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(Plus … Is Red really not Liz’s father?

Last Updated: 12/15/2019

Note: I started with the list from The Blacklist Support Group back in 2015 http://bit.ly/1ir4Ljx and have added to it. I began a separate list of unnumbered “bad guys” to cover evil-doers (like Floriana Campo and Laurel Hitchin) who were involved in crimes but did not get assigned a Blacklist number.

Peter Stormare as Berlin, Jennifer Ehle as Madeline Pratt, Fisher Stevens as Marvin Gerard, Tim Noonan as Stanley Kornish (aka The Stewmaker), Paul Rubens as Mr Vargas, David Strathaim as The Director, Edi Gathegi as Mr Solomon, Alan Alda as Alan Fitch (aka The Decembrist), Krysten Ritter as Nora/Rowan Mills (aka Lord Baltimore) and Ron Perlman as Luther Braxton

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# – [Episode 3:19] Cape May – Unnumbered. Backstory and Katarina “Ghost Story.” Still in an opium fog, Red visits the site of Katarina’s disappearance, imagines himself saving her from drowning, and talks to a phantasm of her as she is hunted.
# – [Episode 6:19] 📗 Rassvet – Unnumbered; A tale told by Dom to Liz about Red and Katarina’s backstory; “The death and birth of Raymond Reddington” ~ Entertainment Weekly
# – [Episode 4:17] Requiem – Unnumbered; Mr Kaplan’s (Katherine Nemec’s) backstory with insights into Katarina Rostova’s life as an intelligence operative and her relationship with a young Raymond Reddington
# – [Episode 5:9] Ruin – Unnumbered; Liz retreats to Alaska to find herself after Tom’s death, but finds she can’t escape trouble.
# – [Episode 7:4] 📙 Kuwait – Unnumbered; Cooper is confronted by a Naval Intelligence lieutenant he left for dead after an ambush in 1989. See Daniel Hutton (“The Samoon”) under Unnumbered Bad Guys.
# 3. [Episodes 7:10] 📙 Katarina Rostova – (alive); aka Maddy Tolliver, Constance Drucker; Liz’s mother; despite rumors that she was dead, she appeared alive in Episode 6:22; in episode 7:10, Liz learns that Katarina is alive and is the woman (Maddy) who moved next door to her, became her friend and became Agnes’s nanny; based on information seized from Orion Relocation Services [Episode 7:9 (Blacklister #159)], Liz confronted her mother, but then found her story to be compelling: that Katarina’s father Dom Wilkinson had tried to kill her in 1991 and that she, like Liz, is searching for Red’s true identity. Katarina faked her assassination at the end of the episode, fooling Red, but letting Liz know she is very much alive. ⋙ For more backstory See Katarina Rostova also under “Other Bad Guys”
# 4. [Episodes 4:21-22] Mr (Kate) Kaplan – (dead); aka Kathryn Nemec; Red’s long-time cleaner, friend of Katarina and former nanny of Liz, jumped from bridge to avoid prison and to unleash a plan to deliver a suitcase of bones to Tom. The bones were determined by a DNA report to belong to Raymond Reddington.
# 6. [Episode 6:14] 📗 The Osterman Umbrella Company – (still operating); A group of assassins hired by the world’s spy agencies to eliminate their own agents when they are deemed security risks; in this episode, Mossad hired them to kill Samar because her progressive vascular dementia, a result of her near drowning, meant that at some point she would no longer be able to keep Mossad’s secrets. See also “Levi Shur.”
# 7. [Episode 2:16] Tom Keen – (dead); aka Christopher Hargrave (birth name), Jacob Phelps, Christof Mannhein etc; (featured in spin-off, The Blacklist Redemption. Spin-off was canceled. Tom reappeared in very last scene of Season 4, opening a suitcase of bones.) In 5:8 Ian Garvey, Tom died of stab wounds administered by Garvey after refused to connect him with Red.
# 8. [Episodes 1:21-22 ] Berlin – (dead); aka Milosz Kirchhoff; executed by Red after murder of Fitch.
# 9. [Episode 6:13] 📗 Robert Vesco – (free); Red’s former mentor who had taught him how to live as a fugitive; a con man who had conned Red then fallen on hard times after faking his own death. Red used the FBI to track him down, then collaborated with him in uncovering a lost treasure of gold. Then Vesco conned Red again, disappearing with all of the loot.
#10. [Episode 4:16] Dembe Zuma – [ Say it ain’t so! ] [ It ain’t ] ~ Dembe did not betray Red. Still, as Red’s bodyguard and right-hand-man, he certainly merits a number.
#11. [Episode 2:22] Tom Connolly – (dead); US Attorney General and Cabal member; shot by Liz after he threatened her colleagues, including Red.
#12. [Episode 2:8] The Decembrist – (dead); aka Alan Fitch, Cabal member, killed by a bomb fastened to his neck by Berlin’s goons.
#13. [Episodes 5:8 & 19 ] 📘 Ian Garvey – (dead); shot by Liz after he shot at Red in 5:19; “Big Bad” for much of Season 5, according to showrunner John Eisendrath in Entertainment Weekly (11/15/2017); killed Tom Keen and obtained the suitcase with a skeleton inside left for Liz by Mr Kaplan; revealed in 5:13 he is a US Marshal; revealed in 5:18 he became “surrogate father” to Raymond Reddington’s daughter Jennifer (aka Lillian Roth) ~ got her into WITSEC
#14. [Episode 3:22-23] Alexander Kirk – (alive?); aka Konstantin Rostov, Russian oligarch and criminal; married to Liz’s mother Katarina Rostova; believed he was Liz’s father: DNA test said he’s not; “gone” for now per Red; Red told Cooper Kirk was not on the Blacklist (1/19/2017)
#15. [Episode 6:22] 📗 Robert Diaz – (resigned, will be investigated); President of the United States, behind a plot (with Anna McMahon, Blacklister #60 and Secret Service agent and sharpshooter Milian Sandquist) to kill the First Lady Miriam Diaz to prevent her from revealing that he was involved in a drunk driving incident in which he killed a woman and her child and then covered it up. Former MI6 agent Christopher Miles stumbled onto the plot but mistakenly thought it was a plot to assassinate the president.
#16. [Episode1:9-10] Anslo Garrick – (dead); killed by Red (choked and with medical scissors) after threatening Liz.
#17. [Episode 5:22] 📘 Sutton Ross – (arrested; shot by Red); aka Max Birmington, Vernon Duquesne; enemy of Red’s, put into Witness Protection by Ian Garvey (#13); collaborated with Liz and Lilly to get the duffel of bones from Ian Garvey to Lilly.
#18. [Episode 3:21] Susan Hargrave – (alive); Tom’s mother; tried to kill Red on contract from Alexander Kirk. (Was in spin-off, The Blacklist Redemption). After Tom’s death, Liz’s daughter Agnes went to live with her.
#19. [Episode 5:16] 📘 The Capricorn Killer – (dead); (aka Wendel Seivers); killed by Anthony Elliot Hollis working with vigilante profiler Dr Sharon Fulton, Liz’s therapist, who operates outside the law to kills serial killers according to each’s special M.O. Dr Fulton was allowed to escape apprehension by Liz. Hollis was shot by Samar. See also Gerald Duggar (the Tri-State Butcher) and Stav (The Sandman) under “Other Bad Guys.” They were among the other serial killers Dr Fulton went after.
#20. [Episode 6:2] 📗 The Corsican – (free); Bastien Moreau, terrorist-for-hire for ultra-nationalism, anti-globalist causes; staged a bombing attempt on the U.N. after his appearance had been modified by Dr Hans Koehler (Blacklister #33); attempt was thwarted but he escaped). (See below ⇊ )
#20. [Episode 6:11-12] 📗 Bastien Moreau – (dead); Moreau, aka “The Corsican” [Ep 6:2] reappears in two eponymous episodes. He arranges the murder (via Blacklister #116 General Shiro’s weaponized insects) of the head of the BND, Germany‘s Federal Intelligence Service. Red, on Death Row, offered President Robert Diaz to avert the murder in exchange for his own life. Unfortunately, Diaz had ordered the hit. Shot in [6:12] by Mr Sandquist (aide to Diaz) to keep him (Moreau) from spilling the beans to the FBI after Red convinced him he’d been used.
#21. [Episodes 2:10-11 ] Luther Braxton – (dead); Braxton kidnapped and tortured Liz and subjected her to memory recall therapy in which she recalled the Christmas of the fire. She also learned her childhood name was Masha. Braxton was hung by Red and Dembe.
#22. [Episode 2:7] The Scimitar – (dead); aka Waleed Abu Sitta, also aka Dr Daniel Rivera (shot in forehead execution style, likely by Samar Navabi, who believed he was responsible for her brother Shahin’s death in a terrorist attack. But Shahin had not been a victim but rather became a terrorist himself (See Blacklister #31 Zal Bin Hasaan).
#23. [Episode 5:18] 📘 Zarak Mosadek – (dead, shot by Red’s associate Tony); Afghanistan’s Deputy Interior Minister for Counter-Narcotics; supplier to the Nash Drug Syndicate led by Ian Garvey; seemed to be cooperating with Red after Red rescued his kidnapped son from the Taliban but double-crossed him.
#24. [Episode 3:9-10] The Director – (dead); Peter Kotsiopoulos, Director of National Clandestine Services (NCS), a branch on the CIA (killed by Red at the request of the Cabal; pushed from an airplane)
#25. [Episode 5:17] 📘 Anna-Gracia Duerte – (arrested); a 17-year-old who murdered her much older husband to please her parents, and then became “guardian angel” murdering husbands of other unhappy teenaged wives trapped in arranged marriages. A light sentence was recommended by the FBI team.
#26. [Episode 5:21] 📘 Lawrence Dane Devlin – (dead); aka Steven Feltmeyer, a former scientist who turned into a body disposal specialist; kidnapped Samar to feed her to his rats; killed by a bear.
#27. [Episode 7:1-2] 📙 Louis T Steinhil – (dead); name is an anagram for “The Illusionist” (real name unknown); aka French Inspector René Oban, a role he plays in an illusion created to convince Red he is paralyzed in a hospital in Paris. Steinhil was hired by Katarina Rostova to try to get Red to divulge everything he knows about her. But Red detected the illusion and tried to escape only to be re-captured by Rostova and threatened with real torture. In [Episode 7:2], nurse Mila LaPorte (real name Franscesca Campbell) helps Red escape, but she is part of a plot to lead Katarina to Dom. Steinhil is killed in [Episode 7:3] by Katarina.
#29. [Episode 4:19] 📙 Dr Bogdan Krilov – (arrested in 4:19; negotiated immunity dead in exchange for info on his patients per Cooper in 4:20); memory modification specialist who erased Liz’s memories at age 4 (and claimed to have done it again in 2015); [Episode 7:10] Ressler, after springing him from prison to provide info on the memory recovery specialist Victor Chertov, plans to have Chertov erase Krilov’s memories
#30. [Episode 5:1] 📘 Smokey Putnam – (dead); Joe “Smokey” Putnam; a carnival gaffer and money launderer accused of embezzlement; saved from prosecution by Red to become one of the new associates taken on by Red as he began to rebuild his network in Season 5. Killed by Red [in Episode 6:16 Lady Luck] for using Red’s network and assets to distribute methamphetamines during Red’s incarceration in Season 6.
#31. [Episode 3:7] Zal Bin Hasaan – (unknown); aka Shahin Navabi, Samar’s brother (turned over to Mossad; likely imprisoned or killed.
#32. [Episodes 3:17-18 ] Mr (Mateus) Solomon – (alive); switched allegiance from the Cabal to Halcyon Aegis’ “Grey Matters” (was in spinoff, The Blacklist Redemption)
#33. [Episode 6:1] 📗 Dr Hans Koehler – (dead); plastic surgeon to the criminal elite, changed Red’s appearance when he took on the identity of Raymond Reddington; killed by his client Bastien Moreau aka The Corsican, Blacklister #20) to assure no one would know his identity.
#34. [Episode 4:13] Isabella Stone – aka Judith Pruitt (captured by Red, as of end of 4:13); character assassin out for Red
#37. [Episode 5:2] 📘 Greyson Blaise – (arrested); wealthy international adventurer and thief will be arrested for theft of Napoleon diamond necklace retrieved by Red and turned over to Cooper.
#38. [Episode 3:1] The Troll Farmer – (in custody); aka Bo Chang (turned over by Red in agreement with Ressler)
#41. [Episode 3:20] The Artax Network – (escaped); The men who used the “space junk” Artex Network of communications satellites to surveil Elizabeth Keen blew up their hub and escaped.
#42. [Episode 1:20] The Kingmaker – (dead) aka Paul Fredrick Smithson (killed by Ressler to save Liz); he trained ambitious young politicians how to win al all costs, including blackmail and even murder.
#43. [Episode 3:4] The Djinn – (arrested); aka Nasim Bakhash, prev Nasir Bakhash; was subjected to a forced sex change operation by her father), dream fulfiller and revenge agent; her talented assistant, Alice, agreed to go into business with Red
#44. [Episode 5:4] 📘 The Endling (dead); Nirah Ahmad – (aka Alicia Grey, nurse Alma); committed suicide to give her son a compatible donor heart, after committing crimes to make money for the operation.
#46. [Episode 4:20] The Debt Collector – (dead); executed by Red who hired him to kidnap Liz to entrap Kaplan; not for that act, but for accumulated past crimes
#47. [Episode 1:7] Frederick Barnes – (dead); shot by Liz, after two mass murders using an infectious agent to create a demand for research to develop the cure, to save his affected son.
#48. [Episode 5:7] 📘 The Kilgannon Corporation – (out of business; principals dead); a family-based human trafficking operation ferreting migrants from Macedonia to Germany; the father (Arthur) killed by son (Colin); Colin killed by Red
#50. [Episode 3:5] Arioch Cain – (Uncertain); father of teenager Blair Cain who put Liz up on a crowd-funded bounty site to have her murdered because her mother had died in the bombing of the US anti-Russian Counter-Intel group (the Orea bombing). Blair blamed on her mother’s death on Liz, but Liz had been framed for the bombing; Blair used her father’s name “Arioch” to access the online site.
#51. [Episode 5:14] 📘 Mr Raleigh Sinclair III – (free); known as “The Alibi” creates perfect alibis for criminals by creating doppelgangers; Red turned over his list of Sinclair’s criminals to Cooper but kept Sinclair out of prison to use as an associate. In 5:19 Ian Garvey Part 2, Sinclair changed Red’s associate Tony (Anthony Pagliaro) into a double for Ian Garvey (Blacklister #13).
#52. [Episode1:1] Pilot / Ranko Zamani – (dead), suicide by cop, via Ressler. Zamani planned to blow up the DC Zoo to avenge the deaths of his family by a US bombing during the war in the Balkans in the 1990s.
#53. [Episode 4:6] The Thrushes – (arrested) Aram’s ‘girl friend’ Elise was taken in a sting. The rest of this group of hackers were to be tracked down based on info from Aram’s use of a ‘Rubber Ducky’ (a keystroke-detection app hidden in a thumb drive) to hack their system. Elise appeared in subsequent episodes as Janet Nickerson as Aram’s ‘real’ girlfriend – until he found out she had named him to a grand jury..
#54. [Episode 5:5] 📘 Ilyas Surkov – (dead); a terrorist who had died 15 months earlier of pancreatic cancer; CIA Director of Operations Leon Cox began running unsanctioned false flag operations under Surkov’s name; Cox in turn was tracked down and turned in to the FBI by another vigilante, Brian Osterman (alias Tobias Reuther) who sacrificed his own career to turn in Cox.
#55. [Episode 2:21] Karakurt – (apprehended); aka Jonas Flemming; he blew up US’ Russian counter-intelligence unit (the Orea bombing) for which Liz was blamed and accused on being a Russian spy, in a plot by the Cabal to disrupt US/Russian relations. Red and Liz went on the run to save her from the FBI. In later episodes, Tom hunted Karakurt down and turned him to to help clear Liz .
#56. [Episode 5:12] 📘 The Cook – (dead); aka Tommy Wattles (also aka William Seavers), a defrocked priest who used serial arson to kill women (and, inadvertently, men) who he believed were sexually taunting him; committed suicide in a ritual of auto-da-fé or self-immolation.
#57. [Episode 1:15] The Judge – (arrested); aka Ruth Kipling (also called “Mother” by those whose criminal cases she deemed had been wrongfully decided); arrested for setting up an extra-judicial system in which she handed down verdicts and sentences (including death) that she thought just. Harold Cooper was one of her targets.
#58. [Episode 6:8] 📗 Marko Jankowics – (dead, shot by Ressler); aka Sarkany (the name of a multi-headed dragon in Hungarian folklore). He ran a ring of drug mules ferreting LSD from Eastern Europe to the US via Montreal. He employed young women with fake “baby bumps” that were implants containing eight pounds of LSD (10 million doses worth $50M). His girlfriend was Marguerite Renard, former nurse to Hans Koehler (Blacklister #33). Liz and Lilly/Jennifer encountered Jankowics in their search for Renard. Jankowics’ men who were guarding Renard took Lilly hostage. A gunfight broke out after Liz employed Ressler to help rescue Lilly/Jennifer, in a hostage exchange gone wrong.
#59. [Episode 4:15] The Apothecary – (arrested); poisoned Red and 20+ others; sedated his own wife to impregnate her against her will.
#60. [Episode 6:21] 📗 Anna McMahon – (dead, shot by Dembe in Episode 6:22); corrupt DOJ official involved with President Robert Diaz (Blacklister #15) in plot to squelch a dossier obtained by MI6 and shared with German Intelligence. Then turned the tables to accuse the Task Force of being behind the plot. [See also Episodes 6:2 and 6:11-12 Bastien Moreau (Blacklister #20), Episode 22 Robert Diaz (Blacklister #15) ]
#61. [Episode 4:18] Philomena – (arrested); “subtle” bounty hunter in custody after working for Kate Kaplan to round up Red’s associates; cooperating with FBI.
#62. [Episode 2:19] Leonard Caul – (free); decryptionist; inventor of the Fulcrum, he helped Liz and Red gather and reconstruct the modules and use them to blackmail The Director (Blacklister #24); now helping Red.
#63. [Episode 5:13] 📘 The Invisible Hand – (arrested or dead); a group of five childhood friends turned vigilantes after toxins dumped by Atria Chemical destroyed their town of Brenford and killed their parents: Stephen Altman, Bobby & Emma (all arrested wounded), Sophia (arrested uninjured), Zeke (killed).
#64. [Episode 1:13] The Cyprus (Adoption) Agency – (Medical Director and others arrested); the agency belonged to Owen Mallory (aka Charles Lassiter Jr); he abducted intelligent young women and, using his own sperm, impregnated them, then kept them sedated for months or years, to create “perfect” children for adoption
#65. [Episode 4:3] Miles McGrath (arrested) by the FBI after Red handcuffed him to a dead man (for murder, taking down power grid).
#66. [Episode 4:2] Mato – (dead) Mato had assisted Alexander Kirk in kidnapping baby Agnes; (shot and killed by Red).
#67. [Episode 2:11] Ruslan Denisov – (likely arrested by local Uzbekistan govt); erstwhile vigilante and still an associate of Red’s; he exposed the deaths caused by toxins released by an American oil company as well as the church and police corruption that covered it up.
#68. [Episode 5:15] 📘 Pattie Sue Edwards – (arrested) biomedical researcher, widow of murdered Navy Seal accused of stealing drugs; unleashed deadly virus to locate his killer and restore her husband’s honor.
#69. [Episode 6:16] 📗 Lady Luck – (arrested): Agathe Tyche, a grandmother whose life was devastated by her husband’s gambling addiction. While she was in labor with their second child, her husband Lou took their young son to buy a lottery ticket but was in a car accident that paralyzed him and killed their son. It was a winning ticket worth $86M. She used the money to entice gamblers to kill each other off in a macabre relay in which each gambler would be killed by the next. She kept her husband captive in an iron lung surrounded by tokens of his gambling and its costs.
#71. [Episode 2:12] The Kenyon Family – (dead); Justin Kenyon (father), David Kenyon (son) (both dead; in collapse of dysfunctional religious, survivalist cult; (father killed by son; son killed in FBI raid)
#72. [Episode 3:3] Eli Matchett – (arrested) for attempting to release insects that would wipe out widely used GMO corn, also murdered co-workers.
#73. [Episode 1:14] Madeline Pratt – (on the loose and likely to make trouble); socialite, thief and former lover of Red’s; in Episode 2:14, she turns Red over to T Earl King III to settle a score.
#74. [Episode 2:5] The Front – (dead); an extremist environmental cult led by Maddox Beck, who died by the very weaponized virus he intended to use to wipe out the human species (intending to leave only his girlfriend alive; both died).
#75. [Episode 2:15] The Major – aka Bill “Bud” McCready, Tom’s mentor and handler; shot by Gina Zanetakos as he was about to execute Tom.
#76. [Episode 5:3] 📘 Miss Rebecca Thrall – (arrested) for recruiting cops to murder the clients of Waterday Financial for life insurance payouts; dominatrix; murdered Mr Johnson (Waterday Financial CEO); attempted murder of Officer Jennifer Serry
#77. [Episode 3:14] Lady Ambrosia – (dead); serial killer of “imperfect” children, killed by her “outcast” son in murder/suicide.
#78. [Episode 3:16] The Caretaker – (arrested); facilitated scheme for hiding pneumatic capsules containing secrets in the bodies he interred; Red retrieved a letter to Liz he had stored this way and burned it.
#79. [Episode 4:1] Esteban – (at large?) Red arranged Esteban’s escape from Cuba. But Red hinted to Ressler that nothing was stopping FBI from going after him.
#80. [Episode 3:2] Marvin Gerard – (free); Red’s lawyer; sprung from jail by Red (alive and newly married).
#81. [Episode 4:4] Gaia – (dead); aka Owen Ayers, former Naval helicopter operator, later eco-terrorist, killed in helicopter crash remotely controlled by Aram to keep Gaia from causing a nuclear explosion; he believed that his son’s physical deformities were caused by his exposure to radioactivity on a mission to Fukushima after the tsunami and release of radioactivity caused by the meltdown of a nuclear in the aftermath of the tsunami.
#82. [Episode 2:4] Dr. Linus Creel – (dead); shot by Ezra, Red’s man watching out for Liz (saving her life); Creel used social media to drive his psychiatric patients insane to make them commit crimes
#83. [Episode 1:16] Mako Tanida – (dead); killed Ressler’s fiancé Audrey; later killed by Red; Red sent Tanida’s head to Ressler (nestled in excelsior) so that Ressler would not be tempted to kill Tanida himself.
#84. [Episode 1:3] Wujing – (arrested) – to his surprise when Liz stuck a tracking sticker on his car; Wujung id a spy who tracked down Chinese nationals cooperating with US intel services.
#85. [Episode 1:5] The Courier – (dead); aka, Tommy Phelps; the man who felt no pain and stored contraband under his skin (killed in a hail of FBI bullets).
#86. [Episode 3:6] Sir Crispin Crandall – (dead); mad scientist who froze geniuses to create a new civilization; (shot by Red to settle whether ‘death is just a process’).
#87. [Episode 2:20] Quon Zhang – (arrested) for illicit corpse trafficking to provide brides for dead, unmarried Chinese men; also killed young women, if the corpse supply was low).
#88. [Episode 1:17] Ivan – (arrested); Red’s acquaintance Ivan was not the hacker; teen Harrison Lee was the hacker and was arrested. He learned the secrets of how to turn off the power of vast parts of the city in order to impress a girl.
#89. [Episode 2:3] Dr. James Covington – (arrested) for performing illegal organ transplants, often on criminals for 💰; also removied organs from patients who could not keep up with their payments. He then used the profits to fund an underground children’s hospital in which he performed illegal transplants that were a child’s last hope.
#90. [Episode 5:6] 📘 The Travel Agency – (out of business) Seawall Travel Agency, front for a murder-for-hire operation that shuttered 30 years ago (circa 1989). Eleanor Dawson, wife of brain-damaged former hitman, Calvin, takes revenge by resurrecting Seawall’s protocols and controlling Calvin to take out former Seawall employees, including former partners Edward Knobbs and Mitchell Dunning. Then she Shot Calvin and was taken out by FBI sharpshooters.
#91. [Episode 6:6] 📗 The Ethicist – (dead by suicide); Gerald Todd Klepper, a patient of plastic surgeon Dr Hans Koehler (Blacklister #33) around the same time as Red. He became “Cameron Morella” (dubbed “Angel of Death” by the press), an actuarial-minded “ethicist” who kills off for a price people whose lives he calculates to be less valuable than others. He did not remember Red but gave Liz the name of Koehler’s nurse.
#93. [Episode 6:18] 📗 The Brockton College Killer – (arrested); Kimberly Owens, who produced a podcast called “Thaw” about a series of murders she herself committed to gain the love of the Tyler Carlyle, the man in prison for them. Her murders involved hitting her victims on the head with a meat mallet and then freezing them alive in liquid nitrogen. By attempting to frame a professor, she orchestrated Tyler’s release from prison and struck up a (very) brief relationship with him, until he stumbled upon the meat mallet.
#93. [Episode 2:12] The Deer Hunter – (arrested); aka Tracy Solobotkin, for the serial murder of abusive spouses.
#94. [Episode 2:14] T Earl King VI – (dead); “accidentally” shot by Red, with the gun used for the ritual of Russian Roulette that King required his sons (Tyler and Francis) to perform to determine which of them would inherit the wealth generated underground auctions of contraband, stolen artwork and kidnapped people (including Red, who was tricked by Blacklister #73 Madeline Pratt); King’s two sons were arrested.
#95. [Episode 3:11] Gregory Devry – (dead); euthanized by Red – shot – by agreement after impersonating him to prove to the leaders of other crime syndicate that Red was not working with the FBI.
#97. [Episode 2:17] The Longevity Initiative – Dr. Julius Powell, the lead brain researcher, committed suicide. The founder, billionaire Roger Hobbes, a friend of Red’s and member of the Cabal, was killed later by The Director for conveying Red’s challenge to the leadership of the Cabal.
#98. [Episode 4:7-8] Dr Adrian Shaw – (free for now) formerly Sonia Blum. She asked Red to fund her research into CRISPR, a technology by which genes can heal themselves. Red found her human trial testing “draconian.”
#99. [Episode 6:9] 📗 Minister D – (arrested); real name Jordan Loving (alias Elijah Bailey); serial blackmailer who made the mistake of trying to blackmail Katarina Rostova. Katarina conspired with Director of National Intelligence Alan Fitch (The Decembrist, Blacklister #12) and the Cabal to frame Raymond Reddington. Minister D taped conversations between Fitch and Katarina to blackmail them. Katarina retaliated by blowing up his house, killing his lover Zachary Tempkin and leaving him with facial scars. The tape of the plot was unearthed in this episode and used to exonerate Red in his trial for treason.
#💯. [Episode 5:11] 📘 Abraham Stern – (arrested) for breaking into and robbing the Denver Mint (or trying to) after discovering (with help from Red) how his father had hidden millions in $100K notes inside the mint. Red ended up with most of the money (which the mint conveniently refuses to acknowledge ever existed).
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#101. [Episode 1:12] The Alchemist – aka Eric Trettel (dead, shot by Police in stand-off); used various medical methods to change the identity of dead people.
#102. [Episode 4:11] The Harem – Leader Margot and Tech wizard Sasha, arrested; Jessica, shot and killed; Emma, Red’s “plant”, freed from his service to set up a new life, (though Liz thinks he killed her).
#103. [Episode 3:13] Alistair Pitt – the matchmaker or “promnestria” (Gr.) who arranged marriages between rival criminal factions (dead, executed by Red for arranging an abusive marriage for a woman he loved)
#104. [Episode 2:1] Lord Baltimore – aka Nora Mills (caught impersonating her deceased twin Rowan Mills) ¤ (arrested on charges including murdering Rowan); dissociative personality disorder: “Nora” manipulated “Rowan” to perform criminal hacking and bounty-hunting which targeted Red’s ex, Naomi Hyland (orig. Carla Reddington)
#105. [Episode 4:5] The Lindquist Concern – Silas Gouldsberry shot by Samar in shootout after he took a room of Patent Office employees hostage. Unclear if he survived. He collected valuable pre-patent information on valuable inventions with the goal of open-sourcing it. Red obtained the information, however, and shared if – with a price tag – with the Cabal.
#106. [Episode 1:11] The Good Samaritan Killer – aka Karl Hoffman, “Victor”; serial murder (dead, shot by Liz); he had committed numerous murders of abusive parents, inflicting on them attacks similar to those they had inflicted on their children while his own abusive mother was forced to watch.
#107. [Episode 4:14] The Architect – (dead, killed by rocket-propelled munition fired by Aram); The Architect could design and execute “the perfect crime” – for a price.
#108. [Episode 3:8] Kings of the Highway – (Cash killed by Pedro; Pedro, T-Bone and Jasper likely arrested; Jilly’s fate unknown); highway robbers who abducted Red.
#109. [Episode 1:8] General Ludd – (arrested); many social media identities and aliases*; masquerading as anti-oligarcy anarchist, he successfully stole from the government the printing plates for US $20 bills (which Red was able to switch out with a set counterfeit plates)
#110. [Episode 5:20] 📘 Nicholas T Moore – (arrested); science fiction writer who built a pseudo-Christian isolationist cult based on his novel “The Age of Contagion.”
#111. [Episode 4:9] Lipet’s Seafood Company – Used as cover for The New Martyrs Brigade, a pro-Palestinian dark ops terrorist group.
#112. [Episode 8:1] Monarch Douglas Bank – still handling secret banking for criminals – and the FBI – though their most precious asset, a woman with perfect recall who memorized the secret account information, is cooperating with the FBI (and Red).
#113. [Episode 3:15] Drexel, – (arrested), aka Reginald Turner, a serial killer performance artist.
#114. [Episode 2:6] The Mombasa Cartel – list of Cartel members handed over (millionaire Geoff Perl shot by Red, Skye & son Matthew dead by suicide/homicide during FBI raid). entomologist
#115. [Episode 6:15] 📗 Olivia Olson – (escaped, though her business was seized by the FBI) (name is an alias; real name unknown), head of Raincloud LBO, a New York firm specializing in hostile takeovers of criminal organizations. A competitor of Red’s, putting them out of business helps Red’s interests. She had a contract with Anna McMahon, Deputy Director of the DOJ. Cooper gave McMahon Raincloud’s files, which she returned with one missing, the “The Third Estate,” which may relate to McMahon’s plot against the interests of the U.S.
#116. [Episode 6:7] 📗 General Shiro – (dead); Dr Jonathan Nikkila, entomologist who developed a powerful pesticide (Hexapene) for Lockemy Technologies. When he found out Lockemy was lobbying to have Hexapene approved for general use, he developed a genetically altered beetle to kill those involved (including himself). Named after a Japanese war criminal in World War II who weaponized insects.
#117. [Episode 2:18] Vanessa Cruz – (escaped); Mr Kaplan offered her a job working for Red); revenge killer against crooked investment bankers who she blames for her husband’s suicide.
#118. [Episode 5:10] 📘 The Informant – (arrested) Howard Bishop, an aide to Senator Cooligan who had held positions with State, Treasury, FDA; stole information from the Senate Intelligence Committee on the accounts associated with a terror attack in Toronto in order to give a heads up via Rosmin Hamzah to the sponsors of the attack.
#119-122. [Episode 1:19] The Pavlovich Brothers – (all dead) ⋙ 😀 Letter from their Matushka. 😂
#124. [Episode 6:3] 📗 The Pharmacist – (arrested); Spalding Stark, a brilliant biohacker who successfully developed a state-of-the-art treatment for a rare neurological condition. His work was sabotaged by his partner, Dr Ethan Webb, who secretly worked for pharmaceutical giant Crown Life.
#125. [Episode 7:7] 📙 Hannah Hayes – (arrested); A reproductive surgeon who was raped while a resident. Forced to carry the child to term, she exacts her revenge on socially conservative thought leaders, subjecting them to uterine implants followed by in vitro fertilization. She holds her rapist captive in her basement, forces him to wear a pig mask, and shoots him just before she’s arrested so he won’t get custody of her 7yo daughter.
#128. [Episode 6:20] 📗 Dr Guillermo Rizal – (arrested); Brilliant geneticist who “basically invented gene mapping.” Intent on designing a new human variant “Homo solvos” that can adapt to climate change, he began human experimentation. He used embryologist Miles Gordon to swap out embryos in IVF clinics with embryos he had split into three, then modifying selected genes. Years later, Rizal would dispatch Mr Francis Cotton (a finder) to retrieve the children to see which of them could tolerate extremes of temperature and humidity.
#130. [Episode 7:6] 📙 Dr Lewis Powell – (dead, killed by “Clark,” an A.I. persona he created); a leader in the field of artificial intelligence, Powell, who had ALS, had his pacemaker turned off by “Clark,” who was created with the primary purpose to preserve human life. Clark determined that A.I. itself had progressed to a dangerous level (The Singularity) and turned against leading A.I. developers and programs, including self-destructing, a process Aram attempted to abort. It is unclear how much of Powell’s research was preserved.
#131. [Episode 6:4] 📗 Alter Ego – (still in business; four rogue agents under arrest); The business is legit, but four of its employees went rogue. The service hires out actors to fill in “vacancies” in people’s lives, like a pretend heterosexual marriage for the parents of a gay man. The rogue actors: Roger Price, Deidre Mori (aka Hiraki; birth Name Jan Chuckerman) as girlfriend, Marcus Duncan as brother-in-law and Helen Litke as sister. Roger concocted the scheme to befriend the clueless heir (Timothy Peterson) of Billionaire Harris Van Ness. Marcus, Deidre and Helen killed Van Ness and three others.
#132. [Episode 3:12] The Vehm – (leader, Cardinal Richards, killed by Vehm; misc members KIA by FBI, rest id’d for turning over to FBI; Vehms’ money laundering ops ➔ Red); a neo-medieval cult of castrated repentents who work for a corrupt group of clerics.
#135. [Episode 1:18] Milton Bobbit – (dead, suicide by bomb vest – no one else killed)
#136. [Episode 6:17] 📗 The Third Estate – (most arrested; one dead); A group of young adults, the scions of billionaires, who extorted money from their parents by pretending to be kidnapped and tortured (even killed). They were led by an older man, Eric Copeland (fate unknown). The money was to be given to the poor, but it’s unclear what happened to it (Red thought it was given to Anna McMahon but concluded it wasn’t). Among the youths were*: Ella, Des Foy, Adalynne Gerrick, Zoey Mercer, and Tyler Whitmore. Tyler was killed when HRT stormed their building. The others were arrested. (*also, listed only on an overhead: Matt Ford, Mia Walker, Oliver Paige).
#138. [Episode 7:5] 📙 Norman Devane – (dead, shot by Red); brilliant biogenetic scientist who created bioweapons for infamous world leaders before beginning ing testing on students of exclusive Abbott Boarding School. Students were selected who had a genetic profile similar to his own, based on hacked data provided by Ukrainian hacker Anatole Kuragin. Some students died from the experiments. Also provided Red with a pseudonym used recently by Katarina Rostova: “Constance Drucker.”
#145. [Episode 1:2] The Freelancer (arrested); plus sex trafficker Floriana Campo is dead, poisoned by Red).
Rod and Delaine Uhlman
#146-147. [Episode 6:4] 📗 The Pawnbrokers (Rod Uhlman arrested; Delaine Uhlman dead); This elderly couple’s pawn shop ran an illicit service in high stakes items for criminals and the desperate, including NSA code and an armored truck. Delaine was shot by Chinese agents trying to obtain the NSA code.
#151. [Episode 7:3] 📙 Les Fleurs du Mal – (raided by the FBI; members arrested); a secret society mimicing the decadent thrill-seeking worldview of 19thC French poet Charles Baudelaire’s signature collection of poems (tr.) “The Flowers of Evil.” The group’s leader, Thelonius Prackett, creates events dubbed The Defiance. Members attend to view the almost certain death of one unlucky member of the group by gruesome means. Aram attends under cover and, after some difficulty, signals the FBI to break up the event. And he gets the girl (Elodie Radcliffe) who was the one chosen to die.
#152. [Episode 1:6] Gina Zanetakos – conspiracy to unleash dirty bomb (escaped from prison); (alive) former lover of Tom; wanted to partner with Tom again; when he refused, she tried to kill him; saved Tom by killing The Major (Blacklistdr #75) who was going to kill him. Oleg Gromov
#159. [Episode 7:9] 📙 Orion Relocation Services – (company shut down; company rep Stella Bisset dead); relocated clients desperate to leave their homes and identities behind. The sellers, however, were killed, not moved and the buyers took on their identities. One of those killed was Madeline Tolliver, whose identity Katarina Rostova assumed before moving next door to Liz.
#160. [Episode 6:10] 📗 The Cryptobanker – (under arrest); uses Bitcoin for money laundering and extortion, including a plot involving hacker Oleg Gromov to take control of people’s pacemakers; he killed Gromov when the Task Force caught on. He sent a payment to a “man in Cairo” who Red says is key to stopping a conspiracy. Red has pled guilty and is facing execution and believes stopping this conspiracy can save his life.
#161. [Episode 1:4] The Stewmaker – aka Stanley Kornish, (dead, executed by Red in his own bubbling chemical bath); disposed of bodies but kept a scrapbook of photos of his victims; helped Alan Fitch faked the murder of Berlin’s daughter Zoe then blamed Red.
#162. [Episode 7:8] 📙 The Hawaladar – (free); aka Bhavish Ratna, who runs an international money lending/laundering/delivery service. Red made him whole after an FBI intervention staged by Red caused him to lose $3.5M. In exchange, Ratna told him that Katarina had made a payment to Orion Relocation Services, which Glen Carter was able to track down for Red.
#163. [Episode 4:10] The Forecaster – (escaped) aka Chris Farnsworth, CEO of Jasek Financial, who has key people in a company killed to tank the stock and make money by shorting it.
#184. [Episode 4:12] Natalie Luca – (arrested) the world’s sweetest serial killer; suffering from lack of immunity, she purposely infected people to help her boyfriend, Malik Roumain, fund his research which he believed could cure her.

*Note: Nathaniel Wolff (“General Ludd”) goes by several other aliases including Roger Gard, Arthur Denning and Bradley Holland. His “thing” is creating multiple identities out of thin air.
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⭕ Other Bad Guys (As yet unnumbered):

Alphabetically, by last name (if no last name provided, by first name). (Still being updated)
999 📗 Aaron – (free); gun runner and show business insider who helped Red track terrorist Bastien Moreau [The Corsican #20] and connect with Moreau’s bombmaker, Maxwell Ruddiger.
999 📙 Abigail – (alive); An assistant to illusionist Louis T Steinhil, Blacklister #27 [Episode 7:1]
999 📙 Abbott Boarding School – (school likely still operating); Exclusive Boarding School. Headmaster Dr Kelvin Mitchell allowed Blacklister #138 Norman Devane to perform testing on students with a genetic profile similar to Devane’s own that he selected based on hacked data provided by Anatole Kuragin. Some students died. [Episode 7:5]
999 📘 Stephen Altman – (arrested); member of The Invisible Hand (#63), wounded
999 “Apple Man” – (dead) led surveillance of Liz/Tom’s home for – ? (Shot and killed by Liz)
999 📙 Arjun – (free); Owner of the Clay Elephant Indian restaurant which is part of a network of restaurants which serves as a front for Bhavish Ratna’s “hawala” money lending/laundering/delivery service. (Ratna is Blacklister #162 The Hawaladar) [Episode 7:8]
999 📘 Atria Chemical – Chemical company that poisoned the town Brenford, turning it into a Superfund site and making it the main target of The Invisible Hand.
999 Giza Barrera – (arrested); ex-drug cartel leader re-IDed by the coroner as aka Renata Ayela, served up by Red to lure out the Coroner for info on Dr Sonia Bloom, now Dr Adrian Shaw.
999 📙 Eli Atticus – (likely arrested or dead in FBI raid); According to Red, he is “an extraction expert who has a reputation for breaking high-value targets out of black sites and detention facilities around the world”; He was paid through Bhavish Ratner’s hawala network by Zhao Wing head of the Zhao Crime Syndicate, to extract a DEA informant Zhao discovered (named Alfred Wang) (Ratna is Blacklister #162 The Hawaladar) [Episode 7:8]
999 📗 Atticus – (see see also Atticus Rodrick)
999 📗 Alfonse Baldomero – (dead); (aka “The Teflon Con”), Red earned Baldomero’s ire by sleeping with his mother. When he later encountered him in Colton prison [Episode 6:4 The Pawnbrokers], Baldomero vowed to kill him. But Red revealed Baldomero was taking credit for a crime he didn’t commit and arranged for his discharge and murder.
999 📘 Cleveland Bandicott – (alive); “The Toymaker”; a brilliant technological gadget-maker; made surveillance equipment for The Invisible Hand and Ian Garvey as well as Bobby Navarro’s glass eye.
999 📗 Bank Robbers – (arrested); group of hapless bank robbers whose robbery Red commandeered in [6:1]; Red jettisoned them from back of dump truck (along with stolen cash) when they opened fire on police .
999 David Beckner – (arrested?); Chris Farnsworth’s stock broker, saved by Liz from
plummeting to death in an elevator.
999 📙 Berdy – //➔ See under Berdy Chernov
999 📘 Billy – (dead); Lead of group of members of Carlucci crime family hunting down former member who ratted on family and was placed in witness protection in Alaska (in 5:9 Ruin); killed by Liz.
999 📘 Brian Barrett – (arrested); a client of #51 Mr Raleigh Sinclair, arrested for the attempted murder of his ex-wife Nicole.
999 📙 Stella Bisset – //➔ See under Blacklister #159 Orion Relocation Services
999 📘 Howard Bishop – name of Blacklister #118 The Informant
999 📘 Bobby – (arrested); member of The Invisible Hand (#63), wounded; helps him locate Cleveland Bandicott, “The Toymaker”
999 📘 Bouncer – (unsure); member armed militia providing security for the United Brigade, an alt-right group led by Coogan Hudnutt (militia group was shot up by Red); called Dembe a thing (in Episode 5:17 Anna-Gracia Duerte)
999 📘 Adika Buhari – (in custody) “arrested” along with his group of gun-runners by Red’s men disguised as ATF agents; turned over to the FBI (Red kept Adika’s plane)
999 Floriana Campo – sex trafficker, exposed by Red (killed by Red w OD of drugs she used on her victims)
999 📙 Sofia Burke – (free); jewel thief who tried (but failed) to acquire the identity of Denise Young using Orion Relocation Services (Blacklister #159) [Episode 7:9]
999 📙 Dr Busson – (alive) A medical doctor taking part in Blacklister #27 Louis T Steinhil’s illusions [Episode 7:1]
999 📙 Francesca Campbell – (dead, shot by Red); As “Mila LaPorte,” she is a nurse acting in Blacklister #27 Louis T Steinhil’s illusion to convince Red he’s been paralyzed in [Episode 7:1]; under duress, she works with Red and, when he’s recaptured by Katarina Rostova, she works with her. In [Episode 7:2], she helps Red escape to Dom’s, but it was a ruse by Katarina and Steinhil to locate Dom. Francesca tells Red and Dom of the plot and saves Dom’s life when he’s hit in the subsequent shootout. Red lets her live for saving Dom but he’s ‘not letting her out of his sight.’ In [Episode 7:3], she earns Red’s admiration as an operative and may go to work for him. In [Episode 7:6], Francesca proved willing to sell Red out in a “loyalty test” involving a “deep fake” video of Katarina Rostova. So Red executed her.
999 📘 Carlucci Crime Family – Sent group of members to hunt down former member who ratted on family and was placed in witness protection in Alaska (in 5:9 Ruin); all four members were killed by Liz.
999 📘 Amador Castro – (uncertain) Drug dealer of Isaiah Hill (mentee of Harold Cooper)
999 📗 Angela and Russell Chambers – (unknown); Angela was a drug mule for Marko Jankowics (Blacklister #58); Russell acted as her husband as they passed through customs. Her apparent “baby bump” was actually eight pounds ($50M worth) of LSD sewn into her abdomen [Episode 6:8].
999 Ben Charnquist – shot and killed by Ressler, Chris Farnesworth’s (The Forecaster’s) hit man.
999 The Chemist – (arrested); created chemical weapon in The Pilot.
999 📙 Berdy Chernov – (alive); Muscle for Katarina Rostova in Season 7; in [Episode 7:5 Norman Devane] a tipster indicates Chernov is using the alias “Gregory Flynn.”
999 📙 Clark – (status unknown); an artificial intelligence persona created by Dr Lewis Powell; – ⋙ See: under under Blacklister #130 Dr Lewis Powell [Episode 7:6]
999 📗 Mr Coleman – (arrested); henchman of Olivia Olson (Blacklister #115). She runs Raincloud LBO, a New York firm run by Olivia Olson (Blacklister #115), specializing in hostile takeovers of criminal organizations [Episode 6:15]
999 📗 Eric Copeland – (fate unknown); Adult Leader of The Third Estate (See Blacklister #136), Red threatened him trying unsuccessfully to link the Third Estate to Anna McMahon [Episode 6:17]
999 The Coroner – captured by FBI Many of his clients likely to be rounded up.
999 Cowboy – a tracker with a real bad attitude hired by Red (killed by Tom).
999 📗 Mr Francis Cotton – (captured by Red, likely turned over to FBI). A man reputed to be able to “find anything,” he was employed by Dr Guillermo Rizal (#Blacklister #128) [See Episode 6:20]. He also was trying to track down a painting for Senator Chuck Christensen. Most importantly, Anna McMahon (Blacklister #60) [Episode 6:21] contracted him to locate the last copy of a dossier describing a plot against America, a plot she planned with President Robert Diaz (Blacklister #15) [Episode 6:22]. The dossier was handed off to a random child by Bastien Moreau (Blacklister #20) in [Episode 6:12]
999 📘 Leon Cox – (free for now); CIA Director of Operations running unsanctioned false flag operations that he attributes to deceased Ilyas Surkov; being pursued by vigilante agent Brian Osterman (alias Tobias Reuther); Cooper reports Cox at end of [5:5]
999 📘 Crespin – (free); associate of Red’s, tried to warn Pete, Lena and Tom to stop investigating the suitcase Mr Kaplan left for Liz.
999 📘 Crisanto – (alive); member of Nash Drug Syndicate; put Liz in contact with Pee-Wee who allowed her to find Navarro.
999 📗 Crown Life Pharmaceuticals – ⋙ See under Pascal (CEO)
999 📗 Cyclops Drug Gang – ⋙ See under gang leader Matt Quill
999 📗 Dagan – (alive); Mossad DC Bureau Chief who toed the company line in refusing to help Cooper and Red thwart a contract hit Mossad ordered on Samar by the Osterman Umbrella Company (Blacklister #6) in [Episode 6:14].
999 📘 Calvin Dawson – (dead) Former hit man for Seawall Travel Agency (see Blacklister #90). Brain-damaged during a hit, his wife Eleanor used him to take out former Seawall employees. Shot by his wife.
999 📘 Eleanor Dawson – (dead) Wife of Calvin Dawson, former hit man for murder-for-hire Seawall Travel Agency (see Blacklister #90). She recreated protocols of Seawall to take out former employees by manipulating her husband who was brain-damaged during a hit. Shot by FBI after she shot her husband Calvin.
999 Mr Deavers – (dead; shot by Farook Al-Thani); Blackthorn Kincaid employee who turned over anti-missile defense software to the New Martyrs Brigade in Lipet’s Seafood Company.
999 Laurence Dechambou – ex-French intel who Red flew out to annoy Cooper; w the freckle (escaped)
999 📗 Peter DeReamer – (dead in fall); murdered his wife to collect insurance and be with Mikela Pariente. He was blackmailed by wire-tap expert Minister D (Blacklister #99) and caught when the FBI were investigating him. Tried to escape but fell to his death. [Episode 6:9]
999 📗 Robert Diaz (See Blacklister #20 for rest of story) – (alive); first Senator, then elected President of the United States, Red blackmailed him into exonerating Liz in Season 3. He reappears in Episode 6:11 as a corrupt official trying to squelch a dossier obtained by MI6 and shared with German Intelligence. Red, on Death Row, offered to prevent a hit on the head of German Intel, Ava Ziegler, but Diaz himself was behind the hit by Bastien Moreau (Blacklister #20). His partner in this is DOJ official Anna McMahon. Compelled by Cooper to grant first a stay and then a commutation to Red in exchange for helping find Ziegler’s killer.
999 📘 Dom – See Dominic Wilkinson
999 📘 Donnie-Wayne – (unsure); member armed militia providing security for the United Brigade, an alt-right group led by Coogan Hudnutt (militia group was shot up by Red)
999 📘 Dr Felix Dresner – (unknown); works for Dr Melissa Lomay in underground hospital; began to perform heart transplant using unwilling living donor Ana Dewan.
999 📘 Gerald Duggar – (dead); (aka The Tri-State Butcher) serial killer who killed victims by immobilizing and cutting off their limbs, following his own MO by Anthony Elliot Hollis working with vigilante profiler Dr Sharon Fulton.
999 📗 Marcus Duncan – (arrested); One of four rogue actors associated with the firm Alter Ego [See Blacklister #131]
999 📙 Dungeon Master – (free); an associate of Red’s who can fire drones with cruise missiles from the back room of a gaming store [Episode 7:4 Kuwait]
999 📘 Mitchell Dunning – (dead) Partner, along with Edward Knobbs, of murder-for-hire Seawall Travel Agency (see Blacklister #90). Shot by Calvin Dawson, former Seawall hit man.
999 📗 Ella – (arrested); youth member of The Third Estate (See Blacklister #136), [Episode 6:17]
999 📘 Ellis – (dead); Member of Carlucci crime family, one of group hunting down former member who ratted on family and was placed in witness protection in Alaska (in 5:9 Ruin); killed by Liz.
999 📘 Emma – (arrested); member of The Invisible Hand (#63), wounded.
999 📘 Detective Farwell – (alive; legal status unknown); a dirty cop likely a client of Henry Prescott working with Prescott to expose “Frank Sturgeon” (Ressler alias); after being blackmailed by Prescott, Ressler tried to call it quits so Prescott moved to expose him; Red killed Prescott first and removed Ressler from Prescott’s files.
999 📘 Earl Fagan – (alive; out on parole; working for Red); convicted arson investigator/arsonist; obtained parole with help from Red and the task force by assisting in tracking down The Cook (#56), another arsonist.
999 📘 Fifield – (dead); Member of Carlucci crime family, one of group hunting down former member who ratted on family and was placed in witness protection in Alaska (in 5:9 Ruin); killed by Liz.
999 📘 Judge Sonia Fisher – (dead); corrupt judge, a client of Henry Prescott; by suicide.
999 Alan Fitch – (dead); Cabal leader, died in explosion when bomb secured around his neck exploded inside the orange box (high value prisoner containment unit)
999 Diane Fowler – DOJ Director, mole (shot dead by Red for leaking info leading to breach of Post Office).
999 📗 David Foy – (free); father of Third Estate (See Blacklister #136) member Des Foy, refused to pay ransom leading to Des faking his death; worse, he convinced Della and Marcus Whitmore not to pay either. Their son, Tyler, was killed. [Episode 6:17] Des Foy’s murder was staged when David it was discovered the FBI were tracking him.
999 📗 Des Foy – (arrested); youth member of The Third Estate. faked his death. (See Blacklister #136), [Episode 6:17]
999 📘 Dr Sharon Fulton – (free); therapist who must certify Liz can return to working with FBI after Tom’s death; calls Red a “glorified serial killer”; in 5:16, turns out to be vigilante who kills serial killers who Liz allows to walk free.
999 📘 Ian Garvey – (dead) killed Pete McGee and Lena Mercer //➔ See Blacklister #13, as of eponymous Episode 5:8.
999 📗 Adalynne Gerrick – (arrested); youth member of The Third Estate (See Blacklister #136), [Episode 6:17]
999 📗 Noel Gerrick – (free); father of Third Estate (See Blacklister #136) member Adalynne Gerrick; auto speedster interested in implements of torture, he provided the rack used in the Third Estate’s mock tortures. Red tracked down the group’s address from him. [Episode 6:17]
999 📘 Cornelius Goga – (arrested) Site manager for the Kilgannon Corporation.
999 📘 Gonzalez – (free); Costa Rican underground auction runner dealing in pirated antiquities and other black market items.
999 Volker Graves – (arrested) Muscle for Hawthorne Biologics and its weapons lab, Whitehall.
999 📗 Miles Gordon – (arrested); an embryologist who swapped out embryos in IVF clinics for genetically modified triplets for Dr Guillermo Rizal (#Blacklister #128) [Episode 6:20]
999 📘 Tom Gorman – (dead) manufacturer of cheap handguns buried alive as punishment by The Invisible Hand.
999 📗 Ned Green – (arrested for attempted murder); a gambler who lost his daughter’s tuition money at the racetrack. A target of Agathe Tyche (Lady Luck, Blacklister #69), he made a deal with her to kill Henry Morris but only wounded him [Episode 6:16]
999 📗 Oleg Gromov – (dead) shot execution-style by The Cryptobanker (Blacklister #160) [Episode 6:10]. Also known as “The RAT” after “remote access trojan,” his cyberweapon of choice. A computer hacker who took control of the pacemaker of Jamie Pierson daughter of the Matt Pierson, CEO of a pacemaker company, to extort money; when Pierson disabled her pacemaker, Gromov threatened to kill 1000 people with the pacemakers made by Pierson’s company.
999 📘 Rosmin Hamzah – (arrested); Brunei national connected to terror attack in Toronto [5:10 The Informant]; The Informant (Blacklister 118) Howard Bishop gave him heads up on accounts associated with the attack that were about to be frozen.
999 📙 Michael Hansen – (alive) An actor in Blacklister #27 Louis T Steinhil’s illusions, he impersonates French embassy attaché Patrick Briaux to convince Cooper that Red has been arrested by the French rather than kidnapped by Katarina Rostova [Episode 7:1]
999 📗 Tom Hardekopf – (dead); pawned code he broke for the NSA in an effort to repay a gambling debt. Instead, he lost the money and when he couldn’t repay, Delaine Uhlman shot him and her husband Rod burned his body in his car [Blacklisters #146-147 The Pawnbrokers].
999 📘 Mitchell Hatley – real name of Henry Prescott; see Henry Prescott
999 📘 Heddie Hawkins – (free) A talented but corrupt accountant Red sprang from prison and recruited as an associate along with Smokey Putnam.
999 Hawthorne Biologics – key figure, Volker Graves, under arrest; investigation likely of ethical and other breaches by Whitehall, its weapons lab.
999 📘 Helai – (likely dead); leader of a group of Taliban who kidnapped Mateen, the son of Zarak Mosadek; shot by Ressler when she was about to murder the boy.
999 📘 Herman – (alive); Banker willing to shelter Red’s money; one of four bankers Red contacted trying to get names of account owners who sponsored a terrorist attack (5:10); put Red in touch with Miss Isaacson who provided the account owners’ names to Red who gave them to Cooper.
999 📙 Walter Higgins – (dead, in a botched interrogation); a hit man hired by “Clark,” an artificial intelligence persona created by Dr Lewis Powell (Blacklister #130) to assassinate A.I. researcher Dr Tracy Long. Red intervened, but Brimley’s interrogation went awry and Higgins died [Episode 7.6]
999 📘 Isaiah Hill – (free) Drug (fentanyl) user, mentee of Harold Cooper. Witnessed murder committed by Zeke Wilson
999 Laurel Hitchin – (dead); National Security Advisor to President, Cabal, murdered Asst AG Reven Wright; Ressler promised revenge; accidentally killed by Ressler in brief fight (head injury from fall)
999 📗 Hobbs – (undeterred); senior operative of The Osterman Umbrella Company (Blacklister #6); detained by Red and menaced by Brimley’s giant python “Betsy” until he provided location information helpful to revealing the contract on Samar taken out by Mossad with Osterman in [Episode 6:14]
999 📘 Anthony Elliot Hollis – (shot by Samar; status unclear); one of several ex-FBI profiler’s recruited by Liz’s therapist Dr Sharon Fulton a vigilante who kills serial killers.
999 📘 Anna Hopkins – (alive) target of The Invisible Hand; former executive with Atria Chemical whose toxins destroyed the town of Brenford, turning it into a Superfund site; trying to make amends, she went to work in green energy.
999 📘 Coogan Hudnutt – (arrested); leader of alt-right group; interrogated and cleared by Brimley for Red regarding death of Ian Garvey associate Jerry Jawal; confessed to Red’s interrogator Brimley of unrelated attack on a stevedore.
999 The Hunter – (dead); illegal squatter on government land who saved Kate Kaplan’s life after Red shot her; died in explosion of his cabin that he had planned for Red
999 📙 Daniel Hutton – (dead); aka “The Samoon”; served with Cooper in Kuwait in 1989. Cooper was involved in an unsanctioned operation to channel 💰 to the Kurds. Hutton stumbled upon the operation and reported it. The higher-ups staged an ambush and told Cooper that Hutton had died. But he hadn’t and remained captive for years but eventually turned and turned into a notorious anti-American leader The Samoon (“Poison Wind”), all the while holding Cooper responsible. He lured Cooper to Iran but was eventually killed by Red in [Episode 7:4 Kuwait, an episode without a numbered Blacklister]
999 Iniko – shot and killed by Red; owner of inhumane cobalt and other mines in Africa, in retaliation for killing his friend Cyrus Choi – and also to hire his “cleaners,” Fudo and Sakiya; in The Forecaster.
999 The Innkeeper – (unknown) runs a series of safe houses [1:1 Pilot]
999 📗 Irina’s Boyfriend – (dead, stabbed by Katarina Rostova with the handle of a soup spoon); the story led Anton Velov’s people to Katarina and her father now known in America as Dominic “Dom” Wilkinson, an alias); [in 6:19 Rassvet]
999 📘 Miss Isaacson – (alive) hacker and anarchist who got for Red the identities of account holders who sponsored terror attack in Toronto [5:10 The Informant]; the banker Hermann connected Red with Miss Isaacson.
999 Kenneth Jasper – Cabal member, (likely killed by Red) in [2:21 Quon Zhang]
999 📗 Alexandra Ivers – (dead of overdose); she was a drug mule for Marko Jankowics (Blacklister #58) who died when the prosthetic that sewn into her abdomen (mimicing pregnancy) ruptured; Ressler excised the implant without anesthesia but it was too late. The implant contained 10 million doses of LSD, $50M dollars worth. [Episode 6:8]
999 📘 Jerry (Jyothish) Jawal – (dead); shot by Anna-Gracia Duerte (Blacklister #25), in murder arranged by his unhappy teenaged wife Reva.
999 📘 Reva Jawal – (likely arrested); teenage wife who arranged murder of her husband by Anna-Gracia Duerte (Blacklister #25)
999 📗 Joe – (arrested); leader of hapless bank robbers whose robbery Red commandeered In [6:1] ⋙ See Bank Robbers
999 📘 Mr Johnson (Waterday Financial CEO) – (dead); smothered by Rebecca Thrall, his dominatrix.
999 📙 Joubert – (dead) A French trafficker and money launderer Dembe tracks down when Red is kidnapped; Joubert reports this to Katarina Rostova who thanks him for the info before she has her henchman Berdy shoot him [7:1 Louis T Steinhil, Blacklister #27]
999 📘 Judson – (In prison); associate of Ian Garvey (Blacklister #13)
999 Kate Kaplan – “Mr” Kate Kaplan (born Kathryn Nemec) will likely get a number for deciding Red is a “monster” (He did shoot her, after all, and – in her judgement – is a threat to both Liz and Agnes.) As of 4/23/2017, though, no number has been assigned. Update: At last, in 4:21, Kate gets a number! ⋙ See Blacklister #4.
999 📙Kazanjian Brothers – (alive); Pasha and Nshan; brutal killers known to Red; in [7:10 Katarina Rostova] they work with Katarina to fake her death.
999 📗 Dick Kendel – (dead); Environmentalist bought off for $3M to not oppose Hexapene, a dangerous pesticide manufactured by Lockemy Technologies. Killed by weaponized beetles created by Dr Jonathan Nikkila [Blacklister #116 General Shiro], the original designer of Hexapoene, who believed it was too dangerous for broad use.
999 Milos Pavel Kinsky – “Fake-Berlin” (executed by Red)
999 📗 Warren Kirby – (questioned); CEO of NexHack, he lied to the FBI about his relationship with his pharmacist, Spalding Stark [Blacklister #124 The Pharmacist], who was successfully treating him for a rare neurological condition, but who was suspected of murder. NexHack produced an drug injection gun used by Stark.
999 📘 Edward Knobbs – (dead) Partner, along with Mitchell Dunning, of murder-for-hire Seawall Travel Agency (see Blacklister #90). Shot and hatcheted by Calvin Dawson, former Seawall hit man.
999 📘 Nik Korpal – (dead); an ER MD, ex-boyfriend of Liz; helped fake Liz’s death; performed surgeries, unwillingly, at Red’s behest; strangled in Pete McGee’s apartment by Ian Garvey’s goons while looking for the findings regarding the identity of the bones in the suitcase Mr Kaplan left for Liz (but was purloined by Tom).
999 📙 Ilya Koslov – (alive); aka Frank Bloom, “The Stranger”; friend of Red’s and former friend of Katarina’s who went along with a plan of Dominic Wilkinson’s (“Dom”), Katarina’s father, to kill her to protect Liz from her mother’s enemies; Ilya appeared in [6:19 Rassvet] as a hero to Katarina in a false story Dom told Liz, and in Season 7.
999 📗 Jonas Kruger – (arrested); German Intelligence attaché who provided Bastien Moreau (Blacklister #20) with his credentials, allowing Moreau to poison the head of German Intelligence, Ava Ziegler, (via Blacklister #116 General Shiro’s weaponized beetles). She had become aware of a dossier President Robert Diaz is trying to squelch, along with DOJ official Anna McMahon. Kruger was tracked by the FBI after being paid via Blacklister #160 The Cryptobanker. [Episode 6:11 Bastien Moreau]
999 📙 Anatole Kuragin – (dead); accidentally shot by Red. Ukrainian hacker who hacked into the National Diagnostics Lab to obtain detailed medical information to allow Norman Devane [Blacklister #138, Episode 7:5] to select students to attend Abbott Boarding School for his genetic experiments. Also hacked the agriculture department allowing Red to make a killing on pork bellies.
999 📘 Officer Brad Lamply – (unknown); corrupt airport official working with Ian Garvey.
999 📙 Mila LaPorte – //➔ See under Francesca Campbell
999 📘 Roman LeMarc – (arrested) Head of “neo-Nazi outfit called the Friedrich Brigade … a ruthless, Mafia-style crime syndicate that smuggles drugs through the federal prison system.”
999 📗 Helen Litke – (arrested); One of four rogue actors associated with the firm Alter Ego [See Blacklister #131]
999 📗 Bob Lockemy – (dead); CEO of Lockemy Technologies, by weaponized beetles created by Dr Jonathan Nikkila [Blacklister #116 General Shiro] in retaliation for lobbying to have the powerful pesticide Hexapene (that he designed) approved for general use.
999 📘 Dr Melissa Lomay – (free); “general surgeon and owner and proprietor of Doctors Without Morals, the first choice in healthcare for the career criminal”; employs Dr Felix Dresner.
999 Hector Lorca – (free); the “little drug lord thug” Red flew out in order to save Liz (escaped); referred to as missing in 3:11.
999 📗 Lucinda – (free?) owner of bakery whose basement Dr Hans Koehler (#33) used to perform plastic surgeries, including one on Basil Vladakis who Red used to locate Dr Koehler
999 Baldur Magnusson – (at large); competitor of Red’s.
999 📘 The Mailman (see under Anthony “Tony” Pagliaro)
999 New Martyrs Brigade(See Lipet’s Seafood Company)
999 📘 Victor Manzon – (unknown); head of group of security guards providing security for Zarak Mosadek.
999 📙 Masked Man/Rapist – (dead); man who raped Hannah Hayes (Blacklister #125); when she was a medical resident. When he got out of prison early, he filed for custody of the child. Hayes imprisoned him in her basement, forcing him to wear a pig mask. When the FBI came to her house and discovered him, she shot and killed him to keep him from getting custody. [Episode 7:7]
999 📙 Patrick Masuda – (free); a young man taken under the wing of Katarina Rostova after his parents were killed in an altercation she was involved in. Despite financial support from her, he makes extra money as a thief. Katarina paid Norman Devane (Blacklister #138) to create a cure for a rare blood condition Matsuda has. [Episode 7:7 Hannah Hayes (Blacklister #125)]
999 📘 Pete McGee – (dead); A brilliant, corrupt MD in the drug business; con man. A Harvard classmate of Liz’s ex-boyfriend Nik Korpal, McGee agreed to help Tom identify the bones in the suitcase left by Mr Kaplan. Instead he murdered Nik and took off with the suitcase. Shot by Ian Garvey.
999 📘 Officer Andrew McGinnis – (arrested) Dirty cop recruited by Miss Rebecca Thrall to murder druggie Scottie Stansbury.
999 📙 Memory Extractor – //➔ For the character in Episode 7:9 Orion Relocation Services, see under Victor Skovic
999 📘 Lena Mercer – (dead); fiancé of Pete McGee; Tom tracked her down looking for Pete and got her to help him after Tom found information indicating that Pete was lying to her and taking out credit cards in her name. Shot by Ian Garvey.
999 📗 Zoey Mercer – (arrested); youth member of The Third Estate (See Blacklister #136), [Episode 6:17]
999 📙 Dr Kelvin Mitchell – (Arrested); Headmaster of exclusive Abbott Boarding School. He allowed Blacklister #138 Norman Devane to perform testing on students with a genetic profile similar to Devane’s own that he selected based on hacked data provided by Anatole Kuragin. He was blackmailed by Devane after Devane sickened then saved Mitchell’s own son’s life. Some other students died. [Episode 7:5]
999 📗 Deidre Mori – (arrested); (aka Hiraki; birth name Jan Chuckerman); One of four rogue actors associated with the firm Alter Ego [See Blacklister #131]
999 📙 Motya Morozov – (dead); member of the Russian mob who has been activated as part of the Townsend Directive to kill Katarina Rostova; Red gets Francesca (“Frankie”) Campbell to photo Morozov with an FBI agent. Red uses this photo to blackmail Morozov into giving him first access to any information on Katarina. [Episode 7:3 Les Fleurs du Mal]; killed by Red in [Episode 7:7 Hannah Hayes]
999 📗 Henry Morris – (arrested for murder); a gambler who was targeted by Agathe Tyche (Lady Luck, Blacklister #69). He killed another gambler, Betsy Nagel, in exchange for getting his debts paid off, not knowing he would be targeted next [Episode 6:16]; he also provided Liz with valuable information regarding The Third Estate [Episode 6:17]
999 📗 Betsy Nagel – (dead); drowned by Henry Morris; she was a compulsive gambler ensnared by Agathe Tyche (Lady Luck, Blacklister #69) into getting her debts paid off in exchange for murdering another gambler, not knowing she would be the next victim. [Episode 6:16]
999 📘 Nash – (free) along with Sven, committed burglary arranged by Anthony (“Tony”), The Mailman.
999 📘 Nash Drug Syndicate – Group that supplied thugs to Ian Garvey for attack that left Tom dead and Liz in a coma; key operative: Bobby Navarro.
999 📘 Bobby Navarro – (dead) Ian Garvey’s lead henchman; killed by Liz with a stiletto knife in fight while she attempted to get information on Tom’s killer.
999 📘 Odin Neiland – (arrested) Member of the neo-Nazi Friedrich Brigade, a drug cartel headed by Roman LeMarc.
999 Kathryn Nemec – (Birth name of Mr Kate Kaplan)
999 Elise/Janet Nickerson – (arrested, then freed): Aram’s fake girlfriend; one of the Thrushes, a cyper-hacking group hired by Kirk to hack the Post Office; recruited by the NSA; later becomes his real girlfriend (sorta).
999 Odette – (dead) Alexander Kirk’s assistant and lover, jumped off a wharf to avoid arrest by Liz; she was going to kill Liz, but failed (Adrian Shaw 2).
999 📘 Orson – (dead); Member of Carlucci crime family, one of group hunting down former member who ratted on family and was placed in witness protection in Alaska (in 5:9 Ruin); killed by Liz.
999 📘 Brian Osterman – (under arrest); alias Tobias Reuther; Vigilante former CIA agent trying to foil CIA Director of Operations Leon Cox who is running false flag ops attributed to dead Ilyas Surkov.
999 📘 Anthony “Tony” Pagliaro – (alive) The Mailman – recruited by Red to set up series of safe houses using mail “hold” lists from post offices (also listed under The Mailman”)
999 📗 Mikela Pariente – (arrested); conspired with her lover Peter DeReamer, who killed his wife to collect insurance and be with Mikela. They were blackmailed by wire-tap expert Minister D (Blacklister #99) and caught when the FBI were investigating him. [Episode 6:9]
999 Jolene Parker – aka Lucy Brooks, worked for Berlin (killed by Tom).
999 📗 Pascal – (arrested); CEO of Crown Life Pharmaceuticals, who assigned Dr Ethan Webb to sabotage the work of Spalding Stark [Blacklister #124 The Pharmacist] who developed a treatment that would compete with Crown Life’s. Webb mixed Stark’s treatment with a nerve agent, killing seven people.
999 📘 Pee-Wee – (alive); Member of Nash Drug Syndicate and money launderer for Bobby Navarro: Crisanto put Liz in touch with Bobby Navarro
999 Lonnie Perkins – (apprehended): after failed prison break; cop killer and white nationalist: sentenced to death.
999 📙 Richard Potash – (free); fence for jewel thief Sofia Burke [Episode 7:9 Orion Relocation Services]
999 📙Thelonius Prackett – (arrested); Creator and Master of Ceremonies of Les Fleur du Mal. See under Blacklister #151 [Episode 7:3]
999 📘 Henry Prescott – (dead); real name Mitchell Hat(d)ley; fixer who disposed of Reven Wright’s corpse for National Security Advisor Laurel Hitchin; subsequently disposed of Hitchin’s corpse after she fell during an altercation with Ressler; killed by Red after Ressler arrested him both to protect Ressler who Prescott had blackmailed and to keep Prescott from exposing Red’s relationship with the FBI.
999 📗 Roger Price – (arrested); One of four rogue actors associated with the firm Alter Ego [See Blacklister #131]
999 📗 Sophia Quayle – (arrested); Chinese agent embedded in the NSA. She tried to obtain codes broken by Tom Hardekopf that he pawned off to Rod and Delaine Uhlemann [Blacklisters #146-147 The Pawnbrokers] since the broken code revealed her culpability.
999 📗 Matt Quill – (dead; stabbed by Red with a meat thermometer); Leader of the Cyclops drug gang at Colton Prison. He rejected Red’s attempt to mitigate a conflict with another gang, the Rock River Motorcycle Gang and instead had one of his own members, Sandoval, killed for refusing to kill someone in a rival gang who owed him money. Sandoval provided Red with information that Liz was looking into his past in trying to make contact with Marguerite Renard, former nurse to Dr Hans Koehler (Blacklister #33). [Episode 6:8]
999 📗 Rachael – (dead); pseudonym of a contract assassin of The Osterman Umbrella Company (Blacklister #6); she was sent to kill Samar but was herself poisoned instead in a fight with Samar. [Episode 6:14]
999 📙 Elodie Radcliffe – (alive); Aram’s new risk-taking girlfriend introduced in [Episode 7:3 Les Fleurs du Mal, Blacklister #151] has a dark side, including breaking-and-entering and, as her husband is still alive though paralyzed, adultery.
999 📗 Raincloud LBO – (assets seized by FBI) a New York firm run by Olivia Olson (Blacklister #115) specializing in hostile takeovers of criminal organizations [Episode 6:15]. A competitor of Red’s, putting them out of business helps Red’s interests.
999 📗 Agent Randolph – (alive); Secret Service agent working for Mr Milian Sandquist on plot against America of Anna McMahon (Blacklister #60) and President Robert Diaz (Blacklister #15). [Episode 6:21]
999 📙 Rapist/Masked Man – (See Masked Man/Rapist)
999 📘 Dale Rayburn – (free); husband of teenage wife who arranged his murder by Anna-Gracia Duerte (Blacklister #25); Ressler scuttled attack.
999 📘 Tara Rayburn – (likely arrested); teenage wife who arranged murder of her husband by Anna-Gracia Duerte (Blacklister #25); Ressler scuttled the attack.
999 Reinhardt – (unknown) banker/money launderer [1:1 Pilot]
999 📗 Marguerite Renard – – (uncertain); girlfriend of drug trafficker Marko Jankowics (Blacklister #58), who was a nurse for Dr Hans Koehler (Blacklister # 33). Koehler performed surgery on Red for him to assume the identity of Raymond Reddington. Liz and Lilly/Jennifer tracked her down hoping she could shed light on Red’s true identity. She said she never met him, but that a Russian woman, likely Katarina Rostova, had ordered the surgery. For this, Red ordered Dembe to kill her, but Dembe may have resettled her in Scotland instead.
999 📘 Tobias Reuther – (see Brian Osterman)
999 📘 Rivera Gang – (free); Latino street game to which Red owed a shipment of guns; he delivers to them while turning the gun runners (see Adika Buhari) in to the FB.I
999 📗 Atticus Rodrick – (awaiting trial; in mental hospital); Former associate of Red’s who Red tracks down in a mental health facility in [#91 The Ethicist]
999 📙 Captain Ross – (unknown); Cooper’s commanding officer in 1989 who involved Cooper in an unsanctioned operation to provide 💰 to the Kurds. First Lieutenant Daniel Hutton discovered the scheme and was ambushed and abducted by Kurds at the direction of Ross or his superiors, but Hutton blamed Cooper and sought revenge in [Episode 7:4 Kuwait]
999 📗📙 Katarina Rostova – (alive); aka Maddy Tolliver, Constance Drucker; Liz’s mother; former KGB spy; rumored to have committed suicide; at end of Season 4, Dembe implied Red may have killed Katarina (second to last scene 4:22) ⋙ Katarina appears very much alive in the last episode of Season 6 and in Season 7, starting out with kidnapping Red. [Episodes 7:1-2]. Red escapes, but then, in the last moments of [7:2] Katarina (as “Maddy Toliver”) moves into the apartment next door to Liz. ⋙ See also Episode 7:10 Katarina Rostova (Blacklister #3)
999 Malik Roumain – (dead; shot by Volker Graves of Hawthorne Biologics); Natalie Lucas’ love interest, planner of serial murders to get 💰 to do research so he and Natalie could be together.
999 📗 Maxwell Ruddiger – (free); created bomb for Bastien Moreau [Blacklister #20 The Corsican] to bomb the UN, then worked with Red and the FBI to defuse it; works best when drunk.
999 📙 Sai – (alive); A money transfer order taker for Bhavish Ratna, “The Hawaladar”; (Ratna is Blacklister #162) [Episode 7:8]
999 📙 The Samoon(see Daniel Hutton)
999 📘 The Sandman – (dead); serial killer who gained the trust of children then smothered them with a pillow; abducted by Anthony Elliot Hollis working with vigilante profiler Dr Sharon Fulton; shot in the brain by Hollis during FBI raid.
999 📗 Sankov – (dead, killed by Ilya Koslov along w his squad); Lead thug of team of goons assigned to kill Liz’s mother, Katarina Rostova, and her father (now known in America as Dominic “Dom” Wilkinson, an alias); [in 6:19 Rassvet]
999 📗 Mr Milian Sandquist – (dead, shot by Ressler); Secret Service aide to President Robert Diaz and Anna McMahon involved their “plot against America”; shot Bastien Moreau (Blacklister #20) to keep him from disclosing the plot to the FBI. Shot the First Lady Miriam Diaz (non-fatally) [in 6:22 Robert Diaz] [Season 6]
999 📘 Officer Jennifer Serry – (arrested) Dirty cop recruited by Miss Rebecca Thrall for attempted murder of Robert Urwiller.
999 📗 Levi Shur – (dead); Mossad agent and former boyfriend of Samar instrumental in contracting the Osterman Umbrella Company (Blacklister #6) to kill her when it was discovered that her mental health was deteriorating due to the vascular dementia that resulted from her nearly drowning; suffocated by Red for foresaking morality and becoming a “company man” in betraying Samar and tricking Aram. [Episode 6:14]
999 📘 Detective Norman Singleton – (dead); detective investigating the attack on Tom and Liz who (at the end of 5:13) turns out to be working with S5 “Big Bad” Ian Garvey //➔ oops: turned out to be a good cop; then killed by Ian Garvey in 5:15.
999 📙 Victor Skovic – (free); Hired by Katarina to get information from Ilya Koslov (aka Frank Bloom, “The Stranger”). Ilya is Red’s childhood friend and a former KGB operative. Skovic uses Recovered Memory Therapy (RMT) along with hypnotism and pharmaceuticals to extract memories relating to a plan to save Masha (Liz) by killing her mother Katarina, who Dom considered doomed to be killed by a KGB hit (Blacklister #159 Orion Relocation Services) [Episodes 7:8-10]
999 📘 Sophia – (arrested); member of The Invisible Hand (#63), helps Samar and Ressler round up Stephen Altman and Bobby.
999 📙 Skip Sutherland – (free); ex-MI6 agent who tracked the location of Ilya Koslov. Koslov turned out to be Red’s friend, Frank Bloom, and not Red himself. Sutherland provided the information about Koslov’s whereabouts to Katarina. Later, he told Red it was Koslov that Katarina was looking for. [Episode 7:7 Hannah Hayes (Blacklister #125)]
999 📘 Sven – (free) along with Nash, committed burglary arranged by Anthony (“Tony”), The Mailman.
999 📗 Digby Tamerlane – (arrested); wealthy businessman who conspired with Gerald Todd Klepper (Blacklister #91) to murder the witness to a hit-and-run.
999 📙 Tongji – (free, business open); runs an underground brokerage for connecting criminals and is a finder, behind the facade of a Chinese healing, acupucture, and butcher shop (with live chickens!); the public health violations alone are sufficient to land him on this “Bad Guys” list
999 📘 The Toymaker(see Cleveland Bandicott)
999 Farook Al-Thani – (dead; hit by truck in midst of fight with Ressler; major operative for the anti-Israel New Martyrs Brigade); (see Lipet’s Seafood Company)
999 📘 The Tri-State Butcher(see Gerald Duggar)
999 📗 Lou Tyche – (free, but paralyzed); husband of Agathe Tyche (Lady Luck). They lost their young son in the same car accident that paralyzed Lou. Although he won the lottery, she blamed his gambling for her son’s death and concocted a diabolical scheme to save the families of other gamblers [Episode 6:16]. See Blacklister #69.
999 📗 Moira Tyche – (free, for now); at the end of Episode 6:16, after the arrest of her mother, Moira informed her father that she would pick up where her mother, Agathe (Lady Luck, Blacklister #69) had left off [Episode 6:16].
999 📗 Steven Tyson – (dead, shot by Liz); Secret Service agent working for Mr Milian Sandquist on plot against America of Anna McMahon (Blacklister #60) and President Robert Diaz (Blacklister #15). [Episode 6:21]
999 📘 United Brigade – alt-right group led by Coogan Hudnutt.
999 Mr Vargas – (dead) former associate of Red, shot by Red for turning him and Liz over to Matthias Solomon.
999 📗 Anton Velov – Leader of KGB responsible for finding Liz’s mother, Katarina Rostova [in 6:19 Rassvet]. Alive in America [in 3:16 The Caretaker], he wrote a letter to Liz suggesting her mother was still alive (Blacklister #78).
999 📗 Basil Vladakis – (aka The Mad Greek, Mr Hunt); (free) Greek gunrunner with a love for horse race betting whose face was altered by Dr Hans Koehler [Blacklister #33]
999 📗 Martin Walcott – (dead); shot by Red for taking advantage of the period of Red’s incarceration in Season 6, to use Red’s infrastructure and assets to distribute methamphetamines. His collaborator, Smokey Putnam (Blacklister #30), was also killed by Red [in Episode 6:16 Lady Luck]
999 📗 Matt Wall – (arrested); Board Member of Raincloud LBO, a New York firm run by Olivia Olson (Blacklister #115), specializing in hostile takeovers of criminal organizations [Episode 6:15]
999 📘 Waterday Financial – A corrupt financial services firm, headed by “Mr Johnson,” with assistance from Miss Rebecca Thrall, working several sides of scheme to entrap client cops to get them to murder other clients for insurance payouts.
999 📗 Dr Ethan Webb – (arrested); employee of Crown Life Pharmaceuticals, who was assigned to sabotage the work of Spalding Stark [Blacklister #124 The Pharmacist], by adding a deadly nerve agent to his treatments. This resulted in the deaths of seven people. Webb offered to fully expose and testify against Crown Life.
999 📗 Della Whitmore – (free but lost her son); mother of Third Estate (See Blacklister #136) member Tyler Whitmore, she and her husband Marcus foolishly followed David Foy’s advice not to pay ransom and she used her clout to override Cooper’s advice to negotiate and instead followed the advice of Anna McMahon to have HRT storm the Third Estate’s house which led to her son’s death.
999 📗 Tyler Whitmore – (dead); youth member of The Third Estate (See Blacklister #136), [Episode 6:17]; killed during HRT attack when he turned a gun on them.
999 📘 Big Willie Wilkins – (alive, free); drug dealer who threatened Red’s associate Anthony Pagliaro; provides info to Red on the competing Nash drug syndicate.
999 📘📙 Dominic Wilkinson – (alive), (“Dom”), a former Russian agent, granted asylum and citizenship in US after Cold War; Liz’s grandfather (Katarina Rostova’s father); Russian name unknown, KGB codename Oleander. In [6:19], Dom tells Liz the story that Red was once a KGB agent named Ilya Koslov, which may or may not be true. In [7:2 Louis T Steinhil, Pt 2], Katarina tracks Red to Dom’s where Dom is shot in the chest. At the end of [7:7], his life still hangs in the balance. In episode 7:9 [Orion Relocation Services, Blacklister #159], Ilya reveals, under hypnosis, that he participated in a plan of Dom’s to kill Katarina in an explosion to at least save Masha (Liz).
999 📙 Wendell Willis – (arrested) Assistant to Hannah Hayes (Blacklister #125); he kidnapped the men she targeted for uterus implantation and forced pregnancy [Episode 7:7]
999 📘 Zeke Wilson – (arrested) Drug dealer and club owner. Isaiah Hill went to Wilson’s club to get drugs but witnessed Wilson committing a murder.
999 📘 Argon Wright – (arrested) Former handler of murder-for-hire Seawall Travel Agency (see Blacklister #90)
999 📗 Mitchell Young – (arrested); Managing Partner of Raincloud LBO, a New York firm run by Olivia Olson (Blacklister #115), specializing in hostile takeovers of criminal organizations [Episode 6:15]
999 Ranko Zamani – (dead; shot by Ressler) the bad guy in the pilot had no assigned number.
999 📘 Li Zhao – (alive); link between Zarak Mosadek’s drug operation in Afghanistan and Ian Garvey’s Nash Drug Syndicate.
999 📘 Zeke – (dead); member of The Invisible Hand (#63), killed in gunfight by Ressler.
999 📙 Zhoa Wing – (likely arrested or possibly dead in FBI raid, facing RICO charges for drug trafficking). Head of the Zhao Crime Syndicate involved in drug trafficking. He used the services of Bhavish Ratna, “The Hawaladar” (Blacklister #162) to pay Eli Atticus to extract Alfred Wang, an informant he discovered, from hospital care before he could talk. Red provided the tip to the FBI when he detained Bhavish Ratna. [Episode 7:8]


⭕ Liz’s Father

Each season so far has ended with a major “revelation” about the identity of Elizabeth Keen’s father. Did the revelation at the end of Season 5! finally settle this question? Or is the truth still out there – weirder yet and perhaps utterly unforgivable?

999 Liz’s father – The central mystery of the series: Is Red Liz’s father? Major relevant scenes:

In 1:22, Red tells Liz he is not her father and that “Your father is dead. He died in that fire.” In the last scene of that episode, Red is shown to have severe burn scars on his back.

In 2:10, during a memory recovery session performed by Dr Selma Orchard, Liz sees her father “dying on the floor of a burning house.” She says to Red “You were there” (which he affirms). Could he be both or were they the same? Dr Orchard later tells Liz she believes Liz’s memories had previously been altered.

In 2:22, in a flashback or false memory, Liz sees herself shooting her father when she was a young child when he is fighting with her mother.

In 3:23, Alexander Kirk (formerly Constantine Rostov, to whom Liz’s mother, Katarina Rostova, was married) tells Liz he is her father. DNA testing later shows this to be false, though Kirk claims Red had altered the test results.

In 4:17, Kate Kaplan recalls Liz’s mother saying that “Raymond” had abducted Liz (Masha) because “He thinks she’s his.” Katarina tells Kate she herself doesn’t know who Liz’s father is.

In 4:19, memory manipulator Dr Bogdan Krilov tells Liz he manipulated her memories just two years earlier. Liz confronts Red over this but he evades a direct answer.

In 4:22, Cooper runs a DNA comparison for Liz ID’ing Raymond Reddington as her father (based, however, on 25 year old DNA sample from a bloody shirt). Further doubt remains as Dembe asked Red “You didn’t deny it?” as though there might be a reason to deny it, or at least that it may be beside the point.

In 5:22, another huge paternity reveal as the skeleton Mr Kaplan left for Liz in [4:22] – which was purloined by Tom, leading to his murder by Ian Garvey in [5:8] – is revealed to Liz by Sutton Ross to be the skeleton of Raymond Reddington. Red gets the skeleton and burns it but doesn’t know what Liz learned. She vows to “destroy” Red. Still, why would Cooper use an old blood sample from a messy torture scene instead of using “our” Red’s DNA. Could Red be Liz’s father after all?

999 Who were the 3-5 men leaving the burning house? – Were they bad guys or good guys? Why would they leave Liz and the man on the floor behind?
999 Who killed Red’s family? – if someone did. Diane Fowler seemed to validate the tale of “Bloody Christmas Eve” Red told to Madeline Pratt.

Fowler: I know the truth, Red, about that night – about what happened to your family. Do you want to know the truth?
Red: More than anything in the world. But if you know the truth, Diane, then somebody else does, too. [ 💥💥💥💥 ]

Plus, there’s this:
BuildSeriesNYC: James Spader Stops By To Discuss “The Blacklist” (video) http://aol.it/2ys1Lf3 39mins
// 9/26/2017, James Spader interview

James Spader: [Re: Father question:] “Don’t get too comfortable” & “Why would they reveal anything in the 4th season?”

Note: (3/22/2018) I’ve tried to avoid projecting where the plot is going, but JB’s and JE’s saying there will be a huge cliffhanger at the end of S5 is keeping me up at night. It most likely has to do with the skeleton. The obvious thing would be that it’s Katarina, but wouldn’t that be too obvious? My wild guess is that it’s Raymond Reddington; Liz is the daughter of KR and RR but Red killed them both in retaliation for one or both of them killing his family on “that night” that Diane Fowler referred to, which may be the same as the tale of “Bloody Christmas” Red told to Madeline Pratt. Maybe Ian Garvey was one of the men involved in the investigation of that multiple homicide or maybe one of the guys in the house the night of the fire. Red has never himself said to Liz or anyone else that she is his daughter. Cooper got RR’s blood for DNA analysis from an old shirt from evidence, not from our Red. What explains Red’s attachment to Liz? I don’t know, but maybe a hint is his monologue at the end of the “Tom Keen” episode, when he talks about becoming a benefactor, as Liz has become for the Harbormaster’s daughter. Plus, he may have transferred feelings he had for his own daughter to her. Kind of “weak tea,” I know, but it could set up a whole new ballgame for a Season 6 ~ with Liz turning on Red to avenge her parent(s) murder. Or maybe the skeleton is just Katarina’s, per the “K” on the tree and because Mr Kaplan said “Sorry, Katarina” when she dug up the suitcase.
⋙ Much of this ⇈ confirmed in S5 Finale on 5/16/2018.

Note: (2/26/2019) Episode 6:9 Minister D just aired. Red was just acquitted in his trial for treason. This “Red” (our Red) is believed to be an imposter, not the real Raymond Reddington by those in the know: Liz, Lilly/Jennifer and now Ressler. The searing question is why would anyone voluntarily take on the identity of a pariah like Reddington? We know Katarina inexplicably arranged the plastic surgery. We also know Liz shot her father when she was three or four. So: maybe Katarina found someone to change into a look-alike for Liz’s sake, to possibly save her from the knowledge she had killed her father. Who might this person be? One possibility (among many) would be Minister D’s lover, Zachary Tempkin, believed to be dead in the explosion that severely scarred Minister D. Perhaps he was literally a “man without a face,” somehow indebted to Katarina, perhaps by finding him in the aftermath of the explosion she caused when Minister D tried to blackmail her. Just one wacky theory among so many!
♡ ૂི•̮͡• ྀ ♡

Note: (11/19/2019) In Episode 7:7 Hannah Hayes, Katarina tracks down Ilya Koslov, who apparently is Red’s childhood friend Frank Bloom and not Red. So the tale Dom told to Liz – that Ilya Koslov assumed the identity of Raymond Reddington and is in fact “our” Red appears to be a fabrication. So then who is Red? My guess at the moment is that Raymond Reddington is alive. The burn scars on Red’s back have never been explained. My guess is Red is, indeed, Raymond Reddington. I’ll go further. Red is Liz’s father.

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