🔴 Script 10:12 Dr Michael Abani


🔴 Script 10:12 Dr Michael Abani (№ 198)

NBC’s series The Blacklist starring James Spader and Megan Boone
Series created by: Jon Bokenkamp
Program air date: 5/14/2023 in the US (9pm Central/Chicago Time)
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༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Directed by: Andrew McCarthy
Written by: Noah Schechter

Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington – James Spader
Donald Ressler – Diego Klattenhoff
Harold Cooper – Harry Lennix
Siya Malik – Anya Banerjee
Dembe Zuma – Hisham Tawfiq
Young Dembe Zuma – Emeka Anammah
Agnes Keen – Sami Bray
Ronald Edwards – Malachy Cleary
Atkins – Carolina Do
Isabella Zuma – Danaya Esperanza
Dr Michael Albani – Cyrus Farmer
Jonathan Rapchinski – Paul Fitzgerald
Aissa Joachim – Zainab Jah
Ella – Leah Janvier
Young Aissa Joachim – Sibongile Mlambo
Congressman Arthur Hudson – Toby Leonard Moore
Patron – Jacopo Rampini
Lieutenant – Alexander Saliba


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🔴 Script 10:12 Dr Michael Abani


Brief (Where we’re at):

Red has been a free spirit lately, difficult to reach and leaving the task force without a lot of cases – until he showed up on a viral video of a convenience store stick-up. He was not the perpetrator, but rather a customer, one of a number of customers who the strung-out druggie (named Jack) was holding hostage. Ressler and Dembe rushed to the scene to make clear to the local police that they, the FBI, were in charge so that they would be able to keep their prized confidential informant from being covered by the local news. Soon after they got there, a shot 💥 rang out and the store clerk opened the door to say the gunman was dead. When Ressler and Dembe entered the store, Red wasn’t even there, but instead another “man in the hat” who looked a little like him. In fact, the man was wearing Red’s actual hat, and his actual coat.

As this was going on, Cynthia Panabaker was reading Cooper the riot act, still upset about the Red’s murdering Wujing (Blacklister #84) and his associate Zhang Wei in the Post Office. She threatened to have an investigation started, which would terminate the task force, unless Red showed up to explain himself by the end of the day.

So, suspecting Red had been at the convenience store, Ressler and Dembe got the former hostages to admit that Red had been there and he had shot the man. He had given them a story to tell (that another customer had shot Jack) and that Red had magically escaped, despite the fact police were swarming the building. But that wasn’t what happened. Red hid in a secret cellar in exchange for a promise that he would pay the former hostages 💰 if they helped him hide. So they did. Chuck delivered the money, but Red had missed Panabaker’s deadline.

So Red paid Panabaker a visit in which he offered a copy of videotape of Kompromat he had on her as a peace offering. He gave a rationale for the two murders (that it was his mess to clean up). He left her home not knowing what she would do. She dropped her plan to destroy the task force.

Red also dropped by the Coopers’ to leave a gift for Agnes, the catalog to an art museum, along with a charming letter — and candy bars, which were the reason he had been in the convenience store in the first place.

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༺✦ ♤ ✦༻

[ Outside Taiz, Yemen ] [ Explosions 💥 bursting 💥 in distance ] 🔘 [See Note]
[ Dr Michael Abani attends a patient in a small hospital ]
[ Speaking broken Arabic ]
Dr Michael Abani: The stitches are holding, but you need to stay one more day so we can rule out infection. Tomorrow.
[ Dr Abani answers his phone. It’s his fiancée Aissa Joachim ]
Dr Abani: Sorry. What were you saying?
Aissa Joachim: [ On phone ] We should talk about it later. You should focus.
Dr Abani: No, no, no, no, no, no, no. I told you that I would be free and– The hotel called?
Aissa: Yes, there’s another couple interested in the same cottage.
Dr Abani: Then we will find another hotel.
Aissa: Another hotel? Michael, you loved that place.
Dr Abani: I wouldn’t say I loved it, but–
Aissa: You wouldn’t stop talking about how excited you were to spend your honeymoon by the sea. You sounded like a 16-year-old. Michael, what is going on? You’ve been acting strangely for weeks.
Dr Abani: The doctor who was supposed to replace me, he backed out. I will fly in the week before the wedding, but I need to come right back here after.
Aissa: How much longer will you stay?
Dr Abani: Five, maybe six months. I know you’re upset, but once I’m back, we can go on our trip another time and–
Aissa: You think this is about a vacation?
Dr Abani: Ees–
Aissa: No, I am upset because you promised you would not extend your stay again.
Dr Abani: There was nothing I could do!
Aissa: Oh, really? How many other doctors did you call before you agreed, huh? Look, I know how important your work is and I love how passionate you are, but–
[ Soldier yelling indistinctly in distance ]
Aissa: –if we’re going to build a life together, we–
Dr Abani: Aissa, hang on.
Lieutenant: Dr. Abani?
Dr Abani: I don’t know what you think you’re doing here, but Lieutenant– Lieutenant–
Aissa: [ Into phone ] Michael, what’s going on?
Dr Abani: Get off. Take your hands off me. I’m a doctor!
Aissa: Michael?
Lieutenant: No. You’re a terrorist.
Aissa: Michael?
[ A soldier strikes Dr Abani ]
Dr Abani: No, no, no, no.
Aissa: Michael!

[ The Coopers’ kitchen ]
Harold Cooper: Gatorade, tea, and lots of water. The theme of the day is–
Agnes: Peeing?
Cooper: Staying hydrated. Mooms will be back to make you lunch in a couple of hours. If you need anything–
Agnes: I call you, Mooms, or Mrs. Cartwright next door if the house is on fire. I’m fine.
Cooper: What you are is warm. I want you back in bed as soon as you’re finished eating. And no TV.
Agnes: You know I can watch TV on my phone, right?
Cooper: Well, don’t. Feel better, honeybun.
[ Door opens and closes ] [ Cooper leaves through the front door ]
[ Door opens ] [ Red enters through the back door ]
Red: Agnes?
Agnes: Pinky?
Red: [ Chuckles ]
Agnes: What are you doing here? You just missed Pops.
Red: I did? Oh, well. I heard you were feeling a little under the weather, so I thought I’d come and cheer you up.
Agnes: Pops has been looking for you, you know. He seems pretty worried.
Red: That’s just part of his constitution. But I’m here now, and I have everything we need for a quick recovery. Ice cream for a sore throat – and movies to feed the soul.

[ Congressman Arthur Hudson’s office ] [ Hudson is finishing shaving ]
[ Knocking on door ✽ ✽ ] [ It’s one of Hudson’s aides, a woman named Atkins ]
Congressman Hudson: Yeah?
[ Door opens ]
Atkins: Congressman.
Hudson: Uh-huh?
[ Razor buzzing ]
Atkins: Arthur, that’s the third all-nighter this month. What is it this time?
Hudson: I’m not sure. I was reviewing the FBI’s discretionary spending budget last night.
Atkins: How exciting.
Hudson: [ Chuckles ] Yeah. Right there.
Atkins: Task Force 836.
Hudson: Mmm-hmm.
Atkins: The Bureau has dozens.
Hudson: The Bureau has dozens, officially. All formally authorized and subject to oversight. But from what I could find, Task Force 836 only exists on this piece of paper.
Atkins: So it’s classified.
Hudson: It’s unacknowledged. The Bureau’s spending millions that they have to account for somehow. They assume nobody’s looking closely enough to find it.
Atkins: They don’t know you’re–
Hudson: Thorough? Committed? Brilliant?
Atkins: And humble. You thinking corruption?
Hudson: I don’t know, but I want to ask a few questions without spooking Main Justice. Uh, Senator Panabaker’s the ranking member on Homeland Security, right?
Atkins: Yeah.
Hudson: Call her office, please. I want the first five minutes she has.

[ The Post Office war room ]
Dembe: No sign of Raymond at the warehouse, but I set up surveillance devices covering the front and back. We should be able to monitor it from here.
Siya: Which means I’m glued to the screens all weekend. Please tell me you’re getting up to something exciting at least.
Dembe: I am. The library finally received the book I requested: “Debt: The First 5,000 Years”
Ressler: I’m sorry. A book on debt? That’s your exciting weekend?
Siya: And I thought my life was dull.
Cooper: Anything on Reddington?
Ressler: Not yet.
Cooper: Too bad. I just got off the phone with Cynthia. Apparently, Congressman Arthur Hudson of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Homeland Security has been asking questions about certain expenses in the FBI’s discretionary budget, expenses that point to the existence of our task force.
Siya: Is that a problem? Surely, you’ve dealt with other government inquiries before.
Cooper: This task force can only function if it remains a secret, even from government. In the past, we’ve been able to keep our work quiet by delivering high-profile cases, but recently–
Ressler: We’ve got nothing.
Cooper: Unfortunately, yes. I’m afraid we can’t keep waiting for him to make contact. Malik, head up to New York and put eyes on Reddington’s bathhouse. If you find him, let him know we’re gonna need a new case, and fast. Meanwhile, I’ve, uh, set up a meeting with an old friend who worked with Hudson at the US Attorney’s Office in Chicago.
[ Cellphone buzzes ] [ Dembe’s cell phone says it’s a call from “Aissa” ]
Cooper: Hopefully, he can give us a sense of who we’re dealing with.
[ Cooper walks away ]
Ressler: You alright? You look like you saw a ghost.
Dembe: I have to go.
Ressler: You want some company? I mean, the last time you ran out of here like this, you got shot, captured, and tortured.
[ Dembe walks toward the yellow elevators with Ressler a couple steps behind ]
Ressler: Alright, suit yourself, but I don’t hear from you every half-hour, I’m calling SWAT.
[ Elevator doors close ]


[ Flashback: ]
[ Marseille France, 1992 ]
[ Man singing in French ] [ People chattering indistinctly ]
[ A young Dembe Zuma walks into a café/bar ] [ Door closes ] [ He takes a seat at the bar ]
[ Speaking French ]
Young Dembe: A glass of Burgundy, please.
Young Aissa Joachim: No.
Young Dembe: Pardon?
Young Aissa: You heard me.
[ Glass clinks ]
Young Aissa: Twice a week, you sit at this bar, you order a glass of wine that you do not touch, and you stare at your book. I’m tired of seeing good wine go to waste. So – either you ask for my number, or leave.
Young Dembe: What makes you think I want your number? Maybe the sound of the bar helps me focus, and I order a glass of wine because I don’t drink – but don’t wish to be rude.
Young Aissa: It’s possible. But no. No, I think you are scared.
Young Dembe: Scared? Of you?
[ A man who has been sitting some distance away walks behind Young Dembe’s bar stool. He puts down a backpack next to Young Dembe’s and walks away with Dembe’s. It’s a live-drop ]
Young Aissa: I guess we’ll have to see.
[ Young Aisa writes down her number and puts it in Young Dembe’s book ]
[ Door closes ]
Young Aissa: I’m Aissa.
Young Dembe: Dembe. I’ll call you.
Young Aissa: You better.

[ The Present ]
[ Knocking on door ✽ ✽ ✽ ] [ Door opens ]
Dembe: Aissa.
Aissa: Come in.
Dembe: Is everything okay with Isabella?
Aissa: She and your granddaughter, they are- They- They are fine. I didn’t want to bother you, but I didn’t know what else to do. It’s about Michael.
Dembe: Your boyfriend.
Aissa: Fiance. We got engaged last May. I thought Isabella told you.
Dembe: No. She must have forgotten. Congratulations. So, what happened with Michael?
Aissa: Two days ago, he was abducted from his medical clinic outside Taiz by Yemeni soldiers. I called the State Department, our Congressman. I even tried the Nigerian embassy. Because Michael is just a green card holder here, and no one can tell me anything. I thought maybe with your contacts in the FBI, you might be able to find out what is happening.
Dembe: I’m so sorry, Aissa. I’ll- I’ll find out everything I can. Wait here. And I’ll make some calls.
Aissa: Dembe. Thank you. I wouldn’t have blamed you if you hadn’t come.
Dembe: [ Exhales sharply ] I’ll- I’ll be right back.

[ Ressler’s in his office, on the phone with Dembe ]
Ressler: So, uh, how’s she look?
Dembe: Fine.
Ressler: What do you mean “fine”? You see your ex, Isabella’s mother, the woman you never speak about, and all you can say is “fine”?
Dembe: Have you heard back from your contact at Hostage Affairs?
Ressler: No. She’s sending me an update any minute. Are you with her now?
Dembe: No. I’m in the hallway.
Ressler: Ha. So you’re hiding from her.
Dembe: I’m making a call to a secure FBI facility. I’m not hiding from her.
Ressler: Whatever you say.
[ The files on Dr Michael Albani have appeared on Ressler’s computer ,)
Ressler: Oh, man.
[ Keyboard clacking •••¤••¤•✵•• ]
Dembe: What is it?
Ressler: This is bad news. Michael’s being held at a military prison. The Yemenis say that he was redirecting humanitarian aid away from his clinic toward a group of Houthi rebels. They’re claiming he’s a terrorist.
Dembe: Do they have evidence?
Ressler: No, State’s trying to figure that out now. Look. There’s something else.
[ Dembe returns to Aissa’s apartment ]
Aissa: [ Sighs] What is it? What happened?
Dembe: Michael was immediately tried by a military tribunal. They’re planning to execute him in 72 hours.

Aissa: What about a rescue operation?
Dembe: It’s unlikely. The US military doesn’t have many assets on the ground, and since Michael isn’t a US citizen –
Aissa: The government won’t risk it. What about people from your world?
Dembe: I’m not in that world anymore. But I still have friends, contacts.
Aissa: You mean Raymond.
Dembe: We haven’t been able to get ahold of him recently. If I can, he’ll need to know who the local players are. Michael’s NGO wasn’t running a clinic without the cooperation from both the rebels and the government. We need to know who Michael would have been in contact with on the ground.
Aissa: You should talk to Jon. Jon Rapchinski. He is the executive director of Michael’s NGO. He just got back from Yemen a few months ago.
Dembe: I’ll go see him now. Do you think Michael may have been involved in the smuggling? I only ask because it will affect who we might approach and how.
Aissa: Michael would never take anything from his patients. I know him.
Dembe: We all keep secrets, Aissa.
Aissa: Not Michael. Not from me.

[ Flashback: ]
[ Young Aissa’s apartment. Young Dembe is there ]
Young Aissa: For a while, I was waiting tables, and then I started to train as a sommelier.
Young Dembe: No wasted wine.
Young Aissa: [ Playfully ] It’s a sin. After my father died, my mother wanted me to come back with her to Cameroon, but I stayed to finish my degree. Public health.
Young Dembe: And you’re a chef, as well. This is the most delicious thing I’ve ever had.
Young Aissa: Can you cook? If you’re lucky, I’ll teach you.
Young Dembe: I’d like that.
Young Aissa: So, how does a university student afford designer clothing?
Young Dembe: They were a gift, from a friend.
Young Aissa: Does this friend have a name?
Young Dembe: His name is Raymond. We became close back in Kenya. He offered me the chance to pursue my education.
Young Aissa: It’s like that, um, Dickens novel.
Young Dembe: “Great Expectations.”
Young Aissa: Literature student?
Young Dembe: Economics. And history. But I like to read.
Young Aissa: And, uh, what kind of work does this Raymond do exactly?
Young Dembe: International trade.
Young Aissa: A little broad for a student of economics and history, no?
[ He reaches over to stroke her chin ]
Young Aissa: You’re deflecting.
Young Dembe: Is it working?
[ She reaches over and strokes his cheek ]
Young Dembe: Ah– [ Laughs ]
Young Aissa: You don’t have to tell me everything, but you must never lie to me.
[ Speaking French ]
Young Aissa: Do you understand me?

Ressler (echoing): Dembe? Hey. Dembe!
[ Dembe has been daydreaming. He’s in an FBI vehicle being driven by Ressler ]
Ressler: The CIA confirmed chatter about a US-based asset operating in the region starting last spring.
Dembe: Right after Michael arrived in Yemen. Thank you for your help.
Ressler: Of course. If the government’s hands are tied because of his citizenship status, we’re the only chance he has. If you’re feeling grateful, uh, why don’t you tell me about how you and Aissa met, then?
Dembe: We met in Marseille. I was in university, and I had just begun working with Raymond. I was young and curious and learning, and she was the most amazing woman I ever met. And then it ended.

[ Dembe and Ressler interview Jonathan Rapchinski, who runs the NGO supporting the hospital Dr Michael Abani works at ]
Jonathan Rapchinski: No. No. That’s- That’s impossible. [ Stammers ] Michael worked his tail off to get those supplies to begin with. He- He would never just give them away.
Ressler: But he did oversee your supply procurement, so, I mean, theoretically, it is possible he could have been rerouting supplies, and you never would have known.
Rapchinski: It’s a small clinic, so everyone wears multiple hats. Michael always found a way to get whatever we needed. At least, until–
Ressler: Until what? Well, last year, uh, some soldiers dragged three kids out of the clinic. The soldiers suspected the boys of scouting for the Houthi rebels and shot them out in the street. Michael took it very hard. He started arguing with the staff, with Aissa. I told him to go home, clear his head, just– But he wouldn’t hear of it.
Dembe: Who was your contact in the Yemeni military?
Rapchinski: Uh, Lieutenant Abdul Hassan. I’ve never met him myself. If I ever needed something, I’d always go through Michael.
Ressler: So if Dr. Abani wanted to contact the Houthis, who do you think he would have turned to?
Rapchinski: Uh, there was a man. Uh, Abu Saleh. You know, the staff said that he worked with the rebels. But Michael is a good man and an even better physician. If there is anything that we can do to help – I mean, a bribe, lawyers, supplies, whatever it is, we will do it.
Ressler: Thank you for your time, Dr. Rapchinski. We’ll be in touch.
Rapchinski: Thank you.

[ The Coopers’ kitchen. Red and Agnes are comparing brands of mint chocolate chip ice cream ]
Red: I’ve tried many varieties of mint chip through the years, and the really green stuff is never the best.
Agnes: Maybe it’s the food coloring.
Red: Huh! Hmm.
Agnes: How come you always come over here and I never go to your house?
Red: I don’t really have a house. Not anymore, at least.
Agnes: What happened?
Red: Well, I sold one, gifted four. I sunk numbers six and seven. And eight and nine – I’m not entirely sure what’s happened to them.
Agnes: How come you got rid of all your houses?
[ Dembe walks along a sidewalk. He makes a white chalk mark on a lamp post ]
Red: I suppose – Well, recently, I’ve found myself letting go more and more so I can better hold onto what I really want and still be light on my feet.
[ Cell phone buzzing 💤 ] [ Red checks his phone ]
Red: Mmm. Ah. Agnes, why don’t you queue up one of the movies? I’ll put this stuff away and be right in.
[ Agnes gathers the DVDs and leaves the kitchen ]
[ Beeps 🔅]
Red: [ On phone ] Yes? What is it?
Giorgio: I know you didn’t want to be interrupted, but there was a signal at 7th and Wharf.
Red: Obrigado, Giorgio. Ciao.
[ Cell phone beeps🔅]
[ Dembe’s cell phone rings✨]
Dembe: Raymond. I wasn’t sure you still had the location being watched.
Red: [ Irrigated ] I am. For emergencies only. If Harold put you up to this, Dembe–
Dembe: It’s Aissa.
Red: Aissa. My, my. Tell me.
[ Ressler’s office at the Post Office ]
[ Keyboard clacking •••¤••¤•✵•• ] [ Documents appear his computer screen ]
[ 🔅Beeping🔅 ]
Red: I see. So you want me to help you save the man set to marry the woman you loved? That sounds like a number of emergencies rolled into one.
Dembe: He’s believed to be working with a Yemeni commander, Lieutenant Abdul Hassan, and a Houthi operative named Fadl Abu Saleh. I don’t know either one.
Red: Neither do I. Not that it would matter much if I did. That Lieutenant’s superior’s superior is locked in an intractable conflict between some of the most badly behaved players in the Near East. Getting one man out of that nightmare couldn’t be more complicated. But I’ll see what I can find out.
Dembe: Thank you, Raymond.
Red: Dembe – That night in Marseille–
Dembe: It’s in the past.
[ Keyboard clacks •••¤••¤•✵•• ] [ Beeps🔅]
[ Ressler gets up ]
[ Printer whirring ]
Red: I’ll reach out when I have anything, but in the meantime, Dembe, you might consider that the past and the present aren’t as neatly divided as we’d like to believe.

[ Ressler walks out into the war room with the documents he just printed off ]
Ressler: Take a look at this. It’s a statement for an account in Michael’s name at a bank in Istanbul.
Dembe: These deposits–
Ressler: Over $200,000 in the last six months. Now, Michael wasn’t providing supplies to the Houthis out of humanitarian concern. He was doing it to get rich.
[ Cellphone ringing✨]
Dembe: If that’s true, the State Department will never negotiate his release. The Yemenis will execute him for sure.
Ressler: You have to tell her.
[ Cell phone ringing✨]
Dembe: I can’t.
Ressler: Why not?
Dembe: Because I lied to her once before, and it broke her heart. I don’t know if I can watch that happen again.

[ Flashback: ]
[ The café/bar where Young Aissa works. They are discussing a film ]
[ They transition easily between French and in English ]
Young Aissa: It was painfully boring!
Young Dembe: It was brilliant. Kieślowski is a genius.
Young Aissa: It’s the same woman. One in France, one in Poland, both dull. You want brilliant.Point Break.” That was brilliant. Will you come by tonight? There is something I need to talk to you about.
Young Dembe: How mysterious.
Young Aissa: You’re one to talk.
[ He hesitates ]
Young Aissa: What is it?
Young Dembe: I promised a friend I would help him study for an exam this evening.
Young Aissa: So come by after we close. I’ll make your omelet. – You always bite your lip when you’re nervous.
Young Dembe: I- I-
Young Aissa: Is there someone else?
Young Dembe: What? No!
Young Aissa: It’s that blonde from the cinema, isn’t it?
Young Dembe: I love you! Aissa.
[ Soulful looks ]
Young Aissa: I love you, too.
[ Young Dembe leans forward to kiss Aissa. She leans away ]
Young Aissa: No. There’s no time. I have to open the café.
[ Young Dembe stands and plants a quick kiss on her forehead ]
Young Aissa: Go! See you tonight.
[ Young Dembe leaves ]

[ Dembe shows documents listing her fiancé, Dr Michael Abani’s, bank transactions ]
Dembe: For the last eight months, money has been flowing into Michael’s account from shell companies associated with the Iranian proxies supporting the Houthi rebels.
Aissa: You think he really did this? You think he was supporting terrorism?
Dembe: It appears so. But there may be a silver lining. If the task force can uncover the entire smuggling network that Michael was working with, it may be possible we can convince the Yemenis to extradite Michael back to the US. I’m sorry, Aissa.
[ Aissa gets up and walks aimlessly, ending up at her kitchen counter. She turns around ]
Aissa: Have you eaten? Sit down. I’ll make you something.
Dembe: I should go.
Aissa: [ Firmly ] I said sit down. I just found out my fiance may be a liar helping terrorists, so you’re going to sit there while I make you some lunch because if I don’t do something with my hands, I am going to scream. Is that what you want?
Dembe: No.
Aissa: Then sit. When I’m done, we’re going to go through those papers until I convince you that Michael is innocent. I’m not asking. Sit.
[ Whisking ]

[ Cooper meets in a coffee shop with a man named Ronald Edwards who is his contact in the U.S. Attorney’s office ]
Edwards: I gotta say, Harold, when you said you wanted to meet, I thought we would talk about life in the private sector, not Arthur Hudson.
Cooper: Clearly, he made an impression. How long did you two work together at the U.S. Attorney’s Office?
Edwards: Four years. Most AUSAs take a little while to get their feet underneath them. Not Arthur. Political corruption cases can be a nightmare for prosecutors. They were Hudson’s bread and butter. Built his whole Congressional campaign around it. I’m telling ya, nobody can see a story around a few sticky numbers like Arthur Hudson can.
Cooper: So he’s tough, smart, and ambitious?
Edwards: Almost makes me feel sorry for Congress. Almost. You sure everything’s alright, Harold?
Cooper: Fine. Yeah. Just a few questions about an old case. Thanks for your time, Ronnie. My best to Bea.
[ Cooper stands up to leave ]
Edwards: Harold, if, uh, Arthur Hudson is digging around for something, I’d just assume that he’s gonna find it, and when he does, he’ll let the whole world know. You understand?
[ Cooper leaves ]

[ Aissa has just served Dembe his favorite meal that she cooked when they were dating ]
Dembe: Mmm. That was even better than I remembered.
Aissa: It’s Michael’s favorite, too. It’s how I get all my men.
Dembe: When was the last time you two saw each other?
Aissa: End of October. We spent a week by the beach in Cyprus.
Dembe: [ Chuckles ]
Aissa: What?
[ Cell phone dings🔅 Aissa gets a text ]
Dembe: I just never imagined you sitting on a beach.
Aissa: Ah, Isabella is coming down with Ella. I told her not to bother, but she insisted. She’ll be here soon.
Dembe: Well, she’s just as stubborn as her mother. [ Chuckles ]
Aissa: You know, I really was happy to hear you two were talking again.
Dembe: You raised a wonderful daughter, you know.
Aissa: I didn’t do it alone. Even with everything you were going through, she always had you in her life.
Dembe: I wish I could have been there more.
Aissa: Thank you for staying. You know, you didn’t have to.
Dembe: Of course I did. Ever since I met you, I’ve never been able to say no to you. Surely you know that by now.
Aissa: You know, I was- I was nervous to see you. I was afraid you might think I looked–
Dembe: Old? [ Laughs ] I was afraid of the same.
Aissa: Well, you don’t. “Oh, gosh, Aissa, you don’t look–”
[ She tries to nudge him for a compliment, but he’s focused on the account records ]
Dembe: When was the last time you two were in Cyprus?
Aissa: End of October. Why?
Dembe: You were in Cyprus together on October 28th? You are sure?
Aissa: Yes. Why?
Dembe: According to this statement, Michael made a withdrawal from a bank in Istanbul that day in person. Someone else has access to Michael’s account. The Yemenis are about to execute him for a crime he didn’t commit.

[ Flashback: ]
[ It’s past closing time at the café/bar where Young Aissa works ]
[ She blows out a candle ] [ Young Dembe enters ]
Young Aissa: Dembe.
Young Dembe: Aissa. I’m sorry, but we need to leave the city, tonight.
Young Aissa: Why?
Young Dembe: There’s a plane waiting outside an airstrip outside Cabries. It leaves in exactly 36 minutes. I will tell you everything you want to know once we’re there, but we need to leave now.
Young Aissa: We? I am not going anywhere until you–
[ Sirens🚨passing by ]
Young Aissa: You weren’t helping a friend study. You were with him.
Young Dembe: Aissa–
Young Aissa: He’s not just a businessman, this Raymond. He’s a criminal. And– And what? [ Loudly ] You work for him?
Young Dembe: It’s complicated.
Young Aissa: Then un-complicate it!
Young Dembe: Raymond saved my life back in Nairobi. Tonight, I saved his. You have to understand, he was the most important person to me – until I met you.
Young Aissa: You lied to me. For him.
Young Dembe: Yes. I did, and I’m sorry. I promise I will tell you everything you want to know, but we need to leave, now. ⋘⋙ Please.
[ Distressed, Young Aissa shakes her head ‘no’ ]
[ Young Dembe turns and leaves ] [ Door closes ]
[ Young Aissa is distraught. She tries to clear the table, but ends up⚡️smashing⚡️a wine glass on the floor ]
Young Aissa: [ Sobs ]

Dembe: The State Department is sharing what we learned with the Yemenis now. Hopefully, it will convince them to stay the execution.
Aissa: Hopefully? He didn’t do it.
Dembe: I know, and I hope the Yemenis will agree, but until we find out who was really running that account, we can’t be sure. And even then, there’s no guarantee. I should go.
Aissa: Dembe. I know it must not have been easy for you, leaving Raymond, joining the FBI. I always knew you could do something amazing with your life. I’m proud of you.
Dembe: I’m glad I was wrong about Michael. I’ll let you know when we have something. Wait here.
Aissa: Okay.

[ Cooper’s office ] [ Coopernis hanging up tge phone ]
Cooper: Yemenis aren’t budging. They claim our evidence only proves Michael had an accomplice, not that he’s innocent.
Dembe: They’re still planning to move forward with the execution.
Ressler: Maybe not. I just pulled the travel records for everyone who had access to the supply chain within the NGO. A Jon Rapchinski flew into Istanbul two days before Michael’s last alleged withdrawal – and the time before that.
Cooper: The Yemenis will say it’s a coincidence.
Ressler: Well, maybe, but get this, two hours after we met with him, he booked a flight to Lebanon. He leaves tonight.
Cooper: Find Rapchinski. Now. You’ll have a warrant by the time you arrive.

[ Aissa has turned to Jon Rapchinski for help ]
Rapchinski: Okay, okay. Slow down, slow down.
saarbrücken Someone at your NGO set him up, Jon. Who else in the organization had access to your supply chains?
Rapchinski: I’m not sure. T-There’s half a dozen organizations who send us supplies. Uh, um, aid workers on the ground, local volunteers.
[ Siren 🚨 wails ] [ Ressler and Dembe are speeding to Rapchinski’s address ]
[ Dembe tries to call Aissa ]
Aissa: [ Recording ] Hello. This is Aissa Joachim. I can’t come to the phone right now, but–
Aissa: Who else had enough information to set up an account using Michael’s name?
[ Siren 🚨 wails ]
[ Dembe leaves a message for Aissa ]
Dembe: Aissa, it’s me. Call me as soon as you get this.
Ressler: I thought you told her to wait for your call.
Dembe: I did.
Rapchinski: Maybe someone who had access to our computer system.
Aissa: Someone who had access who is in the country, yes? That can’t be more than a handful of people. Jon!
Rapchinski: Yes. Right. I’ll call Fatima and get a list of those names.
Aissa: Okay, okay. Good. Good. Okay. Good.
[ Aissa is stunned to see Rapchinski’s packed suitcase with his passport on top ]
Rapchinski: Uh–
[ Siren🚨wailing ]
Dembe: [ On phone ] Isabella, where are you?
Isabella: Dad, hey. Ella and I just got to Mom’s place.
Dembe: Is your mother there?
Isabella: I don’t think so. Wait. Did Mom cook for you?
Dembe: Isabella, listen to me. Did your mother say anything to you about where she might be?
Isabella: No. Dad, you’re freaking me out. What is going on?
Ella: Mom. Look.
Dembe: What is it?
Isabella: [ To Dembe, reading ] Mom left a note. It says she want to talk to Jon Rap-something.
Dembe: Rapchinski.
Isabella: Dad, what is happening?
Dembe: Does the note say what time she left?
Isabella: No. Dad, talk to me.
Dembe: Your mother’s in trouble. I’ll call you back as soon as I can.
Isabella: Dad–

Aissa: I think I may have left my phone in the car.
[ She turns to leave, but Rapchinski blocks her ]
Rapchinski: [ Stammers ] I’m so sorry.
Aissa: Jon–
Rapchinski: I never wanted this to happen.
Aissa: Jon, I ju–
Rapchinski: They promised me that no one would ever find out. You have to understand, I thought I was doing what was best for everyone. I thought if I agreed to help, we’d get more supplies for the clinic, right? And if that meant sending support to the rebels, so be it.
Aissa: Oh!
[ She turns his back to him ]
Rapchinski: I– I risked my life helping those people every day! I paid bribes to the government, the Houthis, everyone, out of my own pocket. Why shouldn’t I get a little of that money back? I-If Michael had been in my position, he would have done the same thing.
Aissa: Nuh-uh! He didn’t do this, Jon! You did!
Aissa: For the life of me, I don’t understand why you would drag Michael’s name into this!
Aissa: I never meant to involve him. I really didn’t. I just– I showed up to the bank. I-I couldn’t believe what I was doing. I was scared, so I-I gave them Michael’s name. I never thought that he would get hurt.
Aissa: Okay. I believe you, Jon. I do. But Michael is in trouble! They are going to kill him unless you and I go to the authorities right now!
Rapchinski: The Yemenis are never going to give him up, even if I confess.
Aissa: You don’t know that! I know he’s your friend, Jon, and I know that you care about him. All you have to do is tell the truth about what really happened, and we can save his life! It’s not too late!
Rapchinski: I can’t! I can’t, okay? Why did you come here?! You shouldn’t have come here!
[ He lunges at her. She grabs a metal and glass box and⚡️hits him⚡️over the head with it ]
[ Aissa screams ]
[ Glass shards fly everywhere ]
[ Siren🚨wails ] [ Ressler with Dembe are driving fast ]
[ Aissa is on her stomach, trying to reach a large piece of glass, but Rapchinski grabs her ankles and pulls her out of reach of it ]
[ Aissa screams ]
[ Siren🚨wails ]
[ Rapchinski flips Aissa over and starts to choke her ] [ She tries to push his face away ]
[ Aissa gagging ]
[ Siren🚨wails ]
[ The FBI SUV pulls up. Dembe and Ressler jump out and run toward the house ]
Dembe: Aissa!
[ Inside the house, Dembe finds Aissa ialive. She and Dembe hug ]
Dembe: I was afraid that I– Are you okay?
[ Ressler comes down from upstairs ]
Ressler: House is clear. [ To Aissa ] You alright?
Aissa: Yes, I-I’m fine.
Ressler: What happened? Where’s Jon?
Aissa: Well, since you two were taking your sweet time, I got some help. From a friend.

[ Red’s plane is flying over the Atlantic. Red is on his phone ]
Red: General Thabit. A friend of Al-Ashabi’s.
[ Thabit speaking Arabic initially ]
Red: I watched him lose quite a bit of money at a table in Lebanon years ago.
General Thabit: Reddington?
Red: Oh! He mentioned me.
Thabit: [ In English ] Tell me, how did you get my number?
Red: At the moment, Tamer, how I got your number matters less than what I’m prepared to do for you. From what I hear, you’re feeding and supplying three regiments of infantry. The total cost to you and your Saudi backers is just over $2 million US per month. I’m prepared to cut those costs in half. All I ask in exchange is that you see to it that Dr. Michael Abani is released from your prison outside of Taiz.
Thabit: Your offer is generous, but I cannot simply allow a convicted terrorist to go free.
Red: Of course not, which is why I propose a trade. We both know Dr. Abani is innocent. Turn him over to the Americans, and I’ll deliver the man who was in fact supplying your enemies.
[ Jon Rapchinski is seated a few rows away from Red, handcuffed ]
Red: You can tell Prince whomever that you’re saving him over $11 million a year, or you can treat your men, your mistress, or yourself to just about whatever you please. So, General, what do you say?

[ Flashback: ]
[ The café/bar where Young Aissa works. She wipes the counter ]
[ Patron speaking French ]
Patron: You know, I’m going to miss you.
Young Aissa: Oh, please. You won’t even notice I’m gone.
[ Door opens ] [ Young Dembe enters ]
Young Aissa: Pardon.
[ Door closes ]
[ Young Dembe takes a seat. Young Aissa walks over to his table.
Young Aissa: What can I get you?
Young Dembe: A glass of Burgundy, please.
[ She reaches for a glass ]
Young Dembe: [ In English ] Aissa–
Young Aissa: You’re alive. I didn’t think I’d ever see you again.
[ Door opens ]
Young Aissa: [ Gasps ] Ah! My love!
[ It’s a young woman carrying a baby ]
Young Aissa: [ To the baby ] Oh! Bonjour. [To the young woman ] Thank you, see you later.
[ The young woman leaves ]
Young Aissa: [ To the baby ] Oh. [ Muttering indistinctly to baby ]
[ Young Dembe gets up ]
Young Aissa: Dembe. There’s someone I think you should meet. This is Isabella, your daughter.
Young Dembe: What?
Young Aissa: Your daughter. She just turned 14 months.
Young Dembe: She’s perfect.
Young Aissa: The night you left, I was going to tell you about her.
Young Dembe: I swear, if I had known – I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry I haven’t been here, but I’m here now.
Young Aissa: Dembe. We won’t be. We are leaving. I got a research position in America. We’re moving at the end of the month.
Young Dembe: I’ll go with you.
Young Aissa: I appreciate the offer. I do, but – That man, the policeman at the bar, no one else would know what he does for a living, but you knew the second you walked in, didn’t you?
[ Young Dembe looks sideways at him and sighs ]
Young Aissa: And if you came with us, you’d always be looking over your shoulder like that, wouldn’t you?
Young Dembe: Yes.
Young Aissa: And if someone did see you, then what? Bags packed in the middle of the night? On to a new city, with new names? I love you, Dembe. I do. But that’s not the life I want, for either of us.
Young Dembe: I won’t bother you again.
Young Aissa: Do you want to hold her?
Young Dembe: Yes. Very much, but – I should go.
[ He stands. They look into each others’ eyes. Then he walks past Aissa and Isabella and leaves ]

[ The Post Office ]
[ Dembe’s cell phone rings✨]
Dembe: Raymond.
Red: Dr. Abani was just delivered to the Red Crescent hospital in Sana’a. He has a few cracked ribs and a bump the size of a plum on the back of his head, but he should be fine.
Dembe: What about Dr. Rapchinski?
Red: Oh, he’s on a Saudi transport out of Lisbon. He’ll be in Riyan by morning. General Thabit assured me the Yemenis wouldn’t seek the death penalty, provided the good doctor gives up his Iranian collaborators, which I imagine he’s eagerly doing as we speak.
Dembe: Raymond, if you hadn’t shown up in time–
Red: You’re still in love with her.
Dembe: I think I always have been. Raymond, you need to speak to Harold. There’s a congressman investigating the task force and–
Red: I would have understood, if– If you hadn’t shown up that night at the airfield.
Dembe: I know. I knew then, too.
Red: Good. [ Inhales ] Goodnight, Dembe.
Dembe: Goodnight, Raymond.

[ Cooper’s office ]
Ressler: I don’t understand. What’s Hudson’s angle here?
Cooper: Hard to say, but there are more than a few congressmen who think they can score political points by criticizing the Bureau these days.
Ressler: You think he’ll call for a hearing?
Cooper: I think Arthur Hudson wants answers. If he can use the current politician climate to advance his investigation, he will.
Ressler: Well, if he subpoenas our records, it’s only a matter of time before Congress finds out that Raymond Reddington broke into a secret FBI facility, murdered two men, and corrupted every file in this place.
Cooper: Opening all our former convictions to appeal. Mmm. Don’t think I haven’t thought about it. If we’re gonna survive Arthur Hudson, we need to prove that we are still indispensable. To do that, we need Reddington. Dembe didn’t get a sense of where he was?
Ressler: Well, somewhere over the Atlantic, but since then, who knows? Maybe helping Dembe will inspire Reddington to start delivering us cases again, but I wouldn’t bet on it.
Cooper: Neither would I. I might not like it, but there’s not a thing we can do to get Reddington to do what we want, when we want.
Ressler: You want me to call Siya off?
Cooper: Not yet. We might not be able to force his hand, but he should at least know we’re waiting.

[ Moses Sumney’s ♫ “Bless Me” plays ]
[ ⬇ Go to Full Lyrics ] or [ ♪ Tap square below to play ♪ ]

[ Dembe walks into Aissa’s apartment. She’s down on her knees packing a suitcase ]

♪ It’s so predictable ♪
♪ To farm the parable ♪

Aissa: Oh, would you please hand me that?

♪ From every tete-a-tete ♪

Aissa: Michael’s on his way to Germany, and my plane leaves in a few hours.

♪ But when you see the end ♪

Aissa: What’s that?
Dembe: An early birthday gift for Ella. Did they leave?
Aissa: Oh, they, uh, went to pick up, uh, dinner.
[ Dembe drops down to his knees to help Aissa zip her suitcase shut ]
Aissa: [ Chuckles ]

♪ Bless me ♪

Aissa: Oh. Thank you.
Dembe: You’re welcome.

♪ Before you go ♪
♪ You’re going nowhere With me ♪

[ Suddenly, for a few moments, Aissa and Dembe find themselves looking into each others’ eyes ]

♪ Met you In the wrestling pit ♪

Dembe: I’m glad you two will be together. Obviously, not under these circumstances, but–

♪ Ah, a body on top of me ♪

Aissa: Is that the truth? You’re glad Michael and I will be together again?

♪ Stayed up past The witching hour ♪

Dembe: I’m glad he’s safe.

♪ You showed me Your secret powers ♪
♪ I wish that mine ♪
♪ Could freeze time ♪
♪ Bless me ♪

[ Dembe holds out the gift ]
Dembe: Will you give this to Ella when she comes?

♪ Before you go ♪
♪ You’re going nowhere With me ♪

Aissa: Stay for dinner. You can give it to her yourself.
Dembe: I don’t want to impose.
Aissa: It’s no imposition. I’m sure Ella would love to see you.

♪ You’re going nowhere With me ♪

Aissa: Stay.

♪ Cupid has it out for me ♪
♪ Gave me crooked alchemy ♪

[ Cooper arrives home ]

♪ Eros, oh, god of flings ♪
♪ Sees the beauty In all things ♪
♪ As stupid is as stupid does ♪
♪ I grasp your cloak because ♪

[ Cooper opens the freezer and finds several pint-sized cartons of ice cream. He takes out one of them. Agnes comes down from upstairs ]

♪ Maybe you’ll grant me wings ♪
♪ If I cling ♪
♪ Bless me ♪

Cooper: Hey, there. How you feeling, honeybun?
Agnes: A little better.
Cooper: I’m glad. Funny, I, uh– I don’t remember buying so much mint chocolate chip.
Agnes: Pinkie brought it. He came over to check on me right after you left.
Cooper: I see. And did Pinkie say anything about where he might be going?
Agnes: He seemed – different. Or maybe not different, but more so.
Cooper: Oh? How’s that?
Agnes: I don’t know. It’s like he’s searching for something but can’t see it. And when he stops, it bumps into him. It’s like he’s looking for something that’s already there. It’s either in front of him or behind him.
Cooper: And what do you suppose “it” is?
Agnes: Life or death, I guess. Isn’t that what it usually is? Life and death? Like Charlotte’s Web.
Cooper: Yeah. Like Charlotte’s Web. I think for Pinkie, maybe it’s always been life and death. Maybe now it’s just “more so,” like you said.
Agnes: You love him, don’t you, Pops?

♪ Before you go ♪

Cooper: Sometimes he makes me so angry, so worried, and I hardly ever understand him. But I suppose, in a way, maybe I do.
Agnes: Oh, you definitely love him, Pops. I mean, how could you not? He’s so soft and cuddly, like you.
Cooper: I think maybe that’s enough ice cream for tonight.
Agnes: [ Laughs ]
Cooper: Besides, it’s time for you to go to bed.
Agnes: Night, Pops.
[ Agnes gives Cooper a hug ]
Cooper: Goodnight, sweetheart.
[ Agnes heads off to bed ]

♪ Bless me ♪
♪ Before you go ♪

Cooper: “Soft and cuddly.”

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❌❌❌ 10:12 Michael Abani

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The Conflict in Yemen

CouncilForeignRelatns: Yemen’s Tragedy: War, Stalemate, and Suffering https://tinyurl.com/42cf4ptu
// 5/1/2023: Yemen’s internal divisions and a Saudi-led military intervention have spawned an intractable political, military, and humanitarian crisis.

● The eight-year-old conflict in Yemen is between the internationally recognized government, which is backed by a Saudi-led military coalition, and Houthi rebels supported by Iran.

● The country’s humanitarian crisis is said to be among the worst in the world, due to widespread hunger, disease, and attacks on civilians.

● Tensions eased and humanitarian conditions improved with a UN-mediated cease-fire in 2022, but the combatants failed to renew the deal after six months.

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🔴 Episode Songs

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♫ Bless Me
By Moses Sumney

♪ It’s so predictable
To farm the parable
From every tête-à-tête
But when you see the end
In every beginning
Lessons are all you get

♪ Bless me
Before you go
You’re goin’ nowhere with me

♪ Met you in the wrestling pit
You came when I needed it
A body on top of me
To teach me
Stayed up past the witching hour
You showed me your secret powers
I wish
That mine
Could freeze time

♪ Bless me
Before you go
You’re goin’ nowhere with me
Bless me
Before you go
You’re goin’ nowhere with me

♪ Cupid has it out for me
Gave me crooked alchemy
Oh god of flings
Sees the beauty in all things
As stupid’s as stupid does
I grasp your cloak because
Maybe you’ll grant me wings
If I cling

♪ Bless me
Before you go
You’re goin’ nowhere with me
Bless me
Before you go
You’re goin’ nowhere with me

♪ You must be an angel
Your conscience is clean
Why would you soil yourself
With a monster like me
If the good lord sent ya
The good lord can take ya back
I hope when he comes for you
You illuminate the path

♪ (Bless me before you go)
(Bless me before you go)
Ooh, ooh
You’re goin’ nowhere with me
You’re goin’ nowhere with me
You’re goin’ nowhere with me
You’re goin’ nowhere with me

♪ Bless me
Before you go
You’re goin’ nowhere with me
Bless me
Before you go

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Lyrics and Credits: https://tinyurl.com/mry5hu4c
YouTube: https://youtu.be/D386dU9thiA



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🔴 General

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