🔴 Script 9:7 Between Sleep & Awake


🔴 Script 9:7 Between Sleep and Awake

NBC’s series The Blacklist starring James Spader and Megan Boone
Series created by: Jon Bokenkamp
Program air date: 1/6/2022 in the US (7pm Central/Chicago Time)
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༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Directed by: Christine Moore
Written by: Taylor Martin

Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington – James Spader
Donald Ressler – Diego Klattenhoff
Harold Cooper – Harry Lennix
Aram Mojtabai – Amir Arison
Alina Park – Laura Sohn
Dembe Zuma – Hisham Tawfiq
Willy (Car Shop Owner)– Anthony Bertram
Agnes Keen – Sami Bray
Barber – Bill Coelius
Dr Sutton (Liberty Falls Doctor) – Curzon Dobell
Lauren – Kimberli Flores
ER Nurse – Bethany Lauren James
Belinda (Florist) – Duvall O’Steen
Shane (Lauren’s Husband) – Michael Rodrick
Liberty Falls Police Officer – Nathan Scherich
ER Doctor – Maggie Shirk
Max (Drug Dealer) – Sean Stolzen
Theodore – Dean Scott Vasquez
Vivian (Bartender) – Georgia Warner
Trauma Surgeon – Greg Wood


Note: OurBoard provides a raw version of each script (the screen captions). These typically are available by noon the next day, but can be delayed by a day or more. I add the speakers, formatting, and descriptive material when called for. Red’s lines are highlighted as Red:. I made Ressler: purple for this episode. I am sure there are mistakes.




🔴 Script 9:7 Between Sleep and Awake


Brief (Where we’re at):

Red has discovered that Liz’s fingerprints are on the envelope of the letter he gave to Dembe with strict instructions to give it to Liz ONLY after his death. He became suspicious when Agnes mentioned that she knew he was Russian:

Agnes: When did you stop being Russian?
Red: [ Laughing ] That’s a funny question. How did you know I was Russian?
Agnes: My mother told me. She told me everything I would ever need to know about you.
Red: She must’ve said a lot.
Agnes: She did. But at the end of it, she said all I needed to remember was that Raymond Reddington was the most important person in her life, besides me, and she was glad that I had met you, and she wished that we could meet again.
Red: I am really glad we did.
[ Agnes reaches across the table and takes Red’s hand ]
Agnes: She said you liked to hold hands.

Red had told Liz that the reason he didn’t want her to read the letter before his death was “Because if you knew beforehand, you’d never agree to kill me.” But instead of shooting Red, as they had agreed (so she could take over his criminal operation and continue The Blacklist) Liz hesitated and so was shot by Vandyke, a loyalist of Neville Townsend (who Red had killed). So Red had the envelope analyzed and Liz’s prints were indeed on it. Furious with Dembe for betraying his trust, Red turned to Dr Roberta Sand PhD (Blacklister #153), with whom he was trying to negotiate for three months of therapy in exchange for shielding her and her son Dante from the revenge of Vito Decanio, head of the Decanio crime syndicate. Dr Sand had become the “secret sauce” behind the reinvigoration of Decanio’s syndicate, which she did by helping his gangsters feel comfortable with who they are. But that arrangement came to an abrupt end when Vito broke his promise to her by putting Dante in danger.

In other news, Cooper was served a warrant for his service weapon by Detective Marcus Heber of the Metro PD. Cooper already knew it was his gun that fired the shot that killed Doug Koster, his one-time neighbor who years earlier had had an affair with his wife Charlene. Cooper had awoken in his car the morning after a retirement party with no recollection of the intervening hours. Noticing that a shot had been fired from his gun, he had had his friend Lew Sloan run a ballistics test on it. He asked Charlene to lie to Heber and say he had come home that night. After Cooper told Lew that Metro PD had his gun for analysis, Lew took it upon himself to intercept and modify Cooper’s gun so it would no longer match the bullet that killed Koster. Later, Cooper received a call from someone with his voice digitally altered, threatening to blackmail him. The man sent Cooper a photo showing him talking to Lew in the parking garage where the two would meet. The man with the digitally-altered voice said he also has audio that proves evidence tampering.

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༺✦ ♤ ✦༻

[ Flashback: ]
[ The final Scenes from Episode 8:22 Konets play while Ressler narrates his perspective ]
[ Red exits the restaurant. Liz waits in her car ]
Ressler [ Voice-over, echoing ]: That’s how she’s gonna prove to the world that she’s seizing control of his empire. She’s gonna kill him.
[ Ressler has been in the hospital ] [ Monitor beeping🔅🔅🔅]
[ He takes off his monitor and removes his I.V. ]
Ressler [ Voice-over, echoing ]: She’s making a mistake. I need to stop her!
[ Ressler steps into the hospital corridor ]
Ressler [ Voice-over, echoing ]: This won’t end well.
[ Ressler begins to run in slow motion ]
[ Red walks in front of the restaurant and turns at the corner. He senses movement behind him and spins around. Liz is pointing her gun at him ]
Liz: ⋘⋙ I can’t do it.
Red: That’s all right.
Liz: ⋘⋙ I don’t want to.
Red: I understand.
[ Gunshot💥]
[ A red spot appears on Liz’s chest, just above her heart ]
Ressler: No. No!
[ Ressler runs toward Liz and Red ]
[ Red stares into Liz’s eyes, kisses her. She has died. Dembe comes up to Red and tugs at him ]
Dembe: Raymond, we must. I’m sorry.
[ Red lays his hat on the sidewalk and lowers Liz’s head onto it, then allows Dembe to guide him away ]
[ Ressler runs to Liz and crouches over her, feeling for a pause ]
Ressler: [ Inaudible ]
[ Fade to white ]
[ Ressler tries to flag down a car ]
Ressler: No! [ Grunts ] Stop! Stop! Stop!
[ Horn honks 📣 ] [ A car slows down, stops ]
Ressler: Stop. I’m an FBI agent. I’m in pursuit of a murder suspect. Get out of your car! I need your car!
Woman: Really?
Ressler: Come on! Get out of the car!
[ The woman gets out. Ressler gets in and speeds off ] [ Tires squeal⚡️]
Woman: [ To bystander ] Call the police! He just hijacked my car!
[ Ressler is closing in on Red’s car ]
Dembe: We have company. It’s Ressler.
Red: [ Pause ] Lose him.
[ They speed up ]
[ Horn blares (((📣 ] [ Ressler’s cell phone rings✨ It’s Cooper. Ressler answers ]
Ressler: He killed her!
Cooper: I know what you wanna do.
Ressler: [ Furiously ] He may not have pulled the trigger. But she’s dead because of him.
Cooper: Yes, probably, but killing him will only make it worse. Donald, listen to me. You’re in no condition to drive. Don’t do this.
[ Horn 📣 honks ] [ Horn blares (((📣 ] [ Ressler miscalculates and his car💥rear-ends💥another, climbing over it and flipping over onto its roof 💥‼️💥]

[ The Present: ]
[ Ressler’s office at the Post Office black site ]
[ Ressler toys with the small clear container of pills in his hand ]
[ Knock on door ] [ Cooper enters ]
Cooper: Hey. Hard to believe it’s been two years.
Ressler: Feels like 200. How’s Agnes holding up?
Cooper: Amazingly well. She wants the anniversary to be a celebration of Elizabeth’s life, not a mourning of her death. So that’s what we’re doing tonight. You’re welcome to join us.
Ressler: Oh, I appreciate that, but I, uh, just came in to see if I could get the morning off.
Cooper: Take the day. I insist.
Ressler: Thank you.
Cooper: We’ve been going through photo albums recently and found this. Agnes wanted you to have it.
[ Cooper hands Ressler a photo of himself and Liz ]
Cooper: I’m around if you need me.

[ Flashback: ]
[ Ressler is being treated in the the E.R. immediately after the car crash. He has a V-shaped gash deep into his shoulder ]
[ Monitor beeping 🔅🔅🔅 ] [ Indistinct chatter ]
E.R. Nurse: Shortness of breath. Decreased breath sounds. Tracheal deviation. I think it’s a tension pneumothorax. And it looks like the area’s already been damaged.
E.R. Doctor: We need to do a needle decompression.
[ Monitors beeping 🔅🔅🔅 ] [ A syringe is stuck into the wound ] [ Pop 💢 ]
Ressler: [ Exhales slowly ] [ Beeping echoing 🔅🔅🔅 ]
E.R. Nurse: BP is 80 and dropping. Heart rate is 120. Oxygen saturation is low.
[ Ressler drifts in and out of consciousness ] [ Chain rattles ~ Ressler is cuffed to the bed ]
Trauma Surgeon: Put him on a non-rebreather. His lung is putting pressure on his heart. He needs a chest tube now! Let’s go, people!
[ Outside the procedure room, Cooper argues with two officers ]
Cooper: I understand. I know the driver of the car he hit is in surgery and you need to talk to him. But he’s my agent. He’s hurt. And I don’t appreciate you going in there and cuffing him like he’s a common criminal.

[ Later. Ressler is in a regular hospital room ]
Cooper: You’re surprisingly popular.
Ressler: How’s the woman I hit?
Cooper: Better. Healing. In time she should be fine.
Ressler: “Should be.” And this?
[ Ressler holds up his cuffed hand which is chained to the bed ]
Ressler: Am I free, or is this a stay of execution?
Cooper: That depends on the outcome of the Bureau’s disciplinary committee hearing. They’re holding it as soon as you get out. What they decide will go a long way in determining whether the D.A. files charges or not.
Ressler: Do they know I was in pursuit?
Cooper: They do. And that you were DUI.
Ressler: Reddington. Where is he?
Cooper: Gone. Disappeared without a trace. His lines are dead. All major law-enforcement agencies have been alerted, and nothing’s come back. It’s only a matter of time before his immunity agreement is revoked and the task force disbanded.
Ressler: Good. Then we can start hunting him again.
Cooper: Elizabeth had a will. She designated me and Charlene as Agnes’ legal guardians.
[ Ressler looks startled ]
Cooper: I think she’d want us to look forward, not back. I’m gonna try to do that. My hope is you can, too.

[ Ressler is sitting up in a wheelchair next to his hospital bed ]
Trauma Surgeon: I’ve put in your discharge papers. Your job now is to rest and do PT. I’ll see you in my office in a week. In the meantime, I want to talk with you about pain management.
Ressler: Oh, I’m good.
Surgeon: I know from your chart that you had a dependency issue in the past.
Ressler: I was an addict, yes. But, uh, I don’t plan on being one again.
Surgeon: And we’ll do whatever we can to help you. But you’re going to be in pain for a while.
Ressler: I’m fine.
Surgeon: Taking what I’m offering, the pills and the advice, is better than the alternative, which is to wait until in your suffering you find yourself on the street looking to buy whatever you can.
[ Pills rattling ]
Ressler: You don’t wanna give me those.
Surgeon: No, I don’t. But I can’t let you walk out of here without them. Do you have someone who can help you manage this?
Ressler: [ Wryly ] Sure. Tons of people.
Surgeon: I’m prescribing oxycodone.

[ Cooper is on the phone talking to Ressler who sitting on an outdoor bench ]
Cooper: I just got off the phone with Rebecca Hagens, head of the FBI disciplinary committee. She’s been sitting at your hearing for a half-hour. She says you haven’t shown up. I encouraged her to give you the benefit of the doubt after everything you’ve done for your country and allow for a little more time, but I can only do so much. Where are you?
Ressler: I’m looking forward, not back.
Cooper: Five minutes away? Ten?
Ressler: You said this is what Keen would want.
Cooper: What she’d want is for you to look forward to clearing your name. Which you can still do if you can get there soon enough.
Ressler: I’m not going.
Cooper: Donald. They’ll take your badge.
Ressler: They can have it. I left it at my apartment, along with my service weapon.
Cooper: So that’s it? You’re done?
Ressler: Yeah, I am. Look, if I stay, I’ll hunt for him. I’ll become obsessed with him and her.
Cooper: You’ve worked too hard to let it end this way.
Ressler: Yeah, I have.
Cooper: Donald, we can help you get through this. We can help each other. We’re all struggling. We need to be here for each other.
Ressler: I know. I’m sorry. [ Phone beeps🔅]
[ Ressler opens the prescription bottle and pops a pill ]
[ A bus approaches ] [ Brakes squealing⚡️] [ Brakes hiss ] [ Door opens ]
Bus driver: Hey, buddy. You gettin’ on? I don’t got all day.
[ Ressler gets on the bus ]

[ The Present: ]
[ Electronic bell chimes✨] [ Ressler walks into a barber shop ]
Barber: Hi, there. Take a seat.
[ Ressler sits down in the barber chair ]
Barber: So what are we doin’ today? A trim? Clean it up?
Ressler: Take it off.
Barber: You sure? Looks like you’ve been growing it a while. It’s a real statement if you ask me.
Ressler: Trust me. It’s time.

[ Flashback: ]
[ Ressler wakes up on the bus ] [ A highway sign says “Liberty Falls PA” ]
[ Ressler enters the office of a rundown motel. A woman (Lauren) is behind the desk. Her eight year old son, Theodore, sits in the sitting area reading a book ]
Ressler: Hey.
Lauren: Welcome to Liberty Falls.
Ressler: Yeah, thanks. It seems like a nice little town.
Lauren: Well, it’s definitely – little. Room for tonight?
Ressler: That should work. Yeah.
Theodore: Mom! The craziest thing just happened!
Lauren: Honey. I’m helping someone–
Theodore: Captain Hook just captured Wendy and the other Lost Boys! And he took them to the pirate ship. But Peter Pan’s asleep, so he doesn’t know! And they’re gonna poison–
Lauren: Theodore! I said not now.
Theodore: You’re gonna wanna hear this.
Lauren: I know. And I will. In a minute. Okay?
Theodore: [ Sighs ] Geez. Fine.
Lauren: I’m sorry. He has a very active imagination.
Ressler: It’s all right.
Lauren: He sometimes does his homework out here, but he’s usually quiet as a mouse.
Ressler: It’s really okay. Uh, about that room – Can I pay?
Lauren: Yeah, sure. Uh, that’ll be $45.
Ressler: All right. Ah.
Lauren: Room 5. Best room in the place. It even has a pool view if you’re looking out the bathroom window–
Ressler: Ah. I’d really like to get to my room. Thank you.
Lauren: Right. Of course. [ Sighs ]
[ Door opens, bell jingles✨]

[ Ressler gets to his motel room ] [ Door closes ]
[ Ressler closes the drapes. He uses a glasses to smash two pills and forms two lines of powder ] ⋘⋙ [ Sniffles ]
[ He goes to sleep on the bed ] [ Groans softly ]
[ Ressler wakes up, drinks some water and puts eye drops in his eyes. He goes out ]

[ A bar ] [ Ressler sits on a barstool ]
[ Aleyce Simmonds’ ♫ “Only On My Terms” plays ]
[ ⬇ Go to Full Lyrics ] or [ ♪ Tap square below to play ♪ ]

[ A female bartender, Vivian, pours Ressler a drink ]
Vivian: Whiskey on ice. Hold the ice.
Ressler: Thanks. Can I open a tab?
Vivian: Why not? I’m easy.
Ressler: I don’t think you’re allowed to say that anymore.
Vivian: Maybe not where you come from, but around here, people pride themselves on being behind the times.
Ressler: This sounds like my kind of a place.
Vivian: Believe me, this ain’t nobody’s kind of place. Where are you from?
Ressler: Hmm. Where the grass is greener. Trust me, it’s brown.
Vivian: Soon as I can afford to, I’m heading to L.A. Gonna be a makeup artist. I got my own YouTube channel. You should check it out. Wow. That was fast. Another one?
[ Ressler notices she has needle track marks on her arm ]
Ressler: You know where I can get something a little, uh, stronger?
Vivian: I-I try and stay away from that kind of stuff.
[ She looks at a guy, Max, sitting at a table. Ressler takes the hint ]
Ressler: I got it. I’ll take another one.

♪ But if I do, it’s gonna be on my terms ♪
♪ Yeah, if I do ♪

Vivian: You’re $75 all-in.
[ Ressler puts down a $100 bill ]
Ressler: [ Chuckles ] Well, uh, keep the change.
Vivian: Thanks.

[ Ominous music plays ] [ A dealer (Max) walks up behind Ressler at the bar ]
Max: Hey, there. Vivian tells me you’re looking for a hookup.
Ressler: Well, Vivian’s a very helpful lady.
Max: Meet me in the back room. Five minutes.
[ In the back room ]
Max: So – What are you after?
Ressler: Oh. Oxy, Norco. I’m an equal-opportunity offender.
Max: Isn’t that a coincidence? So are we.
Ressler: “We”?
[ Two other men appear behind Ressler ]
Ressler: Look, come on. I’m not looking for any trouble.
Max: It’s a little late for that.
[ The men⚡️attack Ressler⚡️, who is too drugged and drunk to put up too much of a fight ]
Max: [ Laughs ] You’re making this too easy, man!
[ Grunting ] [⚡️Kicks landing⚡️]
Vivian: Hey. He’s got an iPhone, too.
Max: Take everything.
[ The thugs and Vivian leave Ressler lying on the floor ]
Ressler: [ Groans, coughs ]

[ The Present: ]
[ The Barber has finished. Ressler’s beard is gone, his hair once again in a crew cut, not a hair out of place ]
Barber: You sure shine up like a new penny. Where you off to? Somewhere special?
Ressler: Something like that.
[ Ressler takes in his reflection in the mirror ]
Barber: You all right, son? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.
Ressler: Not a ghost. Just – Someone I used to know.

[ Flashback: ]
[ Ressler has somehow made it back to the motel. He is passed out in front of the door to his room, where Theodore finds him ]
Theodore: Are you okay, mister?
[ Theodore pokes Ressler with his book ]
Ressler: [ Gasps ] Oh, my God. What the hell are you doing, kid?
Theodore: Um, well, I didn’t want to touch a dead person with my hand.
Ressler: Well, I’m not dead, so–
Theodore: Why are you sleeping in the hallway?
Ressler: [ Groans ]
Theodore: Hey. You know your face is bleeding? My mom has a first-aid kit in the office.
[ Ressler sits up ]
Ressler: [ Groans ] Oh, you got to be kidding me.
Theodore: What?
Ressler: They robbed me.
Theodore: Who? Burglars? Pirates? That’s so cool! You should call the cops, though. They can help.
[ Ressler manages to stand up ]
Ressler: [ Groans ] Trust me, wherever the pirates took my stuff, it’s not coming back.
Theodore: So it was pirates! You know, I’m reading this book Peter Pan and–
Ressler: I really gotta go, bud.
Theodore: Are you sure you’re okay? I really think my mom can help you.
Ressler: [ Losing patience ] Look, I don’t need your mom or a first-aid kit or a phone.
Theodore: Look, I just–
Ressler: [ Angrily ] I need to be alone. Understand? [ Shouting ] I said get outta here!
[ Theodore runs away ]

[ Ressler is at the ice machine outdoors. He has filled a plastic bag with ice ] [ Ice rattling ]
[ Lauren storms over ]
Lauren: What the hell do you think you’re doing?
[ Ressler turns around, holding the bag of ice to his face ]
Ressler: Um– getting ice.
Lauren: You know what I’m talking about. My kid said he found you passed out in the hallway.
Ressler: Well, since you’re here, I, uh– I actually lost my key.
[ Ressler enters his room, with Lauren following angrily behind ]
Ressler: Hey. I wasn’t really planning on entertaining, but–
Lauren: Are you listening to anything that I’m saying? What you did out there was not okay. I don’t want my son seeing stuff like that.
Ressler: Look. No offense, lady, but this place isn’t exactly the Ritz. You know, I’m sure he’s seen plenty of, uh, unsavory things.
Lauren: At least most people keep to themselves. What happened to you, anyway? You’re a mess.
Ressler: Look. I paid for my room. I’ll keep to myself. Are we done here?
Lauren: Actually, you owe me for tonight.
Ressler: I’m not sure if your son told you, but, uh, I got robbed. And I’d love to pay you, but at the moment, I’ve got nothing.
Lauren: I’m sorry. Really. But I can’t let you stay if you can’t pay.
Ressler: Okay. I get it. All right. I’ll be out in half an hour.
Lauren: [ Sighs ] Look. Willy down at Liberty Auto has been looking for someone to help out around the garage.
Ressler: Garage. As in, like, a mechanic?
Lauren: More like a janitor. Unless that’s beneath you.
Ressler: At this point, nothing’s beneath me.
Lauren: Then I suggest you go see him.
Ressler: Okay. Great. Thanks. Um– But do you know a doctor I could see?
Lauren: [ Sighs ]

[ The Present: ]
[ A florist shop ]
[ Door opens, bell jingles✨] [ Door closes ]
Belinda: Shopping for someone special?
Ressler: I am.
Belinda: I’d love to help. We have a beautiful selection of roses that just came in. Top of the line.
Ressler: I’m actually looking for carnations.
Belinda: Oh. Honey. I think we can do better. If you ask me, carnations are the sad flower of weddings past.
Ressler: Well, sad or not, they’re her favorite. She always said that people underestimate their beauty.
Belinda: Okay. Understood. Did you have a color in mind? The pink and the red are both so lovely.
Ressler: She likes the purple.
Belinda: Ah! Is she impulsive? Unpredictable?
Ressler: If it’s all the same to you, I’m in a bit of a hurry.
Belinda: Of course. This’ll just be a minute.
[ She goes to the refrigeration unit where the cut flowers are kept ]
Ressler: She’s impulsive and unpredictable. I’m– I’m the opposite. I’ve been thinking about what I’m about to do for two years. What am I gonna wear, what should I say. Uh, didn’t mean to be short with you. I’m just a little nervous.
Belinda: Well, it sounds like she is about the luckiest woman alive. To have someone give so much thought and attention to a moment like this. You– You really see her. And if she has no more sense than a titmouse, she’s gonna say yes.
Ressler: Oh, this isn’t– I’m not gonna, uh–
Belinda: Is she expecting it? I hope not. A proposal’s so much better when it’s a surprise.
Ressler: Well, trust me. After everything that’s happened in the past two years, me just showing up is gonna be a huge surprise.

[ Flashback: ]
[ Ressler sees an doctor about the injuries the drug punks inflicted ]
Dr Sutton: Well, looks like we’re dealing with a couple of broken ribs and a lacerated kidney.
Ressler: Folks in this town sure know how to roll out the red carpet. Then beat you over the head with it.
Dr Sutton: [ Chuckles ] On a scale of 1 to 10, how much pain are you in?
Ressler: I may look like that green smiley face, but I feel like the red devil bawling his eyes out. [ Chuckles ] A while back, I got into a car accident. Doc offered to prescribe me oxycodone, but I turned him down. I didn’t wanna risk getting hooked. So I gutted out the pain on Tylenol and rest. Nearly killed me. I’m not sure I could do that again.
Dr Sutton: I don’t think you should. But oxycodone is a powerful narcotic. You have to be very careful not to overuse or abuse it. But you seem to be, uh, more concerned about that than most, so I’m comfortable writing you a prescription for it. Janie will give you four pills to tide you over till you can get to a pharmacy.
Ressler: I appreciate that.
[ Back in his room, Ressler crushes a pill and makes a line ]
Ressler: [ Sniffles ] [ Exhales ]

[ Willy’s Auto Body Shop ] [ Willy shows Ressler around ]
Willy: So, we got the break room, storage facility, the office, and, of course, the garage floor. My wife wants me to spruce the place up a bit. And what Helen wants, Helen gets. [ Chuckles ] Which is where you come in. I need someone to do basically all the crap I don’t wanna do. Sweeping, mopping, toilets. Dusting, unloading boxes, inventory.
Ressler: That a ’72 Chevy Nova? That thing’s a beauty.
Willy: Do not bring Layla into this.
Ressler: Oh. She’s got a name, huh?
Willy: She sure does. Pain in my ass, though.
Ressler: She’s got potential. Engine doesn’t need to be rebuilt. Suspension’s solid. Everything else is surface rust.
Willy: You know cars?
Ressler: I didn’t have much of a choice. I grew up watching my dad restore anything he could get his hands on. Spent my childhood scouring the Detroit junkyards with him.
Willy: A Detroit boy. That explains it. Would be sacrilegious not to know your stuff.
Ressler: Ah. To be honest, I wasn’t looking for a job. But I got robbed, I owe money on my room, and, well, it’s not like I got anywhere else to be. Plus, I love cars, I know how to fix them, and, well, at one time I was told I was a pretty responsible guy.
Willy: Fair enough. I’ll tell you what. You help me with Layla in addition to the other work, and I’ll pay you up front. I’ve been trying to restore her for months, and she’s just stubborn as hell. [ Laughs ] What do you say?
Ressler: Sounds like a plan.

[ Ressler enters the motel office ] [ Bell jingles✨] [ Lauren is behind the counter. Theodore is reading on the couch ]
[ Ressler puts some money on the counter ]
Ressler: Hey. That should cover me till Wednesday.
Lauren: So – it all worked out?
Ressler: Sure did. In fact, I even got a promotion. I’m working on the cars now. Thank you for your help. Really. If there’s something I can do to pay you back–
[ A police car drives up ]
Lauren: [ Urgently ] Theo. Get up. Theo. Now!
Theodore: What’s going on?
Lauren: It’s him! [ To Ressler ] You want to pay me back? Don’t let him find us.
[ Lauren and Theodore duck into a corner. Ressler steps behind the desk ]
[ Bell jingles ✨] [ A policeman (Shane) enters ]
Ressler: Hey. You looking for a room?
Shane: I’m looking for these two.
[ He holds out a photo of Lauren and Theodore ]
Shane: I’m from downstate. We got a tip she’s working at a motel along this stretch of highway.
Ressler: What seems to be the problem?
Shane: [ Sarcastically ] The problem is that I can’t find them.
Ressler: No. Uh, I’m sorry. What I mean is, uh, why are you looking for them? What’d they do?
Shane: What happened to your face? Put it somewhere it didn’t belong? The photo. Have you seen them?
Ressler: [ Sighs ] I can’t say that I have.
[ Shane looks around the waiting area, but not where Lauren and Theodore are hiding ]
Ressler: Hey, you need something else?
Shane: If you see them, give me a call.
[ Shane leaves ] [ Bell jingles✨] [ Lauren exhales sharply ]
Lauren: [ To Ressler ] Please. Don’t ask.
Ressler: Tell me who you are and why the police are looking for you.

[ Ressler’s room. Theodore reads his book while his mother talks to Ressler ]
Lauren: I really don’t want to talk about this.
Ressler: And normally I wouldn’t insist, but I lied to a police officer for you.
Lauren: I’m not a criminal if that’s what you’re worried about.
Ressler: Well, you sure acted like one. Come on. Why was he looking for you?
Lauren: He’s my husband.
Ressler: Why are you running from him?
[ Lauren shows Ressler a long scar on her arm ]
Lauren: This is from when he threw me into our glass coffee table. It shattered, and I ended up with 40 stitches. Oh, and– This was a fun one.
[ She shows Ressler a burn scar on her ankle ]
Lauren: One morning, we got into a fight because I stayed out later than expected with a girlfriend at dinner. He threw a cup of coffee at me, and it splashed all over my foot, giving me third-degree burns.
Ressler: That’s unforgivable.
Lauren: And yet – I always forgave him. He’d apologize after, bring me flowers. I always thought the next time would be different, that I could help him be better. If he’d stayed away from Theodore, I probably would’ve stayed. But once after a bad day at work he came home and wanted it quiet at dinner. Theodore was chatty, asking all about this and that. Being a normal kid. And Shane just – snapped. Backhanded him across the face. He didn’t even cry, he was so shocked. We left the next morning and never looked back.
Ressler: And you didn’t go to the police because he was the police.
Lauren: Shane’s a powerful man where we’re from. Everyone told me I couldn’t just run from my problems, but I didn’t see another way out.
Ressler: Hey. No judgment here. I’m the poster child for running away from mine. But if he’s as bad as you say he is, he’ll be back.
Lauren: I just need to figure out our next move. Gather up some cash so we can head out again.
Theodore: [ Reads something funny and giggles ]
Lauren: Theodore’s a really special kid. With such an open heart. I won’t let anyone take that from him.

[ Willy’s Auto Body Shop ]
[ Wrench clicking ] [ Ressler works away on the ’72 Chevy Nova ]
[ Nitty Gritty Dirt Band’s ♫ “An American Dream” plays (substitute song) ]
[ ⬇ Go to Full Lyrics ] or [ ♪ Tap square below to play ♪ ]

♪ Whoo! ♪

[ Theodore shows up ]
Theodore: What a cool car! Do these work?
Ressler: Hey. Hey! Easy! [ Groans ]
Theodore: I’m sorry.
Ressler: Where’s your mom at, anyway?
Theodore: Huh?
Ressler: What are you doing here?
Theodore: I got bored, so I rode my bike.
Ressler: Then you need to ride right back.
Theodore: I can’t. My tire broke.
Ressler: Well, then we’re gonna have to call your mom and have her come and get you.
Theodore: Come on. I won’t bother you.
[ A vintage transistor radio plays ]

♪ Yeah, and I’ve worked real hard since I was 17 ♪

Ressler: Don’t touch anything.

♪ And this is where the good times start ♪

[ Ressler walks away to call Lauren ]
Ressler: [ On phone ] Yeah.
[ Theodore immediately picks up the radio ]

♪ Living the American, living the American ♪

Ressler: [ On phone ] What do you mean, you–

♪ Living the American dream ♪

Ressler: [ On phone ] All right. [ Beep🔅] [ To Theodore ] Well, it looks like you’re gonna be hanging out here for a while.
[ Radio channels tuning; signal is lost ]
Ressler: Hey, didn’t I tell you not to touch anything?
Theodore: I’ve always wanted one of these.
Ressler: Well, I suggest you get one of your own.
[ Ressler takes back the radio ] [ Static crackling ]
Theodore: Just so you know, I don’t need a babysitter.
Ressler: Good, ’cause your mother said you got to read or do some homework.
[ Ressler finds the radio signal again ]
Theodore: I don’t have any homework. And my book’s at home.
Ressler: And your bike tire’s busted, so you can’t ride back and get it. Great.
Theodore: I know how to use a socket wrench. Please? I’ll be your best friend.
Ressler: Fine. Whatever. ⋘⋙ We’re not friends.

♪ And we will never be apart ♪
♪ Living the American, living the– ♪

[ Later, Ressler and Theodore eat at a picnic table. Ressler sets down two bottles of cola. Theodore is picking stuff off his sandwich ]
Theodore: My mom doesn’t let me drink soda.
Ressler: Come on. Live a little. I’m not even gonna ask what you’re doing.
Theodore: How do you know so much about cars?
Ressler: I used to work on them with my dad.
Theodore: You don’t anymore?
Ressler: No, no. My pops died a long time ago.
Theodore: My dad died, too.
Ressler: I thought that was your dad at the motel.
Theodore: Who? Shane? No. He’s not my dad. He’s my stepdad. My real dad had a pulmonary embolism. Whatever that means.
Ressler: I’m sorry.
Theodore: Sometimes I think I can still see him. Like– at the grocery store or the park. And for a second, I just forget. And at night, I meet him at the place between sleep and awake.
Ressler: The what?
Theodore: You know the place where you can still remember dreaming? It’s from Peter Pan!
Ressler: [ Chuckles ] You really like that book, don’t you?
Theodore: Mmm-hmm.
Ressler: I had a friend, she used to read it to her daughter all the time. She loved it.
Theodore: Probably ’cause it’s really good. Duh. Anyway, I’d meet my dad at night, and we’d go on adventures. And they’re the best adventures any two people could ever go on. We climb mountains, explore new galaxies. And it’s awesome– even if it’s in my head. Everyone says I have to move on, but I don’t know how to.
Ressler: Can’t you talk to your mom?
Theodore: It would just make her worried. She just wants me to be okay, so I pretend like I’m okay. I’m really good at pretending.
Ressler: Everyone is when they’re hurt. I mean, I certainly am. You just pretend you’re okay until one day, well, you are. It just takes time. At least that’s what I keep telling myself.
Theodore: Me too.
[ Horn honks 📣 ] [ It’s Lauren ]
Ressler: Uh-oh.
Theodore: Thanks for lunch.
[ Lauren rolls down the car window ]
Lauren: [ Calls out ] You and I have some things to talk about, mister. In the car. Now.
[ Engine shuts off ]
[ Ressler carries Theodore’s bike over to the car’s trunk which Lauren opens. Ressler puts the bike inside ]
Lauren: I can give you cash.
Ressler: Oh, no. No, really. No.
Lauren: Let me.
Ressler: It’s on me.
Lauren: I’m sorry you had to watch him. I promise it won’t happen again.
Ressler: Really, it’s– Turns out babysitting’s not that bad after all.

[ Ressler is in the bed in his motel room sipping a glass of cola. There’s a game show on the rv ]

Game Show Host: Come on, Jokers. Joker! Joker! Whoa!
[ Cheers and applause on tv ]
Man in audience: Whoo!

[ Knock on door ] [ Ressler cracks the door open ]
Theodore: Aren’t you gonna open the door?
Ressler: [ Sighs ] I’m in the middle of something, kid. What’s up?
Theodore: I wanted to invite you to my birthday party. It’s on a Saturday. In our room. 3:00 p.m.
[ Theodore hands Ressler an invitation he drew ]
Theodore: It’s also Peter Pan themed. You don’t have to dress up or anything.
Ressler: I really don’t think I can make it.
Theodore: There’s gonna be cake.
Ressler: I can’t.
Theodore: Well, if you change your mind–
Ressler: Look, I know you had fun at the garage, but you’re a kid and I’m an adult, and like I said, we’re not friends.
Theodore: You’re the only person I know here. I think we’re friends.
Ressler: Trust me. You don’t wanna be friends with someone like me. All right? Bad things happen to people I get close to and– I don’t want that for you. Understand?

[ The Present: ]
[ Ressler approaches Liz’s grave. It is alongside Tom’s ]
Ressler: Hey.
[ He lays the bouquet down in front of the headstone ]
Ressler: Uh– I, uh– [ Sobs, sniffs ] I– Oh, Jesus.
[ The headstone reads: “KEEN / ELIZABETH / 1985-2021 ]
Ressler: I’ll just take a seat here.
[ Ressler sits and leans back against the headstone ]
[ Later ]
Ressler: … And Dembe’s an agent. Aram walked away from a tech fortune. [ Chuckles ] Reddington shaved his head, and his new lover’s a shaman. Park had a cancer scare because I borrowed her urine for a drug test and it came back with elevated hormone levels. But I passed and got reinstated, even though my old issue with the pain meds is back for an encore performance after I punctured this and broke that in a car crash while I was trying to [ Chuckles ] chase down and kill Reddington right after you died.
   So I’m working with him again. We all are. Because we think it’s what you’d want. FYI, he’s just as insufferable as ever, so if it’s not what you want, please, you feel free to tell me, and I’ll happily go back to being a mechanic. Don’t laugh. That’s exactly what I was doing for a while. After everything fell apart. After I fell apart. Did I mention I fell apart? Yeah. I hit rock bottom. This little town called Liberty Falls. I was – beat up and broke, angry at myself and the world. Then I got this job fixing this car.

[ Flashback: ]
[ Wrench clicking ] [ Ressler makes one last turn of the wrench on the engine. He closes the hood and steps back to admire the beautifully restored vehicle ]

Ressler: [ Chuckles ] I didn’t know it at the time, but that car wasn’t the only thing I was fixing.

[ Flashback: ]
[ Ressler goes to Willy’s office. Willy is on the phone ]
Ressler: [ Interrupting ] You got a minute?
Willy: [ To caller ] Hold on. [ To Ressler ] What’s up?
[ Ressler tosses Willy the car keys ]
Willy: I gotta call you back.
[ Willy hangs up and jumps out of his chair, following Ressler ]
Willy: [ Laughing ]
[ The’72 Chevy Nova speeds along a winding country highway ] [ Engine rumbling ] [ Ressler and Willy laughing ]

Ressler: I mean, when I started, it was– it was broken. Nothing about it worked. It was– It was dead to the world. But when I finished, I looked at that car, I thought – Well, I didn’t think anything. I just – I felt something. Something I hadn’t felt in a long time. I felt like I could feel – Good.

[ Flashback: ]
[ Lauren and Theodore’s motel room ] [ Lauren has made a Peter Pan styled 🎂 with nine candles. Cutout figures of the characters from Peter Pan hang from a string. Theodore wears a green Peter Pan cap ] [ Lauren sings to him: ]

♪ Happy birthday to you ♪
♪ Happy birthday to you ♪
♪ Happy birthday, dear Theodore ♪
♪ Happy birthday to you ♪

Lauren: Make a wish.
Theodore: Do I have to? [ Sighs ]
[ He blows out the candles ]
Lauren: [ Laughs ] Well? What’d you wish for?
Theodore: You’re not supposed to tell.
Lauren: Fair enough. Should I cut you the first slice?
Theodore: Sure.
Lauren: You know, it won’t always be like this. One day, whatever you wished for – I know it’ll come true.
Theodore: [ Disappointed ] I thought he’d come.
Lauren: Oh, honey. He has a lot going on. I’m sure he really wanted to be here.
Theodore: If he really wanted to, he would have come. I wish we never moved. I have no friends. You don’t let us go anywhere. I hate it here!
[ Loud knocking on door ]
Theodore: He came!
[ Theodore over runs to the door and flings it open. But it’s not Ressler — It’s Shane ]
Shane: Teddy! Ha!
Theodore: That’s not my name!
[ Door closes ]
Shane: You don’t need to be afraid of me, son. I know your mom’s been filling your head with a bunch of garbage. [ To Lauren ] So you’d really rather live in this dump than come home? Pathetic. Even for you.
Lauren: What are you doing here⁉️
Shane: Can’t I come see my wife?
Lauren: I’m gonna call the cops.
Shane: I really wouldn’t do that.
[ Lauren tries to reach the phone, but Shane gets to it first, shoving Lauren onto the bed ] [ Receiver clatters⚡️]
Lauren: Stop‼️
Shane: Get out of here, son. This is an adult conversation. I’m not asking you again! Get out!
Lauren: It’s okay, sweetie. I’ll be okay. Go.
[ Door opens ] [ Door closes ]

[ Theodore runs down the hall, breathing heavily. He turns a corner and runs into Ressler ]
Ressler: Hey, bud. Happy birthday. Sorry I’m late— What’s going on?
Theodore: He found us! He’s here!
[ Both Theodore and Ressler run toward Lauren’s room ]
[ Lauren runs to the door and tries to leave but Shane slams the door and grabs her by the hair, dragging her back ]
Lauren: Aah!
[ She grabs the knife from the cake and stabs Shane in the leg with it ] [ Squish ]
Shane: [ Groans ] Oh!
[ Shane takes the knife and grabs Lauren by the shoulders ]
Lauren: Let go of me‼️
[ Shane shakes her violently and shouts directly into her face ]
Shane: What the hell? You crazy bitch!
Lauren: [ Grunts ] [⚡️Screams⚡️]
Shane: Now what are you gonna do? Huh? Think you’re gonna be able to pull that again? You don’t have it in you! You’re weak! Always have been!
[ Lauren sobbing ]
[ Ressler opens the door and runs toward Shane ]
Ressler: Get away from her‼️
[ Shane pulls his gun. They fall to the floor⚡️fighting for the gun⚡️] [ Grunts ]
[ Gunshot 💥 ] [ Ressler is alive, panting heavily. Shane lies motionless ]

[ The Present: ]
[ Liz’s grave ]
Ressler: So that’s what I’ve been up to. I’d move every couple weeks. To stay distracted, keep from thinking about what happened, keep from thinking about you. I tried to mind my own business, but– [ Chuckles ] Yeah. You know me. That wasn’t always possible.

[ Flashback: ]
[ Police radio chatter ] [ Lauren sits in the back of a police ambulance, a bandage above one eye ]
Ressler: How are you doing?
Lauren: I’m okay. Shaken up.
Ressler: How’s Theodore?
Lauren: He finally fell asleep. Thank God.
[ A Liberty Falls Police Officer comes over ]
Officer: We’re waiting on the M.E.’s report, but from every indication it’s clear this was self-defense.
Ressler: I told the officer about your husband, and, uh, the story checks out.
Officer: Turns out he was pretty open about coming for you, how mad he was. Agent Ressler also told us about what he’d done to you. And with your permission, we’d like to reach out to county hospital and just verify the extent of the injuries.
Lauren: “Agent” Ressler?
Ressler: Ex-agent.
Officer: Well, ex or not, this man is a decorated FBI agent. He had a distinguished career.
Lauren: You don’t say.
Officer: You were very lucky to have him in your corner when you did. You’re gonna need to sign a release to give him the medical records. Yeah, once we get them and the M.E.’s report, we’ll have everything we need.
The Officer nods goodbye: Ma’am. Sir.
Lauren: Why didn’t you tell me anything?
Ressler: It’s a long story.
Lauren: You were a decorated agent, now you work in a small-town garage. However long that story takes to tell, I’d like to hear it.
Ressler: Well, I appreciate it, but, uh, it’s not a story I can tell. Not yet, anyway.
Lauren: I understand. Whenever you’re ready.
Ressler: I’m not who you think I am.
Lauren: Maybe. But you’re more than you think you are. He was right. I was lucky to have you in my corner. But– maybe you’re lucky, too. ‘Cause I’m in yours.
Ressler: Look. I got a lot of luck. It’s just– It’s never good.
Lauren: Then maybe it’s about to change. If you’re looking for a fresh start, so am I. Is it crazy to think we could look together?
Ressler: It’s not crazy. It’s just– It’s not something I can do right now.
Lauren: Alone is hard. You helped me confront my past. Let me help you confront yours.

[ Knock on door ]
Theodore: Mr. Ressler? Are you in there?
[ Knock on door ]
Mr. Ressler?
[ Theodore enters Ressler’s unlocked room. He finds the transistor radio with a bow on it ~ but Ressler is gone ]

[ The Present: ]
Ressler: [ Talking to Liz’s headstone ] I know there are good people out there. People I could connect with. People I should connect with. But I don’t. I can’t. Not yet, anyway.

[ Flashback: ]
Lauren: Theodore?
Theodore: You were right. He was a bad guy.
Lauren: No. I wasn’t. You were right. You saw the good in him when I couldn’t. And he saved us.
Theodore: If he’s so good, then why’d he just walk away?
Lauren: I know it might be hard for you to understand, but he’s in a lot of pain.
Theodore: Do you think he’ll ever come back?
Lauren: Honestly? I don’t know.
Theodore: [ Sighs ]

[ The Present: ]
[ Robot Koch’s ♫ “Care” plays ]
[ ⬇ Go to Full Lyrics ] or [ ♪ Tap square below to play ♪ ]

♪ Carry me home ♪
♪ To where I belong ♪

[ Ressler stands and looks at both Liz’s and Tom’s headstones ]
Ressler: I’m glad you’re here with Tom. [ Looking at Tom’s headstone ] I mean, I used to hate you, no offense, but there’s no point in denying it. [ Chuckles ] Still– I’m happy you’re not alone. You know, I told Harold that I was coming tonight, and he said that Agnes wants today to be a celebration of your life, not a memory of your death. Smart kid you two made. Strong. Wise. She’s dealing in a way I still haven’t figured out yet.
[ Glimpses of Agnes, happy and animated, at home with the Cooper’s, as Ressler peers through the window ]
Ressler: For now, I’m stuck in the place between sleep and awake – The place where you can still remember dreaming. Maybe we can meet there sometime – Go on adventures together. Climb mountains – explore galaxies. I’d like that. [ Inhales sharply ]

♪ On the right trail ♪

[ Ressler puts his hand on Liz’s headstone ]
Ressler: [ Voice cracking ] More than you could possibly know.
[ Ressler turns and walks away ]

♪ Carry me home ♪

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❌❌❌ 9:7 End Between Sleep/Awake

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🔴 Episode Songs

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♫ Only On My Terms
By Aleyce Simmonds

[Verse 1]
♪ I get scared, but I still roll the dice
You can lose your fictions by thinking ’bout it twice
I’m not good at taking orders, following advice
Sometimes I know I’m gonna crash and burn
But if I do, I’ll do it on my terms
I stand up, even when I’m gonna fall
I speak out, when I can’t find the words at all
I’ll keep giving it my best when there’s no hope at all
I get tripped up by the things I haven’t learned
If I do, I’ll do it on my terms

♪ I don’t need your permission, and I don’t need your blessing
I’m doing it for me, it’s not you that I’m impressing
Oh how I live my life, is none of your concern
You can have me, but only on my terms
I don’t need your permission, and I don’t need your blessing
I’m doing it for me, it’s not you that I’m impressing
Oh how I live my life, is none of your concern
You can have me, but only on my terms

[Verse 2]
♪’Cause I care, and you might think I’m soft
But if you stick around, you’ll soon find out I’m not
When it comes to loving me you’ve only got one shot
If you get too close somebody might get burned
And if it’s me, I’ll do it on my terms

♪ I don’t need your permission, and I don’t need your blessing
I’m doing it for me, it’s not you that I’m impressing
Oh how I live my life, is none of your concern
You can have me, but only on my terms
Oh how I live my life, is none of your concern
You can have me, but only on my terms
Only on my terms

🎹 Return to where this song occurs in script above
Lyrics: http://bit.ly/3HO5kj9
YouTube: https://youtu.be/SPQ0nFwmGYk



♫ An American Dream (Substitute Song)
By Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

♪ I beg your pardon, mama, what did you say
My mind was drifting off on Martinique Bay
It’s not that I’m not interested, you see
Augusta, Georgia is just no place to be

♪ I think Jamaican in the moonlight
Sandy beaches, drinking rum every night
We got no money, mama, but we can go
We’ll split the difference, go to Coconut Grove

♪ Keep on talking, mama, I can hear
Your voice, it tickles down inside of my ear
I feel a tropical vacation this year
Might be the answer to this hillbilly fear

♪ I think Jamaican in the moonlight
Sandy beaches, drinking rum every night
We got no money, mama, but we can go
We’ll split the difference, go to Coconut Grove

♪ Voila, An American Dream
Well, we can travel girl, without any means
When it’s as easy as closing your eyes
And dream Jamaica is a big neon sign

♪ [Instrumental Interlude]

♪ Just keep talking, mama, I like that sound
It goes so easy with that rain falling down
I think a tropical vacation this year
Might be the answer to this hillbilly fear

♪ And voila, An American Dream
Yeah, we can travel, girl, without any means
When it’s as easy as closing your eyes
And dream Jamaica is a big neon sign

♪ Just think Jamaican in the moonlight
Sandy beaches, drinking rum every night
We got no money, mama, but we can go
Split the difference, go to Coconut Grove

[ Note: I looked for the exact song for way too long, finally settled on this one. I came to the conclusion it’s not online: and there really are really a lot of songs about the American Dream!
~ as there should be) ]

🎹 Return to where this song occurs in script above
Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/3f2RXzr
YouTube: https://youtu.be/vnOXHDMXbSs



♫ Care
By Robot Koch
♫ Care

♪ Carry me home
To where I belong
Carry me home

♪ To where I belong
Carry me home
On the right trail
Carry me home
On the right trail

♪ Carry me home
On the right trail
Carry me home
On the right trail
Carry me home
On the right trail
Carry me home
On the right trail
Carry me home

♪ Carry me home
Why don’t you carry me home
Carry me home

♪ Carry me home to where I belong
Carry me home to where I belong

🎹 Return to where this song occurs in script above
Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/3n6RAIm
YouTube: https://youtu.be/v-3Xtm8pCHM



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