🔴 Script 7:8 The Hawaladar


🔴 Script 7:8 The Hawaladar (№ 162)

NBC’s series The Blacklist starring James Spader and Megan Boone
Series created by: Jon Bokenkamp
Program air date: 11/22/2019 in the US (7pm Central/Chicago Time)
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Directed by: Paul Holahan
Written by: Jon Bokenkamp, Lukas Reiter

Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington – James Spader
Elizabeth Keen – Megan Boone
Donald Ressler – Diego Klattenhoff
Harold Cooper – Harry Lennix
Aram Mojtabai – Amir Arison
Dembe Zuma – Hisham Tawfiq
Sai – Ahsan Ali
Morgan – Genson Blimline
Berdy Chertov – Peter Bradbury
Beth (Liz’s friend) – Rebecca Brooksher
Memory Extractor – Michael Cerveris
Zhao Wing – Clem Cheung
Ilya Koslov/Frank Bloom (“The Stranger”) – Brett Cullen
Alfred Yang – Jason Jiang
Agnes Keen – Emily/Katherine Kell
Eli Atticus – Tank Kelly
DEA Officer – Matthew Montelongo
Glen Carter – Clark Middleton
Dying DEA Agent – Jon Musgrave
Arjun – Manu Narayan
Skip Sutherland – Cillian O’Sullivan
Agent Truax – Mike Smith Rivera
Katarina Rostova (“Maddy Tolliver”) – Laila Robins
Agent Alina Clark – Laura Sohn
Bhavish Ratna – Iqbal Theba


Note: Springfield’s in the UK provides a raw version of each script (the screen captions). These typically are available by noon the next day, but can be delayed by a day or more. I add the speakers, formatting, and descriptive material when called for. Red’s lines are bolded. Sound effects from the screen caps in ALL CAPS and my added action notes are in [ square brackets ]. (There were no sound effects provided for this episode.) I am sure there are mistakes.




🔴 Script 7:8 The Hawaladar (№ 162)

Brief (Where we’re at): So Red isn’t Ilya Koslov after all? It appears not, and instead Red’s childhood friend, now known as Frank Bloom, is the ex-KGB agent. Shortly after learning Ilya’s address, Katarina Rostova showed up at Frank’s door with a gun: “Hello, Ilya. Been a long time.”

Katarina hired ex-MI6 agent Skip Sutherland to find out about Ilya, but Russian mobster Motya Morozov and his thugs tracked Sutherland to his meeting with Katarina, where Katarina was making mud pies with Agnes. (Under the guise of “Maddy Tolliver,” Katarina has moved into the apartment next to Liz and, having warned off other applicants, has become Agnes’s de facto nanny.) When Katarina and Sutherland spotted the SUV with the Russians, they staged a surprise counter-attack in the park’s bath house. But in the end they were outnumbered and Sutherland was taken by the Russians. Katarina broke the neck of the remaining Russian, right before Agnes came looking for her. Katarina got Agnes to “pinky swear” not to tell Liz about the “sleeping” man in the bath house.

Meanwhile, Red was able to track a young man, Patrick Masuda, who was a patient of Dr Lawrence Devane (Blacklister #138). Patrick’s parents were collateral damage of a fight Katarina was involved in. Katarina has become a “fairy godmother” to Patrick, known to him as Constance Drucker. Patrick gave Red Katarina’s phone number and Red insisted on a face-to-face meeting with her, using Patrick as a bargaining chip. Athough Katarina expressed her love for Patrick, she refused the meeting, surmising Red wanted to see her in person because:

Katarina: This is about what the man in the park told me. Morozov told you about that, didn’t he? That’s why you want to see me. You want the address I bought.

After she hung up, Red was about to shoot Patrick, but Dembe reprimanded him, to which Red replied, “It seems you have two fairy godmothers.”

Having found out Morozov had been tracking Katarina, Red and Dembe paid him a visit, which is how they found Sutherland, who the Russians were torturing. Red killed Morozov for not following his instructions to give him a heads up on any leads on Katarina. Sutherland gratefully shared with Red that Katarina was looking for Ilya Koslov.

Red: Well, that certainly changes everything.

It seems Dom was spinning a tale when he told Liz that Ilya had undergone plastic surgery to assume the identity of Raymond Reddington, who was shot by Liz when she four and then pulled from a burning building, only to die later. So how much of the tale Dom told to Liz is true? And who the hell is “Red” if not Ilya?

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[ Red and Dembe break into the apartment of Ilya Koslov (aka “Frank Bloom”). No one is home ]
Dembe: It’s clear.
Red: She has him.
Dembe: We don’t know that.
Red: Dembe. She has him.
[ The apartment has been trashed, glass broken. There is blood on the wall and floor. Red imagines the fight that must have occurred ]
[ Katarina (aka “Maddy Tolliver”) hovers over Ilya, who lies on the floor, his face beaten bloody ]
Katarina: My God, how long has it been?
Ilya: You go to hell.
Katarina: No, Ilya. You’re the one who’s going to hell.
[ Katarina shoots Ilya with a Taser. Her assistant, Berdy, pulls him away ]
Red: She’s been ahead of us every step of the way, and now she has someone who can tell her everything she wants to know.
Dembe: He won’t talk.
Red: That’ll be even worse. We need to find Ilya, and we need to do it fast.

[ Ilya wakes up. He is on a chair, his wrists fastened with cable ties. He struggles against the ties ]
[ In Katarina’s kitchen ]
Berdy: Your friend, whenever he gets here, he’ll have to work quickly.
Katarina: He’s not my friend.
Berdy: It’s a mistake to do this here.

[ Red is at a safe house, a dark wood paneled apartment or suite. He enters and dismisses two guards ]
Red: Thank you, Eric. Would you both please leave us?
[ Skip Sutherland, who gave Ilya’s address to Katarina, is recooperating in a bedroom from the beating he suffered at the hands of Motya Morozov, a Russian mobster, who Red subsequently killed ]
Red: Bad news, Skip – for Ilya, for you.
Skip: She got to him first.
Red: I need to know where they are.
Skip Sutherland: I don’t know.
Red: That’s the wrong answer.
Sutherland: It’s the truth. Please, I-I have a family – two daughters.
Red: What did you think would happen, Skip? You sold, to one of my worst enemies, the location of one of my dearest friends.
Sutherland: I didn’t know you were involved.
Red: How were you paid?
Sutherland: Cash.
Red: What bank?
Sutherland: Not like that. She did everything through a hawaladar.
Red: How do I find him?
Sutherland: We met near my office. He- He was a driver, a deliveryman. The cash, he brought it in his travel bag, like an order. Clay Elephant – that was the restaurant.
Red: Dembe, call Edward. Tell him to get the jet ready for London. I want us in the air within the hour.

[ In Liz’s apartment, in the kitchen, her daughter Agnes colors a picture ]
Liz: What are you coloring?
Agnes: Picture of the park.
Liz: So, I was thinking, tomorrow we could have breakfast at Camel’s Cafe and then maybe go to the zoo. What do you think of that?
Agnes: And see the pandas?
Liz: If the pandas are awake, we can see the pandas. Do you think they’ll be awake?
[ Liz’s phone rings ]
Liz: Ah. Maddy, hey, you’re up and at ’em early.
Katarina/(“Maddy”): [ On phone ] Yes, well, I’m at the train station of all places. Afraid I have a bit of a situation.
Liz: Oh, no. Is everything okay?
Katarina: Oh, heavens, yes, everything’s fine. It’s just, I’ve had an old friend turn up in town at the last minute, and he’d hoped to spend a little time together.
Liz: If this is about Agnes–
Katarina: I promised I’d care for her, and I will. She’s the priority. If you need me to come by–
Liz: No, go be with your friend. Don’t think twice about it, Maddy. I’ll call Beth. I’m sure she can cover. Have fun with your friend. He’s single, I hope.
Katarina: No, he’s not that kind of a friend. At least not anymore, I’m afraid.
Liz: We’ll be fine. Have fun.
Katarina: Thank you, Elizabeth. I appreciate you understanding.
[ Call ends ]
Liz: [ To Agnes ] Hey, kiddo. Go pack your bags. You’re gonna have a play date with Shelly.
Agnes: Yay!

[ Red and Dembe enter the Clay Elephant, an Indian restaurant in London. Two people play chess ]
Arjun: Sit anywhere you like.
[ Red observes the chess board ]
Red: Ah. Knight to F-3. You know, chess was originally devised in India. Back then, it was called Ashtapada.
Arjun: Uh, I know who you are.
Red: Then it only seems fair I should know who you are.
Arjun: Arjun.
Red: Listen carefully, Arjun. Two weeks ago, someone from this establishment delivered a cash payment to a man named Sutherland. Might I assume it was you?
[ Arjun nods ]
Red: Good. That payment was made on behalf of a woman I’m looking for. Did she contact you?
Arjun: Uh –
Red: Focus, Arjun. If you need to, by all means check your notes.
Arjun: Notes? No. I-I remember. The payment was requested by New York, our main office.
Red: Tell me about the main office.
Arjun: It’s a little place on 12th Street Matangi. Look, I can be killed for telling you this.
Red: On the other hand, you would definitely be killed for not telling me this.
Arjun: New York – They run everything, the entire network.
Red: How big is the network?
[ At the New York Office, bills are run through a machine, then workers roll them into cylinders, which are packed into Chinese take-out containers ]
Bhavish Ratna: [ On phone ] London 692, $1.3 million outgoing.
Arjun: They have 34 outposts in 18 countries. All front as small restaurants, locally owned. They make good on financial IOUs sent and received from around the world.
Red: And the person who runs the network, they would have a record of the woman who paid Mr. Sutherland?
Arjun: If he doesn’t know, he knows who would.
Red: I’ll need his name.

[ Liz’s home ]
Liz: [ Answers phone ] Reddington, what’s up?
Red: Elizabeth, I have something on very short notice.
Liz: What is it? Is something wrong?
Red: It’s a case – Bhavish Ratna. He’s the next name on the Blacklist.

[ Liz briefs the Task Force ]
Liz: Hawala – It’s an Arabic word that essentially means “money transfer without money movement.” Since 9/11, the hawala system has been a focus of the Bureau. But according to Reddington, his newest Blacklister has taken the traditional legal method to a whole new illegal level.
Agent Alina Park: I’m sorry, you’re gonna have to catch me up. This hawala – it’s a banking system?
Liz: It’s a banking system outside of banks.
Cooper: A terrorist in Kabul wants to make payment to another terrorist in Bangladesh. He can’t go into a bank and wire the money, so he goes to see a hawaladar in his city and then gives him the cash. That hawaladar calls his counterpart in Bangladesh and requests that he front he money to the recipient.
Liz: It’s an IOU system.
Cooper: No bank records, no wires, no actual movement of money.
Agent Park: Meaning there’s nothing for law enforcement to track and no evidence to build the case.
Liz: Which brings me to our suspect Bhavish Ratna, 60, Indian national with no priors.
[ Ratna’s profile is displayed above ]
Liz: Last address Jackson Heights, Queens. If the traditional model is an informal association between brokers, Ratna just formalized it. 34 offices in 18 countries, all moving cash for terrorists, human traffickers, drug cartels – the worst of the worst. All run by one man, all with the same front to the public restaurants.

[ A transaction is placed: ]
Sai: How much?
Zhao Wing (a client): $3.5 million to 635 Barrow Street, 32nd floor.
[ Sai makes a call ] [ Phone rings in New York ]
Bhavish Ratna: [ On phone ] New York, 714.
Sai: Hong Kong, 381 to New York, 714. Obtain and support $3.5 million.
Bhavish Ratna: $3.5 million, obtain and support. Verify locate.
Sai: Locate 635 Barrow Street, 32nd floor, suite 3201.
Bhavish Ratna: It’s en route. Consider it done.

Liz: According to Reddington, these restaurants have different names but are connected financially and all headquartered in Manhattan.
Cooper: And Reddington wants us to take it down, why? It sounds like Ratna is his business partner, not his enemy.
Liz: He thinks the woman who took him in Paris used Ratna to pay for intel. He hopes that Ratna will help him find her.
Cooper: If he thinks Ratna’s that important, why isn’t he doing this himself?
Agent Park: Maybe it’s a smokescreen, meant to keep us distracted while he works another angle.
Aram: I’m sorry, you’ve been here like 9 seconds. How are you already more jaded than Agent Ressler?
[ To Ressler: ] Um – No offense.
Cooper: The three of you will get to New York, set up surveillance, see what you can find. I’ll have FBI in New York get a warrant.
Agent Park: Based on what criteria?
Cooper: I have no idea. I’ll figure that out, assuming I can get a judge to believe a word that I’m saying.

[ Katarina’s apartment. She sits next to Ilya ]
Katarina: I would have done anything for you, Ilya. When you asked me to help you in Belgrade, you knew I’d say yes. Never even occurred to me that you would betray me.
Ilya: Listen – Dominic thought–
Katarina: I know what Dominic thought. And he’s paying for his sins. And if he survives, I’ll find him again and finish the job. At least he believed he was protecting Masha. But you – you were my friend.
Ilya: There are things about this you can’t possibly understand.
Katarina: Oh, but I want to understand. In fact, I insist. I’ve thought a lot about why you chose me as the lamb you could take to slaughter. You thought I was weak – the prey and not the predator. Ask Reddington how he feels about me now.
Ilya: Hurting me won’t get you answers. The Townsend Directive is real. They’re coming for you.
Katarina: Then tell me how to stop them.
Ilya: I’ll die before I talk.
Katarina: I don’t intend to wait for you to give me answers. I’m going to take them from you instead.
Ilya: The hell does that mean?
Katarina: It means I’ve invited an old friend to pay us a visit. And by this time tomorrow – you will have told me everything I need to know.

[ New York City. Agent Park and Ressler are parked in a vehicle near the Clay Elephant restaurant ]
Agent Park: This is not right. We should have a proper warrant, get the evidence.
Ressler: Cooper’s getting a warrant. We’re just trying to corroborate what our source told us.
Agent Park: We know nothing about this man.
[ Liz is standing on a sidewalk in the area ]
Liz: [ On comms ] Bhavish Ratna – married, bought the restaurant 23 years ago with his wife. Taxes paid, not once late on rent.
Agent Park: All we know about his alleged criminal activity is what Reddington told us.
Ressler: Hang on, wait. Reddington told us that the world’s largest underground bank is also serving the best lunch buffet in Manhattan, and that’s not enough for you?
Agent Park: I’m only saying we have protocol. I’m not comfortable trusting what Reddington told us about this.
[ A delivery guy on a bike stops in front of the restaurant ]
[ The conversation between Ressler, Liz and Park continues seamlessly over comms ]
Liz: There’s the delivery guy again.
[ Bhavish Ratna comes out of the restaurant with two large plain shopping bags ]
Agent Park: Wait, is that him?
Liz: That’s him – Ratna.
Agent Park: Okay, that’s odd. Why is the owner making a delivery when he’s had the kid running deliveries all day?
Ressler: I don’t know, but if I find cash in those bags instead of vindaloo, would it make you feel any better about arresting the guy?
Liz: He’s not taking the bike. He’s walking from here.
Ressler: All right, Keen, you and Park flank him. I’ll take his six. Let’s just keep an eye on him, see where he’s going.
[ Ressler and Agent Park get out of the vehicle. They continue to talk over comms ]
Ressler: Keen, you got eyes?
Liz: Copy that. I have eyes.
Agent Park: He can’t be going far on foot.
Ressler: Which means if he’s doing a drop, the target’s got to be close.
Liz: Guys, I think we have a situation here.
Agent Park: Woman at your 10 o’clock, dark hair, blue jacket.
Ressler: With the newspaper?
Agent Park: I think she’s security.
Liz: The construction worker behind Ratna – he’s on radio. I don’t like this. He’s got protection.
Agent Park: We should call for support.
[ Bhavish Ratna walks along the sidewalk until he comes to a bench on which Red sits ]
Red: Bhavish. Is that you?
Ratna: You are, uh –
[ Liz, Ressler nor Park can get an angle to see Red ]
Liz: Ressler, what’s going on?
Ressler: I don’t know. Could be the target. Park, you have eyes?
Agent Park: No, nothing. Too many people.
Ratna: Raymond Reddington?
[ Red is seated on a bench ]
Red: And you’re Bhavish Ratna. Now we’re friends.
Agent Park: He’s talking to someone. Can’t see his face. He’s wearing a hat.
Ressler: You got to be kidding me.
Agent Park: No, that’s not possible. It’s Reddington.
Red: I’m here as something of a guardian angel, Bhavish. It’s come to my attention that you’re the target of an FBI investigation.
Bhavish Ratna: That can’t be.
Red: And yet it is.
Ressler: Keen, you want to tell me what the hell he’s doing here?
Agent Park: Wait, is Reddington here with us or the target?
Liz: He’s not with us.
[ Red points out the FBI agents to Ratna ]
Red: See the rather furtive ginger behind you? He’s FBI. Or if he isn’t, he certainly looks like he’s FBI. Same with the woman by the fence over there.
Ratna: And why are you telling me all this?
Red: Because there’s something I want you to tell me, just as soon as I get you the hell out of here. See the gentleman behind me, by the black Mercedes? He’s your escape plan.
Ressler: How do you want to handle this, Keen?
Liz: I don’t know. He’s got security everywhere.
Red: Say the word, and we’re gone.
Ratna: If it’s my clients you want to know about, I don’t talk about them.
Red: Yes, well, never say never.
Ratna: I can take care of myself. I have more security than you may know.
Red: Are you really sure this is the time or place to get into a shoot-out with the FBI, Bhavish? Putting your clients first before yourself while you’re surrounded by the authorities may prove to be somewhat shortsighted. No? [ Getting up ] Okay, just remember, when you’re left holding the bag, I’m the one who told you so.
[ Red walks toward his Mercedes ]
Ressler: We got to fall back. There’s too many civilians.
Agent Park: We’re not letting this guy walk.
[ Red gets in his car ] [ Ratna starts to run with the shopping bags ]
Agent Park: Stop! FBI! I said stop!
[ One of Ratna’s security detail, a woman, points her gun. The guard dressed a worker does, too ]
Liz: Ressler, they’re armed.
[ Liz and Ressler aim their guns at the two ]
Ressler: Down! Down! Put the gun down!
Liz: Drop your weapon! Drop your weapon.
Ressler: Put it down.
[ The woman puts her gun down ]
[ Ratna drops the bags and runs to Red’s Mercedes. He gets in and it takes off ]
Liz: FBI! Stop! Watch out.
[ Someone on roller skates swoops in and gets the two shopping bags ]
[ Ressler squares off with the other guard ]
Ressler: Put the gun down. Put it down.
Liz: You heard the man. Put the gun down.
[ Agent Park comes up behind the man and flips him over with a judo move, then knocks him out with her fist ]
Agent Park: You want to tell me what the hell that was all about?
Ressler: Guess we’re gonna have to ask Reddington.

[ Red’s wood paneled safe house, back in DC ]
Bhavish Ratna: How could this possibly happen? My people take every precaution vetting clients, travel routes. My security people are in custody, and if they talk–
Red: Quite frankly, I’d be more concerned about your restaurant.
Ratna: The restaurant, the vault, the books. The network compromised. Everyone’s going to jail.
Red: But you’re not. You’re sitting right here in my safe house. Have a nice cup of masala chai.
Ratna: Mr. Reddington, you don’t understand. I was transporting $3.5 million that belongs to the Zhao Triad. The money never made it to Atticus.
Red: Eli Atticus, the extractor?
Ratna: Zhao will come for me if I can’t pay. And with a breach like this, my network will fold. Money will evaporate. My resources gone.
Red: What if I could offer you a loan, make you whole?
Ratna: For the money we lost?
Red: I didn’t lose any money, Bhavish. You did, because you hesitated when you shouldn’t have. Now, normally, I charge 20% for a cash loan of this size, but given the circumstances, I could go as low as 19%.
Ratna: Why would you help me? You don’t even know me.
Red: As I said, you have information that I seek.
Ratna: And if I help, this loan, this money, you can access it quickly?
Red: Before your tea cools.
[ Red makes a call ]
Red: Morgan, it’s me.
Morgan: [ On phone ] Yeah, we’re working as fast as we can.
Red: Well, tell the fellas upstairs we’re in urgent need of 3½ meal tickets.
Morgan: Now?
Red: Yes, now. Put it down at 19%, and please get it here as quickly as possible.
Ratna: What is it you want to know?
Red: It’s come to my attention that you recently arranged for payment to a British agent named Skip Sutherland on behalf of a woman, Constance Drucker.
Ratna: Yes, I remember.
Red: I need to know what other payments you may have made on behalf of Miss Drucker.
[ Ratna looks through a small notebook ]
Ratna: There were, uh – There were only two. The payment you speak of, to the British agent, Skip Sutherland.
Red: And the second?
Ratna: To some kind of moving company. Orion Relocation Services.
[ Red’s guys show up with the money in two briefcases and open them for Ratna ]
Red: Cheers.
Ratna: Thank you, Mr. Reddington!

[ Red steps aside to call Glen Carter ]
Glen: [ On phone ] Hey, Big Red! What’s the story, kemosabe?
Red: Where are you?
Glen: Just wrapped up a student driver exam. Epic fail. Parallel parking is a lost art.
Red: Glen, clear your schedule. We have to talk. I have a job for you.

[ Katarina is home, on a call ]
Katarina: Understood. No, we have the list. Everything will be ready when you arrive.
[ Call ends ]
Katarina: A short delay. He’ll be here by tomorrow.
Berdy: I knew it. What kind of delay?
Katarina: I don’t know. He’s eccentric. You know how these creative people can be.
Berdy: Insane, which is what this entire plan was in the first place.
Katarina: We’ve talked about this.
Berdy: No, I talked, and you pretended to listen because you didn’t want to face the fact that this is junk science and a waste of time.
Katarina: It’s our best option.
[ Ilya can hear the conversation ]
Berdy: He turns people into zombies. Half the time without any results.
Katarina: I don’t care. Others are willing to kill for what they want. Well, so am I. And if he fails, so be it. At least I’ll know we’ve used every conceivable means at our disposal.
[ Ilya is able to leverage a shoe string to break one of the cable ties. He then breaks the other ]

[ Cooper’s office ]
Cooper: [ On phone ] You played us.
Red: Harold, please, calm down.
Cooper: You wanted Ratna because he has information about the woman who abducted you in Paris. You never intended for us to catch him. You wanted him to see us so that you could swoop in and save him.
Red: It’s more complicated than that.
Cooper: Feel free to dumb it down for us. I say “us” because I’ve invited Agents Ressler and Park to listen in. They deserve to know why you double-crossed them in the field.
Red: Actually, they don’t. You gave them an order. They followed it.
Cooper: You tipped Ratna off to an FBI investigation you initiated!
Red: Yes, to put him in my debt by setting him free.
Cooper: You set Ratna free?
Red: As a bird.
Agent Park: You have no idea where he is?
Red: Harold, perhaps you haven’t fully explained to Agent Park how this arrangement works, or perhaps her sense of justice simply isn’t as nuanced as I had imagined.
Cooper: You’re gonna help us find him.
Red: I appreciate your frustrations. I’m sorry to put you in this position. But someone I care deeply about is missing, and I did what I did to try and find him.
Cooper: Who’s missing?
Red: That’s not your concern. What is your concern is Ratna’s banking enterprise. It’s come to my attention that Ratna is moving $3.5 million from the Zhao Crime Syndicate to Eli Atticus.
Cooper: I don’t know any Eli Atticus.
Red: He’s an extraction expert who has a reputation for breaking high-value targets out of black sites and detention facilities around the world. If the Zhao syndicate is paying Atticus, it means they’ve lost someone that they want back. I don’t know who, I don’t know when, but I can assure you, there’s a prison break on the horizon, and it’s going to be bloody.
Cooper: —
Red: As my third executioner said, nothing voices contrition better than silence. Good talk. You’re welcome for the tip.
[ Call ends ]

Agent Park: That’s it? What about the park, what he did there?
Cooper: We expressed our displeasure. He gave us a lead.
Agent Park: I just I don’t understand.
Ressler: Well, how could you? The man’s had three executioners.
Cooper: If it’s any consolation, even after all these years, I don’t understand, either. All I do know is that Eli Atticus may be about to commit a crime. Our job is to stop him before he does.

[ Liz’s friend Beth calls her at work ]
Liz: Hello?
Beth: Liz, hey, you got a minute?
Liz: Yeah, Beth. What’s going on? How are the girls?
Beth: They’re good. We just finished up snack time. I wanted to give you a call about Agnes.
Liz: What’s wrong? Everything okay?
Beth: Shelly and Agnes were drawing, and Agnes, what she drew in her sketchbook – This totally could have waited.
Liz: What did she draw?
Beth: It’s a picture of a dead man.
Liz: What do you mean, a dead man? Did she say–
Beth: That’s why I’m calling. She said that she saw him in the park.
Liz: The dead man?
Beth: I thought you should know. I didn’t know–
Liz: Yes, no, of course.
Beth: –if it was a dream or maybe some story she heard?
Liz: I don’t know– You know what? She walked in on me while I was watching TV. A terrible show.
Beth: Thank God. I’m sure that’s what she saw. You’re at work. Go do your thing. We’ll be fine. We can, um, talk more tonight.
Liz: Okay, thank you, Beth.

Liz: Did you find something?
Agent Park: I think so.
Aram: Okay, Mr. Reddington said that when we arrested him, Bhavish Ratna was moving funds to pay a contractor named Eli Atticus.
Cooper: An extraction expert.
Ressler: A war criminal in Scheveningen, a drug kingpin in Bogotá – this guy’s team has disappeared prisoners from around the world.
Aram: And we think his next job may be right here at home.
Agent Park: Last week, a joint FBI/DEA task force ran a sting on PPR Global, a shipping company that launders money for the Zhao crime syndicate.
Aram: 14 employees were arrested. Several were injured. But one man, Alfred Yang, remains in stable condition, under police custody, at Nations First Hospital.
Liz: Atticus isn’t gonna go after someone who’s already in prison.
Aram: He’s gonna grab Alfred Yang before he ever gets to prison.
Cooper: Keen, notify the detail at Nations First, put them on alert. Ressler, Park, get there and get the target out. I’ll have his transfer to Walter Reed approved before you arrive.

[ Nations First Hospital ]
DEA Agent Truax: Agent Ressler? William Truax, DEA. We spoke over the phone.
Ressler: The witness is on the fourth floor?
Agent Truax: Protective detail’s in place.
Agent Park: Notify hospital security. Execute a code silver till we can get the witness offsite.
[ Gunshot heard from above 💥 ]
Agent Park: The hell was that?
[ Gunshots from above 💥💥💥 💥💥💥 💥💥💥 ]
Agent Truax: [ On phone ] Truax to command. Command?
Ressler: All right. Park, call it in. You got west access. I’ll take the east.

Announcer: Attention, code silver.

[ On the fourth floor is a scene of carnage. Agent Park encounters multiple dead and wounded, others cowering. Gun drawn, she makes her way until she comes to one of the DEA protective detail, leaning against a bed, shaking and nearly dead ]
Dying Man: Yang – they have him. F-Four of them. Went to the west.
[ Agent Park calls Ressler ]
Agent Park: Ressler, four gunmen on the move, headed your way.
[ Ressler and DEA agents engage the gunmen ]
— Breach, breach.
— Fall back.
[ 💥💥💥 💥💥💥 Rapid-fire Gunfight 💥💥💥 💥💥💥 ]
[ Agent Truax is hit in the chest below the heart ]
Ressler: [ Into phone ] Man down, man down! They have Yang in the east stairwell.
[ He applies pressure to Truax’s wound ]
Ressler: Hang in there. Hang in there. Hang in there.
[ Someone jumps Ressler from behind and tries the choke him ]
Ressler: [ Grunting ] Oh! Oh!
[ Ressler tries to throw the man off. He reaches for something on a shelf ]
[ Agent Park appears and shoots the man 💥 but he is only wounded and escapes through a stairwell door ]
Agent Park: Ressler! You okay? Ressler?!
[ Ressler is lying on the floor, gasping. His head sinks to the tile floor, his eyes close ]

[ At the DMV, Glen Carter is arranging posters and props with a gambling theme ]
Glen Carter: Orion Relocation Services? Ah, never heard of ’em.
Red: Well, I only just mentioned them.
Glen: What are they, some kind of a disappearing service?
Red: That’s what I’m trying to figure out, Glen – who they are, what they do, how to make contact.
Glen: I kinda got a full dance card.
Red: Glen, this is important.
[ Phone ringing ]
Red: Please, I- I need you to find these people as soon as human–
Glen: [ On phone ] Yeah. Yeah, put him through. I don’t know what’s wrong with these people. I told them to hold all– Yellow. What? What?! Absolutely not. Jerry, I told you, it’s gotta be raspberry.
[ Red looks exasperated ]
Glen: No, ice cream won’t work. Neither will sorbet. It’s got to be sherbet. — Because that’s what she said. I don’t know, Jerry. I don’t work in the grocery store. Try a different aisle. Maybe try looking over by those lit–
[ Red disconnects the call ]
Glen: That was Jerry.
Red: I don’t care.
Glen: He’s trying to make Trudy’s raspberry sherbet party punch, which is sort of a casino-night custom.
[ Red leans in ]
Red: [ Angrily ] Glen, there is no casino night. There is no DMV. Right now, all that matters is finding Orion Relocation Services.
Glen: Okay, take it easy.
Red: Don’t tell me to take it easy. This is important. You’re a tracker, and I need you to find out everything you can about these people, right now.
Glen: This is different, huh? Important.
[ The phone rings. Glen lifts the receiver, puts it back down ]
Red: The woman from Paris – She took someone I care deeply about. What’s happening to him now, what she’s subjecting him to –
[ At Katarina’s, Ilya is trying to hang himself with an electrical cord ]
[ Berdy enters ]
Berdy: [ Calls to Katarina ] Hey, gimme a hand!
Red: – I can’t even begin to imagine, which is why I need to find him.
[ Katarina enters ]
Katarina: No!
Red: But I can’t do that unless you find Orion Relocation Services. Glen, I implore you. This is life or death.
[ Berdy and Katarina cut Ilya down and lower him to the floor ]
Katarina: [ Emotionally ] How could you do this? How could you possibly be willing to die in order to protect him?! After all we’ve been through, Ilya.
Ilya: I’m sorry. I’m sorry.
Katarina: Why won’t you help me? Why?

[ Liz is at the hospital. She talks to Red at his safe house ]
Red: [ On phone ] I’m sorry, uh, say that again?
Liz: We lost Yang. Atticus’ men got here first. Most of the protective detail is dead.
Red: You’re telling me Zhao Wing, the leader of one of the most powerful criminal organizations in the world, hires Eli Atticus, perhaps the preeminent prisoner-extraction specialist in the world, to target a city hospital? All to rescue a rank-and-file foot soldier in Zhao’s army?
Liz: You don’t buy it?
Red: No, Elizabeth, I do not buy it.
Liz: So, maybe Yang wasn’t just a foot soldier.
Red: I don’t care if he’s the architect of Zhao’s entire empire. Shooting up a public hospital is an extreme measure, required only in the most desperate of circumstances.
Liz: Maybe Zhao couldn’t afford to have him talk to the police. Maybe he was worried Yang would flip.
Red: So you wait to see if he’s negotiating a cooperation agreement in the first place.
Liz: That sounds reasonable.
Red: So, why the fireworks?
Liz: Because Yang knew something, and Zhao needed to know what it was.
Red: Or maybe he knows exactly what Yang knows, and maybe Zhao needs to make sure that nobody else ever hears what Yang knows.
Liz: Because Yang’s an informant. Or worse. Oh, my God. That’s it.

[ At a garage, men including Alfred Yang get out of vans ] [ Dialogue in Cantonese (from subtitles): ]
Zhao Wing: So he is back, [ To Yang ] back where you belong.
Yang: Boss. Thank you for rescuing me. I owe you my life.
Zhao: Welcome. In our organization, we are all brothers – regardless of rank – are just as equally important [sic]. Mm?
[ Zhao approaches Yang and hugs him ]
Zhao: But you are not one of my brothers, are you, Alfred? I know.
[ Zhao stabs🔪Yang in the back. He twists the knife ]
Zhao: Fortunately, I will not have to wait long for you to pay me what you owe.
[ Yang falls back. Others catch him ]
Zhao: Bring him inside.
[ Yang is taken away. Zhao wipes his knife clean ] [ End of Cantonese dialogue ]

[ The hospital. Liz approaches the DEA Officer heading up the protective detail ]
Liz: Were you gonna tell us?
DEA Officer: I’m sorry. You are?
Liz: Agent Keen. I’m part of the task force who tried to warn you this was gonna happen. He’s one of yours, isn’t he, Alfred Yang? He’s an agent.
DEA Officer: Keep your voice down.
Liz: How long has he been undercover? The Zhaos didn’t do this to rescue one of their soldiers. They did this to eliminate an undercover cop who could have destroyed them.
DEA Officer: How the hell do you know that?
Liz: I have a source. Apparently, so does Zhao. How long?
DEA Officer: Just over two years. The U.S. Attorney just authorized RICO charges last week. He is the linchpin to the entire case.
Liz: Not anymore.
DEA Officer: We think Yang’s cover is intact. This was a recovery mission.
Liz: Listen to me. They’re gonna kill him. If we don’t find a way to track wherever they took him, they are going to kill him.
[ Ressler walks up. He looks disheveled, but okay ]
Ressler: I think I can help with that.
Liz: Hey, you okay?
Ressler: Yeah, I’ll be fine. [ To the DEA Officer ] Tell me, does the hospital put chips in their I.D. badges to help locate staff?
DEA Officer: Yang was a patient, not hospital staff. W-Why does this help us?
Ressler: Because I managed to slip one in the pocket of a perp while he was trying to choke the life out of me. Can we track it?

[ The FBI raids Zhao’s operation ]
— FBI!
— Go! Go!
— FBI!
[ 💥💥💥 💥💥💥 Gunfight 💥💥💥 💥💥💥 ]
— Hands! Hands!
— Don’t move.
[ Liz finds Yang, bleeding but alive ]
Liz: Call an ambulance.

[ Red stops at the DMV to check on Glen’s progress in finding the moving company. Glen is eating a meatball sub ]
Red: What are you doing?
Glen: Is that a trick question?
Red: Why aren’t you working?
Glen: I understand this is important to you, and I’m doing my best, but I don’t work well when my stomach’s got the growlies and–
Red: Have you found them? Orion Relocation Services?
Glen: No, and I have to admit, I’m not getting much closer, which is a problem, ’cause it’s almost casino night. And if I don’t have everything set when Jerry gets here with the sherbet, we’re gonna have a real prob–
[ Red grabs the sub sandwich and throws it ‼️ against the louvered blinds ]
Red: [ Leaning in, angrily ] We talked about this. There is no casino night. There is nothing but me standing right in front of you. Look at me. This thing we do, this whole dynamic? My indulgence of your relentless nonsense, your insipid banter? I tolerate it. But don’t lose sight of the fact that this is a business relationship. You’re a finder. You exist to me because you find things. Are you telling me that you can’t find what I need you to find? Because if that’s the case, I will end this right now. And don’t think I won’t because we have a history. If my friend dies because of you—  Orion Relocation Services. Find them.

[ Cooper’s Office ]
Cooper: Don’t look so grim, Agent Park. You saved an officer’s life today.
Agent Park: Sir, hard to feel cheery, all things considered, sir.
Cooper: All things? What am I missing? An undercover agent is alive because of you and Agent Ressler. The RICO case against the Zhao syndicate will be prosecuted. As we speak, the bureau is identifying the various clients and criminals connected to Bhavish Ratna and his hawaladar network.
Agent Park: And Ratna? He’s what? Helping Reddington? Dead?
Cooper: Could be either or both.
Agent Park: What are we getting involved in?
Cooper: I don’t follow.
Agent Park: Reddington wanted Ratna. Said he needed him, that he was critical to finding whoever abducted him in Paris. But I have a feeling this is about more than Paris.
Cooper: What are you suggesting?
Agent Park: That Reddington’s in over his head, that he’s scared, that he has his back up against the wall. About what? I have no idea. But this I have a sinking feeling this thing is gonna get worse before it gets better.
[ In the back of his Mercedes, as Dembe drives, Red looks agitated and concerned ]
Agent Park: And whatever he’s up against – I just don’t want it to end up on our doorstep.

[ It’s evening at Liz’s ]
Liz: [ To Agnes ] Come here. Give me a hug. I haven’t seen you all day. Hey. Can I ask you something about the, uh– the picture you drew today?
Agnes: Yeah.
Liz: The man in the picture – is he someone you saw?
Agnes: I don’t know.
Liz: Is it something you want to talk to me about? Honey, Agnes, look at me. You’re not in trouble, honey. I’m just curious where you got the idea.
Agnes: I saw him in the park.
Liz: With Miss Tolliver?
Agnes: Yeah.

[ In her apartment, Katarina (aka Maddy Tolliver) fastens Ilya’s hands to the chair arms with cuffs ]
Ilya: Come on. What is all this?
Katarina: This, Ilya, is for an old friend, for the work he’s going to do. He’s quite excited to meet you.
[ Knocks on door ]
[ Katarina opens the door ]
Katarina: Elizabeth, hello.
Liz: Hi. How’s your friend?
Katarina: Oh. Fantastic. I hadn’t seen him in ages. Thank you for understanding. I hope Agnes got along okay.
Liz: Actually, that’s what I wanted to see you about. Uh, is now a bad time?
Katarina: Not at all. Is she asleep? I can come to your place.
Liz: Great. Okay.

[ Across the hall, in Liz’s apartment ] [ They look at the picture Agnes made ]
Katarina: I can’t imagine what she could have possibly seen, but surely it wasn’t a body. Not- Not with me, in the park.
Liz: She wouldn’t just make that up.
Katarina: No, of course not. But like all children, Agnes does have a vivid imagination.
Liz: So, she didn’t say anything to you? Nothing at all?
Katarina: Can I be completely honest with you? No more secrets?
Liz: Uh, I didn’t realize we had secrets.
Katarina: Elizabeth, please. I’ve seen the gun in your purse. The men outside standing guard? I know that you’re an FBI agent.
Liz: Well, what does that have to do with–
Katarina: Do you think perhaps Agnes– that this body is her way of saying that what you do scares her?
Liz: What I do does scare her, and we talk about that.
Katarina: And you and I have talked about her love of fairy tales and how the violence in those stories help deflect what’s going on in her mind.
Liz: This is not a fairy tale.
Katarina: I can tell I’ve upset you, but you have nothing to be defensive about.
Liz: [ Defensively ] I’m not being defensive. I’m defending my daughter.
Katarina: I’m not attacking her. I’m just saying that I was with her in the park. I was there. And there was no body.

[ The DMV ] [ Raps on door ] [ Red enters ]
Red: Glen. About earlier. I must say, I feel terrible.
[ Glen hands Red a folder ]
Red: What’s this?
Glen: Everything you need to know about Orion Relocation Services, which is a corporate loan-out for a small moving company in Paterson.
Red: You found them.
Glen: I did. And from what I can tell, they’re movers that relocate ne’er-do-wells – sort of a witness protection for criminals.
Red: Thank you, Glen. I’m in your debt. And about before–
Glen: Save it, Chief. Another time. If I can get to the Eagles Club now, I can still make it in time for a little roulette and a cup of Trudy’s raspberry sherbet party punch. Wish me luck.
Red: Roulette – that’s your game?
Glen: Of course, baby. And you know I always bet on Red.
[ Both laugh ]

[ Liz sits on a picnic table at Rock Creek Park. She looks at the picture Agnes made ]
[ Ryan Kinder’s ♫ “Bury the Shadows” plays ( unavailable) ]

♪ Silence cuts my ears
Heavy on my shoulders

[ Liz gets up and explores. It’s been rainy ]

♪ I can’t see the stars
Frozen in the dark

♪ How do you bury the shadows?
How do you bury the shadows?

[ Liz notices she has mud on her boot. She walks toward the bath house. Inside, she wipes the mud from her boot with a wet paper towel ]

♪ How do you bury the shadows?
How do you bury the shadows?

♪ Skeletons under the stones
Haunted when I’m alone

[ Liz sees that a mirror has been cracked and there is blood on it ]

♪ How do you silence a soul?
How do you silence a soul?

[ Louder: ]
♪ And how do you bury the shadow?
And how do you bury the shadow?
No. No.
How do you bury the shadows?

[ Katarina’s apartment ] [ Katarina lets in a man with a wide-brimmed hat, beard and glasses. He is carrying a briefcase ]

♪ How do you bury the shadows?
♪ How do you bury the shadows?
♪ How do you bury the shadows?

Man: [ Russian accent ] So, he’s the one?
Katarina: This is him.
[ The man leans down to talk to Ilya ]
Man: Don’t be afraid. It’s okay. We’re just going to have a little look at some of your, um– memories.

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// 11/19/2019; nice background piece; “German authorities watched the suspected illegal banking operation for a year before their raid. The suspects are accused of running an illegal hawala banking system between Germany and Turkey.”


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