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Blurb: Mr Kaplan and Baz appear to be gone (though who ever knows with this series?) Special Agent Julian Gale has been foiled in his attempt to bring down the task force but is sure to be a thorn in Ressler’s side, especially since Ressler accidentally caused the death of national security advisor Laurel Hitchen. Tom has a suitcase full of bones and Liz has test results showing that Red is her father (though – lol – who ever knows with this series?)

The next episode of The Blacklist airs at 8pm ET on Wednesday, September 27, 2017.


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🔴 Storybook 4:22 Mr Kaplan – Conclusion

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Episode 4:22 Mr Kaplan Pt 2 🎯 EW recap ¤ 🌅 Photo Gallery ¤ 📒 Script


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Blurb: Two episode season finale, Part 2. Mr Kaplan and Special Agent Julian Gale join forces to bring down Red and everyone on the Task Force.

[ In a motel room, Red cuts up fake IDs with his photo on them and lights them on fire ]

༺ ♤ ༻
[ An escort of police cars arrives at a federal courthouse. Mr (Kate) Kaplan is escorted inside ]


༺ ♤ ༻
Stanton: My name is Alvin Stanton. I’m the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia. … You understand why you’re here.
Kate: To tell you what I know so you can judge if my truthful testimony merits immunity.
Stanton: There are allegations that the FBI allowed Raymond Reddington to continue to commit crimes while acting as a criminal informant.
Kate: That’s a fact. He has continued to commit crimes, including murder.
Stanton: And the task force led by Harold Cooper? They knew about this?
Kate: Yes, and I can prove it. I gave Agent Gale the bodies. I can give you locations and dates that the bodies were collected and buried. …
༺ ♤ ༻

Cooper: When you authorized Reddington’s immunity deal, you knew that we would have to let him maintain his criminal empire. That’s what makes him valuable to us.
Panabaker: You’re a big boy, Harold. You knew we’d support you as long as you kept the deal hidden. You didn’t.
Cooper: My people could go to jail.
Panabaker: Well, you’ve done good work. Grand jury hands up an indictment, I’m sure the judge and jury will agree. …
༺ ♤ ༻
Cooper: … We’re going to be arrested. And there’s nothing Reddington can do to protect us against that. To be honest, that’s what makes me the angriest. That here we are at the end, and we still don’t know why he walked into your life that day.
Liz: Where are you going?
Cooper: To do something I should’ve done a long time ago.
༺ ♤ ༻
Red: Once Kaplan testifies, an indictment is inevitable.
Liz: Cooper tried to shut it down.
Red: Harold has to work within the system. Henry Prescott does not.
Liz: Who’s Henry Prescott?
Red: A man who knows how to bury problems. If you find yourself up against impossible odds due to poor judgment, Henry Prescott’s the man you want on speed dial. … Finding him is the key to sweeping the grand jury under the rug. … I need your help in finding Prescott. …
༺ ♤ ༻
Samar: The lead on Prescott, Warren Casualty, it has no physical address. Only a P.O. Box. …
Ressler: Well, the address was a bust, but corporate tax returns tell a different story. See, in the last three years, the company’s reported $17 million in earnings from various sources, including–
Samar: Banish Capital, an investment firm owned by one Jay-Jay Brickman.
Liz: The football player?
[ Beep, speed-dialing ]
Liz: Reddington, I think we found a way for you to get to Prescott. …
༺ ♤ ༻
Jay-Jay: Now who the hell are you? … What do you want?
Red: Ooh, that’s a long list. But at the moment, I’ll settle for Henry Prescott.
Jay-Jay: Doesn’t ring a bell.
Red: Well, let me ring it for you. A few months ago, you were … at that nightclub in Vegas and inadvertently discharged your handgun … sending a Belgian tourist to the emergency
room. Henry Prescott is the man who made that all go away.
Jay-Jay: … I’d only call him if I had a problem. Like a real problem.
Red: [ Laughing ] Yes. Yes. [ Click, gunshot 💥 Drug dealer falls ]
Drug dealer: Aah!
Red: There. There’s a problem. Your drug dealer’s bleeding out on the floor in your VIP room of your new nightclub. With the morals clause in your new contract, you won’t collect a penny. … Henry Prescott. Call him. …


༺ ♤ ༻
Cooper: I was told it was still here.
Attendant: Guess it should be here then. Just go on right over there. 475-6826-B. Knock yourself out.
[Cooper uses a knife to slice through the sealing tape of a confidential file box. He digs down into the box, flipping past a photo of a torture scene, and removes an old blood-soaked shirt. He snips a small piece of the bloodied cloth and slips it into a small zip-locked bag] …
༺ ♤ ༻

Prescott: I’m gonna transport your associate to a private clinic. But first, you need to tell me what happened here.
Red: I happened.
Prescott: Who’s this?
Jay-Jay: I don’t even know. He came here looking for you.
Next thing I know, he’s shooting up the place. …
Red: My apologies for the forced introduction, Mr. Prescott, but I require some information. On November 19, 2015, your services were engaged to pick up a package in Dupont Circle. I need you to tell me the exact disposition of that package. …
༺ ♤ ༻

Judge Drucker: Sir, please state your name and occupation for the grand jury.
Aram: Um, Aram Mojtabai, and I am an FBI agent.
Drucker: You’re an agent with a task force created to work with a criminal informant named Raymond Reddington?
Aram: Yeah I’m not really supposed to talk about my work, so–
Drucker: We’ve heard testimony that your task force has allowed Reddington to commit violent crimes and done nothing to stop it.
Aram: Stop Mr. Reddington? Well, if you knew him,
you’d know that’s- that’s basically impossible.
Drucker: I see. So you knew he was continuing to commit crimes while serving as your informant. … You just weren’t able … to control him.
Aram: I-I didn’t say that. No, no– …
Drucker: Newton Phillips. Alistair Pitt. Milos Pavel Kinsky, AKA Berlin. Diane Fowler. … Agent Mojtabai, … You have immunity. Nothing you say can incriminate you, so you can be compelled to answer!
Aram: Okay, you know what? Fine. I’m proud of the work we do with Mr. Reddington. Yeah, I’m proud of it. You heard me. Yes, his world is absolutely terrifying … but it exists.
Drucker: Okay, we’re done here. Agent Mojtabai. … Agent Gale, please hold Agent Mojtabai in contempt. …
[ Aram is forcefully escorted from the courtroom, past Janet ]
Aram: [ To Janet ] I-I told you this was a mistake.
༺ ♤ ༻
Red: … Mr. Prescott, my associate, Frank Sturgeon. I’ll need him to confirm the findings.
Prescott: It’s organized by date.

Ressler: What is this place?
Red: A depository of sorts. Prescott’s insurance policies. … We’re looking for 11-19-15. … And here we are.
Ressler: These have particular interest to me?
Red: I’m certain of it.
[Red removes the cover of the barrel marked “11-19-15”]
Red: Ready? Dive in.
[ Ressler reaches into the tank and pulls a body up until the head is visible ]
Ressler: Mother of God.
Red: Congratulations, Donald. Your hunt for Reven Wright is over. …

༺ ♤ ༻
Samar: What did you get for giving him up?
Janet: I have no idea what you’re talking about.
Samar: I got a warrant for your car’s navigation system to see where you’ve been. And guess what? You’ve been here at the courthouse, on the same day as the grand jury was in session.
Janet: I was subpoenaed to testify. I didn’t tell Aram because I wasn’t allowed to.
Samar: Aram wasn’t allowed to either, and yet he told us.
Janet: They told me if I cooperated, they would expunge my criminal record. The second chance I couldn’t pass up. Can you honestly tell me you would’ve done differently?
Samar: Yes. I can.
༺ ♤ ༻
Samar: Hey. You did the right thing. I know it doesn’t seem like it right now, but you did.
Aram: I’m totally freaking out in here. And I’m half-Muslim, which is definitely not a plus.
Samar: I’m sorry. What can I do?
Aram: Uh, nothing. It’s, uh- Thank you, it’s fine.
Samar: What is it?
Aram: Look, Janet’s been amazing. I know you hate

her, which is why I didn’t wanna say anything, but the fact is, is I’m barely hanging on in here, and if it wasn’t for her– Not that it even matters, because Mr. Kaplan is gonna testify tomorrow afternoon, and when she does, there’s, um there’s nothing I can do to protect you.
Samar: Reddington has a lead, an angle he thinks might get you out of here.


༺ ♤ ༻
[ A wooden sign is labeled “Tansi Farms.” Kate walks past a red barn up to a tree on which the letter “K” is carved in the moss-covered bark. Kate’s hand touches the letter. Kate paces off four steps from the base of the tree. She removes a collapsible shovel from the blue plastic bag she is carrying, then kneels down on the bag ]
Kate: I’m sorry, Katarina.
[ Kate begins to dig ]

༺ ♤ ༻
Liz: You wanted to see me?
Cooper: I know it’s hard to believe, but I was a golden boy once. Fresh out of the Navy. Youngest agent ever appointed to the Pentagon’s combined investigation and intelligence task force. At the time, Reddington was stationed overseas working counterintelligence.
Liz: You worked together.
Cooper: He was shadowing a Russian operative code-named Seaduke.
Liz: So that’s why he surrendered to you.
Cooper: Seaduke made Reddington and dispatched a team of Spetsnatz to abduct him. For 10 days, they tortured him, until he was rescued by an FBI-SEAL Joint Task Force. I was working lead on the agency side. My job was to secure the physical evidence in the event that Seaduke was captured and prosecuted.
Liz: I’m sorry, um, why are you telling me this?
Cooper: Because I meant what I said. I’m angry
that you still don’t know why Reddington walked into your life. The blood on this shirt from Raymond Reddington has been sealed in an evidence locker for over three decades. I procured a sample and submitted it for a DNA profile. Yours was already on file. … I submitted the sample and your profile to a private lab. They’ll have the results within 24 hours, so you’ll finally know whether or not Raymond Reddington is your father.
༺ ♤ ༻

Medical Examiner: Female victim, apparent cause of death mid-range gunshot wound. … The body appears to have been preserved through full immersion in a formaldehyde-phenol bath.
[ The ME removes a bullet. Ressler walks up, takes out a small plastic ziplock bag into which the ME drops the bullet ]
༺ ♤ ༻
[ The Post Office. Red holds up the bag with the bullet removed from Reven Wright’s body ]
Red: Ah, the straw in the wind.
Ressler: Ballistics will match this to a weapon of Hitchin’s.
Red: Yes, proving her guilt.
Cooper: You get Prescott, he gets us Reven Wright, her body gives us that bullet, that bullet gets us Hitchin, who has the power to derail a grand jury.
Red: If we provide her with the proper motivation. I’m sorry, Donald, I know you’ve been longing to prove Hitchin’s guilt. But the only way to survive now that you finally have that proof is to trade it away. …
༺ ♤ ༻
[ Kate Kaplan walks up to a bank of storage lockers. She opens one and puts inside the large leather suitcase she has brought ]

[ Cellphone rings ]
Kate: Elizabeth.
Liz: Mr. Kaplan. Please don’t do this.
Kate: Raymond has left me no choice.
Liz: Let’s meet. Just you and me.
Kate: I can no longer trust you.
Liz: Yeah. But I have every reason to trust you.

༺ ♤ ༻

Hitchin: Well, if it isn’t America’s Most Wanted and Deputy Dawg. [ Laughs ] I thought you were on administrative leave, not cavorting with criminals.
Red: Donald doesn’t cavort. In fact, I think you’ll find our little meeting today rather serious in tone.
Hitchin: Is that right? Say something, Agent Ressler. You don’t look well.
Red: There’s a federal grand jury investigating whether Donald and his task force have been enabling me to
continue to commit crimes.
Hitchin: My, sounds like a problem.
Red: It seems inevitable that my immunity agreement will be revoked and the members of the task force will be indicted forthwith.
Hitchin: Well, jeez, fellas, I’m so sorry to hear that.
Red: Fortunately, for us, our problem is your problem.
Hitchin: Yeah? And why is that?
Ressler: I can’t do this. I–

Red: … As you can see, Laurel, Donald’s upset. And what has him wound tighter than a $2 watch? His impending indictment? No. It’s this. A slug the medical examiner just pulled out of Reven Wright’s body. You and I both know ballistics will match it to the Glock 19
in your nightstand, and as I understand it, Agent Ressler has a team standing by as we speak ready to enter your home and seize the firearm.
Hitchin: [ Chuckles ] You’re bluffing. Tragically, Reven Wright’s body was never found.
Ressler: Until today. Until Henry Prescott, the cleaner that you hired to dispose of Reven’s body like a piece of garbage, took us right to her.
Red: Let’s give Prescott a call so you can hear for
yourself. With that bullet, Donald finally has what he’s been looking for since the day you killed Reven – irrefutable proof.
Hitchin: I’m listening.
Ressler: We hand over the slug, and you make that grand jury go away.
Hitchin: Ha ha. It’s not easy.
Red: I see. Then we’ve wasted your time and ours. I do
wonder what else Donald’s men will find in your nightstand. Are you a vibrator kind of gal, Laurel? We’ll see.
Hitchin: If I do this, you don’t mention me and Reven Wright in the same sentence again. Say it.
Red: Deal.
Hitchin: Not you. Him. Boy Scouts don’t give up their merit badges easily. How do I know you’re gonna hold up your end?
Ressler: I give you my word.

༺ ♤ ༻

Judge Drucker: Ms. Hitchin, what are you doing here?
Hitchin: The question, Lindsay, is what the hell are you doing here?
Drucker: Conducting a grand jury investigation.
Hitchin: You’re investigating the FBI’s relationship to Raymond Reddington here? What the hell are you thinking? Do you have– Who’s this?
Gale: I’m Special Agent Julian Gale.
Hitchin: Are you? Well, you may not be for long, Agent Gale. Reddington’s supposed deal with the FBI is a
matter of national security. The testimony you’re taking touches on highly sensitive matters that go way
beyond what anyone in this room should be hearing, including the two of you.
Gale: Is that so? Because I–
Hitchin: This investigation is over by executive authority. Sorry. I want this case closed and all the records expunged.
Gale: What’s he got on you? Must be good.
Hitchin: Excuse me?
Gale: So it’s true. Reddington can corrupt just about anybody, huh?
Hitchin: Keep talking, Agent Gale. Please. Your entire career’s not over just yet. Make sure you destroy what little you have left.
༺ ♤ ༻

[ Cellphone rings ]
Kate: Kaplan.
Gale: The grand jury investigation was just closed. The whole damn case, it was withdrawn.
Kate: Withdrawn?
Gale: Yes, withdrawn by National Security Advisor Laurel Hitchin. It’s a cover-up.
Kate: What about my immunity agreement?
Gale: It’s gone. The deal was you testify, then you get immunity. …
༺ ♤ ༻
[ Julian Gale sighs, gets in his car ] [ Gun cocks ]
Dembe: Hands on the wheel.
Red: Ah. Julian. It’s been a long time. You look fit. Jumping jacks?
Gale: Hitchin. You got to her.
Red: When was the last time you and I saw each other? London? No. Cape Town? No, that’s not right. Don’t tell me. [ Laughs ] It’ll come. Ah.
Gale: Uh- How? Did you bribe her?
Red: As a matter of fact, I did. Ah, anyhoo, Mr Kaplan– I need to know how to reach her.
Gale: Yeah. Good luck with that.
Red: She uses burner phones. You must have her latest number.
Gale: So what are you gonna do? Kill me?
Red: No, I’m gonna take your phone. [ Red takes Gale’s burner phone from the dashboard ] Ho Chi Minh City! [ Laughs ] That’s it. I got away from you aboard that catfish trawler on the Saigon River. My God, the humidity. But fun times indeed. More to come, Agent Gale. More to come.
[ Red and Dembe leave ]
༺ ♤ ༻

Cooper: Hitchin did it. We’re in the clear.
Ressler: Which means so is she.
Samar: And Aram?
Cooper: He was found in contempt of a grand jury that no longer exists. …
[ Cellphone rings ]
Cooper: [ To Red ] Your plan worked.
Red: I’m gonna give you a cellphone number I need you to trace.
Cooper: Did you hear me? We’re in the clear.
Red: I haven’t been able to reach Elizabeth. Is she there?
Cooper: No. Who’s the number for?
Red: Kaplan’s burner. If we find it, we find her, and I think Agent Keen. …
༺ ♤ ༻

[ At a beach. Liz gets out. Van departs ]
Liz: Mr. Kaplan? Hello? … Are you okay?
Kate: I swore an oath to your mother I would protect
you with my life. I fear I’ve failed you.
Liz: What are you talking about?
Kate: We’re at the end now, and I’m lost. Tired. I don’t know how to keep you safe.
Liz: You don’t have to keep me safe. This could be over. It could stop.
Kate: [ Sniffles ] Masha, I can show you the truth.
Liz: What truth?
Kate: If you want to know why he came into your life–
Liz: You’re scaring me.
Kate: I can take you. We can go together. But it has to be your choice.

༺ ♤ ༻
Cooper: [ On phone ] We have a location. Virginia State Highway 501, just south of Brookneal. We’re rolling out.
Red: [ To Dembe ] We need to take 501 North. [ To Cooper ] We’re closer. Keep us updated.
༺ ♤ ༻
Liz: Kate, where are we going?
Kate: I loved Raymond. And your mother. I loved her, too.
Liz: This secret what Redding- ton’s hiding from me I think I know–

[ Suddenly a black car comes up from behind. Others appear and force Kate’s car off the road ]

Kate: Elizabeth, if you get out of the car, you choose Raymond. If you stay, you choose the truth.
Baz: Kate, get out of the car.
[ Seat belt clicks ]

[Looking back at Kate, Liz gets out of the car]
Baz: Turn the engine off, Kate.
Kate: Baz.
Baz: Please, Kate, turn it off. Get out of the car.
[ Kate leans over as if to turn off the ignition. Baz leans forward to open the door. Kate draws a large gun and shoots 💥 Baz ]
[ Gunfire 💥💥💥 is returned. Tires screech as Kate speeds off, engine roaring ]
Liz: Baz? My God.
[ Engine starts, tires peal ]
Liz: [ On phone ] I need an ambulance! Highway 501!


༺ ♤ ༻

Red:Hello, Kate.
Kate: Raymond. Clever use of Laurel Hitchin to commandeer the grand jury. Critical oversight on my part.
[ Police and FBI vehicles surround Kate’s and Red’s cars on a high bridge ]
Red: You’re so focused on destroying me, you’re willing to hurt one of the few people you’ve ever loved.
Kate: You’re right. I was so focused on you, I didn’t see that getting you away from her is unnecessary. All I have to do is give her the truth.
Red: I don’t know what that means.
Kate: Our secret. At Tansi Farms.
Red: What have you done?
Kate: I have it, Raymond. I went there and I dug it up, and I’m gonna give it to her. …
Red: Look around you, Kate. It’s over.
Kate: You honestly think I didn’t consider this moment, anticipate the possibility of prison?
Red: I don’t see what choice you have.
Kate: I made a promise to Elizabeth’s mother to protect her girl at all costs. And I can’t do that from a cell, which is why I have a contingency plan. Isn’t that what you taught me, Raymond? Always make contingencies.

༺ ♤ ༻
[ Liz gets out of a car ]
Cooper: Are you okay? You’re not hurt?
Liz: Yeah, I’m fine. We gotta get out there.
Cooper: Absolutely not.
Liz: No, we can’t wait. We gotta help her. Reddington’s gonna kill her.
༺ ♤ ༻
Kate: We both know why you’re here to finish what you couldn’t months ago, to put a bullet in my head. That’s the moment I’ve anticipated. Shoot me dead, and when you do, my confidante will be alerted, and Elizabeth will be given our secret from Tansi Farms.
Red: There’s one flaw in your plan, Kate. I’m not gonna hurt you. I never should’ve pulled that trigger in the first place. I certainly won’t now. Not again.
Kate: I’m not going to prison, Raymond. Pull the trigger. Release the truth.
Red: I won’t.
Kate: Then I will. I loved you, Raymond.
[ Suddenly, Kate leaps over the guardrail ]
Red: Kate!
Liz: [ Running ] No!
[ Splash ]


༺ ♤ ༻
Janet: I’m so sorry. I didn’t think I had a choice. When they said they were gonna revoke my immunity agreement if I didn’t cooperate, they threatened me, so I gave you up.
Aram: I’m sorry, you what?
Janet: When I testified for the grand jur– Hang on. Didn’t- Didn’t Samar tell you?
༺ ♤ ༻
Hitchin: I asked Harold if he would mind if I delivered this to you personally. I … want to make sure you understand your place in this marriage. You do what I want, when I want it.
Donald: Yeah, that’s not gonna happen.
Hitchin: That’s exactly what’s gonna happen. …
Donald: Stop it!
[ Donald grabs his badge, slapping Hitchin away. She trips on the leg of a stool and falls head-first to the floor. Head thuds. A pool of blood spreads on the carpet ]


༺ ♤ ༻
Cooper: Have a moment?
Liz: Yeah.
[ Cooper hands the envelope with the DNA results to Liz ]
Cooper: I’ll give you some privacy–
Liz: I ran his DNA two weeks after we met.
Liz: We were undercover in Montreal having dinner, and he said that everything I thought I knew about myself was a lie. It was intimate and weird … I palmed his scotch glass. But when the envelope came back, I was scared it would confirm the devil was my father. I didn’t look at it. Threw it away.
Cooper: Elizabeth, I’m sorry. If you don’t want to know–
Liz: Mr. Kaplan was my nanny.
Cooper: Somehow I’m not surprised. She loved you so much.
Liz: And now she’s gone. Just like Sam. And my mom. Everyone who knew me best, knew the answers about who I was, where I came from.
Cooper: I hope you get the answer you’re looking for.
[ Cooper leaves, closing the door ]
[ Liz opens the envelope, reads the report, exhales slowly ]
༺ ♤ ༻
Samar: You got out.
Aram: When you came to see me in jail why didn’t you tell me Janet was the reason I was in there?
Samar: Because I saw that she was making you happy. You seemed–
[ A sudden move by Aram and they are kissing passionately ]
༺ ♤ ༻
[ Ressler is sitting on a couch some distance away from Laurel Hitchin’s body ]
[ Henry Prescott enters ]
Prescott: [ To Ressler ] You should be going, Mr. Sturgeon.


༺ ♤ ༻

[ Knock ] [ Red unlocks door ]
Liz: You lied to me. … The day we met, you asked how I got my scar. And I told you my father gave it to me. But
you knew that already, didn’t you?
[Liz hands the DNA report to Red. Red reads the report]
Liz: What was it you said? A father who’s a career criminal and a mother who died of weakness and shame. Why didn’t you just tell me who you were? Why
keep it a secret? Come into my life, give up everything, go broke trying to protect me, and not tell me you’re my father?
Red: Broke is such a harsh word. I prefer illiquid.
Liz: What was so awful that you withheld the answer to a question I’ve been wondering my entire life? Were you afraid I’d turn out like you? ‘Cause guess what? I am like you. All those times you asked me to think like a criminal, was it a test to see how naturally it came to me? Because it did come naturally. And that terrifies me.
Red: [ Inhales sharply ] Elizabeth, if you need to walk away–
Liz: Walk away? Are you serious? How can you be so smart and so clueless? Yes, I’m terrified. I’m angry. I’m angry at you, at who I am, at the fact that I want to help you despite everything you’ve done to me and to yourself. But anger and fear and a certain amount of hatred are all normal in a family. And that’s what we are. And I’m not gonna walk away from that.
[ Liz hugs Red. He relaxes, responds ]


༺ ♤ ༻
[ At Tansi Farms ]
Dembe: You didn’t deny it?
Red: I didn’t.
Dembe: And she thinks that’s Kate secret?
Red: Yes.

Dembe: So she doesn’t know about the suitcase?
Red: Not yet.
[ They walk to the spot where Kate had dug ]
Red: It is gone.
Dembe: [ Sighs ] Raymond I’m not sure Elizabeth will ever be ready to learn about what you did to Katarina.
Red: We gotta find that goddamn suitcase.


༺ ♤ ༻
[ Tom Keen removes the leather suitcase from the locker Kate put it in ]
[ Cellphone rings ] [ Ring, beep ]
Tom: Hey. I got it. Mr. Kaplan’s instructions were very specific. I’m on my way.
[ Tom opens the suitcase. Inside is a mangled set of bones ]
༺ ♤ ༻

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Episode 4:22 Mr Kaplan Pt 2 🎯 EW recap ¤ 🌅 Photo Gallery ¤ 📒 Script

❌❌❌ End 4:22 Kaplan 2


༺ ✿⊰ ♤ ⊱✿༻


🔴 Storybook 4:21 Mr Kaplan

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Episode 4:21 Mr Kaplan 🎯 EW recap ¤ 🌅 Photo Gallery ¤ 📒 Script


༺ ♤ ༻

Blurb: Two episode season finale, Part 1. Red tries to track down Mr Kaplan to make a peace offering, even as Aram is called before a grand jury.


Salaam: [ Arabic ] What the hell is going on? Is this fool going to deliver? …
Rhinehart: [ Arabic ] Relax. … [ English ] It’s been an hour, Raymond. Your men coming or not?
Red: As I said, there’s been a slight delay at the border.
Rhinehart: Yes, you said that. … The truck isn’t coming, is it?
Red: What is that supposed to mean?
Rhinehart: [ Chuckles ] Oh, I’ve heard the rumors, Raymond. We all have. People are whispering … [B]ills are
not being paid. Yeah, suppliers are defecting. People are talking, Raymond. The– the rats are fleeing the ship.
Salaam: [ Arabic ] I’ll put a bullet in his head if he’s lying.
Rhinehart: Salaam– Salaam has men in the field, waiting for arms. If they’re not supplied as promised, they’ll die. …
Red: Tell him to put the gun down.
[ Garage door opens. Van pulls in ]
Red: And what do you know?
Driver: [ Gets out ] Ah. I got here as soon as I could, but the situation at the border is the least of our problems.
[ Van door slides open. It is empty ]
Red: What happened?
Driver: The supplier never showed. They sent a man to say your funds never arrived. …
Salaam: [ Arabic ] The blood of my sons is on your–
[ Dembe shoots 💥 Salaam before he can shoot Red then Dembe and Red 💥💥💥 unload their weapons 💥💥💥 taking out everyone except the driver ]
Red: Indeed, the rats are fleeing, Dembe. If the payment wasn’t made, it’s because Kaplan’s making a run on the bank. …

༺ ♤ ༻
Bank Manager: Confirmation of the funds transfer. … In the event Mr Reddington would reconsider–
Kate: He won’t reconsider. Thank you.
༺ ♤ ༻
Yes. Yes. Von Hauser is gone, which is unfortunate, but … I can assure you the passage is safe and the documents are clean.
Dembe: I’ve got Rice on the line. He’s– He hung up.
Red: Well, what did he say?
Dembe: Cancel the order.
Abe: It appears the Frankfurt and Bagan accounts are both gone.
Red: I thought Kaplan was removed from the account.
Abe: She must be trading on your trust, saying she still represents you.
༺ ♤ ༻
[ Aram and Janet Sutherland are walking down a street in exercise clothes ]
Aram: [ Inhales deeply ] Oh, it’s exhilarating. I can actually feel my body releasing endorphins.
Janet: You were on the treadmill for 15 minutes. Walking. [ Laughs ]
Aram: See, this is why you’re so good for me. I never exercise this much. I feel amazing.
It’s like a total stress reducer.
[ A man walks up ]
Man: Aram Mojtabai?
Aram: Uh uh, yeah?
Man: You’ve been subpoenaed to appear in front of a federal grand jury. Tomorrow. Noon. Everything’s there in the envelope.
Aram: Is this about the task force? Did– did everyone get one of these?
Man: It’s illegal to tell a target of an investigation that you’ve been called to testify. Keep it to yourself.
༺ ♤ ༻
Brimley: Knock, knock!
[ Brimley enters. There is a python (“Betsy”) draped around his neck ]
Red: Brimley. At last, a friendly face.
Brimley: Here. Here. [ Brimley groans ] Two rabbits.
[ Door closes and locks ]
Red: There’s a woman in the other room. I need you to get her to divulge the name and the address of Kaplan’s new driver.
Brimley: I’m skipping euchre with the Saltmans to tell you this face-to-face– I’m out.
Red: Please, we can discuss that later.
Brimley: I’m with you what, 19 years? There’s talk of bodies turning up, an investigation. I wanna help, but you’re hotter than a 4-peckered billy goat, and I can’t risk doing another stretch, not even for you.
Red: I need you, Teddy.
Brimley: Betsy’s the best I can do for you. You know what my time at Lompoc did. … I barely made it, and that was before the hypoxemia.
Whatever you need her to say, Betsy’ll squeeze it out of her.
Red: And then it’s rabbit stew for dinner.
Brimley: Not stewed. Live. She likes a little tickle in her throat.
[ Door opens, closes ]
Abe: Uh, Mr. Reddington, whatever this is I-I don’t wanna know. The accounts. I’ve gone over each one.
Red: And?
Abe: She’s cleaning you out.
༺ ♤ ༻
Ressler: That’s brutal.
Julian Gale: Yeah, the ME says the decapitation occurred postmortem. Why do you think Reddington would do something like that?
Ressler: Well, maybe he gave it to someone as proof. You know, a warning to an enemy.
Gale: See, I’m thinking he gave it to a friend as a– as a gift. Like an offering.

Red: [ Voice-over ] Donald, I want you to know that I do understand how you feel.
Dembe: From Mr. Reddington.

Ressler: You get an ID?
Gale: Oh, yeah. I ID’d the body and I was able to ID the friend.

[ Ressler opens box containing Mako Tanida’s head ]

Ressler: You know where to find them?
Gale: I already did. He’s standing right in front of me. This is Mako Tanida. He killed some of the Bureau’s best men and women. And then Reddington goes and kills him.Why would Reddington do that? In exchange for your protection. I followed you to the woods. I saw you
and Keen with Reddington. I was wrong. Keen wasn’t informing Reddington. Reddington was informing you, the Bureau. … America’s most wanted man. You cut a deal with him.
Ressler: No. No, Julian. I didn’t make a deal, all right? Main Justice did, and– and when I found out, what you’re feelin’ right now, that’s exactly how I felt.
Gale: So then what? Reddington cuts Tanida’s head off, and you think, “Whoa, not so bad having an assassin on
the payroll”?
Ressler: No. No, you went to records. You read SCI7. You know the good we do.
Gale: Are you trying to justify this to– to me?
Ressler: Four years, we’ve made more high-level arrests than every other division combined.
Gale: Yeah. Okay. [ Sighs ] Reddington’s a mass murderer. … I’m gonna take you down. Yeah. I’m gonna take everybody down.

༺ ♤ ༻
Red: Don Julio.
Don Julio: Raymond. … You said you had a question. If so, I must ask you to be brief about it.
Red: Don Julio, I’ve never known you to be brusque….
Don Julio: I hear things, Raymond. And what I hear is that your associate, Mr Kaplan, is proving to be a formidable adversary.
Red: I have a name. Squeezed it out of a contractor in
Kaplan’s employ. Phillip Roque. I understand he used to be your driver. If I get to him, I get to Kaplan. …
Don Julio: Seems this Mr Kaplan pays well. I’m told that Roque recently bought a Porsche.
Red: That’s all you know?
Don Julio: No. That’s all you need. …
༺ ♤ ༻
[ A car dealership ]
Man: Stainless steel. Set of six. You got your large and medium kitchen, your boning, your fruit, your paring, and your bread. End of the month, guy with the most sales takes home a set. …
[ Red enters ]
Man: We’re in a meeting here. Who the hell do you think you are?
Red: I’m Raymond Reddington. I’m looking for a
customer of yours – Phillip Roque. … [H]e purchased an automobile from one of you fine gentlemen….
[ Red picks up the largest knife ]
Man: [ Typing ] Phillip Roque. [ Sighs ] No address or number. Everything ran through a business manager.
Red: And who was that exactly?
༺ ♤ ༻
[ Door opens ]
Red: Hello, Abe.
[ Gunshot 💥 ]
Abe: Aah! [ Groaning ]
Red: You won’t be using that arm again. But it’s your left arm. I know you’re right-handed. …
Abe: [ Grunts ]
Red: Abe, you steal my money … which I’ve ignored because you’re an accounting wizard. What I cannot ignore is your betrayal. You are how Mr. Kaplan has drained my accounts.
Abe: Red, I can explain–
Red: Phillip Roque. You wired money to buy him a car. Where is he?
Abe: [ Grunting ] Page 12.
Red: Mario Dixon?

Abe: I can’t help with Roque. I would if I knew where he was, but I don’t.
Red: Who’s Mario Dixon?
Abe: [ Panting ] No! [ Gunshot 💥 ]
Red: [ To Dembe ] We have a new target.


༺ ♤ ༻
[ Speed-dials cellphone ]
Red: Elizabeth, I need you to find out what you can about a Mario Dixon. Kaplan wired him $300,000 two days ago. Whatever her next move is, Dixon is helping her make it.
༺ ♤ ༻


[ Stone Island Storage Facility, Bethesda Maryland ]
[ A worker, Gorrell, walks down a corridor in the stacks of library-like building. He looks into a retinal scanner ] [ Beep ] [ He steps out onto the street ] [ Tires screech ] [ Two men jump out; one slaps him hard ]
Gorrell: [ Grunting ] Ah!
[ The two men force force Gorrell into a van ] [ Tires peal ]
༺ ♤ ༻

Kate: [ To driver ] Thank you, Mario.
Gorrell: Who are you? Where am I?
Kate: The good news is you’re going to live. The bad news is, your depth perception will never be the same. … Which is your dominant eye? [ Gloves snap ]
༺ ♤ ༻

Judge Drucker: Agent Mojtabai, thank you for coming in.
Aram: Did I have a choice?
Drucker: … I’ve convened a grand jury to hear testimony about whether the task force you are a part of enabled Raymond Reddington to continue committing crimes while working as a Bureau informant–
Aram: Yeah, I have nothing to say about that. …
Lawyer: If you insist on calling my client before the grand jury, he will invoke his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.
Drucker: I’m granting him immunity.
Aram: Immunity? To testify against my friends who, uh, may, uh, or may not work for a task force that may or may not even, uh, exist.… I don’t have to do that, right?
Lawyer: Granting you immunity in exchange for your testimony takes away your right to plead the Fifth.
Aram: How- … I- I don’t want immunity. You can- Um, I refuse, uh, to let you grant it. Consider me ungranted.
Drucker: Counselor, I trust you will help your client to understand the gift he has been given.
Aram: Gift? To turn on my friends. My alleged friends.
Drucker: To stay out of prison. Unless you refuse to answer my questions, in which case, you could go to jail for being in contempt.
༺ ♤ ༻
Ressler: Look, Gale– he knows everything. He saw me with– with Keen and Reddington. … Gale’s angle is Reddington and what we’ve let him do in exchange for cases.
Cooper: It’s a slippery moral slope we’ve navigated with care, as we do with any CI.
Samar: But our CI is responsible for 86 homicides in America.
Ressler: He’s ID’d most of them. He has a timeline. He knows we’ve let Reddington get away with murder. …

Cooper: Unless he can prove the existence of a deal, he has nothing. …
Aram: I’m just– I’m proud of the work that we’ve done here. …
Liz: I agree with Ressler, and with Aram. I’m proud and I’m ashamed. … But right now, we need to get Kate Kaplan.
Cooper: Kaplan? I think you missed the part about Julian Gale. …
Liz: [W]e need Reddington to deal with Gale. … [I]f we don’t stop Kaplan now, he won’t be around to give it to us.

༺ ♤ ༻
[ Flash to Kate performing surgery on Gorrell’s eye ]
Kate: Westcott scissors.
Liz: Her real name is Kathryn Nemec. She’s a trained mortician turned crime scene cleaner, and one of Reddington’s oldest and most trusted confidantes.
Kate: Lacrimal dissector.
Liz: Kaplan spent 30 years tending to his messes while Reddington built his criminal empire, and it took her five months to surgically dismantle it. … She put 86 skeletons in the hands of Julian Gale….
Samar: Does Reddington have any leads?
Liz: One. Mario Dixon.
[ Kate has finished the eye excision. She puts the eye in a small container ]
Kate: Put it on ice.
Liz: According to the NCIC database, Mario Brandon Dixon is a thief who specializes in high value targets– jewels, art, cars…. He has a kid brother in prison. Mecklenburg Correctional. …
Cooper: Navabi, you and Keen get to Mecklenburg. See what the brother has to say.
༺ ♤ ༻
Dino Dixon: If you’re here about Mario–
Liz: No, we’re here for you, Dino….
Samar: Mario saw the life you wanted and he dragged you into his, into this. … We can get you moved.
Liz: If the information you provide leads us to your brother, we’re authorized to slice five years off your sentence.
Dino: Deal. … He’s got a place in Baltimore where he keeps his booty.…

༺ ♤ ༻
Red: What do you know?
Liz: Mario Dixon works out of some high-end hipster boutique in Hampden. …
Red: A warrant won’t be necessary. Just the address.
༺ ♤ ༻
Clerk: Can I help you fellas find something?
Red: Laughs ] What might this old thing be worth? [ Gun cocks ] Perhaps a trip to the back room? I trust there’s a back room.
Red: Now this is more like it. [ Door creaks ] Where might we find Mr. Dixon?
Clerk: I don’t know. Honestly, I-I don’t know who that is.
Red: … [Y]ou can either be honest with me about Mario Dixon or I can get behind the wheel of this fine automobile and run you over.
Clerk: He’s in Philly. On a job. Picking up a package from a client.

༺ ♤ ༻
Kate: You’re clear on the document and its location?
Mario Dixon: Good to go. …
Kate: Please get the document. The document is all that matters.
༺ ♤ ༻
[ Mario Dixon holds up Gorrell’s employee ID to a scanner ] [ Door buzzes, door unlocks ]
Man: Afternoon, Mr. Gorrell.
[ Mario shoots him and another worker: silenced gunshots (💥)(💥) ]
[ Sensor beeping ] [ Mario uses Gorrell’s excised eye to satisfy the biometric lock ] [ Beep ] …
[ Mario Dixon flips through a card Index, finds one for Reddington. He takes the card out ] …
[ Mario uses the card to find a metal document box, removes a folder and replaces the box ]
༺ ♤ ༻
[ Red and Dembe enter ] [ Gorrell groaning ] [ Door creaks ]
Dembe: It’s okay. They’re gone.
[ Gorrell turns his head, revealing his bloody, empty eye socket ] …
Red: Dembe, call an ambulance. Why on earth would she do this?
Gorrell: My eye. My eye! [ Groans ] [ Grunts ]
Red: Why did she take your eye?
Gorrell: There’s a scanner at work. She needs my eye for access.
Red: To what? Where do you work?
Gorrell: Aah! Stone Canyon Storage Facility.
Red: I don’t know what that is. Stone Canyon. What’s stored there?
Gorrell: The government. Their secrets– everything. [ Groans ]
༺ ♤ ༻
Gale: Georgie, what’s that?
George: Lunch. Your mom dropped it off. Homemade tuna salad. She seems like a real sweet lady.
[ Gale carefully opens the paper bag. Inside is a sandwich and a burner phone ]
[ Cellphone rings, beeps ]
Gale: Who is this?
Kate: You can call me The Cleaner. Where are you on the case, Agent Gale? …
Gale: A grand jury’s been convened. Without proof of a connection between Reddington and the task force, they’ll never hand up in indictment.…
Kate: No, they don’t, but I can. …
༺ ♤ ༻
Cooper: We’ve got support units from the Bureau, ATF, ICE, and DEA scrambling right now.
Samar: That’s great. How?
Cooper: Word got out that Stone Canyon was compromised. They insisted.
[ Mario is apprehended as he encounters a police blockade as he exits a tunnel ]



༺ ♤ ༻
FBI Agent: You Agent Keen? We found him carrying this.
Liz: Has anyone opened it yet?
FBI Agent: No, ma’am. On orders from Director Harold Cooper himself.
Liz: Thank you.
Samar: What is it?
Liz: It’s Reddington’s signed immunity deal with the Department of Justice.
༺ ♤ ༻
Mario Dixon: Let me get this straight. You think I’m going to jail? You two are smarter than that.
Liz: …You stole a classified document from a government facility you shouldn’t have even known existed.
Mario: You won’t charge me. … See, I know what I stole
back there– proof of an immunity agreement between the FBI and Raymond Reddington. … See, you charge me, I have a constitutional right to present a defense, and I promise you that immunity deal will be Exhibit A.
Liz: I wouldn’t celebrate. We’re not charging you, but we’re not exactly letting you go either. …
༺ ♤ ༻
Mario: Reddington. … Impressive. You got the FBI on your payroll? They deliver me right to you, no questions asked.
Red: I was thinking about that poor soul whose eye you stole. What a shame. Disfigured for life, caught up in all this nastiness.
Mario: Wasn’t my decision. Take it up with the lady who hired me.
Red: Mr. Kaplan? I will, when you tell me where to find her.
Mario: Are you nuts? I know about your immunity deal. That means I’m dead no matter what I tell you.
Ratting Kaplan out gets me nothing.
Red: She had you steal that agreement. Must’ve had a plan to bring it to her. You can tell me where and when, or you can tell him [ indicating Dembe ]. One way or another, the truth will come out.
Mario: We don’t know each other, so I’ll forgive you for not knowing that I don’t scare easily. I expect to die here today. That’s the end of your leverage. But–
Red: There’s a “but.” Please, do go on. …
༺ ♤ ༻
Liz: [H]e told you how to find Kaplan?
Red: Yes. Southwest Waterfront. 5:00 PM. She’ll be there personally to take possession of the agreement.
Liz: 5:00 doesn’t give us much time.
Red: Then you’ll just have to hurry, Elizabeth. I’ll be in touch as soon as I know more.…
༺ ♤ ༻
[ Dembe and Red are at the home of Liz’s grandfather, Dom (Katarina’s father), deep in the woods ]
Red: Hello, Dom.
Dom: What do you want?
Dom: You told me never to open this.
Red: Yes, without me.
Dom: …You said this was for emergency only. The last resort. If you opened this, it
would mean– … What is it, Raymond? What’s happened?
Red: I’m under attack, Dom. Most of my business has been destroyed, many of my people killed. … But regardless, this isn’t for me.
[Red opens the cover of the box buried in the ground]
Dom: I don’t understand. You’re just giving this away. Why would you do that?
Red: [ Grunts, exhales, pulls out a smaller metal box ] For Masha. She’s alive, Dom. I thought we lost her once. I won’t lose her again.
༺ ♤ ༻
Dom: Unbelievable!
Red: Dom, will you wait a second? You’re gonna give yourself a heart attack.
Dom: Like you care. Like you’re even capable of considering anyone else’s feelings but your own!
Red: That’s not fair.
Dom: Masha’s alive. My granddaughter is alive. … [Voice breaks] How long you let me sit here, thinking that she was– You told me she was dead! How could you lie to me like–
Red: I wasn’t lying when I told you Masha was gone. I believed she had died in childbirth. She deceived me, faked her own death. At the time, she wanted to get away from me.
Dom: Ha! Well, so do I.
Red: She had help from one of my people, a woman close to me who betrayed my trust. … This woman, she’s made it her mission to eliminate me, to remove me from Masha’s life, whatever the cost. … She knows everything about my operation. … But the one thing she doesn’t know is you. I haven’t told you about Masha because I didn’t wanna risk coming here or making contact with you again until this fight was over.
Dom: So now I’m supposed to say thank you?
Red: [T]his isn’t about me, Dom. This is about Masha. If I don’t come back–
Dom: You always come back!
Red: If I don’t come back, you need to find her, Dom. Tell her who you are. … I have to go. I’m sorry.
Dom: For what?
Red: All of it. I wish I’d been the person you wanted me to be. …


༺ ♤ ༻
[ Beep, cellphone rings ]
Red: Elizabeth.
Liz: What’s goin’ on? You’re supposed to be here with Dixon. Our meeting with Kaplan’s in less than an hour.
Red: I’ll be taking that meeting alone.
Liz: [ Lowered voice ] You lied about the location. You’re gonna kill her. … I asked you not to do this.
Red: You asked if I could promise you that I wouldn’t. I said no.
[ Line disconnects ] [ Cellphone beeps ]
Liz: That was Dembe. He said he can’t find Reddington.
Cooper: What do you mean he can’t find him? If we don’t show up with Dixon, our whole operation’s blown. Where the hell is he?
༺ ♤ ༻
[ Car door opens, closes ]
Red: Where did Kaplan tell you to meet?
Mario Dixon: Where’s what you promised me? A box? I’m supposed to believe that my escape plan and my future survival fits into a box?
Red: This is no mere box. Inside, you’ll find travel vouchers, security codes, boat keys, and
ownership papers for a private 96-acre island off the coast of Brunei. It’s a self-sufficient turnkey property with a
desalination well, a solar and wind farm, full-time waitstaff, a grounds crew, security team, and a property manager, all paid for in perpetuity by a very healthy trust fund.
Paradise with no extradition treaty. … Right now, the island’s owner is legend. Nobody on the island knows who it belongs to. [ Opens box ] All they know is that one day, someone will arrive with a key that fits into an old lock on the front door. …
[ Holds up key ] [ Latches click box shut ]
Red: The location of the meeting.
Mario: [ Sighs ] Falstaff Theatre on M Street. Two miles from here. Kaplan expects me in 20 minutes.
[ Red leans forward as if to hand Mario the box, but instead throws his left arm around his neck as he shoots Mario’s two guards 💥💥 ]
Red: The box is actually intended for someone else.
[ Gunshot 💥 Red shoots Mario ] [ Body thuds ]


༺ ♤ ༻
[ Knock on door ]
Cooper: Whatever it is, if it’s not about locating Reddington–
Aram: Sir, I’ve been subpoenaed to testify in front of a grand jury. I’m not supposed to tell you because you’re a target of the investigation.
Cooper: Me?
Aram: Everyone. Julian Gale’s convinced the US Attorney that we’ve broken the law. Sir, he’s coming after us. All of us.
༺ ♤ ༻
[ Door unlocks. Kate and two guards enter an ornate theatre ]
Kate: Mario? [ When Mario does not appear, Kate alerts her guards ] Weapons.
[ Silenced gunshots (💥)(💥) ] [ Both of Kate’s guards fall ]
Red: Hello, Kate.
Kate: Raymond.

Red: I have to hand it to you, you did it. My associates, my accounts, cash reserves– gone. About the only thing you left me is a hat on my head. And this. The way out.
Kate: The island.
Red: Too many killings, Kate, on all sides. I don’t want more death, and neither do you. I simply want this to end. You can have the island.
Kate: To be my prison.
Red: Yes. In paradise. Elizabeth is who she is, Kate. She’s not Masha anymore. … [S]he has grown up to be Special Agent Elizabeth Keen. Her area of scholarship and expertise is the study of criminals. The habits and inclinations, the curiosities and proclivities, the psychiatry of criminals. That’s who she is. … I can continue to give her more distance, but she is going to continue to be who she is. And I’m not going to stop watching out for her. So either you go and save yourself, or this ends right here. Now.
Kate: I’m not going anywhere, Raymond, so you better make sure you finish the job this time, for both our sakes.
Julian Gale: FBI! Drop your weapons!
[ 💥💥💥 Gunshots 💥💥💥 ] [ Red and Dembe cover their exit and escape to their car outside ]
Dembe: How did he find us?
Red: Kate must’ve made a deal. …
[ Car doors close ] [ Engine revs, tires peal ] [ Red and Dembe escape amid 💥💥💥 gunfire 💥💥💥 ]

༺ ♤ ༻

Gale: You didn’t run.
Kaplan: Run? Just standing here makes my hip flare. I’m sorry I failed to deliver on my promise to you. Raymond must’ve intercepted the immunity agreement….
Gale: No, no, it does matter, lady. I needed that document to prove … the FBI enabled Reddington to grow and profit from a criminal empire. [T]hat agreement, that was my smoking gun to bring them
down. So, yeah, it does matter, because without it, I’ve got nothing.
Kate: Wrong. You have me. Raymond thinks he out maneuvered me today, but he underestimated my commitment. I’ve been his cleaner, keeper, and confessor for 30 years, and I’m prepared to tell you everything you need to know in open court.
Gale: In exchange for immunity.
Kate: Yes. So maybe we should get on with it, and you should arrest me.
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🔴 Storybook 4:20 The Debt Collector

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Blurb: Liz has been taken, forcing an alliance between Red and Mr Kaplan who promised to ‘put him in the ground.’


Red: Baldur!
Baldur Magnusson: What are you doing here? …
Red: You’re not still upset about our little misunderstanding, are you?
Baldur: You wanted to kill me.
Red: Prepared. I was prepared to kill you. Being
prepared for something doesn’t necessarily speak to desire, and here we are. Congratulations. … My accountant’s untimely demise left the door wide open for you to purchase that fleet of cruise ships for a song.
Baldur: …I know what happened with Von Hauser. Everyone does. That’s why you’re here, isn’t it? For safe passage?
Red: Yes. Werner’s death has cost me my travel routes in and out of the continent.… I have urgent business in the States and no way to get there. …
Baldur, you and I are deal-makers. We buy low and sell high. Getting that cruise line on the cheap was better than sex with your mistress. Either of them.
Baldur: [ Chuckles ]
Red: I’m a little down on my luck. A penny stock. Invest in me now and when I rise, you’ll be able to afford three mistresses.
Baldur: I may have something in steerage. …

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Red: He’s known as the Debt Collector, a mercenary paid to exact revenge.
Liz: Exact revenge on me? For what?
Red: All I can tell you is he’s coming to Washington.
Liz: But who hired him? Mr. Kaplan?
Red: No. Kate may be targeting people around you, but not you. Someone else put him up to this. Unfortunately, I’m in no position to help. … You need to take this to Cooper.
Liz: Are you sure?
Red: … I have eyes and ears everywhere. And they tell me the Debt Collector is coming for you, which means he’s the next Blacklister.
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Liz: The Debt Collector is an avenging angel who’s hired to exact poetic revenge. His terms are simple – whatever the perceived crime, he exacts an equal measure of punishment.
Samar: A pound of flesh. An extra-legal way to even the score.
Cooper: …Does Reddington have a lead?
Liz: Just a 15-year-old murder story about a Senator’s daughter who bought cocaine laced with ketamine. Ultimately, she passed out on the beach and drowned when the tide came
Samar: Reddington says the Senator hired the Debt Collector to get revenge.
Liz: Against the kid who sold her the drugs, Tyler Obermeir. Story has it, the Senator wanted him to die exactly like his daughter did. …
Aram: So exactly where did she die?
Liz: Long Beach, under the pier.
Cooper: Alert local authorities. Tell them to start digging. …
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Liz: What do we got?
Man: One hell of an informant is what you got. Whoever tipped you two had incredible specifics. 15 years later, it’s a miracle we found anything.
Liz: The body hasn’t decomposed.
Expert: Desiccation must’ve slowed the decay. Airtight. He mummified. …
Liz: After all this time, you think toxicology could give us anything on the killer?
Expert: [I]t’s gonna take time. … Two weeks. 10 days if we throw everything we got at it.
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Red: Elizabeth, tell me something good.
Liz: We found Tyler Obermeir, but even if toxicology can tell us something about the killer, this Debt Collector, it’s gonna take some time.
Red: We don’t have time. … Elizabeth, … when it comes to the matters of death and necropsy, there is one
technician who has gifts that simply cannot be matched.
Kate Kaplan: [ Answers phone ] How did you get this number?
Red: Kate, I need your services.
Kate: Said the spider to the fly.
Red: I wish I were that clever. This is for Elizabeth. I need you to look at a body. …
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Kate: Raymond notified me that the Bureau may require my assistance.
Cooper: You’re wanted for crimes ranging from kidnapping to murder. We are not offering you a deal in exchange for your assistance.
Kate: … The body from the beach. Tell me about him.
Cooper: He was murdered by the man we believe is hunting Agent Keen. …
Kate: I’ll examine the body under terms and conditions that guarantee my freedom. I can’t very well protect Elizabeth from prison.
Liz: I don’t need your protection.
Kate: You do know why you’re being hunted by the Debt Collector, don’t you? … It’s because you’re in
Raymond’s life. As long as you are, killers will be in yours.
Cooper: What are your terms and conditions?
Kate: I need you to dead drop the body.
Samar: Dead drop a corpse?
Kate: Sounds fun, doesn’t it? … If the transport goes as expected, the body will be delivered to me for examination. …
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[ Door slams ] [ Men roll in a mummified corpse and lift it onto a steel table ]
Kate Kaplan: Thank you. You can leave us.
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Ressler: New digs, nice. You get tired of the, uh, ice rink?
Julian Gale: The crime scene’s been officially processed. B-But these these bodies, they’re still talking to me. You want to know what they’re saying?
Ressler: You tell me. You’re the ghost whisperer.
Gale: They’re saying that Reddington is untouchable. I mean, these were powerful people, Donnie, yet they’re all here. Why? Hmm? Because they crossed Reddington. Because they informed on him. Because they- they actually thought that they could defy him. [ Laughs ] Now the living- the living are telling a whole different story.
Ressler: This is about Keen helping him. That’s not a story. I mean, that’s a fairy tale.
Gale: … I’m talking about Reddington’s
cleaner. She unearthed 86 of his victims. 86. You know what that tells me? That she thinks he’s touchable. And if she thinks he’s touchable, I’m willing to bet that others
do as well. Let’s find out, Donnie. Come on. …
Ressler: Where are we going, Julian?
Gale: Federal Building. We have an appointment with Marvin Gerard.
Ressler: Reddington’s lawyer?
Gale: Yeah. How’d you know that?
Ressler: Come on, how many years did we track him for?
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Kate: … The man you’re looking for is Edgar Grant. … He left no trace evidence and did everything he could to make sure the body was never found, which is how I found him. Zeolite.
Cooper: Zeolite?
Kate: Mr. Obermeir died of suffocation, which tells us nothing. The tell is in how he was buried. Zeolite absorbed the odors from the decaying body, which is why he wasn’t found.
Zeolite is commonly used to control odors in hospitals and schools. … He’s a janitor.
Aram: Grant works at Horizon Middle School in Fairfax County. …
Cooper: Get a last known address. Navabi, Keen, get there.
Kate: Not Elizabeth. The Debt Collector’s looking for her.
Cooper: She’s right. It’s too dangerous. … [Y]ou should be at the safe house with Agnes. We’ll notify you when we have Grant in custody. …
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Grant: Edgar’s working late. There’s a dance at the school tonight. Is my husband in some kind of trouble? …
[ Samar tries a locked door ]
Samar: What’s in here, Mrs. Grant?
Mrs Grant: Edgar’s antiques.
Samar: Antiques?
Mrs Grant: He’s a collector– garage and estate sales. It’s where he dilly dallies, his workshop. Edgar says the collection’s quite valuable.
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[ Switch clicks, lights humming ] [ Footsteps descend stairs ]
[ Shelves are stacked with bottles of liquid in various shades of yellow. In them appear to be fossils of some sort … or body parts ]
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[ Line ringing ]
Samar: Hey, it’s me. Is everything okay?
Liz: Under control. Red’s people took Agnes … to the safe house. I’m headed there now. I just have to pack a bag. What’s going on?
Samar: We found his place. This guy, Liz, he’s a special
kind of strange.
Liz: Take photos. I wanna see everything. … Bye.
[ Phone beeps ] [ Floor creaks behind Liz ]
Edgar Grant: Don’t move. Just be still. I’d like to ask you to turn around very slowly. That’s it.
[ He sprays a mist in Liz’s face ]
Liz: Aah!
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Red: [ On phone ] …Agnes is safe with my people, but it appears the Debt Collector grabbed Elizabeth before she made it to the safe house.
Cooper: …I thought your people were protecting her.
Red: So did I.
Cooper: It had to be Kaplan. She must’ve hired the Debt Collector and told him where to find Agent Keen, which makes no sense. She helped us to identify a suspect. …
Red: I don’t believe Kaplan is behind this. We’re not seeing the whole picture. Find your suspect and do it fast before he collects on whatever debt Elizabeth allegedly owes. …
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Liz: Listen to me, Edgar. That’s your name, isn’t it? Edgar Grant?
Edgar: How do you know that?
Liz: The FBI raided your house this morning. So if you hurt me, you’ll only make it worse for yourself and your family when you’re arrested. Why are you doing this? …
Edgar: Oh, I’m a debt collector. My client wants what you owe him, and he hired me to make you pay. … Your old friend, Tyson Pryor.
Liz: Tyson Pryor’s in prison. Why would you want to help him?
Edgar: Like I said, it’s my job. Things got a little rough
for Mr. Pryor in prison. His face got disfigured because of a faulty deep fryer while he’s doing kitchen duty.
Liz: So that’s my fault? He wants to kill me ’cause he had a rough go inside?
Edgar: Kill you? Nobody’s saying anything about killing you. My instructions were not to harm a hair on your pretty little head until he’s present.
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Cooper: So it’s him? Edgar Grant is the Debt Collector?
Samar: Definitely. He keeps the items he’s collected in his basement along with detailed specs on each object. A pair of hands taken from a man who physically abused his wife. An eye from a witness who supposedly made a false ID. …
Agent: Agent Navabi, you asked about anything relating to Elizabeth Keen?
Samar: Hang on, I think we might have something.
Cooper: Please tell me it’s something we can use to track this guy.
Samar: No, not him. But, um, maybe the psycho who hired him to grab Liz. What do we know about Tyson Pryor?
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Cooper: In 2012, eight handwritten envelopes were sent and delivered by the U.S. Postal Service to the president of eight universities around the country. Inside the envelopes were blank pages. And highly lethal doses of anthrax. … Three of the presidents targeted were killed. … Ultimately, the case was solved by a young FBI profiler who was on the New York Mobile Psych Unit.
Samar: Liz.
Cooper: Keen’s profile led to the arrest of one Tyson Pryor, a sociology professor at one of the schools who was angry at his university president because he was denied tenure.
Aram: I thought he was sentenced to life.
Cooper: He was. But according to the Bureau of Prisons, he has terminal cancer. Pryor was granted compassionate release to a hospice in Baltimore two weeks ago. …
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Gale: Mr. Gerard, I’m Special Agent Julian Gale. This is Special Agent Ressler.
Marvin Gerard: Yes, Agent Ressler.
Gale: W-Wait, you two know each other?
Marvin: Well, Donald was the public face of the manhunt for Raymond when he was on the run with Elizabeth Keen. Everyone in my world knows Donald Ressler. … If there’s a deal to make, I’ll make it with Agent Ressler.
Ressler: Yeah, that’s not happening.
Marvin: During the manhunt, I watched Agent Ressler’s press briefings. He was smug, arrogant, and professional. You, my friend, just seem smug and arrogant. You may go.
Ressler: Listen, pal, you don’t get to decide who stays, who goes.
Marvin: No, only whether to talk or not.
Gale: Well, I’ll just be right outside then. Have a nice chat, Mr. Gerard. …
[ Door opens, closes ]
Ressler: What the hell was that? He doesn’t know anything.
Marvin: Clearly you wanna keep it that way, which is why there is a deal to be made. You get me out, and I keep my mouth shut. …
Ressler: So if we say no, what are you, gonna betray Reddington? No way.
Marvin: When it comes to self-preservation, there is only one person that I am more devoted to than Raymond, and you’re lookin’ at him. …
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Kate: [ On phone ] I did what you requested, Raymond. The FBI has my findings.
Red: She’s gone, Kate. Elizabeth’s been taken. … Whatever our issues, please tell me you didn’t–
Kate: If Elizabeth is in danger, you know it’s not because of me.
Red: You may not have ordered her taken, but
because of you, I am here. If Elizabeth is harmed because of all this–
Kate: I gave the FBI a name.
Red: Yes, Edgar Grant. And the FBI is doing everything they can. But he’s already got her. Whatever it takes, whatever you need, this conflict of ours can wait.
Kate: Goodbye, Raymond.
[ Cellphone beeps ]
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Samar: FBI. Put your hands in the air and turn around slowly.
[ Tyson Pryor turns around. His face is disfigured from the accident he had with cooking oil ]
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Dembe: You’re having doubts.
Red: I am. I haven’t loved many people in my life. Kate is one of them. You know, as much as her betrayal hurt, what really hurt was [ Breathes sharply ] knowing what I would have to do in response. …
Dembe: It broke my heart. That day in the woods. Hearing the gunshot. Leaving her behind. Right or wrong, it was between you and her. This war she started must stop. Kate must be stopped.
Red: …I need to look her in the face and see if I still recognize her.
Dembe: Raymond, she has gone too far all to prove that you have gone too far. She can’t see what she’s become.
Red: What if I’m the one who can’t see?
Dembe: No, Raymond. Remember why you surrendered
yourself to the FBI in the first place. Remember what all of this was about. You can’t give up now. You can’t let Kate destroy everything that gives you purpose. Our work is not yet done. I loved Kate, too, but it’s time to end this. Stop it. Stop her.
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Ressler: I got nothin’.
Julian Gale: Did you tell him he could walk?
Ressler: Yeah. For the keys to the kingdom, and he says no deal. He won’t talk.
Gale: Is that a fact?
Ressler: You don’t believe me? You wanna go talk to him?
Gale: I’d love to. Except he insisted on talking to you alone. …
Ressler: Don’t go there. …
[ Ressler grabs Gale by the collar and forces him against a wall ]
Ressler: … Do not doubt me. Ever. You got that?
Gale: Loud and clear.
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Samar: Elizabeth Keen – where is she?
Tyson Pryor: Burning in hell for all I care. … Lady, I just got out of prison two weeks ago.
Samar: Where you were overheard swearing revenge on Elizabeth Keen. … Now where is she?
Pryor: Keen’s been taken? [ Chuckles softly ] I thought the sky looked a little bluer this morning.
Samar: You can drop the act, Tyson. We found this in the home of … a man known as the Debt Collector, proof that you paid him to abduct Keen. …
Pryor: I swear to God, lady, I don’t know what you’re talking about. …
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Edgar: I got a wife, you know. Joyce. She was a dancer till a drunk driver hit her, took her legs.
Six years for aggravated vehicular assault, out in four for good behavior. That don’t seem fair, now, does it?
Liz: Let me guess, you killed him.
Edgar: No, no, no. When that trucker got paroled, I tied
him up, pounded his legs into meat with a sledgehammer. Recompense.
Liz: So you see yourself as a crusader?
Edgar: Oh, heavens, no. I’m a sociopath, clearly. Turns out I-I enjoy inflicting pain, and I’m very good at it. But there’s not really a market for open sadism. Crimes of revenge, on the other hand? [ Chuckles ] Now there’s a gold mine. …
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Woman: [ On intercom ] Can I help you?
Kate: Miss Brady Boatright. I’m here to sub. Sixth grade,
I believe.
Woman: [ On intercom ] Come on in. Sign in at the office.
[ Kate enters a room marked “Janitorial” ]
[ Kate looks around, finds a set of keys marked “Troop #14441” ]
[ Kate overhears an argument outside ]
Ike: Yeah, I posted it. And I’m not taking it down. …
[ Door opens, Kate comes out ]
[ Kate and a girl, Jenna, bump into one another. Kate drops the keys. Jenna picks them up. She sees the key ring with the number “#14441” ]
Kate: Thank you. [ Calls out ] Young man? Young man! Cyberbullying is grounds for expulsion.
Ike: I didn’t do anything.
Kate: You’re gonna take that post down.
Ike: What are you gonna do? Send me to the principal’s office?
[ Kate draws her gun ]
Kate: No, son. I’m gonna send you to the morgue. [ Gun cocks ] Delete the post. …

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[ Edgar Grant pulls in to a cabin in the woods ]
Edgar: Hey, looks like the gang’s all here. Come on!
[ Edgar sprays Liz in the face, grabs her by the hair and forces her toward the cabin ]
༺ ♤ ༻
Kate: I know where the Debt Collector’s taking Elizabeth.
Red: Have you called Harold Cooper?
Kate: To arrest me? No. …
Red: Then call my people.
Kate: Your people will kill me on sight. …
Red: We’re talking about Elizabeth. I guarantee you won’t be harmed.
Kate: I’m closer than your people and the FBI. I’m handling this myself.
Red: If something goes wrong–
Kate: You’ll what? Shoot me? Again?
Red: Please be careful, Kate.
༺ ♤ ༻
Edgar: [ Calls out ] Pryor? Where are you? I got a young lady here who’s dying to get reacquainted. …
[ Sits Liz in a chair, ties her to it ]
[ Red enters ]
Red: No need for alarm, Edgar.
Edgar: Who are you? Where’s Tyson Pryor?
Red: I’m sorry to have misled you, but Tyson Pryor didn’t hire you. I did. Hello, Elizabeth.
༺ ♤ ༻
Aram: Sir, I could be wrong, but, uh, I think I might know where Agent Keen is. Some kids at Horizon Middle School reported seeing a woman matching Mr. Kaplan’s description, and she was holding a key ring that said “Troop 1-4-4-4-1.” And their old cabin is on Johnson Lake.
༺ ♤ ༻
Edgar: Who are you? What- what do you want?
Red: From you? Nothing.
Liz: This is all about getting to Kaplan.
Red: Yes. By taking advantage of her love for you. The only emotion powerful enough to get her to set aside
the rage that consumes her. A rage that I’m not sure she’ll ever recover from.
Edgar: I didn’t hurt her.
Red: That must’ve been dissatisfying for you. You’re a glutton for vengeance. I understand. There’s almost nothing as satisfying as revenge, wanting someone to hurt because you hurt. An eye for an eye. Feels like God’s work, until you realize there is no God and you’ve committed sins for which there is no absolution.
Edgar: I just did what you asked. Heh. Nothing more.
Red: Word to the wise – before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.[ Gunshot 💥 ]

Red: Confucius. Stunningly applicable even after all these years.
Liz: Two graves? Is the other one for you or for Kaplan?
Red: Neither, I hope. That’s up to her.

༺ ♤ ༻
Ressler: ID’d all but six of the John Doe’s. Nice work.
Gale: I guess being a monomaniacal prick has its benefits.
Ressler: You’re all that except for the monomaniacal part. …
[ Cellphone ringing ] [ Cellphone beeps ]
Samar: Liz is in trouble. … I know where she is and I’ve got backup. But you need to be there. …
Ressler: Look, just text me the address, all right? [ Cellphone beeps ] It’s a– it’s another case.
Gale: You don’t have to explain Donnie, look, what I said before, I didn’t mean it. No one’s worked harder to find Reddington than you. And I’m– I’m sorry. I mean–
Ressler: Forget about it.
Gale: All right. …
༺ ♤ ༻
Liz: You lied. You said you were trapped in steerage on a ship.
Red: I thought I was until I was able to trade one of my last supply routes in the Balkans for a ride on Prince Hajjar’s jet.
Liz: You had me kidnapped. You put Agnes at risk.
Red: Agnes was never at risk. And I gave explicit instructions you were not to be harmed in any way.
Liz: Untie me. I said untie me!
Red: I wish I could.
Liz: She’s on her way here now thinking she’s going to save me.
Red: I assume so, yes.
Liz: And you’re gonna kill her.
Red: As I said, that’s entirely up to her. I want to believe there’s another way.
Liz: After everything that’s happened? What could she possibly say to convince you?
Red: She doesn’t have to convince me. You already did that. But for a war to end, both sides have to be willing to find peace. And up until now, it seems Kate has believed the only satisfactory outcome would be if one of us dies. If that’s true, it has to be her.
Dembe: She’s here.
Liz: Reddington, don’t do this.
༺ ♤ ༻

[ Vehicles pull up ]
Kate: Thank you for coming, Cliff. We believe Elizabeth’s inside. One unsub, likely armed.
Dembe: The men are in position.
Red: [ Beep ] Pascal, she brought a lot of backup. Is this gonna be a problem?
Pascal: No, sir. This will not be a problem. Over.
Liz: Reddington, there has to be another way. Please don’t do this.
Kate: We move quickly. Two men from the south. Two from the north. …

Liz: [ Cries out ] Kaplan! No! It’s a trap!
[ Dembe muffles Liz ]
[ Kate stops ]
Kate: Raymond. We’ve been set up.
Cliff: I got eyes on a grass man 60 yards out.
Kate’s man: There’s another on our wing to the south.
Kate: No, don’t shoot.
Pascal: I’m made. I can take one shot, maybe two on your ready.
Red: Hold. …
Cliff: They’ve got over-watch. I count three.
Kate: Everyone, hold your positions.
[ Beep, speed-dialing ] [ Cellphone rings ] [ Ring, beep ]
Kate: Hello, Raymond.
Red: Said the fly to the spider.

༺ ♤ ༻
[ Red steps outside the cabin. Liz stands in the doorway behind him ]
Red: [ On phone ] We go where our hearts take us. Yours took you to Elizabeth.
Kate: And yours kidnapped her. Thank you, Raymond, for proving my point better than I ever could.
Red: You underestimate yourself, Kate. The deaths you’ve caused in the name of crippling me have been more than adequate to prove what you’ve become.

Kate: I’ve watched you hold Elizabeth emotionally hostage. I never thought you’d hold her physically hostage as well.
Red: I wanted her here to bear witness. I regret any hardship it caused her, but I believe, in the end, she’ll agree it’s a small price to pay for the truth.
[ Kate walks forward ]

Kate: I was your friend. I protected you. I comforted you. I loved you. The truth? This is the truth. [ She turns
her head to show her wound ] And it came at an excruciatingly high price.
Liz: [ Steps forward ] What he did is indefensible. But it’s done and it can’t be changed. What matters is now, the truth today,
and that is Reddington has given me his word that he can coexist with you. Will you give me your word that you can coexist with him?
Kate: [ Pause ] No. Because I can’t.
[ FBI vehicles pull up ]
Ressler: FBI! Hands in the air!
Liz: There are snipers in the trees! I count at least two!
Samar: Bring them out. Do it! Both of you.
Red: I’ll show you mine if she’ll show you hers.

༺ ♤ ༻

[ Through a binoculars, Julian Gale trains his sight first on Liz, then on Red ]
Kate: The Debt Collector –
Liz: Is dead. Reddington hired him to lure [you] out.
Kate: I gave you 86 victims and you’re arresting me?
Liz: I don’t know what to say.
Kate: Because you’ve already said it, deary. When you called out to warn me. To protect me from him.

[ Julian Gale gets a high-powered rifle, aims it at Red and shoots 💥 – He misses, hitting the doorframe. Red ducks

[ Mayhem ensues. 💥💥Shots ring out💥💥 Everyone takes cover. No one knows where the first shot came from ]
Liz: Stop! Don’t shoot!
Liz: Stand down! Stand down!
༺ ♤ ༻
[ Hours later, Red is in his car as Dembe drives ]
Red: [ On phone ] Any sign of Kate?
Liz: Nothing yet. A search party is still on site.
Red: You let her get away.
Liz: I couldn’t stop her.
Red: Well, you heard it yourself. Her truth. That we cannot coexist.
Liz: We ran the ballistics. Kaplan’s men didn’t take that shot.
Red: So we have a new actor in the mix.
༺ ♤ ༻
[ Door opens. Ressler enters ]
Julian Gale: Hey, Donnie. So? Any luck on that case you mentioned?
Ressler: No. Two steps forward and three back.
Julian Gale: [ Chuckles ] I know exactly how that feels.
༺ ♤ ༻
Liz: A new actor. How is that even possible? Nobody even knew you were at that cabin.
Red: No. That’s what makes our mystery guest so intriguing.
Liz: I know Mr. Kaplan said that the two of you can’t coexist, that that was her truth, but I still hope it can change.
Red: I have found in my experience people rarely change. And when they do, they’re not to be trusted.

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Episode 4:20 The Debt Collector 🎯 EW recap ¤ 🌅 Photo Gallery ¤ 📒 Script

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🔴 Storybook 4:19 Dr Bogdan Krilov

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Episode 4:19 Dr Bogdan Krilov 🎯 EW recap ¤ 🌅 Photo Gallery ¤ 📒 Script


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Blurb: In an effort to disrupt the work of the Task Force, Mr Kaplan engages a specialist who can alter memories.

[ Dr Bogdan Krilov steps out of a treatment room. A woman, Mr (Kate) Kaplan is there, silhouetted against a lighted doorway ]
Dr Krilov: Who are you? Who the hell are you? How did
you get in here? You can’t be here.
Kate: Dr. Krilov, I’m a friend of a friend. I’d like to discuss a proposal with you. May I buy you lunch? …

༺ ♤ ༻
Julian Gale: We were able to identify three more of Reddington’s victims. Milos Kirchoff, Alistair Pitt, and, uh, Geoff Perl. Those names mean anything to you?
Ressler: No.

Gale: Which is why I’m gonna pull the case files and see who the lead detectives were. I have a feeling they may know something that could help me prove that Keen was tipping off Reddington …

༺ ♤ ༻
Ressler: [ Answers phone ] Ressler.
Detective: It’s Detective Elijah Bell, Philly PD, Southwest division.…
I got a case down here.… I looked into the dates and the
location and I think it may relate to an investigation you were working – the disappearance of Reven Wright. If that’s still active, you may want to pay her a visit. …
༺ ♤ ༻

[ At a music store, Mozart’s ♪ “Don Giovanni” plays ]
Red: Ah, I hate the Mozart. … Just heard too much of it. It’s like pop music to me. Kate, on the other hand, simply adores “Don Giovanni.”
[ Red shows Liz a photo of Kate Kaplan at a restaurant with Dr Bogdan Krilov ]
Liz: You found her.
Red: That was taken 18 hours ago at the Café Grundstein in Vienna, where Mozart held one of his last public performances.
Liz: And the man she’s with?
Red: Dr Bogdan Ivanovich Krilov. One of the few people who have mastered the science of memory
manipulation. … The memory of an accident, a tragedy, a fire in which a 4-year-old girl killed her father.
Liz: This man, is he the one who erased my memory of that night?
Red: That’s how Kaplan knows him.
Liz: Why is she meeting with him now? Is it connected to the fire? To me?
Red: I don’t know. But we have to find out, which is why the next name on the Blacklist is Dr. Krilov.
༺ ♤ ༻

Liz: We’ve confirmed that after meeting with Kaplan, Krilov boarded a flight to New York. He landed in JFK four hours ago …

Aram: Agent Keen, I think I speak for all of us when I say my recollection of the last memory specialist we dealt with was not a pleasant one. …
Cooper: Ressler, Navabi, get to Krilov. Find out what Kaplan wants with him.
Ressler: Sir, a new witness just came forward in the Reven Wright case. … Hey, Keen. Give us a second, would you? Gale thinks you’re Reddington’s informant…
Liz: I’m not Reddington’s informant.
Ressler: So tell him. [I]t’ll … help hide the truth about the task force. …
༺ ♤ ༻
Concierge: Mr. Krilov checked in shortly after 9:00. And the security logs indicate he left the hotel shortly after checking in… This letter arrived for him after he left.
[ The Concierge lays a white envelope on the counter. Liz takes it and puts it inside her jacket ]
Concierge: I want to be cooperative, but he’s a guest. And that letter is private property. I can’t let you take it
without a warrant. …
[ Liz hands a white envelope back to the Concierge. Liz and Samar walk away ]
Liz: Walk fast.