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Last updated: 9/14/2019
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“Keep an open mind, but not so open your brains fall out.”

– Carl Sagan

AdFontesMedia: Media Bias Chart [Interactive] http://bit.ly/2lRErGv


🌓 Political News Sources: Most Left to Most Right


PalmerReport [ fake ] http://www.palmerreport.com
BipartisanReport [ skewed ] http://bipartisanreport.com
Campaign for America’s Future [ leftist ] http://bit.ly/gktvnm
CounterPunch http://is.gd/7PyzMB
Crooks&Liars http://bit.ly/gqqLr2
PoliticalCarnival http://bit.ly/u5J7cO
DemocracyNow http://bit.ly/2kjMjhj
The Intercept (Glenn Greenwald) https://theintercept.com
ThinkProgress http://bit.ly/fyLF0T
Daily Kos http://bit.ly/frRpI7 [open blog]
Common Dreams http://bit.ly/2kjHRzr
Alternet http://bit.ly/fNSQst
TruthOut [?] http://www.truth-out.org
Democratic Underground http://bit.ly/eaX4Ay [open blog]
The Nation http://bit.ly/g1iN64
The Progressive http://bit.ly/fq06pU
Rolling Stone Politics http://bit.ly/hRJ5Pr
American Prospect http://bit.ly/hEFFTz
MotherJones http://bit.ly/eTM3l8
Center for American Progress http://bit.ly/gKhXs2
Media Matters http://bit.ly/dWWbyZ
Msnbc (TV) http://on.msnbc.com/fQvOo5 [except @Morning_Joe]
Salon http://bit.ly/fzILIK
Vox (Ezra Klein) vox.com
The Atlantic – Politics http://is.gd/I02Euw
WonkWire (Taegan Goddard) http://is.gd/a097sM
Vice http://www.vice.com/en_us
The New Republic http://bit.ly/eqXNV6′
New York Magazine, Politics http://is.gd/GyO29Z
Huffington Post http://huff.to/dLn1sm
The Guardian [UK] http://bit.ly/2kGCYOg
BusinessInsider http://is.gd/vuenSv
The Hill http://bit.ly/hKyfq7
Daily Beast http://bit.ly/hc1HjE


National Journal http://bit.ly/hYCjde
Mediaite http://bit.ly/hHZAGn
Newsweek http://bit.ly/gHGpNT
The Washington Post http://wapo.st/hrfeHy
Talking Points Memo http://bit.ly/fNpP2W
The New York Times http://nyti.ms/gR1JMJ
Foreign Affairs http://fam.ag/2jL5hwn
AP http://bit.ly/dP5NrJ
The Week http://is.gd/kBqOIi
MSN News http://is.gd/GDUlCf
Factcheck http://www.factcheck.org
BBC (UK) http://bbc.in/f6yB1G
Reuters http://reut.rs/hnvoPq
USAToday http://usat.ly/2jouQVx
CNN (TV): http://www.cnn.com
Snopes http://www.snopes.com
AP (Associated Press) http://bit.ly/2kjJKf1
Bloomberg http://bloom.bg/hJkAx0
OpEdNews http://www.opednews.com
Politics Daily http://aol.it/h9AU8
Time http://ti.me/2jvt6VX
CNN TV http://bit.ly/dVavFo
Al Jareeza http://bit.ly/i7eeHh
Foreign Policy https://foreignpolicy.com
Newser http://bit.ly/e01k7h
The Hill http://bit.ly/hKyfq7
Politifact http://bit.ly/dPumjK


Morning Joe (msnbc) http://is.gd/zRNv6U
Axios (VandaHai/Mike Allen, new 2017) https://www.axios.com
Slate http://www.slate.com/
The Economist http://econ.st/hLV1u3
CNBC (TV) http://www.cnbc.com
Politico http://politi.co/idqoYM
Forbes http://bit.ly/h4xTie
Financial Times (UK) http://on.ft.com/htZfI2
Commentary http://bit.ly/2jmSwd2
Roll Call http://is.gd/ljx2iD
Wall Street Journal http://on.wsj.com/fBjqyR
American Conservative http://bit.ly/hUaATR
National Review http://bit.ly/dLDTVL
The Weekly Standard http://bit.ly/fcRMZG
New York Post http://nyp.st/2jKYzGS
Free Republic http://bit.ly/gOKbxO [open blog]
The Blaze (Glenn Beck) http://bit.ly/iewd0o
Washington Examiner http://bit.ly/h311SU
Washington Free Beacon http://is.gd/l5l4i4
The Resurgent (Erick Erickson, new 2016) http://bit.ly/2kjwsz9
Washington Times http://bit.ly/f4cnsg
Fox News (TV) http://fxn.ws/gh8kKu
Daily Caller http://bit.ly/1ikyWoW
DailySignal (by Heritage – new)
Redstate http://bit.ly/Q8vBip
Newsmax http://bit.ly/fQzyYm
Townhall http://bit.ly/2jmSYbh
Human Events http://bit.ly/1esa6Eg
Drudge Report http://www.drudgereport.com
World Net Daily (WND) [ fake ] http://bit.ly/eiewZV
Breitbart http://bit.ly/dHSQr5



occasional good political piece (mostly left-leaning):
Esquire http://bit.ly/f149Sn
The New York Review of Books http://bit.ly/2kMfjv6
The New Yorker http://nyr.kr/gUmnq4
Vanity Fair http://bit.ly/fbwroE

More than politics:
Newsweek http://bit.ly/gHGpNT
Time http://ti.me/fXRczL
US News & World Report http://bit.ly/fjgDIL

Early stories:
BuzzFeed http://bzfd.it/1KaN0yU
RawStory http://is.gd/xytGPK
TruthOut http://is.gd/sxjKls
BuzzFlash (part of TruthOut) http://is.gd/sxjKls

Conspiracy/Paranormal: (less to more crazy)

BeforeItsNews http://is.gd/eDTyXM
AboveTopSecret http://bit.ly/eTWBJr
Godlike Productions http://bit.ly/gfXQtD
InfoWars (Alex Jones) http://bit.ly/eiwSiA
Earthfiles http://bit.ly/s6Ho9n
Exopolitics http://is.gd/jKM0BP
David Icke (lizard people, etc) http://bit.ly/1LChwRf
Bibliotheca Pleyades http://bit.ly/1Kdfr0K
Cassiopeia http://is.gd/dsZKxU [open blog] [freaky/paranoid]

Pending: Apple News, Google News,

For additions/adjustments, leave a comment below (for Dkos) or at my site* notify me at @Auriandra on Twitter.

Disclaimer: Although I do my best, this is just my impression of these sources, many with which I am more familiar than others. I am an avid devourer of news. I make changes as some sources shift and if sources are added or are discontinued. Some sources (e.g. The Washington Post), feature a broad array of opinion writers. I also use others’ lists as sources, though in the end it comes down to my own opinion. – Auriandra

Cross-posted at Daily Kos and TheBlacklistDeclassified.net, my fansite for the TV show, which is all about decyphering truth from falsehood and appearance from reality.

“The Truth is Rarely Pure and Never Simple.”

– Early promo poster, The Blacklist


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