🔴 Season 3 Storybook: Episodes 1-23

I’ve recast this episode summary feature to be more like a graphic novel, telling the story of each episode including the best lines (♤) and screenshots.

All the screenshots are done by me as most are too dark, so 99% are enhanced, some dramatically. I look for shots that are iconic or unique. I get the script as a “blob” of text which includes only the captions. I ‘reverse engineer’ the scripts based on the multiple times I watch each episode, adding the speakers and text [ in square brackets ] describing action not included in the text “blob.” This gives me the ‘scripts.’ For this storybook, I then reduce each script to focus on key dialogue and action.

I hope you enjoy this storybook as much as I have loved working on it. – LizzieB90.

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༺ ✿⊰ ♤ ⊱✿༻

Dear Trouble by Correatown


🔴 Storybook 3:23 Alexander Kirk – Conclusion

Blurb: Tom tries to escape from Red’s oversight with baby Agnes. Someone close to Red betrays him. The Season 3 Finale.
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Episode 23: Alexander Kirk 2: 🎯 EW recap ¤ 🌅 Photo Gallery ¤ 📒 Script

༺ ✿⊰ ♤ ⊱✿༻

TV Reporter: We’re awaiting a statement from Senator Diaz, who has temporarily suspended his presidential campaign to convene a special hearing a to investigate allegations that energy billionaire Alexander Kirk has been financing terrorism.

Senator Robert Diaz: You’ve all heard the allegation that Alexander Kirk is financing terrorism.
Reporter: Sir, can you be more specific?
Diaz: He’s purchasing oil from radical jihadists, committing a federal crime by supporting the very organizations that export terror to America.



༺ ♤ ༻
Mitchell: No one in the organization knows anything about this.
Alexander Kirk: They don’t know because it’s not happening. This is all Reddington. He bought and paid for Diaz with my campaign money.


༺ ♤ ༻
[ Senator Diaz gets into Red’s Mercedes where Red is waiting ]
Diaz: I have three days to make the ad buys or my campaign’s over. I’m doing what you asked. That money you took… I need it back.

Red: A good man could make a real difference as President. A good man might even inspire one’s patriotic instincts, but a good man would never allow himself to be put under obligation to anyone willing to write a big check.♤

imageimageDiaz: You just had me accuse Kirk of something he didn’t do. What makes you so sure he’s gonna show up?
Red: Don’t underestimate yourself, Robert. One way or another, I’m confident Kirk will come. I’ll have his head, and you’ll end up in the Oval Office, where you can pay off your debt to me with a full pardon.
Diaz: You expect me to pardon you.
Red: Not me. Elizabeth Keen.
Diaz: The FBI agent… who murdered the attorney general. She’s dead.
Red: Yes. And I want things put right.

༺ ♤ ༻
Red: I thought taking Kirk’s money would be enough to smoke him out. It wasn’t. And as I understand it, he’s already sent word to the good Senator that he’s disinclined to testify before the committee and answer to what, as of now, are false charges.
Tom: Diaz accused him of buying oil from radical jihadists. You’re saying that never happened.
Red: Correct. But I felt it was just the kind of lie Diaz would enjoy telling, as it’ll inevitably score him political points… hit the sweet spot of jingoistic outrage.
Tom: So Kirk’s not financing terrorism.
imageRed: Not yet.
Aram: Why don’t I like the sound of this?
Samar: The oil you had us intercept from Kerogent in Amsterdam… that came from terrorists.
Cooper: That’s why you hijacked it before it made it into evidence.
Red: No. I hijacked it because… I’m a criminal. I’m parting with it because Alexander Kirk needs to be killed, and if it takes planting a little evidence on him… so be it.
༺ ♤ ༻
imageBarnhill: Lord, guide us on this long and treacherous journey, for judgement is coming. Judgement walks among us, and Lord knows when it comes for you, there will be nowhere left to run but the waiting arms of the Lord. Amen, brothers. Amen.…
Red: Powerful sermon, especially for an old faker like yourself.
Barnhill: I know it’s important for you to know what’s moving where, but damn it, Red, I’m three ex-wives into this ministry.
Red: And seven children. You’re like a rockstar without the income.
Barnhill: And I appreciate your help with the child-support payments. I do. …
Red: Actually, I’m looking for something very specific. What can you tell me about a gas company called NexaCo?
༺ ♤ ༻
Cooper: Alexander Kirk owns companies all over the world, including a prominent energy subsidiary here in America… NexaCo Gas… that supplies gasoline to stations all over the country. Reddington’s gonna intercept one of his trucks and swap out the tanker with one full of the contraband oil.


༺ ♤ ༻
image[ Red and Dembe are at the place the NexaCo driver stops for lunch. Red is in line just ahead of the driver ]
Red: What’s the difference between the pastrami Swiss cheese dog with sauerkraut and the Reuben dog? Aren’t those the same? Honestly, the amount of options overwhelms.


༺ ♤ ༻
image[ Outside in the parking lot ]
Tom: Serial number’s 513. See you on the other side.
[ Tom opens the driver’s side door of the NexaCo truck ] (DOG WHIMPERS, GROWLS)
Tom: Hey… buddy. (DOG BARKS)
[ Tom scrounges around, finds a pack of powdered donuts ]
Tom: Okay. Here we go. I know what you need, huh? There, buddy. All right. Okay. We’re all friends. And come on, come on, come on. Come on. There. You want to go for a little ride? (ENGINE STARTS) Go.


༺ ♤ ༻
imageRed: [ Taking his sweet time ] So it’ll be one Chicago double dog, hold the pickles, and one, uh… The, uh, Brooklyn Baconeer with cheese. Oh, and throw in some of those house-made sea-salt chips.


༺ ♤ ༻
Cashier: Will that be all?
Red: What do you recommend on the dessert front?…
༺ ♤ ༻
image[ Tom drives the truck, now with the jihadi oil in the tank, back to its original spot ]
Tom: [ To dog ] Go easy on those doughnuts, all right?
[ Tom exits the passenger side of the truck’s cab seconds before the NexaCo driver gets in the driver’s side. He sees his dog in a mess of powdered sugar and donut crumbs ]
Driver: Really, Boscoe? (DOG PANTING)
༺ ♤ ༻
Cashier: 34? [ The driver picks up his order ]
༺ ♤ ༻
image[ Just beyond the drive-in, the road is blocked by police and FBI vehicles ]
[ Ressler and Samar step forward, showing their badges ]
NexaCo Driver: What’s the problem?
Samar: We’re operating on credible intelligence that you’re transporting smuggled crude.
image Driver: Smuggled crude? What are you… I’m hauling gasoline. You want my papers?
Ressler: Actually, we’re gonna need to see your product.
[ The driver gets out, removes the gas cap. Thick black oil pours out ]
Ressler; Does that look like 87% octane to you?…


༺ ♤ ༻
imageKirk: Clever. Reddington’s moving beyond theoretical accusations.
Mitchell: We spoke to our U.S. contacts, including Senator Bolson, the majority leader. He has a lot of sway with Koepke and Talbot on the Energy Committee, however…
Kirk: Let me guess. They’re less inclined to go to bat for us now that there’s actual evidence.
Mitchell: They’re not gonna stick their necks out for a foreigner who’s hiding from the U.S. investigative process.
Campbell: Which is why we’re hoping you’ll reconsider your position and show up for the hearing.…
Kirk: Get the senator on the phone.
༺ ♤ ༻
imageimageRed: These charges against Alexander Kirk for financing terrorism are ludicrous. And no one’s gonna touch him for what happened to Elizabeth. So I’m gonna kill him. He won’t live long enough to see the inside of that hearing room. I’m gonna kill him the instant he steps out of his vehicle. You and I both know… nothing less will protect Agnes and avenge Elizabeth’s death.
Cooper: Red… how can I –
Red: Harold, you and your people… …I will always be more grateful than I could ever express …

I know so many zealots, men and women who choose a side, an ideology by which to interpret the world, but to get up every single day and do the hard work of deciding what to believe, what’s right today, when to stand up or stand down… that’s courage.♤

Red: …It’s been a privilege… to see firsthand why the people you lead love you the way they do. But sadly, our time together has come to an end.
Cooper: On this case. You don’t mean…
Red: I do. (INHALES DEEPLY) We’ve done some good work. But with Elizabeth gone… there’s… nothing more for me to contribute. Please take care of yourself and the others. Charlene. Aram… set him up with someone, for God’s sake. He’s like a kid with his first erection on the school bus.♤
Cooper: Raymond. Thank you.

༺ ♤ ༻
image[ Tom holding Agnes, Mr Kaplan, and two guards are in a grocery store ]
Tom: I just got to pick up a few things… paper towels, formula, diapers… the usual. Do you want me to grab you some of those little sandwiches that you like.
Mr Kaplan: Thanks, I’m good.
Guard 2: It’s all clear. I’ll be outside.
Kaplan: Be quick.
Guard 2: Yeah.
Tom: [ To Agnes ] Okay, what do you think? Red can or green can? I agree. Green it is.
[ A young mother appears with an infant boy in a carrier in her shopping cart ]
Young mother: She’s beautiful.
Tom: Thank you. I dig the bow tie.
Young mother: (CHUCKLES)
[ Tom gives the baby to Mr Kaplan while he heads to the bathroom ]
imageYoung mother: Oh, my God. He was right here! I don’t know what happened to him. That’s him! That’s my son.
Mr Kaplan: No, oh, wait. What are you talking about?
Store security: Ma’am, I need you to hand over the boy.
Mr Kaplan: Hold on. I think there’s been a misunderstanding here. Her name’s Agnes. We’re just waiting for her father.
[ Mr Kaplan pulls blanket away to reveal the infant boy with the bow tie ]
Mr Kaplan: Look. I don’t know how this happened. I’m so sorry. They must’ve gotten mixed up somehow.


༺ ♤ ༻
imageKaplan: Tom gave us the slip. He left with the baby.
[ Kirk’s man Trujilla has been watching from a parked 70s era Plymouth sedan ]
Trujilla: [ On phone ] Something’s going on.
Benjamin Stalder: I think they lost him.
Trujilla: What makes you say that?
Stalder: Because I’m still tracking his cell signal, and it’s moving west on Millbank.
Trujilla: Vector me.


༺ ♤ ༻
[ Trujilla watches as Tom boards a small plane with Agnes ]
Trujilla: [ On phone ] I want you to get on the FAA database, pull a flight plan for me. It’s a Hawker 400, November-6-4-5-2-Delta.
Stalder: You have an update for me? …
Trujillo: There’s gonna be a delay. Keen went AWOL, just boarded a flight to Baracoa [ Cuba ] with his daughter… traveling under an alias.
Stalder: I’ll get in touch with our contacts in Cuba.


༺ ♤ ༻
[ Red and associates arrive at the top floor of the building Red plans to use as a sniper’s perch. Workers are listening to music. Red shoots 💥 their boombox ]
Red: Hey, gentlemen, put down your hammers. It’s time for recess. Simon says put your hands on your heads.
Baz: Let’s go.
imageRed: Don’t fret. We won’t be long. My associate will keep you company until our business is finished. ⋘⋙ This’ll work nicely. Everly, right there. [ Everly sets up shooting position for a tripod-mounted sniper rifle with multiple high-power scopes ]
[ Ressler appears ]
Ressler: You can’t do this.
Red: Agent Ressler. Aren’t you the dog on a scent? …
Ressler: Reddington, grab the guy, put him in a hole, get what you need from him, but don’t kill Kirk.
Red: There’s nothing I care to take from Alexander Kirk except his life.…
imageRessler: Listen to me. If he pulls that trigger, this building’s surrounded in seconds. Not minutes… seconds. There’s no getting out.
Red: Yes, I know.
Ressler: If Liz were here, she’d tell you not to do this.
Red: Elizabeth isn’t here, though. Is she, Donald?♤ …
Ressler: I meant what I said. This isn’t gonna happen. I said stand down. Look, Reddington. If you want your man to live, you’re gonna tell him to do what I say.
Red: It’s okay, Everly. Step away. Go find Baz. Give him a hand.
Ressler: All right. Let’s everyone take a deep breath. Everybody relax. All right. Nobody’s gonna get hurt.
image[ Red moves into position behind the the sniper’s rifle ] [ Ressler points his gun at Red’s head. Dembe immediately aims his pistol at Ressler’s head ]
Dembe: Kirk’s 60 seconds out.
Ressler: [ To Red: ] What the hell do you think you’re doing? I was willing to fire on your man, and I’m willing to fire on you.
Red: Yes, I believe that, Donald. But are you willing to die in the process? ⋘⋙ I know how difficult this must be for you, Donald.
Ressler: I will do this.
Red: You have faith. I envy that. Justice, integrity, faith in humanity… nobody embodies those principles more than you.♤ … And I know it must be hard for you to believe that you’ll continue to embody those principles even after you watch me do this.♤
Ressler: Oh, this isn’t about me. This is about the rules… what’s right.… Take your hands off that trigger.
Red: What do you think’s going to happen if you stop me, Donald? That you’ll arrest Kirk? That justice will be done?
Ressler: Let go of the weapon.
Red: Do you want a bullet in Alexander Kirk’s head or one in mine? Decide now. What’s it going to be, Donald?
[ Long pause. Then, slowly, Ressler lowers his weapon ]
[ Through the scope, Red sees the security convoy pull up. A man in business attire steps out. Startled, Red sees that the man is not Kirk ]
Ressler: What?
Red: It’s not Kirk. He’s not there.
༺ ♤ ༻
imageRessler: I don’t understand. I thought we confirmed Kirk on that flight.
Red: Aram, the manifest.
Aram: I’m looking at it now. Kirk was definitely a passenger on that jet. Not only that, he was pre-cleared by U.S. Customs and Border Protection at Abu Dhabi Airport. He’s here.
Cooper: Then why wasn’t he in that car?
Aram: I don’t know. Wait. Wait, this can’t… There’s a second flight plan, a new one, filed a few minutes ago. Kirk’s plane just took off again.
Red: To where?
Aram: Abel Santamaria Airport in Cuba. …
Red: Aram, run another search. Every private flight to Abel Santamaria from the D.C. area in the last six hours.
Aram: What are we looking for?
imageRed: Tom and Agnes. He slipped my security detail earlier today.
Aram: Nothing.
Red: Well, he wouldn’t be traveling under the name Keen.♤
Aram: Okay, hang on. There is something. A Hawker 400 November-6-4-5-2-Delta left a private airstrip for Cuba with two passengers… a man and his infant daughter.
Cooper: My God.
Red: Kirk’s going after Agnes. Aram, the plane Tom was on. Who owns it?


༺ ♤ ༻
imageimageRed: What’s going on, Omar? I’ve known you for over two decades. I was there when you renewed your vows with Eileen. And suddenly, you’re the person who takes Tom Keen and his child out of the country? Out of my sight?… Of all the people with a private air fleet, Keen just picks your name out of a hat?
Omar: I don’t understand. I was under the impression arranging this flight is exactly what you wanted.
Red: Why in God’s name would you think that?
Omar: Red, I would never do anything to upset you. I just assumed when Kaplan came to see me, she was coming on your behalf.
Red: [ Incredulous and furious ] Kaplan.


༺ ♤ ༻
Red: I have nothing for you, Kate. No parables about loyalty, no florid speeches of trust belied, deception, treachery, or false devotion. I’m simply too bereft. It will have to suffice to say… I would name every human being on the planet before you if asked who might betray me.♤
imageMr Kaplan (Kate): Raymond…
Red: I know what you’ve done. I know you helped Tom and Agnes leave the country without my knowledge.
Kaplan: Yes.
Red: Yes.
Kaplan: What do you want to know, Raymond? If I’m sorry? Yes. I’m sorry you weren’t more honest with Elizabeth from the beginning. I’m sorry you wanted to know her so desperately that you convinced yourself we could keep her safe. I couldn’t sit back and watch you make the same mistake with Agnes. I didn’t betray you. I did what I’ve always done… protected you… this time, from yourself.
imageRed: You’re wrong.
Kaplan: I won’t tell you where they are.
Red: You don’t understand, Kate. I know where they are, and so does Alexander Kirk.
Kaplan: Kirk?
Red: He was tracking Tom. He knows they’re in Cuba. He’s flying there as we speak.
Kaplan: [ Alarmed ] No.
Red: I need an address. I know you had her best interests at heart, that you were trying to protect her, but now, because of you, Agnes is in grave danger.
Kaplan: Not just Agnes.


༺ ♤ ༻
[ Idyllic scene ]
Liz: (SIGHS) You made it. Oh, my God. [ Takes the baby ] Oh. Oh, she’s beautiful.
Tom: Just like her mother.
Liz: Are we okay?
Tom: Liz, it’s over. There’s nobody coming after us. It’s just you and me… and her. We did it. We’re free.
⊰ ♤ ⊱
༺ 💞🌿 ❤ 🌿💞 ༻
[ Red and Kaplan are in his private jet, on the way to Cuba ]

imageimage Red: How?…
Kate: That poor girl, so afraid. Always looking over her shoulder, in the dark about who she was and why it mattered. But it wasn’t just about Elizabeth anymore. Her child was already paying the price for her association with you.…
Red: I saw her die.
imageKaplan: You saw what the doctor allowed you to see.
Red: I sat over her body… and watched her die.
Kaplan: …Once she was safe on the ventilator, one large dose of a beta blocker dropped her cardiac output and pulse to a level just barely detectable under the best of circumstances, let alone with a gunfight raging outside.…
Red: Had it really come to that?
Kaplan: She loved her daughter that much. Yes, Raymond. It had come to that.


༺ ♤ ༻
imageCooper: Donald. What is it? What’s wrong? Come in. Sit down.
Ressler: A couple hours ago, I had the opportunity to stop Reddington. He was ready to… take one life to avenge another, and in the end, I, uh… I was gonna let him do it. I actually wanted him to do it.
Cooper: Thank God Kirk wasn’t in that car.
Ressler: Well, now we know why. Reddington called from the air.
Cooper: Let’s hope he gets to Tom and Agnes.
Ressler: And Liz. She’s alive.


༺ ♤ ༻
[ Red and Dembe arrive at Liz and Tom’s villa. It’s dark. Guns drawn, they go through the ransacked house. Kaplan follows them. There are signs of a struggle, some blood on the floor. But there is no one to be found ]

[ Red walks up to Mr Kaplan and literally grabs her cheeks, distorting her face grotesquely ]
Red: [ Menacingly ] Kate. What am I gonna do with you, Kate?♤


༺ ♤ ༻
image[ Liz is seated at one end on a long chamber. A man – Kirk – emerges from the darkness ]
Liz: My daughter, my husband… where are they? What have you done with them?
Kirk: Hello, Masha.… I’ve been imagining this moment for the last 25 years.
Liz: Who are you?
Kirk: Alexander Kirk. That wasn’t always so. Once, a long time ago… my name was Constantin Rostov…

“… Masha, I’m your father.” ♤


❌❌❌ End 3:23 Alexander Kirk – Conclusion
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Episode 23: Alexander Kirk 2: 🎯 EW recap ¤ 🌅 Photo Gallery ¤ 📒 Script
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🔴 Storybook 3:22 Alexander Kirk

Blurb: Enemies unite as Red, the FBI Blacklist Team and Scottie Hargrave’s forces move to trap Alexander Kirk, the man ultimately responsible for Elizabeth Keen’s death. Tom is shocked when Red reveals a secret from the past.

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Episode 22: Alexander Kirk: 🎯 EW recap ¤ 🌅 Photo Gallery ¤ 📒 Script

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
imageScottie: As you know, the American government refuses to negotiate with terrorists, which is why the Palmer family contracted my firm to negotiate on their behalf.
Karokaro: What is this?
imageScottie: My Bitcoin wallet address.
Karokaro: (CHUCKLES) You don’t pay the ransom, she dies.
Scottie: You and I both know Miss Palmer isn’t here, Karokaro. You know it because you never had any intention of giving her to me, and I know it because I’ve already set her free.

༺ ♤ ༻
Red: Even if you don’t want me to have contact with Elizabeth’s child…
Tom: Hargrave. Did you get her?
Red: I have virtually unlimited resources. I want you to know that those resources are at your disposal in the raising of Agnes.
imageTom: I don’t want your money. I don’t want your protection. I want answers. The woman who killed Liz, you walked right into her trap after I warned you. What happened?
Red: Alexander Kirk.
Tom: I don’t know who that is.
Red: The man who ordered the attack on your wedding. He’s ultimately responsible for Elizabeth’s death. I’m going to find him.


༺ ♤ ༻
imageRed: Alexander Kirk is the alias of an oligarch who made a fortune after the fall of the Soviet Union buying mining operations for pennies on the dollar. … He owes his survival to some of the world’s most powerful politicians whose careers he secretly bankrolls. But Alexander Kirk is the man responsible for Elizabeth’s death. He hired Susan Hargrave to abduct her, which is why we need to work with Hargrave to find him.
Cooper: Work with her?
Ressler: How about arrest her?
Aram: This sounds like a bad idea.
Red: Until it’s not. …

༺ ♤ ༻
Scottie: His finances are the way in.
Red: Kirk’s holdings are out of reach. The Caymans, Zurich.
Scottie: They were out of reach until Citizens United. Kirk has personally financed a 501(C)(4) super PAC in support of Senator Robert Diaz’s presidential bid.
Red: How much?
Scottie: lt’s hard to tell. It’s all dark money, but I believe it’s north of $300 million. Diaz is the front-runner. If he gets elected, Kirk’s reach will extend into the White House.



༺ ♤ ༻
Scottie: Rubber baby buggy bumpers. Rubber baby buggy bumpers. Rubber baby… My, what a dear, sweet child.
Tom: How did you get in here?
Scottie: With a seven-figure donation that built this wing. …
Tom: Give me my little girl. She’s all I care about.
Scottie: I remember my little one looking up at me, eyes full of wonder. They say losing a child is something one never recovers from. I hope you never experience that kind of loss.
Tom: For the moment, we have a common enemy, so… I’ll work with you.


༺ ♤ ༻
Solomon: I hope you’re a chocoholic, my friend. We’re going to the chocolate factory.
Tom: Let me say one thing. I’m not your friend.
imageTom: What the hell is this place?
Solomon: This is what happens when the government outsources 70% of its intelligence budget. … We do threat assessment, port security, and diplomatic training, and those are just the services that the public knows about… the black-and-white divisions. Then… there’s Grey Matters. (WHIRRING) Grey Matters handles the cases that are legally questionable, yet morally justifiable.


༺ ♤ ༻
imageScottie: The way to get Kirk’s attention is through his money, and the only money we can get to is sitting in Diaz’s war chest, which is unfortunate for the bloviating senator from Missouri because he cannot win the election without it, and we’re gonna steal it.
Cooper: The Bureau prevents bank robberies. We don’t commit them.
Nez: Futures America, a PAC financed by Alexander Kirk, intends to purchase over $300 million in TV ads from now until election day. The money is wired to media outlets via a secure terminal from a single account at Key Atlantic Bank in Manhattan. … The good news is we can take the bank in under two minutes. The bad news is the second we walk in, any teller can trip a silent alarm that will lock down the area of the bank where the secure terminal is located. So we won’t be able to access it before the police arrive.
Samar: That’s it? Your plan is awful.
imageTom: It’s brilliant. The robbery is a show. You want the police to arrive, followed by the FBI. The heist gets you in, gives you time to access the terminal…
Ressler: We rob the bank while everyone else thinks that we are trying to find the robbers. Thanks, but no thanks.
Scottie: You work with the single most sought-after criminal in America. Thanks to you, he’s not only free, his criminal empire’s expanding. You, all of you, have proven quite capable of parking your selective morality when the moment serves. I suggest finding Elizabeth Keen’s killer is just such a moment. It’s “badges in the drawer” time, people. This is a revenge movie. …
Ressler: We rob the bank while everyone else thinks that we are trying to find the robbers. Thanks, but no thanks.
Scottie: You work with the single most sought-after criminal in America. Thanks to you, he’s not only free, his criminal empire’s expanding. You, all of you, have proven quite capable of parking your selective morality when the moment serves. I suggest finding Elizabeth Keen’s killer is just such a moment. It’s “badges in the drawer” time, people. This is a revenge movie.


༺ ♤ ༻
[ Solomon, Nez and Tom enter the bank. Nez takes out 💥 two men 💥 near the entrance. Solomon 💥💥💥 blasts 💥💥💥 the ceiling with his automatic rifle ]

Solomon: On the floor! Ladies and gentlemen, we are your friendly neighborhood bank robbers, except we’re not friendly, and this sure as hell ain’t our neighborhood. I need everyone to slide their cellphones to the center of the room. Come on. Anyone wanting to know what happens if you ignore my instructions, come speak to me directly.
image[ An off-duty or plain clothes NYPD officer pulls a gun and points it at Tom. ] (GUN COCKS)
Officer: [ To Tom ] Put it down.
Solomon: [ Takes aim at the officer ] Don’t be a hero, baby. 60 seconds, and we’re ghosts.
Officer: NYPD. I said put your gun down.
Tom: No, no, no, no. You don’t want to do this.
Solomon: 55 seconds.
Officer: Put down your gun!
Solomon: No, you put your damn gun down! [ 💥💥 Guns go off 💥💥 ] (SCREAMING) [ The officer discharges his weapon, then is himself shot in the arm ] [ Tom checks him ]
Tom: It’s just a flesh wound. You’re gonna be fine.
Woman: Oh, my God, she’s bleeding.
image[ The little girl, Sadie Loescher, has been hit and is bleeding from the abdomen ]
Sadie: It hurts.
Tom: Okay, hold on. Okay, we need a medic right now.
Halcyon’s operator 6-3: Patrol Response en route.
Solomon: Ambulances will be dispatched as part of the response.
Tom: No, they won’t enter until police secure the sight. She can’t wait that long.
image[ Zack Loescher sees his daughter ]
Loescher: My God, my little girl! …
Tom: We got to keep pressure on the wound.
Loescher: All right. Yeah.
[ They get in their SUV, driving to meet up with the ambulance ]
Tom: What’s her name?
Loescher: Sadie.
Tom: All right, Sadie, just listen to your dad. All right? Everything’s gonna be fine. We’re gonna get you to a doctor, and everything’s gonna be just fine.
Tom: [ To Paramedics ] I got a gunshot, lower left abdomen.

༺ ♤ ༻

[ Ressler and Samar arrive at the bank and introduce themselves to the bank manager ]
Manager: Of course. Um, this way. (SIGHS)
Ressler: So, nothing else was taken?
Manager: Stupid, right? You’d think they’d take something else to mislead us.
Samar: I’ll catch up with you.

༺ ♤ ༻

Aram: Okay, uh, the server room is across from the CFO’s office, second door from the end of the hall, right-hand side.
Samar: I see servers.
Aram: I’m gonna need you to be a little more specific than that.
imageSamar: Okay. Many servers.
Aram: Are any of them connected to a modem or a screen?
Samar: There’s a keyboard.
Aram: Great. That’s the server the terminal’s connected to. Follow the cable and insert, uh, you know, the, uh…
Samar: Your dongle? (CHUCKLING)
Aram: Yes. Uh, well, it’s not mine, but, uh, yeah.
Samar: Okay. Your dongle has been inserted.
Aram: Now we have remote access.
imageDumont: You’re brute-forcing this thing?
Aram: Yeah, how else am I gonna generate the bank president’s password? (KEYBOARD CLACKING)
Dumont: What, are you data-mining his social media?
Aram: You can’t generate enough personal details to create a useful password dictionary. (BEEPING) Whoa.
Dumont: Classic. Field gets the glory, support gets the job done.
imageAram: Okay, as soon as I enter the password, we should have access to the funds.
[ The system accepts the password but then prompts for a retinal scan ]
Dumont: Or not. It’s requesting a retinal scan. Looks like we’ve got ourselves a two-key system. Tasty.



༺ ♤ ༻
[ Tom arrives at the hospital nursery. There is chaos inside. One nurse lies bleeding on the floor ]
Tom: What happened?! Hey! Hold up! Stop! Where is she? Where’s my daughter? Where’s my daughter? Where’s my daughter?!


༺ ♤ ༻
[ Tom goes to the elegant building where Scottie Hargrave’s office is ]
Trey: Sir, you’re not allowed to go in there.
[ Tom walks past him. Scottie is introducing Senator Diaz at a fund raiser. Diaz is running for President ]
imageScottie: We take three types of contributions… big, dark, and anonymous. (LAUGHTER) Which if he loses, also describes Senator Diaz. (LAUGHTER) I’m screwing with you, Robert. Come on. We’re supposed to be having fun here tonight, and raising money for the next President of the United States, Senator Robert Diaz. (APPLAUSE) …
Trey: [ Whispering to Tom ] Mrs. Hargrave thinks you may be more comfortable waiting in her office.


༺ ♤ ༻
image[ Tom waits in Scottie’s large office. There are photos on the wall of Scottie with various world leaders including Hamid Karzai (Afgh) and Nelson Mandela (S Africa). Tom notices a photo of Scottie as a younger woman with a man and a little boy at the beach. Scottie walks in ]
Scottie: What the hell is wrong with you?
Tom: My daughter… where is she?
Scottie: Showing up uninvited. Do you have any idea imagewho some of those people are?
Tom: I don’t care! They said you took her!
Tom: What did you do with my little girl, huh? …
[ A nurse is holding Agnes. Tom hurries to her ]
Scottie: My people received word Kirk was on the move. I alerted the FBI, and because of it, more people weren’t hurt. Your daughter is safe, and she’s getting the medical attention she needs. Now, if you’re finished, the next President of the United States is waiting downstairs for me.


༺ ♤ ༻
imageScottie: Robbing Key Atlantic got us the first of two authentications we need to access Kirk’s funds. Peter Pruitt is the second. As president of Airborne Fidelity, Pruitt manages assets worth over $4 billion belonging to fugitives like Alexander Kirk. … imageNo withdrawals over $250,000 can be made without a biometric scan of his eyes. Pruitt’s in Berlin staying at the Turkish Embassy as a guest of the Ambassador.
imageSolomon: Getting in during the G8 summit means getting past an A-list security system and a small army. Good luck with that.
image[ Tom next outlines a plan to get access to Pruitt by posing as a criminal wanted by Turkey. He will be arrested and taken to the Turkish Embassy for interrogation and extradition, from which (of course), he will escape ]
Scottie: Even if they do take you into the embassy, you’ll never get a retinal scanner inside.
Tom. I’m not bringing a scanner in. I’m bringing Pruitt out.


༺ ♤ ༻
image[ Tom is being interrogated at the Turkish Embassy in Berlin. Tom appears lethargic ]
Interrogator: Hey! [ In Turkish with subtitle: ] Answer me …
[ The interrogator leans over, grabs Tom by the chin. Tom springs to life, clobbers the interrogator, and escapes into the embassy ]

[ Tom grabs a waiters’ uniform, dons it and steps into the kitchen. He encounters a waiter with a tray of champagne ]
Tom: [ In another language, with subtitle ] The front bar is out of champagne.
[ Tom takes tray of champagne from him ]
Tom: Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!


༺ ♤ ༻

[ Pruitt goes to the bar ] Pruitt: Scotch.
Tom: (TURKISH ACCENT) Let me help you, sir.
Pruitt: You speak English? (GRUNTS)
[ Nez can see remotely that the interrogator is awake. He breaks down the door and exits ]
Nez: Okay, we got a situation. You’ve got to get out of there now.
Tom: My father was American. Two packs a day, unfiltered. Got to be careful. Those things can kill you.
imageNez: [ In Tom’s earpiece ] They know. You need to get out. Now.
Pruitt: So can mouthing off at guests. Know your place, kid.
Tom: Uh-huh.
image[ Pruitt begins to walk away GROANS and looks back at Tom ]
Pruitt: What is this?
Tom: (NORMAL VOICE) Told you those things would kill you.
(Pruitt GAGGING)
Tom: [ In another language, with subtitle ] Help please. Help please somebody.


༺ ♤ ༻
image[ Solomon and Nez, in medical uniforms, wheel Pruitt to an ambulance ]
Tom: Just hold him still so I can get a scan.
Nez: Maybe if you dosed him properly.
Tom: I was trying to put him to sleep, not kill the poor b*st*rd. Just hold him still.
Operator 6-3: You have Landespolizei units approaching to your south. Proceed to Wilhelmstrasse and switch to frequency 126.420. (BEEPING)
Dumont: Okay, I’m transmitting the scan now. [ Screen still asks for retinal scan ]
imageScottie: (SIGHS) Do it again.
Dumont: I can’t do it again. They got a lockout protocol in place.
Aram: Yes, Agent Mojtabai speaking.
Dumont: The retinal scan’s being rejected because of your connection, cheesecake. …
Tom: Aram!
Aram: Tom, hey. How cool is this? I didn’t expect to talk to you until Agnes’ baptism.
imageDumont: Bless me, Father, for we need to get on with it.
Tom: Guys!
Aram: Right. Uh, sorry. They said you, uh, drugged Pruitt?
Tom: Yeah, 200 micrograms of fentanyl. …
Nez: We need to counteract the meds. How do we do that?
Aram: Tropicamide. It’s what eye doctors use to dilate your pupils.


༺ ♤ ༻
[ Solomon and Tom break into a pharmacy ]
Solomon: Tropicamide. Got it. This one’s on you, kid. We’re only in this situation because…
Tom: We are in this situation because you attacked my wedding.
Solomon: You’re right. But you and I both know that your wife is in a much better place.
[ Tom shoots Solomon in the stomach ] (Solomon GROANS)
imageTom: That’s for my wife.
(THUD) [ Solomon hits the floor; Tom takes the medicine and exits ]
Tom: Drive!
Nez: Where’s Solomon?
Tom: I said drive!


༺ ♤ ༻
Cooper: Just got off the phone with FinCEN. …
Tom: Yeah, let me guess. The bank president’s on his way.
Dumont: According to the security feeds in the building, he’s already there. You got less than a minute to get that money, honey.
Tom: All right! All right! I’m doing it. (BEEPING) Uploading now. Are you getting it? Dumont?
Aram: He’s trying to lock us out.
Tom: Dumont!
Dumont: Got it. We’re in. Starting the transfer. Kirk’s money is on its way.
Aram: As soon as the scans verify, the funds are ours. It’s gonna be close, sweet cheeks.


༺ ♤ ༻

Scottie: [ On phone ] Reddington. It’s time.


༺ ♤ ༻
imageSenator Diaz: Get Pruitt on the phone. – Yes, I know he was attacked. – By the people who took our money! (BEEP)
Scottie: Hello, Robert. Tough day.
Diaz: Scottie? You heard… about the money. Please, please tell me you know what happened.
Scottie: Oh, I know exactly what happened. I took it.
imageDiaz: You did? You wrote me a $50,000 check.
Scottie: You have to give to get. I gave, now I got. Well, technically, we got.
Red: Senator! Having taken your money, I won’t take much of your time. Unlike Scottie, I have little use for politicians and even less for their politics. Who occupies the White House is of no interest to me. I tell you this so you know that taking your money has nothing to do with you or what you stand for. Truth be told, I haven’t the foggiest clue what you stand for, Senator.
Diaz: I’m calling the police.
Red: Might be more prudent to call Alexander Kirk. I’m sure you have a contributor of his stature on speed dial. Call him. …
Diaz: I am not gonna be an accomplice to murder.
Red: You are if you want to be President.

Assistant: [ To Alexander Kirk ] Senator Diaz.
Kirk: [ Takes phone ] Senator, what a pleasure.
Red: I have your money. I have your senator.
Kirk: Do you know what I’m thinking, Raymond? That house by the water, holding a gun in your mouth… I should have pulled the trigger. So, you have my money and my senator. You don’t have me. (BEEP) [ Throws down the phone ]
Cooper: When this started, Kirk was the criminal who was going to be controlling the next President. Now it’s Reddington.

༺ ♤ ༻
image[ People are assembled at a church for baby Agnes’ baptism ]
Samar: Oh, look at her.
Aram: She is so beautiful. (CHUCKLES) And that little dress.
Tom: You know, Liz and I never really had a family until we met you guys. Albeit a slightly dysfunctional family, the kind where you try to kill each other occasionally. But a family nonetheless. This year especially. You guys really came together for… for Liz.
Just like I know you would for Agnes. So, it didn’t take a genius to decide who Liz would want to godparent our little girl. She’d want all of you.

༺ ♤ ༻
[ Tom drives to Scottie’s house. Dark music plays. He gets out of the car and sticks a gun under his belt behind his back ]
imageTrey: Mrs. Hargrave’s not here.
Tom: I’ll wait. [ Cell rings ] Yeah.
Red: Don’t do it.
Tom: There’s nothing left to do.
Red: Tom.
Tom: We needed the money to get to Kirk. We got it. We have no use for her anymore.
Red: If you kill her, the answers you’ve been looking for your entire life will die with her.
Tom: What are you talking about?

[ Flashback: ]
Scottie: I remember my little one looking up at me, eyes full of wonder.

imageTom: My mother.
Red: Yes. Which is why I didn’t want you involved.
Tom: Why didn’t you tell me?
Red: You have a child to raise, Tom. If you start asking questions, it will put her at risk, it will put you at risk.
Tom: But her son is dead. She told me that herself.
Red: Christopher Hargrave went missing when he was only 3 years old.
Tom: Christopher… Hargrave. Is that my name?
Red: Susan Hargrave genuinely believes her son is dead.
Tom: So, she has no idea who I am? What, did somebody fake my death… and hide me from her all these years? W-why would anybody do that?
Red: Listen to me, Tom. Susan Hargrave has many secrets. Some of them concern you. If you want answers, you must conceal your true identity.

[ Scottie walks in. Tom is holding the photo of Scottie, her husband and her little boy ]
Scottie: My perfect baby boy. He loved the water. Found that necklace in a trinket shop during a trip to Ocean City. We had rented a house that summer, spent the whole week on the beach building sand castles with drawbridges and moats.That night, Howard and I had a… big fight. Too much to drink. Next morning, Christopher was gone. The police searched everywhere, but… nothing. He was just… gone. Like his castle. It’s been 28 years, and not a day goes by where I don’t walk into a room… hoping, praying he’ll be there. (SNIFFLES) Please tell me you’re not gonna try and kill me again.

imageTom: That’s exactly what I came here to do. But for my daughter’s sake, I’m not gonna do that. [ Tom turns to leave ]
Scottie: You’re hired.
Tom: Sorry, what? You want me to work for you?
Scottie: In my experience, there’s a very fine line between love and hate. We could do incredible things together. [ She reaches up and touches his cheek with her palm ]
Tom: I’m sorry about your son. [ Tom turns and leaves ]

❌❌❌ End 3:22 Alexander Kirk
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Episode 22: Alexander Kirk: 🎯 EW recap ¤ 🌅 Photo Gallery ¤ 📒 Script

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🔴 Storybook 3:21 Susan Hargrave

Blurb: Who is the woman with the long black hair? The woman who set off the events that killed Liz Keen? “Susan Hargrave”? Or, as Tom believes, Katarina Rostova?
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Episode 21: Susan Hargrave: 🎯 EW recap ¤ 🌅 Photo Gallery ¤ 📒 Script

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
[ Scottie Hargrave and Nez Rowan arrive at a site of carnage. Five or six men, dressed in full military gear, lie awkwardly in a warehouse, all dead. Crates of military weapons have been opened but the weapons were not taken. Blood is splashed across stacks of unopened crates ]
[ Scottie closes the eyes of one of the victims ]
Scottie: What’s the point of this?
Nez: Scottie. [ Nez points to a white envelope stuck to one body with a knife ] Didn’t want to open it. It’s addressed to you.
[ Scottie removes the envelope from the body, opens it, takes out a neatly typed card that says:

We should talk. Call my exchange. R

༺ ♤ ༻

Aram: Mr. Reddington says her name is Susan Scott Hargrave. … I showed him the picture, and he recognized her right away. Called her Scottie. Says she and her husband, Howard, own a corporation called Halcyon Aegis.
Cooper: Halcyon provides security services.
Aram: According to their website, yes. But Mr. Reddington says they are a private military-intelligence agency who specializes in operations too sophisticated or politically incorrect for anyone else …
Cooper: The White House Counsel specifically told me not to investigate Halcyon. After Panabaker did that, I tasked Tom to follow her.
Tom: She made a beeline for Hargrave, presumably to warn her that the FBI was about to investigate her.

༺ ♤ ༻
image[ Laurel Hitchin is talking to Red in his Mercedes which is parked near a pier ]
Hitchin: Halcyon’s off limits.
Red: Elizabeth Keen is dead.
Hitchin: I heard. And after all you did to protect her, too. [ Slight smirk ]
Red: Boy, I can’t wait to hurt you someday.
Hitchin: (SIGHS) I’m sorry.
imageRed: Are you? A former Cabal operative led the assault that resulted in her death… Matias Solomon. You bungled his execution. He works for Halcyon now. I want him, and I want Scottie Hargrave.
Hitchin: I despise Halcyon. They’re powerful, arrogant, and unchecked, but our government depends on them.
Red: Your government. Not mine. Give Halcyon a call, Laurel. Inform them that you have a job that requires their immediate attention.

༺ ♤ ༻
Hitchin: I’ve always liked you, Brad. It’s important to me that you know that.
Bradley: I’m glad to hear it. Always nice to have a fan in the White House.
Hitchin: You do. Unfortunately, my job at the White House has nothing to do with why you’re here.
Bradley: I don’t understand.
[ Red steps in ]
image Red: You’re here at my invitation. No, no, no. Please, Bradley, stay seated. This is an informal meeting. You know who I am?
Bradley: Yes, of course. I didn’t realize you two were acquainted.
Red: (CHUCKLING) Oh, my, yes. Laurel’s as crooked as a dog’s hind leg.
Hitchin: I’m so sorry.
Bradley: About what? If this is about Agent Keen, what happened at the church, I had nothing to do with that. The
Red: Friends and loved ones are dead. I need to speak with Scottie about the matter. I sent her a message. She ignored it. She’s scared.
imageCan be a terrible thing for all when someone as ruthless as Scottie gets scared. I need you to reach her for me, Bradley. I trust you would get through to her. I need her to pay attention to this.
imageBradley: I understand. Believe me, Mr. Reddington, there are very few people that Scottie pays better attention to than me.
Red: Yes, I’m counting on that.
[ Red takes a gun out of his vest and shoots 💥 Bradley in the chest. Bradley falls out of his chair ]
Red: God, I’m starving. What time is it?


༺ ♤ ༻
[ Scottie’s assistant walks up with a white envelope ]
Scottie: How bad?
Assistant: He killed Brad Clark. This was pinned to his body.
Scottie: You look frightened. You should be.
[ Scottie opens the envelope. The card says: “Shall we? R” ]

༺ ♤ ༻
imageWhere are we on Amanda Bigelow [ Scottie’s assistant ]?
Aram: Nowhere yet. We tried hacking her laptop, but she was on a highly encrypted network, so Tom started talking with her, and seriously, this guy should write a book. Anyway, we are implementing plan “B” tonight… on their date.
Ressler: How come that doesn’t surprise me?

༺ ♤ ༻
Cynthia: There’s a man here who wants to buy our brownstone. A Lester McSomething-or-Other. He’s a friend of the Realtor.
imageSamuel: Our brownstone isn’t for sale.
Cynthia: It might be. You should hear the numbers he’s throwing around.
Samuel: Really? Okay. Guess it doesn’t hurt to listen….
Red: You must be Samuel! What a pleasure. What a garden. I love daffodils. … They say gifting a bouquet of daffodils ensures happiness, while presenting just one means bad luck is on the horizon. [ Red gives Samuel a single daffodil ]
Cynthia: Okay, boys. I hope you’re hungry. I have a triple crème, some Jarlsberg, water biscuits, and my mother’s famous cucumber dip.
imageRed: That sounds delicious, Cynthia. Tragically, there’s no time for snacks. Well, maybe some of Mom’s famous cucumber dip. [ Red has his pistol in his hand. He dips a carrot in the dip and eats it ]
Samuel: Who are you? What do you want?
Red: Mmm. Mmm. You recently contracted Halcyon for a job on behalf of your company. I’d like to know the details. Cynthia, is that a touch of Cayenne in there? What a nice little kick.
Cynthia: Samuel, just tell him.
Red: Tell me what?
Cynthia: It’s about oil.
Samuel: Shut up, Cynthia.
Cynthia: No, I will not shut up, Samuel. He has got a gun. A competitor of Vestant’s is buying oil from terrorists… the really bad ones. So Vestant hired Halcyon to get involved …

༺ ♤ ༻
Cooper: What’s the connection between Rand’s company and Halcyon?
Red: He contracted them to help tame a savage competitor, Kerogent Holdings, who’s been flooding the market with cheap oil and driving down prices… to which I would normally give a hearty free-market thumbs-up, but the oil in question is being purchased from radical jihadists, the proceeds being used to fund all manner of nastiness.

༺ ♤ ༻
Aram: Guys, I’m getting reports of 🔥💥🔥 explosions 🔥💥🔥 at Kerogent facilities across Europe and the Middle East.
Ressler: They’re coordinating their attacks. We need to get to Rowan before she sets off that device.
imageOperator 3-8 (Halcyon): Keep moving north. Next container on your right. Whoa. There. Stop. You’re dead center. Maximum bang for your buck. You’re gonna want to move quickly.
Nez Rowan: Roger that. [ Nez activates device (BEEP) and sprints away]
Ressler: SWAT, you need to find that device. …
SWAT Commander: Okay. I, uh… I’ll try to get it someplace where it can’t do much damage.
Samar: No. Are you crazy? Leave it. She could detonate it in your hands. …
SWAT Commander: I’ve got a container here. If nothing else, it will help contain the… [ sound of explosion 🔥💥🔥 then nothing but STATIC ]
image[ A … long … minute. The mood in the Post Office control room becomes somber. Then Samar tries to hail the SWAT team: ]
Samar: SWAT Command. SWAT Command, come back.
SWAT: [ Comes back online ] …escaped. Do you copy? Strike team got away, but the detonation was contained.
༺ ♤ ༻
Amanda: Okay. I told you my whole long, boring life story. (CHUCKLES) Now it’s your turn.
Tom: All right. Well, uh, I also was a teenage beauty-pageant winner.
Amanda: (LAUGHS) You promised you wouldn’t make fun of that.
Tom: Sorry.
Amanda: Come on. What’s hidden in there? There’s got to be some sort of flaw, some deep, dark secret. Every guy I meet has one.
Tom: Shouldn’t you find out a man’s deep, dark secret before you invite him into your apartment?
Amanda: Where’s the fun in that?
Tom: I was married. She, uh… She died.
Amanda: I’m really sorry.
image[ Amanda kisses him. He kisses back ] [ Tom takes a glass of wine and pours it down Amanda’s back ]
Tom: Oh! Did that spill?
Amanda: No, it’s fine.
Tom: Are you sure? I’m so sorry. Oh, my God, I feel so…
Amanda: Hold on.
Tom: Oh, no. Let me, uh…
Amanda: I… I’ll be right back. …
[ Tom goes to her laptop and sticks in the thumb drive ]
image[ Amanda returns wearing a red sleeveless top ]
Amanda: Sorry it took so long.
Tom: It was totally worth the wait. …
[ They kiss, etc. Tom lifts Amanda up onto her computer desk. He reaches over and pulls out the thumb drive and puts it in his pocket. Then he withdraws from her embrace ]
Amanda: What’s wrong?
Tom: Um… sorry. I-I thought I was, uh, ready for this.
Amanda: I’m probably moving too fast, huh?
Tom: No, no, you’re… you’re wonderful, but I think I might be moving… [SIGHS] too fast.

༺ ♤ ༻
imageTom: So, this is it? We’re in the system?
Aram: Yes. I don’t want to know how you did it, but… yes. Actually, I do want to know how. I don’t understand how you could do it. Agent Keen loved you. I know it’s none of my business, but…
Tom: I loved her, too.
Aram: Okay, good. (CHUCKLING) Excellent. (SIGHS) No, it probably shouldn’t matter, but it somehow does. So, uh, let us see what our Ms. Bigelow is up to.

༺ ♤ ༻

Scottie: What do you want to discuss?
Red: The death of Elizabeth Keen.
Scottie: A tragedy. By all accounts, she was a fine woman for whom we went to great lengths to deliver to a caring party. But then you felt the need to interfere. Might I suggest your anger isn’t with me, but with yourself?
Red: I want to discuss this in person.
imageScottie: Fine. 5:00 p.m. today, BWI Airport, first-class lounge, Concourse F.
Red: That’s impossible. I’m on every apprehend list from here to Siberia. I cannot step foot in an international airport without being arrested. All that pesky security and facial-recognition software and whatnot. …
Scottie: If you want to meet with me, you’ll figure out a way. I’ll be there. 5:00 p.m., Raymond. You know I don’t like to be kept waiting.

༺ ♤ ༻
image(CELLPHONE RINGS, it’s Tom)
Red: Yes, Tom?
Tom: Stay out of the airport. Don’t go inside. We intercepted a call from Hargrave to Stalder. It’s a trap.
imageRed: Can’t say that I’m surprised. Disappointed, perhaps. Kill or capture?
Tom: Kill. Your head is a peace offering for them botching the job with Liz.
Red: Thank you, Tom. [ Hangs up ]
Dembe: Shall we turn around?
Red: No. Let’s keep our appointment. Scottie hates to be kept waiting.

༺ ♤ ༻
[ Scottie Hargrave is in the lounge wearing a red dress and sipping a martini. She dials 911 on her cell phone. ]
Woman: 911. What’s your emergency?
image[ Red has cleared security and is in the lounge typing his shoe laces. He then looks around, recognizes Scottie and begins to walk toward her. Suddenly, two armed police officers burst through the door and point their rifles at Red ]
Officer: Hands in the air… now!
imageOfficer(s): Over your head! On the ground. Arms behind you. [ One officer looks at Red and concludes: ] It’s him.
[ Scottie Hargrave gets up and, leaving her martini behind, saunters past Red who is kneeling on the floor. She departs from the lounge ]


༺ ♤ ༻
imageRed: She’ll have me killed. You know that, right? You’re walking me to my execution.
Officer Armstrong: All I know is, Mrs. Hargrave’s fully sanctioned by the U.S. government. Figure that makes me a defense contractor. I’m gonna buy my wife one of them candy-colored houses in Bermuda she loves… retire with the money from this job.
Red: I once spent part of a summer in Bermuda. The island. Certainly not the shorts. Not a lot to do there except ride motor scooters and play checkers with the locals. I’m more of a chess man myself. But one tactic that came naturally was the concept of forced capture… [ Red stops, enthusiastically gesticulating ] sacrificing a checker to force your enemy in one direction while your forces lie in wait for the exquisitely satisfying double jump.
image[ Dembe appears and puts a pistol to Armstrong’s neck ]
Red: One quick look at the airport schematics revealed why Scottie chose the lounge on Concourse F. Conveniently located near a little-used loading dock. Shall we?
[ The officers’ police van is parked near the door ]
Armstrong: Please! Don’t kill me.
Red: I said “double jump.” You’re merely the first capture. Please, if you would.

༺ ♤ ༻

[ Scottie and guards are in a large warehouse. Scottie is seated in a straight back chair across from another chair ]
imageimageGuard: Here he comes!
[ The police van rolls forward with Officer Armstrong at the wheel. As it gets closer, Scottie sees that Armstrong is oddly staring straight ahead. On closer examination, Armstrong’s hands and arms have been duct-taped to the steering wheel ]
Scottie: Close the door.
[ A guard presses the button to close the warehouse doors ] (GUNSHOT 💥, the guard is hit )
– Sniper!
– Where is he?
– I don’t see him!
[ 💥💥💥‼️ Gunfight ‼️💥💥💥 ] [ Dembe and Baz take out all the guards ] [ Officer Armstrong is hit repeatedly in the crossfire
Dembe: [ To Scottie ] Step out slowly.


༺ ♤ ༻
[ Garage DOOR OPENS, slowly. Red appears. Red sits in the chair opposite Scottie ]
imageRed: Who hired you to go after Elizabeth Keen? …
Scottie: I didn’t kill Masha. Elizabeth Keen, whatever you want to call her. She died in childbirth. Perhaps if she’d been in a proper hospital…
[ 💥 Red shoots Scottie in the arm ]
Scottie: Aah! Damn you! Oh! I couldn’t foresee what happened to that poor girl any more than you. I told you I was hired to abduct her, not take her life.
Red: Who hired you?
Scottie: You know exactly who hired me.
Red: I’d like to be sure.
Scottie: Alexander Kirk.
Scottie: Listen, Red… I regret what happened to Elizabeth Keen. But her kidnapping was simply a business decision. You of all people should recognize that. We all do what we have to in order to survive. I know Howard and I do.
imageRed: Survival is all relative. There are limits, even for people like us. Especially for people like us.
Scottie: When Kirk hired us to abduct Masha, he also wanted me to kill you. Sorry I didn’t take that job.
Red: Here’s where we stand. Elizabeth Keen is dead, which means you are, too. Alexander Kirk is coming to kill you. The only surprise is that I got to you first.
Scottie: You killed a lot of people trying to reach me. Well, here I am. Finish what you came to do.
Red: You have it all wrong, dear. I didn’t come to kill you. I came here because you and I are about to climb into bed together, just for a quickie. We now share a mutual enemy. So, let’s get you bandaged up, not that you aren’t even lovelier with a little blood trickling down your arm.

❌❌❌ End 3:21 Susan Hargrave
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༺ ✿⊰ ♤ ⊱✿༻


🔴 Storybook 3:20 The Artax Network

Blurb: Liz’s funeral. Each team member mourns in their own way. Meanwhile, Red visits a relative of Liz’s. The search for the killers begins.
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Episode 20: Artax Network: 🎯 EW recap ¤ 🌅 Photo Gallery ¤ 📒 Script

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Cooper: I wish there was something I could say to stop your tears… to take away the pain of losing her, but I can’t. What I can do is remind you of how lucky we were to have had Elizabeth in our lives. What does the Lord ask of us? To do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with our God.

Did Elizabeth do justice? She came into our lives under extraordinary circumstances that few agents could hold up under. But she did more than hold up. She thrived. She withstood scrutiny from her peers, false accusations from her government, and helped take down some of the worst criminals this country has ever known.

Did she love mercy? I’ve never met anyone more forgiving. Elizabeth followed her heart, and against all odds, it led her back to the man she loved.

imageDid she walk humbly with her God? I’ll never forget the day I met her. It was her first day on the job. She had been offered an opportunity that most agents wait a lifetime to get. “Why me?” she asked. “I’m nobody special.” I think we all know different. She was humble, self-effacing, and very, very special.

Like all of you, I’m sad and angry. Like you also, I’m also very blessed to have known Elizabeth. So as we leave here today, let’s celebrate. The last few days, many have come up to me and they’ve said, “We are so sorry for your loss.” But we haven’t lost Elizabeth. (VOICE BREAKS) We know exactly where she is. [ Places his hand on his heart ]


༺ ♤ ༻

Samar: I can’t believe Reddington didn’t come.
Ressler: I can. He knows this is his fault. Hey, Aram, that download… how far along are you…?
[ Aram lights a joint ]
Aram: Don’t judge. I’m just… I’m just super stressed out.
Ressler: Oh, you’re kidding me, right?
Samar: It’s legal in D.C.
[ Aram passes the joint to Samar, who takes a long drag ]
Samar: I feel horrible.
Ressler: Well, you should. It’s a funeral. ♤


༺ ♤ ༻

imageAram: Wait. I need to… I need to say something. “When she shall die… take her… and cut her out in little stars, and she will make the face of heaven so fine that all the world will be in love with night and pay no worship to the garish sun.” “Romeo and Juliet.” imageAgent Keen loved Shakespeare. And Dr. Seuss. She loved dim sum and… and Beyoncé, and those little wooden, uh, foot massagers that go under your desk. I know the things she loved because we were friends. Even though I called her “Agent Keen,” that was out of the respect I had for her. Her friends also called her Liz. I miss you, Liz. Just… Okay. Thank you.


༺ ♤ ༻
image[ Red knocks on door ]
Dom: What are you doing here?
Red: Your granddaughter. She’s… I’m sorry.
(Dom turns and walks away)


༺ ♤ ༻

[ Dom serves Red some scrambled eggs ]
Red: Thank you.
Dom: Mm-hmm.
Red: As soon as the name “Masha Rostova” hit the 24-hour news cycle, they came for her. I thought I could… (SIGHS) protect her. I did protect her, all these years. I’ve anticipated almost every threat. But this one… …a medical complication in childbirth.
Dom: Masha had a child?
Red: A girl. She was born prematurely, but she’s expected to be fine.
Dom: Well, that’s wonderful. Now I am a great-grandfather.
Red: I came here to tell you that.
Dom: Sure. I’m sure you did. Right there on your desk calendar.


༺ ♤ ༻
Red: (PLAYING LOW NOTES on piano) I’d imagine it to be a challenge, playing Rachmaninoff’s C-sharp minor “Prelude” without the benefit of C-sharp.
Dom: It would be… if I played anymore. Why are you still here?
Red: I’m not entirely sure I know.
Dom: Mm. Sympathy?
Red: Excuse me?
Dom: Are you waiting for my sympathy? Maybe a hug.
Red: God, no.
Dom: Good, because you wouldn’t find that here anyway.
Red: I just needed to be someplace… quiet.
Dom: Well, I wasn’t expecting you. I have to go to town for groceries.
Red: I’m sorry for the intrusion. Let me give you some money, please. Could you pick up a single malt? Preferably from the Highlands, but not Islay. The water there tastes like seaweed and iodine.


༺ ♤ ༻
image[ Red is in the garage, looking through boxes of things from Katarina’s childhood. A hand-made doll. A drawing of a little girl holding hands with her mother and father, very similar to that burned in the fire scene, and very similar to how Liz described to Red her “hidden desire” in the Djinn ➔ the dream of a normal life ]

♪ Traveling through the graveyard ♪
♪ With a suitcase full of sparks ♪
♪ Honey, I’m just trying to find my way to you ♪
♪ Lit up every campfire ♪
♪ I found out in the dark ♪
♪ All the countless days along the sea of blue ♪
♪ Learned the language of the Mockingbird ♪
♪ She took and twisted all my words ♪
♪ Yeah, I’m just trying to find my way to you ♪
♪ And I’ll meet you in the graveyard ♪
♪ With the winter trees and stars ♪


༺ ♤ ༻

Tom: No. Look… (INHALES DEEPLY) Doctor, is something wrong with my baby?
Medical: Agnes is just fine. But the more genetic blanks I can fill in the charts, you know, the better I know what to screen for. What about your family?
Tom: More blanks. I never knew my parents either. I think that’s what made Liz and I work. You know, it was the first time either of us felt like… …family.


༺ ♤ ༻

imageTom: Look, maybe I could… work on the case while I’m there, because I’m… I’m useless here.
imageCooper: We have things under control.
Tom: No. See, that’s the problem, all right? The situation doesn’t call for control. The only way we’re gonna find the bastards who came after Liz is if we sink to their level.


༺ ♤ ༻

[ Red is seated in garage, playing with glitter ]
Dom: You have no right to go through her things. And that’s my coat!
Red: I was just imagining young Katarina covered in glitter. As an adult, it’s easy to dismiss this stuff as girlish frivolity. You forget the wonder it creates, the light captured, secret wishes evoked. It renders even the darkest days sparkly. (BLOWS glitter into the AIR) Never underestimate the power of glitter. ♤
Dom: Stop it.
imageRed: Stop what?
Dom: Stop… torturing me.
Red: That was never my intention.
Dom: Then what are you doing out here? These boxes are all I have… all I have left of my daughter.
I’m sorry, Dom. I understand.
Dom: No, you don’t. You don’t understand. You think because Masha’s dead, now you… you can understand me? You can… you can share my misery?
Red: I feel bereft, just like you.
Dom: No, not just like me. She’s gone because of choices you made for both of them. First Katarina and then Masha. As far as I’m concerned, you killed my entire family! ♤ No, you’re not like me.


༺ ♤ ༻

[ Red is helping put groceries away ]
Dom: That’s not where the capers go.♤
Red: Dom…
Dom: Move.
Red: You still have family.
Dom: Who? The baby? I won’t live long enough to see her out of nappies. If I’m allowed to see her at all. I had to make do with photographs of Masha. Did you even tell her about me?
Red: I couldn’t. You know how complicated it was.
imageDom: There was nothing complicated about it. We had to back out of Masha’s life to keep her safe, after you made a colossal mess of everything. Only you couldn’t stay well enough away, could you? Now you… you come to my house with this sorry tale of loss, like you’re the only one affected by this. You’re the only one whose feelings matter. Well, guess what, Raymond? Masha was my granddaughter, and now she’s dead without even knowing I existed! (SIGHS) All my sacrifices shot to hell. I could’ve spent the last 30 years just being her grandfather… You selfish prick.
Red: She had your temper.♤
Dom: I loved that girl enough to let her go, which is more than you can say.♤


༺ ♤ ༻
Cooper: Damn it, Cynthia. Nez Rowan was part of a shadow army that left directly to the death of Agent Keen. Rowan was the best lead we have. Who let her go free?
imagePanabaker: I don’t know. It’s over my head. What I can tell you is that there are certain U.S. government missions. Covert. Dangerous. Necessary. And they require the expertise of an independent organization.
Cooper: Don’t patronize me. Those people got one of my best agents killed, and you expect me to walk away. How can I justify that?
imagePanabaker: I know full well you look the other way when you need to, because working with an international criminal enables you to bring good to the world.
Cooper: I can’t look the other way. Not this time. They took someone that I love.
Panabaker: Best thing you can do for all of us is locate Reddington and find a way to keep him on your team.


༺ ♤ ༻

Red: What do you want, Aram?
Aram: You need to come back with me.
Red: Why?
Aram: We’re not getting anywhere. In the investigation of… Agent Keen’s death. We could use your help.
imageRed: Harold Cooper is a very capable leader. He’ll sort it out.
Aram: It’s more than that. I can’t work. The Post Office, without Agent Keen… Without you… it’s just a government building.
Red: I’m sorry you came all the way out here for nothing, Aram. I can’t help you. (DOOR CREAKS)
image Aram: No. You gave me a speech over an empty grave, about the foundational elements in our lives. “People who form the brick and mortar of who we are.” How, when they’re suddenly not there, we… we collapse into rubble. Now it was after Agent Keen was almost killed by the Cabal. But I saved her. You looked into that empty grave back then and said you’d be staring at her if it weren’t for me. Now I understand why you have collapsed into rubble. I do, and I’m truly sorry. But I’m here to collect on your debt. You owe me. So let’s go.♤
Red: To pay… m-my debt to you would require more than I possess.♤ I’m not coming back.
[ Red closes door ]


༺ ♤ ༻

Dom: I overheard your conversation with the Arab boy.
Red: He’s from Delaware. You won’t be troubled again with unexpected visitors. I know how you value your privacy.
Dom: Why didn’t you go with him?
Red: What would be the point? There’s nothing I could do that would really matter.
Dom: Cry me a river. Hmm? What the hell are you really doing here? You… you gave me the news about Masha. What do you want from me?

Red: A way forward. I can’t live for long with what I feel inside. I don’t see how anyone can.♤
Dom: You said it, chum. Look around here. You call this living? (VOICE BREAKS) After I lost my daughter… I crawled… crawled into the wilderness like a mortally wounded animal to get as far away from the pack as I could, to… to run out the clock. Run out the clock and die. And… If you came for a survival manual, you won’t find it here. But you… you’ve got one thing I haven’t had for a long time. You’ve got a reason… a reason to walk out that door. It sounds to me like there are honest people out there who are depending upon you to… (STAMMERS, LAUGHS) God help them. God help them.♤ (LAUGHS)
Red: Dom, you’ve always had a good reason to walk out the door.


༺ ♤ ༻
Aram: Okay, I think I’m getting somewhere.
Ressler: So you found the needle in the haystack?
Aram: I’m not looking for a needle. We need the whole haystack. (TAPS KEY) And if I’m right, it’s the Artax Network.
Cooper: What is that?
Aram: It’s an old telecom project to provide data coverage to every corner of the Earth through a network of 73 satellites. Anyway, the company went bankrupt and the project was abandoned.
Samar: But the 73 satellites are still out there.
Cooper: You think our target is using them?
Ressler: Is there any way to confirm that the network’s still active?
Aram: Well, I’ve just gained access to a relay station, and I am about to lock onto one of the satellites. If it’s in use, the data will be encrypted, but… we’ll know if it’s active. Okay. Here we go. (BEEP)
Cooper: They have control of the Artax satellite network.
Samar: And they used it to kill Liz.


༺ ♤ ༻

imageAram: Other than Nez, we can’t put faces to any of the mercs. So I scrubbed through the Warwick’s security footage to try and find some.
Cooper: Good job. What’d you get us?
Aram: (TAPS KEY) Nothing. Um, at least no mercs. But I did find this… (TAPS KEYS)
Cooper: A shot of our victim. One hour before his abduction. Stalder told Ressler and Navabi he never left his suite. Was he lying or did he just forget?
Aram: Well, that doesn’t look like a woman… or a conversation… he’d have forgotten.


༺ ♤ ༻
[ Red is working on a project in Dom’s garage ]


༺ ♤ ༻


[ Tom is at the airport, secretly clicking photos of Cynthia Panabaker talking with a woman w long black hair ]


༺ ♤ ༻

Dom: Raymond?
[ No answer, but: Red has fixed not only Dom’s metronome, but the damaged C-sharp key on the piano. Dom smiles broadly, chuckles ]
Dom: Raymond! (PLAYS NOTE) [ Dom turns off the metronome ] (Dom begins PLAYING SOMBER PIANO PIECE)


༺ ♤ ༻
image[ Red is visiting Liz’s grave ]
༺ ♤ ༻

Cooper: Tell me you found something useful.
Tom: Depends. I followed Panabaker to the airport, where she had a meeting on the tarmac with this woman.
Cooper: That’s the woman that Stalder met at the hotel just an hour before his attempted abduction.
Tom: Who’s Stalder?
Cooper: Benjamin Stalder. A high-powered executive at an energy consortium. Whoever was tracking Liz [ using the Artex network of abandoned communications satellites ] was also going after him.
image Tom: Why?
Cooper: I don’t know. We let him go, but I’m getting the distinct feeling that was a mistake. Stalder’s obviously more involved than he was letting on.
Tom: So who is this woman? [ The woman with the long black hair ]
Cooper: We don’t know yet. The hotel photo wasn’t much to go on, but with these new images, Aram should be able to locate her in one of our databases.
Tom: Liz was convinced that her mother was the one who tried to kidnap her. Reddington said she died years ago, but Liz didn’t believe that, and neither do I. I think we’re staring at Katarina Rostova.


༺ ♤ ༻
[ Aram is at his computer at home ]
(KNOCK ON DOOR) [ Aram looks out the peephole, opens the door ]
Aram: Mr. Reddington.
Red: I’m here to pay my debt to you, Aram.
Aram: You’re back.
Red: Strap on your bike helmet. We’re going to work.

❌❌❌ End 3:20 Artax Network

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Episode 20: Artax Network: 🎯 EW recap ¤ 🌅 Photo Gallery ¤ 📒 Script


༺ ✿⊰ ♤ ⊱✿༻


🔴 Storybook 3:19 Cape May

Blurb: Grieving over the tragic death of Lizzie, Red is drawn to Cape May where he must come to terms with the past.
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Episode 19: Cape May: 🎯 EW recap ¤ 🌅 Photo Gallery ¤ 📒 Script

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
imageimageNik: I kept her alive long enough to become a mother.
Red: What a desperate thing to say.
Nik: I don’t want to die.

Red: Everyone dies someday.

༺ ♤ ༻

imageElderly Chinese woman: Time to go, Mr. Red. Time to go.
Red: [ Mumbling ] No. No, no, not yet. I want another one. I want another one. I paid and I want another.
Chinese woman: No. You go. It’s Friday. It’s too long for you. You go.


༺ ♤ ༻
image[ Red stumbles onto the street, is almost hit by a cab. He gets in the cab and pays the cabbie $500 to take him to Cape May, New Jersy, 200 miles away ]
image[ The beach at Cape May is deserted. Red takes a folding lounge chair and opens it on the beach. He looks out to sea. The day is dull and cold. Red suddenly sees a red-haired woman sitting on the beach. She takes off her coat and a necklace and walks into the water a ways, then dives in ]
Red: Hey! Hey! No! Stop!
[ Red runs, shedding his coat, suitcoat and hat along the way, then runs into the 40 degree water, looking for the woman. A large wave tumbles over him. He rescues the mysterious woman and drags her onto the beach ]

[ Red helps the woman into a beachfront inn, deserted in the off-season.. Red starts a fire in the fireplace, then he lies down on the floor next to the woman, pulling a blanket over both of them and cradling her head on his arm ]
Red. You’re okay. Talk to me.
Woman: [ In a whisper ] It’s not that he died. It’s not even the way he died. It’s in the things I said to him… just before he died.


༺ ♤ ༻

Red: Who’s trying to kill you? Does it have something to do with what you told me before?
Woman: I’m sorry?
Red: You said you lost someone. Harsh words were spoken. Words you regret.
imageimageWoman: I was out of my mind. There was no one. Just me.
Red: You don’t have to lie.
Woman: Neither do you. You’re no hungrier than I am. You’re not enjoying a single bite of that.
Red: I told you this is….
Woman: Superb. The quality of the cooking is wholly irrelevant in this case, isn’t it? Given the circumstances.
Red: And those are?
Woman: You tell me. Tell yourself. Say it out loud.
Red: It was a Hobson’s choice. There was a woman and her child. Both were doomed. Both would die. I could either save one or lose both. I chose the child. It was… it was the worst thing I’ve ever had to do in my life. Worst thing by far.

Woman: You didn’t have a choice.
Red: There’s always a choice. I was arrogant. I presumed that there was an order to things, that there was… that if I nourished and protected and taught the child, she would be safe… …and happy.
imageWoman: And she was neither.
Red: No matter what I tried to do, all I brought her was misery and violence, and eventually…
Woman: Death.
Red: Yes.
Woman: And now you’re dead. You believe there’s nothing left for you.
Red: It’s that obvious?
Woman: Nothing about you is obvious. What brought you here?
Red: I honestly don’t know.
Woman: You’ve been here before.
Red: Once, a long time ago. I was a very different person then.


༺ ♤ ༻

image[ The woman is bathing. Red is seated on a couch some distance away ]
Woman: Have you ever killed anyone?
Red: That’s an odd question.
Woman: Have you?
Red: Yes. Many. But never anyone who didn’t deserve it.
Woman: Me, too.
Red: I know.
Woman: How?
Red: There aren’t a lot of us. You learn to recognize it.
Woman: Yes.


༺ ♤ ༻
image[ Glass shatters ] [ Red looks for the perpetrator ]
Woman: Behind you.
[ Red and the man fight inside the bathroom ]
Man: Oh!
[ The woman grabs the man from behind and slams his head against a mirror, then the sink – several times. He collapses dead onto the bathroom floor ]
[ Red coughs ]
Woman: You all right?
Red: Yeah. Thank you. You know him?
Woman: It doesn’t matter. He’s one of them. Not the first, not the last.
[ They wrap the body in the plastic shower curtain and clean up the blood ]


༺ ♤ ༻

[ The woman is playing études on the grand piano ]
Red: Why did you go into the water? What made you decide?
Woman: You’ve never killed anyone who didn’t deserve it.
Red: Yes.
Woman: That is a fine thing. A noble thing. But not terribly difficult.
Red: That’s true.
Woman: Have you ever spared someone who deserved to die?
Red: There was a woman I loved. She was… my life. My heart. And she died. She left behind a little girl. One last, precious piece of herself.

[ Flashback ]
Red: She’ll need protection.
Tom: Only if you’re in her life. Go. Stay away. I won’t let you make the same mistake with her… …that you made with Liz.

imageRed: I would give anything to be a part of that child’s life, but a man made it clear I would never see her… hold her… watch her grow. And I knew in that moment, I would never be any part of that beautiful little girl’s life. Because…
Woman: He was her father.
Red: And to harm him would be to harm her. A mortal sin. Her mother is gone. The father is what she has left in the world.


༺ ♤ ༻

"I'm not leaving without you"

“I’m not leaving without you”

[ Red loads the dead man’s body into the back of a black SUV ]
Red: I’m not leaving without you.
Woman: Yes, you are.
Red: No. I’m not.
Woman: Those men are after me. It’s my problem, not yours.
Red: You made it my problem the moment you walked into the ocean. …
Red: Have you ever seen the aftermath of a suicide bombing…
Woman: We’re wasting time.
Red: I have. … The shock wave knocked me flat, blew out my eardrums. … I went inside. A nightmare. Blood. Parts of people. You could tell where Safar [ the suicide bomber ] was standing when the vest blew. It was like a perfect circle of death. There was almost nothing left of the people closest to him. 17 dead, 46 injured. Blown to pieces. The closer they were to the bomber, the more horrific the effect.
Woman: Stop.
Red: That’s every suicide. Every single one. An act of terror perpetrated against everyone who’s ever known you… Everyone who’s ever loved you. The people closest to you… the ones who cherish you… are the ones who suffer the most pain, the most damage. Why would you do that?
imageWoman: [ Whimpers ]
Red: Why would you do that to people who love you?
Woman: I have no choice.
Red: There’s always a choice.
Woman: Is there? That little girl. The one you told me about? The one whose father you spared? What would you do if you knew… knew… that as long as you drew breath, as long as you continued to exist, her life would be in danger? She would be hunted, and she would be killed. What would you do?
Red: What would you do?
Woman: My child is being raised by someone else. I am her mother… and I am death to her. [ Tears ] So this is what I’m doing. I never wanted this.
Red: I know.
Woman: Then go.
Red: I can’t.
[ VEHICLE APPROACHES ] [ There are six or seven men ]

Woman: You still have time to go.
Red: I don’t know your name.
Woman: Don’t be ridiculous, Raymond.


༺ ♤ ༻

[ Action sequence. In brief, the interlocutors are all dispatched, some by booby traps set by Red and the woman. The woman pushes one man off a balcony. There is a brief gunfight. Red slashes one man’s throat. The woman stabs one man in the chest. One man is hung in a mantrap ]


༺ ♤ ༻
imageRed: We need to clean up and clear out.
Woman: You get the car.
Red: There’s something wro… [ Red sees that the kitchen and other rooms are immaculate, untouched, as though he had just arrived. He goes to the staircase and shouts up: ]
Red: Hello?
[ Red climbs the stairs, searching for the mysterious woman ]
Red: Where are you?
[ Red looks out the window. He sees the woman again walk into the ocean, exactly as before ]
Red: No. No, no, no. [ Red runs down the stairs, out of the inn and across the beach. He looks at the surf pouring in. This time, the woman is nowhere to be seen ]


༺ ♤ ༻

[ An old man has been using a metal detector to look for treasure under the sand. He is now digging for something ]
Red: Hey! Did you see a woman walk into the water?
Treasure hunter: No. I didn’t see no woman.
Red: You sure?
Treasure hunter: Yeah. I’m sure. Mister, the only living soul I’ve seen on this stretch in over two weeks is just you.
Red: Just me.
Treasure hunter: Yep.

[ The treasure hunter finds a necklace buried in the sand ]
Treasure hunter: Hello.
[ Though it is almost completely encased in sand, Red recognizes the necklace ]
Red: [ Holds out a thick wad of bills ] Could I, please? Please. I want to buy it.
Treasure hunter: Ain’t worth anywhere near that.
Red: It is to me.
Treasure hunter: Okay, then.


༺ ♤ ༻

[ Red goes to the water’s edge and lets a wave wash over the necklace ]
[ Red reads aloud the Russian inscription on the back of the necklace: ]

Red: To Katarina, love Papa.

image[ Suddenly, the woman appears at Red’s side ]
Woman: You had no choice. It was me or Masha.
Red: I’m sorry.
Woman: Raymond, you did save me. Through her. It was the only way. You chose well.
Treasure hunter: Hey, Mister. You okay? Seem a little lost.
[ The woman is gone ]
Red: [ To the Treasure hunter:] There’s someone I need to see.
[ Red turns and walks away from the shore ]

❌❌❌ End 3:19 Cape May
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Episode 19: Cape May: 🎯 EW recap ¤ 🌅 Photo Gallery ¤ 📒 Script


༺ ✿⊰ ♤ ⊱✿༻


🔴 Storybook 3:18 Mr Solomon – Conclusion

Blurb: Due to a car crash, Liz must have an emergency c-section.
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Episode 18: Mr Solomon 2: 🎯 EW recap ¤ 🌅 Photo Gallery ¤ 📒 Script

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
imageOperator 4-6: Team Leader, this is Operator 4-6. I have eyes on tango, moving south on Brightwood Avenue.
[ 💥 Gunfire 💥 ]
Operator 4-6: Copy?
Solomon: I beg to differ. We’ve got Masha contained inside the church.
Operator 4-6: That’s a big negative, Team Leader. Target is southbound in a festive black sedan. Suggest you break off current engagement.
Solomon: All teams, continuous fire for 15 seconds, and then full withdrawal.
Operator 4-6: Aah! Well, thanks to construction delays in Columbia Heights, I have a fixed position for tango. Sending the nav… now. [ Beeping ]


༺ ♤ ༻

imageLiz: [ Sighs ] [ Cellphone vibrates ] Yeah. Okay, you promised to tell me what’s going on. Who sent the army?
Red: Are you okay?
[ Honking continues ]
Liz: What do you think? That was supposed to be our wedding?


༺ ♤ ༻

Tom: Liz, what are you doing?
[ Liz leans out the window and shoots at Solomon and his henchmen following her and Tom ]
Liz: Don’t worry. They’re not gonna shoot me.
[ Tires squealing ]
image[ Solomon’s SUVs come up on Tom’s car and force him into right lane. Ahead, a large delivery van is parked. Tom hits the brakes but it’s too late ]
Tom: Get down!
[ Tom and Liz’s car crashes into the back of the truck ]
[ Solomon walks up to the crashed car with several of his men. No one is inside ]
Solomon’s Man: Where’d they go?
Solomon: There. [ He points to the entrance of a nursing home, which they enter ]


༺ ♤ ༻

[ Liz and Tom are in a room in the nursing home ]
Tom: Shh. Okay, I’m sorry. I know you told me to stop asking if you’re okay.
Liz: Yeah, I know. I’m not okay. The car wreck. Something hurts inside.
Tom: Okay, hold on. Let me find something for the pain. [ Tom opens drawer ] Demerol.
Liz: What about the baby?
Tom: I don’t know. I’m not trained for this.
Liz: [ Sighs ] Oh, my God. We’re terrible parents.
image[ Moments later, Solomon appears at the door of the room. Tom is on the other side of the door ]
[ The door creaks. Solomon peers inside but sees only an elderly woman in one bed and another woman in another bed (Liz), her face obscured ]
Operator 4-6: Team Leader, police are approaching the area.
[ Solomon turns away. Door closes ]
[ Solomon has left, but Liz is in pain ]
Tom: What is it?
[ Liz notices blood trickling down her leg ]
Liz: [ Gasps ] Oh, my God, the baby! [ Breathing heavily ]


༺ ♤ ༻

[ Solomon sees blood on the seat of the car where Liz was sitting ]
Solomon: She’s hurt. Operator 4-6, where’s the nearest hospital?


༺ ♤ ༻
[ Tom carries Liz into the hospital ]
Liz: Is the baby okay? That’s all I care about.
Tom: That’s all she cares about, but I need them both healthy.
Doctor: Well, the heartbeat looks okay, and baby’s moving around. All good signs. But the OB’s heading down now just to make sure.
⋘ ⋙
imageRed: [ On phone ] You need to leave. Mr. Kaplan will be there in five minutes to pick you up out back. … I can’t protect you in a hospital.
Liz: You can’t protect me in a church, either.
Red: Let me rephrase that. I cannot safeguard you and the dozens of innocent patients and medical personnel who’ll be caught in the crossfire when Solomon and his storm troopers put together where you are. I know how desperately you want to protect your baby, Lizzy. So think.


༺ ♤ ༻

[ In Mr Kaplan’s car ]
Kaplan: You’ll be fine, sweetie. Nothing to be afraid of. I’m taking you to a private ICU with the county’s top emergency-care team.
Liz: I know what that means.
Tom: I’m right here.
Liz: [ Groans ]
Tom: I’m right here.
Liz: [ Gasps ]
Tom: What?
Liz: My water just broke.
Tom: Oh, wow. This is– This is happening. Um, w-w-what is our ETA?
Kaplan: Three minutes out.
Liz: Ohh! From where? Three minutes out from where? An abandoned warehouse? Because I let a fugitive, a killer, a sociopath into my life…
Tom: I know.
Liz: …now I am being hunted by God knows who’s chasing me, but they’ve got body armor and assault rifles, and I have to give birth to my child– to a baby!– in a filthy warehouse!
Kaplan: It’s a nightclub.
Liz: Is that supposed to make me feel better?
Kaplan: No, it’s not. Your baby deserves more than we can provide.


༺ ♤ ༻

imageMedical: Welcome, Dr. Korpal.
Nik (Liz’s ex-boyfriend): What have we got?
Medical: A 31-year-old female 32 weeks pregnant status post MVA with abdominal pain and bleeding.
Nik: She suffered a placental abruption, likely from the crash. It’s when the placenta rips away from the walls of the uterus. As a result, the baby’s not getting enough oxygen. The heart rate is plummeting. If I don’t perform an emergency C-section in the next 10 minutes, her baby’s going to die.


༺ ♤ ༻

Dembe: Perimeter defense is in place – exits, rooftops, and lookouts on all avenues of approach for a six-block radius. ⋘⋙ Everything will be fine, Raymond.
Red: [ Angrily ] Oh, for God’s sake, Dembe, spare me the mystical reassurance. Everything is not fine. Where the hell was the perimeter defense at that damn church? You should have deployed four teams, five teams. Look at her lying there in this barbaric situation with her child’s life at risk. Everything is not fine. She never should have been at that Godforsaken church.
imageKaplan: Stop it, Raymond! This has little to do with Dembe and nothing to do with that poor girl in there. She’s been telling you for months that you’re a danger to her baby. This is on you, Raymond. Nobody else. You were wrong to make her believe you could keep her safe. You made us all believe.
[ Mr Kaplan turns and walks away ]


༺ ♤ ༻

Operator 4-6: Fresh hospital intel just in. “Suspected placental abruption with vaginal bleeding. Variable fetal deceleration present.”
Solomon: Sounds like tango’s about to pop out a bun. Given her medical condition, she can’t be far away. Let’s canvass these areas.


༺ ♤ ༻

Nik: As soon as I get this epidural in, you’re gonna feel a whole lot better.
Liz: [ Sighing ] Okay.
Nik: And we’ll be ready to go. And you get to stay awake the whole time.
Liz: Really? Wow. Okay.


༺ ♤ ༻

imageLiz: [ To Tom ] Ohh. I love you.
Tom: You’re gonna do great.
Liz: This just isn’t how I pictured the birth of our baby.
Tom: How’d you picture it?
image Liz: Magical.
Tom: Okay, hold on.
[ Liz slips into a semi-conscious state. Tom selects an LP from a collection of LPs and begin to play it. A disco ball sends spots of light swirling. Liz gazes around watching the light show and smiling happily ]
[ Paul Anka’s “You’re Having My Baby” plays ]


༺ ♤ ༻

Nik: Almost there.
[ The baby is lifted out and handed to the nurse ] …
Tom: Why’s the baby so quiet?
Nurse: Dr. Korpal, there’s no respiratory effort.
Nik: Ambu bag.
Tom: What’s happening?
Tom: Nik? Nik, tell us what’s wrong.
Liz: Is everything okay?
[ Baby cries loudly ]
Nik: Sometimes they just need a reminder it’s time to breathe. All right. Congratulations. You have a healthy, beautiful baby girl.
[ Nick carefully hands the infant to Liz ]
Liz: Hi! A girl! Hi.
[ Mr Kaplan and Red have been watching through the plastic enclosure, awestruck ]

༺ ♤ ༻
imageLiz: I still like Agnes.
Tom: [ Chuckles ] You know my feelings. Besides reliving childhood traumas, it’s an old lady name.
Liz: But with babies, everything that’s old is new again.♤ [ Chuckles ] Besides, it was Sam’s mother’s name. He’s the only family I ever knew.
Red: [ Peeks inside the enclosure ] Congratulations, Elizabeth. May I see her?
Liz: [ Sharply ] No. Get out. Please, go away. [ To Tom: ] Make him go away.
Tom: It’s been a long day. She’s had a lot of drugs.
Liz: It’s not the drugs. This is my daughter. I’m begging you.
Mr Kaplan: [ To Red ] Just wait out here. Let me talk to her [ She enters ] Congratulations.
[ Red, hurt, turns away ]


༺ ♤ ༻

Red: I’m sorry, Dembe.
Dembe: I know, Raymond.
[ Alarm beeping ]
Mr Kaplan: Doctor.
Tom: What is it?
Mr Kaplan: Doctor!
Tom: Liz, what’s wrong?
Liz: My chest.
Tom: Hey, she can’t breathe.
[ Beeping continues ]
Tom: What’s wrong with her?
Nik: O2 levels are dropping. Get her some oxygen. I need a stat EKG, cardiac panel, and a VQ scan. EKG stat.
Red: What’s happening?
Nik: I have to get back to you on that.
Tom: Nik, do something.


༺ ♤ ༻

Nik: The scan confirmed my fear. The placental abruption caused amniotic fluid to leak into Liz’s blood, producing a severe inflammatory reaction. Are you with me, Liz? I’m gonna put you on a BiPAP machine. It forces your lungs to expand and helps you breathe, okay?
Red: Tell Mr. Kaplan whatever you need. We’ll have it here immediately.


༺ ♤ ༻

imageTom: Liz, you can do this. When you wake up, I’m gonna take you away from here. We’re gonna be lying on a beach under the sun. Just you, me, and our little baby girl. I promise you.
[ Wheezing ]
Liz: If things go sideways, you’re gonna take our baby to that beach, right?
Tom: Don’t say that. They won’t go sideways. We have too much to look forward to.
Nik: I need to put you under now. You’re about to get very sleepy. [ To nurse: ] Once she’s tubed, I’ll need a post chest intubation X-ray and ABG.
[ Liz beckons to Red. Red enters ]
Liz: I’m sorry I kicked you out. It wasn’t fair after all you’ve done for me.
Red: I’ve done nothing for you, Lizzy.
Liz: I’m scared for my little girl.
Nik: Push the meds.
Red: It’s the children whom the world almost breaks who grow up to save it.♤
Liz: I don’t want that for her.
Red: I wasn’t talking about her. I was talking about you, Elizabeth.♤

Liz: Oh, Raymond. I do love… ♤


༺ ♤ ༻

image[ Monitor beeping ] [ Monitors beeping rapidly ] [ Baby crying ]
Tom: Do something!
Nik: We’ve maxed out the vent settings. Her lungs are too damaged. They’re shutting down. There’s nothing more I can do here.
Red: “Here.” What do you mean, “here”?
Nik: In the hospital, there’s a device called the ECMO. It allows us to oxygenate her blood out–
Red: Can we get one here?
Nik: There’s no time.
Red: Then we’re going to the hospital.


༺ ♤ ༻

[ En route to the hospital. Monitor beeping rapidly ]
Red: What’s her status?
Nik: Blood pressure and heart rate are crashing. I’m giving her atropine now. I want a dopamine drip on standby.
Red: Keep her heart beating, Nik. Please, just keep her heart beating.
Nik: How much farther to the hospital?
Red: 2 1/2 miles. An ECMO team is standing by to receive her.
Nik: Her heart’s barely contracting. If she’s not on bypass within the next few minutes…
[ Tires screech ]
Red: Oh, my God.
[ The road ahead is completely blocked by Solomon and his henchmen, with guns drawn and a cannon in the back of a pickup pointed at the ambulance ]
Solomon: Engage targets, but do not kill Elizabeth Keen. [ 💥💥 Gunfight 💥💥 ]

༺ ♤ ༻

imageNik: I’m losing her.
Red: No, you’re not.
Nik: She’s not responding to medication.
Red: Then do something else.
[ Flatline ]
Nik: She’s in V-fib. Charge the paddles.
[ Paddles whine ]
Nik: Clear. [ Thud ] Charge again. [ Paddles whine ] Clear.
[ Thud ]
[ Flatline ]
Red: Come on, Lizzy. Please, don’t go. Please, don’t go.


༺ ♤ ༻

[ Dembe and Ressler walk up to ambulance and peer inside. They stare at the sight of Red huddled over Liz ]
Nik: I had to call it. There was nothing else I could… [ Sighs ] I’m so sorry.
[ Ressler moves to keep others away from the ambulance ]
Ressler: Back up! Go on, back up! Keep everyone away!
[ Sirens wailing, helicopter blades whirring ]
Mr Kaplan: You need to leave, Raymond. The police are here. Raymond.
[ But Red does not leave. He kisses the palm of Liz’s hand, lifts it to rest against his cheek, as if that is all he has lived for. He kisses her forehead, her eyelid, strokes her hair. At last, he rises to leave her in the van ]
Red: I don’t want Elizabeth in the morgue. I want our people to handle this.
Mr Kaplan: I’ll take care of everything.
[ Ressler wraps his FBI jacket around Red ]
Ressler: This way. Come on.
[ Sorrowful and in shock, Red is helped to the car. Dembe opens the car door, but Red collapses against Dembe ]
Dembe: I got you.
[ Dembe helps Red into the car ]


༺ ♤ ༻

imageimage[ Cooper and Aram react in pained silence to the news of Liz’s death ]


༺ ♤ ༻

[ Ressler approaches Samar, speaks to her. Samar doubles over, sobbing. She reaches for Ressler’s hand. They embrace ]

༺ ♤ ༻

image[ Baby fussing ]
Tom: It’s okay. Shh.
[ Red approaches ]
Tom: I should have stayed with her.
Red: There’s nothing you could have done.
Tom: Was she in pain? At the end?
Red: No. She never woke up.
Tom: [ Breathes shakily ] I can’t do this alone. Without her. [ Sniffles ] I don’t know what to do.
Red: You’ll learn fast.
[ Baby fussing ]
Tom: Shh.
Red: [ Offering to take the baby ] Do you mind?
[ Tom lets Red take the infant ]
Tom: Her name is Agnes.
Red: [ To the baby: ] That’s a good name.

❌❌❌ End 3:18 Solomon2
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Episode 18: Mr Solomon 2: 🎯 EW recap ¤ 🌅 Photo Gallery ¤ 📒 Script


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🔴 Storybook 3:17 Mr Solomon

Blurb: It’s Liz and Tom’s wedding day. What could possibly go wrong?
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Episode 17: Mr Solomon: 🎯 EW recap ¤ 🌅 Photo Gallery ¤ 📒 Script

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
image[ Mr Solomon is being taken to prison when the convoy pulls over ]
Solomon: I take it I’m not actually being transferred to Leavenworth.
Guard: Ms. Hitchin doesn’t like loose ends. You understand.
Solomon: Of course. Actually… I helped put those protocols in place.
Guard: She wanted me to be sure to thank you for your years of service.
[ Suddenly, Guard is shot 💥 and falls and one by one the other guards are taken out 💥💥💥💥 as well. Solomon looks around, puzzled. A black Rolls Royce pulls up and the back window rolls down ]
Solomon: [ Looks inside ] And who might you be?


༺ ♤ ༻

Tom: Are you serious? What about the rings and the photographer?
Liz: And the dress and the flowers and all that stuff. We don’t need it. They had a cancelation at the church this afternoon. I say we go for it.


༺ ♤ ༻

Red: 72 hours ago, Matias Solomon escaped from custody while being transferred to a holding facility.
Liz: How does that happen?
imageRed: The official story is he overpowered a guard, wrestled away his gun, and managed to kill the entire transport team before vanishing like the proverbial will-of-the-wisp.
Liz: And the unofficial story? The Cabal?
Red: Apparently not, considering all of the dead men were assets of the Cabal. Yesterday, Solomon reached out to an associate of mine… a man with a very specialized field of expertise. Solomon was inquiring about the storage and transport of tactical nuclear weapons …


༺ ♤ ༻

imageLiz: Um, about the wedding – Uh, it’s this afternoon.
Samar: Uh, I thought you and Tom hadn’t set a date.
Liz: Which is what I came to talk to you about.
Ressler: Let me guess – soon as you told Reddington, he gave you the case.
Liz: Yes. Which I’m not taking, but I think that you should, even if it means you can’t make it. Aram: Hang on. No, no, no, no. I’m not even done with the playlist. I don’t have your wedding gift. I was gonna lose a few pounds to fit in my new slim-fit suit, which is houndstooth, by the way…
imageLiz: Look, it’s very small. Just a few friends. I would love it if you could be there, but preventing Solomon from getting this weapon is much more important than coming to watch me remarry my ex-husband.
Liz: [ To Cooper ] Look, I meant what I said about you taking this case, but if you happen to be done in time, I would love it if you could perform the ceremony.
Cooper: Liz, I’m flattered, but I’m not qualified.
Liz: You can get ordained online. It takes like 10 minutes. Uh, look, there’s a minister, but we don’t know him, and I’d just much rather you say a few words.
Cooper: Assuming I can get away, I’d be honored.
imageLiz: We good?
Ressler: Yeah. Fine. It’s, uh, your big day.
[ Liz picks up that Ressler is uncomfortable ]
Liz: This is about you and Tom. Look, I know the two of you have –
Ressler: It’s not about him and me. It’s about him. I mean, he laid a hand on you. As far as I’m concerned, there’s no coming back from that.
Liz: I get where you’re coming from, and I love you for saying it. But I kept him prisoner in the hull of a ship and tortured him for two months, so in my book we’re even.
Ressler: [ Laughs ] Hey, I said my piece. If I can be there for you today, I will.


༺ ♤ ༻

imageTom: I thought you said it was bad luck to see each other before the wedding. Liz.
[ Liz doesn’t answer so Tom grabs his gun and enters the living room ]
Gina: Even worse luck to see me before the wedding.
Tom: I thought we had an agreement. We’re done. Gina, what are you doing here?
Gina: Just doing a favor for a friend.
[ The Major steps in from the shadows, points gun with silencer at Tom ]
The Major: Hello, Jacob. Long time no see.


༺ ♤ ༻

image[ Ressler is interrogating Nez Rowan, who was picked up for helping steal radioactive material ]
Ressler: See, we’ve got you on video at the Hunt Valley robbery. We got a motel room filled with classified documents and two wounded agents, one in critical care who may never walk again. The only thing you’ve got going for you at this point is that he’s not dead.
Nez: Before you throw me in the hole, tell the geniuses at the Pentagon we know the convoy on the Turnpike is a decoy. Then let’s see how fast they want to cut a deal.


༺ ♤ ༻

imageThe Major: [ To Tom ] You are a genuine anomaly. The St. Regis Program has consistently produced reliable operatives, except for you.
Tom: Is there a question coming?
The Major: Where do you think we went wrong? When did you start to feel [ distainfully: ] love for Elizabeth Keen?
Tom: I don’t know. I just know that it happened. And I’m really glad that it did.
The Major: Even now?
Tom: Especially now.
[ The Major throws photo of Liz and Tom on the floor. The glass shatters ]
imageThe Major: You were my finest accomplishment. And my biggest disappointment.
Gina: Mine too.
The Major: Get up. Get up. Turn around. Get on your knees. Goodbye, Jacob.
[ The Major is about to execute Tom when Gina shoots and kills the Major ]
Tom: Was that your plan? ‘Cause a little sooner would’ve been nice.
Gina: To tell you the truth, up until I pulled the trigger, I hadn’t made up my mind yet.


༺ ♤ ༻

Cooper: We have a suspect in custody, a nuclear weapons specialist. She claims the convoy on the Turnpike is a decoy. [ Pause ] Rolly?
Baxter: I’m here. Listen to me. We’ve got to find out everything this woman knows, immediately.
Ressler: Look, she’s asking for immunity.
Baxter: I don’t care. Give it to her. Give her whatever she wants.
Nez: I thought you’d come around.


༺ ♤ ༻
image[ Liz is putting on makeup, preparing for her wedding ]
Liz: Yes? [ Red appears in her mirror ] What brings you here? You need an update on the Solomon case?
Red: I just got off the phone with Agent Navabi. She thoroughly briefed me on the situation.
Liz: Then you’re here for the wedding?
Red: No, Lizzy. I’m here to ask you, to implore you, please, don’t do this.
imageRed: I’m telling you, no matter what you believe, Tom is not the man you think he is.
Liz: You’re wrong. You don’t know him.
Red: He’s a criminal.
Liz: No. He’s changed.
Red: Men like Tom don’t change. You’re attempting to build a life with a man who is fundamentally dishonest.


༺ ♤ ༻

imageAram: Tom. [ Aram is extremely nervous. They have not met before ] It’s Aram. I mean, uh, Agent Mojtabai. Whatever. I recognize you from –
Tom: Mug shot?
Aram: Uh, no. Uh, from your description.
Tom: Thanks for coming. [ They shake hands ]
Aram: Whoa. Quite a grip. Sor– I was, uh…
Tom: Yeah, this car looks great, man.
Aram: I know. Right? It’s, uh… It’s my grandfather’s.
Aram: Going to be a pretty sweet getaway car, right? Uh, not that you would know. Or ever, uh, like, uh, need one. A getaway, y-you know?


༺ ♤ ༻

image[ Tom has told Liz about his encounter with the Major ]
Tom: [ To Liz ]… I’m done with those people and that life. But there are things that I did, and… and… and I might be done with those things, but I can’t promise you that those things are done with me. And I can’t promise you that it’s not gonna happen… tomorrow or next week or… or five years from now. And I would understand, frankly, if you didn’t want to deal with any of…
Liz: Stop. It’s me, remember? Your ex-wife who shot the Attorney General and was publicly branded a Russian sleeper agent. I know a little something about baggage. But I love you. And I am willing to help you carry yours if you can help me carry mine.


༺ ♤ ༻

Red: … Solomon isn’t after that weapon. It’s a distraction to keep us looking one way while they go another. He’s after Elizabeth.
[ Red and Dembe get in Red’s Mercedes and speed off ]
[ Ressler’s phone beeps ]
Red: There is no attack. There never was. The target is Agent Keen. You need to get to the church, Donald.
Ressler: What are you talking about?
Red: Ever since Elizabeth went public as Masha Rostova, still waters have been stirred up and old grudges have surfaced. And now someone out there is singularly focused on coming for her.
Ressler: Coming to kill her?
Red: No. To abduct her. … Donald, if I’m right and this was all an elaborate feint, all that matters is that you get to that church now.
Ressler: On my way.


༺ ♤ ༻

[ At the church, Liz, Tom, Cooper, Samar, Aram, a minister, and an organist are present ]
Cooper: We are gathered here today in celebration of Elizabeth and Tom. … We are here today to witness the beginning of a new family, inspired by the love of a man and a woman who have found, in each other, their truest friend. Two people who choose each other. … The sum of our choices are a weight that each individual carries alone. But as man and wife, as partners, you choose to shoulder that weight together. And all of us here today… we celebrate the choice you’ve made.
image[ Red enters the church. He is carrying his rifle. Everyone turns to look ]
Red: Elizabeth, I’m sorry, but we need to go.
Liz: What are you doing here?
Red: Men are coming for you. We need to leave now. … Solomon never intended to take that weapon. He was contracted by an employer to take you.
Dembe: [ Looking out window as SUVs roll in ] They’re here.


༺ ♤ ༻

[ Cooper’s phone rings ]
Cooper: Cooper. [ Hands phone to Red ]
Red: Yeah.
imageSolomon: You know why I’m here. Send her out.
Red: It’s curious. I thought you were the Cabal’s most loyal soldier. And yet here you are, under the patronage of a new benefactor.
Solomon: I was loyal to the Cabal. Right up until they tried to kill me. I’m totally violating my non-compete agreement, but… what the hell?
Red: Came together rather nicely. They went with ruby fringe tulips and pink peonies. You’d be impressed.
Solomon: I’ll tell you what, then. I’ll call you back in a couple of minutes. Give you some time to consider my offer. And then I’m coming in to check out the flowers myself.
[ Window behind Red is shot out 💥; he flinches ]


༺ ♤ ༻

Solomon: [ To all his men; ] Your target is Elizabeth Keen. She’s to be taken alive and unharmed, but please… feel free to kill anybody else.
Liz: Reddington. It’s her, isn’t it? Solomon’s employer. It’s my mother. Who else would call me Masha Rostova?
imageRed: Lizzy, your mother is dead.
Liz: Then who is it? Who? You owe me this.
Red: I’ll tell you what I know as soon as I know you’re safe.
Liz: We’re not all out of options here. Nobody has to get hurt.
Red: Lizzy, you are not going out there – under any circumstances.
Tom: Agreed.
Liz: You want me to ask those poor, terrified people what they think?
Red: No. [ Cellphone rings ] Hello, Matias.
Solomon: What’s it gonna be? Is she coming out, or am I coming in?
Liz: I’m coming out!
Tom: No.
Red: There seems to be some disagreement on that score. We’ll need a little more time to sort this out.
Solomon: You’ve had all the time that you’re gonna get.


༺ ♤ ༻

image Red: Brace yourselves. They’re coming.
Liz: This is on you.
imageRed: Yes. All of this, indeed, is on me.


༺ ♤ ༻

Red: If we get out at all, it’ll be through the front. Most importantly, you need to keep Elizabeth out of sight.
Liz: No one’s keeping me anywhere.
Tom: Liz, if anything happens to you, if you get hurt or taken, none of this means anything.
Liz: Don’t you get it? I’m the only one in this building they’re not gonna shoot.
imageimageBaz: Feels familiar, eh?
Dembe: Kinshasa.
Baz: Let’s hope this ends better than that did.
imageSolomon: Light ’em up.

image[ Semi-automatic gunfire erupts 💥💥💥💥 ¤ 💥💥💥💥 ¤ 💥💥💥💥 ¤ 💥💥💥💥 ]


༺ ♤ ༻

Cooper: I’m out. [ of ammunition ]
Red: Dembe. The bag.
[ Dembe attempts to reach the ammo bag, but is thrown back. Liz gets up and walks toward the ammo bag, about halfway to the the front door ]
Tom: Liz. Liz.
Red: Elizabeth.
image[ Liz continues to walk. The red lasers of Solomon’s men’s rifles dance across Liz’s white wedding dress but no shots are fired at her. She retrieves the ammo bag ]
Red: [ To Liz ] We will get you out of this.
Tom: Please don’t ever do that again.
Liz: No promises. …
[ The gunfight continues 💥💥💥💥 ¤ 💥💥💥💥 ¤ 💥💥💥💥

[ The organist Aram has been comforting is hit in the middle of her back. Aram sees she is shot through and is bleeding from the middle of her chest. In dismay, he tried to stanch the bleeding ]

Aram: It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s okay. No. Oh, God. What? Okay, hold on, hold on. Hold on. Hold on. Hold on, hold on. Hold on. You’re okay. You’re okay. Right there. Stay with me. Stay with me. It’s gonna stop. No. No. Oh, God. [ She dies ]


༺ ♤ ༻
[ Ressler arrives. Red nods at him in relief ]
Red: Tom, get her out of here.
[ Liz and Tom make their way down the church aisle as Red as the others continue to pick off Solomon’s men who are still coming in from the rear entrance 💥💥💥💥 ]
Tom: You ready for this?
Liz: Yeah.
image[ Under cover of fire 💥💥💥💥, Tom (also shooting) and Liz make their way out of the church to the wedding car, climb in and take off, passing police cars with sirens blaring heading toward the church. In slow motion the gunfight continues 💥💥💥💥 ¤💥💥💥💥 ]
[ The painting of Jesus hanging over the altar is shot 💥 off the wall ]


༺ ♤ ༻

image [The gunfight continues 💥💥💥💥 ]
♪ You took your hits with the bruises ♪
♪ On the soles of your feet ♪
♪ Well, who’s to say if they’re deserved? ♪
♪ But you’re turning reckless now ♪
♪ I hear you saying through your teeth ♪
♪ That you’ll take them down first ♪
♪ But I saw you flinch ♪ …
[ 💥💥💥💥 ]


[ 💥💥💥💥 ]
♪ When there’s no way out ♪
♪ I’ll let you build your home with me ♪
image ♪ Till the clocks run down ♪
♪ When your looks run out ♪
♪ Call me and I will come and fix you ♪
♪ Get your feet on the ground ♪
♪ When there’s no way out ♪
♪ Call me and I will come and bury you ♪
♪ All safe and sound ♪
[ 💥💥💥💥 ]

[ As the getaway car escapes, Liz turns and looks back ]

❌❌❌ End 3:17 Solomon
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Episode 17: Mr Solomon: 🎯 EW recap ¤ 🌅 Photo Gallery ¤ 📒 Script


༺ ✿⊰ ♤ ⊱✿༻


🔴 Storybook 3:16 The Caretaker

Blurb: A Blacklister who keeps secrets for criminals may be linked to the death of a State Department official in Beijing.
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Episode 16: The Caretaker 🎯 WSJ recap ¤ 🌅 Photo Gallery ¤ 📒 Script


Tom: Made you breakfast.
Liz: I’m the one who’s supposed to be taking care of you.
Tom: Come here for a minute.
Liz: Hm. Mm. Wow. You’re feeling better.
Tom: Much.
Liz: That’s good.
[ Liz gets down on her knees ]
Tom: What is this?
Liz: Yes.
Tom: Yes… what?
Liz: Yes, I want to marry you. [ Laughs ]
Tom. Are you for real?
Liz: Yes. I want to take care of you for the rest of our lives, for better and definitely for worse.
Tom: I don’t know what to say.
[ Cellphone chimes – it’s “Nick’s Pizza” ]
Tom: [ Groans ] Maybe he’ll be walking you down the aisle.
Liz: Not if you’re at the other end of it.


༺ ♤ ༻
Red: How are you feeling?
Liz: We’ve decided to keep the baby.
Red: [ Chuckles ] We?
Liz: I’ve accepted Tom’s proposal. We’re gonna get married.
Red: Right.
Liz: I know how you feel about him. I hope you’ll keep an open mind. [ Chuckles ]
Red: Are you aware that a gentleman in your State Department has been murdered in Beijing.
Liz: Yes. Fished out of the Hai river.
imageRed: His name was Russell Pritchard. Murdered by the Chinese as payback for the assassination of a Chinese official, Zhang Lau.
Liz: How?
Red: With the help of Addison Wen, an extremely powerful Chinese-American businessman. While Zhang Lau was in town visiting the UN, Mr. Wen invited him to a dinner party at his home. That night, Zhang Lau is poisoned by agents that Mr. Wen agreed to let the State Department place on his serving staff. That agreement, it seems, was recorded by Addison Wen himself. He knew once the murder was committed, he’d be considered a loose end by your government.
Liz: He wanted insurance that the government wouldn’t kill him.
Red: Precisely. Which brings us to our next blacklister. They call him The Caretaker, a secret keeper– documents, recordings, photos. The caretaker maintains an impenetrable safe-deposit vault for criminals, governments, captains of industry, and he only releases those secrets according to one’s specific instructions.
Liz: So, in Addison Wen’s case, that recording was leverage. He probably didn’t want it released unless he was murdered or arrested for the poisoning of Zhang Lau.
Red: I agree. And yet, my sources tell me Addison Wen is very much alive and was in no danger of prosecution, which means something has gone terribly wrong. The integrity of The Caretaker’s operation is the only thing preventing thousands of closely guarded secrets from being exposed, secrets that implicate powerful and dangerous people.

Woman: I’m begging you. I don’t know who you are. I’ve done nothing to you. Please. Please, you don’t have to do this. You can let me go. Please!

Red: If his system is failing, I assure you, Russell Pritchard’s death is only the beginning.


༺ ♤ ༻
[ Birds cawing ] [ The Caretaker sits in a grave-digging vehicle in a cemetery ]
The Caretaker: [ Sighs ] Hello, Jeanette.
[ Engine starts. The Caretaker begins to uncover a grave ]
The Caretaker: Hello, Jeanette. [ Grunts ]
[ He opens the casket and begins to cut into the body ]


༺ ♤ ༻

Ressler: Could be you didn’t poison Zhang Lau, but the recording proves that you conspired to, so you’ve got no play here except to start talking.
Wen: I don’t have anything to say. I don’t know his name. We never met.
Samar: But you gave him the recording. How?
Wen: I put it in the tubes.
Ressler: Tubes? What tubes?


༺ ♤ ༻

Aram: The US Post Office initiated pneumatic tube service in 1893. Soon, it had over 27 miles of tubes running beneath Manhattan, Brooklyn, and The Bronx, and that is just the post office. There were libraries, hospitals, department stores.
Samar: According to Wen, The Caretaker uses the system to transport documents and other hard media.
Cooper: Which one of these tubes leads to this Caretaker?
Aram: There are hundreds of tubes and thousands of terminal points.
Ressler: It’s a potential superhighway to transport drugs, cash, contraband right under our noses.
Aram: There is no way to untangle it. …
[ Screen shifts to Red and Liz in café ]
Red: … I know someone who can.
Liz: Who?
Red: He’s quite an eccentric, a recluse. But I’m a faithful client, and he’s agreed to meet with us. There is one thing that I can’t seem to… wrap my head around.
Liz: What?
Red: Tom. After all the lies, all the deception and humiliation, how you can just forgive and forget.
Liz: I haven’t forgotten. Forgiveness can’t change the past, but I believe it can change the future.
Red: That’s a charming sentiment. But as far as I’m concerned, some things are unforgivable.


༺ ♤ ༻
[ Knock on door ]
Red: Hugo! I see you’re busy as ever.
[ Bell rings ]
Hugo: Raymond? You didn’t say you were bringing persons.
Red: Well, you know Dembe. And this is former FBI Agent Elizabeth Keen.
Hugo: FBI?
Liz: They employ me as a consultant. He employs me as an inside source.
Red: And in that capacity, she has alerted me to a troubling development… [ Bell rings ] …and may have grave repercussions for many of your clients and, well, you.
Hugo: Me?
Red: I need you to give me the location for one of those clients– The Caretaker.
Hugo: I can’t violate a client’s privacy. That– that’d be a violation.
Red: Normally, I would agree. But The Caretaker’s system has been compromised, and the FBI are looking for him. They will find him. And then…
Hugo: They’ll find me.
Red: No doubt. But if you can give us his location, Ms. Keen will steer the Bureau away from you, guaranteeing you will not be imprisoned.


༺ ♤ ༻

imageTom: I want out. [ Laughs ] Gina, I never thought I would, but I do. We don’t save people, Gina. We watch them drown. And I’m tired of hurting people. I want to start pulling people up instead of holding them down. And I can’t think of a better place to start than right here with you. So… I could end this right now. I could go find the Major, and I could end him, too. Or… we can just agree to just walk away. I don’t come after you, and you don’t come after me or my family.
imageGina: [ Chuckles ] I should have said yes that night in Budapest.
Tom: No, Gina. Listen to me. I’m asking you to help me walk away. Please. Someday, maybe someone will do the same thing for you.
Gina: I’ll try.


༺ ♤ ༻

Samar: The house should be just around this corner. ⋘⋙ Hold up. What’s that?
Ressler: It’s a little late for a burial.

♪ he arose the victor of his dark domain ♪
♪ and lives forever with his saints to reign ♪
♪ up from the grave he arose ♪
♪ with a mighty– ♪

Ressler: Drop the knife. Drop the knife! Hands where we can see them!
[ Flashes light into grave to show opened corpse with pneumatic capsule removed from it ]
Samar: Now we know where he keeps his secrets.


༺ ♤ ༻

Samar: The video that was released– a man died because of it. We’re told other people will die when other secrets are released. Is this a deliberate leak or negligence– a flaw in your security? Ressler: Who penetrated your system?
Caretaker: No one. The system is perfect. I released the video.

[ Flashback: ]

[ Water running as Caretaker washes dirt from his hands. He listens to recording: ]
Rose: I’m begging you. I’ve done nothing to you. Please. Please, you don’t have to do this. You can let me go. Please! Please! You don’t have to–
Masked man: You have 24 hours to release ledger item number 2156– Luftreiber Airlines and the German government.
Rose: Please, daddy! Just do what they say! [ Breathing heavily ] [ Screams ]

Caretaker: They kidnapped my daughter. For three generations, my family has guarded the secrets of presidents, corporations, criminals. The traditions, the pride of my fathers is nothing compared to the love I hold for Rose. She’s all I have. They know that.
Ressler: Who? Who are they?
Caretaker: They took her and the ledger. They have the names of my clients and the locations of the secrets I keep for them. They’ve ordered me to betray a second secret by midnight… or Rose will die.


༺ ♤ ༻

Darla: Anton. Your guest is here.
Velov: Thank you, Darla.
Liz: Thank you for meeting with me, Mr. Velov. About a year ago, I came to visit you in your restaurant.
Velov: I remember. You were asking about Katarina Rostova.
Liz: That’s right. I was hoping you could answer a few more questions for me.
Velov: She was just a name. One of many I heard when I was with Spetsnaz. Beyond that, I know nothing.
Liz: Please. She was my mother.
Velov: Dear, I cannot help you. I would if I could, believe me. I, too, have daughter. The life I led, the things I had to do, she won’t talk to me. I try to explain, but there are some– some things which can never be forgiven.
Liz: I’m sorry, um… Why did you agree to meet with me if you can’t help me?
Velov: My daughter. I don’t know where she is. I am dying. I have written her this letter. You are with FBI, no? You can find her. Give it to her. Please. It explains everything.

[ Dialing ] [ Ringing ]
Darla: He told her nothing.
Red: You’re certain?
Darla: He spent most of the time talking about his own daughter.
Red: Thank you, Darla.
Dembe: She deserves the truth.
Red: Watch the road, Dembe.

༺ ♤ ༻

Ressler: That’s Rose Janus. And this is the license plate of the kidnapper’s van.
Cooper: Run it. Find it. We’ve got 90 minutes before they execute her.
Samar: That’s not enough time. We have to release the Luftreiber contract.
Ressler: Germany is one of our closest allies. I mean, you really want to embarrass them like that?
Samar: Yes. And you should, too. They were warned by terrorists, did nothing, and covered it up.
Ressler: If Reddington’s theory is true. But the contract is for services rendered. There was no mention of terrorism or the crash. I mean, the date is circumstantial. We have no hard evidence–
Samar: But a hell of a smoking gun.


༺ ♤ ༻

imagePanabaker: Cynthia Panabaker. I drew the short straw.
Cooper: Harold Cooper.
Panabaker: You have any idea how much this place spooks Main Justice? Reven Wright and Diane Fowler were good people. They were patriots assigned to oversee this task force and now they are missing and presumed dead.
Cooper: No one wants to know what happened to them more than I.
Panabaker: I have no interest in disappearing or dying in the foreseeable future, so I will watch your back and you will watch mine. Are we clear?
Cooper: Your assistant said you had a matter of some urgency to discuss.
Panabaker: We have a major national security breach. Anybody with a tree to shake has been ordered to shake it, see if anything falls out. This is the Reddington tree.


༺ ♤ ༻

Cooper: Cooper.
Liz: The gunmen who took Rose Janus– I’ve got an address.
Cooper: How?
Liz: Reddington spotted some custom work on their van, traced it to a chop shop. We got a physical address on the customer. I want that address. Then I want you back here with Reddington.
Liz: Why? What happened?
Cooper: I just got paid a visit by the White House Counsel. We have bigger problems than saving The Caretaker’s daughter.


༺ ♤ ༻

Cooper: Two known terrorists penetrated the border through the port of Tampa. Two hours ago, a cargo truck was stolen from a shipping company near the port, and whoever took it was smart enough to disable its satellite tracker. … Can your associates find the truck?
Red: Their methods are breathtakingly simple– place their own tracking devices on cargo containers, track them out of the port, and attack them when they’re most vulnerable. Yes, they can help find your truck. The question is– why on earth they would want to.
Cooper: Because it’s their patriotic duty.
Red: They’re Mexicans.
Cooper: Get them to help, and I’ll owe you.
Red: Yes, you will.


༺ ♤ ༻

FBI! Don’t move! Come on!
FBI! Go! Go! Get on your knees. [ 💥 💥 ]
imageSamar: Put your hands behind your head.
Ressler: Donald Ressler, FBI. Everything’s okay. Are you all right? Is this your father’s ledger? Okay, come with me. Come on.

Ressler: Justin Van Zandt. USMC. Served with distinction in Afghanistan– a bronze star and a purple heart. And now kidnapping. Why?
Justin: I want a lawyer.
Ressler: Habeas corpus isn’t on the menu today, not when we’re dealing with matters of national security. So, who do you work for?
Van Zandt: This wasn’t supposed to happen.
Samar: Why don’t you tell us what was supposed to happen?
Van Zandt: I told him we didn’t need guns. He thought it would help sell it.
Samar: Help sell what?
Van Zandt: That we were trying to hurt her, when all we were trying to do was help her.
Samar: Help who?
Van Zandt: Rose. She’s my sister.

Rose: Look, I’m grateful you guys found me, but I’m starting to feel a little bit like a suspect here. Ressler: How fitting.
Samar: Your brother came clean.
Ressler: You want to explain why you kidnapped yourself?


༺ ♤ ༻

imageAram: Okay, we are go. I-95 is shut down, and the target is approaching our detour. Yes. He’s taking the off-ramp.
Ressler: We’re in front. We got a clean visual. Two targets in the cab.
Samar: What should I call you– my idiot boyfriend or my idiot husband?
Ressler: [ Chuckles ] You can’t stay angry at me forever.
Samar: Watch me.
[ Samar flips switch which causes smoke to flow from car, bringing traffic to a standstill ] [ Engine sputters ] [ Tires squeal ] [ Cough ]
[ Samar and Ressler slip into their roles ]
Ressler: I told you take it in.
Samar: I told you that we needed a new car!
Ressler: All you had to do was take it into the shop!
Samar: I’m sorry. Excuse me. Could you help us? My husband is a complete idiot.
Ressler: Freeze. Don’t move! [ 💥 Gunfire 💥 ]
Ressler: Targets are down. Cover! Nice job. Almost like being a bitch comes naturally.
Samar: Aram, are you there?
Aram: Uh, yeah. Hearing every word.
Soldier: Get these vehicles out of here. Sir, we have a serious situation. We got a problem.
Headquarters, expedite the bomb squad. We’re gonna need a perimeter set up, evacuation around our location.
Ressler: Oh, no. This is no good.
Aram: What? What is it? What’s wrong?
Samar: The bomb has been activated. We have less than two minutes.
Aram: Um, okay, well, uh, I’m told the bomb squad won’t be there for 12.
imageRessler: Aram, I’m sending you a photo of the component parts now.
Aram: Two minutes isn’t nearly enough time to evacuate.
Ressler: We’re not going to evacuate. We’re gonna disarm this thing, and we need you to walk us through it.
Samar: We are looking at a timed detonator, about 20 barrels of accelerant– ammonium nitrate and fuel oil.
Ressler: We got about a minute and 45 seconds left.
Aram: Uh, okay. That’s not helping. All right, there are four batteries. We need to disable all four. Okay, first I need you to cut the green wire that leads to the switch on the bottom. But just make sure you don’t disturb the mercury.
Ressler: Okay, got it.
Aram: All right, trace the wires from the timing device and cut the… Okay, cut the orange and white ones. Orange and white.
Ressler: Done. Next? All right, there is one last battery connected to the green control box on the top left. Cut the wrong wire in the wrong sequence and the bomb detonates. All right, there are two wires there– blue and red. So, here’s what you do. Apologize to Agent Navabi.
Ressler: What?
Samar: Aram, we don’t have time for this. We have 30 seconds.
Aram: “I’m sorry” takes less than one. 28 seconds.
Ressler: Look, I’m not sorry for firing her.
Aram: You called her the “B” word.
Ressler: I didn’t call her a bitch.
Samar: Actually, you did.
Ressler: Okay, whatever. I’m real sorry for calling Agent Navabi a bitch.
Aram: Blue. Blue. Cut the blue wire.
Ressler: [ Sighs ]
Samar: Apology accepted.


༺ ♤ ༻
Caretaker: Is she okay?
Cooper: She’s alive and safe. But no, she’s not okay.
Caretaker: What do you mean? Let me see her. What did they do to her?
Cooper: Nothing. She kidnapped herself to get away from you. She knows what you did, Mr. Janus. She’s known for months. Imagine how she felt finding herself on a missing children’s website. Her real name is Jessica Van Zandt. Did you know? Did you ever bother to find out who she was?


༺ ♤ ༻

Liz: Irina Velov?
Irina: Yes.
Liz: This is for you. It’s from your father. He told me you’re estranged. And my name is Elizabeth, by the way. He couldn’t find you, so… Anyway, he says it explains everything.
Irina: Yes, it does. For you.
Liz: Me? I don’t understand.
Irina: My father and I aren’t estranged. We talk every day. He told me you’d be coming. He didn’t write that letter to me. He wrote it to you.
[ Liz opens the letter in her car and reads it tearfully. It also includes a photo of a little girl ]


༺ ♤ ༻

Red: The Caretaker’s ledger. I’d like to borrow it.
[ Cooper removes the ledger from his desk drawer and hands it to Reddington ]
Cooper: If it were up to me, I’d burn it. I’ve learned the hard way that some secrets are best kept in the dark.
Red: Mine certainly is. If you insist on sleeping in the office, I might suggest you forego the floor and get yourself a futon. Your chiropractor will thank you.
Cooper: How did you know?
Red: Harold, forgive Charlene. A friend told me recently that forgiveness won’t change the past but could very well change the future. Apparently, nothing is unforgivable. Go home, Harold.


༺ ♤ ༻

imageimageLiz: My mother’s alive. You lied to me.
Red: Velov is the one who lied to you, Lizzy, not me. Katarina Rostova committed suicide in 1990.
Liz: Velov was the agent assigned to find her. He was getting close, she knew it. That’s why she allegedly walked into the ocean. She wanted the world to believe she drowned.
Red: But Velov knows differently.
Liz: He tracked her to a hotel in Prague. She had just left. But in such a hurry, she missed this… A photo of her little girl. Me.
Red: That could easily have been planted.
Liz: You said the name Masha Rostova had been lost to history until the manhunt. Now it’s out there, and someone’s looking for me. It’s my mother. Who else would care? Who? [ Sighs ] You were right. Some things can’t be forgiven.


༺ ♤ ༻

Red: [ To Dembe who is digging into a grave with a shovel ] This is above and beyond, my friend. Above and beyond.
[ Breathing heavily ] [ Dembe finds pneumatic capsule with red envelope inside ]
Dembe: Is that it?

♪ after all is said and done ♪

Red: If anything happened to me, this was to go to Elizabeth.

♪ only here a moment ♪

Red: So she would know.

♪ and the moment’s gone ♪

Red: Now I’m not sure I ever want her to know.
Dembe: Perhaps, Raymond, in this case, what you want is irrelevant.

♪ I’ll spend the day ♪

Dembe: If the universe wants her to know, she will find a way.
[ Red lights the envelope on fire and watches it burn ]

♪ in my own way ♪

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Episode 16: The Caretaker 🎯 WSJ recap ¤ 🌅 Photo Gallery ¤ 📒 Script

❌❌❌ End 3:16 The Caretaker

༺ ✿⊰ ♤ ⊱✿༻


🔴 Storybook 3:15 Drexel


Blurb: Technology and artistic expression come together with murderous results. Tom hovers near death and Liz suspects Red.

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Episode 15: Drexel 🎯 WSJ recap ¤ 🌅 Photo Gallery ¤ 📒 Script

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻

[ Thunder crashes in dramatic, ocean storm art exhibit Red is seated in the midst of. ]
Liz: Where is he? Do you know? He’s not answering his cell.
Red: I’m gonna take a shot in the dark and assume you mean Tom.
Liz: Did you hurt him?
Red: Why would you think that?
Liz: ‘Cause the last time I spoke to him, he told me we’d be free. Of you.
Red: I am not your Tom problem, Lizzy. Tom is your Tom problem.♤ [ Thunder crashes ] I’m sure he’ll turn up soon enough.
Liz: Why are we at an art exhibit?
Red: Because Roberta Smith at the Times said it was worth a look. And it seemed like a fitting spot to introduce our next adventure. You’re looking at a crime-scene photo. It appeared online a few hours ago, along with a breaking-news bulletin about the murder of Randy Brenner at his new home in Richmond. The local police are flummoxed. It obviously wasn’t your typical home invasion or burglary gone wrong. It wasn’t a crime of passion. It is, in fact, to one somewhat disturbed individual, quite literally a work of art. Those who know of his existence call him Drexel. Considers himself a performance artist. And like most performance artists, his work is a form of social commentary.
imageimageLiz: This man has fans? People support him?
Red: Yes. A small-but-rabid following. Death as entertainment. Drexel makes them feel part of something– an underground protest movement.
Liz: And how do you know Drexel killed Randy Brenner?
Red: Because he’s advertising it.


༺ ♤ ༻

imageRessler: The killer staged the scene. Brenner’s phone was placed in his hands. The killer knew that we’d trace his last call. He wanted us to have this conversation.
[ Heard over screen as Drexel listens: ]
Samar: Do you have any idea why that might be, Mr. Adelson? What do you think he hoped we’d discover?


༺ ♤ ༻

Aram: Okay, the computer you sent me from Randy Brenner– the webcam is definitely the source of the Rigby photo.
Ressler: So Drexel accessed the webcam remotely.
Aram: Correct. I just analyzed the hard drive and found a rat.
Ressler: A rat?
Aram: Remote Access Trojan. It takes over a system, accesses the webcam. But the thing is, this is not your average rodent. From what I can tell, it uses artificial intelligence to modify its payload, which is rare. Like, super-rare. In fact, I’ve seen this exact AI automation before– once. As part of a classified security briefing by the NSA.
Ressler: So, how did a performance artist get his hands on classified NSA technology? You know what? Call the Security Directorate. Tell them we need to set up a meeting now.


༺ ♤ ༻
[ Cellphone buzzes ]
Liz: Tom, is that you?
Nik: Liz, listen to me. You need to–
Liz: Nik? It’s– Wow. Hey.
Nik: Liz, listen to me. It’s about Tom. Paramedics brought him in here a few hours ago. He’s been shot.
Liz: Shot?! Is he okay? Where is he?
Nik: He’s still in surgery. He won’t be out for another couple of hours. But you need to know… the police are here. And one of them told a nurse he was here to question a robbery suspect. You still there?
Liz: Please tell me he’s okay.
Nik: He’s alive, but I can’t honestly promise you he’s gonna make it.
Liz: Oh, my God.


༺ ♤ ༻

Samar: It’s a simple question. Is the program an NSA exploit or not?
Thomas McClosky: Hey, look, technically I’m not authorized to comment on any program–
Ressler: Cut the crap. That program was found on a home computer. Now it’s connected to a homicide. So I suggest you start commenting.♤
McClosky: [ Breathes deeply ] Yeah. It’s ours. And it’s highly classified. It’s a mega rodent, a rat on steroids. It– it lets us take remote control of any system on a network.
Samar: Including stealth access to webcams?
McClosky: Desktops, laptops, security feeds, hell, even baby monitors networked to Wi-Fi. It’s a premium-grade spy tool. [ Sighs ] If it’s out there in the wild, we have a national security issue.


༺ ♤ ༻


image[ Keyboard clacking ]
Aaron Mulgrew: Hey. What? What’s up?
Cubicle mate: I’m not sure. I think it’s about to be someone’s last day. Where are you going?
Mulgrew: I just– I got to hit the head.
Ressler: Aaron Mulgrew.
[ Mulgrew takes off running. Ressler takes off after him. Chase. A glass door slides shut before Ressler can clear it. Mulgrew smirks at him. Door to elevator opens. Samar knocks out Mulgrew ]
Mulgrew: Aah!
[ Beep ] [ Alarm beeping ]
Samar: Going somewhere?♤


༺ ♤ ༻

Aaron Mulgrew: You can’t prove I leaked that program.
Ressler: I got to say, Aaron, you had a much better chance of us believing that before you ran like a scared little girl.
Samar: FBI and NSA techs are tearing apart every system you own. We have teams at your house, your office, your storage locker. What are they gonna find at your storage locker, Aaron?
Mulgrew: All right, if I talk…
Samar: We talk to the US Attorney. Maybe he skips the treason charge, sticks with espionage act violations.
Ressler: See, there’s a bigger picture here, Aaron. That program you leaked– it was found on a home computer at a murder scene.
Mulgrew: Okay, I don’t know anything about a murder, but… maybe I did upload the program.
Samar: To where?
Mulgrew: I built a site for it. I posted the raw code. But these things they make us develop, they are dangerous. Do you know what that’s like? Creating something, knowing that when you’re done, it’s gonna be used to victimize innocent people?
Ressler: So, what? What, this was like a political statement?
Mulgrew: I just don’t think that the government or anybody can be trusted with that kind of power. So I leaked it.
Samar: And it never occurred to you that criminals might use it? Or this country’s enemies?
Aaron: Yeah, it occurred to me. That’s why I modified the code to include a phone-home component. Whenever the program gets used, it makes contact with my server so I can track who’s downloaded it.
Samar: We’re going to need that data.
Mulgrew: Well, if you raided my storage locker, then you already have it.


༺ ♤ ༻

Liz: He’s in the hospital! He was shot!
Red: Not on the street. Let’s get in a car.
Liz: He was involved in some kind of robbery, and now the police want to question him!
Red: Lower your voice, Lizzy.
Liz: No. I am not your Lizzy… to control, to be told what to do. Don’t you get it? The only reason Tom did what he did is because he had to do something desperate to get away from this.
Red: You made yourself clear this morning, Elizabeth. You can blame me if you like.
Liz: Damn right, I blame you. If he dies…
imageRed: If he dies, it’s because he put himself in exactly the wrong place at exactly the wrong time. He did this, not me.♤ And that robbery the police want to ask him about– diamonds. He was part of a team that stole tens of millions of dollars’ worth of diamonds. A team I hear included his ex-girlfriend Gina Zanetakos. He’s reckless, dangerous. He’s not worthy of being your husband, and he sure as hell is not worthy of raising that child.♤


༺ ♤ ༻

[ Monitor beeping ]
Liz: [ Breathes deeply ] [ Chuckles ] Hey. Tom, you’re okay. You’re in the ICU. Uh– Don’t try to talk. You need to save your strength so I can kill you.♤
Tom: [ Chuckles ] I didn’t know if I was ever gonna see you again. Either of you.♤ I’m sorry.


༺ ♤ ༻

[ Hair dryer whirring ]
Red: Ah, the fair Rimona.
Rimona: Reddington. How did you get in here? How did you even find me?
Red: I know you suggested to your editor that we meet later in the week, but I’m afraid our business couldn’t wait.
Rimona: Our business? You mean your business. ‘Cause my work doesn’t involve burning sources.
Red: Your source is a serial killer.
Rimona: Look… Drexel obviously wants to remain anonymous. As a reporter, I have to honor that, regardless of what he’s suspected of.
Red: As a reporter. Amazing times, these, don’t you think? When any Tom, Dick, or Sally with a laptop and internet access can declare herself a journalist.♤ I mean, you don’t even use a last name.
Rimona: I would be thrilled to write a profile on you when all this is done, but I’m not gonna help you find Drexel.
Red: Oh, but I think you will, Rachel. That is your name, isn’t it? Rachel Hobbs. Daughter of Randall Hobbs, the patio-furniture king of Costa Mesa, California. I admire your respect for anonymity, Rachel, but your principles are a luxury I can no longer afford. So I’ll give you a choice– you can protect his anonymity or yours


༺ ♤ ༻

[ Elevator bell dings ] [ Door closes ]
Drexel: I hope you’ll forgive the security precautions. As you know, my work is, uh, inflammatory. I rely on the support of the enlightened patrons who value my efforts… One of whom was kind enough to make this space available for our interview.
Rimona: It’s fine. Really.
Drexel: So, did… Did you have a question? You seem… uncomfortable.
Rimona: Oh. Uh, no. I– Sorry. Yes. Of course I have questions. [ Sighs ] Honestly, I’m familiar with your work, and it’s not every day that I find myself alone in a basement with a man who, um…
Drexel: Kills.
Rimona: Yes.
Drexel: Understandable. But I assure you, you have nothing to fear. Unless… that is, you’re hiding something. Raymond Reddington. I saw him. You brought him here.
Rimona: No, I…
Drexel: Does he know about me? What I’ve done?
Rimona: I-I-I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Drexel: [ Breathes shakily ] Does… he… know?
¤ ¤ ¤
[ Rimona screaming ] [ Red and Dembe follow the sounds. Gun cocks ]
Rimona: No! Wait! No, please! I didn’t have a choice. You’re hurting me! [ Red and Dembe throw open door ] [ Gasping ] [ Thud ] [ Coughing ] [ Drexel is unarmed, shows no resistance. Red motions to Drexel with his gun to get down ]
Red: [ To Dembe ] Get her out of here.


༺ ♤ ༻

Red: You know, I’ve often considered my love of art, and I realized it’s not just the art– it’s the artist. I like art a lot, but I love artists. I love the stories behind their work… The characters. Lopping off ears… Rankling the establishment with paintings of soup cans… Often boldly revealing themselves to our keen observation and insight, our scrutiny. What a marvelous thing, the courage to create.♤
Though I must say, nothing about your work strikes me as courageous. It seems self-indulgent, petulant. Like a tantrum from a child who’s just realized that the world can be a dark and unfair place.
Drexel: I’m– I’m not interested in your opinions of my work. An artist’s job is to speak.
Red: And this latest manifesto? Beginning with the murder of Randy Brenner. What is it that you feel so compelled to say?
Drexel: You have no idea what he was doing, do you?


༺ ♤ ༻

Drexel: All those people… Stars of a show they don’t even know exists.♤
Red: An enemy of mine contacted you.
Drexel: Okay. Hang on.
Red: A work was commissioned.
Drexel: That was a job.
Red: I need to know how to find your benefactor– now.
Drexel: I don’t know. It-it was all done anonymously. I got meticulous instructions for what to paint and where to send it.
Red: Mm. An address. You can answer me, or I can turn that wall behind you into a Jackson Pollock.♤


༺ ♤ ༻

Savino: Okay, Mr. Klerken. When we go inside, I’m gonna ask you only two questions– One, do you recognize anyone? When you answer yes, my next question will be “From where do you recognize him?”
Klerken: If it’s him, I’ll know right away. I spent a good amount of time with the scum who stole from us.
¤ ¤ ¤
[ Door closes ]
Savino: Sir, do you recognize anyone?
Klerken: Well… I damn well better. I’m the one who trained him.
Savino: You want to say that again?
Klerken: He’s not your guy. Tom, thank God you’re okay.
Savino: Tom?
Klerken: Tom Keen. He’s one of ours. Followed after the crew that hit us. Risked his life in the process.


༺ ♤ ༻
Samar: What the hell is this place?
[ The cavernous room is lined with banks of video displays, some with many per monitor. Some show single images, some multiple, dynamically changing and multiplying and seeming, in fact, very vermin-like ]
Adelson: We call it a rat farm.
Ressler: A what?
Adelson: Rat– remote access trojan.
Samar: We know what a rat is. We also know that you downloaded the NSA program that Aaron Mulgrew put online.
Ressler: So, why call it a farm?
Adelson: Because it’s a business. We collect ratted systems, grow them, maintain them, and ultimately sell them. You were right– as a start-up, Headwind was nothing special. Randy and I were struggling until we got lucky and he found that program.
Samar: You saw a golden opportunity.
Adelson: Gold? What you are looking at is worth a hell of a lot more than gold in today’s market. This is what people want– access. You want to spy on a sorority girl? Maybe you want to know what your local politician likes to do at home. Trade secrets of a Fortune 500 company. We commandeer their systems, then stream the feed like a broadcasting network. Cops, nannies, teachers.
Ressler: People pay to access the feeds?
Adelson: We offer a range of pricing options. Single fee, package of five, or unlimited streaming for those who prefer to browse. Look, I lied to protect this place, but I swear I told the truth about Randy. I didn’t kill him, and I don’t know who did.


༺ ♤ ༻
Liz: You think it was Reddington?
Tom: It had to be. He got to Klerken. He intimidated him, or he paid him off. I don’t know. My question is, why? This was his chance to get rid of me.
Liz: When I confronted him, I didn’t know what you were being accused of. I just said you were part of some sort of robbery. He already knew. He told me about the diamonds.
Tom: How?
Nik: Because I told him.
Liz: I don’t understand. You told him? Since when do you talk to Reddington?
Nik: I do more than talk to him, Liz. I work for him. I have ever since the day he was shot. I’m part of his mobile surgical unit now. You warned me not to take his money. I should have listened.
Liz: Nik, I had no idea.


༺ ♤ ༻

Liz: Why did you do it? You don’t want me to be with Tom, but you saved him.
Red: People say youth is wasted on the young. I disagree. I believe wisdom is wasted on the old.♤ All you can do is part with it, but very few will take it. Least of all, the people closest to you.♤ They want no part of it. No matter how often I warn you about Tom, you seem intent on discovering those perils for yourself.
Liz: Thank you.
[ Thunder crashes in the art exhibit ]
imageRed: I know… I say things that unsettle you about the dangers that lie ahead. I know I anger you with things I say about Tom. But if I’ve ever given you the impression that you won’t survive this, that you and your child aren’t going to have the simple life that I know you long for, I’m sorry. Because you are going to have that, Lizzy.♤
[ She kisses him on the side of the mouth. They hold hands, hug ]


༺ ♤ ༻
Tom: I’m sorry. For what I did. Oh, it was stupid. Yeah. And I almost lost you because of it. And the idea of that… That I would never see you again…
Liz: I know. Wait.
Tom: [ Feels baby move ] Oh, my God. I felt it. Right there.
Liz: I want to keep the baby.
Liz: Our baby.


༺ ♤ ༻

Red: Nine days ago, a painting was commissioned. It was sent to this address, shipped to you– Mr. Paul Allond.
Allond: Yes. I… I’m a dealer. A private art broker. I received a call. No name was given. She said a piece had been acquired and was nearly finished. She asked that it be sent to me. For pickup. Yes. But not by her. By you. I assume you’re the one she spoke of. Reddington. She said you would come.

[ Red and Dembe rip open the large crate containing the painting. It shows Liz standing over a gravestone marked “Reddington” ]
Red: [ Scoffs ] You can send it back.
Dembe slams the crate shut.
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Episode 15: Drexel 🎯 WSJ recap ¤ 🌅 Photo Gallery ¤ 📒 Script
❌❌❌ End 3:15 Drexel

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🔴 Storybook 3:14 Lady Ambrosia

Blurb: Not a children’s tale” – A childhood nightmare of a woman living deep in the woods who abducts children.

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Episode 14: Lady Ambrosia: 🎯 WSJ recap ¤ 🌅 Photo Gallery ¤ 📒 Script

Red: When I was young, I loved fairy tales. I was always partial to shapeshifters, who seemed good and sweet, but they were full of unimaginable darkness.

Red: Once upon a time, there lived a woman in the woods.
She was neither purely evil, nor purely good.
She gathered unwanted children and gave them a home in which to stay.
She promised them they’d live forever and a day.
She changed them into colors, so beautiful, so bold.

Liz: She cared for them so sweetly, they never grew old.

Red: [ Laughs ] You know it.
imageLiz: Lady Ambrosia. Ugh. Always creeped me out. I’m more of a Wizard of Oz fan. You just can’t beat a farm girl in great shoes. [ Laughs ]
Red: Every culture has their version of a mythic creature who takes children. The Germans have Der Grossmann, the Mexicans– La Llorona. But there are whispers that Lady Ambrosia is not a myth, that there’s a real woman out there– takes unwanted children and raises them with the promise of eternal youth.
[ Newspaper rustling ]
Red: This little boy turned up out of nowhere yesterday, and I wonder if Lady Ambrosia played any part in his disappearance.
Liz: Missing children turn up.
Red: He wasn’t missing. He died four years ago. And he’s not the first.


༺ ♤ ༻

imageLiz: Three children, all missing and presumed dead. Mary Jones died on a family camping trip in 2003. Jeffrey Childs disappeared from his backyard two years later. In 2012, Ethan Linley drowned on the Ohio River. All three were later found alive. All three had traces of these ritualistic patterns painted on their bodies.
Samar: Were they able to explain what had happened? Identify their captors?
Liz: No. Jones was also autistic, and Childs was blind.
Samar: Can you zoom in any closer on the pattern on Ethan’s body?
Aram: Hang on.
Samar: Okay. They don’t look like strokes from a paintbrush. It looks like finger painting.


༺ ♤ ༻

[ Lady Ambrosia is leading her troupe of children through the woods. It’s early winter, snowless, but the trees’ branches are bare. An older boy, perhaps even in his twenties, Theo, carries a large bundle, oblong, wrapped happily in ribbons, earthen greens and garlands ]
Lady Ambrosia: All right, children, who else is excited to celebrate Matthew today? Everybody?
Several: Yay!
Child: Yay!
[ The group arrives at a large circular well, with walls too high for the children to look over but not the adults ]
Lady: All right, children, let’s stop here. My little angels, this is where it begins. We’re going to celebrate who?
Children: Matthew!

♪ ’cause don’t you know it’s Matthew’s day? ♪
♪ he’ll be safe and always play ♪
♪ today’s the day he learns to… ♪ .. fly!
♪ he’ll be so happy in the… ♪ .. sky!

Lady: And then what’s he going to be in the sky?
Children. A butterfly! A beautiful butterfly.
All: Whoo, Matthew! Yay!
[ Theo slips the bundle into dry well. Thuds ]
All: Oh! Matthew! Bye-bye!
[ Thousands of butterflies arise out of the well, swirling into the sky ]


༺ ♤ ༻

Ressler: Mr. Linley. This is Agent Navabi. You need to come with us.
Ethan’s father (Linley): Why? Is something wrong?
Ressler: Noah Shuster.
Ethan’s father (Linley): I don’t know who that is. What’s going on?
Ressler: He was the adoption agent that you and your wife met about Ethan. The day after he disappeared, $25,000 from one of your accounts was transferred to his.


༺ ♤ ༻

Gina: One last chance– Zurich.
Tom: You know I can’t. [ Kiss ]
[ Van door closes ]
Gina: Thanks, boys.
image[ Engine starts ] [ 💥💥💥 Gunshots 💥💥💥 as two gunmen with automatic rifles open the doors of the van and slaughter Gina’s crew from the jewelry heist. ]
Gina: Torch it. Call me when it’s done. [ Leaves ]
[ The shooters begin pouring gasoline over the bodies. But Tom is only wounded. He shoots them both 💥💥💥 ] [ Grunts ]


༺ ♤ ༻

imageLiz: I’m giving my child up for adoption.
Red: Why would you do that?
Liz: How can you, of all people, ask me that question? The life I have because of you is no place for a child. I can’t even make a waffle without one of your people bursting into my home with a gun.
Red: You think your life is too dangerous for a child. But what is your life without one? I can tell you from personal experience– not much. What?
Liz: You and Tom agree on something.
Red: He wants you to keep the baby?
Liz: [ Sighing ] Oh, yeah.


༺ ♤ ༻

Liz: The key to these abductions is parental consent. No child can be adopted out without both parents agreeing. So I had Aram look over Noah Shuster’s case files.
Aram: There were 93 cases, including Ethan’s, where parents considered adoption, then backed out. Of those, 16 kids died or went missing within a year of the visit– 16 kids with cognitive, physical, or psychological issues.
Liz: According to Ethan’s father, adoption was his mother’s idea. He was working extra shifts to pay for Ethan’s private school and therapies, leaving her alone with him. He was trying to appease his wife by meeting with Shuster, but he maintains that he never wanted to go through with it. … I think this Lady Ambrosia is using Shuster to identify mothers and fathers who want to get rid of their kids but can’t because their spouses won’t consent.


༺ ♤ ༻
Lady Ambrosia: Well, you are beautiful, Anya. [ Chuckles ] It’s magical work– magical! Isn’t Anya going to make the most gorgeous butterfly? Oh, well, it looks like someone’s coming through our door.
Shuster: We need to talk.
Lady: The grown-ups will be right back. Help your friends.
Shuster: It’s gone too far. The FBI came to the office. If they have Ethan, if he leads them here… Lady: Well, you can’t let that happen. You know, what we do matters. Unwanted children feel loved here. We keep them safe until… we have to let them go. Now, you took care of Ethan’s mother. You take care of him.
Shuster: Theo says you hurt them. He knows.
Lady: He doesn’t know. I can handle him. Can you handle Ethan?


༺ ♤ ༻

[ Liz is taking care of Ethan while Ressler and Samar interrogate his father ]
Liz: Ethan, I just realized I don’t have an extra toothbrush. We’re gonna have to go back to the store, okay? Let’s go.
imageimage[ Liz opens her door. There is Noah Shuster pointing a gun at her, with Theo behind him ]
Noah Shuster: Drop it. [ She drops her purse ]
Liz: Okay.
Shuster: We’re taking the boy.
Liz: Ethan, run! Go now!
[ Theo tries to grab Ethan but he escapes as Liz wrestles for the gun with Shuster. It goes off 💥 Shuster gets the gun and points it at Liz but Baz tackles him from behind and subdues him ][ Grunting, groaning ]
[ Liz goes looking for Ethan ]
Liz: Ethan? Ethan? [ Breathing heavily ]
[ Liz hears Pen clicking ]
Liz: Oh, thank God. Ethan, you can come out now. Everything’s okay. You’re safe now. You’re safe.


༺ ♤ ༻

[ Door closes ]
Red: I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t important.
[ Red has found Vasilia Patinka who runs a school teaching signing to deaf children ]
Vasilia: How did you find me?
Red: What you endured, most people never recover from. I doubt I would have. But you’ve turned it into a calling. Nikolai would be proud.
Vasilia: I never blamed him for what happened. He blamed himself.
Red: The Glasnost files– there’s something in them I need to see.
Vasilia: That was another life.

image image Red: [ Sighs ] Such a beautiful language. Like that girl just then– what did she say to you on her way out?

Vasilia: “I’m grateful for you.”
Red: [ Pause ] The Glasnost files.
Vasilia: I said no.
Red: What if I could give you answers about your daughter? Would that change your mind?
Vasilia: The only thing that could change my mind is you bringing her back. But since that’s not possible, the answer is no.


༺ ♤ ༻

Liz: You took Noah Shuster?
Red: Baz did, after he saved you.
Liz: What is your interest in this case?
Red: Same as yours– missing children. Brimley is in there, speaking to the only man who can tell us where to find Lady Ambrosia.


༺ ♤ ༻

Liz: I found a couple… to take the baby. Thinking about it is one thing, but actually doing it… How did she do it– my mother?
imageRed: Your parents loved each other very much. The Cold War was hard– too hard for your father. When the Soviet Union was collapsing, he took you from her. She gave up everything to follow him, to follow you.
Liz: The night of the fire– that’s what they were arguing about?
Red: Your mother, despite what he’d done, she wanted him back. She wanted them to be a family. As much as it pains me to say it, he was probably… the only man she ever really loved.

"As much as it pains me to say it, he was probably... the only man she ever really loved"

“As much as it pains me to say it, he was probably… the only man she ever really loved”

Liz: And I shot him.
Red: It was an accident.
Liz: Tell me. I need to know.
Red: Your mother was never the same after that. The man she loved killed by the child she adored– it was… just too much. Two months later, she went to Cape May and left her clothes on the beach, walked into the ocean, and was never seen again.
Liz: So, that night, I killed both my parents.
Red: You were a child. There should never have been a gun for you to grab.
Liz: [ Sniffles ]
Red: Looking back, I’m not sure I shouldn’t have raised you myself. I don’t want you looking back with that kind of regret.


༺ ♤ ༻

Liz: Hey, Ethan. Can I come in? … Ethan, what is this?
[ Ethan has decorated the bottom of the table holding up his fort with amazing ball-point pen drawings of butterflies ]

imageCooper: Ethan drew this?
Liz: Isn’t it amazing? Look at the patterns on the wings. They remind me of…
Samar: The finger painting.
Ressler: That’s the same pattern that was painted on Ethan and the other two kids who escaped.
Liz: Same dark edges, same spotting.
Cooper: So whoever was holding these kids was painting them like butterflies. Some sort of ritual?
Aram: Feniseca tarquinius– also known as the harvester butterfly– highly localized, related to a species found in Africa and Asia. The only carnivorous butterfly in North America.
Samar: Carnivorous?


༺ ♤ ༻

Lady Ambrosia: Oh, Anya. I know you can’t hear me, but you’re almost there. You’re almost home. Oh, bless you, child. Bless you.
[ Lady dons her coat, about to leave the house. Red is sitting in the living room ]
Red: Anya Patinka– where is she?
Lady: Who the hell are you?
imageimageRed: Her fairy godmother. I hear it’s her birthday. We’ve come to celebrate.
Red: It’s been some time since freshman English, but I seem to recall that fairy tales about abandonment, death, and witches are supposed to allow children to deal with their fears in symbolic terms, but there’s nothing symbolic about this place. You’re a real witch.
Red: … The horror of being different – Is that why you kill them?
Lady: I save them.
Red: From what?
Lady: I make sure the damaged ones don’t grow up to be outcasts like Theo– hated, pitied. No one loves an outcast.
Red: Not even his mother?
Lady: I couldn’t send my son away, but when I look at him, I see what these children shouldn’t be and what they won’t be because I see the life I save them from.
Theo: I’m ugly.
Red: From where I sit, there’s only one ugly person in the room, and it’s certainly not you, Theo.
[ Footsteps approaching. It’s Dembe, carrying Anya ]
image Dembe: She’s breathing. She’ll be okay.
Excellent. We must be going. Theo, you are entitled to as much as anyone– happiness, joy, a mother’s love.
Lady: Theo, stop him. [ Door opens ] Stop him. Theo, what are you doing? Stop him! [ Door closes ] Theo. Theo. Theo, what– Oh, my God! No! No, Theodore, what are you doing?! [ Grunts ] Let me g– Let me go! I’m not asking! Theodore James! Let me go! No! [ Screams ] [ Lady’s body thuds into dry well ] [ Butterflies rise up ]
[ Children cheering, applause at seeing the butterflies ]
[ Police radio chatter ]
[ Samar is gathering the children ]
[ Theo’s body thuds ]


༺ ♤ ༻

[ ♫ Don Brownrigg’s “Just Breathe” plays ]
♪ here’s another cold day ♪
♪ in that old November way ♪
♪ once again it’s begin ♪
♪ I’m stuck and out astray ♪
♪ and you came in like a wave ♪


[ Dialing ]
Liz: Hey, Tom. I’m just wondering where you are. Give me a call when you can.
[ Tom is shown being rushed on a gurney into surgery ]

♪ just breathe ♪

image[ Red brings Anya to Vasilia ]
Vasilia: Anya? Anya! Ohh, Anya! Anya! [ Crying ] Oh, baby!

♪ there’s no use riding waves ♪
♪ crashed to the shore ♪
♪ through the same pale grin ♪
♪ I gave– ♪

Cooper: I still don’t understand it– Reddington’s interest in this case. What does he get?

♪ I can just breathe ♪
♪ just breathe ♪

[ Vasilia walks out to Red’s waiting car and hands him a large yellow envelope ]
Red: Thank you.

♪ I can just breathe ♪
♪ just breathe ♪

image[ Red opens the envelope, takes out a file labeled “Rostova” in both Russian and English. He opens it, reads for a few seconds ]
Red: It just keeps getting worse.


༺ ♤ ༻
[ Liz is reading aloud under the table inside Ethan’s “fort” ]
Liz: “‘How can I get there?’ Asked Dorothy. ‘You must walk. It is a long journey through a country that is sometimes dark and terrible. However, I will use all the magic arts I know to keep you from harm.’ She came close to Dorothy and kissed her gently on the forehead. ‘When you get to Oz… do not be afraid of him, but tell your story and ask him to help you. Goodbye, my dear.'”

♪ just breathe ♪

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Episode 14: Lady Ambrosia: 🎯 WSJ recap ¤ 🌅 Photo Gallery ¤ 📒 Script
❌❌❌ End 3:14 Lady Ambrosia

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🔴 Storybook 3:13 Alistair Pitt

Blurb: Liz, Red and the Task Force find themselves in the middle of a war between two drug families. Can a matchmaker help? Tom reconnects with his “ex”, Gina Zanetakos.

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Episode 13: Alistair Pitt: 🎯 WSJ recap ¤ 🌅 Photo Gallery ¤ 📒 Script

[ Setting: restaurant in NYC. ] [ Siren wails ] [ Light jazz music plays ]
Waiter: Mr. Eriksson, so sorry for the wait. If you’ll follow me.
Woman: Happy, baby, what’s wrong?
Happy: Wait outside.
Woman: No, Happy, let’s just go!
[ Rafael Vacarro shoots 💥💥 Gunfire 💥💥 Happy Eriksson is hit multiple times ]
[ Gasping ]
Woman with Rafael: No! No! No, Rafael, please!


༺ ♤ ༻

imageAlistair Pitt: Oh, my, certainly not, Dag. May I call you Dag? And Gregor. Please accept my deepest condolences for the tragedy that has befallen your beloved brother.
– Who the hell are you?
Alistair Pitt: A friend– here to see your father.
– Our father’s not seeing anyone.
Alistair Pitt: Oh, he’ll see me.


༺ ♤ ༻

imagePaterfamilias “Mads” Eriksson: This symbol– I saw it once. Said to be the mark of the man who can do the impossible.
Alistair Pitt: I was so very sorry to hear about your son. Perhaps I could be of some assistance.
Father: What kind of assistance?
Alistair Pitt: I fear this child may be lost. I’m here to help you save the others.


༺ ♤ ༻

image[ Red is in a restaurant with a stunning, lively brunette woman ]
Josephine: Raymond, I know that you’re always going to do what you believe is the right thing to do. But I don’t ever want you to think that you have to change your plans on my account.
Red: Plans change. Between Seoul, Moscow, then back to Beijing, then Shanghai, it would have been a month and a half. I canceled it. I wanted to bring you something.
image[ He removes the wrapping from a delicate blown glass giraffe ]
Josephine: Oh, Raymond.
Red: What good is a collection if it doesn’t grow? [Chuckles]
image Josephine: It’s beautiful.
Red: It’s German– pre-war. Survived the Allied bombing in ’45. Miracle.
[ Red notices a change in Josephine’s expression. His voice changes.]
Red: What is it?
Josephine: I’m getting married.
Red: [ Taken aback ] Do you love him?
Josephine: I love you.


༺ ♤ ༻

Red: Have you ever heard of the promnestria?
Liz: No …
Red: It’s a term the Ancient Greeks used to describe a matchmaker– a negotiator.
In this case, a man who brings together warring crime families nhrough mutual self-interest, leverage, or violence if necessary.
Liz: My mother– was she still alive when I was placed with Sam?
Red: Yes.
Liz; Why did she do it?
Red: I let myself in because the situation is urgent. On Wall Street, a well-planned merger can return a windfall profit. Criminal enterprises are no different. The promnestria convinces sworn enemies that there is more profit in friendship. In return, he gets a percentage of the new venture. He only surfaces when he sees an opportunity for enormous financial gain. And I’m afraid he has resurfaced to unite two very lethal enemies.
Liz: How did my mother die?
Red: As I said, the matter is urgent.


༺ ♤ ༻

Pitt: Every successful merger is based on a recognition of mutual interest, yes?
Eriksson: Merger? That’s it? That’s your proposal? That we merge our businesses?
Pitt: Your organizations both value family. It’s your greatest strength and the source of your greatest friction. So remove the friction. Stop the bloodshed by joining the bloodlines.
Pitt: Your youngest son, your youngest daughter bound in marriage.


༺ ♤ ༻

Danny Vacarro: Hey– my daughter’s not a commodity to use in a business negotiation.
Pitt: Studies show that love, satisfaction, and commitment are equally common in both arranged and love-based marriages. So I am confident that my proposal can result in happiness and financial reward.
Mads Eriksson: What you’re proposing requires trust. We have none.
Pitt: None of my clients do, which is why you, like all my clients, must swear to uphold and enforce not only this merger, but all mergers brokered with my assistance. Here is my client list. They are powerful and well-armed. Should either of you betray the other, they will destroy your families.


༺ ♤ ༻

Red: Remember the jazz club you took me to in that little cave in St. Germain? We should go there right now.
Josephine: No, it closed.
Red: When did it close?
Josephine: Six months ago.
Red: [ Chuckles ] Oh, my gosh. It’s been that long. [ Red notices Josephine has bruises on her wrist. Sighs ] I can protect you. All you need to do is ask.
Josephine: You know what I need? I need you to take me to Amorino. Buy me a stracciatella. And then maybe I’ll give you a bite.


༺ ♤ ༻

Alastair Pitt: Mr. Vacarro has agreed to move forward if you agree.
Danny Varcarro: What about the stumbling block?
Pitt: I have a solution. But I should warn you it will require you to mislead your son.
Ressler: Christopher– which one is that?
Aram: He’s the youngest son. That must be why the promnestria is there.
image[ Engine rumbles ] [ Tires screech ] Get out of the way! Move! [ Tires screech ] [ 💥💥 Gunshots 💥💥 ] [ Anna is hit several times ]
Christopher: Anna! Baby
[ Gasping ]
Christopher: No, no. No, no,
Ressler: FBI, FBI! Hey, come here! Come here! You’re gonna be okay.


༺ ♤ ༻

Mads: Christopher. [ They hug ]
Christopher: [ Voice breaking ] She’s dead.
Mads: I know.
Christopher: They came for me, and they got her. We have to go after them– hard.
Mads: What we have to do is make it stop.
Christopher: What does that mean? [ Notices Pitt ] Who are you? You were at the hospital.
Alistair Pitt: My dear boy, I simply cannot convey he depth of my condolences for your senseless loss. And killing a harmless girl, a true innocent– it’s proof that this conflict must end.
We have something to discuss.
[ Door opens, closes ]
Pitt: You loved her, didn’t you? Let me tell you a secret. Love isn’t a feeling. It’s a choice.
[ Knock on door ] [ Door opens ] [ Vacarro daughter enters ]
Pitt: Ah! Darling, come in. Come, come, come. Come, come, come. I understand you two have had an opportunity to talk. That’s good. Then we’re agreed.

༺ ♤ ༻

Ressler: Her name was Anna Gardner She was a nurse at City Memorial and Christopher Eriksson’s fiance’s.
imageLiz: Why would the promnestria have Christopher killed? All it does is make his family hate the Vacarros even more, if that’s possible.
Red: [ On phone ] He wasn’t after the son. The fiancé was the target. He’s brokering a marriage.


༺ ♤ ༻

image Mrs. Vacarro: I’d rather die than have an Eriksson touch my little girl.
Danny Vacarro: So would I.
Mrs: But you’re giving her away. For what? A business deal that will never hold? A war that will never end?
Danny: Oh, it will. The Erikssons are all coming to the celebration.
Mrs: What are you saying?
Danny: We kill them tomorrow –

“All of them.”


༺ ♤ ༻

Tucker (DEA): Whoa, look what the cat dragged in. Your fugitive-in-arms, comrade Rostova.
Liz: Don’t call me that.
Tucker: Davenport, we got a visual on Raymond Reddington. Moving your way. We’re gonna breach.
Ressler: Negative, I repeat, negative. Do not breach. This is our op. We breach now, we lose Pitt. Look, we’ll sweep him up when we grab the others, but only once we see our target.


༺ ♤ ༻

Danny Vacarro: Right after I finish the toast. When I raise my glass, that’s the signal.
[ Door squeaks ] [ Glass dings ]
imageimageVacarro: Ladies and gentlemen as the father of the bride, I’d like to say a few words. So much of what has happened between our families has been wrong. And it’s enough. And if it takes my baby girl to show me the path to peace, so be it.
Red: May they have the patience to endure one more toast. I am but a humble guest, but please permit me to raise a glass to what I think we all can agree is the most improbable yet consequential occasion.
Ressler: What’s he doing?
Liz: He’s trying to draw he promnestria out.
Red: Love is a funny, fickle thing. A slippery slope. Most weddings are fraught with it. This one, not so much. This is business. The brainchild of a brilliant opportunist– a broker of bonds, a procurer of peace. You would think, being singularly responsible for this evening’s prenuptials, he might take a bow. Where is he? Come now, don’t be modest. You do such astonishing, despicable work.
Mads: [ Clears throat ] Maybe I think it’s enough.
imageRed: I’m dying to hear how he did it. How he brought you two jackals together. How he got rid of Christopher’s fiancé, Anna. How he lied to the boy, let him believe she was slaughtered by the Vacarros, only to turn around and convince him to marry into the very family he despises. What a telenovela!
– What the hell are you–
– No, no, no, wait.
– I want to hear what he’s saying.
Red. I once spent three weeks cooped up in motel on Zihuatanejo just glued to the telenovela Amorcito Corazon– “My Darling Sweetheart.” This unlucky-in-love architect who lost the love of her life when she was 18 because of her controlling father. But perhaps I cut too close to the bone. It was you, Mads, who approved the hit. Isn’t that right?
Christopher: Dad, what is he talking about? –
Mads: He’s wrong. – Never would I have–

"For the good of the family!"

“For the good of the family!”

Red: – deceived your son, killing the love of his life.
Christopher: They killed Anna– you said so.
Danny: No, no, no, no. We never touched that girl. You’re the animals who operate like that, not us.
Red: Oh, here we go. Better than TV.
Christopher: You killed her, didn’t you? For this? You knew I would never be able to let her go.
Mads: We did it to save you! For the good of the family!
Alistair Pitt: [ Comes out ] Gentlemen, everyone! – Please, please.
Ressler: That’s our target. All teams on site, breach, breach now!
Vacarro: Do it now.
[ Woman screams ] [ Screaming ]
[ Indistinct shouting ] [ 💥💥💥 Gunfire as sides engage 💥💥💥 ]
Red: [ To Dembe ] Grab the bride and groom. Meet us at the car.
DEA: DEA! Freeze! Drop your weapon.
[ Red grabs Pitt and heads for the exit in the commotion. But he’s followed by an officer. Liz is right behind and clobbers the officer. ]
Liz: [ To Red ] This was so you could get to him. That’s what this whole thing was about.
Red: Might I suggest we have this conversation on the move?
Tucker: She’s not going anywhere.
Red: Oh, for God’s sake.
imageTucker (DEA): I knew it. He’s your informant. That’s why you have so much juice, why they let you off.
Isn’t that right, comrade Rostova?
Liz: I told you not to call me that.
Tucker: Comrade– [Gunshot 💥 Red shoots him in the neck]
Red: [ Laughs ] Mr. Pitt and I have a plane to catch.
Pitt: We most certainly do not.
Red: I’d be happy to drop you somewhere safe along the way.


༺ ♤ ༻

[ Red is seated at table in a restaurant, impatient, checking his watch. Cellphone rings ]
Red: Josephine.
[ Pounding on door heard over phone ]
Man’s voice: [ Heard over phone, in background ] Josephine, open this door right now!
Josephine: [ Crying into phone ] He knows. He knows about us.
Red: Josephine! Where are you?
Josephine: Our apartment, place St. Pierre.
Man’s voice: Open this door right now!
Josephine: Hurry, please. He’s insane.
[ Pounding continues ]
[ Red forces entry⚡️ Gun drawn, he searches for Josephine. She lies on the floor, moaning. Red rushes to her, drops to his knees. Her face bruised and cut. She is semi-conscious. ]
Red: Josephine? Josephine? No. Josephine.
[ Josephine’s husband approaches, shouting ]
Husband: You! Get out! What are you gonna do?
[ Red blasts the husband.💥💥💥💥💥 Glass shatters ]
Husband: Ohh!
Red: Josephine. Josephine. [ Breathing heavily ] Josephine, no, no.


༺ ♤ ༻

Red: [ To Pitt ] I bought this flat four years ago. So that some day I could bring you here to the scene of your crime. Josephine Molire. Now, listen. Josephine’s father was the most prolific criminal arms dealer in Eastern Europe. But for all his success, he had a problem, an enemy. An aggressive and lethal competitor named Stockwell.
Alistair Pitt: I had nothing to do with what happened to that poor girl–
Red: Yes, you did. Perhaps not directly, but very much by your hand. You arranged a marriage. The youngest Molire daughter to the only Stockwell son– a burgeoning psychopath with a long and troubling history of violence. To guarantee peace and profit for all, you arranged her marriage to this man.
Pitt: Please. Don’t. Don’t do this.
Red: I held her in my arms and watched the life disappear from her eyes. You destroyed a creature more beautiful than you could ever comprehend.
[ 💥💥💥 Shell casings clatter ]


༺ ♤ ༻

imageAdoption Agency lady: They hadn’t put it together that you were that Elizabeth Keen. I’m sorry, but they’ll only take the baby if it’s a closed adoption.
Liz: Meaning I would never know my child? My baby would never know who I am? [ Voice breaking ] I can’t do that.
Adoption Agency lady: I underestimated how difficult this was gonna be. But if you are intent on giving up your child, I think you have to accept that you’re not gonna be able to be in its life.
[ Exhales sharply ]

♪ something’s gone wrong
in these demon days
we’re pulling our pay
the lights on the hill
are freezing us still
the fingers of fate
stretch out and take
us to a night
but something’s not right


༺ ♤ ༻
[ Josephine is seated upright in a wheelchair. She is mute, possibly paralyzed, her face scarred, her eyes blank. Red is standing next to her with his hand on her shoulder. He kneels down, looks into her eyes, presses an animal blown of glass into her hand for her collection. ]
Red: Josephine it’s done.

[ A single tear trickles down her cheek. ]
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🔴 Episode 13: Alistair Pitt: 🎯 WSJ recap ¤ 🌅 Photo Gallery ¤ 📒 Script

❌❌❌ End 3:13 Alistair Pitt

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🔴 Storybook 3:12 The Vehm


Blurb: Could a resurrected religious retributionist sect be covering up for some contemporary financial finagling? Plus, the big news is out: Liz is pregnant. How will Tom, Red and the Task Force react? What will Liz decide to do?

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S3 Episode 12: The Vehm: 🎯 WSJ recap ¤ 🌅 Photo Gallery ¤ 📒 Script


Tom: … You’re in luck, because, uh, I got a job – a real job – teaching history at, uh, Shorewood high school in Boston.
Liz: Boston? You’re gonna move to –
Tom: We’re gonna move to Boston.


༺ ♤ ༻

Liz: I see you’ve started without me.
Red: You should be recuperating.
Cooper: Take whatever time you need.
Liz: I appreciate that, and the cards and flowers and trashy novels– especially the trashy novels, Aram.♤ Thank you. But I am good. Don’t let me interrupt. What’s the case?
Red: The Holy Vehm – a vigilante group that operated in the Germanic regions of Europe during the Middle Ages. The Vehmic Court was sanctioned by the Emperor and directed by the Archbishop to punish sinners.


༺ ♤ ༻

Red: [ To Cooper ] You confiscated her firearm.
Ressler: Oh, so you think a convicted felon should be allowed to carry guns.
Red: All the ones I know do.♤
[ Knock on door, Red enters. Door closes ]
Red: Here. [ Places gun wrapped in dark cloth on desk ] Careful, it’s loaded.
Liz: I’m pregnant.
Red: Yes. I’ve known for some time.
Liz: How?
Red: Everything. Your body, your skin, a look in your eyes, different tastes for different foods, nausea, distracted, moody.
Liz: [ Chuckles ] Yes. With everything that was happening, I just – I mean I guess I knew, but I just couldn’t – I bought a pregnancy test three weeks ago, and I threw it out before I took it.
I mean, I- I was okay facing the Cabal, but those two red lines– I just could not handle that.
Red: I assume Tom is the father.
Liz: I haven’t told him. Uh. He’s still figuring his life out. There’s a job in Boston.
Red: I know you want to believe that our work is done, but it’s not. The addition of a child will make that infinitely more difficult.


༺ ♤ ༻

image Young man in confessional: Father, forgive me, for I have sinned. It’s been a week since my last confession. Since that time, I have killed two men.
Confessor: Well done, my son, for you are the tip of His spear. Through your hands, His judgment is witnessed. [ Paper rustles ] Let us pray. Our Father–


༺ ♤ ༻

Lisa: My father was murdered?
Ressler: Yes. By people who thought he had, uh, sinned. It might help us find his killer if we knew whether that was true or not. Was it?
Lisa: Yeah. That’s why I ran away.
imageLisa: I was 12. I came home from swimming at my friend’s house, and I went into the basement to put my suit in the dryer, and he was there.
Ressler: Your father.
Lisa: And someone else. A boy.
Lisa: They said I was crazy. That I was making it all up. That my father never raped that little boy. But I know the truth. My father was a monster. Whoever killed him did the world a favor.


༺ ♤ ༻

Harris: So can I ask how you treat the children? You know, how it all works.
Meyer: Well, it’s important for me to get a sense of the child, so the first few sessions would be one-on-one.
Harris? Without a parent present?
Meyer: For me to gain their trust, it’s best to start out that way.
Harris: When you’re alone with my son, would you be touching him?
Meyer: [ Chuckles ] Absolutely not. I’m not even sure I understand your question.
Harris: I mean, would you think about touching him?
Meyer: I’m sorry your son is having a hard time, but I think you should leave.
[ Meyer moves to leave, but several of Harris’ group surround him ]
Harris: Oh no! No!
Harris: You hurt children.
Meyer: What are you doing? No!
Harris: You earn their trust and then you abuse them.
Harris: Sooner or later, we all pay for our sins.
Meyer: No! No! What are you doing? What is this?! What are you doing?!
Harris: I paid for mine –
Meyer: What are you talking about!?
Harris: – and it’s time you paid for yours.


༺ ♤ ༻

Liz: What’s that?
Tom: Something I’ve kept in my wallet since the day you gave it to me. Is that a hope. A wish. The child that we were gonna adopt, and that, I hope is the one we’re gonna have.
image Liz: You found my pro/con list.
Tom: [ Reads ] Pro– chance for a normal life, family, doting husband with rock-hard abs.♤
Liz: [ Laughs ] Really?
Tom: [ Chuckles ] Liz we’re pregnant.
Liz: Yeah. We are. But before you get too excited –
Tom: It’s way too late for that.
Liz: – I’m thinking about giving the baby up for adoption.
Tom: Why? Why? Why would you do that?
Liz: Maybe you should take another look at the list. I mean, there are only three pros and, maybe, I can probably think of a hundred cons. I’m a felon. People hate me. I’m a pariah.
Tom: Here, in DC. That is why we have to move. And the rest? Dangerous job– fixable. Unmarried – totally fixable.
Liz: Uh, unmarried was never a part of my list.
Tom: Well, a guy can dream.
imageLiz: [ Chuckles ]
Tom: Can’t he?
Liz: Yeah. Yeah, they’re – they’re all fixable, Tom, except for one – Reddington.
Tom: We can get away from him.
Liz: His life, my life, is so filled with violence and anger and hatred and death. [ Voice breaking ] How can I bring a child into that world? My world.
Tom: Our world, Liz. Not his. Ours.
Liz: This is why I didn’t want to tell you. I knew you’d be so annoyingly positive.
Tom: What, you don’t want to be positive?
Liz: I don’t want to be naive!
Tom: Just promise me that you’ll keep an open mind. All right? About Boston and us and the little one.
Liz:[ Laughs ]
Tom: What?
Liz: I’m pretty sure I put question marks next to your name.
Tom: Did you?
Liz: Yeah.
Tom: That’s weird, ’cause it looks like you changed your mind. Huh. [ The question marks have been written over with exclamation marks ]
Liz: [ Laughs ] Oh, my God.


༺ ♤ ༻

[ Red is seated in a straight-back chair in a room barren except for another chair to which a man is tied. The man is bruised and bloody. Tears stream down his face. Red’s face is wracked with pain, regret, sadness, loss. This episode reminds me of medieval paintings of purgatory – each person forced to bear the agony particular to their own taste in sin. Red is not the Christlike “sin-eater” here, rather Isaiah’s pariah, the ‘man of sorrows.’

Isaiah 53:3 (NLT) He was despised and rejected— a man of sorrows, acquainted with deepest grief. We turned our backs on him and looked the other way. He was despised, and we did not care.

No redemption, no hope. No forgiveness, only the slow agonizing repayment of debts over years, decades, centuries. –ed. ]


I’m a violent man. I’ve taken on a life that requires it. I hurt people. I kill people. And each time I do, in that moment, another part of me dies along with them.

Red: When I was young, I romanticized the life of an outlaw. Bad guys. That was a long time ago.
Dembe: Raymond.
Red: Yes.
[ Dembe hands the phone to Red ]
Liz: The Vehm are hunting pedophiles. William Dowd’s daughter confirmed that’s what her father was.
Red: You just won’t rest, will you?
Liz: I’m pregnant, not sick. Besides, you’re the one who said there’s a fight coming that can’t be avoided.
Red: Tell me about the other victims.
Liz: They were never charged with any crimes, but hidden in their backgrounds are whispered accusations – incidents that were swept under the rug.
Red: So your theory is that someone has reorganized a 15th-Century cult to hunt and kill pedophiles.
Liz: It fits the fact pattern.
Red: Not all of them. My associate, Mr. Weston, the man who started us down this road, was many things, but a pedophile was not one of them. I saw his dark side, and it did not involve children.
Liz: What did it involve? Maybe that’s where we should look.
Red: You’re right. Of course.
Liz: What? Of course what?
Red: Thank you, Lizzy.
[ Phone beeps ] [ Sighs ]
Red: [ To man in chair ] You attacked a pregnant woman, broke three of her ribs, battered her so badly she was left lying unconscious in a grocery-store parking lot.
[ Shoots him💥💥💥 Shell casings rattle ]
Red: [ To Dembe ] Call Mr. Kaplan from the car. We need to find Gerald Sullivan.


༺ ♤ ༻

Liz: Ressler’s running his prints. Should have an ID soon.
Samar: He’s a zealot, like my brother. A true believer who twists the gospel to justify murder. I don’t need to know his name to know who he is.
Liz: The files you found at St. James contain detailed accounts of the victims. The research they did was extensive. They found details local cops clearly missed.
Ressler: Prints came back. The guy’s name is Harlan Holt. He served seven years at Cumberland for, uh– get this– sexual assault of a minor.
Samar: So he’s a pedophile.
Ressler: Who got early release by agreeing to castration to mitigate his deviant desires.
Samar: The Vehm at the morgue are castrated as well.
Ressler: So the Vehm are pedophiles, and their victims are pedophiles.
Samar: It’s monsters hunting monsters.


༺ ♤ ༻

Liz: The Vehm are zealots. They’ll kill anyone they’re told is a pedophile. What if someone’s telling them people are pedophiles that aren’t? Reddington says his friend wasn’t. What if the person bringing these case reports is someone with their own agenda and they’re using the Vehm to carry it out?


༺ ♤ ༻

Red: My, God. Gerald, burying your business in the dirt like a dog. How the mighty have fallen. What the hell is this? A terrible time of year to go camping, but I suppose we do what we must when we’re on the run. Brenda and I were just catching up. She’s not hungry, but I noticed you packed some bratwurst and couldn’t resist. I do love a good cookout.
Gerald Sullivan: Red it’s not what you think.
Red: I think you had Weston killed, and Locke, Bosker, Hundly. Someone is clearing the playing field, Gerald, and my money is on you.
Sullivan: Locke and Bosker? They laundered for the cartels. Hundly cleaned cash for the sex trade. I handled white-collar crime.
Red: I know how the market was divided. In fact, I was impressed by how well you co-existed with your competitor– until now. You got greedy, Gerald.
Sullivan: I’m not on the run because I killed my competitors. I’m on the run because I don’t want to be killed by the people who did. Red, you know me. You know Brenda. You really think we’d be living in the Bentley if we didn’t have to?
Red: If you’re not controlling the Vehm, then who is?
Sullivan: I’m a dead man if I say.
Red: I came here for one thing, but I’ve decided I’m gonna leave with two. The first is the name of the person who controls the Vehm.
Sullivan: And the second?
Red: [ Gleeful ] A song, Gerald. I so wanted to be a scout– tying knots, the Pinewood Derby, and the campfire songs. Oh, those songs. I keep trying to explain to Dembe, but I’m no singer. Just one song!
Sullivan: [ Sighs ] [ Clears throat ] [ Laughs ]
Red: Ah!
Sullivan: [ Strums guitar ] ♪ Michael, row your boat ashore
Red: Yes!
Sullivan and Brenda: ♪ Hallelujah Michael, row the boat ashore
Red: Right? [ Laughs ]
Sullivan; Hallelujah. ♪ Sister, help to trim the sails hallelujah. Sister, help to trim the sails–
Dembe: [ Sternly ] That’s enough.
Red: Okay, then. Just the name.


༺ ♤ ༻

Harlan (one of Vehm): That’s impossible.
imageLiz: That file. Your file– it says the eyewitness in the Shepherd case gave his statement to a Baltimore ADA by the name of Peter Levy. We called the Baltimore District Attorney. There is no Peter Levy. Once we found out that case was false, we looked at the others. Jared Locke’s victim? Well, he doesn’t exist. You were given a screen grab of a model from a children’s clothing website … You’re being manipulated. We need you to tell us by who.
Harlan: That’s a trust I can’t betray.
Ressler: He’s betrayed yours. Why don’t you tell us before someone else is murdered?


༺ ♤ ༻
Red: Stop me if you’ve heard this one. A priest, a eunuch, and a pedophile walk into a bar–
Cardinal Richards: Excuse me? Who are you? What are you doing here?
Red: I’m here to offer you the sacrament of confession. I’ll be your Father Confessor. I know, the hypocrisy is staggering.

Red:You know what my problem with religion is? Man. Like anything that has a potential to be beautiful, man will turn it into something ugly. For every saint, there are two million sinners.
Cardinal: Which are you?
Red: Like you, I’m a sinner– an envious one, I might add, as my transgressions are not nearly as divine as the ones you’ve been guilty of during the years you’ve been associated with the Vatican Bank.
Cardinal: I’m afraid you were misinformed. I did work with the Bank to bring an end to an unfortunate era of waste and corruption.
Red: Ah. [ Chuckles ] Generally speaking, I’m not a huge fan of the incorruptible, but your new pontiff? He is not your father’s holy father. He has an undeniable decency, which you sorely lack.♤ Yes. At his instruction, you helped to root out corruption so that the Vatican Bank would no longer be in the money-laundering business, but to paraphrase Aristotle, corruption abhors a vacuum. So you moved right in. You and your little band of eunuchs. Kudos on that, by the way. Gathering sick men, tricking them into thinking they’re killing pedophiles when, in fact, they’re killing money launderers whose business you covet?
Cardinal: The Vehm cleanse the world of God’s mistakes. Their other targets are necessary sacrifices for the good of the holy church.
Red: [ Laughs ] No sin in murder or money laundering, so long as it serves our Father here on Earth or you.


༺ ♤ ༻

Cardinal: You have a job for the Vehm?
Red: I do. One that should appeal to you. It’s a money launderer– a formidable player who presents a significant obstacle to anyone interested in clearing the playing field.
Cardinal: Who is it?
Red: Contact the Vehm. Tell them to meet us here. I’ll explain everything then. Not before.
Cardinal: They’re busy.
Red: Mm. The FBI raided their chamber of horrors– killed one, captured some others. They’ll talk. And when they do, they’ll talk about you. So, my proposition is this. Do what I’m asking, do it now, and I’ll make sure you go someplace quiet where the FBI will never find you. [ Chuckles ]


༺ ♤ ༻

imageSamar: Reddington?
Red: Ladies! What a pleasant surprise. Especially you, Agent Keen. I didn’t expect to see you in the field.
Liz: Well, I am a consultant. I came to consult with Cardinal Richards.
Samar: Are you drinking communion wine?
Red: Yes. God, it’s god-awful. If they’d only switch to a good Burgundy, people would be much more devout.♤
Liz: Where is the cardinal?
Red: Ugh! Meeting with congregants. Something about church finances.
[ Cardinal in car, metal mask on head, surrounded by the Vehm ]


༺ ♤ ༻

Samar: The Vehm are the congregants the cardinal is meeting with. Do they know he deceived them?
Red: Yes. I’ve done business with a few of the people they were tricked into killing. So it was easy enough to provide the details necessary to show them they’d been terribly misled.
Liz: Where did they take him?
Red: I have no idea.
Liz: They’re gonna kill him.
Red: Probably. Hell hath no fury like a fundamentalist scorned.
Samar: How did you contact the Vehm?
Red: The cardinal did it for me. He was quite excited about it, actually. In exchange for the promise to keep the FBI from finding him, he agreed to sic the Vehm on one last money launderer. I omitted the fact that the cleaner he was inviting the Vehm to kill was, in fact, himself.♤
Liz: The cardinal took out the others in order to expand his business. Did you take him out to expand yours?
Red: Yes.♤ To raise capital in preparation for war.
Samar: What war?
Red: Ours.♤


༺ ♤ ༻

[ Door opens, closes. Liz has brunette hair again. Red is seated on new couch in Liz’s apartment ]
Liz: What are you doing here?
Red: I missed you. [ Referring to hair style ]
Liz: Yeah, I, uh, dyed my hair to hide. I don’t need to hide anymore.
Red: Lizzy, I misspoke earlier about your child. I said that having it would be inconvenient.
Liz: You got me a couch.
Red: [ Sighs ] When your mother was pregnant with you, it was terribly inconvenient. The Cold War was ending. Her country was falling apart. Everything she had ever known. She dreaded having a child. Almost aborted it. Not one day of her pregnancy did she ever think of you as anything but a curse. …

Liz's color.

Liz’s color.

… And then, from the second you were born there was never a day when she thought you were anything but a blessing. In my experience, there is never a convenient time to have a child. It certainly isn’t a convenient time for you. But if in saying that, I left you with the impression that I didn’t think you should have your baby, I’m sorry for that, because nothing could be further from the truth.

Red in red light. Liz in golden light. [2:9]

Red in red light. Liz in golden light. [2:9]

Liz: Tom.
Red: What I did was for your protection.
Liz: Taking his job away.
Red: I’m not a threat to your safety, Lizzy, or your child’s. On the contrary, I can guarantee it, but I cannot do that if you run away.
Liz: You’re the only reason I need protection.
Red: I wish it were that simple.


༺ ♤ ༻
[ Knock on door ]
Liz: Zoe, it’s your neighbor, Liz. Could use some company.
[ Door opens. It’s Baz, one of Red’s guys ]
Liz: Where’s Zoe?
Bas: Reddington moved her out. Got her a bigger apartment.
Liz: Why?
Bas: For your security. We’ll keep a man in this apartment 24 hours a day. Anybody who wants to get you will have to come past us. [ Pause ] Nice hair.


༺ ♤ ༻

[ On phone ]
Liz: Hello, my name is Elizabeth Keen. I’m calling about my pregnancy. My child. If- if you could please call me at 202-555-0143. It’s about an adoption. Giving up my child.
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༺ ✿⊰ ♤ ⊱✿༻


🔴 Storybook 3:11 Mr Gregory Devry

Blurb: Two Reds? Which is the imposter? The “new Red” inexplicably knows intimate details of Red’s past and current dealings. He tells the task force they’re being fooled.

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S3 Episode 3:11 Gregory Devry: 🎯 WSJ recap ¤ 🌅 Photo Gallery ¤ 📒 Script

"You were right, Marcus"

“You were right, Marcus”

Red: The Shell Island retreat is a ritual that dates back to the roaring ’20s. The de facto master of ceremonies is Marcus Caligiuri, next in line to Espen Van Der Merwe, but to assume leadership in the Pater Dei group, the world’s oldest and largest weapons dealer. The leaders of the Bratva, Yakuza, and assorted international cartels. They gather when they are presented with a problem so difficult, it can only be resolved by enemies working together.
Liz: And where is this Shell Island?
Red: There is no Shell Island. It’s just a name. The actual location of the meeting is always a closely guarded secret.


༺ ♤ ༻

Tom: … [ Gets down on his knees ] Okay, uh – This is a washer. [ He slips it on her finger ]
Tom: But I promise you, I’m gonna replace it with something so much better. Elizabeth Keen will you marry me? I know I wasn’t the best husband. But I- I can be. I can be. I don’t wanna be anyone else.
Liz: [ Laughs ] I don’t know what to say.
Tom: “Yes.” You can say “Yes.”
Liz: [ Breathes heavily ] Tom If I’ve learned one thing from being on the run these past few months, it’s that I can’t tell you what I’m gonna want 10 years from now. Even a year from now.
I just know what I want right now.


༺ ♤ ༻
FBI: FBI! Hands, hands! [ Men shouting indistinctly ]
Ressler: Who are you?
Man: Move, move!
[ Indistinct shouting continues ]
[ Samar discovers case files on many Blacklisters ]
Samar: Ressler.
Ressler: Who are you? I said!
Red #2: Reddington. [ Handcuffs click ] Raymond Reddington.


༺ ♤ ༻

Samar: Where have you been?
Liz. I came as soon as I got the call. Who is this guy? He claims he’s Reddington? …
Aram: Whoever he is, he has got Intel on nearly every blacklister Mr.
Reddington has brought us.
Cooper: There’s criminal histories, rap sheets, news clippings written when they were captured or killed.
Liz: So you’re Raymond Reddington?
Red #2: Must make you wonder who you’ve been working with these past few years. …
knew someone was helping the FBI. Imagine my surprise when I realized it was me. Ray Reddington.
Liz: The case files– how are they connected to Shell Island?
Red #2: You keep calling them “case files.” These were people. My friends.
Liz: They were criminals who were taken down by the Bureau.
Red #2: With the help of a man you call Raymond Reddington. He’s an imposter. He’s using you. You wanna know about the case files? About Shell Island? I’ll tell you, as soon as you give me 10 minutes with him, face to face.
Liz. The FBI has no relationship with Raymond Reddington.
Red #2: No, they don’t. But they think they do.


༺ ♤ ༻

Red: Hello there. Are you enjoying the accommodations?
Red #2: Ah, there he is. Excellent. Let’s begin. In less than an hour, an FBI executive, Janet Macnamara, will be abducted by my friend and regular at Shell Island, Marcus Caligiuri.
Aram: Okay, Macnamara, Janet P. Uh, she runs the FBI’s Human Intelligence Unit.
Samar: She’s not an agent? Why would she be a target?
Ressler: She’s a high-level executive cleared to know all Bureau assets, including CIs like Reddington. Caligiuri needs confirmation about our relationship, – she can give it to him.
Cooper: You. Who are you?
Red #2: March 8, 1985, I ran point on an attack on the Beirut home of Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah. June 1989, I coordinated Operation Minesweep, which provided back office support and oversight for Naval Intelligence operations in Kuwait carried out by the 160th SOAR.
The op was off the books but can be confirmed by Assistant Director Harold Cooper.
Cooper: How the hell does he know that?
Red #2: If I’m not who I say I am, how would I know that Raymond Reddington held TS-SCI clearance from the office of Naval Intelligence? If I’m not Reddington, how would I know that four years ago he hosted the Shell Island retreat at a chateau in Ile-de-France?
Red: [ Laughs ] I must confess to feeling curiously flattered.


༺ ♤ ༻

Red: I forgot how much it sickens me to come here.
Liz: Then why bother? Why give a guy like that the time of day?
Red: Because my life depends on it.
Liz: Not if you move on. We beat Berlin and the Cabal. Isn’t that enough for you? It is for me.
Red: Is it?
Liz: I- I know I’m lucky the way things turned out, but I can’t even rent an apartment because people think I’m a criminal. Tom thinks we should just go away and start over. Maybe he’s right.
Red: Tom.
Red: [ Door whirring ] There’s something you need to see.

[ Red unrolls large map of the world with hundreds of green, red and blue dots marked on it ]
Red: The Cabal is in green. Their affiliates are in red. Their competition is in blue.
Red: Since I’ve been a fugitive, the pestilence on this map has only grown. This is what we’re up against – a multi-headed hydra. You cut off one head, it grows two others, you have to cut off every head and burn the rest of it. It’s a mythic battle, and it’s not anywhere close to being over.
Liz: It’s your battle, not mine.
Red: I wish that were true, Lizzy. But the manhunt revealed certain facts that had long been hidden about you.
Liz: Me?
Red: Katarina Rostova was a name that had been lost to history. Masha Rostova was never more than suspicion and rumor. The manhunt and the publicity it generated changed all of that.
Liz: But who would care that I’m Katarina Rostova’s daughter?
Red: The daughter of a legendary spymaster, the secret-keeper who disappeared–
Liz: Disappeared? You and Sam told me she’s dead.
Red: The secrets she took with her could compromise any number of players on that map. They’ll be coming. They’ll be coming for you.
Liz: But I don’t know anything.
Red: They don’t know that. You can’t walk away, Lizzy. They won’t let you.


༺ ♤ ༻

imageRed: Borsheim.
[ Keypad beeps ] [ Elevator bell dings ] [ Indistinct conversations ]
Red: Thank you.
Marcus: Reddington. Fashionably late as always, huh?
Red: Marcus. Hello, everyone. It’s good to see so many friends and even more enemies. Welcome to Shell Island.
Man: Cheers.
[ Woman toasts indistinctly ]
Red: Comforting to see that everyone’s appetites for food, lies, and larceny have not diminished over the years. And although some of you might have room for yet another dessert or patience for one more hilarious story, I’m afraid I don’t. Earlier this week, the murder of three of my contractors was ordered by someone in this room to send a message that they believed I was working with the FBI.
It was a vile, cowardly, unforgivable act, that quite frankly has resulted in very little impact on me when compared to the devastating loss felt by the children of those three dead women. Now, given the publicity surrounding the assistance I rendered to Special Agent Elizabeth Keen during her recent stint as a fugitive, I understand where one’s suspicion may come from, but it is unfounded. And before this dinner is over, I will not only prove that I have not betrayed us, I will identify the person who has.
Marcus: Save your breath, Reddington. Your grave’s already been dug.
imageMarcus: Two years ago, 20 of us broke bread at this table. Now there are 12. We have lost Hector Lorca, Floriana Campo –
Red: And others. What’s your point, Marcus?
Marcus: [ Snaps fingers. Video plays on phone ]

imageMy name is Janet Macnamara. I run the Human Intelligence Unit at FBI headquarters. We keep track of all the criminal informants employed by the Bureau. Over the past two years, our most valuable asset has been Raymond Reddington.

Red: I thought we weren’t supposed to have phones.
Marcus: You allege you have nothing to do with the demise of our associates, and yet do you deny that you have benefited from their misfortune?
Red: No, I profited handsomely. I didn’t realize that was against the rules. …
The only assistance I gave Agent Keen was after she shot the Attorney General.
Dmitri: They were on TV always working together.
Red: She was a fugitive, Dmitri. I was paid a significant fee by certain unnamed parties to aid in her escape. It’s what I do.
Marcus: That is true, but we are not just relying on the word of Janet Macnamara. She provided us with access to documentation confirming that in the last 28 months, significant resources have been directed to a top secret task force dedicated to the apprehension of key figures in the so-called criminal underworld based on information provided by a single high-level informant. You. And that is a fact. One you cannot deny.
Red: Take your seat, Marcus. Your information is incorrect, and you’re standing in my light.
Marcus: [ Grabs knife and holds it to Red’s throat ] You know what your problem is? You talk too much. That’s not gonna be a problem anymore.
[ Whispering indistinctly ]
Dmitri: It appears we have a late arrival.
Aram: Okay, he’s in.
[ Elevator bell dings ]
Red: How fortuitous. We were just talking about you. You.
Attendee (Dmitri?): How the hell did you get in here? …
Red: May I present to you Raymond Reddington? [ All murmuring ] Pour the man a glass of this wonderful port. It appears this party’s just getting started.
Red: I told you that before this dinner was done, I would prove my innocence and identify the person who’d betrayed us. Meet the fake Red. Faux Red. Fred.
Dmitri: Fred?
Red: I took Agent Elizabeth Keen on as a client when she was a fugitive to gain her trust in exchange for information as to who was responsible for decimating our ranks. Like you, I’d heard the rumors that I was the one who betrayed us. And sure enough, after gaining her trust, she confirmed that the Bureau’s confidential informant was a Raymond Reddington. … By the way, very clever, Marcus. Abducting Janet Macnamara in your search for the truth. But you and I both know the confession you coerced from that poor woman you’re holding at Calabrese Fine Imports was simply to confirm your lie. …
Red: You’ve been nipping at my heels ever since the incident at that awful karaoke bar in Mombasa.
Marcus: You’re a liar.
Dmitri: I would very much like to hear what he has to say.
Red: It’s simple. Marcus hired him.
Marcus: Hired?
Red: To surrender himself to the FBI, pretending to be me so he could use the feds to dismantle my business.
Red #2: [ Laughs ] This is absurd.
Marcus: Words, words, words. No proof.
Red: You want proof? The FBI would never fly blind into an operation like this. He’s wired.
[ Several men grab Red #2, push him onto table and begin looking for the wire ]
Red #2: Ahh! Aah! [ Grunts ]
Red: You can go after a man’s business, Marcus, even his associates, but other than family, the only thing off-limits is a man’s reputation.♤ You have given false allegations against my good name, which will be whispered and repeated by those who envy my success no matter how thoroughly I repudiate them.
Marcus: “Repudiate them.” Words. That’s all you ever had.♤
Red: Gentlemen, gentlemen. I never wear cufflinks.
[ Thudding, clatter ] [ Someone cracks open a cuff link, revealing the wire ] [ Radio static whines ] [ Helicopter blades whirring ]
Aram: I lost the signal.
Liz: Go! Breach! Now!


༺ ♤ ༻

Red: I need you to put to rest any question about who hired you. Now.
Red #2: It was Caligiuri.
Marcus: You lying bastard!
Red #2: He came to me, said he had a plan, said he knew about Elizabeth Keen.
Marcus: I’m gonna kill you.
[ Instead, Red stabs him ] [ Grunts ]
Red: [ Whispers in his ear ] You were right, Marcus. I am the informant. Tell all our friends in Hell to be patient. I’ll be along soon enough.
[ Grunts, Marcus thuds ]
Red: Perhaps we should all get our hats and coats.
Someone: What about him?
Red: Oh, yes. About him. [ 💥 Gunshot. Red shoots Red #2 in stomach ]
Dmitri: Fastest way to the roof is this express elevator.
Red: We’re not going up, Dmitri. We’re taking the service elevator down to the garage.
Someone: Then who are the choppers for?
[ Blades whirring, men shouting indistinctly ]
Navabi: Why aren’t they landing? The roof is clear. I repeat, the roof is clear. [ Sighs ] The choppers were just a diversion.


༺ ♤ ༻

Red: [ Later, in car, with Macnamara ] [ Indistinct radio chatter ] I know you’ve been through a terrible ordeal, Janet, and I’m sorry for that. But unfortunately your knowledge of my relationship with the Bureau is inherently dangerous to you, your family, and to me. So please listen carefully and follow my instructions to the letter. First thing tomorrow, you will inform your superiors that the trauma of today’s experience was such that you have re-ordered your priorities and wish to spend more time with Bob, Tyler, and the dogs. …


༺ ♤ ༻
Liz: What was his name?
Red: Gregory Devry.
Liz: Were you close?
Red: Gregory was a dear friend and a brilliant grifter. He made a good living conning con men.
Short of George Sanders, I can think of no one I’d rather have pretend to be me.
Liz: But you killed him.
Red: Gregory had terminal stomach cancer. So at his request, I euthanized him.
Liz: You manufactured a doppelganger to reclaim your reputation.
Red: I have many contingency plans in place. This was one.
Liz: Why not tell us?
Red: The FBI would never permit me to do the very thing necessary to make the plan work. Let everyone escape.
Liz: So they could spread the word that we’re not working together.
Red: Are we working together? The way you were talking before, I wasn’t so sure.
[ ♪ “It Works Itself Out” by Half Moon Run playing ]
♪ is it all that you need to get back and feel good satisfied
that you did what you could it works itself out works itself out

Mr Kaplan: Thank you for everything.

♪ just, is it time to take a look

[ Red and Mr Kaplan are sitting on couch. Music continues ]

Mr Kaplan: You won’t lose her, no matter what happens.

♪ bound by you put your thoughts into the shape of a weapon
all you did was learn a terrible lesson

image[ Tom enters. Red is seated at table, playing solitaire ]

Tom: You wanted to see me? What is this place?

♪ sell me out again

Red: You will not marry her.
Tom: [ Scoffs ] Why? Because I didn’t ask daddy’s permission? Is that really why you called me here? Or did you just want someone to play go fish?image
Red:You married her over my objection once. It will not happen again.

♪ by distractions


༺ ♤ ༻

Man: Are you that woman? Elizabeth Keen? [ Car door closes ] [ Man begins savagely beating Liz, kicking her in the face and ribs ] [ Grunting ]
Liz: No!
[ Thud ] [ Grunting ]
Man: You’re a traitor!
[ Both grunting ]


༺ ♤ ༻

[ Liz awakens in a hospital ]
Doctor: Ms. Keen. How you feeling?
Liz: [ Inhales sharply ] Well, all things considered [ Sighs ] Like crap.
Doctor: Well, we, uh, we got back your MRIs and, uh, looks like you sustained three broken ribs.
No other internal injuries or bleeding. There’s really nothing much we can do about those ribs, but just tough it out until they heal.
imageLiz: I’ve broken a few before.
Doctor: Yeah, we noticed that. But hey, uh, good news. The baby’s fine.
Liz: It is? The baby.
Doctor: Uh, yeah. But you really, uh, have to be more careful – now that you’re pregnant.
Liz: [ Exhales sharply ]

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S3 Episode 3:11 Gregory Devry: 🎯 WSJ recap ¤ 🌅 Photo Gallery ¤ 📒 Script
❌❌❌ End 3:11 Gregory Devry

༺ ✿⊰ ♤ ⊱✿༻


🔴 Storybook 3:10 The Director, Part 2

Blurb: Red and lawyer Marvin Gerard have a plan to exonerate Elizabeth Keen. Red gathers his troops and leaves Ressler in charge of guarding Keen. The Cabal has plans of its own.

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S3 Episode 10: The Director, Part 2: 🎯 WSJ recap ¤ 🌅 Photo Gallery ¤ 📒 Script

Red: Thank you all for coming. … Just the fact that you are all here is a testament to the deep concern we share for Elizabeth Keen’s safety and well-being.
🔺 [F]ive weeks ago, I called the Metro PD to report a sighting of Raymond Reddington at the Del Rio diner. I created a hostage crisis so you would be so kind as to release my attorney, Marvin Gerard, from prison. That day, Marvin and I conceived a plan to exonerate Elizabeth Keen by targeting the Cabal, and, in particular, the Director. Since that day, everything we’ve done has been in service of that plan.
🔺 The Verdiant case has resulted in catastrophic damage to the Cabal’s finances. The client list we took from The Djinn gave us leverage with key players in the Cabal to further isolate and weaken the Director’s influence. With Andras Halmi, or part of him, we cut a gaping hole – in the Director’s golden parachute – [ Beep, whir ] leaving him nothing to run with and causing even further distrust and divisions within the Cabal.


༺ ♤ ༻
Liz: They were gonna kill me. The Director wasn’t taking me to any black site for questioning about actionable Intel. If you hadn’t shown up when you did, I’d be dead.
Ressler: I’m sorry, Keen. I expected the Director to try something, but I also expected Reven Wright to be there to intervene.
Liz: What happened?
Ressler: I think Laurel Hitchin killed her or had her killed.
Liz: My God. They’re in the White House.
༺ ♤ ༻
Tom: [To Karakurt ]The woman I love is in there because of you. So let’s be clear. If you talk, there is a chance they will kill you. But if you don’t talk, I will definitely kill you very slowly. You should also know that I know where your sister is.
༺ ♤ ༻
Cooper: That’s it? That’s your plan? You want to abduct the Director of Clandestine Services.
Red: Yes.
Aram: Okay, I, uh, really, really do not like that guy, and I- I want to be a-a team player and all, but this sounds a little like–
Marvin Gerard: Treason? That’s because it is.
Cooper: Not to mention seditious conspiracy – and felony kidnapping.
Gerard: For which you could all spend the rest of your lives in prison.
Samar: What are you going to do? Ransom him back to the Cabal? They won’t exonerate Keen to get him back.
Red: Agreed. That’s why I have something in mind that’s infinitely more persuasive than ransom.
Gerard: We’ve been monitoring the man around the clock. He and his wife are in marital therapy.
Red: I’m actually a great proponent of marital therapy. Worked for me. Then again, I had sort of a thing for the therapist. Lovely voice.♤
༺ ♤ ༻
Aram: Wait.Uh, wait, we must be on the wrong floor. I thought you said this is where the Director and his wife get therapy.
Red: It will be. ⋘⋙ The routine is always the same. …
Aram: Yeah, I still don’t get it. If his office is on the sixth floor, why are we on the eighth?
Red: The layout of every floor in the building is identical. All we need to do is recreate the sixth floor on the eighth.
Aram: Whoa.
Red: Whoa, indeed. I need you to access the elevator system to make sure that when that agent presses 6, the elevator takes them to 8, where we’ll be waiting.
imageAram: Oh, that is so cool. Sleight of hand. I love magic.♤ But, uh, the real trick is going to be getting the Director here in the first place.
Red: Harold Cooper and Agent Navabi are working on that as we speak.
༺ ♤ ༻
Mr Kaplan: The figurine on the sixth floor? The one under that mirror that’s opposite the elevators. We couldn’t find a duplicate. I can try to find something similar, but –
Gerard: Good night. It’s not the Hope Diamond. Steal the damn thing.
Mr Kaplan: And while I’m at it, shall I smile for the security cameras?
Red: Apples. Get a bowl. Something glass, crystal.
Mr Kaplan: What if he notices? Dearie, this could blow the whole thing.
Red: He won’t.
Gerard: She said, what if he does?
Red: I know what she said, Marvin. Why are you still here?♤ [ Gerard leaves ] Everybody likes apples.
༺ ♤ ༻
Trotter: That may be the ordinary course of business, but there is nothing ordinary about the charges against your client. Ms. Keen, the United States government has charged you with 16 counts of capital murder. Each one exposes you to a death sentence. Do you understand that? Liz: Yes.
༺ ♤ ༻
imageCooper: [ The Director ] looks worried. Almost as if he got a call from his wife’s shrink telling him she’s having a panic attack. He’s on his way to you now.
[ Aram typing ]
Samar: Aram, he’s getting on elevator 22.
Aram: Okay.
Aram: Mr. Reddington, be advised [ Whirring ] Director arriving on the eighth floor in five, four, three, two [ Elevator bell dings ]
imageRed: Baz.
Dembe: He knows.
Red: Give it a second.
[ Director takes apple, taps it, takes two, tosses one to his guard. They go into the doctor’s office. ]
Red: Everybody likes apples.
༺ ♤ ༻
Director: Is my wife here?
Mr Kaplan (as receptionist): Dr. Huffnagel is with your wife now. I’ll take you back.
Director: Where’s Dorothy today?
Mr Kaplan: She’s out. Her daughter is sick. I’m Pamela.
[ The Director opens a door. Red is there. Baz grabs the Director. Dembe injects something into his neck.
Red: Don’t worry.[ Distorted voice ] Lynda’s fine.
༺ ♤ ༻
Red: Peter! Welcome back. Boy, you were out! Like carrying a bag of boulders.
Director: What the hell have you done?
Red: I envy anyone who can sleep soundly on a plane. Then again, I’ve never been injected with propofol. You have the post toasties?
Director: Where the hell are we? What is this? I’m– I’m your hostage now?
Red: Heavens, no. Nothing nearly so pedestrian. The fact is, you’re not my prisoner at all. You’re officially in the custody of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.
Red: You must know Mr. Diaz, Foreign Minister and National Security Advisor to the Venezuelan President.
Diaz: Mr. Kotsiopulos. On behalf of my government, you are hereby under arrest for war crimes and crimes against humanity in violation of the Geneva Convention and international law, as established by the 1998 Rome Statutes. …
Director: [ To Red ] You’re insane.
Red: I wouldn’t know. But you’re going to have the distinguished honor of becoming the first American official ever to be charged with even a single war crime, let alone the slew of them you will undoubtedly be accused of – before the week is out.
Director: I am the CIA Director of Clandestine Services. Do you have any idea what’s gonna happen to you? This is an act of war. My government will never let it stand.
Red: Precisely what I’m counting on.
[ Dial tone, dialing ] [ Line ringing ] [ Sighs ]
Woman: Laurel Hitchin’s office. Good afternoon.
Red: Raymond Reddington calling for Laurel. Peter, please, do sit.
Hitchin: I need to hear Peter’s voice to confirm that he’s alive.
The Director: I am here, Laurel. I was abducted. I appear to be on a Venezuelan jet somewhere over the Atlantic.
Hitchin: Mr. Diaz, do you have any concept of the wrath you are bringing down on the government – and people of your country?
Mr Diaz: Threats. This is how the US responds to conflict. Including a legitimate claim that your government’s actions have violated international law.
Red: Laurel, Raymond here. Here’s where we stand. In a handful of hours, this jet will land in Rotterdam, it will be met by the Dutch federal police, who will escort the Director to ‘S-Gravenhage, where the global spectacle of a high-ranking American official charged with war crimes will begin. Ah! The sound of acquiescence.
Hitchin: What do you want?
Red: What I’ve wanted since the beginning – for you to exonerate Elizabeth Keen.
Hitchin: No.
Red: … Now you may be concerned that exonerating Agent Keen will make you and your government look, well, foolish, but I’m handing you the solution. Yes, you got it wrong, but thank heavens you finally found the real culprit. Of course, my offer will get considerably less generous if anything should happen to Elizabeth Keen. You’ll call me back.
༺ ♤ ༻
imageRessler: All set, Liz. The transport team is ready. Time to go. … We’re travelling.
[ Cell phone vibrates ] [ Sighs ] [ Cell phone beeps ][ Cell phone rings ] [ Beep ]
Ressler: What the hell do you want?
Hitchin: Stop the transport. It’s not safe. Keep her in the cell. The corridors are not safe.
Ressler: What? What are you – what are you talking about?
Hitchin: The corridors are not safe.
Ressler: Gun!
[ Gunshot 💥 ] [ Men shouting indistinctly ] [ Grunting ] [ Breathing heavily ]
imageHitchin: [ To Red ] Okay, your girl just got a temporary reprieve.
Liz. What the hell happened out there?
Ressler: I don’t know. I got a call from Laurel Hitchin warning me that it wasn’t safe.
Liz: It was her hit. Why would she call it off?
Ressler: I don’t know. It’s Reddington. He must be negotiating a deal. Liz, it’s working.
༺ ♤ ༻
Gerard: Raymond, I’m reviewing the deal they presented. And for the most part, it’s what you asked for. With one glaring exception. Keen will be exonerated for the OREA attack and the Hawkins murder. But they are insisting on a plea of guilty for the killing of Tom Connolly.
imageRed: That doesn’t work, Laurel.
Hitchin: It’s the best we can do. I just spoke with the Acting AG. She shot Connolly in front of witnesses.
Red: He was orchestrating a conspiracy to frame Agent Keen and implicate her colleagues.
Hitchin: She killed him, and not in self-defense. And Tom Connolly was well-liked. Look, I had to sell this deal. It’s not gonna get any better. It’s involuntary manslaughter. No jail time. That’s the offer.
Red: Okay, Laurel, we have a deal. Once you’ve made a public announcement, I’ll drop the director somewhere safe.
Hitchin: Mmm, no. Uh, just a sec. [ Sighs ] – Look, um – [ Door closes ] Peter’s become a-a liability. If, uh, if we take care of this problem for you, we would ask that you take care of that problem for us.
Red: I expected as much.
Hitchin: So we’re done?
Red: Not quite. There’s one more thing, and it’s not negotiable.
༺ ♤ ༻
imageLiz: This is official? They’re willing to say I’m innocent?
Gerard: Publicly, of every charge against you except the Connolly shooting. For that, you’d enter a plea of guilty to involuntary manslaughter:
Gaines: With three years of probation? I’ve never seen anything like it.
Liz: But I’d be pleading guilty to a homicide. They’re taking away my badge. I- I sign this, I’ll never be an agent again.
Ressler: No. But the task force would continue. Cooper would be cleared, put back in charge, and you keep working with Reddington to assist the government as an asset we employ, not as an active agent.
Ressler: Here. [ Cell phone beeps ] This is for you.
[ Line ringing ]
Red: Lizzy. Have you seen the deal? Yes. It’s not everything we wanted, but it’s close. You’ll be safe. You’ll be free.
Liz: But I won’t be an agent. I’ll be an asset like you.
Red: Yes. I told you some time ago, when you pulled that trigger, you crossed a threshold.. You stepped from your world into mine. I wish I could deliver the perfect outcome, but I’m afraid –
Liz: This is … fair.
Red: Fairness is overrated.
༺ ♤ ༻

Hitchen: The United States Government has confirmed that the alleged criminal conspiracy known as The Cabal is real.
🔹 This conspiracy has as its goal one key objective– to inflame tensions with Russia and return the world to a Cold War posture.
🔹 In an effort to accomplish this, members of the conspiracy framed FBI Agent Elizabeth Keen, making it appear as if she were a Russian sleeper agent.
🔹 These crimes were actually committed by an assassin known only by his code name, Karakurt.
🔹 And I am proud to announce that due to outstanding work by some of this country’s best and brightest, led by Special Agent Donald Ressler– Karakurt is now in federal custody.
Journalist: What about the Attorney General?
🔹 It saddens me greatly to say this, but the evidence overwhelmingly shows that Tom Connolly, the Former Attorney General, was a key member of this Cabal.
🔹 And while Ms. Keen did fire the shot that killed him, earlier today a judge accepted her plea to the charge of involuntary manslaughter, approved by us, along with mandatory probation.
And Tom Connolly wasn’t alone. We have to now face the hard truth there are enemies of America within our own ranks. In fact, just a short time ago, I learned that the Director of the Clandestine Services of the CIA, Mr. Peter Kotsiopulos, is also part of this conspiracy and has apparently fled the country.
Hitchin: But on a personal note – please. I just wanna say, when I think of the horrifying nightmare that Elizabeth Keen has endured – branded a traitor, hunted as a fugitive by the very law enforcement agency she swore an oath to serve– Well, there are no words. There is no apology I can give on behalf of the government that could ever be sufficient. I only hope that she can take some solace in the knowledge that in the end, the system worked.Thank you.


༺ ♤ ༻

Director: I know who you really are, Raymond. Who you are to her.
And I know why you did this. Does she?

Red: I can’t think of even one set of circumstances
in which that would be any of your business.


༺ ♤ ༻
༺ ♤ ༻


Rise Up by Andra Day plays

♪ you’re broken down and tired of living life –

Ressler: Keen.

♪ on a merry-go-round

Ressler: Paperwork’s all ready.

♪ and you can’t find the fighter

[ Keys jangle ]
Guard: Let’s go.

♪ but I see it in you so we gonna walk it out – and move –

… government has now said that Keen was framed for nearly all of her alleged crimes.
At a packed news conference, …


༺ ♤ ༻

Discharge Officer: US One jacket, one pair of leather boots, one Montana State driver’s license, Samantha Evers. And $26 cash. Oh, and Agent Ressler left you something. [ It is her will. ]

and I’ll rise up high like the waves

Liz: [ chuckles ] I won’t be needing this. [ rips it up ]

I’ll rise up in spite of the ache I rise up

༺ ♤ ༻
Cooper: You’re sure about this?
Ressler: I haven’t been sure about much lately, but, yeah, this one I know. I’m a field agent. I kick down doors. I’ll leave all the politics and bureaucracy to the pros.
Cooper: I’m proud of you, Agent Ressler. You’re the agent I always aspired to be.
Ressler: [ Chuckles ] Welcome back, sir. You know what gets me? Laurel Hitchin just walks away unscathed.
Cooper: That’s a fight for another day.
༺ ♤ ༻
♪ feels like it’s getting hard to breathe
and I know you feel like dying

Hitchin: I don’t know why you want this. The organization’s in disarray. Weaker than it’s ever been. It occurred to me that maybe this was always part of your endgame – to tear us down so you could build us up and have a seat at the table.
[ The person Hitchin is talking to is Red ]
༺ ♤ ༻

image♪ … rise like the day
I’ll rise up
in spite of the ache
I will rise a thousand times again

[ The music grows louder. t’s nightime when Liz is released. She is escorted through the white marbled halls of the almost empty Court House to freedom. She walks down the long marble staircase to the sidewalk below. Liz looks around walks a way, turns a corner. Few souls are awake. Liz is alone in the dark. A bus goes by. When it has passed, she sees Red across the street. His face is serene, benevolent. Liz gasps her surprise, then smiles, hurries across the street to him, pauses, then throws her arms around his neck. He gathers her up and strokes her tangled hair. ]

♪ and we’ll rise up
high like the waves
we’ll rise up
in spite of the ache
we’ll rise up
and we’ll do it a thousand times again
you you, ooh, ooh, ooh
you you, ooh, ooh, ooh oh oh oh


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S3 Episode 9: The Director, Part 2: 🎯 WSJ recap ¤ 🌅 Photo Gallery ¤ 📒 Script
❌❌❌ End 3:10 The Director, Part 2

༺ ✿⊰ ♤ ⊱✿༻


🔴 Storybook 3:9 The Director, Part 1

Blurb: Liz is now in custody for the murders of the Attorney General, a sitting Senator, and for the bombing of the Orea building which decimated the US government’s Russian counter-intelligence unit. Can Ressler and Aram assure she has her day in court ? – Or will the Cabal get to her first?
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S3 Episode 9: The Director, Part 1: 🎯 WSJ recap ¤ 🌅 Photo Gallery ¤ 📒 Script

Hitchin: Three hours, maybe less. Peter, If she tells her story in open court, then–
Director: She won’t.
Director: Congratulations on your arrest. We’re moving your prisoner.
Ressler: You don’t have the authority.
Ressler: Excuse me. I won’t give you the codes.
Director: Oh, you don’t need to. …
Director: You changed the code.
Ressler: No.
Director: Find a way into this box.


༺ ♤ ༻

Red: Listen to me, Aram. The Cabal will come for her. At this point, only one person can keep her alive. You.
Aram: Me? Um, okay. … How?


༺ ♤ ༻

Red: Agent Ressler. How’s our girl?
Ressler: You were right. I can’t protect her.
Red: Slow down and tell me what’s happening.
Ressler: It’s just luck that [ The Director ] hasn’t been able to break into that box yet.
Red: I’ve always believed luck to be a function of intent– in this case, mine. When these dark clouds were gathering, I took measures to keep Agent Keen safe to ride out the storm. Are you ready to do your part now?
Red: [To Samar ] Donald. I find him so stiff so much of the time. He doesn’t appreciate life’s trimmings. Take yourself, for example. It’s my understand he fired you for helping Elizabeth come to my rescue.
Samar: He had every right. I went behind his back. I’m willing to take responsibility for my actions.
Red: Watch out. That’s the kind of spirit that could save America.♤


༺ ♤ ༻

Hitchin: As for Reven Wright, last time we talked, she mentioned an associate. Um, what was his name? Tommy Markin. Maybe he has something to do with her disappearance. Does that name mean anything to you?
Ressler: Tommy Markin. No. Never heard of him.
Ressler: Reven Wright’s not coming back.
Aram: How do you know?
Ressler: Tommy Markin. Was a guy I told Reven about, only Reven, and Hitchin just asked about him. Laurel Hitchin is in the Cabal. And I just told her where to find the only person who can save Keen. She just told the Director.
Ressler: What if they figure out the code?
Aram: They won’t.
Ressler: How do you know?
Aram: I’m the one who changed it


༺ ♤ ༻

imageSamar: What’s our next move?
Red: Rendezvous will be fruitless unless we can retrieve a certain care package. The FBI took it into custody this morning. That package is the ticket to Elizabeth’s freedom.
Samar: What’s in the package?
Red: El Dorado.
image Samar: The lost city of gold?
Red: It was never a city. When Spanish explorers reached South America, they heard stories about a gold-dusted tribal chief dumping vast piles of treasure into Lake Guatavita as an offering. The Spaniards actually drained the lake. Of course, all they found was a handful of trinkets. So they killed all the natives, and El Dorado came to represent the fantasy of boundless wealth – and that is what’s inside the package.


༺ ♤ ༻
Charlene: I mean, how many times do I have to tell you? It wasn’t about sex.
Cooper: If it wasn’t about the sex, then why’d you have sex?


༺ ♤ ༻

Director: So when they determine the stress points on the box, then what?
Liz: Not having much luck?
Director: No, we’ll find a way in.
Liz: He’ll come for you.
Director: Reddington? Yes, I expect he will, now that his prima ballerina is trapped in a jewelry box. Did you ever find out?
Liz: Find out what?
Director: His connection to you. It’s always been curious to me. Follows you around like a faithful bloodhound. But you still don’t know. Well, that’s too bad. It’s– it’s a very unsatisfying way to go out, don’t you think?


༺ ♤ ༻

Samar: You keep a storage locker in West Virginia?
Red: I keep a storage locker filled with useful items – in most states.[ Switch clicks ] Two or three in the Red States.

Samar: I never took you for a –
Red: Drug dealer? Absolutely not. Well, not really. I’ve made a rather healthy investment in a consortium that supplies medical marijuana … But simply as an effort to diversify into more legitimate businesses.
As for consumption, I must admit to a fondness for any well-appointed opium den, and a bit of hashish goes well with just about anything. But stimulants, I have no taste for. I prefer that slight curve at the small of the back, the swell of a breast, the soft nape of the neck to quicken my heartbeat.
⋘ ⋙
Red: As soon as you get the package, bring it straight to Kirby heliport. The plan hinges on that package.
Samar: I’ll be there.


༺ ♤ ༻

Aram: Hey. You okay?
Liz: I’ve been better. … I’m having trouble breathing.… Aram, I can’t – I can’t breathe. [ Exhales sharply ]
Aram: What’s happening to her?
Liz: [ Gasping ]
Director: I’m sure I don’t know. Losing oxygen in there? I’m sorry. We don’t have the door code. I’ll have one of my men look into it right away.
Liz: [ Breathing heavily ]
Director: That would be a tragedy.


༺ ♤ ༻

Karakurt: She’d better be worth it.
Tom: Who’s that? Huh.
Karakurt: The girl. You know, the one who annulled your marriage. [ Chuckles ] I know about you two. I know you’re risking your life for someone who doesn’t want anything to do with– [ Door closes, footsteps ] [ Gun cocks ]
imageRessler: Hey, don’t shoot. Don’t shoot. It’s Donald Ressler.
Tom: All right, open it.
[ Door opens ]
Tom: What are you doing here?
Ressler: Cooper sent me. Look, we gotta get him out of here.
[ Door closes ]
Tom: Like hell we do.
Ressler: The Director knows you have Karakurt. The Cabal is coming. … The Cabal is trying to get at her.
Tom: You’re just a one-man justice league, aren’t you? You know you’re gonna get us all killed before this is over.


༺ ♤ ༻

Aram: Okay, breathe slowly and steady.
Liz: It doesn’t make any sense. Even if they shut out the air, I should be able to breathe in here for hours, right?
Aram: Nitrogen. He’s pumping nitrogen in through the vents. It would– Oh, my God, it would strip the oxygen out in minutes.
Aram: Oh, my god. Liz, I have to let you out.
Liz: [ Gasping ]
Aram: Please!
Liz: [ Coughs ]
Aram: To video monitor: Damn it, are you even listening? I- I’ll go to the press. I don’t care! There are witnesses here. I will tell the world what you’re doing here. Fix the air!
Hitchin: Yeah? And what if he opens the door?
Director: Well, we return to the original plan. We take Elizabeth Keen to an undisclosed location for questioning, from which she will try to escape. And then we’ll be forced to shoot her. In any case, you are looking at a ghost.
Liz. Liz? [ Clatters ] Liz? Wake up! Liz! Navabi. [ Sobs ]
Director: What’s that, son? The pass code– it is “Navabi.
It’s “Navabi”! Open the door. N-A-V-A-B-I. Open the door. Open the door! Do it! Open the door. Come on. Come on. Open it! [ Keypad beeping ] [ Door whirring ] Oh oh Come on.Okay.
Aram: Come on, Liz. Come on, Liz.
[ Aram gives Liz mouth-to-mouth and chest compressions ]
Liz: [ Grunting ] [ Gasps ]
Aram: Yeah, yeah.You’re okay. Liz. I’m – I’m sorry. I’m sorry. So much sorry.


༺ ♤ ༻

Transport: You know we can’t let you handle the evidence.
Samar: And I’d advise you to check your watch because I’ve been out in the sun on my feet all day without a bite to eat since 6:00 AM.
Officer: We offered her a doughnut.
[ Radio chatter ]
imageRed’s man; Hey, I’ve been meaning to ask one of you federal boys. What does it take to be a g-man? See, I got this lazy eye. It’s got a mind of its own. You suppose that would be an issue?
[ Samar goes to evidence transport vehicle truck, takes out Red’s “care package” and puts it in her car ]
Transport: No offense, but we’re short on time ourselves today.
Transport: Here. [ Samar signs ]
Samar: Are we good? What? Hey. I need your assurance that nothing in that van is going to go missing. Are we good?
Transport: Yeah. Relax. It’s as safe as can be.


༺ ♤ ༻

Ressler: [ Breathes heavily ] I’m the one who tipped off the Cabal – about this hunting cabin.
[ Chamber whirs and clicks ]
Tom: Are you kidding me? Why would you do that?
[ Gun thuds ]
Ressler: Trusted the wrong person.
Tom: I mean, yes, you were just doing what you thought was right. Even if you were dead wrong.
[ Men shouting indistinctly in distance ]
Ressler: My father was a cop. He died because he wouldn’t go on the take. Was set up by his own partner, Tommy Markin. You know, I spent all these years wanting to believe that he died for the right thing. I’m not so sure now.
Tom: Principles are a bitch, man. I avoid them at all cost.
[ Rapid footsteps approach outside ]
Tom: I just hope your old man taught you how to shoot.

Solomon: Gentlemen! We can preserve the quiet tranquility of these woods if you just send Karakurt out now. You have 30 seconds before we begin shooting.
Ressler: There’s no way we’re sending him out.
Tom: Agreed.
Karakurt: Then how ’bout giving me a weapon? It’s not like I can run.
Ressler: Come on, give him a gun.
[ Inhales sharply, groans ]
Solomon: 15 seconds!
[ Chains rattle ] [ Grunts ]
Tom: The Cabal, the ones coming for Liz – They’re not gonna get her. [ Gun cocks ] Let’s just get it over with.
[ Gunshot 💥, casing clatters ] [ Gunshot 💥 ]
Uhh! [ Thud (bad guy) ]

[ ♫ Little Scream’s The Lamb playing ]
Once when you were young, pedaling through the sun,
the light steamed through your body like a glass.
But then the changes come, things are good undone,
and the things you lose they don’t come back again
But you want to go back again …

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/1ON7znY
YouTube: http://bit.ly/1IXHCBK

[ Gunshots 💥💥💥 continue ] ♪ Amahl [ Gunfire stops ]


༺ ♤ ༻

imageAram: [ Points gun at the Director ] I won’t let you take her.
Liz: Aram, put the gun down! They’ll shoot you without thinking twice.
Aram: [ Breathing raggedly ] I don’t care.
Liz: I do. You’ve done enough.
Aram: No, I didn’t. [ Breathing heavily ] I opened the door.
Director: Agent Mojtabai, stand down.
[ Hammer clicks ]
Liz: Aram. Aram, look at me. Look at me. I don’t blame you for letting me out. I don’t. Now please put the gun down.
Director: Let’s go.
[ Elevator doors open. It is Cynthia Panabaker ]
Panabaker: Excuse me! Where exactly do you think you’re taking this young lady?
Director: I have actionable Intel that requires us to move agent Keen to Fort McNair.
Panabaker: I am aware of the Intel. So is DNI, who’s reviewed it and upheld the original agreement.
Hitchin: As National Security Advisor, this is my call to make.
Panabaker: Not according to this. Oh, don’t take my word for it. Get the Director of National Intelligence on the line. Oh, well, then I guess I’ll call him myself.

༺ ♤ ༻

Diaz: And I’ve told you, you couldn’t possibly give us enough money to make what you’re asking worth the risk.
Red: Do you know the story of El Dorado?
[ Red gets out of car, takes “care package” from Samar ]
imageRed: Thank you, my dear.
[ Door closes ] [ Latch clicks ]
Red: Those are chromium-plated master-printing plates for the $100 bill, created using the US Treasury Department’s own software upgrades plate design, encoding techniques–


༺ ♤ ༻

Solomon: Your weapons on the ground. Or I’ll kill him.
Tom: He’ll kill me anyway, so just drop him. Just drop the son of a bitch. Come on, man, you’re FBI. You never put your weapon down. Just second he shoots me, drop him. Drop him!
Ressler: [ To Solomon ] All right, you win. Okay? [ Gun thuds ]
Tom: Did you even go to the Academy?
Solomon: You should’ve listened to your friend.
Cooper appears and grabs Solomon.
[ Grunts ] [ Thud ]
Cooper: I I figured you two could use some backup.
Cooper: Agent Ressler, listen to me. Put the gun down.
Ressler: [ To Cooper ] You should leave. [ Gun cocks ]
Cooper: Stop.
Ressler: [ To Solomon ] Do you know the damage you’ve done? That your organization has done to this country, to my friends?
Solomon: I don’t care about your friends, and I hate this country. Well, “Hate’s” a strong word. I like the part where I make bail and catch the next plane to France.
Ressler: You’re not gonna live to see the inside of a courtroom.
Solomon.: [ Laughs ] Sure, I am. And not just any courtroom, but a courtroom of my choosing, with the judge of my choosing. God bless America.
Tom: Agent Ressler. You’re not gonna do this.
Ressler: [To Solomon ] You deserve to die.
Cooper: Put down the gun.
Tom: I know he does, but not by your hand.
Ressler: Since when did you grow a conscience?
Tom: I don’t know. Since I’ve been hanging out with you. I’m not happy about it either.
Ressler: Ah, he’s right. We bring him in, he walks. He doesn’t pay for any of this.
Tom: Your dad. You wanna know if he died for nothing. Whether he did or didn’t depends on whether you pull that trigger.
Ressler: Matias Solomon, you’re under arrest for the attempted murder of a federal agent, for the attempted murder of a material witness in a federal investigation, treason, espionage Conspiracy to– You know what? Why don’t I get you a penal code? It would be easier to figure out what you haven’t done.


༺ ♤ ༻

Ressler: Sorry I’m late. Bring him to holding. Elizabeth Keen, I’m here to escort you downtown, where you’ll be held safely pending your arraignment.
Liz:[ Whispers ] It’s about time.
[ Chains rattling ]
imageRessler: [ Quietly, to Hitchin ] I know what you did. I know you killed Reven Wright.
[ Telephone ringing in distance ]
Ressler: This isn’t over.
Ressler: [ To the Director ] And you. I want you gone when I get back.
[ Liz pauses fo kiss Aram’s cheek, whispers: ] Thank you.
Panabaker: I need to come around here more often.


༺ ♤ ༻

Dembe: Am I free to go?
Agent Ressler’s orders.

Changing of the guarded.

Changing of the guarded.


༺ ♤ ༻
Ressler: For what it’s worth, I believe you were framed.


༺ ♤ ༻

[ Aram rides his bike into a cemetery. Red is standing by an open grave. ]
Red: Come closer, Aram.
[ Crickets chirping ]
Aram: There’s nobody down there.
Red: Not at the moment.
Aram: So then why did you ask me to meet you at an empty grave?
Red: There are foundational elements in our lives. People that form the brick and mortar of who we are. People that are so deeply imbedded that we take their existence for granted until suddenly, they’re not there. And we collapse into rubble. I’ve stood over the open grave of someone I’ve loved too often. Once for my mother. And then the others. I needed to recall this feeling because I’d be staring at another body right now if not for you, Aram. It wasn’t weakness that prevented you from watching your friend die today. It was hope, and thank heavens you were in a hopeful mood. You saved Elizabeth. I’m forever in your debt. Now gather your team. It’s time to take down the Cabal.


༺ ♤ ༻
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Episode 9: The Director, Part 1: 🎯 WSJ recap ¤ 🌅 Photo Gallery ¤ 📒 Script
❌❌❌ End 3:9 The Director, Part 1

༺ ✿⊰ ♤ ⊱✿༻


🎅 Storybook 3:8 Kings of the Highway 🎅

Blurb: Red is kidnapped by a group of backwoods highwaymen. Will a “care package,” needed to exonerate Liz, be needed to pay his ransom? Fall Finale
⬆ Go to Top ¤ ⬅️ Previous Episode ¤ ➡️ Next Episode
For S3 Episode 8: Kings of the Highway: 🎯 WSJ recap ¤ 🌅 Photo Gallery ¤ 📒 Script
imageRed: Have I ever told you the story about Ian Bartleby and his wife and the beekeeper they fell into bed with on the Isle of Skye? Fascinating, illuminating story.
Liz: Oh, it’s been a long drive. Any chance I can hear about Ian and the beekeeper after I clean up? [ Laughing ]
Red: Yes. Freshen up. I’ll fill the tank. Get us something to eat. Lizzy We’re very close. This’ll all be over soon.

imageExcuse me. My friend who was just here, um, brown coat, hat – you didn’t happen to see where he went?
Cashier: Who?
Liz: He was just here. He got gas at pump 5.
Cashier: Maybe he paid credit at the pump.
Liz: No, he would have paid cash.
Cashier: No, no cash customers for hours.


༺ ♤ ༻

Aram: Agent Ressler– this is his laptop. He asked me to run a search history.
Samar: And why would he do that?
Aram: Why wouldn’t he know what was searched on his own computer? He just said as soon as I figured it out, let him know.
Samar: You can’t do that.
Aram: Why can’t I do that?
Samar: Because I did the search. For Liz. She called and she said Reddington was missing, and she asked me to trace his burner number. She made me promise not to tell Ressler.
Aram: You know where they are, and you’re not gonna tell him.


༺ ♤ ༻

Jilly: Morning, sunshine.
imageCash: You one badass dude, ain’t you? Some kind of James Bond silencer and everything? Jilly; What you want we should do with him, Cash?
Pablo: I say we tie him to the truck, drag him down the road till there’s nothing left but bloody wingtips.
Jilly: I think he’s cute. [ Laughs ]
Pablo: Don’t touch the merchandise, bitch!
Jilly: I didn’t mean nothing.
Cash; Leave her be. Jilly’s just playing.
Red: Let me see if I can guess how this works.You grab hapless motorists, drain their ATM accounts, max out their credit cards, and dump them by the side of the road. Money or your life.
[ Laughs ] You’re highwaymen. [ Sighs ] “KOTH” [ On Cash’s fingers ]. Knights? Kings! Of The Highway. [ Chuckles ] How romantic..
Cash: [ Laughs ] I like this one. Like his style. Like his gun. I like his watch. Rolex. That’s $10,000 easy.
Red: There’s more than that, if we can come to a mutually beneficial arrangement.
Cash: That right? ‘Cause all you got here is about, uh, 700 bucks and a Florida driver’s license.
So tell me, Kenneth Rathers, what’s a cat like you doing driving an old beater like that, hmm? [ Chuckles ] You some kind of eccentric, or are you on the lam?
Red: Yeah, that’s what I am, Cash. I’m on the lam.


༺ ♤ ༻

Ressler: We need to talk. So you’re protecting them– Keen and Reddington? Samar, I know about the search on my computer.
Samar: She called, he was missing.
Ressler: So you knew where they were, and you didn’t tell me.

Samar: If we bring Liz in, she will die.
Ressler: First Cooper tipped them off about Wing Yee and now you’re protecting them.
Samar: Cooper didn’t tip them off. I did.
Ressler: So I told you where they were, and you warned them?
Samar: Yes.
Cooper: Jesus, I told Reven Wright that Cooper betrayed us– betrayed me. Boy, was I wrong. He didn’t. It was you. I want you gone by the end of the day.


༺ ♤ ༻

[ Jilly has arranged a tea set on the mattress Red is on, complete with dolls. She speaks slowly in a silly, childlike voice ]
Jilly: It’s tea time.
Red: Oh, that’ll be fun, Jilly. Cucumber sandwiches?
Jilly: And scones.
Red: How delicious.
Jilly: Would you like one lump or two?
Red: Two, please.
Jilly: You simply must tell me your name. It’s dreadfully rude of me not to address you properly.
Red: Kenneth.
Jilly. Your real name.
Red: Kenneth. [ Jilly pulls the head off a doll and lunges onto Red, pressing a sharp letter opener to his jugular ]


Red: Now look what you’ve done. You spilled all the tea, dear.
Jilly: You have to tell me your real name. They’re gonna hurt me if you don’t.
Red: You like getting hurt, Jilly. You wouldn’t be here with them if you didn’t.
Jilly: You think so?
Red: I do.
Jilly: Huh. Well maybe you’re right.
[ Jilly’s lunge with the dollhead weapon has left her crouching over him, straddling him. She moves her hips provocatively, then glides her left hand slowly up his right side across his chest, down to below his belt helding south. “Oh,” she says, at mid-groin she coos, “What’s this?”: ]
Jilly: Oh. [ Chuckles ] What’s this?
[ Both laugh ]

[ Immediately, the scene switches to men outside celebrating with Jilly ]
Cash: Not bad, baby! Mm!
T-bone: There’s over 25 large here!