2:8 Decembrist: What happened to Red’s family? (11/23/2014)

What happened to Red’s family? Here’s what I know.

⋙ Diane Fowler: I know the truth, Red, about that night – about what happened to your family. Do you want to know the truth?
Red: More than anything in the world. But if you know the truth, Diane, then somebody else does, too. [shoots her several times] http://bit.ly/1HzBdsu

The biggest overarching question in the story is what tragedy happened to Red’s family, and also, importantly, who that ‘family’ was. It can’t be Naomi & Jennifer – they’re alive. Did Red marry Naomi later? Was the second marriage a ‘cover’?

Lizzie’s fire took place at Christmas time. You can clearly see a Christmas ornament in the flashback. (Episode 1:17 Ivan) http://bit.ly/153aw0h

Lizzie says she was four at the time of the fire. Megan Boone was born in April 1983. Her birthday is used as a password in the series. If Megan and Lizzie are the same age (as Red and James Spader are), in 1990, Lizzie would have been seven. In December 1987, however, she would have been four. (But, Megan Boone may be playing someone older.) The constraint that military academy students cannot have dependents would lead to the conclusion that, if anything, Liz is playing someone younger.

The performance of the ballet Swan Lake with the young dancer took place on March 22, 1987.

Red disappeared on Christmas Eve 1990. His abandoned vehicle was discovered by authorities. He was married to Naomi/Carla at the time. Naomi/Carla has a daughter named Jennifer. She never refers to Jennifer as Red’s daughter, just “my daughter.”

Red told Madeline Pratt (Episode 1:14) a story (which may or may not be true) about having to abandon his car on Christmas Eve in a snowstorm. After walking for miles, he arrived home and: “All I saw was blood….” http://bit.ly/1xNGfhK Red says the “Bloody Christmas” story is “Why I haven’t shown up in a lot places over the years,” including in Florence to start a new life with Madeline. Is that also why he didn’t show up for Christmas 1990?

Something happened to Red’s family. Red & Lizzie were in a fire (or different fires), both are scarred http://bit.ly/1zbgOUh, But the house where Red “raised my family” was still standing. The height marks on the wall were still there when Red blew it up. The marks go up to 3 years (no names) http://bit.ly/11o7VvD

When Red remembers a young girl playing with super-bubbles outside the house where “I raised my family,” his expression changes from joy to concern & sadness. Many episodes later, the same girl appears in his old home movies (Episode 2:5 The Front). Again, his expression changes, this time from joy to horror http://bit.ly/1paiPjG. In Episode 1:7 Frederick Barnes, After Red visits his old house – which he has bought for twice the asking price, Red has Dembe blow it up, just after remarking, “I spend every day trying to forget what happened here.”

If his wife had been killed, wouldn’t Red have been suspected of killing her? The FBI seems unaware of anything unusual having happened having to do with Red’s family being killed. But Diane Fowler (DOJ) claims to knows what happened “that night.” He kills her when she taunts him about it (Episode 1:13 The Cyprus Agency) http://bit.ly/1HzBdsu, after he confronts her for being the mole who leaked information to Garrick allowing him to infiltrate the FBI black site (Episodes 1:9-10 Anslo Garrick, Parts 1&2). Naomi said that the FBI suspected her of “it.” What was “it” – Red’s disappearance? Red’s starting to reveal govt secrets? ‘Bloody Christmas’?

After a long pause, Red said “No” when Lizzie asked if he was her father (Episode 1:10 Anslo Garrick–2) http://bit.ly/1HzBdsu. Then he says something voicelessly, if you watch carefully (or he’s chewing gum lol). Red often says things like “I will always do what I have to do to keep you safe.” He says he doesn’t lie to her. Does this include when telling the truth would endanger her?

Besides, Red HAS lied to Lizzie. In Episode 1:22 Berlin-2, when Red gets the call from Fitch to say he’s found Berlin and Lizzie asks Red directly if they found Berlin, Red says, “We’ll have keep looking.” Granted, that’s not a direct “No” and Red has a tendency to respond with non sequiturs when he doesn’t want to answer a direct question (“That’s a nice tie.” “Who decided on this paneling?”) but it’s clear he means her to mislead her. He doesn’t want her going with him because it is dangerous or she”ll get in the way.. But Tom shows up, holds Liz at gunpoint and confronts Red where he’s tied up fake-Berlin (Kinsky) http://bit.ly/1xEdh2O. Red lied to Lizzie to keep her out of danger. He always will protect her life over everything. It’s better to lie than put her life in danger.

The 1940s Sorrento music box is important. How did Red know about a song that Liz’s father used to hum for her when she had nightmares about the fire? (Episode 1:17 Ivan)

⋙ Liz: I know this song. When I was a little girl, I had these terrible nightmares. I remembered flashes of- of fire and smoke. God, so much smoke. My dad would lay in bed with me and hold me in his arms and hum that song. He’d tell me I was safe–– that everything was gonna be okay. You spent days building that damn thing. You knew about the song. My father. You knew I’d find out the truth. And you wanted me to know that everything is going to be okay.

Red: Do you know that everything is going to be okay? You’re going to be okay. http://bit.ly/1vAfUnb (Episode 1:17 Ivan).

Red seems to come from Nebraska, though he says he “ha[s]n’t been home in years” (until he visits Sam in the hospital and hurries his death to keep him from telling Liz the truth about her biological father) (Episode 1:17 Pilot).

What was Red’s relationship with Sam? Friends? Brothers? Was Red the person who turned Lizzie over to Sam? Or did “the way Sam tells it” refer to someone else?

Tom was ‘chosen’ by Berlin to track Lizzie, flush out Red and turn over the list of everyone on the FBI Task Force assigned to Red and the Blacklist. Berlin has a misguided vendetta against Red for supposedly killing his daughter. Tom finds out Red had sent money to Sam for years, apparently the years he was raising Lizzie:

⋙ Tom: Best I can tell, their paths have crossed at key moments in the past 20 years. Quantico, Baltimore. She [Lizzie] doesn’t know, and I can’t prove it, but I believe Reddington was funneling money through the adoptive father for years.

Red’s first wife was killed by someone who hated Red (or someone who wanted him for herself)?) Red’s marriage to Naomi – if it wasn’t a cover – likely came later. Was Naomi waiting for Red in the wings? She said the FBI had suspected her “of it.” Did she do “it”? [My latest theory]. One thing is clear: Red still does not know what happened.

Swan Lake is about true love foiled by deception. The Prince is tricked into pledging love to the wrong woman. In dismay, the true lovers agree to die and meet again after death. The beautiful dance we saw at the end of Episode 1:16 “Mako Tanida” is called “The Dying Swan.” Red attends a performance of this each year:

⋙ He’s one of our biggest donors.
Never comes to any other performance.
Same show on the same day every year.
They say his daughter was in the show years ago.

Red holds an old program for a performance by the Elise Le Blanc School of Ballet on March 22, 1987. As he watches his private performance, Red sees a young girl dancing in his memory/imagination. Who was this girl? http://bit.ly/1tbV7Qn

I am really looking forward to the series beginning to reveal more information about Lizzie’s mother (and father). With Berlin now dead, is there still a need to keep that information from Liz to protect her? Tom told Liz once Berlin was dead, Red would kill Liz (I don’t believe it). Naomi knows about Liz’s story and assumes Red will tell her about her past at some point.

⋙ Liz: And I’m supposed to believe you?
Red: No, of course not! I’m a criminal. Criminals are notorious liars. Everything about me is a lie.
But if anyone can give me a second chance, it’s you. The two of us have overcome so much. I mean, look at you. Abandoned by a father who was a career criminal, a mother who died of weakness and shame. And yet here you are, about to make a name for yourself… I’m gonna make you famous, Lizzy. http://bit.ly/1vAo1QU (Episode 1:1 Pilot)

So, what happened to Red’s family? And who are Lizzie’s biological parents? Will we get answers next year – and what would it do to the series?

List of tweets with screenshots:

Tiny Dancer, Swan Lake, March 22, 1987 (Episode 1:16 Mako Tanida) #TheBlacklist @NBCBlacklist

http://bit.ly/1tbV7Qn pic.twitter.com/dc3jaJ9f6Y

Fire memory with ornament (Episode 1:17 Ivan) #TheBlacklist @NBCBlacklist

http://bit.ly/153aw0h pic.twitter.com/NwtQ1CwD8R

Diane Fowler, famous last– (Episode 1:13 The Cyprus Agency) #TheBlacklist @NBCBlacklist

http://bit.ly/1yheJrV http://bit.ly/1yheJrV

“All I saw was blood…” (Episode 1:14 Madeline Pratt) #TheBlacklist @NBCBlacklist

http://bit.ly/1xNGfhK pic.twitter.com/ikl1rjitRr

What happened? – From joy to horror (Episode 1:7, top & Episode 2:5, bottom) #TheBlacklist @NBCBlacklist

http://bit.ly/1paiPjG pic.twitter.com/T3NXCrxtxC

Scarred (Episode 1:1 Pilot & Episode 1:22 Berlin-2, Finale) #TheBlacklist @NBCBlacklist

http://bit.ly/1zbgOUh pic.twitter.com/LPMw2Skewv

Height measurements up to “3 yrs.” (Episode 1:7 Frederick Barnes) #TheBlacklist @NBCBlacklist

http://bit.ly/11o7VvD pic.twitter.com/JvVOw8KiNn

“Are you my father?” (pause) “… No …” (1:10 Anslo Garrick-2)) #TheBlacklist @NBCBlacklist

http://bit.ly/1tc7egi pic.twitter.com/aibJPHPg2z

“Tom put the gun down… Make the right choice, Tom” (Episode 1:22 Berlin-2) #TheBlacklist @NBCBlacklist

http://bit.ly/1xEdh2O pic.twitter.com/cmF5yHmxf7

“Everything is going to be okay. You’re going to be okay.” (Episode 1:17 Ivan) #TheBlacklist @NBCBlacklist

http://bit.ly/1vAfUnb pic.twitter.com/hvWu9Bmsey

“I’m gonna make you famous, Lizzie.” (Episode 1:1 Pilot) #TheBlacklist @NBCBlacklist

http://bit.ly/1vAo1QU pic.twitter.com/X9oytTzxb5

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