🔴 Script 10:8 The Troll Farmer Pt 2


🔴 Script 10:8 The Troll Farmer, Part 2 (№ 38)

NBC’s series The Blacklist starring James Spader and Megan Boone
Series created by: Jon Bokenkamp
Program air date: 4/16/2023 in the US (9pm Central/Chicago Time)
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༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Directed by: Jono Oliver
Written by:Taylor Martin

Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington – James Spader
Donald Ressler – Diego Klattenhoff
Harold Cooper – Harry Lennix
Siya Malik – Anya Banerjee
Dembe Zuma – Hisham Tawfiq
Operative One – Adrian Arthur
Agnes Keen – Sami Bray
Herbie Hambright – Alex Brightman
Chuck – Jonathan Holtzman
Joshua Flynn – AJ Kane
Rod Thieman (NSA) – Donnie Keshawarz
Congressman McFarley – Ben Livingston
Richard Deever – Chris McKenna
Graham Flynn – Colin Moss
Operative Two – Alex Purcell
Alban Veseli (The Freelancer) – Daniel Sauli
Kate Flynn – Alexandra Seal
Phil Sutton – Tony Ward
Bo Chang (The Troll Farmer) – Aaron Yoo


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🔴 Script 10:8 The Troll Farmer, Part 2


Brief (Where we’re at):

By feeding tips to Red’s criminal network, the Freelancer (Blacklister #145), who works for Wujing (Blacklister #84), was able to establish that the FBI’s Reddington task force would show up to try to prevent the predicted events.

The Freelancer works by creating mass casualty events. So, Wujing hired a photographer to take photos of the task force members who responded to the events he had the Freelancer stage. He fed tips predicting the events into Red’s network. Red figured out that Wujing was actually looking for evidence of the pattern of the FBI showing up in response to the tips. It all linked back to a photograph taken of Red and an associate years earlier. So the task force nabbed the photographer. But Herbie Hambright, Red’s forensics whiz, pointed out that the equipment used by the photographer had been uploading the photos to the cloud in real time, so even though they had the photographer in custody, Wujing already had the proof he needed: photos of Ressler, Dembe and Siya showing up ahead of time at the predicted events.

Wujing sent his right hand man Zhang Wei to show the photos to Sven Hollufson, the new head of Henrick Fisker’s Army of Nordic mercenaries. With their previous alpha male, Fisker, rotting in a CIA black site thanks to Red, Hollufson agreed to collaborate with Wujing, albeit for a hefty price.

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༺✦ ♤ ✦༻

[ The kitchen of Graham and Kate Flynn ] [ Soft classical music plays ]
[ The Grahams’ son Joshua is eating cereal at the kitchen table. His father is preparing a sandwich for Joshua’s lunch ]
Graham Flynn: [ Sighs ]
Joshua Flynn: Everything okay, Dad?
Graham: Just attempting to make your lunch.
Joshua: You really don’t have to. Mom usually just lets me eat from the cafeteria.
Graham: I want to. Mom has her overnight shift at the E.R., and while, admittedly, she’s better at this stuff, I think I can handle a sandwich.
[ Graham holds out the sandwich in a transparent bag ]
Graham: PB&J, your favorite.
Joshua: It’s a– It’s a nut-free campus.
Graham: Seriously?
[ Horn honks 🔊in distance ]
Joshua: That’s my ride.
Graham: You win, chicken tenders from the lunch lady.
Joshua: Alright. Bye, Dad.
[ Joshua grabs his stuff and leaves ]
[ Graham’s cellphone chimes✨]
[ It’s a text from someone named Sara: “Have you talked to Kate? Something’s going on at the hospital.” ]
[ Classical music continues ]
Graham: [ Sighs ]
[ He flips to his speed dial list and dials Kate ]
[ Dial tone ringing✨]
Kate: [ Voice recording ] This is Kate. Leave it at the beep!
[ Electronic music plays ]

♪ Run ♪

[ Graham opens his laptop and scrolls through a newsfeed: … “Active shooter at DC General” … “I heared shots fired. Pray for us” … with images of people scrambling and running ]
[ Graham leaves in a hurry ]

[ Siren🚨wails ] [ Police radio chattering ]
[ Tires screech⚡️] [ Graham Flynn parks his Audi outside of the hospital and jumps out. He runs toward a group of people dressed in medical outfits. He sees his wife ]
Graham: Kate! I’ve been trying to call you.
Kate Flynn: My phone is in my purse inside. They made us leave everything when the police evacuated us.
Graham: But they got the guy?
Kate: There was no guy.
Graham: What are you talking about?
Kate: Apparently, it was some stupid Internet prank.
[ Bo Chang, the Troll Farmer, walks past them ]
Graham: There were photos of a gunman. Posts from people working in the hospital–
Kate: I know. We all believed it. It was terrifying. I just still don’t understand – why would someone do something like this?
[ Bo Chang walks over to Graham Flynn’s Audi and forces the door open with a tool. He gets in the driver’s seat ]

♪ Am I dreaming? ♪
♪ Is this real? ♪
♪ Run for your life ♪
♪ Don’t know just how I feel ♪

[ Bo Chang grabs Graham’s briefcase, opens in and takes out Graham’s ID badge. Using a program he has on his own cell phone, he copies the information encoded on the badge. He is nervous, his hand shaking ]
[ Program beeps🔅]

♪ Run for your life ♪
♪ Run for your life ♪
♪ Gonna get you ♪
♪ Gonna get you ♪
♪ Run for your life ♪

[ Bo Chang gets out of the car and leaves ]

[ Red has taken up residence at a what used to be a public bathhouse in New York City. He has been orchestrating its renovation ]
[ Harold Cooper pays him a visit ]
Red: Harold! Please.
Cooper: Your door was unlocked. Is that wise?
Red: Are you here for business or pleasure? A lot going on in New York right now.
[ Cooper sits ]
Cooper: I’m here because I’ve been trying to reach you for days, to no avail. I was able to hop a ride on a flight with a couple of DOJ boys here for a deposition. Why haven’t you been answering your phone?
Red: I threw it in a dumpster. Damn thing was driving me crazy. It’s been liberating to disconnect.
Cooper: The Freelancer’s still at large. Wujing is trying to expose your relationship with us, and you threw your phone in the trash?
Red: Did you know that when Madeleine Albright was Secretary of State, she wore very specific brooches and pins to send not-so-subtle messages to her foes abroad without ever having to say a word? A gold coiled-snake pin after the Iraqis called her a serpent for trying to impose tougher sanctions. A big beetle brooch when she met with the Russians after they’d “bugged” a room in the State Department. I was reminded of this the other day in an antique shop in the West Village. [ Chuckles ]
[ Red takes out a small box and opens it. Inside are four jewel-encrusted pins that look like exotic houseflies ]
Red: I couldn’t resist. Wujing is nothing more than a fly, Harold. A pest. A nuisance.
Cooper: That nuisance killed your friend, Robert Vesco, among others. Sometimes I’m not sure you’re taking any of this seriously anymore.
Red: I’m well aware that flies can be dangerous, even lethal, but mostly just annoying. It’s time to swat this one down. He’s resurfaced. Did you hear about the hoax at DC General Hospital? The hostage situation that wasn’t?
Cooper: I caught it on the news. But what does that have to do with Wujing?
Red: I have it on good authority that he’s enlisted the help of another former Blacklister, the Troll Farmer. The hospital hoax has all the hallmarks: doctored media, online social channels buzzing, a very real law enforcement response.
Cooper: But didn’t The Troll Farmer work alongside you all those years ago? Do you really think he’d turn?
Red: If Wujing convinced him that his time in federal prison was my doing, I’d imagine he’d have a rather large axe to grind. And deservedly so. Look into the hoax. I suspect it’ll lead you to The Troll Farmer, and he’ll lead us to that buzzing fly, Wujing.
Cooper: Okay.
[ Cooper gets up ]
Cooper: We will. On one condition.
Red: Hmm?
Cooper: Get a new phone.
Red: Agh.

[ The Post Office ] [ Ressler walks into the war room. Dembe and Siya are there ]
Ressler: That was Cooper. He found Reddington. Apparently, he’s living in a bathhouse. Anyway, gave us the name of another Blacklister, Bo Chang.
Dembe: Wait a minute. You mean the Troll Farmer?
Siya: I hate to be the new girl, but who’s this Troll Farmer?
Ressler: Well, Bo Chang, a.k.a. the Troll Farmer, helped Reddington and Keen obscure their location a few years ago when they were on the run.
Dembe: He specializes in highly coordinated disinformation campaigns. He and his team use social media, doctored photos, first-person accounts to create the illusion of a crisis unfolding. These events are so convincing, they generate a very real media and law enforcement response.
Siya: Interesting. But to what end?
Ressler: Well, the events he creates are just distractions. They’re strategically designed so that he can safely commit another crime during the chaos. We arrested him back then. He served some time but got out recently on good behavior. Now Reddington believes that he’s in town working with Wujing as revenge for being taken by the FBI.
Siya: The D.C. General Hospital hoax.
Ressler: Yeah. How did you know?
Siya: It was trending on Rambler for hours yesterday. I was watching it unfold live. Didn’t you see it?
Dembe: I don’t “ramble.” Is that even the right verb?
Ressler: It’s not my thing.
[ Siya brings up “Rambler,” which looks a lot like “Twitter” or “Truth Social” ]
Siya: Chang must be good. There are authentic-looking photos. First hand accounts. People claiming there was an active shooter. A nurse taken hostage. I watched one live feed of a woman supposedly posting from a utility closet. She was hiding, afraid to take a breath or even move an inch because the gunman was just outside. She even had audio. It was quite convincing.
Dembe: Let’s start by reviewing all the fake social media posts. You should take the lead on this, Siya. You seem to have a knack for it.
Siya: Well, I’m embarrassed to say I’m well-versed in Rambler. There’ll be no stone unturned.

[ Some time later, Cooper walks in ]
Cooper: I apologize for my absence this morning. Any updates on the case?
Siya: We’ve reviewed all of the original social media posts that started the Rambler storm. Many of them contained the same photo of the gunman with a hostage.
Ressler: We discovered that the gunman and the hostage in the photo were real but from a separate incident in 2013 at a medical facility in Ohio. The photo was a deepfake.
Cooper: Anything in the image’s metadata that gets us closer to Wujing?
Siya: Unfortunately, no. We also looked into the 14 accounts that started everything. Half the accounts belonged to real employees of the hospital. Chang hacked them. The others were fake, with I.P. addresses all over the world.
Cooper: We’re focusing on the hoax, but what was he trying to bury underneath it?
Ressler: We went down that path, too. Now, based on The Troll Farmer’s case file, it’s always a local crime that he’s covering for.
Dembe: But there haven’t been any major crimes reported in the last three hours. I checked with all the local law enforcement agencies.
Cooper: Maybe it’s a crime that hasn’t been reported yet. We need to find out what.

[ Bo Chang is sitting in front of a large number of computer displays, along with two other operatives ]
[ Computer beeping🔅🔅🔅]
Bo Chang: Call Wujing. Let him know we’re on schedule.
Operative: Got it. We locked down that whole hospital for one guy’s work badge?
Bo Chang: Not to humblebrag, but it’s more than a badge. It’s the first domino that will effectively lead to the greatest theft of military technology in US history.

[ The Post Office war room ]
Siya: Still no major crimes reported, but we reviewed the 911 calls that came in between 7:00 a.m. and–
[ Siya’s cellphone rings✨]
Siya: Sorry. I thought it was on silent.
Cooper: Do you need to take that?
Siya: No, it’s nothing. It’s Herbie.
Cooper: As in Reddington’s Herbie? How does he have your number?
Siya: The Dockery case. He’s been calling a lot, actually.
Cooper: So, he has a little thing for you.
Siya: He has a thing for us. He keeps asking what we’re working on. If we need any help with anything. He’s very eager. He means well, but boundaries aren’t his strong suit.
Cooper: Agent Ressler, you were saying?
Ressler: Right. There were several 911 calls in the area during the hoax. Two domestic disputes, a burglary, and a fight at a local dive bar.
Dembe: One of the men who was assaulted at the bar fight was treated at DC General. Which we thought maybe related, but after we followed up, it seemed like it was a personal matter.
Ressler: There’s also this one. A janitor working at a building next to D.C. General placed a 911 call. Saw someone suspicious using a tool to get into a silver Audi on the lot. The janitor gave the plate to the police, but when they responded, the car was gone. Now the police assumed that the owner would report if anything had been taken. Car belongs to a Graham Flynn, 42, of Bethesda.
Cooper: [ Reading ] Senior aide to Congressman McFarley. He co-chairs the House Select Intelligence Committee. They oversee Defense and National Security.
Dembe: That might make him a worthy target for Wujing.
Ressler: Worthy of a car break-in? Why?
Cooper: I don’t know, but Graham Flynn is the best lead we’ve got, so go talk to him.

[ Red’s bathhouse. Chuck enters ]
Chuck: Red? You in here?
Red: I just had the most magnificent steam. Does wonders for the lungs and nasal passages. Not to mention my pores.
Chuck: Oh, yeah. You do have sort of a glow.
Red: We live in the age of self-care, Chuck. You should try it.
Chuck: It’s also the age of technology. Here.
[ Chuck hands Red his new cell phone ]
Red: I guess it was inevitable. Call me old-fashioned, but, lately, I’d prefer my interactions to be face-to-face.
Chuck: Great. ‘Cause I think you need to pay our friend Phil a visit.
Red: Why? Was something wrong with the shipment?
Chuck: Yeah, he refused to receive it, hasn’t paid us, and won’t return my calls.
Red: He needs to start construction by the end of next week. He can’t do that without materials. Does he realize how hard it is to get steel right now? And I called in a favor to fast-track it. I’ll go see him.
Chuck: And before you do, there’s one more thing. Rogelio called. His network found the man we’ve been looking for in New Orleans. Checked into a hotel under an alias.
Red: Then you better get down to The Big Easy and grab him before he goes underground again. Bring him to DC. I’ll head down after I pay a visit to Phil.

[ Graham Flynn greets Rod Thieman who works for the National Security Agency (NSA). “NSA provides foreign signals intelligence (SIGINT) to (United States’) policymakers and military forces” ]
Graham Flynn: Mr. Thieman. So glad we could make this work.
Rod Thieman: You do realize this is the first time HexRoot’s left the Pentagon.
Flynn: Yes, and we appreciate your concerns.
[ Outside the building, Bo Chang sits in a car, looking through binoculars ]
Flynn: But what is politics without some pageantry? The committee is gathering right now and looking forward to the presentation.
[ They head toward an elevator. Graham Flynn uses his ID badge to gain access to the elevator ] [ Badge reader beeps 🔅] [ Lock clicks ✽ ]
Bo Chang: They’re going up. Wujing made it very clear, we have one shot. No second chances. Call the troll farm. Tell them it’s time.

[ War room landline ☎️ rings. Siya answers ] [ Dembe and Ressler, who are at the other end of the call, are riding in a vehicle ]
Dembe: Malik, did you reach Flynn?
Siya: I called to let him know you’re on your way to his office, but I got his assistant. She said Flynn’s in a closed-door intelligence committee meeting happening right now.
Dembe: So Chang broke into the vehicle of a man attending a top-secret intelligence meeting today?
Ressler: That can’t be good.
Siya: It’s taking place at one of their satellite offices, the Stevenson Building, for security purposes.

[ The meeting at the Stevenson Building. In addition to Graham Flynn and Rod Thieman, Congressman McFarley is there, and some other aides ]
Congressman McFarley: I’d like to start by expressing our gratitude to the NSA, Mr. Thieman. As you know, we have requested this demonstration for some time.
Rod Thieman: Yes, and you’ve been very persistent.
McFarley: We’ve spent billions developing the program. It would be irresponsible not to have some oversight on the progress the agency’s made. You can understand that.
Thieman: Of course. So, without further ado, this – is HexRoot.
[ He opens a metal briefcase. Inside is a computer console. He turns it on ]
Thieman: A world-class malware program that targets supervisory control and data-acquisition systems. Now, it hones in on PLCs that allow for automation of electro-mechanical processes. We’ve developed stealth programs in a similar vein, but what makes HexRoot unique is it’s deployable from this mobile command center unit and can be taken into the field.
[ Graham Flynn was called out of the meeting briefly and has returned ]
Graham: [ Urgently ] I’m sorry to interrupt. I’m getting worried that we’ve got a situation in the building.
Congressman McFarley: What kind of situation?
[ Alarm🚨blares🚨loudly ]

[ Siya calls Dembe and Ressler who are still in transit ]
Siya: I’ve got an update, guys. Reports of a massive fire at the Stevenson Building. Or an explosion that started a fire. It’s unclear. I keep having to refresh. But social-media posts are coming in one after another. I’ve reached out to fire and EMS, and they’re treating it as a credible threat until they’re on the ground.
Ressler: This has to be Chang.
Dembe: Has to be.
Siya: Well, I’m watching live footage of smoke coming out the windows. If it’s another false-flag attack, it’s a convincing one.
Ressler: Alright, we’re two minutes out.

[ The meeting room ]
Congressman McFarley: Suspicious package? What? How? Nobody even knows about this site.
Graham Flynn: I don’t have details yet, but we’re been told to follow protocol here and evacuate. Committee members to the east stairwell. NSA to the west stairwell. We’ve been told to stay outside the building until Capitol Police arrive.
[ Rod Thieman stands, closes and locks the briefcase and fastens it to his wrist with a chain linked to a handcuff ]
Rod Thieman: This presentation is hereby suspended.
Congressman McFarley: For now. We’ll find another time.
[ Following instructions, Thieman and a few men who came with him head down the west stairwell. At the bottom of the first landing stands Bo Chang, dressed as a security guard. He holds up his hand ]
Bo Chang: Restricted area!
Rob Thieman: Officer, we need to get through here.
Bo Chang: I’m sorry. I can’t allow that.
Rob Thieman: We’re with the NSA. We’re operating under a presidential directive. Now step aside or my men will move you.
Bo Chang: Will they? Really?
[ Two of Bo Chang’s operatives appear, pointing long guns ]
Operative One: Hands away from your weapons! Where we can see them!
Operative Two: Hands high! Keep ’em high or we shoot!
Operative One: Lock your hands behind your head!
Rod Thieman: I can’t put my hands behind my head!!
Bo Chang: You’ll be able to in a moment.
[ Someone uses a wire cutter to cut through the chain securing the briefcase to Thieman wrist ] [ Clang‼️]
[ Bo Chang grabs the briefcase with the valuable HexRoot software inside and the thieves escape ]

[ There is a lot of commotion when Ressler and Dembe arrive at the Stevenson Building ]
Ressler: Excuse me. Agent Ressler, FBI. This is Agent Zuma. We need to speak with you and your boss.
Graham Flynn: He’s on with the Secretary of Defense. We’re dealing with a crisis at the moment.
Congressman McFarley: [ On phone ] I’ll do it.
Graham Flynn: The FBI, sir.
Dembe: Mr. Congressman, Agent Zuma, Agent Ressler, FBI. We have reason to believe the purpose of this charade, the fire and explosion, was to target your meeting.
McFarley: Our meeting today was classified. Look, guys, I’m under the gun here–
Dembe: It’s quite obvious that something critical went down here today. The man behind these events today is highly dangerous. We know he was after something here. We just don’t know what.
McFarley: He was after HexRoot.
Ressler: HexRoot?
McFarley: It’s a new cyber weapon. Our meeting was with the NSA. They were about to demonstrate HexRoot’s capabilities when all hell broke loose. In the chaos, the NSA team was ambushed, the weapon stolen. The fact that it’s gone is catastrophic.
Ressler: Can you tell us more about – HexRoot?
Flynn: HexRoot is next-gen military tech. It’ll saw through any cyber defense and hide itself inside any computer network.
Ressler: And now it’s out in the world? I mean, that’s just– You know what? Never mind.
McFarley: It’s okay, Agent Ressler. I understand your point of view. But the next World War – it’s gonna be a cyber war. And this nation needs to do what it takes to defend itself against the global conflict to come. That was the whole idea behind HexRoot.
Dembe: The NSA team, where are they now?
Flynn: With building security. Trying to get a lead on who attacked them.

[ Classical music plays ] [ A high class lounge ]
[ Footsteps approaching ]
Red: Hello, Phillip.
Phil Sutton: Reddington. How’d you find me?
Red: [ Chuckles ] Phil, you’re as predictable as the demographic in one of the city’s most pretentious men’s clubs. A predictability I’d grown to appreciate in our years of doing business. So imagine my surprise when you failed to pay me and rejected my shipment for the first time in – 17 years?
Phil: I know. But I’m between a rock and a hard place.
Red: Really? It’s actually quite comfortable here. Little bit stuffy. Bit stale.
Phil: People keep telling me that you’ve cozied up to the feds. I’m concerned. I don’t want to believe them.
Red: Well, perhaps you should. Because I have.
[ Phil is taken aback ]
Red: I also work with assets from Mossad – MI6, CIA, FSB. I have judges in my pocket. People in police departments from New York to New Delhi.
Phil: The way they were talking about the FBI, though – it was different. People were insinuating that you were handing people over to a secret task force. That– That some of my own associates have gone to federal prison directly because of you.
Red: When I was a child, I spent many summers at my grandmother’s farm. She kept pigs, chickens, some cows, sheep. And there was this one little goat, Belka. Poor thing had only one eye. My grandmother thought she was hideous, but I took quite a shine to her. Those summers were [ Breathes deeply ] paradise. And my grandmother gave me free rein. She had only one rule, stay out of the green shed. Year after year, I thought and thought of that shed. I dreamed and nightmared of the place. What could possibly be in there? What sort of secrets did it hold? And who went in there? And when? Why? Well, one day, Belka – went missing. Must have gotten out of her pen. And I looked – I looked all over the property. It was getting late. Getting dark. And then I heard it, her familiar little bleat. And it was coming from the shed. I don’t know how she got there, but I screwed up my courage and pulled open the door. Do you know what was in that shed?
Phil: No.
Red: Nothing. Literally nothing but a little hay. And Belka, of course. All that fear and trepidation, anticipation – for nothing. Tell yourself all the stories you want to about me, Phil, but there’s nothing there except a one-eyed goat. ⋘⋙ Still getting rich?
Phil: Of course. And I appreciate it.
Red: Do you understand the competitive advantage I offer? Steel, wood, cement at close to cost. Expedited shipments when supply-chain issues are delaying projects for months, if not years. How long has it been since you’ve had a labor problem?
Phil: I know all you’ve done for me.
Red: Then stop worrying about the feds. I have a soft spot in my heart for the sort of development you do. But make no mistake, you can’t do it the way you do it – without me. I expect full payment by tomorrow morning. And if something like this ever happens again, it won’t end with a polite conversation. ⋘⋙ I have a train to catch.
[ Red gets up and walks away ]

[ Ressler reports by phone from the Stevenson Building to Cooper and Siya at the Post Office ]
Ressler: We’re still on the ground here, but we’re making progress. I’m coordinating with the Capitol Police and the building security. We confirmed why Chang targeted Graham Flynn. Chang used Flynn’s work credentials to access a secure entrance. That’s where he ambushed the NSA officer and his guards.
Siya: How’d he get the credentials?
Ressler: We assume that he cloned them somehow. I mean, it’s all within his skill set.
Siya: That’s why he broke into Flynn’s car. Remember, nothing was “stolen.”
Cooper: So we know how Wujing orchestrated the attack and what he wanted, but why?
Ressler: Why not? That thing they stole, it’s a digital nuclear bomb. It can destroy anything, people, corporations, governments.
Siya: That’s worth a lot of money.
Cooper: I find it hard to believe Wujing’s motivation was purely financial. What would he use that device for?
[ Dembe walks over to Ressler ]
Ressler: [ To Dembe ] It’s Malik and Cooper.
Dembe: Sorry to interrupt, but this can’t wait. The NSA Officer just informed me that there’s a concealed geo-locator embedded inside the metal case that contains the HexRoot.
Siya: Well, that’s convenient.
Ressler: Leave it to the NSA to hide tech within their tech. Now I don’t suppose that they’re gonna share that location with us?
Dembe: No. But I saw the coordinates on the computer screen. I texted them to you. They’re assembling a team to move in by the end of the hour. We need to move fast if we want to beat them there.
Siya: Can we?
Cooper: You mean outfox the NSA foxes? I believe we can. Let’s get a tac team to that location immediately.

[ Bo Chang’s high tech lair ]
[ One of his operatives enters with a sack of fast food ] [ Door closes ] [ Lock clicks ✽ ]
Operative: [ Sighs ] What’s going on? See what we got here. Extra-spicy burrito, no rice.
Operative Two: You get jalapeños on mine?
Operative: Uh-huh.
[ Suddenly, the FBI bursts in ]
— FBI!
— FBI!
Ressler: Hands where we can see them!
[ Agents shouting indistinctly ]
Bo Chang: [ Grunts ]
Ressler: Mr. Chang, we meet again.

[ The yellow elevator door at the Post Office opens ] [ Siya steps out with Rod Thieman, the NSA agent ]
Rod Thieman: What is this place?
Siya: Oh, just the office.
Cooper: Harold Cooper, FBI.
Thieman: Rod Thieman, NSA. What, uh, exactly does your task force do here?
Cooper: I’m afraid that’s classified. We operate under special authority from the Attorney General. I’m sure you can appreciate the need for discretion.
Thieman: Well, whatever it is, you, uh– You obviously must be very good at it. You beat us to our own classified super weapon.
Siya: We have a team examining Chang’s hard drives to see if the program was uploaded or compromised.
[ Siya’s cellphone ««»»««»» vibrating ]
Siya: Could be them now. Nope. [ Whispering indistinctly ] Herbie.
Thieman: So, uh, who exactly is this Chang character anyway?
Cooper: MIT grad. Started his career as a security engineer for GetToGather[.]net. Now he creates social media events to commit crimes. But he’s never done anything close to stealing an NSA weapon before.
Thieman: Is he a solo act, or you think he’s working for someone else?
Cooper: Your guess is as good as mine.

[ An interrogation room ]
Ressler: We know you’re working with Wujing. We know you stole HexRoot for him. But what we don’t know is why.
Bo Chang: Agent Ressler. I thought you looked familiar.
[ He folds his hands together and, shaking, points them angrily at Ressler ]
Bo Chang: You ruined my life‼️
Ressler: I’m pretty sure you did that all on your own.
Bo Chang: [ To Dembe ] And you – I guess we both got tired of working for Reddington, huh? The feds, though? Really, Dembe?
Dembe: You can address me as Agent Zuma.
Bo Chang: You wanna know why I got on board with Wujing? Reddington. I was on retainer with that man for three years. I did some of my best work with him, too. I got him and Elizabeth Keen out of DC in the middle of a national manhunt. And how’d he repay me? By giving up me and my entire team to you. He’s a snake.
Dembe: What makes you think Reddington gave you up?
Bo Chang: Oh – No. No, no, no, no. I am not playing that game. We both know who you people really work for.
Ressler: Why does Wujing want HexRoot?
Bo Chang: I got nothing else to say. You tell that to Reddington and his hat. That damn hat.

[ Red is visiting Herbie Hambright and has brought a gift for Herbie’s one year old daughter Sue: a hat! It’s shaped like a fedora but it’s pink and made of woven straw ]
Red: When I saw it, I couldn’t resist.
[ Red puts the hat on Sue’s head ]
Red: There you go.
[ Herbie chuckles ]
Herbie: She looks just like you.
[ Both laugh ]
Herbie: I wasn’t expecting you today. Do you need a place to crash tonight?
Red: No, no, no. This isn’t purely a social call. Harold Cooper reached out to me.
Herbie: Harold? I love that guy. He’s so regal. And firm. And there’s a little softness to him, you know?
Red: That’s all very – specific. He told me you’ve been calling Ms. Malik. Obsessively.
[ Herbie looks worried ]
Herbie: Did he actually use that word?
[ Red makes a grimacing face, then signals ‘yes’ ]
Herbie: I blew it, didn’t I?
Red: What is your aim here?
Herbie: I gotta get outta the house. All my work is done at an arm’s length. No one wants me on a crime scene or in a courtroom after – everything that happened. And working with them – for a moment, I felt like I was back in the game again. On a team. And, oh, that whole secret hideout where they work? With the blacked-out van and the cool goggles? It was all so exciting.
Red: You really want this, don’t you, Herbie? A full-time job?
Herbie: I do. I mean, not, like, full-full-time. I have Sue. And my foosball and stuff. But, yes, mostly full-time. When I can, of course.
Red: If you get the chance to speak to Harold, I wouldn’t lead with all the other obligations.
Herbie: Well, since I don’t have his phone number, and I get the strong feeling he might not want me to have it, the next time you speak to Harold, could you put in a good word?
[ Sue coos ]
Red: [ Sniffs ] Is that – ?
Herbie: Poop, yes. Right on schedule.
Red: It really does define your day, doesn’t it?
Herbie: Perfectly. Alright. Come here.
[ Herbie lifts Sue from her playpen ]
[ Sue coos ]

[ Dembe talks to Ressler outside the interrogation room ]
Dembe: He won’t talk. He’s too afraid.
Ressler: What, of Wujing?
Dembe: Afraid of Raymond.
Ressler: Well, it doesn’t matter. We need to keep working on him. We need to figure out why Wujing stole HexRoot. I mean, it’s obviously part of a larger plan.
Dembe: Maybe we don’t need Chang to talk to us to figure it out.
Ressler: Why? What are you thinking?
Dembe: Wujing broke The Freelancer out of custody to come after the task force last week. Why?
Ressler: To gather photographic evidence, proof of Reddington’s connection to our team.
Dembe: And now there’s another Blacklister with a grudge against us, sent out by Wujing. Stands to reason he’s after the same goal.
Ressler: To find more proof.
Dembe: Look at the object that he stole.
Ressler: A virus that covertly invades and controls a computer system. Our computer system. With all our case files and questionable tactics.
Dembe: Not to mention the immunity agreement that Raymond has with Main Justice.
Ressler: Can you imagine if all of that came out? I can just see the national headlines now.
Dembe: With our faces right below them.
Ressler: Okay, I buy it. I just have one more question.

[ Interrogation room lock clicks ✽ and door opens ]
Ressler: Where’s the drop? We know you stole HexRoot, so what’s the plan to get the device to Wujing?
Bo Chang: What’s in it for me?
Dembe: How about – survival? That’s if we’re in bed with Reddington, as you suggest.
Ressler: Which we’re not.
Dembe: Then everything said in this room would get back to him.
Ressler: Including the fact that you helped his task force capture Wujing.
Dembe: That assistance may just be enough to keep you alive in prison and safe from Reddington’s retribution. I mean, that’s if the task force worked with Reddington.
Dembe: Which it doesn’t.
Bo Chang: The drop’s today at 4:00. Madison Park in Northeast. You just make sure Reddington finds out that I’m helping you.
[ Dembe and Ressler leave ]
[ Door closes ]

Siya: These are satellite shots of the park. Plenty of places to hide a team. Do you think Wujing will make an appearance to retrieve the device?
Ressler: Chang seemed to think so. He’s agreed to assist in our operation.
Dembe: Should we involve Raymond?
Cooper: We know Reddington’s endgame here. It’s not our job to aid and abet him in murdering Wujing. Our job is to arrest a criminal, stop a war, and to protect this task force. I want a surveillance plan for Madison Park in the next hour. If Wujing shows up, this ends today.

[ Bo Chang is gearing up for the drop-off ]
[ Device beeps🔅]
Ressler: You all good? You understand how that wire works?
Bo Chang: I do. But I wouldn’t say I’m “all good.” I can’t believe I’m working for Reddington again.
Ressler: You’re not. You’re working for the FBI.
[ Ressler lays a metal briefcase on the table ]
Bo Chang: Again with the charade? Just own it already, man.
Ressler: It’s a duplicate case. All the electronics inside are non-functional, so don’t go opening it up during the handoff. Let’s go over this thing one more time.
[ Dembe and Siya are outside the interrogation room ]
[ Button clicks ✽ ] [ Siya turns off audio from the room ]
Siya: You think he can handle this?
Dembe: He engineered and executed a plan to steal a top-secret weapon from the NSA. He’ll be okay.
Siya: Can I be candid with you? I was a bit thrown off by Cooper’s decision not to tell Reddington about the meeting with Wujing. Aren’t we supposed to be a team? How can this task force function if you’re hiding things from him?
Dembe: Raymond hides things, as well.
Siya: If you don’t trust him, and he doesn’t trust the task force, how can you possibly make criminal cases based on his information?
Dembe: It sounds dysfunctional, but I have faith that Raymond wants good things to happen to good people.
Siya: You two were so close before. Must be strange keeping things from him now.
Dembe: We keep things from each other to protect each other. It’s a healthy mistrust, and I trust in that, too.
Siya: [ Sighs ] I have to think this place would have driven my mother mad. She was so black-and-white. You think she ever had second thoughts about working with him?
Dembe: I’m sure she did. We all do. It comes with the territory. But your mother was very guarded. She kept a lot of things to herself.
Siya: You mean, what, like secrets?
Dembe: Raymond would know better than I do. He did his own vetting when Diane Fowler put your mother on the task force all those years ago. I don’t know the details, but I always got the impression that he knew something about everyone’s past.
[ Knocking on door ✽ ✽ ] [ Door opens ]
Ressler: We’re all set. Let’s go.

[ Red calls Chuck from outside the Cooper’s front door. Chuck is in Red’s garage/office near the Post Office ]
Red: Do we have an update?
Chuck: Our man from New Orleans landed. I don’t think you’ll have time to see him beforehand, but, uh, he’s agreed to do the job.
Red: That’ll be fine. As long as everything’s on schedule. We’ll reconvene after. I have to go.
[ Cellphone clicks ✽ ]
[ Red knocks ✽ ✽ ✽ ]
[ Agnes answers the door ]
Red: Hi, Agnes.
Agnes: Hey, Pinkie.
Red: You doing some cooking?
Agnes: Well, I’m doing something. I’m not sure if you’d call it cooking.
Red: Is Harold around?
Agnes: He’s still at work, and Mom’s out running an errand.
Red: They leave you home alone?
Agnes: I can handle myself.
Red: I’m sure you can. Something smells delightful. What are you baking here?
Agnes: That’s a complicated question.
Red: [ Chuckles ]
Agnes: Here, try this. It’s awful, right?
Red: No. I mean, it leaves a little something to be desired. [ Sniffs ] What’s in it? Or perhaps it’s something that’s not in it that should be.
Agnes: Yeah, probably. I was trying to make a baking video for my vlog, and this is my third try. It’d be pretty shady to demo bad chocolate cake.
Red: You know, Julia Child didn’t graduate from Le Cordon Bleu until she was 39. In fact, she even failed her first exam there. Practice makes perfect. And sometimes a little assistance doesn’t hurt, either. May I?
Agnes: Of course.
[ Red puts on an apron ]
Red: Let’s turn that off, just while I’m here.
Agnes: That sort of defeats the purpose of a vlog. It stands for “video blog.”
Red: And you can record to your heart’s content once I leave.
Agnes: Okay.
[ Agnes lays the recording camera down on the table ]
Red: Let’s look at this recipe.
Agnes: Everything’s in this bowl.
Red: “More information on the espresso powder below.”
Agnes: [ Laughs ]
Red: [ Chuckles ]
[ Red dips his finger in the batter and licks it off his finger ]
Red: Hmm. You’re still missing two crucial ingredients, a little more sugar, just that amount–
Agnes: Okay.
Red: – And also –
[ Red goes over to the refrigerator ]
Agnes: Uh, we don’t have any fancy European kind of stuff, if that’s what you — Mayo?
Red: [ Chuckles ]
Agnes: [ Incredulous ] In chocolate cake? But that’s disgusting.
[ Agnes makes a face ]
Red: No, it gives it the perfect level of moisture – There we go – And richness.
[ Red plops two heaping tablespoons of mayonnaise into the batter ]
Agnes: Ugh.
Red: The key – is to fold the ingredients together gently. When we’re done, if this isn’t the most decadent cake you’ve ever had, I will personally fly you to Vienna for a Sachertorte at the Café Demel. The world’s most famous chocolate cake, and its history is rife with controversy. It all began in 1832 with a prince.
[ Red tastes the batter again ]

[ Madison Park ]
[ Siya, Ressler, and Dembe are there, all dressed in plainclothes. Bo Chang waits nervously next to a food wagon. They are using comms ]
Ressler: Well, there’s still no sign of Wujing.
Dembe: Wasn’t he supposed to be here five minutes ago?
Siya: I’m gonna see if I can get a closer look.
Bo Chang: Should I stay here? Something doesn’t feel right. Wujing’s never late.
Ressler: Hold your position.
Siya: Knit cap. Black jacket, boots. My eight o’clock. Approaching Chang from behind.
[ Alban Veseli, the Freelancer, walks up behind Bo Chang ]
Veseli: I’m here to pick up the package.
Siya: It’s The Freelancer.
Ressler: Veseli? What’s he doing here?
Siya: Should we move in?
Dembe: What if Wujing is here? Shouldn’t we stand fast until he reveals himself?
[ Bo Chang unzips his backpack to show Veseli the metal case ]
Ressler: No, we can’t wait. We need to move in now. Now!
[ Veseli tries to take the backpack but Bo Chang isn’t letting go ]
Veseli: What are you doing, man? What are you doing? What’s going on?
[ Footsteps approaching ]
[ Veseli pulls the backpack away and pushes Bo Chang down ]
Ressler: FBI! Stop!
[ Veseli grabs a motorized scooter and takes off ] [ Scooter revs ]
[ Ressler catches up to Veseli and pulls him off the scooter ]
[ Both grunt ] [ Veseli whallops⚡️Ressler with the backpack and takes off running without it ]
[ Siya retrieves the backpack ]
[ Veseli runs to the street. A car pulls over ] [ Tires screech⚡️]
Richard Deever: Get in!
[ Veseli gets in ]
[ Engine revs ] [ Tires screech⚡️]
Dembe: Was that–
Siya: Richard Deever. My former colleague.
Dembe: He’s still working for Wujing?

[ The Post Office. The team gets out of the yellow elevator with Bo Chang ]
Bo Chang: For the record, that whole thing at the park, not my fault. You’ll tell Reddington I tried, right?
Dembe: Walk.
Siya: I can’t believe it was Deever. I would’ve strangled him with my bare hands if I could.
Ressler: I can’t say I can blame you. I mean, the guy did shoot you.
[ Cooper walks over ]
Siya: I’m so sorry. Seems my old pal Deever’s made a career of absconding with Veseli.
Ressler: Do we have any leads?
Cooper: The BOLO is out. Including a description of his sedan. We got every law enforcement officer in DC looking for him.

[ Inside Deever’s sedan ]
Alban Veseli: We need to ditch this car. They’re onto us. They’re more than onto us.
Richard Deever: Relax. We don’t have far to travel, and we’ll be safer there.
Veseli: Surprised to see you pull up. Didn’t know you were still working for Wujing.
Deever: I’m the reason why Wujing knows about the NSA weapon in the first place. They were developing it while I was at the CIA. Once I found out they were planning on bringing it before the board, I knew it was his chance to make a move. Wujing asked me to keep an eye on the drop as backup.
Veseli: Well, I’m glad you were there to grab me. Though I’m a little panicked as to what’s gonna happen when I show up to Wujing’s empty-handed.

[ Deever and Veseli enter a vacant industrial building ]
Deever: It’ll be fine. He’s just this way.
[ They go through a door and out steps — Red ]
Red: Hello, Alban.
[ Veseli raises this hands ]
Deever: Can I go now? I did what you asked.
Red: Not so fast.
Deever: That was our deal. You said if I brought him in, you would let me go.
Red: I never said I’d let you go. I said I’d let you live.
[ Chuck gives Deever a patdown ]

[ The Post Office ]
[ Siya’s cell phone ««»»««»» vibrating: “Nick’s Pizza” (Red) is calling. Siya picks up ]
Red: [ On phone ] Ms. Malik. How are you enjoying your time with the task force so far?
Siya: Well, today wasn’t so great. We lost Veseli, then Richard Deever, and didn’t even get eyes on Wujing.
Red: Deever, you and he share a past, do you not?
Siya: I’m pretty sure you’re aware he’s the CIA agent who betrayed me.
Red: Ah, well, the nice thing about this job is that your fortunes can change on a dime. I’m texting you an address. Hold on. It’s a new phone. Ah. There.
[ Cellphone beeps🔅]
Red: I suggest you get there right away.
Siya: Why?
Red: There’s a gift waiting for you. Consider it a belated “Welcome to the team.”
[ Cell phone chimes✨]

[ Siya arrives with a team at the address Red texted ]
[ They find Richard Deever tied up, with duct tape across this mouth ]
Siya: Well, hey, there, partner. Did you miss me?

[ Red and Cooper are talking on the phone. Red is busy with the jeweled fly pins he purchased at an antique store. He seems to be attaching them to clothing ~ his hat? ]
Cooper: I heard you paid Agnes a visit today. She was raving about the merits of mayonnaise.
Red: [ Chuckles ] Yes. I stopped by. I was hoping to speak with you about Herbie Hambright.
Cooper: Ah, Herbie. He’s a little starved for attention, isn’t he?
Red: Indeed. I think you should hire him, Harold.
Cooper: Excuse me?
Red: He so desperately wants to be part of a team. Your team, in fact. I think it would be wonderful for him. Though I should warn you, he’s not entirely a team player.
Cooper: What a ringing endorsement.
Red: He’s an unconventional choice. What can I say? You won’t find a more qualified forensic analyst.
Cooper: He did do great work for us, but he’d have to be vetted. Wasn’t he fired by the DA’s office for dropping the ball on a murder case?
Red: No, the DA.’s office dropped the ball, and Herbie left the job. It all took quite a toll on him. Of course, I’m biased. I adore the guy. Somewhere in all those frailties is an incredible mind. He sees things in ways that others don’t. I really think he could offer a fresh perspective.
Cooper: I’ll see if I can get him approved. On a provisional basis.
Red: That sounds just fine. Harold, I couldn’t help but notice that you forgot to inform me today about your plan to entrap Wujing.
Cooper: And you forgot to tell me that you found Deever.
Red: I didn’t forget.
Cooper: What about Veseli? The man Deever “rescued” for you. What are you going to do with him?
Red: [ Darkly ] Whatever the hell I want.
Cooper: I can’t in good conscience allow you to murder him. Or Wujing. Or any of these Blacklisters. ⋘⋙ So much for being more transparent with each other.
Red: You know, Harold, I have, in fact, been keeping something from you. Something big. It’s time for me to let you and the task force in. If we play our cards right, this war with Wujing will be over in 72 hours, and my connection to the task force will forever remain shrouded in secrecy. As if it was never there.

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