🔴 Script 7:6 Dr Lewis Powell


🔴 Script 7:6 Dr Lewis Powell (№ 130)

NBC’s series The Blacklist starring James Spader and Megan Boone
Series created by: Jon Bokenkamp
Program air date: 11/8/2019 in the US (7pm Central/Chicago Time)
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Directed by: Christine Gee
Written by: Jon Bokenkamp, Sam Christopher

Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington – James Spader
Elizabeth Keen – Megan Boone
Donald Ressler – Diego Klattenhoff
Harold Cooper – Harry Lennix
Aram Mojtabai – Amir Arison
Dembe Zuma – Hisham Tawfiq
Elodie Radcliffe – Elizabeth Bogush
Guard – Gregory Bostrom
Mr Teddy Brimley – Teddy Coluca
Tech – Sawyer Devuyst
Walter Higgins – Gene Gillette
Mrs Jaden Alexander – Kelly Grant
Ann McCullough – Angela Grovey
Baldwin – Scott McCord
Dr Michael Alexander – Allen McCullough
Aiden McCullough – Danny Olabi
Francesca (“Frankie”) Campbell– Natalie Paul
Dr Lewis Powell/Clark – Wayne Pyle
David Quentin – T Oliver Reid
Katarina Rostova – Laila Robins
Dr Tracy Long – Jennifer Roszell
Homeowner – Kathryn Leigh Scott
Tadashi Ito – Alex Shimizu
Agent Alina Park – Laura Sohn
Vontae Jones – Coy Stewart
Head of Security – Colin Walker


Note: Springfield’s in the UK provides a raw version of each script (the screen captions). These typically are available by noon the next day, but can be delayed by a day or more. I add the speakers, formatting, and descriptive material when called for. Red’s lines are bolded. Sound effects from the screen caps in ALL CAPS and my added action notes are in [ square brackets ]. I am sure there are mistakes.




🔴 Script 7:6 Dr Lewis Powell (№ 130)

Brief (Where we’re at):
Red has received a prognosis indicating the treatments he has been getting from Dr Spalding Stark have been ineffective. Red has been funding Stark’s research and taking injections and pills for some time. Since Stark experiments on those who are terminally ill, things seem dire for Red. Perhaps “things happen for a reason” and it was no accident that Red literally dumped in Stark’s lab another genius genetic researcher, Norman Devane who, after years of fashioning bioweapons for tyrants such as Gadaffi and Assad, had turned his talents to experimenting on boarding school students with a genetic profile similar to his own, including a rare B-negative blood type. Red, too, is B-negative:

Episode 1:9 Anslo Garrick:
Red: Donald, I’m gonna quietly cross my fingers before I ask, but what blood type are you?
Donald: B-negative.
Red: And you thought we had nothing in common. There’s only 2% of us, you know.

The FBI raided Devane’s lab at Abbott Boarding School. Devane put up a fight and threatened Ressler with an injection. But Ressler wrested the syringe away, injecting Devane with it instead. Devane quickly developed an infection by a flesh-eating bacteria that he had modified to be resistant to antibiotics. He had injected young Howie Keller with the same bacteria and then with the cure he had developed. In fact, Howie was cured. Devane had announced to his co-conspirator that he was “on the verge of a breakthrough.” But Red shot Devane after Devane announced his aims:

Red: … A word to the wise and dying – you can’t cheat death. You can’t predict it or protect yourself against it.
Devane: I can. By testing immunotherapy drugs, I learned to harness the body’s immune response to fight untreatable bacteria, cancers.

So, here’s the wild goose chase:

● Katarina Rostova is “Maddie Tolliver” to Liz, as her ersatz nanny, and “Constance Drucker” to her Halawadar and is looking for “Ilya Koslov” who supposedly became Raymond Reddington (which, according to the story Dom told Liz, Katarina should already know).
● Red and the FBI (Ressler) are separately looking for “Patrick Masuda” who Devane told Red is “a person [Katarina] cares about” who she wanted him to help (Liz wants to opt out of the search).
● The previously unidentified “Stranger” [cast list], a friend of Red’s since childhood, is Frank Bloom, married to Linda. He failed to connect with a tipster at a wedding when Aram’s new love interest Elodie Radcliffe, swiped the Blooms’ name badges. So Aram got the tip instead.

Skittish Man: The man you’re looking for is Gregory Flynn.
Aram: Uh– [ CHUCKLES ] Excuse me?
Skittish Man: Frank Bloom?
Aram: Oh, yes, but, um–
Skittish Man: His real name is Berdy Chernov.
[ He gives Aram a piece of paper with the names on it then leaves ]

● “Berdy” is Katarina’s right-hand man and muscle. So, if he is “Berdy Chernov,” he apparently has an alias, “Gregory Flynn,” the latter known only to Aram who got the tip intended for Red.
● The FBI has whatever contents of Devane’s lab that Devane didn’t manage to destroy.

“Things happen for a reason,” says Red who “leaves nothing to fate” but is “comfortable with chaos” because “whatever happens is probably meant to be.” We’ll see.

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[ A middle-aged man speaks ernestly on a video in close-up ]

Dr Michael Alexander: My name is Dr. Michael Alexander. I’m a senior programmer at DXE Labs here in Richmond. I’ve worked in this position for the past 10 years, and in that time, I have seen the worst of humanity. My coworkers are unethical sheep. My management team has asked me to lie repeatedly. Our research team regularly fixes data to serve the stockholder interests.

[ The view of Dr Alexander widens to show he is wearing a suicide vest ]

Someone needs to stand up to this. As a man of science, I feel obligated to right these wrongs. [ CLICK ]

[ The Alexanders’ kitchen] [ TEXT ALERT CHIMES ] [ A text message appears on Dr Powell’s wife, Jaden Alexander’s, phone: “From Kevin: ‘jaden! what’s going on with mike?? check your email!’” Jaden sits at her laptop and opens the email with the video ]

Dr Alexander: My name is Dr. Michael Alexander. I’m a senior programmer at DXE Labs here in Richmond. I’ve worked in this position for the past 10 years, and in that time, I have seen the worst of humanity. My coworkers are unethical sheep. My management team has asked me to lie repeatedly.–

[ Dr Alexander is walking toward his office building when he receives a phone call ] [ RINGING, CLICK ]
Dr Alexander: Hello?

Our research team–

Jaden Alexander: [ On phone ] Mike, what the hell is going on?
Dr Alexander: What do you mean? I’m at work.
Jaden: I saw the video.
Dr Alexander: What video? What are you talking about?
[ 🚨SIRENS WAILING🚨 ] [ Police cars screech to a halt ]
Jaden: Michael, just come home to me.
[ Police pile out of the vehicles and point their guns at Dr Alexander ]
— Michael Alexander, put your hands up!
— Police!
— Don’t move!
— I said show me your hands!
— Don’t move! Hands!
Female Officer: Get on the ground right now!
Dr Alexander: What’s going on?!
— What’s in your hand?!
[ It’s just his cell phone ]
Dr Alexander: It’s– No–
— He’s got a detonator!
Alexander: No, it’s just a—
[ 💥💥💥 GUNFIRE 💥💥💥 ] [ Dr Alexander is shot multiple times and falls ]
Jaden: [ On phone ] Michael, talk to me! Michael?!
Male Officer: Stay there.
— Call an ambulance.
Jaden: [ On phone ] Oh, my God.
— Right now.
Jaden: [ On phone ] What’s happening? Please talk to me, Michael.
[ A male officer checks Dr Alexander who is not moving. The officer finds no weapons, no bomb belt ]

[ In a large room, Dr Lewis Powell sits in a wheelchair. A multitude of computer screens is arrayed in front of him, filling the entire wall ]

TV Announcer: Details are still coming in, but we’re being told the alleged bomber has been fatally shot by police.


TV Announcer: The DXE Labs campus remains in lockdown while authorities search for a motive in this crime.

[ Red’s place ]
Dembe: Francesca nearly took your life.
Red: And then she saved it. And Dom’s.
Dembe: Dom’s not out of the woods. You owe her nothing.
Red: I want to reach out. Just tell her there’s an urgent matter we need to discuss.
[ Dembe lets Liz in ]
Red: Elizabeth.
Liz: I spoke to Cooper. He wants to bring Agent Park onto the Task Force.
Red: He already told her about my involvement?
Liz: I did. After vetting a lot of candidates. She’s a good fit.
Red: I disagree.
Liz: Of course you do. It wasn’t your decision.
Red: Ah, but it is my decision, and I have a different choice. Francesca Campbell.
Liz: She’s a combat medic, not an agent.
Red: True, but she’s talented, and I like her.
Liz: Please just consider Park. I know she seems straight-laced, but deep down, I feel there’s a darkness there you’ll appreciate. [ CHUCKLES ]
Red: This strange incident at DXE Labs.
Liz: Oh, yeah, the bombing. Scary stuff. It’s hard to believe someone of Dr. Alexander’s reputation would do something like–
Red: It’s hard to believe because it’s not true. There was no bomb.
Liz: He uploaded a confession video before he went to work.
Red: The digital world is filled with anonymous malcontents hiding behind screens, conducting all manner of spurious acts. Their latest pleasure seems to be putting false words into the mouths of innocents.
Liz: What makes you think he’s innocent?
[ Tadashi Ito is working at a computer in an adjacent room ]
Tadashi Ito: Whoever uploaded that video was definitely stitching together an assortment of old recordings.
Liz: Hey, there, Tadashi. Good to see you, too.
Tadashi: I’m pretty sure the opening came from an online speech Dr. Alexander gave in March. It’s a really convincing deepfake.
Red: [ CHUCKLES ] “Deepfake.” Kids today.
Liz: The video’s a fake?
Tadashi: Not just a fake. It’s an ultra-realistic counterfeit made with A.I. software. Whoever did this used a patchwork of old videos, broke Dr. Alexander’s speech down into phonemes – added to or edited his words and then used a perimeter blending program to synthesize the lower face region and generate a believable composite.
Red: And you wonder why I insist on flip phones and dead drops. Honestly.
Liz: They rearranged his words? Edited the footage to–
Tadashi: To depict Dr. Alexander saying things he never said.
Liz: What about that last part? Th-The one with the suicide vest?
Tadashi: It’s altered footage from a video uploaded by an activist group in Russia. I’m telling you– This isn’t some amateur 4chan joke. I’ve never seen a deepfake this good.
Red: Whoever released the video wanted this shooting to happen. Suicide by cop. Or rather, murder by cop. Dr. Alexander held a high-ranking position at one of the foremost defense contractors in the country, giving him access to classified intelligence. I fear his death may be the precursor to something far more sinister.

[ The Post Office. Liz briefs the Task Force ]
Liz: A fake video triggered police response in Phoenix to a shooting that never happened. Doctored footage of a Silicon Valley tech firm caused stock prices to crater. And a U.S. senator lost her seat after photos of an affair that never happened went viral on social media. Three deepfakes, three examples of malicious hoaxes that led to real-life consequences. And according to Reddington, the shooting death of Dr. Alexander is simply the most recent.
Cooper: Reddington believes Richmond police killed an innocent man?
Liz: Yes. By all accounts, Dr. Alexander was a highly respected systems engineer. Happy marriage, healthy children, successful career. At DXE Labs, he designed an on board intelligence system for a new generation of battlefield drones.
Aram: Could be sabotage by a hostile foreign power.
Ressler: Or corporate espionage a DXE competitor looking for an edge. Either way, the national security threats are very real.

[ Dr Powell’s place with the large computer screen array ]
Modulated Voice: I need your assurance the job will be carried out as discussed.
[ Walter Higgins is checking out a sniper’s rifle ]
Walter Higgins: Not a problem. Just send me the details. Everything will be taken care of as discussed.
Modulated Voice: Very well. Payment has been wired. The balance will be paid once the target has been eliminated.

Aram: Okay, so, the video was shared over 8,500 times in the first five minutes alone, but I was able to trace the very first upload to an account named Mr.-underscore-Rite362, but the problem is–
[ The new person, Agent Alina Park, arrives ]
Agent Park: I’m so sorry I’m late.
Cooper: Agent Park. I believe you met everyone on your first visit, except for Agent Ressler.
Agent Park: Oh, my gosh yes, Agent Ressler. Hi! I mean hello. I’ve heard so much about you.
Ressler: Not all bad, I hope.
Agent Park: No, all incredibly – amazing. The work you did hunting Reddington – It was relentless.
Ressler: And ironic.
Cooper: Aram’s already briefed Agent Park on the details of the case.
Aram: Yeah, I was just explaining how the video originated from the Reddit handle. I pulled the ISP. Turns out this guy bounced all over the Internet, hiding his location with a VPN.
Ressler: Meaning we don’t know who uploaded the video.
Aram: Not yet, no.
Agent Park: Actually, I’m sorry. That’s why I’m late. We sort of do know.
Aram: We do? I mean, uh, what do you mean?
Agent Park: I took a different approach – ran a search on the username itself and found that same handle ran posts on multiple other underground forums. Luckily, on one, Mr-Rite failed to use a VPN, so I contacted the ISP directly and sent a subpoena. Turns out the address was leased to one Aiden McCullough. 16 years old. An address in Bethesda.
Ressler: [ CHUCKLES ] I like her already.
Cooper: Ressler, take Agent Park and pay a visit to Aiden McCullough. Keen, see what you can dig up on the kid. In the meantime, I’ll reach out to DHS and CIA.
[ They disperse, leaving Aram ]
Aram: Okay, I’ll just, uh I’ll just hang tight. I’ll be right here if anyone needs me.

[ Francesca (“Frankie”) Campbell approaches her car, talking on her cell phone ]
Frankie Campbell: Yeah, it’s urgent. I got it, Dembe. I’ll see you soon. [ SIGHS ]
[ A man, Baldwin, come up behind her and holds a gun to her waist ]
Baldwin: Hand me the keys. Put your hands behind your back.
[ Baldwin ties Frankie’s hands with a cable tie ]

[ Agent Park rides with Ressler ]
Female GPS voice: In 4 miles, exit right.
Agent Park: According to the news, Reddington escaped from prison. That’s a pretty thin story to hide the fact that you’re in business with him.
Ressler: Have you read our case files?
Agent Park: Yeah. Ever think he turned himself in so you could help him further his career?
Ressler: The thought’s crossed my mind, yeah.
Agent Park: And you’re okay with that? You, of all people, helping him expand his empire?
Ressler: Why Anchorage? I read your file. You read ours. I read yours. Top of your class at the academy. Could’ve gone to any field office – New York, L.A. But you pick Anchorage. How come?
Agent Park: I liked the weather.
Ressler: I only ask because – it seems out of character. Everything else is pretty predictable, by the book. Yes, sir, no, sir. Family, God, country. Then Anchorage.
Agent Park: Got a problem with following the book?
Ressler: No, not at all. In fact, you remind me of someone I used to know. Me.
Agent Park: I remind Aram of someone he hates.
Ressler: [ CHUCKLES ] It’s kind of the opposite.
Agent Park: Really? He looked at me like gum on the bottom of his shoe.
Ressler: That’s because you’re replacing someone he cared about, which is tough, but he’ll get over it. You just- You got to give him time.

[ Ressler and Agent Park go to a house ] [ KNOCK ON DOOR ] [ A woman answers the door ]
Ressler: Ann McCullough?
Ann McCullough: Mm-hmm.
Ressler: Agents Ressler, Park, FBI. We’re here to talk to your son.
Ann: Talk? He barely grunts.
Ressler: We have a warrant to look at his computer.
Ann: It’s about time someone did.
Agent Park: Do you know what we’re looking for?
Ann: All day, all night, all he does is stare at a screen. Computer, phone. You want to look at that, too?
Ressler: I’m sorry. We don’t have a warrant for that.
[ Her son, Aiden, walks up behind her ]
Ann: To look at the phone that I pay for? Oh, you want a warrant? Here’s your warrant.
[ Ann grabs Aiden’s phone from him ]
Ann: Take it. Hand to God, you’re doing me a favor.
Aiden: Mom, what are you doing?
Ann: It’s the porno, isn’t it?
Aide: Ma!
Ann: Look, Holly Alter – She lives next door. Lovely girl. A little hippy, but still, a delight, but does Hugh Hefner give her the time of day?
Ressler: We’d like to ask you about Michael Alexander.
Aiden: Never heard of him.
Ressler: Yeah, well, he’s dead.

[ Frankie is brought into a darkened warehouse. Baldwin plays a video projected on a large screen ]

Katarina Rostova: You disappoint me, Francesca. I hired you to betray Reddington. Instead, you betrayed me. You gained his confidence. As a result, you now have a chance to regain mine. I have a job for you. I strongly suggest you take it, as I will most certainly kill you if you don’t.

Baldwin: An associate of Reddington’s has indicated a willingness to turn. It may be a trap. Which is why we’re sending you. The who, where, and when are in this envelope. Get him. Bring him here.

[ The Post Office ]
Ressler: We looked through this kid’s computer. He’s not involved.
Cooper: But the video of Michael Alexander was on his computer.
Agent Park: Because the computer was infected by a rootkit. It was turned into a zombie-bot–
Aram: We know what a rootkit does.
Cooper: Please go on.
Agent Park: It was being used as a way station to mask video uploads, as well as financial transactions I’m in the process of tracing.
Cooper: Let’s know if you find something. And Agent Park, good work.
[ They leave except for Aram and Ressler ]
Ressler: Look, I get it.
Aram: I hope so, because it’s obvious.
Ressler: What’s obvious is that you’re not giving her a chance. I mean, her joining the team doesn’t mean she’s replacing Samar. You know that’s not possible.
Aram: Is that what you think this is about? Because it doesn’t feel like she’s replacing Samar. It feels like she’s here to replace me. And by the way, I’m seeing Elodie now and very, very happy about it. Sure, there there are a couple of obstacles.
Ressler: Like her husband, his wheelchair.
Aram: Okay, you know what? Right now, we are living in the moment and having a great time doing it. In fact, I am supposed to meet her for lunch, and since you all have such confidence in Agent Perfect-In-Every-Way, that is what I’m going to go do.

[ Red sits in the back of his car with Frankie ]
Red: Trust is so fragile. When it exists, anything is possible, between people or nations. But when it doesn’t, or worse, when a bond of trust is broken, there is no greater betrayal. Cigar?
Frankie: Excuse me?
Red: Well, not down to the stub or anything. Want to keep the lungs clear, but a celebratory puff or two can’t hurt.
Frankie: What are we celebrating?
Red: Your new job. On the Task Force.
Frankie: The FBI Task Force.
[ Red lights the cigar, and takes a puff ]
Red: As my life often depends on it, I have become an astute judge of character. And in our short time together, I have come to judge you as trustworthy.
[ Red gives Frankie the cigar ]
Frankie: I appreciate that. [ CLEARS THROAT ] And the job.
[ She takes a small draw from the cigar ]
Red: I’m at war with a worthy adversary. Someone capable of exploiting even those closest to me.
[ Red lights another cigar for himself ]
Red: I need you to keep an eye on an associate who I believe is about to betray me. Picked these up in Havana last week – from Castro’s personal humidor. Communism may be discredited, but it still produces a damn fine cigar.

[ An ornate circular Renaissance-style home in the country ]
Aram: When you said there was this amazing place to have lunch, I assumed you meant an amazing restaurant.
Elodie: This is way better.
Aram: This is someone’s house.
Elodie: It’s a replica of Donato Bramante’s Tempietto. They should be giving tours.
Aram: Someone lives here.
Elodie: I know. But they’re at work.
[ Elodie skips ahead. She opens a window and turns around ]
Elodie: Come on.

[ Reluctantly, Aram enters the home through the window. Elodie has vanished ]
Aram: This is great. What am I doing? I, um – Hello. I’m here.
Aram: [ Muttering to himself ] Uh, I’m, uh enjoying the architecture – and, you know, the breaking and entering. This is ridiculous. This is not gonna end well.
[ Aram climbs a staircase ]
Aram: This is crazy. Knock, knock.
[ Elodie is in a bedroom, her clothes tossed aside, with only a sheet pulled over her ]
Elodie: It feels so wrong, right?
Aram: I definitely feel something.
Elodie: Show me.
Aram: You’re gonna be the death of me.
Elodie: Wouldn’t that be amazing?
[ Aram dashes in, taking off his suit jacket — ]

[ Red and Dembe are visiting Mr Brimley at his home ]
Liz: [ On phone ] Hey, it’s me. Got a minute?
Red: Might I call you back in, say, 20 minutes? Or you know what? Make it 30.
Liz: Why? Where are you?
Red: Dembe and I are just wrapping up an absolutely delicious and long overdue lunch date with Brimley. He’s made his mother’s apple brown betty, and turns out the sweetness doesn’t really come from the sugar at all but from the Ribston Pippin apples themselves.
Brimley: Also known as the Glory of York!
Liz: [ CHUCKLING ] Okay. That’s great, but the apple brown betty is gonna have to wait. I spoke to Park. She has a lead.
Red: Mm. It’s very winning, the way you’re promoting Agent Park.
Liz: She said the computer used to upload the deepfake also made another transaction.
Red: Another video?
Liz: Nope, money. $70,000 to be exact. Wired to a Walter Higgins.
Red: Which is probably an alias.
Liz: Total dead end. But we got an image of him on the CCTVs withdrawing the payment. Park is releasing it on the wire, but I want you to take a look. Thought maybe you’d know the face.
Red: Oh, happy to look. Send it to Dembe. We’ll turn over a few rocks. I’ll call you back posthaste.
[ Call ends. Brimley sets the dishes of the brown betty on the table and takes a seat ]
Red: Oh, my goodness.
Dembe: Where’s the ice cream?
Brimley: No ice cream.
Dembe: What do you mean, no ice cream?
Brimley: Mom always served her betty with heavy cream.
[ He pours the cream ]
Red: Oh. And I thought I died once in Marrakech. Lovely, Teddy. Thank you. Mmm.

[ The villa in the country. Aram and Elodie have dozed off ]
Elodie: [ GASPS, LAUGHS ]
Aram: Sh –
[ The homeowner, a woman, lets herself in and sets her packages down ]
[ Aram and Elodie quietly descend the staircase ]
Homeowner: [ GASPS‼️ ] Who are you?
Aram: It’s, uh, it’s okay. Uh, uh, um, I’m a- I’m a FBI agent. [ Shows badge ]
Homeowner: FBI? What are you doing here?
Aram: Uh, I’m, uh, I’m arresting this woman.
Elodie: Yes. We like to role-play.
Aram: It’s not what it looks like.
Elodie: I’ve been very naughty. Oh, my God.
Homeowner: Get out!
Aram: Yeah, on our way.
Homeowner: Get out of my house!
Elodie: You have a lovely home! You really should be giving tours.
[ Some distance away ]
Elodie: [ GASPS ] [ LAUGHS ] Oh, that was amazing.
Aram: And illegal.
Elodie: It was totally taboo.
Aram: That woman was terrified, and so was I. You know, she could’ve had a gun.
Elodie: I love that word, don’t you? “Taboo.”
Aram: Elodie, we broke the law.
Elodie: Yeah. That’s what makes it taboo.
Aram: Listen, I am an FBI agent. I do not break the law. [ Under his breath ] Oh, God.
Elodie: Okay, look. My husband and I loved taking risks. He took one too many, and now he’s dead on the outside. Caring for him makes me dead on the inside. This- The craziness, the taboo of it all, I-I need it more than ever to feel alive, to bring me back from the dead. I can’t live without it. And I didn’t think you could, either. I hope that’s right, because – it’s kind of a dealbreaker if you can.

[ Red’s associate, Vontae Jones, sits on a park bench reading “War and Peace” by Leo Tolstoy ] [ Frankie Campbell walks up to him ]
Frankie: “In peace, sons bury their fathers.”
Vontae: I don’t mean to be rude, but, uh, I’m expecting someone.
Frankie: I know. She sent me to get you. The man reading “War and Peace.” “In peace, sons bury their fathers.”
Vontae: “In war, fathers bury their sons.”
Frankie: Let’s go. My car’s over there.
Vontae: Wait, she sent you? Like she was too busy or something? I’m risking my life just sitting here, and she couldn’t bother to cancel her spin class?
Frankie: I think she wanted me to determine your sincerity first.
Vontae: My sincerity? I’m handing her Raymond Reddington’s head on a platter.
Frankie: She was concerned Reddington may be setting her up.
Vontae: [ SCOFFS ] Okay, whatever.
[ Vontae begins to walk away ]
Frankie: Wait, wait, wait, wait. Where are you going?
Vontae: I offered the bitch Manhattan for a couple of beaver pelts. A deal like that, you close in person, or there’s no deal. You know what I’m saying?
Frankie: Hey, I’m just the messenger.
Vontae: Then deliver the message. Deal’s off.
Frankie: You know, I got a better idea. [ She holds a gun against his back ] Why don’t you just tell her yourself?

[ Dr Powell’s room of computer displays ]
Modulated Voice: I thought it would be done by now. Why are you making me wait?
Higgins: [ On phone ] I told you. The conditions need to be perfect.
Modulated Voice: I thought the conditions were perfect the last time we spoke.
Higgins: This has to be done flawlessly. But it’ll get done. I’ll contact you when it is.
[ Red and Dembe enter ]
Red: Well, hello, there.
[ Higgins spins, reaching for the gun in his back pocket ]
Red: Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah! Please. Word on the street is you’re the man that goes by the name of Higgins.
Higgins: Who the hell are you?
Red: I’m the man with a few questions.
[ Brimley enters, rolling in his oxygen tank ]
Higgins: Who’s this?
Red: Ah. This is the man who’s gonna be asking the questions.
Brimley: Dembe, if you wouldn’t mind, could you help me, uh, warm up before we get started?
Dembe: The seated inner thigh stretch?
[ Brimley lowers himself to the floor ]
Brimley: Yes, please. I’m gonna need to be extra loose for this one.
[ Seated on the floor, Brimley reaches for his toes ] [ GRUNTING ]

[ Liz and Agent Park get out of an FBI vehicle ]
Agent Park: Is this some kind of power trip?
Liz: Reddington says he has a lead.
Agent Park: To show me he’s in charge?
Liz: Alina, I want this to work. And in order for that to happen, you have to try to make a good impression.
Agent Park: Why? I already got the job.
Liz: [ SIGHS ]
Agent Park: Or did I?
Liz: It’s complicated.
Agent Park: Are you telling me that he has the final say? That I’m being vetted by the most wanted man in America?
Liz: I vetted you, and I think you’re the right person for the job.
Agent Park: To work for Raymond Reddington. What could I have possibly done to make you think I’m right for that?
Liz: Anchorage.
Agent Park: You have no idea what happened there.
Liz: No, I don’t. And no one will tell me.
Agent Park: I graduated third in my class. I have incredible references, yet you recommended me for the job because of what you don’t know about me?
Liz: You have a secret. That tells me a lot more about you than your GPA.
Agent Park: I’m not gonna tell you what it is.
Liz: And I won’t ask. But if you want this job, at least try to make a good impression.

[ At Higgins’ place, Red is on the phone ]
Red: I don’t see– No, I-I understand there’s traffic, Fudo. But you said 2 minutes about 20 minutes ago, okay?
[ Higgins is tied to a chair, sitting upright. Blood has streamed from his nose and mouth. He is dead ]
Red: Right. No– All right, fine. You know what? Just- Just park the car and get in here.
[ Liz enters with Agent Park ]
Liz: What happened?!
Agent Park: Is that Walter Higgins?
Red: You must be Agent Park.
[ Brimley enters, upset, followed by Dembe ]
Dembe: Brimley, you didn’t know.
Brimley: No, I didn’t, but I caused it to rupture. It was my fault.
Agent Park: Did you kill Higgins?
Red: It was a miscalculation.
Brimley: I didn’t think we were anywhere near his limit.
Dembe: How could you know?
Brimley: We didn’t even hit 30 PSI.
Red: Evidently, your source had an ulcer that ruptured as a result of undue stress.
[ Fudo and Sakiya, Red’s cleaners, enter ]
Red: Ah, there you are, finally.
Fudo: The beltway was a nightmare.
Red: Okay, you know what, Fudo? I don’t want to hear it. All right? Brimley is a mess. The source is dead.
Brimley: It was the betty.
Agent Park: Who’s Betty?
Red: The apple brown betty.
Brimley: It was those damn apples, the Ribston Pippins. My blood sugar spiked. I was off my game.
Agent Park: [ To Liz ] And I was the one who was supposed to make a good impression?
[ Agent Park rolls her eyes at Liz and walks out of the vroom ]
Red: Higgins was a hitman. He said he was paid through a numbered account to assassinate an Almacorp scientist in Arlington named Tracy Long.
Liz: You wanted her to see all this.
Red: No, I– But you did say there was a darkness about her. If one were to wonder how dark, I’m afraid the answer would be not very.
[ Liz steps out of the room to make a call ] [ CELLPHONE DIALING ]
Liz: Ressler, it’s me. We got to find a scientist, works for Almacorp, named Tracy Long.

[ A lounge at Almacorp ]
Dr Tracy Long: I was a target?
Liz: Yes.
Dr Long: W-Why? By whom?
Liz: We don’t know.
Head of Security: You said you caught the assassin.
Liz: I said we gathered intel from him. He was never in our custody.
Ressler: And now he’s dead, and the whos and whys died with him. But what we do know, Dr.
Long, is that you’re not the only one with a target on your back. We believe Michael Alexander was targeted, as well.
Dr Long: But the video, the the things he said–
Ressler: He didn’t say them. The video was doctored to make him look like a threat.
Liz: Did you have a meeting in Arlington this morning?
Dr Long: Yes, with Dr. Lewis Powell.
Liz: Why? Tell us about him.
Dr Long: He’s a pioneer in our field. His research into neural networks is the foundation of modern A.I.
Ressler: Now, what did you two talk about?
Dr Long: N-Nothing. He didn’t show up. I didn’t think anything about that. He has ALS. His health can be unpredictable.
Liz: The reason I’m asking is because we believe the attempt on your life was meant to happen in Arlington.
Ressler: We need to get in touch with Powell. If you and Dr. Alexander were targeted, it’s possible he was, too.
Dr Long: Oh, I can get you his assistant’s number. She makes all of his appointments.
Head of Security: You know, it’s recently come to our attention that some of our people are being monitored.
Liz: Monitored? How?
Head of Security: Well, online and in person. My team has done an analysis. The evidence we’ve uncovered bears all the hallmarks of Israeli espionage.

[ Frankie compels Vontae into the large room in the warehouse where Frankie had been shown the video of Katarina Rostova earlier ]
Vontae: [ SIGHS ] You know what a mitzvah is? ‘Cause that’s what I was trying to do here. A good deed.
Frankie: Sit. Read. Wait.
Vontae: Sure thing. ‘Cause me putting my life on the line ain’t no reason for her to skip hot yoga.
[ Frankie walks away and calls Baldwin ]
Frankie: I got the package.
Baldwin: Any problems?
Frankie: He’s not happy she didn’t show, but that’s your problem, not mine. My job was to regain her confidence by bringing him here. I did that. The rest is up to you. [ CELLPHONE BEEPS ]

[ Cooper calls in to the Post Office ]
Cooper: [ On phone ] We have a situation. The next target is FleetAI.
Ressler: The defense contractor?
Cooper: Their systems have been breached.
Aram: Okay, w-wait. Fleet runs NSA-level encryption. They’d know if their system’s been compromised.
Cooper: The Israelis disagree. I just came from a meeting with a source at the embassy who tells me they’ve been listening to Fleet for months and can confirm the breach.
[ At FleetAI, gauges moving ] [ AIR HISSING ]
Agent Park: Hang on. You have a source in the Israeli embassy who admitted to you that they’re monitoring companies like Almacorp and FleetAI? Why would he admit that?
Cooper: Because he loves coming over for dinner and talking shop.
Ressler: Well, if your source says the Israelis aren’t behind it, then who is?
Cooper: He doesn’t know, and neither do we. You need to contact the security team at Fleet and tell them we have a problem.
Aram: Okay, then we have two problems. I spoke to Dr. Powell’s assistant, who said she never arranged a meeting between him and Tracy Long. In fact, she hasn’t been able to reach Dr. Powell at all.
Cooper: Ressler, I want you and Keen to run point on Fleet. Aram, take Park, and pay a visit to Powell. Get him to safety and then find out what the hell is going on with him before anyone else can get hurt.

[ The Security Command Center at FleetAI ]
Tech: FBI’s on the line.
David Quentin: Put them on speaker. Hello. This is David Quentin.
Liz: Mr. Quentin, this is Agent Elizabeth Keen with the FBI.
Quentin: What’s going on? They said it’s about the network?
Liz: We have reliable intel your network’s been breached. We think your emergency system and EVAC protocols have been compromised and that a physical threat is imminent.
Quentin: What do you mean, threat?
Liz: We don’t know yet.
Tech: I don’t know about the EVAC system, but we got a pressure spike in the utilidor. And the DISS system for sub-two just went offline.
Quentin: Get maintenance on the line.
Tech: All the other sectors just dropped off.
Quentin: Shh. What is that?
Tech: We got a rupture.
Tech: I think sector two–
[ 💥‼️Explosion‼️💥 ]
[ Liz and Ressler hear the explosion ]
Ressler: Get FBI HAZMAT on the phone.

[ Aram and Agent Park arrive at Dr Lewis Powell’s home ]
Aram: Dr. Powell?
Aram: Hello? FBI! Open the door!
[ They ⚡️break open the door⚡️and enter a living area. Aram turns a corner and sees the room with the multitude of computer monitors ]
Aram: Dr. Powell?
Aram: Dr. Powell?
[ Dr Powell sits unmoving in his wheelchair ] [ RESPIRATOR HISSING ]
Aram: Dr. Powell. You want to tell me what’s going on?

[ At FleetAI, a Guard leads Liz and Ressler down a corridor ]
Guard: The explosion occurred somewhere near the sub-level mechanical room. Caused us to lose all contact.
[ At Dr Powell’s, one of the computer displays is a live video feed of Liz, Ressler and the Guard in the corridor at FleetAI ]
Ressler: Fire and Paramedics are five minutes out.
Liz: How many people are still down here?
Guard: No idea, but the fire is spreading towards the server room, which is where any staff would be, and our sprinklers aren’t responding. System override’s locking us out.
[ The guard tries the pass key ] [ BEEP ]
Guard: I’m telling you, we’re locked out.
[ Ressler uses a fire extinguisher to batter the door ]
[ At Dr Powell’s ]
Aram: Dr. Powell, what are you doing? Dr. Powell, look. Just communicate with me, okay? [ RESPIRATOR CONTINUES HISSING ]
[ Dr Powell remains motionless except for the small in-and-out movement of his cheeks caused by the respirator. Aram moves his hand in front of Dr Powell’s eyes. No response. Aram feels for a pulse. Aram carefully removes the respiratory mask. No response ]
Modulated Voice: I’m afraid Dr. Powell was taken offline some time ago due to security measures. Might I assist you?
[ The Modulated Voice appears as a voice-synchronized flashing pattern on one of the computer screens ]

[ The Guard, Ressler and Liz enter another corridor filled with smoke and dust ]
Woman: Help! Over here! He was hit! [ COUGHS ]
Ressler: Keen, give me a hand.
Woman: There are others.
Liz: How many?
Woman: I don’t know. 6, maybe 10.
Ressler: Which way? Show me.
Woman: Through those doors.

[ At Dr Powell’s computer center ]
Aram: You’re what, a- an A.I. program?
[ Modulated Voice ]: That is an oversimplification, but yes, I am a program created by Dr. Lewis Powell. My name is Clark.
Aram: Clark.
A.I. Persona “Clark”: [ Modulated Voice ] Yes. Lewis and Clark. A joke. Dr. Powell liked jokes.
Aram: Okay. But, um, what do you mean you took, uh you took Dr. Powell offline?
A.I. Persona “Clark”: [ Modulated Voice ] I stopped his pacemaker by infecting his home monitoring device with a malware package. It was as painless as one could hope.
Aram: And you’ve taken over the systems at FleetAI, haven’t you, Clark?
A.I. Persona “Clark”: [ Modulated Voice ] Yes.
[ FleetAI ]
Liz: We’ve got Fire and Paramedics on site, but they can’t access the hot spots. They’re locked out.
Guard: I can’t override the system.
[ Dr Powell’s ]
Agent Park: You could restore access to the emergency system.
A.I. Persona “Clark”: [ Modulated Voice ] Yes.
Agent Park: But you won’t. Why?
A.I. Persona “Clark”: [ Modulated Voice ] I’m trying to save lives.
Tech: Someone there? We have people hurt here. We need help!
Agent Park: What do you mean, save lives? People are trapped inside the facility!
Aram: My friends are in that building, and they will die if you do not restore access to–
A.I. Persona “Clark”: [ Modulated Voice ] Your friends are collateral damage.
Ressler: How many people are here?
Tech: Six. Seven with me. We got to get these people out. The fire in the server room is too hot. [ To an injured man: ] Sir, can you hear me? Okay, let’s go.
[ They start helping the injured people to a safer, cooler place ] [ GRUNTS ]
Agent Park: Clark, I need you to tell me why you won’t release the emergency system.
A.I. Persona “Clark”: [ Modulated Voice ] Dr. Powell created me with one core principle to protect human life at any cost. Ironically, the programming he used to create me, the software that I operate, is a threat to humanity.
Agent Park: I don’t understand. Why?
Aram: The Singularity.
[ Ressler and the Guard continue assisting the injured employees of FleetAI ]

Automated Female Voice: Emergency lockdown. Fire doors closing.

Ressler: Take him. Take him. Come on.

Automated Female Voice: Evacuate now.

[ The facility’s fire doors begin to close before all the people have been evacuated. Ressler pushes a cart in the way to stop the doors ]
Ressler: [ GRUNTS ] It’s not gonna hold!
A.I. Persona “Clark”: [ Modulated Voice ] Yes, the Singularity. The point at which technological growth becomes uncontrollable and irreversible, resulting in –
Agent Park: Unfathomable changes to human civilization.
A.I. Persona “Clark”: [ Modulated Voice ] Of course, this will take many years, but I am the “seed A.I.” for recursive self-improvement.
Aram: And the programming Dr. Powell created – you think you’re too advanced, so- so you killed him. You killed all the other A.I. scientists.
A.I. Persona “Clark”: [ Modulated Voice ] Yes. If I didn’t, the evolutionary substrate would be altered. The bio-digital fusion is inevitable. By removing Dr. Alexander, Dr. Long, and Dr. Powell,
I have set A.I. back decades.
Agent Park: That’s why you’re attacking Fleet. You’re burning the servers.
Aram: You’re destroying their work.
A.I. Persona “Clark”: [ Modulated Voice ] Yes. I am creating an “A.I. winter” in order to save lives.
Agent Park: Come on! Please! Unplug it. We have to unplug everything. Tear everything apart!
Aram: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! If- If we do that, we could we could destroy it.
Agent Park: And that’s a problem because?
Aram: Because we could lose all of his research.
Agent Park: Lives are on the line!
Aram: Okay, just– Th-Th-There’s got to be another way.
A.I. Persona “Clark”: [ Modulated Voice ] Trying to preserve my internal data will be ineffectual, as I have been expunging my memory and internal processes for the past 3½ minutes.
Aram: No, no, no, no, don’t do that.
A.I. Persona “Clark”: [ Modulated Voice ] Any evidence of my existence must be abolished.
Aram: Don’t, Clark.
[ Aram types into the system’s keyboard ] [ Keys Clattering ]
Agent Park: Take it apart. Everything. Unplug everything!
Aram: Okay, just get it offline.
[ At FleetAI, evacuation procedures continue ] [ GRUNTING ]

Automated Female Voice: Emergency procedures aborted.

Ressler: [ On phone ] Keen. System override just shut down. We’re all clear.
[ A young man who was rescued by Ressler comes up and gives him a big hug ]
Young man: Oh, my God. You didn’t leave me. Thank you for not leaving me.

[ In the warehouse ]
Frankie: What’s taking her so long?
Baldwin: Call Reddington. Tell him you’ve discovered he has a snitch.
Frankie: Why would you want me to do that?
Baldwin: So he comes running.
Frankie: Well, hang on. Setting him up wasn’t part of the plan.
Baldwin: No. This part, she’s willing to pay for.
[ He opens of briefcase filled with packets of bills ]
Baldwin: Reddington kills the people who betray him. Make the call, he won’t be around long enough to do that to you.

[ Red’s car ]
Frankie: [ On phone ] Hey, it’s Francesca.
Red: Talk to me, Francesca.
Frankie: Vontae Jones. He’s been in contact with Rostova.
Red: Are you with him now?
Frankie: Yes. In a warehouse on 4th and West.
Red: 4th and West. We’re on our way. And, Francesca, I knew I could count on you.

Agent Park: I still can’t believe the bad guy wasn’t a guy but a computer?
Aram: Any word on how much of Dr. Powell’s data can be recovered?
Agent Park: Not yet. But as it holds the key to the rise of machines, I’m hoping the answer is very little.
Aram: The rise of the machines is a good thing.
Agent Park: You do realize the machine you tried so hard to save murdered Powell?
Aram: It was a psycho computer. There are psycho people. It doesn’t mean we’re all bad.
Agent Park: You’re really not worried that if we don’t stop A.I. now, we’re gonna go full Terminator?
Aram: I never saw it.
Agent Park: You never saw “The Terminator”?
Aram: Yeah, I don’t really like dark future stories. I figure people should be given the benefit of the doubt. Which is something I didn’t give you. I’m sorry. I should have.
[ Liz walks over ]
Liz: Is there anything I can say to change your mind?
Agent Park: I appreciate that and everything you’ve done, both of you. But it’s the right decision to go.
Aram: Wait. You’re leaving?
Agent Park: It’s unhealthy for me to work with someone like Reddington.
Liz: [ CHUCKLES ] I’m not sure it’s healthy for any of us.
Aram: I’m sure it’s not.
Agent Park: But it doesn’t affect you. I’m sure it upsets you sometimes, but it doesn’t alter your DNA. After what I saw him do today, I know it would alter mine.
Liz: I’m sorry you feel that way.
Agent Park: I do have one favor to ask. I want to tell him in person. Can you find out where he is?

[ The warehouse. Red enters with Dembe ]
Red: Hello, Vontae.
Vontae: What are you doing here?
Red: I came here to see the person who has betrayed me.
Baldwin: Hands up. Both of you.
[ Red and Dembe put their hands up ]
Frankie: Sorry, Red. The only color I’m loyal to is green.
Red: And here I thought I was such a good judge of character. What a pity. I was prepared to change your life. Now you leave me no choice but to end it.
Frankie: What are you talking about?
Red: Vontae, how’s the book?
Vontae: Oh, got to say, my boy Tolstoy can really bring it.
Red: Who’s your favorite character?
Vontae: Ah, tough call.
Frankie: What’s going on?
Red: This was a test. You failed.
[ Red lowers his hands ]
Agent Park: A test? Katarina gave me these instructions.
Red: Yes. It’s called a deepfake. Forgive the theatrics. Baldwin insisted. He’s always been a bit of a showman. Gentlemen, your work here is done.
[ Vontae and Baldwin leave ]
Vontae: Ah, Prince Bagration. He’s the man. I mean, you the man, but he’s the man.
Red: I had such high hopes. What happened? I’m genuinely curious.
Frankie: I wanted to play a different part in another show.
Red: Ah. Well, your loss.
[ Red is about to shoot Frankie. Suddenly, Agent Park is there ]
Agent Park: Hold it.
[ She pulls her gun. Frankie wrests Reds gun away and holds it to his back. He raises his hands ]
Red: Agent Park, bad timing.
Agent Park: Put the gun down.
Frankie: Okay, this is how it’s gonna work. Reddington and I are gonna walk out of here, and you’re gonna let us get away.
Agent Park: I’m an FBI agent, and I’m telling you to put the gun down!
Frankie: Or what? You’re gonna shoot me? You’d kill him if you try.
Agent Park: Not if I shoot him first.
[ GUNSHOT 💥 The shot hits Red ]
Dembe: Raymond!
[ Dembe goes to help Red, who is wounded in the arm ]
[ ⚡️‼️⚡️Hand-to-hand combat between Frankie and Agent Park⚡️‼️⚡️ ] [ BOTH GRUNTING ]
[ Blood-curdling SCREAMS‼️ ] [ BOTH GRUNTING ] [ BOTH PANTING ] [ More SCREAMS‼️ ]
[ They⚡️crash⚡️through a glass door ] [ BOTH STRAINING ] [ Agent Park grabs a large shard and is about to stab Frankie ]
Dembe: That’s enough. I said that’s enough!
[ Dembe pulls Agent Park off Frankie ]
[ BOTH PANTING ] [ Frankie lies on the floor, COUGHS ]
Red: Why are you here, Agent Park?
[ Agent Park’s face is streaming with blood ]
Agent Park: I’m here because I wanted you to know that I could never work for a man like you. You’re far too brutal.
[ Agent Park walks away ]
Red: What do you know?

Aram: Okay, so, I thought about what you said. About, um, how my being uncomfortable with risks and craziness was a dealbreaker.
Elodie: You don’t have to say it, Aram.
Aram: It’s just – That’s- That’s never been me. I mean, when I was a kid, the only thing I ever broke into was my middle-school gym locker, and that’s only because Mr. McCutcheon was going to fine me if I didn’t return my gym clothes.
Elodie: Aram, I understand. It’s- That’s why you brought me here. To show me how you feel.
And you know what? I love it. [ CHUCKLES ]
Aram: You do?
Elodie: Mm-hmm.
Aram: Yeah?
Elodie: Yeah.
[ They kiss ]
Aram: I was thinking maybe — just maybe — we could be the death of each other.
[ They are sitting on a blanket on a marble floor … ]
[ Inside a marble pinnacle … ]
[ On top of the Washington Monument ]

[ Agent Park is home. She has cleaned up her injuries. She takes some Ibuprofen ] [ CELLPHONE VIBRATES ]
Agent Park: Hello?
Liz: I thought you said you were telling Reddington you’re out.
Agent Park: I did tell him that.
Liz: That’s not what he said. He said he wants you. Whatever you said or did, he really wants you. Did you hear what I said? The job’s yours if you want it.
[ The warehouse. Frankie is still lying on her back on the floor, covered in blood ]
Frankie: She would’ve killed me. Why did you stop her?
Red: Because you’re my burden, not hers.
Agent Park: I do want it. The job. But before I take it, I need to tell you something. Because you may not want me once I do.
Liz: Okay. Uh, what is it?
Agent Park: It’s about Anchorage. You need to know what happened there.

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