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🍑 Script: 3:7 Zal Bin Hasaan


🍑 Script: 3:7 Zal Bin Hasaan (№ 31) 🍑

NBC’s series The Blacklist starring James Spader and Megan Boone
Last updated: 11/14/2015 2:25am CT, Program air date: 11/12/2015 in the US
Script Status: Final
Source: Raw Scripts from Springfield [UK]: (captions)
Created by: Jon Bokenkamp
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🔴 Script: 2:7 The Scimitar


🔴 Script: 2:7 The Scimitar

Last updated: 6/13/2015 1:15 am CDT, Program air date: 11/3/2014 in the US
Script Status = FINAL with Twitter image links
Slideshow Link:
Source: Raw Scripts from Springfield [UK]: (dump of captioning)
NBC Episode Summary:
Blurb: Samar killed one of Iran’s nuclear scientists and the Iranians are now out to kill one from the U.S. Liz is interrogating Tom on a rusty ship, and Berlin is about to receive a delivery which may alter his war with Red.
Created by: Jon Bokenkamp
Director:Karen Gaviola
Writers: Jon Bokenkamp, JR Orci, Lucas Reiter
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2:7 Scimitar: Finally, an answer… about Zoë (11/4/2014)

Great episode. We finally got an answer to Something: Berlin in Zoë’s father. The scene where Zoë told Red about her father doing terrible things was really moving. Red knew he had to deliver her to Berlin to stop the “war” despite what her feelings about it might be, or his own. Best delivered two lines in the episode: “What have you done?” “I’m not going to hurt you.” The words seem pretty plain, – until you see them acted.

So Red is Lizzie’s father (?) based on his discussion first with Zoë and, later, with Berlin – though we’re told it’s still “complicated.” I guess it’s still vaguely possible he’s talking about Jennifer, but we have not even been introduced to her. With Berlin no longer a threat to Lizzie, will Red tell her? Or do other threats remain. Does Lizzie even want to know? There must be a surprise or two planned for next week. (Will Red ask Liz if she likes anchovies?)

The story of ‘what happened to Red’s family’ that Diane Fowler knew about is still unknown. Was the Christmas story with “blood everywhere” true? Where was the fire that burned Lizzie & Red? Why did Red leave his former life? Lots of big questions still. More immediately: who came up with story that Red killed Zoë, and why?

Meanwhile, Samar has become a murderer and Lizzie is considering it.

I will miss The Blacklist while it’s on break very much. Without question, this is the best drama series I have ever seen, and the competition (eg The Sopranos, Homeland, House of Cards, etc), in my view, isn’t even close. Vikings is an exceptional show, but a very different genre. I especially like how the ‘scaffolding’ of the blacklist knits together the episodic procedural elements with the show’s serial mythology. This gives the show a density that magnifies the intensity and authentic feel of the acting. James Spader’s Red is riveting, engaging, seductive & remains deeply mysterious.

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251/302 83% 5-star ratings

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1715/2061 83% 5-star ratings

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