🔴 Script 9:5 Benjamin T Okara


🔴 Script 9:5 Benjamin T Okara (№ 183)

NBC’s series The Blacklist starring James Spader and Megan Boone
Series created by: Jon Bokenkamp
Program air date: 11/18/2021 in the US (7pm Central/Chicago Time)
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༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Directed by: Jono Oliver
Written by: Noah Schechter

Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington – James Spader
Donald Ressler – Diego Klattenhoff
Harold Cooper – Harry Lennix
Aram Mojtabai – Amir Arison
Alina Park – Laura Sohn
Dembe Zuma – Hisham Tawfiq
Benjamin Okara – Corey Allen
Mierce Xiu – Karina Arroyave
Hans Fielder – Max Chernin
Alison (DARPA Aide) – Gabriella Fanuele
Director Reiss (DARPA) – Adam Harrington
Detective Marcus Heber – Mike Houston
Stan Rodgers – Paul Juhn
Sherwin Ellis – Jerry Kernion
Peter – Colby Lewis
Jovan Lovic – Ego Makitas
Charlene Cooper – Valarie Pettiford
Olivia Martinez – Greta Quispe
Weecha Xiu – Diany Rosdriguez
Sima – Mark Shock
Doctor – Marguerite Stimpson
Geoffrey Brimley – Max Talisman
Vasco – Peter Yaniv


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🔴 Script 9:5 Benjamin T Okara (№ 183)


Brief (Where we’re at):

● A bullet fired from Cooper’s gun was involved in the murder of Doug Koster, the neighbor with whom Cooper’s wife Charlene had an affair several years ago. ● Park may have cancer ~ she provided the clean urine sample for Ressler to use for a drug test required for him to be reinstated in the FBI. (He says he’s no longer using but told Park he wasn’t sure he’d been off drugs long enough for the test to be negative.) The test came back clean for drug use but with abnormal hormone levels. ● And Dembe and Red’s relationship has become as chilly as Red’s and Mierce’s appears to be cozy. Whatever went wrong between Dembe and Red has something to do with “Brasília” which Red says was “a tragedy” ~ likely referring to something that happened there (though “Berlin” turned out to be a person, so you never know).

Cooper woke up in his car to find his gun on the car floor. When he later checked the ammunition clip, he saw that a bullet had been fired, so he turned it over to a friend to have it analyzed and there was a match to the bullet used in the murder. Cooper had gone to a retirement party and has no recollection of what happened after having only a couple of drinks. So far he has not mentioned the ballistics test to Charlene, but clearly she will be a suspect in this whodunit in addition to Cooper himself.

Red was able to track down the Blacklister “The Avenging Angel” (Blacklister #49) whose activities had been on his radar for years. Going by the name “Michael” for “Michael the Archangel” who “God sent to fight the devil,” Michaela Bellucci had been a young unwed mother in Italy, placed in a convent by her family for the duration of her pregnancy and forced to give up her baby for adoption. So she devoted her life to restoring precious things to people who has been cheated out of them. She used an online prayer site to find injustices to make right and employed criminal means whenever necessary to right them. Red guessed she was involved when a partner in a firm who had just won a court case giving him sole possession of the firm died in a fall from a high rise after filming a suicide message apologizing to the friend he had cheated.

Red knew Michaela/Michael was looking for a lost Van Gogh painting that he knew was in the possession of an associate, hidden behind a “meh” piece a abstract art that he was able to buy from the associate’s son by convincing him it was worth $1M. He dangled the painting to Michael via a broker. He arrived just in time to prevent Michael from overseeing the transplant of a heart from a billionaire who had jumped the line to the dying “everyman” who had been bumped. Red executed Michael who herself became the heart donor. Red then restored the Van Gogh to its rightful owner, a Holocaust survivor from whose family the painting had been stolen by the Nazis. Now in her 90s, Ada Rosenberg is the lead singer in a Death Metal band, singing about the Holocaust and “to remind the world that good triumphs over evil.”

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༺✦ ♤ ✦༻

[ Stan Rodgers is driving his car down a highway while talking on the phone to Olivia Rodriguez, a work colleague. She is in a motel room ]
Olivia Rodriguez: Stan, you need to get here as fast as you can. I’m worried about you.
Stan Rodgers: Look, for all we know, CID already has him in custody.
Olivia: Yeah? Then why haven’t we heard from Nitesh or Maryanne?
Stan: I don’t know, but I’m sure there’s a logical explanation.
[ On the side of the road, Benjamin Okara stands next to a blue van. He is holding an electronic device. A blue dot 🔵 moves across the screen ]
Olivia: There were ambulances at the CID safehouse!
Stan: Just sit tight. I’ll be at the motel soon. We’ll talk to–
[ Okara manipulates the device ] [ ¤ ¤ ¤ Clicking ¤ ¤ ¤ ]
Stan: [ Winces ] –Hans.
[ Okara amps up the device ] [ Beeping 🔅🔅🔅 ] [ Pulsing 🌀🌀🌀🌀 ]
[ Stan’s car makes a turn and the blue van comes into view. He sees Okara ]
Stan: [ Groans ] No. [ Grunts in pain ] [ Strained ] It can’t be.
Olivia: Can’t be what, Stan? It can’t be what?
Stan: Him. He’s here.
Olivia: Oh, my God. Stan, you have to get out of there.
[ Pulsing 🌀🌀🌀🌀 ]
Stan: [ Groans ]
[ Stan tries to back up ] [ ⚡️Tires screech⚡️]
Olivia: Stan? Are you there?
Stan: [ Groans ]
Olivia: Stan?
[ Pulsing ‼️ 🌀🌀🌀🌀‼️ ]
Stan: [ Screams ]
[ The car races backwards and⚡️screeches⚡️ to a halt on the side of the road ]
Olivia: Stan? Stan?!
[ Okara limps over to Stan’s car. Stan sits motionless, his eyelids half shut. Okara uses Stan’s phone to check the location of his last call: Oak Leaf Motel ]

[ Agent Alina Park is in a car being driven by her husband, Peter ]
Peter: I’m just saying, I don’t understand.
Park: That may be what you’re saying, but the way you’re saying it sounds like you don’t trust me.
Peter: Then let me start over. I love you, and whatever this is–
Park: This is cancer.
Peter: Maybe. That’s why you got the blood test, to get a second opinion. What I don’t understand is why the Bureau wouldn’t let you give the oncologist the drug test.
Park: I don’t know.
Peter: I know you’re an amazing instructor, but would our national security really be at risk if someone else trained the cadets?
Park: What can I say? I’m that good. [ Smiles ]
Peter: [ Chuckles ]
[ The car pulls over ] [ Seatbelt clicks ✵ ] [ Gearshift clicks ✽ ]
Peter: When you stopped being a field agent, I thought you were safe. Now this? I wish I could protect you.
Park: You do. In every way that matters. [ Kiss ]
[ Park gets out. Peter leans over to talk through the open car window ]
Peter: Hey. I do trust you.

[ Inside the large antique metal-sided camper in the woods where Red is staying with the sisters Mierce and Weecha Xiu ]
[ Door creaks open ] [ Dembe enters ]
Dembe: I’m here to see Raymond.
[ Door creaks shut ]
Dembe: He said it was urgent.
[ Dembe sits on the couch across from the small table. Mierce Xiu is sitting at the table. She leans forward ]
Mierce: Raymond is troubled. Some man and his airfields.
Dembe: Jovan Lovic?
Mierce: Raymond wanted to meet. The man refused because of you.
Dembe: Me? I didn’t do this to hurt him.
[ Red enters from a front room ]
Red: Dembe. The Havana Syndrome – What do you know about it? 🔘 [See Note]
Dembe: It’s a series of ailments – Headaches, fatigue, vertigo, blurred vision. First reported by American diplomats in Cuba, and later by U.S. personnel in embassies around the world.
Red: Mysterious ailments caused by a mysterious weapon. A directed-energy weapon. Mmm. Mierce, those are delicious. You are a wonder. I can’t imagine a life without either of them.
[ Dishes clatter lightly ]
Dembe: Mystery weapon. Do you know how to locate one?
Red: I know that one has recently gone missing, one that this country and this country’s enemies would dearly love to get their hands on.
Dembe: I thought the weapons were made by our enemies.
Red: [ Chuckles ] Yes, well, in the Yankee Doodle spirit of “any way you can kill, I can kill better,” the Americans transformed Cuba’s pea-shooter model into a particularly fearsome iteration that has the potential to usher in a brutal new form of guerrilla warfare.
Dembe: About Jovan Lovic–
Red: Lovic is my problem. The problem you should focus on is finding this weapon.

[ The Post Office ] [ Dembe briefs the task force ]
Dembe: These weapons can disable people by sending highly powered energy waves through walls, floors, ceilings without detection. According to Raymond, the Pentagon responded to the energy weapon attacks by tasking DARPA to design one of their own, which they did, only for the chief engineer to disappear along with the prototype.
Cooper: The chief engineer– What do we know about him?
Aram: His name is Dr. Benjamin Okara. He immigrated to the U.S. from Lagos when he was ten.
[ Park walks in ]
Cooper: Agent Park, welcome to the party.
Park: Sorry. I got in my car and ended up at the academy. Habit, I guess.
Aram: Okara has a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from MIT, where he won the somewhat unusual distinction of being the only summa cum laude graduate to have been suspended four times. Apparently, the last one was for assembling a Zamboni in the faculty dining hall.
Ressler: [ Reading from the overhead ] AI-enabled target processing, hypersonic missile defense. Okara has quite the resume. But did Reddington say why he went rogue?
Dembe: Only that the weapon can fetch a fortune on the black market, but it’s equally possible he’s been turned. We just don’t know.
Cooper: We may not know his motives, but we can certainly find out about the weapon he stole. Park, Ressler, get over to DARPA. We need to know what this thing is capable of.

[ Ressler walks with Park ]
Park: [ Sighs ]
Ressler: What are you doing here?
Park: You sound like Peter.
Ressler: Oh, so you told him? Good.
Park: Of course I told him. And then I proceeded to lie to him about how I found out and why I couldn’t give the oncologist my drug test.
Ressler: Well, because it was my test using your urine. Which, if you hadn’t given me, you wouldn’t have known something was wrong, so, uh – you’re welcome.

[ At DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency ]
Alison (DARPA Aide): Agents Ressler and Park are here.
Director Reiss: Please, come in. Your office called to say you were on your way over.
Ressler: Then you know why we’re here.
Reiss: I do. And as I told the gentleman I spoke with, I can’t comment on classified projects.
Park: We know about the directed-energy weapon, that Okara supervised its development, that he’s taken the prototype and gone who knows where.
Ressler: We were kind of hoping you were the “who” who knows.
Reiss: I am sorry, but I can’t confirm or deny even the existence of classified projects.
Park: What about the scientists who work on them? Can you tell us who else worked on the project you can’t tell us about? Or if the military has at least begun an investigation?
Reiss: I wish I could, but as I’m sure you can appreciate, I can’t even speculate about personnel or investigations that may or may not be connected to classified projects that may or may not exist.
Ressler: You know what isn’t speculative? That a powerful weapon is missing, that in the wrong hands, it could do incredible damage, and that you’re too busy covering your own ass to help us prevent that from happening.
Reiss: I’m late for a meeting. Alison will show you out.
[ Director Reiss leaves ]
[ Once Reiss is out of sight, Alison volunteers information ]
Alison: [ Low voice ] DARPA is investigating.
Ressler: I’m sorry?
Alison: The project’s secret, and they don’t want any leaks, but Director Reiss has been on the phone with investigators every day for the last week. There were five scientists on Okara’s team.
Park: Were?
Alison: Stan Rogers was killed in a car crash yesterday morning.
Ressler: What about the other scientists?
Alison: No one knows. It’s like they all disappeared.
Park: The whole team is missing? We need their names – Everyone on the team. Can you do that?

[ The motel room where Olivia Martinez is staying. She has hung a cluster of looping wires from the ceiling ]
[ Cellphone rings✨] [ Cellphone beeps🔅]
Olivia: Hans! Listen, Stan’s missing.
Hans Fielder: Desert. Ash. Beware.
[ Olivia scribbles words on a notepad ] [ Paper rustles ]
[ Benjamin Okara uses his device to direct microwave energy into Olivia’s motel room ]
[ The wires hanging from the ceiling begin to glow ]
Olivia: Oh, my God.
Device: [ Beeps 🔅🔅🔅 ] [ Pulsing 🌀🌀🌀🌀 ]
Olivia: [ Gasps ] [ Groans ]
[ Olivia’s nose bleeds ]
[ The screen on Okara’s device shows 🌀🌀🌀🌀 pulses of energy 🌀🌀🌀🌀 emanating from a blue dot 🔵 ]
[ Beeping 🔅🔅🔅 ] [ Clicking ✽ ✽ ✽ ]
Olivia: [ Screaming ] [ Crying ]
[ She collapses ]
[ Beeping 🔅🔅🔅] [ Clicking ✽ ✽ ✽ ]
Olivia: [ Gasping ]
[ Beeps🔅🔅 ]
[ Okara walks away from the Oak Leaf Motel ]

[ Cooper’s office ]
[ On the phone, Harold Cooper and his wife Charlene discuss the murder of their former neighbor, Doug Koster. Cooper woke in his car the morning after the incident, his mind blank. His gun was on the floor of the car with one bullet missing from the magazine clip. He got a friend to run a ballistics report ]
Cooper: The ballistics match the ones from the homicide report and from my service weapon.
Charlene: [ On phone ] Honey, it doesn’t mean that you did it.
Cooper: The bullet that shot Doug Koster came from my gun.
Charlene: It’s been over eight years. He’s in our past. What – One night, you get drunk and you kill him?
Cooper: I went to the precinct. I was gonna confess. But I can’t remember what happened.
Charlene: I wish you had.
Cooper: Turned myself in?
Charlene: Told the truth. If you don’t and they find the ballistics, no one’s gonna believe that you’re innocent.
[ Knock on door ✽ ✽ ] [ Ressler enters ]
Ressler: Oh, sorry. We, uh, have an update on the scientists.
Cooper: I’ll be right down.
[ Ressler leaves ]
Cooper: I sent a blood sample to the lab to find out if I was drugged.
Charlene: When will you get the results?
Cooper: A week. Maybe more. Until then, I’m not admitting to anything.
Charlene: If the police find out, I just–
Cooper: A friend ran the ballistics on my weapon. No one else knows, and no one’s gonna know. We have a lot of things to worry about, but the police finding out about my involvement isn’t one of them. I’ll talk to you later.
[ Cellphone beeps🔅 ]

[ The Post Office war room ]
Park: First, the scientists. Olivia Martinez, Nitesh Shah, Maryanne Sims, Hans Fielder, and Stan Rogers. All of them worked for Okara, and as of yesterday, all are missing.
[ A photo of Stan Rodgers is shown ]
Dembe: Next, cause of death. The radiologist who examined Rogers says that his brain damage is worse than what he suffered in the crash.
Park: Meaning Okara may have used the prototype on Rogers.
Cooper: Why would Okara do that? Use it on one of his colleagues? If his goal was to sell it, that makes no sense.
Park: These scientists are the only other people who know how the device works. If he gets rid of them, he secures exclusive access to the technology for his buyer.
Dembe: And provides a demonstration of the technology’s capabilities.
Aram: Okay, guys, I just hung up with Olivia Martinez’s husband, and he spoke to her last night, and she was scared. All she’d say is that she was at a motel waiting to meet one of her colleagues, so I back-tracked the call, and her burner pinged a tower in South East that covers 30 square blocks with two motels. One is closed for renovations, and the other is the Oak Leaf on Rhode Island and 6th.
[ Okara enters Olivia Martinez’s motel room ]

[ Red meets with Jovan Lovic who is guarded by two men, Sima and Vasco ]
Red: Jovan, this is an easy deal to make. You have my old airfields. I have business that requires access to them. Now, I’m told you have some concerns, so let me assure you, this sudden conversion of a former colleague of mine will absolutely not interfere with an otherwise profitable collaboration.
Jovan Lovic: He converted to a federal agent.
Red: Yes, and as a result, has been entirely cut off from my operations, my accounts, my whereabouts, and all the people I do business with.
Sima: So you say. But how can we be sure you’re still not in contact?
Red: I am still in contact. Believe me, having him at an arm’s length is better than having him sneak up behind me. He will not be a problem.
Vasco: We need to be sure. Killing him would be sure.
Red: Killing an FBI agent, under any circumstances, is proof of only one thing – Stupidity. Killing an agent who was a former associate is both stupid and bad business. They’d only assign even more than the usual number of buzzcuts to find me, which might very well jeopardize our collaboration. So, unless there are any other helpful suggestions–
Vasco: Are you calling me stupid?
Red: [ Speaking other language ] More or Less [ In English ] Though I’m not sure the idiom translates. So, yes.
[ Vasco and Sima make a move, but Weecha is faster, with both guns ] [ ❅✵ Weapons cock ❅✵ ]
Red: Cute as a button, isn’t she? You should see what she does with a chicken. Wrings it, bleeds it, and plucks it before it ever knows it was dead.
[ Jovan Lovic signals to his men to lower their guns. Weecha does, too, but protects Red with one gun resting over his heart ]
Jovan Lovic: Do you have a proposal?
Red: In exchange for access to the airfields, I’ll settle your dispute with Jilal, guarantee safe passage for your product through Panama, and secure a place for your granddaughter in Brearley’s kindergarten class. Run the numbers. I think you’ll find your organization’s profits will soar, to say nothing of Desanka’s block-building skills.
Jovan Lovic: I will consider it.
Red: [ Leaning forward ] While you do, consider this – Dembe Zuma is my responsibility. If anything is to be done, good or bad, I will be the one doing it.

[ Ressler sits in the passenger seat as Park drives ]
Ressler: You know I lied about my drug test to hide an addiction that I’m trying to break? I’m not proud of it, but there is a certain amount of twisted internal logic. But what you’re doing – There’s no logic to it at all. You tell Peter about the diagnosis, but not the job. You tell Cooper about the job, but not the diagnosis. Except for me, you’re hiding something from everyone.
Park: What makes you think I’m not hiding something from you?
Ressler: Because there’s only so many deceptions you can squeeze into one day.
Park: I’m not deceiving you. I’m just – holding back.
Ressler: What?
Park: The flood gates.
Ressler: What do you mean, like tears?
Park: Men. Honestly.

[ Benjamin Okara walks into the motel room where Olivia Martinez lies on the floor. He takes a note from her hand. It says: “///Desert.Ash.Beware” ]
[ Knocks on door ✽✽✽ ]
Park: FBI! Olivia, can you hear me? Are you in there?
[ Okara flees ] [ Moments later, Park and Ressler enter. They find Olivia. Park feels for a pulse ]
Park: She’s dead.
[ Cellphone dialing ••• ]
Operator: 911 operator.
Park: This is Agent Park with the FBI. I need local police to respond to my location.
[ Cellphone beeps🔅] [ Ressler examines the hanging coils. He finds the notepad that Olivia wrote the code on. Indentations on the paper from the writing are evident ]

[ Cooper’s office ] [ Aram appears at the door ]
Aram: Sir, you’ve got a call on one. Patched through from Hoover.
Cooper: Anything from the motel?
Aram: We were too late. Olivia Martinez is dead, the desk manager is badly injured, and Okara is gone.
Cooper: I want to see Park and Ressler as soon as they get back.
[ Telephone ☎️ rings ] [ Beeps 🔅 ]
Cooper: Harold Cooper.
Detective Heber: Yeah, hi. This is Detective Marcus Heber, MPD.
Cooper: Detective, how can I help you?
Heber: I was hoping I could ask you a few questions.
Cooper: Oh? What about?
Heber: The murder of Doug Koster.

[ Post Office war room ]
Ressler: There’s one dead and four injured. Martinez in room 29 and the guests in room 28 and 30, plus the manager.
Park: We don’t have a cause of death, but the victim’s symptoms are consistent with what we know about directed energy.
Ressler: Okara must have aimed at Martinez and the others suffered peripheral damage. Significant, but not fatal.
Aram: We’re pulling CCTV. Once we get it, we’ll compare it to what we have from the area where Okara’s first victim was found.
Dembe: Still no cooperation from DARPA?
Park: None. The Pentagon locked down the scene, sent in CID investigators.
Ressler: There was a notepad in the room. The top page was blank, but it had markings, so we traced them and came up with some kind of a code, something Martinez may have written down. There’s three words. “Desert,” “ash,” “beware.” Now, the forward slashes made us think that it was a website, but all we got were a list of movies to beware of watching on a desert island.
Aram: It’s not a website. It’s an app.
Dembe: Do you know what it means?
[ Keyboard clacking »»» »»» ]
Aram: Not yet, but the app is called WordWorld3, and it is a way to communicate locations by converting GPS coordinates into three-word addresses.
Ressler: “Desert, ash, beware” is a place.
Aram: The app divides the world into 57 trillion 9-meter squares, that is trillion with a “T.”
[ Keys click »»» »»» ]
Aram: And this one is at 4453 Wentworth Ave. Olivia Martinez’s husband said she was scared and looking for a place to hide. She didn’t get there, but, uh, maybe some of her colleagues did.
[ Two men get off the elevator ]
Park: Sir?
Cooper: Right. Uh, Wentworth Avenue. Park, Agent Zuma, see what you can find. Detective, thanks for coming. Let’s talk in my office.

[ Red sits on a park bench, filling out a crossword puzzle ]
Red: [ Muttering softly ] [ Laughs ] That’s gonna be good. A– [ Speaking indistinctly ]
[ Jovan Lovic’s man Vasco approaches from a distance slowly. Weecha comes up behind him ]
Weecha: That’s a gun in your back.
[ Weecha takes Vasco’s gun and drops it in a trash receptacle]
[ Vesco sits on the bench a meter or so from Red ]
Red: In case you’re wondering, on the off chance you’re capable of wonder, I have eyes in the back of my head. I don’t draw a breath without knowing my perimeter is secure. It’s why I’m still alive, and it’s why we made you about an hour ago. So, why are you here? Is it Dembe, or does Jovan think I’m angling for his used-to-be-mine airfields? Or is this about me calling you stupid, which under the circumstances, I think you’ll agree was [ Chuckles ] a gross understatement.
Vesco: Go to hell.
Red: Someday. Weecha, it’s time to feed the armadillo. ⋘⋙ After you.

[ Cooper’s office ] [ Pen clicks ]
Detective Marcus Heber: We’ve actually met before. Outside Koster’s house.
Cooper: Yes. The morning after.
Detective Heber: You said that you were there to see what the commotion was about. Seemed to me like there was a little more to that story, so I, uh, jotted down your plate number. Imagine my surprise to learn that you’re FBI, and someone I gotta sign an NDA just to get in to see. You’re obviously doing something important here, so I don’t want to take up too much of your time.
Cooper: Doug was my neighbor for many years. When I heard he’d been killed, I- I couldn’t believe it, so I drove by to see what was going on.
Heber: You and Mr. Koster were close?
Cooper: Not particularly. Doug and my wife had an affair years ago. Though I suspect you already know that.
Heber: Mr. Koster’s body was found in the doorway. No sign of forced entry. Seemed like he knew the person that shot him.
Cooper: I wasn’t fond of the man. I also wasn’t anywhere near his house the night he died. I was at a retirement party at the Tap Room on U Street.
Heber: ME’s report has time of death between 3:00 and 5:00 a.m. That’s pretty late for a retirement party.
Cooper: I left around 11:00 and went straight home.
Heber: Was anyone there? At home?
Cooper: It’s not an alibi. It’s the truth.
Heber: I’m sure it is. But you know how this works.
Cooper: I was with my wife.

[ Benjamin Okara is parked in the blue van. He is breathing unsteadily and his hands shake uncontrollably ]
[ The SUV with Park and Dembe inside drives by ]
[ Dembe and Park enter the building Aram identified. Hans Fielder is looking at maps at a makeshift desk. A coil of metal wire hangs over his head, similar to Olivia’s. He hears footsteps approaching and picks up a gun ]
Hans: Olivia?
[ Chair scrapes lightly ] [ He stands up ]
Hans: Olivia, is that you?
[ Hans’s gun cocks ✽ ] [ Park’s and Dembe’s guns cock ✽ ✽ ]
Park: Drop the gun!
Dembe: Put the gun down!
Park: Drop the gun!
Dembe: Put it down!
[ Hans obeys ] [ Dembe takes his gun ]
Dembe: We’re FBI agents. Hans, right? Hans Fielder?
Hans: How did you find me?
Dembe: “Desert, ash, beware.” We found a message in Olivia’s motel room.
Hans: You saw her? Is she all right?
Dembe: Olivia is dead. Please, we’re here to help.

[ Aram walks alongside Cooper at the Post Office ]
Aram: I’m sorry, but, uh, is everything all right?
Cooper: It’s fine.
Aram: Good, because, I mean, I didn’t know if the officer was here about Charlene’s friends.
Cooper: The footage. Tell me.
Aram: Right, okay. So, a blue van was in both. The plates are bogus, and the registration is to a P.O. box.
Cooper: Pull the financials on the box, put out an APB on the van. If we find it, we find Okara.

[ Inside the warehouse at the WordWorld3 coordinates of “Desert, ash, beware,” Dembe and Park talk to Hans Fielder ]
Hans: Ben was our friend. He knew more than anyone why this weapon should never be used. It was used against him in Cuba.
Park: He worked in the Havana embassy?
Hans: He was sent there to study the effects of the weapon. When he got back, he had them, too. Tremors, light sensitivity, headaches.
Park: So, he comes back to DARPA to build an even more powerful weapon, steals it, and then turns it on his colleagues you say he cares about?
Hans: He did more than steal it. He wiped our research from the database.
[ Outside the warehouse, Benjamin Okara activates the direct energy weapon ]
[ Beeping 🔅🔅🔅 ]
Hans: Even if DARPA wanted to rebuild it, they wouldn’t know how.
Dembe: And the wire? We also found this in Olivia’s motel room.
Hans: We thought metal would absorb the energy and act as an early warning system. When it glows, we’d know an attack was about to begin.
[ Cellphone rings ✨ ]
Dembe: It’s Aram. I’ll take it outside.
[ Dembe leaves ]
Park: Here’s what’s gonna happen – We’re gonna take you in, keep you safe.
Hans: Not until I find the others. I won’t leave Nitesh and Maryanne. He found Stan and Olivia. I can’t let him find them.
Park: To prevent that, you need to help us, and that starts by letting us take you in. It’s not safe here.
Hans: Okay. Can I grab my phone?
[ Outside ]
Dembe: We found Hans Fielder. He needs protection, a safehouse until this is over.
Aram: I’ll make the arrangements. Here’s what we know.
[ Hans goes to the desk ]
Hans: All right. I’m ready.
[ Park turns to lead the way out. Hans grabs a bottle and⚡️smashes⚡️it on Park’s head ]
Park: [ Grunts, groans ]
[ Hans runs ]
[ Benjamin Okara watches the blue dot 🔵 identifying Hans move rapidly across his device’s screen ]
[ 🔅🔅🔅 Beeping 🔅🔅🔅 ]
Park: [ Groans ] Dembe!
[ Park gets to her feet and stumbles after Hans ]
[ Hans is hit by the first⚡️bolt⚡️of directed energy ]
Hans: Oh! [ Groans ]
[ Park runs after him, panting lightly ]
Device: [ Beeping 🔅🔅🔅 ] [ Pulsing ‼️🌀🌀🌀🌀‼️ ]
Hans: [ Groans ]
[ Hans falls, blood seeps from his ears ]
Device: [ Clicking ✽✽✽ ]
[ Park is caught in the periphery of the weapon’s radius. She falls, her head snapping wildly back and forth ]
Park: [ Groaning ]
[ ~~~~~~~ A shrill sound fills the air ~~~~~~~ ]
Hans: [ Groans ]
Park: [ Groans ]
[ Dembe is still on the phone ]
Dembe: A blue van at both scenes.
[⚡️Tires screech⚡️] [ Okara’s blue van drives by ] [ Dembe’s gun cocks ✽ but the van is gone ]
Dembe: Alina!
Park: [ Groans ]
Dembe: Alina, don’t move.
Park: [ Gasping ]
[ Dembe’s cellphone beeps 🔅, dials ••• •••• ] [ Line rings✨, clicks ❅ ]
Dembe: This is Dembe Zuma. I need a level-two activation in Madison, Virginia. Code echo-Charlie-one.
Herbert: That code’s no longer valid.
Dembe: Herbert, you know me.
Herbert: I need a valid code.
Dembe: Damn it, Herbert, send the helicopter now!
Herbert: Chopper inbound, ten minutes.
[ Cellphone beeps 🔅 ]

[ Teddy and Edna Brimley’s son Geoffrey wheels in a tank full of lobsters. Red fills Weecha in on what’s going on. Teddy (and sometimes Edna) are Red’s go-to torturemeisters and obese Geoffrey is their struggling apprentice ]
[ Geoffrey is on the phone ]
Geoffrey Brimley: [ On phone ] I told you, I wrote it all down.
Red: [ To Weecha ] Teddy’s recovering from a valve replacement in Rochester. Edna’s with him there, so she asked if their son Geoffrey could fill in.
Geoffrey: [ On phone ] I’ll remember the nipples. I swear! No, don’t get Dad. It’s okay.
[ Geoffrey hands the phone to Red ]
Red: Edna? It’s Raymond. [ Chuckles ] Yes. Uh, listen, uh, Geoffrey will be fine, so, please, wish Teddy a refuah shlema [ “Get well soon” ] and leave the boy alone. Thank you, Edna.
[ Cellphone beeps 🔅 ]
Weecha: Why no armadillo?
Geoffrey: Dad says I’m not ready for mammals.
Red: Well, I’m sure the shellfish will suffice. Can we get you anything else?
Geoffrey: I forgot the cracks and picks.
Red: Easy peasy.
[ Cellphone ringing ✨ ] [ Paper shuffling ]
Geoffrey: And maybe some bibs and butter, to be safe?
Red: Lemon squeezy. He’s in the back.
[ Cellphone beeps🔅 ]
Red: Yes? [ Seriously ] Say that again.

[ Dembe is at the hospital, outside Park’s room ]
[ Dembe’s cellphone ringing✨ ] [ Door opens; doctor enters ] [ Cellphone beeps 🔅 ] [ Door closes ]
Dembe: Raymond.
Red: [ Agitated ] You’re in or you’re out. You can’t be both. It’s one or the other.
Dembe: Emergency transport was too far.
Red: In or out.
Dembe: If I had not called Herbert–
Red: Herbert has been let go.
Dembe: Because he helped me give Alina a chance? We still don’t know the extent of the damage.
Red: I understand, and I hope Agent Park makes a full recovery, but perhaps I didn’t explain the extent of the problem you joining the FBI has caused. [ Angrily ] My association with the FBI has always been difficult to conceal, but you being an agent makes it nearly impossible unless you and I strictly adhere to the rules. If I do anything to assist you in a way that involves other people from my world, it could be fatal to me. Despite our recent unpleasantness, I would hope that would be sufficient enough to stay your hand.
[ Dembe’s cellphone beeps🔅] [ Line beeps 🔅]
[ Red’s cellphone rings✨, beeps🔅]
Red: [ Loudly, still agitated ] Harold.
Cooper: Agent Park owes you her life.
Red: [ Loudly ] So I’m told.
Cooper: We traced the registration on a P.O. box Okara uses to an offshore account. In the days since he stole the prototype, Okara has used the account to make multiple payments to a Constantine’s Meats and Cheeses.
Red: Ah! Sherwin.
Cooper: Sherwin?
Red: Sherwin Ellis. He’s Constantine.
Cooper: He is? A man named Sherwin?
Red: He’s in the safe haven business– [ Cooper’s landline ☎️ ringing ] –rental spaces that are off the books and under the radar. Eh, yours, but certainly not mine.
[ Cellphone beeps 🔅 ]
Cooper: [ To Charlene ] I’m sorry. I was in the middle of something.
Charlene: He called me. The detective.
Cooper: I know. I left you a message he would.
Charlene: I told you to tell the truth. I said if you didn’t and the police found out, they’re not gonna believe you.
Cooper: I know. Maybe I should have.
Charlene: Maybe? You’re a cop.
Cooper: Yeah, and maybe that’s why I didn’t. I know how cops think. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, why look any further?
Charlene: Well, now they’re looking at me to confirm your alibi, which we both know is a lie. [ Voice breaking ] Harold, I love you. You’re the most honest man that I know, but you need to tell me if that’s what you want – For me to lie to the police. Is that what you want?
Cooper: Yes. It is.

[ Weecha escorts in a man wearing a cowboy hat ]
Red: Sherwin! Thank you for coming.
Sherwin Ellis: My pleasure, Red.
Red: [ To Weecha ] Crackers, picks, butter, and bib?
Weecha: [ Holding up paper bag ] Yep.
Red: Great. [ to Sherwin ] Please have a seat. [ Sits ] Ah. I understand business is good. I asked you here because I want to make it even better.
Sherwin: I didn’t know you were in a position to do that.
Red: You mean my sabbatical? That’s over for the time being. I’m back and looking to find a client of yours. I have his offshore account. You can use it to trace his name. You give me his whereabouts, and I’ll give – Well, we should discuss what I give you.
Sherwin: Well, I appreciate that, and if this was two years ago, I wouldn’t hesitate, but in our business, people don’t really come back from sabbaticals – Not with any clout, anyway.
Red: Perhaps this will convince you otherwise.
[ Red rolls up his pant leg to reveal the Skinner tattoo ]
Sherwin: You work with the Skinner?
Red: No. I am the Skinner. A venture which will require the use of facilities around the globe, perhaps your facilities. All I need from you is an address.

[ The Post Office war room ]
Cooper: Reddington got an address on Okara to a facility he’s been renting, a machine shop in Newport News. 2804 Hazelton Road.
Aram: I’ll reach out, get a tac team to meet us on site.
[ Aram leaves ]
Cooper: Any update on Agent Park?
Ressler: Well, she’s conscious, but it’s still not clear whether there’s gonna be any lasting effects. Seems like she was out of the direct line of fire, though.
Cooper: Thank God. I want you to monitor her progress. Did you speak to her husband?
Ressler: I told him there had been an accident. He’s on his way to the hospital now, but, uh, as far as he knows, Park still works at Quantico.
Cooper: I tried telling her. Secrets aren’t healthy and won’t keep, but it’s easy to give advice. It’s a lot harder to take it.

[ Outside the torture room ] [ Door opens ]
Geoffrey: He talked. Turns out his sweet spot was right between the toes. If you don’t mind, I told Mom I’d call as soon as we were done, so–
Red: His assignment – What was it?
Geoffrey: His boss wants to know what to make of you and Dembe.
Red: Well, I don’t care what he makes of me. What does he make of Dembe?
Geoffrey: He thinks that he’s a fed, that he knows too much.
Red: So Jovan has ordered a hit?
Geoffrey: He knows it’s happening, but he didn’t know when or where. I used Mom’s go-to just to make sure.
[ He makes a squeezing motion in front of his balls ]
Red: Well, thank you, Geoffrey. I’m sure your parents will be very proud.
Geoffrey: [ Chuckles lightly ]
[ Weecha and Red are alone ]
Weecha: You said there are rules.
Red: I know.
Weecha: And that if you veer from them–
Red: I know what I said.
Weecha: If you tried to assist Dembe, it could be fatal to you.
Red: It could be, but if I don’t, it will be fatal to Dembe.
Weecha: My job is to protect you. I can’t do that if you won’t protect yourself. You can’t sacrifice yourself for him. In the past, yes, but not today. He was in. ⋘⋙ Now he’s out. This is the consequence, and you have to accept it.
[ Red suddenly, almost defiantly, gets up and walks away ]

[ 🚨 Siren wailing 🚨]
Aram: There’s the van. The van!
[⚡️Tires screech⚡️]
[ Aram, Dembe and Ressler jump out of the SUV and approach the van ]
Ressler: Hands! Hands! Show me your hands. Keep your hands where I can see them, all right? I’m gonna open the door, okay? That’s it. Just the door.
[ Benjamin Okara is holding a detonator in his hand ]
Okara: I suggest you get your people to the other side of the building.
Dembe: You don’t want to do this.
Okara: No. I don’t. But I have to. I make weapons. I know how they work. The blast radius. I am very precise. You need to get back.
[ They begin to back away ]

[ Detective Heber is with Charlene Cooper ]
Heber: I understand this is a sensitive topic.
Charlene: [ Sighs ] You want to know if I think my husband murdered my ex-lover? Yes, Detective, I’d say it’s quite sensitive.
Heber: How did your husband find out that, uh, you and Mr. Koster were involved?
Charlene: I told him. The affair had been over for a while, but, uh, I couldn’t keep it a secret any longer.
Heber: And did he express anger towards Mr. Koster?
Charlene: Of course he did. Wouldn’t you?
Heber: On the night of the 24th, your husband said that he was at a retirement party.
Charlene: That’s right.
Heber: What time did he come home?
Charlene: I love my husband, but I won’t lie for him. He knows that.

[ Okara is standing in front of the van ]
Ressler: We did what you asked. Now get out of the van.
[ Okara gets out ]
Ressler: Good. This is good. Thank you. How can we help you? What do you need? How can we resolve this without anyone else getting hurt?
Okara: I don’t want to hurt anyone.
Aram: What about Hans? Olivia? Stan?
Okara: You don’t understand.
Ressler: No, we don’t, so help us. Why are you killing your colleagues? Why would you do that?
Okara: They knew how to build it.
Ressler: You wanted to be the only one who could? So you could sell this weapon and your ability to build it?
Okara: Sell it? Is that what you think I want? You really don’t understand.
Dembe: Is it in the van? The device?
Okara: You want to see it, don’t you? ‘Cause it’s like a magic trick. A weapon that goes through walls. A tool of repression so powerful that, with the push of a button, thousands of protestors wouldn’t be able to remember how to tie their shoes, let alone what they’d been protesting. And like any good trick, you don’t just want to see it. You want to know how it works so you can do it yourself. So this country can build a thousand just like it, a weapon not of mass destruction, but of mass– [ Voice breaking ] –suffering. And I can’t let that happen.
Aram: You want to destroy it.
Okara: The magic trick and the six people who know how to build it.
Aram: Six?
Okara: I killed five people I loved to protect thousands I don’t.
Ressler: And you’re the sixth.
Aram: Someone else is gonna figure it out, how to make what you did. You know you can’t stop that from happening.
Okara: It’s more than you can see, the pain. [ Gasps lightly ] [ Voice breaking ] It’s in my head, my joints, my eyes. [ Sniffling ] No, I can’t stop it from being rebuilt, but if I bought the world a year or two or five, that’s something. It’s up to you to do the rest.
[ Okara walks backwards toward the van, holding up the detonator in both hands. Aram, Dembe and Ressler move for cover ]
[ Detonator beeps 🔅 ] [ Rumbling ] [ 💥🔥💥‼️💥🔥💥 ]

Jovan Lovic: [ On phone ] There has been no contact? Nothing between Reddington and Zuma?
Vasco: He hasn’t been out of my sight.
[ Weecha is holding the phone in front of Vasco. Red sits across from him ]
Jovan: Then he and I can do business.
Red: [ Mouthing silently ]
Vasco: What about Zuma?
Jovan: I called in a few favors, found where he lives.
Vasco: What happens when Reddington finds out?
Jovan: He will thank me for doing what he knows he should have.
[ Call ends ]
Red: [ To Vasco ] Thank you. You did well.
[ Weecha puts a plastic bag over Vasco’s head and tightens it ]
Vasco: [ Gasping ] [ Choking ]

[ Lock disengages ] [ Keys jingle✨]
[ Dembe enters his home ]
[ Creak⚡️in distance ] [ Dembe draws his gun ]
[ Jovan Lovic’s man Sima lies on the floor, shot in the forehead. Red sits on the sofa ]
Red: I didn’t adhere to our rules. I violated them for you. Now I need you to violate them again for me.

[ Ressler enters the Office of Director Reiss of DARPA ] [ He drops some remnants of the directed energy device on Reiss’s desk ]
Ressler: There. From the weapon you won’t confirm or deny. A weapon that was used to kill two scientists before we even spoke, but that, thanks to your cover-up, was used to kill four more.
Director Reiss: It’s okay. It’s fine. Whatever this is, it’s beyond your purview.
Ressler: Six people are dead.
Director Reiss: This country is in a constant state of war, Agent Ressler. It may not be declared, but it’s being fought, by the Pentagon, not the FBI.
Ressler: Six people are dead, and my partner’s in the ICU.
Reiss: I’m sorry to hear that.
Ressler: Not as sorry as you are to lose the technology that built that.
Reiss: True story – Calculus was discovered independently by Newton and Leibniz. A great leap forward imagined simultaneously. In my experience, great leaps forward usually are.
Ressler: There’s someone else. You have another team. You’ve got another team working on directed energy. So, Okara was Newton, but Leibniz– He’s still working on it. All that, everything Okara did – You’re not gonna miss a beat, are you?
Reiss: [ Robotlike ] I cannot confirm or deny even the existence of classified projects.

Red: [ To Dembe ] Sakiya and Fudo are on their way. [ Sighs ] Jovan came for you because you’re a federal agent. He’ll come for me because I protected you.
Dembe: How will he know?
Red: One dead, he may misread. Two dead, the tea leaves will clearly indicate that you and I are still in cahoots.
[ Red notices that the package he gave to Dembe to open after their relationship ended is still on a shelf unopened ]
Red: Ah. Maybe we actually are.
Dembe: I almost opened it after Brasilia. I don’t know why I didn’t. Our past, I suppose.
Red: Not our future —
Dembe: [ Breathes deeply ] You said you wanted something in return. You did this for me.
What do you expect me to do for you?
Red: No more, no less. An eye for an eye.
Dembe: Jovan.
Red: He knows about us, or he’s about to find out. I killed Sima to protect you. I want you to kill Jovan to protect me.
Dembe: I can’t do that.
Red: So, you’re in when it suits you and you’re out when it doesn’t?
Dembe: Why does it have to be one way or the other? Why can’t it just be?
Red: My old friend knew the answer to that.

[ Ressler visits Park in her hospital room. Her husband Peter is there ]
[ Knocks ✽ ✽ on door ]
Ressler: Hey.
Park: Hey.
Ressler: How ya feeling?
Park: Like a sledgehammer’s taken up residence in my cerebral cortex.
Ressler: Donald Ressler.
[ Ressler reaches out his hand to Peter for a handshake. Peter declines ]
Ressler: We spoke on the phone.
Peter: Yeah. We did.
Ressler: [ To Park ] So you told him?
Peter: Yeah, she told me.
Ressler: Well, I’m glad.
Peter: Great. That’s great.
Park: [ Sternly ] Peter.
Ressler: I’ll be outside. It was good to meet you.
[ A doctor enters ]
Park: Hey, Doc. Been checking your DSM on how to treat wounds from a directed-energy weapon?
[ Door closes ]
Doctor: You do pose something of a challenge, but we’ll get to that. We have other things to discuss, like your blood test.

[ Cooper’s office ]
Heber: [ On phone ] I spoke to your wife. She backed up your alibi.
Cooper: As I said, it’s not an alibi. It’s the truth.
Heber: Well, whatever it is, she backed you up, so we’re good. No hard feelings?
Cooper: None. You were just doing your job. Take care.
[ Cellphone beeps🔅]

Park: My blood test? My GP sent it over?
Doctor: She did. I just got the results. Elevated levels of HCG were detected, which explains why you weren’t feeling well.
Park: So, it is cancer?
Doctor: Elevated HCG can indicate testicular cancer in men, but–
Peter: So, you’re saying she doesn’t have cancer?
Doctor: No. She most definitely does not. What it means is, you were pregnant.
Peter: Oh, my God. [ Happily ] What, pregnant? Honey.
Park: You said “were”?
Doctor: Yes. I did.
[ Seratones’ ♫ “Dark Matter” plays ]
[ ⬇ Go to Full Lyrics ] or [ ♪ Tap square below to play ♪ ]

♪ Nosebleed ♪

Peter: [ Sighs, disappointedly ]

♪ Woke up in a Black dream ♪

[ Charlene Cooper sits at the kitchen table ]
[ Door opens ] [ Harold Cooper enters ]

♪ Flying at warp speed In my mind ♪
♪ Oh, my ♪
♪ Who’s she ♪
♪ Naked in the sweetgrass? ♪

Cooper: Thank you.
[ He gives Charlene a brief hug, but she looks dejected, pulls away and leaves ]

♪ Got the dust in my sheets ♪
♪ Who am I? ♪
♪ Who are we living for? ♪
♪ Who are we living for? ♪

[ Dembe kneels on a prayer rug ]:
Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah. [ “May the peace and mercy of Allah be with you” ]
Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah. [ “May the peace and mercy of Allah be with you” ]

[ Jovan Lovic sits at his desk. He hears something )
Jovan: Vasko?

♪ Shake me to the core ♪

Jovan: [ Speaking foreign language: ] We need to leave!

♪ Who are we living for? ♪
♪ Who are we living for? ♪

Jovan: Milos?

♪ Tell me who holds the key ♪

[ Jovan opens his office door ]
[ Silenced gunshots (💥💥) ]
[ Jovan groans, falls ]

♪ Nobody seems to know ♪

[ Red’s cellphone vibrates, beeps 🔅 ]
Red: Yeah?
Weecha: It’s done.

♪ Who are we living for? ♪

Red: Come home, Weecha.

♪ Who are we living for? ♪

[ Cellphones beep 🔅🔅 ]

♪ Driving me crazy ♪
♪ Shake me to the core ♪
♪ Who are we living for? ♪
♪ Who are we living for? ♪

[ Tearfully, Dembe holds the wrapped box Red gave hims years earlier. He remembers the day: ]

[ Flashback: ]
Red: I want you to keep that box, and on the day you decide to leave–
Dembe: I’m not going to leave.
Red: [ Kindly ] But you can.

♪ Nobody seems to know ♪
♪ Who are we living for? ♪

Red: At any point of your own choosing, I’ll insist that you do. No questions asked, no debts accrued. Whether that’s today or tomorrow or ten years from now, that’s when you open the box.

♪ Nobody seems to know ♪
♪ Why we’re lost Inside dark matter ♪
♪ Dark matter ♪
♪ Mm-mm-mm ♪
♪ Lost inside dark matter ♪

[ Dembe opens the box and peers inside, tears streaming ]

[ First the doctor, then Peter leave Park’s hospital bedside ] [ Door closes ]

♪ Lost inside dark matter ♪

[ Ressler has been waiting to see Park. He enters the room ]

[ Up-tempo: ]
♪ Pink matter, grey matter Purple sky ♪
♪ Love matter, you matter You and I ♪
♪ Dark matter, green matter Get me high ♪
♪ Daydream about the future ♪
♪ Brighter than Black diamonds ♪

Ressler: Hey.

♪ In the sky ♪

Park: You want to know what the logic is?

♪ Who are we living for? ♪

Park: Why I keep secrets?

♪ Who are we living for? ♪

Park: I do it because I’m terrified.
Ressler: Of what?

♪ Tell me who holds the key ♪

Park: The flood gates. And, no, they’re not tears.

♪ Nobody seems to know ♪
♪ Why we’re lost Inside dark matter ♪

Park: I’m afraid of losing control. Of what happens to me when I do. So I just– hold everything in– until I can’t–
[ Voice breaking ] Until I can’t hold it anymore [ Crying ]
Ressler: [ Softly ] It’s okay. It’s okay. Let it out.
Park: [ Sobbing ]

[ Red sits at the end of a double bed in the camper. His brow is deeply furrowed ]
Red: We were so happy ~ you and I and Weecha.
Mierce: Raymond, come to bed.
[ There are tears in Red’s eyes ]
Red: [ Whisper ] I should never have come back.
[ Mierce wraps her arms around Red’s neck from behind, her hair falling on his shoulders. He places his hand over hers* ]
Mierce: Come, Raymond.

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1) The header photo* is from an NBC studio still, stylized with help from an app named “Brushstrokes.” This precise image, though widely distributed, does not actually appear in the episode.

2) Havana Syndrome
Politico: U.S. investigators increasingly confident directed-energy attacks behind Havana Syndrome http://politi.co/328P0Km
// 10/8/2021; The National Security Council has been convening more frequent high-level meetings on the topic — a sign that the government’s review is accelerating.

According to three people familiar with the matter, the Intelligence Committee’s review — based on weekly updates from the intelligence community — has continued to buttress a December 2020 report by the National Academy of Sciences which concluded that the most plausible explanation for the incidents was “directed, pulsed radio frequency energy.”

The victims — who include diplomats as well as intelligence officials and White House staffers — have reported symptoms including dizziness, intense ringing and pressure in the ears, debilitating headaches and even permanent brain damage. …

The rapid acceleration of the CIA-led probe comes as President Joe Biden on Friday signed a bill to aid victims of the suspected attacks by expanding access to medical treatment. The legislation, introduced by Intelligence Committee leaders in the House and Senate, cleared both chambers unanimously.

“Addressing these incidents has been a top priority for my administration,” Biden said in a statement. “We are bringing to bear the full resources of the U.S. government to make available first-class medical care to those affected and to get to the bottom of these incidents, including to determine the cause and who is responsible.”

BelferCenter*: Report – Havana Syndrome: American Officials under Attack http://bit.ly/3kTocVa
// 11/4/2021; Seminar (video & transcript) *Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard Kennedy School

Even as the Biden administration ramps up its efforts to uncover the source of Havana Syndrome, new events continue to proliferate around the world. Incidents reported by staffers associated with high-level officials are particularly concerning. In August 2021, Vice President Kamala Harris’s trip to Vietnam was delayed after multiple officials in Hanoi were treated for symptoms of Havana Syndrome just before her arrival. The next month, a staffer traveling with Director Burns in India was treated for the Havana Syndrome.

Policymakers cannot wait for unquestionable, definitive evidence before developing new response options. In the face of escalating attacks on America’s frontline, the consequences are too great to indefinitely ponder alternative scenarios. Recent steps to collect better data, define clear guidance to personnel, and provide medical care are all important. But it is time to consider actions which will end these incidents now and in the future. … Washington needs to make a clear commitment to fulfilling that duty on all fronts including foreign and domestic.

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♫ Dark Matter
By Seratones

[Verse 1]
♪ Nosebleed
Woke up in a Black dream
Flying at warp speed in my mind
Oh my
Who’s she, naked in the sweetgrass?
Got the dust in my sheets
Who am I?

♪ Who are we living for?
Who are we living for?
Calling me crazy
Shake me to the core
Who are we living for?
Who are we living for?
Tell me who holds the key
Nobody seems to know
Why we’re lost inside dark matter (Dark matter, dark matter)
Lost inside dark matter (Dark matter, dark matter)

[Verse 2]
♪ No sleep
Can you see me floating over my body, looking out
Hold me
I wish someone would hold me
Tell me that it’s alright
Lеt it out

♪ Who are we living for?
Who are wе living for?
Driving me crazy
Shake me to the core
Who are we living for?
Who are we living for?
Tell me who holds the key
Nobody seems to know
Why we’re lost inside dark matter (Dark matter)
Lost inside dark matter
(Lost inside dark matter)

♪ Pink matter, grey matter, purple sky
Love matter you matter, you and I
Dark matter, green matter get me high
Daydream about the a future
Brighter than Black diamonds in the sky

♪ Who are we living for?
Who are we living for?
Tell me who holds the key
Nobody seems to know
Why we’re lost inside dark matter (Dark matter)
Lost inside dark matter
(Dark matter, dark matter, dark matter, dark matter)

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