🔴 Script 6:18 Brockton College Killer


🔴 Script 6:18 The Brockton College Killer (№ 92)

NBC’s series The Blacklist starring James Spader and Megan Boone
Series created by: Jon Bokenkamp
Program air date: 4/26/2019 in the US (7pm Central/Chicago Time)
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Directed by: Lisa Robinson
Written by: Sam Christopher

Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington – James Spader
Elizabeth Keen – Megan Boone
Donald Ressler – Diego Klattenhoff
Harold Cooper – Harry Lennix
Aram Mojtabai – Amir Arison
Dembe Zuma – Hisham Tawfiq
Paul Lamar – Eddie Allen
College Student – Verity Azario
Dr Ogden Maguire (Medical Examiner) – David Berman
Jogger – Stephen Bono, Jr
Kimberly Owens – Sarah Nicole Deaver
Dominic Wilkinson – Brian Dennehy
Tobias Carlyle – Edmund Donovan
Dr Adrian McCaffrey – Marc Kurdisch
Jenny Marciniak – Laakan McHardy
Dave Sternberg (Defense Atty) – James Mount
Shadow – Tony Naumovski
James Folta (Prosecuting Atty) – Ariel Shafir
Imam – Harold Surratt
Judge – David Wohl


Note: Springfield’s in the UK provides a raw version of each script. These typically are available by noon the next day, but can be delayed by a day or more. I add the speakers, formatting, and descriptive material when called for. Red’s lines are bolded. Sound effects from the screen caps in ALL CAPS and my added action notes are in [ square brackets ]. I am sure there are mistakes.




🔴 Script 6:18 The Brockton College Killer (№ 92)

Brief (Where we’re at): It turned out DOJ Deputy Director Anna McMahon was not behind The Third Estate (Blacklister #136) after all. Rather, McMahon left a trail of breadcrumbs for the task force to follow. Now she knows they are watching her and they know she is watching them, making the task force’s aim of stopping her plot against America more difficult than ever.

Dembe has sought spiritual counsel from his Imam to deal with his difficulty with Red’s amped up determination to figure out who turned him in to the police. Dembe found out that it was Liz, who had wanted to waylay Red so she (and her half-sister Jennifer/Lilly) could investigate his true identity. Liz begged Dembe to keep this a secret from Red but now Red has let the word out that he is willing to kill even his own associates to force anyone who knows who it was who turned him in to come forward. So Dembe went to Liz and told her she must tell Red it was her – or he will.

Meanwhile, although Liz has decided it no longer matters to her who Red really is or why he took on the identity of her father, the real Raymond Reddington, Ressler picked up the trail. His idea was to find out what happened to Liz’s mother, the Russian spy, Katarina Rostova. He tracked Katarina’s mother (Liz’s maternal grandmother) to a town in Illinois. Although she had recently died of cancer, her widower said she had sent a letter just before she died. Ressler followed the letter to a PO box in remote Wilmington NY. Surveillance footage shows the letter was picked up Dominic Wilkinson (code-named “Oleander” when he was with the KGB). He is Liz’s grandfather and the father of Katarina Rostova, and likely Virginia’s first husband.

Ressler doesn’t recognize Dom. Liz met him once while looking for her mother. Dom told her said he had known Katarina, but did not tell Liz he was Katarina’s father. Dom is also who Red had gone to to burn the bones of the real Raymond Reddington, thinking the secret of his true identity was sealed forever.

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[ It’s dark at Brockton College. A female College Student walks along a path looking at her phone ] [ Ethan Burns’ “King of Secrets” plays (not available online) ]

♪ Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

♪ Bags for eyes
You must be so tired
Bed of lies
You got so much to hide

College Student: Hello?

♪ Paralyzed
Blackbird on a lonely wire

Student: Is someone there?

♪ Rumors fly
When it comes to you and I
All I believe, my dear
Is everybody talks

[ Inside her room, the College Student is attacked. There is a fight ]
Student: [ GASPING ]

♪ I’ve heard about you

[ The College Student is hit on the head ]
Student: Aah!

♪ And all the things you do
Whispers, you say I’ll take them to my grave

♪ ‘Cause I’m the King of Secrets
The King of Secrets
And I’ll never, never, never tell a soul

♪ Ohh Oh, oh Ooh, ooh Ohh

[ It’s early morning ] [ A Jogger pauses when at a distance he sees a motionless standing figure ]
Jogger: Excuse me? Hello?

♪ Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

[ The Jogger approaches. It is the College Student, face and eyes frosted blue-ish white ]
Jogger: Miss? Do you need help?

♪ Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

[ The Jogger touches the woman. She topples over and when she hits the ground, her legs snap off ]

♪ Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

[ Red’s apartment ]
[ Red is seated, listening to something with earphones ]
Liz: Has the meeting been set with Ruddiger?
Dembe: For lunch.
Liz: And do you think he’ll kill him just to set an example?
Dembe: [ BREATHES DEEPLY ] I won’t say he will. But I can’t be sure he won’t – unless he knows your truth.
Liz: [ SIGHS ]
Red: Elizabeth! [ CHUCKLES ] Sorry. I didn’t hear you come in. [ CLICKS ] I’m listening to a “podcast.” They’re these episodic audio recordings–
Liz: I’m familiar with the concept of a podcast. Everyone is. No one listens to them on audio cassette.
Red: Digital is the province of hackers and prying eyes. My life depends on sticking to simpler pleasures. This one’s a compelling but misguided series called “Thaw.”
Liz: The one about the serial killer who froze his victims?
Red: Tobias Carlyle. Though, if the podcast is to be believed, Carlyle is in prison for crimes he didn’t commit.
Liz: Isn’t he getting a new trial?
Red: Yes, and with the case about to go to the jury, this happens.
[ Red shows Liz a newspaper article: “Woman Found Frozen to Death – Copycat or not? Convicted Killer’s Life Depends on Answer” ]
Red: Carlyle went to prison six years ago. When he did, the murders stopped. It can’t be coincidence that they’ve started again.
Liz: It could be a copycat.
Red: Yes, or a contract killer, one working at Carlyle’s instruction.
Liz: So you think he orchestrated the murder from prison. Do you have any evidence?
Red: None. Which is why I’m giving you the case. A serial killer is in prison. His associate is carrying on in his absence. Unless you catch him and prove his connection to Carlyle, the jury will overturn Carlyle’s conviction.
Liz: And there will be two killers on the loose.
Red: Keep me posted. It’s a busman’s holiday, but I’m a sucker for true-crime drama.
Liz: Your lunch with Ruddiger. You should cancel it.
Red: Why would I do that?
Liz: Because you’re going to ask him if he turned you in to the police. He didn’t. I did.
Red: [ Shocked Pause ] [ To Dembe ] The homeless woman who called in the anonymous tip. You- You said you showed her a photo of Elizabeth. You said she didn’t recognize her.
Dembe: She didn’t. But she did recognize a photo of Jennifer.
Liz: I asked him not to say anything. It’s not his fault! It’s mine.
Red: No, it’s mine. I knew it was you as soon as I found out you were looking for Dr.
Koehler’s nurse.
Liz: You knew that–
Red: One day I’m captured, the next, you’re looking for someone who knows I was once someone else? I knew that wasn’t a coincidence, but I let my hopes convince me that – you’d never betray me like that.
Liz: If I had–
Red: That neither of you would.
Liz: If I’d known what was gonna happen–
Red: That they’d put me on trial, – sentence me to death?–
Liz: Yes.
Red: –That surprised you?
Liz: No! The only thing I knew is – you aren’t who you say you are.
Red: And you think you deserve to know the truth.
Liz: I do.
Red: That you’re entitled to that?
Liz: Yes!
Red: That entitlement justified risking my life?
Liz: I thought it justified anything, yes! But I don’t anymore.
Red: And why is that?
Liz: Because you almost died! [ VOICE BREAKING ] Because I came face-to-face with losing you, and I realized that I don’t care about who you were – I care for who you are. And that’s the only thing that matters. You- You have to believe me.
Red: [ BREATHES DEEPLY ] I’m not sure I’ll ever believe you again.

[ The Post Office. Ressler reviews the surveillance footage of Dominic Wilkinson checking Postbox 642 at the Postbox Elite in Wilmington in Upstate New York ] [ KEYS CLACKING ]
[ Ressler doesn’t know who Dominic is. Liz has met him, but only knows he has some past relationship with Russian Intelligence. Liz doesn’t know that he is her grandfather, the father of her mother, the former KGB agent Katarina Rostova. Nor does Liz know Ressler has been searching for Katarina on his own, a search that led him to the widower of Katarina’s mother. He told Ressler that his wife had him send a letter to Postbox 642 trying to reach out to Katarina shortly before she died ]
[ As Ressler watches, he sees Dom buying something from a candy dispenser ]

[ Aram’s workstation ] [ Ressler plops down a bag of coins ]
Aram: What’s this?
Ressler: A favor.
Aram: You should know that I once held the high score on “Ms. Pac-Man” at Earl’s Pizza in Pike Creek, and I will not go easy on you.
Ressler: [ CHUCKLES SOFTLY ] Maybe some other time. This is about a case. Uh, looking for someone, and his prints are on one of those quarters.
Aram: Is this a new case?
Ressler: Cold case. Can you run them for me?
Aram: Sure, but that might take awhile.
[ Elevator doors open ]
Ressler: Just name the place.
Aram: Place for what?
Ressler: Our “Ms. Pac-Man” tournament.
[ Liz has stepped out of the elevator ]
Ressler: How’d it go with Reddington?
Liz: I don’t really want to talk about it.
Ressler: Did you tell him?
Liz: Ressler.
Ressler: What did he say?
Liz: Can we please just go to work?

[ INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS ] [ Liz briefs the Task Force ]
Liz: The Brockton College Killings were a series of murders that took place on Brockton campus in 2013. Over a year and a half, three women – Krystala Norris, Lauren Key, and Melissa Seymore – were found dead, their bodies staged like frozen statues. Besides going to the same school, all these three women had in common was a connection to a fellow student named Tobias Carlyle. Norris shared several of the same classes, Key worked at the diner he frequented, and Seymore was a writer for the school newspaper where he was a photographer. In fact, she had last been seen in Carlyle’s dorm. Forensics recovered his semen from her body.
Ressler: Did he know the most recent victim?
Tobias Carlyle: No, I didn’t know her. And even if I did, I couldn’t kill her from prison.
Dave Sternberg (Defense Atty): Which is why we’re arguing to have this new murder be admissible in court. It’s last minute, but this could change everything.
Liz: This case has gained international attention recently because of “Thaw,” a podcast hosted by Kimberly Owens. Owens believes Carlyle is innocent.
Ressler: Hang on. I mean, he confessed.
Aram: You don’t believe he’s responsible for this most recent murder? He’s in prison.
Ressler: Which doesn’t mean he’s innocent of the crimes he’s already confessed to.
Cooper: Reddington believes Carlyle contracted a killing to help his case.
Aram: I’m a big fan of “Thaw,” too, and I can’t believe Mr. Reddington could listen to it and actually think that Tobias is guilty. That is crazy. It was obviously the professor.
Cooper: The professor?
Aram: Adrian McCaffrey. He teaches English at Brockton University and had all three victims as his students. In fact, “Thaw” uncovered that one of the victims, Lauren Key, had filed a suit against him for sexual harassment. Now, the university didn’t disclose this to the police during the first trial. How do you explain that?
Cooper: I don’t know, but if Reddington is right, this murderer is about to manipulate the justice system to walk free. Keen, Ressler, talk to the police. Aram, if you’re so certain about the professor, check him out.

Dr Ogden Maguire (Medical Examiner): Well, like the original murder victims, the corpse was marinated in liquid nitrogen 320 below. But here’s the interesting thing. Take a look at the bruising at the back of her scalp. Cause of death in all the victims was hypothermia, but they also showed evidence of blunt-force trauma caused by a dimpled mallet, like a meat tenderizer. The bruising pattern here is identical to the others. Whoever did this used the same exact instrument.
Ressler: We have a source who suggests that the killer may have been told how to do it by Carlyle.
Liz: That they’re working together to make it look like he’s innocent.
Dr Maguire: He wouldn’t need much coaching. Whoever listened to that podcast would know how to do it, which limits your suspects to, what, like 3 million people?
[ Jenny Marciniak wakes up inside a large freezer ]
Jenny: Help! Please! [ POUNDING ON LID ] Please, help me! Help!

[ Ressler and Liz visit Tobias Carlyle in prison ]
Ressler: We want a name.
Tobias Carlyle: I don’t have one.
Ressler: Oh, first a podcast gets you a new trial, and then a body drops when the jury is trying to decide your fate?
Tobias: I didn’t get a retrial because of luck. I got a retrial because Kimberly Owens uncovered police misconduct and suppression of evidence. That woman, she’s my angel.
[ Kimberly Owens records the newest episode of her podcast “Thaw” ]
Kimberly: Before I start today, I have sad news to share. Another Brockton student has been reported missing.
[ The prison ]
Liz: Her name is Jenny Marciniak.
[ The freezer ]
Jenny: Hello?
Tobias: I don’t know who that is.
Jenny: [ GASPING ] Let me out.
Ressler: We’ve seen your confession. You admitted to killing those women.
Tobias: I would’ve said anything to end that interrogation, and so I did.
[ The podcast ]
Kimberly: If I had to pick one word to sum up this case, it would be “missing.” Five girls went missing in 2013 and two now, but other things are missing, too. The weapon used to knock out the girls is missing. Police tore Tobias’ life apart and never found it. The kill site is missing. Tobias lived in Manor Hall with a roommate. It’s not exactly a place he could’ve frozen a body in liquid nitrogen without anyone noticing.
Tobias: I hate that anyone more is being hurt, but maybe the silver lining is the truth will finally come out.
Ressler: The truth?
Kimberly: The truth is that Lauren Key’s sexual-harassment report against Dr. Adrian McCaffrey is the biggest missing piece of all. We have it now, of course, but it is missing from the official case in 2013. I was a student at Brockton while the original murders were happening, and everyone knew McCaffrey liked sleeping with girls half his age. Were all of the victims students of his that turned him down? Both of the new victims had him as a professor.
Dave Sternberg (Defense Atty): McCaffrey is the one police should be talking to. Jenny Marciniak was kidnapped 12 hours ago? My client has an ironclad alibi. What’s Dr. McCaffrey’s?

[ Dr Adrian McCaffrey’s office ]
Dr Adrian McCaffrey: I was in my office, grading my papers, just like I always do.
Aram: Can anyone corroborate that?
Dr McCaffrey: This whole thing is ridiculous. I shouldn’t be a suspect.
Aram: Sir, you are not officially a suspect.
Dr McCaffrey: Oh, sure, I’m just having a little chat with the FBI.
Aram: It’s just a-a-a few questions, like, um, about that sexual-harassment complaint.
Dr McCaffrey: Ah. You’re one of those, aren’t you? You’ve listened to that podcast. You should know that I am suing that woman for defamation.
Aram: I’m just curious why you think the college didn’t disclose the allegation during the original investigation.
Dr McCaffrey: [ Stands up ] Because it was untrue!
Aram: Okay. Hang on. So- So you deny that one of the victims had reported that, uh, you had said, uh, “she looked good in her skirt, and that, if she was interested in a better grade, she should see you in your office after class”?
Dr McCaffrey: [ Looks out window ] I acknowledge that a complaint was made. I also acknowledge that I had called her paper on “The Decameron” derivative, and I graded her accordingly. She was just gettin’ back at me.
Aram: All of the victims have been your students. I mean – you have to admit that’s a little weird, right?
Dr McCaffrey: No, I don’t have to admit anything. I teach English 101. It would be harder for you to find a student at Brockton that I haven’t taught.
Aram: And the rumors you were sleeping with students?
Dr McCaffrey: You sound just like my ex-wife. Do you have my divorce agreement in that file of yours, as well? Because if you did, you would know that there was never a speck of evidence that I had an affair. They were lies, all of them. And I got everything I wanted in the divorce because of that fact, just like I am gonna get everything that I want once I’m finished with Kimberly Owens.

[ Red selects a book for the bag he is packing ] [ Dembe stands up ]
Red: No, no, no, no. No.
Dembe: You are angry. You shouldn’t also be careless.
Red: I need some time to think.
Dembe: I agree. About why you are confusing loyalty with betrayal.
Red: I’m not confused. I’m not angry. [ BREATHES DEEPLY ] I’m just tired.
Dembe: I believe you should tell Elizabeth the truth. You disagree. So I keep your secret out of loyalty to you.
Red: You knew Elizabeth turned me in.
Dembe: Yes. And I kept her secret out of loyalty to her. How is keeping her secret from you different than keeping your secret from her?
Red: The difference is that you and I don’t have secrets.
[ CELLPHONE VIBRATING. Dembe looks at it ]
Dembe: Elizabeth.
Red: She can wait.
Dembe: She knows you’re upset.
Red: [ Angrily ] What you do for me, what I depend on you to do, cannot be done if your loyalties are divided. The same could be said about me for you. I’ve trusted you with my life, with everything in my life. You are the person to whom I am most vulnerable. That makes you either a singular friend or a mortal enemy.
Dembe: You know the answer to that.
Red: I know – I need time to think about that.
[ Red takes his bag and turns to leave ]

[ The Post Office ]
Liz: We’ve looked into Carlyle’s visitor records, call logs, even his commissary account.
Ressler: No evidence of a hit.
Cooper: What about his family financials? Any unexplained transfers?
Liz: Nothing yet, sir.
[ Aram enters ]
Aram: Okay. So, get this. McCaffrey mentioned he got “everything he wanted” – in his divorce.
Cooper: And?
Aram: And so I thought I’d pull up the agreement and see what it included – all profits from his personally published works, a piece of art he and his wife purchased, and this [ BEEPS ] his family’s cabin. It’s isolated, private.
Liz: The police never figured out where the bodies were staged.
Aram: This could be the perfect place.

[ Outside the freezer ] [ FOOTSTEPS ]
Jenny Marciniak: Hello? Who’s there? [ CRYING ] [ SIGHS ] [ METAL CREAKS LIGHTLY ]
Jenny: Ugh.
[ Someone connects a hose to the freezer ]

[ Dominic (Dom) Wilkinson is working on his car ] [ METAL TAPS ] [ FOOTSTEPS ] [ METAL CLANKS ]
Dom: Pbht!
[ BIRD CAWS IN DISTANCE ] [ Dom looks up – it’s Red ]
Red: I got your message about the accident.
Dom: I sent it a month ago.
Red: Yeah. Three months after it happened.
Dom: I’m fine, by the way.
Red: Car’s on life support, but you’re doing fine. What’s it gonna take to get rid of you?
Dom: Are you here to compliment me or to do some work?
Red: I’m here to think.
Dom: About what?
Red: Think. Not talk.
Dom: Have it your way. You always do.

[ Liz and Ressler arrive at Dr Adrian McCaffrey’s cabin in the woods ] [ KNOCKING ON DOOR ]
Ressler: Mr McCaffrey? Anybody here? FBI.
Liz: Looks abandoned.
[ Liz opens a window ] [ CREAKS ] [ Ressler boosts her in ]
[ DOOR CREAKS ] [ They search the house ]
Liz: Ressler.
[ DOOR CREAKS ] [ The door opens to a room mostly occupied with a large freezer ]
[ Moaning comes from the freezer ]
Ressler: Oh, my God. There’s somebody in there.
[ Ressler grabs wrench ]
Ressler: Look out.
[ Ressler forces off the lock and lifts the freezer lid ] [ CREAKS ]
[ Jenny Marciniak is still alive, but barely ]

Red: Lemme buy you a new car. This one’s not safe. Not surprised you got in an accident.
Dom: Whatever you’re thinking, why come here to think about it? What have I done to deserve this honor?
Red: I’m thinking about excommunication.
Dom: Well, who’s left?
Red: Elizabeth and Dembe. She turned me in. He knew and said nothing about it.
Dom: You’ve killed for less.
Red: I’ve never killed for more.
Dom: But not her. Uh, she’s off-limits.
Red: Yes.
[ Dembe talks to his Imam ]
Dembe: There is a woman. My employer’s connection to her has been his moral compass.
Imam: And that connection is broken.
Dembe: Yes. Without it, no one is safe.
Imam: Not even you?
Dom: Why did she turn you in? What did you do that made her want to do that?
Red: I haven’t ever been totally forthright about myself.
Dom: What does she know?
Red: She’s been looking and thought she’d have a better chance of finding out more if I was in prison and couldn’t interfere.
Dom: And Dembe kept her secret.
Red: He did.

Cooper: Jennifer Marciniak was rescued 30 minutes ago. My agents found her locked in a freezer on a property owned by Adrian McCaffrey.
James Folta (Prosecuting Atty): Well, that’s hardly enough to just–
Cooper: Several gallons of liquid nitrogen were also found at the crime scene.
Dave Sternberg (Defense Atty): Your Honor, this is exculpatory. I-I want the jury recalled. I-I want to reopen testimony.
Folta: The prejudicial impact of that on the government’s case – would –
Sternberg: Yeah, to hell with that. I’m putting Director Cooper on the stand.
Judge: You’re not doing anything unless I say you are. Mr. Folta, even if the jury convicts, if I exclude this new evidence, there’s a good chance the conviction would get overturned on appeal. But what really troubles me is the possibility Carlyle is wrongly accused.
Cooped: I’m willing to testify, Your Honor, to what we found at the scene.
Judge: Under the circumstances, I no longer feel I could stand by a verdict of guilty in this case. Moreover, I find that no reasonable jury could do so, either. That leaves me no choice but to dismiss the charges against Tobias Carlyle. Mr. Cooper, I’m looking to you to ease my conscience here. If Adrian McCaffrey is responsible for these murders, make the case and make it stick.
Cooper: We’ll do everything we can.

[ Ressler is at Brockton College ]
Ressler: Tell me you got something on that APB, because I just went by McCaffrey’s office he was a no-show for all of his classes.
Aram: No, nothing on the APB. [ KEYS CLACKING ] I’m following up on that cold case I looked into for you.
Ressler: And?
Aram: I used your name to expedite the search and got 38 prints. 13 were in the system. Six of those were white men, but the oldest was 46.
Ressler: Nah, that’s too young to be my guy.
Aram: I’m sorry. I can forward you the names I’ve pulled, if that would help.
Ressler: Nah, that’s unnecessary. Look, Aram, I’m gonna have to call you back, all right? [ CELLPHONE BEEPS ]
[ A guy has been shadowing Ressler. Ressler waits around the corner of a building, then grabs the man and shoves him up against the wall ]
Ressler: Who are you? Why are you following me? [ BREATHING HEAVILY, points gun ] Answer me.
Shadow: [ RUSSIAN ACCENT ] I’m supposed to watch you.
Ressler: Why? Who wants me watched?
Shadow: My superiors. They want to know why you’re interested in Katarina Rostova’s father.
Ressler: What makes you think I am?
Shadow: You ran his prints.
Ressler: So you’re looking for him, too.
[ VEHICLE APPROACHES ] [ TIRES SCREECH ] [ Two men get out ]
Shadow: I think you should let me go now. We’ll be watching, Agent Ressler.

[ Tobias Carlyle is released and is immediately mobbed by reporters ]
— Mr. Carlyle! Mr. Carlyle, can we get a comment?
— Do you have any plans to sue?
Defense Atty Sternberg: We have no comment.
— Did you know Jenny Marciniak?
Sternberg: Please, please, we’ll issue a formal statement shortly.
Kimberly Owens: Tobias. Tobias. How’s it feel to finally be set free?
Tobias: [ SIGHS ] Fantastic. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be going home.
— Mr. Carlyle!
— Mr. Carlyle!
— Mr. Carlyle!
— Do you have any comment?!

Ressler: [ SIGHS ] The campus was a bust. No sign of McCaffrey.
Ressler: What’s going on?
Liz: It’s Dembe. I’m worried about him.
Ressler: You think Reddington would actually punish Dembe?
[ Dembe prays ]
Dembe: Allah –
Liz: He wasn’t okay with what I did. And he certainly wasn’t okay with Dembe keeping it secret.
I’m worried about what Reddington might do, how he might respond. I put him in an impossible place. I asked him to hide the truth because I thought my secret was more justifiable than Reddington’s, but the truth always comes out, and someone always gets hurt.
Ressler: [ SIGHS ]
Liz: What?
[ KNOCK ON DOOR ] [ Aram enters ]
Aram: Okay. Uh, so, I found something. You know how nobody has been able to locate Dr. McCaffrey?
Ressler: Tell me you found him.
Liz: Aram, you’re a wizard.
Aram: No, I’m not really a wizard. I just waited for Mr. Cooper to get a warrant, then pinged his phone. He’s at the home of Margo Parish, another former student.

[ Home of Margo Parish ] [ Ressler knocks ]
Liz: Adrian McCaffrey. Where is he?
McCaffrey: Right here. [ SIGHS ]
Ressler: Good. ‘Cause you’re under arrest.
[ Ressler handcuffs him ]

Red: How about a new Mercedes or a pickup truck? You want a brand-new pickup truck?
[ Dom gets a beer and offers one to Red ]
Red: Thank you.
Dom: Might as well offer. You’d take one whether I wanted you to or not. Hmm.
Red: A beer?
Dom: A beer, a life. You do what you want, no matter what I think.
Red: Which you find unforgivable.
Dom: You want to know what I find unforgivable?
Red: Aside from my suggesting you get a new car?
Dom: You not seeing how forgiving I am.
Red: You forgiving?
Dom: Hmm. My child betrayed everything I believed in. She turned her back on my country and on me. And because she was a traitor, people assumed that I was one, as well. What did I do – I turn her in, turn my back on her the way she turned her back on me? No, no. I went into hiding, gave up my home, my granddaughter. Masha doesn’t even know I exist.
Red: You forgave Katarina.
Dom: Mm.
Red: But not me.
Dom: I forgave my child.
Red: Good luck with the car.
Dom: Where are you going?
Red: I know how to hurt people I care about. I came for advice on how to live with it.
Dom: Yeah, well, I can’t help you with that.

McCaffrey: I don’t know how that girl ended up in my cabin, but I am telling you that someone is trying to frame me.
Ressler: Really? Because it looks like people are trying to protect you. See, we know the university suppressed the sexual-harassment allegation that was filed against you by one of the victims.
McCaffrey: It wasn’t suppressed. It just wasn’t true.
Aram: Do you have an alibi for the night Lauren Key was murdered six years ago?
McCaffrey: Yes. That’s why I was at Margo’s house, to get her to come forward, explain that I was with her that night.
Aram: With her?
McCaffrey: We were seeing each other at the time of the original murders.
Aram: But she’s–
McCaffrey: A former student, yes. The rumor that I was having affairs with several students was untrue. I was having an affair, but with only one. I can prove that I didn’t kill Lauren Key. I have photos of Margo and me together that night, over 200 miles away.
Ressler: So why didn’t you disclose this?
McCaffrey: [ SCOFFS ] Are you kidding me? If anyone had found out, I’d have lost my job. But now that I’m the lead suspect, well, let’s just say that I would rather be unemployed than spend the rest of my life in prison.

Liz: So, it’s confirmed the B&B in West Virginia can provide documentation that McCaffrey and his girlfriend were there the weekend Lauren Key was murdered.
Cooper: Which corroborates the photos his girlfriend gave us.
Aram: The reason we looked at McCaffrey in the first place was because of his connection to Key.
Cooper: And the fact that Jenny Marciniak was found in his cabin.
Liz: A cabin he claims he never uses. Maybe McCaffrey’s right maybe the killer knew that and put Marciniak there so we’d blame him.
[ Ressler enters ]
Ressler: I just hung up with someone on the custodial staff at Brockton who says they can confirm McCaffrey’s alibi, that he was grading papers the night Marciniak was taken.
Cooper: Looks like maybe McCaffrey was framed after all.
Aram: If he’s not the killer–
Liz: Then a guilty man may have just been set free.

[ Kimberly Owens opens her door. It’s Tobias Carlyle ]
Tobias: I hope I’m not bothering ya.
[ Kimberly and Tobias drink red wine ]
Tobias: A lot of guys inside they don’t have any hope. Before you – what you did for me – I thought I was gonna die in there.
Kimberly: I just told your story.
Tobias: Yeah, well, no one was listening to me before you, so thank you.
Kimberly: You’re welcome.
[ Kimberly puts down her glass ] [ GLASS TAPS LIGHTLY ]
[ Tobias leans over to kiss Kimberly. She pulls away ]
Tobias: I’m sorry. I thought– That was inappropriate. I never should’ve–
[ Kimberly leans forward and kisses him ] [ GRUNTING SOFTLY ]
[ They … have sex ]

Red: [ SIGHS ] You gave up a lot. That was hard. Sometimes, I forget how hard.
Dom: It looks like you came all this way for nothing.
Red: Why’d you do it? Why sacrifice so much that you end up like this?
Dom: [ LAUGHS ] Ah, it doesn’t matter.
Red: If Katarina were standing here instead of me, if it were she asking you why you did what you did after she’d betrayed you, what would you tell her?
Dom: It doesn’t matter, because she’s not here and she’s not asking.
Red: But if you could tell her–
Dom: I can’t!
Red: But if you could –
Dom: Love. – Love. [ CHUCKLES ] Love.

Cooper: Walk me through it again.
Ressler: Well, the problem is that, even if Adrian McCaffrey is innocent–
Aram: It still doesn’t explain the death of a student in Stafford County or the abduction of Jenny Marciniak.
Ressler: Who still can’t I.D. her attacker.
Cooper: Well, whoever he is, he knows enough about the case to stage a kill site at McCaffrey’s cabin.
[ Liz enters ]
Liz: I might have a lead – the liquid nitrogen.
Ressler: Were you able to source it?
Liz: I spoke to the lab. They managed to isolate a partial print on the bottom of one of the canisters we found at the cabin. Belongs to a Paul Lamar. Works for Heath Chemical.
Aram: You think he’s the killer?

Paul Lamar: Am I in some kind of trouble?
Ressler: We’d like to ask you a few questions.
Liz: About the Brockton murder.
Paul Lamar: I-I think I w-want an attorney.

Tobias: Wow. I’d really, really missed having sex.
Kimberly: Hmm. Well, let’s make a night of it. I remember you told me once that there was something you missed even more than sex.
Tobias: A hot basket of French fries?
Kimberly: Mm-hmm.
Kimberly: There’s this awesome takeout burger place around the corner.
Paul Lamar: When the tanks went missing, deep down, I-I knew something was wrong, but I [ SIGHS ] I just I didn’t know what. I should’ve figured it out.
[ Kimberly is showering ]
Kimberly: Can I tell you something?
Tobias: Thought we’ve told each other everything.
Kimberly: Well, it’s a little embarrassing. When we were at Brockton, I had a huge crush on you.
Tobias: Really?
Kimberly: Yeah. You were so cute. I was going to ask you out, but–
Tobias: Everything went all to hell.
Paul Lamar: She’s been obsessed with him for years.
Ressler: Who?
Paul Lamar: My stepdaughter, Kimberly Owens.
Tobias: Wish I’d gotten to know you back then. Who knows how differently my life would’ve gone?
[ Tobias is poking through Kimberly’s lingerie drawer. He lifts out some panties – and finds a meat mallet ] [ CLATTERS ]
[ Kimberly walks in ]
Kimberly: I really wish you hadn’t found that.
Tobias: You m-murdered my friends.
Kimberly: It is not like that. Everything that I have done has been for us.
Tobias: Melissa. Krystala.
Kimberly: Those w-women they were distractions.
Tobias: [ SNIFFLES ]
Kimberly: I still remember the first time I saw you. It was Freshman Comp. And you were so handsome, it’s like I could barely breathe. You didn’t notice me, but I still fell for you.
Tobias: You killed them. All of them. Then. Now. You’re insane.
Kimberly: No, don’t talk to me like that. After all I have done–
Tobias: You’re the reason I was in prison!
Kimberly: No, you confessed! Why would you do that, silly? Those girls they were gone. I got rid of them for you.
Tobias: Get away from me.
Kimberly: No, don’t you dare walk out on me after all I have done getting you a retrial, framing Dr. McCaffrey. You should be thanking me. I am the only reason you are out of prison!
Tobias: I said get away from me.
Kimberly: No! Don’t you dare!
Tobias: I’m going to the police!
Kimberly: No!
[ Kimberly grabs the mallet and hits him on the head with it. He collapses ]
Kimberly: [ PANTING ] [ SNIFFLES ] We could’ve been so happy.
[ She hits him again ] [ THUDS ]

[ Kimberly drags Tobias into the freezer room at McCaffrey’s cabin ] [ GRUNTS, BREATHING HEAVILY ]
Kimberly: I always wished I could’ve opened up to you about this. Maybe that’s the silver lining.
I was 12, and Stephanie Curtiss was the coolest girl in school. And she invited me to her birthday party. Turns out, she only invited me to humiliate me. Her and her friends locked me in a freezer. I was convinced I was gonna freeze to death. I was in there for almost an hour.
[ BREATHING HEAVILY ] [ She opens the freezer lid ]
Kimberly: Did you know that, most hypothermia victims, before they die, they rip off their clothes? Well, luckily, I didn’t get that far.
[ She lifts and pushes Tobias into the freezer ] [ GRUNTS ] [ BREATHING HEAVILY ]
Kimberly: The sluts who threw themselves at you they reminded me of Stephanie and her friends. So I gave them a taste of their own medicine.
[ DOOR SLAMS OPEN ] [ The SWAT team arrives ]
[ The Weepies’ ♫ “Love Doesn’t Last Too Long” plays ]
[ ⬇ Go to Full Lyrics ] or [ ♪ Tap square below twice to play ♪ ]

[ Liquid nitrogen RUSHING ] [ Tobias SCREAMING ]

♪ Watch the sun go down
I watch the sun go down
Then I wander around
Then I wander around

[ Tobias is rescued and rolled out in a gurney. Kimberly is led in handcuffs to a police car ]

♪ It’s here, then it’s gone
Love doesn’t last too long

[ Kimberly cries, rocks, SHOUTS and wails ]

♪ I didn’t even have time

[ Dom’s garage ] [ ENGINE SPUTTERING ]
Dom: Ha ha! [ ENGINE RUNNING ]
[ Red smiles in the back seat ]

♪ To get it straight in my mind
To catch up from behind

Dom: Ha ha.

♪ To see that I was blind

Dom: You gonna answer that?
Red: It’s Elizabeth.

♪ And I wish I was wrong

Red: I’m sure she wants to know what I’m gonna do.

♪ Love doesn’t last too long

Dom: That’s easy. You’re going to exact revenge.
Red: You didn’t.
Dom: No.

♪ All you lovers in the dark

Dom: No, and it nearly killed me. You know what I did.

♪ Can forget what I said

Dom: You have no idea how I feel – surrounded by nothing but memories – every Christmas, every time it rains.

♪ And it still goes on in my head

Red: The car.

♪ Rivers to the sea, rivers to the sea

Dom: Yes.
Red: The last time you saw Katarina was in the rearview mirror.

♪ How it is right now is how it’s always gonna be?

Dom: Some memories you want to hold onto. Most haunt you like a curse.

♪ It’s here, then it’s gone

Red: I’m not sure I know how to live with Dembe’s betrayal.

♪ Love doesn’t last too long

Dom: Get revenge, and that will pass. Forgive it, it won’t.
Red: Are you at peace with the choice you made?
Dom: I am.

♪ I watch the sun go down

Dom: I am because I loved her.

♪ I watch the sun go down

The real question is, how much do you love Dembe?

♪ Then I wander around
Then I wander around (Oh)

[ Red’s apartment ]
Red: Going somewhere?
Dembe: My affairs are in order. My only regret is, after all we’ve been through, our friendship has to come to this.
Red: What is the “this” that our friendship has come to? Our friendship was born of suffering and desperation, trust and compassion. It grew in crisis and chaos, matured in curiosity and scholarship. Our life together has been peaceful simplicity. Our life together has been death-defying. I’m not sure if the right word is “friendship” or “love.” I just know it lives in me for as long as I live and, hopefully, longer. I went away to think about you and me, and all I could think was that I missed you. Us. You know, Elizabeth Keen has lied and deceived me more times than I can count, and I’ve forgiven her every time. But I realize you don’t need my forgiveness. Ever. Because when it comes to “this” [ Gestures back and forth between them ] you can do no wrong.
Dembe: I appreciate that, Raymond. But I can’t forgive you.
Red: I guess I don’t understand.
Dembe: No. And I suppose you don’t.
Red: Wh-Where are you going?
Dembe: I’ve followed your path long enough. It’s time I follow my own.
[ Red gets up ] [ KEYS JINGLE ] [ He puts on his hat, walks past Dembe and leaves ]

Ressler: Any word from Reddington?
Liz: Not yet. Or Dembe.
Ressler: Your secret – the one you thought was more justifiable than his – I have a secret, too, one I thought was pretty justifiable, but now I’m not so sure.
Liz: You didn’t stop, did you, trying to find his real identity?
Ressler: No, I didn’t. I don’t know who he was, but I think I found someone who might. Your grandfather.
Liz: You found Reddington’s father?
Ressler: Katarina’s. Look, all I have is a photo.
Liz: Can I see it? Look, I know you were asking me not to pursue this, and if you’re pissed at me, I get it, but I felt like I had a right to know. My only regret is that I hit a dead end. ‘Cause that guy – he’s a ghost.

[ Liz arrives at Dom’s place. He opens the door ]
Dom: Agent Keen. What can I do for you?
Liz: You could begin by saying hello to your granddaughter.

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Then I wander around, then I wander around
It’s here then it’s gone
Love doesn’t last too long

♪ I didn’t even have time to get it straight in my mind
To catch up from behind, to see that I was blind
And I wish I was wrong
But love doesn’t last too long

♪ All you lovers in the dark can forget what I said
‘Cause it still goes on in my heart
And it still goes on in my head

♪ Rivers to the sea, rivers to the sea
How it is right now is how it’s always gonna be
It’s here then it’s gone
Love doesn’t last too long

♪ I watch the sun go down, I watch the sun go down
Then I wander around
Then I wander around
Then I wander around

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