🔴 Script 10:9 The Troll Farmer Pt 3


🔴 Script 10:9 The Troll Farmer, Part 3 (№ 38)

NBC’s series The Blacklist starring James Spader and Megan Boone
Series created by: Jon Bokenkamp
Program air date: 4/23/2023 in the US (9pm Central/Chicago Time)
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༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Directed by: Christine Gee
Written by: Lukas Reiter

Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington – James Spader
Donald Ressler – Diego Klattenhoff
Harold Cooper – Harry Lennix
Siya Malik – Anya Banerjee
Dembe Zuma – Hisham Tawfiq
Wujing – Chin Han
Zhang Wei – Kenneth Lee
Cynthia Panabaker – Dierdre Lovejoy
Sven Hollufson – Carsten Norgaard
SWAT Team Leader – Derek Roberts
Bo Chang (The Troll Farmer) – Aaron Yoo


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🔴 Script 10:9 The Troll Farmer, Part 3


Brief (Where we’re at):

Wujing (Blacklister #84) hired Bo Chang, (the Troll Farmer, Blacklister #38) to arrange a disinformation event so he could get hold of a secret portable NSA-developed system capable of cracking into any computer system (“HexRoot”). Dembe suggested Wujing wants the device to access the task force’s files and expose Red’s relationship with the FBI. The task force nabbed Bo Chang after he had the device and, in hopes of nabbing Wujing, had him pretend to give Wujing a replica but unusable device. But instead of Wujing showing up for the drop off, Alban Veseli (the Freelancer, Blacklister #145) showed up instead, proving that Veseli is still working with Wujing. When the task froce closed in on him, Veseli lost possession of the (fake) device. He ran and was picked up by ex-CIA agent Richard Deever, Siya’s former partner who’d turned on her and MI6. Veseli was surprised that Deever was there to rescue him from the FBI, but Deever said Wujing has asked him to be there in case things went bad with the drop-off. Turns out, Red had gotten to Deever ahead of time and so Deever delivered Veseli to Red instead of to Wujing. Red left Deever tied and gagged as a gift for Siya. So, the FBI has Deever and Bo Chang in custody. Red still has Veseli and Red would not tell Cooper why.

Red apologized to Cooper for not having kept him up to date in his plans but says the time has come for him to let the task force in:

Red: You know, Harold, I have, in fact, been keeping something from you. Something big. It’s time for me to let you and the task force in. If we play our cards right, this war with Wujing will be over in 72 hours, and my connection to the task force will forever remain shrouded in secrecy. As if it was never there.

As Red talks to Cooper on the phone, he is carefully attaching the bejeweled pin of a housefly that he picked up at an antique shop to his signature fedora.

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[ It’s night at the Post Office black site and the lights are dim, but Red is there with Chuck and some of his other associates. None of the agents on the Reddington task force are present ]
Chuck: Red. We’re all set.
Red: How many?
Chuck: Six. Four around the perimeter, two in the catwalks.
Red: Any obstructions?
Chuck: None. Wide angle, night vision, motion detection. We should have what we need.
Red: We should or we do?
Chuck: Red, uh–
Red: Check again. I told you, there’s no room for error on this. If we can’t see or, worse, Harold or anyone clocks a camera–
Chuck: That won’t happen. We’re talking about an eighth of an inch, but we’ll triple check. But I’m telling you, we’re good.
Red: Find some wood and knock on it.

[ Senator Cynthia Panabaker, formerly of the Department of Justice, is reading the riot act to Bo Chang (the Troll Farmer, Blacklister #38). Harold Cooper is also present. Working for Wujing (Blacklister #84), Chang pulled off a mass disinformation event to disguise an operation in which he managed to steal a secret hacking system developed by the National Security Agency (NSA). The system, called HexRoot, is capable of hacking into any system on earth and was being developed for use as a cyberweapon. The task force retrieved HexRoot and tried to arrange to use the planned drop-off to ensnare Wujing, but the operation failed ]
Cynthia Panabaker: [ Deadly serious ] Mr. Chang. Whether you realize it or not, you are currently attending what I like to call a Come To Jesus meeting. You have a choice to make, and what you do next will either be your salvation – or your ruin. We sent the mobile command module we recovered from your safe house to the NSA for examination. And guess what. They say the program you stole wasn’t on the system.
Chang: No?
Panabaker: No. Apparently, it had already been stripped and uploaded to an unknown location.
Chang: I see.
Panabaker: No. I don’t think you do, Mr. Chang. That’s why I asked Director Cooper to bring you to my office, so I could enlighten you. The HexRoot program is a national asset, the result of thousands of hours of development and more time and money than our government will ever formally acknowledge. Losing it is not an option.
Chang: But as you just said, it’s already lost.
Panabaker: Misplaced. Temporarily. Because you are going to return it and help us catch Wujing and everyone else involved.
Chang: Or?
Panabaker: Or you will discover what it feels like to have the full weight of the American government come bearing down on one tiny troll. [ To Cooper ] Two hours.
Cooper: Understood.
Panabaker: Not a minute more. If he hasn’t cooperated by then, I’m authorizing his transport to a CIA black site for more advanced interrogation.
Cooper: [ To Bo Chang ] On your feet.
[ Ressler and Dembe Zuma are stationed outside the office ]
Ressler: Are we really doing this?
Dembe: I guess so. They’re coming out the door.
Cooper: Take him back to Interrogation. The senator set a two-hour clock. If he hasn’t cooperated by then, he’s leaving the country.
Ressler: She’s turning him over to the Agency?
Cooper: That’s entirely up to him.

[ Dembe and Ressler escort Bo Chang to a van with blacked out windows ]
[ Dembe hands Chang blackout goggles ]
Chang: Are those necessary? You already blacked out the windows. What am I gonna see?
Dembe: You don’t have to put them on. If you prefer, I can do it for you.
[ Chang puts on the goggles )
[ A panel separating the cab from the back slides open ]
Ressler: Two agents, one guest.
Driver: Check.

[ On the highway ]
Driver: 10 minutes out. We’re initiating the Access Protocol.
Ressler: You got our instructions?
Driver: Yes, sir.
Ressler: We need to be sure that this van isn’t followed.
Driver: Understood. We’re taking additional diversionary measures.
[ Panel slides ]
Chang: Wujing won’t stop. You know that, right? You can take all the measures you want. Eventually, he will figure out where you are.

[ They arrive at the Post Office ]
Ressler: Bo Chang. Previously admitted, returning from Senator Panabaker’s office.
[ Bo Chang goes through identification procedures ]
[ Beeping🔅🔅🔅]
Woman: Stand on the line. Hold still.
[ Beeping🔅🔅🔅]
Woman: Right hand.
[ Chang places his hand on a metal reader ]
[ Beeping🔅🔅🔅] [ Indistinct voices ]
Dembe: Are we clear?
Man: Prints are still running.
Chang: This is ridiculous. It’s me. I was just here an hour ago.
[ Beeping🔅🔅🔅] [ Photos and ID for Chang pop up ]
Man: [ Reading ] Chang comma Bo. A.K.A. Farmer comma Troll. Now you’re clear.
[ They walk ] ⋘⋙ [ Elevator door slides ] ⋘⋙ [ More walking] ⋘⋙
[ Another elevator ] ⋘⋙ Elevator door opens ] ⋘⋙ [ Walking ]
[ They reach the Post Office war room ]
[ Red is there. He looks up. Bo Chang tries to lunge at him but Ressler and Dembe hold him back ]
Chang: And there he is. Clock’s ticking, Reddington! I’m talking to a dead man.
Red: So dramatic. It’s sad. For all your talent, you never did have any judgment. Come on, Wujing. You’re finally out of prison, it’s a new day, and you choose to align yourself with a washed-up assassin who’s spreading rumors about things he couldn’t possibly understand.
Chang: He understands enough.
Red: You of all people know that what you think you see is rarely the full picture. I hope you’re hearing me, Chang. Because if you want to live through this, you’ll tell these agents what they want to know.
Ressler: Let’s go.
[ Dembe and Ressler tug Bo Chang away to interrogation ]

[ Interrogation room ]
[ Ressler flashes his card to gain access ] [ Beeps🔅]
Chang: It’s not just Reddington. They know your names. Ressler, Zuma, Malik, Cooper.
Dembe: Time’s up at 2:30. You have an hour and 27 minutes left.
Chang: Not just your names. – Your faces.
Ressler: Alright. We get it, Chang. We believe you. You’re a real tough guy. We’ll be back in five minutes to get your statement.
[ Door closes ]

[ The interrogation room, later ] [ Chang is not cooperating ]
Ressler: We’re wasting time. You have less than an hour. Where is Wujing? You know, the HexRoot program doesn’t officially exist, so how did Wujing know it was leaving the Pentagon? What does he want it for? Answer the question!
Chang: What do you think? It’s priceless.
Ressler: So he intends to sell it.
Chang: Of course. Every enemy this country has, and half of its friends would pay a fortune for a copy of that software.
Ressler: No, it’s not about the money, is it?
Chang: Come on, man. Everything’s about the money. It’s just not the man’s top priority.
Ressler: He wants to take down Reddington.
Chang: Wrong. We don’t want to take down Reddington. We want to expose the truth. The truth will take down Reddington.
Ressler: So why did he come to you?
Chang: Because I was on Marvin Gerard’s list. And because Wujing knows that I have the skill set to use it to hack your system.
Ressler: Looking for what exactly?
Chang: All of it. Every case file. Every Main Justice directive. His immunity agreement. Everything that proves Reddington’s connection to the FBI.
Ressler: Yeah, but our archives are secure.
Chang: Your archives are offline. Doesn’t mean they’re secure.
Ressler: Well, it means that you can’t access them outside of this building. Why? What’s he gonna do? Attack a federal facility?
Chang: Who knows?
[ Knocking on door ✽ ✽ ]
[ Door opens. Beeps🔅]
[ Ressler and Dembe talk outside of the room, with the door left open ]
Dembe: Any luck?
Ressler: Mmm-mmm. Panabaker scares him, but Wujing terrifies him.
Dembe: Well, he’s not gonna like the CIA.
Ressler: Hmm. Well, Reddington said he wasn’t gonna talk. I hate it when he’s right.
Dembe: Stick to it.
[ Inside the room, Bo Chang removes a paper clip from the papers in left front of him and hides it up his sleeve ]
[ Ressler steps back in ]
Ressler: The Agency’s sending a team over to pick him up. That was about your Agency escort. Transport team’s on its way.
[ Under the table edge, Bo Chang uses the paper clip to try to undo the handcuffs ]

[ It’s 2:25pm ]
Ressler: So, Wujing, how much does he know about this place?
Chang: Your time’s up.
Ressler: [ Scoffs ] My time? See, I don’t get it, Chang. I mean, why not cooperate? You can’t help Wujing now. Why not try to help yourself?
Chang: Because I’m not buying what the government’s selling. Any way you slice it, I’m going to prison for a long time, and on the inside, I need friends, not enemies with a long reach like Wujing.
Ressler: You really think a guy like Wujing is gonna appreciate your loyalty?
Chang: We’ll see. To be honest, I’m less interested in helping him than I am in hurting Reddington.
Ressler: Well. Safe travels, Chang. You’re the CIA’s problem now.
[ Door opens. Beeps🔅]
[ Ressler leaves ] [ Door closes ]
[ Bo Chang has freed himself from the handcuffs ]
[ Outside the room ]
Ressler: [ To Dembe { No dice. Still talking tough. Seems like he knows something that we don’t.
[ They walk down the hall ]
[ Inside, Chang gets up and goes to the ID reader by the door that includes a keypad ]
[ He short circuits the keyboard ] [ Electricity⚡️crackles ] [ He keys in combinations ]
[ Door beeps🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅] [ Door beeps 🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅] [ Door beeps 🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅]
[ Door unlocks ✽ ]

[ Bo Chang steps out into the corridor ] [ Dembe and Ressler don’t notice Change ]
[ Suspenseful music playing ]
[ Chang ducks in and out of doorways until he is clear of Ressler and Dembe. Then he walks through corridors, avoiding people, and ascends a flight of stairs ]
[ Siya walks by the interrogation room and sees Bo Chang’s handcuffs lying on the table ]
[ Siya initiates an alarm using her tablet computer: Her display⚡️flashes⚡️ ]
[ Alarm🚨blaring⚡️Lights 🚨flashing ]
[ Dembe and Ressler run over to Siya ]
Dembe: What happened?
Siya: I don’t know. He must’ve gotten out somehow.
Ressler: What do you mean? I was just with him. His hands were cuffed, and the door was locked.
Siya: Well, he’s out and on the move.
[ Alarm🚨blaring⚡️Lights 🚨flashing ]
Dembe: Where?
Siya: I would think looking for an exit.
[ Ressler places a call ]
Ressler: Alright. Code red. We got a runner at large in the building. Bo Chang. He’s on foot.
Last seen in Box One. He probably took the east corridor. Initiate a full lockdown.
[ Cooper appears on the landing ]
Cooper: Dembe, what’s going on?
Dembe: Chang is making a run for it.

[ Alarm🚨blaring⚡️Lights 🚨flashing ]
[ The team converges in the war room ]
Ressler: Hey.
Cooper: Who’s got eyes?
Siya: Cameras are coming up now.
Cooper: There he is. He’s found the east corridor.
Ressler: Alright. We’re on it.
[ Bo Chang continues his flight ]
Chang: [ Breathing heavily ]
[ Alarm🚨blaring⚡️Lights 🚨flashing ]
[ Ressler and Dembe mount the same staircase Chang has a minute or so earlier ]
[ Chang reaches an exit door but it’s locked. He grabs a fire hydrant and ‼️bangs the‼️door handle‼️with it ]
[ Cooper and Siya watch the surveillance feed from the war room ]
Cooper: He’s almost out
Ressler: We’re approaching the ground floor.
[ Chang hits ‼️the handle again and it flies off the door. He escapes ]
[ Seconds later, Ressler and Dembe arrive to find the open door ]
Dembe: He’s gone.
Ressler: What do you think?
Dembe: [ Chuckling ] I think it worked.
[ Both laugh ]

[ The yellow elevator opens and Cynthia Panabaker steps out, looking around unbelieving. She walks over to Cooper ]
Panabaker: [ Astonished ] Well, shut my mouth and call me Shirley.
Cooper: It’s incredible, isn’t it?
Panabaker: Astounding! I’d say I’d never seen anything like it, but that certainly isn’t the case. What– How? Harold, what am I looking at?
Cooper: Believe me, I had the same question. Reddington brought me here for the first time a few days ago, right after the Troll Farmer was arrested.

[ Flashback: ]
Red: Harold, you look flummoxed.
Cooper: What on earth?
Red: [ Chuckles ] I see. All things considered, I’d take that as a compliment. It has been quite an undertaking.
[ Cooper stands in the middle of an almost-finished exact replica of the Post Office ]
Cooper: You said you had something big to tell us.
Red: Yes, well – the “something big” is a building.
Cooper: Our building. The Post Office. I don’t understand. When did you do this? How did you do this?
Red: I started the same day you and the Task Force returned to work, the day Jennifer Moores died.
Cooper: The day of the explosion at the Chinese Consulate?
Red: Yes. Wujing was asking questions about my connection to the FBI. It wasn’t difficult to reason that Marvin Gerard must have told him about the work we’ve been doing.
Cooper: You knew Wujing would be looking for proof.
Red: Proof that could only be found at the Post Office. I started searching for a suitable space right away.

[ Flashback in Flashback: ]
Realtor Andrea Athens: Mr. Reddington, this place checks a lot of your boxes. Thirty thousand square feet, no windows, high ceilings.
Red: I don’t need high ceilings, Andrea. I need at least two stories, not just a mezzanine.
Andrea: They do fully catered events, which means it has a working kitchen. I know you didn’t request that–
Red: You’re right. I didn’t. A kitchen is nice, but I don’t need it. And this has been open to the public. The place I need has to be discreet. I need it to be invisible.
Andrea: That doesn’t exist. A vacant space that large in this area? Remember, I can only show you what’s available.
Red: So it does exist. It’s just being used by somebody else.
Andrea: Are you saying you want to buy someone out?
Red: How about I buy you lunch and you tell me everything you know about the companies that have factories in the area?

Cooper: Wujing was looking for the Post Office, so you decided to build a duplicate?
Red: Duplicate. Decoy. Dummy. Interesting that all those words start with “D.’
Cooper: I’m catching up. Wujing knows what the Post Office looks like. There are Blacklisters on Marvin’s list who were held there. Some were interrogated there.
Red: Thank goodness for all your protocols, Harold. All those blindfolds and blackout vans. Wujing knows what he’s looking for and how it looks, just not where to find it.

Panabaker: It’s uncanny! If I didn’t know better, I’d think I was standing in the actual building.
Cooper: Reddington’s had construction crews working around the clock.
Panabaker: And all of this works? The overheads, the terminals? The workstations all have power? Remarkable. All for an illusion?
Cooper: Yes. All for an illusion that isn’t an illusion. It’s not a movie set. There are no Styrofoam walls. [ Tapping ✵✵✵✵ ] It’s an exact reproduction of the original.
Panabaker: So Reddington didn’t build a fake Post Office. He built another Post Office?
Cooper: Down to the last detail.
Panabaker: Okay, Harold. I’m up to speed on the what. You’re gonna have to help me with the why.
Cooper: There’s a reason I brought Chang to your office this morning.
Panabaker: And it wasn’t just so I could read him the riot act?
Cooper: No. We had to get him out of the real Post Office so that after the meeting, we could bring him back here.

[ Flashback: ]
Cooper: You want to let Chang escape?
Red: Yes. Uh, from this building. The duplicate Post office, to allow him to set the trap. If Chang escapes, he’ll immediately go back to Wujing and tell him where he was being held. And when he does, Wujing will not be able to resist the urge to act. He’ll gather his troops and come charging in here, and you and the Task Force will be waiting.
Cooper: That could work.
Red: It will work, Harold. One move. One stealth move. Nobody will see it coming.

Panabaker: So Chang believes he escaped? How’d you manage that?
Cooper: It wasn’t that hard, actually. All we had to do was manufacture an opportunity, and once Chang jumped at it, the rest was easy.

[ Flashback: ]
[ Chang short-circuits the keypad ] [ Electricity⚡️crackles ] [ Door beeps🔅]
[ Cooper and Siya watch the video feed of Chang trying the guess the passcode 🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅 ]
Siya: Look at that. He used the paperclip to short the panel. He’s trying to reset and recode the sequence. Even for him, that’s a long shot.
Cooper: I agree. We should give him some help.
[ Siya presses a button ] [ Door unlocks ]

Cooper: From there, it was just a matter of letting Chang stay one step ahead. We knew that he was in the stairwell, headed for the east exit door. The fire extinguisher was Reddington’s idea so it wouldn’t seem too easy. We got there in time to stop him, but we waited until he was in the clear.

[ Flashback: ]
Ressler: We’re approaching the ground floor.
Cooper over earpiece: He’s almost out. A few more seconds.
[ Extinguisher clangs‼️]

Cooper: It worked beautifully. We gave him just enough time to get away.
Panabaker: So what now?
Cooper: Now we see if Reddington is right. If he is, Chang went back to Wujing and is telling him exactly where we are.

[ Wujing is meditating ]
[ Zhang Wei clears throat ]
[ In Mandarin ]
Zhang wei: Wujing. Sorry for the interruption. This couldn’t wait.
[ In English ]
Wujing: I was told you were arrested.
Chang: I escaped.
[ In Mandarin ]
Zhang Wei: The pickup was secure. He’s clean. He’s not wearing a wire.
[ Bo Chang approaches Wujing and crouches alongside him ]
[ In English ]
Chang: You were right. I saw Reddington with my own eyes. Inside the FBI’s facility. Wujing, I know where it is. I can take you there.

Panabaker: Harold, if Reddington’s right, Wujing is gonna attack this place with everything he has.
Cooper: Yes. He’ll want to strike quickly, before we’ve had the opportunity to fortify our defenses.
Panabaker: Most likely at night.
Cooper: And time is money. This war is costing him a fortune, a fortune he doesn’t have.
Panabaker: So this is going to happen in the very near future.
Cooper: I’m betting on it. And when it does – we’ll be ready.

[ Wujing and Zhang Wei examine large scale satellite images laid out on a table. Bo Chang is also there ]
[ In Mandarin ]
Zhang Wei: Here are satellite images of the address Chang provided. This is the main building.
Wujing: We’re any blueprints available?
[ In English ]
Zhang Wei: No, but we had Chang prepare a layout of the interior.
Wujing: So, we are limited by what he can recall?
Zhang Wei: Yes, but – what we see does match with what we know. The entire complex is nearly 40,000 square feet. Well hidden from the street. Now, I sent a team to scout the location. There are no entrances accessible to the public.
Wujing: Hmm. The primary workspace is subterranean?
Zhang Wei: Yes, with a second level that includes office space and several catwalks.
Wujing: [ Pointing ] Harold Cooper’s office.
Zhang Wei: Possibly. That’s consistent with the intel we have.
Wujing: How many guards are there?
Chang: I don’t know. They put me in an interrogation room. But a lot.
Wujing: [ Scoffs ] We also have a lot.
Zhang Wei: We’re going in?
Wujing: With enough mercenary power to neutralize any resistance. The new leader of Henrik Fisker’s group, what is his name?
Zhang Wei: Sven Hollufson.
Wujing: Hollufson. Yes. Call him. Tell him we finally know where to find the proof we have been seeking.

[ The Post Office ]
Cooper: Let’s be clear. If Wujing attacks, he’s intentionally assaulting what he knows to be a heavily guarded federal facility.
[ Sven Hollufson has joined Wujing ]
Wujing: To succeed, we need to be clever. After Chang’s escape, the FBI knows their location has been compromised.
Hollufson: So they may be expecting an attack?
Wujing: We should assume so.
Hollufson: Then we can’t enter from the same point that Chang used to get out. The FBI knows that spot is vulnerable. I guarantee they’re shoring it up as we speak.
Siya: Chang knows how he got out. What are the chances Wujing tries to get in the same way?
Ressler: Well, it’s possible. He may not trust that exact entry point, but the most likely approach is definitely one of the stairwells along the lower perimeter.
Wujing: We are not gonna be using any of the exterior access points along the lower perimeter.
Hollufson: We’re not?
Wujing: [ Chuckling ] No. We need to surprise them. I have another idea.
Cooper: The plan is to allow Wujing’s people to enter the building, make their way to this room, then cut off any escape routes behind them.
Dembe: If they come, he’ll have some serious firepower.
[ The yellow elevator doors clang ‼️open and armed SWAT officers pour out ]
Cooper: We’ll be ready. I’ve reassigned 20 of the SWAT officers who normally guard the Post Office. Thanks to Cynthia, Main Justice is sending 15 more. When Wujing gets here, these officers will be positioned around this room and in the catwalks, ready to engage and disarm them.
Siya: And what if Wujing’s guys aren’t down with that plan?
Cooper: If they resist, they’ll be overpowered and arrested. Wujing’s in for quite a surprise.
Wujing: Instead of attacking from the ground level, our operatives will come from top down. Hollufson: Our access point will be the neighboring building immediately to the west.

[ Flashforward: ]
[ A truck pulls up alongside the Post Office building ] [ Hissing💨]
[[ Additional fastforward action continues to unfold, reflecting the planning discussions … ]]

Hollufson: Once there, we will move to the roof. From there, we will cross to the roof of the target building.
Wujing: Mr. Chang will handle matters from there.
Chang: The program we stole from the NSA has– Well, let’s just call it a masking component. It’s complicated, but bottom line, it can be used to conceal an intrusion.
Hollufson: So you can get us into the building undetected?
Chang: Yes. But don’t get me wrong, the building’s defenses are robust, so they won’t be fooled forever. When I disable the alarming systems, they will adapt and alert to the attack.
Wujing: But by the time the intrusion is detected and the FBI reacts, we will already be inside.
Cooper: All checkpoints report.
Siya: [ Over earpiece ] Standing by.
Ressler: Nothing here.
Dembe: No sign of Wujing.
Team Leader One: This is Team Leader One. We’re in position. All clear.

[ Bo Chang is with the Nordic mercenaries on the roof of the Post Office ]
[ He uses HexRoot to disguise their activities ] [ Beeping🔅🔅🔅]
[ The mercenaries, Bo Chang, Zhang Wei and Wujing exit an elevator ]
Chang: The masking program is working.
Hollufson: They don’t realize the elevator has been commandeered?
Chang: No. The system hasn’t detected the intrusion. But it will.
Hollufson: How long do we have?
Chang: Long enough. This elevator will take us to the primary workspace, the underground war room.
Wujing: Even if their system discovers the error, they won’t have time to react before we strike.
Hollufson: Weapons ready!
Chang: We’re almost there.
Wujing: Mr. Hollufson – I don’t care what it takes or who we kill. I want control of this facility.

[ Cooper looks at his watch ]
SWAT Leader: How confident are you?
Cooper: About the attack? An hour ago, I would have said very. Now I don’t know. We’ve got solid systems in place, and there’s nothing on the radar.
Ressler: The lower perimeter’s clear.
Dembe: Maybe Raymond overestimated how quickly Wujing would react.
Ressler: What, you think he’s not coming?
Dembe: Ah, he’s a careful man. Maybe he wants more time to prepare.
[ Inside the elevator ]
Chang: Seconds away. ⋘⋙ Here we are.
[ The SWAT team are ready, aiming their rifles at the elevator ]
[ Elevator doors open ]
SWAT leader: Don’t move!
[ It’s just Siya ]
Siya: Whoa! Fellas! It’s just me. Upper floors are clear.
[ The Nordic mercs and Chinese guys step out of the elevator ]
[ The Post Office is dark and empty, apparently deserted ]
Zhang Wei: I don’t understand. Where is everyone?
Hollufson: Wherever they are, they’ll be back, so let’s just do what we came here to do and not be here when they return.
Wujing: Get to work.
Chang: It’ll take a few minutes for HexRoot to override their defenses. Once I’m in, I can upload their archive to our server.
Hollufson: Watch the entrances. Stay alert.
[ Wujing sees Red’s fedora lying on a table. He picks it up and looks at the bejeweled fly fastened to it ]
[ Wujing scoffs ] [ Gunshot 💥] [ Wujing is shot in the head ] [ Body thuds ]
Zhang Wei: No! No!
[ Red walks in, holding a pistol in one hand, pointing away from everyone, and a large white napkin in the other ] [ Hollufson and his crew point their weapons at Red ]
Red: Easy, gentlemen. Easy. Everybody, relax.
Sven: Drop your weapon.
Red: Now, Sven– Uh, may I call you Sven? Sven, what’s done is done. You have guns, we have guns.
[ Red’s armed associates appear ]
Zhang Wei: He’s dead. Kill them!
Hollufson: Hold! This is my operation now. Nobody fires!
Red: Well reasoned. I was counting on the prospect that cooler heads would prevail.
Hollufson: You’re not walking out of here. Count on that.
Red: Well, the truth is, we should all be leaving here fairly shortly. How are we on time?
Chuck: The Bureau’s still in position. Nobody’s left the building.
Red: Good news. It seems we have a moment to chat.
Hollufson: The “Bureau.” So it’s all true. You do work with the FBI.
Red: Of course.
Hollufson: So you admit that you’re an informant?
Red: An informant? Sven. I’m Raymond Reddington. I run the most intricate and lucrative criminal operation in existence. A global enterprise that you and Wujing have – or had – neither the knowledge nor the experience to even remotely comprehend. I’m at the apex of the criminal pyramid, an increasingly competitive and brutal world, where those that are under are constantly scheming and striving to get on top, and yet, here I am. I’m still here – at the tippy top. And thriving. Always have. Why do you think that is, Sven? Uh, that’s unfair. I make it sound as if there’s only one reason, and in truth, there are many, but one of the most important has always been my relationship with law enforcement.
Hollufson: You feed them information.
Red: I trade intelligence. The lifeblood of any covert operation. You know this. Success is a function of access and information. The world’s elite criminals have always cultivated relationships with law enforcement. I’m no different, except that I do it better, with a little thought and a little imagination and the visionary purpose that’s made me who and what I am.
Hollufson: A lot of people, including some of our own, have gone to prison because of you.
Red: We’re having a philosophical conversation, an exchange of ideas, so I’m gonna try to contain my disappointment.
Hollufson: Tell me I’m wrong.
Red: “There’s no honor among thieves.” You know that saying? I despise that saying because the fact is, in this life of ours, there are lines that even criminals should not cross, a standard of conduct even for those who earn their livelihood by breaking the law. Do I use my leverage with law enforcement to hold those who violate that standard accountable? Yes, I do. Those individuals have forfeited the right to operate freely, and every single one of them is lucky they are held to account by others instead of being held to account by me. ⋘⋙ Sven, my associates make money. A lot of it. My rising tide has been lifting all boats for decades, and as long as that is the fact, how I do what I do, who I leverage and why – is nobody’s business but my own. You’re wondering why I’m telling you this.
Hollufson: And what happens now?
Red: Well, perhaps the why will answer the what. You men are mercenaries. Hired hands. This was never your fight. Were you paid in full? Because now your employer is dead, and you’re available for hire once again.
Zhang Wei: You’re not serious.
Hollufson: Quiet. So what are you suggesting?
Red: I’m offering. You need work. I have work.
Zhang Wei: Enough!
Red: You can live to fight another battle, another day, and when that battle comes, you can fight it with me.
Chuck: Mr. Reddington, we’ve got movement.
Red: Time’s up. Sven, in or out?
Hollufson: In.
Red: Good. Then there’s only one matter left to resolve, what to do with you, Zhang Wei. You were never just a hired hand. You were Wujing’s closest confederate, killer, confidant. Innocent people died because of you. Generally, I prefer to do these things myself, but I only have 13 rounds left in my Browning. I hate to waste even one of them on a piece of trash like you. And as it happens, I just hired an army. Imagine, you dying at the hands of the very man you hired to eliminate me. It’s just– Ah, the hell with it. [ 💥 ]
[ Zhang Wei grunts ] [ Body thuds ]
[ Red walks over to Bo Chang, puts his hand on his shoulder and peers at the HexRoot screen ]
Red: How are we?
Chang: All clear.

[ In the (real) Post Office war room, the task force finds the bodies of Wujing and Zhang Wei ]
Ressler: There’s no rigor mortis. They’ve been dead for less than two hours.
SWAT Leader: Facility’s clear. No other bodies and no signs of Reddington.
Ressler: Looks like both have single gunshot wounds, but M.E.’s coming down.
Siya: [ Sighs ] We won’t get any help from the cameras. The security history from the last six hours has been wiped. No records found.
Cooper: There were hardly any guards left behind. Most of them were with us when this happened.
Dembe: When what happened, exactly?
Cooper: I don’t know. Reddington must have done this, but–
Siya: I’m sorry. Reddington not only murdered two men, but he did it in our war room. Is that really what we’re saying?
Ressler: No cameras. No logs left behind showing anyone going in or out. So we’re blind on this?
[ Cooper’s cellphone rings✨] [ Cooper looks at it ]
Cooper: It’s him.
[ Ringing continues✨✨✨✨]
Dembe: Harold. Answer it.
[ Ringing continues✨✨✨✨ ]
[ Beeping🔅] [ Cooper opens his cellphone to speaker but is silent ]
Red: Say something, Harold. I understand. And I’m sorry. But I do think it was best for you and the others to be nowhere nearby when things reached their inevitable conclusion.
Ressler: I mean, all of this? Just so you could kill him?
Red: No, Donald. Not “just.” Wujing’s misguided crusade simply put a spotlight on a much larger problem. The Post Office has always been a liability. I’ve known as much for some time, of course. I tried to accept, or at the very least, ignore it. That, too, had to end.
Dembe: So you turned the Troll Farmer?
Red: No. I found him first.
Dembe: Because you knew he was on Marvin’s list, and Wujing needed him to access our archives.
Red: You know this, Dembe. What wins wars?
Dembe: Anticipation.
Red: Mmm.

[ Flashback: ]
[ Red talks with Bo Chang in his garage/office near the Post Office ]
Red: Are you sure you won’t have something? It doesn’t have to be tea. Have one of those sodas you like, the flavored ones. You know, uh–
Chang: I’m good. I’m actually not drinking those anymore. I have – You don’t need to know this, but I have adult onset diabetes. I don’t know why I’m telling you that. I’m just nervous.
Red: A Mello Yello! [ Chuckles ]
Chang: Yeah. Good memory.
Red: Mmm. I’m sorry to hear about the diabetes. Getting older is a drag. And you don’t need to be nervous. If I meant you any harm, you’d know by now.
Chang: How’d you find me?
Red: It took some doing, but most things are possible with the proper motivation.
Chang: I didn’t think you’d want to do business, you know, after I went to prison.
Red: Right. Well, we should talk about that. You may not love everything you hear, but I’m hopeful that when all is said and done, we can find a way to forgive and forget.
Chang: Forget what?
Red: There’s a man who calls himself Wujing. Long story short, he’s an enemy of mine, and he’s looking for new friends, friends to help him move against me.
Chang: Never heard of him.
Red: That’s not surprising. But he has heard of you. I believe your name was on a list he was given.
Chang: A list?
Red: Of criminals who might be sympathetic to his cause. Wujing is looking for you, Chang, and when he finds you, I want you to agree to help him.
Chang: You want me to help him come after you?
Red: No. But I want you to agree to help him.

Cooper: So this was all a setup. Taking Chang to the duplicate Post Office, convincing us to let him “escape” so he would give Wujing that location.
Ressler: You wanted us to think he escaped. Wanted Wujing to believe it. You played us both.
Siya: But Chang didn’t give the address of the duplicate building to Wujing. He gave him the real Post office.

[ Flashback: ]
Chang: I saw Reddington with my own eyes, inside the FBI’s facility. Wujing, I know where it is. I can take you there.

Dembe: And Wujing attacked the real building, and you were waiting there for him.
Cooper: You didn’t build that duplicate Post Office to fool Wujing. You built it to fool us!
Red: To protect you, Harold. To insulate you and the Task Force from what I intended to do. Now you can honestly say you were not involved.
Ressler: What? So we should be, what, grateful?
Red: You can be whatever you’d like to be, Donald.
Siya: Something’s missing. You wanted to confront Wujing, I understand that. But why here?
Red: As I said, to solve the larger problem. I needed Chang, I needed the HexRoot program, and I needed access to your network.
Cooper: Our network? Our archives. They’re offline. They can only be accessed from inside the building.
Red: Well, I didn’t just want to access them, Harold. The HexRoot program is much more than just a hacking tool. Once the program is inside a system, its secondary reason for being kicks in.
Siya: It deploys a virus.
[ Siya does a search on “Red Reddington”: no records are found ]
Siya: You deleted the archives!
Red: Of course not. We just removed any reference to me and any mention of a reliable source or a confidential informant.
Cooper: [ Angrily ] You went too far this time, Raymond.
Red: Perhaps.
Cooper: No, not perhaps! We are not just the Reddington Task Force! We are the FBI‼️ Main Justice will never let this stand.
Red: I don’t care about Main Justice, Harold. But you and your team, that’s another matter.
Cooper: You’re not listening. The Attorney General knows that we can’t control you, but he won’t let you control us, not at this level.
Red: The Attorney General has never known more than a fraction of what you do.
Cooper: That’s because I walk a very thin line. I do the best I can to control the flow of information because I believe that our work needs to be done. But redacting our archives, leaving bodies in the war room? You’ve put me in an impossible position! Even if I try, how long do you think I’ll be able to control that?
Red: I suppose we’ll see.
Cooper: You’ve finally done it. Torn it all down!
Red: You’re angry, Harold. Take some time to think about how or whether we can continue. I’ll do the same.
[ Phone beeps🔅and shuts ✽ ]

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