🔴 Script 9:22 Marvin Gerard Pt 2


🔴 Script 9:22 Marvin Gerard Part 2 (№ 80)

Full Title: Marvin Gerard: Conclusion, Part 2
NBC’s series The Blacklist starring James Spader and Megan Boone
Series created by: Jon Bokenkamp
Program air date: 5/27/2022 in the US (7pm Central/Chicago Time)
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Directed by: Cort Hessler
Written by: Lukas Reiter

Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington – James Spader
Donald Ressler – Diego Klattenhoff
Harold Cooper – Harry Lennix
Aram Mojtabai – Amir Arison
Alina Park – Laura Sohn
Dembe Zuma – Hisham Tawfiq
Driver – Jeff Barry
Agnes Keen – Sami Bray
Wujing – Chin Han
Theodore Heneveld – Frank Harts
Chuck – Jonathan Holtzman
Bodyguard – Zachary James
Cynthia Panabaker – Deirdre Lovejoy
Young Agnes Keen – Hazel Mason
Judge Grunwald – Ed Moran
Charlene Cooper – Valarie Pettiford
Asst US Atty Dan Holt – Jesse Sharp
Flight Attendant – Lily Sondik
Marvin Gerard – Fisher Stevens
Abby Finch – Shelley Thomas-Harts
Carolyn Marquez – Lana Young


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🔴 Script 9:22 Marvin Gerard (№ 80)


Brief (Where we’re at):

Marvin Gerard has escaped from Red twice since Red figured out he was behind Liz’s murder. Mierce appears headed with Weecha back to their home in Central or South America,

Red’s lawyer Marvin Gerard confessed to being the mastermind behind the murder of Elizabeth Keen. Red’s memory was jarred when Agent Park came to him looking for a job, when it looked like she was going to be permanently assigned to desk duty with the task force. Red offered her a glass of water. She suddenly dropped the glass, shattering it, and had one of the headaches she has suffered since being exposed to a directed energy attack. This reminded Red that the morning she died, Liz had had a headache and dropped a coffee cup, shattering it, while at Marvin’s office and Marvin had given her aspirin. Red lured Marvin onto his plane and confronted him. But Marvin had a backup plan and had a shooter ready to kill Mierce. Red had to let Marvin go, but not before Weecha attacked him with a karate chop to the neck and Red and Heddie Hawkins had to pull him away. Marvin challenged Red to a fight for control of his empire.

After Marvin left the plane, Weecha collapsed and then went into a coma. Caring for her in Red’s warehouse hospital, Mierce said the fire ritual she had performed was calling her and Weecha back to Central/South America. Using ashes from the fire ceremony, she drew on Red’s cheek the mark of Buluc Chabtan the Mayan god of war and human sacrifice and said, “No one will ever be safe around you, Raymond.”

Red gathered a group of “players” from his empire to a hunting lodge in upstate New York that he thought would be unknown to Marvin, but Marvin had bugged Red’s car and sent an army of mercenaries. Almost all of the players were killed. One of the mercenaries survived and from information from Cooper about him, Red was able to identify the leader of the mercenary group, Henrick Fisker. Red abducted and forced Fisker to tell where he planned to meet next with Marvin. Red intercepted Marvin at an airport and told him he wasn’t a “leader’ and could never run his empire. Then Cooper, who’d figured out where they were and didn’t want Red to kill Marvin, called the airport. Alarms went off, Marvin shoved Red (“Screw you, you smug bastard!”) and in the commotion, Marvin escaped for the second time.
From earlier episodes:

1) In an effort to be more open with her husband Peter about the nature of her work, Park appeared ready to divulge that it has to do with Raymond Reddington. This is of course very tightly-held classified information.
2) Cooper began to tell Agnes ‘her story’ in a way which seemed to imply Red might be her grandfather. How much did Cooper tell Agnes? How much does Cooper even know?
3) What was in the box Red gave to Dembe?
4) What did the letter from Katarina to Liz say about Red’s true identity?
5) And what did happen in Brasilia, anyway?

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[ In the last episode, Marvin Gerard managed to escape from Red at Culpeper Regional Airport in Virginia. Red swore he would make Marvin pay for orchestrating the murder of Elizabeth Keen. But Cooper was determined to stop Red from killing Marvin so he called in an alert to the airport which was evacuated. Marvin took advantage of the chaos to shove Red onto an escalator and get away ]
[ Red now rides with Chuck, a trusted guard, up the escalator at the airport ]
Chuck: Red, we have to go.
Red: Not without Marvin.
Chuck: Right now, there’s half a dozen cops in here. In the next five minutes, that number’s gonna triple.
Red: Then we better find him.
[ Dembe, who has also been been searching for Marvin at the airport, gets a call from Cooper who is at the Post Office ]
Cooper: [ On phone ] Dembe, any sign of Gerard?
Dembe: I’m sorry, Harold. I think Marvin’s gone.
Cooper: How’d he get out?
Aram: Hang on. We may not know where he is, but I think we can figure out where he is going. Check this out. According to records, three private jets were scheduled to depart from that airport over the next 90 minutes.
Cooper: What do we know about the three?
Aram: Two corporate jets, one for an insurance company, one for a hedge fund, and both of those make regular trips to and from Culpeper. But this one is owned by some kind of shell holding company based in the Philippines. It was scheduled to land and depart all within 30 minutes of Marvin’s arrival.
Alina Park: What’s its scheduled destination?
Aram: Aerodromo Rizal, an airfield about 40 minutes outside Camaguey, Cuba.
Dembe: [ On phone ] If that’s Marvin’s plane, it’s still here on the ground. Nothing was cleared to take off after the evacuation started.
Aram: It’s not, because it never landed. That plane was still on approach to Culpeper when the security alert was called in. Air traffic control waved it off.
Park: It was diverted?
Aram: To another private airfield 30 miles north.
Cooper: Then that must be where Marvin’s heading.
Dembe: [ On phone ] I’m leaving now. Send me the location.
Cooper: Agent Ressler’s still in the area. I’ll reach out to him and have him meet you there.

[ Marvin Gerard is boarding the private plane that got diverted to the airfield 30 miles north of Culpeper Airport ]
Marvin Gerard [ On phone ] I don’t know how it happened, but Fisker wasn’t there and Reddington was waiting!
[ Sighs ] Well, find out where the hell he is. I’ll be in Camaguey by morning.
[ A flight attendant pours Marvin a glass on whiskey ]
Marvin: I need us to be in the air as soon as possible. Just leave the bottle.
Bodyguard: Mr. Gerard?
Marvin: Can we wait till we take off?
Bodyguard: Pilot just got word that federal agents entered the terminal. They must know you’re here.
Marvin: How do they know we’re here?!
[ 🚨 Sirens wailing 🚨] [ Two FBI vans arrive. Dembe and Ressler step out, along with four or five other agents ]
Dembe: FBI. Show me your hands.
Bodyguard: What’s this about?
Ressler: Oh, you’ve got to have some idea. If not, you wouldn’t be standing in the doorway.
Dembe: This plane’s been grounded.
[ Ressler mounts the stairs and enters the cabin ]
Ressler: FBI. Who else is on board?
Flight Attendant: What? Oh, my God, what’s happening?
Ressler: Who else is on board?
Flight Attendant: N-Nobody. We’re just preparing. Our passengers haven’t arrived.
[ Ressler sees the open bottle of whiskey next to Marvin’s seat ]
Ressler: Marvin Gerard. Where is he?
Flight Attendant: I don’t know who that is.
Ressler: Agent Zuma is gonna question you. We need everyone off. We’ll wait at the gate until he gets here. Kill the engines. Seal that door.
[ Sometime later, the door slides open from a room in the back of the plane and Marvin cautiously steps out into the darkened cabin. Ressler is sitting in the back row of seats ]
[ Gun cocks ✽ ]
Ressler: Hello, Marvin.

[ Marvin sits alone in an interrogation room at the Post Office. Outside the room looking through the window into the room are Cooper, Red, and Senator Cynthia Panabaker who formerly led the task force when she worked at the Department of Justice ]
Cooper: I’m sorry you’re angry that we got to him first.
Red: You didn’t get to him first, Harold. I had him, and you took him away from me. I would have done the same and probably will.
Panabaker: I know it’s hard to accept, but this is how it has to be. Someone has to be held accountable, and if it’s not Marvin, Main Justice will go after Harold.
Red: [ Angrily ] It’s not hard to accept, Cynthia. It’s unacceptable. He is mine to deal with.
Cooper: You’d really rather kill him? Even if it means I go to prison?
Red: I don’t see either of those outcomes as being inevitable. But let’s be clear, Harold. You made your bed with every crime you committed, with every day you let pass without coming to me for assistance, so now you have no right to put me at grave risk because you acted with reckless disregard.
Cooper: Disregard for what?!
Red: Disregard for what? That conversation could begin and end with Agnes alone. Elizabeth entrusted you with her daughter. You took her in. You promised to protect her.
Cooper: That’s right.
Panabaker: Enough—
Cooper: No, I want to say this. I can’t defend my mistakes, except for to say I committed them all for one reason — to stay out of prison, to somehow prevent that girl from losing another parent.
Red: You’ve made a bigger mess of this than either of you realize. That man is my attorney. Do you have any idea how clever a person you’d have to be to fill that position?

[ Some time later, Cooper enters the interrogation room ] [ Door opens ] [ Door closes ]
[ Cooper sits down across the table from Marvin ]
Cooper: Normally I’d let one of my people question you, Marvin, but I wanted to do this myself.
Marvin: Doesn’t sound like I’m in for questioning. It sounds like you intend to gloat or vent.
Cooper: I’m not gloating, Marvin. To be honest, I’m bereft. The loss of Elizabeth, the brutality of it, especially coming from you, takes my breath away. But you’re right, I will take personal satisfaction in watching you go to prison. You tried to destroy me–
Marvin: I’m not going to prison, Harold. If you don’t realize that yet, you will soon enough.
Cooper: You’re wrong. There’s no deal coming, Marvin. We don’t need your cooperation. We have Raymond, and he can tell us anything you know.
Marvin: He can, but he won’t. You’re a puppet. The federal government sees 1% of the Reddington organization, the 1% he allows you to see. The rest, the full scope of what we built together, is a criminal masterpiece the likes of which you, respectfully, don’t have the talent to comprehend.
Cooper: Let me guess. You’ll tell me all about it in exchange for less time in a cell?
Marvin: I don’t plan on telling you anything, Harold, because you are an underling. I’m not even talking to you right now. I’m talking to her.
[ Cynthia Panabaker looks through the glass ]
Marvin: Hello, Cynthia.
Cooper: You really think she’s listening, after what you did to Elizabeth and to me?
[ Panabaker raps on the glass ✽ ✽ ✽ ]
Marvin: Yes, Harold. I do.

[ Carolyn Marquez gets into the back of Red’s SUV ]
Red: Relax, Carolyn. We’re on the move. Chuck?
[ The vehicle drives away from the curb ]
Carolyn Marquez: The courthouse? Of all the places for us to meet.
Red: I’m aware of the risk. The fact that I took it should be all the indication you need of just how urgent this is.
Carolyn: I spoke with my father.
Red: How is Alfred?
Carolyn: He’s alive, and in a pretty good mood, considering his prostate’s the size of a grapefruit.
Red: I’m sorry to hear that.
Carolyn: Well, he’s 83. You could have killed him at 63, so he knows he’s living on borrowed time.
Red: I’m glad I didn’t.
Carolyn: Why didn’t you? He never likes to talk about your arrangement.
Red: Sounds like Alfred. God knows I’ve done far worse to others for stealing a fraction of what he embezzled from my organization.
Carolyn: Why didn’t I?
Red: You. When I found out that he was only stealing so he could afford to help his only child pay for law school–
Carolyn: –You saw an opportunity.
Red: Well, I don’t know about that. It’s easy to be prophetic when you’re older and looking back. At the time, I just liked your father and decided to call it an investment in the future.
Carolyn: My future. It’s a strange feeling knowing my legal education was paid for by a criminal.
Red: It’s not so bad, Carolyn. I may be a criminal, but I’m also the most wanted. It’s nice to be wanted.
Carolyn: So this is it? The payback? You’re finally asking for the favor my father promised you in exchange for his life?
Red: Parenthood is a remarkable thing. The selflessness of it. Your father risked everything to help you, and I’m sure wanted nothing in return. But I’m not your parent, Carolyn. So, yes. It’s time.

[ The interrogation room ]
Cynthia Panabaker: Okay, Mr. Gerard. We all see what’s happening here. You went to war with Reddington and you lost, and now you’re looking to damage your enemy.
Marvin: Mm, not exactly. You’re a senator, Cynthia. Think bigger. ⋘⋙ No? I’m not interested in damaging Raymond Reddington. I’m interested in replacing him.
Panabaker: You want to say that again?
Marvin: Come on. We all know that this arrangement you made with Raymond is a lot more than the government bargained for. He’s uncontrollable. He continues to commit crimes. The task force is, frankly, off the rails.
Panabaker: Is that so?
Marvin: Are you kidding me? The assistant director of the FBI is responsible for half a dozen felonies.
Panabaker: Yes, because you targeted and blackmailed him.
Marvin: No. I mean, yes, I did do that, but Harold always had a choice. He didn’t have to break the law. He could have refused, but he didn’t. Why? Because Harold is the way he is after all these years of working with Raymond.
Panabaker: Oh, that’s rich.
Marvin: I’m offering you and your bosses the chance to start over. I’m the man behind the curtain, Cynthia. I run Reddington’s organization, which is why I can deliver the same end product. I can maintain the Blacklist. I have access to the same intel and can be a far more reliable partner to the Justice Department than Reddington ever was.
Panabaker: You murdered Agent Keen, framed Harold, and now you want to use the chaos you created as proof that we need a change?
Marvin: I’m the better option.
Panabaker: That’s not clever. It’s insidious.
Marvin: Is it? My offer is simple. He’s out. I’m in. I get his deal, and in exchange, I continue to provide Main Justice with a steady stream of criminals you don’t even know exist.
Panabaker: And what happens to Reddington?
Marvin: That’s the best part. Main Justice gets what it always wanted, arrest him. Drop him in a hole somewhere.
Panabaker: This task force will never work with you.
Marvin: That’s true. That’s why we’ve got to get rid of them, too. We start a new task force, the Marvin Gerard task force.
Panabaker: You honestly think the Attorney General will go for that?
Marvin: I do, and if we hurry up, we might even be able to get this thing up and running by the end of the week.

[ The Post Office war room ]
Cooper: Main Justice has Marvin in lockdown. Instead of a detention center, they sent him to the Cooler while he waits on the Attorney General to decide on his offer.
Park: The Cooler?
Dembe: That’s inmate talk for Calvin Coolidge Correctional Facility.
Cooper: He’s being closely guarded. He’s only allowed in his cell or the prison library.
Ressler: Because he’s representing himself?
Aram: It’s a nightmare scenario.
Cooper: It may get even darker. If Marvin’s offer is accepted, Raymond will be arrested.
Dembe: What happens to us?
Cooper: I don’t know. I assumed you’d all be reassigned. If I’m not being prosecuted, maybe they’ll let me retire.
Aram: What do you mean, if you’re not being prosecuted? We did what they wanted. We arrested Marvin.
Cooper: That was never a guarantee.
Ressler: The irony is, now that we’ve found him, we have to protect Marvin against Reddington.
Cooper: One of us is going to prison. If Raymond kills Marvin, I don’t like my chances.
Dembe: I can keep an eye on Raymond, see what he’s planning.
Park: Great. I’ll go with you.
Aram: Alina. You can’t be in the field.
Park: And I won’t be. I’ll be in the car. Come on, now I can’t even do surveillance?
Cooper: What’s the latest?
Park: I’ll be seeing a top neurologist in D.C. later today. If he clears me, I’m back. If not, this could be my last assignment.
Aram: Okay. But stay in the car.

[ Park and Dembe are in an unmarked vehicle surveilling Red’s SUV. They are talking by comms to the Post Office ]
Park: He’s just sitting there.
Ressler: How long ago did he leave?
Dembe: Ten minutes. He left the warehouse and drove straight here.
Aram: He’s less than half a mile from where Marvin’s being held. That is probably not a coincidence.
Park: Hang on. There’s another car approaching.
Cooper: What’s happening?
Park: Reddington’s talking to the driver.
Dembe: I don’t recognize him.
[ Camera shutter clicking ✽ ✽ ]
Park: I’m sending you photos to run for facial recognition.
Dembe: He obviously knows who Raymond is.
Park: Wait a minute. Reddington’s handing him something.
[ Camera shutter clicks ✽ ]
Park: It’s cash.
Ressler: For what?
Aram: Okay, I got the photos. All right, I’m running his image through bureau databases now. There he is. A Lieutenant Theodore Heneveld. He’s a guard at the Coolidge Correctional Facility.
Ressler: Unbelievable. Reddington really is gonna kill Marvin.
Park: Do you want us to move in?
Aram: Negative. You’re staying in the car, remember? Actually, both of you, get back here now.
Ressler: So now what?
Cooper: I think Marvin’s in serious danger.
Aram: Get out to Coolidge, and when Heneveld shows up for work, arrest him. Bring him in for questioning.

[ The prison library at Coolidge Correctional Facility ] [ Telephone ringing is distance ]
[ Marvin Gerard sits at a table strewn with books and papers ]
[ A Chinese man, Wujing (Blacklister #84, Episode 1:3), gets up and walks over to Marvin ]
Marvin: Can I help you?
Wujing: Are you him?
Marvin: I’m gonna need a little more context for that question.
Wujing: The others say you’re Marvin Gerard, Mr. Raymond Reddington’s personal attorney. I know Raymond.
Marvin: And you are?
Wujing: He knows me by the name Wujing.
Marvin: You’re Wujing? The most prolific assassin who ever worked for the Chinese state security service?
Wujing: May I sit?
Marvin: You’ve murdered more American operatives than I can name. What am I gonna say, no?
Wujing: [ Chuckles ] Why are you here?
Marvin: I’m not gonna be here very long. How about we just keep this about you?
Wujing: Well, I’m serving a life sentence with no chance of parole. My only hope of seeing my kin and my country again is to escape this – place.
Marvin: Yeah, well. Good luck with that.
Wujing: I don’t need luck. After years of planning, I’m finally close. We have succeeded in placing someone on the inside, on the transport team at the Bureau of Prisons.
Marvin: I’m sorry. I didn’t quite catch that.
Wujing: The next time I’m taken to the courthouse, this inside man will be waiting to set me free.
Marvin: And you’re telling me this because?
Wujing: You are a lawyer. Not just a lawyer, Reddington’s lawyer. That means you must be brilliant. And you are brilliant, yes?
Marvin: Yes.
Wujing: Well, my lawyers have tried and have been unable to secure for me a trip to the courthouse. They have filed motions and each one has been denied. All I need is a reason for the judge to grant me some form of hearing.
Marvin: Ineffective assistance of counsel. Your lawyers have tried everything except for the one motion that means they’re terrible lawyers. If you claim that your own lawyers are incompetent, I’ll be you dollars to donuts, you’ll get your hearing.
Wujing: So, you are Marvin Gerard.
Marvin: You’re damn right I am.

[ Cooper’s office. Cynthia Panabaker enters ]
Cooper: That look tells me you have news. Good or bad?
Panabaker: Only kind you get around here, Harold. Good and bad.
Cooper: I can guess the bad. The Attorney General wants to take Marvin up on his offer to replace Reddington.
Panabaker: You don’t seem surprised.
Cooper: On the contrary, I’m stunned. Every time I think I know how stupid Main Justice can be, I discover there’s a new low.
Panabaker: The AG’s not stupid, Harold. He’s embarrassed. Not too many people know about our deal with Reddington, but of those who do, there are plenty who think it’s beneath our government’s integrity to partner with a criminal of his stature.
Cooper: I’ve heard those arguments. They’re theoretical. Those people don’t experience the reality of our association.
Panabaker: No, what they experience are classified briefings about the crimes he still commits, briefings about the death of Agent Keen and the felonies being committed by the Assistant Director of the FBI. No, they don’t get a sense of the full reality, but what they do see makes them want to cringe. Reddington’s out. Arrest warrant’s been issued. The AG expects you to take him into custody next time he’s in your company.
Cooper: And us?
Panabaker: You’re out, too. There’s a new task force being sourced as we speak.
Cooper: You said you had good news?
Panabaker: Well, then I undersold, because it’s not good. It’s great. Main Justice has agreed not to charge you.
Cooper: On which counts?
Panabaker: All of them. It worked, Harold. They’re happy. They feel smart and in control. Congratulations. The moment Marvin’s deal takes effect, their promise to you becomes binding.

[ An interrogation room. Park and Dembe talk to Lieutenant Theodore Heneveld, the guard at the Coolidge Correctional Facility who they saw accepting a sack of cash from Red ]
Alina: What’d you do today before your shift stared, Mr. Heneveld?
Theodore Heneveld: Nothing.
Park: A secret meeting with the most wanted man in the world? A jury might consider that something.
Dembe: Your career is over, lieutenant. The only question now is whether your colleagues at work will end up guarding you.
Park: Hope you were good to the inmates.
Heneveld: Save the heavy hand for the next guy. I’m not making this any harder than it needs to be.
Dembe: What was the meeting about?
Heneveld: I’ll tell you, but you won’t believe me.
Park: Try us.
Heneveld: He wants to break into the Cooler. Apparently, his lawyer’s being held there, and he wants to meet with him off the record.
Dembe: Why’d he come to you?
Heneveld: Because he knows I move contraband in and out of there. One of the inmates, Flody Pascal, his cousin’s high up in the Quito cartel. They built a passageway from the outside so they could send him things.
Park: A passageway? You mean a tunnel?
Heneveld: I don’t know. There’s a vent behind the boiler in one of the sub-basements. They leave stuff behind the grate. I get it and distribute it, no questions asked.
Dembe: The passageway has to be big enough for a person to pass through.
Heneveld: Reddington knows the access point. I’m supposed to be waiting at the grate to let him in.
[ Ressler and Cooper have been observing ]
Ressler: You were right. Reddington won’t stop until Marvin’s dead.
Cooper: Can you imagine the hubris to break into a federal prison and murder an inmate?
Ressler: We’ll get Gerard out of there. We have to transport him to the courthouse so a judge can sign off on his immunity deal.
Cooper: In the meantime, Agent Zuma and I will make sure that tunnel’s shut down. Raymond’s not getting into that prison.

[ Ressler sits alongside Marvin as he is transported to the courthouse ]
Ressler: I almost destroyed my career a thousand times in this job. I figured I’d finally do it when I came face to face with whoever really killed Elizabeth Keen. I honestly think I’d do it if I were the only one who’d pay the price.
Marvin: You’d kill me?
Ressler: Probably. But then Cooper would end up going to jail and Agnes Keen would lose another parent. It makes me sick, knowing that you’re gonna get what you want.
Marvin: What I want? You think this is what I want? I didn’t beat Reddington. We both lost. I would have worked for him till the end. Now I’m an informant. Well, at least I am until Raymond exacts his revenge.
Ressler: He’s trying. Insanely, we’re the ones protecting you.
Marvin: You can’t protect me.
Ressler: We can. Reddington had a plan to get into the prison. As we speak, we’re shutting it down.
Marvin: He had this plan, this time. There will always be another. One day, one will succeed.
Ressler: Blanket immunity. You know, I thought you’d be happy.
Marvin: I’m gonna take the deal, Donald. But let’s be clear, this is the worst day of what’s left of my life.

[ Telephone rings ☎️ ]
Abby Finch: Judge Grunwald’s chambers. Understood. I’ll tell him.
[ Abby Finch enters the judge’s chambers ]
Judge Grunwald: They’re early.
Abby: Nobody’s here yet, Your Honor. Should be just a few more minutes. That was Tim Post, the Chief Judge’s clerk on the line. Judge Marquez would like to see you.
Grunwald: Fine. Schedule it.
Abby: No, I mean now.
Grunwald: Now? I’m about to start a FISA hearing, my courtroom is closed, the parties are here, almost.
Abby: Yes, Your Honor. It’s a special circumstance. I gather that’s why the judge would like a word before you begin.
Grunwald: Call the U.S. attorney, push the start time by 15 minutes. If the defendant arrives before I get back, you can have him wait in here.
Abby: With his attorney?
Grunwald: He is an attorney, representing himself. I’ll be back. [ Sighs ]

[ At Coolidge Correctional Facility, Cooper and Theodore Heneveld watch as Dembe pries the cover from the vent behind the boiler which Heneveld has been using to pass contraband through ]
Dembe: Plenty of room for a person to pass through.
Cooper: Get him out of here. I want this block evacuated and sealed while we complete our investigation.
[ An officer takes Heneveld away ]
Dembe: What’s wrong?
Cooper: It just hurts, knowing there won’t be justice for Elizabeth. I had to arrest Marvin. It’s the only way I could keep my promise to Agnes.
Dembe: What promise?
Cooper: It was the first night she came to stay with us.

[ Flashback: ]
[ Agnes Keen’s new room at the Coopers’ home ] [ Cooper knocks softly ]
[ Agnes is unpacking her pink backpack. She has been crying. She takes out out of the backpack Liz’s stuffed bunny that survived the fire, a photo of her parents Liz and Tom Keen, and a carved wooden pony ]
Cooper: [ Kindly ] Did you eat anything? Charlene thought you might be hungry. What you got there? Did you make that?
Agnes: [ Voice cracking ] My mom and I made it together.
Cooper: Well, I like it. Can I get you anything else? Another blanket, maybe? Agnes, I guess first, I, uh, I want to say how sorry I am. I loved your mother, and I’m so extremely sad that she’s not here. But I am, and so is Charlene, we’re so very glad to have you here with us. I think your mother picked us because she thought that we could be a good family, and I think she was right. And I promise, we’re not going anywhere. Except maybe the kitchen. That sandwich looks good.
Agnes: [ Voice cracking ] It’s a wild horse. My mom would always say that if she had to go away for a while. Wild horses. Like a code for how much we loved each other.
Cooper: Wild horses?
Agnes: Couldn’t drag me away. It’s a song.
Cooper: By the Rolling Stones. One of my favorites. I hope one day you’ll feel that way about us.
[ Cooper leaves. Agnes continues unpacking. A photo of Tom and Liz in a handmade frame lies on the bed ]

Cooper: That we would be there, that we wouldn’t go away. That’s what I said. Now, to keep that promise, I’m standing by and watching her mother’s killer get away with it.

[ Ressler and Marvin enter the reception room of Judge Grunwald’s chambers ]
Ressler: Excuse me. Agent Ressler with the Bureau. This is Marvin Gerard.
Abby Post: Mr. Gerard, I’m afraid His Honor had to step out for a moment.
Marvin: That’s fine.
Abby: Our start time’s been pushed 15 minutes. In the meantime, you can go on in. I’m sure the AUSA is on his way.
Ressler: I’ll be right here.
[ Ressler takes a seat in the reception area ]
[ Judge Grunwald enters the chief judge’s chambers ]
Judge Grunwald: Your Honor, my clerk said you wanted to see me?
[ The chief judge’s chair turns around ]
Chief Judge Carolyn Marquez: Jeffrey, thanks for coming. I understand you’re about to start a classified hearing.
[ Marvin enters Judge Grunwald’s chambers. Red steps out from behind the door, grabs Marvin by the shoulder and sticks his gun in the back of Marvin’s neck. He sits Marvin firmly down on the wooden bench facing the judge’s chair. Red sits down in the judge’s chair, laying his gun loudly (✽!) on the desk ]
Red: Hello, Marvin. Your judge had to step out, so I’ll be judging you today.
Marvin: Well played, Raymond. Task force thought they figured out your plan to get to me at Coolidge.
Red: Yeah, well, cat and mouse. Cat and mouse.
Marvin: How did you convince the judge to step away?
Red: I didn’t have to. He was summoned by his boss.
Marvin: Marquez, right. I knew you had a hook into the Chief Judge, I just didn’t see the play. You always were a great strategist, Raymond.
Red: You were always a great consigliere. What a sad end to our association, our friendship.
Marvin: Is that what I hear in your voice, Raymond? Sadness?
Red: In part. For what it’s worth, Marvin, I understand your turn of events. The betrayal is unforgivable and you’ll die for it, but it’s understandable. After all, my feelings for Elizabeth weren’t always rational. I was often emotional rather than pragmatic, and you weren’t entirely wrong to wonder if Elizabeth was capable or worthy of running things.
Marvin: Not entirely wrong, or even slightly.
Red: Still, however subjective my decision was, the objective truth is that it was mine to make. You voiced your objections.
Marvin: You’d already made up your mind.
Red: And once the choice was made, it was your obligation to live with it, Marvin.
Marvin: Even if it meant watching everything we built crumble before my eyes?
Red: Yes.
Marvin: No. I wasn’t your servant, Raymond. I was your partner. We created an empire together. I may have been in the shadows, but it was my life’s work, too. You had no right to have been so reckless with it and blindly expect my loyalty.
Red: I loved you, Marvin, but we were never partners. You worked for me. I valued you. I pulled you close. I wanted and needed your help and friendship. I never dreamed that it would cost me Elizabeth.
Marvin: You never dreamed that I would have the courage to defy you.
Red: I wonder how many cowards have gone to their graves insisting on their own courage.
Marvin: You think I’m a coward?
Red: Marvin, if you wanted Elizabeth dead, you could have done it yourself in a thousand dignified ways. Instead, you used Vandyke. You let him shoot her down in the street to hide your involvement. You targeted Harold because you were afraid the task force would help me discover what you’d done.
Marvin: I was brave enough to go to war with you.
Red: Only because you had nowhere left to run. Framing Heddie. Creating the specter of Kate Kaplan. Those were acts of cowardice, Marvin. The Department of Justice may hope otherwise, but you are not me. You can’t hide from me. You can’t best me, and God knows you could never replace me. We are sitting in a federal courthouse, and I have the power to put you down like a dog. No deal could ever protect you from me.
Marvin: Then do it. I’ve had enough. You’re right. I can’t beat you, and I never really wanted to try.

[ Assistant US Attorney (AUSA) Dan Holt enters Judge Grunwald’s reception area. Ressler is still there, reading a magazine ]
AUSA Dan Holt: Hi, Abby. Thanks for the heads-up on the push. Judge back?
Abby: Should be any second. The defendant’s waiting inside. You can go on in.
[ The AUSA and Judge Grunwald enter through separate doors at the same time. The judge takes his chair. AUSA Holt sits in front of him – next to Marvin Gerard ]
Judge Grunwald: Oh, perfect timing. Gentlemen, sorry for the delay. Thanks for your patience.
Marvin: No problem, Your Honor.
Judge Grunwald: Why don’t we get started?

[ Cooper drives home ]
[ The Rolling Stones‘ ♫ “Wild Horses” plays ]
[ ⬇ Go to Full Lyrics ] or [ ♪ Tap square below to play ♪ ]

♪ Childhood living ♪
♪ Is easy to do ♪

[ The door to the Coopers’ home opens and Cooper enters ] [ Door opens, shuts ]
Charlene: Is it true?
Cooper: Marvin’s deal was approved by the court. Char, it’s over.
Charlene: Oh, my God. You’re home.
[ Big hug ]
Charlene: Oh.
Cooper: For good.
Charlene: We almost lost you.
Cooper: I’m so sorry for that, and for what I had to allow in order to fix it. Marvin’s free. He’s being released as we speak.
Charlene: I don’t care. And I’ll tell you what else — Agnes won’t either. When she grows up, she’ll understand.
Cooper: Is she still awake?
Charlene: I’m not sure. She was trying to wait up for you.

♪ You know I can’t let you ♪
♪ Slide through my hands ♪
♪ Wild horses ♪
♪ Couldn’t drag me away ♪

[ Cooper goes to Agnes’s room. She’s sleeping and he doesn’t wake her, but leans over her and whispers ]
Cooper: I told you, kid.

♪ Wild, wild horses ♪

Cooper: I’m not going anywhere.

♪ Couldn’t drag me away ♪

[ Marvin is being released. As he walks by the prison library, he addresses the guard ]
Marvin: I just need a minute. Just give me one minute, okay?
[ Marvin walks over to Wujing ]
Wujing: Leaving so soon?
Marvin: Told you I wouldn’t be here long.
Wujing: I’ve sent the motion. If this works, I’ll owe you.
Marvin: It’ll work.
Wujing: And my friend Raymond, will he help me get out of the country?
Marvin: No.
Wujing: Have you asked him?
Marvin: I didn’t have to ask, Wujing. I didn’t have to ask because Raymond is not your friend. He’s the reason you’re in here.
Wujing: What do you mean?
Marvin: He’s a confidential informant. He has an immunity deal with the feds. He feeds them criminals like you, and he keeps his freedom. You’re not alone. There are people in prisons all over the world who have no idea that Raymond is the reason why.
Wujing: How can this be true?
Marvin: I had a feeling that you might say that. I made you a list.
[ Marvin hands the list to Marvin, then turns to leave ]
Wujing: Wait! Why are you telling me this? I thought you worked for him.
Marvin: He thought that, too.

[ Cooper’s kitchen ]
Red: I understand congratulations are in order, Harold.
Cooper: So it seems. Thank you for coming, Raymond. Have a seat. Agnes is asleep. She’ll be sorry she missed you. Marvin’s deal went into effect a little while ago, as did the promise for Main Justice not to prosecute me. It worked, Raymond. Bringing him in brought me my life back.
Red: And yet you seem troubled.
Cooper: I am, because the devil’s bargain came with a hefty price.
Red: Marvin’s freedom.
Cooper: And your arrest. I was ordered to place you in custody the next time I saw you.
Red: I see.
Cooper: You’re here because I have no intention of doing that. Apparently I have one crime left to commit.
Red: Letting me go? That’s very sweet of you, Harold. I appreciate the warning, though I’m certain it’s unnecessary. It’s true, Marvin’s deal did take effect. I had to make sure of that, but he won’t be cooperating with the government.
Cooper: I don’t understand.
Raymond: No, I don’t suppose you do. Marvin and I said our goodbyes today.
Cooper: You spoke with Marvin — today? How is that even possible?
[ Marvin sits in his parked car ]

[ Flashback: ]
Marvin: Then do it. I’ve had enough. You’re right. I can’t beat you, and I never really wanted to try.
Red: It’ll be done, Marvin, but I won’t be the one to do it. Out of respect for our history, I’m going to give you what you never gave Elizabeth, a chance to leave this world in whatever way you choose, a chance to make it painless, to put your affairs in order and say goodbye to those who would grieve your passing.
Marvin: And if I refuse?
Red: [ Darkly ] Then you and I would get the answer to a question I’ve been asking myself since the night Elizabeth died: What will I do to the person responsible? How dark is the blackness at the center of this hole in my heart? I’m not sure I really want to know that, Marvin, but if need be, we’ll find out together.
Marvin: You may not pull the trigger, Raymond, but if I die, it’s because you killed me. I devoted everything to you, to your vision, to what I thought was our vision. A life of crime with a common purpose: to help keep the world from slipping into the kind of evil we know humans are capable of. I thought we were together in this.
Red: We were.
Marvin: No, Raymond, because to me, it was the most important thing, but to you, it wasn’t. I am so proud of what we built, Raymond. It’s what I lived for. But in the end, I realize it was never really my life at all.

[ Gunshot 💥 ] [ A flash⚡️briefly lights up the interior of Marvin’s car ]

[ Cooper’s kitchen ] [ Door opens ]
Cooper: Cynthia? Come in. What’s wrong?
[ Door closes ]
Cooper: Are you all right?
[ Panabaker looks at Red ]
Panabaker: Why do I have a feeling you already know what I’m about to say?
Red: Say it anyway.
Panabaker: Marvin Gerard won’t be cooperating with the Justice Department.
Cooper: And why is that?
Panabaker: Because I just heard he left prison, got into his car, and shot himself.
Cooper: My God, he’s dead?
Panabaker: I spoke to the Attorney General. The promise stands. He won’t punish you because Marvin did something out of your control.
Red: I’m sure there’s more.
Panabaker: There is. He’s rescinded his order to have you arrested.
Red: Mm. Surprise, surprise.
Panabaker: He’s just being practical. He doesn’t like it, but he knows we need the Blacklist, and if Marvin can’t deliver it, he’s willing to stay the course.
Cooper: Like none of this ever happened?
Panabaker: None of what, Harold? I’ve already forgotten.
Cooper: [ To Red ] You really are quite something.
Red: At the moment, what I am is tired. I’m going away for a few weeks to take the sisters home, eat some peyote, set up the telescope, look at the night sky. Who knows, maybe I’ll find a new star to name after you, Harold. I’ll let you know. Please give my love to Agnes.
Cooper: Don’t forget what tomorrow is, Raymond.
Red: Harold, I’ll never forget what tomorrow is.

[ Rose Hill Cemetary, at the gravesites of Elizabeth and Tom Keen ]
[ Ressler, Cooper, Dembe and Aram have gathered to commemorate the three years since Liz died ]
Aram: Okay. Here goes. It’s been three years since we lost Elizabeth. In some ways, it’s gotten easier, but in most ways, it still hurts. [ Cries, sniffles ] There goes my hope of doing this without crying. And, uh, this part won’t be any easier. After a lot of careful reflection — I have decided to take some time away. I do not know how long, but I do know away.
Ressler: So what’s your plan?
Aram: My plan is no plan. I found a cool place in Brooklyn, and I plan to go up there and just, you know, ride my bike, do New York, eat lots of pizza, look at the people, maybe a Broadway show. Anyway, I know we are here to talk about Elizabeth, but I’ve been wanting to tell you guys.
Cooper: I think she’d like that idea. I remember when I saw she was a profiler and I asked her to profile herself.
Dembe: What did she say?
Cooper: She described someone similar and yet so, so different from the woman I grew to know and love.
Ressler: I didn’t like her. I mean, I came around, but she really got to me.
[ Alina Park joins them ]
Cooper: Alina, you made it. How’d it go with the Bureau neurologist?
Park: Well, not like I expected. Apparently, my headaches have been getting worse because of a pretty serious medical condition. I’m pregnant.
— Oh!
— Oh, my God!
— Congratulations!
Ressler: Pete must be over the moon.
Cooper: So the headaches aren’t permanent?
Park: They don’t know, but they don’t think so. Still, if it’s okay, I’d like to take a medical leave from the task force until we know for sure.
Aram: You’ll be back in the field before you know it.
Park: Maybe. Or maybe life’s got other plans. Once the baby’s born, either way, I’ll be great.
Cooper: Dembe? I think you’re up. Would you care to say anything?
Dembe: It was a little different for me, because my relationship with Elizabeth was always in terms of Raymond. I remember when Elizabeth was several years younger than Agnes is now. Raymond and I went to a soccer match she was playing in. The match was a disaster. All these girls running this way and that. A lot of missed goals or goals made by accident, but it was so much fun. And after it was over, I don’t think anyone really cared or knew who won or lost. Everyone was standing around, having snacks and juices, comparing scrapes and bruises, and there was a lot of noise and activity, but suddenly, I heard this laugh–
[ Aaron Espe’s ♫ “Burning House” plays ]
Dembe: –This sort of explosive, spontaneous laugh, young and so full of joy and infectious, but also familiar. It was Elizabeth. But I turned to look next to me, because just for a second, I thought it was Raymond. [ Chuckles ] And some years later, just before Elizabeth died, we all spent a few days together in D.C. and New York — Raymond, Elizabeth, Agnes, myself, and Mrs. French, just hanging around, talking, eating, playing board games, walking in the park. We went to a couple of museums, got ice cream, and we just laughed with each other. Agnes, Elizabeth, and Raymond. This funny, little family who all share that laugh. This one, big, generous, mischievous, loving, hungry, wanting, tragic heart.
[ Hugs all around ]

♪ I go straight towards them all ♪
♪ Why am I always running ♪
♪ Into a burning ♪
♪ House ♪

[ Indistinct conversations ]

♪ Why am I always running ♪
♪ Into a burning ♪

Ressler: Be safe.

♪ House ♪

[ Wujing is being driven to the courthouse ]

[ Louder ]
♪ Go back inside and call off the sirens ♪
♪ There’s nothing to see here ♪

Wujing: How much further to the courthouse?
Driver: Not long.
[ The Driver shoots 💥 the guard ]

♪ I’m in control ♪
♪ I’ve been here before ♪
♪ I swear all the smoke will clear ♪

Driver: The ministry has a plane waiting. You’ll be in Beijing this time tomorrow.
Wujing: Oh, we’re not going home. Not until I find and kill Raymond Reddington.
Driver: Reddington? Wujing, you can’t do that alone.
Wujing: We won’t have to. I have a list of others who will be glad to join the fight.

♪ Why am I always running ♪
♪ Into a burning ♪
♪ House ♪

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Trivia: My ex’s paternal grandfather was a consigliere for the Sicilian mafia in Chicago in the early 20thC. He was gunned down after a deal fell through. A photo of him shows a well-dressed, intimidating-looking man wearing a wide-brimmed hat. He had 12 kids, one being my ex’s father who left the ‘family business’ and ended up as the chief of surgery at Illinois Masonic Hospital. My paternal grandfather was a heavyweight boxer (fought Dempsey, Tunney) turned lawman. He became Sheriff of Ramsey County MN in the 1930s, serving in that post for 25 years. He had “only” 9 children. He ran for office on and is credited with helping run the gangsters — who had the run of the city in the ‘20s — out of St Paul.


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♫ Wild Horses
By The Rolling Stones

[Verse 1]
♪ Childhood living is easy to do
The things you wanted, I bought them for you
Graceless lady, you know who I am
You know I can’t let you slide through my hands

♪ Wild horses couldn’t drag me away
Wild, wild horses couldn’t drag me away

[Verse 2]
♪ I watched you suffer a dull, aching pain
Now you decided to show me the same
No sweeping exits or offstage lines
Could make me feel bitter or treat you unkind

♪ Wild horses couldn’t drag me away
Wild, wild horses couldn’t drag me away

[Verse 3]
♪ I know I dreamed you a sin and a lie
I have my freedom, but I don’t have much time
Faith has been broken, tears must be cried
Let’s do some living after we die

♪ Wild horses couldn’t drag me away
Wild, wild horses, we’ll ride them some day

♪ Wild horses couldn’t drag me away
Wild, wild horses, we’ll ride them some day

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Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/3awU8wl
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♫ “Burning House”
By Aaron Espe

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