🔴 Script 9:2 The Skinner Pt 2


🔴 Script 9:2 The Skinner – Conclusion (№ 45)

NBC’s series The Blacklist starring James Spader and Megan Boone
Series created by: Jon Bokenkamp
Program air date: 10/28/2021 in the US (7pm Central/Chicago Time)
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༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Directed by: Matthew McLoota
Written by: Lukas Reiter, John Eisendrath

Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington – James Spader
Donald Ressler – Diego Klattenhoff
Harold Cooper – Harry Lennix
Aram Mojtabai – Amir Arison
Alina Park – Laura Sohn
Dembe Zuma – Hisham Tawfiq
Mierce Xiu – Karina Arroyave
Client – Ari Blinder
Margaret Collins – Hannah Cabell
Alberta Gilbert – Kathleen Chalfant
Chen Yo-Lan – Fernando Chien
Shu Kuan-Lin – Emma Hong
Peter – Colby Lewis
Cynthia Panabaker – Dierdre Lovejoy
Wei Kuan-Lin – Yi Liu
Vincent Duke (aka Norman Beauregard) – Matt Malloy
Ernesto – Ernie Rodriguez
Graeme Anderson – Patrick Murney
Weecha Xiu – Diany Rodriguez
Portnoy – Michael Schantz
Kuo Pai-Han – Leonard Wu


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🔴 Script 9:2 The Skinner, Part 2 (№ 45)


Brief (Where we’re at):

It’s been two years since the death of Elizabeth Keen and the members of the Blacklist Task Force have scattered. Assistant Director Harold Cooper resigned (or retired) from the FBI and is now doing expert commentary on organized crime on tv (for NBC, of course!) Former Special Agent Donald Ressler has let his hair grow long and moved back home to an exurb of Detroit and is working as a car mechanic, possibly in his brother Robby’s garage. Computer whiz Aram Mojtabai has also left the FBI and has partnered with a man named Nick Faria in a computer security start-up named Greyscale looking for angel investors. Agent Alina Park is still in the FBI but is training new agents, having given up field work due to the stress. She is now married. A big surprise is that Red’s bodyguard and close friend, Dembe, is now FBI Special Agent Zuma, having acquired his position likely with help from Cooper who told him a couple of times that he’d “make a good cop.” (He likely was also able to scrub the record of his work in the criminal world with help from Red.)

And then there’s Red. None of the team has been in touch with him for at least a year and a half. But Cooper knows how to reach him. The reason: Liz left daughter Agnes in Cooper’s care. So when Dembe was severely burned on a case in which his partner, Ken Laver, was killed, and two dead perpetrators were found with the same mysterious tattoo on their arms, Dembe asked Cooper to find Red and see if he could identify the tattoo. So Cooper followed the agreed-upon protocol which meant a trip to Havana, Cuba, then to a bar where he was drugged and possibly transported to the Amazon, where Cooper finds him in the care of the mysterious Xiu sisters who speak Kaqchikel, an ancient Mayan language. Red’s head is clean-shaven, he’s put on weight, and has given up his three-piece suits and Scotch. He has somehow survived two years despite his terminal prognosis, crediting the two sisters. “Weecha guards my body, Mierce my soul.”

Despite Dembe’s request, Red is reluctant to become involved, fearing losing the inner peace he has managed to achieve. He also dreads his own darker impulses. But Cooper is able to get him to identify the tattoo – the letter “S” engulfed in flames – as belonging to “The Skinner,” an unbroken line of pirates dating back 700 years. The Skinner’s most recent target was a truckload of the world’s most valuable microchips, made by a Taiwanese company, SCG. Dembe was able to prevent the theft of the microprocessors, but the Skinner’s “Plan B” is to kidnap the Chief Technology Officer of the Company. So Cooper reassembled the task force members to prevent the abduction. However, they failed, as only Agent Park has a legal firearm and The Skinner used the daughter of the CTO as a human shield.

Without Red’s help, the reassembled task force will be stuck without the resources and intel they need to proceed. Red is in his plane about to go wheels up when Ressler shows up to implore Red not to abandon the effort, invoking Liz’s memory and hoping to revive The Blacklist. He leaves Red with a dossier on the current Skinner, compiled by Cooper with help from the tips from Red, which includes The Skinner’s real name and address and background information. After Ressler leaves, Mierce Xiu, Red’s spiritual advisor, approves of Ressler, saying “I like him. He has a good soul.” Red’s responds, “I believe he does. I’m less certain about mine.” Tbc.

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༺✦ ♤ ✦༻

[ Graeme Anderson, the current Skinner – the latest in a line of brigands stretching back 700 years – introduces his Client to his “treasure”: a man who holds the key to 80% of the world’s most valuable computer microprocessors. They are manufactured in Taiwan. Anderson first attempted to have his men hijack a truckload of the microchips themselves. When that plot failed, he came up with his “Plan B” and abducted the Chief Technology Officer of the company (SCG), Chen Yo-Lan, along with his wife Wei and daughter Shu. The family is huddled together on a cot in the corner of a warehouse ]
Graeme Anderson (The Skinner): Chen Yu-Lan, meet your future patron.
Client: (Alarmed) What the hell is this? This is nuts. Come here.
[ The Client pulls Anderson aside ]
Client: This isn’t about microchips anymore. This is kidnapping. In what stretch of reality would kidnapping become part of the plan?
Anderson: The plan failed, so I came up with a better plan. SCG segregates each department so no one person knows the secret of how to make its precious chip. No one except dear Mr. Chen.
Wei: (To the Client) Please help us. Please, sir, please.
Client: Oh, my God. This is just insanity.
Anderson: Not at all. SCG makes a critical supply of the world’s most advanced microchip.
Client: We don’t want to corner the market.
Anderson: Many of the cars your employers make aren’t running because they can’t acquire enough chips to make them run. I’m offering them an endless supply.
Client: You know what? We don’t want anything to do with this.
Anderson: (Losing patience) Good. A state actor, then? A superpower with the vision that you clearly lack.
Client: And what about Mr. Chen and his family?
Anderson: Well, they’re no longer your concern.
[ Graeme Anderson shoots the Client 💥 ]
[ All screaming ‼️ ]
— No!
[ Screams ‼️ ]
Anderson: I think we know the moral to that story.
[ All whimpering ]
Anderson: Do as I say so I won’t have to do as I do. Understood? ⋘⋙ [ To Chen ] Yes, no? ⋘⋙ Plan “B.” You’re gonna die when you hear it.

[ Dembe, formerly Red’s bodyguard but now an FBI agent, is driving. Ressler, no longer an agent, sits alongside him. They are arguing about protocol ]
Dembe: It’s the only way this works.
Ressler: Then it’s not gonna work.
Dembe: I can’t go in.
Ressler: Why? ‘Cause you’re still wounded?
Dembe: Because we don’t have a warrant yet. I can’t enter without one.
Ressler: Oh, but, so, you can’t, but I can?
Dembe: I’m an FBI agent. You’re not.
Ressler: Look, Anderson abducted a family, a husband, a wife, an 11-year-old daughter. We have probable cause to enter his home.
Dembe: And I will, as soon as Park gets the warrant. Otherwise, anything I find that proves his guilt will get tossed out of court.
Ressler: Hey, I know the rules of evidence. But I’m not just gonna sit there waiting.
Dembe: Then don’t. We’re legally on thin ice anyway. You’re arguably acting as an agent of the Bureau.
Ressler: So, you’re the Good Cop and I’m the Bad Guy now? [ Laughs ] Oh, this just gets better and better.
[ Ressler breaks into the apartment at the address listed in the dossier Cooper assembled on Graeme Anderson. Finding nothing, he returns ]
Dembe: You said the place was upscale, but not lived in. Raymond has places like that. Why? Because he can. Because he has resources, which means The Skinner does, too. Resources we can’t match.
Ressler: So, why’d you become an agent? I mean, Reddington always has some secret agenda. What’s yours?
Dembe: What you found is that we’re outmatched, that unless we get help, we’ll never find the hostages or avenge the death of my partner, not that you care much. Third degree burns, and the biggest pain I’ve got is you. [ Sighs ]
[ Ressler places a call ] [ Cellphone keys beeping 🔅🔅🔅 and dialing ••• ] [ Line ringing ✨]
Ressler: Yeah, it’s me. I think you need to reach out to the senator.

[ The Halls of Congress ] [ People chattering indistinctly ]
[ Harold Cooper catches up with Cynthia Panabaker. Panabaker oversaw the Reddington task force from various positions in the CIA and then as National Security Advisor ]
Cooper: Cynthia.
Cynthia Panabaker: That’s “Senator Cynthia” to you. To what do I owe the displeasure?
Cooper: And I thought absence made the heart grow fonder.
Panabaker: I am fond of you when you’re absent. Up close, I vacillate between fear and loathing.
Cooper: Your briefing with the Secretary has to wait.
Panabaker: Aren’t you a talking head now? Chitchatting about crime and terrorism till you’re booted for the segment on how to make the perfect hot wing?
[ She is referring to Cooper’s recent appearances on tv as an expert commentator on organized crime, intelligence and all things FBI ]
Cooper: This is important, Senator.
Panabaker: I’m sure it is, Harold. That’s what I’m afraid of.

[ Cooper and Senator Panabaker have moved to a conference room ]
Cooper: I’m sure you know about the attempted theft of the SCG microchips. What you may not know is that Dembe Zuma is the reason they weren’t taken.
Panabaker: I heard he was with the Bureau. I can only imagine what heartstring you had to pull to make that happen.
Cooper: He’s been badly hurt, his partner killed. For his troubles, he’s been benched pending an investigation.
Panabaker: So, he turned to you.
Cooper: And I got the band back together.
Panabaker: What band? There is no band. I disbanded the band. Voided Reddington’s immunity agreement.
Cooper: He’s given us a lead.
Panabaker: A lead on what?
Cooper: The microchips weren’t taken, but the engineer, Chen Yu-Lan, who knows how to make them, was. Imagine that information in the hands of our enemies. Technology that powers your phone, your car, the Internet. And once they have it, imagine them cutting us off from getting it.
Panabaker: I haven’t heard about any abduction. Is anyone claiming responsibility?
Cooper: Yes, a 700-year-old pirate.
Panabaker: Does Reddington know any run-of-the-mill criminals?
Cooper: The Skinner is the latest in a long line of brigands, a nom de guerre passed from one generation to the next. The current Skinner is Graeme Anderson. He abducted the engineer and his family. We can’t solve this case without your help.
Panabaker: [ Sighs lightly ] If, hypothetically speaking, I was to help, what would you need?

[ A clanking cargo elevator door opens. Cooper, Alina Park, Aram Mojtabai and Donald Ressler cautiously step out into their old digs, a dark site located in the bowels of the old post office. It is ghostlike now. Dust and debris have settled on the vinyl sheeting covering all of the furniture. The place appears not to have been used since the task force disbanded two years ago following Liz’s death ]
Cooper: Panabaker sliced us a small piece of black ops funding and a promise for tactical assistance if needed.
Aram: What about access to CODIS [ the “Combined DNA Index System” ] and Bureau databases?
Cooper: They’re ours as soon as you and Agent Park access the system.
[ Park’s cellphone ringing ✨~ The call is from her husband Peter ]
Cooper: Agent Park. We’re on a clock.
Park: Right. Sorry. [ Cellphone beeps🔅 ]

[ Ressler enters the office he once shared with Liz. Red is sitting there; Weecha Xiu, who provides his protection, stands nearby ]
Ressler: What are you doing?
Red: Perseverating. About what you said. About honoring Elizabeth.
Ressler: [ Agitated ] I mean, what are you doing here in her office?
Red: I believe I already answered that question, Donald.
[ Cooper enters switches the lights on ] [ Electricity⚡️buzzes ]
Cooper: You’re back.
Red: For the moment.
Cooper: Let me bring you up to speed.
Red: How about we do that in your office?
[ Cooper turns and leaves ]
[ Red addresses Ressler, who still seems agitated ]
Red: Just go slowly. It’ll come.
Ressler: What’ll come?
Red: I don’t know. Whatever it is. Tomorrow, I suppose.

[ Birds chirping ] [ Graeme Anderson (The Skinner) and Chen Yo-Lan drive by a medium-sized commercial building belonging to the Taiwanese microprocessor company SCG, Chen’s employer ]
Chen Yo-Lan: This is just a satellite office. Please. Your plan will not work.
Skinner: It has to work. I have bidders lined up for the processing software and the man who can run it. You’re the man, and now you’re gonna get me that software.
Chen: The program you want is only kept in Taiwan.
Anderson: I’m not an idiot, Mr. Chen. There’s computers in that building that can access the SCG mainframe in Taipei. Am I wrong?
Chen: There are security protocols.
Anderson: Well, you’re the CTO. If anyone can bypass them, I’m betting you can.
Chen: And when I do, you will let my family go?
Anderson: Whatever happens to them is entirely in your hands. You have until 5:00. Oh, and, Mr. Chen, I have someone on the inside. Everything you say or do, I’ll know.
[ Chen gets out ]
[ Car door closes ]
Anderson: [ To the driver ] You hungry? I want a omelet from Tempo. The fluffy kind that makes you feel like you’re eating a cloud. Or we could rob a convenience store, or take candy from a baby. Something to pass the time, hmm? Chen’s got a nice family. I hope he gets what I need.

[ Cooper’s office ] [ Cooper and Red sit down. Aram stands ]
Cooper: We know The Skinner abducted Chen and his family. We don’t know if anyone hired him to do it.
Aram: There’s nothing from State or Langley to suggest The Skinner is working for Russia, China, or North, um– I’m, I’m sorry, but, uh, what happened to your hair?
[ Aram is referring to Red’s clean-shaven head ]
Red: Oh. [ Chuckles ] Straight razor. Weecha does my face and my head in one fell swoop. We don’t have enough electricity where we live to waste any on clippers or other electronics. Just the fridge and the CD player. But I can tell you, one of life’s great simple pleasures is seeing a woman, naked, out on the porch, with a bowl of hot water shaving her legs with a straight razor. It’s captivating.
[ Aram looks at Weecha ]
[ Drawer closes ]
Cooper: Bastards took my Scotch.
Red: I’ve been drinking a lot of rum. Slow-aged in the mountains. Rich and delicious. We get barrels of the stuff from Weecha and Mierce’s family.
Aram: Cool. Uh, there’s nothing in the Bureau’s database about Chen’s disappearance, and SCG hasn’t reported him missing.
Cooper: That’s all we have. I know not to ask you how you can help us, but I know you can, and I hope your being here means you will.
Red: ⋘⋙ Donald paid me a visit recently. He reminded me that Elizabeth only agreed to take over my affairs because she– [ Inhales deeply and scoffs ] –felt duty-bound to continue the Blacklist. That’s why she was there that night. Doing her duty. I’m not here just to help you, Harold. I’m here because it’s what she would want. [ Breathes sharply ] I’ll bring you a case of that rum. It’s a swift kick to the head, and no headache.

[ Downstairs from the landing where Cooper’s office is located, Dembe encounters Weecha ]
Dembe: If you ever want to talk about what he likes or dislikes–
Weecha: I know what he likes and dislikes.
[ Red sees Dembe ]
Red: Dembe, I’m glad you’re feeling better. Agent Park, congratulations on your marriage. Not so much on your recent freelance work.
Park: How do you know about that?
Red: I pay attention. Or pay people to pay attention for me. Nasty bit of business. But your Peter seems like a ray of sunshine.
[ Elevator door clanks ]

Park: [ To Cooper ] I found Chen. He’s here in DC, at work. The company has a satellite office across the river. Chen showed up for his meetings this morning like nothing ever happened.
Cooped: Aram, Agent Park, get to that office. If Chen’s okay, then maybe his family is, too. If they’re not, then he’s pretending. I want to know why.

[ At the CSG satellite site, Chen Yo-Lan sites down at a workstation and attempts to access the software and manufacturing instructions Graeme Anderson has demanded in exchange for the safety of his family. But he needs help from someone physically located at the company headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan. He calls his assistant, Kuo Pai-Han. Kuo is the person Graham Anderson previously beat with a golf iron to get information on Chen’s travel schedule and hotel, information Anderson used to kidnap Chen and his family ]
[ Cellphone keys beeping🔅🔅🔅and dialing ✨ ] [ Ringing✨ ] [ Cellphone beeps🔅 ]
[ Both speaking Mandarin (with subtitles) ]
Kuo Pai-Han (Chen’s Assistant): Mr Chen.
Chen Yo-Lan (CSG’s CTO): I need you to access my files. On my hard drive. Do it now!
Kuo: Okay. What’s going on? What’s wrong?
[ Keys clacking ]
Chen: There’s a program on the desktop. The file name is just a series of numbers, ending in 6-3-2-9. The program will put the network in diagnostic mode, suspend its tracking capability–
[ Keys clacking ]
Kuo: You’re over-riding its security protocols.
Chen: Yes. I need to download the programming files. If the network is in diagnostic mods, tge system won’t trigger an alarm. I don’t have time to explain. I’m sorry to involve you. But there’s a man — he’s holding Wei and Shu. If I don’t do as he says, they will surely be killed.
Kuo: Yes.
Chen: What do you mean, “Yes”? Pai-Han, what are you saying? [ Angrily ] What did you do?!
Kuo: I’m the one who involved you.
Chen: What?
Kuo: [ Emotionally ] You have to do what he says!
Chen: Then for the sake of our families, run the program!
[ Kuo’s finger hovers over his mouse ]

[ Red and former Skinner Vincent Duke are talking in a parked vehicle ]
Vincent Duke: You said you’d take care of it. I told you where to find him. I teed him up, and you shanked it. Now you’ve come to my club and put me off my game.
Red: I was once struck by lightning on a golf course while playing in Tripoli. Gaddafi was dead, and to honor the small part I played in his unceremonious demise, the leader of the NTC invited me to play a round on the dictator’s private course. One minute, I’m standing on the 12th green, the next, I’m in a desert encampment with a lovely raven-haired freedom fighter who’s administering to my burns with the touch of a lover’s stroke.
Vincent: I’m not calling him.
Red: This Skinner is your successor. You hand-picked him to take over when you retired. Now he’s killed an FBI agent, abducted the CTO of the world’s largest microchip manufacturer, and he’s threatening to create an international incident that will ruin your historic reputation.
Vincent: Why do you care about our reputation?
Red: Anderson is the 22nd Skinner – twenty-two generations of torch-passing. I couldn’t do it once. I admire what you all have built. I don’t want to see it ruined.
Vincent: I’m retired, not senile. What aren’t you telling me?
Red: I’ll tell you after you talk him off the ledge.
Vincent: I’m the president of my condo association. Garbage pick-up. Grounds management. That’s what I do now, argue about yard signs with snowbirds, not try and talk sense to a lunatic.
Red: The charter, then. I know you have the power to invoke it.
Vincent: Even if I wanted to, and I’m not saying I do, because I don’t, I couldn’t do it without my predecessor.
Red: The Captain. Is it true that she had affairs during the Paris Peace Talks with both Kissinger and Le Duc Tho?
Vincent: The charter’s never been invoked. Not once in 700 years.
Red: Then it’ll be a bolt out of the blue. I lived to tell about my rather gentle lightning strike. If we do this right, Anderson won’t be so lucky.

[ Back in Taipei, Kuo Pai-Han clicks “Enter” to begin the computer download ]
[ Computer beeps🔅⚠️🔅 A warning comes up ]
[ Both speaking Mandarin ]

[ Computer beeping🔅🔅🔅 ]
Kuo Pai-Han: No. No. No. No.
Chen Yo-Lan: What’s wrong?
Kuo: There’s new software o; the network. It must be because of the robbery at the post, the investigation.
Chen: It won’t execute.
Kuo: It will — but the alarm will be triggered.
Chen: Then it’s impossible.
Kuo: No. You’d be able to download the program undetected. The alarm would lead here.
Chen: To you?
Kuo: Yes.
[ Kuo presses “Enter” ] [ 🚨 Blaring ‼️ 🚨 Blaring ‼️ 🚨 Blaring ‼️ 🚨 ]
Kuo: It’s done.
Chen: Thank you.

[ Aram and Park walk outside of the satellite office of SCG in Washington DC ]
Park: What am I missing? Why would The Skinner abduct Chen only to release him a day later?
Aram: Maybe he escaped, but if he did, why go to work and not the police?
[ A small red car pulls out. Chen is driving ]
Aram: Check it out. That’s him.
Park: Shoot. [ mild oath ]
[ They get into their car. Park drives. They chase Chen’s car, swerving in and out of traffic as Chen tries to get away. Chen glances nervously at the computer hard drive with the downloaded software ]
[ Siren 🚨wailing ]
[ Cellphone ringing ✨ It’s Peter ]
Park: [ To Aram ] You’re not here. We’re not doing this.
Aram: Uh, but, uh, we are. I’m pretty sure Pete deserves to know.
Park: [ Sighs ] [ Cellphone beeps🔅 ] Hi, sweetie.
Peter: [ On phone ] Hey. Any chance we could have lunch? Talk things over?
Park: I wish. But I’m kind of in the middle of something right now.
[ Wailing 🚨continues ]
Peter: The case.
Park: Pete, I’m not a field agent. I’m doing a friend a favor. One.
Peter: One?
Park: One, and not a risky one.
[ Park swerves to avoid a crash ] [ Aram groans ]
Park: I promise. A walk in the park. But we’ll talk about it tonight, okay? I have to go.
Peter: Okay. Be safe.
[ Siren 🚨 wailing ]
Aram: Um, okay, uh, the street, it’s down there. Oh, Alina! Car! Car! Whoa, whoa, whoa! Oh!
[ ⚡️Tires screech⚡️ ] [ Horn honks 🔊 ]
Aram: Okay.
[ Wailing 🚨 continues ]
[ Park chases Chen’s car until shs is able to pull directly in front of him, forcing him to stop ]
[ ⚡️Tires screech⚡️ ]
Aram: [ Grunts ] Oh, okay. Phew! I’m driving next time.
[ Seat belts unlock ]
Aram: Seriously.
Park: Ah.
[ They get out, draw their weapons and go over the Chen’s car ]
Aram: FBI! Hands on the wheel, now.
[ Chen complies ]
Aram: [ To Park ] “Just a walk in the park.”
[ Agent Park smirks ]

[ Interrogation ]
Park: You don’t know the address, but can you describe the building? What part of the city it–
Chen: I was blindfolded. In and out. All I have is a number.
Aram: To a burner phone, which is untraceable.
Chen: Which is why you have to let me go, so I can call and free my family.
Park: That’s it, then, you give him this [ the hard drive ], and he lets you and your family go.
Chen: My family, yes.
Aram: Your family, but not you. That’s it, isn’t it? You’re trading your life for theirs.
Chen: I don’t care what happens to me. My wife and my daughter– They’re all that matter.

[ Vincent Duke and Red arrive at the Solomon Bay retirement home where Vincent is known as Norman Beauregard ]
Ernesto: Good to see you, Mr. Beauregard. It’s been a while.
Vincent Duke: Good to see you, too, Ernesto. I’ve been in California, on trial in the Central District. Quite the drama.
Ernesto: Yeah, well, this client of yours is no stranger to drama, either.
Vincent: Alberta?
Ernesto: She’s been in a state all morning.
Vincent: Well, what’s the trouble?
[ They enter the building. An elderly but attractive woman sits there ]
Alberta: [ Angrily, loudly ] I’ll tell you the trouble. One of these bastards stole my phone!
Vincent: Your cellphone?
Alberta: Yeah, that’s right. [ To other residents, loudly ] Look away! [ To Vincent ] I am not crazy. I had it right here, and now it’s gone.
Vincent: Easy, dear. How do you feel?
Alberta: Like beating to death anybody who asks me how I feel.
Vincent: [ Sighs ]
Alberta: [ Seductively ] Who’s this?
Red: [ Chuckles ] Ms. Gilbert, or Alberta. May I call you Alberta?
Margaret Collins: [ To Vincent ] Oh, thank goodness I caught you. Mr. Beauregard?
Vincent: Hmm?
Margaret Collins: Margaret Collins. I’m the new Director of Resident Relations.
Vincent: You look concerned, dear. Not to worry. Nobody’s having relations with the residents.
[ Both laugh ]
Collins: But if I could just have a word with you privately?
[ They step aside ]
Collins: I know you called ahead to say you’d like to take Alberta out for the afternoon.
Vincent: Same as always.
Collins: Well, unfortunately, things aren’t quite the same as always. I’m sorry to say, Alberta’s had a small setback.
Vincent: What kind of setback?
Collins: We’re not sure yet. I can’t share medical information, but as you’re her attorney, I feel comfortable saying her dementia appears to be progressing. I’m afraid her nephew Douglas has left strict instructions that Alberta is not to leave the grounds under any circumstances. He’s been trying to reach a specialist about evaluating her condition. If–
Red: [ Stammers ] I’m sorry. I’m Walter Brenneman. Or Dr. Brenneman, but, please, call me Walter.
Collins: Oh, uh, you’re a doctor?
Red: I am. I couldn’t help but overhear. In fact, I’m the very specialist you were just referring to. Uh, Norm here and I are old golfing buddies, and he asked if I’d come and spend some time with Alberta. I’m a neuroscientist, first and foremost. Normally, of course, I wouldn’t be available to take on new patients. My research at Mayo is–
Collins: The Mayo Clinic? 🔘 [See Note]
Red: Yes.
Collins: Wow, Wow. That is wonderful.
[ Both chuckle ]
Collins: So, you knew about Alberta’s setback?
Vincent: I did. Uh, Douglas and I spoke. He sounded distraught, so I promised to pull a few strings. [ Cellphone beeps 🔅and dials✨ ] Let me get Doug on the phone. [ On phone ] Yeah, hi, Norman Beauregard. Is he available? Oh, darn. Yeah, I see. Well, have him call me right away. [ Phone beeps 🔅 ]
Vincent: [ To Margaret Collins ] He’s in off-site meetings all afternoon.
Red: Ouch. [ Inhales sharply ] I mean, I could try and come back another day. Oh, no, I’m in Brussels next week for a conference.
Collins: No, no, we appreciate you taking the time. I’m sure it would be fine under Mr. Beauregard’s supervision. [ To Vincent ] And since you spoke with Douglas–
Vincent: Hmm. Yes? Wonderful.
Red: Okeydoke.

[ Outside of the building, Red and Vincent walk with Alberta ]
Alberta: Where are we going?
Vincent: I want to invoke the charter to remove Anderson. I can’t do that without you.
Alberta: What’s wrong with Anderson?
Red: He’s noticeable. Your legacy survives because it isn’t.
Alberta: Who the hell is this guy?
Vincent: That’s Raymond Reddington.
Alberta: [ Surprise and disbelief ] No. [ To Red ] You. Come closer. I’ll be damned. Give me a kiss. A good one.
Red: We’re in a bit of a rush.
Alberta: You want my help, it’s the cost of doing business. Open-mouth.
Red: We’re parked in a fire lane.
Alberta: No tongue, no invoking the charter.
[ Red gives Alberta a kiss. A good one ] [ … ]
Alberta: Let’s blow this Popsicle stand.

[ The Post Office war room ] [ Aram gives background on computer chips to Cooper, Dembe, Park and Ressler ]
Aram: Microchips are like coated wafers. The idea is to cram on the microscopic subatomic features that are the basis of the chip’s performance. Now, this software is a guide for manipulating atoms one-tenth the size of a human hair or less. 🔘 [See Note]
Cooper: And Chen knows how to operate it.
Ressler: Meaning The Skinner has two key ingredients for making the chips.
Aram: SCG chips. The most advanced in the world. So advanced that – and this is one of those impossible but true factoids – no one in Silicon Valley or Zhongguancun or anywhere else on Earth knows how to make them. 🔘 [ This is true: WSJ article ]
Park: So, an already vulnerable market susceptible to catastrophic disruptions in the supply chain can be controlled by whoever has Chen and the software?
Ressler: Which, at the moment, is us.
Dembe: We don’t control anything.
Ressler: We don’t, but America could.
Dembe: Only if we got Chen to cooperate and give the government a hard drive that doesn’t belong to us.
Ressler: We’re talking about technology that makes the world go ’round.
Dembe: Which is why we shouldn’t steal it.
Ressler: When you and Reddington took something, it was stealing.
Aram: When America does it, it’s manifest destiny.
Cooper: The only people whose destiny I’m concerned with right now are Chen’s wife and daughter.
Park: Chen was supposed to call The Skinner when he gets the software.
Cooper: Then that’s exactly what he’s going to do.

[ Chen calls Graeme Anderson ]
Chen Yo-Lan: I have it, the software.
Graeme Anderson: Do you? I wonder.
Chen: I can bring it to you. I just need to talk to my wife first.
Anderson: I haven’t heard from my inside man. Why is that?
Chen: I just need to talk to Wei.
[ Anderson beckons for Wei to come over ]
Wei: [ Breathes sharply ] [ Voice breaking ] Yu-Lan.
Chen: Wei!
[ Chen and Wei speak Mandarin ]
Chen: Are you okay? Is Shu okay?
Wei: [ Crying ] Yes. We’re both okay.
[ Anderson takes the phone ]
Anderson: One hour. 2440 Junior Terrace.
[ Cellphone beeps🔅and clicks✵ shut ] [ Line beeps🔅 ]
Chen: What do we do now?
Aram: Get your family back.

[ Aram and Park prepare Chen Yo-Lan for the op ]
Chen: I’m not giving him the program?
Aram: Not the real one, no.
Chen: I have to give it to him!
Park: We can’t risk the real one falling into enemy hands.
Chen: And I can’t risk him killing my family!
Aram: Of course not, which is why we’ve only made a few modifications, imperceptible changes in millions of lines of code. Only a handful of experts in the entire world would have any clue that it’s not the genuine article.
Park: We know what we’re doing. I know it’s hard, but, please, trust us.
Chen: Tell me again.
Aram: The meeting point is likely a pick-up. Wherever they take you, we will track you with these.
[ Aram takes out a pair of glasses ]
Aram: Totally undetectable. The listening components are baked into the frame. We’re gonna be with you the entire time, and when he releases your family, the SWAT team will hit the building, save you, and arrest the others.

[ Cooper’s office ] [ Cooper meets with Senator Panabaker ]
Cooper: We have the engineer.
Panabaker: The one who knows how to make the microchips as well as the processing software he needs to make them?
Cooper: The proprietary software, yes.
Panabaker: Look around, Harold. What do you see? What you see is me out on a limb calling in favors to get you this office, to put this God-forsaken task force back in business. What you see is a senator you should thank while giving me the program this country needs to make its own high-end semiconducting chips without relying on a foreign power.
Cooper: So we should steal it? How does that make us any better than Graeme Anderson?!
Panabaker: Anderson’s a criminal looking to turn a profit. We’re patriots with an obligation to safeguard this nation. Where is it now?
Cooper: I won’t answer that.
Panabaker: We’re talking international politics, Harold. Spycraft, war. It’s more complicated than right and wrong.
Cooper: Not to me, it isn’t.
[ Panabaker turns and leaves ] [ Door closes ✽ ]

[ Ressler walks into the darkened office he used to share with Liz. He fingers a small box of pills. (He’s had problems with addiction in his past.) Cooper walks up behind him ]
Cooper: Maybe I was wrong. For reaching out to you in Detroit. Maybe it’s too much being here. If it is–
Ressler: But- it’s not.
Cooper: If it is, we’d all understand.
[ Footsteps approaching ]
Dembe: It’s time to meet.
Ressler: All right, let’s do it. Look, I’m good.
Cooper: Then roll out.

[ Chen walks along a sidewalk. A car pulls up ] [⚡️Brakes squeal⚡️]
Portnoy: Show me the drive.
[ Chen shows him the drive. He gets into the car ]
[ Dembe, Ressler and Park follow the car ] [ Gearshift clicks❅ ]
Ressler: Hey, Aram, are you seeing this?
Aram: [ Over comms from Post Office ] All over it. The building looks like some kind of shipping warehouse. Public records show just over 58,000 square feet for the complex, owned by a shell company called Goldenshore Industries.
Dembe: We can’t cover that kind of space with just us.
Cooper: Way ahead of you. SWAT units have been dispatched to that location.
[ Chen is escorted into the warehouse by Portnoy ]
Graeme Anderson: Tell me you got it.
[ Portnoy hands him the hard drive ]
Anderson: I knew you could do it. Now that it’s done, I can tell you all these guys bet against you but me. Total confidence.
[ The task force listens in via the audio surveillance embedded in Chen’s glasses ]
Dembe: That’s Anderson.
Cooper: We sit tight until he releases Chen’s wife and daughter.
Chen: My family, where are they?
Anderson: Comfortable. Having sodas and snacks down the hall.
Chen: You said you’d let them go.
Anderson: No, Yu-Lan, that’s not what I said. I think you’re forgetting an “if.” I’m pretty sure I said I’d let them go if you did what I asked.
Chen: I got you the program. Well,
Anderson: I know you say you got me the program, but how the hell would I know? I mean, I’m a sharp guy, but I don’t know a damn thing about software code. Which is why I went and kidnapped an expert.
Aram: We’re fine. I mean, there are maybe five people on the planet who have the skill to assess that code in under three days —
Anderson: This is Mr. Sato Akimasa, professor in the field of information technology.
Aram: — And he’s one of them.
[ Anderson hands the hard drive to Sato Akimasa who inserts it into a computer ]
Anderson: You okay, Mr. Chen? You don’t look so good.
Park: He’s cracking. I’m telling you, he won’t hold up.
[ Chen panics and reveals the op ]
Chen: It wasn’t my idea. I wanted to give you the program, but they refused!
Anderson: What wasn’t your idea? Who refused?
Chen: The FBI. They’re outside now. They’re listening.
[ Chen gives the surveillance glasses to Anderson who ✽ crunches ✽ them with his foot ]
[ ⚡️Static crackles⚡️ ]
Dembe: We’re going in.
[ Dembe, Park and Ressler jump out of the SUV ] [ Vehicle doors close ] [ They run toward the warehouse ]
Aram: Sir, there’s only three of them. They cannot go in blind. We do not know how many of them they’re up against.

[ Ressler, Dembe and Park enter the warehouse, guns drawn ]
Park: This place is massive. Where the hell are they?
Ressler: Aram, we’re gonna need some help here.
Aram: Working on it, I’m trying to access any blueprints on file with the city.
Ressler: Now, Chen’s family may not have that kind of time.
Park: Dembe took the east side of the building. We can’t stay here. We have to keep moving.
[ Gun cocks ]
Anderson: What did you do? I warned you what would happen.
Chen Yo-Lan: No! I didn’t go to them!
Anderson: [ Shouting ] Bring ’em out, let’s go. Apparently, we have some company!
Dembe: I hear Anderson. Southeast corner.
Anderson: [ Continues shouting ] It’s time to greet our guests!
Ressler: All right. On our way.
[ Ressler, Park and Dembe move to the southeast corner of the warehouse. They can see Anderson and his men and the hostage family but they remain hidden ]
Anderson: [ Continues shouting ] Olly Olly Oxen Free! ⋘⋙ Nobody wants to play? ⋘⋙ Well, perhaps I can provide motivation to participate.
[ Gun fires 💥] [ ‼️ Screaming ‼️ ] [ Wei falls ]
Chen: Wei! Wei!
Cooper: Who’s firing? Report.
Dembe: [ Low voice, to Cooper ] He just shot Chen’s wife in the leg.
[ Shouting and crying ]
Anderson: [ Shouting ] I can’t kill Chen. He’s the golden goose! But the others are entirely up for grabs. Show yourselves. Show yourselves!
Dembe: I believe he’ll kill them.
Ressler: So do I. Cooper, how do you want to play this?
Cooper: Don’t give up your weapons. Hold your position.
Anderson: Still no takers?
Chen: [ Pleading ] Come out! I told them you’re here! Agent Zuma!
Anderson: [ Loudly ] Agent Zuma.
[ Anderson pulled Dembe’s ID from his pocket the day he also shot and killed Dembe’s partner, Ken Laver ]
Anderson: Well, look at that. You found me. I’d say I’m about to find you.
[ Anderson grabs Shu, Chen’s daughter ]
— No! No! No!
Anderson: The next one–
— No!
Anderson: –goes in the girl.
— No! No!
Ressler: He’s gonna kill her.
Cooper: Ressler, stay where you are.
Shu: [ Crying ] Please!
[ Gun fires 💥💥 ] [ Anderson shoots into the ceiling ]
[ Shouts ] [ Bullets casings clatter ]
Shu: Please!
Ressler: All right, all right! I’m coming out. All right, just hold your fire.
Shu: [ Breathing quickly ]
Anderson: That’s one. [ Shouting ] Agent Zuma. You and whoever’s with you has about three seconds before things end badly.
[ Anderson holds his gun to Shu’s head ]
Chen: No!
Wei: No! Wait, no!
Shu: [ Begging ] Please, please, please! Please!
Dembe: [ Low voice over comms ] I’m sorry, Harold.
Shu: No!
Dembe: The only move now is to buy time. Get backup here as soon as you can.
Shu: Please! [ Sobbing ] No, no! Please. No.
[ Dembe steps out, followed by Park ]
Anderson: I warned you not to pursue this.
Dembe: FBI SWAT’s on their way.
Anderson: Great, thanks for the heads-up. We’ll be sure to kill you quickly.
Park: That won’t change anything. The Bureau knows who you are.
Anderson: I’ll take my chances. Take Chen and the family out of here. I’ll deal with them later.
Shu: No! No!
[ Portnoy steps forward ]
Portnoy: Sir, we got a situation at the front entrance.
Anderson: Hold them off.
Portnoy: It’s not the FBI.
Red: Mr. Anderson!
[ Weapons cock ]
Anderson: What the hell is this?
Red: We haven’t met. Y-You’re familiar, of course, with Vincent Duke and The Captain.
[ Vincent Duke, the prior Skinner, and “The Captain” (aka Alberta Gilbert), the Skinner before Duke, have come with Red ]
Anderson: You’re Raymond Reddington.
Red: Imagine, the three of you in one room. Somebody get a cat. Let’s see how many Skinners it takes to–
[ Anderson points his gun at Red ]
Red: Not in the mood for jokes? Fair enough. It has been a long day all around.
Anderson: What are you doing here? How’d you find me?
Vincent Duke: We issued a Code Red, which, if you’d bothered to read the bylaws, gives former Skinners access to when, where, and what their successor is doing.
Alberta: Or, in this case, doing badly. I don’t mind ruthless. In fact, I’m quite aroused by it. It’s stupidity that dries me like the Sahara. And killing a federal agent and snatching an innocent family, that’s about as stupid as you can get.
Anderson: I already told you, it’s not your brand anymore.
Red: Unfortunately for you, it’s not yours, either.
Anderson: [ Chuckles ] What are you talking about?
Red: You’re a caretaker. A steward. A trustee in a long line of trustees, and if you violate that trust, there is a charter that details how you can be removed.
Vincent Duke: By us. If two former leaders vote to remove the current Skinner, he’s out, effective immediately.
Anderson: [ Laughs ] You can’t be serious.
Vincent: I vote you out.
Alberta: I agree. Out you go.
Anderson: This isn’t student government. You can’t remove me because I decided not to serve ice cream in the cafeteria.
Red: You didn’t serve ice cream? Oh, my gosh, if they’d known. Forget about it.
Anderson: Shoot them. Shoot them all. Did you hear me? That was an order.
Portnoy: Sir –
Anderson: Fine. I’ll do it myself.
[ Weapons cock. The Skinner organization’s soldiers all point their guns at Anderson ]
Portnoy: Sir, drop your weapon, or I will fire.
Anderson: What are you talking about? You’re listening to them? You work for me.
Portnoy: No, we work for the organization. The organization has rules. We follow them. And so do they.
Anderson: Yeah? Well, sometimes rules are meant to be broke– [ 💥 Portnoy shoots Anderson ]
[ Body thuds ]
Red: We should go before the cavalry arrives.
Vincent: Make sure the family’s safe. Once we’re gone, let everyone go.
Portnoy: It’s good to have you back, sir.

[ Vincent, Alberta and Red walk away from the scene ]
Vincent: Once he was off the ledge, you said you’d explain your interest in our organization.
So, explain it.
Red: The line of succession.
Vincent: I hadn’t thought about it coming back to me. Taking over again.
Alberta: I can’t think of anything that sounds worse. It’s like meeting the First Lady after you’ve slept with the President.
Red: [ Laughs ] Do you want to run things, Vincent?
Vincent: The only thing I want to run is my condo association.
Red: In that case, I have a suggestion.
Vincent: Ah, that’s it. You want to pick my successor.
Red: The Skinners are legendary. With the right person in charge, I don’t think there’s a limit to their reach and power. And as luck would have it, I think I know who the right person would be.

[ Red is with Mierce and Weecha, parked in their SUV, again watching Agnes’s team playing soccer ]
[ Children shouting playfully ]
Mierce; You did what you came for. There is nothing here but heartbreak.
Red: I don’t believe that. I can’t believe it. One more stop. If I don’t get the answer I’m looking for, we’ll go.

[ Lock disengages ] [ Light switch clicks❅ ] [ Keys jingling✨] [ Door closes ]
Cynthia Panabaker: [ Inhales sharply ] What are you doing here?
[ Red is sitting in a comfortable overstuffed chair ]
Red: Thinking about that beautiful, sad Wyeth painting you have in the next room. I didn’t know you were so melancholy, with all your little colloquialisms and snappy repartee.
Panabaker: What do you want?
Red: Something you can’t give me. But which I can’t get without your help. So, I thought perhaps we might help each other.

[ Cooper sits across a table from Chen Yo-Lan ]
Cooper: We’re just relieved you and your family are safe.
Chen: And Kuo Pai-Han? My associate in Taiwan?
Cooper: We spoke to the authorities in Taipei. He’s being released. Both he and his family will be fine.
[ Cooper gives Chen the hard drive containing SCG’s intellectual property for building its valuable microchips ]
Cooper: I believe this belongs to you.
Chen: You’re giving it back? Your government doesn’t insist on keeping it?
Cooper: Oh, they do, but our objective was to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands, including ours.
Chen: [ Scoffs lightly in disbelief ] Thank you.
Cooper: Your daughter’s with your wife at the hospital. Agents are waiting to take you there.
Agent: Mr. Chen, I’m Agent Soto.
[ Agent Soto escorts Chen onto the Post Office elevator ]
Park: Okay, that was so fun.
Aram: Which part?–
[ Elevator door closes ]
Aram: –Rescuing Chen and nearly dying, or driving down a one-way street into oncoming traffic and nearly dying?
Park: It was purposeful. We did something. Something good. That’s what’s cool about it.
Aram: You really miss it, don’t you?
Park: Don’t you?
Aram: I was positive I didn’t. And now– Now I’m not so sure.
Park: Pete would kill me if he heard me say it, but [ Sighs ] I wish we were back full time.
[ Footsteps approaching ]
Cooper: Everyone? You did a good job. More than that, you reminded me of all the good we did. I don’t know about you, but I needed that.
Dembe: I never got to see the task force from the inside. Thank you for doing this for my partner and for me.
[ Elevator door opening ] [ Red steps out with Weecha, lugging a large wooden carton of the Xiu family rum between them ]
Red: [ Chuckles ] Good Lord. If this is how you look in victory, I’d hate to see what you look like in defeat.
Ressler: Thought you said you were going?
Red: I also promised to bring Harold a case of Weecha’s hooch.
Aram: [ To Weecha ] You could probably drink me under the table, couldn’t you?
[ Weecha tips her head ]
Red: Harold, if I might have a word? Oh, by the way, my immunity deal has been reinstated.
Park: What? By who?
Red: Senator Panabaker agreed to wave her magic wand. She’s offering to reconstitute the task force and to let Harold, Donald, and Aram return to the FBI fold.
Ressler: Now, why would she want to do that?
Red: I imagine she likes the work we do.
Cooper: Do or did?
Red: Mmm, both. And if you do, as well, you’re welcome to hop back on the merry-go-round. If not, a bientot. Harold?
[ Red and Cooper walk off ]
Ressler: Did he just say what I think he just said?
Park: I don’t know, what’s ”a bientot” mean?
Aram: “See you soon.” Which means, be careful what you wish for.

[ Again, Ressler faces the prospect of returning to the office he shared with Liz. He stands at the threshold, staring into the darkened room ] [ Haunting ♪ music plays ]
[ Ruelle’s ♫ “Rival” plays ]
[ ⬇ Go to Full Lyrics ] or [ ♪ Tap square below to play ♪ ]

♪ The tide is high
It’s sink or swim
My only rival is within
Giants calling round the bend
My only rival– ♪

[ Ressler sits at his desk. Dembe walks in ]
Dembe: You asked why I became an agent.

♪ Is within ♪

Dembe: The answer is you. That’s my secret. One of them, anyway.
Ressler: Care to share any of the others?
Dembe: Raymond admires you. Not because of what you do, but because of who you are.
Ressler: [ Sighs ]
Dembe: If there’s any way I can help you through any of this, I want to try. ⋘⋙

♪ Kingdoms rise and kingdoms end
My only rival– ♪

Dembe: Perhaps in time.

♪ Is within
This is where it all begins ♪

[ In his office, Cooper pours some of the Xiu-brand rum into glasses for Red and himself ]
Cooper: Swift kick to the head.

♪ My only rival– ♪

Cooper: No headache.

♪ Is within ♪

Red: Like reading Homer in Greek.
Cooper: I know you have your own reasons for continuing. I know Agnes is one, and you know how I feel about that. What’s another?
Red: Unfinished business.
Cooper: Why do I think they’re connected?
Red: Take the win, Harold. It’s the first of many.

♪ The tide is high ♪

[ Cooper sips the rum ]
Cooper: That is surprisingly good.

♪ It’s sink or swim ♪

Red: I love surprises.

♪ My only rival– ♪

Red: Not all surprises, of course, but, you know, happy accidents.

♪ Is within ♪

Red: Finding forgotten money in a pocket. Making unexpected friendships.

[ Flashforward: ] Portnoy leads Red through a small group of observers to a large recliner.

Red: I have a feeling the next part of this journey of ours will be filled with new surprises.
Cooper: It’s good to be back, old friend.
Red: Old.

[ Flashforward (cont.): ] An antique latch case is opened. Inside are archaic-looking instruments.

Red: I’ll let you in on a little secret, Harold. The world doesn’t belong to the young. The world belongs to anyone with the strength to reach out and take it.

[ Flashforward (cont.): ] A mechanism that looks like a press is applied to Red’s calf. When it is removed, there is the tattoo of The Skinner: the letter “S” engulfed in flames.

Red: And for the first time in a long while, I’m feeling stronger than ever.

[ Flashforward (cont.): ]
[ ♪ Vocalizing ♪ ]

Red rises and nods first to Vincent and then to Alberta.

[ ♪ Vocalizing ♪ continues ♪ ♪ ♪ ]

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1) The Mayo Clinic: US News does an annual ranking of U.S. Hospitals and Mayo Clinic (Rochester MN) has consistently ranked highest by a distinct margin:

USNews: America’s Best Hospitals: the 2021-22 Honor Roll and Overview http://bit.ly/2AZYcD3
// 7/27/2021; U.S. News ranks the top hospitals in the nation, plus the best hospitals in each state and metro area.
⋙ Detailed Methodology and Scores (pdf): http://bit.ly/3jRyODq 169p

I worked at Mayo Clinic Rochester with an internal consulting/management engineering group for 15 years, following a stint at IBM Rochester. My husband was CIO (Chief Information Offficer) for Mayo Foundation (all clinics and affiliates) for 20-plus years.

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2) Actually, an atom is ≃1,000,000 times smaller than the width of a human hair, not 10 times. http://bit.ly/31guYxd Atoms are different sizes, of course, as are strands of hair. But Aram is way off here.

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3) WSJ: The World Relies on One Chip Maker in Taiwan, Leaving Everyone Vulnerable http://on.wsj.com/3jt4I8Z
// 6/19/2021; Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.’s dominance poses risks to the global economy, amid geopolitical tensions and a major chip shortage

The company makes almost all of the world’s most sophisticated chips, and many of the simpler ones, too. They’re in billions of products with built-in electronics, including iPhones, personal computers and cars—all without any obvious sign they came from TSMC, which does the manufacturing for better-known companies that design them, like Apple Inc. and Qualcomm Inc.

TSMC has emerged over the past several years as the world’s most important semiconductor company, with enormous influence over the global economy. With a market cap of around $550 billion, it ranks as the world’s 11th most valuable company. ¤ Its dominance leaves the world in a vulnerable position, however. As more technologies require chips of mind-boggling complexity, more are coming from this one company, on an island that’s a focal point of tensions between the U.S. and China, which claims Taiwan as its own.

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♫ Rival
By Ruelle

♪ The tide is high, it’s sink or swim
My only rival is within
Giants calling round the bend
My only rival is within

♪ I won’t let my demons win
My only rival is within
I will fight through thick and thin
My only rival is within

♪ Kingdoms rise and kingdoms end
My only rival is within
This is where it all begins
My only rival is within

♪ The tide is high, it’s sink or swim
My only rival is within

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