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So, the Legend continues …

Tonight begins the final season of The Blacklist. It looks like there’s an impressive list of writers lined up. (Actors, too!)

I’ve spent the last eight months devoted to covering the war in Ukraine on Twitter (@Auriandra account) and it’s difficult to wrench myself away, moving from reality to fiction. But I continue to be amazed at how much The Blacklist’s focus on Russia taught me about a country about which I had known little.

I hope the sources I use for updating this blog continue to be available for this season. I should know by tomorrow morning.

If you need to reach me, notifying me @Auriandra on Twitter is by far the best way.

I hope this final season is the best season of all!

♡ ૂི•̮͡• ྀ ♡


Well, we made it!

Season 9 is over on a high note (though with a credible threat looming from Wujing and whoever else is on that list Marvin gave him) which promises an exciting Season 10. I’m glad Red will be spending time with Mierce and Weecha wherever they’re from in Central/South America. I would guess Guatemala or Brazil. I really hope the sisters will be back next season. I will miss Aram so much. Next to Red, he has been my favorite character. He will be part of the cast of the Broadway version of Kite Runner and whether (or how much) he returns will likely depend on how long the show runs.

As for the blog: Whew! That was about the longest stretch without a break that I remember and because this blog is a 6-day a week commitment, I’m exhausted! I will be slowing down some on the final updates. I’ll be doing a short “Unanswered Questions” list for Troy Heinritz of Blacklist Exposed to pass up the food chain. I have photos from 9:21 ready to post and 9:22 left to do, plus two episodes earlier that I skipped photos for when the Russia/Ukraine war started. Reviews and Articles along with “News” are wildly out of date (not actually News anymore) but I hope to update for the record. I’ll go through the Song files looking for bad links and songs that may have becoming recently available on YouTube. Plus the usual debugging and updates for Season 10.

The hearings on the US “Insurrection” begin June 8 and will go for a couple of weeks and I’ll be documenting these on the Trump/Rus/Ukraine page, if you’re interested. Art intersects with Reality in interesting ways and I feel I’ve gained a lot of insight into Russia and disinformation from The Blacklist.

I expect Season 10 to be the last, simply because “10” is a such a nice round number for packaging DVD sets. I hope there’s a happy ending, but I think that’s unrealistic. If not, as the saying goes, “There’s always fan fiction!”

So, back to work. Have a great summer, everyone!

♡ ૂི•̮͡• ྀ ♡

P.S. I’d like to highly recommend watching “Servant of the People” on Netflix. It’s the comedy series starring Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the current president of Ukraine. In addition to being absolutely hilarious, it’s rich and wise in insights into history and politics as it portrays a history teacher-turned-president trying to get his country to break out of corruption and the undue influence of the powerful forces that surround it. Art imitates history imitates art. It’s subtitled, so there’s that, but I found I hardly noticed after a few episodes. It’s fast, smart and full of twists and awesome characters, not to mention a really cool theme song.


A couple of editorial notes

1. I started using red to highlight Red’s lines a couple seasons ago, then last season, I started using other colors for a selected main character. Highlighting Red’s lines goes back to before I even had a blog, when I was really smitten and only cared about Red’s lines! It’s about pattern recognition. Even unconsciously, the mind remembers patterns and it should help you navigate the script. The colors chosen are not really systemized. I don’t do everyone’s lines in color to avoid it looking like a coloring book. Plus, once the color is added, it scrambles the HTML and makes editing harder.

2. At the beginning of each script is the “Where we’re at” section. This isn’t meant to be a synopsis. You can get that from the Entertainment Weekly summaries. Sometimes “Where we’re at” hardly touches on the previous Blacklister story at all. Rather, it’s a way of keeping track of developing storylines that span multiple episodes. It’s more like a morning briefing and a way to keep track of loose ends. Again, this has evolved over time.

♡ ૂི•̮͡• ྀ ♡



I’ve been spending extra time tweeting about the war in Ukraine under my @Auriandra account. I am trying to keep up on this blog as well as I can, but I wasn’t able to do the photos for The Conglomerate. I didn’t like that episode much, especially not Peter, who is kind of a drag. He makes her laugh? Oh well.

We got through without catching COVID-19 so that’s a blessing. My daughter tutors students behind in reading in elem school, so we set up an extra room as a sick room, just in case. My husband is immunocompromised so we had to set strict protocols even for home. He qualified for a fourth shot and the test came back saying it “took.” My brother and sister both got COVID-19 and two nephews.

If you want to follow my Twitter List on Ukraine, here is the link:

Stay safe and healthy!

♡ ૂི•̮͡• ྀ ♡


Sidebar Photos

I’ve started cutting back on the number of photos that appear in the sidebar to speed up loading time. It seems to help a lot. They’re divided into two groups: Seasons 1-4 and Seasons 5-9 (below and above my Twitter feed, respectively). I’ll try to re-sort them every week. I’ll post about half each week. FYI, the sidebar (and slideshow) photos are about 10% of all those on the site (in galleries and at the end of the scripts). These are about 40% of those I actually edit. I edit about 250 for each episode and update about 125 for each episode). (I screenshoot and delete another 300 or so that don’t measure up). 550 ➔ 250 ➔ 125 ➔ 20 per episode in sidebar. So there’s a real culling process involved! Hopefully, those in the sidebar are the best (some are simply colorful). Yes, I’m obsessed! Happily so!

♡ ૂི•̮͡• ྀ ♡

P.S. Some of the photos in the sidebar are promo photos or fan art. It’s hard to source the fan art, but I do try.

I’m kind of behind

Sorry updates are late. I’ve been dismayed by politics and the pandemic. My daughter (who lives with us) tutors first and second graders for Teach for America. My husband is immune-compromised and my youngest son (who also lives with us) only just got his first dose of the J&J vacc. So we’ve been trying to weigh the pros and cons and how we can modify our living arrangements, if need be, like setting up one bedroom as an isolation room. The school where my daughter tutors has agreed to make changes to her work area. Previously she has sat side-by-side with the students. They’ll be setting up a plexiglass barrier. Most of the children are unvacc’d and wear cloth masks. Today is her first day back. We’ll see how it goes.

♡ ૂི•̮͡• ྀ ♡


New‼️ Google™ Site Search

I finally found a great Search Bar for this site. It’s none other than ~ Google! You’ll find it in the Sidebar (right column) between “Blog Stats” and “Google Translate.”

This is a Whole Site search, in contrast to the 🔴 “ Tag/Phrase Phrase Index for Scripts” which is a list of all the index terms that appear at the top of the scripts, which a more granular and covers only Scripts.

The Google Search works well at putting the important matches at the top. But because this is Google there are ads. These show first. The BlacklistDCd.com hits follow.

I’ve found that since the searches relevant to The Blacklist tend to be fairly esoteric, the “ads” find things that are often of interest. For instance, a search for “Yama god of death” finds background articles on that Hindu god. There is a way to suppress the ads, but I’m going to allow them because I’ve found the links interesting.

P.S. Also: There are a bunch of new photos in 🔥Red Hot🔥Spader Pics

[ Copied from “Clues” ]

My son Gregory, his wife Iwona (pron. ”Ivana”) and my new granddaughter Magdalena are visiting us this week, so I will not be doing photos for 9:4 until the next break. My daughter-in-law is an immigrant from Poland. She is an RN. He is a paramedic and an Iraq War vet. Magdalena is for Mary Magdalene. She is just beautiful and perfect. (Photo below) She’s smiling and working on holding her head up. Iwona looks absolutely radiant. They are such a perfect couple, funny and affectionate. They will be excellent parents for a very special person. “Babies make everything new again” (Liz).

We are so blessed.

♡ ૂི•̮͡• ྀ ♡



It looks like #TheBlacklist isn’t doing individual promos this year, just a generic one.

I post photos for the previous week’s episode on the afternoon right before the next show. That’s because:

● It takes ~3 days to do the scripts (all aspects, including Easy-Search, index terms and Blacklisters
● It takes ~3 days to do the photos

I love editing photos. I no longer do captions. It was too difficult and stressful, plus Twitter stopped supporting “Moments.” I hate doing the “Briefs: Where We’re At.” That’s the sole reason I do those at the very end.

I think Red’s “avenging angel” could be Anne’s best friend who told Red she’d kill him if anything happened to Anne. And something did. Just one possibility. I’ve been wrong many more times than I’ve been right.

♡ ૂི•̮͡• ྀ ♡

10/22/2021, 10:50pm

I get migraines from just two things: MSG (which I avoid) and – after I’ve been really manic, working at something very hard almost without sleep, like working solid to get this site ready for Season 9 (two 36 stretches with just a couple hours of sleep) – at the point when I’m done, when it’s over and I should be happy and relieved: migraine! Same pattern happened to my mother. If I’m awake, no problem. I take 3 Advil Migraine to head it off. But, if it starts when I’m asleep, it takes over for a couple days. NSAIDs don’t help, only sleep (which comes with vivid dreams).

Long story short. That’s why the script is late. Ta dah.


Ready for Season 9 (mostly)

I got a lot of help from the “Happiness Emgineers” at WordPress in restoring this site to a new version. This includes all-night sessions. WordPress has excellent support, once you find the right person to talk to.

Features work now that had become corrupted over time, including the photo “Highlights” and scripts for the first two seasons.

I’ve done what I could to do updates and check that links are working but some problems surely remain. If you see a problem please notify me on Twitter at @BlacklistDCd or @Auriandra (often faster). I will continue to fix problems as I encounter them.

I have the script and photo formats ready for Season 9. Hopefully everything will go smoothly.

I also have news! My first grandchild, Magdalena Teresa, was born on 9/22, the fall solstice (very magical!)

LizzieB90 ♡ ૂི•̮͡• ྀ ♡


🔥Red Hot Spader Pix🔥

I added a section near the top memorializing Red’s love affair with Anne, with a button for playing her theme song, “Angel of the Morning” by Merilee Rush.


Missing Photos in early Seasons; Galleries

I’ve noticed in updating the photo galleries that some of the earliest photos are missing. Like the Cheshire cat, for some the caption appears but no photo! I don’t know why this is. I haven’t deleted any photos. I’ll have to ask WordPress, though I doubt this will be resolved before Season 9 begins.

To speed up response time for the galleries, I’ve broken them up into Seasons for Seasons 3-9. There are a LOT of photos in Season 8 especially, so it takes a while to load (20 seconds or so). The photos in the galleries are the same ones that appear at the end of the scripts, just compiled.

— LizzieB90



● Somehow the list of “Blacklisters & Bad Guys” went *poof*. I restored it from the word processing file. It has a new link: https://wp.me/pDKwi-c2I

● The new “Tag/Phrase Index for Scripts” is complete with tags added for the individual scripts for Season One. I also made corrections to the scripts as I encountered them. It’s still all in one “Easy Search Scripts” file, but clicking on the Script header in the Tag Index will take you to the right spot. Here’s the link for the Tag/Phrase Index: https://wp.me/pDKwi-bR0

♡ ૂི•̮͡• ྀ ♡


Website Repaired

Note: WordPress, the hosting site for this blog, has been changing its editor from an HTML-based editor to a “Block” editor. This is great for new users, but problematic for me as all my stuff is in the old editor. They keep making changes which inadvertently affect or overwrite things. I spent the last 36 hours trying to recover the sidebar.

I think this site is pretty much restored, but I do keep seeing glitches, so please, if you notice something wrong, please notify me at @Auriandra (fastest) or @BlacklistDCd; or email me at LizzieB90@yahoo.com (email is slower). A couple things have even improved, like the ability to enlarge photos in the sidebar. It works again. I also took the opportunity to update the widget with the flags of all the people from different countries who have visited this site. (226 countries! Awesome!)

If the sidebar dies again, there is a lot of navigation written into “Clues,” “About,” and “Black Sites..” Sorry for the inconvenience. ~ LizzieB90


Problems with Sidebar

🔆 This❗️⋙ WordPress, the hosting site for this blog, is doing a software “upgrade” which pretty much wiped out everything in the sidebar (the right hand column ⇉ ). We are working to restore this, but I can’t say when it will be done. In the meantime, you can use the navigation on the home pagw (“Clues”), or on “About” or “Black Sites.” Sorry for the inconvenience. ~ LizzieB90


Script Tag Lookup Updated

I’ve updated the Tag Lookup for script tags: https://wp.me/pDKwi-bR0

The file includes ALL the tags for ALL scripts for the entire series. This is an alternative approach to the “Clickable Tag Index.” To use it, you simply use your browser’s Page Search.

The old approach used WordPress’s clickable tags, which in in the end couldn’t handle the volume of tags I was adding. As a recovering systems analyst, I’ve bragged that I can break any software within a week, a slight exaggeration. WordPress expanded the number of tags it would allow for me, but in the end it just got too slow to read in all the links.

The new approach is a plain text file with all the tags that appear at the top of each script. These tags are curated and added manually. You use your Page Search to find what you’re looking for, then there’s a link to the script(s). The fact all the tags from an episode are grouped together helps you figure out if you’ve found what you’re looking for. I realized I needed something like this while watching 8:21 Nachalo, to find all the flashbacks.

I apologize for not doing this earlier, but 8:21 really crystallized it for me.

♡ ૂི•̮͡• ྀ ♡


Error regarding “Sikorsky” Fixed

The issue with scripts 8:4-8:7 mis-identifying the character played by David E Harrison as “Sikorsky” has been fixed (I hope). This was an error I copied into these scripts from the listings on the IMDb site. The character is now correctly identified in the early scripts only as “Eastern Friend” or “Our Friend in the East” by Red and Dembe.

In Episode 8:17, he is identified as Ivan Stepanov (Blacklister #5). He is a Russian SVR agent and Red says he’s one of his ‘oldest and closest friends.’


Just a couple of notes

I’ve been sick for a couple of weeks battling a creepy infection (not COVID-19) which landed me in the hospital for a couple of days. So I didn’t do last weeks (The Russian Knot) photos. I hope to do these over the break around Memorial Day.

Also, there’s the confusion over Ivan Stepanov. For two or three episodes, he was listed in the IMDb cast lists as “Sikorsky,” so that’s what I used. I will also go back and fix these scripts over the break.

I’m also way behind on updating the lists of reviews and articles and “News.” I’ll probably do these after the season ends.

I was so glad to hear there will be a Season 9. In fact, I’d love to see a Season 10. I love doing the scripts because they really let me appreciate how complex and rich they are. I also like how the bad guys have been more richly drawn, like Townsend. They are more human and relatable than in some of the early episodes.

♡ ૂི•̮͡• ྀ ♡


Script Editing

This season Amazon Prime is posting The Blacklist episodes very late – often days after the episode airs. For instance, they still have not posted Friday’s episode and it’s Sunday night.

The advantage of using Amazon Prime is they allow for the episode to play as an inset in my word processing document. Lacking this, I have to go back and forth between the script and the episode, meaning I miss a lot of things and it’s disorienting and confusing. I work on an iPad, so I can’t have multiple open windows and be able to read the tiny text.

So, if you’re noticing more errors and typos (as I am), that’s probably the reason. Sorry.


Trivia: It’s been 30 years since the fall of the Soviet Union. I’ve been working for a couple of months to set up a Twitter List of the most reliable sources on National Security:

NatSec: Foreign Policy, National Security, Defense, Intelligence, Cyber

Link: https://twitter.com/i/lists/1336406604808380419

It includes some of my favorites such as @john_sipher @JuliaDavisNews @AshaRangappa_ @CindyOtis_ @McFaul @mashagessen @TimothyDSnyder @ignatiusPost @SpyTalker @talk_spy @selectedwisdom @juliaioffe @spiesvespers @AnneApplebaum @nedprice (@statedeptsprox) @emptywheel and a lot of former and current @CIA and @FBI folks and diplomats, and many institutional accounts and think tanks

The list is under my @Auriandra account

⋙ Cross-posted under Trivia for 8:4 Elizabeth Keen, the episode in which we find out that Red is indeed N-13, some kind of mysterious double agent.


One hour to show time and …

Most things are updated except photos for the last half of S7. And the indexes are a mess and are not updating and I haven’t had time to contact WordPress to work it out. But the Search button works and the indexes on the side are hopefully logical.

I am sooooo looking forward to working on something other than politics and reading something besides pandemic preprints and obits for democracy. Especially when it means I can immerse myself in a show as fantastic as The Blacklist!

Welcome back to The Blacklist Declassified for Season 8!

♡ ૂི•̮͡• ྀ ♡



I know I should be working on this blog, but I am totally freaked out by the election. I mean, I’m a wreck.

p.s. my dear kitty died and I’m really not handling it well.

that’s my update

My Workplan

1. Finish Victoria Fenberg script
2. Update list of Blacklisters
3. Update Indexes (I may do this a simpler💡way)
4. Update “Vulnerabilities” (Reviews) and “Interrogations” (Interviews)
5. Do Photo Galleries for the last half of Season 7 (This is what I ❤️)
6. Check YouTube videos to update 🎹 Songs
7. Update 🔥Red Hots🔥 ~ on-going
8. Do Setup for Season 8

(Subject to delays due to 🦠)

Season 7 Unanswered Questions

I finished the list and sent it to Troy Heinritz at The Blacklist Exposed Podcast. He regularly interviews the writers and producers. He emailed me back and said he’s sent it on to Jon Bokenkamp and John Eisendrath, the show creator and showrunner. He said they’re beginning work again next week.

The point of the list is to make sure they know fans aren’t forgetting certain things, like the scars on Red’s back or the house he blew up to “forget what happened here.” (Who was the little girl with the bubbles?)

The link to the list is here: https://wp.me/pDKwi-atq

♡ ૂི•̮͡• ྀ ♡

Season 7 Easy-Search Scripts are done – Almost

I’ve finally(!!) updated the Easy-Search Scripts for Season 7: https://wp.me/pDKwi-9MZ The script for Victoria Fenberg is included, but in it’s raw form. I haven’t finished editing it. Something must have been going on that week. Just looked it up: March 20, a few headlines:

⋙ WaPo: U.S. economy deteriorating faster than anticipated as 80 million Americans are forced to stay at home http://wapo.st/39b2VgO
// Already, it is clear that the initial economic decline will be sharper and more painful than during the 2008 financial crisis

⋙ Forbes, Bill Frist MD: We May Have 72 Hours To Address The COVID-19 Protective Equipment Shortage http://bit.ly/2QAWoFN

NYT Editorial: How to Avoid Complete Economic Destruction http://nyti.ms/3diiRkN
// To limit mass unemployment, the government needs to provide companies with the money they are temporarily unable to earn.

Yes, those were the scariest days so far. I think I spent most of the week hiding under my bed. It was also the week we finally got our (“I’m not scared of no freaking virus”) son to take it seriously. Minnesota where I live is a hot spot and we still haven’t peaked. Two separate models project the Midwest and South to have increases in new infections as states lift their shut-downs.

I’ve set up a Twitter List on COVID-19 under my @Auriandra account here:

It’s got all the key researchers, journals, health reporters, government agencies etc. I work hard to keep the list free of questionable information.

♡ ૂི•̮͡• ྀ ♡

Cross-Posted from “Clues”

I’ll be doing my updates and editing a bit slower for the next month, until this COVID-19 pandemic abates. New York City, where The Blacklist is filmed, is currently the epicenter of the pandemic in the US.
⋙ Update: The final episode of Season 7 will be✨Episode 7:19✨

I know many of you live in countries that are also being hit hard by this dreadful pandemic. My prayers are with you. If you’d like, you can follow me on Twitter under @Auriandra where you may find my Twitter List on COVID-19 useful: http://bit.ly/2JmVsRo. God bless you, my Blacklist family. We are all in this together.


I know what I’m going through is not unusual, but for most of last week, I could barely function, which is why I haven’t completed work on the script for 7:11 Victoria Fenberg. I dreaded having even to write the synopsis. I slept through the new episode, but then found I could still put one word in front of another and that felt like an accomplishment. I will try to catch up.

I heard a psychologist on tv this morning saying that it’s grief ~ grief for the loss of normal life. He says everyone is going through it. I’m glad to have a word to attach to it. I’m worried. My son is a paramedic in Oregon and is wife is a nurse. I worry most about them. Another son and daughter live here with me and my husband. We are all home as Minnesota is under a shelter in place order now for two weeks.

I am also worried about James Spader and the rest. I feel like I know them, which is a silly thought. I imagine that James and his family made it back to Fargo/Morehead, where Leslie is from. That makes me feel calm. Mostly, I want everyone to be safe and get through this, including anyone who happens to read this.

I do love you.

♡ ૂི•̮͡• ྀ ♡

Hey, I’m back!

Wow. What an eventful hiatus, what with impeachment and now a pandemic. Needless to say, I’ve been spending most of my time Tweeting away as @Auriandra. My record of all things impeachment is on this blog under the 🔴 Trump/Russia/Ukraine tab. Also, if you use Twitter, I’ve set up a Twitter List on Healthcare, which now is about 90% about COVID-19. The link is https://twitter.com/i/lists/840708428242788352 The list include most of the key researchers and experts as well as organizations and institutions.

In my former life, I worked on the avian flu epidemic. By “worked on,” I mean I was assigned by Mayo Clinic to participate in a number of HHS committees and task forces to improve reporting of cases. Though bird flu was halted in China before it could come here, the work we did should have helped prevent the spread of COVID-19. But that institutional knowledge was lost when Trump/Bolton eliminated most of the people working on it. Such is life.

So as usual, I’ve not spent much time on this blog. But I’m back and determined to make up for lost ground.

♡ ૂི•̮͡• ྀ ♡


Photos in Sidebar

Suddenly, the photos in the sidebar are failing to miniaturize. This is in the CSS code which I can’t fix and, since it’s Saturday, I may not be able to get help until Monday …



As many of you know, I also have a political Twitter account: @Auriandra. With the huge amount of impeachment news, this has been taking up a lot of my time. I continue to prepare 200 or so photos from screenshots for each episode, but I doubt I will ever be able to do Twitter threads.

I do pick the best 50 or so which I post at the end of each episode. There are a couple of episodes I’m behind on, but they are usually added to each script before the next episode airs. I love doing photos. Being able to escape the politics when I need to keeps me sane. :)


Episode Photos

I continue to post photos as I have them at the end of the episodes, but am way behind in terms of building Twitter threads, though I work on these.

I turned to The Blacklist at the start of Season 2 to get my mind off politics, but I’ve been unable to keep this up with the impeachment becoming so important. I am consumed by it, as you’ll see if you also follow my @Auriandra account. I post many tweets and etc on this site, too at https://wp.me/PDKwi-6Kc (🔴Trump🇷🇺Rus🇺🇦Ukr). These are historic, if sickening, times. I pray for the Kurds and for a future of boring normalcy.

“Life under a good government is rarely dramatic; life under a bad government is always so.” – Oscar Wilde

— @LizzieB90


No episode Twitter thread today for 7:1 Louis T Steinhil. No excuses … except maybe … everything. Too much going on. Sorry.

9/29/2019 ⋙ Updated 10/5/2019

I updated Twitter Moments!

Permalink: http://wp.me/pDKwi-4Mn

Here’s the new Intro Section:

The links below take you to the story of each episode in series of Tweets with captions. Think of them as a graphic novel with photos.

They string together the photos with captions that I tweet out before each upcoming episode. After Season 5, they replace the Storybook. It’s too hard to do both and the photo quality on Twitter is simply much better than what WordPress supports.

As of Season 7, I’ll be using Twitter Mega-Threads which have been formalized by Twitter from a method developed by users. Prior to Season 7, I used Twitter “Moments,” but it is no longer supported on iOS. I can’t set up new Moments but those I already created are still there.

Note: There is a limit of 100 Tweets per Moment, so many episodes require more than one Moment. BUT, all multi-part Moments are linked together. So when you get to then end of the Part A, you just have to click on the connecting link to get to Part B, etc.

There’s an exception for a few episodes: for Episode 3:19 Cape May and for Episodes 4:8 through 4:13. I could not add the connecting links for these in the same way. (This is Twitter’s fault not mine!)

I did come up with a workaround though. I added the links in a Comment to the last Tweet in each Moment. So it‘s there but it’s hidden. Click on the last tweet in the Moment to *Select* that Tweet and you will then see the Comment with the link.


🔴 This❗️⋙ I’ll be doing tweetstorms of 8 episodes of #TheBlacklist:
Th 6:9 Minister D
F 6:11 Bastion Moreau
Sa 6:12 Bastian Moreau 2
Su 6:14 Osterman Co.
M 6:19 Rassvet
T 6:20 Guillermo Rizal
W 6:21 Anna McMahon
Th 6:22 Robert Diaz (1)
F 6:22 Robert Diaz (2)

I’ll start each day between noon and 1:00pm CT

♡ ི•̮͡• ᤢ ྀ ♡

Updates for Season 7

I’ve been busy updating the site for Season 7. You’ll see a lot of frameworks without data in them yet.

I also updated the song files, replacing youtube links that had gone dead with ones that work. It’s a problem with youtube that links go bad. I try to go through them once a year. Also I noticed that in the post version of the list of All Songs, the last third of Season 4 was missing, so I fixed that.

As usual, it’s been a humbling experience to find my many mistakes and I’m sure there are other things I missed. There are too many links in Black Sites for me to check them all but I do add new ones and mark them with .

Speaking of which, there’s a new timeline by Britt Lawrence under Intel and Analysis, and new articles are appearing for Season 7 that I’m in the process of adding under Vulnerabilities (Reviews), Interrogations (Interviews), and News.

Please leave a comment below if you see anything major I need to fix.

♡ ི•̮͡• ᤢ ྀ ♡


Just Setting Up for Season 7

There be glitches.

♡ ི•̮͡• ᤢ ྀ ♡


༺ ♤ ⊰ 🔴 ⊱ ♤ ༻

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