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🔴 Script: 3:9 The Director


🔴 Script: 3:9 The Director (№ 24)

Last updated: 1/12/2016 5:45am CT, Program air date: 1/7/2016 in the US
Script Status: FINAL
Storybook: (2-3 days after script is done)
Source: Raw Scripts from Springfield [UK]: (captions) (late this week)
WSJ Episode Summary:
EW Episode Summary:
Created by: Jon Bokenkamp
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🔴 All Blacklist Scripts ⬅️


🔴 All Blacklist Scripts


🏵 Below are links to Each Individual Script,* including cast list, lyrics and YouTube videos for songs, photos and Twitter links. “Episode in Tweets” includes links to all the photos (with narration) I post on Twitter.
🏵 Or you can select the “Easy Search” option, which includes all scripts for a season, stripped-down for easy searching.
🏵 Finally, the “Storybook” (Seasons 3, 4 and 5) provides recaps of episodes, based on the scripts themselves, with photos. For Seasons 1 and 2, there are “Highlights” with photos along with selected quotes. In addition, there are slideshows with captions of entire episodes and, for Season 1, of special scenes.
*Exception: There are no individual full scripts for Season 1 (with the exception of the Pilot), as I only began watching the show in Season 2. Instead, the links below take you to the right script in the Easy-Scripts file for Season 1.

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