🔴 Script 7:16 Nyle Hatcher


🔴 Script 7:16 Nyle Hatcher (№ 149)

NBC’s series The Blacklist starring James Spader and Megan Boone
Series created by: Jon Bokenkamp
Program air date: 4/24/2020 in the US (7pm Central/Chicago Time)
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Directed by: Tessa Blake
Written by: Katie Bockes

Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington – James Spader
Elizabeth Keen – Megan Boone
Donald Ressler – Diego Klattenhoff
Harold Cooper – Harry Lennix
Aram Mojtabai – Amir Arison
Dembe Zuma – Hisham Tawfiq
Nancy James – Kate Abbruzzese
Costas Korba – Peter Allas
Angela Hendrickson – Gus Birney
Morgan – Jonathan Blimline
Nyle Hatcher – Sean Bridgers
Sheriff – Francesca Ferrara
Geoffrey Entz – Benton Greene
Robby Ressler – Anthony Michael Hall
Jalal Abbas – Daoud Heidami
Chuck – Jonathan Holtzman
Donna – Shirleyann Kaladjian
Sakiya – Sue Jean Kim
Mrs Margaret James – Linda Marie Larson
Esi Jackson – Kecia Lewis
Mickey – Josh Mostel
Katarina Rostova – Laila Robins
Agent Alina Park – Laura Sohn
Imam Sadiq Asmal – Harold Surratt
Kendra Taylor – Adele Heather Taylor
Midwife – Amy Tribbey
Mrs Jonathan McClaire – Laurie Williams


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🔴 Script 7:16 Nyle Hatcher (№ 149)

Brief (Where we’re at): Once more, just as it seemed Liz and Red are on the “same side,” Red found out that Liz hired a private investigator to find his friend Ilya Koslov (now known as Frank Bloom). Liz has known for some time that Red is not Ilya, as she was told in a tale spun by her grandfather, Dominic Wilkinson. Ilya and Dom were both KGB operatives and both were involved in an attempt to kill Katarina Rostova, Dom’s daughter and Ilya’s friend. Katarina was also a KGB operative and infamous spy, who made enemies by joining The Cabal, a secret group of cross-national power brokers. Dom wanted Liz to think Red was Ilya, and to keep her from finding out the truth: that he (Dom), with help from Ilya, had attempted to assassinate Katarina to protect Liz (aka “Masha”). But Liz did find out, when she figured that her new next door neighbor and ersatz nanny was indeed her mother. After gaining Liz’s sympathy, Katarina has again gone into hiding, but not before staging her own death to fool Red.

But as Red was not Ilya, who was he? DNA analysis of skeletal remains proved that Liz’s father, the real Raymond Reddington, is dead. *Someone* underwent plastic surgery to assume his identity, but who? Liz intends to find out, but Ilya, who she hired a private investigator to find, has again gone into hiding. The reason why Red became Liz’s hidden benefactor, then the confidential informant for the Reddington Task Force, and increasingly her friend, remain inscrutable.

But one thing is clear, increasingly Liz has been inclined to see things from Red’s point of view, especially when the legal system and law enforcement fail to deliver “justice.” This played out in Episode 7:15 Gordon Kemp (Blacklister #158) about the unscrupulous manufacturer of cheap handguns who the justice system was utterly incapable of holding accountable. So Red stepped in and delivered “justice” in his signature way.

Director Cooper has warned Liz about how working with Red has made it increasingly difficult for them all to discern the line between right and wrong. But just as Liz seemed inclined to ‘be on Red’s side,’ he now has a new reason to mistrust her. Of all the things he’s done, of all the lives taken and lost, what can he be hiding or who is he protecting that he would need to continue to keep the knowledge of his true identity from her at all costs?

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[ 10 months ago ]
[ Ominous music plays ] [ Police radio chatter ] [ At the site of a plane crash, people in HazMat suits look for the bodies ]
Sheriff: Hey, Hatcher. Coroner’s finished with the scatter at the tree line. Probably got another seven or eight down there.
Nyle Hatcher: So they’re released?
Sheriff: Yep. All yours.
Hatcher: [ Calls out ] The feds say we’re clear. Start bringing the victims up. Take a team to the tree line and start moving ’em to the morgue.
[ Camera shutter clicking ] [ Suspenseful music plays ] [ Hatcher flips through the pages of a profile of a man named Abraham Geller. He takes a photo of the face of one of the victims, a male ]

[ People in Hazmat gear move bodies into a field morgue. A room is marked “Identification.” Nyle Hatcher is working inside ]
Tech: Here’s the next one, Hatcher.
[ Hatcher pulls the sheet covering the dead man’s face ]
Hatcher: Hello, Mr. Geller.
[ Making sure he’s alone, Hatcher takes out a needle and syringe ]
[ Indistinct conversations in distance ]

[ Knock on door ] [ Nyle Hatcher opens the door. A young, pretty, blonde woman, smiles ]
Young woman: Hey.
Nyle Hatcher: Hello. You must be Crystal.
Young woman: One and only. You look different than your profile picture.
Hatcher: You look the same. Better. [ Chuckles lightly ] Please. Why don’t you come in.
Young woman: I don’t understand. Over the phone, you said–
Hatcher: I know what I said.
Young woman: If you’re a cop–
Hatcher: Please, I didn’t ask you here [ Inhales deeply ] for sex. Not like you think. It’s something different.
Young woman: I’m leaving.
Hatcher: Angela, sit down.
Angela Hendrickson (young woman): How do you know my real name? Who are you?
[ Ominous music plays ]
Hatcher: I’m someone who knows more about you than you might want to believe. I know about your father. I know about the medical debt, the collectors.
Angela: I said who are you?
Hatcher: Angela, there is something that I would like to tell you. Something very special that might just change your life. Would you like to hear about it?

[ Present day ]
[ Lis and Esi Jackson, the private investigator Liz hired to find Ilya Koslov, are in Ilya’s apartment, which is already been vacated ]
Esi Jackson: Already looked there. There, too. You do know I’m a private investigator.
Liz: You were made. Ilya obviously knew you were watching him.
Jackson: Maybe that wouldn’t have happened if you’d been honest about why you hired me.
Liz: I was honest. I hired you to find Koslov so I could question him.
Jackson: Does this look like a man who’s running from questions? He’s running for his life. Now, why would he do that?

[ Dembe’s mosque ] [ Sadiq Asmal, Dembe’s imam, talks with Dembe and Red ]
Imam Sadiq Asmal: They came here to the mosque, said that some of our members are communicating with Syrian jihadists.
Red: The FBI came?
Imam Asmal: Counterterrorism division. They wouldn’t tell me what they know. Maybe they’ll tell you.
Dembe: He knows about the Task Force.
Red: Does he?
Imam Asmal: I wouldn’t be much of a shepherd if I didn’t know the hearts and minds of my flock.
[ Red’s cellphone rings ]
Red: [ Sighs ] Excuse me. I’ll see what I can do.
[ Ringing continues ] [ Red steps aside ] [ Beep ]
Red: Is it done?
Esi Jackson: [ On phone ] My job is to find people, not to keep them from being found.
Red: Is it done?
Jackson: It is. Wherever Koslov went, she’s never gonna find him.
Red: Good. [ Beep ]
[ Imam Asmal has left ]
Dembe: Imam Asmal is grateful for the help. We both are.
Red: Elizabeth knows I’m not Ilya. I wonder what else she knows.
Dembe: Perhaps you should ask her. She’s waiting in the park.

[ A park ] [ Birds chirping ]
Red: You have a case.
Liz: From my days in the Mobile Psych Unit. I’d like to dig into it.
Red: If it’s important to you, then it’s important to me.
Liz: You’re sure you don’t mind?
Red: Of course not. That’s what’s so nice about us finally being on the same side of things, same agenda. No subterfuge. What you want, I want.
Liz: And you’re okay with my involving the team.
Red: I am. In fact, I insist. Idle hands and all that. But I would like you to look into something for me.
Liz: Of course.
Red: It’s about Dembe’s– imam.
Liz: Is there something wrong?
Red: I don’t know yet. That’s what I need to find out. But first, tell me about this cold case of yours.

[ The Post Office. Liz briefs the task force ]
Liz: They called him the Boneyard Killer. His first victim was found just outside Rehoboth Beach when local police exhumed a body for autopsy. What they found was a second body buried in that same grave. A young woman four feet below the surface, resting just above a freshly buried coffin – murdered and hidden in the last place anyone would ever look for her. Since then, three women have been discovered this way in graveyards in Virginia and West Virginia. He was using the cemeteries as dumpsites.
Cooper: Anything significant about the graves that were chosen?
Liz: They were fresh. Easy to dig.
Agent Park: And the victims?
Liz: All young women with a history of sex work.
Aram: Okay, this is, uh, terrible, but sex workers are like 20 times more likely to be targeted by serial killers.
Liz: True, but none of his victims were sexually assaulted, no sign of defensive wounds, no pre- or postmortem mutilation. But the way he killed them– we found dirt in their airways.
Ressler: They were alive when he buried them.
Liz: Alive, yes.
[ Nyle Hatcher’s cellphone ringing. He turns it off ]
Liz: And unconscious. Pumped so full of sodium thiopental, they’d never wake up.
[ Hatcher places a vial on a table, and a medical clamp. He spreads out a large sheet of vinyl ]
Park: I don’t understand. He drugged them so they’d die in their sleep? Why would he do that?
Cooper: He didn’t want them to suffer.
Liz: The case went cold until a week ago, when flash floods hit Montgomery and upended a few graves at Greenfare Cemetery, including one unidentified body that wasn’t supposed to be there. Initial forensics suggest she was sedated and buried alive just like the others.
Cooper: Has the Bureau reached out to you?
Liz: No, and they’re not going to. They asked me to leave the case. They said my profile wasn’t– additive.
Ressler: So this is your cold case.
Liz: Yes.
Aram: What do you mean they thought your profile wasn’t “additive”?
Liz: I don’t think he wants to kill. I think he’s mimicking these profiles in order to hide some other agenda. What, I don’t know, but I think he finds satisfaction in something other than the act of the crime itself.
Cooper: Whatever his motive, these bodies were found by chance, and we can’t wait for another. Talk to the M.E. See what he knows. Let’s hope this newest tragedy will help you find this guy.
[ They disperse, but Liz grabs Cooper ]
Liz: Uh, sir, can I ask for another favor? Reddington says that counterterrorism is sniffing around Dembe’s imam.
[ Imam Asmal bows down to pray ]
Liz: He wants to know what they found.
Cooper: What were they looking for?
[ Two men come up behind the imam, put a hood over his head and drag him off ]
Liz: Syrian jihadists. Some of the congregants may be involved with Tahrir al-Sham. But Dembe thinks that’s impossible.
Cooper: I’ll make a few calls.

[ Medical Examiner’s Office ] [ Waiting for the M.E., Liz talks to Ressler ]
Liz: Ilya Koslov is out there somewhere, and I have no idea where.
Ressler: Do you know what your mother wanted from him?
Liz: I don’t. But she said her life depended on it.
[ Door opens ]
Medical Examiner: You were right. I looked at the original case files, and this does appear to be the work of the same killer. I have ID’d her as one Mara Lynne James. Now, the forensic evidence on your previous victims was limited, but this woman – the cold slowed the growth of bacteria, so I have a better picture of what happened.
Liz: Suffocation?
M.E.: With sodium thiopental to sedate her beforehand. Soil in the lungs. Same lack of any defensive wounds.
Liz: Was there any evidence of sexual assault?
M.E.: No, but she was sexually active.
[ He pulls back the sheet to reveal a c-section scar ]
Liz: She had a baby.
M.E.: The degree of scarring around the incision suggests she gave birth no more than a month before she was killed.

[ Woman screaming ] [ Angela Hendrickson is in labor. She sits in a bathtub full of water. A Midwife is with her, as is Nyle Hatcher ]
Midwife: Okay, now one more big push.
Hatcher: C’mon. You can do it.
Midwife: Come on. Push.
Angela: [ Gasps ]
[ Water sloshing ] [ The Midwife takes the baby ]
Hatcher: You did it.
Angela: Is everything okay? Isn’t he supposed to cry or some–
[ Baby cries ]
Midwife: Yes, she is. It’s a girl.
[ The baby has been cleaned and dressed ] [ The Midwife gives the infant to Hatcher ]
Hatcher: Rest. Please. [ To the baby ] We have work to do.
[ Baby cries softly ]

[ The home of the mother of Mara Lynne James, whose body had just been ID’d by the Medical Examiner. Mara’s sister Nancy is also there ]
Mrs Margaret James: I tried to get her off the streets. We both did. We had every resource to help her.
Agent Park: We apologize for coming at such a difficult time. We’re sorry for your loss.
Ressler: We want you to know that we’ve deployed our Child Abduction Response team and alerted every law enforcement agency in the country.
Nancy James: What for?
Park: To find Mara’s child.
Nancy: Mara didn’t have a child.
Park: According to the M.E., she gave birth a month before she passed.
Mrs James: A baby?
Ressler: Did she have a man in her life?
Nancy: A man? [ Scoffs ] You do know what she did for a living?
Ressler: Did she talk about anyone in particular?
Nancy: Yeah, she talked. She talked all the time. None of it was ever true.
Mrs James: Nancy James, if you know something that could help that child–
Nancy: [ Sighs ] A year ago – 10 months maybe, she said she met a guy, [ Scoffs ] a big fish.
Park: Did she tell you his name?
Nancy: No. Just that he had a plan. A way for her to get out.

[ At the mosque, Sakiya, dressed in Muslim garb, dusts for fingerprints. Red and Dembe are there, as is Cooper ]
Cooper: CTD and MPD will be here in 20. I can’t hold them off any longer.
Dembe: Did the Bureau do this? Has my imam been arrested?
Cooper: CTD says no, but based on their findings, maybe they should’ve. The case file Agent Keen asked for.
[ Cooper gives case file to Dembe ]
Cooper: Apparently, two members have been smuggling shipping containers in and out of Syria.
Red: For Tahrir al-Sham?
Cooper: Unclear. We don’t know what’s being shipped or by whom.
Dembe: These members in the file. I’ve seen them at the services. I don’t see them as a threat.
Cooper: Then where are they? As soon as you called about the abduction, we put out a BOLO.
But it appears as if they’re long gone.
Red: Along with Imam Asmal. The Bureau didn’t do him any favors by questioning him here in the mosque. Made it appear as if he knew something and might talk.
Cooper: Can you be sure he didn’t know?
Dembe: If he said he didn’t know, he didn’t know.
Red: What was the port of origin?
Cooper: Latakia, Syria. Why?
Red: Ironically, smuggling on a large scale is a profitable yet surprisingly small club. And ever since civil war broke out in Syria, the margins on everything from weapons to medical supplies to narcotics to food going in and out of the country have been particularly bodacious. As such, there’s plenty of room for all the players. Turf has been designated. Territory agreed upon.
Cooper: Who got Latakia?
Red: A Greek fellow from Queens. A-And Greece.

[ Baby cooing ]
Midwife: How’s Mom? You doing okay?
Angela: Great. Can’t stop staring at her.
Midwife: She is adorable. You’re blessed. I’m gonna run to the store, but there was a call while you two were asleep. I didn’t want to wake you. An attorney. Geoffrey Entz. He said you would know what it was regarding.
Midwife: Such a cute baby. I’ll see you soon.
[ Baby fussing ]

[ The site of another mass casualty incident. Multiple drowning victims are laid out on a shoreline. Nyle Hatcher is kneeling next to one of them ]
[ Cellphone rings ] [ Beep ]
Angela: [ On phone ] I talked to him.
Hatcher: The lawyer? What did he say?
Angela: That he got the letter, but he didn’t want to discuss it over the phone.
Hatcher: Did he ask to meet?
Angela: Yes, but I-I didn’t think it would be this soon. I’m not prepared.
Hatcher: I told you, Angela. I have it all worked out. Like a script. I’ll coach you through everything. Listen, I’m not in a good place to talk right now, so let me call you back. [ Beep ]
[ Hatcher matches a file picture he has to the man lying in front of him ] [ Camera shutter clicks ]

[ The Post Office ]
Aram: I think I may have something. As you may know, genetic material passes from mother to child during pregnancy, but what you may not know is it also happens in reverse. Fetal cells cross the placenta and enter the mother’s body, making up as much as 10% of the free-floating DNA in her bloodstream.
Cooper: How does that help us?
Aram: Well, with the M.E.’s help, I was able to run the fetal DNA from Mara James against databases from genetic testing services. And with almost absolute certainty, the father of her child is – Jonathan McClaire.
Liz: The self-help guru?
Aram: The same. Author of six books. He runs workshops all around the world.
Cooper: A married man living a public life has a child with a prostitute? Bring him in. Find out what he has to say.
Aram: Right, uh, about that. Here’s the thing. He didn’t kill her.
Liz: Well, how do you know that?
Aram: Because he died 11 months before Mara James was murdered.

[ Nyle Hatcher works at his laptop. He pulls information on Roger Ashby, the dead man he had photographed at the drowning accident scene ]
[ Knock on door ] [ Another prostitute, Kendra Taylor, knocks on the door ]
Hatcher: Kendra, what I am offering you is a chance to change your life.
[ Sirens wailing in distance ]
Hatcher: A way out. And forget about debt or your car payments. This is far more than that. If you can imagine, I am the last man that you ever have to meet in a hotel room. Ever.
Kendra: How much are we talking about?
[ Hatcher hands Kendra a folder. She reads ]
Kendra: Tell me again how this works.

Costas Korba: That’s it!
[ Costas Korba, the “Greek fellow from Queens” who Red had told Cooper handled shipments in and out of Latakia, Syria, rolls up the back door of a freezer truck full of sides of beef ]
[ Red and Dembe walk up ]
Red: Mr. Korba, what a pleasure! Your reputation precedes you. Mine may not, so allow me to introduce myself.
Costas Korba: I know who you are. You don’t scare me.
Red: [ Laughs ] My heavens. Is that A5 olive wagyu? I didn’t know you did business in Japan. Or did these just fall off a truck somewhere on their circuitous journey to Nobu Damascus?
Korba: I’m a legitimate businessman.
Red: Yes, I’m sure you are. But as it happens, I’m not necessarily interested in your beef. I’m really here to discuss Jalal Abbas and his friends, and whatever they’re bringing into the country from Syria.
Korba: I may have the face of an angel, but I’m not telling you anything.
Red: On the contrary, I think you’re going to tell me where they are and what they’re smuggling.
Korba: You think you’re the first guy to threaten me?
Red: I’m not threatening you, Costas. I’m threatening your livelihood. Did you know these cows that gave up their lives to be here today grew up on the island of Shodoshima? And let me tell you, those cows had it good. Frolicking over sun-dappled hillsides, dining on olive peels from Japan’s oldest plantation. I’m told one cow can sell for $40,000, $50,000 wholesale. Rounding down, I’m probably looking at 30 quarters. Given the average rate of cooling, once I kill the AC, you’ve probably got, what, 45 minutes before your half a million dollars of umami-flavored goodness will be worth less than a shinbone.
Korba: I don’t know what they had in those shipment containers. I don’t.
Red: But you know where they went.
Korba: Yes. Yes, I do.

[ Agent Alina Park and Ressler visit the widow of Jonathan McClaire, the self-help guru ]
Mrs McClaire: I didn’t know the FBI investigated car accidents.
Ressler: We’re not here about your husband’s death, Mrs. McClaire. We’d like to talk about his relationship with Mara James.
Mrs McClaire: What did she tell you? She signed a nondisclosure agreement.
Agent Park: Mara James is dead. She was murdered.
Mrs McClaire: Oh, my God. That’s awful.
Ressler: You said she signed a contract.
Mrs McClaire: [ Sighs ] My husband had an affair that resulted in a child. Ms. James approached our attorneys. Jonathan had only recently passed, and so I settled.
Ressler: We didn’t find a record of any settlement.
Mrs McClaire: It was sealed. My husband’s career was based on – [ Inhales shakily ] – the appearance of a happy marriage. Even now, I live off the book sales.
Park: And sales would dry up if anyone knew he’d been unfaithful. So you agreed to a secret settlement.
Mrs McClaire: Well, there was a DNA test, so I know it was his child, but – we were so happy. I still can’t believe he stepped outside of our marriage.

[ The Post Office ] [ Liz works at a computer ] [ Footsteps approaching ] [ Ressler walks up ]
Ressler: What am I looking at?
Liz: The victims we found eight years ago. Their bodies were so decomposed they didn’t have C-section scars like Mara’s, but take a look at this. Pockmarks along the pelvic bone caused by ligaments tearing during childbirth.
Ressler: Our victims were all mothers. If they all had babies, did they all have secret settlements?
Park: The point of secret settlements is that they’re secret. It could take months to track down the right courthouses and secure warrants.
Liz: That’s what I thought, but it’s a good thing we know a criminal who can cut through the red tape.

[ Micky, a clerk, sleeps in his chair ] [ Snoring ] [ His desk is covered with stacks of papers ]
[ Door opens ] [ Red enters and plops down a bottle of Scotch ]
[ Mickey chuckles ] [ Drawer opens ] [ He takes out two glasses ]
Mickey: I’ll be obliged to take a sniff in your company.
Red: Yes, I understand your feeling of obligation.
Mickey: Ahh!
Red: Mickey, how long have you been the file clerk for the courthouse? Must be going on 25 years. Shepherding a national database of pleadings and motions, suits and countersuits. Everyone’s dirty little secrets.
[ Pencil scraping ]
Mickey: Pearl’s angina has been acting up. Set us back a little more than usual.
[ Mickey hands Red the slip of paper he wrote on ]
Red: Huh. You’re worth it at twice the price. And Pearl is priceless.
Mickey: [ Laughs ] Brother, you sure know how to whet my whistle. Yes, sir, you most certainly do. [ Drinks ] Mmm! Ahh! So, what can I do you for?

[ The Post Office ]
Aram: Mr. Reddington pays for his wife’s angina medication?
Liz: Medication, hospital visits. I get the impression he pays for whatever the file clerk needs.
[ Cooper walks over ]
Cooper: What have you found in the settlements? I’m hoping it’s enough to justify the, shall we say, unorthodox way in which we obtained them.
Aram: The victims we’re aware of all had children out of wedlock with very wealthy men, and they all made paternity claims against the fathers, which were all settled.
Ressler: And within weeks of the agreements, each of the women were murdered.
Cooper: And the children?
Liz: We haven’t found a single one.
Cooper: So, what have we found?
Ressler: Death certificates. Turns out Jonathan McClaire wasn’t the only father who died before the mother of his child. They all did.
Liz: So five mothers who died soon after giving birth, and five fathers who died soon after conception.
Ressler: The men died in at least four states, all in crazy accidents – helicopter crash, a pileup on I-80. Each event was investigated, but cleared. No foul play. Nothing to connect them.
Park: Nothing except for a name. Nyle Hatcher. He signed one of their death certificates in Pennsylvania, which I thought was pretty odd, considering he’s a mortician in Bethesda. So I kept digging. Turns out he ID’d another victim in Delaware and notified next of kin in West Virginia.
Cooper: Doesn’t make any sense. A mortician from Bethesda dealing with bodies from places like Delaware and West Virginia.
Aram: According to his employment records, he used to operate a funeral home outside Rehoboth Beach.
Park: Makes sense. He had access to the cemetery.
Liz: And no one would question why a mortician was hanging around. Did you get an address?
Aram: 452 Elm, the same as the mortuary he currently operates – Sweet Rest Funeral Home.
Cooper: Keen, Ressler, get going. Aram, pull a warrant.
[ Ressler, Aram and Park leave ]
Cooper: When you got the settlements from Reddington, did he say anything about Dembe’s imam?
Liz: He got a lead on the smugglers, [ Sighing ] and I think he’s going to pay them a visit.
Cooper: I don’t suppose it would do any good to remind him that’s our job.
Liz: He knows. He just doesn’t care.
[ Liz leaves ]

[ Liz and Ressler pay a visit to the Sweet Rest Funeral Home ]
Donna: Mr. Hatcher’s out today.
[ Cellphone ringing ]
Donna: Said he won’t be in until Monday. Said it’s a family matter.
Ressler: Did he say where he was going?
Donna: No. [ Ringing continues ] He’s not answering.
Liz: Do you have any other way of reaching him?
Donna: Not anymore. He used to keep an apartment upstairs. Now he only has his office.
Liz: We’re gonna need his current home address.
Ressler: And access to that office.
Donna: Um, okay, but it’s private. I’m not allowed in there.
Ressler: Well, that’s okay. I am. This is a warrant.

[ Door opens ] [ Ressler and Liz enter Hatcher’s office. It’s stacked with papers and folders ]
Liz: What the hell?
[ Ressler clicks on the computer. The profile of a woman, dressed provocatively, comes up ]
Ressler: This woman, he’s following her. He’s got all kinds of data.
[ Liz goes over to a large chest on the floor. She opens the top. inside is a canister, like a thermos ]
Ressler: Keen, what is it?
Liz: I’m not sure I want to know.

[ Kendra Taylor sits in an interrogation room. Aram enters ]
Aram: Kendra. Hi. I’m, um, Agent Mojtabai. [ Door closes ] You’re, uh– You’re not under arrest.
Kendra: Could’ve fooled me.
Aram: Yeah. About that– Let me– Let me get that for you.
[ Keys jingling ] [ Aram unlocks the handcuff on Kendra’s arm ]
Kendra: If I’m not under arrest, why am I here?
Aram: To talk about a man named Nyle Hatcher.
Kendra: In my line of work, I meet lots of men.
Aram: Right, um– This one runs a funeral home.
[ Aram spreads out photos of dead women killed by Hatcher ]
Aram: And– he murders women.
Kendra: Yeah, I know the guy.

[ Cooper’s office ]
Ressler: Hatcher was in Baltimore yesterday.
Cooper: The ferry-boat accident.
Liz: Sixteen people drowned. DMORT was deployed to identify the victims.
Ressler: The Disaster Mortuary Operational Response Teams. When there’s a mass-casualty event, morticians are brought in to help identify the bodies, assess cause of death.
Liz: The country is divided by region, and based on where the victims were found, Hatcher operates with Region III, which includes D.C., Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.
Ressler: Which is why a Bethesda mortician gets access to rich men at crime scenes up and down the East Coast.
[ Hatcher leans over the body of a deceased male ]
Cooper: Well, we know how Hatcher interacted with the dead men. But we still have no idea what part he played – if any– in the paternity cases or the deaths of the mothers.
Ressler: Actually, we do.

Kendra: He didn’t want to hook up. I thought he did, but when I got there, he knew everything about me – family, money problems. He said he could fix all that.
Aram: By getting you pregnant and suing the father for paternity.
Kendra: He said no one would get hurt, that a rich dude would be a little less rich.
Aram: And the baby?
Kendra: He told me about these safe-haven laws where you leave babies at fire stations and they get adopted.
Aram: Adopted. Because the father would already be dead.

Cooper: Run that by me again.
Ressler: We found sperm in his office. There was a thermos, and in it, uh, there was a sample.
Cooper: Sperm from a dead man?
Liz: The rich dead man. The one Hatcher s-selected from his DMORT assignment.
Cooper: Did the men use a-a donor bank? Is that where he got the samples?
Liz: We don’t think so.
Cooper: Then what exactly do you think?
Liz: Hatcher inseminated the women using semen he extracted from the corpses. Apparently, sperm is viable up to 36 hours postmortem.
Ressler: He extracts the sperm, impregnates the mother, who then makes an embarrassing paternity claim that’s backed up by DNA. Now, rather than risk a scandal, the widow hushes it up with a secret settlement and no one’s the wiser because dead men tell no tales. Even about their seed.
Cooper: What about Kendra Taylor? Is she pregnant?

Aram: You never met Roger Ashby?
Kendra: No, the hookup was supposed to be tomorrow.
Aram: Is that what Hatcher told you, it was gonna be a hookup?
Kendra: He didn’t exactly say. Why?
Aram: Because Roger Ashby died yesterday in a ferry-boat accident.
Kendra: Like I said, all I know is the hookup was gonna be tomorrow, and after that, I was supposed to make a claim for child support.
Aram: Once the settlement was finalized, Hatcher would take the money, and you’d end up dead.

[ Angela Hendrickson is at the office of Geoffrey Entz, the Abraham Geller family attorney. She signs some paperwork ]
Geoffrey Entz: That’s the last of it. The money for you and your meal ticket will be wired to the account by end of business today.
[ Baby cooing ] [ Angela’s baby is the a stroller ]
Angela: Her name is Lily.
Entz: We’re done here.

[ Liz, Ressler and Park are in Cooper’s office. Aram comes in ]
Aram: Hey, um, guys, so, uh– Kendra says that she and the target never met. But that Hatcher told her she’d be impregnated tomorrow. By a man who died yesterday. So what am I missing?
Liz: The birds and the bees? [ Chuckles ] Lemme tell you, there’s a whole new wrinkle.
Park: I accessed Hatcher’s hard drive. He had a list of the fathers and how much the widows agreed to pay.
Cooper: We know all that from the secret settlements.
Park: You know almost all of it. There was another name. Abraham Geller. Wealthy hedge-fund guy. Died in a plane crash 10 months ago.
Ressler: Which might mean someone just gave birth to his child– and may have signed a settlement offer.
Cooper: Or her death warrant. You two, find the lawyer who handles the Geller estate. See what he knows.
[ Park leaves with Ressler ]
Aram: Um, the birds and the bees? What’s the new wrinkle?
Liz: [ Sighs ]

[ Angela is parked in her car. She comforts her baby while talking on her cell phone ]
Angela: Did the transfer go through?
Hatcher: Just. You did well. The hard part’s over. Your cut’s over a hundred thousand dollars, Angela. So drop off the child and meet me at Cedar Wind. I promise you, when you get what’s coming to you, your life will change forever.
[ Cellphone beeps ] [ Some distance away from Hatcher, men are digging a grave ]

[ Ressler and Park enter Geoffrey Entz‘s office ]
Ressler: Agents Ressler and Park, FBI.
Entz: Uh, what can I do for you?
Park: Was a paternity claim made against Abraham Geller?
Entz: I don’t discuss my clients’ cases.
Ressler: This isn’t about your client. It’s about a woman’s life.
Entz: I’m sure you can appreciate this is privileged information.
Park: Yes, but it’s a life-threatening situation. What you know could save Angela Hendrickson’s life.
Ressler: Has she been here?
Entz: Yeah. To chisel a decent family out of a small fortune.
Ressler: So she signed a settlement agreement. You wired the money?
Entz: I did. Less than an hour ago.

[ Angela is in her car at Cedar Wind Cemetary ]
[ Baby crying ] [ Angela gets out of the driver’s seat and gets in the back next to Lily who is in a car seat, leaving the back door open. She comforts the baby ]
Angela: Mm.
[ Hatcher appears suddenly and grabs Angela by the arm ]
Hatcher: I thought you’d be alone.
Angela: I– couldn’t leave her. I know it wasn’t what we agreed to.
Hatcher: Oh, no, don’t give it another thought.
Angela: [ Sighs happily ]
Hatcher: I’m glad she’s here. I think every child should have a loving home. Just not yours.
[ Hatcher injects Angela in the neck. She loses consciousness ]
[ Crying intensifies ]

[ Cooper’s office ]
Aram: I found her. Angela Hendrickson. Now, she’s not answering our calls, but she received a call outside a Rockville Fire station 30 minutes ago, and her cell just pinged a tower off county road 75.
Liz: What’s the green area?
Aram: That is Cedar Wind Cemetery in Livingston. [ Ringing ] Oh, cemetery. That’s bad.
Ressler: [ On speaker ] Ressler.
Aram: That’s, uh– That’s really bad.
Cooper: Ressler, we have a location. Keen will meet you on-site.

[ Cedar Wind Cemetery ] [ Hatcher is digging ]
[ Hatcher walks over to the car ]
[ Baby cooing ] [ Baby crying ]
Hatcher: Aww. Hey, baby. We’re almost finished. We’ll be home soon.
[ Angela moves ]
Hatcher: Oh, my. Angela, I am so sorry. I never meant for you to see this.
[ Hatcher injects Angela again ]
[ Crying continues ]
[ Suspenseful music plays ]
[ Hatcher rolls Angela into the grave. He picks up his shovel and shovels dirt on top of her ]

[ Banging on door ] [ Jalal Abbas signals to other men and they take cover ] [ Banging continues ]
[ Jalal opens the door ]
Jalal Abbas: Yeah?
Dembe: Jalal?
Jalal: Who are you?
Dembe: A friend from the mosque.
[ One of the other men is about to shoot. Dembe shoots 💥 him first ]
— Aah! [ Grunts ]
[ Chuck and others of Red’s guys join Dembe ]
[ 💥💥💥 Gunfire 💥💥💥 ]
Jalal: Don’t shoot! Don’t shoot! Okay, okay! Okay! [ Breathing heavily ] [ Grunts ]
Dembe: [ To Jalal ] Go ahead.
[ Hatcher continues shoveling dirt into the grave ]
[ Red walks over to Jalal ]
Red: Where is Imam Asmal?
Jalal: I don’t know. I don’t. I’m sorry.
Dembe: You do. Answer the question.

[ The cemetery ] [ Hatcher leans over the infant in the car ]
Hatcher: Hello, little girl. We’ll be home real soon.
[ 🚨Sirens wailing 🚨] [ Tires screech ] [ FBI agents pile out of the vehicles, including Ressler and Liz ]
Hatcher: Good heavens.
[ Baby crying ]
Ressler: Hands! Put your hands in the air!
Hatcher: Got a baby here.
Liz: Where is she?!
[ Crying continues ]
Liz: Angela Hendrickson – where?!
Hatcher: I don’t– I don’t know who that is.
Liz: Where is she, Nyle?
[ Crying continues ]
Liz: Which grave?
Hatcher: I have no–
Liz: Answer me!
Hatcher: I have no earthly idea what you mean!
[ Liz calls out to the other agents ]
Liz: He doesn’t want her to suffer, so she’s sedated, but she may still be alive. We need to fan out. We’re looking for a fresh grave. There can’t be many.

[ Jalal’s house ]
[ Muffled coughing seems to come from the basement ]
Red: How do we get to the basement?
Jalal: I don’t have a basement.
[ Suspenseful music plays ]
[ Agents search the cemetery with flashlights ]
[ Red sees a seam in the floor covered with a heavy chest. He pushes it ] [ Creaking, rattling ]
Red: Morgan.
[ Creaking, scraping ] [ Morgan and Red push the heavy chest away. Underneath is a trap door. Red opens it ]

[ The cemetery ]
Ressler: Hey! I got something!
[ Liz runs over. She and Ressler dig into the dirt with their hands ] [ Breathing heavily ]
Liz: I feel something! [ Panting ]
[ They uncover Angela’s face. Liz feels her neck ]
Liz: She’s got a pulse.
Ressler: [ Shouting ] Get on the radio! Call the paramedics!
[ Ressler lifts up Angela ] [ Grunts ]

[ Dembe and Red descend the stairs to the basement ]
Red: What the hell?
[ In the basement are huddled 15 or so poorly clad women and children ]
Dembe: [ Foreign language ] It’s okay. Don’t be frightened. We’re not going to hurt you.

[ Interrogation room ]
Liz: The women you brutalized, how many were they?
Nyle Hatcher: I try not to think about them.
[ Paper rustling. Liz lays out photos of the dead women ]
Hatcher: It wasn’t personal. I needed hosts willing to break the law, and they did that just by showing up at my hotel room. Desperate and broke–
Liz: And what – dispensable?
Hatcher: It isn’t my fault that nobody cares when a prostitute dies.
Ressler: No, people care. Families care.
Liz: This was never about killing those women.
Hatcher: Agent Keen, I have spent my life surrounded by death – surrounded by the pain that comes with life’s end, the futility of it all. It’s a lonely existence. One that I thought money could change. So I came up with a way to steal money from people that wouldn’t care that it was missing – the dead. I like to think of them as “donors.” But the donors required hosts – women who, sadly, needed to die to protect the plan – which is why I chose women who needed to be freed from their otherwise insufferable lives. Finally, the plan requires a child.
Liz: What did you do with the children?
Hatcher: Well, I tell all the mothers that I plan to give the newborns away. Some mother don’t like that, and some, like Angela, even try to keep their babies. That upset me at first, until I realized that the money those children provided me wasn’t the solution. The children were the solution.
Liz: What does that mean?
Hatcher: It means I couldn’t leave them at the fire station like I thought. Means I needed them. Means I couldn’t let them go, that they needed me.
Liz: Needed you?
Hatcher: Forging the adoption paperwork wasn’t cheap, but money isn’t a problem for me.
I just didn’t want any of those kids to grow up alone–
[ Laughs ] [ Children of various ages interact in a pleasant home ] [ Speaking indistinctly ]
Hatcher: –like me, without a family. They needed sisters and brothers.
Ressler: Where are the kids, Nyle?
Hatcher: They’re home. They have all they need. A loving father. Unbelievable financial resources.
Liz: What’s gonna happen to those kids? What are they gonna say when they find out what you did?
Hatcher: Oh, don’t tell them what I did. They don’t need to know. They gave me such a precious gift. I mean, I was dead. They brought me back to life.
Ressler: All that matters are those kids’ lives. And with you in prison, they’re gonna be a whole lot better.

Dembe: Imam Asmal.
Jalal I’m telling you I don’t know.
Red: Who are they?
Jalal: Refugees seeking asylum. Imam Asmal knows nothing of this. I thought the FBI took him because they thought he did.
Red: And you have no ties to Tahrir al-Sham.
Jalal: Me? I’m trying to save them from Tahrir al-Sham. The United States has made it illegal for them to come here.
[ Red’s cellphone ringing ]
Jalal: But the Prophet Muhammed teaches us not to obey the created if it means disobeying the Creator.
[ Red steps aside ]
Red: Harold?
Cooper: [ On phone ] CTD traced a cellphone belonging to one of the extremists. They traced it to a safe house in West Adams. Units are en route.
Red: They’re not extremists. They’re humanitarians.
Cooper: Humanitarians took the imam?
Red: How long do we have before the troops arrive?
Cooper: You are at the safe house.
Red: [ Sighs ] It’s feeling less and less safe with every second.

[ The Post Office ]
[ Mazzy Star’s ♫ “Into Dust” plays ]
[ ⬇ Go to Full Lyrics ] or [ ♪ Tap square below to play ♪ ]

[ Nyle Hatcher is led by armed guards past Liz, Ressler and Park to the elevator ]
Park: Looks like your cold-case theory was right, Liz. I confirmed it. He set the money aside for the children.
Ressler: A guy with a conscience who does what he did, that’s way scarier than a straight psychopath.
[ Elevator doors close ]
Liz: We should tell the widows their husbands didn’t cheat on them.
Aram: And the kids?

♪ Still ♪

Aram: What’s being done about the kids?
Liz: Child Services is reaching out to the families of both parents.

♪ Falling ♪

Liz: Hopefully someone will step up.
[ Margaret James cuddles her grandchild ]
Margaret: Hi. I’m Margaret. Mm-hmm.

♪ Breathless and on ♪

Margaret: I’m your grandma. [ Laughs ] Aren’t you the sweetest?

♪ Again ♪

Margaret: You have your mother’s eyes.
Park: What about Angela? Will she get to keep her child?
Liz: She’s under house arrest, awaiting trial. But mothers can keep their infants with them in prison for up to 18 months.
[ In prison, Angela rocks and kisses her newborn ]

♪ Falling breathless and on ♪

[ At the safe house, the refugees line up for dinner. Red is there with Liz ]
Red: Ah. Please tell me you’re hungry.

♪ Again ♪

Red: Tonight’s special is wagyu beef.
Liz: So this is what it’s all about. Asylum seekers.
Red: Counterterrorism division is looking for extremists that don’t exist when they should be looking for Dembe’s imam. His kidnapping is completely unrelated and, as yet, unsolved.
Liz: I checked with MPD on my way over. They’ve got nothing. No forensics. No witnesses.

♪ Beside me ♪

Red: Sakiya said the same. I told her to double-check everything, but– I’m afraid it’s a diminishing return.
[ Dembe is helping himself to dinner ]
Liz: How’s he holding up?

♪ Around, broken in two ♪

Red: It’s hard for him. Especially since he knows I’m to blame.
Liz: You?
Red: People close to me are often in harm’s way.

♪ Till your eyes shed ♪

Liz: Dembe’s imam is not close to you.

♪ Into dust ♪

Red: No. But Dembe is. I don’t think whoever did this is interested in extremists–

♪ Like two strangers ♪

Red: or clerics and refugees.

♪ Turning into dust ♪

Red: I think they’re interested in me.

♪ Till my hands shook with the weight ♪

[ Liz gets into a car with Esi Jackson ]
Liz: At first, I thought you screwed up, that Koslov ran because he knew you were following him. But then I realized Ilya wasn’t scared of you. You’re the one who’s scared. Reddington got to you. Ilya Koslov has information that could save my mother’s life. And you helped prevent me from finding it. The least you can do is tell me why.
Esi Jackson: You have powerful enemies.
Liz: [ Breathes deeply ] I had no idea he was one of them.

♪ I could possibly be fading ♪

Jackson: The Sikorsky Archive.
Liz: What’s that?
Jackson: Before Reddington warned me off, I had a mic trained on Ilya’s apartment.

♪ Or have ♪

Jackson: That archive, whatever it is, he’s obsessed with it. If Koslov has information that could save a woman’s life, my guess it’s in that archive.

♪ I could feel myself growing colder ♪

[ Door opens ]

♪ I could feel myself ♪

[ Footsteps ] [ Imam Asmal looks up ]

♪ Under your fate ♪

Katarina Rostova: We have a lot to talk about.
Imam Asmal: Who are you?
Katarina: How about you let me ask the questions?

♪ Under Your fate ♪

[ Ressler is walking to his car when a man stops him. It’s his older brother Robby, whose calls he’s been avoiding ]
Robby: What, you change your number? That’s cold.
Ressler: I got nothing to say to you.
Robby: Maybe not. But I got something to say to you, and, trust me, you’re gonna want to hear it.

♪ It was you ♪

[ Robby shows Ressler a photo on his phone ]
Robby: That’s Ray Field– until next week, when they break ground on the strip mall.

♪ Breathless and torn ♪

Ressler: Digging up Ray Field?
Robby: Yeah, baby brother. And all the secrets under it.

♪ I could feel my eyes ♪

[ Red is putting dishes in the sink. Dembe’s on the phone ]
Dembe: Yes.

♪ Turning into dust ♪

Dembe: I’ll tell him. [ Beep ] They’re at the safe house on Vermont.

♪ And two strangers ♪

Dembe: Jalal asked me to thank you.
Red: Happy ending for them.

♪ Turning into dust ♪

Red: For you, not so much. [ Coughs ] [ Red doubles over ]
Dembe: Raymond.
Red: [ Coughs ] [ Inhales deeply ] I’m fine.
[ Knock on door ]
Red: [ Coughing ]

♪ Turning into dust ♪

Red: I’m fine.
[ Knock on door ] [ Dembe goes to answer it. It’s Sakiya, Red’s cleaner ]
Sakiya: I found something.
[ Door closes ]
Sakiya: A fingerprint on the corner of the imam’s desk.
Dembe: Could you identify it?
Sakiya: I could. But, uh–
Dembe: But what?
Sakiya: Belongs to a man who’s been in prison for 15 years. Arturo Ruel. How can that be?
Dembe: I don’t know. Perhaps Raymond will.
[ Dembe walks back to where Red was ]
Dembe: Raymond.
[ Red is lying face down on the floor, unconscious ]
Dembe: Raymond!
[ Dembe runs to Red, kneels down next to him and feels for a pulse]
[ Ominous music plays ]

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♫ Into Dust
By Mazzy Star

♪ Still falling
Breathless and on again
Inside today
Beside me today
Around, broken in two
Till your eyes shed
Into dust
Like two strangers
Turning into dust
Till my hand shook
With the weight of fear

♪ I could possibly be fading
Or have something more to gain
I could feel myself growing colder
I could feel myself under your fate
Under your fate

♪ It was you
Breathless and torn
I could feel my eyes turning into dust
And two strangers
Turning into dust
Turning into dust

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