch Red’s), Townsend, Townsend’s family, van (Chase County Water and Power), van (surveillance), Vandyke, video device, video feed, Vory, Vory killed Townsend’s family, You’re one of them, Zuma (Isabella)

Episode 8:15 The Russian Knot

#000; BL#0; Blacklister #0; ⭕, $3000 not $3 million, 0815, 1990s, 6thC BCE, 815, 8th Directorate, @NBCBlacklist, ad on billboard, American cowboy, Ancient Greece, Ancient Persia, angel fountain, Anne Foster’s daughter, Anne passed away, Anne’s daughter Emma, Art Theft Unit, authoritarianism, bee’s knees, Belarus, Belarusian War Museum, Belsky, Bill and Steven, billboard, Blacklist, bladder (small), Blake Brown, Boone, Brown (Blake), Carter, Cézanne, cipher, cipher machine, clandestine communication, Cold War, Cooper double-crosses Ressler, cowboy, cream can dinner, cryptography, Cyrillic alphabet, decoder, decoding device, decryption, Delta Team, Do you think he’ll ever get what’s coming to him? I do, Eastern Friend, Eighth Directorate, Elizabeth Keen, Emma Foster, encryption decoy worked, encryption device, Episode 15, Esi Jackson, estate planning, Farwell Smith, FBI op, floor collapses, former KGB, fortune telling, Foster (Emma), fountain, fountain (angel), Friend in the East, Glen Carter, Greece (Ancient), greenwood tree, half-encrypted messages, Histiaeus, hole in ceiling, hole in floor, Huey Lewis’ muse, I do not work for you, Interpol, Jackson, James Spader, Jelly Bean Carter, Katarina’s storage locker, Keen, KGB, KGB Eighth Directorate, Liz, Liz and Park fight, Liz doppelgangers, Liz look-alikes, Liz won’t shoot Ressler, Lizzie, Lizzy, Love is a knot that even Death cannot untie, love with a wanted fugitive? (Did you know she was in), Ma Bell, Madam Zorba, manic, manuscript, Max Ruddiger, Megan Boone, memoir, message from a Russian handler to a Russian spy, message on billboard, messages (half-encrypted), Minsk, Minsk Belarus, Minsk opera house, Museum Director, My Man Ray, NBC, Neville Townsend, numbers on paper strip, Orphan Annie’s decoder ring, Park and Liz fight, Paula Carter, Paula offered a job by Red, Peanut, Persia (Ancient), pièce de résistance, pretzels, Professor Belsky, psychic, pumpkin cheesecake thumbprints, Raymond, Red, Red fools Cooper, Red offers Paula a job, Red plays Cooper, Red visits Anne’s daughter, Reddington, Ressler (Cooper double-crosses), rest room, Ruddiger, Russian handler to Russian spy (message from), Russian Knot, Russkiy Uzel, S08E15, S8E15, script, Season 8, Silva Terzian, Smith (Farwell), Soviets, Spader, storage locker, storage locker (Katarina’s), suffocation, Terzian, Thank God for the FBI, The Blacklist, The Russian Knot, thumbprint cookies, Townsend, Townsend dreamt about Liz, tracker, tree, tyranny, tyranny and duplicity, tyrant, ultrasonic drill, war museum, You are the bee’s knees, You’re insane, Zorba (Madam)

Episode 8:16 Nicholas Obenrader

#133; BL#133; Blacklister #133; ⭕, 0816, 816, @NBCBlacklist, abduction, absurd, absurd (theater of the), Absurdism, Albert Camus, aligned against Reddington, Archive (Sikorsky), assassination attempt, audit, Balzac, Bartender, Becker, black ops, black ops (Russian), Blacklist, Boone, Bryan Heller, Butterfinger, cafe in Paris, Camus, candy from a baby, certifiable, Charles Totten, client list, crime doesn’t pay (Whoever said … wasn’t very good at it), croissant, Eastern Friend, Eastern Friend taken, Elizabeth Keen, enemy of the state, Episode 16, Esi Jackson, Espinoza, failed assassination attempt, fake shooting, feathering his own nest, Fellows, France, French Absurdiism, Friend in the East, Friend in the East taken, Godwin Page, guardian angel, guardian angel (I want to be your), handler, Heller, hole in floor of van, I have not slept that soundly since math class, I want to be your guardian angel, indiscretion is the better part of valor, infiltration, Ingram Rare Books, ironman, IRS, IRS audit, Ivan Stepanov, Ivan Stepanov taken, Jackson, James Spader, Jax, Keen, Kelmund Realty, kidnapping, kiss the ring, knickers, Laghari, lake cabin, Landlord, Le Bourget Airport, like taking candy from a baby, Liz, Lizzie, Lizzy, loose ends, Luis Espinoza, make-work, management consultant, management consultant to criminal organizations, McCarty, meeting in safe, Megan Boone, mole, money laundering, Moscow Russia, Moscow’s lighting up, N-13, NBC, Neville Townsend, Nicholas Obenrader, Nigel Fellows, Noel (Remy), Obenrader, Our friend – he’s been taken, Our Friend in the East, Page (Godwin), Paris France, patisserie, pennies on the dollar, poison in ring, Pokrovsky Hills, Priya Laghari, rare books, Rare Books (Ingram), Raymond, Red, Red infiltrates Townsend, Red lets Obenrader go, Red recruits Priya Laghari, Reddington, Reddington (We’re all aligned against), Remy Noel, ring (poison in), Rocco, Rocco’s certifiable, Rodin, Rodin’s Balzac, Russia, Russian black ops, S08E16, S8E16, safe (meeting in), scalping, script, Season 8, Sikorsky Archive, Spader, square pegs in round holes, Stepanov, Stepanov taken, Stranger, surveillance video, SVR, Teva McCarty, The Blacklist, The Stranger, theater of the absurd, theft, thief, Thom McCarty, Totten, Townsend, Townsend infiltrated, triathlon, trophy wife, two and two doesn’t equal five, Vandyke, We’re all aligned against Reddington, Whoever said crime doesn’t pay wasn’t very good at it, Zaslon

Episode 8:17 Ivan Stepanov

#005; BL#5; Blacklister #5; ⭕, $36 million in precious gems, 0817, 817, @NBCBlacklist, accounting firm, acid trip without the acid, armored truck, assassination attempt, Barrett M82, beautiful (She’s so), Blacklist, Blake Brown, blow torch, Boone, Bunning & Flecker, Chuck, circular saw, coffee (poisoned), Concierge of Crime, cooler, discourteous, Dom’s protégé, driver shot, electrical neck collar, electrocution, Elizabeth Keen, Episode 17, flash-bang, friend (Red’s oldest), Friend in the East, gems stolen by Priya, Godwin Page, hacking, hallucinations (hypnogogic), handler (Red’s ), He’s insane, hypnagogia, hypnagogic hallucinations, I let you down, I put a target on her back, I steal jewels not people, I’m going to kill Elizabeth while you watch, I’m not leaving him here, irony of irony, Ivan Stepanov, Ivan Stepanov taken by Townsend, James Spader, Jax, jewel thief, Keen, key card, killling of Townsend’s family, Laghari, Liz, Liz drugged, Liz escapes, Liz goes dark, Lizzie, Lizzy, mace, Manhattan, Masha, Megan Boone, murder of Townsend’s family, N-13, NBC, neck collar (electrical), Neville Townsend, Neville Townsend takes Stepanov, Our Friend in the East, Page (Godwin), Park Avenue, pepper spray, poisoned coffee, poisoned tea, precious gems, Priya I miss you already, Priya Laghari, Priya steals gems, Priya warns Liz, protégé of Dom, proxy office, Raymond, reason Red came into Liz’s life, Red, Red doesn’t take sides, Red is a facilitator, Red keeps Stepanov from Cooper, Red’s handler, Red’s oldest friend, Red’s secret told by Stepanov, Reddington, Ressler’s phone hacked, rifle (high powered), rifle (sniper), Rocco, Rocco shot, Rostova or Reddington, Russian Knot, Russian spymaster, S08E17, S8E17, script, Season 8, secret of Red told by Stepanov, secrets, Serves him right for having a safe at home, She’s so beautiful, Sikorsky Archive, skyscraper, sniper rifle, SP-117, Spader, spymaster, Stepanov, Stepanov captured by Townsend, Stepanov is a distraction, Stepanov recognizes Masha, Stepanov shot, Stepanov spills, Stepanov taken by Townsend, Stepanov tortured, Stepanov was Dom’s protégé, Stepanov whispers to Townsend, suggestibility, SVR, SVR truth serum, synesthesia, target on her back, tea poisoned, The Blacklist, The Russian Knot, this isn’t going to work if this is how it works, torture, Townsend, Townsend captures Stepanov, Townsend Directive (new), Townsend flashbacks, Townsend issues new directive, Townsend takes Stepanov, Townsend turns on Liz, Townsend’s accounting firm, Townsend’s family (murder of), truck (armored), truth serum, Vandyke, We’re all in his crosshairs now, What I am I am because of you, What’s going on ladies?, Why are you looking at me like that?, why Red came into Liz’s life, You come you go. You summon I wait, Your mother only ever wanted to keep you safe, Your mother was my friend, Zaslon

Episode 8:18 The Protean

#036; BL#36; Blacklister #36; ⭕, 0818, 2, @NBCBlacklist, ADIS, Agnes Givens, Agnes Keen, alta cocker, Angel of Death, assassin, Betty-Lu, Bingo, Bingo Night, Blacklist, Boone, Carter (Paula), cat (Sierra), CBP, Concierge, Crabtree, Customs and Border Patrol, data broker, days to kill (I have a few), DHS, dirty deacon, Elizabeth Keen, Engel, Episode 18, Esi Jackson, Esi Jackson killed, faith in faith has been restored, Father Steve Homan, Frey, Givens (Agnes), Gordon Lightfoot, Grant (Lisa), Hadley, Hadley killed, Her only hope for survival exists in my world, hit man, Homan, Homeland Security (Dept of), I have a few days to kill, I’m the only one who can save her, impersonates dead people, impersonation, invention of microwave oven, Jackson, Jackson killed, James Spader, Jax, Jennifer, Jennifer killed, Keen, library, Lightfoot, Lillian Roth, Lillian Roth killed, Lisa Grant, Liz, Liz arrested, Liz prays, Liz’s sister killed, Liz’s team killed, Lizzie, Lizzy, loyalty, loyalty to individuals, loyalty to institutions, Max Frey, medical examiner, Megan Boone, microwave oven, More dangerous than she looks, mouse trap, Mr Beaks, Mrs French, My faith in faith has been restored, my world (Her only hope for survival exists in), NBC, needle in a haystack, Neville Townsend, Neville Townsend orders hit, new Townsend Directive, nuke Mr. Beaks, parakeet, Paula Carter, Percy Spencer, pet parakeet, Pick the Pumpkin, polka music, priest, Protean, Pumpkin (Pick the), rainforest, Raymond, Red, Red as priest, Reddington, Ressler shoots Protean, Ressler shoots Rhys Engel, Rhys Engel, Roth, S08E18, script, Season 8, Selden Hotel, shapeshifter, Sierra (cat), Skip Hadley, Skip Hadley killed, Spader, Spencer, Steve Homan, story of microwave oven, Subaru Outback, The Blacklist, The Protean, The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, thievin’ heathen, Townsend, Townsend Directive, Townsend Directive (new), Townsend orders hit, Vivi Crabtree, Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald

Episode 8:19 Balthazar “Bino” Baker

#129; BL#129; Blacklister #129; ⭕, 0819, 7th Ward, 819, @NBCBlacklist, Agent Danforth, Agent Paula Danforth, Anton Mobley, Arthur, ♫ Bumblebee (Flight of the), ♫ Flight of the Bumblebee, Babe Ruth, Babe Ruth (more hits than), backup, Baker, Balthazar “Bino” Baker, Bambino, baton, Bino Baker, bipolar, Blacklist, Boone, bureaucratic protocol, cargo, cargo (precious), Castle, chauvinistic, checkmate, chess, chess club, chess pun, Chester, Chinese restaurant, Chinese surgeon, collapsed lung, contraband, convoy, convoy (decoy), convoy (FBI), convoy (federal), convoy down, Danforth, DC, decoy convoy, delivery network, Delores Knapp, dominoes, dominos, door (hidden), double standard, duct tape, Elizabeth Keen, enforcer, Episode 19, fake Metro PD, fake MPD, FBI convoy, federal convoy, finder’s fee, friends (Reddington has no), gambit, gambling, gangster, Greek Gift Sacrifice, hand-off, hearse, hidden door, hit man, honey, I am not leaving you, I’m the pawn, I’ve failed, If you die I’m gonna kill you, insane, insane (He’s totally), insanity, James Spader, Keen, Keenler, Knapp, Korsakov, light (stay in the), Liz, Liz/Ressler, Lizzie, Lizzy, lunatic, lung (collapsed), machine politics, madman, madman (We work for a), manic-depressive, meds, Megan Boone, Metro PD (fake), mob, Mobley, mobsters, Moms Wimbley, money laundering, more hits than Babe Ruth, MPD (fake), muscle, NBC, network (delivery), Neville Townsend, Outpost, Paula Danforth, pawn, payday loans, pipeline, poise and ingenuity, precious cargo, psychotic, Raymond, Red, Red (rules are different for), Red says he’s failed to keep Liz safe, Reddington, Reddington has no friends, Ressler blames himself, Ressler shot, Ressler/Liz, rules are different for Reddington, runners, S08E19, S8E19, script, Season 8, secrets, Seventh Ward, sewer system only with cash, Shanghai Palace, smuggling, Spader, stay in the light, Stevens, surgeon, tax evasion, Tell Donald to stay in the light, The Blacklist, The Castle, The Outpost, Townsend, tunnels, underground chess club, underground hospital, Vandyke, Walter Stevens, ward boss, Washington DC, We work for a madman, Wimbley (Moms), You’re just the first domino

Episode 8:20 Godwin Page

#141; BL#141; Blacklister #141; ⭕, 0820, 820, @NBCBlacklist, abduction, AED, alone (She’s not … She’s never been alone), Archive (Sikorsky), balls (I cup the … give ’em a tickle maybe a squeeze), balls (You need ’em cut off – Ema’s your Abba), Baltic Sea, Baltic’s Best Seafood Distributor, barn (horse), Benihana, BetaStar chip, Blacklist, Blacklist (This is The), Bolt (a person), Boone, Brimley, Brimley (Edna), Brimley (Mrs), Bunker, burn notice on Liz, cardiac arrest, Castle, Chinook helicopter, chip (tracking), chip excised, chip in neck, chopper, Code Black, coincidences (There are no), containment unit, convenience store, Cynthia Panabaker, defibrillator, detonation, due diligence, Edna Brimley, Elias Vandyke, eliminated (Liz to be), Elizabeth Keen, Ema’s your Abba, end (This isn’t the … Not for you), epicenter, Episode 20, extraction by helicopter, extraction of red box, fire (night of the), forger (passport), French (Margaret), Fritos (Funyuns or), Fulcrum, Funyuns or Fritos, gift (Sikorsky Archive was a), godlike Anglo-Saxon, Godwin Page, Godwin Page immunity deal, Goldenleaf Hotel, good or bad (People aren’t), helicopter, helicopter extraction, high security containment unit, horse barn, horse stable, horses, I have a guy, I knew your mother better than she knew herself, I’m gonna tell her everything, immunity deal, incursion into the Post Office, intubation, It’s all me (Whatever I’ve done), James Spader, Judge Judy, Juris, Katarina Rostova was never framed or killed per Red, Keen, Keeping secrets is brutal business, killed (Liz to be), kitchen knives, knives (kitchen), Latvia, Liz, Liz (burn notice issued), Liz brokers deal with Townsend to only kill Red, Liz in the red box, Liz represents a weakness in Red per Vandyke, Liz is special to Red per Vandyke, Liz surrenders to Cooper, Liz to be killed by DOJ, Liz to be scrubbed, Liz’s scar, Liz’s scar shaped like Baltic Sea, Lizzie, Lizzy, Loudoun County, Margaret French, martini three olives, Megan Boone, microchip excised, microchip in neck, MPD, Mrs Brimley, N-13, N-13 (Red says he’s), NBC, necropsy, Neville Townsend, night of the fire, Orange Box, paddles (AED), Page (Godwin), Page (Godwyn), Page immunity deal, Panabaker, passport forger, People aren’t good or bad, perpetual optimism is a force multiplier, Post Office incursion, prison (Supermax), Raymond, Red, Red abducts Liz, Red Box, red box (Liz in the), red box extracted, Red holds Liz’s hand, Red says he’s N-13, Red’s airplane flies over Townsend, Reddington, Reddington’s death won’t balance the scales. I want him to watch her die, Ressler incubated, rheumatism, rolling pin, S08E20, S8E20, Salerno in hospital. Riga Latvia, scar (Liz’s), script, scrubbed (Liz to be), Scrubbed like killed scrubbed?, Season 8, secrets (Keeping … is brutal business), sepsis, septic shock, septicemia, Seventh Ward, She’s not alone. She’s never been alone., Sikorsky Archive, Sikorsky Archive was a gift, Sikorsky Archive was a seed, simplex protocol, smart girl, Spader, stable (horse), STAT, Supermax prison, Teddy Brimley, The Blacklist, The Castle, the epicenter, There are no coincidences, This is The Blacklist, This isn’t the end. Not for you, This old song, Townsend, tracking chip, v-fib, Vandyke, veterinary school, virginity (like losing your … to a racehorse), What did you do?, Whatever I’ve done – It’s all me, wheelchair, where it all began, yiddish, You need to forget what you think you know, You never existed

Episode 8:21 Nachalo

#000; BL#0; Blacklister #0; ⭕, $40M, 0821, 12yo Katarina, 13 packets, 17yo Katarina, 1990, 1991, 20 megaton bomb, 3.5” floppy disks, 5th Directorate, 821, @NBCBlacklist, analogue, Archive (Sikorsky), ♫ Jingle Bells, backstory, backstory (Katarina), backstory (series), Baltic Sea, Baltic’s Best Seafood Distributor, beach house, beginning, black and white, Blacklist, blackmail File, blackmail on Real RR, Bolshoi Ballet, Boone, Bunker, bunny (stuffed bunny), Cabal, candle flames, candle flames started fire, Cape May, Cape May flashbacks, Carla Reddington, carousel (Christmas), chlorine trifluoride gas, Christmas carousel, Christmas tree, CIA, closet (Masha/Liz in), Cold War, Cold War (end of), Created Raymond Reddington, Created Reddington, creating Reddington required a complete transformation, Dom, Dom sacrificed Tatiana Petrova to save Katarina and Liz, Dominic Wilkinson, double agent, double cross, double life, dream state, drops (of intel), Elias Vandyke, Elizabeth Keen, embassy, epicenter, Episode 21, espionage, Everyone wanted something and I wanted everything, everything about you is a lie, FBI, Fifth Directorate, fire (night of the), fire flashbacks, fire started by candle flames, flashbacks, flashbacks of fire, Fulcrum, Hatch, Herring, Hops, house Red blew up, I’m not your mother, Ilya Koslov, interface unit, Ivan Stepanov, Ivan Stepanov used Katarina’s security clearance to steal the Sikorsky Archive, Ivan Stepanov was Katarina’s handler, James Spader, Jennifer Reddington, Kara-Murray, Katarina created Red, Katarina erased Liz’s memory, Katarina promised to protect Masha/Liz, Katarina Rostova, Katarina Rostova was never framed or killed per Red, Katarina’s backstory, Katarina’s handler, Katatina is burned, Keen, Keen (Young Liz)/Masha, KGB, Koslov, Latvia, lie (everything about you is a), lie (living a), lies, living a lie, Liz, Liz is shot, Liz Keen, Liz shoots Townsend, Liz/Masha is burned, Liz’s questions blamed for deaths, Lizzie, Lizzy, Lubyanka Square, Masha Rostova, Masha shoots her father, Masha shoots Real Reddington, Masha shoots Real RR, Masha/Liz is burned, Megan Boone, mother (I’m not your), N-13, Nachalo, NBC, Nest (in bunker), nesting storks, night of the fire, nuclear bunker, Oh F-, Petrova, Petrova impersonated Katarina Rostova, phantasms, plastic surgery, power (The source of my … is right here. She won’t be destroyed), Raymond, real Raymond Reddington, real Reddington, Real Reddington shot by Masha, Real RR, Real RR shot by Masha, Red, Red blows up Townsend, Red created by Katarina, Red says he’s not a Russian spy, Red spills secrets, Red’s secrets revealed, Reddington, Reddington (Created), Reddington (creating … required a complete transformation), Reddington (real), Rederina, Riga Latvia. Rostova, Rundāle Palace, Russian spy (Red says he’s not a). secrets, S08E21, S8E21, script, Season 8, secrets revealed, series backstory, series secrets revealed, Sikorsky Archive, Sikorsky Archive was a seed, Soviet Union, Soviet Union (fall of), Spader, Stay with the story, Stepanov, Stepanov was Katarina’s handler, storks, story (Stay with the), stuffed bunny, Super Bubbles, surgery (plastic), Tatiana Petrova, Tatiana Petrova impersonated Katarina Rostova, Tatiana Petrova was sacrificed by Dom to save Katarina and Liz, Tatiana Petrova was set up, Tatiana Petrova’s husband was killed, The Beginning, The Blacklist, The Cabal, The Fulcrum, The Nest, The source of my power is right here. She won’t be destroyed, There’s no more if you’re dead, to give up your life to live as someone else. – I can’t imagine loving anyone enough to do that, Townsend is blown up by Red, Townsend is shot by Liz, tracking chip, traitor, treason, Ugly American, Vandyke, Vladimir Kara-Murza, vodka, Wilkinson, Wilkinson (Young), you were conceived as part of a lie, You were the plan, You’re American. You’re Ugly. And I’m about to repel you, You’re hurting her!, Young Constantin Rostov, Young Dominick Wilkinson, Young Ilya Koslov, Young Koslov, Young Rostov

Episode 8:22 Konets

#000; BL#0; Blacklister #0; ⭕, 0822, 822, @NBCBlacklist, Agnes Keen, Alice in Wonderland statue, Aram (Liz asks Aram for forgiveness), Beth Ryker, Blacklist, blessed (Your friend’s), blessing and a curse, bomb in backpack, Boone, Bunker, Cat (Cheshire), Cat (Schrōdinger’s), Central Park, Central Park Conservancy, Cheshire Cat, Conservancy, criminal (Is that what I am?), daughter of a spy, DC Zoo, de Creeft sculpture, death (Red plans his), death montage (Liz’s). Dembe IDs Townsend’s body, death of Elizabeth Keen, death of Liz, destiny, die (I’m always prepared to), ducklings, dying (Red is), Elias Vandyke, Elizabeth Keen, Elizabeth Keen dies, end game (Red’s), envelope with letter, epicenter, Episode 22, fate, fate takes the laboring oar, fingerprints, flashbacks, force to be reckoned with, French (Mrs), frozen pops, fruit pops, fugitive (Liz), happy family, helium balloons, I could fly, I don’t think I can pull the trigger, I have no control over how any of this ends, I think it’s his idea, I was there, I’m dying, I’m always prepared to die, if you knew beforehand you’d never agree to kill me, Is that what I am? Or is that what I am because of you?, It’s quite a story. Full of ambition and hope. Love and loss, Jacques Tati, James Spader, José de Creeft sculpture, Katarina kisses newborn Liz/Red kisses dying Liz, Katarina Rostova (Who was she to you?), Keen, Keen (Agnes), Keen (Elizabeth) dies, Keenler, Konets, Latvia, Let’s just be, letter from Katarina, Liz, Liz agrees to kill Red, Liz asks Aram for forgiveness, Liz can’t shoot Red, Liz dies, Liz is shot by Vandyke, Liz remembers people she loved, Liz’s decision, Lizzie, Lizzington, Lizzy, Love and loss, man child, Megan Boone, miniature sailboats, montage, Most Wanted List, National Zoo, NBC, Nest, Neville Townsend, New York City, normal (What is), NYC, Pascual, Pascual’s Restaurant, photo of Katarina and Liz, photo of Liz and Katarina, Pinky, pond, pops (frozen), pops (fruit), Raymond, Red, Red asks Liz to kill him, Red kisses dying Liz/Katarina kisses newborn Liz, Red plans his death, Red shoots Vandyke, Redarina, Red’s empire, Red’s end game, Red’s identity, Red’s story, Reddington, Reddington (She’s gonna kill), Reddington’s sick, Rederina, Ressler in hospital, Ressler runs to Liz, Riga Latvia, Rostova, Russia, Russian princess, Russian river (Yenisey), Ryker, S08E22, S8E22, sacrifice himself to save her life (Red will), sailboats (miniature), scar (Liz’s), Schrödinger’s Cat, script, Season 8, Season Finale, She’s gonna kill Reddington, smile (Cheshire Cat), Spader, spy (daughter of a), story, story (Red’s), taking my life is a way forward, Tati, The Blacklist, The End, The Nest, Townsend, Townsend’s dead. trigger (I don’t think I can pull the), United Nations of Crime, Vandyke, Vandyke is shot by Red, Vandyke kills Liz, Vandyke shoots Liz, We’ve had some times, What is normal?, Where’s the fun in that?, Who was she to you?, Yenisey River, You won, Your friend’s blessed, Zoo

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🅾 S9: Season 9:

Episode 9:1 The Skinner

#045; BL#45; Blacklister #45; ⭕,0901, 2 years later, 700 year old pirate, 901, @NBCBlacklist, A life with Agnes wasn’t all she wanted. She wanted a life with you, abduction, After Elizabeth there is nothing, Agnes Keen, altar, Amazon, Anderson, angel investor, automobile crash (staged), automobile mechanic, background check, Beck, Beefy Merc, Blacklist, Blacklist (Liz died for the), Blacklist was Liz’s calling and if we loved her it has to be ours, Boudhanath Nepal, brigandage, Buddhist monks, bulletproof vest, car crash (staged), car mechanic, chanting, Charles VII of France, Chen Yu-Lan, Chief Technology Officer, child as human shield, child’s drawings on refrigerators, Clayton Beck, cloudy orb, computer chips, computer piracy protection, concession stand, Conroy, Cooper has Agnes, country club, crew cut (Ressler without a), crime boss, cruel (Do you want to be), CTO (Chief Technology Officer), Cuba, dead skin, debridement, Dembe is a Special Agent, Dembe is burned in explosion, Dembe is in the FBI, diamond ring, Do you want to be cruel?, drugged drink, Duke (Vincent), ecorcheurs, egg in water, Episode 1, Ex. As in ex-wife. She wasn’t, Faria, FBI (Dembe is in the FBI), field agent, fire around letter S (tattoo), Flagify, flak jacket, flayers, flop sweating, focus and concentration, folk religion, Fountain Grand Hotel, golf, golf club, golf iron, golf pro, Graeme Anderson, Greylock, hair out of place, Havana Cuba, He has a good soul, Henry Conroy, Henry de Monfreid, highwaymen, hijacking, Homeland Security, hostage, How does it end?, How is Agnes?, human shield (child as), inner harmony, inner peace, itinerary, James Spader, Kaqchikel, Kathmandu Nepal, Keen, Keeping the girl from him is cruel, Ken Laver, kidnapping, Kuo Pai-Han, La Cabaña, Laver, letter “S” engulfed in flames, line of succession, Liz died for The Blacklist, Liz wanted a life with Ressler per Red, Los Angeles CA, Maggie Conroy, marine fuel explosion, Mayan language, meditation, microchips, microprocessors, Mierce has powers Harold. All for the good, Mierce Xiu, Monfreid, more fragile than an origami swan, mulligan, national security threat, NBC, Nepal, New York City park, New York NY, next-gen microchips, Nick Faria, No blood, No one’s prepared for Conroy, Nothing will happen to that girl. Not while she’s in my care, Nurse, origami swan (more fragile than an), Perkins, piracy, piracy (computer), pirates, Port of Los Angeles, Portnoy, practicing golf, protocol, Raymond, Red, Red says Liz wanted a life with Ressler, Red’s head is shaved, Reddington, Ressler is a car mechanic, Ressler is a mess, Ressler is an automobile mechanic, retina scan, reunion, Rievers, S09E01, S9E01, Saw Mill Road, SCG microchips, script, Season 9, Season Premiere, second mortgage, sentiment analysis, sesson premiere, ShadowSee, shaman, shaved head, She means everything to me, Shu, Silicon Shield, Skinner, smuggling, soccer game, sole manufacturer, Spader, Special Agent Dembe Zuma, staged automobile crash, staged car crash, start-up, stones the size of Montana, successor (You chose an unworthy successor), sun breaking through the clouds, Taipei Taiwan, Taiwan, Taiwanese microchips, tattoo of fire around letter S, team reunited, The Blacklist, The Skinner, third degree burns (Dembe has), tripwire, TV Host, two years later, unicorn stationary, Vincent Duke, Vincent. Need a lift?, Weecha protects my body Mierce my soul, Weecha Xiu, Wei, whether she died in vain is up to you, witch, world runs on microchips, wound debridement, X in chalk on Post Office box, Xiu, You chose an unworthy successor, You could drop your pants, You were me

Episode 9:2 The Skinner Pt 2

#045; BL#45; Blacklister #45; ⭕, 0902, 700 year old pirate, 902, @NBCBlacklist, a bientot, abduction, addiction (Ressler’s past), advanced microchips, Agnes Keen, Agnes’s soccer team, Akimasa, Alberta Gilbert, Alberta/Red, Anderson, Anderson killed, Andrew Wyeth, automobile chase, badass Red, Beauregard, black ops funding, Blacklist, brand (it’s not your … anymore), Brenneman, bylaws, Captain (The), car chase, charter invoked, charter of the Skinners, Chen cracks, Chen family rescued, Chen Yo-Lan, Chief Technology Officer, China, Client, Code Red, CODIS (Combined DNA Index System), Collins, Combined DNA Index System (CODIS), computer breach, computer chips, computer hard drive, condo association, Cooper gives back hard drive, Cooper returns hard drive, CTO (Chief Technology Officer), Cynthia Panabaker, dementia, diagnostic mode (network), download, Dr Brenneman, Dr Walter Brenneman, Duke (Vincent), Episode 2, Ernesto, fire around letter S (tattoo), freelance work (Park’s), Gaddafi, Gilbert (Alberta), Give me a kiss. A good one, glasses with listening components baked into the frame, golden goose, Goldenshore Industries, golf, Good Cop Bad Cop, Graeme Anderson, Graeme Anderson killed, hard drive, Henry Kissinger, hostage, I know what he likes and dislikes, I’m feeling stronger than ever, I’m here because it’s what she would want, immunity deal reinstated, initiation ceremony, intellectual property, James Spader, Keen, kidnapping, kiss (open-mouth), Kissinger, Kuo Pai-Han, Le Duc Tho, Let’s blow this Popsicle stand, letter “S” engulfed in flames, Libya, Libyan National Transitional Council (NTC), lightning, line of succession, listening components baked into the frame of glasses, manifest destiny, Margaret Collins, Mayo Clinic, meeting the First Lady after you’ve slept with the President, microchips (advanced), microprocessors, Mierce Xiu, more right and wrong (complicated than), Muammar Gaddafi, national security, NBC, No tongue no invoking the charter, nom de guerre, Norman Beauregard, NTC (National Transitional Council of Libya), old friend, Olly Olly Oxen Free!, open-mouth kiss, organization (we work for the; ie not for a person), Out you go, over-riding security protocols, Panabaker, Paris Peace Talks, Park’s freelance work, patriotism, Perseverating, Peter, piracy, pirates, Plan B, Popsicle stand (Let’s blow this), Portnoy, Post Office (return to), predecessor, proprietary software, PTSD, Raymond, Red, Red gets immunity deal reinstated, Red gets Skinner tattoo, Red gets tattoo, Red initiated into the Skinner organization, Red kisses Alberta, Red visits Panabaker, Red/Alberta, Red’s immunity deal reinstated, Reddington, Reddington task force reinstated, Ressler has PTSD, Ressler’s past addiction, retirement home, return to the Post Office, S09E02, S9E02, Sato Akimasa, SCG microchips, SCG satellite office, script, Season 9, Season Premiere, Senator Cynthia Panabaker, Senator Panabaker, Shu Kuan-Lin, Silicon Valley, Skinner charter, Skinner charter invoked, Skinner Pt 2, Skinner tattoo (Red gets), Skinner2, snowbirds, Solomon Bay retirement home, Spader, Spycraft war. It’s more complicated than right and wrong, straight razor, struck by lightning, student government (This isn’t), succession, successor, supply chain, Swift kick to the head. No headache, Taipei Taiwan, Taiwan, Taiwanese microchips, talk him off the ledge, task force reinstated, tattoo (Red gets), tattoo of fire around letter S, technology that makes the world go ’round, The Blacklist, The Captain, The Skinner Part 2, The world doesn’t belong to the young, tongue (No … no invoking the charter), Tripoli Libya, Unfinished business, unworthy successor, Vincent Duke, walk in the park (fig.), Walter Brenneman, warehouse, Weecha Xiu, Weecha’s hooch, Wei Kuan-Lin, Wei shot in leg, world doesn’t belong to the young, Wyeth, Xiu, Xiu family rum, You’re a caretaker. A steward. A trustee, young (The world doesn’t belong to the), Zhongguancun China

Episode 9:3 The SPK

#178; BL#178; Blacklister #178; ⭕, $50 million, $50M, 0903, 903, @NBCBlacklist, addiction, Agnes Keen, Agnes meets Red, alchemists, American Legion Hall, angel investor said yes, antiaircraft gun, antiquities, Antonio Lucchese, APB, Aram Mojtabai, Aram stays with the FBI, Aram-a-palooza, Aram’s company, Aram’s parents, Aram’s ringtone, Aram’s start-up, armed robbery, Arthritics (senior heavy-metal band), artifact, Assumption of Mary, auction, auctioneer, ♫ Money Money, bank in Malta, Bishop, Bishop (American), Bishop (Italian), black market, Blacklist, blow up a church, cathedral, Catholic Mass, Catholicism, channeling God, charismatic, chastity belt, child of an addict, Colfax, Con, con job, con man, confidence man, crowbar, cult, cybersecurity, David Kangas, David Kangas sets himself on fire, De La Cruz job, deal from the bottom of the deck, Dembe arrests Robert Vesco, Dembe arrests Vesco, detonator, Divine Ascention, Doubting Thomas, drug addiction (Ressler), drug test, dual loyalties, End Times, Episode 3, Faria, Female Collector, Female Urine Sample Collector, fringe group, gingers tend to wrinkle, Giovanni, Giovanni is Robert Vesco, Hashem Mojtabai, head of John the Baptist, heavy-metal band, Holy Belt, honor among thieve, I doubt we’ve heard the last of Robert Vesco, I’ll put you down like a three-legged mule, I’m a child of an addict. I know the tricks of the trade, I’m not an abusive husband or father, I’m not auditioning for your approval or your trust, I’m the FBI, I’m Yama god of death, icon, icon of John the Baptist, iconoclasm, iconoclast, iconography, idolatry, IED, improvised explosive device (IED), Italian Bishop, Italy, it’s very difficult to maintain good judgment when your followers think you’re channeling God, James Spader, Joanie Kangas, John the Baptist icon, Kangas, karma is a bitch, Keen, king of the con, Lamb of God, lithium, live tv, loyalty, Lucchese, Madonna, Magic Portal, Malta, marks in a con, martyr, Mary’s Holy Belt, Mass (Catholic), Max, May your revenge be as daring as your neckline, Mayor (Italian), medieval relic, mentor (Red’s), messianism, millenarianism, Millennium, Mojtabai, money money ring tone, Naamah Mojtabai, NBC, Nick Faria, No you’re a cold-hearted murderer, offering basket, Old Holy Cross Church, Old Veteran, Park blackmails Ressler to stop using drugs, Park gives Ressler ultimatum, Pinkie, Pinky, plan to blow up a church, Porta Magica, Prato Italy, priest, Prince (Trevor), Raymond, Red, Red gives Vesco a pep talk, Red kisses Vesco Red meets Agnes, Red’s mentor, Reddington, relics, religion, religious devotion to a manipulative leader, religious fringe group, Ressler cheats on drug test, Ressler questions Dembe’s loyalty, Ressler’s drug use, RF signals jammed, RF triggered IEDs, Robert Vesco, Robert Vesco (The meek and scheming … masquerading as the great and powerful Giovanni), Robert Vesco is Giovanni, Roman Catholicism, S09E03, S9E03, Sacra Cintola, Saint Thomas, Salton Sea, Santa Maria de Prato Cathedral, script, Season 9, Second Coming, secret society, secular messianism, Security Guard, security software, self-immolation, senior heavy-metal band, Shark Tank, Shock and awe, Space Camp, Spader, SPK, story-telling, supervised visitation, Supremo Priori Knighthood (SPK), swindling cheating double-crossing beautiful confidence man, The Arthritics, The Blacklist, The SPK, Thomas, Thomas (Saint), Thomas hit with crowbar, tractor beam up to God, transubstational, Trevor Prince, Tuscany Italy, ultimatum (Park gives Ressler), unorthodox, urine sample, Vatican, veneration, Vesco, Vesco arrested by Dembe, Vesco is Giovanni, Veteran (Old), Virgin Mary, Virgin Mother, Weecha Xiu, Welcome to the one percent pal, Who is this weird guy and why does he talk so much?, Wujing, Wizard of Oz, Xiu, Yama god of death, Yes I’m Pinky, You’re Pinky, your feet are planted in two different worlds, Your ship has come in

Episode 9:4 The Avenging Angel

#049; BL#49; Blacklister #49; ⭕, 0904, 904, @NBCBlacklist, a liar and a cheat, abduction, Ada Rosenberg, Adam McHenry, adoption, affair, affair (Charlene Cooper’s), affair (extramarital), Afghanistan, Afghanistan (smuggling minerals out of), Alexei Nikovich, Alina Park has cancer, Andrew Freeson, angel, Angel Gabriel, angel wings art, answers for prayers, antique camper, avenging angel, avenging angel needs an avenging angel, Avenging Angel’s heart transplanted (given), AvengingAngel1317, balcony (thrown off), ballistics report, Belgium, best friend (cheated by), billionaire, Blacklist, blackmail, blood thinner, Bluetooth, book club (I hate my), Brasilia Brazil, Brasilia was a tragedy, Brazil, bribery, Bruges Belgium, bullet missing, Cadaver Rising, camper in woods, cancer (Park has), cash-flow problem, catheter, Charlene Cooper, Charlene Cooper’s affair, Charlene’s friend, Charlene’s lover, cheated by best friend, cheated by oldest friend, cloak and dagger, confession, congestive heart failure, Conrad (Walter), convent, Cooper, Cooper’s gun used in murder, cue cards, Death Metal music, Dembe/Red, Derek Huntley, Detective Heber, Detective Marcus Heber, do-gooder, doctor for pro athletes, Donald Ressler, Doug Koster, Doug Koster killed, Dr Francis, Episode 4, every other day, Francis (surname), Freeson, Freeson cheated by McHenry out of Genocyte, Fukushima, Gabriel, Genocyte, Ginsberg, gourd, Green, Harold Cooper, Harold Cooper’s gun used in murder, haunted (you’re), Hawkins, heart transplant, heartless (You behave like you’re … Now you will be), Heddie Hawkins, hedge-fund manager, Holocaust, Holocaust survivor, homicide report, hospital bracelet, hospital ID band, Huntley, I am alive because I sang for the people who killed my family, I hate my book club, I think you’re forgetting something. Her hands, infant’s hospital ID band, Inge Ginsberg, Inge Ginsberg & the TritoneKings, intellectual property, It wasn’t about sex, James Spader, Janelle Green, Jericho (name), justice (what is?), kidnapping, Koster, Koster killed, Lew Sloan, Magdeburg Germany, maté infusion, McHenry, McHenry cheated Freeson out of Genocyte, Michael, Michael the Archangel, Michaela Bellucci, Mierce has two green thumbs, Mierce Xiu, Mierce/Red, missing bullet, murder disguised as suicide, national transplant list, Nazis, NBC, Nikovich, O-negative, oil futures, oldest friend (cheated by), Oleg oligarch, online prayer group, Order. Harmony. Balancing the scales, pacemaker, paid for pediatric wing, parents’ garage, Park gives Ressler urine for blood test, Park has cancer, pediatric wing paid for, penis, penthouse, pissant, prayer group (online), prayer site, prayer website, prayers answered, precious things stolen, psychopathology, Quasimodo, ransomware attack, Raymond, Red, Red kills Michael, Red kills the Avenging Angel, Red/Dembe, Red/Mierce, Reddington, Reddit, reparations, Ressler, Ressler cheats on drug test (again), revenge, reverse pike off of his balcony, righting wrongs, Rogelio, Rosary beads, Rosenberg, Russian oligarch, S09E04, S9E04, Saint Damian’s Hospital, saints and sinners, screaming into that void, script, Season 9, Sentimental reparation, service weapon, sex (It wasn’t about), Sloan, smuggling minerals out of Afghanistan, Spader, St Damian’s Hospital, stolen Van Gogh, suicide (murder disguised as), suicide note, surgical suite, taped confession, The Avenging Angel, The Blacklist, The TritoneKings, There is an avenging angel for all of us. This will not keep you from yours, They don’t but I doThread-net, thrown off balcony, transplant list, TritoneKings, unwed mother, urine sample, Van Gogh, Van Gogh‘s The Painter on the Road to Tarascon, Vincent Van Gogh, vintage camper, Vodka’s cold and the girls are hot, Walter Conrad, website for prayer, Weecha Xiu, Well this is uncomfortable, what is justice?, What the hell happened to us?, whodunit, William Green, World War Two, worst day of your life, WW2, Xiu, yerba maté plant, You behave like you’re heartless. Now you will be, You came back for me. You stayed for Agnes, you’re haunted

Episode 9:5 Benjamin T Okara

#183; BL#183; Blacklister #183; ⭕, 0905, 905, @NBCBlacklist, airfields, alibi, Alison, any way you can kill I can kill better, armadillo, ballistics test, Benjamin Okara, Benjamin Okara blows himself up, Benjamin Okara commits suicide, Benjamin Okara kills colleagues, Benjamin Okara kills himself, Benjamin T Okara, Blacklist, blood test, blue van, Brimley, Brimley’s son, brutal new form of guerrilla warfare, calculus, camper, cancer, cannot confirm or deny, Charlene Cooper, Charlene Cooper lies to detective (maybe), CID, Civil Investigation Division (CID), classified, Come Raymond, Come to bed Raymond, Constantine (Sherwin Ellis), Constantine’s Meats and Cheeses, Cooper, Cooper asks Charlene to lie for him, Cooper lies to detective, crossword puzzle, crowd control weapon, Cuba, Cute as a button isn’t she?, Dad says I’m not ready for mammals, DARPA, DARPA Aide, DARPA Director, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Defense Department, Dembe (hit ordered on), Dembe calls helicopter of Red’s, Dembe opens gift from Red, Dembe saves Park, Dembe tested by Red, Dembe Zuma is my responsibility, Dembe/Red, Department of Defense (DOD), desert ash beware, detective (Charlene Cooper lies to; maybe), detective (Cooper lies to), Detective Heber, Detective Marcus Heber, detonator, Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), directed energy weapon, Director, Director Reiss (DARPA), DOD, Doug Koster, Doug Koster murder, DSM, Edna Brimley, Edna Brimley’s go to, elevated HCG, Ellis (Sherwin), Episode 5, eye for an eye, eyes in the back of my head, Fielder, flood gates, Geoffrey Brimley, Gottfried Leibniz, GPS, GPS targeting, great leap forward imagined simultaneously, guerrilla warfare, Hans Fielder, Havana Syndrome, HCG elevated, He was in Now he’s out, heart valve replacement, Heber, helicopter (Dembe calls Red’s), Hoover Building, I am The Skinner, I can neither confirm nor deny, I could protect you, I didn’t adhere to our rules. I violated them for you. Now I need you to violate them again for me, I love my husband but I won’t lie for him, I should never have come back, in or out, Isaac Newton, James Spader, Jovan Lovic, Jovan Lovic killed by Weecha, Jovan Lovic orders hit on Dembe, Koster murder, Lagos Nigeria, Leibniz and Newton, lobster torture, location code, Lovic, Lovic killed by Weecha, Lovic orders hit on Dembe, magic trick, mammals (Dad says I’m not ready for), Martinez, Maryanne Sims, Mayo Clinic, microwave energy weapon, Mierce hugs Red, Mierce Xiu, Mierce/Red, Miercington, Motel (Oak Leaf), Mr Brimley, murder of Doug Koster, mystery weapon, NBC, Newport News Virginia, Newton and Leibniz, Nigeria, Nitesh Shah, Oak Leaf Motel, Okara, Okara blows himself up, Okara commits suicide, Okara kills colleagues, Okara kills himself, Olivia Martinez, Oncologist, Park hit with bottle, Park hit with directed energy, Park in ICU, Park injured by directed energy, Park was pregnant, Peter, Peter disappointed Park is not pregnant, Quantico, Raymond, Red, Red kills Sima, Red saves Dembe, Red shows Skinner tattoo, Red tests Dembe, Red/Dembe, Red/Mierce, Reddington, Rembe, Rochester MN, Rodgers, rules, S09E05, S9E05, sabbatical, safe haven business, script, Season 9, Shah, Sherwin Ellis (Constantine), Sima, Sima killed by Red, Sims, simultaneous discovery, Skinner (I am the), Skinner tattoo, Spader, Stan Rodgers, The Blacklist, torture by lobster, valve replacement surgery, Vasco, Vasco killed by Red, We were so happy you and I and Weecha, weapon for crowd control, weapon of mass suffering, Weecha kills Jovan Lovic, Weecha kills Lovic, Weecha kills Vasco, Weecha Xiu, wires from ceiling, WordWorld3, Xiu, Yankee Doodle spirit, You should see what she does with a chicken, You’re in or you’re out. You can’t be both, Zamboni

Episode 9:6 Dr Roberta Sand PhD

#153; BL#153; Blacklister #153; ⭕, 0906, 906, @NBCBlacklist, A piece of the past, abduction, Agnes Keen, Agnes knows Red is Russian, appointment book, Aram learned calculus at 10, Aram spent inheritance on therapy, assassination, ballistics report (falsified), Beasley, betrayal, Blacklist, blackmail, calculus (Aram learned at 10), Cooper blackmailed, Cooper framed, Cooper gets threatening phone call, crime syndicate, Cvetko, Dante Russo, dark impulses, DeCanio, DeCanio Crime Syndicate, Dembe betrays Red, Dembe feels guilty, differential calculus, Dino DeCanio, Doug Koster, Dr Phil, Dr Roberta Sand, Dr Roberta Sand kidnapped, Dr Roberta Sand PhD, Dr Sand, Dr Sand is Eleanor Russo, Dr Sand kidnapped, Eleanor Russo, Episode 6, Everyone has dark impulses, fake ballistics report, Fall Finale, falsified ballistics report, feel good about being bad, film noir, finger in a drawer, fingerprints (Liz’s), forensic pathologist, gangsters, GPS jammer, Grab the rat, green envelope, gun in violin case, Heber, Herman Levy, hesitation (Liz’s), historical preservation, holding hands, I can’t do it, I don’t want to, I feel like I’m on an episode of Dr Phil, I had found light. Yet I’m compelled by the dark, I hate to think, I help my clients be comfortable in their own skin, I know you didn’t kill Doug Koster, I was betrayed by my oldest and closest friend, I’m apprehensive about the depth and breadth of my anger, I’m threatening you. That’s what I do, immunity deal, island of your choice, James Spader, Jazz Paws is tricked out with armored panels and a GPS jammer, Jazz Paws mobile per groomers, Jean, Johnny, Keen, kidnapping, Koster, Latinx, letter from Katarina, Levy, Lew Sloan, Lhasa Apso, light versus dark, little itty-bitty Latinx-er acting like she’s the new you, Liz read letter, Liz read Red’s letter, Liz’s fingerprints found on envelope, Liz’s hesitation, Marcus Heber, Mary Parrot, Memorial Baptist Church, Mikey, mob (the), mobile pet groomer, mobsters, Mooms, My mother told me. She told me everything I would ever need to know about you, NBC, New Jersey accent, noir stereotype, office in van, Park confronts DeCanio, Parrot (Mary), pet groomer (mobile), pet grooming appointments, Peter Simpson, philanthropist killed, philanthropy, piece of the past, Pinky, poker, preservationist killed, prints match, psychotherapist, psychotherapy, psychotherapy for criminals, Randall Beasley, Raymond, Raymond Reddington was the most important person in her life besides me, Red, Red abducts therapist, Red feels betrayed by Dembe, Red gets letter from book, Red kidnaps therapist, Red’s weird little apartment, Reddington, Ressler has personal day off, Roberta Sand, Roberta Sand PhD, Russian (How did you know I was?), Russo, S09E06, S9E06, Sand (Roberta), Sand (surname), script, Season 9, self-actualization, sharpshooter, She said you liked to hold hands, shooting range, shrinks and shamans rabbis and monks, Simpson, Sloan, snatch-and-grab, sniper, Spader, Stacey, state capitals, That’s a funny question. How did you know I was Russian?, The Blacklist, the mob, The prints match, therapist, therapist to the mob, therapy, therapy for criminals, Third time’s the charm, trust, US Marshall, violin case (gun in), Vito DeCanio, Vito DeCanio arrested, Vlad Cvetko, We all have dark impulses, Weecha has a finger in a drawer, Weecha Xiu, weird little apartment, Why do you have a letter my mother wrote to me?, witness protection, WITSEC, Xiu, you’re not a murderer, young mobsters

Episode 9:7 Between Sleep and Awake

#000; BL#000; Blacklister #000; ⭕, 0907, 2 year anniversary of Liz’s death, 2 years since Liz’s death, 9 year old boy, 907, @NBCBlacklist, abuse, abuse (child), abuse (drug), abuse (physical), abuse (spousal), abuse (wife), abusive husband, Agnes Keen, automobile crash, Awake and Sleep, ’72 Chevy Nova, ♫ Happy birthday to you, babysitting, backstory, backstory (Ressler), bad luck, Bad things happen to people I get close to, barber, Bartender, beard shaved, Belinda, best friend (I’ll be your), Between Awake and Sleep. Winter Premiere, Between Sleep and Awake, bike, birthday, birthday cake, Blacklist, broken, Captain Hook, car (vintage), car body repair, car crash, car mechanic, car named Layla, car repair, car wasn’t the only thing I was fixing, carnations, celebration of your life not a memory of your death, cemetery, Chevy Nova, climb mountains explore new galaxies, confronting the past, crew cut, dead to the world, decorated FBI agent, Detroit junkyards, disciplinary hearing, Donald Ressler, Dr Sutton, dreams, dreams (remembering), drug addiction, drug dealer, drug dependency, DUI, Episode 7, equal-opportunity offender, flashback Liz’s death, flashbacks, florist, galaxies (explore new), grave (Liz’s), grave (Tom’s), gravesite, graveyard, headstone, he’s just as insufferable as ever, hiding from the past, hitting rock bottom, husband (abusive), I felt like I could feel good, I’ll be your best friend, insufferable, James Spader, Keen, Lauren, Layla, Liberty Auto, Liberty Falls PA, Liz dies (flashback), Liz killed (flashback), Liz’s “grave”, Liz’s death flashback, Lose him, lost boys, luck, marriage proposal, Max, mechanic, mirror, motel, mourning, NBC, needle tracks, norco, not a hair out of place, nothing about it worked, oxycodone, Pennsylvania, Peter Pan, pirate ship, pirates, place where you can still remember dreaming, pneumothorax, pretend you’re okay until one day you are, pretending, proposal, purple carnations, radio (transistor), Raymond, recovery, Red, Reddington, Reddington shaved his head and his new lover’s a shaman, remembering dreams, Ressler, Ressler blames Red for Liz’s death, Ressler cries, Ressler gets a haircut, Ressler hits bottom, Ressler in hospital, Ressler kills Shane, Ressler quits FBI, Ressler robbed, Ressler talks to Liz at her grave, Ressler tries to kill Red, Ressler visits Liz’s grave, Ressler works as mechanic, Ressler’s backstory, Ressler’s drug addiction, robbery, running away from problems, running from the past, S09E07, S9E07, script, Season 9, season synopsis (Ressler gives), self-defense, shaman, Shane, Shane killed by Ressler, Sleep and Awake, small town, Smart kid you two made. Strong. Wise, Someone I used to know, Spader, spousal abuse, spouse abuse, stepfather, stepson, Sutton, The Blacklist, Theodore, Tom Keen, Tom’s grave, transistor radio, two year anniversary of Liz’s death, two years since Liz’s death, vintage car, vintage radio, Vivian, wife abuse, Willy, Willy’s Car Body, Winter Premier

Episode 9:8 Dr Razmik Maier

#168; BL#168; Blacklister #168; ⭕,0908, 908, @NBCBlacklist, Abel Judge, addiction (Ressler’s), Ani Bolin, Aram’s summer vacation, Athlanta Athletic Wear, Athlanta CEO, athlete endorsement, athlete sponsorship, Bartender, bartender drugged Cooper’s drink, Bartman ball, betrayal, betting, black doctor bag, black doctor case, Blacklist, blackmail, Bolin, book (gambling), bookies, bookmaker, Boswell, Boswell Syndicate, Brazil, Burgos, Burgos kills Raznik Maier, Burgos plays FBI, camper, cheating at sports, chef, chloroform, Cooper finds bartender’s body in apartment, Cooper finds body, Cooper was drugged, Cosecha Mayas, covering his tracks, date rape drug, de Leon, Dembe betrayed Red, Dembe gave letter to Liz, Dembe met with Liz in a coffee shop, Dembe’s betrayal, digitally altered voice, doctor case, Don’t look. Nothing good will come from it, doping, Doug Koster, Dr Maier, Dr Razmik Maier, drug abuse (sports), Elias Vandyke, Elizabeth is dead for many reasons. But it looks like as if one of those reasons is me, Episode 8, falling off the wagon, favorite restaurant (Mierce’s), flash drive in intestinal tract, Flores Brazil, gambling, Get out, GHB, good old days, goodbye kiss, GPS history, Greek vacation, green envelope, Herman de Leon, Huang, I can’t watch what it’s turning you into, I know Raymond, I need you Mierce, I want you Mierce, I’m afraid I lied about that, illegal betting, injection, It made her happy, It’s going to kill others. I don’t want it to kill you, Ito, James Spader, Judge (surname), juicing (drugs) Junior Boswell, Ken Rhode, kiss goodbye, kissing scene, Koster, letter from Katarina to Liz, letter from Tadashi, Lew Sloan, light at the end of the tunnel, Loreen Rhode, Maier, Maier’s bag, Maier’s black bag, medical reporter, Mierce goes home, Mierce leaves Red, Mierce Xiu, Mierce/Raymond, Mierce/Red, Mierce’s favorite restaurant, NBC, Now you have the blood of two men on your hands, Olympic stadium, Orange sherbet, overdose (intentional), oxygen carriers, performance enhancing drugs, Philadelphia PA, Philly, photos from Vandyke’s phone, please don’t give up on me, Raymond, Razmik Maier, Raznik Maier killed by Walker Burgos, Raznik Maier kills Sam Rhode, Raznik Maier kills Stella Huang, Red, Red blames Dembe for Liz’s death, Red confronts Dembe, Red kisses Mierce, Red/Mierce, Red’s story, Reddington, reporter, Ressler handcuffs himself, Ressler’s addiction, revenge, Rhode, roses (white), S09E08, S9E08, Sam Rhode, Sam Rhode killed by Maier, script, Season 9, Sloan, Spader, sports betting, sports bookmakers, sports cheating, sports gambling, Sports isn’t just as old as man. It is essential to mankind, star athlete, Stella Huang, Stella Huang killed by Maier, Stella Huang swallows thumb drive, stomach acid, story (the rest of the), surprise party, surveillance video, syringe, Tadash Ito, Tannenbaum disappearance, tennis, The Blacklist, the rest of the story, thumb drive in intestinal tract, titrating, triathlon, Until you didn’t, vacation to Greece, Vandyke, Vandyke followed Dembe, Vandyke tracked Dembe, Vandyke’s phone, Vandykes cell phone, WADA, Wakefield City game, Walker Burgos, Walker Burgos kills Raznik Maier, white roses, World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), Xiu, You’re better than this. This should not define you, you’re such a dick, Your job wasn’t to tell my story the way you wanted it told

Episode 9:9 Boukman Baptiste

#164; BL#164; Blacklister #164; ⭕,0909, 909, @NBCBlacklist, abduction, Agnes Keen, alpha predator, Alton Sterling, Astrid Lindgren, Atatiana Jefferson, attack on Red’s organization, Baltimore (Port of), Baptiste, Bass Reeves, Baum, Big Sam Battle, black lives matter, Blacklist, Blacks killed by cops, Blacks killed by police, BLM, Botham Jean, Boukman Baptiste, Boukman Baptiste wants revenge, Breonna Taylor, cannibal king, cannibals (king of the), child for a child, child murderer, cigar, cog in the machine of institutional racism, conspiracy theorist, Constitution, courage, Cowardly Lion, critical race theory (CRT), CRT (critical race theory), Daniel Baptiste, Dembe is sworn in to FBI, Dembe joins FBI (flashback), Dembe kills boy, Dembe pulls a gun on Marvin Gerard, Dembe reads to Elle, Dembe shoots Boukman Baptiste’s son accidentally (flashback), Dembe sworn in to FBI (flashback), Dembe takes oath, Dembe threatens Marvin Gerard, Dembe Zuma, Do you value my counsel?, Elle, Episode 9, Eric Garner, Floyd (surname), Frank Baum, Freddie Gray, frenemy, George Floyd, Gerard (Marvin), GPS data from phone, Haiti, His life’s work was Elizabeth, I’m not the one having my flowers read, injustice, institutional racism, Isabella abducted, Isabella kidnapped, Isabella Zuma, It’s official. Our lives suck, James Spader, Judas to your community, Keen, kidnapping, king of the cannibals, knife in throat, Lawler, letter to Liz, Lindgren, Liz’s letter, Longstocking, Marvin Gerard, Marybeth, Michael Brown, middleman, Mierce reads flowers, Mierce Xiu, Mierce’s optimistic, NBC, newborn, oath, Oz, Philando Castile, Pippi Longstocking, pistol whip, police killing Blacks, police violence against Blacks, Port of Baltimore, port operations, racism, Raymond, reading to child, Red, Red apologizes to Dembe, Red forgives Dembe, Red reads to Agnes, Red’s organization, Reddington, Reginald Lawler, revenge, roses (white), S09E09, S9E09, script, sea captain, Season 9, shaman, shot in knee, Spader, Spanish, structural racism, swearing in ceremony, system of oppression, systemic racism, That’s unexpected, The Blacklist, Third Man, three days three hits, throat cut, tier one names, True courage is in facing danger when you are afraid, Vandyke was not tracking Dembe, Vandyke’s phone, Vandykes cell phone, vengeance, Weecha kills Boukman Baptiste, Weecha Xiu, white roses, Wizard of Oz, wolf pack, wolves and sheep, wolves take sheep get taken, wolves travel in packs, Xiu, you’re the one getting your flowers read, Zuma

Episode 9:10 Arcane Wireless

#154; BL#154; Blacklister #154; ⭕, $4.75 million, 0910, 20 years in prison, 52-card deck of aces up our sleeve, 910, @NBCBlacklist, Alonso Lyon, An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind, Aram recommends his mentor, Aram’s company, Aram’s mentor, Arcane Wireless, asexual clones of a protected legume, Assistant US Attorney, Asst US Attorney, AUSA, big picture, biker, Blacklist, bloodsucker, Bobby, boss’s-boss, bricked, Burt Lancaster, call trace, cell phone network, cell phones, cell phones that can’t be hacked or tracked, chief technology officer (CTO), Clyde MacFarlane, cone of silence, conflict mediation, crime syndicate, criminal bonafides, CTO, data packet, deep cover, deep undercover, dive bar, Dixon, dressage competition, drug trafficking, dummy server, earwig, encryption, Episode 10, eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind, federal wiretap warrant, FJ Powell, FJ Powell created Arcane Wireless, forensic infosec, Forgive yourself for the choices that you’ve made, fumfering, genius, Gerard, Gilford, Greylock, Grubhub, Hawkins, Hawkins arrested, hearing aid, Heddie Hawkins, Heddie Hawkins arrested, human trafficking, I wasn’t aiding Odin Interdonato. I was bugging him, I’ve been protecting the Arcane Network. Because I created it, IED in the Metro, impenetrable network, information security, infosec, Interdonato, interests not aligned, Itzhak, Jalapeno poppers on Grubhub, James Spader, Judge Smathers, Kamina Gilford, Kelly’s bar, Lancaster, log directory, loyalty or fear, luxuriate in your right to remain silent, Lyon, Lyon Crime Syndicate, macaws, MacFarlane, Marvin Gerard, meth trade, methamphetamine trade, Meyers, Mossad, Motorcycle Club (Mount Porte), Mount Porte Motorcycle Club, NBC, nobility in poverty, Odin Interdonato, ownership shares, pass or die test, patented soybeans, Patriot, pet birds, pet macaws, phones Randy Dixon, poverty (nobility in), prison film with Burt Lancaster, protective custody, Raymond, Raymond person, Red, Red was targeted by The Seer, Reddington, Riggs, Rock Creek Park, S09E10, S9E10, safe house, Saying you’re sorry is meaningless unless you say what you’re sorry for, script, Season 9, security, security platform, Seer, Seer was targeting Red, server farm, Sint Maarten, Smathers, snitch, solitaire, song of silence, songbird, soybeans, Spader, surveillance operation, surveillance video, SWAT, tech guru, That’s my girl, The Blacklist, The Seer, The Seer was targeting Red, this was about saving your ass, timer, timestamp, trafficking, traitor, undercover, unhackable cell phones, unhackable phones, untraceable, untrackable cell phones, untrackable phones, vested, Waitress, Weecha Xiu, William Meyers, Wireless, wiretap warrant, witness protection, WITSEC, Words have power, Xiu, Yerba mate, You want me to snitch

Episode 9:11 The Conglomerate

#142; BL#142; Blacklister #142; ⭕, 0911, 2.2 kids a dog and a pension, 3B, 911, @NBCBlacklist, Agency (CIA), ambiguity, anger is the purest expression of care we have, Apartment 3B, Arabic, assassination, assassination (government sanctioned), assassins, Assassins (Order of), assault, autopsy, Aye Su, Aye Su killed by Park, Bad Boy, Be extraordinary, Beluga caviar, Bergman, black eye, Blacklist, bloody face (Park), bloody nose (Park), bloody shirt, bloody sweater, body bag, Bogart, Bogie, Boring is 2.2 kids a dog and a pension, Boring is good, Brimley, Burma, Burmese general, Burmese junta leader, by celebrate I mean have sеx, camel, camel milk, camel’s milk, camera in button, Casablanca (film), caviar (Beluga), Cayman Jack, cemetery, chain of evidence, Charles Vandyke, Chatter I could do without, CIA, cloak and dagger, colleague and friend, Colleen Riano, Conglomerate, contract killer, Cooper yells at Park, Cuba, Deck chairs on the Titanic, Diener, disinterment, Distinguished Intelligence Cross, Do you know who Raymond Reddington is?, drink under the table, dripping with sangfroid, duck tape, duct tape, enemies of the state, Episode 11, ethnic cleansing, evidence on file, exemplary courage, exhume, exhume Liz’s body, exit wound, extra-judicial, extralegal, Field (surname), finger names, frayed nerves, freelancers, fridge (Raid the), Gauloises, genocide, government sanctioned assassination, Grande Cuvée, guardian angel, Hashashin, Hassan-i Sabbah, He makes me laugh, Helen Field, Helen Field? Sister? Friend? Girlfriend? Comrade in arms?, Helen from 3B, Henreid, Hi Honey, Humphrey Bogart, I had a bad reading, I’m gonna kick your ass!, Ibrahimovic, If I told you I’d have to kill you, impresario of persuasion, incredibly caring person, index finger, Ineptitude bothers me. A lack of originality. Margarine, Ingrid Bergman, Ito, Jack Daniels whiskey, James Spader, job security, John Richter, Killing was easy. Laughter was hard, Langley, laptop (Vandyke’s), laugh (He makes me), Let me grab my lingerie, Lev Salenko, LGBT, LGBTQIAP, lighter, lingerie, Liz’s autopsy, Liz’s bloody shirt, Liz’s bloody sweater, Liz’s clothing, Liz’s effects, Look at the flowers, low tolerance for monsters, marginalized, meet and greet with assassins, MI6, Michael Simmons, middle finger, Mierce reads flowers, military strongman, Mirko Ibrahimovic, monsters (low tolerance for), morgue, Mossad, movie theaters, Mr and Mrs Stupendously Boring, Mr Boring, Mr Brimley, Murder Incorporated, Myanmar, NBC, next-gen tracking device, no-show in Tangier, Order of Assassins, paper bag, paper sack, Park kills Aye Su, Park kills Richter, Park loses control, Park prays for Liz, Park saves Richter, Park tells Peter about Red, Park/Richter, Park’s trigger finger, pathologist, Paul Henreid, Peter Simpson, pickup line, Playa Paraiso’s beautiful this time of year, Pledge Week, pyramid scheme, Rage comes from a lack of control. A fear you can’t protect yourself or the people you care about, Raid the fridge, Raymond, Raymond Reddington (Do you know who … is?), Red, Reddington, refugees, Riano, Richter, Richter killed by Park, Richter saved by Park, Richter threatens Peter, Richter/Park, rogue, Rohingya, Rose Hill Cemetary, roses (white), Russian mob, Russian Vory, S09E11, S9E11, Sabbah, Salenko, salty milk, script, Season 9, Secretary General, Simmons, Simpson, Spader, strongman, Su, supermodely assassins, SVR, TAC team, Tadashi Ito, Tangier Morocco, Teddy Brimley, The Agency, The Blacklist, The Conglomerate, The room is fine. Chatter I could do without, The Vory, They were out of Jack, thumb, tracker, tracking device (next-gen), tracking device is on Liz, Trouble in paradise?, turtle, United Nations, vacuum cleaner, Vandyke, Vandyke’s laptop, Vor, Vory, we need to exhume Elizabeth’s body, Weecha Xiu, wetwork, white roses, wilting roses, Xiu, You beat a man to death. I’m not sure I can help you with that, You deserve peace, you’re an incredibly caring person, Your wife’s a natural born killer

Episode 9:12 The Chairman

#171; BL#171; Blacklister #171; ⭕, 0912, 2008 market collapse, 5 year old daughter, 5yo daughter, 912, @NBCBlacklist, A lot of people loved your mother, Abazi, addiction, Agnes Keen, AIG, Albania, all sizzle no steak, Andrew Kennison, Atlantic City New Jersey, audio bug, autopsy, Banda Korce (BKRC), bankruptcy, Bartender, bedtime story, Beth, BKRC, black market, Blacklist, blackmail, blockchain network, blood oath, bluff, board game (fantastic), board meeting, bottle of pills, breakup of the Soviet Union, bug, bunny, bunny that solved the Cold War, bylaws, capital, capitalism, casino, cemetery, Chairman, Champagne, charred feet (bunny with), cheat the stock market not the night market, chef’s knife, Chum’s in the water. Our shark won’t be able to resist, circuit breaker (stock market), classic love story. Boy meets girl girl betrays boy boy has psychopath dismember girl, COC, coffin (Liz’s), colicky, Concierge of Crime (COC), consent forms, Cooper tells story to Agnes, credit default swaps, crime syndicate, dark market, dark path, dark path (I was born to a), DARPA, Dawson, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), disinterment, distorted voice, divination, Driton Abazi, eggs in water, Enron, Episode 12, exhumation, exhumation autopsy, extortion, Felicia Dawson, fingers cut off, forensic autopsy, Freddie Mac, gambling, Gaming Enforcement, garden clippers, grave, graveside, gravesite, Great Recession, greenmail, hearse, Hello Elizabeth, hiding under table, hit, hostile takeover, hotel suite, I don’t have the bandwidth for your nonsense, I wake up in strange rooms. Naked. Covered in vomit, I was aiming for bankruptcy. And all the freedom that that implies, I was born to a dark path, illiquid, infiltration, informant, insider trading, investment, It’s a hit, It’s my story, James Spader, jealousy, judge jury and executioner, Katarina/Raymond, Keen, Kennison, King, Korce, Laren McVay, Lew Sloan, light and dark, light/dark, Lily Dawson, Liz’s body disinterred, Liz’s body dug up, Liz’s body exhumed, Liz’s coffin, Liz’s gravesite, lovers, magic trick, market, market cap, Marshal Service, McVay, medical examiner, Meems, Mesoamerican shamanic ritual, Miami real estate, Mimi (stuffed bunny), MIT student, money laundering, NBC, new identity, next-gen tracking device, night market, NSF International, online trading platform, oomancy, opera, pallbearers, pee test, pills, Pinkie, Pinky, Ponzi scheme, press conference, profit and loss, Ray King, Raymond, Raymond/Katarina, Red, Red incorporated, Red’s father’s painting, Reddington, Ressler’s addiction, room service, Rose Hill Cemetery, rumor, S09E12, S9E12, safe house, Sang like a bird, scorned lover, script, Season 9, SEC, secret that changed the course of world history, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), sell-off, sequins, setup for a hit, setup for murder, severed fingers, shareholders, short sale, Sinaloa Cartel, situational ethics, Sloan, sniper, Soviet Union (breakup of the), Spader, spies, Spite. Anger. Jealousy. The trifecta of the scorned lover, spying, Stern, stick ticker, sting, stock market, stock market for criminals, stock trading, stuffed bunny, Sub-prime lending, sunglasses, surveillance, talking to the dead, That’s my life. Don’t make it yours, The Blacklist, The Chairman, To wit, toast to stupidity, torture, tracking device (next-gen), Tracy Stern, trading platform, transitional object, Tremont Casinos, trifecta of the scorned lover, Tsiona Stern, two-timer, Tyco, underground market, US Securities and Exchange Commission, usury, very special bunny, voice distortion, voicebox, walking dead, Wall Street, We exist. We hurt. We are in pain. And we need answers, Weecha Xiu, Why do we do that talk to the dead?, Xiu, Yakuza crime syndicate, You can’t slay demons alone, You wanna know who’s responsible for killing her? It was Reddington

Episode 9:13 Genuine Models Inc

#176; BL#176; Blacklister #176; ⭕, $250000, $250K, 0913, 913, @NBCBlacklist, A.I., Abel Judge, adding insult to injury, AI, Alexander (surname), Ambassador Dan Warren, Ambassador Warren, annoyingly winsome, anthropomorphic robots, antiques, Arlington VA, artificial intelligence, Assume the worst hope for the best, Atlanta GA, Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward, automobile crash, autopsy, ’80s teen coming-of-age movies, banished to Nunavut, Barney, Bartender, beautiful young woman, Bianchi, Billy Burton, Blacklist, blackmail, Bowie MD, Brava brava!, Burton, business partner, Canada, caper, car crash, caribou stew, Carrellas, Cassandra Bianchi, Cassandra I’m involved. Or trying to be, Cassandra/Red, CEO, Chicago IL, chicken pot pie, choked to death, choking, Chrissy, Chrissy model, Chrissy the robot, collectibles, collection of impulses and inclinations most of them foul as tar, companion robots, computer code, condolences, Congressman Matt Spate, Congressman Spate, Crime Scene Investigator (CSI), CSI, Dan Warren, Darlene Wozniak, detective, Detective Marcus Heber, disco fries, dive bar, divorce, divorce attorney, DNA from hair, dog eat dog, double cross, Doug Koster, Doug Koster’s murder, drink spiked, eagle, electoral data start-up, electronics, Episode 13, epitaph, Everly Grant, Everly Grant. I’m not gonna find her am I?, fence (broker), Finchy, Fredrica Carrellas, friend of bartender who spiked Cooper’s drink, fun house hell, funeral, Genuine Models, Genuine Models Inc, Georgia, geotracking, Gordon Graham, Graham (surname), Grant (surname), guile, hacking, hair (evidence), Heber, Homan, honesty, How long has she been there?, I do love you but I think I’ll have to hate you more, I find that annoyingly winsome, I take things that aren’t mine, I will take your tongue I’ll take your hands and I’ll take your feet, I’m hers and that’s all that matters, I’m involved. Or trying to be, I’m not gonna find her am I?, Illinois, insult to injury, James Spader, Judge (surname), Koster, lawyer, Lew Sloan, lifelike robots, Lillian Alexander, lingerie, Look at you rising above, Madam Fredrica Carrellas, madam to the affluent and influential, Marcus Heber, Maryland, Matilda, Matt Spate, Maverick Sawyer, Metro PD, Metro PD detective, Metropolitan Police Department (MPD), microphone in nose, Mierce Xiu, Mierce/Red, Models, most valued possession, MPD, MPD detective, murder of Doug Koster, My injury was far greater than her insult, Myanmar, nachos, NBC, necklace, necklace (ruby), New York police detective badge, Nunavut, Nunavut Canada, Nurse, obituary, old flame, old theft, parting gift, partner, Pennsylvania, Peter Finchy, Philadelphia PA, poisoning, prenup, Pretending to look for a necklace we’re stealing, prime suspect, prince among thieves, Raymond, Red, Red/Cassandra, Red/Mierce, Red’s epitaph, Reddington, restaurateur, ridiculous caper, robosexuals, robot companions, robotics, robots, robots (anthropomorphic), robots (lifelike), ruby from Myanmar, ruby necklace, S09E13, S9E13, Sawyer, screwed by two men in the same day with none of the fun part, script, Season 9, serial killer, serial killing prοstitսte, sex dolls, sex robots, sex with robots, She’s been hacked, Shenandoah National Park, Sloan, Smith Provencal Antiques, So much for rising above, sold hair, Spader, Spate, spiked drink, Steve Homan, Steve Homan rhymes with showman, stolen necklace, strand of hair, The Blacklist, theft, Virginia, visitation, Warren (surname), we were good together especially when we were bad together, Weecha Xiu, What you call messes most people call life, white roses, Who said we had to talk? Or eat?, widow, wig, wilting roses, winsome, Wozniak, Xiu, you may have just written my epitaph, You never know, You’re terminated, You’re the one that thought I was winsome, You’ve gone soft Raymond,

Episode 9:14 Eva Mason

#181; BL#181; Blacklister #181; ⭕, 0914, 914, @NBCBlacklist, abuse (child), abuse (drug), Agent Herndon, Andrew Kennison, baby, baby burps, baby crying, baby senses fear, baby sucks thumb, Bill Sutton, Binstock, Blacklist, Boston MA, Boy Named Sue, Brimley, Cake, camping, cardiology, cardiomyopathy, charitable foundation, Charlotte Panabaker, Chelsea Mason, Cherish this time, Chesapeake Bay Memorial Hospital, child abuse, children made sick, children not really sick, children tortured, children’s hospital, claims adjuster, clinic in Boston, co-conspirator, coma, complicated diagnosis, crossing a line, crossing the line, crying baby, Crystal Flowers, cutting-edge technology, Cynthia Panabaker, daughter-in-law, dehydration, Delaware, devoted to taking care of a child, devotion (Look where … has brought both of us), digital detox retreat, doctor’s an idiot, Dr Jansen, drug rehab, Elise, Emily Goodwin, entire life devoted to taking care of child, Episode 14, Eva Mason, Eva Mason shot by Sarah Sutton, factitious disorder, fake hospital, fit a pattern, Flowers (surname), foot infection, foundation (charitable), fundraising, George Washington Children’s Hospital, Goodwin, heart damage, Herbie, Herndon, HIPAA, Holmes, hospital, hospital (fake), hot chocolate, Hunger. Fatigue. Gas, hypothermia, I am a miracle worker, I’m considering the extent of what I might do to get to the truth, If you keep her happy there is literally nothing I won’t do for you, imagine how far someone like me is willing to go, induced coma, infant, infected foot, ingestible tracker, injection device, injection gun, insurance claims adjuster, Interview, It had to be Sue, It’s Narcotics Anonymous for a reason, James Spader, Jansen, Johnny Cash, Kennison, killer playlist, LeBron James, Look where devotion has brought both of us, Lucy and Ethel never fail me, lullaby, Maria Holmes, Marshall Panabaker, Mary Sutton, Mason, Mason (surname), Massachusetts, medical technology, medically-induced coma, medication, medication schedule, mental illness, mirror the symptoms of their sick children, missing persons, mother drugging child, Mother knows best, mothers are child abusers, mothers arrested, mothers not innocent, mothers praised, Mr Brimley, Munchausen, Munchausen syndrome, Munchausen syndrome by proxy, Munchausen’s, Munchausen’s by proxy, My baby hates me, NA, names carved on leg, names scratched on leg, Narcotics Anonymous (NA), NBC, newborn, next-gen tracking device, Nurse Binstock, only friends were dolls, Panabaker, Panabaker turns to Red, paranoia, parenting advice, party for Ressler, patient confidentiality, patient privacy, pediatric hospital, Pediatric Specialist, pediatrician, personal vendetta, pilot program, play list, playlist, Primrose Grand Hotel, prism through which you see the world, psychiatrist, psychologist, rats, Raymond, Red, Red calms baby, red flag, Red sings, Reddington, reflective pause, respirator, Ressler gets paranoid, Ressler’s sponsor, rural West Virginia, S09E14, S9E14, Sarah Sutton, Sarah Sutton shoots Eva Mason, Season 9, seizure, self-inflicted cuts, selfless mothers, Senator Cynthia Panabaker, Senator Panabaker, She doesn’t need a hospital. She needs her mother, She senses your fear, Sheila Panabaker, Spader, sponsor at NA, sucking thumb, Sue, surprise party, Sutton, Tadashi, Take me to a hospital. A real one!, Teddy Brimley, The Blacklist, think with your head not with your heart, Tiny Fighters Foundation, torture, torture inflicted, torture with rats, tortured children, toxicology, tracking device, trolling for victims, trolling website for victims, two-month chip from NA, vendetta, ventilator, Vicky, videographer, Walter Reed Medical Center, we have this whole thing backwards, Weecha Xiu, West Virginia, wheelchair, When nothing makes sense in the light we have to search in the dark, Whispering Woman, Xiu, you fit a pattern,

Episode 9:15 Andrew Kennison

#185; BL#185; Blacklister #185; ⭕, 0915, 200 Blacklisters, 915, @NBCBlacklist, abduction, Abel Judge, Andrew Kennison, assassin, assassin on motorcycle, assassination, assassination (drive-by), badass Red, badass Red returns, badge, Bartender, Blacklist, blackmail, burned (He’s), burned (will be killed), by the book, campus police, Chief of Detectives, Chuck, clock ticking, Cole, Cole killed, Congresswoman, convergence of plot lines, Cooper arrested, Cooper confesses, Cooper placed under arrest, Cooper under arrest, crooked cop, Cynthia Panabaker, detective, detective badge, Detective Reginald Cole, Reggie Cole, Diane Newton, documents burned, dorm, Doug Koster, drive-by assassination, drive-by shooting, Elizabeth Keen, Episode 15, ethical compass, evidence tampering, face the consequences, FBI’s Most Wanted list, first rodeo, Fourier series, Fourier series and transforms, Fourier transform, fully automatic pistol, Geez Louise. So much for Witness Protection, Gerard, Gerard (surname), graduate student, grand jury, Gwynn, Hayes, He’s burned and whoever he works for knows it, hip hop, his life is in danger, I am not targeting Mr Cooper behind his back, I cannot do this, I have no idea who those guys are or what the heck it is we’re dealing with, I need a word, I’m armed and I’m dangerous, I’m concerned I haven’t seen the worst of who I am, I’m glad it’s you, If it’s not You won’t, It’s all connected, James Spader, Judge (surname), Keen, Kennison, Kennison abducted by Red, Kennison kidnapped by Red, Kennison questioned by Red, Kennison taken by Red, kidnapping, Koster, LaCroix, Lacroix, LaCroix killed, Law enforcement is politics, Lew Sloan, life in danger, Liz Keen, malfunctioning ethical compass, Marcus Hayes, Marshal, Marshal Gwynn, Marshal Rupert Gwynn, Marvin Gerard, medication, meds, mental illness, MIT, Morgan, Morrison, Most Wanted List, motorcycle assassin, My name is Raymond Reddington, My sources run deep, NBC, Newton, next-gen tracking device, No I don’t think you have, NYPD, NYPD detective, obstruction of justice, Officer Morrison, Officer Ted Morrison, oppo research, opposition research, Panabaker, papers burned, pistol (fully automatic), plot lines converge, plot thickens, political dirt, politician, Preaching to the choir, Private Investigator, psychiatric disorder, Raymond, Raymond was right, Raymond will know what to do, Red, Red abducts Kennison, Red argues with Panabaker, Red breaks into safe house, Red kidnaps Kennison, Reddington, Reggie Cole, Reggie Cole killed, Reginald Cole, Reginald Cole killed, Remember why we’re here, right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing, right to remain silent, roommate, Rupert Gwynn, S09E15, S9E15, safe house, safe in wall, scene of sudden death, script, sеx scandal, Season 9, Senator Cynthia Panabaker, Senator Panabaker, Sloan, So much for Witness Protection, Spader, Ted Morrison, The Blacklist, this isn’t my first rodeo, ticking clock, Too little too late, tracking device, Tyson LaCroix, Tyson Lacroix, Tyson LaCroix killed, unlawful imprisonment, US Marshal, Vandyke, voice linked to detective, voice linked to NYPD detective, voice modification program, voicebox, wall safe, Weecha Xiu, witness protection, witness tampering, WITSEC, worst of who I am, Xiu, you have the right to remain silent, You’re shaking me down?, you’re the one who needs help right now

Episode 9:16 Helen Maghi

#172; BL#172; Blacklister #172; ⭕, $300K bail, 0916, @NBCBlacklist, access code, Agent Aronson, Agent McConaughey, Agent McCoy, Agnes Keen, aid worker, Akurek, Aram in charge, Aram kisses Cooper, Aram Mojtabai, arming terrorists, Aronson, arraignment (Cooper), auxiliary power, ♫ If you have ghosts you have everything, bail, Bailey, Bastion (Mount), beheading, biometric scanner, Blacklist, brilliantly engineered, Bullion Depository (US), Carol Bailey, Charlene Cooper, Clooney, Cole, Colonel Sanders, compromise, compromising principles, computer disks, conscience with ears, Cooper, Cooper arraigned, Cooper arrested, Cooper gets a reprieve, Cooper pleads guilty, Cooper’s bail paid by Red, Cooper’s lawyer, Could be they love you, courage of one’s convictions, Cynthia Panabaker, decapitation, DeSoto, Did I do something wrong? No I did, diskettes, Do not go where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail, egg, Emerson, engineer (geotechbical), engineer (structural), Episode 16, fake JTTF agents, fall on your sword, FBI Agent Aronson, file box, flight risk, Fort Knox, framed, geotechnical engineer, granite mountain, Harold Cooper, He didn’t He couldn’t He did, He’s fine. You’re not, heist crew, Helen Maghi, high school dropouts, His employer Harold’s blackmailer Elizabeth’s killer all the same person, Homan, horse race, I can’t work with you until you do, I could make you disappear, I don’t break my promises. It’s bad for business, I miss Mierce, I would never ever lie to you, I’m a guardian angel and an angel of death all rolled into one fiercely protective package, I’m not gonna let you go, impenetrable, impersonator, imposter, imposter JTTF agents, IMSI-catcher, Intelligence Gathering and Dissemination, international mobile subscriber identity-catcher (IMSA-catcher), it can’t be, Italy, Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF), JTTF, Judge Bailey, Judge Carol Bailey, Judiciary Committee, justice sits (Wheels turn), Kazban, Keen, key to a vault, key to locker, Lake Como Italy, Lew sells out Cooper, Lew Sloan, Lew testifies against Cooper, little and a half, lock box, locker, Lombardy, Looks like the heat’s here, Maghi, master class on how to become a criminal, Mateo DeSoto, McConaughey, McCoy, Mehmet Akurek, metal box, mixology, Mojtabai, moral relativism, motion camera, Mount Bastion, mountain in Pennsylvania, Mr Homan, My survival depends on relationships, NBC, oomancy, Otherwise Illegal Activity, Our friend with the hat, Palio di Siena, Panabaker, Panabaker’s hypocrisy, pancakes, Pennsylvania, plea bargain, Port of Virginia, power grid, principles, proprietary, raise hands, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Red holds eggs against forehead, Red pays Cooper’s bail, Red recorded Panabaker, Red says he can’t work with Aram, Reginald Cole, Reggie Cole, remote access code, revenge, rocket propelled grenades, rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs), role models, RPGs, S09E16, scratch each other’s itch, script, Season 9, security facility, Senate Judiciary Committee, Senator Cynthia Panabaker, Senator Panabaker, separatist forces in Kazban, shamanic practices, She would’ve been great. Stronger than me, shiatsu, shipping container, show of hands, Sloan, stone’s throw from Clooney, Strategy and Inplementation, structural engineer, sword (fall on your), TAC ops, TAC team, terrorism, The Blacklist, They cut off his head, They killed my son, This was her future. What she needed to succeed, Tier One problem, US Bullion Depository, vault, Villa Peduzzi, water supply, Weecha Xiu, wheels of justice and all that, Wheels turn justice sits, Xiu, You eat life or life eats you

Episode 9:17 El Conejo

#177; BL#177; Blacklister #177; ⭕, 0917, 12 wines that pair with everything, 917, @NBCBlacklist, abduction, Agnes (blind spot will be), alpha wolf, angel investors, Antonio Marquez, apex predator, Aram abducted, Aram destroys his software, Aram kidnapped, Aram Mojtabai, Aram Mojtabai banger, at the end of the day you’re alone, avocado smuggling, avocado trafficking, avocados, Bad code is like a bad recipe, banger file, betrayal, big fish, billion dollar idea, biometric lock, bit banger, Blacklist, blind spot will be Agnes, bocce balls, Braxton Scripps, bricks, Brimley, Cartel, Chloe, Cobb salad, Cole, college, Conejo, Conroy, deary, digital signature, Director of National Intelligence (DNI), DNI, Don Marquez, duplicate safes, El Conejo, Episode 17, family business, Faria, firewall, Fiscalia General, Greetings from El Conejo, Greylock, guacamole, guacamole is the new angel dust, hammer, Heinrich Zimmerstahl, hold on to that like it’s the last thing in your heart, house on lake, I don’t speak circuit board, I have no advice for you there (about Agnes), I made it for you, I’m never touching an avocado again, If I didn’t have to kill you I’d hire you, import export, James Spader, Kaplan, Kate Kaplan, kidnapping, Kosta, LaCroix, Lacroix, lawyer lawyer lawyer, let’s take a walk together one last time, lifetime of bad deeds and good intentions, list of 12 wines that pair with everything, Machado, magician, malicious software, man of power, Marquez, Marquez Cartel, massage, Mexico for trial, million dollar idea, mirror, Mister, Mojtabai, Mom Talk, Montenegro, Mr Brimley, Mr Kaplan, Mr Kate Kaplan, My code was never safe with you, Naamah Mojtabai, NBC, Nick Faria, one of a kind safe, pain in the ass, people will turn, peppermint schnapps, perfect weapon, Princeton University, rabbit, ransom, Raymond, Raymond I made it for you, Red, Red watches videos, Reddington, Reginald Cole, Reggie Cole, replica safe, Richie Scripps, rootkit, S09E17, S9E17, safe, safe house, safes switched, Samuel Marquez, sciatica, screening room, Scripps, Scripps brothers, script, Season 9, server system, servers, She called herself Mister, shipment of avocados, shipping, sibling rivalry, smuggling, software review, software weaponized, source code, Space Camp, Spader, St Moritz Snow Polo World Cup 2005, Sun Tzu, supply chain, Supremo Avocados, Sykes, syndicate, Teddy Brimley, The answer is always there, The Blacklist, The magician doesn’t trick you. The magician helps you trick yourself, The Rabbit, There’s a lot to the shipping, thumbprint lock, Tivat Montenegro, tractor trailer truck, trafficking, trust (no one can be trusted), Tyson LaCroix, Tyson Lacroix, Tzu, veranda, videos for Liz, villa, VitasNow, vulnerabilities, Walter Sykes, weaponized software, Weecha gives Brimley a massage, Weecha Xiu, what a pain in the ass I’ve been, Xiu, You want it out there so you can be rich, You were supposed to die, Zimmerstahl

Episode 9:18 Laszlo Jankowics

#180; BL#180; Blacklister #180; ⭕, 0918, 918, @NBCBlacklist, acid trip, acrylic plexiglass, African lion, Alexei Lagunov, all-seeing eye, annual review, Avery, ballistics, benefits of psychedelics, Bill of Rights, Blacklist, blackmail, brain damage, branches of government, bright lights loud sounds, Brimley, bulletproof glass, Chemist, citizenship exam, Clara Moore, cleaner, Cole, Concierge of Crime, corn syrup and food coloring, crime scene investigation (CSI), CSI, curator, DC port, dead man walking, directed energy weapon, disability, don’t get high on your own supply, Doug Koster, drug legalization, drug research, 🦁, Episode 18, extortion, fake blood, fake shooting, false accusations, FBI tech, Federalist Papers, Follow the money, garden, gardening, gazebo, Gerard (surname), go legit, Graham (surname), guided therapy aided by psychedelics, hallucination, hallucinogenic drugs, Hamilton, headaches (Park’s), high on his own supply, human intelligence network, HUMINT, Hungarian Lion, I loved you Raymond, insanity, is Kaplan alive, It’s a trap, James Spader, Jankowics, Jankowitz, Kaplan, Kaplan’s protege, Kaplan’s sister, Kate Kaplan, Ketamine, king of the jungle, knows where all the bodies are buried, Koster, L+SD, LaCroix, Lacroix, Lagunov, Laslo Jankowitz, Laszlo Jankowics, Laszlo Jankowics cleaner, latent print, Leary, lion (hallucination), Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), magic mushrooms, mailman, March (surname), Marvin Gerard, mass murder, Maureen Rowan, MDMA, mentor, Metropolitan Museum, Michelle LaCroix, Moore, Mr Brimley, Mr Kaplan, Mr Kate Kaplan, naturalization, naturalized American, NBC, neurochemistry, Oroszlan, paranoia, Park’s annual review, Park’s disability, Park’s headaches, Park’s performance review, Park’s triggers, parking ramp, performance review, Phan Cartel, plexiglass, port of DC, port security, postal worker, Potomac River, protege, psilocybin, psychedelic drugs, psychedelics, Raymond, Red, Red helps Rogelio study, Reddington, Reginald Cole, Reggie Cole, Rogelio, Rowan (surname), S09E18, S9E18, Sarkany, scam, script, scuba gear, Season 9, Sebastian Graham, settlement, sexual assault, shipping container, Silver Glade WV, Spader, Stanford March, Teddy Brimley, The Blacklist, tight sphincter, Timothy Leary, trap, trigger, Tyson LaCroix, Tyson Lacroix, Virtual Horizons Lab, Voara Moore interrogated, Wallace Avery, Weecha in explosion, Weecha Xiu, West Virginia, witness protection, WITSEC, Wound too tight, Xiu

Episode 9:19 The Bear Mask

#000; BL#000; Blacklister #000; ⭕, 000, 000, 0919, 50% DNA match, 50% success, 919, @NBCBlacklist, accuser, Agnes Keen appears, Albanian Mafia, alure plurot, amethyst ring, anxiety, Aram Mojtabai, Aram X, Armstrong, Assistant M.E., Assistant ME, attack on Post Office, authority, avocados, ♫ What a Wonderful World, ✨, bad acid trip, bad trip, bank in Lebanon, Be quiet. Go to sleep, Bear Mask, Because Reddington said so, Blacklist, Brazo Morales Colombia, Cole, Colombia, control (No one has that much), Cvetko, deja vu, depression, DNA analysis, Dr Idigbe, dream state, drink spills, 🐠, elevator, elevator (yellow), enemy is closer than I imagined, Episode 19, Ernest Glampers, experimental, fast motion, Figures, file box, fish named Frank, fishbowl, forensic analysis, Frank the fish, freight elevator, Glampers, God I thought he’d never shut up, Greylock, Groundhog Day, guided therapy, guilt trip, hallucination, Hatem Trust Bank in Lebanon, I’m you, I’m part of you, I’m tired of rest, Idigbe, If you want it to stop you have to get everyone out, intruders, It wasn’t your fault, James Spader, junior prom, Kaplan, Kaplan’s sister, Kate Kaplan, Kathryn Nemec, Ketamine, Lacroix, LaCroix, Lebanese bank, liminality, Liz Keen appears, loop, Louis Armstrong, M.E., magic dust, Maureen Rowan, Maureen Rowan is dead woman not Kaplan, maze, ME, medical examiner, mercenaries, Messick, Michelle Lacroix, Michelle Lacroix, Michelle LaCroix dies, Mierce comes to take care of Weecha, Mierce returns, Mierce Xiu, Mojtabai, Morgan dies, Mr Kaplan, Mr Kate Kaplan, murder loops, Navabi, NBC, Nemec, No one has that much control, No point running. Can’t escape yourself, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, OCD, Our enemy is closer than I ever imagined, paper airplanes, payment for hit from Red’s account, pep talk, Post Office attacked, psychedelic drugs, psychedelic therapy, psychedelics, psychoactive plants, Raymond, Red, Red gets tissue sample, Red moves out of camper, Reddington, Reginald Cole, Reggie Cole, REM sleep, repeating sequence, ring (amethyst), rite of alure plurot, Rosicrucian, Rowan, S09E19, S9E19, Samar Navabi, Samar returns, Santiago, script, Season 9, sewer, slap me in the face hard, slow motion, Sorry Bear-face. Not this time, Spader, spilled drink, stardust, superego, The Bear Mask, The Blacklist, There you go sweetheart, This isn’t real, This place is a crucible, threshold, Tie-dye and trance music, TikToker in a 6 Series, Tyson Lacroix, Tyson LaCroix, Val Messick, vengeance is like a virus, Vlad Cvetko, Vladimyr Cvetko, voice of authority, Weecha injured, Weecha Xiu, Who are you? I’m you, Xiu, yellow elevator, you’ll always be a day late and dollar short, You’ve always been enough, You’ve been living a lie Aram

Episode 9:20 Caelum Bank

#169; BL#169; Blacklister #169; ⭕, 0920, 4626329, 920, 9mm, @NBCBlacklist, account 4626329, air traffic control, airplane, airplane forced to land, Airstream, Alina Park can’t work in the field, Alina Park is grounded, Alina Park’s field status is revoked, Angela Sherwood, aspirin, Bank, bank in a plane, bank president, best man, big man on campus, Blacklist, blackmail scheme, burn it to the ground, burn the house down, Caelum Bank, Caelum Bank is in an airplane, call is coming from inside the house, Can you do it outside on the grill?, car crash, Careful what you wish for, civil settlement shakedowns, Claudius, Claudius is Marvin Gerard, cloak and dagger, cold shoulder, Con, condo in Miami, confidence in money, control of Red’s network, cooking the books, credible threat, cricket score, Croft, croquet, dodging tax law, 🍉, 🍊, 🍌, 🍓, ECC, Ego confido in pecunia (confidence in money), elliptic curve cryptography (ECC), Episode 20, FAA, Farrell, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), fire ceremony, Florida, Florida Keys, flying bank, game of roque, Gee I guess it’s a real gun after all, gen pop, genius, Gerard, ghost plane, glass shattering, God help Heddie, Good luck Claudius, GPS tracker, GPS transponder, Gramercy, Harris Gramercy, Harris Gramercy dies, Hawkins, headache, Heaven’s Vault, he’ll splatter her lovely mind all over that trailer, Heddie Hawkins, Heddie’s condo, Heddie’s laugh, Hedwig Hawkins, hostage situation, I can get us out of here, I guess it’s a real gun after all, I never swore an oath to Elizabeth Keen, I remember the day Elizabeth died better than entire years of my life, I talk too much and so do you, I was just killing time till we caught up with you, I’ll hold my own trial, I’m Redmond Rillington, injection gun, insurance policy, Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004, Islamorada Florida, James Spader, Key Largo FL Florida, Knell, Lacroix, laser-guided rifle, Latvia, Lawrence Knell, lawyer did it, Liz had a headache, Liz’s killer, look in her eyes, Luis, Madagascar, Make it quick, Mango and Princess (parrots), Marvin did it, Marvin Gerard, Marvin Gerard did it Marvin Gerard is Claudius, Marvin Gerard is Claudius, Marvin Gerard is responsible for Liz Keen’s death, Marvin Gerard is the mastermind, Marvin threatens Mierce, Marvin v Red, Marvin vs Red, Marvin was best man of LaCroixs, mastermind, mastermind is Marvin Gerard, Mauricio, May the best man win old friend, Mayan fire ceremony, Messick, Miami FL, Michelle Lacroix, Mickie Croft, Mierce consults the other side, Mierce glares at Red, Mierce threatened by Marvin, Mierce Xiu, NBC, Over my dead body, Overseas Highway, Park can’t work in the field, Park is demoted to a desk role, Park is grounded, Park’s field status is revoked, Park’s headache reminds Red of Liz’s, parrots, pirates, pirates out of Nacala, plane forced to land, Princess and Mango (parrots), Raymond, Raymond says a lot of things, Red, Red kisses Heddie’s forehead, Red remember Liz’s headache, Red shoots Harris Gramercy, Red v Marvin, Red vs Marvin, Red’s lawyer, Reddington, Redmond Rillington, Rillington, Rolex, Roque, S09E20, S9E20, Salsa music, script, Sea Dweller watch (Rolex), Season 9, secret bank, seeing me for who I really was, She had coffee. What was in it?, Sherwood, snitch, Spader, Spirit’s Loop, statutory immunity, strawberries, Surrendering loses us nothing we’ll miss but gives them the world, The Blacklist, the other side, transponder, triple homicide, trust, Tyson Lacroix, Tyson Lacroix and Marvin Gerard were old friends, Val Messick, videos for Liz, we are going to pay and pay, wedding video, Weecha attacks Marvin, Weecha collapses, Weecha Xiu, who is responsible for Liz’s death, who killed Liz Keen, witness protection, WITSEC, Xiu, You are absolutely incorrigible sweetheart, You cannot trust Marvin Gerard, You just kept coming, You’re a real villain aren’t you?, You’re Raymond Reddington, You’re the one who showed me the way

Episode 9:21 Marvin Gerard Pt 1

#080; BL#080; Blacklister #080; ⭕, 0921, 10-4 good buddy, 921, @NBCBlacklist, Achilles heel, airport, Airstream, Alvarez, ashes from fire ceremony, ashes from herbs, aspen grove, assault rifle, backstory (Marvin’s), bag man, betrayal, Blacklist, blackmail, blast injury, blind spot, blood ties, bobbing for apples, Boo, bug, Buluc Chabtan. The Mayan god of war violent death and human sacrifice, Buluk Chabtan, CB radio, Charles Vandyke, chilled Camembert, Chuck, cold cheese, combat-trained, Commando, Culpeper Regional Airport, dead man walking, Dembe/Red, different as the sun and the moon, distress call, Doug Koster, Dr Seuss, drinking game, drowning torture, duck call, duck whistle, 🦆, Elias Vandyke, Elizabeth Keen’s killer, Episode 21, escalator, Esther, fire ceremony, fire ritual, Fisker, flashbacks, Foolhardy Boys, frame-up, framing Cooper, full body armor, Gerard (surname), Gerard Pt 1, Gerard1, god of war Gomez, GPS device that works in the form of a medical pill, grove is one plant, He’s coming back, helicopter pilot Gomez, helipad, Henrick Fisker, Hiding in the pantry. It’s undignified, hunting lodge, I can read you like One Fish Two Fish, I have no control over the women in my life nor do I seek it, I knew that I would be your older brother your teacher your Pagan idol your hope and dread and rapture, I knew that you were mine, I need Keen to die and Reddington to live, I’ve been living the bonus round for years, ice water bath, interconnected roots, It wasn’t fair, James Spader, JRR Tolkien, jungle (Take your women and go back to the), Koster, LaCroix, Lacroix, largest living organism on Earth, laser tattoo removal, laser tracker, laser-guided rifle, life support, Like a Central Park flasher, like he’s buying her a damn pony!, listening device, Liz’s killer, loose thread, Marinejegerkommandoen (MJK), Marvin cries, Marvin Gerard, Marvin Gerard Part 1, Marvin Gerard Pt 1, Marvin gives Vandyke the tracking device, Marvin pushes Red, Marvin shoves Red, Marvin talks to Vandyke, Marvin’s backstory, Mayan god of war, Maybe you can see a way to make him talk, McDougal, mentor/mentee, mentor/protege, mentor’s dying wish, mercenaries, Mierce marks Red’s face like Buluk Chabtan, Mierce Xiu, MJK, Mordor, murder of Doug Koster, My goal is to shoot Marvin dead. What’s yours?, NBC, New York State, Nobody will ever be safe around you Raymond, Norway’s special operations commando unit (MJK), Now at least you look like him, obsessive-compulsive, Oh bother, Owego NY, pagan god, perfect crime, players, Polly, polyester, pony, protege, Raymond, Red, Red insults Marvin, Red is shot in arm, Red is wounded, Red/Dembe, Reddington, Reggie Cole, Reginald Cole, regional airport, Russian sanctions, S09E21, S9 Conclusion Part 1, S9 Conclusion Pt 1, s9conclusionpt1, S9E21, Santiago, savage opponent, script, Season 9, shipping routes, short wave radio, Spader, Spanky Britches, strippers, sudden stress, survival instincts of a cockroach, survival training, Susquehanna River, Take your women and go back to the jungle, tattoos removed, That man raises obsession to a new level, The Blacklist, The void inside you. And my power to fill it, This is Polly and this is Esther. Polyester!, Til he’s breathing water, Till he’s breathing water, Tolkien, tourniquet, Trembling Giant, trucker, Twaddle, Tyson LaCroix, Tyson Lacroix, Utah’s Fishlake Forest, Vandyke, ventilator, water boarding, we’re just organic matter slowly decomposing in bags of skin, Weecha in a coma, Weecha Xiu, Xiu, yoga retreat in Tulum Mexico, You aren’t a leader and you never will be, You smug bastard! Screw you!, You took Elizabeth’s life from me. I loved her more than anyone on Earth Marvin, You were destined to serve, You’re welcome, You’ve lost me – your most important friend and ally, Your team doesn’t function without my team

Episode 9:22 Marvin Gerard Pt 2

#080; BL#080; Blacklister #080; ⭕, 0922, 922, @NBCBlacklist, Abby Finch, AG, Agnes Keen, airport, Alfred Marquez, Aram departs, Aram is leaving, assassin, Assistant US Attorney Dan Holt, Attorney General (AG), AUSA Dan Holt, ♫ Wild Horses, Blacklist, Broadway, Calvin Coolidge Correctional Facility, Camaguey Cuba, Carolyn Marquez, Cat and mouse, charges against Cooper are dropped, Charlene Cooper, chief judge, Chinese assassin, Chuck, confidential informant, consigliere, contraband, cooler, Cooper, Cooper is cleared, Cooper is ordered to arrest Red, Cooper makes a promise to Agnes, Cooper’s promise to Agnes, courthouse, coward, cowardice, Cuba, Culpeper Regional Airport, Culpepper Regional Airport, Cynthia Panabaker, Dan Holt, devil’s bargain, Elizabeth Keen, Elizabeth Keen’s killer, embezzlement, Episode 22, family, Finale, Finch (surname), FISA court, FISA hearing, FISA judge, Flight Attendant, Gerard (surname), Gerard Pt 2, Gerard2, Grunwald, Harold Cooper, Hello Marvin, Heneveld, Holt, How dark is the blackness at the center of this hole in my heart?, I didn’t beat Reddington. We both lost, I have the power to put you down like a dog, I loved you Marvin but we were never partners. You worked for me, I may be a criminal but I’m also the most wanted. It’s nice to be wanted, I promise we’re not going anywhere, I’ll be judging you today, I’m not interested in damaging Raymond Reddington. I’m interested in replacing him, I’m the man behind the curtain, immunity deal, incompetent lawyer, Ineffective assistance of counsel, it was never really my life at all, It’s nice to be wanted, James Spader, Judge Carolyn Marquez, Judge Grunwald, Judge Marquez, Keen, Kite Runner, law school, lawyer incompetent, Liz Keen, Liz’s killer, Marquez, Marvin commits suicide, Marvin Gerard, Marvin Gerard commits suicide, Marvin Gerard kills himself, Marvin Gerard Part 2, Marvin Gerard Pt 2, Marvin Gerard Task Force, Marvin Gerard wants to take over the Blacklist, Marvin gets immunity deal, Marvin gives Wujing a list, Marvin helps Wujing escape, Marvin kills himself, Marvin wants to take over the Blacklist, NBC, open bottle of whiskey, Panabaker, Park departs, Park is leaving, Park is pregnant, partners, peyote, photo of Liz and Tom, photo of Tom and Liz, pregnancy, prison library, prostate cancer, Quito cartel, raison d’etre, Raymond, Red, Red gives Marvin a choice, Red gives Marvin an ultimatum, Red’s family, Red’s vision, Reddington, Reddington’s out. Arrest warrant’s been issued, Ressler arrests Marvin, Ressler wanted to kill Marvin, Rolling Stones, Rose Hill Cemetary, S09E22, S9 Conclusion Part 2, S9 Conclusion Pt 2, S9 Finale, s9conclusionpt2, S9E22, same laugh (Red Liz Agnes), script, Season 9, Season 9 Finale, Season Finale, Senator Cynthia Panabaker, Senator Panabaker, sine quo non, smuggling contraband into prison, Spader, Ted Heneveld, telescope, The Blacklist, The Cooler, The Kite Runner, The Marvin Gerard Task Force, The Rolling Stones, Theodore Heneveld, this is the worst day of what’s left of my life, This one big generous mischievous loving hungry wanting tragic heart, we need the Blacklist, whiskey, Wild horses couldn’t drag me away, wooden horse, Wujing, you are not me. You can’t hide from me. You can’t best me and God knows you could never replace me, You were always a great consigliere, Young Agnes Keen, Your judge had to step out so I’ll be judging you today

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