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NBC’s series The Blacklist created by: Jon Bokenkamp


Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington – James Spader
Donald Ressler – Diego Klattenhoff
Harold Cooper – Harry Lennix
Aram Mojtabai – Amir Arison
Alina Park – Laura Sohn
Dembe Zuma – Hisham Tawfiq

This is all one “page” meaning you can use your browser’s page search to find a quote you remember from Season 9 without knowing which episode it’s in. I use this a lot. Also includes full lyrics to main songs (at end of each episode). To find beginning of major songs, search for ♫.

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🔴 Episode 9:1 – The Skinner  
🔴 Episode 9:2 – The Skinner Part 2
🔴 Episode 9:3 – The SPK
🔴 Episode 9:4 – The Avenging Angel
🔴 Episode 9:5 – Benjamin T Okara
🔴 Episode 9:6 – Dr Roberta Sand PhD
🔴 Episode 9:7 – Between Sleep and Awake
🔴 Episode 9:8 – Dr Razmik Maier
🔴 Episode 9:9 – Boukman Baptiste
🔴 Episode 9:10 – Arcane Wireless
🔴 Episode 9:11 – The Conglomerate
🔴 Episode 9:12 – The Chairman
🔴 Episode 9:13 – Genuine Models Inc
🔴 Episode 9:14 – Eva Mason
🔴 Episode 9:15 – Andrew Kennison
🔴 Episode 9:16 – Helen Maghi
🔴 Episode 9:17 – El Conejo
🔴 Episode 9:18 – Laszlo Jankowics
🔴 Episode 9:19 – The Bear Mask
🔴 Episode 9:20 – Caelum Bank
🔴 Episode 9:21 – Marvin Gerard Part 1
🔴 Episode 9:22 – Marvin Gerard Part 2
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🔴 Script 9:1 The Skinner (№ 45)

Program air date: 10/21/2021 in the US
Script Permalink: https://wp.me/pDKwi-cbA
TVLine Recap: https://bit.ly/3m4sXMB

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Director: Christine Moore
Written by: John Eisendrath, Lukas Reiter



Brief (Where we’re at): “After Elizabeth, there is nothing” – Red

Two years have passed …


⭕ Script 9:1 The Skinner (№ 45)

Cooper: Previously on “The Blacklist”:
Cooper: [ To Liz ] If you took over for Reddington, inherited the Blacklist–
Red: One task, then it’s done.
Liz: What could possibly be left for me to do?
Red: To take my life.
[ Outside Red’s restaurant, Liz points her gun at Red but can’t pull the trigger ]
Liz: I can’t do it.
Red: It’s all right.
[ Gunshot 💥 ] [ Liz is hit by a bullet from behind. It was shot by Vandyke, one of Neville Townsend’s loyal henchmen, in retaliation for Red killing Townsend ]
[ Red takes in what has happened, shoots 💥💥💥 Vandyke, and returns to Liz, but she dies ]
[ Dembe tugs at Red ]
Dembe: Raymond, we must. I’m sorry.
[ Red lays Liz down, her head on his hat, and they leave ]
[ Ressler arrives, kneeling and leaning over Liz as a pool of blood spreads ]
Liz’s Voice: How does it end?
Red’s Voice: You’ll find out.

[ Two years later ]
[ A large shipping dock ] [ Ship 🔊horn blares ]
[ Two workers wearing hard hats are talking. One is Dembe Zuma. The other is named Ken Laver ]
Dembe: Her name is Elizabeth?
Ken Laver: Do you believe in love at first sight? I didn’t. Not until she walked into that restaurant.
Dembe: I knew an Elizabeth.
Ken: You know, I’ve only known her for two weeks, but when you know, you know, am I right?
Dembe: I never did, but I’m glad you do.
Ken: So, tell me about her. Your Elizabeth.
Dembe: She wasn’t my Elizabeth. She was my friend. She died two years ago.
Ken: I’m sorry.
Dembe: Hey.
[ A black SUV pulls up ] [ A Beefy Merc gets out ]
Dembe:The truck’s loaded up. Wire the payment, and you’re good to go.
Beefy Merc: Yeah, listen. Uh, about that–
[ Another man gets out. He goes by the name Clayton Beck ]
Dembe: [ To the Beefy Merc ] The agreement was you come alone.
Clayton Beck: Agreements change. [ Chuckles ] My associate’s a trusting fellow. He sees nothing but possibility in stealing a truckload of precious microchips, especially when one of the eagerly corrupt port employees asks a lot of questions. So I asked some of my own.
[ Two more men get out of the SUV ]
Clayton: He’s a cop.
[ All three security men aim their guns at Ken ] [ Guns cock ]
Clayton: [ To Dembe ] What should I do about that?
Dembe: Make sure he’s never found.
[ Gun cocks ] [ Clayton hands his gun to Dembe ]
Clayton: Kill him. Go on. Your partner’s a cop. Show me you’re not one, too.
[ Dembe shoots Ken in the chest ] [ Gunshot 💥 ] [ Ken falls ]
Beefy Merc: See? I told you. Nothing to worry about.
Clayton: Hmm.
[ He walks over to Ken Laver and looks at the bullet hole ]
Clayton: There’s no blood.
[ Clayton shoots Ken in the leg ] [ Gunshot 💥 ]
[ Ken screams ]
Clayton: Like I said, he’s very trusting.
[ Ken groaning ]
Clayton: [ To Dembe ] Up.
[ Dembe raises his arms ] [ Ken screaming ]
[ Clayton frisks Dembe. He finds identification in Dembe’s pocket ]
Clayton: Ah. Looky here. Special Agent Dembe Zuma. FBI.
[ Clayton walks over to Ken and points his gun ]
Ken: No, no!
[ Clayton shoots 💥 Ken in the forehead ]
Clayton: See what the FBI knows first, then kill him and get rid of the bodies. You, get the truck. Go.
[ Clayton Beck gets back in the black SUV and it leaves ]
Dembe: There’s a diamond ring in his pocket.
Beefy Merc: Oh, I’m through trusting you.
Dembe: It’s two carats at least.
[ The Beefy Merc finds the ring ]
Beefy Merc: Well, well. What do you know?
[ With the Beefy Merc distracted and the the truck loaded with microprocessors driving off, Dembe goes for the other man’s gun, gets it and shoots him💥]
Beefy Merc: No! No, no, no! [ Dembe shoots the Beefy Merc 💥💥 ]
[ Dembe runs after the truck, shooting through the windshield. It slams into some several terminals marked “Marine Fuel” and explodes 💥🔥‼️🔥💥 ]
[ Dembe does not escape the flames ]

[ Aram Mojtabai sits at a conference table. There is a large display screen showing a news broadcast ]

TV Host: A shootout at a Los Angeles port left one FBI agent dead and another wounded, raising fears about disruption in the supply of vital microchips. With us to discuss the incident is former FBI deputy director Harold Cooper. So, what happened and why?
Cooper: The “why” is simple. The world runs on microchips. Our phones, our cars, the planes we fly in. The concern is that America manufactures only 12% of the world’s semiconductors. The most advanced chips are manufactured in Taiwan. 🔘 [See Note] If our ability to import them is threatened, then so is our economy.
TV Host: You say the attempted theft poses a national-security threat.
Cooper: Absolutely.

[ Aram’s colleague, Nick Faria, enters ]
Nick Faria: What are you watching?
Aram, My ex-boss.

Cooper: The target was a shipment transported from Asia. The Bureau assigned an undercover team to infiltrate and identify the perpetrators, which I’m told they were unable to do.
TV Host: In the past two years, this country has seen–

Nick: Come on. Why are we listening to this? You aren’t taking the meeting with Conroy seriously.
Aram: It’s okay. I’m prepared for it.

Cooper: –rise in crime–

Nick: No one’s prepared for Conroy. You endure Conroy. You suffer him. You supplicate yourself in the microscopically vain hope that he will agree to be an angel investor in our idea, which, to date, is notable only for costing us our life savings. So, you know–

Cooper: So when they–

[ Nick clicks the TV off 🔅]
Nick: I need you to focus on that, only that.
Aram: Okay. I got you, Nick.

[ In an auto shop, a man in jeans is working under a car ]
[ The same news broadcast is on ]

Cooper: Criminal empires are like authoritarian regimes. Most often ruled by a single, all-powerful leader. When that power becomes decentralized or fractured, it leads to a period of chaos and instability.

[ The man working under the car emerges. It’s Donald Ressler, but he doesn’t look the same. At one point code-named “crew cut” and seemingly never having a hair out of place, he’s now bearded with a tangled mess of orange hair on top. He watches the tv broadcast ]

Cooper: So when the leader of a criminal organization steps down or dies, there’s inevitably a rise in crime as others fight for control over what he left behind.

Ressler: [ Under his breath ] Reddington.

TV Host: Are you saying powerful crime bosses can actually make the world safer?
Cooper: There are a lot of criminals that we don’t know exist. The best of the crime bosses know them all and have the power to keep many of them in check. So, when they stop doing that, then, yes, the world is less safe as a result.

[ Dembe lies in a hospital bed with a Nurse working on him. He is obviously in pain ]
[ Dembe groaning ]
Nurse: I can boost your meds.
Dembe: [ Groans ] It’s fine.
[ Cooper enters ]
Cooper: My friend. I came as soon as I could. How is he?
Nurse: Stubborn. His flak jacket acted like a furnace. He’s got third-degree burns on his upper arms and torso and not enough pain meds in his system.
Dembe: Not until we talk.
Nurse: So you’re the reason. I’ll give you a few minutes. Please talk. So he can have some peace.
[ The Nurse leaves with her cart ] [ Wheels rolling ]
Dembe: I need to find him. The man who killed Laver. [ Groaning ] The passcode– I-S-H-Q. The first photo. Six months undercover, I don’t know the buyer. All I have is that.
[ Cooper uses Dembe’s phone to look at a photo of a tattoo ]
Dembe: Both mercs had it.
Cooper: Do you know what it means?
Dembe: No. Neither does anyone at the Bureau. But we both know who might.
Cooper: When was the last time you spoke?
Dembe: A year and a half. I can’t reach him. But you have Agnes, so I assume you can. What’s the protocol? How do we make contact?

[ Cooper walks along a sidewalk. Using chalk, he make a large white “X” on the side of a Post Office box ]
[ Cooper’s Cellphone chimes✨ ] [ A message comes up giving an address in — Cuba ]
Cooper: I’m getting too old for this.

[ Clayton Beck is talking with an older man, Vincent Duke, who is practicing his golf drive using a machine at a golf course ]
Vincent Duke: What were you thinking? Killing an FBI agent. You’re putting us at risk. Jeopardizing the brand.
[ Thunder rumbling in distance ]
Clayton Beck: You gave me this opportunity, so I come to you when you call and I listen to you blah-blah-blah about playing it so safe that if I didn’t know better, I’d say you were once the CEO of an insurance company. But I do know better. Certainly better than some old fool the world’s passed by. What you see as a problem I see as an opportunity.
Vincent: I doubt the buyer thinks his microchips getting incinerated is much of an opportunity.
Clayton: Plan “A” was to get the product. Plan “B” is to get to the secret to how the product is made. That way, the buyer can make the product themselves.
Vincent: There’s gonna be an investigation. Things could get exposed. If I were you, I’d let it go.
Clayton: You were me. And you gave it all up to play golf.
[ Clayton takes a golf iron from Vincent’s golf bag ]
Clayton: May I borrow this?
Vincent: You gonna hit some balls?
Clayton: Yeah. I might give ’em a whack.

[ Taipei, Taiwan ]
[ Kuo Pai-Han is shackled to a rail inside a warehouse. Clayton Beck toys with the golf iron ]
Kuo Pai-Han: It’s not my fault. I told you everything I knew about where the chips would be. How could I know the FBI was watching the port in Los Angeles?
Clayton Beck: That’s all in the past. Now the plans have changed. I need to know how to make them, the knowledge and the processing software. Luckily, the person who can give me both is your boss. Where does he live?
Kuo Pai-Han: I don’t know.
Clayton: You golf? Are the fingers supposed to be interlocked? Forget it. Heh. If I get it wrong, I’ll take a, uh– What do you call it?
Kuo Pai-Han: A mulligan?
Clayton: Yes. A mulligan. Thank you.
[ Clayton⚡️whacks⚡️Kuo Pai-Han on the head with the golf iron ]
[ Kuo Pai-Han groans ]

[ Havana, Cuba ]
[ Upbeat latin music plays ] [ ✨Bell jingles✨ ] [ Harold Cooper walks into a bar ]
Bartender: Perfect timing.
Cooper: I’m not here to drink.
Bartender: I know why you’re here. I’ve sent for the doctor.
Cooper: I came to see Reddington.
Bartender: Which is why I called the doctor. Like you, I follow protocol. Put a mark on a mailbox, I call the doctor. If Reddington wants you to find him, you will. If he doesn’t, you won’t. Sit.
[ He pushes a cocktail toward Cooper ]
Bartender: Drink. The doctor will be here soon.
[ He pushes a piece of paper toward him as well ]
Bartender: A list of sights to see in Havana. I highly recommend La Cabaña.
[ Cooper takes a sip ]
Cooper: I’m leaving. As soon as I speak with Reddington.
Bartender: I’m sure you will. But that won’t be for a few days. [ Echoing ] There was a flood in the Amazon.
Cooper: [ Wearily ] The Amazon? I thought he was in Cu– Cuba. [ Echoing ]
[ Cooper’s vision blurs ]
Bartender: He might be. Eventually.
Cooper: I can’t wait. This–
[ Door opens, bell ✨jingles✨ ] [ A man enters ]
Cooper: Why I came, it’s–urgent.
[ Cooper passes out, his head on the bar counter ]
Bartender: Once you finish your scan and his identify is verified, I’ll call the sisters.
[ The man peels back Cooper eyelid and does a retina scan ] [ Beeping ••• ••• ]

[ Cooper finds himself in a large darkened room, backlit with red light ]
[ A woman is chanting in Kaqchikel, an ancient Mayan language 🔘 [See Note] ] [ Her name is Mierce Xiu. Her sister, Weecha, stands on guard nearby ]
Mierce Xiu: Look at me. Come closer.
Cooper: I’m here to see Reddington.
[ She continues chanting in Kaqchikel while running an egg around Cooper’s face. She hands him the egg ]
Mierce: Crack it into the water.
[ He cracks the egg into a glass of water ]
Mierce: What do you see? The shape. Tell me.
Cooper: A cloudy orb.
Mierce: The sun breaking through the clouds.
Cooper: Is that good or bad?
Mierce: You may pass. Very few do. Go. I will watch over you.
[ Cooper enters a room through a red-lit door. Red is seated inside, pouring water into a glass from a pitcher. His head is completely shaved. On the table lies a crumpled hat ]
[ Liquid pouring ] [ Pitcher thuds on table ]
Red: How is Agnes?
Cooper: She’s good. Thriving.
Red: I see you’ve met Weecha.
Cooper: And a bartender who drugged me, and a shaman who rubbed me with an egg.
Red: Hm. Weecha protects my body, Mierce my soul. I wouldn’t have survived the past two years if I hadn’t found them. What do you want, Harold?
Cooper: It’s about Dembe.
Red: How is Special Agent Zuma?
Cooper: In the hospital with third-degree burns. His partner was shot and killed. We don’t know anything about the assailants except for this tattoo.
Red: You don’t want to show me that.
Cooper: I do if it will help Dembe.
Red: During the past two years, I’ve learned what to hold onto and what to let go of. If I look at that, if I come back – even once – I fear all that work will be for nothing. There would be names to be taken, people would be held accountable. Down the line, things would get very dark.
Cooper: Then don’t come back. But tell me what I need to know.
[ Cooper holds up a photo Dembe had taken of the men’s tattoo ]
Cooper: The symbol. Do you know it?
Red: Yes.
Cooper: You know who we’re looking for?
Red: I do. A 700-year-old pirate.

[ Taipei, Taiwan ]
[ Chen Yu-Lan, with his wife Wei and his young daughter Shu, are waiting for a cab. Chen Yu-Lan’s assistant, Kuo Pai-Han, briefs him on his itinerary ]
[ Conversing in Mandarin ]
Kuo Pai-Han: It’s all here: Hotel address, plane tickets, rental car info.
Chen Yu-Lan: I’d be lost without you. Don’t look so worried. If the meetings go well, we could be building a new manufacturing plant in America by this time next year.”
Kuo Pai-Han: You’ll land in New York tomorrow. You’ll have a day the see the sights before flying to Washington DC for your meetings.
Wei (Chen Yu-Lan’s wife ): Please tell me you’re doing something fun while we’re away.
Chen Yu-Lan: Pai-Han’s idea of fun is trying to figure out what happened at that port. I’ve told him to leave it to the police, but he won’t let it go.
Kuo Pai-Han: If you need anything– If anything happens– call me.
Shu (Chen Yu-Lan’s daughter): You’re silly. What could happen?
Kuo Pai-Han: Nothing. Don’t listen to me. Go. Have fun.
[ The cab arrives and picks up the family ]
[ As soon as they are gone, Kuo Pai-Han places a call ] [ Cellphone unlocks, speed-dialing ]
Kuo Pai-Han: [ In English ] I’m sending you his itinerary. Chen is staying at the Fountain Grand with his wife and daughter.
Clayton Beck: [ On phone ] The more the merrier.

[ An FBI raid is in progress ] [ Agents break down the door of a house ]
— FBI! Open the door!
— Put your hands where we can see them!
— Put your hands where we can see them!
[ Agent Alina Park follows the other agents inside ]
Agent Park: You’re all dead! Well! That sucked! Perkins?
Perkins: We didn’t sweep every room.
Park: And the first rule after a breach?
Perkins: Sweep every room. Let’s run it again.
[ Park leads the agents out of the house. She sees Cooper ]
Park: [ Chuckles ]
Cooper: Hello, Alina.
Park: I heard about Dembe. How is he?
Cooper: Not good. Which is why I came. We have a case.
Park: I’m not a field agent anymore.
Cooper: And I’m not with the Bureau. But Dembe asked me to do this. Now I’m asking you. Just this once.
Park: I trained Ken, and I want to help Dembe.
Cooper: Congratulations, by the way, on the wedding. I’m happy for you.
Park: It’s been great. And if I want to keep it that way, I can’t go back to the field. I promised Peter I wouldn’t go back.
Cooper: I didn’t know you trained Ken.
Park: He was in my first class. He was a good agent and a better man.
Cooper: I know the stress that field work can put on you. I do. And, still, I’m asking. That’s how important I think this is.

[ Aram is making a presentation to potential angel investor Henry Conroy ]
Aram: So, Flagify is a company that warns clients about security issues or red flags. It has multiple platforms, each designed to fulfill a different security need. Now, ShadowSee is piracy detection. It scans up to a million websites an hour to determine if a specific product is being used in violation to copyright restrictions. Now, Greylock uses key words to, um– [ Cellphone buzzing »»»» ] [ The sender is “Cooper” ]
Aram: I’m sorry. It’s, uh– Nothing. It’s nothing.
[ Cellphone buzzing »»»» ]
[ Click ✵ ]
Henry Conroy: You were talking about Greylock.
Aram: Yes. Greylock uses key words to determine sentiment analysis. This function has a forensic– [ Cellphone buzzing »»»» ]
Aram: Oh, dear. Uh, I think I should take this. I’m– I’m so sorry.
Conroy: I don’t invest in sorry. I invest in focus and concentration. In the people who have it. Not in the people who don’t.
[ Conroy gets up and leaves ]
Aram: Just– Um– Just– Um– Sir?
Nick: My parents took out a second mortgage for us. So tell whoever that is he just cost them their house.
Aram: One second. Nick, Nick.
[ Nick leaves ] [ Aram answers the call ]
Aram: Mr. Cooper.

[ Siren🚨wails. It’s night at the hospital ]
[ Red enters Dembe’s hospital room, accompanied by Weecha ]
[ Monitor beeping 🔅🔅🔅 ]
[ Dembe is sleeping. Red looks at him. Emotions play across his face ]

[ Cooper opens his front door. Aram is there ]
Cooper: I hope it wasn’t a bad time to bother you.
Aram: It wasn’t bad. It was a horribly bad time.
Cooper: There’s the Scotch.
[ Knock on door ✽ ] [ Park is there ]
Cooper: What did Peter say?
Park: What makes you think I told him?
[ Door closes ]
[ Park and Aram hug ]
Cooper: Thanks for coming. Let’s get started.
Aram: Uh, what about Ressler?

[ Flashback: ]
[ Ressler is at the garage, working on a car. Cooper enters ]
Cooper: Nice ride.
Ressler: The answer’s no.
Cooper: You don’t even know what I’m gonna ask.
Ressler: Well, I know you came all the way to Detroit to ask it. I saw you on the news talking about Reddington. At least it sounded like Reddington.
Cooper: I was just answering the question.
Ressler: Then, please, answer mine – Is Reddington involved?
Cooper: Not really.
Ressler: “Not really” isn’t “no.” Which is my answer.

Cooper: He still blames Reddington for what happened.
Aram: We all do. Well, uh, I guess the difference for me and– and maybe you guys, as well, is that I believe Mr. Reddington blames himself. Um, and I forgive him for it.
Cooper: The Silicon Shield. Tell me what you know about it.
Aram: Right. Um, it’s a term used to describe the protection Taiwan gets for being the sole manufacturer of next-gen microchips – protection from America, which might go to war to prevent the supply from being disrupted.
Cooper: Which means we’re talking about a tripwire, one the Skinner apparently wants to trip.
Park: “The Skinner”?
Cooper: Right. How to explain this. According to Reddington, highway robbery and plunder may not be the world’s second-oldest profession–

[ Flashback: ]
Red: –second-oldest profession, but it runs a close third. The Skinner practices a well documented version of brigandage. The dacoits in India. Gentlemen Reivers in Scotland. In Devonshire, the Gubbings. In America, Highwaymen. Different countries, different centuries. All outlaws. And in France.

Cooper: And in France. The ecorcheurs.
Aram: The flayers.
Cooper: Armed bands who rose up in opposition to Charles VII. They took what they wanted, and when people resisted, they burned their feet in fire.
[ Cooper shows Aram and Park the photo of the tattoo ]
Cooper: The mercs Dembe shot all had this. Fire, surrounding the letter “S,” for the “Skinners,” who burn people alive.
Park: So we know who they were. Who are they know?

[ Flashback: ]
Red: The original Skinner died quite suddenly in 1452. He had a fearsome reputation, and his followers worried that, without him, their days were numbered. So, as no one knew he had died, they elevated one of their own to take his place, beginning a line of succession that continues to this day. The Skinner is more myth than man, so the identity of the man personifying the myth has always been a carefully guarded secret.

Aram: And does Mr. Reddington know the secret?
Cooper: If he does, he’s not saying.
Aram: What? He’s not coming back? E– Come on. Even for Dembe? How– How is that possible?
Cooper: I don’t know. And he wouldn’t say. All I do know is it’s our job to find the current Skinner, whose goal it was to steal 800,000 of the world’s most advanced microchips. Dembe stopped him once. Unless we find him, I’m sure he’ll try again.
Aram: Before we do that– I know none of us expected to be here, and it’s– It’s hard. And it’s a little weird. But, um, if it’s okay with you, I’d, uh, like us to take a moment to, uh, to remember Liz. You know, uh, together. Think we can do that?
Cooper: I’m embarrassed I didn’t suggest it myself.
[ They join hands and close their eyes ]

[ Dog barking ]
[ Mierce chanting in Kaqchikel ] [ Candles burn and smoke rises from incense ]
[ In the ambient light, Red inspects Agnes’s drawings on the refrigerator in Cooper’s kitchen ]
[ Cooper appears ]
Red: I bet she’s happy here.
Cooper: She’s also asleep.
[ Chanting stops ]
Red: Mierce has powers, Harold. All for the good.
Cooper: Agnes is fine.
Red: What if I wanted to see her?
Cooper: I don’t think that’d be a good idea.
Red: [ Pause ] Right. I don’t know who the current Skinner is, but I do know his predecessor, and that’s where we’re gonna start.

[ Aram and Park and in one vehicle, Cooper is in another. They talk over comms ]
Park: He just showed up? In the middle of the night? With a witch?
Cooper: The more you think about it, the less sense it makes.
Aram: It makes as much sense as a Skinner living in a retirement community.
Cooper: Don’t let the salmon shirt fool you. Remember what Reddington told me about the old Skinner.

[ Flashback: ]
Red: His name is Vincent Duke. He ran the organization for almost 30 years. Built on its history of hijacking whatever commodity was most in demand. His predecessors commandeered guns from the Spanish Armada, gold from Russian tsars. Duke’s plunder was a little more contemporary, everything from intellectual property to uranium.
Cooper: If you know him, why do you need our help to make contact?
Red: We had a falling-out. Over a word.
Cooper: One word?
Red: [ Chuckles ] Yes. “Ex.” As in ex-wife. Apparently, she wasn’t.

Park: Here we go.
[ Vincent Duke walks out of a seaside house, acompanied by a body guards, They get into a vehicle ] [ Engine starts ]
Aram: Sir, are you ready for this?
Cooper: I’m not looking forward to it, if that’s what you mean.
Park: He’s leaving the country club, turning onto Saw Mill Road. He’s heading your way.
Cooper: I have a twenty.
[ Cooper pulls in front of the other car ]
[ Tires squealing ] [ 💥Crash💥 ]
Bodyguard: You all right, sir?
Vincent Duke: I’m fine. Go. Deal with it and get us out of here quickly.
[ Steam hissing ]
Cooper: What the hell happened?
Bodyguard: That’s my question. You slammed on the brakes!
Cooper: I don’t believe this! I just bought this car! It’s brand-new!
[ Siren 🚨wails ]
Bodyguard: You stopped short!
Cooper: I stop– Oh, so this is my fault? You hit me from behind!
[ Aram and Park step out of a police cruiser, wearing officer uniforms ]
Aram: Everybody! Step to the side of the road now! Who was driving?
Driver: I was. And this man. [ Indicating Cooper ]
[ Radio chatter ]
[ Park sees the gun the bodyguard is wearing ]
Park: Hands in the air!
Bodyguard: Whoa! Take it easy. I’m licensed to carry.
Park: Up against the car, now!
Bodyguard: We’re both armed security!
Aram: If that’s true, then there’s nothing to worry about, but we are gonna have to check it out.
[ Park takes the Bodyguard’s gun; Aram takes the Driver’s gun ]
[ Vincent Duke gets out of the car ]
Vincent Duke: What’s going on? Officer, this was an accident.
Aram: Sir, I’m gonna have to ask you to stay right there, please.
[ Aram and Park get the Bodyguard and Driver into the cruiser ]
Cooper: [ On comms ] Let’s wrap this up before anyone else can crash the party.
[ The cruiser leaves with the Bodyguard and Driver. Cooper also leaves ]
[ A large black SUV pulls up alongside Vincent ]
[ Horn honks ] [ The side window rolls down. Red is inside ]
Red: Vincent. Need a lift?

Vincent: That’s why you’ve kidnapped me. To ask me to betray my own organization.
Red: No. To urge you to save it.
Vincent: What makes you think it needs saving?
Red: Well, I know about the microchips and the dead FBI agent and the one in intensive care. I know port security has increased as a result, which certainly hurts my organization.
Vincent: Oh, so you’re not here to help me. You’re here to save yourself. Self-serving as always.
Red: How is Bianca?
Vincent: No idea. You’d have to ask the golf pro.
Red: The last thing you and I want is the American government on alert, adding billions to Homeland Security.
Vincent: Is that really gonna happen? Over a shipment of microchips?
Red: SCG microchips that, apparently, none of the brilliant minds in America know how to make. Any hint of a weak link in that supply chain will be viewed as a huge national-security threat.
Vincent: I don’t like what he did, but I have no influence on my successor. Believe me. I’ve tried to exert it.
Red: You picked an unworthy successor. That’s not a judgment. I failed spectacularly when I tried. But it’s true, and something needs to be done about it. I’m sorry about the golf pro, by the way.
Vincent: Don’t be. Before they ran off, he fixed my slice. All in all, a pretty fair exchange.
[ Red smiles ]

[ Children shouting playfully ] [ Red’s SUV is parked across the street from a girls’ soccer game ]
Red: [ On the phone ] Vincent, you’re certain? Beck? Thank you, Vincent. I’ll call you when it’s resolved.
[ Beep🔅]
[ Speed-dialing, line ringing✨]
Cooper: [ Answering ] Cooper.
Red: Harold. I have news. The Skinner is in New York at the Fountain Grand, under the name Clayton Beck.
Cooper: You trust Duke’s intel? That he’s willing to betray his successor?
Red: He understands that the legacy is more important than any one Skinner.
Cooper: Why New York? It can’t be the microchips. They’re not shipped to the East Coast.
Red: Perhaps he’s found another way to skin this cat. Listen. I have Edward standing by. If you want it, you can be wheels up as soon as you’re ready.
Cooper: That’s a generous offer, and I’ll take you up on it, but before I do, I wanted to circle back to Agnes, our conversation earlier.
Red: You were clear about boundaries.
Cooper: Yes, and I want to thank you for respecting them.
Red: Elizabeth made you Agnes’ guardian. She was confident that you’d do right by her. I have no doubt that you have and you will.
[ Beep🔅, phone closes ]
Mierce: When will you tell me? What she means to you?
Red: I can tell you now. She means everything to me.

[ An airport ] [ Plane engines rumbling ]
[ Park is inside Red’s plane, talking to her husband Peter on her cell phone ]
Park: I’m sorry, but something’s come up. I don’t know how late, but– Yes, as soon as possible. Mm-hmm. Love you, too.
[ Beep🔅]
Cooper: Take it from me – keeping secrets is not the secret to a happy marriage.
Park: I’m not keeping secrets. I’m – keeping the peace.
Cooper: Is it possible Peter will understand?
Park: How could he? I don’t. What am I doing in the field? I left for my mental health.
[ Ressler enters ]
Ressler: Yeah, well, you and me both.
Cooper: Well – Here’s a pleasant surprise.
Ressler: Aram called me about Dembe.
Cooper: I’m sure he’ll appreciate your concern.
Ressler: Well, I came out of concern and curiosity – about his health and, uh, how the hell he became an agent.
Park: You look a mess.
Cooper: Where’s Aram, anyway?
Ressler: Well, that’s another reason I’m here– to take his place. He called, said he had to bail. Something about everything he’s been working on for the past two years blowing up in his face and him needing to try to fix it.
Cooper: You were right, by the way. Reddington is involved. Sort of.
Ressler: Then for his sake, I hope we’re never in the same room together. But Aram tells me we’re going after some 700-year-old pirate?
Cooper: We don’t know his real name, but Dembe’s given us a description, and Reddington’s told us he’s on his way to a hotel in New York, and so are we.

[ Cooper, Park and Ressler get out of a cab at a park in New York City ]
Cooper: You’re sure this is right? The concierge said that Beck came here?
Park: Said he asked for directions about an hour ago. Why? He didn’t know.
Ressler: Well, I’d say it’s a safe bet it’s not to smell the flowers.
Cooper: Well, whatever the reason, we’re not gonna leave here until we find out what it was.

[ Aram stands at the front door of a stately home. He clears his throat ]
Aram: Okay. Deep breath.
[ Doorbell rings✨] [ Maggie Conroy answers the door ]
Maggie Conroy: Oh. You’re not Eric and Barbara.
Aram: No. Not Eric and Barbara. Or– Or Eric. Or Barbara.
Henry Conroy: Honey, is that Eric and Barbara?
Aram: Hello. [ Chuckles ]
Conroy: [ Angrily ] You’ve got to be kidding me!
Aram: I know. I am way out of line, uh, coming to your home like this, but I was hoping, uh, you’d give me just, uh, two minutes to explain.
Conroy: You had your two minutes.
Aram: Well, actually, uh, you walked out after about a minute or so, so, technically, I have unused time on the clock. At least, um– At least about, uh, say, 40 seconds?
Conroy: You should leave.
Maggie Conroy: Come on, Henry. He’s here. And he’s flop sweating.
[ Aram looks at his armpit ]
Maggie: The party can spare your sparkling conversation for 40 seconds.
[ Aram follows Conroy into an elegant library ]
Conroy: You’ll get your 40 seconds once my guests all have drinks in their hands.
Aram: Okay, I used to be an FBI agent. The call, during the pitch, it was from my old boss.
Conroy: You’re wasting your 40 seconds telling me about what you used to do for a living?
Aram: He needed help on a case with national security implications. He’s actually working the case now without me because I am here, with you, flop sweating.
Conroy: I’ll be back. Don’t sit. Don’t touch.
Aram: Gotcha.

[ The park in New York. Cooper, Park and Ressler have spread out, but speak to one another over comms ]
Ressler: So, Dembe’s an FBI agent now, huh?
Park: I think it’s cool.
Ressler: [ Sarcastically ] Special agent for the FBI.
Park: It sounds like you have a problem with that.
Ressler: Well. Problems, questions. We started with a background check. Did the Bureau abolish them?
Park: Hang on. That’s him. Right side of the statue.
Cooper: Maintain your position. What’s he doing?
Park: Watching the concession stand. Looks like he’s on comms.
Ressler: Which means he’s got company. All right. I’ve got a second suspect. Near the Madison Avenue exit.
Cooper: Careful. We have to assume they’re armed.
Ressler: He’s surveilling somebody by the vendor. The family buying hot dogs.
Cooper: I see them.
Ressler: Who in the hell is that?
[ It’s the family from Taipei, Chen Yu-Lan and his wife Wei and daughter Shu ]
Wei: [ Laughing ]
[ The family walks by Ressler; he takes photos ] [ Camera shutter clicking ¤ ¤ ¤ ]

[ At the Conroy’s house, Aram’s cell phone rings✨]
Cooper: I’m sending you a photo.
Aram: Sir, I, I told Ressler–
Cooper: I know what you told him, but the Skinner’s tracking someone, and I need you to tell me who.
Aram: Uh, I’m not at my desk.
Cooper: Then sit at someone else’s. Aram, this is important.
Aram: Hang on. Okay.
[ Aram looks at the photo ]
Aram: Um, an Asian man. That’s– That’s it?
Cooper: The chips come from Taiwan.
Aram: Okay. Great. That helps.
Cooper: SCG microchips.
Aram: All right. That’s better. That helps narrow it down.
Cooper: All you need to do us to hack into the employee database.
Aram: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. That’s not great or– or better. I can’t do that. I mean, sir, I can do that. I know how to, but I can’t. Not– Not from here.
Cooper: Call me back with a name. [ Beep🔅]
Aram: Sir. Sir, I don’t– Sir? Sir.
[ Aram goes over to a laptop in the room ]
[ Keystrokes clacking ]
Aram: Oh. Okay. [ Muttering ]
[ He gets into SCG’s employee database and scrolls down the photos until he finds a match: Chen Yu-Lan is the Chief Technology Officer ]
Aram: Yes! Boom. There you are.
[ Henry Conroy enters ]
Henry Conroy: What are you doing?
Aram: Nothing. Uh, not nothing. Uh, I needed to hack into a company’s website for just a second.
Conroy: [ Furious ] On my computer? In my house?!
Aram: I know. It looks really bad, doesn’t it? But my boss really needs this information.
Park: Beck’s on the move.
Conroy: I thought you weren’t working with the FBI.
Aram: I’m not. Technically. Bu– It’s complicated.
Conroy: No, it’s not. It’s simple, really. Get away from the computer, or I’ll have you arrested.
[ Cooper makes a call ] [ Beep🔅, speed-dialing ••• ••• ]
[ Aram’s cellphone rings✨]
Conroy: Do not answer that phone!
[ But Aram takes the call ] [ Phone unlocks, beeps🔅]
Aram: Sir, I have a name. Chen Yu-Lan. He’s SCG’s chief technology officer. Certainly someone who would have details to the company in question’s manufacturing process.
Cooper: He couldn’t steal the microchips, so he’s going after the man that made them. Great work, Aram.
[ Aram gets up and leaves, walking past Conroy who stands speechless ]
Aram: [ To Conroy ] All it takes is a little focus and concentration.

[ In the park ]
Ressler: All right. Beck’s following him out.
Cooper: Stop him! Move in, now!
[ A van pulls up ] [⚡️Tires screech⚡️]
[ Henchman grab Chen Yu-Lan and Wei ]
Henchman: Get in the van. Get in the van! Let’s go!
[ The couple is shoved into the van ]
[ Girl screaming ]
Henchman: Get in the van!
[ Clayton Beck grabs the daughter, Shu, and uses her as a shield ]
Park: Stop! FBI!
Clayton Beck: Tell J. Edgar Whoever-It-Is, the more you try to stop me, the more innocent people get hurt.
Wife: No!
[ Clayton shoves Shu into the van ]
[⚡️Tires squeal⚡️]

[ Monitor beeping🔅🔅🔅]
[ Red sits near Dembe’s bedside. Dembe’s eyes squint open. Through a haze he sees Red rise and step forward ]

[ It’s night. Red and Cooper ride in the black SUV ]
Cooper: Leave? You can’t leave. Not now.
Red: I did what I came to do, identified the Skinner.
Cooper: Who we now know has abducted a man capable of mass-producing the world’s most advanced microchips, as well as his wife and daughter.

[ One of the abductors, Portnoy, forces Chen Yu-Lan and his family ahead of him in a dark warehouse ]
Chen Yu-Lan: What’s happening? What are you doing?!
[ Portnoy⚡️slugs⚡️him ] [ Chen Yu-Lan grunts ]
[ Portnoy forces them to sit on the floor ]
Chen Yu-Lan: Why are you doing this?!
Portnoy: I’m doing this because I’m following orders. I was told to. If you’re smart, you’ll do the same.
[ Wei hugs Shu ] [ Breathing heavily ]

Red: I don’t know who his client is, but if I were the Skinner, I’d think big. The superpowers want to be self-sufficient. Who knows – it’s possible some government bankrolled this from the start.
Cooper: And you’re just gonna walk away?
Red: I recently spent time in a monastery above Boudhanath with sweeping views of Kathmandu, meditating alongside 36 Tibetan monks. I achieved an inner harmony there that was more mind-blowing than any psychedelic, and yet more fragile than, than– than an origami swan. That has to be cared for. If I stay here, it will be torn and crushed.
Cooper: Be honest – is this about inner peace or is this about my reluctance to reintroduce you into Agnes’ life – a reluctance I know you blatantly ignored?
Red: Yes. You have her watched. That was a pleasant surprise.
Cooper: Nothing will happen to that girl. Not while she’s in my care.
Red: She didn’t see me.
Cooper: We need your help. We can’t find the Skinner without it.
[ They arrive at Cooper’s house. He gets out ]
[ Weecha removes the comms device from her ear ]
Weecha: [ To Cooper ] Keeping the girl from him is cruel. Is that what you want? To be cruel?
[ Weecha gets back into the SUV ] [ Door closes, engine revs ]

[ Monitor beeping 🔅🔅🔅 ] [ Knock ✽ on door ]
[ Cooper enters Dembe’s hospital room along with Ressler, Park and Aram ]
Cooper: I’m told you’re feeling better.
Dembe: Hm. I am. [ Chuckling ] Mostly because I’m wasted.
Aram: Yeah, I think you’re entitled.
Park: You look good.
Ressler: Sorry to hear about your partner.
Dembe: Thank you. Are you all right? You look a mess.
Ressler: Okay. Is it really that bad?
Aram: Yeah, it, uh– it’s not great.
Dembe: Was I hallucinating, or was Raymond here?
Cooper: He was, but he’s gone.
Aram: Gone as in, like– he’s gone gone?
Cooper: It seems so.
Park: Along with his resources. His contacts. His jet. And any hope of finding the Skinner and the family he took.
Cooper: I don’t know about that. We know his real name and have a list of known addresses. I brought you a dossier.
Ressler: Wait. A dossier that you copied on Agnes’ printer?
[ Chuckles ]
Ressler: The, uh, unicorn stationary. It’s a nice touch.
Cooper: Okay, yes. We are a bit ragtag. We’re up against a well-financed Blacklister with no budget.
Aram: Or access to any databases and no authorization.
Park: And you thought we were here to cheer you up.
Dembe: Every two hours, an ICU nurse debrides me. She snips off dead skin with tweezers.

[ Flashback: ]
[ Dembe groans and winces and the nurse treats him ]

Dembe: It’s slow and painful. And it’s the only way to heal. We all have dead skin. All of us.
And healing will be slow and painful. But seeing you here, I can’t think of a better way to start.
Aram: So, um, now what?
Cooper: We have a case to solve. And no time to solve it. Which means we start right away. I’ll stay and bring Dembe up to speed. If you have anything to rearrange in your own lives, rearrange it and meet back here in an hour.
[ Jose Gonzalez’s ♪ “Head On” plays ]

♪ Action, reaction ♪
♪ Stay with it– ♪

[ Aram arrives back to his start-up’s location, only to be greeted by an agitated Nick Faria ]
Aram: Okay, okay.
Nick: Are you insane?
Aram: You talked to Conroy.
Nick: You went to his house?
Aram: I’m so– I’m so sorry. If there’s any way I can make it up to you, Nick– Uh-huh.
Nick: You could– drop your pants.
Aram: Except, uh, maybe that?
Nick: Mnh-mnh. I’m serious. I need to see ’em. “Stones”– and I quote– “the size of Montana.”
Aram: What– Uh, what are you talking about?
Nick: Conroy. I don’t know what you did, but the guy was impressed.
Aram: He said that? He said that about my stones?
Nick: That’s not all he said.
Aram: Did he say he’s in?
Nick: He said he’s intrigued. And he wants to hear more. Like, now.
Aram: As in now?
Nick: Yeah. As in, our dreams are about to come true. Well, unless you have somewhere else you’d rather be.
Aram: No. No. Uh– Yeah. Uh, uh, I wanted to also talk to you about that–
[ Alina Park is driving and talking to her husband ]
Park: Hey. No. Not yet. Yeah. Long day. But– Not at the office. I had a case. In the field. I know, I know. I should’ve told you. I’m sorry I didn’t. I know how you feel. I do. But a family was abducted. No. It’s not over. Not even for tonight.

♪ Update

[ Red sits in his plane, across from Mierce ]
Weecha: An agent is here. The bearded one.

♪ Head on

Ressler: [ Scoffs ] This is the last place I ever wanted to be.
Red: And yet here you are. Please, sit.
Ressler: Liz – she knew all about being where she didn’t want to be, doing what she didn’t want to do. Like running your empire. And all she wanted was a life with Agnes. But the Blacklist changed her mind, knowing the world would be safer with it than without it. I mean, that’s why she agreed to be your successor, why she gave up everything, including her life, to protect it, keep it running. And then she died. We all just walked away and left the Blacklist to die with her.
Red: A life with Agnes wasn’t all she wanted. She wanted a life with you.
Ressler: I know you don’t need this. I don’t, either. As painful as it was to walk away, it’s just as painful to come back. Maybe more. But the Blacklist was her calling, and if we loved her, it has to be ours. That’s why I came back, because as much as I hate you, I loved her more.
[ Ressler holds out the file on The Skinner. Red won’t take it ]
Ressler: His real name is Graeme Anderson. He was a foster kid, bounced around until he aged out. Two years unaccounted for, and then he does a year at Stanford, where he becomes obsessed with the French adventurer and smuggler Henry de Monfreid.
Red: Of course. A former Skinner. Why are you telling me all this?
Ressler: Graeme Anderson is the next name on the Blacklist. Your Blacklist, the one that Liz died for. And whether she died in vain is up to you.
[ Ressler gets up, drops the file on a plane seat, and leaves ]
Mierce: I like him. He has a good soul.
Red: I believe he does. I’m less certain about mine.

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Episode Songs


♫ Head On
By José González

♪ Action
Stay with it
Hang on
Deal with it
Head on
Head on

♪ Inhale
Wave coming
Speed up
Go slow
Put on your new boots and deal with it
While marching on
Head on

♪ Speak up
Stand down
Pick your battles
Look around
Pause your intuitions and deal with it
Head on
Head on
Head on
Head on

♪ Rent seekers
Value extractors
Corrupt oligarchs
Power snatchers
Pervert incentives
Ludic loops
Tribal troops

♪ Deflate
Hit the sweet spot
Ignore the hate
Forget your miracles
Forget your god
Join forces and deal with it
Head on
Head on
Head on
Head on
Head on

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/3m3N7X5
YouTube: https://youtu.be/4CyzpkgdIio

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🔴 Script 9:2 The Skinner – Conclusion (№ 45)

Program air date: 10/28/2021 in the US
Permalink: https://wp.me/pDKwi-cd6
EntertainmentWeekly: Recap: https://bit.ly/3Buz80F

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Matthew McLoota
Written by: Lukas Reiter, John Eisendrath



Brief (Where we’re at): It’s been two years since the death of Elizabeth Keen and the members of the Blacklist Task Force have scattered. Assistant Director Harold Cooper resigned (or retired) from the FBI and is now doing expert commentary on organized crime on tv (for NBC, of course!) Former Special Agent Donald Ressler has let his hair grow long and moved back home to an exurb of Detroit and is working as a car mechanic, possibly in his brother Robby’s garage. Computer whiz Aram Mojtabai has also left the FBI and has partnered with a man named Nick Faria in a computer security start-up named Greyscale looking for angel investors. Agent Alina Park is still in the FBI but is training new agents, having given up field work due to the stress. She is now married. A big surprise is that Red’s bodyguard and close friend, Dembe, is now FBI Special Agent Zuma, having acquired his position likely with help from Cooper who told him a couple of times that he’d “make a good cop.” (He likely was also able to scrub the record of his work in the criminal world with help from Red.)

And then there’s Red. None of the team has been in touch with him for at least a year and a half. But Cooper knows how to reach him. The reason: Liz left daughter Agnes in Cooper’s care. So when Dembe was severely burned on a case in which his partner, Ken Laver, was killed, and two dead perpetrators were found with the same mysterious tattoo on their arms, Dembe asked Cooper to find Red and see if he could identify the tattoo. So Cooper followed the agreed-upon protocol which meant a trip to Havana, Cuba, then to a bar where he was drugged and possibly transported to the Amazon, where Cooper finds him in the care of the mysterious Xiu sisters who speak Kaqchikel, an ancient Mayan language. Red’s head is clean-shaven, he’s put on weight, and has given up his three-piece suits and Scotch. He has somehow survived two years despite his terminal prognosis, crediting the two sisters. “Weecha guards my body, Mierce my soul.”

Despite Dembe’s request, Red is reluctant to become involved, fearing losing the inner peace he has managed to achieve. He also dreads his own darker impulses. But Cooper is able to get him to identify the tattoo – the letter “S” engulfed in flames – as belonging to “The Skinner,” an unbroken line of pirates dating back 700 years. The Skinner’s most recent target was a truckload of the world’s most valuable microchips, made by a Taiwanese company, SCG. Dembe was able to prevent the theft of the microprocessors, but the Skinner’s “Plan B” is to kidnap the Chief Technology Officer of the Company. So Cooper reassembled the task force members to prevent the abduction. However, they failed, as only Agent Park has a legal firearm and The Skinner used the daughter of the CTO as a human shield.

Without Red’s help, the reassembled task force will be stuck without the resources and intel they need to proceed. Red is in his plane about to go wheels up when Ressler shows up to implore Red not to abandon the effort, invoking Liz’s memory and hoping to revive The Blacklist. He leaves Red with a dossier on the current Skinner, compiled by Cooper with help from the tips from Red, which includes The Skinner’s real name and address and background information. After Ressler leaves, Mierce Xiu, Red’s spiritual advisor, approves of Ressler, saying “I like him. He has a good soul.” Red’s responds, “I believe he does. I’m less certain about mine.” Tbc.


⭕ Script 9:2 The Skinner Part 2 (№ 45)

[ Graeme Anderson, the current Skinner – the latest in a line of brigands stretching back 700 years – introduces his Client to his “treasure”: a man who holds the key to 80% of the world’s most valuable computer microprocessors. They are manufactured in Taiwan. Anderson first attempted to have his men hijack a truckload of the microchips themselves. When that plot failed, he came up with his “Plan B” and abducted the Chief Technology Officer of the company (SCG), Chen Yo-Lan, along with his wife Wei and daughter Shu. The family is huddled together on a cot in the corner of a warehouse ]
Graeme Anderson (The Skinner): Chen Yu-Lan, meet your future patron.
Client: (Alarmed) What the hell is this? This is nuts. Come here.
[ The Client pulls Anderson aside ]
Client: This isn’t about microchips anymore. This is kidnapping. In what stretch of reality would kidnapping become part of the plan?
Anderson: The plan failed, so I came up with a better plan. SCG segregates each department so no one person knows the secret of how to make its precious chip. No one except dear Mr. Chen.
Wei: (To the Client) Please help us. Please, sir, please.
Client: Oh, my God. This is just insanity.
Anderson: Not at all. SCG makes a critical supply of the world’s most advanced microchip.
Client: We don’t want to corner the market.
Anderson: Many of the cars your employers make aren’t running because they can’t acquire enough chips to make them run. I’m offering them an endless supply.
Client: You know what? We don’t want anything to do with this.
Anderson: (Losing patience) Good. A state actor, then? A superpower with the vision that you clearly lack.
Client: And what about Mr. Chen and his family?
Anderson: Well, they’re no longer your concern.
[ Graeme Anderson shoots the Client 💥 ]
[ All screaming ‼️ ]
— No!
[ Screams ‼️ ]
Anderson: I think we know the moral to that story.
[ All whimpering ]
Anderson: Do as I say so I won’t have to do as I do. Understood? ⋘⋙ [ To Chen ] Yes, no? ⋘⋙ Plan “B.” You’re gonna die when you hear it.

[ Dembe, formerly Red’s bodyguard but now an FBI agent, is driving. Ressler, no longer an agent, sits alongside him. They are arguing about protocol ]
Dembe: It’s the only way this works.
Ressler: Then it’s not gonna work.
Dembe: I can’t go in.
Ressler: Why? ‘Cause you’re still wounded?
Dembe: Because we don’t have a warrant yet. I can’t enter without one.
Ressler: Oh, but, so, you can’t, but I can?
Dembe: I’m an FBI agent. You’re not.
Ressler: Look, Anderson abducted a family, a husband, a wife, an 11-year-old daughter. We have probable cause to enter his home.
Dembe: And I will, as soon as Park gets the warrant. Otherwise, anything I find that proves his guilt will get tossed out of court.
Ressler: Hey, I know the rules of evidence. But I’m not just gonna sit there waiting.
Dembe: Then don’t. We’re legally on thin ice anyway. You’re arguably acting as an agent of the Bureau.
Ressler: So, you’re the Good Cop and I’m the Bad Guy now? [ Laughs ] Oh, this just gets better and better.
[ Ressler breaks into the apartment at the address listed in the dossier Cooper assembled on Graeme Anderson. Finding nothing, he returns ]
Dembe: You said the place was upscale, but not lived in. Raymond has places like that. Why? Because he can. Because he has resources, which means The Skinner does, too. Resources we can’t match.
Ressler: So, why’d you become an agent? I mean, Reddington always has some secret agenda. What’s yours?
Dembe: What you found is that we’re outmatched, that unless we get help, we’ll never find the hostages or avenge the death of my partner, not that you care much. Third degree burns, and the biggest pain I’ve got is you. [ Sighs ]
[ Ressler places a call ] [ Cellphone keys beeping 🔅🔅🔅 and dialing ••• ] [ Line ringing ✨]
Ressler: Yeah, it’s me. I think you need to reach out to the senator.

[ The Halls of Congress ] [ People chattering indistinctly ]
[ Harold Cooper catches up with Cynthia Panabaker. Panabaker oversaw the Reddington task force from various positions in the CIA and then as National Security Advisor ]
Cooper: Cynthia.
Cynthia Panabaker: That’s “Senator Cynthia” to you. To what do I owe the displeasure?
Cooper: And I thought absence made the heart grow fonder.
Panabaker: I am fond of you when you’re absent. Up close, I vacillate between fear and loathing.
Cooper: Your briefing with the Secretary has to wait.
Panabaker: Aren’t you a talking head now? Chitchatting about crime and terrorism till you’re booted for the segment on how to make the perfect hot wing?
[ She is referring to Cooper’s recent appearances on tv as an expert commentator on organized crime, intelligence and all things FBI ]
Cooper: This is important, Senator.
Panabaker: I’m sure it is, Harold. That’s what I’m afraid of.

[ Cooper and Senator Panabaker have moved to a conference room ]
Cooper: I’m sure you know about the attempted theft of the SCG microchips. What you may not know is that Dembe Zuma is the reason they weren’t taken.
Panabaker: I heard he was with the Bureau. I can only imagine what heartstring you had to pull to make that happen.
Cooper: He’s been badly hurt, his partner killed. For his troubles, he’s been benched pending an investigation.
Panabaker: So, he turned to you.
Cooper: And I got the band back together.
Panabaker: What band? There is no band. I disbanded the band. Voided Reddington’s immunity agreement.
Cooper: He’s given us a lead.
Panabaker: A lead on what?
Cooper: The microchips weren’t taken, but the engineer, Chen Yu-Lan, who knows how to make them, was. Imagine that information in the hands of our enemies. Technology that powers your phone, your car, the Internet. And once they have it, imagine them cutting us off from getting it.
Panabaker: I haven’t heard about any abduction. Is anyone claiming responsibility?
Cooper: Yes, a 700-year-old pirate.
Panabaker: Does Reddington know any run-of-the-mill criminals?
Cooper: The Skinner is the latest in a long line of brigands, a nom de guerre passed from one generation to the next. The current Skinner is Graeme Anderson. He abducted the engineer and his family. We can’t solve this case without your help.
Panabaker: [ Sighs lightly ] If, hypothetically speaking, I was to help, what would you need?

[ A clanking cargo elevator door opens. Cooper, Alina Park, Aram Mojtabai and Donald Ressler cautiously step out into their old digs, a dark site located in the bowels of the old post office. It is ghostlike now. Dust and debris have settled on the vinyl sheeting covering all of the furniture. The place appears not to have been used since the task force disbanded two years ago following Liz’s death ]
Cooper: Panabaker sliced us a small piece of black ops funding and a promise for tactical assistance if needed.
Aram: What about access to CODIS [ the “Combined DNA Index System” ] and Bureau databases?
Cooper: They’re ours as soon as you and Agent Park access the system.
[ Park’s cellphone ringing ✨~ The call is from her husband Peter ]
Cooper: Agent Park. We’re on a clock.
Park: Right. Sorry. [ Cellphone beeps🔅 ]

[ Ressler enters the office he once shared with Liz. Red is sitting there; Weecha Xiu, who provides his protection, stands nearby ]
Ressler: What are you doing?
Red: Perseverating. About what you said. About honoring Elizabeth.
Ressler: [ Agitated ] I mean, what are you doing here in her office?
Red: I believe I already answered that question, Donald.
[ Cooper enters switches the lights on ] [ Electricity⚡️buzzes ]
Cooper: You’re back.
Red: For the moment.
Cooper: Let me bring you up to speed.
Red: How about we do that in your office?
[ Cooper turns and leaves ]
[ Red addresses Ressler, who still seems agitated ]
Red: Just go slowly. It’ll come.
Ressler: What’ll come?
Red: I don’t know. Whatever it is. Tomorrow, I suppose.

[ Birds chirping ] [ Graeme Anderson (The Skinner) and Chen Yo-Lan drive by a medium-sized commercial building belonging to the Taiwanese microprocessor company SCG, Chen’s employer ]
Chen Yo-Lan: This is just a satellite office. Please. Your plan will not work.
Skinner: It has to work. I have bidders lined up for the processing software and the man who can run it. You’re the man, and now you’re gonna get me that software.
Chen: The program you want is only kept in Taiwan.
Anderson: I’m not an idiot, Mr. Chen. There’s computers in that building that can access the SCG mainframe in Taipei. Am I wrong?
Chen: There are security protocols.
Anderson: Well, you’re the CTO. If anyone can bypass them, I’m betting you can.
Chen: And when I do, you will let my family go?
Anderson: Whatever happens to them is entirely in your hands. You have until 5:00. Oh, and, Mr. Chen, I have someone on the inside. Everything you say or do, I’ll know.
[ Chen gets out ]
[ Car door closes ]
Anderson: [ To the driver ] You hungry? I want a omelet from Tempo. The fluffy kind that makes you feel like you’re eating a cloud. Or we could rob a convenience store, or take candy from a baby. Something to pass the time, hmm? Chen’s got a nice family. I hope he gets what I need.

[ Cooper’s office ] [ Cooper and Red sit down. Aram stands ]
Cooper: We know The Skinner abducted Chen and his family. We don’t know if anyone hired him to do it.
Aram: There’s nothing from State or Langley to suggest The Skinner is working for Russia, China, or North, um– I’m, I’m sorry, but, uh, what happened to your hair?
[ Aram is referring to Red’s clean-shaven head ]
Red: Oh. [ Chuckles ] Straight razor. Weecha does my face and my head in one fell swoop. We don’t have enough electricity where we live to waste any on clippers or other electronics. Just the fridge and the CD player. But I can tell you, one of life’s great simple pleasures is seeing a woman, naked, out on the porch, with a bowl of hot water shaving her legs with a straight razor. It’s captivating.
[ Aram looks at Weecha ]
[ Drawer closes ]
Cooper: Bastards took my Scotch.
Red: I’ve been drinking a lot of rum. Slow-aged in the mountains. Rich and delicious. We get barrels of the stuff from Weecha and Mierce’s family.
Aram: Cool. Uh, there’s nothing in the Bureau’s database about Chen’s disappearance, and SCG hasn’t reported him missing.
Cooper: That’s all we have. I know not to ask you how you can help us, but I know you can, and I hope your being here means you will.
Red: ⋘⋙ Donald paid me a visit recently. He reminded me that Elizabeth only agreed to take over my affairs because she– [ Inhales deeply and scoffs ] –felt duty-bound to continue the Blacklist. That’s why she was there that night. Doing her duty. I’m not here just to help you, Harold. I’m here because it’s what she would want. [ Breathes sharply ] I’ll bring you a case of that rum. It’s a swift kick to the head, and no headache.

[ Downstairs from the landing where Cooper’s office is located, Dembe encounters Weecha ]
Dembe: If you ever want to talk about what he likes or dislikes–
Weecha: I know what he likes and dislikes.
[ Red sees Dembe ]
Red: Dembe, I’m glad you’re feeling better. Agent Park, congratulations on your marriage. Not so much on your recent freelance work.
Park: How do you know about that?
Red: I pay attention. Or pay people to pay attention for me. Nasty bit of business. But your Peter seems like a ray of sunshine.
[ Elevator door clanks ]

Park: [ To Cooper ] I found Chen. He’s here in DC, at work. The company has a satellite office across the river. Chen showed up for his meetings this morning like nothing ever happened.
Cooped: Aram, Agent Park, get to that office. If Chen’s okay, then maybe his family is, too. If they’re not, then he’s pretending. I want to know why.

[ At the CSG satellite site, Chen Yo-Lan sites down at a workstation and attempts to access the software and manufacturing instructions Graeme Anderson has demanded in exchange for the safety of his family. But he needs help from someone physically located at the company headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan. He calls his assistant, Kuo Pai-Han. Kuo is the person Graham Anderson previously beat with a golf iron to get information on Chen’s travel schedule and hotel, information Anderson used to kidnap Chen and his family ]
[ Cellphone keys beeping🔅🔅🔅and dialing ✨ ] [ Ringing✨ ] [ Cellphone beeps🔅 ]
[ Both speaking Mandarin (with subtitles) ]
Kuo Pai-Han (Chen’s Assistant): Mr Chen.
Chen Yo-Lan (CSG’s CTO): I need you to access my files. On my hard drive. Do it now!
Kuo: Okay. What’s going on? What’s wrong?
[ Keys clacking ]
Chen: There’s a program on the desktop. The file name is just a series of numbers, ending in 6-3-2-9. The program will put the network in diagnostic mode, suspend its tracking capability–
[ Keys clacking ]
Kuo: You’re over-riding its security protocols.
Chen: Yes. I need to download the programming files. If the network is in diagnostic mods, tge system won’t trigger an alarm. I don’t have time to explain. I’m sorry to involve you. But there’s a man — he’s holding Wei and Shu. If I don’t do as he says, they will surely be killed.
Kuo: Yes.
Chen: What do you mean, “Yes”? Pai-Han, what are you saying? [ Angrily ] What did you do?!
Kuo: I’m the one who involved you.
Chen: What?
Kuo: [ Emotionally ] You have to do what he says!
Chen: Then for the sake of our families, run the program!
[ Kuo’s finger hovers over his mouse ]

[ Red and former Skinner Vincent Duke are talking in a parked vehicle ]
Vincent Duke: You said you’d take care of it. I told you where to find him. I teed him up, and you shanked it. Now you’ve come to my club and put me off my game.
Red: I was once struck by lightning on a golf course while playing in Tripoli. Gaddafi was dead, and to honor the small part I played in his unceremonious demise, the leader of the NTC invited me to play a round on the dictator’s private course. One minute, I’m standing on the 12th green, the next, I’m in a desert encampment with a lovely raven-haired freedom fighter who’s administering to my burns with the touch of a lover’s stroke.
Vincent: I’m not calling him.
Red: This Skinner is your successor. You hand-picked him to take over when you retired. Now he’s killed an FBI agent, abducted the CTO of the world’s largest microchip manufacturer, and he’s threatening to create an international incident that will ruin your historic reputation.
Vincent: Why do you care about our reputation?
Red: Anderson is the 22nd Skinner – twenty-two generations of torch-passing. I couldn’t do it once. I admire what you all have built. I don’t want to see it ruined.
Vincent: I’m retired, not senile. What aren’t you telling me?
Red: I’ll tell you after you talk him off the ledge.
Vincent: I’m the president of my condo association. Garbage pick-up. Grounds management. That’s what I do now, argue about yard signs with snowbirds, not try and talk sense to a lunatic.
Red: The charter, then. I know you have the power to invoke it.
Vincent: Even if I wanted to, and I’m not saying I do, because I don’t, I couldn’t do it without my predecessor.
Red: The Captain. Is it true that she had affairs during the Paris Peace Talks with both Kissinger and Le Duc Tho?
Vincent: The charter’s never been invoked. Not once in 700 years.
Red: Then it’ll be a bolt out of the blue. I lived to tell about my rather gentle lightning strike. If we do this right, Anderson won’t be so lucky.

[ Back in Taipei, Kuo Pai-Han clicks “Enter” to begin the computer download ]
[ Computer beeps🔅⚠️🔅 A warning comes up ]
[ Both speaking Mandarin ]

[ Computer beeping🔅🔅🔅 ]
Kuo Pai-Han: No. No. No. No.
Chen Yo-Lan: What’s wrong?
Kuo: There’s new software o; the network. It must be because of the robbery at the post, the investigation.
Chen: It won’t execute.
Kuo: It will — but the alarm will be triggered.
Chen: Then it’s impossible.
Kuo: No. You’d be able to download the program undetected. The alarm would lead here.
Chen: To you?
Kuo: Yes.
[ Kuo presses “Enter” ] [ 🚨 Blaring ‼️ 🚨 Blaring ‼️ 🚨 Blaring ‼️ 🚨 ]
Kuo: It’s done.
Chen: Thank you.

[ Aram and Park walk outside of the satellite office of SCG in Washington DC ]
Park: What am I missing? Why would The Skinner abduct Chen only to release him a day later?
Aram: Maybe he escaped, but if he did, why go to work and not the police?
[ A small red car pulls out. Chen is driving ]
Aram: Check it out. That’s him.
Park: Shoot. [ mild oath ]
[ They get into their car. Park drives. They chase Chen’s car, swerving in and out of traffic as Chen tries to get away. Chen glances nervously at the computer hard drive with the downloaded software ]
[ Siren 🚨wailing ]
[ Cellphone ringing ✨ It’s Peter ]
Park: [ To Aram ] You’re not here. We’re not doing this.
Aram: Uh, but, uh, we are. I’m pretty sure Pete deserves to know.
Park: [ Sighs ] [ Cellphone beeps🔅 ] Hi, sweetie.
Peter: [ On phone ] Hey. Any chance we could have lunch? Talk things over?
Park: I wish. But I’m kind of in the middle of something right now.
[ Wailing 🚨continues ]
Peter: The case.
Park: Pete, I’m not a field agent. I’m doing a friend a favor. One.
Peter: One?
Park: One, and not a risky one.
[ Park swerves to avoid a crash ] [ Aram groans ]
Park: I promise. A walk in the park. But we’ll talk about it tonight, okay? I have to go.
Peter: Okay. Be safe.
[ Siren 🚨 wailing ]
Aram: Um, okay, uh, the street, it’s down there. Oh, Alina! Car! Car! Whoa, whoa, whoa! Oh!
[ ⚡️Tires screech⚡️ ] [ Horn honks 🔊 ]
Aram: Okay.
[ Wailing 🚨 continues ]
[ Park chases Chen’s car until shs is able to pull directly in front of him, forcing him to stop ]
[ ⚡️Tires screech⚡️ ]
Aram: [ Grunts ] Oh, okay. Phew! I’m driving next time.
[ Seat belts unlock ]
Aram: Seriously.
Park: Ah.
[ They get out, draw their weapons and go over the Chen’s car ]
Aram: FBI! Hands on the wheel, now.
[ Chen complies ]
Aram: [ To Park ] “Just a walk in the park.”
[ Agent Park smirks ]

[ Interrogation ]
Park: You don’t know the address, but can you describe the building? What part of the city it–
Chen: I was blindfolded. In and out. All I have is a number.
Aram: To a burner phone, which is untraceable.
Chen: Which is why you have to let me go, so I can call and free my family.
Park: That’s it, then, you give him this [ the hard drive ], and he lets you and your family go.
Chen: My family, yes.
Aram: Your family, but not you. That’s it, isn’t it? You’re trading your life for theirs.
Chen: I don’t care what happens to me. My wife and my daughter– They’re all that matter.

[ Vincent Duke and Red arrive at the Solomon Bay retirement home where Vincent is known as Norman Beauregard ]
Ernesto: Good to see you, Mr. Beauregard. It’s been a while.
Vincent Duke: Good to see you, too, Ernesto. I’ve been in California, on trial in the Central District. Quite the drama.
Ernesto: Yeah, well, this client of yours is no stranger to drama, either.
Vincent: Alberta?
Ernesto: She’s been in a state all morning.
Vincent: Well, what’s the trouble?
[ They enter the building. An elderly but attractive woman sits there ]
Alberta: [ Angrily, loudly ] I’ll tell you the trouble. One of these bastards stole my phone!
Vincent: Your cellphone?
Alberta: Yeah, that’s right. [ To other residents, loudly ] Look away! [ To Vincent ] I am not crazy. I had it right here, and now it’s gone.
Vincent: Easy, dear. How do you feel?
Alberta: Like beating to death anybody who asks me how I feel.
Vincent: [ Sighs ]
Alberta: [ Seductively ] Who’s this?
Red: [ Chuckles ] Ms. Gilbert, or Alberta. May I call you Alberta?
Margaret Collins: [ To Vincent ] Oh, thank goodness I caught you. Mr. Beauregard?
Vincent: Hmm?
Margaret Collins: Margaret Collins. I’m the new Director of Resident Relations.
Vincent: You look concerned, dear. Not to worry. Nobody’s having relations with the residents.
[ Both laugh ]
Collins: But if I could just have a word with you privately?
[ They step aside ]
Collins: I know you called ahead to say you’d like to take Alberta out for the afternoon.
Vincent: Same as always.
Collins: Well, unfortunately, things aren’t quite the same as always. I’m sorry to say, Alberta’s had a small setback.
Vincent: What kind of setback?
Collins: We’re not sure yet. I can’t share medical information, but as you’re her attorney, I feel comfortable saying her dementia appears to be progressing. I’m afraid her nephew Douglas has left strict instructions that Alberta is not to leave the grounds under any circumstances. He’s been trying to reach a specialist about evaluating her condition. If–
Red: [ Stammers ] I’m sorry. I’m Walter Brenneman. Or Dr. Brenneman, but, please, call me Walter.
Collins: Oh, uh, you’re a doctor?
Red: I am. I couldn’t help but overhear. In fact, I’m the very specialist you were just referring to. Uh, Norm here and I are old golfing buddies, and he asked if I’d come and spend some time with Alberta. I’m a neuroscientist, first and foremost. Normally, of course, I wouldn’t be available to take on new patients. My research at Mayo is–
Collins: The Mayo Clinic?
Red: Yes.
Collins: Wow, Wow. That is wonderful.
[ Both chuckle ]
Collins: So, you knew about Alberta’s setback?
Vincent: I did. Uh, Douglas and I spoke. He sounded distraught, so I promised to pull a few strings. [ Cellphone beeps 🔅and dials✨ ] Let me get Doug on the phone. [ On phone ] Yeah, hi, Norman Beauregard. Is he available? Oh, darn. Yeah, I see. Well, have him call me right away. [ Phone beeps 🔅 ]
Vincent: [ To Margaret Collins ] He’s in off-site meetings all afternoon.
Red: Ouch. [ Inhales sharply ] I mean, I could try and come back another day. Oh, no, I’m in Brussels next week for a conference.
Collins: No, no, we appreciate you taking the time. I’m sure it would be fine under Mr. Beauregard’s supervision. [ To Vincent ] And since you spoke with Douglas–
Vincent: Hmm. Yes? Wonderful.
Red: Okeydoke.

[ Outside of the building, Red and Vincent walk with Alberta ]
Alberta: Where are we going?
Vincent: I want to invoke the charter to remove Anderson. I can’t do that without you.
Alberta: What’s wrong with Anderson?
Red: He’s noticeable. Your legacy survives because it isn’t.
Alberta: Who the hell is this guy?
Vincent: That’s Raymond Reddington.
Alberta: [ Surprise and disbelief ] No. [ To Red ] You. Come closer. I’ll be damned. Give me a kiss. A good one.
Red: We’re in a bit of a rush.
Alberta: You want my help, it’s the cost of doing business. Open-mouth.
Red: We’re parked in a fire lane.
Alberta: No tongue, no invoking the charter.
[ Red gives Alberta a kiss. A good one ] [ … ]
Alberta: Let’s blow this Popsicle stand.
[ The Post Office war room ] [ Aram gives background on computer chips to Cooper, Dembe, Park and Ressler ]
Aram: Microchips are like coated wafers. The idea is to cram on the microscopic subatomic features that are the basis of the chip’s performance. Now, this software is a guide for manipulating atoms one-tenth the size of a human hair or less.
Cooper: And Chen knows how to operate it.
Ressler: Meaning The Skinner has two key ingredients for making the chips.
Aram: SCG chips. The most advanced in the world. So advanced that – and this is one of those impossible but true factoids – no one in Silicon Valley or Zhongguancun or anywhere else on Earth knows how to make them.
Park: So, an already vulnerable market susceptible to catastrophic disruptions in the supply chain can be controlled by whoever has Chen and the software?
Ressler: Which, at the moment, is us.
Dembe: We don’t control anything.
Ressler: We don’t, but America could.
Dembe: Only if we got Chen to cooperate and give the government a hard drive that doesn’t belong to us.
Ressler: We’re talking about technology that makes the world go ’round.
Dembe: Which is why we shouldn’t steal it.
Ressler: When you and Reddington took something, it was stealing.
Aram: When America does it, it’s manifest destiny.
Cooper: The only people whose destiny I’m concerned with right now are Chen’s wife and daughter.
Park: Chen was supposed to call The Skinner when he gets the software.
Cooper: Then that’s exactly what he’s going to do.

[ Chen calls Graeme Anderson ]
Chen Yo-Lan: I have it, the software.
Graeme Anderson: Do you? I wonder.
Chen: I can bring it to you. I just need to talk to my wife first.
Anderson: I haven’t heard from my inside man. Why is that?
Chen: I just need to talk to Wei.
[ Anderson beckons for Wei to come over ]
Wei: [ Breathes sharply ] [ Voice breaking ] Yu-Lan.
Chen: Wei!
[ Chen and Wei speak Mandarin ]
Chen: Are you okay? Is Shu okay?
Wei: [ Crying ] Yes. We’re both okay.
[ Anderson takes the phone ]
Anderson: One hour. 2440 Junior Terrace.
[ Cellphone beeps🔅and clicks✵ shut ] [ Line beeps🔅 ]
Chen: What do we do now?
Aram: Get your family back.

[ Aram and Park prepare Chen Yo-Lan for the op ]
Chen: I’m not giving him the program?
Aram: Not the real one, no.
Chen: I have to give it to him!
Park: We can’t risk the real one falling into enemy hands.
Chen: And I can’t risk him killing my family!
Aram: Of course not, which is why we’ve only made a few modifications, imperceptible changes in millions of lines of code. Only a handful of experts in the entire world would have any clue that it’s not the genuine article.
Park: We know what we’re doing. I know it’s hard, but, please, trust us.
Chen: Tell me again.
Aram: The meeting point is likely a pick-up. Wherever they take you, we will track you with these.
[ Aram takes out a pair of glasses ]
Aram: Totally undetectable. The listening components are baked into the frame. We’re gonna be with you the entire time, and when he releases your family, the SWAT team will hit the building, save you, and arrest the others.

[ Cooper’s office ] [ Cooper meets with Senator Panabaker ]
Cooper: We have the engineer.
Panabaker: The one who knows how to make the microchips as well as the processing software he needs to make them?
Cooper: The proprietary software, yes.
Panabaker: Look around, Harold. What do you see? What you see is me out on a limb calling in favors to get you this office, to put this God-forsaken task force back in business. What you see is a senator you should thank while giving me the program this country needs to make its own high-end semiconducting chips without relying on a foreign power.
Cooper: So we should steal it? How does that make us any better than Graeme Anderson?!
Panabaker: Anderson’s a criminal looking to turn a profit. We’re patriots with an obligation to safeguard this nation. Where is it now?
Cooper: I won’t answer that.
Panabaker: We’re talking international politics, Harold. Spycraft, war. It’s more complicated than right and wrong.
Cooper: Not to me, it isn’t.
[ Panabaker turns and leaves ] [ Door closes ✽ ]

[ Ressler walks into the darkened office he used to share with Liz. He fingers a small box of pills. (He’s had problems with addiction in his past.) Cooper walks up behind him ]
Cooper: Maybe I was wrong. For reaching out to you in Detroit. Maybe it’s too much being here. If it is–
Ressler: But- it’s not.
Cooper: If it is, we’d all understand.
[ Footsteps approaching ]
Dembe: It’s time to meet.
Ressler: All right, let’s do it. Look, I’m good.
Cooper: Then roll out.

[ Chen walks along a sidewalk. A car pulls up ] [⚡️Brakes squeal⚡️]
Portnoy: Show me the drive.
[ Chen shows him the drive. He gets into the car ]
[ Dembe, Ressler and Park follow the car ] [ Gearshift clicks❅ ]
Ressler: Hey, Aram, are you seeing this?
Aram: [ Over comms from Post Office ] All over it. The building looks like some kind of shipping warehouse. Public records show just over 58,000 square feet for the complex, owned by a shell company called Goldenshore Industries.
Dembe: We can’t cover that kind of space with just us.
Cooper: Way ahead of you. SWAT units have been dispatched to that location.
[ Chen is escorted into the warehouse by Portnoy ]
Graeme Anderson: Tell me you got it.
[ Portnoy hands him the hard drive ]
Anderson: I knew you could do it. Now that it’s done, I can tell you all these guys bet against you but me. Total confidence.
[ The task force listens in via the audio surveillance embedded in Chen’s glasses ]
Dembe: That’s Anderson.
Cooper: We sit tight until he releases Chen’s wife and daughter.
Chen: My family, where are they?
Anderson: Comfortable. Having sodas and snacks down the hall.
Chen: You said you’d let them go.
Anderson: No, Yu-Lan, that’s not what I said. I think you’re forgetting an “if.” I’m pretty sure I said I’d let them go if you did what I asked.
Chen: I got you the program. Well,
Anderson: I know you say you got me the program, but how the hell would I know? I mean, I’m a sharp guy, but I don’t know a damn thing about software code. Which is why I went and kidnapped an expert.
Aram: We’re fine. I mean, there are maybe five people on the planet who have the skill to assess that code in under three days —
Anderson: This is Mr. Sato Akimasa, professor in the field of information technology.
Aram: — And he’s one of them.
[ Anderson hands the hard drive to Sato Akimasa who inserts it into a computer ]
Anderson: You okay, Mr. Chen? You don’t look so good.
Park: He’s cracking. I’m telling you, he won’t hold up.
[ Chen panics and reveals the op ]
Chen: It wasn’t my idea. I wanted to give you the program, but they refused!
Anderson: What wasn’t your idea? Who refused?
Chen: The FBI. They’re outside now. They’re listening.
[ Chen gives the surveillance glasses to Anderson who ✽ crunches ✽ them with his foot ]
[ ⚡️Static crackles⚡️ ]
Dembe: We’re going in.
[ Dembe, Park and Ressler jump out of the SUV ] [ Vehicle doors close ] [ They run toward the warehouse ]
Aram: Sir, there’s only three of them. They cannot go in blind. We do not know how many of them they’re up against.

[ Ressler, Dembe and Park enter the warehouse, guns drawn ]
Park: This place is massive. Where the hell are they?
Ressler: Aram, we’re gonna need some help here.
Aram: Working on it, I’m trying to access any blueprints on file with the city.
Ressler: Now, Chen’s family may not have that kind of time.
Park: Dembe took the east side of the building. We can’t stay here. We have to keep moving.
[ Gun cocks ]
Anderson: What did you do? I warned you what would happen.
Chen Yo-Lan: No! I didn’t go to them!
Anderson: [ Shouting ] Bring ’em out, let’s go. Apparently, we have some company!
Dembe: I hear Anderson. Southeast corner.
Anderson: [ Continues shouting ] It’s time to greet our guests!
Ressler: All right. On our way.
[ Ressler, Park and Dembe move to the southeast corner of the warehouse. They can see Anderson and his men and the hostage family but they remain hidden ]
Anderson: [ Continues shouting ] Olly Olly Oxen Free! ⋘⋙ Nobody wants to play? ⋘⋙ Well, perhaps I can provide motivation to participate.
[ Gun fires 💥] [ ‼️ Screaming ‼️ ] [ Wei falls ]
Chen: Wei! Wei!
Cooper: Who’s firing? Report.
Dembe: [ Low voice, to Cooper ] He just shot Chen’s wife in the leg.
[ Shouting and crying ]
Anderson: [ Shouting ] I can’t kill Chen. He’s the golden goose! But the others are entirely up for grabs. Show yourselves. Show yourselves!
Dembe: I believe he’ll kill them.
Ressler: So do I. Cooper, how do you want to play this?
Cooper: Don’t give up your weapons. Hold your position.
Anderson: Still no takers?
Chen: [ Pleading ] Come out! I told them you’re here! Agent Zuma!
Anderson: [ Loudly ] Agent Zuma.
[ Anderson pulled Dembe’s ID from his pocket the day he also shot and killed Dembe’s partner, Ken Laver ]
Anderson: Well, look at that. You found me. I’d say I’m about to find you.
[ Anderson grabs Shu, Chen’s daughter ]
— No! No! No!
Anderson: The next one–
— No!
Anderson: –goes in the girl.
— No! No!
Ressler: He’s gonna kill her.
Cooper: Ressler, stay where you are.
Shu: [ Crying ] Please!
[ Gun fires 💥💥 ] [ Anderson shoots into the ceiling ]
[ Shouts ] [ Bullets casings clatter ]
Shu: Please!
Ressler: All right, all right! I’m coming out. All right, just hold your fire.
Shu: [ Breathing quickly ]
Anderson: That’s one. [ Shouting ] Agent Zuma. You and whoever’s with you has about three seconds before things end badly.
[ Anderson holds his gun to Shu’s head ]
Chen: No!
Wei: No! Wait, no!
Shu: [ Begging ] Please, please, please! Please!
Dembe: [ Low voice over comms ] I’m sorry, Harold.
Shu: No!
Dembe: The only move now is to buy time. Get backup here as soon as you can.
Shu: Please! [ Sobbing ] No, no! Please. No.
[ Dembe steps out, followed by Park ]
Anderson: I warned you not to pursue this.
Dembe: FBI SWAT’s on their way.
Anderson: Great, thanks for the heads-up. We’ll be sure to kill you quickly.
Park: That won’t change anything. The Bureau knows who you are.
Anderson: I’ll take my chances. Take Chen and the family out of here. I’ll deal with them later.
Shu: No! No!
[ Portnoy steps forward ]
Portnoy: Sir, we got a situation at the front entrance.
Anderson: Hold them off.
Portnoy: It’s not the FBI.
Red: Mr. Anderson!
[ Weapons cock ]
Anderson: What the hell is this?
Red: We haven’t met. Y-You’re familiar, of course, with Vincent Duke and The Captain.
[ Vincent Duke, the prior Skinner, and “The Captain” (aka Alberta Gilbert), the Skinner before Duke, have come with Red ]
Anderson: You’re Raymond Reddington.
Red: Imagine, the three of you in one room. Somebody get a cat. Let’s see how many Skinners it takes to–
[ Anderson points his gun at Red ]
Red: Not in the mood for jokes? Fair enough. It has been a long day all around.
Anderson: What are you doing here? How’d you find me?
Vincent Duke: We issued a Code Red, which, if you’d bothered to read the bylaws, gives former Skinners access to when, where, and what their successor is doing.
Alberta: Or, in this case, doing badly. I don’t mind ruthless. In fact, I’m quite aroused by it. It’s stupidity that dries me like the Sahara. And killing a federal agent and snatching an innocent family, that’s about as stupid as you can get.
Anderson: I already told you, it’s not your brand anymore.
Red: Unfortunately for you, it’s not yours, either.
Anderson: [ Chuckles ] What are you talking about?
Red: You’re a caretaker. A steward. A trustee in a long line of trustees, and if you violate that trust, there is a charter that details how you can be removed.
Vincent Duke: By us. If two former leaders vote to remove the current Skinner, he’s out, effective immediately.
Anderson: [ Laughs ] You can’t be serious.
Vincent: I vote you out.
Alberta: I agree. Out you go.
Anderson: This isn’t student government. You can’t remove me because I decided not to serve ice cream in the cafeteria.
Red: You didn’t serve ice cream? Oh, my gosh, if they’d known. Forget about it.
Anderson: Shoot them. Shoot them all. Did you hear me? That was an order.
Portnoy: Sir –
Anderson: Fine. I’ll do it myself.
[ Weapons cock. The Skinner organization’s soldiers all point their guns at Anderson ]
Portnoy: Sir, drop your weapon, or I will fire.
Anderson: What are you talking about? You’re listening to them? You work for me.
Portnoy: No, we work for the organization. The organization has rules. We follow them. And so do they.
Anderson: Yeah? Well, sometimes rules are meant to be broke– [ 💥 Portnoy shoots Anderson ]
[ Body thuds ]
Red: We should go before the cavalry arrives.
Vincent: Make sure the family’s safe. Once we’re gone, let everyone go.
Portnoy: It’s good to have you back, sir.

[ Vincent, Alberta and Red walk away from the scene ]
Vincent: Once he was off the ledge, you said you’d explain your interest in our organization.
So, explain it.
Red: The line of succession.
Vincent: I hadn’t thought about it coming back to me. Taking over again.
Alberta: I can’t think of anything that sounds worse. It’s like meeting the First Lady after you’ve slept with the President.
Red: [ Laughs ] Do you want to run things, Vincent?
Vincent: The only thing I want to run is my condo association.
Red: In that case, I have a suggestion.
Vincent: Ah, that’s it. You want to pick my successor.
Red: The Skinners are legendary. With the right person in charge, I don’t think there’s a limit to their reach and power. And as luck would have it, I think I know who the right person would be.

[ Red is with Mierce and Weecha, parked in their SUV, again watching Agnes’s team playing soccer ]
[ Children shouting playfully ]
Mierce; You did what you came for. There is nothing here but heartbreak.
Red: I don’t believe that. I can’t believe it. One more stop. If I don’t get the answer I’m looking for, we’ll go.

[ Lock disengages ] [ Light switch clicks❅ ] [ Keys jingling✨] [ Door closes ]
Cynthia Panabaker: [ Inhales sharply ] What are you doing here?
[ Red is sitting in a comfortable overstuffed chair ]
Red: Thinking about that beautiful, sad Wyeth painting you have in the next room. I didn’t know you were so melancholy, with all your little colloquialisms and snappy repartee.
Panabaker: What do you want?
Red: Something you can’t give me. But which I can’t get without your help. So, I thought perhaps we might help each other.

[ Cooper sits across a table from Chen Yo-Lan ]
Cooper: We’re just relieved you and your family are safe.
Chen: And Kuo Pai-Han? My associate in Taiwan?
Cooper: We spoke to the authorities in Taipei. He’s being released. Both he and his family will be fine.
[ Cooper gives Chen the hard drive containing SCG’s intellectual property for building its valuable microchips ]
Cooper: I believe this belongs to you.
Chen: You’re giving it back? Your government doesn’t insist on keeping it?
Cooper: Oh, they do, but our objective was to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands, including ours.
Chen: [ Scoffs lightly in disbelief ] Thank you.
Cooper: Your daughter’s with your wife at the hospital. Agents are waiting to take you there.
Agent: Mr. Chen, I’m Agent Soto.
[ Agent Soto escorts Chen onto the Post Office elevator ]
Park: Okay, that was so fun.
Aram: Which part?–
[ Elevator door closes ]
Aram: –Rescuing Chen and nearly dying, or driving down a one-way street into oncoming traffic and nearly dying?
Park: It was purposeful. We did something. Something good. That’s what’s cool about it.
Aram: You really miss it, don’t you?
Park: Don’t you?
Aram: I was positive I didn’t. And now– Now I’m not so sure.
Park: Pete would kill me if he heard me say it, but [ Sighs ] I wish we were back full time.
[ Footsteps approaching ]
Cooper: Everyone? You did a good job. More than that, you reminded me of all the good we did. I don’t know about you, but I needed that.
Dembe: I never got to see the task force from the inside. Thank you for doing this for my partner and for me.
[ Elevator door opening ] [ Red steps out with Weecha, lugging a large wooden carton of the Xiu family rum between them ]
Red: [ Chuckles ] Good Lord. If this is how you look in victory, I’d hate to see what you look like in defeat.
Ressler: Thought you said you were going?
Red: I also promised to bring Harold a case of Weecha’s hooch.
Aram: [ To Weecha ] You could probably drink me under the table, couldn’t you?
[ Weecha tips her head ]
Red: Harold, if I might have a word? Oh, by the way, my immunity deal has been reinstated.
Park: What? By who?
Red: Senator Panabaker agreed to wave her magic wand. She’s offering to reconstitute the task force and to let Harold, Donald, and Aram return to the FBI fold.
Ressler: Now, why would she want to do that?
Red: I imagine she likes the work we do.
Cooper: Do or did?
Red: Mmm, both. And if you do, as well, you’re welcome to hop back on the merry-go-round. If not, a bientot. Harold?
[ Red and Cooper walk off ]
Ressler: Did he just say what I think he just said?
Park: I don’t know, what’s ”a bientot” mean?
Aram: “See you soon.” Which means, be careful what you wish for.

[ Again, Ressler faces the prospect of returning to the office he shared with Liz. He stands at the threshold, staring into the darkened room ] [ Haunting ♪ music plays ]
[ Ruelle’s ♪ “Rival” plays ]

♪ The tide is high
It’s sink or swim
My only rival is within
Giants calling round the bend
My only rival– ♪

[ Ressler sits at his desk. Dembe walks in ]
Dembe: You asked why I became an agent.

♪ Is within ♪

Dembe: The answer is you. That’s my secret. One of them, anyway.
Ressler: Care to share any of the others?
Dembe: Raymond admires you. Not because of what you do, but because of who you are.
Ressler: [ Sighs ]
Dembe: If there’s any way I can help you through any of this, I want to try. ⋘⋙

♪ Kingdoms rise and kingdoms end
My only rival– ♪

Dembe: Perhaps in time.

♪ Is within
This is where it all begins ♪

[ In his office, Cooper pours some of the Xiu-brand rum into glasses for Red and himself ]
Cooper: Swift kick to the head.

♪ My only rival– ♪

Cooper: No headache.

♪ Is within ♪

Red: Like reading Homer in Greek.
Cooper: I know you have your own reasons for continuing. I know Agnes is one, and you know how I feel about that. What’s another?
Red: Unfinished business.
Cooper: Why do I think they’re connected?
Red: Take the win, Harold. It’s the first of many.

♪ The tide is high ♪

[ Cooper sips the rum ]
Cooper: That is surprisingly good.

♪ It’s sink or swim ♪

Red: I love surprises.

♪ My only rival– ♪

Red: Not all surprises, of course, but, you know, happy accidents.

♪ Is within ♪

Red: Finding forgotten money in a pocket. Making unexpected friendships.

[ Flashforward: ] Portnoy leads Red through a small group of observers to a large recliner.

Red: I have a feeling the next part of this journey of ours will be filled with new surprises.
Cooper: It’s good to be back, old friend.
Red: Old.

[ Flashforward (cont.): ] An antique latch case is opened. Inside are archaic-looking instruments.

Red: I’ll let you in on a little secret, Harold. The world doesn’t belong to the young. The world belongs to anyone with the strength to reach out and take it.

[ Flashforward (cont.): ] A mechanism that looks like a press is applied to Red’s calf. When it is removed, there is the tattoo of The Skinner: the letter “S” engulfed in flames.

Red: And for the first time in a long while, I’m feeling stronger than ever.

[ Flashforward (cont.): ]
[ ♪ Vocalizing ♪ ]

Red rises and nods first to Vincent and then to Alberta.

[ ♪ Vocalizing ♪ continues ♪ ♪ ♪ ]

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Episode Songs


♫ Rival
By Ruelle

♪ The tide is high, it’s sink or swim
My only rival is within
Giants calling round the bend
My only rival is within

♪ I won’t let my demons win
My only rival is within
I will fight through thick and thin
My only rival is within

♪ Kingdoms rise and kingdoms end
My only rival is within
This is where it all begins
My only rival is within

♪ The tide is high, it’s sink or swim
My only rival is within

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/3mpqwV9
YouTube: https://youtu.be/o87vay63FZ0

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❌❌❌ End 9:2 Skinner Pt 2


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🔴 Script 9:3 The SPK (№ 178)

Program air date: 11/4/2021 in the US
Script Permalink: https://wp.me/pDKwi-cn8
EntertainmentWeekly Recap: https://bit.ly/3mGCp97

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Christine Moore
Written by: Daniel Cerone



Brief (Where we’re at): Red is the new Skinner, latest in the line of pirates dating back 700 years. It was a deal sealed with a kiss, “a good one,” as requested by Alberta Gilbert, a 90-ish hottie also known as “The Captain,” who preceded the acting Skinner by two generations. Dembe’s partner had been killed by Graeme Anderson who is the current Skinner when the episode begins. Dembe, now an FBI Special Agent, had reached out to Cooper, retired from the FBI, who tracked down Red (in Cuba? the Amazon? Guatemala? ~ hard to tell) to identify the unusual tattoo on the arms of two operatives killed in Dembe’s undercover operation. Though reluctant to be summoned back into the fray two years after Elizabeth Keen’s death, Red did recognize the Skinner’s imprimatur ~ an “S” engulfed in flames. Intrigued and in hope of reconnecting with Liz’s daughter Agnes, Red returned to D.C. Cooper reached out to Cynthia Panabaker, now a Senator, to get support for tracking down Graeme Anderson and his men who, having failed to hijack a truckload of the world’s most advanced microchips, instead kidnapped Chen Yo-Lan, the Chief Technology Officer of SCG, the Taiwanese company that produced them, along with Chen’s wife and daughter.

Red looked up the former Skinner, Vincent Duke, to convince him that Graeme Anderson was out of control and a threat to the 700-year legacy of The Skinners. But they needed the buy-in of two former Skinners. Alberta Gilbert’s price for going along was the kiss from Red. Meanwhile, the hastily re-assembled task force intercepted Chen and compelled him to provide an inoperable copy of the microchip files to Graeme Anderson. But Anderson unexpectedly had an expert on hand to test the software code. Chen cracked under the pressure and confessed that the FBI was onto them. Having tracked Chen to a warehouse, the team (Donald Ressler, Alina Park and Dembe Zuma) were forced the give themselves up when Anderson shot Chen’s wife in the leg and threatened to kill her and her daughter. That’s when Red arrived with the two previous Skinners who “invoked the charter” to remove Graeme Anderson from his position. When Anderson refused to comply and threatened to shoot, he was killed by his own right hand man. Leaving the scene, Red’s plan was unveiled as the two former Skinners both said they had no interest in re-assuming the Skinner role. Fast-forward to Red having The Skinner tattoo applied to his calf, to the applause of the members of The Skinner organization and in the presence of the Vincent and The Captain.

Red also paid a visit to Cynthia Panabaker in his signature way of simply being there in the dark when she arrived home. So magically, Red’s immunity agreement was renewed and the Task Force recommissioned. This may be problematic for Ressler who seems to be experiencing PTSD from having to confront the memories associated with the office he shared with Liz, who had become his lover in the months before she died. Red, Cooper and Dembe have all tried the reach out to him, but he has become suspicious and distant, even hostile at times. Agent Park will have to deal with her the fact she has promised her husband she would not be doing work in the field. She also has some side hustle going on that Red made clear to her he disapproves of. Aram has been in the process of launching a cyber security company with a partner, Nick Faria, and they may have just landed an angel investor. Cooper, who was made Agnes’s guardian by Liz, has clarified to Red that he doesn’t want Red in Agnes’s life, a directive Red is regularly testing. Mierce Xiu, Red’s Kaqchikel spiritual guide, is also not happy with the prospect of staying and sees “only heartbreak here.” Other than these few complications, things are looking up, with help from signature rum provided by the case from the Xiu family’s stock, which provides “A swift kick to the head ~ and no headache.”


⭕ Script 9:3 The (№ 178)

[ Santa Maria de Prato Cathedral in Italy ]
[ Dialogue in Italian ]
[ The Mayor approaches the altar where the Bishop stands. The Mayor crosses himself and genuflects ]
Mayor: Forgive my delay, Your Grace. I had to push through a crowd outside.
Bishop: The Sacra Cintola is a treasure. On the rare days we put it on display, everyone wants a peek.
[ A Security Guard opens a side door ] [ Men enter. Gun cocks ✽ ]
Colfax: Has the Mayor arrived?
Security Guard: [ English, Italian accent ] In the chapel. With the bishop. No shooting, right? That was our deal.
Colfax: [ English ] That’s our deal.
[ Colfax stabs the Security Guard ]
Bishop: When the ever Virgin Mother was called to Heaven, she handed her Holy Belt to Saint Thomas as proof of her Divine Ascension. We’ve protected it ever since.
[ The Bishop unlocks and opens the case with the relic inside ]
Mayor: [ In reverence ] It is holy.
[ The Bishop lifts the case containing the artifact and kisses it three times ]
[ Suddenly, armed men burst in, dressed in nuns’ habits but wearing Guy Fawkes-like masks ]
Colfax (the leader): Give it to me! The relic! Now!
Bishop: [ Accented English ] Please, this is not what God wants for your lives.
Colfax: Idolators know nothing of what God wants.
[ Gun fires 💥 ] [ A guard falls ]
[ Colfax takes the artifact ]
Bishop: You can’t! It’s sacred!
Colfax: It is sacred, which is why it needs to be destroyed!
[ The men leave with the relic ]

[ Aram Mojtabai’s parents’ home, the breakfast table ]
Hashem Mojtabai: The investor will come through. Do not worry.
Aram: I’m not worried.
Hashem: I know how these money men work. If he didn’t say no, it means yes. Soon he will hand you a big check, and everyone will buy your fancy new security system.
Aram: It’s a security software suite.
Hashem: Whatever. Everyone will buy it. Soon you can forget about all these lost years of your life. The FBI can find a new desk clerk.
Naamah Mojtabai: Hush, Hashem. Aram can’t talk about his work. But I’m sure it’s important, even if it does wash out his complexion. How do you like being back at work, motek? [ tr. from Hebrew: “sweetheart” ]
Aram: It’s weird. I, uh– I thought I’d closed the door on this part of my life, but, um, it’s great to see the team, and, uh, a paycheck doesn’t hurt.
Hashem: Paychecks are the shackles of the common man. Remember that. Just wait till you’re running your own company.
Naamah: Ooooo! Maybe you’ll be on Shark Tank!
[ Getting up ]
Aram: I gotta go. Um– [ Clears throat ] Thank you, uh, for breakfast. I will call you guys. [ Kisses Naamah ] Talk to you soon.
Hashem: Do not worry. The money, it will come!
Aram: Not worried!

[ Red sits at Cooper’s dining room table ]
Cooper: Have you thought about this? She’s 11. You’re a fugitive.
Red: Yes, but she doesn’t know that. She wouldn’t see that. Children see behavior, good or bad, kind or cruel. I’m confident Agnes will see me.
Cooper: I won’t lie to her.
Red: Do you let her believe in Santa Claus?
Cooper: I let her believe in myths.
Red: Well, if the shoe fits. I want to be in her life.
Cooper: I know it’s hard and that you mean well. Let me talk to Charlene. I’ll see what she says.
Red: What do you know about the Supremo Priori Knighthood?
Cooper: Never heard of ’em.
Red: I’m not surprised. For generations, they’ve been a rather toothless group of religious extremists.
Cooper: And you’re telling me about them because that’s no longer the case.
Red: They recently killed an innocent man during the armed robbery of the Sacra Cintola .
Cooper: Mary’s Holy Belt?
Red: Another in a growing list of stolen iconography that they’ve put on the illicit auction block. The belt will soon be available to the highest bidder.
Cooper: When and where is the auction?
Red: Mmm. Let me worry about that. I suggest you do some homework on the SPK, be prepared for whatever comes.

[ The Post Office. Cooper briefs the task force ]
Cooper: Mohammed’s footprint from Istanbul. The Buddha’s tooth from Sri Lanka. In Cologne, Germany, bones belonging to the Three Wise Men. All stolen by the SPK then, according to Reddington, sold on the black market.
Park: No way. I mean, those things aren’t real, right?
Dembe: Authenticity is irrelevant. Belief makes them real, and holy.
Cooper: Initially, the SPK operated like thieves in the night, but they’ve turned violent. Two days ago, they killed a security guard inside a cathedral in Prato, Italy, during the armed robbery of a 2,000-year-old belt worn by the Virgin Mary.
Park: Allegedly.
Ressler: So, did Reddington say what turned a secret society into armed robbers?
Cooper: Not what, but who. A new leader known only as Giovanni.
[ In a ceremony, the Sacra Cintola is handed to an man who places the relic into a fire while a group of men men watch, including those who stole it from the Bishop at the cathedral ]
Aram: If these are true believers, I’d think they’d want to possess the relics, not auction them off.
Ressler: As usual, two plus two equals five. What’s Reddington not telling us?
Dembe: I don’t know.
Ressler: Don’t know or won’t say?
Cooper: Agent Ressler, that’ll be enough.
Ressler: No, I’m sorry, but Dembe didn’t just work for Reddington. He was his sworn protector, his closest friend. And now we’re supposed to just, what, accept him as one of ours?
Cooper: Until he gives us a reason not to, yes. Agent Zuma, you and Agent Mojtabi will go to the cathedral in Prato. Vatican authorities have agreed to share what they’ve found at the crime scene. [ To Aram and Ressler ] You two be careful out there. Your FBI reinstatements won’t be official until Health Services administers a drug test. I took mine last week. I’ll have them arrange yours next.
Aram: On, uh, that note, you should know that I met with an angel investor about my company, and, well, uh, shockingly, he– he might be interested.
Ressler: So you’re leaving us for the private sector again.
Cooper: Appreciate you mentioning it. If it happens, I’ll support whatever decision you make. Until then, let’s take down the SPK.

[ The cathedral in Prato, Italy ]
Inspector General: This is where the thieves entered and stabbed the guard. Antonio was found dead here.
Dembe: No CCTV cameras.
Inspector: I have stills from the crime scene.
Aram: Is this door keyed on the outside?
Inspector: No. It can only be opened from inside. We’re operating on a theory that a member of their crew was already in the building.
Dembe: [ Looking at photo ] I believe you’re right, and that crew member was your own guard. His weapon is still holstered. If he felt threatened, it wouldn’t be.
Inspector: If our guard was helping the intruders, why would they kill him?
Dembe: Hard to say. Things go wrong.
Aram: If your guard was the inside man, there may be a money trail we can follow back to the SPK. I’ll see what I can find in his financial records.

[ Ressler and Park follow up on a link in the money trail ]
Park: Remember, you’re not an agent. In case something happens, leave the fun stuff to me.
Ressler: You got a weird definition of fun.
[ Park and Ressler approach a man working in his yard with a shovel ]
Park: David Kangas?
Kangas: That’s right.
Park: Agent Park, FBI. I’d like to speak to you about a financial transaction you made wiring 50,000 euros to a man in Italy.
Kangas: I’m a business manager. My firm moves all kinds of money. I don’t remember each transaction, but if you’d like to visit my office–
Ressler: Well, maybe we can prompt your memory. Antonio Lucchese was a guard for the Santa Maria de Prato Cathedral. We have reason to believe the money you transferred was payment for his role in an armed robbery.
Kangas: Well, I can guarantee I have no knowledge of any criminal activity.
Ressler: We’re not suggesting you do, but maybe one of your clients does. Have you ever heard of an organization called the SPK?
Kangas: [ Grunts ] [ Kangas suddenly throws the shovel at Ressler and Park and runs, locking himself inside a small shed on the property ]
Kangas: Whoa!
Ressler: Stop! Stop!
Park: Kangas! Get out here!
Kangas: Worthy is the Lamb who was slain! I am worthy!
[ 💨Smoke💨 seeps out from under the door of the shed ] [ Park pulls on the locked door, uselessly ]
Ressler: [ Impatiently, to Park ] Geez. Are you having fun yet?
[ Ressler⚡️kicks down⚡️the shed door. Kangas runs out, his 🔥 clothing on fire 🔥 ]
Kangas: Honor and glory are mine! Mine! [ Screaming ]
[ Ressler leaps on Kangas to extinguish the flames ]

[ Red attends an auction of unusual items ]
Trevor Prince (Auctioneer): Do I hear 650? Last chance to own your own ZPU-2 twin-barrel antiaircraft gun. No one can run, or fly from you when you are sitting in this bad boy. Shock and awe your friends and enemies alike.
[ A woman holds up her paddle ]
Trevor: Going once? Twice? Sold to the lady in red for $600,000! May your revenge be as daring as your neckline.
[ ⚡️Switches click⚡️Lights dim ] [ Gasps ]
Trevor: And now, a Galilean fashion accessory once worn by the O.G. Madonna herself. I give you the Sacra Cintola . Nothing says heavenly style like a camel-hair belt encased in gold, silver, and rock crystal. The bidding commences at $2 million. I have two.
[ Red holds up his paddle ]
Trevor: I have three. Thank you, sir. Four? Can I get four? I have four. Do I hear five? The Virgin Mary was riding a tractor beam up to God when she dropped this beauty. It is a bargain at $4 million. How about 4.5?
Red: Five if you close the bidding now.
Trevor: Sold to the gentleman! [ All applauding ]

[ The auction office ] [ Computer beeps🔅]
Trevor Prince: Your funds cleared. Congratulations. You are now the proud owner of biblical history.
Red: Actually, Mother Mary’s chastity belt is of no interest to me. I only bought the heirloom to gain access to something that is. The name of the client who entrusted you with the Sacra Cintola .
Trevor: I’m sure you can appreciate the need for complete confidentiality.
Red: I can, which is why I brought this, uh, bauble for your auction.
Trevor: Is this–
Red: One of the seven. Selling it would offset my latest expenditure. More to the point, your cut of the sale would be, mmm, well, low seven figures.
Trevor: If I give you the name.
Red: Well, and arrange for a meeting between us.
Trevor: That’s not how I conduct business.
Red: Mmm. Trevor, I’m not leaving here without the meeting. You can either profit from giving it to me, or get hurt then give it to me.

[ Ressler and Park stand with David Kangas’s wife, Joanie, outside the hospital room where Kangas is being treated for his burns ]
Joanie Kangas: David was a wonderful husband, a kind father. He was very – normal.
Ressler: So what happened to him?
Joanie: The Supremo Priori Knighthood. David said they’re a fraternity, like the Shriners. I thought it would be good for him, fellowship with Christian men. How could I know it was a cult?
Ressler: A cult. What do you mean?
Joanie I mean a religious devotion to a manipulative leader who turned my husband into a martyr.
Park: Did he tell you where they met?
Joanie: No, but when his behavior changed, I started tracking his cellphone. I’d do anything to catch the madman who did this to my husband.

[ A meeting of the Supremo Priori Knighthood ]
Giovanni: Wake up! Wake up! Biblical prophecies are unfolding before our very eyes. Oceans rising, rivers receding, the whole damn Earth’s on fire. Yet we await a Second Coming that has not come. Why? Because people are too busy worshipping the past to see what’s happening right now. Only through the destruction of their ancient idols are we able to open their eyes so they may see their way to the kingdom of heaven.
All: Amen.
Giovanni: Amen. But in order to do that, we must be welcome. The senseless murder of that poor security guard in Italy set our cause back immeasurably. And he was one of us. He contributed to the furtherance of our cause. And you killed him.
[ Giovanni looks at Colfax, the member who directed the murder and theft. Giovanni’s face comes into focus for the first time: “Giovanni” is none other than Robert Vesco, Blacklister #9, a world class con man and mentor to Red ~ that is before he conned Red out of $50M in gold (Episode 6:13) ]
Giovanni/Vesco: [ To Colfax ] Shame on you. Death and violence are not the way to righteous change.
Colfax: Then what is the way, Giovanni? We keep destroying their relics, and they just keep covering it up.
Thomas: Be patient, Brother Colfax. Our message will get out eventually.
Colfax: It’s out right now. The press is finally talking about us. It’s time to make a real move.
Thomas: Like what?
Colfax: Let’s not steal from another church. Let’s take down a church.
[ All applauding ]
Giovanni/Vesco: That’s enough! There will be no more violence. Do you understand? We must all aspire to be more like John the Baptist, who peacefully paved the way for the return of the Messiah. And that is why, as an inspiration, I have chosen as our next target ~ the head of John the Baptist. It is to be venerated at the Old Holy Cross Church tomorrow afternoon.
[ Vesco’s cellphone buzzes »»» »»» ]
Giovanni/Vesco: Now I think it’s time for all of us to take a moment or two of reflection. Everyone take a breather, stretch your legs, and when I return, I’ll share with you how I plan to steal that head.
Vesco: Yeah. How much did we get for this one?
Trevor Prince: [ On phone ] Double the appraisal price. Which is why I’m sending my colleague to transfer your funds in person. Can you meet him tomorrow for lunch?
Vesco: Can you assure me of his discretion?
Trevor: I promise. The man I’m sending won’t speak of this to anyone.

[ Red enters a private dining room in a restaurant ]
Red: [ To the waitress ] Thank you.
[ Red sees Robert Vesco ]
Red: Well, didn’t this just get way more interesting. The meek and scheming Robert Vesco, masquerading as the great and powerful Giovanni. [ Chuckles ] [ To Waiter: ] Excuse me.
Waiter: Yes, sir.
Red: What is your most expensive wine?
Waiter: We have a Chateau le Pin Pomeral 2001, which is $5,800.
Red: Yes. We’ll take two. On his tab. Which is $50 million in arrears. So, the scam. Tell me about it.

[ Ressler is innocently reading an article on his phone: “5 Ways Employees Can Cheat Drug Tests” including:
“1. Diluting their samples” and “2. Adding chemicals to their samples” ]
[ Park knocks ✽ ✽ on Ressler’s door ]
Park: Hey. Ready to brief the team?
Ressler: Yeah, soon as I give Health Services what they’re here for.
Park: Shouldn’t be hard. You drank half the Potomac.
Ressler: Well, I did a little research. I think I found where Kangas goes at night.
[ Ressler takes a swig from a bottle of water. Park stares at him ]
Ressler: What? I like to hydrate. You know, gingers tend to wrinkle.

Robert Vesco: Oh. You have no idea how hard it is to manage a decent heist crew. The bickering, the squabbling–
Red: The fragile egos, the safe-cracker who feels like he’s worth more than the gadget guy.
Vesco: Who thinks he’s much smarter than the mastermind.
Red: Who just wants to go back to the salad days of being a driver.
Vesco: Hmm.
Red: But you, Robert, instead of teaching criminals to be brothers, you turned a fraternity of brothers into criminals.
Vesco: Hmm. Hmm.
Red: How did you con them into stealing for you? Profit sharing?
Vesco: No. Storytelling. They want the end of the world. I simply pour fuel on their fantasies. Train them to connect holy relics with idolatry. They believe that what we steal is burned at the altar.
Red: But you perform a little sleight of hand.
Vesco: Ah, foot, actually, which preserves the relics, and then I sell them at auction.
[ It’s shown how Vesco has been able to step on a foot pedal which opens a trap door that the icons fall through, while it looks to those watching that they’ve been incinerated ]
Red: Your own secret society. Where can I get one? You must teach me the secret handshake.
Vesco: Hmm. Well, I won’t deny it has been comically lucrative. But it hasn’t been all fun and games.
Red: The security guard at the cathedral.
Vesco: Yes, I know, I know. That poor man. I’ve never used violence in pursuit of illicit gain. But I should’ve been there to keep my boys in check. But to tell you the truth, at my age, after a long flight, my ankles tend to swell up like balloons, and I’m useless.
Red: I would suggest compression socks. I’d also suggest you shut down this con, Robert, while you still can.
Vesco: Ooh, I’m way ahead of you, Raymond. I’ve already decided to cut bait, right after they steal that head.
Red: And if another body drops?
Vesco: Not to worry. I’ve laid down the law. I’ve got my boys under control.

Max: [ To Colfax ] Each IED contains a main charge, an arming switch, and a battery pack connected to an RC receiver.
[ Thomas enters ]
Thomas: What’s going on here? You heard Giovanni. He doesn’t want this.
Colfax: Giovanni doesn’t seem to know what he wants.
Thomas: When do you plan to detonate these?
Max: At the end of mass today. When the bishop raises the head of John the Baptist, we’ll blast open the gates of heaven for all the world to see.
Thomas: You’re gonna blow these with people in the church?
Colfax: The Bible’s full of judgment and bloodshed. Everyone who dies will die for a cause.
Thomas: Giovanni needs to know about this.
[ Thomas turns to leave ]
Colfax: Wait.
[ Colfax grabs a crowbar from Max’s workbench and hits Thomas on the head with it, until Thomas lies on the floor, unconscious ]

Vesco: Well, I’ve enjoyed catching up, Raymond, but now I must really go and tend to my flock.
Red: Your flock can wait. We have unfinished business.
Vesco: Are you talking about that little De La Cruz job a few years back?
Red: “Little De La Cruz job”? That was 100 million in Spanish gold, and you blew town like a Texas twister with all of it.
Vesco: Is this where you tell me about honor among thieves?
Red: No, it’s where I tell you that you’re going to pay your debt.
Vesco: Well, in order to do that, I would have to go to my bank in Malta, and, well, to approve a transfer of that size–
Red: Perfect. While I don’t have a secret society, I do have a jet. We’re going to Malta.
Vesco: You didn’t even know I’d be here.
Red: You’re right. I have changed. I used to think that I had to create my own fate. Now I believe in karma. Even if it is a bitch.

[ Aram and Ressler go to provide urine samples for drug testing ] [ An authoritative Black woman gives instructions ]
Collector: Remove any outer garments that might conceal items that could tamper your urine sample. Anything else in your pants pockets goes in the bowl.
Aram: Uh, I know you’re just doing your job, but, uh, FYI, we’ve both been agents. We’re not gonna cheat.
Collector: Void directly into the container. Do not flush afterwards. You have four minutes.
[ Ressler and Aram go into adjoining stalls. Ressler removes an eye-dropper size vial from under his arm ]
Aram: [ Nervously ] Okay. Here we go. It’s funny.
[ Containers rattle ] [ Ressler shakes the contents of the vial into the collection container ]
Aram: This is awkward. Knew I should’ve had, uh, more to drink today. I just, I feel like I’ve been retaining a lot of water lately. Feeling, um, bloated.
[ Ressler puts the vial back under his arm ]
[ Aram’s cellphone goes off, playing Rupert Pope/Giles Palmer’s ♪ “Money, Money” ]

♪ Money, money (Just can’t get enough) ♪

Aram: Okay. Uh, that’s my phone.

♪ Money, money (Just can’t get enough) ♪

Aram: Um, I know the, uh, the ringtone is embarrassing, but at this moment, uh, what isn’t? Uh, uh, I need to answer it.

♪ Money, money (Just can’t get enough) ♪

Collector: No personal items in the stall.
Aram: It’s kind of important. Uh, can you–

♪ Money, money (Just can’t get enough) ♪

Aram: Can you just pick it up, please, and put it on speaker? I can’t miss this call.
[ Ringtone stops and phone beeps🔅 ]
Nick: [ On Speaker 🔉] We did it!
Aram: [ Loudly ] No way. He said yes? The money came through?
Nick: We’ve got a company, baby!
Aram: [ To himself ] Oh, my– Oh, my God. Oh.
Nick: Whatever you’re doing right now, drop it.
Aram: Trust me. I would if I could.

[ Back in the Post Office war room ]
Ressler: The angel investor said yes. Aram’s on his way to tech fame and fortune.
Cooper: That’s great news. Congratulations.
Aram: There are still I’s to be dotted and T’s to be crossed, but, yeah, it is, uh, kind of, kind of exciting. But I am not going anywhere just yet.
Cooper: Well, later, we’ll celebrate and figure out a way to help you spend your money. Now we need to focus. Where are we on SPK?
Park: The burn victim’s wife couldn’t give us anything concrete, but she was worried enough about her husband’s behavior to start tracking his phone when he went out at night. He always parked in the same public lot, then he’d turn off his phone.
Ressler: Generic buildings. No conspicuous occupants, at least not now.
[ Ressler displays current and archival views of the area ]
Ressler: This is the same block in 1868, the same year that the SPK was founded. One of these three buildings remains. And what it was, and still is, an American Legion Hall.

[ The American Legion Hall ]
Ressler: So, do you have any groups that, uh, meet here on a regular basis?
Old Veteran: Uh, yeah, you mean The– The Arthritics. A senior heavy-metal band. I don’t– I don’t care much for their, uh, sounds, but, um– I’ll let you boys look around. Okay.
Ressler: Sure doesn’t look like the home base for some heavily armed religious extremists.
Dembe: Maybe they are hiding in plain sight.
Ressler: Hmm. Something you know a little about, huh?
Dembe: This mirror is a reproduction of the Porta Magica. A monument built in 1680 in Piazza Vittorio.
Ressler: So?
Dembe: So, the “Magic Portal” isn’t a mirror. It’s a door. They say alchemists used it to vanish from our world.
[ Dembe presses the emblem over the door. The door opens ]
Ressler: Reddington teach you that trick?
Dembe: Yes. He showed me the real Porta Magica in Rome and told me the story.
Ressler: Well, he taught you well. I wish I knew if he was still teaching you.
Dembe: And I wish I knew when you’ll believe me when I say he’s not.

[ They investigate the room behind the door. Ressler turns on a projector ]
[ A photo of the icon of John the Baptist is displayed ]
Ressler: The SPK’s next target?
Dembe: Blueprints for IEDs. And a floor plan. Old Holy Cross Church.
[ Man groaning ] [ Behind a podium, they find Thomas ]
Ressler: Call an ambulance.

[ In Old Holy Cross Church, Colfax plants an IED (improvised explosive device) under a pew ]
[ On his way out of the Church, Colfax passes a priest ]
Priest: Peace be with you.
Colfax: And also with you, Father.

[ In Red’s airplane ]
Vesco: I’ll tell you what, Raymond. If we skip Malta, I’ll deal you in on a little plan I’ve hatched worth 10 times as much.
[ Cellphone ringing✨ ]
Red: You deal from the bottom of the deck, Robert.
Vesco: I do.
[ Weecha hands the phone to Red ]
Weecha: Señor Cooper.
Red: [ To Weecha ] Thank you. [ To Cooper ] Harold. So you’ve spoken with Charlene.
Cooper: I have, and I got her to agree to let you see Agnes.
Red: Wonderful.
Cooper: As long as I’m present.
Red: “Present.” Present how?
Cooper: She won’t agree to let you and Agnes be alone together. She wants the visits to be supervised.
Red: I’m not an abusive husband or father.
Cooper: No, you’re a cold-hearted murderer. I know what Agnes means to you, and I’m trying here, but this is the best I can do.
Red: I appreciate it, Harold, and I’ll consider it. I have news about the Sacra Cintola .
Cooper: For once, I’m ahead of you. Savoring the moment will have to wait. We know what the SPK’s next move is.
[ Red returns to his seat across from Vesco ]
Red: You said you had your flock under control.
Vesco: I do.
Red: They’re about to blow up a church on live TV.
Vesco: I don’t believe it.
Red: Well, belief is your problem, Robert. Or the lack of it. It’s why you didn’t see this coming.
Vesco: [ Sighs ] Well, in my defense, it’s very difficult to maintain good judgment when your followers think you’re channeling God. What am I going to do, Raymond? I’ve never lost control of a con before.
Red: Stay calm. Happens to the best of us. Or so I’m told.
Vesco: A church full of innocent people. No, I can’t bear to have that stain on my soul.
Red: What do you know of the plan? Is there a staging area?
Vesco: Yes, I scouted one for them.
Red: Well, then that’s where we’re going.

[ Outside Old Holy Cross Church, a police officer talks to Dembe, Aram and Ressler. A priest stands next to him ]
Officer: The church is full of people. The service was already under way when you called. We’ve initiated a lockdown but held off on emergency evac.
Dembe: Good. The bombers are watching a live broadcast. We don’t want to alert them that we’re here.
Officer: Why don’t we just cut the feed?
Dembe: The moment we do that, they’ll blow the church. According to their notes, we have until the bishop raises John the Baptist’s head to save these people.

[ Inside the church ]
Bishop: Give to the king thy judgment, O God, and to the king’s son thy justice–

[ Aram quietly enters the church and walks quietly along a side aisle ]
Aram: [ Voiceover ] I looked over the schematics from the SPK base, and it looks like they’ve rigged IEDs with RF triggers and hidden them under the pews. Now, if I can get a close look at one and determine its frequency, I should be able to jam the remote signal.

Bishop –upon the fleece as showers falling gently upon the earth. In his days shall justice spring up an abundance of peace until the moon be taken away. And he shall rule from sea to sea, and from the river unto the ends of the Earth.

[ At the Post Office, Park runs the fingerprints gathered from the SPK meeting place against a database ] [ Beeping 🔅🔅🔅] [ The prints match those of Robert Vesco ]
Park: Son of a bitch.
[ Beeps🔅 and rings✨]
Park: Hey, Ressler, you’re never gonna believe what I just found.

[ Outside the church ]
Aram: [ To Dembe ] So, I saw one of the IEDs, but I can’t get close enough to determine its RF output without creating a scene. There’s just, too many live TV cameras.
[ Ressler walks up ]
Ressler: Robert Vesco. The, uh, wanted fugitive who faked his own death in Cuba. He was one of Reddington’s friends, wasn’t he?
Dembe: He was. Why?
Ressler: Because, based on all the fingerprints all over the SPK altar, that’s who Giovanni is. But you already knew that, didn’t you?
Dembe: Vesco is a con man, not a killer.
Ressler: Reddington once sent us to find Vesco, remember? And once we did, you and your boss helped him get away with a fortune in gold.
Dembe: Yes. Raymond did con you, but then Vesco conned him.
Ressler: [ Scoffs ]
Dembe: Maybe that’s why he gave us this case. As payback.
Ressler: Or maybe he gave it to us to help his old pal again.
Aram: Yeah, but if we have his prints, so does everyone in law enforcement. How can that possibly help him?
Ressler: I don’t know. I was hoping you could answer that.
Dembe: I can’t, and I don’t have time to make you believe me. Aram, I can get you a closer look at those IEDs. Follow me.

[ Red’s airplane ]
Red: Just go in there and talk them down.
Vesco: I really think this is more your area than mine. Can’t you just–
Red: Shoot them for you? No. I can’t. There’s a bomb, Robert! If I walk in, they’ll set it off.
Vesco: What if they won’t listen to me?
[ Red leans forward, speaking slowly and deliberately ]
Red: You are Robert Vesco, king of the con. A swindling, cheating, double-crossing, beautiful confidence man.
Vesco: Well–
[ Vesco tries to turn away, but Red reaches over, takes Vesco’s face in his hands and gives him a big smooch ]
Red: So put your game face on and get your damn marks under control.
Vesco: Thank you, Raymond. I needed that.
Red: You’re welcome. Uh, Robert–
Vesco: Mmm?
Red: –if you try to run out on me again, I’ll put you down like a three-legged mule.
[ Vesco stares at Red, eyes wide open ]

[ The fringe group (of the fringe group) led by Colfax watches the Mass on live video ]

[ Inside the church, the Bishop holds up the Chalice (a vessel containing wine) and the Host (wafers or bread) for all to see. At this point, Catholics believe, the wine and bread have been transformed into the Body and Blood of Christ (Transubstantiation) ]
Bishop: This is the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. [ John 1:29 ]

Colfax: Get ready, boys. Any minute now.
[ Robert Vesco enters ]
Vesco: What’s going on in here?
Colfax: Giovanni. You’re just in time for the fireworks.
Vesco: You directly disobeyed my orders!
Colfax: On the contrary. We’re doing what you taught us. We’re paving the way for the Second Coming.
Vesco: Our goal was to prepare believers by turning them away from material objects, to open their hearts and minds to our spiritual nature. How does mass murder accomplish that?
Colfax: Fear accomplishes that.
Vesco: Then you should be down on your knees for fear of me, son. Now give me that detonator.
Colfax: No. You’re gonna see we’re right, Giovanni. We’re gonna show you.
Vesco: Well, if you do, I’ll just go to the police.
[ Max, who has been monitoring the airwaves, takes off his earphones and gets up, pointing a gun at Vesco ]
Max: Really? Because I just heard an APB on a police scanner. Giovanni isn’t Giovanni. His real name is Robert Vesco, a fugitive wanted by the FBI.

[ In the vestibule of the church, Dembe and Aram are pleading with the Priest ]
Priest: We’re running out of time.
Dembe: Which is why we need it.
Priest: An offering bag? There’s a bomb in the church, and you want an offering bag.
Dembe: Trust us. Please.
[ Another church official comes out with a long-handled basket for collecting offerings ]
Dembe: This should work.
Aram: There’s only one way to find out.
Dembe: Thank you.

[ Cellphone rings✨ ] [ Beeps🔅]
Cooper: Harold Cooper.
Red: [ On phone ] Harold, I’ve been thinking about your proposal regarding Agnes.
Cooper: Now’s not a good time for this.
Red: Because of the church bombing? That’s being taken care of.
Cooper: Not at the church it’s not. The pews are full. The bombs are live, and we haven’t diffused them.
Red: The detonator’s at an off-site location. I’ve spoken to Giovanni. He’s there now working to resolve the situation.
Cooper: I know Giovanni is Vesco, so forgive me for not taking solace in knowing he’s on the case.
Red: You and who else?
Cooper: Know about Vesco? Everyone. His prints were found. We put out an APB.
[ Cellphone beeps 🔅 and closes ✽ ]
[ ♪ “Holy, Holy, Holy” plays (Trad.; Durham Cathedral) ] ]

♪ Lord God almighty
Early in the morning ♪

Colfax: They’ll bring out the head next, right after the offering.
Vesco: Please. Call this off. You’re doing it all for nothing. Can’t you see that? You were just marks in a con.
Colfax: What con? If all your talk about the End Times was just talk, if you don’t believe worshipping the past is killing the future, then why were we stealing relics for you to destroy?
[ Red walks in ]
Red: Because he doesn’t destroy them. He sells your precious antiquities for a fortune on the black market.
Colfax: Who are you?
Red: Hmm. I’m many things to many people. To Robert here, I’m a creditor, who very much needs him alive. To a man of the cloth such as yourself, I’m Yama, god of death.
[ Inside the church, Dembe uses the collection basket to reach under the pews using his phone to capture video for Aram to analyze ]
Aram: Okay. This is the aisle. The IED I saw should be about four feet from where you’re standing. I don’t see it, but I know it’s there. You gotta be close. Stop, stop! Right there. I see it. [ Beeps 🔅🔅🔅 ] [ Aram gets a photo of the bar code ]
Colfax: Whoever you are, you’re wrong. We burn the relics. We destroy them.
[ Red has brought the Sacra Cintola. He opens the case to show the relic was not destroyed ]
Red: His judgment will come. [ Referring to Vesco ] But [ To Colfax: ] today is your judgment day. I’m not an End Timer by nature, and my idea of rapture is, of late, a bit more solipsistic. But no matter what floats one’s funereal boat, you will be judged by what you do in the next 60 seconds.

Bishop: Now for the blessing of the holy relic of Saint John the Baptist!

Ressler: We’re out of time.
Aram: Okay. I got a pic of the RC receiver. I just need to match its markings to its frequency.
Colfax: [ To Red ] If you are the god of death, our guns shouldn’t be able to hurt you.
Red: There’s only one way to find out.
[ Guns firing 💥💥💥 💥💥💥 💥💥💥 ] [ Several cult members are cut down by Weecha ~ but not Colfax, who still holds the detonator and is protected by the podium ]
Colfax: Not yet. You can take me after. Not before.

Bishop: May Almighty God bless this relic.

Aram: Okay. There. I found the frequency. I found it.
[ Beeping 🔅🔅🔅~ Display reads “Frequency Jamming” ]
[ Colfax is about to press the detonator but Vesco lunges and grabs his arm, pulling Colfax into range of Weecha who shoots him💥 But the detonator has spun free. Max tries to grab it but it also shot 💥 by Weecha ]

Bishop: In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

[ Beeps🔅~ Display reads “Frequency Blocked” ]

Vesco: [ Sighs ] Raymond. You saved me.
Red: You’re way past saving. I preserved you. An act of pure selfishness. Come. If we leave now, we’ll be in Malta before sunup.
Vesco: Still stuck on Malta? I’m telling you, Raymond, we’ll find much bigger action with the Salton Sea!
Aram: Somebody’s prayers were answered. Or wasn’t. Uh, depending on what you do or don’t believe. Personally, I-I lean towards the idea that –
Ressler: Wujing – You remember him?
Aram: Of course. That– That was my first case.
Ressler: I remember thinking, “Who is this weird guy and why does he talk so much?”
Aram: Oh, that’s a– that’s a nervous tic, actually. I’ve been doing it as long as I can remember. I just start going, you know, and, uh–
Ressler: You know, I was trying to work my way up to a compliment.
Aram: Oh. Sorry. You forgot what it was, didn’t you? I do that all the time. If I think of something and I don’t say it right away, it’s, uh– [ Pops ] It’s gone. I– Oh. Dang. Um, sorry. Again.
Ressler: It’s okay. ‘Cause whatever this is, this whole Aram-a-palooza thing, I’m gonna miss it.

[ Red and Vesco board Red’s plane, followed by Weecha ]
Red: Lithium?
Vesco: Yes, lithium. And the Salton Sea’s full of it. With all these electric cars, there simply isn’t enough of it. Until now.
[ Dembe steps out from the front of the plane ]
Dembe: Robert Vesco. I’m Special Agent Dembe Zuma, FBI. You’re under arrest.
[ Red pulls Dembe aside ]
Red: I understand. You’re new on the job. You want to impress. But there are other factors at play.
Dembe: Fifty million factors, as I recall.
Red: And the SPK members that he helped me to secure. They’re in a warehouse near the church. It’s a bit messy inside, but in fairness, they did pull their weapons first, so–
Dembe: I knew you’d help him escape. So he could get you your money.
Red: Naturally. I get my money, the FBI saves a church full of people. I’ll even throw in the Sacra Cintola to sweeten the deal. It’s good business for all. And if Vesco slips away? Oh, well. Nobody in the FBI will be any the wiser.
Dembe: I’m the FBI.
Red: Yes. You’re an FBI agent. But loyalty, that’s something else entirely.
Dembe: It is. And mine is constantly being questioned.
Red: Because your feet are planted in two different worlds.
Dembe: They’re not. But I’m having a hard time convincing anyone of that.
Red: And arresting Robert will convince them?
Vesco: Mmm. Arresting me? I’m a small fish compared to this shark.
Red: [ Sighs ] I’m sorry, Robert.
[ Handcuffs clinking ]
Dembe: [ To Red ] You’re my friend. This, what I’m doing here, I consider an act of friendship. You don’t see it now. I hope someday that you will.

[ Aram sits alone in the church ]

[ The Post Office ]
[ Elevator door thuds open ] [ Dembe gets off with Vesco and turns him over to another agent ]
Ressler: So, is it true? Heard you took him off Reddington’s jet.
Dembe: If we offer him a deal, he’ll identify SPK members and those who bought the stolen relics.
Ressler: But is it true?
Dembe: I’m not auditioning for your approval or your trust.

[ Insects chirping ]
[ Aram is parked outside of his parents’ home. Nick Faria, his business start-up partner, is inside ]
[ Aram’s cellphone goes off, playing Rupert Pope/Giles Palmer’s ♪ “Money, Money” ]

♪ Money, money I just can’t get enough
Money, money I just can’t ge– ♪

[ Cellphone clicks ✵ ]
Aram: Hey.
Nick Faria: Where the heck are you?
Aram: I’m, um, stuck at work.
Hashem Mojtabai: I told you the investor would come through. Didn’t I tell you?
Aram: Yeah, Baba, you told me.
Naamah Mojtabai: Nick showed us the check! I didn’t know a check could fit so many zeroes!
Hashem: I know these money men. He didn’t say no. He was going to say yes.
Nick: Welcome to the one percent, pal.
Hashem: Your days as a desk clerk are officially over.

[ The Post Office ]
Park: Did Cooper find you?
[ Door closes ]
Ressler: What does he want?
Park: Your drug test came back. A diluted negative.
Ressler: What does that mean?
Park: We both know the answer to that.
Ressler: Did I pass or not?
Park: Neither. So you have to retake it, under even closer supervision, which means you can’t use this.
[ Park takes out the vial Ressler snuck into the stall ]
Ressler: You don’t know what you’re talking about.
Park: Unfortunately for you, I know exactly what I’m talking about. I’m a child of an addict. I know the tricks of the trade, how eye drops can throw off a urine sample, how sucking down water can render the results meaningless.
Ressler: Did you tell Cooper?
Park: I didn’t. Because I think you need this job. You’re good at it, and it keeps you on the straight and narrow.
I want you to have your badge back. But now I have the power to make sure that never happens, and I’ll use it unless you clean up.

[ The Post Office ] [ Cooper waits at the elevator ]
[ Cooper’s cellphone buzzes. It’s “Nick’s Pizza” (Red) ]
[ The elevator door clangs open. Aram is inside ]
Cooper: Aram. I thought you’d be out celebrating.
Aram: I, um, I saw my parents, and my, uh, my business partner, Nick.
Cooper: They must be so happy and proud of you.
Aram: We did good work today. At the church. We saved a lot of people.
Cooper: Yes. It was a good day.
Aram: We’ve got a lot of those. Days where we help people.
Cooper: Why are you here? It’s late. Everyone’s gone home. Your ship has come in, and yet here you are.
Aram: I had my business partner buy me out. It, um, wasn’t much. Uh, enough for a new kitchen. Mom’s been wanting one. And I made Nick create a camp scholarship in my name. Space Camp. I was 12. It, um, It changed my life.
Cooper: There won’t always be good days.
Aram: I know. And, uh, on those, I may regret my choice, but– Not much. And on the good days, I, uh– I can’t think of anywhere else I’d rather be.
Cooper: That sounds like a reason to celebrate. Come on. I’ll buy you a drink.
Aram: Thanks, but if it’s okay, I think I’d like to just hang out here.
Cooper: Of course.

[ Cooper’s kitchen ] [ Cooper looks at the Sacra Cintola, brought by Red ]
Cooper: The belt worn by the Virgin Mary. I’m speechless.
Red: [ Chuckles ] If you weren’t, you would be if I told you what the damn thing cost me.
Cooper: Aren’t you the least bit awestruck?
Red: I appreciate the object’s place in history but not the reverence for it. In that, I agree with Giovanni. Getting lost in the past distracts us from the work of the present.
Cooper: I still have a hard time believing you didn’t know Vesco was Giovanni.
Red: Lucky coincidence. Or unlucky, seeing as he’s going to prison and taking a fortune of mine with him.
Cooper: He had a long run.
Red: I doubt we’ve heard the last of Robert Vesco. Who knows? If I get bored, maybe I’ll break him out. I’d love to best him one last time.
Cooper: And you wonder why Charlene insists on supervised visitation.
Red: [ Chuckles ]
Cooper: Have you decided whether you can abide by our visitation terms?
Red: As a matter of survival, I make it a point to only enter spaces whose borders I define. But if spending time with Agnes requires submitting to borders defined by you and Charlene, so be it. I don’t like it, but the alternative is far worse.
Cooper: Agreed. I’ll go get her.
Red: Now? Go get Agnes right now?
Cooper: Why not? You’ve waited two years. There’s no point in keeping you waiting any longer.
[ Cooper leaves. Nervously, Red tries to see his reflection in a window ]
Weecha: You look fine.
[ Cooper enter with Agnes ]
Cooper: You met him a long time ago. He was a close friend of your mother’s, and he’s very excited to see you.
Agnes: Hi.
Red: [ Chuckles ] Hi. You probably don’t remember me.
Agnes: I remember you. We sailed boats together in Central Park. And we got fruit pops.
Red: [ Chuckles ] Yes! That’s right.
Agnes: That was the day before the day my mother died.
[ Red nods slightly ]
Agnes: You’re Pinky.
Red: Yes. [ He nods ] I’m Pinky.

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Episode Songs


♫ Money, Money
By Rupert Pope/Giles Palmer

(lyrics unavailable as of 11/6/2021)

Lyrics and Credits: [ Unavailable ]
YouTube: https://youtu.be/6IQ89gApiJk


♫ Holy, Holy, Holy
By (Trad.); Durham Cathedral

♪ Holy, holy, holy! Lord God almighty!
Early in the morning our song shall rise to thee.
Holy, holy, holy! Merciful and mighty!
God in three persons, blessed trinity!

♪ Holy, holy, holy! All the saints adore thee,
casting down their golden crowns around the glassy sea;
cherubim and seraphim falling down before thee,
which wert, and art, and evermore shalt be.

♪ Holy, holy, holy! Though the darkness hide thee,
though the eye of sinfulness thy glory may not see,
only thou art holy; there is none beside thee,
perfect in pow’r, in love, and purity.

♪ Holy, holy, holy! Lord God almighty!
All thy works shall praise thy name, in earth, and sky, and sea.
Holy, holy, holy! Merciful and mighty!
God in three persons, blessed trinity!

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/3o245EV
YouTube: https://youtu.be/suEmKJtKv8k

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❌❌❌ End 9:3 SPK


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🔴 Script 9:4 The Avenging Angel (№ 49)

Program air date: 11/11/2021 in the US
Script Permalink: https://wp.me/pDKwi-ctL
EntertainmentWeekly Recap: https://bit.ly/3F6XD6l

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Andrew McCarthy
Written by: Sean Hennen



Brief (Where we’re at): Harold Cooper and his wife Charlene agreed to allow Red to meet with Agnes, who Liz left in their care, as long as the visits are supervised, so Red got to meet her for the first time since Liz’s death two years ago. Agnes, now eleven, remembers Red from the day before Liz’s death when Red and Agnes sailed miniature sailboats in Central Park (and had fruit pops). It was the same day that Liz agreed to Red’s plan for her to kill him in order to establish herself in the criminal world so she could credibly take over his empire. But the plan went awry. Liz could not bring herself to shoot Red. As she hesitated, Liz herself was shot by Elias Vandyke, a devoted henchman of Neville Townsend, who had been killed by Red (incinerated in a bunker in Latvia). Agnes now has long brown hair like Liz, seems clever and pleasant, and bears a striking facial resemblance to Red, which would be consistent with the notion that Red is her grandparent, as was hinted in Episode 8:22 Nachalo (Russian for “The Beginning”). Agnes even remembers that she gave Red the nickname of “Pinkie.”

Dembe has emerged as a foil for Red’s criminal plans, in an effort to 1) prove he is now loyal to the FBI, and/or 2) save Red’s soul. After Red and the task force in parallel efforts foiled a plot to blow up a church by a group of religious extremists conned by Red’s former mentor Robert Vesco (Blacklister #9), long wanted by the FBI. Dembe guessed that Red would try to help Vesco escape because Vesco had conned Red out of $50M in gold in the eponymous Episode 6:13 and Red would hold onto him until he could collect the money. But Dembe showed up in Red’s plane and arrested Vesco, much to the Red and Vesco’s surprise and dismay.

Aram’s startup company landed an angel investor, but Aram decided to stay with the FBI and had his partner buy him out. Ressler cheated on his drug test and it came back as a “diluted negative” (from being neutralized with eye drops that he snuck into the bathroom stall). So he’ll have to take it again under “closer supervision.” Park, whose mother was a heroin addict, figured out what Ressler was up to and has given him an ultimatum to “clean up” or risk having her tell Cooper about his drug use.


⭕ Script 9:4 The Avenging Angel (№ 49)

Adam McHenry: [ On phone ] Trip, please tell me this is the last time we’re gonna hear from that pissant. I can’t waste any more time in court bickering about patent law or intellectual infringement.
Trip: Listen, as soon as the star witness took an unscheduled vacation, Freeson’s case was dead in the water.
McHenry: Well, that’s the best justice money can buy.
Trip: You are now in sole control of Genocyte. It’s time for you to celebrate!
McHenry: Oh. I’m way ahead of you, esquire.
[ Beep🔅]

♪ I hardly ever sleep
Still a dream chaser
Remember it was small
Now the team major– ♪

[ McHenry notices a screw lying on the floor in front of a vent. As he reaches for it, vapor begins pouring out of a vent ]
[ Whirring ] [ Hissing ]
McHenry: [ Coughing ]
[ McHenry collapses. The last things he sees sees is a black boot by his face and a man standing above him wearing a gas mask ]

♪ Yeah They threw me in the mix
Now I’m the game changer
One false move– ♪
[ Music slowing ]
[ Music fades ]

[ Adam McHenry sits in a chair. A middle-aged woman stands before him. She speaks in Italian-accented English. She goes by the name “Michael” ]
Michael: There’s a special place in hell for people like you, the rich and powerful who play with others’ lives just because you can. The world thinks that you’re in your castle celebrating, but you’re not. In fact, you’re haunted.
[ A man, Gabriel, men holds up a prompt card reading: “My name is Adam McHenry. And this is my confession” ]
Michael: Read these.
Adam McHenry: No.

[ Gabriel holds a gun to McHenry’s temple ]
Michael: [ Chuckles ] I understand. You’re used to giving orders, not taking them, feeling empowered, so I-I give you some power. You choose to read these, or we kill you.
[ The recording session proceeds ] [ Beep🔅]
McHenry: [ Reading prompt cards ] My name is Adam McHenry. And this is my confession. I’m a liar and a thief. ••• And to my best friend, Andrew Freeson, I’m so sorry.
Michael: You did well.
[ Beep🔅]
Michael: Just one more thing. You have a date with gravity, I’m afraid.
[ Gabriel grabs McHenry, holding a knife to his throat ]
McHenry: Wait. No. I read what you wanted. You said that you wouldn’t kill me!
Michael: Yes. Right. What I meant was people will not think that I killed you. They will hear your confession and think that you killed yourself.
McHenry: No. Wait! Please!
Michael: Like I said, you’re haunted!
McHenry: No! No! Please! Wai–
[ Gabriel drags McHenry onto a balcony, high above the street ] [ 🔊Horns 🔊 drown out ⚡️‼️Scream ‼️⚡️ ]

[ Harold Cooper wakes up in his car. Disoriented, he looks around. His service weapon lies on the floor. He picks it up ]
[ Cell phone buzzing »»» »»» ] [ The caller is “Nick’s Pizza” i.e. Red ]

[ Cooper’s kitchen ]
Charlene Cooper: A parking garage? You woke up in a parking garage?
Cooper: Near Dupont Circle. I can’t remember how I got there.
Charlene: You said you were going to a retirement party.
Cooper: Yeah, for Jim Ritter over at Justice.
Charlene: Right.
Cooper: I had one drink, maybe two.
Charlene: Honey, you don’t sleep in the car after one or two drinks.
Cooper: Maybe it was more. I can’t remember.
Charlene: Harold, you scared the hell out of me.
Cooper: If it makes you feel any better, I scared the hell out of myself.
Charlene: Not hearing from you, not knowing where you were. I waited by the phone all night.
And then when the phone did ring, it was from my friend Beth, and the way she sounded–
She asked me if I had heard what had happened, and I thought she was talking about you.
Cooper: I’m sorry I scared you.
Charlene: [ Sighs ]
[ They hug ]
Cooper: I’m fine.
Charlene: I know. And it means everything. Honey, there’s something else.
Cooper: Yeah. Beth said something happened. Who was she talking about?
Charlene: Doug Koster.

[ Flashback: (Episode 3:8 Kings of the Highway)
Cooper: What are you doing with a key to our neighbor’s cabin?
Charlene: [ Exhales sharply ] It happened before you got sick. We were in such a different place. You were working all the time. I was lonely.

Charlene: Beth kept in touch with him.
Cooper: What happened to him?
Charlene: He was shot and killed last night.
[ Later, Cooper sits alone in the kitchen. He removes the ammunition clip from his pistol. One bullet has been expended ]
Cooper: Where in the hell–

[ A vintage metal-sided camper trailer is parked in the woods ]
[ Inside, Mierce Xiu serves a drink to Red’s accountant, Heddie Hawkins ]
Heddie: How do you like the place?
Mierce: It’s– It’s nice.
Red: It’s our own little hideaway in the woods, just like at home.
Mierce: Like at home. But not home.
Red: No, not even close. But thank you for finding it for us, Heddie.
Heddie: Mmm! This is delicious. What is it?
Mierce: A maté infusion, from the yerba maté plant.
Red: We grow them in our garden.
[ Red puts his arm around Mierce ]
Red: Mierce has two green thumbs and an extraordinary knowledge of everything that’s good for you, and everything else that isn’t, including people. Speaking of, tell me about the operations we still have running with Oleg Nikovich.
Heddie: Oh, he’s provided us with contacts to move minerals out of Afghanistan, for which he’s been well paid. We moved $100 million worth last year, taking 19% off the top.
Red: So not exactly an arrangement we want to upend.
Heddie: Not if you like making 19% of $100 million. Why do you ask?
Red: Because Oleg has always been a loyal partner and friend, and yet, I need to take something off his hands.
Heddie: That’s $19 million annually. Don’t piss him off, Raymond.
Red: I don’t intend to, but what I need is locked away in that monstrosity of a penthouse he keeps as a tax shelter. The man’s there one week out of the year at most. He’ll never even know it’s gone.
Heddie: Where’s the building?
Red: A toothpick of a place on 57th Street in Manhattan. You should call Rogelio. He’ll know the super.
[ Dembe enters ]
Heddie: Ah! Dembe. [ Laughs ] Not seeing you, I was beginning to wonder.
Red: Thank you for coming, Heddie.
Heddie: Oh, uh, I’m gonna take this to go.
Mierce: It’s fine. Take the gourd.
Red: Let me know what Rogelio says. [ To Dembe ] Please, sit. Would you like anything to drink?
Dembe: No. Thank you.
Red: [ Pause ] Well, this is uncomfortable.
Dembe: Because I arrested Vesco?
Red: Vesco was a disappointment. Brasilia was a tragedy.
Dembe: We should talk about it.
Red: Your burns, are they healing?
Dembe: They are. I never thanked you for coming back after I was injured.
Red: I came back for Agnes.
Dembe: You came back for me. You stayed for Agnes.
Red: I have a case.
Dembe: So we’re not going to talk about Brasilia.
Red: Two tech partners have a falling-out. One accuses the other of stealing his intellectual property. He sues. He loses. [ Pushes newspaper to Dembe ] And what does the winner do? Mr. McHenry goes home and performs a reverse pike off of his balcony.
Dembe: After filming a suicide note admitting his guilt.
Red: Mm. I hear rumors that the suicide note and Mr. McHenry’s untimely demise were the work of the Avenging Angel.
Dembe: Michael. From Amsterdam.
Red: Bruges. Her insistent effort to restore wartime plunder to its rightful owners, among her other avid pursuits, is often nasty business.
Dembe: Which I recall you agreed with.
Red: [ Pause ] What the hell happened to us?

[ The Post Office war room ] [ Dembe briefs the task force ]
Ressler: Michael? As in the archangel? The one that God sent to fight the devil?
Dembe: A job she does with an almost heavenly zeal, stealing from those who have stolen, returning what was unjustly taken.
Park: Sounds angelic to me.
Dembe: According to Raymond, she rights these wrongs through murder, extortion, random acts of violence.
[ Aram pulls up case files and clippings ]
Aram: When a Japanese court acquitted executives of responsibility for the nuclear meltdown in Fukushima, she committed a ransomware attack, extracting millions for displaced victims. Over the course of a decade, she committed so many acts of terror against a small Florida town that local officials eventually agreed to her demands and gave back land to the descendants of Black families who had been run off their property in the 1920s.
Ressler: And yesterday, she murders the CEO of Genocyte and makes it look likes a guilt-ridden suicide.
Dembe: Complete with a taped confession.
[ Keyboard clacking ] [ Aram pulls up video from McHenry’s tape ]

McHenry: I leave my shares of Genocyte to the person they rightfully belong to – Andrew Freeson. Please forgive me, Andy.

Park: Does Reddington have any idea who her next target is?
Dembe: He doesn’t know her target, whether she acts alone, or is a hired gun.
Cooper: [ Via video link ] If someone did hire her to kill Adam McHenry, chances are it’s the man who thinks McHenry made a fortune after stealing his I.P.
Dembe: Andrew Freeson sued for his fair share and lost. Now McHenry’s dead and Freeson owns the company.
Cooper: I think that merits a sit-down. Park, Dembe, bring him in.
Ressler: It’s all right. I’ll go with her.
[ Ressler and Park walk off ]
Aram: Are you coming in today, sir?
Cooper: Should be. I just have to check on a friend of Charlene’s.
[ Beep🔅]

[ Police radio chatter ] [ Cooper is parked utside Doug Koster’s house. A body in a body bag is rolled out on a gurney ]
[ An officer raps ✽ ✽ ✽ ✽ on Cooper’s side window. Cooper rolls it down ]
Detective Marcus Heber: Detective Heber, Homicide. May I ask why you’re stopped here?
Cooper: Just wanted to see what all the commotion was about.
Heber: It’s a crime scene, sir. Not a roadside attraction.
Cooper: Right. I’m leaving.
[ Engine starts ] [ Cooper drives off ]
Heber: [ Sniffs ]
[ Heber takes a photo of Cooper’s license plate ] [ Camera shutter clicks ¤ ]

Ressler: You were right, this job does keep me on the straight and narrow.
Park: Telling me I’m right isn’t the reason you bumped Dembe off the assignment. What am I missing?
Ressler: My second drug test is later today, and if I don’t pass, even if I come up inconclusive, I’m out. And because I came up inconclusive the last time, well, this time, they’re coming into the stall with me.
Park: That’s cozy.
Ressler: Look, the point is, I need a clean sample, and I’m not sure I have one to give. But, uh, you do.
Park: Yeah, and I’m not giving it to you. I can’t believe you’re asking me to help cheat the test.
Ressler: Look, I’m not using. I’m just not sure if I’ve been off long enough. You know I need this job, and this is the only way that I can keep it.
Park: The answer’s no.
Ressler: If you don’t do this, I’m off the task force. I’m out of the Bureau.
Park: If I do it and we’re caught, then we’re both out.
[ They get into the yellow freight elevator ]
Ressler: You know what? Forget it.
Park: It’s not a risk I’m willing to take.
Ressler: I said forget it, all right? It’s my problem. I never should have tried to make it yours. Really. It’s– It’s all good.

[ Park and Ressler interrogate Andrew Freeson ]
Ressler: So you and McHenry were partners?
Andrew Freeson: Yes. We founded Genocyte in my parents’ garage. He was my oldest friend.
Park: Who you accused of making a fortune by stealing your intellectual property.
Freeson: You asked how well I knew him, not what I thought of him.
Park: What did you think of him?
Freeson: That he was a liar and a cheat.

[ Cooper steps off the yellow elevator ]
Cooper: [ On phone ] ADA Morehouse’s office, please. Bill. Harold. A homicide report should be filed later today on a Doug Koster. I need you to send me a copy. My eyes only. ⋘⋙ I owe you, pal.
[ Cooper walks over to the war room ]
Cooper: What have I missed?
Dembe: They’re in with Freeson.
Park: Do you think he was suicidal?
Andrew Freeson: No.
Ressler: Do you think he was murdered?
Freeson: I don’t know what to think, or feel. I’m just numb.
Ressler: Well, you’re also very rich now.
Park: McHenry taped a confession. He admitted to cheating you and gave you his share of the company.
Freeson: A confession? That’s the first I’m hearing of that.
Ressler: Well, you spent years in court trying to get what you say you deserved. Now, you lost, but now – McHenry winds up dead and you get everything after all.
Freeson: Are you suggesting I had something to do with his death? That I killed my best friend?
Park: You mean the liar and the cheat?
Freeson: Sure, that’s who he was, but he was also my oldest friend.
Ressler: Where were you last night?
Freeson: I had lost in court, so I was at home, drinking, blogging my troubles. I work in tech, okay? Screaming into that void is the only thing that helps. Wait. Do you really think I was at Adam’s place killing him?
Ressler: Were you?
Freeson: This conversation’s over. I want my lawyer.

Aram: Okay, so, Freeson said that thing about blogging, so I looked up his online footprint, and the guy’s got profiles everywhere. And then– And then I found this. This is Thread-Net. It’s an online discussion platform sort of like Reddit, and it looks like Freeson found a deep subcategory and vented about the court case, McHenry, his betrayal.
Cooper: A category about what?
Aram: It is a prayer group. It’s people pouring out their pain and problems for divine intervention. And the profile that is hosting this thread? [ Keyboard clacking ] AvengingAngel1317.
Cooper: She’s answering prayers. That’s how she’s picking her crimes.
Aram: It’s kind of perfect, actually. Host an anonymous worldwide platform and let the injustices roll in.
Cooper: We have her profile. We run it down. We find our angel.
[ Cooper begins to walk away ]
Aram: Oh, uh, sir? Is everything okay with Charlene’s friend?
Cooper: At the moment, it’s a mystery.
Aram: Uh, is there anything I can do?
Cooper: No. Thanks. I’m doing everything I can to figure out what happened.

[ The Superintendent of the Park Avenue building where Oleg Nikovich owns an apartment ]
[ Elevator bell dings✨ ]
Superintendent: One click will get you in. Return the gizmo on your way out.
Red: I can’t thank you enough, Felix.
Superintendent: Thank Rogelio. He helped get my daughter into Princeton this fall.
Red: How wonderful for her! Go, Tigers! Easy in, easy out. And there’s excellent pastrami right around the corner.
[ Beeping 🔅 ] [ Door opens. Red enters with Heddie and Weecha ] [ A party is in progress ] [ Dance music thumping ] [ Indistinct conversations ]
[ Oleg Nikovich’s son Alexei recognizes Red and greets him ]
Alexei Nikovich: Raymond? How is it, bro?
Red: Alexei! What a surprise! I was stopping by to see if your father was in town.
Alexei: Ah, he’s not, but come on in. I’m having a little get-together. Vodka’s cold, and the girls are hot.
Red: What do you have that’s room temperature?
Alexei: [ Chuckles ]

[ An office at the Post Office ]
Ressler: Hey. Aram ran down that angel profile. Log-ins from different routers in a dozen countries. Aram and Dembe are gonna take the local half. The out-of-towners are ours.
Park: Top drawer. Open it.
[ Ressler opens the drawer. Inside is a urine sample provided by Park ]
Park: Freeson was betrayed by McHenry. He was hurt by him, but in the end, he loved him.
[ Drawer closes ]
Ressler: Thank you.
Park: I hope it works, ’cause I’m not as nice as Freeson. Screw this up, and I won’t sue you– I’ll kill you.
[ Park leaves. Ressler sits down and places a call ]
[ Keypad speed-dialing ✵✵✵ ✵✵✵✵ ]
Ressler: Got the clean sample you’re looking for. Look. You ready to work your magic? All right. Name your time and place.

[ Dembe and Aram walk up to a house ]
Dembe: You read that online prayer group?
Aram: A bunch of it, yeah.
Dembe: What were they posting on there?
Aram: Tragedy, grief, confession. Our blacklister waded through a lot of anguish to find her needles in the haystack.
[ Knocking ✽ ✽ ✽ ✽ ✽ ]
Dembe: She takes advantage of people searching for peace.
[ Knocking ✽ ✽ ✽ ✽ ✽ ✽ ]
Neighbor: Hey! Any chance you’re city inspectors?
Aram: No. We’re FBI. Why do you ask?
Neighbor: Because I’ve been calling.
Aram: Calling about what?
Neighbor: This house. It’s been empty for two years. Last few months, all I hear day and night, noise like you wouldn’t believe.
Dembe: Seen anyone today?
Neighbor: No. But someone’s squatting.
[ Aram and Dembe enter, weapons drawn. Dembe finds a room with a decorative artwork of large colorful angel wings on the wall ]
Dembe: In here. She was here recently. This is her staging area.
[ The place is cluttered. There is a wall covered with photos, newspaper clippings, typed pages ]

[ A large chauffeured black car driving billionaire Derek Huntley turns onto a street with a traffic stop marked with flares.
Huntley: What the hell?
People dressed as workmen signal for the car to stop. Another car pulls directly in front of it ]
[⚡️Tires screech⚡️]
Huntley: Oh, my God!
[ The “workmen” pull guns and shoot the driver and escort, leaving Huntley alive. Michael and Gabriel get out of the other car.
[ At the house that has been serving as Michael’s staging area ]
Dembe: Aram, take a look at this.
Aram: What’d you find?
[ Dembe shows Aram a box containing a hospital identification band ]
Dembe: A link to the past. Rosary beads.
[ The men force Huntley into a car trunk ]
Huntley: [ Grunts ]
Michael: Don’t have a heart attack, not until I give you one.

[ Derek Huntley is cuffed behind his back and sitting in a chair ]
Michael: [ Italian accent ] William Green. Name ring any bells?
[ Michael opens Huntley’s shirt to show a heart surgery scar ]
Huntley: What are you doing?
Michael: Hmm? William Green. Anything?
Huntley: I’ve never heard of him.
Michael: I didn’t think so. But in a few hours, trust me, he’ll be unforgettable.

[ The Post Office ] [ The artwork of the angel wings is displayed above ]
Aram: It’s kind of beautiful.
Dembe: The heart of an artist.
Park: And the mind of a killer. What did you track down?
Aram: Okay, so, I ran the hospital bracelet that we found on-site. No baby name, but the year was ’83. Sant’Agata Hospital, outside Rome. The mother was a Michaela Bellucci. No father’s name listed.
Park: Michaela to Michael. Pretty close if this is our angel.
Dembe: Is this a hospital photo?
Aram: No. So, Dembe also found a rosary at the scene, and the cross was inscribed with the name of a local convent right near that hospital. The convent was listed as Michaela’s place of residence at the time of the birth.
Park: Don’t tell me our Avenging Angel is a former nun.
Aram: It’s deeper than that. Turns out, Michaela was a young, unwed mother, practically a deadly sin to some back then. Her parents all but disowned her. The convent took in hundreds of similar cases like this at that time. There have been investigations into places like this all over Europe. She would have been kept like a prisoner for the length of her pregnancy, and when she finally gave birth, she would have been forced to give the baby up for adoption.
Park: They took her baby.
Aram: And now our angel steals back for those who have had precious things stolen.
Park: While carrying around a hospital bracelet and an old rosary. She never let go of her past.
Aram: Michaela Bellucci barely has a past. She disappears off all public records shortly after the birth.
[ Cooper walks over ]
Cooper: Do you have an update?
Dembe: We have Michael’s real name. I’ll send out a BOLO.
Cooper: MPD is sending evidence collected from that house you found. When it arrives, I want it picked clean.
[ The group disperses, but Aram calls out to Cooper. He hands Cooper an envelope ]
Aram: Sir. From the DA’s office via Hoover. Your eyes only.
Cooper: It’s the information on Charlene’s friend.
Aram: Are you sure there’s nothing I can do?
Cooper: I’ll handle it on my own for now. If I need anything, I’ll let you know.

[ Cooper’s office ] [ Cooper plugs in a drive ] [ Beeping 🔅🔅🔅 ]
[ It’s the case report on Doug Koster. Cooper pulls up the ballistics report. It indicates the gun that fired the bullet is not on file ]

[ The apartment on Park Avenue ]
[ Dance music thumping ] [ Indistinct conversations ]
[ Red and Heddie sit on a couch. Alexei Nikovich walks over with two shots of vodka ]
Alexei: Za zdorovie!
Red: Cin-cin.
[ Red and Alexei drink ]
Red: [ Sighs ] Mmm. Oh. So are you living here now, Alexei? Or is this just an impromptu get-together?
Alexei: I’m just crashing here for a few weeks.
Red: If I remember correctly, you have quite a place. W-Where is it? Uh, Dalmatian Coast, Croatia, or–
Alexei: Eh, I had to sell that property. An unforeseen cash-flow problem.
Red: “Cash flow”?
Alexei: Yeah, it’s nothing. I was betting oil futures. It was stupid. I just need time to get back on my feet.
Red: Shame to sell the villa, though. There’s nothing that retains its value like a good piece of real estate– Or a good piece of art.
Alexei: What the hell do I know about art, huh?
Red: [ Laughter ] Well, I mean, take that painting, for example. Your father’s had it for years. It’s a perfect representation of the style. Clean lines, geometric use of the space. What an investment. That’s someone’s retirement hanging on that wall.
Alexei: How much we talking?
Red: Oh, my goodness. Look, I could have a row of buyers lined up by lunch. You could name a price.
[ Red gets up to admire the painting ]
Red: Beautiful. Eh. But you’d never. It means too much to your father.
Alexei: But he’s– He’s never here. He can’t love it that much. These, uh– These buyers– What could you get from them?
Red: Oh, please. I can’t put a price on perfection.
Alexei: Pretend like you can.
Red: [ Sighs ] I mean, I’d be guessing, but I think I know a collector who’d offer $500,000 just to get your attention.
Heddie: That would help with some cash flow.
Red: It would. [ Chuckles ] But, you know, it’s Alexei’s call.
Alexei: Think I could try for a million?

[ Elevator bell dings ]
Heddie: Is that painting really worth $1 million?
Red: This?
[ Red is carrying the painting ]
Heddie: Yeah.
Red: Oleg stole this off the wall of a Four Seasons in Maui. But it makes for lovely camouflage. Dembe and I were in Bruges a while back. We heard rumors of an Avenging Angel, someone dedicated to putting her thumb on the scales of injustice.
[ Red pries a second painting from the back of the first ]
Red: She was on the hunt for this.
Heddie: [ Gasps ]
Red: Van Gogh’s “The Painter on the Road to Tarascon.” Stolen from its rightful owner by the Nazis and thought to have been incinerated when the Allies bombed Magdeburg.
Heddie: And how did you know Nikovich had it?
Red: He showed it to me years ago. Oleg’s always very proud of his newest shiny toy. He hid it for obvious reasons and lost interest. But I never did.
Heddie: And now you’re gonna use it as bait to catch the Avenging Angel.
Red: That’s my job, yes. Yours is to contact the rightful owner.
Heddie: Is he still alive?
Red: His daughter is. She’s the lead singer in a death-metal band.
Heddie: How old is she?
Red: Mm, 90-something.

[ Ressler meets with a sports medicine doctor named Dr Francis ]
Ressler: Okay, no. No way.
Dr. Francis: The collector’s gonna be standing with you, watching.
Ressler: Yeah, I’m aware, but–
Dr. Francis: The only way you’re gonna pee out clean urine is if I put clean urine in you, and the only way I can do that is by running the sample you brought from this catheter through your penis into your bladder.
Ressler: Is that even possible?
Dr. Francis: I spent a decade as a team doctor for pro athletes. Believe me, when you’re playing for your next contract, anything’s possible. Those guys want it so badly, they’re willing to do anything. Are you?
Ressler: [ Sighs ]

[ The Post Office ]
Aram: We’ve gone through the evidence files we got from MPD, and these three men were in multiple surveillance photos.
Cooper: That’s Derek Huntley.
Park: Should I know who that is?
Aram: 72nd-richest American. One of the many sad facts I know from my time hunting for an angel investor.
Dembe: And the others?
Aram: The second is Walter Conrad, an administrator at St. Damian’s Hospital. And the third is a local steelworker named William Green. No idea what they have in common.
Park: Except that our archangel was watching all three.
Cooper: Bring them all in for questioning.
Ressler: Hey. Sorry I was late. I had personal issues to deal with.
Cooper: A lot of that going around.

[ A sack is pulled from the head of Walter Conrad, the administrator at St. Damian’s Hospital. Next to him is sitting Derek Huntley, the billionaire. Next to him sits William Green ]
William Green: What do you want? Why am I here?
Michael: Mr. Conrad, would you care to enlighten our guest of honor? [ She refers to Derek Huntley ] No? Mr. Conrad is what we call in Italian, pulisci il culo, an asswipe. Huntley is the person who gets wiped. And you [ To Green ] are the refuse, the human garbage they flush away every day.
Huntley: I have no idea what you’re talking about.
Green: Makes two of us.
Michael: Well, then, allow me to shed some light on things.
[ Michael slides back doors to reveal a surgical suite ]

[ A parking garage ] [ Cooper sits in his car, fingering his firearm ]

[ Flashback: (Episode 3:8 Kings of the Highway) ]
Charlene: I mean, how many times do I have to tell you? It wasn’t about sex.
Cooper: If it wasn’t about the sex, then why’d you have sex? Why not invite him to join your book club?
Charlene: Because I hate my book club, and the only reason I joined that book club is because you were never home. Doug was just, you know, uh, company.

[ Vehicle approaches ]
[ Cooper’s friend Lew Sloan pulls up and rolls down his window ]
Lew: Coop. Yo, Coop.
Cooper: Lew. Thanks for coming.
Lew: What’s with the cloak and dagger?
Cooper: I need you to run a ballistics test for me.
Lew: Okay. And why can’t you do that?
Cooper: Because the test is for my service weapon. I woke up this morning, and there was a round missing. I think my weapon was recently fired.
Lew: Well, if you think a round’s been fired and it’s your gun, shouldn’t you know?
Cooper: Ballistics, Lew. Can you do it?
Lew: How much trouble are you in?
Cooper: I don’t know. That’s what I’m trusting you to find out.

[ The Post Office ]
Aram: Sir, the three men from the photos, Huntley, Green, and Conrad, they are all missing.
Dembe: Huntley was ambushed in traffic. The security detail was gunned down in broad daylight.
Aram: Conrad lived alone, but we brought in Green’s wife to see what she knows.
Cooper: Coordinate with MPD. If they have any leads, I want to know about it. I’ll be in my office.

[ Surgeons prepare for surgery ]
Michael: You took something that does not belong to you, something that rightfully belongs to Mr. Green.
Huntley: You’re crazy. I’ve never met this man before.
Michael: Mm. But you’ve met Mr. Conrad. He’s here to explain to Mr. Green what you stole and how you used your power and influence to steal it.
[ William Green’s wife, Janelle, is being questioned ]
Janelle Green: William went to the pharmacy. It’s around the corner. When he didn’t come back in an hour, I went, and I was told he never showed up.
Park: Do you know who this woman is?
[ Park slides a photo of Michaela Bellucci (“Michael”) ]
Janelle: No. Who is she? Why would she want to do something to my husband?
Michael: [ To William Green ] I don’t want to do something to you. I want to give something to you.
Ressler: Why was your husband going to the pharmacy?
Janelle Green: He had a pacemaker installed. He was going to pick up his heart meds, blood thinners. He can’t survive without them. He has congestive heart failure.
Michael: [ To William Green ] I want to give you a heart, specifically his heart.
Derek Huntley: Come on. You can’t do that.
William Green: I don’t want you to hurt him.
Michael: Why not? He didn’t care that he hurt you. Mr. Conrad, if you will. How did you do it?
Janelle Green: My husband worked for a steel company for 20 years. When his heart got bad, they helped him get on the national transplant list.
Walter Conrad: When an organ becomes available, it’s first offered to people near the donor’s hospital, based on their placement on a wait list.
Janelle Green: It took almost a year, but e-eventually, William got to the top of the list.
Michael: And in this case, the hospital was St. Damian’s. Is that your hospital?
Walter Conrad: Yes.
Janelle: We were so excited. The next heart was going to be his.
Michael: William Green lives in the donation radius of St. Damian’s. Derek Huntley lives on the other side of the state. Can you explain that?
Huntley: There are thousands of people on donor lists all across the country. I’m sorry that this man did not get a heart, but that is not my fault.
Michael: But it is his fault, wasn’t it?
Conrad: Derek offered to fully pay for our new pediatric wing if I could ensure the first heart available was his.
Ressler: So if your husband was on the top of the list, why didn’t he receive a transplant?
Janelle: He was at the top. He’s not anymore.
Ressler: Why not?
Janelle: He failed a test. A-A blood test. They were pretty vague about it. After that, William kept getting bumped down the list.
Michael: So Mr. Huntley bribed his way to the front of the line, effectively sentencing Mr. Green to death.
Janelle: He doesn’t have much time. [ Voice breaking ] I just wanted the last couple months– I want him to be at peace. And now I don’t understand why this happened. Why would someone want to do this to him?
Park: One more thing, Mrs. Green. Have you ever posted on any discussion groups online, maybe a prayer group, asking for your husband to find a new heart?
Janelle: How did you know that?
Derek Huntley: I didn’t do anything to this man. I did something for myself. That’s the way the world works.
Michael: I know. That’s why I’m so busy. [ To the guards ] Shall we?
[ Two guards grab Huntley by the armpits ]
Huntley: Wait. Wait. Wait.

Cooper: You’re guessing.
Ressler: Yeah, but it’s an educated guess.
Park: Look at the facts. Two months ago, William Green was number one on the donor list for a new heart. He’s near a hospital. He’s ready to go. But suddenly, he gets a series of disqualifying test results that bump him down the list. Around the same time, a new pediatric wing at St. Damian’s is named in honor of Derek Huntley.
[ Elevator clangs open ]
Cooper: It’s time for your drug test.
Ressler: If you need me, it can wait.
Cooper: What we need is you to be reinstated. Good luck.
Ressler: Thank you.

[ Monitor beeping 🔅🔅🔅 ]
Huntley: You can’t do this!
Michael: Why not? You behave like you’re heartless. Now you will be.
[ Huntley resists as he is forced onto a surgical cot and his face is covered with an anesthesia mask ]
Huntley: [ Grunting ]

[ Cooper’s office ]
Park: You’re right. It was a guess. So I contacted the hospital. A week after Green was disqualified, Huntley got a new heart, while Mr. Green got a pacemaker and six months to live.
Cooper: Did Huntley get the heart Green should have gotten?
Park: All that matters is that Michael thinks so.
Dembe: Which means she’ll want to give it back to Green by taking it from Huntley.
Cooper: If that is what she’s doing, do you have any idea where she’s doing it?
Park: Not yet.
Aram: If Mr. Green has a pacemaker, though, it may be Bluetooth compatible for sending diagnostics remotely to his doctors.
Cooper: Find out as fast as you can.

[ Michael exits the surgical suite. Gabriel holds up his phone showing the Van Gogh painting ]
Gabriel: You won’t believe this. The trail that went cold in Bruges? It just got warm.
Michael: Who sent this?
Gabriel: A fence in Baltimore. Jericho.
Michael: After all these years.
Gabriel: He has a well-heeled client list. We need to act quickly.
Michael: Whatever the asking price, double it.
Gabriel: I know what to do about the painting. What about the owner?
Michael: Tell Mr. Jericho the price comes on one condition. I want a sit-down with the owner to find out what he knows about the provenance of the painting. For his sake, I hope it’s not much.

Ressler: You need to see my birthday suit? I just had it tailored.
Health Services Coordinator: That won’t be necessary. Arms up, palms toward me.
Ressler: [ Grunts ] Is that necessary?
Coordinator: Just following protocol. First test is inconclusive, we don’t take any chances on number two.
[ He hands Ressler a collection jar and peers into the open stall ]
Coordinator: No pressure, but I got a 4:15 with the Joint Chiefs.

[ Red waits with Weecha as wooden door opens and Heddie enter with an elderly woman, Ada Rosenberg ]
Red: Hello, Ada. Welcome. Hope you had a comfortable trip.
Ada Rosenberg: Oh, yes. Heddie was a dear.
Red: I hear you’re on tour.
Ada: I am. Dialysis permitting. I have a show tonight, but this nice lady says you have a-a pleasant surprise for me. At my age, most surprises aren’t, so here I am.
Red: [ Chuckles ] So, please, come sit.
[ Weecha offers help but Ada declines ]
Ada: Oh, no, no, no, no, no. It’s all right. It’s okay. I can manage. I am old, not, uh–
[ As soon as she is seated, Ada sees Van Gogh’s “The Painter on the Road to Tarascon” on an easel in front of her chair. She rises and stares ]
Ada: ⋘⋙ [ Emotionally ] They took it– On a Thursday. On Friday, they took the rest of us. I only survived because they heard me sing. I am alive – Because I sang for the people who killed my family. However did you find it?
Red: In the case of history repeating itself, I stole it.
Ada: Hm!
Red: From the current owner’s apartment.
Ada: [ Chuckles ]
Red: I realize it’s no recompense, but maybe after all these years, it’s– Sentimental reparation.
Ada: Who are you?
Red: [ Chuckling ] Oh, that’s– That’s a longer story–
[ Cell phone rings✨]
Red: –Which I’ll tell you right after this. Excuse me. Jericho. Yes, double the price is good. Wanting to meet me is even better. Twenty minutes. All I need is an address. Yes. [ Phone beeps🔅 ] I’m terribly sorry, Ada, but something unavoidable has come up.
Ada: So it’s really mine to keep?
Red: It was always yours. It’s just been in the wrong hands for the past 81 years.
[ Cell phone rings✨]
Red: Ah. This constant ringing. I feel like Quasimodo.
Ada: [ Chuckles ]
Red: Harold. I was going to call you. Perfect timing.
Cooper: It’s not perfect for Derek Huntley. Apparently, he cut in line for a transplant and got the heart that was supposed to go to someone else. Our angel is about to balance the scales, which means she’ll murder Huntley, and we don’t know where.
Red: Derek Huntley the billionaire?
Cooper: I think you’re missing the point.
Red: Good talk, Harold. [ Beep🔅]
Cooper: Reddington, are you–
[ Aram enters ]
Aram: Sir, the pacemaker has Bluetooth.
Cooper: Is it still active?
Aram: No, but the last known GPS ping came from the warehouse district north of the city.
Cooper: It’s a pretty big district.
Aram: And we were right about the transplant surgery.
Cooper: How do you know?
Aram: The same way I know they’re in the warehouse on 14th and Roosevelt. It is the only one that had surgical equipment delivered to it in the past month.
Cooper: Relay that to the tac team. Have them standing by.

[ Outside the surgical suite ] [ Clock ticking ]
[ Weecha and Red enter ]
Gabriel: Hi. Let’s see what you got.
[ He and another guard frisk Red and Weecha, taking their weapons ]
Gabriel: [ To Weecha ] Aren’t you a little spitfire.
Red: I think you’re forgetting something.
Gabriel: What’s that?
Red: Her hands.
[ Weecha expertly takes down the men ] [ Men grunting ]
[ Grunting heard in distance ] [ Monitor beeping 🔅🔅🔅 ] [ Red enters ]
Red: Knife down. Back up.
Michael: This is none of your concern. You’re here about the painting.
Red: I have the painting, yes, but that’s not why I’m here. I’m here about this particular game of hearts you’re playing, and it’s your turn to discard.
Michael: You don’t know what you’re talking about. If you knew what you were talking about, you would not call this a game.
Red: A psychopathology, then. My guess would be that you had something important taken from you. More important than anything else. So now you right wrongs and avenge others who’ve had something taken from them.
Michael: If you know that’s what I’m doing, why would you stop it?
Red: Order. Harmony. Balancing the scales. So good is rewarded and evil is punished. Most of us want that. I know I certainly do. And if that’s what you were doing here, I wouldn’t interrupt.
Michael: Do you know who this man is? Do you know what Huntley did to this man?
Red: Yes, and it’s abhorrent. But I also know what else he’s done.
Michael: He as much as murdered this man.
Red: Perhaps. But he also paid for a pediatric clinic that’s in the business of saving children’s lives. He’s contributed to research that has eliminated certain deadly childhood diseases that have afflicted poor children around the world.
Michael: That man is no saint.
Red: No, he’s not. He’s a sinner. But you think that’s all he is. In your binary world, that’s all you see, so when you do your math, the answer you come to is that he deserves to die. My math is different.
Michael: You and everyone else, taking the side of the rich over the poor.
Red: That’s not what I’m doing.
Michael: That is exactly what you are doing. By stopping this, William Green will die. The decent, honest steelworker will be sacrificed for the rapacious hedge-fund manager.
Red: Who said anything about letting him die? What’s his blood type?
Surgeon: O-negative.
Michael: He needs a heart.
Red: And he’s going to get one. Just not Huntley’s.
[ He takes a gun from Weecha ]
Red: What’s your blood type?
Michael: O-negative.
Red: [ Chuckles ] Boy, that’s lucky. And you’re about the same size. Not perfect, but this is how my math works out.
[ Red points his gun at Michael’s head ] [ Gun cocks ]
Michael: There is an avenging angel for all of us. This will not keep you from yours.
Red: I certainly hope not.
[ Gunshot 💥 ]

[ 🚨 Sirens wailing 🚨]
[ Agents raid the Avenging Angel’s suite ] [ Dembe finds the surgical suite ]
Dembe: Get on the comms and tell Cooper.
Park: Tell him what?
Dembe: That Mr. Green is alive and breathing with a new heart. But for Michael, we were too late.
[ Monitor beeping 🔅🔅🔅 ]

[ Cooper’s office ]
Cooper: The Blacklister is dead. Her heart transplanted to William Green, but I suspect you know all of this.
Red: [ On phone ] Sometimes even an avenging angel needs an avenging angel.
Cooper: You found the Blacklister on your own and killed her. Why bring us the case at all?
Red: If you’re asking if I had an angle to play, I didn’t. Until you told me about Derek Huntley.
Cooper: How did that change the equation?
Red: It gave me the opportunity to make a powerful acquaintance. In my experience, you can’t have too many of those in your debt.
Cooper: What’s the difference between what you do and what Michael did? She fancied herself judge, jury and executioner. How are you any different?
Red: Oh, my goodness. We couldn’t be more different. She judged people based on their worst day, by the most terrible sin they committed.
Cooper: Shouldn’t we be judged by that?
Red: I don’t think so. If that were the standard, we’d all be found wanting.
Cooper: Then by what standard should we be judged, if not by the worst day of our life?
Red: By every other day. We all have the devil in us, Harold, but the best of us have angels, too. [ Red’s phone beeps🔅]
[ Cooper’s phone beeps🔅]
[ Aram enters ]
Aram: Sir. From a Special Agent Sloan.
Cooper: Thank you.
Aram: Uh, sir. You know, whatever you need, uh, you know I’m here for you.

[ Death metal music playing ] [ Red and Heddie are seated. Ada walks over ]
Ada: You made it.
Heddie: Are you kidding? I love death metal. I’m a total Cadaver Rising groupie.
Red: [ Chuckles ] I must say, I’m something of a virgin. Excited but a bit apprehensive.
Ada: I do it to reach young people so they will never forget. My voice kept me alive. Now I use it to remind the world that good triumphs over evil. What can I say? Apres moi le deluge.
[ Ada appears onstage ] [ Applause ] [ Drumsticks tapping ]

[ Spoken word: ]
Skies alive with fire.
There was a holocaust!

I survived.
So many did not.

William Green: It was, uh, horrifying.
Janelle: Right now all I care about is that you’re here and you’re going to be fine.

[ Park enters Ressler’s office ]
Park: So?
[ Paper crinkling ]
Ressler: Alina.
Park: Did I pass?
Ressler: No. No, you didn’t.
Park: What are you talking about?
Ressler: The drug test came back negative. I’ve been reinstated, but, um–
Park: But what?
Ressler: The hormonal levels in my readings, they were irregular. That sometimes happens when someone has abnormal tissues or tumors. The results indicate that–
[ Ressler gives Park the results ]
Park: [ Reading ] “You may have cancer.”
Ressler: Yeah, but since they actually tested you and not me–
Park: I’m the one who’s sick.

[ Cooper sits in his car. He opens the ballistics report. It shows a match between his gun and the bullet that killed Doug Koster, Charlene’s former lover ]
[ Cell phone ringing✨] [ Beep🔅]
Cooper: Hey.
Charlene: Honey, it’s late. What time you coming home?
Cooper: Soon. I’ll be home soon.
Charlene: I’m sorry about this morning. Doug Koster’s a name from the past. Nothing more. I was just caught off guard about what happened.
Cooper: You don’t owe me an apology. It was a shock. For both of us.
Charlene: Did you hear anything? I mean, about the case? Do you have any idea what happened?
Cooper: They don’t, but I do.
[ Cooper is parked outside the Metropolitan Police Department ]

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Episode Songs


The character of Ada Rosenberg may be based in part on the life of Inge Ginsberg who died on July 20, 2021 at the age of 99:

NYT: Inge Ginsberg, Holocaust Survivor With a Heavy Metal Coda, Dies at 99 http://nyti.ms/3wPJcRl
// 8/26/2021; Her rich life, spanning three continents and 11 decades, entailed wartime espionage, volumes of poetry, songwriting and a late-career turn as a rock band’s frontwoman.

She was the frontwoman for the band Inge and the TritoneKings, which competed on television in “Switzerland’s Got Talent,” entered the Eurovision Song Contest and made music videos. Whatever the venue, Ms. Ginsberg would typically appear in long gowns and pearls and flash the two-fingered hand signal for “rock on” as she sang about the Holocaust, climate change, mental health and other issues.

♫ Bonus Song: I’m Still Here
By Grandma Holocaust Survivor Inge Ginsberg & the TritoneKings

♪ [ Spoken ]

YouTube: https://youtu.be/rqVx0_v54Ng

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🔴 Script 9:5 Benjamin T Okara (№ 183)

Program air date: 11/18/2021 in the US
Script Permalink: https://wp.me/pDKwi-cwd
EntertainmentWeekly Recap: https://bit.ly/3Hu0QPv

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Directed by: Jono Oliver
Written by: Noah Schechter



Brief (Where we’re at): ● A bullet fired from Cooper’s gun was involved in the murder of Doug Koster, the neighbor with whom Cooper’s wife Charlene had an affair several years ago. ● Park may have cancer ~ she provided the clean urine sample for Ressler to use for a drug test required for him to be reinstated in the FBI. (He says he’s no longer using but told Park he wasn’t sure he’d been off drugs long enough for the test to be negative.) The test came back clean for drug use but with abnormal hormone levels. ● And Dembe and Red’s relationship has become as chilly as Red’s and Mierce’s appears to be cozy. Whatever went wrong between Dembe and Red has something to do with “Brasília” which Red says was “a tragedy” ~ likely referring to something that happened there (though “Berlin” turned out to be a person, so you never know).

Cooper woke up in his car to find his gun on the car floor. When he later checked the ammunition clip, he saw that a bullet had been fired, so he turned it over to a friend to have it analyzed and there was a match to the bullet used in the murder. Cooper had gone to a retirement party and has no recollection of what happened after having only a couple of drinks. So far he has not mentioned the ballistics test to Charlene, but clearly she will be a suspect in this whodunit in addition to Cooper himself.

Red was able to track down the Blacklister “The Avenging Angel” (Blacklister #49) whose activities had been on his radar for years. Going by the name “Michael” for “Michael the Archangel” who “God sent to fight the devil,” Michaela Bellucci had been a young unwed mother in Italy, placed in a convent by her family for the duration of her pregnancy and forced to give up her baby for adoption. So she devoted her life to restoring precious things to people who has been cheated out of them. She used an online prayer site to find injustices to make right and employed criminal means whenever necessary to right them. Red guessed she was involved when a partner in a firm who had just won a court case giving him sole possession of the firm died in a fall from a high rise after filming a suicide message apologizing to the friend he had cheated.

Red knew Michaela/Michael was looking for a lost Van Gogh painting that he knew was in the possession of an associate, hidden behind a “meh” piece a abstract art that he was able to buy from the associate’s son by convincing him it was worth $1M. He dangled the painting to Michael via a broker. He arrived just in time to prevent Michael from overseeing the transplant of a heart from a billionaire who had jumped the line to the dying “everyman” who had been bumped. Red executed Michael who herself became the heart donor. Red then restored the Van Gogh to its rightful owner, a Holocaust survivor from whose family the painting had been stolen by the Nazis. Now in her 90s, Ada Rosenberg is the lead singer in a Death Metal band, singing about the Holocaust and “to remind the world that good triumphs over evil.”


⭕ Script 9:5 Benjamin T Okara (№ 183)

[ Stan Rodgers is driving his car down a highway while talking on the phone to Olivia Rodriguez, a work colleague. She is in a motel room ]
Olivia Rodriguez: Stan, you need to get here as fast as you can. I’m worried about you.
Stan Rodgers: Look, for all we know, CID already has him in custody.
Olivia: Yeah? Then why haven’t we heard from Nitesh or Maryanne?
Stan: I don’t know, but I’m sure there’s a logical explanation.
[ On the side of the road, Benjamin Okara stands next to a blue van. He is holding an electronic device. A blue dot 🔵 moves across the screen ]
Olivia: There were ambulances at the CID safehouse!
Stan: Just sit tight. I’ll be at the motel soon. We’ll talk to–
[ Okara manipulates the device ] [ ¤ ¤ ¤ Clicking ¤ ¤ ¤ ]
Stan: [ Winces ] –Hans.
[ Okara amps up the device ] [ Beeping 🔅🔅🔅 ] [ Pulsing 🌀🌀🌀🌀 ]
[ Stan’s car makes a turn and the blue van comes into view. He sees Okara ]
Stan: [ Groans ] No. [ Grunts in pain ] [ Strained ] It can’t be.
Olivia: Can’t be what, Stan? It can’t be what?
Stan: Him. He’s here.
Olivia: Oh, my God. Stan, you have to get out of there.
[ Pulsing 🌀🌀🌀🌀 ]
Stan: [ Groans ]
[ Stan tries to back up ] [ ⚡️Tires screech⚡️]
Olivia: Stan? Are you there?
Stan: [ Groans ]
Olivia: Stan?
[ Pulsing ‼️ 🌀🌀🌀🌀‼️ ]
Stan: [ Screams ]
[ The car races backwards and⚡️screeches⚡️ to a halt on the side of the road ]
Olivia: Stan? Stan?!
[ Okara limps over to Stan’s car. Stan sits motionless, his eyelids half shut. Okara uses Stan’s phone to check the location of his last call: Oak Leaf Motel ]

[ Agent Alina Park is in a car being driven by her husband, Peter ]
Peter: I’m just saying, I don’t understand.
Park: That may be what you’re saying, but the way you’re saying it sounds like you don’t trust me.
Peter: Then let me start over. I love you, and whatever this is–
Park: This is cancer.
Peter: Maybe. That’s why you got the blood test, to get a second opinion. What I don’t understand is why the Bureau wouldn’t let you give the oncologist the drug test.
Park: I don’t know.
Peter: I know you’re an amazing instructor, but would our national security really be at risk if someone else trained the cadets?
Park: What can I say? I’m that good. [ Smiles ]
Peter: [ Chuckles ]
[ The car pulls over ] [ Seatbelt clicks ✵ ] [ Gearshift clicks ✽ ]
Peter: When you stopped being a field agent, I thought you were safe. Now this? I wish I could protect you.
Park: You do. In every way that matters. [ Kiss ]
[ Park gets out. Peter leans over to talk through the open car window ]
Peter: Hey. I do trust you.

[ Inside the large antique metal-sided camper in the woods where Red is staying with the sisters Mierce and Weecha Xiu ]
[ Door creaks open ] [ Dembe enters ]
Dembe: I’m here to see Raymond.
[ Door creaks shut ]
Dembe: He said it was urgent.
[ Dembe sits on the couch across from the small table. Mierce Xiu is sitting at the table. She leans forward ]
Mierce: Raymond is troubled. Some man and his airfields.
Dembe: Jovan Lovic?
Mierce: Raymond wanted to meet. The man refused because of you.
Dembe: Me? I didn’t do this to hurt him.
[ Red enters from a front room ]
Red: Dembe. The Havana Syndrome – What do you know about it?
Dembe: It’s a series of ailments – Headaches, fatigue, vertigo, blurred vision. First reported by American diplomats in Cuba, and later by U.S. personnel in embassies around the world.
Red: Mysterious ailments caused by a mysterious weapon. A directed-energy weapon. Mmm. Mierce, those are delicious. You are a wonder. I can’t imagine a life without either of them.
[ Dishes clatter lightly ]
Dembe: Mystery weapon. Do you know how to locate one?
Red: I know that one has recently gone missing, one that this country and this country’s enemies would dearly love to get their hands on.
Dembe: I thought the weapons were made by our enemies.
Red: [ Chuckles ] Yes, well, in the Yankee Doodle spirit of “any way you can kill, I can kill better,” the Americans transformed Cuba’s pea-shooter model into a particularly fearsome iteration that has the potential to usher in a brutal new form of guerrilla warfare.
Dembe: About Jovan Lovic–
Red: Lovic is my problem. The problem you should focus on is finding this weapon.

[ The Post Office ] [ Dembe briefs the task force ]
Dembe: These weapons can disable people by sending highly powered energy waves through walls, floors, ceilings without detection. According to Raymond, the Pentagon responded to the energy weapon attacks by tasking DARPA to design one of their own, which they did, only for the chief engineer to disappear along with the prototype.
Cooper: The chief engineer– What do we know about him?
Aram: His name is Dr. Benjamin Okara. He immigrated to the U.S. from Lagos when he was ten.
[ Park walks in ]
Cooper: Agent Park, welcome to the party.
Park: Sorry. I got in my car and ended up at the academy. Habit, I guess.
Aram: Okara has a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from MIT, where he won the somewhat unusual distinction of being the only summa cum laude graduate to have been suspended four times. Apparently, the last one was for assembling a Zamboni in the faculty dining hall.
Ressler: [ Reading from the overhead ] AI-enabled target processing, hypersonic missile defense. Okara has quite the resume. But did Reddington say why he went rogue?
Dembe: Only that the weapon can fetch a fortune on the black market, but it’s equally possible he’s been turned. We just don’t know.
Cooper: We may not know his motives, but we can certainly find out about the weapon he stole. Park, Ressler, get over to DARPA. We need to know what this thing is capable of.

[ Ressler walks with Park ]
Park: [ Sighs ]
Ressler: What are you doing here?
Park: You sound like Peter.
Ressler: Oh, so you told him? Good.
Park: Of course I told him. And then I proceeded to lie to him about how I found out and why I couldn’t give the oncologist my drug test.
Ressler: Well, because it was my test using your urine. Which, if you hadn’t given me, you wouldn’t have known something was wrong, so, uh – you’re welcome.

[ At DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency ]
Alison (DARPA Aide): Agents Ressler and Park are here.
Director Reiss: Please, come in. Your office called to say you were on your way over.
Ressler: Then you know why we’re here.
Reiss: I do. And as I told the gentleman I spoke with, I can’t comment on classified projects.
Park: We know about the directed-energy weapon, that Okara supervised its development, that he’s taken the prototype and gone who knows where.
Ressler: We were kind of hoping you were the “who” who knows.
Reiss: I am sorry, but I can’t confirm or deny even the existence of classified projects.
Park: What about the scientists who work on them? Can you tell us who else worked on the project you can’t tell us about? Or if the military has at least begun an investigation?
Reiss: I wish I could, but as I’m sure you can appreciate, I can’t even speculate about personnel or investigations that may or may not be connected to classified projects that may or may not exist.
Ressler: You know what isn’t speculative? That a powerful weapon is missing, that in the wrong hands, it could do incredible damage, and that you’re too busy covering your own ass to help us prevent that from happening.
Reiss: I’m late for a meeting. Alison will show you out.
[ Director Reiss leaves ]
[ Once Reiss is out of sight, Alison volunteers information ]
Alison: [ Low voice ] DARPA is investigating.
Ressler: I’m sorry?
Alison: The project’s secret, and they don’t want any leaks, but Director Reiss has been on the phone with investigators every day for the last week. There were five scientists on Okara’s team.
Park: Were?
Alison: Stan Rogers was killed in a car crash yesterday morning.
Ressler: What about the other scientists?
Alison: No one knows. It’s like they all disappeared.
Park: The whole team is missing? We need their names – Everyone on the team. Can you do that?

[ The motel room where Olivia Martinez is staying. She has hung a cluster of looping wires from the ceiling ]
[ Cellphone rings✨] [ Cellphone beeps🔅]
Olivia: Hans! Listen, Stan’s missing.
Hans Fielder: Desert. Ash. Beware.
[ Olivia scribbles words on a notepad ] [ Paper rustles ]
[ Benjamin Okara uses his device to direct microwave energy into Olivia’s motel room ]
[ The wires hanging from the ceiling begin to glow ]
Olivia: Oh, my God.
Device: [ Beeps 🔅🔅🔅 ] [ Pulsing 🌀🌀🌀🌀 ]
Olivia: [ Gasps ] [ Groans ]
[ Olivia’s nose bleeds ]
[ The screen on Okara’s device shows 🌀🌀🌀🌀 pulses of energy 🌀🌀🌀🌀 emanating from a blue dot 🔵 ]
[ Beeping 🔅🔅🔅 ] [ Clicking ✽ ✽ ✽ ]
Olivia: [ Screaming ] [ Crying ]
[ She collapses ]
[ Beeping 🔅🔅🔅] [ Clicking ✽ ✽ ✽ ]
Olivia: [ Gasping ]
[ Beeps🔅🔅 ]
[ Okara walks away from the Oak Leaf Motel ]

[ Cooper’s office ]
[ On the phone, Harold Cooper and his wife Charlene discuss the murder of their former neighbor, Doug Koster. Cooper woke in his car the morning after the incident, his mind blank. His gun was on the floor of the car with one bullet missing from the magazine clip. He got a friend to run a ballistics report ]
Cooper: The ballistics match the ones from the homicide report and from my service weapon.
Charlene: [ On phone ] Honey, it doesn’t mean that you did it.
Cooper: The bullet that shot Doug Koster came from my gun.
Charlene: It’s been over eight years. He’s in our past. What – One night, you get drunk and you kill him?
Cooper: I went to the precinct. I was gonna confess. But I can’t remember what happened.
Charlene: I wish you had.
Cooper: Turned myself in?
Charlene: Told the truth. If you don’t and they find the ballistics, no one’s gonna believe that you’re innocent.
[ Knock on door ✽ ✽ ] [ Ressler enters ]
Ressler: Oh, sorry. We, uh, have an update on the scientists.
Cooper: I’ll be right down.
[ Ressler leaves ]
Cooper: I sent a blood sample to the lab to find out if I was drugged.
Charlene: When will you get the results?
Cooper: A week. Maybe more. Until then, I’m not admitting to anything.
Charlene: If the police find out, I just–
Cooper: A friend ran the ballistics on my weapon. No one else knows, and no one’s gonna know. We have a lot of things to worry about, but the police finding out about my involvement isn’t one of them. I’ll talk to you later.
[ Cellphone beeps🔅 ]

[ The Post Office war room ]
Park: First, the scientists. Olivia Martinez, Nitesh Shah, Maryanne Sims, Hans Fielder, and Stan Rogers. All of them worked for Okara, and as of yesterday, all are missing.
[ A photo of Stan Rodgers is shown ]
Dembe: Next, cause of death. The radiologist who examined Rogers says that his brain damage is worse than what he suffered in the crash.
Park: Meaning Okara may have used the prototype on Rogers.
Cooper: Why would Okara do that? Use it on one of his colleagues? If his goal was to sell it, that makes no sense.
Park: These scientists are the only other people who know how the device works. If he gets rid of them, he secures exclusive access to the technology for his buyer.
Dembe: And provides a demonstration of the technology’s capabilities.
Aram: Okay, guys, I just hung up with Olivia Martinez’s husband, and he spoke to her last night, and she was scared. All she’d say is that she was at a motel waiting to meet one of her colleagues, so I back-tracked the call, and her burner pinged a tower in South East that covers 30 square blocks with two motels. One is closed for renovations, and the other is the Oak Leaf on Rhode Island and 6th.
[ Okara enters Olivia Martinez’s motel room ]

[ Red meets with Jovan Lovic who is guarded by two men, Sima and Vasco ]
Red: Jovan, this is an easy deal to make. You have my old airfields. I have business that requires access to them. Now, I’m told you have some concerns, so let me assure you, this sudden conversion of a former colleague of mine will absolutely not interfere with an otherwise profitable collaboration.
Jovan Lovic: He converted to a federal agent.
Red: Yes, and as a result, has been entirely cut off from my operations, my accounts, my whereabouts, and all the people I do business with.
Sima: So you say. But how can we be sure you’re still not in contact?
Red: I am still in contact. Believe me, having him at an arm’s length is better than having him sneak up behind me. He will not be a problem.
Vasco: We need to be sure. Killing him would be sure.
Red: Killing an FBI agent, under any circumstances, is proof of only one thing – Stupidity. Killing an agent who was a former associate is both stupid and bad business. They’d only assign even more than the usual number of buzzcuts to find me, which might very well jeopardize our collaboration. So, unless there are any other helpful suggestions–
Vasco: Are you calling me stupid?
Red: [ Speaking other language ] More or Less [ In English ] Though I’m not sure the idiom translates. So, yes.
[ Vasco and Sima make a move, but Weecha is faster, with both guns ] [ ❅✵ Weapons cock ❅✵ ]
Red: Cute as a button, isn’t she? You should see what she does with a chicken. Wrings it, bleeds it, and plucks it before it ever knows it was dead.
[ Jovan Lovic signals to his men to lower their guns. Weecha does, too, but protects Red with one gun resting over his heart ]
Jovan Lovic: Do you have a proposal?
Red: In exchange for access to the airfields, I’ll settle your dispute with Jilal, guarantee safe passage for your product through Panama, and secure a place for your granddaughter in Brearley’s kindergarten class. Run the numbers. I think you’ll find your organization’s profits will soar, to say nothing of Desanka’s block-building skills.
Jovan Lovic: I will consider it.
Red: [ Leaning forward ] While you do, consider this – Dembe Zuma is my responsibility. If anything is to be done, good or bad, I will be the one doing it.

[ Ressler sits in the passenger seat as Park drives ]
Ressler: You know I lied about my drug test to hide an addiction that I’m trying to break? I’m not proud of it, but there is a certain amount of twisted internal logic. But what you’re doing – There’s no logic to it at all. You tell Peter about the diagnosis, but not the job. You tell Cooper about the job, but not the diagnosis. Except for me, you’re hiding something from everyone.
Park: What makes you think I’m not hiding something from you?
Ressler: Because there’s only so many deceptions you can squeeze into one day.
Park: I’m not deceiving you. I’m just – holding back.
Ressler: What?
Park: The flood gates.
Ressler: What do you mean, like tears?
Park: Men. Honestly.

[ Benjamin Okara walks into the motel room where Olivia Martinez lies on the floor. He takes a note from her hand. It says: “///Desert.Ash.Beware” ]
[ Knocks on door ✽✽✽ ]
Park: FBI! Olivia, can you hear me? Are you in there?
[ Okara flees ] [ Moments later, Park and Ressler enter. They find Olivia. Park feels for a pulse ]
Park: She’s dead.
[ Cellphone dialing ••• ]
Operator: 911 operator.
Park: This is Agent Park with the FBI. I need local police to respond to my location.
[ Cellphone beeps🔅] [ Ressler examines the hanging coils. He finds the notepad that Olivia wrote the code on. Indentations on the paper from the writing are evident ]

[ Cooper’s office ] [ Aram appears at the door ]
Aram: Sir, you’ve got a call on one. Patched through from Hoover.
Cooper: Anything from the motel?
Aram: We were too late. Olivia Martinez is dead, the desk manager is badly injured, and Okara is gone.
Cooper: I want to see Park and Ressler as soon as they get back.
[ Telephone ☎️ rings ] [ Beeps 🔅 ]
Cooper: Harold Cooper.
Detective Heber: Yeah, hi. This is Detective Marcus Heber, MPD.
Cooper: Detective, how can I help you?
Heber: I was hoping I could ask you a few questions.
Cooper: Oh? What about?
Heber: The murder of Doug Koster.

[ Post Office war room ]
Ressler: There’s one dead and four injured. Martinez in room 29 and the guests in room 28 and 30, plus the manager.
Park: We don’t have a cause of death, but the victim’s symptoms are consistent with what we know about directed energy.
Ressler: Okara must have aimed at Martinez and the others suffered peripheral damage. Significant, but not fatal.
Aram: We’re pulling CCTV. Once we get it, we’ll compare it to what we have from the area where Okara’s first victim was found.
Dembe: Still no cooperation from DARPA?
Park: None. The Pentagon locked down the scene, sent in CID investigators.
Ressler: There was a notepad in the room. The top page was blank, but it had markings, so we traced them and came up with some kind of a code, something Martinez may have written down. There’s three words. “Desert,” “ash,” “beware.” Now, the forward slashes made us think that it was a website, but all we got were a list of movies to beware of watching on a desert island.
Aram: It’s not a website. It’s an app.
Dembe: Do you know what it means?
[ Keyboard clacking »»» »»» ]
Aram: Not yet, but the app is called WordWorld3, and it is a way to communicate locations by converting GPS coordinates into three-word addresses.
Ressler: “Desert, ash, beware” is a place.
Aram: The app divides the world into 57 trillion 9-meter squares, that is trillion with a “T.”
[ Keys click »»» »»» ]
Aram: And this one is at 4453 Wentworth Ave. Olivia Martinez’s husband said she was scared and looking for a place to hide. She didn’t get there, but, uh, maybe some of her colleagues did.
[ Two men get off the elevator ]
Park: Sir?
Cooper: Right. Uh, Wentworth Avenue. Park, Agent Zuma, see what you can find. Detective, thanks for coming. Let’s talk in my office.

[ Red sits on a park bench, filling out a crossword puzzle ]
Red: [ Muttering softly ] [ Laughs ] That’s gonna be good. A– [ Speaking indistinctly ]
[ Jovan Lovic’s man Vasco approaches from a distance slowly. Weecha comes up behind him ]
Weecha: That’s a gun in your back.
[ Weecha takes Vasco’s gun and drops it in a trash receptacle]
[ Vesco sits on the bench a meter or so from Red ]
Red: In case you’re wondering, on the off chance you’re capable of wonder, I have eyes in the back of my head. I don’t draw a breath without knowing my perimeter is secure. It’s why I’m still alive, and it’s why we made you about an hour ago. So, why are you here? Is it Dembe, or does Jovan think I’m angling for his used-to-be-mine airfields? Or is this about me calling you stupid, which under the circumstances, I think you’ll agree was [ Chuckles ] a gross understatement.
Vesco: Go to hell.
Red: Someday. Weecha, it’s time to feed the armadillo. ⋘⋙ After you.

[ Cooper’s office ] [ Pen clicks ]
Detective Marcus Heber: We’ve actually met before. Outside Koster’s house.
Cooper: Yes. The morning after.
Detective Heber: You said that you were there to see what the commotion was about. Seemed to me like there was a little more to that story, so I, uh, jotted down your plate number. Imagine my surprise to learn that you’re FBI, and someone I gotta sign an NDA just to get in to see. You’re obviously doing something important here, so I don’t want to take up too much of your time.
Cooper: Doug was my neighbor for many years. When I heard he’d been killed, I- I couldn’t believe it, so I drove by to see what was going on.
Heber: You and Mr. Koster were close?
Cooper: Not particularly. Doug and my wife had an affair years ago. Though I suspect you already know that.
Heber: Mr. Koster’s body was found in the doorway. No sign of forced entry. Seemed like he knew the person that shot him.
Cooper: I wasn’t fond of the man. I also wasn’t anywhere near his house the night he died. I was at a retirement party at the Tap Room on U Street.
Heber: ME’s report has time of death between 3:00 and 5:00 a.m. That’s pretty late for a retirement party.
Cooper: I left around 11:00 and went straight home.
Heber: Was anyone there? At home?
Cooper: It’s not an alibi. It’s the truth.
Heber: I’m sure it is. But you know how this works.
Cooper: I was with my wife.

[ Benjamin Okara is parked in the blue van. He is breathing unsteadily and his hands shake uncontrollably ]
[ The SUV with Park and Dembe inside drives by ]
[ Dembe and Park enter the building Aram identified. Hans Fielder is looking at maps at a makeshift desk. A coil of metal wire hangs over his head, similar to Olivia’s. He hears footsteps approaching and picks up a gun ]
Hans: Olivia?
[ Chair scrapes lightly ] [ He stands up ]
Hans: Olivia, is that you?
[ Hans’s gun cocks ✽ ] [ Park’s and Dembe’s guns cock ✽ ✽ ]
Park: Drop the gun!
Dembe: Put the gun down!
Park: Drop the gun!
Dembe: Put it down!
[ Hans obeys ] [ Dembe takes his gun ]
Dembe: We’re FBI agents. Hans, right? Hans Fielder?
Hans: How did you find me?
Dembe: “Desert, ash, beware.” We found a message in Olivia’s motel room.
Hans: You saw her? Is she all right?
Dembe: Olivia is dead. Please, we’re here to help.

[ Aram walks alongside Cooper at the Post Office ]
Aram: I’m sorry, but, uh, is everything all right?
Cooper: It’s fine.
Aram: Good, because, I mean, I didn’t know if the officer was here about Charlene’s friends.
Cooper: The footage. Tell me.
Aram: Right, okay. So, a blue van was in both. The plates are bogus, and the registration is to a P.O. box.
Cooper: Pull the financials on the box, put out an APB on the van. If we find it, we find Okara.

[ Inside the warehouse at the WordWorld3 coordinates of “Desert, ash, beware,” Dembe and Park talk to Hans Fielder ]
Hans: Ben was our friend. He knew more than anyone why this weapon should never be used. It was used against him in Cuba.
Park: He worked in the Havana embassy?
Hans: He was sent there to study the effects of the weapon. When he got back, he had them, too. Tremors, light sensitivity, headaches.
Park: So, he comes back to DARPA to build an even more powerful weapon, steals it, and then turns it on his colleagues you say he cares about?
Hans: He did more than steal it. He wiped our research from the database.
[ Outside the warehouse, Benjamin Okara activates the direct energy weapon ]
[ Beeping 🔅🔅🔅 ]
Hans: Even if DARPA wanted to rebuild it, they wouldn’t know how.
Dembe: And the wire? We also found this in Olivia’s motel room.
Hans: We thought metal would absorb the energy and act as an early warning system. When it glows, we’d know an attack was about to begin.
[ Cellphone rings ✨ ]
Dembe: It’s Aram. I’ll take it outside.
[ Dembe leaves ]
Park: Here’s what’s gonna happen – We’re gonna take you in, keep you safe.
Hans: Not until I find the others. I won’t leave Nitesh and Maryanne. He found Stan and Olivia. I can’t let him find them.
Park: To prevent that, you need to help us, and that starts by letting us take you in. It’s not safe here.
Hans: Okay. Can I grab my phone?
[ Outside ]
Dembe: We found Hans Fielder. He needs protection, a safehouse until this is over.
Aram: I’ll make the arrangements. Here’s what we know.
[ Hans goes to the desk ]
Hans: All right. I’m ready.
[ Park turns to lead the way out. Hans grabs a bottle and⚡️smashes⚡️it on Park’s head ]
Park: [ Grunts, groans ]
[ Hans runs ]
[ Benjamin Okara watches the blue dot 🔵 identifying Hans move rapidly across his device’s screen ]
[ 🔅🔅🔅 Beeping 🔅🔅🔅 ]
Park: [ Groans ] Dembe!
[ Park gets to her feet and stumbles after Hans ]
[ Hans is hit by the first⚡️bolt⚡️of directed energy ]
Hans: Oh! [ Groans ]
[ Park runs after him, panting lightly ]
Device: [ Beeping 🔅🔅🔅 ] [ Pulsing ‼️🌀🌀🌀🌀‼️ ]
Hans: [ Groans ]
[ Hans falls, blood seeps from his ears ]
Device: [ Clicking ✽✽✽ ]
[ Park is caught in the periphery of the weapon’s radius. She falls, her head snapping wildly back and forth ]
Park: [ Groaning ]
[ ~~~~~~~ A shrill sound fills the air ~~~~~~~ ]
Hans: [ Groans ]
Park: [ Groans ]
[ Dembe is still on the phone ]
Dembe: A blue van at both scenes.
[⚡️Tires screech⚡️] [ Okara’s blue van drives by ] [ Dembe’s gun cocks ✽ but the van is gone ]
Dembe: Alina!
Park: [ Groans ]
Dembe: Alina, don’t move.
Park: [ Gasping ]
[ Dembe’s cellphone beeps 🔅, dials ••• •••• ] [ Line rings✨, clicks ❅ ]
Dembe: This is Dembe Zuma. I need a level-two activation in Madison, Virginia. Code echo-Charlie-one.
Herbert: That code’s no longer valid.
Dembe: Herbert, you know me.
Herbert: I need a valid code.
Dembe: Damn it, Herbert, send the helicopter now!
Herbert: Chopper inbound, ten minutes.
[ Cellphone beeps 🔅 ]

[ Teddy and Edna Brimley’s son Geoffrey wheels in a tank full of lobsters. Red fills Weecha in on what’s going on. Teddy (and sometimes Edna) are Red’s go-to torturemeisters and obese Geoffrey is their struggling apprentice ]
[ Geoffrey is on the phone ]
Geoffrey Brimley: [ On phone ] I told you, I wrote it all down.
Red: [ To Weecha ] Teddy’s recovering from a valve replacement in Rochester. Edna’s with him there, so she asked if their son Geoffrey could fill in.
Geoffrey: [ On phone ] I’ll remember the nipples. I swear! No, don’t get Dad. It’s okay.
[ Geoffrey hands the phone to Red ]
Red: Edna? It’s Raymond. [ Chuckles ] Yes. Uh, listen, uh, Geoffrey will be fine, so, please, wish Teddy a refuah shlema [ “Get well soon” ] and leave the boy alone. Thank you, Edna.
[ Cellphone beeps 🔅 ]
Weecha: Why no armadillo?
Geoffrey: Dad says I’m not ready for mammals.
Red: Well, I’m sure the shellfish will suffice. Can we get you anything else?
Geoffrey: I forgot the cracks and picks.
Red: Easy peasy.
[ Cellphone ringing ✨ ] [ Paper shuffling ]
Geoffrey: And maybe some bibs and butter, to be safe?
Red: Lemon squeezy. He’s in the back.
[ Cellphone beeps🔅 ]
Red: Yes? [ Seriously ] Say that again.

[ Dembe is at the hospital, outside Park’s room ]
[ Dembe’s cellphone ringing✨ ] [ Door opens; doctor enters ] [ Cellphone beeps 🔅 ] [ Door closes ]
Dembe: Raymond.
Red: [ Agitated ] You’re in or you’re out. You can’t be both. It’s one or the other.
Dembe: Emergency transport was too far.
Red: In or out.
Dembe: If I had not called Herbert–
Red: Herbert has been let go.
Dembe: Because he helped me give Alina a chance? We still don’t know the extent of the damage.
Red: I understand, and I hope Agent Park makes a full recovery, but perhaps I didn’t explain the extent of the problem you joining the FBI has caused. [ Angrily ] My association with the FBI has always been difficult to conceal, but you being an agent makes it nearly impossible unless you and I strictly adhere to the rules. If I do anything to assist you in a way that involves other people from my world, it could be fatal to me. Despite our recent unpleasantness, I would hope that would be sufficient enough to stay your hand.
[ Dembe’s cellphone beeps🔅] [ Line beeps 🔅]
[ Red’s cellphone rings✨, beeps🔅]
Red: [ Loudly, still agitated ] Harold.
Cooper: Agent Park owes you her life.
Red: [ Loudly ] So I’m told.
Cooper: We traced the registration on a P.O. box Okara uses to an offshore account. In the days since he stole the prototype, Okara has used the account to make multiple payments to a Constantine’s Meats and Cheeses.
Red: Ah! Sherwin.
Cooper: Sherwin?
Red: Sherwin Ellis. He’s Constantine.
Cooper: He is? A man named Sherwin?
Red: He’s in the safe haven business– [ Cooper’s landline ☎️ ringing ] –rental spaces that are off the books and under the radar. Eh, yours, but certainly not mine.
[ Cellphone beeps 🔅 ]
Cooper: [ To Charlene ] I’m sorry. I was in the middle of something.
Charlene: He called me. The detective.
Cooper: I know. I left you a message he would.
Charlene: I told you to tell the truth. I said if you didn’t and the police found out, they’re not gonna believe you.
Cooper: I know. Maybe I should have.
Charlene: Maybe? You’re a cop.
Cooper: Yeah, and maybe that’s why I didn’t. I know how cops think. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, why look any further?
Charlene: Well, now they’re looking at me to confirm your alibi, which we both know is a lie. [ Voice breaking ] Harold, I love you. You’re the most honest man that I know, but you need to tell me if that’s what you want – For me to lie to the police. Is that what you want?
Cooper: Yes. It is.

[ Weecha escorts in a man wearing a cowboy hat ]
Red: Sherwin! Thank you for coming.
Sherwin Ellis: My pleasure, Red.
Red: [ To Weecha ] Crackers, picks, butter, and bib?
Weecha: [ Holding up paper bag ] Yep.
Red: Great. [ to Sherwin ] Please have a seat. [ Sits ] Ah. I understand business is good. I asked you here because I want to make it even better.
Sherwin: I didn’t know you were in a position to do that.
Red: You mean my sabbatical? That’s over for the time being. I’m back and looking to find a client of yours. I have his offshore account. You can use it to trace his name. You give me his whereabouts, and I’ll give – Well, we should discuss what I give you.
Sherwin: Well, I appreciate that, and if this was two years ago, I wouldn’t hesitate, but in our business, people don’t really come back from sabbaticals – Not with any clout, anyway.
Red: Perhaps this will convince you otherwise.
[ Red rolls up his pant leg to reveal the Skinner tattoo ]
Sherwin: You work with the Skinner?
Red: No. I am the Skinner. A venture which will require the use of facilities around the globe, perhaps your facilities. All I need from you is an address.

[ The Post Office war room ]
Cooper: Reddington got an address on Okara to a facility he’s been renting, a machine shop in Newport News. 2804 Hazelton Road.
Aram: I’ll reach out, get a tac team to meet us on site.
[ Aram leaves ]
Cooper: Any update on Agent Park?
Ressler: Well, she’s conscious, but it’s still not clear whether there’s gonna be any lasting effects. Seems like she was out of the direct line of fire, though.
Cooper: Thank God. I want you to monitor her progress. Did you speak to her husband?
Ressler: I told him there had been an accident. He’s on his way to the hospital now, but, uh, as far as he knows, Park still works at Quantico.
Cooper: I tried telling her. Secrets aren’t healthy and won’t keep, but it’s easy to give advice. It’s a lot harder to take it.

[ Outside the torture room ] [ Door opens ]
Geoffrey: He talked. Turns out his sweet spot was right between the toes. If you don’t mind, I told Mom I’d call as soon as we were done, so–
Red: His assignment – What was it?
Geoffrey: His boss wants to know what to make of you and Dembe.
Red: Well, I don’t care what he makes of me. What does he make of Dembe?
Geoffrey: He thinks that he’s a fed, that he knows too much.
Red: So Jovan has ordered a hit?
Geoffrey: He knows it’s happening, but he didn’t know when or where. I used Mom’s go-to just to make sure.
[ He makes a squeezing motion in front of his balls ]
Red: Well, thank you, Geoffrey. I’m sure your parents will be very proud.
Geoffrey: [ Chuckles lightly ]
[ Weecha and Red are alone ]
Weecha: You said there are rules.
Red: I know.
Weecha: And that if you veer from them–
Red: I know what I said.
Weecha: If you tried to assist Dembe, it could be fatal to you.
Red: It could be, but if I don’t, it will be fatal to Dembe.
Weecha: My job is to protect you. I can’t do that if you won’t protect yourself. You can’t sacrifice yourself for him. In the past, yes, but not today. He was in. ⋘⋙ Now he’s out. This is the consequence, and you have to accept it.
[ Red suddenly, almost defiantly, gets up and walks away ]

[ 🚨 Siren wailing 🚨]
Aram: There’s the van. The van!
[⚡️Tires screech⚡️]
[ Aram, Dembe and Ressler jump out of the SUV and approach the van ]
Ressler: Hands! Hands! Show me your hands. Keep your hands where I can see them, all right? I’m gonna open the door, okay? That’s it. Just the door.
[ Benjamin Okara is holding a detonator in his hand ]
Okara: I suggest you get your people to the other side of the building.
Dembe: You don’t want to do this.
Okara: No. I don’t. But I have to. I make weapons. I know how they work. The blast radius. I am very precise. You need to get back.
[ They begin to back away ]

[ Detective Heber is with Charlene Cooper ]
Heber: I understand this is a sensitive topic.
Charlene: [ Sighs ] You want to know if I think my husband murdered my ex-lover? Yes, Detective, I’d say it’s quite sensitive.
Heber: How did your husband find out that, uh, you and Mr. Koster were involved?
Charlene: I told him. The affair had been over for a while, but, uh, I couldn’t keep it a secret any longer.
Heber: And did he express anger towards Mr. Koster?
Charlene: Of course he did. Wouldn’t you?
Heber: On the night of the 24th, your husband said that he was at a retirement party.
Charlene: That’s right.
Heber: What time did he come home?
Charlene: I love my husband, but I won’t lie for him. He knows that.

[ Okara is standing in front of the van ]
Ressler: We did what you asked. Now get out of the van.
[ Okara gets out ]
Ressler: Good. This is good. Thank you. How can we help you? What do you need? How can we resolve this without anyone else getting hurt?
Okara: I don’t want to hurt anyone.
Aram: What about Hans? Olivia? Stan?
Okara: You don’t understand.
Ressler: No, we don’t, so help us. Why are you killing your colleagues? Why would you do that?
Okara: They knew how to build it.
Ressler: You wanted to be the only one who could? So you could sell this weapon and your ability to build it?
Okara: Sell it? Is that what you think I want? You really don’t understand.
Dembe: Is it in the van? The device?
Okara: You want to see it, don’t you? ‘Cause it’s like a magic trick. A weapon that goes through walls. A tool of repression so powerful that, with the push of a button, thousands of protestors wouldn’t be able to remember how to tie their shoes, let alone what they’d been protesting. And like any good trick, you don’t just want to see it. You want to know how it works so you can do it yourself. So this country can build a thousand just like it, a weapon not of mass destruction, but of mass– [ Voice breaking ] –suffering. And I can’t let that happen.
Aram: You want to destroy it.
Okara: The magic trick and the six people who know how to build it.
Aram: Six?
Okara: I killed five people I loved to protect thousands I don’t.
Ressler: And you’re the sixth.
Aram: Someone else is gonna figure it out, how to make what you did. You know you can’t stop that from happening.
Okara: It’s more than you can see, the pain. [ Gasps lightly ] [ Voice breaking ] It’s in my head, my joints, my eyes. [ Sniffling ] No, I can’t stop it from being rebuilt, but if I bought the world a year or two or five, that’s something. It’s up to you to do the rest.
[ Okara walks backwards toward the van, holding up the detonator in both hands. Aram, Dembe and Ressler move for cover ]
[ Detonator beeps 🔅 ] [ Rumbling ] [ 💥🔥💥‼️💥🔥💥 ]

Jovan Lovic: [ On phone ] There has been no contact? Nothing between Reddington and Zuma?
Vasco: He hasn’t been out of my sight.
[ Weecha is holding the phone in front of Vasco. Red sits across from him ]
Jovan: Then he and I can do business.
Red: [ Mouthing silently ]
Vasco: What about Zuma?
Jovan: I called in a few favors, found where he lives.
Vasco: What happens when Reddington finds out?
Jovan: He will thank me for doing what he knows he should have.
[ Call ends ]
Red: [ To Vasco ] Thank you. You did well.
[ Weecha puts a plastic bag over Vasco’s head and tightens it ]
Vasco: [ Gasping ] [ Choking ]

[ Lock disengages ] [ Keys jingle✨]
[ Dembe enters his home ]
[ Creak⚡️in distance ] [ Dembe draws his gun ]
[ Jovan Lovic’s man Sima lies on the floor, shot in the forehead. Red sits on the sofa ]
Red: I didn’t adhere to our rules. I violated them for you. Now I need you to violate them again for me.

[ Ressler enters the Office of Director Reiss of DARPA ] [ He drops some remnants of the directed energy device on Reiss’s desk ]
Ressler: There. From the weapon you won’t confirm or deny. A weapon that was used to kill two scientists before we even spoke, but that, thanks to your cover-up, was used to kill four more.
Director Reiss: It’s okay. It’s fine. Whatever this is, it’s beyond your purview.
Ressler: Six people are dead.
Director Reiss: This country is in a constant state of war, Agent Ressler. It may not be declared, but it’s being fought, by the Pentagon, not the FBI.
Ressler: Six people are dead, and my partner’s in the ICU.
Reiss: I’m sorry to hear that.
Ressler: Not as sorry as you are to lose the technology that built that.
Reiss: True story – Calculus was discovered independently by Newton and Leibniz. A great leap forward imagined simultaneously. In my experience, great leaps forward usually are.
Ressler: There’s someone else. You have another team. You’ve got another team working on directed energy. So, Okara was Newton, but Leibniz– He’s still working on it. All that, everything Okara did – You’re not gonna miss a beat, are you?
Reiss: [ Robotlike ] I cannot confirm or deny even the existence of classified projects.

Red: [ To Dembe ] Sakiya and Fudo are on their way. [ Sighs ] Jovan came for you because you’re a federal agent. He’ll come for me because I protected you.
Dembe: How will he know?
Red: One dead, he may misread. Two dead, the tea leaves will clearly indicate that you and I are still in cahoots.
[ Red notices that the package he gave to Dembe to open after their relationship ended is still on a shelf unopened ]
Red: Ah. Maybe we actually are.
Dembe: I almost opened it after Brasilia. I don’t know why I didn’t. Our past, I suppose.
Red: Not our future —
Dembe: [ Breathes deeply ] You said you wanted something in return. You did this for me.
What do you expect me to do for you?
Red: No more, no less. An eye for an eye.
Dembe: Jovan.
Red: He knows about us, or he’s about to find out. I killed Sima to protect you. I want you to kill Jovan to protect me.
Dembe: I can’t do that.
Red: So, you’re in when it suits you and you’re out when it doesn’t?
Dembe: Why does it have to be one way or the other? Why can’t it just be?
Red: My old friend knew the answer to that.

[ Ressler visits Park in her hospital room. Her husband Peter is there ]
[ Knocks ✽ ✽ on door ]
Ressler: Hey.
Park: Hey.
Ressler: How ya feeling?
Park: Like a sledgehammer’s taken up residence in my cerebral cortex.
Ressler: Donald Ressler.
[ Ressler reaches out his hand to Peter for a handshake. Peter declines ]
Ressler: We spoke on the phone.
Peter: Yeah. We did.
Ressler: [ To Park ] So you told him?
Peter: Yeah, she told me.
Ressler: Well, I’m glad.
Peter: Great. That’s great.
Park: [ Sternly ] Peter.
Ressler: I’ll be outside. It was good to meet you.
[ A doctor enters ]
Park: Hey, Doc. Been checking your DSM on how to treat wounds from a directed-energy weapon?
[ Door closes ]
Doctor: You do pose something of a challenge, but we’ll get to that. We have other things to discuss, like your blood test.

[ Cooper’s office ]
Heber: [ On phone ] I spoke to your wife. She backed up your alibi.
Cooper: As I said, it’s not an alibi. It’s the truth.
Heber: Well, whatever it is, she backed you up, so we’re good. No hard feelings?
Cooper: None. You were just doing your job. Take care.
[ Cellphone beeps🔅]

Park: My blood test? My GP sent it over?
Doctor: She did. I just got the results. Elevated levels of HCG were detected, which explains why you weren’t feeling well.
Park: So, it is cancer?
Doctor: Elevated HCG can indicate testicular cancer in men, but–
Peter: So, you’re saying she doesn’t have cancer?
Doctor: No. She most definitely does not. What it means is, you were pregnant.
Peter: Oh, my God. [ Happily ] What, pregnant? Honey.
Park: You said “were”?
Doctor: Yes. I did.
[ Seratones’ ♫ “Dark Matter” plays ]

♪ Nosebleed ♪

Peter: [ Sighs, disappointedly ]

♪ Woke up in a Black dream ♪

[ Charlene Cooper sits at the kitchen table ]
[ Door opens ] [ Harold Cooper enters ]

♪ Flying at warp speed In my mind ♪
♪ Oh, my ♪
♪ Who’s she ♪
♪ Naked in the sweetgrass? ♪

Cooper: Thank you.
[ He gives Charlene a brief hug, but she looks dejected, pulls away and leaves ]

♪ Got the dust in my sheets ♪
♪ Who am I? ♪
♪ Who are we living for? ♪
♪ Who are we living for? ♪

[ Dembe kneels on a prayer rug ]:
Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah. [ “May the peace and mercy of Allah be with you” ]
Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah. [ “May the peace and mercy of Allah be with you” ]

[ Jovan Lovic sits at his desk. He hears something )
Jovan: Vasko?

♪ Shake me to the core ♪

Jovan: [ Speaking foreign language: ] We need to leave!

♪ Who are we living for? ♪
♪ Who are we living for? ♪

Jovan: Milos?

♪ Tell me who holds the key ♪

[ Jovan opens his office door ]
[ Silenced gunshots (💥💥) ]
[ Jovan groans, falls ]

♪ Nobody seems to know ♪

[ Red’s cellphone vibrates, beeps 🔅 ]
Red: Yeah?
Weecha: It’s done.

♪ Who are we living for? ♪

Red: Come home, Weecha.

♪ Who are we living for? ♪

[ Cellphones beep 🔅🔅 ]

♪ Driving me crazy ♪
♪ Shake me to the core ♪
♪ Who are we living for? ♪
♪ Who are we living for? ♪

[ Tearfully, Dembe holds the wrapped box Red gave hims years earlier. He remembers the day: ]

[ Flashback: ]
Red: I want you to keep that box, and on the day you decide to leave–
Dembe: I’m not going to leave.
Red: [ Kindly ] But you can.

♪ Nobody seems to know ♪
♪ Who are we living for? ♪

Red: At any point of your own choosing, I’ll insist that you do. No questions asked, no debts accrued. Whether that’s today or tomorrow or ten years from now, that’s when you open the box.

♪ Nobody seems to know ♪
♪ Why we’re lost Inside dark matter ♪
♪ Dark matter ♪
♪ Mm-mm-mm ♪
♪ Lost inside dark matter ♪

[ Dembe opens the box and peers inside, tears streaming ]

[ First the doctor, then Peter leave Park’s hospital bedside ] [ Door closes ]

♪ Lost inside dark matter ♪

[ Ressler has been waiting to see Park. He enters the room ]

[ Up-tempo: ]
♪ Pink matter, grey matter Purple sky ♪
♪ Love matter, you matter You and I ♪
♪ Dark matter, green matter Get me high ♪
♪ Daydream about the future ♪
♪ Brighter than Black diamonds ♪

Ressler: Hey.

♪ In the sky ♪

Park: You want to know what the logic is?

♪ Who are we living for? ♪

Park: Why I keep secrets?

♪ Who are we living for? ♪

Park: I do it because I’m terrified.
Ressler: Of what?

♪ Tell me who holds the key ♪

Park: The flood gates. And, no, they’re not tears.

♪ Nobody seems to know ♪
♪ Why we’re lost Inside dark matter ♪

Park: I’m afraid of losing control. Of what happens to me when I do. So I just– hold everything in– until I can’t–
[ Voice breaking ] Until I can’t hold it anymore [ Crying ]
Ressler: [ Softly ] It’s okay. It’s okay. Let it out.
Park: [ Sobbing ]

[ Red sits at the end of a double bed in the camper. His brow is deeply furrowed ]
Red: We were so happy ~ you and I and Weecha.
Mierce: Raymond, come to bed.
[ There are tears in Red’s eyes ]
Red: [ Whisper ] I should never have come back.
[ Mierce wraps her arms around Red’s neck from behind, her hair falling on his shoulders. He places his hand over hers ]

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Episode Songs


♫ Dark Matter
By Seratones

[Verse 1]
♪ Nosebleed
Woke up in a Black dream
Flying at warp speed in my mind
Oh my
Who’s she, naked in the sweetgrass?
Got the dust in my sheets
Who am I?

♪ Who are we living for?
Who are we living for?
Calling me crazy
Shake me to the core
Who are we living for?
Who are we living for?
Tell me who holds the key
Nobody seems to know
Why we’re lost inside dark matter (Dark matter, dark matter)
Lost inside dark matter (Dark matter, dark matter)

[Verse 2]
♪ No sleep
Can you see me floating over my body, looking out
Hold me
I wish someone would hold me
Tell me that it’s alright
Lеt it out

♪ Who are we living for?
Who are wе living for?
Driving me crazy
Shake me to the core
Who are we living for?
Who are we living for?
Tell me who holds the key
Nobody seems to know
Why we’re lost inside dark matter (Dark matter)
Lost inside dark matter
(Lost inside dark matter)

♪ Pink matter, grey matter, purple sky
Love matter you matter, you and I
Dark matter, green matter get me high
Daydream about the a future
Brighter than Black diamonds in the sky

♪ Who are we living for?
Who are we living for?
Tell me who holds the key
Nobody seems to know
Why we’re lost inside dark matter (Dark matter)
Lost inside dark matter
(Dark matter, dark matter, dark matter, dark matter)

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/3p0gbz5
YouTube: https://youtu.be/_w-bRoQ1bMc

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🔴 Script 9:6 Dr Roberta Sand PhD (№ 153)

Program air date: 12/9/2021 in the US
Script Permalink: https://wp.me/pDKwi-cGL
EntertainmentWeekly Recap: https://bit.ly/3DAVONT

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Andrew McCarthy
Written by: T Cooper, Allison Glock-Cooper



Brief (Where we’re at): Red faces a critical turning point: what to do about Dembe. Now an FBI agent, Dembe called in a helicopter of Red’s in order to save the life of Agent Alina Park after she was zapped by a directed energy weapon used by Benjamin Okara (Blacklister #183). Dembe believed only Red’s air resources were closeby enough, but he and Red had made an agreement that Dembe’s leaving Red’s employ and joining the FBI would only work if their “two worlds” were never allowed to touch. But then, after roundly upbraiding Dembe over crossing that line, Red was confronted with the choice of crossing it himself when he discovered that the man who had commandeered his airfields in his absense, Jovan Lovic, had discovered Dembe was now with the FBI and had ordered a hit on him. Ignoring Weecha’s advice (Weecha Xiu is his new bodyguard), Red intervened and killed the hitman. In return for saving Dembe’s life, Red asked a favor in return: for Dembe to kill Jovan Lovic who was now certain to try to kill Red. Dembe knew this was forbidden by the FBI and refused. So Weecha killed Lovic instead. Losing Dembe’s allegiance even after saving his life left Red distraught, with only the love of his spiritual guide and apparent paramour Mierce Xiu to succor him.

Alina Park is recovering in a hospital from the effects of the directed energy attack (like that which causes Havana syndrome), meaning it is no longer possible to hide from her husband Peter the fact that she is not training recruits at Quantico but is once again working in the field with the Reddington task force. Worse, the directed energy attack caused her to lose her pregnancy, a pregnancy neither she nor Peter had been aware of. She had thought she had cancer because she had provided the urine sample Ressler used to cheat on his drug test to get reinstated in the FBI. The results came back (to Ressler) negative for drugs but indicating “You may have cancer” because of elevated HCG (Human Chorianic Gonadotropin) which can mean cancer in males but for females, it indicates pregnancy. So Peter went from elated to devastated in a moment, learning his wife had been pregnant and no longer was. And all because of being injured working at a job they had agreed she wouldn’t return to.

Cooper lied to the Metro PD detective who came to ask him about the murder of Doug Koster, a neighbor who had an affair with Cooper’s wife Charlene years earlier. Cooper told the detective that at the time of the murder he was home with his wife. He wasn’t. He had gone to a retirement party. The next thing he knew it was morning and he was waking up in his car. Worse, he found that a single bullet was missing from the clip in his service weapon. He asked a friend, Lew Sloan, to run a ballistics test on the gun. The test showed Cooper’s gun had fired the bullet that killed Koster. Cooper shared all of this with Charlene. He asked her to back up his alibi while he waits for the results from another test to see if he had been drugged. Whether she did or not remains unclear.


⭕ Script 9:6 Dr Roberta Sand PhD (№ 153)

[ Randall Beasley is in a psychotherapy session with Dr Roberta Sand ]
Randall Beasley: [ Clears throat ] I’ve lost the will. Performing at my level, there’s absolutely no room for error. It’s just a lot of pressure, you know? Too much.
Dr Roberta Sand: We’ve talked about the adverse ways that pressure has manifested in your life, but we’ve also discovered helpful ways. Remember, behind every shadow, there is a light. Your next performance is this afternoon?
Beasley: Oh, my God. I-I don’t think I can.
Dr Sand: Randall, look at me. Randall. The time has come for you to tell yourself a different story. Embrace the shadow, and you will find the light. Now, close your eyes and visualize.

[ Flashforward: ]
[ A small crowd of people are gathered for a political rally ] [ A banner says “Welcome Congressman” ] [ Indistinct conversations ] [ A string ensemble warms up ]

Beasley: [ Exhales ]
[ The string ensemble plays ♪ “Brahms String Quartet No. 1” ]
Dr Sand: You’re on the way to the venue. You feel the music. Take a moment and let it center you. It reminds you that you, too, are a virtuoso. And, as you have 100 times before, you take out your instrument – and find the light.

[ Flashforward: ]
[ On a rooftop, Beasley assembles a long range sniper rifle with a large scope, long barrel and a silencer. He mounts the rifle on a stand and aims into the far-away crowd ] [ Gunshot 💥 ]
[ A woman falls to the pavement, shot in the chest. Her open eyes stare blankly ]
[ People gasping ]

[ Cooper’s dining room at home ]
[ Cooper’s work friend Lew Sloan sits at the table while Cooper paces. Both are dressed for work ]
Cooper: They know.
Lew Sloan: Heber’s just covering his ass.
[ Marcus Heber is the Metropolitan Police detective investigating the murder of the Cooper’s former neighbor Doug Koster ]
Cooper: Charlene vouched for me. She lied to give me an alibi. Clearly, he doesn’t believe her.
Lew: You’re a cop. Heber’s a cop. Alright, he just doesn’t wanna seem like he’s playing favorites. That’s all this is. He doesn’t suspect you.
Cooper: He will when the ballistics come back. Or haven’t you been listening? Heber was here an hour ago, with a warrant to test my service weapon. When he does, he’s gonna know it was my gun that was used to kill Doug Koster.
Lew: Harold, it’s going to be fine.
Cooper: My wife had an affair with Koster. Day after he’s killed, Heber sees me at the crime scene. My gun’s the murder weapon. In what world does that add up to “fine”?
[ Elizabeth Keen’s 11 year old daughter, who is being cared for by the Coopers since Liz’s death, is heard ]
Agnes’s voice: [ From another room ] Is Pinky still coming over?
[ “Pinky” is Agnes’s nickname for Red ]
Cooper: He sure is.
Lew: Alright, look, I should get going. We’ll talk later. Stop worrying.
[ Lew leaves ] [ Agnes walks in ]
Cooper: Well, hello, you. But when Pinky comes over, we’re gonna have to talk for a couple minutes, then he’s all yours.
Agnes: What’re you gonna talk about?
Cooper: That’s the thing about Pinky. He always keeps you guessing.

[ Red plops a newspaper down on the dining room table in front of Cooper and points to an article ]
Red: I assume this is on your radar.
Cooper: It is. Everyone’s looking for the congressman’s would-be assassin.
Red: Mm. Naturally. But everyone is wrong. The congressman wasn’t the target. The victim was. Mary Parrot.
Cooper: An assassin’s bullet narrowly misses a controversial politician because it was actually aimed at a beloved philanthropist?
Red: Her philanthropy was beloved. Her zeal for historical preservation – not so much. She single-handedly spiked dozens of construction projects that she believed would blight her fair city, denying powerful people fortunes large and even larger, including Vito DeCanio.
Cooper: You think the DeCanio Crime Syndicate had Mary Parrot killed?
Red: I do.
Cooper: So you’re putting them on the Blacklist. Criminals we already know exist.
Red: What you know about the DeCanios is that they were weak, and now they’re strong. What you don’t know is why – or who is responsible for their dramatic resurgence.
Cooper: It’s not the old man?
Red: His therapist, actually. Dr Roberta Sand. Everyone in the organization sees her. Vito’s orders.
Cooper: A therapist. To the mob. Who makes the mob more effective.
Red: Self-actualized.
Cooper: The shrink helps them fully realize their potential as criminals.
Red: Listen, I’m a criminal, and however realized I may be is due in large part to shrinks and shamans, rabbis and monks. They hold me together like a psychological bandage, without which my sufferings would be – insufferable.
Cooper: You told me that if you came back, names would be taken, a price would be paid. But you didn’t tell me what names or why.
Red: I don’t know the names, and without them, I don’t know the why.
[ Agnes walks in ]
Agnes: Are you done talking yet?
Cooper: We are. Which means it’s time for me to get to the office and for you two to have fun. Mooms is upstairs. If you or Pinky get hungry, she can make you something.
[ Cooper kisses Agnes on the forehead and leaves ]

Red: [ Chuckles ] Oh, now. What’s that? I’ll play anything but gin again. At least until I read up on it a little. You’re too good, and I was hopeless.
Agnes: It’s not gin. It’s a memory game. Matching U.S. states and their capitals.
Red: [ Chuckles ] Oh, my. Okay. Let’s do it. I’m ready. Although, I don’t think I’ll fare any better than I did in gin.
Agnes: Well, at least this time, you have an excuse.
Red: What? I’m fine. My memory is fine. Sort of. I’m older, not ancient.
Agnes: Well, I didn’t mean that. I mean you won’t know the capitals because you’re not from here. I wouldn’t know the capitals of Russia. Okay. Here’s how you play.

[ The Post Office. ]
Cooper: Vito DeCanio was a relic of the past. A lion in winter. Until, according to Reddington, he hired a therapist who goes by Dr Roberta Sand. He’s convinced the DeCanio family’s recent rise is her doing.
Dembe: That won’t last long. A witness is in federal custody who’s going to testify tomorrow that DeCanio himself ordered three separate hits on his rivals.
Aram: I’ve been to therapy since I was 10. I’ve never heard of a shrink who tries to help people get worse.
Dembe: 10.
Aram: I was, um, having a hard time with differential calculus.
Dembe: You learned calculus at 10?
Aram: Well, I learned it at 8. I taught it at 10. Or, uh, tried to. My parents just couldn’t grasp the concepts. It was an incredibly frustrating time for everyone.
Cooper: I’m not sure I believe a therapist should be held responsible for DeCanio’s upswing, but according to Reddington, DeCanio thinks she is. That makes her very valuable to us.
[ Three young mobsters are sitting with Dr Roberta Sand ]
Dr Sand: Vito tells me he has a project for you. He says it requires teamwork and cooperation. But he says you’d rather piss on each other and say that it’s raining. So, any thoughts?
Mikey: [ Belches loudly, intentionally ]
Aram: Do we know anything about her?
Cooper: Nothing. No photos, no prints, and a search on her alias went nowhere.
Dembe: If we have no leads, where should we start?
Cooper: Mary Parrot. Reddington says she isn’t the unfortunate victim of a bullet meant for a politician. He says that she was a preservationist who sidetracked a number of lucrative developments DeCanio stood to benefit from.
Dembe: So, he had her killed.
Cooper: Maybe. And maybe her killer was under the good doctor’s care. Find him, and maybe we find her.
[ Elevator door bangs. Agent Alina Park’s husband, Peter Simpson, steps out ]
Cooper: Park asked if he could come.
Dembe: How’re they doing?
Cooper: Not great. She thought him seeing where she works might help.
Dembe: You want me to bring him to her?
Cooper: No, I’ll do it. We’re a little short-handed since Ressler’s taking a personal day. You two stay focused on finding Mary Parrot’s killer.

[ On the landing overlooking the war room, Park is lying down on a bench. Peter walks up the metal staircase ]
Park: Hey. I’m glad you’re here.
Peter: Are the episodes getting any better?
Park: If by better, you mean it feels like I’m being stabbed in the eyes with a fork instead of a knife, then sure. The quiet helps. And caffeine. Anyway, uh, it’s all passed now. Come on. Lemme give you a tour.
Peter: I don’t need a tour. [ Sighs ] You wanting me to come is enough.
Park: What I do is secret. That I do it shouldn’t be. Not from you. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you.
Peter: I’ve been reading medical journals, researching everything I can to find out what happened.
Park: Whether we lost the baby because of my job, the directed-energy weapon – I know you want to know the reason. I’m sorry you don’t. Man, I just keep saying sorry, don’t I?
Peter: It’s fine. I mean, if I’m being honest, you kind of have a lot to apologize for. But so do I. I don’t want to believe I married someone who can hide everything, but I think I did, and that’s what I’m sorriest about – that I married someone I just don’t know – if I know.

[ Park joins Aram and Dembe in the war room ]
Park: Hey. Cooper updated me while you were at the crime scene. Find anything?
Aram: Okay, so, NYPD is nowhere on the shooter. Was it a passerby, someone in a vehicle, a building? They don’t know.
Dembe: So, we read the eyewitness statements and M.E. reports. From that, we got this.
[ Photos from the area around the crime scene are projected ]
Aram: Alright, the victim was here. Now, based on the entry wound, the shooter was somewhere to the east.
Dembe: NYPD canvassed the most likely building based on the assumed trajectory, which would put the shooter on this rooftop.
Aram: Only they didn’t find the shooter or any evidence of him. So, I think the shooter was here. Same angle, just farther back. He fires, the bullet goes over the rooftop of the lower building, across the street, and between the flagpoles and obstructions, and into the victim.
Park: That building isn’t further back. It’s, like, in another county. Who can make a shot like that?
Dembe: I could.
Park: I’ll pull CCTV footage from around that building at the time of the shooting, see if we can ID anyone.

Red: Vermont.
Agnes: Montpelier.
Red: Kentucky.
Agnes: Frankfort.
Red: [ Chuckles ] Carson City.
Agnes: Nevada.
Red: Okay, maybe I am ancient.
Agnes: [ Laughing ] Well, I told you, you have an excuse.
Red: Yes, thank goodness.
Agnes: When did you stop being Russian?
Red: [ Laughing ] That’s a funny question. How did you know I was Russian?
Agnes: My mother told me. She told me everything I would ever need to know about you.
Red: She must’ve said a lot.
Agnes: She did. But at the end of it, she said all I needed to remember was that Raymond Reddington was the most important person in her life, besides me, and she was glad that I had met you, and she wished that we could meet again.
Red: I am really glad we did.
[ Agnes reaches across the table and takes Red’s hand ]
Agnes: She said you liked to hold hands.
Red: [ Pause ] I’m starved. You want to go see if Mooms wants to eat with us?
Agnes: Okay.

Dr Sand: Dino, I need you to focus. We can’t do this work without you.
[ All the mobsters speak with a New Jersey accent ]
Mikey: Yeah, it’d be nice if he worked on something.
Dino DeCanio: [ Scoffs ] I’m the brains of the operation, and everybody knows it.
Johnny: [ Laughs ] Last I checked, you couldn’t tell a socket wrench from your elbow.
Dino: Yeah, maybe that’s ’cause I don’t have to. ‘Cause I’m not a drudge, like you.
Mikey: You think you’re better than us?
Dino: I know I’m better than you.
Mikey: Say that again!
Dr Sand: Gentlemen, gentlemen. I have a question for the three of you. What are you getting out of all this anger?
Mikey: He’s gonna get his nose broken. Ha.
Dr Sand: And then what? I mean, you have a big project coming up that requires teamwork. Do you think punching him in the face is gonna make that happen?
Dino: No. It’s definitely not.
Dr Sand: Exactly. Now, everyone has a path in life, and the path you’re on, well, most people would say that it’s the wrong one, but what a man can be, he must be. So, to be clear, I’m not here to tell you to stop being angry or to judge you. No. My goal is to help you stop judging yourselves and each other.

[ The Post Office ]
Park: This is the roof from which the sniper shot and killed Mary Parrot, and only three minutes after the murder, who walks out the building, but everyone’s favorite noir stereotype, Mr Instrument Case.
Aram: Now, we have no ID on the sniper, but on the plus side, we happen to have a sniper on the payroll.
Dembe: Shooting from that distance is extremely difficult and takes a great deal of practice.
Aram: And when he says “from that distance,” he means anywhere from 500 yards to, say, I don’t know, Kansas?
Dembe: Of the gun ranges in that area, there’s only one with lanes longer than 300 yards.
Park: And guess who’s a member in good standing.

[ A shooting range ] [ 💥💥 Gunshots 💥💥💥 💥 💥 ]
[ A woman, Jean, recognizes Dembe, who has come with Park ]
Jean: As I live and breathe. It is good to see you.
Dembe: Hey, Jean. This is my friend Stacey. [ Referring to Park ]
Jean: Nice to meet you. So, you gonna tell me what’s going on? About a week back, Red comes out here with this little, itty-bitty Latinx-er, acting like she’s the new you.
Dembe: And I appreciate your concern, but I’m fine. Raymond and I – we had a good run.
Jean: So, what’re you doing for an encore, then?
Dembe: I joined the FBI.
Jean: [ Laughs ]
Park: I hired him, for a job that needs a pro’s pro.
Dembe: Given what’s required, I’m told we should be asking for this man.
[ Dembe shows Jean a surveillance photo ]
Jean: Hmm. Beasley. He’s a hell of a shot.
Dembe: Any chance you have his address?

[ Park and Dembe arrive at the residence of Randall Beasley. They discover the yard is booby-trapped ]
[ 🚨Alarm wailing🚨 ]
Dembe: Get down!
[ Dembe: and Park duck behind an old rusted car ]
[ 💥💥💥 Gunfight 💥💥💥 ] [ Dembe puts the rearview mirror from the car on roof of the car to reflect the blinding sunlight. Beasley shoots the device, smashing it ]
Beasley: Got you.
[ Gunshot 💥] [ He hits Dembe’s shoe ] [ Dembe crawls through the car ]
[ Dembe comes up behind Beasley from inside, shoeless, and puts his gun to the back of Beasley’s head ]
Dembe: Randall Beasley. You’re under arrest.

[ Red and Weecha quietly enter Red’s “weird little apartment,” lined with bookcases and old photos. Red snaps on a pair of vinyl gloves ]
Weecha: I don’t understand. I thought you were having such a fun time with Agnes.
[ Red goes to a bookshelf and pulls out a book. He flips through the pages until he finds the letter he had given to Dembe to give to Liz after his death ]
Weecha: What is that?
Red: A piece of the past.

[ Flashback: ]
Red: The answers are here, in a letter she wrote to you.
Liz: Why do you have a letter my mother wrote to me?
Red: For when the time was right, to let you know the truth.

[ Red slices open the envelope and takes out the letter, which he puts back in the book. He replaces the book on the shelf. He carefully places the envelope in a plastic zipper bag and seals it ]
Weecha: What are you gonna do with it?
Red: Cvetko is meeting us at the jet. I’m hoping he can tell me about its more recent history.
Weecha: Like what?
Red: I hate to think.

[ The Post Office ]
Park: We’ve gone through everything we found at Beasley’s house. Cache of weapons, letters from his mom who thinks he’s a PE teacher, and this.
[ Park slides an open appointment book for Aram and Dembe to see ]
Aram: 11 appointments just this month for dog grooming.
Cooper: So, he’s a dog person.
Park: That’s the thing – there’s no evidence he had one. And if that is not curious enough, each appointment is scheduled to take place at a different address. Well, intersections, actually.
Dembe: Second Avenue and 16th Street on Tuesday the 30th, then Friday the 3rd on 63rd and Central Park West.
Park: None of which correspond to a pet store or groomer.
Cooper: So, it’s a code. For what?
Aram: We don’t know the what. Just the how. Beasley would send a text requesting an appointment, then get one back with a location, and this location is just a few blocks from where Mary Parrot was killed, and the date and time is an hour before he killed her.
Cooper: This is definitely evidence of something. You need to get him to tell us what.
[ Aram, Dembe and Park leave ]
[ Cooper’s cellphone rings✨]
Cooper: Hey, Lew. Now? I’m in the middle of a c– You got a ballistics report? Yeah. Tell me where and when.

[ An interrogation room ]
Dembe: The dog grooming – tell us about it.
Randall Beasley: I got a Lhasa Apso. Her hair knots.
Dembe: We know it’s a code.
Beasley: Then what do you need me for?
Aram: You murdered an innocent woman. And yet, here you are, as calm as can be. And we know why. Therapy. A twisted version of counseling to make you feel good about being bad.
[ Dr Sand has coached the three young mobsters to sit in a circle, holding hands ]
Dr Sand: And exhale.
[ Men exhale ]
Dr Sand: Now, how does that feel?
Mikey: Honestly? Better. Eh, kind of like our hearts started beating at the same time.
Aram: That’s what these are, right? Therapy appointments?
Beasley: I’m not talking about that.
Aram: 11 appointments in three weeks. That is almost one every other day. Why so many? Because that’s how long it took Dr Sand to convince you it was okay to kill. That’s what she did, isn’t it? Make you feel okay about murder.
Dr Sand: Dino? Eh, there’s no wrong answers, as long as you’re honest about how you feel.
Dino: I, uh – I feel alright. Look, I’m not saying I’m happy about Johnny threatening me, but I, uh – I get it. We need to swallow our pride for the good of the team.
Dr Sand: Johnny?
Johnny: What? You want me to be honest?
Dr Sand: Absolutely. This doesn’t work unless you are.
Johnny: Okay, then. Uh, honestly? I feel like I’m on an episode of “Dr Phil.”
Dino: Hey.
Aram: [ To Beasley ] As bad as we know you are, we think Dr Sand is worse.
Dembe: Help us, and we’ll help you.
Aram: The codes are appointments. Show us how it works.
Dembe: I understand how it feels to have guilt about things you’ve done in the past. You know what you did was wrong. Show us you know.

[ Dr Sand sits with Vito DeCanio, head of the DeCanio Crime Syndicate, on a bench alongside a river. A young man sits on a neighboring bench, glancing around ]
Dr Sand: Johnny’s not ready.
Vito DeCanio: [ New Jersey accent ] It’s a three-man job.
Dr Sand: One that you said requires complete trust. Johnny doesn’t have it. Maybe if I had more time with him–
DeCanio: No, that’s not an option.
Dr Sand: Then my advice is you find someone else.
DeCanio: Well, what about Dante?
Dr Sand: You know the answer to that.
DeCanio: Well, you said we needed somebody–
Dr Sand: I did. But not him.
DeCanio: It’s an important job.
Dr Sand: We have an understanding.
DeCanio: If it goes well, he can write his own ticket.
[ Cellphone vibrates ]
DeCanio: Look, you’re the best at what you do, which is making people feel good about themselves. At what I do, I’m the best. And making people feel good has nothing to do with it.
Dr Sand: Are you threatening me? After everything that I’ve done for you?
DeCanio: Ah, first of all, we both know who you do it for, and it sure ain’t me. And secondly, yeah, I’m threatening you. That’s what I do. Dante’s in. You got a problem with that, see a shrink.

[ At the location of Beasley’s next dog-grooming appointment, Park and Aram wait in a surveillance van. Dembe sits on a bench nearby ]
[ A van marked “Jazz Paws – Mobile Pet Groomers” pulls over ]
Park: Is that – Wait, it’s really dog-grooming appointments?
Aram: I don’t know if the president’s dog’s in there getting a trim or what, but Jazz Paws is tricked out with armored panels and a GPS jammer.
Park: Let’s move.
[ Aram and Park jump out of the surveillance van. Along with Dembe and several undercover agents, they surround the pet van, guns drawn ]
[ Pounding on door ]
Park: FBI! Exit the vehicle now!
[ The back door opens and Dr Roberta Sands steps out. Dembe and other agents enter the van, which is decorated inside as Dr Sands’ therapy office ]

[ Cooper’s and Lew Sloan’s cars are parked alongside each other in the parking garage. Cooper is looking over the ballistics report prepared for Detective Heber ]
Cooper: I don’t understand. This says my gun wasn’t the murder weapon.
Lew: Imagine that.
Cooper: I can’t, because it was. We- We- We ran the ballistics. We know the truth.
Lew: Yeah, but they don’t, and they never will.
Cooper: Lew. What did you do?
Lew: Nothing that you wouldn’t do if I asked you.
Cooper: But I didn’t ask.
Lew: I performed a little magic on the bore. That’s all you need to know, and it’s more than Heber ever will.
Cooper: It’s one lie built on another. First I rope in Charlene, now you.
Lew: You didn’t rope me in, alright? I did it because I know you, and I know you didn’t kill Doug Koster.
Cooper: You don’t know that. I don’t know that. I hated that man because of what he did to my marriage. At my worst, who knows what I could have done?
Lew: What I know is that innocent people get convicted all the time. And I wasn’t about to let that happen to you. You feel guilty, like you’re getting away with murder, but you’re not, because you’re not a murderer.
Cooper: Someone killed Koster.
Lew: Yeah, that’s right. And then they framed you, and now that you’re in the clear, it’s time to find out who did that and why.
Cooper: It doesn’t feel like I’m in the clear.
Lew: Yeah. I guess that’s why you haven’t thanked me.

[ An interrogation room ]
Aram: How’d it work? You roll up in a van, dig up some deep-seated trauma, figure out how to exploit it, then what? Send you client off to commit the perfect crime?
Dr Sand: Anything I did or didn’t say to my clients is privileged.
Park: Not if you didn’t report a crime you knew they were going to commit or made them comfortable committing it.
Dr Sand: I help my clients be comfortable in their own skin.
Park: Comfortable? Committing crimes? Giving in to their darkest impulses?
Dr Sand: Everyone has dark impulses, Agent Park. Even you.
Park: Yeah, ones that, like any normal person, I hate about myself and that I’d hope a therapist would cure me of.
Dr Sand: Cure you? Of what? Uh, being who you are? Why would you possibly want anyone to cure you of that?

[ Inside Red’s plane ]
Red: [ To Weecha ] Once I was dead and gone, I wanted Elizabeth to know everything. So, I gave Dembe the letter with very specific instructions.

[ Flashback: ]
Red: Only when I’m gone.
[ Red hands the letter for Liz to Dembe ]
Red: Give it to Elizabeth, but only when I’m gone.

Red: Later that night, Elizabeth was shot and killed.
Weecha: Okay. But what does that have to do with whatever happened with Agnes?
Red: I think she said her mother told her about those things. Elizabeth would never have told her unless she’d read the letter.
[ Vlad Cvetko walks in ]
Vlad Cvetko: Am I interrupting?
Red: Ah! Vlad, please, come sit. Ah, good to see you again.
Cvetko: Ah, great to see you.
Red: Uh, Weecha, you’re in the presence of greatness. Vlad’s one of the world’s foremost forensic analysts.
Weecha: I have a, uh, finger in a drawer at home. Would you be able to tell me who it belongs to?
Cvetko: Would be easier if you had a-a head in a box.
[ Red and Cvetko laugh ]
Weecha: If you can identify the finger, I will.
Cvetko: Eh, is that why you wanted to see me?
Red: No, although I’m always intrigued by streams crossing. So, we’ll get you the finger, but first, this envelope. I need you to tell me if Elizabeth Keen’s fingerprints are on it.
Cvetko: That’s it? That’s all you need? Besides the finger?
Red: Yes. I’ve had a copy of her prints sent to you.
Cvetko: Consider it done. Out of curiosity, what answer you are hoping for?
Red: That her prints aren’t there. That I’m – imagining things.

[ Dembe catches up to Cooper who is walking down a corridor at the Post Office ]
Dembe: Sir, we ran her prints. Dr Sand. Her name is Eleanor Russo. She used to be in private practice, kept up with her licensing, until she fell off the grid five years ago.
Cooper: Any idea why?
Dembe: A theory, yeah.
[ Dembe hands Cooper a photo of Dr Sand (Eleanor Russo) talking to the young man who had been seated nearby when she talked to Vito DeCanio ]
Dembe: Him.
Cooper: DeCanio’s body man?
Dembe: Who also happens to be her son.
Cooper: What did Sand say about it?
Dembe: She hasn’t yet. We’re about to find out now.

[ Dembe enters the interrogation room where Dr Sand sits alone ] [ Door closes ]
Dr Sand: I already told the other two I won’t violate doctor-patient privilege.
Dembe: I don’t want to talk about your patients. To them, you’re Dr Sand. It’s Eleanor Russo I’m interested in. Eleanor and her son, Dante. UCLA medical school, a thriving practice in Philadelphia, then five years ago, you vanish. People like you don’t vanish. Not without a good reason. Is Dante your reason?
Dr Sand: I vanished because my marriage fell apart. Because we fought over Dante, and the more we fought, the worse he got. Cutting school, hanging out with bad people who introduced him to worse people.
Dembe: Vito DeCanio.
Dr Sand: Yeah, eventually. But not until after he’d committed a number of crimes. [ Sighs ] Enough to get him arrested. And that’s when Vito stepped in to help keep him out of prison.
Dembe: If you agreed to help him.
Dr Sand: He said if I’d counsel his people, he’d keep Dante out of harm’s way. Today, he broke that deal. If I help you, will you protect him?
Dembe: I promise to try to protect you both, but I’m unable to do that unless you tell me where Dante is.

[ Dino DeCanio walks down a narrow alley behind an tesidential building with Mikey and Dante ]
Dino: We demo and snatch, [ To Dante ] you drive. It’s teamwork, just like the doctor ordered.
Dante: As in Dr Sand?
Dino: Yeah, you seeing her, too?
Dante: Me? No. I tried therapy. Had issues with my mom. It didn’t take.
Dino: Yeah, well, like Dr Sand says, growth only happens if you’re open to it. Maybe you weren’t open.
Dante: Yeah. Maybe. Hey, what time does the construction crew arrive?
Dino: Whenever Vito tells them. That he controls. Wildcard was the preservationist. She wanted to shut us down. Would’ve made this whole snatch-and-grab impossible.
[ Two members of a Witness Protection (WITSEC) team deal play poker while a white-haired man, Herman Levy, watches ]
WITSEC Agent: [ Gleefully ] There you go.
Herman Levy: You do know this is a protection detail, not a rehearsal for the World Series of Poker.
Dante: So, this Herman guy – what’s he testifying about?
Dino: He’s not gonna be testifying. He’s gonna be crying for his own mama whenever Vito gets ahold of him. Now, get back to the car.

[ Red’s plane ]
Weecha: Couldn’t it be a good thing? That Liz knew the truth before she died?
Red: No.
Weecha: Why not? Because she knew, she was able to tell Agnes how important you were to her. And her to you. It’s why she encouraged your relationship with Agnes.
Red: What if it’s also a part of why she died?

[ Flashback: ]
[ Liz points her gun at Red. The plan is for her to shoot him in order to take over his criminal empire and continue The Blacklist. (Red apparently has a terminal illness) ]
Liz: [ Pause ] I can’t do it.
Red: That’s alright.
Liz: [ Pause ] I don’t want to.

Red: Her hesitation. The time it took. If she hadn’t hesitated, she might’ve survived.

[ The Post Office ]
Dembe: Eleanor – Dr Sand – she says DeCanio has a crew working a job at a property he owns downtown.
Cooper: Working on what? We’ve been nibbling at the edges of the DeCanios’ syndicate for years. If she wants a deal, her intel’s gonna have to lead us higher up the food chain.
Dembe: All she knows is that it’s connected to Mary Parrot’s death, it involves her son, and that the old man said it’s urgent.
Park: Companies associated with the DeCanios are mid-construction on two sites we know of downtown – a luxury hotel and a residential tower.
Cooper: What’s Parrot’s connection? Was there a preservationist objection?
Aram: Not to those sites. Her big push downtown was to landmark Memorial Baptist Church. Now, she’d held up developers who wanted to demolish it, but now that she’s dead, the sale can go through, and the building can be torn down. And DeCanio’s a silent partner.
Cooper: That’s what this is about? Killing a preservationist to demolish a church? We’re missing something. What?
Aram: Well, sir, there is something else. When cross-referencing the address, the building next door pinged our database.
Park: I recognize it. This church. But I can’t remember why. What’s the address?
Aram: 30 West Oak Street.
Park: Oh, my God. Herman Levy, the informant, the one testifying against DeCanio – WITSEC is holding him at a safehouse at 32 West Oak.
Dembe: They’re trying to get to him before he testifies.
Cooper: Not if we can get to him first. Go. I’ll alert the Marshals – and Main Justice about a deal for Sand. She didn’t get us up the food chain. She got us to the top of it. Let’s hope we’re not too late.

[ Dante Russo waits nervously in the getaway car while Dino and Mikey break a hole in the back of the residential complex and climb inside ] [ Bricks clattering ] [ Grunts ]
Dino: Alright. Third floor. Let’s move.
Mikey: Yeah.
[ They run up the service stairs to the third floor ]
[ The poker game continues ]
[ Cellphone rings✨]
[ Dino and Mikey interrupt and 💥💥 shoot both WITSEC officers 💥💥 ]
[ Herman Levy raises his hands ]
Dino: Grab the rat.
[ The three head down the stairs. They encounter an FBI Agent who Mikey shoots 💥. Mikey, Herman Levy and Dino descend the stairs past the crumpled agent ]
[ At the bottom on the steps, the FBI has arrived in force ]
— FBI!
[ Gunfire exchange 💥💥 💥💥 ]
— FBI! Drop your weapons!
[ The mobsters are down ] [ Groans ]
[ Dembe and Park help Herman Levy to his feet ]
Herman Levy: This is all very confidence-inspiring.
[ Aram approaches the get-away car, pointing his gun at Dante who already has his hands raised ]
Aram: Dante Russo? [ Over comms ] I have the son.

[ Cooper is in his office talking to Red who is in his plane ]
Cooper: Dr Sand is in custody. She and her son.
Red: And DeCanio?
Cooper: He’s been arrested. The doctor’s son worked for him as well. Both of them are set to be transferred to Main Justice to sign immunity agreements in exchange for everything they know about DeCanio.
Red: Have you spoken with Agnes yet? Did she say whether she had a good time or not?
Cooper: She said that you, and I quote, “suck at state capitals,” which I took to mean a good time was had by all.
Red: Yes.
Cooper: You’re doing well with her. I’m impressed. And hopeful that, like me, you’re finding that being around her helps, in every way.
Red: What about Sand? What do you think? You know her story. Now you’ve questioned her. Do you think DeCanio was right to hire her?
Cooper: I do. She’s smart and thoughtful. I’m not surprised with the results she got.

[ Dr Sand and her son Dante are in the transport van ]
Dante: We’re gonna testify against Vito? After he sent me to kidnap a witness in federal custody, we’re signing up to federal witnesses?
Dr Sand: We both know it’s the only way out.
Dante: Well, what we know is there’s no way out.
Dr Sand: He’s using you now. For dangerous jobs. I can’t protect you anymore.
Dante: You think the feds can?
[⚡️Tires screech⚡️]
Dr Sand: Hey.
Man’s voice: [ Muffled ]
Dr Sand: What the hell is that? Hey. Hello? What is it? What’s going on?
Dante: [ Panicky ] It’s him.
Dr Sand: Hey! Hello?
Dante: Mom.
Man’s voice #2: [ Muffled ] Get out of the van.
Dante: It’s him.
[ They clasp hands ]
— On your feet.
[ Banging ] [ Van doors open ]
Red: Dr Sand, I presume.
Dr Sand: You’re Raymond Reddington.
Dante: Did DeCanio send you?
Red: Dear Vito’s been detained. I’m here of my own volition with a proposal. Would you care to hear it?

[ The Post Office ]
[ Elevator doors⚡️clank open⚡️] [ Vito DeCanio is led in ]
Cooper: Vito DeCanio. Welcome to federal custody.
DeCanio: Been there twice, for a total of six hours.
Aram: [ Quietly ] Third time’s the charm.
[ Park walks up to DeCanio ]
Park: Where are they? You heard me. Where the hell are they?!
Cooper: Agent Park–
Park: Where did you take them?!
Aram: Alina, hey–
Park: He hit the convoy. With Dr Sand. She and her son – they’re gone.
DeCanio: I got no idea what you’re talking about.
Park: [ Urgently ] If you did anything to her– !
Cooper: [ Angrily, to Park: ] Okay. Stop. [ To DeCanio ] If you did anything, we’re gonna find out.
DeCanio: I didn’t do anything. But I’m in debt to the person who did.
Cooper: Take him to interrogation.

[ Red’s airplane ]
Dr Sand: Your personal therapist?
Red: Yes, for which you’ll be well paid and safe from harm.
Dr Sand: You said DeCanio’s been arrested.
Red: He has, but he has friends in high places. Just not as high as me.
Dr Sand: I helped him to protect my son. Why should I help you?
Red: I need your help. And what I do, my professional life – you will not be a part of that.
Dr Sand: Helping you personally helps you professionally. That’s how this process works.
Red: Just give me three months. On the island of your choice. At the end of which, you’re free to go. I hope you won’t, but it’ll be up to you. Consider it a palate cleanser. A transition from a distasteful past to a delightfully piquant future.
Dr Sand: Why me?
Red: The details of my story are not for the faint of heart. Based on your history, I believe you can stomach pretty much anything.
Dr Sand: I’m not a miracle worker.
Red: No need. I already have one of those. Let’s talk islands.

[ Aram finds Park on the landing above the war room ]
Aram: Headache?
Park: No. Embarrassment.
Aram: For what? What, losing it on DeCanio?
Park: [ Scoffs ]
Aram: Come on, I understand. This job – This job can get under your skin. It’s hard, being someone who crosses lines. People judge you for it, so then you judge yourself. Dr Sand is right. We all have dark impulses. And most of the time, there is no cure for that. So, the idea – well, at least the idea I came up with after spending my grandparents’ entire inheritance on therapy – is– is to not hate yourself because you have dark impulses, but to love yourself in spite of them.
Park: How big was your inheritance?
Aram: $86,749.
Park: I’d say it was money well spent.

[ Red calls Cooper from his plane ]
Red: Harold, I hope you’re right about the good doctor’s efficacy.
Cooper: Sand. You took her.
Red: “Took” is a big strong, but yes, she’s agreed to work with me.
Cooper: Instead of testifying against DeCanio.
Red: There’ll be plenty of testifying against him before it gets around to her. Hopefully, by then, I’ll be a better man and she won’t be so frightened.
Red: Gotta fly, Harold.
[ Call ends🔅]
[ Weecha walks up to Red ]
Red: Cvetko?
Weecha: He just called. The prints match.
Red: Dr Sand.

[ Peter and Park are in bed; he is turned to her ]
Park: We should talk.
[ Bed creaking ]
Park: I told myself I wasn’t honest with you because if you found out the truth about me, about who I was, you wouldn’t like what you saw. But the truth is, I wasn’t honest because I didn’t like what I saw.
Peter: It adds up to the same thing.
Park: I couldn’t expect you to love me when I didn’t love myself. So, that’s what I’m gonna try and do. Learn to love myself. And maybe you can love me, too.

[ Cellphone ringing✨]
Cooper: Harold Cooper.
Distorted Voice: I texted a photo. Look at it.
Cooper: Who is this?
Distorted Voice: Look at it.
[ Cooper pulls up the photo. It shows him in his car talking to Lew in the parking garage ]
Distorted Voice: There’s audio, too, of you and your friend evidence-tampering.
Cooper: What do you want?
Distorted Voice: So much. And with what I know about you and the murder of Doug Koster, I’m confident you’re gonna give it to me.

[ Red talks to Dr Sand in his plane ]
Red: I found peace and tranquility and a real feeling of– quiet. Yet, I abandoned it out of this compulsion for chaos and peril. I had found light. Yet I’m compelled by the dark. It animates me, so much so that I drag others into it. Others that I care desperately about. If I’m willing to risk everything good in my life, to even defend risking it as necessary or just, when I know the result will only be– a deepening darkness.
Dr Sand: Tell me, where is this coming from right now? Why now?
Red: [ Pause ] [ Emotionally ] I recently discovered that I was betrayed by my oldest and closest friend. ⋘⋙
[ Darkly ] I’m apprehensive about the depth and breadth of my anger.

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༺✦ ♤ ✦༻


Episode Songs


♫ String Quartet No. 1 (Allegro)
By Johannes Bach

♪ [ Instrumental ]

Lyrics and Credits: [ Instrumental ]
YouTube: https://youtu.be/dhZPeXZZmrk

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❌❌❌ End 9:6 Roberta Sand


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🔴 Script 9:7 Between Sleep and Awake

Program air date: 1/6/2022 in the US
Script Permalink: https://wp.me/pDKwi-cIK
EntertainmentWeekly Recap: https://bit.ly/3mSLbAr

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Christine Moore
Written by: Taylor Martin



Brief (Where we’re at): Red has discovered that Liz’s fingerprints are on the envelope of the letter he gave to Dembe with strict instructions to give it to Liz ONLY after his death. He became suspicious when Agnes mentioned that she knew he was Russian:

Agnes: When did you stop being Russian?
Red: [ Laughing ] That’s a funny question. How did you know I was Russian?
Agnes: My mother told me. She told me everything I would ever need to know about you.
Red: She must’ve said a lot.
Agnes: She did. But at the end of it, she said all I needed to remember was that Raymond Reddington was the most important person in her life, besides me, and she was glad that I had met you, and she wished that we could meet again.
Red: I am really glad we did.
[ Agnes reaches across the table and takes Red’s hand ]
Agnes: She said you liked to hold hands.

Red had told Liz that the reason he didn’t want her to read the letter before his death was “Because if you knew beforehand, you’d never agree to kill me.” But instead of shooting Red, as they had agreed (so she could take over his criminal operation and continue The Blacklist) Liz hesitated and so was shot by Vandyke, a loyalist of Neville Townsend (who Red had killed). So Red had the envelope analyzed and Liz’s prints were indeed on it. Furious with Dembe for betraying his trust, Red turned to Dr Roberta Sand PhD (Blacklister #153), with whom he was trying to negotiate for three months of therapy in exchange for shielding her and her son Dante from the revenge of Vito Decanio, head of the Decanio crime syndicate. Dr Sand had become the “secret sauce” behind the reinvigoration of Decanio’s syndicate, which she did by helping his gangsters feel comfortable with who they are. But that arrangement came to an abrupt end when Vito broke his promise to her by putting Dante in danger.

In other news, Cooper was served a warrant for his service weapon by Detective Marcus Heber of the Metro PD. Cooper already knew it was his gun that fired the shot that killed Doug Koster, his one-time neighbor who years earlier had had an affair with his wife Charlene. Cooper had awoken in his car the morning after a retirement party with no recollection of the intervening hours. Noticing that a shot had been fired from his gun, he had had his friend Lew Sloan run a ballistics test on it. He asked Charlene to lie to Heber and say he had come home that night. After Cooper told Lew that Metro PD had his gun for analysis, Lew took it upon himself to intercept and modify Cooper’s gun so it would no longer match the bullet that killed Koster. Later, Cooper received a call from someone with his voice digitally altered, threatening to blackmail him. The man sent Cooper a photo showing him talking to Lew in the parking garage where the two would meet. The man with the digitally-altered voice said he also has audio that proves evidence tampering.


⭕ Script 9:7 Between Sleep and Awake

[ Flashback: ]
[ The final Scenes from Episode 8:22 Konets play while Ressler narrates his perspective ]
[ Red exits the restaurant. Liz waits in her car ]
Ressler [ Voice-over, echoing ]: That’s how she’s gonna prove to the world that she’s seizing control of his empire. She’s gonna kill him.
[ Ressler has been in the hospital ] [ Monitor beeping🔅🔅🔅]
[ He takes off his monitor and removes his I.V. ]
Ressler [ Voice-over, echoing ]: She’s making a mistake. I need to stop her!
[ Ressler steps into the hospital corridor ]
Ressler [ Voice-over, echoing ]: This won’t end well.
[ Ressler begins to run in slow motion ]
[ Red walks in front of the restaurant and turns at the corner. He senses movement behind him and spins around. Liz is pointing her gun at him ]
Liz: ⋘⋙ I can’t do it.
Red: That’s all right.
Liz: ⋘⋙ I don’t want to.
Red: I understand.
[ Gunshot💥]
[ A red spot appears on Liz’s chest, just above her heart ]
Ressler: No. No!
[ Ressler runs toward Liz and Red ]
[ Red stares into Liz’s eyes, kisses her. She has died. Dembe comes up to Red and tugs at him ]
Dembe: Raymond, we must. I’m sorry.
[ Red lays his hat on the sidewalk and lowers Liz’s head onto it, then allows Dembe to guide him away ]
[ Ressler runs to Liz and crouches over her, feeling for a pause ]
Ressler: [ Inaudible ]
[ Fade to white ]
[ Ressler tries to flag down a car ]
Ressler: No! [ Grunts ] Stop! Stop! Stop!
[ Horn honks 📣 ] [ A car slows down, stops ]
Ressler: Stop. I’m an FBI agent. I’m in pursuit of a murder suspect. Get out of your car! I need your car!
Woman: Really?
Ressler: Come on! Get out of the car!
[ The woman gets out. Ressler gets in and speeds off ] [ Tires squeal⚡️]
Woman: [ To bystander ] Call the police! He just hijacked my car!
[ Ressler is closing in on Red’s car ]
Dembe: We have company. It’s Ressler.
Red: [ Pause ] Lose him.
[ They speed up ]
[ Horn blares (((📣 ] [ Ressler’s cell phone rings✨ It’s Cooper. Ressler answers ]
Ressler: He killed her!
Cooper: I know what you wanna do.
Ressler: [ Furiously ] He may not have pulled the trigger. But she’s dead because of him.
Cooper: Yes, probably, but killing him will only make it worse. Donald, listen to me. You’re in no condition to drive. Don’t do this.
[ Horn 📣 honks ] [ Horn blares (((📣 ] [ Ressler miscalculates and his car💥rear-ends💥another, climbing over it and flipping over onto its roof 💥‼️💥]

[ The Present: ]
[ Ressler’s office at the Post Office black site ]
[ Ressler toys with the small clear container of pills in his hand ]
[ Knock on door ] [ Cooper enters ]
Cooper: Hey. Hard to believe it’s been two years.
Ressler: Feels like 200. How’s Agnes holding up?
Cooper: Amazingly well. She wants the anniversary to be a celebration of Elizabeth’s life, not a mourning of her death. So that’s what we’re doing tonight. You’re welcome to join us.
Ressler: Oh, I appreciate that, but I, uh, just came in to see if I could get the morning off.
Cooper: Take the day. I insist.
Ressler: Thank you.
Cooper: We’ve been going through photo albums recently and found this. Agnes wanted you to have it.
[ Cooper hands Ressler a photo of himself and Liz ]
Cooper: I’m around if you need me.

[ Flashback: ]
[ Ressler is being treated in the the E.R. immediately after the car crash. He has a V-shaped gash deep into his shoulder ]
[ Monitor beeping 🔅🔅🔅 ] [ Indistinct chatter ]
E.R. Nurse: Shortness of breath. Decreased breath sounds. Tracheal deviation. I think it’s a tension pneumothorax. And it looks like the area’s already been damaged.
E.R. Doctor: We need to do a needle decompression.
[ Monitors beeping 🔅🔅🔅 ] [ A syringe is stuck into the wound ] [ Pop 💢 ]
Ressler: [ Exhales slowly ] [ Beeping echoing 🔅🔅🔅 ]
E.R. Nurse: BP is 80 and dropping. Heart rate is 120. Oxygen saturation is low.
[ Ressler drifts in and out of consciousness ] [ Chain rattles ~ Ressler is cuffed to the bed ]
Trauma Surgeon: Put him on a non-rebreather. His lung is putting pressure on his heart. He needs a chest tube now! Let’s go, people!
[ Outside the procedure room, Cooper argues with two officers ]
Cooper: I understand. I know the driver of the car he hit is in surgery and you need to talk to him. But he’s my agent. He’s hurt. And I don’t appreciate you going in there and cuffing him like he’s a common criminal.

[ Later. Ressler is in a regular hospital room ]
Cooper: You’re surprisingly popular.
Ressler: How’s the woman I hit?
Cooper: Better. Healing. In time she should be fine.
Ressler: “Should be.” And this?
[ Ressler holds up his cuffed hand which is chained to the bed ]
Ressler: Am I free, or is this a stay of execution?
Cooper: That depends on the outcome of the Bureau’s disciplinary committee hearing. They’re holding it as soon as you get out. What they decide will go a long way in determining whether the D.A. files charges or not.
Ressler: Do they know I was in pursuit?
Cooper: They do. And that you were DUI.
Ressler: Reddington. Where is he?
Cooper: Gone. Disappeared without a trace. His lines are dead. All major law-enforcement agencies have been alerted, and nothing’s come back. It’s only a matter of time before his immunity agreement is revoked and the task force disbanded.
Ressler: Good. Then we can start hunting him again.
Cooper: Elizabeth had a will. She designated me and Charlene as Agnes’ legal guardians.
[ Ressler looks startled ]
Cooper: I think she’d want us to look forward, not back. I’m gonna try to do that. My hope is you can, too.

[ Ressler is sitting up in a wheelchair next to his hospital bed ]
Trauma Surgeon: I’ve put in your discharge papers. Your job now is to rest and do PT. I’ll see you in my office in a week. In the meantime, I want to talk with you about pain management.
Ressler: Oh, I’m good.
Surgeon: I know from your chart that you had a dependency issue in the past.
Ressler: I was an addict, yes. But, uh, I don’t plan on being one again.
Surgeon: And we’ll do whatever we can to help you. But you’re going to be in pain for a while.
Ressler: I’m fine.
Surgeon: Taking what I’m offering, the pills and the advice, is better than the alternative, which is to wait until in your suffering you find yourself on the street looking to buy whatever you can.
[ Pills rattling ]
Ressler: You don’t wanna give me those.
Surgeon: No, I don’t. But I can’t let you walk out of here without them. Do you have someone who can help you manage this?
Ressler: [ Wryly ] Sure. Tons of people.
Surgeon: I’m prescribing oxycodone.

[ Cooper is on the phone talking to Ressler who sitting on an outdoor bench ]
Cooper: I just got off the phone with Rebecca Hagens, head of the FBI disciplinary committee. She’s been sitting at your hearing for a half-hour. She says you haven’t shown up. I encouraged her to give you the benefit of the doubt after everything you’ve done for your country and allow for a little more time, but I can only do so much. Where are you?
Ressler: I’m looking forward, not back.
Cooper: Five minutes away? Ten?
Ressler: You said this is what Keen would want.
Cooper: What she’d want is for you to look forward to clearing your name. Which you can still do if you can get there soon enough.
Ressler: I’m not going.
Cooper: Donald. They’ll take your badge.
Ressler: They can have it. I left it at my apartment, along with my service weapon.
Cooper: So that’s it? You’re done?
Ressler: Yeah, I am. Look, if I stay, I’ll hunt for him. I’ll become obsessed with him and her.
Cooper: You’ve worked too hard to let it end this way.
Ressler: Yeah, I have.
Cooper: Donald, we can help you get through this. We can help each other. We’re all struggling. We need to be here for each other.
Ressler: I know. I’m sorry. [ Phone beeps🔅]
[ Ressler opens the prescription bottle and pops a pill ]
[ A bus approaches ] [ Brakes squealing⚡️] [ Brakes hiss ] [ Door opens ]
Bus driver: Hey, buddy. You gettin’ on? I don’t got all day.
[ Ressler gets on the bus ]

[ The Present: ]
[ Electronic bell chimes✨] [ Ressler walks into a barber shop ]
Barber: Hi, there. Take a seat.
[ Ressler sits down in the barber chair ]
Barber: So what are we doin’ today? A trim? Clean it up?
Ressler: Take it off.
Barber: You sure? Looks like you’ve been growing it a while. It’s a real statement if you ask me.
Ressler: Trust me. It’s time.

[ Flashback: ]
[ Ressler wakes up on the bus ] [ A highway sign says “Liberty Falls PA” ]
[ Ressler enters the office of a rundown motel. A woman (Lauren) is behind the desk. Her eight year old son, Theodore, sits in the sitting area reading a book ]
Ressler: Hey.
Lauren: Welcome to Liberty Falls.
Ressler: Yeah, thanks. It seems like a nice little town.
Lauren: Well, it’s definitely – little. Room for tonight?
Ressler: That should work. Yeah.
Theodore: Mom! The craziest thing just happened!
Lauren: Honey. I’m helping someone–
Theodore: Captain Hook just captured Wendy and the other Lost Boys! And he took them to the pirate ship. But Peter Pan’s asleep, so he doesn’t know! And they’re gonna poison–
Lauren: Theodore! I said not now.
Theodore: You’re gonna wanna hear this.
Lauren: I know. And I will. In a minute. Okay?
Theodore: [ Sighs ] Geez. Fine.
Lauren: I’m sorry. He has a very active imagination.
Ressler: It’s all right.
Lauren: He sometimes does his homework out here, but he’s usually quiet as a mouse.
Ressler: It’s really okay. Uh, about that room – Can I pay?
Lauren: Yeah, sure. Uh, that’ll be $45.
Ressler: All right. Ah.
Lauren: Room 5. Best room in the place. It even has a pool view if you’re looking out the bathroom window–
Ressler: Ah. I’d really like to get to my room. Thank you.
Lauren: Right. Of course. [ Sighs ]
[ Door opens, bell jingles✨]

[ Ressler gets to his motel room ] [ Door closes ]
[ Ressler closes the drapes. He uses a glasses to smash two pills and forms two lines of powder ] ⋘⋙ [ Sniffles ]
[ He goes to sleep on the bed ] [ Groans softly ]
[ Ressler wakes up, drinks some water and puts eye drops in his eyes. He goes out ]

[ A bar ] [ Ressler sits on a barstool ]
[ Aleyce Simmonds’ ♪ “Only On My Terms” plays ]
[ A female bartender, Vivian, pours Ressler a drink ]
Vivian: Whiskey on ice. Hold the ice.
Ressler: Thanks. Can I open a tab?
Vivian: Why not? I’m easy.
Ressler: I don’t think you’re allowed to say that anymore.
Vivian: Maybe not where you come from, but around here, people pride themselves on being behind the times.
Ressler: This sounds like my kind of a place.
Vivian: Believe me, this ain’t nobody’s kind of place. Where are you from?
Ressler: Hmm. Where the grass is greener. Trust me, it’s brown.
Vivian: Soon as I can afford to, I’m heading to L.A. Gonna be a makeup artist. I got my own YouTube channel. You should check it out. Wow. That was fast. Another one?
[ Ressler notices she has needle track marks on her arm ]
Ressler: You know where I can get something a little, uh, stronger?
Vivian: I-I try and stay away from that kind of stuff.
[ She looks at a guy, Max, sitting at a table. Ressler takes the hint ]
Ressler: I got it. I’ll take another one.

♪ But if I do, it’s gonna be on my terms ♪
♪ Yeah, if I do ♪

Vivian: You’re $75 all-in.
[ Ressler puts down a $100 bill ]
Ressler: [ Chuckles ] Well, uh, keep the change.
Vivian: Thanks.

[ Ominous music plays ] [ A dealer (Max) walks up behind Ressler at the bar ]
Max: Hey, there. Vivian tells me you’re looking for a hookup.
Ressler: Well, Vivian’s a very helpful lady.
Max: Meet me in the back room. Five minutes.
[ In the back room ]
Max: So – What are you after?
Ressler: Oh. Oxy, Norco. I’m an equal-opportunity offender.
Max: Isn’t that a coincidence? So are we.
Ressler: “We”?
[ Two other men appear behind Ressler ]
Ressler: Look, come on. I’m not looking for any trouble.
Max: It’s a little late for that.
[ The men⚡️attack Ressler⚡️, who is too drugged and drunk to put up too much of a fight ]
Max: [ Laughs ] You’re making this too easy, man!
[ Grunting ] [⚡️Kicks landing⚡️]
Vivian: Hey. He’s got an iPhone, too.
Max: Take everything.
[ The thugs and Vivian leave Ressler lying on the floor ]
Ressler: [ Groans, coughs ]

[ The Present: ]
[ The Barber has finished. Ressler’s beard is gone, his hair once again in a crew cut, not a hair out of place ]
Barber: You sure shine up like a new penny. Where you off to? Somewhere special?
Ressler: Something like that.
[ Ressler takes in his reflection in the mirror ]
Barber: You all right, son? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.
Ressler: Not a ghost. Just – Someone I used to know.

[ Flashback: ]
[ Ressler has somehow made it back to the motel. He is passed out in front of the door to his room, where Theodore finds him ]
Theodore: Are you okay, mister?
[ Theodore pokes Ressler with his book ]
Ressler: [ Gasps ] Oh, my God. What the hell are you doing, kid?
Theodore: Um, well, I didn’t want to touch a dead person with my hand.
Ressler: Well, I’m not dead, so–
Theodore: Why are you sleeping in the hallway?
Ressler: [ Groans ]
Theodore: Hey. You know your face is bleeding? My mom has a first-aid kit in the office.
[ Ressler sits up ]
Ressler: [ Groans ] Oh, you got to be kidding me.
Theodore: What?
Ressler: They robbed me.
Theodore: Who? Burglars? Pirates? That’s so cool! You should call the cops, though. They can help.
[ Ressler manages to stand up ]
Ressler: [ Groans ] Trust me, wherever the pirates took my stuff, it’s not coming back.
Theodore: So it was pirates! You know, I’m reading this book Peter Pan and–
Ressler: I really gotta go, bud.
Theodore: Are you sure you’re okay? I really think my mom can help you.
Ressler: [ Losing patience ] Look, I don’t need your mom or a first-aid kit or a phone.
Theodore: Look, I just–
Ressler: [ Angrily ] I need to be alone. Understand? [ Shouting ] I said get outta here!
[ Theodore runs away ]

[ Ressler is at the ice machine outdoors. He has filled a plastic bag with ice ] [ Ice rattling ]
[ Lauren storms over ]
Lauren: What the hell do you think you’re doing?
[ Ressler turns around, holding the bag of ice to his face ]
Ressler: Um– getting ice.
Lauren: You know what I’m talking about. My kid said he found you passed out in the hallway.
Ressler: Well, since you’re here, I, uh– I actually lost my key.
[ Ressler enters his room, with Lauren following angrily behind ]
Ressler: Hey. I wasn’t really planning on entertaining, but–
Lauren: Are you listening to anything that I’m saying? What you did out there was not okay. I don’t want my son seeing stuff like that.
Ressler: Look. No offense, lady, but this place isn’t exactly the Ritz. You know, I’m sure he’s seen plenty of, uh, unsavory things.
Lauren: At least most people keep to themselves. What happened to you, anyway? You’re a mess.
Ressler: Look. I paid for my room. I’ll keep to myself. Are we done here?
Lauren: Actually, you owe me for tonight.
Ressler: I’m not sure if your son told you, but, uh, I got robbed. And I’d love to pay you, but at the moment, I’ve got nothing.
Lauren: I’m sorry. Really. But I can’t let you stay if you can’t pay.
Ressler: Okay. I get it. All right. I’ll be out in half an hour.
Lauren: [ Sighs ] Look. Willy down at Liberty Auto has been looking for someone to help out around the garage.
Ressler: Garage. As in, like, a mechanic?
Lauren: More like a janitor. Unless that’s beneath you.
Ressler: At this point, nothing’s beneath me.
Lauren: Then I suggest you go see him.
Ressler: Okay. Great. Thanks. Um– But do you know a doctor I could see?
Lauren: [ Sighs ]

[ The Present: ]
[ A florist shop ]
[ Door opens, bell jingles✨] [ Door closes ]
Belinda: Shopping for someone special?
Ressler: I am.
Belinda: I’d love to help. We have a beautiful selection of roses that just came in. Top of the line.
Ressler: I’m actually looking for carnations.
Belinda: Oh. Honey. I think we can do better. If you ask me, carnations are the sad flower of weddings past.
Ressler: Well, sad or not, they’re her favorite. She always said that people underestimate their beauty.
Belinda: Okay. Understood. Did you have a color in mind? The pink and the red are both so lovely.
Ressler: She likes the purple.
Belinda: Ah! Is she impulsive? Unpredictable?
Ressler: If it’s all the same to you, I’m in a bit of a hurry.
Belinda: Of course. This’ll just be a minute.
[ She goes to the refrigeration unit where the cut flowers are kept ]
Ressler: She’s impulsive and unpredictable. I’m– I’m the opposite. I’ve been thinking about what I’m about to do for two years. What am I gonna wear, what should I say. Uh, didn’t mean to be short with you. I’m just a little nervous.
Belinda: Well, it sounds like she is about the luckiest woman alive. To have someone give so much thought and attention to a moment like this. You– You really see her. And if she has no more sense than a titmouse, she’s gonna say yes.
Ressler: Oh, this isn’t– I’m not gonna, uh–
Belinda: Is she expecting it? I hope not. A proposal’s so much better when it’s a surprise.
Ressler: Well, trust me. After everything that’s happened in the past two years, me just showing up is gonna be a huge surprise.

[ Flashback: ]
[ Ressler sees an doctor about the injuries the drug punks inflicted ]
Dr Sutton: Well, looks like we’re dealing with a couple of broken ribs and a lacerated kidney.
Ressler: Folks in this town sure know how to roll out the red carpet. Then beat you over the head with it.
Dr Sutton: [ Chuckles ] On a scale of 1 to 10, how much pain are you in?
Ressler: I may look like that green smiley face, but I feel like the red devil bawling his eyes out. [ Chuckles ] A while back, I got into a car accident. Doc offered to prescribe me oxycodone, but I turned him down. I didn’t wanna risk getting hooked. So I gutted out the pain on Tylenol and rest. Nearly killed me. I’m not sure I could do that again.
Dr Sutton: I don’t think you should. But oxycodone is a powerful narcotic. You have to be very careful not to overuse or abuse it. But you seem to be, uh, more concerned about that than most, so I’m comfortable writing you a prescription for it. Janie will give you four pills to tide you over till you can get to a pharmacy.
Ressler: I appreciate that.
[ Back in his room, Ressler crushes a pill and makes a line ]
Ressler: [ Sniffles ] [ Exhales ]

[ Willy’s Auto Body Shop ] [ Willy shows Ressler around ]
Willy: So, we got the break room, storage facility, the office, and, of course, the garage floor. My wife wants me to spruce the place up a bit. And what Helen wants, Helen gets. [ Chuckles ] Which is where you come in. I need someone to do basically all the crap I don’t wanna do. Sweeping, mopping, toilets. Dusting, unloading boxes, inventory.
Ressler: That a ’72 Chevy Nova? That thing’s a beauty.
Willy: Do not bring Layla into this.
Ressler: Oh. She’s got a name, huh?
Willy: She sure does. Pain in my ass, though.
Ressler: She’s got potential. Engine doesn’t need to be rebuilt. Suspension’s solid. Everything else is surface rust.
Willy: You know cars?
Ressler: I didn’t have much of a choice. I grew up watching my dad restore anything he could get his hands on. Spent my childhood scouring the Detroit junkyards with him.
Willy: A Detroit boy. That explains it. Would be sacrilegious not to know your stuff.
Ressler: Ah. To be honest, I wasn’t looking for a job. But I got robbed, I owe money on my room, and, well, it’s not like I got anywhere else to be. Plus, I love cars, I know how to fix them, and, well, at one time I was told I was a pretty responsible guy.
Willy: Fair enough. I’ll tell you what. You help me with Layla in addition to the other work, and I’ll pay you up front. I’ve been trying to restore her for months, and she’s just stubborn as hell. [ Laughs ] What do you say?
Ressler: Sounds like a plan.

[ Ressler enters the motel office ] [ Bell jingles✨] [ Lauren is behind the counter. Theodore is reading on the couch ]
[ Ressler puts some money on the counter ]
Ressler: Hey. That should cover me till Wednesday.
Lauren: So – it all worked out?
Ressler: Sure did. In fact, I even got a promotion. I’m working on the cars now. Thank you for your help. Really. If there’s something I can do to pay you back–
[ A police car drives up ]
Lauren: [ Urgently ] Theo. Get up. Theo. Now!
Theodore: What’s going on?
Lauren: It’s him! [ To Ressler ] You want to pay me back? Don’t let him find us.
[ Lauren and Theodore duck into a corner. Ressler steps behind the desk ]
[ Bell jingles ✨] [ A policeman (Shane) enters ]
Ressler: Hey. You looking for a room?
Shane: I’m looking for these two.
[ He holds out a photo of Lauren and Theodore ]
Shane: I’m from downstate. We got a tip she’s working at a motel along this stretch of highway.
Ressler: What seems to be the problem?
Shane: [ Sarcastically ] The problem is that I can’t find them.
Ressler: No. Uh, I’m sorry. What I mean is, uh, why are you looking for them? What’d they do?
Shane: What happened to your face? Put it somewhere it didn’t belong? The photo. Have you seen them?
Ressler: [ Sighs ] I can’t say that I have.
[ Shane looks around the waiting area, but not where Lauren and Theodore are hiding ]
Ressler: Hey, you need something else?
Shane: If you see them, give me a call.
[ Shane leaves ] [ Bell jingles✨] [ Lauren exhales sharply ]
Lauren: [ To Ressler ] Please. Don’t ask.
Ressler: Tell me who you are and why the police are looking for you.

[ Ressler’s room. Theodore reads his book while his mother talks to Ressler ]
Lauren: I really don’t want to talk about this.
Ressler: And normally I wouldn’t insist, but I lied to a police officer for you.
Lauren: I’m not a criminal if that’s what you’re worried about.
Ressler: Well, you sure acted like one. Come on. Why was he looking for you?
Lauren: He’s my husband.
Ressler: Why are you running from him?
[ Lauren shows Ressler a long scar on her arm ]
Lauren: This is from when he threw me into our glass coffee table. It shattered, and I ended up with 40 stitches. Oh, and– This was a fun one.
[ She shows Ressler a burn scar on her ankle ]
Lauren: One morning, we got into a fight because I stayed out later than expected with a girlfriend at dinner. He threw a cup of coffee at me, and it splashed all over my foot, giving me third-degree burns.
Ressler: That’s unforgivable.
Lauren: And yet – I always forgave him. He’d apologize after, bring me flowers. I always thought the next time would be different, that I could help him be better. If he’d stayed away from Theodore, I probably would’ve stayed. But once after a bad day at work he came home and wanted it quiet at dinner. Theodore was chatty, asking all about this and that. Being a normal kid. And Shane just – snapped. Backhanded him across the face. He didn’t even cry, he was so shocked. We left the next morning and never looked back.
Ressler: And you didn’t go to the police because he was the police.
Lauren: Shane’s a powerful man where we’re from. Everyone told me I couldn’t just run from my problems, but I didn’t see another way out.
Ressler: Hey. No judgment here. I’m the poster child for running away from mine. But if he’s as bad as you say he is, he’ll be back.
Lauren: I just need to figure out our next move. Gather up some cash so we can head out again.
Theodore: [ Reads something funny and giggles ]
Lauren: Theodore’s a really special kid. With such an open heart. I won’t let anyone take that from him.

[ Willy’s Auto Body Shop ]
[ Wrench clicking ] [ Ressler works away on the ’72 Chevy Nova ]
[ Nitty Gritty Dirt Band’s ♪ “An American Dream” plays (substitute song) ]

♪ Whoo! ♪

[ Theodore shows up ]
Theodore: What a cool car! Do these work?
Ressler: Hey. Hey! Easy! [ Groans ]
Theodore: I’m sorry.
Ressler: Where’s your mom at, anyway?
Theodore: Huh?
Ressler: What are you doing here?
Theodore: I got bored, so I rode my bike.
Ressler: Then you need to ride right back.
Theodore: I can’t. My tire broke.
Ressler: Well, then we’re gonna have to call your mom and have her come and get you.
Theodore: Come on. I won’t bother you.
[ A vintage transistor radio plays ]

♪ Yeah, and I’ve worked real hard since I was 17 ♪

Ressler: Don’t touch anything.

♪ And this is where the good times start ♪

[ Ressler walks away to call Lauren ]
Ressler: [ On phone ] Yeah.
[ Theodore immediately picks up the radio ]

♪ Living the American, living the American ♪

Ressler: [ On phone ] What do you mean, you–

♪ Living the American dream ♪

Ressler: [ On phone ] All right. [ Beep🔅] [ To Theodore ] Well, it looks like you’re gonna be hanging out here for a while.
[ Radio channels tuning; signal is lost ]
Ressler: Hey, didn’t I tell you not to touch anything?
Theodore: I’ve always wanted one of these.
Ressler: Well, I suggest you get one of your own.
[ Ressler takes back the radio ] [ Static crackling ]
Theodore: Just so you know, I don’t need a babysitter.
Ressler: Good, ’cause your mother said you got to read or do some homework.
[ Ressler finds the radio signal again ]
Theodore: I don’t have any homework. And my book’s at home.
Ressler: And your bike tire’s busted, so you can’t ride back and get it. Great.
Theodore: I know how to use a socket wrench. Please? I’ll be your best friend.
Ressler: Fine. Whatever. ⋘⋙ We’re not friends.

♪ And we will never be apart ♪
♪ Living the American, living the– ♪

[ Later, Ressler and Theodore eat at a picnic table. Ressler sets down two bottles of cola. Theodore is picking stuff off his sandwich ]
Theodore: My mom doesn’t let me drink soda.
Ressler: Come on. Live a little. I’m not even gonna ask what you’re doing.
Theodore: How do you know so much about cars?
Ressler: I used to work on them with my dad.
Theodore: You don’t anymore?
Ressler: No, no. My pops died a long time ago.
Theodore: My dad died, too.
Ressler: I thought that was your dad at the motel.
Theodore: Who? Shane? No. He’s not my dad. He’s my stepdad. My real dad had a pulmonary embolism. Whatever that means.
Ressler: I’m sorry.
Theodore: Sometimes I think I can still see him. Like– at the grocery store or the park. And for a second, I just forget. And at night, I meet him at the place between sleep and awake.
Ressler: The what?
Theodore: You know the place where you can still remember dreaming? It’s from Peter Pan!
Ressler: [ Chuckles ] You really like that book, don’t you?
Theodore: Mmm-hmm.
Ressler: I had a friend, she used to read it to her daughter all the time. She loved it.
Theodore: Probably ’cause it’s really good. Duh. Anyway, I’d meet my dad at night, and we’d go on adventures. And they’re the best adventures any two people could ever go on. We climb mountains, explore new galaxies. And it’s awesome– even if it’s in my head. Everyone says I have to move on, but I don’t know how to.
Ressler: Can’t you talk to your mom?
Theodore: It would just make her worried. She just wants me to be okay, so I pretend like I’m okay. I’m really good at pretending.
Ressler: Everyone is when they’re hurt. I mean, I certainly am. You just pretend you’re okay until one day, well, you are. It just takes time. At least that’s what I keep telling myself.
Theodore: Me too.
[ Horn honks 📣 ] [ It’s Lauren ]
Ressler: Uh-oh.
Theodore: Thanks for lunch.
[ Lauren rolls down the car window ]
Lauren: [ Calls out ] You and I have some things to talk about, mister. In the car. Now.
[ Engine shuts off ]
[ Ressler carries Theodore’s bike over to the car’s trunk which Lauren opens. Ressler puts the bike inside ]
Lauren: I can give you cash.
Ressler: Oh, no. No, really. No.
Lauren: Let me.
Ressler: It’s on me.
Lauren: I’m sorry you had to watch him. I promise it won’t happen again.
Ressler: Really, it’s– Turns out babysitting’s not that bad after all.

[ Ressler is in the bed in his motel room sipping a glass of cola. There’s a game show on the rv ]

Game Show Host: Come on, Jokers. Joker! Joker! Whoa!
[ Cheers and applause on tv ]
Man in audience: Whoo!

[ Knock on door ] [ Ressler cracks the door open ]
Theodore: Aren’t you gonna open the door?
Ressler: [ Sighs ] I’m in the middle of something, kid. What’s up?
Theodore: I wanted to invite you to my birthday party. It’s on a Saturday. In our room. 3:00 p.m.
[ Theodore hands Ressler an invitation he drew ]
Theodore: It’s also Peter Pan themed. You don’t have to dress up or anything.
Ressler: I really don’t think I can make it.
Theodore: There’s gonna be cake.
Ressler: I can’t.
Theodore: Well, if you change your mind–
Ressler: Look, I know you had fun at the garage, but you’re a kid and I’m an adult, and like I said, we’re not friends.
Theodore: You’re the only person I know here. I think we’re friends.
Ressler: Trust me. You don’t wanna be friends with someone like me. All right? Bad things happen to people I get close to and– I don’t want that for you. Understand?

[ The Present: ]
[ Ressler approaches Liz’s grave. It is alongside Tom’s ]
Ressler: Hey.
[ He lays the bouquet down in front of the headstone ]
Ressler: Uh– I, uh– [ Sobs, sniffs ] I– Oh, Jesus.
[ The headstone reads: “KEEN / ELIZABETH / 1985-2021 ]
Ressler: I’ll just take a seat here.
[ Ressler sits and leans back against the headstone ]
[ Later ]
Ressler: … And Dembe’s an agent. Aram walked away from a tech fortune. [ Chuckles ] Reddington shaved his head, and his new lover’s a shaman. Park had a cancer scare because I borrowed her urine for a drug test and it came back with elevated hormone levels. But I passed and got reinstated, even though my old issue with the pain meds is back for an encore performance after I punctured this and broke that in a car crash while I was trying to [ Chuckles ] chase down and kill Reddington right after you died.
   So I’m working with him again. We all are. Because we think it’s what you’d want. FYI, he’s just as insufferable as ever, so if it’s not what you want, please, you feel free to tell me, and I’ll happily go back to being a mechanic. Don’t laugh. That’s exactly what I was doing for a while. After everything fell apart. After I fell apart. Did I mention I fell apart? Yeah. I hit rock bottom. This little town called Liberty Falls. I was – beat up and broke, angry at myself and the world. Then I got this job fixing this car.

[ Flashback: ]
[ Wrench clicking ] [ Ressler makes one last turn of the wrench on the engine. He closes the hood and steps back to admire the beautifully restored vehicle ]

Ressler: [ Chuckles ] I didn’t know it at the time, but that car wasn’t the only thing I was fixing.

[ Flashback: ]
[ Ressler goes to Willy’s office. Willy is on the phone ]
Ressler: [ Interrupting ] You got a minute?
Willy: [ To caller ] Hold on. [ To Ressler ] What’s up?
[ Ressler tosses Willy the car keys ]
Willy: I gotta call you back.
[ Willy hangs up and jumps out of his chair, following Ressler ]
Willy: [ Laughing ]
[ The’72 Chevy Nova speeds along a winding country highway ] [ Engine rumbling ] [ Ressler and Willy laughing ]

Ressler: I mean, when I started, it was– it was broken. Nothing about it worked. It was– It was dead to the world. But when I finished, I looked at that car, I thought – Well, I didn’t think anything. I just – I felt something. Something I hadn’t felt in a long time. I felt like I could feel – Good.

[ Flashback: ]
[ Lauren and Theodore’s motel room ] [ Lauren has made a Peter Pan styled 🎂 with nine candles. Cutout figures of the characters from Peter Pan hang from a string. Theodore wears a green Peter Pan cap ] [ Lauren sings to him: ]

♪ Happy birthday to you ♪
♪ Happy birthday to you ♪
♪ Happy birthday, dear Theodore ♪
♪ Happy birthday to you ♪

Lauren: Make a wish.
Theodore: Do I have to? [ Sighs ]
[ He blows out the candles ]
Lauren: [ Laughs ] Well? What’d you wish for?
Theodore: You’re not supposed to tell.
Lauren: Fair enough. Should I cut you the first slice?
Theodore: Sure.
Lauren: You know, it won’t always be like this. One day, whatever you wished for – I know it’ll come true.
Theodore: [ Disappointed ] I thought he’d come.
Lauren: Oh, honey. He has a lot going on. I’m sure he really wanted to be here.
Theodore: If he really wanted to, he would have come. I wish we never moved. I have no friends. You don’t let us go anywhere. I hate it here!
[ Loud knocking on door ]
Theodore: He came!
[ Theodore over runs to the door and flings it open. But it’s not Ressler — It’s Shane ]
Shane: Teddy! Ha!
Theodore: That’s not my name!
[ Door closes ]
Shane: You don’t need to be afraid of me, son. I know your mom’s been filling your head with a bunch of garbage. [ To Lauren ] So you’d really rather live in this dump than come home? Pathetic. Even for you.
Lauren: What are you doing here⁉️
Shane: Can’t I come see my wife?
Lauren: I’m gonna call the cops.
Shane: I really wouldn’t do that.
[ Lauren tries to reach the phone, but Shane gets to it first, shoving Lauren onto the bed ] [ Receiver clatters⚡️]
Lauren: Stop‼️
Shane: Get out of here, son. This is an adult conversation. I’m not asking you again! Get out!
Lauren: It’s okay, sweetie. I’ll be okay. Go.
[ Door opens ] [ Door closes ]

[ Theodore runs down the hall, breathing heavily. He turns a corner and runs into Ressler ]
Ressler: Hey, bud. Happy birthday. Sorry I’m late— What’s going on?
Theodore: He found us! He’s here!
[ Both Theodore and Ressler run toward Lauren’s room ]
[ Lauren runs to the door and tries to leave but Shane slams the door and grabs her by the hair, dragging her back ]
Lauren: Aah!
[ She grabs the knife from the cake and stabs Shane in the leg with it ] [ Squish ]
Shane: [ Groans ] Oh!
[ Shane takes the knife and grabs Lauren by the shoulders ]
Lauren: Let go of me‼️
[ Shane shakes her violently and shouts directly into her face ]
Shane: What the hell? You crazy bitch!
Lauren: [ Grunts ] [⚡️Screams⚡️]
Shane: Now what are you gonna do? Huh? Think you’re gonna be able to pull that again? You don’t have it in you! You’re weak! Always have been!
[ Lauren sobbing ]
[ Ressler opens the door and runs toward Shane ]
Ressler: Get away from her‼️
[ Shane pulls his gun. They fall to the floor⚡️fighting for the gun⚡️] [ Grunts ]
[ Gunshot 💥 ] [ Ressler is alive, panting heavily. Shane lies motionless ]

[ The Present: ]
[ Liz’s grave ]
Ressler: So that’s what I’ve been up to. I’d move every couple weeks. To stay distracted, keep from thinking about what happened, keep from thinking about you. I tried to mind my own business, but– [ Chuckles ] Yeah. You know me. That wasn’t always possible.

[ Flashback: ]
[ Police radio chatter ] [ Lauren sits in the back of a police ambulance, a bandage above one eye ]
Ressler: How are you doing?
Lauren: I’m okay. Shaken up.
Ressler: How’s Theodore?
Lauren: He finally fell asleep. Thank God.
[ A Liberty Falls Police Officer comes over ]
Officer: We’re waiting on the M.E.’s report, but from every indication it’s clear this was self-defense.
Ressler: I told the officer about your husband, and, uh, the story checks out.
Officer: Turns out he was pretty open about coming for you, how mad he was. Agent Ressler also told us about what he’d done to you. And with your permission, we’d like to reach out to county hospital and just verify the extent of the injuries.
Lauren: “Agent” Ressler?
Ressler: Ex-agent.
Officer: Well, ex or not, this man is a decorated FBI agent. He had a distinguished career.
Lauren: You don’t say.
Officer: You were very lucky to have him in your corner when you did. You’re gonna need to sign a release to give him the medical records. Yeah, once we get them and the M.E.’s report, we’ll have everything we need.
The Officer nods goodbye: Ma’am. Sir.
Lauren: Why didn’t you tell me anything?
Ressler: It’s a long story.
Lauren: You were a decorated agent, now you work in a small-town garage. However long that story takes to tell, I’d like to hear it.
Ressler: Well, I appreciate it, but, uh, it’s not a story I can tell. Not yet, anyway.
Lauren: I understand. Whenever you’re ready.
Ressler: I’m not who you think I am.
Lauren: Maybe. But you’re more than you think you are. He was right. I was lucky to have you in my corner. But– maybe you’re lucky, too. ‘Cause I’m in yours.
Ressler: Look. I got a lot of luck. It’s just– It’s never good.
Lauren: Then maybe it’s about to change. If you’re looking for a fresh start, so am I. Is it crazy to think we could look together?
Ressler: It’s not crazy. It’s just– It’s not something I can do right now.
Lauren: Alone is hard. You helped me confront my past. Let me help you confront yours.

[ Knock on door ]
Theodore: Mr. Ressler? Are you in there?
[ Knock on door ]
Mr. Ressler?
[ Theodore enters Ressler’s unlocked room. He finds the transistor radio with a bow on it ~ but Ressler is gone ]

[ The Present: ]
Ressler: [ Talking to Liz’s headstone ] I know there are good people out there. People I could connect with. People I should connect with. But I don’t. I can’t. Not yet, anyway.

[ Flashback: ]
Lauren: Theodore?
Theodore: You were right. He was a bad guy.
Lauren: No. I wasn’t. You were right. You saw the good in him when I couldn’t. And he saved us.
Theodore: If he’s so good, then why’d he just walk away?
Lauren: I know it might be hard for you to understand, but he’s in a lot of pain.
Theodore: Do you think he’ll ever come back?
Lauren: Honestly? I don’t know.
Theodore: [ Sighs ]

[ The Present: ]
[ Robot Koch’s ♪ “Care” plays ]

♪ Carry me home ♪
♪ To where I belong ♪

[ Ressler stands and looks at both Liz’s and Tom’s headstones ]
Ressler: I’m glad you’re here with Tom. [ Looking at Tom’s headstone ] I mean, I used to hate you, no offense, but there’s no point in denying it. [ Chuckles ] Still– I’m happy you’re not alone. You know, I told Harold that I was coming tonight, and he said that Agnes wants today to be a celebration of your life, not a memory of your death. Smart kid you two made. Strong. Wise. She’s dealing in a way I still haven’t figured out yet.
[ Glimpses of Agnes, happy and animated, at home with the Cooper’s, as Ressler peers through the window ]
Ressler: For now, I’m stuck in the place between sleep and awake – The place where you can still remember dreaming. Maybe we can meet there sometime – Go on adventures together. Climb mountains – explore galaxies. I’d like that. [ Inhales sharply ]

♪ On the right trail ♪

[ Ressler puts his hand on Liz’s headstone ]
Ressler: [ Voice cracking ] More than you could possibly know.
[ Ressler turns and walks away ]

♪ Carry me home ♪

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༺✦ ♤ ✦༻


Episode Songs


♫ Only On My Terms
By Aleyce Simmonds

[Verse 1]
♪ I get scared, but I still roll the dice
You can lose your fictions by thinking ’bout it twice
I’m not good at taking orders, following advice
Sometimes I know I’m gonna crash and burn
But if I do, I’ll do it on my terms
I stand up, even when I’m gonna fall
I speak out, when I can’t find the words at all
I’ll keep giving it my best when there’s no hope at all
I get tripped up by the things I haven’t learned
If I do, I’ll do it on my terms

♪ I don’t need your permission, and I don’t need your blessing
I’m doing it for me, it’s not you that I’m impressing
Oh how I live my life, is none of your concern
You can have me, but only on my terms
I don’t need your permission, and I don’t need your blessing
I’m doing it for me, it’s not you that I’m impressing
Oh how I live my life, is none of your concern
You can have me, but only on my terms

[Verse 2]
♪’Cause I care, and you might think I’m soft
But if you stick around, you’ll soon find out I’m not
When it comes to loving me you’ve only got one shot
If you get too close somebody might get burned
And if it’s me, I’ll do it on my terms

♪ I don’t need your permission, and I don’t need your blessing
I’m doing it for me, it’s not you that I’m impressing
Oh how I live my life, is none of your concern
You can have me, but only on my terms
Oh how I live my life, is none of your concern
You can have me, but only on my terms
Only on my terms

Lyrics: http://bit.ly/3HO5kj9
YouTube: https://youtu.be/SPQ0nFwmGYk


♫ An American Dream (Substitute Song)
By Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

♪ I beg your pardon, mama, what did you say
My mind was drifting off on Martinique Bay
It’s not that I’m not interested, you see
Augusta, Georgia is just no place to be

♪ I think Jamaican in the moonlight
Sandy beaches, drinking rum every night
We got no money, mama, but we can go
We’ll split the difference, go to Coconut Grove

♪ Keep on talking, mama, I can hear
Your voice, it tickles down inside of my ear
I feel a tropical vacation this year
Might be the answer to this hillbilly fear

♪ I think Jamaican in the moonlight
Sandy beaches, drinking rum every night
We got no money, mama, but we can go
We’ll split the difference, go to Coconut Grove

♪ Voila, An American Dream
Well, we can travel girl, without any means
When it’s as easy as closing your eyes
And dream Jamaica is a big neon sign

♪ [Instrumental Interlude]

♪ Just keep talking, mama, I like that sound
It goes so easy with that rain falling down
I think a tropical vacation this year
Might be the answer to this hillbilly fear

♪ And voila, An American Dream
Yeah, we can travel, girl, without any means
When it’s as easy as closing your eyes
And dream Jamaica is a big neon sign

♪ Just think Jamaican in the moonlight
Sandy beaches, drinking rum every night
We got no money, mama, but we can go
Split the difference, go to Coconut Grove

[ Note: I looked for the exact song for way too long, finally settled on this one. I came to the conclusion it’s not online: and there really are really a lot of songs about the American Dream!
~ as there should be) ]

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/3f2RXzr
YouTube: https://youtu.be/vnOXHDMXbSs


♫ Care
By Robot Koch
♫ Care

♪ Carry me home
To where I belong
Carry me home

♪ To where I belong
Carry me home
On the right trail
Carry me home
On the right trail

♪ Carry me home
On the right trail
Carry me home
On the right trail
Carry me home
On the right trail
Carry me home
On the right trail
Carry me home

♪ Carry me home
Why don’t you carry me home
Carry me home

♪ Carry me home to where I belong
Carry me home to where I belong

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/3n6RAIm
YouTube: https://youtu.be/v-3Xtm8pCHM

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🔴 Script 9:8 Dr Razmik Maier (№ 168)

Program air date: 1/13/2022 in the US
Script Permalink: https://wp.me/pDKwi-cNE
EntertainmentWeekly Recap: https://bit.ly/3JRZEXk

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Avi Youabian
Written by: Justine Neubarth



Brief (Where we’re at): The last episode (9:7 Between Sleep and Waking) provided background on Ressler’s two years since Liz’s death, a time in which he struggled with drug addiction and worked for a while as a mechanic, finding a way to heal himself by restoring a vintage roadster. He connected with a woman named Lauren and her son Theodore who were also fleeing from a traumatic past at the hands of a physically abusive husband/stepdad. The episode ended with Ressler getting a haircut and having his beard shaved, buying flowers and visiting Liz’s grave, which is next to Tom’s. Talking to Liz and Tom (but mostly Liz), Ressler gave his unique Ressler-esque take on the Season so far (eg “Reddington shaved his head and his new lover’s a shaman”), and after tears and laughs (but mostly tears), seemed to see a way to move forward with his life. We’ll see.

(From earlier episodes:) Red has discovered that Liz’s fingerprints are on the envelope of the letter he gave to Dembe with strict instructions to give it to Liz ONLY after his death. He became suspicious when Agnes mentioned that she knew he was Russian. Red had told Liz that the reason he didn’t want her to read the letter before his death was “Because if you knew beforehand, you’d never agree to kill me.” But instead of shooting Red, as they had agreed (so she could take over his criminal operation and continue The Blacklist) Liz hesitated and so was shot by Vandyke, a loyalist of Neville Townsend (who Red had killed). So Red had the envelope analyzed and Liz’s prints were indeed on it. Furious with Dembe for betraying his trust, Red turned to Dr Roberta Sand PhD (Blacklister #153), with whom he was trying to negotiate for three months of therapy in exchange for shielding her and her son Dante from the revenge of Vito Decanio, head of the Decanio crime syndicate. Dr Sand had become the “secret sauce” behind the reinvigoration of Decanio’s syndicate, which she did by helping his gangsters feel comfortable with who they are. But that arrangement came to an abrupt end when Vito broke his promise to her by putting Dante in danger.

In other news, Cooper was served a warrant for his service weapon by Detective Marcus Heber of the Metro PD. Cooper already knew it was his gun that fired the shot that killed Doug Koster, his one-time neighbor who years earlier had had an affair with his wife Charlene. Cooper had awoken in his car the morning after a retirement party with no recollection of the intervening hours. Noticing that a shot had been fired from his gun, he had had his friend Lew Sloan run a ballistics test on it. He asked Charlene to lie to Heber and say he had come home that night. After Cooper told Lew that Metro PD had his gun for analysis, Lew took it upon himself to intercept and modify Cooper’s gun so it would no longer match the bullet that killed Koster. Later, Cooper received a call from someone with his voice digitally altered, threatening to blackmail him. The man sent Cooper a photo showing him talking to Lew in the parking garage where the two would meet. The man with the digitally-altered voice said he also has audio that proves evidence tampering.


⭕ Script 9:8 Dr Razmik Maier (№ 168)

[ An enthiastic crowd of fans, photographers and reporters has gathered to greet tennis star Sam Rhode ] [ ⚡️Cameras flashing⚡️] [ Shouting indistinctly ]
Sam Rhode: [ Chuckles ] Hey! Oh, my goodness!
Women: Sam!
Sam: Hey! Hey, I love you, too!
Woman: Sam!
Sam: We’ll see you at the match on Sunday! Ah, y-you’re too kind.
Woman: Sam! Sam.
Sam: Hey.
[ A reporter, Stella Huang, steps up to Sam ]
Stella Huang: What’s your relationship to Razmik Maier?
Sam: Sorry. I already did the presser.
Teen Fan: And m-my dad says you’re too old to win against Grishov.
Sam: I hope your pops didn’t bet the house. Otherwise, you’re gonna be sleeping in a tent!
Teen Fan: How are you so sure?
Sam: One word, my guy. Practice.
Stella Huang: Are you working with the doctor? Do you know who else he’s working with?
Sam: Thank you, everyone!
— Sam!
— Hey! Hey! Hey!
Sam: Thank you!
Stella Huang: Do you know who else he’s working with?
— Sam!
[ Sam gets into a car ] [ Car door closes ]

[ Sam Rhode’s home ] [ Sam talks to Dr Razmik Maier. Dr Maier carrries a large black doctor’s bag ]
Sam Rhode: [ Agitated ] She knows. That reporter. I don’t know how she knows, but she does!
Which means it’s only a matter of time before everyone else does!
Dr Razmik Maier: She’s persistent, but unimportant. What matters is you and the goals you are close to accomplishing.
Sam: She is a reporter!
Dr Maier: She’s one reporter. Everyone else thinks you’re aging like fine wine.
Sam: Aging like fine wine is fine for wine, but when you’re a tennis pro, people start asking questions.
Dr Maier: Let them. You’ve never failed a drug test, and with me, you never will.
[ Dr Maier fills a syringe ]
Sam: We’ve talked about this. You know how uncomfortable it makes me. All of it. Besides, I-I feel good. I am– I’m winning.
Dr Maier: I want you to keep winning.
Sam: Look, my dad is gonna be here any minute, so you cannot be here.
Dr Maier: I’m sure Ken’s happy you made the finals. He’ll be even happier when you win. Come. We have work to do.
[ Sam lies back on a couch ]
Sam: [ Sighs ]
Dr. Maier: Good. Now close your eyes. Visualize the match, what you need to do to win. To be the best there is. The best there ever will be.
[ Dr Maier injects Sam ]

[ The front door opens. Sam’s father enters ]
Ken Rhode: Sammy? Sammy! It’s Dad! Yo, Sam! Come on, sleepy head. Up and at ’em.
[ He sees Sam motionless, the syringe hanging from his arm ]
Ken: No! Sam! My boy. Sam!

[ Cooper’s kitchen. His friend, Lew Sloan, from the ballistics lab, is there. Cooper hands Lew a lab report ]
Lew Sloan: What’s this?
Cooper: Proof that I’m innocent. I took a blood test. The lab misplaced the results. I didn’t want to draw attention by getting another, so I couldn’t confirm it until now.
Lew: You were drugged. GHB. Well, that explains why you can’t remember.
Cooper: The perfect drug to give someone you’re trying to frame for the perfect murder.
Lew: Yeah. The homicide detective, Heber, you show this to him?
Cooper: I didn’t. I can’t.
Lew: Why not? You said it yourself, it proves that you’re innocent.
Cooper: Remember when you told me you worked a little magic on my service weapon to make it look like it wasn’t used to kill Doug?

[ Flashback: ]
Cooper: We ran the ballistics. We know the truth.
Lew: But they don’t, and they never will.

Cooper: We were being watched.
Lew: Ugh. Coop, you got to tell Heber.
Cooper: Whoever killed Doug knows that you tampered with evidence, and I know that he knows because he called me.
Lew: He called you. What does he want?
Cooper: I don’t know. But he wants something. ‘Cause I’ve roped you and Charlene into a cover-up, he thinks he’s got the leverage to get me to do it.
Lew: Any idea who it is?
[ Cell phone chimes✨ ~ It’s Red; Cooper ignores it ]
Cooper: None. Only way to get us out of the hole that I’ve dug is to find out who he is and prove what he’s done. Once we do that, then we go to the cops.
Lew: Mmm. Where do we start?

[ Red and Mierce and Weecha’s camper in the woods. Red is turning a cell phone in his hand. Another phone, his own, lies on the table ]
Mierce: Is everything alright? Are you expecting a call?
Red: This belonged to the man who shot Elizabeth.
Mierce: Why do you have it?
Red: That night, when everything was falling apart, I guess muscle memory or instinct told me to have a guy get it from the morgue. In case there were [ inhales ] loose ends.
Mierce: I see.
Red: Yes. I know you do.
Mierce: I see what you’re doing. I’m less clear why.
Red: I now know Dembe gave Elizabeth that letter before she died, but in the past two years I’ve never really asked any questions about what happened that night.
Mierce: And now you are.
Red: My young friend Tadashi will be coming here in about an hour. And I want you to give this to him. I’ve asked him to hack into and pull the phone’s GPS history from that day, that night. Once I know where the killer went, I’ll know if there’s more to the story.
Mierce: If you look hard enough, you’ll find there’s more to every story. But that doesn’t mean you should. ⋘⋙ It’s your present that demands your attention, not your past.
[ Red’s cellphone vibrating ]
Red: You’re right, Mierce.
[ Red’s cellphone beeps🔅]
Red: But please give it to him anyway. Harold?
Cooper: [ On phone ] I missed your call. Sorry for all the back-and-forth.
Red: That’s why I was calling, actually. Back-and-forth.
What do you know about professional tennis?

[ The Post Office ]
Cooper: Sam Rhode. Number eight in the world. At 36, he was playing the best tennis of his career. Now he’s dead.
Ressler: Well, there was rumors he was juicing. I guess now we know.
Cooper: Not according to Reddington.
Aram: The M.E. said Rhode OD’d on a synthetic oxygen carrier designed to increase stamina, but it gave him a heart attack instead.
Cooper: The M.E.’s focused on how Rhode died, not why. Reddington says the “why” involves this man, Dr. Razmik Maier. A German pharmacologist whispered to be responsible for keeping two generations of world-class athletes a step ahead of WADA. Giving East Germans steroids during the Cold War, EPO to U.S. cyclists in the ’90s, and hemoglobin-based oxygen carriers to the Russian Federation in 2014.
Dembe: If Maier devoted his career to helping athletes win and if they were his clients, why would he suddenly want to kill one?
Cooper: Because that’s what his biggest client wants him to do.
Park: Who’s bigger than the 8th-ranked player in the world?

[ Flashback: ]
Red: The Boswell Syndicate, a family-run sports book catering to the decidedly criminal element who are unable or unwilling to satisfy their predilection in the betting parlors of Vegas, Macao, or Monaco.
Cooper: And Maier is in business with them?
Red: Rumor has it the Boswells, James and Junior, pay Dr. Maier a significant fee in exchange for inside information, who’s doping, where they are in their cycle.

Ressler: Insider information is one thing. Murder’s another.
Cooper: A generation ago, the Boswells controlled the nation’s sports book. But betting on sports has exploded since then, in casinos, online. Three years ago, the Supreme Court struck down laws prohibiting states from authorizing sports betting.

[ Flashback: ]
Red: As a result, the Boswells’ once-hefty profit margins all but evaporated. To retain business, they cut their vig, but their ability to survive an outcome that exposed them to large losses was terribly compromised. So instead of putting a finger on the scale, I’m told they enlist their German friend to put the full weight of everything he knows on it.

Cooper: Supposedly Dr. Maier still provides the Boswells inside information, but, in what Reddington says are a few select cases, he “accidentally” overdoses a player whose performance might wipe them out.
Dembe: Players like Sam Rhode who were already working with Maier, so it was easy to make their murder look accidental.
Cooper: Aram, review Reddington’s theory with the M.E, see if it holds up. Ressler, Park, talk to Rhode’s parents. See if they know anything about Dr. Maier.
[ The group disperses, except for Dembe ]
Cooper: Reddington’s gonna take the lead with the Boswells, and he asked you to join him.
Dembe: Did he say why?
Cooper: He did not. Maybe he wants to talk about the good old days?

[ Telephone rings in distance ] [ Park walks with Ressler ]
Park: So, you went to visit Liz. How was that?
Ressler: It was good. Long overdue.
Park: What I mean is, I know you’re still struggling and I’m hoping that going to the cemetery –
I’m hoping it helped.
Ressler: You know what? It did. I thought it was gonna have the opposite effect, but, uh, I’m good. I’m– Well, the fancy word for it is, uh, “titrating.” I’m weaning myself off. It’s hard, but, uh, the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel, I can see it now.
Park: And I can see your face. [ Chuckles ] I’m glad you shaved. I’ll take it as a sign that you’ve got nothing to hide.
[ Sound of elevator door opening ]

[ Ani Bolin, another athlete, is walking outside. Stella Huang, the reporter, catches up to her ]
Stella Huang: Ani, got a sec?
Ani Bolin: No, I don’t, definitely not for you.
Stella: Any comment on Sam Rhodes?
Ani: Seriously. I told you to stop contacting me!
[ Dr Razmik Maier peers from around a corner ]
Stella: Tell me what you know before someone else “accidentally” dies.
Ani: I’m not gonna tell you again. Leave me alone. Or I will call the police.
Stella: Is winning that important to you? That you’d cover for Maier?
Ani: I’m not gonna tell you again.
Stella: Ani! Ani, come on!
[ Ani goes into a building ] [ Door closes ]
[ Dr Razmik Maier appears beside Stella and jabs a needle into her neck ]
Stella: [ Grunts ]
Dr Maier: You have too many questions.

[ Red and Dembe ride in the back of an SUV driven by Weecha ]
Red: I know about the letter, that you showed it to Elizabeth.
Dembe: It made her happy.
Red: And hours later, she was dead.
Dembe: All the more reason to have told her.
Red: Unless telling her is one of the reasons why she died.
Dembe: What does that mean?

[ Dr Maier leans over Stella Huang ] [ Fingers snapping ✽✽✽ ✽✽✽ ]
Dr Maier: Hey. Hey! Stella!
[ Stella, groggy, opens her eyes ]
Dr Maier: You got 10 minutes to give me everything you’ve got on your doping story. Ten minutes, or the 20 milliliter of iron I gave you will kill you. You give me your notebooks, your laptop, your passwords, I give you adrenaline. I get what I want, and you get the antidote you need.

[ The Boswell Syndicate’s sports bookmaking operation ] [ Brokers are busy on the phones taking bets and keying them into computers. Screens playing sports matches play around the room ]
[ Brokers chattering ] [ Telephones ringing ☎️ ]
— Go up to 10,000.
— It’s got to be now.
— It starts at 3:00.
[ Red enters with Dembe ]
Red: Junior!
Junior Boswell: [ Into the phone ] That’s right. On his shoes coming untied.
[ Junior sees Red ]
Junior: [ Angrily, at Red ] You! Go out!
Red: Oh, dear. Here I was hoping time would heal this wound.
Junior: [ Into phone ] If we set the odds right, people will bet on his hair lighting on fire.
[ He slams the phone down and slaps a gun on the table ]
Junior: Speaking of odds. What are the odds you take one more step, I blow your head off?
[ Red throws him a baseball ]
Junior: What’s this?
Red: Bartman.
Junior: That ball was destroyed.
Red: Uh-huh. And the moon is made of ribs.
Junior: This doesn’t make up for Professor Tannenbaum’s disappearance.
Red: [ Chuckles ] The man was an alcoholic. Plying him with mai tais and getting him to place his hard-earned money on ships that would never come in was not your finest moment. Yes, my relocation of him cost you some ill-gotten gain, but now he’s sober, you have the Bartman ball, peace on earth, goodwill toward men.
Junior: You got authentication for this?
Red: I do. And I’ll give it to you right after you’ve heard me out.
Junior: Wakefield City starts in ten. You got five.
Red: It’ll only take one. Is the Wakefield game on the level?
Junior: As far as I know. Why?
Red: Junior, this is Kenny Mills. [ Red points to Dembe ] We’re associates. Or were, until we had a falling-out over a mutual friend. After her death, he spiraled and, like our friend Tannenbaum, turned in sorrow to your fine establishment. If you check your records, you’ll see he placed a $50,000 money-line wager on the Wakefield City match. As a down payment on what I hope will be our renewed friendship, I promised Kenny I’d make sure you weren’t artificially sweetening the outcome. You or Dr. Maier.
Junior: Maier? I haven’t heard from him in, oh, at least two years.
Red: And here I’ve heard you were working together.
Junior: Well, you heard wrong. Whatever he’s doing, he’s not doing it for me.
Dembe: Forgive my ignorance, but who is Bartman?
Junior: An innocent man wrongly accused. His life gets ruined. Then time heals, people apologize. Kind of like me and Red here. Sounds like maybe you guys, too?
Red: Maybe. Maybe not.

[ Stella has gathered the evidence she has collected – laptop, disks, papers – on Dr Maier’s doping of athletes and given it to him ]
Dr Maier: Make sure you give me everything.
Stella: [ Groggily ] The truth will come out.
[ Her hand closes on a thumb drive ]
Dr Maier: Perhaps, but it won’t be from you.
[ Dr Maier takes the syringe with the antidote from the table, drops it on the floor and steps on it ] [ Crunch ✽! ]
[ Stella collapses ] [ Groaning ] [ Wheezes ]

[ Ressler and Park talk to Sam Rhode’s parents, Ken and Loreen, in their home ]
Ressler: We’re very sorry for your loss, but we do appreciate you speaking with us.
Loreen Rhode: Thank you for saying that. We’re just, um– [ Voice breaking ] Sorry. [ Sobbing ]
Ken Rhode: It’s too much. Losing him, then you telling us he might have been killed?
[ Door opens and closes ]
Ken: Who would do that?
[ Walker Burgos, CEO of Athlanta Athletic Wear, enters and takes a seat ]
Walker: I’m sorry I’m late.
Loreen: Oh.
Ken: No, please. Come in.
[ Walker hugs Loreen ]
Ken: This is our dear friend Walker Burgos.
Walker: Yeah, my, uh– My company sponsored Sam.
Ressler: Athlanta. The, uh, shoes, right?
Walker: And athletic wear, yes. But, uh, when I met Sam, it was just shoes, yeah. He was our first endorsement. He felt like a little brother of sorts.
[ Park places a photo of Dr Maier on the table ]
Park: This man’s name is Razmik Maier. We have reason to believe he provided Sam with the drugs used to kill him. Do you know him?
Walker: No.
Loreen: [ Sobbing ]
Ressler: Let me get you some tissues. Uh, is your restroom this way?
Ken: It is. Thanks.
Ressler: Thank you.
Park: Anything?
Walker: I know of him. Yeah. Everyone in my business does. And anyone with any sense knows to stay away from him.
[ Door closes ]
[ Ressler goes to the vanity. A box of tissues is on the counter, but Ressler opens the medicine cabinet and searches through the prescription medicines. Finding nothing he’s interested in, he takes the box of tissues and returns ]
[ Ressler sets the box of tissues in front of Loreen Rhode. She takes one ]
Loreen: Oh. Thank you. You said, uh– [ Clears throat ] You said you had “reason to believe” all this. Who gave you that reason? Was it that reporter?
Park: Reporter?
Loreen: She was always asking questions, making accusations. Sam, he wouldn’t jay-walk as a kid. He was a rule-follower. There’s no way he’d be involved with someone like that.
Park: The reporter. Do you know her name?
Ken: No idea. We refused to talk to her. Walker, help me out here.
Walker: Sam told me about her. Um, said she was a doctor of some sort. Uh, worked for medical journals, uh, did pieces on health and fitness. Uh, he said her name was, um, S-Stella. Stella Huang.
Loreen: She the one trying to convince you that our boy used drugs to cheat?
Park: We haven’t spoken to Miss Huang, but if she knows anything that’ll help us figure out what happened to Sam, perhaps we should. Do you have her number or know where she works? She could be in danger.
Walker: I don’t, but it’s possible my office does. Yes, I’ll– Let me give them a call.
Ken: Thanks, Walker.
Walker: Yeah. Of– Of course. And if there’s anything else that you can think of that I can help you with, then please feel free to call.

[ Ressler and Park arrive at Stella Huang’s apartment ]
[ ✽ ✽ ✽ Knocks on door ✽ ✽ ✽ {
Ressler: Stella Huang. FBI. Miss Huang?
[ Ressler⚡️kicks⚡️in the door ] [ Stella lies on the floor. Park goes to her ]
Park: I’m having trouble feeling a pulse.
[ Ressler checks out the other rooms ]
Ressler: It’s clear.
[ Door closes ] [ Cellphone beeps🔅and dials ••• •••• ]
Park: This is Special Agent Alina Park. We need EMTs. 2440 Junior Terrace. [ Breathing sharply ]
[ Ressler sees a prescription pad on a table. He sees that Park is doing CPR. He tears off a couple of sheets and shoves them into his pocket ]
Park: What is that?
Ressler: What are you talking about?
Park: Show me. And if you say “what,” I swear on my mother’s grave I’ll report you as a thief.
Ressler: Alright, alright. You win.
[ He shows her ]
Park: Put it back. I preferred the beard. At least you were honest about having something to hide. Hang on, Stella. Help’s coming.

[ The Post Office ]
Cooper: Stella Huang died on her way to the ER. What do we know about her?
Dembe: Not much. She was an M.D. who did health reporting. She also had a sports-medicine podcast.
Ressler: When I asked Sam Rhode’s parents about Maier, they assumed it was because I had spoken to Huang. It was clear that she had figured out there was a connection.
Dembe: Maier was so good, the doping agencies couldn’t catch him. But Stella Huang did, so it makes sense that he killed her because of it.
Cooper: So how do the Boswells fit into this?
Dembe: They don’t. Raymond was right. They did work with Maier. But that ended years ago.
Cooper: Maier acted alone?
Ressler: If she had evidence that Maier was doping Sam Rhodes or anyone else, whoever killed her took it.
Dembe: Stella was drugged. Not a PED, but, still, it points to Maier.
Cooper: I agree. She knew about his involvement, so he silenced her.
[ Aram walks in ]
Aram: But, uh, he didn’t silence her.
Cooper: Was something in the apartment?
Aram: No. Or her clothes or her car. But there was something in her.
Ressler: In her?
Aram: Yeah. Like inside her. The M.E. found this flash drive in her intestinal tract.
Cooper: Can you extract any data?
Aram: Uh, maybe. Give or take a little gastric acid.
Cooper: Let us know when you have something. Dembe, Ressler, go back to the family and see if they can tell you any more about the connection between their son Sam and Dr. Maier.
Ressler: It was clear their family didn’t know much. But there was someone there who might, Walker Burgos.
Aram: The CEO of Athlanta?
Ressler: Yeah. How do you know about him? Uh, his company.
Aram: Last year I signed up for a triathlon. I didn’t do it. The whole “peeing while riding your bike” thing was just, uh, too intimidating. But, anyway, I got really into the idea of running and bought sunglasses, those sunglasses. The ones Sam Rhode endorses, along with everything else he’s wearing.
Ressler: Burgos said he spoke to Sam about the reporter. He offered to help us in any way he could.
Cooper: That’s a generous offer. I think you should take him up on it.
Ressler: Do you mind if I punt this to Aram and Dembe? Alina’s having another one of her, uh, headaches. I want to make sure she’s okay.
Cooper: Of course. I’m sure she’ll appreciate your concern.

[ Park’s office ] [ Door opens, Ressler enters ]
Ressler: How’s your headache?
Park: I don’t have a headache. I told Cooper I did so I didn’t have to be around you.
Ressler: [ Sighs ] I don’t have an excuse. But I do have an explanation.
Park: I’m sure you do. I’m sure you have a thousand explanations. But not one that could explain how you could be such a dick. You do know my marriage is hanging by a thread, that I got zapped by a next-gen weapon that can kill people through walls, that I had a miscarriage for God’s sake, but still I found the time to invest in you, in your problem, in trying to fix it, which, of course, is the last thing I should have done, helping you cheat the drug test so you wouldn’t lose your job to addiction like my mom lost hers. [ Sighs ] She fell apart after that, so I figured, if I helped you, you wouldn’t. Well, I’m done helping you. And if you don’t help yourself, I’ll tell Cooper about the drug test.
Ressler: Yeah, you tell Cooper that you helped me cheat, you’re gonna be in just as much trouble as I am.
Park: That’s right. It’s called taking responsibility for your actions. Something you’re clearly incapable of. Shut the door on your way out.
[ Door opens ]

[ Cooper’s office ] [ On a computer screen, surveillance video shows Cooper sitting at a bar talking to the man next to him. A bartender walks behind the bar ]
[ Mouse clicks ¤ ¤ ]
Lew: Fast forward to 13:34. Stop. Now play it from there. And the second you look away you see you look away, look what he does, the bartender.
[ The bartender is seen passing his hand briefly over Cooper’s glass ]
[ Mouse clicks ¤ ¤ ]
Cooper: Why? I see it, but I still can’t believe it. Or understand it.
Lew Sloan: Yeah, well, our plan was to I.D. who did it and then find out why. And now we have a lead. His name is Abel Judge. You find him, and you’re one step closer to finding out who’s threatening your life and your livelihood.

[ Aram and Dembe question Walker Burgos, the CEO of Athlanta Athletic Wear ]
Walker Burgos: Before we go any further, I just want to thank you. What has happened is unimaginable and the attention that you are giving it means the world to me and to my company.
Dembe: We were talking about Stella Huang.
Walker: Sam talked to me about her, that she was alleging he worked with Maier. He denied it, but–
Aram: You believe he was doping.
Walker: I do. At his age, what he was doing. I should have said something. But when he won, my company won, so I didn’t. And I have to live with that, not having the courage to speak out against the doping that is such a cancer on sports. And apparently Stella Huang had the courage that I lack because what she was doing, trying to expose a man like Razmik Maier, I admire her for doing that.
Aram: Do you know anyone else who Maier might be working with? Any of the other athletes that you sponsor?
Walker: I don’t. I’m sorry.
Dembe: You might not know, but whoever’s doing this does. They stole Stella’s notes and computer. We’re gonna need a list of all the athletes you sponsor.
Walker: Of course. If you’d like, I can call the office right now and have them send the list over.
Dembe: Thank you. We’ll give you some privacy. When you’re finished, we’ll be outside.
[ Door opens ]
Walker: Thank you.
[ Cellphone beeps🔅] [ Door closes ]
Walker: Hey. Can I please get a list of all of the athletes we sponsor? Names and numbers. Oh, also, um, Ani Bolin. Does she still live in Philly?

[ Red and the Xiu sisters’ camper ] [ ♪ Latin music plays ]
[ A chef, Herman de Leon, chops vegetables and talks to Red in Spanish ,)
Herman: [ Speaking Spanish ]
Red: [ Chuckling ] No, no, no, no, no, no. [ Chuckles ]
[ Mierce comes in ]
Mierce: What’s going on?
Red: Cosecha Mayas. Your favorite restaurant.
[ Herman turns around ]
Herman: Sorpresa! Ha hah!
[ Mierce and Herman hug, laughing ]
Mierce and Herman: [ Speaking Spanish ]
Red: [ Laughs ] Since we can’t be in Flores, I thought we’d bring it here.
Herman: Raymond called, said you missed home, and my tamales. The next thing I know, a car shows up, takes me to the airport, and here I am. ⋘⋙ I’m missing some coriander.
Red: Weecha can take you to the market. You can get whatever else you need.
Herman: I hope you’re hungry. I plan on making a feast. [ Chuckles ]

♪ De ti ya no quiero saber ♪

[ Weecha and Herman leave ] [ Door closes ]

♪ Anda y da la media vuelta ♪

Red: You were so down this morning. I’m hoping this will raise your spirits.

♪ Agarra tus cosas y vete de aqui
Y Fuiste mala conmigo ♪

[ Mierce places an envelope on the table ]
Mierce: Tadashi left you this. He said he found what you asked for.
Red: The rest of the story.
Mierce: You want to raise my spirits? Don’t look. Nothing good will come from it.
Red: Why does it bother you? It’s important to me. But it upsets you. Why is that?
Mierce: I appreciate what you did, bringing Herman. But I don’t want us to be eating his food here. I want us to be there. The way we were.
Red: And you think that this prevents that.
Mierce: I think it will. If you open it.

[ The Post Office ]
Dembe: Burgos gave us a list of the Athlanta-sponsored athletes. So far, no one knows, or is willing to say they know, anything about Maier.
Ressler: Well, Reddington was wrong about the Boswells. Maybe he’s wrong about Maier, too.
Park: And what, there’s another explanation for why Stella Huang was killed?
Ressler: Well, we have a theory why she was killed but not an explanation.
Park: She was killed by Maier because he was afraid of being exposed, of being found out.
Dembe: But what about the tennis player? You think that’s reason enough for Maier to kill an athlete when he’s devoted his life to helping them?
Park: I do. In my experience, people will do almost anything to hide what they’re ashamed of.
Ressler: Well, experience is one thing, and facts are another. At this point, we don’t have any.
[ Aram enters ]
Aram: Okay. Okay, okay. The way she swallowed the flash drive? Uh, first of all, wow, right? Talk about dedication. Based on where it was found in her intestinal tract, the M.E. says she swallowed it five minutes before she died.
Park: While her killer was destroying evidence, she was hiding some.
Aram: You want evidence? Check this out. [ Keyboard clacking ] Now, most of the information was destroyed by her stomach acid. Fun fact, did you know that acidity is measured on a pH scale from zero to 14, with stomach acid clocking in at a one, just above battery acid?
Cooper: Were any of the files uncorrupted?
Aram: Oh. Yeah. Right, right. And they showed this.
Cooper: So, what do these tell us?
[ Aram brings up photos of Ani Bolin with Dr Maier ]
Park: That Maier was the killer.
Ressler: And he’s not done killing.
Park: Who’s the unsub?
Aram: Ani Bolin, a top middle-distance runner and one of Athlanta’s biggest stars. Now, during my flirtation with being a triathlete, I studied her form. Kind of got obsessed with it, actually. The length of her stride, pounds per square inch every time she pushed off. Basically, the way she flies was so depressingly impossible for me to approximate that I decided to stick with what I’m good at.
Dembe: Cycling, right?
Aram: Orange sherbet.
Cooper: Dembe, Park, get Bolin’s address and roll out. Ressler, call Burgos. Have him contact his athlete and get her to sit tight. There have been two victims. There isn’t gonna be a third.

[ Ressler calls Walker Burgos ]
[ Cellphone dialing ••• •••• ]
Ressler: Mr. Burgos. Donald Ressler. I need you to reach out to Ani Bolin.
Walker Burgos: It’s Maier. He’s targeting her, isn’t he?
Ressler: We think he might be. But that’s why I’m calling. I want you to let her know that there’s nothing to worry about. We’re on our way.
Walker: I’ll call her right now. Thanks for the heads-up.
[ Ani Bolin’s cellphone rings✨and beeps🔅]
Ani: Hello?
Walker Burgos: [ On phone ] Ani. It’s me. I just spoke to the FBI.
Ani: Thank God. It’s about time they get involved. I-I don’t want to get caught, but I don’t want to end up like Sam, either.
Walker: You won’t end up like Sam.
Ani: Or Stella. She was a pain in the ass, but, oh, my God!
Walker: Ani, listen to me. I told the FBI that I would stay with you until they got here.
Ani: H-Here? What, are you in Philly?
Walker: I am, for an important meeting that involves you, actually.
Ani: Okay, I’m not interested in meetings. I just want to know why this is happening. Do you even know where Maier is?
[ Walker looks at Maier’s bag on the seat next to him ]
Walker: No. I haven’t heard from him at all. Just sit tight. Help is on the way.
[ Cellphone beeps🔅] [ Cellphone beeps🔅]

[ The camper ] [ Red enters the bedroom ]
[ Rustling ] [ Drawer slides ]
Red: You’re packing.
Mierce: I want to go home. I love you, but I’m afraid of this place, what it does to you and to Weecha. I can’t watch what it’s turning you into.
Red: I want you,Mierce.
Mierce: Yes. And you want this.
[ She holds out the envelope from Tadashi ]
Red: Can’t they co-exist?
Mierce: In some people. Not in you. It consumes you.
Red: It’ll be over soon.
Mierce: It was over when we met.
Red: [ Pause ] I thought it was. I was wrong.
Mierce: You’re better than this. This should not define you.
Red: You know what Elizabeth was to me, who she was to me.
Mierce: Yes. Which is why I know you have to let go. Not of her, but of your anger. Your need for revenge. It’s going to kill others. I don’t want it to kill you. ⋘⋙ Please – let go. Don’t do it for me. Do it for you.
Red: If I do that, will you stay?
Mierce: I would. But if I stay, you won’t. ⋘⋙ I should finish packing.

[ Ani Bolin lets Walker Burgos into her home ]
Ani: What the hell is going on?
Walker: The reporter, Stella Huang, found out about Maier, started asking questions. Maier got spooked. He started covering his tracks.
Ani: By killing Sam and Stella? That’s insane.
Walker: Well, of course it is. But he’s not going to find you. I promise you we’re safe. I will protect you.
Ani: Yeah, until the whole world finds out that I was one of his clients. Everyone will know that I was doping. And there’s no keeping me safe from that.
Walker: Ani, you don’t have to worry.
Ani: Wait. You’re the one who hooked me up with him. You said that my contract was contingent upon results, knowing that the only way I could get those results was through Maier.
Walker: Are you telling me you didn’t like those results?
Ani: I’m not–
Walker: The sub four minute 1,500? The prize money, the added attention? You became famous. I sold more shoes.
Ani: But the only difference is now he’s coming after me, not you.
Walker: I told you, you don’t have to worry about Maier.
Ani: But you also told me that he’s covering his tracks. Sam. Stella. He got to them. How can you be so sure that he’s not gonna come for me, too?
Walker: Because I am here and I won’t let anything happen to you. Okay? Come here.
[ Walker pulls Ani into a hug ]
Walker: Come here.
[ Ani is comforted – until she looks over Walker’s shoulder ]
Ani: Is that Maier’s bag? I thought you said you hadn’t heard from him–
[ Ani pulls away. Walker grabs her from behind and holds a cloth over her face ]
Ani: [ Grunting ]
Walker: I’m afraid I lied about that.
[ Ani passes out ]

[ Flashback: ]
[ Knocking on door ]
Walker Burgos: Open up. It’s me.
[ Knocking on door ]
Walker: Open up.
[ Dr Razmik Maier opens the door ] [ Stella Huang lies unconscious on the floor ]
Walker: The FBI knows. Not everything, but enough. They’re coming to talk to her.
Dr Maier: I bought us some time, 30 minutes, no more. I got everything. All her work. Ani’s the only one left who knows.
Walker: [ Sighs ] Ani– [ He points his gun at Dr Maier ] And you.
Dr Maier: Wh– What are you doing?
Walker: The FBI asked me about you. They know you’re involved.
Dr Maier: People have been after me for years.
Walker: The FBI will find out, and when they do, they could find me. And that’s not gonna happen. Let’s go.
Dr Maier: Burgos–
Walker: Move!

[ Walker kneels over Ani. He takes a syringe from Dr Maier’s bag ]
[ Pounding on door ✽ ✽ ✽ ✽ ✽ ✽ ]
Park: Miss Bolin! FBI! Miss Bolin?
[ Walker looks around furtively ]
[ At front door ] [ Pounding on door ✽ ✽ ✽ ✽ ✽ ✽ ]
[ Door opens ] [ Aram and Park enter ]
Park: Miss Bolin? FBI!
Aram: Ani?
[ They find Ani on the floor ]
Park: Please tell me we’re not too late.
Aram: Low pulse. Loss of consciousness.
[ He sniffs the white cloth that Walker held over Ani’s face ]
Aram: Okay. It’s chloroform. We’re late. But we’re not too late.
Park: Call the paramedics. I’m going after Maier.
[ Park leaves, running ]
[ Cellphone dialing ••• •••• ]
Aram: Okay, this is Special Agent Aram Mojtabai with the FBI. We need a team at 32 Cottage Grove Ave.
[ Front door closes ]
[ Walker Burgos enters ] [ Aram points his gun, Walker raises his hands ]
Walker: No. It’s– It’s me, Walker. I came as fast as I could. What happened?
Aram: Maier. We came in, he went out.
Walker: Well, don’t let him get away. Go. I-I’ve got her. I’ll call 911.
Aram: I already called them. The paramedics should be here soon.
Walker: Go! Please.
Aram: Thank you. Thank you.
[ Aram gets up and runs out ]

[ The Post Office war room ] [ Cooper walks up to Ressler ]
Ressler: So, we’ve been going through Stella Huang’s files. There weren’t just photos. There was documents, receipts. She knew who Maier met with and who was paying for his work.
Cooper: That’s Maier with Walker Burgos.
Ressler: Yeah, and these are the e-mails and text threads proving that Maier was on Burgos’ payroll, that his supplies and the facility he worked from were paid for by an Athlanta slush fund controlled by Burgos.
Dembe: The reporter knew everything, that Burgos paid Maier to juice the athletes. Publishing that would destroy Burgos and his company.
Cooper: Alert Park and Aram, let them know there’s another suspect we have to be on the lookout for.

[ Outside of Ani’s home in Philadelphia ] [ Aram comes up to Park on the sidewalk ]
Aram: Burgos is with her now. Anything?
Park: No. Which is weird. The way the apartment looked, I would’ve sworn he could not have gotten far.
[ Cellphone ringing✨]
Aram: It’s Ressler. Ani should be fine, but Maier’s gone.
Ressler: [ On phone ] It’s not just Maier. It’s Burgos. They’re working together.
Aram: Say that again.
Ressler: Burgos played us. He got us to tell him everything we knew about Bolin. But it’s a good thing that you got there before him.
[ Park and Aram look Aram at each other in disbelief, then run off in opposite directions ]
Aram: [ Under his breath ] Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Cooper: Aram, what is it? Did you copy?
[ Walker Burgos prepares to inject Ani ]
[ Park burst in ] [ Gun cocks ]
Park: Drop it! Put it down. [ Breathing heavily ] Now!
[ Walker rises slowly, placing his hand around the handle of Maier’s bag ]
[ Walker swings around, slamming the bag in to Park, who loses balance and falls down ]
Park: [ Grunting ]
[ Walker runs toward the front door; Park gets up and runs after him. Burgos throws the door open. Aram is there ] [ Gun cocks ✽ ]
Aram: It’s over.
Walker: [ Panting ]

[ The camper in the woods ]
Red: [ Sighs ]
Weecha: She’s just running an errand. She’ll be right back.
[ Door opens ] [ Mierce enters with a bouquet of white roses ]
Red: Great! Just in time.
Mierce: Herman, it looks delicious. [ To Red ] Have you looked?
Red: We can talk about that later.
Mierce: You looked. I told Weecha to get a new bouquet each week and put them in water. After five days, send me a picture. Depending on what they look like, I’ll know what to do for you.
[ Water running ] [ Water stops ]
Red: How are you going to leave? Do you want me to drive you somewhere?
Mierce: I called a car.
Red: [ Rising ] I’ll drive you.
Mierce: I’d prefer not.
Red: I need you, Mierce.
Mierce: I know, Raymond.
[ They kiss goodbye ]
[ Mierce picks up her bags and leaves ]
[ Door opens ] [ Door closes ]

[ Aram sits across from Walker Burgos in an interrogation room ]
Aram: When I was a child, my parents took me to Greece, to see the wonders of the world. I slept through the Parthenon, I was bored to tears at Thermopylae, but when I got to Olympia and saw the remains of the first Olympic stadium, I was overwhelmed.
Walker Burgos: If you’re ramping up to ask me a question, don’t. I’m not saying anything without a lawyer.
Aram: As a general rule, yes, questions are part of interrogating a suspect, but in your case, a lot of our questions have been answered.
Walker: Well, then, as I’m not the least bit interested in your summer vacations, there’s nothing to discuss.
Aram: Sports predates math. History began with writing, and sports began 7,000 years before people learned to write. Sports isn’t just as old as man. It is essential to mankind. And you perverted it, you and Maier and everyone who takes something so pure and elegant and– And fair, and cheats.
[ A man leaves an envelope of evidence on the table ]
[ Door opens ]
Aram: Thanks, Louis. Yeah, we found your car. And Maier.

[ Flashback: ]
[ Park and Aram open the trunk of Walker’s car. Dr Razmik Maier’s body is inside; he was shot in the forehead ]

Aram: And all the evidence you took from Stella Huang. There is evidence here that shows you were juicing – thirty-two athletes. See, you thought Stella Huang only knew about Sam and Ani. But she knew everything. And now so do we. Why don’t you start from the beginning?

[ The Post Office; a quiet corner ] [ Ressler walks over to Park ]
Ressler: Going to the cemetery only made things harder, not easier. I mean, if there was a light at the end of the tunnel, visiting Liz only made it harder to see. When I put back the prescription pad, I had already torn off a page. I used it to get these.
Park: You can’t do this alone, weaning yourself off, titrating. It’s like handcuffing yourself to your desk at night just to keep from falling off the wagon. You need help, help I can’t give you because I don’t know how, so when I try, I only make things worse.
Ressler: I know you’re going through a lot, and I don’t want to add to your burdens, but it’s just, I’m asking you, please, don’t give up on me, okay?

[ Cooper’s office ] [ Knocking at door; door opening ]
Dembe: We executed a search warrant on Athlanta. And Ani Bolin, her doctors say they expect her to make a full recovery.
Cooper: This came for you, from Reddington.
[ He hands Dembe an envelope ]
Dembe: Thanks.
Cooper: Was I right? About why he wanted you to work with him? Was it about the good old days?
Dembe: It was definitely about the old days. Good? Not so much.
Cooper: Well, you did good work on this case. You all did.
Dembe: Thank you.
[ Door opens and closes ]
[ Dembe leaves Cooper’s office and opens the envelope from Red. Inside are photos of him at a table in a restaurant with Liz ]

[ Dembe sits in the back of the SUV with Red as Weecha drives ]
Red: That’s where you told Elizabeth. In a coffee shop. Based on when I asked you to give her the letter after I’m dead and the time stamp on the photos, it took you just over an hour to betray me.
Dembe: We already discussed this, that I told her.
Red: The photos came from Vandyke’s phone. I asked Tadashi to pull GPS coordinates, to see where Vandyke had gone in the hours before he shot Elizabeth. Tadashi found the coordinates, but then he found these. And, yes, the images themselves only confirm what you and I have already discussed. What we haven’t discussed, what the photos really show, is that the man who killed Elizabeth – a man you knew – was 20 feet from you, taking your picture, and you were so intent on your betrayal that you missed him, and in missing him, you failed to protect both me and her.
   How did Vandyke know where we’d be that night? How is it that he was waiting for us at the restaurant? No one knew we’d all be there except for Elizabeth and you and me. Yet there he was, and now we know why. Your job wasn’t to tell my story the way you wanted it told. Whether or not you were at peace with my decision was irrelevant to what I hired you to do. You had a job. And for decades, you did it better than anyone possibly could. Until you didn’t. You could sense a threat a mile away. But the biggest threat? Standing 20 feet away? You missed him. And Elizabeth is dead because of that.
[ Aloe Blacc’s ♪ “Rotten Tree” plays ~ (Song not yet released) ]
Dembe: Elizabeth is dead for many reasons.
Red: Pull over.
Dembe: But it looks like as if one of those reasons is me.
Red: Get out.

♪ Tear it down
Tear it down ♪

[ Vehicle door opens, closes ]

♪ Bring that rotten tree
To the ground ♪

Weecha: Should we go home?
Red: Do you think she’ll come back?
Weecha: Not unless your investigation into Elizabeth’s death is over. Is it?
Red: It’s just beginning.

♪ All these apples bad as they can be

[ Ressler is in an interrogation room ] [ He puts several pills along the edge of the table. He sits at the far end of the table and handcuffs himself to a file cabinet ]

♪ Blood in the soil
Bitter seed
Tear it down
Mmm ♪

[ Cellphone beeps🔅and dials ••• •••• ] [ Line rings✨]
Park’s voice [ Recording ]: Hi. This is Alina. Leave a message, and I’ll call you back. [ Beeps🔅]
Ressler: First of all, you don’t make things worse. You call me out, hold me responsible. [ Sighs lightly ] I need that. I also need you to try to get to work early tomorrow. Doesn’t matter what time. I’ll be here. Thank you.
[ Cellphone chimes✨]

♪ Pull it up
Rip it out
From the root
Mmm ♪

[ Cooper walks down the hallway of an apartment building. He goes to apartment 29 ]

♪ Pull it up
Rip it out
From the root
Got an axe in my hand and the truth on my side

[ Cooper knocks ✽ ✽ ✽ ]

And I’m gonna swing it for every tear that I’ve cried ♪

[ No one comes to the door. It’s unlocked. He pulls his gun and enters ]
[ The apartment has been ransacked. In the bedroom, a man lies dead on the floor, his neck covered in blood ]

♪ Your shade is darkness
It’s no shelter for me
Rotten tree
(Oh) Rotten tree
(Oh) Rotten tree ♪

[ Telephone ☎️ ringing ]

♪ Oh ♪

[ Ringing ☎️ continues ]

♪ Oh ♪

[ Cooper picks up the phone ]
Male Voice (Digitally altered): Congratulations, Harold. Now you have the blood of two men on your hands.
Cooper: Who are you? Who is–
[ Line clicks ✽ and disconnects •••••••• ]

♪ Bring that rotten tree ♪

[ Receiver⚡️clatters⚡️to the floor ]

♪ To the ground
Tear it down ♪

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Episode Songs


♫ Rotten Tree
By Aloe Blacc (produced by AG)

♪ Tear it down
Tear it down
Bring that rotten tree
To the ground

♪ All these apples
Bad as they can be
Blood in the soil
Bitter seed
Tear it down

♪ From the root
From the root
Nothing good will come
From spoiled fruit
When they fall
More rotten trees will sprout
Pull it up
Rip it out
From the root

♪ Got an axe in my hand
And the truth on my side
And I’m gonna swing it
For every tear that I’ve cried
Your shade is darkness
It’s no shelter for me
Rotten tree
(Rotten tree)
(Rotten tree)

♪ Tear it down
Carry it down
Bring that rotten tree
To the ground
Tear it down

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/3nD80so
YouTube: https://youtu.be/mbmIGvO_HcM

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🔴 Script 9:9 Boukman Baptiste (№ 164)

Program air date: 1/20/2022 in the US
Script Permalink: https://wp.me/pDKwi-cSf
EntertainmentWeekly Recap: https://bit.ly/3GXh5DS

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Andrew McCarthy
Written by: David Merritt



Brief (Where we’re at): Mierce Xiu, Red’s lover, has left him to return home to Flores in Latin America. A shaman, she has long been uncomfortable accompanying Red back to the U.S., but it was his inability to put aside his search for someone to hold accountable for Liz’s death that was the last straw. His obsession, she said, “will kill others. I don’t want it to kill you.” Her sister Weecha will stay on with Red as his bodyguard. Red suspected that Dembe may have disregarded his instructions not to share with Liz the letter to her ‘from her mother’ until after his death. When Liz’s daughter Agnes mentioned to Red that Liz had told Red was was Russian, Red concluded Liz would only have known that if she had read the letter. Red had told Liz that the reason he didn’t want her to read the letter before she killed him ~ (so that she could credibly assume control over his criminal empire and continue working with the FBI on the Blacklist) ~ was that if she knew what it said, “You would never agree to kill me.” Red believes Liz’s hesitation to kill him (“I don’t want to. … I can’t do it”) gave Vandyke (Nevhille Townsend’s loyal henchman) the moments he needed to shoot and kill her.

So Red retrieved the letter and gave the envelope to an associate, Vlad Cvetko, a forensic analyst, to look for Liz’s fingerprints on it. Red was right. Liz’s fingerprints were on the letter. His next step was to have Vandyke’s cell phone hacked and analyzed by young whiz-kid-on-call Tadashi Ito. He asked Mierce to give the phone to Tadashi. When Tadashi returned his findings in an envelope, Mierce put her foot down and said if Red opened it, she would leave. Red opened it and she followed through on her promise, and left, despite his pleas. Inside the envelope was damning evidence: photos showing Dembe sharing the letter with Liz in a café. Red confronted Dembe with the photos. In addition to proving that Dembe gave Liz the letter, Red said the fact that Vandyke had been close enough to Dembe and Liz to photograph them proved that Dembe had failed to detect the danger to Liz (and himself) and was responsible for Liz’s death. Surprised by this evidence, Dembe admitted his guilt ~ but pointed out that there were other reasons for her death as well. At this point, Red erupted at Dembe, and told him to “Get out!” (Red has killed for less.)

Ressler has continued to struggle with addiction and again turned to Alina Park for help. She wants to help him but says her efforts to cover for him have only made things worse: “You can’t do this alone, weaning yourself off, titrating. It’s like handcuffing yourself to your desk at night just to keep from falling off the wagon.” So that’s what Ressler did, literally (the handcuffing thing), then left her a voicemail to come into work early.

Cooper and his friend Lew Sloan from the ballistics lab have continued trying to figure out who is blackmailing Cooper by trying to pin on him the murder of Doug Koster. Koster had years earlier had an affair with Cooper’s wife Charlene. He was murdered on a night when Cooper had attended a retirement party. Cooper woke up the next morning in his car, unable to remember how he got there. He discovered a bullet was missing from the clip in his service weapon. Cooper had Lew run the ballistics and the bullet matched his gun. When Metro PD Detective Marcus Heber served a warrant for the gun, without telling “Coop,” Lew took it upon himself to modify the gun’s barrel so the bullet and gun would no longer matched. Now, Cooper has received the results of a lab test that prove he was in fact drugged with a ‘date rape drug.’ Surveillance video from that night which Lew acquired shows a bartender slipping something into Cooper’s drink. Lew got the name of the bartender, Abel Judge. So, Cooper went to the man’s apartment. No one answered his knocks and the door was unlocked, so he entered, only to find the place completely ransacked and a man (likely Abel Judge) lying dead on the floor, his throat slashed. At that moment the landline phone in the apartment rang. Cooper answered. The digitally altered voice of the blackmailer spoke: “Congratulations, Harold. Now you have the blood of two men on your hands.”


⭕ Script 9:9 Boukman Baptiste (№ 164)


[ Flashback: ]
[ Outside Pascual’s Restaurant, Liz points her gun at Red ]
Liz: ⋘⋙ [ Sighs ] I can’t do it.
Red: That’s all right.
Liz: ⋘⋙ I don’t want to.
Red: I understand.
[ Gunshot💥]
[ A red spot appears on Liz’s chest, just above her heart ]
Ressler: No. No!
[ Red stares into Liz’s eyes, kisses her. She has died. Dembe comes out of the restaurant and runs up to Red and tugs at him ]
Dembe: Raymond, we must. I’m sorry.
[ Red lays his hat on the sidewalk and lowers Liz’s head onto it, then allows Dembe to guide him away ]
[ Dembe is driving ] [ Ressler is closing in on Red’s car ]
Dembe: We have company. It’s Ressler.
Red: [ Pause ] Lose him.
[ They speed up ]
[ Ressler’s car ] [ Horn blares (((📣 ]
Cooper: [ On phone ] I know what you want to do, but killing him will only make it worse. Donald, listen to me. You’re in no condition to drive. Don’t do this.
[ Horn 📣 honks ] [ Horn blares (((📣 ] [ Ressler miscalculates and his car💥rear-ends💥another, climbing over it and flipping over 💥‼️💥]
[ ‼️⚡️Glass shattering⚡️‼️]

[ Door creaks ] [ Red and Dembe enter Red’s apartment ]
[ Red sits in a chair, staring blankly. Dembe spreads a blanket over Red’s lap then sits in a chair alongside him ]
Dembe: [ Sighs ]
[ Dembe puts the letter intended for Liz on a small table between their two chairs ]
[ The letter vanishes ]
[ Dembe awakes. Red is gone ]
Dembe: Raymond? Raymond? Raymond?!
[ Dembe falls back into the chair ]
Dembe: [ Sighs ]

[ Red’s camper in the woods ]
[ Weecha takes a photo of the faded white roses on the table ] [ Camera shutter clicking ✽ ]
[ Red steps out of the front bedroom. ] [ Door slides, thumps ]
[ Red has a visitor: his long-time lawyer, Marvin Gerard. Red sits down across the table from him ]
Red: I’m being evaluated.
Marvin: Not on your floricultural skills, I hope.
Red: [ Chuckles ] My mental state. Weecha’s sister, Mierce, is a shaman. She reads the flowers for insight into my mood.
Marvin: I see dried-out and dark.
Red: Bad blood and betrayal.
Marvin: Is this still about Dembe joining the FBI? Because that wasn’t about betrayal. It was about upward mobility.
Red: What happened to Elizabeth, Dembe shares a significant responsibility for that.
Marvin: What are you talking about? Townsend is responsible. He sent Vandyke, Vandyke pulled the trigger. I thought you were with the sister.
Red: I am. Weecha and I are roommates. The bed is much more comfortable than the couch. I, being a gentleman, I offered her the bed. She being a lady, she invited me to join her. Marvin, you said you had news. Let’s hope it’s decidedly less dry and considerably more light.
Marvin: Hess, Ray, Colby. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Three days, three hits. No who, no why, only the what, which is a disaster. The only thing worse is the fact that I am the first one telling you this. Hess was hit on Tuesday. How could this possibly be news to you? You’re out of touch. You need to get your ducks in a row, Raymond.

[ The kitchen of Cooper’s home ]
[ Red has been waiting. Agnes dashes in and hugs him ]
Agnes: Pinky!
Red: Oh, my goodness! Aren’t you a bundle of energy this morning?
Agnes: [ Speaking rapidly ] I’ve got orchestra practice before school, then a math quiz and an English presentation. Then I’m trying out for the play. And then you’re reading me some Pippi Longstocking. You’re weeks behind on that, by the way. [ Horn honks 📣 ] That’s Sadie. Total frenemy. Got to go. Hi, Weecha. Bye!
Cooper: [ Chuckles ]
[ Door closes ]
Cooper: I’d like to think I had that much energy once. On the other hand, if I did, it’s depressing to think about where it all went.
Red: Perhaps this will give you a jolt. It seems I’m under attack. In the past week, a strike team has taken out three key members of my organization.
Cooper: I’m sorry to hear that.
Red: Thank you, but I’m not here for your sympathy.
Cooper: Good, because officially, you don’t have it. On the record, the Bureau would be thrilled to know the Reddington organization is under siege, but I’m guessing you’re not here for my official response.
Red: As a rule, I police my own business. In this case, I need help, and if you want the Blacklist to continue, you’ll give it.
Cooper: It’s that bad?
Red: The attacks were surgical and strategic, requiring an insightful knowledge of my organization. And I don’t really know from which direction this assault is coming. And there’s one more thing. Dembe – I won’t work with him again.
Cooper: Why not?
Red: All that matters is that I won’t. He’ll have to be replaced.
Cooper: I won’t do that, certainly not without knowing why.
Red: Ask him. He’s an honest fellow. Who knows? After he tells you, you may not want to work with him either.

[ Dembe sits at a workstation ] [ Keys clacking ] [ Beeping🔅🔅]
[ The computer screen shows a map of Washington D.C. Another click and numerous yellow dots appear, spread across the area ]
[ The Post Office war room ]
Cooper: Reddington’s worried. His organization’s under attack, and he wants our help to fend it off. He doesn’t have a name or a motive. Only this, three victims in three days.
Ressler: Who are they?
Dembe: Ricki Hess. Jack Ray. Budge Colby.
Aram: Friends of yours?
Dembe: They were, once. Good people.
Alina Park: What did they do for Reddington?
Dembe: Operations. Each was responsible for a different port. New Jersey, Norfolk, Miami. These were top people. Well-protected.
Ressler: But yet someone got to all three. No wonder Reddington’s worried.
Cooper: I’ve asked our field offices in the relevant cities to forward us the crime-scene information. If there’s a clue in there about who did this, we need to find it.
Dembe: We already have a clue.
Aram: You know who did this?
Dembe: No. Just what they’re going to do next.
Park: How happy is Reddington that you’re on the task force?
Cooper: Not very. In fact, he wants me to kick you off it.
Aram: What? Why would he want that?
Cooper: He said I should ask you.
Dembe: Vandyke. If I was doing my job even a little bit that day, that night, I would’ve seen him long before he shot Elizabeth. I could’ve stopped him.
Park: And Reddington blames you because you didn’t.
Dembe: No more than I blame myself.
Ressler: You shouldn’t. I don’t. And, believe me, I tried.
Dembe: Raymond has Vandyke’s phone. He had someone pull the GPS data points from the day Elizabeth was killed. I met Elizabeth at a diner hours before she was shot. The GPS data points and photos on the phone show that Vandyke was watching us. If I was paying attention at all, I would have noticed him.
Aram: How did he know you’d be there?
Dembe: I assume he was following me, but I’m not sure. Which is why I had the phone data sent to me. I hope that by tracking it, I’ll find out. I could use your help plotting the data points.
Aram: Of course.
Cooper: So what’s the clue?
Dembe: I thought I was being kicked off.
Cooper: That’s my call, not Red’s. He thought I would agree with him once you had explained yourself. You have, and I don’t. So the clue, let’s hear it.

[ Dembe displays a map of ports on both sides of the Atlantic ]
Dembe: This is a macro look at Raymond’s operations in the Atlantic.
Aram: Does he have that many operations in the Pacific?
Dembe: And the Indian, Baltic, and the Mediterranean.
Park: Nothing in the Arctic?
Dembe: No. Other than a compound on the Faroe Islands.
Aram: It’s official. Our lives suck.
Dembe: For shipping in the Atlantic, he uses accounts in Hamburg, Belfast, and the Caymans. Funds are routed through the hawala network to Morocco. He then ships from Gibraltar, Benin or Dakar.
Aram: You really know everything, don’t you? I guess I assumed you did, but you actually do.
Dembe: I didn’t always. Everything with Raymond is need-to-know, but after Elizabeth, he couldn’t function. So I had to function for him.
Cooper: You took over.
Dembe: I did.
Aram: What was that like, going from the man in front of the man to the man behind him?

[ Flashback: ]
[⚡️Tires screech⚡️]
[ Boukman Baptiste and his young son are being driven down a two-lane country road. Two cars drive toward them and block the road. Several men, including Dembe, open fire on Baptiste’s car with semi-automatic rifles ]
Baptiste: Down!

Dembe: A nightmare.
Cooper: So, Benin, Dakar, Gibraltar.
Dembe: Goods ship from there to New Jersey, Norfolk, Miami. Raymond is a middle man. He has clients. They have goods. If the port of entry is choked off and they can’t take delivery, that costs them money, which Raymond has to cover.
Park: This is all very educational, but where’s the clue?
Dembe: Right here. [ He points ] The port of Baltimore.
[ The port of Baltimore ] [ Ship horn blares🚢 in distance ] [ Birds calling ]
[ The door of a shipping facility on the pier opens ]
Man: That you, Joe?
Joe: I know, I know, no smoking on site. Don’t tell her royal pain in the–
[ Silenced gunshot (💥) ] [ Joe falls ]
Man: What the– Joe?
[ Silenced gunshot (💥) ]
[ Man falls ]
[ Masked men wearing black enter the shipping facility on the port. They have rifles ]
Dembe: Baltimore is Raymond’s only remaining port of entry on the eastern seaboard. Whoever’s doing this took out three of his port managers. It’s safe to assume he’ll try to take out a fourth.
[ Silenced gunshot (💥) ] [ Another man falls ]
[ The armed men move deeper into the facility ]
[ More men fall (💥💥💥) ]
Cooper: Do you know his name?
Dembe: Reginald Lawler.
Cooper: Let’s go get him, and hope we’re not too late.
[ The men enter the office. Reginald Lawler sits in a chair ]
Armed Man: Hands in the air!
[ Boukman Baptiste enters, smoking a cigar ]
Reginald Lawler: I won’t talk.
[ Baptiste shoots💥Lawler in the knee with a pistol ]
Lawler: [ Screams ]
Baptiste: Oh, I think you will. Let’s start with the same question I asked the others, huh?
[ Baptiste shows Lawler a photo of Dembe ]
Baptiste: This man, where is he?

[ The camper ] [ Marvin Gerard is on the phone, pacing ]
Marvin: What do you mean Lawler’s not answering? Then go there. I don’t care that you just gave birth.
[ Red’s cell phone dialing ••• •••• ]
Marvin: That is not my problem. My problem is $106 million worth of goods–
[ Line ringing ✨]
Marvin: –we rerouted to Baltimore that now can’t land in Baltimore unless you get Lawler to land them. And until he lands them, we are out 5% a day in insurance and carrying charges. So I suggest you wrap Junior in a binky, shove him onto your mammilla, and go find Lawler.
[ Call ends ]
Marvin: [ To Red ] Lawler’s out of pocket. ⋘⋙ Yoo-hoo. Did you hear me? Lawler is AWOL, which means the East Coast is shut down.
Red: Mierce read the flowers.
Marvin: Mierce. The shaman?
Red: She’s optimistic.
Marvin: [ Sarcastically ] Is she? That’s great. The shaman is optimistic. Fantastic.
Red: I mean, it doesn’t mean there aren’t problems. It just means we’ll figure them out.
Marvin: Do you value my counsel?
Red: I do.
Marvin: Good. ‘Cause here it is. You’ve lost your mind. The world is falling apart around you, and you’re all beatific because your ex-lover looked at a photograph of some dead flowers and said Kumbaya.
Red: She’s not my ex. We’re just pausing until I resolve the issues surrounding Elizabeth’s death.
Marvin: That is another thing. You blame Dembe for something he didn’t do. Elizabeth’s death has been resolved. Asked. Answered. As is the reason we are in this mess. [ Sighs ] Look, I know this is third-rail stuff, but you’re the one getting your flowers read, so what the hell – You never should’ve designated Elizabeth as your successor. She wasn’t qualified. And when she passed and you went away, there was no one to keep all hell from breaking loose.

[ Flashback: ]
[ Two years ago ] [ Red’s airplane in flight ]
Marvin: [ Sighs ] Seven days, seven countries. I am done looking.
Dembe: I told you we wouldn’t find him.
Marvin: Oh, well, forgive me for hoping he might not want his entire life’s work burned to the ground.
Dembe: His life’s work was Elizabeth.
Marvin: Well, my life’s work was him. And right now, it is under siege. Chin in Taipei. Madrzyk in Dubrovnik. Baptiste in Haiti. They’re all moving against us. And if we don’t put them down, others will follow. And when I say “we,” I mean you.
Dembe: Me?
Marvin: Starting with Baptiste, who’s in Texas, meeting with other turncoats. Red may have picked Elizabeth, but we both know that you are his natural successor.
Dembe: [ Sighs ]
Marvin: Now that they’re gone, the organization is yours to run.
Dembe: [ Sighs ] And if I don’t want to?
Marvin: Then it gets sliced and diced.

Marvin: We weren’t equipped for what came, least of all Dembe.
Red: Mm-hmm.
Marvin: My point, my counsel, is this. You left us in the lurch once, don’t do it again.
Red: Call Marybeth. Tell her to stay home with her newborn. If Lawler’s not answering, it’s because he’s been captured, if not killed.
Marvin: If that’s the case, we got no play.
Red: Of course we do. And I’m sure Dembe’s playing it.
Marvin: Dembe? I thought you want him off the task force.
Red: I do. But I have no illusions that Harold will abide by my request. And you’re wrong about Dembe’s abilities. His not wanting to run my empire doesn’t mean he couldn’t. Believe me, if you and I are realizing that Lawler’s been targeted now, Dembe’s already realized it.
Marvin: How can you be sure?
Red: I told you. Mierce’s optimistic.

[ The warehouse at the Port of Baltimore ]
[ Ressler and Dembe enter ]
Ressler: [ On comms ] We’re in.
Aram: Agent Park reports two guards down at the perimeter. She’s waiting on EMTs.
Cooper: We have no intel on the number of mercs or where they are in the building. A TAC unit is on the way. Do not engage until we know what we’re dealing with.
[ Dembe and Ressler split up and advance ]
Dembe: I see movement. I don’t know who or how many. I need to get closer.
[ Now Dembe can see Lawler and Baptiste’s back ]
Baptiste: I’m going to give you one more chance. Dembe Zuma, where is he?
Lawler: I don’t know. [ Shuddered breathing ]
[ Baptiste presses the nuzzle of his gun against Lawler’s wound ] [⚡️Screaming⚡️]
Cooper: Dembe, talk to me.
Dembe: That can’t be.
Baptiste: Where–
Cooper: What is it? What can’t be?
Dembe: Not what. Who. Boukman Baptiste.
Aram: We don’t know who that is.
Dembe: A man I killed.

[ Flashback: ]
[ Dembe’s and his operatives unleash gunfire on Boukman Baptiste’s car 💥💥💥 💥💥💥 💥💥💥 ]
[ In the crashed car, Baptiste realizes his son was shot in the hail of gunfire ]
Baptiste: Daniel. Daniel! Daniel!
[ The boy is dead ]
Baptiste: [ Breathing quickly ]
[ As Dembe and the other gunmen approach, Baptiste slips out of the car on the far side. Dembe approaches the car and sees a man collapsed over the driver’s seat and the dead boy in the back. He shakes his head in dismay ]
[ Baptiste spills lighter fluid on the pavement and sets the car on fire 💥🔥💥 He runs off ]
Dembe: [ Voice-over ] Recon said his boy would be at home.

[ Indistinct shouting ]
Dembe: This isn’t about hurting Raymond. This is about killing me.
Lawler: [ Screaming ]
Cooper: If that’s true, I want you out of there. Is that clear? Pull back.
[ A man comes up behind Dembe and pistol-whips him ] [ Thump! ]
Cooper: Agent Zuma, do you copy? Agent Zuma!

Cooper: Ressler, we lost contact with Dembe.
Ressler: Yeah, we split up. I don’t have eyes on him.
Cooper: Circle back, then report.
[ Dembe sits upright on a chair. Baptiste has Dembe’s comms earpiece ]
Baptiste: [ On comms; Haitian accent ] I have your agent. I assume there are others. Tell them to stand down.
Cooper: This is Harold Cooper with the FBI. Who am I speaking to?
Baptiste: Tell them.
Cooper: I will, as soon as I hear that my agent is all right.
Baptiste: Your agent killed my son.
Cooper: I just need to know that he’s okay.
Baptiste: He was 10, sitting in the back of a car, when your agent murdered him.
Cooper: That’s a tragedy, but killing other people will only make it worse.
Baptiste: Did you know that when you hired him, that he murdered children?
Cooper: I’ll help you, but you have to help me. We have to work together.
Baptiste: I am not a religious man. But sometimes even a sinner’s prayers are answered.
[ 💥💥💥 Ressler shoots. Dembe grabs Baptiste’s gun and slides it toward Lawler ]
[ 💥💥💥 Gunfight 💥💥💥 between Ressler and Baptiste’s mercs ] [ Dembe and Baptiste wrestle ]
[ Cooper and Aram can still hear over comms ]
Cooper: Was that Dembe? Was he hit?
Aram: Sir, I don’t know.
[ Dembe and Baptiste continue wrestling. It’s an even match ] [ Grunting ]
[ 💥💥💥 Gunfight continues 💥💥💥 ]
Baptiste: This does not make us even! Only your daughter does that. A child for a child!
[ Baptiste is thrown free and runs. Dembe chases him, but Baptiste is too far ahead. He returns to help Lawler ]
Lawler: Aah! [ Gasping ] [ Whimpers ]
[ Ressler comes up behind a gunman ]
Ressler: Drop it! Don’t move! Unclip it. Face the wall.
[ The gunman goes for a sidearm. Ressler shoots him 💥💥💥 ]
Lawler: [ Breathing heavily ]
[ Ressler comes up to Dembe and Lawler ]
Ressler: Baptiste?
Dembe: Gone.
Lawler: Who is he, and why was he so interested in finding you?
Dembe: To avenge the death of his son.
[ Dembe is applying a tourniquet ]
Lawler: [ Grunts ]
Dembe: I’m sorry you got hurt in this.
Lawler: Look, you gotta go warn Isabella. He said he was after his daughter.
Ressler: Right, I got this. Call her.
Dembe: She needs to be called, just not by me.
Ressler: Why not?
Dembe: It’s complicated. I can’t explain. Please, just do it. 202-555-0144.
[ Cell phone dialing ••• •••• ]
Lawler: I thought you and Isabella got past the tough times.
Dembe: We did. Until we didn’t.
[ Dembe tightens the tourniquet ]
Lawler: Aah!

[ Flashback: ]
Isabella: I don’t understand. You worked for one white guy, and now you want to work for white guys with badges?
Dembe: I told you, I haven’t decided yet. That’s why I’m here, to get your opinion.
Isabella: My opinion is that I don’t want my father to be a Judas to his community.
Dembe: Isabella, I know these agents. They’re good people.
Isabella: I never criticized you for working for Reddington. I hated it. My child almost died because of it. But I told myself that’s what you do, it’s not who you are.
Dembe: It’s what I did. Elizabeth is dead. Raymond is gone. I’m alone, looking for a purpose.
Isabella: Is this really who you are? A Black man who wants to be a cop?
Dembe: I’m a man that wants to help people and a man who’s also proud to be Black. I think I can do both.
Isabella: Reddington is one man. The cops are part of a system of oppression. You do this, people will see you as a sellout and a traitor.
Dembe: I don’t care what other people see. I only care what you see.
Isabella: You wanna know what I see? George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Philando Castile–
Dembe: I see them, too.
Isabella: –Freddie Gray, Eric Garner, Michael Brown–
Dembe: I see them, too, and I know that any day what happened to them could happen to me–
Isabella: –Atatiana Jefferson, Botham Jean, Alton Sterling! 🔘 [See Note]
Dembe: Isabella, I see them. I know there is injustice. But I also know justice can be done. I’ve seen it done, and I think I’d find purpose in doing it.
[ Isabella walks away ]
Dembe: Isabella. Isabella! [ Sighs ]

[ Isabella walks along a sidewalk ]
[ Cell phone ringing✨]
[ Isabella looks at her phone but doesn’t take the call ] [ Cell phone beeps🔅]
Isabella (Recorded voice): This is Isabella. Leave a message at the beep. Thanks. [ Beeps🔅]
[ Ressler is in a vehicle with Dembe ]
Ressler: It’s Agent Ressler, again. I know we keep calling, but it’s incredibly important that you call me as soon as you get this message. Thank you.
[ Cell phone beeps🔅]
Ressler: [ To Dembe ] Look, we sent agents. She’s gonna be fine.
Dembe: He got to Hess, Ray and Colby.
[ A man comes up behind Isabella ] [ Gun cocks ]
Man: Inside, quietly.

[ Dembe and Ressler arrive at Isabella’s house ]
[ Door creaks ]
Dembe: Isabella! Isabella! Isabella!
[ In the kitchen, Ressler finds a burner phone and a phone number written on the table ]
[ Dembe enters ]
Ressler: Hey, check it out.
[ Dialing ••• ••• •••• ] [ Cell phone rings✨, beeps🔅]
Baptiste: [ On phone ] Consider yourself lucky. I’m going to let you have the opportunity I never got with my boy. I’m going to let you say goodbye.
Isabella: Papa? Papa? Papa!
Dembe: Don’t do this. Don’t hurt her.
Baptiste: I have no interest in hurting her. Only you.
Dembe: Reddington. Daniel died because you wanted his business. I can help you get some of that. Ray, Hess, Colby, they’re middle management. Essential, but not important. I can get you people who are irreplaceable. Take them down and Reddington follows.
Baptiste: I’m listening.
Dembe: I need two hours.
Baptiste: You’ve got one.
[ Cell phone beeps🔅]
Ressler: You think he believes that you’re gonna really help him take down Reddington?
Dembe: He should. Because it’s true.

[ The Post Office elevator doors open. Dembe and Ressler get out ]
Dembe: [ On phone ] –as quickly as you can. Yes, Marvin, that’s what I want to talk to you about. I’ll be right there.
[ Aram walks over ]
Aram: Hey. So I plotted the rest of the GPS data points.
Dembe: Later.
[ Dembe rushes off ]
Aram: Uh– What’s going on?
Ressler: Baptiste has his daughter.
Aram: What?
Ressler: Yeah, he’s gonna sell out Reddington to get her back.
Aram: That’s a joke, right?
Ressler: Not to him.
Aram: Uh, what can we do?
Ressler: Got to issue a BOLO on Baptiste, a silver alert on Isabella, and let’s try to keep him from getting Reddington killed.
Aram: Dembe blamed himself for what happened to Liz. He shouldn’t.
Ressler: What the hell are you talking about?
Aram: Let’s get out the alerts, then I’ll show you.

[ Red is with Cooper in his office. Dembe enters ]
Dembe: Did you know? Did you know, when you gave us the case, that it was Baptiste? That I would be going in blind against a man who wants me dead?
Red: I didn’t. In fact, I didn’t know for sure you were even on the case, or the task force, for that matter. I don’t want you to get hurt, Dembe. I just want you out of my life.
Dembe: He has Isabella.
Cooper: What? Has he reached out, made any kind of demand?
Dembe: He has. And we’ve come to an understanding.
Red: I’m very sorry. Is there anything I can do?
Dembe: You think I betrayed you. That Elizabeth died because I let down my guard. Fine. I admit that. But if you want to do something for me, admit that you let down your guard, too. That night, and after, you abandoned your business, and people died. That man’s son.
Red: I didn’t ask you to carry on.
Dembe: No. You just vanished. I killed that boy trying to protect your empire. I was doing it for you, because you didn’t do it for yourself.
Red: Elizabeth was dead. I was gone. And you killed that boy. Do those dots really connect? It seems a little simplistic. Excuse me. I have to make a phone call.
[ Red leaves ]
Cooper: I don’t think he has any idea what you were left with after he disappeared. But I do. I know all too well.

[ Flashback: ]
[ Cooper’s kitchen ]
Dembe: Isabella won’t speak to me. She says if I do this, I’ll be a traitor to my community.
Cooper: She won’t be the only one that tells you that. That joining the FBI makes you a cog in the machine of institutional racism. You might remind her there was a time when a Black man or woman wasn’t allowed to wear a badge or carry a gun. But thanks to trailblazers like But thanks to trailblazers like Bass Reeves, Big Sam Battle who paved the way for us, we have the privilege of serving our community and fellow man. In fact, scratch that. It’s not a privilege, it’s a responsibility.
[ Cooper uncorks a bottle of scotch ] [ Liquid pouring ]
Cooper: I understand where Isabella’s coming from, but our people built this country, died for it. We deserve justice as much as anyone, if not more. I think this is precisely the place where people who look like you and me need to be. Our people need us here, fighting for them, fighting for everyone. Here, in the system, boots on the ground, because sometimes we’re the only ones standing between them and the wolves at the door.
Dembe: In my experience, there are wolves on both sides.
Cooper: Where does Reddington fit into all of this?
Dembe: He doesn’t, and I can’t ask him.
Cooper: Because you know what he’ll say?
Dembe: Because I don’t know where he is. He disappeared one night without even saying goodbye.
Cooper: I’m not sure I’m staying with the Bureau. After everything that’s happened, I may need to step away, but before I do that, if you want this, I promise you, I’ll make it happen.

[ Red runs into Dembe on the landing outside Cooper’s office ]
Red: With Baptiste, you said you’d come to an understanding.
Dembe: That’s right.
Red: Tell me about it. Perhaps I can help you come up with an even better one.
Dembe: I would before. Not now.
Red: I mean it. I don’t want to see you hurt. You or anyone you care about.
Dembe: It was an honor protecting you. But now I have to protect myself.

[ Dembe walks toward the elevator ]
Ressler: Any word on Isabella?
Dembe: I know what I need to do.
Ressler: Yeah, but does Reddington?
Aram: Look, you’re gonna do what you have to do, but if what you have to do has anything to do with what’s going on between you and Mr. Reddington–
Ressler: Look, he’s finally finished mapping the data points on Vandyke’s cell phone.
Aram: Right, and you’re gonna wanna hear what I found.
[ The elevator doors start to close ]
Dembe: Will it help me find Isabella?
Aram: Well, uh, no.
Dembe: Then it will have to wait.
[ Elevator doors close ]
Aram: I wish this could help.
Ressler: Maybe it can.
Aram: How? We didn’t get to tell him what we found.
Ressler: No, but there’s someone else we could.

[ Marvin Gerard’s office ]
Marvin: Dembe, come in. I am so glad you called. This business between you and Raymond, I want you to know I think he is completely overreacting.
Dembe: I appreciate you saying that.
Marvin: I mean, the suggestion that you are in any way responsible for what happened to Elizabeth is preposterous.
Dembe: I agree. But the reason I’m–
Marvin: Tell me, what can I do to help set things right between you two? I will do anything.
Dembe: I need the names of his banker in the Caymans, his arbitrage trader in Beijing, and the arms dealer he uses in Zagreb. I knew them before, but he has other ones now.
Marvin: Yes, he does. But, uh, how would me giving you the names help patch things up between you two?
Dembe: Yeah, about that– I’m not interested in patching anything up.
Marvin: All right.
[ Dembe pulls his gun out of its holster ]
Marvin: Uh, that’s, uh– That’s unexpected.
Dembe: My daughter’s life depends on you giving me the names.
Marvin: [ Chuckles ] Well, that’s unfortunate, because I am, uh, pretty confident that my life depends on me not giving them to you. You know Raymond. He’s a stickler for things like, oh, I don’t know, say, uh, not giving the names of his top three lieutenants to a guy like Boukman Baptiste.
Dembe: I need the names, Marvin.
Marvin: I see that, and I would give them to you if I could. I met Isabella. She’s amazing.
[ Dembe points his gun at Marvin ]
Marvin: [ Sighs ]
Dembe: I need the names!

[ The Post Office ] [ Red, Cooper, Aram and Ressler are looking at a computer screen ]
Red: And this is all of them?
Aram: Dembe plotted most of the GPS data points. I finished mapping them, then double-checked what he’d done. This is every place Vandyke was the day he shot Elizabeth, from 12:01 a.m. until he, and his phone, ended up in the morgue.
Cooper: Given everything that was happening, how in God’s name did you think to have Vandyke’s phone stolen from the morgue?
Red: Muscle memory. It was completely involuntary, like breathing. Or an innate desire for revenge.
Ressler: In order to get his daughter back, Dembe’s gonna give Baptiste damaging information about you.
Red: What information?
Ressler: I don’t know, but I heard him talking on the phone. Something about getting it from Marvin Gerard.
[ Red heads down the metal staircase ]
Aram: Dembe told us what you thought happened that day. This– This tells a different story.
Red: Not entirely, but, yes.
[ Red’s cell phone dialing ••• •••• ]
[ Dembe picks up ]
Red: He won’t help you.
Dembe: Are you calling to gloat?
Red: Put Marvin on. Whatever you’re looking for, he won’t give you without my permission.
Dembe: Why would you give it?
Red: We can discuss that later. There’s no time now. Put him on.
[ Dembe hands the phone to Marvin ]
Marvin: He wants tier-one names in the Caymans, Beijing and Damascus.
Red: Give them to him. I’ll get Chuck and Morgan on him. Baptiste can have the names if it means freeing Isabella. But if he acts on the intel, I’m bleeding, so I need to get eyes on this.
[ Cell phone beeps🔅]

[ A checkpoint. One of Baptiste’s men stands in the road. An SUV pulls up, stops ]
[ Gearshift clicks ] [ Dembe is in the SUV ]
Baptiste’s Man: Out.
[ Parked some distance away, Chuck and Morgan are in another vehicle ]
Chuck: It’s a parking facility. Deming and Clark.
Red: [ On phone ] Sit tight. She’s on her way with Santiago. Nothing happens until Isabella is safe.
Chuck: What about the task force?
Red: You can’t go in with them. I don’t trust anyone else to go in for me anyway, so you’re on your own.
[ Baptiste’s man pats down Dembe ]
Baptiste’s Man: [ Over comms ] He’s here, and he’s clean. [ To Dembe ] Car stays, you go. Level three.

[ Dembe enters the facility, walks down a long corridor until he comes to a room where Isabella is seated. Boukman Baptiste stands next to her ]
Dembe: Isabella.
[ Dembe tries to approach. Baptiste points a gun at her head ]
Baptiste: I wouldn’t.
Isabella: Papa–
Dembe: Everything’s going to be okay.
Baptiste: Did you bring the names?
Dembe: Let her go, please.
Baptiste: After I have the names.
[ Dembe takes out an envelope. Baptiste walks over to him and takes it ]
Baptiste: Tell me, where do you feel it, knowing you are helpless to save your child? I know where I felt it. I’m curious if you feel it there, too.
Dembe: My back.
Baptiste: Exactly. As if the pain has a weight you can’t bear. Look at us. So much hatred, and now – so much in common.
Dembe: You said you’d let her go.
Baptiste: I need to verify the names.
Dembe: That can’t be done.
Baptiste: If I couldn’t do it, I wouldn’t have asked you to bring them.

[ Another SUV pulls up to the checkpoint ]
[ Car door opens ]
Baptiste’s Man: Man, the lot’s closed.
Man in SUV: [ Speaking Spanish ]
Baptiste’s Man: I don’t speak Spanish.
[ Weecha comes behind Baptiste’s man and cuts his throat. He falls. The man in the SUV is Santiago, who also works for Red ]
Santiago: Chuck said Dembe went up.
Weecha: We’re going down.
[ Weecha gets inside ] [ Tires screech⚡️] [ Chuck and Morgan’s vehicle follows ]

Isabella: Why is this happening? Did you kill his son? Did you do it?
Dembe: After Elizabeth died, I had to make decisions for Raymond. Baptiste was taking territory. We had to stop him. I led a team that found him and tried to take him out.
Isabella: But you took out his son instead. Is that what happened?
Dembe: Yes.
Isabella: And after that, you became a cop?
Dembe: Yes.

[ Flashback: ]
[ Dembe is part of a group being sworn in to the FBI ]
Dembe and Others: I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same.
Cooper: Congratulations, Special Agent.
Dembe: Thank you. It wouldn’t have happened without you.
Cooper: Isabella didn’t come. I’m sorry.

Baptiste’s Man: The names are correct.
Dembe: You have what you want. Let her go. Nothing you do here will bring Daniel back.
[ Baptiste again points his gun at Isabella’s head ]
Isabella: [ Gasps ]
[ Chuck walks up to a circuit box and forces it open ]
Baptiste: The French take billions from our poor country every year.
[ Gun cocks ]
Baptiste: Corrupt politicians take from the poor and open our ports to people like Reddington. This is about more than revenge. This is about power. This is about taking what I am owed.
[ Isabella sniffles ]
Baptiste: What my countrymen are owed.
[ Chuck works on the circuit box ] [⚡️Electricity crackles⚡️]
Baptiste: There are two kinds of people in the world, wolves and sheep. The wolves take. The sheep get taken.
[⚡️Electricity crackles⚡️]
Baptiste: Unfortunately for you, I am a wolf.
[ The lights go out … ]
[⚡️Tires screech⚡️] [ Only the blinding headlights of two vehicles provide light ]
[ Baptiste is holding Isabella up and pointing his gun at her head ]
Baptiste: [ Shouting ] Whoever you are, you’re a little late! Somebody’s about to get shot!
Dembe: I wouldn’t have picked a wolf.
Baptiste: Who asked you?
Dembe: It may be an alpha predator, but they only travel in packs. And something tells me you’re not dealing with sheep here.
[ A knife 🔪 strikes Baptiste in the throat ] [ Gasps, groans ] [ Baptiste falls ]
[ Isabella runs to Dembe ]
Dembe: It’s done.
Baptiste: [ Gasping ] A wolf would put me out of my misery.
Dembe: Maybe. But I’m an FBI agent, so you’re under arrest.
[ Weecha walks over ]
Weecha: The names you gave them, were they able to confirm the identities?
Dembe: Yes.
Baptiste: [ Gasps, gags ]
[ Weecha kills Baptiste and gets his phone and hands it to Santiago ]
Weecha: Trace the last call and take care of it. [ To Dembe ] Raymond has something he wants to show you. As soon as you can.
Morgan: It’s good to see you, Dembe.
Dembe: You, too.
Isabella: [ Hugs Dembe and cries ]

[ The camper ] [ On a laptop is the map of the Washington D.C. area cell phone towers ] [ Beeping 🔅🔅🔅]
Red: This is the complete mapping of Vandyke’s whereabouts on the day Elizabeth was killed.
Dembe: I know we’ve talked about my lack of awareness and that I should have seen Vandyke watching us at the coffee shop. But I wanted to plot this because I’ve also been agonizing over the fact that maybe I was the reason Vandyke was there in the first place, that I led him to Elizabeth.
Red: Well, as it turns out, you didn’t. He was nowhere near you that day, not before the coffee shop. Which means he didn’t follow you there.
Dembe: And we know where Elizabeth was?
Red: Yes, I’ve plotted her day more times than I care to remember.
Marvin: So if Vandyke didn’t follow either of you to the coffee shop, how did he know where to go?
Red: Someone obviously told him.
Marvin: Yeah, but who could have known? I mean, I’m as big a conspiracy theorist as the next guy, but this sounds like some classic Third Man stuff.
Red: Yeah, that night, I couldn’t sleep. I felt like if I stayed, I would implode, that I’d collapse into myself like a black hole and cease to exist. So I left. I walked away and– And kept walking. Until I found Weecha and Mierce. And they helped me. And I helped them. ⋘⋙ I’m sorry that I abandoned you. Whatever happened, I shouldn’t have done that. And I’m sorry that I did.
Dembe: I know you’re upset that I gave Elizabeth the letter.
Red: Ah. It’s done. And perhaps it did bring her some peace. But we can’t be fighting each other when we have a real enemy to fight, to find. You’ll have to forgive Marvin. He’s a professional skeptic. But someone led Elizabeth’s killer to her that night. And we need to work together to find who that was. But that’s a quest that will have to wait another day. I’m late to a very important engagement.
Dembe: More important than finding out who killed Elizabeth?
Red: I think so.

[ Agnes’s bedroom. She is bundled up in a fluffy fleece blanket. Red sits on the floor reading to her ]
Red: “Pippi was sure that her mother was now up in Heaven, watching her little girl through a peephole in the sky, and Pippi often waved up at her and called, ‘Don’t you worry about me. I’ll always come out on top.'”
[ Dembe is at Isabella’s house ] [ They hug ]
Isabella: That was so awful.
Dembe: It was my fault. It’s all my fault. I want to protect you, but all I do is seem to put you in harm’s way.
Isabella: Can you promise me it’s over?
Dembe: With Baptiste, yes.
Isabella: With everything. With what you’ve done with Reddington. Is it done coming back to us? To me?
Dembe: I don’t know.
Isabella: I’m going away. With Elle. Not forever, but for now.
Dembe: Where will you go?
Isabella: I don’t think I should tell you that. This isn’t a punishment. It’s not about you being a cop.
Dembe: I know.
Isabella: No, really, it’s not. I was upset with you about that. And I’d be lying if I said I still wasn’t upset. But you can be a police officer and a man who’s proud to be Black. I know that because I know that’s who you are.
Dembe: I want you to feel safe. And I want us to be together. I’ve missed you.
Isabella: Yeah, I’ve missed you, too.
Dembe: Can I see Elle before you go?
Isabella: Of course.
I was reading her a story. I’m sure she’d love for you to finish it.
[ Dembe reads to Elle ]
Dembe: “‘You have plenty of courage, I am sure,’ answered Oz. ‘All you need is confidence in yourself. There is no living thing that is not afraid when it faces danger.'”
[ Red reads to Agnes ]
Red: “Her father, Pippi had not forgotten, he was a sea captain who sailed on the great ocean, and Pippi had sailed with him in his ship until one day, her father blew overboard in a storm and disappeared.”
Dembe: “‘True courage is in facing danger when you are afraid, and that kind of courage you have in plenty.’ ‘Perhaps I have, but I’m scared just the same,’ said the Lion.”
Red: “But Pippi was absolutely certain that he would come back. She would never believe that he had drowned. She was sure he had floated until he landed on an island inhabited by cannibals. And she thought he had become the king of all the cannibals and went around with a golden crown on his head all day long. ‘My papa is a cannibal king, it certainly isn’t every child who has such a stylish […] ‘”

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🔴 Script 9:10 Arcane Wireless (№ 154)

Program air date: 2/25/2022 in the US
Script Permalink: https://wp.me/pDKwi-d3a
EntertainmentWeekly Recap: https://bit.ly/3IcxG7v

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Michael Caracciolo
Written by: Sam Christopher



Brief (Where we’re at): Red and Dembe are on the same page again as the further analysis of Vandyke’s phone revealed that Vandyke was not tracking Dembe on the day Liz was killed. Someone else must have told Vandyke that Liz would be at Pascual’s restaurant the night Vandyke shot Liz. Red was also able to forgive Dembe for showing Liz the letter that he had instructed Dembe to give to Liz only after Red’s death. The question remains: what does the letter say? Liz told Agnes that she knows Red is Russian and that Red “was the most important person in [Liz’s] life, besides me, and she was glad that I had met you ….” We still don’t know for sure what Red’s relationship to Liz and Agnes is, although there were hints at the end of Season 8. (We also don’t know what was in the box Red gave to Dembe.)

Red’s lover Mierce has left, but she is having her sister Weecha (Red’s bodyguard) get a bouquet of flowers each week and is sending her photos of them each week for her to interpret. The latest reading: “Mierce’s optimistic.” Red told Marvin Gerard that he and Mierce have not broken up: “She’s not my ex. We’re just pausing until I resolve the issues surrounding Elizabeth’s death.” Red and Weecha, Mierce’s sister, are sharing the one bed in the camper: “The bed is much more comfortable than the couch. I, being a gentleman, I offered her the bed. She being a lady, she invited me to join her.”

From earlier episodes: Ressler has continued to struggle with addiction and again turned to Alina Park for help. She wants to help him but says her efforts to cover for him have only made things worse: “You can’t do this alone, weaning yourself off, titrating. It’s like handcuffing yourself to your desk at night just to keep from falling off the wagon.” So that’s what Ressler did, literally (the handcuffing thing), then left her a voicemail to come into work early.

Cooper and his friend Lew Sloan from the ballistics lab have continued trying to figure out who is blackmailing Cooper by trying to pin on him the murder of Doug Koster. Koster had years earlier had an affair with Cooper’s wife Charlene. He was murdered on a night when Cooper had attended a retirement party. Cooper woke up the next morning in his car, unable to remember how he got there. He discovered a bullet was missing from the clip in his service weapon. Cooper had Lew run the ballistics and the bullet matched his gun. When Metro PD Detective Marcus Heber served a warrant for the gun, without telling “Coop,” Lew took it upon himself to modify the gun’s barrel so the bullet and gun would no longer matched. Now, Cooper has received the results of a lab test that prove he was in fact drugged with a ‘date rape drug.’ Surveillance video from that night which Lew acquired shows a bartender slipping something into Cooper’s drink. Lew got the name of the bartender, Abel Judge. So, Cooper went to the man’s apartment. No one answered his knocks and the door was unlocked, so he entered, only to find the place completely ransacked and a man (likely Abel Judge) lying dead on the floor, his throat slashed. At that moment the landline phone in the apartment rang. Cooper answered. The digitally altered voice of the blackmailer spoke: “Congratulations, Harold. Now you have the blood of two men on your hands.”


⭕ Script 9:10 Arcane Wireless (№ 154)

[ Dean Martin’s ♪ “Let the Good Times In” plays ]
[ A shipping area ] [ Indistinct conversations ]
[ Red’s accountant and associate, Heddie Hawkins, is directing a crew of men who are loading sacks into crates and onto shipping pallets and moving them by pallet jack. She is happy and animated and holds a glass of wine in one hand ]
Heddie Hawkins: [ Sips ] Mm. Guys, that is a packing job if I ever saw one. Bravo! I love that stuff.

♪ I woke up this morning ♪
♪ Toes out of my shoes ♪

[ A clerk shows her a clipboard ]
Heddie: Um, yeah. No, not that. That’s 10:00.

♪ Cold north wind was a-howling ♪

Heddie: 10:00. 10:00, please, please.

♪ Bringing me the blues ♪

Heddie: [ Loudly ] Okay, good boys. Good. Glenn, this is great, but I just need these, and I need them moved to the truck. Good.

♪ I said, “Blues, good morning” ♪

Heddie: Yeah, what’s shaking, boys? Keep it going!

♪ Excuse me while I have a smoke ♪

Heddie: Thank you. Thank you. Good job. Come on. [ Chuckles ]

♪ If I can’t find a light ♪

Heddie: Okay, let’s get these crates sealed. Last truck is rolling in 20! Chop, chop! [ To a young man ] Patented plants. What a concept. What’s next, Bobby? Copyrighting clouds?
Bobby: I’m sure you’d find a way to turn a profit on those, too.
Heddie: You bet your ass I would. [ Chuckles ]

♪ Tomorrow’s gonna be A better day ♪

Man: Right, put that on the line. [ Loud thudding ] What the hell?
[ ⚡️ Flash ⚡️ grenades ⚡️ explode ⚡️ ]
Man: Oh!

♪ Open up the door ♪
♪ And let the good times in ♪

[ Armed men burst in with assault rifles ]
Officer 1: FBI! Get on the ground!
Officer 2: Freeze!
Officer 1: Get on the ground!

♪ Tomorrow’s gonna be better than today ♪

[ Indistinct shouting ]
[ Heddie sits next to a pile of sacks ] [ Speed-dialing ••• ••• ••••]
Heddie: Raymond. We got trouble.

[ Red’s camper in the woods ] [ Red talks to his lawyer, Marvin Gerard, in the dining area. His bodyguard, Weecha Xiu, makes the bed in the room on the far side of the kitchen ]
Marvin Gerard: You know, Raymond, I am not surprised you didn’t anticipate the raid. You have been distracted.
Red: Looking for the person responsible for Elizabeth’s death is hardly a distraction.
Marvin: No. It’s a waste of time.
Red: Not if I find them.
Marvin: Even if there was someone, which I doubt, finding them will not bring Elizabeth back.
[ Red runs water from the faucet ]
Marvin: It only delays you healing, or, apparently, house hunting.
Red: Heddie may be just another cog in the machine of my organization, but she’s a fragile and unpredictable cog, and she won’t last long behind bars. You need to get her out.
Marvin: I’ll do my best, mon capitaine. Though perhaps you might have more luck talking to your task force pals. What else are FBI friends for?
Red: Investigating the Seer.
Marvin: You mean on the Blacklist?
Red: Yes.
Marvin: It’s brilliant.

[ The Post Office, Cooper’s office ]
Cooper: Absolutely not.
Red: Come on, Harold.
Cooper: Hedwig Hawkins was caught with over a million dollars’ worth of pirated soybean seeds.
Red: Pirated? Heddie was just selling seeds to farmers at a price. If my associate is guilty of anything, it’s simply trying to ease the economic strain on the hardworking men and women who put the tofu in your turkey, the cotton in your shirt, the beans in your coffee. Everything it means to be human.
Cooper: But our immunity agreement is with you, not with your employees.
Red: If she talks, it will be damaging. How much is hard to tell, but it would certainly have repercussions for me and for this task force.
Cooper: We have a deal with you. The rest of the Justice Department doesn’t. I can’t just pick up the phone and get her out of custody.
Red: I can only hope that reciprocal generosity is a concept that one day will have meaning for you. Until that day, have you ever heard of Arcane Wireless?
Cooper: Sounds like a phone company.
Red: With a black-market operating system that cannot be tapped or traced by law enforcement. A couple of thousand beta phones have been sold to date, but word is the company is about to go wide.
Cooper: That’s cause for alarm.
Red: One of the FBI’s most powerful tools, other than me, is the federal wiretap warrant. Last year, those warrants resulted in nearly 7,000 arrests. Imagine all of those criminals, all of that evidence, well outside of your reach. That’s what will happen if you don’t stop Arcane Wireless.

[ The Post Office war room ] [ Aram briefs the task force ]
Aram: Juan Miguel Rojas, enforcer for the Castillo Cartel. This image was captured from a bank in El Paso minutes after he murdered an informer’s family. Richard Slade, military-grade weapons trafficker. Clients range from Boogaloo Boys to the Taliban. And Clyde MacFarlane leads the Mount Porte Motorcycle Club. Though they started out and are still based in West Virginia, they now handle a large portion of the methamphetamine trade from the Great Lakes all the way down to the Gulf Coast.
Ressler: Yeah, but it’s nothing new that criminals use cellphones.
Cooper: Arcane Wireless isn’t a public company. It’s underground, invite-only, and those invites go to the worst of the worst.
Aram: The service is like an electronic cone of silence.
Dembe: It’s working. Arcane’s clients have been avoiding arrest ever since they started using the phones.
Park: And Reddington says these phones are about to flood the market?
Cooper: He does. Which means we’re on a clock. And all we have to go on is the moniker of the man in charge. According to Reddington, he’s known as The Seer.
[ A man waits on the side of the road with a backpack ]
Bearded Man in van: You’re the Seer?
The Seer: Where’s your boss?
Bearded Man: You want his business? You play by his rules.
[ The Seer pulls a black hood over his head and gets into the van ]
Ressler: If these phones are interfering with active investigations, maybe the Bureau has open case files.
Aram: I can reach out to a contact over at Information Security who’d know.
Cooper: Who is it?
Aram: FJ Powell. He, uh– He actually was my mentor who taught me everything I know, including that I could never be as good as him. This should be fun.
[ Keys clack ]

[ Marvin Gerard arrives at the jail where Heddie Hawkins is being held ]
[ Buzzer rings ]
Guard: Step through.
[ The guard wands Marvin ]
[ Beeping 🔅🔅🔅 ] [ The wand detects Marvin’s earpiece ] [ High-pitched beeping ⚡️⚡️ ]
Marvin: Ah! Geez. You trying to make me lose what little hearing I have left?
[ Marvin shows the Guard his earpiece ~ it looks like a hearing aid ]
[ High-pitched beeping ⚡️⚡️ ]
Marvin: Can I see my client now, or you want to do a full cavity search, too?
[ Heddie sits at a table ]
Heddie: Ah. Marvin, thank Christ.
Marvin: Heddie. Hi.
[ Door closes ]
[ Marvin takes the hearing aid out of his ear and slides it across the table to Heddie, who puts it in ]
Red: [ ⚡️Feedback⚡️ ] Heddie?
Heddie: Raymond?
Red: First of all, how are you? Were you hurt in the raid?
Heddie: No, I’m– I’m fine. But where’d those fed bastards come from anyway?
Red: You let me worry about that. Until we sort this out, you just luxuriate in your right to remain silent.
Heddie: Of course. Anything for you. So, how long before I’m sprung?
Marvin: I need to warn you that this is bigger than a few soybeans. They are planning on throwing the whole book at you. Racketeering, conspiracy, aiding and abetting a fugitive, like–
Heddie: Yeah, but you say that like it matters. We have a 52-card deck of aces up our sleeve. Right, Ray Ray?
Marvin: No. Not this time.
Heddie: Wait. No? But I– I have macaws.
Marvin: Macaws?
Red: Not to worry. I’ve got a very sweet guy to watch your birds.
Heddie: For how long? They can live to be 60, and Mango needs the ointment for her beak disease and Princess is more demanding than an opera singer with allergies on opening night. I– I need to be there for them.
Red: Heddie, just relax. Take a breath. Marvin smuggled an earwig into a federal facility so that you could hear my voice telling you we will take care of this. You have nothing to worry about. So sit tight and stay strong.
Heddie: Okay. I’m okay.

[ The van transporting The Seer pulls up behind a warehouse ]
Odin Interdonato: I trust my associates treated you respectfully.
[ Door closes ]
Odin: In my line of work, one has to take certain security precautions.
The Seer: [ Chuckles ]
Odin: What? That’s funny?
Seer: What’s funny is that you think blindfolds and driving around in circles equals security. Your phone.
[ The Guard gives him his phone ]
[ Cellphone beeps🔅]
Seer: Ah. Location services are off. You’d think that would be sufficient, but people just can’t resist using their phones for things like– [ Cellphone beeps🔅] Aha! Jalapeno poppers on Grubhub. Thanks to your late-night cravings, every 30 seconds, his phone is sending out a ping to see if he’s in a Grubhub service area. Any law enforcement officer with cause can walk right through that door right now. Grub what you love.
[ Odin grabs the phone and throws it to the floor ] [ Cellphone clatters ⚡️ ] [ Odin shoots it💥 ]
Seer: That’s one liability down. I can get rid of all of them and replace them with phones that can’t be hacked or tracked.
Odin: I want to see them in action.
Seer: I’ll schedule a demonstration. Bring any expert you like. I’ve never had an unhappy client.
Odin: Minor players, no doubt. I do business on four continents.
Seer: You traffic on four continents. Women, children. You’re a troubled person who does terrible things, and one day, you’ll be caught. Unless – You’re invisible.
Odin: If your product is as good as you say, I’ll be buying thousands.
Seer: Four continents? Odin, I’m about to give you the whole damn planet.

[ FJ Powell’s office ] [ Aram enters quietly, raises his hand, almost knocks ] [ FJ looks up ]
FJ Powell: What?
Aram: Hello. I, um– I was, uh, going– Well, the– Uh, your door–
FJ: Still a fumferer.
Aram: Uh, what?
FJ: I hate fumfering.
Aram: Yet you cause so much of it. [ Chuckles ] Sir. Agent Powell. Um, hello, FJ.
FJ: You had promise. Why did you waste it?
Aram: I didn’t know I had.
FJ: The private sector. Tech. I thought you’d be in it by now.
Aram: Oh. Yeah. Tech. Uh, I tried that. Didn’t take. Um, but now I am on a federal task force looking into Arcane Wireless. Have you heard of it?
FJ: Well, if I had, why should I tell you about it?
Aram: Well, actually, because, uh, after a few conversations between my boss and your boss’s-boss’s boss, uh, you’ve– Uh, you’ve been ordered to.
[ Aram hands FJ some paperwork. FJ flips through it ]
FJ: You outrank me, don’t you?
Aram: Oh, only if you mean, you know, hierarchically, but in any kind of meta way, you are this, like, alpha beast, and I am — (quietly) not.
FJ: Law enforcement has run into a handful of these over the past year.
[ FJ takes a phone out of his drawer ]
FJ: Yesterday, highway patrol in West Virginia stumbled onto a biker running drug money. He had this, fresh off the factory floor.
[ FJ hands the phone to Aram ]
Aram: It’s been bricked?
FJ: This network is not connected to anything we’ve ever seen before. It’s totally impenetrable. Even when we get our hands on a phone, they’re able to wipe all the data remotely.
Aram: I’m gonna call this in. My task force is gonna want to interview the, uh, biker. In the meantime, do you, uh, mind if I, uh, stay here and take this phone apart?
FJ: [ Chuckles, takes the phone ] I’ll get back to you on that. As soon as I check with my boss’s-boss’s boss.
Aram: Technically, it’s that boss’s boss, if you want to be hierarchical about it. Which, um, I don’t, but if you did, then that boss’s boss.

[ At the jail, Marvin Gerard and Heddie Hawkins sit across from an AUSA (Assistant US Attorney) Red listens in via Marvin’s earpiece “hearing aid” ]
Marvin Gerard: How was my client supposed to know that she was buying the asexual clones of a protected legume? I mean, it’s not like the beans were stamped with a copyright logo. And I happen to know that seed patents are hell to prosecute. First, you got to prove disclosure, then you got to test the specimens, then define the content. I mean, who needs it? I’ll tell you what we can do. In exchange for reduced charges, my client will testify against the company that sold her that spurious product.
AUSA: Are you done?
Red: [ To Marvin via earphone ] Tell him you can keep going, all day, all night, all year, for eternity.
Marvin: That’s it for this angle, yeah, but I got plenty of others, and I’m gonna keep going until we make a deal.
AUSA: The state only has one deal to offer.
Red: Oop. Here it comes.
AUSA: Immediate release. A new name, a new life, a fresh start.
Marvin: In exchange for?
AUSA: Everything she knows about Raymond Reddington and his activities. Full cooperation. We want names, we want dates, we want every possible detail.
Marvin: Okay. Done.
Heddie: Done?
Marvin: Done.
Red: Marvin, really?
AUSA: You’re saying she’ll flip on Reddington?
Marvin: Of course not.
AUSA: Look, we can protect you against your employer. What we can’t protect you against is his rather colorful lawyer. Mr. Gerard may say he’s representing you, but we both know he’s here to look out for his real client.
Heddie: And that’s the Raymond person? Who’s that again? I’m–
Red: [ Chuckles ] That’s my girl.
AUSA: 20 years, Miss Hawkins. Minimum. 20 years in a federal prison rubbing elbows with killers. That’s what you’re looking at, minimum. Is that really how you want to grow old?
Heddie: Well, what about that guy from the prison film with Burt Lancaster? The one with the birds? Do they let you keep birds? Macaws, specifically? I– I have two.
[ The AUSA looks at Marvin. Marvin smiles ]

[ FJ Powell’s office ]
Aram: Okay, so whoever developed this is a genius. Not that I’m a genius, but I found the log directory, and it looks like it recorded a time stamp every time a call was connected, but what’s weird is, it seems like every time that happened, the phone sent an outgoing data packet to a server farm.
FJ: Do you have a final destination?
Aram: Uh, no.
FJ: In other words, you might have found something, if we can trace the server. And if we can, if the server pings us back. And if it does, whether it pings us where the messages have been sent.
Aram: Okay, but, uh, imagine how great it’ll be if all those ‘ifs’ all happen.
FJ: I’ll start running a trace.
[ FJ starts typing into his computer as Aram looks on. On another open window on the computer screen is displayed the home page for Greylock, the company Aram started with his friend Nick ]
Aram: What’s that?
FJ: Greylock? It’s a tech company with security platforms.
Aram: No, yeah, that, uh, I know. Why are you looking at it?
FJ: That’s none of your business.
Aram: No, of course it’s not. Normally, it– It– It wouldn’t be. I know that it– [ Sighs ]
FJ: Spit it out or swallow it, but for God’s sake, stop fumfering.
Aram: It’s my company.
FJ: Yours?
Aram: Yeah. It is. Or it– It was. It– It’s not now, but– [ Sighs ] I created it.
FJ: You’re the CTO who left.
Aram: How do you know that?
FJ: Because I’m applying to be the CTO.
Aram: You’re applying for my job?
FJ: Yes. The job you left. Before you were vested.
Aram: I was vested. I chose to make a clean break. What makes you think that I wa– Are they offering you ownership shares?
[ Computer beeps🔅]
FJ: Oh, looks like the trace is a dead end. Proxies all the way down. They haven’t offered me anything yet. I’m in the application stage.
Aram: But the offer includes ownership shares. Shares that I gave up.
FJ: [ Breathes deeply ] We should keep looking in the directories– See what other information we can find.
[ Keys clacking ]

[ Ressler and Dembe interrogate Randy Dixon, a member of Clyde MacFarlane’s motorcycle club ]
Ressler: The Mount Porte Motorcycle Club, huh? It looks like you got pulled over in West Virginia driving a truck carrying $2 million worth of drug money, all because of a broken tail light.
Randy Dixon: I got nothing to say about money.
Ressler: Well, we don’t care about the money. We’re here about your phone.
Randy: Oh, my phone? What, you brought me here to offer me an upgrade?
Dembe: Clyde MacFarlane. The president of your club. The phone he’s using – It’s the same model you had when you were arrested. Where did you get it?
Randy: I dunno. Walmart?
Ressler: Look, we need a name. Or we put out the word that you’re a snitch and that the $2 million wasn’t confiscated after an arrest, but actually handed over as part of our arrangement.
Randy: We don’t have an arrangement.
Ressler: We will if you don’t cooperate.
Randy: Riggs.
Dembe: Riggs who?
Randy: I don’t know his first name. He’s part of the club. He ran the whole thing. Gave us all new phones, made us toss our old ones.
Dembe: Where do we find Riggs?
Randy: He’s always in the same place. Far end of the bar at Kelly’s in Randolph County.

[ Kelly’s in Randolph County ] [ A Waitress picks up Riggs’ empty beer bottle ]
Waitress: I’ll get you another one, Riggs.
Riggs: Thank you, sugar.
[ The Seer enters ]
[ Door closes ]
Seer: That smells good. I’ll have a plate of what he’s having.

♪ Course there’s no lights on ♪

Seer: And take your time coming back with it.

♪ To show me the way ♪

[ The Waitress leaves ]
Riggs: What are you doin’?
Seer: Well, one of your boys was just arrested, carrying one of my phones.
Riggs: So? They’re untraceable. Thought that was the big sell.
Seer: They are. I’m not.

♪ But the captain drank himself into his grave ♪

Seer: Arcane is about to go wide. I can’t have the FBI sniffing around. Not now.
Riggs: Your head ain’t right if you think I’d tell a Fed the time of day.
Seer: Unfortunately for you, I’m not willing to take that chance.
[ Another man comes over and sticks a gun in Riggs’ back ]

♪ Did you sweep me off the floor or out the door– ♪

[ They get up to leave. The Seer grabs a morsel off Riggs’ plate ]
Seer: On second thought, I should’ve asked for this plate to-go.
[ They head out ]

♪ Under the pale moon spotlight ♪
♪ Did we see each– ♪

[ Later, the Waitress wipes the bar ] [ Ressler and Dembe enter ]
Ressler: Excuse me. Agents Ressler and Zuma, FBI. We’re looking for a man named Riggs.
Waitress: You and me both. One minute, he’s ordering his usual, and the next, he has taken off without even saying goodbye. And now that I see the two of you, I know I was right.

[ Red’s camper ]
Red: How did she seem in person?
Marvin: She’s trying to act tough, but it’s not a performance that’s gonna win any Tonys, you know?
Red: Heddie’s got a big heart, and it’s in the right place, but if they send her upstate to eat franks and beans with the tough gals, it’s anyone’s guess how she’s gonna react.
Marvin: Well, in that case, we got a serious problem, ’cause on my way out, I got wind that the U.S. Attorney’s office has petitioned the court to find Heddie alternate counsel.
Red: Why? She has you.
Marvin: Yeah, you also have me. You pay me, and they know that. Despite my protestations otherwise. They’re, uh– They’re citing conflict of interest. They’re cutting in to talk to her in private, lean on her. They lean on her hard enough, that woman will fall faster than a lawn chair.
Red: Heddie might surprise us. She does exhibit a certain can-do attitude.
Marvin: Raymond, she knows enough to make it hurt. If she rolls on you to that lawyer, they will whisk her straight into hiding in Never Never Land, and the next time you see her, she will be sitting in a witness box testifying against you in a federal court.
Red: Who do we know in the Eastern District?
Marvin: Judge Smathers.
Red: Get Heddie’s case transferred to his docket right away. Line some pockets. Get it done.

[ Odin’s warehouse ] [ The Seer walks in ]
Seer: Who’s this?
Odin Interdonato: This is Itzhak. 15 years in digital analysis for the Mossad. He’s here for your demonstration. I won’t be placing an order without his sign-off.
Itzhak: I am told that you make a phone that is untraceable.
Seer: A skeptic. Good.
[ Keys clacking ] [ Dialing ••• ]
Dispatcher: 911, what’s your emergency?
Seer: It’s not my emergency you should worry about. Do you know what atrocities we’re committing abroad right now, originating from this very city? Bet you don’t. You don’t care. You’re asleep. But I’m about to wake everyone up.
Dispatcher: Sir, can I have your name?
Seer: I’ve planted an IED in the Metro.
Odin: What are you doing?!
Seer: There are 40 stations in the District alone. You won’t have time to find it before it goes off with enough force to take out an entire block and who knows how many so-called innocents.
[ The Seer presses “Mute” ]
Dispatcher: Sir, you sound upset. Can we send someone to your location? Are you there? Sir?
Seer: The instant I cried bomb, she pressed a button alerting her superior.
Dispatcher: Can I have your location so we can send someone–
Seer: As we speak–
Dispatcher: –to speak with you?
Seer: –they’re attempting to triangulate my location using cell towers. Itzhak, if you would be so kind as to set a 60-minute timer. If their trace is successful, within the hour, agents will break down that door and arrest us all. None of which is going to happen, because I called on one of my phones.
Itzhak: And if you’re wrong?
Seer: But I’m not wrong. Which is why I brought a deck of cards. We’ve got about an hour to kill. What’s your game – Hold ’em, hearts, gin?
Itzhak: You just called in a bomb threat and you want to play a game of cards?
Seer: I guess that means I’m playing solitaire.

[ Aram’s workstation ]
Park: You stole the phone.
Aram: No, I took it without permission.
Park: From your mentor.
Aram: He stole my job. I stole his phone.
Park: He didn’t steal your job. He’s applying for the job you quit.
Aram: Okay, do you know how much Greylock raised in Series A financing? $19 million. Do you know what my share of that would have been? $4.75 million.
Park: Which is why you stole the phone.
Aram: Okay, first, no, it’s not his phone. And second, yes, that is exactly why I stole it.
Park: Your mentor wants the job you left. That should be rewarding.
Aram: You know what would be rewarding? $4.75 million.
Park: There’s nobility in poverty.
[ Ressler, Cooper and Dembe walk over ]
Ressler: We know who The Seer is.
Cooper: We got a link to surveillance footage of Kelly’s.
Park: A dive bar gave you access to their security cameras?
Ressler: No, but the Wellness Center across the street did.
[ The video shows the three men leaving the bar ]
Dembe: That’s why Riggs wasn’t at the bar. The Seer got to him first.
Ressler: Our Seer is William Meyers, 46. A fallen software engineer convicted of bilking the tech company he founded out of $2 million. On his release, he hooked up with the Lyon Crime Syndicate. I guess he was looking for cash, and old Alonso Lyon wanted his communication systems updated.
Aram: So, someone from the Lyon Crime Syndicate took out someone loyal to the Mount Porte Club. That’s not gonna end well.
Ressler: I tried pulling a BOLO. Seems the Bureau issued one on Meyers three years ago. Turns out he’s almost as elusive as Reddington.
Dembe: Then it’s a good thing we’re working with Raymond. He’s done business with Lyon. Maybe he can broker a meeting.
Cooper: Call him.

[ The jail ] [ Heddie Hawkins sits at a table ] [ A lawyer enters ]
Kamina Gilford: Morning.
[ Door closes ]
Heddie: Who are you?
Gilford: My name is Kamina Gilford. I’m a defense attorney.
Heddie: Oh, I already have one of those.
Gilford: The court has appointed me to meet with you because an allegation has been made that you’re represented by Raymond Reddington’s attorney. The court’s intent is to assure that any decisions you make are your decisions and not influenced by a lawyer who also represents your boss. A crime boss.
Heddie: That’s a lot of words.
Gilford: Words have power. Your words have the power to save you, Heddie.
Heddie: You want me to snitch.
Gilford: Can you honestly tell me that you want to spend 20 years in prison, if you’re lucky, to protect a man who kills without conscience? The evidence against you is airtight, and I can say as a trial lawyer that if I had to defend you on these facts, I’d lose.
Heddie: Does Marvin know you’re here?
Gilford: No. And if you accept the state’s offer of Witness Protection, he won’t be advised this is happening until you are safely in protective custody. Your birds, too. U.S. Marshals are standing by right now. Let’s be clear, Heddie. This is your one opportunity not to die in jail. The U.S. Attorney has extended this offer to you, and it’s only open for one hour. You need to decide now.

[ Odin Interdonato’s warehouse ]
[ Cellphone beeping 🔅 🔅 🔅 ]
[ Itzhak watches as the hour counts down to seconds ]
[ Beeping continues 🔅 🔅 🔅 ]

Man on radio: We’re getting some more information now on a bomb threat that has prompted evacuations–

[ Cellphone beeps 🔅 and stops ]

Man on radio: –of several office buildings downtown.

The Seer: There’s something inexplicably rewarding about winning at solitaire. You’re not beating anyone and yet it’s really quite satisfying. How about you? Are you satisfied yet?
Itzhak: I’m intrigued.
Seer: Only intrigued? You just witnessed an incredible demonstration.
Itzhak: It’s one thing to be untraceable. It’s a whole other thing to be intercepted, hacked, and decrypted.
Odin Interdonato: Itzhak pioneered hacking techniques for the Mossad that would make your head spin.
Seer: I’ll be calling from 771-555-0136. The operating system on both phones is chainOS Secure. What else do you need? Serial numbers? Storage capacity? You couldn’t be closer to it than you are right now. You know, I’m always looking for talent. I might have a place for you, if you can penetrate this call.
[ Keys clacking ]
Itzhak: Hmm. This is unusual.
Odin: The encryption?
Itzhak: No. I– I can’t even get that far. The phone is plugged directly into my system, and I can’t even register a call in progress. I– I’ve never seen anything like this.
Seer: Satisfied now? With my technology in your pocket, you’ll dominate the global market in trafficking.
Odin: [ Breathes deeply ] You’ve made a believer of me. I’ll buy every phone you have.
Seer: Smart man. Now no one in law enforcement can touch you.

[ Red’s office-in-a-warehouse ]
[ Door opens ] [ Alonso Lyon, head of the Lyon Crime Syndicate ]
Red: Ah, Alonso. Thank you for coming on such short notice.
Alonso: It better be important, Red. You just pulled me from my daughter’s dressage competition. I wanted to know what $30,000 in horse lessons bought me.
[ Door opens ] [ Clyde MacFarlane enters ]
Red: I’ll explain everything presently.
Clyde MacFarlane: Where’s Reddington?
Red: [ Laughs ] Here’s our other guest now. Alonso Lyon, may I introduce you to Clyde MacFarlane, President of the Mount Porte Motorcycle Club.
Clyde: You got some nerve to summon me, I don’t care who you are. Why the hell am I here?
Alonso: Oh, I’d like to know that as well.
Red: You know what I love? A good documentary.
[ Red shows the surveillance video of The Seer, who works with Alonso (who let him “branch out”) escorting Riggs (who belongs to MacFarlane’s motorcycle club) out of Kelly’s bar. (There’s a third man who is muscle for The Seer who has Riggs at gunpoint ]
Red: Would you look at that! One of your men being taken by your men.
Clyde MacFarlane: Son of a bitch. You took out Riggs?
Alonso Lyon: Didn’t take out anybody. How do you even know he’s dead?
Clyde: He got walked out of his local bar by a couple of creeps. His ex-wife’s hysterical ’cause he missed his son’s first hockey game. And he’s never missed a single day dropping by the clubhouse in three years. Except yesterday and today. Now, tell me he’s not gonna show up in a ditch somewhere.
Alonso: Well, whatever happened to him didn’t happen on my orders.
Red: Well, I believe that’s The Seer. The Seer is in your employ.
Clyde: The Seer? Is that the phone guy?
Alonso: Yeah, he worked with me, yeah. And I let him branch out on his own for a nice piece of the action.
Red: Providing a valuable service – Apparently to both of you. The question is, is it valuable enough to turn the other cheek?
Clyde: Not to me.
Alonso: I got nothing to do with this.
Red: And yet there’s your former tech guru in living color. Rumor has it he redesigned your syndicate’s entire security system, communications, surveillance. Transported you into the 21st century.
Alonso: Why are you doing this, stirring up trouble?
Red: My goal is the opposite. Conflict mediation. Gang wars are bad for all of our businesses. Please, let’s sort this out.
Clyde: There’s nothing to sort. Except which of his people I kill to make us even.
Red: An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.
Clyde: Riggs was a full member. That means something. Someone’s got to pay.
Red: An understandable sentiment. From my vantage point, The Seer caused the problem. Perhaps he’s the solution?
Alonso: I am not gonna sign off on the death of a friend.
Red: I’ve had to part company with people myself. I’m sure we all have. Peace and prosperity for all is sometimes more important than one particular person. Alonso?
Alonso: [ Breathes deeply ] All right, let me hear it from him, and then I’ll do what needs to be done.
Clyde: You’ll just hide him. I don’t want him disappeared. I want him dead.
Red: When the time comes, I’ll handle the job. Does that work for both of you? All right.

[ Aram’s workstation ]
Aram: Well, the hardware told us nothing.
Park: Did you check his trace?
Aram: Why?
Park: For the same reason you stole the phone. And don’t say it was out of spite because he’s applying for your old job.
Aram: It was out of spite because he’s applying for my old job.
Park: It was also so you could check on his work, because deep down, you know you’re every bit as good as FJ, if not better, because you know he might have missed something that you might catch.
Aram: The trace was a non-starter. Too many dummy servers to identify the end location.
Park: So he says.
Aram: I will run the trace again, but it won’t lead anywhere.
Park: And while you’re at it, call Nick and recommend FJ for the job. It’s the nice thing to do, and you’re a nice guy.
Aram: I suppose you think that is a compliment and that it is not FJ’s fault that I took a vow of poverty and that if anyone else deserves the job, he does.
Park: That’s exactly what I think, and despite how you feel, I know it’s what you think, too.

[ Later ]
Aram: You’re right.
Park: Then you’ll make the call?
Aram: Uh, no. Absolutely not. You’re not right about how I feel. In fact, no, you’re absolutely wrong about that. What you’re right about is my running the trace. Checking his work. Look. Data packets are being sent directly to an end server. FJ Powell is the father of modern forensic infosec. He could’ve found this in his sleep.
Park: Then why didn’t he?
Aram: That’s the thing. I think he did.

[ Red’s office ]
[ Door opens ] [ Kamina Gilford, who offered Heddie Hawkins the witness protection deal, enters ]
Red: Ah. Ms. Gilford.
[ Door closes ]
Red: I’ve been waiting with bated breath. What tune did our songbird sing?
Gilford: A song of silence.
Red: Ah.
Marvin: Really?
Gilford: I’ve never seen anything like it. 20 years in hell, and she’s willing to serve them all for you. The loyalty you inspire in your people — or is it fear?
Red: That’s entirely case dependent. In Heddie’s case, it’s loyalty. The woman has the heart of a Basset Hound.
Marvin: I’m just glad she passed the test.
Gilford: And what if she failed? You never told me what the contingency plan was.
Red: No need for unpleasant “what ifs” today. The fact is, Heddie stands tall. Thank you for your time, Ms. Gilford. Give my regards to Judge Smathers, and I hope your new bungalow on Sint Maarten is everything you’ve always dreamed of.
Gilford: Best afternoon’s work I’ve ever done.
Red: I would agree. The gentleman who brought you here is waiting to take you wherever you’d like.
Gilford: Thank you.
[ Weecha escorts Kamina Gilford away ]
Marvin: Heddie has a rough road ahead.
[ Door opens ] [ Red puts on his fedora, adjusts the brim ]
Marvin: I’ll make some calls. See that she gets the best bunk in the whole place.
[ Door closes ]
Marvin: Limitless commissary account.
Red: That won’t be necessary, Marvin. I’d say Heddie’s earned her freedom, wouldn’t you?
Marvin: I mean, I know you’re good, but the, uh, woman’s in a federal holding cell. What, are you planning on staging a breakout?
Red: In a manner of speaking, yes.

[ The Seer rides in a chauffeured car. His cellphone rings✨] [ Cellphone beeps🔅]
The Seer: Hello, Alonso.
Alonso Lyon: [ In his office ] You killed a full member of the Mount Porte Motorcycle Club? What were you thinking?
Seer: The FBI was on its way to question him about Arcane.
Alonso: You should have come to me.
Seer: I don’t work for you.
Alonso: Only because I allowed you to go. You operate under my protection. Don’t forget. I introduced you to many of your clients. Nobody even knew who you were two years ago.
Seer: I think sharing half my profits with you expresses the appropriate amount of appreciation. Profits that might have disappeared if the FBI had gotten to Riggs.
Alonso: You crossed a line, and I’m staring down a war with a dangerous enemy. We need to fix this. When and where can we meet to discuss?
Seer: I’m on my way to close a deal with a new client. Rock Creek Park in 45 minutes. We can talk after.
Alonso: I’ll be there.
[ Cellphone beeps 🔅 ]
[ Red is seated across from Alonso ]
Alonso: Make it as quick as possible. Don’t let him suffer.
Red: He won’t feel a thing.
[ Dialing ••• ••• •••• ]
[ Cooper’s cellphone ringing✨] [ Cellphone beeps🔅]
Cooper: Cooper.
Red: Harold, I have a time and place.
[ Cellphone beeps 🔅, clicks shut ]

[ FJ Wallace’s office ] [ Keys clacking ]
[ Aram barges in ]
Aram: What am I missing?
FJ: Manners.
Aram: You always said it wasn’t enough to see only the code. To be great, you need to see the big picture. Well, I cannot see it, or I don’t want to, because the only big picture I see is that you’re a traitor.
FJ: A convenient accusation, as even uttering it might prevent me from getting your old job.
Aram: That has nothing to do with this.
FJ: But you don’t want me to get it, do you?
Aram: What I want is for you to tell me, why didn’t you run the trace?
FJ: Is that what you want, or is that an order?
Aram: Both. And if you don’t believe me, why don’t you call the boss?
FJ: I don’t need to call the boss. I know exactly what she would say.
Aram: So do I. That I should arrest you.
FJ: Actually, she would curse your infernal meddling and then grant me permission to read you into the situation hoping to prevent you from causing any lasting damage.
Aram: The only thing I’m trying to damage is the Arcane network.
FJ: And by doing that, you damage the country. You think I’m a traitor. But if you saw the big picture, you’d see that I’m a patriot. Yes, I’ve been protecting the Arcane Network. Because — I created it.

[ Rock Creek Park ] [ Ressler and Dembe are there with a SWAT Team to take out The Seer, who will be there to close his deal with Odin Interdonato. The Seer expects to meet afterwards with Alonso Lyon ] [ Cooper and Park are at the Post Office ]
Ressler: [ On comms ] We got eyes on the target. Perimeter secure.
Cooper: Stand by. Let’s see who he’s meeting first.
Ressler: Who’s the unsub?
Dembe: Odin Interdonato. Head of a human trafficking operation.
Park: The largest trafficking operation in the country. He’s destroyed literally thousands of lives and families.
Dembe: And if he starts using The Seer’s phone, his operation goes invisible.
Ressler: If we move in now, we can take them both down.
Cooper: You’re all clear. Do it.
— Go.
[ The SWAT rolls out ]
[ Aram gets off the elevator and runs toward Cooper and Park ]
Aram: Sir! Sir, you have to shut it down! It’s the FBI!
Cooper: What’s the FBI?
Aram: The Seer, Arcane Wireless. It’s all an op. The Seer, he’s a deep cover agent. He’s one of us.
Cooper: Agent Ressler, Agent Zuma, pull back.
Ressler: Negative. Target is engaging.
[ Indistinct shouting ] [ 💥💥💥 Gunfire 💥💥💥 ] [ Odin Interdonato is shot in the neck ]
— Hands!
— Don’t move!
[ Indistinct conversations ]
[ Ressler cuffs the Seer ]
Seer: You have no idea what you just did.
Ressler: You know what? Save it for the judge.
Seer: We had one chance. One. And you ruined it.
Man: Don’t even think about it!
— Moving out!
— Right there, right there.
[ Indistinct conversations ] [ Radio chatter ]
Dembe: Interdonato is dead.
[ Radio chatter continues ]

[ The Post Office war room ]
The Seer (aka William Meyers): [ Loud, agitated ] You had no authority to move in on my operation.
Ressler: You were making a deal with a human trafficker.
Seer: You think I was making a deal? Give me one of my phones. See if I can spell this out for the nosebleed seats. Criminals make a call. Totally encrypted. Not identifiable by any traditional method of forensic wiretapping.
Park: It was keeping arrests down.
Seer: For now. Short-term concession for long-term gain. What our clients didn’t know is that every one of their conversations was recorded and sent back to our server farm. I wasn’t aiding Odin Interdonato. I was bugging him. I convinced him to use our phones, exclusively, to run his operations. Thousands of criminals, all around the world. Do you know how much work went into this? Millions of dollars in R&D. I spent years developing my criminal bonafides, and you rush in like John Wayne’s Cavalry after two days of recon and shoot up the place.
Dembe: What about Riggs? You killed him to protect your cover.
Seer: Killed? No. FJ heard you were nosing around Mount Porte, so I arrested Riggs before he could get to him. He’s in a safe house in Cleveland. We were done with them anyway – We’d gotten the intel on their big shipment, so we busted out the lights on their truck to give Highway Patrol a reason to pull him over. DEA was taking it over from there.
Cooper: Why didn’t someone in the Bureau notify us to stand down?
Seer: We would have, if FJ could have determined who Agent Mojtabai worked for. But apparently, that’s an incredibly well-kept secret.

Aram: I am sorry.
FJ: For what?
Saying you’re sorry is meaningless unless you say what you’re sorry for.
Aram: It’s a pretty long list. I’m sorry for messing up the op. The phones you created, they are incredible. I honestly don’t know how you did it. They could have been used for so much good. I’m, uh, sorry that we messed that up.
FJ: You should be sorry about that. Anything else?
Aram: Sorry I thought you were a traitor?
FJ: [ Chuckles ] Yeah, that’s two things. What else?
Aram: Resenting you for wanting to take my old job.
FJ: And?
Aram: And? There’s more? I don’t know. Um, my very existence?
FJ: [ Chuckles ] You don’t owe me another apology. But you do owe one to yourself. You are a smart young man with a bright future. What I created at the Arcane Network is no more impressive than what you created at Greylock. I’ve been asked to join dozens of start-ups, each more pedestrian than the next, but what you created here, it’s– It’s inspired. Which makes me think that what you’re doing here is also inspired, or you wouldn’t be here and not there. So – Forgive yourself for the choices that you’ve made. As far as I can tell, my friend –
[ FJ holds out his hand. They shake hands ]
FJ: They’re the right ones.

[ The Seer walks with Cooper past the screens and workstations at the Post Office ]
The Seer: I’m telling you, the sky was the limit. Odin was our latest prize, but we had our eyes fixed on an even bigger fish. Number one on the Most Wanted List.
[ Cooper stops and faces the Seer ]
Cooper: Raymond Reddington. You were targeting him.
Seer: We slipped a few of our phones into his ranks. Taking him down was one of the main priorities of the wide release. Now we will never know what we could’ve accomplished.
[ The Seer walks away ]

[ Cooper’s Office ] [ Cooper calls Red ]
Cooper: [ On phone ] This was all about protecting you and your organization!
Red: I guess you’ve spoken with The Seer.
Cooper: Yeah, and it became abundantly clear that this was about saving your ass.
Red: We’re each looking out for our own interests, operating according to our own principles. When those interests align, so be it. Today, they didn’t.
Cooper: That task force was conducting a years-long surveillance operation.
Red: And look how well it worked out. Odin Interdonato is dead, and ongoing intel gathered by whatever is left of the Arcane Network will lead to the arrests of Alonso Lyon and Clyde MacFarlane and who knows how many more?
Cooper: A convenient vacuum I’m sure you will have no trouble filling.
Red: Not interested. I’ve got other fish to fry.

[ Offices of the US Attorney for Washington D.C. ]
[ Indistinct conversations ]
[ Marvin Gerard storms in to talk to the AUSA prosecuting Heddie Hawkins. The AUSA is talking to a group of colleagues ]
Marvin: Hey! I do not appreciate you making an end-run around my representation. Excuse us.
[ The AUSA nods at his colleagues; they leave ]
AUSA: People have the right to an attorney, not a mouthpiece. I tried to get her one.
Marvin: Oh, yeah. An attorney who will get Heddie to do what you want her to do.
AUSA: It doesn’t really matter, does it, Mr. Gerard? Reddington got his way, thanks to you. You’re a disgrace to your profession.
Marvin: Am I? And how do you figure that?
AUSA: In case you haven’t heard, Miss Hawkins chose to turn down the deal. For the next 20 years, every time you see your boss’s face, I hope you think about that misguided, manipulated woman rotting in prison.
Marvin: Yeah, uh, no, that is, uh– That is not gonna happen.
AUSA: What, you’re not gonna think of her?
Marvin: No, she’s not going to prison. [ Breathes deeply ] What do you know about the Arcane Wireless Network? Nothing? Well, tell your superiors all it will take are a few well-placed phone calls to spread the word to every drug runner, gangster, and con man who are still in possession of an Arcane phone that they are bugged by the very same people that they are supposed to be kept invisible to.
AUSA: I don’t know what you’re talking about. But I do know this is not a negotiation.
Marvin: No, no, no. It isn’t. Not between the two of us, anyway. But the next time you hear about this, it’ll come from someone high up. And when that happens, let me tell you something– The only way that you are going to stop a mountain of failed hopes and dreams from coming tumbling down on you is gonna be when you set my client free. Got that?
[ Marvin turns and walks away ]

[ Aram sits on the yellow metal stair case at the Post Office, making a call ]
[ José Gonzáles’ ♪ “Line of Fire” plays ]
Aram: Hey, uh, Chloe. Yeah, yeah, I heard. $19 million. [ Chuckles ] Yeah, no, that’s great. That’s great news. ⋘⋙ Come to the celebration? No. Uh, I don’t know. Um– ⋘⋙ In Tahiti. On a private jet. Oh. ⋘⋙ No, I’m– I’m good. Yeah, no, I’m– I’m positive. Listen, um, is, uh– Is Nick still around? ⋘⋙ No. No, that’s okay. Just, um– ⋘⋙ Just tell him I sent over a resume, uh, for someone to take my old job. ⋘⋙ Yeah, he’s gonna want to hire this guy. ⋘⋙ He’s awesome.

[ Red’s camper ]
Heddie: My hero!
Red: [ Chuckling ] Heddie. Come in, my dear.
[ Hugs ] [ Laughs ]
Heddie: Oh, thank you.
Red: Oh, no, thank you.
Heddie: Oh!
Red: Please, have a seat.
Heddie: Thank you for getting me out. I– [ Sighs ] I am so sorry.
Red: It was the phones, Heddie, not you.
Heddie: Oh. So, how do you know that they won’t be a problem going forward?
Red: It’s been taken care of.
Heddie: You should know that I was approached by a lawyer. The bloodsucker wanted me to turn on you.
Red: Yes, I know. Ms. Gilford is my bloodsucker, along with the judge who assigned her to your case.
Heddie: So, wait, you sent her in to see if I was loyal to you? Kind of like a test? A pass or die test?
Red: I’m sorry, Heddie.
Heddie: Tests have always made my nerves wacky. They’re the reason I dropped out of high school. I barely passed the GEDs. Oh, and the CPA– I spent more time in the bathroom than I did on the worksheets.
[ Both laugh ]
Heddie: If I had known that you were giving me a test, I– I probably would have flunked, but instead–
Red: You passed with flying colors. I’d offer you an alcoholic beverage to celebrate, but I seem to recall you have a taste for–
Heddie: Yerba maté.
Red: I didn’t show you the ritual when you were last here, did I?
Heddie: No.
Red: It’s one meant to be shared with friends.
[ He holds up a gourd ]
Red: A gourd. [ Chuckles ] The leaves. …

♪ Step back
From the line of fire ♪

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♫ Line of Fire
By José González

♪ What would you do
If it all came back to you?
Each crest of each wave
Bright as lightning

♪ What would you say
If you had to leave today?
Leave everything behind
Even though for once, you’re shining

♪ You’re standing on higher ground
But when you hear the sound you realise it’s just the wind
And you notice it matters
Who and what you let under your skin

♪ If put to the test
Would you step back from the line of fire?
Hold everything back
All emotions and desires

♪ Convince yourself
To be someone else
And hide back from the world
Your lack of confidence

♪ What you choose to believe in
Dictates your rise or your fall
Dictates your rise or your fall

♪ With no one else around you
No one to understand you
No one to hear your calls
Look through all your dark corners
When you’re backed up against the wall

♪ Step back from the line of fire
Step back from the line of fire
Step back from the line of fire
Step back from the line of fire

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/3vo8K9w
YouTube: https://youtu.be/T0-2LJ4dvO8

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🔴 Script 9:11 The Conglomerate (№ 142)

Program air date: 3/4/2022 in the US
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Director: Adam Weisinger
Written by: Aiah Samba



Brief (Where we’re at): Cooper became miffed at Red after Red got Cooper to sent a SWAT to take out another FBI agent. The agent, known as The Seer, had developed untraceable cell phones, branded as made by Arcane Wireless (Blacklister #154). Granted, Red may not have known that the Seer was deep-cover FBI, but he did know some of the phones had made their way into his organization and that they were plants. The SWAT team, however, did not kill the Seer but only killed a criminal that he was meeting with to close a deal. The Seer, aka William Meyers, was only arrested and quickly released, but his cover was blown. At that point, he told the task force that the phones actually recorded everything their users were saying and that the recordings were sent to an FBI server. Not only that, the Seer later told Cooper, but his ultimate goal has been to bring down Number One on the Most Wanted List, one Raymond Reddington.

From earlier episodes:

Cooper and his friend Lew Sloan from the ballistics lab have continued trying to figure out who is blackmailing Cooper by trying to pin on him the murder of Doug Koster. Koster had years earlier had an affair with Cooper’s wife Charlene. He was murdered on a night when Cooper had attended a retirement party. Cooper woke up the next morning in his car, unable to remember how he got there. He discovered a bullet was missing from the clip in his service weapon. Cooper had Lew run the ballistics and the bullet matched his gun. When Metro PD Detective Marcus Heber served a warrant for the gun, without telling “Coop,” Lew took it upon himself to modify the gun’s barrel so the bullet and gun would no longer matched. Now, Cooper has received the results of a lab test that prove he was in fact drugged with a ‘date rape drug.’ Surveillance video from that night which Lew acquired shows a bartender slipping something into Cooper’s drink. Lew got the name of the bartender, Abel Judge. So, Cooper went to the man’s apartment. No one answered his knocks and the door was unlocked, so he entered, only to find the place completely ransacked and a man (likely Abel Judge) lying dead on the floor, his throat slashed. At that moment the landline phone in the apartment rang. Cooper answered. The digitally altered voice of the blackmailer spoke: “Congratulations, Harold. Now you have the blood of two men on your hands.”

Two other matters remain unresolved: 1) What was in the box Red gave to Dembe? And — 2) What did the letter from Katarina to Liz say about Red’s true identity? Dembe shared the letter with Liz, which Red initially was very upset about, but after Dembe and his daughter Isabella survived a scare at the hands of Boukman Baptiste [Episode 9:9 (Blacklister #164)], Red forgave Dembe and reasoned it may have given Liz some comfort. Liz had shared at least some of what the letter said with her daughter Agnes, enough for Agnes to tell Red that “all I needed to remember was that Raymond Reddington was the most important person in her life, besides me …” And Agnes knows Red is Russian.


⭕ Script 9:11 The Conglomerate (№ 142)

[ A morgue ] [ The night Elizabeth Keen died, about two years ago ]
[ Door creaks ] [ Diener, a forensic pathologist, enters an autopsy room, followed by Agent Alina Park. She unzips the body bag on an examining table. Liz’s body is revealed, her head obscured by an overhead light. Blood from the bullet wound that killed her covers much of her white sweater ]
Diener: Colleague?
Agent Alina Park: Yes. And a friend.
[ Camera⚡️flashes⚡️]

[ Flashback: ]
[ Gunshot 💥 ] [ A bullet pierces Liz’s chest, just above her heart. Her body jerks forward. She looks startled. Blood spreads from the wound ]

[ Camera shutter clicking ✽ ✽ ✽ ]
[ Diener cuts away an evidence bag that was taped around Liz’s right hand; she takes samples from Liz’s fingertips ]
[ Liz’s clothing is removed and laid neatly at her feet: Shoes, socks, belt, jeans, bloody sweater ]

[ Flashback: ]
[ Cooper, Aram and Park run to where Liz’s body lies on the sidewalk ]

[ Diener photographs the exit wound ] [ Camera shutter clicks ✽ ] [ Diener covers Liz’s body with a white sheet ]
Park: [ Sighs ]
Diener: Will you be staying for the autopsy?
Park: No.
[ Pen clicks ] [ Diener labels the sack containing Liz’s clothing ]
Park: But could I have a moment?
Diener: Of course.
[ Diener leaves ] [ Door creaks open, closes ]
[ Park places her hand gently on the sheet ]
Park: Dear God, I pray to you for her. Grant her eternal rest. Let light shine upon her. And may her soul rest in peace.

[ Red’s camper in the woods ] [ Red sits at the table across from Dembe ]
Red: You’re absolutely certain.
[ Camera shutter clicking ✽ ✽ ✽ ] [ Weecha photographs the wilting white roses on the table to send to Mierce for her reading ]
Dembe: Yes. Apartment 3B.
Red: Vandyke lived there or stayed there?
Dembe: We’ve gone through this.
Red: Indulge me.
Dembe: [ Sighs ] The GPS data points that plotted Vandyke’s whereabouts the day Elizabeth was killed – I went to each one. Every step he took that day, I’ve taken. Every store, restaurant, apartment building.
Red: 3B.
Dembe: I showed the super his photo and my badge. Vandyke lived there, off and on.
Red: Helen Field? Sister? Friend? Girlfriend? Comrade in arms?
Dembe: I still don’t know yet.
Red: Weecha and I will take a run at Miss Field. You have a case to solve.
Dembe: More important than solving this?
Red: [ Inhales ] It might be to Agent Park.

[ Park sits at a table in a cafe, looking at her phone ] [ A red-headed man, John Richter, comes in and sits down across from Park ]
John Richter: Hey.
Park: What are you doing here?
Richter: Looking at you. You look good. Marriage suits you. How’s Perry?
Park: Peter’s fine.
Richter: Mm.
Park: I was just texting him to see what he wants me to order him.
Richter: You’ve introduced him to our spot. I can’t decide if I should be jealous or touched.
Park: You should be leaving, preferably before he gets here.
Richter: [ Sighs ] [ Lighter clicks ✽ ✽ ] I have a job for you.
Park: I already have a job.
Richter: I heard you left the Academy.
Park: You heard? Are you following me?
Richter: I’m trying to. What you’re doing now I can’t figure out, but it can’t be as exciting as what we used to do.
Park: What we did wasn’t exciting. Or legal.
Richter: It was extralegal and necessary, and you were good at it. Which is why I’m here.
[ Breathes deeply ] I’ve helped start organization – The Conglomerate.
Park: The answer’s no.
Richter: [ Chuckles ] You don’t even know the question.
Park: Sure I do. And it’s not about work.
[ Lighter clicks ✽ ]
Richter: Well– [ Sighs ] In case you change your mind.
[ He places a card on the table with a phone number ]
Park: I won’t.
Richter: I hope that’s not true.
[ Park’s husband, Peter Simpson, walks over ] [ Park quickly takes the card ]
Park: Hey!
Peter: Hi!
[ Both chuckle ]
Peter: I’m Peter.
John: John.
[ They shake hands ]
Richter: Alina and I used to – Work together.
Peter: Really?
Richter: Yeah.
Peter: Do tell.
[ Laughs ]
Peter: She likes to keep me in the dark.
Richter: Oh, I bet. [ Chuckles ]
Park: John was just leaving.
Peter: See what I mean?
Richter: [ Sighs ] Another time. It was nice to meet you.
Peter: Yeah.
Peter: Alina, it’s always a pleasure.
[ Richter gets up and leaves, slapping Peter on the shoulder ]
[ Peter sits down ]
Peter: [ Clears throat ] So, what’d you do together?
Park: Oh, uh, you know – Kill people.
Peter: [ Clears throat ] Right. Serves me right for asking. Did you order? I am starving.
Park: I didn’t. But I’m– I’m sorry. I got a text from work, and I have to go. I’m sorry.
Peter: [ Sighs ] Don’t be sorry. Go. Save the planet. Or whatever it is you do that you can’t tell me about.
Park: I’ve been trying to answer more.
Peter: And I’m trying to ask less. Look at us. Quite a team.

[ The Post Office war room ] [ Dembe briefs the task force ]
Dembe: We all know governments sanction assassinations through their intel agencies, the CIA, MI6, SVR, Mossad. According to Raymond, four of these contract killers have formed a new organization called the Conglomerate. Do any of you know anything about this?
[ Dembe looks at Park ]
Park: Me? No. I mean, I’ve heard, uh, rumors, whispers of a company of assassins.
Ressler: Is that what this is, a company that’s privatized assassination?
Dembe: Yes. And Raymond says they’re taking on clients.
Cooper: Does he know the clients?
Dembe: No. Only the victims.
[ Beeps🔅] [ Grisly photos of three victims are displayed overhead ]
Dembe: A supposedly untouchable arms dealer, a Kosovan minister accused of terrorism, a corrupt police chief.
Ressler: I don’t like it, but at least they’re targeting the bad guys.
Dembe: For now. The Conglomerate serves any ideology of any country. If you can pay, they will kill, good guys or bad.
Cooper: I’ll reach out to my contact at Langley. If I get his blessing, we’re good to go.
[ Cooper and Ressler leave ]
Dembe: [ To Park ] The way Raymond talked, I thought you’d know more about this.
Park: No, I don’t. I’m not sure what he was thinking.

[ Park barges into Red’s camper ]
Park: [ Sighs ] [ Yelling ] What were you thinking?
Red: [ Calmly ] Agent Park.
Park: My wetwork is none of your business, or the task force’s.
Red: Bad timing, I’m afraid. I have a pressing engagement.
Park: Did you know they approached me? Is that why you gave us the case? Because I’m not doing it if that’s what you’re worried about.
Red: I’m not worried. I’m late. But stay. Raid the fridge.
Park: Why are you doing this to me?
Red: Wetwork is such a delightfully bland euphemism for the act of spilling blood. Leave it to the Russians to coin a phrase so dripping with sangfroid.
Park: Why?
Red: There’s a tin of Beluga caviar in there. It’ll calm even your frayed nerves, Agent Park. Champagne, as well. Close up when you’re done.
[ Red leaves with Weecha ]
Park: [ Sighs ]
[ Park grabs a spoon and takes the tin out of the refrigerator ]
Park: [ Sighs ]
[ Park has a spoonful of the caviar ]

[ Flashback: ]
[ Park sits in same cafe, looking at the menu. She is wearing dark glasses ]
Park: [ Sighs ]
[ Indistinct conversations ] [ Footsteps approach ]
Richter: Alina Park? John Richter. I hear you’ve had some excitement.

[ Flashback: ]
[ A restaurant ]
Park: Hey!
[ Park grabs a man and slugs⚡️him ]
[ The man grunts and falls ]

Park: Do I know you?
Richter: The man you assaulted has decided to press charges.
Park: [ Sighs ] The man I assaulted was in the process of assaulting a woman. That’s why I assaulted him. So if you’re his lawyer–
Richter: I’m not. Much to my mother’s disappointment, I’m not a lawyer at all.
Park: A cop then, an investigator.
Richter: A fan.

[ Flashback: ]
[ Park grabs a bottle of champagne and hits⚡️the man with⚡️it repeatedly⚡️ ]
[ The man lies quiet ]

Richter: It’s not every day I meet a woman who smashes a man across the head with a bottle of Grande Cuvée.
Park: They were out of Jack.
Richter: [ Laughs ] A sense of humor. That wasn’t in your file.
Park: What file?
Richter: Are you happy at the Academy?
Park: Who are you?
Richter: Most people don’t realize that anger is the purest expression of care we have. Rage comes from a lack of control. A fear you can’t protect yourself or the people you care about.
From the amount of anger I noted in your file, I imagine you’re an incredibly caring person.
[ Lighter clicks ✽ ✽ ]
Richter: That’s why I’m here. See for myself.
[ Richter reaches over and removes Park’s glasses; she has a black eye ]
Park: What do you want from me?
Richter: Right now? I can’t think of anything I don’t want from you.

[ The Post Office war room ]
Park: I wasn’t honest before. I do know about the Conglomerate. In fact, I was asked to join it.
Ressler: Wait. You were asked to join a team of assassins.
Park: Yes.
Cooper: Why?
Park: Because I am one.
Aram: [ Chuckling ] Okay. Okay, that’s funny. That’s funny. Uh, for a second there, I thought you actually had a lead.
Park: I do.
[ Park puts the card with the phone number that Richter gave her on the desk ]
Park: A member of the Conglomerate gave me that this morning. He’s ex-CIA. He’s recruiting me now because he recruited me then.

[ Flashback: ]
[ The cafe ]
Park: You’re with the Agency.
Richter: If I told you, I’d have to kill you.
Park: That’s such a bad joke.
Richter: Except in this case, it’s true.
Park: Okay, I’ll bite. Why is “not the Agency” keeping a file on me?
Richter: [ Sighs ] Aye Su, an infamous Burmese junta leader.
Park: Aye Su is why the CIA is interested in me?
Richter: He’s a repressive ethnic cleanser.
Park: Okay. He’s a monster. What’s that got to do with me?
Richter: Your file suggests you have a low tolerance for monsters.
Park: Doesn’t everyone?
Richter: It also suggests you’re willing to do something about it.

Aram: Wait. Hold on. You make it sound like it was just a pickup line. Like he sat down and was like, “Hey, uh, how ya doing? You, uh, wanna kill a military strongman for us?”
Park: I didn’t want to just “kill” a military strongman. I was asked by my government to assassinate a monster.
Cooper: And you said yes. I’m still trying to understand why.

[ Flashback: ]
[ Park is at home, sitting in front of her computer talking on the phone with her friend Abby ]
Park: Why don’t I want to date him? Because he’s a 30-year-old who works in a movie theater.
Abby: [ On phone ] Don’t play him like that. He runs a chain of movie theaters.
Park: Oh, my gosh, that’s so exciting. Wait. Let me grab my lingerie.
Abby: Boring is good. Boring is 2.2 kids, a dog, and a pension.
Park: Fine. Have Mr. Boring call, but it’s not going anywhere.
[ Park’s cell phone beeps 🔅 ] [ Park places a call ••• ••• •••• ]
[ John Richter’s line rings ✨, clicks ✽ ]
Richter: I knew you’d call.
Park: If I say yes, what exactly would I have to do?

Park: After Keen died and the task force broke up, I was kind of lost. Acting out, looking for – Something, for a purpose.
Ressler: And you found it by assassinating a dictator?
Park: You may not agree with it, but, yeah, I did. But only because it was sanctioned by the government, because the people who made the decisions could be held accountable. That’s not happening with the Conglomerate.
Cooper: We can discuss that fine distinction later. For now, all I care about is your willingness to help us go after them.
Park: Murder Incorporated? Absolutely.
Cooper: Even if it means using this guy [ Points to the card ] to get the names of everyone else in the organization.
Park: Yeah. I’m willing.
Cooper: Good. Then I want you to call your contact. Tell him that you’re in.

[ Fabric rustles ] [ Red’s face appears as he pulls the black hood off of the head of Helen Field. Mr Brimley, Red’s impresario of persuasion is across the room tending to a large camel ]
Red: Did you know that camels have been domesticated for over 4,000 years?
[ Camel grunting ]
Helen Fieild: [ Gasps ] Who are you? What do you want?
Red: Who I am is not important. What matters is that you – are Helen from Apartment 3B.
Helen: If this is because of Ken, I had nothing to do with that.
Red: Amazing animals, camels.
Brimley: Their urine is said to cure hair loss. Say the word, I’ll give your scalp a tingle.
Red: [ Laughs ]
Helen: What is going on? Why am I here? Are you two like a couple of freaks?
Red: Charles Vandyke. You’re here to tell me about him.
Helen: Charlie?
[ Camel grunting ]
Helen: I haven’t seen him in years.
Red: No, I’m sure. Probably not since I killed him.
Helen: Please, mister, I don’t know what it is you want, but whatever it is, I’ll give it to you.
Red: I want names. Friends. Colleagues. Acquaintances. And anything Vandyke left behind. Papers. Books. Bank records. Computers. You look like you collect things. I want what you’ve collected from Charlie.
Helen: Okay. Okay, yeah, sure.
Red: Elizabeth Keen?
Helen: I-I don’t know who that is.
Red: He never mentioned her?
[ Bucket thumps lightly ]
Helen: Never.
Brimley: Two quarts! We’re good to go.
Helen: I swear, he never mentioned her.
Red: We’ll see.
[ Camel grunting ]

[ A parking ramp. Park waits in her car. Aram and Ressler are parked some distance away. They are using comms, so everything that is said in Park’s car is transmitted to them ]
[ Richter jogs down a staircase to where Park is waiting ]
Richter: [ Breathing quickly ]
Park: [ Over comms ] He’s here.
Aram: Of course.
Ressler: “Of course” what?
Aram: Samar’s ex, this guy. What is it with these, like, supermodel-y assassins?
[ Richter gets is the car with Park ]
Richter: Hey. I’m glad you reached out.
Park: I know what we’re doing is all cloak-and-dagger, but a parking garage?
Richter: Yeah, sorry about that. I have an appointment nearby, but I wanted to see you, so I figured I’d kill two birds with one stone.
Park: Tell me about the Conglomerate. Who’s involved?
Richter: How’s married life?
Park: I’m not signing on until I know the players.
Richter: Are you happy? Would you hate me if I said I hope you’re not?
Park: Peter and I are fine.
Richter: Mm. You ever think about Cuba?
Ressler: Cuba. Let’s think about Cuba.

[ Flashback: ]
[ A steamy scene in a hotel room; Richter, shirtless, presses Park up against a wall ]

Park: Is there any chance you’re gonna focus on why we’re here?
Richter: Yeah. In a minute.
[ Vehicle approaches. It stops and a man gets out ]
Park: Who’s that?
Richter: My appointment. Be right back.
[ Richter gets out and follows the man ]
Ressler: Park, where is he going? Is he on a job?
Aram: If he is, we have to stop him.
Park: If he’s not and you run in there, then I’m blown, and we’ll never learn about the Conglomerate.
Ressler: But that’s a price I’m willing to pay.
Park: No, I’ll go. If it turns out to be nothing, he won’t be suspicious.
[ Park gets out of the car and follows Richter ]
[ Richter draws his gun and runs after the man, dodging around corners. He tries to open the door to a stairwell, but it won’t open. He turns and points his gun down over a railing. The man he is looking for opens the door to the stairwell when Richter’s back is turned ]
[ Gun cocks❗]
[ Dialogue in Russian
Man: On your knees.
[ Door closes ]
[ Richter kneels ]
Man: Who sent you?
Richter: They’ll kill me if I say.
[ Rapid gunshots 💥💥💥💥 ] [ Thuds▫️] [ Park shot the man ]
Ressler: [ In comms, alarmed ] Park, are you okay?
[ Ressler and Aram get out of the SUV and run ]
Park: We have to go.
Richter: I take it this means you’re in.
Park: We have to go now.
[ They run ]
[ Aram and Ressler discover the man who was shot. Ressler feels for a pulse and shakes his head ]

[ The Post Office war room ]
[ Red gets off the yellow freight elevator along with Weecha ]
[ Cooper can be heard (yelling) from his office ]
Cooper: (Do you have any idea what you’ve done?!)
Dembe: I never heard Harold raise his voice.
Ressler: Well, here’s the reason why he is.
Cooper: (You saved an assassin by assassinating his target!)
Red: Trouble in paradise?
Ressler: Yeah. Stirred up by you.
Red: [ Scoffs ] By me? Forgive me, I guess I was under the false impression that we were all adults here. Thank God we’re not.
[ Inside Cooper’s office ]
Park: I saw a gun, and I reacted.
Cooper: The man you shot could have been a whistleblower or an undercover cop.
Park: He was Vor.
Cooper: Yeah. But you didn’t know that. All you knew was that you were choosing the life of a killer over the life of a stranger. I don’t know what I’m more disturbed by, your actions or the fact that you can’t seem to acknowledge that this was personal.
Park: It was. It isn’t now.
Cooper: On comms, it sounded personal to Ressler and Aram. And before you say that they’re wrong or there’s nothing going on–
Park: There isn’t.
Cooper: Before you say something that isn’t 100% accurate, I want you to stop. Take a moment, and know that, given what happened in that parking garage, if you say anything that falls short of the absolute truth here, I will let you go.
[ In the war room ]
Ressler: A turtle statue.
Red: A tortoise. Hingeback, I believe.
Aram: He’s tied to it. Your– Your tech guy.
Red: For the next 36 hours. Part of some kind of a– Pledge drive or– Or a pledge of allegiance or–
Weecha: Pledge week.
Red: Yes! That’s it. A week of pledging. To what, I have no idea. The point is, he’s indisposed, and this can’t wait.
[ Red hands a laptop to Aram ]
Red: It was Vandyke’s. I had a nice chat with Helen from 3B. Ah, which reminds me. We brought camel’s milk. We had some left over.
Ressler: Do you have any idea who helped Vandyke find Liz?
Red: Not yet. I’m hoping there’s a lead buried in here that Agent Mojtabai can root out.
[ In Cooper’s office ]
Park: I didn’t know Liz as well as you did. But I’m only here because of her. She saw me, warts and all, and, for whatever reason, embraced that. Losing her was like losing my guardian angel, and whatever rage wagon I was on, I fell off it. Until I met John. He gave me purpose.

[ Flashback: ]
[ Vacuum whirring ] [ Park, dressed as a maid, uses a vacuum cleaner. She’s wearing headphones ]
[ Two Burmese men enter. One is a Guard dressed fatigues. The other is dressed as a highly decorated general. He is Aye Su, an infamous Burmese junta leader implicated in the cultural genocide in Myanmar ]
[ They speak in Burmese: ]
Aye Su: I don’t care what the Secretary General says. They’re not refugees, they’re enemies of the state.
[ Whirring continues ] [ Aye Su is having difficulty hearing over the whirring of the vacuum cleaner. He signals to the Guard ]
Guard: You. You! Get out!
[ Park bends down to switch off the vacuum cleaner. She produces a large handgun with a silencer and shoots both men ] [ Silenced gunshots (💥💥💥💥 💥💥) ] [ Shells clattering ]
Both Men: [ Groans ] [ Thuds ▫️▫️]

[ The war room. Red pours the camel’s milk ]
Red: It’s salty. Very. A little disgusting. But sort of delicious.
[ Aram has been checking out Vandyke’s laptop ]
Aram: There’s, uh, nothing encrypted, but there is, uh, this. A series of GPS coordinates from the day Liz died.
[ Computer beeping🔅🔅🔅]
Dembe: We already mapped Vandyke using his phone’s GPS.
Aram: Right, uh, we did. And, uh, well, they might be the same, but, uh, maybe not, so I’m putting the phone coordinates in blue and the computer coordinates in red, and if I overlay them–
[ Computer beeping🔅🔅🔅 ]
Dembe: They don’t overlap.
Aram: Except in two places. The- The cafe where you gave Liz the letter and – the restaurant where Liz was killed.
Ressler: So two people were following her.
Red: No, only one.
Ressler: Well, if Vandyke’s blue, then who’s red?
Red: Elizabeth. Train. Safe house. Coffee shop. Restaurant. He was tracking her.
Ressler: Using her phone?
Aram: I don’t think so. This, uh– This software received signals from a next-gen tracking device. I mean, if we can find the tracker, it might have a signature or something that could tell us who made it.
Ressler: And whoever made it either wanted Keen dead or was working for the person who did.
Red: We need to find that device.

[ Cooper’s office ]
Cooper: I appreciate that you were vulnerable at the time. And it may have felt that he was giving you purpose. But I see it as taking advantage of you.
Park: Yes, but– He also helped get me out.

[ Another Guard shows up and grabs Park by the throat ]
Park: [ Grunting ]
Guard: I have her. The shooter.
Park: [ Grunting ]
[ Richter appears and clobbers ⚡️⚡️ the Guard with a champagne bottle ]
Park: You were gonna wait in the car.
Richter: Well, what can I say? I missed you.
[ Other Burmese Guards appear but are also shot ] [💥Gunshots💥]
Richter: Come on. Come on.
Park: Okay.
Richter: Out of curiosity, if I took a bullet for you, would you let me take you out?
Park: That’s about the only way I would.
[ They race down some steps. Another Guard appears ]
Richter: Hey, hey! Ohh!
[ Gunshots 💥💥 ] [ The Guard falls ]
Richter: You know, I hear Playa Paraiso’s beautiful this time of year.
Park: [ Breathes sharply ]

Park: He was right. It was beautiful that time of year.
Cooper: You said that Richter invited you to meet his partners, that they may ask you to join.
Park: That’s right. And if they do, I’ll help take them down, all of them, including John.
Cooper: Despite everything you’ve told me?
Park: Yes, 100%.
[ Red appears at the door of Cooper’s office ] [ Knocks on door ]
Red: Excuse me. Agent Park, I saw that you ate some Beluga. I hope it helped.
Cooper: Can you give us a minute?
Red: I’ll give you as long as you’d like. I just need the clothing that Elizabeth wore on the night of the shooting. I need to examine it.

[ Aram and Red enter an interrogation room. Aram carries the paper sack containing Liz’s clothing from the night she was killed ]
Aram: I, uh– I didn’t know where else to do this. Uh, you know, with you. I did, uh, what I could to clean the room and make it respectful.
Red: The room is fine. Chatter I could do without.
Aram: [ Quietly ] Okay.
[ Aram opens the paper bag and removes the clothing, laying it out carefully on the table: shoes, socks, jeans, belt, and finally, the bloody sweater. Red stands some distance away, his hands folded in front of him ]
Aram: That’s it. That’s what she was wearing.
Red: If there is a tracker, I’m sure it’s no longer operational.
Aram: Detector for GPS signals. Wireless audio bug. Wand for foreign objects. If there was something on her, I will find it.
Red: Not her. Her clothes. She’s in the ground. I presume wearing something nice.
Aram: For what it’s worth, I hope you find who you’re looking for. I don’t want to know what you’re gonna do with them, but, um – You deserve peace.
[ Aram sweeps one of the wands over the clothing ] [ Device beeps🔅]

[ The war room. Park is being prepped for her meeting with the Conglomerate ]
Ressler: We have a camera in your button and a mic, so we’re gonna be able to see and hear everything.
Dembe: After Richter picks you up, we’ll follow you to the location.

[ Flashforward: ]
[ Park waits on a sidewalk. John Richter pulls up in his car. Park gets in ] [ Car door closes ]
Richter: You look great.
Park: Thanks. I wasn’t sure what the dress code was for a meet and greet with assassins.
[ Seat belt clicks ]
Richter: [ Chuckles ]
[ The car drives off ]

Ressler: Once we know where you’re going, we’ll put the TAC team on site. After we ID the founders and get their conspiracy on tape, then we’ll move in.
Cooper: After you’ve cleared the building, not before. I don’t want any of this blowing back on you.

[ Flashforward: ]
Richter: Nervous?
Park: Confused. What we did, Su and the others, we did it for our country. Now what are we doing it for?
Richter: Money.
Park: You make it sound like just business.
Richter: [ Chuckles ] We want job security. Something people in our line of work have never had. It’s been a thousand years since Hassan-i Sabbah was our first documented brother in arms, leader of the infamous Order of Assassins, known in Arabic as Hashashin. We are hashashin. Present at turning points throughout history, and yet, for our troubles, we’ve been freelancers. Paid by the job. Hurt. Physically, emotionally, sometimes killed. If we’re lucky, thanked in secret and disavowed.
Park: How is the Conglomerate any different from that?
Richter: The target in the garage was a Vor named Lev Salenko. The jobs are the same. The only difference is the price and the accounting. A percentage of what I get goes to the person who brought me in. Once he retires, he’ll continue to get his cut, for pension and health.
Park: Sounds like a pyramid scheme.
Richter: [ Chuckles ] It’s more like an incentive to bring people in.
Park: Yes, that’s a pyramid scheme. Is- Is that why you’re bringing me into the pyramid? For an incentive?
Richter: Ancillary benefit.
Park: What’s the primary one?
Richter: To learn why you were a no-show in Tangier. I’m serious. My partners know the work we did. They know it was good work, and they’re gonna ask why it stopped. Getting them to bring you in may depend on what I tell them. So – What should I tell them?

[ Flashback: ]
[ Park enters a restaurant from a hallway, rolling a carry-bag ]
Park: [ On phone ] I didn’t bring a suitcase to send a signal. I brought a suitcase because I have a plane to catch.
[ Indistinct conversations ]
Park: [ On phone ] Yes, I’ll keep in mind the 2.2 kids, the dog, the cat, and the minister who pronounces us Mr. and Mrs. Stupendously Boring. [ Chuckles ] Yeah, love you, too.
[ Cell phone beeps🔅]
[ Suddenly Peter, who has been sitting nearby, speaks up ]
Peter: I’m allergic to cats. As for the 2.2 kids, I should warn you, with everything they’ll have to overcome, 0.2 is gonna be my favorite. Talk about marginalized. They’d have their own letter. LGBTQIAP – For partial. You know, 0.2 is what– Maybe a hand? A finger. I’m tearing up just thinking about walking my little thumb down the aisle at its wedding.
[ Park chuckles ]
Peter: Listening as the minister asks, “Do you, thumb, take you, index, to be your lawfully wedded digit? In hangnail and dislocation as long as you both shall wave?”
Park: Mm. What if thumb falls for middle? You know–
Both: The bad boy.
Peter: Eh. Passing thing. Good for a fling. Maybe even – A trip. But in the end, she’ll end up with index.
Park: How can you be so sure?
Peter: Casablanca.
Park: What? Okay. You may run a movie theater, but you know nothing about the movies. Ilsa did not go for index in Casablanca.
Peter: Excuse you? Paul Henreid is the personification of index.
Park: Yeah, but she loved Humphrey Bogart, who is completely middle.
Peter: So she went away with one guy instead of staying with the guy she loved?
Park: She went because of work. It was important to her, and – She sacrificed her happiness for it.
Peter: Who would do that?
Park: [ Chuckles ]

Richter: That’s the reason you didn’t come. Because he’s an index finger.
Park: That’s why I skipped Tangier.
Richter: Mm-mm.
Park: [ Laughs ] I skipped everything else because – He makes me laugh.

[ Aram has completed his electronic search for a tracking device on Liz’s clothing ]
[ Beeping 🔅🔅🔅 ]
Red: You said you could find it.
Aram: I could. Or would if it was here, but it’s not.
Red: Someone tracked Elizabeth until the moment she died, at which point, the police came, took her, everything was bagged and tagged. The chain of evidence, who was in charge of it?
Aram: Park. You knew Agent Park was an assassin, that after Liz died, she took a job killing people.
Red: I did.
Aram: And that didn’t bother you.
Red: Ineptitude bothers me. A lack of originality. Margarine. This and most everything else up to and including Agent Park’s trigger finger? Deck chairs on the Titanic.

[ Richter and Park stand in front of a table at which are seated members of the Conglomerate ]
Richter: Alina Park belongs in the Conglomerate. In eight months, she completed four jobs. Four jobs so extraordinary, she received the Distinguished Intelligence Cross–
[ Ressler and Dembe are monitoring the scene ]
Ressler: Turn a little more to the left.
[ Dembe adjusts the camera in Park’s button {
Richter: –awarded by the Agency for “extraordinary heroism involving the acceptance of existing dangers with conspicuous fortitude and exemplary courage.”
Ressler: [ Echoing ] “And exemplary courage.”
Michael Simmons: Your record is distinguished. But not your commitment. Eight months. Nothing before or since. If you are as able as Mr. Richter says you are, why’d you stop?
Park: Killing was easy. Laughter was hard. I needed more of it.
[ Dembe looks up the Conglomerate members online ]
Dembe: Michael Simmons, former SAS, 12 targets, eight kills. [ Computer beeps🔅] Mirko Ibrahimovic, sniper, DGSE, answered directly to the French Ministry of Defense. Colleen Riano, former CNI, Spain. Responsible for at least 40 deaths that we know about. Are these people heroes or terrorists?
Simmons: Thanks for coming in. That’ll be all.
[ Park and Richter walk away ]
Park: They look disappointed.
Richter: Are you kidding? They loved you.
Park: How can you be so sure?
Richter: You’re still alive. The vote’s just a formality. They love you. I love you. You’re very lovable.
Park: [ Sighs ]
Richter: Hey. We have to celebrate tonight. And by celebrate, I mean have sеx. Name the hotel. I’ll get us a room.
[ Park gives him a brief kiss and walks away ]
Park: Goodbye.
Ressler: All right, we have everything we need. TAC team’s in position.
Richter: [ Calling after her ] I will sleep with you anywhere, anytime. It’s a perk of the job, like dental.
Park: [ On comms ] I’m clear.

[ Park is driving her car. Her cell phone is in a holder at eye-level ]
[ Cell phone rings✨] [ It’s “Nick’s Pizza” (Red) ] [ Park declines the call ] [ Beeps🔅]
[ Rings✨] [ Beeps🔅]
[ Rings✨] [ Clicks ✽ ] [ Park picks up ]
Park: I have nothing to say to you.
Red: I’m not calling about the Conglomerate.
Park: I know, because thanks to you, there is no Conglomerate. The TAC team went in. They arrested them. It’s over.
Red: I’m calling about Elizabeth.
Park: It was the right thing to do. But I don’t like you nosing around in my business. John Richter is a good person.
Red: You were with her after the shooting. You rode with her.
Park: I care about him.
Red: And he cares about you. He recruited you once and wanted to recruit you again. You said yes the first time. I couldn’t risk a repeat performance.
Park: You couldn’t risk it?
Red: I have unfinished business. We have unfinished business.
Park: Finding Liz’s killer.
Red: Yes. Which may not be possible without you.
Park: [ Scoffs ] That sounds vaguely complimentary.
Red: I need you, Agent Park. That’s why I put the Conglomerate on the Blacklist. I can’t afford to lose you.
Park: Yeah, I rode with her to the morgue. What of it?
Red: [ Breathes sharply ] The person who orchestrated the hit put a tracker on her, a tracker that might give us a clue as to their identity. If we can find it. Aram and I looked through the evidence on file, evidence you signed for, but it wasn’t there.
Park: You sure there was a tracker?
Red: Yes, we have the coordinates.
Park: Then you already have your answer. You want to find the tracker, find the last place it transmitted from.
Red: Thank you. For proving my point about how much I need you. I’m sorry about Richter, but, clearly, without your help, I can’t seem to see what’s right in front of me. Thank you, Agent Park.
[ Cell phone beeps🔅, dialing ••• ••• •••• ]
[ Aram’s line rings✨, clicks ✽ ]
Aram: Hello?
Red: Aram, I know how to find what we’re looking for.

[ Park arrives home ]
Park: [ Calls out ] Honey? I picked up dinner from Biryani Kebab. I told them you had a chili allergy, so if it’s not mild, I don’t–
Richter: Hi, honey.
[ Park walks into the living room. Peter is tied to a chair, his mouth taped with duct tape. Richter is pointing a gun at him ]
Richter: Tough day at the office? Join us. [ Firmly ] I said join us.

[ Cooper’s office ] [ Ressler and Dembe enter ]
[ Cooper lifts his glass ]
Cooper: To a job well done.
Ressler: Yeah, about that. It’s not done.
Dembe: Richter’s missing.
Ressler: We clocked six in the meeting. TAC team arrested six, but it turns out one was a guard waiting outside.
Cooper: Have you informed Agent Park?
Ressler: Yeah, we’ve been calling her. She’s not picking up.
Dembe: You think Richter connected her to the raid?
Cooper: I don’t know, but if he has, she’s in danger. Get to her house now.

Richter: Why’d you do it? And don’t deny it. I know it was you.
Park: They’re gonna come here.
Richter: Did you do it for him? Because he makes you laugh?
Park: If you leave now, you can get away.
Richter: [ Sighs ] [ To Peter ] Did she tell you what we used to do? The work we did? [ Chuckles ]
[ Richter roughly pulls the duct tape off ]
Peter: [ Gasps ] Alina, what’s going on?
Park: It’s gonna be okay.
Richter: [ Loudly ] Hey, hey! [ Normal voice ] Focus. Focus. What we did together, did she tell you?
Peter: She said – Y-You killed people.
Richter: Shot. Stabbed. Blew up. Your wife’s a natural-born killer.
Park: Leave him out of this.
Richter: Why? He’s the reason we’re here.
Peter: What’s he talking about?
Richter: He knows what we did but not what we did? She left me for you. Which I came back to rectify, and here we are.
[ Richter slaps the duct tape back on Peter’s mouth ]
Peter: [ Grunts, breathing quickly ]
Park: If you stay, you’ll get hurt.
Richter: Which is it? Are you concerned for him or me?
Park: For him. He’s my husband, and I love him. You’re someone I care about. Whatever happened today doesn’t change that. I didn’t want to see you arrested, and I don’t want you hurt, especially not by me.
Richter: [ Laughs ] You?
Park: You talk so much, you don’t even hear what you say. You want to be heard, but you never listen. Anger is the purest expression of care we have. Rage comes from the lack of control, a fear that you can’t protect yourself or the people you care about.
Richter: And from the amount of anger in your file, I knew you were an incredibly caring person. Yeah.
[ Richter points his gun at Peter’s heads ] [ Gun cocks❗]
Richter: I know what I said.
Park: But you don’t know what it means.
Richter: And what’s that?
Park: It means I’m gonna kick your ass‼️
[ ⚡️⚡️They fight⚡️⚡️ ] [ Grunting ] [ Groans ] [ Groans ] [ Both grunting ] [ Groaning ] [ Grunting ]
[ At last, Park gains the upper hand. With Richter down, she hits him on the head with a heavy vase, again and again and again ] [ Thudding⚡️‼️⚡️‼️⚡️‼️⚡️ ]
[ Richter is dead ] [ Park’s face is covered with blood {
[ Park goes to Peter, whose chair was kicked over in the fight and frees him ]
Park: I’m so sorry. If anything had happened to you–
Peter: I’m okay.
Park: Really? No cuts, bruises, nothing broken? Let me see. Peter, look at me.
Peter: I’d rather not. ⋘⋙ I’m fine. I’m not so sure about you.
Dembe’s voice: Alina!
[ Door crashes ⚡️ ] [ Dembe and Ressler enter ]
Ressler: Park, are you hurt?
Park: No. At least not in the way you mean.

[ Red’s camper ] [ Aram enters ]
Aram: Weecha, hi. [ Awkwardly ] It’s, um, Aram, remember? Uh, the one you can drink under the table.
Weecha: He’s in a bad mood.
Red: I had a bad reading. The flowers. Apparently, they show – Ambiguity.
Aram: O-Okay. Uh, well, on the one hand, I have good news. Um, I did what you asked, and the tracker on Liz, uh, I used Vandyke’s computer and got the location of its last signal.
Red: Which means we have a lead.
Aram: Yeah, as I say, that is the, uh, good news. Uh, but I also have some bad news.
Red: Well, of course you do. Look at the flowers. What is it?
Aram: The tracker’s last signal came from Rose Hill. The cemetery where Liz is buried.

[ Park’s and Peter’s home ] [ Crime Scene Investigators are there. The blood has been cleaned from Park’s face ]
Man: [ On radio ] Yeah, we cleared all access points–
Ressler: [ To Park ] You guys should get out of here. Go to a hotel. CSI’s gonna be here all night.
Park: Which murder are they here to investigate? Richter’s or my marriage? After tonight, they’re both dead.
Ressler: Oh, come on. You don’t know that.
Park: I never thought I made the wrong choice. Ever.
Ressler: I’m sure he feels the same way.
Park: [ Sighs ] I’m afraid to ask him.
Ressler: Afraid? The CIA gave you an award for “extraordinary heroism and exemplary courage,” which is all very impressive, by the way. So, go. Be extraordinary.
[ Peter is sweeping glass from the carpet ]
Park: You don’t have to do that.
[ Peter picks up a lighter ]
Park: That was John’s.
Peter: [ Scoffs ] ‘Course it was. What did he smoke, Gauloises? On a balcony in Monte Carlo? You know what? Doesn’t matter. I don’t care about him. What I care about is you. You once told me that you weren’t honest with me not because I wouldn’t like what I saw, but because you wouldn’t, that you couldn’t expect me to love you until you learned to love yourself. How’s that going?
Park: It’s a work in progress. Like us. But I am making progress. [ Voice breaking ] And I hope we are, too.
Peter: Was tonight progress?
Park: No. But it is– The end. Of my keeping any secrets from you. You are my husband, my partner. You need to know everything. I want you to know everything. You’re right. I’m not fine. And one of the biggest reasons is because I can’t rely on the person I rely on the most.
Peter: You beat a man to death. I’m not sure I can help you with that.
Park: I’m not, either. But I want to find out. Do you? ⋘⋙ Do you know who Raymond Reddington is?
Peter: Of course I do. Why?
Park: I think we better sit down.

[ Cooper’s home; the kitchen ] [ Cooper pours red wine for himself and Red ]
Cooper: I’m afraid you missed Agnes. She’s already in bed.
Red: I’m glad, actually. Because I’ve come to discuss something with you that – Perhaps it’s best she not know.
Cooper: What’s that?
Red: I think I know how to find the person who killed her mother.
Cooper: Why wouldn’t we want her to know that?
Red: Because to find them, we need to exhume Elizabeth’s body.

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🔴 Script 9:12 The Chairman (№ 171)

Program air date: 3/18/2022 in the US
Script Permalink: https://wp.me/pDKwi-d9G
EntertainmentWeekly Recap: https://bit.ly/3CRumNe

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Bethany Rooney
Written by: Katie Bockes



Brief (Where we’re at): Red has determined that the only way to find out who was behind Liz’s murder is to dig up her body and find the tracking device located on or inside of it. Vandyke shot Liz but someone else was also involved, someone who is behind the next-gen tracking device discovered to have sent signals to Vandyke’s laptop. Alina Park had accompanied Liz’s body to the morgue. She was there when Liz’s clothing was sealed in an evidence bag. Hoping to find the device on Liz’s clothing, Red had Aram retrieve the evidence bag to search through the clothing for the transmitter, but he could not find anything. Park then suggested checking the last location the device had transmitted from. When Aram did so, he discovered the last signal came from Rose Hill, the cemetery where Liz’s body is buried. So Red went to Cooper to talk to him about exhuming her remains.

Park’s marriage has been on the rocks for a long time, in large part because her husband Peter does not like the fact she has to keep the nature of her work a secret from him? They both think marriage should be based on trust. But the nature of Park’s work burst into their private life when a former co-assassin (and jealous ex-lover) of Park’s, John Richter, broke into their home and tied Peter up and gagged him. Richter told Peter, “Your wife’s a natural-born killer.” When Richter pointed his gun at Peter’s head, Park’s inner Incredible Hulk took over and she killed Richter by smashing his head repeatedly with a vase. Park decided it was time to level with Peter:

Park: … Do you know who Raymond Reddington is?
Peter: Of course I do. Why?
Park: I think we better sit down.

Unresolved rom earlier episodes:

Cooper and his friend Lew Sloan from the ballistics lab have continued trying to figure out who is blackmailing Cooper by trying to pin on him the murder of Doug Koster. Years earlier Koster had an affair with Cooper’s wife Charlene. He was murdered on a night when Cooper had attended a retirement party. Cooper woke up the next morning in his car, unable to remember how he got there. He discovered a bullet was missing from the clip in his service weapon. Cooper had Lew run the ballistics and the bullet matched his gun. When Metro PD Detective Marcus Heber served a warrant for the gun, without telling “Coop,” Lew took it upon himself to modify the gun’s barrel so the bullet and gun would no longer match. Now, Cooper has received the results of a lab test that prove he was in fact drugged with a ‘date rape drug.’ Surveillance video from that night which Lew acquired shows a bartender slipping something into Cooper’s drink. Lew got the name of the bartender, Abel Judge. So, Cooper went to the man’s apartment. No one answered his knocks and the door was unlocked, so Cooper entered, only to find the place completely ransacked and a man (possibly Abel Judge) lying dead on the floor, his throat slashed. At that moment the landline phone in the apartment rang. Cooper answered. The digitally altered voice of the blackmailer spoke: “Congratulations, Harold. Now you have the blood of two men on your hands.”

Two other matters remain unresolved: 1) What was in the box Red gave to Dembe? And — 2) What did the letter from Katarina to Liz say about Red’s true identity?


⭕ Script 9:12 The Chairman (№ 171)

[ A man known as The Chairman sits behind a table talking to three people sitting in front of it, two men and a woman. They seem frightened ]
The Chairman: You know, the first stock exchange started in Belgium, 1531, and for the next five centuries, this flow of capital transformed the world more than politics, religion, war. And like all markets, ours depends on rules. The honest reporting of profit and loss. You failed to do that. You, uh– You lied on your disclosure forms.
[ The Chairman slaps a binder down on the table ]
The Chairman: You raised $78 million to build a tunnel under the border that you never intended to build. Five miles of road and rail, flatbeds, pallets, people, with entrances and exits located at warehouses that you control.
[ Two men lift a cloth from a side table. On it are metal instruments ]
The Chairman: Instead, you invested the money in Miami real estate. Now, on Wall Street, this kind of Ponzi scheme would get you a slap on the wrist and a Central Park co-op.
[ One of the men by the table wears a plastic bib apron and plastic goggles. He pulls on a pair of black plastic gloves ]
The Chairman: Your investors, however, the often unscrupulous people you ripped off– I think you see where I’m going with this. It’s nowhere good. They’re very emotional people, and right now, their emotions are tending towards usury and murder. Luckily for you, we have rules that we’ve all agreed to follow. [ Reading ] To wit. – You know, I have no idea what “to wit” means. I just love the way that it sounds. [ Chuckles ] – Let’s see. Section 42, subparagraph C. Punishments.
[ The man in the apron gets out a large chef’s knife ]
The Chairman: To wit. [ Chuckles ] Punishments are for the Chairman to decide. Now, your investors want you dead. I’m thinking more walking dead. Living, breathing examples of what happens when you break our rules. These are the consent forms you each signed, consenting to abide by my decision. And my decision is this. Repayment in full, plus 20%. And fingers. Two from you. Two from you. [ To Beth ] Three from you.
[ The man in the apron gets our a large garden clipper ]
The Chairman: From the hand you used to sign your consent form. You see, this is a blood oath. You broke it, so I get a piece of what you broke it with. Beth, you’re the ringleader. Lead the ring.
Beth: No. No, please don’t do this.
[ A Guard grabs Beth by the shoulders and forces her to get up ]
Guard: Too late for that.
Beth: No. Oh! [ Crying ]
[ At the torture table ]
The Chairman: Uh, Joe, that’s, uh, three from Beth. Just, uh, work backwards from the pinkie.
Beth: No. No, please.
The Chairman: Oh, and, uh, Beth, feel free to tell anybody who asks – If they’re gonna cheat, cheat the stock market, not the night market.
Beth: No. No. [ ‼️ Screams ‼️ ]

[ Cooper’s kitchen ] [ Lew Sloan sits at the table with a cellphone ] [ Beeps🔅]
Cooper: You know, MPD has nothing on the bartender. After a month. It’s like it never happened.
Lew: Well, he was hit by a pro. Finding a clue trail’s gonna take some time.
Cooper: I don’t have time. What I have is some voicebox who keeps calling to remind me he’s got a gun to my head.
Lew: Yeah, well, the next time he calls, you’ll be able to record his voice, and we’ll see if we can’t unscramble the voicebox and get an ID. What the hell are you looking for?
Cooper: Mimi’s missing. A stuffed bunny. Yea big. Charred feet.
Lew: A bunny? With charred feet?
Cooper: It’s Agnes’ transitional object.
Lew: At her age, isn’t that called a smartphone?
Cooper: It belonged to her mother. It played a key role in the breakup of the Soviet Union.
Lew: The bunny did?
Cooper: Thank you, by the way, for the phone and for reviewing the case file again.
Lew: Yeah, well, I’ve reviewed it three times.
Cooper: Then thanks for reviewing it a fourth. We have to find out what happened to the bartender, and if the cops can’t help us, we have to help ourselves.
[ Cell phone ringing✨]
Lew: Hm. “Nick’s Pizza.” Maybe they have the bunny.
[ Cell phone clicks ✽ ]

[ Red’s camper ] [ Birds chirping ]
[ Red is gazing at a glass of water with two raw egg yolks and whites suspended in water, a feature of the Mesoamerican shamanic rituals (oomancy) practiced by Mierce ]
[ Door opens ] [ Red rises. Cooper enters ]
Red: Harold. Please.
[ Both sit ]
Cooper: Reading your future?
Red: [ Laughs ] I don’t know. Mierce. For me, it’s just– calming.
Cooper: Is this about Elizabeth?
Red: Her body needs to be exhumed, Harold.
Cooper: Aram told me about the tracker. That whomever wanted her dead put it in her, not on her.
Red: And yet you posted guards at her grave.
Cooper: She’s resting in peace. I intend on keeping it that way.
Red: Much of my world exists right alongside yours. People and organizations in our two worlds have the same needs. Security. Medical care. Air travel. Corporate infrastructure. Financial services. Hence the night market, a stock market for criminals.
Cooper: The Sinaloa Cartel issues stocks?
Red: Cartels, gangs, crime syndicates. The Yakuza is no different than Google. They both issue stock to raise money to pay for R&D, capital expenses, to expand their operations.
Cooper: Are you in the market?
Red: Of course. Capital markets are the key to explosive growth in your world. The night market is no different in mine. I’d be a fool not to take advantage of it.
Cooper: But you want us to bring it down.
Red: The man in charge is known as the Chairman. I don’t know his real name or where exactly to find him. He moves around a lot. What I do know is that he is a one-man SEC. Judge, jury, and executioner. These unfortunates misled their investors in advance of an IPO.
[ Red shows Cooper a photo of the unfortunate investors’ severed fingers ]
Cooper: The Chairman did this?
Red: To send a message. Quite literally. They take a photo and disseminate it to the community. ⋘⋙ You’re wrong about Elizabeth. She’s not resting nor in peace. She’s dead. She can’t be disturbed because she doesn’t exist. We exist. We hurt. We are in pain. And we need answers.

[ The Post Office war room ] [ A stock ticker scrolls on the overhead display ]
Cooper: What you’re looking at is a black market stock market. The night market is made up of hundreds of companies raising billions in capital.
Park: But what companies? What do the initials stand for?
Cooper: According to Reddington, they’re a code that he doesn’t have the key to.
Ressler: Well, if this is an online trading platform, why don’t we just pull the plug?
Aram: Because the night market is hosted on a decentralized blockchain network, meaning it runs across 10,000 nodes all over the world. Even if we could find one and shut it down, the other 9,999 would keep humming. We’d basically have to disconnect the entire Internet to stop it.
Cooper: The only company Reddington could identify is this one. BKRC stands for Banda Korçë.
Dembe: Albanian. Specializing in extortion and money laundering. Casinos are their drug of choice.
Cooper: A fact that Gaming Enforcement got wind of. They opened up an investigation into Tremont Casinos. That’s the legitimate company that BKRC muscled in on. And as a result, Tremont’s stock on Wall Street went down 30%, and yet–
Ressler: On the night market, BKRC’s up 25%.
Park: How’s that possible? The investigation by Gaming Enforcement should be bad for both companies.
Dembe: Markets price in information. If BKRC’s stock is going up, that means the criminal market knows something that the legitimate one doesn’t.
Park: Like that? They’re gonna be able to stop the investigation?
Cooper: The night market is run by a man who does this to people who cross him.
[ A photo of the three people who had their fingers cut off is displayed, with a tray of the severed fingers lying in a tray in the foreground ]
Cooper: He’s known as the Chairman. The only way to bring down the market is to get to him. Dembe, Park, go to Gaming Enforcement, see what they know.
[ The group disperses, except for Ressler who walks with Cooper ]
Ressler: Did Reddington say anything about the guards posted at the cemetery?
Cooper: He did. And he wasn’t happy about it. His concern is our need for closure, not hers for peace and tranquility.
Ressler: His need or ours?
Cooper: If what you’re asking is do the guards stay, the answer’s yes.
Ressler: Great. Thank you. Look, I want answers as much as Reddington, but not at the expense of disturbing Liz’s remains.

[ A conference room at Gaming Enforcement ] [ Ray King and Laren McVay meet with Dembe and Park ]
Ray King: Tremont’s stock is in a nose dive because our investigation is rock solid. We know they’re in business with Banda Korçë, that Banda Korçë is run by Driton Abazi, and that he is using Tremont’s casinos to launder money.
Dembe: What’s your timeline? When do you plan on arresting Abazi?
Laren McVay: He’s smart. Insulated. But we finally got someone on the inside.
Dembe: Your inside source, what’s his name?
Laren McVay: If we tell you and you approach him, he might run scared, and everything we’ve worked on could be lost.
Park: We want to make sure he’s okay.
Laren McVay: Why wouldn’t he be? What aren’t you telling us?
Dembe: It’s conventional wisdom in the criminal world that your investigation is going nowhere. Since it rests on this source, it stands to reason that his life may be in danger.
Ray King: It’s not a he. It’s a she. And we have no case without her.

[ Atlantic City, New Jersey ] [ A luxury hotel suite ]
[ Tsiona Stern, the woman “on the inside” for Gaming Enforcement, is talking to her lover, gambling crime boss, Driton Abazi, via a computer screen. She is wearing a short sparkling dress and is holding a glass of champagne ]
Tsiona Stern: Thanks for the Dom, baby. Lorik just gave it to me, but he didn’t tell me what it was for.
Driton Abazi: It’s a going-away present.
Tsiona: [ Gasps ] I like the sound of that. Where are we going?
Abazi: A toast. To stupidity.
Tsiona: That’s a dumb toast.
Abazi: Well, we are dumb people. I’m stupid for thinking that you loved me, and you’re stupid for thinking I wouldn’t find out what you did.
Tsiona: [ Scoffs ] What are you talking about?
Abazi: Don’t talk. Drink. If you have enough before he gets there, it might not hurt as much.
Tsiona: If this is a joke, it’s not funny.
Abazi: It’s not a joke. It’s a going-away present.
Tsiona: Okay, I don’t understand. Where are we going?
Abazi: We are not going anywhere. You are. To a very painful place. The champagne may numb it.
Tsiona: That’s it. My present. To numb the pain.
[ A man enters carrying a rolled up rug. After him is the Chairman, then a couple of guards ]
The Chairman: Oh, it’s the classic love story. Boy meets girl, girl betrays boy, boy has psychopath dismember girl. It’s so cliched, it’s almost boring.
Tsiona: I didn’t betray anybody.
The Chairman: That would be hard to prove. Gaming Enforcement encrypts all of its files. Unfortunately, someone forgot to firewall the copy machine.
[ He tosses Tsiona’s file on to the coffee table ]
Tsiona: [ To Abazi ] You don’t believe him, right, baby? Look, please, I didn’t–
[ A guard clobbers Tsiona ] [ Body thuds ]
The Chairman: You know, I love reading quarterly reports, examining financial disclosures, regulating the market. The part of my job I detest is enforcement.
[ Two guards roll Tsiona up in the rug and carry her away ]
The Chairman: Lately, it seems like all I do.

[ The conference room at Gaming Enforcement. Ray King and Laren McVay are talking by video call to the task force ]
Ray King: Two years. We’ve spent two years trying to turn Tsiona Stern.
Dembe: And then we show up and she disappears.
Laren McVay: Disappears? She’s dead. She didn’t miss a check-in, not one, until you started asking around.
Cooper: Ms. Stern put her life at risk to help expose Banda Korçë. That was very brave. And we can honor that bravery by carrying on with her work. You by going back to your office, reviewing your files, and seeing where the case stands without her.—
[ The yellow freight elevator opens. Lew Sloan steps out ]
Cooper: —We, by looking into her murder. We can’t do that without names. Family, friends. Who was closest to her?
Ray King: She had a sister.
Cooper: Ressler, get a name and number. Take Dembe. See what she knows.
[ Ressler and Dembe leave ]

[ Cooper’s office ]
Cooper: Did you find anything on the bartender?
Lew Sloan: Maybe yes, maybe no. The, uh, bartender was close with a woman he worked with.
Cooper: Did the police talk with her?
Lew: Well, they tried, but she wouldn’t return their calls. You know, the cops got busy, had other leads, and she fell through the cracks. It turned out that she didn’t return their calls because she disappeared. She left her apartment the day after the murder and hasn’t been seen since.
Cooper: Do you have a name?
Lew: I do.
[ Lew hands Cooper a slip of paper ]
Lew: That’s about all I have. Like I said, may be a lead, maybe not. Hey, uh, by the way, did you ever find the bunny that solved the Cold War? That’s a hell of a bedtime story.
Cooper: Mimi belonged to Agnes’ mother. Holding on to it is like holding on to her. And, yeah, it’s a hell of a story. One I’m not sure I should tell Agnes. Her mother’s part in it was complicated.
Lew: Agnes deserves the truth, even the parts that are complicated.
Cooper: So you think that extends to how her mother died, which might be the most complicated part of all?
Lew: Yeah, well, of all the parts of the story that you have to tell, that’s the most important one. Without it, she’ll never get closure.
Cooper: Thanks, Lew. For the advice. And for this. [ The slip of paper ]
Lew: Mm. Yeah. Hey, did voicebox ever reach out?
Cooper: Not yet, but it’s been a few weeks, so it’s only a matter of time.
Lew: Right.
[ Lew leaves ]
[ Cooper’s cell phone beeps 🔅 , dials ••• •••• ]
Cooper: Hey. I’d like to meet. ⋘⋙ No. ⋘⋙ At the cemetery.

[ Ressler and Dembe meet with Tsiona Stern’s sister, Tracy ]
Tracy Stern: I begged her not to cooperate with the cops. I told her just to get out. But she was stuck on the guy.
Ressler: Well, if she cared for Abazi, why’d she inform on him?
Tracy: It was volatile, passionate. Spite. Anger. Jealousy. The trifecta of the scorned lover.
Ressler: So Abazi cheated on her.
Tracy: He’s a thug. Hurting people, skimming off casino profits. She might’ve gone against him anyway, but Felicia sure helped.
Dembe: Felicia–
Tracy: Dawson. S-She’s a dealer he moved into one of the suites at the casino. Tsiona followed him there, expecting to catch him with Felicia, which she did, as well as finding him having some kind of business meeting.

[ The Post Office ] [ Dembe follows Aram down a hall ]
Aram: You want to bug a suite at the casino?
Dembe: The informant’s sister says that’s where Abazi conducted a lot of his business.
[ The enter the war room, where Ressler stands at a computer ]
Ressler: The suite’s rented in the name of his girlfriend. His other girlfriend. A Felicia Dawson.
[ Felicia Dawson’s photo and data appears on the large screen ]
Dembe: Former casino employee. Divorced. Five-year-old daughter.
Ressler: Who’s now consorting with criminals, which should be enough for us to pull a warrant, hear what they talk about.
Park: And hopefully hear enough from Abazi to get to the Chairman.
Aram: Getting a warrant might not be the problem, but installing the bug is. I do not envy the guy who has to slip in and out of the love nest of an Albanian mobster.

[ The hotel suite ] [ Dressed as a food service worker and pushing a cart, Aram ‘slips into the love nest of Albanian mobster’ Driton Abazi. Abazi’s business associate and lover, Felicia Dawson, is on the phone with him ]
[ In the anteroom ]
Aram: Room service.
Guard: Hands out.
[ The guard pats Aram down ]
Felicia: I’m not doing it.
Abazi: [ On phone ] Doing what? I’m asking you to meet some people.
Felicia Dawson: I know what you’re asking me to do, and the answer is no.
Abazi: Call me back when you’re alone.
[ Aram rolls the cart in ]
Felicia: What are you looking at?
[ Guard leaves ] [ Door closes ]
Aram: Oh. Uh, nothing. I will just put things out. Very good.
[ Felicia goes into another room ]
[ Aram reaches under a tablecloth and applies a 🔆 blinking 🔆 bug under the table ]
Lily Dawson: [ Sniffling ]
[ Aram lifts the tablecloth. Under the table is Felicia’s 5-year-old daughter ]
Aram: Oh. Hello. I’m guessing the hot dog is for you. You wanna eat it down here?
[ Lily nods ]
Aram: Okay. One hot dog coming up. There you go. Voilá. What’s wrong? Parents fighting?
Lily: They’re not my parents. He’s not. What’s that? I saw you put it there.
[ The light on the bug blinks 🔆 🔆 🔆 ]
Aram: That? Oh, um, that’s part of a magic trick. And if it’s done right, Mr. Abazi will disappear.
Lily: People can’t disappear.
Aram: Not normally, no. But, uh, this– This is a very special trick. But for it to work, you can’t tell anyone. Not even your mom. Think you can do that?
Lily: But if he goes, will he ever come back?
Aram: Of course not. It’s magic.
[ Lily smiles ]

[ Cooper puts down a pot of flowers and kneels at Liz’s grave ]
Cooper: Agnes is doing well. At school, she’s getting mostly A’s. A B+ in math. She doesn’t really like math. Neither do I. [ Chuckling ] She’s got lots of friends. At the moment, her biggest concern is that we have misplaced Mimi.
[ Red walks quietly behind Cooper, pausing some distance away ]
Cooper: I’m sure she’ll turn up, but for now, the house is being turned upside down.
Red: When my father died—
[ Cooper turns his head, then gets up ]
Red: —I kept a little painting of his. He always wished he’d been a real painter. But at least there was the one. He took terrible care of it, so it’s faded and torn. But it reminded me of him, so I kept it in the bathroom. Every morning, he and I would have a little [ Chuckling ] chat. ⋘⋙ Why do we do that, talk to the dead? They’re gone. Why do we talk to them?
Cooper: But they’re not gone. As long as we’re here, they’re here with us.
Red: Where are the guards?
Cooper: I dismissed them. If Elizabeth is watching over us, I think she’d want Agnes to know the truth, at least as much of it as we can give her.
Red: Thank you.
Cooper: I’ll get a court order. If we’re gonna do this, we’re gonna do it the right way.
[ Cooper leaves. Red approaches the grave ]
Red: Hello, Elizabeth.

[ Liz’s coffin is rolled by ] [ Parked nearby, Cooper and Red sit in an SUV. Cooper holds up Mimi, the stuffed bunny with the scorched feet ]
Cooper: Where did you find it?
Red: It was under the seat. Agnes fell asleep on the way back from the opera. She must’ve dropped it.
Cooper: I’ve been looking everywhere. You have no idea what a relief this is.
Red: [ Chuckling ] Of course I do. Elizabeth couldn’t sleep. Colicky. But more often than not, when she scrunched that bunny against her cheek, she was calm, quiet.
Cooper: You should’ve taken her to the opera.
Red: [ Chuckles ]
Cooper: That’ll put anyone to sleep.
Red: [ Chuckles ]
[ The workers slide Liz’s coffin into a hearse ]
Red: Harold, please instruct the medical examiner to be as respectful as possible.

[ The hotel suite ] [ Felicia Dawson is on the phone ]
Felicia: Why? Because I’m terrified for my daughter. Yes, names, dates. [ Sighs ] That’s fine. Roger’s Park, 3:00.
[ Cell phone beeps🔅]
[ Felicia turns to talk to Driton Abazi via the video display on the wall ]
Felicia: The meeting’s set with King and McVay.
Abazi: You did good. Even I believed you betrayed me.
[ The bug in the room transmits the audio to the Post Office ]
Aram: When I was there, I heard Abazi and Felicia arguing. This could be why. He’s using her to set up King and McVay.
[ The conversation continues, overheard by the task force ]
Abazi: This is how it’s gonna go. Lorik drives. You get out, enter the park. When they approach, you drop your sunglasses, bend down to pick them up. Lorik does the rest.
Felicia: Meaning he kills them.
Abazi: Meaning that whatever it is, you don’t have to worry about it.
Ressler: All right, Dembe and I will go to the park. You let King and McVay know they’re walking into a trap.
[ Dembe starts to head out, but Park catches up with him ]
Park: [ Sighs ] Does Abazi actually think killing the two people investigating him will stop the investigation?
Dembe: He’s not thinking. He’s reacting. Like a cornered animal lashing out.
[ The hotel suite; Aram listens in ]
Lily: Mommy!
Felicia: Mommy’s gonna go run an errand. Driton’s coming over to be with you while I’m gone, okay?
Driton Abazi: [ Via the video screen ] Don’t worry, kid. We’ll have a good time.
[ Lily ducks under the table where the audio bug is and talks to it ] [ Beep🔅]
Lily: Please make him disappear. Please make him disappear. Please make him disappear.
[ Aram can hear her, but it’s a one-way connection ]

[ Cooper gets off the yellow freight elevator. Aram runs up ]
Aram: Oh, sir, sir, about, uh, Driton Abazi–
Cooper: Not now, okay?
Aram: Is everything all right?
Cooper: I’m sure it will be. It’s just– The exhumation. I ordered it.

[ The Medical Examiner preps for the procedure and dictates a recording ]
Medical Examiner: Pursuant to an order issued by Superior Court Judge Victoria Shapiro, we are conducting an exhumation autopsy on Elizabeth Keen. The purpose of the autopsy is to determine whether Agent Keen ingested a tracking device which remains inside her postmortem.

[ Ressler and Dembe walks along a path in Rogers Park ] [ Ressler is ending a call ]
Ressler: All right. Thank you. [ Cell phone beeps🔅]
Dembe: Where are we on King and McVay?
Ressler: That was their supervisor. They’re not picking up his calls or mine.
Dembe: I’m not surprised. After what happened to their last informant, they don’t trust anybody, especially us.
[ Vehicle approaching ]
Ressler: Okay. All right. This could be the agents arriving. ⋘⋙ Here comes King and McVay.
Dembe: I’ll keep eyes on the driver.
[ Some distance away, meet with Felicia Dawson meets with Ray King and Laren McVay ]
Ray King: Thanks for coming. We want to start by saying we will protect you.
Felicia Dawson: I wish you could, but you can’t even protect yourselves.
[ A sniper aims his rifle out the window of a car ]
[ Felicia drops her sunglasses and leans over to pick them up ]
Ressler: It’s a hit.
[ Dembe steps forward and shoots💥the sniper ]
[ They run over to the trio ]
Ressler: FBI! Stand back!
Laren: [ To Felicia ] Are you all right?
Dembe: Get away from the car!
Ressler: Donald Ressler, FBI. You need to come with us.
Felicia: No, I can’t. My daughter–
Ressler: We know about your daughter.
Felicia: Is she all right?
Ressler: She will be. If you come with us, now.

[ Felicia talks to Driton Abazi. Ressler stands nearby. Dembe checks the sniper who is shot in the forehead ]
Felicia: It’s done. But Lorik was shot. ⋘⋙ I don’t know. One of the agents, I think, before they were killed. [ Sighs ] ⋘⋙ I-I don’t know. It all happened so fast. I just– [ Inhales sharply ] Baby, I’m scared. I need you to come and get me. And I need you to bring Lily. ⋘⋙ Okay. Yeah, yeah. I know where that is. ⋘⋙ Okay. [ Cell phone beeps🔅]
Felicia: [ To Ressler ] He’s coming for me. [ Breathes deeply ] But you can’t do anything until I have my daughter.
Dembe: Where did Abazi tell you to meet?

[ A car pulls up. In the back seat are Driton Abazi and young Lily Dawson, Abazi’s arm draped over Lily. Lily’s mother opens the car door ]
Felicia Dawson: Hi, baby!
Lily: Mommy!
Felicia: [ To Abazi ] I did what you asked me to do. What else would I do?You had Lily. Driton, please.
[ Abazi allows Lily to go to Felicia ]
Felicia: You’re okay. Mm! [ Hug ]
[ Felicia puts her sunglasses on the roof of the car ]
[ Agents, including Ressler, Dembe, Park and Aram run out and surround the car ]
— FBI! Hands! Hands!
[ Indistinct shouting ]
Dembe: FBI! yYou’re under arrest.
— Hands! Let’s see ’em!
— Turn around.
— And clear. Everyone, stand down.
Aram: [ To Lily ] Told you he’d disappear. Good job. [ Winks ]
Felicia: [ Sighs ] [ Hugs Lily ]
[ Handcuffs ✽ click ✽ ]

[ Aram and Ressler get off of the yellow freight elevator ]
Ressler: I’ll update Cooper on Abazi’s arrest.
Aram: Has he talked to you about Elizabeth yet?
Ressler: No. Why? What about her?

[ Cooper’s office ] [ Cooper holds a plastic envelope containing a small capsule ]
Cooper: The ME found the tracker.
Reddington: I’ll get there as soon as we can. We should discuss what comes next.
[ Cell phone beeps🔅]
[ Door opens ] [ Ressler enters ]
Ressler: Is it true about Liz? That you pulled the guards? That you dug her up?
Cooper: I know you feel, but I decided it was the right thing to do.
Ressler: You decided?
Cooper: Yes.
Ressler: Reddington put you up to this.
Cooper: They found the tracker.
Ressler: All you did was desecrate her grave.
Cooper: Elizabeth would’ve wanted us to do this. She would want us to know who’s responsible for her death.
Ressler: You wanna know who’s responsible for killing her? It was Reddington.
[ Door slams❗]

[ The hotel suite in Atlantic City ]
[ Door opens ] [ The Chairman enters. A guard motions him, indicating the table. The Chairman sits down and reaches underneath and finds the FBI bug. He drops it on the floors and crushes it ] [ Foot stomps⚡️] [ Grunts ]
The Chairman: Contact Pilken. Tell him we’re done with Abazi, have him de-list Banda Korçë.
Guard: The stockholders won’t be happy.
The Chairman: We have rules. When a company is in legal trouble, they’re sacrificed to protect the market. I want you to clean the place. Collect every flash drive, every file, every Post-it Note. If it so much as mentions the night market, I want it destroyed.
Guard: What about Abazi? Will he talk?
The Chairman: Oh, he’s seen how we deal with informants. He won’t say a word.

[ The Post Office ] [ Cooper’s office; Dembe and Park enter ]
Dembe: He won’t talk.
Cooper: Did he lawyer up?
Park: No. He’s terrified of the Chairman. We said we’d protect him. He laughed.
Cooper: What about Felicia?
Dembe: I think she would cooperate if it meant protecting her daughter. But I don’t think she knows anything.
Cooper: So we’re nowhere on connecting Abazi to the night market.

[ Ressler’s office ] [ Ressler takes out a bottle of pills ] [ Drawer closes ]
[ Elevator doors open. Aram gets out. Ressler gets in ]
Aram: Oh, hey. Uh, so I, uh, I’ve been looking into the tracker. And I-I don’t suppose you’re interested in an update.
Ressler: You supposed right.
[ Elevator doors shut ]

[ The war room; Cooper and Red look at Aram’s computer screen where an animation of the tracker appears ]
Aram: It is incredibly cool. I mean, uh, well, not the way it was used, of course, but big picture, this thing is insane. It has a power supply and a microprocessor that is only activated to transmit data when it comes into contact with the target’s digestive enzymes. I must say, I’ve, uh, had my fill of analyzing the contents of people’s stomachs of late.
Red: [ Chuckling ] Oh, that’s understandable. Is there a signature of any kind, something to identify where it was made or by whom?
Aram: I don’t know yet. Maybe. I need to keep looking.
Cooper: Then that’s what I want you to do. There can’t be that many people in the world capable of making something this advanced. I’m confident we’ll find him, more confident than I am that we’ll find the Chairman. Abazi won’t talk.
Red: Of course not. But you don’t really need him to.
Cooper: He’s our connection to the Chairman. A connection we can’t make unless he talks.
Red: So just say that he talked. Tell the world that you’ve been investigating the night market and are preparing to shut it down.
Cooper: None of which is true.
Red: Well, what is true, Harold, is that rumor can drive the market. That’s why Banda Korçë‘s stock went up, on the rumor that they’d found the government informant. You want to flush out the Chairman? Spread the rumor that Abazi sang like a canary.
Aram: Which no one can contradict because he’s in custody.
Cooper: You want me to lie through my teeth at a press conference?
Red: I want you to apply situational ethics. Which I find to be immensely enjoyable and ruthlessly effective. And would make for a fantastic board game.

[ The hotel suite ] [ Guard enters ]
Guard: We got everything. Notebooks. Tablets. There’s nothing left that can hurt us.
The Chairman: Yeah, it’s me. We need a circuit breaker. Level Three. Yes, now. Before the market drops another 20%. [ Sighs ]
Guard: What’s going on?
The Chairman: That’s what I’m trying to find out.
[ The Chairman scrolls through the news on his cellphone ] [ Beeps🔅]

[ Cooper’s press conference ]
Cooper: Mr. Abazi is wanted in connection with extortion and money laundering. His company also trades on a criminal stock market known as the night market. Mr. Abazi has agreed to cooperate fully.

The Chairman: Call a meeting. All the board members.
Guard: I can’t believe he talked.
The Chairman: Because he didn’t. It’s a trick. I need to make sure nobody else falls for it.

[ Cooper enters his office ]
Red: [ On phone ] Chum’s in the water. Our shark won’t be able to resist.
Cooper: I hope you’re right.
Red: Take the win, Harold. You did well. [ Chuckles ]
[ Cell phone clicks shut ✽ ] [ Cell phone buzzes «»«» ] [ Cell phone beeps🔅]
Voice on phone (Distorted): Andrew Kennison.
Cooper: I don’t know who that is.
Voice on phone (Distorted): I need him to go away.
Cooper: “Go away”?
Voice on phone (Distorted): Disappear. New identity. New life.
Cooper: Why?
Voice on phone (Distorted): Because I said so.
[ Cell phone beeps🔅 ]

[ Cooper walks down the yellow metal staircase from his office ]
Cooper: [ On phone ] Yes. Lew, I’m glad you got a lead, but the bartender’s friend’s gonna have to wait. He called with a demand. I can’t talk about it now. Just get here as soon as you can.
[ Park walks over ]
Park: Any word from Ressler?
Cooper: No. I reached out to him, but he didn’t answer.
Park: I’m worried about him.
Cooper: He’s upset. Understandable. But he’ll be fine.
[ Trading on the night market scrolls on the overhead screen ]
Aram: Sir, your bluff worked. Check it out. It is a huge sell-off. The rumor you spread about Abazi telling us about the night market spooked investors. The market was down 20% before trading was halted.
[ All task force members except Ressler gather around ]
Park: Hang on. Can you stop it? Every other stock is down except that one.
Cooper: An interesting anomaly, but I don’t see how one company bucking the market is relevant to our case.
Aram: Maybe not, but that is a company I wish I could invest in.
Dembe: In a way you do. COC stands for Concierge of Crime.
Park: Reddington. It’s his company.

[ Cooper’s office ]
Cooper: [ On phone ] You told your investors it was a bluff. That’s why your stock’s going up and everybody else’s is tanking. You traded on insider information.
Red: I didn’t. But not on principle, mind you. I’d do it if it were in my interest, but in this case, it’s not.
Cooper: You didn’t bring us this case to take down the night market. You brought it us to drive up your share price.
Red: Actually, I was aiming for bankruptcy. And all the freedom that that implies.
Cooper: You know what? Between the exhumation and other things I’m dealing with, I don’t have the bandwidth for your nonsense.
Red: Other things? Do tell.
Cooper: Why? You never do.
Red: Harold, the market is teetering, but it will recover, unless you move on the Chairman. Thanks to your bluff, I know how you can do that.
Cooper: How?
Red: He’s called a meeting. I’m on my way to it now.
Cooper: Where?
Red: I’ll tell you, but first, you’ll have to give me time to say my piece and go.
[ Cell phone beeps🔅]

[ About 15 investors are gathered with The Chairman, including Red ]
The Chairman: Some of you are new to the market. Others have been listed for years. But this is the first time any of us have met in person. That should give you an idea of how important I feel this meeting is. Now, together, your companies represent 15% of our market cap. What you do matters. You panic, others panic. If you don’t, we can weather any storm.
Investor: Yeah, but can we weather the FBI?
The Chairman: Well, if they have something on us, maybe not. But they don’t. Abazi didn’t talk. Now, the FBI said that he did because they want to scare investors, get them to panic. If they could hurt us, they would, but they can’t. So they started a rumor hoping we’ll hurt ourselves, and that is exactly what we’re doing.
Red: $25 million. I’ll put that in the market by close of business tomorrow, a leadership investment to calm some obviously frayed nerves.
The Chairman: Mr. Reddington. Thank you. See, that’s exactly what we need. Send a signal to the other investors that the FBI is all sizzle, no steak.
Red: I do have one condition.
The Chairman: Which is?
Red: The name of the lead investor in my company.
The Chairman: Well, I’m afraid I can’t do that.
Red: $30 million.
The Chairman: Mr. Reddington, I talked about privacy. We have rules.
Red: Bend them. 35. Give me a number. You must have one.
The Chairman: But I don’t.
Red: You’re willing to risk the market to protect the identity of a single investor?
The Chairman: I designed the market interface to protect against this kind of bribe, or was that a threat? I anticipated the need to keep men like you from hanging me off the side of a building every time they felt cheated by a short sale. So I made sure the identity of each and every investor was shielded, even from me.
Red: Well, I’m sure you all have more to discuss, but I’ve said what I came to say and heard what I care to hear. So please excuse me.
[ Red and Weecha leave ] [ Door opens, closes ]

[ On the landing outside Cooper’s office, Lew Sloan sits at a table with a laptop ]
Lew Sloan: Andrew Kennison. Who is he?
Cooper: An MIT grad student. What his connection is to any of this, I have no idea.
Lew: And voicebox wants him disappeared.
Cooper: A new ID. A new life.
Lew: Okay. So that’s what you do.
Cooper: Kidnap a grad student?
Lew: Buy time. Keep voicebox happy until we’ve had a chance to talk to the bartender’s friend. I’ve got a line on her. I know that she headed down south. Maybe she could tell us who put him up to doping you, which would prove your innocence.
[ Cell phone ringing✨]
Cooper: Not a good time.
Red: [ On phone ] Then I’ll be brief. 3726 Sheridan Road. They have backup. So come heavy.
Cooper: [ To Lew ] What can we tell Kennison to convince him to come with me?
Lew: My vote, the truth.
Cooper: I need to speak with my team, give them an assignment. Then I’ll pay Mr. Kennison a visit.

The Chairman: So, yes, while a leveraged buyback will increase the debit on your balance sheet, we have a number of offshore–
[ Suddenly, the FBI bursts in ]
— FBI!
— Hands!
— Hands!
— Hands!
[ 💥 Guards fall 💥 ]
[ Indistinct shouting ]
Man: All right, all right.
The Chairman: [ Sighs ] Abazi did talk.
Park: Sang like a bird. And the melody—
[ Handcuffs clicking ✽ ✽ ]
Park: —it was all about you.

[ It’s dark. Lights shine from a building at MIT. Andrew Kennison exits ]
Woman: [ Laughs ]
— Yeah.
[ Indistinct conversations ]
[ Cooper gets out of a vehicle ] [ Vehicle door closes ]
Cooper: [ Showing badge ] Andrew Kennison? Harold Cooper, FBI.
Kennison: Whoa. What’s this about?
Cooper: We have reason to believe your life is in danger. An agent with the Bureau has been compromised. He’s being blackmailed, and for some reason, the blackmailer wants him to abduct you.
Kennison: That’s insane. Why?
Cooper: I was hoping you could tell me.
Kennison: I have no idea what you’re talking about. It this some kind of joke?
Cooper: I can assure you, this is deadly serious. I’ve contacted the Marshal Service. They’re prepared to move you somewhere safe until the danger’s passed.
Kennison: Move– Move me? Move me where?
Cooper: I’ll explain it all in the car.

[ An interrogation room ] [ Dembe pushes the list of company codes toward The Chairman ]
Dembe: The codes. How do you decrypt them?
The Chairman: We have rules. I don’t break them.
Dembe: Name the companies that trade on the night market and you can help yourself. Perhaps save yourself.
The Chairman: I’m here because you lied. Now you want me to break my word? And you’re the good guys?
Dembe: You created a market that channeled billions into criminal enterprises.
The Chairman: Enron. Tyco. AIG. Freddie Mac. Who channeled billions to them? Have you arrested anyone on Wall Street who financed their crimes? Hey, how about credit default swaps? Sub-prime lending. In 2008, those markets crashed the world economy, wiped out over $10 trillion worth of wealth, cost 8 million people their jobs. Did you arrest anyone for that? Oh, yeah. One guy. [ Clicks tongue ] One. I may lose my freedom. But if it’s all the same to you–
[ Chair scrapes ] [ Sniffles ]
The Chairman: –I’ll keep my integrity.

[ Red’s camper ] [ Two raw eggs are suspended in water in a glass on the table ]
Red: Harold, come in. Have a seat. Can I get you anything?
Cooper: No, I’m fine.
Red: After Elizabeth died, I– [ Sighs ] –let things go. Lot of things. People, businesses, trade routes, landing rights. Streams of income. When I came back, I was – illiquid. So I incorporated and sold stock on the night market and got what I needed. And something I didn’t. Greenmail. A hostile takeover. By whom, I don’t know. But someone courted my shareholders in secret and bought a controlling interest in my – uh, Company.
Cooper: That’s why you wanted to drive down the share price. To force them out.
Red: Yes. But they refused to sell. Whoever it is has a stranglehold on me and they won’t let go.
Cooper: That’s what you wanted from the Chairman – A name.
Red: [ Sighs ] The tracking device. Where are we on it?
Cooper: According to Aram, there’s nothing in DARPA’s files or the NSF. He’s still looking, but we haven’t traced it to anyone yet. ⋘⋙ You think they’re connected.
Red: Maybe. Or had someone give it to her.
Cooper: [ Referring to the eggs ] Does it work? To calm you down. And if so, can you teach me how to do it?
[ Red slides the glass with the eggs over to Cooper ]
Red: The “other things” you’re dealing with.
Cooper: [ Pause ] I’m down a path. It’s dark and taking me to places I don’t want to go. I wanna turn back, but I don’t know how.
Red: I was born to a dark path. It’s the only path I know. I’ve learned how to recognize light when I see it. To stop and stare. I reach for it. In the hope that it’ll – Shed its light on me. And every once in a while, I’m able to bask in its warmth for a moment before – moving on in the dark. ⋘⋙ That’s my life.
[ Red reaches across the table and pulls the glass back ]
Red: [ Sighs ] Don’t make it yours. Go home to your wife and kid.
[ Red forces a smile ]
[ Cooper leaves ]

[ It’s dark. Ressler is at the cemetery, sitting across from Liz’s grave ] [ Park walks up ]
Park: [ Sighs ] Hey.
Ressler: Hey.
Park: You okay?
Ressler: I’m told they’re bringing her back.
Park: Are you okay?
Ressler: I didn’t fall off the wagon, if that’s what you’re asking. I thought about it. These last few weeks, I felt so good. But this – I’m not gonna lie. This was a real gut punch.
Park: Of course it was. But you need to find a way to take life’s punches without slipping. And we’re here to help you do that.
Ressler: We?
Park: I was worried. I didn’t know where you’d gone, so I told them.
[ Dembe and Aram step out from the dark ]
Ressler: Told them what?
Park: Everything. Back to the pee test. I get it if you’re mad, but they care for you and wanna help.
Aram: It’s all good. None of us are perfect.
Ressler: [ Sniffles ] Look, I appreciate what you’re doing, but we’re not in the same boat.
Aram: Okay, I walked away from a multimillion-dollar start-up, after blowing my life savings and the life savings of one of my closest friend’s parents.
Park: I lied to my husband about being a field agent.
Dembe: You also lied about being a paid assassin.
Park: He offered blind loyalty to the most wanted fugitive in the world.
Ressler: I wake up in strange rooms. Naked. Covered in vomit.
Aram: You’re right. That’s a – That’s a different boat.
Ressler: It’s a different ocean.
Park: Which is why we’re here. You can’t slay demons alone. None of us can.
[ Ressler hands his bottle of pills to Park ]
Aram: Look, if you don’t want to do this for us, then let us do it for her.
[ The hearse bearing Liz’s remains pulls in ]
[ Brakes squeal⚡️ ] [ Engine rumbling ] [ Engine shuts off ]
Aram: It’s what she’d expect us to do.
[ Vehicle doors open ] [ Vehicle doors close ]

[ Cooper has just arrived home ]
Cooper: Look who I found.
Agnes: Meems!
Cooper: [ Chuckles ]
Agnes: Where was she?
Cooper: In Pinky’s car. You left her there after the opera.
[ Cooper and Agnes sit at the table ]
Cooper: You know you can ask me anything – About your mom, your grandparents. Whatever questions you have, I’ll tell you what I know.
Agnes: Okay.
Cooper: About Mimi, too.
Agnes: Mimi?
Cooper: She’s a very special bunny. You see this scar? [ The scorch marks ] She got it after your grandfather hid a flash drive inside of her that contained a very important secret.
Agnes: What kind of secret?
Cooper: A secret that changed the course of world history. The entire world is the way it is because of a secret hidden inside that bunny.
Agnes: By my grandfather?
Cooper: Yes. Raymond Reddington.
Agnes: That’s Pinky’s name.
Cooper: Yes, well, it’s a long story.
Agnes: But it’s my story.
Cooper: Yes, I guess it is.
Agnes: Tell it.
[ Frankie Miller’s ♪ “After All (I Live My Life)” plays ]
Cooper: Once upon a time, a woman named Katarina met a man named Raymond. One was Russian, one was American.
[ At the cemetery, Red sits in a darkened car watching as Park, Aram, Dembe and Ressler carry Liz’s casket to her grave ]
Cooper: And they spied for their countries and on each other, and they didn’t agree on anything except that they loved their daughter–

♪ But I’m not the simple-minded boy ♪

Cooper: –your mother–

♪ I used to be ♪

Cooper: –more than life itself.
[ In the car, Red watches, inhales, then exhales shakily ]

♪ No, I’ve learned to picture life ♪

Cooper: They weren’t alone in that, by the way.

♪ In its reality ♪

Cooper: A lot of people loved your mother.
[ Liz’s friends turn to face her grave, arms around each others’ shoulders ]

♪ And I found after all the searching
Life was only how you take it
After all the searching for a new game to play
I live my life away ♪

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༺✦ ♤ ✦༻


Episode Songs


♫ After All (I Live My Life) [2011 Remaster]
By Frankie Miller

♪ Always think about the days gone by
When my childhood eyes saw only hills & sky
But I’m not the simple minded boy I used to be
No I learned to picture life in it’s reality

♪ I found after all the searching life was only what I made it
After all the searching for new games to play
I found after all the searching life was only what I made it
After all the searching for a new game to play

♪ I live my life away

♪ Saw a dragon shake cathedral walls
While a steeple bell rang out in anguish calls
And I turned my eyes to see a bird fly over head
And I dreamt it’s wings of freedom could be mine instead

♪ I found after all the dreaming life was only what I made it
After all the dreaming for new games to play
I found after all the dreaming life was only what I made it
After all the dreaming of new games to play

♪ I drink my life away

♪ Even after all the searching life was only what I made it
After all the searching for a new game to play
After all the searching life was only how you take it
After all the searching for a new game to play

♪ I live my life away
Live it all
Live it all
Live that life away

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/3qj2psC
YouTube: https://youtu.be/v_ZYaBAqXGc


♫ Woke Up This Morning (Theme Song of “The Sopranos”) [🔅Bonus Song🔅]
By Alabama 3

⋙ Red’s musing “I was born to a dark path” reminded me of this song:

♪ You woke up this morning
Got yourself a gun,
Mama always said you’d be
The Chosen One.

♪ She said: You’re one in a million
You’ve got to burn to shine,
But you were born under a bad sign,
With a blue moon in your eyes.

♪ You woke up this morning
All the love has gone,
Your Papa never told you
About right and wrong.

♪ But you’re looking good, baby,
I believe you’re feeling fine, (shame about it)
Born under a bad sign
With a blue moon in your eyes.

♪ So sing it now
Woke up this morning
Got a blue moon
Got a blue moon in your eyes, yeah
Woke up this morning

♪ You woke up this morning
The world turned upside down (lord above)
Thing’s ain’t been the same
Since the Blues walked into town.

♪ But you’re one in a million
You’ve got that shotgun shine (shame about it)
Born under a bad sign,
With a blue moon in your eyes.

♪ When you woke up this morning,
You got yourself a gun.
You got yourself a gun.
You got yourself a gun.

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/34SsU0q
YouTube: https://youtu.be/bFFQLtHivXA

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🔴 Script 9:13 Genuine Models Inc (№ 176)

Program air date: 3/25/2022 in the US
Script Permalink: https://wp.me/pDKwi-db5
EntertainmentWeekly Recap: https://bit.ly//3uuSUba

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Mahesh Pailoor
Written by: T Cooper, Allison Glock-Cooper



Brief (Where we’re at): Liz’s body was exhumed so that an autopsy could be performed to see if she had ingested a next-gen tracking device that allowed Vandyke to follow her to Pascual’s restaurant where he shot her. The device was found. Aram is working to find some clue in the device’s design that might lead them to the person behind the hit, a hypothetical “third man.” Ressler objected to the exhumation, but Cooper over-ruled him. So, Ressler took a bottle of pills from his desk and disappeared.

Red’s business is under attack. When he returned after two years of living in the Amazon basin with the Xiu sisters, Mierce and Weecha, he discovered that he was “illiquid,” so he incorporated and sold stock on an underground stock market known as the “night market.” But, someone is a attempting a hostile takeover. Even when Red orchestrated a run on the market, Red’s stock ($COC for “Concierge of Crime”) did not fall with the rest. The Chairman (Blacklister #171) of the night market called a meeting of the top investors to calm nerves and convince them to put money back into the market. Red offered to do so but only if the Chairman would tell him the name of the top investor in $COC. The Chairman refused, citing the bylaws. Red left and had Cooper order a raid on the meeting and the Chairman and the others were arrested, but even under interrogation, the Chairman refused to give up information on the night market.

Cooper was called again by the man trying to blackmail him by orchestrating it so that two murders can credibly be pinned on Cooper (who committed neither). His first “ask” is for Cooper to abduct an MIT grad student named Andrew Kennison and make him “disappear,” not by killing him but by giving him a new identity. Following the advice of his friend, Lew Sloan, Cooper intercepted Kennison and had him placed under the protection of US Marshalls. Afterwards he visited Red and told him he (Cooper) was down a ‘dark path’ and couldn’t see a way out. Red encouraged him not to follow in his own footsteps.

Park found Ressler at Rose Hill Cemetary, waiting for Liz’s body to arrive to be re-interred. Concerned about the possibility he might again turn to drugs, she had brought Aram and Dembe with her to stage an intervention. Together they rolled the casket to the graveside and pledged their friendship as Red watched from a car parked nearby.

Cooper found Mimi, the long-eared, long-legged stuffed bunny with the scorched feet that had belonged to Agnes’s mother Liz. Agnes had left Mimi in Red’s car. Starting with Mimi, Cooper began to tell Agnes the story of her grandparents, beginning with the story of Katarina and Raymond, her grandparents, both spies – one American and one from Russia – who had spied for their countries, and on each other …

Unresolved from earlier episodes:

1) In an effort to be more open with her husband Peter about the nature of her work, Park appeared ready to divulge that it has to do with Raymond Reddington. This is of course very tightly-held classified information.
2) What was in the box Red gave to Dembe?
3) What did the letter from Katarina to Liz say about Red’s true identity?
4) And what did happen in Brasilia, anyway?


⭕ Script 9:13 Genuine Models Inc (№ 176)

[ A bedroom ] [ ♪ Opera music plays ]
[ A middle aged man, Dan Warren, and a beautiful young woman are in bed. They roll over so she is on top ]
Dan Warren: Choke me a little. I like it.
[ She begins to choke him ]
[ Gasps ] [ Gagging ]
[ She chokes him harder and harder ]
[ Grunts ] [ ⚡️Grunts⚡️ ] [ He lurks and then lies still ]
[ She sits up ]

[ Red’s camper in the woods ] [ Red is dressed in a shirt and tie, talking to his body guard, Weecha Xiu, the sister of his paramour, Mierce, who has returned to their home in South America ] [ Weecha takes photos of the days-old white roses Mierce uses to “read” Red’s mood ]
Red: Weecha, if Mierce is able to read me, are you able to read her?
Weecha: I don’t.
Red: You don’t or can’t?
[ Red puts his suit jacket on ]
Red: Looking for Elizabeth’s killer– This compulsion is — I don’t blame her for leaving.
Weecha: Mierce didn’t leave because of what you are doing. She left because what you are doing has revealed you to be a different man from the one you were with her in her home in the mountain.
Red: When this is done and I’m that man again, will your sister take me back?
Weecha: Is that man still in there somewhere?
[ Knock on door ✽ ✽ ✽ ]
Red: That’ll be Harold.
[ Weecha lets Cooper in ]
Cooper: I thought you had a case.
Red: I do — and a funeral. Once I give you one, I’m going to the other.
Cooper: I’m sorry. Your friend — were the two of you close?
Red: We were. We worked together quite often over the years. He was a good man.
[ Red picks up a newspaper and points to an article ]
Red: Speaking of the dearly departed, Ambassador Warren was found dead after shaking the sheets with someone other than his better half.
Cooper: His obit says he was a beloved family man who was murdered in his home.
Red: High gloss to cover a low truth.
Cooper: This says MPD has no leads.
Red: That’s because they’re not intimately acquainted with Fredrica Carrellas, madam to the affluent and influential.
Cooper: And you are?
Red: Naturally. She has information, secrets, large and small.
Cooper: And the ambassador was her client?
Red: Until recently. Apparently, he informed her that he was closing his account and availing himself of new pleasures.
Cooper: How is that relevant to his death?
Red: Well, he was availing himself on or around the time that he expired.
Cooper: This new service, you have its name?

[ The Post Office war room ] [ On the overhead display are photos of women from escort services ]
Aram: Nothing came up under the name Genuine Models, offline or on.
Park: I guess the rich and powerful don’t scratch this type of itch from the back pages of alternative weeklies or trackable search engines.
Ressler: I’m sorry, but is this something we’re actually going to investigate? Reddington wanting us to protect the interests of a madam that he consorts with?
Cooper: We’ll look into it. If it turns out to be a Reddington goose chase, we’ll pass it off to Metro PD. Let’s bring Madame Carrellas in and look under the hood of the ambassador’s murder.
[ Elevator door opens ] [ Cooper’s friend Lew Sloan steps off ]
Cooper: As for Genuine Models, keep digging.

[ Cooper’s office ]
Lew Sloan: I’m not good. I am great. Sorry to say, but that’s a fact.
Cooper: One which I sincerely hope you’re about to demonstrate.
Lew: Bartender spikes your drink, you go sideways, wake up, and are framed for killing your wife’s lover. Work upstream to the bartender, he gets whacked. Woman friend of said bartender goes AWOL. All leads DOA until — They are not.
Cooper: You found the friend?
Lew: I did. Now, let’s hold off on the applause and make sure that we get to her before the pathologically persistent Detective Heber.
Cooper: Where exactly is she?
Lew: In a dive bar in Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward. Her ex-girlfriend owns the joint. She used to tend bar there until they broke up and she moved up to DC.
Cooper: I hesitate to bring another innocent person into this mess.
Lew: This woman was already at risk. She could be the piece of the puzzle that gets you off the hook for Doug Koster’s killing.

[ Aram and Ressler meet with Fredrica Carrellas, “madam to the affluent and influential” ]
Fredrica: What was so urgent I needed to be pulled from my Pilates session? As you know, being limber is a job requirement.
Aram: I didn’t, actually, but, uh, now that you mention it, I can imagine—
Fredrica: Yes, I’m sure you can.
Ressler: Ambassador Warren.
Fredrica: Dan was a good friend.
Ressler: And a client.
Fredrica: He was a client and a good friend. I introduced him to his wife.
Ressler: Hmm, well, I’m sure she’s eternally grateful.
Fredrica: Not all relationships are as conventional as you might assume, Agent–
Ressler: Ressler.
Fredrica: [ Seductively ] Well, Agent Ressler. You can pin me down anytime.
Ressler: [ Chuckles nervously ]
Aram: We’re looking into the connection between the ambassador’s death and an escort service called Genuine Models.
Ressler: We need to know anything that you can share about them.
Fredrica: None of my girls have been headhunted by Genuine. Which is odd, and I can’t trace a single contact, not a name, address, nothing about Genuine Models. Whoever’s behind it is deep underground.

[ Gordon Graham sits in front of a computer screen reading a newspaper article online: “US Ambassador to New Zealand Murdered in Home” ]
Gordon Graham: These men. These awful, terrible men, sucking everything around them dry. They use, and they abuse, acting like the world is their personal playground.
[ Next to Gordon sits a beautiful young woman ]
Gordon: [ To the woman ] Don’t be sad, dear one. These men, they might be used to getting what they want. But now, thanks to us, they’re finally going to get what they deserve.

Fredrica Carrellas: Usually when these new escort services pop up, some of my girls leave to work for them. Then a few months later, they come running back because nobody treats them better than Mama Carrellas.
Aram: You think Genuine Models is offering something standard escort services do not?
Fredrica: I don’t know. But a second client just told me he’s moving on. I worry it’s to Genuine Models since he was originally introduced to me by the ambassador.
Ressler: What’s his name?
Aram: We can’t ensure your client’s not in danger unless we know who he is.
Fredrica: Congressman Spate. Matt Spate.

[ Congressman Matt Spate lies back on a bed. A beautiful young woman dressed in lingerie walks toward him ]

[ A home in Chicago. Flower arrangements and photos of his deceased friend line the room. People mull about. Weecha stands by ]
[ Red is having a conversation with another visitor, a lawyer ]
Red: Listen, you just give me a call when you’re ready for a proper insurance policy for you and that bungee-jumping wife of yours. Steve Homan, rhymes with showman.
Lawyer: Will do, Steve. You know, in my line of work as a divorce attorney, what you call insurance, we call a prenup.
[ Both laugh ] [ Red gives the man a business card ]
[ A woman from Red’s past, Cassandra Bianchi walks over ]
Cassandra: Fancy seeing you here. “Steve Homan,” is it?
[ Both Red and Cassandra use pseudonyms when useful ]
Red: Cassandra! Looking lovely as ever.
Cassandra: Oh, you’re not so bad yourself, Raymond.
[ Red draws Weecha into the conversation ]
Red: Mm. Cassandra, this is Weecha Xiu. Weecha, an old friend, Cassandra Bianchi.
Cassandra: Uh, well, hopefully not that old. [ Chuckles ] It’s so sad about Barney. He was such a good man.
Red: With the rarest of qualities — Complete, unfettered honesty.
Cassandra: There was no guile about Barney. And in our business, that can be a problem.
Weecha: And what business is that?
Cassandra: Um, I take things that aren’t mine. Some years back, I persuaded “Mr. Homan the Showman” to rob a Middle Eastern arms dealer with me. Among the items we boosted was this invaluable necklace the arms dealer was going to give his wife for her birthday. The only person in the world we trusted to fence it was Barney. But before he could find a buyer, the item was stolen from the safe at Barney’s collectibles store. — It was never found.
Weecha: Was it a ruby necklace?
Red: Yes, the largest ruby ever unearthed in Myanmar. How could you possibly know that?
Weecha: Because I’m looking right at it.
[ Red and Cassandra turn and stare at a woman wearing a ruby necklace ]

[ The woman wearing the ruby necklace walks over ]
Matilda: I’m sorry, I don’t think that we’ve met. I’m Matilda. I’m Barney’s wife – widow. I hate saying that.
Red: I’m Steven Homan, an old friend of your husband’s. I’m very sorry for your loss. Barney was a dear man.
Cassandra: Lillian Alexander. We both adored Barney so much.
Matilda: How did you know my sweet Barney?
Red: Collectibles. Acquiring, trading, selling valuable items. It’s a tricky business, and your husband was a prince among thieves.
Cassandra: Matilda, I can’t help but ask about your necklace. It’s possibly the most stunning piece of jewelry I’ve ever seen.
Matilda: Oh, yes. Thank you, this is my most valued possession. It was a gift from Barney for our anniversary. I love that I can carry this piece of him over my heart. Oh, I’m sorry, um, will you excuse me?
[ Matilda steps away ]
Red: [ To Cassandra ] Apparently Barney used me to do his dirty work for him.
Cassandra: What do you mean?
Red: [ Clearly annoyed ] Barney told me it was Peter Finchy who stole the necklace.
Cassandra: Barney’s business partner? He went missing around that time, no?
Red: [ Getting more upset ] After the necklace was stolen, Barney told me he discovered some secret storage locker that Peter had been hiding from him for years, a locker that contained several of the items that had been taken when the store was robbed. And Peter Finchy didn’t just disappear. I banished him to Nunavut.
Cassandra: So Peter didn’t betray Barney. It was the other way around.
Red: And with Peter Finchy out of the picture, Barney had the business and all the spoils.
Cassandra: Including our necklace.
Red: I need a stiffer drink.
[ Red turns and walks away ]

[ Ressler talks to the Crime Scene Investigator (CSI) at Congressman Matt Spate‘s home ]
Ressler: I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess we arrived a little too late.
CSI: I don’t know where the Incredible Hulk’s been hanging out, but you guys might want to check his alibi. Whoever strangled the congressman did so with unusual force.
Ressler: With all that force, it’s got to leave some DNA behind.
CSI: You’d think so, but so far, I haven’t been able to collect any sweat or skin cells from his neck. Look at this.
[ Camera shutter clicks ] The handprint and bruising patterns are strangely uniform. You’d expect it to be more haphazard with the struggle.
Ressler: Maybe he didn’t have time to fight.
[ Aram walks over ]
Aram: Doesn’t seem to be any surveillance on the property.
Ressler: That’s not gonna help us find the killer.
[ The CSI sees something and picks it up ]
CSI: Maybe this will.
[ She holds up a hair ]
Ressler: Well, if we can get a DNA hit off that hair, we’ll find our murderer.

[ Typing ] [ Gordon Graham sits at his computer. On the screen is an article about the Congressman: “Congressman Matt Spate Found Dead In Home.” The beautiful young woman sits next to him ]
Gordon: I know you’re having second thoughts. Of course you are. You have empathy, you’re a good person. It’s one of the many reasons that I love you. But I promise, even if it feels wrong now, we’re doing the right thing. You believe in me, right? In us.
Woman: I will always believe in you.

[ A bar in Atlanta, Georgia ] [ Everly Grant, the friend of the bartender who slipped a ‘date rape drug’ into Cooper’s drink, works behind the bar. Cooper enters with Lew Sloan ]
Cooper: Ms. Grant. We just need some information on your bartender friend who was murdered in DC, Abel Judge.
Everly Grant: I don’t know what you’re referring to.
Lew: I think you do. You blew town awful quick the morning after Abel was killed.
Everly: I can’t have anything to do with this. Please, just leave me alone.
Lew: I’m afraid that we can’t do that.
Everly: Okay. Yes. I left town right after Abel was killed.
Cooper: Did you know Abel spiked a customer’s drink a few nights before he was killed?
Everly: No, I told you all I have for you. I’m sorry, I have to get back to work.
Cooper: Ms. Grant, please. Please, Ms Grant. The man who’s drink Abel spiked is being framed for something he didn’t do. Now, if there’s anything that you know, if you can find it in your heart to tell us, then you’d not only help to get justice for your friend, but also for this man whose life is hanging in the balance. Here’s my number. Call it any time, day or night.

[ Red is about to leave the home of Matilda, Red’s deceased friend Barney’s widow ]
Red: Cassandra.
[ He kisses her cheek ]
Cassandra: You’re leaving?
Red: Barney’s dead. I’ve been played.
Cassandra: And the widow is wearing $3 million worth of rubies that belong to us.
Red: None of this is her fault. Matilda loved Barney and treasures the necklace he gave her. Taking it would only add insult to injury.
Cassandra: Look at you rising above.
Red: [ Chuckles ]
Cassandra: Hmm. I find that annoyingly winsome.
Red: Hmm.
Cassandra: Fine, we can leave it be. Can we at least commiserate over dinner?
Red: I doubt I would be much of a conversationalist.
Cassandra: Who said we had to talk? Or eat?
Red: Cassandra — I’m involved. Or trying to be.
Cassandra: Wow, screwed by two men in the same day with none of the fun part.
Red: [ Laughs ]
Cassandra: Definitely time to go home.
[ Red kisses Cassandra on each cheek, then walks away, followed by Weecha ]

[ The Post Office ]
Aram: Okay, so Ambassador Warren’s financials are clean, ditto Congressman Spate, but check this out. Both of them wired $250,000 to a company called Smith Provençal Antiques the day before they were both killed.
Park: I doubt they’re buying 19th century armoires.
Dembe: Maybe it’s a front for Genuine Models.
[ Ressler walks over ]
Ressler: We got a hit on the strands of hair found in Matt Spate’s hand. A Darlene Wozniak of Arlington, Virginia. She’s a nurse at County.
Park: A nurse that moonlights as a serial killing prοstitսte? How in the world do you make sense of that?
Ressler: By bringing her in and questioning her. Come on, let’s go.

[ Red shows up at Barney’s widow Matilda’s house. He’s carrying a pie ]
Matilda: Steven! Come in!
Red: Thank you, Matilda.
Matilda: How lovely to see you again.
Red: I was on my way to the airport and realized I couldn’t leave without offering a final condolence. Chicken pot pie. One can never have enough food on hand in times of grief.
Matilda: You know, I just put some coffee on. Do you have time for a cup before your flight?
Red: I always have time for a cup.
Matilda: Good. You know, I got to say, I’m taken by how loyal Barney’s friends are.
Red: Friends?
Matilda: Yeah.
[ Matilda gestures toward a high backed chair. Cassandra pokes her head around and waves ]
Matilda: Lillian stopped by on her way out of town, too. You know, Barney used to say that the world of collectibles is dog eat dog, but you both have been so thoughtful. Oh, here, sit down, relax. Oh, I’ll go get your coffee.
[ Matilda leaves the room ]
Cassandra: So much for rising above.
Red: You’re the one that thought I was winsome.
Cassandra: Annoyingly winsome. Now I just find it and you annoying. What happened to not adding insult to injury?
Red: I recalculated. My injury was far greater than her insult.
Cassandra: I do love you, Raymond, but I think I’ll have to hate you more.
Red: [ Chuckles ] My dear, you may have just written my epitaph.
[ Matilda returns ]
Matilda: Ah.
Cassandra: Matilda, uh, smells delicious. Could you point me to the powder room?
Matilda: Yeah, third door down the hall.

[ At booth at the bar in Atlanta ] [ The dead bartender’s friend, Everly Grant, has agreed to talk ]
Cooper: I want you to know that whatever you say is completely confidential.
Lew Sloan: So, tell us about Abel.
Everly Grant: He was a good person. He supported his sick mom and younger sister. Every once in a while, he would deal drugs to make a little extra cash. One night, a guy came in and asked for some pills. Abel met him out back, and the guy turned out to be some kind of detective.
Lew: Detective? Did Abel tell you, uh, his name or who he worked for?
Everly: No. Only that the cop threatened to arrest him for dealing.
Cooper: Unless he agreed to dose the man’s drink?
Everly: He didn’t see how he had a choice. And the worst part is – I’m the reason he was murdered.
Cooper: What do you mean by that?
Everly: After he told me the whole story, I was the one that convinced him to go to the police and say what happened. And the next day, he was dead.
Cooper: It’s not your fault.
Everly: How would you know that?
Cooper: Because it’s mine. I’m the person whose drink he dosed. I don’t know why he was asked to, but when I started asking questions, Abel was killed. That’s on me, not you.
Everly: I’m scared. That’s why I split.
Lew: Was there anything else that you could remember that Abel told you about the detective, like, you know, what he looked like or his age?
Everly: Nothing like that. He did notice something about the guy’s badge, which sounds weird, but Abel had this eagle tattoo. He had this thing for eagles, and the badge, he said it was cool because it had two figures and an eagle on it.

[ Ressler and Dembe interrogate Darlene Wozniak, the woman whose strand of hair was found at the scene of the murder of Congressman Matt Spate ]
Darlene Wozniak: This is crazy. Y’all must’ve made some kind of mistake.
Ressler: The only mistake is you pretending not to know anything about the murder of Congressman Spate.
Dembe: Your hair was found in his hand.
Wozniak: Yeah, you keep telling me that, and I keep telling you I never met the man. Or any other politician.
Dembe: What about Ambassador Warren?
Wozniak: What about him?
Dembe: Two murdered men, strangled to death in their bed.
Wozniak: Is that what y’all think I do? I-I choke out guys I have sеx with? I-I work the graveyard shift in the oncology wing. I-I have not had sеx in two years, and– And that was with a diesel mechanic, not a congressman.
Dembe: Tell us about Genuine Models.
Wozniak: You know, it’s funny you should ask. [ Sarcastically ] They called to see if I could do a bikini shoot in Cancún, and I was gonna go, but I had some bedpans I needed to empty.
Ressler: Alright, listen, make light of it all you want, but you say you weren’t there, but your hair was. How do you explain that?
Wozniak: I can’t. Oh, my God, wait. My hair! Alright, about a year ago, I was getting behind on my rent, and my friend Bonnie told me about this wig company that pays for hair. So I chopped off my ponytail, popped it in the mail, and a few days later, a check came. It was for 500 bucks.
Dembe: The address you sent your hair to, we’re going to need it.

[ Red talks with Matilda. Cassandra is still in the powder room ]
Matilda: He had so many plans, you know? Wanted to travel, learn how to fly. He was so full of energy.
Red: Oh, my gosh, Barney was full of so many things. Generosity, for instance. That necklace he gave you, what a breathtaking gift. Hey, I wonder if it would be too much of an imposition to see it one more time. Beholding a piece that exquisite is a rare treat.
Matilda: It is no imposition at all, but I don’t want you to miss your plane.
Red: Oh, I’m not worried about my plane.
[ Cassandra appears ]
Cassandra: Well, I should be off.
Red: Nonsense, Matilda’s just about to show us that magnificent necklace Barney gave her.
Cassandra: Is she?
Matilda: I’ll be right back.
[ Matilda leaves ]
Cassandra: Fine, 50/50.
Red: 70/30, or I tell dear Matilda that her precious pendant is in your handbag.
Cassandra: Does this other woman you want to be involved with know what a scoundrel you are?
Red: She does.
Cassandra: No doubt you’re trying to convince her you can reform? Poor woman.
Red: 60/40.
Cassandra: 55/45.
Red: I can’t reform that much.
[ Matilda comes in ]
Matilda: [ From another room ] My necklace, it’s— it’s gone!
Cassandra: [ To Red, dismissively ] Fine.
Red: [ Calling out ] I’m sure it’s here somewhere, Matilda.
[ Matilda enters ]
Red: We’ll help you look. You start in the bedrooms and the bathrooms and we’ll search out here. No stone left unturned.
Matilda: Okay.

[ The bar in Atlanta ] [ Cooper’s phone rings✨]
Cooper: I need to take this.
Lew: Alright, I’ll circle back around once I get Ms. Grant safely situated.
Cooper: Agent Park, where are we?
Park: [ On speaker phone ] Wozniak wasn’t involved. The hair that was found, she’d sold it.
Ressler: We got the address where the hair was sent. Dembe and I are headed there now.
Cooper: Excellent. Anything else?
Aram: A wire to Smith Antiques was just flagged. Another $250,000 from a Billy Burton, a well-known restaurateur in Philadelphia.
Cooper: We know where this leads. Aram, Park, get there now.
[ Cooper turns to leave and runs into Marcus Heber, the Metropolitan Police Detective investigating the murder of Doug Koster ]
Detective Marcus Heber: Well, well, Harold Cooper.
Cooper: Detective Heber.
Heber: Everly Grant. I’m not gonna find her, am I?
Cooper: I’d recommend the nachos. Delicious.
Heber: Doug Koster dies, and the bartender who served you drinks on the night of his murder, he also dies. And his friend, the only one who may know why he died, you get to her before I do.
Cooper: On the other hand, the disco fries, pretty irresistible.
Heber: Two counts of murder. Now witness tampering. I thought you looked like the prime suspect. I never thought you’d be stupid enough to act like one.
[ Cooper smiles, then turns and leaves ]

[ The home of restauranteur Billy Burton ] [ ♪ Sensual music plays ]
[ Shirtless Burton lies back on a bed. A beautiful young woman clad in lingerie climbs on top of him ]
[ Pounding on door ✽ ✽ ✽ ]
Park: Mr. Burton, FBI!
Billy Burton: [ Inhales sharply ] [ Laughs ]
[ Aram opens the door ]
Aram: Mr. Burton? Mr. Burton, it’s the FBI.
Burton: [ Heard from above ] No, wait!
[ Park and Aram run toward the sound of Burton’s voice ]
[ The beautiful young woman begins choking Burton ]
Burton: [ Groans ] [ Gags ] No!
[ Park and Aram burst in ]
Park: [ Pointing gun ] Hands up, now!
Burton: [ Groaning ]
[ Aram leaps onto the bed pushing the woman onto the floor ] [ Grunts ]
Burton: [ Coughs ]
Aram: Uh, Agent Park?
Park: You got her?
Aram: Uh, no, but, um– I got ‘it.’
[ The ‘woman’ lies on the floor, a gash in her neck, revealing electronics ]
[ ⚡️Sparking⚡️] [ Twitching ]

[ At Matilda’s home, Red and Cassandra go through the motions of searching for the ruby necklace ]
Cassandra: Of all the ridiculous capers we’ve gotten into, this is approaching the most ridiculous. Pretending to look for a necklace we’re stealing?
Red: We can’t be stealing if it belongs to us. What we can do is help a grieving widow feel as if she’s not completely alone in the world.
[ Matilda enters unnoticed ]
Cassandra: And after we finish pretending to find dear Barney’s gift, then what?
Matilda: Pretending?
Red: How long has she been there?
Matilda: Long enough. Look, I may be old, but I’m not stupid. I know that I put that necklace in the safe, and then you two show up, and you’re just sweet as can be. I want it back now, or– or I’ll call the police.
[ Matilda walks over to the phone ]
Red: You don’t want to do that.
Matilda: Why not?
Red: Because then we’d have to tell the police the truth about your beloved Barney.
Matilda: What truth?

[ Genuine Models, Inc ] [ Men dressed in lab coats move about ] [ Heads of plastic models, some with hair, some without, are mounted on stands ]
[ Maverick Sawyer, the company’s CEO, flips through some papers. A man brings Ressler and Dembe into the room ]
Maverick Sawyer: May I help you?
Ressler: [ Showing badge ] Agents Ressler and Zuma, FBI.
Sawyer: What took you so long?
Dembe: You were expecting us?
Sawyer: Yes, I called the authorities hours ago. Isn’t that why you’re here?
Dembe: We were looking for a wig manufacturer.
Sawyer: Well, we don’t make wigs, but we do use human hair on the robot companions we create here.
Ressler: Companions? Oh, you mean sеx robots who kill the people who use them.
Sawyer: You must mean Chrissy.
Ressler: Who the hell is Chrissy?
Sawyer: Chrissy is one of Genuine’s most popular models.
Dembe: So you knew your robots were killing your customers. That’s why you called the police.
Sawyer: What? No, no, I didn’t know. And are we sure that that’s even the case? I only called the police because after I read that Ambassador Warren was dead, I honestly didn’t think much of it, besides that it was a terrible tragedy, of course. But I certainly didn’t connect the dots back to us. Then I read that Congressman Spate was also found dead in his home. Well, I couldn’t help make the connection that they both recently purchased a Chrissy model. And of course, we’ve suspended sales of the Chrissy model until we can figure out what might be going wrong, if anything.
Ressler: Oh, something’s going wrong, alright. Our colleagues just intercepted another murder in progress in Philadelphia.
Sawyer: What? Oh, my God. Oh, Billy Burton. Um, he just purchased a Chrissy model last month. Is he okay?
Dembe: He’s fine. A little bruised. What’s turning Chrissy murderous?
Sawyer: We’re not sure. I-I’ve been going over the code trying to figure out what might have gone wrong. I still find it highly unlikely that these precisely tuned machines have malfunctioned in any way. It– It’s really quite difficult to teach a robot what is too much force to use with a human, whether that’s for physical therapy, playing games, or for sexual intimacy.
Ressler: So you’re knowingly selling potentially lethal robot escorts?
Sawyer: No, nothing like this has ever happened before. Not in beta testing. Not since we sold our very first model. And they’re not escorts. These are uncommonly sophisticated, quality of life enhancing, AI-based companion robots.
Ressler: Who have sеx with your customers.
Sawyer: In some cases, yes. Look, everything we do in life intersects with the inanimate. For years, technology’s been anticipating what we want and providing it. Not to mention real women can get pregnant, they can blackmail you, sue you. You can fall in love with them and be tempted to blow up your life. All these messes that robots can’t and won’t make.
Dembe: What you call messes, most people call life.
Ressler: We’re gonna need a complete list of your customers.
Dembe: Starting with everybody who purchased a Chrissy model from you.
Sawyer: Okay.

[ Matilda’s home in Chicago ] [ Matilda, Cassandra and Red sit at the kitchen table ]
Matilda: I don’t believe it. I-I can’t believe that Barney could be a– What did you call that, a rail or– A fence.
Cassandra: A trafficker in stolen goods, some of which we stole, including the necklace.
Red: Which he was supposed to sell for us, then give us the proceeds, less his 10%.
Matilda: So you don’t sell insurance?
Cassandra: He’s as much an insurance agent as I am.
Matilda: So who are you?
Red: Someone who doesn’t like to be cheated or lied to or tricked into disappearing innocent people, then destroying their lives and livelihoods based on spurious accusations. Like Barney’s business partner.
Matilda: I don’t recall Barney having a business partner.
Cassandra: Oh, but he did. He’s who Barney blamed the theft of the necklace on.
Red: Then convinced me to disappear the poor soul as comeuppance, which I did happily. I had no reason to think Barney would lie to me. He never had before.
Matilda: Oh. [ Sobs ] I just can’t believe that my sweet Barney would– Would lie to you about such a thing, or to me about everything. Our entire lives, not to mention manipulating you into ruining the life of that poor Peter guy.
Cassandra: There, there, I’m certain Barney didn’t lie about his love for you. [ To Red ] Can we go?
Matilda: [ Sobbing ]
Red: Matilda, seeing as how our dispute was with Barney, not you, I’m prepared to leave you the necklace. I believe we’ve done enough damage for one day.
Cassandra: What? You sure?
[ Red stands ]
Red: [ Sighs ] Oh, I’m sure. Wear it well. Re-marry. Assume the worst, hope for the best.
[ Cassandra hands Matilda a tissue and follows Red out ]

[ The Post Office ] [ The Chrissy model sits on a chair near Aram’s workstation. Her hair has been removed ]
Aram: I have never seen anything quite like the complexity of these robots. Real human hair, the feel of human skin, insane expressive abilities. Check this out.
[ Keys clattering ] [ The Chrissy model smiles ]
Park: Wow.
Aram: Right?
[ Cooper enters ]
Aram: Sir, oh, uh, did everything go– Go okay with your– The matter you were looking into?
Cooper: Everything went. Whether it went okay or not remains to be seen.
[ Cooper circles around the Chrissy model ]
Cooper: This is a glimpse into the future I’m not sure I want to see.
Park: Tell me about it. The thing’s more communicative than I am, which isn’t saying much, but still.
Aram: Hang on.
[ Keys clatters ] [ Beeping 🔅🔅🔅 ]
[ The Chrissy models moves her head and looks to the side ]
Park: Like looking in a mirror.
Cooper: Mirroring facial expressions is one thing, but murder’s another. Who’s programming her to do that?
[ Ressler walks in, followed by Maverick Sawyer ]
Ressler: Not Genuine Models. This is Maverick Sawyer, the CEO and man who built the robots.
Aram: Whoa.
Ressler: He’s agreed to aid in our investigation.
Sawyer: It’s the least I can do. There has to be some reason that I’m missing why these models are malfunctioning.
Aram: They’re not malfunctioning. They’re doing exactly what they’re being told to do. She’s been hacked.
Sawyer: What? [ Chuckles ] No. No, no, no. No, that’s not possible. Who’s behind it?
Aram: Well, I don’t know the who, but I am working on the where.
Sawyer: Our robots run on a completely secure operating system and learn from what a user says, processed through the microphone in the nose. There’s no way that a hacker could get into that system.
Aram: Do you push updates to the OS over the Internet?
Sawyer: Yes.
Aram: That’s how they got in and started overriding commands for these specific Chrissy robots.
Cooper: So, there must be an associated IP address.
Aram: Oh, yeah, and I almost got it. Hang on. Here we go. Boom, it’s an IP located at 2218 Ridgewood Drive in Bowie, Maryland.
Cooper: Good work. Dembe, Ressler, roll out.
Aram: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Did you say a microphone?
Sawyer: Yes, in each unit’s nose.

[ At 2218 Ridgewood Drive in Bowie, Maryland ]
Aram’s voice: [ Heard on computer ] Shh, shh, shh. I think it’s still listening.
Gordon Graham: [ To his Chrissy model ] They know.
[ He pushes back his chair, touches the Chrissy model’s shoulder and hurries off ]
[ The Chrissy model stares ahead ]
[ Minutes later, the FBI bursts in ]
— FBI!
[ Agents disperse ] [ Indistinct shouting ]
[ Graham and the Chrissy model are gone ] [ Ressler looks around. Photos of Graham with the Chrissy model stand on tables ]
Ressler: What in the fun house hell is going on here?
Dembe: Whatever it is, they left in a hurry.

[ Gordon Graham drives along a highway, the Chrissy model is sitting in the passenger seat. He reaches for its hand ]
Graham: Don’t worry, angel. I won’t let anything happen to you.

[ Weecha drives Red’s black SUV; Cassandra sits in the passenger seat, looking at her phone. In the back, Red sits with Peter Finchy, the former business partner of Barney, Matilda’s deceased husband ]
Peter Finchy: Imagine my delight when you summoned me after so many years in Nunavut. One more bowl of caribou stew, and I’d be growing antlers.
Red: [ Chuckles ] Yes. Yes, about that. I’d like to apologize, Peter. It seems I was sorely mistaken. Barney told me to cut you off at the knees and make sure you never made another penny in the business. Imagine that from Barney. But clearly, Barney wasn’t being entirely honest with me, and I-I did something I rarely do. I jumped to conclusions. But something’s not sitting right. I simply cannot accept that my instincts about Barney are as wrong as all that. What am I missing?
Peter Finchy: Your instincts are spot on, Mr. Reddington. Barney was decent. Salt of the earth. His wife, on the other hand …

[ The Post Office ] [ On the overhead display is a photo of Gordon Graham ]
Maverick Sawyer: Gordon Graham. Here he is. That’s right. Graham was one of our earliest customers. He’s in the tech industry, too, if I’m remembering correctly.
Aram: He was the CEO of an electoral data start-up that he sold for millions and millions of dollars about a year ago, February. He totally disappeared from the tech scene after that. That’s about two months after he purchased this Chrissy model.
Cooper: Agents Ressler and Zuma said it looked like Graham was living with his Chrissy robot as if they were a real couple.
Park: Two toothbrushes, clothes for her, jewelry, the whole nine. Bizarre.
Sawyer: Maybe not so bizarre. We design our robots to be anthropomorphic with human-like capabilities and empathetic skills, which can induce feelings in customers. Gordon might actually believe that he and Chrissy are in a real relationship.
Aram: And now, with these aesthetics and the rate of AI advancements, people won’t be able to tell the difference between what is real and what is not.
Park: Great, a whole world of robosexuals awaits. Meantime, we’ve got a murderer on the run.
Sawyer: Is he on the move with Chrissy?
Cooper: It appears so.
Sawyer: I installed geo-tracking units in all of our models as a safeguard for our customers in the event that robots are stolen. Now, if Gordon hasn’t removed it, we may be in luck. I installed the, uh, the geo-tracking unit in each of the models’ ring fingers.

[ Patsy Cline’s ♪ “Back in Baby’s Arms” plays ]
Gordon Graham: [ To the Chrissy model ] Everything’s gonna be okay, my love. Your man’s got a plan.
Aram: Got him. Okay, guys, it looks like he’s on Route 211 headed south towards Shenandoah National Park.
[ Ressler drives with Dembe alongside ]
Ressler: We’re headed there now.
Cooper: [ On comms ] We’ve notified local law enforcement to help you apprehend Graham.

♪ I’m back in baby’s arms ♪

Aram: You’re about two miles behind him.
[ 🚨Siren wails🚨 ] [ The chase is on ]

♪ How I miss those loving arms
I’m back where I belong ♪

[ 🚨Siren wails🚨 ] [⚡️Tires squeal⚡️]

♪ Back in baby’s arms
Don’t know why we quarrel ♪

[ 🚨Siren wails🚨 ] [⚡️Tires squeal⚡️]
[ Gordon Graham’s car is blocked by law enforcement vehicles and stops ]

♪ We never did before ♪

[ Ressler and Dembe jump out, guns drawn ]
Ressler: Exit the vehicle with your hands visible! No other options, Graham.

♪ Since we found out ♪

[ Graham stays in the car, but his window is rolled down ]
Graham: You’ll never tear us apart!

♪ How it hurts ♪

Graham: Why are you pointing your weapons at me?!

♪ I bet we never quarrel anymore ♪

[ Ressler and Dembe approach ]
Graham: I am not the criminal here! They are! The monsters!
Dembe: Put your hands where we can see them and step out of the car.
Graham: Neglecting and abusing my Chrissy! Locking her in a closet and taking her out only when they want to defile her, like she’s some object!

♪ Back in baby’s arms ♪

Graham: They had to be stopped. And so did Genuine Models.
Ressler: We don’t want to hurt you, Graham, or Chrissy.
Graham: They did hurt her! And that’s why I had to protect her. That’s why she did what she did.
Ressler: We want to help you, Graham. We need to see your hands. Step out of the car and we can talk this over, okay?
Graham: I don’t believe you. You’ll separate us. I know you will.

♪ Where I belong ♪

Graham: I can’t live without my Chrissy!

♪ In my baby’s arms I’m gonna stay
I’m back in baby’s arms ♪

Graham: She can’t live without me.

♪ How I miss those loving arms ♪

[ Suddenly Graham guns the gas and drives off the road ] [⚡️Tires squeal⚡️]

♪ I’m back where I belong ♪

[ The car over a steep embankment and crashes ] [ 💥⚡️‼️⚡️💥 ]
[ Dembe and Ressler run over and look down ]

♪ Back in baby’s arms
Back in baby’s arms ♪

[ Doorbell rings✨] [ Matilda lets in Red and Cassandra, followed by Weecha ]
Red: Matilda, good evening. We’ll just be a minute. [ 👏 Clapping 👏 ] Brava, brava! What a performance.
Matilda: What are you talking about?
Red: I just had an illuminating chat with your old pal Peter Finchy.
Matilda: Peter who?
Red: Poor Peter, whose name you let slip earlier after pretending you didn’t know Barney had a business partner. Poor Peter, whose exile you orchestrated, thus killing two birds with one giant, priceless stone. I never uttered the name Peter, and yet somehow, you knew it. By the way, when did you decide to leave Barney? You hired a divorce lawyer, didn’t you? The one at the memorial service? But you, greedy little guts, decided in the end it was too rich a price to pay to split the marital estate. It was much more lucrative, not to mention simpler, to just get rid of Barney altogether.
Matilda: Barney had a heart attack at dinner.
Red: After some gentle persuasion, the medical examiner’s performing a last-minute autopsy. We’ll see if that theory holds up when the toxicology tells us exactly what you made Barney for dinner.
Cassandra: I think you’re looking at a potential life sentence. That’s my theory.
[ Matilda’s demeanor becomes dark ]
Matilda: My life sentence was being married to that chump. Barney never had the stomach for the business. It fell on me to manage from behind the scenes, and I did. I made the shrewd calls. I made the hard choices. And then the little shmuck thought that he could divorce me. After all those years of me showing him what’s what.
Red: [ Nodding ] Yes, of course. The divorce attorney was Barney’s.
Matilda: You should’ve seen the look on his face when he realized that I had poisoned him. No, you two never knew the real Barney, and he never knew the real me.
Red: I believe we did know the real Barney. And in honor of his memory, I tell you this. You’re terminated. And poor Peter Finchy is the new boss. And this time, it is you who will be banished, left to fend for yourself with no resources, no respite, and no retreat. And if I find out you so much as stick a single toe back in the business,
[ Slowly and menacingly ] I will come to you and I will take your tongue, I’ll take your hands, and I’ll take your feet. But for now, I’ll just be taking this.
[ Red rips the necklace from Matilda’s neck ]
[ They leave ]

[ The Post Office ]
Dembe: Sawyer helped us locate the two Chrissy models Graham hacked to kill Ambassador Warren and Congressman Spate.
Park: It looks like he programmed the robots to leave the crime scenes and return to him so he could take them out of circulation permanently.
Aram: Well, Sawyer’s company might be going away, but the technology isn’t. It’s now in the cultural bloodstream. Robots, and the people who want them for, well, everything, are probably with us forever.
Cooper: Any next of kin on Gordon Graham?
Park: We haven’t been able to track down any family. No friends. His only relationship, it seems, was Chrissy the robot.
Ressler: I think he really believed that he loved her.
Dembe: I think he did love her.
Aram: Well, he’s not the first person to fall for somebody who’s incapable of returning the favor.
I’m not talking from personal experience. I just– I watch a lot of ’80s teen coming-of-age movies.
[ Lew Sloan gets off of the elevator ]

[ Cooper’s office ]
Cooper: What’s the latest on Everly Grant?
Lew Sloan: She’s secured with her family in Texas. I have a detail on them, but, uh, Harold, you and I both know that that badge she described is the New York police detective’s. This is getting out of control. Maybe we should call in reinforcements.
Cooper: We’re not calling anybody, Lew. After you left the bar with Grant, I had a little run-in with Detective Heber, who knows that I got to her. We have no idea how deep this goes. I’m even more of a prime suspect now that Heber knows that I am talking with witnesses. We have to find this detective ourselves.
Lew: Who did you piss off in law enforcement, Coop?

[ Cassandra rides in the back seat of the SUV with Red ]
Cassandra: You’ve gone soft, Raymond. The old you would’ve meted out the delicious punishment that hateful old crone deserved on the spot. [ Laughs ] No regrets.You really have changed.
Red: You think?
Cassandra: We’re always good together. You know, that’s why I’ve missed you, because we were good together, especially when we were bad together. ⋘⋙ Maybe there’s more fun to be had. You and me.
[ Both laugh ]
Red: As tempting as that sounds, you should know that the man you once knew died the day Elizabeth Keen was shot. And the man that remains is — less a person than a collection of impulses and inclinations, most of them foul as tar. I only survived thanks to the love and solace of a woman I met under the most unlikely of circumstances, a woman who — carried me through an unbelievable darkness.
Cassandra: And you really think that she’ll have you, this woman? All of you?
Red: I– I hope so. But even if she won’t, at this moment, I’m hers, and that’s all that matters.
Cassandra: [ Nods ] [ Sighs ] Yeah.
[ Red reaches into his pocket and takes out the ruby necklace ]
Cassandra: [ Chuckles softly ]
Red: I think you should take this.
Cassandra: [ Sighs ] Why do I feel like this is a parting gift, hmm? Like I may never see you again?
Red: [ Pause ] You never know. [ Smiles ]

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By Patsy Cline

♪ I’m back in baby’s arms
How I missed those lovin’ arms
I’m back where I belong
Back in baby’s arms

[Verse 1]
♪ Don’t know why we quarreled
We never did before
Since we found out how it hurt
I bet we never quarrel anymore

♪ I’m back in baby’s arms
How I missed those lovin’ arms
I’m back where I belong
Back in baby’s arms

[Verse 2]
♪ Thought I didn’t need his love
‘Til he took it away
Now I’m back where I belong
And in my baby’s arms I’m gonna stay

♪ I’m back in baby’s arms
How I missed those lovin’ arms
I’m back where I belong
Back in baby’s arms
Back in baby’s arms
Back in baby’s arms
Back in baby’s arms

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/3JKg6s6
YouTube: https://youtu.be/MBgQ5ZiphUs

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🔴 Script 9:14 Eva Mason (№ 181)

Program air date: 4/1/2022 in the US
Script Permalink: https://wp.me/pDKwi-dcp
EntertainmentWeekly Recap: https://bit.ly/3LucFX5

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: John Terlesky
Written by: Taylor Martin



Brief (Where we’re at): Red reconnected with an old flame, Cassandra Bianchi, at the funeral of a friend named Barney, whose widow Matilda showed up wearing a priceless ruby necklace belonging to Red and Cassandra (who had stolen it of course). Barney had told Red and Cassandra that the necklace was then stolen from him, etc etc. Against the backdrop of an Agatha Christie-style caper (pssst: the widow did it), Cassandra attempted on several occasions to rekindle the flame. But Red stayed true to Mierce.

Cooper’s friend, Lew Sloan, managed to track down the friend of the bartender who had spiked Cooper’s drink with a ‘date rape’ drug. Someone is trying to frame Cooper with the murder of Doug Koster, Cooper’s wife Charlene’s one-time lover, that occurred while Cooper was unconscious. Lew found surveillance video showing the bartender spiking Cooper’s drink. When Cooper went to question the bartender (Abel Judge), he too had been murdered. Cooper and Lew went to Atlanta to question the bartender’s friend, Everly Grant, who said Abel had told her a man wearing a badge had tricked Abel into a drug deal for which he threatened to arrest him unless he spiked Cooper’s drink. While Lew was putting Everly under protection, Cooper ran into the Metro PD detective investigating Koster’s murder, Detective Marcus Heber, who also wanted to talk to Everly Grant (awkward!)

Unresolved from earlier episodes:

1) Red’s business is under attack. Illiquid after his two-year hiatus following Liz Keen’s murder, Red had incorporated on an underground stock exchange called the night market. Someone organized a group of investors to attempt a hostile takeover, but Red can’t find out who.
2) Liz’s body was exhumed and a next-gen tracking device was found. Aram is trying to determine the source of the tracker that allowed Vandyke to follow Liz to Pascual’s restaurant to kill her.
3) In an effort to be more open with her husband Peter about the nature of her work, Park appeared ready to divulge that it has to do with Raymond Reddington. This is of course very tightly-held classified information. Park has also shared with Aram and Dembe the fact the Ressler is still struggling with addiction. So now only Cooper doesn’t know Ressler cheated on his drug test to get reinstated into the FBI.
4) What was in the box Red gave to Dembe?
5) What did the letter from Katarina to Liz say about Red’s true identity?
6) And what did happen in Brasilia, anyway?


⭕ Script 9:14 Eva Mason (№ 181)

[ It’s night. Two teenagers, Vicky and Elise, are camping in a tent. Vicky is reading a book ]
Elise: We should’ve just stayed at that cute little B&B in town. It had great reviews online. And beds. With mattresses.
Vicky: Where would the fun be in that?
Elise: Where’s the fun in this? It’s creepy out here. We’re in the middle of nowhere.
Vicky: Come on. This was my family’s spot when I was little.
Elise: Where they terrorized you with campfire stories about the Whispering Woman.
Vicky: [ Chuckles ] Yes. She haunted my childhood, it’s true.
[ Vicky puts the book aside ]
Vicky: Lucky for you, I’m no longer little.
[ Both chuckle ]
[ Leaves rustling ]
Vicky: What was that?
Elise: How should I know? A squirrel, maybe? [ Teasing ] Or it’s the Whispering Woman.
Vicky: Mm, funny.
[ Chuckles ]
[ Branches snap ‼️ ]
[ Vicky sits up ]
Vicky: That was bigger than a squirrel.
[ They listen ]
Elise: I think it’s gone.
Vicky: Could you just check?
Elise: [ Scoffs ]
Vicky: Please?
[ Vicky turns on a flashlight and hands it to Elise. Elise shines the flashlight in Vicky’s face ]
Elise: [ Gasps dramatically ] Oooooh! [ Laughs ]
[ Vicky is not amused ]
Vicky: [ Sighs ]
[ Elise unzips the canvas door of the tent and shines the light out ]
[ The face of a distraught woman appears ]
[ Both⚡️scream⚡️]

[ Red’s camper ] [ Cell phone beeps🔅]
Weecha: That was Tadashi. He finished his dive into Vandyke’s laptop, as you requested.
Red: Did he discover any pearls, like who hired Vandyke to assassinate Elizabeth?
Weecha: No.
Red: Well, did he at least confirm that Vandyke was, in fact, tracking her on the night of her death?
Weecha: Yes. Vandyke was using an app to monitor her location, but that is not all there is to it.
Red: I feel a twist coming.
Weecha: According to the app, Tadashi believes the RF device inside Elizabeth was designed to perform two functions. It transmits GPS coordinates, and it monitors timed medication.
Red: I read the toxicology report. It found nothing unusual in Elizabeth’s system. She wasn’t drսgged.
Weecha: Maybe whoever slipped her the tracker didn’t require full use of its medical abilities.
Red: But as a medical device, it was small enough for her to ingest. We’re talking to the wrong people. We don’t need tech experts. We need medical ones. We need to talk to Herbie.
Weecha: I already sent a courier to his home this morning with the tracker, but he’s not responding to my calls. Are you two in some sort of a disagreement?
Red: A disagreement with Herbie? The man likes conflict as much as I like an overcooked egg. And it’s not like him to not answer. Try him again.
[ Knock on door ✽ ✽ ✽ ✽ ] [ Red opens the door ] [ It’s Cynthia Panabaker, now a US Senator. Formerly she held a series of governmental positions in national security and oversaw the Reddington task force ]
Red: Senator, come in.
Panabaker: Please, call me Cynthia.
Red: Cynthia, I’m afraid we’re not fully equipped for social calls here, but I couldn’t refuse your request to meet. Would you like a cup of coffee?
Panabaker: Well, this is difficult enough, Raymond. Let’s just cut to the gristle. I need your help.
Red: I suspected you might.
Panabaker: You know I’d only come to you if my situation were desperate. It’s been three weeks since my daughter-in-law went missing.
Red: Yes, I’ve been following the news. I’m terribly sorry.
Panabaker: The news you don’t know, because I’m keeping it from the press, is that Sheila resurfaced last night at a campsite. No help from the local authorities, mind you. She was half dead. Emaciated, tortured. Now Sheila is in a medically-induced coma while whoever did this to her is still– [ Inhales deeply ]
Red: Is still out there, living and breathing, enjoying the sun on their face while Sheila’s lying in a coma, and you’re feeling helpless. When nothing makes sense in the light, we have to search in the dark.
Panabaker: [ Sighs ] I had a feeling you’d understand.

[ The Post Office war room ]
Cooper: Police interviewed the two campers who Sheila Panabaker found, but she collapsed without saying a word. So no idea where she came from. The woods where she surfaced are 12,000 acres of rural, mostly unincorporated area. It’s a lot of ground to cover. Sheila’s currently in a coma at Chesapeake Bay Memorial, fighting for her life.
Dembe: I have sympathy for Panabaker, but does an abduction case in which the abduction is over merit this task force’s attention?
Park: It does for me.
Aram: I’m surprised the FBI isn’t already on it, given Senator Panabaker’s position.
Cooper: She asked for us.
Ressler: I think you mean Reddington. Where is he anyway?
Cooper: He has a lead on the tracking device they found on Elizabeth, but he assured me that he will be available for whatever we need. Look, Cynthia’s gone to bat for this task force time and time again. We owe her this. Ressler, Aram, go to the hospital, talk to Sheila’s doctor.
Aram: Uh, does it, uh, have to be me? I mean, I- I- I- I kind of have things to do.
Ressler: What things?
Aram: Oh, uh, you know, just, like, uh, computer things. It’s all- It’s all technical. It’s boring stuff.
Cooper: Of course. Park, go with Ressler. If we can find out from Sheila’s doctor what was done to her, it might help us figure out who did it.

[ A hospital room ] [ Eva Mason and Nurse Binstock are talking next to a bed fixed with constraints ]
Eva Mason: I still don’t understand how Sheila got out.
Nurse Binstock: Well, maybe it’s because we have too many patients and I’m spread too thin. What if she leads the police to us?
Eva Mason: She won’t. She left at night. That had to have been disorienting. She walked for days and wound up 50 miles from here. I’m not concerned about her. But we now have an empty bed that we need to fill, and lucky for us, I think I found a new prospect.
[ Eva Mason shows Nurse Binstock a file for a patient ]
Binstock: I just said I can barely handle this. It’s not the right time to bring in someone new.
Mason: You know how important our mission is. We can always handle one more patient. We always make it work.

[ Another hospital room ] [ At her bedside, Ressler and Park talk to Sheila Panabaker’s doctor ]
Sheila’s Doctor: Well, she was hypothermic when she came in. She’s dehydrated, malnourished.
Ressler: I suppose being lost in the woods for days in the cold with no food or water would do that.
Doctor: A lot of it, but not the heart damage.
Park: She has heart damage?
Doctor: Yeah, it’s enlarged, with a reduced left ventricular function. But when I examined her further, things got– stranger. At first I thought these were just knife wounds, torture, maybe, but when we cleaned away the blood, we found this.
[ The doctor pulls Sheila’s hospital gown up to show cuts on her thigh ]
Park: Are those names?
Doctor: Yeah, that’d be my guess. And they appear self-inflicted.
Ressler: Why would she carve names into her own leg?
[ Monitor beeping 🔅🔅🔅]
[ Sheila’s daughter Charlotte and her husband Marshall Panabaker enter ]
Charlotte: Mom?
Marshall: Remember what we talked about. She can’t hear you right now. She’s really sick, Char. [ To Ressler and Park ] Y-You’ll have to excuse us. This is the first time she’s seen her since–
Ressler: No, please. We were just heading out.
[ Beeping continues 🔅🔅🔅]

Woman: [ Over P.A. ] Perinatologist to ER, stat. Perinatologist to ER, stat.

[ Park and Ressler leave the room ]
Park: Let’s go find the bastard who did this.

[ Sarah Sutton, a girl of about 10, lies in bed flipping through tv channels ]

[ Sizzling ]
Man: [ On TV ] For just a little bit, all right? Try to swish it around. Just one thin layer.

[ Sarah begins to shakes ] [ Monitor beeping rapidly 🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅]
[ Sarah’s mother Mary is in the kitchen ]
Mary Sutton: [ Calls out ] Honey, do you want mustard or mayo on your sandwich?
[ Beeping continues 🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅]

[ Man on TV speaking indistinctly ]

Mary Sutton: Sarah?
[ Beeping continues 🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅 ]
[ Mary walks into Sarah’s room ] [ Silverware clatters ‼️ ]
Mary Sutton: [ Calls out ] Bill! She’s seizing!
[ Bill Sutton carries Sarah to their SUV ]
[ Vehicle door opens ] [ Engine starts ] [ Tires screech lightly⚡️]
[ Eva Mason sits in her car, watching the Suttons’ car leave ]

[ The Post Office ] [ Panabaker is there ]
Ressler: We spoke with her doctor, and it seems your daughter-in-law carved the names of two women into her own thigh.
Panabaker: [ Sighs ] Sheila did that? For God’s sake, why?
Park: This is conjecture, but we believe she knew she might die and wanted to send a message to whoever found her body, to let them know there are other victims still out there.
Aram: And the message worked. We ID’d the names. Uh, Crystal Flowers and Maria Holmes.
[ Photos of the two women appear on the overhead display ]
Aram: Now, while both names are incredibly common, I was able to narrow down the search because of a peculiar connection to Sheila.
Panabaker: I know those women. Where do I know them from?
Cooper: Aram discovered the connection when he conducted a social media search and saw all three mothers were featured on the Tiny Fighters Foundation website.
Panabaker: Oh, believe me, I remember the interview. I was there. It’s a fundraising organization. They share the stories of children and their families facing serious health issues. I’ve donated a lot to Tiny Fighters. How has no one made the connection that these mothers were going missing until now?
Aram: Well, over 600,000 people go missing in the U.S. every year, and these cases are spread out over several years, in different parts of the country, and under different circumstances.
Ressler: We’re bringing in the woman who runs Tiny Fighters. Emily Wright. We’ll see if she has something to offer.
Panabaker: Okay. Thank you for the briefing. And thank you for your work.

[ Nurse Binstock is scrubbing a bloody towel. Eva Mason walks up to her ]
Eva Mason: You know the new prospect that I told you about? I’ve been studying her medical records that you obtained. She’s got a long and complicated history that I think is a perfect match for our hospital. So I’m gonna make my move tonight. By morning, we will have a new patient. See to it that her bed is ready.
[ Eva Mason walks away ]
Nurse Binstock: [ Under her breath ] Y-e-e-e-e-es, ma’am.

[ Aram and Park talk to Emily Wright, who runs the Tiny Fighters Foundation ]
Emily Wright: I don’t understand. Who would want to hurt mothers, especially our mothers? They’re the most loving, selfless people I’ve ever known.
Aram: Who in your organization has access to the database of your families?
Emily Wright: We have hundreds of volunteer contributors. They all have access to the database. I can get you a log of their names and e-mails.
Aram: What were the dates that the kids of these mothers were profiled on the site?
Emily Wright: [ Breathes sharply ]
[ Wright gets out a small laptop ] [ Keys clacking ]
Wright: October 3, 2020, Crystal’s son. February 10th of last year, Maria’s son. And January 25th of this year, Sheila’s daughter. Why?
[ Aram flips through some papers ] [ Paper rustles ]
Aram: All the women were abducted within a week of their children’s profile.
Park: Somebody’s trolling your website for victims.
Wright: This can’t be happening.
Aram: Who did you profile this week?

[ Red and Weecha walk down a hallway ]
Weecha: Don’t you think this is a bit extreme?
Red: He’s not answering our calls. You don’t just go silent. Not on me. Or I’m gonna find out the reason why.
[ Knocks on door ✽ ✽ ✽ ✽ ✽ ]
Red: Herbie?
[ Knocks on door ✽ ✽ ✽ ]
Red: [ Loudly ] Herbie! We saw your Vanagon in the garage, Herbie. I know you’re there.
[ Door cracks opens, the chain still engaged ] [ Baby crying ]
Herbie: It’s been 36 hours. Give me a second.
[ Chain locks clinking ] [ Crying continues ] [ Door opens ]
Herbie: My wife’s is on a digital detox retreat, and I can’t get ahold of her. I can’t do this, man. I’m not meant to be a father. I think I’m actually losing my mind, seriously. My baby hates me. Like, ac– She actually hates me.
[ Crying continues ]
Red: No, no, no, no, no. What’s her name?
Herbie: Sue. As in A Boy Named– My wife’s a Johnny Cash fan. Never mind.
Red: Oh, come here, Sue. Come here, Sue. All right. Yes. Come here. Yes. There you go. Yeah.
[ Red lifts the baby onto his shoulder and pats her back ]
Red: [ Chuckles ]
[ Crying stops ]
Red: [ Softly, to Herbie ] They’re pretty reliable. Only a few things cause them strife. Hunger. Fatigue. Gas [ Chuckles ]
[ Red rubs the baby’s back ]
Red: All they need is close attention and love. And it’s wonderful to be able to instantly give them everything they want.
Sue: Hm. [ Burps ]
Red: Yeah. [ Whispering ] Cherish this time. The simplicity. Because it gets pretty complicated, I’m afraid. Yeah.
[ Red hands Sue carefully to Herbie ]
[ Sue fusses ] [ Herbie bounces her ]
Herbie: No, it’s okay. It’s okay. No, no, no, no. It’s okay. Yeah.
Red: Oh, my gosh. She senses your fear. Dear God, Herbie, you must relax. Here.
[ Red gets behind Herbie and reaches around to demonstrate proper technique ]
Red: [ Chuckling ] Yeah.
[ Sue sucks her thumb ]
[ To the tune of ♫ “It had to be you” ]

♪ It had to be Sue– ♪

Red: [ Chuckles softly ]

♪ It had to be Sue
I wandered around and finally found
The somebody who– ♪

Herbie: [ Sighs ]
[ Herbie relaxes, eyes drooping ] [ They sway from side-to-side ]

♪ Could make me be true ♪

[ Sue sucks her thumb ]
Herbie: Can you please stay for a while? I’m desperate. [ Sighs ]
Red: That depends on what you can tell me about my tracker.

[ Ressler’s office ] [ Knock on door ✽ ✽ ] [ Aram enters with Park ]
Aram: We reached out to the four mothers whose children were just profiled, and we got ahold of three.
Park: They’re aware of the circumstances and are looking out for anything, or anyone, unusual.
Cooper: What about the fourth?
Aram: Mary Sutton. We weren’t able to reach her, but I tracked down her husband, who said Mary and their daughter Sarah are at George Washington Children’s Hospital today. Sarah had a seizure.
Ressler, Dembe, head over to the hospital. Confirm that Mary’s safe and brief her on the situation.

[ A pediatric room at George Washington Children’s Hospital ] [ Sarah is sleeping ]
Pediatric Specialist: Your daughter is a lovely girl, and I know it’s no fun being in the hospital, but I’d like to keep her for a few days for observation.
Mary Sutton: Usually, we only stay the night when she has one of her seizures.
Pediatric Specialist: Well, the sodium levels in her blood are unusually high. I’d like to get her on an IV to rebalance that concentration. Has she been vomiting or having diarrhea? She could be dehydrated or suffering from hypernatremia.
Mary: She’s on a very strict diet regimen. It wouldn’t account for any of that. Plus, I care for her day in and day out. I know her better than anybody. Maybe you want to rerun the tests?
Pediatric Specialist: Mother knows best. I’ll see what I can do. I’ll be back.
[ The Pediatric Specialist leaves ]
[ Eva Mason enters the room pushing a wheelchair ]
Mary: Are you the night nurse?
Eva Mason: Yeah. I just wanted to drop off the wheelchair for Sarah’s release. I’m assuming she’ll be discharged tomorrow?
Mary: I was trying to tell the doctor that. Thank you. [ Chuckles ] They keep trying to hold her for days and days. It’s such an insurance scam.
Eva: Yeah. [ Chuckles ]
[ Eva Mason takes an injection device from in between some towels and walks up behind Mary ]
Eva: [ Into Mary’s ear ] I know the truth.
[ She shoots with the injection gun into Mary’s neck ]
Mary: [ Gasps ]

[ The nursing station of the pediatric unit ]
[ Door creaks lightly ]
Ressler: Excuse me. [ Holding out badge ] Agents Ressler and Zuma. FBI. We’re looking for Sarah Sutton’s room.

[ Sarah Sutton’s room ]
[ Eva Mason lugs Mary Sutton over to the wheelchair ]
Mary: [ Gasps ] [ Groaning ] [ Gasps, groans ]
Sarah Sutton: What are you doing?
Eva Mason: I’m doing you a favor. Trust me.
Sarah: [ Shouting ] Somebody, help! Please help! Please!

[ Elevator bell dings 🔆 ] [ Ressler and Dembe get off ]
[ In the hallway, Eva Mason is sitting in the wheelchair ]
Ressler: The room’s gotta be up here on the right.
[ Ressler and Dembe enter Sarah’s room ] [ Medical personnel are attending to Mary ]
Sarah: The nurse, she hurt my mom.
Ressler: And where is she?
Sarah: She just left with the wheelchair.
[ Ressler and Dembe run out. They find only the empty wheelchair ]
[ Eva has gotten on the elevator ] [ Elevator bell dings 🔆 ] [ Elevator doors close ]

[ A consultation room at the hospital ]
Mary Sutton: She was medium-build, white. It happened so fast.
Ressler: Well, she dosed you with a pretty powerful sedative.
Mary: Why? Why me?
Dembe: We don’t know that yet. Only that you fit a pattern.
Mary: Pattern? What pattern? My entire life is devoted to taking care of my daughter. I barely have time to brush my teeth in the morning.
Dembe: We will get to the bottom of this.
Mary: And until then, what? We just stay here where someone just attacked us?
Ressler: We’ve assigned an agent for your protection. He’ll be outside your room 24/7.
[ Dembe’s cell phone vibrates. He goes outside to take the call ]
Ressler: You’re in good hands.
[ Dembe’s call is from Aram ]
Aram: Well, I couldn’t ID the woman posing as a nurse because the footage was too grainy.
Dembe: What about the injection gun?
Aram: Well, she was wearing latex gloves, so no prints to trace, but I did research the device, and it is actually pretty nifty. I mean, if it, uh, wasn’t being used to kidnap young mothers. Instead of a needle, compressed air shoots a thin stream of medication directly into underlying tissue layers. The challenge is, I can’t trace it. It’s not legal and seems to be a much more powerful version than what’s on the current market.
Dembe: That means it’s on the black market. Call Raymond. He’s connected to the best underground medical resources money can buy.

[ Herbie’s apartment ] [ Herbie looks at photo of the tracking device found in Liz from the exhumation autopsy ]
[ Red rocks the baby, who has fallen asleep ]
Herbie: I think it was designed to administer and monitor medication. Some conditions require drսg to be taken on very strict schedules, exact dosages, and patients with those disorders aren’t always the most reliable in taking their meds.
Red: How does it work?
Herbie: Uh, it has a capsule. If I’m right, it’s pre-loaded with the patient’s medication, at least one dose, then sends wireless data to the patient’s doctor or guardian to track if the meds were actually taken and the patient’s whereabouts.
Red: Well, who uses this technology?
Herbie: Uh, as far as I know, no one yet. It’s a cutting-edge technology. I- I did hear about a medical clinic in Boston that was considering a pilot program.
Red: I need the name of that clinic.
Herbie: Okay.
[ Keys clacking ] [ Red’s cell phone ringing✨] [ Cell phone beeps🔅]
[ Red steps aside ]
Red: Harold.
Cooper: [ On phone ] I’m texting you a photo. The woman who abducted Panabaker’s daughter dropped a medical device when she went after her latest victim. The problem is, it’s not legal, and we have no way to track it.
Red: I think with a little hard work and elbow grease, I can find someone who can take care of that for us. I’ll be in touch.
[ Cell phone beeps🔅]
Red: [ To Herbie ] I hate to pile on, but something else has come up.
[ Red shows Herbie the photo Cooper sent of the injection gun ]
Red: Do you think you can help me to identify and trace that?
Herbie: If you keep her happy, there is literally nothing I won’t do for you.
Red: [ Chuckles ]

[ A hospital room. A woman with an infected foot, Maria Holmes, is writhing in pain ]
Maria Holmes: Oh, my! Oh!
Eva Mason: Oh, you poor, poor thing. That– That pain must be unbearable.
Maria: Please, let me go. Please.
Nurse Binstock: [ To Eva ] We can’t take on another patient. Not after what just happened at the hospital.
Eva: No one got a good look at me. I was careful.
Binstock: You’re not careful. You’re out of control. We need to slow things down.
Eva: Would Chelsea want us to slow things down?
Binstock: You always have to bring her up.
Eva: Yes, I do. Because she is why we do what we do.
Maria: [ Sighs ] [ Gasping ]
Binstock: Yeah. The infection has spread.
Maria: Why are you doing this to me?
Eva: No. Shh, shh, shh, shh. It is because – Because you’re an incredible mother who would do anything to eliminate her son’s pain. That’s- That’s what you told Tiny Fighters, and now we are giving you a chance to make good on your word. Your boy’s getting better because you’re taking his sickness into your body.
Binstock: We need to do something to stop this from spreading further, or she’s gonna lose the leg.
Maria: Take me to a hospital. A real one!
Eva: No. We can handle everything right here.
[ She pulls shut the drapes ]

[ Aram’s workstation ]
Aram: [ To Dembe ] Do we know who his sponsor is?
[ Ressler, who is walking by, overhears ]
Ressler: Wait. What’re you talking about? M-My sponsor? It’s Narcotics Anonymous for a reason.
Park: What? No. No. We’re just trying to remember who sponsors–
Dembe: LeBron James.
Aram: Yeah. Uh, I saw him in, uh, some new kicks at a game the other night. Trying to– Track down a pair.
Ressler: Some kicks, yeah? Now, what game was that? ‘Cause I don’t think I saw it.
[ Cooper walks over ]
Cooper: Reddington just called back. His contact ID’d the manufacturer of the drսg injector.
Apparently, a set of them were delivered to a rural address in West Virginia, along with secondhand medical beds and equipment. I need a team there, fast.

[ Rural West Virginia ] [ Ressler and Dembe walk down a hospital corridor ]
Dembe: Should we announce?
Ressler: No. This place looks deserted. If there’s someone here, we don’t want to tip them off. Do you think Reddington got the wrong address?
[ Ressler opens a door ] [ Door creaks ]
Ressler: [ Whispers ] Dembe.
[ Drapes opening ]
Maria Holmes: [ Breathing heavily ] Help me. Help me. [ Crying ] Help me! Ohh! [ Groaning ]
[ Ressler opens one drapery after another. Behind each is a patient in agony, lying on bloody sheets or covered in vomit ]
Dembe: Ressler!
[ Nurse Binstock lunges at Ressler with a scalpel. Dembe grabs her arm ]
Nurse Binstock: [ Grunts ]
Dembe: Drop it.
Nurse Binstock No!
[ Scalpel clatters ]
Dembe: Ugh!

[ The Post Office ]
[ Panabaker gets off the elevator. Nurse Binstock sits in an interrogation room ]
Panabaker: So, that’s the woman who’s responsible for this?
Cooper: One of them. She didn’t act alone. There’s another woman out there. The one who tried to abduct Mary Sutton from the hospital.
Panabaker: How are the other victims doing?
Cooper: They’re all in serious condition, one critical. We also found, uh, remains on the property. The victims we’ve ID’d all have the same profile, all were abducted while caring for very sick children, just like Sheila. What we didn’t know until now is that, while they were being held, they were inflicted with various medical treatments to make them mirror the symptoms of their sick children. Which explains why your daughter-in-law and granddaughter both presented signs of cardiomyopathy.
Panabaker: Why? Why make these women relive that terror? Why inflict on them the pain they witnessed?
Cooper: I don’t have a conclusive answer – yet. But there’s light at the end of the tunnel. As soon as they’re released from the hospital, they’ll be reunited with their children.
[ Door opens ]
Panabaker: I just hope Sheila gets that same opportunity with Charlotte.
[ Door closes ]
Ressler: We’re getting nowhere with her. We’ve had her in that box for hours. Now she’s asking for an attorney.
Panabaker: No! Absolutely not. This is our one chance with this woman.
Cooper: Cynthia, we can’t deny her counsel.
Panabaker: [ Sighs ] Then perhaps we’re not the ones who should be questioning her.

[ Red’s “office.” He sits across from Panabaker. In a nearby room, Mr Brimley applies his techniques of persuasion ]

[ Nurse Binstock ‼️screams‼️] [ Groaning ]
Nurse Binstock: No, no!
[ Shouting indistinctly ]

Red: You seem ill at ease.

[ ‼️Screaming‼️ ]

Panabaker: Yes, well– There is a line I have studiously avoided crossing in my career, until now.

[ Shouting indistinctly ]

Red: I find myself thinking more and more about that line lately. You’re looking for someone who has hurt those dearest to you, and the prism through which you see the world has completely changed.

[ Shouting indistinctly ]

Red: And maybe that line doesn’t exist anymore.

[ Shouting indistinctly ]

Panabaker: Have you made any progress tracking down Agent Keen’s killer?
Red: Actually, yes. I have a lead.
Panabaker: But you’re here with me.
Red: [ Chuckling ] Well, it’s not out of selflessness. I’m taking a reflective pause. I’m considering the extent of what I might do to get to the truth.
Panabaker: Yes, well, I know what you mean. Look where devotion has brought both of us. My daughter-in-law. Your Elizabeth.
Red: If you’re willing to go this far, imagine how far someone like me is willing to go.
[ Door opens ] [ Mr Brimley walks out, oxygen tank in tow, with a large rat crawling around on his shoulder ]
Brimley: I got what you needed, boss. Lucy and Ethel never fail me. But, uh, she’s not gonna like what I got to say.
Panabaker: I promise you, there is nothing that can make this situation worse.
Red: Just rip the bandage off, Teddy.
Brimley: Your daughter-in-law? Sheila, right? She ain’t the victim.
Panabaker: What are you talking about?
Brimley: She’s been slipping your granddaughter a nasty concoction for years, making the little girl sick and keeping her that way. Munchausen. That’s what they call it.
Panabaker: That is the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard.
Brimley: I told you she wasn’t gonna like what I had to say.
[ Brimley leaves ] [ Rats squeaking ]
Panabaker: That’s a lie. Sheila would never hurt her child. Charlotte is her entire life. I want to talk to that nurse myself.
Red: Wait, Cynthia. Hold on. Please. Let’s talk.
Panabaker: I want the truth.
Red: And you may very well have it, I promise you. What do you actually know about your granddaughter’s illness?
Panabaker: It was a very complicated diagnosis. Why am I even answering that? This is ridiculous. Charlotte is sick.
Red: Senator, I urge you to think with your head right now and not with your heart. Has there never been a moment of doubt? A red flag?
Panabaker: A few months ago, I wanted Charlotte to see a cardiologist at Walter Reed. It takes months to get an appointment. I was able to use my position to get on his books. My son was thrilled, but Sheila insisted that a care plan was already in place. I pushed and pushed. Finally, she agreed. The day of the appointment, they never showed. Charlotte was having so many issues, and Sheila seemed so stressed. I didn’t think– That was one incident. That can’t possibly mean–
[ Cell phone chimes✨]
Panabaker: [ Sighs ] It’s a text from my son. Sheila’s off the respirator. What should I do?
Red: Stay calm. Obtain the facts you need. Your greatest resource is right through that door.

[ The Post Office war room ]
Aram: Mr. Reddington called, and it turns out we have this whole thing backwards.
Dembe: What does that mean?
Aram: They got that nurse, Binstock, to talk, and, uh, she insists she was never in the business of hurting innocent mothers, because those mothers were never innocent.
Ressler: So what is she guilty of?
Aram: Their children weren’t really sick. The mothers were making them sick. Binstock says she was hurting the mothers as punishment for what they did to their own kids, and the longer she kept them, the healthier their children became.
Park: I’ve read about it. Munchausen’s.
Aram: Yeah, well, it’s actually Munchausen’s by Proxy, to be exact. It’s a mental illness and a form of child abuse.

[ The pediatric unit where Sarah Sutton is being treated ] [ Agent Herndon is guarding the room ]
Mary Sutton: Sir? Can you– Can you please help me? My daughter, she’s had an accident, and I need some towels.
Sarah Sutton: What for?
Agent Herndon: Did you page the nurse?
Mary: I- I- It’s not working.
Sarah: What are you doing? There’s nothing–
Mary: Can you just please get us a few towels?
Sarah: Mom!
Mary: Please, please, sir?
Agent Herndon: Okay, okay. Just give me a minute.
Mary: Thank you.
Sarah: Mom …

[ The Post Office war room ]
Cooper: The darkness in this world still manages to surprise me.
Ressler: Let me remind everyone, this nurse is still a murderer. She came at Dembe and I with a scalpel. So, can we trust anything she says?
Cooper: No. We can’t. But children’s lives may be at risk, so we need to act fast. Park, look into medical records of the children of the abductees. Aram, reach out to the agents with the mothers being examined. Have them stall reunification with their children. And, Dembe, Ressler, go to the hospital and separate Mary Sutton from her daughter until we learn more.

[ At the hospital, Agent Herndon is walking back to Sarah Sutton’s room with the towels ]
[ Cell phone rings✨]
Agent Herndon: This is Agent Herndon.
Ressler: We have reason to believe Mary Sutton may be a danger to her daughter. Can you verify their whereabouts?
[ Agent Herndon has reached the room, but no one is there ]
Agent Herndon: I can’t.
Ressler: What do you mean?
Agent Herndon: They’re gone.

[ Dembe and Ressler visit the Suttons’ home. Only Sarah’s father Bill is there ]
Bill Sutton: I don’t believe it. I don’t believe any of it.
Ressler: Well, we don’t need you to believe, Mr. Sutton, but we do need your help. Your wife slipped FBI protective custody 30 minutes ago.
Bill Sutton: [ Sighs ]
Ressler: She fled the hospital with your daughter.
Bill Sutton: You don’t know what you’re talking about. You weren’t there. All the nights Mary sat up with Sarah, all the dirty sheets, all the midnight trips to the emergency room.
Dembe: When was the last time you spoke to your wife?
Bill Sutton: Earlier today. She said she’d call when I’d get off work.
Ressler: How long ago was that?
Bill Sutton: [ Sighs ] Hour and a half. It doesn’t mean anything.
Ressler: Do you have another residence? Somewhere your wife might have taken your daughter?
Bill Sutton: Another residence? With our medical bills? I had to find a second job just to get us by. I-I take care of the money. Mary takes– [ Sighs ] Mary is the most selfless mother in the world. She is.
[ Dembe looks around. He finds a diskette labeled “Tiny Fighters” ]
Ressler: Don’t beat yourself up too much.
Based on what we’re learning, your wife’s been deceiving an entire medical community, teachers, friends, foundations.
[ Dembe holds out the diskette ]
Dembe: Do you mind if we borrow this?
Bill Sutton: Take whatever you want. Just bring my daughter home. And my wife. I know there’s an explanation.

[ A hotel room ] [ Door closes ]
Mary Sutton: Ooh! Look at this place!
Sarah Sutton: What are we doing here?
Mary: Well, I thought maybe we’d get some of those cinnamon rolls you love so much from here.
Sarah: But we’re not at the hospital. That doctor said I need to finish my infusion or–
Mary: That doctor’s an idiot.
[ Pill bottles clattering lightly ]
Sarah: You’re acting weird. Why haven’t you called Dad yet? He’ll worry.
Mary: Oh, you lay back. I brought some of your medication from home. It’ll help you rest.
Sarah: Then you’ll call Dad?
Mary: Of course I will.
[ Mary covers Sarah with a fringed blanket ]
Mary: There we go.

[ Monitor beeping 🔅🔅🔅]

Man: [ Over P.A. ] Dr. Patterson, Code 9340.

[ Cynthia Panabaker enters the hospital room where her son Marshall sits with his wife Sheila ]
[ Both Sheila and daughter Charlotte are asleep ]
Marshall: Mom. Can you believe it? It’s a miracle.
[ They hug ]
Marshall: [ Breathes deeply ]
[ Beeping continues 🔅🔅🔅]
Marshall: You okay?
Panabaker: [ Sighs ] I’m just– overwhelmed.
Marshall: I know. I feel the same way.

[ The Post Office war room ]
Cooper: Bill Sutton has no idea where his wife and daughter are. Where are we on medical records?
Park: We don’t have them yet. We’re waiting on DOJ authorization.
Aram: Uh, maybe we don’t have to wait. This is all evidence collected from that abandoned hospital where Ressler and Dembe apprehended their nurse friend with the scalpel. Turns out Binstock and our Blacklister kept almost immaculate records of the families they surveilled. All of the children here have confusing and extensive medical records, a clear indication of Munchausen’s by Proxy.
Park: I can’t keep track of the bad guy here anymore. We’re trying to find an assailant who’s harming Mary Sutton, but Mary Sutton is doing irreparable harm to her own daughter. Who am I slapping the cuffs on?
Ressler: How about we slap the cuffs on everyone until that little girl is safe? Ask questions later.
Cooper: Fact is, we’re dealing with two criminals – Mary Sutton and the woman who tried to abduct her.
Aram: Well, I did some digging on Binstock. She worked as a home healthcare nurse for a young girl named Chelsea Mason, who had a rare GI disorder. After Chelsea died, Binstock left the nursing field, and Eva Mason, Chelsea’s older sister, received a fortune in settlements, all from hospitals that performed needless procedures that only worsened Chelsea’s condition. Turns out, Chelsea wasn’t really sick. Her mother was poisoning her.
Cooper: So, we think this sister, Eva, has a personal vendetta against mothers who hurt their children and that she’s the co-conspirator who tried to abduct Mary Sutton?
Aram: Binstock and Eva do share a past.
Park: How do they ID the mothers?
Aram: Well, Eva volunteers for the Tiny Fighters Foundation, where she films interviews, looking for signs of Munchausen’s. If a mother fits the profile, then Binstock, who works part-time as an insurance claims adjustor, confirms she’s correct via medical records that don’t add up.
Cooper: How do we find Eva Mason? If she’s out there, she’s after the Suttons.
Aram: Well, I did run a search and got a hit on her credit card being used in Delaware a few hours ago, but she could be anywhere by now.
Dembe: If she’s a videographer for Tiny Fighters, I might know where they are. I was just watching this.
[ Disc drive whirs, clicks ] [ Keys clacking ]

[ Video: ]
Eva: What do you do to cope when things get hard?
Sarah: Gosh, I don’t know.
Mary: Oh, so many things. Um, Disney. And Sarah has a group of friends who did a dance-a-thon fundraiser. And we really like our mother/daughter spa trips.
Eva: Oh. Where do you go?
Mary: Oh, we go to a place in Delaware called Primrose Grand Hotel.
Sarah: That was the best girls’ …
Mary: Oh!

Dembe: You said Eva Mason’s in Delaware? That can’t be a coincidence.
Cooper: Verify the Suttons are at that hotel and get there before Eva does.

[ The Primrose Grand Hotel in Delaware; Mary and Sarah Sutton’s room ]
Mary: Honey, I’m gonna get some ice. I’ll be right back.
Sarah: Okay.
[ In the hallway, Mary walks toward the ice machine ] [ Eva Sutton is watching from around a corner ]
Sarah: [ Sniffles ]
[ Sarah looks in her mother’s purse for tissue — and sees a gun ]
[ Door opens ] [ Eva Mason enters ] [ Door closes ]
Sarah: What are you doing here?
Eva Mason: S-Sweetheart–
Sarah: Where’s my mom?
Eva: You need medical attention.
Sarah: How would you know? You’re not a doctor.
Eva: Oh, no. I’m– I’m more than a doctor. I am a miracle worker. And I am going to cure you.
[ Mary returns ]
Mary: Hey! Get away from my daughter!
[ Eva draws a gun and points it at Mary ]
Mary: It’s you. You tried to attack me!
Eva: And I did that to protect your daughter, and I failed, but I won’t fail twice. Oh, this is s-so much quicker than you deserve, but I will use it on you. Unless–
Mary: Unless what?
Eva: I call an ambulance. Sarah goes to the hospital for treatment. You come with me.
Mary: She doesn’t need a hospital. She needs her mother.
[ Sarah takes the gun from her mother’s purse and points it at Eva ]
Sarah: Stop it! Both of you!
Mary: Sarah!
Eva: Sarah! Just– No, don’t. Before you do anything, let me explain, sweetheart.
Mary: Sarah! Put that gun down!
Eva: Okay, sweetheart, just listen to me, all right?
[ Door crashes ‼️ open ]
Ressler: FBI! Lower your weapons!
Mary: Sarah!
Sarah: What– What’s going on?
Ressler: All right, put your guns down.
Mary: This woman is crazy! She tried to attack me!
Eva: Sarah, your mom is the one making you sick. She gives you, what, pills? How do you feel when you take them, honey?
Sarah: You’re lying.
Mary: Sarah, listen to me. Look at me. This woman is insane. I would never try to hurt you. I love you more than anyone.
Sarah: [ To Eva ] Is my mom making me sick?
Ressler: Please, put the weapons down. Nobody needs to get hurt.
Eva: This woman is a child abuser.
Dembe: And she will be punished for that.
Eva: [ Scoffs ] L-Like my mother was?
Dembe: We know about your sister.
Eva: No, you don’t know. You did not watch my mother drain the life out of her, confine her to one room. [ Voice breaking ] Her only friends were dolls. I knew what she was doing, and nobody listened to me. The system is failing these children! And they do not have time to waste! Their lives are at stake!
[ Eva points her gun at Mary. Mary raises her hands to shield herself ]
[ Sarah shoots 💥 ]
Eva: Aah!
[ Eva falls ]
Sarah: Sorry!
Mary: Sarah!
Ressler: Don’t move.
[ Sarah drops the gun ]
Sarah: [ Distressed ] [ Breathing heavily ] I’m sorry. I- I’m sorry, I’m sorry.

[ Dialogue muffled ]
Ressler: Stay there. Do not move.
Sarah: I’m sorry.
Mary: Sarah, are you okay?
Ressler: Get back. Get back.
Mary: She’s my daughter!
[ Sarah covers her ears ]
Ressler: Back!
Mary: What is wrong with you? This is my daughter!
[ Shouting fades ]

Sarah: [ Breathing heavily ]

[ Red’s plane ]
[ Cell phone rings✨] [ Cell phone beeps 🔅]
Red: Senator Panabaker.
Panabaker: I-I’m calling to thank you. I asked you to help me find the truth. You did exactly that.
Red: How is your family handling things?
Panabaker: My son is devastated. Took my granddaughter out for the afternoon. I didn’t want her to be there when the arrest happens. She’s been through so much already.
Red: Children have a way of surprising you. They’re so resilient. And now she has a chance at a healthy life. You gave her that. Not her parents, not the FBI, you, Cynthia.

[ The hospital room where Sheila Panabaker has been recovering. Her husband Marshall is helping her pack ]
Sheila: I am so glad to be getting out of here.
[ Officers enter ]
Officer: Sheila Panabaker?
Sheila: Yes?
Officer: You’re under arrest.
Sheila: What?
[ Handcuffs click ✽ ✽ ]
Sheila: What are you doing? Stop. Marshall. Marshall. Stop it. Get your hands off of me!

[ A café ] [ Cynthia Panabaker and her granddaughter Charlotte are drinking from huge mugs of hot chocolate ]
Panabaker: Bottoms up, little lady. [ Slurps ] Mmm. Mmm! Doesn’t that just hit the spot? You know, I used to bring your daddy to this very cafe when he was little after his hockey practice. Little, but so fast.
Charlotte: Mom doesn’t let me have sweets. Because I get so sick.
Panabaker: Charlotte Anne Panabaker, this hot chocolate will not make you sick. That is a guarantee from Grandma.
[ Charlotte drinks, smiles ]
Panabaker: [ Laughs ] That’s my girl. [ Chuckles ]

[ Dr Jansen is exiting the hospital in Boston where he works ]
[ Weecha gets out of Red’s car ]
Dr Jansen: [ Clears throat ] [ Sighs lightly ]
Weecha: Dr. Jansen? Of the psychiatry clinic here? Yes?
Dr Jansen: Uh, do we know each other?
[ Dr Janson puts his briefcase in the back seat of his car ] [ Vehicle door closes ]
[ Weecha takes her gun out, points it down ]
Weecha: No. But we need a moment of your time, please.
[ They walk to Red’s car. Jansen gets in ]
[ Car door closes ]
Red: Dr. Jansen.
Dr Jansen: Please, don’t hurt me. I have two kids.
Red: Doctor, I have nothing but respect for professionals who treat mental illness. It’s a neglected epidemic, and you’re doing exemplary work, but I don’t have time to be polite. So, please, tell me what you know about this device.
[ Red shows him the tracking device taken from Liz’s body ]
Dr Jansen: Where did this come from?
Red: You tell me, and we’ll both know.
Dr Jansen: I’m– I’m not wildly familiar with it, but it looks to be a prototype of something I saw last year. We were going to initiate a pilot program with some of my mood disorder patients. It, uh, monitors medication use, but patient advocacy groups were worried about privacy, so the whole thing just kind of fell apart.
Red: Who developed the device?
Dr Jansen: It’s a tragic story, actually.
Red: A lot of those going around.
Dr Jansen: A young man came to my office begging to be seen. His wife suffered from an acute psychiatric condition. I-I-I-I don’t recall which, but she was always inconsistent about her meds. And then one day, she had a tragically violent episode that cost innocent lives. The man was devastated. He went back to school, and he developed an ingestible tracker that could monitor a patient’s compliance so that no one else would have to live that nightmare. He pleaded with me to give the tech a shot. Like I said, I had every intention of testing it–
Red: Do you remember the man’s name?
Dr Jansen: [ Exhales ] It started with a “K,” I know. Um– Kennison. Yes, uh, Andrew Kennison. [ Clears throat ] You wouldn’t have actually shot me, would you?
Red: If she was going to shoot you, she would have pointed the gun at you.

[ The Post Office war room ] [ Cooper, Aram, Dembe and Park are there ]
Ressler: [ Sighs ] Hey. I got here as soon as I could. Is this about the case?
Cooper: It’s not. Agent Ressler, did you attend your NA meeting tonight?
Ressler: Yeah, of course I did. I always go– I’m sorry, but what’s this all about? I mean– [ Angrily ] Does no one trust me? I mean, first, Aram doesn’t want to go out in the field with me, and then you guys are all talking behind my back about my sponsor? I’m doing the meetings. I’m doing the steps. I’m clean. [ Scoffs ] I don’t need this intervention crap.
Aram: Oh. Well, that’s not what this is.
[ Aram leaves ]
Ressler: Oh, no, no. So, what? I’m crazy now, huh? Is that it? Great. So, in case everybody’s lost count, I just got my two-month chip yesterday from that sponsor that you guys definitely weren’t talking about. [ Emotionally ] Look, I’m trying here. I’m really trying.
[ Eddie Vedder‘s ♪ “Invincible” plays ]
Cooper: And we couldn’t be prouder.
Park: We knew this was a big milestone for you.
Dembe: We wanted your sponsor’s name in case they wanted to join us.
Ressler: For what?
[ Aram appears with a cake ]
Aram: Your party. Ta-da!
Ressler: Oh, my God.
Aram: It, uh, took me a few tries to, uh, pick up the cake, but I got there.
Ressler: Wow. Wow.
Aram: Oh, I also made a killer playlist.
Ressler: [ Sniffles ]
Park: Oh, God. Not with that damn playlist again.
Dembe: He’s been obsessing all week.
Ressler: [ Emotionally ] I’m really dumb. Look, I’m sorry. I, uh– I know I’m not always the, uh, feelings guy, but this really– [ Sobs ] Means–
[ Cooper pats him on the shoulder ]
Cooper: We know what it means. And you mean the same thing to us.
Ressler: Thank you. Truly.
[ Park hands him the disk with the playlist ]

♪ Ah, invincible– ♪

Ressler: [ Scoffs ]

♪ When we love– ♪

[ Park hands him a knife to cut the cake ]
Ressler: [ Chuckles lightly ]

♪ Ah, invincible– ♪

Ressler: Do you want the big slice there?
Park: Sure.

♪ When we love ♪

[ Speaking indistinctly ] [ Laughter ] [ Indistinct conversation ] [ Laughter ]

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༺✦ ♤ ✦༻


Episode Songs


♫ It Had To Be You
By Frank Sinatra

♪ Why do I do, just as you say, why must I just, give you your way
Why do I sigh, why don’t I try – to forget
It must have been, that something lovers call fate
Kept me saying: “I have to wait”
I saw them all, just couldn’t fall – ’til we met

♪ It had to be you, it had to be you
I wandered around, and finally found – the somebody who
Could make me be true, and could make me be blue
And even be glad, just to be sad – thinking of you

♪ Some others I’ve seen, might never be mean
Might never be cross, or try to be boss, but they wouldn’t do
For nobody else, gave me a thrill – with all your faults, I love you still
It had to be you, wonderful you, it had to be you

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/3DxoCsd
YouTube: https://youtu.be/BXmEJL1mnuU


♫ Invincible
By Eddie Vedder

♪ Can you hear? Are we clear?
Cleared for lift off, takeoff
For making reverberations
Are we affirmative? No, negatory

♪ Come in, come in, radio, what’s your story?
Are you Oscar Kilo? Will you Wilco?
Are you ready for a bit of
A bit of echo, Victor?

♪ Feeling wider than awake, yeah
Better crooked than straight

♪ Ah, invincible, when we love
Ah, invincible, when we love
When we love

♪ Now there’s smoke on the horizon
And the clouds are looking violent
There’s a future in need of a frame
Compass spinning in my brain

♪ There’s a theory for everything
Resurrection to the big ol’ bang
Rachmaninoff to the excitement gang

♪ We got the density of our beings
The unbearable weight, the unbearable light
The unbearable weight, let’s lift it up

♪ Ah, invincible, when we love
Ah, invincible, oh

♪ Feeling honest as a promise
Troubled times have come upon us
At the core of the cosmos
We are so much more than particles

♪ Sonic to the subatomic
You are a whisper and a scream
You are, we are
All part of this everything

♪ Yeah, so feel important

♪ You are light, you are principle
When you love, invincible
Our shared light, indivisible
When we love, we’re invincible

♪ Ah, invincible, when we love
Ah, invincible, when we love
Ah, invincible, oh, when we love
Ah, invincible, oh, when we love
Oh, when we love

♪ Ah, the humanity, the calamity
The spilling blood, the gravity
We got the heavens, we got the Earth
And in between we got big surf

♪ Who could ask for more?
The only rule is to keep your cool

♪ When we love
We are light
Hey, you got a light?

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/3NHPGd6
YouTube: https://youtu.be/3iO5nM5RaQA

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🔴 Script 9:15 Andrew Kennison (№ 185)

Program air date: 4/8/2022 in the US
Script Permalink: https://wp.me/pDKwi-dhF
EntertainmentWeekly Recap: https://bit.ly/3K7SC0v

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Mahesh Pailoor
Written by: Lukas Reiter



Brief (Where we’re at): The plot thickens. Red was able to find out the name of the person who developed the tracking device that Liz ingested. (The tracker was used by Vandyke to follow Liz to the restaurant where he shot her.) The device was created by an MIT graduate student named Andrew Kennison who had developed it to monitor patients who, like his wife, were inconsistent about taking their meds. Red learned that Kennison developed the device hoping to have it tested at a Boston hospital, but the plan for a clinical trial had fallen through. The problem is: Andrew Kennison is the name of the young MIT grad student Cooper placed protective custody in response to a demand by “Voicebox” – the mysterious person who is blackmailing him and who he knows only as a distorted voice on the phone. “Voicebox” is threatening to frame Cooper for the murders of two people, including Doug Foster, the man with whom Cooper’s wife Charlene had an affair years ago, unless Cooper does what he says. His first “Ask” was to make Kennison “disappear” ~ Cooper has no idea why, but his friend Lew Sloan suggested complying with the demand while he worked on untangling the voice distortion. So Red is searching for a man who Cooper has under protective custody.

Unresolved from earlier episodes:

1) Red’s business is under attack. Illiquid after his two-year hiatus following Liz Keen’s murder, Red had incorporated on an underground stock exchange called the night market. Someone organized a group of investors to attempt a hostile takeover – and Red can’t figure out who.
2) In an effort to be more open with her husband Peter about the nature of her work, Park appeared ready to divulge that it has to do with Raymond Reddington. This is of course very tightly-held classified information.
3) Ressler has reached a two-month milestone in his treatment for drug addiction and the task force celebrated with him, but he remains somewhat paranoid and uncharacteristically emotional. Cooper still doesn’t know Ressler cheated on his drug test to get reinstated into the FBI.
4) What was in the box Red gave to Dembe?
5) What did the letter from Katarina to Liz say about Red’s true identity?
6) And what happened in Brasilia, anyway?


⭕ Script 9:15 Andrew Kennison (№ 185)

[ A dorm at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge MA ]
[ A grad student named Marcus Hayes is listening to loud hip hop music on headphones, nodding with the music, so he doesn’t hear Red and Weecha enter ]
[ Relaye’s ♪ “Too Simple” plays ]

♪ Yeah, ey ♪
♪ What it is, too simple ♪
♪ Too simple ♪
♪ It’s not hard ♪
♪ Not hard ♪
♪ No sweat, yeah, it’s really no prob ♪
♪ No prob ♪
♪ Got drip, got juice, got sauce ♪
♪ Got sauce ♪
♪ Ain’t nothin’ to this– on God ♪
♪ Yeah ♪
♪ Too simple ♪
♪ Too simple ♪
♪ It’s not hard ♪
♪ Not hard ♪
♪ Finna snap on them like a Nikon ♪
♪ Nikon ♪
♪ Bada-bing, bada-boom, light work when I move ♪
♪ Ain’t nothin’ to this– on God ♪
♪ On God–

Weecha: You sure this is his place?
Red: According to his student record, this is it.
Weecha: Then who is that?
Red: I’m guessing his roommate. I’ll go say hello. You check the bedrooms.

♪ It’s all on me here, ya money no good ♪
♪ Everything flawless, doin’ so good ♪
♪ Chillin’ in the penthouse ♪

[ Red taps Marcus on the shoulder with his gun ]
Marcus: Whoa! What the–
Red: [ Chuckling ] I’m sorry to startle. We’re looking for Andrew Kennison.
Marcus: Who the hell are you? How did you get in here?
Red: Shh. I should clarify. I’m not taking questions.
[ Weecha returns, shaking her head ]
Red: [ To Weecha ] That’s unfortunate. [ To Marcus ] What’s your name?
Marcus: Marcus.
Red: Marcus. Relax. Our business is with Andrew.
Marcus: Andrew’s not here.
Red: You’re his roommate?
Marcus: Yes. We’re in the same graduate program.
Red: Ah. Then you must be a smart young fellow, Marcus. Smart enough to tell us where Andrew is now.
Marcus: But I don’t know.
Red: When do you expect him back?
Marcus: I don’t know that either. Andrew’s missing.
Red: Missing?
Marcus: It’s been a few weeks. He left to go to the library at 5:00 p.m.to study. We had a Phys-Chem final the next day. He never came home. Nobody knows where he is.
[ Cooper talks to Andrew Kennison who is in a safe house ]
Cooper: Andrew, please try to understand.
Andrew Kennison: How can I understand when you haven’t given me any information?
Cooper: I’ve told you what I can.
Andrew: You’ve told me nothing. That my life is in danger? What does that even mean? I mean, if someone’s threatening me, I-I deserve to know–
Cooper: And I’ve tried to explain. I can’t tell you more without compromising a federal investigation. Mr. Kennison, I came when the Marshals called because I know you’re upset.
Andrew: I didn’t get to say goodbye to anyone. My wife suffers from mental illness. She’s in a facility in Bethesda. I’m finishing my graduate degree. I’m missing classes and exams.
Cooper: I’m aware, and I’m sorry, but keeping you safe is the Bureau’s primary concern.
Andrew: How long? How long do I have to stay here?
Cooper: I don’t know. We’re still investigating. My hope is that we can have a quick breakthrough, get you home very soon.
Andrew: It’s not good enough. I’m not under arrest. What if I want a lawyer? What if I just leave?
Cooper: We won’t stop you. But then again, we won’t be able to protect you. I’m asking you for more time. Believe me, I don’t want you to be here for one second longer than is absolutely necessary.

[ Cooper’s kitchen ] [ Cooper’s friend Lew Sloan is visiting ]
Lew Sloan: How’d it go with Kennison?
Cooper: Not well. He’s threatening to leave protective custody.
Lew: And you think he’ll do it?
Cooper: He’s understandably upset. I bought us some time, but if I don’t tell him something soon, he’s gonna walk. Our conversation was consumed by confusion, anger, fear.
Lew: His or yours?
Cooper: Both. This whole thing makes me sick to my stomach. So, please tell me you found something.
Lew: You tell me. Our working theory is that whoever is blackmailing you is a New York City detective, but that’s about 5200 suspects to start with. But of those, about 2600 are white males, which is how the bartender described him.
Cooper: How many were working the night Doug Koster was killed?
Lew: 1400, which leaves about 1200 names on that list. Now, it’s a lot, but odds are, one of the names on that list is behind this.
Cooper: I’ll take a look. Maybe I’ll recognize one. But if there’s an NYPD detective willing to frame me for murder, I have no idea why.
Lew: [ Grunts ]
[ Cell phone rings✨]
Cooper: I got Weecha’s text. She said you have a case.
Red: I do.
Cooper: Fine. Tell me where and I’ll come meet you.
Red: Not this time, Harold. Assemble the troops. I’ll come to you.
Cooper: Does that mean you found something?
[ Click ✽, dial tone ~~~~~ ]

[ The Post Office war room ]
Red: You all know we’ve been tracing the origins of this device we recovered from Elizabeth.
Cooper: Have you figured out who made the tracking device?
Red: I have. But it’s not just a tracking device. That’s one of its features, but it was designed to help people, not to stalk them.
Ressler: Who exactly was that thing supposed to help?
Red: Patients. In this particular case, those with certain severe psychiatric disorders. It’s both a delivery and monitoring system. Its capsule is loaded with medication, and as Aram previously discussed, when it makes contact with the patient’s stomach acid, it sends a wireless signal confirming compliance and the location of the patient.
Aram: To whom?
Red: Doctors. Loved ones. Some patients have trouble remembering if they’ve taken their medication, or even where they are or where they might be going.
Park: If we’re talking about the most severe disorders, skipping meds can cause serious problems.
Red: It can. And in this case, it did. Aram, Weecha sent you a profile.
Aram: Oh. Sent me an e-mail.
[ Keyboard clacks ] [ A photo and newspaper article about Andrew Kennison are displayed ]
Red: The designer’s name is Andrew Kennison.
[ Cooper stares, has flashbacks to his meeting with Kennison ]
Red: Several years ago, his young wife, over the course of multiple days, failed to take doses of the powerful anti-psychotic medications that her doctors had prescribed. The result was horrific and tragic. She took the lives of her sister and her mother when they came to stay for a holiday visit.
Aram: Oh, my God.
Red: Afterward, Andrew Kennison went back to school, a graduate program at MIT. He designed this, hoping that it might prevent what happened to his wife and family from ever happening again.
Ressler: So, it wasn’t him? I mean, he designed the device, but it sounds like he has no connection to Liz.
Red: I don’t know, Donald, because I can’t ask him.
Aram: Why not? We can just go get him. You said he’s at MIT.
Red: He’s missing.
Ressler: Since when?
Red: A few weeks. He left the school library and hasn’t been seen since.
Aram: That’s probably not a coincidence.
Red: I agree. Which is why Andrew Kennison is the next name on the Blacklist.
Ressler: There’s a chance he’s dead.
Red: A good one, even. At this point, all we know is that someone took him, someone who didn’t want him found, and we need to know why.
Aram: So, where do we start?
Red: His roommate reported him missing to the Campus Police. They’ve been investigating ever since. I’d start there.
[ Cooper is immersed in thought ]
Red: Harold?
Cooper: What?
Red: You okay with that?
Cooper: Yeah. I mean, yes, of course. Agent Ressler, Agent Zuma, head on up to Boston right away.
[ All leave except for Red and Cooper ]
Red: Harold. I want you to know, I realize how difficult all this must be for you.
Cooper: You do?
Red: Of course. I know how much you loved Elizabeth, how hard it’s been to move forward. When I came back, I knew what it meant to go down this road. I knew what searching for the truth might do to me. But I was so focused on my own need, I didn’t think enough about what it might do to you.
Cooper: You’re apologizing? To me?
Red: Commiserating, really. We all want the same thing. Closure. Accountability. And I’m confident that we will find whoever did this, and when we do, they will be the one who is sorry.

[ Ressler and Dembe arrive at the MIT Campus Police Headquarters ]
Ted Morrison: Agents Ressler and Zuma? Ted Morrison. I’m the officer assigned to the Kennison case.
Dembe: Thank you for meeting with us.
Morrison: Are you kidding? I’ve been trying to get ahold of someone at the Bureau for a while. Thank you for sharing information.
Ressler: I’m not sure we follow. We’re not here to, uh, share information with you. We were hoping you could update us on your investigation.
Morrison: Update you? Okay. W-What’s going on? Is this some kind of joke?
Ressler: Hey, man, nobody’s joking. We’re here to help.
Morrison: Okay. Well, these are surveillance images from outside the campus library. Andrew Kennison finished studying at 10:00 p.m. When he exited the building, he was confronted by an unknown man. They spoke for a few minutes, and then they both got into that sedan and left.
[ Dembe looks at the photo which shows Kennison talking to a man whose back is turned to the camera ]
Dembe: You run the plates on the sedan?
Morrison: The first day. And guess what? It’s a federal vehicle. Registered to the U.S. Marshals Service. I’ve been calling them and the FBI for weeks to ask what I’m dealing with.
Ressler: No one’s gotten back to you. Bureaucracy at its finest.
Morrison: Yeah, well, now that you’re here, I’m thinking the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing.
[ Ressler looks at the photo ]
Ressler: Who the hell is that?

[ Cooper is in his office talking on the phone to his friend Lew Sloan, who is driving ]
Cooper: You’re not hearing me. I’m saying it’s connected. It’s all connected.
Lew: I hear you. I’m just trying to understand.
Cooper: Whoever killed Doug Koster, whoever’s blackmailing me, also wanted Andrew Kennison to disappear. Why? Because Kennison created the device that we found in Elizabeth Keen. He must have information on who’s responsible for her death, details the killer didn’t want us to learn.
Lew: Slow down.
Cooper: I didn’t see it. Whoever targeted me also targeted Elizabeth Keen. And I helped him. I disappeared the witness who could help us find the person or people who orchestrated her death.
Lew: Harold, take a breath. Listen to me. If you tell the truth now, there is a good chance that both of us are going to prison. Harold? Harold. Harold!

[ Ressler and Dembe visit Marshal Rupert Gwynn of the US Marshals Service ]
Marshal Gwynn: I’m sorry. What exactly is the question?
Dembe: The vehicle. It’s registered to the Marshals Service.
Marshal Gwynn: Yeah, it’s one of ours. Is there a problem?
Ressler: The problem is, we’re with a specialized Bureau Task Force and we’re looking for a man by the name of Andrew Kennison, and according to these photos, he was last seen getting into a Marshals Service vehicle on the night he disappeared.
Marshal Gwynn: Yeah, of course.
Dembe: Of course? Does that mean he’s in custody?
Ressler: Because we checked. He has no criminal record. He’s not a fugitive.
Marshal Gwynn: Fellas, I’m not sure what’s happening. Andrew Kennison is in our custody because the Bureau requested it. He’s not a suspect, he’s a potential victim.
Ressler: Are you saying that he’s in the Witness Protection Program?
Marshal Gwynn: Yeah, because his life is in danger.
Dembe: What makes you think that?
Marshal Gwynn: Well, we didn’t make the assessment. The Bureau did. And we’re not in the business of second-guessing an Assistant Director of the FBI.
Ressler: [ Pause ] You’re gonna have to repeat that.
Marshal Gwynn: You should talk to Harold Cooper. He arranged for WITSEC protection.
Dembe: That’s not possible.
Marshal Gwynn: That’s a fact. He supervised the transport. Hell, he met with Kennison yesterday in one of our safe houses.
[ Dembe and Ressler exchange looks ]

[ A room with blinds at the Post Office ]
Aram: You’re saying– Wait. What exactly are you saying?
Ressler: Kennison’s in Witness Protection because Cooper ordered it. That’s him in the photo.
Park: I don’t understand. Why would he do that?
Dembe: For the same reason you put anyone in the program, you don’t want them to be found.
Park: Found by us?
Dembe: Yes. And Raymond.
Aram: You can’t be serious. This isn’t happening.
Dembe: It’s hard to believe, but I don’t see any way around the facts.
Ressler: Look, let’s just go back to the beginning. What do we know? One, we think that someone orchestrated Keen’s death, someone who knew that Vandyke would kill her and used him as a way to get the job done without exposing himself.
Park: Or herself.
Ressler: Two, we think that Kennison may have information that could lead us to the real killer, and now we’ve learned that Cooper made sure that Kennison disappeared.
Aram: [ Incredulously ] Because he didn’t want us to find out who killed Liz?
Park: Aram, hey, we need to take emotion out of the equation.
Aram: I cannot do this.
Park: We can’t ignore the truth. Cooper knew where Kennison was, and yet he stood there and said nothing while Reddington put his name on the Blacklist.
Ressler: He sent us to Boston to investigate. I mean, he intentionally hid the truth from us.
Aram: But there has to be an explanation. I mean, look at the timing. He put Kennison in the program long before Mr. Reddington knew who to look for.
Dembe: He did it after we found the device, because he knew once we did, we’d go looking.
Aram: So, what? What, Mr. Cooper wanted Liz dead? [ Angrily ] Say it. Be clear about what you are suggesting. Mr. Cooper was working with whoever killed Liz, and now he is protecting whoever did it by lying to our faces?!
Ressler: Aram, we’re just looking at the facts here.
Park: My question is, what do we do? Go to Reddington? I mean, if Cooper really is involved, who do we tell? Panabaker?
Dembe: We could work the case ourselves, try to confirm if it’s true.
Aram: You mean set a trap. For Mr. Cooper. No. I am not doing it! We are not doing it! There has to be an explanation, and I am going to go up there and ask him what it is.
Park: If he knows we’re onto him, it’s gonna be a lot harder to find the truth.
Aram: I don’t care! I am not targeting Mr. Cooper behind his back‼️
Ressler: You know what? Aram is right. We all love the guy, and God knows he deserves every benefit of the doubt.

[ Cooper is in his office, talking with Red ]
Cooper: I should have told you. I’m not entirely sure why I didn’t. I’ve obstructed justice, tampered with physical evidence, lied to the police–
Red: Those may be the least of your concerns, Harold.
Cooper: It’s no defense, but I want you to know, when I decided to put Kennison into Witness Protection, I had no idea he had any connection to Elizabeth’s death.
Red: You run the Reddington Task Force, and it never occurred to you that perhaps you were being targeted because of your connection to me?
Cooper: Not at first. In the beginning, I didn’t know I was being targeted at all. Doug Koster, my wife’s ex-lover, was dead. I had no memory of what happened that night. For a time, I honestly believed it was possible that I’d killed him.
Red: And you didn’t think I could help with that?
Cooper: I was frozen. I could barely admit the truth to myself.
Red: But it wasn’t the truth, Harold. The minute you realized you were being blackmailed, I should’ve been your first call.
Cooper: It wasn’t that simple. By then, I’d gotten Charlene involved. She lied to the assigned detective, and my good friend, Lew Sloan, had risked everything by altering my service weapon.
Red: We’re done here. I told you the day I agreed to come back that whoever killed Elizabeth would be held accountable.
Cooper: And I want that, too.
Red: Then tell me where Kennison is. Where can I find him?
Cooper: He’s at a safe house being guarded by Federal Marshals.
Red: Where?
Cooper: I won’t tell you that. I’ll have the Marshals bring him in. We’ll question him here.
Red: My sources run deep, Harold. With or without you, I’ll have his location by the end of the day.
Cooper: I won’t help you hurt him.
Red: [ Chuckles ] Whether I hurt him or not has nothing to do with your help. And I’m sorry to say, Harold, you’re the one who needs help right now.
[ Red leaves ] [ Aram has been outside ]
Aram: It was you.

[ The war room. The task force is gathered ]
Cooper: I understand. There’s no defense. I should have trusted you all, told you everything the day I woke up in my car and realized Doug Koster was dead.
Ressler: So, this whole time, you’ve been investigating who killed him on your own?
Cooper: Not just Doug Koster, but the bartender who spiked my drink that night. I wasn’t entirely alone. Lew Sloan’s been with me.
Aram: I’m still trying to understand. Someone framed you for Doug Koster’s murder?
Cooper: Yes. And it could have worked. I woke up in my car with no alibi for that night.
Park: And your gun was a match for the bullet that killed him. So, whoever had you drսgged must have used it to kill Koster while you were out.
Cooper: Knowing the police would find it, and they would have, if Lew Sloan hadn’t altered the barrel.
Dembe: Why would somebody do this?
Cooper: At first, I thought it was just to get me, but now we know it was more. Whoever’s blackmailing me is also connected to Elizabeth’s murder. I think the original plan was to frame me as a way to hurt Reddington by damaging one of his most powerful weapons, this task force.
Ressler: So, whoever’s behind this, they know we exist. And when framing me didn’t work, the plan changed to blackmail. To leverage me as a way to stay one step ahead of Reddington.
Park: By using you to do things like hide Andrew Kennison.
Aram: So Mr. Reddington’s right. Vandyke pulled the trigger that killed Liz, but someone else was behind it.
Cooper: So, what now? I face the consequences of my actions. I’ve called Panabaker. She’s on her way. I’ve had some low moments these last few months. Maybe the worst was asking Charlene to lie. The idea that I’ve involved her in this is almost more than I can bear. But lying to you all — Whatever happens to me now, I
deserve it.

[ Red’s camper in the woods ] [ Red is getting ready, tying his shoes, while Weecha watches ]
Weecha: How do you feel?
Red: How do I feel? I feel a sense of inevitability. That it doesn’t matter what I want or do. The world is what it is.
[ Red picks up his gun from the bed ] [ Gun cocks ✽ ] [ He puts the gun is its holster ]
Red: The loss is permanent. Elizabeth will always be dead. What do I feel? I’m concerned that I won’t be able to contain myself, that I still haven’t seen the worst of who I am.
Weecha: No, I don’t think you have.
[ Door opens ] [ They head out ]

[ The safe house where Andrew Kennison is being guarded by several marshals ]
[ Door opens ] [ A sack arrives with take-out ]
Andrew: I’m just saying, when do I get to choose?
Marshal: Never.
Andrew: Never? You guys are guarding me. How is that fair?
Marshal #2: Government’s paying, so we choose the restaurant.
[ A pin on a flash grenade is pulled ] [ Clinking ]
[ ⚡️Glass shatters⚡️ ] [ The skylight breaks ] [ Grenades goes off 💨💥💨💥💨💥💨 ]
[ Red’s men enter wearing gas masks and subdue the marshals at gunpoint ]
[ Marshals shouting indistinctly ]
[ Weecha enters and pulls Andrew Kennison to his feet ]
[ Gun cocks ✽ ]
Andrew: Let go of me! What are you– [ Grunting ] What is happening?
[ Red’s face appears through the smoke ]
Andrew: Who are you? What the–
[ Red points his gun at Andrew’s forehead ] [ Gun cocks ✽ ]
Weecha: Remember why we are here.

[ Cooper’s office ]
Cooper: I think that’s just about everything, Cynthia.
Cynthia Panabaker: You think? You knew your weapon had been fired, and because you ran your own ballistics test, thanks to your buddy, you knew it was a match for the Koster murder?
Cooper: Yes.
Panabaker: You lied to the assigned detective. You actively concealed the match by altering the gun.
Cooper: No. No, it was my friend who did that.
Panabaker: Uh-huh. Did you turn him in?
Cooper: No, but he’s aware that you and I are talking, and so is Charlene. I convinced her to provide me with an alibi. Asking her to lie for me is my greatest regret.
Panabaker: What about the bartender? You went to his home, you found him murdered, but you never called the police or told them what you knew?
Cooper: That’s correct.
Panabaker: And Kennison? Where’s he now?
Cooper: The Marshals have him. You should know Reddington’s looking for him. I assume that whoever is blackmailing me was also behind Agent Keen’s death. They must want Kennison gone because he knows something. We should bring him in, question him–
Park: We won’t be doing anything of the sort, Harold. You went too far. I can sell looking the other way when Reddington crosses the line. Hell, we let Dembe Zuma join the Bureau. There is a lot of stretch where this Task Force is concerned, but you? Obstruction, tampering, corruption, kidnapping, or at the very least unlawful imprisonment.
[ Telephone rings ☎️ ]
Cooper: Excuse me, Cynthia. This is Cooper. ⋘⋙ When? ⋘⋙ I told you there was a credible threat. Were any of the Marshals hurt? I see. Thanks for letting me know. My people will get right on it. [ To Panabaker ] That was the Marshals Service. Andrew Kennison was taken from the safe house.
Panabaker: By Reddington?
Cooper: Who else?
Panabaker: Geez Louise. So much for Witness Protection.

[ Red’s plane. He sits facing Andrew Kennison ]
Red: Do you know who I am?
Andrew: No, I don’t.
Red: My name is Raymond Reddington. I’m a criminal and a fugitive. I’m wanted in every country on Earth and at the top of the FBI’s Most Wanted List. I’m armed, and I’m dangerous, and the most important person in the world to me is dead because of you. Because of your little device.
[ Red holds up the tracking device ]
Red: Do you recognize it?
[ Andrew nods slightly ]
Red: Mm. It was recovered from a former FBI agent named Elizabeth Keen.
Andrew: I don’t know who that is.
Red: Perhaps not, but you do know something. Someone wanted you hidden so that I wouldn’t discover what that is. You designed this?
Andrew: Yes. I-It’s a medication monitor and tracking–
Red: I’m past what it is and what it does. It clearly wasn’t made in a manufacturing plant.
Andrew: No, it’s a prototype. My wife suffers from mental illness. I designed it for people like her.
Red: You gave it to someone. Someone who used it to track and murder Elizabeth Keen.
Andrew: Murder? [ Stammers ]
Red: Tell me who.
Andrew: You– You’ve got it wrong. I gave that to a cop.
Red: A police officer?
Andrew: Yeah. I met him at a business forum. You know, where people who are trying to start companies set up booths to discuss their concepts. I was trying to find investors.
Red: You were supposed to run a trial in a psychiatric clinic.
Andrew: It got canceled. And I was getting desperate. And then this guy shows up, introduces himself as a detective from New York City. He says that he thinks that my idea has potential, but not for medical reasons – As a tracking device. He says the NYPD might be interested in trying it out for a few investigations.
Red: Did he show you identification?
Andrew: Yeah. He had a badge and everything. Reggie Cole. D-Detective Reginald Cole. I thought, hey, it’s not what I want, but if the cops support my company, that’s something.
Red: So, you gave this to him?
Andrew: That was a few years ago, and then I didn’t hear from him, so I just figured the top brass didn’t bite. That’s the God’s honest truth.
Red: If it is, you’ll be in class by this time tomorrow. If it’s not — You won’t.

[ The Post Office war room ]
Aram: Guys, I, uh– I think I have got something. I mean, I am, uh, pretty sure I’ve got something, unless I don’t, but, uh, I do. Okay, so, ultimately, the best way we can help Mr. Cooper now is to find whoever targeted him.
Ressler: Yeah, but it doesn’t change the crimes that he committed himself. But, yeah, that’s the idea.
Aram: Okay, so, check this out. Mr. Cooper recorded his last conversation with the blackmailer and sent it to me, and I have been listening nonstop.
Dembe: I thought the voice was altered.
Aram: It was, but I listened anyway, you know, for something weird about word choice or maybe the sound of a train or something in the background.
Ressler: So you heard something?
Aram: No. Nothing. But listening over and over again did give me another idea. A voice modification program is just modifying a voice. It is an algorithm that changes key variables like pitch, tone, speed, distortion.
Ressler: Okay, I actually understood that.
Aram: So I am thinking, why can’t I just invert those changes? I mean, if you knew what changes were made, you could just reverse them and get back to the original voice.
Park: But you can’t know the changes that were made.
Aram: You mean I can’t know for sure. Fortunately, this isn’t my first rodeo. I’ve, um– I’ve never actually been to a rodeo, so I ever go, it, uh, will be my, uh, first rodeo, but, fortunately, this isn’t my first time examining Fourier series and transforms.
Ressler: And I’m lost.
[ Keyboard clacks ]
Aram: Okay. The point is, I can’t know what modifications were made, but I can make a series of educated guesses, and I know the best software out there and how I would sweeten the mix. Here. Listen.
[ Computer chirps ]

Male Voice 1: Andrew Kennison. Well, I need him to go away.
Male Voice 2: Andrew Kennison. Well, I need him to go away.
Male Voice 3: Andrew Kennison. Well, I need him to go away.

Aram: Okay, so I have six different versions. I can’t know if any of them are right, but I did reverse the process a little differently on each.
Park: So, one of these recordings is the blackmailer’s actual voice, but which one?
Ressler: Cooper thinks the blackmailer’s a detective from New York. We could send all six to the Chief of Detectives. Maybe one sounds familiar.
[ Footsteps approach ] [ It’s Panabaker and Cooper ]
Cynthia Panabaker: Agent Ressler. Please place Director Cooper under arrest. I understand he intends to make a full statement.
Ressler: Not a chance.
Cooper: It’s okay, Donald.
Ressler: The hell it is. I mean, how many times has Main Justice looked the other way for Reddington or even Keen? No, this is your turn.
Panabaker: That is not up for discussion. I will do my best to argue for leniency. I hope you believe that.
Aram: What if we walk? There is no Task Force without Mr. Cooper.
Cooper: That would be a mistake. There’s still important work to do. I want justice – For what was done to me, and, more importantly, for Elizabeth. The four of you are the best chance we’ve got to get it.
[ Silence ]
[ Ressler steps forward to address Cooper ]
Ressler: Harold Cooper, you have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you. Do you understand these rights as I’ve explained them to you?
Cooper: Yes.
Ressler: And with these rights in mind, do you wish to make a statement?
[ Cooper nods ]

[ Red paces at his “office” (alongside his SUV). He talks to his lawyer Marvin Gerard, who is driving ]
Marvin Gerard: [ On phone ] Obstruction, falsifying documents, tampering with physical evidence, misappropriating federal funds. Oh, and I haven’t even gotten to the charges of depriving Andrew Kennison of his liberty.
Red: I know what he did, Marvin. What I’m asking is how we make sure a jury never does.
Marvin: Oh, Cooper’s case isn’t going to a jury. He’s gonna have to plead guilty and pray that he gets a favorable sentence.
Red: It can’t come to that. I need you to go to the Post Office. Harold’s there. Talk to him.
Marvin: You want me to defend him?
Red: He can’t go to prison. For his sake or for Agnes’.
Marvin: Well, you’re the boss. I-I just have this one appointment, then I can cancel the rest of my afternoon and meet you there.
Red: Actually, I’ve got plans. I spoke with the man who designed the tracking device we recovered from Elizabeth.
Marvin: Good news. What’d he say?
Red: Enough. I know who I’m looking for and where to find him. I’ll take care of business, you take care of Harold.
[ Cell phone beeps🔅]
[ Red has a team waiting in the siting area ]
Red: Okay, guys, let’s do this.
[ All murmuring indistinctly ]

[ Ressler is with Cooper in an interrogation room ]
[ Tape recorder beeps🔅]
Ressler: You really wanna do this? Make a full confession?
Cooper: Strange how things happen, isn’t it? I wouldn’t let Reddington see Agnes because I thought I should protect her from him. She finally had a good home, a stable family. And now I’m the one who–
[ Ressler turns off the tape recorder ] [ Tape recorder beeps🔅]
Ressler: You could fight it, force the U.S. Attorney to make their case beyond a reasonable doubt.
Cooper: You know I won’t. I’ve spent my life holding others accountable for their crimes. I’m glad it’s you. Let’s get it over with.
[ Door opens ]
Aram: Yeah, um, that’s gonna have to wait. Sorry, not sorry to interrupt, but we have got a suspect, and Mr. Cooper was right. Almost. The person blackmailing you was a New York City detective.
Cooper: Was?
[ Ressler leaves with Aram ]

[ The war room ]
Aram: We just heard from the office of the New York Chief of Detectives, and apparently, a precinct captain in Brooklyn recognized one of the voices we sent as a Reginald Cole. Reggie. Spent 25 years in the NYPD, 17 as a Brooklyn detective.
Dembe: Does that mean he’s retired?
Aram: I thought so at first, but then I took a closer look. At the time he left the force, Cole was the subject of multiple I.A.B. investigations. A Grand Jury was deliberating on an indictment for multiple counts of official corruption – drսg money seized and unaccounted for, allegations of excessive force, witness intimidation. In the end, the cases against him fell apart. A key witness was found murdered.
Ressler: Clearly, we’re dealing with somebody with a malfunctioning ethical compass.
Aram: When he left the department, he left New York. Now, he works here in D.C. as a private investigator, and his website says he handles highly sensitive matters, both personal and professional.
[ Reginald Cole’s office ] [ Cole is meeting with a client, a politician named Diane Newton ]
Diane Newton: What do you have? I’m in a hell of a rush. My campaign won’t wait.
Reginald Cole: Yeah, I know you’re busy, but you hired me to find quality dirt, the kind that “ends careers”?
Newton: Mm-hmm.
Cole: So I thought you might want to see this right away.
[ Cole hands Newton an envelope ]
Newton: Oh, you did it. What did he do? Infidelity? Oh, please let it be a sеx scandal, that pious son of a bitch. [ Laughs ]
Aram: He has an office in Logan Circle. I ghost-called him a few minutes ago, and he picked up. If we roll out now, we can be there in 15.
Diane Newton: [ Reading ] Oh, my God. How did you get this?
Reginald Cole: Does it matter?
Newton: Matter? I hired you to do oppo research, to get damaging intel on my opponent.
Cole: And I tried. But turns out he’s squeaky clean. You, on the other hand, not so much. You’ve been misappropriating campaign funds. Ooh. [ Clicks tongue ] Bad Congresswoman [ Chuckles ]
Park: I don’t get it. Who is this guy? Why would a shady former detective be connected to killing Keen?
Ressler: We’re about to find out. Let’s pull a warrant and bring him in.
Newton: What do you want?
Cole: Well, I’m a simple guy, Ms. Newton. A hundred thousand should be good for now.
Newton: You’re shaking me down? I’m your client.
Cole: I know. It’s a thing of beauty, isn’t it? See, this way, you get to pay me twice, once to check out your opponent, and once to keep my mouth shut.
[ Diane Newton gets up and heads toward the door ]
Cole: You have 24 hours, Di. See you tomorrow.
[ Cell phone rings✨] [ Door closes ]
Cole: [ On phone ] Yeah? What? Okay. Okay!
[ Cole opens a drawer. There’s a bottle of whiskey inside. The takes a swig, then pours the rest into the wastepaper basket and sets the contents on fire. He removes a picture from the wall. Behind it is a safe. He turns the dial ] [ Lock clacks ] [ He takes the valuables, including a thick wad of cash, from the safe, stuffs them into his pockets and leaves ]

[ Red and his team arrive at Reginald Cole’s office. The fire in the wastepaper basket has is still smoking ]
Red: [ To Chuck ] Get outside, see if you can find him. Damn it.
[ Red and Morgan look around. Red sticks his finger into the cup of coffee on the desk ]
Red: Still hot.
[ Red leaves the office with Morgan ]
[ Reginald Cole runs until he comes to a chain link fence. He climbs over it ] [ Fence clanks ]
[ Chuck spots him ]
Chuck: [ Over comms ] I’ve got eyes. He’s a runner.
[ Ressler drives an FBI vehicle on the way to Reginald Cole’s office. Dembe and Park are with him ]
Dembe: So, Reggie Cole’s retired, but he still has his detective shield?
Park: Every department is different. NYPD makes you turn it in, but they don’t always enforce the rule.
Ressler: Well, maybe it’s a replica. Most people don’t realize, but lot of cops carry dupe shields so they don’t have to risk losing the real thing.
[ Ahead of them, a man is runs toward them in the middle of the street ]
Park: What the– Are you guys seeing this?
[⚡️Tires screech⚡️ ]
Park: That’s Cole!
[ They jump out ]
Ressler: FBI! Drop the weapon! On the ground!
Park: Federal agents!
Cole: Okay, okay! It’s down! It’s down. [ Gun clanks ]
[ Morgan and Chuck run out from the alley ]
Ressler: I should’ve known. Hey, sorry, fellas. Too little too late.
[ Red’s SUV drives over and picks up Morgan and Chuck ] [ Car door opens, closes ]
[ Red’s vehicle drives slowly away ]

[ Cynthia Panabaker enters the interrogation room where Cooper is waiting; she sits down ]
Cooper: I’m okay, Cynthia. Really. In fact, for the first time in a while, I’m hopeful.
Panabaker: Hopeful?
Cooper: We got a lead. The man blackmailing me is named Reginald Cole. He’s a private investigator and a former NYPD detective.
Panabaker: That’s good news, Harold. I’m afraid I’m here to deliver the opposite.
Cooper: You spoke to the Attorney General.
Panabaker: And he spoke to the President and the Senate Oversight Committee. It’s what we were afraid of. As it is, they don’t love our arrangement with Reddington.
Cooper: Then they’re wrong. We’re approaching 200 Blacklisters. The man’s done more for law enforcement in this country than anyone.
Panabaker: Preaching to the choir. Remember, I’m the one that went to bat for reconstituting the Task Force? But they’re not stupid. They know Reddington continues to commit crimes. And Keen’s death was – an embarrassment. It’s proof that things had gotten way beyond my control. How do you think we got back here? I made promises. I had to assure people we’d have a very tight leash. How the hell was I supposed to go back now and say the man in charge, the Assistant Director of the FBI, committed, oh, I don’t know, maybe a dozen felonies, but, hey, we should look the other way?
Cooper: So they want to indict me?
Panabaker: I’m not giving up. You know how it works, Harold. Law enforcement is politics. If we can make some cases, big ones, that expose whatever conspiracy is really going on–
Cooper: They’ll be too busy touting the victory to focus on me.
Panabaker: It’s your best chance. If the story has the right ending, they might forget this entire chapter.
Cooper: Thank you, Cynthia. I appreciate you shooting straight.

[ Ressler, Park and Dembe get off the elevator with Reginald Cole. Ressler stays as the others take Cole away ]
Aram: You got him.
Ressler: Barely. Reddington almost beat us there. Any news on Cooper?
Aram: He’s in with Ms. Panabaker.
Panabaker: [ Calls out ] Agent Ressler? I’m afraid you won’t be happy with the decision on Harold.
Ressler: The AG wants to charge him?
Panabaker: For now. But if we can make a solid case against whoever’s responsible, we may be able to change that. Who’s running point?
Ressler: I am.
Panabaker: Well, then, you should know the pressure’s on. It is critically important that your suspect talks. If he doesn’t, we may not have enough to hold him.
[ Elevator doors open. It’s Red and Weecha ]
Red: [ To Panabaker ] I need a word.

[ Red and Panabaker go to Cooper’s office ] [ Door closes ]
Red: You’re making a mistake. Agent Ressler is making a mistake.
Panabaker: I imagine he’s trying to do what’s best for Harold.
Red: So am I. And what’s best for Harold is to find the person who orchestrated this insanity. I’m in a considerably better position to accomplish that quickly. There are times to handle things by the book, and then there are times like this.
Panabaker: So all you care about is answers.
Red: What I care about is accountability.
Panabaker: And I respect that. Hell, after what we’ve been through lately, I’m hardly one to get up on a high horse about the right way to do things.
Red: Then let me handle this in the way I know is best.
Panabaker: If you do, anything you learn will be inadmissible in any prosecution. I need to hand the AG solid cases, solid evidence.
Red: Listen to me. We’re losing time. Reggie Cole knew I was coming. That means whoever he’s working with knew as well. They will not let you interrogate him.
[ Telephone rings ☎️ ]
Panabaker: What does that mean? We have him in custody. [ Answers phone ] Director Cooper’s office. What? What are you talking about? How is that even possible?
Red: It’s too late, isn’t it?
Panabaker: Uh, bring him in. I’ll talk to him myself.
[ Receiver clicks ]
Panabaker: Security says Reggie Cole’s lawyer is here.
[ Panabaker leaves ]
[ Red’s cell phone dials ••• ••• ••••, ring tone🔅]
Red: Marvin. Change of plan. I’m at the Post Office. Don’t come in. I’ll meet you out back.

[ Reginald Cole’s lawyer, Tyson LaCroix, gets off of elevator ]
Tyson LaCroix: Senator Panabaker. Tyson LaCroix.
Panabaker: You’re an attorney?
LaCroix: I’m Reginald Cole’s attorney.
[ Ressler walks over ]
Ressler: What is this? How did you know about Cole’s arrest? How the hell did you even get down here?
Panabaker: More to the point, how did you know this building even existed?
LaCroix: There seems to be some misunderstanding. I’m not here to answer questions. I’m here to stop you from asking them. Mr. Cole is my client. As of this moment, you are precluded from questioning him under any circumstances.
Panabaker: I don’t know who you are, Mr. LaCroix, but I can tell you this, you are now squarely on the Justice Department’s radar. You don’t want to answer our questions? We’ll get the answers anyway.
LaCroix: Good luck with that. I’d like to see my client now.

[ Cooper waits in an interrogation room ]
[ Cole waits in another interrogation room, watching the clock on the wall ]
[ Clock ticking • • • • • • • • • • ]
[ By this time, the rest of the team have gathered at the elevator around Tyson LaCroix, Reginald Cole’s lawyer ]
Panabaker: You think it’d be that easy, Mr. LaCroix? Did you really think you could just waltz in to a federal black site and just start making demands?
Tyson LaCroix: I have a right to see my client.
Panabaker: And you will. At his arraignment.
LaCroix: Oh, please. You don’t have enough to charge him.
Ressler: He murdered a man named Doug Koster.
LaCroix: That would concern me if you had a single shred of evidence proving that it was actually true.
Ressler: He targeted Harold Cooper, the Assistant Director of the FBI, tried to frame him.
LaCroix: Mere accusations.
Ressler: And the bartender that he forced into helping him was also killed.
LaCroix: How sad. Not that some bartender was killed, but that you can’t seem to accept reality.
Ressler: Yeah? And what’s that?
LaCroix: You have nothing. You can’t connect my client to either murder. This frame-up sounds like total fiction.
Aram: That we can prove. He was blackmailing Mr. Cooper. We have your client’s voice on a recording.
LaCroix: No, you have an altered voice on a recording. You made assumptions when you descrambled the voice, but you can’t be sure if you accurately reversed the process.
Ressler: The NYPD confirmed that it was Cole.
LaCroix: It sounds like Cole. Sounds like.
Ressler: I’ve heard enough. Get him the hell out of here.
LaCroix: Already? I’m just getting started. Hell, I’ve not said a word yet about Agent Keen.
Panabaker: And there it is. The motive. I assume you know about the tracking device recovered from Agent Keen?
LaCroix: I may have heard something, yes.
Panabaker: Then maybe you want to tell us why your client acquired a tracking device that was then used to stalk and murder one of our agents?
LaCroix: He bought the tracker. That’s not a crime. You can’t prove he caused Keen to ingest it, and you can’t prove he had any contact with Vandyke.
Aram: How do you know that name?
Panabaker: Enough. Agent Park, take Mr. LaCroix to Interrogation Two. Give him two minutes with his client, no more, understood?
LaCroix: Thank you. I’ll leave you folks to talk amongst yourselves.
[ Park leaves with LaCroix ]
Ressler: Don’t even say it.
Panabaker: I have to. He’s right. I warned you, we didn’t have enough without a confession.
Ressler: Don’t tell me we’re cutting this guy loose.
Panabaker: What do you want to do, Donald? Charge him? And then what? Watch our case just fall apart? No. We’re gonna do this, we do it once and we make it stick.
Aram: So that’s a yes? We’re just gonna let Cole walk out of here?
Dembe: Raymond was right.
[ Peter Gabriel’s ♪ “Mercy Street” plays ]
[ Interrogation room door opens ]
Park: Mr. Cole, your lawyer’s here.
Reginald Cole: Took you long enough.
[ Park leaves, closing the door ]
Cole: Have a seat.
Tyson LaCroix: I’d rather not. I have a feeling we won’t be staying here much longer.
Cole: They’re releasing me?
LaCroix: Let’s not talk here. My car is outside. I’ll explain when we get back to my office.

♪ Looking down on empty streets ♪
♪ All she can see ♪
♪ Are the dreams all made solid ♪
♪ Are the dreams made real ♪
♪ All of the buildings and all of the cars– ♪

[ Panabaker and the team watch as Reginald Cole and his lawyer Tyson LaCroix walk by ]
Aram: I’ll say it. This job can be confusing, and I’ve been lost plenty of times before, but I have no idea who those guys are or what the heck it is we’re dealing with.
[ Cole and LaCroix get into the yellow elevator ]
Park: Let’s get a wiretap warrant for Cole’s phone. I’ll ask around on the Hill, see if anyone knows LaCroix.
Ressler: I’ll tell Cooper the bad news.
Dembe: It’s not over yet. Raymond will know what to do.
[ The elevator door⚡️clangs⚡️shut ]

♪ Wait until darkness comes– ♪

[ Red sits in the back of his black SUV with Marvin Gerard; Weecha is at the wheel ]
Marvin: What’s his name?
Red: Reginald Cole. He’s a former New York police detective.
Marvin: And they’re releasing him?
Red: Not happily. But they know the Justice Department is watching their every move, so they won’t charge if there’s a possibility the case won’t hold up.
Marvin: Guess it’s his lucky day.
Red: Hardly. If Cole wants to live, his best chance is to stay inside that building. He’s burned, and whoever he works for knows it.
[ Cole and LaCroix are let out through a garage door ]
Marvin: Well, he’s not the only one. Now the lawyer’s burned, too.
[ Cell phone dialing ••• ••• •••• , ring tone 🔅 ]
Red: [ On phone ] Chuck. I want them as soon as they’re on the road.

♪ In your daddy’s arms–

Red: That’s them.
Marvin: You want to hit them in transit? Don’t you want to find out where they’re going?
Red: [ On phone to Chuck ]They’re leaving now. Intercept in five minutes.
[ Engine💨revving ] [ A motorcycle speeds up ]
[ Rapid pistol fire 💥💥💥 💥💥💥 💥💥💥 ] [ Shells clatter ✨✨ ]
[ Cole and LaCroix are mowed down alongside their car ] [ Red pushes Marvin down; Weecha ducks ]
[ Engine💨revs, car horn 📣honks ]
Red: Weecha, get us out of here. [⚡️Tires screech⚡️]
[ Red gazes on the scene of sudden death ]

♪ Anne, with her father (Anne, with her father) ♪
♪ Is out in the boat (Is out in the boat) ♪
♪ Riding the water (Riding the water) ♪
♪ Riding the waves ♪
♪ On the sea ♪

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Episode Songs


♫ Too Simple
By Relaye

♪ [ Full lyrics not available as of 4/9/2022 ]

Lyrics and Credits: [ Unavailable ]
YouTube: https://youtu.be/1qtK4SazKxU


♫ Mercy Street
By Peter Gabriel

[Verse 1]
♪ Looking down on empty streets, all she can see
Are the dreams all made solid
Are the dreams made real
All of the buildings, all of the cars
Were once just a dream
In somebody’s head
She pictures the broken glass, pictures the steam
She pictures a soul
With no leak at the seams

♪ Let’s take the boat out
Wait until darkness
Let’s take the boat out
Wait until darkness comes

[Verse 2]
♪ Nowhere in the corridors of pale green and grey
Nowhere in the suburbs
In the cold light of day
There in the midst of it, so alive and alone
Words support like bone

♪ Dreaming of Mercy Street
Wear your inside out
Dreaming of mercy
In your daddy’s arms again
Dreaming of Mercy Street
I swear they moved that sign
Dreaming of mercy
In your daddy’s arms

[Verse 3]
♪ Pulling out the papers from drawers that slide smooth
Tugging at the darkness
Word upon word
Confessing all the secret things in the warm velvet box
To the priest, he’s the doctor
He can handle the shocks
Dreaming of the tenderness, the tremble in the hips
Of kissing Mary’s lips

♪ Dreaming of Mercy Street
Wear your inside out
Dreaming of mercy
In your daddy’s arms again
Dreaming of Mercy Street
I swear they moved that sign
Looking for mercy
In your daddy’s arms


♪ Mercy, mercy, looking for mercy
Looking for mercy
Mercy, looking for mercy
Looking for mercy, looking for mercy
Looking for mercy, looking for mercy
Anne, with her father, is out in the boat
Riding the water
Riding the waves on the sea

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/3DUbRID
YouTube: https://youtu.be/Ej6NGrZ0iUM

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🔴 Script 9:16 Helen Maghi (№ 172)

Program air date: 4/15/2022 in the US
Script Permalink: https://wp.me/pDKwi-dmZ
EntertainmentWeekly Recap: https://bit.ly/37Pg6ZWu

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Directed by: John Terlesky
Written by: Daniel Cerone



Brief (Where we’re at): Cooper has been placed under arrest for a number of charges ~ potential felonies ~ relating to his and Lew Sloan’s ‘investigation’ of the person attempting to blackmail Cooper, now believed by Cooper and the task force to be an former NYPD detective whose name is Reginald Cole. Unfortunately that does not excuse the crimes Cooper and Lew committed, including witness tampering, unlawful imprisonment, failing to report a murder and altering Cooper’s service weapon. Cooper was forced to come clean after Red placed a man named Andrew Kennison on the Blacklist (Blacklister #185). Red had flown to Boston to talk to a doctor about the tracking device found in Liz’s body during an exhumation autopsy. The doctor recognized the device as a prototype developed by Kennison to help patients who were inconsistent in taking their meds. But when Red went to find Kennison, his roommate told him Kennison had been missing for several weeks. So Red turned to the task force for help. Cooper instantly recognized Kennison as the young man he had placed in witness protection because his blackmailer had demanded it. He didn’t immediately speak up, but instead dispatched Ressler and Dembe to MIT to talk to Campus Police. A surveillance photo of the license plate led them to the US Marshals Service where they were told that it was Cooper who had placed Kennison in protective custody.

So Cooper had to come clean, to both Red and the task force. Cooper refused to give Red the location of the safe house where Kennison was being held but Red used his own sources to find Kennison and abduct him. Kennison told Red that he had given the tracking device to Reginald Cole, the ex-NYPD detective who was now a private investigator. Simultaneously, Aram was able to ID Cole by reversing the voice modification he had used to disguise his voice in phone calls to Cooper. So the task force and Red’s team arrived at Cole’s office at the same time, but the task force nabbed him first. Red fruitlessly pleaded with Panabaker to let him interrogate Cole. She refused, but when Cole’s lawyer showed up, even after dropping hints that he knew *a lot* about Liz’s murder, the tracking device, and even Vandyke (who killed Liz), Panabaker conceded they didn’t have enough evidence to hold Cole, so Cole was released. Red was waiting with his lawyer Marvin Gerard outside the Post Office and had given orders to his crew to grab Cole once he was five minutes out, but before that could happen, a motorcyclist sped by and mowed down Cole and his lawyer with an automatic pistol as they were getting into their car.

Unresolved from earlier episodes:

1) Red’s business is under attack. Illiquid after his two-year hiatus following Liz Keen’s murder, Red had incorporated on an underground stock exchange called the night market. Someone organized a group of investors to attempt a hostile takeover – and Red can’t figure out who.
2) In an effort to be more open with her husband Peter about the nature of her work, Park appeared ready to divulge that it has to do with Raymond Reddington. This is of course very tightly-held classified information.
3) Ressler has reached a two-month milestone in his treatment for drug addiction and the task force celebrated with him, but he remains somewhat paranoid and uncharacteristically emotional. Cooper still doesn’t know Ressler cheated on his drug test to get reinstated into the FBI.
4) Cooper began to tell Agnes ‘her story’ in a way which seemed to imply Red might be her grandfather. How much did Cooper tell Agnes? How much does Cooper even know?
5) What was in the box Red gave to Dembe?
6) What did the letter from Katarina to Liz say about Red’s true identity?
7) And what happened in Brasilia, anyway?


⭕ Script 9:16 Helen Maghi (№ 172)

[ Red and Weecha let themselves into the office of Reginald Cole ] [ Lock disengages ]
Weecha: [ Sighs ] Looks like the FBI already took anything useful.
Red: The FBI has no idea what’s useful to me.
Weecha: Maybe we’ll find the shooter.
Red: I don’t know, we’ve got everyone out there, but a guy on a motorcycle? That bike’s in pieces by now. The shell casings are a dead end. Shooter could be anyone, anywhere. All we can do is keep looking.
[ Weecha pours the contents of a bowl of odds and ends into an empty drawer and pokes through it ]
Weecha: Whoever killed Elizabeth is going through a lot of trouble to keep you from finding them. Seems like it would just be easier to take you out.
Red: Perhaps they need me. Or they’re saving me for something special.
Weecha: Could be they love you.
Red: Or it could be all three.
Weecha: This is something. What is this?
Red: Oh, this is an item that definitely should not be in the possession of a former NYPD officer, even a crooked one like Reggie Cole.
Weecha: What is it?
Red: It’s a key to a vault that’s inside one of the most inaccessible, enigmatic security facilities in the world.
Weecha: How do you know that?
Red: I have one just like it.

[ Door opens ] [ Indistinct voices ]
[ Cooper is awaiting his arraignment. Cooper’s lawyer Mateo DeSoto enters with Cooper’s wife Charlene ] [ Door closes ]
DeSoto: Harold. The judge is taking the bench now. She’s gonna arraign Lew Sloan first. I’ll give you guys a few minutes alone together.
Charlene: Thank you.
DeSoto: [ Whispers to Guard ] Do you mind giving them a few minutes?
[ Door opens, closes ]
[ Cooper and Charlene hug ]
Charlene: [ Sighs ] [ Breathes deeply ] Is it true? About the cop? Mateo said that he was killed?
Cooper: He and his lawyer. We couldn’t hold them. As soon as we left the Post Office, they were gunned down.
Charlene: By who? Why?
Cooper: I don’t know. Other than somehow it’s connected to Elizabeth’s murder.
Charlene: Which means it’s connected to Reddington.
Cooper: Oh, he’s not to blame, if that’s what you mean.
Charlene: I lied for you, to the cops to give you an alibi. I lied for you, not him.
Cooper: No charges will be filed against you. Cynthia gave me her word.
Charlene: Yeah, well, Senator Panabaker lets Reddington do as he pleases. And as soon as you and poor Lew try to figure out who framed you for murder, she just lets you both rot.
Cooper: This isn’t on her, Char, this is on me. Based on my years of service, my attorney expects that I’ll be released without bail. So hopefully I can return to work.
Charlene: Elizabeth left Agnes with us as parents, role models. You want to make this right for me, I understand. But you have got to make it right for her.

[ New York City ] [ Piano music plays ] [ A waiter pours tea for a dark-haired middle-aged woman, Helen Maghi ] [ Door opens ]
Helen Maghi: Thank you, Walter.
[ Red enters ] [ Door closes ]
Red: Helen. What a delight to see you.
[ Red sits down at the small table across from Helen ]
Helen: [ British accent ] I’ve been making a great effort not to be seen. By anyone. How did you know where to find me?
Red: The real mystery is why you’re hiding in the private room and why you aren’t returning calls.
Helen: Too many questions, Raymond.
Red: Mm.
Helen: What can I do for you today, other than marvel at your deductive powers and tolerate your unwanted presence?
Red: A dead cop was storing something of value in Mount Bastion. I need to know what. I need to get inside this vault.
[ Red puts the vault key in front of Helen ]
Helen: Impossible.
Red: You engineered the impossible when you carved out the core of a granite mountain to build your impenetrable facility.
Helen: Well, I have more pressing concerns than enabling your criminal mischief, Raymond.
Red: Tell me.
Helen: I recently consulted on a job. A heist crew needed a way to steal cargo from a heavily guarded container yard. My rig worked beautifully, but the crew left evidence behind. Now they’re in federal custody using my name to cut a deal. If I’m not a wanted woman already, I fear I shall be at any moment.
Red: It seems we both have itchy backs. An opportunity to scratch each other’s itch.

[ Cooper’s arraignment, Judge Carol Bailey presiding ]
Judge: Mr. Cooper, it’s not every day an assistant director of the FBI graces us with his presence, particularly on the wrong side of the bar. How do you plead to the charges against you today?
Cooper: Not guilty, Your Honor.
Judge: I’ll hear the defense on bail.
Mateo DeSoto: Defense asks for release with no bail, Your Honor. Harold Cooper’s led a long and distinguished career in law enforcement–
Prosecutor: Long and formerly distinguished until 10 years ago. After that? Who knows? No one will say. Everyone knows everything in this town, but what he does and how he does it is – No one has a clue.
Desoto: Oh, Your Honor–
Prosecutor: Which means he can go anywhere anytime, which makes him, by any reasonable standard, a flight risk.
Judge: Bail is set at $300,000. Trial in six weeks. [ Gavel bangs ]
[ Charlene, Aram and Cynthia Panabaker gather around Cooper ]
Charlene: Honey, we can get the money. We can cash out an insurance policy if we have to.
[ Charlene hugs Cooper ]
Cynthia Panabaker: I’m sorry I couldn’t do more.
Cooper: You kept Charlene out of this mess. That’s enough.
Aram: We’re not stopping until we find out who’s behind this. If I had any say in this, the only Blacklister we’d go after is the person who did this to you.
Cooper: You do have a say. The say. [ To Panabaker ] You haven’t told him yet?
Panabaker: Until the judge miscarried justice, I was hoping I wouldn’t have to.
Aram: Have to what?
Cooper: Give you my job.
Aram: What? No.
Cooper: You have my full confidence and blessings. And you–
DeSoto: Harold, you have to go.
[ Door opens ] [ Cooper leaves with DeSoto ]
Aram: [ To Panabaker ] I can’t do this.
Panabaker: Probably not. [ Door closes ] But Harold chose you.
Aram: What about Agent Ressler?
Panabaker: What about him? You eat life, or life eats you, Agent Mojtabai. You’re the boss now, so bon appétit.

[ The Post Office war room ] [ Aram addresses the task force ]
Aram: This is only until Mr. Cooper is back, which I hope is really – Really soon. Um, I’m just a figurehead, like Colonel Sanders. They need a face on the bucket. [ To Ressler ] It should’ve been your face, obviously. Square-jawed, dimpled, top of the pecking order.
Ressler: I had my shot. It’s your turn.
Dembe: You’ll be fine.
[ Red gets off the elevator with Weecha ]
Red: I understand congratulations are in order.
Park: [ Quietly ] Says the man who really rules the roost.
Red: If I may offer some counsel – “Do not go where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” [ Ralph Waldo Emerson ] In the spirit of that, I bring an unusual case. A Blacklister not to catch, but to release.
Ressler: Ah, here we go. [ To Aram ] Good luck.
Red: Helen Maghi, one of the world’s most accomplished structural and geotechnical engineers.
[ Aram pulls up her history ]
Aram: In the invasion of Iraq, Maghi designed a floating bridge to carry tanks and heavy-armor vehicles across the Euphrates River in the dark of night.
Red: Her crowning achievement is Mount Bastion. Using proprietary drilling techniques, she carved into a Pennsylvania mountain of solid granite to create an impregnable storage facility favored by the criminal elite, with more safeguards and redundancies than the U.S. Bullion Depository.
Ressler: And you want to break into it.
Red: Well, we found this key in Reggie Cole’s office. A key to a storage vault in Mount Bastion.
Dembe: Mount Bastion would never rent a vault to a former police officer, but they might to his employer.
Red: His employer, Harold’s blackmailer, Elizabeth’s killer, all the same person.
Park: What are we waiting for? Let’s storm the mountain.
Red: Impossible without Maghi’s help. That’s where the task force comes in. She provided engineering services to some heist crew working the Port of Virginia. The crew was just arrested by the FBI, and Helen is afraid they’ll sell her out in a plea bargain.
Aram: You want us to make the criminal case against Helen Maghi go away, in exchange for her help breaking into Mount Bastion. How do we feel about that, team? Show of hands for yes.
[ Aram raises his arm. Red *enthusiastically* raises his. No one else does ]
Aram: Right. I am in charge here. Okay, uh, Agent Ressler, Agent Zuma, track down the FBI team that made the arrest. We’ll start by trying to find out what kind of case they have.
Ressler: You got it.
[ Ressler and Dembe leave ]
Red: And Harold. How is he?
Aram: Not good. He’s stuck in jail with a bail he can’t afford.

[ Dembe and Ressler visit the FBI team investigating the case against Helen Maghi ]
FBI Agent Aronson: They cut open a shipping container right in the middle of the yard, directly in front of security cameras, and nobody saw a thing.
Ressler: How did they do that?
Aronson: Look at the red container. Now check it out 15 minutes later. [ Mouse clicks ] And after that – And after that.
Dembe: Who was moving it?
Aronson: It was moving itself – slowly. So slowly, motion cameras didn’t detect it and security guards never noticed.
Dembe: The heist crew was hiding inside.
Aronson: They retrofit the container with hidden wheels, then crept it into position next to the stolen cargo to block security cameras. It was brilliantly engineered, which makes sense given the woman who hired them.
Ressler: Helen Maghi. Now, our intel says that she was hired by the crew, uh, as a consultant.
Aronson: Someone is playing you. The crew we’re talking about are high school dropouts.
Dembe: What did they steal?
Aronson: Six crates of RPGs. According to our suspects, Maghi made plans to ship them to separatist forces in Kazban. To put it simply, she’s arming terrorists.

[ Cooper is dressed in a suit again ]
Charlene: Mr. Homan? I don’t know who that is.
Cooper: Our friend with the hat.
Charlene: He posted bail?
Mateo Desoto: All $300,000. Once payment goes through, you can go home.
Cooper: Have you spoken to the prosecutor about a deal?
Charlene: A deal? A deal for what?
DeSoto: She says she’ll take two years if you plead guilty to conspiracy.
Charlene: No!
Cooper: Char, it’s 15 if I go to trial.
Charlene: But you were framed.
Cooper: And to find out why – I tampered with evidence and witnesses and let you lie to create my alibi. You were right, I have to make this right for Agnes. A deal is the best way to do that.
DeSoto: So, Harold, tell her we’re good?
Cooper: On one condition. I won’t testify against Lew. He wouldn’t cut a deal to hurt me, and I won’t cut one that hurts him.
DeSito: Okay.

[ Red’s camper in the woods ]
[ Red holds an egg against his forehead, reminiscent of Mierce’s shamanic practices ]
[ Mierce’s sister (and Red’s bodyguard) Weecha brings a glass of water ]
Weecha: Go ahead, read the results.
Red: I’m not trying to read anything. I’m trying to remember. I miss Mierce.
[ Cell phone buzzing ] [ Cell phone beeps🔅]
Red: Is it done?
Aram: [ On phone ] Well, we spoke to the Bureau about the heist crew you say hired her. Only, uh, they say she hired them and that, uh, she’s a terrorist.
Red: While dramatic statements are effective attention grabbers, overstatement merely serves to try your listener’s patience.
Aram: I’m not being dramatic. Or maybe I am, because, well, stealing RPGs to arm extremists in Kazban is, well, pretty dramatic, and apparently what she did.
Red: We need the FBI to lose interest in Helen Maghi. It’s the only way for us to obtain information we need to avenge Elizabeth and free Harold.
Aram: You asked us to look into Maghi’s claims, and we did. And now I’m asking you to do the same, respectfully. Please?
Red: Another word of advice, moral relativism.
Aram: That’s two words.
Red: Yes, but one piece of advice.

[ Red tosses his hat on the table of the private dining room where Red meets Helen Maghi. He sits down ]
Red: Did you lie to me, Helen? Fresh intel says you’ve been arming the separatists in a war-torn country, putting innocent civilians at risk.
Helen: And you know me better than that.
Red: I do. But my best contact in law enforcement has replaced by a conscience with ears, so I am unable at present to wave your federal troubles away.
Helen: Then we have little to discuss.
Red: On the other hand, I could make you disappear.
Helen: I’m sorry. Is that a threat?
Red: What I’m offering is a gift. While I can’t stop the FBI from looking for you, I can certainly make sure they never find you. New papers, private estates. Reflexologist on call, day and night.
Helen: I prefer shiatsu.
Red: Done.
Helen: If I just help you break into the mountain fortress I designed. There must be something quite valuable hidden inside that vault.
Red: I hope so, Helen. I really do.

[ Cooper descends the yellow metal staircase from his office carrying a file box ]
Aram: Can I help?
Cooper: I got it.
Aram: I insist.
[ Aram grabs the file box and heads back up the stairs ]
Cooper: What are you doing?
Aram: Taking this back where it belongs.
Dembe: Raymond gave us a case that can help find the person who framed you.
Ressler: He’s the one who should be on trial right now, not you.
Cooper: I’m not – On trial. I agreed to plead guilty.
Aram: Wait, what? No. No, no, no, no, no, no.
[ Aram comes back downstairs, still with the file box ]
Aram: You can’t because, um, you’re not.
Cooper: But I am, and finding the person who set me up won’t change that. Two years. With good behavior, maybe 18 months. Then it’s over. Unfortunately, so is my career [ Chuckles ], so thank you, but I’ll take the box where it belongs.
[ Cooper takes the file box from Aram ]
[ Elevator doors clang open ] [ Red and Weecha step out ]
Red: Ah, Harold. Hello.
Cooper: Hello, ‘Mr. Homan.’ Thank you for my bail. I’ll repay it. I’m not sure how or when.
Red: Harold, the deal, your plea to fall on your all-too-honorable sword, have you told Agnes about it?
Cooper: Have I told her her life is being upended again? No. Of everything that’s happening, that’s the thing I dread the most.
Red: Then don’t. You want to repay me for bailing you out – Say nothing.
Cooper: I can’t protect her from this.
Red: No, but perhaps I can.
Cooper: Then you have my word. And my curiosity.
Red: All I need is your patience.

[ Cooper’s (for now, Aram’s) office ] [ Red sits down. Aram stands beside the desk ]
Red: Helen Maghi denies arming terrorists.
Aram: Do you know a lot of people who would admit to arming terrorists?
Red: I do, yes. I also enjoy that degree of honesty with Helen Maghi. A fact I only mention to put your righteous mind at ease about working with her.
Aram: I can’t make the heist crew’s testimony go away. She- She will be indicted.
Red: Yes, wheels of justice and all that. Terrible metaphor, really. Wheels turn, justice sits. Nonetheless, Helen has agreed to help us break into Mount Bastion.
Aram: How did you make her agree?
Red: The only relevant question is, will you agree to help? — You do know that’s your chair now, right? Go on, it won’t bite.
[ Aram sits ] [ Chair squeaks slightly ]
Aram: Uh– This feels wrong.
Red: Well, I’m sure there’s a knob underneath you can adjust.
Aram: Not the chair.
Red: Oh, well, give it time. You’ll do fine.
Aram: No, I don’t mean the job. I mean the case. Despite what Maghi told you, I have solid intel that Kazban rebels are expecting a shipment of stolen RPGs from the U.S. And, well, Maghi is accused of stealing RPGs, so I can’t let the team work with a woman who is actively arming terrorists.
Red: I’m right about Helen Maghi. You need to trust me on that and move on with this case. If for no other reason than if you don’t, Harold will never be able to reclaim that seat.
Aram: [ Pause ] Mount Bastion. How do we get in?

[ Upbeat music plays ]
[ Helen Maghi explains the plan to Red, Dembe and Weecha in Red’s garage/office. Separately, Aram then conveys the plan to the task force at the Post Office ]
Helen Maghi: My contract with Mount Bastion was to engineer impenetrable storage vaults inside a mountain with one heavily fortified way in and out. To hide its existence from the outside world, the entire facility had to remain unconnected to the municipal power grid.
Aram: Okay. So to stay off the grid, Maghi built her own geothermal power station inside the mountain, but this created a hidden vulnerability ’cause the system needs a constant supply of circulating water to dissipate the thermal load.
Helen: That water is piped in underground from a nearby lake. If anything happens to that water supply, the entire system, including security, will overheat and shut down.
Aram: So Maghi provided us with GPS coordinates of an emergency valve hidden on the mountainside. Once Mr. Reddington and Agent Zuma are inside the mountain, you two need to close the valve and cut the water supply.
Park: How do Red and Dembe get inside Mount Bastion? I thought the place was like Fort Knox.
Aram: Turns out Mr. Reddington has a vault of his own there, and, as his former bodyguard, Dembe has security clearance, too. This should the enable the both of them to clear the three levels of biometric scanners, and from there, it is 30 floors down to the subterranean vaults.
Helen: But, as you know, the guard will escort you to your private vault, so you have to go there first. By the time you reach the vault, your support team needs to be in position.
Aram: Mount Bastion keeps the water valve under tight watch with two guards. Now, you’ll relieve them just before their shift ends, which gives us a short window before the real guards arrive.

[ Flashforward: ]
[ Knock on door ✽ ✽ ] [ The guards let Ressler and Park in ] [ Buzzer ]
Ressler: Hey, guys. We got it from here.
Guard: You’re early. We still got a half-hour left on our shift.
Park: This is our first assignment on the mountain. Didn’t want to be late.
Guard: Be our guest.
[ Door closes ]
[ A guard lets Red and Dembe into Red’s locker ]

Aram: When you get the signal, you need to find this high-pressure water valve and turn it off quickly. Without water for cooling, the power system will immediately shut down and switch to auxiliary power.

[ Flashforward: ]
[ Ressler turns off the valve ]

Aram: When that happens, the guards are ordered to lock clients into their vaults to keep them safe and then report to the perimeter to provide security for the facility. At that point, the Mount Bastion controller will call Maghi, the systems designer, to figure out what the problem is.

[ Flashforward: ]
[ Cell phone rings ] Hello?
Controller: Helen, it’s Terry. We have a Tier One problem on the mountain.
Helen: Send me a remote access code, and I’ll take care of it.
[ Cell phone beeps🔅] [ Keyboard clacking ]
Helen: [ To Red and Dembe in Red’s locker ] All right. I have surveillance running on an endless loop.
Red: How long do we have?
Helen: [ Over comms ] You have six minutes to get to the other vault and back. After that, the system reboots, and it’s shoot to kill. I’m sorry, I wish I could give you more time.
Red: You’ve given us enough. I hope.
Helen: Go now.
[ Keyboard clacking ] [ Computer beeps ]
[ Alarm blaring 🚨]
[ Red and Dembe find Reginald Cole’s locker. Red opens it with the key ] [ Lock disengages ]
[ Alarm blaring 🚨]
[ Inside the room-size locker is only one thing: a metal lockbox. Both Red and Dembe recognize it ]
Dembe: It can’t be.
Red: But somehow it is.
Dembe: We put it in a safe in Tivat. Only two people could open it.
Red: And neither of us did.
[ Red opens the box. Inside are computer disks ]
Dembe: If it wasn’t you or Elizabeth, then who did?
[ Red lifts one disk labeled “Strategy and Inplementation” ]
Dembe: And how?
Red: This was her future. What she needed to succeed.
[ Another disk is labeled “Intelligence Gathering and Dissemination” ]
Red: She would’ve been great. Stronger than me.
Helen: [ Over comms ] Hurry. You have 30 seconds.
Dembe: We have to go, Raymond. It’s time.
[ Alarm blaring 🚨] [ Blaring stops ] [ Power comes back on ]
[ In the guard station, Park and Ressler get up and leave ]
[ A regular guard opens the locker where Red and Dembe are. Red is putting the files into a leather bag ]
Red: Nothing serious, I trust?
Guard: Not at all. A venting issue, but we have the all clear.
Red: And we have what we came for.

[ After the successful operation ]
Helen Maghi: [ On phone to Red ] Well, it sounds like a win-win. You got what you wanted, and I got a new contract to retrofit the geothermal piping that caused the shutdown. [ Laughs ]
[ Red is in his plane ]
Red: A contract you’ll be undertaking in a new life from an undisclosed location of your choosing.
Helen: Oh, I’ve chosen. The Villa Peduzzi on Lake Como.
Red: [ Laughs ] A stone’s throw from Clooney.
Dembe: [ To Red, low voice ] Aram asked me to text him when we’re in the air.
Red: [ To Helen ] If you see him, please remind him he still owes me a case of tequila for our wager on the Palio di Siena.
[ Aram sits at Cooper’s office ] [ Tablet chimes✨] [ He picks a two-way radio ]
Aram: TAC Ops, initiate takedown. Move.
[ The door to Helen’s dining opens ] [ The TAC team bursts in on Helen ]
— FBI!
— Hands up.
— Hands where we can see them!
[ Helen’s guard moves to protect her ]
Helen: [ To her guard ] No, no, dear.
— Don’t move.
Helen: No need to die on my behalf.
— Don’t move.
— Back, please.
Helen: Not today. [ To the waiter ] Thank you, Walter.

[ Cooper’s kitchen. Cooper is making pancakes for Agnes ]
Agnes: Pancakes are not a snack food.
Cooper: According to whom?
Agnes: I think everyone.
Cooper: Well, “everyone” hasn’t tasted my pancakes. Let’s see. A little butter.
Agnes: That’s a little-and-a-half.
Cooper: And a little-and-a-half of syrup.
[ Ringtone plays✨]
Cooper: Go on, sink your fangs into that and tell me it isn’t amazing. [ To person on phone ] Hello?
Mateo DeSoto: Harold, we have to talk. It’s about Lew.
Cooper: What happened? Is he all right?
DeSoto: He’s fine. You’re not.

[ Cooper knocks on the door of Lew Sloan’s house ✽✽✽✽! ✽✽✽✽! ] [ Door opens ]
Cooper: You agreed to testify against me?
Lew: You shouldn’t be here.
Cooper: I would never sell you out, never. I was planning to do jail time to protect you, two years. Now the D.A. won’t offer me less than five.
Lew: Well, I’m sorry, but I wasn’t prepared to go to jail, okay? I got two teenage boys who need their father.
Cooper: You should have thought about them before you altered the barrel of my service weapon.
Lew: I did that to help you!
Cooper: I never asked you to. You made that decision on your own. You decided to tamper with evidence.
Lew: You’re my friend, and this breaks my heart. But I’ve got a family I’ve got to look out for.
Cooper: So do I. And thanks to you, I’m not gonna be able to.

[ The Post Office war room ]
Ressler: We broke into a mountain fortress for a box of homemade DVDs?
Park: That’s it? That’s all that was in the vault?
Aram: What was recorded on them?
Dembe: They are a series of instructions recorded by Raymond for Elizabeth and advice on how to run his empire after he died.
Park: A master class on how to become a criminal. And to think I signed up for a mixology class.
Ressler: Why would Reggie Cole steal them? I mean, what good did they do him? And where did he steal them from?
Dembe: Those are good questions, and Raymond can’t answer a single one.
Aram: Well, you all did good work on the mountain. Mr. Reddington got what he was after, and so did we.
Park: What did we get?
Aram: Helen Maghi, our Blacklister. She’s in holding right now.
Ressler: How?
Aram: While you were all pulling off the heist, I dispatched a van with an IMSI-catcher to intercept any mobile phone traffic emanating from the mountain. Once the repair call went out to Maghi, it was just a matter of using her cell signal to track her location.
Dembe: So when you asked me to notify you that we were in the air–
Aram: Yeah, that was the signal to move on the target.
Dembe: You should have notified me.
Aram: I’m sorry, but I did not want to put you in Mr. Reddington’s line of fire, any of you. It was decision, and if there’s fallout, I’ll take the heat.
[ Ringtone plays✨]
Ressler: Looks like the heat’s here.
Park: Put him on speaker. You don’t have to deal with this by yourself.
[ Aram steps aside to take Red’s call. Red is upset ]
Aram: Mr. Reddington.
Red: We had an agreement! We agreed you wouldn’t act on Helen unless I confirmed your intel.
Aram: It wasn’t exactly an agreement. It was more like an order.
Red: Which you disregarded.
Aram: Yes, I did.
Red: Where is she?
Aram: Two agents from the Joint Terrorism Task Force are on their way to take her into custody.
Red: And I was just on my way to take her into hiding, which I promised to do in exchange for her help. I don’t break my promises. It’s bad for business, mine and therefore yours.
Aram: I’m, uh, sorry, but it’s done.
Red: Harold Cooper knows when to compromise, and he knows it isn’t immoral because he accepts moral relativism. Clearly you do not, which is a problem because I can’t work with you until you do.
Aram: Then remove me as head of the task force, please. I am aging in dog years here. But I urge to use whatever you learned on Mount Bastion to help us find Elizabeth’s killer and prevent Mr. Cooper from going to prison.
Red: Helen first.
Aram: Helen is going to prison, which, I am sorry, isn’t about moral relativism. It is about doing what’s right. Clearly you do not see that, which is also a problem because I can’t work with you until you do – Sir.
[ Cell phone beeps🔅]

[ Aram’s sits in Cooper’s office ] [ Knock on door ✽✽ ] [ Ressler enters ]
Aram: You don’t have to knock.
Ressler: Took a lot of, uh, balls to do what you did yesterday.
Aram: For which I assume we will all pay a painfully stiff price.
Ressler: You gave him what he wanted, but without compromising your principles.
Aram: Thanks for the pep talk.
Ressler: You’re welcome, but that’s not why I came up. The, uh, agents from JTTF are here to transfer Maghi over to Central Detention.
[ Aram and Ressler descend the staircase from Cooper’s office ]
Aram: Agent Mojtabai. You’re here for the prisoner?
Agent McCoy: We are. Agents McCoy and McConaughey, JTTF.
Dembe: I’ve reviewed their paperwork. Everything’s in order. Park’s bringing out Maghi.
Ressler: Just a little heads up on the transfer, fellas– We have it on good authority that Raymond Reddington wants to spring Maghi loose.
Agent McConaughey: The Raymond Reddington? Thanks for the tip.
[ Park comes out with Helen Maghi ]
Park: She’s all yours.
Agent McConaughey: Well, well, well. After all these years. You got a lot to answer for. Can’t wait for our chat.
Helen: You’ll chat with my lawyer.
[ Elevator door opens, closes ]

[ Red’s office/garage ]
Red: [ On phone ] I trust everything is in order? Very good.
[ Door opens; Weecha enters ]
Red: I’ll meet you in a half-hour.
Weecha: I got the information you wanted about your lady friend.
Red: I don’t know if we need to worry about that anymore, Weecha.
Weecha: Too late. I already got to the bottom of it.
[ A man whose head is covered with a sack is brought in ]
Red: Oh, my. And whom exactly did you get to the bottom of?
[ Weecha pulls the sack from the man’s head; he’s bruised and bloody ]
Weecha: This is Mehmet. He received the cargo from the shipping container job Helen engineered.
Red: Well, hello, Mehmet. So you know what was stolen and where it went?
Mehmet: [ Nods ]
Red: Tell me.

[ The Post Office ] [ FBI Agent Aronson, head of the team originally investigating Helen Maghi, enters with two JTTF agents ]
Dembe: Agent Aronson. How can I help you?
Agent Aronson: Helen Maghi’s a big fish, and we all reeled her in together. I didn’t want to miss this. These gentlemen are with the Joint Terrorism Task Force. They’ll be taking Maghi into custody.
Aram: The JTTF was already here. They took Maghi half an hour ago. Agents McCoy and McConaughey.
Real Agent McCoy: We are Agents McCoy and McConaughey.
Aram: He didn’t.
Ressler: He couldn’t.
Dembe: He did.

[ Red’s airplane ] [ Helen Maghi is brought in ]
Helen: Raymond? What’s going on? Who are these men?
Red: Imposters. My imposters, to be precise. I told you, Helen, you had nothing to worry about from the FBI. Please, sit. I just had a very interesting conversation with a young man. I believe you know him. Mehmet?
Helen: [ Shakes her head ]
Red: Well, he knows you anyway. He says you sold him six crates of heavy artillery that you stole from the Port of Virginia, which are now on their way to a group of extremists in some faraway desert.
Helen: I didn’t do it for money, if that’s what you’re thinking.
Red: I’m thinking about survival. My survival depends on relationships. I’m gutted you’ve poisoned ours. You lied to me. Twice! Why?!
Helen: [ Tearfully ] My son. They killed my son. Beheaded him. He was an aid worker in Kazban, providing food and shelter for people with none, but the state heard a rumor he was a rebel, so– [ Voice breaking ] They cut off his head.
Red: I’m very sorry to hear that. I wish you’d shared this painful story from the start.
Helen: We’re not going to Italy, are we?
Red: You’ve proven you can’t be trusted. And you know much too much. If you were in my shoes, what would you do?
Helen: What would you do if you were in mine? If someone butchered your only child for no good reason? I’m willing to bet that you would stop at nothing to scorch the very earth they walk on.
Red: That may be. But if I were you and you were me– I would never, ever lie to you. ⋘⋙ [ To the two men ] Take her to Como, see to her needs.
[ Red leaves the plane with Weecha ]
[ Helen Maghi covers her face with her hand ]

[ The Coopers’ kitchen ] [ Agnes sits at the table. Cooper enters ]
Cooper: I need to talk to you, honey.
Agnes: Did I do something wrong?
Cooper: No, I did.
[ Cooper sits down ]
Cooper: I did something very wrong. I lied to a police detective. I thought I was doing it for a good reason, to protect my family from getting hurt, but I learned something. I learned there’s never a good reason to tell a lie.
Agnes: Well, that’s okay. At least you learned, right? That’s what you always tell me.
Cooper: Well, the reason we teach children when they are children is because when you’re an adult, there can be serious consequences for bad behavior. And now – I have to pay for mine.

[ Red’s office/garage. Red is there. Panabaker is brought in ]
Panabaker: Really?! In the Senate parking garage you send two guys to “give me a lift”?! You’re the fox in the henhouse, and I’m the sheepdog, which is not a good look.
Red: Harold is scheduled for sentencing this afternoon. He’s pleading to five years he doesn’t deserve.
Panabaker: I’d help him if I could.
Red: ‘If ifs and buts were candy and nuts, oh, what a Christmas we’d have.’ You’re not a sheepdog, Cynthia. You’re Santa Claus. And you’re not going to give Harold coal.
Panabaker: Harold is clenched firmly in the jaws of the legal system. There is no path forward here but to let it play out. Now if you don’t mind, I’ll just be going.
Red: “Otherwise Illegal Activity.”
Panabaker: Excuse me?
Red: A federal agent, usually undercover, fills out an application that, when approved, authorizes him or her to bend laws with almost no judicial review or oversight, all to catch a criminal.
Panabaker: Harold was operating with no such authorization.
Red: But he was chasing a killer who murdered Doug Koster and framed Harold to gain leverage over him. How hard could it be to backdate one of those fancy forms to explain his actions?
Panabaker: As a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, I won’t participate in a cover-up. If Harold had nothing to hide, he shouldn’t have hidden.
Red: Agreed, but he did. Cynthia, to spare our loved ones from pain and to get to the truth, who among us wouldn’t abandon a few of our firmest principles, like rats from a sinking ship?
Panabaker: I’m sorry you have such a dark view of humanity, Raymond, but not all of us would compromise our ethics so willingly.
Red: Is that a fact?

[ Tape recording: ]
[ Nurse Binstock screams ] [ Groaning ]
Reddington: You seem ill at ease.
Panabaker: Yes, well – There is a line I have studiously avoided crossing in my career, until now.
[ Shouting indistinctly ]

[ Recorder clicks ✽ ]
Red: That terrible sound came from a woman you brought to me two weeks ago to interrogate for information.
Panabaker: You recorded that?
Red: She’d harmed your daughter-in-law, who was harming your granddaughter. I wonder how that recording would play for your Judiciary Committee.
Panabaker: I thought you were trying to help me.
Red: I did help you. And now you can help me. Or Harold, to be precise.
Panabaker: You son of a bitch.
Red: Okay, but then again, you didn’t know my father.

[ The Coopers’ kitchen ] [ Agnes is with Cooper. Charlene walks in ]
Charlene: It’s time.
[ Agnes and Cooper hug ]
Agnes: [ Sniffles ]
Cooper: It’ll be okay.
Agnes: I’m not gonna let you go.
Cooper: You don’t have to. I’m never gonna let go of you. But you do have to let me leave.
[ Doorbell rings✨ ]
Charlene: I’ll see who that is. You get your things and then we’ll go.
Cooper: [ To Agnes ] I’m gonna call you every day, okay? I am not going to let you go. Ever.
[ Footsteps approaching ] [ Panabaker enters ]
Cooper: Cynthia, what do you want?
Panabaker: Reddington paid me a visit today.
Cooper: If it’s all the same to you, I really don’t want to hear about Reddington right now.
Panabaker: Oh, I think you’re gonna want to hear this.
[ Chelsea Wolfe’s ♪ “If You Have Ghosts” plays ]

♪ If you have ghosts– ♪

[ The Post Office ]
Ressler: What are you doing here? We were just on our way to your sentencing hearing.
Cooper: Panabaker got it postponed. One month. To allow me time to finish investigating.
Dembe: Why did the senator change her mind?
Cooper: I don’t have the details, but I know Reddington got involved.
Park: Does that mean you’re back? Please tell me you’re back.
Cooper: I’m back.
Aram: You’re back. You’re back! Oh, Mr. Cooper! Mr. Cooper’s back. I could kiss you. You know what? I will kiss you. [ Kisses him on the cheek ] You don’t understand. The office, the title, the headaches, they are all yours. I tried to make you proud. I stood up to Mr. Reddington. I showed the courage of my convictions. And then he sent two fake JTTF agents who trampled all over them. My convictions and me.
Cooper: I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I’m back only as an agent. Unless and until we can figure out who set me up, you’re still the boss.
Aram: Uh, okay, but, uh, [ Whispers to Cooper ] you can just tell me what to do, and I’ll pretend to boss you into doing it.
Cooper: Now I just need to show results.
Ressler: Don’t worry. This time you won’t be working alone. We’re gonna find your blackmailer, all of us.
[ Speaking indistinctly ]
[ Cooper’s house ] [ Cooper walks into the kitchen. Red is sitting there ]

♪ If you have ghosts–

Red: There is no more peaceful sound than the quiet of a home with a family tucked safely under the covers and fast asleep. I envy you, Harold.
Cooper: I’m not sure how safe anyone is with you in the house.
Red: Nonsense. I’m a guardian angel and an angel of death, all rolled into one fiercely protective package.
Cooper: Thank you, for the look I saw on Agnes’ face when I told her. Now we have a month to figure this out.
Red: I came here tonight to tell you that from now on, I won’t be working with the rest of the task force on this case or any other.
Cooper: Aram.
Red: He leaves me no choice. I don’t trust him.
Cooper: That’s ironic, because you won’t find a more trustworthy soul on this planet.
Red: Then he has you fooled, Harold. Because he deceived me. The sort of deceit that gets people killed.
Cooper: Was it? Or did he give you a taste of what you give us and you didn’t like it – Any more than we do?
Red: I have to operate the way I do. I give, but I get. And nine times out of 10, my get is the very thing that enables me to give you what you need.
Cooper: And as I explained to Aram today, that’s why we need to trust you, even when you’re not forthcoming with us. For our team to work, one side needs to adhere to rules, be held accountable. That’s our role as FBI agents. I forgot that myself, nearly went to jail for it.
Red: Don’t be too hard on yourself.
Cooper: I won’t if you won’t be too hard on Aram. Give him another chance. He’s new to the job, he’ll learn. He’s also my boss, so I have to back him.
Red: We’ll see. I’ll consider your words.
Cooper: Well, when you’re done considering, turn off the light, lock the door behind you.

♪ If you have ghosts–

Cooper: Good night, Raymond.
Red: Good night, Harold.

♪ You have everything
If you have ghosts
You have everything ♪

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༺✦ ♤ ✦༻


Episode Songs


If You Have Ghosts
By Chelsea Wolfe

♪ if you have ghosts then you have everything
if you have ghosts then you have everything
you can say anything you want
and you can do anything you want
if you have ghosts then you have everything

♪ one never does that
one never does that
if you call it surprise there it is
the moon to the left of me
is a part of my thoughts
is a part of me
is me
one never does that

♪ in the night i am real
in the night i am real
the moon to the lеft of me
is a part of my thoughts
is a part of me
is me
forеver is the wind
is a part of my thoughts
is a part of me
is me

♪ in the night i am real
i don’t want my fangs too long
i don’t want my fangs too long
the moon to the left of me
is a part of my thoughts
is a part of me
is me
forever is the wind
is a part of my thoughts
is a part of me
is me
i don’t want my fangs too long

♪ if you have ghosts then you have everything
if you have ghosts then you have everything
if you have ghosts then you have everything
if you have ghosts then you have everything

Lyrics and Credits: http://bit.ly/3vflr4Q
YouTube: https://youtu.be/F9AJrWqhlPM

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🔴 Script 9:17 El Conejo (№ 177)

Program air date: 4/22/2022 in the US
Script Permalink: https://wp.me/pDKwi-drp
EntertainmentWeekly Recap: https://bit.ly/3uUQYKz

༺✦ ♤ ✦༻
Director: Andrew McCarthy
Written by: Sean Hennen



Brief (Where we’re at): Red and Weecha broke into to the office of Reginald Cole, the ex-cop who blackmailed Cooper and was gunned down on the street after the task force caught him but couldn’t hold him. In Cole’s office, they found the key to a vault in the super-secret security site Mount Bastion in Pennsylvania. Red turned to Helen Maghi (Blacklister #172), designer of Mount Bastion, who assisted them in accessing the facility and vault. Inside the large room, they found a single item: a box of computer disks with instructions for Liz left by Red on how to run his criminal empire. Red had set it up so only he and Liz had access to the files which were supposedly being kept it a safe a world away in Tivat, Montenegro.

With Red’s help, Cooper was able to pay the bail for crimes he committed in his search for his blackmailer, who turned out to be Reginald Cole (witness tampering, unlawful imprisonment, failing to report a murder, etc). Cooper has one month to continue working with the task force to try to figure out who was the mastermind behind Cole, and believed to have hired Vandyke to murder Liz. However, Cooper is returning only as an agent, not as the person in charge of the task force. That will be Aram, which is unfortunate, because Red and Aram are already clashing because of their conflicting moral codes. Red believes in moral relativism (“the greater good”) whereas Aram believes “right is right.” Red went to Cooper to say he couldn’t work with Aram, that his inability to compromise would cost lives. Cooper told him to give Aram another chance.

Unresolved from earlier episodes:

1) Red’s business is under attack. Illiquid after his two-year hiatus following Liz Keen’s murder, Red had incorporated on an underground stock exchange called the night market. Someone organized a group of investors to attempt a hostile takeover – and Red can’t figure out who.
2) In an effort to be more open with her husband Peter about the nature of her work, Park appeared ready to divulge that it has to do with Raymond Reddington. This is of course very tightly-held classified information.
3) Ressler has reached a two-month milestone in his treatment for drug addiction and the task force celebrated with him, but he remains somewhat paranoid and uncharacteristically emotional. Cooper still doesn’t know Ressler cheated on his drug test to get reinstated into the FBI.
4) Cooper began to tell Agnes ‘her story’ in a way which seemed to imply Red might be her grandfather. How much did Cooper tell Agnes? How much does Cooper even know?
5) What was in the box Red gave to Dembe?
6) What did the letter from Katarina to Liz say about Red’s true identity?
7) And what did happen in Brasilia, anyway?


⭕ Script 9:17 El Conejo (№ 177)

[ Day after day, in a house on the side of a lake near Tivat, Montenegro, a middle-aged man gets up at 6:00am ] [ Alarm clock beeping🔅🔅🔅] [ He turns off the alarm ] [ Beeping stops ]
[ The man brushes his teeth ~ eats breakfast ~ brings in groceries ~ works in the yard ~ has dinner ]
[ Day after day after day after day until — One day is different ]
[ On that day, the man wakes up to the sight of Raymond “Red” Reddington standing at the foot of his bed ]
Red: What was the protocol, Kosta?
Kosta: Raymond? How? The last time I saw you, you said you were going to meet your fate.
Red: You may very well be about to meet yours.
Kosta: I don’t understand.
Red: Neither do I. Which is why I’m here. The plan. I want to hear from your lips how the plan was supposed to work.
[ Kosta sits up on the bed ]
Kosta: To begin with? You were supposed to die. Then Elizabeth would be given specific instructions on how to make her way here. I would be waiting.
Red: Elizabeth is dead. For several years now. You didn’t think something was wrong when she never showed up?
Kosta: Well, you never told me how long to wait. So I kept the lanterns burning.
Red: Mm. The noble lighthouse keeper at the end of the world. It would be poetic, if you hadn’t betrayed my trust.
Kosta: I would never —
Red: The recordings for Elizabeth. You saw me put them inside the safe.
Kosta: Yes. In the screening room. No one has been in there since.
[ Red takes out the computer disks he found in Reginald Cole’s locked in Mount Bastion in Pennsylvania ]
Red: Then why did I find these on the other side of the world?
Kosta: But how?
[ Mr Brimley, Red’s maistro of excruciation, enters, pulling his oxygen cart ] [ Wheels squeaking ]
Brimley: Bocce balls. I figure when in Rome.
Red: We’re in Montenegro.
Brimley: Sciatica’s acting up. Haven’t been in this much pain since I threw out my back dancing at a sock hop in 1974.
Kosta: Who is that?
Red: That’s your fate. He and his bocce balls are here to find out what really happened. I hope you slept well, Kosta. It’s going to be a long day.

[ Aram stands in front of a mirror practicing introducing himself ]
Aram: Good morning, Director. ⋘⋙ Good morning, Director, sir. ⋘⋙ Um– I’m Agent Mojtabai. I’m- I’m Mr. Mojta- No. ⋘⋙ Okay. I’m Aram. [ Sighs ] How did I forget how to do this?

[ Flashback: ]
Nick: I was shocked to see your name on my phone sheet. How’ve you been?
Aram: Um– I’ve been better.
Nick: I forgot. You actually do honesty.
Aram: Well, the last couple months haven’t been the best. Things didn’t quite work out at the Bureau.
Nick: Oh, I’m sorry to hear it.
Aram: The task force I was on got shut down because of the death of a colleague, and, um– I just couldn’t find my passion in it anymore.
Nick: I meant I’m sorry to hear you say it to me. You may not remember, but commiseration’s not my strong suit. I mean, if we’re being honest.
Aram: Oh, I remember. In fact, Nick, uh, that- that’s why I’m here. Because what I remember is that you are completely selfish. And this–
[ Aram holds up a flash drive ]
Aram: This is a million-dollar idea.
Nick: Okay. I’m interested.
Aram: So, you know how most security systems are defensive, right? They detect a threat and shut it down. Well, this software- this software is offensive. When it detects an intrusion, it activates its own built-in Trojan rootkit to attack the intruder. It then throws out colossal floods of junk traffic to clog them up while it eviscerates their operating system in the process.
Nick: That is not a million-dollar idea. It’s a billion-dollar one. This won’t just protect people. It will actively discourage black hats. It’ll revolutionize tech security.
Aram: Right? That is what I was going for, but I have no idea how to turn my idea into a business, which is why I’m here. Of course, um, if, uh- if you’re too busy or, you know, need, um, some time to think it over–
Nick: I am too busy, and I’ve already thought about it. I’m in.

[ Aram calls his mother ]
Naamah: You’ve reached Naamah Mojtabai. Leave a message and have a blessed day.
[ Beep🔅]
Aram: Hey. Uh, it’s me. Um, I could- I could really use, um- I could use a Mom Talk right about now. Um, well, I have my first, uh, briefing with the Director of National Intelligence this morning, and I am low-key freaking out. Um, if you get this, like, in the next 10 minutes and you can call me back or so, that would be super, um, super.
[ The door handle starts moving ] [ Rattling ]
Aram: So–
[ A man wearing a black mask bursts in and jumps on him ]
Aram: Yo! Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
[ Another masked man hits Aram on the side of the head with a metal rod ]
Masked man: Greetings from El Conejo.

[ Red walks with Weecha into the screening room of the house in Montenegro ]
Red: I thought I’d thought of everything. A villa that no one knew I owned. A place of peace and quiet. A place where Elizabeth could [ Sighs ] listen and prepare.
[ Man moans, bocce balls clacking ]
Red: She was to retrieve the box, sit right here– And learn the business.
Weecha: From you.
Red: I put all of it into these recordings. Every bit of it. I knew I wouldn’t be there to help her, but I thought perhaps my words could, that they would provide whatever might be needed.
Weecha: And Kosta’s job was to wait for her.
Red: And to bring her here when she arrived.
[ They walk over to the safe in the wall ]
Red: So she could open the safe. The safe is one-of-a-kind. I had it constructed in Switzerland to my specifications. Two thumbprints in the world could open it. Mine and/or Elizabeth’s.
Weecha: And you put this box inside of it.
Red: Yes. And a few days ago, I found it in a dead cop’s vault 5,000 miles away from here.
Weecha: The safe looks untouched. How do you think they got inside it?
Red: I haven’t a clue. Hence the bocce balls.
[ Bocce balls clacking ]

[ Cooper’s office ]
Cooper: We’ve been over it and over it.
Ressler: So we just go over it again.
Cooper: And expect a different result? You do know that’s the definition of insanity.
Ressler: Panabaker gave you a month to identify who killed Doug Koster before all those charges against you are reimposed. Now, it would be insane of us not to do everything that we can to prevent that from happening.
Cooper: I feel like I’m living in purgatory. Worse, it feels like Charlene and Agnes are living there with me.
[ Park and Dembe enter ]
Park: Hey, anyone seen Aram today?
Cooper: He’s not in yet?
Park: Haven’t seen him, sir.
Cooper: I think you can drop the “sir.” To be honest, I never liked it much. I prefer “Harold.”
Park: Well, Harold, it’s not like Aram to be late.
Dembe: No, but he had his first meeting with National Intelligence today. Maybe he had to run home after and change his shirt.
Ressler: Hm. Or his shorts.
Cooper: I know we’re on the clock with the investigation, but if he needs a pep talk about what his new responsibilities are, I think I’m the one who should give it.

[ Cooper opens the door of Aram’s apartment, startling his mother Naamah ]
Cooper: Mrs. Mojtabai.
Naamah Mojtabai: [ Gasps ] Oh.
Cooper: Are you alright? What happened?
Naamah: I don’t know. He called me. He said he wanted to have a mom talk.
Cooper: You said he called. What else did he say?
Naamah: We didn’t talk. He left a message. Please find him.

[ Aram is in the trunk of a car ] [ Vehicle door opens ] [ Vehicle door closes ]
[ Trunk opens ] [ A sign says “Supremo Avocados” ]
Aram: Okay.
[ Two men grab Aram and bring him before an authoritative-looking man ]
[ Don Marquez is speaking Spanish on the phone (indistinctly). He sees Aram ]
Don Marquez: Ah. [ Laughs ] My package has arrived.
[ Spanish from subtitles is italicized) ]
Don Marquez: Thank you, ladies.
[ Two women leave ]
Don Marquez: I thought there’d be more to you.
Aram: Who are you? What am I doing here?
Don Marquez: I am Don Francisco Luis Marquez. El Conejo to my best friends and worst enemies. I know who you are, Special Agent Mojtabai. And you stole from me. Now you’re going to pay me back with your life.

[ The task force is in the Post Office war room; Red is on the phone with them from Montenegro. They are listening to the message Aram left from his mother ]

[ Recording of the call: ]
Aram: If you get this, like, in the next 10 minutes and you can call me back or so, that would be super, um, super.
[ Rattling ]
Aram: Yo! Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
[ Clattering ]
Man’s voice:: Greetings from El Conejo.

[ Key clacks ]
Cooper: That came from Aram’s mother. The entire abduction was recorded.
Park: Who’s El Conejo, and what’s he want with Aram?
Red: [ On phone ] As to the what, I haven’t the foggiest. The who I can help you with. Dembe and I once chased “The Rabbit” along an underground river in the jungle in Quintana Roo.
Dembe: El Conejo is Don Marquez?
Cooper: The Marquez Cartel. The cocaine traffickers.
Red: Cocaine was their business. Now they traffic in a different cash crop.
[ Don Marquez picks an avocado from a bin ]
Don Marquez: You know what it takes to grow one of these? I never used to interest myself in such things. I’m more of an import/export man.
[ Don Marquez tosses the avocado to Aram ]
Red: Avocados are a multibillion-dollar industry run by family farming operations. Or it was, before the cartels took over through kidnapping, torture, and murder. Think about that the next time you order a Cobb salad.
Aram: I-I gotta say, I-I’m still, uh, wondering why I’m here.
Don Marquez: [ Chuckles ] You know why, you magician, you. You made an entire tractor trailer of my product disappear into thin air on its way over the border.
Aram: I did?
Don Marquez: Now I’m out half a million, and my competitors think I’m soft.
Aram: Sir, I have no idea where your truck is. If I did, I would tell you. Uh, this is- Uh, this is terrifying.
Don Marquez: I put in military-grade firewalls, elliptic curve cryptography – all of it state-of-the-art – to protect my supply chains and travel lines. What’s terrifying is that a piece of malware chewed through it like a – Like a termite through balsa wood.
Red: Marquez runs his whole cartel through a notoriously sophisticated server system. If there’s a connection to Aram, you have to assume that’s it.
Ressler: That’s not much of a lead.
Red: No, but this is. The Scripps Brothers. They built the server.
Ressler: How do you know that?
Red: Because Marquez wanted my guy to do it, but my guy’s exclusive to me and has a curfew – And a very stern mother. So he recommended the Scripps Brothers. I’d pay them a visit myself, but I’m unavailable at the moment. But I’ll get you an address for the Scripps. They’re the best place to start.
Aram: You’ve got the wrong guy. Oh, I-I’ve worked on a lot of programs, but I’ve never designed anything in my life to hurt someone or- or cause—
Don Marquez: Armando.
Aram: So–
[ They bring Aram a laptop ]
Don Marquez: It took my team half the day to find it buried in the malware.
[ Keys clacking ]
Don Marquez: Maybe you acted alone.
[ Don Marquez shows where Aram’s name is embedded in the software code ]
Don Marquez: Maybe you did it for the FBI. I don’t particularly care. But this has your name all over it. Impressive stuff. If I didn’t have to kill you, I’d hire you.
[ Knife 🔪clicks⚡️open ] [ A gangster named Machado holds the knife to Aram’s throat ]
Aram: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Stop, stop! Please, please. Stop, stop, stop. Before you do whatever you’re planning to do, can I please – can I please take a look at that?
Don Marquez: [ Laughing ] You want me to hand you my computer? After everything you’ve done?
Aram: Sir, I have no idea where your shipment is. I do not know what that program is. But if you give me that laptop, maybe – Maybe I can help you figure this out.

[ Montenegro ] [ Brimley enters ]
Red: So, Teddy, who did it?
Brimley: I don’t know, ’cause he doesn’t know.
Red: Go back in there.
Brimley: Did I mention my sciatica?
Red: Teddy.
Brimley: Like getting poked in the tenderloin by a narwhal!
[ Bocce balls clacking ]
Weecha: Want me to go in?
Red: It won’t matter. If Teddy says Kosta doesn’t know who broke into the safe, he doesn’t know. We’ll have to find the answer some other way.
Weecha: Maybe you know the answers.
Red: Me?
Weecha: Not you. You. [ She looks at the computer disks Red made for Liz ]

[ Dembe and Ressler are interrogating the Scripps brothers, who set up the servers used by the Marquez cartel ]
Dembe: The two of you have been arrested by the NSA seven times each?
Ritchie: Eight for me.
Braxton: Shut up.
Dembe: And, Ritchie, you can’t even touch a computer in Norway without the threat of immediate arrest.
Ressler: How did you piss off Norway that bad?
Braxton: Lawyer. Lawyer. Lawyer.
Ressler: Look, geek squad, we don’t care about how many gigabytes you move around in your mother’s basement. An FBI agent is missing and the clock’s ticking on his life. Okay. Suit yourself. But you’re not gonna like what comes next.
Braxton.Okay, cop.
[ Agent Alina Park wheels in a cart with computer equipment on it ]
Ritchie: Hey, that’s all our stuff.
Dembe: And seeing how it was used to help build a drսg cartel’s firewall, the FBI will be impounding all of it.
Braxton: But you can’t do that.
Ressler: We just did.
Park: Don’t worry, though. You’ll get it all back. Eventually.
[ Park pushes a computer monitor on the floor ] [⚡️Crashing⚡️]
Ritchie: That was a $5,000 8K monitor!
Park: We’re real clumsy around here. Let me get you a receipt for that.
Braxton: No, no, no, no.
Ressler: We can do this all day long. Now, you wanna help us out, fellas, and maybe we’ll give you this cart of crap back in one piece.
Park: Some of it, anyway.
Braxton: Okay, okay. Just don’t bust anything else. What do you need?

Aram: Bad code is- is like a bad recipe. A pinch of this, a dash of that. To reverse engineer it, though, you- You’re working without a cookbook.
[ A young man enters. It’s Antonio Marquez, Don Marquez’s son ]
Antonio Marquez: You’re in the States? No one told me you were coming.
Don Marquez: It’s not a good time, Antonio.
Antonio: It never is. For Samuel, yes. Never for me.
Don Marquez: We’ll talk about it later.
Antonio: No. I want to talk about it now. You’re three hours from my university. and you can’t even call to tell me you’re here. I hear it from my brother–
Don Marquez: I’m here on business. Samuel works in the business. You go to college. There. We talked. Now go.
Antonio: No.
Don Marquez: What happens here, I don’t want you to be a part of it.
Antonio: What about what I want? I-I see you, what? Twice a year? Great. Sic the goons on me. Drop me a postcard next time you’re around. Or don’t. I don’t care
[ Antonio leaves ]
Don Marquez: [ Muttering ] I send him to the university, a better future than me.
Aram: Um, Mr. Marquez, I found something.
Don Marquez: [ Sighs ]
Aram: Okay, uh, this here, this building block is part of a longer code I wrote for a program called Greylock. That is why I signed my name to it like that. As a joke.
Don Marquez: So this was all you?
Aram: No. No, this – the rest of this isn’t me. Somebody stole my work.

[ The interrogation room. Braxton is pulling code up on the computer ]
Braxton Scripps: So this is the Marquez network.
Park: You get in and out just like that?
Braxton We built a back door. Sue us. So what do you want to know?
Dembe: Anything that tells us where Marquez took our agent.
[ Key clacks ]
Ritchie: Don’t even have to look that hard. The guy you’re missing’s some kind of tech wizard, yeah?
Ressler: How do you know that?
Ritchie: There’s a user in the network now poking around at everything. It’s some serious bandwidth.
Dembe: Can you get us a location?
Aram: I wrote some of this, but someone weaponized the rest. The rootkit I wrote to attack intruders was used to gut your firewall and gain access to your shipping lines. There is somebody out there who targeted you and they used my work to do it.
Don Marquez: Wait a minute. What?
Aram: Someone built an apex predator. You could use it to rob banks, to disrupt utility services, take down power grids.
Don Marquez: Right now, I just want the shipment back.
[ Cellphone rings✨]
Don Marquez: Who is this? How the hell did you get this number?
Distorted Voice: I have your missing product. Half a million. Cash. I’ll call in one hour with delivery instructions.
Don Marquez: [ To his men ] Get Samuel. And lock up the agent. I’ll deal with him later.

[ Red watches the video he made for Liz to watch after he died. He sips wine ]

Red: Hello, Elizabeth. I hope you’re comfortable, sitting down with something good to drink. There’s always plenty to eat in the larder. So please feel free at any time to shut me up and help yourself. If you’re watching this, I must be dead and the business must be yours. I’m relieved. And excited for you. And worried, as you might expect.

It’s strange. Even with all the gunfire and killers in my life, I’ve never really worried about myself. I’ve been much too busy worrying about you. Oh, my God, what a pain in the ass I’ve been.

[ Sighs ] Anyway. What lies ahead is a glorious, treacherous, and, I hope, rewarding journey. If you’ll permit me, I’d like to share with you some things that I’ve learned over a lifetime of bad deeds and good intentions. So let’s take a walk together one last time.

[ Aram is tied and sitting on the floor in a room, alone ]

[ Flashback: ]
[ Nick pours champaign ]
Nick: Congratulations, you genius son-of-a- We did it. You know what this means? It means we can start planning to sell this thing.
Aram: I, uh- I still think we should tinker. There are some diagnostics I want to take another look at–
Nick: Aram, you’re killing me.
Aram: Well, it’s not ready till it’s ready.
Nick: When? The next epoch? We have the VitasNow report. They gave us a clean bill of health. We paid a third party for their assessment – To find flaws, problems, data gaps, things we could’ve missed, right?
Aram: They’re only one company.
Nick: Who double-checked everything. Our I’s are dotted, T’s are crossed. I read it. You read it. Relax. It’s time to celebrate.
Aram: Yeah, but they did, uh, point out a few glitches with peripherals–
Nick: Oh, please, no jargon. You know I don’t speak circuit board. They didn’t spot anything that couldn’t be patched up easily. Bottom line – they were happy for us. And I’m happy for us, ’cause we’re gonna be stinking rich.
Aram: [ Chuckles ]
Nick: You know what we need now? More champagne and a strip club.
Aram: Oh, I-I can’t. Uh, I, uh- I actually have dinner plans with my parents tonight.
Nick: Aram, seriously. You’re killing me.

[ Aram’s reverie is ended by sounds outside ]
— FBI!
— Go, go, go!
[ Gunfire 💥💥💥 ]
— FBI!
— Hands! Hands!
[ Gunfire continues 💥💥💥 💥💥💥, indistinct shouting ]
[ Door opens. It’s Ressler ]
Ressler: Hey, bud. How’s your morning going?
Aram: How’d you find me?
Dembe: HRT is clearing the space. No sign of Marquez.
Aram: Uh, he got a ransom call about avocados. Apparently guacamole is the new angel dust.
[ They run out ]
[ Outside, Machado is being arrested and led away ]
Dembe: We managed to bag this one. Let’s hope he knows something.
[ Radio chatter ]

[ Red continues watching the video ]

Red: There’s a lot to the shipping. But the most crucial part of shipping–

[ Click: Fast Forward ]
Red: Sun Tzu wrote, “The greatest victory is that which requires no battle.” I would agree. If you want to make your enemy your friend, create a problem for them and then solve it. It’s that simple.

[ Click: Fast Forward ]
Red: You’ll want to take notes now. The following is a list of 12 wines that pair with everything.

[ Click: Fast Forward ]
Red: I’ve said a lot about the mechanics of how to operate my – uh, your – empire. But much more important than that is managing the emotional reality of running this enterprise. And to do that, you must understand one concept above all else. You have thousands of talented people who work for and with you, thousands of people who you are responsible for. But at the end of the day, you’re alone.

[ The Post Office war room ]
[ A medic swabs Aram’s forehead as he makes a phone call ]
Aram: Nick. Uh, me again. We need to talk. Uh, you have my number. Uh, thank you.
Park: You should go to a hospital.
Ressler: No, I got a better idea – Us figuring out why you were kidnapped by a bloodthirsty avocado cartel.
Aram: Uh, the why is easy – Marquez thinks I hacked into his system, accessed his delivery routes, and stole his product, but it wasn’t me.
Dembe: But he found your digital signature in his system.
Aram: Yes. Uh, which means my Greylock source code was stolen by our avocado thief.
Cooper: Who had access to it, besides you?
Aram: Uh, my former business partner, Nick, but he doesn’t know HTML from hieroglyphics, and, for like a second, this third-party risk assessment firm we hired to spotlight any glitches. I-It was early on, but they definitely had a copy of unlocked source code.
Cooper: Can I make a suggestion?
Aram: Of course.
Cooper: Well, we have two avenues here. Someone set up Aram. We need to know who. We also need to track Marquez. A man like that is never in the States long. This may be our one shot at getting a cartel leader. So we divide and conquer. Aram follows up with the third-party company. Someone’s in charge there. Bring them in, get to the bottom of this.
[ Elevator door opens ] [ Two agents escort Machado to interrogation ]
Cooper: The rest of you should focus on getting whatever information you can out of our new guest. What do you think?
Cooper: Let’s do it.
Aram: Thank you for that.
Cooper: Anytime, boss.

[ Don Marquez, who escaped the FBI raid, arrives at a safe house only to discover his son Antonio is there ]
Don Marquez: Antonio? What are you doing here?
Man: Grab the money. Move.
Antonio: It was a long drive back to Princeton. I knew the place was empty–
Don Marquez: This is a safe house, not a crash pad. Get out of here.
Antonio: What is it? What’s going on?
Samuel: The FBI raided the downtown warehouse. They grabbed Machado. They took back their agent.
Antonio: Agent? Th-Th-That was an agent you had captive?
Don Marquez: Why do you think I wanted you out of there? For your own good.
Antonio: So then you’re leaving the country?
Don Marquez: Not, not yet. I have something to do. A business matter.
Antonio: A business matter. The FBI–
Samuel: Yeah, it is dangerous. That’s why you need to let us handle it.

[ Red continues listening to his own counsel, as he expressed it to Liz on the video he left for her. He sips scotch, gets up and walks around. He listens ]

Red: You should never be deceived into believing that you can really trust anyone. My experience is that even my most intimate partners, advisers, and friends have had occasion to betray me. You must always be mentally prepared to separate yourself from anyone and anything in your life. Because people will turn. You know what I’m talking about. You witnessed it with Mr. Kaplan. Hell, you’ve done it yourself.

I’m sorry if I made it sound all doom and gloom. Lonely. It’s not. There’s a freedom in your new role. Freedom from convention. From being a follower. The pack takes its cue from the alpha wolf. And when that wolf is wise and mindful, the whole pack prospers.

That said, you will have one blind spot, one weakness that can’t be willed out of you. And that’s Agnes. I have no advice for you there. All I can tell you is, uh, do your best, and hold on to that, like it’s the last thing in your heart.

[ At this point, Red bows his head to his chest ]

[ Aram meets with Walter Sykes, a representative from VitasNow, the firm that did the analysis of Greylock, the software Aram designed ]
Walter Sykes: My company is highly respected in the industry. I don’t know what you think happened with your source code–
Aram: You turned my software into a weapon. You took something meant to help and protect people and stripped it for parts until it was dangerous.
Sykes: Agent Mojtabai, I’ve reviewed your file. Based on what I saw, nothing you’ve said here surprises me, except that you blame us for a problem of your own making.
Aram: What are you talking about?
Sykes: You hired us to do an independent review of your source code. Our conclusions were clear. Perhaps you’ve forgotten how clear. You must not have read our report. I brought you another copy.
[ Walter Sykes places a copy of the report on the table ]
Aram: I read it cover-to-cover. My business partner, Nick, read it, too.
Sykes: Then you didn’t read it thoroughly. See for yourself.
Aram: Aside from a few minor glitches, you gave us a clean bill of health.
[ Aram opens the folder ]
Aram: What are these sections? Implementations Vulnerabilities? I’ve never seen any of these. [ Under his breath ] Dammit, Nick.
Sykes: See, no one needed to turn your software into a weapon.
Aram: Because I built a weapon from the start.

[ Nick Faria’s office ]
Nick: What time do Conroy and the others get here tomorrow?
Chloe: 3:15, and the buyers should arrive shortly after that.
[ Aram appears at the door ]
Aram: You knew this whole time.
Chloe: Sorry, you’re not supposed to be in here.
Nick: It’s okay, Chloe. This is the godfather of Greylock. The man who invented us. Everything we’ve accomplished is because of him.
[ Aram walks up to Nick’s desk. Nick notices Aram’s abraisions ]
Nick: What happened to you? You fall off your bike?
[ Aram puts the VitasNow report on Nick’s desk ]
Aram: Remember this? I had a little chat with Walter Sykes from VitasNow, and this is their full report, with all those sections you didn’t bother to show me.
[ Nick gets up )
Aram: You know, the ones that said there’s vulnerability in the Greylock source code?!
Nick: I don’t know if you took a look around on the way in, but we’re way past source code. Remember Conroy? All that financing? That was just the beginning. We’re pitching buyers tomorrow. Sky’s the limit.
Aram: You lied to me. I sat right there and you lied to my face.
Nick: I omitted. I held a few things back. What did this company know that you and I didn’t? If something was really wrong, you would’ve fixed it.
Aram: You know I was too close to the project. I couldn’t see it. That is why we hired them. Do you know how dangerous this could be? If the wrong person with the right know-how got access to Greylock, they could strip it down to its most dangerous parts and use it to cripple systems.
Nick: Systems have flaws. So do people. And I won’t destroy this company because a bad guy might misuse what we made. They make baseball bats, Aram. Even though someone might use it to crac