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🔆 This❗️⋙ Variety: ‘The Blacklist’ to End With Season 10 at NBC https://tinyurl.com/2r3mw3wr
// 2/1/2023

The drama series’ upcoming 10th season, which will include its 200th episode, will be its last. Premiering on Feb. 26, Season 10 sees Raymond Reddington (James Spader) confront unparalleled danger. With Reddington’s covert role as an FBI informant facing exposure, former Blacklisters will unite against him in their lethal desire for revenge, testing Red and the FBI Task Force as never before. …

“We thank our wonderful partners at NBC for a remarkable 10 seasons of ‘The Blacklist,’ the series that introduced the world to Raymond Reddington, brilliantly portrayed by James Spader,” said Jason Clodfelter, co-president of Sony Pictures Television Studios. “James has led a multi-talented and diverse cast that also featured legendary guest stars and hundreds of Blacklisters who made us all root for this anti-hero. We tip our Reddington hat to the dedicated production staff, hard-working crew and talented writers. The unpredictable plot twists have produced a legacy TV show that served to entertain a worldwide audience and as we enter the final season, we can’t wait for audiences to see how Raymond Reddington takes a final bow.”


🔆 This❗️⋙ NBC: Everything to Know About The Blacklist Season 10 https://tinyurl.com/2p9efd2t
// 1/12/2023; The Blacklist Season 10 Premiere Date: Sunday, February 26, 2023 at 10/9c on NBC 

Express [UK]: The Blacklist dealt huge boost for future after season 10 despite cancellation fears https://tinyurl.com/3fbv9b66
// 12/12/2022

NBC viewers are still incredibly concerned about the future of The Blacklist after some major changes to the show’s schedule were confirmed earlier this year. Thankfully, the popular US network isn’t the only place fans can catch up on the latest capers with Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington (played by James Spader), and the latest figures from Netflix could provide a strong case to keep the show on the air. …

In fact, the series placed ahead of The Big Bang Theory, Friends, Grey’s Anatomy, and Game of Thrones, all some of the USA – and the world’s – biggest shows.

This data is certainly good news for fans to hear in the run-up to The Blacklist’s milestone tenth season. ¤ A renewal is not yet a certainty, but NBC will be keen to keep producing more episodes to ensure traffic is still reaching dizzying heights on Netflix.

Viewing figures have been dipping on its original network over the years, but die-hard fans can rest assured the show still has millions of loyal fans showing their support.


TVSeriesFinale:The Blacklist: Season 10; NBC Renews James Spader Drama Series for 2022-23 http://bit.ly/3p8Jb8F
// 2/23/2022


EntertainmentWeekly, Alamin Yohannes: The task force is back in our first look at The Blacklist season 9 http://bit.ly/3b2inzc
// 8/12/2021


ShowbizCheatsheet: The Blacklist’ Producers Give an Update on the Future of the Series http://bit.ly/30HYECZ
// 8/4/2021


Deadline: ‘The Blacklist’ Creator Jon Bokenkamp Exits NBC Series After 8 Seasons http://bit.ly/3naqKOW
// 6/24/2021


Deadline: ‘The Blacklist’ Star Megan Boone Leaving NBC Series After 8 Seasons http://bit.ly/3iMVNQe
// 6/15/2021


TVSeriesFinale: The Blacklist: Season Nine; NBC Series Renewed for the 2021-22 Season http://bit.ly/3pyUYu3
// 1/26/2021


WaPo: Your favorite fall TV shows look normal. Making them in a pandemic is anything but. http://wapo.st/3nUbG6T
// 11/25/2020; Hollywood soldiers on, but the return to set has been fraught with shutdowns, positive tests and budget spikes.


TVGuide, Liam Mathews: The Blacklist Season 8 Will Be As Escapist As Ever http://bit.ly/38Ci2mS
// 11/11/2020


TVGuide, Liam Mathews: Everything You Need to Know About The Blacklist Season 8 http://bit.ly/38yXKuH
// 11/2/2020


CinemaBlend, Britt Lawrence: The Blacklist: 7 Quick Things We Know About Season 8 http://bit.ly/36q8dG6
// 10/26/2020


EntertainmentWeekly: Clark Middleton, actor on The Blacklist and Twin Peaks, dies at 63 http://bit.ly/2T5Ur51
// 10/5/2020, Clark played the role of Glen Carter, Red’s tracker and friend

Actor Clark Middleton, best known for appearing in The Blacklist and the recent Twin Peaks revival, has reportedly died after battling the West Nile Virus. He was 63.

In a statement to EW, The Blacklist creator Jon Bokenkamp reacted to the news … “I’m heartbroken. Besides being a truly unique and gifted actor, Clark was simply an incredible guy in every way,” he wrote. “He was a whip-smart film nut. He loved his work with a passion. And he was insanely generous of spirit … I know his entire family at The Blacklist is devastated by this news. Clark was one of the good ones, and we lost him way too soon.”


TVLine: NBC Sets Fall (Yes, Fall!) Premiere Dates for This Is Us, #OneChicago and More http://bit.ly/2Z0omiv What Shows Return in 2021?
// 8/27/2020 //➔ The Blacklist Nov 13, 8pm ET


WaPo: Want to know when life will get back to normal? Keep an eye on Hollywood. http://wapo.st/2AfPPDB
// 6/30/2020

Making a film or a television show requires building a society in miniature. Executives (directors) work with white-collar professionals (writers, costume designers, cinematographers) to carry out plans that center around key performers (actors). But that can’t happen without people in blue-collar and service professions (workers who build sets and props, cater meals, and do hair and makeup). Traditionally, all of those people have worked in close proximity: They eat at buffets; touch each other to apply eyeliner, coordinate stunts or simulate intimacy; and come together in editing bays and screening rooms to complete a finished product.

[E]ntertainment needs to solve all these conundrums at once to get up and running again. And while studios and networks don’t have the same power as governments, they do have tremendous financial incentives to find safe, scalable solutions that both stars and support staff will accept. The rules and technologies they adopt could show the rest of us what a new, livable world might look like.


EntertainmentWeekly, Alamin Yohannes: The Blacklist goes animated for season 7 finale amid production shutdown http://bit.ly/3cieiGf
// 5/5/2020

To close out its seventh season, the NBC crime drama will employ a combination of live-action footage from the partially filmed 19th episode and graphic-novel-style animation. The hybrid episode, titled “The Kazanijan Brothers,” will serve as the finale for the shortened season, which was originally intended to run 22 episodes.

To complete the episode, stars James Spader, Megan Boone, and their castmates recorded audio at home, with the rest of the episode also being animated and edited remotely.


Deadline: Brian Dennehy Mourned By ‘The Blacklist’ Family, Beloved Actor Set For One Final Appearance & Tribute On NBC Drama http://bit.ly/2RKQy5g
// 4/16/2020; ‘Dennehy’s Dominic Wilkinson played the father of infamous Russian spy Katarina Rostova and the grandfather of Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone).’ Such sad news.

Six-time Emmy nominee Brian Dennehy’s last television role was on NBC’s thriller drama series The Blacklist, on which he recurred opposite stars James Spader and Megan Boone.

As fans are reeling from the news today of Dennehy’s death at age 81, there is something they can look forward to — one more appearance by the actor on The Blacklist, which is produced by Sony Pictures Television.

“Fans will get to see Brian again,” The Blacklist creator/executive producer Jon Bokenkamp told Deadline. “We’re working with existing and previously filmed footage to complete the season finale.”

The Blacklist was filming Episode 19 of its 22-episode Season 7 order when production was shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic. I hear Dennehy was already supposed to be in Episode 19, which will now be The Blacklist‘s Season 7 finale and mark the farewell for Dennehy’s character, Dominic Wilkinson.


IMDb: ‘The Goldbergs’ & ‘Schooled’ Join ‘Blacklist’, ‘Wheel Of Time’, ‘Mel Robbins’ In Sony TV Production Halts: Update http://imdb.to/2TVAzmg
// 3/13/2020


TVSeries Finale: The Blacklist: Season Eight Renewal Announced as NBC Series Reaches 150 Episodes http://bit.ly/2Vm8hT3
// 2/20/2020


NBC has renewed its esteemed drama series “The Blacklist” for an eighth season.

“Congratulations to our incredible cast, producers and crew, all of whom continue to reach excellence week in and week out,” said Lisa Katz and Tracey Pakosta, Co-Presidents of Scripted Programming, NBC Entertainment. “We couldn’t be more excited to continue Red and Liz’s story into season eight.”


🔆 This❗️⋙ FlickeringMyth, Ricky Church: The Blacklist renewed for season 8 http://bit.ly/2xDaxeV
// 2/20/2020

Jon Bokenkamp
EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Jon Bokenkamp, John Eisendrath, John Davis and John Fox, James Spader, Laura Benson, Lukas Reiter, J.R. Orci, Daniel Cerone
STARRING: James Spader, Megan Boone, Harry Lennix, Diego Klattenhoff, Amir Arison, Laura Sohn, Hisham Tawfiq
“The Blacklist continues to tell exciting and imaginative stories,” said Chris Parnell, Co-President of Sony Pictures Television. “It’s due to the brilliant cast, crew and our writing staff, led by Jon Bokenkamp and John Eisendrath, who commit to unparalleled creativity. Wait until you see what’s in store for season eight. – FlickeringMyth (2/20/2020) http://bit.ly/2xDaxeV


WaPo: The fall of 1989 http://wapo.st/2p0X1xY
// 11/6/2019; Background; various authors; The Berlin Wall crumbled. Regimes toppled. But 30 years later, how much have things changed?


NYT, Martin Scorcese: I Said Marvel Movies Aren’t Cinema. Let Me Explain. http://nyti.ms/36EPPZ6
// 11/5/2019; Film theory; Cinema is an art form that brings you the unexpected. In superhero movies, nothing is at risk, a director says.


TheCinemaholic, Gautam Anand: When Does The Blacklist Season 7 Premiere on NBC? http://bit.ly/2kzlbgO Series background and basics for newbies
// 9/22/2019; Season 7 trailer


EntertainmentWeekly, Alamin Yahannes: Reddington is Katarina’s captive in first Blacklist season 7 photos http://bit.ly/2m4wk9F
// 9/11/2019; The kidnapping of Raymond Reddington kicks off season 7 in these new images from ‘The Blacklist’ premiere


TechNadu: How to Watch ‘The Blacklist’ Online – Live Stream Season 7 Episodes http://bit.ly/2kZBzHr
// 8/25/2019


TVSeriesFinale: NBC 2018-19 Season Ratings http://bit.ly/2YHGS19
// 8/12/2019


CinemaBlend, Britt Lawrence: Will The Blacklist End After Season 7? Not So Fast! http://bit.ly/2T6LaZG
// 8/1/2019

Bokenkamp told TVLine:

Especially in a serialized show like this, where there is a mythology, we never want to stretch it. We never want to take advantage of that. And yet, at the same time, I think we really have a lot of story to tell. Going into Season 7, John and I both feel very confident that we have a lot of work yet to do. I don’t think anybody’s racing to the finish line.


VillagesNews: Villages’ Megan Boone starts seventh season of hit NBC series ‘Blacklist’ http://bit.ly/2MfXnut
// 7/26/2018; Note: Megan Boone’s grandfather founded The Villages, a retirement community in Florida, where her mother is an executive


TweepsMap: Where @BlacklistDCd followers live:
// 7/8/2019, 48.4% are outside the United States


Zoo.com: The Blacklist Quiz http://bit.ly/2YW8VpF
// Fun! I got 35 out of 35 correct!


CinemaBlend, Britt Lawrence: Why Is NBC’s The Blacklist Always Ignored By The Emmys? http://bit.ly/2Y7BDXi
// 7/16/2019; I have had the same question for years. I think the issue has to do with compelling network shows to compete with cable. The shows are so different in terms of how they are structured, written and produced, not to mention the constraints put on network shows in terms of the standards they must comply with (no swearing or sex) and the need to please advertisers. It’s like trying to compare a sonnet to a novel. My view is there should be separate competitions altogether. Otherwise the network shows are overlooked. – LB90

The Blacklist is a genre show on a major network with a talented array of performers, not to mention a terrific swell of skilled writers and directors. To be six seasons in and still going narratively strong is telling of how well the show is doing with fans. There are few series that possess that level of creative stamina, but the Emmys once again did not feel inclined to honor everyone’s efforts.

When the Emmy voters snub The Blacklist, they’re not just ignoring the show, but also crucially passing over one of the best ensembles on TV. The series’ ability to pivot focus towards literally any actor for a solid episode is as top-tier as it gets, in my opinion. Few streaming or cable shows could sustain such a swift pace in the 22-episodes-a-season world of broadcast TV, and yet the crime drama has proven it can, time and again.

For instance, both Amir Arison (Aram) and Mozhan Marnò (Samar) were grievously ignored by the TV Academy. Both of them knocked it out of the park during one of The Blacklist’s most pivotal episodes, which turned out to be viewers’ farewell to Samar.

… [W]hy has an actor [James Spader as Red] that has gotten recognized by the Emmys in the past for other projects been ignored so consistently for The Blacklist? Especially when he is still getting high-drawer storylines and delivering top-shelf work. …

To date, James Spader has only received Emmy Award nominations for his work on The Practice and its spinoff series, Boston Legal. This year, the Emmys ignored Spader’s work even as he continued to turn in one exceptional turn after another.

I felt like James Spader took a lot of chances this year. With the audience now relatively clueless as to who he is actually playing, Spader charged up the enigma quotient extensively.

There were times that he was charming and funny, dangerous and lethal, contemplative and resolute, and all without missing a beat.

What it will take for the Emmys to recognize the crime drama is tough to know. The Blacklist delivered a highly engaging storyline with Red’s jail time and near-death, following up on Season 5’s twists and turns enjoyably. It has had episodes large and intimate in scale, without compromising its character-driven roots. …

The show has been on the media’s radar since in recent years as well, as an anchor for NBC in the Friday-night lineup, which used to be a place where shows went to die. Now, though, things are getting just as competitive as other primetime evenings, with The Blacklist as consistent as any other shows going into the weekend.


🔆 This❗️⋙ CinemaBlend, Britt Lawrence: When The Blacklist Will Be Back To Handle Red’s Kidnapping For Season 7 http://bit.ly/2YkTzuy
// 6/19/2019, The Blacklist Season 7 premieres Friday, October 4 on NBC!


ProgrammingInsider: Friday Final Ratings: ‘The Blacklist’ on NBC Delivers its Season-Best in Total Viewers with Season Finale http://bit.ly/2EniAgw
// 5/21/2019; 4.463M Total Same Day


Deadline: Friday Ratings: ‘The Blacklist’ Season 6 Finale Leads NBC To Demo Victory http://bit.ly/2VRTrp9
// 5/18/2019;

The Season 6 finale of NBC’s The Blacklist helped send the peacock network to the top of a quiet Friday night.

The Blacklist unraveled some of its bigger secrets in the finale, scoring an 0.6/4 and 4.45 million viewers. Those totals matched its season high in total viewers and its high water mark for adults in the coveted 18-49 demo. The 0.6 represented a hold on last week’s numbers for the show.


FutonCritic: Friday’s Broadcast Ratings: NBC Tops Demo with “The Blacklist” Finale http://bit.ly/2WVSoRk
// 5/18/2019; 4.45M viewers, .6M Ages 18-49


🔆 This❗️⋙ CinemaBlend: Double Episode on April 26http://bit.ly/2Zm1wQW
// 4/19/2019; Note: Spoilers at link.



TVGuide: The Blacklist’s Amir Arison Was Very Scared to Take a Swing at James Spader http://bit.ly/2UoTqIz
// 4/4/2019

“That was the scariest stunt I’ve ever done in my entire career. Hands down,” Arison said of the punch. He went to set early that day to work with Spader’s stunt double, because he was nervous that in his rattled emotional state after Samar told Aram that she was leaving, he would would actually “clock our executive producer, the legendary actor James Spader, in the face,” he said. “But you know, you take that fear and you use it!”

They ended up not using a stunt double, so Arison took the swing at Spader. “James couldn’t have been more of a mensch that day,” Arison said. “He’s always wonderful, and was really supportive and we actually were able to do it in just a couple of takes.” Arison said he never thought Aram would get to do something like that, and he was so impressed with the show’s writers for “earning that moment” by putting Aram through an emotional wringer to get there.


TVByTheNumbers: The Blacklist’ doubles its viewers in broadcast Live +7 ratings for March 11-17 http://bit.ly/2WDZ9qv
// 4/1/2019, charts

“The Blacklist” posted some strong viewer gains in the broadcast live +7 ratings ratings for the week of March 11.

The NBC series was the only show of the week to double its original L+SD audience, raking in an additional 3.41 million viewers (+101%) after seven days of delayed viewing.


TVGuide, Amanda Bell: Mozhan Marnò Confirms She Is Off The Blacklist http://bit.ly/2FFp22m
// 3/31/2019

Following Friday’s back-to-back episodes of The Blacklist, which saw Samar leave the team as a result of her memory issues, actress Mozhan Marnò has personally confirmed that she has indeed left the NBC thriller series for good.

In an Instagram post shared Saturday, the actress revealed that it was her decision to walk away from the series.

“Five years ago, I got a call from my manager telling me I got the role of Samar on The Blacklist. Almost overnight, my life changed. It has been an amazing experience; I have made mistakes, I have made friends, I have grown. I’ve been in the room with some incredible people. … But, last summer, I decided that I was ready for my next chapter, and the producers very graciously granted my request to move on from the show.” …


HollywoodReporter: Fox’s ‘The Passage’ and NBC’s ‘The Blacklist’ have rather quietly racked up solid delayed-viewing numbers. http://bit.ly/2TOg6Nc
// 3/30/2019

… NBC’s The Blacklist has moved to Fridays and suffered the expected ratings declines on a night where TV usage is about 30 percent lower than other weeknights. But the spy thriller has always overperformed in delayed-viewing stats, and it’s still doing so in its sixth season (and will presumably do so again in its seventh).

The Blacklist grows half a point in adults 18-49 (0.6 to 1.1) over three days and adds about 2.77 million viewers, more than any other midseason series. No other Friday show this season, regardless of when it premiered, gets a larger boost in the 18-49 demo (CBS’ Blue Bloods and Fox’s Last Man Standing also grow by 0.5), and only Blue Bloods adds more viewers (3.72 million).


TVLine: The Blacklist: Mozhan Marnò to Exit http://bit.ly/2OBsM9g
// 3/29/2019


💽 TodayShow: ‘The Blacklist’ star James Spader on the hit show’s twists and turns [Video] http://on.today.com/2CJVK1X
// 3/29/2019; Actor James Spader joins the 3rd hour of TODAY to talk about recent episodes of his NBC series “The Blacklist” and what he hopes to come of future seasons.
↥ ↧
🐣 RT @fuzzybleu Aahh… Al Roker mentioned #EmmyForSpader on the show this morning. He told James about it when James was talking about the show’s loyal fan base. So awesome. Let’s just hope the Emmy’s are also aware. He also mentioned he would like to do an eighth season. Yay


Cinemablend: The Blacklist Got a Ratings Boost from Almost Executing Red http://bit.ly/2U5SVCh
// 3/24/2019


ProgrammingInsider: Live+7 Weekly Ratings: ‘The Blacklist’ Tops Broadcast Telecasts in Adults 18-49 Percentage Gains http://bit.ly/2WeLIx3
// 3/20/2019


EW.com: NBC renews The Blacklist for seventh season http://bit.ly/2H1cCn1
// 3/11/2019, “While hardly the juggernaut it was in the early years, The Blacklist is averaging a 1.2 rating among adults 18-49 and 7.3 million viewers. But NBC likes to tout how the series is currently the No. 1 most upscale drama on broadcast TV among homes earning $100,000 or more. ”


DeadlineHollywood, Nellie Andreeva: ‘The Blacklist’ Renewed For Season 7 By NBC With Original Cast Set To Return http://bit.ly/2O2VH5B
// 3/11/2019, wow! this took me by surprise!

… While I hear The Blacklist star James Spader had renegotiated his deal early on, adding an extra year, the rest of the show’s original cast members’ contracts were up at the end of the current sixth season. I hear over the past several months, Sony TV inked new pacts with co-lead Megan Boone and the other two original series regular cast members Diego Klatenhoff and Harry Lennix. Securing the core cast paved the way to a Season 7 renewal. …

Airing on a low-trafficked Friday night, The Blacklist is averaging a respectable 1.2 rating in adults 18-49 and 7.3 million viewers overall in Live+7 Nielsen ratings. It’s been a strong delayed gainer, growing by 119% from Live+Same Day to L+7  in adults 18-49 (from a 0.57 rating to a 1.25) and by 3.4 million viewers (3.9 million to 7.3 million).

The Blacklist is also this season’s #1 most upscale drama on the Big 4 networks among adults 18-49 living in homes with $100K+ incomes, indexing at a 140 among those viewers in L+7 results, which is important when selling advertising.

Additionally, because of NBCUniversal’s ownership in the show (initially 25%, increased to 50% early in the series’ run), NBC has a financial incentive to keep The Blacklist on the air. The show also is a big profits generator for Sony TV  from international sales and the lucrative SVOD pact with Netflix.

“Congratulations to our amazing producers, cast and crew, all of whom continue to work at the top of their game and make The Blacklist one of NBC’s signature series,” said Lisa Katz and Tracey Pakosta, Co-Presidents of Scripted Programming, NBC Entertainment. …

Jon Bokenkamp, John Eisendrath, John Davis, John Fox, James Spader, Lukas Reiter, J.R. Orci, Carla Kettner and Laura A. Benson serve as executive producers.


Variety, Amber Dowling: The Blacklist’ Team Talks Outcome of Red’s Trial and Vontae’s Future http://bit.ly/2EYnH7I
// 3/8/2019

Following Coy Stewart’s introduction as the innocent inmate Vontae Jones on the sixth season of NBC’s “The Blacklist,” fans have likened his relationship with Red Reddington (James Spader) to that of Batman and Robin. Had the big jailhouse escape plan featured in the 10th episode, “The Cryptobanker,” actually worked out, it would have been an astute connection. …

[Stewart] notes that working with Spader pushed his career to new heights and made him more confident in his own creative choices, something he’s not sure he would have experienced with any other actor in that situation.

“It was definitely the most intense work I’ve ever done. He gives me notes and tips, just to help with the direction of my character and know what my intentions are,” Stewart says. “I can really see a difference in myself actually, because I had never been in a situation where I was really was on my toes like that. Working with James and working on ‘The Blacklist,’ or even ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,’ has been incredible because it puts me in that room. It puts me in that world where I can a longer be a kid — I have to step up to the plate and I have to bring it.”

In terms of “The Blacklist” universe, [Executive Producer Jon] Bokenkamp likens Stewart and what he brought as Vontae to previous characters like Mr. Kaplan (Susan Blommaert), tracker Glen Carter (Clark Middleton), or Smokey Putnum (Michael Aronov). …

“There’s nobody better to be a Batman to than Raymond Reddington — the guy is completely bada– and almost untouchable,” he says. “Vontae has become his partner in crime, but I will say that this episode is not the last you will see of him. I can’t give anything else away,* but the Batman and Robin comparisons will not stop.”


CinemaBlend, Britt Lawrence: The Blacklist’s Two-Hour Event Made A Killing With Viewers http://bit.ly/2J19P0B
// 3/2/2019

The two-hour event started strong, pulling in 4.3 million in total viewers during its first half. The Blacklist’s second hour did not wander too far away from that number.

Part 2 brought in 4 million total viewers, per TVLine. When it came to its demo rating, it remained the same for both hours with a 0.6, and that is not where the positive news ends.

The first hour’s performance in total viewers marked a season-high for The Blacklist. For its sixth season, NBC shuffled the crime drama to Friday nights. NBC has not renewed it for another season yet. However, with numbers such as these, there is a reason to be hopeful regarding its chances.

To have a larger audience than the season premiere during the season is a great sign. Based on how The Blacklist is maintaining its audience, it is clear there is a core viewership that is still very much invested in the series.


TVByTheNumbers: TV Ratings Friday: ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ ends strong, ‘The Blacklist’ improves http://bit.ly/2RQZpjh
// 2/9/2019

NBC aired three hours of new content to little change from the norm, with “Blindspot” and “Dateline” each clinging to the pair of 0.5’s they scored last week. “The Blacklist” broke from that mold a bit, ticking up from 0.5 to 0.6. [ That’s 0.6 million viewers age 18-49. Total viewers 4.2 million; these are Live✛Same Day only ]


MLive: Favorite Friday night cop show: ‘Blue Bloods’ or ‘The Blacklist’? http://bit.ly/2GhjsG0
// 2/6/2019; online poll


EntertainmentWeekly: James Spader is back in lawyer mode in The Blacklist sneak peek http://bit.ly/2FyL9cn
// 1/9/2019

Alan Shore, is that you?

Not quite — but fans of The Practice (and Boston Legal) can dream. Beginning in the third episode of season 6 of NBC’s The Blacklist, James Spader will be taking a page out of his former TV role’s book to take charge in the courtroom again, as his Blacklist character, Red, decides to represent himself. After all, he’s been charged with the world’s most heinous crimes, and he’ll do whatever it takes to make it out alive.

“Reddington has all the money in the world, and people typically get the best defense money can buy, so who is going to be the best lawyer to represent Raymond Reddington as he fights for his life?” executive producer John Eisendrath says. “Raymond Reddington decides the best person to represent him as he fights for his life is Raymond Reddington.”

Eisendrath adds, “This is a total tour de force for Spader to play.” …


💽 NBC: James Spader on The Tonight Show w Jimmy Fallon https://youtu.be/AmmuKwiJ89o
// 1/7/2019


TVLine: The Blacklist EP Warns That Samar’s Season 6 Arc Will Be a ‘Real Doozy’ http://bit.ly/2M5TR2M
// 1/6/2019


🐣 RT @WinifredEmily Q: So who gets credit for the [UN] speech?… ¤ JB: I wrote,…John [Eisendrath] wrote,…and James [Spader] started talking about Cary Grant and LSD and sexuality,… and ultimately John and James worked their way through it. @TheBlacklistGSM.4/Jan 19 podcast
Tweetlink: https://twitter.com/WinifredEmily/status/1081415179751940099
// 1/4/2019
↥ ↧
Variety, Owen Gleiberman: Cannes Film Review: ‘Becoming Cary Grant’ http://bit.ly/2C0q0Ew
// 6/5/2017, Cary Grant’s inner life, including his experiments with LSD, is a ripe topic for a documentary, but this one trips along the surface.

Reddit: New Season 6 Poster: our favorite characters are all back! http://bit.ly/2AjLR9W
// 12/29/2018, I think the discussion here on the direction of the show is interesting


USAToday: Exclusive: Watch opening scene of ‘The Blacklist,’ as Red shows amateurs how to rob a bank http://bit.ly/2AcCsky 💽 YouTube: https://youtu.be/jU-Mmw_SXx8
// 12/20/2018


TVSeriesFinale: The Blacklist: Season Six; NBC Releases Premiere Photos, Descriptions, and Video http://bit.ly/2Gz1zU1
// 12/18/2018


CarterMatt: The Blacklist season 6 video: Megan Boone, James Spader on what’s next http://bit.ly/2LiingM
// 12/15/2018
💽 https://youtu.be/lHb8dfi4-M0 Season 6 First Look (Sneak Peak) (2:25)
💽 https://youtu.be/g6FOfd9QVxk Will Season 6 be the last? (Matt Carter) (6:32)


TVInsider, Jessica Napoli: ‘The Blacklist’ First Look: Liz Is on the Hunt for Answers in Season 6 (VIDEO) http://bit.ly/2Lj5Dqk
// 12/14/2018


E!News, Chris Hartnett: The Blacklist Season 6 Turns Everything on Its Head as Liz Seeks the Truth About Red http://bit.ly/2Ep9m4o
// 12/13/2018


TVLine: Blacklist Scheduling Twist: NBC to Launch Season 6 on Special Night http://bit.ly/2zsXlaS
// 11/20/2018

“Earlier this month, the Peacock announced that The Blacklist would christen its new Friday-at-9 pm perch on Jan. 4 with a special two-hour episode. Per the revised plan, the first hour of the two-parter will now air on Thursday, Jan. 3 at 10/9c (following the launch of the new reality show The Titan Games), with Part 2 unspooling in its regular time slot, Friday, Jan. 4 at 9/8c.”


⭕ Special Background Section on Whitey Bulger, An Inspiration for Red:

DeadlineHollywood, Jen Yamato: Comic-Con 2013: James Spader Debuts Whitey Bulger-Inspired ‘The Blacklist’ http://bit.ly/2rG8Uqw
// 7/13/2013
HollywoodReporter, Leslie Goldberg: Comic-Con: ‘The Blacklist’ Inspired by Whitey Bulger’s Capture http://bit.ly/2UOQYaT
// 7/18/2013

[P]roducers revealed that their inspiration for the show came right around the time Whitey Bulger had been captured. Bulger is a Boston crime figure who was dedicated to protecting his neighborhood and its residents. He ultimately was captured and is on trial for the alleged murder of 19 people.

Producers noted they liked idea of what would happen if a lifetime criminal just started talking. “He’d be like the Rosetta Stone of crime,” EP John Fox said of Red’s evolution. “He took on a Keyser Soze [The Usual Suspects] kind of feel … a concierge for crime.”

NYT: Whitey Bulger: The Capture of a Legend: Timeline http://nyti.ms/2QTycjw
A look at the life of James (Whitey) Bulger, the notorious Boston crime boss, including his childhood, mob and F.B.I ties, capture and trial.
// last updated: 11/14/2014
Bulger killed in prison Oct 2018 ⇊
WaPo, Paul Duggan: Whitey Bulger, Boston crime boss and elusive fugitive, dead in prison at 89 http://wapo.st/2A3PRuW
// 10/30/2018

Mr. Bulger, whose bloody reign in the Boston underworld was aided by crooked FBI agents in the 1980s and who later went on the lam for 16 years, living incognito by the California seashore, died Oct. 30 while completing the first of his two life sentences. He was 89.

Although notorious in Boston, Mr. Bulger was largely unknown to the wider world until after he disappeared in 1994. In his absence, his darkest secrets, including his corrupt ties with FBI agents, were gradually laid bare in court hearings, media exposés and a congressional inquiry. He became a nationwide curiosity, sharing space with Osama bin Laden on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted list.

Captured in Santa Monica, Calif., in 2011, Mr. Bulger was sentenced to two consecutive life terms plus five years after a Boston jury convicted him of 31 racketeering offenses. The indictment against him catalogued 19 alleged murders, and he was found guilty of ordering or carrying out 11 of them.

The verdicts, in 2013, climaxed a gangland opera of fealty and betrayal that spanned half a century and combined two of Boston’s abiding fixations: ethnic crime and politics.

Mr. Bulger, dubbed Whitey in his fair-haired youth, was a brother of William M. “Billy” Bulger, a longtime Democratic state lawmaker and iron-fisted boss of Massachusetts government. Theirs was a family epic — a tale of two siblings, each ruthless in his own way and each ever loyal to the other, who climbed to power by different means from a hardscrabble beginning in insular, working-class South Boston.

On Boston’s Beacon Hill, William Bulger, an erudite lawyer schooled in classic literature, dominated the statehouse as Senate president for 18 years, while the shadowy, menacing Whitey, once a bank robber and Alcatraz inmate, loomed over the streets below, a czar of bookmaking, loan-sharking, extortion and drug distribution.

NYT, Robert McFadden: Whitey Bulger Is Dead in Prison at 89; Long-Hunted Boston Mob Boss http://nyti.ms/2Bm9uOY
// 10/30/2018

James (Whitey) Bulger, the South Boston mobster and F.B.I. informer who was captured after 16 years on the run and finally brought to justice in 2013 for a murderous reign of terror that inspired books, films and a saga of Irish-American brotherhood and brutality, was found beaten to death on Tuesday in a West Virginia prison. He was 89.

Two Federal Bureau of Prisons employees, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the information was not yet public, said Mr. Bulger was beaten unrecognizable by inmates shortly after he had arrived at the prison, the Hazelton federal penitentiary in Bruceton Mills, W.Va. He had been moved from prison to prison in recent years and was incarcerated in Florida before being transferred to Hazelton, which has been rife with violence. …

To the families of those he executed gangland-style and to a neighborhood held in thrall long after he vanished in 1994, Mr. Bulger’s arrest in Santa Monica, Calif., in 2011 and his conviction of gruesome crimes brought a final reckoning of sorts, and an end to the career of one of America’s most notorious underworld figures, the heir to a nation’s fascinations with Dillinger, Capone and Gotti.

RollingStone, Amelia McDonell-Parry: Whitey Bulger Reportedly Killed Because He Was a ‘Rat’ http://bit.ly/2LlFvuO
// 10/31/2018, Sources suspect Fotios “Freddy” Geas, a mafia hitman serving a life sentence, was behind the beating death of the former Boston mob boss


Note: Check out the 5/16/2018 interviews by Natalie Abrams and Philiana Ng with Jon Bokenkamp under Interrogations (link above) for insights into wtf happened in the Finale … very clarifying.

BlacklistDCd.com: Views by Country Jan-May 2018 https://wp.me/PDKwi-14T#mapJanMay18
// 5/26/2018; absent countries: Iran, North Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Greenland, Iceland and some Saharan African countries. The international support for #TheBlacklist is amazing @NBCBlacklist

⋙ Within in moments of posting, I got this tweet

🐣 RT @ngc1987sh (Shima) More more than thousands fans #TheBlacklist have in Iran. … https://twitter.com/ngc1987sh/status/1000451335492456448

⋙ I apologized, saying the map was just people clicking onBlacklistDCd.com. Shima replied:

🐣 RT @ngc1987sh Okay, I got it. ☺️ But u know we have lots of problems for connecting to Twitter or Facebook, even Telegram now. Thus, we hve to use Vpn, which related to everywhere, to get away from these Deprivations https://twitter.com/ngc1987sh/status/1000458688619048966


CarterMatt: Emmy Hopefuls: Is James Spader for The Blacklist one of the decade’s greatest snubs? http://bit.ly/2KUPEgR
// 5/25/2018; yes!


TVLine, Rebecca Iannucci: Blacklist EP: Finale’s Duffel Bag Reveal Is ‘Biggest Answer We’ve Given to Date’ http://bit.ly/2GmEdMj
// 5/16/2016, Possible spoilers

Tonight’s season finale of The Blacklist (NBC, 8/7c) will pull a literal skeleton out of Raymond Reddington’s closet — or duffel bag, as it were — as viewers finally learn the identity of those pesky bones Red has been pursuing.

But if you’re an eagle-eyed Blacklist viewer, it’s possible you’ve already deciphered to whom those bones belong. After all, series creator Jon Bokenkamp says, the NBC drama has been dropping hints throughout Season 5 about the unlucky soul inside that bag.

“In a way, I sort of hope [viewers will see it coming],” Bokenkamp tells TVLine of the big reveal. “All I know is that the clues are all there, so I think this is less of a twist and more of a well-earned truth.” …

… [Megan] Boone: Boone: “It gets pretty tense, I’m not going to lie to you. It’s an arms race, as well as a race to the finish line, to get those bones.”


TVInsider, Ileane Rudolph: ‘The Blacklist’ Star Megan Boone Says the Finale Brings the ‘Biggest Reveal’ Yet http://bit.ly/2IIK4jW
// 5/15/2018, “Fans will be stunned”; article contains possible spoilers


EntertainmentWeekly: NBC fall schedule revealed: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Blacklist held to 2019 http://bit.ly/2IEEdfA
// 5/13/2018 ‼️ ⋙ “The biggest move might be holding the sixth season premiere of The Blacklist until next January — and pushing the show to Friday nights, where it will be paired with Blindspot.”


ETOnline: First Look: John Waters Brings Some Style to ‘The Blacklist’ Finale (Exclusive) http://et.tv/2IOk2vI
// 5/14/2018


Decider: ‘Blacklist’ Renewed By NBC For 6th Season http://dcdr.me/2GcdWQD
// 5/13/2018, caption: “Don’t look so glum, Jimmy! You’re the star of the most popular show on Netflix”


CarterMatt: 2018-19 TV Season: New NBC shows include Abby’s, Manifest, The InBetween, and more http://bit.ly/2IhCd9J
// 5/13/2018


EntertainmentWeekly, Natalie Abrams: The Blacklist renewed for season 6 http://bit.ly/2GceUMD
// 5/12/2018


Variety: Blacklist’ Renewed for Season 6 at NBC http://bit.ly/2wBmroF
// 5/12/2018

The series stars James Spader as Raymond “Red” Reddington, one of the FBI’s most wanted fugitives who suddenly turns himself in without explanation. He reveals that he has compiled a list of the worst criminals the world over that even the FBI doesn’t know about and will help catch all of them if rookie agent Elizabeth Keen is made his partner.

In addition to to Spader, the series stars Megan Boone, Diego Klattenhoff, Harry Lennix, Amir Arison, Mozhan Marnò, and Hisham Tawfiq. “The Blacklist” alum Ryan Eggold, who departed the series this season, will star in the upcoming NBC medical drama “New Amsterdam.”

NBC has ordered a 22-episode sixth season.

Jon Bokenkamp created the series and executive produces along with Spader, John Eisendrath, John Davis, John Fox, Lukas Reiter, J.R. Orci and Carla Kettner. The series is produced by Davis Entertainment in association with Sony Pictures Television and Universal Television.


USAToday: NBC renews ‘The Blacklist’; fate of ‘Timeless’ remains uncertain http://usat.ly/2IfIzdJ
// 5/12/2018


🐣 Thank you to everyone! @blacklistroom @NBCBlacklist #TheBlacklist @JonBokenkamp All the actors producers and crew and to everyone who tweet stormed today! The tale goes on! #RENEWEDforSeasonSix #TheBlacklist @NBC @SonyPictures


HollywoodReporter: Here Are All the Broadcast TV Shows That Were Canceled This Season (and Why) http://bit.ly/2GegyO4
// 5/12/2018


Me griping ⇊ (5/12/2018)

🐣 Two things really concern me about #TheBlacklist possibly getting cancelled. 1. It was designed as a whole. There has always been a plan. @nbc @sony you will never sell DVD sets, you’d kill franchises #RenewBlacklistS6 #TheBlacklist @NBC @SonyPictures

🐣 2. There is a huge international viewership for #TheBlacklist 45% of the hits on my @BlacklistDCd blog are from other countries, >170 other countries. #RenewBlacklistS6 #TheBlacklist @NBC @SonyPictures

🐣 If I may add a third, I for one may never watch a show live again. I’ll wait until the series wraps and has a coherent story behind it. In fact, that is what more & more people do ~ why invest the time and emotion? #RenewBlacklistS6 #TheBlacklist @NBC @SonyPictures


TVLine: Performer of the Week: Elisabeth Moss http://bit.ly/2jPmdRA
// 5/12/2018, Honorable Mention: Amir Arison; cross-posted under Vulnerabilities

Though The Blacklist is typically anchored by Liz and Red’s tumultuous relationship, the NBC drama shifted focus this week to Samar and Aram’s ongoing love story. The result? A lovely showcase for Amir Arison, who so sensitively portrayed Aram’s desperation and hope while on the search for an abducted Samar. All at once, Aram was fiercely determined to find his love and completely terrified he would never locate her — a tricky balance that Arison nailed. But the highlight of the episode came in its final minutes, when Aram sweetly proposed to Samar at her hospital bedside. Arison’s performance was so sincere, so tender, that we nearly changed the channel to give these two some privacy.


HollywoodReporter: The 5 Most Surprising Pilot Passes This Season http://bit.ly/2jPN1Bk
// 5/11/2018

L.A.’s Finest (NBC) ~ Easily pilot season’s biggest slam dunk, the Bad Boys II spinoff starred Gabrielle Union reprising her role from the feature film and starring opposite Jessica Alba. It also boasted proven producer in the film’s Jerry Bruckheimer. The drama is produced by Sony Pictures Television Studios, which wasn’t ideal given that all the broadcast networks (as well as cable and streamers) have been focusing more on owning their scripted originals in a push for greater profitability. Sources say talks between NBC and Sony broke down as part of the annual packaging negotiations that go on between the network (which usually wants one show) — and Sony (which typically attempts to package others in the same dealmaking). Insiders say Sony pushed hard to get Norman Lear’s longtime passion project Guess Who Died, starring Holland Taylor, Hector Elizondo and Christopher Lloyd, on the air and package that with L.A.’s Finest and bubble shows The Blacklist and Timeless. Guess Who Died and L.A.’s Finest were both passed over (and are being shopped) and the jury is still out on Blacklist and Timeless.


HollywoodReporter: ‘L.A.’s Finest,’ Starring Gabrielle Union, Jessica Alba, Passed Over at NBC http://bit.ly/
// 5/11/2018, “Sources say talks between NBC and producers Sony Pictures TV broke down”

NBC has opted to bypass a series orderfor L.A.’s Finest, the Bad Boys spinoff starring Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba. The Sony Pictures Television Studios drama from exec producer Jerry Bruckheimer will be shopped to other outlets following the surprising pass from NBC. 

Sources say talks between NBC and Sony TV broke down as part of the annual packaging negotiation between the network and studio which, this year, focused on Norman Lear’s Guess Who Died, L.A.’s Finest and bubble dramas The Blacklist and Timeless.

‼️⋙ Still to be determined are the fates of bubble dramas Timeless and The Blacklist. Sources say The Blacklist star James Spader has two years remaining on his contract, which would make a renewal still a possibility. Timeless, on the other hand, has not been a ratings juggernaut since it was revived after Van Amburg and Erlicht saved the series after its surprising cancellation last year. The season two finale ends on a cliffhanger.


TVInsider, Matt Roush: Nominate Red, Then Move Blacklist http://bit.ly/2rApFnJ
// 5/11/2018, [ Page down to segment on The Blacklist ]

It’s a different playing field from when James Spader won three Emmys in four years for playing Alan Shore on The Practice and Boston Legal. With that track record, it is surprising he never got Emmy attention (although he does have two Golden Globe nominations) for Red, but that ship has likely sailed. As for the show, I’d be surprised if it weren’t renewed, but we’ll know for sure by Monday, when NBC kicks off the broadcast networks’ Upfront week.


CinemaBlend, Britt Lawrence: Why The Blacklist’s Season Finale Will Make A Season 6 Renewal Absolutely Necessary http://bit.ly/2G5lowH
// 5/10/2018, cross-posted under Interrogations

The Blacklist is hurtling towards its Season 5 finale with a ferocious twist that will make Season 6 an absolute must. That’s right, the series’ creator Jon Bokenkamp is taking a “don’t blink” approach to the events of its impending season closer. The dramatic thriller has yet to be renewed by NBC for a sixth season, but it is not impacting the way Bokenkamp is approaching the season finale. Despite the uncertain backdrop, Bokenkamp has assured fans that he did not conceive two different endings for the Season 5 finale, teasing:

Our cliffhanger at the end of the season is a cliffhanger. It is a big answer and it is a big question that is gonna push us forward. We have no choice but to write the story that we’re telling, and I’m optimistic and hopeful that we’ll come back. If not, maybe I’ll go do the finale as puppet theater at a community theater somewhere. But there’s no version of this where we say, ‘Well, here’s maybe our series finale.’ We’re not in that business.

… The Blacklist has never been short on exciting stories, and after five seasons, the series’ creator is promising that will not change. His optimism is also a strong indication that the show’s chances for renewal are in the black. It is hard to imagine NBC letting The Blacklist go. The show has a strong fan following after 100 episodes and it is still delivering at a high creative level. That is not common for a show that has run as long as it has.


EntertainmentWeekly, Natalie Abrams: The Blacklist: Samar’s fate revealed as the show’s hangs in the balance http://bit.ly/2I8sSAR
// 5/9/2018

While Samar’s fate still hangs in the balance, so too does the future of the NBC thriller. The Blacklist has not yet been renewed for a sixth season, though it’s looking like a sure bet to return. So much so that executive producer Jon Bokenkamp recently revealed to EW that the upcoming season finale will include a game-changing cliffhanger.

Hence, the writers did not consider penning two different endings, one in case the show isn’t renewed. “Not at all,” Bokenkamp tells EW. “Our cliffhanger at the end of the season is a cliffhanger. It is a big answer and it is a big question that is gonna push us forward.”

“We have no choice but to write the story that we’re telling, and I’m optimistic and hopeful that we’ll come back,” Bokenkamp continues. …


Deadline, Nellie Andreeva: Sony Pictures TV & NBC In Another Four-Show Upfront Negotiation http://bit.ly/2rx2mLe
// 5/9/2018

… NBC and Sony TV once again are deep in a four-show negotiation that involves a solid drama pilot, the Bad Boys offshoot L.A.’s Finest starring Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba. There is also a cult favorite heavily on the bubble, drama Timeless, and a single-camera comedy pilot, Norman Lear and Peter Tolan’s Guess Who Died, joined by 2013 hotshot, The Blacklist, which is looking to secure a sixth season renewal. …

Despite no longer the ratings blockbuster it was before its move to Thursday, The Blacklist still is a pretty consistent performer with an established fan base. It is NBC’s highest rated and most watched drama series behind This Is Us and the four Dick Wolf shows. The Blacklist also makes money from SVOD and international deals, and NBC owns a piece of the series, making a renewal more appealing.


HollywoodReporter, Leslie Goldberg, Michael O’Connell: NBC Scorecard: Complete Guide to What’s New, Renewed and Canceled http://bit.ly/2rvsaqr
// 5/7/2018

The Blacklist  | Star James Spader still has two years remaining on his contract, with the thriller co-starring Megan Boone expected to return for its sixth season. Produced by Sony Pictures Television Studios, look for the drama from Jon Bokenkamp, John Eisendrath and John Davis to be packaged with another drama from the studio.


EntertainmentWeekly, Natalie Abrams: First look: The Blacklist to reveal game-changing secret in finale http://bit.ly/2FM3q25
// 5/4/2018

(Possible Spoilers): “Our upcoming season finale is built around a major reveal that’s been closely guarded since the inception of The Blacklist,” Bokenkamp tells EW. “Through the years we’ve alluded to it, and built the history surrounding it, so I think ardent fans of the show are going to see the truth snap into focus in a way they haven’t before. Not only is this twist going to blow up the show, but it’s going to change everything we do moving forward.”


HollywoodReporter: 10 TV Pilots Likely to Score Series Pickups http://bit.ly/2IlMkNU
// 5/4/2018

🔆 This❗️⋙ NBC drama: The network may have found a companion to breakout hit This Is Us in the similarly themed The Village. Set in an apartment building in Manhattan, the drama from Mike Daniels (Sons of Anarchy) features an ensemble cast that includes Michaela McManus, Frankie Faison and Lorraine Toussaint. It’s considered a lock for a pickup. Also considered a sure thing is Bad Boys spinoff L.A.’s Finest*, starring Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba. Medical drama New Amsterdam* is said to have come in well, as has high-concept mystery thriller Manifest (which some have compared to Lost, but told in reverse). Thriller No Way Back also has been heating up. On the bubble side, midseason plays Good Girls and Rise could both go either way. James Spader has two years left on his Blacklist deal, with the Sony drama expected to return and possibly be packaged with L.A.’s Finest, which also hails from the independent studio. Blindspot is still in contention as well.

*Note: According to Troy Heinritz at BlacklistExposed, Brandon Margolis and Brandon Sonnier, a writing duo, veterans of The Blacklist, have gone to work on L.A.’s Finest. Plus, Ryan Eggold will have the lead role in New Amsterdam. – LB90


TVLine: Ryan Eggold Drama New Amsterdam Scores Series Order at NBC http://bit.ly/2rmj1RH
// 5/4/2018


Cinemablend, Mick Joest: The Blacklist Season Finale Will Feature A Hilariously Bizarre Cameo, And More Familar Faces http://bit.ly/2rdjINk
// 4/27/2018,

The Blacklist is quickly approaching its Season 5 finale, and the show’s staff is pulling a big star to appear in the episode. As big as he may be, however, the fact that the series has tapped legendary filmmaker/producer/actor John Waters for a cameo is hilariously bizarre. Waters will apparently rub shoulders with Reddington before Season 5 is up and will be just one of some other familiar faces. Actor Julian Sands guest stars in addition to some other past returning characters who find their way into the Season 5 finale.


TVSeriesFinale: NBC 2017-18 Season Ratings (updated 4/23/18) http://bit.ly/2G20tPo
// 4/23/2018; The Blacklist rates 6 of 19 NBC scripted shows in overall viewership (Live+Same Day) among overall viewers; it ranks 11th among “the demo” (those ages 18-49, most desired by advertisers). [ In addition, it has strong L+7day ratings, an upscale audience, and a strong international following ]


USAToday: Save Our Shows 2018: ‘Timeless,’ ‘Designated Survivor,’ ‘Blacklist’ still lead vote http://usat.ly/2qRS7Rm
// 4/18/2018


USAToday: Save Our Shows 2018: ‘Designated,’ ‘Blacklist’ and, yes, ‘Timeless’ lead in early voting http://usat.ly/2HBQU8d
// 4/11/2018

A week into the exclusive poll, 100,000 votes have been tallied — on pace to exceed last year’s record turnout — and three dramas have emerged as favorites: ABC’s Designated Survivor, NBC’s The Blacklist and Timeless. Time-traveling Timeless, which topped last year’s poll, was canceled and then revived days later by the network, which later cited the survey as one reason for its reversal. 

The trio is among 30 network shows hovering “on the bubble” between renewal and cancellation in this year’s survey, which also includes comedies such as Fox’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine and CBS’ Kevin Can Wait. The poll also groups sitcoms and dramas into two other categories: Those that have already been renewed or are highly likely to return; and those already canceled or nearly dead.

Full results will be revealed after the poll closes later this month. But fan support is just one factor influencing renewal decisions. Others include Nielsen ratings trends; profitability; the quality of pilots vying to replace them; and whether the network owns the at-risk program. But fan loyalty, a show’s creative momentum and producers’ pitches for what they’d do if given another season are key barometers of whether they can improve. ,


TVByTheNumbers: Cancel Bear vs NBC: Week 28 http://bit.ly/2H06UUv
// 4/10/2018, Cancel Bear (which I trust) has The Blacklist as “Likely Renewal” (🐻🐻🐻🐻)


BroadwayWorld: NBC Shares Primetime Ratings For Week 3/5-3/11 http://bit.ly/2G20tPo
// 3/13/2018

… In adults 18-49, NBC is dominating the current primetime season, with leads over #2 FOX and CBS of +0.9 of a rating point or +56% (2.5 vs. 1.6). The +56% advantage is the best for any #1 network at this point in the season in the 30-year history of Nielsen’s current people-meter sample.

Season to date, NBC is also running #1 among ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX in every other key ratings measure, including total viewers, for the first time since 2001-02. Excluding all sports, NBC is running closer to CBS at this point in the season in total viewers than it’s been in 15 years, since 2002-03 (currently within 1.4 million total viewers of CBS excluding sports, best since the gap was 767,000 in 2002-03).

Counting entertainment programming only, NBC leads the season in adults 18-49, and also ranks #1 among the Big 4 in adults 25-54, adults 18-34 (tie), men 18-49, women 18-49 and women 25-54. …

“The Blacklist” (1.0/4 in 18-49, 5.7 million viewers overall from 8-9 p.m. ET) grew week to week in 18-49 (1.0 vs. 0.9) and total viewers (5.689 million vs. 5.684 million) and finished #2 in the hour in total viewers behind only “Survivor.” L+3: “Blacklist” increased by +44% in 18-49 (1.02 to 1.47) and +2.2 million viewers overall (5.7 million to 6.9 million) going from L+SD to L+3 Nielsens. L+7: “Blacklist” is growing by +72% in 18-49 rating this season going from L+SD to L+7 (0.98 to a 1.69) and +3.1 million viewers overall (5.8 million to 8.9 million).Upscale: “Blacklist” delivers a strong upscale audience, indexing at a 128 among adults 18-49 living in homes with $100K+ incomes (with 100 representing an average concentration of those homes).


Variety: Ryan Eggold Cast in David Schulner-Peter Horton Medical Drama Pilot http://bit.ly/2D61obS
// 3/5/2018


CinemaBlend, Laura Hurley: How Liz’s Return To The Blacklist’s Task Force Will Change Things Up http://bit.ly/2CpmfLk
// 2/23/2018

The good news is that a devious Liz on the Task Force is proof that The Blacklist is still quite capable of trying new things even after more than 100 episodes on the air, and that could bode well for the chances of a Season 6. Jon Bokenkamp has already revealed that Season 5 will end on a great cliffhanger that isn’t what the end of the series ought to be; we can only hope that NBC is happy with how the series performs moving forward.


TVGuide: The Blacklist’s Megan Boone: “Liz Keen Will Never Carry an Assault Rifle Again” http://bit.ly/2op2zyR
// 2/23/2018


EntertainmentWeekly: The Blacklist first look: Fringe alum John Noble to appear as ‘peculiar’ Blacklister http://bit.ly/2HuY4uo
// 2/14/2018


TVByTheNumbers (2/13): Cancel Bear vs. NBC, week 20: ‘The Blacklist’ should live to spy another day http://bit.ly/2ohJzBl
// 2/13/2018

Since the start of 2018 the show has stayed at or above the 1.0 mark in adults 18-49. Some of that is likely attributable to the TV-usage bump in January. But the fact remains that “The Blacklist” is within a couple hundredths of a point of both its average a season ago and the time-period average for its Wednesday slot from last season.

When most shows are down double digits, stability is likely to get rewarded. “The Blacklist” is probably closer to the end of its life than it is to the beginning, but the end is not yet nigh.


YouTube/Late Night with SethMeyers: James Spader Explains His Favorite Dangerous Childhood Game [ video ] https://youtu.be/lRGQGuo2w2M
// 1/13/2018


FingerLakesTimes: James Spader Celebrates Quitting Smoking and 100 Episodes of The Blacklist [ video ] http://bit.ly/2EE1YTX
// 1/13/2018


TheHill: Nathan Lane jokes he’s learning a lot about Trump by playing his lawyer http://bit.ly/2Ez7DKc
// 2/10/2018, Lane played Abraham Stern on The Blacklist; starring in broadway show “Angels in America”


TVSeriesFinale: The Blacklist: Season Five Ratings http://bit.ly/2BC4aso
// 2/8/2018, Ian Garvey marked a turning point for TBL, bumping it up 15%✛ and above its average from last year; it has remained above 1.0 in the demo since for live✛same day viewing.


Lohud: ‘The Blacklist’ blows doors off Blauvelt home http://lohud.us/2BILckC
// 2/7/2018

Today  would have been just another regular morning in the Griggs home. Blauvelt couple Steve and Christine would probably have had coffee together if not for their front door being blown off and a crowd of  FBI agents storming inside. …

The Griggs were not on the “most wanted” list but their home was. Production scouts for the NBC drama “The Blacklist” chose it for a scene shot Tuesday morning. …

“It’s worth it breaking down the door,” said Steve Griggs.“I would do this again if it runs as smoothly as this.”

Variety, Addie Morfoot: The Blacklist’ Team on the Road to 💯Episodes: ‘There is a Lot of Wish Fulfillment Going On’ http://bit.ly/2FNiLAI
// 1/17/2018

In its first two weeks “The Blacklist” averaged a live+same day rating of 3.6, 10-share in adults 18-49 and 12 million viewers. With “The Voice” as its lead-in, the show quickly established itself as the top freshman drama in both demo and total viewers, and would become the No. 1 new scripted series launched by NBC during the 2013-14 season.

To date, the show has been sold in more than 175 territories across the world including Australia, Brazil and the United Kingdom, where the fourth season ranked among the top 15 U.S. dramas on U.K. digital channels.

“‘The Blacklist’ has been really important to the network as well as to me personally,” says NBC Entertainment president Jennifer Salke. “When Bob [Greenblatt] and I first came to NBC, we were in last place, and it was ‘The Blacklist’ that was our first hit drama. It single-handedly sent a message to the community that NBC was turning the ship around, and now, five years later, to reach the 100th episode going into a year when we’re the number one network is incredibly rewarding.”

The drama was so hot that Netflix acquired the rights to the series in 2014 for a reported $2 million per episode.

NBC shifted the series’ schedule to Thursdays a third of the way into its sophomore season. Seeking to hook viewers and lead them directly into the show’s new timeslot, NBC aired the first of a two-part “Blacklist” just after the Super Bowl in 2015. The post-game episode drew in 26.5 million live+same day viewers.

For the 2016-17 television season, “The Blacklist” ranked as NBC’s third most watched scripted series behind “This Is Us” and “Chicago Fire,” averaging 9.3 million viewers in live+seven day Nielsens during season four. …

Jeffrey Frost, president of Sony Pictures Television Studios, feels that achieving 100 episodes in this day and age is “nothing short of remarkable.”

“For a series to experience such longevity, especially a drama series, speaks to the brilliant storytelling and spectacular performances of everyone involved. From Sony’s perspective, it reflects the importance of independent studios to distribution platforms in a vertically integrated environment,” Frost says.

As the show continues to unfold, the team behind the hit series agrees that there is plenty more story to mine and secrets (including a suitcase full of mysterious bones) to explore.

“What I’m really amazed at is that after 100 episodes we have so much more story to tell,” Spader says. “We’ve still got a ways to go until the endgame.”


TwinCitiesGeek: Minnesota-Born Writer Marisa Tam on Creating Stories for The Blacklist http://bit.ly/2DkjYC4
// 1/16/2018, ⋙ See
Writers Room for excerpts


Vulture: Is James Spader the Best Storyteller in Late-Night TV? http://bit.ly/2FDqEJ9
// 1/13/2017

… [U]nlike other Big Three procedural actors who hop from couch to couch on the late-night circuit with tepid anecdotes about, we don’t know, fan encounters and charcuteries, Spader continued his tradition of sharing the most bizarrely wonderful tales tucked away in his mind palace for the country’s enjoyment. At his preferred Tonight Show stomping grounds, this time around, he went on a winding tale about the highs and lows of his 20-year quest to stop smoking (below). “I even resented everyone that was happy,” he explained, deadpan. “If people were saying that they might want to quit, I’d try to talk them out of it.”

… [I]n 2016, he fondly recalled to Jimmy Fallon about how much he enjoyed pranking the Secret Service while attending boarding school. (You know, because he was pals with John F. Kennedy Jr.) Or what about the time he threw up at a fancy dinner with the Kennedys?

And who could possibly forget his entry into the “worst West Village neighbor of all time” competition? Sorry, we mean “best.”


FallonTonight (NBC): James Spader Celebrates Quitting Smoking and 100 Episodes of The Blacklist https://youtu.be/yVHcHZA-Dco
// 1/12/2018


BroadwayWorld: Photo Flash: Nathan Lane Stars on Next Episode of THE BLACKLIST http://bit.ly2DHjO4Q/
// 1/11/2018

In the episode, when Red (James Spader) goes on THE HUNT for a legendary treasure, he draws the attention of Abraham Stern (guest star Nathan Lane), a cunning manipulator who has devoted his life – and the lives of many innocents – to recovering the fortune that is his birthright. …

Lane is a six-time Emmy nominee for Outstanding Guest Actor. …


⋙ I really liked this Series of Mini-Interviews that appeared as Twitter videos:
// 1/5/2018; Several (e.g. Harry Lennix, Megan Boone) even thank the fans and people who blog and tweet! And here I thought they weren’t allowed to notice! Thanks to @BlacklistB_W and @elisa_bellei for posting!

Instructions: Hit the blue play button in the center of the screen. Then hit the small play button in the lower left-hand corner of the screen. There are several segments for each video. At the end of each, hit the screen of the video to keep it going until the full video has played out. Clumsy? Yeah. But worth it. The activity in the background is also fascinating.

Amir Arison and Mozhan Marnò (as Aram Mojtabai and Samar Navabi)

Harry Lennix and Diego Klattenhoff (as Harold Cooper and Donald Ressler)

Jon Bokenkamp and John Eisendrath (Creator, Showrunner)

Megan Boone (as Elizabeth Keen)

Megan Boone: “… We couldn’t have done it without the fans. I mean this is the people who created the Tumblr pages and the podcasts and the Twitter pages and who helped to propagate the show every week and who are really dedicated and devoted viewers – that’s what gave us legs. It really comes down to them and it’s been an honor to entertain them. … ”

James Spader as Raymond “Red” Reddington


CinemaBlend, Laura Hurley: How The Blacklist Season 5 Is Going To End, According To The Executive Producer http://bit.ly/2lf3CQk
// 12/27/2017

Season 5 will evidently end on a big cliffhanger, and the folks behind the scenes at The Blacklist already know how they’re going to handle it. While some series have been known to end forever on cliffhangers, it seems that Season 5 is not being written as the final season of the show.

At this point, it’s difficult to imagine how The Blacklist could outdo the midseason finale cliffhanger. That episode saw the death of a character who was around from the very beginning and had been deemed strong enough to carry a spinoff, even if the ratings saw that spinoff get the axe. …

[Jon Bokenkamp:] It’s interesting to not know, and how you write toward that. We’ve decided that we love the characters enough that if, for whatever reason, we didn’t have an opportunity to come back, we just have to find another way to do it, but we’re not going to rush to some ending out of fear that we’re not coming back. We have a story that we’re telling that we really like, and it’s going to take the time it takes to tell it.


EntertainmentWeekly: The Blacklist bosses address the show’s future http://bit.ly/2DvrFBd
// 12/27/2017

With The Blacklist on the cusp of hitting 100 episodes, Liz Keen now finally in on the secret that Raymond Reddington is her father, and the titular list of criminals seemingly dwindling, how much life does the NBC thriller have left?

Currently in its fifth season, The Blacklist has been a decent performer for the peacock, especially factoring in delayed viewing — with Live +7, the show is currently averaging 8.3 million total viewers and a 1.6 in the 18-49 demographic. The series even spawned the spinoff Redemption (though it was ill-fated) last year. But the fate of The Blacklist hangs in the balance, as NBC has yet to renew the Megan Boone and James Spader-starring drama for a sixth season.

Even so, The Blacklist bosses aren’t looking at season 5 as the end. “We have a great cliffhanger, and a big ending for the season in mind that I think is going to be really compelling,” executive producer Jon Bokenkamp tells EW. “It’s not what we imagine the end of the series to be.”


BlacklistDCd/IMDb: According to IMDb polling, Ian Garvey is the highest rated Blacklist episode ever. This polling is open-ended, so it could change slightly. Still, it’s 10 days after airing, so it’s likely pretty reliable. Ian Garvey was the best episode of any series I personally have ever seen. – LB90
// 11/25/2017


Hollywood Reporter: ‘The Blacklist’ Parts Ways With an Original Series Star http://bit.ly/2A1OQFw
// 11/15/2017

“Of all the words I’ve written on the show, two of the hardest were when Red [James Spader] told Liz [Megan Boone]: ‘Tom’s dead.’ Nooooo! We’ll miss the intensity, range and just plain bad ass-ness Ryan [Eggold] brought to the part. Won’t come as any surprise — but he went down swinging!” Eisendrath, who wrote Wednesday’s episode with Bokenkamp, said in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter. …

“I feel incredibly lucky to have played a role with such a uniquely dynamic evolution,” Eggold said in a statement to THR. “I’m grateful for the time spent working with Megan, James and the entire cast. I’m thankful to the incredibly hard-working crew for consistently making the show better. Sony and NBC have both been deeply supportive, conscientious and adept in managing the show. Mostly I’m indebted to Jon Bokenkamp, John Eisendrath and the writers for continuing to elevate the show creatively and always impassioning me to further explore the true nature of this character. I will miss this TV family immensely and diligently look forward to the opportunity to embody new characters and tell new stories.”


GettyImages: NBC’s “The Blacklist” – 100th Episode Celebration http://gtty.im/2jnEKEh https://twitter.com/BlacklistDCd/status/934912315211894785/photo/1
// 11/13/2017, Full photoset at link, #TheBlacklist

Getty Images. Pictured: (l-r) John Fox, Executive Producer; Chris Parnell, Co-President, Sony Pictures Television; Diego Klattenhoff; Amir Arison; Hisham Tawfiq; Jon Bokenkamp, Series Creator & Executive Producer; Megan Boone; Jeffrey Frost, President, Sony Pictures Television; Harry Lennix; James Spader; Mozhan Marnò; Ryan Eggold; John Eisendrath, Executive Producer & Showrunner from The Blacklist set on Monday, November 13, 2017


TVLine: TVLine Items: Nathan Lane on Blacklist, Emmy Rossum Is Angelyne and More http://bit.ly/2hu9a7b
// 11/13/2017

A very special guest is stopping by The Blacklist‘s 100th episode.

Nathan Lane (The People v O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story) will appear in the milestone installment as criminal Abraham Stern, who manipulates the desperate into committing illegal and immoral acts so that he can claim his birthright fortune.

“Nathan Lane is someone we’ve wanted to have on The Blacklist for a very long time, so when we started crafting our 100th episode, we decided to try and do something special and write a part specifically with Nathan in mind,” executive producer Jon Bokenkamp said in a statement. “Imagine our excitement when he said yes! We couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome him to the Blacklist family of criminals, weirdos and nut-jobs. I promise, watching Nathan Lane and James Spader together on screen is going to be an absolute blast.”


FutonCritic: Ratings: “Blacklist” Equals Its 2nd High Since November 2016 http://bit.ly/2hTwBua
// 10/5/2017, [via press release from NBC]

“The Blacklist” (1.0/4 in 18-49, 5.8 million viewers overall from 8-9 p.m. ET):

➔ Equals the show’s second-highest 18-49 rating since Nov. 10, 2016 (1.2 Thursday at 10 p.m.), trailing over that span only last week’s season premiere (1.1)

➔ Delivers its second most-watched episode since that same date (5.870 million), trailing over that span only last week’s season debut (6.388 million).

➔ Is up +25% in 18-49 versus where the show was running at the end of last season on Thursday nights at 10 p.m. during the May sweep (1.0 vs. 0.8) and +19% in total viewers (5.773 million vs. 4.860 million).

➔ Will grow dramatically via time-shifting and VOD – last season, “Blacklist” increased by +107% in 18-49 rating going from L+SD to L+7 (1.00 to a 2.07) and more than +4.3 million viewers overall (5.3 million to 9.7 million).

➔ Upscale: “Blacklist” delivered a strong upscale audience last season, indexing at a 126 among adults 18-49 living in homes with $100K+ incomes (with 100 representing an average concentration of those homes).


EntertainmentWeekly: The Blacklist: A familiar face returns to team with Tom http://bit.ly/2wyaj3f
// 10/3/2017, Piter Marek as Nik


NYT: What’s on TV Wednesday: ‘Liar’ and ‘The Blacklist’ http://nyti.ms/2wkD57s
// 9/27/2017

THE BLACKLIST 8 p.m. on NBC. The criminal mastermind Raymond Reddington (James Spader) bounces back from the dismantling of his criminal organization in the previous season. Seeing its demise as a fresh start, an opportunistic Reddington redesigns the enterprise from the ground up with Liz (Megan Boone), who — after four seasons of speculation — was revealed to be his daughter. But a mysterious suitcase full of skeletal remains hints that a bigger shock is yet to come. Season 5 begins with Reddington’s sketchy plan to have Liz send a new Blacklister to infiltrate the Task Force. Michael Aronov (“Oslo”) and Aida Turturro (“The Sopranos”) are guest stars.


♤ NBCNews: Muslim, Marine, Firefighter: ‘The Blacklist’ Actor Hisham Tawfiq Isn’t Your Token http://nbcnews.to/2xN08uR
// 9/27/2017


♤ Grist: The Blacklist’s Megan Boone has a new target: climate change http://bit.ly/2yyvanN
// 9/26/2017
↥ ↧
♤ Check out Megan Boone’s line of environmentally-friendly baby clothes, named after guess who ⋙ https://www.carolineagnes.org/


FilmMusicReporter: Score Album for NBC’s ‘The Blacklist’ to Be Released http://bit.ly/2wOju3Q
// 9/15/2017

Madison Gate Records will release a score album for the NBC drama The Blacklist. The album features selections from the show’s original music composed by Dave Porter (Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, Preacher, The Disaster Artist). The soundtrack will be released digitally next Friday, September 22, and is now available for pre-order on Amazon. The label has previously released a soundtrack featuring a number of songs from the show’s first two season back in 2015.


BroadwayWorld: Tony Winner Michael Aronov to Guest Star on NBC’s THE BLACKLIST http://bit.ly/2fLBwcG
// 8/3/2017

BWW has learned that the first episode of season 5 of NBC’s THE BLACKLIST will feature Michael Aronov, who won this year’s Tony Award for OSLO as Featured Actor in a Play, and Aida Turturro, the twice Emmy-nominated actress for her role on “The Sopranos,” in recurring guest star roles.

Aronov plays Smokey Putnam, an expert in the art and science of logistics who once managed the travel arrangements of a magnificent, yet unusual, business, but has since fallen on hard times, currently on the run accused of embezzling over $2 million.

Turturro plays Hawkins, the brilliant accountant for an unusual business who has saved her own skin by cutting a deal with the Feds against a former business partner she absolutely loathes.


SpoilersGuide: The Blacklist Season 5 Spoilers: NBC Moves Up Premiere http://bit.ly/2hu7ji7
// 8/2/2017, premiere date moved up to 9/27/2027


CarterMatt: Beyond The Blacklist season 5, what is the series’ lifespan? http://bit.ly/2ym94oA
// 7/15/2017

Story-wise, it’s a show that has also resolved, seemingly, one of its biggest mysteries: Whether or not Raymond Reddington is really Elizabeth Keen’s father. The DNA proves that he is … or we should say that the DNA from many decades ago proves that he is. The distinction there is that there’s the imposter theory floating around out there suggesting that the Reddington we’ve come to know is not the same man. It’s an interesting topic, and it’s one we’ve discussed over here. That’s not really the point of this article. The question that has to be asked in the context of this article is this: Is there enough of a carrot dangling over the heads of casual fans to convince them to keep watching? Personally, we think so, but the proof will be in the ratings this coming fall.

One of the things going for the show is that it’s popular all over the world, it has a very good streaming deal with Netflix, it’s inspired comic books and other merchandise, and it’s got some really great actors in the cast. We don’t look at the cancellation of The Blacklist: Redemption as a sign that this show is done; the only way we foresee that happening next season is if the ratings plummet below a 0.8 or so in the 18-49 demographic on a regular basis.

If there is a time to worry more about the future of The Blacklist, it may be around season 6 or season 7 — otherwise known as the time when new cast members start to get new contracts. Networks take on more of the salary burden over time, and shows often get more expensive as people get raises. At that point, NBC may decide to cut bait with the show if the numbers continue to fall — but for now, there should be no reason to end it at season 5, provided that the cast all signed the typical six or seven-season deal before the show began.


ChristianPost: ‘The Blacklist’ Season 5: Enrique Murciano Announces Exit from Series http://bit.ly/2xqEGfH
// 7/3/2017, I’m sorry to hear this


The Blacklist Season 5 Premieres: Wednesday, Oct 4, 8pm ET in the US: New Day and Time http://bit.ly/2s2An3B //➔ has since been changed to Wednesday, Sep 27, 8pm ET
// 6/19/2017


From TweepsMap.com (@Tweepsmap), Twitter Followers by Country for Twitter account @BlacklistDCd indicates that 53.6% of followers are from the US, with the U.K. And Brazil next with 7.2% each. Though the country mix is slightly different from the visitors to this blog, the mix of about 55% US vs 45% International (non-US) is consistent. Taken together (see below), this indicates the extensive international reach of The Blacklist. Thanks, everyone! ♡ ི•̮͡• ૂ ྀ ♡
// 6/1/2017


BlacklistDCd: Season 4 Blog Stats http://wp.me/PDKwi-14T
// 5/27/2017

Notes: Weekly Visit Stats (left): The bottom panel is on a different scale (0-6000 vs 0-4000). This shows a large uptick for the Two-Episode Season Finale. The orange columns may be partial weeks. Country Stats (right): Stats are for 2017 only. Total visits (as of 5/27/2017, 9:33am CT) are 70,283 visits. Of these, 36,155 are U.S. Percentages: United States: 51%, Other Countries: 49%.

For 2017 only: Most people are looking for scripts, especially accessing the “Easy-Search” versions. 🔥Red Hot Fan Fiction🔥comes next, followed by Clues. “What is the Cabal?” is the top article. The top individual script remains “Cape May” from 2016 (still the most popular script in 2017), followed by “Requiem.” Clearly, people are interested in the backstory.


IndieWire: These Are the 100 Most-Watched TV Shows of the 2016-17 Season: Winners and Losers http://bit.ly/2rqXTLG
// 5/26/2017, The Blacklist #31 (of 100 in Total Viewers), tied for #30 (with 8 others, in The Demo ~ 18-49 yo’s)


TVSeriesFinale: NBC 2016-17 Season Ratings http://bit.ly/2qr83Y7
// 5/26/2017



Netscape/Reuters: 2016-17 TV Season: NBC Leads Demo, CBS Takes Viewers, ‘This Is Us’ No. 1 New Show http://bit.ly/2r7r040
// 5/26/2017

LOS ANGELES (Variety.com) – The 2016-17 TV season has officially concluded, with NBC claiming the overall top spot in adults 18-49 and CBS winning the season in total viewers, according to Nielsen’s current numbers (live-plus-seven for all but the last two weeks of the season ending May 24). …

Compared to last year, only Fox stayed even in the key demo. CBS suffered the biggest drop, shedding 22% of its audience in the demo year-over-year. ABC dropped 16%, with the CW next at a drop of 12%, while NBC slipped just 5%. In total viewers, it was much the same story. Fox and NBC improved slightly, with Fox ticking up 1% and NBC up 0.1% from the 2015-16 season. Despite taking the top spot, CBS was down 12% in viewers. ABC dropped 9% and The CW lost 9%. Nevertheless, Fox has its most watched primetime in three years. …

Most broadcast shows saw declines in ratings yet again. “Empire” remained one of the top-rated shows on television with a 4.3, making it the third highest-rated scripted show behind “This Is Us” and “Big Bang.” However, the show suffered a 33% drop in the demo compared to last season. ABC’s “Scandal” and “How to Get Away With Murder” saw similar drops, with both shows dropping over 20% each. NBC’s “The Blacklist” saw a 25% drop, while “Chicago Med” dipped 13%. However, “Chicago Fire” held even and “Chicago P.D.” even improved slightly. …

Adults 18-49 Rating, All programs
The CW…0.7

Total Viewers, All Programs
CBS…9.6 million
NBC…8.1 million
ABC…6.2 million
Fox…5.8 million
The CW…1.8 million

Top 50 Programs for Adults 18-49

18-49 Rank, PROGRAM, NETWORK, 18-49 2016-17 RTG,
18-49 2015-16 RTG, % CHANGE, TOTAL VIEWERS (000)

1. NBC Sunday Night Football NBC 6.9 7.5 -8% 20120
2. NBC Thursday Night Football NBC 5.9 N/A N/A 17113
3. CBS Thursday Night Football CBS 5.0 5.7 -13% 14786
4. The Big Bang Theory CBS 4.9 5.8 -15% 19029
5. This is Us NBC 4.8 N/A N/A 15299
6. Empire FOX 4.3 6.4 -33% 11196
7. Modern Family ABC 3.4 3.7 9% 10786
8. Grey’s Anatomy ABC 3.5 3.6 -3% 11234
9. The Bachelor ABC 3.1 3.0 3% 9003
10. The Voice (Mon) NBC 3.0 3.4 -11% 12619
11. The Voice (Tue) NBC 2.9 3.1 -5% 12510
12. Designated Survivor ABC 2.9 N/A N/A 12104
13. How to Get Away With Murder ABC 2.6 3.5 -25% 7907
14. Scandal ABC 2.6 3.4 -24% 8623
15. Survivor CBS 2.5 2.8 -10% 10523
16. NCIS CBS 2.5 3.1 -19% 18402
17. Chicago Fire NBC 2.5 2.5 0% 10684
18. The Goldbergs ABC 2.5 2.5 0% 7791
19. Law & Order: SVU NBC 2.4 2.3 4% 8785
20. Criminal Minds CBS 2.4 2.9 -17% 10897
21. Black-ish ABC 2.4 2.4 0% 7374
22. Lethal Weapon FOX 2.4 N/A N/A 9176
23. Chicago P.D. NBC 2.4 2.2 7% 10140
24. Bull CBS 2.2 N/A N/A 15503
25. Kevin Can Wait CBS 2.2 N/A N/A 9246
26. Speechless ABC 2.2 N/A N/A 6972
27. The Simpsons Fox 2.1 2.1 0% 4936
28. American Housewife ABC 2.1 N/A N/A 7034
29. The Middle ABC 2.1 2.3 -8% 7795
30. Dancing With the Stars ABC 2.1 2.2 -4% 12627
31. The Blacklist NBC 2.1 2.8 -26% 9705
32. Timeless NBC 2.1 N/A N/A 7987
33. Chicago Med NBC 2.1 2.4 -14% 9908
34. 24: Legacy Fox 2.1 N/A N/A 7321
35. Scorpion CBS 2.0 2.5 -18% 10681
36. Star FOX 2.0 N/A N/A 5974
37. Hunted CBS 2.0 N/A N/A 7259
38. Family Guy Fox 2.0 2.2 -10% 4025
39. Life in Pieces CBS 1.9 2.7 -28% 8168
40. Mom CBS 1.9 2.3 -15% 9440
41. The Good Place NBC 1.9 N/A N/A 6015
42. NCIS: New Orleans CBS 1.9 2.3 -17% 13428
43. The Flash CW 1.9 1.7 10% 4724
44. Gotham FOX 1.9 2.1 -11% 5229
45. Saturday Night Football ABC 1.9 1.6 16% 6041
46. Lucifer Fox 1.8 2.4 -23% 6072
47. Blue Bloods CBS 1.8 1.8 0% 14071
48. 2 Broke Girls CBS 1.8 2.3 -20% 7025
50. The Mick Fox 1.8 N/A N/A 4606
Source: Nielsen

Bolded: NBC scripted shows.

The Blacklist was NBC’s 5th highest rated scripted show among those 18-49 yo (“The Demo” or ‘preferred demographic’). It ranks in the top 3rd among total viewers and is 2nd of all shows in delayed viewing (DVR) within a week (L✛7). Also, factor in its lucrative Netflix contract, high “upscale” rating (popularity among high income households: >$100K) and its international popularity. – LizzieB90


SpoilerTV: NBC Wins 2016-17 Primetime Season in 18-49 Ratings Demo http://bit.ly/2s0ZSmW
// 5/23/2017

Leading NBC’s dominant season were the #1 new series and #1 broadcast drama, “This Is Us”; the #1 and #2 primetime series on broadcast television, NBC Sports’ “Sunday Night Football” and “Thursday Night Football”; consistent Monday and Tuesday wins keyed by “The Voice”; slot wins in 18-49 or total viewers delivered by each of the network’s “Chicago” dramas; and time-period improvements generated by the relocated series “The Blacklist,” “Shades of Blue,” “Superstore” and “Blindspot.”


SpoilerTV: Live+7 DVR Ratings – 2016/2017 Season http://bit.ly/2r5orix
// 5/22/2017


BroadwayWorld: NBC’s THE BLACKLIST Equals Its High Since January; Grows Week to Week http://bit.ly/2qoPZyh
// 5/19/2017, “Upscale: ‘Blacklist’ is delivering a strong upscale audience, indexing at a 126 among adults 18-49 in $100K+ homes.”

TVSeriesFinale: Thursday TV Ratings: Grey’s Anatomy, The Blacklist, The Amazing Race, Supernatural, MasterChef Junior
// 5/19/2019, ratings for final two S4 episodes (4:21 Mr Kaplan and 4:22 Mr Kaplan – Conclusion) are in the middle of the pack


CinemaBlend: NBC’s 2017-2018 Fall TV Schedule Announced, Includes This Is Us And Surprising Shake-Ups http://bit.ly/2qdm4t5
// 5/16/2017, The Blacklist has a new timeslot: 8-9pmET (Eastern Time) Wednesdays


CinemaBlend: The Blacklist: Redemption Cancelled, No Season 2 At NBC http://bit.ly/2rdCwh3
// 5/16/2017

[I]t has been stated in the past that Tom Keen will return to The Blacklist. With The Blacklist: Redemption officially done, it will be interesting to see how the series attempts to tie in Tom’s story from the canceled series and possibly incorporate some of the other characters. Or, perhaps, we’ll see the flagship show attempting to quietly pretend as though this experiment never happened. That doesn’t seem likely, considering Season 1 ended with Tom unwittingly putting his evil father in charge of Halcyon, and the receiving proof his father is evil. With the renewal of The Blacklist coming down yesterday, the odds are in favor of the writers having time to rework any ideas Season 5 had in place, as well as securing Eggold’s role in the upcoming season.

The good news is, adding Terry O’ Quinn as Tom Keen’s father for a couple episodes of The Blacklist could provide a ratings boost. The bad news, though, is that Season 4 of The Blacklist is teasing a big reveal that could cause complications when trying to balance two different and increasingly complicated stories, should they try to come together in Season 5. Let’s hope the writers do right by The Blacklist: Redemption fans while still doing what’s best for The Blacklist.


BroadwayWorld: NBC’s The Blacklist Matches Highest 18-49 Rating Since January http://bit.ly/2qeemBh
// 5/12/2017


TVByTheNumbers: ‘The Blacklist’ scores a fifth season on NBC http://bit.ly/2q88JpK
// 5/11/2017

The network announced Thursday that it’s picked up a fifth season of “The Blacklist,” the espionage drama starring James Spader as Reddington and Megan Boone as his partner in crime-avenging, former FBI agent Elizabeth Keene. Season 5 will run for 22 episodes and take the show past the 100-episode milestone.

The show’s ratings have taken a sizable hit this season, but renewal has seemed like a fairly safe bet for a while. That’s in part because the show has a lucrative streaming deal with Netflix, which paid a reported $2 million per episode to acquire streaming rights following the show’s first season.

“The Blacklist” is averaging a 1.0 rating among adults 18-49 and 5.34 million viewers in its initial airing this season, down from 1.4 (-29 percent) and 6.83 million (-22 percent) last season. It improves considerably with a week of DVR and on demand playback, rising to 2.1 in the 18-49 demo and 9.9 million viewers.


Variety: ‘The Blacklist: Redemption’ Canceled by NBC http://bit.ly/2rd4LZW
// 5/11/2017, “Eggold will now rejoin “The Blacklist” as a series regular”


Deadline: ‼️‘The Blacklist’ Renewed For Season 5 By NBC ‼️ http://bit.ly/2pCYBkJ
// 5/11/2017


EntertainmentWeekly: The Blacklist renewed: But what about Redemption? http://bit.ly/2pDBntH
// 5/11/2017


TVSeriesFinale: The Blacklist: Is the NBC TV Show Cancelled or Renewed for Season Five? http://bit.ly/2nHfppP
// 5/3/2017

“Telly’s Take:
“Once NBC’s biggest drama series, The Blacklist is down in the ratings again this season. With four full seasons, The Blacklist will have enough episodes for a decent syndication package. However, it still performs reasonably well on a tough night. Word is that NBC will likely renew the show for a fifth season.”

Updated daily with regard to cancellation status. I just noticed this prediction today – LizzieB90


NYT: Hollywood Writers and Studios, Scrambling to Avert Strike, Reach Last-Minute Deal http://nyti.ms/2pYqkzY
// 5/2/2017


TVByTheNumbers: Cancel Bear vs. NBC, week 32: Verdicts on ‘Trial & Error’ and ‘Taken’ are not good http://bit.ly/2px8jHO
// 5/2/2017, TBL rated 🐻🐻🐻🐻 = “likely to be renewed by May 2017”


TVRatingsGuide: NBC Renew/Cancel: Great News is a Likely Renewal…For Now http://bit.ly/2p5KGmb
// 5/2/2017; “last night’s airing” for TBL is noted but post was updated online on May 2; post includes coverage of all shows

“The Blacklist tied its series low for last night’s airing. But, the series still isn’t doing too bad compared to most 10 pm shows, Shades of Blue has gone as low as a 0.7. NBC will also want to get more episodes for syndication, so Blacklist is a safe bet.”


ChristianPost: ‘The Blacklist’ Season 4 Episode 19 Spoilers (‼️): Red Reaches Out to Mr. Kaplan http://bit.ly/2pUiwzc
// 5/2/2017


TVGuide: The Blacklist Exclusive: The Reven Wright Investigation Heats Up bit.ly/2pUrtZq
// 5/2/2017


My thoughts on The Blacklist’s renewal status:

// 4/29/2017

I’ve been trying to read the tea leaves on renewal likelihood recently. Some of the sources I’ve looked at are listed below.

My sense is that renewal chance is ≃ 65-70% (I want to say 75%!) for a Season 5. Obviously, there are factors that I know little about. What I do know is: Though nothing to write home about, ratings are okay. The real strengths are The Blacklist’s upscale audience (household income >$100k) and its popularity outside of the US.

Plus, the show regularly tops the live+7day ratings, doubling its audience regularly by 100%✛ within a week. This indicates either (or both) a poor time slot (yes!) and that show is complex (yes!). Also, that Live+7day rating is DVR viewers only, and does not include Netflix, iTunes, Amazon etc (or, for that matter, DVD sales). One would think (wouldn’t they?) that a show with strong DVR ratings would be stronger that usual in these other delayed-viewing formats as well, no?

To me, too, these comments (below) by NBC exec Jennifer Salke from March give me reason to hope that the network judges the show by some of these additional metrics.

I wonder: How far ahead of us do the IPs know the fate of their show? Are they forced to write alternative final episodes for the season in the possibility the show will be cancelled? Because the show seems to be reaching for a climax, cycling back with flashbacks to Season 1 with a final two-hour conclusion this year – for the first time.

Uh oh … (Updated 8:15 pm)

For a while, I took solace in the fact the top SIX Blacklisters are still “out there” (see next post ⇊ ⇊). Then it hit me: Red, Liz, Cooper, Ressler, Samar, Aram ➔ SIX! Add Kaplan at #9. Too late to change my odds?

This is what I lose sleep over. …


BlacklistDCd: List of Top Blacklisters as of Today http://wp.me/pDKwi-4aS
// 4/29/2017, see above post


TVSeriesFinale: NBC 2016-17 Season Ratings (updated 4/29/17) http://bit.ly/2qr83Y7
// 4/29/2017



CarterMatt: Ratings: The Blacklist fights to keep season 5 renewal hopes alive http://bit.ly/2peVIsq
// 4/28/2017

The good news is that the NBC show did win the timeslot last night with a 0.8 rating in the 18-49 demographic. …

[W]e’re still optimistic just because we don’t see NBC wanting to have the high-profile issue of canceling one of their biggest franchises. This is one that is popular all over the globe, and it has a marquee star in James Spader. It also performs far better in the DVR figures than Redemption did, and we just can’t imagine them wanting to get rid of it this season.


Ranker: The Best Ever Police Procedural Shows bit.ly/2qhqfnY
// as of 4/28/2017, The Blacklist ranks #12 (of 50 shows)


TVSeriesFinale: The Blacklist: NBC Releases Descriptions for the Two-Hour (Series?) Finale http://bit.ly/2qfM4Hq
// 4/28/2017

Is it the end of the road for the Concierge of Crime? NBC has released the episode descriptions for The Blacklist TV show’s two-hour season four finale. Will it prove to be The Blacklist series finale, as well? … [ Spoilers ]


LateNightFeud: James Spader Awkwardly Posed for Fan Photos with His Fly Open [ video ] goo.gl/CTv7Pb
// 4/27/2017


NBC/LA: ‘Late Night’: James Spader Hates Film Crews in New York http://goo.gl/PRqvvL
// 4/27/2017, “James Spader … says it’s unfair when film crews inconvenience him and other New Yorkers, even if the crew is from the spin-off of ‘The Blacklist.'”


GoldenSpiralMedia/Chicago ComicCon: BLE81 – Inside The Blacklist at C2E2 with Jon Bokenkamp & Cast http://goo.gl/Yh3Vbd [ audio] 1:10:15
// 4/26/2017, audio interview: Exec Producer Jon Bokenkamp and Actors Amir Arison (Aram Mojtabai) and Susan Blommaert (Mr Kaplan)


New Book‼️ G Walter Bush: Unpacking “The Blacklist”: Season 1 Interpreted http://amzn.to/2q4Me1f https://twitter.com/BlacklistDCd/status/857195881002659840/photo/1
// 4/23/2017, 138 pages

Want to see the series from a deeper perspective? Unpacking “The Blacklist”: Season One is the thinking Blacklister’s dream. Appealing to the typical viewer, G. Walter Bush interprets the NBC series’ audio-visual text, focusing on facets of its plot, theme, characterization, imagery, soundtrack and cinematography that many don’t detect and mark the show as a work of literary sophistication. The Season One volume focuses primarily on the debut season’s four central characters: Raymond Reddington, Agent Elizabeth Keen, Tom Keen, and Special Agent Donald Ressler. Volumes on future seasons will feature increased attention to the supporting cast as individual characters enjoy enhanced development.

The Author: Holding degrees in literature from two institutions, Westmont College (B.A.) and the University of California, Irvine (M.A.), G. Walter Bush has spent his life analyzing texts. His analysis of movies and television shows began with his masters thesis devoted to Ridley Scott’s classic science fiction movie “Blade Runner”. Unpacking “The Blacklist” Season 1 is his third book, following former Amazon TV:Guides & Reviews bestsellers Unpacking “Chuck” and Unpacking “Chuck” 2.0. He is already at work on the Season 2 installment of Unpacking “The Blacklist”. He lives with his family in Southern California.


BroadwayWorld: NBC’s THE BLACKLIST Wins Time Slot in Total Viewers http://bit.ly/2p8UOhG
// 4/21/2017

NBC’s THE BLACKLIST (0.8/3 in 18-49, 4.9 million viewers overall from 10-11 p.m. ET) wins the slot among ABC, CBS and NBC in total viewers. Delivers NBC’s biggest audience in the hour since Feb. 9 (4.914 million). With the show’s first regular-slot telecast in nine weeks, ties for #1 among ABC, CBS and NBC in adults 18-49. Also ranks #1 or tied for #1 among those nets in adults, men and women 25-54, men 18-49 and men 18-34. On a night of high-rated NBA Playoff competition on TNT, finishes within 0.1 of its most recent telecast in the show’s regular 10 p.m. slot in 18-49 (0.8 vs. 0.9 on Feb. 16) and grows in total viewers (4.809 million vs. 4.759 million). Will increase dramatically via time-shifting and VOD – “Blacklist” has grown by +108% in 18-49 rating so far this season going from L+SD to L+7 (1.05 to a 2.18) and +4.5 million viewers overall (5.5 million to 10.0 million). Upscale: “Blacklist” is delivering a strong upscale audience, indexing at a 126 among adults 18-49 in $100K+ homes.


Yahoo: ‘The Blacklist’: Hisham Tawfiq Reveals What Would Turn Dembe Against Red http://yhoo.it/2pjDEP1
// 4/20/2017


TVInsider: Did Dembe Poison Red? What’s Coming up for ‘The Blacklist’? http://bit.ly/2pH3Nan
// 4/20/2017


EOnline: How Megan Boone Grew Up With The Blacklist http://eonli.ne/2oURJPQ
// 4/20/2017


HuffPo: Hisham Tawfiq Talks ‘Blacklist’ Betrayals, and Why ‘Strong and Silent’ Wasn’t His Idea http://huff.to/2oZhII7
// 4/20/2017

TVGuide: The Blacklist Mega Buzz: Who Is Red’s Most Formidable Foe Yet? http://bit.ly/2o7LvPC
// 4/19/2017


ABCNews: The Blacklist actor’s real-life roles: Marine, NYC firefighter http://abcn.ws/2pDN2Ke
// 4/19/2017, Hisham Tawfiq as Dembe Zuma


CarterMatt: The Blacklist season 4 spoilers: James Spader on Dembe Zuma betrayal http://bit.ly/2oqG4XY
// 4/19/2017


ETOnline: ‘Blacklist’ Star Megan Boone Promises ‘Exciting’ Return, Says Motherhood Has Been ‘Mind-Bending’ http://et.tv/2oODPk9
// 4/19/2017


CarterMatt: The Blacklist season 4 finale forecast: Reddington, Liz, and a hope for closure http://bit.ly/2oZdArG
// 4/18/2017


TVSeriesFinale: The Blacklist: Is the NBC TV Show Cancelled or Renewed for Season Five? http://bit.ly/2nHfppP
// Updated daily!


TVByTheNumbers: Cancel Bear vs. NBC, week 30: ‘The Blacklist’ should be back; ‘Blindspot,’ not so fast http://bit.ly/2ph7ioi
// 4/18/2017; TBL given “🐻🐻🐻🐻” rating = “likely to be renewed by May 2017”


Chicago ComicCon (Apr 21-23): Inside NBC’s The Blacklist with Creator Jon Bokenkamp http://bit.ly/2oGNEAy
// upcoming ⋙ 4/22/2017 3:00-4:00pm CT


ScreenSpy: EXCLUSIVE: THE BLACKLIST is Coming Back and Here’s What You Need to Know http://bit.ly/2p0ocYd
// 4/10/2017


ScreenerTV: The ‘Redemption’ connections to ‘The Blacklist’ are piling up in the coolest ways http://bit.ly/2n8eAbv
// 3/17/2017


MediaLife: NBC’s ‘The Blacklist’ jumps among DVR viewers http://bit.ly/2mXDDw9
// 3/13/2017

NBC’s “The Blacklist” isn’t a top-rated show, but it is a DVR all-star.

The Feb. 23 episode of the James Spader drama posted a 1.9 rating among viewers 18-49 with seven-day DVR playback added in, according to Nielsen. That was up 1.0 point or 111 percent from its original 0.9 live-plus-same-day DVR playback rating.

Its 111 percent growth was among the top during the week ended Feb. 26. It’s additional 1.0 in ratings tied for the sixth-most growth for the week, behind NBC’s “This Is Us” (2.5), CBS’s “The Big Bang Theory” (1.8) and ABC’s “Modern Family” (1.6), “Grey’s Anatomy” (1.4) and “How to Get Away With Murder” (1.3). …

Blacklist’ also soars among total viewers
The Blacklist” also showed strong growth among total viewers. It added 3.95 million through seven-day DVR playback, giving it an L+7 total of 8.93 million.


TVSeriesFinale: The Blacklist: Season Five? NBC Boss Discusses the Thursday Series http://bit.ly/2n4aXTS
// 3/8/2017

Season four of The Blacklist is on hiatus until April 20th and ratings have been down for the show. Season four has been earning an average rating of 1.06 in the 18-49 demo and 5.471 million viewers. For comparison, season three averaged a 1.42 rating in the 18-49 demo with a total of 6.83 million viewers.

During a recent conference, [NBC chief Jennifer] Salke said the numbers are low but the show is a big performer overseas:

“[The Blacklist is] very profitable for Sony and an important show for us. Even though the linear rating is nothing to write home about, we define it differently and look at how it performs over a few days. It’s huge overseas.”

The creators of The Blacklist will pitch a new season to NBC next week.


TV Guide: The Blacklist Mega Buzz: Mr. Kaplan’s Back! http://bit.ly/2lOKVAn
// 3/5/2017

In fact, we hear that the show will be devoting an entire episode to the origin story of Red Reddington’s (James Spader) mysterious right-hand woman. And yes, that means plenty of secrets will be revealed – including a link between Mr. Kaplan, Red and Liz (Megan Boone) that viewers will find “surprising,” according to Boone.


CinemaBlend: Is The Blacklist Spinoff Doing Enough To Keep From Cancellation? http://bit.ly/2meSNP3
// 3/4/2017

The second episode of The Blacklist: Redemption scored a 1.0 in the valuable 18-49 age demographic and attracted 4.7 million viewers in the 10 p.m. ET time slot, according to Live+same day ratings calculations. All things considered, a 1.0 in the 18-49 demo isn’t record-breaking, but it does represent a healthy bump from the series premiere ratings, and it was enough to make Blacklist: Redemption the first new drama of midseason 2017 on NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX to grow from first to second week in overall viewership.

… The Blacklist: Redemption actually won the time period in every key measure among ABC, CBS, and NBC, and it has the distinction of becoming the first new midseason drama to grow from Week 1 to Week 2 in 18-49 since Empire on Fox way back in January 2015.

The Blacklist: Redemption has another edge as well. Much like its parent series, Blacklist: Redemption experiences significant ratings growth in post-live viewing. The series premiere grew from 0.8 to `1.19 in the 18-49 demographic once Live+3 day ratings could be calculated. The bump represents a rise of more than 50%. The Live+3 numbers also added another 1.9 million viewers to the total numbers, rising from the Live+same 4.3 million to 6.2 million.


WN.com: Videos: James Spader on JFK Jr, Jackie Onassis http://bit.ly/2nNlSQU
// several; undated


Deadline: Enrique Murciano Joins Cast Of ‘The Blacklist’ On NBC In Major Role http://bit.ly/2lLx6px
// 2/22/2017

Marciano will play Julian Gale, an FBI investigator and former colleague of Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff), whose obsessive tendencies make him both a valuable agent and a potential liability. Dedicated, driven and possessed of a quiet charisma, he can command a room or a crime scene without uttering a word. And yet, his new assignment puts him in danger of losing himself.


MovieMap as of 2/5/2017http://bit.ly/2l8PRnG
// Based on whether a person likes similar things


NYT, Kathryn Shattuck: Famke Janssen Plays Another Lethal Woman in a ‘Blacklist’ Spinoff http://nyti.ms/2lUdvVe
// 2/17/2017


IGN: Brent Spiner to Guest on The Blacklist http://bit.ly/2khOTot
// 1/26/2017, The Next Generation and Independence Day alum will play a Blacklister known as The Architect.


People: Megan Boone Says She Cherishes Getting to Know 9-Month-Old Daughter Caroline Through ‘Little Moments’ http://bit.ly/2kKkCPB
// 1/26/2017

“I thought when she was born I was going to look at her, recognize her and say, ‘Oh, hey, old friend. I know you,’ ” Boone tells PEOPLE while promoting her new, earth-friendly onesie line, Caroline Agnes.

img_7899“But meeting her was not the reaction that I expected. She was put on my chest and in my arms, and I fell instantly in love with this brand new person that I had never met.”

Boone, 33, says she learns more and more about her daughter through “little moments” – like “seeing her laugh in her sleep for the first time” or “seeing her start to reach out to us and communicate with us in her own way.”

“There’s nothing like it in the world,” the actress says.

RELATED VIDEO: Which Blacklist Costar Does Ryan Eggold Call ‘Gorgeous’


IGN: Brent Spiner to Guest on The Blacklist http://bit.ly/2khOTot
// 1/26/2017, The Next Generation and Independence Day alum will play a Blacklister known as The Architect.


EntertainmentWeekly: The Blacklist casts The Office alum as new Blacklister http://bit.ly/2kDxx2K
// 1/24/2017, Melora Hardin


MediaLife: NBC’s ‘The Blacklist’ soars with DVR playback http://bit.ly/2kzIuBp
// 1/23/2017

The Jan. 5 episode of “Blacklist” posted a 2.1 rating among viewers 18-49 with seven-day DVR playback factored in, according to Nielsen. That was up 1.1 ratings points from its original 1.0 live-plus-same-day DVR playback rating.

Its 110 percent growth was the highest percentage growth during the week ended Jan. 8. Only one other show that week was able to at least double its 18-49 rating. That was ABC’s “Conviction,” which went from a 0.5 rating to a 1.0.
“The Blacklist” also saw significant DVR growth among total viewers. It added 4.34 million through DVR playback for an L+7 total of 9.55 million. That was the second-most growth of the week behind “Big Bang Theory,” which added 5.16 million viewers.


TVByTheNumbers: ‘Big Bang Theory,’ ‘The Blacklist top the week 16 broadcast Live +7 ratings http://bit.ly/2jR5dx0
// 1/20/2017


Cinemablend: Why The Blacklist’s Lower Ratings Might Not Actually Be A Problem http://bit.ly/2kIS9FW
// 1/6/2016

The series actually performs astoundingly well in DVR viewing in the days following the live airing.

For the first eight episodes of Season 4, The Blacklist averaged 5.8 million viewers and a 1.14 in the valuable 18 – 49 age demographic in Live+same day ratings. Neither of those numbers is particularly great, especially for a Big 4 network like NBC. What may save The Blacklist is the fact that the Live+7 numbers that take DVR viewership into account bump the average up to 10.6 million viewers and a 2.37 in the 18 – 49 demo. The demographic rating jumps a whopping average of 108% from Live+same to Live+7, and the 4.8 million extra viewers are impressive. The show is also doing well in wealthy homes, which likely means that NBC makes a pretty penny off of advertising revenue.

The DVR numbers should come as a relief to any fans who have been afraid that The Blacklist is on its last legs on NBC. … Going by the DVR numbers, … the drop might … connect to the change in the show’s time slot. NBC bumped The Blacklist from a 9 p.m. to a 10 p.m. time slot, which could have cost the show some members of the audience who happen to go to bed before episodes air.

Throw in the fact that the Thursday 10 p.m. time slot is rough on the other Big 4 networks, and the ratings for The Blacklist aren’t too alarming. In fact, The Blacklist ranks #2 in every key demographic in the 10 p.m. slot against competition from ABC and CBS. …
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Zap2It: The Blacklist’: 4 things to know about Season 4 & its spinoff http://bit.ly/2b3vGRf
// 7/29/2016


TVLine: NBC Fall Schedule: The Blacklist, Blindspot on the Move, Comedies Return to Thursday http://bit.ly/24UdspL Blacklist to 10 pm ET
// 5/14/2016


HollywoodReporter: The Blacklist Spinoff Ordered to Series at NBC http://bit.ly/1Tg17YY
// 5/14/2016


Deadline: The Blacklist Spinoff Picked Up To Series By NBC, Gets Title http://bit.ly/1TTRwFR “Blacklist Redemption”


Blog Stats for http://blacklistdeclassified.net for the Week of April 18-24, 2016
// 4/25/2016

The week of Episode 19 “Cape May” blasted through all records for this blog’s views and visitor stats so far this season. The US/International mix (≃ 60/40) was consistent with most poll responses and activity statistics.

Twitter links to these charts:
🐣 Views/Visitors for blog site (4/18-4/24) for S3 (orange=best week) ➔ note diff of scale 2 charts @Daniel_Knauf #WOW http://pic.twitter.com/BVBhyaozqR

🐣 Blog Views by country (4/18-4/24) 7549 total, 4371 United States (58%), all others (42%) @Daniel_Knauf The Blacklist http://pic.twitter.com/lxs2KeUMmN

Notes: Visitors to this blog are obviously computer-savvy so these totals would miss many older viewers. Judging from my Twitter account, most are female. People come looking for scripts and updates and a few articles have been persistently popular. I also keep an index of Blacklist info elsewhere on the web (“Black Sites”), so it is a clearinghouse of sorts. I am planning to do a survey to learn more about the people who visit here before the end of the season. – LizzieB


NBCUniversal: Results for Ratings Week of April 4-10 http://bit.ly/1NoxO0a The Blacklist [3:17]: ⇈ 7% in total audience, ⇈ 80% in 18-49‼️ L+3
// 4/12/2016

● “The First Original “Blacklist” in Six Weeks Grows +7% in Total Viewers to Top “Scandal” in the Time Period

● “L+3: “Blacklist” Increases by +80% in 18-49, Thursday’s Biggest L+3 Gain on the Big 4” …

“‘The Blacklist'(1.2/4 in 18-49, 6.4 million viewers overall from 9-10:01 p.m. ET) grew +7% in total viewers versus its prior original six weeks earlier (6.4 million vs. 6.0 million on Feb. 25), despite competition this week from the climactic hour of Fox’s “American Idol” series finale.
‘Blacklist’ outdelivered ABC’s “Scandal” in the time period in total viewers (6.4 million vs. 5.9 million). ‘Blacklist’ built on its lead-in last night by +50% in 18-49 and +40% in total viewers. L+3: “Blacklist” increased by +80% in 18-49 going from L+SD to L+3 (1.24 to 2.23) and by 3.8 million persons in total viewers (6.4 million to 10.2 million). The +80% gain in 18-49 was the biggest L+3 lift of the night on the Big 4. Upscale: ‘Blacklist’ is generating a strong upscale audience, indexing at a 148 among adults 18-49 living in homes with $100K+ incomes (“most current” including L+3).”

BroadwayWorld: NBC’s THE BLACKLIST Grows in Total Viewers; Retains 92% of Prior First-Run in Key Demo http://bit.ly/22sXZd7
// 4/8/2016

● “Outdelivers ‘Scandal’ in the time period in total viewers (6.244 million vs. 5.899 million).
● Generates its most-watched episode since Feb. 11 (6.437 million).
● Builds on its lead-in last night by +50% in 18-49 and +37% in total viewers.
● These numbers will increase dramatically with time-shifting and viewing on alternate platforms:

L+7: “Blacklist” has grown by +98% this season in 18-49 rating (from a 1.48 to a 2.93) and 4.9 million viewers overall (6.9 million to 11.8 million) going from L+SD to L+7.

L+3+7: Days of Alternate-Platform Views: The previous original episode grew by +90% (to a 2.5 rating) via time-shifting (3 days) and 7-day alternate-platform viewership (1.30 rating to a projected 2.47 rating in TAMi estimates).

Upscale: “Blacklist” is generating a strong upscale audience, indexing at a 148 among adults 18-49 living in homes with $100K+ incomes (“most current” including L+3).Outdelivers “Scandal” in the time period in total viewers (6.244 million vs. 5.899 million).”


⭕ Map of Twitter Followers by Tweepsmap

Blue boxes with “…” mean <0.1%. The flag inset is based on visits to this blog, not Twitter.
// 4/13/2016

Deadline: ‘The Blacklist’ Spinoff: Ryan Eggold Officially Set To Star, Reprising His Role http://bit.ly/207VYmR
// 4/5/2016, “If the spinoff goes forward, Eggold will star on the new series, with likely crossover appearances on The Blacklist. If it doesn’t go, Eggold will return to the mothership series, resuming his duties as a regular.

“The Blacklist episode that will serve as a formal planted spinoff is Episode 322 — airing May 12 — written by The Blacklist creator/executive producer Jon Bokenkamp and exec producer/showrunner John Eisendrath and directed by Michael Dinner.” …

“From what I’ve heard, the spinoff focuses on the relationship between Susan “Scottie” Halsted (Scottie Janssen) and Tom (Ryan Eggold) … ”

“In the spinoff, Janssen and Eggold are being joined by The Blacklist recurring player Edi Gathegi and new addition Tawny Cypress.”

04/28/2016 [sic] (09:00PM – 10:00PM) (Thursday) : After an unexpected loss devastates the FBI task force, they must track down their assailants; a mysterious group whose agents operate using a worldwide satellite network. Meanwhile, Reddington (James Spader) is forced to confront a ghost from his past – one who knows many of Red’s secrets.
3.19 is still listed as just TBA for April 21 but it looks like someone dies in it. This new title is for the ep previously known as the Promethium Network. [Emphasis added]
[Note: This has been circulating in social media. I cannot find the original article. Obviously the dateline is incorrect. So, caveat emptor.]

⊰ ♤ ⊱
Amazon link: http://amzn.to/1RrfrLU

April 3,2015
Tara Bennett, who wrote “Elizabeth Keen’s Dossier” along with Paul Terry, was kind enough to answer several questions for me.

Q: Can I ask you a few questions about “Elizabeth Keen’s Diary” and publish your answers on my blog? Most of them have to do with the degree to which fans can assume the content reflects “canon.” In other words, when I come across something I wasn’t aware of, can I assume that the show creators signed off (explicitly or implicitly)? The fact that @BlacklistRoom is promoting the book suggests there is some level of coordination and approval.

A: The book is indeed canon. We worked with the show and all of the materials came from the production & writing team (scripts, screen source documents from the episodes, photography, etc…) Also we worked with Nicole Phillips to ensure our copy was accurate and properly vetted by the show. We were writing the book as they were writing the first half of S3 so we had to adjust our writing per changes in their writing as it happens with books like these. The EPs had final review of the book. We made changes according to their notes for the final product.

Q: A couple examples of things that were new to me:

● Liz writing she would like to “un-hear” a comment Red made about an “erotic” experience with Madeline Pratt.

● I don’t remember the exact wording, but Liz suggesting “freedom” is important thematically.

A: Per the Liz comment about in-hearing that’s a humorous comment about hearing Pratt’s overtly sexual comments re: Red.

As in he’s talking about her in a way that Liz doesn’t want to hear the dirty details :)

As to freedom being a theme, yes, Liz gaining knowledge through her profiling of her life in the book is about gaining her freedom in terms of knowing her past so it can finally give context to her present. Also the book’s conceit is this is an analog (thus safer) compilation of what she’s learned about everything via Red, the Blacklisters and her peers. She’s been compiling it since Red came into her life and when she was on the run with him at the top of S3, she continued to catalogue details that would eventually get inserted into the book in case she lost her freedom and needed to expose & contextualize everything that got her to this moment.

Q: Did you use the comics as a source? The reason I ask is I haven’t read them so I don’t know if you may have gotten material that I am not familiar with from them. This would imply to me I need to read those first (before writing about your book).

A: Yes, the comics are included in the book but only as a Blacklister in that section and some context copy. We were provided the scripts to Nicole’s comics as we were writing the book for inclusion but it was not the starting point, or the linchpin, to the book in any way.

Q: Did the show provide any of the “props” (documents etc) featured in EK’s Dossier?

A: Yes, we were provided all of the production designed materials from the series team but those were primarily the wanted posters, ID badge images and basic HR forms for the Blacklist agents. We also were provided the screen used images that often filed Aram’s screens when they were investigating a case. However, our wonderful design team, Amazing 15, created the spreads utilizing all of those images and turning them into files that Liz would just grab from the FBI archive.

Cross-posted under “Writers’ Room”

NBCUniversalStore: The Blacklist: Elizabeth Keen’s Dossier (Hardcover) Book http://bit.ly/1qo8bYL
// “Elizabeth Keen’s Dossier is a lavish visual celebration of this hugely popular and critically acclaimed show. Liz has been compiling her notes and case files on Red, Tom, the Blacklist and her colleagues at the FBI since day 1. This book is the truth of what has happened so far. A dossier of in-world documentation, photographs, maps, newspaper cuttings and Liz’s detailed notes, it pieces together the puzzle that is Red’s Blacklist. A must have for any fan.”

CinemaSentries: Book ReviEntertainmentWeekly: The Blacklist: Elizabeth Keen’s Dossier by Tara Bennett and Paul Terry http://bit.ly/1MKmuk3 @NBCblacklist
// 4/2/2016, “A deeper look at the colorful characters of The Blacklist”

TheTVAddict: THE BLACKLIST: “Elizabeth Keen’s Dossier” Book Released http://bit.ly/1Mblqpt
// 3/29/2016, “The details in each of the sections are thorough and provide welcome backstory. In fact, if you’re struggling to fully understand the Berlin and Cabal storylines (or can’t keep track of all of Red’s business associates), this book has illustrated sections that appear as crime boards that map out the connections between the various players.

“Lizzie’s commentary is sprinkled throughout the pages, detailing her thoughts on the characters she has interacted with as well as unanswered questions she has. If you’re the kind of fan with an eye for details, you may also spot close ups of things that only get a cursory showing on your TV screen. For example, you can delve more deeply into lab reports, crime scene photos or suspect profiles. You’ll also spot a manilla envelope with a familiar symbol tucked away in the back.”

Retrenders: The Blacklist: Elizabeth Keen’s Dossier http://bit.ly/1qobf7l
// 3/29/2016, photo below

Hypable: The Blacklist – Elizabeth Keen’s Dossier is just what obsessed fans want http://bit.ly/1o6RTkX @NBCBlacklist
// 3/23/2016

⊰ ♤ ⊱
Variety: ‘The Blacklist’ Female-Led Spinoff in the Works at NBC, Famke Janssen to Star http://bit.ly/1SmzyJ0
// 3/29/2016

“Though plot details are being kept under wraps, Janssen (‘X-Men,’ ‘How to Get Away With Murder’) will play a character named Susan ‘Scottie’ Halsted. She will make her debut on the May 5 episode of the flagship series. She will star in the following episode on May 12 — one week before ‘Blacklist’s’ Season 3 finale — which will serve as the backdoor pilot. Insiders tell Variety that Janssen’s character was conceived as Ryan Eggold’s on-screen mother. …

“’The Blacklist’ is still a steady performer for NBC, currently ranking as their No. 3-rated scripted program in both adults 18-49 (2.6 rating) and total viewers (10.82 million), according to Nielsen’s ‘live plus-3’ estimates. Having a companion series could fare well for the franchise, as a fresh new show would perhaps bring more eyes to the original, especially through dual promotion on the network. …

“Update, 5:20 p.m: Should the spinoff be ordered to series, Edi Gathegi will also star as a regular. He currently appears in ‘The Blacklist,’ and would reprise his role of Mr. Solomon.”

BlacklistDeclassified.net Volume Stats for The Blacklist
Season 3, Episodes 9-16 (up to Spring Hiatus)

Highest week highlighted in orange (with stats) was week of Dexter, followed by The Director, (Mid-Winter Premiere), Lady Ambrosia, and The Director – Conclusion

Zap2It: ‘Big reveals coming up’ on ‘The Blacklist’ http://bit.ly/1Kgl5Ri according to NBC entertainment president: S4 trajectory
// 2/13/2016

TVLine: The Blacklist Renewed Through Season 4! http://bit.ly/1OMFP39 @NBCBlacklist
// 12/7/2015

by LizzieB90
BlacklistDeclassified.net Volume Stats for The Blacklist
Season 3, Episodes 1-8 (up to Winter Hiatus)

Highest week highlighted in orange (with stats) was week of Enioch Cain, followed by Sir Crispin Crandall and the Mid-Season Finale, Kings of the Highway.

EntertainmentWeekly (11/26/2015): Is there a Blacklist baby on the way? http://bit.ly/1N3FFzZ

● “’We are still trying to figure it out,’ executive producer Jon Bokenkamp says. ‘It plays in a number of different ways, both story wise and physically, for Megan in trying to figure out what that would mean to the show.’

● “‘It’s really hard in a show that has — whether he’s her father or not — a parental core to it,’ Bokenkamp continues, referencing the dynamic between Liz and Red (James Spader). ‘In a show that has a father-daughter type relationship, it’s incredibly difficult to ignore the fact that our lead actress is pregnant. It’s still being figured out exactly what that means.’”

TVGuide (11/17/2015): The Blacklist’s Megan Boone Expecting Her First Child http://bit.ly/1SC16eE

Guess what⁉️ 👶 Megan Boone 💝 is expecting 👶 🎁🎉🍼🎀🎊🎁‼️

❗Congratulations to Megan and her partner, artist Dan Estabrook❗
⋙ Source: PeopleMag (11/16/2015): Megan Boone Expecting First Child http://bit.ly/1SC16eE

PeopleMag: Megan Boone Expecting First Child http://bit.ly/1SC16eE
// 11/16/2015

TVByTheNumbers: Broadcast Live +7 ratings, week 2: The Blacklist premiere joins ‘Empire’ ‘Blindspot’ atop charts http://bit.ly/1hV6Vaq
// 10/20/2015

BroadwayWorld: NBC’s THE BLACKLIST is Season’s Most Upscale Drama of Big 4 http://bit.ly/1W1NNdH The Blacklist @NBCBlacklist
// 10/16/2015, “‘The Blacklist’ (1.4/4 in 18-49, 6.8 million viewers overall from 10-11 p.m. ET) facing NFL and MLB Playoff competition, retained 93% of last week’s result in 18-49 (1.4 vs. 1.5), held onto 97% in total viewers (6.826 million vs. 7.019 million) and retained 100% in women 18-34 (1.0 vs. 1.0) and men 25-54 (1.8 vs. 1.8).

“These numbers will increase dramatically with time-shifting and viewing on alternate platforms:

“In adults 18-49, last week’s episode grew by +90% (to a 2.8 rating) via time-shifting (3 days) and 7-day alternate-platform viewership (1.49 rating to a projected 2.83 rating in TAMi estimates).

“Last week’s ‘Blacklist’ added nearly 400,000 full-episode views (P2+) in seven days on NBC.com (392,729).

“Beats Fox’s ‘Sleepy Hollow’ head to head in the time period by +75% (1.4 vs. 0.8).

“Upscale: ‘Blacklist’ is the season’s most upscale drama on ABC, CBS, NBC or Fox, indexing at a 151 among adults 18-49 living in homes with $100K+ incomes. “Blacklist” was also the most upscale telecast on those networks on the prior Thursday, Oct. 8.”

EntertainmentWeekly: Spoiler Room: Scoop on Blacklist, Heroes Reborn, Bones and more http://bit.ly/1W8A1T7
// 9/18/2015

Q: “Is the main focus of The Blacklist’s return just on Liz’s escape?”
A: The aftermath from Red releasing the Fulcrum information will cause a big fallout within The Cabal. ‘The Cabal is more desperate and therefore more dangerous and frankly bringing in more lethal people to handle the situation,’ EP Jon Bokenkamp tells EW, teasing the introduction of Mr. Solomon (Edi Gathegi). ‘He’s a fixer for The Cabal and he’s ruthless. He’s really good at making things personal.’ That last tease is especially pertinent when it comes to Dembe. ‘We’re actually going to realize Dembe’s not this lone wolf, that he has family outside the surrogate father that is Red,’ Bokenkamp adds.”

TVLine: Blacklist Bosses Talk ‘Different Feel’ of Season 3 — Plus: Watch a New Trailer ☒ http://bit.ly/1QgXAWK
// 9/3/2015

● “‘[T]hose on the task force each [have] a very specific point of view about the value of [arresting Liz],’ Eisendrath continues. ‘Ressler is a dogged, by-the-book guy who is going to bring [Liz and Red] in.’ At the same time, we have found opportunities for Red and Liz to convince the FBI that one of the best ways to keep track of them is to assist them in going after certain blacklisters, who Red and Liz are going after in order to exonerate Liz.”

● “Adds Bokenkamp: ‘I understand that there’s an appetite to want the whole truth. But the whole truth won’t come until the end, and along the way, many breadcrumbs have been laid out. We’re definitely working toward an endgame.’”

Crossword for fans of The Blacklist by Literarybitca http://bit.ly/1XvlaUm [or go to “Clues” on this blog]

TheGuardian: Maggie Gyllenhaal: At 37 I was ‘too old’ for role opposite 55-year-old man http://bit.ly/1cR9I2e ⋙ 32 is too young, 37 is too old so 33-36 is “just right”? (maybe this is why people get confused … )
// 5/21/2015

ChristianToday: ‘The Blacklist’ season 3 spoilers: Liz and Red face new frightening foe http://bit.ly/1MgBK6O
// 8/7/2015
● “Edi Gathegi will be joining the cast as Mr. Solomon, who will consider taking down Liz (Megan Boone) and Red (James Spader) as his personal vendetta”
● Mr Solomon “does the Cabal’s dirty work”
● John Eisendrath said that Mr. Solomon will catch the two fugitives unaware which will result to Red compromising their safety
● “Someone close to him will be put in ‘a very vulnerable position,’ and Liz’s friend will have no choice but to do whatever the scoundrel wants”
● “Glimpses of [Liz’s] past, which will be revealed in season 3, will help her survive”.
● “Meanwhile, Boone told Zap2it that season 3 will be an entirely different show, now that her character is no longer working within the law”
● “the structure of the series is going to change, what with the task force ‘imploding'” according to Megan Boone (ZapIt Interview http://bit.ly/1MTnv82)
● Megan Boone: “If you break open the entire task force, then it will be challenging to try to find the procedural aspect of the show again'”(ZapIt interview)

ChristianPost: ‘The Blacklist’ season 3 spoilers, plot: Liz bumps into Red’s blacklisters, gets help from unlikely individual
// 7/30/2015

TVGuide: Mega Buzz: Red and Liz Face a Dangerous New Enemy on The Blacklist http://bit.ly/1De41b8 glimpses of Liz’s criminal past
// 7/30/2015, Edi Gathegi will play “Mr Solomon”; “Liz won’t be completely out of her element though. The rogue FBI agent is a criminal profiler for a reason. ‘We are going to see glimpses of a criminal past that we’ve hinted at before,’ Bokenkamp says. ‘In the pilot, Red said, “Think like a criminal. It may come easier to you than you think.”‘ We’re going to see whispers of her past and how that sort of thinking may be useful in some of these desperate situations.”

Enstarz: ‘The Blacklist’ Season 3: Which New Blacklister Was Announced? Episode 2 Title Revealed
// 7/26/2015, Episode 3:1: “Marvin Gerard” [ or is it “Troll Farmer” – I’ve seen both ]


Ratings & Renewal Summary

June 28, 2015
NBC SHOWS 2014-2015 (by 18-49yo demographic “the demo”)

18-49 year old demographic

18-49 year old demographic

TVSeriesFinale (6/27/15): NBC 2014-15 Season Ratings http://bit.ly/1Sk6chq
NBC SHOWS 2014-2015 (by total audience viewership)
Total audience viewership

Total audience viewership

Source: TVSeriesFinale (6/27/15): NBC 2014-15 Season Ratings http://bit.ly/1Sk6chq
ALL SERIES Delayed Viewing 2014-2015 (by total audience viewership)
Delayed viewing (7 day): Total audience viewership

Delayed viewing (7 day): Total audience viewership

Source: USAToday (6/12/2015): TV season’s top shows DVR on demandhttp://usat.ly/1KhUvn
ALL SERIES Most Popular
Top shows 2014-2015 (including Live ✛ 7 day)

Top shows 2014-2015 (including Live ✛ 7 day)

Source: TVLine (5/22/2015): Ratings for 2014-15 Season http://bit.ly/1F2f0yy (includes Live✛7 day)

RATINGS Sources:
TVSeriesFinale (6/27/15): NBC 2014-15 Season Ratings http://bit.ly/1Sk6chq The Blacklist is NBC’s #1 scripted drama

USAToday (6/12/2015): TV season’s top shows on demand, DVR http://usat.ly/1KhUvnU

TVMediaInsights (6/8/2015): ‘The Blacklist’ on NBC Adds the Most Viewers Via the DVR http://bit.ly/1HmZl2n 9.5M ✛ 6.1M (7-day) ➔ 15.1M

CinemaBlend (June 2015): The Top 23 Rated Series Of The 2014-2015 TV Season http://bit.ly/1Iki3Zf The Blacklist #14, highest for NBC

TVLine (5/22/2015): Sunday Night Football, Empire Top Ratings for 2014-15 Season; Forever Among Highest-Rated Axed Shows http://bit.ly/1F2f0yy

DeadlineHollywood (5/19/2015): NBC Set To Eke Out 2014-15 TV Season Demo Win Over CBS Thanks To Super Bowl http://bit.ly/1FHEjWH


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RATINGS and Renewal Summary

By LizzieB90, May 22, 2015 ⋙ See also June 28, 2015 update

The Blacklist remains NBC’s top-rated scripted drama – and NBC is moving toward more drama, not away from it. The fact that The Blacklist production group will be doing the show just after it shows they have confidence it this team and in The Blacklist. They are keeping TBL on Thursdays to anchor two new shows. And VOD and L✛3D do matter. Advertisers just wish they didn’t.


Source: TVLine (5/22/2015)

Source: TVLine (5/22/2015)

CarterMatt: ‘The Blacklist’ season 2: Episodes still charting high in DVR ratings http://bit.ly/1INNDiH “We would be surprised to see this show conclude at any point before 2017”
// 5/5/2015

HollywoodReporter: Broadcast Ax: Networks just went on a cancelation binge http://bit.ly/1HkUt9R With one exception, NBC renewed all shows between 2 and 6 seasons (the one they cancelled had just completed 2 seasons)
// 5/8/2015

MediaLife (5/18): ‘The Blacklist’ soars w DVR viewership http://bit.ly/1Khr32C 18-49yo +142%, all +75% week ending 5/3/2015 http://pic.twitter.com/WxzWCQ5VzV
// 5/18/2015

Source: MediaLife (5/18/2015)

Source: MediaLife (5/18/2015)

NBCUniversal: NBC Wins the 2014-15 Primetime Season in Adults 18-49 http://bit.ly/1R6VM3d The Blacklist up 160% for time slot
// 5/19/2015, “‘The Blacklist’ … has improved NBC’s Thursday 9-10 p.m. hour by +160% in 18-49 since moving to the time period in February”

Variety: Ratings: NBC, CBS Win Season Titles http://bit.ly/1Pzjvvz
// 5/19/2015, “And though “The Blacklist” fell off as it moved to Thursday Island, it remained a big DVR draw; combined with its early-season Monday averages, the James Spader drama finished as the fourth most-popular broadcast drama among adults 18-49 (Live+7 for original episode)”

TVSeriesFinale: NBC 2014-15 Season Ratings (updated 5/21/15) http://bit.ly/1Sk6chq the top six shows were renewed; The Blacklist is #1 for NBC
// 5/21/2015


Source: TVSeriesFinale (5/21/2015)

Source: TVSeriesFinale (5/21/2015)

DeadlineHollywood: Full 2014-15 TV Season Series Rankings: Football & ‘Empire’ Ruled http://bit.ly/1SrJILD
// 5/21/2015, The Blacklist is tied for #13th overall and is NBC’s top scripted drama; the closest is Chicago Fire at #35, followed by Law & Order:SVU at #54
Among non-scripted programs, sports leads, including NBC Sunday Night Football at #1. The Voice is ranked #10

TVLine: Sunday Night Football, Empire Top Ratings for 2014-15 Season; Forever Among Highest-Rated Axed Shows http://bit.ly/1F2f0yy
// 5/22/2015


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The Blacklist Top Rated Episodes (as of 5/25/2015)

2.22 Tom Connolly. (No. 11) 9.1
1.9 Anslo Garrick (No. 16) 9.1
2.19 Leonard Caul (No. 62) 9.0
2:9 Luther Braxton (No. 21) 9.0
2:8 Berlin 2 (No. 8): 9.0
1:10 Anslo Garrick 2 (No. 16) 9.0
2:10 Luther Braxton 2 (No. 21): 8.9
2.21 Karakurt (No. 55) 8.8
2:8 The Decembrist (No. 12) 8.8
1:21 Berlin (No. 8) 8.8

TVGuide: NBC’s Fall Schedule: Heroes Reborn Airs on Thursdays, Coach Reboot Gets Midseason Premiere http://bit.ly/1zRgnE4 “The Blacklist will remain on Thursdays, sandwiched between the new series Heroes Reborn and The Player”

ZapIt2: ‘The Blacklist’ Grows 17% Week to Week in Adults 18-49 http://bit.ly/1EoFFWE [via press release]
// 5/8/2015
● “The Blacklist” (1.4/5 in 18-49, 6.7 million viewers overall from 9-10:01 p.m. ET):
● Increases by +17% week to week in 18-49 (1.4 vs. 1.2).
● Note that last week’s telecast grew by a series-record +99% in 18-49 and by 2.9 million viewers overall in L+3 results vs. these L+SD figures.
● Also grows week to week by +40% or 0.2 of a point in adults 18-34 (0.7 vs. 0.5), +50% or 0.2 of a point in men 18-34 (0.6 vs. 0.4) and +60% or 0.3 of a point in women 18-34 (0.8 vs. 0.5).
● Ties for #1 among the Big 4 nets In the time period in men 18-49 (with a 1.3 rating).
● “The Blacklist” has improved the Thursday 9 p.m. hour by +164% in 18-49 (3.33 vs. a prior average of 1.26, “most current” excluding sports) and by 8.9 million viewers overall (13.2 million vs. 4.3 million).
● NBC’s Thursday overall has improved by +17% since the “Blacklist” move in 18-49 (1.96 vs. 1.68, “most current” non-sports) and 2.9 million viewers overall (8.3 million vs. 5.4 million).
● Remains a top upscale attraction – 140 index of adults 18-49 living in $100K+ homes (“most current”).

MediaLife: For NBC, a major overhaul for fall http://bit.ly/1JUFb1k The Blacklist moving back to Mondays @NBCBlacklist
// 5/8/2015

TVByTheNumbers: ‘Modern Family’ Leads Adults 18-49 Gains, ‘The Blacklist’ Tops Percentage Increases & Viewer Growth in Live +7 Ratings for Week 21 Ending February 15 http://bit.ly/1wYWHx3
// 3/2/2015

FutonCritic: The Blacklist is doing well in the ratings. It doesn’t get all the 18-35 viewers, but does capture the most upscale ones http://bit.ly/1Fd19JH
// 3/5/2015

TVSeriesFinale: Dateline: ‘The Real Blacklist’ to Replace The Slap on Thursdays http://bit.ly/18dB685 great idea! The Blacklist
// 3/6/2015, themed version of Dateline, with Richard Engel

HuffPo: The Enjoyable and Oddly Gripping NBC Series ‘The Blacklist’ http://huff.to/1Ec5SMA stresses the show’s continuous improvement
// 2/26/2015


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